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V M wk mytfi N -JMWZ 4Zf0vLgf5Qf2,fV UMW! pf J wwf w Vwfwfwq Adhd 9. JC., 41- 574, f., X 651' 1, my nfl mf-'fx Ev' s. '-1-f Cf 4 41- 0 Ax o 161.4 f 5- 'L ,I Q14 I Lf-1.24 I f rfb x'S-cf fa. fb: X. X ,it ,.-L -5-4 'bl ,.J-f 5 ,-Q!-'Y' """1 JA ag, Q ,,..4-:- F' v-f ZH? Vx. xtb QD ,, 63.2 Sl 2 'sl' 424-,XJ J QSRQN' filklici ww Tai f ,iii wg xxix-'E M40 1 ffT'? NKW' 4 S E X . - ,-,. ff f . ,, 4 K kr I M K K 1 v s J Vo , N lc ,V . U V ' 3' QW: X ' " V L f ' X f' 2 3 1 4' 'V 'fl .I ILT' ' ' 2 . ' 'N r . ' ,- ,fy , M kv ,N W - V f b 5, I . fn . I I1 , Aw ug. ,J I A, 4 I f X, 4 , ,, , . ,Q X v - f J, . ' X U1 f , f , X Ki' I ua , ff yflfgu, 'Mf ' . . ' x, , y S ,V if I V 1 xvv X V1 , A nf Lf, KNQX ' . fxv of f fl I V--,J X -"' ff . . wx W ff ,M A- 5 tx if ' f 1-4.- J X QV V, . N 'L iff ' L ' 'PV . r 'W--f A -1' 'Y K IX , ' K 4 f tw : 2 gr lx M W-f' 02 f" .2 'XJ ., '- i ' V 1 'Y ' , XJ L -ix xr! it V., J an Lx .H-X 2: ...Ex xx ,XX X . VM? N N , Qs 'K' Y - .' 5+ F f 4 U 2 2 x 5 L1 fn 5 wx x1 T f -X X MH. 1 g xg A K I ,l .4 2. 1 If ,H ,., X' an - I - ix 5 'J J ,e 5 f y ff-1 f" 2 If, 1 - Q 5 A ,. A 1 , ' ., f ' kwa ey 'u b X - -f X ,Q K, xg- '34 xx 'W g Y 714 5, ,A 'fl' L. L ' ' ax ,L I ff ,,,,, 'I :V V-r ., 4 YT" -f' I 5 " 'f 1: ? 1 hx N G 1 3 - Nb yi 1 ar, J . ,-44' ..,, jl7,il1 1 V ft- I KEY! . g 5-1 uk X? ki MK K. sf 'CL V fi-pk 13 14 .k,iAlA'wv,t Y x X yy ..k , X N A f xl '.,,47, . I n F ,W , . , J , . . xx .f 14, ,Q VJ, x 'qw .yy N A f Q ff- 'D - A, wx Wt - K Y. Q 5 k -,ii Q. , , f : it v .4 X ,ix Y A X X 5 , .J ,V ,rl -ii ., bi-in -. TX ' 9, X ' '.. XX N 1. N -li ,Q 1 ff' 3. 3 K , , -,X K ,-Q, X A Ak' J ,xx hi 2 Lf , f C x , "' A- I .ah x 4, "-fx " X, GN h I gig v 1. x 'H 'QNX ., 'r . J N ,.x ' --e 5 i ' 2 1: 1 -- N- M --1 M . . " ' -It 'L' I 'X yr.-:Hui "Ji N radix- Qexx ,fx , EAIWM' rs 1 1 V- . I .,l .. 2 -ix X J ki ' f 7 W-fx f N Q M Q ' X 'fb In V! I' 4 QL-X BX J 1 "If - hifi J.. K ' 95 ,V , ..-J-N., 4- 'Q 1 13 -ex ,XX W QW- v W 2 ...-.3-X ,JF if EIUV mx L. XJ W '-N xx. fx F-,V nl 1 I . 82 x "H 731 If 'H 2 rw N NX . VM- , nb 'I V 'KX I N' - A Q I X, fl- f 2 A yy! 1 l, , f In 4 ' 5' 1 S 1 E 'fb M My ff wx N 5 Q -N Vw 1 2 I5 ' A ff f V9 fb mf ff ff , 5' Q 1 S-f . Q ,A - jx Fl . -5 IV ffl! X , ,J 'Y.xfD Q . , . X , 1 4 uf Q ,- bk ' ' Y ll , , .1 s 1 I vu , Q 4 Q Av I M , ' 'W 7 gf W CR A " if. iw 1- .5 fl . KW , fx Gr , 6 ,, -X x ,f , , LQ, J A 1 ,fl v , X I f, S b C I, A - AJ, A , 1 xi .1 T5 I x .X f A 14, X! - m ,yy 1-I ' A X If X2 Q-,, 5 Q-R: nx Li ,T 5 f ,ff , , 'Y IN ,jx fx .f ,... -.9 Y L J -. .', rx I - .V g 'VA x ,, 2172 K N ,X lf -A I-X 1 ,xv X , .Q ll I x 'fy ...S ff W, To keep The joys of This unforgettable year fresh In your mind, we present THE VOLUME XII If was ours for almost a year. Now it belongs To you ALLIANCE HIGH SCHOOL Alliance, Nebraska I J' ' f wsu. - wsffffqfij, , e ,N s sis? . gg L X-. J - iif ' 72' ,l www. ,.,-4.- P Y K . 3545, . ,mt hz. 2. as L ,aff wi ' .' '- na sf --, .W .ws 2 Y QA' 2 'a because she makes because of her ady sympafhy: and because and admire her, we are proud io The '56 Bulldog fo Juanifa Schiebel. PRESENTATION ff U DEDlcATloN rf M www: TABLE OF CONTENTS AND EDITOR S MESSAGE ff ,Y 3 ScHooL BOARD cf ff f f wwe DE ADMINISTRATION ff A 41 ,fe KJ M 7 FACULTY f1ff't9 MVT! vm ,z ff my AQ SDPERLATTVES WM U, Cycff' Cb Q may 15 GRADUATES DUN NLM fl 01332 UNDERCLASSMEN f My f ' EM fLz4u2 ORGANIZATIONS f Lcfifo flag aww 69 FAVORITES f1f4fwfw2.fQv9fL, Sc:HooL LIFE 0 TTT BULLDOG SUPPORTERS rw fccffz 7 We have Tried To produce a calendar of your lnfe at A H S durmg Th 55 56 Term IT IS our desire ThaT you who look Through These pages will remember The Tun and The work In vvhrch you shared wTTh your classmaTes 7 , W f. T A I4 7 1 fy 'V f' . - CQAHJ ,I X f .I-,.. 1 -f 'jj -M -HL '71 I 1 .T I, . , JNL 4. 411, A ,ff ' , 65 A f- -L 1 2 ,- f, 1 gi, 7 '1 -. U 7 v 'T fl X , . , . if' N-2' -1 4 ,T V T, VE . A ' ' 6 x! , f -ff? fi ff f . 5' -X ' " - JN aff- X - Au, ' T, 'N' ,ff xx ,A Ji ul, N, ,. .3 .. . . 7 , ' U! ff - - .K , I . , 1 wi, T' ' ,'-N , y ' - . A gfXZ,.f,11-Q V V Jfgf- 4 QT " 44 f .' - , ,I ,iff -V' .1 , xi T -Y , ' 1 ' B . 5 "I T' Q L rf' L' -1 -. L "- 1' - ,' f' ,T if Q I , f : . 1 by Ek sirff' p I .XLLQ 7 W , I T ,w I JJ - , IV Z1 f I - V . 9 61 1' . D , - . . . . . -., . This is Alliance High School, photographed in its scenic, familiar surroundings of snow. The snow, which attects our activities, domi- nates our daily lives, and yes, is responsible tor our very existence in this wheat farm- ing and ranching community has been selected as the theme of the BULLDOG, '56, The Editors, Janice Long and Sally Saylor ex 133 gym .-,jf ' Qgff-1921 7 A miif Y kez?.,Q . V ,. , , , in V 5 IW W N, 1 1 is Wes. uv J ,, S, Wm ,Magma E 'Ns Nhance City Schools No rson Supe ntendent CE NEBRASKA TTY SCHOOLS Lou E ALUAN TO THE STUDENTS OE ALLIANCE C know that schools exist but have Far too many of us l1why9lI t xes and never asked ou Your parents pay a rative effort Schools exist for y your teachers spend their hours in a coope to build better citizens All desire that you, the stu dent of today, will make a better world tomorrow Each of you must do your part in the affairs of both local and world com unities Each must have a desire to learn and gain knowledge to meet those problems of to morrow The responsibility of the troubles of tomorrow and their solution is in your generation, no one else ca blems hooling assume those pro ' the utmost from your sc ssity arises and app h of you obtain e as the nece a eac ly it to the best advantag Sincerely yours, .fi -'56 Loui s E. Morrison Mr. Mitchell, principal of the Junior High, Mr. Nelson, principal of the High School, and his assistant, Mr. Bruce, inspect the facilities of the new cafeteria. A SCHOOL IS ONLY AS GOOD AS ITS TEACHERS No matter how elaborate the facilities, how comprehensive the material, or how efficient the system, the effectiveness of any course of teaching depends on the people who administer it, on their experience, competence, and sincerity. This ad- ministration is conscientiously devoted to helping the students of the Alliance City Schools get the most out of the training it provides for them. lENGlLllSl-ll We can't escape the never- ending need for English, it is as valuable to U3 as the snow is to the dry thirsty earth. Just as the earth has a thirst for water, we are constantly thirsty for Eng- lish. It is as indispensable to,us as students as it will be to us as men and women in the future. Mrs. Merdinger is giving Miss Vagneur and Miss Erxleben some pointers on assignments. cached The English Department is of- ten associated with only gram- mar. This is a false assumption. Actually it is an extensive de- partment consisting of courses in journalism, speech, dramatics, and literature. Miss Edwards looks at a magazine while she discusses with Mrs. Seitz, Miss Christensen, and Mrs. Beerline the importance of outside reading for students. 'MWP mu By learning about our neigh- bors' backgrounds and culture we can better understand their actions. If we can learn to under- stand them now we will know how to cope with them in the future. Comparing history books are Mr. Dexter, Mrs. Lichty, and Mr. Co- burn. SUCHAIL. STUDHES Our social science teachers never tire of leading us back through the past to learn knowl- edge for the future. The path is long, but our teachers are always there to guide us on it we become dis- couraged. Keeping up on current events is a requisite for history teachers as Mr. Zempel and Mrs. Nelson prove while talking about current event magazines to Mr. Grossart and Mr. Burkhart. cZZOm ' ch MATFIEMATICS Under the guiding hands of these math teachers the seeds are planted which will mature into tomorrow's astronomers, teachers, and engineers. Mr. Larsen, Mrs. Nelson, Miss Burns, Mrs. Kuncl, and Miss Hartwell con- verse about common math prob- lems. SCIENCE ln the department of science, the mysteries of the world we live in are unveiled To a con- stantly surprised and bewildered audience. Mr. Brown shows a biology maga- zine to Mr. Johnson, Mr. Peterson, Mr. Coburn, and' Mr. Taylor. vw? D amswze QZN VUMCA-ATHONAL TR.-QMINHNG With a look toward the future, the classes in homemaking, me- chanical drawing, shop, and agri- culture are designed to prepare us for adult life. Mr. Shannon watches Miss Hoover examine a hand fooled purse. Mr. Nelson looks on. FCDREHGN LANGUAGE Latin and Spanish keep us fas- cinated and absorbed as we learn about different languages. Mrs. Fiebig and Miss Hartwell dis- cuss the relationship between Span- ish and Latin. COMMERCIAL The door to the business world is opened for us in our iunior and senior years with courses in typing, shorthand and bookkeep- ing. Talking about commercial subiects are Miss Schiebel, Mrs. Fiebeg, Mrs. Scudder, and Mr. Maxey. Om? MUSIC Under the competent guidance of these men our choir, band, and orchestra are molded into perfection. After long hours of patient practice and drill they train musical groups of which Alliance will always be proud. Mr. Rounds admires the new choir robes displayed by Mr. Blinde. Mr. Toenias looks on. PHYSICAL EDUCATION Exercise is only one of the many aims of the physical edu- cation classes, iust as important is the learning of team coopera- tion. Mr. Corder, Miss Vahrenkamp, and Mr. Borg are seen in the new gym discussing its advantages. CUACHES The coaches spend many, seemingly endless hours train- ing the football, basketball, and track looys into teams which the school and town can be proud to claim. Mr. Taylor, Mr. Zempel, Mr. Gros- sart, Mr. Corder, and Mr. Larsen gain confidence for the future while looking at the past. 77eopZe Save Om xc xy A I I V - 'gif Z G- gl ,L tx' M 4 i i. X k XX The smiling group behind the ggur-ner is Mrs, Meffin, Mrs, Mrs. Myers and Mrs. Andrews are enioying a display in the Mounts, Mrs. Heath and Mrs. Copple. SSFHOF high school library. Mr. Pryor explains the heating gauge to Mr. Wilmott and Mr. Jorgenson. As you finish this page you have completed the faculty section - but before you go to the next page, pause a minute and think of all the things our teachers have done for us to help us on our road to adult life. Now, another year has come and gone and we still haven't found the answer to the universal question-how do they manage to keep us forever snowed under? The endless special services per- formed for us by the nurse, the sec- retaries, the librarians, and the cus- todians could never be appreciated enough. Although these services are sometimes not seen, they are so im- portant to us that our school could not function without them. ff? EW BAKER VU-2,5 Y A x ,Y J Qu- QU fn- 94 qs. S F I if af' QQ I5 Q V . , :L ' 0 a I N 4,, V ' ' x I ! If 'I 9' M I .LJ . M, ' I 3 9 " -. X 'X ' -' I 8 4 ,V . - 1 I 1 ' F . Q f vb, V fl ,. , ' 17 ' , J . , f ' V4 If . .M V v r A 1 Q ' ll , T b Q ' 51 Q , ix S Q ' x V h ' 'I Q, Z vw ' K . b - V X 8 - ' sr Q -J i fx, t I- 5' i. .li 'I ' x' 'fri :Al r ' we Mft! 3 4 V K. I x 34 i . -. f V 2 - QTL "5 .5 ,' , . 1 ' , Mtv M' ' b ' 'Z' ll 'V' , we 77 V V, ' 1 L t M v' U U 'v b -. ' A A A , v I 1 I .. ff - L I xv . . it S- 1 b . ,V I i- 4 .iq A , i ,, A , G i'l -' V Q 3... I , J . Y .gf . ,V ' , A 5 1 .' A ,, . '-A rc v . .V .D ' F 'gi V K 1 fl -g iii Q. , 4 Q I gm' .'eQ , av , , 4 a, s. V V if - - ' rc :Ax . V vi 4 k Qt.: .Quart N, ...'. 't 1' . V , , ?'- A - - x Q - , , f , .1 - . 3, V 5- . ,-. - , V f" Q .. H ' -'nik' .' ' .f L1-1' J i'V . ' Vy' 'J 4 . T ,' Q , 1 Z F' rV . 3' 5. 'gf -av, -' ' 'Q Q -if' X .1, 1 as' , ', s.-V'. . ' I ' ' 5 .. 5 Q! . ' V V ' if XV: 1 . x 'f f ' 4 f I K A- is ' ig 5. I g 9 ,, , .n , ' K gl Nl' 1A . wx ' V at Q QQ Q ' K - 1 v X' , " 0 'V f -V , With decorated halls parade preparations and P School Starts, Activities Begin, Old Friendships are Renewed After days of hard work and clever thinking the Hom ecoming parade reveals many floats First prize winner is the Pep Club who carried out the theme Disneyland with Flight to Victory by featuring Dumbo the tl ying elephant 74106694 Me eau e at Donovan and Karen Hamilton are high spirit AHS celebrates the 1955 Home crowned b th co y e A Club at the afternoon ming Queen Louise Becker and attend ants ra y -A Four FFA boys wm speclal honors at the Tru Slate Judging Contest Thus team of 4 ob tamed top honors resulhng Stock Show nn Denver From left to right Leonard Thomp son Ken Henan Mr Shannon F F A lnstructor Howard Henan and John Stark Throughout football and basketball season these girls entertain fhe crowds and lead the band. Hats off to twirlers Shirley and Sharon Case for their hard work and grand per. formances mend Z0 ememlefz I7 I in a trip 'lo the Mid-West I Band performs Director to the tudent body through f v ff' 1 if if 2 X If Themboys er he fieflbfxif now- is be- ' ryis YU- It xx f ship and progress is mingled with the smell of bonfires. Alliance vs. Kearney game brings much excitement. At the half the annual D,A.V. award is presented by Os- car Mammon to senior quar- terback, Ernest Perez for outstanding sportsmanship. -f I I 602 602 Annually in the fall, the younger members of Y.W.C.A., the Y-Teens, meet in the city park to hold their candlelight Patteran Service. Al This service letters from last year's officers are brought forth and read by the new officers. Pictured are Y-Teens at the park shelter. ' KYQJ? Snow settles quietly over the V ,ze f countryside as the pupils of A l-l.S. settle down to a win This group of ambitious song sters have made many appear ences during the year, Boys Quartet consists of Nick Vallen tine, Dick Pollard, John Mal oney, Bill Bock. i Dick Pollard, Hi-Y representa- tive at the annual Hi-Y Leg- islative Session at Lincoln. was elegjed to the position of Spealrer of the House. He is congratulated by Hi-Y spon- sors, John Bruce and Fred Peterson. Tension mounts as these boys become impatient to get in the game. A crucial moment, every player waits anxiously until the play is completed and the results are known, Football, a popular sport in A,H.S., interests students and is surrounded by school spirit. ter of hard work and hours 44 74 0605 5 X Playbooks and foofliqhls, hard work and openlng mghl fhe Jumor Class presenls Curuous Savage Piclurecl are Monlo Rogers, Ardifh Crang Carolyn Hem Waller Iverson Ilene Walker Palsy Brown Janel Pelerson. Rufh Lolspoich, Ralph Jmks Ted Hempel X x To back fha leams, +o creale school splrif, this group is forever loyal and ready fo serve. Picfured in Pep Band, slanding are Karl Panwifz, Celinda Mounfs, Jerri Becker, Sandy Mole. Sil- fingz Bev Kicken, Morris Lance, Dick Householder, Jerry McDonald, Joe Mills, Jack Falfar, Donald Miller, LaDonna Schriner, Ted Hempel, Ilene Walker, Carolyn Tollman, Ron Ashby. Pal Cal- houn, Carolyn Hein, Louise Becker, Ma- ria Sfalos. Christmas is in The air, we are in a constant rush for parties, pro- grams, Formal dress, the smell of gardenias, low lights, and soft music set the atmosphere for the Pep Club 44 Formal. Royalty at the event were Boyfriend, Bruce Brost, with Pep Club President, Cynthia Shay, and attendants John Maloney and Archie Lawrence, with dates. I QL., , 4 'JN' , .. -24 l.1..LsL Ah. The Student Council continu- dlly lbusy helping our school in various ways. During the Christmas season a tree was placed in the main hall and Mrs. Merdinger, girls' counselor gives Jean Hunter welcome advice on schedule arrangements and on the right college to attend. and school. We bring To a close another wonderful year. ,S 3 , Mr. and Mrs. Sanfa Claus reign over 'Phe Hi-Y Chrislmas Ball. Pictured, Wayne Wesfon beslovls The honor lo couple of 'V fhe evening, Jean Hunfer and John w V L Nielsen. i 1 o o 0 i paw! an decorlfed by S.C. members. I r1'l:js ETD' mzmger' gaudy "Twls ihe Nighf Before Chrisfmasn is porirayod by Y-Teen members Pal Calhoun, Nfl ' + Sonrafh. 0 ,n hai' Garnoifo Curfis, Maria Sfalos, Anna Mao Milcholl, and Linda Traber+ af ihe annual el pu on 'ms 'ng 'uc es' Chrisfmas program given for +he Junior Y-Teens, --r'--aifr T while the world slee a blanket of frost. "A Pretty Girl is Like a MeIody." We find a combination of pretty girls and melodies in Girls' Trio. Standing, left to right are Marilou Evans, Sue Worley and Louise Becker. 7 Stwztafa 7Zew em ps under John Neilsen, "A" Club President, presents doctor after serving many years in this Dr. A. Burnham with a plaque from the "A" position, "A" Club members look on. Club. Recently, Dr. Burnham retired as team Alliance High still lives in an active whirl of events. This study hall scene portrays all the ambition that accompanies the arrival of semester tests. Study and think is the formula for good grades. M4 14245, af, 564. The Brass Choir is a new or ganization under the direction of Mr Toenles Pictured are to row Don Miller oe Mills Jerry McDonald Jack Falfar Wayne Soth Bottom row Ted Hempel LaDonna Schrmer Ray Hesse Richard Householder David Blonde and Bill Hesse P .- . ' I J - ls H ..4 .'.Qf'. Q, , Q If 357.5 . 3"'l?i i i'll'?J:,:f7i -1 fi' - 1 B nr ' " J.- In February, the monrh of Valentine remembrance, w e The fans and players seem to be concerned about this game. Coach Morris Zemple is giving the players a few poinfers during a fime our. Basketball is a favorite sport of many in Alliance High. .uv 4 ,ab hNW'l"rm-on --Q- Covfi - Qcwn -1c'oa cc flea. Ili ,. Clrol Nelson smiles in approv- al as 'lho singers 'For Cupid Servici deliver a singing lell- gram fo her on February I4. To promofl belfer driving, high schools have formed driver educafion classes. pieiured lofi io right are: Mr. Borg, in- Sfrtlcfor, LuAnn Miller, Ardis Peferson, Elaillo Sfeggs, Marjorio Hood, Jane Bar- ger, Jael: Essex, John Slnderson, DCI Buff, Bill Howell, Dick Polllrd. add To our vast collec- tion of memories. Q K , Singers are leff io right Maria Sfalos, Robyn Burnham, Sharon Morehead, Sue Worley, Sally Minizer, and Barbara Diefrich. John Sfark displays fhe FFA Chapfer bull received ihrough +he Sears Foundafion. 4-Y-Q isif Parades rallies speeches and parfy colors are familiar +o fhe annual Couniy Governmeni' Lesier Hawley piciured af ihe mike encourages voles for 'lhe Na- 'honalisi Parly af +he final rally z4e70 . W. . f-ffm af Wad ww With March and April comes spring. The budding of flow ers along with the budding This group is the power behind , 'gli' the scenes. The annual advertising 'gtg 1 statf Cleft to rightl .lon Hall, "W lf rf ,, Carolyn Hein, Ilene Walker, Bev Borror, Marjorie Averill, Patsy Brown, Mary Ellen Williams, Kay McCarthy plan a schedule to con, ,T 'X tact advertisers. Annual advisors-Mr, R. E. Nelson and Mrs. Alice Nelson discuss the problems connected with yearbook work. Think, work, rush, worry and we're finally done! The annual statt llett to rightl John Nielsen, Dotty Miller, Cynthia Shay, Sally Saylor, Jean- ene Stilley, Bonnie Henderson, "Chick" Long, Carol Tooley, Janet Peterson, Vicki Sallee, Phyl- lis Hazard, have met the March deadline. The result-the l956 Bulldog. We Umm ' . of fresh talents completes springtime. Alliance High Opereffa cas? of "Girl Crazy" is hard ei worlr. Piclured llefi +o righil Morris Lance as "Slick" Marilou Evans as Kale: Dick Pollard as Danny Churchill: Sue Worley as Molly: Bill Bock as Geeber Goldfarb: Louise Becker as Palsy: Archie Lavnence as Sam Mason: Carolyn Hein as Flora. Supporfing leads of fhe opereffa wafch dancers Nancy and Dixie Roih. Observers are ileff 'fo righil Boys Quarfef-Nicl Vallenrine. John Ma- loney. Marv Kingry and John MacNeill. Af ihe righi-cowboys: Jerry Colericlr, Larry Johnson and Dick Markoff. oz 5 75 7ao Soon' Other students look on wr+h amusement at Kay MCCGFHIY fnes out for the senvor class play "Lo and Behold by John Palrrck Mrss Erxlelsen IS the play dlrecfor "To a great guy," or "Good luck to a wonderful gal" all are written as the students of A.H.S. autograph each others '56 Bulldog at the close of the year. Pictured are, left to right, Sharon Moomey, Carolyn Hein, Eleanor Parker, Jon Hall, John MacNeill, and Wayne Weston. .4 ., Si-L73 Q tl. Q . -,al ' V 33" 'M W fw .4 -gy W Y , "' - , ' 11 XQ'?ia1gwiK - ' muy W . fi 'f' 'tm 4 ft 5 sr Wg ft ' . v 7 fm t. h XTT V' V Wu' v, , " " - 4 . S t i.,,.- ,I "'9' a--v . -.. ' 'f 'fY HM it ' "" "Lo, what wonders the day hath brought Born of soft and slumberous snow" CLASSES f, i eq -:fog I 'Q in-ur "W-.., .A S .. Q "'r-- he-p'V M E.-.,...,,,wi4 " ,MW F 'W '5- Senior class officers, left to right: Ruby Chick, John MacNeill, Nancy Thomas, and John Nielsen. 'We f4'L6 ' to ace MARJORIE AVERILL Y-Teens, Pep Club, Annual Staff, The Spud Editor. JAMES BALL Hi-Y, Basketball, Track. JANE BARGER Y-Teens, Pep Club, Latin Club. LOUISE BECKER Y-Teens, Pep Club, Quill and Scroll, Student Council, Junior Class Play, County Government, Choir, Chorus, Operetta, Madrigal, Band, State Music Clinic, Girls' Trio, Pep Band, Drama Club, Homecoming Queen, Voice of Democracy, Annual, Spud Staff. ELAINE BENZEN Scottsbluff, Nebr., Y-Teens, Quill and Scroll, Chorus, Pep Club. ELLEN BERG 32 Y'-Teens, Pep Club. BILL BOCK Hi-Y, "A" Club, Choir, Track, Oper- ette, Madrigal, Football, Basketball, Boys' Quartette, Hi-Y Model Legis- lature, Science Club. DON BONESS BEVERLY BORROR Y-Teens, Pep Club, Student Council, Choir, Annual Staff. BRUCE Bnosr Hi-Y, "A" Club, National Honor Society, Vice President Student Council, Vice President Sophomore Class, Football, Basketball, Track, Pep Club Boy Friend. PATRICIA CALHOUN Y-Teens, Pep Club, Choir, Chorus, Operetta, Band Sergeant, Girls' Sextette, Pep Band Sergeant, Or- chestra. SHARON CASE Y-Teens, Pep Club, President and Vice President Latin Club, Student Council, Junior Class Play, Chorus, Band Twirler. mf? fff 5' I """P "ti Ad Z4e70afzZd7 ckdgefofze N .1 SHIRLEY CASE Y-Teens, Pep Club, Quill and Scroll, Student Council, Class'Play, Choir, Band Maiorette. RUBY CHICK Lathrop, Missouri, Y-Teens, Pep Club, Senior Class Treasurer, Choir, Chorus, Operetta. GERALD CODY Hi-Y, FFA, Choir, Football, Science Club. ALICE COOPER' Y-Teens, Pep Club, Choir, Chorus, Operetta, Girls' Sextette. PAT COOPER Hi-Y, "A" Club, Football, Basket- ball, Track. DARREL CRAIG Hi-Y, FFA. 33 PAT CURRY Y'Te9"1Sr Pep Club, Choir, Operetta. RICHARD DENNON Hi-Y, Science Club. PAT DoNovAN Y-Teens, Pep Club, Sophomore Class Treasurer, Drama Club, Science Club, Annual Staff, Chorus, Choir. JIM DYE Hi-Y, Student Council. MARILOU EVANS Y-Teens, Pep Club, FTA, Choir, Chorus, Operetta, Madrigal, State Music Clinic, Girls' Trio, Drama Club. Jo ANN FAGLER Y-Teens, Pep Club. 4'-5 ' 'V ' 'ir A . . . l " 'xlifiihs i A , , biz' Nic" - , Y T - m ,. 3 t-we-' f .Sf lx its . . K ' '.. 'sgj,i". . :A A TTAQLA at , " . H T' I A' 'Au 1. .. I L... , .Q 42 ,3 2 L . .4 , .i J' , J A if A , ,S A . 5 T .fc ' . A, 1 CONNIE FALES Torrington, Wyoming, Y-Teens, Pep Club, Choir, Glee Club. JACK FALFAR Hi-Y, Band, Pep Band, Audio Visual Award, Brass Sextette, Brass Choir. JANET FARRINGTON Y-Teens, Pep Club, Choir, Chorus, Operetta, Annual Staff, Cheerleader. NORMA FOSKET Y-Teens, Pep Club, Spud Staff. JON HALL Hi'Y, "A" Club, Annual Staff, Choir, Chorus, Football, Hi-Y Model Legis- lature. MARILYN HANNA Y-Teens, Pep Club, Drama Club, County Government, Choir, Drum Majorette. JOYCE HANSEN Y-Teens, Pep Club, FTA, Junior Class Play, Choir, Chorus, Operetta. BOB HENDERSON HiAY, Hi-Y Model Legislature, Coun- Ty Government, Choir, Football, Track. BONNIE HENDERSON Y-Teens, Pep Club, Quill and Scroll, Student Council, Annual Staff, Choir, Chorus, Y-Teen Cabinet, Spud Staff. HOWARD HERIAN Hi-Y, FFA Secretary, Track, Football, Basketball, KENNETH l'lERlAN Hi-Y, FFA Vice President, Treasurer and President, Junior Class Vice President, County Government, Football, Basketball, Track. Bin HESSE Hi-Y, Choir, Football, Basketball, Track, Band Sergeant, Pep Band. Nola Nay concentrates on a bookkeeping problem in Mrs Scudder's class while preparing herself -aug, Q 'I 1 -eowmwa ,cs V A 'i 5 , 41 Judy Morris, Wade Kemper, Shirley Lewis, and George Rader are smiling as they listen to one of Miss Burn's fascinating trigonometry problems. cn.-6' Qfewzw fzegamwi GEORGE HOFMANN Hi-Y, County Government, Track. WILETTA Homius N Y-Teens,' Pep Club Secretary, Choir, Operetta, Farmerette. ROBERT HOWARD Hi-Y, Choir, Football, Basketball. - if E JEAN HUNTER Y-Teens, Pep Club, Choir, Chorus Operetta, Y-Teen Cabinet, All-State GLADYS JENSEN Y-Teens, Pep Club. CONNIE JOHNSON Y-Teens, Pep Club, Band, Pep Band ifussi. , -F rs I Q27 , 1 fi , Q. fb k . 'fin my 3, . V f 11 nlfivwkp' 92. - s Y, N , . r , J A gn Y ' Hzmz, 4 ,lg , xv ?. ef X 914,33 LA VERNE LEE Y-Teens, Y-Teen Cabinet, Pep Club, National Honor Society, Senior Class Secretary, Band, Orchestra, State Music Clinic, Pep Band. SHIRLEY ANN LEWIS Y-Teens, Pep Club, Latin Club Vice President, Choir, Chorus, Operetta, SHIRLEY LINEBACK Y-Teens, Pep Club, FTA, Chorus. JANICE LONG Y-Teens, Pep Club, Annual Staff Co- Editor, Freshman Class Secretary, Choir, Operetta, Science Club, Drama Club, Spud Staff, MERLE LORE Ha.Y, FFA. JACK MABIN Ainsworth, Nebraska, HiAY, Junior Class Play, Chorus, Football, Track, Science Club. I -S th, .-." 5. ' I I v I I wi f , l A A X v i M' x A 1,- le Y . Iv ' 1, I f I JOHN F. MACNEILL ' Hi-Y, Hi-Y Model Legislature, "A" Club, National Honor Society, Stu- dent Council, Freshman Class Treas- urer, Senior Class President, County A Q Government, Choir, Operetta, Mad- lf-JI. 'hu' C .V .,, 'szzr rigal, Football, All-Northwest, Bas- ketball, Track, State Music Clinic. JOHN MALONEY Hi-Y, Choir, Chorus, Operetta, Mad- rigal, State Music Clinic. DICK MARKOFF Hi-Y, "A" Club, Choir, Chorus, Operetta, Football, Track, Basketball, Hi-Y Model Legislature. SHIRLEY MARSH Y-Teens, Pep Club, Quill and Scroll, Annual Staff, Spud Staff. KAY MCCARTHY Y-Teens, Pep Club, FTA, Annual Staff, Choir, Band, Orchestra. DoN MILLER Hi-Y, Latin Club Secretary'Treasurer, Choir, Operetta, Band, Dance Band, Pep Band, 5 ' f, v'-.4 .., ,-9, ,U VVlLLlAh' Musa HEYY, "A" Club, Foolball, Baskel ball, Track. Jos MMS Broken Bon, Nebraska, Clwor, Oper evra, Band, Pep Band, CHARLA MUNGER Y-Teens, Pep CLD, Annual Sfaff Class Pay. JOHN Muske HI-Y, Jonlor Class Play, Football, Basketball, Track. ROBERT Musks Hi-Y. DALE MCCAWLEY Hi-Y. Pele Shelton and Bonnue Burnham smlle happely after bemg crowned queen and king of the 55 -W : I Bill Bock sets up a chemistry experiment under the watchful eyes of his classmates, ddav Owe em We Qfcwe RUTHIE NAsoN Y-Teen Treasurer, Pep Club, Coun- ty Government, Choir, Operetta, Y-Teen Cabinet. NOLA NAV Grand Island, Nebraska, Y-Teens, Pep Club Vice President, FTA, Choir, Chorus, Operetta. DAvio NEPPER Hi-Y, FFA. JOHN NIELSEN Hi'Y, Hi-Y Model Legislature, "A" Club President, National Honor S04 ciety, Annual Staff, Senior Class Vice President, County Government, Football, Track, Student Manager, Science Club, Drama Club, Junior Class Play. ROBERT NOREEN Hi4Y, Chorus, Basketball, Track. EDWARD PADGETT Hi-Y -Lf 4 ,r t. ? . has ' s -,. i .ms K . t, Q L jg 'S' KARL PANWITZ Hi-Y, Track, Band, Pep Band, Or- chestra, State Music Clinic, Dance Band, Student Council, Band Cap- tain. ERNIE PEREZ Hi-Y President, "A" Club, Student Council, Freshman and Sophomore Class President, County Govern- ment, Choir, Operetta, Football, Track, Basketball, DAV Award. ARois PETERSON Y-Teens, Latin Club Secretaryflreas- urer, Choir. Dick POLLARD Platte Valley Academy, Hi-Y Secre- tary, Junior Class Play, Choir Secre- tary, Operetta, Madrigal, Basketball, Track, State Music Clinic, Hi-Y Model Legislature Speaker of House, FTA, GENE RADER Hi-Y, Hi-Y Model Legislature, Coun- ty Government, Football, Track. KAREN ROBINSON Y-Teens, Pep Club, FTA, Class Play, Operetta, Drama Club. 'zum een- to avwi70 DIXIE Rom Y-Teens, Pep Club, Choir, Chorus, Operetta, Band. NANCY Rom Y-Teens, Pep Club, Choir, Chorus, Operetta, Band, Sextette. GAYLE Rusk Hi-Y, "A" Club, FFA, Football, Base ketball, Track, Football Co-Captain. SALLY SAYLOR Y-Teens, Pep Club, Cheerleader, Quill and Scroll, National Honor Society, Student Council Secretary, Co-Editor of Annual, Freshman Vice President, County Government, Choir, Chorus, Operetta, Spud Staff, Drama Club. LoRErrA SCHNELL Y-Teens, Pep Club, FTA, Choir. DARLENE SCHWADERER Y-Teens, Pep Club. JANICE SCHWADERER Y-Teens, Pep Club, Pep Club Treas- urer, Choir, Band, Pep Band, JAMES SHANKLAND Hi-Y Treasurer, "A" Club, Football, Track. CYNTHIA SHAY Y-Teens, Pep Club Presidem, Quill and Scroll, Annual Staff, Choir, Chorus, Opereffa, Spud Staff, Science Club, Drama Club. TED SMITH Hi-Y. JOHN STARK FFA, Star Dairy Farmer. FRANKLIN STARK Hi-Y, Basketball, Hi-Y Model Legis- lature. - 1' , ex:--,, 4460 - A,fQx -fi w 1, Mp, +I' fear! 3 's':-spa A, I fax- JT'-Lys x ul " fwmtie Wegwade MELVIN STEGGS Hi-Y, Choir, Chorus, Operefta, FFA KAY STENBERG Grand Island, Nebraska, Y-Teens Pep Club, FTA, Latin Club Secretary Treasurer, Choir, Operetta, WALLACE STEPHENS Bingham, Nebraska, Hi-Y, Basket- ball, Track. JEANENNE STILLEY Y-Teens, Pep Club, Annual Staff Chorus, Band, Pep Band, Cheer- leader, Drama Club, Spud Staff, Edilor. DANIEL STUBBS Hi-Y, "A" Club, Basketball, Track, Science Club. SHARON TAYLOR Y-Teens, Pep Club, Class Play, Choir, Chorus. CLARECE TEMPLETON Y-Teens, Pep Club. MARIJEAN THOMAS Y-Teens, Pep Club. NANCY THOMAS Senior Class Secretary. LEONARD THOMPSON Football, Basketball. GEORGIA TODD Spud Staff, Drama Club. 1 3 CAROLYN TOLLMAN Yfleens, Pep Club, Chorus, Band Lieutenant, Orchestra, Dance Band, Y-Teen Cabinet. if S Bob Howard discusses a diagram in Mrs. Merdinger's senior English class. if Q K :KL 4 'MAI Hi-Y, FFA Vice President, Choir, Y-Teens, Pep Club, Choir, Operetta, l?P xx x Nui' jj 'll 'ls xl ,J fyily 1' In Mr. Grossart's civics class Bonnie Henderson explains some outstanding points in the United Nations Review magazine. We blow wzSc4ao! NICK VALLENTINE Hi-Y, Latin Club, Choir, Chorus, Operetta, Madrigal, Track, Special Music Groups. CLARA WECKWERTH St. Agnes Academy, Y-Teens, Pep Club. Doms WESSEL Y-Teens, Pep Club, FTA President, Assistant Director Junior Class Play, Choir, Chorus. WAYNE WESTON Hi-Y Vice President, "A" Club Sec retary-Treasurer, County Govern- ment, Choir, Football, Track, Hi-Y, Model Legislature. DALE Wins Hi-Y, FFA Treasurer. JANICE WINTEN Y-Teens, Pep Club, Junior Class Secretary, Choir, Cheerleader, DAR Award. 44 i 4'1"..'7 I N ll U R S I I' ibn l 5.1 1-A 1 uv ,"3' aadifateto eaae7Z CARMEN Wooos Y-Teens, Pep Club. May 26 brings the end of high school life for all seniors. For us the close of our high school years is the ending of a very important phase of our lives upon which the foundation of our future is based. Sue Womev Y-Teens President 143, Vice Presi- dent C3l, Pep Club, Spud Staff, Junior Class Play, Girls' State, Choir, Chorus, Operetta, Madrigal, Girls' Trio. BARBARA WORTHLEY Y-Teens, Pep Club. 45 2 1-A "Www ' A -wi,-,mr Tuni-qua-Qxnnxu ,,, W, QW 7?-,,',:'-iff. wi rf , , 'sei- rr ,157 'fha'-..A Q-gl ' .. 'K 3- A .,, vw Q 6 -iff 534 .iff A 3. .ft Q . -uv.,.--- H , f , , ,AT v.-531 -few, - LN 1 1 , rx 'af ' 4' f If 1 '- 1 l ll D ' 1 .f , 'Q'- qr '7 Oi ,M " 1 Q2 'ii 4, ll- ara, 'r Q ' I --'v, . m - , ,r 1, , , rw! K , ff " , . 1-r'-, ' -W . . '.,, r.. V I, , r :,.'f. ' - .L ,?.' bl 14. ,,...' 1-1 P va A Junior officers are left to right Phyllis Hazard, Secretary, Don LaClair, Vice President: Ken Nicola, President: and Carolyn Hein, Treasurer. Q57 74744 Mike Alvarado Charles Anderson Jim Appleby Jack Aspden Betty Bauer Jerri Becker Wayne Benzen Ronald Brice David Briggs Evagene Brown Patsy Brown Donna Cline 46 Jerry Colerick Janice Collins Fay Corbell Karel Corey Ardith Craig Patsy Culp Donna Curry Marion DeFrance Carol Donovan Sharyl Dunsmore Douglas Edwards Beckie Ehrlich W f 4 1 ?'?1i2f'f" ,iff 5 ' faux' W '. ,, ,L CHA Jack Essex Davis Fitzgerald Wesley Flemming Phyllis Ginn Dennis Gray Tom Green Doug Griffith Karen Hamilton Marie Hashman Lester Hawley Phyllis Hazard Carolyn Hein 'HA gf 1 I 473. e' ,, 'cv if in ,ff ' a , J' , , fi?" .3 , . H if 55533 , , , V ' 1+ f l Gary Johnson Norman Keder Julia Kisicki William Koester Carol Kohler Franklin Krause Don LaClair Delores Loomis Ruth Lotspeich Freeman Marcy Donna Markoff Sandi Matz 'ii Q 1 ,,,-Q5 - i '25 A i 'FE A, J If J, 'W-, .--. m0m fandom -K Aft A v .3 ll ' I x D Ted Hempel Sharon Herman David Hickman Verna Hillyer Monte Holman Margie Hood Myron Hood Darrell Howell Phyllis Howell Walter Iversen Terry Jaqua Ralph Jinks pw Pk' ,rm ,g . 4 'rv' A 51 X571 -G GHZCC-1 V170 Linda Shay is painting a color plate in Miss Erxleben's art c ass Qwchgtie ' apum xi Dorothy Miller LuAnn Miller Sharron Moomey Sande More Sharon McDonald Karen McFall Ken Nicola Roberta Nielsen Mardell Nikon? Eleanor Parker Margaret Perez Janet Peterson i J 7 I American History students listen intently to an explanation of the American Flag given by Myron Hood. 50 f4470eri" as eau Darla Piihl Clifford Pirnie Monte Rogers Vicki Sallee Janice Schnell Jerry Schnell Jerry Serl Lincla Shay Jud Sisle Y Y Kathleen Sorensen Wayne Soth Bruce Stackhouse we 'U Richard Stratton David Stull David Thomas Kenneth Thompson Carol Tooley Sonia Underwood Doris Walker Ilene Walker Rita Weckwerth Joe Weldin Mary Ellen Williams Milton Wilson Larry Wood 2 zafddltzfd Our iunior year is the beginning of many thrilling moments. We were proud of our class rings the day we got them because they symbolize our loyalty to Alliance High. The highlight of the year, the Junior-Senior Prom, was under our super- vision. We planned and worked to make that night a success, and it was!! We have taken our first attempt at politics. Campaign slogans, speeches, primary elections, and finally the general election all accompany student government. For us, this has been a full and happy year. Sharon Wright Kenny Wurzel 5l W. Anderson R. Ashby J. Atkins S. Austin K, Barnes D, Becker W. Becker J. Boness B. Broderick L, Brqwn A. Burton D. Bolinger D. Burt E. Chapman L, Cole K. Colerick J. Creighton G. Curtis L. Curtis R. Daugherty J. Bauer M- Bal-'ef M, Brown R. Burnham D. Coleman We, Me of ff, 7446 tie .LALALALIA , G. Davis G. Davis J. DeFrance W, Degsch B, Dietrich D. Ditsch B. Duskin 52 Subjects Offered To SOP HOMORES English Journalism Geometry Latin Spanish World History Economic Geography Drivers Education Homemaking Vocational Agriculture Chorus Band Orchestra Physical Education ,XWWWY 1 'D vu 97 Q- xg. X 5 W Ellrs Fa es Felton -l Hamilton C Hansen M Hawley 4-5 Q! , 'K -.f 45' -6 T l Flanrgan Fraedrnch M Garcua Grantham J Hegwood A Heckman Hrles Hofmann , up 'V' l Q 1, I i Tj? Z?'X.1 lf Householder B Howell B HU"1Qeff0Vd J Hunter Hutton M Jelnnek D Jnnes R Keller L Krngry Kusuckn R Lamg dfbeddfde M1475 Robyn Burnham Dnxre Becker and Joyce Schnell are checkvng the preferred book lust made by thelr Englnsh teacher Mass Vagneur 2 wif 9 ,....- O-J W Langdon M Lawrence C Lerbel L Lewrs G Lrchty C ore G Lore 53 Q 'S ' 1 y "f , K I L I if, if ' J ll ' x nf " ' p 1 '. 6 'v ,, ' b' Q I, H' ,V vi ' J V A lt , Q, 'Ln' , V , V V E" A l n ' 'll l A . ' A, I P. E, ' M, ' . A G. . ' ,... B, ' W. CL ...J v E 1, . Al ' , f . 3 My 1 , IN. A if V sa, - -J J mf , J J YW! ,V W, 2 'fy I I I . l rf R V sw V' V' w, 'W 1' 1 , - e 1 ff A Jf , A t if ff fe 4 5- 4 ,,,. 5 Q L I 3' L 4 A X lt' A JW R, . V . J, . ' V . I A . D' . . . V . I I I I .- Zngff, - , -5 ,,-.-.. . im .R 42 , 3 A I I V , J' l J 'gt A - so J L, L A 'f -My J -J w l 'X NT' x, ' 6' -M' A ' - ,l 3 N, 2 mf . ' " , .1 , ' H J X f W gt FMP' x f ,4 X -V . ' 4 ' I . . ' f - It f Eff, J. Liggett J. Lulow R. MacNeill R. Martin J. Miller C- Mills 5. Mimlef H. Miskimen M. Miskimen A. Mitchell D. Moore S. Morehead K- M0511 B. Mundt R. Nay C. Nelson D. Nissen B- NYS D- NYG J. Olson S. Ottaway N. Oversgreey E. Parker l-. Pafkef c2'47wa eww C. Peterson J. Reitz J. Reynolds U. Richards W. Robertson C- RUS' 54 The sophomores, the youngest class in A.H.S. this year, have been an enthusiastic group. They have provided their share of school spirit by participating in both work and play. Thus, they have learned to recognize the essentials needed to get along with their teachers and class- mates in their next two years in high school and future lives. -ng , 7 , 'C ,1 I , cf . . Q I . R. Rust J. Sanderson J. Schnell l-- Sclmell L- 5ClVlf19f M4 5C099ln J. shimp D. Sims E- Smith M. Sfalos E. Stegs-JS 'S' . - C A 3' ,. S 'I - 1 , ff, ., ' 2 if h r A n , .H d R. Stirrat F. Swanson P. Taylor O, Thompson L. Trabert T, Walker E. Wessel B, Westlake R. Whitlock Shrine to Da Om geo! 'sf Y. X! C' V , ' if 1 4, , ' f 4 . t f I - 5- X x ,- V-f-,fsrfvcf . . V ., - 1 - F, - ff, 4, f- . .I , ..,.. ,, . Q-. fi J ' sv P .fi , Q Q , 1 ,W if . i " 4 I The class officers are pictured left to right as Rex Martin, L. Woehl W, Woodworth T. Wright P- YOUNG Treasurer, LaDonna Schriner, Secretaryg Roger MacNeill, Presidentg and Larry Curtis, Vice President. 34. , j :-'ww A' Shimp Stephens Walker Wickham 55 I' , I V 'Ji , . A ' 1 X Q A ' if ' f - ' sf' . Q i -rd' ' ' '21 -J . I ix 1 .1 7 l Stax X v- ' 4 L ' -I' 'A X ,ll 'C' in , . - - . - X Q L. Abbott B. Adams B, Adams V, Austin L. Barger D. Bauer J- Beagle D. Berry R. Boois R. Boren E, Brewer R. Brice R. Brice K- BV0Ck . 0 ' , u ,,, - P , C 5 i Rx , f.-'Z A A Q U' - V, '2 'C-jf ab we ' -'r'1:L 2 s 4' .. B, Brost P, Burback T. Carpenter T. Cervone G. Chaney, Jr, D. Christensen V. Clairmont Nl. Clark G- Cline L. Colerick D. Contonis D. Craig L. Craig coz :J-wa' ew: an Subiects Offered To THE NINTH GRADE r General Science . General Mathematics f-is N' " 1 . V' - 'fa World Geography .s W--.X N English Algebra Latin 4. ., D X9 xg. Q Spanish JG' .K -ff . gk -3,1 Home Economics ' Shop N' j Chorus S, Creighvon E. Crosser P. Crosser S, Curry D. Davis Davis DlY5Cl1 K- Dungmofg Band 56 f. adv? ire Q-vw N , as -J x xv J. Engelsgierd J. Freeman ,. '. YZF sw ,r . , Q V if D. Grieser L. Holthus ,VIA ill Liz, George Tutt demonstrates an interesting experiment to this General Science class. Mr. Johnson and the rest of his students look on intentively. T' '45-fs 3 6 l ,Q "' f vw f"3 it xx- - "fx 3 K L, , Lu nm as o. 4' i' 4-I -,, , ' xr f- s. Y- 'Y - f w. 'I 7 xx" 6 if 2 N-1 V 1. Ethridge 1. Feagins K. Feese L, Flemming Florez Frost D. Gardner L. Garrett L, Gies Grantham .. . ,9 Q. .4 5 ,- 4 s n 15 'F' . ',v , W AY' T7 1-rv' N., N' f "' ,R ' ' YJ ,J .4 , ,X . P , , 1 ' 2 11 K 14 sf' .3 L1 L-tg Q ' 'QC' , J , r ,X . X, fa .3 p K ' - 1 T, Harris L, Hazard D. Hedgei S. Henkel L Hines J. Hood K, Huffman P. Jinks G. Johnson D. Jorgensen ,A i 5- X 75 Q 'C ,..-, . - ,A I 1 . ,-5 - . cr. 3' i .f A , D -V L' . xl Af' Q, -. if N fi ' 4 1' C. Kisicki R. Knight N. Kohrman B D. Kozal B. Krejci T, Laing L f,R "" -ff vi ,- ,ex 'J .5 ' x ',,' 1. '. fo: gil 'J ar- N6 "'17 xg K X2 .QNX V, fl if B. Lee J. Leishman G. Lewis H. McDonald M. McFalI G. McGuire 4' '-6" xx that j :gf or N .--, 1 " N 1 Y M .1 I I .' 0 ' X 'al . :L t - ' f-is l - ft l aw M-' .V fu 1 J. MOON? R. Moore M. Morrison H. Nielsen R. Nielsen J. Nuss K- , A' kr' K' ' l 'kv A - N , . , , v ' A sf! ' li. JS, 1 114' 3 Z - - U - X 1 x . C. 1 : -A, 'X 3' 7 lr, - - :I .... , - - J. Libsack P. Lollis M. McCarthy P. McCool B. Merritt R. Mischnick D. Mitchell M. Moeller .ai 7 A.. , K '-0 R. -I I ' h . .-r,, X I '-1-7' A 12 pf ,f T' 9 X' . Al . p f ., ,l ' 4 P' .Q A K7 Q -Q 1, ' ' Q M. Moscrip C, Mounts M. Myers C' Nelson M. O'Dell E. Osborn N. Oslerman We 1-he ?7uadaf0m Scion! , A A. . of 4 -' " - E? ' x :L x gf, x f .. ,' .4 Si 1 ' ' A K at -'EY '55, ---tv A . ' i K- Parker R. Perez C. Peters G. Peterson Class officers, left to right: George Tutt, Vice President R. Phillip S. Piihl G. Porter N. PrYor Carole Nelson, Secretary: Judy Libsack, Treasurer Richard 58 Perez, President. 5 - T T 17 k,Q':7, si ,s ls . T , fl' . in ml . i D, Rader L. Rehder J- Reno B. Rubottorn A. Russell B- Russell V x ," nl' Q0 'X -of lg-1 -111' .3 "4- oo- , 'f 7 R. Retke P. Rust i nr f r-.75 if ":' .sf J, Smhh R, stark R. stun C. Sturgeon J. Thompson E. Tollman E. Tucker G. Tuff fw470fwz7zwde7P The school is proud of these ninth graders, stepping forth to take on more and greater respon- sibilities as they lead their "un- derclassmen." The "big wheels" contributed a lot to A.J.H.S. school life and helped the sev- enth graders to get accustomed to the change. They started tak- ing courses on the credit system this year, working and planning for that day in l959. .fl-nf yko.f' R rf X B. Warner -Z . ' K' 1' , -J ,, . u' I J. Reynolds B. Rochlitz F. Schnell C. Scoggin 1.1 i di 1 ,YM K. Roeback W. Seiler 2.11 4 W. Swallow S. Taylor D. Thomas E. Vargas l- Vafgas D. Vaughn 2 'au .3 ...I J , 1 -..... Ng, . tb' '. '3 Nl i of , 4 J. Wartman B. Webb M. Worley Y' S-5 .as 'TZ' J. Woodham R. Wright 59 Q r' A ' sd 4-Q 46. .' I F. Alvarado L. Bennett 9- 54 C. , V Q-if . -M . .Y ,...,.. ENC ' QQ... ' :- ' 6 3 'as hr ff! ll X4 4, . f-lfd aa-I an 'P-1 .7 6 , . all Vx V, Alva,-ado L, Amen J. Anderson J. Bettger D. Blinde S. Boren 3 4 . . ' x ' --- w fl ul. f x. -' s F. gp wx x Q if ,...- . sa 5 V E, I., . . I TP-vii' EFA' F. Chapman D. Churchwell K. Clingenpeel 5, Co,-ben F. Cox C. Craig J. Cunningham D, Curry We ze " gr umr . - .::. N 5' x ff ,..a A A A f I ll H. Dunsmore J. Duskin S. Ellis S, Ethridge J. Files V. Fay S. Felton S, Ferguson 60 N a 9 4 , 1- vv - -I V' '.,..a C. Appleby G. Appleby M. Ball J. Brice J. Brownlow J. Burton JJ J 2 'Q xk 1 2 , 3 ' "dv I ik 3 Ili.: ,ii 1 i ' 'I 'il 1 l lelfiyk --'mf -'l W. Covalt C. Cox K. DeFrance D. Deisch wleaw Subiects Offered To THE EIGHTH GRADE Arithmetic English and Literature History Home Economics Shop Vocal Music Instrumental Music Geography and Science gf? . W Q -1 X lf'- aiuuix 1 I w I . X Y' D. Furman V Galloway Garcna Gencke GIG R.GrBU Grnffuth S Hamnlton Hampton D Hanna L If 1 -.v -" 7 1-5 nh n 3- Q 7 M. Hawley S Henderson B Herman R. Hesse and to Bobby Koester reads some of has best letters to Mrs. Seitz's gg -.-1 '49 4 4-N M D Kmser J Longpumpkun K Kmcaud Lnggett at-'V' fs-all -J 'T' ww NJN J Koester E Mabm Ar R5 R Koester S H Marlm C ,K IQ if L 'Y Lammon Mayes su -.J -I 2' df 7-2 54? D Langdon P Langdon D McCall McDonald QI .lx f C MCQUSSYI Muller J Muller K Muller B Mlschnlck P Mott R Nlssen Nuss J Nye R OBnen J Phil p G Porter We Z qi- ,.. to wi -J 1" i 4 -J B Prouty B Regan M Regester L Reno M Rueter C R,gg, R Riggs 62 NO 1-Q New frsendshlps are easy to establish for these eighth grade students There are two organlza tions In whuch the gurls may part: clpate and a boys athletlc club IS being formed Y Teens ms offered to the gurls of eighth and nunth grades and Pep Club ns open to all three l Q J Nl 'A 1? 3 K 'Q' . .1 Z Al. s 39 IR V ll C, Ritter F. Roe L. Schwaderer L. Schwaderer f" ' V 'n' 7 s f . lx J J. Stephens 1 Z Q CD -4 no .4 I X.. J . fx J. Sampson L, Seidler , as ., 41- ,1- .f P - ,-. K' -J 'ii F M. Stewart K. Thompson 4 'Wa , - 5 'I - ,, ' I Q ' I v. P 0 l ,f . 'E J N, -a 'I ,,' x gf., X V47 vxzf W ' 5 A J 6 "Wig S, Sanderson J, Sayre K. Schnurr D. Schwaderer M. Stackhouse D. Stark J- Sfeafns D- Slephens my A . 5 I' I sr 3' X ' c Y' -' lf. t fig 1 - ' ' xx y .. . . - A , I. J. Stilley J. Stirrat S. Swallow E, Thompson L. Tice R. Trabert E. Tucker 5. Wald,-on '7 and '7 H X fini. , 'Y fi' Q I 'A' "' of A 1' A x x X A . ,V W dead .44 iff sl' C' x Q Class officers left to right: Ray Hesse, Secretary, Shirley G- West J, Wills 3- Wilson J. Worthley Appleby, Vice President, Lindy Amen, Treasurer, and Dick J. Wri9l"f T- W"9h' C- York Stephens, President. 63 001 No- ,-- '1' '7 'si g. ,,,z 1-5 gorv at xr Y 5.f pf-4 x X A Allen L Allen Anderson Ashby E Austen Barren J Bauer B Bechem R Blllsteun Bolmger B Boness J rce Brown Caruthers 4 -.5 00 ., ...- W1 fi,-,ff A qw fo' Nf sf 4--. ""Z if M Chandler L Chnsfensen G Clarke Colburn Coe Cole J Coleman R Cornelte B Crosser J Culp B Dahl J DGVIS We ffze Sublects Offered To -. THE SEVENTH GRADE w-- v, Physiology ,R Geography English Literature Arnthmehc V v J Instrumental Musnc Vocal Music Q- A 4-nf 'ff Tklv M DeFrance C Edwards G Ehrlich L Ev-SHS J Feese D Ferguson A Florez 64 I J u V -, ' -I 4 ' J .1 . A ' ' A x J A c, , . f , L . x I , , . I ,, , A . . 1 f. -I " s , ' , N . A 'iq lx A , X' 4 XC' Q lv ' J- ' r l' ,f E '-11 K 1 ff X Xa- A Af A. . J. J. . S. . A - . ' ' R. ' . . as B. D. J- Q, K' 1 Q A ' . : 1 V g ,rg A I if A lf , A . 'fl .tl lm -fl , K I .X he l if .- 1? .QB L ' i 'A H . . . - . P. B. 1 C. I I I CW U I ig ,,,. . X , ,v ,X L -v A ' ,ik K J S - A 1 , 1 . A iv- -, 4 '-- L I X 1 -. av 'Q I svn" T7- ll , f " . . 'M .ll :- ki . ng Q ' Yi X ' ' v A I -1 4., . 1 4 . 5, V , , . .1 v-i . ,4 , ur ',, .N S- f J f' ' 1 n J. i fs' . a , qi' ' 4 1 !..f "" V ':"" -' , 'f o 9 - f- ,Q l 1 " L 'L ml , . l- ' . B. Garcia D, Garreti C. Ginn M. Goodlett J. Gorder R. Graham S. Grantham P, Hall L. Heckman J. Hempel K. Herman J, Hernandez D. Hickman J. Hitchcock .. 1 F x f n 4 1 G ' ' . fs gb fs. N, n fl L' ,gg "' V N, 4- ' N pr if LZ. ... 1 if L L-' T' x, ' xg, f ' I , Lf .X "'sww""!n 4 ...ev ,fi -. -' 4 'vu .Q Q 'Q ' l . V N H 04' Y! .,,...,, .v . . "Av V' y L ' R15 X A J .a' -- iff-' 3 ll D, Howell L. Howell C. Jaqua D. Johnson G. Jordan 5. Jordan C. Keller D. Kinser M. Knigge G. Koester M, Koesier A- Lawrence Kat We 2416 ' 446' .af L O Rosalie Cornette points out Asia to this group in Mr. Dex- 1er's Social Science class. fn' 1 X . 1 X -Q 'NP ,T Q , 4-ar V gl N I Q X .Zi ' Y . R 1' ,J V 1 -. Q, --S:-' ix sf , X A L L' va is rp:- N .Leishman L. Liggett K. Lincoln M. Lorspeich M. Lulow B. Lurvey S. Magnuson D. Mariin 65 Q' -.J I K' 'J P Matelka Muller J iv- suv i wel fl 3 sf sn- 41 McCall McCawIey R McCool Mrschnnck Mnschnrck Moore QQ vs """P KJ In vs! 4- NP vs..- Nelson M Nuss E Olson Oxford J Phrll p s Sl' Lf M Reno G Robenson 66 Phrllrps S Phrllrps O Ransom 1 ,., Nr .Ll M Refke D Reyr10ldS Reynolds P RQger5 D Rohde 4 49 fi ,. .r"-p -mr .Q 1.4 'A McFaIl R McFall B Merrm L Munger Myers A Nace 13 K.. 5 perez C Petersen p Reddmh S Regesfer 2nd Class offrcers left to rugh! Duane Smaha Vrce Presndent Denny Garret! Treasurer Kenny Lmcoln Presndenf and Peggy Rogers Secretary - ,sp ,I 'as ' ' ' I A A f , , " 1 '- .1 :f-Y X ... W 4 ' ,- rs ' . " x I ' ' ,,. ' ' 1 1 hm' A ' ' , . - ' -1 1: , 1 Q , V tj 'I' A ' , , M. sz' R I , ' M. T. . J. . . ' G. - R, ' - R, ' ' D. . D. . ' Z D f x , - if , , 3- WH hiya- x :lik 'AA' ' Nfx Q K " N ' . A , 4' 'V Q 2' " f. J 1 I , ' 2' ' ' V ,JI f- I I M 5? , - ' x s 4 A in .. .A l i V A, A A 4' , Q A ff ' W ' 1 ' r R . N K ,f If r Mi V A-A. . 3 P. . . W. . - I , 1 ' 4 M' 4 5 , V' E IN Q ' .. f 5 ' l A , 1 I 1, ' SH k ,, ' E .fvnj . 4 ,- . 8 j I I . i he .i,k - . - R, I V 5 l r ' ' 1 f,. 0 F s M. .0 4, 1 -1. I I -:ii 4 4 I X-.C " ., tr' X ,f -. -.ef - -f I 1 we ' " ' g ' t A ' :Jr '. .. .., ' A , I 3 .,, Q, . 4 'V .T y s .,, A if r 7 R. Rohrbouck C. Rusk R. Rusk G. Rust S. Sallquist R- Schafer 5. 5Cl'IfT1l'-'-lf C. Sherlock D. Shetler D. Shimp D. Smaha B. Stewart l-. Sflldf A Sutfen , A ,' 3 , ' a , ,I hae! 1 I A' I Q 4 Q R. SWB,-d C. Tebbun P. Thiessen K. Thomas B. Todd M. Tooley J. Tucke, D, Van Dusen M. Van Kirk J. Von Tour W. Walston L- Walters The seventh graders are learn- ing fast. They adjusted to the new system of changing rooms and teachers for different classes very well. Not considered in grade school any longer, they be- gin a new phase of their educa- tion, sharing Jr. High with their "upperclassmen." ., l D. Weston P. Wright Q-I N ape B. Wilson J. Woods J. Wood, B. Wyant L. Yofk C. Zaliares 67 War? Om 71cm 'iw' 'dkts i -ww wa? pf X! Km I I Junuor Hlgh boys dressmg room Jumor Hugh Lnbrary A I I 1 x - -.-- vi Vj.:..2 I ' x , x x Cafeteria -Q .... .-. CLUBS "Few, few shall part where many meet The snow shall be their binding sheer" 746 2 ' of Om Scdaof, The Student Council is an honor organization, the representatives being elected by each class. From this group, the president and vice president of the student body are elected. The Student Council is a service organization which serves both faculty and students. lt works out problems which involve school affairs and works towards unity among the students and teachers. The school principal is the advisor of this organization and he suggests to the student representatives means by which they can overcome problems. From left to right the members of the Student Council are Karel Corey Junior Ken Nicola Junior Lester Hawley Junior Joyce Schnell Sophomore Janice Collins Junior John MacNeill President and a Senior Merlin Lawrence Sophomore Shirley Case Senior Bruce Brost Senior Maria Stalos Sophomore Roger MacNeill Sophomore ?' X l F s...f'i 4 l r t S t x t i is JA l Z l' ' i i Na . .1 Back row, from left to right are: Jane Barger, Sharon Case, and Shirley Lewis. First row, from left to right are: Carolyn Hein, Ilene Walker, Ardis Peterson, Eva Jean Brown, and Miss Hartwell, the sponsor of the Latin Club. Latin Club is made up of members who have had one year of Latin. The new members are initiated in a typical Roman ceremony. ln this club they learn more about social living of the people when Latin was a live language. We 7416 Zaman! Za 14 ' ome, i, if , 41' I5 m Q 2 l v v l 2 Q The Y-Teen Cabinet is made up of the following The officers and sponsors of Y-Teens are, reading from left from down to up: Sandie Matz, Secretary, Mrs. Myers, Sponsorg Miss Schiebe Sue Worley I, Sponsor. On the right side from down to up are: , Presidentg Ruth Nason, Treasurer, and Dottie Miller, Vice President. 72 We ww? girls: In the back row are Miss Schiebel, Sponsor, Phyllis Howell, Jean Hunter, Gladys Grantham, Dotty Miller, Ruthie Nason, Sue Worley, Sharon Stevens, and Mrs. Myers, Sponsor. Front row girls are: Sharon Herman, Sandie Matz, Patsy Culp, Patsy Brown, Judy Hamilton, Karen Moritz, and Carolyn Tollman. The Y-Teens provide an opportunity for girls to learn more about a Chris- tian living in a local and world situa- tion. They have programs to develop the knowledge and understanding of life that girls of high school age need to lead a more profitable life. This is the largest Y-Teen Club in the Nebraska District YWCA. I O O I I The Hi-Y is a part of the national Y.M.C.A. program whose purpose is "To create, maintain, and extend throughout the school and community high standards of Christian character." Our organization boasts a membership ot lO7 boys, which makes it the larg- est club in the West Central area of Y.M.C.A. During the half-time at the home games, the Hi-Y sponsors the selling of Pepsi-Cola. It is certainly appreciated. Evert Smith and Tom Green are the boys doing the selling. Members of the Hi-Y Cabinet are, first row: Wayne Weston, Marv Kingry, and Bruce Stackhouse. Second row: Mr. Bruce, Sponsor, Ernie Perez, President, and Mr. Peterson, Sponsor Third row: Dick Markoff, Jim Shankland, Dick Pollard, and Bob Howard. . r t 2' ? Q' 1 , ! I 'f ' 4 Q f I S . We S Um W ' u - A - Seated from left to right are: Mr. Shannon, Sponsor, Jim Lawrence, Leonard Thompson, Kenneth Herian, Howard Herian, Dale Wills, and Dallas Knapp. Standing left to right are: John Stark, Norman Keder, David Nepper, Merl Lore, Melvin Steggs, David Thomas, and George Kicken, The F.F.A. provides an opportunity for young boys, who are interested in farming and ranching, to learn more about better agricultural methods. F.F.A. also teaches boys to be better citizens of their country and to strive for the best standards of living. Stlnding left to right are: Fred Schnell, Milton McFall, Larry Schnell, Bob Stark, Bob Boots, Earl Wessel, Mr. Shannon, Dale Berry, Jerry Bauer, Bob Moscrip, and Harold Neilson, Seated left to right are: Floyd Swanson, George Peterson, Franklyn Krause, Calvin Peterson, Royce Daugherty, Marvin Bauer, and Bill Mundt. l l 1 fa- q i cl A4 ?"""W"WW"x ffm, Members of Qurll and Scroll are frrst row left to rrght Bonme Henderson Wade Kemper and Loulse Becker Second row Sally Saylor Shnrley Marsh and Cynthla Shay Quill and Scroll as the lnternatlonal Honor Soclety for Hlgh School Journalusts Students belonging to thus organlzatlon have had one hundred Inches of acceptable wrltlng nn a paper and are In the upper third of thelr class The Spud Staff keeps the school nnformed of the vanous actuvmes and news of Alluance Hugh School Georgia Todd Louuse Becker Sally Saylor Shurley Case Mass Vagneur and Sue Worley mamtam thus fme paper and keep quute busy when they dug up the news ,K Q --6 -4+-.Q V J Zo '0ufz.4'rJfef4 " . . , - . g ,. c , ,g . X 'u -.Q V 4 I 1 - V " Q '5 ' t Q - , , I rv ' A 7 l I 1 , .X I . I ,- ,f .V l ' f 'K -, 1 f- , ,I - , ."!' 2' . Q J . Q ' . X , ,WW nw-...... A , , 1-4 f .fw- . , I . , : . V I . . : , ' , ' . ' I . I I . I I I ' I . . - U - ff 9 J- .1 WNW' lx I J 5 9, : ' , K ' 'N I , 3 y ' x " V-""'y.' c K K 'A c .nkaua-.4-..... 11-a,..a.f,. f - I 2 ! 9 5 I i Pi Xp ,....-......... , . ,.-.......p -'Amr' ' -, 4 n?""'2t1"g,,.m,.w 1-nn---.... 'Q """ -Tl 1 .. , Bottom row from left to right are: Monte Hofmann, Tom Wright, Jon Hall, Wade Kemper, Jim Shankland, Jim Appleby, Bruce Brost, Mike Alvarado, and Franklyn Krause, The middle row: Archie Lawrence, Wayne Wese ton, Marv Kingry, John MacNeill, John Nielsen iPresie denti, Ernie Perez, Dick Markoff, Bill Bock, and John Moore. Top row: Bob Duskin, Jay Hutton, Lester Hawley, Don LaClair, Doug Edwards, Gary Sundermeier, Evert Smith, Tom Green, Larry Johnson, Tim Stubbs, Pat Cooper, Gayle Rusk, George Kicken, Ken Nicola, Bill Miller, and Jerry Colerick. "A" Club is an honorary club made up of boys who have won a maior letter in one of the school sports. Based upon perform- ance in actual competition, loyalty, sports- manship, and scholastic eligibility, the "A" Club has grown in size and importance in high school activities. The organization pro- motes athletic activities in our high school. l Ry U eavmamfscmes ' -, The purpose of the Pep Club, which is to promote enthusiasm at the rallies and games and to keep the school spirit high at all times, was certainly achieved this year. lt was hardly noticeable that a class was lost when the freshmen moved to Junior High. The girls, in order to belong to this club, must maintain a "C" average. Those who were interested found that it was not a strain because they were constantly striv- ing to do better. The officers and sponsors of the Pep Clab are pictured here in a rare moment of leisure, They are from left to right: Mrs. Scudder, Sponsor, Janice Schwaderer, Treasurer, Nola Nay, Vice President, Cynthia Shay, President, Sandra Mote, Secretary, and Miss Erxleben, Sponsor, 5 5 7 x Q..- fs 9 .JD you-Q 'ff' LJ l C' 5 1 . '. Wf Q as fa K M ' x 5 q.f:f,LL fi za" X7 . ,N 3 .. . S SHIRLEY SALLY JANET JANLCE JEANENNE MCFALL SAYLOR FARRLNGTON WLNTEN STILLEY HIGH SCHOLARSHIP Sharon Case John Nielsen 'N i EN 'Kai' 'T-S. V Jr' -hi I 1 f 3 gh 9 B 12 fif- 4, 'im xl , - Ms, V 45 ,f . W ,V lx F 24 Z li, xi lei 'Li A- Qff ' I pr-4 'ac n J L' px 5 4 x V' 1 1150! Y"""7 xii- -4' qpkiif yn... Q x ig W, SCHO L ST ff! .'-- li'- "Alas, how swift The snow does fly How fast The years are passing by. SCHOOL LHFE I I I I fl r . rl Y 7' Y I I , I "I 'I 1 rl rl I I I V --v-" -7' V1 'W' r' r . r .l ,I r Y 'I 'I Y r wr 42? 11' 'UT WT l 44-14:41 Y av- 1- V -YY . Y Back row, left to righ1: Coach Grossart, John Moore, Roger MacNeilI, Darrell Lewis, Even Smith, Bill Miller, Larry Johnson. Second row: Paul Jessen, St, Manager, Bruce Brost, Wade Kemper, David Stull, Pai Cooper, Jerry Colerick. Front row: Jim Shankland, Jon Hall, Archie Lawrence, Ken Nicola, Ernie Perez. GAYLE RUSK MIKE ALVARADO Co-Captain Co-Captain T, . 1 , ln. , .... 1 A - 15741. ...pop - v A-11 I r v W-v' f I rv n n rv rr' , "Q-' 'rjgf r 5 rf- gr nn 'Tr nn nn ' '-rfrr l I" rr rvirf r I rv rr rr rv Tr' H r ' -Tr-jjlv yr Y 1 I A lv rv rv "Tr gf'-fr-rj-vw rv enccrr' rv rv rv, rv' . 1' YY I' I' -A "7 7' 'M V If' .. T' "fr Tr ' l Yvrwrrm if I " I' I P W . ATV- -if I7 HA- 17 u I ' I Y I 7 . rn" "T""-rf", " 'rffr 'rf' 'ri IV i r ' I Y r Y MJ'--P' IV '-FIV, U I' M' IV: I' I' r r nw rv rv rt j'TY1 I 1 Y I ? V E " I"'-.f s I' NEWT' T' T' ,. I" .ff " I l 'WWI Y I' ' ' T' P I1 I I 7 U I Y F F 'f Q1 ' I Y If ' I' H , I V ' I ' Y 1 I' . N .I If 7 r I ' Y I ' T- - , tr' ., - 'af 1v 1 r A 5 0.1. , ,Qs it Back row: Don LaClair, Lester Hawley, Marv Kingry, Bob Duskin, Monte Hofmann, Coach Borg. Second row Gayle Rusk, John MacNeill, George Kicken, Jay Hutton, Tom Wright, John Nielsen, St. Manager Front row: Dick Markoff, Mike Alvarado, Wayne Weston, and Gene Rader Shams " SEASON RESUME The Alliance Bulldogs were able to win only 3 games out of 9 starts. Al- though the '55 season was opened with a win over Sidney, Coach Gross- art's gridders were unable to top any- one else except Ogallala and Curtis. The Bulldogs displayed short bursts of precision football but their season closed with a disappointing loss to Scottsbluff. Jess Borg Backfield Coach and Rex Grossart Head Coach talk the situation over O O 5 Kemper darts around the left end for precious yards. BULLDOG COMEBACK BEATS SIDNEY Scoring two touchdowns in the fourth quarter, Coach Rex Grossart's Bulldogs came from behind a O-12 score to slip by Sidney 13-12. increas- ing Bulldog strength compared to weakened Maroon strength were the deciding factors. Wade Kemper scored the first Alli- ance touchdown with 8 minutes left to play, climaxing a drive set up by Pat Cooper's recovery of a Sidney fumble. Ken Nicola smashed through the Sidney line for the extra point that won the game. Trailing 12-7, Ernie Perez flipped a screen pass to Dick Markoff who ran 42 yards for the final score. TRAILBLAZERS CLIP ALLlANCE Torrington's powerful Trailblazers mixed speed and elusiveness to hand the Bulldogs their first home loss since November 11, 1952. Capitalizing on breaks, the Blazers were quick to lump to the lead and hold the Bulldogs behind 21-O at half- time. Alliance's Wade Kemper took a pitchout on his 38 yard line and sprinted 62 yards to prevent the Blaz- ers from shutting the Bulldogs out completely. He then split the crossbars with a conversion to end the game 37-7. Alx WADE KEMPER ERNIE PEREZ DICK MARKOFF GENE RADER JON HALL BILL MILLER -5.41 0 PAT COOPER JIM SHANKLAND i Mike Alvarado tries for extra yards. BULLDOGS ROMP OGALLALA BUT FALL BEFORE PLATTERS In the best display of gridiron tac- tics yet, the agile Alliance backs and charging line tinished a night with per- tect execution ot plays. Perez com- pleted 6 ot 9 passes, 2 ot which went tor touchdowns. Kemper scored 3 times, Perez, Markott and Nicola each once, to win 39-9. The lone Alliance marker in the loss to North Platte came atter Kemper took a handott on his I2 and sped 76 yards to set up the touchdown that came three plays later, lniuries riddled the badly outweighed Alliance gridders as North Platte coasled by 32-7. ALLIANCE EDGES CURTIS BUT DROPS TO McCOOK A surprisingly strong Curtis team held Alliance I3-I3 until the final min- utes ot play when Alliance exploded with the winning tally to sew it up, I9-I3. Mike Alvarado consistently picked up yards to become Alliance's bright spot of the game. The big McCook Bisons walloped Alliance 32-O in an important conter- ence game. Fumbles and intercepted passes spelled out the Alliance defeat as Ernie Perez completed only 4 passes out ot 19 tries. -fgxf, KEARNEY SMOTHERS ALLIANCE A smooth Kearney team rolled over Alliance 2O-I2 to put the Bulldogs in the conference cellar. Alliance completed 5 of I5 passes, two of which were good for touch- downs. Fumbles hurt the Bulldogs and gave Kearney the lead at the half. Alliance took Kearney's kickoff on their IO and marched 90 yards for a touchdown. Wade Kemper connected with Archie Lawrence twice to set up another touchdown that was lost on downs. GERING NIPS ALLIANCE A huge Gering team used its weight advantage and a wet field to wear down the Alliance Bulldogs I3-7. The game, an even battle at 7-7 until the last quarter, broke open as Gering marched 82 yards in the final minutes to score. AIIiance's score came after the half as Wade Kemper took the kickoff on his I5 and sprinted to the Gering 30. Ernie Perez scored 5 plays later and Ken Nicola plunged for the point. Nicola and Kemper formed the bul- wark of the Alliance offense while John Moore played stalwart defensive ball for the Bulldogs. L!-'xi-f-lx' L End of the line for a North Platte gridder. 7' 'X JW BEARCATS RONIP OVER ALLIANCE The Bulldogs, their speedy backs mired in mud and snow, spent most of the traditional Armistice Day garne playing defense against the rugged Scottsbluff team. Alliance fumbles earl in the ame Y 9 set up 2 of the Bearcat scores. Scotts bluff scored again in the second quar ter due to sloppy playing by the Bull dogs, which hurt them tremendousl Y in the first half. Goal line stands and only one serious scoring threat by the Bulldogs marked their playing all after noon. ffif X-- ' --Y 5- A Alliance fumbles and recovers. Y ARCHIE LAWRENCE BRUCE BROST MARV KINGRY fv , - ' Z f a., SCORES Alliancem. 7C7C,,, l3 Sidney 7C,E,C, C,,, 2 . l2 Alliance 7 77,,7 ,O 7 Torrington 7E,E,,,, 34 Alliance, C,7., , 2,39 Ogallala ce. 9 Alliance ,,E,E,EE,E . 7 North Platte ee,..,.. 32 Alliance .,ee,e,e,,,, 19 Curtis .e,ee, ..ev,,,,.e l 3 Alliance., 7 7 O McCook , 32 Alliancen, 3 712 Kearney cc, 2 20 Alliance .cc,c,, . 7 Gering ,,c.,c,.,. , .c,,. l3 Alliance .,..c O Scottsbluff c,,c,, 2l l'Xv 1 Y Y.,-A Me Z ' -. L GEORGE KICKEN JOHN MacNElLL LARRY JOHNSON WAYNE WESTON A 9I 543-57 '55 RESERVE RECORD Alliance ,, Sidney C Alliance Ogallala as E Alliance 77a,,,aa Scottsbluff Alliance . Hemingtord Alliance so , Mitchell Alliance Chadron Alliance cc,, , Chadron Prep I 4 E Back row left to right St Manager Ken Feese Lloyd Hazard, Neil Pryor, Richard Stull Jerry Beagle Gary Lewis Ray Boren Varley Grantham Coach Larson Middle row: Coach Corder Bob Wright J B Smith Dale Berry George Tutt Ernie Vargas Bill Webb Dick Stephens, Bryon Brost Coach Taylor Front row Tom Laing Max Worley Larry Garrett Denny Christenson, Larry Geis, Dick O'Brien Dick Perez Back row, left to right: Coach Zempel, Dick Pollard, Pat Cooper, Bill Hesse, Larry Johnson, Archie Lawrence, Don LaClair. Front row: Wade Kemper, Dick Markoff, Jack Muske, Ernie Perez, Ken Nicola, Tim Stubbs. 5 N "Wh-f DICK POLLARD Captain Wwwdzqg The success of the '56 Bulldog cage season was not written in the win and loss columns but rather in the increasing co-operation, polish, and skill of the players as they showed constant improvement during their first year of coaching by Coach Morris Zempel. The Bulldogs won their first 2 games only to drop into a 4 game slump that was finally broken by beating Mitchell 59 to 56. ' 64 Curtis Aggies 51 Alliance aaaa 66 Alliance666 6658 Bridgeport Alliance s,,a 6647 Cozad Alliance ,aa. 6 ac,,... 38 Gering ....,,ac 6 Alliance aaa,aa ...aa,a 3 6 North Platte . Alliance6666 6 ,,,,a, 52 McCook 66 66 6 Alliance66 66 a,aa,,. 59 Mitchell Alliance ,a,a 6 c,sa,,. 60 Sidney aa,.s, 6 Alliance ,,,,,, ,,,,,,. 5 8 Scottsbluff Alliance, .aaas 6 ,aaa 64 Kearney Alliance ,,a, 6 6 aa,a 32 Scottsbluff Alliance ,,,A, , , ,,A,,, 61 North Platte 6 Alliance66 6 66 666. 77 McCook Alliance 6 6 646 Torrington 66 Alliance 66666 6666.55 Ogallala Sf 94 Erme Perez sinks one for Allnance LARRY JOHNSON Co Capfam ERNIE PEREZ 7' I BILL HESSE J X Lx ' Q! 1 L 'IC , . Q . . , .L I B L A X M A L , 5 -,,,.g.- - e lk-1: L 3 Q5 L L '- Qf'f. 3 ..,A L K v . l L K A QQ 11,1 ' A X ,. . : . L in ,T g LA j 1 f ,X'qQ-Q- nh.. ARCHIE LAWRENCE Larry Johnson shoots from the corner. Jafar-i' I Y PAT COOPER 3 TIM STUBBS ff :Q lk.. 95 1' Back row, left to right: Johnny Sanderson, Jerry Boness, Kenny Johnson Gary Johnson David Stull Jim Lawrence, Lester Hawley, Allen Heckman, Joe Parker, Larry Curtiss, Front row Merlin Lawrence Coach Burkhart, Adrian Ethridge. '7 . The i956 Reserve basketball season ended for the Bulldogs with a 2 ll record Though disappointing, the season gave ample opportunity for the Alliance fans to see some fine playing by the Bullpups. i956 RESERVE SCHEDULE Alliance ,3O Alliance , ,39 Alliance ,,c., , 38 Alliance , S 349 Alliance 43 Alliance 4l Alliance 26 Alliance 42 Alliance 33 Alliance 38 Alliance ,35 Alliance 48 Alliance 48 Bridgeport Gering , North Platte McCook S Mitchell Sidney Scottsbluff Kearney Scottsbluff Pine Ridge McCook Torrington Ogallala " ' L q- Q. ' ,, R JAQJ X! ., W 1 Back row, left to right: Coach Larsen, Keith Huffman, Jerry Beagle Front row: Richard Perez, Bob Wright, Denny Christensen, Max Worley Todd Harrls a Q0 5 9 I 9 r Back row left to right: Coach Taylor, Jack Gels, Dick O'Brien, Dick Stephens, Ray Hesse, Bob Rnggs From row Chuck Riggs, Larry Christensen, Dick McCall, .lim Worthley, Ivan Kinser. 'FY ss. fl Back row Lloyd Andrews Dick Markotf Wayne Weston Wayne Walker, Dick Ericson, Sam Kline, Larry Johnson Dick Pollard Jim Applebee Bill Miller Tim Stubbs Ernie Perez, Lee Ozborne, Mike Alvarado Front row Coach Livingston Coach Grossart Bob Wilkins Wade Kemper, Bruce Brost, Dan Farrington Chuck Wollaston Bob Miller Bill Bock Don La Clair, Jack Rader, Coach Borg, I The Bulldogs climaxed a near- ly all-victorious season by win- ning the "State Champs" title and scoring more points doing so than any previous team. The Bulldogs also gathered more Gold Medal points than any team in the history of the State Meet. They dropped only two meets out of nine and were victorious five times over Scottsbluff. Snowecl out of the Chadron Invi- tational they established tour records in the Sidney lnvita- tional. WINNER-Triangular with Bridge- port and Hemingford Second Place-Scottsbluff Relays WINNER-Sidney Invitational WINNER-Western Nebraska WINNER-Alliance Invitational Second Place-Big Ten Confer- ence WINNER-Western Regional WINNER-Nebraska Class "A" WINNER NEBRASKA GRAND CHAMPIONSHIP tale They walked through the Western Nebraska, yet rec- ords toppled as they easily captured their own Invita- tional. Alliance tracksters staged a valiant rally but took only second in the Big Ten Meet. Sixteen men and two relay teams qualified for State in the Bulldog Regional Tri- umph. is 1 Av , . .,gs,,,,t MQ A 5 mx AlIiance's low hurdle twins, Bob Miller, left, and Chuck Wollaston, easily swept the Class "A" lows at State ending a successful career with the Bulldogs. Chuck turned in 20.5 which coupled with his versatility made him an outstanding competi- tor. He defeated teammate Bob, w at 20 and is the school record holder. Bruce Brost, surprise package of the Bull- dogs, captured the Class "A" Mile at State in 4:38.l, his best time. He brought home Gold Medal honors, climaxing a successful season of distance running. ho had previously turned fastest time at state The Bulldog 880 Baton Passers finished undefeated in addition to capturing Class "A" and Gold Medal State Championships. They established four records with a best time of 1:32. Left to right: Miller, Wollaston, Wade Kemper, and Farrington. 'gage and ' Zwyhq 7421- ,emu Anil Getting in training for inter-school competition are Mike Alvarado, Gayle Rusk, .lay Hutton, Bruce Brost, Ernie Perez, and Howard Herian. Howard Herian, Gayle Rusk, Ernie Perez, Jay Hutton, Wade Kemper, and Jon Hall try their muscles in a wrestling session. 2,4 V7.1-... 'Inn -......,, lie., l, N Badminton tournaments proved to be great fun for the girls. An important game is being played by Marilyn Hawley, Charla Rusk, Betty Nye, and Gladys Grantham. l00 msmmf cw 600 ef THE ALLIANCE HIGH SCHOOL ORCHESTRA Front row, left to right: K, Panwitz, B. Burnham, B. Kicken, P, Felton, S. Barrett, L. Amen, C. A. Johnson, J. Anderson, Second row: K. Hamilton, S. Schmidt, M. Rogers, C. Tollman, K. McCarthy, P. Howell, S. David, C. Hein, R. Hesse, J. Engels- ierd, D. Householder, M. DeFrance, T. Wright, M. Stalos, L. Schriner, B. Merritt, T. Hemple, D. Blinde. Third row: L. Brown, M. Jelinek, C. Mounts, R. Lotspeich, J, Becker, S. Mote, and Mr. Ward Rounds, Kicking high for Alliance High is Marilyn Hanna our drum maiorette. Leading the band is a never-ending iob, but Marilyn does the job well. :sf 1' K I S The senior band officers are the ones who contribute much to the success of the band. Front row: Ruth Lotspeich, Sandy Lemmon, Pat Calhoun, LaDonna Shriner, Carolyn Tollman, Back row: Doug Edwards, Karl Panwitz, Tom Right, Teddy Hempel. l0l rx f ""rz -,N X rw ' 9 .. V 1 xx I ,W Z. , H! HD 'G as ff Q -445 ,f" . af" Eh ' K , X " Q4 5 v, 3 Q4 A A 6' N ,-wa ' 2 1 gi aff! . ' 1 ff is K , , fp -- - .. gk wma, Q ' L Q Uffezc Sa ' . ..c.f,f""'X"f 1, 4 f-ei 'eff' 1.5 -nw i.. '95 Front row, left to right: Deanna Hanna, Barbara Merritt, Connie Zaliaris, Marian DeFrance, Maria Stalos. Second row: Sharon Davis, Dick Householder, Monte Rogers, Phyllis Howell, Robyn Burnham, Cleone Sturgeon, Janice Engelsgierd. Third row: Tom Wright, Paul Thiessen, Rex Martin, Warren Robertson, Joe Weldin, Doug Edwards, LaDonna Schriner, Don Miller, Ted Hempel. Fourth row: Ralph Jinks, Joe Mills, John Sanderson, Doug Griffith, Ed Tollman, Wallace Anderson, Jerry McDonald, Jack Faltar, Wayne Soth, David Blinde, Bill Hesse. Standing: Robert Wright, Jerri Becker, Sandra Mote, Linda Brown, Karen Hamilton, Mr. Rounds, ..--ii 1 .f x : The Alliance High School Band is open to those who pass band exams with ninety-five per cent accuracy. This band participates in half time shows at football games and many special events such as Christmas concerts, spring concerts, band clinic, and graduation. S-, MRS, WARD ROUNDS, Accompanist ' ' d,f,4,w,s Something new has been added to the A.H.S. Choir as it makes its first appearance. This fine group ot students is wearing the new, royal blue robes. A combination like this makes it a concert to be remembered. Their selections consist of spirituals and songs appropriate to the Christmas season. These arrangements make the debut one to be long remembered. Fourth row: M, E. Williams, B. Laursen, B. Kicken, D. Miller, D. Curry, R. Burnham, D. Householder, L. Woods, J. Maloney, D. Pollard, N. Vallentine, D, Briggs, R. MacNeill. Third row: S. Lammon, S. Matz, S. McDonald, S. Lewis, B. Dietrich, S. Mintzer, C. Hein, B. Stackhouse, D. Walker, M. Lance, G. Sundermeirer. Second row: G. Todd, J. Winton, K. Robinson, N. Roth, D. Roth, W. Iverson, M. Steggs T. Wright. First row: E. Parker, C. Kohler, K. Corey, M. Scoggin, J. Schwaderer, S. Worley, M. Evans. Al Blinde, director of the choir for four years now, has done much to promote interest among the music students. Christmas concerts, Operetta, Choir Clinic, and Spring concerts make this group highly recognized by the community. MR. AL BLlNDE, Director Fourth row: J. Colerick, A. Lawrence, L. Johnson, J. MacNeilI, B, Bock, M. Kingry, J. Hall, J. Long, J. Farrington, B, Henderson, A. Cooper, S, Stevens, R. Nason. Third row: W. Ellis, J. Mills, D. Miller, R. Lotspiech, S. Moomey, P. Calhoun, I. Walker, S. Morehead, M. Hanna, J. Hanson. Second row: D. Markoff, J. Hunter, D. Becker, P. Brown, C. Nelson, P. Felton, D. Wessel, R. Chick, N. Nay. First row: J. Reitz, L. Becker, S. Herman, C. Shay, M. Stalos, P. Donovan, B. Borror, K. McCarthy. i , O Those who attended State Music Clinic from Band and Choir this year were, standing: Karl Pan- witz, Marv Kingry, Sue Worley, Morris Lance, and John Maloney. Seated: Dick Pollard, Carolyn Hein, John MacNeill, Louise Becker, and Marilou Evans Knot picturedi. Those who attended were chosen by Al Blinde, music director. Dick Pol- lard was picked-for the National Clinic in April. He was the only one selected from Western Nebraska. i 3 i -it 1:1 ft Zia, fflpgl Madrigal this year has been better than ever and has made many appearances for organiza- tions in Alliance, Standing: Dick Pollard, Dick Householder, Nick Vallentine, John Maloney, Jerry Colerick, Bill Bock, Marv Kingry, and John MacNeill. Seated: Sue Worley, Sandra Lammon, Carc- lyn Hein, Ruth Lotspeich, Louise Becker and Marilou Evans lnot picturedi. i Those who assume the respon- sibility for third and fourth per- iod in choir are the choir offi- cers. Left to right: Jerry Cole- rick, Larry Curtis, Jerry Boness, Bev Hiles, Dick Pollard, John Maloney, Karen Moretz, Dick Markotf, Gladys Grantham, Janet Hunter, and Archie Lawrence Knot picturedi, an Ktttx it Q RLEE " ELLLU IU, -v :3f.K'IT.'QE F,,2Q-419.5 1 .wa- 3 gn N ...F -M - an '-Q, ,iff-"N -. wi. I A mm Q 1 Cav ,,' em i , a 54' '4 45 n 'I I bl Worley's Studio for distinctive porrraifure ADVERTISERS B L LLDOC S L, PPO RTE RS BAUMAN B J OPTOMETRIST BOWEN ROBERTW OPTOMETRIST BRENNAN BET RWAY CLEANERS BRITTAN MORAN ABSTRACT CO BROZ JOHN S M D FITZGERALD T DORAN MD BUCHFINCK ART CRUM AND MILLER ACCTS DELUXE RADIATOR SHOP DODD DE BOLT DONS CAFE GAMBLES GANTZ WILLIAMS 81 HEIN ATTORNEYS GODING A L 81 SIXTA A HARRIS SALES JIM CANAVAN GOLF COURSE KANDY SNAP KANE ELECTRIC KENNEDY DONALD .I D DS KUPER NURSING HOME LEFAVE DAIRY MELICK R H NUSS A G DDS OBRIENS TEXACO PODHAISKY INSURANCE AGENCY REDDISH ALBERT T RENOS BEAUTY SHOP REXS HAMBURGER SHOP ROBERTSON MOTOR COMPANY SELLECK ABSTRACT COMPANY SENG O L MD SLAGLE CLINIC SNACK BAR TAYLOR D N D DS TEXACO BULK PLANT TRAILORVILLE COURT WILLIAMS W B DDS 311V2 BOX BUTTE 323V2 BOX BUTTE -409 LARAMIE 323V2 BOX BUTTE 202 W 3rd 202 W 3rd 224 BOX BUTTE 306V2 BOX BUTTE 504 FLACK 9 7 E d 218 W 3rd 321 BOX BUTTE 306V2 BOX BUTTE 12l1V2 W 41h 205 BOX BUTTE MUNICIPAL AIRPORT 406 BOX BUTTE 116 W CI 104V2 W 3rd 812 BOX BUTTE 719 W 3rd 323V2 BOX BUTTE 619 BOX BUTTE EAST 10111 31OV2 BOX BUTTE 104V2 W 3rd 711 BIG HORN 112 BOX BUTTE 323 W 3rd 118 W 3rd 619 BOX BUTTE 524 BOX BUTTE 410V2 BOX BUTTE TIMES HERALD BLDG FIRST AND TOLUCA 803 FLACK 118V2 E - -7' ik -1 Y 7 W, D . -1 1 , I ' 2 I I LF , .L - , 31. I X , . . , . F. ,. ,LLLL,E,E,,L L ., A , L, . NEUSWANGERS ,..,,LLLvL..LL,...,,LLL.. QQ ,,LLLLL,,LLL ff LLL. fQffQQffff7f ,L,,LLLLLL ,211W,3rd , . ., . . . . ,,..,,,, ,,,.,,,,,,..,.,,.. ,,A,,,,,,,,, ,,,,, A , , H , Ath :CEU .ar 'V JoAnn Fagler IS absorbed nn nnfervlewlng As lhey examine a new Ford Tracior a+ KEELEY HAROLD EHRHART aboul' 'lhe lhrlvlng bean KELLY TRACTOR COMPANY Jaclc Muslce and mdusfry EHRHART COMPANY IS a growing Wally Slephens lns+en carefully fo Max Garwood s concern explanahon of Ford s parhcular exclusive 'Feafures The new GUARDIAN STATE BANK BUlLDlNG on fhe corner of 3rd and Box Bu'He us lrepl' busy by hugh school s+uden'l's Here young people learn fo save In a safe way Bob Noreen llsfens lnfenlly whsle O B Hyland Alice Cooper and Clara Weclxerwerlh musl' have manager explanns 'lhe READY MIX cemenf lhe fufure In mmd smce 'lhey are loolnng a+ carpe'l' process samples beung displayed by Mrs Grace Arm slrong al' JOHNSON AND PELTZ Bev Borror and Kenny Johnson are already +hnnIr Ing abou? nex+ wln'fer Mr CorbuH a+ Ihe KANSAS NEBRASKA GAS CO office explams how Ihe Moore Curculahng hea+er operafes .LK Bob WaH' and Elame Spencer explaun Ihe defalls and requnremenfs of Ioan malung +o LaVern Lee Thus ns a+ Ihe ALLIANCE C B 8: O EMPLOYEES FEDERAL CREDIT UNION Q G ALL semis 1956 BUICK 'L John Nielsen wafches m+en+Iy as Kerlh Jacobs cu+s slices of choice meal Mrs J M Jenluns and Mrs BeHy Prerss olher employees of IDEAL FROZEN FOOD LOCKERS Ioolc on John Maloney and Darrell Craug mus+ be plan mng +o buy a new surf Joe Fischer of PENNEY S shows 'Ihese boys a Mlx Mafch surl I+ has a laclcel' wulh ma+chung pan'I's and con+rashng ones New 4DO0IIRIVIIRAS ia,- Shlrley McFaII and Rulhle Nason confemplafe a spun In +he I956 Bulclr Cenfury 'four door Ruvlera found al' DINGMAN S BUICK MOTORS When be'H'er cars are bullf Busclc will bullcl Ihem TN I u 'I' ' 1 L, ' To ' 1 ,fR"4gi'l.'vr It it 'f'-I I 41 2 I as I N X I I V ' I5 S ms- I 'f' - , n 5.14-' LoreHa Schnell and Barbara Wor+hley are ln+ervuewmg Harold Johnson abou+ hrs 'lruclung operahons These gurls should be able +o gave an nnlereshng reporf on lhus JOHNSONS TRANSFER IS locafed on fhe Hemlngford Highway Vnrguma Cox as represenhng fhe Y +eens as she buys candy for fhe Snack Shack JoAnn Corp of 'Phe GRANTHAM CANDY CO explains ihe re+aul prnce Some moihers will be surprised and pleased when Jim Dye and Dale McCawley presenf fhem wilh Weslinghouse elecfric ovens, purchased from Harlow Hiner al' ALLIANCE HARDWARE Mason Morrull and Kay Sfenberg seem +o be havmg a serlous dnscusslon on moiel managemenf Kay wull learn all abouf how 'lhe MORRILL MOTEL IS managed Kay McCar+hy "ohs and ahs" over +he beau+y of +his Ricemore alpaca, shor+y coal' shown 'lo her by Sherry Benda In LENLA'S STYLE SHOP. - 'l ..-.... L g ,J l X , L , . y ,Y Y ,f T I V' ,311 I . . . . . if . . o ' ' if I iw 4 L lr? f Eddie Padgeif shows +ha+ all rmporlanf sludenl M6fll0U Evans and Blll Bock ldlie 6 frlp back Card +0 Mfg Guy Elder ai- +I-ye ALLIANCE fo fheur childhood an NEWBERRYS new second THEATER while Don Muller wan'rs pahenily n HOOP' i0Y Cl9P6I"fm9f1f lne George Hofmann gels prompf a'Hen+ion from +he friendly a'Hendan+s a+ CO-OP. Harold Kirchner fills fhe fanlc while Lyle Sfone washes +he windshield. lmpressing Jeanenne Slilley wi+h a bouquel of ln Chuck BriHan's office, Bernice TripleH explains mums is easy for Wade Kemper when fhe flowers +o Cynihia Shay and Morris Lance fhe advanfages Come from +he ALLIANCE FLORAL COMPANY, of an insurance policy wifh BRlTTAN'S INSUR- ANCE AGENCY. X E4 cnwns U 'FQ fin K-'X Leonard Thompson surveys The busy ALLIANCE Looks as +hough somefhung will gel' a new coa'r NASH and TEXACO CORNER SERVICE STA of pannf' David Nepper and Archie Lawrence TION The bes+ of cour+eous service and prompf purchase a can of Marhn Senour Paln+ from Mr aH'en+uon are received here Scoggun af SCOGGINS PAINT and WALL PAPER 9- uv' ,,1!.,.,,,,q5 . Q Dick Dennon Insfens fo all fhe de'I'alIs as Vic Meyers explains fo him all +he advaniages of Conoco Super Mofor oil. Siop in a+ MEYERS CONOCO. James Ball needs a Ianiern for his camping +rip. Melvin Sfeggs has already picked ou+ wha+ he Here, Margaref Berry shows him a Rail-vac wanfs 'for graduaiion. Here, Mr. Mellecker, of Hunier Lanlern a+ STICKNEY'S AUTO SUPPLY KISSACK'S OFFICE SUPPLY, shows him various COMPANY. brands of iypewrilers. Preparnng for coIIege7 Loulse Becker IS shown a formal a+ ZOELLNER S un 'rhe women s deparfmenf upslalrs Helpmg her decade on a cholce ns clerk Emma Berry L News Beauly ls Only Skun Deep doesn 'I apply 'ro +he Afler a sahsfynng meal Gladys Jensen Darlene l956 3 60 Co+al,na four door PONTIAC Bgb Schwaderer and BeHy Laursen vnew +he ar+ col Muske learns 'Ihls from Mr Proper who explains IGCIIOH al' 'Ihe DRAKE HOTEL CAFE Ihe new hugh compression molor Io hlm Seamslress and Tailor Chunk Long and John MacNueII examme Ihe Necchl supernova sewing machine demonsfrafed by Mr Woods I WOOD S SEWING MACHINE SHOP X 493352. Duck Markoff and Erme Perez fhunk of Ia+er years as Ihey view Ihus Maylag gas range Darlene Fosberg employee of Nebraska HY DRO GAS INC explains how 'Ihe s'Iove works V' . I ,. K X Mr and Mrs Ushno of 'lhe ALLIANCE CLEAN Leonard Thompson Howard Herlan and Kenny ERS explam 'ro Shlrley Case and Dale Wllls why Henan learn lhe fundamenlals of reslauranl' Sla nu makes your olo+heg look newer longer managemen+ from Mr Merrll+ of +he A8rF CAFE Q1 WILLARD ANDERSON explains has posnhon as Jerry McDonald plans +o pul' new 'lures on his lncome Tax Consullanl +o Alluance Hugh School lalopy Jesse Sanchez of POLLOCKS TEXACO sluclenl Bob Howard STATION shows Jerry a new Fnreslone hre ,gi fe Mr Dave Walker of WALKER FUNERAL HOME fhunks aboul 'lhe composuhon of 'lhe l955 56 Bulldog Annual ad he wlll purchase from Sally Saylor and John Maloney I I , 7? y I -A ' A A I -v' :gig --, ff I 1' 1 1 I B l 7 V' rn. nr F-. Qu ii 2 . V I 'V I ff- -1' fy f ' ' V I ' , 1. " xiii 1 bw ,I A jf gl 1 fr . r I . ' ws f, . . I J A I L 3' 45 A s' A A I A-5 f l'v.u N-f' Q -T i 'B Dale Slaymalrer helps Duxne Rofh and Gene Rader WOUIGIU I' fI1IS be heavenly? aslc Paf Calhound selecf a frame from fhe large selecfuon In has and Norma Foskef as flwey loolc af fhe 56 new dnsplay cases found a+ fhe ALLIANCE Chevrolef In BORRORS new home STUDIO al x...5el A perfecf guff for Ins glrlll Bruce Brosf purchases a Perry Como So Smoofh album from Harold Dlvme af fhe FINECY MUSIC COMPANY A record album pleases every one for any occasuon Cliff Gregory as explaining an Insurance polucy fo Janice Sclwwaderer and Connue Fales T C GREGORY INSURANCE Class 25 4I6 W 3rd Phone l8O0 Insurarce Alone ls Our Busmess HIIPYE, Enloymg flue relaxung comforf of fhe new Flex Sfeel Sequence davenporf af BRAZEAL FUR NITURE CO are Jane Barger and Carmen Woods .I ' I f H 4 - . " I - g X I - . X l X A.. I , ,U I I il , Fm - X ' ,I ,J . . ll u . H s I u . ' ll ll n ' I II Il - ' I Z .K V7 i as -' Y gf ,' A I if ' I g I 45 --r ' 5 fi 55, sun: ' i f .3 '!- I5 ' I S ncaa , V, I 4 0-ai A ' ,, A' 1 -'sun 1 H, " i ' Aigygggf iiiti 1 cl Y 'K' .M 4:6 - fri ' -- g 1 X X ., 1-. L ,, 4 A I , V gf ,' A if + X 4 J . ,Q 4 W .V X' I K Q! l. ' Q ' - ' 'b riff: N .J f , - 111.2225 ' , -. ' . I f' . - f'f'.,',,Aa' vu' I ggi ' .I 'fl I .. f. ' , I A is-2 ' 'Q-Q2 . . .gf , up ' ' ' II ll :I H . J Vg '- ' Z I Q. A - Q new 1 1. 0 K , I I 4 Aff I 'x 5- ' A :V bg.: V f srfifa' , 1 ---"'-"' I 1 I , , ll I ' - ' - .. 'Vx Lislening carefully io Mr Seebohm explain a Mrs Mnnlzer shows Sue Worley and Sharon Case savings a counf al' lhe BUILDING AND LOAN some heavenly perfume by Dana Nohce 'Phe ASSOCIATION are Larry Johnson and Tim smile7 Musl' smell good This can be found ai S+ubbs THIELES DRUG STORE lf ya aln+ eahn al ROMINES ya ainf ea+in say Doris Wessel Jack Falfar Dallas Knapp, and Gladys Jensen. These sfudenfs are giving +heir orders lo Mr. Romine. Bennie Fischer shows Karl Panwilz and Nancy Rofh a beau+iful Trifari necklace sold exclusively a+ THIELE'S. 1:5 -' 7 nf 3 if 1395. Surprisingly enough, Mr. Knighl' frusled Punk Cody and Wayne Wesfon in +he vaulf long enough for him lo explain lhe fascinaling 'lime lock a+ fhe ALLIANCE NATIONAL BANK. Ellen Berg plans for her hope chesl a+ MONTGOMERY WARD 8: COMPANY Here Mr Hansen helps Ellen puck ou+ a Monlgomery Ward elecfruc blankel 4?-nYlYl war' C 'harla Munger and Georgla Todd wlll be brlghf The Chrysler New Yorker S+ Regls I5 a new and clean ln lhelr clofhes Mrs OHoway IS hand dream CBI' Nancy Tl'l0fT'l6S and J0n Hall VISIT' mg fhem They are cleaned by lhe Sanrlone A H JONES +0 elfifnlne l'l1e l956 model process al' KEEP U NEAT Ted Smnlh and Frank S+arln learn how +9 use a ABE A DURYEA real eslafe Bndl Insurance K C 0 W microphone from Carl Langlewlgch agenl' l'1BS lusl sold 6 llfe IHSUFBDCE polncy fo Perhaps fhey plan 'lo become news commenlafors Elalfle Benren Here 5l'l9 5'9"'5 llle '3PPl'Cal'0fl K . 1 S f 4 . , f ua . , P-em' . ..... v ,I f ev P tn . ? , l w Q - VX l LJ' I gy sl IJ I I ww si x T T , -A 3 Q, . C T f, l I A U7 gum Jack Mabm plans 'ro do a ll'Hle carpen'I'ry work For warmfh and loyal+y Nucl: Vallenhne purchases Rosemary Keenen of MELVILLE LUMBER CO an Alliance Bulldog swea+shlr+ from John Manewel shows Jaclc a sample of Lanundall al PETE S ARMY SURPLUS STORE X 'W' Jim McCar'lhy explauns fo his daughler Kay fhe Shirley Koozer plans and budgels a meal Here yard and pen capacu+y a+ ihe s+oclzyards of ihe Wally Klrchhoff of ihe BASKETERIA MARKET ALLIANCE LIVESTOCK COMMISSION COM helps her selecl' 'lhe mosl cholce vegelables PANY TE C0 ,l ang .URI calf! Perhaps Sandy Lammon as planning +o become a gas s+a+uon aHendan+ W1+h Wayne Hashman she sludues fhe gas prices a+ SCHOMMER S TEXACO SERVICE STATION mal+ 'For +he hungry observer Bull Muller MACK S DAIRY KING us +he place +o go for refreshmenf John Sfarlx admlres 'rhe collechon of Nebraska Brand Aga+es +ha+ Bull Zeng as showing hum ZEIG has many more s+ones In hls museum Earl Osborne and Sharon Taylor admire lhe Masfercrafl' Furnllure a+ ECONOMY FURNI TURE Bull Beclrer +ells 'lhem abou+ fhe fune qualify of +hls merchanduse it COMPANY explams lhe use of a level 'I'o ln+er esfed if somewhaf perplexed lus+eners Bull Hesse and Connie Johnson Al Koch of fhe 7 UP BOTTLING COMPANY explalnlng lhe boH'le falling mechanism on + compllcaled machune 'lo Don Boness Janice Wln+en piclcs oul' a beauhful gill for a special person a+ MODE O' DAY Mrs Noreen shows her a whrle, rose sfudded half slup g ' W, ' . V' X l- l ' Q - , - A A 5 , E . x , 1 t A e ' X A Y - . Mrs. Mackey whips up a chocola+e Wing-Ding Pau' Gulhman. of THE ALLIANCE l-UMBER 'L n n - . . . . . I MR. - - - - - - his Rooms and servnce III for queens can be ob+auned aI' 'Ihe FRONTIER MOTEL Carolyn ToIIman and Shnrley Marsh relax In The Iobby Merle Lore may be ln+eresIed In going Info Ihe radlo repair business Lew WoIIas+on explains 'Io hum how 'Ihe raduo Iesf equlpmen+ IS used aI' WOLLASTON S RADIO and TV REPAIR SHOP Jeanine Lawrence and Nola Nay survey 'Ihe press a+ BEDIENT LITHO as Gene Pedersen ex planns Hrs mechannsm Mr Beduenf as local repre sen+ahve for our annual Nell Colerlclr demons'I'raI'es Ihe new Iorslon Ieveler of 'rhe Packard Clipper Io Ardu+h Pe+erson who ns examunnng Ihe Packard af NEIL S SERVICE For a bug dance and an lmpor'I'an+ da'I'e Clarece Templefon and Marylean Thomas musf have new lewelry Here DoroI'hy E MlIIer shows I'he gurls Ihe bes'r a'I MILTON S DRUG STORE A+ HOWARDS SHOE STORE Marilyn Hanna and Bonnle Henderson debafe on Ihe choice of a dress shoe for a special occasion Choice IS hard when you can choose from so many pre'Hy ones I l u 0 0 I I , kg I n n I I I I D I . , . I I . . 23' ' . , I Q. I 's . ' ' I . . I o I l O - . ' . . janv' Some lucky boys will recelve Jerslld IOOCQ vnrgln P CLOTHING HOUSE from Ken Laursen They will be gnven by Ruby Chuck and Pa+ Curry These boys are having a hard 'hme keeping 'them selves from domg more +han Ius+ looking a+ 'fhe ples baked al DEE LITE BAKERY Russell Finch as showmg Len Thompson and Ken Henan how +hus Cenfury oven operafes ,sf A bl+e +0 eal af+er an exclhng game George Kncken and Wnlefla Hol+hus fund I+ hard lo choose from all lhe good fhmgs +o eal al' DlCK'S CAFE 5' T' The facls aboul' fhe new I956 Cusloms four derson and Shurley Lewns lnsfen In awe as John Cover lells abouf 'lhls car found a+ COVER JONES L-.A Marlene Johnson clerk al HOLSTENS DRUG STORE assusls In +he purchasung of a gnf+ Janef Farrmgfon ponders over all lhe nlce lhlngs and fmally decades on Charles of +he Rl'rz cosmehcs "Jus+ whal l've been lookmg for" IS 'rhe happy expressnon of Joyce Hansen as Ray Brake of F8fM BOOTERY shows her +hus shoe Joe Malls gives has approval K Y A wif 8 ' A KXVJ 'A I- 'Y 'T , 2 J E Q- A E fr ff ' ll' ,' ,, L 0, ., ' U ' in X. p ' 3 . Q. R J -Dar M" f",.,,WN I wool, ski Sweai-ers U,-chased A+ FAMOUS door Mercury are very inferesling. Bobbie Hen- I X v Y - ff e T ' :ef A l , l sl X-Y! i7 Food for royalfy' Howard Herlan plclrs oul' fhe cholcesl round sfealcs Don Garre'H of MISSOURI MARKET helps hum choose his s+ealxs Howard musl be planmng a parly Graduahon IS lusl' around 'rhe corner Marlorle Averull examines +he new colored Royal fype wrn+ers af NEBRASKA TYPEWRITER Mlss Jean Hoag explams cfs meruls and Marlorue says If would be her choice for a glf+ These gurls have an eye for pre++y clofhes Pal' Donovan and Bonnue Henderson survey fhe pariy dresses In L B MURPHYS Hs very lalrely fha? +hey wall leave wn+h a purchase The blueprun+s of fhe Presbyferlan Church are fhe cen+er of lnferesf here Henry Fl'ICke of FRICKE CONSTRUCTION COMPANY explauns 'Them +o Pai Cooper Wow' Duck Pollard exclaums over 'rhe beaufy Wrlh smnlmg couriesy Clay Merrlclc fllls a of +hus sugnef rung shown +o hum by Mr Scoggln prescrnphon for 'lwo s+uden+s Louuse Beclcer and In SCOGGIN S JEWELRY STORE Marvun Kmgry MERRICK S DRUG STORE IS 'lhe place +o full +hose prescriphons .yi EX K D 1 ki? ,- . 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QXYN AX 'lb' KH 'X JI " ff ' L CQ w x lx iii, .N-. E X, H X V V 4' j, JX N. 4 an A, , 'A ' ,V x"

Suggestions in the Alliance High School - Bulldog Yearbook (Alliance, NE) collection:

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