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 7 964 BULLDOG Alliance High School Alliance, Nebraska Volume XXDelaying the inevitable reopening of school, students linger "out front.’ 75 Years of Growth and Progress in Public As we travel back through history to the sod schoolhouse of 1890, we meet the first courageous school teachers who ventured out to the sandhills and attempted to teach a few widely scattered students. Through their efforts, we see the educational system of Alliance and Box Butte County launched. We note that school buildings are built and rebuilt to accommodate an ever increasing number of students in an expanding Alliance. Wood replaces sod, and brick replaces wood, until all the Alliance schools are modern buildings. However, progress does not stop here. A new community building, recently completed, is a far cry from the first sod schoolhouse. 21888-1964 Under the guidance of the present school board, the completed Community Building is available to Senior High. Members are Mr. Howard Wiseman. Mr. John Cover Jr.. President Mr. Lyle Stephens Dr. Robert Morgan Mr. Glen Fiebig. and Dr. Raymond Olson. The last day of school brings forth the entire community to be photographed in front of one of the f»rsr soc schoolhouses. 3Button Up Your Duster, Tie on Your Hat . . . . . . Come Take a Spin With Us through our diamond anniversary year. Advance the spark, click on the magneto, and we're off on a sightseeing tour of Alliance High. 4Pull the brake for our first stop where we greet our new Superintendent of Schools. Mr. Marven Rosen. Opening Section ... 4 Faculty and Curriculum .20 Clubs ........... 40 Sports 46 Music 58 Sophomores 66 Juniors 70 Seniors 76 Index 88 Advertisements 90 Meet Mr. Norval Trout, acting Superintendent of Schools for first semester. 5As we park the auto and start our tour of Alliance High we are greeted by the Student Council. Certainly this organization did not exist in the first secondary school program. Whether busily scurrying around making arrangements for the Homecoming Dance or attempting to establish rapport between the administration, faculty, and student body, the members of the Alliance High Student Council are always ready to lend "another" helping hand. STUDENT COUNCIL—STANDING: Russell Johnson, Mr. Dreyer, sponsor, Susan Nakatsu. Linda Herbert, Mark Schreiber, Andrea Sampson. Exchange Student Brings Touch of Congo I m sorry, I don't understand," and a puzzled look characterized our foreign exchange student, Louise Ngalula, during her first weeks among us. Gradually she became accustomed to our language and ways and found herself a part of our way of life. Many of our classes were sparked by her impromptu talks about the Congolese customs, people, and government. Surely the exchange of ideas will contribute to a more friendly relationship between the peoples of our two countries. Louise enjoys being a voting member of the Student Council.SEATED: John Potmesil, Steve Mellinger. Emery Sears, Mrs. Merdinger. sponsor, Louise Ngalula, Donna Lawrence. Rosemary Oxford. EXECUTIVE COMMITTEE—STANDING: Ted Evans, Carolyn Underwood. Treas. Lannio Shelmadine, Sherry Mundt, Sec. Martha Laing. SEATED: Sandra Smith, Joanne Wilkins. V-Pres. Carolyn Eldred. Pres. Linda Great-house, Janice Roten.EARLY FALL Homecoming Festivities Predominate the Scene Spectators find this a familiar pose for majorettes Judy Edwards, Linda Fry, and Joyce Jordon. Traditions came tumbling down as Homecoming took on a new look for the students and community. Floats were replaced by decorated store windows which boasted such sayings as "SMEAR 'EM" and LICK THE PLATTERS CLEAN." The downtown pep. rally excited the community as much as the students. This excitement carried through to the game, where the Homecoming Queen and her attendants were presented. The festivities were brought to a fitting close by a well-attended dance which honored the alumni. Fans come to their feet during an exciting moment in the game.Chanting as they march, the Pep Club invades Box Butte Avenue. A kiss and flowers are the reward for Miss Rosemary Oxford. Homecoming Queen. For the first time, the community, as well as the student body, witnessed the presentation of the Homecoming Queen. During the half of the North Platte-Alliance game, Game Co-captain Lannie Shel-madine presented Miss Rosemary Oxford as queen for a night. "Straighten those lines, you guys!" shout members of the high school band. 9LATE FALL Powerful Emotions Grip Entire Student Body This classroom scene was no doubt duplicated in schools all over the nation. There was no slamming of locker doors, no hustle-bustle in the halls, no loud, boisterous laughs so characteristic of high school life. Instead, students crowed around radios asking each other if it were really true. This was November 22, 1963, that tragic day when an assassin's bullet took the life of President John F. Kennedy. Students didn't rush into a class and open their books to English, or physics, or even history. They were somehow aware that they were witnessing an important chapter in American history. High school students joined fellow Americans and world citizens in a weekend of grief and sorrow over such infamy. All watched anxiously as the reins of government transferred from John F. Kennedy to Lyndon B. Johnson. 10 The flag at half-mast tells its own story.The teenage emotional pendulum swings quickly from sorrow to joy. Pent up emotions from that tragic weekend were quickly released in the whirl of classroom and co-cur-ricular activity. Five cheerleaders led the student body in a wholesome expression of vigor, vim and vitality. It seemed as if these girls were always on the go, planning skits for pep rallies, attending out of town games, practicing cheers, and keeping school spirit alive and effective— in the right channels. Two bits, four bits, six bits, a dollar! All for Alliance, stand up and holler! CHEERLEADERS—Julie Muhm. Deanna Caruthers. Susie Lierlc. Janice Roten. Sherry Mundt.It is an Honor to belong to Quill and Scroll, but it does not excuse members Rosemary Oxford. Andrea Sampson, Bob Shankland, Miclfi Banjoff. Sherry Mundt. and Sandra Turechek from meeting pre-holiday deadlines. 12CHRISTMAS Air of Calm Pervades the Students’ Activities By popular vote of the club members, Greg Young was crowned Pep Club Boyfriend (at the annual Pep Club Forma!] with Lannie Shelmadine and Chris Bartels as attendants. A quiet, special feeling—that is what the Christmas season provides for students. As the holiday season approaches, this calm is mixed with the rush of preparation for the Pep Club Formal, choir and band concerts, and for the meeting of publication deadlines. A Christmas tree in the hall, our special choir program of traditional songs, youthful voices caroling in the hall—all these contribute to a feeling of "Peace on earth, good will toward men." For a short while one can almost believe that this peaceful atmosphere encompasses the whole world. Enjoying one of fheir rare free moments of the busy season are custodians Mr. Wilmott and Mr. Kelley.RESENTS ALTERNATES—STANDING: Bob Shankland, Janice Roten, Marvin Bowman. SEATED: Jim Mischnick, Jim Darveau. The reward of a thing well done, is to have done it. Ralph Waldo Emerson Janice Roten hit the jack pot as she won both the Betty Crocker Homemaker of Tomorrow award and the McCall’s Teen Fashion Board Award. Hi-Y Sweetheart Sandra Turechek and attends. Diana Lawrence and Andrea Sampson, were chosen by popular vote of the Hi-Y Club. 14MID-TERM We Salute Those Who Have Gained Recognition Don Strieker displays the belt which he won in the District Rosemary Oxford’s essay won the District DAR Good Citi- Sugar Beet Production Contest held in Bayard. He also zenship Award, placed fifth in the State. Whether slaving away at books tor scholastic attainment, or putting finishing touches on a vocational project, a person receives a special feeling of self-satisfaction upon reaching his goal. Obviously there is more than one way to gain worthwhile recognition. Those who gain positions of leadership or win honors through popularity contests share this special feeling. There is one sure way of determining leadership ability—observe the students who carry the responsibility of officers and committee chairmen. In selecting leaders we sort out the ones we will always need—the followers. Nanette Furman was the winner of the coveted four year Regents Scholarship given by the University of Nebraska and presented by Principal Leslie Chamberlin.SPRING Whirlwind of Activity Marks Graduation SENIOR PLAY CAST—STANDING: Bill Reno. Tom Adam. Martha Hedges Sherry Mundt. Gary Leever, Director Mr. Furman Loren Jackson. Susan Lierk. SEATED: Andrea Sampson. Pam Brown. Sandy Turechek. Anne Reddish. Mary Jo Moore. Bob Shank-land, Steve Lielcos. "This is my last dime!" growls Andrea Sampson to Vernon York. 16 Spring comes late to Western Nebraska and when it finally arrives it just bursts out all over. Up until this time students have been occupied with the steady grind of classroom studies which were mixed with an overabundance of activities and special events. Suddenly it is spirng, those final exams come all too soon and over all this looms one great day —graduation! Seniors thrill when they don their caps and gowns for the first time, and some are privileged to hang the gold cord around their necks. With that thrill comes a feeling of nostalgia and a forewarning that they will soon leave this familiar teenage world. Today they are secure seniors—tomorrow they will be uncertain but aspiring graduates.and Close of School Exchanging pictures is big business for seniors Alice Wright, Steve Loveless, and Anne Reddish. Spring, with her golden suns and silver rain, It' hats off to 'Ole Glory' for Bill Reno. Is with us once again. Henry Timrod Graduation is here and it is time for Betty Martin to plan and dream about her future. 17 IJ u H Reddin', 'Ritin', Pull the brake again. Our next stop is the classrooms where we observe the teaching of "readin', 'ritin', and 'rithmetic." However, the hickory stick is no longer popular in the modern school. Self-discipline is encouraged, but when it fails, other forms of punishment are inevitable. Dunce caps are out of style and slates have been replaced by notebook paper. We find greater variety in the curriculum than was found in the day of the "3 R's." 'Rithmetic (not taught to the tune of the hickory stick)ADMINISTRATION AND GUIDANCE Students’ Needs Often taken for granted sre those who help handle the details of office administration—STANDING: Sherry Mundt, Linda Great-h?usft P«9gy Overstreet Barbara Trumble, Sharon Sorum. Mary Anne Chamberlain. SEATED: Secretary Mrs. Margaret Copple Prln-cioal L. T. Chamberlin, and Joanne Wilkins. MRS. GENEVIEVE MERDINGER. M.A. PRINCIPAL L. T. CHAMBERLIN, MR. WILLIAM DREYER MA English Girls' Counselor. Student M.A. Guidance Director. Student ’ Council Council Adviser Adviser 20Are Considered Important No doubt Mr. Chamberlin and Mr. Dreyer are proud of the trophy won by the faculty bowling team. Directing a school the size of Alliance High School requires an experienced and capable administrator. Mr. Leslie Chamberlin, our principal, holds the reins and keeps a close check on individual academic progress while maintaining those standards which insure accreditation. Aiding Mr. Chamberlin in his task of helping students overcome the ever increasing individual problems that confront them is a rewarding task for Guidance Directors, Mr. William Dreyer and Mrs. Genevieve Merdinger. "You know West Point is for men only," Mr. Dreyer teases Micki Banjoff. A typical day starts for nurse, Thelma Merritt, as she measures Barbara Tolstedt.Life’s Business Is to Observe, SCIENCE It has been said that one of man's greatest desires is to learn and that experience is the best teacher. That this idea is accepted by the science department instructors at Alliance High is evident from the way in which these subjects are taught. Less emphasis is placed on memorization of formulas and terms; students learn through reasoning rather than by "spoonfeeding" from teachers and texts. Modern, well equipped labs simplify the visualization of biological, physical, and chemical processes. Madame Curie or Pasteur would have been very grateful for such adequate laboratory facilities. "H. 0 means twice as much hydrogen as oxygen," Mr. Petersen reminds Bill Reno. Slide rule techniques simplify physics for Dan Laur-sen and Jim Darveau."Now what does that scribble mean?" sighs Julie Muhm. BUSINESS EDUCATION MR. RAYMOND SCHMITZ. M.A. Bookkeeping, Typing, Senior Class Sponsor Spacing problems perplex Dwight Satchell. 24 Amid the hum of busy typewriters, the never-ending search for bookkeeping errors, and the exhausting task of taking dictation, students acquire first-hand experience in business fields. By carefully adhering to the good business techniques taught them they create a demand for their services and gain a substantial advantage over the untrained. Business Education andPRACTICAL ARTS The whir of a sewing machine, the whine of an electric saw and -the clang of an anvil—these are all familiar sounds in our practical arts department. Well-equipped shops give students a preview of their future vocations and the opportunity to develop skill in their chosen fields. Whether a girl plans a career, a family, or both, she needs an understanding of the fundamentals of clothing, home management, interior decoration, nutrition and social graces. The vital aspects of living are available in our three courses of Home Economics. Learning skills which they can use appeals to the boys. They are offered three courses in woodworking, one course in mechanical drawing and three courses in Vocational Agriculture. Whether drafting or designing, land judging or welding, sawing or shellacking, these students strive for competence. 'Just let me smell it," begs Don Seim ot Reeda Nelson. Vocational Subjects Stress Basic Skills MRS. MARIE SUTTER, B.S. MR. BYRON NELSON, M.A. MR. KENNETH WARE. M.A. Home Economics, Senior Class Industrial Arts, Mechanical Drawing, Vocational Agriculture, F’.F.A. Sponsor Sponsor Hi-Y Sponsor 25MATHEMATICS Whether or not a student plans to extend his knowledge of math, he is made to appreciate its values in everyday application as well as in advanced fields. Instructors are making subtle changes in textbook material and are adding basic concepts of modern mathematics in order to stay abreast of rapid advancements. In the five math courses offered at Alliance High, students receive an adequate basis for future study. Students are taught to think logically, not mechanically. They learn the thrill of systematically solving a problem and arriving at the correct answer. Two heads are better than one for Basic Concepts Train Us to Meet "Sine or sign," wonders Anne Reddish as Jim Mischnick illustrates the sine law. 26Martha Laing and Peggy Overstreet. Future Challenges MRS. ALICE NELSON. A.B. Algebra, Yearbook Sponsor. Quill and Scroll Sponsor MR. LESTER HUNT. A.B. Geometry. Trigonometry Demonstrations are easy for general math student Tom Florez.Traffic regulations are needed for library assistants Andrea Sampson, Jeanine Ding-man, Bill McLain, and Jake Tucker. Assistant Steve Gillispie is not shown. LIBRARY DRIVERS EDUCATION MR. ROBERT MORRIS, B.S. Drivers Education, Athletics. A Club Sponsor 28 The focal point of knowledge, the library, offers students the opportunity to augment their knowledge in various fields. In the days of the 3 R's' such fine library facilities were seldom found in schools the size of Alliance High. Certainly Drivers Education was also unheard of in the days of few cars and self-taught drivers. With the mounting number of cars and accidents, however, a program of driver eduation is quite necessary. Library Service and Through the courtesy of Allied Van Lines, students were given the opportunity to check their driving skills. SAFE D RiVBRWDiverse Subjects Offer Opportunities to Interested Students LANGUAGE Mastery of a foreign language is becoming increasingly important in our rapidly shrinking world. With our neighbors only a few hours distant, we naturally come into increased contact with them. Studying their languages is therefore very important. Learning the language of a country is not sufficient, however. We must also understand its literature and its music. In doing so, we gain valuable insight into the thought patterns of its people. In the three language courses offered at Alliance High, students strive for native accents, rapid comprehension, and speed of conversation. These language studies provide students with linguistic skills as well as a better understanding of America's role in the community of nations. The language lab provides a valuable teaching aid for Mrs. Martin and Mr. Lueninghoener. MRS. NATALIE MARTIN B.S. English, Spanish MRS. VERA BRIGGS B.S. Latin MR. VIRGIL LUENINGHOENER. B.A. and B.S. English, German 29SOCIAL SCIENCE Great Dramas Unfold in War over a treaty simmers between Pam Brown and Andrea Sampson. American Government discussions spur many lively disagreements. MR. TOM HOVORKA. M.S. MR. WILLIS FURMAN. B.A. MR. DON CROWDER. M.S. American Government. Hi-Y Sponsor t American History. World History. American History. Junior Class Class Play Sponsor Sponsor 30These Classrooms "A Test Ban Treaty is foolish when Russia has violated 51 treaties we've made with her." This dramatic statement is typical of those that open discussions in social science classes. Studying current events as well as history promotes a better understanding of present world situations. American Government, a compulsory course for all seniors, is a subject devoted to studying our government—its development through the years and its present status. American History, a course required of juniors, emphasizes our growth as a nation while World History is offered for those who wish to dig deeper into the past. The entire field of social science occupies itself in unveiling the past, examining the present and gazing into the future. County Government Day becomes more meaningful as Mr. Crowder administers the oath of office to Larry Sutter. The new globe presented by the class of '63 is useful to Leah Jesse. "We swear by America," declare Steve Saum and Mary Curtiss.No eagle claws for softball players Jackie Strong. Connie Menuey. and Sandra Dill. PHYSICAL EDUCATION MR. ORVILLE HERRING. B.S. Physical Education 32 Physical Education is unique because in it students are encouraged to have fun while learning useful skills. (Muscular and mental coordination as well as muscle tone and agility are developed in the P.E. Program). Basketball, football, volleyball and softball emphasize sportsmanship while teaching individuals the importance of teamwork. Take it away! Robert Lorenzini tries to block Roger Leisy’s shot.MUSIC Music, the universal language, plays an important role in our educational maturity. Music not only gives a feeling of achievement, but also enriches our cultural background. Our daily program offers students accredited courses in band, orchestra, and choir. These three major music groups and the various ensembles that are formed from them present many fine concerts and performances during the school year. They also participate in State and District Music Contests and Clinics. Much additional time is required in preparing for these presentations and students are often left sleepy-eyed by the early morning, noon, and after-school rehearsals. Such efforts as these do pay off when entering the field of competition. Long marches in the blistering sun and strenuous calisthenics produced a marching band that placed second in the Red River Exposition at Winnipeg, Canada last summer. Sore feet can be endured when you are on your way to Canada thinks Bob Shanlcland. Band Wins 2nd at Winnipeg, Canada MR. ARTHUR JENSON, M.A. MR. DONALD KOLTERMAN, B.S. MR. HARRISON TOENJES, M.A. Instrumental Music Vocal Music, English Instrumental Music 33ENGLISH Written and Oral Englisl Homework is not for the English student only. Senior English instructor. Mrs. Genevieve Merdinger, spends many after school hours in the correction of themes and daily assignments. MR. BERNARD BECKER B.S. MRS. KATHRYN WINCHELL. B.A. MR. JIM THORELL. B.S. English. Journalism. Newspaper. Radio English. Sophomore Sponsor English, Speech, A-Club Sponsor, programs. Quill and Scroll Sponsor AthleticsIncrease Understanding The more a student learns about his language, the more he appreciates its importance to him. Learning to express himself is a vital aspect of his future happiness and, indeed, the future relationships of our world—a world in which even a slight misunderstanding can have disastrous results. The English department recognizes the need to communicate and requires four years of progressive study of literature, grammar, and composition. Book analysis, reading skills, vocabulary study, and oral communication all help to increase our knowledge. Yes, English is given emphasis in all departments and is recognized as a major tool necessary for the building of OUT future success. Checking workbooks insures good grades for Sandi Smith and Ron Harris. Augmenting his study of Shakespeare. Cork Taylor prepares to listen to one of "Old Bard's" works.PUBLICATIONS Deadlines and Headlines The Spud doesn’t just happen; it requires proofreading by Donna Petersen, copy writing by Linda Mart, and page dummy pasting by Diana Prelie Terry Trenlde. Andrea Sampson, Sandi Smith Rosemary Oxford, and Donna Lawrence. "Man to man, this page could be improved," suggests Spud Editor Bob Shanldand to Newspaper Sponsor Mr. Bernard Becker. Mr. Becker also serves as critic for the Yearbook. Working under pressure to meet their deadlines, the 1964 publication staff aimed constantly at keeping their 1963 top ratings given by National Critical Services. Each student felt personal responsibility and gave his best efforts toward this goal. Paging the dummy, drawing up layouts, writing captions, reporting on all school events, settling slight differences of opinion, counting type, and meeting last-minute deadlines, all are a part of a journalist’s day. Listening to the click of typewriters and the disgust of those who make errors may cause a student to feel he is a part of organized confusion. Regardless of the aftermath of these tensions, each member feels justly rewarded with the finished product. 36Heckle Journalists The happy day has arrived for Business Manager Sandra Ture-chelc and Bulldog Editor Sherry Mundt. Working together, the Spud and the Bulldog staffs give the students complete coverage of school activities. The Spud reports day-to-day happenings while the Bulldog makes a permanent record of the important yearly activities. Traffic jams as Ardith King. Marv Bowman and Kathy Bauer head for the Yearbook files. "We didn't dream the sophomore section could be so much work," complain Assistant Editors Linda Schneider, Kathie Knoflicek. Geraldine Fritzler and Nina Broadfoot to Bulldog Sponsor Mrs. Alice Nelson. 37Make yourself comfortable as we take a look at the co-curricular activities. Bicycles built for two, box socials, and spelling bees may have been sufficient for those students of 75 years ago. Today, youth has more leisure and lives in a complicated world which demands more of secondary education. One has little difficulty in finding an organization that satisfies his individual interests. A student may join a club and enjoy the benefits of being a contributing member of a group. Music and drama are offered to provide self-satisfaction and to aid a student in enjoying the rapport which exists between audiences and individuals. Teamwork and individual excellence are both stressed in the sports program. Nothing quite surpasses the feeling of well earned triumph when the victory bell rings. Bicycle Built for Two (School Life) 38A-CLU6—BACK ROW: Loren Jackson. Cork Taylor, Steve Gillispie, Roy Wiseman. John Petersen. Dave Bates. Lonnie Sherlock. Jim M'schmck. Murray Berry John Kamerzell. Larry Studt. Ron Osborn. SECOND ROW: Steve Liakos. Dennis Dobson, Steve Morgan S eve Butch York. Tom Fuller, Danny Garrett. Chris Bartels. Denny McCullah. Don Seim. FIRST ROW: Jim Furman. Larry Nelson, Mark Schreiber, Dave Kimmel, Lanme Shelmadine. Greg Young. Emery Sears. Dan Laursen, Gordie Burback, Don Nace. OFFICERS President Vice-President Secretary-T reasurer Sergeant-at-Arms Sponsors ......... Steve Bedient Lannie Shelmadine John Kamerzell ...........Greg Young Mr. Thorell, Mr. Morris "Cheer up, Coach Thorell." pipe Steve Bedient and Coach Morris. Lettermen Flash New Blazers White and blue shirts or blue sweaters emblazoned with large white A's have been worn for years by Alliance High's A-Club members. However, this year, students were dazzled by a new addition. Using the profits made from the A-Club-sponsored Harlem Clown Exhibition, members of this organization purchased showy new black blazers. These jackets identify the members of an exclusive club. Since A-Club is open only to those who have earned at least one letter in a major competitive sport, only top athletes can boast of membership. 40Pep Club Provides Sparkle and Enthusiasm Brimming with energy and exuberance, the members of the Alliance High Pep Club generate the school spirit which helps boost the Bulldogs to victories. Cheering excitedly at games, decorating halls and goal posts, or traveling long distances to attend out-of-town games, the girls who belong to Pep Club show their confidence and pride in the skill of the boys who participate in the various school sports. The Pep Club sponsors two major social events each year. In early winter the Pep Club Boy Friend and attendants are announced at the Pep Club Formal. In the Spring, the new cheerleaders are tapped at the annual banquet. Just relaxing before a big game are Martha Hedges, Mary Lee Bright, Miss Beckett, Pat Specht. and Rosemary Oxford. "Think we'll ever get rid of this moldy old crepe paper?" Judy Nielsen asks Diana Lawrence and Marjorie Tubbs. OFFICERS President Vice-President Secretary Treasurer Sponsor Rosemary Oxford Pat Specht Mary Lee Bright Martha Hedges Miss Beckett 41Hi-Y Officers and Sponsors: Mr. Hovorita. Mr. Nelson. Dwight Satcheh Bob Shankland, and Murray Berry. OFFICERS President Vice-President Secretary-T reasurer Sponsors Murray Berry Bob Shankland Dwight Satchell Mr. Hovorka, Mr. Nelson Activities Feature Model Legislature Recreation and personal growth are both provided in the program for Hi-Y. Open to all boys who attend Alliance High School, this organization sponsors activities ranging from the operation of the "Snack Shack" during football season to the management of the Sweetheart Ball in the late winter. An important point of interest each year in the Hi-Y program is the Model Legislature at Lincoln. Designed to give Hi-Y members throughout the state a better understanding of the precepts of governmental legislation, this program enjoys a wide and interested following. Future politicians, Don Sheldon, Bill Reno, and Emery Sears, prepare to attend Pre-Legislature at McCoolc.Y-TEEN CABINET—STANDING: Kathy Bauer, Sandra Green. Jo Ann Kistler. Carol Phaneuf. Mrs. Glarum, sponsor; Sandra Smith, and Rosemary Oxford. SEATED: Martha Laing, Barbara Tolstedt. Mary Jo Moore, Anne Reddish. Linda Herbert, Mrs. Myers, sponsor; Beverly Langmacher, Mary Lee Bright, Andrea Sampson, and Nina Broadfoot. OFFICERS Service Projects President Sandra Turechek Vice-President Paula Kisicki Spark Y-Teen Interest Secretary Ardith King Treasurer ........................ Geraldine Fritzler Popular with a large majority of the membership, service projects again were an important part of the Y-Teen program. By sponsoring a Christmas party for Indian children and supporting a Chinese orphan, Y-Teens showed their concern for children at home and abroad. Programs new to the Alliance Y-Teens were added to the roster. One of the most interesting of these was the panel discussion entitled "The Girl My Son Marries in which the mothers of the Hi-Y boys participated. In addition, traditional programs such as the Patteran, Orpheum, and mother-daughter banquet enhanced the year s activities. Sponsors Mrs. Myers, Mrs. Glarum An impressive installation is conducted by the officers.F.F.A. Boys Develop Agricultural Leadership Conventions, contests, and competition highlight the program of the Future Farmers of America. Composed of boys from rural areas, this organization furnishes the practical knowledge that these future farmers will need to cope with the countless problems that daily confront a farmer or rancher. The activities of the Alliance chapter of the Future Farmers of America are varied and numerous. Among the favorites are the pheasant feed, the parent and son banquet, the summer picnic, and the donkey basketball game. Looking over past records are Larry Schnell, Bob Bauer, Tom Adam. Larry Mann, Rich Brice, Mr. Ware, and Dick Bauer. A M Kltll .Vk I s It l I.Its Champion land judges Gary Leever and John Vogel turn the first spadeful of dirt to open a land judging site. OFFICERS President ............ Tom Adam Vice-President .... Larry Mann Secretary........... Richard Bauer Treasurer............ Richard Brice 44Director..... Co-Directors Co-Producers Prompter ... Mr. W. B. Furman Sandi Smith Ron Harris Linda Schneider Don Nace Kathie Knoflicek During a break, Dave Bunnell receives refreshments from Marilyn Young as Carolyn Eldred Martha Laing. Gloria Hulquist. Mary Anne Chamberlain and Mark Schreiber wonder whether it is punch or brandy. Juniors Make Debut in “Blithe Spirit” PLAY CAST Mr. Condomine Mark Schreiber Mrs. Condomine Carolyn Eldred Dr. Bradman Dave Bunnell Mrs. Bradman Martha Laing Edith ................. Marilyn Young Madam Arcati Mary Anne Chamberlain Elvira Gloria Hulquist "You pull, I'll push!" orders Ron Harris to Don Nace as Kathie Knoflicek Linda Schneider, and Sandi Smith are involved in their own production problems.Defense and Offense Combine for a 5-4 Record VARSITY SCOREBOARD AHS 14 6 8 Chadron Gering Sidney Opponent 12 13 6 12 . Ogallala 0 26 North Platte 14 14 Torrington 19 20 McCook 13 20 Kearney 26 12 Scottsbluff 40 A breathless crowd watches as Larry Studt reaches • for that pass from Steve Smith. 461963 VARSITY FOOTBALL SQUAD BACK ROW: Jim Perrin, Clyde Gillispie. Jim McAndrew. Danny Hunter. Tom Hesse. Gerald West. Tom Todd. Terry Olson. Don Sheldon. Don French. Chris Marlatt. Gary Leever. Steve Loveless. SECOND ROW: Murray Berry. Jerry Hatch, Chris Bartels. Floyd Miller, Ju nior Tritle. Gordon Burback, Lonnie Sherlock. Larry Studt. Leroy Nickens. Jim Kamerzell. Steve Morgan. Greg Young. Denny McCullah. FIRST ROW: Ronnie Osborn. Jim Mischnick. Steve Gillispie, Steve Liakos, Cork Taylor. Danny Garrett, Steve Bedient. Dave Kimmel. Lannie Shelmadine. Steve Smith Dennis Dobson. Bee Bullock. Alliance High played heads-up defensive football to drop five of its nine opponents. After taking a convincing win over the Chadron Cardinals 14-12, the Bulldogs tasted their first defeat at the hands of the Gering Bulldogs, 6-13. With spirit, power, and desire, the Bulldogs took to the road. A battle in the rain produced a cliffhanging game and victory over the Sidney Maroons. Next foe, the Ogallala Indians, was added to the growing list of victims by a score of 12-0. The Bulldogs' bark and bite proved too much for the North Platte Bulldogs, as they bowed 26-14, before a spirited homecoming crowd. However, fortune reversed and Alliance ended up on the short end of a 14-19 game with the Torrington Trailblaz-ers. The McCook Bisons’ Color Day spirits were dampened when the Bulldogs took a 20-13 West Big Ten thriller. Two rugged opponents produced two defeats to end the season. The Kearney Bearcats pawed to a 20-26 win over Alliance. The following week traditional rival Scottsbluff had little trouble in downing the Bulldogs 40-12. "What is our strategy for today, Coach?" ask Daryl Carroll and Bob Morris of head coach, Jim Thorel!. 47AHS RESERVE TALLIES Opponent 13 Sidney 6 21 Chadron 6 6 Scottsbluff 25 26 Gering . 26 The Reserve Football Team took its first bite into a successful season by downing Sidney 13-6. The next victim of the Bulldogs was Chadron 21-6. After suffering a lone loss to arch-rival Scottsbluff 25-6, the yearlings bounced back to end the season with a 26-26 tie with Gering. Mighty Mite Shelmadine turns up field for yardage against North Platte. B-Team Charts Bright Future 1963 RESERVE FOOTBALL SQUAD—BACK ROW: Bill Stewart. Don Stearns. Tom Todd. Mark Schreiber. Don Wright. Bill Yeager, Dennis DeBusk, John Potmesil. Walter Mischnick. SECOND ROW: Jerry Hatch, John Hanna, Tom Hesse. Junior Tntle. Clyde Gillispie, John Hansen. Gerald West, Jim Kamerzell. Bob Sundberg. Bob Schrimpf. FIRST ROW: John Vogel. Mike Brown. Danny Hunter. Jim McAndrew, Ronnie Burback, Jerry Studt. Rickey DeBusk. Rusty Johnson. Larry Nelson. 48Chosen by the A-Club to reign over Homecoming festivities were: Pot Specht—Attendant Rosemary Oxford—Queen Jo Anne Wilkins—Attendant Sports Royalty Chosen by the A-Club to receive the honor of serving as Court Queen and Attendants were: Andrea Sampson—Attendant Janice Roten—Queen Judy Edwards—Attendant 491963 CROSS-COUNTRY SQUAD—BACK ROW: Steve Gillispie, Butch York, Dave Bates, John Petersen, Tom Fuller, Roger Evans. FIRST ROW: John Kamerzell, Greg Young, Dave Bunnell, Tom Florez, Ray DeBock, Jim Reno. Cross Country Sprinters Race for Top Honors Meets Alliance September 7 Gering 1 st September 14 Alliance 1st September 28 Alliance 1st October 5 Scottsbluff Invitational 1st October 12 Alliance Western Conference 1st October 19 Big Ten Conference 1 st October 26 State Conference 2nd It's all smiles for top harrier, John Kamerzell, as well as for Coach Jim Thorell. 50WRESTLING RECORD Opponent Alliance Chadron won Sidney Invitational fifth Sidney lost Kearney tied Gordon lost Gering won Scottsbluff lost Western Conference second Gordon lost Sidney lost Scottsbluff lost Ogallala lost Kearney lost Big Ten Tournament fifth District Tournament Two qualifiers Reviewing season records ore Student Manager Bob Hudson and Wrestling Coach Don Farrell. Wrestlers Have Their Ups and Downs 1963-64 WRESTLING SQUAD—BACK ROW: Larry Bolinger, Larry Mann Bruce Fortner, Charles Coker, Gerald West, Larry Schnell, Ron Osborn, John Magnuson, Larry McCracken. SECOND ROW: Loren Jackson. Janies New Terry Johnston, Jim Furman Jerry Hatch, John Potmesil, Dennis Dobson, Bill Barrett, Dan Hunter, Don Sheldon, Gordon Juzenas. FIRST ROW: Roger Leisy. Ron Burback, Loren Loose. Roy Hernandez. Jim McAndrew, David Longacre Roger Loose, Larry Nelson, Mark Schreiber, Tom Florez, Ronnie Longacre. 51Employing "togetherness" and playing their hearts out, the Bulldogs under Coach Morris improved last year's record under the basket. Mid-February statistics showed John Kamerzell leading locally with 269 points, and leading the Western Conference with 87 points. The top rebounder was Lonnie Sherlock with 169 retrieves. The standings showed Alliance second in the Western Conference and fourth in the West Big Ten. Bulldogs Win Class A District Tournament 1963-64 VARSITY BASKETBALL SQUAD—BACK ROW: Denny McCullah, Roger Evans. Don French. Larry Studt, Dave Bates, Lonnie Sherlock, Steve Gillispie, Tom Fuller, Dave Kimmel. Lannie Shelmadine. FIRST ROW: John Kamerzell. Steve Smith; not pictured, Dave Bunnell."A ball for each victory," comments student manager Emery Sears to Coach Bob Morris. Alliance VARSITY TALLIES Opponent 48 Chadron 45 53 Gering 43 50 Kearney .41 53 North Platte 51 Astonished Bearcats watch as John Kamerzell demonstrates his talent for making layup shots. Despite Scottsbluff's attempt to a shot, Tom Fuller adds two points. 58 36 McCook Sidney 67 55 50 Scottsbluff 52 61 Gering 55 72 Ogallala 61 48 Kearney 59 61 Scottsbluff 71 54 McCook . 70 67 North Platte 57 77 Torrington 61 53 Ogallala 51 54 Sidney 61"Is this the game ball?" aslcs student manager John Vogel of Reserve Coach Daryl Carroll. RESERVE SCOREBOARD Alliance Opponent 50 Chadron 22 40 Gering 21 41 Kearney 55 46 North Platte 60 51 McCook 74 41 ...Sidney 34 48 . ..Scottsbluff 39 47 Gering . . 49 39 ..Ogallala 56 35 Kearney 64 34........Scottsbluff ...................32 53......McCook ................... 64 67......Torrington ................54 61......Ogallala ................. 58 59......Sidney ....................61 Reserves Develop New Material 1963-64 RESERVE BASKETBALL SQUAD—BACK ROW: John Vogel. Junior Trifle. Chris Marlatt, Mike Nay, Bob Sundberg, Gene Shaw. Leroy Nickens. Harold Stengel. FIRST ROW: Jim Kamerzell. Clyde Gillispie, Tom Hesse, Steve Morgan, Jerry Studt, Bill Burney: not pictured. Bee Bullock. 541963 TRACK SQUAD—BACK ROW: Tom Anderson, Duane Dobson Dennis Dobson, Steve Gillispie, Larry Shetler, Lonnie Sherlock. Chick Schadwinkel, Jim Mischnick, Steve Bedient, Dave Bates. Cork Taylor, Calvin Prouty, John Petersen, Loren Jackson. SECOND ROW: Steve Liakos, Denny McCullah, Don Morris, Larry Studt, Tom Fuller. Tom Todd, Bob Seiler, Gordon Burback, John Kamer-zell, Greg Young, Butch York, Steve Morgan. FIRST ROW: Danny Garrett, Dave Bunnell, Mark Schreiber, Bruce Hitchcock, Larry Winten, Larry Nelson, Steve Smith. Lannie Shelmadine. Dave Kimmel. Don Nace. Cindermen Topple School Records TRACK RECORDS Meet Scottsbluff Relays Alliance Invitational Sidney Invitational Western Nebraska Western Conference Big Ten District Meet State Meet New School Records: Bob Seiler—Broadjump—H' 2 Two-Mile Relay Team—8:21.4 Distance Medley Team—11:14.4 Sprint Medley Team—3:46 Broadjump record improves when Bob Seiler and Jim Thorell get their heads together. Alliance 2nd 2nd 1st 3rd 2nd 6th 4th 22nd cc:Top AHS Golfer. Jack Hamer, displays the form which made him a winner. Onlookers are: Larry McCracken, Craig Fncke, Don Mittlestadt. John Hanna. Coach Orville Herring. Roy Wiseman. Larry Hamer and Don French. Golfers Win Western Conference GOLF SCOREBOARD Meet Alliance Gering Invitational 1st North Platte Invitational 1st Alliance Invitational 1st Western Conference 1st Alliance Invitational 3rd Big Ten 5th State 9th 56 What s your racket, Coach?" asks Orville Herring of Judea Mae Beckett.Girls Join Cavalcade of Sports Under the direction of Miss Judea Beckett, the Girls’ Athletic Association carried out an active sports program. The girls participated in after-school games of basketball, kick ball, speed ball, volleyball, softball, tennis, trampoline and tumbling. The Interscholastic Girls' Volleyball Team, composed of a varsity and a reserve squad, competed with other Western Nebraska towns. They completed a schedule of eight games and ended the season by participating in a tournament. Basketball Is the favorite sport of G.A.A. members. Connie Schneider, Sharon Brammer and Delilah Lloyd. 1963-64 VOLLEYBALL TEAM—BACK ROW: Sharon Loveless. Sharon Brammer. Jackie Rinehart. Jodene Schwindt, Joyce Morgan, Linda Fischer. Cean Frost and Kathy Masid. FIRST ROW: Sherry Mundt, Susie Lierk. Connie Schneider. Patricia Suiter, Delilah Lloyd. Pamela Backstrom. Sandra Murray and Patsy Robbins.In early fall townspeople are awakened by the marching tempo of our band. Winter finds parents lined up bumper to bumper in front of the practice room as they deliver students to the early morning rehearsal. The efforts of the band members and directors teamed with those of the Music Parents Organization produce a versatile program. The band performs at the half time for home football and basketball games, participates in parades all through the year, and presents special concerts and ensembles. Directing the band is a pleasant job for Art Jenson and Steve Bedient. Shiny Instruments With Reeds and Mouthpieces CONCERT BAND—BACK ROW: Mr. Jenson, Mr. Toenjes. Vernon York, Bob Shankland. Gerald West, Frank Wright. THIRD ROW: Ueanna Caruthers R.chard Bentley Mary Jo Moore. Stephanie Schwindt. Sandra Green. Sandi Smith. Jean Von Tour, Sandra Sallquist, Phyll.s Nunes. Sandra Montague. SECOND ROW: Cean Frost. Lois Eckhoff. Stacy Kistler. Cheryl Robinson. Mary Vallejo. Jodene Schwmdt Ronald R.ppen, Martha, Linda Schneider. FIRST ROW: Linda Fry, Tom Fuller, Ann Cole. Sandra Dill. Donna Lawrence, Lenor baker. Joan Von Tour. 58"Musical training is a more potent instrument than any other because rhythm and harmony find their way into the inward places of the soul." Plato Create Harmony TROMBONE QUARTET—Floyd Miller. Dwight Satchell. John Petersen, and Doug Thomas. BACK ROW: Connie Dillon. Bruce Hitchcock. Marion Fegler, Carolyn Underwood. Joyce Jordan. THIRD ROW: Robert Tade, Iris Brewer. Terry Weldin. Larry Fenster. Roy Wiseman. Julieanne Muhm. Deanna Garrett. Steve Vallentine. Doug Thomas. John Petersen. Floyd Miller. Dwight Satchell. SECOND ROW: Anne Reddish. Janice Roten. Judy Edwards. Steve Bed.ent, Joanne Wilkins, Danny Hutchinson. Jim Timbers. Mike Spurgin. Mary Lee Bright. FIRST ROW: Jeanne Hashman. Peggy Overstreet. Carolyn Eldred. Donna Hulett, Sandra Smaha. Carol Culton, Mary Curtiss.Members Tune Selves ORCHESTRA— Without music life would be a mistake. Friedrich Wilhelm Nietzsche DANCE BAND—BACK ROW: Larry Dwight Satchell. Floyd Miller. John Gonzalez. Larry Peterson, Vernon York. Fenster, Gary Pennington. Jeff Rehder. Roy Wiseman, Bonnie Briley, Mr. Toenjes, Petersen. FIRST ROW: Tom Fuller. Mike Spurgin, Steve Bedient, Mr. Jensen, Ralph 60for Top Performances BACK ROW: Connie Dillon, Joyce Jordan, Judy Biles, Marcia Standen, Patty Nicholson, Larry Duerksen, Jake Tucker, Pam Novicki. FOURTH ROW: Marsha Trank, Debbie Lurvey, Jeff Rehder, Larry Fenster, Roy Wiseman, Julieanne Muhm, Vernon York. THIRD ROW: Doug Peters, John Lorenzini, Nancy Dreyer, Cindy Donovan, Esther Nielsen, Marilyn Young, Sandie Smaha, Mary Curtiss, Mary Jo Roten, Janice Roten, Donna Lawrence, Linda Fry, John Petersen. Floyd Miller, Dwight Satchell, Joni Taylor, Karen West. Linda Brazeal. SECOND ROW: Don Hammar, Bill Reno. Merrily Matejka. Kathie Gillispie. Pam Backstrom, Barbara Schommer, Linda Zoebel, Martha Laing, Judy Edwards. Debbie Duerksen, Jim Culton. FIRST ROW: Bev Langmacher, Pam McMasters, Ellen Barth, Mello De Menuey, Ellen Mills. Cindy Nicholson, Carol Phaneuf. Providing lively classical tunes for the school and community kept the Alliance High School Orchestra on its toes. This group is composed of both Junior and Senior High students, but it is hoped that eventually membership can be limited to Senior High. Highlighting the year's activities were a Winter Concert, a trip to District Music Contest at Chadron, and the yearly performance at Baccalaureate Exercises. Newly organized by Mr. Toenjes this year was a civic symphony, which was made up of string players, selected band members, and interested townspeople. FLUTE QUARTET: Donna Hulett, Sandra Smaha. Carol Culton. and Mary Curtiss. 61“That Heavenly Music! SENIOR CHOIR—BACK ROW: Larry Nelson, Ted Evans. Steve Morgan. Marvin Powell. Bob Shankland, Floyd Miller, Don French, Dan Curry, Jim Mischniclc, Marty Sanderson, Steve Vallentine. THIRD ROW: Jackie Rinehart, Diana Lawrence, Marjorie Tubbs, Tula Strasburger, Judy Edwards, Denny McCullah. Harold Howard. Marv Bowman. Dave Kimmel. Steve Liakos, Jodene Schwindt. SECOND ROW: Carolyn Lamb. Janet Mischnick, Betty Cody. Ann Cole. Joanne Wilkins. Mary Lee Bright, Rosemary Oxford, Jeanine Dingman. Mary Ellen Peterson, Mary Curtiss. Sandra Crouse. FIRST ROW: Susan Hippe. Susan Nakatsu, Nanette Furman, Linda Fry, Anne Reddish, Connie Schneider. Geraldine Fritzler, Carol Brennan. Carol Culton, Andrea Sampson. Programs for Teachers' Convention, the Christmas season, Spring Concert, and many other occasions provided the impetus for exciting and interesting performances by the A.H.S. Choir and Madrigal. Director Don Kolterman has stated that the concerts are meant to be an educational experience both for the performer and the listener. The special Christmas Vesper was no exception to the rule, and it proved to be an outstanding performance which was well-received by the audience. As a background for this occasion, Boy Scout Troop 216 loaned the choir 200 Christmas trees which enhanced the traditional holiday mood. Accompanists for the choir are Susan Nakatsu. Carol Brennan, and Ann Cole. 62What Is It That I Hear?” William Augustus Muhlenberg BACK ROW: Mark Schreiber. David Mays. Clifford Quick. THIRD ROW: Sandy Smaha. Barbara Dewing, Linda Herbert. SECOND ROW: Barbara Becker, Christy Leamons, Sherry Mundt. FIRST ROW: Mary Anderson. Pam Brown, Bertha Florez. MADRIGAL BACK ROW: Marvin Powell. Floyd Miller. Marv Bowman. Dan Curry, Jim Mischnick, Dave Kimmel, Steve Liakos. FIRST ROW: Ann Cole, Anne Reddish, Mary Lee Bright. Judy Edwards, Mary Curtiss. Carol Culton, Sandra Smaha. Bertha Florez. 63‘Among My Souvenirs’ (Class Portraits) Among the souvenirs of each person you will find a photograph or two which brings back fond memories. Students still look forward to sitting for formal portraits even though styles of dress and hair have changed and the photographer no longer uses a flash pan. We take a quick look at the sophomores who have just begun their senior high education. They are filled with enthusiasm and bubbling personalities. Their eagerness helps mold them into the school life pattern. Our attention is directed toward the juniors who have made a first attempt at assuming responsibilities of leadership. They enjoy their importance as upperclassmen. A long look at the seniors reminds us that it has not been all work; fun and good times have gone along with the effort off making good grades. Each senior leaves AHS as an individual possessing a unique set of talents and ready to improve his environment even as those pioneers of old.Life seems rosy to sophomore class sponsors Kathryn Wlnchell and Fred Petersen. ■■ Sophomores An Tom Ackerman Mary Adam Brenda Adams Bernard Allen Pamela Backstrom Lenor Baker Jerry Bauer Richard Bentley Rodger Berry Donald Bolinger Marjory Boyer Sharon Brammer Carol Brennan Glen Bright Michael Brown Beonville Bullock Ronald Burback William Burney Shirley Christensen Terry Christensen Ray Coker Patricia Cox Sandra Crouse Carol Culton Patsy Darveau John Davis Ray DeBock Dennis DeBusk Rickey DeBusk Douglas Deisch Eddie Dentler Kenton Dietrich Sandra Dill Charles Dunbar Lois EckhoffElzora Ehlers Joanne Elliott Galen Erickson Betty Evans Olevia Eversull Marion Fegler Linda Fischer Bruce Fortner Marilyn Fosket Michael Fowler Sandra Fraedrich Craig Fricke Ronald Fry Clyde Gillispie Proud to Become a Part of Senior High Sandra Green John Hanna John Hansen Beverly Hashman Jeanne Hashman Miles Hashman Gale Hawthorne George Heimbegner Richard Henderson Thomas Hesse Harlow Hill Susan Hippe Carol Hooper Harold Howard Robert Hudson Daniel Hunter Daniel Hutchinson Wayne Jensen Leah Jesse Russell Johnson Joyce Jordan James Kamerzell Rosemary King William Kinser Stacy Kistler Stanley Krul Pamela LaBarge Dennis Laughlin Carolyn Laursen Christine Leamons Roger Leisy Delilah Lloyd David Longacre Loren Loose Glen LoreRobert Lorenzini Sharon Loveless Norma Lulow Nancy Lyster James McAndrew Sandra McColloch Susan McLain Pamela McMasters John Magnuson Grant Manewal Chris Marlatt Jeryl Marvin G8ry Meece Steve Mellinger Cheryl Meter Walter Mischnick Sandra Montague Joyce Morgan Sandra Mundt Susanna Munson Susan Nakatsu Sophomores Discover New Worlds Sharon Nelson David New Leroy Nickens Phyllis Nunes Edward O'Brien Larry Peltz David Perkins Robert Perrin Betty Pew Mary Phillip David Phillips John Potmesil Clifford Quick Connie Rask James Reno Ronald Rippen Ronald Roberts Cheryl Robinson Phillis Ross Sandra Sallquist Judy Schnell Rosemary Schnell Robert Schrimpf Stephanie Schwindt Vina Sears Barbara Sexton David Shaw Rickey ShimpLined up for action are Treasurer Susan Munson. President Carolyn Underwood, Vice-President Pat Suiter, and Secretary Mike Brown. of Work and Study Donna Shores Steven Smith Michael Spurgin Don Stearns William Stewart Tula Strasburger Jackie Strong Jerry Studt Patricia Suiter Robert Sundberg Carol Sutton Robert Tade Douglas Thomas Junior Tritle Sharon Tucker Carolyn Underwood John Vogel Jean VonTour Joan VonTour Katheryn Ward Betty Ware Ralph Watt Kathryn Weeth Gordon Wilkins Joyce Wolcott Jerry Wood William Yeager70 Karen Ball William Barrett Kathryn Bauer Barbara Becker Imogene Behm Dean Berry Sherilyn Biles Larry Bolinger Iris Brewer Nina Broadfoot David Bunnell Gloria Camarillo Mary Anne Chamberlain. Betty Cody Pauline Collins Susan Crouseto Assume Leadership Barbara Dewing Judy Dickinson Connie Dillon Dennis Dobson Diana Ehlers Carolyn Eldred Roger Evans Virgil Evans Larry Fenster Ronald Fraedrich Donald French Geraldine Fritzler Cean Frost Linda Fry Tom Fuller James Furman Sherry Garner Deanna Garrett Sharon Groskopf Ronald Harris Jerry Hatch Eve Hill Bruce Hitchcock Cheryl Hobbs and More Responsibility’65 Juniors Eagerly Await Arrival of Class Rings Donna Hulett Gloria Hulquist Roy Jesse Virginia Johnson Terry Johnston Paula Kisicki Jo Ann Kistler Kathie Knoflicek Max Koester Martha Laing Carolyn Lamb Beverly Langmacher Jon Laughlin Donna Lawrence Georgia Liakos Cleo Liggett Marilee Liggett Mary Kay Loose Roger L6ose Wayne McCart Larry McCracken Dennis McCullah Debra Malcolm Larry MannCheryl Marsh Linda Mart Mary Martin Kathryn Masid Connie Menuey Janet Mischnick Donald Mittelstadt Steve Morgan Sandra Murray Donald Nace Mike Nay Larry Nelson James New Betty Nickens Nancy Nolda Ronald Osborn Margaret Overstreet Craig Patterson Linda Pepler John Petersen Mary Ellen Peterson Carol Phaneuf Judy Phillip Keith Pirnie Kenneth Pirnie Marvin Powell Donald Reynolds Joyce RiggsJacqueline Rinehart Constance Risse "Give me strength to handle all this money!" groan Junior class sponsors Don Crowder and Esther Myers. Patsy Robbins Diane Rollo Elvira Sanchez Connie Schneider Linda Schneider Mark Schreiber Sharon Schulze Jodene Schwindt 74 Raymond Shaw Sandra Smaha Sandra Smith Sharon Sorum Linda Stephens Donald Strieker Larry Studt Roger SundbergPlans and Hard Work Produce the Prom Larry Sutter Frances Taylor Howard Taylor Vicky Taylor Penny Thompson James Timbers Thomas Todd Linda Tolstedt Mary Vallejo Steven Vallentine Carol Vogel Vern Vogel Keith Warner Sharon Weeth Terry Weldin Carol West Gerald West Patrick Wiltsey Larry Winten Roy Wiseman Pamela Woods Donald Wright Frank Wright Marilyn YoungMosf Representative JANICE ROTEN STEVE BEDIENT Each year a senior girl and boy are selected by the senior class as most representative. The two are chosen on a basis of the qualities of scholarship, leadership, arid personality. 76Seniors . . . Having Completed the Requirements . .. THOMAS ADAM F.F.A.. F.F.A. Secretary. F.F.A. President. Land Judging. Stubble Mulch Judging. Livestock Judging. Senior Class Vice-President. Junior Class Play. SWCD Speech Contest. Senior Class Play NANCY ALLEN Spud Staff MARY ANDERSON Alliance High School: Choir. Y-Teens: San Bernan-dine High School. San Bernandine. California: Library Assistant; Hemingford High School: Pep Club. Library Assistant MICKI BANJOFF Pep Club. Spud Staff. Spud Co-editor. Quill Scroll. Y-Teens DONALD (CHRIS) BARTELS A-Club. Football—Star of the Week. Track. Wrestling. F.F.A.. Hi-Y. Hi-Y Vice-President. Junior Class Play, County Government, Pep Club Boy Friend Attendant DAVID BATES A-Club. Basketball. Track. Cross Country. Junior Class Play. Junior Class Vice-President, Regents Alternate COLETTE BAUER RICHARD BAUER F.F.A.. F.F.A. Secretary ROBERT BAUER F.F.A., F.F.A. Sentinel. State Stubble Mulch Judg-ing. State Meat Judging. . . Prepare to Take Entrance Exams for Higher Education .. . STEVE BEDIENT Band. Band Officer. Band Captain. Sax Quartet. Dance Band. A-Club, A-Club President, Basketball. Football. Track. Hi-Y. Hi-Y President. Hi-Y Model Legislature. Junior Class Play. Junior Class Treasurer. Sophomore Class Vice-President. Student Council. Boy's State. County Government. National Honor Society MURRAY BERRY A-Club. Football. Wrestling. Hi-Y, Hi-Y President, Hi-Y Model Legislature. Pre Model Legislature. County Government. Student Manager of Football. Wrestling JUDITH BLIGHT Band. Chorus. Choir. Pep Club. Y-Teens MARVIN BOWMAN Chorus Choir, Madrigal. Annual Staff. Hi-Y. Hi-Y Model Legislature, State Music Clinic. Regents Alternate. Chadron Scholastic Contest RICHARD BRICE WILLIAM BRICE F.F.A.. F.F.A. Treasurer. F.F.A. Reporter MARY LEE BRIGHT Band. Dance Band. Band Officer. Pep Band. Band Council, Sax Quartet, Sax Sextet. Choir. Sextet, Girls Trio, Girls Septet, Choir Octet. Madrigal. Madrigal Secretary. Choir Council, Girls Quartet, G.A.A.. Spud Staff. Spud Staff Ad Business Manager, Y-Teens, Y-Teens Treasurer, Y-Teens Cabinet, State Music Clinic PAMELA BROWN Choir, Pep Club. G.A.A.. Y-Teens. Senior Play GORDAN BURBACK A-Club. Basketball. Football. Track DEANNA CARUTHERS Band. Pep Band, Pep Club. Y-Teens. Cheerleading ANN COLE Band. Pep Band. Clarinet Choir, Clarinet Quartet. Choir, Sextet, Dance Band. Madrigal. Pep Club. Y-Teens. Spanish Club. State Music Clinic CYNTHIA COLE Pep Club. Y-Teens. Latin Club. Chadron Scholastic Contest 78DANIEL CURRY Choir. Choir Council. Boy's Quartet, Madrigal. Spud Staff, Hi-Y. Junior Class Play, Latin Club, State Music Clinic MARY CURTISS Band, Band Secretary. Band Officer, Choir Student Director, Pep Band. Orchestra, Choir, Girl's Quartet, Madrigal. Pep Club. Y-Teens, Senior Class Secretary, State Music Clinic JAMES DARVEAU Hi-Y, Hi-Y Model Legislature, Spanish Club. Regents Alternate. Chadron Scholastic Contest JEANINE DINGMAN Chorus. Pep Club. Library Assistant, Choir, Senior Class Play BECKY DONOVAN Chorus. Pep Club, Spud Staff. Y-Teens MARVIN DRUMHELLER F.F.A., Land Judging. Stubble Mulch Judging. Range Judging JUDY EDWARDS Band, Pep Band. Woodwind Quintet. Orchestra, Head Majorette. Chorus. Choir, Madrigal. State Music Clinic. Pep Club. Y-Teens, Court Queen Attendant BERTHA FLOREZ Choir, Sextet, Madrigal, Pep Club, G.A.A.. Volleyball Team, Y-Teens. Spanish Club NANETTE FURMAN Chorus. Choir, Pep Club. Latin Club. Latin Club Secretary, Regents Winner, Chadron Scholastic Contest DANNY GARRETT Band, A-Club. Basketball, Football, Track. State Track Meet STEVEN GILLISPIE A-Club. Basketball. Football, Track. Big Ten Track Meet, Western Conference Track Meet. Cross Country, Hi-Y, Regents Alternate MICKEY GONZALEZ LINDA GRAHAM Chorus, Pep Club. G.A.A., Y-Teens. Spud Staff, Annual Advertising LINDA GREATHOUSE Pep Club, Y-Teens. Junior Class Play, Latin Club. Latin Club Treasurer, Student Council. Student Council Vice-President, Student Council President. County Government, Office Assistant. Chadron Scholastic Contest DONALD HAMMAR Hi-Y, Hi-Y Model Legislature. Orchestra. Council MemberReminisce About Junior and Senior Proms LOREN JACKSON A-Club, Track. Wrestling. Junior Class Play. Student Council, Senior Class Play JOHN KAMERZELL A-Club. A-Club Secretary-Treasurer. Basketball. Track, County Government, Cross Country, Member of State Champs LARRY IRVINE Track. Hi-Y LARRY KETTELHUT Edgemont High School, Edgemont, South Dakota: Chorus. Boys' Quartet. E-Club. Basketball. Football, Track. Junior Class Play, Senior Class President, Boys' State Reigning over the 1963 Junior-Senior Prom are Queen Janice Brock and King Chip Essex. 80 DENNIS HANSEN Hi-Y, Hi-Y Model Legislature KENNETH HAWLEY Hi-Y MARTHA HEDGES Choir. Sextet. Pep Club. Pep Club Treasurer. Spud Staff, Spud Staff Circulation Manager. Y-Teens. Best Spud News Story. Senior Class Play LINDA HERBERT Choir, Pep Club, Y-Teens, Y-Teens Cabinet. Student Council ROY HERNANDEZ Wrestling WILLIAM HOFMANN ’64DAVID KIMMEL Choir, Boy's Quartet, Madrigal. Hi-Y. A-Club. Basketball. Football. Track. County Government, Junior Class Secretary LESLIE KINCAID ARDITH KING Chorus, Pep Club. G.A.A., Y-Teens, Y-Teens Secretary, Y-Teens Cabinet, Annual Staff. Home Economics Crisco Award. Chadron Scholastic Contest STEVE KNIGGE Choir, State Music Clinic JOAN KOHRMAN Pep Club. Y-Teens BARBARA LAURSEN Pep Club. Y-Teens DANIEL LAURSEN A-Club. Student Manager of Basketball MAXINE LAVON Pep Club, Y-Teens, Spanish Club DIANA LAWRENCE Choir, Chorus. Pep Club, Y-Teens. Hi-Y Sweetheart Attendant GARY LEEVER Football, Wrestling, F.F.A., F.F.A. Vice-President, Senior Class Play STEVE LIAKOS Chorus, Choir, Boy’s Quartet. Octet. Madrigal, State Music Clinic, A-Club, Football, Track. Wrestling. Junior Class Play, Senior Class Play SUSIE LIERK Chorus, Pep Club. G.A.A.. Y-Teens. Director of Junior Class Play, Cheerleading. Volleyball Team, Director of High School Rodeo. Senior Class Play JANICE LOOMIS Pep Club, G.A.A., Y-Teens. Spanish Club, Director of Senior Play STEVEN LOVELESS Football, Hi-Y, Latin Club WILLIAM McLAIN Hi-Y, Annual Advertising. Library AssistantSHARON MANN Chorus, Choir, Pep Club, G.A.A.. Y-Teens. Volleyball LARRY MARSH Hi-Y, F.F.A., F.F.A. Judging Contests BETTY MARTIN Chadron High School. Chadron, Nebraska: Pep Club. Chorus, Spanish Club: Alliance High School: Pep Club DAVID MAYS Chorus. Choir. Hi-Y. State Music Clinic DONALD MAYS Hi-Y PATRICIA MELLINGER Pep Club. Y-Teens. Spanish Club LEONARD MEREDITH FLOYD MILLER Band. Choir. Choir Vice-President, Dance Band. Madrigal. Football, Hi-Y, Junior Class Play, State Music Clinic. County Government. Orchestra. Choir Octet JAMES MILLS JAMES MISCHNICK Choir. Choir President, Madrigal, A-Club. Football. Track. Hi-Y. Hi-Y Chaplain, Junior Class Play, Boys' State Alternate. State Music Clinic. County Government. Regents Alternate. National Honor Society, Wetsern Conference Football. West Big Ten Football, Chadron Scholastic Contest MARY JO MOORE Band. Pep Club. Y-Teens. Y-Teens Cabinet. Latin Club. Senior Class Play JULIEANNE MUHM Band. Chorus. Choir. Dance Band, Pep Club. Cheerleader. Y-Teens. Student Council, County Government SHERRY MUNDT Chorus, Choir. Choir Secretary. Pep Club. Cheerleader. Y-Teens. G.A.A.. G.A.A. Vice-President, Annual Staff, Annual Staff Editor, Quill Scroll, Junior Class Play. Student Council, Girls' State Alternate, State Music Clinic. Triple Trio. Senior Class Play, Office Assistant REEDA NELSON Alliance High School: Pep Club, Y-Teens: Valentine High School, Valentine, Nebraska: Pep Club. Girls' Glee LOUISE NGALULA United Secondary School, Congo: Choir, Girls'Quartet. Newspaper Staff. Class Officer: Alliance High School: Pep Club, Y-Teens. Student Council. . . Laugh Together at the Amusing Photos in Yearbook . . . JUDY NIELSEN Pep Club, Y-Teens JIM NUSS TERRY OLSON Football, Wrestling. F.F.A., F.F.A. Secretary, County Government. F.F.A. Public Speaking ROSEMARY OXFORD Choir, Chorus, Pep Club, Pep Club President, Spud Staff, Spud Staff Sports Editor, Quill Scroll. Quill Scroll Secretary-Treasurer, Y-Teens. Y-Teens Cabinet, Junior Class Secretary, Student Council. Student Council Secretary, State Music Clinic, County Government. Homecoming Queen, DAR Citizenship Award, Volleyball Team JOHN PERRIN Track. F.F.A., County Government DONNA PETERSEN Pep Club, Spud Staff, Y-Teens, Spanish Club DIANA PRELLE Spud Staff, Y-Teens ANNE REDDISH Band, Choir, Choir Council, Madrigal, Pep Club. Annual Advertising. Y-Teens. Y-Teens Cabinet. Junior Ctass Play Producer, Senior Class Treasurer, State Music Clinic. National Honor Society, Pep Band, Clarinet Choir, Senior Play WILLIAM RENO Football, Track, Hi-Y, Hi-Y Model Legislature, Orchestra Officer. Senior Play RAE ANN ROHRBOUCK Chorus, Pep Club. Y-Teens AMELIA ROSS JANICE ROTEN Band, Pep Club, Y-Teens, Junior Class Play Director, Sophomore Class Treasurer, Junior Class President, Student Council. Cheerleader. Girls' State. Regents Alternate, National Honor Society, Office Assistant. Court Queen 83PAUL ROTEN JON ROY ANDREA SAMPSON Choir, Choir Secretary-Treasurer. Choir Council, Sextet, State Music Clinic. Pep Club. Spud Staff, Quill Scroll. Quill Scroll President. Y-Teens. Y-Teens Cabinet. Junior Class Play, Student Council, Chad-ron Scholastic Contest, Senior Class Play, Court Queen Attendant MICHAEL SANCHEZ MARTY SANDERSON Choir. Hi-Y. State Music Clinic DWIGHT SATCHELL Band. Dance Band, Orchestra. Latin Club, Hi-Y, Hi-Y Model Legislature, Hi-Y Secretary-Treasurer STEPHEN SAUM County Government JOEL SCHAFER LARRY SCHNELL Wrestling. F.F.A.. F.F.A. Reporter, Stubble Mulch Judging MARDELLA SCHNELL Chorus, Pep Club. Y-Teens JAMES SCHWADERER Spud Staff EMERY SEARS A-Club, Student Manager of Basketball, Football, and Wrestling, Annual Advertising, Hi-Y, Student Council DON SEIM A-Club. Student Manager of Basketball. Football, and Track, Hi-Y ROBERT SHANKLAND Band, Choir, Orchestra, Pep Band. Spud Staff, Editor of Spud Staff, Quill Scroll. Quill Scroll Vice-President, Hi-Y. Hi-Y Vice-President. Junior Class Play. Spanish Club, Regents Alternate, Senior Class Play DON SHELDON A-Club, Football, Track, Wrestling. Hi-Y, Hi-Y Model LegislatureJ Final details of graduation night are serious business to Senior Class Sponsors Mrs. Marie Sutter and Mr. Willis Furman. . . . Enjoy the Hustle LANNIE SHELMADINE A-Club, A-Club Vice-President. Track, Basketball. All Western Conference. Honorable Mention All Big Ten. Football. Student Council. County Government, Pep Club Boy Friend Attendant LONNIE SHERLOCK A-Club. Basketball. Football. Track STEVE SMITH Chorus, A-Club. Basketball, Football, Honor at All-Western Conference. Honor at All-West Big Ten. Track, Sophomore Class President. Student Council WILLARD SMITH Wrestling. Hi-Y PATRICIA SPECHT Pep Club. Y-Teeos. Homecoming Attendant, Pep Club Vice-President DONALD (CORK) TAYLOR A-Club, Football. Track, Wrestling. County Government BARBARA TOLSTEDT Pep Club, G.A.A., Y-Teens. Y-Teens Cabinet. Latin Club. State Music Clinic. Orchestra, String Quartet ALAN TRABERT A-Club, Football, Wrestling. Spud Staff, Hi-Y TERRY TRENKLE Spud Staff. Spud Staff Feature Editor. Asst. Ad Manager. Hi-Y. Hi-Y Model Legislature. Junior Class Play. Senior Class Play Producer and Bustle of Graduation Week . . .. . . Leave Halls of AHS With a Feeling of Regret BARBARA TRUMBLE St. Agnes Academy: Choir; Alliance High: Pep Club. Y-Teens MARJORIE TUBBS Chorus. Choir, Sextet. Pep Club JAKE TUCKER Hi-Y, Orchestra, Library Assistant SANDRA TURECHEK Chorus, Pep Club, G.A.A.. Annual Staff. Annual Staff Business Manager, Quill Scroll, Y-Teens, Y-Teens President, Y-Teens Vice-President, Latin Club, Latin Club Vice-President, County Government, National Honor Society, Volleyball Team, Hi-Y Sweetheart. Senior Class Play JUDY WALDRON Pep Club, G.A.A.. G.A.A. Secretary, Y-Teens, Volleyball Team EVA JOANNE WILKINS Albion High School, Albion, Nebraska: Band, Girls’ Chorus, Choir Librarian, Pep Club, Annual Staff, Sophomore Class Secretary, Spanish Club, Student Council, F.H.A., Girls' Trio. Cardinal Staff. Pep Band; Alliance High School: Band, Choir, Sextet, Dance Band, Pep Club, Senior Class President, Student Council, Homecoming Queen Attendant, Chad-ron Scholastic Contest. Pep Band, Sax Sextet, Office Assistant. Senior Play DAVID WOODS Wrestling, F.F.A., Stubble Mulch Judging, Land Judging VERLENE WOODS Pep Club, Y-Teens ALICE WRIGHT Chorus, Pep Club, Y-Teens ROBERT WRIGHT Band. Hi-Y VERNON YORK Band, Chorus, Choir, Dance Band, A-Club, Basketball. Football, Track, Hi-Y, Junior Class Play, Latin Club. Student Council, State Music Clinic, Cross Country, Orchestra, Pep Band GREGORY YOUNG Choir, A-Club. Football, Track. Pep Club Boy Friend, Cross Country 86 High Scholarship MARVIN BOWMAN NANETTE FURMAN Learning is the real purpose of an education; therefore, it is appropriate that we honor two seniors high scholarship.Genera Administration Chamberlin, Leslie—15, 20, 21 Dreyer. William—6. 20, 21 Rosen, Marven—5 Trout. Norval—5 Board of Education Cover, John—3 Fiebig. Glen—3 Morgan, Dr. Robert—3 Olson. Dr. Raymond—3 Stephens, Lyle—3 Wiseman. Howard—3 Custodians Kelley. Aloysius—13 Wilmott, Robert—13 Faculty Becker, Bernard—34, 36 Beckett. Judea—32. 41, 56 Briggs, Vera—29 Brown. Nancy—27 Carroll. Daryl—47. 54 Crowder, Don—30. 31, 74 Farrell. Donald—23, 51 Furman. Willis—16. 30, 85 Glarum, Juanita—24. 43 Herring. Orville—32, 56 Hovorka, Tom—30. 42 Hughes. Quintin—23 Hunt. Lester—27 Jensen. Arthur—33, 58. 60 Kolterman. Donald—33. 63 Lueninghoener. Virgil—29 Martin. Natalie—29 Merdinger, Genevieve—7, 20. 34 Morris Robert—28, 40. 47. 53 Myers. Esther—28. 43. 74 Nelson Alice—27. 37 Nelson, Byron—25. 42 Petersen. Fred—22 23. 66 Schmitz, Raymond—24 Sutter Marie—28. 85 Thorell. Jim—34. 40. 47. 50. 55 Toenjes. Harrison—33. 58. 60 Ware, Kenneth—25. 44 Winchell. Kathyrn—34. 66 Personnel Copple, Margaret—20 Merritt. Thelma—21 Students —A— Ackerman. Tom—66 Adam. Mary—66 Adam. Thomas—16. 44. 77 Adams. Brenda—66 Adams Janice—70 Allen, Bernard—66 Allen, Nancy—77, 94 Anderson. Mary—63 77 , , —B— backstrom. Pamela—57. 61 66 Baker. Lenor—58. 66 Baker. Linda Sue,—70 Ball. Karen—70 Banjoff. Miclci—12 21. 77 Barrett William (Bill)—51. 70 Bartels, Donald (Chris) —13. 40. 47. 77 Bates. David—40. 50. 52, 55. 77 Bauer, Colette—35. 77, 109 Bauer, Jerry—66 Bauer. Kathyrn—37. 43, 70 Bauer, Richard—44. 77 Bauer. Robert—44, 77. 107 Becker, Barbara—63, 70 Bedient. Steve—40, 47. 55. 58. 59. 60. 76. 78 Behm, Imogene—70 Bentley. Richard—58, 66 Berry, Dean—70 Berry, Murray—40, 42, 47, 78 Berry. Rodger—66 Biles, Sherilyn—70 Blight. Judith—78. I 10 Bolinger. Donald R.—66 Bolinger. Larry—51. 70 Bowman. Marvin—14. 37, 62, 63. 78. 87 Boyer, Marjory Jane—66 Brammer, Sharon—57, 66 Brennan. Carol Jean—62, 66 Brewer, Iris—59, 70 Brice, Richard—44. 78 Brice William—78, 96 Bright, Glen—66 Bright, Mary Lee—41. 43, 59, 62. 63. 78 Broadfoot, Nina—37. 43, 70 Brown, Michael—23 48, 66. 69 Brown. Pamela—30. 63, 78, 16 Bullock, Beonville (Bee) — 47. 54. 66 Bunnell. David—45. 50. 52. 55. 70 Burback. Gordon—40. 47, 55. 78 Burback. Ronald—48. 51, 66 Burney. William—54. 66 —C— Camarillo. Gloria—70 Caruthers, Deanna—II, 58. 78 Chamberlain. Mary Anne—20, 45. 70 Christensen, Shirley—66 Christensen, Terry—66 Cody. Betty—62. 70 Coker. Charles—51 Coker. Ray—66 Cole. Ann—58, 62, 63. 78 Cole. Cynthia—78, 92 Collins. Pauline—70 Cox, Patricia—66 Crouse. Sandra—62. 66 Crouse. Susan—70 Culton. Carol—59. 61, 62, 63. 66 Curry. Daniel—62. 63. 79. 97 Curtiss. Mary—31, 59, 62, 61. 63. 77. 79 —D— Darveau. James—14, 22, 79 Darveau. Patsy—66 Davis. John—66 DeBock! Ray—50, 66 DeBusk, Dennis—23. 48. 66 DeBusk, Rickey—48. 66 DeiscH, Douglas—66 Dentler, Eddie—66 Dewing. Barbara—63, 71 Dickinson. Judy—71 Dietrich. Kenton—66 Dill. Sandra—32. 58, 66 Dillon. Connie—59. 61. 71 Dingman. Jeanine—28, 62. 79 Dobson. Dennis—40. 47. 51. 55. 71 Donovan. Becky—79 Drumheller, Marvin—79 Dunbar. Charles—56 —E— Eckhoff. Lois—58. 66 Edwards. Judy—8. 49, 59. 61. 62. 63. 79 Ehlers. Diana—7J Ehlers. Elzora—67 Eldred. Carolyn—7, 45. 59, 71 Elliott. Joanne—67 Erickson. Galen—67 Evans. Betty—67 Evans, Roger—50. 52. 71 Evans. Virgil (Ted)—7. 62. 71 Eversull, Olevia—67 —F— Fegler. Marion—59. 67 Fenster, Larry—59. 71. 60. 61 Fischer, Linda—57. 67 Florez. Bertha—63. 79 Florez. Tomas A.—27. 50. 51 Fortner, Bruce—51, 67 Fosket. Marilyn—67 Fowler. Michael—67 Fraedrich, Ronald—71 Fraedrich. Sandra—67 French. Donald—47, 52, 56. 62. 71 Fricke. Craig—56. 67 Fritzler, Geraldine—37, 43. 62. 71 Frost, Cean—12. 57. 58. 70, 71 Fry. Linda—8, 58, 61. 62. 71 Fry. Ronald—67 Fuller. Tom—40. 50, 52. 53; 55, 58. 71. 60 Furman, James—40, 51. 71 Furman, Nanette—62. 79, 87, 15 Garner, Sherry—71 Garrett, Danny—40, 47, 55 79 Garrett. Deanna—59. 71 Gillispie. Clyde—47. 48, 54, 67 Gillispie. Steven—28. 40 47, 50. 52. 55. 79 Gonzalez. Mickey—79 Graham, Linda—79 Greathouse. Linda—7, 20. 79. 92 Green. Sandra—43. 58, 67 Groskopf, Sharon—71 —H— Hammar. Donald—79. 61 Hanna. John—48, 56. 67 Hansen, Dennis—80, 100 Hansen. John—48. 67 Harris, Ronald—35. 45, 71 Hashman. Beverly—67 Hashman. Jeanne—59. 67 Hashman, Miles—67 Hatch. Jerry L.—48. 51, 71 Hawley. Kenneth—80. 108 Hawthorne, Gale—67 Hedges. Martha —16. 41. 80 Heimbegner. George—67 Henderson. Richard—67 Herbert, Linda—6. 43, 63. 80. 108 Hernandez. Roy—51. 80, 110 Hesse. Thomas R.—47. 48. 54. 67 Hill, Eve—71 Hill. Harlow—67 Hippe. Susan—62. 67 Hitchcock. Bruce—55, 59, 71 Hobbs. Cheryl—71 Hofmann. William—80 Hooper. Carol—67 Howard. Harold—62. 67 Hudson. Larry Robert—51, 67 Hulett. Donna—59, 61, 72 Hulquist, Gloria—45, 72 Hunter. Daniel L.—47. 48 51. 67 Hutchinson, Daniel R.—59 67 Irvine, Larry—80 —J— Jackson, Loren—16. 40, 51, 55. 80. 97 Jensen. Wayne—67 Jesse. Leah—31. 67 Jesse. Roy—72 Johnson. Russell (Rusty) — 6. 48. 67 Johnson. Virginia—72 Johnston. Terry—51. 72 Jordan, Joyce—8, 59, 61 67 Juzenas. Gordon—51 —K— Kamerzell, James D.—47. 48. 54. 67 Kamerzell, John—40. 50, 52 53. 55, 80 Kettelhut. Larry—80 Kimmel. David—40. 47. 52. 55. 62. 63. 81 Kincaid. Leslie—81 King. Ardith—37. 43, 81 King. Rosemary—67 Kinser, William D.—67 Kisicki. Paula—43. 7? Kistjer. Jo Ann—43, 72. 12 Kistler, Stacy—58. 67 Knigge. Steve—81 Knoflicek. Kathie—37. 45. 72 Koester, Max—72 Kohrman, Joan—81 Krul, Stanley—67 —L— LaBarge. Pamela—67 Laing. Martha—7. 27. 43. 45. 58. 61. 72 Lamb. Carolyn—62. 72 Langmacher. Beverly—43. 72. 61. 60 Laughlin, Dennis—67 Laughlin, Jon—72 Laursen, Barbara—81 Laursen. Carolyn—67 Laursen. Daniel C.—22. 40, 88Index 81 Lavon. Maxine—81 Lawrence. Diana—14. 41. 62. 81 Lawrence. Donna—7. 36, 53. 61. 72 Leamons. Christine—63. 67 Leever Gary—44, 47, 81, 16 Leisy. Roger—32. 51. 67 Lialcos. Georgia—72 Lialcos. Steve—16. 40. 47. 55 62, 63. 81 Lierlc. Susie—II. 16, 37. 81, 95 Liggett. Cleo—72 Liggett. Marilee—72 Lloyd. Delilah—57. 67 Longacre. David—51. 67 Longacre, Roland—51 Loomis. Janice—81 Loose. Loren—51. 67 Loose. Mary Kay—72 Loose. Roger—51, 72 Lore. Glen—67 Lorenzini. John—61 Lorenzini, Robert—32. 68 Loveless. Sharon—57. 68 Loveless. Steven—17, 47. 81 Lulow, Norma—68 Lyster. Nancy—68 —M— Magnuson. John—51. 68 Malcolm. Debra—72 Manewal. Grant—68 Mann. Larry—44. 51. 72 Mann, Sharon—82 Marlatt. Chris—47. 54, 68 Marsh. Cheryl—73 Marsh. Larry—82 Mart. Linda—36. 73 Martin, Betty—17. 82 Martin. Mary—73 Marvin. Jeryl—68 Masid. Kathryn—57, 73 Mays. David—63. 82. 108 Mays, Donald K.—82 McAndrew, James E.—23, 47. 48, 51. 68 McCart, Wayne—72 McColloch. Sandra—68 McCracken. Larry—51. 56. 72 McCullah. Dennis—40. 47. 52. 55. 62. 72 McLain. Susan—68 McLain. William—28. 81. 104 McMasters, Pamela—68. 61 Meece. Gary—68 Mellinger, Patricia—82 Mellinger. Steve—7. 68 Menuey. Connie—32. 73 Meredith. Leonard—82 Meter. Cheryl—68 Miller, Floyd—47. 59. 62. 63. 82, 61. 60 Mills. James—82 Mischnick. James K.—14. 26. 40. 47. 55. 62. 63. 82 Mischnick. Janet—62, 70. 73 Mischnick. Walter—48, 68 Mittelstadt, Donald—56. 73 Montague. Sandra—58. 68 Moore. Mary Jo—16. 43. 58. 82 Morgan. Joyce—57. 68 Morgan. Steve—40. 47, 54. 55. 62. 73 Muhm, Julieanne—II. 24 59. 61. 82 Mundt. Sandra—68 Mundt, Sherry—7. II, 12. 16. 20. 37, 57. o3. 82 Munson. Susanna—68. 69 Murray. Sandra—$7. 73 —N— Nace. Donald—40. 45. 55. 73 Nakatsu. Susan—6. 62. 68 Nay, Mike—54. 73 Nelson. Larry—40. 48, 51. 55. 62. 73 Nelson. Reeda—25. 82 Nelson. Sharon—68 New. James—51. 73 Ngalula, Louise—6. 7. 82 Nickens. Betty—73 Nickens, Leroy—47. 54. 68 Nielsen. Judy—41. 83 Nolda. Nancy—73 Nunes. Phyllis—58. 68 Nuss, Jim—83 O'Brien. Edward—68 Olson. Terry—47. 83 Osborn. Ronald—40. 47 51. 73 Overstreet. Margaret (Peggy) —20. 27. 59. 73 Oxford, Rosemary—7, 9. 36. 41. 43. 49. 62. 83 12. 15 —P— Patterson. Craig—73 Peltz. Larry—68 Pepler. Linda—73 Perkins. David—68 Perrin. James Robert—47. 68 Perrin, John—83 Petersen. Donna—36. 83 Petersen. John—40. 50. 55, 59, 60. 61. 73 Peterson. Mary Ellen—62, 73 Pew. Betty—68 Phaneuf. Carol—43, 61. 73 Phillip. Judy—73 Phillip. Mary—68 Phillips, David—68 Pirnie, Keith—73 Pirnie, Kenneth—73 Potmesil. John—7. 48. 51. 68 Powell. Marvin—62, 63. 73 Prelle. Diana—36. 83 Quick. Clifford—63, 68 —R— Rask. Connie—68 Reddish. Anne—16. 17. 26. 43. 59. 62. 63. 83. 97 Reno. James—50. 68 Reno. William—16. 17, 22, 42. 61. 83 Reynolds. Donald—73 Riggs. Joyce—73 Rinehart. Jacqueline—57. 62, 74 Rippen, Ronald—58. 68 Risse. Constance—74 Robbins. Patsy—57. 74 Roberts. Ronald—68 Robinson. Cheryl—58. 68 Rohrbouck, Rae Ann—83. 102 Rollo. Diane—74 Ross. Amelia—83 Ross, Phillis—68 Roten. Janice—7. II. 14, 49. 59. 61. 76. 83 Roten. Paul—84. 102 Roy. Jon—84. 109 Sallquist. Sandra—58. 68 Sampson. Andrea—6. 12, 14. 16. 28. 30. 36. 43. 49. 62. 84 Sanchez. Elvira—74 Sanchez. Michael—84 Sanderson. Marty—62. 84 Satchel!, Dwight—24 42. 60. 61. 59, 84 Saum. Stephen—31, 84 Schafer, Joel—84, 110 Schneider. Connie—57. 62. 74 Schneider. Linda—37, 45. 58. 74 Schnell, Judy—68 Schnell, Larry—r44. 51 84. 96 Schnell. Mardella—84. 99 Schnell. Rosemary—68 Schreiber. Mark—6, 40. 45. 48. 51. 55. 63. 70. 74 Schrimpf. Robert A.—48, 68 Schulze. Sharon—74 Schwaderer, James L.—34 Schwindt. Jodene—57. 58. 62, 74 Schwindt. Stephanie—58. 68 Sears. Emery—7. 40. 42, 53, 84 Sears. Vina—68 Seim. Donald—25. 40. 48. 107 Sexton. Barbara—68 Shankland. Robert—12, 14, 16. 33. 36. 42. 58. 62. 84 Shaw. David—68 Shaw. Raymond Gene—54, 74 Sheldon. Don—42. 47, 51. 84 Shelmadine. Lannie—7, 9. 13. 40. 47. 48. 52. 55. 85 Sherlock, Lonnie—40. 47. 52, 55, 85 Shimp. Rickey—68 Shores. Donna—69 Smaha, Sandra—59, 61. 63, 74 Smith. Sandra—7. 35 36 43. 45. 58. 70. 74 Smith. Steve—40, 46 47. 52. 55. 85 Smith. Steven—69 Smith. Willard—85. 96 Sorum. Sharon—20. 74, 105 Specht. Patricia Ann—41, 49. 85 Spurgin. Michael—59. 60 69 Stearns, Don—48. 69 Stephens. Linda—74 Steward. William H. (Billy) —48, 69 Strasburger. Tula—62. 69 Strieker. Donald—74 15 Strong. Jackie—32. 69 Studt. Jerry—48, 54. 69 Studt, Larry—40. 46. 47, 52. 55. 74 Suiter. Patricia—57. 69 Sundberg, Robert—48, 54. 69 Sundberg. Roger—74 Sutter. Larry—31. 75 Sutton. Carol—69 —T— Tade, Robert—59. 69 Taylor. Donald (Cork)—35 40, 47. 55. 85 Taylor. Frances—75 Taylor. Howard—75 Taylor. Vicky—75 Thomas. Douglas—59. 69 Thompson. Penny—75 Timbers. James R.—59, 75 Todd. Thomas—47. 48. 55. 75 Tolstedt. Barbara—21, 43, 85 Tolstedt. Linda—75 Trabert. Alan—85 Trenkle. Terry—36. 85 Tritle. Junior—47. 48, 54. 69 Trumble. Barbara—20. 86 Tubbs. Marjorie—41. 62. 86 Tucker. Jake—28. 61. 86. Ill Tucker. Sharon—69 Turechek. Sandra—12. 14, 16. 37, 43. 86 —U— Underwood. Carolyn—7. 59. 69 —V— Vallejo. Mary—58. 75 Vallentine. Steven—59. 62, 75 Vogel. Carol—75 Vogel. John—44. 48. 54, 69 Vogel. Vern—75 VonTour. Jean—69. 58 VonTour, Joan—69. 58 —W— Waldron. Judy—86. !04 Ward. Katheryn—69 Ware. Betty—69 Warner, Keith—75 Watt. Ralph—69 Weeth. Kathryn E.—69 Weeth. Sharon—75 Weldin, Terry—59. 75 West, Carol—75 West. Gerald—47. 48. 51, 58. 75 Wilkins. Eva Joanne—7. 20. 49. 59 62. 86. 76 Wilkins. Gordon—69 Wiltsey. Patrick—75 Winten. Larry—55. 75 Wiseman. Roy—40. 56, 59. 75. 60. 61 Wolcott. Joyce—69 Wood. Jerry—69 Woods. David M.—86 Woods. Pamela—75 Woods. Verlene—86 Wright. Alice—17. 86 Wright. Donald—48. 75 Wright. Frank—58. 75 Wright. Robert W.—86. 106 —Y— Yeager. William (Bill) — 48. 69 York. Vernon—16. 40. 50. 55. 58 60. 61. 86 Young. Gregory J.—13. 40. 47. 50. 55, 86 Young, Marilyn—45. 61. 75 89Bulldog Supporters ALLIANCE CLEANERS ALLIANCE RAMBLER SERVICE ALLIANCE TRACTOR IMPLEMENT CO. BATES-LANDA FUNERAL HOME BOWEN, ROBERT W„ OPTOMETRIST BOWL-MOR LANES BRENNAN BET-R-WAY CLEANERS BUCKMINSTER, BILL, INSURANCE BUS'S TRANSFER COAST TO COAST CORNER GROCERY CULLIGAN SOFT WATER SERVICE CURTISS, HOWARD, ACCOUNTANT DAISY OUEEN DEE-LITE BAKERY DELUXE RADIATOR SERVICE FA I RAC RES DAIRY FARM GANTZ, HEIN AND MORAN LANGMACHER FEED COMPANY MISSOURI MARKET THOMAS CONOCO MURPHY, L. B„ COMPANY PANHANDLE PACKING CO. PANHANDLE WAREHOUSING CO. PENNEY, J.C., COMPANY PETE'S CLOTHING RED AND JACK'S BODY SHOP SACK LUMBER COMPANY SELLECK ABSTRACT COMPANY SIDLES COMPANY SINCLAIR REFINING CO. SMITH, KIRT, INSURANCE THE ASSOCIATES THIELE JEWELRY TODD'S BODY FRAME SHOP 203 Box Butte 324 East Third Tenth and Flack 618 Box Butte 823 East Third 210 Niobrara 409 Laramie 614 Flack 612 Flack 32A Box Butte 501 Niobrara 215 Big Horn I 24 West Fourth 422 West Third I I 7 West Third 504 Flack 719 West Third I 19 West Third 1121 West Third 223 Missouri I 103 West Third 416 Box Butte East of City East Third 412 Box Butte 101 I West Third 600 West Second I 18 Laramie I 18 West Third 324 West Third 404 East Third I 18 East Fourth I I I West Third 306 Box Butte 620 Flack 90We Lost by Two Points — Miss Robyn Morris Worley Studio 91Best in Good Eating DON'S CAFE Distinctive Printing BEDIENT LITHO MASID CHEVROLET Sales Parts Service PHONE 290 321 W. Third Mississippi and East Third "One Pepsi, Please!" CINDY COLE LINDA GREATHOUSE GRANDVIEW STORE "To serve you is our pleasure" COY AND WINIFRED RICE, Owners MIKE'S BARBERSHOP ALLIANCE FOX THEATER 92"No Finer Tribute" MONUMENTS NO MONUMENT TOO LARGE NO MARKER TOO SMALL PHONE 1897 (Call Collect for Appointment) Satisfaction Guaranteed J. W. SANDERSON 812 DAKOTA ALLIANCE 93Brantly Helicopter Distributors Mooney Dealers Instruction — Charter Ambulance A E Mechanics Alliance, Nebraska AIR SERVICE DON BROWN, Operator Phone 109 COVER-JONES "Wish it were mine." MR. KEITH MARKOFF NANCY ALLEN FORD — MERCURY — COMET BASKETERIA Quality Meats, Groceries, and Produce Mor-valu Stamps West Third St. Phone 393 SWEETBRIAR 313 Box Butte Phone 129 West Third TEXACO and Marine PHONE 4 JACK HALL — Proprietor 94THIELE DRUG KEEP-U-NEAT CLEANERS M. A. LONGACRE Refrigeration and Air Conditioning 1316 Toluca Phone 1274 ALLIANCE, NEBRASKA "Father knows best." MR. UERK SUSIE LIERK DRAKE HOTEL AND CAFE NEAL FROST, INC. VMM ww Pontiac — Tempest — GMC Sales and Service LEARN, LIVE and SERVE Conoco Gas Through 4-H 224 Cheyenne Phone 762-1210 BOX BUTTE 4-H COUNCIL PHONE 263 or 267 DARI ISLE "A cup and a half." LARRY SCHNELL BILL BRICE MRS. DILL 2141 2 West 10th Phone 408-W ALLIANCE, NEBRASKA MOWDER'S PHARMACY "How much Arsenic?" WILLARD SMITH Located in the Doctors' Building STAR-LITE DRIVE-IN THEATRE 8th and Flack PHONE 1833 NEIL'S TRUCK SERVICE 414 Black Hills PHONE 1290 96LEW WOLLASTON Radio and Sound Service TV Repairs FRONTIER MOTEL Phones Radios Air Conditioning Steam Heat Television 1100 West Third Phone NO FAMOUS CLOTHING HOUSE "Classy, huh?" MR. RICH EDWARDS LOREN JACKSON "Can it spall?” MR. RAY FULTON DAN CURRY KISSACK'S 115 West Third Phone 269 97 TN ( D OSS. BOX BUTTE MEDICAL ASSOCIATION Phone 1889 Planned Security WILLIAM G. JONES When you think of Signs Representing Think of AMERICAN MUTUAL LIFE nil i r INSURANCE COMPANY BILL ZIEG Des Moines, Iowa Alliance, Nebr. 311 Hudson 1224 DUNCAN KANSAS NEBRASKA NATURAL GAS ALLIANCE COMPANY, LIVESTOCK INC. AUCTION 220 Box Butte COMPANY PHONE 747 KURL-N-SWIRL ALLIANCE FLORAL COMPANY "Gifts and Flowers for Every Occasion" 322 Box Butte Phone 151 LEGION SUPPER CLUB American Legion Post No. 7 "Dishwater hands?" DOLORES MUZQUIZ MARDELLA SCHNELL A EVENING APPOINTMENTS I 19 East Fourth — Phone 2239 W ROOT BEER An old-timer pauses for refreshment by the A W. 323 Flack Avenue Phone 146 99MONTGOMERY WARD CO. now it's Pepsi for those who think young PEPSI-COLA BOTTLING CO. Alliance, Nebraska WILDT INSURANCE CO. STATE FARM INSURANCE I 16 E. 4th "Will it hold much?" " -■1 — DENNIS HANSEN MR. JOE LEECH 301 Box Butte Avenue PHONE 315 F M BOOTERY 305 Box Butte PHONE 232 100 HOWARD'S riERRIBLEl and UTERRYS LENLA'S Congratulate Congratulations and Best the Graduating Class Wishes to the Class of '64 ALLIANCE CLIFF HOFMANN COUNTRY CLUB Electrical Wiring ROUTE 2 PHONE 1309 Alliance, Nebraska 603 Black Hills PHONE 1152 EHRHART COMPANY ALLIANCE Great Northern and Pinto Beans READY-MIX Storing and Processing Phone 1 384 AllianceALLIANCE NATIONAL BANK 302 Box Butte Avenue Phone 3 "Did my check bounce?" BILL EDWARDS LEROY SCHOMMER RAE ANN ROHRBOUCH PAUL ROTEN NEBRASKA TYPEWRITER O. K. BARBER SHOP (Al — Cliff — Bob) Portable, Standard, Electric 206 Box Butte Alliance ALLIANCE LUMBER company "Your Friendly Yard" 1020 West 3rd Phone 48 ALLIANCE, NEBRASKA 102PERRIN REFRIGERATION Automotive — Home — Commercial Air Conditioning Phone 405 508 Fleck Interior Decorating • Draperies • Paint • Carpets • Linoleum HEMPEL MOBIL 723 Flack Avenue Phone 1899 SERVICE JOHNSON PELTZ, MR. ED HEMPEL, Operator INC. Symbol of Farm Leadership COOP 724 West Third Street Alliance, Nebraska 103GUARDIAN BEAUTY SALON AND ACADEMY 2241 j Box Butte ALLIANCE. NEBRASKA C. A. SIMPSON SONS Alliance Cold Storage Lockers and Meat Produce 1st and Laramie — Phone 1515 Ditching and Excavating 732 East 8th PHONE 1545—1515 NEWBERRY'S ACE ALLIANCE HARDWARE HOTEL CAFE 402 Box Butte 102 Box Butte Phone 148 PHONE 38 “Yours for the Future." MRS. MARDA-GALE WORDEN JUDY WALDRON BILL McLAIN ALLIANCE C. B. Q. EMPLOYEE'S CREDIT UNION 103 East First Street Phone 210 104Congratulations to the Class of '64 STICKNEY'S U.S. Royal Tires TV and Appliances Auto and Tractor Parts "Watch the Fingers!" 217 West Third SHERRY SORUM LYLE STEPHENS TENTH STREET GROCERY '% zvu S tCe Distributor of DEBUS ENRICHED BREAD and RED SEAL POTATO CHIPS RENO'S BEAUTY SHOP 711 Big Horn Phone 1870 ZESTO WILLARD WORLEY, Proprietor Sandwiches, Sundaes Phone 716 711 West Third 105ALLIANCE BUILDING AND LOAN "24 to the left, 52 to the right" MR. ALBERT SEEBOHM BOB WRIGHT 312 Box Butte PHONE 310 FARM AND CITY DISTRIBUTING West 3rd PHONE 122 DOBSON-DODGE 502 Box Butte PHONE 1268 GREGORY'S, INC. "Insurance alone is our business" 106NEBRASKA CERTIFIED POTATO GROWERS Seed and Table Potatoes Insecticides and Ferilizers 202 Laramie Phone 40 Congratulations to the Class of 1964 J. L. "OLEY" SAYLOR Texaco Bulk Plant "1 bagged that one myself BOB BAUER MR. LEO HOPPESS B.P.O.E. 417 Box Butte Phone 244 HOLSTEN'S DRUG STORE "Careful, Mister!" DON SEIM DICK CLARK 316 Box Butte Avenue PHONE 6"Need a loan, boys?" KENNETH HAWLEY DAVID MAYS MR. CLYDE SUDMAN THE GUARDIAN STATE BANK "Time and Temperature Corner" "Nice end cozy." LINDA HERBERT MRS. WILBUR HAHN Get All the Popular Hits At FINECY MUSIC ECONOMY FURNITURE 208 Box Butte Phone I 140 108PODHAISKY INSURANCE AGENCY ((mi Your Protection Is Our Best Policy" ALDER-HESTED BUliDING Phone 190 Alliance SERVICEMASTER Professional Carpet Upholstering and Wall Cleaning Also Carpet Laying Call FRED GREEN, Alliance, Nebr. "Make mine a hotdog." COLETTE BAUER JON ROY JERRY LYNN DRIVE-IN RESTAURANT BRITTAN INSURANCE NEUSWANGERS Complete Protection Real Estate PHONE 607 Grains — Seeds 304 Niobrara Fertilizers 1 1 “N , n 11 . 1 p I Custom Pelleted Feeds for Your Specific Needs" Petroleum Products Congratulations, Class of '64 KCOW PHONE 71 Orthophonic Radio Alliance, Nebraska 1400 ON YOUR DIAL 16 Hours DailyALLIANCE STEAM LAUNDRY "I do" JOEL SCHAFER JUDY BLIGHT ELEANOR'S 311 Box Butte Phone 341 Trusts Representing E. E. HENKLE INVESTMENT COMPANY SCHAD'S BAKERY After all, it takes a baker! 314 Box Butte Phone 649 "Gives ya muscles." MR. VIRGIL HATCH ROY HERNANDEZ HATCH DRUG 424 Box Butte Phone 1444 110INTERSTATE PAINT GLASS CO. "Give us your next break" Plate — Windshields — Mirrors Table Tops — Thermopane Insurance Replacements nov OUR ABEL CABLE SYSTEM om.j IF IT’S GLASS — SEE US 319 Laramie Phone 21 "T. V. or Homework?" JAKE TUCKER EVAGENE WATSON ALLIANCE COMMUNITY T. V. EARL'S AIRPORT CAFE Alliance Municipal Airport we Thank our friends '64 BULLDOG STAFF HIPull the Brake . . • for the last stop. Here we are at the end of the school year. The Diamond Jubilee events ended with the first semester and all that remain are pleasant memories. Gone is the old auto and we have changed for a newer and faster model which will speed us through the years ahead. 112 8S5 ALLIANCE LOOKS BACK PROUDLY Seventy-five years have passed Since the C.B.f. 9. first rolled Up to a stop am -j a vast, sparse Prairie. This -an, now Called "Af a- ce, has been Steadily crowing ar f expanding Since T®88. As the ra'lroad deve oped into A drv ision point, he vi ac Punished and finally rea BH Lffs pre ient first-class city Churches, stores, banks, and B iHomes sprang up around its main Street. In 1899 the courth ouse r as moved from Heminc»rd to BBiiance making Allianc the Mnty seat of Box Bu' fe County. Surviv'ng ser'c ■ miughts Disastrous ham raying blizzards, Indian scarer prairie fires, Cattle rust e- and both World Wars, Alii has risen to Become the Cattle Capital of Western Nebraska.'' The entire community has Participated in the celebration Of this jubilee year. Alliance High School students have done Their share for this, the DIAMOND JUBILEE YEAR.■r • jc fv a r . '' r% aijf JW

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