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1961 BULLDOG Alliance High School Alliance, Nebraska Volume XVIIBetween You, Me, And The Goalpost Hi . . . Come with us on a tour ... a tour of Alliance High ... we want to show you students hard at work . . . faculty members advising students . . . classes in progress . . . activities and organizations at their best . . . and music, drama and sports providing enjoyment for many. As we walk along . . . we hope you can learn . . . what Alliance High is really like . . . But remember . . . this information is "Between You, Me, and the Goalpost." TABLE OF CONTENTS Dedication 3 Clubs 29-42 Opening Section 4-14 Sports 43-56 Faculty 15-20 Classes .. 57-80 Activities 21-27 Music 81-88 2We Appreciate His Personality Mr. Fred Petersen To you, Mr. Fred Petersen, we dedicate the 1961 Bulldog. We dedicate it to you not as a gesture of good will but as a token of our thanks. Your interest in us, the students, your willingness to co-operate and your friendly personality have made you one of our favorites. Under your guidance, Alliance High's Science Department has been strengthened and our facilities have been improved. We appreciate all you have given to our school and to the students. "Just a little more and you'll have it!” 3Browsing through a senior English literature book is enjoyable, agree Linda York, Rich Cowles, Pat Colburn, and Janice Phillip. They pause a moment to look at one of the scenes from "Macbeth.” WE LEARN . . . to communicate, so that we Modern education stresses academics ... to the AHS student this means a new interpretation of his communication courses. In the English department, literature classes explore the vast realm of English and American modern and classical writings. Composing original essays and reviewing many topics in composition teaches students to exp'ress what they comprehend. Courses in speech and debate outline for students the qualities of a good speaker. Informal debates, lengthy discussions and formal speeches help each to develop the poise, confidence and voice techniques necessary for speaking to an audience. Courses in journalism acquaint students with newspaper and feature writing as they work on the Spud" and "Bulldog" staffs every day. Here they learn teamwork along with self-expression and the many aspects of publications. When Marilyn Koester think of her future, she realizes how important English grammar is to everyone.Lorraine Evans finds thai, although English is interesting, English tests are difficult. may understand ourselves and others Dianne Sundermeier is finding that library books are very helpful, although Mary Lou Reno Jerry Cu p and Judy Bush-nell think she may be overdoing it a little. 5Terry Hahn and Donna Shetler, typical American Government students, signify our interest in the future of the United Nations. WE LIVE. . . for world peace tomorrow We become aware of responsibility as citizens . . . through the study of social sciences. Students must take American history, American problems and government, and they may elect to take World history also. We gain an appreciation of the past as well as an understanding of present conditions. Film strips, movies, charts, and other visual aids, along with lively discussion periods, make these courses fun as well as worthwhile. While American history stresses our country's background and world history stresses the past happenings of our world, both assist students in understanding present national and international difficulties. 6Newspapers inform students of the changes talcing place in our world. Diana Smaha. Betty Lurvey and Linda Munger are reading about the trouble in Cuba and Russia. American history students are interested in where events in our history toolc place. In this case. Karen Schnurr shows Susi Johnson and Paul Lepard the location of our nation’s capital. 7Diclt Graham and Arnold Jensen seem to approve of the way Jane Gorder is measuring water for a chemistry experiment. Anyway they will have to admit measuring water is simpler than figuring out the meaning of HIOAg. "a -ab 2ab-fb equals . . . explains Jan Ashby to the students in advanced algebra. WE LEARN ... so that The field of science and mathematics lies before us like thousands of unopened doors .•. . biology and geometry are the first steps in exploring what lies beyond. For AHS scientists, biology opens the door to man s origin and evolution and to the world of plants and animals. To the AHS chemist and physicist, the recent developments in atomic and nuclear energy give new meaning to complex chemical .formulas and physics problems. In chemistry, too, the use of modern technical equipment aids students in solving difficult problems in the lab. General math, algebra, and plane geometry introduce AHS mathematicians to the problems facing a person interested in this field. Advanced courses in algebra, trigonometry, and analytic geometry use this experience to develop a more exact knowledge of modern mathematics and its applications. 8"Now let me see," thinks Nancy Chamberlain, "how much heavier is water than air?" we may create, not destroy Claudia McNertney. Janice Merrill, Jett Ward and Fred Lawrence look on as Tom Anderson explains a geometry problem in Mr. Hunt's class. 9If he could just stop eating a moment, Paul Nelson would be sure to say he thinks Roso Lee Cornette's cookies are tops. WE LABOR ... to acquire skills for tomorrow's job Students taking the practical courses offered at AHS find themselves . . . gaining skills for future employment. AHS boys become "Jacks-of-all-trades" in the industrial arts classes. In both shop and drafting courses, they discover natural abilities along their respective lines, and, with a sense of accomplishment, develop them. The commercial department develops practical skills which are usable on the job and in everyday life. From our curriculum, students may choose Typing I, Typing II, Shorthand I, Shorthand II or Bookkeeping I, according to their need. Students taking home economics are given a better chance to prepare themselves as future homemakers. Courses ranging from cooking and sewing to child care are offered. Vocational Agriculture, with its intra-curricular activity, the Future Farmers of America, is another one of the courses offered in practical skills at AHS. Vocational Agriculture has four phases: agriculture science, shop, F.F.A. and supervised farming 10 program. vy i "Practice makes perfect" is a true statement in regard to the use of the adding machine. Janet Hitchcock points out the merits of the machine to Curtis Ginn, Sharon Schwaderer and Anita Allen. Gary Jordan is pleased to see that the contour of his mahogany bowl is the proper smoothness. F.F.A. students have an opportunity to make demonstrations $nd compete against each other. Jack Brixius and Floyd Marsh get ready to compete against Grover Thompson, Terry Baker and Rich Loomis. IIThe Alliance High School Dance Band has provided swing music for dances in surrounding communities this year. Members of the dance band in the front row are: Shirley Darr, Connie Panwitz. Bob Brown. Jim Dunn, and Jim Curtiss; MIDDLE ROW: Rod Romig, Sam Stalos, Paul Thiessen, Royce Reynolds, Fred Kimmel and Blaine Covalt; BACK ROW: Peggy Rogers, Mary Lou Adams. Marilyn Koester and Jane Gorder. WE LAUGH ... as we participate Barbara Stewart winds up. ready to pitch. For AHS students there is a greater breadth of living in belonging . . . in being part of their school and its teams and organizations. All who belong find friends, fun, and fellowship as they broaden their span of interests and activities. Each becomes a part of the pattern of life which predominates at our school. Those who take an active part in supporting AHS directly or indirectly associate themselves with school athletics. There is satisfaction in belonging as part of a crowd cheering the team or as part of a team itself, playing the game. Each becomes a loyal partisan for his school's honor. The same is true for the supporters of Alliance High’s music and drama groups and nine organizations. Yes, AHS offers more than the "3 R's." It offers an added "A" for activities. 12"Her© is another three dollars toward the prom," reports Barbara Ferguson to Debbie Cheney as she turns in her candy money. Being sociable with a Pepsi at our new pop machine are Don McCune. Bob Seiler. Lorry Stinnette and Arnold Burnham 13The office assistants and the library assistants offer valuable help not only to faculty members they assist but also to the entire student body. Pictured above are Melanie Saxton. Linda Munger. Pot Colburn. Lorraine Hari-mon Amy Sandburg and Sally Barrett, who are office assistants, and Paul Matejka. Bill Wilson. Dick Bilstein, Sande Phillips and Lorraine Evans, the library assistants. WE VALUE . . . their services Mr. Thomas May serves as guidance director at AHS. He directs the administration of tests in the school system, assists in the interpretation of tests, records, and other information for teachers and students, and helps students register for courses, select post high school training, and understand themselves as they relate to their school record. Our school nurse provides many services to the students of A.H.S. Mrs. Theima Merritt takes Kay Reitz's temperature. Kay seems to be a little perplexed. 14The school board Is the policy making body of Alliance Public Schools. The administration could well be classified as a machine, each part working in cooperation with all others to achieve the one desired result of better education for our students. As a result of their combined efforts, the citizens of Alliance can be proud of the teachers, students, and facilities of the Alliance Public School System. Principal Leslie Chamberlin fakes time for a phone call whi!e discussing an administrative problem with Superintendent of Schools L. E. Morrison and Assistant Superintendent Mr. Norval Trout. Mrs. Margaret Copple takes notes on the transactions. We appreciate our heritage of public education Gene Newswanger. Glen Rebig. President J. W. Keebaugh. Vice-President Robert Morgan and Howard Wiseman listen as Sec-retary Lyle Stephens reads the minutes of the previous School Board meeting. 15MR. JAMES AMBLER, M.A. MRS. ALICE NELSON. A.B. MR. LESTER HUNT, A.B. Faculty friends Science and math excel in developing quantitative and orderly thinking. Lines, angles, and geometric figures are the chief interest of the geometry and trigonometry teacher, Mr. Lester Hunt. Algebra I and II are taught by Mrs. Alice Nelson. Mrs. Nelson is also annual advisor and junior class sponsor. The other math classes are taught by the head basketball coach, Mr. James Ambler. Mr. Ambler also teaches world history and is an assistant football coach. Biology, the science of living organisms, is taught by Mr. James Patterson. The chemistry and physics teacher, Mr. Fred Peterson, has a talent for combining the principles of science with everyday life. Mr. David Foster teaches chemistry "Quiet! The bell has rung," exclaims Mr. Furman. He smiles as he brings his class . . . . attention in addition to his classes at the junior high school. MR. FRED PETERSEN. A.B. MR. DAVID FOSTER. B.S. MR. JAMES PATTERSON. B.S. 16MISS NONA WOODHAMS. B.S. are indispensable Music educators of AHS strive to develop not only the future musicians but also tomorrow's appreciative audiences. Instrumental music is under the direction of Mr. Don Harriss. He conducts the band and orchestra. Students' voices are blended by Mr. Rod Eichenberger into a harmonic unity. Mr. Eichenberger also teaches speech and debate. The physical education curriculum is planned with regard to human growth, development and behavior. Under the direction of Mr. Orville Herring, boys cart release the energies accumulated during hours of study. Miss Nona Wood-hams is as active as any of her girls in physical education, G.A.A. and Pep Club. Reserve football and baslcetball and driver's education are the concern of Mr. Bob Morris. MR. ORVILLE HERRING, B.S. Coach Ambler and Mr. Hunt are puzzled by the operation of the mimeograph machine. MR. BOB MORRIS. B.S. MR. ROD EICHENBERGER. M.A MR. DON HARRISS M.A. 17MRS. JUANITA GLARUM M.A. MISS VAE HOOVER M.A. jr1 MR. BYRON NELSON M.A. MR. RAYMOND SCHMITZ, B.A. MR. KENNETH WARE MA. 18 They influence In the departments of Home Economics, Vocational Agriculture, Industrial Arts, and Business Education, students learn by doing and acquire many practical, useful skills. Mrs. Juanita Glarum and Mr. Raymond Schmitz make up the commercial department. Mrs. Glarum helps sponsor the sophomore class and Y-Teens. She and her advanced commercial students assist many departments. Besides teaching vocational agriculture, Mr. Kenneth Ware spends long and toilsome hours, supervising the F.F.A. Mr. Byron Nelson gives practical experience to many in industrial arts classes. He is the busy co-sponsor of Hi-Y and the junior class. Miss Vae Hoover and her home economics students spend many busy, interesting moments learning to be good homemakers. "Open your class notebooks and prepare for dictation" is an everyday request in Mrs. Glarum's shorthand classos.MISS SENA ADEN. A.B. MR. GEORGE 8ERVER, A.B. MR. CHARLES HITT, B.A. our decisions Languages help develop new interests and broaden the bridges which link us to our foreign neighbors. Latin, the basis of our English language, is taught by Miss Sena Aden. She also sponsors Latin Club. German, the newest addition to our foreign language department, is taught by an AHS grad, Mr. Charles Hitt. Spanish, the language of our closest foreign neighbor. is taught by Mr. George Berver. He is responsible for Spanish Club. Many special people are needed to make a school function smoothly. Coordinator and director of our school is the principal, Mr. Leslie Chamberlin. Many problems plague AHS students, and Guidance Counselor Mr. Thomas May contributes much to the solutions of these problems. The library offers help to students in various classes. Librarian Mrs. Ester Myers renders invaluable assistance. She is co-sponsor of Y-Teens. Mr. Schmita chuckles as he prepares his daily bookkeeping q iz. MR. LESLIE CHAMBERLIN. M.A. MRS. ESTER MYERS B.A. MR. THOMAS MAY. M.A. 19MRS. GENEVIVE MERDINGER. M.A. MISS FLORENCE CROUSE. B.S. MISS JOAN ASPEN. A.B. We value their assistance English, the basic tool of communication, is taught by Mrs. Genevive Merdinger, Miss Joan Aspen, Miss Florence Crouse and Mr. Willis Furman. In addition to teaching her senior English classes, Mrs. Merdinger cosponsors the student council and is girls' guidance counselor. The school paper, journalism classes and sophomore English keep Miss Crouse occupied. Miss Joan Aspen's sophomore and senior English classes, Pep Club and Senior class play occupy much of her time. Junior English is taught by Mr. Furman, who also directed the Junior class play. Social sciences prepare the future citizens of America to preserve their priceless heritage. An interesting class, American government, is taught by Mr. Thomas Hovorka. Mr. Hovorka also is co-sponsor of Hi-Y. Head football coach, Don Crowder, teaches American history. He also assists wn'th A-Club and track. MR. WILLIS FURMAN. B.A. Student teacher Mr. Darrell Kohrman MR. THOMAS HOVORKA, B.A. MR. DON CROWDER, A.B. checks the office bulletin board for the latest instructions. 20ACTIVITIES PROMOTE ENJOYMENT As we continue our tour . . . you'll experience with us . . . our excitement and anticipation when Homecoming returns . . . our warm feeling of companionship as we attend dances ... the joy we have when honors come to many . . . our enjoyment .of participation in the special events of organizations . . . our eeling of belonging that is easily developed in a school of this size.The A-Club presents Queen Diana Smaha and her attendants, Anita Allen and Dolores Behm, at the pep rally. A-Club members are Lemoine Trout, Monte Pauli, Rod Romig. Bob Brown, Ron McGuire. Dean Duskin, Jim Kettelhut. Larry Christensen, Kenny Lincoln, Bill Wilson, Chuck Rusk, Denny Garrett, Ernie Nickens, Ron Bolinger, Don Ferguson, Sandy Leever, Lloyd Howefl and Paul Nelson. Behind the scenes at Homecoming Homecoming is one gigantic whirlwind of fun for all . . . it begins with the decorating of the halls . . . enthusiasm increases during the pep rally . . . excitement heightens with the crowning of the queen . . . the colorful parade follows . . . the trimming of the goal posts comes next . . . the game starts with a flurry of action . . . girls yell themselves hoarse as the boys play their best for AHS ... as the game continues we hear the victory bell . . . the students end the successful day by dancing until midnight. It Has been the Pep Club's custom for many years to form AHS Band strikes up the familiar notes of "Cheer, Cheer for a double "spirit line" on the football field before each game. Alliance High" as they lead the pre-game festivities for the Home- As the cheerleaders lead the team through the line, one can coming battle. 22 hear the Pep Club members ye ng for victory.Long hours of tedious work by the AHS juniors prove to be quite rewarding as their float. We Have Just Begun To F.ght wins first prize in the Homecoming parade. The Indians pulling the float are six junior girls. Melanie Saxton. Carol Reno. Mary Jo Farrington. Jelinda Christensen. Suzi Johnson and Karen Schnurr. The Homecoming theme was "Famous Quotations." "Judi, you are not doing it right," says Janet Chamberlin to her twin sister. I II show you how.” Activity for all "Hooray." screams the Pep Club as the cheerleaders take to the air in a cheer for victory. 23"Deck the hall with Christmas Tinsel," sing Jackie Vallentine and Roger Rusk as they decorate the tree for the Student Council. Formal and informal fun Monte Brooks is the individual winner of District 7 Stubble Mulch Contest. All was a flurry the last week of school before Christmas. The Christmas tree, seen in our main hall every year, is secured and decorated by members of the Student Council. A beautiful Christmas tree accented the mood of the Pep Club Formal. The highlight of the dance was the choosing of the Pep Club Boy Friend, Arnold Jensen, and his attendants, Kenny Lincoln and Steve Brooks. During intermission, Jacki Vallentine sang the theme song, "White Christmas," and Gordon Kingry joined the Brooks brothers in their clever act. Couples dance dreamily to the mellow music of "The Reginels" at the Christmas Pep Ciub formal. The theme of the evening, "White Christmas," was carried out in the decorations and the music of the orchestra. 24The Beauty Queens of the Hi-Y Skit await the judge's decision that will tell them who is the most beautiful woman of the world. The Hi-Y skit won first place in the skit division of the annual Y-Teen Orpheum. Activities in full swing It is evident that Sharyn Jordan Lehl thoroughly enjoys carrying Roger Lehl's books on Sadie Hawkins Day. "Imagine my being Hi-Y Model Legislature Governor," laughs Kenny Lincoln. "Never mind." retorts Wanda Rainbolt, "I am Area Y-Teen President." 25How could we manage without our custodians, Mr. Robert Wilmott and Mr. Wayne Taylor? A little bit of everything The Valentine Day spirit is in the air as seniors Judy Cotes Mary Nuss, Marcia Knigge, Myrtle Chandler. Marianne VanKirlc and Barbara Boness exchange gifts. Of course they are happy. The student body has just elected Doug Bedient and Konnie Herman Polio King and Queen. 26GAA officer! plan season's activities. President, Barbara Stewart: vice-president. Connie Johnson: secretary, Jean Fod-ness, treasurer, Sherry Padgett, and sponsor, Miss Woodhams. "The time has come, the walrus said, to speak of many things, of shoes and ships and sealing wax; and cabbages and kings." The special events of the many organizations and the extracurricular activities keep the Alliance students in a whirl of excitement. "You'd be pleased too," says Julianne Hempel. She has just been told that she has won the DAR Citizenship Award. "When the Saints Go Marching In" is a familiar tune played by the Pep Band at every home basketball game. 27Not quite spring The yearbook goes to press by March I, but this summer a supplement will be sent to each yearbook subscriber. As a result the spring activities will be completely covered. The prom, track, golf, County Government Day, Boys' State and Girls' State, Dudes and Dolls Day, senior class night and graduation will be among the events included in the supplement of the '61 Bulldog. "Put that ball and bat away. You know it isn't spring." Jim Kettel- hut has spring fever far too early to suit Sally Barrett. Senior yearbook staff members are planning the first yearbook supplement ever produced in Alliance High School. 28CLUBS PROMOTE FELLOWSHIP Concentrated efforts toward one goal . . . services performed for the school and community . . . keeping school spirit alive . . . experience gained in agricultural techniques ... a thought provoking discussion of Nebraska's government . . en- joyment of a foreign language ... a group of good sportsmen . . . the coordinated abilities of club members . . . working together to create a common bond of fellowship. These you will become aware of as we stroll through A.H.S. 29All eyes are on the Y-Teen President, Twila Berry. Members of the Y-Teen council are, SITTING: Julienne Hempel, Penny Wright, Mary Lou Adams. Cheryl Edwards. Cheryl Stull. Dolores Behm, Sharon Phillip, Mary Hofmann and Sande Phillips. STANDING are Twila Berry. Cheryl Saxton, Viclti Hamilton, Carol Reno. Wanda Rainbolt. Sally Barrett, Janet Gorder, Diana Wall, Gillian McAndrew and Sponsor Mrs. Glarum. "I wonder what lucky little boy will receive this present?" speculates Mrs. Esther Myers. Y-Teen sponsor. Traditionally, all Y-Teen girls bring a Christmas gift for the children at the Indian mission party. Songs . . . laughter . . . speakers . . . the regular meetings . . . worship . . . fun ... all of these make up the Y-Teen Club. Their projects vary from the Orpheum and Y-Teen float to the special Christmas and Easter programs. This year the Y-Teens are sponsoring a little Korean orphan girl. Another highlight for a few privileged members is attending the Summer Conference Training Camp, Fullerton, Nebraska. Y-Teens develop friendship at home and abroad 30Conventions . . . contests . . . constant competition . . . adaptation to problems that will confront them as farmers or ranchers . . . conservation of natural resources . . . livestock raising . . . crop production . . . these are the main projects of the year for our F.F.A. club. The F.F.A. is rapidly becoming a very prominent organization in our school. The future farmers train to be the nation's suppliers in the Food Basket of the United States." Money for the F.F.A. activities is earned at the concession stand at the football games. Their activities include a pheasant feed, a banquet, a picnic, and a trip to the Denver Stock Show. F.F.A. learns how — by doinc As a special project. Grover Thompson is working on a horse trailer. F.F.A. officers ere President Roger Lehl Treasurer John Bauer. Vice-President Ooug Crouse (kneeling). Sentinel Steve Brooks, Reporter Denny Thompson and Secretory Floyd Marsh. 31EacK class elects its own Hi-Y officers. STANDING are: Senior President Mark Lotspeich Senior Vice-President Jim Brice, Senior Treasurer Terry Hahn, Senior Secretary Jim Ketteihut. Junior Vice-President Ernie Niclcens, Junior President Jack Brake, and Sponsor Mr. Hovorka. SITTING, are: Junior Secretary Ed Schrimpf, Junior Chaplain Fred Kimmel, and Senior Chaplain Rich Cowles. Hi-Y works to kindle friendly relations Panel discussions . . . interesting meetings . . . worship programs . . . intelligent speakers . . . Hi-Y Sweetheart Ball . . . eventful hay-rides . . and many other factors explain why Alliance boys enjoy belonging to Hi-Y. Eighteen boys attended the prelegislature conference in McCook and seventeen delegates attended the Model Legislature in Lincoln where Ken Lincoln was elected Governor. 32 COKE . . . ANYONE? Selling football refreshments are Sophomore President Dick Lincoln, Sponsor Mr. Nelson, Sophomore Vice-President Vernie Sanderson. Not shown are Secretary Robert Furman and Treasurer Gordon Howell.HI-Y SWEETHEART AND ATTENDANTS Cheryl Stull Pat Colburn Connie Zaliares Attendant Attendant Queen The Hi-Y Sweetheart and her attendants are selected by popular vote of all Hi-Y members. The girls were presented March 4, 1961, at the Hi-Y Sweetheart Ball. 33HMMMM . . . JUST LOVE THAT COLOR! Connie Zaliares Is busy trying on Normals for the Pep Club dance. New outfits . . . anxious screams of delight and despair . . . white beanies . . . exciting football and basketball games . . . frozen toes in wrapped-up blankets . . . tournaments . . . these are the reasons why every girl in Alliance High belongs to Pep Club. The most important thing the girls learn is good sportsmanship. They keep the school spirit alive, but in a wholesome way. The different activities include sponsoring dances, building the Pep Club float, decorating the halls and goal posts, and cheering at the games. Pep Club contributes spirit and good sportsmanship 34 This year the. Pep Club chose new outfits. Looking over the patterns are Nancy Chamberlain secretary; Miss Aspen, sponsor; Konnie Herman, president; Anita Allen, vice-president: Miss Woodhams, sponsor; and Connie Sherlock, treasurer.Steve Brooks Arnold Jensen Kenny Lincoln Attendant Boy Friend Attendant Each year the Pep Club selects a Boy Friend and his attendants by popular vote. The boys were presented December 16, I960, at the Pep Club Formal. 35Seeing that the pictures are ready . . . stories written . . . advertising cuts located . . . headlines counted . . . and much other confusion occurs in the Spud room every day. Members of the Spud staff are Linda Munger, Judy Bushnell, Judy Cotes. Eileen Rietz. Sherry Regester. Linda York, Dolores Behm. Mary Jo Farrington. Rosa Lee Cornett©. Jim Dunn, Sharyn Jordan, Barbara Lawrence. Roseann Barry. Twila Berry. Rod Romig, Betty Lurvey and Yvette Danielson. Penny Wright is not shown. Publications are the result of cumulative efforts Publications . . . through them . . . memories are captured. Every two weeks the Spud is published. Current and interesting news is the by-word of the reporters. Once a year the Bulldog is proudly presented. The annual staff captures the academic and extracurricular activities of the school life in both words and pictures. Outstanding journalists become members of an international journalism society called Quill and Scroll. Sitting in the picture at the left are President Penny Wright, Secretary-Treasurer Doug Bedient and Vice-President Sharon Phillip. Standing are Barbara Lawrence, Eileen Rietz and Roseann Barry.Paging the dummy . . . drawing layouts . . . writing captions . . . covering the football, basketball and track events . . . reporting on the plays, dances and other activities . . . deciding about the paper quality, type size and style and color . . . settling slight differences of opinions . . . meeting deadlines . . . and more deadlines are all part of the bargain when a student signs up for yearbook. Members of the annual staff are Mary Jo Farrington, Rose-ann Barry, Miss Crouse (English critic). Pam Hall, Eileen Rietz, Debbie Cheney and Mrs. Alice Nelson (sponsor). Hats off to tha advertising staff! Members are Barbara Ferguson. Linda Munger. Linda York. Twila Berry. Betty Lurvey and Paul Lepard. The sales campaign . . . the ordeal of financing . . . the hopes of selling enough advertising . . . trying to keep the books in balance . . . and, above all, being a good salesman are all experiences of the advertising staff. Due to their efforts, a nicer and better quality book can be purchased. "But, Mrs. Nelson ... do we Save to come out of the back room?" asks editors Doug Bedient, Penny Wright and Sharon Phillip. 37Translations . . . translations . . . English to Spanish . . . Spanish to English . . . day in and day out . . . the many “si" and “no" questions ... all of these help one to learn the Spanish Language. A fringe benefit of learning the language is membership into the Spanish Club. The club banquet and a hayride are two main activities of the year. Looking for a Spanish word in the dictionary are Secretary Lorraine Harrimon, President Pat Myszkowski, Treasurer Diana Patterson. Sponsor Mr. Berver, and Vice-President Jim Tice. 38 “He who is ignorant of foreignAssignments . . . assignments . . learning the Latin language . . . joining the Latin Club and directly applying knowledge acquired in the class and from test books . . . these are the things that add spirit to the lives of the Latin students. In the atmosphere of ancient government, languages knows not his Latin members and their elected officers conduct programs and meetings once a month. The officers include Vice-President Karen Schnurr. Sponsor Miss Aden. Secretary Sandi Churchwell. President Carol Mischnick and Treasurer Barbara Lawrence. own” 39 Members of fhe A-Club are Roland Bolinger, Don Ferguson, Paul Nelson, Larry Christensen Monte Pauli, Rod Romig, Ron McGuire. Ernie Nickens, Chuck Rusk, Denny Garrett. Bill Wilson, Sandy Leever, Bob Brown, Dean Duskin, Lloyd Howell. Kenny Lincoln, Lemoine Trout and Jim Kettelhut. Brains and brawn make A-Club members 1 J j ' ' , " " V 1 ’ 1 1 i; ! I i' — i, — j ■ j liw • % - I o 40 Playing enough games, enough quarters . . . participating in and qualifying in enough matches . . . placing in enough meets . . . are all qualifications for joining A-Club. Football, basketball, wrestling, track and golf stars earn honorary A's. As members of the A-Club they elect a Homecoming and Court Queen, sell refreshments at the basketball games, sell book covers at the beginning of the year and prepare an initiation banquet. Initiation always brings extra fun into the high school. Boys doing pushups and walking backwards become common sights. Plenty of gum and candy are a must for the initiates. Many A-Club members have their cars washed and lessons completed. Oh, what a life! Denny Garrett is taking advantage of Paul Lepard's shoeshining talents in the picture at the left.The student council members are: Melanie Saxton, Jean Nuss, Debbie Cheney, Jelinda Christenson. Carol Reno, Claudia McNertney, Connie Johnson, Loretta Kozal, Sandi Churchwell, Treasurer Sharon Mayes, Mary Jo Farrington. Claudia Ritter, Nancy Underwood. Jacki Vallentine, Secretary Peggy Rogers, Marilyn Koester, Mrs. Merdinger and Mr. May. sponsors. Vice-President J emoine Trout, Roger Ruslc. Gordon Howell, Ken Lincoln, Doug Bedient, Curtiss Ginn, Bob Turechek and President John Anderson. Student Council coordinates calendar of activities The Matchmaker . . . the Dudes and Dolls dance . . . a new foreign exchange student . . . the Sadie Hawkins dance and the dog leashes . . . the victory bell . . . the candy sales . . . and many other projects make the Student Council's agenda. The student statesmen act as liaisons between the administration and the student body. Sophomore, junior and senior representatives report the business of the council meetings to their home rooms. Students are given a voice in their affairs, a chance for leadership and an opportunity to improve the school operation through the Student Council. Ringing the victory ball are Sharon Mayes, Claudia McNert-ey. Jelinda Christensen and Barbara Johnson.SPORTS PROMOTE TEAMWORK Pride in sports and strong competition . . . the excitement of a closely fought game . . . crowded quarters in which to sit . . . the injury of a player and the tense moments of fear that follow . . . glorious ringing of the victory bell ... the feeling of triumph after scoring ... a new trophy in the case . . . fine sportsmanship and teamwork. All this you will see in the realm of sports. 43BACK ROW: Dan Horst, Bob Brown, Dan Nielsen. MIDDLE ROW: Jim Brice, Bob Briggs, Fred Kimmel. FRONT ROW: Ken Lincoln. Steve Broolcs. Walt Oxford. Larry Christensen. Sophomores and Juniors gain The I960 Bulldog team had a very disappointing season. The year's record read two wins, six losses and a tie. Chuck Rusk was named on the All-State team as a tackle. This was the third straight year Alliance has placed a tackle on this team. Several underclassmen played well this year, so next year’s team should do very well.I960 FOOTBALL TEAM BACK ROW: Tom Anderson, Chicle Schadwinkel. Bob Seiler, Rod Romig Bill Case and Raily Koozer. MIDDLE ROW: Ernie Nickens. Charles Johnson, Ron McGuire, Sandy Leaver. Rich Camarillo, Roger Lehl and Royce Reynolds. FRONT ROW: J,m Kettelhut, Le-moine Trout John Anderson, David Van Dusen, Doug Young, Chuck Rusk and B„l W.lson. valuable Varsity experience ALLIANCE BULLDOGS The I960 Record Date Games AHS Opponent September 9 Rapid City, There 7 7 September 16 Gering, Here 7 13 September 23 Sidney, Here 28 7 September 30 Ogallala, Here 20 0 October 6 North Platte, There 7 13 October 13 Torrington, There 7 14 October 20 McCook, Here 0 46 October 26 Kearney. There 6 32 November II Scottsbluff, Here 13 31Hapless 1960 season yields only Mr. Chamberlin guards the soap barrel the night of tho annual Soap Scrimmage. ALLIANCE TIES RAPID CITY The Alliance Bulldogs tied Rapid City 7-7 in the season's opener at Rapid City. Alliance scored in the third quarter when Bob Seiler recovered a Rapid City fumble on the 20 yard line. Rod Romig ran 18 yards, and two plays later he scored. Chick Schadwinkel kicked the extra point for the Bulldogs. Standouts for Alliance were Romig, Seiler, Jim Kettelhut, Larry Christensen, Schadwinkel, Ken Lincoln, Steve Brooks, Ernie Nickens and Bill Wilson. GERING NIPS BULLDOGS In the season's second game at the Alliance stadium, Gering nipped the Bulldogs 13-7. Alliance's only touchdown was scored in the third quarter by Rod Romig. The extra point was collected by Schadwinkel. Standouts for the Bulldogs were Romig, Schadwinkel, Christensen, Kettelhut, Chuck Rusk and Wilson. BULLDOGS CRUSH SIDNEY The Bulldogs found a strong offense in the third game of the season and whipped Sidney 28-7. Bill Wilson recovered a Maroon fumble with six minutes gone in the first quarter. In seven plays Alliance’s first touchdown came on an aerial from Christensen to Kettelhut. Rod Romig scored our second touchdown on a two yard plunge. Two minutes before half time, Christensen ran nine yards for the third Bulldog tally. Midway in the third quarter Christensen passed 20 yards to Jim Kettelhut to place the ball on Sidney's three yard line. Romig then plunged into the end zone. Chick Schadwinkel kicked all four of Alliance's extra points. Bill Wilson, Bob Seiler and Chuck Rusk also starred for the Bulldogs. 46 Bill Wilson. Jim Kettelhut. Ken Lincoln ond Chuclc Rusk look on es Chick Schadwinkel practices his kicking. Larry Christensen is holding the ball.two wins and one tie BULLDOGS SLAUGHTER OGALLALA Alliance won their second game of season 20-0. Ogallala was the victim in our Homecoming. Rod Romig ran 44 yards with two minutes gone for our first touchdown. In the second half. Alliance scored two touchdowns. Lemoine Trout bulled 12 yards for one of them and Jim Kettelhut scored the second in the final quarter. Chick Schadwinkel kicked two extra points. Bob Seiler and Railey Koozer sparkled for Alliance. Larry Christensen starts downfield behind good blocking. NORTH PLATTE SQUEEZES BY BULLDOGS Alliance lost a heartbreaker to North Platte in a game played in North Platte by a score of 13-7. Alliance gained 239 net yards to North Platte's 98 net yards: however, we had the short end of the score. Alliance's only touchdown came on a 61 yard run by Jim Kettelhut’. Chick Schadwinkel then kicked the extra point. Rod Romig catches a pass for our first touchdown against Scottsbluff. TRAILBLAZERS NOSE BY BULLDOGS Alliance lost a hard fought game to the Torring-ton Trailblazers by a score of 14-7. Intercepted passes set up both of Torrington's touchdowns. The only Alliance touchdown came when the clock had ticked away all but four minutes. A Christensen to Nickens pass and another pass from Christensen to Bill Case set up our touchdown. Christensen then ran the final four yards. Chick Schadwinkel booted the extra point. BISON ROLL OVER ALLIANCE The number four team in the state beat Alliance 46-0. Alliance held the McCook team to a 7-0 lead in the first half, but the stronger McCook team broke loose for five touchdowns in the second half. Here goes Romig egain. 47KEARNEY BOUNCES BULLDOGS The Kearney Bearcats put the Bulldogs in the West Big Ten cellar when they handed Alliance Its third straight conference loss by a score of 32-6. In the first quarter, after driving to the two yard line, Alliance failed to score. Alliance once again knocked on the touchdown door in the first quarter but was unable to score. Bill Wilson recovered a Bearcat fumble late in the first period. A pass from Christensen to John Anderson set up our score. Jim Kettelhut ran the final nine yards and Schadwinkel kicked the extra point. Rod Romig is stopped otter o fine gain in the Ogallalo game. The Alliance Bulldogs dropped a 31-13 thriller to the Scottsbluff Bearcats to end the season's play. The first Bulldog touchdown was gained after Walt Oxford intercepted a Bearcat pass. Three plays later, halfback Rod Romig scored on a 32-yard pass from Larry Christensen. After another pass from Christensen to John Anderson, that covered 60 yards, Kettelhut plunged to the five yard line and skirted his own right end for our second touchdown. Schadwinkel's kick then connected for the extra point. Alliance 7 Sidney 14 Alliance 7 North Platte 14 Alliance 6 Hemingford Varsity 39 Alliance 13 Scottsbluff 0 Alliance 0 Gering 0 I960 RESERVE FOOTBALL TEAM BACK ROW: Dick McFall, Lorry Osborn, Vernon Huck, Wayne Mart, Don McCune, Doug Crouse and Bob Turechek. MIDDLE ROW: Coach Bob Morris. Terry DeBusk, Jim Tice, Ed Schrimpf, Bruce Morris, Gordon Howell, Bill Voss and Duane Dobson. FRONT ROW: Monte Case, Warren Miller. Arthur Baier. Ed Pew. John Lurvey. John Reno and Gene Sanchez. 48HOMECOMING QUEEN AND ATTENDANTS Dolores Behm Diana Smaha Anita Allen Attendant Queen Attendant Football season would not be complete without the A-Club's presentation of its queen and her attendants, chosen by popular vote of the members of the club.1961 VARSITY BASKETBALL TEAM Jack Hamer, Larry Christensen, Chuck Rusk, Lemoine Trout. Ernie Nickens. Allen Lawrence, Doug Young, Jim Kettelhut, Charles Johnson and Jerry Culp. Bulldogs surprise fans and upset predictions 50 The bus driver, Bob Arrants, is ready for another basketball trip.VARSITY RECORD Alliance 43 Alliance 58 Alliance 49 Alliance 58 Alliance 77 Alliance 48 Alliance 58 Alliance 74 Cheyenne 64 Gering 57 Kearney 60 North Platte 61 McCook 49 Sidney 52 Scottsbluff 54 Gering 70 Basketball student managers, Bill Voss. Paul Nelson and Arthur Baier, are kept busy doing statistics during one of the games. Allen Lawrente tips the ball to Jim Kettelhut. Alliance 63 Alliance 67 Alliance 46 Alliance 61 Alliance 74 Alliance 71 Alliance 50 Alliance 55 Ogallala 64 Kearney 72 Scottsbluff 58 McCook 46 North Platte 59 Torrington 55 Ogallala 41 Sidney 61The Bulldog forwards were Chuck Rusk, Lemoine Trout, Allen Lawrence and Charles Johnson. 52 Jim Kettelhut is fouled while attempting his jump shot. The Bulldogs surprised many people in the '60-'6l season. Alliance had only one returning letterman, but Coach James Ambler fielded a team that played an exciting game whether winning or losing. At the time of the ’61 Bulldog deadline, Alliance was second in both the West Big Ten and Western Conferences. The highlight of the regular season was our victory over Scottsbluff.1961 RESERVE BASKETBALL TEAM BACK ROW: Ken Pugh, Rod Romig, Jon Klesner, Wayne Mart, Bob Turechek and Bill Case. FRONT ROW: Chick Schadwinkel. Bruce Morris. Bob Seiler, Jim Tice, Dan McCune and Dan Nielsen. Reserves practice to make varsity RESERVE RECORD Cheyenne 37 AHS 45 Gering 38 AHS 37 Kearney 49 AHS 39 North Platte 68 AHS 49 McCook 56 AHS 39 Sidney 27 AHS 22 Scottsbluff 41 AHS 43 Gering 57 AHS 46 Ogallala 51 AHS 49 Kearney 32 AHS 51 Scottsbluff 47 AHS 54 McCook 52 AHS 49 North Platte 57 AHS 48 Torrington 49 AHS 42 Ogallala 32 AHS 46 Sidney 46 AHS 64 53 Rod Romig attempts a long shot during one of the reserve games. COURT QUEEN AND ATTENDANTS Betty Lurvey Roseann Barry Julianne Hempel Attendant Queen Attendant Each winter the A-Club members choose a Court Queen and attendants to be presented at half time in one of the home games. 541961 WRESTLING TEAM BACK ROW: Dave Foster, Clifford Dobson. Dean Duskin, Roland Bolinger. Monte Brooks, Sandy Leever. Monte Case, Eugene Sanchez and Coach Wayne Ma'er. MIDDLE ROW: Roy Hernandez A an Traber . Ed Pew, Monte Pauli Gary Leaver Rally Koozer. Fred Kimme and Roger Brooks. FRONT ROW: Willard Smith. Don Ferguson, Reuben Hernandez, Sam Stalos. Larry Osborn, Steve Liakos. Bill Bartels and Lloyd Howe '. Volleyball and wrestling are new competitive sports The wrestling team competed or the second year. The team won five dual matches and lost seven besides participating in several other meets. Many of this year's grap-plers were underclassmen and will return next year. Alliance High had an interscholastic volleyball team for the first time this year. Miss Nona Woodhams was the coach. The girls played against Hyannis and Crawford and participated in post-season tournaments at Chadron and Alliance St. Agnes. 1961 VOLLEYBALL TEAM BACK ROW: Marianne VanKirk, Carol Shimp. Judy Cotes. Konnie Herman, Caro' Mischnick. Connie Johnson Twila Berry Shirley Garner, Linda Munger and Sherry Padgett. FRONT ROW: Wanda Rainbo!t Barbara Stewart. Loretta Kozal. Mary Ann Hudson, Geraldine Lawrence. Roseann Barry Joyce Ware, Sandy Gearhart and Diana Smaha. 55Rod Romig and Doug Young are two of Alliance's State Meet mile relay team. MEET Scottsbluff Relays North Platte Invitational Western Nebraska Big Ten Conference District Qualifying State Meet Western Conference Diclc Voss and Coach Carroll measure the height of one of Dick's jumps. WON BY Scottsbluff North Platte Alliance Columbus Scottsbluff Lincoln High Gering I960 TRACK TEAM Tom Anderson, Bob Seiler. Denny Garrett, Gordon Kingry, Bob Briggs, Paul Lepard, Doug Young, David Van Dusen, Jack Farley, Doug Bedient, Wayne Mart. Lemoine Trout, Leonard Heckman, Ernie Nickens, Dick Voss, Bill Roberts, Rod Romig, Dick O'Brien, and Ed Pew. 56STUDENTS PROMOTE AHS Change of responsibilities from sophomores to seniors . . . rushed hours as we cram our year with activities . . . the fun and laughter of working together on class projects . . . crowded schedules, less time to do more things . . . the rush in the halls between classes. Yes, all this and more is a part of the pattern of life that is AHS and its students. 57Sophomore class officers Janice Brock, vice-president, Jane Irish, secretary, Warren Miller, treasurer. and Loretta Kozal, president, discuss the year's activities. Sophomores are wary of senior high George Ackerman Linda Ackerman Theodore Adams Dean Allen Teresa Alvarado Steve Amen Tom Anderson Terry Annen Arthur Baier Terry Baker William Bartels Fairlyn Baugh Stanley Behm Pam Bowman Jacki Braden Jack Brixius Jerry Broadfoot Janice Brock Arnold Burnham Mary Ann Camarillo Janet Chamberlin Judith Chamberlin Jerry Cowles Colleen Christensen Sandi Churchwell Allen Cronkhite Yvette Danielson Shirley Darr 58■ Terry De8u$k Lloyd Ditsch Duane Dobson Diana Dobry William Essex Wayne Flood Margo Florez Kenneth Foster Bill Fraedrich Robert Furman Arthur Garibay Randy Garrett Ross Graham Dale Grau Susi Hall Jack Hamer Bob Harvey Ron Harvey Jerri Hofmann Dan Horst Newness rubs off, class fits into pattern Sophomore class sponsors, Mr. Hunt and Mrs. Glarum. look over the calendar of the year’s activities for the class of 63. Gay Howard Gordon Howell Vernon Huck Mary Ann Hudson Jayne Irish Larry Irvine Francis Jensen Wanda Jines Kathy Jonnson Kathleen Kelley Carol Koester Loretta KozalGeraldine Lawrence Kenneth Lee Judy Lehl Charles Leisy Sandy Libsack Gene Lichty Dick Lincoln Lanny Littrell Michael Lulow Arthur Loomis John Lurvey Wayne Mart Kenneth Maxwell Donald Mays Sharon Mayes Gillian McAndrew Dan McCune Janice Merrill Warren Miller Carol Mischnick John Mitchell Larry Moomey Bruce Morris Donald Morris Pat Myszkowski Dan Nielsen Connie McKir Micheal O'Lear They discover new worlds of work and study Larry Osborn Connie Panwitz Mary Perez Edward Pew Don Phillip Jean Piihl Lorene Prelie Calvin Prouty Kenneth Pugh Louise Reid Jim Tice, with a smirk on his face, is trying to decide if he should drop the book on Joanne Taylor's head. Phyllis Seim looks on in amusement. 60Terry Annen rolls her eyes at the thought of all the homework that faces the new sophomores. They are Kaye Reitz Marianne Reitz John Reno Claudia Ritter Jim Rodell Gene Sanchez John Sanchez Vernon Sanderson Chick Schadwinkel Carol Schnell Joyce Schnell Bob Seiler now a part of AHS Phyllis Seim Lorry Shetler Randy Smith Thomas Stark Bonnie Taylor Joanne Taylor Richard Taylor Myrna Thomas Harold Thompson Jim Tice Judy Trank Marian Tucker Jerry Underwood Nancy Underwood Bill Voss Janet Wait Connie Walker Jeff Ward Joyce Ware Dennis Wessel Wayne West Jeannie Wickizer Edwyno Williams Max WrightJohn Adam Mary Lou Adams Judy Ball Allen Beckhoff Patricia Bentley Joan Best Janice Booth Jack Brake Jerry Brammer Bob Briggs Monte Brooks Bob Brown Juniors find it takes more 62 Bill Case Monte Case Deborah Cheney Jelinda Christensen Noel Corbell Blaine Covalt Bonnie Crosser Doug Crouse Jim Curtiss Clifford Dobson Louis Dose Karen DuckworthJim Dunn Dean Duskin Mary Jo Farrington Barbara Ferguson Sharon Forsstrom Carol Jo French Shirley Garner Sandra Gearhart Connie Gericke Diana Hagen Vicki Hamilton Allen Hammar than reading and writing "We are going to have a wonderful prom!" is the thought of the |unior ciass officers and sponsors. Mrs. Alice Nelson and Mr. Byron Nelson are showing President Jeiinda Christensen some different ideas, while Secretary Floyd Marsh, Treasurer Karen Schnurr and Vice-President Mary Jo Farrington consult price lists. 63"Hmmmm, I wonder who made this fudge," says Jean Nuss. Carol Reno and Linda Lesolng are two other juniors who gladly help with the Y-Teen Orpheum. Juniors decide it is Perry Harding Lorraine Harimon Reuben Hernandez Robert Hernandez Mary Hofmann Barbara Johnson Connie Johnson Charles Johnson Susan Johnson Harold Juzenas Fred Kimmel Gordon Kingry 64Jon Kiesner June Kohrman Raily Koozer Janice Langmacher Barbara Lawrence Fred Lawrence Sandy Leever Paul Lepard Linda Lesoing Jim Lockridge Karen Loomis Richard Loomis a world of competition Lola Marin Floyd Marsh George McFall Richard McFall Ron McGuire Claudia McNertney Nancy Ann Morris Coleman Nay Robert New 65Understudies this year Ernie Nickens Verla Nieisen Dean Nikont Jean Nuss Eddie Olson Sherry Padgett Diana Patterson Monte Pauli Clarence Pecoy Connie Peterson Wayne Petrig Wanda Rainbolt Judy Regan Eileen Rietz Carol Reno Royce Reynolds Bill Roberts Roger Rohrbouck Rod Romig Verola Salisbury Amy Sandberg Cheryl Saxton Melanie Saxton Karen Schnurr— leaders next Grover Thompson John Tucker Bob Turechek John Waldron Leta Walker Diana Wall David Weston Ray Worthley Sharon Young Edward Schrimpf Diane Shetler Carol Shimp Jeanine Shimp Paul Sanchez Sam Stalos Melody Stephens Lynda Stinnette Gene Stratton Dianne Sundermeier David Sward Dennis ThompsonJulianne Hempel Doug Bedient MOST REPRESENTATIVE Each year the members of the senior class select a boy and a girl who they think are most representative of their class. The two are chosen on a basis of the qualities of scholarship, leadership, service, and personality. Doug Bedient and Julianne Hempel have been chosen as most representative for 1961. 68ANITA ALLEN Y-Teens: Pep Club: Pep Club Vice-President: Homecoming Attendant. LUCILLE ALLEN JOHN ANDERSON Hi-Y: A-Ciub: A-Club Secretary-Treasurer; Junior Ciass Play: Student Council President: County Government: Football: Track: Student Council. DAVID ANDRICK Choir. JAN ASHBY Hi-Y: Student Council: Choir. SALLY BARRETT Y-Teens; Pep Club: Junior Class Play; Y-Teen Cabinet. ’61 Seniors bear mantle of leadership ROSEANN BARRY El Dorado Union High School. P'acerville. California: Y-Teens Pep Club: Junior C!a$s Pay: Quill and Scroll; Yearbook Staff: Junior C'ass Treasurer; Choir: G.A.A.: GirV Vo eybal! Team: Spud Staff; Cheereader: Latin Club: G.A.A. Award. JOHN BAUER Hi-Y: F.F.A. Treasurer: F.F.A. Reporter; F.F.A. DOUG BEDIENT Hi-Y A-Club: QuiM and Scro" Qui' and Scro!' Secretary-Treasurer; Student Council; Yearbook Staff: Yearbook Staff Editor: Sophomore Class Secretary County Government Basketball; Track: Orchestra: State Music Oinic: Dance Band: Regent's Alternate: Po'io King. DOLORES BEHM Y-Teens Y-Teen Treasurer: Y-Teen Area Vice-President: Pep Club G.A.A.: Y-Teen Cabinet: Spud Staff; Homecoming Attendant. 69TWILA BERRY Y-Teens; Y-Teen President; Y-Teen Vice-Presi-dent; Pep Club: Junior Cless Play; Yearbook Staff: G.A.A.: Y-Teen Cabinet: Spud Staff; Girls' Volleyball Team. DICK BILSTEIN Hi-Y; Sophomore Class Treasurer: Band: Madrigal: Track; Hi-Y Model Legislature. ROLAND BOLINGER Hi-Y: A-Club: Football’ Wrestling. BARBARA BONESS Y-Teens: Pep Club: Choir; Band: Pep Band: Orchestra. JIM BRICE Hi-Y: Hi-Y Vice-President; Football: Track: Band: Band Officer. ROGER BROOKS Choir: Football: Track: Wrestling. Grade averages concern college-bound seniors "Which announcement should we order?" wonder the senior class officers. Secretary Sharon Phillip. Vice-President Nancy Chamberain. President Roger Rusk. Treasurer Donna Shetler and their sponsors. Mrs. Merdinger and Mr. Patterson. 70STEVE BROOKS F.F.A: F.F.A. Sentinel: Footbal': Wrestling: Pep Cub Boy Friend Attendant. BARRY BROWN Hi-Y: Intromurals- Shop Achievement Award. JUDY BUSHNELL Y-Teens: Pep Club: Junior Class Pay Cho-r. DANNY CARUTHERS NANCY CHAMBERLAIN Nelson High School, Nelson. Nebraska: Y-Teens: Pep Club: Junior Class Pay: Pep Club Secretary: Senior Class Vice-President: Choir: Regent’s A ternate: (Nelson) National Honor Society: Band’ Novette: Drill Team Cheerleader. MYRTLE CHANDLER Y-Teens: Pep Club: Junior Cass P ay: G.A.A : Girls’ Vo eyba Team- G.A.A. Award. LARRY CHRISTENSEN Hi-Y: Hi-Y Treasurer: A-Club' Choir Madrigal: Football: Basketba': All-Western Conference: Track: Philosophers- Nationa' High School A American Football Team: Honorab'e Mention Big Ten Conference. PAT COLBURN Y-Teens: Pep Club: Junior Class Play. BOB COLE h;-y. CAROLYN COLE Y-Teens: Pep Club: Cheer'eader- Junior Class Play: County Government: Choir- Regent’s Alternate. JANICE COLEMAN Y-Teens: Pep Cub: Latin Club: G.A.A.• G.A.A. Awards: State Music Clinic. BRIAN COOK ROSA LEE CORNETTE Y-Teens: Pep C ub: Junior Cass Pay Spanish Club: Spud Staff: Choir. JUDY COTES Y-Teens: Pep Club: G.A.A.: Spud Staff: Girls’ Volleyball Team: State Music Clinic: Orchestra. RICHARD COWLES Hi-Y- HI-Y Chaplain: Junior Class Play: Choir: Band: Pep Band- Voice of Democracy Contest- Regent's A terna e Committee Chairman Model Legislature. 71Hi-Y; Golf. JERRY CULP Junior Class Play: Basketball; Track; CLYDE DARVEAU Hi-Y; Hi-Y Model Legislature. CHERYL EDWARDS Y-Teens: Y-Teens Secretary: Pep Club; Y-Teen Cabinet; Spanish Club: Spanish Club Secretary: Choir; G.A.A.: Band; Orchestra: State Music Clinic: Pep Band. LORRAINE EVANS Y-Teens; Pep Club: Latin Club: Choir; G.A.A.: Band; Pep Band. JOHN FEESE Hi-Y. DON FERGUSON Hi-Y: Hi-Y Legislature: A-Club: Football; Track: Wrestling. ’61 "Now what do you think of that," exclaims Ken Lincoln as Mr. Chamberlin presents him with the Regents scholarship. Excitement grows as seniors gain top honors ARTHUR FLOREZ Hi-Y. JEAN FODNES Y-Teens: Pep Cub: Choir- G.A.A.: Madrigal; Band: Orchestra: State Music Clinic: Brass Choir; Pep Band: G.A.A. Secretary: Choir Vice-President; Choir Council. DENNY GARRETT Hi-Y; A-Club: Choir; Football: Basketball. 72CURTIS GINN Hi-Y; Student Council. JANE GORDER Y-Teens: Pep Club: Junior Class Play: Latin Club: National Honor Society: Choir: G.A.A.: Orchestra- State Music Clinic: Dance Band: Y-Teen Cabinet. RICHARD GRAHAM Hi-Y: Latin Club: Latin Club Vice-President-Regent's Alternate. MARY GREATHOUSE LaGrange High School. LaGrange. Wyoming: Y-Teens: Pep Club; Choir; (LaGrange) Pep Club Vice-President. Secretary, Treasurer: Student Council; Annua Staff: Class Officer; Girls' State Alternate- G.A.A.; Drum Majorette- Band: Orchestra: State Music Clinic: Triple-Trio: Sextet- Glee Club. TERRY HAHN Hi-Y: Hi-Y Treasurer; Latin Club: National Honor Society; Student Council. PAMELA HALL Y-Teens: Pep Club: Annual Staff: Annual Advertising Manager; G.A.A.: G.A.A. Award: Spud Staff. GLENDA HARVEY Y-Teens: Pep Club; Junior Class Play: Choir. LEONARD HECKMAN Hi-Y; Football: Basketball; Track. BETTY HEINLEIN Y-Teens; Pep Club. JULIANNE HEMPEL Y-Teens- Pep Club: Latin Club: National Honor Society: Girls' State A ternate: Choir; Choir Secretary: Choir Section Leader; Madrigal: G.A.A.- Band: Band Majorette: Orchestra: State Music C inic: Dance Band: Pep Band: Y-Teen Cabinet; D.A.R. Essay Contest: Regents Alternate: Music Contest. KONNIE HERMAN Y-Teens: Pep Club; Pep Club President: Student Council: Sophomore C ass Vice-President; County Government; Choir; G.A.A.; G.A.A. President- Girls' Volleyba 1 Team; Polio Queen. JANET HITCHCOCK Y-Teens Pep Club; Latin Club: Regents Alternate. LLOYD HOWELL Hi-Y: A-Club: F.F.A.; Wrestling. CLYDE HUCK F.F.A. LINDA IVERSEN Y-Teens; Pep Club; Choir; Orchestra: G.A.A. 73DIXIE JOHNSON Pep Club: Y-Teens. GARY JORDAN Hi-Y; Junior Class Play: Industrial Arts and Shop Award. JIM KETTELHUT Hi-Y: Hi-Y Secretary: A-C’ub: A-Club Vice-President; Junior Class Play: Football; Bas-ketbal : Track. DAN KINSER Hi-Y. MARCIA KNIGGE Y-Teens; Pep Club. GEORGE KOESTER Hi-Y; Football: Basketball: Track. ’67 Term papers vex ambitious seniors MARILYN KOESTER Y-Teens: Pep Club; Latin C'ub: Band: Student Council: Choir: G.A.A.: Orchestra: Dance Band: Drum Captain: Pep Band. ALLEN LAWRENCE Hi-Y: Junior Class Play; Basketball; Track. ROGER LEHL F.-F.A.: F.F.A. Sentinel: F.F.A. President: Football: Track: Wrestling. 74SHARYN JORDAN LEHL Y-Teens: Pep Club; Choir; Madrigal; G.A.A.; Band: State Music Clinic; Pep Band; Spud Staff. LYNN LIGGETT Y-Teens- Pep Club: Band- Orchestra. KEN LINCOLN Hi-Y: Hi-Y Secretary; A-Club A-Club President; Junior Class Play: National Honor Society; Student Council; Student Counci Vice-President; Junior Class President: Speech Contest (District); Boys' State- County Government: Choir; Choir Section Leader: Choir Student Director; Madriga • A -Conference: Foot-ba !i: Basketball; Track: Sta e Music Clinic; Boys' Quartet; Mixed Quartet: Governor Hi-Y Tri-Hi-Y Mode Legislature: Vice-President Nebraska Association of Student Councils- Regents Winner; Pep Club Boy Friend AHendant. MARK LOTSPEICH Hi-Y: Hi-Y President; A-Club; Latin C:ub: National Honor Society; Student Council; Track: Regents A!ternate. BETTY LURVEY Y-Teens: Pep Club: Cheerleader: Junior Class Play: Latin Club: Annual Staff: Choir: Spud Staff. STEVE MAGNUSON Hi-Y. PAUL MATEJKA Hi Y; Junior Class Play. BETTY MERRITT Y-Teens: Pep Club: Junior-Class Play: Choir; Band: Orchestra: State Music Clinic; Flute Quartet; Flute Trio: Pep Band; Superior District Music Clinic: Music Award. TOM McCAWLEY Hi-Y. BILL McCOLLOM F.F.A.: Footba I: Wrestling. DEANNE McCUNE Saint Agnes Academy: Y-Teens; Pep Club; Junior Class Play. RONALD MISCHNICK Hi-Y; Spanish Club. RUTH MISCHNICK Y-Teens: Pep Club. LINDA MUNGER Y-Teens: Pep Club: Junior Class Play: Yearbook Staff: County Government; G.A.A.; Spud Staff; Office Assistant; Cheerleader. ANDREW NACE Hi-Y; Junior Class Pay: Latin Club: Regents Alternate. PAUL NELSON Hi-Y: A-Club; Junior Class Play: Student Manager of Football, Basketball. Track: Regents Alternate: National Science Foundation Scholarship. MARY NUSS Y-Teens: Pep Club. JUDY O'LEARY North High School, Columbus, Ohio; Y-Teens; Pep Club. WALT OXFORD Hi-Y; Junior Class Play; Football; Track; Intramural Basketball. JANICE PHILLIP Y-Teens: Pep Club; Spanish Club. SHARON PHILLIP Y-Teens: Pep Club: Senior Class Secretary: Quill and Scroll: Quill and Scroll Vice-President; Yearbook Staff; Yearbook Editor; G.A.A.; Y-Teen Cabinet; Spud Staff; Spud Editor. SANDE PHILLIPS Y-Teens; Pep Club; Junior Class Play; Choir; Madrigal; Y-Teen Cabinet. CHARLOTTE PIERCE Y-Teens; Pep Club. PAT REDDISH Y-Teens: Pep Club; Junior Class Play Student Director: Latin Club: County Government. ’61 They realize commencement is just “the beginning 99 SHERRY REGESTER Y-Teens; Pep Club: Cheerleader; Junior Class Play; Spud Staff; Choir. MARY LOU RENO Y-Teens: Pep Club: Junior Class Play: Latin Club; Choir. MABEL RETKE Columbus High School. Columbus. Nebraska; Pep Club; (Columbus) Booster Club: F.H.A.; Girls' Glee; Chordells: Choir. 76RICHARD REYNOLDS Hi-Y; Football: Track. RUBY ROBERTS Edgemont High School. Edgemont, South Dakota; Y-Teens: Pep Club: Choir. PEGGY ROGERS Y-Teens: Pep Club; Latin Club; Latin Club Treasurer; National Honor Society; Student Council; Student Council Secretary: Girls' State; Band; Band Officer; Orchestra; Dance Band: Pep Band; Regents Alternate. CHARLES RUSK A-Club; Junior Class Play: Choir; Football; Basketball; Track; Spud Staff; Football Western Conference: All-Big Ten Team; Associated Press All-State; Scottsbluff Star Herald All-State. ROGER RUSK Hi-Y; Student Council: Senior Class President; County Government; Choir: Football; Track; Spud Staff. GARY RUST Hi-Y; Junior Class Play; Regents Alternate. SHARON SALLQUIST Y-Teens; Pep Club; Choir; Spud Staff. DON SANDERS Hi-Y; Junior Class Play: Speech Contest; Football; Spud Staff; "I Speak for Democracy” Winner. SHARON SCHWADERER Y-Teens; Pep Club. CONNIE SHERLOCK Y-Teens; Pep Club; Pep Club Treasurer; County Government; Orchestra; Orchestra Council; State Music Clinic: Music Contest. DONNA SHETLER Y-Teens: Pep Club; Spanish Club: Senior Class Treasurer; County Government; Choir; G.A.A.; Band; Pep Band. DENNY SHIMP Hi-Y. DIANA SMAHA Y-Teens; Pep Club; Junior Class Play: Latin Club: Student Council; Junior Class Vice-President; Choir; Choir Council; Madrigal; G.A.A.; Girls' Volleyball Team: Orchestra; State Music Clinic; Mixed Quartet; Girls' Trio; Hi-Y Sweetheart Attendant; Homecoming Queen; Music Contest: Y-Teen Cabinet. LARRY SMITH Madrigal; Basketball. LINDA SNYDER Y-Teens; Pep Club. 77RUTH STARK Y-Teens: Pep Club. BARBARA STEWART Y-Teens: Pep Club; G.A.A.: G.A.A. President; G.A.A. Vice-President; Girls' Volleybell Team. JUDY STROUD Lingle High School, Lingle, Wyoming- Pep Club; (Lingle) County Government. LOREN STUDT Hi-Y; Hi-Y Model Legislature; Junior Class Play: Band; Orchestra; Pep Band; Regents Alternate. CHERYL STULL Y-Teens; Pep Club: Choir; Choir President; Madrigal; Y-Teen Cabinet: Y-Teen Area I President; Regents Alternate. NEAL TANQUARY ’61 PAUL THIESSEN Hi-Y; Band: Band Captain; Orchestra; State Music Clinic First Chair: Trumpet Trio; Dance Band: Pep Band; Chadron Key Award. The busy year seems all too short 78 Bruce Herman and Vonne Bartlett were crowned Prom King and Queen at the 1961 Junior-Senior Prom.KATHY THOMAS Y-Teens; Pep Club: G.A.A.: Band: State Music Clinic: Pep Band; Clarinet Quartet. BILL TODD LEMOINE TROUT Hi-Y; A-Club: A-CLub Sergeant-at-Arms; Junior Class Play: Student Council: Student Council Vice-President; Choir; Madrigal; Football: Basketball; Track: Band; Boys’ State Alternate. JOHN TUCKER Hi-Y; Spanish Club. JACKI VALLENTINE Y-Teens; Pep Club- Junior Class Play: Student Council: Choir; Madrigal: G.A.A.; Band: Orchestra; State Music Ciinic; Choralettes: Pep Band: Fine Arts Festival; University of Nebraska All-State Lead in "Carousel." DAVID VAN DUSEN Hi-Y; Football; Basketball; Track. MARIANNE VAN KIRK Y-Teens; Pep Club: G.A.A.; Spud Staff: Girls' Volleyball Team Student Manager. JUDIE VON TOUR $t. Mary’s of the Wasatch Salt Lake City, Utah; Y-Teens: Pep Club: Junior Class Play: G.A.A.; Band; Orchestra. RICHARD VOSS Hay Springs High School, Hay Springs, Nebraska; Hi-Y: Track; (Hay Springs) Choir; Football; Basketball. LONNIE WILKINS Hi-Y; F.F.A.. F.F.A. Stubble Mulch Land Judging. BILL WILSON Hi-Y; Junior Class Play: A-Club; Football; Track; Honorable Mention in Western Conference Football: West Conference Mile Relay. PENNY WRIGHT Y-Teens: Pep Cub: Junior Class Play: Quill and Scroll; Quill and Scroll Secretary-Treasurer; Quill and Scroll President; Spanish Club: National Honor Society: Yearbook Staff: Yearbook Editor; County Government; G.A.A.; Y-Teen Cabinet; Spud Staff: Spud Editor: State Journalism Award: Regents Alternate: G.A.A. Award. LINDA YORK Y-Teens: Pep Club; Spanish Club: An.iual Staff; G.A.A.; Orchestra; State Music Clinic; G.A.A. Award; Regents Alternate; Music Contest. DOUG YOUNG Hi-Y; A-Club; Football; Basketball: Track. CONNIE ZALIARES Y-Teens; Pep Club: Junior Class Secretary County Government: Choir; G.A.A.; Band Orchestra: Pep Band: Music Contest: Choral ettes; Flute Quartet. 79With eager anticipation, they look forward Graduation is approaching swiftly and soon the seniors shall leave AHS for the last time. Graduation signifies the end of one important phase of their lives and the beginning of another. Our sincere best wishes go with these seniors. Just between you, me, and the goalpost, these students will be missed. 80MUSIC PROMOTES MELODIES Friendly rivalry for "top chair" ... the rapport between musician and audience . . . the exaltation that only expression through music brings . . . the drudgery of practice . . . moments of relaxation before the grilling discipline of the concert the feeling of accomplishment when the applause begins. Yes, music has many meaning to those who participate. dlHours of early morning practice 82 Senior High Band, n the BACK ROW are: Judith Chamberlin. Kathy Kelley. Larry Shetler. Perry Harding. Charlie Johnson. Jim Brice. Rich Cowles Loren Studt. Cheryl Saxton. Julianne Hempel, Lola Marin, Max Wright. Joyce Schnell, Janet Chamberlin Marilyn Koester and Susan Hall. FOURTH ROW: Sharyn Jordan Lehl, Diane $hetler Barbara Lawrence. Jack Brake. Warren Miller. Steve Amen. Stanley Behm. Gene Lichty. Jim Tice Bob Seiler, Arnold Burnham, Arthur Baier, Ross Graham. Robert Furman Fred Kimmel. Blaine Covalt and Royce Reynolds. THIRD ROW: Vickie Hamilton. Ray Worthley. Kathy Reitz, Jane Irish Bill Reno. Lorraine Evans. Mary Perez. Paul Thiessen. Sam Stalos, Rod Romig, Larry Moomey. Donna Shetler. Bob Turechek Wayne Mart. Noel Corbell, Dale Grau. Bob Brown. Jim Dunn. Janet Wait. Shirley Derr. Barbara Boness and Connie Panwitz. SECOND ROW: Allen Hammar, Sherry Padgett. Judy Trank. Edwyna Williams, Jean Fodnes, Clarence Pecoy. Mary Lou Adams, Chick Schadwinkel. Janice Brock. Nancy Underwood. Pat Myszkowski. Janice Langmacher and Colleen Christensen. FIRST ROW: Kathy Thomas. Jim Curtiss. Peggy Rogers. Jean Nuss. Carol Jo French. Jacki Vallentine, Phyllis Seim, Terry Annen, Cheryl Edwards. Connie Zaliares. and Betty Merritt. The orchestra members, STANDING are: Suzi Johnson, and Lola Marin. THIRD ROW: Bill Reno, Danny Skokan. John Lorenzini. Pam McMasters. Pam Backstrom. Nancy Underwood and Bob Ture-chat. SECOND ROW: Joy Taylor. Sandy Church-wall. Beverly Langmacher, David Kimmel. Nancy Annan. Kathy Thomas. Colleen Christensen. Judy Edwards. Janet Wait. Kathy Johnson and Jane Gorder. FIRST ROW: Carol Mischnick. Karen Schnurr. Barbara Tolstedt. Caro! Reno Debbie Cheney and Carol Phaneuf. help Band attain perfectionRehearse then, rehearse Mr. Harris and Mr. Eichanberger turn for a moment from their discussion of choral and instrumental music to pose for the camera. The choir and band delight many audiences with golden moments of entertainment. The toe tapping tempos are the inevitable result when the members of the AHS band perform. The band provides the halftime entertainment at the football games besides furnishing spirited strains and smoother sounds for assemblies and pep rallies. These performances are the result of long hours of practice, practice, practice—both during and after school hours. The A Cappella Choir sings representative literature from all the major periods of composition. Their repertoire includes over forty compositions ranging from Johann Sebastian Bach to contemporary music. The choir activities include a tour of Nebraska, the presentation of concerts in Alliance, and participation in the District Music Contest. Madrigal members in the BACK ROW are: Dan Nie'sen. Ray Worthley. Wayne Mart. Lemoine Trout and Ken Lincoln. SECOND ROW: Larry Christensen, Sande Phillips. Mary Lou Adams and Paul Lepard. FIRST ROW: Jean Fo n -, Diana Smaha, Julianne Hempel. Cheryl Stull. Jaclci Vallentine and Sharyn Jordan Lehl. 84again Band officers ore Sam Stalos, junior band officer: Jean Nuss, junior bond officer: Peggy Rogers, senior band officer: Paul Thiessen. captain: Jim Brice, senior band officer: and Royce Reynolds, junior band officer. A man will already be in no mean Paradise if at the hour of sunset a ray of good hope may fall upon him like harmonies of music—Voltaire Members of the orchestra council make up the governing body of the group. Members are Joanne Taylor, Sandy Churchwell, Carol Reno. Karen Schnurr and Jane Gorder. Music history students Kathy Thomas and Ruby Roberts discuss one of their favorite albums.Vocalists serenade from sun AHS choir members in the BACK ROW are: Gillian McAndrew Gienda Harvey, Denny Garrett. Jan Ashby Fred Kimmel, Ray Worthley, Wayne Mart, Paul Lepard. Roger Ruslc, Jim Curtiss. Dick Lincoln. Bill Voss. Rich Cowles. Vernon Sanderson. Jerry Cowles. Francis Jensen. Barbara Boness and Verola Salisbury. THIRD ROW: Judy Bushneli Judy Trank. Sherry Regester Gordon Kingry. Blaine Covalt. Rod Romig. Dan Nielsen. Jim Dunn. Larry Christensen. Lemoine Trout. Ken Lincoln. Roger Rusk. Ross Graham. Janice Lang-macher Nancy Chamber'ain and Judy Stroud. SECOND ROW: Mary Lou Reno. Jelinda Christensen. Marianne Reitz. Ruby Roberts. Betty Lurvey. Mable Retke. Connie Panwitz, Mary Perez. Donna Shetier. Julianne Hempe . Cheryl Stull. Pam Bowman. Konnie Herman. Sharyn Jordan Lehl. Betty Merritt. Jean Nuss. Carol Reno and Roseann Barry. FIRST ROW: Claudia Ritter. Linda Iverson. Rosa Lee Cornette. Sande Phillips. Sharon Sallquist, Jackie Vallentine, Diana Smaha. Jean Fodnes. Mary Greathouse. Mary Lou Adams, Carolyn Cole. Karen Schnurr Cheryl Edwards. Marilyn Koester and Connie Zaliares. 86 Four male voices form another AHS musical group, the Philosophers. Ken Lincoln, second tenor: Larry Christensen, first tenor; Jim Curtiss, baritone, and Paul Lepard, bass, form this popular sun The choir council governs the choir acuities. Members are Jim Curtiss, sectional leader: Jean Fodness, vice-president: Cheryl Stull, president Paul Lepard. sectiona eader: Mary Lou Adams, treasurer: Ken Lincoln, student director: Juianne Hempel. secretary: and D'ana Smaha. sectional leader. Mary Lou Adams. Ken Lincoln, Paul Lepard and Diana Smaha combine voices to make up a mixed quartet at AHS. 87"We're engaged; sure. isn't that wonderful?" brags Dolores Stone to a crushed Arbutis Meadows. Edward Fowler isn't Junior class play draws capacity crowds "ARE TEACHERS HUMAN?" Arbutis Meadows Betty Gregg Liza Felton Suzanne Hart Dolores Stone Kewpie Russell Hortense Anderson Edward Fowler C. Solomon Stone Mike Lang Aloysius Pye Jett Sanders Shorty Welsh Carol Reno Karen Schnurr Diana Hagen Melanie Saxton Mary Lou Adams Carole Jo French Wanda Rainbolt Rod Roming Jim Curtiss Dick McFall Robert Briggs Bob Turechek Blaine Covalt Assistant Producers: Jack Brake and Suzi Johnson Assistant Directors: Paul Lepard and Diana WallADVERTISING PROMOTES PATRONAGE Our tour will make us aware that . . . just as we co-operate in school ... we cooperate with our community. Our merchants provide us with innumerable varieties of goods to suit every fancy. We patronize these merchants . . . many students are employed by them . . . students and businessmen maintain a friendly relationship. 89BULLDOG SUPPORTERS ALLIANCE RAMBLER COMPANY 324 East Third BOWEN, ROBERT W., OPTOMETRIST 823 East Third BRENNAN BET-R-WAY CLEANERS 409 Laramie COLE, S. H., INSURANCE 524 Toluca DEE-LITE BAKERY 1 17 West Third DICK'S RADIO AND TV SERVICE 1 16 West Third EAST THIRD BEAUTY SHOP 313 East Third FRANK'S EAST THIRD TEXACO SERVICE 904 East Third G L DAIRY KING 867 Belmont GANTZ, HEIN MORAN, ATTORNEYS 306, 2 Box Butte HOFMANN, CLIFF, ELECTRIC SERVICE 603 Black Hills IDEAL FROZEN FOOD LOCKERS 1003 West Third KANE ELECTRIC 21 2 Laramie KENNEDY, DONALD, D.D.S. 924 West Tenth LANDA, RALPH E. 618 Box Butte MIKE’S BARBER SHOP 201 Box Butte MURPHY, L. B., COMPANY 416 Box Butte NELSON, R. K., ACCOUNTANT 224 Box Butte NORMA'S LUNCH 416 2 Box Butte NUSS, A. G., D.D.S. 619 Box Butte O'BRIEN'S TEXACO East Tenth PLAINS IMPLEMENT AND MOTOR CO. 206 Cheyenne REX'S HAMBURGER SHOP 112 Box Butte ROTH, OPAL, INS.—RL. EST. AND LOANS 1232 Emerson SAFEWAY 524 East Third SCOGGIN JEWELER 410 Box Butte SNACK BAR 4101 Box Butte WEBER PLUMBING AND HEATING 514 Sweetwater WILDT INSURANCE 1 16 East Fourth YEAGER PLUMBING 1219 MissouriA W ROOT BEER 323 FLACK AVENUE PHONE 146 MONTGOMERY WARD CO. "Clothes surely make the man!" Roger Rusk Konnie Herman Mr. Bob Reid 301 BOX BUTTE AVENUE PHONE 315 91Congratulations to the Class of 1961 J. L. "OLEY" SAYLOR Texaco Bulk Plant BORROR CHEVROLET Sales Parts Service Mississippi and East Third NEWBERRY'S ACE HARDWARE COMPANY KISSACK'S wholesale retail paints glass appliances PHONE 38 402 Box Butte Avenue KCOW 1400 ON YOUR DIAL "Know your gadgets!" Mrs. Marie Fanning explains to Myrtle Chandler. 115 West Third Street Phone 269 WILLARD ANDERSON Accountant 92 MERRICK DRUG CLAY MERRICK—Pharmacist Prescriptions Drugs 424 BOX BUTTE PHONE 1444HAROLD JOHNSON TRANSPORTS Transportation of Petroleum Products Box 1201 PHONE 99 ALLIANCE, NEBRASKA CORNER GROCERY THE GUARDIAN STATE BANK "My will won't fit in there!" Roger Rusk Mrs. Rolend Melick 'Time and Temperature Corner" 93 o»» i e COVER-JONES MOTOR COMPANY 313 West Third Street PHONE 193B.P.O.E. HALL'S BOAT SALES SALES SERVICE REPAIRS 8 Miles South on Hwy. 385 Farm Phone 97J4 BRITTAN INSURANCE COMPLETE PROTECTION REAL ESTATE 124 West Fourth Phone 607 417 Box Butte PHONE 244 SWEETBRIAR Congratulates the Class of 1961 94 "That’s what an elk looks like?" Ron Mischnick Mr. George Mintzer Marianne Van KirkF M BOOTERY 305 BOX BUTTE PHONE 232 ALLIANCE STEAM LAUNDRY 123 EAST THIRD PHONE 160 JACK AND JILL 304 Black Hills Avenue PHONE 822 THELMA'S SHOP "Would it fit as well os the Pep -Club uniforms you sold us?" Judy O'Leary Mrs. Paul Jones 3 I I Box Butte PHONE 341 95 ffipsZjjfy MEADOW GOLD BOTTLING COMPANY DAIRY Congratulations to the Class of '61 110 Cheyenne Avenue PHONE 600 DRAKE HOTEL AND CAFE "Steaks. Chuck is paying!" Carole Jaqua Charles Rusk Mr. Arnold (Bud) Christensen 423 BOX BUTTE AVENUE PHONE 1010 96C. B. Q. CREDIT UNION "Is our credit good?" Roger Lehl Linde Yorlc Mr. Herold Wingstad 103 EAST FIRST STREET PHONE 210 PETE'S Clothing and Army Store THIELE'S DRUG ION West Third Street Phone 1281 CRUM MILLER MELICK KANSAS-NEBRASKA NATURAL GAS COMPANY INCORPORATED Complete line of gas appliances. 220 BOX BUTTE PHONE 747 97AIRPORT CAFE Congratuations, Class of 1961 AIRPORT ALLIANCE "Your Protection Is Our Policy" Adler-Hested Building PHONE 190 Alliance, Nebraska ALLIANCE FOX THEATRE PODHAISKY INSURANCE AGENCY "I can only find 59c!" exclaims Betty Lurvey to cashier Carolyn Cole. MR. SCHRIMPF, Manager EHRHART COMPANY Great Northern and Pinto Beans Storing and Processing PHONE 1384 ALLIANCEHARRIS SALES COMPANY Distributed by DON HARRIS 205 Box Butte Phone 720 COAST TO COAST STORES HELEN AND HARRY SALE —Owners 324 Box Butte Avenue ALLIANCE, NEBRASKA JOHNSON PELTZ Draperies Paint Interior Decorating Floor Materials 723 FLACK AVENUE PHONE 1899 ALLIANCE GOLF SHOP Gene Stoddard, Pro Is that a golf ball or a snow ball?" Larry Christensen AIRPORT ROAD ALLIANCE ALLIANCE NATIONAL BANK "Santa Claus Is coming to town!” Bill McCollom Pat Reddish Mrs. Margaret Overstreet 302 BOX BUTTE AVENUE PHONE 3 NEUSWANGERS DON AND OLGA'S ELM GRILL We Specialize in CUSTOM PELLETED FEEDS Good Food and Quick Service Alliance 1003 East Third ) LI- y j ■ V ( JvSERVICE TERRIBLE TERRY'S 21 1 West Third Street Phone 71 100 BOX BUTTE MEDICAL ASSOCIATION ECONOMY FURNITURE LONGACRE REFRIGERATION NORTHWESTERN BELL TELEPHONE "I saw one just like it on the 'Price is Right'!" Connie Sherlock Mr. Wilbur Hahn Glenda Harvey 208 Box Butte Avenue PHONE I 140 101ALLIANCE FLORAL COMPANY "Gifts for Every Occasion" 322 Box Butte Phone 151 ART BUCHFINCK Abstractor Phone 15 208 West Third HOLSTEN'S DRUG STORE "That's a little beyond my allowance!" Pat Wilson Twila Berry Lloyd Howell 316 BOX BUTTE AVENUE PHONE 6 POWELL-MAYES DAIRY ALLIANCE 719 WEST THIRD PENNEY'S "ALWAYS FIRST QUALITY" 412 BOX BUTTE PHONE 162 102 ALLIANCE BUILDING and LOAN "How much interest do you charge?" Albert Seebohm Mary Ann Nuss Dick Bilstein 312 BOX BUTTE AVENUE PHONE 310 WEST FEED AND SUPPLY 1200 West Third Street ALLIANCE READY-MIX ALLIANCE COMMUNITY TV "We're proud of our service!" explains Mrs. Eva Jean Watson to Mabel Retke. f COMMUNITY TV SYSTEMS i. ■ MBUCKMINSTER RAY W. E. BUCKMINSTER HARVEY RAY Life—Sickness and Accident Hospitalization Franchise—Group LOCAL CLAIM SERVICE ON SICKNESS AND ACCIDENT ALLIANCE CLEANERS Free Pick-Up and Delivery 2nd and Box Butte ouvcO Congratulates the Graduating Class PHONE 681 KUPER-GRAU NURSING HOME FRONTIER MOTEL Rooms Phones Air Conditioning Steam Heat Television Radios MOO WEST THIRD PHONE NO FINECY'S RECORD SHOP "Service is our motto" Sande Phillips Allen Lawrence Mrs. Ida Lay 104ALLIANCE HOTEL HAGEMEISTER'S Grain Feed Seed HEMINGFORD, NEBRASKA We Sell the Best and Service the Rest! PERRIN REFRIGERATION SALES AND SERVICE Commercial Refrigeration Air Conditioning PHONE 405 405 BIG HORN "Ladies first!" Bob Col© Judy Cotes 102 BOX BUTTE PHONE 148 105ARROW FREIGHT Congratulates the Graduating Class PHONE 590 112 BLACK HILLS THIELE'S JEWELRY TENTH STREET GROCERY "They smell good!" Mrs. Hewley Arnold Jensen Janice Coleman 214 TENTH STREET PHONE 159 106 NEBRASKA TYPEWRITER R-O-y-A-L Portable, Standard, Electric 109 EAST THIRD STREET ALLIANCE SACK LUMBER COMPANY Congratulations Class of 1961 DARI ISLE Owned and Operated by "The ROCKY Fellers"FAMOUS CLOTHING HOUSE "Where would I weer e red vest?" Judie Von Tour Mr. J. W. Keebaugh Rich Voss 307 BOX BUTTE AVENUE PHONE 143 ALLIANCE LUMBER COMPANY 1020 West Third Street PHONE 48 MISSOURI MARKET LEW WOLLASTON RENO'S Radio and Sound Service BEAUTY SHOP TV Repairs 711 BIG HORN PHONE 1870 107SCHOMMER TEXACO PHONE 4 3rd and Toluca ALLIANCE LIVESTOCK AUCTION COMPANY HEMPEL MOBIL SERVICE MR. ED HEMPEL Operator MOWDER'S PHARMACY "Read the label," says Mr. Jack Mowder to Judy Stroud. Located in MOSS AND SON Doctors Center "24-Hour Service" 108 PANHANDLE WAREHOUSEKEEP-U-NEAT GREGORY'S, INC. CLEANERS "Insurance Alone Is Our Business" For Distinctive Printing Best in GOOD Eating BEDIENT LITHO Don’s 321 W. Third Phone 290 Cafe "YIPEE! The final copy of that darn yearbook has finally gone to press and now we can read some of these magatines in our library." 109o T TAYLOR PUBLISHING COMPANY 'The World's Best Yearbooks Are Taylor-made"

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