Alliance High School - Bulldog Yearbook (Alliance, NE)

 - Class of 1955

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1-V-ff .-, - ,M m M - ., W' 1.. ,1,,:..X14 w.-f5a:g:.'.e 323. 1 --1. 9 -Q 'RWM - . , fggff- rw- Lak. t 7f5fEiw,,f'. Q"'l 5 'Hi-'.ZfK3eff q M' fx-FMT-'-" ww-frffizsfwcfkf-' 1fmrvx:.. -. "W-srffff " '- wwf x N K S X 'N I , 1 . p, ,V . V r f X ' , ' f 1 , 1 'I . V ' . 'u . , ' - .5 , ' W . . X bw s W , :X A-. . xx Av . , x 'T4 ' . K ' Q X , - ,W , J . x ' N ' xX ' , A Y S , . ' ' ' ' f -, X 1 I 1 M ' 7 . gs ' " N X X . w Y . N ' ' . ' ' XX X .4 A 1 fl T , '1 1 , X Q , ' N- a V I ' . : .Xl ' ' a. , , , X N , . sl ' N .' ' . X A . f g NX. TX. ii xx 'X , , X , ' '1 r ' xx ' ' . .K v . ' ' . Q f' X Y f X R A A- , C 1 "' X - S. ' " f , 1 . W 5 X . Y , , 'I .l . . 1 J . -V Q Q 55 HULLUUG SPHRHT Hdkawae 71694 Sedan! f4Z!c5m-nee, 724614464 ' VOLUME XI ummm will u l 5. f, Au'. A JW-'vb' xl.-A' N 50" ,"., - ' 4 . , 3 1 ff ru-x h ' nun' ' q 5 .-uf. K . 1 fl.,- .,-x1 ... .1 ' ...M.....4. I I E I .fu 3. Ar, ,, 1338: xfxvk' 5 + 5 is gs --, .' , ' 1 ll ' . .. JZ , LYNN 3 L lillll V an we I' -1 ,,"" H -f-Q I ef ' Q-1 ,MLQIIQ i "U" ' , f? . nz 41 9 ? 3' I ff ? ye. w 1- i1 l n -, ,J -1.3 4 .1-gf ,, fp. I, 4 ,, IJ, -f 23Lhf if nv , Q f , . , LJ ,.,.,h1 .. lu, f- -izwfx 255515, . -. , 1 535, V . .,.,.'7, .,5,...f, . 7.4 , , ,X F? E E 'ig gn' it Y , 4,.g,,51:ff1, ,,, , x. ' ww:-. X X N , x ' . ...-......... .-- ..,..-...- 4 IZ." 1 ?,.,,,.. . ,.- .. ... ..., , .-.,.,...... -.,, if-' ir , "" ' ?...:...'."!-2-AE M v , I if 1- gf . -- .N .8 , . .1 L V . paw- 7, -4...-.4 K 30"-w L ii rl' ' ...Q ,tk ,,-,. ..........-..- , . ..v' n 5... ...-.......-z . v ,,.-.-.......-.-- I V-.. W, ..Ig1'.. W, ., b ...X . Kuff , N'-. .. Xshilc.. . it - ., ' '-Q vii! L' fs' ..-........- .i-1. .,..,..-.-..... Edcfozh You're fypical feens . . . making fun our of work . . . sharing inferesfs . . . you like ieans buf can change when if fifs fhe occasion. Yes, you're fypical reens . . . go sfeady . . . abou? five monfhs . . . dress up . . . heels for her . . . fie for him . . . you know how fo drive . . . rely on fhe family car . . . gef ii . . . say iwice a week. A You're a iypical high school sfudeni . . . you go ouf for sporfs . . . one hundred per ceni' . . . you hold down a iob . . . baby sir . . . somefimes info 1'he early hours of morning . . . you work in sfores . . . garages . . . up lafe . . . li+1'le spare fime. ' Your daily schedule is a familiar paHern of high school life . . . gel' up af 6:30 . . . maybe 7:00 . . . somefimes oversleep . . . go'a'l' break-neck speed 'lo class . . . you snack . . . drink cokes . . . lisfen io +he radio while doing home work . . . munch candy bars and hor dogs . . . you enioy school buf hare fo admii if . . . sfud ome . . . ihree hours a nighi' . . A. no . L .Va week . . .- average "A" . ell "C" . . . anyway you make fhe grade . . . iusf . . . buf you're s because you are ra Teenager. .V . i . . . .PJLHZQ ....l.......- ........+.. ' 5.44.-.', qv 3. IF ,. 1, 8 5 1 as i 1 jz,g5'fi, Qr'? fA x 9 XX V R, f X mf f ' 1,xiiL3if?ig ' , W, ,fin 1+ - l -.q A I X X W '1 r Y X CONTEQN TS -f B PRESENTATION nfbaff, ff,7fU?,4f, 1 FUIiliXX'UIiID gflbfom, I 2 I EDITORS MESSAGE 3 DEDICATION TABLE UF CONTENTS Jffua S ali! Scuool, BOARD Odwol E 19 E ffm,fQ.v,o ADMINISTRATIONLjL,L,A..-L QCAAAJE S 8 FTTCULTT' , E 9 SENIURS S S I4 JEN1oHS,,f.gc,oJLJ, CLXLFLZ4 SOPHOMORE. 9,-E-1QC1J4,..:so FRESHMEN 621,446 CLE- 34 CLASSRocmS E Xahuu EA-30. S :sa WHo'S WHO 0 47 CLUBS S SSSS S S 53 Sc:Hoo1. L11-TEES. E om 'Alf E TI ,xDvERT1S1Nc E E E cf M,a5z:23 f Q if gf' ,XI ,-ff"' K nv K r -"av 1 q5T5if.4iQ wi. dw 'limi W a 1 'fllithamf 5 K ' is f 92 4' Sl V...---v---0-'Mi M WN- 3 A iw . W 1' Sc4aal?awzd'7 Wav?" Kneeling: Yarlvy Grantham and Gene Nellwwallgcl' Standing: Anlos Kovstvr. SllIlf'l'iIllf'Ildt'IlI W. A. SC'l1i!Nilt'I'. Rcx Nlyvls. Plvsidmlt. Allwrt Reddish. and Kirt Smith. 1 M g mg .Q . M it im ,-l FACULTY Endeavormg to gulde us wlthout domlnatmg us nevel Iettln Us down when we need them makmg us stop to thmk before we jump some how makmg us belleve IH ourselves thls 1 the SPIRIT OF TEACHING , I I , .....,,..hw' I ,V X I D , - 's . J AUMJINHSTRATHUN f Q w R E NELSON N M sim 1 dm W A SCHINDLER Xx X I-bent? 74602 Dvzectconmm! 8 "ig Mr Nelgon and Mr Svhmdler mqpect equlpment for the new blllldlng MRS. VERA BAYER A.B., M.A. Journalism. English MRS. HELEN BEERLINE B.S. English MR. AL BLINDE B.M.. M.M. Vocal Music MR. WARREN BORG A.B. Geography, Drivers' Training, Coach MR. EDDIE BROWN B.A. Biology MISS LILLIAN BURNS A.B., M.A. Mathematics MRS. MARGARET COPPLE Office Secretary MISS NANETTE COWLES B.S. English, Speech MR. REX GROSSART B.A. Civics, Sociology, Coach 9 5. FAQULTY amp s gd ,-44,44 MISS MARY HARTWELL A.B. Latin. Mathematics MISS VAE HOOVER A.B. Home Ec, General Science MR. MARTIN JOHNSON A.B., B.S. General Science, Physics FACULTY um 74ec5'z f We .lean MR. KEITH JORCENSEN B.S., E.D. Chemistry, Algebra, General Science ' MR. RUSSELL LITCHFIELD Guidance, History MR. LESLIE LIVINGSTON B.S. History, Coach MR. FRED MAXTED Art. Spanish MRS. GENEVIEVE MERDINGER English MR. MELVIN MOH LER Vocational Agriculture MISS D. REA MONTGOMERY A.B. Typing, Bookkeeping MRS. ESTHER MYERS A.B. Library MRS. ALICE NELSON A.B. Math Girls' Physical Education 1000 MRS. ALMA NELSON A.B. English, History MR. BYRON NELSON A.B.. M.A. Shop, Mechanical Drawing MISS JUANITA SCHIEBEL A.B., M.A. Typing, Shorthand FACULTY 7460! Z We puff! DR. PAUL SELL B.F.A., M.A., Ed.D. Band, Orchestra MR. MORRIS ZEMPEL B.S., M.A. History, Coach Thelma Merritt, school nurse. makes her yearly check on A.H.S. students um lah ' 7065, Mrs. Myers, Dr. Sell, Devona Ebmeier. Speech Correctionist. Mrs. Bayer. and Mrs. Beer- line confer on speech problems. I2 51 vision me uvsmv soma "" in if 'i'U1Q"' -.,-,-H3 ' ,2',yf,i,, V - ' . , 3 J 1 , I , mama glrcw ,' - A , Q I f f ur A . ,,.., .3 If 4- 1,-+ - i AG U .y , . . . fe., , W! , ffZ?3,'u-3 ' ' ' " W 'L if ,5?7', " 4 if 4 , , f , L f .QW f' ' , f ' Y W ' f"f3'm"1 'Ziff r T e CLASSES You're typical teens . making fun out of work . . . carrying hooks home . . . never opening them . . . well, you study some . . . anyway you' make the grade but you're satisfied because you are a teenager . . . this is your idea of the SPIRIT OF LEARNING. -J.: A +- N ,rj 1 Xe 1 W t s I . W A - W 'V' .,,... fff 1 rf" fi V mum! .f.f, if -V lx.. M31 'Y - ' 5, -1.-f ,,-af, , my v. Nr, 1-,LY - , 4 5 U 1 9 www: K w 1-g,. in F! +1 - v af i ri:-J ,,.,,,.q f LOYD ANDREWS Hi-Y, "A" Club, Science Club, Annual Staff, Junior Class Play, Spud Staff, Football, Track. SANDRA ANDRICK Y-Teens, Pep Club, Annual Staff, Choir, Chorus, Spud Staff, Typing Award. BILL ASPDEN Hi-Y. FOLTZ BACKSTROM Hi-Y, Science Club, Choir. BEVERLY BANJOFF Pep Club, Y-Teens, Junior Class Play. RONALD BAUER Hi-Y, FFA Secretary. 157' i BYRON BECKER Hi-Y, Science Club, Football. DOROTHY BEHM Y-Teens, CAA. DALE BENDA Hi-Y, FFA, Science Club, County Gov- ernment, Football, Basketball. BELVA BERRY Y-Teens, Chorus, CAA. SANDY BOYD Y-Teen Vice President, Pep Club, Cheerleader, Science Club Secretary, Quill and Scroll, National Honor So- ciety, Annual Staff, .lunior Class Play, Senior Class Play, Girls' State, County Government, Choir, Operetta, State Music Clinic, Spud Staff. DON BRIGGS Hi-Y, Science Club, Choir, Operetta, Madrigal, Band, Orchestra, State Music Clinic, Dance Band, Pep Band. I5 SANDE BROCKWAY Y-Teens, Pep Club. Cheerleader. Stu- dent Council Secretary. Annual Staff. Junior Class Play, County Government. Choir. Band. Nlajorette. Drum Major, ELEANOR BROWN Y-Teens. Pep Club. Choir. GAA. BONNIE BURNHAM Y-Teens. Pep Club. Science Club, Quill and Scroll. Annual Staff Editor, Class Play, Girls' State. County Government, Choir. Operetta. State Music Clinic, Spud Editor. BILL COLEMAN Hi-Y, Science Club, Track. MARGARET COLERICK Y-Teens. Pep Club. CAROL DAIIL Y-Teens, Pep Club, County Govern- ment, Choir. Operetta, Madrigal. Band, Orchestra, Pep Band. Football Queen, Band Award. Choir Award. 055 Fmau, , I Lots DICKINSON Y-Teens, Pep Club, Class Play, Choir, Operetta. Sextette. Band. Orchestra. Dance Band. Pep Band, Dramatic Award. Band Lieutenant. Triple Trio. KAY DU Bots Y-Teens, Pep Club. Choir Secretary, Operetta. Madrigal. Sextette. State Music Clinic. Spud Staff. Triple Trio. DICK ERIXSON Hi-Y. "A" Club. Student Council Presi- dent, Senior Class President, County Government. Hi-Y Model Legislature, Football. Track. JIM ESSEX Hi-Y. DAN FARRINGTON Hi-H Chaplain and Vice President. "A" Club President. National Honor Society, Student Council. Annual Staff. Fresh- man Class President. Choir. Operetta. Spud Staff. Hi-Y Model Legislature Lieutenant Governor. Football. Basket- ball. Track. KAREN FREDRICK Y-Teen Cabinet. Pep Club, Science Club. .lunior Class Play. Choir. SHIRLEY HINES Y-Teens, Pep Club, Choir, Band Ser- geant, Lieutenant, State Music Clinic, Pep Band, Band Award. JOYCE HOWARD Y-Teen Treasurer, Y-Teen Cabinet, Pep Club, Science Club, Student Council, Sophomore Class President, Choir, Op- erella. DARLENE HULETI' Y-Teens, Pep Club, Science Club, Cho- IUS. KENNETH JOHNSON Hi-Y, Science Club, Choir. MARY JANE JOHNSON Y-Teens, Pep Club, Choir, Chorus. SANDI JOHNSON Y-Teens, Pep Club, Cheerleader, An- nual Staff, Junior Class Treasurer, Junior and Senior Class Play, Band, Orchestra, Pep Band. EARL CALUSHA Hi-Y, "A" Club, Science Club. HELEN GARRETI' Y-Teens, Pep Club. ELNOR GINN Y-Teens. ROGER GONZALES Hi-Y, Football. HARRY GUHEEN Hi-Y, "A" Club, Science Club, Senior Class Treasurer, Junior Class Play, Boys' State, County Covemment, Semi- Formal King, Senior Class Play. GARY HASHMAN Hi-Y, FFA. ',7f ',79!4q4 MARY LAING Y-Teens, Pep Club, Cheerleader, Stu- dent Council Secretary, Junior Class Play, County Government, Chorus, Spud Staff. LE0 LAUER Hi-Y. STEPHEN LAWRENCE Hi-Y. "A" Club. Science Club, Junior and Senior Class Plays, Choir Presi- dent, Chorus. Operetta, Madrigal. Band Captain. Orchestra Captain. Pep Band Captain. Hi-Y Model Legislature. All- State, All-Northwest Football. West- ern Division Big Ten Football. Football. Basketball. Track. JOHN LEWIS Hi-Y. "A" Club Vive Pri-sirivnt. Foot-, ball. Basketball. Track. GARY LORE Hi-Y. FFA. LYNDA LOTSPEICH Y-Teens. Y-Teen Cabinet. Pep Club. National Honor Society. Band. Pep Band, FFA Queen. I8 DONNA KEDER Y-Teens. Pep Club. RONALD KINCAID Lexington. Nebraska. Hi-X. SAM KLINE Hi-Y. i'.-X" Club. Football, Student Slan- ager. IVAN KLOEFKORN Hi-Y. Science Club. CLAUDIA KNAG Y-Teens, Y-Teen Cabinet, Pep Club Student Council. Choir, Chorus. DONNA LA CLAIR Y-Teens, Pep Club. GAA Secretary. RosEM.ARY LI'Low Y-Teens, Pep Club, Quill and Scroll. Annual Staff, Junior Class Play, Choir, DAR Award, Spud Staff. GEORGIA LIQRVEY Y-Teens. Pep Club. Science Club. Stu- dent Council, Junior Class Play Award. JIQRENE SIETER Bayard, Nebraska. Y-Teens, Pep Club. Annual Staff, Chorus, GAA, Spud Staff, Glee Club. ROBERT NTILLER Hi-Y President, Hi-Y Legislature, Sci- ence Club. National Honor Society, Stu- dent Council, Junior Class President, County Government, Football, Basket- ball, Track. BEVERLY NIOREHEAD Y-Teens, Pep Club, Science Club, Latin Club Vice President, Quill and Scroll, Annual Staff, Choir, Operetta, Sextette, Band, Pep Band, Spud Staff. JERRY MoR1Tz Hi-Y, NA" Club, Football, Basketball, X Track. PN X E? 1" Z' sf' 1... F ' , z . X, R-54 3 I GENE MORTON Hi-Y, "A" Club, Science Club, Senior Class Vice President, Choir, Football, Basketball, Track. SHARRON MCCARTHY Syracuse, Nebraska, Y-Teens, Pep Club President, Science Club Treasurer, Stu- dent Council, Freshman Vice President, Band, Pep Band. MERI LU MCFALL Y-Teens, Pep Club, GAA, Spud Staff. SHERRY MCMAHON Y-Teens, Pep Club, Cheerleader, Soph- omore Class Secretary, Student Council, County Government, Choir Secretary and Librarian, Operetta, Band, Major- rette, Drum Major, Girls' Triple Trio. ROBERT NIELSEN Orchestra. RICHARD NUNES Hi-Y, HA" Club, Science Club, Track. I9 LEE OSBORNE Hi-Y, "A" Club, Science Club, Student Council Vice President, Choir, Pep Club Boyfriend, Football, Track. LARRY OVERTON Hi-Y, FTA Secretary, Choir, Operetta, Madrigal, Band Sergeant and Lieuten- ant, Orchestra, State Music Clinic. Dance Band, Pep Band. LEIF PETERSON Hi-Y, Band, Dance Band, Pep Band. CHRISTINA PUNT RUSK Y-Teens, Pep Club, Choir. JACK RADER Hi-Y Treasurer, "A" Club, Student Council, DAV Award, Hi-Y Model Leg- islature, Football, Basketball, Track. NORMA REID Y-Teens, Pep Club Vice President, GAA. 'Megs ' Miken NO' JOHNNY REITZ Hi-Y, Hi-Y Legislature, "A" Club, FFA Reporter, Secretary, and President, Science Club, County Government, Stu- dent Manager, Awards in Livestock Judging Team, Dairy Judging Team, and Parliamentary Procedure Team. CLENDA REGESTER Y-Teen Cabinet, Pep Club, Science Club, Spud Staff. Jo ANN Rlccs Y-Teens, Pep Club, Choir, GAA Vice President, GAA Award. JERRY ROBINSON Hi-Y, Science Club. MARILYN SCHNELL Y-Teens, Pep Club. FTA Secretary. VIOLET SCIINELL Y-Teen Cabinet, Pep Club, FTA Treas- urer, Science Club, Senior Class Sec- retary, Choir, Chorus, Farmerette. 'S DON SCHWADI-:RER Hi-Y, Science Club, Choir. NORMA SCHWADERER Y-Teens, Pep Club, Science Club, .lun- ior Class Play, Choir, Operetta, Madri- gal, Band, Orchestra, State Music Clin- ic, Dance Band, Band Award. CARMEN SEEGRIST Y-Teen Cabinet, Pep Club, Latin Club, Choir, Band, Orchestra, State Music Clinic, Dance Band, Pep Band, Band Lieutenant, Football Queen Attendant. RICHARD SEEGRIST Hi-Y, Junior Class Play, Choir, Band, Dance Band, Pep Band, Track. HASTINGS SIIELTON Scottsbluff, Nebraska, Hi-Y, Science Club President, Sophomore Class Vice President, Choir, Football, Basketball, Track, CHARLES SHIMP Hi-Y. made e4z204q?9auMe'e DORIS SIXTA Y-Teen Secretary, Y-Teen Cabinet, Pep Club, Science Club. RICHARD STEWART Hi-Y, "AV Club, Science Club, Choir Librarian, Pep Club, Boyfriend At- tendant, Senior Class Play. LYNWOOD STOLEN Hi-Y Secretary, Science Club, Football, Basketball, Track. DWAINE SUTTON FFA. KENNY TAYLOR Hi-Y, "A" Club, Science Club, Sopho- more Class Secretary-Treasurer, Junior and Senior Class Plays, County Gov- ernment. DON TOEDTLI Hi-Y, "A" Club, FFA, Football, Track. lxlARYIN TOEDTLI Hi-X. Club. FFA Yin- Pri-Rid.-nt Scivnw- Cluli. County flow-rnnif-nt l:3l'Iltt'l'. Footlrall, Travlx. PAT TREw Y-'l'e-vn-. l'e-p fflulv. Junior Claw Play Choir. NORMAN I NIJERWOUU Hi-Y. Sciefnrr- Cluli Yin- Pr:--ill'-nt Choir. Opvrvtta. Football. Travk. EDDIE VAx DUSEN Hi-Y. Choir, Chorus. JIM VERGITH HI-X. l'm1IltZ1ll. JOYCE WALDRON Y-Terms. Pop Clulr. Choir. Q63 ' lkdlpftdvt DQ. J' -5 WAYNE W.kLKER Hi-Y, "A" Club. Quill and Scroll, National Honor Socivty, Annual Staff. Junior Class Vice President. Spud Staff. Student Man- ager. Hi-Y Legislature. GAY WATKINS Calgary, Canada, Y- Teen Cabinet, Pep Club. Quill and Scroll, Annual Staff. Fresh- man Class Secretary, County Cowrnment, Choir, Opvrvtta. Marl- rigzal, I3 a n rl. State' llusim' C l in i C, Pop Band. Football Que:-n Att:-mlant. Spud Staff. Band Award. Choir Awarrl. Saunakcr rc 15.11 me-r the 1911 UIIIUI' Senior Prom I N- Q 'NNN' V Royal Couple. Mike MCGinl0x and June l Q1 . , I ui - 2 , 4 ' 22 15' JAMES WYECKWORTH Cuernsa-v. Win.. Hi-Y. Sf-ienf-41 Club. Nl.-my LoL'IsI: XVESSEL Y-Teens. Pep Club. CAA. VIRGINIA WvlKS'I'RONI Y-Tw-ns. Pe-p Club. Cla-s Play. Choir. Banrl. Pep Bannl. Banfl .xM'3I'fl. WILLIS YVILSUN Curtis. Nr-braska. Hi-X. Fl".'t. All-North west Certificate. Football. Basketball. DICK WII.I.s Hi-Y. FFA, Scieiive- Club. CHUCK WOLL,kSTON Hi-Y Secretary. "A" Club Secretary Treasurer, National Honor Society. Stu dent Council, Boys' State, Choir, I-'not ball. Basketball. Track. BILL WORTHLEY Hi-Y, "A" Club, Sci- and 7. . ence Club, County Cov- X ernment, Fo otball v Track. BOB WILKINS Prescott, Arizona, Hi Y, Football. Track. Graduates of 1955. ,lurene Meter and Gene f , Morton. leave Alliance High School for the last time. . Jtfxtok cuss OFFICERS 'Nlr Ze-mple Sponsor: Wade Kemper, President 'Nlr ' Bayer. Sponsor: Kenneth Henan Vice Pres: dent: Janice Winten, Secretary and Jeanene lfflgar. 7-fPIl.YllfPf. Dean Applegarth ,lim Applegarth Marjorle Averill James , r W , 7 Z S Ball ,lane Barger Betty Barrett Louise Becker Ellen Berg Bill Boch Donald Boness Beverly Borror Bruce Brost ml Roxie Burges Pat Calhoun Sharon Case Shirley Case Ruby Chick James Clark Gerald Cody Alice Cooper Virginia Cox Darrel Craig Patricia Curry Richard Dennon ,G Patricia Donavon Mary Ann Duskin James Dye Jeanene Edgar Marilou Evans Joann Fagler Connie Fales Jack Falfar Janet Farrington Norma Fosket Mike Gilmore Jon Hall Marilyn Hanna Joyce Hanson Bobbie Henderson Bonnie Henderson Howard Herian Kenneth Herian Bill Hesse George Hofmann Wiletta Holthus Robert Howard Jean Hunter Donald Ives 'QQ .dwg 2 Qunaxed an "SQA: " Gladys Jensen Connie Johnson Larry Johnson Wade Kemper Beverly Kicken George Kiclcen Marvin Kingry Dallas Knapp Shirley Koozer Sandra Lammon Morris Lance Betty Laursen i Donald Miller William Miller ,Iudy Morris Charla Munger ,lack Muske Robert Muske Kay McCarthy Dale McCawley Shirley McFall Ruthie Nason Nola Nay David Nepper La Verne Lee Shirley Lewis Shirley Linehack Harlan Loch Janice Long Dennis Lore Merle Lore Jack Mabin John MacNeill John Maloney Dick Markoff Shirley Marsh 74elf 5 'Mace 7 Dixie Roth Nancy Roth Karen Robinson Edward Roethler Gayle Rusk Sally Saylor Roger Schindler Loretta Schnell Darlene Schwaderer Janice Schwaderer James Shankland Cynthia Shay ,lohn Neilson Robert Noreen Earl Osborn Edward Padgett Karl Panwitz Ardis Peterson Ernest Perez Dick Pollard Marlene Purinton Cene Rader Rosemary Ramos lrma Reid Ted Smith Franklin Stark John Stark Melvin Steggs Kay Stenberg Jeanenne Stilley Tim St. Onge Tim Stubbs Sharon Taylor Clarece Templeton Nancy Thomas Leonard Thompson Q .:. if 23 a474eq.4'ao6ed? to?eae7Seac2n4 Georgia Todd Carolyn Tollman Nick Valentine Beverly Vergith Johnnie Welch Doris Wessel Wayne Weston Dale Wills Janice Winton Carmen Woods Suzann Worley Barbara Worthley M. Alvarado l P. Avey '2 C. Anderson T: .l. Appleby W4 7' J. Aspden I H if 'J L. Ball f 6 ' , X 4 M. Bartels A " Sf , f f 1 .J A 6 f D 741141 Dawn, 76010 Za SOPHOMORE CLASS OFFICERS: Miss Nanette Cowles, Sponsorg D3Vld Sell Vzce Presirlentg Sharyl Dunsmore, Treasurerg Bruce Stackhouse, Presidentg Karen Hamll ton, Secretaryg Mr. Eddie Brown, Sponsor. of gl Bauer Becker Brice Briggs Brown Brown Cline Colerick Collins Corbell Corey Craig Culp Curry Daughe y 445 '5 C 'J '-0 .Jr Za. ' ll ...f S . Y 1, x , , -J ' -0 1 , 'var K 1 I omg. vm 4.41 M. De France ' C. Donovan xx S. Dunsmore - ' A D. Edwards , R. Erlich .7 nv' I J. Essex W. Feagins ' -Jn W. Flemming 'U' V J. Flores C J. Gilis P. Ginn D. Gray T. Green K. Hamilton S. Hansen L. Happold M. Hasliman L. Hawley P. Hazard C. Hein Heitz Hempel Herman Hickman Hillyer Hofman Hood J, Q " Howell Hp , J Howell Iverson M, lmlll I6 Jaqua jinks Johnson Johnson Keder 74eq Z 771444 " S. Kirkpatrick V W. Koester . C. Kohler F. Krause D. La Clair I 'H V D. Loomis R. Lotspeich F. Marcy S. Matz S. McDonald K. fVIcFall D. Miller L. Miller S. Milvllcll 5. Momiwy xlufldllu Nlusvflp Nlnlt' K. N imla H. Nielson -fiii f ef av al l -cf A. Nikont E. Parker M. Perez J. Peterson D. Piihl C. Pirnie J. Pratt J. Robertson M. Rogers V. Sallee J. Schnell J. Schnell D. Sell J. Serl L. Shay 'S 3 4 -f LY. 3 -7 I ' s-47 Q X7 I WW! .J - ' ' id A -rv so- , 3 . wuz, al 4 W 3 ' ff f cw74e4f.4'aa6? T ff' V. 'YY ,Z Y i LL .. my J W ,.f O1 ,nf Slsley Sorsenson Soth Stackhouse Stratton Stu Sundermeler Thomas Thomspon Tooley Lnderwood Walker Walker Welflln Wx ett W WlkStf0m M Wllll3mQ M Wlleon L Wood K Wurzel fi 'Q . l X Ta -W , . ,pr K. , sf A ' Y. W. -I " 'J 'J W WJ' to B. N 'z' A , R. I .f 1 , f' J a . Q, ,A, l D. ll 1 f G. ' nw W I Q, s ' xg. " " n W W 1 W W W W ' K. ...J C. 1' f ' W ' W S. Y v ' ,, f at lg, D. ' I .0 1' lA I ' W l 1 -'. - at of " -" W 'EJ' J- . A fkh-.Q 1 A "Am W V . . I "' '3"W W W" 4 19' W ' - W ' N . ' ' - 33 Ili " Q I -x WN . J my R. Ashby ' Q if ,ll B. Aspden ,Bl u "" K M 'im Atkins l all 1 Y ,l fy , - S. Austin ' 1 vi, '-3' A X' i 4,1 NU' L. Avey cf 9' if B ' X 'I I 4,7 , f ,W 1 ,C 1 .,lf' ill' gf V, ' gl My ,gf 4'-,I Barnes ,J ' VU . Bauer - ' LU -,gl M. Bauer .3 ,v I X NM ' fl D. Becker if :fl -J 1 NJ . wi ,,l J W. Becker QNX 0 I ,K .L 4 .V x AIN !L I . 4, I l 'i l 5' .Q 'r tk Xxx ff PVD' If 6 A 4 KAI 4 J, .5345 1 ,x . I N Mrk UN K J JJ 'J ' L' la, ijt' x9 tix Best Ji -R ,Xxx . Bollnger .3 I nf -, x ' - LUX' Boness J l 4 v x 1 ftfl ' 'IPX Boyd 'T' S14 -: i ,X rl: cJwt7c2nec2cSeac2vz7f' FRESHMAN CLASS OF- FICERS AND SPON- SORS - Left to right: Mrs. Alice Nelson, Spon- sor: lleralcl Lewis, lice President: Evert Smith, Secrclary: Peggy Felton. Treasurerg Mr. Jess Borg. Sponsor: Tom Wriglit, Presirlvnt. 44' 3 ... W i Denny Dietrich Ditsch Duskin Ellis Fales Felton Flanigan Fraeclrich Garcia Grantham Greiser Hamilton Hansen Hawley Hegwood Hernandez Hickman Hickman Hiles Hindman Hofmann Howell Householder ' , v 35 .,i, .1-Q all r1.3 r'-:X I Broderick Brown Brown Burnham Burt Burton Cole Chapman Coleman Cole-rick Colerick Cox Curtis Curtis Daugherty Davis De France Deisch If , Q firm rl MY I B. Hungerford J. Hunter J. Ives M Jelinek D. lines R. johnson R. Keller L. Kingry F. Krueger R. Laing W7 Langdon M Lawrence 1. Lee C. Leilmel D. Lewis J. Lichty J. Liggetl V. Linelmaek A 3. J 5 5 'A "' X 5' 1 ff 'xi 1 L ix I ami N. L' HL.. Nu? 'F' '-we 'EZ' -I Livingston Lore Lore Lulnw Macxeill Markoff Niartin Miller Niiskinien Niiskiinen Mills Niintzer Niitvliell xinuft' Ninntague Ni' ireiiezui Ni' 'ritz Niunrit N11-fiuire Nui Nelson Nisfen Ni e Nye gf .J H' W as SZ .,, ,..- Schnell Schriner Scoggin Shimp Shimp Simms Smith Stalos Steggs Stephens Stirrat Swanson Taylor Thompson Trabert Vargas Walker Walker Watkins Wessell Westlake Whitlock W Woodworth T Wright NP Qs-7 S 2- A f-F Y? 0517 J' ' 'Qu 7,4 I ' I A ' , 4 P ul 'ff' 74646 Olson Ottaway Overstreet Parker Parker Peterson Popp Purinton Rehder Reitz Reynolds Richards Robertson Romick Rust Sanderson Schnell Schnell ' ffl ff-9,2 I fax Kwanzaa Nlont omerx 1 e-xplamlng to Kenm Harlan the lmporrance of u mv the paper ball when l'fI'HflSlIl paper from thf lx pew rlter lemme The library is a plave for reference work or leifurv rc-aelingz. Sealed in the foreground are Donna Xlarkoff and Marilyn ,lelinr-k. Nlrs. My-rr is the librarian. N112 Qchxebel IS dlctallng to the QtuclentQ 1n her Qc-cond xear hnrlhand Clais whllf? the-w take a Gps-ed teit he U m the furerround 1 Rowman Lulow qw' Y' Dick Erickson, acting as chairman. and Joycf- Hnwarrl as sf-Crvtary arf- follow- ing the rulvs of parliamentary prw cedurc' in Mrs. Blerdingvfs senior Eng- lish class. 'ff-52' Quia to wade Thf,-sv Qoplionmre English stu- tlvntx arf' pre-paring tr. lf-arn hnw to diagram wntv-nm-N. Mrs. liwr- line tm-aches thii Clase. Thf' Spud. our school paprr. li lhv f'Q'ntf'r of intvrf-st in this juurnal- iflm class. Mrs. Bayvr in the- arlvimr. 'Sv' 9 6 . af . .-Xnna Nlav Mitchell ii clvmonxtrating to Mr Juhnsonl gIf'Ilf'T8l 511-is-noe Claw: the- uw of the photograph 1-nlargvr. av IW ' xy . 1 "1 'Q T ' L-. 1' if 5 1' 1 ' . 1-oi.. Jam-t Petvrxmm is ide-ntifying the- parts of a mullard in Nlr, l3r11w11's lminlugy 4-la-N. 4 1111111 I.11rw1 111111 911111111 X114,.11Il1x atv 11114111111 thv vffwt- uf x4'llIl1lllIX Wir j11r"'-n- Il 1x 111-tr11v14.r fur 1111-1111Nl1'x. 1 I I f , W Hfvme-inaking row-rs a variv-ty of suhjv-r-t gfiofl grooming is one of thvm. Patsy Culp shows how thf' f'ff'lJl'UVV pr'nr'il is used while Janice Olsen cams for he-r nails. Mr. Gills-tts-. sturlvnt instructor. is showing the-se buys how to sharpen a hit. This is the mrational agrirulturf- Class taught by Mr. Nlohlffr. Pr0jf-Cts arf' in prurvss in llyrwn Nv'lsun'F industrial arts class. Hf-re. Lee- Osborne is painting. and Norman l'nflerwuml is making a cerlar chest. 5 14 Xf Donald June: and Stanley Ot toway are learning how to make change correctlw lh Wir NelsonQ general math case Wir Jorgeneon, metructor of the freshman algebra claw IQ correctmg DIXIC Beckera problem at the hoard The studenw at the board are worklng out an asslgned problem ln RING Burns alge bra Claes Dick Mark0ff's speech is-very amusing to this class. Miss Cowles is the teacher. 43 to communicate Q Karen CUlf'l'lf'k and Warlf- Ellis dem- onstrate to Mr. NIaxted's first year class "how they do it in Spain." These- Latin students, under the instruction of Miss Hartwell, are having a vocabulary review in the form ofa hallgame, Rex Martin is up to hat. Will' :W Z0 . caofzoiavatdon lim xIVlll4'lN'l' uml H1-lv Nur- wn urv 1-xpluining hm tw lmiflx Illv lull in -4l4'll'I lull in Nlr, 1,r'f'wurI'- gully-i-ul l'4llll'lill'VIl llzl-x. Vlqlu' lim- in tllv' luifkgn-llrlfl am' llmng llll' SLHIIU. 1' Nimlra Xilllfltll at rhf- Upv- writvr anll I-if-lm llvrry an -fur'-Iuriv-N fur nur gll1lVldIlI't 4l1rw-etwr. Nlr. l.l1l'lll'll'l4l. - 1 1 -, 9 an JU? '1- I ,P r lr Zo Ewrctt Smith is point- ing out to Nanny Own strwt plaw- wlivri- th.- Nleflitf-rranvan flimatf- is moft vomniwn. Nlr. Burg tv'ar'l1n-- thix vla--. Bob ll:-nfl:-rsnn i4 wx- plainingg to Mr. Zvni- plf-'s Ame-rican hi-tory class that Alliancf- is locatwl in thf- "pan- handlf- of Nebraska." The rvfr-rf-ncv table- is the place to gn wht-n pre-paring a -pw-f-li in Alma Ne-l5un's world history claw. Shown hs-rv are- Margie- llar- tz-IQ and Dick Col'-rivk. Dan Farrington :lis- cuisvi Ihv rr-latiwn-hip lietw-vn natiwnal untl international affaire in Hr. Livingstonl vixivs vla-S. J!" 'I o 0 Sue Worley, the American business woman. faints in the arms of Dick Pollard, her nephew, when she realizes that the much talked about ghosts of the mansion, Barnsley actually exist This play "Sight Unseen " was presented b the Junior . , . - . - , , c y Speech Class. PLAY CAST Left to right: Judith Elliot-owner of Barnsley ,,,..,......., SHIRLEY MCFALL Mrs. Malone-American business woman , , ,,,,, SUE WORLEY Henry Malone-her nephew ., ,.,,, ,.,..,,,,,., ,,,,,,, D I CK POLLARD The General-Royalist supporter , , JOHN NEILSEN Miss Potter-a stern schoolmistress , ,, CHARLA MUNCER Archibald Andrews-l11rliIh's fianre ROGER SCHINDLER Mat-Cenerafs stable boy ..,.,, ,, , ,..,,.,,,,,,,,....v,,,.. , TIM ST. ONCE Lady Hortense Elliot-intimale of Queen Elizabeth JOYCE HANSEN Lady Penelope Elliot-beauty in the King's Court , . . LOUISE BECKER Etta-a servant ,, , , ,,,, ,,,, ,,,, , , , SHARON CASE Mr. Hawk-American Indian , JACK MABIN Student Director , ,,,,,,, , , DORIS WESSEL Prompter SHIRLEY CASE Director MISS COWLES iWHU9S WHU You're typical teens . . . you like jeans hut can change when it fits the oc- casion . . . you have the gift of service and spirit . . . which aids in the quest for learning and good citizenship . . . this is the SPIRIT OF A'I'I'AINMENT. WILLY WILSON SANDE BROCKWAY f M ff by 3 SHXRON Nlad XRIIIY DAN FARHIYGTON .Q 'FIM Q. o ,X is ff' - 'w X A w 1 ,,,i2'w ffirf a. " 'R ' ' 551591. W. ,, :MA f ,.,,-,mpg 4 .1 v I -1. . . fgli 1 'W ,J-Q . ' -rg.,-1,11- -' 3 W.w,, f 1 M,-HA, ,Q , fa-fxf. rv J V, ,-,yin-gk: 'Zin 'fv- wlg. an I ax, 1""" ,, 'L Hz'-Y .N.IU'f'f!14'Ill'f fmff lxfrzg lXX NX YIKINN NHHWXNINIII-HNX1r1slb lt" ? CILJUBS So long as you shall llve you wlll be a representatlve of A H S through belongmg to Y Teens H1 Y Pep Club Latm Club Sclence Club ulll and Scroll etc you wlll always have the SPIRIT OF ACTIVITY 1 1 y, 5 ,iii 1 I I f Third row. right to left: Wvarlf- Ks-mpc-r. Cay Watkins. Hrs. Bayer. Advisor: Bonnie Burnham. Wayne' walker. Second row: Shirley Case. Cyni Shay. lim hlUTf'llf'3tl. First row: Bonnit' llenilvr- son. Louise Becker, Rose- mary l.ulow. Sally Saylor, Shirley Harsh. QUILL AND SCROLL is an international society for those who have achieved recognition for outstanding work in journalism. The student must have at least one hundred inches published in THE SPUD. and rank in the upper one-third of his class. adimzd Sawfd ' ' F. T. A. seeks to train young people through practice for profes- sional and civic leadership. It encourages young people to cultivate in themselves the qualities of personality and character which are the foundations of successful teaching. Third row. left to right: hir. l.it1'hfivld. Advisor: lliannz- Ditsch, Selma Kirkpatrick, Dick Pollard. Doris Wkfssefl, Janice Schnell. Miss Cowl:-s, Advisor. St-cond row: l.0n-Ita Svhnr-ll. Anna Mae Nlitchz-ll, Kathie-rn Sort-n-on. Sharron Ste-phvns, Darla Piihl. Nlrs. Mc-rdinger. Advisor. Fir st row: Shirley Mitchell. Dolly Miller. Nola Nay. Joyce Han- sen. Sharon Morvheafl. Carol Lore. Phyllis Hazard. 54 746774fuZfeonD ' mail' .1 ,,,,, I X La, - All iii! l- , 'W Filiffll I ,ez 5 BONNIE BURNHAM Editor ANNUAL STAFF Back row, left to right: Shirley Marsh, Faculty Editorg Jurene Meter, Class Editorg R. E. Nel- son, Business Advisorg Bonnie Burnham. Editor-in-Chief: Vera Bayer, Literary Advisory Janice Long, Classrooms Editorg Alice Nelson. Advisor. Middle Row: Beverly Morehead, Class Editorg Bonnie Henderson, Club Editor: Marlene Purinton. Business Managerg Sally Saylor, Class Editorg Wayne Walker, Sports Editor. Front row: Gay Watkins, Music Etlitorg Louise Becker, Advertisingg ,Ieannene Stilley, Activity Editorg Pat Donovan, Class Editorg Loyd Andrews, Advertisingg ,lanet Farrington, Advertising. The STUDENT COUNCIL helps to promote better cooperation and understanding in all matters relating to both the student body and the faculty. Scdoof ' Back row. top to bottom: Dirk Erixsnn, President: Robyn Burnham. Sally Saylor, Carol Donovan Sharon Case, Wade Kemper, Kenny Thompson, Mr. Nelson, Advisor. Front row: Claudia Knag Ce-orgia Lurvey, Gladys Grantham. Jim Dye, Dick Boyd, Sandra Matz, Lee Osborne, Tom W'right Bruce Stackhouse. X Back row, left to right: Nick Valentine, Don Miller, Mary Ellen Williams, Miss Hartwell, Advisor Third row: Larry Woods, Evagene Brown, Gladys Schnell, Jane Barger. Second row: Ardis Peterson, Shirley Lewis, Kay Stenberg. First row: llene Walker, Sharron Stephens, Sharon Case I I an 2 W The LATIN CLUB is an organization of second year Latin classes. Their Roman Banquet is a high spot in their activities. H ,asf ugif I 1 , ,Sr it 'fs Q '51 '7 X at vs 1 , Ep gap Q 1 5' X53 on ' v asa ' ,,. vi V g r Z, , ., 3, ' xg N' 7 , 'V 3, 4, , xx vii: 4 8558.1 , xx" 'll-Q .X., 4' ' ,J A I 6 1 I! p 6, sg . F. I' ' ' ..q,,,:.,,'. .H li ada gf' "' Lgcbx 'nil ,,-fan ,.. HN m 'A .2 4 i, 1 5 'E 'ww-ws, vw I , 3' im mv: Vx vw l 1 an 455' ilQli Wtrthlev Calu-ha Pol- Bacl-: row. lelt to right: Robertson. Weckworth. Sehwaderer. Baekstrom. 1 1. . lard, Howard. Herian. Cooper. Rusk. Sixth row: Colerick. Appleby. St. Onge. Nielsen. Hesse, Morton, Toedtli. Nliller. laqua. Montague. Fifth row: Kloefkorn. Nunes. Guheen. Taylor. Hall. Benda, Stark. Briggs. MCC-uire, Don Moore. Householder. Fourth row: Andrews, Dye. Wills. Miller, Bock. Kingry. Gilmore. Applegarth. Johnson. Wright. Third row: Anderson. Koester, Rogers Pratt, Fleming. Shanlcland. Shelton, Underwood. Hempel. Nloreno. Boyd. Second row: Robinson Stolen, Wurzel. Nluslcee. Radar. Soth. Craig. Roethler. Ferl. Hawley. First row: Reitz. Johnson Stewart, Osborne. Cody. Henderson. Grey. Ball. Alvarado. Krause. Lore. Lawrence, Walker. SCIENCE CLUB offers much to those interested in scientific problems. Almost new ' ' 36. to A. H. S.. they already boast a membership of 1 - J f in ,- I -qs V' V ' ,sg K, .vw ' i . 464670447 , 5, KYYWWWX1WIl' 3 Q John Stark rvcviw- Grand Cham- ---'f pifwn ShHWfIl3IlShiIb Rilmlwn at Box Hum- County Fair. He- al-u rllfmmi Ihr- hz-ifwr to H1-wrxv Champion. .7 K '.'. 3 ff ff ' :n nazi ,-46" ' Front row, left to right: Mr. Mnhler, J. Bauer, BI. Bauer, Aspdvn. Pctvrse-n, Hnwvll. Blunclt. Scu- ond row: Moscrip, Iverson. Swanson, Daugherty, We-ssel, Linebavk. Hickman. L1-wis. Third row: Krause, Lore, Keder, Feagins, Knapp, Craig, Lulow. Not pictured: Schnell, Vandermatf, Romivk. S 5 6 '. Qi 2 WL 5 . ma, I 'Q XX gx if vg I6 5 , .51 frfl ., 'Bw . A Q 1 4. wi 1-,Q migighw I V' . ,I 1 ,1 I g HLY Bat 'li Dan row. , Far .' Rube w0llaihrln51lun. Mille Pvr , yn. Q 'Vt' P r' P . PL' ffhak Tffeiary. I-r"Si41t,n:"5l4l,.m . main. .. 'r 1 Q, . ' .laq-k oat rnw, guvk advr ' fnit, . Tn 'a5. urn, .N-, Xu-an iomxaX Gu- 3 The HK-X qmnfor xhekv ammaX Svaeex Rn cady Ycbmaig. Xxx me Xuregmmxd Ks Hard Xu-cn. In-nk Vwvkct. Rai Xh-ku.. Donna K1-Auf. Sxewe Lawimcv. Scam-nc Edgar. Lang Gserwn. and 'Sane Vroxb. ww? 8675 To Lreate. maintain, and extend throughout the school and community high standards of Christian characterl' is the purpose of HI X a part of the national Y.M.C.A. program Dan Farrington. who was Plecte-d Livutfnant Governor at HLY Modvl I.l'L!lNl8lUl'f' in Lincoln. i- cungratulatrd hy Hi-Y Spon-ors. Mr. l.itf'hfif-lrl and Mr. jorgvn- -1-n. lg? "Tomahawk" was the' thomv if he fha enter l ir the Hmneumnn p rad: ln the H1 X "Indians" dancing around the float art back row Tom Brice Woody Unclvrwoofl Butch Stcwart Front row: Cary Sunderinier, Jim Appleby Tom Green llfillm -.-T 3 The Centennial Committee, composed of Clarlys Grantham. Mrs. H. D. Sh:-llc-nln-rger, and Sue Worlvy surround the cake of the Y-Teen and adult YWCA Centennial celebration. Y-TEEN CABINET Left to right: Mrs. Beerline. Advisorg Laverne Lee, Claudia Knag, Carolyn Tollman, Evagene Brown, Ruth Lotspeich. Joyce Howard, Carmen Seegrist, Glenda Regester. Karen Fredericks, Peggy Felton, Miss Schiebel. Front row: Doris Sixta, Lynda Lotspeich. Z- 7mm F7444 Zo Alliance SENIOR Y-TEENS is the largest girls, organization in high school, carrying a complete sched- ule of events throughout the school year. Its purpose is to form a working democracy among girls of different races, religions, and ideals through Christian liv- ing and cooperation. ' jflfg '77-434 Ski, jaw frfffzfpeeff af fb Qi M Mom? f!: ,E?35i"aughters enjp?-jfle a - i ' .fc9f'Zn" 6 tl 'lwwvicfkwftfm L. ' v. The Y-Teens have several service projects through- out the year. Here they are pictured folding letters for the Christmas Seal drive. XXX Qs-1 si.- ,I "A" Club sponsors Mr. Crossart, Mr. Livingston, Mr. Zempel, and Mr. Borg are working on a club activity. Left to right: Mr. Crossart, Don Toedtli, Loyd Andrews, Chuck Wollaston, John Reitz, Emi? Perez, Dick Markoff, Steve Lawrence, Bob Miller, John Lewis, Dan Farrington, Earl Calusha Jerry Moritz, ,lim Kline, Butch Stewart, Wade Kemper, Wayne Walker, Lee Osborne, ,lack Rader Gene Morton, Harry Cuheen, Dick Erixson, Ken Taylor, Cay Watkins, Queeng Carol Dahl, Car- men Seegrist. The "A" Club with its Homecoming Queen and Attendants. f'i1'Fl"" 'fofz74e6zQaaZ "As steel denotes strength, unyielding in the face of stress and strain," so must be the sturdiness of the "A" man. The seven candles represent the seven virtues of,'LA" men. 1. Courage that never quits 2. Loyalty 3. Sportsmanship 4. Fitness of mind 5. Scholarship 6. Modesty 7. Humaneness PEP CLUB contributes in great part to school spirit. Its goal is to create en thusiasm, sportsmanship, and pep Joyce Howard. Janet Farring- ton, Marilyn Hanna. and ,lean Hunter are decorating the halls. This is om' of the many services the Pep Club performs. WMWWW 1 , g 5,4150 ,. -W su f mmf x -f if.: 'lug 'A i 1-4 f 4 A 4 5 Q ' v , gi 1 '- ya-ip ., , iff Y ,. " ' B f "Zn ,M fg -gf ' s 4. , , -. "X , A " W, 2 91 ' 1, f . if . V, ,,.. 2 I ' Q ,gf ,,,,, f W fta' X I ix 'V l ff Nov " L f' 1 Q. gi 'il F' V X' ff' FIPS ev ,,- .1 w 2 ddeadeadew Wdp Spam 7eaw Spain? ""0?lnsw4,,,,,,4yf .AASB SCHUUL LII FE Yes you re typlcal hlgh school students you go out f01 sports 1 e muslc you snack drmk cokes once ln a whlle you eat a real meal fmally you make It to the extra actlvltles thls lb the SPIRIT OF ACTIVITY . ' 7 A A, '- ,X X, . K ' X ,Luth I ir., I , . , ' ' ' . . . ' . . . 1'k V-' 6 7 'a REX GROSSART - 2 FOOTBALL JESS BORG Head Coach Backfield Coach Alliance ....,, .,,7. 1 4 Sidney .,,,,,77. ,. 0 Alliance .,.... .w... 6 Torrington ..,,, ..... 2 4 Alliance ..,.., ,.ee, 3 3 Ogallala ....... ..,... 1 2 Alliance ,.........,., ...., 3 3 McCook e,,,,., ,e,.., 1 3 Alliance ......,e -,. ,,,..,..,.,, 12 Curtis ,,,,,,,......, 0 Alliance ..,... ...,e 0 North Platte .,.,,e ,,... 1 8 Alliance ....,. ...,r 6 Kearney ,,.,,.... ,,,,. 2 6 Alliance ....... ,.,., 4 1 Gering ..,...... ..... 7 Alliance ....... ...... 1 9 Scotsbluff ,.,.........,..... 6 VARSITY .... r 11 1 1 N -4 72 Back row: John MacNeill, Willis Wilson, Robert Miller, Hastings Shelton, Archie Lawrence, Dale Benda, Chuck Wollaston, and Pat Cooper. Front row: Wayne Walker, Dick Markoff, Lee Os- borne, Marvin Kingry, John Lewis. Marvin Toedtli. George Kicken, and Ken Taylor. SQUAD D' 'idea Zu: J . 1954 LEE OSBORNE HASTINGS SHELTON C0-Gawain SEASON RESUME co-captain The 1954 football picture revealed to the A. H. S. faithful, a new forma- tion under new head coach, Rex R. Crossart. ln his first year as the Bull- dog mentor, coach Grossart's precision-like Split-T formation ground out six victories against three defeats. The 1954 gridiron season was brought to a successful close with a 19 to 6 victory over traditional rival Scottsbluff, in the Armistice Day classic. at ft f af 1 gage. V we gmgyf, .. . . ,WM , x, x .ifwg If QQ. I - .' v ., I -., ,tw ,ix .. 5, - I f t . A . , .-ski'-air?" N ' ', ffffwyf Y ' X L ' Mw,:t':: , ,,-- it DALE BENDA DAN FARRINGTON Bulldogs stop Bearcat back with goal line stand. ALLIANCE DOWNS I Q T . A s ,til W 2+ .. ' ' ' Q .. My gg... t. 'M M.. , , ,,Z,. ,, - , - ,., ,, - ' V' f-1,.,P,-I f W A . . . ,f 1. ogy-' I. 3,-are 1 7 Q-'gm T ' . ,W f'I+?' 'f-fi, ' if 'S' , - 5021 fm 3-'fl-'V .A far-'15 'Wa'-,Hi--'-TWPP-'ezt Yf v '45-..-."i-'14M'51? .. " . ' DICK ERIXSON HARRY GUHEEN SIDINEY Under their new head coach Rex flrossart. the Alliance High Bulldogs opened the 1954 grid- iron season by taking a hard- fought I-1 to 0 decision from the rugged Sidney Maroons. Hampered by a new offensive formation. the Bulldog attack bogged down repeatedly and was forced to rely on rugged defen- sive play to subdue the Sidney team. Both scores came as a result of two short punts by the in- vaders. Chuck Wollaston cut off his own right tackle and sped 44 yards unmolested for the first TID. Later in the game quarter- back Dale Benda crashed over from the three-yard line for the other tally, Bob Wilkins added both extra points with perfect placements. TRAILBRAZERS WIN In the second game of the season the Bulldog Eleven fell before the powerful Torrington Trailbrazers on the latter's home field. The W'yorning club jumped to an early lead and was never in danger as they defeated Al- lianee 24 to 6. Late in the fourth quarter the Ilulldogs' Split-T began to click behind the sparkling running of halfbaek Lee Osborne. the quar- terbaeking of Gene Morton. and the power runs by fullback ,lack Rader. The lone marker came as Rader sped off tackle for 24 yards and a TD. - l fM'Q P 4 ' r I l STEPHEN LAWIRENCE JOHN LEWIS ROBERT MILLER JERRY MORITZ 1' b I I lu l Osbome breaks away for a touchdown. BIQLLDOGS SCALP INDIANS Behind methodical and vicious downfie-ld blocking. the host Bulldogs and their newly ac- quired Split-T formation piled up 456 offensive yards in down- ing the Ogallala Indians on their home field. Speedy Chuck Wollaston scored both TD's for Alliance in the first half by taking a pitchout from Dale Benda and racing around end for the first touch- down. With only seconds remain- ing in the first half, quarterback Gene Morton found Wollaston on the receiving end of a per- fectly executed screen pass and raced 82 yards to score. The sec- ond half opened with sprinter Dan Farrington liolting through a gaping hole in the Ogallala line and out racing the second- ary for a 72-yard scoring effort. Rader and Osborne also Crossed the goal for a TD apiece to help defeat the Indians, 33 to 12. PLATTERS DOWN BULLDOGS A sluggish Alliance High team fell before the North Platte Bull- dogs in an important conference game, 18 to 0. A blocked punt late in the first quarter set up the Platters' first tally giving them a 7 to 0 halftime lead. The Alliance team drove to the Platter I7-yard stripe only to fumble, and later lost possession of the ball on the Platter two-yard marker which ended both scoring threats. Willis Wilson was the best the Alliance team had to offer as he spearheaded both offensive and defensive drives. Guard Ken Taylor received an injury and was lost for most of the season. xr - YVAf 7 BULLDOGS EDGE AGGIES AND ROMP McCOOK The Alliance High Bulldogs. playing the "under dog" role. defeated the invading Bison 33 to 13. The game featured vicious line play by a hard-charging Bulldog forward wall. Quarterback Ernie Perez sparkled in his play. Tremendous defensive play by the Alliance Bulldogs enabled them to defeat a surprisingly strong Curtis team 12 to 0 on the opponents' home field. Hampered by a muddy. field, the Bulldogs had trouble break- ing their fleet backs loose. A short pass from Benda to Wilson and an interception by Steve Lawrence scored the Bulldogs' two touchdowns. BEARCATS DROP BULLDOCS Proving yards and first downs mean nothing unless they result in scores, the Alliance High team went down in defeat at the hands of a fine Kearney Bearcat eleven. Behind the smashing running of Bearcat fullback, Mel Dorh- man, the Kearney club relent- lessly pounded the Bulldog de- fenses to spearhead an attack which ground out 26 points to defeat the Bulldogs, 26 to 6. .lack Rader scored the lone Bulldog marker around his own left end on a pitchout late in the fourth quarter. ALLIANCE CRUSHES A Bull GERING Held to a 7 to 7 stalemate by a heavy Gering High team in the first half, the Alliance High Bull- dogs exploded in the second half to treat the spectators to a dis- play of Split-T perfection under the helpful guidance of Coach Rex Grossart. Lee Osborne electrified the crowd with his brilliant 85 yard run back of the second half kick- off for a touchdown. ,lack Rader, Wade Kemper, and Gene Mor- ton were quick to follow suit by scoring 34 points in the final stanza to defeat the Cering Bull- dogs, 41-7. Bob Wilkins figured in the scoring by registering five extra points. BULLDOCS REICN The Alliance Bulldogs closed their 1954 season with a 19-6 vic- tory over their traditional rival, Scottsbluff. A Homecoming crowd of 3000 people witnessed the hard fought contest. With four seconds remaining in the first half. quarterback Dale Benda scored the first T.D. by sneaking over from the one yard line to climax a drive set up by Steve Lawrence's specta- cular recovery of a Bearcat bob- ble on their 40 yard line. End Willis Wilson pounced on another Bearcat fumble at the start of the second half and four plays later, behind the hard run- ning of Wade Kemper and Lee Osborne, ,lack Rader smashed into the center of the line for a touchdown to put the Bulldogs ahead, 12 to 0. Lee Osborne's faked running pass resulted in Alliance's final counter. dog fights his way through for a good gain. in med? l l 'r 15 'J l U, i 5 l BOB WILKINS lr CHUCK WOLLASTON l ln l , n l WILLIS WILSON BILL WORTHLEY -,ff W ,Wc--1 M - ' 'iw' 1 A V U 1 65,15 1 IBF QD: Back row: J. Nielsen, T. St. Onge, D. Stull, H. Herian, P. Cooper, J. MacNeill, G. Kicken, K. Nicola, and D. Edwards. Middle row: B. Brost, A. Lawrence, H. Miles. J. Colerick, M. Kingry. W. Weston, B. Miller, C. Rusk. Front row: L. Hawley, T. Green, M. Alvarado. K. Johnson, M. Hoffman. and Gene Rader. 'f0'L?66f4026640t4 '54 FRESHMAN RECORD Alliance-7 Chadron High Res. -42 Alliance-6 Hay Springs Res.-19 Alliance-U Scottsbluff-25 Alliance-sO Oshkosh Res.-8 Alliance-i12 Bridgeport Res.-19 '54 RESERVE RECORD Alliance-12 Sidney Res.-18 Allianceq6 Hemingford Var.-33 Alliance-18 Scottsbluff Res.-0 Alliance--21 Ogallala-6 Alliance-32 Mitchell-U Alliance-38 Chad ron Prep Var.-0 Back row: L. Parker. T. Walker, W. Ellis. D. Boyd. W. McGuire. W. Becker. and R. MacNeill. Middle row: T. Wright. W. Robertson. J. .-Xtkins. R. Montague. D. Lixingston. D. Lewis. ll. Laing. and Coach Zempcl. Front row: F. Swanson. l., Curtis. M. I.awn-ner. E. Smith. R. lluskin. J. Miller, J. Lee, and L. Cole. 78 Left to right, in circle: Dan Farrington, Dale Benda, Larry Johnson, Bill Hesse. ,lerry Moritz, Dick Pollard, Chuck Wollaston. Willis Wilson, Jack Rader. Kneeling in foreground: Ken Nicola and Ernie Perez. VARSITY BASKETBALL The 1954-55 Basketball season was unsuccessful for the Alliance Bulldogs as far as the win and lost record goes. The Bulldogs were unable to find the range of the basket in the majority of the games. The Bulldog quintet showed much improvement. though, during the season as is shown by the score of their second game with North Platte. The sea- son's record stands with one win, fourteen losses. LES LIVINGSTON Head Basketball Coach Athletic Director ' I ' aiu JACK RADER SEASON SUMMARY In the flrst game of the season the Alhance Hlgh Bulldogs fell to Brldgeport 4-6 to 39 In thelr flrst home game the Bulldog qulntet fell to a powerful Cozad club 63 to 36 A husthng Cermg fue shd hx the Alhanee Blue a r Vlllutcs mt 5 The Alliance Bulldogs failed to find the range as the lNorth Platte Bulldogs donned them OU to 36 The Mltchcll team ssupt past the Alhanu Hugh Bulldogs Nllll a scorc of 6U to 40 The lfullodgs showed IIIIPYUXCIIICIII hut fell to the Sltlllit Nlaroons 62 to 11 The Scottsbluff Bearcats had llttle trouble Cl0XSIllHg tu Bulldog 64 to 0 The Alhance Bulldogs won thur only game of the season against the Curtis 1 ggus n 1 storm o 1 to 76 80 .7 ! A D ALE BEND A Io I apmm if ...f""' DAN FARRINCTON f 0 f llflfdlil 1 Radsr u 1 pmt and aecu rar tl hun an nnportan mun 4 o lt dltl 1 mn4 .1 np o hart to 1 4 f url ml hfau x r rm to u arrm ton 4 :ax a Q pu nd l a xaluahc mem nr ll am Ilan will re al Jn X 1 , k-t QT? A A . A' I ' Q ' ' Ja-k'1'sfiglirgs"' nl '-gtf' Uff, 'l-vy4-rnal- ' ' ' ' t '- V . llt'l' of tha- llulll gl " . x , 1 Y I . llal- li' l"s jlll sht was ' l L 'L ' ' sto! und as za r-sult he ig ' -' "lj ' . , , k v, x , ' ., ' in the llulllogs' sfo' gg ' l mn. ' 'l ' ' ' F. P 'g 's flowr jlf nl s -ld D . prow llllll to Je ' l' ' l' 7' ' 5 of tl - Bulldog te' . ' " ' ly l ' . Q 'U , ,. ' T . lltlesvll nut se-asln. l 1 s. ' 3 . ' v, 1. ' -' ' 1 -: 1 - f6' ' I qfdfwf 7001261 5 . 90 3 Na., LHLLK vi oLL xsrox U-L-V'-'32 -A5 WILLIE WILSON if JI' RRX XIUHI If Jerry helght made hlm a valuable re mmler or e Xlllancf Blue am 111: r A way It coun fl on 1 help vs th th: L 1 1 It n and hu Ile will ma 6' roll ar unml next war Lhuvk W4 lla ton ball handlm cou 4 mth ned matt hun a r nu 1 ca QE LXSON SLNINIARY Ilhe Kearney Beareats proyed to he too powerful for the Bulldogs as they won 68 to al The Bulldogs playmg a strong flrst half falled to keep the pare as they fell to Scottsbluff 10 to 44- The Alllance Blue and Whltes showed much 1m provement as they lost a hard played contest to 'VILCOOIC 60 to 56 On the same road trlp the Alllance Bulldogs lost another hard fought contest to the North Platte Bulldogs 54- to 02 Torrmgton trounced the outclassed Bulldogs to the tune of 63 to gl Gothenberg squeezed by Bulldogs ol to 46 Bulldogs fall ln last game of regular season to Ogallala 60 to 56 8I .A 6 I I I K ..- ' f . I 113 L I . 1 .I vll I Y ', v. 7 : . i' . .1 ' , ' . 'vis . V x 1 . I - hor 2 I th' f ' A - l ' - ' WI' -s. Ile- I-1 uld 'l 'js I ' ' t'l , . I , . . If 'i ' srorh ' XVII'-'s passi g s ' 'A li 7 his prt-so-rlrv lIIl4Nl'll when thf- vaffe' sva- ' N son 5 0 '- - -7 l - ' ' vw N 'S D L! ' ' I plvl 'V llir SI " I ' 2 Pat - gill In Ihq' " """l'-I ,, .-llii. ' F f 70dt4a?' S,b0z6Z4adz'4e70cZZdo70w 1955 RESERVE SQUAD Back row: Ernie Perez, Pat Avey. ,lohn MacNeill, David Stull. Pat Cooper Archie Lawrence Don LaClair, and Tim Stubbs. Front row: Wade Kemper. Coach Rex Gros art and Dick Nlarkoff Alliance Alliance Alliance Alliance Alliance Alliance Alliance Alliance Alliance Alliance , , 38 RESERVE SEASON RECORD , , 43 Bridgeport Y ,, ., 7, , 26 Gering ,,,,,,,i H ,D , , 49 North Platte , , 53 Mitchell ,, 60 Sidney , Y 35 Scottsbluff 7 -16 Kearney , , 52 Scottsbluff 7 Torrington S 5? Ogallala . . 7 Sam Kline blocks a shot as team nn-nmbr-rs look on. This i4 the firft yvar that Intramurals haw he-f-n helfl in lla-kflthall for high -vhmyl Qtuclenti. 2? 6463! ' V S1 s Q' FE- Bark. left to right: Cr1aCh Morrk Zvmpel. R. Du-kin. T. Wright. ,l. Rvynolfls. D. Lixingiton D--Franvv. R. K+-llvr. D. Walker. l"rnn!: Nl. I.aurv-nw. J. H1-11'--Q. J. Fund:-r-nn. R. Nlontaguf-. P irh. R. Laing. L. Parlwr. .X. Etllrimlge-. L. Curtic. , fr fl Loyd Andrews and Don Toed- tli, two steady performers for the Alliance thin clads. Don won all races in which he competed. including the State Class "A" mile. Loyd won the District 880. but failed to place at State. Don's best time, 4:44.0g Loyd's, 2:06.9. A 1954 SEASON The past track season proved to be very successful for the Alliance High cindermen. Th e Bulldog track squad turned in victories in every meet except the Big Ten and State m e e t s. Alliance won the Chadron Invitational for the sixth straight time and was victorious over arch rival Scottsbluff in three meets. Alliance's toughest win came at home in the Alliance ln- The 880 yard relay team, consisting of Jim Mcltlann, Wade Kemper, Robert Miller, and Dan Farrington, gave a good account of themselves during the 1954 track season. Their best time of 1:33.5 was posted at the District Quali- fying Meet. held at Scottsbluff. I I O I SUMMARY vitational. The Alliance thin clads squeezed by with only one-half point to spare. Fourteen boys qualified at the District Qualify- ing Meet for 19 positions in the State Meet held at Lincoln. Don Toedtli, Ea rl Galusha, Bruce Brost, Chuck Wollaston, and Bob Miller were the only Bulldog track- men to place at the State Meet. The mile relay team, composed of Mar- vin Toedtli, ,lack Rader, Bud Pollard, and Dick Erixson, missed the school record by only one-tenth of a second. They won first at the Alliance Invita- tional with their best time of 3:41.6. , , , YH' .' Q Robert Miller, outstanding performer for A.H.S. the past season, broke the school rec- ords in the 220 yard dash and in the 180 yard low hurdles. His record breaking times were: 22.4 for the 220 and 20.0 for the 180 yard lows. l ' fi ' Riel? C5-X Olllceaml lo um Preflllenl i gage and ' Zqluy Hama N' iff nav Hen 1 nl. gharov P,-eu f' are M -Gus. L , hQkwV -tin -. , 3,- -l Dick Pollard. Rugvr Srhimllvr. lark E-sex. and Dun Miller prac-tirv putting while- Hr, Brown. gulf inv Xlfllfltll. watvlu--. .rl jf-rri lim-1-lu-r. M anal jf-uiivrin llwlr' L'll1l'N. r. llromi. Louifv lim-flu-r. Bm. llurrw Ntillf-y lvarn lliv tv'cl1n111iie-- of liolilin :uf Ed Baker and Don ,lorgenson are tha' janilors. They get exercise. too. , Q pw Lrjf ywf' , M ff' ,ff .25 5 , 1 4 I , 3 v? An anxious trio-John MacNeill, Don Briggs, and Norman Underwood-rush to Dick Pollard's side as he falls to the ground with a seige Of malaria. 7444 ,-4 Upon ' offie emo: ' "74e 4' Sea" Nick Valentine offers Sandra Andrick a proposal of marriage as Sue Worley and Carol Dahl smile knowingly at each Oiher. f I 4 X K . 5 li X y A of X 'CAST OF CHARACTERS Dorie Davis . johnny Deck ,, Captain Jesse . ,,,., ,, ,.,, ,,.,,,,,,,, , ., Nathaniel Hazard Amos ,,,,,,,,.. ,. ,,,,, i.,,g,,i, The Ship's Doctor Hannah , ..,. , W X 5 x r N C. A A XSANDRA ANQRICK ' C . DICK POLLARD' DON BRIGGS .. CCC. YNXICK VALENTINE 3 NORMAN UNDERWOOO xl XX JOHN 'RIACNEILL X C C,.. . C,., CAROL b,A ' Belinda ....., , ,.,,,,,. 1 .,,,,,,. SUE WORLE W it x , s A "" 4 I xx s K X rl l I x XY , 1 X n N I N x 4 S X. Q . s , -87 iv X , 9 x 6. The Marching Band "struts its stuff" during half time of each football game. The band adds color to the snake dances and parades. also. Early each morning the band could be found practicing the marching drills. Practice makes perfect! Q. , . Y - fl 1 Director: DR. PAUL SELL Highlights of the band's activities were the trip to Kearney and the annual band clinic. A party, given just before Christ- mas vacation? has come to be a tradi- tional affair. The choir helps sponsor the day long fun fest. 7' 'Dada it f ' .'?,'x:4 .'f - ' F if ff : ri .' H i 1 Sli: EEJEAZ' ..,,-,.,.. . 1 sihllfulf gand? ' anydvd E36 At le Celinda Mounts, ,lo Ann Stilley, Jeri Lichty Rosie Watkins Nancy Roth Jcrrvllle k . F li , , , - I c er ourt row: llene Vvalker, Carol Nelson. Janie Woodham, Max Worley, Ralph Jinx. Marilyn ,lelinek S d L . . . . an ey ammon. Third row. Wally Seller, llex Hiles, Peggy Rogers. Beverly Lee. Sonya Lammon. Carmen Seegrist, Norma Schwaderer. Kay McCarthy. Carolyn Tollman, Morris Lance. Kenny Johnson. Second row: Carolyn Hein. Pat Calhoun. Janice Schwaderer. Ronnie Ashby, Carol Kohler, Phyllis Howell. Monte Rogers. First row: Shirley Hines. Jeannene Stilley. Cay Watkins. Connie Johnson. Louise Becker. ft: Ruth Lotspeirh, Peggy Felton, Dr. Sell. Back. standing' Larrv Overton Karl Panwitz With the downbeat of Dr. Sell's baton. the Concert Band provided beau- tiful music for various concerts throughout 1954-1955. The Christmas program. spring concert, and other appearances were presented in all Krczjg kinds of weather by the seventy-five piece band. Climaxing a successful YN S' year. the group gave the senior class a dignified and impressing "send- offi' with the familiar "Pump and Circumstancef' 'N Nil IIS A ? fb f' 2 90 n 0 a a M 0-4 Q-9 Back row: Dixie Roth, Dean Walker, Bev Morehead, Lois Dickinson, Sandy Mote. Right, standing: Marilyn Hanna, Shirley Case, Sharon Case. Fourth row: Bev Kicken, Phyllis Ginn, Richard Seegrist, Bill Hess, Jerry McDonald, Jack Falfar. Third row: Steve Lawrence, Rex Martin. Warren Robertson, Roger MacNeill, Joe Weldon, Verla Denny, John Lee, Don Briggs, Roger Schindler. Second row: Doug Edwards, Tom Wright. LaDonna Shriner, Don Miller, Sharon McCarthy, Leif Peterson, Teddy Hempel, David Sell. First row: Roberta Neilson. Maria Stalos. Virginia Wikstrom, Lynda Lotspeich, Carol Dahl, Sandra Johnson. From the large Concert Band smaller groups were formed. Sectionals were held each week to smooth over the rough spots and improve technique. Four band members were selected to attend the State Music Clinic at Beatrice in November. An unusual event, the Scottsbluff, Alliance Band Clinic, was held in Scottsbluff. The combined bands put on an excellent performance. Q. .. EJ Fourth row: Gerald Cody, Melvin Steggs, John Maloney, Nick Valentine, Morris Lance, Eddie Van Dusen, Larry Overton, Dick Pollard. Don Briggs, Foltz Baxtrum, Jon Hall, Ernie Perez. Third row: Louise Becker, Mari Lou Evans, Janet Farrington, Carol Dahl, Bonnie Burnham, Joyce Howard, Claudia Knagg, Georgia Lurvey. Second row: Georgia Todd. Janice Winton, Joyce Wald' ron, Shirley Lewis, Mary Ann Duskin, Nancy Roth, Dixie Roth, Wiletta Holthus, Kay Du Bois. First row: Mary Jane Johnson, Norma Schwatlcrcr. Karen Robinson, Sue Worley, Eleanor Brown. Mary Laing, Sandey Lammon. Accompanist: Sandy Boyd. 'cmd0 "Achievement" was the sixty-four dollar word spurring the choir on to new and better goals this year. Schedule for the choir included-Christmas Concert, Spring Con- cert, Choir Clinic, and the Operetta. Highly successful is an apt phrase with which to describe these perform- ances. 'N Fourth row: Dick Markoff, Loc Osborne. Ken Johnson. Cent- Morton. Bill Bock, Don Schwatlt-rt-r. Marvin Kingry. Norman linderwood, John MacNeill. Steve Lawrence. Tim St. Ongre, Pete Shelton Bobby Henderson. Butch Stewart. Wayne Weston. Third row: Karen Fredrick. Bev More-livad Joyce Hansen, Nola Nay. Shirley llinf-s. Pat Donovan. Ruby Chick. S+-t-ond row: Marilyn llanna Shirly McFall, Ruthie Nason, Doris We-ssel, Violet Fchncll. Pat Calhoun. Alice Cooper. First row Cay Watkins. Kay McCarthy. Sherry Hdlahon. Bonnie Henderson. Bev Horror, Virginia Wil-cstrom Music is big! This fact was proven by the senior choir under the direction of Al Blinde. Everything from bop to Beethoven was sung and enjoyed by the choir mem- bers. Many soloists and small groups sang for commu- nity projects during the year. 1 7 ll11- tl1r1ll of Slflgllflgl I5 li Il 1-xpcrivnw t hat thaw- girlx. tl11- girl? -1-xtc-ttv. will nvvcr furgvl. Frnrn loft to right: Mary .Xnn Illhlilll, Nancy Ruth, Slllfllj' M1'Fall. Ile-V Kickvn. Alice Cooper, and Pat Calhoun. Hff11'v-rs nf l111Il1 tlu- tl1i11l :1111l llrllllll 11--11111l 1ll4'II- 11rv- 1111 run-1l lu-rv. 'l'l1'-5 .1--111111' tln- 11-Npwrmqlrilitiw 1-l llu- 1l11-1g1l gr1111y1K. llmk rmsi llllll'll Yus- 11rI. ,lv-rrp f'Pl1'I'l1'li. 5llf'Tl'Y 'Xl1'Nlal1--11. lf-111 XX right. l'f-111 She-ltr-11. Kfn Xiflmlu. lllaflyx llfilllllldlll. N41r111a11 l'11-le'rw11111l. 111111 lim Rl'XIl1Vl1lx. Fm-nt r1-11: kin llll lhfix. ilurx 51111111-rm'-1'r. NI'-w l.L1u11-11111-. 4111-l P,lf'4111f1r l'11rl4-rr. 94 1 A 'wr fr I XX 'J ?. I i Nl111'l1 in llrmarm-l 11- v'r1t+'r tamfr- fn r 1' 1 1 11 grwupx 1' l1 ll r1 l1 1' N unfl llllll- th' xliillflpllil 1- kf'11ll111-1 tl1rm1"l1f-11! tllv war liafk rum: Larry Uwrlwn. Ili-li l'1-llarfl. Xivk Yalvntjnv' John Xlallwnfljv. D1-n liriuax. l31ll limk, J1-l'1I1 XIuwN'1ll. Ftmv' l,11wrrA111f-. Fflrfll r1-wi Fanulf-5 l.a111m0n. 5111- Wwrlfq. fN+1r11141 N'l1wa1lvrv-r. Kay llu limi-. llaiy Watlxinx. l,1+11i-v ll'-vlvr. Nlury l.UlI lf14111N. Cfarul liulll. I I 5 1 2 1 nl fin X 3 vd f , A 3 3 Q ig 24,5 ,f, 435 , IL 3 i "J Partiiipani- iii Ihr- Xfillf' Xiu-if Clinif' thi- jwar wflrf? rhli-f-i1 iw Xl liliriflu Xlli- arifr- -tu-l'-ntx uwhfr Lili"Il4l'A'l w-rv Ntanflzixzr Karl Pan- mif. llfw-r Nliinfllvr. Div-lx Pfrllar-l, Fi'-xv I.awrf'i1ff-. lion lirizg-. arzfl larry Uxfrl-iii. N-at'-il: Kay ilu llf-i-, Hay Warlxiii-. 5CU1fl"N l.liIIlIIl"Yl. fQarnif'n F f"' :ri-I. NUTII18 Fvli'-sa-lrr'-r. Nhirifw lliiiv-. , N . 74cm S ff? T3 'nv 1 4 L Thi- Nlfidr-rn Fingm-ri. a giruup uf fre-Sha IHPTI anfl NriplimiifvrP4. vinjfwy anfl sing all kinils uf Illljbif. llark row: Holi Laing. Divk lloyd. ,Ivrry Cnlvrivk. Kc-n Nivliula. Cari' SlllNlf'I'INf'if'T. Wadi- Fl- Iis. Uivk Xlwntaguf-. R:-x Marlin. Tom Wright. Nlirlillf- row: Dick Holla?- liolflvr. Jim Rf'f'I'lOlfl4. Maria Ftalfis. Robyn Burnham. llflnv- Walker. Sharon Str-phvns. Barbara Dietrich, Bruce Fra:-kliriusr-. I-'rnnt row: Uean Walker. ifarulyn Hi-iii. Ruth I.ntepf'ic'li, Ye-rla Di-nny. Mary Svuggiii, Sally Mintzcr. Dinh Dix-kin. 3 0 Q., YQ A A small hail a li-I nf fiiii liariiwiiimiig in thi-ir fir ,qrniip-Vliut th:-xv -ix girl st yvar I-f vhwir, Ftiinrling: ,lziiivt 2. Hunt'-r. Ri,-iw Wiitlxiiix. Nlarimi llw a 5 f . :.? -U Framw. Sf-ale-ul: fillffll N:-l-run. llntlif Nlillvr. Dixie- lim-kr-r. -3 1 Z LJ J. , VI 1 . . K 4, , . 'U - ' Ll-f Y . , 1., , ' A X. -' . It 'V Lf Lk xx - I, X . lf! lt Y , is BV Lf '-1 .. L i .. .. , . K, L55, , M V .nj ,JV .L f fu . X L 4 'jj 'lil J x F LJ NJ K ky r - 'N ' ly 'K FX LX ,sf Lf' t- A ijt I. xf, im N , i X, . V, J, .Q M We .A L, se A ,JJ fu l 1' v l ,fl jp l lr' V 1, fix' i V i t I my , ,f L is 1 uSay it with Music!" seems to be also directs this active group. L' jk, 5 i 1 T7 SU Presenting: THE A. H. S. HIGH SCHOOL BAND OFFICERS ' l,lYlFront row: Sandey Lammon, Carmen Seegrist. Gay Watkins, Shirley Hines. l 1 . . x 'LZ 'Qack row: Karl Panwltz, David Sell, Steve Lawrence, Larry Overton. L V K E. ' gl Y I the theme of the orchestra. Dr. Paul Sell .,s,,-,K Front row: Roger Schindler, Robert Neilson, Lois Dickin- son. Maria Stalos. Carol Dahl, Sandra Johnson. Sharon Sch- midt. Karen Hamilton. Sec- onrl row: Karl Panwitz, Robyn Burnham. Phyllis Howell. Monte Rogers. Ken- ny johnson, Steve Lawrence Connie johnson. Cleone- Stur- ge-on. Hack row: Carmen Sce- grist. Norma Sehwatlerer. Shirley Hin:-s. Pat Calhoun, Sanmluy Lammon, La Donna St'llflIll'f. T 4' cl d y Hempel. Daxitl Sell. Yerla Denny. john Lee. Don Briggs. Stand- ing: Dr. Paul Sell. Larry On-rton, ,lr-rri Heck:-r. Sandie Xinh- 96 zona, M Front row: Carolyn Tollman, Norma Schwaderer, Carmen See-grist. Sancley Lammon, Bev Kicken. Back row: Teddy Hempel, David Sell, Leif Pet- erson, Roger Schindler, Rich- arrl Sf-4-grist. At piano: Ken- ny Thompfon. Drummer: Lar- ry Overton. ep Band strikes up Sweet Georgia Brown at a lively pep rally. 98 45- r- A' 1.5 ,Pnl . ". "3 Coins in a Fountain," is the first prize winning float of the senior class. The girls are Bonnie Burnham at the right and Kay DuBois at the left. "Own 71 ' H gall ng S --':'.? 'm JY. 5 sf? vu. fix. fm. . r "Mifflin N Em- PR5vicwi 'HOHECOMINCH STFQRRINC AHS N J , L X " Eleanor Brown and Carmen Seegrrt proudly gov' take part in A.HS. Homecoming s Jack Rader receives the DAV Sportsmanship award at the Homecoming game. K K l! z ff , en A curtain draws back . . . the lights fade, and be- fore your eyes a friend becomes a stage personality. THE CAST , Rodney Turnerw.'Vephew of Miss Turler ,, , ,,,,, , ,, ',,,,,,,, ,, ,, JACK RADER Miss Natica Turner-flrisyoratfy,,,iizQ:5,,QL. . , , SANDY BOYD Sarah-Kilrhen .ward T ,Q.o Q . , T .T so oooso SANDI JoHNsoN Klotz-a Sailor ssos . ,...oo. I T ssso ,H T, ,oooso rooo.o ,E BUTCH STEWART Margin-the net-md Bm f ssso,,ssso so so oososs 5,23 so T LQ f 50 T KEN TAYLOR Admiral Standish-Graff Natal Ojfirer , fi, ,,,, ,,,, . VE LAWRENCE Cynthia-A Lovely Young Woman ,, ,,,,, ,, ,, ,,,,,r,,,,,,rr,,. AY WATKINS Cordon-Cynthia's Husband ,,,,,,,,,, ,...,. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, H A RRY GUHEEN Assistant Director ,. ,,.,.,, ,, ,, . ,,,, KAREN FREDRICKS Prompter ,,,,,,,,,,,,, ,, ,,r,,..,,,,,,, DARLENE HULETT Director , ,,,,, MISS NANETTE COWLES 99 X C' n'-, v.. -Sc., 'A' 'gg X," C 4,11 bw XX' ' " ? A .xx -S if Q"74-eQ Q fb v It ,i v4 Q. 5.3 Q1 ,N 2 Y' x cg, 0 I v"9 ALLI XNCE CRI VVILRX ALI IANCE LIVISTOCK COMMISSION COMPANY AI I IANCI- RTI DIO ANDIRQON WIILARD INCONIL IAX BAIMAN B I OPTOMETRIST BOWEN ROBIRT W OPFOMETRIST BLRNHAM A G MD COPQY CLINIC CRUM AND 'VIILLLR ACCTS DEI UXE RADIATOR FRICKF H C CONSTRUCTION CANT! WILLIAMS AND HEIN ATTORN GODING A L SSIXTA A F HEMPEL MOBILI- SLRVICF JOHNSTON C F MD KENNEDY DONALD J DDS KNLCL JOBEPH MD LANDA FLNERAL HOMF MfNULTY EDWARD MD 1111 fhuenne Nt fluarde Butte I I UNC utte Butte 11611 I'aQt 4th 3061K Box Butte 504 Flack ?16 We t 5061 Box Butte 12414 Wet N yy s 1 t 3rd 524 Box Butte 1041 Weit 3rd Butte Butte Butte x 100 VH 1 wi S7 1 ox 524 Box FXS 524 ox 61 Box 1 524 ox MELICK R H -, MONTGOMERY WARD 8 CO 3231 Box 301 'I Box NEFF L G D D S xx xu 4201 ox NLILS SERVICE 4414 Black O BRILN TEXACO J txt I'a t PODIIAISK1 INSURANCE AGENCY REDIJIbH S. RLDDISH REX S HAMBLRGILR SHOP RHOAD 5 SELLI- Clx ABBTRACT CONIPAN1 SLNC 0 L 'VIII ' QMIFH KIRT NEW XORR IIFE INSLRANCIL x 1 IOR IJ N II Tune Harald Butte Butte Butte H1 s Oth Butte t 3rd Butte Butte t 3rd Butte t rd Bldg TIN ALO BLI Ix II XNT I11r t 'Incl I'0luca I IAMN W B It t 3101 X 1041 Box e ox 1 x e Bmx my Wf- Bxpwx Q XATXNBTXC XNIXXX XXX Xbuxlxi QQLQLMSQ QQDQQ swevvxe ROAD? bb be OK QNX - 'L X Q X - X X RQ i I' . ii-Nix' kd CBN-5 - Q-Qqxxc-D Q' Y, 1? 'SA 5 ,J to C' 1 X I A Ni ' Q g X te O10 if N X :QQ-'QXNXQ I' Q. -- A 'ig 5 3 as Q X -X C' 'N Q f-Jw eb N K Q Q f if f , X A :X . , use C it N N - 'S Q K 2 . X 9 J . Q Q X x 1' L rf WX ' " s ' V 'B ' , I 3 ,H r rd 4 Q T. I Q -. ., , , J ' , 1' t. ' , ' . Q I' V " Y L-tw-4 Y . , L A .4 N .L A 1 4 X. 1' if ' ' f U , . ' ' ,. 1 :H A , H Ap, 11 1.1 sk' "X -. - N ' P, ' t' N- .. , X' A . X T I T T ' .- V 1 A' Q I X I. - n t 1 l l N- l ., . xl ,4.1 x ,, A., , I M K: , .. . t .A ' , V X ex Q. D ' f ,, 1' I - : 1 -H: F: H Ll 5 1, . v A . 1 VJ A - N' -f , ' 1 A tj T B I ' 1 : L V 1 , I 51 I f H f, .1 L ' 1 I ' U ' '1 - , 2 . . " 1' , 3 . I . I si 'Y 4 1 1 Pi X. l N. . I . N. W ,fx .L W W I I I I W .1 , X. ,. ' f If lf ' ' I ' t , 3 - 1' ' l ,f A I I A I I . I I ' I ' , 11 . .Q ' 1 Nt "J 1 1' 3, PI ' , W, . I f 1 I 1 1 f a. 1 ' A , - ' 1 I A I, ' -1 4 -A if r 4 f I, . T' f , I fy, , T' I - 1. v .I I 9 x f- I, 4 tv I V . M 1 '7 + P. 1. I L y L 3 X tg 5 , , .lx I ' , , ' ' ' 3 I " 3 3 1 - 3 ' ' R ' 3 Q AX, , X I I V, 5 X v Q I H r 1 , , N .A I ' Q 9 , 1 I ' 1 E 1 I I 2, . . A' s . U 1 . -. ',.Lgfg- li- - ! ' ' 7.4 ,N ' ' N K, ' ' r 1 A If C L n ' f 4 3 V I W ' ' 5 Q +A 1 ' 14 s I ' + L 3 2 1 I r V ' ' mt 3 1 1, V ' L I , I, B ' " N T I L 1 ' H 1 " I A U' N 1 ' ,- I , XJ 4: ., A V ,E pg :ia 'L A I, X x, P: 1-'O NJ .5 17' ' ' IF 33 "' 1:5 :L X lie I' I' N' I: ' ' "f ' ' .plz ,-X Q my ,. :U on U :U U: so - 3 as go A 1 N D j j . 8 4 ,ll ' i , . t , 171 Q ,Q 11,1 A' - 'ij f 'A ' fn fn ' ' f I I 'I- '." I I ,-I I1 n 1: :Um . I it W 4 'E E ii' I 7 N :- ' . . " :- :' -' f L 1 '- QC? 22.11 F7 t- A1 , X A -ex TI fr , ' X ' u ' , X-' AFQTNX J wx? N er Q U 'Ng NXX5 :NX je-A V,-,U " ' . +50 Q , ' ' -5 S. X LK AA- 5 Q, Q ,gi I Q Q K3 , QNX E Qfcx I Tix' Li Xi-D KM .NX 3. Q My XX A X? no f-5X-gg Pu 'N M"T ' Q .NX , s.. V- , , A ,, V 6 Q ,' S - .' Vlolef Schnell Wllly Wnlson Darlene HuIeH and Bufch S+ewar+ enloy an affer school refresher a+ MERRICK DRUG STORE A large selechon of guffs IS also found here Now fhai' qraduahon as over Larry Over+on re laxes In a Kenmar Confour Chalr from ECONOMY FURNITURE STORE Complefe lanes of home 'Furn lshmgs are avaulable here 9 ' Roger Gonzales and Bob Muller look over a new Florshelm Lo+op wuih Ray Bralre as salesman F and M BOOTERY handles a varuefy of famous fool' wear v O Joyce Waldron and Leaf Peferson examme an Admiral refrngera+or whsle Jack Kane pomfs ouf fhe feafures of fhe deep freeze unrl KANE ELECTRIC handles a vomplefe Ime of home ap pluances Byron Beclrer IS ready Io s'l'ar+ on his delivery roufe from KEEP U NEAT CLEANERS They 'Fea fure free plclr up and dellvery service Mr Lee shows Don Schwaderer a round sfealx an ihe I G A STORE I G A as known for qualrly meals and grocerses in-sigh ... .... I .,.. 'X V I - u..! - .J .I . ,W I I - T ,J .N I 4 I Norma Reid and Mary Jane Jghngon pay +I-,air Bob VVilldns admires a Louarf Sporfcoaf while Rich Checks +0 sam ushas E+ fhe DRAKE HOTEL CAFE. Edwards explains +ha+ 1+ is an impeded. English The Dralce feafures home-made rolls and pasfries. liabzc- THE FAMOUS 'lealures eVe'Y'll"'n9 'n mens co+ ing. Kay Krau and Sherry McMahon prevnew lhe new Mel Dahl shows hus daughfer Carol +he sales Vicky Vaughn sprung co'Hons In lunlor slzes af pom+s of 'Phe new l955 Coronado Cuslom home SULLIVAN S STYLE SHOP freezer Appllances 'For +he home and car can also be purchased af GAMBLES -.Q MVS W A Wheel 5l'0WS Joanne R'995 and Rose Sands Johnson and Gene Morfon selecf a corsage mary Lulow some Mode O Day hm-fy MODE O for +he prom A+ fhe ALLIANCE FLORAL co are DAY has new sfyles which are very modera+ely proper 9,95 for alloccasmns prnced I I , Q11 "" I I . . . . . . . I c l l Q l 1 Sf? K5 . L , x P1 Donna Keder ns admlrmq +hus beauhful new Chrysler Windsor Deluxe which Chuck Grnffus us showunq A H JONES as your Chrysler Plymoulh dealer rn Alliance 'CED Jlm Essex has packed oul' celery from +he fresh frul+ and vegefable deparlmenl' af FOOD CENTER John Essay guaranlees nfs specual freshness Mrs Edna May Brennan shows Charles Shump many Don Harman es convlncmg Ron Kmcancl fhaf a new Hamlllon IS lhe wafch fo buy HARRY THIELE JEWELERS also have a Crysfal Shop where you can always fund lus+ fhe rlghl' glfl Karen Fredrick IS +hmkmg ahead Here Bob Wagner us showing her a Sampsonlle +am c se L B MURPHY COMPANY has a plece of luggage for every lravellng need Harry Cuheen admires a shoe popular wr+h +he kinds of fabrlcs for surls BRENNAN CLEANERS feenage QVOUP as L B Woodham Pomls Cul' 9 have a dependable cleaning service besndes fallor fme lea'fUV95 J C PENNEY COMPANY I5 6 One m sfop Sfore for +he famuly shoes 1 xx C' , l . . . . ' I ff' K 4 , - 'L D -- Y A N 6 K 1 ' ' 9, 1, , ,M , yy I If q lf' an I 1 ' , ' ' ' r ' a . . . I are ' f Y l I L 4 V 'g li x 47' - . . . . . - ' g. . Whisk- Varley Granfham shows Mary Louuse Wessel +he Ken Taylor checlrs has accounl wn+h Mrs Margarel daffereni' lunds of candv whsle Joanne Corp +alces Phllan al +he ALLIANCE NATIONAL BANK For down her order GRANTHAM CANDY CO sells confudenhal loans and banlung servlce vusrl 'lhus wholesale over norfhwesf Nebraslca dependable banlc 1 fn! L A Proper shows Drclr Eruxson fhe drfferenf color Kay DuBois IS malung reservahons for ouf of +own combmahons 'For 'rhe new 55 Ponhac If you wan? feachers wl+h Harold Woods al' +he DRAKE a dependable used car see PROPER PONTIAC HOTEL The ho+el has new air condlhomng BENMPAX Q2 Elnor Gunn examvnes a Bendix washer as Berme MI' Floyd Edgar shows Lee Osborne +he flexnblldy Girard explauns :ls many fea+ures NEWBERRYS of an oll pamhng brush EDGARS PAINT STORE HARDWARE has a comple+e appliance lnne has a complele lrne of arf supplres ' LJ ,I W T, K XL 3 A ' A ' F sl - 1 u ' Y l ' P ' , - " r I ' 0 Q I U ' ' I T I f.. : i:xl"' X ' -Y y sin - , W T Discussing lhe merlls of Texaco Slzychief gasoline are Shirley Hines Virginia Wnllcslrom and John Wernlce al fhe ALLIANCE NASH CO CORNER SERVICE The new Farmall 400 IS being discussed by Harry DeBol+ ancl Gary Lore DODD DE BOLT is 'lhe lnlernahonal Harvesler dealer in Alliance Don Toeclllu and Ivan Kloeflrorn lear aboul wheel I nm nf from Jesse RuboHom 6+ :he ROBERT Doro+hy Behm and Jim Weckwerfh are deciding aug e soN MOTOR COMPANY 'rhe swaebakef dealer QQOTQESIH 6+ PETE5 CLOT""NG AND ARMY In Alliance ey are assisled by Pele Manewal Marshall Jenkins shows lo Sandra Andriclr a piece of mea+, +he size usually cul for freezing al lhe IDEAL FROZEN FOODS LOCKER. Mrs. Jenkins walches and Mrs. Robinson is wraping meal for +he locker. Explaining fhe rofary Crowner lo Pele Shellon is Ed Essay of +he PEPSI-COLA BOTTLING COM- had af Worley's. Hugh Polson is showing Dan Farringlon and Norma Malte mme Ford' says Johnnie Rellz as J W Schwaderer one of Their besf Arfcarved Wood Cover Sr explains fhe new feafures of fhls 55 cresl' diamonds HOLSTENS DRUGS AND JEW Ford COVER JONES MOTOR CO deals wi+h ELRY carry drugs and cosmehcs +oo Mercury and Lincoln Glen Worley sells Loyd Andrews a movie pro Bev Morehead has a glfl' problem Bill Brazeal af Iedor B+ +l.,e WQRLEY STUDIQ m Alhance fhe BRAZEAL FURNITURE STORE helps solve if complefe line of pho+ographuc equlpmenf can be All 'rypes of house furnishings may be seen af had al Worley s Bfaleals Ar'rhur H. Buchfinclr dicfales a le++er 'lo his secre- Evere++ Breclr and Jim Vergiih discuss mo+el oper- iary Sancle Brockway af fhe BUCHFINK AB- afing expenses al' fhe BRECK TOUR-O-TEL in STRACT. His office is localed over +he Guardian Alliance. Sfafe Banlr. Harold Johnson ponnfs ouf fhe special feafures f BONNIE Burnham and Mrs F L BGYFGH' GXBMIHG H19 Rgyal fypewf-'fer +9 his bl-Qfher Kenny John GIOITIIZBFS BI' DUBBITY COSITIGIICS son All office supplles are handled by NEBRASKA are feafured here TYPEWRITER Georgia Lurvey Ioolrs on as Pefe Sfalos pomfs ouf A combunahon mefal door ns demonsfrafed by 'rhe advanfages of a service meaf case af fhe Paul Gufhman af fhe ALLIANCE LUMBER COM GOLDEN RULE MARKET PANY for fhe beneflf of Jerry Robinson and Bull Coleman 1 1 Irwin Morih explains fo his son Jerry, fhe pro Sharon McCarfhy and Sandy Boyd puII up fo cedure for ordering a carburefor from fhe cafa PLATTE SERVICE for a friendly fall: wifh Ed Case Iogue af MORITZ SERVICE AND SUPPLY. concerning oil change , J? R A fi , I I fn I F I I f I I f V , LEX! I f Y - u ' ' O 1 0 a . . - I - I ' ' . . , . K . r . . . . . Warren Aspden of MEYERS TEXACO SERVICE Rosemary Keenen and Helen Garreh' look over fhe mferesfs Ruchard Seegrnsi an a fan bell Meyers palnf supplies af fhe MELVILLE LUMBER COM has everyihmg for your car PANY Melvllle handles all bulldmg ma'l'erlaIs Gerhng ready for a broadcasi of Teenhme are Joe Kirchner of ALLIANCE CONSUMERS CO Bonnle Burnham and Gay Wa+luns The program ns OPERATIVE ASSOCIATION explains fhe compuia made pogglble by radio gfahon KCOW hon of paironage refunds +o Jack Rader and Sieve Lawrence BIII Zeng Ioolrs on as Don Schwaderer paun+s a sign Mer: Lu McFaII and George LeFave discuss 'Ihe a+ BILL ZEIGS SIGN SHOP Many mfereshng paper boHlung machune af +he LE FAVE DAIRY mmerals from wesfern Nebraslra may also be seen un Alllance a+ fhe shop i if Charles Dmgman pom'l's ou+ fhe many fealures of Jurene Meier is opening a savings accoun+ a+ rhe a Buuclr Special Esfafe Wagon Jo Linda Lofspench GUARDIAN STATE BANK wlfh 'l'he assnsfance of and Carmen Seegrusl DINGMAN MOTORS also Wall Gruffns This bank is a member of 'lhe F D I C gives 'rop car service Dale Benda checlcs his alhlehc Insurance policy ln MILTONS DRUG STORE Doro+hy Muller shows wufh Jaclr BrlHam af The BRITTAIN INSURANCE Joyce Howard a sef of Doro'l'hy Perluns dushng AGENCY Any+hmg can be insured here powder and cologne A wade varue+y of cosmehcs can be found a+ MuI+on s l Loyd Soferln explains fhls cnrculahon fo Beverly If Ya Amf Eafen af ROMINES Ya Jus+ Am? Banjoff a+ fhe KANSAS-NEBRASKA NATURAL Ea+en" is +heir mo'Ho. Doris Six+a. Eddie Van Dusen GAS CO.. lNC. Economical buys in gas appliances and MVS- Kellv are lO0lIlf19 al' l'l'1e 'lempflng menu are found here. For dependable cleamng Gary Hashman 'lakes hls Marilyn Schnell IS lalung lnslruchons from Mr overcoal +o ihe MODERN CLEANERS Mrs Emuly Woods on +he new Neccl sewmg machine Hlrsch checlrs m lhe clolhung WOODS SEWING MACHINE SHOP carries sew mg supplies ancl machune aHachmen+s Wall' Jones explauns 'ro Chrlshna Rusk how one Norman Underwood shows Dlok Wills a new s Ie may OIDIBIH 6 IOBI1 ALLIANCE BUILDING AND shoe for 55 Youll like Roblee and Pedwln shoes LOAN ASSOCIATION handles all Iuncls of ln af SULLIVANSSHOE STORE surance a l Wayne Walker loolrs over fhls new 55 Bel aur DAVIS PAINT STORE has a large selechon of Chevrolef a+ BORROR CHEVROLET Borrors have wallpaper and pamfs Pele Davus explains lhe 'lex amodern garage for car servnce 'lure of Kenhde floormg and wall 'rule lo Norma Schwaclerer X. X Q I r Q 3 v X: . , f '0 ,f e l M of fr V wx ' ue ...La ' ' 'GV K fr s: Q-. . xl.-429' I ' 9' ' ' ds. , X 'I Par Trew and Cluff Gregory are 'lalkmg over Bull Aspden smacks hus Iups a'I' fhe lulcy menu whale car Insurance un +he T C GREGORY INSURANCE Mrs E+heI Crocker lakes Clauclua Knags order CO Insurance alone us +henr business ALLIANCE HOTEL CAFE IS one of fhe fmer ear mg places In Alliance Luke 'farher luke son Lew Wollasion shows Chuck some hacks fo 'Ihe +rade In WOLLASTON RADIO AND TELEVISION SHOP Vlrglnla Brownlow shows Mary Lamg how she does sream pressmg ALLIANCE CLEANERS offer 'lhe famous Sra Nu cleanmg process +o everyone Ronme Bauer looks C'-'Ve' 3 large ver-efy of N095 Marvm Toedfls ns wafchmg +he off ser press un as Herschel Scoggm polnrs our 'Ihelr quallhes BEDIENT LITHO Bedlenls prlnl' all sor'I's of mvl SCOGGIN JEWELERS also have all kmds of cos fahons ei-C fume lewelry Sfandmg an fron? of MORRILL MOTEL are Mason ln STICKNEYS you can fund everylhlng In au'l'o Merrill and Belva Berry Belva as learmng +he oper supplnes Here Lynwood Sfolen exammes a Musrang afmg dpffrculhes gf +56 mofel engme whsle Bull Freeman explauns l+s advanfages fflfca, ci K J ,zjk-if 4' L Y 4 Margaref Colerucl: and Lloyd Andrews are irymg The Hamllfon washer and dryer sfarls a dlscussuon +o clecude on a car wax wn+h +he help of Jesse befween Sam Kline and Darlene Forsberg ai fhe Sancher of POLLOCK TEXACO NEBRASKA HYDRO GAS Jo 50+ M3 DJ" 9-fvV'vwg+'Xff' Wave bl: UNNQLSM xf' xl- Wvl WL wyk wwfx' fx ,NV 1L....e we vi .N gf K X W rwbivdxvd J il Glenda Regesier hsfens as Shorly Schommer fell: fhe advanfages of Havolune Moior oll ai' SCHOM MER TEXACO SERVICE N Lyle Sfephans shows Mary Louise Wessel 'lhis bar- Franlr Pirnie and Richard Nunes discuss 'Ihe circu- gain in fhe TENTH STREET GROCERY. The "liHle lars adveriising fhe new Willys ieep af PIRNIE sfore" also has all lrinds of school supplies. BROTHERS lMPl.EMENT COMPANY- Harlow Hiner and Don Briggs discuss ihis Blacl: and Decker drill. ALLIANCE HARDWARE is your headquarlers for all home appliances. wafches fhe process. Al Koch pu+s boflles inio a bofilewasher SEVEN-UP BOTTUNG COMPAKTTE, Donn? 5 1 x I 9 , '5 ci"2f"f::i V' -,A Q 5 354.5 .. 'P' 'wir' .5 3 E X fy, mf-5 .qcfijgxi 'l f 'J '. ,UAS . .ff Richard Nunes sells Dave Wallrer an ad +o 'Phe U l955 Bulldog. Mr. Wallrer is fhe owner of 'Phe WALKER FUNERAL HOME. i lj 1 an 5 l 'LQ 1' .' J C' .ff1' . ui' Q, Z 1 .. 4 .5 1 2' Ii .J 'K E i, v' 33 9 . 4-1 F ,'. lk. K , lyU,fb aff 'X J f' 'Y Cl ' if c f i' I Q-S ifyu XL5QAUuNLQLwJLUnQ5 Aim? MLCUXJ Wx 1fNfl.MNf,xfQd QJXWNCQLCUWJCBMLQGJU Qlfujfcjd 1 vmuuimwfwugkgwu 'V LLL if LUUUJ, QQQUQLC ww fX5bCM5Qmf1dbQQMgyfULJ Q1 fwmwbauldvlmwmifvmfwl LX X K! 'yu ff?- ff mei 9 FU' V -x. 0 N47 X Y NN '3- NJ0 D 19 NJUQJ P '+ Q MYUXN L Jmwjsuigyw Vofifyf Q- W My A I JUN Jbsq X 'f 4f f K2 Lf f6C,' ff 1,6 IH, fl, 20,6661 I, 1 Qytv 12 ty 41 7 I L K 4, f,l,'7K If K2 . X P w Q, " af' 4,1 ' ,- V .ru "'?"f X7 ,' 5 rK', K -Z ff I f ' 1 f, 1 A C, Age' 5 "ff" 4 . , if f fu, ,fi c fy Lf' ' H' Q. f f - . t VZWQQE L '41 . Q I U , 6 I -v'?7'k ki N li, rf! c ' I ZNQN IJ Y Abrl P 7 . N 4 Q . FJ N3 N 1 , x EXW Q :Q K M -,f -' ,A , I If Us A-. s X x " Af ' ' E Us Q6 2 x 'A . " ' h A, ' I . 6 D Z 0 S X N M-- ,W U JCL 2249 3 I V lk' f 'XMI'-f-X N. X Q ! X " ' '1 f x sy : 5 0 P QA P f fu: ' -fro fs w e P XX XM N , -1 .X X ' Q P Q r 4 D D Q 0 ' J 'V K' nj K X K N , N - 5 X F 0 7- k Z: N X I .-- - ' N www V QLxJwfUJNfJJ.gQUJfILU 1 V 'Q x 5 0 .L O. ,L X A' A C 5 5 .2 c v- ' ' I-q V ! ' ' - f x Z. ' Q '- 3 G , 4 n N5- -, X K S is 0 N P 3 , l ' X N X E X I 'J XX ' r x- 0 U' 9 0 'X V t Y R Ch X. 5 2 .315-1 xr -I , i 0 v rx . , H v , 4' :f.v"fy',f if YR ff I .jig ?!!j!'f4,!Z,f,7! I X V V71 Y ,V , . - f , ' f - - Lf , , w, .1 O' 'V' 'f34 ,.j i' X q. Q x s I 3 I . T7 , " ' n '! 2,11-X ,. I - bl S 4 , J' ' ' 'P 2 :Rf l, ' f I ' , f Q, . f' f . ,Tr f,l7 ,'L'j, 2 ,jyylj f, y f, . p W W " f ' 7 0 f 414,11 nf, ' 7 7.11 1- ' ' f' , 2 Nj ff WNXMQN xii 4 I 6 0' M 5 X C9 X fO zsxe 'ii Yifxeo fcyg, X NL N dm ffhff 441631 4 VK ffffffff if +C' L Kr 5 ff? fc fa! X ffxf x ff 6 'dx 7 af fm? f'C,f2fL,?4 ff 7!Jf Qi 5 3 35 33360 3 U W, I -- L U Q f 335 3 x ? - X 5 X ,, ,,,,, Q NX X1 0 Q..X!NQ.Q X C: ON . 5 L , . .- X, E sim 'OWQQ ' , '1 'W fig ubxksx Qxsbxmmxx QQ,wDQ,wX2v6 wx. jX X XX My . XX 4 X uf Q ' X XQ ,, WRX wxfbx Xlfxe. Xa -ai, x X Qyx 'fi K Q - XX Xf 1' , .2 Z", Q X- . 1 if ' if 1 CxXX uxhkafs Q . 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XX yt ax , X --N 1 X5 . ,K f X AX fx I XIX' X X '.XX:xX 'iii' . j X X Q XXX' xt. S we 03 3 'Q X .x ,CX Q R ' . X P1 dx ,5 .x X X, . fx ax K ' Q56 x V . v-.Nqr-v. -vn,,,,,n? f-E-,fs -any A .,,, fp 'W 2 'S ,Q WW- 'M"""f., g"'f' ' " ' ' j ,, ' ' r' fg:. Q.M,.:A ..:.-'f Q ..,.,. , U I K . -. A A 1 - 4. , ,-.: - I I ,

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Alliance High School - Bulldog Yearbook (Alliance, NE) online yearbook collection, 1957 Edition, Page 1


Alliance High School - Bulldog Yearbook (Alliance, NE) online yearbook collection, 1958 Edition, Page 1


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