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ALLIANCE HIGH SCl ALLIANCE, NEBRASKA VOLUME XVI- EDITORS’ MESSAGE - Thanks to the school board, Susan Felton and John Sellers enjoy the new equipment available to them in the remodeled Science Department. 'OUR SCHOOL ' has as many different meanings as there are individuals involved. The average citizen thinks of it as a building. Each student shadows the meaning in terms of his own experiences. The I960 Annual Staff mem bers would like to make everyone understand what they mean when they proudly say the words "OUR SCHOOL"' Alliance is fortunate to have a full time guidance director. Mr. Tom May We are proud of our efficient Student Council. Tom Wright and Vaughn Bartlett d.scuss career and college plans. president, and Bob Koester, a senior representative, talk over plans for future events. 2We are grateful to Mrs. Genevieve Merdinger and last year's Student Council for bringing us our first Foreign Exchange Student, Gunilla Ljung-qvist. She comes from Sweden, and the students enjoy the unique ex perience of associating with a girl from another nation. Our school was proud to send Jeanine Anderson to Sweden as our representative in the Foreign Exchange program. Her classmates gave her a going away party and snapped her picture as she received the gift. Interest in the library has increased since we have started a remodeling program.This year our school has a school bus for the first time. This scene will be repeated many times as sports teams travel to other towns. The student body approves of the coaches ruling which requ.res all boys to dress up when they represent our town. Thanks to the newly installed florescent lights in our halls, the pupils can even study in their lockers. However. Jeanie Sampson is the only senior girl who can sit comfortably in a locker. Meet the class presidents. Jim Worthley. Kenny Lincoln and Jack Brake will agree that order is essential in our meetings. 4WE CONTINUE THE STORY OF OUR SCHOOL OPENING SECTION I TYPICAL DAY 6 FACULTY AND FRIENDS 15 CAMPUS AND CUSTOMS 23 ACTIVITY STORY 24 ORGANIZATIONS 36 SPORTS AND SPECTATORS 47 MUSIC AND MELODRAMA 61 SOPHOMORES TO SENIORS 69 PATRONS AND PUBLICITY 93 Alliance is lucky to have such a well rounded Music Department. Francis Roe strikes a very familiar pose at the piano.Cheer, cheer, for Alliance High, Shake down the echoes cheering them by. Send a lofty cheer on high, Shake down the thunder from the sky.e take you on a visit on a typical day to OUR SCHOOL, to the campus, to the halls, to the lockers, to the students, to the classrooms, to the faculty, to the library, to the office, to the secretary, to the nurse, to the gym, We hope you enjoy your short while with us. to the janitors. —The EditorsMORNING — The stillness of the morning is gradually overcome when the students of Alliance High School approach the building. At 8:00 a.m. the halls are crowded with students hurrying everywhere, some sauntering to their lockers, others going early to their first period classes, while others linger in the hall, dreading the thought of starting another day of school. Doug Bedient arrives at school a little early, eager to start the day's activities. The halls are flooded with students after the first bell has rung. Marlene Annable, Brian Cook, and Shirley Appleby make typing a serious business and find no leisure time.SCHOOL BEGINS - By 8:15 a.m., the early rush is over, the quietness of the halls returns, and the regular business of the day begins. Some find the study of sciences interesting while others discover that mathematics can be intriguing. Not all students can be found in class, however, for some take advantage of the school's special services, such as the school nurse who has an early morning visitor. Karen Schnurr and Claudia McNertney. Mr. Brown's biology students, find this situation far more amusing than does George McFall. Our school nurse. Mrs. Thelma Merritt, performs one of her routine duties, checking students who become ill while at school. Barbara Lawrence seems to be a little perplexed. Debbie Cheney seems to enjoy constructing a geometrical figure Miss McFadden’s room is often decorated with similar designs 9Left to right: Paul Sanchez. Jim Dunn. John Winters. Instructor Bob Morris, and David Weston. Surely our accident rate will decrease with such interested driver's training students. MIDDAY- It is 10:00 a.m., and classes are continuing at a steady pace. Some students are now having a study period to finish homework not completed last night, while others use the time for leisurely reading or relaxing. A few students hurry to the driver's ed car, hoping for a chance behind the wheel. Meanwhile the home ec girls are responsible for the tantalizing aroma that drifts through the building. Students have different ideas of the uses of a study hall. Ron Mischniclc, Terry Hahn and John Sayre demonstrate this fact.Gary Piihl and Darrel Fischer watch John Anderson as he mates a geometric drawing in Byron Nelson's mechanical drawing class. Van Galloway, David Booth. Susie Ellis. Lindy Amen, and Hallie Lore enjoy looking up words in Mrs. Merdinger’s Senior English class. CLASSES CONTINUE - During the last hour of the morning, we find students working up an appetite for their lunch. The boys in mechanical drawing and vocational agriculture busy themselves with useful projects. In the Senior English class, the students gather new ideas and thoughts from the literary works which they study. Floyd Marsh shovels in the gravel while John Thompson and Monte Brooks check to see that he puts in the right amount.AFTERNOON Lunch time is over and the 1:00 p.m. bell has rung. Students are now in their homerooms, listening to the announcements that were earlier put in the teacher's boxes by the office secretary. This homeroom period is used for organization and class meetings. During the activity period of every second and fourth Tuesday, the students with "A" books are given "Spuds" by a member of the school paper staff. Library assistants often meet during this time under the supervision of Mrs. Myers. Mrs. Copple. offic© secretary, appears to enjoy putting the mail into the teachers' new mail boxes. Roseann Barry hands out the Spuds to Eileen Rietz and Larry Schwaderer'during activity period. With all of these helpers, everyone should be able to find the right book. Left to right, are: Stuart Hoyle. Mike Stewart. Joanne Stilley. Susie Felton. Bill Wilson and Fred Lawrence. 12TIME PASSES - The pace of school activities is slowing down by late afternoon. Of course, classes still continue. The American government students discuss current problems while the speech class practices introductory paragraphs. As usual, between classes there is never a dull moment in the hall. Students in Mr. Hovorka's American government class become familiar with the United Nations. Steve Ferguson and John Koester display this model which they assembled. Pam Hall and Andrew Nace stop for a friendly chat before going to their sixth period classes. "Must I use a mike?" asks Jeanie Sampson. Dick Misch-,£3 m ■ nick insists as he adusts the mike.AFTER SCHOOL Although school is over for another day, there are still some who participate in extracurricular activities. Some of the girls who stay behind can be found doing excercises in G.A.A., while the office helpers gather in front of the office to relate their experiences of the day. The janitors can always be found performing some of their many chores, such as fixing lockers. Mr. Taylor and Mr. Wilmott repair a broken locker. "We must do our excercises!" chant the G.A.A. girls. "We didn't know that working in the office could Left to right are: Clarice Ritter, Sally Barrett, Bartlett, Doug Bedient. be so much fun." agree the office helpers. Carol Jean Miller, Linda H • I Iyer. Vaughn DEDICATION In appreciation of our entire faculty, we wish to dedicate this annual to two persons whom we consider typical of our high school teachers. Miss Lillian Burns and Mr Ed Brown possess the qualities we admire most in our faculty members. We enjoy their teen sense of humor, their qualities of strong leadership and their understanding of the students. We are proud that both are recognized as superior teachers in their fields in the state of Nebraska. 15Under the guidance of the present school board and superintendent of schools, Alliance Senior High has undergone an extensive remodeling program. Left to right: Mr. Howard Wiseman. Dr. Robert Morgan. Mr. Gene Neuswanger. Mr. Matt Felton. Mr. Hook Keebaugh and Mr. Lyle Stephens. Efficient hands hold school reins Superintendent Mr. L. E. Morrison and Principal Mr. Norval Trout pause for a brief chat after a busy morning schedule.Modem society depends upon communicaton Communication has always been and will continue to be our number one basic problem in building a civilization. Alliance High tries to meet this pressing need by requiring every student to complete a major in English. Many students take advantage of speech and journalism. Spanish and Latin are offered, and students are encouraged to take a foreign language, for they are important in our world plans for peace and understanding. Miss Sena Aden, A.B. Latin Latin Club Sponsor Mr. George Berver, A.B. Spanish Spanish Club Sponsor Mr. Richard Carrari, A.B. Junior English Dramatics Miss Florence Crouse, B.S. Sophomore English Journalism Quill and Scroll Adviser Mr. Willis Furman, B.A. Sophomore, Senior English Dramatics Mrs. Genevieve Merdinger, M.A. Senior English Girls' Adviser Student Council AdviserWe learn what makes the world go 9round Assistant Principal. Mr. Ed Brown, is advising a new teacher. Miss Florence Crouse. Scientific discoveries and developments place math and science in the limelight of public education. They have always been an important part of our curriculum, and this required emphasis has caused us to raise requirements for graduation. Several teachers have benefited from the National Science Foundation Scholarships, and all have sought further training. Algebra I and II, geometry, trigonometry, general math, biology, physics, and chemistry may be studied in Senior High. Two years of math and two years of science are graduation requirements. Miss Harriet McFadden, B.S. Geometry, Advanced Algebra Pep Club Sponsor Mr. Ed Brown, M.S. Biology Assistant Principal Senior Class Sponsor Mr. Fred Petersen, A.B. Chemistry, PhysicsWe are informed of our responsibility as citizens Students must take American history and American problems and may elect to take sociology or world history. They gain an appreciation of the past as well as an understanding of present conditions. Film strips, movies, charts and other visual aids, along with lively discussion periods, make these courses fun as well as interesting. Our participation in County Government is popular with the Junior Class. Those who are elected to office feel they learn while enjoying themselves. Mr. Tom Hovorka, B.A. American Government Hi-Y Sponsor Mr. Don Crowder, A.B. American History Varsity Football "A" Club Sponsor Miss Lillian Burns, M.A. Advanced Algebra Trigonometry Mr. Norman Larsen, B.S. American History "A" Club Varsity Basketball Alliance High School Faculty is proud to have three graduates join the teaching staff this year: Bob Morris, Phyllis Matz, and Tom Hovorka.Our curriculum offers more than the three R’s Mr. Rod Eichenberger strikes e familiar pose at the piano The curriculum is enriched with teachers who help us in special ways. Our guidance director directs a battery of tests which aid us in making decisions. We are given valuable advice and counseling on a variety of subjects. Our librarian helps us make the most use of our excellent library. Band, choir, and orchestra offer us an excellent education in music. Mr. Thomas May, M.A. Guidance Director Student Council Adviser Mrs. Esther Myers, B.A. Mr. Don Harriss, M.A. Mr. Rod Eichenberger, M.A. Librarian Band and Orchestra Vocal Music and Speech Y-Teen SponsorWe are made ready for the future we must face Our school recognizes the need for strong physical bodies and good mental health. Students are required to spend two years in the Physical Education Department or to take part in some physical activity, equivalent to the requirements of the department. Boys are able to enjoy the usual competitive sports, and any boy or girl is eligible for the intramural program. Drivers training may be elected by any student for one of the six weeks period of required physical education. Miss Nona Woodhams, Physical Education G.A.A. B.S. Mr. Bob Morris, B.S. Drivers Education Junior Class Sponsor Mr. Orville Herring, B.S. Physical Education All Alliance students are excited about the foreign car which parks in front of Alliance High. Even Bud Larsen offers to trade his thoroughbred horse. Mr. Wayne Maier, M.A. Athletic Director 21We develop useful techniques in these departments All students must meet requirements for graduation, but they may elect a variety of other practical, useful courses. Three years of vocational agriculture, two years of typing, two years of shorthand, one year of bookkeeping, four years of industrial arts, and one year of mechanical drawing are offered to interested pupils. Much pleasure and benefit are received from these subjects, and most of the students elect one or more of these courses. » J? '. 9 Mr. Kenneth Ware, M.A. Vocational Agriculture F.F.A. Sponsor Mrs. Phyllis Matz, B.A, Bookkeeping, Typing Junior Class Sponsor Miss Vae Hoover, M.A. Home Economics Mrs. Juanita Glarum, M.A. Typing, Shorthand Mr. Byron Nelson, M.A. Industrial Arts Mechanical Drawing Sophomore Class SponsorCAMPUS AND CUSTOMS 23Although climbing makes him dizzy, Mr. Glenn Worley, our regular photographer, begins snapping pictures of the different activities as they commence each fall. ACTIVITIES ABOUND— IN EARLY FALL A little work, a little play, to keep us going . . . and so good day!” says the old rhyme. For such a tiny poem, it packs a great deal of wisdom. For most of us, work" means school studies and "play” means a recreative social life. At Alliance High the play" begins as school commences each fall. David Van Dusen proudly shows his Hi-Y pin to Howard Betty Merritt and Paul Thiessen wear a smile as Dunsmore as Howard points to the pin. remarking he they recall State Music Clinic where each was has one too. awarded first chair in his division. Jack Farley proudly displays a "Go-Team Go" vest to Carolyn Cole while Carolyn looks at the vest inquisitively. 24 lEarly fall finds all clubs and extracurricular groups reorganizing, planning special events, many of which involve the entire student body, and working on various other activities. Many activities planned by these groups are traditional but variety adds zest to the year. In this section of the "Bulldog" we hope to give a glance at some of the year's highlights. I f Our three talented and lovely majorettes, Julienne Hempei Kaye Schnurr and Judy Wright, brave freezing weather to lead the band through another musical marching season. Richard Loomis. Roger Lehl, and Tom Romiclc placed fourth, second and first respectively, in the District Eight Stubble Mulch Judging Contest. Mrs. Wilma Wenninger discusses plans for the Y- Teen Fall Conference, to be held in Alliance, with Cheryl Stull, district president, and Rita Grau, host town president. 25HOMECOMING — ALLIANCE STYLE As autumn leaves begin drifting slowly to the ground, Alliance High School students celebrate the highlight of the football season, Homecoming. Autumn, with its games, parties and good times that seem to accompany it, is in full evidence on Homecoming. The choosing and the crowning of the Homecoming Queen and attendants to reign over the event, the annual band performances, the burning of the "A," the pep rally, the parade, and the gay decorations make it an event which is enjoyed by the entire student body. Marlene Annable. Sharon Littrell. Mary Hofmann. Cheryl Saxton, and Ruth Nissen watch as Millie Gomez puts the finishing touches on the hall decorations. The A-Club surrounds their Homecoming Queen, Sharon Hamilton, and attendants. Jan Brice and Clarice Ritter. The A-Club members are. from left to right: Dick Stephens. Dick Trabert. Van Galloway, Larry Christensen. Jim Kettlehut. Ken Lincoln. Bill Wilson, Jary Phillip, Ray Hesse. John Anderson. Charles Rusk, Warren Herman, Mac Regester, Jim Worthley. Lemoine Trout. Bill Regan. Dick O’Brien, Ivan Kinser, and Dennis Stark. 26Winning first place honors in the Homecoming parade with their float. "The Verdict is Victory." are the Y-Teens. Susan Felton was chairman of the float committee. The band goes all the way for the team, and shows it with the decorating of the bells of the sousaphones with the letters A.H.S. The sousaphone players are Richard Cowles, Perry Harding. and Loren Studt. This, indeed, is the climax to an event that took a lot of planning to bring about the desired effect. Closing the Homecoming activities for another year is a dance held at the City Auditorium, to which both the present and the past Alliance High School students are invited. School spirit is warmly and full expressed by the Pep Club girls on Homecoming, when they cheer the football team to victory. 27PEP CLUB BOY FRIEND Ron Christensen Attendant Jim Worthley Attendant Warren Herman A Pep Club Boy Friend and two attendants are chosen each year by popular vote ot the Pep Club to reign over the annual Pep Club Formal.Y-Teen members put on an exhibition football game for those attending the Y-Teen Orpheum. Early winter activities are highlighted by the gala Pep Club Formal, the never ceasing urge to build a snowman, the celebrities in the Y-Teen Orpheum. and annual Hi-Y Model Legislature in Lincoln for Hi Y members. These events are just a few of the many ones that claim the spare time of Alliance High students before the Christmas season arrives. Student Council members are in charge of the Christmas tree decorations each year for Alliance High. Peggy Rogers nd Ray Hesse, two council members, place the "Merry Christmas" sign on the tree. Each year during Thanksgiving vacation the area Hi-Y sponsors the Hi-Y Model Legislature, which is held in the Capito building at Lincoln. Members attending the legislature are Doug Mackey. Rich Cowles. Jary Phillip. Clyde Darveau Dan Furman. Tom Wright Howard Dunsmore Loren Studt. and Denny Garrett.HI-Y SWEETHEART Attendant Wanda Walston Linda Reno Attendant Diana Smaha Hi-Y members elect, by popular vote, a Hi-Y Sweetheart and two attendants each year to reign at the club's annual Sweetheart Ball. 30Each winter, following the close of the football season, A-Club Initiation begins. At this time prospective members are seen doing various activities and exercises. Dean Dustin is one such initiate who does push ups for Dick Stephens as Sandy Leever watches. variety of activities— MAKES MIDYEAR COMPLETE Gayly decorated rooms and a bright Christmas tree in the hall usher in the festive Christmas season at Alliance High. Soon, however, the holiday season is over, and after vacations end we have one hectic day of A-Club Initiation. The days of the calendar pass quickly, and soon the date of the Hi-Y Sweetheart Ball draws near. Several Alliance High boys collaborated last winter and presented the Alliance High School with two giant size snow figures. Everyone has a good time at the Hi-Y Sweetheart Ball.MANY ACTIVITIES, MANY SCENES— MEMORABLE SCHOOL YEAR Snow continues, as does Alliance High's activity schedule. The Pep Band encourages school spirit by playing at all varsity basketball games as well as the weekly pep rallies. Although the snow is still in evidence, students start wishing for spring. Before spring arrives, however, a Court Queen must be crowned, a Polio King and Queen will be selected and the basketball season will end. Y Teen members sponsor a Polio King and Queen Contest to raise money for the annual March of Dimes Drive. Students may purchase a vote for one girl and one boy for each dime they contribute. This year the King, Jack Farley, and the Queen. Gunilla Ljungquist, were presented at a polio dance. Alliance High Pep Band members add color and enthusiasm to every pep rally and basketball game. The band is directed by Mr. Don Harriss. 32 Dorothy Schwaderer finds homemaking experience a benefit as she admires the Betty Crocker Homemaking Award she won. Energetic students with certain abilities often have the opportunity to enter various contests held each year. Two annual contests are the Betty Crocker Homemaking Contest and the D.A.R. essay contest on citizenship. Winner of this year's coveted D.A.R. Citizenship Award is Jeanie Sampson. It's no wonder she is pleased to read her essay once more. Dick Stephens cross-examines Steve Ferguson in a scene from the senior class play, "The Night of January Sixteenth."Two sophomores, two juniors, and two seniors compose the Alliance High orchestra council this year. Council members are lindy Amen, Carol Ann Johnson, Jane Gorder. Connie Sherlock. Carol Reno, and Karen Schnurr. In the spring a young man's fancy lightly turns to thoughts of love. This familiar saying is expressed by Ray Hesse and Bev Bartels. SPRING ARRIVES— GRADUATION NEAR Spring brings a rush of last minute activities. Seniors make plans for the highlight of their high school careers, graduation. There are announcements and name cards to be ordered and measurements to be taken for their caps and gowns. Miss Bernita Haverlcamp and Mr. David Hood are the student teachers from Chadron State College who are practice teaching in our high school.Rober Lehl and John Bauer pause a moment at the door of the auditorium to discuss their first and second place wins at the District Sugar Beet Judging Contest. Music students begin practicing the strains of "Pomp and Circumstance,'' juniors are busy with prom plans, and clubs elect new officers. Soon the 1959-60 school year will be over and those anxious for the end of another year may find reasons to regret their statements. Graduation must be near. The seniors are ordering their announcements. Senior Sharon Powell is being measured for her graduation cap and gown by Miss Vae Hoover, senior class sponsor.Student Council sponsors a Foreign Exchange student The Student Council, serving as the voice of the students, is an effective group in our midst. The council regularly takes responsibility for events such as the choosing of the National Assembly programs and the sponsoring of certain all school dances. This year the council and sponsors were responsible for the coming of the exchange student, Miss Gunilla Ljungqvist, from Sweden. The victory bell and date books rated high among their special projects for 1959-1960. President Tom Wright and Sponsor Mr. Tom May enjoy a friendly talk after one of the Student Council meetings. Student Council members Mark Lotspeich Sponsor Mrs. Merdinger. Jelinda Christensen. John Anderson, Mary Jo Farrington. Jack Farley. Sam Stalos. Ray Hesse. Lemoine Trout. Bob Koester. Secretary Clairce Ritter. Jim Worthley. Cice President Ken Lincoln. Treasurer Jean Nuss. Jack Brake. Guniila Ljungqvist. Konnie Herman. Peggy Rogers and Carol Reno listen as President Tom Wright discusses one of the council's activities. 36The F.F.A. officers shown above are Sentinel Roger Lehl. Vice President Bill Cler, President Bob hfundt, Secretary Steve Brooks, Treasurer Boyd Nye, and Reporter John Bauer. F.F.A. clubs are widely spread over fhe whole United States. The Alliance F.F.A. chapter emphasizes an eight point program. Each section is headed by a chairman. Money for the F.F.A. activities is for the most part earned by selling in the snack shack at football games. Among their many activities, the boys entertain their parents during the year with a pheasant feed, banquet, and a picnic. -.a PHQGRAM 'AG SCIENCE n V I fj Jv ...Mill! 1 v A Sponsor Mr. Kenneth Ware rearranges the F.F.A. bulletin board. The F.F.A. boys learn the art of farmingThe Y-Teen Cabinet consists of the following girls: in the front row are Diana Wall, Vice President Twila Berry, Secretary Linda Tice, Carol Johnson, Linda Reno, Kathleen McDonald, Susan Felton, Lindy Amen. Standing are Cheryl Stull. Jane Gorder, Penny Wright, Rita Graiv Julianne Hempel. Kaye Schnurr, and Sally Barrett. Girls joining Y-Teens become junior members of the YWCA. The sponsors and cabinet members plan and carry out a versatile and interesting program of events. The members especially enjoy their Christmas service project, held at the Indian Social Center. Each girl brings a small child's gift, to be given away at the festive party. Highlights of this year's program include the Orpheum, Patteran and Cairo, Heart Sister Week, and special Christmas and Easter programs. The Y-Teen float was awarded first place in the Homecoming float competition. Each year a few fortunate members of the club are chosen to attend the Summer Conference Training Camp at Fullerton, Nebraska. Sponsor Mrs. Glarum, President Rita Grau, and Sponsor Mrs. Myers discuss plans for the Y-Teens programs Y-Teens have largest membership in state 38Hi-Y stresses ideals of Christian Citizenship Membership in the Hi-Y is open to every high school boy. This club takes an active part in Hi-Y Pre-Legislature at Scottsbluff. The climax of the affair is their trip to Model Legislature at Lincoln. The yearly program includes: a hay ride, a trip to Hot Springs, panel discussions, the Hi-Y and Y-Teen Easter program, interesting money making projects and the traditional Sweetheart Ball, at which they present the Hi-Y Sweetheart and attendants. Sponsors Mr. Thomas Hovorka and Mr. Byron Nelson are checking the Hi-Y's income for the entire year. Hi-Y officers are Vice President Jack Farley. Secretary Ken Lincoln. President Jary Phillip and Treasurer Larry Christensen. 39Annual staff members Doug Bedlent. Sharon Phillip Advisor Mrs. Nelson. Penny Wright, and Hallie Lore discuss some re Annual Editors Arthur Hudson and Linda Tice are happy to see the final copy ready to be sent in. Advertising workers Ric Graham. Pam Hall, and Dick Church-well look over some prospective ads. The Bulldog, made for the students and by the students, has a hard working, cooperative staff. To be on the annual staff, a student must be a junior or senior with at least average grades. In the spring, the group of about nine and their sponsor, Mrs. Alice Nelson, vote on the theme and begin their layouts. Fall finds them ready to take pictures and begin assembling the sections. Miss Florence Crouse serves as literary critic.Quill and Scroll is an honorary organization for journalists who have met certain qualifications on the Spud" or annual staff. They must also be in the upper one third of their class in general scholastic rating. The "Spud" staff members distribute the paper bimonthly to the student body, faculty, Junior High and other schools. The students gather information on news around the school, write the stories, make headlines, and arrange the make-up for the paper with the help of their advisor, Miss Florence Crouse. Quill and Scroll President Arthur Hudson looks on as Vice President Linda Tice and Secretary Treasurer Penny Wright inspect the code of journalists. Publication students rush to meet deadlines Spud Staff members Rog Rusk, Dean Harris. Sharon Phillip, Lindy Amen. Bob Wilson. Rita Grau. Denny Stark, Advisor Miss Florence Crouse. Penny Wright. Chuck Rusk Roseann Barry. Eileen Reitz. Barb Lawrence. Larry Schwaderer and Orvillyn Ransom are caught meeting a deadline of the "Spud."Members of the Spanish Club are Jelinda Christensen, Penny Wright, Diana Patterson. Mary Jo Farrington. Lorraine Harimon. Jeanine Shimp, Donna Shetler, Sharon Fors-strom. Wanda Walston. Karen Loomis. Cheryl Saxton, and Clifford Dobson. "Como esta usted?" is a common question asked by Spanish Club members. If any A.H.S. student is in first or second year Spanish or has completed two years, he is entitled to join Spanish Club. Breaking the pinata at the Christmas dance is a favorite activity for all club members. Mexican food is served at the Spanish Club dinner to lend an air of authenticity. All members enjoy the hay rack ride in the early winter. Spanish Club Secretary Cheryl Edwards, Vice President Debbie Cheney. Treasurer Diana Wall, and President Blaine Colvalt listen as Sponsor Mr. George Server reads the revised constitution. They promote understanding of Latin AmericansThey lay emphasis on Roman traditions To be eligible for membership in Latin Club, one must have taken one year of Latin or be enrolled in a Latin class. This, the oldest language club in Alliance High School, holds its meetings once a month. The meetings consist of a business session, followed by a program of Latin songs, playets or discussions on Roman topics. A dinner highlights the fall term, while the Roman banquet held each spring climaxes the club year. Roman customs, costumes and a Roman menu make it truly a gala event. Latin Club members sitting on the floor are Kaye Schnurr. Paul Lepard Fred Kimmel. Vice President Carol Mischnick. Sitting on the divan are President Barbara Lawrence. Claudia McNertney. Barbara Johnson, Susie Johnson. Standing are Mary Lou Adams. Secretary Karen Schnurr. Carol Koester, Roseann Barry Carol Reno Treasurer Janice Langmacher. Francie Roe. Carole French and Sponsor Miss Sena Aden. 43President activity. Ray Hesse and Co-Sponsor Mr. Don Crowder talk at ease about an A-Club A-Club members shown above are Chuck Rusk. John Anderson. President Ray Hesse. Lemoine Trout. Jim Kettelhut. Larry Christensen. Van Galloway, Secretary-Treasurer Jary Phillip. Vice President Ron Christensen. Denny Stark. Dick Stephens. Bill Regan. Dick Trabert. Mac Regester. Warren Herman. Dick O'Brien and Kenny Lincoln. Alliance high school boys earning a major letter in one or more sports are entitled to join the A-Club. The intiation for this organization is a rugged experience for the boys involved. The A-Club takes part in Homecoming by choosing the Queen and her attendants and presenting them to the student body. This year the boys sold blue and white Alliance badges and Go-Team-Go vests as an added money-making project. 44 Letter sweaters are their trademarkVivacious girls keep school spirit alive The Pep Club finds itself contributing to all athletic events by enthusiastic cheering at the games. Other activities include decorating the halls, sponsoring dances, and cooperating on Homecoming plans. The highlight of the first semester was the Pep Club formal. The theme for this year was "Hawaiian Holiday." At a pep rally held in the spring of each year, the Pep Club presents to each letterman a certificate of achievement, and new club officers are introduced to the student body by the retiring officers. Another exciting occasion for all the girls is the annual spring banquet, during which the new cheerleaders are announced. Many girls try out, working hard for several weeks with the hope of receiving the cheerleading honor. These spirited girls assist the cheerleaders in boosting the sportsman's moral. 45 Secretary Sharon Hamilton, Treasurer Jan Brice, Sponsor Miss Woodhams, Sponsor Miss McFadden and Vice President Judy Wright watch as President Pam Nuss places her ballot for Pep Club Boy Friend in the ballot bo«.CHEERLEADERS Charlotte York Carol Appleby Brad Tyler Tim Tyler Shirley Appleby Carol Mayes Carol Jean Miller Jeanie Sampson 46SPORTS AND SPECTATORS 47Alliance 6 Rapid City 0 Alliance 32 Gering 12 Alliance 34 Sidney 13 Alliance 6 Ogallala 32 Alliance 19 North Platte 6 Alliance 0 McCook 6 Alliance 28 Kearney 0 Alliance 40 Torrington 20 Alliance 19 Scottsbluff 26 Wayne Maier, line coach, and Don Crowder, head coach. 1959 FOOTBALL TEAM BACK ROW. left to right: Ray Hesse, Jim Worthley. Doug Young. Jack Farley, John Sellers. Walter Oxford Bob Koester, Ron McGuire. THIRD ROW: Bi, Regan David Van Dusen. Ernie Nickens, Charlie Johnson. Jim Kettelhut, Steve Waldron, Dick Stephens, Tom Wright, John Anderson. Paul Nelson. SECOND ROW: Lemoine Trout. Van Galloway. Steve Brooks. Chuck Rusk Kenny Lincoln Tom Romick Jary Phillip. Larry Christensen. Jim Brice. Ron Christensen. Dick Trabert. FIRST ROW: Bob Briggs. Chuck Riggs, Bob Brown. Ivan Kinser, Bill Wilson. Warren Herman. Rod Romig. Bruce Herman. Hank Garcia.The Bulldogs won six and lost three under the direction of their new head coach, Don Crowder. This was the finest season for Alliance since 1954. In addition to having a good won and lost record, they upheld the tradition of good sportsmanship for which Alliance is known. Hanlc Garcia scores the only touchdown of the Rapid City game. BULLDOGS UPSET RAPID CITY In the opening game of the season, Alliance upset Rapid City 6-0. The Bulldogs scored late in the first period and held on for three quarters. The lone tally came when Ken Lincoln recovered a Cobbler fumble on the R. C. 23-yard line. In five plays the Bulldogs had a touchdown on a pass from Larry Christensen to Hank Garcia. Standouts for Alliance were Tom Romick, Jack Farley, Dick Stephens, Chuck Rusk, Bruce Herman, Lincoln, Ray Hesse, and Christensen. Ray Hesse makes a fine gain behind good downfield blocking. BULLDOGS BOUNCE GERING Alliance trounced a scrappy Gering team 32-13 for their second straight win. Gering scored in the first two minutes, but after that the game was all Alliance. The Bulldog attack featured fine passing and a sharp defense. For Alliance, Ray Hesse and Hank Garcia each scored two touchdowns and Jim Kettelhut one. Other standouts for the Bulldogs were Warren Herman, Tom Romick, Chuck Rusk, Jack Farley, Steve Waldron, Ken Lincoln, and Dick Stephens. Student managers are Bill Regan and Paul Nelson. 49BULLDOGS CRUSH SIDNEY Alliance and Sidney {ought on even terms in the first half of the thrill-packed October battle, but in the second half the Bulldogs broke the game open to win 34-13 for their third straight victory. Leading the scoring for Alliance was Ray Hesse with two touchdowns. Jim Kettelhut and Hank Garcia each scored once. Jack Farley, Hesse, Tom Romick, Stephens, and Chuck Rusk turned in fine defensive performances. STANDOUTS IN THE ALLIANCE BACKFIELD ARE: Dick Stephens, Jim Kettelhut Larry Christensen, Ray Hesse, Hank Garcia, and John Anderson. INDIANS DOWN ALLIANCE Ogallala celebrated their homecoming by downing Alliance 32-6. This was Alliance's first loss of the season. The Bulldogs' moment of glory came on the last play of the first half, when Jim Kettelhut intercepted an Indian pass on his own 14-yard line and went 86 yards for the score. Tom Wright, Dick Stephens, Jack Farley, and Warren Herman played well in spots on defense. BULLDOGS ROMP NORTH PLATTE Alliance came back to form after a poor game at Ogallala, and beat North Platte 19-6 for a Homecoming victory. It was the Bulldogs’ fourth victory against one defeat, and the first Big Ten victory of the season. Dick Stephens, Ray Hesse, and Jack Farley each scored once for the Bulldogs. Tom Romick, Jary Phillip, Chuck Rusk, Steve Waldron, Ken Lincoln, and Hank Garcia also played fine games. OUTSTANDING BULLDOG LINEMEN ARE: Steve Waldron. Ji m Vor-thley. Bruce Herman, Jary Phillip. Chuck Rusk, Ken Lincoln, Tom Romick, and Jack Farley.BISONS NIP ALLIANCE McCook captured a 6-0 victory from Alliance in a game highlighted by strong defenses. The Bisons scored, with a minute and forty seconds left in the first quarter, when Alan Adams shot off right tackle and went 33 yards for the touchdown. Ray Hesse, Chuck Rusk, Jary Phillip, Ken Lincoln, and Jim Worthley played well on defense, and Tom Romick was the outstanding defensive player on the field. Lemoine Trout pushes his way forward. All in a day's work tor Coach Maier. BULLDOGS MAUL KEARNEY Alliance smashed a highly touted Kearney Bearcat team 28-0. Ray Hesse kicked a field goal in the first quarter. Dick Stephens, Larry Christensen, and Jim Kettelhut each scored once in the second period. Hank Garcia ended the scoring with a one yard plunge in the fourth quarter. Jary Phillip, Tom Romick, Ken Lincoln, Chuck Rusk, Stephens, Jim Worthley, Hesse, Garcia, Kettelhut, Jack Farley, Christensen, John Sellers, and John Anderson all played well for Alliance. Dick Stephens is hit hard after a short gain. ALLIANCE SMASHES TORRINGTON Alliance’s Bulldogs won their sixth game of the season by beating a green Torrington team 40-20. The Bulldogs' first tally came on a 21-yard pass from Christensen to Hesse. Dick Stephens scored the second Bulldog touchdown. Christensen passed to Jim Kettelhut for the third touchdown in the first quarter. Larry Christensen scored twice and Dick Stephens once more for Alliance in the second half. The Bulldogs' entire first unit looked good on defense and offense.Steve Waldron just misses a pass. SCOTTSBLUFF NIPS ALLIANCE Scottsbluff used passing to come from behind and beat Alliance 26-19. The Bearcats had a 13-0 lead at the half. When the third quarter began, the Bulldogs looked like a new team. Hank Garcia scored the first touchdown for Alliance. Shortly John Sellers scored the second Bulldog touchdown. Jack Farley then recovered a Bearcat fumble 28 yards out. Sellers scored again in six plays. Christensen ran the extra point and Alliance led 19-13. Scottsbluff's Sid Micek then took over and engineered two more Bearcat touchdowns. Tom Romick, Hank Garcia, Jary Phillip, Ray Hesse, John Sellers, and Larry Christensen all played well for the Bulldogs. 1959 RESERVE FOOTBALL TEAM BACK ROW, left to right: Roland Bolinger. David Sward Jon Klesner, Bill Me-Collam. Monte Brooks. SECOND ROW: Monte Case Dean Myers. David Weston. Doug Crouse. Bill Roberts. FRONT ROW: Coach Bob Morris. Sandy Leever. Royce Reynolds, Bob Turchek. Jim Lockridge. and John Owens. 52HOMECOMING QUEEN Sharon Hamilton Attendant Jan Brice Attendant Clarice Ritter A-Club members select, by popular vote, a Home Coming Queen and two attendants from the senior class each fall to reign over the Home Coming events. 53COURT QUEEN AND ATTENDANTS Llndy Amen Bev Bartels Jeanie Sampson The members of the A-Club elect the Court Queen and her attendants. They were presented at the North Platte basketball game, February 13. 54I960 VARSITY BASKETBALL TEAM—Jerry Culp. Rod Romig, Lemoine Trout Dick Stephens. Ray Hesse John Se ers Jack Farley Jim Worthley Jim Kettelhut. Ernie Nickens. Charles Rusk Tom Romick. Student Manager Bill Regan. Varsity wins West Big Ten Conference 55 Bud Larsen Coach Jack Farley shoots his hook shot while Dick Stephens maneuvers for a possible rebound. The Alliance bench lends support to the boys who are playing. Close teamwork, fine coaching equals VARSITY RECORD Alliance 64 Gering 61 Alliance 71 Kearney 57 Alliance 67 North Platte 66 Alliance 54 McCook 57 Alliance 56 Mitchell 39 Alliance 39 Sidney 34 Alliance 66 Scottsbluff 68 Alliance 64 Gering 61 Alliance 70 Ogallala 67 Alliance 49 Kearney 45 Alliance 53 Scottsbluff 51 Alliance 74 McCook 54 Alliance 59 North Platte 45 Alliance 57 Torrington 45 Alliance 53 Oqallala 62 Alliance 39 Grand Island 52 Alliance 86 Sidney 57 56 Ray Hesse fights for a rebound during the Ogallala game.Alliance had one of their finest basketball seasons winning 13 and losing 4. The Bulldogs had the desire to put out a little extra and win the close ones. This desire enabled them to win their first Western Conference championship and Western Conference Title GUARDS: Dick Stephens, Jerry Culp. Jim Kettel-hut, Tom Romick. CENTERS: Ernie Nickens end Jack Farley.■■i I960 RESERVE BASKETBALL TEAM—BACK ROW, left to right: Bob Turechek Ron McGuire Fred Lawrence Doug Young Doug Bedient, Ernie Niclcens. Jon Klesner. FRONT ROW: Jim Curtiss. Charles Johnson Rod Romig, Ken Lincoln Charles Rusk Denny Garrett. Dick Voss. David Van Dusen. eserves play rough schedule, develop new material RESERVE RECORD Alliance 47 Gering 73 Alliance 47 Kearney 49 Alliance 32 North Platte 46 Alliance 44 McCook 28 Alliance 43 Mitchell 47 Alliance 60 Sidney 68 Alliance 50 Scottsbluff 42 Alliance 64 Gering 68 Alliance 46 Ogallala 66 Alliance 60 Kearney 74 Alliance 52 Scottsbluff 55 Alliance 65 McCook 61 Alliance 63 North Platte 38 Alliance 48 Torrington 56 Alliance 58 Ogallala 42 Alliance 39 Sidney 52 Fred Lawrence fights for a rebound and Lemoine Trout and Rod Romig stand by to assist him.Both boys and girls enjoy competition Bruce Herman tries to block Mark Lotspeich's shot in an intramural game. G.A.A. girls try their hand at volleyball. The basketball intramural program is set up to give boys who do not participate in inter-school competition an opportunity to play basketball. Mr. Orville Herring was the director of the intramural league this year. G.A.A. provides an interesting intramural program for girls. Miss Nona Woodhams directs this program. Wrestling, which was an intramural sport, became an interscholastic sport this year. Members of this team are BACK ROW: M. Brooks. S. Leever, S. Brooks. F. Kimme B. McCollam. SECOND ROW: R. Lehl. C. Dobson. L. Howe! M. Pau , D. Duskin, R. Bolinger. D. Ferguson, Coach Wayne Maier. FRONT ROW: R. Brooks. D. Weston P. Lepard G. Thomp son. D. Fischer. J. Roberts. R. Hernandez. 591959 TRACK TEAM BACK ROW, left to right: Paul Nelson, John Anderson, Denny Garrett, Diet O'Brien, Steve Waldron, Doug Young, Jact Farley, Ken Hucl. Lemoine Trout, Kenny Lincoln. Larry Chrjstensen. Ma» Worley, and Coach Don Crowder. FRONT ROW: Coach John Carr, Van Galloway, Jim Kettelhut. Ray Hesse. Mac Re ester, Diet Stephens Hant Garcia. Les Reno, John Owens, Diet Trabert. ond Coach Wayne Maier. Meet Scottsbluff Relays Chadron Invitational Sidney Dual Western Nebraska Won By Scottsbluff Torrington Sidney Scottsbluff Meet Alliance Invitational Big 10 at Kearney District Meet State Meet Won by Scottsbluff Columbus Bluffs and North Platte Omaha Central Weather upsets track scheduleMUSIC AND MELODRAMA 61BACK ROW: D. Trabert J. Farley R. Rusk, J. Gies, P. Lepard R. Reynolds. THIRD ROW: L. Evans, C. A. Johnson R. Roberts. J. Ashby. D. Garrett R. Romlg, V. Galloway. SECOND ROW: B. Bartels. D. Shetler R. Grau S. Phillips. L. Hillyer L. Hanson. L. Amen L. Iversen. FIRST ROW: R. L. Cornette S. Saliquist, F. Roe B. Lurvey. J. Valentine, D. Smaha. J. Sampson. Choir concerts provide favorite entertainment Serious music and artistic performances have been the main characteristics of the choral department of Alliance High School this year. The choir is made up of a selected group of sophomores, juniors and seniors. These students work hard to meet the required standards. The choir enjoyed making their annual recording this year. Their colorful robes and pleasing performances attracted a large crowd at the Christmas program. Each year they participate in the Scottsbluff-Alliance Music Clinic. They practice for two days with a guest director and climax the affair with an evening concert. Other activities include the Spring Concert, Music Contest and graduation performances. 62w - V CA ' St '■ $ BACK ROW: R. Hesse. J. Worthley, K. Lincoln. L. Christensen. F. Kimmel. J. Curtiss. THIRD ROW: T. Wright, T. Romick, S. Waldron $. Shaw R. Brooks, B. Merritt, C. Zaliares. G. Harvey. SECOND ROW: C. Stull J. Hempei K. Schnurr, S. Jordan. K. McDonald C. Griffith C. Coo M. Koester. FIRST ROW: J. Fodness, C. J. Miller. M. L. Adams. L. Reno. C. Edwards. S. Ellis W. Walston. The light we almost had Shall make them glad; The words we waited long Shall run in music from their voice and song. Field Notes XII Rod Eichenberger 63The orchestra members are. FIRST ROW: C. Mischnick. K. Schnurr. C. A. Johnson, D. Kimmel. E. Parks. C. Sherlock. F. Roe. L. Amen. C. Phaneuf. J. A. McFal SECOND ROW: J. A. Taylor. S. Churchwell. L. Iverson, B. Langmacher B. Reno. J. Curtiss. K. Thomas. W. Covalt, C. J. French. J. Brice. K. Schnurr, B. Merritt. C. Reno. L. York. D. Cheney. THIRD ROW: D. Hammer. J. Lorenzini. K. Hoff. M. L. Adams L. Hanson. C. Pecoy. J. Fodness. R. Hesse J. Edwards B. Bartels B. Boness. C. Panwitz. FOURTH ROW: S. Johnson C. Saxton J. Hempel. M. Koester. R. Romig. P. Thiessen, P. Lepard. R. Reynolds. L. Studt. K. Johnson. J. Gorder. Music serves as a liaison between school and community. Responsible for the smoothness with which the band operates are: Peggy Rogers. Ray Hesse. Jim Brice. Jan Brice, and Sharon Hamilton. The band officers are chosen during their sophomore year and they remain officers until they graduate. Paul Thiessen is not shown. 64The boys’ quartet is a very popular organization in the high school. Its members are to be congratulated for winning the best all around award in the Y-Teen Orpheum. Members are Tom Wright, Ken Lincoln, Jim Curtiss, and Jim Worthley. These are the choir officers who give much of their time and effort to make their organization a success. FRONT ROW: Ray Hesse. Jim Worthley. Tom Wright. BACK ROW: Ken Lincoln. Rita Grau. Linda Reno. Jeanie Sampson. Julianne Hempel and Diana Smaha. The Madrigal group primarily sings 16th century music, while seated around a table. FRONT ROW: Cheryl Stull. Carol Jean Miller. Linda Reno. Kaye Schnurr. Lindy Amen, Jeanie Sampson. Diana Smaha. Francis Roe, Jackie Valentine. BACK ROW: Ken Lincoln, Larry Christensen. Tom Wright, Van Galloway, Ray Hesse and Jim Worthley. Sharyn Jordan is not shown.BACK ROW: A. Hudson, D. Churchwell, P. Harding J. Brice C. Johnson, R. Cowles. FOURTH ROW: N. Corbell. B. Turechek J. Brake. B. Lawrence, R. Romig, S. Stalos. P. Thiessen. THIRD ROW: B. Boness. J. Dunn. B. Brown. B. Bartels J. Wright. J. SECOND ROW: J. Langmacher J. Von Tour. S. Hamilton W. Walston L. Tice. FIRST ROW: K. Schnurr, C. Edwards, C. Zaliares C. French. Music is the universal language of mankind.—poetry their universal pastime and delight. Outre-Mer Our Director Donald Harriss D. Shetler Valentine. B. MerrittBACK ROW: M. Koester. J. Hempel L. Marin, C. Saxton. FIFTH ROW: L. Studt P. Lepard R. Reynolds B. Covalt, F. Kimme L. Trout. FOURTH ROW: R. Hesse. J. Fodness. C. Pecoy. L. Hanson. M. L. Adams. THIRD ROW: S. Jordan. D. Shetler J. Nuss A. Hammar S Padgett R. Worthley, S. Kohler. SECOND ROW: C. York D. Hanna. L. Evans K. Gilmore. V. Hamilton. FIRST ROW: J. Brice. K. Thomas W. Covalt. J. Curtiss. P. Rogers. A spirited band gives inspiration Participating in the Christmas Concert, Spring Concert. Band Clinic, graduation, baccalaureate, music clinic and music contest are just a few of the yearly activities of the Alliance High School Band. This organization contributes much to many special events of the school and community. The colorful appear- ance of the band in the half time , shows and parades adds much to the spirit of the Homecoming game. We are proud of the Class A" rating that they rereceived in the music contest, and we appreciate the honor of being invited to the Laramie Band Day. 67Lemoine Trout gently shakes Wanda Walston in a scene from the junior class play "June Dawn." Mrs. Nelson Taffy Besty Hank Mr. Stoddard Sparky Mr. Craig Miss Vance CAST OF CHARACTERS Judy Bushnell, Linda Munger Twila Berry, Betty Lurvey Jane Gorder, Betty Merritt Gary Rust, Paul Nelson Paul Matejka, Don Sanders Walt Oxford, Jerry Culp Dan Caruthers, Rich Cowles Carolyn Cole, Rosa Lee Cornette Script Girl Ann Nelson John Nelson Melissa Leader Camera Man Sound Man Crew Man Glenda Harvey, Pat Colburn Jackie Vallentine, Diana Smaha Jim Kettelhut, Lemoine Trout Wanda Walston, Roseann Barry Penny Wright, Sally Barrett Gary Jordan Bill Wilson Chuck Rusk There is little doubt that a 'June Dawn" is the best dawn of all according to the junior class play. The comedy was presented before the public on November 17-18, and it was directed by the junior English teacher, Mr. Richard Car-rari. Student Director John Anderson was assisted by Andrew Nace, Gary Jordan, and Pat Reddish. The Wednesday night cast meets with Mr. Richard Carrari to discuss stage manners. 68John Adams Mary Lou Adams Judith Bali Allen Beckhoff Joan Best Jack Brake Bob Briggs Monte Brooks Bob Brown Monte Case Deborah Cheney Jelinda Christensen Noel Corbell Bla ine Covalt Bonnie Crosser Doug Crouse Jim Curtis Betty Darveau Sophomores timidly enter Senior High . Clifford Dobson Louis Dose Karen Duckworth Jim Dunn Dean Duskin Mary Jo Farrington Martha Feagins Barbara Ferguson Sharon Forsstrom Carole French Ben Garcia Shirley Garner Connie Gericke Diana Hagen Allen Hammer Vickie Hamilton Perry Harding Lorraine Harimon Reuben Hernandez Robert Hernandez Ronald Hoff Mary Hofmann Barbara Johnson Charles JohnsonConnie Johnson Susan Johnson Harold Juzenas Fredrich Kimmel Gordon Kingry Jon Klesner June Kohrman Janice Langmacher Barbara Lawrence Fred Lawrence Alexander Leever Paul Lepard Linda Le oing James Lockridge Karen Loomis Richard Loomis George McFall Ronnie McGuire Claudia McNertney Lola Marin Floyd Marsh Coleman Nay Robert New Ernie Nickens to assume their new responsibilities Verla Nielsen Dean Nikont Jean Nuss Edward Olson Sherry Padgett Diana Patterson Monte Pauli Clarence Pecoy Connie Peterson Wayne Petrig Wanda Rainbolt Judy Regan RosaLee Rehder Carol Reno Linda Reno Royce Reynolds Eileen Rietz William RobertsRoger Rohrbouck Rod Romig Paul Sanchez Verola Salisbury Cheryl Saxton Melanie Saxton Karen Schnurr Diane Shetler Carol Shimp Jeanie Shimp Sam Stalos Melodie Stephens Gene Stratton David Sward Roland Sward Dianne Sundermeier Denny Thompson Grover Thompson John Thompson John Tucker Bob Turechek John Waldron Leta Walker Diana Wall. ■ New experiences keep them alert Responsible for the Sophomore Class activities are President Jack Brake, Secretary Rod Romig, Vice President Jelinda Christensen, Treasurer Melanie Saxton, Sponsor Alice Nelson, and Sponsor Byron Nelson. 72Anita Allen John Anderson David Andrick Jan Ashby Sally Barrett John Bauer Delores Behm Twila Berry Roseann Barry Doug Bedient Dick Bilstein Roland Bolinger Juniors are the largest class in Senior High Barbara Boness Jim Brice Roger Brooks Steve Brooks Barry Brown Judy Bushnell Rich Camarillo Dan CaruthersBob Cole Carolyn Cole Janice Coleman Brian Cook RosaLee Cornette Judy Cotes Richard Cowles Jerry Culp Clyde Darveau Cheryl Edwards Lorraine Evans Roger Fagler Juniors are kept busy with required courses John Feese Don Ferguson Art Florez Jean Fodness Denny Garrett Curtis Ginn Jane Gorder Richard Graham Terry Hahn Pam Hall Glenda Harvey Leonard HeckmanBetty Heinlein Julianne Hempel Konnie Herman Janet Hitchcock Clyde Huck Linda Iversen Carole Jaqua Arnold Jensen Lester Jesse Dixie Johnson Gary Jordan Sharyn Jordan of study as well as many special activities. Jim Kettelhut Gary Keane Dan Kinser Marcia Kniqge Marilyn Koester George Koester Richard Laursen Roger Lehl Lynn Liggett Ken Lincoln Mark Lotspeich Betty LurveySponsor Mr. Bob Morris. Vice President Diana Smaha, Treasurer Roseann Barry. President Ker Lincoln, Secretary Connie Zaliares, and Sponsor Mrs. Phyllis Matz enjoy a friendly talk. They work hard to prepare a Tom McCawley Bill McCollam Deanne McCune Jo Anne McFall Steve Magnuson Paul Matejka Betty Merritt Ron Mischnick Ruth Mischnick Linda Mirnger Dean Myers Andrew NaceBarbara Nason Paul Nelson Mary Nuss Walt Oxford Barbara Perez Janice Phillip Sharon Phillip Sandra Phillips Charlotte Pierce Orvillyn Ransom Pat Reddish Sherry Regester fine prom for the seniors Mary Lou Reno Doris Reynolds Richard Reynolds Ruby Roberts Peggy Rogers Gary Rust Roger Rusk Charles Rusk Sharan Sallquist Don Sanders Dwain Schulze Sharon SchwadererConnie Sherlock Donna Shetler Denny Shimp Diana Smaha Larry Smith Ruth Stark Barbara Stewart Loren Studt Cheryl Stull Andy Sutton Neal Tanquary Paul Thiessen ’67 78 Kathy Thomas Bill Todd Lemoine Trout John Tucker Jackie Vallentine Marianne Van Kirk David Van Dusen Judie Von Tour Dick Voss Wanda Walston Penny Wright Lonnie Wilkins Bill Wilson Linda York Douglas Young Connie ZaliaresMOST REPRESENTATIVE John Sellers These students are chosen by. vote of the senior class on the basis-of ship, scholarship and personality. Susan Felton service, leader-r y VICTORIA ALVARADO Y-Teens. LINDY AMEN Y-Teens, Pep Club. Junior and Senior Class Plays, Spanish Club, Senior Class Secretary, Choir. Madrigal, Orchestra, Orchestra Co-President. State Music Clinic, String Quartet. Y-Teen Cabinet. Spud Staff. Hi-Y Sweetheart Attendant. Music Award. CAROL APPLEBY Y-Teens. Pep Club. Speech Contest Cheerleader. SHIRLEY APPLEBY Y-Teens. Pep Club, Speech Contest, Cheerleader. BEVERLY BARTELS Y-Teens. Pep Club. Senior Class Play, Latin Club, Choir, Band. Orchestra, Dance Band, Pep Band, Hi-Y Sweetheart Attendant. VAUGHN BARTLETT Y-Teens. Pep Club. Spud Staff. DAVID BECKHOFF Hi-Y. FFA, FFA Public Speech Winner. S.W.C.D. District Speech Contest. EDDIE BEHM Hi-Y. Senior Class Play Assistant Director. LINDA BENNET Y-Teens. ’60 Within two years we have changed fro m DAVID BOOTH Panama City. Florida. Hi-Y. JANICE BRICE Y-Teens. Pep Club. Pep Club Treasurer. Junior Class Play, Choir. Band. Band Officer, Wranglaires, Pep Band Spud Staff. Homecoming Attendant GAA. JUDY BURTON Y-Teens. Pep Club.RONALD CHRISTENSEN Hemingford, Nebraska. Hi-Y. A-Club. A-Club Vice-President. County Government, Football. Track. Pep Club Boyfriend. DICK CHURCHWELL Hi-Y Junior and Senior Class Plays. Annual Staff. County Government. Band. Pep Band. BILL CLER Hi-Y FFA. FFA Vice-President. Student Council. Student Council Treas- urer. teenagers to young men and women STANLEY CORBETT WILMA COVALT Y-Teens. Pep Club. Choir. Band, Orchestra. Clarinet Quartet. Regents Alternate. Pep Band. GARY CRAIG Hi-Y. FFA. S.W.C.D. Soil Contest Second place. KAY DITSCH St. Agnes Academy. Hay Springs. Nebraska. Pep Club. Y-Teens. PAUL DITSCH Hi-Y. FFA. HOWARD DUNSMORE Hi-Y. Latin Club. Choir. Regents' Winne'r. SUSAN ELLIS Y-Teens, Pep Club. Spanish Club. District Speech Contest. Choir. JACK FARLEY Hi-Y. Hi-Y Vice-President. Latin Club Student Council. Junior Class Vice-President. County Government, Madrigal. Football. Basketball. SUSAN FELTON Y-Teens. Y-Teen Cabinet. State Y-Teen Alternate Officer. Pep Club. Junior Class Play. Senior Class Play. Student Director. Latin Club. Latin Club Treasurer. National Honor Society Regents' Alternate.STEVE FERGUSON Hi-Y, Senior Class Play. DARREL FISCHER Hi-Y. DAN FURMAN Hi-Y, Senior Class Play. Latin Club, Regents' Alternate. Hi-Y Model Legislature. ’60 Our years in Alliance High School VAN GALLOWAY Hi-Y. A-Club, Senior Class Play. Choir. Madrigal. Football, Track. Band. State Music Clinic. Pep Band. HANK GARCIA Football. Basketball. Track. DARLA GERICKE Y-Teens. Pep Club. JACK GIES Hi-Y. Sophomore Class Vice-President, Choir. Football. Basketball. Track. KAREN GILMORE Mountain View, California. Y-Teens. Pep Club. Band.. Pep Band, GAA. MARY GOMEZ Y-Teens. Pep Club. Senior Class Play. RICHARD GONZALES Hi-Y. Choir. Football. RIC GRAHAM Hi-Y. Junior and Senior Class Plays Annual Staff. Band. Orchestra. Dance Band, Pep Band. Hi-Y Model Legislature. Regents’ Alternate. RITA GRAU Y-Teens. Y-Teen President. Pep Club. Senior Class Play. Latin Club. Latin Club Treasurer. Speech Contest. Choir. Choir Treasurer. Y-Teen Cabinet. Spud Staff.COLLEEN GRIFFITH Y-Teens. Pep Club, Choir Bend, Spud Staff. SHARON HAMILTON Y-Teens, Pep Club. Pep Club Secretary. Latin Club. Latin Club Vice-President, Student Council. Junior Class Secretary, County Government, Band. Band Officer, Homecoming Queen. Speech Contest, RICHARD HAMPTON Hi-Y. have been rewarding DEANNA HANNA Y-Teens. Pep Club, Band. Pep Band. ALLAN HANSEN Yankton. South Dakota. FFA. LYNNE HANSON Y-Teens. Pep Club. Senior Class Play Choir. Band. Orchestra. Pep Band Spud Staff. DEAN HARRIS Hi-Y. Track. Spud Staff. MADELYN HAWLEY Y-Teens. Pep Club. Senior Class Play. Student Council. Spud Staff. RAY HESSE Hi-Y, A-Club, A-Club President, Senior Class Play, National Honor Society. Student Council. Boys' State Choir. Madrigal, Football, Basketball. Track, Band. Orchestra, Band Captain. State Music Clinic. All Big Ten. All Western Conference. LARRY HARIMON Hi-Y, FFA. District Speech Contest. Band. Pep Band. BRUCE HERMAN Hi-Y. FFA. County Government, Choir. Football. Intramurals, Track. WARREN HERMAN Hi-Y, A-Club, Senior Class Play. County Government, Football. Track, Pep Club Boyfriend Attendant.LINDA HILLYER Y-Teens. Pep Club, Senior Class Play, Choir. State Music Clinic. DENNIS HITCHCOCK Hi-Y, Senior Class Play, Choir. Football. CHARLENE HOBBS Y-Teens. Pep Club. STUART HOYLE Hi-Y, Football. ARTHUR HUDSON Hi-Y. Junior and Senior Class Plays. Quill Scroll. Quill Scroll President. Annual Staff. Annual Staff Editor. County Government, Band. Pep Band. CAROL ANN JOHNSON Y-Teens. Pep Club. Senior Class Play. Latin Club. Choir. Orchestra. Orchestra Council, String Quartet. Y-Teen Cabinet. Spud Staff. Regents’ Alternate. KAREN KINCAID Y-Teens. Pep Club. IVAN KINSER Hi-Y. A-Club. Student Council. Football. Basketball. Track. BOB KOESTER Hi-Y. A-Club. Senior Class Play. Latin Club. Student Council. Speech Contest. County Government. Choir, Football. Track. Regents' Alternate. Our classmates assume many positions JOHN KOESTER Hi-Y. Senior Class Play. Latin Club. SONYA LAMMON Y-Teens. Pep Club, Choir. Band. Pep Band. SHARON LAWRENCE Y-Teens. Y-Teen Treasurer. Y-Teen Cabinet. Pep Club. 84’60 Holding a pre-meeting ’pow-wow' are Senior Class President Jim Worthley, Vice-President Diclc Trabert, Secretary Lindy Amen and Treasurer Sandra Steffen. Sponsors of the senior class are Miss Vae Hoover and Mr. Ed Brown. DOUGLAS MACKEY Hi-Y. FFA FFA Treasurer Hi-Y Model Legislature. CAROL MAYES Y-Teens. Pep Club. Senior Class Play. Latin Club Student Council. Cheerleader. KATHLEEN McDONALD Y-Teens. Pep Club Senior Class Play Choir. Y-Teen Cabinet. 85CAROL JEAN MILLER Y-Teens. Pep Club, Choir Madrigal. Cheerleader. BOB MISCHNICK Hi-Y. Spanish Club. Choir, Football. Track. BOBBY MUNDT Hi-Y. FFA FFA President County Government. LARRY NICODEMUS Hi-Y, FFA. County Government. RUTH NISSEN Y-Teens. Pep Club, Band. Pep Band, Spud Staff. PAM NUSS Y-Teens. Pep Club, Pep Club President. Latin Club. District Speech Contest. County Government. BOYD NYE Hi-Y, FFA. FFA Treasurer. DICK O’BRIEN Hi-Y, A-Club. Student Council. County Government. Choir, Football. Basketball. Track. BARBARA PEPLER Y-Teens, Pep Club. Senior Class Play. Bayard. Nebraska. We burn midnight oil JARY PHILLIP Hi-Y. Hi-Y President. A-Club. A-Club Secretary-Treasurer. National Honor Society, Junior Class President. County Government. Boys' State. Football, All West Big Ten in Football. GARY PIIHL Hi-Y. Senior Class Play. SHARON POWELL Y-Teens. Pep Club. Choir. 86 — BILL REGAN Hi-Y, A-Club. Senior Class Play. Student Manager. MAC REGESTER Hi-Y. A-Club, Junior and Senior Class Plays. Track. LES RENO Hi-Y. Choir, Football. Basketball. Track. LINDA RENO Y-Teens, Pep Club. Junior and Senior Class Plays. Latin Club. National Honor Society. District Speech Contest. Girls' State. Choir. Choir Secretary, Madrigal. Y-Teen Cabinet Regents' Alternate. National Merit Scholarship Semi-Finalist. District Y-Teen Summer Conference President. MIKE REUTER Hi-Y. Hi-Y Chaplain. Latin Club. Latin Club President. Junior and Senior Class Plays. CHUCK RIGGS Hi-Y. A-Club. Choir. Football Basketball. Track. CLARICE RITTER Y-Teens. Pep Club. Student Council. Student Council Secretary. Sophomore Class Secretary. Spud Staff. FRANCES ROE Y-Teens. Pep Club. Latin Club. Latin Club Secretary. Choir. Madrigal. Band Orchestra. State Music Clinic. TOM ROMICK Hi-Y. Choir. Football. Basketball. All-State Football, All Western and Big Ten Football. Roundup, Montana. finishing our research themes KAYE RUSSELL Y-Teens. Pep Club. Choir. JEANIE SAMPSON Y-Teens. Y-Teen Cabinet. Pep Club. Junior and Senior Class Plays. Junior Class Treasurer. County Government Choir. Choir Vice-President. Regents' Alternate. Madrigal. Cheerleader. DAR Essay Contest Winner. SANDE SANDERSON Y-Teens. Pep Club. County Government. 87JOHN SAYRE Hi-Y. Junior Class Play. County Government. Football. Basketball. Track. HARVEY SCHNELL Hi-Y, FFA. KAYE SCHNURR Y-Teens. Pep Club. Junior and Senior Class Plays. Latin Club. Latin Club President. Student Council. Student Council Secretary. Choir. Madrigal. Band. Orchestra. Y-Teen Cabinet. Majorette. Girls' State Alternate. Court Queen. We wear out pages of catalogs DOROTHY SCHWADERER Y-Teens. Pep Club. Betty Crocker Homemaker of Tomorrow Award. LARRY SCHWADERER Hi-Y. Senior Class Play. Spud Staff. JOHN SELLERS Hyannis, Nebraska. Hi-Y. Football. Basketball. STEVE SHAW Mountainair. New Mexico. Hi-Y, Choir. Basketball. JUDY SPILLMAN Wendover. Utah. Y-Teens. Pep Club Junior Class Play. Choir. MARCIA STACKHOUSE Y-Teens. Pep Club. DENNIS STARK Hi-Y. A-Club. Senior Class Play. Student Manager. Spud Staff. SANDRA STEFFEN Y-Teens. Pep Club. Senior Class Treasurer. DICK STEPHENS Hi-Y. A-Qlub. Senior Class Play. National Honor Society. Football. Basketball. Track. Hi-Y Treasurer.JULIE STEPHENS Y-Teens. Pep Club. MIKE STEWART Hi-Y, County Government. Football. LARRY STINNETTE Hyannis Nebraska Intramurals. searching for that certain college Crowned as royalty at the Junior-Senior Prom were Richard Stull and Cleone Sturgeon. ELLEN TAYLOR St. Agnes Academy, Y-Teens. Pep Club. KAY THOMPSON Y-Teens. Pep Club. Band. Spud Staff. LINDA TICE Y-Teens, Pep Club. Y-Teen Secretary Senior Class Play. Quill Scroll. Quill Scroll Vice-President. Annual Staff, Annual Staff Editor. Band, Pep Band Y-Teen Cabinet, GAA. Y-Teen Area Vice-President.DICK TRA3ERT Hi-Y, A-Club, Senior Class Play. Senior Class Vice-President. Choir. Football. Track. TED UNDERWOOD Hi-Y, FFA, County Government, Track. We are in a whirlpool of activities STEVE WALDRON Hi-Y. Choir Football. Track. All Western Conference. GERALD WEAKLEY GARY WEST JUDY WILLS Y-Teens. Choir. BOB WILSON Hi-Y, Choir. Football. Track, Spud Staff. JIM WORTHLEY Hi-Y. A-Club, Senior Class Play. National Honor Society. Student Council. Senior Class President, Choir. Madrigal. Football. Basketball. Track. State Music Clinic. Boys' Quartet. Pep Club Boyfriend Attendant. Choir Student Director. JUDY WRIGHT Y-Teens. Pep Club. Pep Club Vice-President. County Government. Band. Orchestra. Pep Band. Spud Staff, Majorette. Dance Band. TOM WRIGHT Hi-Y. A-Club. Senior and Junior Class Plays. National Honor Society. Stu- dent Council. Student Council President, Choir. Choir President. Madrigal, Football. State Music Clinic Boys’ Quartet. Hi-Y Model Legis- lature Chief Justice. CHARLOTTE YORK Y-Teens. Pep Club. Band. Cheerleader.The University of Nebraska sponsors the Regents' Exams each year. One scholarship is awarded to each high school in Nebraska. All students who receive a higher score than the lowest winner are named alternates. Alliance was honored to receive twelve alternates this year. as graduation arrives ’60 This year’s Regents' winner Howard Dunsmore. The alternates for this year are, BACK ROW: Jary Ph lip Dan Furman John Sellers. Bob Koester, Tom Wright. Mike Reuter. FRONT ROW: Wilma Covalt Carol Ann Johnson Susan Felton. Linda Reno Jeanie Sampson, Ric Graham not shown.HIGH SCHOLARSHIP Mike Reuter Linda Reno The Annual Staff wishes to honor these students for high scholarship.Exquisite Jewelry THIELE'S JEWELRY 306 Box Butte PHONE 121 SANITONE APPROVED SERVICE DICK'S CAFE Good Food Served Just Right For Service Phone 133 KEEP-U-NEAT CLEANERS 204 BOX BUTTE ALLIANCE NEWBERRY'S ACE HARDWARE COMPANY Wholesale — Retail ART BUCHFINCK ABSTRACTER Paints — Glass — Appliances PHONE 38 402 BOX BUTTE Phone 15 224 Box Butte ALLIANCE, NEBRASKA HOWARD'S SHOES LENLA'S STYLE SHOP Congratulations to the Class of I960Symbol of Farm Leadership 724 West Third Street ALLIANCE, NEBRASKA BEDIENT LITHO For Distinctive Printing 321 W. Third Phone 290 Congratulations to the Class of '60 PEPSICOLA BOTTLING COMPANY I 10 Cheyenne Phone 600 [fpS JOkA WHOLESALE RETAIL POWELL-MAYES DAIRY Grade "A” Dairy Products LOCALLY OWNED Phone 22-W 719 W. 3rdDON AND OLGA'S Best in Good Eating ELM GRILL DON'S CAFE Good Food and Quick Service Alliance 1003 East 3rd Phone 1122 218 West Third SCHOMMER'S TEXACO PUSH TRUCK BATTERY CHARGE TIRE SERVICE PICK UP AND DELIVERY Phone 4 3rd and Toluca ALLIANCE, NEBRASKA ECONOMY FURNITURE Congratulations to the Class of '60 ALLIANCE LUMBER CO. Phone 48 1020 WEST THIRD Don Knapp Char York Is it made of walnut? S H GREEN STAMPS Floor Covering—Drapery—Furniture Phone I 140 208 Box Butte HAROLD JOHNSON TRANSPORTS Box 1201 Phone 99 ALLIANCE, NEBRASKA Transportation of Petroleum ProductsHAMILTON — ELGIN WATCHES FEATURE GLO Diamond Rings SCOGGIN JEWELERS Alliance Theatre Bldg. Gary West Mr. Scoggin What's the price? DEE-LITE BAKERY Fancy Cakes Our Specialty Pies and Pastries Bread — Rolls ALLIANCE, NEBRASKA 117 W. 3rd Phone 92 DRY CLEANING AT IT'S FINEST Phone 681 Free Pick Up and Delivery ALLIANCE CLEANERS 2nd and Box Butte We Feature DEBUS Bread Distributed by DON HARRIS Home-Owned HARRIS SALES COMPANY You Get All Three SERVICE — SAVINGS S H GREEN STAMPS [Jack Jilf] MODE O'DAY L FOOD MARKETS Congratulations Class of I960 Phone 397 315 Box Butte Black Hills and West ThirdYOUR INDEPENDENT INSURANCE AGENT WE STAND BEHIND OUR MOTTO "Your Protection Is Our Policy" THIELE DRUG Western Nebraska's Most Complete Drug Store COSMETICS PRESCRIPTIONS 304 Box Butte Phone 12 PODHAISKY INSURANCE AGENCY Adier-Hested Bldg. Phone 190 ALLIANCE, NEBRASKA RENO BEAUTY SHOP Alliance, Nebraska Phone 1870 711 Big Horn ALLIANCE COMMUNITY TV "Television is Better— on the Cable." BASKETERIA GROCERY Quality Meats, Groceries, Produce ALLIANCE, NEBRASKA Phone I 80 210 West 3rd 1115 West Third Phone 393 Susie raises beautiful flowers. KUPER GRAU NURSING HOME Phone 965 812 Box Butte ALLIANCE, NEBRASKA Julie Stephens Dorothy Schwaderer Mrs. Alberta Grau Miss Susie FrailerEvery One of Your School Needs Can Be Found at the ELMER R. KISSACK COMPANY Mr. Cal Van Dacar Carol Mayes Don't watch the keyboard! GREGORY'S, INC. "Insurance Alone is Our Business" 416 West Third Phone 1800 ALLIANCE, NEBRASKA Phone 749 LEW WOLLASTON RADIO AND SOUND SERVICE TV REPAIRS 208 West Third Alliance Phone 269 115 West Third CONGRATULATIONS TO THE SENIORS OF I960 BOX BUTTE COUNTY MEDICAL ASSOCIATIONFAMOUS CLOTHING HOUSE DRESS RIGHT—You Can’t Afford Not To Wilma Covalt Jack Matz Harvey Schnell I don't know about that style. 307 BOX BUTTE AVENUE PHONE 143 Congratulations to the NEBRASKA TYPEWRITER Seniors of I960 ARROW FREIGHT Phone 590 112 Black Hills y| ALLIANCE, NEBRASKA Vs Phone 7-Eleven For All Your Insurance Needs ROYAL Portable Standard Electric WORLD'S NO. 1 ABE A. DURYEA 109 East Third AlliancePETE'S CLOTHING AND ARMY STORE Phone 1281 Highway 2 ALLIANCE, NEBRASKA In the Heart of the Cattle Country ALLIANCE LIVESTOCK COMMISSION COMPANY ALLIANCE, NEBRASKA Phone 68 ALLIANCE NATIONAL BANK Established in 1888 ALLIANCE, NEBRASKA Phone 3 Mrs. Madeline Bedlent Mercia Stackhouse Les Reno Is it easy to goof? BANKING BUSINESS A BIG BUSINESS Roll Out the Carpet With JOHNSON PELTZ We Give and Redeem GOLD BOND STAMPS Draperies Paint Interior Decorating Floor Materials 723 FLACK AVE. ALLIANCETENTH STREET GROCERY Now You Can Set Your New FORD or MERCURY at COVER-JONES MOTOR COMPANY 313 WEST 3RD TEL. 193 Remember your diet! Lyle Stephens Mike Stewert Karen Gilmore ALLIANCE C. B. Q. EMPLOYEES CREDIT UNION Serving Burlington Railroad Employees Exclusively Robert Watt Marda-gale Worden John Sayre Let's see, how do I sign?GUARDIAN STATE BANK Doug Mackey Mr. Adams Will my money be safe? Time and Temperature Corner 224 BOX BUTTE AVENUE PHONE 44 FRONTIER MOTEL FINECY'S For the Best in the Line of Music ROOM PHONES AIR CONDITIONING STEAM HEAT TV 1100 West Third Phone 110 RECORDS SHEET MUSIC INSTRUMENTS PROPER PONTIAC Pontiac Cars and Service PHONE 695 317 BOX BUTTE GMC TRUCKS National Wide Trailer Rentals 224 Cheyenne Avenue Phone 292DRAKE HOTEL ALLIANCE NEBRASKA PHONE 1010 423 BOX BUTTE AVENUE HALL'S MILTON'S BOAT SALES SELF-SERVICE DRUG Phone 132 212 Box Butte Farm ALLIANCE, NEBRASKA 8 Miles South on Hwy. 385 SALES SERVICE REPAIRS Phone 97J4 ALLIANCE STEAM LAUNDRY CONGRATULATIONS CLASS OF I960 127 East Third Phone 160for Every Occasion ALLIANCE FLORAL COMPANY 322 Box Butte Tel. 151 '7tu utiou4 DAIRY PRODUCTS At IMPERIAL—CHRYSLER—PLYMOUTH The Sales and Service A. H. JONES COMPANY 302 West Third Phone 51 MEADOW GOLD DAIRY For An AFTER SCHOOL REFRESHMENT Go Out to the A W ROOT BEER STAND You Can Depend on Your LOCAL IMMEDIATE MEDIA C for 4 0 SERVICE—MUSIC—NEWS q SPORTS—DRAMA "If It's Important, It's on Radio" GUARDIAN BEAUTY ACADEMY Hair Styling Permanents Tinting Manicuring Facials 323 Flack Alliance PHONE 334 2241 j BOX BUTTEMONTGOMERY WARD AND COMPANY See Us for the Finest in Clothing Mr. Hansen Joanne Stilley Deanna Hanna Did you say size eleven? 301 BOX BUTTE AVENUE PHONE 315 ALLIANCE TRAILER SALES Wayne Culwell Lynne Hanson Dick O'Brien What a lovely home. 815 Flack Avenue Phone 584 DRROR CHEVROLET Authorized SALES — PARTS — SERVICE PHONE 188 Mississippi Hiway 2 and East East 3rd HAGEMEISTER'S Grain Feed Seed Telephone 192 HEMINGFORD, NEBRASKA DARI ISLE Owned and Operated by "THE ROCKEY FELLERS" 214' 2 W. 10th Phone 1038-W BRITTAN INSURANCE Complete Protection Fire—Auto—Casualty Real Estate 124 West 4th Phone 607 RUSSELL C. MILLER Nebraska Certified Seed Bison and Nebred Wheat Dicktoo Barley Phone 79F2 HEMINGFORD See Us for Your FEEDS SEEDS FERTILIZERS CHEMICALS PETROLEUM PRODUCTS TWINE AND WIRE NEUSWANGERS We Specialize in Custom Pelleted Feeds 211 West Third Phone 71 ALLIANCE, NEBRASKA MISSOURI MARKET We are Open Seven Days a Week. 223 Missouri Phone 435 ALLIANCE, NEBRASKA HOLSTEN'S DRUG JEWELRY Phone 6 Alliance, Nebraska Doris Young Linda Bennat Ruth Nissan We want to see a larger one. PENNEY'S Congratulations to the Class of I960 "Always First Quality" 412 BOX BUTTE PHONE 162 CRUM MILLER AND MELICK KANSAS NEBRASKA NATURAL GAS COMPANY, INC. If It's New, It's At The F M BOOTERY 305 Box Butte Phone 232 ALLIANCE, NEBRASKA Complete Line of Gas Appliances 220 BOX BUTTE PHONE 747WILLARD ANDERSON ACCOUNTANT 515 Niobrara Phone 834 ALLIANCE, NEBRASKA WEST WAY MOTEL AAA Approved Phone 1540 on Highway 2 and 19 ALLIANCE, NEBRASKA ALLIANCE BUILDING AND LOAN ASSOCIATION 312 Box Butte Avenue Phone 310 A. F. Seebohn Ted Underwood Rich Hampton Will you loan me five? RECORDS Hit — Stero — Hi-Fi Console — Portable Stero Changers WE SPECIAL ORDER RECORDS DICK'S RADIO TV MERRICK DRUG CLAY MERRICK — Pharmacist Prescriptions — Drugs 424 BOX BUTTE PHONE 1444 116 W. 3rd Ave Phone 506NEIL'S TRUCK SERVICE Neil's Truck Service sold us our first school bus. 414 Black Hills Avenue Phone 1290 l£TS wa HEMPEL MOBIL SERVICE Complete Line of Petroleum Fuels Including Butane and Propane ED HEMPEL, Operator Phone 372 Alliance, Nebraska TEENAGE AND OPEN BOWLING SHOES RENTED FREE INSTRUCTIONS EHRHART COMPANY Meet Your Friends At BOWL MOR LANES Great Northern and Pinto Beans Storing and Processing Phone 1384 ALLIANCECongratulations to the Class of '60 ALLIANCE ELKS LODGE 961 Congratulations to the Class of To those who have '60 helped make this J. L. "OLEY" SAYLOR annual possible, TEXACO BULK PLANT we extend our sin- 1st and Toluca cere thanks. We greatly appreciate those who have ad- vertised in the I960 BULLDOG. Congratulations to the 1960 Seniors — The I960 — THE ANNUAL STAFF ANNUAL STAFFBULLDOG SUPPORTERS ALLIANCE HARDWARE COMPANY .216 Box Butte ALLIANCE RAMBLER COMPANY ..................324 East Tenth ALLIANCE WHOLESALE COMPANY ............. Third and Laramie B K AUTO SALES ..........................801 East Third BAUMAN, B. J., OPTOMETRIST ................311 Box Butte BOWEN, ROBERT W., OPTOMETRIST 823 East Third COAST TO COAST STORES .....................324 Box Butte FRANKLIN SERUM COMPANY ....................114 East Third FRANK'S EAST THIRD TEXACO SERVICE 904 East Third G L DAIRY KING ........................... 867 Belmont GANTZ, HEIN MORAN, ATTORNEYS 306' 2 Box Butte GROSS DRUG ......................................Hemingford IDEAL FROZEN FOOD LOCKERS.................1003 West Third KANE ELECTRIC ..............................212 Laramie KENNEDY, DONALD, D.D.S..................l04l 2 West Third MANDELBERG SONS, INCORPORATED ............311 West Third MOSS SON, 24 HOUR SERVICE 1100 West Third MURPHY, L. B., COMPANY ......... 416 Box Butte NELSON, R. K„ ACCOUNTANT ................. 224 Box Butte NUSS, A. G., D.D.S.........................619 Box Butte O'BRIEN'S TEXACO ...............................East Tenth PETERS, I.H., COMPANY ..............: 124 2 West Fourth RENO SINCLAIR ..............................1415 Toluca REX'S HAMBURGER SHOP ....112 Box Butte ROTH, OPAL, INS-RL. EST. AND LOANS........1232 Emerson SELLECK ABSTRACT COMPANY 118 West Third SIDLES-CHAMBERS ................324 West Third STEGG'S LACE LAUNDRY ..............................615 West Third TAYLOR, D. N., D.D.S. Times Herald Bldg. WILDT INSURANCE ............................116 East Fourth WEST FEED AND SUPPLY.................... 1200 West Third ZIEG, BILL SIGNS ....................... 311 HudsonFAREWELL, SENIORS As graduation draws near, some seniors are reluctant to leave while others are impatiently awaiting that graduation day. The end of your high school days is inevit- able, but the future is in your hands. We wish you success and happiness in whatever you do. 113% DOKS TAYLOR PUBLISHING COMPANY "The World's Best Yearbooks-Are Taylor-made"

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