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F S., N. , Q, ...BJ -5 XX 73 lf'-.1 lxsx Q J, Q --2 D f A F XZ Q . Q., X J x 5 K f , .fl A4 IVV 2 ju If 1-17-K F4 wr ff 3 N 1 x 4 . J ,Q--x Rx ' .JD xr' t J Q -4 P 'X - , 4 u 1' ' .,,z 'N , .. ' V ' V N , .,. --- 'KLA Y :V V I 'Q' 'FM A A Tj. 'r-f 'Q' .. ' 5 ,. R 71 i r fr- ,lb M , J . VV V: Q--- Q 4+ N V. I fi , . , ' I I V V - V , Q I Q V f K ' , ,V ,V , 'N gf- 1-- I ff ff 1 - ,-Q.. x 2 -L 1 1 . . - 1- 'A . ' .V 1 - ,- -.J ff ', ,I 1 V ' , ' ., V, V .ff V X '- MK.. H' ' , I A ' ' 31 I .15 1 . Cf'- ' . .' 4--' f X x 5 ' L, .-f' 'Q,-- A A A C -. 1 -. i ,P K V, ff 1 ,V - ,fy ' ' gf' f ' r Q, VV AN V .X V r ML - Q- f x ' .4 1- M ,, P ' rx VX .- -, Q N 1 xx ,Af V, . ,N x f 7 Y xx ,. fx ' , ', . E . , V - . f' R fm NK . , ' Y fx. ., ' ' 5 9 , XX fx 'S x - 7. X X ,. X . ' '- . L - V .. '-'V - nh ' ' rx, 1 ,gt 1- N N fp. N V 2 - .x ,A N X 5 V ,1 V XZ 7 . N NX V . ,ik 'V' X . TNQ N , 1 ,X .m fx V ax. . 'Q f-. x ' . Q S' if ' f it f f X' . . x - . 'X - x - .X . . 'fx . r .5 .- Q ' '- Q 1 N, N. , , ' . XV - FXV3 V V ,. ali- L :V V L, .4 VV ,XV V A. - X QL r-- . , ' 'N ' ' Tl W AN V . 'K A f N, . 4 13 X' ' A ' w A A i Il. f-. 'ix ' x V . V . ' V' ' 'X 1 A X. ., V Vw, V V , v I . Y . ,. V ' ' 1' 1 ', , f' 5' f' , ' , r : , , A- K q K Y . V . V , Vi, V ,- . U , , ,- f I , A V . , x -1, , . f A A4 , A M .. V 'x 4, AV A x ' ' 2 . ' ' x ' , 1 ' f A f B ' m . ' f . 1 -W . Q . f 1 Lg - .i , ' 2 1- . 3 A' 'Y . ' - ,N V N 1 gf-VV V' V,-2 1 4 5 f'c,'V 4,2 44- 1 ' fn ilfl g ,- ' A. ' ,' X. . .T-. '. ' . ' 7 .K p,V 7 ,-1, xi A - . A '. K 'H 1 . '. -T . 1' 3 ' 1 f J ' 1- , . -x . ' - XV .1 'f Q A , K ' , s ' A ' f'. T I x -N K ' A I ca THE I957 BULLDOG ALLIANCE HIGH SCHOOL ALLIANCE, NEBRASKA VOLUME XIII THE SHIFTING SANDS Where The Tarm lands leave oTT and The rugged Sandhills begin you climb a hill and scan The vasT expanse oT sand and hills ThaT characTerize our naTive sTaTe. A seemingly endless landscape oT hills is spread beTore us, no Two hills alike in shape or size. buT each bearing iTs Trademarks oT yucca. sagebrush, and naTive grasses and Tlowers. A Tra- diTional Tour-wire Tence divides This land among The ranchers who make Their living Trom iT. A Teeling oT awe capTures you as you sTand on The hill Tor you Teel as if you have enTered anoTher world. All is so quieT and peaceTul in This silenT world ThaT you become un- aware oT The problems oT liTe. From your vanTage poinT you shield your eyes Trom The glaring aTTernoon sun and you gaze upon The obsTacles ThaT are a mark oT civilizaTion in This silenT world. A windmill, an auTo gaTe. a lone cow or horse, a ranch-These are The only Things ThaT break This barren landscape. A Tamiliar melancholy wind blows The sand around your TeeT-The only sound ThaT breaks This impressive silence. These are The Nebraska Sandhills. They are as Tamiliar To us as our own backyards buT how seldom we Take The Time To appreciaTe Their beauTy. We oT The i957 Bulldog STaTT have chosen Tor our Theme The ShiTTing Sands - a TribuTe To a TorgoTTen landscape. . ,. :,, To you. Mr. Blinde. we dedicafe fhis annual. Wi+h your inexhauslible palience you have molded our choirs info precision groups. Because per- feclion is your creed our vocal deparfmenf is recognized wilh praise. Your inleresl' in us. lhe sludenfs. your willingness fo cooperale. and your friendly personalily have made you our favorile. To you. who have given so much lo our school and fo fhe sfudenls, we pay lhis lribufe as our fhanlcs. Lyitwy cv WINT45 'Q ffqglqu J 1, N V6 L J A0 PRESENTATION ANG xx ICI - 1 q FOREWORD X X, O Q LU2 CATION XI Y X x TABLE OF CONTENTS XR KXQ Ius ADMINISTRATION Nw FACULTY IR LIHXXQJ JY we TYPICAL DAY L, RERSONALITIES I L ff SENIORS MXQXJI UNDERORADUATES X G LA XQSYIITNC M JUNIOR HIOEI FEATURES SEASONAL ACTIVITIES FAVORITES CLUBS SCI-IOOL LIFE ATHLETICS MUSIC DRAMA ADVERTISING IO3 Yfxfv x , J, 04 Lb IVV -U AX- X I I ,'., UVx 4,01 !1 I 1, fx ff U 2 Ap II, ' 4 X R X bij, 'v ,bb 1 j'1' LL! jf 51 . UV 'L - ' ' I A ,XL In ff- 1 1' 'IV 'VN 1,1 Lf A I WM if II 'rj VX 0,176 JIJIVI R 'I ,Y,: ,E 1 I4 X , N U bg X Ii Nil!!! E f SrXX,QLX ' L L, f NV My cj , , Ei, -L ,, J In Ox Y , My J DEDI - 11 Ng YN Q SRA M, Vx . 1,'Sf ,'XYXjLl A V LQ' ' '3 J SCHOOL BOARD Cav L -I RN E1 xr wil 13.6 X E3 xx 'N-3 'RN 'Sxf O xr-E7 EOR' LLLL UC .LL, If LI4 O I I O Ie: SL' f'Lf'yS122 I LiL 1If.L', LLLLLLLL ,. .LLLLLL 24 --A I AX I N, XM ivy , 1'e,E H .x 1'--f 'N L I , 52 L ,LL, ,L L L,L,,,,LLL,,,LL, LL L.LL,L LL LLLL, , ..,.,,LLLL,LL,L. .L L 82 L LLLL I L LLLL L .L.LLLLLL, I ...LL.LL. . L96 uvnvHrusmv1mn-n-Qn-mwf-..Y'fw-- wk-awwwQ.qwq-ww-qpvnnnnvm-grm.,ffwqw-N---..X.. ,M -.N . . -.. I R. , . . I I I I lm: i I I I l ll nl L i. I :S ii G G U E A r' I I I I I I I U ll I I I U ll H F' I H I9 .L I 3 B I HBE 9' 'H ll 1- ll ll Nl ll Il I' il In if ill fl' El ll R l Ill I ll I llllllllllll lllllll is I 'I 4 U 'X Us 8 I I I I .,, I , 0 , 5 ,- Xen is Ig: ll I IIIIII wr 4 fx 3 5 --', S h h . , .Vw Q -1 rx Sl ' E Mr. Nelson, senior high school principal, Mr. Morrison, super- in+enclen'r, and Mr. Bruce, iunior high school principal. pause a+ fhe doors of fhe gym before beginning one of 'rheir frequenf conferences. These fhree men keep our schools running like clockwork. From fheir guidance and adminisfrafion we profit , 7 . ,L , ,, ,K-,A omit H, ' A , . ' ,E , M 'fyf i5::Q 411- .4 A A ' N EW'Q435a:'s:, W ff if R A M 2, Q New M ff si w .. Y in J A.,. ,,,,M,,, V -. .. ,wc ,i . .. .. ., 5. .. . ., ,. . . . J , , . ,. P fi V, W I Y i I . ... ,Mfg l i CQ f , Mr. Toenies and Mr. Blinde loolr on as Mr, Wheeler explains his mefhod of feaching music, MUSIC The purpose of 'rhe Junior and Senior l-ligh music faculfy is fo offer a sufficienfly wide variefy of music fo safisfy fhe inferesf and falenfs of all fhe sfudenfs enrolled. The level of achievemenf af which fhe music groups have arrived is clue fo fhe efforfs of faculfy and sfudenfs. These teachers guide us onward FOREIGN LANGUAGES Spanish and Lafin wifh English accenfs bring friendly smiles fo fhe faces of fhe foreign language feachers. In fhese deparfmenfs fhe sfu- denfs gef a loeffer under- sfanding of cusfoms and fradifions of ofher people along wifh learning fo skill- fully spealc fhese foreign languages. Miss l-larfwell and Mrs. Fiebig do nof seern fo find foreign lan- guages dry. VOCATIONAL TRAINING Homemalring, indusfrial arfs, and vocafional agricul- T 'lure are Ihree of The Courses offered To The sludenis in A. l-I. S. They are very im- porlanl Io a well round cure riculum. Through 'rhese ,awe courses we are Iaughi slxills for iufure use by learning Cooking, sewing, woodcrail, B' M rneialcrail, graphics, and lib' farming and ranching Ieche niques. Hmrnrnmrn, iusf like home says Mr. Shannon and Mr. Nelson as ffi l'l th I l nnejasl inoijlileeinezvlilbmeeemcoanoriuicz U L 1 g 1 room. COMMERCIAL Typing, sI1or+hand, and bookkeeping help iuniors and seniors Iaclcle Ihe iob of becoming eiiicienl slenographers and secrelaries as well as prominenl busnessrnen oi Tomorrow. Through Ihese courses we become beiler acquainjred wiih ihe iobs Thai mosl of us will hold in Ihe iulure. There is hardly a lime of Ihe day, before or afier school loo. when one doesn r hear The familiar sound of The Iypewriiers busily Clanging away. ,- Mrs. Barreii Mr, Nelson. and Mr. Webb relax oulsicle of school alier a hard days worlc of leaching. sr Shown above are Mr, Crowder Mr. La'3en Mr. Powers Mr. Burknarr. Mr, Zernpel. Mr. Borg, and Mr. Webb as lhey enioy a momenl of e'sc'e reviewing fre lechngues ol loolball. COACHES The afhlefic sfaff al Alliance l-lgh School provides ar opporlunily for all sludenls lo engage in some form ol physical aclivily regardless of abilily. This slafl develops leams which are a credir lo our comrrunily. The coaches are a parl of our everyday school lile and wilhoul lhem A. l . S. would seem guile dull. They impart to us knowledge PHYSICAL EDUCATION courses al' Alliance l-ligh School are designed lo im basic rules ol group games and 'lo correcl poslure Freshmen, sophomores, and somelimes iuniors and seniors discover hidden lalenls and muscles as lhey ralce lhis required course C ired rs n r 7 ' i' , '. A' Q ' s us n sica educa ic ' f il - S if 3 f 9 ' 2 , gy The physical ecluca+ion Q . . S, prove cofordinalion, 'ro 'reach Q sf Y ,I ,, , sf N Q w Il is ' l is Z , 1 ,gf . 5 Pi fi off! lvl , pd will, lvl. Pwwers and Mr Borg as lhfy Q. dic s ine p y l l n A E prcoram. NEW BUUK5 s sf' 0 fqfl ki ' x N K s X! ! .I x 5 5 ? ENGLBH ENGLISH English is one of 'rhe mosf imporfanf courses offered in school. All sfudenfs are ree quired fo false This subiecf since fhey seldom escape fhe necessify of communicafing wifh ofhers. Many sfudenls associafe fhe English deparf- menf vvifh grammar only. Acfually, fhis deparfmenf consisfs of courses in iour- nalism, speech, grammar, dramafics, and liferafure. Mrs. Merdinger Mrs. Cox and Mr. Gray senior high English feachers, enjoy fhe bool: display on The library bullefin board. English feachers are all concerned wifh 'lhe basic skills of communicafion. Long hours are spenf developing effecfive readers, wrifers, and spealcers. General and remedial courses are offered in iunior high. The feachers of fhese courses use fa pe recorders, skifs, movies, and all Types of visual aids fo malce fhe subiecf more inferesfing. Discussing fhe English language are Mrs. Beerline, Miss Dover, Mrs. Boner. and Mrs. Nelson. mg! 11' -.-L-A... The smiling green behind fhe deslr Es Mlss Harlwell Mlss Burns Mr. Larsen, Mrs. Nelson, an Mrs, Kuncl. MATH The mafh feachers' goal ls lo prepare lhe srudenls wlrh a loundaflon for college and To lrnprove lhose rnalhernallcal slcills needed in everyday llle. For lhose who wlsh lo wander larlher irlo rnalhennallcs, advanced courses are offered. They prepare us for our future Lv' SCIENCE The goal of +he science insrruciors is To enable lhe sludenls lo have a beller appreciallon of nalure, lo help fhem undersrand rheir modern world around lhem Through clissecfions, field Trips, and experirnenls. Mr. Brown, Mr. Pelersen, Mr. Crowder. and Mr. Johnson prove The fad lhaf even feachers are . inleresled in lhe wealher. SOCIAL STUDIES The social sfudies program, like all ofher parfs of The school pro- grann. affempfs fo be in harmony wifh fhe sfudenfs inferesfs buf also fo awalcen in him addifonal inferesfs. The developrnenf of cornmunify concerns helps fo arouse parficipafion in worid-wide affairs. Social sfudies helps us fo become rnore acfive and wells informed cifizens. Mrz. Duncan shows a hisfory paper fo Mis Crrisfensen Mrs. Lfcnfy and Mr. Sanders in SOCIAL STUDIES Coun'I'y governmenf, policies, civil and na'I'ional affairs, infer- nafional sifuafions-fhese are some of fhe fhings fhaf are presenfed fo sfudenfs fo help fhem have a general undersfanding of people everywhere. Mr, Zernpel and Mr. Wuesfer lock on as Mr. Burlcharf poinfs ouf fhe advan- fages of fhe new c'vics bcolcs. -...., -S Q, Y. -., 5 5 - bl SPECIAL SERVICES Two of fhe special services offered fo fhe sfudenfs are fhe library and Ihe guidance pro- gram. The library offers opporfunifies for addifional reading ard a chance for fhe individual fo explore rew fields or liferafure. The guidance progrann is affenwpfing fo de- velop vvays of meefino fhe needs of fhe in- dividual sfudenfs. Mrs. Myers Mr. Kcrno, ans Mrs. Andicfvs are criioying some of fhe nef. Iiferaire 'haf has fu? arrived in fhe library. T4 fr, 'N Ai! Ill IZ.,- 1111 uv. 11 Ill ' F!! Ill 'll I1 Sfu' A., 'xA ' ' JSM-'pf- .,1,,.,T1f1N , . J ., s-., , , V' if 4 fx., L - vb, 45 ,- fb-LJ A.:-I 'fr'- 'Y:5, A' W'.,.J4,-I-qi,-V -A ,L sq.o ,4.,4 ALLIANCE HIGH SCHOOL L! A-4'--J' 'XXXAIJW ' rf' K: . . ,,z Jsrsjli 3 :w-bl 0 N X WJ W- A ., ,fxr 12 K , K YW -L Q- 'O j 4 ,.,,. I, .1 1+ ' 'fd-A P I V L-5, A J -L . bv lt x ji ,W Jrjk L 4 ' -.IL XJ ' X 'i ' X ' - .L D !j.fQ'kc fa -.f -SSS 1 ' 'g 'N' 'Q Nd v-U ., J a S 1 . didn N 'Q-f Q F 1 L J . k -, X 1 The +wo srory red bripk bunding on Lararnre Avenue' srands ,silenHy -Inhrhes early morning. FT 7:30 a key slipg Info rhexfronr door lodlcxand N +he doors are open . . . anorher rypical day in Alli- ance High School has begun. N fypical day in A. H. Of course fhere are always some sfudenfs who never seem fo gef fo school on fime: fhe fardy slips come fo fhe rescue. Hear Ye! Hear Ye! Mr, Gray reads fhe announcemenfs for fhe clay fo fhe sfudenfs in sfudy hall. I6 From 7:30 unfil 8:l0 sfudenfs pass fhrough fhe doors, hurry fo fheir loclcers, and reluc- fanfly furn foward fheir classes. The noise slowly furns info silence as only fhe foofsfeps of fardy sfudenfs can be heard frudqing fo fhe office for fhaf liffle whife slip which means admiffance fo class. Mrs. Copple's never ending dufy is beginning . . . hearing excuses. lf is almosf 8:20 now, fhe halls are deserfed. class rooms are quief, roll is falcen, and fhe announcemenfs are read. The firsf period classes are now in session. Af 7:50 sfudenfs invade fhe halls for anofher ls he malcing plans for his TuTure? Don Moore loolcs inTeresTed as Mr. Kemp shows him The resulTs of his achieve- menT Tesls. While some sTuclenTs are busy in The class- rooms, oThers are Taking advanTage oT The special service oTTered. Don Moore has checked ouT oT sTudy hall To have a conTidenTial Talk wiTh Mr. Kemp, guidance direcTor and assisTanT principal. In his quieT oTTice, away from The hum-drum oT The day, sTudenTs Tallc over Their Troubles. receive guidance, and plan Their T'uTure. The nurse is in senior high Today giving high school sTudenTs Their annual check-up To see if Their hearing, eye-sighT, weighT, and heighT meeT accepTed good healTh sTandards. 8:30 and The secreTaries are already buried in Their secreTarial duTies of The day. Mrs MounTs and Mrs. Corp prepare bulleTins and Teaching aids Tor The day. Dear Mr. Lee: Do you leel worn our aifer a day al lhe office? Mrs. Barreffs dicfalion brings a smile To 'the lace of Janice Collins. I8 Do you like lo cruise lhe Bu?'re? These shi' denrs hope fhaf some- day fhey will be able lo enjoy a Teen-ager's iavorile pasfirne. Mid-morning and fhe driver's educalion srudenls are ready To rake a drive. As The car drives away from lhe school a sludenl' in rhe shorrhand class sfares wislfully our of 'rhe window and muHers, Wish I were a driver's educafion sfudenlf' The car furns fhe corner and disappears our of sighf: lhe shorrhand sludenl relucranlly reiurns fo her dicrafion. On second floor in Room 326 'rhe frig srudenls are wearing puzzled looks--fhe as- signmenf loolcs impossible. Miss Burns iusl smiles and begins +o give Wesley some in- dividual help. Now really, lhis isn'+ difficult informs Miss Burns as she a problem To Wesley Fleming. ,.,...1--1 if-r explains Sfudenfs prepare fo pursue a favorife pas- fime of A. H. S .... eafing. I2:00-'Phe bell rings, sfudenfs rush from Their classes, and fhey surge ou'r of Jrhe school. Whal a welcome sound fhe noon bell is +0 sludenfs who feel 'rhe pangs of hunger. Some go fo 'rhe new cafeferia and o'rhers, who live closer +0 school, go home To eaf. The lunch hour is over and sludenls march back info fhe school pausing a+ The bullefin board fo see whar meering is scheduled for fhe lwenly-rninufe acfivify period 'Following lhe lunch hour. Acfivify period over, civics sfudenfs gel down 'ro ihe business of lhe afiernoon-a polilical discussion. ss., sax: Affer refurning 'ro school af noon, Palsy Culp. Karen McFall. and Jerry Serl pause before fhe bullefin board fo check The meefings scheduled for 'rhe ac+ivi+y period. Are you pro or con on fhe subiecf? Ka+hleen Sorensen and Ken Wurzel lisfen as Eleanor Parker gives her viewpoinfs. I9 The meeling will come To order! sfafes Chairman, Jim Apple' by. Secrefary. Lufxnn Miller, reads fhe minules of lhe previous meeling, Tlley Soy if is HSO4 bu? we lcrow il is jug plain sand hills warer. Jim Kemp and David Hickman fry successful experimenls, 20 l My! Everything Tasres so good! These girls are enioying Themselves in fhe new home eco- nomics room. 23' f 6+h period is 'rhe las? period of The clay unless you are lhe recipienl ol a lirlle pinlc slip, your passporf lo a 7'rh period. The girls in lhe new home economics room have paused fo enjoy 'rheir assignmenl- cookies. On second floor, in +he English room, a meehng will soon be in progress 'ro give slu- denls praclice in parliamenfary procedure. Nexl door everyone in Jrhe chemisfry class has Jralcen sheller-David' and Jim are perform- ing one of lheir famous experimenfs. The bell! Af 3:2l ihe halls are once more alive as lhe fypical , . , buf ofhers sfay. These are 'lhe lorfunale sludenfs who have day ai A. H. S. is abou? 'ro end, Some leave . . , had ihe experience of receiving lifile pink slips. 3:20-Hiere's a silence prevailing fhrough Hue halls as a silence prevails before a slorm. 3:2I-a bell rings and 'rhe siorm breaks. There's shouiing, laughier, and chaifer as sludenis bound our of classes and hurry 'ro Hueir lockers. For some siudenfs The end of ihe day has come, bui' for Those who seem 'ro enioy 'rhe luxury oi Talking during a class, a paymeni of an exira hour in ihe sludy hall is required. 3:30-ihe halls are deseried excepi for Hue lwo ianiiors and iheir brooms. Peace has ai lasi come 'ro Hue rwo-sfory, red brick building on Laramie Avenue. All is quier now excepf Hue noise of Hue brooms as Mr. Pryor and Mr. Wilmoni' sweep Hue sand our of Hue halls. Thus ends a fypical day in A. H. S. PERSONALITIES Personaliries-rhese are fhe people you see in rhe halls, wifh whom you share your classes. and your school fun. You work wirh lhese people on com- mirfees. you decoraie wirh Jrhem for dances and homecoming floars, and ro- ge+her you make rhe wheels of your school go around. Your life revolves around rhese per- sonalilies during your iunior and senior high school years. You may loecome angry or disgusred wilh 'rhem ar limes bu+ you'll rise 'ro 'rheir defense if an ou+- sider crilicizes lhem. Then as your high school years near an end you pause and view rhe furure. You know in rhe years Jrhar are ahead 'rhese personaliries will slowly drill away from you as Jrhe sand drif'rs away from +he hills. You wonder if fhere will ever be anyone like rhem? Personalilies, classmaies. friends - call 'rhem whar you please. Alrhough you may never meer again, 'rhey will occupy a special place in your mem- ories. BETTY BAUER Y-Teens. RON BRICE I-li-Y, I-Ii-Y Model Legislalure, Science Club, Hunfing and Fish- ing Club. Drama Club. DAVID BRIGGS Hi-Y, Science Club, I-'lunfing and Fishing Club, Choir, Opereila, Fooiball. EVAGENE BROWN Y-Teens, Science Club. Pep Club. Laiin Club President Drama Club, Senior Class Secrelary, Y-Teen Cabinet PATSY BROWN Y-Teens. Science Club. Pep Club Vice President S+udenl Council, Annual Sfaft Freshman Class President Junior Class Play, Couniy Government Choir, Op- ereila, Y-Teen Cabinet JERRY COLERICK I-li-Y Vice President I-Ii-Y Model Legislalure Lieulenanf Governor, Science Club, A Club. Drama Club, Sludenf Council, Junior Class Play, Couniy Government Choir President Operella, Madri- gal, Foolball, Baslrelball, Traclr, Slaie Music Clinic. Regenls Alfer- nale. MIKE ALVARADO I-li-Y, Science Cub, A Club Secrelary Fooibaw Honorary Cc- Caprain, Baslrerball, Traclc. CHARLES ANDERSON I-li-Y, Science Club I-luniing and Fishing Club Secrelary, Foofbali, Traclc. JIM APPLEBY Blair Nebraska I-li,Y Science Club 'AT Club Couniy Govern! ment Choir, Foofball, Baslrelball Track. The time has come JANICE COLLINS Y-Teens. Science Club, Pep Club Cheerleader. Drama Club, Siu den? Council, Counfy Govern- ment Choir. FAY CORBELL Y-Teens. Science Club, Pep Club Cheerleader, Drama Club. KAREL COREY Y-Teens, Science Club. Pep Club Drama Club, Sfudenr Council Choir, Operella. ARDITH CRAIG Y-Teens Science Club, Pep Club Hunting and Fishing Club Drama Club Junior Class Play, Chorus. PATSY CULP Y-Teens, Science Club, Pep Club, Drama Club, Y-Teen Cabinel. DONNA CURRY Y-Teens, Science Club, Pep Club. Drama Club, Choir, Operella. for their departure JACK ESSEX I-li-Y. Science Club. BILL FEAGINS Science Club, FFA. DAVIS FITZGERALD I-lay Springs, Nebraska, I-Iunling and Fishing Club. FFA, Counly Governmenf, a 5l7l MELWYN DAUGHERTY Hi-Y. Foolball, Traclr. CAROL DONOVAN Y-Teens, Science Club, Pep Club. Drama Club, S+uden+ Council, Cboir. SHARYL DU NSMORE Y-Teens Secrefary, Science Club, Pep Club. I-lunling and Fishing Club, Drama Club, Nalional Hon- or Socieiy, Sophomore Treasurer, Y-Teen Cabinel, Regenls Aller- nale. ANN DUNN Guernsey, Wyoming, Y-Teens, Pep Club. DOUGLAS EDWARDS I-li-Y, Science Club, I-Iunlinq and Fishing Club. A Club, Senior Class Treasurer, Foolball Sludenl Manager, Brass Choir, Pep Band, Regenls Allernale. BECKIE EHRLICH Y-Teens, Pep Club, Drama Club. Lalin Club, Y-Teen Cabinel. WESLEY FLEMMING Hifi, Science Club Hsnling and Fishing Club Presioenf Debare Team Regenls A'rerrare. PHYLLIS GINN Y-Teens FTA, Band Orclwesfra Pep Band, Band Award. DENNIS GRAY Hi-Y, Science Club Foolbalf Bas- lcelball Traclc. 26 -W are PM .1 Irv like 1 A Ky They ling I th d ' V 'T . ln r 'A E If . 1 L . r I 1 f' , , x f 1 K K J Q CAROLYN HEIN Y-Teens, Science Club, Pep Club, Cheerleader, Drama Club, LaIin Club, Nalional Honor Sociely, Annual Sfall, Junior Class Treasf 'iz ,fl urer, .luncr Class Play, Girls' Slale, Counry Governrnenf, Cl'oir, Operella, Madriqal, Orclresrra, Slale Music Clinic, Pep Band. SHARON HERMAN Y-Teens, Pep Club, Hunlinq and Fishing Club, Choir, Operella, Y-Teen Cabinef. er a e oorway TOM GREEN Hi-Y, Science Club, A Club, Foolball, Traclc. DOUG GRIFFITH Clramberlain, Soufln Dalcofa, Hi-Y, Hunfing and Fishing Club, Band, Brass Choir Brass Sexfefre. KAREN HAMILTON Y-Teens, Science Club, Pep Club, Cheerleader, Drama Club, Sopho- more Secrefary, Counly Govern- rnenl, Clnorus Band, Orclweslra, Homecoming Alfendanf, Band Award. MARIE HASHMAN Y-Teens, Science Club, Pep Club, Hunlinq and Fislninq Club. Drama Club, Lafin Club, Clwoir, LESTER HAWLEY Hi-Y, Science Club, A Club, Drama Club, Srudenf Council. Counfy Government Foofball, Baslrefball, Traclr. TED HEMPEL Hi-Y, Science Club, Nalional Honor Sociely, Sfuclenf Council, Senior Class Presidenl, Junior Class Play, Band Capiain, Or- chesfra, Pep Band, Regenfs Aller- nale, DAVID HICKMAN Hi-Y Science Club, l-lunling and Fislwing Club, Drama Club Cl'o7r. VERNA HILLYER Yfleens. MONTE HOFMAN Hi-Y Science Club, l-lunling and Fishing Club, A Club, Drama Club. Foolball, Track Regenls Award. enior class soonsors M o n and Mrs, Merdinqer, measure Eleanor Parker for her cap and gown, MARGIE HOOD Y-Teens Pep Club, Clwoir. PHYLLIS HOWELL Y-Teens, Science Club. Pep Club. Hunling and Fishing Club, Drama Club, Lalin Club, Band, Orclweslra, Pep Band, Y-Teen Cabinet Band Award. WALTER IVERSEN Hi-Y, Science Club, FFA Presi- denf. Sluclenl Council, Junior Class Play, Choir, 27 TERRY JAOUA I-Ii4Y I-ILY Sfaie Leqisfafure. Scf- ence Club Hunfinq ana Fishing Club Drama Club, RALPH JINKS I-Ii,Y Science Cub Drarna Club, Junior Ciass PIay, Choir Fooibai- Track, Band. GARY JOHNSON I-Ii-Y Fooibaii Baskeibak, Track. For all they know they Ken Nicola and Vicki Saflee presenf Janice Long and JOIWV1 Maloney as Ihe I956 Prom Queen and King. DICK JOHNSON Valenfine, Nebraska, HIVY, Choir Fooibali, Baske'rbaII, Track. JULIA KISICKI S+. Agnes Academy, Yffeens, Pep Club, Y-Teen Cabinet BILL KOESTER I-HAY, Scie-nce,CIub, I-Iunfing and Fishing Club, Junior CIL355 Play, ali may never meet again JIM LAWRENCE Onlario Oregon, I-Ii-Y. FFA, Bas lceiball, Traclc. DELORES LOOMIS Y-Teens, Science Club. Pep Club, Choir. RUTH LOTSPEICH Y-Teens President Science Club, Pep Club Caplain, Drama Club, Nalional I-lonor Sociely, Class Play, Girls' Slafe, Counfy Govern- menI', Choir, Opereffa, Madrigal, Band Sergeanl and Senior Lieu- Ienanr, . Orcheslra, Slafe Music Clinic, Girls' Trio, Sexfef, Pep Band, Y-Teen Presidenl, FREEMAN MARCY I-'li-Y. Science Club, I-Iunfing and Fishing Club, Drama Club, Choir, Foolball, Traclc. SANDY MATZ Secrefary Y-Teens, Pep Club, I-Iunling and Fishing Club, Slu- deni Council, Choir, Operefla. DARRELL MQCAWLEY I-lunfing and Fishing Club. CAROL KOHLER Y-Teens, Science Club, Pep Club, Drama Club, Choir, Operella, Band, Pep Band. FRANKLIN KRAUSE I-Ii-Y, Science Club, I-Iunling and Fishing Club, A Club, FFA, DON LACLAIR I-li-Y, A Club, Junior Class Vice Presidenl, Counfy Government Foolball, Track, Pep Club Boy Friend. SHARON McDONALD Y-Teens, Science Club, Pep Club, l'Iun+ing and Fishing Club, Choir, Operella, Y-Teen Cabinel. KAREN McFALL Y-Teens. Pep Club. Drama Club. Counly Government GAA. DOTTY MILLER Y-Teens, Science Club, Pep Club, FTA, Annual Sfaff. Choir, Vice Presiclenl Y-Teens. 29 LUANN MILLER Y-Teens, Science Club, Pep Club, Clioir. SHARRON MOOMEY Y-Teens, Science Cub Pep Club, Drama Club, Choir Opereffa. SANDY MOTE Y-Teens, Science Club, Pep Club Secrelary Drama Club, Class Play Commillee Cboir, Band, Orclweslra, Pep Band, Homecom- ing Allendanl. ir 4. ll we RAY MORENO l-li Y Science Club Choir BOB MOSCRIP Secrefary FFA KEN NICOLA Greybull Wyoming, Hi-Y, Sci- ence Club, A Club Presidenl. Siudenl Council, Junior Class Presidenl, Boys' Siafe, Choir, Smiles mask the feelings of Ea , MARGARET PEREZ Y-Teens, GAA. JANET PETERSON Y-Teens, Science Club, Pep Club, Dfama Club. Quill and Scroll, Na- lional Honor Sociely, Eclilor An- nual Slall. Junior Class Play, AS. sislanl Edilor Spud Sfgff, DAR Award. DARLA Plll'lL Y-Teens, Pep Club, FTA, GAA Treasurer. Foolball Weslern Conference Team, Baslcelball, Track, DAV Award. ROBERTA NIELSEN Y-Teens, Science Club, Pep Club, Drama Club. Band, Orcheslra, Pep Band, Y-Teen Cabinel, GAA, Voice of Democracy Conlesl. MARDELL NIKONT Y-Teens, Science Club, Pep Club, Drama Club. ELEANOR PARKER Y-Teens, Science Club, Pep Club. Cheerleader, Drama Club, Sec- relary-Treasurer Freshman Class, Counly Cvovernmenl, Choir. uncertainty hid in their hearts CLIFFORD PIRNIE Hi-Y, Science Club, Science Clinic. JIM PRATT Hi-Y, Science Club. MONTE ROGERS I-Ii-Y, Science Club, Class Play. Football Track, Band, Orchestra, Pep Band. Senior class officers are: Treasurer Doug Edwards, Secretary Evaqene Brown, President Teo Hempel and Vice President Ken Thompson. JERRY SERL Hi-Y, Science Club, Drama Club. LINDA SHAY Y-Teens, Science Club, Pep Club. Drama Club, Student Council. JUDY SISLEY Y-Teens, Science Club, Pep Club, Hunting and Fishing Club. 3I KATHLEEN SORENSEN Y-Teefs Science Cat: Der: Cab Treasmer, Drama Cut: Fvfsx A'- rgg Sfax Cndr Onereda Re- qen's Exams, l-loncvabe 'v1en'ion, WAYNE SOTH l-li-Y Science Cub Band Or- clwesfra, Brass Cro? Pep Band, BRUCE STACKHOUSE Presidenf and Cnapiain Hi-Y, Sci- ence Club National Honor So- ciely Student Council Presidenf Sophomore C ass, Choir, Opereffa, Baslcelball Reqenrs Exams Aller- nale. '5I7' Happiness and sadness is RICHARD STRATTON Hi-Y, Science Club, Hunfing and Fishing Club, Science Clinic, Re- genis Exams Honorable Menlion. DAVID STULL Sergeanl af Arms l-li-Y, Counfy Government Clnoir, Foorball, Bas- lrefball, Track, GARY SUNDERMEIER l-li-Y, Science Club A Club, Choir, Operelra, Foofball, Baslxel- ball, Track, Music Award Seniors look foward lne fufure with rnisly eyes and srrong defer- minalion. Tlne road of life will now divide - some s'rL.den+s will 'ralce +l1e palli foward college, some 'foward service, and some Toward a vocalion. lmporlanf declsions are wailing fo be made for now llwey musf clwose flwe role llney wanf fo play in Vie. No longer may ilwey only dream abou? +nelr lufure - now llney musl' malce ii. mingled os they don cops ond gowns TONI UNDERWOOD Y-Teens, Science Club, Pep Club. Drama Club, Annual Slall. ILENE WALKER Y-Teens, Science Club, Pep Club Presideni, Drama Club, Larin Club, Annual Sralil, Class Play, Counly Government Cl'1oir, Oper- ella, Maclrigal, Srale Music Clinic, Girls' Trio, Modern Singers, Saxophone Quarrelre, Triple Trio, Pep Band, Polio Chairman, All- Srafe. RETA WECKWERTH Y-Teens, Science Club, Pep Club, I-lunring and Fishing Club, Lalin Club, GAA. JOSEPH WELDIN Science Club, Hi-Y, Band. MARY WILLIAMS Y-Teens, Science Club, Pep Club Caplain, Drama Club, Larin Club, Quill and Scroll, Annual Siaff, Choir, Operelra, Y-Teen Cabiner, Spud Srall. CAROLYN WILSON Scorrsblull, Pep Club, Band, Orclieslra. DAVID THOMAS FFA. KENNETH THOMPSON Hi-Y, Science Club. Sruclenl Council, Senior Class Vice Presi- deni, Foofball, Baslcerball, Tracln Dance Band. CAROL TOOLEY Y-Teens. Science Club, Pep Club. Drama Club, Quill and Scroll, Slu- denr Council. Annual Sfalf, Spud Slalf. MILTON WILSON Hi-Y, Science Club, I-lunling and Fislwing Club. LARRY WOOD I-li-Y, Science Club, Larin Club. Sergeanl of Arms, Class Officer. Cl'1oir, Slafe Music Clinic, KENNETH WU RZEL Hi-Y, Science Club, Huniing and Fishing Club Vice Presidenf, Drama Club, Science Clinic. 33 wvou... 1- -L1 Q03 ,YI an MASQ ffwpu l-1' if C i Lang. - a Llislle-3--all ,X y Enioying a posler are ills Junior Class officers. From leff To righf are Karen Morifz, freasurer' Sharon Slephens, secrefary: Maria Slalos. president and Tom Wriglwf, vice president ill Juniors march forward Wallace Anderson Ronald Ashby Bernard Aspclen Jerry Allcins Kay Barnes Jerry Bauer Marvin Bauer Dixie Beclcer Warren Becker David Bolinger ' -J Jerry Boness ' 34 Beverly Broderick YE? 'w Q if A f all j Ry! - f sf. Linda Brown Mary Brown Robyn Burnham Dan Burl Audrey Burlon Larry Cole Karen Colericlc Diclc Coleman Larry Curliss Royce Dauglwerly Gerald Davis Winsion Deiscln to fill the seniors' shoes. Barbara Diefrich Diana Dilsch Bob Duslcin Peggy Fellon Mary Garcia Judy Hamillon Carla Hansen Marilyn Hawley Deanna Hayward Allen Heclcman Jeanie Hegwood Bob Hickman Beverly Hiles Joe Hill Wayne Hofmann Dick Householder Bill Howell Barbara Hungerford Janel Hunler Jay Hullon Lois Kingry Donna Kisicki Bob Laing Wanda Langdon Merlin Lawrence Clwarnell Leibel Geri Lichly Joyce Liqgelf Bob Lilly Carol Lore Gene Lore Jolm Lulow Marilyn Jelinelc Paul Jessen Riclnard Keller Jim Kemp 3' Leadership of the school will soon be Roger MacNeill Rex Marlin LeRoy Meyers Wayne McGuire John Miller Cheri Mills Sally Min+zer Harvey Mislcimen Marie Miskimen Anna Mae Mifchell Diclc Monfague Don Moore their responsibility Ka! ISIS! Sharon Morehead Karen Morifz Bill Mundi Rosalie Nay Carol Nelson David Nissen BeHy Nye Darlene Nye Janice Olson Sfanley OHoway Nancy Oversfreel Elaine Parker Maria Sfalos Sharon Sfephens Ronald Sfirraf Floyd Swanson Mary Scoggin Jim Shepard Donald Shimp Janice Shimp Dixie Sims Everf Smifh Joe Parker Calvin Peferson Judi Reifz Jim Reynolds Charla Rusk Ronnie Rus? Johnny Sanderson Larry Schneil LaDonna Schriner At last they are nearing Priscilla Taylor Jim Traberf Lincla Traberr Terry Wallcer Earl Wessel Barbara Wesflalce Rose Mary Whilloclc Gleeli Williams Larry Woelul Winona Woodworflw , Tom Wrighf Peggy Young the top of the ladder Karen Colericlx chefs will-1 'rlie Junior Class sponsors, ' ,fn Mr. Kemp and Miss Burns as 55 i' l 'Nw- I A gfwiws, Gary McGuire and Bill Webb are fascinafed by ihe way a single ball of clay is molded info a beauiiful lnowl. This work in ceramics is done in Mr. NeIson's shop class. Darlene Bauer and Ernie Vargas poini' one of The many counlries 'lhey sludy in Mr. Wues'rer's world hislory class. 40 Eg was' -in il lf, X195 i2'3fLf.:s: sri 'in 'f,... 4- Kafhy Parker. Danny Kozal. and Tom Laing look on as Miss l-lariwell explains The geomelric figure. Sophomores shyly entered I Sr gg' Q - 'vu-4 s- v A 1 A- I -Y , 4 ' 4 4, Q ,.., H J .TH Q mlm Baa' l ' j FYB Brr 14 1 QA idfvi X '-- Q B. Adams B. Adams V. Ausfin L. Barger D. Bauer Beagle F. Bering J. Befzold D. Berry B. Boofs Brewer R. Brice R. Brice K. Brock B. Brosi Burback T. Carpenrer G. Chaney D. Chrislen M. Clark Colerick SSFI the high school world and met their new burdens CLASS OFFICERS: President Richard Perez Vice President Max Worley Secrefafy, Jane Woodham Treasurer, Kaihy Parker Ki? 5 innocently t ,pu , . 3 L I s i I I irl'-22 . .., :,.., A . - . s5e.,. . 5 L, , . ' . f , 0' 'f D. Conlonis Q .W N. Cool: i , 5. V 7' E D. Craig wif i A X!! L. Craig . J f Vi A ' E. Crosser H S. Curry I B. Davis 7 .0 up D. Davis 3 A , S. Dav' 'AAN is V- 'E , W V' 4 W. Dilsch .,,,-- g , :,, . K. Dunsmore V J. Engelsgierd o 'H J. Feagins M , ' K. Feese -,. L. Flemming , . K is L. Florez L L Forsslrom J Freeman Q ., H ll c 'ii SL aj j' .. Qui Elf 'V' JV x if I-G' gsz. N ,E J f J' They skipped to pep rallies, assemblies, and K Frosl L Garrel L Sues B Gray D Grleser M' T Harris I fi D Hedges S Henkel L Hines ! D Hobbs H H ff Q L Holfhus 'J J Hood W K Huclc P Jlnlcs 6 Johnson 4, if D Jorgenson J Kimmel J R Kniglml B Kooser N Kohrman D Kozal B Krelcl at 1 Anawah Mme L Langmaclier B Lee J Leishman Q G Lewis -gf L Lewis if , AWEQ I X Libsaclc M McCarll1y 'W H McDonald G McGuire 6 M McFall Q . A . ' A i Q A ' f 9 Q U g gZ i Inguiu rg L it ,I D . . 5, HR . .3 K , . 3, My 1 s. 7' 1 . e , ' if 11- T if D Kisiglqi Jgg V ,er 'ABJ A I ' 'NJ I . I .. L z54.h pggg 1' ,f,4f:.Lgfwd ,,f B Merrill -ui R. Mischniclc 'W D. Mitchell M. Moeller J. Moore R. Moore M. Morrison M. Moscrip .gy C. Mounts i 'J M. Myers 54 g C. Nelson R. Nelson A R. Nielsen y Ph M. Odell we 23 N E-355335. R. Perez trudged dejectedly to semester tests C. Peters G. Peterson R. Philli K y S. Piim - N. Pryor ,NL D. Rader . Rehcler J. Reno B. Retlce A J. Reynolds B. Rochlitz 4 B. Russell R -i P. Rust A G. Schance F. Schnell X C. Scoggin W. Seiler ,Y J. D. Smith Fw wb- R. Stark R. Stull C. Sturgeon S. Taylor D. Thorrnas -1. J. T ompson A' 5 4 yi -yi E. Tollman E. Tucker G. E. Vargas I. Vargas . F D. Vaughn I XXX. M B. Warner J. Wartman B. Webb J. Woodlwam M. Worley 43 B. Wriglwt Ula l l eff Pulling fhe regular books aside in Miss Chris1ensen's geography class. Sherrill Padgeif. Perry Harding. Barbara John- son. Frederick Kimmel and Diana Hagen enioy 'rhe Junior Review. 3- . In Mr. l.arsen's arifhmefic class Jackie Davis lends a helping hand fo Jeannie Sfull as she pufs a problem on lhe board. Susan Ellis and Hank Garcia display Mrs. Feibeg's Spanish souvenirs. I+ looks as if ihey are ready fo go inlo a Spanish dance. 44 Classes and activities keep junior -W? Q - I PEP CLUB OFFICERS Shanding: C. Appleby, L, I-Iansen, S HamII+on, K. Thompson. CHEERLEADERS J. Sampson, C. Craig, C. York, S. AppIe- by, J. Wdgnf. high students busy 5,6 .--5, 1.. A -4 f T- 1 I 1 if ' 1 'I TTY? Y-TEEN CABINET Back row: F. Roe, J. Anderson, R. Grau, S. Felfon, K. CIingenpeeI. Second row: C. Johnson, B. BarTeIs, K. Sonnurr, L Tice, L. Reno, L. I'IilIyer. Fronf row: J. Brice, C. Mayes. C. MiIIer, L. Amen, P. FIorez. STUDENT COUNCIL Back row: I. Kinser, C. Johnson, J. An- derson. R. Gfau, J. Gies, M. I-IawIey Second row: J. Curfiss, J, Davfs S Sanderson, R. O'BrIen, J. Anderson, T Wrignf, T. Hahn. 45 CLASS OFFICERS: President, D. Sfepliens: Vice President R. Hesse: Secrefarv. B. Herman: Treasurer, J. Worfhley. ' A 'L la ffm 1 1 9 4.. 5 . .1i f.. 7.4 5 v--9 ' ' 'x ui' V., F. Alvarado V. Alvarado L. Amen J. Anderson B K5 Q4 s. Appleby ai, C. Appleby B. Barlels ' X - D 7 ' ...A i D. Beckhoff 1 EL.BBleI1neH 0 Ninth graders enjoy being J. Beflger D. Blinde R. Blue D. Boollw J. Brice J. Burfon D. Churclnwell B. Cler K. Clingenpeel S. Corbefl' W. Covall C. Cox C. Craig G. Craig J. Cunningham D. Curry D. Deiscln P. Dilscln H. Dunsmore J. Ebel S. Ellis B. Fagler S. Felion S. Ferguson D. Fischer P. Florez D. Furman V. Galloway H. Garcia S. Garcia D. Gericlce J. Gies M. Gomez R. Gonzales K. Gralwarn R. Grau C. Griilefh S. Hamilion R. Hamplon D. Hanna L. Hanson L. Harimon D. Harris M. Hawley B. Herman C. Herman W. Herman M. Hernandez R. Hesse S. Hickman L. Hillyer D. Hifclncoclc C. Hobbs D. Howell S. Hoyle G. Jenkins Rvvvxl 4 'PL . A 8 ' bg, qv 1 U4 ' L 1 I A . R ll I . f., Q.. . ff' s J l I' L Q9 ' J Q n Q f' E. Jensen C. Johnson L. Johnson K. Kincaid l. Kinser J. Koesfer R. Koesfer J. Kreici S. Lemmon S. Lawrence K. Liqgefr H. Lore L , E 1, omccau 'tv It Jr' ' K. McDonald J. Mabin D. Mackey C. Mayes C. Miller K Miller B Muschnlclr K A-A B Mundi Senlors of junior hugh , ..v T? I 'W-Sa? sa GMM 9 P1 slim 14 L Nncodemus R Nrssen P Nuss J Nye B Nye D OBrien l G Pllh S Powell G Pursley B Regan M Regesfer L Reno L Reno M Reufer K Rhodes C Rnggs R Riggs C Ruffer G Rodgers F Roe J Sampson 5 Sanderson J Sayre H Schnell S Schnell K Schnurr D Schwaderer L Schwaderer L Schwaderer G Seudler M Smnih M Siackhouse D Sfark J Siearns S Sfeffen D S+ephens J Sfephens M Sfewarf J Shley J Shrra+ K Thompson L Trce R Traberf G Tucker T Underwood S Waldron G Wes? J Wrlls B Wrlson J Wor+hley J Wrughf T Wrrghf C York J Zummerman -,G V - X CL fl. 6.6 Lx, 9 Y. I' 13' ,V ' ll! fig. 11- . -H , S, 1 Q -v X ur S an -A-' xx if .. Se- - -f , v 1 K ,v. H' V83 wi Q0 CZ 'Pc 556 pf E-. .... 1,15 - . E -- fl . . 'I' ff? U ' ' - , f-55 ...Q ll ' ll ' ' ' . .. - 0 A. 0 as , , -4, A 3 f J Nfl' J. Pwuap TT , V K f K ' N . U l . , . 'b l'. TT BXRQL . 1 Hx, I - T 4 ll A -. . , ' A , Y' 7' - U V I ,Qi X vi, , , -. n ' . I 1 fb, , 5'. .. . .. Q . g,s5g1,,!'- f A x V' ' . . .1 H Y. F . E KB q . X! ' -X ' A ' R ix 'U 4 4, , T ' l r ' l D. Schulze J I - , I 1- 4- ,, ,Q ' .. 7 V .'T J , B fe' 'S 75 af ,INR 'A 1 L N N 7' .l' U A ' I. .5 it -. V B ll B . 5 ' . l . A P' H Z .METER ' , . . ' ' A ' l ' - ' . 15 Y ,. '-. , Q ' 1 ' 4 'U .. ' A 5 R K .A . s 5' ' ' .4 f ' 47 '. Q D ' 4 . ,ff , ff.-. If . - ' L A 1 of h-.5 1 6 5 J... . Q .TQ 5 si ' 'B' 14 f 4 .f . 4 I' ' ' All6V'l A r 4. Q: Q-. '. e ' - L. Allen -- I E 7 J. Anderson 'Q' X J. Ashby 7 ' an .. .A ' , ifgjjf f ' -' f S. Barrett J. Bauer ? ' V ,V A D. Bedlenl' , 7 , , , S N' Q wa R. Bilstein , - R. Bolinqer I . B. Boness f - - A . J. Brice ' A E ., ' Q' . 5' FV . -.f- .. Q I l W fx B. Brown J. Brownlow ,Q ' D. Carufhers . 9 s M. Chandler ,, ' .5 , 9 ' K7 4' x . 0 . -J' ' - ' L ' L. Chrrstensen ' ' ' . .1 1-M ' G. Clarke Hr 4 ' Q P. Colburn ' . ' v' U 'f I A3 7 5, 'Lfvgllg Ecole -4' ,bla .- C. Cole J. Coleman B. Cook R. Cornette ' Q. F. Cox ' f f ' J Culp B Dahl C Darveau 36 J Davis PX fs.. C Edwards G Ehrlich B Eam L Evans J Feese D Ferguson xl A Elorez J Fodnes B Garcra D Garrett C Gunn M Goodlett J Gorder R Graham P Hall M T Hahn B Hernlem J Hempel K Herman J Hernandez C Hrllrlzer L Hu I er tw U JDHQr:chcof:lr owe L Howell fi C Jaqua V... After gaming confidence from their flrst year, e L Jenk ns A Jensen D Johnson G Jordan S Jordan H Jorgenson C Keller D K S Kennedy QW 97 lnser M Kmgge L G Koesfer M Koester Q P Langdon R Laursen A Lawrence Q- QQ N Lershmon rggett A A K Lincoln Z M Lofspercl-4 B Lurvey M McCa . H T McCawley R McCool J McFaII Xu! . I.. , y ixn A. K .'- ' -- 4. . ' 1 L 'wif' . I ' l Q , LL A '. :L ry, . s- 1 ' 'svn 1 'N ' ', ' fx. E r. . C ,ff.-., s , .-. l . .,,. . A QQ-.Qs T 5. ' A 1 . '7 'gym Q Q L 5 ,'- 'Q .Q Q QQ .Q Q Q QQ Q Q Q . I 'xi Q E f 'rn 5' l 'A '. ' 'll L lu' I 'A ' B P z KBC' I I I. ri th P P V I - ' P i jg I X Q - .Q Q Q Q 'Q Q a Q If Q Q QQ, gk. Y Q '. 9' Q ' I Q , .fn fx - .... -' 4 5 L ' L - . fx . .2 1 g , W aiff' 5 Q QQ ' ' . 48 ' Q bl 8 X ' ' . 1 . . , Q 'Q Q fx ? Q kk Q QQ - I QA QQQ A I ff A 4 as FAM! hd ,, Y fr -vs u s if T. Ja I P '5- ' sf ' of-- 3 -we ET 91 I l R. X F, X eighth graders turned R. McFall E. Malain S. Magnuson H. Marlin D. Marlin -L ' P . P. Mateika B. Merritt G. Miller J. Miller R. Mischnick R. Mischnick D. Moore . R6 ,aw - nl' 0' .1 L. Munger f D. Myers A. Nace P. Nelson M. Nuss W. Oxford D. Parks B. Perez J. Phillip S. Phillip S. Phillips O. Ransom P. Reddish S. Regester M. Reno D. Reynolds R. Reynolds P. Rogers C. Rusk R. Rusk G. Rust S. Sallquist D. Sanders S. Schmidt R. Shelley J 1'- jit'-4 , . . ff X X l I fi 4 Q. 9- c. Sl'19FlOCl4 pffggif: Wu -' D. Shetler D. Shirnp D. Smaha L. Smith L. Snyder B. Stewart L. Studt J. Stull A. Sutton P. Thiessen K. Thomas B. Todd M. Tooley J. Tucker J. Vallentine fx.. f . iwiff 4 PI D. Van Dusen ,wiillia M.vsn Kirk A 4'-7'N if J. Von Tour T ?' I 'A' N mist. fp '3- -.. more attention toward activities CLASS OFFICERS: President. K. Lincoln Vice President. P. Rogers Secretary. J. G-order Treasurer, T. Hahn 49 B. Wyant L. York C. Zaliares W. Walston ., 'Q B. Wilson J. Woods P. Wright xff -H P. Hil Secrefary Mary Jo Farringion Treasurer Bob Turecheck D. Bali J. Bail D. Becker J. Booih J. Brake J. Brarnmer R. Briggs B. Brown R. Bur? M. Case W. Case D. Cheney W. Cook N. Corbeil B. Covalf R. Cox L. Cramer B. Crosser J. Curfiss B. Darveau G. Davis K. DeLue C. Dobson L. Dose K. Duckworfh J. Dunn A. Durham D. Duskin S. Ebel L. Edwards D. Evans M. Farringfon M. Feagins B. Ferguson J. Fraedrich N., C. French C. G-ercke M. Gillis J. Gillespie J. Goodleff D. Gunderson D. Hagen V. Hamilron A. Hammer P. Harding R. Heifz R. Hernandez R. Hernandez D. Hickman R. Hoff M. Hofman Y W. Jines B. Johnson C. Johnson N' If C. Johnson e seventh graders had a busy year K Presidenf James Curhss Vice Presndenf Karen Schnurr I R L .., a s 7-7 -36. K- ,-f AQ-A V... '35 5 becomlng acquainted Z' 6 H Juzenas F Knmmel G Klrlgfy J Klesher F Knlghl S Kohler J Langmacher B Lawrence F Lawrence P Lepard L Lesoung M Lulow D McCool G McFall R Mc6unre L Marine D Mays R Mlddlefon V Moore C Nay E Nuckens D Nielsen V Nnelsen D Nikon? J Nuss S Padgell M Paul: C Pecoy C Pelerson J Prelle C Prouly K Pugh B Pursley J Regan R Rehder C Reno L Reno R Reynolds B Robinson J Rodell R Rohrbouch R Romnng P Sanchez C Saxlon M Saxlon K Schnurr D Sheller C Shnmp J Shump S Sfalos R Slevens G Sfraflon B Sfull S Sfull D Sundermuer D Sward with their R Sward D Thompson G Thompson B Turechelc Waldron D Wall D Wesfon M Wnlson P Wollaslon J Woods R Worfhley J Wyeff 5I :ll f .,.l ' psf' x .1 .Q new school . kJ Ln0 V! 5 N.- 'C' 2 -A. --. up 3 .l K A il J 1 ri A., LA J hu 4 FEATURES There's a lime for worlc, +here's a lime lor play, and iusl' as cerlainly- 'rhere's a lime for aclivilies. Every clay from 1:03 unlil l:2O lhere is a lime for acfivilies. Behind lhe doors of lhe audilorium lhe evenls are planned 'rhal will become +omorrow's memories. Enlhusiasm soars high as you plan your class's homecoming lloal, lhe Pep Club formal, lhe l-li-Y ball, A Club inilialion, lhe Y-Teen panel dis- cussion, and olher affairs. Aclivilies are as much a parl of high school as are lhe sludies. They add spice lo your life. Besides having lun you learn lo lcnow and undersland your high school classmales by working wilh Jrhem on club proiecls. Yes, lhere cer- lainly is a lime for aclivilies. There is no place like Alliance, good 'ole Alliance High . . . and oiher songs, chanfs and cheers Fill The air as lhe Band and Pep Club hold lheir annual pa- rade and lradilional burning of lhe lhe nighl' before Homecoming. This parade always slirs up a greal deal of enlhusiasm and school spiril for lhe game lhe nexf day. Leading lhe parade is 'rhe Alliance High School Band. 54 Early in +he fall, as +he sand slowly blows along lhe plains, we see lhe evenls of never-lo-be-lorgollen home- coming, presenlalion of 'lhe queen and allendanls, pa- rades, and rallies slowly drill- ing loward us. These are lhe evenls which quiclcly mold The pallern for 'rhe ex- ciling and never ceasing aclivilies in A. H. S. A Queen ls Crowned! We have a righl To smile, say The A Club members as Jrhey proudly sland before +he beaulilul Homecoming Queen, Robyn Burnham, and her allend- anis, Sande More and Ce- linda Mounis. Homecoming plays leading role in fall The Proud One Talres Firsl' Place Long hours of ledious worlc for The A. H. S. Seniors proves lo be guife rewarding as lheir floal, The Proud One, wins firsl prize in lhe homecoming parade. Riding on 'rhe floal are Janel' Pelere son, Carol Tooley, and Ann Dunn. actlvltles Three hip-hip-hoorays for Ken Ni- cola, who receives lhe annual D. A. V. award. Ken, a deserving senior and good sporl, is awarded This honor by Mr. Hegwood, commander of lhe D. A. V. al half lime during lhe Gering vs. Alliance loolball game. The D. A. V. award is presenled each year lo some senior foolball player who has displayed good sporlsmanship. f .. Down come +he decoralfions in lhe halls ol A. l-l. S. as homecoming slowly comes lo an end for anolhe' year. Many new memories, bolh hapoy and sad. have been added lo lhe minds of lhe high school sludenls. Tradilion rules A. l'l. S. as we decor- ale lhe halls for our moz+ imporlanl game of lhe year. . . . And so lhe long and advenlurous palh of school liie is slarleo in Alliance High School. ...el i f ii Q L 5 A program on girl-boy re- laTions was given by a panel oT six high school sTudenTs on January 3l, l957. Those parTicipaTing were Carol Nelson, Ilene Walker. PaTsy Brown, Jim Appleby, Ralph Jinlcs, and Tom WrighT. Mr. PeTersen, co-sponsor OT Hi- Y, acTed as moderaTor. The panel gave an inTeresTing. as well as amusing. discussion on This subiecT To The mem- bers oT The l-li-Y and Y- Teens. I, tx J Mrs. Garcia was The honored guesT speaker aT The Y-Teen Fall Conference held This year in Alliance on SepTember 29. Mrs. Garcia was chosen as MoTher oT The Year Trom Nebraska. FiTTy-Tive Alliance girls regisTered Tor The con- Terence and The member Towns presenT in- cluded lrnperial, GranT, Parks, and GoThen- burg. The Theme, Keep Your Candle Burn- ing, was splendidly carried ouT. The program included elecTion oT oTTicers, business meeT- ings, worlcshops and slciTs and programs given aT The noon banqueT. The hosTess presidenTs Tor This area were RuTh LoTspeich and Susan Fe-lTon. Q1 A-me-.-.-- AnoTher vofe for Ike, says Ann Dunn as Toni Underwood records The voTes Tor The candidaTes. A naTional elecTion was held This year by The iunior and senior hisTory and Civics classes. This was done To deTermine'who was The TavoriTe choice oT The high school sTu- denTs. VoTes Tor The vice presidenT and The Ton-mile Tax were also Taken. This counTing board had The duTy oT counTing The voTes- The resulTs-Ike wins by a landslide! These four girls are the leaders ot the Alliance High School Band. The maiorettes presented delight- tul and talented showings at games. parades, and other ap- pearances betore the public. Their new unitorms ot bright gold and white add much color to the band. l-lard worlc and unison seem to be these girls' key words. Hats oft to these high-stepping major- ettes. U3 T . ' . 4 ' r swf' 1? W.. .4 5 l if f i f' if. T ' 'af 'N - T 'l 'H -- -+C 'il' A ' B up Nw.. ,,..:. ' ' ' X Q I 4? ... N Q t' .bfi i, if 5, . K-4' Students are caught in whirl of activities The marching band ot Alliance High School is made ot seventy-tive enthusiastic members. The unit appears at all the home games during halt time presenting colortul performances. The band also adds color and a great deal ot spirit to the games, parades, and pep rallies. The highlight ot the year was the trip to Lincoln tor Band Day at the University ot Nebraska. E 1.4, gd, HI-Y CHRISTMAS DANCE Hail To Mr. and lvliss SanTa Claus! This honor was besTowed upon PaTsy Brown and Joe Parker as They reigned over The annual l'li-Y Ball. Two 55.00 giTT cerTiTicaTes To The Alliance TheaTer were pre- senTed To The couple by The l-li-Y. ThirTy couples aTTended The De- cember I9, 1956, ChrisTmas Ball held in The gym. aww PEP BAND ATTenTion-One, Two, Three-Go Never Tailing us, our pep band is always There To add spiriT and cheerful school songs To our pep rallies and games. During The TooTball and baslceTball seasons They supply The musical baclc- ground Tor our cheers and songs. Pep band proves To be anoTher oT The many greaT highlighTs in A. l-l. S. Winter F. F. A. Dale Berry demonsTraTes a mod- ern swine loT. Ten diTTerenT demon- sTraTions were made by Ag. ll and lll boys Tor The chapTer conTesT. The winner represenTs The chapTer aT The disTricT conTesT. arnves A beauliful aulumn seffing ac- companied by soil lighls, sweel music, beauliful girls, and hand- some boys sei The almosphere for an enioyable evening al lhe Pep Club Formal. This annual evenl' was held on December 4. I956, in lhe high school gym. bringing new fun and interests Could 'lhis be Tarzan? A look of awe covers lhe laces of The Laing boys, Tom and Bob. as lhey walch muscular Ever? Smilh lill a weighl wilh apparenl ease. This was one of 'rhe performances given ai The A Club show on February l2, I957. 59 G. A. A. Boys aren't the only ath- letes in the school! This say- ing is proved by these eleven G. A. A. girls who made up a winning team in basket- ball this year. The team is back row, left to right: Mrs. Panwitz, sponsor, Marilyn Hawley, Helen McDonald, Diana Craig, Sherry Mills, Mary Garcia. Front row: Mary Frederick, Elaine Steggs, Dixie Simms, Caro- lyn Herman. Lupe Florez, and Marie Mislcimen. COUNTY GOVERNMENT Lavender and white colors along with elephant mascots characterize the winning party in the general election tor county government. The Nationalists won by a land- slide over the Federalists as nine Nats were swept into office as compared to two Feds. The winners are left to right: Jerry At- kins, Joe Parlcer, Evert Smith, Larry Curtiss. Roger Mac- Neil, Jay Hutton, Tom Wright, Linda Brown, Dixie Becker, Karen Colerick, and Nancy Overstreet. Students settle down to renee F. F. A. Boy, did you ever see such sfurdiness - +ha+'s really nea+! The F.F.A. boys in- specl lhe welding iob done on 'The new seals which They insialled on The scou+ bus. busy pace G. A. A. Wa+ch out don'+ fall! Oh, my aching bones! If you wan? To know how lo build a pyramid, iusl ask Jrhese lovely bunch of G.A.A. girls +o demonslrafe how il' is done. This pyramid building was one of +he highlighls of fhe year. at- 'Er 1'0fQ1I I: T241 XSS., 5 MARCH OF DIMES This smiling girl really has a good reason for being so happy because she -has fhe salisfaclion of knowing lhal she helped in fhe campaign for 'rhe March of Dimes. llene Walker, who was in charge of fhe 'reen-age drive. looks over The final relurns wi'rh greal delighl. og bb- 6' Af Fishing oui' of a window? Oh, now, Wesley, This has gone loo far! Charles Anderson, Barbara Dieirich, and Kenny Wurzel, officers of The Huniing and Fishing Club, loolc on in amusemeni as Presideni Wesley Flemming casually fishes ou'r of a 'window. The Huniing and Fishing Club, which was added ihis year 'ro ihe busy curriculum of A. l'l. S.. proved io be inieresiing as well as edu- caiional io The siudenis. ...- his sf: x A greai deal of amused inieresi' is shown by fhis commiffee - Bruce Siaclchouse, Clifford Pirnie. Sharyl Dunsmore, Janei Peierson. Ruih Loispeich, and David Hick- 1 man - as ihey seleci 'rheir senior class play. The senior class play is a highlighi and maior eveni of I f F f ihe senior year. lj, Spring is grand finale Congra'I'ula+ions, Mon'I'e, exclaims Mr. Nelson as he proudly presenis The regeni scholarship io Monie Hoiman. The regeni examinaiions were 'ralcen by ihe upper one-fourih of +he senior class. A scholarship io The Universiiy of Ne- braska was presenied fo ihe person wiih ihe highesl' score. This pleasanf looking group of falenfed sfudenfs carry 'rhe leads in This year's operella, Song ol Norway. The group consisring of Roger lv1acNeill, Bruce Slackhouse. Charla Rusk, Ralph Jinks. Robyn Burnham. Jim Traberl. Dick House- holder. Jim Appleby, Jane Woodham, Maria Slalos, Jim Kemp. and Waller lver- sen, examine +he call board wilh inferesl. to a successful year if Now, Terry, you know l wanl one of your name cards, remarks Delores Loomis, while Carol Dono- van and Clifford Pirnie ex- change Their cards. The re- ceiving and exchanging of name cards proves To be an- olher looked - forward - lo evenl of a senior's lasl year. The senior year is indeed a never-'ro-be-Torgollen lime of your life. 63 ,mix H asm fic Q-E9 - iL5 ' w- -.N --.N , ...iv Y Q E. I - '?f f .! f 'K l 'Q , x' Dui- V , I x .,A,.1, ,xa . Q, .::-: ' sl Q N. F an N Os' x y Q 1 ,sig lyk , :E '. 1 ' -1 . M.. 1 Qrfzr ' K I 4 x ,- 3 2 X x R? 4 1 X ,I xr I f 0' 'wail J ir. 1 1 ALL SCHOOL FAVORITES Karen Hamilfon Ken Nicola ax, 'E M xg 4 v P-4 QM' N' y,, 4S.vf4U' nf' - Vx L 'i Aga-adn' ,M I , I 'Q Q. 1' .LE 2 5' , Tw, 2 T 3 .fy .fff MOST REPRESENTATIVE Pa+sy Brown Davld Sfull wgllnm 'QR' Xvxw If 'R N.. ff W., . H A Q. M W, ,, HIGH SCHOLARSHIP Evagene Brown Wesley Flemming Aff? 1 ' af ' .. , , , L fr Ox M' ., ,r 49-H. I' if HNF A 5 .1 : R Q?C ? J' Xmvv 17 .- i Nzcmy. Jr +5 ng -M Q: i P411 hh :- ,,J.r' - , as my ,ini -Veemgidgi f 1. 'A ' 'Q?'1M hV ', fA'4ff'y:-sf' 'mf Q . K ' ' ' I x , Q if . 9 - 44 g Viz, Q fx if ' -59' K, ' A My .. ' A ' 5 fi 233 Qui qi A , C. S F - I , K. Et., I. ' tally - 'E ffl ' .. V Q 3. - M- -f' ffZ'A'f.. v ff A f' 5 N g-W . Q fil l -ei ka ., I. y xx The Student Council us composed of two gurls and two boys from each class The presndent of each class IS automahcally a member The other members are elected by 'rheur classes The Student Council serves un many capacuhe It assnsts the aclmunuslrahon and faculty whenever possuble selects and admnnnsters the assembly programs sponsors social actsvlhes encourages cooperahon wnthun the school and promotes order and decorum among the students Student Council IS our legislature The Student Council has 'lun as nf plans the Christmas acty hes The members from left to r qht are Marulyn Hawley Carol Tooley Richard Perez Daana Cravg Joy Thompson Larry Curhss Mr Nelson sponsor Ted Hempel president Brian Brost Lunda Shay Ron Ashby Marla Stalos and Walter Iverson x ilk Q-och SLK wi-.. EH'- nun O JAX The members of The L Txn Club dvscuss plans Tor The S Turnala Sland ng Trorn lef T 1ghT Janice Lershman Carol Kuslclu Janice Englsglerd Helen MacDonald Wally Seller Mnss HarTwe sponsor RoberT KnnghT TonchrTa CarpenTer Ilene Walker d PaT Jnlcs SITT ng are ucly Reno Mary Moscrlp Jane Woodham Shenla Curry Carole Nelson George Johnson and Eyaczene Bro Latln Club makes Caesar come ahve The Lahn Club conslsTs of a group who have Lahn as Their common lnTeresT This year The club 'owned The Nahonal LaTln Assoczahon whnch us known as The Junvor Classncal League e hlghesT OT The years acTuvnTnes IS The Roman BanqueT which s held an The sprung. MOST oT The meeT1ngs are planned an celelorahon OT Roman holndays. Hi-Y members find fun through fellowship The Alliance Hi-Y Club wilh over 90 members is one of rhe largesi in lhe Wesl' Cenlral Area of lhe Y.M.C.A. A few of The many inspiralional, edu- calional, and service aclivilies ol lhe l-li-Y are: l-li-Y Ball, Sweelheari Dance, l-li-Y Model Legislalure held annually in Lincoln, and Hi-Y-Teen Easier Sunrise Service. The Hi-Y officers parlicipale in a lively dis- cussion. Slanding from lefl fo righf are Jim Appleby, Don LaClair, David Sfuil, Jerry Cole- rick, Tom Wrighr, and Roger MacNeill. Sitting down are Bruce Sfaclchouse, presidenl, and Mr. Pelerson. 5 55' ixwf Mr. Kemp, sponsor of l-li-Y, congrafulafes Jerry Coericlc for loerg seleve Lieufenanr-Governor ar +he Hi-Y Model Legisialure 'n Lincoln. ,X f 4 l IV Top row from lelf fo righl are: Jay Hurron. Monfe Holman, Doug Edwards, Ever? Srnilh, Bob Duslcin. Jim Appleby. Don LaClair, Coach Borg, Ken Nicola, Lesler Hawley, Tom Wrighl, Milne Alvarado, Franlclin Krause. Gary Sunderrneier, and Jerry Colericlx: in ihe bo++om row are Gary Lewis, Don l-lobbs. Max Worley, George Tull, Bob Laing. J. D. Smifh, Calvin Peferson, Denny Chrislensen, Richard Perez, Don Shimp, Larry Garrelf, Diclc Monlague, John Miller, Roger MacNeill, Wayne McGuire, and Jerry Beagle. The A Club is an honorary organizalion consisling of boys who have won a maior arhlelic lerler in one of The high school sporls. This group promoles alhlelics in fhe public schools by building record boards and provid- ing awards for seniors who are oulsranding in arhlelics. The club proiecrs are financed by The annual A Club show. A Club is IHTRLMURALCMMHOWS von., an wee: o I ., . .V i l ul Img FIC ill, kung 1 , PHYSICAL iFllll'TFllltSS nur NAPA ,uf yy - m-AT' ' IGI :pq 'i1 mm , mpgs? - m,Mh Qi 1. FPL nina ncmn-fa sr mf fa! .5 .5 Coaches Mr. Borg, Mr. Zempel, and Mr. Webb fake lime oul from 'rheir coaching acrivifies To enioy a friendly lifrle char. athIete's reward F.F.A. members will be tomorrow's farmers and ranchers The F.F.A. is an organizalion made up of agricullure sfudenfs who plan +o parlicipale in farming and ranching. This year 'rhe club plans 'fo purchase a dairy heiler and a regislered gill lo provide some member a slarf in farming. The Parenl-Son Banquet judging livesloclc and crops, demonslralions. and public spealcing keep lhe boys busy and inferesled. Waller lversen. presidenl, confers wifh Mr. Shannon sponsor, on some plans for a rneeling. F.F.A. members sifling down from Ieff lo righl' are Franklin Krause. Bill Mundi, Earl Wessel. Waller lver- sen, Roberl Moscrip, Royce Daugherly, Jerry Bauer, Lanny Cook, Dale Berry, Floyd Swanson, Dale Vaughn. David Thomas. and slanding are Calvin Pe+erson and Marvin Bauer. g c, I 5 These spirited girls promote athletic enthusiasm Mr Zempel is showing the girls a plaque which school sp rut has helped the team an From lett to right are Kathleen Sorensen treasurer Patsy Bro n vce presdent Mr Zempel sponsor llene Walker president Robyn Burnham secretary and Mrs Barrett sponsor The Pep Club is an organization made up of girls with a C or above average who want to support the athletic program Pep Club contributes in great part to the school lute and spirit ot A l-l S Some ot the annual events are the Pep Club Formal Semi Formal and the dinner given IH order to announce the cheerleaders tor the tollownng year This year tor the tnrst time in school history a man the basketball coach M Zempel was chosen tor one ot the sponsors Also this year new Pep Club unitorrns were purchased which are royal blue pleated skirts and long sleeved white sweaters with a blue and white megaphone pun . . . '. . , . . l W . ' . 1 w. I I : . , z . : , : . , . I - I , , . r. ' i -Er v R6 sk- IL- Carolyn Hein Karen Hamilfon Fay Corbell Eleanor Parlcer Janice Collins Tig. Some+hing wonderful hap- pened 'lo fhe annual sfaff - il became a class which mel' everyday fif+h period. In The pasl years The sfalf members did Their worlc during Their sludy halls and They couldn'1' worlc Togelher as a unil. The annual slaff saw anorher change lhis year - The group was divided info a lay-our slaff which was responsible for draw- ing all The lay-oul' and an edi- Torial sfaff which was respon- sible Tor 'The wrifing. The busy edirorial srafl is piclured ai' The leff. They are Kalhleen Soren- sen, Mrs. Alice Nelson, advisor. Janel Pelerson, edilor, Tom Wright sporrs wrirer. and Carol Tooley. A ic -5ErVho'3s Who in publications To ,X if is i if TT if xx 'lg XXX X il? wi TS Cv? -N. Q The lay-ouf sfaff is busy drawing final copy under The wafchful eyes of +he business advisor and manager. The Table They are using is a new addilion To The annual room 'lhis year. The sfaff purchased +wo Tables wilh money from Their own funds. The induslrious group is Palsy Brown. lay-ou'I' slafl: Dol- +y Miller, lay-oul' s+al'l: Carol Lore, business manager: Mr. Roy Nelson, business advisor! and La Donna Schriner, lay-oul' slafl. T 7 For a few momenTs There's acTually silence in The Spud Room. The Spuds are oTT The press and The sTaTT members are reaping Their rewards. STories always loolc so diTTerenT seT in Type - could ThaT be why each person always reads whaT she wroTe TirsT? This year's sTaTT was dominaTed by The wealcer sex buT prospecTs are look- ing up Tor male inTluence nexT year - six boys were in The TirsT year class. Baclc row: Mr. Gray, advisor, and Carol Nelson, ediTor. FronT row: Bev Brodericlc, TourTh page ediTor3 Sally lv1inTzer, second page ediTor3 Robyn Burnham, sporTs ediTorg and JaneT PeTerson, copy ediTor. sw wi J Don'+ They loolc busy? This group was The adverTising sTaTT Tor The annual. Their iob was To con- TacT The merchanTs and proTes- sional men To sell Them ads. They also had plenTy oT exercise while on The iob - This iob involved plenTy oT walking. STaTT members are leTT To righT: Joy Thompson. Pal Jinlcs, Sharon Morehead, Don Moore, Toni. Underwood, and Carol Nelson. if-1 Membership in Quill and Scroll is every high school iour- nalisT's goal. Quill and Scroll is a naTional honorary socieTy Tor high school iournalisTs. To be eligible Tor membership a sTudenT musT be aT leasT a iunior in high school, be in The upper one-Third OT The class, be acTive in some phase of journalism, be recommended by The advisor. and have a sample oT wriTing accepTed by Quill and Scroll. Alliances chapTer is noT an acTive group: iT is an honorary organiza- Tion. Members are picTured readirg The requiremenTs and creeds oT The organizaTion. SiTTing are Carol Tooley, Robyn Burnham, Carol Nelson, and JaneT PeTerson. STanding are Mary Ellen Williams, Mr. Gray. advisor, and Maria STalos, 6 , T Qi g ef. w if l 4' :sf A-4 ......f.....v 'CT..,.fQTnv m wwf..--.1 ..-f',,,,:'LH, M, X.h:g: ,,,,f- d , . . . f -,.---v-'L' ,, , .., 7 X ,v .4--17' 'L A,,...., I 3' .uni .P Q ,p-v-'M Q n Q' w. W , : 4 -:I V- ' L5 ',wW...iM f' M 1' Q .--'ram - M . 4 J .5 , , K Q Y SM i ' J L 'fT T5.s it M5 . H V x , Nw x. , 45? 3, , -,1 My A ,,f 4 V Q Q AX' . - 1 w k . . fQ ,,..,,1- Wg W gf Q pa' ,. 1-'M AV ' ' ,M M A - -WW Q,,.k 1 Q gf 1 .mm ,v ij X .H 'bt in :Mfs-. ' ' .- ,rj 4 fir' XT an Q A N A a f X N.. - 'Jihutlk 80 SCHOOL LIFE Alhlehcs music drama lhus as your school life lnlo lhese achvlhes you pour your enlhuslasm and from lhem you gaun sahslachon There s a specnal Thrill un helping 'ro wan lhal umporfanl being a member of +he play casl Al 'rhough you work for personal sahsfac 'non you also work for a bugger goal Wulh your fellow sludenls you pool your energy +o gann recognmon and praise 'lor your school Your hearl be Comes bound 'ro lhus school and you 'Flghr 'ro uphold :ls 'rradlhons and fame game, being a member of The choir, or 1 1 Student Managers Don Hobbs, John Miller, and Pant Jessen are torever kept busy checking material in and out. Varsity gives their best Back row, lett to right: Coach Borg, Coach Zernpei, John Miiier, Richard Perez, Joe Parker, George Tutt, Larry Gies, Aiien Hecknwan Third row' Kenneth Huck Mike McCarthy Tom Lain Ja H tton, . . , . g, y u John Moore, Jerry Boness, Max Woriey, Warren Becker. Second row: Richard Stull, Dick O'Brien, Dick S V , . . tevens, Earl Tucker, Dale Ber,y Evert Smith, Bob Laing, Bob Boots. Front row: Dick Montague, Denny Christensen, Larry Garrett, E Howeli, Ken Nicoia, Lester Hawiey, Dick Johnson Monte Hofmann. Bob Duskin. I iTs,,7ls,s,! , ' ' 1 xi A yyyyyy Jyrriwwm ,,,, ,,,,r,',,Mas . sssic , fl TI Y Determination-That was the word for 'i the Alliance Bulldogs in the l956 foot- ball year. Although the Bulldogs were unable to win a single game this year. they nevertheless were determined not to give up and they still upheld the fine traditions of sportsmanship for which Alliance is known. Under the guidance of Coach Dean Webb. the Bulldogs played fine football even in defeat. The cleat- scraped gridiron will serve many at Alliance High as a reminder of lessons learned in football: the sport of life on a small scale. 6' Coaches Jess Borg, Dean Webb. Morris Zempel. and Phil Burkhart guide the boys through a year of sports. to maintain Bulldog traditions Back row: Dick Thomas. Dick Mischnick, Paul Jessen, Coach Webb.Third row: Gary Lewis. J. D. Smith. Wayne McGuire. Jerry Beagle. Second row: Don Shimp, Roger MacNeil. Tom Wright. Ernie Vargas. Front row: Melwyn Daugherty. David Stull. David Briqqs. Don LaClair. .... . , , .I .I 1-1 'M . V a 1.4--ve' SECTION 83 Halfbaclrs and Fullbaclcs-Back row: D. O'Brien, M. Worley, D. Monfague, J. Parker. Second row: D. Chrisfensen, E. Smifh. K. Nicola. J. Boness. Ill Ends, sfanding: W. Becker, D. Sfephens, B. Laing, G. Tuff. D. Berry, J. Beagle. Kneeling: D. LaClair. L. Hawley. Indians Sclap Bulldogs 40-0 The Ogallala lndians whife- washed fhe Bulldogs fo fhe 'rune of 40-0 before a Parenfs' Nighl' crowd in fhe Bulldogs fhird en- counfer of fhe season. The hapless Bulldogs never really musfered an offensive againsf fheir bigger op- ponenfs. Led by fheir brillianf quarfer- back. Nelson Hinlcle. 'rhe Indians relenflessly pounded away af fhe Bulldogs for good gains. H' was 'rhe Bulldogs' fhird loss for fhe season for as many sfarfs. The young Bulldogs never gave up ang showed fighfing spirif +o fhe en . 84 Sidney Smaclcs Bulldogs 37-0 The Sidney Maroons spoiled coach Dean Webb's debuf as men- for of fhe Bulldogs by fhumping Alliance 37-O. The game was de- cided by fhe effecfive passing al'- faclc of fhe Sidney squad. Alfhough even in yards rushing and firsf downs, Alliance failed fo musfer any susfained drives. An inexperienced, buf defermined, Bulldog squad impressed all wifh fheir spirif. Junior halfbaclc Jerry Boness de- lighfed fhe home follcs once on a 38- ard scamper iusf before fhe halfl while fullback Ken Nicola smashed fhe line wifh some good gains. Bulldogs Downed 25-I 3 by Blazers A ver much improved and de- ferminedl Bulldog squad was downed by fhe Torringfon Trail- blazers fo fhe 'rune of 25-I3. Fighf- ing baclc affer Torringfon collecfed 2 fouchdowns in fhe firsl' five minufes of +he game. Alliance puf fogefher a 57-yard scoring drive wifh a Ken Nicola fo Don LaClair pass covering fhe final I8 yards. Alfhough frailing 25-6 af half- fime fhe defermined Bulldogs scored again in +he fourfh quarfer and held fhe Blazers scoreless fhe second half. The fired-up Bulldogs made 4-6 in fhe air for I4O yards and also rushed for I4O yards. Quarferbacks. Back row: T. Wrighf. R. Perez, L. Garreff. Fronf row: E. Tucker, R. Sfull. W. Bulldogs Absorb 40-0 Defeaf From Plaffers Alliance wenf down again before fhe grinding affaclc of fhe Norfh Plaffe Bulldogs in fheir fourfh +iI+ of fhe season. The Alliance club never showed signs of quiffing and played fheir besl' ball in fhe fourfh quarfer. They did musfer an offensive in fhaf quarfer which bogged down iusl' before fhe gun. Alfhough oufweighed, fhe Bulldogs had a defensive sfandoul' in John Moore, fhe l70-pound sophomore faclcle. l-le made brillianf fackles all nighf long and was Alliance's one brighf spof. Bulldogs Drop Fiffh in a Row, 32-0 The luclcless Alliance Bulldogs dropped fheir fiffh game fo The Curfis Aggies 32-0. Misplays in fhe firsl' quarfer gol' fhe young Bulldogs info hof wafer and fhey had fo spend fhe resf of fhe nighl gambling fo gel' ouf of fhe hole. They held The Aggies fo a scoreless firsf quarfer and fhen fhey fumbled. Thaf se'r up fhe Aggies firsf fall and led fo evenfual rouf. In sfafisfics fhe fwo 'reams were even and fhe young Bulldogs showed signs of promise. Sfanding: B. Howell. R. Duskin. G. Lewis. J. Huffon. D. Shim D M sch cl: A Heclrman K ee n D. Johnson, M. Hoffman. Bisons Down Bulldogs ll F r V-we The McCook Bisons I 5 cleaned fhe winless Alliance eleven here 27-0. Bob Cam - bell, fhe Bisons shiffy haff- baclc, ran consisfenfly fhrough, over, and around fhe Bulldogs for long gains. The Bisons spoiled fhe Bull- dogs Homecoming and leff fhe Alliance club winless in six sfarfs. The Bulldogs had some long runs called back and had penalfies called againsf 'lhem when if really hurf. As fo offensive show, fhe Bulldogs displayed some good sfrafegy and decep- fion. The dogged Bulldogs never gave up and showed fine fighfing spirif. Dick Monfague breaks inTo The open for a good gain during The firsf quarfer of The Scoffsbluff game. Bearcafs Romp Bulldogs 4I-7 In The TradiTional Armisfice Day clash wiTh ScoTTsbluff, The CaTs downed The Alliance Team 4l-7. The Bluffs pounded away aT The Bulldogs wiTh a relenfless offensive aTTack and compleTely ouTclassed The Bulldogs. In Their lasT ouTing of The year The Bulldogs' one brighf spof was junior halfback Jerry B o n e s s ' s .65-yard Touchdown stamper in The fourfh quarfer. This broughT down The curTain on a dismal and disappoinTing season of 9 losses and O wins for The Bull- dogs. 86 Kearney Smacks Bulldogs A winless Alliance eleven wenT down in defeaT again in anoTher Big Ten game before The Kearney Bearcafs by The score of 32-O. Kearney scored The firsT Time They had The ball and wenT info The dressing room aT halfTime sporTing a very comforfable 27-O lead. However The young Bulldogs foughf back and musfered a drive ThaT sTarTed on Their own 32-yard line buT bogged down on The Kearney II-yard line when The Bulldogs failed To make a TirsT down. Gering Downs Bulldogs 20-I3 The Alliance Bulldogs played Their besT game of The year againsT The Gering Bulldogs alfhough los- ing 20-13. Alliance scored firsT wiTh Dick Monfague passing To Everf Smifh for a 46-yard Touchdown sTrike and Alliance led 7-O aT halfTime. Ger- ing came back in The second half and scored Twice before Alliance senT Ken Nicola crashing To pay- dirf midway in The fourTh quarfer. Then Trailing Gering I4-I3, Paul Robinson. Gerings big fullback. rambled 26 yards iusT before The final gun. This marked Alliance's eighfh sTraighT loss This year. Dick Monfague and Max Worley move in To bring down Sidney's possessive Schmidf affer a shorT gain. In 'B I , 3? RESERVE RECORD Alliance ,, ,,,,,,,,, . ,,,,, .. .. .6 Sidney . ., I3 Alliance .. .O Norlh Plalle . . I3 Alliance ,,,, . ,,,. I9 Chadron High , . . .IZ Alliance .. 25 Milchell . ,,A,,,,, 36 Alliance . Y,,, .. . ,,,, .. .7 A Herningiord . .. ,,,,, .40 Alliance , ,,,, . .O Scollsbluii .. .. .37 Back row: Don Shimp, Larry Garrell, Tom Laing, Wayne McGuire. Denny Chrislensen, Max Worley. Second row: Coach Zempel, Paul Jessen, Bob Bools. Dick Slevens, J. D. Smifh, Richard Sfull, Mike McCarfhy, Coach Burkharl. Fronl row: Dale Berry, Larry Gies, Bill Howell, Dick Thomas, Richard Perez, Dick O'Brien. '56 Junior High Record Alliance ccc, Scollsblufl Alliance . Norlh Plaile Alliance . Henningford Alliance .,..,, .. Scoilsbluii Alliance .. c,,, .. Hemingiord Alliance . ...... . Chadron .. Reserves Reserves Here comes tomorrow's varsity 'Ql3WZQ9U 92 78 91 9 32.- A' EW ' BL v ,egg ie QQ' QQ 99 Back row: Warren Herman, Richard Traberl. Jary Phillip, David Blinde. Les Reno, John Sayre, Henry Garcia. Roberf Riggs, Sluarf Hoyle, Jack Gies. Jim Cunningham, Middle row: Coach Crowder, Mike Siewarl, Chuck Riggs, Don Deisch. Charles Rcsk, Bob Koesler. John Koesier, Van Galloway, Merle Smilh, Dean Harris, Ivan Kinser, Dennis Slark. Coach Powers. Fronl row: Ray Hesse, Manager, Bob Mischnick, Dennis Hilchcock, Danny Furman, David Ccrry, Slanley Corbelf, Jim Worlhley. Tom Wrighl, Mike McCall, Bruce Herman, Bob Wilson, Dick McCall, Manager. 87 Two more poin+s for Alliance. the Bulldogs gave their all 4 .L 'w i., l 1 , 4 f ,A KEN NICOLA DAVID STULL Going up for a lump shot DON LACLAIR The Alliance High cage forfunes lhis year fell shorl ancl were perhaps a bil' dismal as far as The won-losl record wenl buf lhere was a line promise of beller lhings lo come. The young Bulldogs im- proved sieadily 'rhroughoul lhe season and Their line sporlsmanship and gen- eral fighling spiril was keen in all Their games. Their very capable menlor, Mor- ris Ze-mple, helcl lhe reins over lhe Bull- dogs for The second year. Whelher we win or whelher we lose, we're Bulldogs iusf lhe same, is slill our molio. Varsity cagers show action Driving in for a la JIM LAWRENCE Q! v :ig Qi 'Q 'if Yf' X 'Tau' N o ell fo riqlnfzicoacln Barlcharf LeRoy Hines, Diclc Sfepnens, Jerry Beagle, Ken l-luc ard Sfull F on? row: Jolwnny Sanderson, Max Worleyi Bob Wriglii, Richard Perez, Tom Wriglil Here comes tomorrow's varsity Alliance Alliance Alliance Alliance Alliance Alliance Alliance Alliance Alliance Alliance Alliance Alliance Alliance Alliance Alliance, . ,, Alliance ,,,, , ,. I 957 RESERVE SCHEDULE 39 48 43 632 632 58 ,38 24 62 30 42 43 22 45 50 6 A50 Gering Kearney Sidney Norilw Plalle ,,,, ,,,, , ,, , McCook ,,,,, Mifclniell ,, Sidney , , Scoiisblufl , ,,,,, Gering Curiis ,, Kearney ,, Scoflsbluff . McCook Noriln Plalfe Torringfon , , Ogallala , 50 4I 36 47 35 46 27 44- 63 4I 39 40 46 66 64 57 Back row, lei? 'ro rignf: Coacri Larsen, D. McCaii, B. Riggs, L, Reno, R. Hesse H. Garcia, J. Worfhiey, J. Philip, Manager. Fron+ row: i, Kinser T. Wrigiwr J. Sayre S. Wa'drc' V. Gaiioway, J. Gies, B. Herman, C. Riggs. Junior high cagers start climb to top Back row, iefr fo rigid: Coacri Powers, R. Rcnfg, K. Lincoin, M. McCall, W. Oxford. R. Ruclc, L Cririsiensen, E. Niclrens, P. Neisen, Manager. Frenr row: J. Davis. J. Curiiss, C. Rusk, R, Mischnic C. Johnson, D. Garreff, J. Culp, M. Wiison. I Baslcefball is 'flue high spol of llwe inlramural program. : r W' xf'i1v:ff-vw vefkifmaff f mu, ' Ar '13 I To provide recrealion and promofe afhlefic inferesf, llwe Alliance l-liglw School has increased Jrlie scope of llwe inlrarnural program. Several new ac+ivi+ies lwave been added and rliis program has been lwiglwly publicized. We fly llwrougln ilwe air- says Diclc Mon- lague as he compleles a flip. - A W 4 v if i........ 95 , M11 4- A K 'MY L .4 43 , S. R sf .xv pa, xi! VOLLEYBALL CHAMPIONS I of I956 Leif To rignl: M. Holman. T. Har- ris, J. Weldon, D. Conlonls, D. . Berry, E. Srnllln. J. Appleby, J. Miller. NN. Holman. 5 '3---Q.. be 9 H11 La 1,4 ac ro C ach Borg B Bac J Maclwell T Slubbs A La rence D Polard P Cooper B He e ohnson D Sfull J ce ar manaqer J Ball J Boness W Kemper D Mar C Peres rw J Applebv ALLIANCE HIGH I956 TRACK SEASON Scorlsblull Relays Chadron lnvnrahonal Suclney vs Allvance W N A A lvleel' Alliance lnyulahonal Bug Ten lvleel Dnslrucf Me-el Slare Meer Won by Scolrsbluff Won by Scorfsbluff Won by Alluance Won by Scolfsbluff Allrance Second Won by Scorrsblulf Won by Scorlsbluff Allrance Sevenlh Won by Scollsbluff Alliance Third Won by Bealrnce Alluance Sevenfeenrh e B Br s+ Coach Zem e ren ro J Nexsen Roll' Coach Lvrossarl L Ha ley E Sm fh T Wrughl F J 9 1 ',,,f' ' Ni' 5- 5 -..f7'TJ:.f .auivrip I Ever? Smulh and Melwyn Daugherfy parllclpafe In The popular Indoor lrafk mee+ Alliance wins State Pentathlon in Class A 94 H 7 A '.-' , I 2 1 'H f H -I .f - ' 1 in sr ,xi n y .fy ' 7 q .H , . syn , 5 H IFF: 1 if I i 3 - L Q , 0 H,f,::3f.r: if, E-T: ,ffiLjj5, v A' f It 1 yi , ,,, - . TQ . gy, .4 x L 4, 5g,,.,kv . A .. ' A J ' f f--f wif 'gg A A A- f s '3ff'5 l . - w K Q A ' ,,- v 'V ,X , kr A 'EH W K ' ,. w K y X X X V, Y' giwfl, . KJ 5 yxwflx A -maj, , 3 v 1 A' L Y , ' 4' fl J f S K ' vigrx n R14 x L K 0 . .. , 3 A -yn: an-,LM M J X. 4 V. y - K 2 1 Y 'N 9 . W W 2 1 , A 1 A ' ,Q A l ,gf l l 4 4' 3 -. ' T L 'nf .' - 1 if-A51 , ' vit, - P' ' ,., B k w: o , . k, . R , . w , . l , . . . ss . L. J , . , .Lawren , D. LaC' 5 B. Mll' ri , 3 , p l, F l w: . 'l , ', . , . , . . , A , , W , . I , . ' , . ' r c , L , f . . . 4 . . Y i- -1 1. L, nr 99:9 awk. .2 Max Worley wins firsf for Alliance Junior High Junior high cindermen do their best Back row Don Hobbs manager, E Vargas J Moore D Sfephens D Vaughn J Beagle S Waldron R Hesse M Morrison Coach Corder fronf row Coach Larsen M Worley D Chrusfensen L Garrelf B Bros? R Perez D. OBrien D Harris Coach Taylor Choir members sing from their hearts while making entertainment their business Hunter, S. Stephens, R. Lotspiech, S. McDonald L. Trabert, K. Sorensen, J. Engelsgierd, C Mounts, K. Colericlc, B. Lee, B. Broderick, J Kimmel, M. Brown, D. Sims. C. Kohler, K. Corey. J. Reitz, N. Overstreet. C. Nelson, M. Scoggin P. Brown, D. Beclrer, R. Moore. Absent: W. Iverson. MR. AL BLINDE, Director Choir is a display ot beauty as well as pleasing sound. This group delights many audiences with golden moments as they sing both classical and modern numbers. From the start ot the year. they worlq upward to ditticult songs and passages in preparation tor their tine pertormances. At Christmas time the halls ring with the 'Familiar carols ot the season as the choir practices tor the annual school Christmas program. This year the annual choir clinic with Scottsblutt and Alliance was held at Alliance. The members are inspired by the experience ot singing in such a large group. Contest was held in Sidney with Alliance participat- ing in ditterent sections. On the list ot successtul performances is the spring concert. At this time the choir wear their blue robes. The highlight ot the year is the operetta which was Song ot Norway. The last time the seniors sing with the choir is at baccalaureate. But the alumni are not torgotten tor they come back each Christmas and sing the traditional Christmas song with the rest ot the choir. SHARON TODD. Accompani t fs QC' 1'-Q ,. STATE MUSIC CLINIC They represenled Alliance High af lhe Sfafe Music Clinic, Back row: R. Ashby L. Amen, D. Householder, M. Slalos, R. Marlin, L. Schriner, R. Machleill, L. Woods: Iron? row: P. Felion, L. Brown, C, Hein, R. Lolspeich, I. Wallcer, S. Morehead, BAND OFFICERS These band members Ialce responsibilily. Baal: row: M. Slalos, R. Ashby. T, I-Iempel, D. Householder, D. Edwards: from row: R. Lofspeich C. Hein, W. Anderson L. Schrirrer, C. Mounrs. 98 ALLIANCE HIGH SCHOOL ORCHESTRA Beck row: V. Auslin, D. Conronis, R. Hesse, D. Householder. C. Mounls, J. Lichfy, S. Slalos, L, Schriner. G, Wheeler, direclcr, T. I-lempel, R. Graham, D. Blinde. M. Jelinelc, L. Brown: middle row: C. Johnson. C. Zaliares, P. Reddish, J. Woodham, P. Howell, G. Gsrdon, L. Garrell, J. Nuss, M. Slalos, J, Enqelsqierd. W. Seier, E. Auslin, P, Rogers, W. Coyalf J. Kemp: Iron? row: R. Burnham J. Anderson, R. Moore, C. Sfurqeon, L. Amen, J. Sful D. McCool, J. Kimmel B. Merrill, P. Fellon. Making music fd. YI! Rx sf Q xx F MADRIGAL The Madrigal is a group of selecr choir members chosen each year Io perform for many acfiviiies. They are, back row: R. Ashby, D. House- holder, W. Seiler. R, Marlin, B. Lilly, R. MacNeiIl, T. I-Iarris: fron? row: M. Scoqqin. C. Hein, R. Burnham, J. Woodham. I. Walker, R. Lorspeich, D. Becker. is their job If annul, H, 3 ,A .2 The music program is enioyed by many high school srudenfs. The variefy of acrivifies in The music deparfmenf appeals Io many differenr individuals. Sk 2.3 I- .. If ii 4 iff' i.IQl Q- M I 'ik 5-3 I TRIO These Ihree lovely girls are Alliance High Schools Girls' Trio, They are, Ieff Io righf: Rufh Lofspech. Carolyn I-Iein, and Ilene Walker. CHOIR OFFICERS These are 'Ike people who make our 'Ihird and Tourfh period Choir run smoofhly. They are, back row: J. Traberh E. Tollman, R. Srull, S. Curry, B. Brosf R. Perez: Iron? row: L. Garrerf, S, Davis, M. S+aIos. R. Mac- Neill, K. Parker, D. Householder. 99 Concert bond isn't all work, it 'hd',,i-,i-A4f,4i if c row lll' lo rghl P Lepard R Reynolds Graham D Bllncle W Sofh J Sanderson D Grnfhfh Kemp W Anderson B Tollman B Roclcl Galloway Fullh row F Knmmel P Howell R Burnham M Worley J Nuss V Aushn D Conloms R Hesse Householder P Fellon L Brown K Haml n Fourth row C Edwards C Zalnares B Merraff M aos R MacNenll Mar rn T Hem e D ar s J Weldon S Slalos L Schrlner J Wrlgl' P Thuessen Third row K Thomas J Curlxss S Jordan B Lee C Nelson M Jelunelr M Mohler J Wood ham L Garrelf l Walker R Perez P Gunn Second isn't all play - f 1 1 1 f R 1. row: L, Evans. W. Covell, C. Kohler, P. Ro ers, C g . Miller, K. Clingenpeel. S. Morehead. B. Hiles, W. Seller, R. Ashby, D. Hanna, E. Auslin, C. Hein. Froni row: C. Sfurgeon, J. Englesgierd, S. Mole. C. Rusk. B. Wrighf, G. Lichfy, J. Slilley, F. Roe. J. Hempel C. Mounls. C. Griffifh, R. Lolspeich, S. Lemmon. MR. GERALD WHEELER, Direclor The Alliance High School Band is a vifal organizalion in our school and Direclor Mr. Wheeler and lhe musi- cians meril our highesl praise. A+ +he foolball games +he band malces a colorful piclure as lhey march on'ro The field and display many clever formalions. During The loofball and baslcelball games. we realize how imporlanl lhe band is in keeping up school spirit The band paricipales in many spe- cial evenls. such as Chrisfmas con- cerl. spring concerl. band clinic, and gradualion. Playing an inslrumenl isn'l 'rhe only requiremenl for band. Many hours of praclice are also required. Bul aller all 'rhis discipline. 'rhey love 'rhe com- plimenls, 'rhe welling murmur of pride from lhe crowd. . s s c o I o Class play Mary ro P sclla Tay or B Mundi nd Floyd S an on po I ay fou ch Id T W ghf Ilwe Professo Keafs a d Paul Jessen plays Joh Appleby e Iwelpf I I d PROFESSOR HOW COULD YOU7 THE CAST KEATS PERRY j 453,11 TOM WRIGHT JIM KEMP VICKY RANDOLPH M K z' SHARON MOREHEAD SHARON STEPHENS GRANDMA PERRY jf LINDA BROWN SALLY MINTZER GRANDPA PERRY Cf N LQ 1 QLLV Lf BOB LILLY LARRY CURTISS JOHN APPLEBY f f e Lk PAUL JESSEN ROGER MacNEIL DEANNA HAYWARD LADONNA SCHRINER PRISCILLA MORLEY ,E,.,L,, L TOOTSIE BEAN ILLLLL BARBARA DIETRICH MARIA STALOS BUTCHER BOY BEAN .,... - 41.91. ..... .,., , Zg,V,,Z,zfZV E, ...,, JAY HUTTON EVERT SMITH VALERIE WHITMAN 4i.gQff3,2,,w-Q,Bm ,LL,L. LL,L,, , L ,, PEGGY YOUNG DIXIE BECKER Boeems ,LEfE5iZZgE,E: LLLLI,LLLL,,LL,,,, CAALVIN PETERSON DICK HOUSEI-IOLBER FOUR CHILDREN MARY BROWN BILL MUNDT . fx PRISCILLA AYLOR FLOYD SWANSON I, 'Cf'7 LJ ' Y is pw GUARDIAN STATE BANK Walfer lversen Ray Moreno Jack Essex Davls Flfzgerald MELVILLE LUMBER COMPANY A H JONES Jerry Colerlck Kenne+h Thompson Wesley Flemmlng C A Grlffls Coy Rice ZOELLNER'S DICK'S CAFE Milfon Wilson Melvyn Keck Tecl Hempel, Mrs. Beryl Johnson Janice Collins A , ra H7 'V A 1 J.-fly ij I r K 55 'fl 'Q 'ffl 'W N 0 .X , , N? ' - Q l ,wg all It ,v R iv . Y ' , K 4 A , A f-' K 5' Q ,sr c. ' g' A A 'ff U , G E 1 I l Xu , .,s,., A q wsPMs-. I . . A PODHAISKY INSURANCE ECONOMY FURNITURE Peggy Colerlck Lanny Cook Jack Cullen Evagene Brown LesI'er Hawley PROPER PONTIAC THIELE S JEWELRY STORE Ronald BFICS KENNY Wurlel Donald Harmon Karen McFaII 5 WALKER FUNERAL HOME Dave Walker Ilene Walker 1 ROMINE S CAFE Mon+e Hofman Mllfon Wnlson Gary Johnson Joe Weldon George Romme KANSAS NEBRASKA GAS COMPANY KISSACKS OFFICE SUPPLY Darrell McCawley H W CorblH' Marne Fanning Kafhleen Sorensen Evagene Brown COVER JONES DEE LITE BAKERY Karel Corey J W COVER JR Sharron Moomey Russell Flnch Dlclz Johnson I I I I .X W Nl , Q l , In I . . I I I Q . 1 ' ' I ' I I HOLSTEN S DRUG STORE SCOGGIN S PAINT and WALLPAPER Mardell Nllconl' Mrs Wilma Gregfbry Verna Hlllyer Leora Scoggm Carol Kohler ALLIANCE CLEANERS NEWBERRYS Mrs Ushlo Rlia Weclcwer+l'1 Wayne So+h Nell Wlghfman Marne Hashman If MONTGOMERY WARD 8: COMPANY Roberla Nielsen B. Marfz THIELES DRUG STORE BORRORS CHEVROLET Eleanor Parker Mrs Mable BarreH' Nell F.-05+ Jerry Sefl Q Q ALLIANCE THEATER PENNEYS Margarei' Perez Jam PraH David Sfull Joe Fischer GUARDIAN BEAUTY SALON PEPSI COLA BOTTLING COMPANY Ka+l'1leen Sorensen Pa+sy Brown Jam Appleby Dennls Gray Monfe Rogers X -. DRAKE HOTEL LENLAS STYLE SHOP Bruce Slaclclwouse Mr Harold Wood Lenla Wiseman Pafsy Culp I V I Q ' . X1 ie ' x ,Q 5 X 5 , .-f l J. C. ' 1 'f S -, V V E 'xx T1 'I I I ,x ,X ' S '1' , 1-lf Sf A A NS Y V A- ,H- . 'V' V I STICKNEYS AUTO SUPPLY COMPANY Richard Hari' Darla Pllhl f '--g IW SCHOMMERS TEXACO SERVICE STATION David Hackman Tom Green If Y RADIO STATION KCOW D Ie oH'y MII r Ken Nicola 'FM T9 'Ns WY? Ly 7 SECURITY MUTUAL INSURANCE Ardlfh Craug Max Moore Ralph Jmks lilii BEDIENT LITHO Chuck Haggard Charles Anderson TENTH STREET GROCERY Soma Underwood Donna Curry Lyle S+evens PM , MODE ODAY REX HAMBURGER SHOP Mrs Barfels Sharon Herman Ph H H ll L W d y IS owe arry oo Chfford Pnrme Rex Myers If 33. I ,,, . .4 'iw' Q Q5 I ' L . A Q Q Vi My yu? I , are me . 41 . , ,, - 7 - . '1 I S f I I I 0 - 3 o , ip-,Zia ' U- 1 0 :-. yi N . , ., . QQ 'I' ,ff CX I: I v. -1 -9' J V . 2 'v I - 5 xv - -re A A , ' x . - ' I i X-A I I y Y mm y Z A? - - E'-f r I f E E' A . 1 I I 'T 1 ' ' I J I , x f A ji ,X W lj ',, , I - ' f I A -f 2- 1 x h flil - - QD:-Q N- BRAZEAL FURNITURE COMPANY Mike Alvarado Carolyn Wilson Bull Brazeal nf X, KEEP U NEAT ALLIANCE NATIONAL BANK G V Ta+um Julia Klslclu Charles Kuncl David Brrggs 13' TEXACO CORNER SERVICE TAX CONSULTANT Richard S+raHon Reuben Wernlce Melwyn DaugI1er+y Willard Anderson X...., xy!!! 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