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s !THE 1959 BULLDOG. . . THAT EACH MAY CHERISH HIS FREEDOM . . . The seasons change; the months grow into years; the years roll into decades, but year in and year out, A.H.S. students mature in freedom’s climate. Well nourished democracy is a trademark of A.H.S. The memory of this democratic way will encourage graduates to protect the freedom enjoyed through public education.Dear Mrs. Nelson, We appreciate the contribution you have made to us, as students, and to Alliance High School. There are few who have graduated from A.H.S. during the years of your tenure who have not known your instruction. Your record of service includes teaching girls’ physical education and mathematics. In addition to these classes for eleven years you have sponsored our annual, THE BULLDOG. Our school and our community are proud of THE BULLDOG. Under your guidance, this annual has achieved an All-American rating the last three years. Without the standards of excellence set by you, this recognition could not have been earned. The students of your classes feel this same high standard of performance is required of them. We are realistic enough to know that we need the incentive; without it we would wander. There is no record of the hours you have spent encouraging us to do our best, but they are many. For your service above and beyond that required, we say thank you. In sincere appreciation for your devotion to the students of A.H.S., we dedicate the 1959 BULLDOG to you. Annual StaffTHAT PUBLIC EDUCATION MAY FLOURISH . . .“Hail to our Alma Mater. CONTENTS OPENING SECTION ....... 1 ADMINISTRATION ............ 14 JUNIORS ................... 26 SOPHOMORES .............. 32 FOOTBALL 36 CONCERT BAND . .. 42 CLUBS .................... 44 BASKETBALL 60 CHOIR 64 SENIORS 68 TRACK .................... 82 FAVORITES ............... 88 ADVERTISING 91 5... TO SHELTER WORTHWHILE LEARNING .. .“Caught Studying” With thought of college years ahead, Wally Seiler digs in. “No Cutline?” Lorraine Holthus has found working on the SPUD a practical experience in journalism. Proud of their academic achievements, students find studying the most important business in school. Learning is the key that unlocks the door of the future. In A.H.S. the individual needs of each student are considered and each is encouraged to plan a well-balanced course of study. “Sick Yesterday?” A person has to learn that he can’t fool our office secretary, Mrs. Margaret Copple, and the school nurse, Mrs. Thelma Merritt. 7“Catch That Ball!" Student referees are trained for leadership in Miss Nona Woodhams physical education classes “Almost Finished” “Hand up those streamers, Dick Thomas,” says Pat Rust. Tonchita Carpenter offers a Coke to each for his appreciated leadership. Here are some A.H.S. leaders. They are participating in school activities. Opportunities for leadership are many and range from classroom activities to highly organized extracurricular events. In A.H.S. each student is encouraged to develop his capacity for leadership. Nearly all students participate in extracurricular activities. ... TO ENCOURAGE CONSTRUCTIVE LEADERSHIP . .. “I Object!” says Jerry Beagle. Mrs. Merdinger’s students leam Parliamentary procedure through actual practice.Within the walls of A.H.S. students discover the meaning of loyalty. Loyalty to our school, loyalty to higher ideals, loyalty to our flag and country, loyalty to those principles upon which our nation was founded and grew strong—all are discovered. “Let Me In!” These boys loyally uphold the traditions of A.H.S. and inspire all students to support the team. “Loyal Office Assistant” This office, the nerve center of A.H.S., maintains an actual interest in the progress of each student. Karin Frost is one of the many student helpers. V . .. TO ENCOURAGE DEEP-ROOTED LOYALTY . .. “Planning Ahead” Helen McDonald, president of Y-Teens, and J. D. Smith, president of Hi-Y, discuss plans for the Easter Sunrise Service.TO PROVIDE WELL-EARNED LEISURE“That’s in the book!” Karen Brock and Denny Christensen gain gold nuggets of wisdom from reading during their leisure hours. A.H.S. offers a variety of leisure time activities that can satisfy the interests of nearly all the students. The choice is yours: athletics, music, journalism, Hi-Y, Y-Teens, dramatics, F.F.A.—all are organized activities. Some prefer to fill leisure hours with personal projects; A.H.S. offers guidance here, too. “Moscow? Really?” Kirby Dunsmore’s leisure hours with his radio bring him great satisfaction. “Ah, Found It!” It takes much leisure time to restore order to Sharon Henkel’s locker. 13BOARD OF EDI CATION Left to right: Mr. A. T. Reddish. Mr. M. W. Felton. Mr. Kirt Smith. Dr. R. J. Morgan. Mr. E. L. Neuswanger, Mr. J. W. Keebaugh. SCHOOL BOARD MESSSAGE ... Speaking for the Board of Education. I extend our congratulations to each student who has achieved another year of formal education. High quality of education to which we must aspire in these times cannot be achieved without sacrifice. The cost of education is great, but so are the benefits. The benefits of good education, the strength it imparts to us as individuals and as a nation, were never more important or more needed than now. Let us all assume our responsibility as members 'of this community and continue to preserve and maintain our great heritage of public education. Mr. Kirt Smith President. Alliance School BoardADMINISTRATION DIRECTS OUR PROGRESS Mr. Morrison, superintendent of schools, and Mr. Bruce, principal of senior high, have one of their many conferences which make the wheels of A.H.S. go around.WE APPRECIATE THEIR In keeping with the recent upsurge of interest in academic courses. Alliance High School has raised its graduation requirements. Every student is required to take four academic subjects per semester. These courses are required: Four years of English Two years of mathematics One year of American History One semester of civics Our school offers four years of English, mathematics, science and social science. College-bound students are encouraged to take a foreign language. MRS. GENEVIEVE MERDINGER. M.A. Senior English MRS. WILAMENE COX. B.S. Junior English MISS SONJA PAULSEN, A.B. Sophomore English. Journalism English teachers use the dictionary, too. MR. BARRY SMITH, B.S. Geometry MISS LILLIAN BURNS, M.A. Geometry, Advanced Algebra, Trigonometry MRS. ALICE NELSON, A.B. Algebra, General Math, Yearbook Sobriety has its virtues.GUIDING HANDS MR. ED BROWN. A.B. Biology MR. FRED PETERSEN. A.B. Chemistry, Physics Two science teachers or three? MR. ED BEDELL, A.B. World History. Gvics MR. NORMAN LARSEN, B.S. Civics MR. DON WHEELER, B.S. American History, Gvics “One for all and all for one MR. GEORGE BERVER. A.B. Spanish, Sophomore English MISS SENA ADEN. A.B. Latin Como esta usted? 17TO THEIR UNTIRING EFFORTS Our students may choose from a wide selection of subjects which enrich our curriculum. Some of these courses offer practical and useful training for the present and the future, while others supply enjoyable, cultural benefits. Every student has the opportunity of availing himself of the special services. Commercial Courses Vocational Agriculture Home Economics Industrial Arts Band and Choir Physical Education Driver Education MR. BYRON NELSON, M.A. Industrial Arts MR. KENNETH WARE, M.A. Vocational Agriculture MISS VAE HOOVER, M.A. Home Economics, English Byron Nelson tells of the visit he made to the Fiji islands while on his way to Australia as an exchange teacher last year. MR. WAYNE MAIER, M.A. Athletic Director, Mathematics MR. ORVILLE HERRING, BS. Physical Education MISS NONA WOODHAMS. B.S. Physical Education Plotting to win another trophy.FALL The leaves of life keep falling one by one. - OMAR KHAYYAMWhen bright leaves drift to the ground in autumn, teenagers begin to dream of renewing their classroom associations. There is the excitement and thrill of attending football games, of watching the band parade on the field, of burning the “A”, of attending the Pep Club Formal, of sharing the solemnity of a Y-Teen ceremonial. Their dreams are of all the experiences that make school life enjoyable. The freedom to choose not only extracurricular activities but also school courses is their American heritage; it is theirs to pass to the future. EVENTS FALL HIGHLIGHTS ......................... 24 JUNIORS -......... — — 26 SOPHOMORES 32 FOOTBALL 36 CONCERT BAND 42 CLUBS -...-....---...— 44 CHEERLEADERS -............... 53 21Lindy Amen and her hall decoration committee cleverly Our four lovely majorettes, Judy Wright, Jane Woodham. Kaye Schnurr, and carry out the decoration theme, “Shoot for Space.” Julianne Hempel, brave freezing weather to lead the band through another successful performance. Shortly after the school year starts, even before the excitement of the “first days” fades, preparations begin for one of the most important all-school activities of the year—Homecoming. Clubs and classes co-operate in building beautiful floats. The band prepares for the popular half-time performance. Suspense increases for everyone—“Will we win?” “Who will be Homecoming Queen?” ROYALTY AND ATHLETES SHARE LIMELIGHT The A-Club presents Queen Celinda Mounts and her attendants at the Pep Rally.It has been the custom for many years for the Pep Club to form a double “spirit line" on the football field before each game. As the cheerleaders lead the team through this aisle of girls onto the field, one can hear the Pep Clubs voices raised in cries for victory. All students gather in the school auditorium for the Pep Rally, where they cheer for the team and excitedly await the crowning of the Homecoming Queen. For the second year in a row. the Class of ’59 wins first place with their float. This year with the “heavenly" creation the senior class theme was “Bulldogs Will Shine." Adding extra beauty to the float are senior class-members Judy Libsack and Sina Taylor. m. 1 % 3P Tom Wright, Jeanie Sampson, Lindy Amen, and Rick Graham are shown in a scene from the Junior Class Play, “Who Dunit?” THE CAST Alex Arlington Miss Jenkins Muriel Isabelle Michael ....... Annie Harry Andrew Flo Vivian Oiiell George Brewster Tom Wright Linda Keno Lindy Amen Jeanie Sampson Rick Graham ...... Jan Brice Arthur Hudson Mac Regester Marlene Annable Kaye Schnurr John Sayre VARIETY CHARACTERIZES LATE FALL ACTIVITIES As the autumn season -advances and only memories are left of Homecoming, school life settles into a quieter but continuous hum of activities. Special programs are offered in many classes; the Student Council introduces a Sadie Hawkins Day: clubs keep a busy schedule; the juniors give their class play. Before anyone is aware of the passage of time. Thanksgiving vacation has arrived. United States Agronomist Charles Fenster and FFA members Ken Huck. Larry Craig. Dale Berry, and Monte Morrison examine a clodding machine as part of the Stubble Mulch Judging Contest. This contest was the first of its kind to be held in the United States. 24J. D. Smith takes advantage of Sadie Hawkin’s Day by making Veronica Austen carry his books. This day, welcomed by the male half of the student body, is climaxed with a dance in the high school gym. Even year during Thanksgiving vacation the Hi-Y sponsors the Hi-Y Model Legislature, which is held in the Capitol Building at Lincoln. This convention is organized to teach Hi-Y members how Nebraska government really works. Members attending the legislature are, front row, left to right: Kay Hesse, J. D. Smith, Dick Stephen , and Kirby Dunsmore. Second row: Bruce Warner, Tom Wright, Dan Contonis, and Bob Knight. Mr. Carr and Mr. Jack Brittan give driver Chuck Rusk and Richard Bilstein special their reaction time and co-ordination in also includes an eye examination. education students tesfs to determine driving. This testFALL FINDS JUNIORS CHOOSING CLASS RINGS 26 Lindy Amen Jeanine Anderson Marlene Annable Carol Applebv Shirley Appleby Linda Ball Beverly Bartels Vaughn Bartlett David Beckhoff Eddie Behm Linda Bennett David Booth Jan Brice Judy Burton Ronald Christensen Dick Churchwell Bill Cier Stanley Corbett Wilma Covalt Carole Craig Gary Craig Jim Cunningham Donald Deisch Paul Ditsch Howard DunsmoreSusan Ellis Jack Farley Susan Felton Steve Ferguson Polly Florez Darrel Fischer Dan Furman Van Galloway Henry Garcia Sandra Garcia Darla Gericke Jack Gies Karen Gilmore Mary Gomez Hichard Gonzales SPONSORS- Vtr. Ed Brown and Miss Vae Hoover spend much time working with the junior class. Exciting moments come to John Sayre and Shirley Appleby, as they select class rings from the catalogue.These smiling Junior Officers are, left to right: Jack Farley, Vice-President; Jary Phillip, President; Sharon Hamilton, Secretary; and Jeanie Sampson, Treasurer. ’60 28 Ric Graham Rita Grau Colleen Griffith Sharon Hamilton Richard Hampton Deanna Hanna Lynne Hanson Larry Harimon Dean Harris Madelyn Hawley Bruce Herman Carolyn Herman Warren Herman Raymond Hesse Linda Hillyer Dennis Hitchcock Charlene Hobbs Stuart Hoyle Arthur Hudson Carol Ann JohnsonKaren Kincaid Ivan Kinser John Koester Robert Koester Sonya Lammon Sharon Lawrence Hallie Lore Doug Mackey Carol Mayes Kathleen McDonald THE CLASS PLAY PROVES VERY POPULAR Carol Miller Bob Mischnick Bobby Mundt Larry Nicodemus Ruth Nissen Pam Nuss Boyd Nye Richard O’Brien Barbara Pepler Jary Phillip Gary Piihl Sharon Powell Bill Regan Mac RegesterLinda Reno Mike Reuter Chuck Riggs Clarice Ritter Francis Roe Karen Rolston Evelyn Kaye Russel Jeanie Sampson Sandra Sanderson John Sayre Harvey Schnell Kay Schnurr 30 Dorothy Schwaderer Larry Schwaderer Stephen Shaw Judith Spillman Marcia Stackhouse Dennis Stark Janice Stearns Sandra Steffen Dick Stephens Julia Stephens Mike Stewart Joanne Stilley Larry Stinnette Kay Thompson Linda Tice iDick Trabert Ted Underwood Steve Waldron Gary West Judy Wills Bob Wilson Jim Worthley Judy Wright Tom Wright Charlotte York THEIR SECRET PLANS PRODUCE THE PROM • Jeanine Anderson, Steve Beckoff and Susan Ellis cram at the last minute for one of Miss Burns’ Algebra tests.SOPHOMORES SHYLY ENTER HIGH SCHOOL A. Allen L. Allen J. Anderson D. Andrick J. Ashby E. Auslen S. Barrett R. Barry J. Bauer D. Bedient D. Behm T. Berry R. Bilstein R. Bolinger B. Boness J. Brice R. Brooks S. Brooks B. Brown J. Bushnell R. Camarillo D. Caruthers M. Chandler L. Christensen P. Col bum B. Cole C. Cole J. Coleman B. Cook R. Comette J. Cotes R. Cowles G. Culp B. Dahl C. Darveau J. Davis C» Edwards L. Evans R. Fagler J. Feese D. Ferguson A. Florez J. Fodness D. Garrett C. Ginn J. Gorder R. Graham T. Hahn P. Hall G. Harvey B. Heinlein J. Hemple K. Herman J. Hitchcock L. Howell C. Huck L. Iversen C. Jaqua A. Jensen L. Jesse D. Johnson D. Jordon S. Jordon G. Keane C. Keller J. Kettelhut D. Kinser 1. Knigge G. Koester M. Koester R. Laursen A. Lawrence R. Lehl L. Liggett K. Lincoln R. Loomis M. Lotspeich B. Lurvey S. Maguson P. Matejka T. McCawley B. McCollam J. McFall R. McFall M. Meredith B. Merritt These sophomore officers and sponsors carry the responsibility of class activities. Left to right: Sponsor, Mrs. Glarum; President, Eleanor Austen; Secretary, Doug Bedient; Vice-President, Konnie Herman; Treasurer, Richard Bilstein; Spftnsor, Mr. Wheeler.NEW THRILLS AND IDEAS OVERWHELM THEM 34 G. Miller R. Michnick R. Mischnick D. Moore L. 1 unger D. Myers A. Nace P. Nelson M. Nuss J. Owens W. Oxford B. Perez C. Peterson J. Phillip S. Phillip S. Phillips C. Pierce P. Reddish S. Regester M. Reno R. Reynolds P. Rogers C. Rusk R. Rusk G. Rust S. Sallquist S. Schwaderer C. Sherlock D. Shelter D. Shimp D. Smaha L. Smith L. Snyder R. Stark B. Stewart L. Studt C. Stull A. Sutton D. Taylor P. Thiessen K. Thomas B. Todd L. Trout G. Trusscl J. Tucker J. Vallentine D. VanDusen M. VanKirk J. VonTour W. Walston L. Wilkins B. Wilson P. Wright L. York D. Young C. Zaliares ■46. The snappy A.H.S. Band adds a festive air to all Fall activities.HWH Assistant Coach Don Crowder and Coach Dean Webb watch the team during a practice session. “Inspired” is the word that best describes the Alliance Bulldogs in their 1958 season. While racing to five victories, three defeats and one tie, the Blue and White displayed determination and successful teamwork. The fine sportsmanship demonstrated by Coach Webb’s team in victory, as well as defeat, will be remembered by the entire student body of A.H.S. DETERMINATION WAS THEIR BY-WORD BACK ROW: Warren Herman, Dick Trabert. Roger Rusk. Lemoine Trout, Bill Wilson, Bob Koester, Ricliard Stull and Jack Farley. FRONT ROW: Dick Thomas, John Anderson, Larry Christensen, Ray Hesse, Dirk Stephens, John Moore, George Tutt, Jerry Beagle and Van Galloway.LOCALS STUN AINSWORTH The Alliance Bulldogs got off to a good start by winning their season opener 38-6 at Ainsworth. Although the Ainsworth team scored on the opening kickoff, they were held to two first downs for the rest of the game. Alliance opened its scoring on a 25-yard pass from Hank Garcia to end Ray Hesse. Good passing by Dick Stephens and Hank Garcia figured in three of the touchdowns. Good ball-handling and a strong defense was demonstrated by Coach Webb’s Bulldogs in their season inaugural. MAROONS HUMBLE HOMLINGS The Sidney Maroons ruined the Bulldog’s first home game of the season by a score of 13-7. The Maroons proved to be opportunists, as they managed to make the most of the Bulldog’s fumbles. The only Alliance marker in this Western Conference game came on a two-yard sneak by Dick Stephens with Jerry Beagle’s place-kicking the extra point. Defensive standouts were John Moore, George Tutt and Jary Phillip. Dennis Stark and Bill Regan are the hard-working student managers for the Alliance Bulldogs. BACK ROW: Les Reno. Walter Oxford. Chuck Rusk. Chuck Riggs. Jack Gies. Richard Gonzales, Bruce Herman, Ivan Kinser. FRONT ROW: Gary Lewis, Hank Garcia. Max Worley, Denny Christeasen. Rich Perez. Ken Lincoln. Jary Phillip and Jim Worthley. 37Alliance’s outstanding linemen are: Denny Christensen, Gary Lewis. John Moore. George Tutt, Jerry Beagle, Van Galloway, Jim Worthley and Jay Phillip. BLUE AND WHITE BATTLE INDIANS Ogallala and Alliance fought to a 0-0 tie in a thrilling Western Conference game. The Indians were deep in Bulldog territory three times, but the Alliance defense stiffened' on downs on each occasion. Alliance invaded Indian territory once during the first quarter, and again in the final period carried to the nine-yard line only to be stopped by the clock. Although Ogallala controlled most of the play, the Bulldogs were strong on defense and displayed for the first time a determination that would carry them to later victories. BULLDOGS TRIM NORTH PLATTE The A.H.S. Bulldogs, playing one of their best games of the voung season, defeated North Platte with a score of 15-0. I-ate in the second quarter. Rich Perez scampered nineteen yards for the first Alliance touchdown. A safety and another Perez touchdown followed by Jerry Beagle’s extra point accounted for the Alliance point total. North Platte threatened only twice, but timely pass-interceptions by Coach Webb’s Bulldogs doomed both drives. Max Worley was another offensive standout for Alliance, while John Moore and George Tutt bolstered the line. 38 Ray Hesse, Max Worley, Dick Stephens, Rich Perez and Hank Carcia strengthen the Bulldog backtield.CARDINALS BOW TO ALLIANCE The Chadron Cardinals bowed to the Alliance Bulldogs 26-6 in a Parents’ Night feature. The eager Bulldogs controlled plays throughout most of the game and displayed a successful passing attack. The Cardinals managed to rack up only one touchdown which came on an 81-yard run in the third quarter. Speedy Max Worley scored three times for the Alliance team and Quarterback Dick Stephens scored the final tally on a 3-yard pass from Hank Garcia. George Tutt and John Moore, strong defensive standouts, held the Cardinals to three first downs. Max Worley goes around end for practice yardage. BULLDOGS CRUSH BISON An enthusiastic Homecoming crowd saw the Alliance Bulldogs upset the McCook Bison 21-6. The Bulldogs pulled away for an early lead by striking for two touchdowns in the first quarter. Both of the tallies came through the air. One was on a 10-yard pass from Dick Stephens to Lenny Christensen, while the other score was on a 17 yarder from Stephens to Hank Garcia. Max Worley scored the final touchdown for Alliance on a thrilling 95-yard sprint in the third quarter. Although the Bison played a fine game statistically, they managed to score only once. The Alliance line had defensive stalwarts in Gary Lewis and John Moore. Denny Christensen punts on KEARNEY RALLYS TO TRIP ALLIANCE A determined Kearney club staged a second half comeback to defeat the Bulldogs 20-14. Although the Alliance club piled up a 14-0 lead early in the second quarter, the Bulldog’s luck ran out and the Bearcats bounced back with a 55-yard run for a touchdown. The second half was all Kearney. The Bearcats scored twice again to make the final score 10-14. Ray Hesse and Hank Garcia were outstanding on defense. a crucial play. Blockers clear the way for team mate Hank Garcia.GERING BOWS TO LOCAL GRIDDERS Alliance's Bulldogs stymied the visiting Gering club, and emerged victorious with the 27-6 score. The Blue and White completely dominated play and exhibited fine defensive work as well as good passing. During the first quarter of play, the Alliance varsity struck for three quick touchdowns and then added another in the last second of the half. Gering scored only once. This touchdown came against the Alliance second unit. Speedsters ffank Garcia, Ray Hesse and Max Worley paced the attack. John Moore, playing in the backfield for the first time, made a fine showing defensively and offensively. A Bulldog deflects a Chadron pass in the end zone. BEARCATS DOWN BULLDOGS The unfortunate Bulldogs succumbed to the Scottsbluff Bearcats in the final game of the season. This marker for the Bulldogs came on an 8-yard dive by Max Worley. Scottsbluff was never in trouble during the entire game. The Bearcats scored after the game was only a few minutes old and never once let up on the outclassed Bulldogs. The Bulldogs held the Bearcats to only two touchdowns in the second half. Denny Christensen was the bright spot for Alliance with his excellent punting and running. The Bulldogs scored only once during the long game. BACK ROW: Bob Koester, Walter Oxford. Richard Reynolds, Steve Brooks. Jack Gies, Bill McCullam, John Owens and Coach John Carr. SECOND ROW: Jack Farley, Chuck Rusk, Roger Rusk. Lemoine Trout, Doug Young, Ron Christensen. Richard Gonzales. Ken Lincoln and Larry Christensen. FRONT ROW: Warren Herman, Bill Wilson, Bob Wilson, Dick Tra-bert, Bruce Herman, Les Reno, Chuck Riggs, Ivan Kinser and John Anderson. 1958 RESERVE RECORD Alliance „ 7 Sidney ......................... 13 Alliance........................... 7 North Platte 14 Alliance 18 Torrington 6 Alliance 0 Hemingford 28 Alliance ....................... 28 Scottsbluff ..... 6 Alliance ........................ 14 Chadron .. ..................... 13 Alliance ...................... - 34 Gering-----------------------------6 40 HOMECOMING QUEEN AND ATTENDANTS Jane Woodham Queen Cclinda Mounts Karin Frost Margaret Clark Merri Moscrip Football season would not be complete without the A-Club presenting its queen and attendants, chosen by a popular vote of the members of the club.AND THE BAND PLAYED ON AND ON The Alliance High School Band, which deserves its Class “A” rating, has done outstanding work in the past concert season. This group contributes to the success of many special events during the school year, as Christmas Concert, Graduation, Baccalaureate, Spring Concert, Music Clinic, and Music Contest. This group gave many colorful performances during halftime at football games. This year’s special feature was the trip to I aramie for Band Day. We are very proud of our band, because it was the only one from Nebraska participating in the Band Day program. FIRST ROW. left to right: E. Austen, W. Covalt. W. Seiler. K. Thomas, W. Walston. SECOND ROW: J. Lake, J. Curtiss, D. Hanna, S. Lammon. L. Evans, J. Von Tour, J. Fodnes, L. Hanson. THIRD ROW: P. Rogers. S. Jordan, L. Tice, R. Nissen, K. Gilmore, A. Hudson, R. Romig. P. Thiessen. S. Stalos, D. Churchwell. FOURTH ROW: B. Davis, J. Kettelhut, D. Shetler, C. Johnson, J. Brice. Standing: M. Koester, J. Hemple, F. Roe. 42 FIRST ROW. left to right: S. Hamilton. K. Schnurr. C. Edwards. C. Zaliares. B. Merritt. SECOND ROW: V. Austen, D. Contoms, J. Brice. C. Sturgeon, B. Boness, J. Engelsgjerd, M. Moeller, J. Woodham. THIRD ROW: E. Tollman, L. Trout. R. Graham, R. Reynolds, F. Lepard, C. York. K. Thompson, L. Garrett, B. Bartels, J. Wright. FOURTH ROW': L. Studt, R. Cowles. STANDING: B. Wright. J. Stilley, C. Mounts, C. Griffith. 43The members are from left to right: Kenny Lincoln, Jan Ashby. Carol Mayes. Kaye Schnurr, Jane Woodham, Margaret Clark. Carol Kisicki, Sharon Hamilton, and Diana Smaha. Standing are: Tom Wright. John Moore, and Larry Garrett. President Jane Woodham and Sponsor Mrs. Merdinger talk over some of this year’s activities. It is an honor to belong to the Student Council since each Activity Room chooses only one representative. The Student Council serves in many capacities. It assists the administration and faculty whenever possible, helps the administration promote the assembly programs, sponsors social activities, encourages cooperation withirr the school, and encourages harmony and friendship among the students.CLUBS REORGANIZE IN EARLY FALL One of the most interesting ways to study about people is to study their language. Latin, though it is not spoken today, is an important language. The 18 members of Latin Club enjoy the language as well as the study of Roman Culture. A student is required to complete at least one year of Latin to belong to the Latin Club. The highlight of the year’s activities is the Roman banquet held each spring; members observe ancient customs, wear Roman costumes, and eat food prepared in Roman style. The members are, front row, left to right: Miss Sena Aden. Richard Graham, Mike Reuter, Peggy Rogers, Frances Roe. Middle row: Carol Mayes, Mary Lou Reno, Janet Hitchcock, Marilyn Koester, Lorraine F.vans, Carol Ann Johnson, Jane Gorder, Diana Smaha, Julianne Hemple. Third row: Kay Schnurr, Andrew Nace, Terry Hahn, Mark Lotspeich, Pat Jinks.Mrs. Glarum and Mrs. Myers, Y-Teen sponsors, spend many long hours organizing the Y-Teen program. Senior Y-Teens are junior members of the YWCA. This group of 171 high school girls is the largest Y-Teen club in the state. Every girl in high school is eligible to join it and enjoy the benefits of this world-wide organization. The girls participate in a well-rounded program which consists of interesting and varied activities. Highlights of the program this year include: the Patteran, the World Fellowship, Fun Flight Talent Program, special Christmas and Easter programs, Heart Sister Week and Caira. Responsible for the success of this club are the cabinet member1-. They are, starting with the left side of the table? President Helen McDonald. Barbara Merritt, Merri Moscrip, Linda Tice, Janice Engelsgjerd, Diana Smaha, Carol Ann Johnson, Pat Jinks. Carol Kisicki, Jane Wood bam, Karin Frost, Susan Felton, Jeanine Anderson, Jane Gorder. Standing are: Rita Grau and Sharon I awrence. 46SERVICE IS THEIR MOTTO The Senior Hi-Y is a branch of the Young Men’s Christian Association whose purpose is to create standards of Christian character throughout the community and school. The highlights of this year’s program of educational and social activities include: Hi-Y Model Legislature held annually in Lincoln, Hi-Y Ball, Sweetheart Dance, and the Hi-Y Y-Teen Easter Sunrise Service. 47BOYS CLUBS ARE ESSENTIAL TO A.H.S. A-Club is an honorary club made up of boys who have won a major letter in one of the school sports. Its membership is also based upon loyalty, sportsmanship, scholastic ability and performance in actual competition. Crowning the Homecoming Queen during the half of the Homecoming game is an exciting moment for the A-Club. They also enjoy other special events such as the A-Club Athletic Show and Banquet for all athletes. They crown the year’s activities by attending the All-Sports Day at the University of Nebraska. Left to right are: Dick O’Brien, Larry (.arrett. Max Worley, Mike McCarthy, Ray Hesse, J. D. Smith, Jerry Beagle, George Tutt, Tom Laing, Dick Stephens, Jary Phillip, Denny Christensen and John Moore. Kneeling arc Sponsors Don Wheeler, Bud Larsen and John Carr.F.F.A. boys are participating in a Stubble Mulch Contest. Standing are, left to right: Lloyd Howell, Monte Morrison, Ken Huck, Bob Boots, Larry Craig, Bob Mundt. Kneeling are: Haney Schnell, Dale Vaughn, Roger Lehl, Ted Underwood, Dale Berry, and Doug Mackey. F.F.A. is an organization made up of agriculture students who plan to participate in farming and ranching. The year 1958-59 has been an active one. John Reitz of the local chapter was selected as one of Nebraska’s four All-American Farmers. Alliance played host chapter for the District Land Judging Contest. District F.F.A. contests were used as an experimental group in the development of the Stubble Mulch Contest and this became the first group in the United states to conduct such a contest. Seventy-one attended the Annual Dad-Lad Pheasant feed while over 100 participated in the Annual Parent and F.F.A. Banquet. President Harvey Hoff and Sponsor Mr. Ware discuss many of the coming activities in F.F.A.Hard at work preparing copy for the BULLDOG are Unda Lewis, Irene Vargas, Carol Scoggin, Barbara Merritt, Linda Tice, Marta Jean Myers, Hallie Lore, Arthur Hudson, Mrs. Alice Nelson, and Bob Knight. Mrs. Nelson is the adviser and Miss Sonja Paulsen is the critic. Enterprising journalists gain practical experience by writing for the SPUD, our bimonthly school paper, and by working on the annual. Miss Sonja Paulsen, journalism instructor, is the SPUD adviser. Mrs. Alice Nelson is the faculty adviser for the BULLDOG. Working on advertising for the BULLDOG can be fun, judging from the facial expressions of these students. They are, left to right: Dick Church well. Bill Webb, J. D. Smith, George Tutt, Bob Wright, Pat Jinks and Judy W'right.Active in A.H.S. is the Quill and Scroll, national honorary society for students who have met required journalism standards. Under the leadership of Merri Moscrip, president, the Quill and Scroll society has edited a handbook for A.H.S journalists. Mrs. Alice Nelson and Miss Sonja Paulsen are the sponsors of Quill and Scroll. Merri Moscrip, president, smiles as members of Quill and Scroll give her their suggestions for a handbook. Pictured are, left to right: Rich Nelson, Marta Jean Myers, Bob Retke, Merri Moscrip, Denny Christensen, Karin Frost and Bob Knight. THEY KEEP STUDENTS WELL INFORMED Writing is the most important part of working on the SPUD. The SPUD staff this year includes, second row, left to right. Rich Nelson, feature editor; Sharon Lawrence, club editor; Miss Sonja Paulsen, adviser. First row: Dean Harris, business manager; Ixirraine Holthus, editor; and Marta Jean Myers, associate editor.Planning one of the Pep Club’s many activities are the officers and sponsors from left to right: Karen Brock, treasurer; Marta Jean Myers, president; Miss Paulsen, sponsor; Cleone Sturgeon, vice-president; Miss Woodhams, sponsor; and Dixie Rader, secretary. A.H.S. PEPSTERS KEEP SPIRIT BURNING Almost every girl in Alliance High belongs to the Pep Club, one of the most popular organizations in school. The enthusiastic members encourage and cheer A.H.S. athletes on to victory. The Pep Club actively participates in Homecoming by decorating halls and providing prize money for the winning floats. An annual attraction, the Pep Club Formal, was held in mid-winter by the club. The theme for the social event was “Winter Wonderland.” In early Spring, the Pep Club sponsors a semi-formal dance and later in the year, a banquet is held to announce the cheerleaders for the new year. The final activity sponsored by the club is a rally at which senior lettermen are presented with certificates of achievement and the officers for the coming year are presented by the retiring officers.AHS CHEERLEADERS VERONICA AUSTEN DIANA CRAIG JOY THOMPSONThe glistening white snow blanket creates a fairyland on the western plain. Students welcome the coming of winter The season brings the out-door pleasures of ice-rink, the exhilaration of sledding in the nearby sandhills, the thrill of fishing through the ice, and the experience of walking briskly down a snowy street hearing the crunch of snow under each foot and seeing a cloud of breath suspended in the frosty air. With the cold comes increased vigor and vitality. When the weather drives all indoors, the pleasures of inside activities offer diversion. Basketball reigns supreme in the world of sports. The gym is the hub of activity, both for the players and for the fans. During the winter months clubs for both boys and girls present interesting and informative programs. Most students take a part in Y-Teens or Hi-Y or F. F. A. or Pep Club or the language clubs. There is room for all. By now students have settled into a routine of work and play. Time moves steadily through the deep winter months. EVENTS Winter Activities 56 Basketball 60 Choirs 64 54 WINTER — “o.wind. If winter comes, can Spring be so far behind?” —PERCY SHELLERColorful, dangling snowflakes, glittering icicles, skaters’ silhouettes, snowmen . . . these all combine to make a “Winter Wonderland” for dancers at the Pep Club Formal. HOLIDAY SPIRIT FILLS THE AIR The holiday spirit of December is reflected by the gala Pep Club Formal, the “star-studded” Y-Teen Orpheum, State Music Clinic, and many other festive winter activities and projects. At the beginning of the new year, the welcome Christmas vacation gives way to the whirl of school life again. A-Club initiates suffer for a week. FFA speakers start practicing, and students cram for semester tests. Judy Bushnell and Sharon Jordan act as refreshment-selling “stewardesses” at the Y-Teen Orpheum. which this year has the theme “Fun Flight.” The Orpheum is an annual, popular program of school talent. 6Students attending the-State Music Clinic this year are, hack row: Linda York, JoAnn Mr Fall. Connie Sherlock, Jim Worthley. Jim Kimmel, Doug Bedient, Van Galloway, Celinda Mounts, and Jane Woodham. Front row: Wally Seiler, Francie Hoe, Tom Wright, Jane Gorder, Jan Engelsgjerd, and Carol Ann Johnson. Robert Stark is the alternate and David Beckhoff is the speaker representing Alliance in the District 8 FFA Public Speaking Contest. 57 These weird-looking creatures are only Chuck Riggs, Bill Wilson. Dick Thomas, and Chuck Rusk, who are being initiated into “A” Club. The week-long initiation is fun for the whole student body to watch, and those boys who complete their initiation tasks are to be admired-Rich Nelson and Lupe Florez are only two of the many A.H.S. students who spend much of their leisure time dancing. The Hi-Y Sweetheart Ball, held every year around Valentine’s Day, provides a formal atmosphere in which couples can enjoy this popular pastime. With one-half of the school year gone, seniors look back for a moment on the eventful first semester of their final year in .Alliance High, then turn their thoughts toward the future—spring . . . prom . . . graduation. But many things happen before spring arrives. Late winter is the time for dances, basketball, the senior class play, the selection of a Court Queen, a Hi-Y Sweetheart, and a Polio King and Queen. WINTER ACTIVITIES OCCUPY STUDENTS The Alliance High Pep Band, directed by Mr. Don Harriss, adds color and enthusiasm to every pep rally and basketball game.The Y-Teens sponsor a Polio King and Queen Contest to raise money for the annual March of Dimes Drive. Students purchase two votes for each dime. This year the King is sophomore Jim Kettelhut and the Queen is Karen Brock, a senior. Nearly every Friday or Saturday night finds the city auditorium packed with a basketball-minded crowd. A.H.S. enthusiastically supports its team, and the sport holds great interest for all. Senior class members who presented the play “Arsenic and Old Lace” are, back row: Bob Wright. Jim Lake, Bob Retke, Jane Woodham, and J. D. Smith. Front row: Marta Myers, Wally Seiler. Bob Knight. Merri Mos-crip, Bill Davis, and George Tutt.Left to right: Denny Christensen, Dick Stephens, Jim Worthley, Leroy Hines, Jack Farley, Gary Olson, Jerry Beagle, Ken Huck Ray Hesse, Jim Hettelhut, Hank Garcia. Student managers: Paul Nelson, Bill Regan, Dennis Stark. Alliance 42 Alliance 52 Alliance 68 Alliance ......... 2 Alliance . 78 Alliance ... 79 Alliance 39 Alliance 51 Alliance 44 Alliance -.76 Alliance 52 Alliance . 42 Alliance 48 Alliance 59 Alliance 53 Alliance 57 J 1 59 Kearney 11 Sidney 59 North Platte 0 forfeit McCook 61 Mitchell 48 Sidney 30 Scottsbluff 53 Gering 48 Ogallala 78 Kearney 36 Scottsbluff 43 McCook 62 North Platte .63 Torrington 77 Ogallala 80 Coach Bud Larsen and Reserve Coach Don Wheeler. .0In the 1959 season the Bulldogs, under the direction of Coaches Bud Larsen and Don Wheeler, constantly strived to better the records of previous seasons. The Alliance team steadily improved, but its efforts were not rewarded in the win-loss records as a result of losing several close games by less than four points. Although the losses were discouraging, the team’s willingness and enthusiasm displayed throughout the season, provided much excitement and interest for A.H.S. spectators. Cary Olson sinks a two-pointer for the Bulldogs. VARSITY IMPROVES PREVIOUS RECORD Jim Kettelhut jumps in the free-throw circle for Alliance.Left to right: Jerry Culp, Larry Christensen, Allan Lawrence, Doug Bedient, Steve Waldron, Les Reno, Doug Young, Lemoine Trout, Tom Wright, David Van Dusen, Chuck Rusk, Tom Romick, and Steve Shaw. RESERVES STRIVE TO MAKE VARSITY 1958 RESERVE SCHEDULE Alliance 43 Gering Alliance................60 Kearney Alliance 55 Sidney------------------ Alliance .............. 48 North Platte Alliance 43 McCook ................. Alliance 37 Mitchell---------------- Alliance 45 Sidney ................. Alliance 30 Scottsbluff Alliance 49 Gering------------------ Alliance----------------55 Ogallala---------------- Alliance 57 Kearney Alliance 44 Scottsbluff Alliance 44 McCook ----------------- Alliance 54 North Platte ----------- Alliance 34 Torrington ------------- Alliance 39 Ogallala ............... 45 42 42 54 37 39 50 56 50 59 53 37 30 61 27 64 63WITH A SONG IN THEIR HEARTS The Alliance Senior Choir is held in high esteem by students and the community. Spring Concert, Christmas Concert, Graduation, Baccalaureate, and various other functions would not be complete without the delightful performances of the choir. All members of the choir especially enjoy the annual Scottsbluff-Alliance Music Clinic. The students enjoyed practicing for two days with the guest director, Richard Hoffland. The affair was climaxed with an evening concert which presented the entire group. LAST ROW, left to right: C. Zaliares, B. Bartels, L. Garrett, V. Galloway, M. Moeller, E. Tollman, R. Rusk, J. Worthley, D. Contonis. THIRD ROW: L. Amen, C. Craig, P. Burback, M. O’dell, D. Trabert, T. Harriss, B. Dahl, T. Laing, SECOND ROW: J. Sampson, G. Johnson, L. Langmacher, L. Iverson, R. Roberts, L. Hillyer, C. Sturgeon, D. Shetler, S. Littrall. FIRST ROW: C. Scoggin, D. Smaha, R. Cornette, J. Gorder, J. Vallentinc, F. Roe, S. Sallquist.Choir Director MR. EICHENBEH ER 6Music, when soft voices die, vibrates in the memory 9 PERCY SHELLEY LAST ROW, left to right: B. Russell, B. Davis, D. Garrett, J. Kimmel. D. Kozal, R. Perez, J. Hemple, L. Florez. THIRD ROW: T. Wright, W. Seiler, R. Brooks, J. Spillman, C. Stull, M. Koester, S. Ellis. SECOND ROW: R. Grau, B. Adams, J. Engelsgjerd, J. Lib-sack, S. Jordap, K. McDonald, J. Fodnes, J. Brice. FIRST ROW: L. Evans, J. Phillip, D. Craig, J. Anderson, C. Edwards, L. Reno, C. Miller. 65SPRING Spring is a true reconstructionist — — TIMRODAgain it is spring. The sun is warm and caressing. Earth stirs to clothe the hills and fields with a garment of green. This season brings not only a renewal of nature but also the climax of the school year. Students, who for twelve years have been sheltered, taught, disciplined, respected and enjoyed by teachers and friends, are ready to graduate to new experiences and responsibilities. Whatever the future may hold for each one, the days spent in A. H. S. will long be cherished as an experience in free, public education. EVENTS SENIORS 68 SPRING HIGHLIGHTS-------------------------- 80 TRACK AND INTRAMURALS 82 MUSIC 84 FAVORITES 88 ADVERTISING 93 67WHO CAN FORGET THAT SENIOR YEAR? BETTY ADAMS Y-Teens, Pep Club, Hunting and Fishing Club, Latin Club, Choir, GAA Secretary and Treasurer. BOB ADAMS VERONICA AUSTEN Y-Teens, Pep Club Secretary, GAA, Cheerleader, Band, Orchestra, State Music Clinic, Brass Choir, Music Contest, French Horn Quartet, Hi-Y Sweetheart. KATHY BARTHOLOMEW St. Agnes Academy, Y-Teens, Pep Club, Junior Class Play. DARLENE BALER Y-Teens, Pep Club, GAA, Choir, Hunting and Fishing Club. JERRY BEAGLE Hi-Y, A-Club, Football, Basketball, Track, Spud Staff. FRED BERING St. Agnes Academy, Hunting and Fishing Club, Latin Club, Football, Regents Honorable Mention. DALE BERRY Hi-Y. FFA, County Government, Football, Basketball, Track, Boxing. BOB BOOTS Hi-Y, FFA Treasurer and Vice-President, Football. RHEA BRICE Pep Club, Y-Teens, GAA, Choir, Cheerleader, Spanish Club. RITA BRICE Pep Club, Y-Teens, Spanish Club, GAA, Cheerleader. KAREN BROCK Y-Teens, Pep Club, Pep Club Treasurer, Polio Queen.BRYAN BROST Hi-Y, Hunting and Fishing Club, Junior and Senior Class Plays, Student Council. Class Treasurer, Choir, Football, Track Captain, Boxing. Pep Club Attendant, Most Bashful Boy. PAT BURBACK Y-Teens, Pep Club, Choir. TONCHITA CARPENTER Y-Teens, Pep Club, Latin Club, County Government, Choir. Jerry Boness and Marcia Adams reign as the Prom Queen and King of 1958. DENNY CHRISTENSEN Hi-Y, Hunting and Fishing Club, A-Club President, Class Treasurer, Quill and Scroll Vice-President; Football, Track, Basketball, Western Conference, Football Team, Spud Staff. MARGARET CLARK Y-Teens, Pep Club. Student Council, Homecoming Attendant, Freshman Cheerleader. LONA COLERICK Y-Teens, Pep Club, GAA.DAN CONTONIS Hi-Y, Hunting and Fishing Club, Speech Contest, Choir, Track, Band, Orchestra, State Music Clinic, Pep Band, Brass Choir, Music Contest. DIANA CRAIG Y-Teens, Pep Club, Junior Class Play, Student Council, Class Officer, Choir, Y-Teen Cabinet, GAA, Cheerleader. LARRY CRAIG Ri-Y. FFA. EILEEN CROSSER Y-Teens, Pep Club. BILL DAVIS Hi-Y, Hunting and Fishing Club, Junior and Senior Plays, Choir, Operetta, Football, Track, Band, Pre-Legislature. WALTER DITSCH Hi-Y, Hunting and Fishing Club, FFA, Track. KIRBY DUNSMORE Hi-Y, Hunting and Fishing Club, Track, Hi-Y Legislature. JAN ENGELSGJERD Y-Teens, Pep Band, Latin Club, Choir, Band, Orchestra, Y-Teen Cabinet, State Music Clinic, Har-monaires. JERRY FEAGINS Hi-Y, Hunting and Fishing Club. LUPE FLOREZ Y-Teens, Pep Club, Choir, GAA, GAA Award. LARRY FORSSTROM FFA, County Government, Track, Football. KARIN FROST Y-Teens, Pep Club, Student Council, County Government, Spud Staff, Y-Teen Cabinet, Operetta, Choir, Quill and Scroll Secretary and Treasurer, Homecoming Attendant. —LARRY GARRFXT Hi-Y, A-Club, Student Council, Football. Track, Choir Vice-President, Band Lieutenant, Operetta, Pep Band, Spud Staff, Harmonaires, Model Legislature, Orchestra, State Music Clinic. LARRY GIES Hi-Y, Football, Intramurals, Boxing. BENETTA GRAY Y-Teens, Pep Club, Choir. TODD HARRIS Choir, Football, Madrigal, Track, State Music Clinic, Special Music Groups, Intramurals. DEWAYNE HEDGES ALLEN HECKMAN Football, Basketball. WE REMEMBER PLEASURES AND SORROWS Senior class sponsors, Mr. Petersen and Mrs. Cox, help produce plans throughout the year.SHARON HENKEL Y-Teens, Pep Club, Chorus. LEROY HINES Hi-Y, Hunting and Fishing Club, Choir, Football, Basketball, Track. DON HOBBS Hi-Y, A-Club, Student Manager, County Government. HARVEY HOFF Lexington, Nebraska, Hi-Y, FFA Secretary and President, Regents Honorable Mention. LORRAINE HOLTHUS Y-Teens, Pep Club, Junioi Class Play, Choir, Spud Editor, Y-Teens Secretary, Y-Teen Cabinet. JUDY HOOD Y-Teens, Pep Club, Choir. KEN HUCK Minatare, Nebraska, Hi-Y, Choir, Football, Basketball, Track, FFA, FFA Secretary. PAT JINKS McMANN Y-Teens, Pep Club, Junior Class Play, Latin Club, Annual Staff, Speech Contest, Operetta, Choir, Y-Teen Cabinet, Girls State Alternate. CAROL PETERS JINKS Y-Teens, Pep Club, GAA. GEORGIA JOHNSON Y-Teens, Pep Club, Latin Club, Choir, GAA. JOHNNA KETTELHUT Bayard, Nebraska, Y-Teens, Pep Club, Band, Pep Band, GAA. JIM KIMMEL Hunting and Fishing Club, Hi-Y, Choir, Operetta, Orchestra, State Music Clinic, Music Contest, Har-monaires, Choir President, Orchestra President, Pep Club, Boyfriend Attendant.CAROL KISICKI Y-Teens, Pep Club, Latin Club, Student Council, Y-Teen Cabinet, Reserve Cheerleader. BOB KNIGHT Hi-Y, Latin Club, Quill and Scroll, National Honor Society, Annual Staff, Annual Editor, Speech Contest, Spud Editor, Junior and Senior Class Plays, Model Legislature, Regents Alternate. 5 NELLIE KOHRMAN Y-Teens, Pep Club. BONNIE KOOZER Y-Teens, Pep Club. DAN KOZAL Hi-Y, Junior Class Play, Student Council, Choir, Operetta, Madrigal, Track, Harmonaires. TOM LAING Hi-Y , A-Club, County Government, Choir, Football, Track. JIM LAKE Hi-Y, Junior and Senior Class Plays, Student Council, Annual Staff, Class President, Speech Contest, County Government, Choir, Football, Basketball, Track, Band. State Music Clinic, Pep Band, School Paper, Regents Winner. LENORA LANGMACHER Y-Teens, Pep Club, Choir. BARBARA LEEVER Bayard, Nebraska, Y-Teens, GAA, Pep Club. SOME OF US WERE OUTSTANDING STUDENTS 73SOME EXCELLED IN MUSIC AND ATHLETICS GARY LEWIS Hi-Y, Football, Track, A-Club. LINDA LEWIS Y-Teens, Pep Club, Annual Staff, GAA. JUDY LIBSACK Y-Teens. Pep Club, Class Treasurer, Choir, Harmonaires, Farmerette. mike McCarthy Hi-Y, A-Club, Choir, Track, Football. helen McDonald Y-Teens, Pep Club, Latin Club, National Honor Society, Choir, Y-Teen Cabinet, Y-Teens President and Treasurer, GAA Treasurer, Regents Honorable Mention. GARY McGUIRE Choir, Track. BARBARA MERRITT Y-Teens, Pep Club, Choir, GAA. Orchestra. Speech Contest, Annual Staff, Y-Teen Cabinet, Spanish Club, Spanish Club Secretary-Treasurer, Regents Honorable Mention, Junior Class Play. DICK MISCHNICK Choir? Football. DEWAYNE MITCHELL Hi-Y, Hunting and Fishing Club, Junior Class Play, Spud Staff. MERWYN MOELLER Hi-Y, Hunting and Fishing Club, Choir, Band, Orchestra, Pep Band, All-State Band. JOHN MOORE Hi-Y, Hi-Y Vice-President. Student Council, Football. Basketball, Track, DAV Award, All-State Football, A-Club, A-Club Secretary-Treasurer. MONTE MORRISON Hunting and Fishing Club, Track, Football, FFA, Hunting and Fish-Club Vice-President.MERRI MOSCRIP Y-Teens, Pep Club, Junior and Senior Class Plays, Latin Club, Quill and Scroll President, National Honor Society, Annual Staff, Speech Contest, Y-Teen Cabinet, Spud Staff, GAA, Regents Honorable Mention, Homecoming Queen Attendant. CELINDA MOUNTS Y-Teens, Pep Club, Junior Class Play, Spanish Club President, County Government. Choir, Operetta, Harmonaires, Orchestra, Band Lieutenant, State Music Clinic, Pep Band, GAA Vice-President, Homecoming Queen and Attendant. MARTA JEAN MYERS Y-Teens, Y-Teen Cabinet, Spud Staff, GAA, Speech Contest, Annual Staff, National Honor Society, Quill and Scroll, Junior and Senior Plays, Pep Club President, Spanish Club, Regents Alternate. The Senior class officers check over plans for graduation. They are: President, George Tutt; Vice-President, J. D. Smith; Secretary, Jane Woodham, and Treasurer, Bryan Brost. RICH NELSON Chadron, Nebraska. Hi-Y, Junior Class Play. Hunting and Fishing Club. Quill and Scroll, Choir, Track, Band, Spud Staff. HAROLD NIELSEN FFA, Football, Track, Hunting and Fishing Club. JERRY NUSS Hi-Y, Choir, Football, Track, Band, Orchestra. Spud Staff, Intramurals. 75 MARILYN O’DELL Y-Teens, Pep Club, Choir, 'Choir Secretary. GARY OLSON Madrid, Nebraska, A-Club, Class Officer, County Government, Football, Basketball, Track, Glee Club, Junior Class Play. SHARON OSBORNE Y-Teens, Pep Club, Junior Class Play, Spanish Club, Choir, Operetta, Band, Orchestra, Pep Band. RICH PEREZ Hi-Y, A-Club, Vice-President, Football, Basketball, Track, Band Captain and Sergeant, Pep Band, Pep Club Boyfriend. GEORGE PETERSON Hi-Y, FFA, Student Manager. RAY PHILLIP Hi-Y; Hunting and Fishing Club, Basketball, Track. JOANN PHILLIPS Albuquerque, New Mexico, Pep Club, Y-Teens. SHARON PIIHL Y-Teens, Pep Club. NEIL PRYOR Hi-Y, Football, Track. DIXIE RADER Y-Teens, Pep Club, Pep Club Secretary, Choir, Freshman Y-Teen Vice-President, Y-Teen Cabinet. JUDY RENO Y-Teens, Pep Club, Junior Class Play, Latin Club, Choir, GAA. BOB RETKE Hi-Y, Senior Class Play, Quill and Scroll, Student Council, Annual Staff, Class President, Regents Alternate 76 OTHERS GAINED RECOGNITION IN THE GROUP JERRY REYNOLDS Hj-Y, IAA Contest. BILL ROCHLITZ Hi-Y, Hunting and Fishing Club, Football, Basketball, Track, Band, Fourth on Math Test. BEN RUSSELL Hi-Y, Choir. MAE RUSSELL St. Agnes Academy, Y-Teens, Pep Club, Junior Class Play, Choir. PAT RUST Y-Teens, Pep Club, Junior Class Play, Choir, Girls’ Quintet, Choir Librarian. ALICE SALISBURY Gordon, Nebraska, Y-Teens, Pep Club, Choir, GAA, Girls’ Glee Club. GIL SCHANCE Hi-Y, Hunting and Fishing Club, FFA. FRED SCHNELL FFA. CAROL SCOGGIN Y-Teens, Pep Club, Latin Club, Annual Staff. Choir, Glee Club. WALLY SEILER Hi-Y, Hunting and Fishing Club, Junior and Senior Class Plays, Latin Club, Speech Contest, County Government, Choir, Operetta, Band, Orchestra, State Music Clinic, Harmonaires, Boys Quartet, Intra-murals, Best Actor—’58. J. D. SMITH Hi-Y President. A-Club, Junior and Senior Class Plays, Annual Staff, Class Vice-President, Speech Contest, County Government, Football, Basketball, Track, Regents Alternate, Model Legislature, Oratorical Contest, Science Club. BOB STARK FFA, Intramurals, Boxing, Wrestling, FFA Project.RICHARD STULL Hi-Y, County Government. Choir, Choir Prop. Manager, Football, Basketball, Track. CLEONE STURGEON Y Teens, Pep Club, Reserve Cheerleader, Junior Class Play, Choir, Operetta, Band, Pep Band, Orchestra, State Music Clinic, Har-monaires, Pep Club Vice-President. SINA TAYLOR Y-Teens, Pep Club. DICK THOMAS A-Club, Football Track JOY THOMPSON Y-Tecns, Pep Club, Cheerleader, Student Council Secretary, Annual Staff, County Government, Choir, Court Queen Attendant. EDWARD TOLLMAN Hi-Y, Hunting and Fishing Club President, Junior Class Play, Choir, Operetta, Madrigal, Track, Band, Pep Band, Choir, Property Manager, Harmonaires. ’59 Seniors look toward the future wi ation and new inspiration. The is wide open and important made. No longer may they dream now they must make it. 78MOST OF US SAID GOOD-BYE, TOO SOON EARL TUCKER Football. Basketball. Track, Glee Club. GEORGE TUTT Hi-Y, A-Club, Junior and Senior Class Play, Annual Staff, Senior Class President, Football, Basketball, Track. Regents Alternate, All Western Conference Honorable Mention, Science Club. ERNIE VARGAS Hi Y, Football, Track, Art Award. IRENE VARGAS Y-Teens, Pep Club, Junior and Senior Class Plays, Annual Staff, Spanish Club, County Government, Choir, GAA President, Glee Club, GAA Award. DALE VAUGHN Hi-Y. FFA, County Government, Track, FFA Sentinel. BRUCE WARNER Hi-Y, Model Legislature, Hunting and Fishing Club, Intramurals. JEAN WARTMAN Y-Teens, Pep Club, Speech Contest, GAA. BILL WEBB Hi-Y, Hunting and Fishing Club, Junior Class Play, Annual Staff, Football, Track. JANE WOODHAM Y-Teen Vice-President, Pep Club, Junior and Senior Class Plays, Latin Club Secretary, National Honor Society, Student Council President. Class Officer, Girls State, Choir, Operetta, Madrigal, Majorette, Band Sergeant and Lieutenant, Orchestra. State Music CLinic, Sax Quartet, Pep Band, Y Teen Cabinet, DAR Award, Homecoming Attendant. MAX WORLEY Hi-Y Chaplain. Hunting and Fishing Club, Sophomore Class Vice-President, Football. Basketball, Track, Band, Sax Quartet, Dance Band, Pep Band. BOBBI WRIGHT St. Agnes Academy, Y-Teens, Pep Club, GAA. BOB WIGHT Hi-Y, Hunting and Fishing Club Secretary-Treasurer, Junior and Senior Class Plays, Annual Staff, Speech Contest, Boys State Alternate, Basketball, Band. Regents Alternate, Science Club, Pep Band', Drum Quartet, Dance Band, High Scholarship Award.Seniors find that time really does fly. Before they know it, they look around and find themselves in caps and gowns, ready to graduate. Judy Hood and Bill Rochlitz, members of the Class of 59, prepare for the big night when they will receive their diplomas. GRADUATION CREATES FLURRY OF EXCITEMENT Spring brings a rush of last-minute activities. Juniors present the prom; officers, cheerleaders, and majorettes for the next year are elected; and final tests are given. The most important event of the spring is graduation. For three years the seniors have studied and participated in their many activities. Now comes the biggest “activity” of all. Caps and gowns, name cards, annuals, the strains of “Pomp and Circumstance”—all create a complex atmosphere in which any senior will one moment think joyfully, “At last I’m graduating!” but the next 'moment regret leaving. Mr. Dick Shepherd and Mr. Bob Hyland are the student teachers from Chadron State Teachers College who have been with our faculty since early in the second semester. 80With spring comes warm weather and an urge to be outdoors. The GAA, sponsored by Miss Nona Woodhams, is no exception. These members arc deciding which team will be first up to bat in their softball game. Already the juniors begin to assume the responsibilities that will be theirs as seniors next year. Jeanine Anderson is the alternate officer and Linda Reno is president of the Statewide Y-Teen Conference to be held in Camp Merrill, Fullerton, Nebraska, in July. This is the first year that Alliance Jiigh has had the honor of having officers elected from our school.BACK ROW: Dick Thomas, I arry Woehl, Dick O’Brien, Dale Vaughn. Jerry Beagle, Gary Olson, LeRoy Hines, Richard Stull, Steve Waldron, Coach Jess Borg and Coach Dean Webb. MIDDLE ROW: Coach Don Wheeler, Beanie Lawrence, Dick Montague, Max W'orley, Cal Peterson. Tom Wright, Brian Bros!, Dick Stephens and Van Galloway. FRONT ROW': Mac Regester, Dick Trabert, Don Shimp, Jerry Boness, Hank Garcia, Ron Christensen and Dean Walker. CINDERMEN ARRIVE WITH SPRING Tension mounts as Cal Peterson nears the finish line during the two mile relay. 82 Scottsbluff Dual at Scottsbluff Won by Scottsbluff North Platte Triangular ................... at North Platte Won by Scottsbluff Sidney Dual at Alliance Won by Alliance Western Nebraska at Scottsbluff Won by Scottsbluff Alliance Invitational at Alliance Won by Scottsbluff Big Ten Conference at Kearney Won by Scottsbluff District Qualifying at Alliance Won by Scottsbluff State Meet ..................... at Lincoln Won by Omaha Central Western Conference at Alliance Won by AllianceLeft to right are: John Moore, captain of the Kings Men; Andy Sutton, captain of the Saints; Richard Camarillo, captain of the Court Kings; and Ivan Kinser, captair of the Knights. Sandy Leever and Roger Lehl wait for Coach Maier to blow the whistle before they go into action. Kenny Lincoln stands by as John Moore demonstrates how to keep the eye on the ball. Orville Herring coaches the intramural basketball and golf. The intramural program is set up for the purpose of giving boys who do not take part in inter-school competition an opportunity to participate in basketball, in golf, and in wrestling. Good sportsmanship and fair play are stressed in all of the meets.The Harmonaires are very popular with students and the community. First row, left to right: Diana Smaha, Jackie Vallentine. Frances Roe, Linda Hillyer, Cleone Sturgeon, Jeanie Sampson. Second row: Lindy Amen, Celinda Mounts, Jeanine Anderson, Jane Woodham, Janice Engelsgjerd, Judy Libsack, Carol Jean Miller. Standing: Jim Kimmel, Wally Seiler, Tom Wright, Jim Worthley, Ed Tollman, Roger Rusk, Van Calloway, Dick Trabert, Dan Kozal, Larry Garrett. OUR DAYS WERE FILLED WITH LOVELY These are the choir students who work behind the scenes, in order to make the organization run smoothly. They are, back row, left to right: Tom Wright, Judy Libsack, Jeanine Anderson, Celinda Mounts, Jim W'orthley. First row, left to right: Tom Laing, Dan Kozal, Jim Kimmel, Larry Garrett. 84i These students act as Section Leaders. They are, back row, left to right: Jane Wood ham, soprano; Jan Brice, alto. Front row, left to right: Wally Seiler, tenor; Van Galloway, bass. The problems of discipline and government in band life are handled by the student group of band officers. Back row, left to right: Rich Perez, Ray Hesse, Larry Garrett. First row, left to right: Jane Woodham. Celinda Mounts, Janice Brice, Sharon Hamilton. MUSIC A.H.S. ORCHESTRA FIRST ROW, left to right: C. Mischnik, K. Schnurr, C. Sherlock, J. Brice, C. French, L. York, J. Cotes, D. Kimmel, C. Johnson. SECOND ROW, left to right: C. Sturgeon, S. Churchwell, L. Iverson, W. Seiler. W. Covait, C. Zaliares, B. Merritt, J. Edwards, J. Valentine, D. Hammer, B. Reno. THIRD ROW. left to right: L. Hanson, D. Contonis, R. Hesse, B. Bartels, J. Woodham, B. Langmacher, K. Hoff. FOURTH ROW, left to right: C. Mounts, J. Hemple, R. Romig, P. Theissen, S. Stalos, R. Reynolds, P. Lepard, R. Graham, L. Studt, J. Gorder, D. Bedient, J. Kimmel.REGENT’S SCHOLARSHIP Jim Lake On the basis of a written examination the University of Nebraska awards a Regent’s Scholarship to each high school in our state. Jim Lake has the honor of receiving the highest score in the senior class.HIGH SCHOI.ARSHIP Merri Moscrip Bob Knight Each year the annual staff honors one senior boy and girl for high scholarship. 87REGENTS ALTERNATES Marta Jean Myers Bob Knight Bob Wright J. D. Smith George Tutt Bob Retke These six students were awarded an alternate Regent’s Scholarship at the first semester honor assembly. Each received a score higher than the lowest winner in another school in the state.MOST REPRESENTATIVE Vlcrri Moscrip Bob Retke These students are chosen by vote of the senior class on the basis of service, leadership, scholarship and personality. 89PEP CLUB BOYFRIEND Attendant Bryan Brost Rich Perez Attendant Jim Kimmel The king and attendants of Pep Club are chosen by a popular vote of the club and presented at the annual Pep Club Formal. 90HI-Y SWEETHEART AND ATTENDANTS Lindy Amen Veronica Austen Bev Bartels The Hi-Y Sweetheart and her attendants are chosen by a popular vote of the club members. They are presented at the annual Hi-Y Sweetheart Ball.COURT QUEEN AND ATTENDANTS Diana Craig Queen Kaye Schnurr Joy Thompson For the first time the A-Club held a Court Day. At the evening basketball game these girls were presented as queen and attendants. 92WE APPRECIATE YOUR SUPPORT ALLIANCE NASH COMPANY ALLIANCE TRACTOR AND IMPLEMENT BAUMAN, B. J., OPTOMETRIST BOWEN, ROBERT W., OPTOMETRIST BOX BUTTE EQUIPMENT COMPANY BROZ, JOHN S., M.D. DELUXE RADIATOR SHOP FINECY MUSIC SHOP GAMBLES GANTZ, HEIN, AND MORAN, ATTORNEYS IDEAL FROZEN FOOD LOCKERS KENNEDY, DONALD, D.D.S. L MANDELBERG AND SONS, INCORPORATED MURPHY, L. B. COMPANY NELSON, R. K., ACCOUNTANT NUSS, A. G., D.D.S. O'BRIEN TEXACO POWELL MAYES DAIRY REX HAMBURGER SHOP ROSENBURGER IMPLEMENT STORE ROTH, OPAL, INS.-RL. EST. AND LOANS SELLECK ABSTRACT COMPANY TAYLOR, D. N., D.D.S. THELMA'S SHOP WILDT INSURANCE WILLIAMS, W. B., D.D.S. 324 E. 3rd I Oth and Rack 311 l j Box Butte 823 East 3rd 917 L 3rd 202 W. 3rd 504 Flack 317 Box Butte 321 Box Butte 306 2 Box Butte 1003 W. 3rd 1041 2 W. 3rd 311 W. 3rd 416 Box Butte 224 Box Butte 619 Box Butte E. Tenth M9 W. 3rd 112 Box Butte Hemingford 1232 Emerson 118 W. 3rd Times Herald Building 311 Box Butte 116 E. 4th Times Herald Buildinga » Jy' JL: (n r At S' , " 6jS CT xA V P rJ p ) [ 'r---- r y Xf Always Rrst Qualify" 412 BOX BUTTE PHONE 162 HOWARD'S SHOES LENLA'S STYLE SHOP Congratulations to the Class of '59 NEWBERRY'S ACE HARDWARE COMPANY Wholesale — Retail Paints — Glass — Appliances PHONE 38 402 BOX BUTTE KANDY SNAP Homemade Candy Our Specialty Phone 354-J 406 Box Butte ALLIANCE, NEBRASKA Hamilton — Elgin Watches Feature Glo Diamond Rings SCOGGIN JEWELER ALLIANCE THEATRE BLDG. Did you say I could have the one I want, Dad? Carol Scoggin Mr. E. H. ScogginHOLSTEN'S DRUG JEWELRY Phone 6 Alliance, Nebraska Is it on sale too? Linda Lewis Max Worley Hugh Poison HAGEMEISTER'S Grain Feed Seed Telephone 192 HEMINGFORD, NEBRASKA Imperial — Chrysler — Plymouth Sales and Service A. H. JONES COMPANY 302 W. 3rd PHONE 51 If It's New, It's at the F M BOOTERY 305 Box Butte Phone 232 ALLIANCE, NEBRASKA MISSOURI MARKET We are open seven days a week. 223 Missouri Phone 435 ALLIANCE, NEBRASKASCHOMMER'S TEXACO Push Truck Battery Charge Tire Service Pick Up and Delivery Phone 4 3rd and Toluca ALLIANCE, NEBRASKA BEDIENT LITHO For Distinctive Printing We Feature DEBUS Enriched Bread Distributed by Don Harris Home—Owned HARRIS SALES CO. 323 W. 3rd PHONE 290 HOTEL ALLIANCE EHRHART COMPANY Great Northern and Pinto Beans Storing and Processing PHONE 1384 ALLIANCE, NEBRASKA BORROR CHEVROLET Authorized Sales — Parts — Service PHONE 188 Mississippi and East 3rd Hiway 2 East Owned and Managed by P. F. Foreman and S. Stubblefield 102 BOX BUTTE ALLIANCE, NEBRASKA Our Coffee Shop is open 24 hours per day.GUARDIAN STATE BANK 224 Box Butte Phone 44 Bryan Brost Jerry Lynass This graduation is gonna break me! See Us for Your FEED AND SEED NEEDS NEUSWANGERS We Specialize in Qualify Feeds 211 West Third Phone 71 ALLIANCE, NEBRASKA Congratulafions to the Class of '59 The Light Refreshment PEPSICOLA BOTTLING CO. NO CHEYENNE PHONE 600Congratulations to the Seniors of 1959 BOX BUTTE COUNTY MEDICAL ASSOCIATION WILLARD ANDERSON ACCOUNTANT 109 W. 5 Phone 834 ALLIANCE, NEBRASKA PETE'S Clothing and Army Store Phone 1281 Highway 2 ALLIANCE, NEBRASKA DICK'S CAFE Good Food — Served Right 206 BOX BUTTE PHONE 31-W How do you spell hamburger? Edna Hansen George Tuff Alice SalisburyWe Give and Redeem GOLD BOND STAMPS Draperies Paint Interior Decorating Floor Materials T. C. GREGORY, INSURANCE "Insurance Alone Is Our Business" 416 W. 3rd Phone 1800 ALLIANCE, NEBRASKA G. L. DAIRY KING 867 Belmont GEORGE AND LYDIA DUERKSEN 732 FLACK AVE. ALLIANCE Congratulations to Class of '59 PHONE 7-Eleven MILTON'S SELF-SERVICE DRUG Phone 132 214 Box Butte ALLIANCE, NEBRASKA We Give S H Green Stamps For All Your Insurance Needs ABE A. DURYEA KUPER GRAU NURSING HOME Phone 965 812 Box Butte ALLIANCE, NEBRASKATENTH STREET GROCERY 214 W. 10 Phone 159 ALLIANCE, NEBRASKA An apple for the teacher. Sina Taylor Lyle Stephens Congratulations to the Class of '59 ALLIANCE ELKS LODGE 961 FRONTIER MOTEL HAROLD JOHNSON TRANSPORTS Room Phones Box 1201 Phone 99 Air Conditioning ALLIANCE, NEBRASKA Steam Heat Transportation of Petroleum Products 1100 West 3rd PHONE 110  PHONE 749 Congratulations to LEW WOLLASTON the Class of '59 Radio and Sound Service ALLIANCE LUMBER CO. TV Repairs PHONE 48 1020 West 3rd 208 WEST 3rd ALLIANCE. NEBRASKA FAMOUS CLOTHING HOUSE 307 Box Butte Phone 143 Do clothes really make the man7 Jerry Nuss J. W. Keebaugh DRESS RIGHT — YOU CANT AFFORD NOT TO ( rAm B%) STOP Best Wishes In at Your Favorite o j to Texaco Dealer 0 (J ZiXSL ° the Class of 1959 J. L. "OLEY" SAYLOR 0 SEVEN-UP TEXACO BULK PLANT BOTTLING COMPANY 1st AND TOLUCA 102 BIG HORN PHONE 119594 SEP ’58 Form 18 Teenage and Open Bowling Shoes Rented Free Instructions K C O W MEET YOUR FRIENDS AT BOWL MOR LANES Every One of Your School Needs You Can Depend on Your LOCAL IMMEDIATE MEDIA 1 for 4 SERVICE — MUSIC — NEWS SPORTS — DRAMA "If It's Important, It's on RADIO" 0 Ask CASEY O'DUBELUE Gifts for Every Occasion ALLIANCE FLORAL COMPANY 322 BOX BUTTE TEL 151 Can Be Found at the ELMER R. KISSACK CO. Phone 269 115 WEST THIRD What you do recommend for me? Marie Fanning Georgia Johnson BRITTAN INSURANCE Complete Protection Fire — Auto — Casualty Real Estate 124 W. 4 PHONE 607 HEINZ ELECTRIC Complete Electric Motor Service, Wiring, Repairs, and Service; Electrical and Telephone Contractors. Aerial Ladder and Winch and Pole Derricks Trucks LOUIS HEINZ, JR. Phone 53 HEMINGFORD, NEBRASKAALLIANCE NATIONAL BANK Established in 1888 ALLIANCE, NEBRASKA PHONE 3 Bill Edwards Claries Kuncl Bob Knight Jerry Feagins Mike McCarthy BANKING BUSINESS A BIG BUSINESS DEE-LITE BAKERY Your Independent Insurance Agent Fancy Calces Our Specialty We Stand Behind Our Motto Pies and Pastries "Your Protection Is Our Policy" Bread — Rolls ALLIANCE, NEBRASKA 117 W. 3rd Phone 92 PODHAISKY INSURANCE AGENCY ADIER-HESTED BLDG. PHONE 190 ALLIANCE, NEBRASKA v y rotrnr proper PONTIAC Pontiac Cars and Service GMC Trucks Nationwide Trailer Rentals 224 CHEYENNE AVE. PHONE 292ALLIANCE C. B. Q. EMPLOYEES Credit Union Serving Burlington Railroad Employees Exclusively I saw the most beautiful hot-rod yesterday, but I don't have enough cash. Rich Nelson Harold Wingstad WEST WAY MOTEL CARL AND RUTH LAKE Owners-Mgrs. DON AND OLGA'S ELM GRILL AAA Approved Phone 1540 ON HIGHWAY 2 AND 19 ALLIANCE, NEBRASKA ART BUCHFINCK, ABSTRACTER Phone 463 224 Box Butte ALLIANCE, NEBRASKA Good Food and Quick Service ALLIANCE 1105 E. 3rdMERRICK DRUG Walgreen Agency RENO BEAUTY SHOP Prescriptions — Drugs ALLIANCE, NEBRASKA 424 BOX BUTTE PHONE 1444 Phone 1870 711 Big Horn KANSAS NEBRASKA NATURAL GAS COMPANY, INC. ECONOMY FURNITURE Floor Covering — Drapery — Furniture S H Green Stamps WILBUR HAHN, Prop. Phone 1140 208 Box Butte Complete Line of Gas Appliances 220 BOX BUTTE PHONE 747 ««» MONGOMERY WARD See Us for the Finest in Clothing Do I have to wear a tie with it? Mr. Catamero Bob KnightJACK AND JILL FOOD STORE Quality Meats Our Family Canned Foods Dewey Fresh Produce MIKE'S 203 Box Butte ALLIANCE BARBER SHOP Corner of Black Hills and West 3rd PHONE 822 FRICKE CONSTRUCTION COMPANY Congratulations, Seniors '59 ALLIANCE. NEBRASKA 816 W. 4 Phone 1275 HEMPEL MOBIL SERVICE Sanitone Approved Service Complete Line of For Service Petroleum Fuels Including Butane and Propane ED HEMPEL, Operator Phone 372 Alliance, Nebraska Phone 133 KEEP-U-NEAT CLEANERS GUARDIAN BEAUTY ACADEMY • Hair Styling • Permanents • Tinting • Manicuring • Facials PHONE 334 224l j BOX BUTTE Mary Scoggin Lupe FlorezDry Cleaning at Its Finest Phone 681 Free Pick Up and Delivery ALLIANCE CLEANERS 2nd AND BOX BUTTE GROSS DRUG Congratulations Class of '59 HEMINGFORD, NEBRASKA BECKER-McCULLOCK FURNITURE Phone 661 817 E. 3rd ALLIANCE, NEBRASKA "Furniture for Every Purpose . . . Every Purse" BASKETERIA GROCERY Quality Meats, Groceries, Produce ALLIANCE, NEBRASKA 1119 W. 3rd Phone 393 FHE - 2 R R-O-Y-A-L Portable Standard Electric WORLD’S NO. 1 NEBRASKA TYPEWRITER 109 E. 3rd They Can Buy Anything You Can Give Them, But Your Portrait ALLIANCE STUDIO DALE SLAYMAKER We Give Gold Bond Stamps 120 W. 3rd Phone 901 THIELE'S JEWELRY 306 Box Butte PHONE 121 Bf(coop) 724 West 3rd ALLIANCE, NEBRASKA Cooperatives Are Community Builders ALLIANCE BUILDING LOAN ASSOCIATION 302 BOX BUTTE PHONE 310 Please sign here. Harriett Reuter Dale Berry508 Box Butte Avenue WORLEY STUDIO AllianceIn the heart of the cattle country. THIELE DRUG ALLIANCE LIVESTOCK Western Nebraska's Most Complete COMMISSION COMPANY Drug Store ALLIANCE. NEBRASKA Cosmetics Prescriptions Phone 68 304 BOX BUTTE PHONE 12 DRAKE HOTEL Phone 1010 423 Box Butte Sharon Morehead Mr. Harold Wood 423 BOX BUTTE AVE. ALLIANCE Congratulations to the WE THANK YOU Seniors of 1959 Thank you, Advertisers, for helping make ARROW FREIGHT our annual possible. We have enjoyed Phone 590 112 Black Hills working with you and hope we may con- ALLIANCE, NEBRASKA tinue to serve you. — The 1959 Bulldog StaffSTICKNEYS Quality at Prices Everyone Can Afford Every type of auto parts 217 West Third Phone 256 Benetta Gray Walt Gics Fred Bering “Will you recommend this for cruising the Butte?” EDITOR’S THANK YOU Another year has been recorded; another Bulldog has marked the events of AHS. It has been a good year, made pleasant by the cooperation and helpfulness of many people. I am glad for the opportunity to express the appreciation I have felt so many times to all who have made this year one of never-to-be-forgotten memories. We, the staff, thank Mrs. Alice Nelson for her untiring efforts to make our annual the best possible yearbook. No detail has been too small for her consideration and she has given unstintingly of her time. Miss Sonja Paulsen has also spent many hours in correcting final copy. Miss Paulsen is the Bulldog critic. One of my greatest pleasures this year has been the privilege of working with the Bulldog staff. Thank you Hallie Lore, Marta Jean Myers, Linda Tice, Linda Lewis, Arthur Hudson, Irene Vargas, Carol Scoggin and Barbara Merritt for the fine work you have given. I know how much you have contributed to this book in time and thought. I should like to particularly thank the members of the advertising staff. Their work is done outside of school hours, and requires time and conscientious effort on their part to contact the business men of Alliance. Without the advertising the Bulldog could not be published. The business men of our commimity who have expressed their interest in our activities by supporting the Bulldog deserve our special appreciation. Their dollars-and-cents support makes this book possible. Without the help and advice of Mr. Glen Worley, the photographic effects we were interested in achieving would have been altogether impossible. We thank Mr. Worley for the many hours he has spent working with us. Such a book as this is the sum total of the efforts of many individuals. Without the cooperation of our instructors we could not have published this Bulldog. Mr. Stan Bedient of the Bedient Lithograph Co. has also made a significant contribution. He has made the final reading of the Bulldog copy. To all who have so graciously assisted, the 1959 staff of the Bulldog joins with me in expressing our sincere appreciation. Signed, (Berk- l ! ruujfcfc Editor 1959 Bulldog« !s ! 

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