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There Rises a Place of 2 Alliance High, a typical midwestern School, is not made just of Bricks and steel. In its foundation it has An enriched curriculum With many selective courses To meet the individual needs Of the students. It prepares students not only For college or university . . . But for other vocations in life; It prepares not only the young . . . But also older citizens Who attend night school; And it prepares not only the leaders ... But also followers Who, together, fight For the preservation Of our democratic heritage: The heritage which assures Every person in America Of a free, public education.Life, Liberty and Learning . . .Where Local Control Helps Us to Looking over the new community building blueprints are school board members Dr. Robert Morgan, Mr. Gene Neuswanger, Mr. Howard Wiseman, Mr. Glen Fiebig, Mr. Lyle Stephens, and Mr. John Cover, Junior. Public schools arc governed by Local citizens who use The school board as a liaison Between the students And the community. America’s long-term goals, As well as local, individual needs. Are answered in this example "Yes. the community building is finally becoming a reality,” comments Superintendent Mr. Morrison to Assistant Superintendent Mr. Trout. Of democracy in action.Preserve Our Democratic Heritage Besides teaching industrial arts, Byron Nelson helps sponsor The Hi-Y and the senior class. He contributes a great deal To the success of school functions. An outstanding community leader. He is appreciated By both boys and girls For his constant effort In helping these organizations. He is enjoyed for his Unique sense of humor, And he is respected for his Willingness to guide and help Those who need him. A yearbook is a record Of pleasant memories; Therefore, it is appropriate To honor our friend, Byron Nelson.Alliance High Is the Teacher and the Learner "Use the standard closure," finishes Principal Mr. Chamberlin after dictating to Secretary Mrs. Margaret Copple. An efficient school must be governed by an efficient head. In Alliance High, that is Mr. Leslie Chamberlin, principal. With the help of his assistants, Mr. Chamberlin keeps the school functioning smoothly. The office is center of activity during the school day as many teachers and students come and go about school business. "X,Y,Z,L,M,N,0." Jelinda Christensen reads the bottom-row letters for Mrs. Thelma Merritt, school nurse. 6MISS SENA ADEN, A.B. MR. CHARLES HITT, B.A. MRS. LILA FIEBIG, B.A. Latin German Spanish The knowledge of a foreign language builds new concepts about our friends and neighbors around the globe. These two-year courses are offered in Alliance High: German, Spanish, and Latin. Linguistic groups learn through the study of grammar, vocabulary, and class conversations. '‘Gee, this recorder makes speaking Spanish a lot easier," comments Pat Mellinger, who is taking advantage of the new language equipment installed this year. "Look at the word, then pronounce and define it,” says Mr. Hitt, German instructor. © 7"Well, one thing about literature . . . there's plenty of it!" sighs Monte Pauli. Understanding of democracy is built on words; therefore a clear concise language is vital to a free world. We must be able to organize our scattered thoughts into organized opinions and ideas. "Yes, I know ain’t' is accepted in Webster’s newest dictionary, but I still prefer 'isn't',” remarks Miss Aspen to one of her students. MISS FLORENCE CROUSE. B.S. MRS. GENEVIEVE MERDINGER. English, Journalism English, Girls’ Counselor English is required from kindergarten through the twelfth grade. Learning to write letters, to speak correctly, to read with comprehension, to appreciate good literature, and to communicate with others through both spoken and written words are benefits of the study of English. 8"A nervous person could never draw all the straight lines needed for diagrams,” comments Becky Donovan while Ardith King is finishing her freehand work. Appreciating Good Literature and Proper Speech ... "This Shakespearean theatre intrigues me," think Sharon Forsstrom and Janice Langmacher, while Jim Curtiss points to where the rich people of the day sat. 9Working and Solving Mathematical Problems Barbara Lawrence, Bob Turechek, and Pat Bentley do not find an income tax report much easier than algebra or trig. Mathematical problems are good brain food; they challenge our imagination and strengthen our reasoning ability. Our curriculum has a variety of math courses from which to choose. General math, algebra, advanced algebra, geometry and trigonometry are all offered and two years of math is required for graduation. Louis Dose shows his fellow classmates the graph of a second degree equation. 10• • • MR. LESTER HUNT, A.B. Geometry, Trigonometry MRS. ALICE NELSON, A.B. Algebra, Yearbook MR. JAMES AMBLER. M.A. Mathematics, History, Athletics Dann Curry explains to Eleanor Austen that pictures help solve a problem. IIDeveloping Individually While Working "Hey, Mr. Morris, I can't find the trouble, but it sure is leaky down here,” says Don Hammar while trying to do a little "fix it” job in Drivers Ed. MISS NONA WOODHAMS, B.S. MR. ORVILLE HERRING, B.S. Physical Education Physical Education Physical fitness is vital in every person’s daily life. Besides encouraging daily exercise, the physical education program stresses good sportsmanship. As physical education builds strong bodies and healthy minds, drivers education puts these to use. This semester course covers basic fundamentals of driving as well as giving behind the wheel experience. 12Lola Marin is taking advantage of the large book circulation in the Alliance High Library. as a Team . . . MR. WILLIAM DREYER, M.A. MRS. ESTHER MYERS, B A. Guidance Director Librarian The library is a haven for those who want to search for knowledge. The library has over 4,000 books and a complete magazine department with over 40 subscriptions. Guidance Director, Mr. Dryer, often uses the college data in the library. His office is always open to students who need guidance. "Which college is for you?" asks Mr. Dreyer, guidance director, of Karen Loomis. 13Experimenting With the Wonders of Science Jim Lockridge is not so sure that experimenting with a frog is fun, but Lorraine Harimon doesn't seem to mind. The knowledge of science opens our minds to an understanding of current scientific events. We comprehend the advances made in the space program as well as those in the field of medicine. Because of our study, some of us will make creative contributions to the evolution of science. Graduation requirements call for two years. Courses offered are general science, biology, physics and chemistry. "It is hard to imagine anything being so small," thinks Dan Newlin while Mr. Kollath shows him a protozoan slide.Perspiration, headaches and itchy necks are usually present during test time. 15MR. ROD EICHENBERGER, M.A. MR. DON HARRISS, M.A. Vocal Music and Speech Band and Orchestra Unorganized activity: Autumn finds Carole Reno, Jim Dunn, Jeanine Shimp and Fred Lawrence having one last leaf fight before the winter snow buries their ammunition. Studying and high grades alone do not make a well rounded individual. A student’s spare time should be occupied not only with books and homework, but also with music, club work, or other co-curricular activities. Our school program offers a variety of activities along with the 3 R’s.Ed Olson and Barbara Johnson take time out to study before a quick game of ball. Money . . . Money . . . Money! Each class and organization is busy collecting dues and project profits. Favoring School Routine With Co-curricular Stir. . . All right now, let's sing," says Mr. Eichenberger while Bill Schreiber, Jean Muss and Ered Kimmel practice on their do-re-mi’s. 17Acquiring Practical Skills Needed in Daily Living "Gosh, Blaine, promise you'll eat my pie anyway?" asks Diana Wall of Blaine Colvalt. Joel Schafer glances at the tools available for use in shop class. Industry and agriculture are the bulwark of our nation. They employ, clothe and feed Americans. Training in those fields is vital and Alliance High offers four years of industrial arts and vocational agriculture. Just as boys study the world of industry, girls learn another business in home economics, the art of being a home-maker. This three-year course includes, sewing, cooking, interior decoration, entertainment, etiquette and a study of home furnishings and family relationships. 18Is it his nose or pencil that John Tucker is using for mechanical drawing? Dean Nikont, Royce Reynolds, Jerry Brammer and Don Phillip also are wondering. Grover Thompson proudly inspects the red and white horse trailer he made in vocational agriculture shop. MISS VAE HOOVER, M.A. Home Economics MR. KENNETH WARE, M.A. Vocational Agriculture MR. BYRON NELSON, M.A. Industrial Arts Mechanical DrawingAnd Working for Better World Robert Hernandez and Barbara Ferguson find it much more refreshing to do their work after school. The commercial department strives for top speed and accuracy. Seventy words a minute in typing and one hundred ten words a minute in stenography is a challenging goal for most students. High school graduates entering the business world and college bound students find practical values in these courses. Two years of typing and shorthand are offered along with a one-year bookkeeping course. MR. RAYMOND SCHMITZ, B.A. MRS. JUANITA GLARUM, M.A. Bookkeeping, Typing Typing, ShorthandMR. DON CROWDER, A.B. MR. TOM HOVORKA, B.A. American history American government The youth of America will someday be the leaders of the United States. This makes it imperative that our young citizens are well informed and are given a chance to develop their capabilities. The social studies department furthers the student's knowledge of governmental structure, history and economy of the United States. Alliance High offers courses in American history, world history and American government. Manfred Schaudin, foreign exchange student from Germany, points to his German home town. "Mr. Hovorka, who replaced Dag Hammarskjold in the United Nations? asks Ed Schrimpf during an American government discussion. 21This Is a Crisp autumn days .. . Bring clubs to life. They work together . .. To mold one perfect Homecoming . . . Which uses eager spirits ... To unite Alliance High Students Yes, we live. Cold, yet bright hours . . . Twinkle with activities. Students work together . . . On dances, projects, and parties. They cheer our basketball team to victory. Yes, we live. Soft, balmy spring days . . . Climax the merriment.. . With flowers for the prom ... Baccalaureate, good-byes, graduation. This year will be remembered ... For its exciting special events. Yes, we live. 22With Our Classmates — We Begin Activities Once again the students are back from a summer of leisure or work. Upper classmen gladly greet many new and former classmates. Intern teachers who practice for the first nine weeks can be seen among the wandering sophomores. Gradually everyone becomes accustomed to new schedules, and thoughts turn to the activities for the year. While prospective members arc weighing the merits of different clubs, they can be seen "cruising the Butte” or dodging footballs as they get a sneak preview of the team. Order finally descends on the school as special events vie for dates on the activity calendar. Sherry Padgett and Dick McFall anticipate the coming football season. 24 "I hope this makes her day more cheerful," thinks Diane Shetler as she carries out the Y-Teen custom of putting flowers on the teacher's desk for the first day of school. £ The seniors start off their last year together with a class picnic and dance. This gala event wasIntern teachers. Miss Hawk, Miss Morris, Mr. Overstreet, and Mr. Lawson, relax while they discuss the problems of practice teaching. 25An ear-splitting cheer erupts from the spirit line as the football team makes its first appearance on the field. Eager Spirits — Fill the Air Rousing cheers, tears of joy and disappointment, and secret plans combined to make Homecoming an exciting week at A.H.S. Hard work on the floats brought reward to some and disappointment to others. At the pep rally on Friday, tension broke as Suzi Johnson was crowned Queen. The Homecoming dance brought to an end a glorious week characterized by fun, hard work, and an abundance of school spirit. "Need a push?" asks Rony McGuire as he and the other A-Club members congratulate Homecoming Queen Suzi Johnson and her attendants Karen Schnurr and Janet Adkins. 26"Yes, sir, we are proud.” F.F.A. members Tom Adam, Denny Thompson, and Rich Loomis stand by their winning float, "Ding dong bell, pussy in the well.” 27Varied Activities — Highlight the Holiday Season The holiday season begins in a blaze of lights and the glitter of tinsel when the Student Council decorates the Christmas tree in the main hall. Students rush through the halls to prepare for the traditional activities of December. The Pep Club Formal highlights the season and is eagerly awaited by everyone. Finally, in a flurry of excitement, the year ends and tired students enjoy a restful vacation. "Green Christmas trees are still the best." exclaim Jelinda Christensen and Robert Furman. Representatives to the Hi-Y Model Legislature in Lincoln were proud of Fred Kimmel, who was elected Sergeant at arms, and Paul Lepard, state committee chairman. 28 Have a Pepel Sadie Hawkins Day provides a "break for broke boys" and dateless girls. Blaine Covalt isDancing in a "Wonderland By Night" was a thrilling experience for all those who attended the annual Pep Club Formal. Comparing notes are the library’ and office assistants, Dianna Patterson, Lorraine Harimon, Judy Regan, Loretta Kozal, Verola Salisbury, Eileen Rietz, Diana Wall, Amy Sandberg, Dianne Sundermeier, Robert New and Connie Peterson. 29"It goes right there," says Bob Seiler to Jim Mischnick as A-CIub initiation looms in the future. Variety Sparks — the School Calendar Outside, winter seems never to end, while inside the school building the activity calendar is so filled with interesting events that students have no time to be bored. Assemblies by the dance band, A-Club members demanding services from initiates, and practice for the Y-Teen Orpheum combine with homework and tests to keep students on the go. Dance Band is popular with all students. Members are Larry Moomey, Bob Turechek, Sam Stalos, Royce Reynolds, Fred Kimmel, Blaine Covalt, Judith Chamberlin, Kathy Johnson, Shirley Darr, Connie Panwitz, Bob Brown, Jim Dunn, Jim Curtiss, Janet Adkins, and Terry Annen. 30"Moments to Remember” was an appropriate theme for the Y-Teen Orpheum. Mary Ann Hudson, Loretta Kozal. Connie Rissi, and Sandra Murray surely won’t forget their tumbling act. Polio King Manfred Schaudin and Queen Jelinda Christensen reign over March of Dimes activities. No one would hang Alliance, would they? If one could read the entire sign, he would know that Scottsbluff is the victim. 31Seniors Carole Jo French, Deborah Cheney, Amy Sandberg and Eileen Rietz are happy to be preparing for graduation. "Hurray!" Who could be happier that school is out than seniors Sandy Leever and Gordie Kingry? "I hope we never need this," remarks Mr. Wilmott to Mr. Taylor. Custodians are on duty for after school, activities as well as during the school day.Fun and Festivity — Climax School Year Co-curricular activities and school traditions provide the opportunities for the good times which make school years, years to remember. Seniors realize that their years of fun and festivity in high school are coming to a close. Yet, everyone turns to spring and its special happenings with renewed enthusiasm. Graduation and that last day of school arrive all too soon. In spring a young man's fancy turns to golf? Ed Schrimpf is delighted to demonstrate a correct golf swing to Judy Pennington. "Oh, Grandma, how you can twist!" exclaims Janet Adkins to Mary Jo Farrington while Sam Stalos and Jim Curtiss provide appropriate music for the Senior Class Play, "Melody Madhouse," directed by Mr. W. B. Furman. 331961 STUDENT COUNCIL: Gillian McAndrew, Mary Ann Hudson, Steve Smith, Rod Romig, Robert Furman, Larry Moomey, Carole Jo French, Dick McFall, Janice Roten, Blaine Cov.ilt. Jelinda Christensen, Claudia Ritter. Janice Brock, Vernon York, Loren Jackson, Edwyna Williams, Yvette Danielson, Bob Briggs, Jean Nuss, Manfred Schaudin. Ed Schrimpf, Rosemary Oxford, Linda Great-house, and Steve Bedient. The Student Council, an organization made up of sophomore, junior, and senior representatives, serves as the voice of the students. Acting as a link between the administration and student body, the Codicil provides an opportunity for leadership and improvement of the school operation. Dudes and Dolls Day, date books, and Sadie Hawkins Day (complete with hillbillies) are some of the many projects in the busy life of a Student Council member. Discussing important plans are Mr. Dreyer, sponsor; Carole Reno, president; and Mrs. Merdinger, sponsor. Student Council Trains Leaders of Tomorrow 34Foreign Languages Open New Worlds One of the most interesting ways to learn about words and their derivation is to study Latin. Though the language is not spoken today, it is still a valuable subject. To be eligible for membership in Latin Club, one must be taking Latin at the present time or have taken at least one year of the language. Word drills, stories, and skits highlight the Latin Club’s monthly meetings. A fitting climax to the year’s activities is the Latin Club banquet during which the customs of the ancient Romans are observed. Caesar and Cleopatra? No, it's Dwight Satchell and Carol Mischnick off to the Latin Club Banquet. Latin Club officers Linda Rainbolt, president; Sandra Turechek. vice president; Linda Greathouse, treasurer; Nanette Furman, secretary; and Sponsor Miss Sena Aden discuss the program for the next meeting. 35Missy-Teen, Mr. Hi-Y and Attendants PAUL LEPARD Miss Y-Teen Mr. Hi-Y CAROL WILLIAMS VICKI HAMILTON BLAINE COVALT Mr. Hi-Y and attendant, chosen by vote of the Y-Teens, and Miss Y-Teen and attendant, chosen by the Hi-Y Club, were presented to the student body February 3, 1962, at the Y-Teen—Hi-Y dance. 36Hi-Y is an organization with a Christian purpose, which offers membership to all high school boys. Activities of the Hi-Y include a trip to Lincoln to participate in Model Legislature, guest speakers at the meetings, and the sale of refreshments at football games. At Easter time the Hi-Y and Y-Teens work together on the plans for a traditional sunrise service. mium in g j« mil "Maybe these books on parliamentary procedure will give you some help," say Treasurer Rod Romig and Vice President, Secretary Jack Brake to President Dick Lincoln. Model Legislature Is Prominent in Hi-Y Plans "Here's the answer," explains Junior Vice President. Tom Anderson to Sponsors Mr. Byron Nelson and Mr. Thomas Hovorka while Sophomore Vice President, Secretary Chris Bartels; Sophomore President, Steve Bedient; Junior Secretary Charles Schadwinkel; Senior Vice President, Secretary Bob Briggs; and Junior Club President Jeff Ward look on. Missing from the picture is Senior President Bernie Kisicki. 37Y-TEEN CABINET—STANDING: Barbara Johnson, Eileen Rietz, Janet Chamberlin, Judi Chamberlin, Carol Mischnick, Andrea Sampson-, Janice Langmacher, Diana Wall. SEATED: President. Mary Hofmann. Kaye Reitz, Carole Jo French, Suzi Johnson, Lorraine Harimon, Karen Schnurr, Claudia Ritter, Yvette Danielson, and Janice Brock. The sponsors and cabinet members of the Senior Y-Teen Club plan and carry out a versatile and interesting program of events. One event especially enjoyed is the Christmas service project held at the Indian Social Center. Each girl brings a child’s gift to be given away at the festive party. Highlights of the year are the Patteran, Cairo, World Fellowship Week, Christmas and Easter programs, and Senior Dinner. The Y-Teens and Hi-Y co-operate on certain special occasions. Sponsors Mrs. Glarum and Mrs. Myers have one of their usual conferences. Y-Teen Functions Demonstrate Good Planning 38Vocational Club Shapes Future Livelihoods The F.F.A. is an organization made up of students interested in agriculture. During the school year, some students participate in district and state F.F.A. contests and conventions, a pheasant feed, Parent and Son Banquet, and a donkey basketball game. Summer finds the F.F.A. boys fishing in Canada or attending Officers Training Camp at Camp Merrill. President Doug Crouse is showing Sponsor Mr. Ware a peculiar weed often found in farming areas. "That's right; we re the F.F.A. officers," mutters Monte Pauli, secretary. Other officers are Grover Thompson, vice president; Monty Brooks, operator; Richard Loomis, treasurer; and Harold Thompson, sentinel. 39Publication Staffs Keep Students Well Informed Quill and Scroll members Barbara Lawrence, president; Mary Jo Farrington, vice president; Eileen Rietz, secretary-treasurer; Debbie Chaney, Miss Florence Crouse, sponsor; and Yvette Danielson are looking over the latest Quill and Scroll magazine. The student’s ingenuity and ability, aided by papers, typewriters, and rulers, create our school newspaper and yearbook. Willingness to work and co-operate characterize the staff members. The few returning and experienced individuals engineer the project. New and interested persons volunteer to assist in different production capacities. Though at times the endless work and pressure of constant deadlines seems too much, the staff members are rewarded. The realization that they have given the students a regular account of important school events is their greatest reward. Members of the Spud staff are Suzi Johnson, Barbara Lawrence, Eileen Rietz, Mary Jo Farrington, Dick McFall, Jim Dunn, Robert Hernandez, Alan Trabert, Diane Shetler, Manfred Schaudin, Micki Banjoff, Carol Ann Koester and Sharon Koozer. 40"No more work; it's finally off to press," sigh yearbook staff members Carole Jo French, Amy Sandberg. Kenneth Maxwell, Sponsor Mrs. Nelson, Eileen Rietz, Geraldine Lawrence, and Gillian McAndrew. "Have you contacted each name on your list?" asks Barbara Ferguson of Diana Wall, Melanie Saxton, Barbara Johnson, members of the advertising staff. "Come on now; won't you buy an annual," urge co-editors Debbie Cheney and Mary Jo Farrington.Pep Club Boyfriend and Attendants BILL CASE Boy Friend CLIFFORD DOBSON DICK McFALL The boyfriend and attendants are chosen by a popular vote of the Pep Club and presented at the annual Pep Club Formal. 42The Pep Club contributes to all athletic events by enthusiastic cheering at the games and meets. Other activities include decorating the halls, sponsoring dances, and co-operating on Homecoming plans. At a pep rally held in the spring of each year, the Pep Club presents a certificate of achievement to each letterman. Another exciting occasion for all the Pep Club girls is the annual spring banquet during which the new cheerleaders are announced. "You guys, do you realize this is our last game!" moans senior Carole Jo French to Karen Schnurr and Patricia Bentley. Bulldog Barkers Yell Team to Victory Pep Club President Claudia McNertney, Sponsor Miss Nona Woodhams, Sponsor Miss Joan Aspen, Secretary Amy Sandberg. Treasurer Cheryl Saxton, and Vice President Verola Salisbury are decorating the hall to promote school spirit. 43Alliance High School boys earning one or more athletic letters may join the A-Club. The initiation into this club brings some funny sights and sounds. The club commands the attention of the entire school when the boys choose the Homecoming Queen and Court Queen. A-Club finances its projects by selling book covers and manning the refreshment stand during basketball season. Always running . . . that’s the trackmen. Proof of this is Bob Briggs as he plods through snow to do the required laps. Sports Minded Boys Earned “A” A-CLUB—STANDING: Ernie Nickens. Edd Pew, Clifford Dobson, Fred Kimmel, Rod Romig, Monte Pauli, Paul Le-pard, and Sandy Leever. SEATED: Tom Anderson, Bob Seiler, Charly Johnson. Jim Curtiss, Bob Brown, Bill Case, Charles Schadwinkel, and Bob Briggs. 44Cheerleaders "Victory, victory, victory," chant A.H.S. cheerleaders Wanda Rainbolt. Jean Nuss, Linda Lesoing, Vicki Hamilton, and Mary Jo Farrington. These girls create enthusiasm and good sportsmanship. 45This Is a Place of Liberty To those of us with desire .. . Music classes bring . .. The light of self-expression. We learn to live . .. As citizens educated in music ... In a modern cultural society. We are free to choose music. To those of us who are instilled ... With a competitive spirit. . . And are molded with determination. Sports bring the pride . . . Of hearing the victory bell ring. We are free to choose athletics. To those of us with interest. . . Who enjoy hard work . .. And are also willing . . . To play even a minor part. Is given the enjoyment... Of being part of a successful performance. We are free to choose drama. 47Football Squad Defeated 1961 FOOTBALL SQL;AD—BACK ROW: Bruce Morris, Jim Mischniclc, Steve Bedient, Lonnie Sherlock, Charly Johnson, Ernie Nick-ens, Rony McGuire, Bob Briggs, Charles Schadwinkel, Steve Gillispie. Larry Osborn. MIDDLE ROW: Monte Case, Sandy Leever, Jim Lockridge, Fred Kimmel, Steve Smith, Jim Tice. Rod Romig, Bob Seiler, Steve Liakos, Artie Baier, Chris Bartels. FRONT ROW: Warren Miller, Lannie Shelmadine, Dave Kimmel, Edd Pew, John Kamerzell, Dick Me Fall, Bob Brown, Bill Case, Terry DeBusk, Gordon Howell, Tom Anderson. The Bulldogs ended a hapless season. Our team was young and our schedule demanded experience. The season’s final record read two wins, six losses, and one tie. Many promising boys were discovered and are expected to see varsity action next year. A team that tries and loses has nothing of which to be ashamed. Just remember— there is always another Staunch Opposition Date ALLIANCE BULLDOGS The 1961 Record Games AHS Opponent Sept. 15 Gering, Here 0 14 Sept. 22 Sidney, There 0 26 Sept. 29 Ogallala, There 6 • 6 Oct. 6 North Platte, Here 0 20 Oct. 13 Torrington, Here 13 12 Oct. 20 McCook, There 14 26 Oct. 27 Kearney, Here 19 6 Nov. 3 Scottsbluff, There 6 40 Nov. 15 Chadron, Here 0 19 GERING DOWNS ALLIANCE The Alliance Bulldogs, in their opening game, were handed a 14-0 defeat by the Gering eleven. Although both teams flubbed touchdown opportunities, Gering managed to score in the second and fourth quarters. MAROONS LEASH BULLDOGS The Bulldogs journeyed to Sidney for their first out-of-town game and were eliminated from the Western Conference race with a 26-0 defeat. A wet field and inability to play offense effectively were Alliance's main hinderances during the game. BLUE AND WHITE TIE INDIANS The Bulldogs got their first touchdown of the football season but had to settle for a 6-6 tie with the Ogallala Indians. The Bulldogs mounted an offense for the first time this year. Coach Don Crowder isn’t the only worried one. Student managers Don Seim, Dan Laursen, Manfred Schaudin, and Emery Sears share his concern PLATTERS RACK ALLIANCE Alliance encountered their first Big Ten opponent when they met North Platte at the Bulldog Stadium. The two teams played neck and neck until the fourth quarter when the Platters scored two of their three touchdowns to defeat Alliance 20-0. ALLIANCE NIPS BLAZERS Friday the thirteenth held no jinx for Alliance as they scored in the final minute and a half to win over Torrington 13-12. The Bulldogs scored their first touchdown of the game in the third quarter. Lannie Shelmadine heads for the goal line. BISON WIN OVER BULLDOGS Alliance dropped another West Big Ten game to McCook by a score of 26-14. Although the Bulldogs battled hard, they managed to make only two touchdowns. ALLIANCE DRUBS KEARNEY Alliance escaped the Big West Ten cellar when they defeated the Kearney Bearcats 19-6. A new draw play run to perfection was a key factor of the Bulldog victory. One down, one to go. Three Alliance Bulldogs deliver a bone-crushing tackle to stop the opponent. BLUFFS CRUSH ALLIANCE Scottsbluff sailed to their 28th victory in the 50 game football rivalry with Alliance by a score of 40-6. Both the Bearcats and the Bulldogs played a close ball game until the third quarter when Scottsbluff scored four of their six touchdowns. CHADRON TRIMS ALLIANCE The Chadron Cardinals tallied a 19-0 victory over the Alliance High Bulldogs in the final football game of the season. Although the first quarter was scoreless, the Cardinals scored one touchdown in each of the remaining quarters. 50Homecoming Queen and Attendants KAREN SCHNURR SUZI JOHNSON JANET ADKINS At our annual Homecoming game the "A” Club, by popular vote, presents a queen and two attendants to reign over the Homecoming activities. 51Undying Spirit Yields Improved Season 1961 ’B‘ SQUAD—BACK ROW: Bill Reno, Gordon Burback, Gary Lecvcr, Chris Bartels, Cork Taylor, Lonnie Sherlock, Vernon York, Gary Lamb, Dick Lincoln, Don Morris, Alan Trabert, Steven Loveless. FRONT ROW: Terry Olson, Greg Young, Gordon Howell, Duane Dobson, Jim Tice, Jim Mischnick, Steve Gillispie, Terrry DeBusk, Artie Baier, Edd Pew, Dave Kimmel, John Kamerzell, Warren Miller. Danny Garrett. Reserve Coach Bob Morris listens as wrestling Coach Wayne Maier explains a new hold. 52 The record for the 1961 Reserve football team read two wins, three losses, and no ties. The record was not the whole story. Although the Bulldogs lost three of their five games, their fine playing and desire to win was commendable. Alliance 12 Alliance 27 Sidney 14 Chadron 0 Alliance 0 Alliance 12 North Platte 13 Scottsbluff 6 Alliance 13 Gering 14 Raily Koozer finds it hard to hold on to Fred Kimmel as they wrestle during practice. Roy Hernandez gets a good hold on Clifford Dobson as they wrestle. They Are Our Heroes in Victory or Defeat 1962 WRESTLING SQUAD—BACK ROW: R. Longacre. R. Hernandez, J. Furman, D. Dobson, C. Dobson. M. Pauli, M. Brooks, S. Leever, M. Case, R. Koozer, F. Kimmel, L. Osborn, M. Berry. MIDDLE ROW: W. Smith, M. Schrciber, D. Florez, J. New, L. Jackson, L. Bolinger, C. Bartels, R. Osborn, C. Taylor, C. Schadwinkel. S. Liakos. FRONT ROW: T. Weldon, L. Winton, A. Trabert, D. Colling, D. Dobson, J. Ditsch, D. Sheldon. R. Rosane, L. Schnell, G. West, G. Leever. 53Fast and Captivating, That's Basketball 1962 VARSITY BASKETBALL TEAM Lannie Shelmadine. John Kamerzell, Bruce Morris, Ernie Nickens, Lonnie Sherlock, Dave Bates. Charly Johnson, Jim Tice, Dan Nielsen. Steve Smith, and Jack Hamer. Tearing down the backcourt or sinking long, arched shots, the Alliance Bulldogs kept up the sports tempo during the basketball season. Thrills of close, hard-fought games brought enthusiastic audiences of spirited spectators to their feet. With only one returning letterman, the ’6l-’62 team experienced somewhat of a seesaw season. Although the Bulldogs were occasionally on the short end of the score, the basketball season rated high in excitement. "A ball for each victory," remarks Varsity coach Mr. Ambler to Reserve coach Mr. Morris. 54VARSITY RECORD Dec. 2 Cheyenne Dec. 9 Gering Dec. 16 Kearney Jan. 5 North Platte Jan. 6 McCook Jan. 13 Sidney Jan. 19 Scottsbluff Jan. 20 Gering 39 Alliance 35 72 Alliance 33 61 Alliance 70 64 Alliance. 49 41 Alliance 46 60 Alliance 75 63 Alliance . 57 61 Alliance 65 In the huddle. Coach Ambler points out fundamental mistakes of the game. Jan. 26 Ogallala 50 Alliance 65 Jan. 27 Kearney 69 Alliance 68 Feb. 2 Scottsbluff 60 Alliance 59 Feb. 9 McCook 44 Alliance ... .72 I;cb. 10 North Platte 70 Alliance 55 Feb. 16 Torrington 61 Alliance 71 Feb. 17 Ogallala 56 Alliance 53 Feb. 24 Sidney 61 Alliance ... 58 Charly Johnson drives through Sidney opponents to make a lay-up. Bruce Morris goes high to score two points for the Bulldogs.CENTERS: Ernie Nickens, Lonnie Sherlock, and Charly Johnson. GUARDS: Jack Hamer, John Kamerzell, and Lannie Shelmadine. FORWARDS: Steve Smith, Jim Tice, Dave Bates, Bruce Morris, and Dan Nielsen. During practice or games, Ernie Nickens can "dunk'’ the ball. Court Queen and Attendants MELANIE SAXTON CONNIE JOHNSON AMY SANDBERG Basketball season would not be complete without the presentation of the Court Queen and her attendants, chosen by a popular vote of the members of A-Club. 57RESERVE RECORD Dec. 2 Cheyenne ..... 31 Alliance 32 Dec. 9 Gering 46 Alliance 41 Dec. 16 Kearney 47 Alliance 55 Jan. 5 North Platte . 43 Alliance 30 Jan. 6 McCook 48 Alliance 32 Jan. 13 Sidney 46 Alliance 51 Jan. 19 Scottsbluff 54 Alliance 51 Jan. 20 Gering 51 Alliance 53 Jan. 26 Ogallala 45 Alliance 61 Jan. 27 Kearney 42 Alliance 39 I-'eb. 2 Scottsbluff .... ... 36 Alliance 30 Feb. 9 McCook 41 Alliance 56 Feb. 10 North Platte 46 Alliance 48 Feb. 16 Torrington 44 Alliance 42 Feb. 17 Ogallala 35 Alliance 58 Feb. 24 Sidney 54 Alliance 49 Keeping the balls clean is one of the tasks of student managers Warren Miller and Calvin Prouty. Reserves Put Forth Effort to Win 1962 RESERVE BASKETBALL TEAM Dave Kimmel, Tom Anderson, Vernon York, Steve Bedient, Wayne Mart, Steve Gillispie, Ken Pugh, Bob Seiler, Danny Garrett, and Gordon Burback. 58VOLLEYBALL—BACK ROW: Pamela Brown, Claudia McNertney, Susie Lierk, Rosemary Oxford, Carol Mischnick, Connie Lynn, Sandi Churchwell, Pam Bowman, Carol Shimp, Wanda Rainbolt, and Coach Nona Woodhams. FRONT ROW: Geraldine Lawrence, Bertha Florez, Sherry Mundt, Edwyna Williams, Joyce Ware, Lola Marin, Loretta Kozal, Margaret Florez, Mary Ann Hudson, Kay Hashman. Co-eds Show Chances for Eventful Season "Where did it go?” asks the physical education class as they look for the missing shuttlecock. 59Band Rhythm Reflects The cold autumn air and early hours cannot hinder the marching band s practice for the next football game. FIRST ROW: Edwyna Williams, Jean Nuss, officer. SECOND ROW: Anne Reddish, Judy Trank, Allen Hammar. THIRD ROW: John Reno, Vicki Hamilton, Ann Cole, Gary Lamb, Jack Brake, Julieanne Muhm. FOURTH ROW: Royce Reynolds, Captain; Bob Shankland, Noel Corbel 1. FIFTH ROW: Kathy Kelley. The Alliance High Majorettes are Edwyna Williams, Connie Pan-witz, Judy Edwards, and Kaye Reitz. The straight marching lines and toetapping rhythm of the Alliance High School band add a finishing touch to football games and parades. The Pep Band adds color and enthusiasm to basketball games and pep rallies. The members are proud of their director because last year he was chosen chairman of the Band at State Music Clinic, a great honor which is accompanied by a great deal of hard work.the Tempo of Our Time FIRST ROW: Jim Curtiss, Carole Jo French, Janice Roten, Janet Wait, Terry Annen, Mary Curtiss. SECOND ROW: Mary Perez, Sherry Padgett, Ray Worthley, Judy Edwards. Phyllis Seim, officer; Colleen Christensen. THIRD ROW: Dale Grau, Jim Dunn, Bob Brown, Connie Panwitz, Shirley Darr, Mary Lee Bright. FOURTH ROW: Bob Turechek, Sam Stalos, officer; Larry Moomey, Wayne Mart, Clarence PeCoy, Charles Schadwinkel, officer; Janice Brock, officer; Nancy Underwood. FIFTH ROW: Jim Tice, Barbara Lawrence, Fred Kimmel, Blaine Covalt, Robert Furman, Floyd Miller, Dwight Satchell. SIXTH ROW: Max Wright, Lola Marin, Susi Hall, Judith Chamberlin, Janet Chamberlin, Mr. Harriss. A band concert is a result of hours of hard work and practice. 61Choir Teaches the Beauty FIRST ROW: Joy Taylor, Gillian McAndrew. Diana Dobry, Judy Trank, Kathy Kelley, Janet Adkins, Yvette Danielson, Sandy Gearhart, Connie Panwitz. Janice Langmacher, Sandi Churchwell, Pam Bowman. SECOND ROW: Andrea Sampson, Judith Chamberlin, Bertha Florez, Sherry Mundt, Nancy Morris, Lorraine Harimon, Margaret Florez, Marianne Reitz, Phyllis Seim, Mary Curtiss, Janet Chamberlin, Mary Lee Bright, Mary Jo Farrington. THIRD ROW: Warren Miller, Greg Young, Edd Pew, Jim Dunn, Bob Seiler, Dan Nielsen, Floyd Miller, Rod Romig, Dan Curry, Arnold Burnham. Roger Adkins, Ross Graham. FOURTH ROW: Royce Reynolds, Blaine Covalt, Vernon York, Gordie Kingry, Paul Lepard, Ray Worthley, Dick McFall, Fred Kimmel, Jon Klesner, Wayne Mart, Jim Curtiss, Jim Mischnick. As the Alliance High Choir strikes a harmonious note, every student feels great pride. The choir rightly deserves much praise. This year the members were invited to sing at the State Music Clinic at Fremont. This was one of the greatest honors a music organization in Alliance High School has ever received. Praise flowed in from music educators from all over the state. To many music students and teachers throughout the state, the word Alliance means harmony and perfection. Ray Worthley, Carole Reno, Jon Klesner and Barbara Lawrence shiver in the early morning air as they wait for the bus to take them to Fremont. 62of “Good” Music FIRST ROW: Barbara Lawrence, Karen Schnurr, Jean Nuss, Verola Salisbury, Edwyna Williams, Mary Perez, Linda Culp, SECOND ROW: Rosemary Oxford, Anne Reddish, Claudia Ritter, Ann Cole, Jerri Hofmann. Judy Lehl, Sharon Mayes, Carole Reno. THIRD ROW: Gary Lamb, Marvin Bowman, Steve Liakos, Dave Kimmel, Bill Schreiber, Marty Sanderson. FOURTH ROW: Steve Knigge, Jim Tice, Dick Lincoln, Steve Amen, Jerry Cowles, Vernon Sanderson, Bill Voss. Choir President Paul Lepard checks the robes of Section Leaders Jean Nuss. Dick Lincoln and Judy Trank. The madrigal flavored the last of school before Christmas vacation by singing carols in the hall. Madrigal members include: FIRST ROW: Janet Adkins. Jean Nuss. Carole Reno. SECOND ROW: Lorraine Harimon, Judy Trank. PhyJlis Seim, Janice Langmacher, Pam Bowman. THIRD ROW: Bill Voss, Bill Schreiber, Gary Lamb, Dan Nielsen, Wayne Mart, Ray Worthley, Rod Romig. Paul Lepard. 63Music Appreciation To Western Nebraska an orchestra is a rarity. The Alliance High Orchestra was the only one to perform at District Music Contest. This year the members performed at an outstanding concert, which demonstrated individual and group excellence. The Philosophers include Gary Lamb, Jim Curtiss, Rod Roming, and Paul Lepard. ORCHESTRA Includes—FIRST ROW: Karen Schnurr. Council; Carol Mischnick, Pam McMasters, Bill Reno. Barbara Tolstedt, Carole Reno, council; Carol Phaneuf, Deborah Cheney. SECOND ROW: Beverly Langmacher, Nancy Annen, Don Hammar, John Loren ini. Pam Backstrom, Jean Nuss, Jim Curtiss, Carole Jo French, Terry Annen, Phyllis Seim, Judy Edwards, Pam Novicki, Kathy Johnson. THIRD ROW: Bob Turechek, Sam Stalos, Royce Reynolds. Robert Furman. Clarence PeCoy, Charles Schadwinkel, Janice Brock. Nancy Underwood, Bob Brown, Connie Panwitz. FOURTH ROW: Mr. Harriss, Kathy Kelley, Lola Marin, Janet Chamberlin. Judith Chamberlin.Is a Worthwhile Pursuit Concert Mistress Karen Schnurr carefully checks her violin as she prepares to tune the orchestra. The Pep Band enlivens this pep rally with their music. 65Junior Play Is a Success The junior play cast takes a break. WE SHOOK THE FAMILY TREE A comedy in three acts directed by Miss Joan Aspen. Hildegarde Mr. Dolson Mrs. Dolson Sally .......... Bob............. Jimmy........... Paige Ellie-May....... Jill. Freddie Shermer Mr. Shermer Mrs. Shermer Judith Chamberlin Dick Lincoln Terry Annen Claudia Ritter Ross Graham Robert Furman Gillian McAndrew Phyllis Seim Phyllis Kisicki Arnold Burnham Don Phillip Shirley Darr Arnold Burnham and Judith Chamberlin enjoy their lead roles in the play. 66Most Representative JELINDA CHRISTENSEN JIM LOCKRIDGE Each year a senior girl and boy are selected by the senior class as most representative. The two are chosen on a basis of the qualities of scholarship, leadership, and personality. 67This Is a 68 We are the sophomores, Young, innocent, and eager we come ... Only to find confusing schedules . .. Harder assignments . . . Less time to do more things. We spend our first year adjusting, Yet we learn. We are the juniors, Doubtfully we begin . . . To assume roles of leadership. We use the year to build memories .. . And momentarily put our books aside, Yet we learn. We are the seniors, Anxiously we await graduation . . . Yet we are reluctant to leave. We shoulder new responsibilities . . . Which make us a little older, a little wiser, And consume all our spare time, Yet we learn.Place of Learning Sophomore Sophomore class officers Janice Roten, treasurer: Steve Smith, president; Dave Kimmel, secretary: and Steve Bedicnt, vice president, look ahead to the activities for the coming year. Tom Adam Nancy Allen Karen Ball Micki Banjoff Chris Bartels Dave Bates Colette Bauer Dick Bauer Bob Bauer Steve Bedient Murray Berry Judy Blight Marvin Bowman Bill Brice Richard Brice Mary Lee Bright Pamela Brown Gordon Burback Deanna Caruthers Pat Calvo Don Chancellor Charles Coker Janet Coker Ann Cole Cindy Cole Linda Culp Dan Curry Mary Curtiss 70Class Has Size, Potential, and Future Jim Darveau Jeanine Dingman John Ditsch Becky Donovan Marvin Drumheller Judy Edwards Bertha Florez Nanette Furman Danny Garrett Steve Gillispie Mickey Gonzalez Linda Graham Linda Greathouse Don Hammar Dennis Hansen Kay Hashman Ken Hawley Martha Hedges Linda Herbert Roy Hernandez Ron Hilliker Bill Hofmann Larry Irvine Loren Jackson John Kamerzell Dave Kimmel Les Kincaid Ardith King Steve Knigge Joan Kohrman Sharon Koozer Barbara Laursen Dan Laursen Maxine Lavon Diana Lawrence Gary I.eever Steve Liakos Susie Lierk Jan Loomis Steven Loveless Connie Lynn William McClain Sharon Mann Larry Marsh David Mays Pat Mellinger Len Meredith Claudia Merrick Judi MittlestadtThey Discover New Worlds of Work and Study Floyd Miller James Mills Jim Mischnick Mary Jo Moore Julieanne Muhm Sherry Mundt Daniel Newlin Betty Nickens Judy Nielsen Jim Nuss Jackie Nye Terry Olson Rosemary Oxford Pete Parascand Jerry Parker John Perrin Donna Petersen Diana Prelie Linda Rainbolt Anne Reddish Jim Reddish Bill Reno Rod Reno Jack Reynolds Peggy Rohrbouck Rae Anne Rohrbouck Amelia Ross Janice Roten Paul Roten Jon Roy Carolyn Russell Sterling Rust Andrea Sampson Michael Sanchez Marty Sanderson Dwight Satchell Joel Schafer Larry Schnell Mardella Schnell James Schwaderer Emery Sears Don Seim 72Bob Shankland Don Sheldon Lannie Shclmadine Lonnie Sherlock Peggy Smith Steve Smith Willard Smith Pat Specht James Stearns Cheryl Strasburger Cork Taylor Barbara Tolstedt Alan Trabert Terry Trenkle Marjorie Tubbs Darlene Tucker Jake Tucker Sandra Turechek Garry Underwood Judy Waldron Mike Wall Shirley Weaver David Woods Verlene Woods Alice Wright Bob Wright Vernon York Greg Young"That sounds like a good theme for the Junior-Senior Prom,” says President Yvette Danielson to the other junior class officers, John Lurvey, vice president; Terry Annen, secretary; and Jack Hamer, treasurer. Juniors George Ackerman Linda Ackerman Theodore Adam Roger Adkins Dean Allen Teresa Alvarado Steve Amen Tom Anderson Terry Annen Artie Baier Bill Bartels Fairlyn Baugh Stanley Behm Pam Bowman Jackie Braden Jack Brixius 74Find a World of Jerry Broadfoot Janice Brock Arnold Burnham Janet Chamberlin Judith Chamberlin Colleen Christensen Sandi Churchwell Jerry Cowles Bonnie Crosser Yvette Danielson Shirley Darr Terry DeBusk Lloyd Ditsch Diana Dobry Duane Dobson Catherine Englehaupt Chip Essex Margaret Florez Ken Foster Bill Fraedrich Robert Furman Arthur Garibay Randy Garrett Ross Graham CompetitionThey Are Occupied With “Money Mad Judy Lehl Sandy Libsack Dale Grau Susi Hall Jack Hamer Bob Harvey Ron Harvey Jerri Hofmann Gay Howard Gordon Howell Mary Ann Hudson Jayne Irish Francis Jensen Wanda Jines Kathy Johnson Kathy Kelley Phyllis Kisicki Frank Knight Carol Ann Koester Loretta Kozal Gary Lamb Geraldine LawrenceManeuvers” Helen Liggett Dick Lincoln Arthur Loomis Michael Lulow John Lurvey Lois Magorien Wayne Mart Kenneth Maxwell Sharon Mayes Don Mays Gillian McAndrew Connie McKinney Janice Merrill Warren Miller Larry Moomey Bruce Morris Don Morris Pat Myszkowski Dan Nielsen Michael O’Leary Larry Osborn Connie Panwitz Mary Perez Edd Pew 77They Advance Don Phillip Jean Piihl Lrene Prelie Ken Pugh Louise Reid Kaye Reitz Marianne Reitz John Reno Claudia Ritter Eugene Sanchez Vernon Sanderson Charles Schadwinkel Joyce Schnell Bob Seiler Phyllis Seim Larry Shetler Randal Smith Tom Stark David Sward Joy Taylor Myrna Thomas Harold Thompson Jim Tice Judy Trank 78One Step Toward Graduation Marian Tucker Jerry Underwood Nancy Underwood Bill Voss Janet Wait Jeff Ward Joyce Ware Dennis Wessel Wayne West Jean Wickizer Edwyna Williams Max Wright "Almost all of the money has been collected." comment junior class sponsors. Mrs. Juanita Glarum and Mr. Lester Hunt. 79High Scholarship KAREN SCHNURR FLOYD MARSH Learning is the real purpose of an education; therefore, it is appropriate that we honor two seniors for high scholarship. 80Individualism Marks Upperclassmen Senior class officers Suzi Johnson, secretary; Jim Lockridge, vice president; Connie Johnson, treasurer; and Blaine Covalt, president; discuss graduation plans. JOHN ADAM F.F.A. JANET ADKINS Omaha, Nebraska: Choir, Pep Club, G.A.A., Y-Teens, Cheerleader, State and City Music Clinic; Alliance High School: Choir, Dance Band Vocalist, Madrigal, Homecoming Queen Attendant, Senior Class Play, Y-Teens, Pep Club. ELEANOR AUSTEN Chadron, Nebraska: County Government; Alliance High School: Sophomore Class President, Student Council, Band, Pep Club. Y-Teens. JUDITH BALL Pep Club, Y-Teens ALLEN BECKHOFF F.F.A. PATRICIA BENTLEY Casper, Wyoming: G.A.A.. Latin Club; Alliance High School: Y-Teens, Pep Club. JOAN BEST Pep Club, Y-Teens JACK BRAKE Band. Chorus, Hi-Y, Hi-Y Junior President. Hi-Y Vice-Chairman. Hi-Y Model Legislature, Regents Alternate, Sophomore Class Persident, Student Council. County Government, Junior and Senior Class Play Assistant Director. JERRY BRAMMER Hi-Y9 Seniors Give Time and Talent BOB BRIGGS A-Club. Football, Track. Hi-Y. Hi-Y Senior Secretary, Junior Class Play, Senior Class Play, Student Council, Boys' State, Regents Alternate. MONTY BROOKS Football, Wrestling, 3rd in State Wrestling Meet Class B, F.F.A., F.F.A. Reporter, S.W.C.D. Speaking Contest. BOB BROWN Band, Dance Band, A-Club, A-Club President, Football, Track. Hi-Y, Senior Class Play, County Government, Orchestra. BILL CASE A-Club, Basketball, Football, Track, Hi-Y, Hi-Y Model Legislature, Sophomore Treasurer, Pep Club Boyfriend Attendant, Senior Class Play. MONTE CASE Football, Track, Wrestling, Hi-Y. DEBORAH CHENEY Pep Club, G.A.A., Annual Staff, Annual Staff Co-Editor, Quill Scroll, Y-Teens, Spanish Club, Spanish Club Vice-President. Student Council, State Music Clinic, County Government, Regents Alternate, Orchestra, National Merit Scholarship Commendation, String Quartet, Chadron State Scholastic Contest. JELINDA CHRISTENSEN Choir, Pep Club, Y-Teens, Junior Class President, Sophomore Class Vice-President, Spanish Club, Student Council, Student Council Secretary, County Government, Polio Queen. NOEL CORBELL Band, Hi-Y, County Government. BLAINE COVALT Band, Choir, Choir Treasurer, Dance Band, Track, Hi-Y, Hi-Y Model Legislature, Junior Class Play, Senior Class Play, Senior Class President, Spanish Club, Spanish Club President, Student Council, State Music Clinic, County Government, Orchestra, Pep Band, Mr. Hi-Y. DOUG CROUSE Football, Hi-Y, F.F.A., F.F.A. President, F.F.A. Vice-President, County Government, Nebraska High School Rodeo. JIM CURTISS Band, Band Student Director, Choir, Choir Council, Choir Tenor Section Leader, Choir Student Director, Boys' Quartet, Dance Band, A-Club, Basketball, Golf, Hi-Y, Junior Class Play, Senior Class Play, Boys' State Alternate, State Music Clinic, Regents Alternate, District Music Contest, Orchestra. CLIFFORD DOBSON A-Club, Track, Wrestling, Hi-Y, Pep Club Boyfriend Attendant. 82LOUIS DOSE Hi-Y KAREN DUCKWORTH Pep Club, Y-Teens JIM DUNN Band, Choir, Dance Band, Track, Spud Staff, Hi-Y, Senior Class Play, State Music Clinic. MARY JO FARRINGTON Choir, State Music Clinic, Pep Club, Cheerleader, Annual Staff, Annual Staff Co-Editor, Spud Staff, Spud Staff Assistant Editor, Quill Scroll, Quill 8c Scroll Vice-President. Y-Teens, Senior Class Play, Junior Class Vice-President, Spanish Club, Student Council, Girls’ State Alternate, District Speech Contest, County Government, National Honor Society. BARBARA FERGUSON Pep Club, Annual Staff, Y-Teens. SHARON FORSSTROM Pep Club, Y-Teens, Spanish Club. CAROLE JO FRENCH Band, Pep Club, Annual Staff, Y-Teens, Y-Teen Cabinet, Junior Class Play, Senior Class Play, Latin Club, Student Council, Student Council Treasurer, State Music Clinic, County Government, Regents Alternate, Orchestra, Chadron State Scholastic Contest, Pep Band, District Music Contest. SHIRLEY GARNER Pep Club, G.A.A., G.A.A. President, Y-Teens, Spanish Club. SANDY GEARHART Choir, Pep Club, G.A.A., Y-Teens, State Music Clinic, Volleyball Team. CONNIE GERICKE Pep Club, Y-Teens DIANA HAGEN Pep Club, Y-Teens, Junior Class Play, Senior Class Play. VICKI HAMILTON Band, Pep Club, Y-Teens, Y-Teen Treasurer, Y-Teen Cabinet, Latin Club, Cheerleader, Miss Y-Teen. ALLEN HAMMAR Band, Football. Hi-Y, Spanish Club. LORRAINE HARIMON Chorus, Choir, Madrigal, Pep Club, Y-Teens, Y-Teen (Cabinet, Spanish Club, Spanish Club Secretary, State Music Clinic, Chadron State Scholastic Contest. REUBEN HERNANDEZ Wrestling, Spanish Club, Chadron State Scholastic Contest.Mrs. Alice Nelson and Mr. Byron Nelson, senior class sponsors, are still at it after three years of working and planning. Seniors Understand Others Through Exchange Students ROBERT HERNANDEZ Spud Staff MARY HOFMANN Pep Club, Spud Staff, Y-Teens, Y-Teen President, Y-Teen Cabinet. BARBARA JOHNSON Pep Club, Annual Staff, Y-Teens, Y-Teen Secretary, Y-Teen Cabinet, Latin Club. CHARLY JOHNSON Band, Choir, A-Club, Basketball, Football, Track, Golf, Hi-Y, State Music Clinic. CONNIE JOHNSON Pep Club, G.A.A., G.A.A. Vice-President, Y-Teens, Senior Class Treasurer, Student Council, County Government, Court Queen. SUZI JOHNSON Pep Club, Spud Staff, Y-Teens, Y-Teen Cabinet, Junior Class Play Assistant Producer, Senior Class Play Assistant Producer, Senior Class Secretary, Latin Club, District Speech Contest, Regents Alternate, Homecoming Queen, Orchestra. HAROLD JUZENAS FRED KIMMEL Band, Choir, Dance Band, A-Club, Golf, Football, Track. Wrestling, Hi-Y, Hi-Y Chaplain, Hi-Y State Sergeant-at-Arms, Hi-Y Model Legislature, Latin Club, State Music Clinic, Pep Band, Orchestra, Honorable mention West Big Ten Conference in football. GORDIE KINGRY Choir, Track, Senior Class Play.BERNIE KISICKI St. Agnes Academy: County Government, Basketball, Football, Track, A-CIub, C.Y.O.; Alliance High School: Hi-Y, Hi-Y Senior President, Hi-Y Model Legislature. JON KLESNER Choir, Basketball, Football, Track, Golf, Hi-Y, Senior Class Play, District Speech Contest. JUNE KOHRMAN Pep Club, Y-Teens RAILY KOOZER Football, Track, Wrestling, Second in State in B Class for Wrestling, Hi-Y, Hi-Y Senior Vice-President. JANICE LANGMACHER Band, Chorus, Choir, Choir Vice-President, Madrigal, Pep Club, G.A.A., Y-Teens, Y-Teen Cabinet, Senior Class Play, Latin Club, Latin Club Treasurer, State Music Clinic. BARBARA LAWRENCE Band, Choir, Pep Club, G.A.A., Spud Staff, Spud Staff Editor, Quill Scroll, Quill Scroll President, Y-Teens, Senior Class Play, Latin Club, Latin Club Treasurer, Latin Club President, Girls' State, State Music Clinic, Regents Winner, Pep Band, Winner of Teenage Road-E-O, Winner of Civil Defense Essay Contest. FRED LAWRENCE Track SANDY LEEVER A-Club, Football, Wrestling, F.F.A. PAUL LEPARD Band, Choir, Choir President, Boys’ Quartet, Dance Band, Madrigal, A-Club, Football Student Manager, Track, Latin Club, Annual Staff, Hi-Y, Hi-Y Model Legislature, Junior Class Play Assistant Director, Senior Class Play Assistant Director, State Music Clinic, Pep Band, Brass Choir, Mr. H-Y Attendant. LINDA LESOING Pep Club, G.A.A., Y-Teens, Cheerleader. JAMES LOCKRIDGE Football, Wrestling, Senior Class Vice-President, F.F.A., F.F.A. District Speech Contest, County Government, State F.F.A. Convention. KAREN LOOMIS Pep Club, Y-Teens, Spanish Club. RICHARD LOOMIS F.F.A., F.F.A. Treasurer. JEANETTE LYNN Lamar, Missouri: Chorus, Junior Class Play, State Music Clinic, Orchestra; Alliance High School: Pep Club, Y-Teens.LOLA MARIN Band, Pep Club, G.A.A., Y-Tcens, Volleyball Team, Orchestra. FLOYD MARSH Junior ClassSecretary, F.F.A., F.F.A. Secretary, Regents Alternate. DICK McFALL Curtiss, Nebraska: A-Club, F.F.A., Alliance High School: Choir, Basketball, Football, Track, Spud Staff, Hi-Y, Junior Class Play, Senior Class Play, Student Council, Pep Club Boyfriend. GEORGE McFALL F.F.A., Stubble Mulch Judging. RONY McGUIRE A-Club, A-Club Sergeant-at-Arms, Basketball, Football, Track, Golf, Hi-Y, Hi-Y Model Legislature. CLAUDIA McNERTNEY Pep Club, Pep Club President, G.A.A., Y-Teens, Latin Club, Student Council, Volleyball Team. NANCY MORRIS Chorus, Choir, Pep Club, Y-Teens, Spanish Club. COLEMAN NAY Hi-Y ROBERT NEW Library Assistant ERNIE NICKENS A-Club, A-Clpb President. Basketball, Football, Track, Hi-Y, Hi-Y Vice-President, County Government. VERLA NIELSEN Pep Club, Y-Teens DEAN NIKONT Football, Track. Hi-Y JEAN NUSS Band, Band Officer, Chorus, Choir, Choir Alto Section Leader, Dance Band, Madrigal, Pep Club, G.A.A., Y-Teens, Junior Class Play, Latin Club, Student Council, Student Council Treasurer, Cheerleader, State Music Clinic, Pep Band, Orchestra. SHERRY PADGETT Band, Pep Club, G.A.A., G.A.A. Treasurer, Y-Teens, Spanish Club. DIANNA PATTERSON Pep Club, Y-Teens, Spanish Club, Spanish Club Treasurer, Library Assistant.Calendar Is Filled With Colorful Events MONTE PAULI A-Club, Track, Wrestling, Hi-Y, F.F.A., F.F.A. Secretary, County Government. CLARENCE PeCOY Band, Orchestra CONNIE PETERSON Pep Club, Y-Teens, Spanish Club, Library' Assistant. WANDA RAINBOLT Pep Club, Y-Teens, Spanish Club, Library As-ior Class Play, Latin Club, Cheerleader, County Government, National Honor Society, Volleyball Team, Area I Y-Teen President. JUDY REGAN Pep Club, G.A.A., Y-Teens, Office Assistant, Student Council Alternate. CAROLE RENO Chorus, Choir, Madrigal, Pep Club, Y-Teens, Y-Teen Cabinet, G.A.A., Junior Class Play, Senior Class Play, Latin Club, Student Council, Student Council President, State Music Clinic, Regents Alternate, National Honor Society. Orchestra. ROYCE REYNOLDS Band, Band Captain, Chorus, Choir, Dance Band, Football, Track, Wrestling, Hi-Y, Senior Class Play, State Music Clinic, Orchestra. EILEEN RIETZ Pep Club, Annual Staff, Annual Staff Business Manager, Spud Staff, Spud Staff Ad Manager, Spud Staff Editor, Quill Sc Scroll, Quill Sc Scroll Secretary-Treasurer, Y-Teens, Y-Teen Cabinet, Journalism Award, Office Assistant. WILLIAM ROBERTS Football, Track, Wrestling. ROGER ROHRBOUCK ROD ROMIG Band, Choir, Choir Secretary, Boys’ Quartet, Dance Band, Madrigal, A-Club, A-Club Secretary-Treasurer, Basketball, Football, Track, Spud Staff, Hi-Y, Hi-Y Secretary-Treasurer, Junior Class Play, Senior Class Play, Sophomore Class Secretary’, Student Council, Boys’ State, State Music Clinic, Regents Alternate, National Honor Society, Orchestra. VEROLA SALISBURY Choir, Pep Club, Pep Club Vice-President, Y-Teens, Office Assistant, State Music Clinic. 87PAUL SANCHEZ AMY SANDBERG Pep Club, Pep Club Secretary, Annual Staff, Annual Staff Assistant Editor, Y-Teens, Spanish Club. Office Assistant. Chadron State Scholastic Contest, Court Queen Attendant. CHERYL SAXTON Band, Pep Club, Pep Club Treasurer, Y-Teens, Y-Teen Vice-President, Y-Teen Cabinet, Spanish Club, County Government, Pep Band, Orchestra, Music Contest. MELANIE SAXTON Pep Club, Annual Staff, Y-Teens, Junior Class Play, Sophomore Class Treasurer, Spanish Club, Student Council, County Government, Office Assistant, Court Queen Attendant. MANFRED SCHAUDIN Christophorusschule High School, Gottingen, Germany; Alliance High School: Football Student Manager, Spud Staff, Hi-Y, Student Council. Polio King. KAREN SCHNURR Chorus, Choir, Pep Club, G.A.A., Y-Teens, Y-Teen Cabinet. Junior Class Play, Senior Class Play, Junior Class Treasurer, Latin Club. Latin Club Secretary, State Music Clinic, Regents Alternate, National Honor Society, Homecoming Queen Attendant, Orchestra, Orchestra Concert Mistress, String Quartet, D.A.R Essay Contest Alternate. BILL SCHREIBER Red Oak, Iowa: Latin Club, Latin Club Censor, Student Council, Choir, State Music Clinic, Boys’ Quartet, Hi-Y; Alliance High School: Choir, Madrigal, State Music Clinic. EDWARD SCHRIMPF Omaha, Nebraska: Track. Sodality; Alliance High School: Football, Wrestling, Golf, Hi-Y, Hi-Y Secretary, Hi-Y Model Legislature, Senior Class Play. Student Council. DIANE SHETLER Band, Pep Club, G.A.A., Spud Staff, Y-Teens. CAROL SHIMP Pep Club, G.A.A., Y-Teens, Volleyball Team. JEANINE SHIMP Chorus, Pep Club, Spud Staff, Y-Teens, Spanish Club. SAM STALOS Band, Band Senior Officer, Band Assistant Director, Dance Band, Golf, Senior Class Play, Student Council, State Music Clinic. Regents Alternate. MELODY STEPHENS Pep Club, G.A.A., Y-Teens. LYNDA STINNETTE Choir, Pep Club, Y-Teens. DIANNE SUNDERMEIER Chorus, Pep Club, G.A.A., Y-Teens, Library Assistant.Majority of Seniors Plan for College DENNY THOMPSON Hi-Y, F.F.A. Reporter. GROVER THOMPSON F.F.A., F.F.A. Vice-President, High School Rodeo. JOHN TUCKER BOB TURECHEK Band, Dance Band, Basketball, Football. Junior Class Play, Student Council, County Government. Regents Alternate. JOHN WALDRON LETA WALKER Pep Club, Y-Teens DIANA WALL Pep Club, Annual Staff. Y-Teens, Y-Teen Cabinet, Junior Class Play Assistant Director, Senior Class Play. Spanish Club, Spanish Club Treasurer, Regents Alternate. D.A.R. Citizenship Award, Library Assistant, Home Economics Award. CAROL WILLIAMS Broken Bow, Nebraska: Junior Class Play; Alliance High School: Pep Club, Y-Teens, Senior Class Play, Miss Y-Teen Attendant. RAY WORTHLEY Band, Chorus, Choir, Madrigal, Golf, Hi-Y, State Music Clinic. Bulldog Supporters ALLIANCE RAMBLER SERVICE 324 East Third ALLIANCE TRACTOR IMPLEMENT CO. Tenth and Flack BASKETERIA 1115 West Third BATES-LANDA FUNERAL HOME 618 Box Butte BEAUTY BAR 118 West Fourth BOWEN, ROBERT W„ OPTOMETRIST 823 East Third BUCKMINSTER RAY, INSURANCE 614 Flack BUS'S TRANSFER 612 Flack COAST TO COAST 324 Box Butte CORNER GROCERY 501 Niobrara CURTISS, HOWARD, ACCOUNTANT 124 West Fourth DEE-LITE BAKERY 1 17 West Third EAST THIRD BEAUTY SHOP 313 East Third FAIRACRES DAIRY FARMS, INC. 719 West Third GANTZ, HEIN AND MORAN 1 19 West Third KANE ELECTRIC 212 Laramie KELLOGG GRAIN COMPANY First and Emerson LANGMACHER FEED COMPANY 1121 West Third MASTER CARPET SERVICE 1021 Box Butte MURPHY L. B„ COMPANY 416 Box Butte NELSON, R. K., ACCOUNTANT 224 Box Butte NORMA'S LUNCH 4I6i 2 Box Butte NUSS, A. G., D.D.S. 619 Box Butte PAINT GLASS PRODUCTS CO. 317 Box Butte PANHANDLE WAREHOUSING CO. East Third PENNEY, J. C., COMPANY 412 Box Butte PETERS, 1. H., COMPANY 306 Niobrara PROPER PONTIAC 224 Cheyenne RED AND JACK'S BODY SHOP 600 West Second ROTH, OPAL, INSURANCE 1232 Emerson SAFEWAY 524 East Third SECURITIES ACCEPTANCE CORP. 1 1 1 West Third SIDLES-CHAMBERS 324 West Third SNACK BAR 4I0i 2 Box Butte SWANSON'S DAISY QUEEN 422 West Third THIELE JEWELRY 306 Box Butte TODD'S BODY SHOP 620 Flack ZESTO SHOP 71 1 West Third 90 WORLEY STUDIO 91 Advertising It has been our pleasure to serve Alliance and the BULLDOG.DRAKE HOTEL now itls Pepsi for those who think young CONGRATULATIONS TO THE CLASS OF '62 110 Cheyenne Avenue Phone 600 GREGORY'S, INC. "Insurance alone is our business" Verla Nielsen and Jim Hunter discuss her next party at the Drake. 423 BOX BUTTE AVENUE Phone 1010 Congratulations From CRUM MILLER MELICK 92LEW WOLLASTON A W ROOT BEER Radio and Sound Service TV Repairs FRONTIER MOTEL ROOMS PHONES AIR CONDITIONING STEAM HEAT TELEVISION RADIOS 1100 West Third Phone 110 CISZscC Congratulates "Root beer is also good on chilly days." Leta Walker the Graduating Class 323 FLACK AVENUE PHONE 146DOBSON-DODGE Best in GOOD 502 Box Butte Eating PHONE 1268 DON'S CAFE FAMOUS CLOTHING HOUSE "You've made a sale!" Denny Thompson Robert New Tony Nunes For Distinctive Printing BEDIENT KEEP-U-NEAT LITHO CLEANERS 321 W. Third Phone 290 94 WILLARD F. ANDERSON Congratulations to Stocks—Bonds— the Class of 1962 Investment— Trusts J. L. "OLEY" SAYLOR Texaco Bulk Plant Representing E. E. HENKLE INVESTMENT COMPANY MONTGOMERY WARD CO. "Let’s put him in it!" Russel Hanson Clifford Dobson Lola Marin 301 Box Butte Avenue Phone 315 BORROR CHEVROLET SALES MISSOURI PARTS MARKET SERVICE Mississippi "Buy at a and Home-owned store" East Third 95ALLIANCE LIVESTOCK AUCTION COMPANY MOWDER'S PHARMACY F M BOOTERY 305 Box Butte PHONE 232 FINECY'S RECORD SHOP We Sell the Best and Service the Rest! PERRIN REFRIGERATION SALES Commercial Refrigeration Air Conditioning Phone 405 405 Big Horn "What do you mean. I should go on a diet?" Linda Lesoing Kenneth Maxwell Located in the Doctor's BuildingTERRY'S W. Hwy. Jctn. 2 and 385 Phone 963 LONGACRE ALLIANCE FLORAL COMPANY REFRIGERATION 1316 Toluca Phone 1274 "Gifts for Every Occasion" 322 Box Butte Phone 151 “Will you lend money to high school students?" Harold Wingstad Noel Corbell William Roberts C. B. Q. CREDIT UNION 103 East First Street Phone 210 97NEIL'S TRUCK SERVICE 414 Black Hills PHONE 1290 MERRICK DRUG CLAY MERRICK Pharmacist Prescriptions Drugs 424 Box Butte Phone 1444 THIRD TOLUCA TEXACO Phone 4 FARM CITY DISTRIBUTION "Where do I sign?” Jack Davis Sandy Gearhart Frank Tolstedt GUARDIAN STATE BANK "Time and Temperature Corner"KANSAS NEBRASKA NATURAL GAS COMPANY 220 Box Butte INC. Phone 747 This summer do something new and exciting— the PUTT-A-RENA NEWBERRY'S ACE HARDWARE 402 Box Butte PHONE 38 "1$ it self-defrosting?" "Isn't this impressive?" Richard Loomis Karen Loomis B.P.O.E. 417 Box Butte Phone 244 BRITTAN INSURANCE Complete Protection Carol Shimp Ray Kneba STICKNEY'S Phone 607 Real Estate 304 Niobrara 99ALLIANCE FOX THEATER "Do I have to pay to go to work?" Jean Nuss Karen Schnurr Judy Regan MEADOW GOLD DAIRY HEMPEL MOBIL SERVICE MR. ED HEMPEL, Operator JOHNSON PELTZ, Inc. Draperies Paint Interior Decorating Floor Materials 723 Flock Avenue Phone 1899 MR. SCHRIMPF, ManagerPODHAISKY INSURANCE AGENCY "Your Protection Is Our Best Policy" ADLER-HESTED BUILDING Phone 190 ALLIANCE DON AND OLGA'S ELM GRILL Good Food and Quick Service Alliance 1003 East Third EHRHART COMPANY Great Northern and Pinto Beans HOLSTEN'S DRUG STORE "Well, father knows best, so I’d better take my vitamins.” Owen Farrington Mary Jo Farrington Storing and Processing 316 PHONE 1384 ALLIANCE Box Butte Avenue PHONE 6 101MILTON'S SELF-SERVICE DRUG 214 Box Butte Phone 132 Congratulations, Class of ‘62 KCOW 1400 on your dial 16 hours daily Alliance, Nebraska 304 Black Hills Avenue PHONE 822 Diana Sheiler "My dream home on wheels." W. W. Culwell ALLIANCE TRAILER SALES 815 Flack Phone 584 ALLIANCE. NEBRASKAALLIANCE NATIONAL BANK 302 Box Butte Avenue Phone 3 "It feels good to have money In the bank!" Jelinda Christensen Mary Phelan NEBRASKA MOSS SON TYPEWRITER lWL ▼ "24-Hour Service" V FHE - 2VzR ALLIANCE LUMBER R—O—Y—A—L Portable, Standard, Electric 109 East Third Street Alliance COMPANY "Your Friendly Yard" 103CLIFF HOFMANN BILL ZIEG'S AGATE MINERAL MUSEUM Don't Miss It! 711 Electrical Wiring Phone 1309 603 Black Hills RENO'S BEAUTY SHOP Big Horn Phone The largest private stone collection in Nebraska — and — it's at 311 Hudson DE-MAR INC 1870 P.O. Box 672 ALLIANCE, NEBRASKA PHONE 115 • Manufacturers of: "Sure looks good, but, my pennies will only buy a hamburger." Coleman Nay Lois Schmidt Jerry Brammer TRAILERS FOR THE TRAILER RENTAL INDUSTRY FIBER GLASS SHOWER STALLS AND RECEPTORS FIBER GLASS BURIAL VAULTS MECHANICAL AND FIBER GLASS FABRICATION HILLYER PLUMBING don't cuss; call us Electric Sewer Hot Water Cleaning Steam Heat 523 Yellowstone Phone 389 ALLIANCE HOTEL 104BOX BUTTE MEDICAL ASSOCIATIONALLIANCE COMMUNITY T. V. May I watch them all at the same time?" George McFall John Klesner CULLIGAN SOFT WATER A. H. S. Supporters DARI-ISLE Owned and Operated by the Wrights. We learned about this in American government." Albert Seebohm Harold Juzenas John Adam ALLIANCE BUILDING AND LOAN 106 312 BOX BUTTE PHONE 310ALLIANCE RAINBOW READY MIX LODGE ALLIANCE GRAIN "I'm glad that you take time to answer questions!" Dianna Patterson Gene Neuswanger Star Lite DRIVE-IN THEATRE 8th and Flack PHONE 1333 SWEETBRIAR Congratulates the Class of 1962 “Would Mom appreciate this for Christmas?" Lyle Stephens Ed Schrimpf TENTH STREET GROCERY 107ECONOMY FURNITURE Phone 244 311 Box Butte "This would improve our living room!" John Waldron Mr. Hahn ELEANOR'S ALLIANCE Thanks STEAM A.H.S. Pep Club LAUNDRY Symbol of Farm Leadership 724 West Third Street Alliance, Nebraska 108KURL-N-SWIRL "May I get out!" Diana Hagen Suzi Johnson 919 East Fourth—Phone 2239 MODE O' DAY "Better Quality tor Less" Phone 397 315 Box Butte Congratulations, Seniors From THE YEARBOOK STAFF TO OUR ADVERTISERS: The making of a yearbook involves . . . Choosing a suitable theme, Looking for ideas for pictures, Perfecting well balanced layouts, Finding the correct word usage, Typing and retyping copy, Proofreading and making corrections, Interpreting the year's events, And working very hard To preserve these memories. Because of your advertising, We can produce a better book . . . With a more complete record . . . Of the year's activities. We can afford the necessary Professional and technical guidance. To those merchants and friends Who have co-operated so generously . . . To make our "Bulldog" possible, We give our sheerest thanks. Thank you for your patronage, m CVU CVA W Co-Editors: Mary Jo Farrington Deborah Cheney 109ADMINISTRATION Chamberlin. Leslie. Principal—6,89 Dreyer. William; Director of Guidance— 13, 34 Morrison. Louis; Superintendent—4 Trout. Norval; Assistant Superintendent—4 BOARD OF EDUCATION Cover, John—4 Fiebig, Glen—4 Morgan, Dr. Robert—4 Neuswanger, Gene—4 Wiseman. Howard—4 Stephens, Lyle—4 CUSTODIANS Taylor. Wayne—32 Wilmontt. Robert—32 FACULTY Aden. Sena—7, 35 Ambler. James—11, 54, 55 Aspen. Joan—8. 9, 13, 73 Crouse, Florence—8, 10 Crowder, Don—21, 49 Eichenbergcr, Rod—16, 17 Fiebig. Lila—7, 32 Foster, David—15 Furman, Willis—9 Glarum, Juanita—20, 38, 79 Harriss, Don—16, 61, 64, 65 Herring. Orville—12 Hitt. Charles—7 Hoover. Vae—19, 33 Hovorka, Thomas—21, 37 Hunt, Lester—11. 79 Kollath, James—14, 15 Maier, Wayne—52 Merdinger. Genevieve—8, 34 Morris. Robert—12, 52, 54 Myers, Esther—13, 38 Nelson, Alice—11, 41, 84 Nelson, Byron—5, 19, 37, 84 Petersen, Fred—15 Schmitz, Raymond—20, 73 Ware. Kenneth—19, 39 Woodhams, Nona—12, 43, 59 PERSONNEL Copple, Margaret—6, 31 Merritt, Thelma—6 STUDENTS —A— Ackerman. George—74 Ackerman, Linda—74 Adam. John—27, 81, 106 Adam. Theodore—74 Adam, Tom—27, 70 Adkins. Janet—26, 30. 33, 51, 62, 63, 81 Adkins, Roger—62, 74 Allen, Dean—74 Allen, Nancy—70 Alvarado, Teresa—74 Amen, Steve—63, 74 Anderson, Tom—26, 37, 44, 49, 58, 74 Annen, Terry—30, 61, 64, 66, 74 Austen, Eleanor—11, 81 —B— Baier. Artie—49, 52, 74 Ball. Judith—81 Ball, Karen—70 Banjoff, Micki—40, 70 Bartels, Bill—74 Bartels, Chris—37, 49. 52, 53, 70 Bates. Dave—54, 56, 70 Bauer, Colette—70 Bauer. Bob—70 Sauer. Dick—70 Baugh, Fairlyn—74 Beckhoff, Allen—27, 81 Bedient, Steve—34, 37, 48, 58, 70 Here's Who's Who Behm, Stanley—74 Bentley, Patricia—10, 43, 81, 112 Berry, Murray—53, 70 Best, Joan—81 Blight, Judy—70 Bowman, Marvin—63, 70 Bowman, Pam—59, 62, 63, 74 Braden. Jackie—74 Brake, Jack—11, 37, 60, 81 Brammer, Jerry—19, 81, 104 Brice, Bill—70 Brice, Richard—70 Briggs, Bob—23, 26, 34, 37, 44, 48, 82 Bright, Mary Lee—1, 62, 70 Brixius, Jack—74 Broadfoot, Jerry—75 Brock, Janice—34, 38, 61, 64, 75 Brooks, Monty—27, 39, 53, 82 Brown, Bob—26, 30, 44, 48, 61, 64, 82 Brown. Pamela—59, 70 Burback, Gordon—52, 58, 70 Burnham, Arnold—62, 66, 75 —C— Calvo, Patty—70 Caruthers. Deanna—70 Case, Bill—26, 42, 44, 48, 82 Case, Monte—48, 53, 82 Chamberlin, Janet—38, 61, 62, 64, 75 Chamberlin, Judith— 30, 38, 61, 62, 64, 66, 75 Chancellor, Don—70 Cheney, Deborah—1, 32, 40, 41, 64, 82 Christensen, Colleen—61, 75 Christensen, Jelinda—6, 28, 31, 34, 67, 82. 103 Churchwell, Sandi—59, 62, 75 Coker, Charles—70 Coker, Janet—70 Cole, Ann—60. 63, 70 Cole, Cindy—70 Corbel 1, Noel—60, 82, 97 Covalt, Blaine—18. 29, 30, 34, 36, 61, 62, 81. 82 Cowles. Jerry—63, 75 Crosser, Bonnie—75 Crouse, Doug—39, 82 Culp, Linda—63, 70 Curry, Dan—11, 62, 70 Curtiss, Jim—9, 30, 33, 44, 61, 62, 64, 82 Curtiss, Mary—61, 62, 70 —D— Danielson, Yvette—34, 38, 40 Darr. Shirley—30, 61, 66, 75 Darveau, Jim—71 Davis, Jack—98 DeBusk, Terry—49, 52, 75 Dingman, Jeanine—71 Ditsch, John—53, 71 Ditsch, Lloyd—75 Dobry, Diana—62, 75 Dobson. Clifford—26, 42, 44, 53, 82, 95 Dobson, Duane—52, 53, 75 Donovan, Becky—9, 71 Drumheller, Marvin—71 Duckworth, Karen—83 Dunn, Jim—16, 30, 40, 6i, 62, 83, 112 Dose, Louis—10, 83 —E— Edwards, Judy—60, 61, 64, 71 Engelhaupt, Catherine—75 Essex, Chip—75 —F— Farrington, Mary Jo—1, 33, 40, 4l, 45, 62, 83, 101 Ferguson. Barbara—20, 41, 83 Florez, Bertha—59, 62, 71 Florez, Margaret—59, 62, 75 Forsstrom, Sharon—9, 83 Foster, Ken—75 Fraedrich, Bill—75 French. Carole Jo—32, 34, 38, 41, 43, 46, 61, 64, 83 Furman, Nanette—35, 71 Furman. Robert—28, 34, 61, 64, 65, 66, 75 Garibay. Arthur—75 Garner, Shirley—83 Garrett, Danny—52, 58, 71 Garrett, Randy—75 Gearhart, Sandy—62, 83, 98 Gericke, Connie—83 Gillispie, Steve—49, 52, 58, 71 Gonzalez, Mickey—71 Graham, Linda—71 Graham, Ross—62, 66, 75 Grau, Dale—61, 76 Greathouse, Linda—34, 35, 71 —H— Hagen, Diana—83, 109 Hall, Susi—61, 76 Hamer, Jack—54, 56, 74, 76 Hamilton, Vicki—36, 45, 60, 83 Hammar, Allen—60, 83 Hammar, Don—12, 64, 71 Hansen, Dennis—71 Harimon, Lorraine—14, 29, 38, 62, 63, 83 Harvey, Bob—76 Harvey, Ron—76 Hashman, Kay—59, 71 Hawley, Ken—71 Hedges, Martha—71 Herbert, Linda—71 Hernandez, Reuben—83 Hernandez. Robert—20, 40, 84 Hernandez, Roy—53, 71 Hi Hiker, Ron—71 Hofmann, Bill—71 Hofmann, Jerri—63, 76 Hofmann, Mary—38, 84 Howard, Gay—76 Howell, Gordon—49, 52, 76 Hudson, Mary Ann—31, 34, 59, 76 —I— Irish, Jayne—76 Irvine. Larry—71 —J- Jackson, Loren—34, 53, 71 Jensen, Francis—76 Jines, Wanda—76 Johnson. Barbara—17, 38, 41, 84 Johnson. Charly—26, 44, 48, 54, 55, 56, 84 Johnson. Connie—57, 81, 84 Johnson, Kathy—30, 64, 76 Johnson. Suzi—26, 38, 40, 51, 81, 84, 109 Juzenas. Harold—84, 106 —K— Kamerzell. John—48, 52, 54, 56, 71 Kelley, Kathy—27, 60, 62, 64, 76 Kimmel, Dave—48, 52, 58, 63, 70, 71 Kimmel, Fred—17, 26, 28, 30, 44, 48, 53, 61, 62, 84 Kincaid, Les—71 King, Ardith—9, 71 Kingry, Gordie—32, 62, 84 Kisicki, Bernic—85 Kisicki, Phyllis—66, 76 Klesner. Jon—15, 62, 85, 106 Knigge. Steve—63, 71 Knight. Frank—76 Koester, Carol Ann—40, 76 Kohrman, Joan—71 Kohrman, June—85, 105 Koozer, Raily—53, 85 Koozer, Sharon—40, 71 Kozal, Loretta—29, 31, 59, 76 NOat Alliance High —L— Lamb, Gary—52, 60, 63, 64, 76 Langmacher, Janice—9, 38, 62, 63, 85 Laursen, Barbara—71 Laursen, Dan—49, 71 Lavon, Maxine—71 Lawrence, Barbara—10, 40, 61, 62, 63, 85, 89 Lawrence, Diana—71 Lawrence. Fred—16, 85 Lawrence, Geraldine—41, 59, 76 Leever, Gary—52, 53, 71 Leever, Sandy—26, 32, 44, 48, 53, 85 Lehl, Judy—-63, 76 Lepard, Paul—26, 28, 36, 44, 62, 63, 64, 85 Lesoing, Linda—45, 85, 96 Liakos, Steve—49, 53, 63, 71 Libsack, Sandy—76 Lierk, Susie—59, 71 Liggett, Helen—77 Lincoln, Dick—37, 52, 63, 66, 77 Lockridge, James—14, 48, 67, 81, 85 Loomis, Arthur—77 Loomis, Jan—71 Loomis. Karen—13, 85, 99 Loomis, Richard—27, 39, 85, 99 Loveless, Steven—52, 71 Lulow, Michael—77 Lurvey, John—74, 77 Lynn, Connie—59, 71 Lynn, Jeanette—85 —M— Magorien, Lois—77 Mann, Sharon—71 Marin. Lola—13, 59, 61, 64, 86, 95 Marsh, Floyd—80, 86 Marsh, Larry—71 Mart, Wayne—58, 61, 62, 63, 77 Maxwell, Kenneth—41, 77, 96 Mayes, Sharon—63, 77 Mays, David—71 Mays, Don—77 McAndrew, Gillian—34, 41, 62, 66, 77 McClain. William—71 McFall, Dick—15, 24, 34, 40, 42, 48, 62, 86 McFall, George—86, 106 McGuire, Rony—26, 48, 86 McKinney, Connie—77 McNertney, Claudia—43, 59, 86 Mel linger, Pat—7, 71 Meredith, Len—71 Merrick, Claudia—71 Merrill, Janice—77 Mittlestadt. Judi—71 Miller. Floyd—61, 62, 72 Miller. Warren—48, 52, 58, 62, 77 Mills, James—72 Mischnick, Carol—35, 38, 59, 64 Mischnick, Jim—30, 48, 52, 62, 72 Moomey, Larry—30, 34, 61, 77 Moore, Mary Jo—72 Morris, Bruce—48, 54, 55, 56, 77 Morris, Don—52, 77 Morris, Nancy—62, 86 Muhm, Julieanne—60, 72 Mundt, Sherry—59, 62, 72 Myszkowski, Pat—77 —N— Nay, Coleman—86, 104 New, Robert—29, 86, 94 Newlin, Daniel—12, 14 Nickens, Betty—12 Nickens. Ernie—26, 44, 48, 54, 56, 86 Nielsen, Dan—26, 54, 56,' 62, 63, 77 Nielsen, Judy—72 Nielsen, Verla—86, 92 Nikont, Dean—19, 86 Nuss, Jean—17, 34, 45, 60, 63, 64, 86, 100 Nuss, Jim—72 Nye, Jackie—72 —O— O’Leary, Michael—77 Olson, Ed—17 Olson. Terry—52, 72 Osborn, Larry—49, 53, 77 Oxford. Rosemary—34, 59, 63, 72 —P— Padgett, Sherry—24, 61, 86 Panwitz, Connie—30, 60, 61, 62, 64, 77 Parascand, Pete—72 Parker, Jerry—72 Patterson, Dianna—29, 86, 107 Pauli, Monte—8, 26, 39, 44, 53, 87 PeCoy, Clarence—61, 64, 87 Pennington, Judy—33 Perez, Mary—61, 63, 77 Perrin, John—72 Petersen, Donna—72 Peterson, Connie—29, 87 Pew. Edd—26, 44. 48. 52, 62, 77 Phillip. Don—19, 66, 78 Piihl. Jean—78 Prelle, Diana—72 Prelle, Lorene—78 Prouty, Calvin—58 Pugh, Ken—58, 78 —R— Rainbolt, Linda—35, 59, 72 Rainbolt, Wanda—45, 59, 87 Reddish. Anne—60, 63, 72 Reddish, Jim—72 Regan, Judy—29, 87, 100 Reid, Louise—78 Reitz, Kaye—38, 60, 78 Reitz, Marianne—62, 78 Reno, Bill—52, 64, 72 Reno, Carole—16. 34, 62, 63, 64, 78 Reno, John—60. 78 Reno, Rod—72 Reynolds, Jack—72 Reynolds, Royce—19, 30, 60, 62, 64, 87 Rietz, Eileen—29, 32, 38, 40, 41, 87, 91, 105 Ritter, Claudia—34, 38, 63, 66, 78 Roberts, William—87, 97 Rohrbouck, Peggy—72 Rohrbouck, Rae Anne—72 Rohrbouck. Roger—87 Romig, Rod—34, 37, 44, 46, 48, 62, 63, 64, 87 Ross. Amelia—72 Roten, Janice—34, 61, 70, 72 Roten, Paul—72 Roy, Jon—72 Russell, Carolyn—72 Rust, Sterling—72 —S— Salisbury, Verola—29, 43, 63, 87 Sampson, Andrea—38, 62, 72 Sanchez, Eugene—78 Sanchez, Michael—72 Sanchez, Paul—88 Sandberg, Amy—29, 32, 41, 43, 59, 69, 88 Sanderson, Marty—63, 72 Sanderson, Vernon—63, 78 Satchell, Dwight—35, 61, 72 Saxton. Cheryl—43, 88 Saxton. Melanie—23, 41, 57, 88 Schadwinkel, Charles—26, 37, 44, 49, 53, 61, 64, 78 Schafer. Joel—18, 72 Schaudin. Manfred—21, 31, 34, 40, 49, 88 Schnell, Joyce—78 Schnell, Larry—53, 72 Schnell, Mardella—72 Schnurr, Karen—26, 38, 43, 51, 63, 64, 65, 80, 88, 100 Schreiber, Bill—17, 63, 88 Schrimpf, Edward—21, 33, 34, 88, 107 Schwaderer. James—72 Sears, Emery—49, 72 Seiler. Bob—26, 30. 44, 48, 58, 62, 78 Seim, Don—49, 72 Seim. Phyllis—61, 62, 63, 64, 66, 78 Shankland, Bob—60, 73 Sheldon, Don—53, 73 Shelmadine, Lannie—48, 50, 54, 56, 73 Sherlock, Lonnie—48, 52, 54, 56, 73 Shetler, Diane—24, 40, 88, 102 Shetler, Larry—78 Shimp, Carol—59, 88, 99 Shimp, Jeanine—16, 88 Smith, Peggy—73 Smith, Randal—78 Smith, Steve—34, 48, 54, 56, 70, 73 Smith, Willard—53, 73 Specht, Pat—73 Stalos, Sam—30, 33, 61, 64, 69, 88 Stark. Tom—78 Stearns, James—73 Stephens. Melody—88 Stinnette, Lynda—88 Strasburger, Cheryl—73 Sundcrmeier, Dianne—29, 88 Sward, David—78 —T— Taylor, Cork—52, 53, 73 Taylor, Joy—62, 78 Thomas, Myrna—78 Thompson, Denny—27, 89, 94 Thompson. Grover—19, 39, 89 Thompson. Harold—39, 78 Tice, Jim—48. 52, 54, 56, 61, 63, 78 Tolstedt, Barbara—64, 73 Trabert, Alan—40, 52, 53, 73 Trank, Judy—60, 62, 63, 78 Trenkle, Terry—73 Tubbs, Marjorie—73 Tucker, Darlene—73 Tucker, Jake—73 Tucker, John—19, 89 Tucker, Marian—79 Turechek, Bob—10, 30, 6l, 64, 89 Turechek, Sandra—35, 73 —U— Underwood, Garry—73 Underwood, Jerry—79 Underwood, Nancy—61, 64, 79 —V— Voss, Bill—63, 79 —W— Wait, Janet—61, 79 Waldron, John—89, 108 Waldron, Judy—73 Walker, Leta—89, 93 Wall, Diana—18, 29, 38, 41, 89 Wall, Mike—73 Ward, Jeff—37, 79 Ware, Joyce—59, 79 Weaver, Shirley—73 Wessel, Dennis—79 West, Wayne—79 Wickizer, Jean—79 Williams, Carol—28, 36, 89, 96 Williams, Edwyna—34, 59, 60, 63, 79 Woods, David—73 Woods, Verlene—73 Worthley, Ray—61, 62, 63, 89 Wright, Alice—73 Wright, Bob—73 Wright, Max—61, 79 —Y— York, Vernon—34, 52, 58, 62, 73 Young, Greg—52, 62, 73 IIIWe are the graduates. We have worked . . . With friends and classmates . . . On projects and parties, Homecoming and the prom. Yes, we have lived. We have divided . . . Our time and interest. . . Between music, athletics, and drama. Yes, we have enjoyed . . . Our freedom of choice. We spent hours . .. On term papers and tests . .. Yes, we have learned. We now realize . . . That with graduation . . . We are just beginning, And it is our responsibility . . . To carry the torch . . . Of the freedom we have enjoyed As students in Alliance High. 112

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