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 Alliance High School Alliance, Nebraska Volume XXI BULLDOG 1965Purposeful ACTION Dominates the Scene SCHOOL BOARD: President Mr. Howard Wiseman. Dr. Raymond Olson. Mr. Lyle Stephens, Vice-President Mr. Glen Fiebig, Dr. Robert Morgan. Secretary Mr. John Cover. Important improvements in Alliance High policy were brought about through the conscientious efforts of the city school board. The Fall of '64 saw the return of the six-hour day. The board and superintendent initiated a two-year study of curriculum, personnel and facilities which may lead to an even higher accreditation. The adoption of new employment practices, better working conditions and a revised salary schedule will benefit teachers and administrators. SUPERINTENDENT Mr. Marven Rosen directs the Alliance Public Alliance High Foreword This yearbook is affectionately dedicated to our CLASSMATES, whose ACTIONS denote the real story of Alliance High ... their struggle for KNOWLEDGE rather than ignorance, COOPERATION rather than discord, OPEN-MINDEDNESS rather than prejudice, INDIVIDUALITY rather than conformity, and FREEDOM OF ACTION coupled with a sense of RESPONSIBILITY. The EditorsLearning Is Vital Action is subdued as students congregate in front of the building, but the bubble bursts as the doors open and the halls fill once again. Confusion reigns amid the sounds of slamming locker doors, falling books, and shouted conversations, but that noisy hustle changes to intelligent action as students enter the classrooms and participate in group learning. 4More A-C-T-l-O-N TABLE OF CONTENTS Opening Section ..... 2 Faculty and Curriculum 8 Year's Highlights 28 Sports...............38 Clubs —.......50 Music 56 Sophomores .64 Juniors ............. 68 Seniors ............. 74 Index....... 88 Ads .................90 5STUDENT COUNCIL Links Faculty and Students STUDENT COUNCIL—BACK ROW: John Marker, Ronald Dughm an. Joe Kirchner, Joni Taylor, Sponsor Mr. Dreyer, Pat Ray, Stephanie Schwindt, Elaine Adkins, Kathy Schnurr. SECOND ROW: Sharon Groskopf, Marion Fegler, Carolyn Underwood, Randy York, Gary Pennington, Carol Brennan, Sandra Green, Steve Mellinger, Imogene Behm. FIRST ROW: Pam McMasters, Steve Morgan, Martha Laing, Susan Nakatsu, Ted Evans, Donna Lawrence, Sandra Smith, Gerald West, Linda Schneider. 6 Tangible influence on student affairs is exerted by the Student Council. Besides linking students, administration and faculty, it also serves as a means of communication between the school and the community. Cooperating with the mayor and the chamber of commerce, the Council conducted a safety campaign to improve teen-age driving habits. At the school's open-house, Student Council members served as guides, maneuvering bewildered parents to their destinations. President Mark Schreiber consults with Sponsor Mrs. Merdinger.ACADEMICS The greatest truths and the mightiest ideas of mankind lie wasted— imprisoned in books and chained to pages of paper— unless they are released by action. Education doesn't just happen ... it is made to happen, for one's ideas become dynamic when he does something about them. Learning does not stop at graduation ... it is a life-long chain reaction, built on the basic background presented in high school. Education, in the final estimate, is neither ideas nor theory, but our ordinary, everyday actions. 7ADMINISTRATORS and COUNSELORS Guide SECRETARY Mrs. Copple and ASSISTANT PRINCIPAL Mr. Crowder GUIDANCE DIRECTORS Mr. Dreyer Concerted action of many individuals is needed to keep Alliance High School running smoothly and efficiently. Co-ordinating these efforts into an effective organization is the duty of the principal, Mr. Leslie Chamberlin. Flanking him are several other members of the office staff. The assistant principal works as a "right-hand-man," while the guidance counselors strive to solve students’ individual problems. The office secretary, with the help of her student assistants, handles the clerical duties and the mountain of paperwork. OFFICE ASSISTANTS Susan Nakatsu, Cindy Adam, Marion Fegler and Donna Hulett. 8Student Life PRINCIPAL Mr. L. T. Chamberlin is responsible for the overall administration of Senior High. and Mrs. Merdinger Connie Menuey and Carolyn EldredPRACTICAL ARTS Accentuate Important Basic Skills If we can finish if before Christmas, it will save money for presents," mutters Larry McCracken to Gordon Juzenas. Some say the hand is quicker than the eye. Practical arts courses combine the two to form useful skills for everyday living. Students are graded on the knowledge which they acquire as well as their ability to apply these facts to practical situations. Boys in industrial arts and vocational agriculture prepare for future vocations or develop do-it-yourself ability in shop classes. Individual and group projects range from tre6 planting to the drafting of blue prints. MR. KENNETH WARE, M.A. Vocational Agriculture MR. BYRON NELSON, M.A. Industrial Arts 10MRS. MARIE SUTTER, B.A. MRS. DRUSILLA SCHOLL, B.S. Home Economics Home Economics Tantalizing aromas of fresh bread and pastries often drift from the lower floor and permeate the halls and rooms of A.H.S. Immediately, the wave of hun’ger pangs is blamed on the Home Economics department. Home Ec girls gladly take credit but fail to mention the more subtle skills they acquire, which include sewing, etiquette and home management. Rebuilding the engine of the F.F.A. carryall are Ronald Colcer, Larry Mann and Ted Evans. Everything is just sew sew as Gloria Hulquist. Lynn Biles, Iris Brewer. Cheryl Hobbs and Patsy Robbins finish the new Home Ec curtains. IIMATHEMATICS and SCIENCE Have ‘Knowledge Explosion’ Trig teacher Nancy Brown waits patiently for knowledge to explode for Ron Harris. To leave the door open for higher mathematics, one must understand modern mathematics. To meet this need, the language of sets and operations has crept into the traditional textbooks being used in our schools. The math program also is geared to meet the needs of those who are not college bound. In order to serve the best interest of all students, the curriculum offers general math, Algebra I, geometry, Algebra II and trigonometry. MRS. ALICE NELSON, B.A. Algebra, Yearbook MRS. NANCY BROWN. B.S. Geometry, Trigonometry 12MR. WILLIAM MARCHANT. B.S. Chemistry, Math MR. DONALD FARRELL, MR. FRED PETERSEN, B.A. B.A. Chemistry, Physics Biology In the last ten years, the number of known facts in science has doubled. In the next decade, these facts will double again. Keeping pace with changing times is a difficult job, but Alliance High chemistry, physics and biology courses attempt to meet the challenge with modern laboratories and equipment. These facilities for individual experimentation and observation assure Alliance High science students a more lasting knowledge of the physical world. The mysteries of chemical reactions fascinate Larry Winten and Mary Anne Chamberlain. "Where could that frog have gone?" ponder biology student Greg Nelson. 13MRS. GENEVIVE MERDINGER, M.A. English, Counseling MR. BERNARD BECKER. B.S. English, JournalismReading, writing and research for a term paper keep Diane Rollo out of mischief for several weeks. ENGLISH Pilots New Curriculum Philosophies of great authors truly "came alive" for juniors and seniors with the introduction this year of the Nebraska Curriculum for literature. In this course, as well as in all English sections, students are taught not only to interpret the meaning of great literature, but also to apply these philosophies to their own lives. Precise writing, proper mechanics and an emphasis on expression round out the basic core in the required three-year English program. MRS. PHYLLIS NEUSWANGER. B.S. English MR. DALE KASTENS. B.A. English 15COMMERCIAL COURSES Emphasize Correct Techniques Experts at the keyboard, John Petersen and Don French, perform a duet in the key of "C." A merger among speed, accuracy and efficiency in commercial courses assures students of a capital investment in the future. Two years each of typing and shorthand and one year of bookkeeping provide a basis for further business education on all levels. Students who do not plan on a business career often prepare themselves for college with certain commercial courses. Typing is an invaluable aid in theme writing, and shorthand is helpful during long lectures. vIRS. JUANITA GLARUM, M.A. Typing, Shorthand MR. DARRELL SCHILZ, B.S. Typing, Bookkeeping 16MRS. NATALIE MARTIN, MRS. VERA BRIGGS. B.S B.S. Latin Spanish, English LANGUAGE Brings Foreign Culture to Life A man can receive no greater compliment than that of being addressed in his native tongue. With a modern language laboratory and qualified teachers, students acquire a comprehension of the grammar, vocabulary and composition of Spanish and German. Recording booths help students to acquire a native accent. In the two-year Latin course, students build a foundation for the study of modern languages. Wiederholen Sie, bitte! Shari McCormick listens to the directions, Repeat after me. Employing a different type of switch from th usually associated with teachers, Mrs. Marti gives instructions to the person in the thir booth. 17ooking up the role minor parties have playeo n the political scene, Sandy Smith prepares n oral report for government class. "Cartoons are more informative than the news articles," quips Mike Spurgin to Susan Munson. In a world of conformity and mass acceptance of popular principles, social science teachers warn students about the danger of adapting without control. While stressing the freedoms Americans enjoy, instructors place special emphasis on the responsibilities which accompany freedom. They hold that it is up to each individual student to contribute the most of which he is capable toward retaining our guarantee-'1 rights. MR. W. B. FURMAN, B.A. American History MR. THOMAS HOVORKA, M.S. American Government MR. MYRON JASNOCH, B.A. American History, World History MR. MIKE CRONK, B.A. American Government, BiologyDuring this campaign year, students had a special opportunity to form and express political opinions. Some classes held mock elections, and juniors in American History had the actual experience of running for public office during County Government Week. While discussing prominent current issues, students in the required subjects, American Government and American History and in the elective, world history, form a healthy appreciation and respect for the past. The combination of these two phases of social science strives to fulfill the goal of molding informed citizens for the future. Is it a new nation or.a now trouble spot? Carol Phaneuf points out ona of the ever-changing African countries. SOCIAL SCIENCE Educates for Responsible Freedom 19 'Any candidate who carries California will win by a borderline majority," predicts Don Mittlestadt to Martha Laing.PHYSICAL EDUCATION Stresses Recreational Sports "Stop looking at the camera, Larry Voss, and concentrate on that forward press," commands Mr. Zeiss. Stimulation of competition and physical activity make physical education, affectionately dubbed "PE," one of the most exciting classes of the day. Activities such as tumbling, tennis, trampoline, volleyball, basketball, softball, soccer, folk dancing and square dancing break the inertia for girls. Meanwhile, boys "let off steam" during classes in basketball, soccer, baseball, trampoline, weight-lifting and gymnastics. Written and skill tests in each activity help students recognize the benefits of a sound physical condition. MRS. DOROTHY HIGH, B.S. Physical Education MR. DONALD ZEISS, B.S. Physical Education 20MR. WALTER SCHOLL. M.M.E. Vocal Music, German MR. BLAINE McCLARY, B.M.E. Instrumental Music MUSIC Inspires Self-Expression Offering both vocal and instrumental classes, the music department helps students sharpen musical talents. Long hours of practice pay when music students receive superior ratings in competition and rave notices after concerts. In preparing for these activities, many students develop a lifetime appreciation of the fine arts and a desire for further understanding. Section leaders polish their compositions before me concerr. "No wisecracks; just sing," warns Mark Schreiber. 21PUBLICATIONS Merit Top Headlines and deadlines are headaches for Spud staff members: Imogene Behm, Sharon Groskopf, Jackie Rinehart, Ann Foster, Sherry Sorum, Linda Pepler, Paula Kisicki, Judy Phillip and Nancy Notda. Reading the Spud for pleasure is Editor Carol .Phaneuf and Sponsor Mr. Becker. Mr. Becker also serves as critic for the Yearbook. More than a record of one year's events, the yearbook and the newspaper are the product of fancy, reflection and genuinely hard work. Keeping with these ideas, the Bulldog and the Spud both won All-American ratings in national competition. Juniors and seniors ranking in the top third of the class and excelling in some phase of yearbook or newspaper production are initiated into Quill and Scroll, an international honor society for budding journalists. 22QUILL AND SCROLL MEMBERS—BACK ROW: Kathy Bauer, Imogene Behm. Carol Phaneuf, Geraldine Fritzler and Kathie Knoflicek. FIRST ROW: Nina Broad-foot, Linda Schneider, Paula Kisicki, Sandie Smith and Donna Lawrence. Typing the final page of copy are Co-editors Kathie Knoflicek and Kathy Bauer. Gathering ideas for this year's annual are yearbook staff members: Sponsor Mrs. Nelson, Linda Schneider, Pam McMasters, Stephanie Schwindt, Geraldine Fritzler, Nina Broadfoot, Sandra Green and Pat Suiter. 23MR. ROBERT MORRIS, B.S. MRS. ESTHER MYERS, M.A. Driver's Education Librarian Checking up on the eating habits of the North American Brontosaurus, Pat Wiltsey makes use of a seldom-read book. Either indulging in reading for pleasure or completing research assignments, all A.H.S. students flock to the library. This year, new shelves were added to accommodate the steady inflow of books. By owning 4,600 books and subscribing to 58 magazines, the library lends enough variety to capture the interest of every student. SPECIAL SERVICES Benefit Curious library assistants Linda Schneider, Marvin Powell, Sharon Groslcopf, Mary Anne Chamberlain, John Petersen, Ginger Johnson and Gloria Hulquist look up the meaning of the word "senioritis." 24Maybe it's just out of gaj," confides Elaine Adkins to Linda Stephens. Entire Student Body Sharing a common purpose, both the driver's education course and the nurse work for the safety and well-being of students. The increase in traffic fatalities has made the importance of driver's training more evident than ever before. In driver's education, the idea is stressed that one must drive to protect himself and everyone else. While driver's education seeks to prevent accidents, the nurse stands by to treat the minor mishaps that are often a part of school life. In addition, she makes an annual health inspection to assure that learning is not hindered by easily solved health problems. "A temperature of 98.7° wouldn't seem to indicate a serious ailment," remarks school nurse Mrs. Merritt to Debbie Malcolm.SCHOOL LIFEHIGHLIGHTS is never lacking in a student's life. The RAPID pace of teenagers is evident in widely diversified ACTIVITIES which are available through SPORTS, CLUBS, PLAYS and SPECIAL EVENTS.28 We d rather fight than switch!" was the theme of the winning Junior Class float. School spirit soared during Homecoming festivities. Decorated windows, gay halls and time-consuming floats kept all in a merry whirl. Student Council introduced a new way to boost school spirit— a whisper campaign. A "spirit jug" also appeared to keep the students yelling at pep rallies. Three excited queen candidates rode the royalty float during the big parade. Queen Donna Lawrence was escorted up the red carpet and crowned during a suspenseful game intermission. The evening ended to the strains of soft music heard at the Homecoming Dance. Red carpet treatment thrills Queen Donna Lawrence and her escort, Dennis Dobson.Marching Band Add Color to HOMECOMING Lively, high-stepping majorettes. Joyce Jordan, Linda Fry and Jane Wiseman, strut down the field as they lead the marching band at every performance.LATE FALL Intern teachers Mr. Robert Stauffer, Miss Mary Becker and Mrs. Eunice Petersen find that teaching involves more than just the three R’s. Adjusting and fixing never end for custodians Norman Blumanthal and Robert Wilmott. School spirit is kept alive under the leadership of vivacious cheerleaders Martha Laing, Peggy Overstreet, Donna Hulett, Carolyn Eldred and Deanna Garrett. 30Brings Increase in Tempo of School Activities mm Campaign badges, as "modeled" by Linda Houchin, Juniors' enthusiasm for County Government Day. evidenced the A jam session of brass includes John Petersen, Gerald West and Terry Weldin. The newness of the school year had worn off, and students were caught up in a barrage of co-curricular activities. Officers of organizations and classes made ambitious plans for special projects. Administrators, teachers and even custodians found the pace of their duties stepped up to match the increased tempo of school life.32 Helping fhe Salvation Army collect food was a Y-Teen service project this year. Jo Ann Kistler proudly displays the generous donations. Heralding the approach of the holiday season was the appearance of the Christmas tree. A festive air swept over the school as students found it more and more difficult to concentrate on daily assignments. The final day of school did at last arrive, and classes were dismissed after the Christmas assembly. The Pep Club's formal dance, following the theme "Winter Wonderland," provided the last link with school before the long-awaited vacation. "Strings of popcorn would be tastier," teases Ted Evans.Is Dominated by CHRISTMAS Merriment Reigning over the annual Pep Club Formal were the Pep Club Boyfriend, Tom Fuller, and his attendants. Dennis Dobson and Don French. 33MID-TERM Brings Recognition Home economics awards went to McCall's winner Mary Ellen Peterson and Lynn Biles, Betty Croclcer Homemaker. Recognition is due fo'r a job well done, whether it be scholastic excellence, vocational attainment or honors won in popularity contests. If the distinction is truly deserved, it is accompanied by a feeling of personal satisfaction and pride. Polio Queen and King Stephanie Schwindt and John Lorenzini were elected by the paid votes of the student body. The money was donated to the March of Many Individuals Beginning with late winter and continuing until graduation, students shared great moments with friends as their accomplishments were made known. OAR winner Sandi Smith placed second in the state with her timed composition. District honors in FFA stubble mulch and range judging were won by Jerry Bauer, Roy Jesse. Larry Mundt, Larry Mann, Steve Mellinger, Bill Cody and Vern Vogel. 35COMMENCEMENT Marks an 36 The last day of school is a time of nostalgia for senior Denny McCullah. The rapid closing of another school year was marked by a flurry of excitement, vocational attainment For some, it was just the end of another year, but for seniors it signified an important milestone. Exchanging cards and pictures, sending announcements, attending Baccalaureate and the Honors Convocation led up to the finale— graduation night. Term papers plague English students Larry Nelson and Cean Frost. Strains of "Pomp and Circumstance" thrill Cheryl Marsh as she dons her robe.Important Milestone DINO is the story of a young man who, at the last possible moment before turning completely to crime and delinquency, is given a chance for a happier life. The way this is done and the fine people who do it make this dramatic work truly memorable. CAST OF CHARACTERS Dino Falcaro ................. Jon Laughlin Mr. Sheridan ........... ..... John Petersen Shirley Wallace ................ Donna Hulett Jackie ......................... Nancy Nolda Miss Haines .................. Carol Phaneuf Danny.............................Steve Morgan Steve ............................ Don Nace Sylvia ...................... Sharon Groskopf Della ............ Mary Anne Chamberlain Pat ......................... Debbie Malcolm Bea ........................... Marilyn Young Mr. Mandel .......................Ron Osborn Tony Falcaro ............... Ron Harris Mrs. Falcaro .................... Mary Martin Mr. Falcaro .............................. Don Mittlestadt Mrs. Mikula .................. Sharon Schulze First Young Girl..................Diane Rollo Second Young Girl ............. Carolyn Eldred Extras ........... Roy Jesse, Mark Schreiber, Jo Ann Kistler, Georgia Liakos, Linda Schneider, Bev Langmacher Producers ...................... Marvin Powell Sandy Smith SENIOR PLAY CAST: BACK ROW: Don Mittlestadt, John Petersen, Steve Morgan, Carol Phaneuf, Nancy Nolda. SECOND ROW: Ron Harris, Debbie Malcolm, Don Nace, Mary Martin, Mary Anne Chamberlain, Jon Laughlin. FIRST ROW: Sharon Groskopf, Marilyn Young, Donna Hulett, Carolyn Eldred. Diane Rollo, Sharon Schulze, Director Miss Barbara Bobbitt. 371964 VARSITY FOOTBALL SQUAD—BACK ROW: John Magnuson, Jerry Hatch, Junior Trifle, Bob Sundberg, Jim Kamerzell, Bill Yeager, Martin Christofferson, Gerald West, Ron Osborn. SECOND ROW: Bob Schrimpf. Rick Henderson, Steve Tolstedt, Charles Leach, Walt Mischnick. John Hansen, Miles Hashmen, Don French, Larry Studt. FIRST ROW: Ron Burback, Ronnie Sanchez, Rusty Johnson, Steve Crouse, Larry Nelson, Steve Morgan. Tom Hesse, Marl Schreiber and Dan Hunter. Bulldogs Plagued With a running start, the Bulldogs triumphed over Chadron 13-6. A taste of victory switched to defeat in the final minute at the hands of Gering 19-12. Our first home game was dampened when Sidney produced a last-minute rally to even the score at 19 all. Taking to the road, the Bulldogs challenged a tough North Platte team and bowed in defeat 22-7. Before a spirited Homecoming crowd, Ogallala downed Alliance 25-19 in the remaining second of play. A drive, cut short of the goal line, made the Bulldogs falter in the conclusive seconds and end up on the short end of a 13-7 game with McCook. Big Ten opponents pawed their way to victories over Alliance in the final two games. Journeying to Kearney, AHS gridsters met defeat 26-0. The season finale with arch-rival Scottsbluff produced a 26-6 blackening defeat to put the Bulldog record at 1-6-1. 3b "You do such a big job for such a little man," comments Bob Morris to Head Coach Bud Jasnoch as Donald Farrell looks on.BACK ROW: Chris Marlatt, LeRoy Nickens, Mike Nay. Bonnie Briley. SECOND ROW: Bee Bullock, Denny McCullah, Bill Stewart, Jim Furman, Dennis Dobson. FIRST ROW: Clyde Gillispie, Jim McAndrew, Mike Brown, Larry McCracken and Tom Todd. VARSITY SCOREBOARD AHS OPP. 13.....Chadron 6 12.....Gering ...................19 26 Sidney ...................26 7 North Platte 22 19 Ogallala 25 7 McCook 13 0 Kearney ..................26 6 Scottsbluff ............. 26 by Last-minute LossesChosen by vote of the A-Club to reign over Homecoming activities were Queen Donna Lawrence; Attendant Connie Dillon; Attendant Judy Phillip. A-Club Royalty Reigns Reigning over the Court Queer festivities were Queen Nina Broadfoot; Attendant Janet Mischnick; Attendant Carolyn Eldred. 40RESERVES' SCORE AHS 7 Sidney OPP. 19 0 North Platte 33 27 Chadron 0 0 .. Scottsbluff 13 19 . . Gerinq 7 FOOTBALL STUDENT MANAGERS—BACK ROW: Mike Spurgin, Steve Bullock and Keith Warner. FIRST ROW: Martin Rehder and Max Koester. Reserves Finish Season With 2 Wins, 3 Losses 1964 RESERVE FOOTBALL SQUAD—BACK ROW: George Turechek. Bruce Fortner, John Hanna, Mike Nagalci. Dennis DeBusk, Bill Barrett, Harold Howard, Gary Peterson. SECOND ROW: Mat Whitlock, Wayne Jensen, Ray McCart, Claude Dawes. Jim Culton. Donald Graham. Richard Dobson. Steve Ehlers. FIRST ROW: Jerry Bauer, Richard Edwards, Richard Rollo. John Marker. Jeff Menuey, Jack Broderick, Rick DeBusk and Max Willi ams. 41I (pfo TS nw,NnRY f.p XU f“B CK R°W: Mike Knoflicek. Keith Pirnie, Tom Fuller.. Lonnie Irvine. Roger Evans. James Reno. FIRST ROW: Dan Florez. Tom Florez. Randy York, Charles Lierk, Steve Novotny; not pictured. Dave Bunnell John Peter-sen and ©ary Pennington. Cross-Country Harriers Capture District Crown CROSS-COUNTRY RESULTS MEET ALLIANCE September 4 •Gering 1st September 11 Scottsbluff 2nd September 19 Sidney 1st September 26 Alliance Invitational 2nd October 3 Scottsbluff-Gering 1st October 10 Western Conference 1st October 17 Big Ten Meet 1st October 24 District Meet 1st October 31 St te Meet 4th They have miles to go before they rest!" says Coach Daryl Carroll to Don Nace. 42Wrestlers Reign as Co-Western Conference Champs WRESTLING RESULTS OPPONENT ALLIANCE Chadron won Sidney Invitational fourth Ogallala lost Kearney won Gering won Kimball won Scottsbluff lost Western Conference tied for first Chadron won Gordon won Scottsbluff lost Ogallala won Kearney won Gerincp won Big Ten Meet second District Meet third State Meet tenth Undefeated 180 pound wrestler Ron Osborn kept all opponents in check throughout the year. 1965 WRESTLING SQUAD—BACK ROW: Coach Don Farrell. Gary Pennington. John Potmesil. David Longacre. Steve Tolstedt. George Turechek, Jim Culton, Claude Dawes, Bonnie Briley, Gary Peterson, Ron Osborn and Gerald West. SECOND ROW: Rusty Johnson, Tom Florez. Ray McCart, Richard Dobson. Dick Lyman. Charles Leach, Darrell Mason, Jim Furman, Dennis Dobson and Coach Dale Kastens. FIRST ROW: Terry Johnston. Don Godwin. Roger Leisy, Ron Burback, Steve Novotny, Joe Kirchner. Kenneth Robbins, Mark Schreiber, Cliff Quick and Larry Nelson. 43VARSITY SCOREBOARD OPPONENT ALLIANCE 54 Chadron ..................70 66...... Gering ................. 65 58 ...Kearney ..................59 50 ... Sidney ..................69 39 Ainsworth ................40 68...... Gering ..................58 68 . North Platte . ... 42 57......McCook ...................43 57......Sidney ...................60 86...... Scottsbluff .............69 70......Gering .................. 69 66...... Ogallala ................76 75......Kearney ..................49 84 Scottsbluff ..............59 66......McCook ...................44 59 North Platte .............51 51 ... Ogallala ................52 69 ...Sidney ...................80 Going high to score points for the Bulldogs keeps Tom Fuller up in the air. Taking a time-out for consultation are Coaches Daryl Carroll and Bob Morris. Stretching in vain to block a North Platte shot is Randy York while other Bulldogs move in for the rebound. 441964-65 VARSITY BASKETBALL SQUAD—Denny McCullah, Glen Bright, Randy York, Bob Sundberg. Roger Evans. Tom Fuller, Don French, Lonnie Irvine, Jim Kamerzell, Charles Lierk, Bill Stewart and Dan Florez. Varsity Cagers Face a Tough Season With one returning letterman, the Bulldogs faced a tough season. Even though the ability to make free throws and field goals improved, the lack of height and experience weakened the team's defense. Mid-February statistics showed Tom Fuller leading the point-getters with 292 tallies and Denny McCullah second with 137 points. The top rebounders were Tom Fuller with 150 retrieves and Don French with 124 grabs. Alliance was in second place in the Western Conference and in fifth place in the West Big Ten. A highlight of the season was the runner-up trophy received in the Chadron "C" Club Holiday Tournament. Despite adverse efforts, the North Platte Bulldogs shoot for two against the Alliance Bulldogs. 451964-65 RESERVE BASKETBALL SQUAD—Larry Mundt, John Marker, Jerry Studt, Mike Garwood, Martin Christofferson, Dave Dietz, Mike Knoflicek, Richard Edwards. Gary Schneider, Cliff Brown and Ronnie Sanchez. Reserve Roundballers Have a Seesaw Season Man to man defense 1$ employed by Lonnie Irvine as North Platte dribbles down the floor. RESERVE SCOREBOARD OPPONENT ALLIANCE 34 Chadron 35 49 Gering 57 65. Kearney 38 41. North Platte . 42 58 McCook 52 36 Sidney 42 58 Scottsbluff 41 40 Gering 49 58 Ogallala 42 51 Kearney 39 58 Scottsbluff 38 56 McCook 32 56 —North Platte . 37 45 Ogallala 50 65. Sidney 56 46Conferring with G.A.A. Sponsor Mrs. Dorothy High are officers Sharon Loveless and Rosemary King. Co-eds Compete in Inter-School Events 1964 VOLLEYBALL TEAM—BACK ROW: Linda Laing, Jean Phaneuf. Jane Wiseman. Sandra Crouse. Tracy Leach, Connie Schneider. Linda Fischer. Sandra Dill. Pam Backstrom and Joni Taylor. FIRST ROW: Mary Jo Roten, Linda Stephens. Brenda Moomey. Becky Ehrhart, Vicky Mracek, Florence Nickens. Merle Young. Connie Risse, Sandra Murray and Sharon Loveless. 471964 TRACK SQUAD—BACK ROW: John Petersen, Marv Bowman, Floyd Miller, Craig Patterson, Jim Mischnick, John Kamerzell, Larry Kettlehut, Lonnie Sherlock, Dave Bates. Steve Gillispie, Steve Bedient, Tom Todd, Jerry Hatch, Walt Mischnick. SECOND ROW: Vernon York, Steve Morgan, Danny Garrett, Larry Studt, Steve Smith, Lannie Shelmadine, Dave Kimmel, Larry Winten, Tom Hesse, Greg Young, Bob Perrin, Dennis Dobson, Junior Trifle, Bill Barrett, Bee Bullock. FIRST ROW: Bill Stewart, Bob Sundberg, Dave Bunnell, Ron Burback, Keith Warner, Jim Kamerzell. Mike Brown, Jerry Studt, Tom Florez, Rusty Johnson, John Hansen, Mark Schreiber. Ray DeBock. Track, Tennis and "Track records are made to be broken," states Coach Jim Thorell to John Kamerzell and Greg Young. TRACK SCOREBOARD MEET ALLIANCE Bridgeport 1st Scottsbluff Relays 2nd Alliance Invitational 2nd Sidney Invitational 2nd Western Conference 2nd Big Ten Meet 4th District Meet 5th State Meet 6th Grand Island Relays 3rd NEW SCHOOL RECORDS: One Mile Run—John Kamerzell—4:26.1 120 Yard High Hurdles—Lonnie Sherlock— 14.8 440 Yard Relay—46.1 Two Mile Relay—8:07.1 280 Yard Shuttle Relay High Hurdle—37.8 400 Yard Shuttle Relay High Hurdle—52.2 400 Yard Shuttle Relay Low Hurdle—46.4 Hop-Step-Jump—Larry Studt—40'6, 2" 48TENNIS SCOREBOARD MEET ALLIANCE Torrington lost Torrington lost State lost GOLF SCOREBOARD MEET ALLIANCE Scottsbluff dual 2nd North Platte Inv. 2nd Scottsbluff Inv. 2nd Western Conference I st Big Ten Meet 7th Alliance Inv. 3rd Golf Lend Variety to Spring Sports 1964 GOLF TEAM—Mr. Furman, Don French, Don Mittlestadt, Roy Wiseman, Tom Fuller, John Hanna.A-CLUB—BACK ROW: Donald Nace, Larry Nelson, Dennis McCullah, Jerry Hatch, Tom Fuller, Roy Wiseman, Gerald West, William Yeager, Thomas Todd, Dennis Dobson, Steve Morgan, Terry Johnston. FIRST ROW: Junior Tritle, Roger Evans, Tomas A. Florez, Larry Studt, Dan Hunter, Clyde Gillispie, Chris Marlatt, Ray DeBock, John Petersen. Mark Schreiber, David Bunnell. OFFICERS A-CLUB Recognizes Athletic Achievements President .................................... Tom Fuller Vice-President Dennis Dobson Secretary-Treasurer Dennis McCullah Sergeant-at-Arms ........................... Larry Studt Sponsors ...................... Mr. Morris, Mr. Jasnoch Major competitive sports in A.H.S. provide a challenge and an opportunity for recognition. A-Club is open only to those boys who have achieved at least one letter in major sports. No Homecoming football game would bet complete without the Homecoming Queen, who is chosen and presented by the A-Club. Later in the year, the Court Queen is given similar honors. This year's crowning ceremonies lived up to the reputation set by past performances. Highlighting money making projects was the Alliance Has-Beens "-"Girls Shooting Stars" basketball game held November 28. "Chewing gum by any chance, Mr. Morris?" asks Mr. Jasnoch. 50PEP CLUB Sports New Uniforms Student support constitutes an important part of the school athletic program. Cheering the teams on to victory and promoting school spirit are the main purposes of Pep Club. New uniforms graced the halls this year and their presence heralded the inevitable athletic contests. Cleverly decorated bulletin boards added to the feeling which was prevalent on the day preceding a game. A Powder Puff Football Game in the high school stadium proved popular with the community and served as a rewarding money making project. White gloved hands in motion portray an enthusiastic, spirited Pep Club. President ... Vice-President Secretary Treasurer Sponsor ....... OFFICERS ................. Imogene Behm ................ Connie Menuey Paula Kisicki .................. Linda Pepler ......... Mrs. High Top notch decorations receive the "OK" from Paula Kisicki, Imogene Behm, Linda Pepler, Connie Menuey and Mrs. High. 51HI-Y Emphasizes Service Stressing service to school, community, and state, Hi-Y completed another successful year. Assisting the Kiwanis Club on Honey Sunday, presenting a program to the Rotarians, and co-sponsoring an Easter Service with Y-Teens occupied many rewarding hours. Participation in state and mock legislature gave wider scope to the members' understanding of responsibilities of citizenship. Cries of, "Popcorn, candy, and pop," increased the club treasury at each athletic event as Hi-Y members manned the concession stanch OFFICERS President ............................ Robert Schrimpf Vice-President .......................... Jim Furmen Secretary-Treasurer .................. John Lorenzini Sponsors .................... Mr. Nelson, Mr. Hovorka Evaluation of the year's program leaves Mr. Nelson and Mr. Hovorka with an optimistic outlook. Presenting a bill on the sale of alcoholic beverages to minors, Robert Schrimpf captures the interest of William Barrett, Wil-ham Yeager, Mark Scnreiber, Donald Mittlestadt and John Lorenzini.Y-TEEN CABINET—BACK ROW: Sponsors, Mrs. Glarum, Mrs. Myers; Debra Malcolm, Paula Kisicki, Carol Phaneuf Sandra Smith, Mary Anne Chamberlain, Geraldine Fritzler, Jo Ann Kistler, Carol Culton, Kathryn Knoflicek. FIRST ROW: Elaine Ad- kins, Stephanie Schwindt, Cheryl Meter. Susan Nakatsu, Nina Y-TEENS Strengthen World Fellowship Broadfoot, Kathryn Bauer, Linda Schneider. Sharon Schulze. OFFICERS President . Beverly Langmacher Vice-President Rosemary King Secretary ....... Sharon Sorum Treasurer Sand fa Green Sponsors Mrs. Myers, Mrs. Glarum A willingness to help others has inspired the Y-Teens to set up a program which stresses world fellowship. For several years, the girls have sponsored a Chinese orphan. This year they continued the amount of the support. Service also was rendered to community and local interests. The $100 scholarship again was given to a deserving three-year senior. Other traditional activities featured were the Christmas Party for the Indian Mission, Patteran, Easter program, and the Orpheum. 53 World Y.W.C.A. headquarters at Geneva. Switzerland, intrigues Y-Teen officers.Conversing about the use of a taper attachment on the lathe are John Magnuson. Terry Johnston, Vern Vogel, Rodger Berry and Steve Mellinger. OFFICERS President Vice-President Secretary Larry Mann Steve Mellinger Rodger Berry Treasurer Reporter Sentinel John Magnuson Vern Vogel Terry Johnston F.F.A. Develops Leadership Top-rate farming techniques, as well as modern methods in all phases of agriculture, are practiced by those whq belong to Future Farmers of America. Competent and aggressive rural and agriculture leadership was developed as the year progressed. Members participated in such activities as the Dad-Lad Pheasant Feed, the annual Parent and Son recognition banquet and planting of wildlife areas. 1 III IVUV STATE FARMER S 500 Earing leadership 2 in 100 45 min CHAPTER earned in FAR S 50 voted one GREENH; vo aq I voted ) Plann« 54 Discussing Soil and Water Conservation District problems, Sponsor Mr. Ware demonstrates a soil test to President Larry Mann.THE CAST "A sens© of humor is important in producing and perfecting a class play." Miss Bobbitt explains to Michael Spurgin. Peter Marshall Ronald Rippen Catherine Marshall Sandra Green Allan Gordon Wilkins Barbara Susan Nakatsu Nancy Sharon Nelson Joe Glen Bright George Steve Mellinger Susan Tracy Leach Jesse Susanna Munson Judith Joyce Jordan Marian Grant Patricia Suiter Hulda .... Stephanie Schwindt Peter John Roger Leisy Senator Polk Ralph Watt Stephen Grant Rickey Shimp Director Miss Barbara Bobbitt Student Directors Michael Spurgin Carolyn Underwood “A Man Called Peter” Tugs at Heartstrings of Community 55 JUNIOR CLASS PLAY CAST—BACK ROW: Susanna Munson. Joyce Jordan. Sandra Green. Gordon Wilkins. Ronald Rippen. Rickey Shimp. Steve Mellinger, Glen Bright. Tracy Leach. Patricia Suiter and Sharon 'Nelson. FIRST ROW: Susan Nakatsu, Ralph Watt, Roger Leisy and Stephanie Schwindt.9 i ■ — CONCERT BAND—BACK ROW: Bradley Moomey, Don Graham, Gary Pennington, Terry Weldin, Jeff Rehder. THIRD ROW: Stephanie Schwindt, Linda Tutt, Marcella Stephens, Stacy Kistler, Sandra Sallquist, Lynda Johnson, Darrell Mason, Glenda Rosane. Dianna Elenberger, Kathy Schnurr, Martha Laing, Linda Schneider. SECOND ROW: Linda Houchin, Pat Ray, Mary Vallejo, Lois Eclchoff. Richard Bentley, Mary Ann Vallejo, Margie Wait, Jodene Schwindt, Ron Rippen. FIRST ROW: Linda Fry, Sandra Dill, Francis Austen, Linda Raslc, Mary Jo Roten, Linda Neuswanger. B nd Director Mr. Blaine McClary is assisted by Mr. Dean Maxwell. Cymbals Clash, Drums Roll; 56CONCERT BAND—BACK ROW: Gerald West, Mike Nuss, Steve Novotny, Bonnie Briley, Joyce Jordan, Connie Dillon. Beverly Mayes, Susan Soum, Judy Schwindt. THIRD ROW: Claude Dawes, Linda Stephens, Tom Hesse. Greg Nelson, Carol Brennan, Gene Stark, Tibb Reddish, Doug Thomas, John Petersen. SECOND ROW: Tamara Romig, Linda Colling, Ralph Watt, Jim Timbers. Danny Hutchinson, Mike Spurgin. FIRST ROW: Joyce Petersen, Jeanne Hashman, Brenda Moomey, Carol Culton, Jane Wiseman, Sandi Smaha. Designed to benefit those who play instruments, the Concert Band provided a musical experience for the talented musicians. This group contributed to special events, such as graduation, Baccalaureate, music clinic and music contest. Annual concerts presented in January and April demonstrated individual and group excellence. Precision band drills of floating diamonds and pinwhe'els entertained football fans at exciting half-time performances. This same band traveled to Fort Collins and participated in Colorado State University Band Day. A superior rating in street marching and an "excellent" in precision drill made the long trip worthwhile. Here Comes the Band 57ORCHESTRA—BACK ROW: Connie Dilion, Joyce Jordan, Susan Saum, Tibby Reddish, Claude Dawes, Pamela Novicki, Steve Novotny. SECOND ROW: Tamara Romig, Linda Colling, Brenda Moomey, Jane Wiseman, Sandra Smaha, Carol Culton, Mary Jo Ro-ten, Sandra Dill, Linda Fry. FIRST ROW: Linda Brazeal. Joni Taylor, Jim Culton, Cynthia Nicholson, Carol Phaneuf, Beverly Lang-macher, John Lorenzini, Constance Wacker, Ellen Barth, Pamela McMasters. Students Enjoy Diversified Music Program 58 Lifting their voices in a song of praise are trio members, Carol Culton, Carol Brennan and Geraldine Fritzler. Interests vary among Alliance High music students. Whether a student is fascinated by the movements of Beethoven or the beat of popular music, there is a place for him in the music department. Concerts given by the orchestra featured music with a classical air. For the first time, the orchestra joined the choir in a joint Winter Concert. Those who prefer the popular music joined the Dance Band and performed at the Y-Teen Orpheum plus other popular community functions.DANCE BAND—BACK ROW: Cindy Nicholson. Mr. Blaine McClary, Pam Novicki. SECOND ROW: Steve Stalos. Mr. Dean Maxwell. Gene Stark, Bonnie Briley, Terry Weldin, Don Graham, Gary Pennington, Jeff Rehder. FIRST ROW: Jim Timbers, Dan Hutchinson. Ralph Gonzalez, Mike Spurgin, Larry Peterson. 59Vocalists Tell Their Story As the lights dimmed, the clear voices of the Senior High A Cappella Choir rang through the vast Junior High Auditorium. The first concert was well under way with the presentation of songs from the early periods. After a short break, again the lights dimmed and the Chamber Singers made their debut. Later performances met with success equal to that experienced on that first occasion. With early morning rehearsals, the choir and orchestra prepared a joint concert for the Christmas season. This event added spirit to the season and was well received by the community. Spring concert and participation in Baccalaureate and graduation exercises highlighted the spring activities. Hold it the full four beats,' Mr. Scholl instructs accompanists, Carol Brennan and Susan Nalcatsu. 60With a Song 1964-65 A CAPPELLA CHOIR-BACK ROW: Elzora Ehlers. Sandra Smaha, Rebocca Morris, Barbara Dewing, Carol Hooper. Sandra Crouse, Connie Schneider, David Dietz, Dale Dietz, Harold Howard, Susan McLain, Laree Harris, Jackie Rinehart, Susan Hippe, Susan Nakatsu. SECOND ROW: Gloria Camarillo. Pamelyn Backstrom, Carol Culton, Dinah Fitch. Larry Nelson, Clifford Brown, Clifford Quick, Wayne McCart, Stacy Kistler, Georgia Liakos, Janet Mischnick, Sally Hooper, Barbara Becker, Jodene Schwindt. FIRST ROW: Lenor Baker, Geraldine Fritzler, Mary Ellen Peterson, Joe Kirchner, Steve Vallentine, Mark Schreiber, Marvin Powell. Leah Jesse, Betty Cody, Jean Phaneuf, Florence Nickens, Carol Brennan. CHAMBER SINGERS—BACK ROW: Dale Dietz. David Dietz. Stacy Kistler. Clifford Quick, Larry Nelson. Steve Vallentine, Mark Schreiber, Marvin Powell. FIRST ROW: Sandra Smaha, Geraldine Fritzler, Carol Culton, Lenor Baker, Janet Mischnick, Georgia Liakos, Leah Jesse. Carol Brennan, Jodene Schwindt, Susan Nakatsu. 61FORMAL CLASS 62ACTION ceases for a split second as students pose for FORMAL PORTRAITS. Whether sophomore, junior or SENIOR, each student prizes the moment when the CAMERA clicks, and records him at his BEST. "Just $1,400 to go!" sighs Vice-President Laree Harris to President Steve Tolstedt, Treasurer Linda Stephens, and Secretary Ronnie Sanchez. Sophomores Discover New Worlds of Work and Study Elaine Adkins Bruce Andrews Ricky Arrants Mike Aspden Frances Austen Ellen Barth Harold Behm Linda Benjamin Lynn Berry Susan Bowman Linda Brazeal David Brewer Bonnie Briley Dale Brock Jack Broderick Clifford Brown Steven Bullock Kent Campbell Martin Christofferson Linda Colling Alan Bob Cram Gory Crocker Joe Crosser Steve Crouse Jim Culton Claude Dawes Barbara DeLaBarre David Dickinson 64 Richard Dobson Ronald Dughman Richard Edwards Stephen Ehlers Rebecca Ehrhart Dianna Elenberger Dinah Fitch Danny Florez Rebecca Fowler Sharon Fraedrich Barbara Francis Richard Fritzler Leroy Fry Dan Fulliton Linda Gaipl Mike Garwood Donald Graham Larry Grant Laree Harris Cynthia Hawley Richard Henderson 57 Betty Hofmann Susan Hofmann Nancy Hollingsworth Sally Hooper Dale Householder Lonnie Irvine Lynda Johnson Ronald Juzenas Carol Kinser Joe Kirchner Sam Kirkpatrick Mike Knoflicek Virginia Koester Linda Laing Charles Leach Charles Lierk Ruth Liggett Richard Lyman Ray McCart Connie Manion John Marker Darrell Mason Beverly Mayes Jeffry Menuey John Miller Mike Mittlestadt Bradley Moomey 65 Brenda Moomey Melvin Herbert Lynda Herian Mary Ellen Hernandez Bruce HickmanRebecca Morris Vicky Mracek Larry Mundt Yvonne Mundt Michael Nagalci Ronald Nagaki Steve Neff Cathy Nelson Greg Nelson Linda Neuswanger David Newlin Cynthia Nicholson Cathy Nicodemus Florence Nickens Pamela Novicki Steve Novotny Mike Nuss Sharon Nuss Gary Pennington Ruth Perez Joyce Petersen ’67 Sophomore Class Has Size, Gary Peterson Larry Peterson Jean Phaneuf Mary Ann Pokorski Teri Powell Juanita Preiss Lana Prettyman Linda Rask Patricia $ay Tibby Reddish Jeff Rehder Martin Rehder Cheryl Reno Kenneth Robbins Clifford Robinson Richard Rollo Tamara Romig Glenda Rosane Mary Jo Roten Ronnie Sanchez Linda Sanford Susan Saum Gary Schneider Kathy Schnurr Judith Schwindt Margie Schwindt Susan Sheldon Patti Sizemore"Now I ask you, is separating Kleenex a professional duty?" exclaims Mrs. Alice Nelson to fellow sponsor. Mr. Darrell Schilz. Laura Smith Gene Stark Linda Stephens Marcella Stephens Richard Strieker Charlene Sutton Joni Taylor Donald Thomas Linda Thomas Randy Thompson Steven Tolstedt George Turechek Linda Tutt Betty Tyndall Mary Ann Vallejo Vikki Vogel Larry Voss Constance Wacker Sharon Wagner Margie Wait Virginia Weldin Potential and Ambition Gary Weston Mathew Whitlock Lee Wilkins Max Williams Jane Wiseman Randy York Merle YoungJuniors Enjoy Added Prestige This Year Tom Ackerman Cindy Adam Bernard Allen Pamelyn Backstrom Lenor Baker Richard Bentley Rodger Berry Donald Bolinger Marjory Jane Boyer Sharon Brammer Carol Jean Brennan Michael Brown Bee Bullock Ronald Burback Terry Christensen Ray Coker Sandra Crouse Carol Culton Patsy Darveau John Davis Ray DeBock Dennis DeBusk Rickey DeBusk Kenton Dietrich Dale Dietz David Dietz Sandra Dill Lois Eckhoff Elzora Ehlers Joanne Elliott Galen Erickson Betty Evans Marion Fegler Linda Fischer Bruce Fortner Marilyn Fosket Michael Fowler Sandra Fraedrich Craig Fricke Ronald Fry ’66 Taking time out for a Pepsi are Junior class officers, Co-Vice President Bob Perrin, Secretary Pam McMasters, Co-Vice President Stephanie Schwindt, Treasurer Pat Suiter and President Bill Stewart. 69James Fulliton Clyde Gillispie Sandra Green John Hanna John Hansen Beverly Hashman Jeanne Hashman Miles Hashman Gale Hawthorne George Heimbegner Richard Henderson Thomas Hesse Harlow Hill Susan Hippe Carol Hooper Linda Houchin Harold Howard Robert Hudson Dan Hunter Dan Hutchinson Leah Jesse Russell Johnson Joyce Jordan James Kamerzell Rosemary King Stacy Kistler Jerry Knapp Suzanne KnaubJuniors Wait Hopefully for Class Rings ’66 Pamela LaBarge Dermis Laughlin Carolyn Laursen Tracy Leach Roger Leisy Delilah Lloyd Loren Loose Glen Lore Robert Lorenzini Sharon Loveless Nancy Lyster James McAndrew Sandra McColloch Shari McCormick Susan McLain Pamela McMasters Grant Manewal Chris Marlatt Jeryl Marvin Steve Mellinger Cheryl Meter Dan Miller Walter Mischnick Sandra MontagueJoyce Morgan Sandra Mundt Susanna Munson Susan Nakatsu Sharon Nelson Leroy Nickens Phyllis Nunes Edward O'Brien Larry Peltz Robert Perrin Betty Pew Mary Phillip David Phillips John Potmesil Clifford Quick Connie Rask Ronald Rippen Ronald Roberts Cheryl Robinson Sandra Sallquist Marianne Schlothauer Judy Schnell Rosemary Schnell Robert Schrimpf Stephanie Schwindt Vina Sears Rickey Shimp Donna Shores Prom Theme Is a Class Secret '66 William Stewart Jerry Studt Patricia Suiter Robert Sundberg Carol Sutton Frances Taylor Douglas Thomas Junior Tritle Carolyn Underwood John Vogel Kathryn Ward Ralph Watt Kathryn Weeth Gordon Willcins Jerry Wood William Yeager 73MOST REPRESENTATIVE MARK SCHREIBER CAROLYN ELDRED 74 Each year the members of the senior class select a boy and girl who they think are the most representative of their class. The two are chosen on the basis of scholarship, leadership, service and personality.College-Bound Students Find Grades Important DENNIS DOBSON A-Club, A-Club Vice-President, Football, All Western Conference Football, Track, Wrestling, Senior Class President, National Honor Society. Pep Club Boyfriend Attendant DEBRA MALCOLM Pep Club, Y-Teens, Y-Teen Cabinet, Senior Class Vice-President, County Government, Chadron Scholastic Contest. Senior Class Play MARILYN YOUNG Orchestra, Pep Club. G.A.A., Y-Teens, Junior Class Play. Senior Class Secretary. Senior Class Play TOM FULLER Band, Choir, Clarinet Choir. Boys’ Quartet. Pep Band, Dance Band, A-Club. A-Club President. Basketball. Track, Cross Country, Golf. Senior Class Treasurer, Boys’ State. National Honor Society, Pep Club Boyfriend Members elected to the Honor Society in their junior year »ere Ron Ha -is. Schne'b • Bauer, Martha Laing, Pat Wiltsey. Tom Fuller and Dennis Dobson. These shideats were detM b Off of scholarship, leadership, service, and personality. 965 Calendar Is Filled With Colorful Events ! LINDA SUE BAKER Pep Club KAREN BALL Pep Club, Y-Teens WILLIAM (BILL) BARRETT Basketball, Football, Track, Wrestling, Hi-Y, Chaplain, District Speech Contest Hi-Y KATHYRN BAUER Chorus, Pep Club. Annual Staff. Annual Co-Editor, Quill Scroll, Y-Teens, Y-Teen Cabinet, Regents Alternate, National Honor Society, Chadron Scho lastic Contest BARBARA BECKER Choir, Pep Club, Y-Teens IMOGENE BEHM Pep Club, Pep Club President, Spud Staff, Spud Ad and Business Manager, Quill Scroll, Y-Teens. Sophomore Class Treasurer, Student Council DEAN BERRY Hi-Y, County Government SHERILYN BILES Pep Club, Y-Teens, Betty Crocker Award "Hurrah! The last senior gown has been returned," quips Sponsor Mr. Don Crowder to Sponsor Mrs. Rex Myers.IRIS BREWER Band, Pep Band, Pep Club, Y-Teens NINA BROADFOOT Pep Club, Annual Staff, Annual Ad Manager, Quill Scroll, Quill Scroll President, Y-Teens, Y-Teen Cabinet, Chadron Scholastic Contest, Court Queen DAVID BUNNELL A-Club, Basketball, Football, Track, Cross Country, Member of State Champ Cross Country Team, Tennis, Golf, Hi-Y, Junior Class Play, County Government GLORIA CAMARILLO Chorus, Choir.'Pep Club MARY ANNE CHAMBERLAIN Pep Club, Y-Teens, Y-Teen Cabinet, Junior Class Play, District Speech Contest, Office Assistant, Library Assistant BETTY CODY Chorus, Choir, Pep Club, G.A.A., Y-Teens CHARLES COKER Wrestling, F.F.A. RONALD COKER F.F.A. PAULINE COLLINS Pep Club. Y-Teens, Chadron Scholastic Contest SUSAN CROUSE Pep Club, G.A.A. BARBARA DEWING Chorus, Choir, Pep Club, Y-Teens JUDY DICKINSON Pep Club, G.A.A., Y-Teens CONNIE DILLON Band, Orchestra, Pep Band, Pep Club, G.A.A., G.A.A. Treasurer, G.A.A Vice-President, Y-Teens, Sophomore Class Secretary, County Government, Homecoming Queen Attendant DIANA EHLERS Pep Club CAROLYN ELDRED Band, Pep Band, Pep Club, GA.A., G.A.A. Secretary, Spud Staff, Y-Teens, Junior Class Play, Student Council, Student Council Vice-President, Cheerleading, County Government, Office Assistant, Court Queen Attendant’65 Seniors Exchange Billfold Photos ROGER EVANS A-Club, Basketball, Track, Cross Country, Hi-Y VIRGIL (TED) EVANS Choir, Student Council, Student Council Treasurer, County Government LARRY FENSTER Band, Orchestra. Pep Band, Dance Band TOMAS A. FLOREZ A-Club, Track, Cross Country, Wrestling ANNA FOSTER Chorus, Pep Club. G.A.A., Girls' Volleyball Team, Spud Staff, Y-Teens RONALD FRAEDRICH DONALD FRENCH Choir, Basketball, Football, Golf, Pep Club Boyfriend Attendant GERALDINE FRITZLER Chorus, Choir, Choir Treasurer, Girls' Trio, Chamber Singers, Pep Club, Annual Staff, Annual Business Manager, Quill Scroll. Y-Teens, Y-Teen Treasurer, Y-Teen Cabinet CEAN FROST Band, Orchestra, Pep Band, Pep Club, G.A.A.. Girls' Volleyball Team, Y-Teens, Junior Class Treasurer LINDA FRY Band, Choir, Clarinet Choir, Clarinet Quartet, Dixieland Band, Woodwind Quintet, Band Officer, District Music Contest, State Music Contest, Pep Band, Orchestra, Majorette, Pep Club, Y-Teens JAMES FURMAN A-Club, Football, Wrestling, Hi-Y, Hi-Y Vice-President, Hi-Y Model Legislature DEANNA GARRETT Band, Orchestra, Pep Club. G.A.A., Y-Teens. Cheerleading 78 ) ( ) i TIMOTHY GRESENS SHARON GROSKOPF Chorus. Pep Club, Spud Staff, Spud Photographer, Senior Class Play, Student Council, Library Assistant RONALD HARRIS Chorus, Co-Director of Junior Class Play, Senior Class Play, County Government, Regents Alternate, National Honor Society, Chadron Scholastic Contest JERRY HATCH A-Club, Football, Track, Wrestling, Regents Al ternate EVE HILL Pep Club, Y-Teens BRUCE HITCHCOCK Band, Orchestra. Pep Band, Track, Hi-Y CHERYL HOBBS Chorus, Pep Club, Y-Teens DONNA HULETT Band, Orchestra, Pep Band, Pep Club, G.A.A., Y-Teens, Senior Class Play, Cheerleading, County Government, Office Assistant GLORIA HULQUIST Pep Club, Spud Staff, Y-Teens, Junior Class Play, District Speech Contest, Library Assistant ROY JESSE Hi-Y. Senior Class Play, F.F.A., District Range Management Winner, Stubble and Land Judging VIRGINIA JOHNSON Pep Club, Library Assistant TERRY JOHNSTON A-Club, Wrestling, F.F.A., F.F.A. Sentinel LESLIE KINCAID Track, Wrestling PAULA KISICKI Pep Club, Pep Club Secretary, G.A.A., G.A.A. President, Girls' Volleyball Team, Spud Staff, Quill Scroll, Y-Teens, Y-Teen Vice-President, Y-Teen Cabinet, County Government JO ANN KISTLER Pep Club, G.A.A., Y-Teens, Y-Teen Cabinet, Senior Class PlayKATHRYN KNOFLICEK Pep Club. Annual Staff, Annual Co-Editor, Quill Scroll, Y-Teens, Y-Teen Cabinet, County Government, Regents Alternate. Merit Scholarship Semi-Finalist, Chadron Scholastic Contest MAX KOESTER Hi-Y, Football Student Manager MARTHA LAING Band, Band Council, Senior Officer, Clarinet Choir, Clarinet Quartet, Orchestra, Pep Band, Pep Club, G.A.A., Y-Teens, Y-Teen Cabinet, Junior Class Play, Student Council, Student Council Secretary, Cheerleading, District Speech Contest, National Honor Society, Girls' State Alternate BEVERLY LANGMACHER Orchestra, Orchestra Officer, Concert Mistress, Pep Club, Y-Teens, Y-Teen Cabinet, Y-Teen President, Senior Class Play, State Music Clinic JON LAUGHLIN Senior Class Play, County Government DONNA LAWRENCE Band, Clarinet Quartet, Clarinet Choir, Orchestra, Pep Band, Pep Club, G.A.A., Spud Staff,’Spud Feature Editor, Quill Scroll, Y-Teens, Student Council, Student Council Historian, County Government, Homecoming Queen GEORGIA LIAKOS Chorus, Choir, Chamber Singers, Pep Club, G.A.A., Spud Staff, Y-Teens, Senior Class Play CLEO LIGGETT Pep Club MARILEE LIGGETT Pep Club ROLAND LONGACRE Wrestling ROGER LOOSE Track, Wrestling JOHN LORENZINI Orchestra, Hi-Y, Hi-Y Secretary-Treasurer, Hi-Y Model Legislature, Regents AlternateBeaming with happiness are Prom King and Queen Loren Jackson and Mary Curtiss. Junior President Sandra Smith and Vice-President Mark Schreiber presented the Royalty. Enchanting RICHARD MARIN Wrestling CHERYL MARSH Pep Club LINDA MART Pep Club, Spud Staff, Y-Teens MARY MARTIN Chadron High: G.A.A., Girls' Volleyball Team. Alliance High: Pep Club, Senior Class Play CONNIE MENUEY Pep Club, Pep Club Vice-President, G.A.A., Girls' Volleyball Team, Spud Staff JANET MISCHNICK Chorus, Choir, Choir Vice-President, Chamber Singers, Pep Club, G.A.A., Y-Teens, Junior Class Secretary, State Music Clinic, Court Queen Attendant DONALD MITTLESTADT Football, Golf, Hi-Y, Hi-Y Chaplain, Senior Class Play STEVE MORGAN Chorus, Choir, A-Club, Basketball, Football, Track, Wrestling, Senior Class Play, Student Council SANDRA MURRAY Pep Club, G.A.A., Girls' Volleyball Team Prom Climaxes Eventful YearDONALD NACE A-Club. Football, Track, Cross Country, Hi-Y, Junior Class Play Producer, Senior Class Play MIKE NAY Basketball. Football. Cross Country LARRY NELSON Choir, Choir President, Chamber Singers, A-Club, Football, Tennis, Wrestling, County Government JAMES NEW Wrestling BETTY NICKENS Pep Club, Y-Teens NANCY NOLDA Band, Pep Band, Pep Club, G.A.A., Spud Staff, Spud Feature Editor. Y-Teens. Senior Class Play RONALD OSBORN A-Club, Football, West Big Ten Honors Football, Track, Wrestling, Senior Class Play PEGGY OVERSTREET Band, Pep Band, Pep Club, G.A.A., Girls' Volleyball Team, Y-Teens, Cheerleading, District Speech Contest LINDA PEPLER Pep Club, Pep Club Treasurer, Spud Staff, Spud Sports Editor, Y-Teens JOHN PETERSEN Band, Orchestra, Pep Band, Dance Band, A-Club, Track, Cross Country, State Cross Country Team Champs, Senior Class Play, District Speech Contest. Library Assistant MARY ELLEN PETERSON Chorus, Choir, Pep Club, Y-Teens, Co-Ed Correspondent CAROL PHANEUF Concert Band, Orchestra. Orchestra President, Pep Club. G.A.A., Spud Staff, Spud Editor, Quill 8 Scroll, Quill Scroll Secretary-Treasurer, Y-Teens, Y-Teen Cabinet, Senior Class Play, State Music Clinic, Chadron Scholastic Contest JUDY PHILLIP Pep Club, G.A.A., Girls' Volleyball Team, Staff, Y-Teens, Homecoming Queen Attendant KEITH PIRNIE Cross Country, Hi-Y KENNETH PIRNIE Hi-Y Spud’65 SENIORS Class Colors: Gold and Bronze Class Flower: Orchid Class Motto: "Not Sunset, But Dawn." Class Song: "Today" Justifiably proud of their semi-finalist ratings on the National Merit Scholarship tests are Mark Schreiber and Kathie Knoflicek. Seniors Earn Scholastic Achievements Scoring high on the Regents examinations are Alternate Kathy Bauer, four-year scholarship winner Roy Wiseman, Alternates Sandy Smith, Ron Harris, Kathie Knoflicek .Jerry Hatch, John Loremini and four-year scholarship winner Mark Schreiber. 83’65 Laughter and Tears Come With Graduation MARVIN POWELL Chorus, Choir, Chamber Singers, Spud Staff, Senior Class Play Co-Director, Library Assistant BYRON PRELLE F.F.A. JACKIE RINEHART Chorus. Choir, Pep Club. G.A.A., Girls' Volleyball Team, Spud Staff, Spud Cartoonist, Y-Teens, State Music Clinic CONNIE RISSE Pep Club, G.A.A., Girls' Volleyball Team, Y-Teens PATSY ROBBINS Pep Club. G.A.A., G.A.A. Vice-President, G.A.A. President, Y-Teens DIANE ROLLO Pep Club, Spud Staff, Y-Teens, Senior Class Play, District Speech Contest, Chadron Scholastic Contest ELVIRA SANCHEZ Pep Club, Y-Teens CONNIE SCHNEIDER Chorus, Choir, Pep Club, G.A.A., Girls' Volleyball Team, Y-Teens LINDA SCHNEIDER Band, Band Officer, Band Council, Band Secretary, Band Librarian, Orchestra. Pep Bancj Clarinet Choir, District Music Contest, Pep Club, Pep Club Chant Leader, G.A.A., Annual Staff, Annual Sports Editor, Quill Scroll, Y-Teens, Y-Teen Cabinet, Senior Class Play, Junior Class Play Producer, Student Council, Library Assistant, Actuaries Winner MARK SCHREIBER Choir, Chamber Singers, Boys' Quartet, A-Club, Football. Track. Wrestli ng, Hi-Y, Junior Class Play, Senior Class Play, Junior Class Vice-President, Student Council, Student Council President. County Government, Regents Winner, National Honor Society, Boys' State Alternate, Merit Scholarship Semi-finalist SHARON SCHULZE Pep Club, Y-Teens, Y-Teen Cabinet, Senior Class Play JODENE SCHWINDT Band, Band Officer, Band Captain, Band Librarian, Choir, Choir Octet, Mixed Clarinet Quartet, Orchestra, Pep Band, Chamber Singers, Pep Club, G.A.A., Girls' Volleyball Team, Y-Teens, State Music Clinic 84RAYMOND (GENE) SHAW Chorus, Choir. Basketball, Hi-Y Model Legislature SANDRA SMAHA Band, Flute Quartet, Flute Trio, Chorus, Choir, Choir Secretary, Choir Council, Orchestra, Pep Band, Chamber Singers, Pep Club, Y-Teens, State Music Clinic. County Government SANDRA SMITH Band, Pep Band, Pep Club. Spud Staff, Spud Ad and Business Manager, Quill Scroll, Quill Scroll Vice-President, Y-Teens, Y-Teen Cabinet, Junior Class Play Co-Director, Senior Class Play Co-Director, Junior Class President, Student Council, Student Council Secretary, Girls’ State, Regents Alternate, National Honor Society, DAR Citizenship Award SHARON SORUM Band, Band Librarian, Pep Band, Pep Club, Spud Staff, Spud Circulation Manager, Y-Teens, Y-Teen Cabinet, Y-Teen Secretary, Office Assistant LARRY STEFFEN F.F.A. LARRY STELLING Holdredge, Nebraska LINDA STEPHENS Pep Club, Y-Teens DONALD STRICKER F.F.A. Larry studt A-Club, A-Club Sergeant-at-Arms, Basketball, Football, Track. West Big Ten Honors Football, All Western Conference Football LARRY SUTTER County Government PENNY THOMPSON Chorus, Pep Club. Y:Teen$ JAMES R. TIMBERS Band, Pep Band THOMAS TODD A-Club. Football. Track, County Government LINDA TOLSTEDT Chorus, Pep Club, Spud Staff, Spud Reporter, Y-Teens MARY VALLEJO Band, Chorus. Pep Band. Pep Club. Y-Teens’65 After Years Together, Seniors Part STEVE VALLENTINE Band, Chorus, Choir, Orchestra, Chamber Singers, Track, Wrestling, Hi-Y, State Music Clinic VERN VOGEL Wrestling, Sophomore Class President, Student Council, F.F.A., F.F.A. Reporter KEITH WARNER Football Student Manager, Track, Hi-Y, County Government SHARON WEETH Gering High: Band, Pep Club, Cheerleading. Scottsbluff High: Pep Club. Alliance High: Pep Club TERRY WELDIN Band, Pep Band, Dance Band, Track, Tennis, Hi-Y CAROL WEST Pep Club, Y-Teens GERALD WEST Band. Pep Band, A-Club, Football, Wrestling, Hi-Y, Student Council PATRICK WILTSEY Hi-Y, National Honor Society LARRY WINTEN Track, Hi-Y, F.F.A., County Government ROY WISEMAN Band, Orchestra, Pep Band, Dance Band, A-Club, Basketball, Cross Country, Golf, Hi-Y, Hi-Y Model Legislature, Regents Winner DONALD WRIGHT Football, Wrestling, Hi-Y FRANK WRIGHT Band 86HIGH SCHOLARSHIP RONALD HARRIS KATHYRN BAUER 87 Learning is the real purpose of an education; therefore, it is appropriate that we honor two seniors for high scholarship.GENERAL Administration Chamberlin, Leslie—9 Crowder, Don—8. 76 Dreyer, William—6, 8 Rosen, Marven—2 Board of Education Cover, John—2 Fiebig, Glen—2 Morgan, Dr. Robert—2 Olson, Dr. Raymond—2 Stephens, Lyle—2 Wiseman. Howard—2 Custodians Blumanthal, Norman—30 Wilmott, Robert—30 Faculty Becker, Bernard—14, 22 Bobbitt, Barbara—14, 37,.55 Briggs, Vera—17 Brown, Nancy—12, 73 Carroll, Daryl—14. 42, 44 Cronk, Michael—18 Farrell. Donald—13. 38. 43 Furman, Willis—18, 49 Glarum, Juanita—16, 53 Hovorka. Tom—18. 52 High, Dorothy—20, 47, 51 Jasnoch, Myron—18, 38, 50 Kastens, Dale—15, 43 McClary. Blaine—21. 56. 59 Merchant, William—13 Martin, Natalie—17 Maxwell, Dean—56, 59 Merdinger, Genevieve—6, 9, 14 Morris, Robert—24, 38, 44, 50 Myers, Esther—24. 53, 76 Nelson, Alice—12. 23, 67 Nelson, Byron—10, 52 Neuswanger, Phyllis—15 Petersen, Fred—13, 73 Schilz, Darrell—16, 67 Scholl. Drusilla—11 Scholl. Walter—21, 60 Sutter, Marie—11 Ware, Kenneth—10, 54 Zeiss, Donald—20 Personnel Copple, Margaret—8 Merritt, Thelma—25 Students A Ackerman, Tom—68 Adam, Cindy—8, 68 Adkins, Elaine—6, 25, 53, 64 Allen, Bernard—68 Andrews. Bruce—64 Arrants, Ricky—64 Aspden, Mike—64 Austen, Francis—56, 64 8 Backstrom. Pamelyn—47. 61, 68 Baker, Lenor—61, 68 Baker, Linda Sue—76, 112 Ball, Karen—76 Barrett. William (Bill)—41. 48, 52. 76 Barth, Ellen—58, 64 Bauer, Jerry—35. 41 Bauer, Kathryn—23, 53, 75, 76. 83. 87 Becker, Barbara—61, 76 Behm, Harold—64 Behm, Imogene—6. 22, 23, 51. 76, 108 Benjamin, Linda—64 Bentley, Richard—49, 56. 68 Berry, Dean—76 Berry, Lynn—64 Berry, Rodger—54, 68 Biles, Sherilyn—11, 34, 76 Bolinger, Donald—68 Bowman, Susan—64 Boyer, Marjory Jane—68 Brammer, Sharon—68 Brazeal, Linda—58, 64 Brennan, Carol Jean—6, 57, 58, 60, 61, 68 Brewer. David—64 Brewer, Iris—11, 77 Bright, Glen—45, 55 Briley, Bonnie—39, 43, 57, 59, 64 Broadfoot, Nina—23. 40, 53, 77 Brock, Dale—64 Broderick. Jack—41, 64 Brown, Clifford—46, 61, 64 Brown, Michael—39, 48, 68 Bullock, Bee—39, 48, 68 Bullock, Steve—41, 64 Bunnell. David—14. 48. 50. 77 Burback, Ronald—38, 43, 48. 68 C Camarillo, Gloria—61, 77 Campbell. Kent—64 Chamberlain, Mary Anne—13, 37, 53, 77 Christensen, Terry—68 Christofferson, Martin—38, 46, 64 Cody. Betty—61, 77, 98 Cody, William (Bill)—35 Coker, Charles—77 Coker. Ray—68 Coker. Ronald—11, 77 Colling, Linda—57, 58, 64 Collins, Pauline—77, 106 Cram, Alan Bob—64 Crocker, Gary—64 Crosser, Joe—64 Crouse, Sandra—47. 61, 68 Crouse, Steve—38, 64 Crouse, Susan—77, 112 Culton, Carol—53. 57. 58, 61, 68 Culton, Jim—41, 43, 58, 64 D Darveau, Patsy—68 Davis, John—68 Dawes, Claude—41, 43, 57, 58, 64 DeBock, Ray—48, 50, 68 DeBusk, Dennis—41, 68 DeBusk, Rickey—41, 68 DelaBarre, Barbara—64 Dewing. Barbara—61, 77, 112 Dickinson, David—64 Dickinson, Judy—77 Dietrich, Kenton—68 Dietz, Dale—59. 61, 69 Dietz, David—46, 59, 61, 69 Dill, Sandra—47. 56, 58, 69 Dillon, Connie—40. 57. 58, 77. 100 Dobson. Dennis—28. 33, 39, 43. 48, 50. 75. 93 Dobson, Richard—41, 65, 43 Dughman, Ronald—6, 65 E Eckhoff, Lois—56, 69 Edwards, Richard—41, 46, 65 Ehlers, Diana—77 Ehlers, Elzora—61, 69 Ehlers, Stephen—41, 65 Ehrhart. Rebecca—47, 65 Eldred, Carolyn—9, 30, 37, 40, 74. 77 Elenberger, Dianna—56, 65 Elliott, Joanne—69 Erickson, Galen—69 Evans, Betty—69 Evans, Roger—42, 45, 50, 78 Evans, Virgil (Ted)—6, 11, 32, 78 F Fegler, Marion—6, 8, 69 Fenster, Larry—78, 92, 95 Fischer, Linda—47, 69 Fitch, Dinah—61, 65 Florez, Danny—42, 54, 65, 45 Florez, Tomas A.—42, 43. 48, 50. 78 Fortner, Bruce—41, 69 Fosket, Marilyn—69 Foster, Anna—22, 78 Fowler, Michael—69 Fowler, Rebecca—65 Fraedrich, Ronald—78 Fraederich, Sharon—65 Fraedrich, Sharon—65 French. Donald—16. 33, 38, 45, 49, 78 Fricke, Craig—69 Fritzler, Geraldine—23, 53, 58, 61, 78 Fritzler, Richard—65 Frost, Cean—36, 78 Fry, Leroy—65 Fry. Linda—29, 56, 58. 78. 96 88INDEX Fry, Ronald—69 Fuller, Tom—33. 42. 44. 45. 49. 50. 75 Fulliton. Dan—65 Fulliton, James—70 Furman. James (Jim)—39. 43, 78 G Gaiple, Linda—65 Garrett. Deanna—30. 78 Garwood. Mike—46, 65 Gillispie, Clyde—39, 50. 70 Godwin, Don—43 Gonzalez, Ralph—59 Graham, Donald—41, 56. 59. 65 Grant, Larry—65 Green, Sandra—6. 23, 55. 70 Gresens, Timothy—79 Groskopf, Sharon—6, 22, 24, 37, 79 H Hanna, John—41, 49, 70 Hansen, John—38, 48. 70 Harris. Laree—61, 64, 65 Harris. Ronald—12, 37, 75, 79, 83. 87, 99 Hashman, Beverly—70 Hashman. Jeanne—57, 70 Hashman, Miles—38, 70 Hatch. Jerry—38, 48. 50. 79. 83. 110 Hawley, Cynthia—65 Hawthorne, Gale—70 Heimbegner, George—70 Henderson, Richard—38, 70 Henderson. Richard—65 Herbert, Melvin—65 Herian, Lynda—65 Hernandez, Mary Ellen—65 Hesse. Tom—38. 39. 48. 57. 70 Hickman, Bruce—65 Hill. Eve—79. 106 Hill. Harlow—70 Hippe, Susan—61. 70 Hitchcock, Bruce—79 Hobbs, Cheryl—11, 79 Hofmann, Betty—65 Hofmann. Susan—65 Hollingsworth, Nancy—65 Hooper, Carol—61, 70 Hooper, Sally—61, 65 Houchin, Linda—31, 56, 70 Householder, Dale—65 Howard, Harold—41, 61, 70 Hudson, Robert—70 Hulett, Donna—8. 30. 37, 79, 96 Hulquist, Gloria—11, 24, 79 Hunter, Dan—38, 50, 70 Hutchinson, Dan—57, 59, 70 l Irvine. Lonnie—42. 45. 46. 65 J Jensen, Wayne—41 Jesse. Leah—61, 70 Jesse, Roy—35. 79, 100 Johnson, Lynda—56, 65 Johnson, Russell—38, 43, 48, 70 Johnson, Virginia—24, 79 Johnston. Terry—43, 50, 54, 79 Jordan, Joyce—29, 55. 57, 58, 70 Juzenas, Gordon—10 Juzenas. Ronald—65 K Kamerzell. James—38, 45, 48, 49, 70 Kincaid, Leslie—79 King. Rosemary—47. 70 Kinser, Carol—65 Kirchner, Joe—6, 43, 61, 65 Kirkpatrick. Sam—65 Kisicki. Paula—22, 23. 51. 53. 79 Kistler, Jo Ann—32, 53, 79 Kistler, Stacy—56, 61, 70 Knapp. Jerry—70 Knaub, Suzanne—70 Knoflicek, Kathryn—23. 53, 80. 83 Knoflicek, Mike—42, 46, 65 Koester, Max—41, 80 Koester, Virginia—65 L La Barge. Pamela—71 Laing, Linda—47, 65 Laing. Martha—6, 19. 30. 56. 75. 80 Langmacher, Beverly—58, 80, 92 Laughlin, Dennis—71 Laughlin, Jon—37, 80 Laursen, Carolyn—71 Lawrence, Donna—6, 23, 28, 40, 80, 97 Leach, Charles—38. 43. 65 Leach, Tracy—47, 55, 71 Leisy, Roger—43. 55, 71 Liakos, Georgia—61. 80 Lierk, Charles—42, 45, 65 Liggett, Cleo—80 Liggett, Marilee—80 Liggett, Ruth—65 Lloyd, Delilah—71 Longacre. David—43 Longacre, Roland—80, 113 Loose, Loren—71 Loose, Roger—80 Lore, Glen—71 Lorenzini, John—34. 52, 58, 80, 83. 104 Lorenzini, Robert—71 Loveless, Sharon—47, 71 Lyman, Richard—43, 65 Lyster, Nancy—71 M McAndrew, James—39, 71 McCart, Ray—41, 43, 65 McCart, Wayne—61, 80 McColloch, Sandra—71 McCormick, Shari—17, 71 McCracken, Larry—10, 39 McCullah, Dennis—36, 39. 45. 49. 50, 80 McLain, Susan—61, 71 McMasters. Pamela—6, 23. 58, 69, 71 Magnuson, John—38. 54 Malcolm. Debbie (Debra)—25. 37, 53, 75 Manewal, Grant—71 Manion, Connie—65 Mann. Larry—11, 35, 54, 80 Marin, Richard—81, 101 Marlatt, Chris—39. 50, 71 Marker, John—6, 41. 46. 65 Marsh, Cheryl—36. 81 Mart, Linda—81 Martin, Mary—37, 81 Marvin, Jeryl—71 Mason, Darrell—43, 56, 65 Mayes, Beverly—57, 65 Mellinger, Steve—6, 35, 54. 55, 71 Menuey, Connie—9, 51, 81. 95, 108 Menu y, Jeffry—41, 65 Meter, Cheryl—53, 71 Miller. Dan—71 Miller, John—65 Mischnick, Janet—40, 61, 81 Mischnick, Walter—38. 48. 71 Mittlestadt, Donald—19, 37. 49, 52, 81 Mittlestadt, Mike—65 Montague, Sandra—71 Moomey. Bradley—56. 65 Moomey. Brenda—47, 57, 58, 65 Morgan, Joyce—72 Morgan, Steve—6. 37, 38, 48, 50, 81 Morris. Rebecca—61. 66 Mracek, Vicky—47, 66 Mundt, Larry—35. 46. 66 Mundt, Sandra—72 Mundt, Yvonne—66 Munson. Susanna—18, 55, 72 Murray, Sandra—47, 81. 109 N Nace. Donald—37, 42, 50, 82, 106 Nagaki, Michael—41. 66 Nagaki, Ronald—66 Nakatsu. Susan—6. 8. 53. 55, 60. 61. 72 Nay. Mike—39. 82 Neff, Steve—66 Nelson, Cathy—66 Nelson, Greg—13, 57, 66 Nelson. Larry—36. 38s 43, 49, 50, 61. 82 Neuswanger, Linda—56, 66 New. James—82 Newlin. David—66 Nicholson, Cynthia—58, 59, 66 Nickens. Betty—82 Nickens. Florence—47, 61, 66 Nickens, LeRoy—39, 72 Nicodemus. Cathy—66 Nolda, Nancy—22, 37, 82 Novicki, Pamela—58. 59, 66 Novotny, Steve—42. 43. 57, 58, 66 89Nunes, Phyllis—72 Nuss, Mike—57. 66 Nuss, Sharon—66 o O'Brien, Edward—72 Osborn. Ronald—38, 43, 82 Overstreet, Margaret (Peggy)—30. 82, III P Peltz, Larry—72 Pennington. Gary—6, 43, 56, 59, 66 Pepler, Linda—22. 51. 82. 95 Perez, Ruth—66 Perrin, Robert—48, 69. 72 Petersen. John—, Petersen. Joyce—57, 66 Peterson, Gary—41, 43. 66 Peterson, Larry—59. 66 Peterson, Mary Ellen—34, 61. 82. 107 Pew, Betty—72 Phaneuf. Carol—19. 22. 23. 37. 53, 58, 59. 82 Phaneuf. Jean—47, 61. 66 Phillip, Judy—22, 40, 82, 101 Phillip, Mary—72 Phillips, David—72 Pirnie, Keith—42. 82 Pirnie, Kenneth—82 Pokorski, Mary Ann—66 Potmesil, John—43, 72 Powell, Marvin—24, 61. 84. 97 Powell, Teri—66 Preiss, Juanita—66 Prelle, Byron—84 Prettyman, Lana—66 9 Quick. Clifford—43, 61. 72 R Rask, Connie—72 Rask, Linda—56, 66 Ray. Patricia—6, 56, 66 Reddish, Tibby—57, 58. 66 Rehder. Jeff—56, 59, 66 Rehder, Martin—41, 66 Reno, Cheryl—66 Reno, James—42 Rinehart, Jackie—22, 61, 84 Rippen, Ronald—55, 56, 72 Risse, Connie—47, 84. 109 Robbins, Kenneth—43, 66 Robbins, Patsy—11, 84 Roberts, Ronald—72 Robinson, Cheryl—72 Robinson, Clifford—66 Rollo, Diane—15. 37, 84 Rollo, Richard—41, 66 Romig, Tamara—57, 58. 66 Rosane, Glenda—56, 66 Roten, Mary Jo—47, 56. 58. 66 S Sallquist, Sandra—56. 72 Sanchez, Elvira—84 Sanchez, Ronnie—38, 46, 64, 66 Sanford, Linda—66 Saum, Susan—57, 58, 66 Schlothauer, Marianne—72 Schneider, Connie—47, 61, 84 Schneider, Gary—46, 66 Schneider. Linda—6, 23. 24. 53, 56, 84. 98 Schnell, Judy—72 Schnell, Rosemary—72 Schnurr, Kathy—6. 56. 66 Schreiber, Mark—6. 21, 38. 43. 48. 50. 52, 59, 61. 74. 75. 81, 83. 84 Schrimpf, Robert—38, 52, 72 Schulze. Sharon—37, 53, 84 Schwindt, Jodene—56, 61, 84 Schwindt, Judith—57, 66 Schwindt, Margie—66 Schwindt. Stephanie—6.23.34,53.55.56,69,72 Sears, Vina—72 Shaw, Raymond (Gene)—85 Sheldon, Susan—66 Shimp, Rickey—55. 72 Shores, Donna—72 Sizemore, Patti—66 Sizemore, Terry—73 Smith. Sandra—6, 18, 23. 35. 53. 75, 83, 85 Smith, Laura—67 Smith, Sandra—6, 18. 23. 35. 53, 75, 83. 85 Sorum, Sharon—22, 85, 103 Spurgin, Michael—18. 41. 55. 57, 59, 73 Stark, Gene—57, 59, 67 Steffen, Larry—85 Stalling, Larry—85 Stephens, Linda—25, 47, 57, 64, 67 Stephens, Linda—85 Stephens, Marcella—56, 67 Stewart, William (Bill)—39, 45, 48, 69, 73 Strieker, Donald—85 Strieker, Richard—67 Studt, Jerry—46, 48, 73 Studt, Larry—38, 39, 48, 50, 85 Suiter, Patricia—23, 55, 69, 73 Sundberg, Robert—38, 45, 48, 73 Sundberg, Roger—107 Sutter. Larry—85, 93 Sutton, Carol—73 Sutton, Charlene—67 T Taylor, Frances—73 Taylor, Joni—6. 47, 58. 67 Thomas, Donald—67 Thomas, Douglas—57, 73 Thomas, Linda—67 Thompson, Penny—85 Thompson, Randy—67 Timbers, James R.—85, 59, 57 Todd Thomas—39, 48, 50. 85 Tolstedt, Linda—85 Tolstedt, Steven—38, 43, 64, 67 Tritle. Junior—38, 48, 50, 73 Turechek, George—41. 43, 67 Tutt, Linda—56, 67 Tyndall, Betty—67 u Underwood, Carolyn—6, 73 V Vallejo, Mary—56, 85, 110 Vallejo, Mary Ann—56. 67 Vallentine, Steve—59, 61, 86 Vogel. John—73 Vogel, Vern—35. 54, 86 Vogel, Vikki—67 Voss. Larry—20, 67 w Wacker, Constance—58, 67 Wagner, Sharon—67 Wait, Margie—56, 67 Ward, Kathryn—73 Warner. Keith—41, 48, 86. 104 Watt. Ralph—55. 57, 73 Weeth, Kathryn—73 Weeth, Sharon—86 Weldin. Terry—31, 56. 59. 86 Weldin, Virginia—67 West, Carol—86. 14 West. Gerald—6, 31, 38. 43, 50. 57. 86 Weston, Gary—67 Whitlock, Mathew—41, 67 Wilkins, Gordon—55, 73 Wilkins, Lee—67 m Williams, Max—41, 67 Wiltsey. Patrick—24, 75, 86 Winten, Larry—13, 48, 86 Wiseman. Jane—29, 47, 57, 58, 67 Wiseman, Roy—49, 50, 83. 86, 113 Wood, Jerry—73 Wright, Donald—86 Wright, Frank—86 Y Yeager. William (Bill)—38, 50, 52, 73 York, Randy—6, 42. 44. 45, 67 Young, Marilyn—37, 75, 110 Young, Merle—47, 67 z Zimmerman, Randy—67 Zobel, Linda—67 90Remember the hours you spent on school activities? But the hard work did pay off. Ahead of you is a whole new world, full of challenges and adventures. This experience will help you conquer that new world. We wish you success. 91 J. W. SANDERSON (Monuments)BULLDOG SUPPORTERS ALLIANCE RAMBLER JEEP COMPANY 324 East Third ALLIANCE TRACTOR IMPLEMENT COMPANY Tenth and Flack ASSOCIATES, THE 1 1 1 West Third BATES-LANDA FUNERAL HOME 618 Box Butte BEAUTY BAR 220 West Third BOWEN, ROBERT W„ OPTOMETRIST BOWL-MOR LANES 210 Niobrara BRENNAN BET-R-WAY CLEANERS 409 Laramie BUCKMINSTER, BILL, INSURANCE 614 Flack BUS’S TRANSFER 612 Flack COAST TO COAST 324 Box Butte CULLIGAN SOFT WATER SERVICE 215 Big Horn CURTISS, HOWARD, ACCOUNTANT 124 West Fourth DAISY QUEEN 422 West Third DEE-LITE BAKERY 117 West Third EHRHART COMPANY East Third FAIRACRES DAIRY FARM 719 West Third FRONTIER MOTEL 1 100 West Third FURMAN'S 203 West Third GANTZ HEIN MORAN 119 West Third HESTED STORE 308 Box Butte KELLOGG, O. M„ GRAIN COMPANY First and Emerson MURPHY, L. B., COMPANY 416 Box Butte NORMA'S LUNCH 4161 j Box Butte O'BRIEN TEXACO SERVICE Tenth and Flack PANHANDLE PACKING COMPANY East of City RED AND JACK'S BODY SHOP 600 West Second REX HAMBURGER SHOP 112 Box Butte SELLECK ABSTRACT COMPANY 118 West Third SIDLES COMPANY 324 West Third SINCLAIR REFINING COMPANY 404 East Third SMITH, KIRT, INSURANCE 118 East Fourth STEGG'S LACE LAUNDRY 615 West Third THIELE JEWELRY 306 Box Butte THOMAS CONOCO 1103 West Third TODD'S BODY AND FRAME SHOP 620 Flack V.F.W. 424 Flack WESTERN BEAUTY SHOP 118 West Fourth WEST FEED AND SUPPLY 1200 West Third SYMBOL OF FARM LEADERSHIP CO OR] 724 West Third Street Alliance, Nebraska LARRY FENSTER "What's your security?" BEV LANGMACHER MR. DON LICHTY THE GUARDIAN STATE BANK LOAN DEPARTMENT "Time and Temperature Corner" 93DOBSON-DODGE "Parachuting is easier than Physics." DENNIS DOBSON 502 Box Butte 762-2950 Best Wishes Class of '65 JACK SAMPSON KENNETH O. WILDT Representing Fire Boat The Careful Driver Insurance Co. Insurance 762-2164 116 E. 4th Alliance ALLIANCE BUILDING AND LOAN "Can it find the value of x?" LARRY SUTTER A. L. SEEBOHM 312 Box Butte Alliance, Nebraska 94 COVER JONES Ford Authorized Sales and Service Falcon Fairlane Ford Thunderbird Congratulations Compliments to the Class of '65 of LANGMACHER FEED PANHANDLE AND BASKETERIA WAREHOUSING ALLIANCE LUMBER CO. ALLIANCE Your Friendly Yard 762-3274 1020 W. 3rd Alliance PRODUCE CREDIT COMPANYA W DRIVE-INN "What do you mean, I'm paying?" LARRY FENSTER LINDA PEPLER CONNIE MENUEY MR. MURRAY Gallons 1 2 Gallons Quarts Lunches Refreshments Pizza 323 Flack FOR ORDERS TO GO CALL 762-2764 Alliance 96BILL CAMPBELL MOTORS, INC. "Wrap it up and mail it to me." DONNA LAWRENCE BILL CAMPBELL MARVIN POWELL Chevrolets • Oldsmobiles • CadillacsHARRIS SALES Distributor of DEBUS ENRICHED BREAD and RED SEAL POTATO CHIPS B.P.O.E. "Play Ringo's Theme." LINDA SCHNEIDER BETTY CODY 417 Box Butte 762-3704 Interior Decorating Draperies Linoleum Carpets • Paint 723 Flaclc Avenue 762-4488 JOHNSON PELTZ, INC. SWEETBRIAR 313 Box Butte 762-2988 F M BOOTERY 305 Box Butte 762-1132 98THIELE DRUG M. A. LONGACRE Refrigeration and Air Conditioning 1316 Toluca 762-2732 ALLIANCE, NEBRASKA MISSOURI MARKET "Buy at a home-owned store" "Fill it up to here with soda." MR. CHARLES LIERK RON HARRIS Brantley Helicopter Distributors Mooney Dealers Instruction—Charter Ambulance A E Mechanics Alliance, Nebraska AIR SERVICE DON BROWN, Operator 762-3139 ALLIANCE HOTEL CAFE 102 Box Butte 762-3460 ALLIANCE FLORAL COMPANY "Gifts and Flowers for Every Occasion" 322 Box Butte 762-1910MOWDER'S PHARMACY "Take it easy with the acid!" MR. JACK MOWDER Located in the Doctors' Building AUTO HOBBY and BODY SHOP 520 Flack 762-4300 NEIL'S TRUCKING SERVICE and NEIL'S AUTO and TRUCK WASH 414 Black Hills 762-3310 DARI ISLE "Have you made up your mind yet, Roy?" CONNIE DILLON ROY JESSE 2141 2 West 10th 762-3787 ALLIANCE, NEBRASKA 100"THAT MAN ZIEG" Bill Zieg Sign Shop and Agate Museum 3 11 Hudson "Where you buy your signs and choice Agate Jewelry" GREGORY'S, INC. "Insurance alone is our business" "Dear Mrs. Glarum, . . JUDY PHILLIP KISSACK'S 115 West Third 762-1533 FAMOUS CLOTHING HOUSE "Will the girls like it?" RICH MARIN TONY NUNES 307 Box Butte 762-2061 ALLIANCE, NEBRASKA 101BOX BUTTE MEDICAL ASSOCIATION MIKE'S BARBER SHOP We Welcome You to MIKE'S ALL-NEW BARBER SHOP Best Clip Joint in Town MIKE—HAROLD—JOE Alliance, Nebr. ALLIANCE STANDARD SERVICE Third and Mississippi Ave. Alliance, Nebraska 762-4065 WASHING TIRE REPAIR GREASING TUNE-UPS KANSAS NEBRASKA NATURAL GAS COMPANY, INC. 220 Box Butte 762-5777 ALLIANCE LIVESTOCK AUCTION COMPANY 102HEMPEL'S SERVICE Petroleum Products—LP Gas Appliances—Heating Equipment TV—Radio—Record Players Tape Recorders—Tape and Records 917 East 3rd St. 762-2263 RHOAD'S Exclusive Apparel for Women and Misses ALLIANCE, NEBRASKA "Who cares about calories?" LYLE STEPHENS SHERRY SORUM TENTH STREET GROCERY Congratulations to the Class of '65 LEGION SUPPER CLUB American Legion STICKNEY'S U.S. Royal Tires RCA Victor Television RCA Whirlpool Appliances Auto and Tractor Parts 762-1857 217 West Third PODHAISKY INSURANCE AGENCY "Your Protection Is Our Best Policy" Alder-Hested Building 762-5321 AllianceMONTGOMERY WARD CO. "Sorry guys, it's all faks." KEITH WARNER JOHN LORENZINI BILL JONES 301 Box Butte Avenue 762-3282 FARM AND TRACTOR SUPPLY West 3rd 762-2812 NEWBERRY'S ACE HARDWARE 402 Box Butte 762-2738 tt enneuf ALWAYS FIRST QUALITY 104 INTERSTATE PAINT GLASS CO. "Give us your next break" Plate—Windshields—Mirrors Table Tops—Thermopane Insurance Replacements 1 IF IT'S GLASS—SEE US 319 Laramie 762-1824 Congratulations and Best Wishes to the Class of '65 Congratulations, Class of '65 KCOW Orthophonic Radio 1400 ON YOUR DIAL 16 Hours Daily WILLARD F. ANDERSON Stocks—Bonds Investments Trusts Representing E. E. Henkle INVESTMENT COMPANY ALLIANCE ROLLER RINK NEAL FROST, INC. Pontiac—T empest—GMC Sales and Service Conoco Gas 224 Cheyenne 762-1210 105ALLIANCE NATIONAL BANK "Withdraw $5,000 and what?!" FRANK M. KNIGHT DON NACE LOREN UHRIG BILL EDWARDS PAULINE COLLINS EVE HILL NEBRASKA TYPEWRITER RSBL Congratulations to the Class of 1965 J. L. "OLEY" SAYLOR Texaco Bulk Plant Portable, Standard, Electric 206 Box Butte Alliance BRITTAN INSURANCE Complete Protection Real Estate 762-2244 304 NiobraraZESTO NEUSWANGERS WILLARD WORLEY, Proprietor Grain-Seeds Sandwiches, Sundaes Fertilizers Alliance 711 West Third "Custom Pelleted Feeds for Your Specific Needs Petroleum Products NEBRASKA CERTIFIED POTATO GROWERS Seed and Table Potatoes 762-3941 Insecticides and Fertilizers Alliance, Nebraska 202 Laramie 762-2440 ECONOMY FURNITURE A -1 1 "What else do you have in pictures?" ROGER SUNDBERG MARY ELLEN PETERSON WILBER HAHN 208 Box Butte 762-3728"Think it will match my gold sweater?" CONNIE MENUEY IMOGENE BEHM ELEANOR'S 1016 Flack Alliance 762-1768 311 Box Butte 762-5439 After all, it takes a baker! 314 Box Butte 762-5891 PEPSI-COLA BOTTLING CO. Alliance, Nebraska 108Congratulations From CRUM MILLER MELICK ALLIANCE STEAM LAUNDRY asa •» (WtOflV WtWtSWY «... FRIDAY MRS. MARDA GALE WORDEN CONNIE RISSE holdup!" MRS. VIVIAN BRENNAN SANDI MURRAY ALLIANCE C. B. Q. EMPLOYEE'S CREDIT UNION 103 East First Street 762-5702 RENO'S BEAUTY SHOP ALLIANCE READY-MIX COMPANY 762-3236 711 Big Horn 762-5716 Concrete at Its Best! 109EARL'S AIRPORT CAFE Alliance Municipal Airport CLIFF HOFMANN Electrical Wiring 762-3456 523 Black Hills KURL-N-SWIRL "What do I do first?" MARILYN YOUNG MARY VALLEJO ALLIANCE JlcuuiAesuiMa 807 E. 3rd Complete Self-Service Laundry "The Best Costs No More" "An electric eye lash curler?" MR. VIRGIL HATCH JERRY HATCH HATCH DRUG 424 Box Butte 762-5463 LEARN, LIVE, and SERVE Through 4-H BOX BUTTE 4-H COUNCIL noDE LUXE RADIATOR SERVICE Removing Repairing Replacing Recoreing Cleaning 504 Flack 762-2572 GUARDIAN BEAUTY SALON Associated With Guardian Academy —Professional or Student Operators— Manicures Permanent Waves Bleaches Facials Tints "We guard your hair with expert care" 762-2929 224f 2 Box Butte Alliance C. A. SIMPSON SONS Alliance Cold Storage Lockers and Meat Produce 1st and Laramie—762-4085 Ditching and Excavating 732 East 8th 762-4224 762-4085 HOLSTEN'S DRUG STORE "All that for one face!" PATSY BRADENKAMP PEGGY OVERSTREET 316 Box Butte Avenue 762-1150EARL'S CONOCO BARB DEWING EARL GARDINER East 3rd and Missouri Alliance 762-2567 "Steaks to Pancakes." SERVICEMASTER PROFESSIONAL Carpet, Upholstery, and Wall Cleaning Staticproofing Carpet Laying Mothproofing Deodorizing LINDA BAKER SUSAN CROUSE JERRY LYNN DRIVE-IN AND RESTAURANT Open 24 Hours W. Hwy. 762-3910 ALL WORK GUARANTEED CALL FRED GREEN 762-2945 Alliance "Your Rug and Carpet Man" 112SCHAFER STEEL PIPE STOCK TANKS STEEL FABRICATORS CUSTOM WELDING in the shop or in the field AUTO SUPPLY 114 E. 3rd 762-2610 RON LONSACRE "How many can I buy for $1?" 762-3874 One of the HIGHEST PRICES PAID FOR JUNK NORTHWESTERN METAL CO. E. Highway 2 Alliance HOWARD'S AND LENLA'S "Did you say size 14?" JOHN PETERSEN ROY WISEMANALLIANCE TELEPHONE ANSWERING SERVICE Congratulations, Seniors From THE YEARBOOK STAFF 704 Toluca 762-5110 ACKNOWLEDGMENT This '65 yearbook, The entire staff like those before it, brought with it headaches, worries and frustrations; but it also brought with it the determination and drive that is so necessary for a good publication. As always the publication staff is indebted to many people. is appreciative of our understanding faculty and administrators who endured the endless interruptions, special announcements and picture taking. To express appreciation to all who helped would be impossible, but the staff wishes to say a special thank you to the business men for their patronage. The Yearbook StaffWORLEY'S STUDIO At graduation time, nostalgic seniors make a frantic rush to record the actions of their classmates. They will cherish their memories of high school, but they are looking toward the future and have confidence that the best is yet to come. 115Best in Good Eating DON'S CAFE Distinctive Printing BEDIENT LITHO MERRITT HEATING, AIR CONDITIONING REFRIGERATION Sales and Service 762-5037 321 W. Third 205 East 4th Box 701 762-1656 "How many times did you go?" LINDA FRY DONNA HULETT GRANDVIEW STORE "To serve you is our pleasure" COY AND WINIFRED RICE, Owners KEEP-U-NEAT CLEANERS ALLIANCE FOX THEATERTAYLOR PUBLISHING COMPANY "The World's Best Yearbooks Are Taylor-made" msm wks

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