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7 963 BULLDOG Alliance High School Alliance, Nebraska Volume XIX CO-EDITORS - Gillian McAndrew Geraldine LawrenceNEW COMMUNITY BUILDING THE FORWARD WAY in Alliance High School is promoted by a wide awake local citizenry which provides facilities where youthful minds are molded to meet the growing needs of a modern world. Here boys and girls are reaching for a plateau of learning and a level of personality development attained only through determination and consistent effort on the part both of the students and of the faculty who serves them. 2Superintendent L. E. Morrison finds his desk ' piled high” during construction period. Thanks to the additions and enlargements to our senior high facilities in the last five years, students are now enjoying modern equipment and better instruction. Science laboratories have been furnished with up-to-date equipment. Home economics, vocational agriculture, and industrial arts rooms have received a face-lifting” which has provided more cheerful and convenient surroundings. For the first time, students are taking advantage of a language laboratory. The library has been enlarged and new furnishings have been placed in many classrooms. The most sensational addition is the new community building which was completed this fall. Through these portals will soon pass those who will enjoy athletic contests, proms, concerts, and other community affairs. Assistant Superintendent Norval Trout prepares statistics for a school board meeting.Contents School Board 5 Music 52 Opening Section .... 6 Seniors 66 Faculty and Curriculum 20 Juniors 78 Sports .... 40 Sophomores 84 Clubs 52 Advertisement 90 “I find the great thing in this world is, not so much where we stand, as in what direction we are moving — GoetheThrough your efforts many improvements in our school system have been made possible. Realizing that your job is endless, and sometimes unnoticed, we, the yearbook staff, wish to express our deep appreciation to each member of the Board of Education. r  Wow, does it take this many books in senior high school? thinks Larry Winten. SEPTEMBER Life Begins as the eager members of the class of 1965 enter Alliance High to become part of the high school hub-bub. Upperclassmen and the student council cheerfully help puzzled students unravel their new schedules and find classrooms. Although studies occupy most of the sophomores' time in September, they gradually join upperclassmen in football, fun, and co-curricular activities. The sophomore class elects representatives to join the student council, which plays an important role in this life at senior high. Without this council we would lack that valuable link between administration, faculty, and students. 6 Go that way, directs Junior Dave Kimmel to Sophomore Nancy Nolda as she searches for one of her classrooms. Although Nancy doesn't think it is too funny, onlookers think it humorous.Student Council members Janice Roten, Charles Schadwinkel. Phyllis Seim, Dick Lincoln, Yvette Danielson. Larry Moo-mey, Edwyna Williams, Robert Furman, Linda Rainbolt, Andrea Sampson. Ted Evans. Carolyn Eldred, Martha Laing. Denny McCullah. Rosemary Oxford. Linda Greathouse. Vern Vogel, Julieanne Muhm. Sherry Mundt pause for a moment during a noon meeting. Advisers are Mrs. Genevieve Merdinger and Mr. William Dreyer. Whether scurrying to and fro from Monday noon meetings, planning date book production, overseeing Homecoming, or introducing Twirp Week, student council members find plenty of action in their varied responsibilities. DATE BOOK ytSfILlNOll Did you buy yours? inquires Martha Laing. Ugh! Monday sandwiches again. Ta-Ra-Ra-Boom-De-A! Full of spirit, enthusiasm, and pep. the Alliance High pep band helps to boost school morale at rallies and games. HOMECOMING Enthusiasm Reigns because observing Homecoming has become the highlight of the football season for Alliance High students. It is a day of suspense-filled events climaxed by the crowning of the queen to reign over the festivities. Decorated goal posts, colorful floats, vivacious chants, and an exuberant crowd following the band led by strutting majorettes, all play prominent parts in the Homecoming celebration. Float competition, won by the juniors, and victory over the Ogallala Indians added exciting chapters to the Homecoming activities. 8 High stepping AHS majorettes Judy Edwards, Connie Panwitz, and Edwyna Williams pause briefly for the cameraman.A kiss from the A-Club president brings smiles from the queen's subjects. “Tweet ’Em Wuff, says the junior class float as Tweety Pie stands guard over •his caged victim. The final event of Homecoming is the traditional dance held for all Alliance High alumni and students. This year Laugh a Lot Land was the theme carried out very appropriately by the student council committee. Old Giory slowly raised on the flag poie sends shivers of excitement through the crowd. 9After school chit-chat is an important part of the day for Sharon Mayes and Tom Anderson. Candle lighting is enjoyable for Y-Teen members Anne Reddish. Linda Greathouse, and Claudia Merrick. LATE FALL Friendships Flourish as students become better acquainted through classroom associations and casual small talk and hellos during free moments. With the passing months, many lasting friendships are formed by those who share a common interest in clubs and activities. These relationships enable students to know and understand each other better and form a basis for fond memories which enrich later life. As graduation time arrives, these associations suddenly assume greater significance. These lasting friendships of loyal, trustworthy friends become very precious to them. 10Singing together creates group harmony among Madrigal members (left to right) Edwyna Williams, Cheryl Strasburger. Anne Reddish, Janet Chamberlin, Steve Vallentine, Steve Liakos. Bob Seiler. Jerry Cowles, Kathy Kelley, Phyllis Seim, Gillian McAndrew. and Joy Taylor.By popular vote, each year the Pep Club elects a Boy Friend and attendants. DUANE DOBSON CHARLES SCHADWINKEL WARREN MILLER CHRISTMAS Traditions Prevail as students and faculty attend a variety of Christmas festivities. Dreaming of a white Christmas becomes a reality as the snow outside and the Christmas tree in the hall make their appearance about the same day. This year, misty blue streamers set the theme Moon River for the annual Pep Club Formal. Boys as well as girls looked forward to the crowning of the Pep Club Boy Friend and his attendants. Overflowing with good will and anticipating a joyful holiday season, everyone enjoys December as a favorite time of the school year. 12 Voc Ag boys and Mr. Ware added Santa to our decorations.Carols sound throughout the school as Chip Essex starts the record player. Christmas time brings extra cleaning to our efficient custodians, Mr. Wilmott and Mr. Taylor. Adding the final touches to the hall Christmas tree. Claudia Ritter carefully adorns the tree with tinsel. 13MID TERM Many Find Fulfilment in coveted awards for work well done. Whether it be membership in an honorary society, or recognition of vocational attainment, each person finds satisfaction when he reaches his own special goal. If the honor is well deserved, there comes a feeling of elation and pride from the sincere congratulations and hearty handshakes of friends and family. A salute goes to those of our number who have accomplished outstanding achievements. Reigning over an Emerald Paradise are Hi-Y Sweetheart Edwyna Williams and attendants Kathy Johnson and Claudia Ritter, who were chosen by popular vote of the Hi-Y. Did I really win? exclaims DAR winner Gillian McAndrew. 14Lively, laughing, alert . . . Cheerleaders Judy Lehl, Sharon Mayes. Colleen Christensen. Mary Ann Hudson. Geraldine Lawrence, and mascot Desirae Lawrence boost school spirit. A congratulation goes to Homemaking award winner Loretta Kozal. Wouldn’t it be nice if we could win the Yearbook trophy every year?” comments Janice Merrill to Pam Bowman and Sandi Churchwell.SPRING Finals Are Over and students lean back and relax. For the seniors it has not been all work; tun and good times have gone along with the effort of making good grades. Although spring fever hit on those first spring days, seniors plodded along, busily preparing for graduation. That long awaited last week arrived all too soon, and no one could understand how the year had passed so quickly. Many sad farewells were exchanged in the halls. For seniors, graduation was the end of that mtich publicized teenage world and just the beginning of adulthood. Spring is busting out ail over is clearly demonstrated by Jack Hamer, Margo Flore: and Wayne Mart.SENIOR PLAY CAST—BACK ROW: Dick Lincoln. Sandi Cnurchwell, Ted Adam. Robert Furman. Ross Graham. Susie Hall, Terry Annen, Larry Moomey, Janet Chamberlin, Sharon Mayes. Mr. Willis Furman. FRONT ROW: Gillian McAndrew, Edwyna Williams, Arnold Burnham. Carol Mischnick. Jan Brock. Kathy Johnson. John Lurvey. Judi Chamberlin. A final broadcast of AHS on the air is given by Sandra Turechek and Phyllis Kisicki. School years are ended . . . books are checked in.THE FORWARD WAY in a world where it is dangerous to be apathetic, is sought by students who have open minds, a desire to learn, and the will to practice Self-discipline Knowledge alone is not sufficient; guidance and inspiration are needed,too. It takes more than books; it requires the magic of a teacher who believes in Self-discipline 18 1. . . Academics 19Dear Faculty With the complexities of big business comes a need for organization, and managing Alliance High is a business which requires all the attention and paper work of a corporation. Various talents of many individuals combine to form Alliance’s administrative department. Our principal, Mr. Chamberlin, and his assistants put their talents to use in successfully keeping our school operating efficiently. Thus, in attempting to serve the school and the students better, Alliance's teaching staff and administrators endeavor through guidance and instruction to prepare the young minds of today for the challenges which they must face in the future. 20 Molding a team of students, faculty and parents into an effective high sthool gives our principal. Mr. L. T. Chamberlin, a sense of pride.We Are Proud to Tell Your Story • • • Accentuating the positive and eliminating the negative keep our counselors busy during the school year. As confidants, the counselors hear students' scholastic, financial, and family problems. Mr. Dreyer, our full-time counselor, also handles the testing program which aids students in making vocational choices. Adjusting sophomore girls to the hectic ways of high school presents Mrs. Merdinger, our girls’ counselor, with a major counseling task. MR. WILLIAM DREYER, M.A. Guidance Director Student Council Adviser MRS. GENEVIEVE MERDINGER M.A. English, Girls’ Counselor Student Council Adviser 21 Patiently answering all questions, our secretary, Mrs. Margaret Copple, and her assistants—Loretta Kozal, Rosemary Oxford. Linda Rain-bolt. Janice Roten. Jan Chamberlin, Terry Annen, and Judy Chamberlin—are valuable assets in our school office.MR. FRED PETERSEN. A.B. Chemistry. Physics MR. DAVID FOSTER, B.S. Chemistry Athletics MR. JAMES KOLLATH. M.A. Biology Sophomore Class Sponsor Mystery, Fascination Make Science a World of Wonder Could it backfire? wonders worried Yvette Danielsgn as Dwight Satchell. Steve Gillespie, and Lonnie Sherlock concentrate on a fascinating chemistry problem. One for me, one for you, and one for the teacher, exclaims Betty Cody to Iris Brewer and Nina Broadfoot. Experimenting with the principle of the cartesian diver in physics class are Bob Seiler and John Lurvey. Science courses offered in high school lay the foundations for those taken in college and for many occupations in this complex society. A course in biology offers the student a chance to study life. From biology the student progresses to chemistry where mysteries of the composition and changes of materials of life seem to unfold before his eyes. The last rung of the scientific ladder is reached in physics class. Motion, light reflections, and other subjects constitute the study of this inanimate side of science. Yes, science today is truly a challenge to students •interested in the coming of tomorrow. Mr. Kollath strikes a familiar pose.The click of a typewriter, scratch of a stenographer's pen on a pad, piles of ledgers —all are vastly important details of the world of commerce. In more specialized areas, future business men and women may prepare for immediate or more distant business-related careers by taking Shorthand I and II, which introduce them to abbreviated forms and dictation, Typing I and II, which teach need for speed and accuracy, and Bookkeeping I, which delves into the proper use of ledgers and forms in business transactions. Caught in the act of using the teacher's demonstrator is Jayne Irish. Does she look worried to you? MR. RAYMOND SCHMITZ. B.A. MRS. JUANITA GLARUM. M.A. Bookkeeping. Typing Typing. Shorthand 24 Students Prepare for Future VocationsMankind Is Revealed in Social Studies On the shoulders of the teenagers of today rests the overpowering burden of the future and the search for peace. Now as never before, the youth of America must be educated in social science and must keep abreast with world affairs. If it is to survive, civilization must find a basis of better relationship among nations. In history, government, and economics lively discussions and interpretation of current happenings aid students in developing a keen interest in modern-age problems. MR. DON CROWDER, A.B. MR. TOM HOVORKA, B.A. American History American Government cand Me,. Bel Down R.»p G «», The Alliance Dai v 6.000 Ttoops In Timcs-Neratd Navy Base Area , . . Rusk Attends Senate Croup's Cuba Meeting 2 Civilians ln sw,, j, AsIronauiGrotip'w JOrjf V i (lx Htrrim Aitj ImA ■ Bi Atulof t i 25 That funny, bearded man from the south has had more than his share of the limelight. Terry Annen and Phyllis Kisicki have different reactions to this world crisis.MR. JAMES AMBLER. M.A. Mathematics. History Athletics MRS. ALICE NELSON. A.B. Algebra Yearbook Sponsor MR. LESTER HUNT. A.B. Geometry, Trigonometry Senior Class Sponsor Eagle-eyed Mrs. Nelson catches Dave Kimmel as he shows off during advanced algebra period. 26 Precision and Accuracy Sine, tangent, slope, postulates, and graph are terms which at first puzzle math students. Many equations later, these and more difficult terms are parried back and forth over the clatter of chalk and scratching of pencils. Why and how are developed along with the terminology. ‘Students find the five courses in math sufficient to develop logical thinking. Circles are fun for general math student Steve Morgan.MR. ROBERT MORRIS. B.S. Drivers Education Athletics Encourage Logical Thinking Precision, accuracy and clear thinking are not limited to the field of mathematics. Drivers Training develops these in a style peculiar to the subject. My car won't start, Mr. Morris, grumbles Jan Brock. 27 Prove this and I'll accept your answer. states Mr. Hunt to trig student Pat Myszkowski.Music anc In a well-balanced program, music plays an important role in the instilling of unity, cooperation and teamwork among the students. Music not only gives a feeling of achievement to the students but also reinforces other school activities. The carry over of the appreciation of music in later life is undoubtedly the greatest contribution of public school music; this is attested by the fine church choirs, city band and the community concerts in Alliance. Superintendent L. E. Morrison MR. ARTHUR JENSEN. M.A. Band Director Dance Band Director MR. ROBERT KIESER. B.A. Vocal Music Director American History ‘You're good, Ross Graham, but sometimes we could throttle you, warns Larry Moomey.Physical Education Enrich the Curriculum Keeping physically fit has become a national concern so it is proper that physical education should be a required course. Agility, co-ordination, and sportsmanship are given their share of attention. Volleyball, basketball, tumbling, trampoline, softball, and tennis are some of the various sports offered students. Throughout the year these sports offer healthful recreation to all .boys and girls in Alliance High. MRS. NONA ROTEN, B.S. MR. ORVILLE HERRING, B.S. Physical Education Physical Education Pep Club Sponsor G.A.A. Sponsor 29 Only four more miles to go, laughs Mrs. Thelma Merritt, our school nurse.MR. KENNETH WARE. M.A. Vocational Agriculture F.F.A. Sponsor MR. BYRON NELSON. M.A. Industrial Arts Mechanical Drawing Hi-Y Sponsor MRS. MARIE SUTTER. B.S, Home Economics Junior Class Sponsor Practical Arts Department Stresses Useful Subjects Will we get these gifts done by Christmas? wonder Jerry Broadfcot. Ken Pugh. Chip Essex, and Joel Schafer. 30 Watch those pins, Judi, mutters Jan Chamberlin to her twin sister. Learning techniques used down on the farm, baking bread like grandma's, or constructing bookcases, the farmers, homemakers, and builders of tomorrow prepare for the day they must assume these tasks for real. As they stress the need for girls to become efficient and pleasing homemakers and help boys interested in agricultural or industrial arts careers to decide on the vocations best related to their capabilities, the practical arts courses occupy a vital part of the educational scene. Ag boys enjoy their assignment. Library and With the introduction of a seven period day, the librarian and her high school assistants are able to devote their full attention to answering queries about book placement and information sources besides setting aside a week to instruct sophomore English classes in library use. The library helps further the knowledge of all those who want to learn and through its forty periodicals provides enjoyment as well as information for many students. So. what's new, Brain Boy? says Nancy Underwood to Dick Lincoln. 32 MRS. ESTHER MYERS, B.A. Librarian MRS. VERA BRIGGS, B.S. LatinLanguage Laboratory Yield Answers Musical tones of Spanish and gut-teral sounds of German combine with ancient pronunciation of classical in the language department. Students learn through the study of grammar and vocabulary, and through class discussions. The language laboratory of records and speech recorders gives valuable aid to budding linguists. MR. CHARLES HITT, B.A. MRS. LILA FIEBIG. B.A. German Spanish 33 Assisting in the library is difficult but interesting work for Janice Merrill, Pat Myszkowski, and Dan Nielsen.MR. WILLIS FURMAN. B.A. English. Speech Class Play Sponsor MR. REX MARTIN. B.A. English. World History MR. BERNARD BECKER, B.S. English. Journalism Newspaper Sponsor Self Expression Dominates Carried back to the days of King Arthur, Joy Taylor dreams of knights in shining armor. The gerund and the infinitive, the plot and the theme—these are part of the English curriculum offered at Alliance High. The study of many literary masterpieces widens students' horizons and enriches their knowledge of the culture that has molded our lives. A neat workbook pays off for Carol Mischnick. 34MISS FLORENCE CROUSE. B.S. English, Radio Program Sponsor Sophomore Sponsor The English Scene Words are so much a part of life today that existence itself may be said to depend upon them. Those who can speak and write effectively hold untold power. To develop this ability is the goal of English courses. Intent on his pamphlet, Dave Bates participates in SRA reading laboratory. Four hands come in handy as Terry DeBusk does research for a theme. 35Developing the qualities of accuracy, organization, and teamwork becomes second nature for members of the newspaper and yearbook staffs as they work diligently at writing and typing copy, completing layouts, and planning and taking pictures. As deadlines draw near, the very nature of publications problems might justify one in saying that all is organized confusion,' but aided by experienced advisers, both staffs are able to record vividly and accurately in words and pictures the 1962-63 school year. Well-Organized Staffs Paper dolls, I'll bet, laugh co-editors Gillian McAndrew and Geraldine Lawrence as Adviser Mrs. Nelson prepares layout. Henry Ford's assembly line was never like this, giggles Janice Merrill as Sandi Churchwell dra Turechek, and Pamela Bowman check final copy. Linda Rainbolt, Sherry Mundt, San- 36Headlines and headaches are a rgeular diet for Spud staff members Martha Hedges, Andrea Sampson, Sandra Smith, Dan Nielsen, Mary Lee Bright, Sharon Koozer, and Donna Lawrence. Record Year’s History Top notch journalists, Yvette Danielson, Carol Koester, Geraldine Lawrence, Gillian McAndrew, and Micki Banjoff gather for a meeting of Quill and Scroll. Finding errors is tedious for co-editors Yvette Danielson and Micki Banjoff and Adviser Mr. Becker. 37THE FORWARD WAY in the educational process implies more than academics. It is students participating in activities suited to fulfill their desire for Self-expression It is that feeling of belonging which is a youth's reward when he assumes his share of clubs, music, dramatics, or athletics. It is that satisfaction gained by Self-expression 38. . . Activities 391962 FOOTBALL SQUAD—BACK ROW: Mark Schreiber, Tom Florez, Dennis McCullah, Thomas Todd, Gerald West, Donald Taylor. Terry Olson. James Cole, Larry Studt. THIRD ROW: Emery Sears, James Furman, Dennis Dobson, Ron Osborn. Dick Snyder, Howard Taylor. Lonnie Sherlock, Steven Gillispie, Chris Bartels, Mike Nay, Gordon Burback. SECOND ROW: Don Sheldon, Steve Morgan, Gary Leever, Jim Mischnick, Steve Bedient, Steve Smith, Danny Garrett, Steve Liakos, Greg Young, Lannie Shelmadine. FIRST ROW: Robert Seiler, Duane Dobson, Bruce Morris. Larry Osborn. Charles Schadwinkel, Jim Tice. Tom Anderson, Arthur Baier, Edward Pew. Warren Miller. 1962 VARSITY FOOTBALL RECORD Sept. 14 Gering 12 Alliance 6 Sept. 21 Sidney 13 Alliance . 6 Sept. 28 Ogallala 0 Alliance 16 Oct. 5 North Platte 33 Alliance 0 Oct. 12 Torrington 14 Alliance 13 Oct. 19 McCook 20 Alliance 21 Oct. 24 Kearney .. 19 Alliance 6 Nov. 2 Scottsbluff 12 Alliance 6 Nov. 14 Chadron 32 Alliance 6 Steve Smith skirts the end for a good gain. 40Rugged opponents coupled with Bulldog errors forced us to settle for a season's record of two victories and seven defeats. Alert pass interceptions enabled Gering to down the Alliance Bulldogs in the season opener, 12-16. During the Sidney-Alli-ance game, the Bulldogs held a 6-6 tie for three quarters, only to have the Maroons take one dying gasp to complete a 65-yard pass which led to the final score of 13-6. Seeking the win column for the first time, the Bulldogs broke the leash and chewed up the Ogallala Indians, 16 to 0. The sweetness of this victory was enjoyed only until the top-rated North Platte Bulldogs, accompanied by an inch of rain, downed the Alliance gridmen, 33 to 0. Varsity Coach Don Crowder, with assistants James Ambler and Bob Morris, pause to discuss the strategy tor the next game. Varsity Squad Hard Hit by Defeats 41By a slim margin of a point after a touchdown (tick, the Torrington Trailblazers nosed the Bulldogs, 14-13. Fortune reversed in the next game as Chick Schadwinkel scored 15 points, including the gamewinning extra point conversion, as the Bulldogs upset the McCook Bison in an important West Big Ten Conference contest, 21-20. The following week, the Kearney Bearcats popped the Bulldogs, 19-6. The Scottsbluff Bearcats made an early two-touchdown lead stand as they fought off a last-half rally by the Bulldogs to capture the renewal of their traditional football rivalry, 12-6. Closing the Alliance Bulldog 1962-63 football season, the undefeated Chadron Cardinals added the Bulldogs to their victim list by a score of 32-6. Chick Schadwinkel plunges straight ahead. 42 Steve Bedient throws a block.Windblown but happy, Homecoming Queen PHYLLIS SEIM and her attendants, JUDY TRANK and LORETTA KOZAL, pause for the photographer after being chosen by the A-Club. Excited and close to tears, Court Queen COLLEEN CHRISTENSEN and her attendants, SHARON MAYES and GERALDINE LAWRENCE, relax between halves of the game after crowning ceremonies by the A-Club. 43Cross Country Wins State and District Cross Country Squad—Standing: Vernon York, John Komerzell. Kneeling: Tom Fuller, Dave Bunnel. MEETS ALLIANCE Scottsbluff 2nd Triangular Meet 2nd Sidney Invitational 2nd Alliance Dual Meet 1st Triangular Meet 1st Scottsbluff Invitational 2nd Triangular Meet 1st Big Ten Conference 1 st State Conference 1 st Coach Jim Thorell explains to Greg Young how it Novice Cross Country Squad—Dave Bates, Roy Wiseman, John Petersen Larry 's done. Shetler, Don Morris. 44Girls Improve Agility Through Athletics Volleyball Team: B CK ROW: Anna Foster, Connie Schneider, Connie Menuey, Carol Mischnick, Sandi Churchwell, Judy Schumacher, Sandra Turechek, Mrs. Roten. SECOND ROW: Patsy Robbins, Judy Phillip, Peggy Overstreet, Paula Kisicki, Mary Ann Hudson, Loretta Kozal. FIRST ROW: Bonnie Jones, Geraldine Lawrence, Margo Florez, Edwyna Williams, Sherry Mundt. Girls take active part in many sports through the Girls' Athletic Association. Basketball, softball, volleyball, speed ball, kick ball, tennis, badminton, trampoline, and tumbling make up a well rounded program. For those who want to further their interest in sports there is an opportunity to join the Interscholastic Girls’ Volleyball Team. Adding Gordon as a new opponent, the team played six games this year and ended the season by participating in the St. Agnes tournament. 45 G.A.A. Officers tor 1962-63: President Loretta Kozal, Treasurer Margo Florez. Secretary Judy Waldron, and Vice-President Sherry Mundt.1962-63 VARSITY BASKETBALL SQUAD—Lannie Shelmadine, Tom Anderson, Larry Studt, Bruce Morris, Dave Bates, Lonnie Sherlock, John Kamerzell, Jim Tice, Tom Fuller, Steve Smith, Jack Hamer. Varsity Cagers Face Tough Season Reporting tor duty, Student Manager Calvin Prouty checks in with Varsity Coach Ambler. 46 Saining valuable experience, members of the varsity team faced a long line of strong opponents. Eve'n though the squad's ability to make free throws and field goals improved considerably, the lack of height and experience weakened the team’s defense throughout the season. Statistics in mid-February of the point average of five varsity starters showed Jim Tice, a 6-foot forward, leading with an 18 point game average. John Kamerzell was second with a 15 point average. Bruce Morris averaged 7, Steve Smith 6, and Jack Hamer 5 points per game.VARSITY RECORD Feb. 5 North Platte . ... 65 Alliance ...53 Feb. 8 Scottsbluff . .... . ...71 Alliance 59 Feb. 9 Holdrege 59 Alliance 66 Feb. 15 McCook 53 Alliance 48 Feb. 16 North Platte 78 Alliance.. ... 6C Feb. 22 Torrington 52 Alliance .53 Feb. 23 Ogallala 69 Alliance 68 Dec. 15 Gering 71 Alliance 63 Dec. 22 Kearney 61 Alliance 54 Jan. 12 McCook 57 Alliance 53 Jan. 18 Sidney 46 Alliance 57 Jan. 25 Scottsbluff 66 Alliance 53 Jan. 26 Gering 60 Alliance 54 Feb. 1 Ogallala 62 Alliance 64 Feb. 2 Kearney 63 Alliance ... 53 Practicing his lay-up, Jim Tice prepares tor a coming game. Go, Alliance, Go! 47While his teammates watch, John Kamerzell makes a field goal. Eagerly awaiting the rebound, Steve Smith goes into action. Going high, Lonnie Sherlock captures the rebound. Bulldogs eye a hopeful shot.Reserve Squad Outlook Gives Promise 1962-63 RESERVE SQUAD—Coach Bob Morris, Steve Gillispie, Howard Taylor, Roy Wiseman, Gene Shaw, Roger Evans, Mike Nay. Vernon York. Don French, Denny McCullah, Dan Garrett, Dave Kimmel, Gordon Burback, Dave Bunnel. RESERVE RECORD Dec. 15 Gering 46 Alliance 51 Dec. 27 Kearney .. 30 Alliance 54 Jan. 1 2 McCook 43 Alliance 47 Jan. 1 8 Sidney 44 Alliance ... . 37 Jan. 25 Scottsbluff 49 Alliance 35 Jan. 26 Gering 41 Alliance 50 Feb. 1 Ogallala 41 Alliance 52 Feb. 2 Kearney 42 Alliance 25 Feb. 8 Scottsbluff 38 Alliance 45 Feb. 9 Bayard Varsity 54 Alliance 62 Feb. 15 McCook 59 Alliance 31 Feb. 16 North Platte 42 Alliance 40 Feb. 22 Torrington Alliance Feb. 23 Ogallala Alliance Preparing for an out-of-town trip, Reserve Coach Morris and Student Manager Warren Miller make a final check. 491962 TRACK SQUAD—BACK ROW: Jim Thorell, Daryl Carroll, Terry DeBusk. Tom Anderson. Bruce Morris, John Kamerzell. Jim Tice. Cork Taylor, Steve Bedient. Dave Bates. Lonnie Sherlock, Steve Gillispie, Larry Shetler. Chick Schadwinkel. Bob Briggs. Calvin Prouty. Jim Misch-nick. Don Morris. Jim Ambler. Don Crowder. MIDDLE ROW: Steve Liakos. Dave Kimmel. Lannie Shelmadine. Dan Garrett. Bob Seiler. Steve Smith, Gordie Burback. Greg Young. Butch York. Warren Miller, Edd Pew. Steve Morgan. Tom Fuller, Gary Lamb. Bill Barrett. Raymond Rosane. FRONT ROW: Roger Evans. Denny McCullah, Ted Evans. Ron Osborn, Tom Todd. James New. Tom Florez. Larry Bolinger, Dick Snyder, Larry Studt, Dave Bunnell. John Petersen. Late Spring Slows Cindermen Ernie Nickens was selected as “Best All-around Athlete for 1961-1962. DATE MEET ALLIANCE April 7 Alliance Invitational 3rd. April 14 Sidney Invitational 2nd. April 21 Western Nebraska 3rd. April 28 Western Conference 3rd. May 4 Big Ten Conference 6th. May 9-10-1 1-12 District Meet 5th. May 18-19 State Meet 22nd. 50WRESTLING RECORD DATE OPPONENT ALLIANCE Dec. 6 Sidney lost Dec. 15 Ogallala won Dec. 22 Kearney lost Jan. 29 Scottsbluff lost Feb. 1 Ogallala won Feb.' 2 Kearney won Feb. 8 Big Ten Tournament Feb. 12 Gering lost Feb. 15-16 District Tournament— Three qualifiers Feb. 22-23 State Tournament Preparing for State Tournament, Coaches Dave Foster and Wayne Maier check the grappling record. Wrestlers Win 3 Out of 7 WRESTLING SOUAD—Standing: Student Manager Murray Berry. Larry Osborn. Crick Schadwinkel Ron Osborn. Don Taylor Duane Dobson Larrv Bolinqer Vern Vogel. Dennis Dobson. Jim Furman. Mark Schre.ber. Roy Hernandez. Ronnie Longacre. Student Manage Emery Sears Kneeling:'Roger Berry. Steve Liakos. Don Wright. Gerald West. Don Sheldon. Don Morns. John Hansen. Terry Johnston. Loren Jackson, Tom Florez. Rick Marin, Steve Valentine. 51 Get your fresh popcorn here! is heard above the constant roar at home basketball games. A-Club members sell refreshments in order to finance their various projects. Sponsorship of the Harlem Clowns will be remembered as an exciting event in this community. Perhaps the club members will remember initiation of new members longer than the Harlem Clowns, for this produces fun and laughter that will be recalled in later years when athletes gather to reminisce. A-Club Officers—Standing: Bob Seiler, president; Dick Lincoln, secretary-treasurer. Kneeling: Chick Schadwinkel, sergeant-at-arms; Tom Anderson, vice-president. Harlem Clowns Draw Large Crowd 52 Membership in A-Club is open to those earning at least one letter in a major sport. FIRST ROW: Greg Young. Larry Osborn, Duane Dobson. Emery Sears. Jack Hamer. Jim Tice. Terry DeBusk. Lannie Shelmadine. SECOND ROW: Sponsor Mr. Ambler. Bruce Morris. John Kamerzell. Steve Liakos, Bob Seiler. Chick Schadwinkel. Steve Smith. Warren Miller, Sponsor Mr. Crowder. THIRD ROW: Artie Baier. Chris Bartels. Steve Gillispie. Jim Mischnick. Steve Bedient. Butch York. Alan Trabert. Don Seim. Dave Kimmel, Dan Laursen.Lively, Laughing, Alert Pep Club Girls Boost Spirit Enjoying a snack while planning the winter formal are the Pep Club officers and sponsor: Secretary Pam Bowman, Sponsor Mrs. Roten, Vice President Gillian McAndrew, Treasurer Joyce Schnell, and President Janice Brock. Exuberantly waving their shakers and chanting, Go, Big Blue! the Pep Club adds sparkle and spirit to all rallies and games. The clever skits at well-planned assemblies and the neatly decorated halls boost the morale of the team. Two gala social events of the year are sponsored by this organization. In December all look forward to the Pep Club Formal, at which royalty is crowned. In the spring after the juniors have put in many long, aching hoyrs of practice, cheerleader tryouts are held. The rising tension comes to a climax as the new cheerleaders are tapped at the evening banquet.Y-Teens Support Chinese Orphan for Third Year Y-TEEN CABINET—STANDING: Beverly Langmacher. Janice Merrill, Connie McKinney. Anne Reddish, and Linda Rainbolt. SEATED: Nancy Underwood. Claudia Merrick. Linda Culp, Carol Koester. Phyllis Kisicki, Yvette Danielson, Joy Taylor, Edwyna Williams. Andrea Sampson. Rosemary Oxford, Mary Lee Bright, Carol Mischnick. and Sandy Turechek. Will you volunteer? is a frequent ques-tion at Y-Teen meetings, as plans are discussed for the year. Traditional programs include fall conference, mother-daughter banquet, Cairo, Patteran, Orpheum, and Senior Dinner. Service projects are especially popular with the girls. This year during World Fellowship Week, the Y-Teen girls enjoyed an out-of-town guest speaker. A generous check was sent to their Chinese orphan in Hong Kong and the Christmas Indian Party was a huge success. Popular with the community and students is the Orpheum, which takes detailed planning by the sponsors, Mrs. Glarum and Mrs. Myers. Popcorn, candy, pop! is a familiar cry on the athletic field during football season, as the boys earn money for their Hi-Y business. Attending Model Legislature at Lincoln is a high point of interest of each year's program. This year Ross Graham was elected Clerk of the State Legislature. Hi-Y officers: Robert Furman, president; John Lurvey. vice-president; Gary Lamb, secretary-treasurer; Mr. Nelson, sponsor; Bob Harvey, sergeant-at-arms; and Bob Saxton, chaplain. Hi-Y Attends Model Legislature Hi-Y boys are ready for Lincoln. STANDING: Robert Furman, Don Phillip. Ron Harvey. Dick Lincoln. Ross Graham, John Lurvey, Bob Harvey, and Terry DeBusk. KNEELING: John Reno, Ken Pugh, Larry Moomey. Chick Schadwinkel. and sponsor Mr. Hovorka. Look, fellas! Let's do it this way, comments Gary Leever. vice-president, to George Ackerman, sentinel; Richard Brice, reporter; Harold Thompson, president; Jerry Underwood, treasurer; and Tom Adam, secretary. Practical Problems Confront FFA Boys Displaying their ribbons won for state championship at the stubble mulch contest are Robert Bauer, John Ditsch, Dick Bauer, and Harold Thompson. To develop agricultural leadership and increase their knowledge of farming, the Future Farmers of America entered and qualified in district and state contests. Making outside Christmas decorations, preparing for the twenty-fifth anniversary of F.F.A., and holding the popular donkey basketball game were among the special events of the year. At the club's annual pheasant feed, they honored the first F.F.A. officers from this chapter.Director—W. B. Furman Co-Directors—Janice Roten, Susie Lierk Co-Producers—Anne Reddish, Linda Rainbolt Prompters—Nanette Furman, Claudia Merrick JUNIOR PLAY CAST Abbey Brewster Linda Greathouse The Rev. Dr. Harper Vernon York Teddy Brewster Bob Shankland Officer Brophy Loren Jackson Officer Klein Floyd Miller Martha Brewster Sherry Mundt Elaine Harper Andrea Sampson Mortimer Brewster Steve Bedient Mr. Gibbs Dan Curry Jonathan Brewster Dave Bates Dr. Einstein Steve Liakos Officer O'Hara Tom Adam Lieutenant Rooney Jim Mischnick Mr. Witherspoon Terry Trenkle Now, Teddy, stop blowing that horn, Linda Greathouse warns Bob Shankland. “Arsenic and Old Lace” Plays to Capacity Crowd During a break in rehearsal, Steve Liakos and Jim Mischnick argue about the ownership of a bottle of wine. 57Military precision is displayed by cornetists Julie Muhm, Larry Moomey, Roy Wiseman, and Wayne Mart, who make up the cornet quartet. For music ... is like a voice, A low voice calling fancy, as a friend, To the green woods in the gay summer time. —Robert Browning Band Brings Pleasure FIRST ROW: Edwyna Williams, Judy Trank. Anne Reddish. Peggy Overstreet. SECOND ROW: Ann Cole. Donna Lawrence. Cean Frost Linda Fry !Stanley Behm, Terry Weldin. Roy Wiseman. Chick Schadwinkel. THIRD ROW: John Reno. Mary Vallejo. Deanna dAw yo,?re• Sandra SmIfh Sharon Sorum- Larry Penster. Iris Brewer. Julie Muhm, Wayne Mart. FOURTH nVuv l vT .l0’ Kafhy K® ey Judith Chamber,in« Connie Dillon. Susie Hall. Bruce Hitchcock. Max Wright. Mr. Toenies. Butch York, Frank Wright. 58Combining talent with desire for perfection, the Alliance High School band played its way to success. Entertainment provided by the band during the football season consisted of precision drills and spirited music. Outstanding performances at the winter and spring concerts and graduation inspired murmurs of praise from students and townspeople. Several band members received the honors of traveling to Norfolk for State Music Clinic and of playing in District Contest. These activities are the compensations for the long, hard hours of practice. to Musicians and Audiences Concentrating on the music and keeping in step keep trom bonist Robert Furman on his toes. FIRST ROW: Carolyn Eldred, Donna Hulett, Mary Curtiss, Phyllis Seim. Terry Annen. SECOND ROW: Nancy Underwood. Jan Brock, Deanna Garrett. Nancy Nolda, Joan Wilkins, Mary Lee Bright, Shirley Darr. Connie Panwitz. THIRD ROW: Larry Moomey, Gary Lamb, Artie Baier, Martha Laing, Linda Schneider, Steve Vallentine. Judy Edwards. Janet Wait. Janice Roten. FOURTH ROW. Bob Shankland. Gerald West, Mr. Jensen, Mary Perez, Jodene Schwindt. John Petersen. Dwight Satchell. Floyd Miller. Ross Graham. Bob Saxton, Robert Furman. 59ORCHESTRA—FIRST ROW: Carol Mischniclc, Beverly Langmacher. Carol Phaneuf, Joni Taylor. Barbara Tolstedt, Don Hammar, Jim Cole. SECOND ROW: Nancy Annen. Pam McMasters, Phyllis Seim. Terry Annen. Edwyna Williams. Judy Trank. Janice Roten. Janet Wait. Judy Edwards. Steve Vallentine. Nancy Dreyer. Doug Peters. THIRD ROW: Julie Muhm. Wayne Mart. Larry Moomey. Nancy Underwood. Janice Brock. Deanna Garrett. Robert Furman. Bob Saxton. Shirley Darr. Connie Panwitz. FOURTH ROW: Mr] Jensen. Mr. Toenfes. Pam Novicki, Kathy Johnson. Judi Chamberlin, Janet Chamberlin, Kathy Kelley.Whether a student prefers classical or popular music, the Alliance High Music Department has something to offer. Cultural organizations such as the Alliance High School Orchestra are extremely rare in Western Nebraska. Among public appearances of this group are the annual winter and spring concerts. For the students at A.H.S. who enjoy popular music, there is opportunity for participation in the Dance Band. This band performs at school dances in surrounding communities and makes its most popular local appearance at the Y-Teen Orpheum. Don't wiggle so much, Judi! exclaims her sister. Jan. Music Fills the Air DANCE BAND—FRONT ROW: Gary Lamb, Mary Lee Bright. Connie Panwitz. Mary Perez. Joan Wilkins. Kathy Johnson. Robert Furman, Mr. Jensen. BACK ROW: Ann Cole. Judy Trank. Julie Muhm. Roy Wiseman, Wayne Mart. Larry Moomey. Bob Saxton. Ross Graham. Floyd Miller. Dwight Satchell, John Petersen. 61Members of the popular boys’ quartet—Gary Lamb. Tom Fuller. Wayne Mart, and Dan Nielsen—are not always so solemn. Music is the universal language of mankind. Henry Wadsworth Longfellow Rehearse, Then FIRST ROW: Mr. Kieser-.Bertha Florez . Joy Taylor. Diana Dobry. Yvette Danielson. Kathy Kelley. Gillian McAndrew. Margo Flo-h® |.Shr Y Mupdt- «OND ROW: Sharon Mann. Mary Anderson, Mary Curtiss. Andrea Sampson, Martha Hedges. Judi Cham-h n °M,eI »dSAw J dy Trank-JHIRD ROW Warren Miller. Ted Evans. Marv Bowman. Floyd Miller. Arnold Burn- . ham. Dan N.elsen. FOURTH ROW: Denny McCullah, Steve Morgan Ross Graham. Dick Lincoln, Gene Shaw. Wayne Mart. 62Is your robe the correct length? Do you have the right shoes? Is your collar clean? All of these minor details plague the members of the Alliance High'School Choir as they prepare for one of their concerts. Of course the mastery of musical techniques of a group is even more important than its appearance. A combination of this artistry and appearance determines the quality of a choir's performance. Spring and winter concerts, State Music Clinic, District Contest, and small ensemble groups keep choir members busy and interested. Rehearse Again Student director Dick Lincoln is given a few hints on directing by Mr. Kieser. FIRST ROW: Janet Chamberlin. Sandi Churchwell. Anne Reddish, Nanette Furman. Edwyna Williams. Linda Culp. Marjorie Tubbs. Sharon Mayes, Cheryl Strasburger. SECOND ROW: Ann Cole. Pam Bowman, Jeri Deisch, Mary Lee Bright, Rosemary Oxford, Judy Edwards, Judy Lehl, Julie Muhm. Mary Perez. THIRD ROW: Gary Lamb. Steve Vallentine, Steve Liakos, Sandy Lib-sack. Don French. Marty Sanderson, Jerry Cowles. FOURTH ROW: Jim Tice. Tom Fuller, Jim Mischnick, Roger Adkins, Bob Seiler, Steve Smith. 63THE FORWARD WAY in Alliance High School is not an easy path. Years of perplexing adjustments and many confusing moments have plagued the seniors' development of Self-confidence Graduation brings memories of personal trials and triumphs cherished dreams and disillusionments, fun, laughter, and tears shared by classmates, and all that gives a degree of Self-confidence 64PortraitsMost Representative 66 Each year the members of the senior class select a boy and a girl who they think are most representative of their class. The two °V baS!S of the qu0,IfIes of scholarship, leadership, service, and personality. ROBERT FURMAN and YVETTE DANIELSON have been chosen as most representative for 1963.GEORGE ACKERMAN F.F.A.. F.F.A. Sentinel. Meat Judging. Stubble Mulch Judging. Land Judging. Dairy Judging. Livestock Judging. State High School Rodeo LINDA ACKERMAN Pep Club, Y-Teens TED ADAM F.F.A., Stubble Mulch Judging, Senior Play ROGER ADKINS Omaha, Nebraska: Chorus, Boys’ Quartet, Hi-Y; Alliance High School: Choir, Hi-Y, State Music Clinic DEAN ALLEN THOMAS ANDERSON A-Club. A-Club Vice-President, Basketball, Football, Track, Hi-Y, Hi-Y Vice-President. West Conference Football Seniors Start Their Last Year Together . . . Senior class officers, Joy Taylor, secretary: Terry DeBusk. vice-president: and Kathy Johnson, treasurer, appear enthusiastic as President Dick Lincoln calls the meeting to order. 67TERRY ANNEN Band, Dance Band. Pep Club, G.A.A.. Y-Teens, Junior Class Play, Junior Class Secretary. State Music Clinic. Regents Alternate. National Honor Society. Chadrpn Scholastic Contest. Orchestra. Senior Play ARTHUR BAIER Band, A-Club, Basketball. Football Student Manager, Hi-Y, Soanish Club FAIRLYN BAUGH Pep Club, Y-Teens, Spanish Club STANLEY BEHM Band, F.F.A., S.W.C.D. Speaker PAMELA BOWMAN Choir, Madrigal, Pep Club. Pep Club Secretary. G.A.A.. Annual Staff, Y-Teens. State Music Clinic, Choir Council, Volleyball Team, Choir Section Leader JACQUELINE BRADEN Pep Club, G.A.A., Y-Teens JACK BRIXIUS F.F.A.. S.W.C.D. Speaker JERRY BROADFOOT JANICE BROCK Band, Senior and Junior Band Officer, Pep Club, Pep Club President, Y-Teens, Y-Teen Treasurer, Sophomore Class Vice-President, Student Council, Orchestra, Pep Band. Senior Play ARNOLD BURNHAM Alliance High School: Band, Choir, Football, Track, Hi-Y, Junior Class Play. Pep Band, State Music Clinic: Rincon High School. Tucson Arizona: Swimming Team, Senior Play JANET CHAMBERLAIN Band, Choir, Triple Trio. Madrigal Pep Club, Y-Teens, Y-Teen Cabinet, State Music Clinic, Drum Ensemble. Orchestra, Pep Band. Senior Play JUDITH CHAMBERLIN Band, Choir, Dance Band. Pep Club, Y-Teens, Y-Teen Cabinet, Junior Class Play, State Music Clinic, Senior Play I. . . Aware of Their Added Responsibilities . . . COLLEEN CHRISTENSEN Band, Pep Club, G.A.A., Y-Teens. Spanish Club, Cheerleader, Orchestra SANDRA CHURCHWELL Chorus, Choir, Choir Council, Triple Trio, Pep Club, G.A.A., Annual Staff, Y-Teens, Latin Club, Latin Club Vice-President, Student Council, State Music Clinic, Regents Alternate. Volleyball Team. Chadron Scholastic Contest, Orchestra. Orchestra Council, Senior Play JERRY COWLES Choir, Madrigal. Hi-Y. State Music Clinic YVETTE DANIELSON Choir, Pep Club, Spud Staff. Spud Editor, Quill and Scroll, Quill and Scroll President, Y-Teens, Y-Teen Vice-President, Junior Class President, Girls' State Alternate, State Music Clinic, National Honor Society. Chadron Scholastic Contest, Student Council. Student Council President SHIRLEY DARR Band, Dance Band, Pep Club, Y Teens, Junior Class Play, Orchestra, District Music Contest, Pep Band TERRY DEBUSK A-Club, Football. Track. Golf, Hi-Y, Hi-Y Model Legislature, Senior Class Vice-President GERALDINE DEISCH Platte Valley Academy: Choir, Madrigal, Girls' Club, Girls' Club President, Girls' Tumbling Team: Alliance High School: Chorus, Choir, Pep Club, Y-Teens, Girls' Volleyball Team DIANA DOBRY Chorus. Choir. Pep Club, Y-Teens, Latin Club, State Music Clinic DUANE DOBSON A-Club. Football, Track, Wrestling, Hi-Y, Spanish Club, Pep Club Boy Friend Attendant CATHERINE ENGELHAUPT St. Agnes Academy: Choir; Alliance High School: Pep Club, G.A.A., Y-Teens WILLARD (CHIP) ESSEX Hi-Y MARGARET FLOREZ Choir, Triple Trio, Pep Club, G.A.A., G.A.A. Treasurer, Y-Teens, Volleyball Team, State Music Clinic. . . Willing to Bear the Mantle of Leadership. KENNETH FOSTER Track, Hi-Y WILLIAM FRAEDRICH Hi-Y ROBERT FURMAN Band, Dance Band, Hi-Y, Hi-Y President, Hi-Y Chaplain. Hi-Y Model Legislature, Junior Class Play. Latin Club. Student Council. Student Council Vice-President, Boys' State Alternate. Regents Alternate, National Honor Society, Trombone Quartet. Orchestra. Student Council State Convention and Workshop Chadron Scholastic Contest, Senior Play ARTHUR GARIBAY Football, Spud Staff RANDAL GARRETT Hi-Y, Spanish Club ROSS GRAHAM Band, Chorus, Choir, Dance Band. Spud Staff, Hi-Y, Clerk of Hi-Y Model Legislature, Junior Class Play, District Speech Contest, Trombone Quartet. Chadron Scholastic Contest. Senior Play, Pep Band, State Music Clinic DALE GRAU Band, Hi-Y, Pep Band SUSAN HALL Band, Pep Club. G.A.A., Y-Teens, Spanish Club, Orchestra. Drum Ensemble. Pep Band. Chadron Scholastic Contest, Senior Play JACK HAMER A-Club, Basketball, Golf. Hi-Y, Junior Class Treasurer ROBERT HARVEY Hi-Y, Hi-Y Sergeant-at-Arms. Hi-Y Model Legislature RONALD HARVEY Hi-Y, Hi-Y Model Legislature GAY HOWARD Pep Club, Y-Teens Checking caps and gowns can be such a bore! think senior class sponsors, Mr. Lester Hunt and Mrs. Juanita Glarum. GORDON HOWELL A-Club. Football, Track, Wrestling. Hi-Y, Hi-Y Secretary MARY ANN HUDSON Chorus, Pep Club. G.A.A., G.A.A. Vice-President, Y-Teens, Latin Club. Student Council, Cheerleading. Volleyball Team JAYNE IRISH Pep Club. Band, G.A.A.. Y-Teens. Sophomore Class Secretary. Spanish Club WANDA JINES Pep Club, Y-Teens KATHLEEN JOHNSON Dance Band, Pep Club, G.A.A.. Y-Teens, Senior Class Treasurer. Orchestra. Orchestra Council, Senior Play KATHLEEN KELLEY Band, Chorus. Choir. Triple Trio, Madrigal. Pep Club. G.A.A., Y-Teens, State Music Clinic, Orchestra, Drum Ensemble, Girls' Septet, Pep Band PHYLLIS KISICKI St. Agnes Academy: Pep Club. Cheerleader, Valentine Duchess; Alliance High School: Pep Club, Y-Teens, Y-Teen Cabinet, Junior Class Play. Regents Alternate CAROL KOESTER Chorus, Pep Club, Spud Staff. Quill and Scroll, Y-Teens, Y-Teen Cabinet, Latin Club, Regents Alternate LORETTA KOZAL Pep Club, G.A.A.. G.A.A. President, Y-Teens, Sophomore Class President, Latin Club, Student Council, Homecoming Attendant, Volleyball Team. Betty Crocker's Homemaker's AwardGrades Concern College Bound Students GARY LAMB Band. Choir, Choir Vice-President. Boys’ Quartet, A-Club, Madrigal, Football. Track, Hi-Y, Hi-Y Secretary-Treasurer, State Music Clinic GERALDINE LAWRENCE Pep Club. G.A.A., Annual Staff, Annual Co-editor, Spud Staff. Chadron Scholastic Contest, Quill and Scroll, Quill and Scroll Secretary. Y-Teens. Cheerleader, Volleyball Team JUDY LEHL Choir, Pep Club. G.A.A.. Y-Teens, Cheerleader, State Music Clinic ALEXANDER LIBSACK Choir, Hi-Y RICHARD LINCOLN Band, Choir, Choir Student Director. A-Club. A-Club Secretary-Treasurer, Senior Play, Football. Golf, Spud Staff, Hi-Y. Hi-Y President, Hi-Y Model Legislature, Junior Class Play, Senior Class President, Student Council, District Speech Contest, State Music Clinic, National Honor Society CAROLYN LONGAN Manual High School, Arvada. Colorado; North Denver High School, Denver, Colorado: Band, Library Assistant; Alliance High School: Pep Club. Y-Teens JOHN LURVEY Football. Track, Hi-Y, Hi-Y Vice-President. Hi-Y Model Legislature, Junior Class Vice-President, Senior Play GILLIAN McANDREW Choir, Choir Secretary, Triple Trio, Madrigal, Pep Club. Pep Club Vice-President. G.A.A., Annual Staff, Annual Staff Co-Editor, Quill and Scroll, Quill and Scroll Vice-President. Y-Teens. Y-Teen Cabinet, Junior Class Play. Latin Club. Student Council, Girls' State, State Music Clinic, Regents Alternate. National Honor Society, D.A.R. Good Citizenship Essay Award. Girls' Septet, Chadron Scholastic Contest, Senior Play connie McKinley Pep Club, G.A.A., Y-Teens, Y-Teen Cabinet, Spanish Club WAYNE MART Band, Choir, Choir Student Director, Boys' Quartet, Dance Band, Basketball, Football. Hi-Y. Spanish Club, State Music Clinic SHARON MAYES Choir, Pep Club, Y-Teens, Latin Club. Student Council, Student Council Treasurer, Cheerleader, State Music Clinic, Senior Play JANICE MERRILL Pep Club. G.A.A., Annual Staff. Y-Teens, Y-Teen Cabinet, Latin Club, Library AsistantI WARREN MILLER Band. Choir, A-Club. Basketball. Football. Track, Hi-Y, Sophomore Class Treasurer, State Music Clinic. Pep Club Boy Friend Attendant CAROL MISCHNICK Pep Club. G.A.A., Y-Teens. Y-Teen President, Latin Club. Latin Club Vice-President, Latin Club President. State Music Clinic. Regents Winner, National Honor Society, Volleyball Team. Orchestra, Orchestra Council. Orchestra Concert Mistress, Senior Play JOHN MITCHELL LARRY MOOMEY Band, Dance Band, Hi-Y. Hi-Y Model Legislature. Spanish Club, Boys' State, Student Council, State Music Clinic, Orchestra, Chadron Scholastic Contest, Senior Play BRUCE MORRIS A-Club. Football. Basketball, Track DON MORRIS A-Club, Football. Track, Cross Country, Wrestling, Hi-Y PATRICIA MYSZKOWSKI Band. Pep Club, Y-Teens, G.A.A., Spanish Club. Spanish Club President, Regents Alternate. Chadron Scholastic Contest RICHARD (DAN) NIELSEN Choir, Choir President. Boys' Quartet, Madrigal. A-Club, Basketball. Football, Track, Spud Staff, Hi-Y, State Music Clinic MICHAEL O'LEARY LARRY OSBORN Hemingford High School; Alliance High School: A-Club, Football, Track, Wrestling CONNIE PANWITZ Band, Majorette. Choir, Choir Treasurer, Triple Trio, Dance Band, Pep Club. G.A.A., Y-Teens, Spanish Club. State Music Clinic, Saxophone Sextet, Saxophone Quartet. District Music Contest. Orchestra MARY PEREZ Band, Choir. Choir Council, Chorus, Dance Band. Pep Club, G.A.A.. G.A.A. Treasurer. Y-Teens, State Music Clinic. Saxophone SextetThrilled at being chosen 1962 Prom Queen and King. Carole Jo French and Gordie Kingry congratulate each other. EDWARD PEW Chorus, Choir, A-Club, Football, Track, Wrestling, Hi-Y, State Music Clinic, Junior Class Play DON PHILLIP Hi-Y, Hi-Y Model Legislature. Junior Class Play ANNA PHILLIPS Lyons Township High School, La Grange. Illinois: Downers Grove High School, Downers Grove. Illinois; Alliance High: Pep Club KENNETH PUGH Basketball, Track, Hi-Y, Chorus LOUISE REID Pep Club. Y-Teens JOHN RENO Band, Football. Hi-Y. Hi-Y Model Legislature. State Music Clinic, Track CLAUDIA RITTER Choir. Madrigal. G.A.A., Y-Teens, Y-Teens Cabinet, Junior Class Play, Latin Club, Student Council, State Music Clinic, Girls Septet, Pep Club EUGENE SANCHEZ Football, Track, Wrestling, Hi-Y ROBERT SAXTON Cheyenne Central High School: Band. Dance Band. Football. Wrestling, Junior Class Play, Spanish Club, State Music Clinic, Pep Band: Alliance High School: Band, Dance Band, Hi-Y, Hi-Y Chaplain, State Music Clinic, Pep Band . . . Choice of Career Confronts Them . . . VERNON SANDERSON Choir, Football. Track. Hi-Y, Junior Hi-Y Vice-President. State Music Clinic CHARLES SCHADWINKEL Band. Band Officer. Band Captain, A-Club. A-Club Sergeant-at-Arms, Football. Track. Wrestling. Hi-Y, Junior Hi-Y Secretary. Hi-Y Model Legislature. Student Council, Student Council Treasurer. State Music Clinic. Pep Club Boy Friend. All-Western Conference Football, West Big Ten Honorable Mention—Football JOYCE SCHNELL Band. Pep Club. Pep Club Treasurer, G.A.A.. Y-Teens ROBERT SEILER Band. Choir. Madrigal. A-Club. A-Club President. Basketball, Football, Track, Wrestling, Hi-Y, Boys' State Alternate. State Music Clinic PHYLLIS SEIM Band. Band Officer. Chorus. Chorus President. Choir, Choir Secretary, Madrigal, Pep Club, G.A.A., Y-Teens, Junior Class Play, Latin Club, Student Council. State Music Clinic, Homecoming Queen, Flute Quartet, Pep Band, Orchestra LARRY SHETLER Band, Track. Cross Country, Hi-Y THOMAS STARK Hi-Y, F.F.A. JO ANN TAYLOR Chorus, Choir, Triple Trio, Madrigal, Pep Club. G.A.A.. Y-Teens. Y-Teen Cabinet. Senior Class Secretary. Latin Club, State Music Clinic, Orchestra. Orchestra Council HAROLD THOMPSON F.F.A., F.F.A. Sentinel. F.F.A. President, State Land Judging Team, State Stubble Mulch Team JAMES TICE Band, Choir, A-Club, Basketball, Football, Track, Hi-Y, Spanish Club, Spanish Club Vice-President. State Music Clinic JUDITH TRANK Band, Choir, Choir Council, Dance Band. Madrigal, Pep Club, G.A.A., Y-Teens, Latin Club, State Music Clinic, Orchestra, Homecoming Attendant JERRY UNDERWOOD Hi-Y, F.F.A., F.F.A. TreasurerNANCY UNDERWOOD Band. Pep Club. G.A.A., Y-Teens. Y-Teen Secretary. Spanish Club. Student Council. Orchestra. Pep Band, District Music Contest JANET WAIT Band. Pep Club. Y-Teens. Orchestra. Saxophone Sextet JOYCE WARE Pep Club. G.A.A., G.A.A. Secretary, Y-Teens, Volleyball Team DENNIS WESSEL EDWYNA WILLIAMS Band, Majorette. Choir, Madrigal, Pep Club, G.A.A., Y-Teens, Y-Teen Cabinet, Latin Club. Student Council. State Music Clinic, Regents Alternate. Volleyball Team, Senior Play MAX WRIGHT Band, Football. Track. Hi-Y, Spanish Club . . . And Graduation Comes All Too Soon Presenting Carol Mischniclc with the Regents Scholarship is a privilege for Principal Chamberlin.High Scholarship It is a pleasure to present Senior ROBERT FURMAN, who has the highest scholarship rating for boys, and Senior TERRY AN NEN, who has the highest scholarship rating for girls. Gee! How could such a tiny ring cost so much money? comments President Janice Roten to Secretary Rosemary Oxford, Treasurer Steve Bedient, and Vice-President Dave Bates. Thomas Adam Nancy Allen Micki Banjoff Donald Bartels David Bates Colette Bauer Richard Bauer Robert Bauer Steve Bedient Murray Berry Judith Blight Marvin Bowman Richard Brice Mary Bright Pamela Brown Deanna Caruthers 78Honoring Seniors Requires Time and Planning Don Chancellor Ann Cole Cynthia Cole James Cole Linda Culp Dan Curry Mary Curtiss Jim Darveau Jeanine Dingman John Ditsch Becky Donovan Marvin Drumheller Judy Edwards Nanette Furman Danny Garrett Steven Gillispie Linda Graham Linda Greathouse Don Hammar Dennis Hansen Kay Hashman Martha Hedges Kenneth Hawley Linda Herbert9 All Juniors Participate in Leonard Meredith Claudia Merrick Floyd Miller Bill Hofmann Loren Jackson John Kamerzell David Kimmel Ardith King Steve Knigge Joan Kohrman Sharon Koozer Barbara Laursen Dan Laursen Maxine Lavon Diana Lawrence Gary Leever Steve Liakos Susie Lierk Janice Loomis Steven Loveless Sharon Mann Larry Marsh Patricia MellingerFirst SRA Reading Laboratory Jim Mischnick Mary Jo Moore Julianne Muhm Sherry Mundt William McLain Reeda Nelson Daniel Newlin Betty Nickens Judy Nielsen Jim Nuss Bonnie Lea O'Dea Terry Olson Rosemary Oxford Donna Peterson John Perrin Diana Prelie Linda Rainbolt Anne Reddish Bill Reno Rae Ann Rohrbouck Amelia Ross Janice Roten Paul M. Roten Jon RoyJuniors Assume Responsibility but Andrea Sampson Michael Sanchez Marty Sanderson Dwight Satchell Stephen Saum Joel Schafer Larry Schnell Mardella Schnell Jim Schwaderer Emery Sears Donald Seim Robert Shankland Don Sheldon Lannie Shelmadine Lonnie Sherlock Steve Smith Willard Smith Patty Specht Cheryl Strasburger Donald Taylor Barbara Tolstedt Alan Trabert Terry Trenkle Barbara Trumble Find Time for Fun and Laughter Marjorie Tubbs Jake Tucker Sandra Turechek Judy Waldron Mike Wall Eva Joan Wilkins Dave Woods Verlene Woods Alice Wright Bob Wright Vernon York Greg Young There's more than one way to make money for the Junior-Senior Prom. Shall we try it? inquires Sponsor Ray Schmitz of Sponsor Marie Sutter.Working for the good of the sophomore class are President Vern Vogel, Secretary Connie Dillon, Treasurer Imogene Behm. and Vice-President Carol Vogel. “First Taste Janice Adams Linda Baker Bill Barrett Kathy Bauer Barbara Becker Imogene Behm Dean Berry Larry Bolinger Iris Brewer Nina Broadfoot David Bunnell Mary Anne Chamberlain Gerald Christensen Betty Cody Ronald Coker David Colling Paul ine Collins Susan Crouse Barbara Dewing Judy Dickinson Connie Dillon Dennis Dobson Diana Ehlers Carolyn Eldred Roger Evans Ted Evans Larry Fenster Tom Florez 84Anna Foster Betty Fraedrich Ronald Fraedrich Donald French Geraldine Fritzler Cean Frost Linda Fry Tom Fuller Jim Furman Sherry Garner Deanna Garrett Adel Gerber Timothy Gresens Sharon Groskopf ft ft § M of Senior High Makes Them Eager for More Ronald Harris Eugene Hashman Eve Hill Bruce Hitchcock Cheryl Hobbs Donna Hulett Gloria Hulquist Virginia Johnson Terry Johnston Bonnie Jones Paula Kisicki Jo Ann Kistler Kathy Knoflicek Max Koester Martha Laing Carolyn Lamb Beverly Langmacher Jon Laughlin Donna Lawrence Georgia Liakos Cleo Liggett Marilee Liggett Roland Longacre John Lorenzini Debra Malcolm Larry Mann Richard Marin Cheryl Marsh Linda Mart Connie Menuey Kathleen Michal Daryl Miller Janet Mischnick Donald Mittelstadt Steve MorganWayne McCart Larry McCracken Dennis McCullah Sandra Murray Donald Nace Mike Nay Larry Nelson James New Nancy Nolda Ron Osborn Peggy Overstreet Craig Patterson Linda Pepler Dolly Perkins Angles, Insects Mark Sophomore Homework John Petersen Mary Peterson Carol Phaneuf Judy Phillip Keith Pirnie Kenneth Pirnie Marvin Powell Byron Prelie Polly Ouinn Joyce Riggs Jackie Rinehart Connie Risse Patsy Robbins Diane Rollo Raymond Rosane Richard Rubottom Elvira Sanchez Connie Schneider Linda Schneider Jodene Schwindt Mark Schreiber Sharon Schulze Judy Schumacher Sene Shaw Sandra Smaha Sandra Smith Dick Snyder Sharon Sorum Larry Steffan Linda Stephens Donald Strieker Larry Studt Roger Sundberg Larry Sutter Frances TaylorHoward Taylor Vicky Taylor Penny Thompson Jack Todd Tom Todd Linda Tolstedt Shirley Turner Mary Vallejo Steven Vallentine Carol Vogel Vern Vogel Sherry Wacker Keith Warner Terry Weldin Carol West Gerald West Vicky Williams Patrick Wiltsey Larry Winten Roy Wiseman Pamela Woods Donald Wright Frank Wright Marilyn Young Sponsoring a class is serious business judging from the deep concentration of tophomore class sponsors Florence Crouse and Joe Kollath. 87Here’s Who’s Who ADMINISTRATION Chamberlin, Leslie; Principal— 20. 76 Dreyer, William; Director of Guidance—7, 21 Morrison. Louis: Superintendent 3 Trout. Norval; Assistant Superintendent—3 BOARD OF EDUCATION Cover, John—5 Fiebig. Glen—5 Morgan. Dr. Robert—5 Neuswanger, Gene—5 Wiseman, Howard—5 Stephens. Lyle—5 CUSTODIANS Taylor. Wayne—13 Wilmott. Robert—13 FACULTY Ambler. James—26. 41, 46. 50. 52 Beclcer. Bernard—34. 37 Briggs. Vera—32 Carroll, Daryl—50 Crouse. Florence—35. 87 Crowder. Don—25. 41 50. 52 Fiebig. Lila—33 Foster. Dave—22. 51 Furman. Willis—17. 34 Glarum. Juanita—24, 54. 71 Herring, Orville—29 Hitt. Charles—33 Hovorka. Thomas—25. 55 Hunt. Lester—26. 27. 71 Jensen. Art—28. 59. 60. 61 Kieser. Robert—28, 62. 63 Kollath. James—22. 23. 87 Maier. Wayne—51 Martin. Rex—34 Merdinger. Genevieve—7, 21 Morris. Robert—27. 41, 49 Myers. Esther—32. 54 Nelson Alice—26. 36 Nelson. Bryon—30. 55 Petersen. Fred—22 Roten. Nona—29. 45. 53 Schmitz, Raymond—24. 83 Sutter. Marie—30. 83 Thorell. James—44. 50 Toenjes Harrison—58 60 Ware. Kenneth—12. 30 PERSONNEL Copple. Margaret—21 Merritt. Thelma—29 STUDENTS —A— Ackerman. George—56. 67 Ackerman. Linda—67, 100 Adam. Theodore—17. 67 Adam. Thomas—56. 78 Adams. Janice—84 Adkins. Roger—63. 67 Allen, Dean—67 Allen, Nancy—78 Anderson. Mary—62 Anderson. Thomas—10, 16, 40, 46. 50, 52. 67 Annen, Terry—16, 17, 21, 25. 59. 60. 68. 77 —B— Baier, Arthur—40. 52. 59. 68 Baker. Linda—84 Banioff. Micki—37. 78 Barrett. William—50. 84 Bartels. Chris—40. 52, 78 Bates. David—35. 44. 46. 50. 78 Bauer, Colette—78 Bauer. Kathryn—84 Bauer, Richard—56. 78 Bauer, Robert—56. 78 Baugh, Fairlyn—68, 104 Becker. Barbara—84 Bedient, Steven—40, 42, 50, 52. 78 Behm, Imogene—84 Behm, Stanley—58. 68 Berry. Dean—84 Berry. Murray—51, 78 Blight. Judy—78 Bolinger. Larry—50. 51. 84 Bowman, Marvin—62. 78 Bowman, Pamela—15. 36. 53, 63. 68. 96 Braden. Jacqueline—68 Brewer. Iris—23. 58. 84 Brice. Richard—56. 78 Bright, Mary Lee—37. 54, 59. 60. 61. 63. 78 Brixius. Jack—68 Broadfoot, Jerry—30. 68 Broadfoot. Nina—23. 84 Brock. Janice—17. 27. 53. 59. 60. 68 Brown. Pamela—78 Bunnel. David—44. 49. 50. 84 Burback, Gordon—40, 49, 50 Burnham. Arnold—17, 62, 68 Caruthers, Deanna—58. 78 Chamberlain. Mary Anne—84 Chamberlin, Janet—II, 17, 21, 31. 58. 60. 61. 63. 68 Chamberlin, Judith—17, 21, 31. 58. 60. 61. 62. 68 Chancellor. Donald—79 Christensen. Colleen—15. 43. 69 Christensen, Gerald—84 Churchwell. Sandra—15. 17, 36 45. 63. 69 1 Cody. Betty—23. 84 Coker. Ronald—84 Cole. Ann—58. 61. 63. 79 Cole, Cynthia—79 Cole, James—40. 60. 79 Colling. David—84 Collins. Pauline—84 Cowles. Jerry—11,16, 63. 69 Crouse, Susan—84 Culp. Linda—54. 63. 79 Curry, Daniel—79 Curtiss. Mary—59, 62. 79 —D— Danielson, Yvette—7, 22, 37, 54, 62, 66. 69 Darr, Shirley—59, 60. 69 Darveau. James—79 DeBusk. Terry—35. 50. 52. 55. 67. 69 Deisch. Geraldine—63. 69. 107 Dewing, Barbara—84 Dickinson. Judy—84 Dillon, Connie—58, 84 Dingman. Jeanine—79 Ditch, John—56, 79 Dobry, Diana—62. 69, 108 Dobson. Dennis—40. 51. 84 Dobson, Duane—12, 40. 51, 52. 69 Donovan. Rebecca—79 Drumheller, Marvin—79 —E— Edwards. Judy—8. 59. 60. 63, 79 Ehlers, Diana—84 Eldred. Carolyn—7, 59. 84 Engelhaupt. Catherine—69, 107 Essex. Willard (Chip) —13. 30. 69 Evans, Roger—49. 50. 84 Evans, Ted—7, 50. 62. 84 Fenster. Larry—58. 84 Florez. Bertha—62 Florez, Margaret—16. 45. 62. 69, 94 Florez. Thomas—40, 50. 51, 84 Foster, Anna—45. 85 Foster, Kenneth—70 Fraedrich. Betty—85 Fraedrich, Ronald—85 Fraedrich, William—70 French, Donald—49, 63, 85 Fritzler, Geraldine—85 Frost, Cean—58, 85 Fry. Linda—58. 85 Fuller. Thomas—44, 46, 50, 62, 63. 85 Furman. James—40. 51. 85 Furman, Nanette—63, 79 Furman. Robert—7, 17, 55, 59, 60. 61, 66. 70. 77 —G— Garibay. Arthur—70. 102 Garner. Sherry—85 Garrett, Danny—40. 49, 50, 79 Garrett, Deanna—59, 60, 85 Garrett, Randal—70. 96 Gerber, Ade!—85 Gillispie, Steven—22, 40. 49, 50, 52. 79 Graham, Linda—11, 79 Graham, Ross—17, 28. 55. 59 61. 62. 70 Grau. Dale—70 Greathouse. Linda—7, 10. 57, 59 Gresens, Timothy—85 Groskopf, Sharon—85 —H— Hall. Susan—17. 58, 70 Hamer, Jack—16. 46. 52. 70 Hammar, Donald—60. 79 Hansen. Dennis—79 Harris, Ronald—85 Harvey. Robert—55. 70 Harvey. Ronald—11, 55. 70 Hashman. Eugene—85 Hashrnan. Kay—79 Hawley, Kenneth—79 Hedges, Martha—37. 62. 79 Herbert. Linda—79 Hernandez, Roy—51 Hill, Eve—85 Hitchcock. Bruce—58, 85 Hobbs. Cheryl—85 Hofmann, William—80 Howard. Gay—70 Howell, Gordon—71.93 Hudson. Mary Ann—15. 45. 71 Hulett, Donna—59. 85 Hulquist. Gloria—85 Irish. Jayne—24, 71 Jackson. Loren—51. 80 Jines. Wanda—71. 102 Johnson. Kathleen—14, 17, 60. 61. 67. 71 Johnson, Virginia—85 Johnston, Terry—51, 85 Jones. Bonnie—45. 85 —K— Kamerzell. John—44. 46. 48. 50. 52. 80 Kelley. Kathleen—II. 58. 60, 62. 71 Kimmel. David—6. 26. 49. 50. 52. 80 King. Ardith—80 Kisicki, Paula—45. 85 Kisicki. Phyllis—17. 25. 54. 71. 108 Kistler, Jo Ann—85 Knigge. Steven—80 Knoflicek. Kathryn—85 Koester. Carol Ann—37. 54. 71 Koester. Max—85 Kohrman. Joan—80 Koozer. Sharon—37, 80 Kozal. Loretta—15. 21, 31, 43. 45. 71 —L— Laing, Martha—7, 59. 85 Lamb. Carolyn—85 Lamb. Gary—50. 55. 59. 61. 62.. 63. 72 88at Alliance High Langmacher. Beverly—54. 60. 85 Laughlin, Jon—85 Laursen. Barbara—80 Laursen. Dan—52. 80 Lavon. Maxine—80 Lawrence. Diana—80 Lawrence. Donna—37, 58. 85 Lawrence. Geraldine—I. 15, 36. 37. 43. 45. 72, 101 Leever. Gary—14. 40, 56, 80 Lehl. Judy—15. 63. 72. 108 Liakos, Georgia—85 Liakos. Steven—II. 40. 50. 51. 52. 57. 63. 80 Libsack. Alexander—63. 72, 97 Lierk. Susie—80 Liggett. Cleo—85 Liggett. Marilee—85 Lincoln, Richard—7. 17, 32. 52. 55. 62. 63. 67. 72 Longacre. Roland—51. 85 Longan. Carolyn—72. 99 Loomis. Janice—80 Lorenzini, John—85 Loveless. Steven—80 Lulow, Michael—101 Lurvey, John—17. 23, 55. 72 —M— Malcolm, Debra—85 Mann, Larry—85 Mann, Sharon—62, 80 Marin. Richard—51, 85 Marsh, Cheryl—85 Marsh, Larry—80 Mart, Linda—85 Mart. Wayne—16, 58, 60, 61. 62. 72, 94 Mayes, Sharon—10. 15. 17, 43. 63. 72 Mays. Donald—104 McAndrew. Gillian—I, II, 14. 17. 36. 37. 53. 62, 72 McCart, Wayne—86 McCracken, Larry—86 McCullah, Dennis—7, 40, 49, 50. 62. 86 McKinney. Connie—54, 72, 102 McLain, William—81 Mellinger, Patricia—80 Menuey. Connie—45, 85 Meredith. Leonard—80 Merrick, Claudia—10, 54, 80 Merrill, Janice—15. 33, 36, 54. 72 Michal. Kathleen—85 Miller, Daryl—85 Miller. Floyd—59. 61. 62. 80 Miller, Warren—12. 40, 49. 50. 52. 62. 73 Mischnick. Carol—17, 34, 45, 54. 60. 73 Mischnick, Janet—85 Mischnick, James—40, 50. 52, 57. 63, 81 Mitchell, John—73 Mittlestadt. Donald—85 Moomey, Larry—7, 17, 28, 55. 58. 59, 60. 61, 73 Moore, Mary Jo—58, 81 Morgan, Stephen—26. 40. 50. 62. 85 Morris, Bruce—40, 46. 50, 52. 73 Morris, Donald—44, 50, 51, 73. 96. 98 Muhrn. Julianne—7, 58, 60. 61, 63. 81 Mundt, Sherry—7, 36. 45, 62. 81 Murray, Sandra—86 Myszkowski. Patricia—27. 33. 73, 98 —N— Nace. Donald—86 Nay, Michael—41, 49. 86 Nelson, Larry—86 Nelson. Reeda—81 New. James—50, 86 Newlin, Dan—81 Nickens. Betty—81 Nielsen. Daniel—33. 37. 62. 73 Nielson, Judy—81 Nolda. Nancy—6. 59. 86 Nuss, James—81 —O— O’Dea, Bonnie Lea—81 O'Leary, Michael—73 Olson, Terry—40. 81 Osborn, Larry—40. 51, 52, 73 Osborn, Ronald—40, 50, 51, 86 Overstreet, Margaret—45, 58. 86 Oxford, Rosemary—7, 21. 54. 63. 78. 81 —P— Panwitz, Connie—8, 59, 60. 61, 62, 73 Patterson, Craig—86 Pepler, Linda—86 Perez, Mary—59, 61, 63, 73, 97 Perkins, Dolly—86 Perrin, John—14. 81 Petersen, John—44, 50. 59, 61, 86 Peterson, Donna—81 Petersorr. Mary—86 Pew, Edward—-40, 50, 74 Phaneuf. Carol—60, 86 Phillip. Don—55. 74. 98 Phillip. Judy—45. 86 Phillips, Anna—74 Pirnie, Keith—86 Pirnie. Kenneth—86 Powell, Marvin—86 Prelie, Byron—86 Prelle. Diana—81 Prouty, Calvin—46. 50 Pugh, Kenneth—30. 55, 74. 105 —Q— Quinn, Polly—86 —R— Rainbolt, Linda—7, 21, 36, 54, 81 Reddish, Anne—10, II, 54, 58, 63. 81 Reid, Louise—74, 103 Reno, William—81 Reno. John—I I, 55, 58, 74 Riggs. Joyce—86 Rinehart, Jackie—86 Risse. Connie—86 Ritter. Claudia—13. 14. 74 Robbins, Patsy—45, 86 Rohrbouck. Rae Ann—81 Rollo, Diana—86 Rosane, Raymond—50. 86 Ross. Amelia—81 Roten, Janice—7. 21. 59. 60, 78 81 Roy. Jon—81 Rubottom. Richard—86 —S— Sampson, Andrea—7, 37. 54, 62. 82 Sanchez. Elvira—86 Sanchez, Eugene—74 Sanchez. Michael—82 Sanderson, Marty—63, 82 Sanderson, Vernon—75 Satchell. Dwight—22, 59. 61, 82 Saum, Stephen—82 Saxton, Robert—55, 59, 60, 61. 74 Schadwinkel. Charles—7. 12, 40. 42. 50. 51. 52. 55. 58. 75 Schafer, Joel—30, 82 Schneider, Connie—45. 86 Schneider. Linda—59, 86 Schnell, Joyce—53, 75. 98 Schnell. Larry—82 Schnell. Mardella—82 Schreiber. Mark—40. 51, 86 Schulze, Sharon—86 Schumacher, Judy—45. 86 Schwaderer, James—82 Schwindt. Jodene—59, 86 Sears, Emery—40. 51, 52. 82 Seiler, Robert—II, 23, 40. 50 52. 63, 75 Seim, Donald—52. 83 Seim. Phyllis—7. II. 43. 59. 60. 62. 75 Shankland. Robert—57. 59, 82 Shaw, Gene—49, 62, 86 Sheldon, Donald—40. 51. 82 Shelmadine. Lannie—40, 46. 50. 52. 82 Sherlock, Lonnie—22, 40. 46. 48 50. 82 Shetler, Larry—44, 50, 75. 102 Smaha. Sandra—86 Smith, Sandra—37, 58. 86 Smith, Steven—40, 46, 48, 50. 52. 63, 82 Smith, Willard—8 2, 96 Snyder. Richard—40. 50, 86 Sorum. Sharon—58. 86 Specht. Patricia—82 Stark, Thomas—75, 92 Steffan, Larry—86 Stephens, Linda—86 Strasburger, Cheryl—II, 63, 82. 86 Strieker, Donald—86 Studt. Larry—40. 46. 50. 86 Sundberg. Roger—86 Sutter. Larry—86 —T— Taylor. Donald—40. 50. 51, 82 Taylor, Frances—86 Taylor, Howard—40. 49. 87 Taylor, Jo Ann—II, 34. 54. 62. 67. 75. 100 Taylor, Vicky—87 Thompson, Harold—14. 56. 75 Thompson, Penelope—87 Tice. James—40. 46, 47, 50. 52, 63. 75 Todd. Jack—87 Todd. Thomas—40. 50. 87 Tolstedt, Barbara—60, 82 Tolstedt, Linda—87 Trabert, Alan—52, 82 Trank, Judith—II. 43. 58. 60. 61. 62. 75 Trenkle, Terry—82 Trumble. Barbara—82 Tubbs. Marjorie—63, 83 Tucker, Jake—83 Turechek, Sandra—17, 36, 45. 54. 83 Turner, Shirley—87 —U— Underwood. Jerry—14. 31, 56. 75 Underwood. Nancy—32. 54, 59. 60, 76 —V— Vallejo. Mary—58, 87 Vallentine. Steven—II, 51, 59, 60. 63. 87 Vogel. Carol—84. 87 Vogel, Vern—7. 51. 84. 87 —W— Wacker. Sherry—87 Wait. Janet—59. 60. 76. 92 Waldron, Judy—45. 83 Wall. Mike—83 Ware. Joyce—76. 104 Warner. Keith—87 Weldin. Terry—58, 87 Wessel. Dennis—76 West. Carol—87 West. Gerald—40. 51, 59, 87 Wilkins. Eva Joan—59. 61. 83 Williams, Edwyna—7. 8. II, 14. 17, 45. 54. 58, 60. 63, 76 Williams. Vicky—87 Wiltsey. Patrick—87 Winten. Larry—6, 87 Wiseman. Roy—44. 49, 58. 61, 87 Woods. David—83 Woods, Pamela—87 Woods, Verlene—83 Wright. Alice—83. 96 Wright, Robert—58. 83 Wright, Donald—51. 87 Wright, Frank—58. 87 Wright, Max—58, 76 —Y— York. Vernon—44. 49. 50, 52, 58. 83 Young. Greg—40. 44. 50. 52, 83 Young. Marilyn—87 89Bulldog Supporters ALLIANCE RAMBLER SERVICE ALLIANCE TRACTOR IMPLEMENT CO. BASKETERIA BATES-LANDA FUNERAL HOME BEAUTY BAR BOWEN, ROBERT W„ OPTOMETRIST BOWL-MOR LANES BRENNAN BET-R-WAY CLEANERS BUCKMINSTER COAST TO COAST CULLIGAN SOFT WATER SERVICE CURTISS, HOWARD, ACCOUNTANT DEE-LITE BAKERY EAST THIRD BEAUTY SHOP FAIRACRES DAIRY FARM GANTZ, HEIN AND MORAN INTERSTATE GLASS COMPANY KANE ELECTRIC KELLOGG GRAIN COMPANY MURPHY, L. B„ COMPANY NELSON, R. K„ ACCOUNTANT NORMA'S LUNCH PANHANDLE WAREHOUSING CO. PENNEY, J.C., COMPANY PETE’S CLOTHING PROKOP JEWELRY PROPER PONTIAC RED AND JACK'S BODY SHOP SACK LUMBER COMPANY SAFEWAY SCOGGIN PAINT AND WALLPAPER SECURITIES ACCEPTANCE CORP. SIDLES-CHAMBERS RENO'S SINCLAIR SERVICE SNACK BAR SWANSON S DAISY OUEEN THIELE JEWELRY TODD'S BODY FRAME SHOP ZIEG, BILL, SIGNS ZESTO SHOP 324 East Third Tenth and Flack 1115 West Third 618 Box Butte 1 18 West Fourth 823 East Third 210 Niobrara 409 Laramie 614 Flack 324 Box Butte 21 5 Big Horn 124 West Fourth 117 West Third 3 13 East Third 719 West Third 1 19 West Third 3 19 Laramie 212 Laramie First and Emerson 416 Box Butte 224 Box Butte 416 ? Box Butte East Third 412 Box Butte 101 1 West Third 120 West Third 224 Cheyenne 600 West Second 1 1 8 Laramie 524 East Third 1 24 West Third 1 1 1 West Third 324 West Third 404 East Third 4101 Box Butte 422 West Third 306 Box Butte 620 Flack 3 1 1 Hudson 71 1 West ThirdM ss Cheerleader 1977 — Miss Desirae Lawrence 91 WORLEY STUDIOMONTGOMERY WARD CO. Two hours and nine dresses later! Tom Starlt Janet Wait 301 Box Butte Avenue Phone 315 92 now itb Pepsi for those who think young PEPSICOLA BOTTLING CO. Alliance, Nebraska MERRICK DRUG CLAY MERRICK Pharmacist Prescription Drugs 424 Box Butte Phone 1444 F M BOOTERY 305 Box Butte Phone 232COVER-JONES FORD MERCURY COMET I’ll take two! Gordie Howell Mr. John Cover. Sr. No Finer Tribute J. W. SANDERSON 812 Dakota Phone 1897 West Third SWEETBRIAR'S TEXACO 313 Box Butte Phone 129 and Marine Phone 4 JACK HALL Proprietor 93B K AUTO SALE 511 West Third Phone 30 C. A. SIMPSON SONS ALLIANCE COLD STORAGE 1st and Laramie—Phone 1515 DITCHING AND EXCAVATING 732 East 8th—Phone 1545 Alliance, Nebraska NEWBERRY'S ACE ALLIANCE HARDWARE HOTEL CAFE 402 Box Butte 102 Box Butte Phone 148 Phone 38 Wonder if my credit is good? Mrs. Worden Margo Florez Mrs. Vivian Brennan Wayne Mart C. B. Q. CREDIT UNION 94 103 East First Street Phone 210 BOX BUTTE MEDICAL ASSOCIATION Phone 1889 Planned Security WILLIAM G. JONES Representative LANGMACHER REPRESENTING FEED AMERICAN MUTUAL LIFE INSURANCE COMPANY 1121 West 3rd Phone 1805 Des Moines, Iowa Alliance, Nebr. 1224 Duncan KANSAS NEBRASKA NATURAL GAS ALLIANCE COMPANY, LIVESTOCK INC. AUCTION 220 COMPANY Box Butte Phone 747 95 I'm in charge of the pill counter. Pam Bowman Willard Smith Randy Garrett Located in the Doctor's Building STAR LITE DRIVE-IN THEATRE 8th and Flack Phone 1833 Give me the giant size; I’m not on a diet! Alice Wright Don Morris 2141 2 West 10th Phone 480-W Alliance, Nebraska NEIL'S TRUCK SERVICE 414 Black Hills Phone 1290 MOWDER'S PHARMACY DARI ISLELEW WOLLASTON Radio and Sound Service FAMOUS CLOTHING HOUSE TV Repairs FRONTIER MOTEL ROOMS PHONES AIR CONDITIONING STEAM HEAT TELEVISION RADIOS MOO West Third Phone I 10 3an you guarantee it won't make mistakes? Margaret Hulquist Mary Perez KISSACK'S 15 West Third Phone 269 My gal likes plaids, too! Sandy Libsack Tony NunesPERRIN REFRIGERATION Automotive—Home—Commercial Air Conditioning Phone 405 508 Flaclc Interior Decorating Draperies Paint Carpets HEMPEL MOBIL SERVICE Linoleum 723 Flack Avenue Phone 1899 MR. ED HEMPEL, Operator JOHNSON PELTZ, INC. Enjoy the complete service of the DRAKE HOTEL AND CAFE Turn up the Hi-Fi! Pat Myszkowski Don Morris Don Phillip Joyce Schnell Phone 1010 98Symbol of Farm Leadership 724 West Third Street Alliance, Nebraska 99ALLIANCE COMMUNITY T. V. ALLIANCE BUILDING AND LOAN Le Football games always thrill me. Joy Taylor Evagene Watson DOBSON-DODGE 502 Box Butte Phone 1268 Where's the million dollar button?” Linda Ackerman Al Seebohm 312 Box Butte Phone 310 GREGORY'S, INC. Insurance alone is our business 100ELEANOR'S Thanks HOLSTEN'S DRUG STORE A.H.S. Pep Club Congratulations to the Class of 1963 J. L. OLEY SAYLOR Texaco Bulk Plant Every young girl needs her vitamins. Owen Farrington Geri Lawrence Remember, we ere the Cattle Capitol. Mike Lulow Leo Hoppes 316 Box Butte Avenue Phone 6 B.P.O.E. 417 Box Butte Phone 244 101ALLIANCE NATIONAL BANK 302 Box Butte Avenue Phone 3 This graduation is Larry Shetler Connie McKinney going to break me. Arthur Garibay Wanda Jines NEBRASKA TYPEWRITER MODE O'DAY Better Quality for Less Phone 397 315 Box Butte FHE—21 2 R ALLIANCE LUMBER R-O-Y-A-L COMPANY Portable, Standard, Electric Your Friendly Yard 206 Box Butte Alliance 102 KURL-N-SWIRL ALLIANCE FLORAL COMPANY Gifts for Every Occasion 322 Box Butte Phone 151 MISSOURI MARKET Buy at a Home-Owned Store Will I look like Jackie? Louise Reid I 19 East Fourth—Phone 2239 A W ROOT BEER An old-timer pauses for refreshment by the A A W. 323 Flack Avenue Phone 146 103 But do you know how to cook? Don Mays Joyce Ware ALLIANCE TRAILER SALES 815 Flaclc Alliance, Nebraska Phone 584 ALLIANCE GRAIN Do you sell birdfeed? Leonard Annen Fairlyn Baugh Gene Neuswangers BRITTAN INSURANCE Complete Protection Real Estate Phone 607 304 Niobrara Congratulations, Class of '63 KCOW Orthophonic Radio 1400 ON YOUR DIAL 16 Hours Daily 104STICKNEY'S Congratulations to the Class of '63 217 West Third Phone 256 TENTH STREET GROCERY W American w a it L I hi m a Graphic Arts Building Kansas City 5, Missouri Published twice a month Mrs. Hawley Ken Pugh Official Publication of the American Hereford Association . . . for All Hereford Producers Purebred and Commercial Horned and Polled HOWARD'S b P '1 and g ■(»]1 LENLA'S Congratulations and Best Congratulates Wishes to the Class of ’63 the Graduating Class HILLYER PLUMBING CLIFF HOFMANN Electrical Wiring Phone 1309 603 Black Hills don't cuss; call us Electric Sewer Hot Water Cleaning Steam Heat 523 Yellowstone Phone 389 ALLIANCE READY MIX EHRHART COMPANY Great Northern and Pinto Beans Storing and Processing Phone 1384 Alliance 106 Best in Good Eating PODHAISKY DON'S CAFE INSURANCE AGENCY Your Protection Is Our Best Policy BORROR CHEVROLET SALES ALDER-HESTED BUILDING PARTS SERVICE Phone 190 Mississippi and ALLIANCE East Third John Wayne! My favorite movie star! Cathy Engelhaupt Jeri Deisch ALLIANCE FOX THEATER MR. CHARLES MONTOYA, Manager 107 Shall I sign my own name?” Judy Lehl Diana Dobry Jack Manion GUARDIAN STATE BANK Time and Temperature Corner Congratulations From CRUM MILLER MELICK Get All the Popular Hits at FINECY MUSIC Here is something a little different. Phyllis Kisicki Mr. Wilbur’ Hahn ECONOMY FURNITURE 208 Box Butte Phone 1140ALLIANCE STEAM LAUNDRY WILLARD F ANDERSON Stocks—Bonds Investment Trusts Representing E. E. HENKLE INVESTMENT COMPANY ACKNOWLEDGMENT Any publication worth its ink requires the combined efforts of many people. To express appreciation to all those who have helped with the 1963 Bulldog would be impossible, but the staff especially wishes to thank the business men for their patronage and the faculty and the administration of this school for their co-operation. V STRlfS I BR£AD SCHAD'S BAKERY After all, it takes a baker! 314 Box Butte Phone 649TOMORROW IS HERE A Year PassesAutographs in i i i Autographs V— •

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