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1 . x 5, A X X , ,Ag 31 . L . fi .. - L LL 5 , , ' A AAA .fs X ,L L ' fs 'V L . f L ,im Ha ,ff"f 9 M, Z-v L1 L "..QiAL R L N""""""""-4- - ' ' 'L 'N' L ...1- -- . LM- ., l954 , L ALLIANCE HIGH SCHOOL ALLIANCE, NEBRASKA We wish io express, by fhis small gesfure, our appreciaiion fo you 'For your uniiring efforis in behalf of a+hle+ics and physical educaiion. For insfilling in us 'ihe ideals of sporisman- ship and fair play, we are indeed gra+eful. So fo you, Zilc, who have given yourself in service fo youth, we dedica+e ihe i954 Bulldog. Allen Zikmund We will fondly freasureurnemories of you -your genial personaliiy. your friend ly humor, and your understanding ways. 42 EDITORS MESSAGE Our school as we know lt today IS bullt upon a COII1lJ1lldtlOIl of ldeals These ldeals captam the shlps of our llves They gulde us ftom chlldhood lnto the adult ss o1ld and are OIIIHIPICSCIH The shlps of lxfe as they are leferred to ln our annual are c1t17ensh1p frlend shlp spoltsmanshlp showmanshlp and salesmanshlp These are tenets ln our evelyday llves W1lll0llt them our shlp of llfe would be wlthout a luddex The staff hopes that you wlll enjoy thls annual now and cherx-sh It 111 latel 1 e JUDY CASTLE KEITH KEMPER Co Edztors Contents Presen ta ll on D8CllCllllOll Table of Contents Lflztors Message School Board F acu l ty Leadershzp Aclmlnlstratlon Frzendshzp Classes and Classrooms Sch olarshzp Clubs and Actwltles Fellowshzp Sports Sportsmanshzp Music Showmanshzp AClL8l'fl9l1lg Salesmanshzp ship, leadership, scholarshipx fellow- Cifizenship 1'f. I 5 School Board REX E. MYERS President 2 Y.. I . ,Mcgr- , , Left to right: Rex Myers, Kirt Smith, A. W. Koester, W. A. Schindler, Varley Grantham, Albert Reddish, H. R. Dodd. Q, , -A .P Q if s - 25 wi 35,32 j i-,Q ,L+- f . . 3' 113 311 wiv 1 guy .111 ...L Superintendent and Principal '52 N3 Without friendship the world would indeed be a lonely place-so much so that few individuals could endure the coldness of their surroundings. There- fore, take time to be friendly and the rewards will be great. True friendship is a plant of slow growth and must undergo and withstand the shocks of adversity. Take care that your friendship is sin- cere. Be courteous to all, but intimate with fewg and let those few be well tried before you give them your confidence. Two very important elements of friendship are truth and tolerance. If you hold truth sacred, people will believe in youg and if you are tolerant of others, they will seek your confidence and friendship. Thus the happiness of mankind will be enhanced and friendship will reach its highest degree of perfection in society. ROY E. NELSON Principal , Q , 4 . 2. 1 QQ .1 X Q A good citizen is a good person! There are at least four qualities that mark him as a good citizen. CU He understands and appreciates the struggle that mankind has made to- ward liberty and justice. f2j He is proud of the American traditions and their effect upon human rela- tions. Q31 A good citizen thinks clearly as he makes decisions on local, national, and international problems. Q41 He must learn, during his youth, that cooperative action .is necessary for students, and for adults, to meet their common responsibili- ties for maintaining and safeguarding our precious democratic way of life. W. A. SCHINDLER Superintendent I M V U M I, E, V ,if Mas. VIVIAN ANDREWS MRS. VERA BAYERQZV MRS. HELEN BEERLINEW 1' ' E s 5 BS. A.B.. Nl.A. . . . Librarian 5 English, Journalism "fr English W ..- I . f s. V. Bayer, V. Andrews, A. Blinde, L. Burns. W. Borg, H. Beerline. MR. AL BLINDE MR. WARREN BORG MISS LILLIAN BURNS B.M., M.A. A.B. B.L., A.M. Vocal Music Geography, Coach Mathematics F Cl C ll, MRS. MARGARET COPPLE MR. ROBERT GROVES MRS. LORENE HALLBERG Off'ce Hcretary A.B. B.S. WZ 01 JS- , Sociology Typ eSing, - ' -jx fliirnl lm efmmnus1'aal ii KN ,., lxxx if 4' Jw xx 9 Xl C-'N E. Brown, L. Hallberg, R. Groves, V. Hoover, M. Copple. M. Hartwell. Qi. E f MISS MARY HARTWELL MISS VAE HOOVER MR. LUTHER HUTTON l' A.B. B.S., M.A. A.B., M.A. X. Latin, Mathematics Home Ec., General Science History, Coach F Cl C u l I Y MR. MARTIN JOHNSON MR. KIETH JORGENSEN MR. LESLIE LIVINGSTON A.B., B.S. B.A. B.S. General Science, Physics Math, Science History, Coach P L.H utton, G. Merdinger, M. Johnson, F. Maxted, K. Jorgensen, L. Livingston, R. McCleery. X, I 1 f MR. FRED MAXTED MR. ROBERT McCLEERY MRS. GENEVIEVE MERDINGER B.A. B.A., M.A. A.B. Art, Spanish Drivers' Training, Guidance English MR. MELVIN MOHLER MRS. ALICE NELSON MR. BYRON NELSON B.S. A.B. A.B., M.A. Vocational Agriculture Math, Girls' Physical Education Shop, Mechanical Drawing A. Nelson, M. Mohler, A. Peterson, J. Schiebel, P. Sell, B. Nelson, A. Zikmund. MRS. AUDREY PETERSON MISS JUANITA SCHIEBEL DR. PAUL SELL MR. ALLEN ZIKMUND A.B... B.S.. M.A. A.B., M.A. B.F.A., M.A., Ed. D. B.S., M.A. English, SPCCCh Typing, Shorthand Band, Orchestra Civics, Sociology ',a., ,,. Q k Y F' ,R ie- S if 5 . V, . R ' x -V Q -rw C. - VP v,:,-2, ff Q 2 ' 4. k . C Xl nag, I , "um, ,n ,f1'f'q ' .' 1, w ' . ' "' Zi - ,yy,1,: .f gk . I W,,,,.'5, N L F NK 1 V' U O D C' eq 1 -S.. 1 . . ...nv I I, If ..,.- I.G..,7Qf' 'HN' 4 ' am-.,, MQ 1 ' -4x'gf"vi, ,. ,.gx',T-.,f,,-- . . f I 'N ,N 4 K 1: ,. 0 , . .'. 'N yy, A .-J?,"'1'." ' .Url L xS""' W X .',:-',.",x . ,.-,gp 'kin-.'-ff ', ,, ' , u' :ff ,' ' V 'L' . .' .'."I "5 ' , .Q .A 62",-12 31' .Q ' -4 . N. A ,11 "Z if .. 'Q-ei -f'Q.'31-"9-f.f c't,Pk,"' ' - ' , f f 'I , .KQ ,.,,.:,z4,,g,,.,', 5,4 , - V, yy , . ', 'S'.1fH'-2-M ':f",, ,1-1, -2-..::..: -X-. ' 495. ' . , ,v,-5517.5 gig, ... A 6, . ,rio .. ,f ,f , .7 ... - 'Vg' . , 6.3 ', 'LA K-"7,,, 5-'-.-', .VII J-1' I ' .. - ' ' "5 2.1! ,-Tl'd""Z4?'f3f1i-,!,'6'f' 1-'Z - 4'iv,","m .' 1--f-7 . f ., - - , . s v , 1 5 . . - . . ,. v . ' , ,. vizjvlfg Aif.-'f -. Ave 1.614 I .'.. '- - , . . ,, q - . t . " .- 3- ,, ' .-. '- -, .33 ,-' ,'-5 . '.' - ,'. j' L' . ',w.L .N 2 ' 1-' . v :'.:- YSUE?.L-"'-ri-23.-ga93-,':?4-,gift-.5,,:"-.. - 1. X-f-,xf ' ---,QL fr' 151. . ' - .,, '--- - - .,,.- --, I , ,, . ..- lr.. gn r... I . ,. . , -gn, , . . tr 3., U - ' -1 , - gk ..f'ff. 1 .1,.'Y3 s . , ,l , 1 , . x - f up 5 . . .ff"N.'9, A- 2- sq ' 4-.":'N+' Y 1:1-: ff wg-.-'14 4: 2 1, ,,--:. nw... nf- A-:q5.r,,', 1-,Y-, 1 rw- -'Y-,nv . -. -,Q - , . , -x . , 14 A 4 , ,1 1-. .4-, ,, V x. '. 13 , in ':f.'Q-ence '30-"'f' ..:1x"?m-"x- 6 35 I-.ik Lg -- - I x ' ' ' -- A K - nj, f-1-ggi, . ,fl-,,r75'g"2 F ., ,K S' -.'-.Q-lv gf,-.-,355 . - ,f K 1, ,L W- J. .-.- .11 'r'.'+.- tf. A .up-, 9'5"": f'.-4", .r. : ,w -' '-A Brown Ackerman M. Alvarado C. Anderson P. , A A ' B. nv 'TMR 0. Allen 'Ji' A ll President .Vw . wi 4 - J- ' 1 vi mifivf A lllhk mf! f 7 e Q jf, -M A '-6 N., . ,.. V NJ B.. A-. , -- v. fi . 1... J -.fs psf. sf., .Q ovefff' mf. I A l 4 A , ,r 6-9, .3 WH' . as -0 ,-3 Q Q J .ca I2 A 4 14 J. Appleby J. Aspden P. Avey B. Bauer J. Becker R. Brice D. Cline J. Colerick J. Collins P. Culp D. Curry M. Daugherty S. Dunsmore D . Edwards R. Ehrlich J. Flores J. Gilis P. Ginn K. Hamilton S. Hansen L. Happold P. Hazard C. Hein R..Heitz E. Hill V. Hillyer M. Hoffman W. Iverson T. Jaqua K. Johnson Freshmen D. Ball L. Ball M. Bartels D. Briggs E. Brown H. Case F. Corbell K. Corey A. Craig C. Donovan M. DeFrance J. Dodd J. Essex B. Feagins W. Flemming D. Gray T. Green K. Gruhn L. Hawley M. Hardy M. Hashman T. Hempel S. Herman D. Hickman M. Hood D. Howell D. Hull F. Johnson G. Johnson N. Keder Freshmen B. Koester C. Kohler F. Krause R. Lotspeich F. Marcy S. Matz D. Miller L. Miller S. Mitchell S. Mote M. Nikont R. Neilson C. Pirnie J. Pratt F. Prelle J. Roberg J. Robertson C. Roethler D. Sell J. Serl L. Shay B. Stackhouse T. Stearns D. Stull K. Thompson C. Tooley S. Underwood J. Weldin W. Wikstrom M. Williams E. Parker B. Keller 1' M. Keller "U ' S. Kirkpatrick " P. Knapp A Y .Q A A IN " Secretary-Treasurer s D. LaClair ' G. Libsack A .- 2' D. Loomis Y Qi Vi ' 3' J . 1 . H .4 - " S. McDonald R K. Mcrau , -J "' J. McLaughlin lf- fi 35 Q. -- - A A R' S. Moomey Q R. Moreno A N A R. Moscrip l ff 5' . g f A , M. Perez Q J. Peterson '- A .- D. Piihl Aki 35' "f" 4.4 A ., x F D. Pyle ' L. Rasser , , , " ' K. Rhodes ,gi A 54, 1. . . 'H S . ,' V. Sallee . J. Schnell 8 C ' " Q J. Schnell Q "' + - L Y J. Sisley . MM L K. Sorensen ' ' A' " ' W. Soth -'if of. R. Stratton ' C. Sundermeie I' ska -- Q ' -Q .'.o' ' .4 W. Thomas -A' cg N , 1 -v fit' fax J . 'V X i D. Vllalker K F E I. Walker ' 9 , 'Q' R. Weckwerth X -71 "" Q M. Wilson ,. L. Wood "5 K. Wurzel K f,. -' ' ' " f ' ' -av N, Y . ft' 5.3, , Q -4 ' '- . e . .-i.,,i-I I4 "Q were as The beginning algebra students are preparing themselves for a future X with figures. Being tied to these apron strings would be a pleasure as Barbara Keller, Doris Walker, Mary Hardy, Phyllis Ginn, and Mardel Nikont demonstrate their skills in homemaking. ENGLISH Vtuo,,, MATH sis,tss,.o LANGUAGE SCIENCE gi: , E 0 Freshman Subjects . ,,,,,, English Algebra General math Latin Spanish General science 'Smooth and even" could be the motto of Freeman Marcy and Wayne Wickstrom in their industrial arts class as they learn skills in carpentry. t N I 'x X Classrooms Offered SOCIAL STUDIES .ss.s OTHERS ss.,,ss,......, ,. ,, World geography Homemaking Industrial arts Vocational agriculture Chorus Band Orchestra Physical education W N .xg V spy L sez, f '6Quien Sabe?" "Who 0 knows ?" Jerry Roberg, Rosie Ramos. and Shir- Handymen on the farm will David Thom- as and Tom Stearns be. ley Marsh prove what they know in Spanish. World geography and visual aid go hand-in-hand in proving that seeing is believing. Here Mr. Borg gives Sharyl Dunsmore, Pat Avey, and ,lack Essex pointers in oper- ating the projector. Preszdent Vzce President C5 Sophomores D Applegarth J Applegarth M Averlll J Ball J Barger Barrett 2 431361 Becker Berg Bock Calhoun Case Case Boness Borror Burton ChlCk .J Clark Q Q. pf? 2' As-Ari 0. N'6'g D A A fbi U ' i.. W - 1 WI "1 f T , - . X .f H Q 'rl 6 .mf .M rs -x .o , up .,. ,,, K 1 5 , 1,'c f ...- f ' ,F 1 I - W , . N. S. Lineback Cooper Cooper ox Curry Davls Dennon M Evans J Fagler J Falfar M. Hanna J. Hansen B. Henderson K. Herian B. Hesse G. Hofman J. Hunter D. Ives G. Jensen W. Kemper B. Kicken C. Kicken S. Lammon M. Lance B. Laursen H. Loch D. Lore a .5 N , il' ,... I6 J, Long M. Lore , . .h V .Q vw ,T". Cody ox Cralg Curry Duskm James J Edgar J Farrington N Fosket J Hall . Henderson Henderson . Herian . -Holtus Howard Hulshizer . Johnson Johnson . Johnson M. Kingry D. S. Knapp Koozer A. Laurence L. Lee S. Lewis . I2 ix? A Q: vu I 3-3 . , 3 B. Brost 1 ' 2 , C' sg. .J - Liv! K V tv' I JL' i '-I ' ' v-- ' L7 - I 1. I ML .K V , B. . .la M N' '. N rf f 1:-. elet f J ' ti? J . L D ff L J , gf, f "., EI Bf it Y A ., T A - A , wv ' B. B. ' F W I ,, ,tv Q tr: W' A P. R. . A J-as - ,ffe Y , ... 5- - ' "' ' 'L' S. G. ,, . P- 4' 'ff LQ ii: E' C - X " -Af P. C B. H P. M. ' . .ff . fe H j' .2 M f L. ' D. at 2 If J -'2 " L 20 R. . ' A ". 2 - . .. yt in 'A' 'J'r 5, Sq? . 5 ' ' L, ' . 1 1, bl rt B - Q - P, V 1 1 NW H I l A SI V 've W " " l Q R Q, " " M' B X Q if A 4 N , n C A ' :Q " 4- ,: 5- K: " K , -1 V - L l J 1 Al. .L Sophomores .l Mabm Mackey J MacNe1ll Marvln McCarthy McCawley Melll Mlller M1ller I Muske Nason Nay Osborne Padgett Panwltz Ramos Reld Rltthaler Roth Roth Rusk Schwaderer J Schwaderer J Shankland J Stark M Steggs K Stenberg 2 sf? 555 m 5' "'o 5 NZD Tollman Vallentlne Verglth J Maloney D Markoff S Marsh D McCawley J McDonald S MCF all J Morrls C Munger B Muske D Nepper I Nlelsen Noreen Pollard Purmgton Rader Roblnson Roethler ,I Rohde Saylor Schmdler Schnell Shay Smlth Stark Stllley St Onge Stubbs Thomas Thompson Todd Weckwerth Wessel Wllls P Donovan W Weston Treasurer Secretary 4. W'-.1 Q 1 Nwfil Z '7 A GHG W QB3f J Wmton 0 Wlsmlller S Worley C Woods S Worthley I7 rrfi I YQ 1 Q Y Q Z 'rx lj. V ', A ..,. 1 ", K '44 , T-3: .. t . 1 .ni W lm - D. . " "5' ' X' ' IN- Q A W u D. ' . ' A ,P W - B. ' . -'u s ' ,f - 'N m D. ' . H ef fq M" -f A N 53 . . :iii -.u N. R. . 7 X Jw ' ff Q1 -'C 4 l 'a , T J 2 if I ' E. D. W E. M. ' '2 T- " ' V f- ' K. ' G. gg. A 35 fi It 5 " .ad a .aa lv An. R. H K. ' 3-1' H ,Q ET. ' 7 f T asgq RT'-Tr Q ' A gt VN: V' l X D .4 A af D. S, N: ' R, ' 1, L. .1 'Fw -v -at :: - . G. L. ff. ' 13,3 " '7 L: - f,", b 11 D ff I . D. C. - I 3' " 6 ' 'J' ' 'wh ' 'Q ' . ' F. has fe sa 'f L - 4 ,Lt N", AJ- '4- ', . .fl 'Tv' ,V .I . W- ls ' V N" . 'Qs-1 x s. V N. ' H C. L. . T C, Q 6 ,..- li' . G. 6 vi: :fi ' 'Y JT' wg, ' x . C. f . . ft . u . g vw- ':: by E j ff h . N' xl Q Y- 1 . . . f fr. . J , 1 'Q I , , Ln A I if' We got rythym . . . and rhyme: two added features of Dean Ap- plegarth and Kenneth as they study illus- trated poetry, Around the world in two semesters but pausing to notice the facts pointed out by ,Iohn Stark and Ruby Chick in world geography. I8 Sophomore Subjects ENGLISH ,oc.l, E nglish .Iournalism LANGEAGE oooo,,,o, M o..,,..,ee.e,, Latin Spanish SOCIAL STUDIES . ,. ,S World history Economics SCIENCE ,,,,, , ,,,,,,, Biology S. '- Information needed? "What classes should I take?" "Where should I go to college?', Fol- low the example of Ilene Porter and con- sult Mr. McCleery, the Guidance Director. J 4. v L ?""m, ' 'Ja' M.. lig- ll I if Classrooms Offered MATH 7 ,,, OTHERS s , Geometry , Y Driver education Homemaking Vocational agriculture Chorus Band Orchestra Covering their Hbeatsi' aren't the only duties of reporters. Reading galley is carefully done by Wade Kemper and Dixie Mackey. Ar i Snakes in the grass? l Snakes in the hands seems more appropri- ate in this biology class with Mary Lou Evans. Janice Long. and Sally Saylor providing the hands. l I One plus one equals two. Simple! But not so in geometry where one of Nlorris Lance's lines plus an- other line is far from equaling two lines. I9 ff' fi. ,V 15 'f'v 1 X L Y 4? 3 if gl sv. , vt, 'Q ,f .4, , funim Class Officers b , . f'H'NlIlr'Hf XX XY NPI XX XIKIEK fzlv l'fI'YlllPVlI Nl XHl.l'QNIf lJHlTl,HI.l'1N hwrelarx N XNIJK X ,IUHNSUN 7vI'f'!I.xIIf4'f XIINN ll XXI'I'X NQHIHSH. Slmflwf XIH KHIiPQli'I' Xl. l,l.l'1FRX 3' ,Slmfzwr hui5i"?'fh ., ,xr 'Q as 'VSA A. , X iii sl l hx thi x"Sq4w, .lf-v' 9 Af 5-, x , 'ififf5f' 1i'., Y ' an-. - :-mf' - -.-gg M351 5 415 ,4-I ,ff S .-,Xp 'cf-7 L .J B x ,, . r lrene Allen Sharon .'xIllill9TI'X Loyd fkmlrews Sandra :Xnclrivk Bill Aspden Foltz Bar-km llll 1 llonald Bauer Byron Becker Dorothy Behni Belxa Berry Sandie Boyd Donald Briggs Sandie Brockway Eleanor Brown Bonnie Burnham Bill Coleman 'V 1331 uf fl, in if is '9- ffm, i i a rl Margaret Coleriek -2-F' Margaret Cook Edward Curry ' 4? Carol Dahl Marlene lleitchler Lois llic'kenSon Kay DuBois Betty lluskin 4? 3.3 if , ia. ,17- L J u more Dick Erixson jim Essex Dan Farrington Karen Frederivk , ff' N is. 4 Earl Galusha Helen Garrett Elnor Ginn Roger Gonzales Donald Gruhn Harry Guheen Gary Hashman Shirley Hines 1 Joyce Howard Darlene Hulett Kenneth Johnson Mary Jane Johnson Sandie Johnson Donna Keder Ronald Kincaid Sam Kline I. Kloefkorn Claudia Knag Donna LaClair Mary Laing , ,Ji '-Yi in 'C' ,Q gn E+ 5... Beverly Morehead Jerry Moritz Gene Morton William Moscrip Richard Nunes Lee Osborne Larry Overton Ardis Peterson Leif Peterson Christine Pont Jack Rader Glenda Regester Q. . vue I 1 A v . 5: x f -.eye , X K x Juniors Leo Lauer Kenny Laursen Stephen Lawrence lohn Lewis Lynda Lotspeich Rosemary Lulow Georgia Lurvey Sharon McCarthy Mary Lou McFall Sherry McMahon Jurene Meter Robert Miller 1 QR' to' l r .p x 4 aff J a fi r 4 , I ,aw Q Gb H Juniors Norma Reid John Reitz Joan Riggs Bill Roberts Marilyn Schnell Violet Schnell Don Schwaderer Norma Schwaderer 6' V... Carmen Seegrist Richard Seegrist Hastings Shelton Charles Shimp X., r an ff' Nas 5? .33 pl' w . Doris Sixta Butch Stewart Lynwood Stolen Dwaine Sutton Kenny Taylor Don Toedtli Marvin Toedtli Carole Tolancl Pat Trew Norman fnderwoocl Edwin Van Dusen Jimmy Vergith J 5 ev One of the highlights of the junior year is the purchas- ing of the class rings. How- ever, some are not kept very long as shown here by Chuck Wollaston and Sandie Boyd. Juniors Joyce Waldron W'ayne Vyalker Cay Watkins Mary Louise Wessel Virginia Wikstroni Bob Wilkins Charles Wollaston Bill Worthley 4 a The "gift of gab" is be- ing illustrated in junior speech class by Lloyd Andrews. ENGLISH C G MATH ,, G LANGUAGE S S SCIENCE ss,, ss,s SOCIAL STUDIES Speed demon. Sandie Johnson, keeps up with the dictation by Marlene Dietchler in preparing for a future business career. The Junior Subjects ssss English Journalism Junior speech ,, , Algebra ,, 7 Spanish L 7 7 , Physics ,, Y I American history Economic geography Bookworms find satis- faction in the books in the school library. Classrooms Offered BUSINESS ,,.,s,7 OTHERS .....,, Curiosity killed the cat, but it won't harm Stuart Schmidt, Bud Pollard, Earl Galusha, Ardith Peterson, and Mary Jo Andrews when they try to learn the functioning of a moving picture ma- 'chine. 'Oar Typing Shorthand Driver education Industrial arts Vocational agriculture Art Choir Band Orchestra Physical education Zi ' els.. . .1 ,atv V--, A gy... 4.-I Q ,gw, x i cf 2 I? A Future congressional candidate, Norman Un- derwood, points out some of the basic facts he has learned about J his government in American history. 'v Figures are fun, even during one of Miss Burns' advanced algebra iff ri 1 C . Q ' . l 1' 4 f-wl1CH ' Senwr Class Officers Wil! NIHKKIS l'rPs1'rlefzt XIIKI-Q Xlf I,lXl.I'lN fzf 1' l'fI'.Nl-1lf'Hf IJXNNX SIXIINON S!V'f1'fflfn VI' KN Nl XKTIN 7'ff'll.5llff'f MRS, CFNPIYIEYF XlI'fHlJIYfLPfR Sponwr XTR. I.I-IFLIEI.lYIN1,NTHN Sjmn wr 'xx BOB ADAM Hi-Y: FFA. GLENN ANDERSEN Hi-X Vive President. President: Club Suplimnurv- Clas- Prefident: Student Cuuiwil: Student Manager: Cuunty time-riiiiiz-nt: Typing Award: National Honnr Society: Hi-Y Youth and t,mI-rnim-nt. GLENDA :XNDREASEN Y-Teens: Pep Club: Clee Club: Oper- ella. iVlARY JO ANDREWS Y-Teens Hiftorian. Social ClIairman. Wnrahip Chairman: Band: Orchestra: Pep Band. Band Sergeant: National Hunor Fuciety. JERRY ARMSTRONG HivY Vice President. Program Chair- man: "A" Club: ,lunior Hi-Y King Attendant: Audio Visual Award: Track. NIARLENE ATKINS Y-Teens: Pep Club: CAA. 2 Seniors . we K - il 1:9 Q , f, VIRGINIA AVERILL Pep Club: Y-Teens: Choir. DAVID BAKER Hi-Y: Boys' Clee Club. Choir. BILL BARGER icience Club: Hi-Y, BOB BAROER Hi-Y. LEONARD BARRETT Hi-X: Band Sergeant: Pep Band: Band: Orchestra: Boys' Glee: Madri- gal: Nlixed Octet: Operettal All State Nlueic- Clinic: Football: Track. LOWELL BARTELS Hi-Y: Scif-nee Club: Juniur Class Play. el 0 fi! MARLENE COLERICK Y-Teens: Pep Club: Choir. PATRICIA COOPER MARY LOU CORNETTE Y-Teens: Pep Club: Drama Club: Junior Class Play: Choir: Madrigal: Girls' C-lee Club: Operetta: Drama Award: Choir Award: Madrigal A- ward: Shorthand Award: Annual Staff. PAT CoREY Y-Teens: Pep Club: Latin Club Pres- ident. BILL DAHL Hi-Y: Science Club: "A" Clubg Op. eretta Madrigal: Boys' Quartette: Boys' Glee: State Choir Clinic: Choir Award: Hi-Y Youth and Government: Football: Basketball: Track. JOE FINKEY 30 Ontario. Oregon. Science Club. We Seniors Remember ToM BEAGLE Hi-Y: ull" Squad Basketball. ELAINE BECKER Pep Club: Y-Teens: FTA: Cvlee Club. JUDY CASTLE Y-Teens: Pep Club: FTA Viee Pres- ident: Annual Staff: Choir: ,lunior Class Play: County Government: Type ing Award: Cirls' Stateg National Hollor S0i'ieIy. EDDIE BROST Hi-Y: FFA Vice President, Secretary: Football: Track. KATHLEEN CODY St. Agnes Academy: Pep Club: Dra- ma Club: Y-Teens: Junior Class Play: Operettag Clee Clubg Musin- Award: Drama Award. TERESA CODY St. Agnes Academy: Y-Teens: Pep Club Presidentg FTA: ,Iunior Class Play: Girls' Triple Trio: County Covermnent. sa-3' Ol! if -Aa-"' ,M , 2 SHIRLEY FROST Y-Teens: Pep Club. RICIIARD CIES Hi-X: Choir: Football: Basketball: Track. DARLENE GILLESPIE Y-Teens: Pep Club: CAA: Clee Club. JIM GILMORE Hi-Y. EDDIE GONZALEZ Hi-Y: Football. JIM GRASSMAN Nlanhattan. Kansas. Hi -X. Our Days in AHS. 'T' SQ ig ig: ini ' 'bp -H, I W--' -'hw KAREN GROSSHANS Y-Teens: Pep Clubg Student Council: Freshman Class Presidentg Madrigal: Girls' Clee Clubg Choirg Music A- ward: Commercial Award. ROY HANS Hi-Y. IVIELVIN HARKINS Hi-Yg Science Club President: Cam- era Club Secretary: Hi-Y Youth and Covernmentg Science Award, MAX HARRIS Hi-Yg Junior Class Treasurer: ball: Basketball: Track. Font- RICHARD HART Hi-Yg Track. JACK HICKS Hi-Y: Football. 3l I RONNIE HILES Hi-Y: Basketball: Track. CHARLIE HITT Hi-Y: Science Club Secretary: Cam- era Club: FTA President: Madrigal: Choir, Choir Award: Hi-Y Youth and Cove-rnnme-nt. NEAL HOLTHUS Hi-Y: Science Club: County Govern- Hlenr. KENNETH JELINI-:K 'Q ,Q FFA: Hi-Y. Y 'v , . ANTOINE JENSEN v"' Hi-Y. gnu?" 5, ROGER JENSEN Hi-Y: "A" Club: Mixed Octet: Hoy! 1 G14-e Club: Choir: Opera-tta: Font- ' ' ball: lia!1kc'tball: Track. 1 , . V 1 J 'Lg BERNIE JOHNSON Hi-Y: Science Club: Basketball. KEITH KEMPER Hi-Y: Club: Science Club: Cam- era Club: Annual Staff: Choir. Choir Award: Football: Basketball: Track: Hi-Y Youth and Government. JANIS KLINE Pep Club X.-Teens: CAA. GAA ,-X' ward. GARY KNAPP Hi-Y: FFA Secretary KATHY KOESTER Y-Teena: Pep Club: FTA Secretary: Drama Club: Annual Staff: Clee- Club: Triple- Trio: Cbuir Award. AIIKE KOSMICKI Hi-Y: Club gecrr-tary-Treasurer: Student Cuuncilz Frmtball: Baiketf ball: Travk. 32 We Relive I nitiation, if A l fl- wx- 5 5 xx "Q if T29 BETTY KRAFT Pep Club: Y-Teens: Clee Club. VICTOR KRAUSE Hial: FFA: Camera Club: Srienu Club. DALE LAWRENCE Hi-Y. BARBARA LEWIS Y-Teens: FTA: GAA. GEORGE LIAKOS Hi-Y: Pep Club: Choir: Clee Football : Basketball. Club PIAIYLLIS LONG Pep Club: Y-Teens: FTA: Glee Club Science Club: ,lunior Class Vice Pres ident. 5... .K Rallies and Games E? F1 i 'an-ll 5 I Og JO ANN MARKOFF Y-Teens: Pep Club Treasurer: Choir: Operettag Girls' Glee: Boys' and Girls' County: Cheerleader. NORMA MARSH Y-Teens Secretary: Pep Club: Choir. STAN MARTIN Hi-Y Treasurer: HA" Club: Treasur- er Of Senior Class: Choir: Football: Basketball: Tiack. LOIS NIATHEWS Y-Teens: Pep Club: Latin Club Treasurer: GAA: Music A-ward. BLAINE MCCLARY Hi-X Secretary: Camera Club: Band Captain: Junior Class Play: Band: Choir: Orchestra: Madrigal: Boys' Clem Buys' Quartette: All State: State Music Clinic. ELAINE MCDONALD Quill and Scroll: Y-Teens: Pep Club: Annual Staff: Spud Staff. 33 ix 'F nm - lv? ff X , . .. 1. tX 1 ' X wir W ,Y -Q3-ur' A . MIKE MCGINLEY St. Joseph Military Academy. Hays. Kansas, Hi-Y, HA" Club, Vice Presi- dent, Senior Class Vice President: Football, Track, County Government, Farmer. JIM MCMANN Hi-Y President, Secretary, HA" Club, President, Science Club, Student Council, Choir, Football, Basketball? Track, County Government: Boys State. GARY MILLS Hi-Y. RONALD METER Bayard, Nebraska, Hi-Y, FFA. MARJORIE MISCHNICK Y-Teen Publicity Chairman, Vice President, President, Pep Club, .lun- ior Class Secretary-Treasurer, Glee Club, Choir, Music Award, Girls' Triple Trio, DAR Essay Award. DICK MOSCRIP Hi-Y, FFA. Hayrides, Overall and Apron Day BOB MORRIS Hi-Y, "A" Club, Senior Class Presi- dent, Student Council President, Sophomore Class Vice President, Choir, Junior Hi-Y King, County Government, Football, Basketball, Track, Football Co-captain. M. J. MORRISON Hi-Y Secretary, Basketball, Track: Choir. JO ANN OVERSTREET Y-Teens, Pep Club, Drama Club: Quill and Scroll, Annual Staff, Jun- ior Class Play, Band, Glee Club, Choir, Pep Band, Band Award. NANCY OWENS Y-TCHIS: Pep Club: Orchestra, Girls' Glee. LUELLA PANWITZ Y-Teens Music Chairman, Pep Club, FTA, Band Lieutenant, Choir, Or- chestra, State Music Clinic. MARGARET PETERSON Y-Teens, Pep Club, FTA Historian, Junior Class President, Student Coun- cil, Football Queen, County Govern- ment: National Honor Society. -5 f W LA -i Q BUD POLL.-XRD Platte Valley Academy: Hi-X: "A" Club: Science Club: Choir: Football: Basketball: Track: County Govern- ment. ILENE PORTER Y-Teens: Pep Club: Quill and Scroll: Annual Staff: Spud Staff: Girls' Clee: Choir: Shorthand and Typing Award. ALLEN POWERS Hi-Y: Band: Pep Band: Band A- ward: Pep Club Boyfriend Attendant. SHARLENE REED Y-Teens: Pep Club: Student Council: Choir: Operetta: County Government: ,lunior Hi-Y Sweetheart: Cheerleader. LEONARD REINDERS Hi-Y: FFA: Club: Football: Track. JEANETTE REITZ Y-Teens Ceremonial Chairman: Pep Club: Student Council Secretary: Choir: Clee Club: Nladrigal: Mixed Octet: Operetta: Music Award: Homecoming Queen Attendant: FFA Candidate for Nebraska Wheat Queen. sl! S puds and Annuals 'v-'7 CLINTON Rus Hi-Y: Science Club Treasurer: Foot- ball: Track. CHARLES ROETHLER Hi-Y: FFA: Track. MARY ANN RULAND Y-Teens: Pep Club: Drama Club: Junior Class Play: Clee Club: Farm- erette: County Government: Cheer- leader. STUART SCHMIDT Scottsbluff, Nebraska: Hi-Y: "A" Club: Mixed Octette: Choir: Spud Staff: Football: Track: Football Co- captain. RICHARD SHANKLAND Hi-Y: "A" Club: Science Club: Foot- ball: "B" Squad Basketball. JOHNNA SHAW New Freedom, Pennsylvania: Y- Teens: Pep Club. 35 36 . 'I ,"' ,W ' AA I W 1 KAY SIIELMADINE Y-'liwnsz Pep Club: Student Council: Opt-re-tta: Football Queen Attendant: ' .luninr lli-Y: Swv-f'tlIc-art .-XIII-IIclaIIt. DANNY SIMPSON , . . Hi-Y: "A" Club Sergeant-at-Arms: . lg---fa iq WN I Senior Class S1-vretary: Choir: Foot- ball: Basketball: Track: DAV Sports- manship Award. NQ--f . JUNE SLAYMAKER Y-Te-4-ns: Pep Club Vice President: Glu- Club: Orchestra: Madrigal: Choir. Choir Award: County Govern- ment. OTTO SMITH Hillsboro, Oregon: Hi-Y. JOE SMITH Hi-X: Junior Hi-Y Secretary: MA" 1 5" i Club Sergeant-at-Arlusg Choir: Pep xv Club Boy Friend: Football: Basket- ball: Travk. TOM SMITH Hi-Y: Science- Club: Camera Club: "B" Squad Basketball. Z National Assemblies, Dances GORDON SMITH Hemingford. Nebraska: Scif-new Club: Hi-Y. GORDON STARK 5' if Hi-Y: Choir: Boys' Gln-: Football: Basketball: Track. I W gf 1 'A 'hr 'Q DON STOLEN "' Hi-Y Chaplain: Camera Club: llrulua Club: Junior Class Play: Clw- Club: Q 4 .4 V Football: Drama Award. 1 BILL STKBBS . Hi-Y: SCH-nee Club Vice Pre-sidi-nt: K Junior Class Play: Nlixf-Il Urte-tg Chfiifl Hi-Y Youth and fltH4'I'l'lIllf'lll1 Travk. JACCI STI'I.I. Y"l1k'f'llS Program Chairman: PI-gi flluhz l"'l'p'K: Frr-sluuan Cla-N 'l'rv-usur- f-r: Nladrigal: flirls' Cie-vi Ftatf' 'Niu- sif' fillllllh JOAN S'I'I'ROI2ON V "f C .? Y-Tw-n Tre-asurr-r: Pep Club: Band: Ulm- Club: Nladrigal: Triple- Triog Choir: Orc-be-stra: P:-p Band: lland Award. 5 BOB SUNDERMEIER Hi-Y: Club: Madrigal: Glee Club: Choir: State Music Clinic: lloyf Quartette: Football. LEROY SWANSON Hi-Y. BEVERLY THOMAS Pep Club: Clee Club. DON THOMPSON Hi-Y: "A" Club: Pep Club Boyfriend Attendant 1 Football : Basketball: Track. JANET THOMPSON Y-Teens: Pep Club. SHARON TODD Y-Teens: Pep Club Secretary: Band: Girls' Glee: Choir Aecompanist: Mad- rigal: State Choir Clinic: Operetta: Cheerleader. C ounty Government -al' 'cl MARVIN UNDERWOOD Hi-Y: "A" Club: Student Council: Choir: Basketball: Track. CAROL VAN DUSEN Y-Teens Service Chairman: Pep Club: Student Council: Choir: Operetta: County Government : Cheerleader. DOROTHY WALKER Y-Teens: Pep Club: GAA Treasurer. Vice President: Shorthand Award. ROSALIE WELDIN Y-Teens: Pep Club: FTA: GAA. DIXIE WHITLOCK Y-Teens: Pep Club: Girls' Glee: Al- ternate to Girls' State: Spud Staff: Annual Staff. ROBERT WILDT Hi-Y Chaplain, Program Chairman: Junior Class Play: Madrigal: Boys' Quartette: Boys' Glee Club: State Music Clinic: Operetta: All State: Hi-Y Youth and Government: Na- tional Honor Society: Typing Awarcll Drama Award. 37 -CU' is., , Bob Wildt. Elaine McDon- alcl. Mary Lou Cornettf-, and Charlie Hitt say good-bye tO AHS. CARL WILKINS Curtis. Nebraskag Hi4Yg FFA Presi' dent. RICHARD WILLEY Hi-Yg FFA. MARGIE WILMOTT Y-Teensg Pep Clubg FTA Librariang Quill and Scrollg Glee Clubg Annual Staff: Spud Staff. MARGARET WOODS Y-Teens: Pep Club. JOHN WRIGHT Hi-YQ FTA Treasurerg Quill and Scrollg Band, Sergeant, Lic-utenantg Band Awardg Saxophone Quartetteg Pep Bandg Hi-Y Youth and Govern- mentg Annual Staffg Spud Staff. And Finally Graduation. 4 x ' N . - F"'?'T' Chosen as the theme of the 1953 junior' Senior Prom was 'ghinchanted Wood- land." Emerging from the entrance through a hollow tree surrounded by fairies and shruhhery is Bud Pollard and Phyllis Long. A group of eouples having a good time are pictured standing under the Ceiling of white lattice work entwined with as- sorted flowers. . t Prom - 5 1953 i ,. . R. A w X . , it xx. ,N-f'5.i' Sx., Nlary ,lane Xfelrlr and Nlaur- ive Jordan. Prom King and Queen. are shown standing with their attendants Frank Tolstedt and Beverly Ams- berry. 'V 1. 'Q f 4- ,nooonuqon ouvosoormn.. , aoooooocwua g '4The Typewriter Songi' is the theme song of ir ENGLISH MATII . V.. The Senior Subjects . English Journalism Senior speech . ,ei,e Trigonometry Solid geometry SCIENCE tt,tt, . Chemistry SOCIAL STUDIES eeeeeeee ,,7Y,,7 S ociology Civics this advanced typing class while they learn the forms of various business materials. "He that knows himself knows others." Otto Smith, Lois Mat- thews, Bob Morris, Judy Castle, and others are learning to know themselves and others in sociology. 40 Future "big wheel" office executives, ,lim lVlclVlann and Bob Morris listen as Mrs. Hallberg explains how to reconcile a bank ac- count. Y? Classrooms Offered BUSINESS S , OTHERS . "Fair is foul and foul is fairf, Modern witch- es like Bernie Johnson and Neal Holthus brew their experiments in this manner in the chemistry lab. Sf t .'3'5i fi 5 -1 Applied typing Secretarial practice Bookkeeping Shorthand transcription ,, ,, , Driver education Industrial arts Vocational agriculture Art Choir Band Orchestra Physical education l? iq I , art Slang is prohibited in this senior English class where Dixie Whit- lock diagrams a sen- tence. "Give me liberty or give me cleathi' is used again in todayis news as Rickard Gies tells his civics class about the repatriation of war prisoners. 4I Most Popular Senior Girl SHARLENE REED Most Popular Senior Boy GLENN ANDERSEN Activities 5335 "Three OK's for the coachesw will be the cry fol- lowing the appearance of the A.H.S. athletic lead- ers at one of the rallies. L is The Homecoming Royalty is preparing for the parade down Main Street opening the festivities 44 for the Kearney game. , Y E Congratulations are 1n order for Dan Simpson, senior Bulldog guard, shown here receiving the D.A.V. good sportsmanship award from Dean Buffington. f SEPTEMBER 11 Sidney, there 18 Torrington, here 25 Ogallala, there OCTOBER 2 North Platte, here 8 National Assembly 9 Curtis, here 14- Hi-Y Pre-Legislative meeting 16 McCook, there 23 Kearney, here, Home- coming 26 MA" Club lnitiation 30 Bassett, here. D.A.V. Award ,ig . . Patty Corey and Glenda Andrea- sen-give the crowd a smile from the first prize senior float in the Homecoming parade. ve' fl'-. ,. Q. h . N .J Half-time is rest-time for the A.H.S. cheerleaders and the opponent's pep squad, so they warm the bench and take in the Band's show. NOVEMBER 11 Scottsbluff. there f --F 19 National Assembly 27 Hi.Y Legislative 'tt' H Meeting in Lincoln . DECEMBER 4 Junior Class Play ll 5 Pep Club Formal 8 Bridgeport, here 12 Hot Springs. there """"' 15 Cering. here V 16 National Assembly 'z"i""-.CE 18 Choir and Band Christ- mas Program 19 Sophomore Class Party 21 "A" Club Initiation 22 Band and Choir Party '6Oh dear. l've got to go on a diet." is a frequent remark when Thelma Merritt, school nurse checks the health of each student. JANUARY 8 North Platte, there 9 Cozad, there 15 Rubinoff Concert 16 Frosh Class Party 19 Sidney, there 22 Scottsbluff, here 26 National Assembly 29 Curtis, here 30 Kearney, here xg-,X Vlnffc My The teenagers are on the rampage again in a scene from "The Form Divinef' Here Harry Cuheen, Norma Schwaderer, and Rose- mary Lulow are giving Sandy Boyd a sales talk as her classmates from "Beautiful You" look on. Here comes the Pep Club Boy Friend, .loe Smith, assisted through the presentation by Pep Club officers, Mary Laing and Carmen Seegrist, at the annual formal. 46 fn?- Hanging in the "Divine Anglei' is Sandy Boyd, one of the housewives in the Junior Class Play, "The Form Divine." She tries to beau- tify herself through a school known as "The Beautiful You." The school's representative, Lois Dickinson, is giving her a course in animated build-up in this scene. S4 if fe if if W 'uf 'ffvi 5+ ge ' sl H 1 ' 45 ' 1 If Q 3 , 'x 2 Q fs An honored guest at many A.H.S. activities this winter was a visiting teacher from Pakistan, Mrs. Ha- jera Zahiruddin. 41- FEBRUARY 5 Scottsbluff, there Alliance-Scottsbluff Choir 8 9 Clinic at Scottsbluff 12 McCook, here 13 Hi-Y Sweetheart Formal 16 Torrington, here 19 Ord, here 23 Ogallala, there 27 Big Ten Playoff, Hastings u ffl "Smile fellas, things will be better tomorrow!" T h e s e sad-looking "A" Club initiates, who 'wish it were tomorrow, include: First row: Rich Shankland, H a r r y Cuheen, Stuart Schmidt. Second row: John Lewis, Ken Taylor, Ken Laursen, Gene Morton, and Jerry Moritz. Celebrating in the Christmas spirit are these members of the band and choir at their annual party, which is held each year on the day before vacation begins. 47 -1.-.1 Activities Presenting the Hi-Y Sweetheart and King for 1954! They are Attendants, Jeanette Reitz and Kay Shelmadineg Sweetheart, Phyllis Lo micki and ngg King, Stan Martin, and Attendants, Mike Kos- Glenn Andersen. Now it is time for the Grand March! Leading the procession at the Hi-Y Formal are the Royalty and their dates. 48 A highlight of the half-time of each bas- ketball game is the performance of the Alliance baton twirlers. Putting on the show here with their flags are the drum majorettes, Sande Brockway and Mar- lene Deitchler. MARCH District Basketball Tournament Pep Club Semi Formal Basketball Tournament National Assembly Regents Examinations 3 . . 4- 5 6 '- 10 State 11 12 19 ' 22 ' ' Orchids are in order for Jeanette Reitz, who was elected candidate for the State Wheat Queen by members of F.F.A. in Alliance High School. APRIL 2 Scottsbluff Relays 8 District 9 Music 10 Contests 17 Western Nebraska Track Meet, Scottsbluff 23 Alliance Invitational Track Meet 30 Big Ten Track Meet, Kearney MAY 1 Junior-Senior Meeting 6 District 7 Track 8 Meet 14 State Track 15 Meet 23 Baccalaureate 25 Commencement "The pause that refreshes" is demonstrated here by servers at the Junior-Senior Prom. ,t Q Planning the closing Y-Teen activities for the year are the officers and the sponsors. 49 3 First row: Sharron McCarthy, Karen C-rosshans, Jerry Colerick, Jeannette Reitz, Vice President Bob Morris, Presidentg Mary Laing, Secretary-Treasure-rp Marvin Underwood, Jerri Becker Second row: Patsy Brown, Carl Panwitz, Bonnie Henderson, Robert Miller, Cary Libsack, Jack Rader. Louise Becker. Ernie Perez. NIR. NELSON Sponsor tudent Council STUDENT COUNCIL discusses student problems, helps develop better relations between the students and faculty and encourages cooperation in the school. INFORMATION Annual Staff Co-Editors , Class Editors Club Editor H ,, Classroom Editor , , Music Editors Sports Editors Faculty Editor . , , Activity Editor , , ,,,., ., Advertising Comm iltee Advisor Literary Advisor Buisness Manager I l , Judy Castle. Keith Kemper , , john Wright. Elaine McDonald Sandy Brockway. Jurene Meter , ,, , ,, , Sandra Andrick ,, H, , . ,, llene Porter . Mary Lou Cornette. Beverly Morehead ,, . . Vllayne Wlalker. Dan Farrington , Y,,,, ,, ,,,,, , Rosemary Lulow , ,, , . Dandy Boyc. H ,, ,,,,,,, , ,, H Margie Wilmott. ,lacci Stull Loyd Andrews. Bonnie Burnham. Sandie Johnson ,, ,, , , , Alice Nelson Vera Bayer R. lf. Nelson J. Future Teachers of Amerwa C? R in Flrt row left to rlght Nlargle Petcr un H1 Iorxan Nlar lf xirlllllflll Llbrarlan ,lohn Wrlght Trea urer Charles Hltt Pre ldent Judy Ca tle Vxce Ira ldrnt Kathy Koe ter Secretary Nlr Nlerdmger Spun or Second row Mr lHCCl6f'I'y Qpon or Betty Lauraf-n Dona We fl Larrw Overton Barhara LEWIS Dxxu Mackey Third row Ihyllr- blnn RoQalu Wcldm Joyce Hanaen Phylll Long Lola Panwltz Darla Puhl Barbara Keller umll and croll S7 1 Fir-t row lf-ft tn rxght Wargu Wlllllflll Juan Owritrevt john Wright Waxnr- Walker Elaine J Nl: llnnald Ellefn lurlfr Nerond nm Nlr- llaur Npnnnr Namln llmrl lie-wrlx Xlurfhead Bunmr Burnham Ca'- Watlun O .- Nl If :Ak Q . 1 'J , T r A Ai I 4 ' A 4 Q W .. 4 A, an f 4 +4 f' l ' 3 . U . - H' g ,A we 'A A 9 I 3 ' f , , f 'x ' ' ,ll f I X A - 'V K, ' f 13 -' .1 .1 an , H W . - V.,f -ati , , rp, y ,, ww- 9 fnfjg X ' 'I K 3 x' . l' ! f we . - , . S vy . I h . X S . .S . Q A g. E .. . . . Z . 7 s 5 ' , s' 5 ' s . ' ' fs' - 3 j S , Q 'g . S. . ' , .l s . .' : . ', e s g ' . , 1 ' ss' . j ' . ' , ' : ' '.: " . N " ' ,' . . . 'S . '. ' , Q . , i l 5 3 . I ' "TL: l J,4,- M! 6 O . 2 A '-.J YV . ' 's U ? , I e pr, : 1 M F ' - 1 Q I , , ' " l ' , -9 .A 1 . .5 3 J ,V f .' , . ,fl V V. . I 1 V- I AV. ' xv A -M4 , V 1 ., ' , ' . y , , Xi , PAT COREY President First row, left to right: Jane Barger, Eileen Walker. Jean Dodd, Carolyn Hein, Phyllis Howell, Kay Stenberg, Sharron Case. Second row: Marie Hashman, Reta Weckwerth, Nick Valentine, Don Mil- ler, Mary Ellen Williams, Evagene Brown. In Latin Club SHARRON CASE Vice President Latin Club consists of members of Latin classes. Each year Latin Club holds a Roman Banquet. It also initiates its new members by hav- ing them wear Roman dress. LX, Q -'-.. N4 DON MILLER MISS HARTWELL Secretary-Treasurer Sponsor 5 1 A fn V7 3 E5 Science Club ,-if v it 2, gjp hy' NIR. JOHNSON Sponsor 6, xg NIFININ IIAHKINS A President BILI, STKBBS Vice l'resiflent Firft rem: Earl Ualuflia. Cary Lilisavk. Dwain Sutton. plea Janie-v Collinx. jim Applt-by. Kefnny Thennpsnn, jane-1 7 Keeith Ke-mpvr. lluel Pullartl. Howarel Herian. Victor letffrsern. ,lf-rry lfevlerirrk. Kautlile-e-n Sure-nsem, lime-rly Krauae-. lfliarle-5 Hitt. Norman I,lUtlE'I'WUOtl. ' Vt-rgitli. Se-cond row: Fetltz llavkstreuni. Farrcn jemlinsevn. Donna Fiftll row: Mary lfllehn Williams. Bill Dahl. ,lehrri lleckefr. llurry. llill Wieirtlile-y. Bill Stululms. je-an Ileldtl. Tim St. Dennis Cray. Sanely Xlute-. He-le-n flaw. Rivliarel De'nnon. Onge-. Dottie- Mille-r, John Hall. Lynda Shay. Dun Knapp. 'l'l1irtl revw: Rlllll l.ntQpe'ie'l1. Viki Fallen-. lvrry Rflbvrg. Sixtli rnw: Franklin Krause-. june liarggeer. llefrnie- jeslinsun. Carol Tuul:-y. Jim Mvlllann. Marion D?FTHHf't'. llvtty Laursvn. Rill llrwli. Dixie- Nlavlwy. Carolyn lle'in. Sliaryl Dunsmorv. lelilve-n Yvalke-r. Gayle- Hunk. ,luely gisly. Nirk Yule-ntinv. Jimmy Kellie-rtwn. Fourth rexw: Dun Svliwatle-re'r. Milton Wilwn. Larry Hop- Do you like seienee Have you tak- en general seienee. hiology. phy- sies. or Chemistry? Wvhy donit you join 5c'ienc'e Clulm? This elulw has grown hy leaps and hounds during l'J5f5-1954. .NHS evidently has inany science-lovers. QQ CHARLES HITT Secretary First row: Connie Johnson. Beverly Kicken. Jerry Robin- son. Gene Morton. Clinton Biis. Harry Cvuheen. Shirley Mc-Fall. Kay XIeCarthy. Rosie Ramos. Sf-eond row: Cynthia Shay. Cordon Smith. Dixie Both. Joe Finkey, Phyllis Long. Mary ,lo Andrews. Edward Curry. Terry Jaqua. David Hickman. Ardith Craig. Third row: Patsy Brown. Clifford Pirnie, Bohhy Hender- son. Wesley Fleming. Bill Barger. Karen Hamilton. Billy Ft-agins. Doug Edwards, Larry Wood. Fourth row: jerry Serl. Kenny Johnson. Lester Hawley. it CLINTON Treasur , 5- ka NIR. JORCENSON Spmzxor R115 er Darlene Sehwaderer. ,lack Nlahin. Raymond Moreno. Mon- te Hoffman. Carol Corey. Monte Rogers. John Gilis. Fifth row: Sandra Matz. Sharon McDonald. Shirley Han- sen. Delores Loomis. Louann Miller. Fay Corbell. Phyllis Hazard. Evagene Brown, Patsy Culp. Sharon Mooniey, Sixth row: Melvin Harkins. Richard Stratton. Walter Iverson, Kenny Yvurzel. Marie Hashnian. Phyllis Howell Teddy Hempel. Bruee Staekhouse. Marvin Keller. Ronny Briee. ,Y 71 H if-Y "To create. maintain, and extend throughout the school and Community high standards of Christian characterv is the purpose of Hi-Y. a part of the na- tional Y.M.C.A. program. The Alliance Hi-Y Cluh. with 211 mernhers. is the largest in the West Central Area of Y.lVl.C.A. Program Chairman Pfesidfflf Sffffwfn' ROBERT WILDT yu l LENW ANDERSEN BLAINE NICCLARY Chaplain DAN I-'ARRINCTON H i-Y ,X few of the many inspirational. eclileutimial. entertaining. and service avtivities uf the Ili-Y are: lli-Y Fueetlieurt llzuive. Ili-Y Nlndel Legislature held annually in l.in1-uln. :Xnnual lli-Y Teen Spring Cunferenee held in Grand lsland. Hi-Y Teen Easter SunriSe Service. Treasurer Vive President Q--v STAN MARTIN JERRY ARMSTRONG .4r11'i5or TTR. KIJIEFRY A re B X . ,o N, iiflflw H i-Y King STAN MARTIN 5- Hi-Y Sweetheart PHYLLIS LONG Senior Class Pla 2 5 2 B ,fx Bob Parker who rs on a spot Mr Parker hrs father Mrs Parker hls mother Betty Parker hrs slster DICAIC Parker hrs kxd brother Cuen Anderson D1Ckl6S flame Joan Abernalrer the prmclpals Eddze ber brother Louella the mand 'Ur Abernalter the prmcxpal 'Urs Brunsuzclx PTA lady Mrs Hill PTA Iadv Plamclothes man the law 'Vlzss Bright from the zoo Stage hands Student Dzreclor 1 P CARI A CASE OF SPRINGTIME a three act comedy by Lee Sherman was presented by the Senior speech students under the dlrectlon of Mrs Audrey Peterson The cast of characters 1ncludes daughter .IINI GRASSNIAN ROBERT WILDT NIARIORIE NIISCHNICK ROSALIE WELDIN ,IINI NIcNIANN .IEAINNETTE REITZ CLENDA ANDRE-KQEN KEITH KENIPER BKRBARA LEWIS DON STOLEN ELAINE BECKER CAROL KAN DLQEN NICTOR KRAI SE NIARY ANN RLL-KIND INEAL HOLTHLQ JACK HILKS RON NIETER h' cs First row: Gary Hashman, Gerald Cody, Walter Thomas, Marvin Keller, Melvin Steggs, Carl Wilkins, Dale W'ills, Johnny Reitz, Dennis Lore, Robert Adams. Second row: Merle Lore, Tom Stearns, Leonard Thompson, Dick Wills, Don Toedtli, Marvin Toedtli, Billy Ackerman, Jim Applegarth, Ronald Bauer, Mr. Mohler, Sponsor. Third row: Richard Willey, Kenneth Herian, Donald Cruhn, David Nepper, John Stark, Dean' Applegarth George Kicken, Marvin Kingry. Fourth row: Jerry Schnell, Dwain Sutton, Gayle Rusk. Howard Herian, Ronald Meter, Cary Libsack. Farren Johnson. Kenneth Jelinek, Cary Knapp. This year. FFA began a custom that will be hereafter an annual event-the electing of a chapter queen. One of the qualifications a girl must have to be eligible for chapter queen is that she be able to ride a horse, as she will enter the Queen's Contest at the State Rodeo held annually at Lincoln. 'inf ecagii 2 q.-'4 49 gf. nf-A ,755 li' 'X . Q' 595110 .Q-5 ' ' X' fffflo M . - ' T li ixlfv' f '70 'll i h it T 2 new 1 LHNDA LOTSPEICH First Chapter Qu een P? The FFA is a national organiza- tion consisting of approximately 340.000 members. The FFA trains .farm boys to become competent agricultural leaders with a love of country life and sense of respon- sibility toward improvement of agriculture. The FFA strives to create a spirit of co-operation. to foster patriotism, to train for good citizenship, and to encourage thrift. The FFA encourages mem- bers to improve the farm home and its surroundings, in addition to the above accomplishments. Above In the foreground some hardworking shop members are constructing a beef creep 1 the background are a tractor cab and the beginnings of a two horse trailer Mr 'Nlohler Sponsor Leonard Thompson Reporter Kenneth Herian Vice President Carl Wilkins President Johnm REIIZ qecretars Dean Applegarth Treasurer Howard Henan Sentinel il A r" -'35 1 x K 1. NIISS Sllllllililil. A111-isvr 9 9 Tl S tag" -N? i sf MRS. ANDREWS Advisor MRS, llElCHl.lNH .'l11l'1iSf7f' The Y-Teen Organization is a part of the Y.W.C.A. program. and carries on a full schedule of interest- ing and educational ac- tivities. Its purpose is "To lnuild a fellowship of women and girls devoted to the task of realizing in our common life those ideals of personal and so- cial living to which we are committed by our faith as Christians. In this endeavor we seek to understand Jesus, to share his love for all people. and to grow in the know- ledge and love of Cod." Our Alliance Y-Teen Club. boasting a member- ship of 232 girls, is the largest Y-Teen Club in the Nebraska district. Y-TEEN C,X1.ENl1gXR Sept. 24 Patter -n Uvt. 3 Fall lionferenvc' at perial Uet. 11-li Y-Teen Hull Call We-ek Nov. 8-1-1- World Felluwsliip Week Nov. 19 Dad-Daughter Dinnm Dev. 17 Christmas Program Feb. 11 Valentine Party Xlarvh 18 llother-Daughter Dinner April 19-25 Y-Teen Week April 22 Centennial Program Senior Dinner Hi-Y-Teen Conferenve Hay 6 Installation-Caira -'I'lil-IN Ceililiilfli Back. standing: Lynda Lotspf-ieli. Donnie Hen- derwn. Marjorie Nliwli- nick. President: Mary Jn :Xnrlrr-ws. Sealed in lxavk- grounml: l.nella l'anmitL. juan Sturgeon. Tr:-a-ur 4-rg ,lavkie Stull. Nnrnia Nlarsli, Secretary: Karen Crnsflians. Sandie Boyd. Vive Prefident: Marlene Deitrhler. Sue Worley. Seated in foreground: Dixie Mackey, Jeannette Reitz. AL ZIKMUND, Sponsor CC 99 An honorary club made up of boys who have won a major athletic letter in one of the high school sports. Based upon performance in actual competi- tion. loyalty. sportsmanship. and scholastic eligi- bility. the "A" Club has grown in size and impor- tance in high school activities. LES LIVINGSTON, Sponsor Among the highlights of the "A" Club program are the sponsoring of the an- nual Athletic Show. and the choosing and Coronation of the Homecoming Queen and Attendants. Below the Queen 7 and Attendants chosen this year are shown with the members of the 'gA', Club. 'iivf '17, ,ig .U-A W It '--M... . " f-M1 -f X... -..,,W N, f- 1 4 r-,.i-,1 X 1 A ,..,. " ' ' v A 2.4 V, - X455 'Q 4-any """"9"?'.v 1' , .,-..,,- uw- I--1 Pi " . .fl Left row, top to bottom: Earl Calusha, Sam Kline, Robert Miller, Ken Taylor, Harry Guheen, Lloyd Andrews, Ernie Perez, Wade Kemper, Lee Osborne. Next row to right: Robert Morris, Don Thompson, Dan Farrington, Dick Erixson, Gene Morton, Bob Sundermeier, Kenny Laursen, Dick Markoff, John Reitz. Cross-bar: Joe Smith, Sergeant-ab Arms, Mike Kosmicki, Secretary-Treasurer, Mike McGinley, Vice President, Dan Simpson. Sergeant-at-Armsg Jim McMann, President. Next row: Stan Martin, Keith Kemper, Roger Jensen, Stephen Laurence, Stuart Schmidt, Leonard Reinders, John Lewis, Wayne Walker. Last row: Bud Pollard, Glenn Anderson. Chuck Wollaston, Jack Rader, Richard Shankland. Bill Dahl, Don Toedtli, Butch Stewart. .JESS BORC, Sponsor LUTHER HUTTON, Sponsor M , . t , ,. , J ,sq , ,W Homecoming Queen and Attendants KAY SHELNIADINE Attendant MARGARET PETERSON Queen JEANETTE REIT! Attendanl F4 fl, WII99 Bl RN XIRQ HALLBFRG 17' 0 fi' S 5 0 r 5 IEP Pep Club A -If 4, 4lf vu., '17 TERESA CODY JUNE SLAYNIAKER MARY LAINC UUUIEN SEEURHT President Vice President Secretary Tf9l151lfC'f PEP CLIB contributes in great part to school spirit and the life of AHS. With- out PEP CLYB . . . well, AHS just woulcln't be the same. l , -V -par .3 . mf' il. f Ym .... W 14, mx.. ' fw- ..g',3k: ,,.. .. ,QM T., ,- 1, .,..,,5 ,f ay. A Sn wz 1.iz+'rw .. 1 - , E 1 fx, eq A ff! J-rs Q52 ,. .". V 115 y H x , -1 fy Q. -gi l.,-vi .K A gy ff A L:,.?,M , P . E, 122 31 M g .X 4- X532 - Qgitxfsf. Q. 1- . X' .1 ga. f. , T , ' P A Ns- Ui' n gf5.f.,:. f FHM.: ' f V 'xizfrs , Qs: ' 'X f f,- Y ' K w,, 5 ffl' V' , X A, Q Mg , . Q .. ,. . , ,L 52 1 'ir 9 Eg g' A "7 Fit J . .fy if, H L. ' 3' 1 Q r-, g -. .5 '55 .4 ,I 'A . , A-yn ' 4 ".u,f.:.-t sh A,-Q-Y. , :V 9.1,.':.L"f - . K H 'z ' " ' IK ,V Q15 5 --In . 5 , Q A- ' - ' Ik I -4' - fr -- ..-A Q A h ,if Ay '- - fy' " .fi , - J - '?-1-gs-A.. - -f., . X7 a . , Z., 12. .,fL-f -W xy N731 xwmzb IV' . it A .- , .p's,,fM-. -":f512,.. qv 5 , ' --'-.. ff- 'M - - .lf ,N f -.3 - -,x ' T RN- fp- . ---:av W. 'ff , " S ' -. ' . ' 2 1 . . , " W' ' f"i'.'f" T ' -V .-.N -'lf "- , yfbfgi, -if , ff-my ", ,"'.f'-' 1,1 - ' . .' -- "".... . ,- A'-4, , ' f 4 - a 1' IQ, Q, f. 1. , ', ,H f ' Nw, ' W... 1 -jk!! , .-5 1- I url, fi .'7fW. , . .,1'fX.f'fx,x5-u.x.X.N 4 I , - .f-.gray , 1 -gig, -'xl ' V , 'Af.i,5.g,,: j sq,-,ia , 23,54 V, -,K gl .HQ K N . , 'xg . ! -'-f.:--A 1- V'-'Z:gf'f" if-1' .N N5 fx, E ' .mi V V -R N S - 1 A I 33-' '-ix-.C 'xii QQQQQ' N ,li-, ,.i-,qfxqx-N:. fs-.. , f'x'x slr .-- ,', as 'Y ,' f .1 -qglf' Q- '.,- ""'F'fg,.ny:.- -'N'1. , - wil- -.3--1 f m Q -f ' 'ima V ' 'I ka xx' R .ral VIXQIFFT. 5- 'KA - ' ' 'x ' 'N . 2,5 trim.. rlbfxf, F-R, it It f QNX ,. ,,'.v:gl g 4?-L k w., T15-.5 'Ui A - 'sim - . hw.. .-, X . ,xx .jx cr , w if i? -1 lx'.g1.,:. 4,3-7.5!-14? X,-'C?4,.g4: - wx. :Nw,!S1.f5-f-A3-5:-.R ak- h -5 fflfw' 73' 1 " -.jj 'Q-. ' 74'5"' ' ,. '-'Axim ff , ' -'ij -1 1' 'ffwx " Q, xf Tv ff-"ki ' - .y ' "' ' . gf-6fq.1gKA,: iw nfl. I jxxhqs In-, HY aff. W My In x. ME .,'.,,,4' Af r V . im. - .X H 6 "' " '-l ff' 'f --gf 4'R'1'5" -f 'V . if f .W-'w'I.:'1' ':"f,4.' ' i I- "-QQ. x J. rf . up 'wigs , . 'Z ,! 1 x:'?':i'.Q:xA-W ,Dv-R I , lil- JI: 7 I ' h h 1' I. 37 5 , A jx lx.. Af .I . .- W f .sfwf . - "Wh .J- RQ' V ,V .. ff fr - gy' -- ..,y5.-, .. . , f ' . . f. , air- 5.1 -, ., - . l .., -1 -- A Y. 1"- xx LES LIVINGSTON. Reserve Coach and Scoutg AL ZIKBIUND, Head Coach: JESS BORC. Freshman Coach and Seoul: LUTHER HUTTON. Line Coach. Q Foot A SEASON Alliance , Y, 7,20 Alliance ,720 Alliance ,aa,, , aaa, 25 Alliance, , Y,,,, 27 Alliancev, ,, Alliance, , ,Y,,7 7 Alliance, ., , ,,..V26 Alliance ,,,a,,. 35 Alliance ,,,,77 26 Western Big Ten ball Sidney . ., Torrington 7 Ogallala North Platte , Curtis Aggies McCook ,t,t,,, Kearney U Bassett ,,t,,,,tt Scottsbluff 7 Co-Champwns 1 95 3 1 1 vw 1 111 1 111 v 1 fl I 1 111 I 1 1'1 1 1II ' 1 1Yl 1 1l1 1 Y! 1 111 1 1' Y r r r r 1 r v r r r 'r 'r 'I 'I' 'I 'I 'I 'I '1 " 'l I 1 V Y Y Y I' I' I I I I I I I 'I .1 V Y I I I I I 1 1- 1 '1 1.1. JVL-'Jia ,rg 3,.k eq, D W.. 6 P v Sidney: ln the season opener Al- liance journeyed to Sidney to meet the rugged Nlaroons on their home field. ln a rough game Alliance came out on top 20-12. Chuck Wol- laston, speedy halfback, broke loose on a perfectly executed trap play and sped 51 yards for the first Alliance score. The second Al- liance tally came when ,lack Rader intercepted a short Sidney pass and easily outdistanced all defend- ers with a scintillating 67 yard touchdown run. The final touch- down was scored when Len Rein- ders blocked a Sidney punt, and Mike Kosmicki recovered in the end zone. Alliance led in all sta- tistics: 12-4 in first downsg 265-67 in net yardage. Q7- '1 , s5'5ff 'S Fullbacksz J. Rader, B. Sundermeier, B. Wilkins, S. Schmidt, lAll Northwestl Ogallala: In the upset of the year the Ogallala Indians came up from 12 points behind in the last 4 minutes to nip Alliance 26-25 at Ogallala. From the beginning it looked like a runaway for Alliance as sophomore Wade Kemper and Lee Osborne riddled the big Ogal- lala line with their lightning thrusts. llowever, the lndians found the range late in the contest with long passes and sharp cut- back plays. Joe Smith figured in 3 touchdowns as he 'lwedgedi' 2 behind powerful Earl Calusha. and flipped an aerial to Bob Morris in the end zone. W'ollaston opened the Alliance scoring with a 4 yard slice off tackle. ' - ".".Af ""'3w' 5-A .fi A host of white clad Bulldogs close in for the kill. ' ZW' 3- . v A 2 65'- Torrington: Opening the home season Alliance entertained the po- tent Torrington, fWyo.l Trail- blazers, a team destined for the Wy'o. State Championship play-1 off. In a hard-played game Al- liance emerged winner 20-7. Af- ter a scoreless first quarter, Chuck Wollaston pitched a perfect strike to Bob Morris all alone in the end zone. Other Alliance markers came when Bob Wilkins, 225 lb. full- back, smashed over from 3 yards out, and Dick Markoff sneaked over from the l yard line in the dying moments of the game. Not until the 4th quarter did the Trail- blazers manage to hit paydirt with their smooth working split-T. 59 , ef-61? Centers: R. Jensen, M. McGinley. Nl. Toedtli. L. Barrett, Earl Galusha lAll State! 1 X fAlI Big 101 Curtis On Parents lN1ght the Cur tis Aggles yyere entertalned as the Blue and White of Alllance par aded 38 boys into action many playmg 1n all four quarters The underclassmen AgglCS were game opponents but fell before the on slaught 4-47 Chuck Wollaston carrled the ball only tyuce but scored on runs of 4-3 and 39 yards He later took a pass from J Smith and carried 11 yards for another marker Other Alliance boys fig urlng 1n the scoring were Thomp son Wilkins Osborne and Ken Laurson as KOSmlCkl and Bob Sllfldeflllelel' contributed extra pomts Stu Schmldt flne llne backer yy as credlted vylth 12 tack e arrington C Wollaston IL Perez JM Xl i"'l W Kemper North llfitte Opemnv Conference play North Platte came West a Alliance chalked up a Big 10 ylC y 7 10 N er d iger l llante dominated throughout The mot pcctacular run came yyhtn W lxemper broke assay for a 0 yard touchdown scamper The fm a blotk yya laid on the sa ety man In 6 3 twcl-.le B Pollard fir doyyn field -X 21 polnt splurge IH the 3rd quarter yyas too muth fur the Platter as Don Thompson W llklll md W ollaston cros ed the double stripe Wllblll turned in an outstwndm lxlilslllo game stor mg all extra points one from the 1 yard lme Dan Simpson turned in a good ame at guard he-417' Wola ton break away ftr a uh tantlal gain again! 'North Platte with Bud Pollard g m a xtan e V6 -3-7 End. : R. Miller. M. Kogmicki. B. Morris. WAII North Westl. D. Thomp on S. Lawrence. McCook The second Big 10 Con ference game found the Bulldogs y1s1t1ng the VlcCoolc Blsons and loslng a heartbreaker 720 Early 1n the game Alliance penetrated withm the 10 yard lme on drlyes of 18 48 and 31 yard but failed to score 'VlcCook used a break avyay type of game yslth reyerses and end runs but made only 1 steady' touchdown drive. Other touchdowns came on a long run and an intercepted pass in the last seconds of play. Smith scored for Alliance on a sneak from the 1 yard line and Wlilkins booted the extra point. Statistics were all in Alliances favor in the '8 degree weather. Kearney: Homecoming. Alliance played host to Big 10 foe Kearney. and rapped the Bearcats 26-T. The game was highlighted by the pass- ing of Joe Smith. who completed T of 8 attempts for 159 yards. Lee O borne hiftv Alliance halfhack opened the scoring wrth a 62 ward broken fleld run ln the first quar ter Bob Sundermeier added 6 011115 on a one xard slam o tackle Wfollaston scored UWICC once on a perfectly executed for ward lateral Smith to Thompson to Wollaston for 33 xards The other a short pa s from qmlth was taken ln full strlde as Woll aston rambled 51 wards for the final tallx BOB NIORRIN catching ont of hx many tormg pa e of the eas n Scottsbluff Qcottsbluff undefeat ed in 'Nebra ka and winner oxer Fort Collins Colorado State Champs was outplaxed outhus tled and outsmarted hx Alliance 26 20 X rugged Bulldog line an chored by Allotate Calusha -Xll Big Ten Keith Kemper and big Jerrx 'Nloritz held the potent Bear cat running attack to P9 xards Wade lxemper scored earlx in the first quarter on a '31 ward xeer plaw Thompson took a 12 ward pace from qmrth for the second score The third T D was set up by a fake field goal pass to Thomp son on the fue ward l1ne Sunder meler carried to the one and Wll kms went ox er standmg up A flat pass qmith to Nlorris accounted for the last marker uarterbacks C Nlorton J Smith D Nlarkoff and R Qteward B1 sett A newcomer to the A111 ance slate the Rock County Tigers of Bassett met the Bulldogs on lm 1 ul od and recelx ed a thorough es on ln football 351 Xfter a stalemate at half tnne Xllrance exploded for 21 pomts ln the thlrd quarter VC adc lxemper scored first on 1 beautlfullx set up pltchout as e raced 'io xard with no cne toufhinff him lxemper scored a g n ln the lrnl quarter on a J x 1rd drlxe off tackle Other Alll ance T D s were made hx W1lk1H qflllllldt and Farrlngton WllklnS kicked for 4ronxers1ons and qtexe law rence took 1 pass from qltlllll for the other tonxerslon J "'4 Tac le K Kemper 4tllB1g Tent B Dahl B P llard ll Nhankland andj 'Nloritz s . s , s ' C p : 1' , ff- 7 . w . . s , s ' - ' . , ' ' I Q -2 . . , . ' , . . . . ., . ass :A ' , '- K 1 M . T ' - V. s ' " V l.s ' . -'. z T-TS ? ' ..f I , C . T 2 'T . 'c I . -4 x h . h h - .0 H' s " J .1 . D i 5 - til . f 1' -'z " - t . '- 4' 1 f . C L- L, . U ' 'h ' is s' ' ss-s s 'o. ,,t, x ' s t. " ' ' .' , ' , ' ., i -4 v Y 1 'wr ,T 1' 1 -. , . . 1 ev - -jg I rf I L . V 1 C . . I , V. 4 . 4 v B W . A ' 2 ' -. , v . g V A 1 .1 fini - ., n W, ....- .' M . , U , ' - ' .s M 1 k 51 . . J I . . . . lv . . .. I 241 SEASON RESLME Alllance Hlgh School opened the 1953 football season wlth ten let termen on hand most of whom were defensxve players from the B4 1952 squad Hopes were not too hlgh as It was obvious that many posltlons would be manned by the mexperrenced play ers Howey er the Bulldogs rolled to a 1 won 2 lost record the best smce the 194-4- sea on and a Co Champlonshlp of the western Brg Ten Conference A total of 230 polnts was scored to opponents 125 and Alllance rated second behlnd State Champlons Grand Island ln total offense and total defense The greatest number of boys ln Alllance Hlgh School Guards J Lewrs D Srmpson QDAV Award? ,I N'Ic'NIann L Remders K Taylor and H Guheen hlstory earned Varslty football let ters as the bench was cleared of players IH the mayorlty of games Hlgh spot of the season was the yal Scottsbluff Among outstand mg players were All State Galu ha 193 lb All Blg Ten tackle Kelth Kemper and hrs brother All Blg Ten halfback sophomore Wade Kemper Wade also set a new school record of 905 yards per carry as he gamed over 650 yards hlm elf CoCapta1n Bob Morrls 622' end rated All Northwest honors as drd llnebaclc er Stuart Schmrdt Danny Srmp son recened the DAV Sports manshlp Award C gn-v an EARL GALUSHA Wade Kemper galns yardage through the Scottsbluff lme Earl Calusha 6 1 214 lb jumor center proved to be one of the most power ful football players 1n the state Hls terrlflc strength coupled wlth great speed made hlm an outstandmg defenslve start at the tackle and guard posrtlons On offense hrs great slze and drlye at center made the wedge play a sure gamer ln the Alliance system Galusha was recogmzed as All State by both the Omaha World Herald and the Lmcoln .lournal and Star He was chosen All Brg Ten on the Offlclal Coaches team and by every newspaper choosmg an All Conference team He also was gnen Honorable Mentron on the All Amerlcan Hrgh School Squad Along wlth his outstanding football play blg Earl copped the Class A D15 cus Champlonshlp at the State 'Vleet and was chosen Athlete of the Year by the Allzance Tunes Herald 77 ' 'A il I Q , :'ff:,Iawy N - . V4' rye' Y f Hu . il, ' 2 . s . ,ly tl . . Y . , , 'F f' ' . ' Af' N ,, V V' 1 . . ' U Y , 1 ' 5 5 - , v I+ J . , Y T M I s . s , - 9 : . ' , . ' . . . . . . . , . ' , . , ' L V N . 26-20 victory over traditional ri- , H 'L ' . - . , - 'Q f' " ' ' - ' : - -Q, 4- . 1 , s , .g li 9 1 ' ' s . - ' ' l . ' 7 77 7 2 ' if 1 7 7, ' ' V I N 9 a ' ' gs.. r. ' A I ' . . . . V. . . A V . H ,, . . , . - - ' v ca as ' x Top row: D. Markoff, B. Miller, G. Kicken, M. Kingry, H. Herian, B. Bock, A. Lawrence, J. Nielsen, B. Henderson, E. Perez. Middle row: G: Rusk, J. Shankland, L. Johnson, J. Hall, J. MacNeil1, D. Applegarth, W. Weston, P. Cooper, Coach Livingston. Front row: M. Toedtli, G. Morton, K. Laursen, H. Guheen, B. Worthley, K. Taylor, D. Erixson, G. Anderson, B. Brost. '53 FRESHMAN RECORD Alliance-7 Chadron High Res.-27 Alliance-O Hay Springs Res.-6 Alliance-21 Chadron Prep Res.- Alliance-14 Scottsbluff-18 Alliance-20 Oshkosh Res.--47 Alliance-21 Bridgeport Res.i2l 78 1 '53 RESERVE RECORD Alliance-13 Sidney Res.-6 Alliance-6 Hemingford Var.-33 Alliance-7 Scottsbluff Res.-0 Alliance-20 Ogallalla Res.-0 Alliance-21 Mitchell Res.-7 Alliance-12 Chadron Prep Var.-7 ,v , Vwf. ., A, ' Top row: R. Jinks, M. Wilson, D. Stull, F. Johnson, J. Roberg, J. Appleby, L. Hawley. Middle row: J. Kline, D. Cray, T. Green, J. Colerick, D. Sell, G. Johnson. M. Keller, C. Anderson Coach Borg. Front row: F. Marcy, G. Sundermeier, P. Avey. K. Thompson, M. Alvarado. F. Prelle. M. Daugh erty, M. Hoffman. Basketball 1953-'54 The 1953-54 basketball season was the most suc- cessful experienced by the Bulldogs since 194-1-42. The Bulldogs turned in a 13 won 2 lost record in the regular season schedule. ln the Torrington game, both the individual and team scoring records were broken. Co-Captain Stan Martin tallied 36 points for the individual game record, as a new high of 90 points was registered by the team. LES LIVINGSTON Head Basketball Coach Western Big Ten and District Champions 'tel 252 Z 34 -an -an .- Back row: Danny Simpson, Chuck Vbllaston, Jerry Moritz, Keith Kemper, Jack Rader, and Dan Farrington. - Front row:lDon Thompson, Mike Kosmicki Bud Pollar lStaLrL inQlBoh Morrisj an A N,.,,,, W. ,M ""hm.,, IV ll -'au 4-.-...,,,mwh ' ll.. Ill I ' ' I ll ll If 'lg' 'xv fqqil 4 :J Y f all EIL ' J l iQ 1 U fsxf 5 12as:'2 x 'f giiii Q X im," 'JV t I 1 , .J - I '55 tr -' 5 jj? ,hal A :li fin -11 iifkipzfil 'Y x I i bi' i si? f 4 Wifi ww G rn., 'I I ' 1 ,' -JJL3: A ""Q: ,,,:fii5f sim, if "Il -an Alliance Alliance Alliance Alliance Alliance Alliance Alliance Alliance Alliance Alliance Alliance 1953 54 RESERVE BASKETBALL SQUAD RESERVE SEASON RECORD Bridgeport Cering .,......,.. North Platte , Mitchell ....,..,, Sidney ........... Scottsbluff ...... Kearney ..,...,. Scottsbluff ...... McCook ........ Torrington .... Ogallala ......,. Back row Ernie Perez Marvin Toedtlx Dick Pollard Larry Johnson, Archie Lawrence, and Wade Front row Lee Osborne Willis Wilson Hastings Shelton, Steve Lawrence, Dale Benda, and MB" Team 5'3 I - -67 Left to right: Mike Alvarado, Jack Muske, Tim Stubbs, John MacNeill, Gayle Rusk, Pat Cooper, Bill Hesse, Tim St. Onge, Bill Bock, Robert Noreen, Bill Miller, Dick Markoff, and Coach Luther Hutton, kneeling. Freshmen l ,,,, li 3 9 "5 Q, B T I1 Z Au if me 3 , int' ufliwf Mir 'ANI' T Left to right: Coach Jess Borg, Kenneth Thompson, Larry Happold, Cary Sundermeier, ,Iim Appleby, Pat Evey, Tom Stearns, Kenneth Johnson, Cary Johnson, Lester Hawley, Tommy Green. and Bruce Stackhouse. Q. ' mls T M,LIAM'E 1 1mxt:uc M, 5101 0 50W ALLEN LIKNILND Head Trarlt loach Cinder Men 1953 SEASON SUMMARY Under the direction of Head Coach Al Zikmund, the Alliance thin clads compiled the following record: The interclass meet was held with the sophomores taking top honors. Alliance was victorious in a practice meet with Hemingford, 110113 to 36 2, 3. ln the Scottsbluff Relays, Alliance finished in 3rd place behind Scottsbluff and Boys Town in a close contest. Alliance won their 5th straight Chadron Invitational and amassed 11615 points in defeating Bridgeport in a dual meet. At Kearney for the Big 10 Meet, Alliance finished in 2nd place. Haught, Ruck- man, and Calusha set new Conference records. Alliance qualified 11 boys for State. Dick Erixson in the 440, Jim McGinley and Jerry Armstrong in the 880, Tom Ruckman, Don Toedtli, and Loyd An- drews in the mile, Don Haught in the high jump and 120 yard high hurdles, Bill Marsh in the pole vault, Doug Marcy in the shot, and Earl Galusha in the discus. Alliance placed 5th with 171,Q points. The postponed Alliance Invitational was held after the State Meet with the Bull dogs taking top honors Km xon r r w ll l'dI'TlDLl d nt 8 YH lf H lldl df N 84 Nl rn Earl Galusha, State Class A dis- cus champion, and a steady per- former in the shot. Best mark for discus, 146' 4-9i", a new Big 10 and high school record. L iauvm' - it ,,. 'SSQL-. if lv as QQ , U 0, , n f?i3!3,,,,fQ'i fn '-flv,:.', ff' ff-1"i""'1'f Lfkfsri 4-r5.u9f'f Student managers care for the equipment and minor needs of the athletes during all sports throughout the year. GLENN ANDERSON, senior manager, has done a commendable job for the past three years. Other managers include Wayne Walker, Sam Kline, Franklin Krause. '1 1.1, L1 i il -ns :dict-0 I ft 1 s P' J' 2 vi kg 'L L.. . hr i 4 Y lhwlm- .Qlsabai I l f ..-ye , fl 'ff' " 1' S' Q DON HAUCHT, 5'5" high jumper, who broke many records with his outstanding jumping. His best jump was 6'11A". TOM RUCKMAN, Captain, one of the better milers in the State. Second, in the Class A mile at the State Meet. Best time, 4-:39.9. '1 Q62 xv' g if Aw' nz!-g M ' 5 Belva Berry takes a free throw. Girls, Athletic Association Top row: Mrs. Alice Ne-lson, Sponsorg Heta Weckwerth, Mary Louise Wvssvl. Rohr-rta Nielson Bev:-rly Burton. Belva Berry, Mary Lou McFall, Shirley Mitchell. Front row: Carol Tooley, ,lane Barger. Sharon Herman. Darla Piihl. Erma Re-id, F:-lnia Kirk patrick. Barbara Keller, Karen McFall. 1 ,Q f ifl -, .ti -it , it ' Q 1 i 4 , ii i -Q4 3 t "' .A l 'Zi i , ip i 'Z fvv f A Q Q' - A , X A' 1- - tr' 7 D A , Q -'A "' ligzit v 2 'Qi www s qlvarrvw "" N ,,,, .Ag 111.44- 1 C., , 15,4 . iif' :Half A Y. Q 7 . ' ' I 'I 4' L 1, f '43, 3.39, ,A .1 Ai . qw' 4rfif""":J'f ' Ha fj, . , E61 W W' W 1 Q J L., .L -,fm 32+-? a wry w 1 A 'mfgitl' A ' H "" f fif' f""f . ,,J?"4- -, V not ,Il . ' 1 J I hx A , ,tif ., .V il 2, .4 I ,ww I2 .fgsf X t 'I ML." ' K 1 ' , A if We , t , .. V ,fgfq ,44- Q,-4 " ' f - .A ' . ' -V 4 ' A, 4 ' Q it-gx7aUi'?,.'fQ, 1 ' N 'A sf. ' Jam' ' M I .if A ., s.W.fw, V ,U I t , qu , 55, Q5 Aff 1 1 . ,a 'HM' ,bib f., , qw rv l,Vf: f I H1 r if x 1., 'V' 3 A .1"j: AlJ. I FK, A 'v,:,v,:i9'v ,MJ . 1 any nf,,,w,- i . :gy jf A., 'lr 'sw 4' ' iam" .. ' " W 'f'f'Y72H5f,f f',L!QQ"-1' .-U-'if-'.f' ' -1 we h ' ff f ,4 . ,TA 4 , -A A 7.74 ... A ,if . ,ft ...ry 1,2 3, L vi , .. 14.3 , , -it K 14 !. I4 A', I l 'lv 1:41 . E, fl .141 izgjyiiiii- ,IJ ,I K uv. zqtfl- Ar. is -:fflrg ,YL gh 1: ' X I ' A AV my A rd: I, fifty, A , A ,i gv. f' uANQE HrGt-+1 I ' ffmm 'M Bm vi fig H. V ,. ,f 43, - 1, ,-1,14 , ,,,g, off: az' f ' -5.3 pf, " " 'Thi V' ff '3'QM"" iv2f- A gifwQf. f'1'11ff"-2 , . ,. I , a ""ff'f.',PPfPfQ f Q 1' Q ' , ' - ' 1'-J -, '4" 'e. ' if , - ". 0 "1 ' ' 9"""-.f,,9!Y'."'9 !"'hvff-tvmeff vs :Wk-fdlfh'5"?4.O""?f Aff' ' W ' - ' 1 Sgrpe. M5yQd nqr,9dQsanQ,Qnphy, ffm' 5, ,. jaw., . a jfi. Tbsgyfvalsb pt-If ogg, I farm , ' 31: 'Qjifa ' Q ' -. V -x , ' - -:",+,,: af- 4,7 ,.',g fe for , 'Hue dedfcdfion ,of H56hw?'p.Y,B,gAM a+k,,,. , , - gf P-:4: ..,?,., hr , f Hyannis f V A , 1 ' . W' a , , , 4 ' ' - , 1, . . ,. K ' A , " A 1. .J ' - 'ig -I :J ' ,Q , ' i 88 A I f V ,r . ,, A , . 1 ..-n',,1. Y ,..-- , - -, . X W -'- ' no-firfai-M In . s . ff -Q A, .. - - ' Q' "' -: ' . , . - sq 1 , K I k K r:r'W12-".i3Li,, -- I I L., A ,ze-. .5. 'rn- ng' I al "lo ' " Q SELL -Q. Dzrector vu f ewan: - i ' .1 1 ' .3 it .ge A,..x,:,L, - W 5-Afkte f 4, X -W - . ff. ' -"f2 'f'?Zi,"' """'7L.a..ww-M-'f' 1 -Q J 551 if' ,V. 1 rw - 14,1775 ' " , 1- ' ' 'P' . 'e e a . ' Q, f' fa- . 1 n, , 'f , -f1Z..,'-155. G x- 'f' V' l i . ,, K .5429 a . -1 A., ,xv 1 " ,E g' . , 4 1,54 . i fb 'sa--av m we Y Ygx 5. I, M A . ., l : 4 H A X jwsk ,.,..- -r f , -' ,f 9 'T . ,,,. ,'l.f "N: 1 S?'. 3 Q .J I" -A 1 . tg. .Q S, Un 'VK .. 2' Q' '44 4 1 Q, . ,., bl ,r ...,, 4..- " 1 L- 1.9-fb-, .-, 1,90 'P J' 1 4 I il, fa. 4. ' .4 v I , I '. ,fx Q V Q Lay- vis, V , 4' .. , . 'L ,, 112, gw,,!iJ 'A' I in A T., -ww A , . rw., :F MMF- A - 4 M ,. - A is 5.743 - . p , ,ff 'Wg 'F 1, Q , , " "' f L -.wma 4s, .1 ' K ,. - 1.4 5, W f - 'gi A , ' Highlfrghti gf 'the Bandfs ac+ivi+ies were fhe P frip +o.Lincolns'For'Band Day af fhe Univer- "', Sify of 'Nebraglza arid +hef+rel: +o Sco++sbIuff fe?+he 'l1f9diiibnaI-Armisfice Day game. 6' bqh,J'Mad,e ahffbircelleral'qapgeearance a+ I Lineollfalf pioyed fo be orie of +he 'lop " bahds in the Band Day Parade. 4, A 1 Y- -e ,f K' - -. f . , ' I , ,Ja 4. Q. sf " Fr- imaumww 'A At left qande Brockwaw 'Nlarlnne Deltchler Ruth Lol perch Peggy Felton Back tandmg Larn Overton Carl Panwltz Lelrnda Nlount Joanne Stlllev Jerry Becker DIXIE Roth Thlrcl row eated Patrrua Calhoun Janlce Schwaderer Ronnie Ashby Nlorns Lance Carolyn Tollman Phwllls Howell 'Nlonte Ro ers bandle lammon John Wrxght Qccond row Ioux e Becker Carolyn Hem Carmen Qee rm! Norma Qchwaderer Luella Panwltz Ste-we Lawrenrf Blame NILQlarv PIII rovv xllll'lfX Hme ,leanncnc Qtlllew Cav Vlvatkm 'Nlarla Stalo ,lean Dodd Ylrglma Vhck trom Lynda Lot perch DlCl'ill'ls4+n. r 90 BAND OFFICERS Mary Ju ,Xnflrewa Shirley Hines. Car- men Seegrirt. Luella Panwitz. and Lois 4 1' v ' 1 P+ ' . V g Jam: e l . of Q . 4 in ' ..... ... -........ we , 'D .r A 'Back row: Nancy Roth, Beverly Morehead, Dr. Sell, Directorg Lois Dickenson, Sandra Mote. Right, standing: Marilyn Hanna, Dixie Mackey, Sherry McMahon. Shirley Case. Sharron Case. Third row, seated: Beverly Kicken, Richard Seegrist, Bill Hesse. Jerry McDonald, jack Falfar John Lee, Donald Briggs, Roger Schindler, Leonard Barrett. Second row: Kenneth Johnson, Tommy Wright, LaDonna Schriner. Donald Miller. Leif Peterson Allan Powers, David Sell, Teddy Hempel. First row: LaVerne Lee, Carol Dahl, Sandie Johnson, ,loan Sturgeon, Mary ,lo Andrews. BAND OFFICERS John Wright, Larry Overton. Leonarml Barrett, Stephen Lawrence, and Blaine Blcfflary. 9I Y ,A Ar - 1- Ar f Orchestra Back row: L. Overton, J. Becker, Dr. Sell, Director, S. Mote. Second row: C. Panwitz, R. Burnham, S. Hines, M. Rogers. C. Seegrist S. Lamon, L. Panwitz. S. Lawrence, B. McClary, T. Hemple. D. Sell, D. Briggs, L. Barrett. First row: R. Schindler, R. Neilson. J. Sturgeon, M. Andrews. S. Schmidt. K. Hamilton. C. Johnson, S. Sturgeon. LJ lf' f ..-Y,efw-ff,-.f ' 'W " ..,. 3 .gasp :uw , .. - A .. ...-P .M-vu -?ug4io-up I Participants at the State Music Clinic at Fremont this year were: Standing: B. Wildt, B. Sunder- meier, B. Dahl, B. NIcClary, Lawn-live. R. Schindler. Seated: S. Hines, J. Stull, L. Barrett, L. Panwitz, B. Burnham. T. Cody. Fourth row: M. Steggs, M. Lance, N. Vallentine, G. Stark, D. Baker, C. Hitt, L. Barrett, D Briggs, D. Farrington, L. Reinders, C. Wollaston, B. Dahl, D. Simpson, K. Kemper, B. Pollard S. Martin. Third row: R. Wildt, B. McClary, J. Colerick, R. Jensen, D. Pollard, R. Howard, M. McGinley R. Morris, J. Smith, B. Stubbs, S. Lawrence, M. Morrison, G. Sundermeier, B. Sundermeier, D Markoff. , Second row: D. Stull, 1. Maloney, B. Stackhouse, J. Robertson, S. Schmidt, J. McMann, J MacNeill, R. Meter, G. Liakos, B. Bock, R. Gies, N. Underwood, B. Roberts, R. Stewart. First row: K. Cruhn, N. Schwaderer, S. Matz, K. Sorenson, S. Lammon, K. Hamilton, E. Parker, K. Corey, D. Loomis, M. DeFrance, P. Brown, R. Chick, C. Hein, M. Bartels, R. Nason, M. Wil liams, l. Walker, L. Miller, P. Donovan, N. Nay, S. McDonald, J. Dodd, S. Taylor, P. Calhoun J. Hansen, D. Walker, S. Hennan, C. Templeton. CHOIR PROCRAM:A Christmas Program Spring Concert Operetta Clinic SHARON TODD Accompanist '4 1 4, Sixth row: J. Farrington, M. Mischnick, S. Boyd. S. McMahon. Fifth row: J. Howard, M. Colerick, E. Becker, P. Long. Fourth row: B. Burnham, M. Cornette, J. Reitz, C. Andreasen, S. McFall, J. Long, B. Henderson Third row: C. Knag, J. Castle, J. Markoff, S. Reed, M. Duskin, S. Worley, S. Mote, J. Stull, J Slaymaker, C. VanDusen. Second row: J. Sturgeon, C. Pont, B. Berry, K. Shelmadine, D. Roth, K. Robinson, C. Shay, C Toland, V. Averill, K. Grosshans, K. Koester, S. Saylor. Front row: R. Lotspeich, T. Cody, D. Wessel, J. Sutton, N. Owens, M. Hood, G. Watkins, S Moomey, B. Morehead, J. Collins, L. Mathews, S. Kirkpatrick, D. Curry, N. Roth, S. Hansen, B Duskin, G. Lurvey, D. Gillespie, M. Woods, J. Hunter, V. Schnell. Pictured above are the choir and chorus. The choirs present the Christmas program together. Other activities of the choirs are: the Spring Con- cert. the Clinic, the Operetta. touring, and individ- ual and group performances for the public. MR. AL BLINDE Choir Director 'K Choir Director MR. AL BLINDE We are proud of our director, Mr. Blinde, who directed student choirs at the University of Ne- hraska, and who organized and directed the Sinfonia Choirs of Phi Mu Alpha of Sinfonia, a national honorary music fraternity. M adrigal Back row: C. Hitt, S. Martin, D. Markoff. Front row: B. W'ildt, .l. Coler- ick. P. Donovan, B. Sundermeier, J. Reitz, B. Bock, S. Reed. Pictured are the officers of both the choir and chorus. lt is their duty to decide rules and pro. cedures for the choral groups. gpm: ll DI P- 2. Back row: B. Wildt, B. McClary, S. Lawrence, C. Hitt, B. Sunder- meier, B. Dahl, D. Briggs, L. Barrett. Front row: BI. Evans, K. Gross- hans, C. Dahl. J. Slaymaker, J. Sturgeon, S. Worley, J. Reitz, M. Cornette, S. Todd, Accompan- ISX. The Madrigal is the select group of the vocal department. Choir Ufficers ll R Standing: S. Schmidt, R. Jen- sen, B. Stubbs. L. Barrett. Seated: J. Reitz. B. Schwader- er, S. Boyd, C, Watkins. The Mixed Octet is one of the choir's excellent small groups which presents light music. Girls' Triple Trio Dancers Nancy and Dixie Both are the choirs dancers. They were featured in the Spring Concert and added a great deal of color to the Uperetta. Mixed Octet t 4 4 T 1 f' 4 s 1 1' l' Back row: NI. Niisvhnick, S Nlvhiahon. l.. llickensen, B Burnham. K. DuBois. B. More head. T. Cody. Seated: J. Sturgeon. K. Koester ing. :X new group of the choir. the Girls' Triple Trio. is a combination for fine per- formance and pleasant listens Operetta . D ' n f z i Q 45 14 fi CAST OF RANCHO RIVERA Katherine DarlingvKn0wn as Kit ,,,,,,,,,, ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,v,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,Y,,,,,,,,,,,.,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,.,. K AY DUBOIS Bealrire Thorne+BPa for short Visiting the Rancho t,,,,, ..,,t,t,,, 3 IARY LOU CORNETTE Stanley Darling-Kit's brother ,,,,,.., ., ,.,,,, ,,,,,,,,,,,, ,,,,,,,,,,, .,.,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, B I L L DAHL ,Vrrria Patrona-Servant in the Casa Rivera ,, JUNE SLAYMAKER Wilhelmina DayvKnown as Billy ,,,, ,,,,,,,, , , ,, .,,,,,, ,,,,, ,I EANETTE REITZ Silas Day-Billy's father from the East , ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, ,, ,, BLAINE NICCLARY Don Jose Ramon Rivera-Pretending to lw what he is not ,,,,,,,, BOB SUNDERMEIER Patrirk Murphy-Don jose-'S friend , , ,,,,,,,,,,, , BOB WILIJT Maggie Murphy-Pal's wifi-. and cook for the Days ,,,, , SUE YYORLEY Stale Polite Uffir'e'r-Strmig arm of the- law ,, , STEVE LAXYRENCE fflzinflrlzmzv--Se-nan! nn Rancho MELYIN HARKINS ZZ! X lk, ti: 1, ,f nga - 4-up WV X 55 if A V4 , life t 7 , - . ff--3 ' f X k if I ,.- fflb. f If I ff". A ff 1 " I I ' t 98 F. I2 -av.. 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T7 - 'A-'J' -2:- -. .- iii fr' 5, , va ff e enne one FORD COVER JONES MOTOR CO Your Royal Dealer TH NEBRASKA MERCURY TYPEWRITER and EOUIPMENT COMPANY e I I4Y s I0 E +ThcI 3I5 G+MoREf Iwfy py sAvE +MoDEo DAY Mode O Day FROCK SHOP LINGERIE DRESSES HOSIERY BLOUSES E "Your Franchis cI Roya Dealer for ear " 9 as Ir Phone 282 e or w a ou a , a ' I I ox Bu++e Phone 397 DENOMA DIAMOND RINGS HAMILTON-ELGIN WATCHES SCOGGIN JEWELER Alllance TI1eaI're Bldg Phone 299 J am lfffzefzfs a SULLIVAN S Alllance Nebraska STYLE SHOP SHOE STORE va Mi COKE5 FOOD SANDWICHES MALTS PW SUNDAES POPCORN DANCING TO vous 5,2 FAVORITE TUNES IN THE TUNE Room Tip Top Confechonery 207 Box BuHe Alllance ISN S XX X XNVS Six I hw Q 3 The Drake Hofel Phone IOIO 5I'h d B B H ALLIANCE NEBRASKA I . I ' XS -XX -, ,. X x X X XY xsw- mx' R SQ X X Y 5 0 K X Ns' ' . . I T .-L-'J s o ..L...1,. , . 2:- ' . f' ,.. ""'T . I an ox u e crn7fm'lfa,Qdfdw1AfT 'Cie SGENIORS OF I954 J. C. PENNEY COMPANY Economy I Furnl+ure Sfore X-fx, 1 Oo OUR FIRST ALLIANCE NEBRASKA 4 T H O U G H T BRITTAN Box Bu'H'e Phone H40 INSURANCE AGENCY Telephone 607 HOWARD W GRAHAM P p '24 W I 4fI'I ALLIANCE NEBRASKA Insurance Real Esfafe Loans GQOCEIZIES I G A STORE Phone I3I Fresh and Cured Meaf Fancy and Sfaple Grocerues W ' o O o D 6 I5 f I Z, I A . , ro . 95 I I I' - O .I fx ' ' A XXTSX IX c 0 o 1 I U i FLOYD EDGAR dw Marhn Senour Paln+s EDGAR S PAINT STORE PAINT WALLPAPER GLASS I24 Wesi' 3rd Alluance Nebraska before you K 15 uy G W 2 1 ,E K A we Neccl-n SEWING- MACHINES swag! 3 WOODS SEWING MACHINE SHOP 220 Wesf 3rd Pham, l396 w CONGRATULATIONS TO THE SENIORS OF I954 We believe ln you and frusi' 1'l1a1' wlfh you we can build a beHer communniy 'for all of us L B Murphy Company . I U I . ' I . N 0. , ? .. . Q. fs b . '- J Q, r ' L N -1 I Rigs fu 1 U gf , -17 ff ' , ' ' X- 4 , . A X If 5,6 4dfr?.. 5 sf tw l g-'rf' 3l!ir'ef'ug1'15 ' .ig , 1' N -. qw? 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'L' Q5 SIT lL ROMINE S CAFE Y A fE1'n ROMINE S A 2I52B an 6024110 M6 SENICRS OF i954 KEEP-U-NEAT CLEANERS I2l Easf 3rd Sanifone Cleaning Phone I33 Lubrica+ion Service, Texaco Producis, Compleie Accessorie 324 Easi' 3rd Alliance, Nebraska W3 ' V I l I I If a in' ai ' Af I Ya Jusf in'+ Eafin' lf ox u e -1--1 MODERN CLEANERS CLEANING TAILORING II6 Wesi 4+h Phone 79 Congrafulahons +o fhe I954 Sensor Class 'From your STUDEBAKER dealer fhe RGBERTSON MOTOR COMPANY 323 Wesi' 3rd Alliance Nebraska Phone 97 "Sales'l Sfuoleoakerg "Service" MEN and BOYS CLOTHING Shoes for Ihe Famnly X fi 7 wufwq K X DALE S nvzfafcoq TO vlslr BARBERX Peres CLOTHING SHUP X AND ARMY STORE X X X Pleasmg You Is Our Success ----I---: o w + I-------lla Phone I28I ALLIANCE NEBRASKA 'll I20 Box BuHe ALLIANCE NEBRASKA The Home of KELVINATOR APPLIANCES BENDIX WASHERS DRYERS Newberry's Hardware Co Since I888 EVERYTHING NEW IN HOUSEWARES 402 Box BuH'e Phone 38 X r A M X 2, 0 2 3 W Ar 5- - A f CQ Q . I I I ' ' I' - : X x X d Q , ll -' X " W 1 - T A ,I I I3 es 3rd - ' ' - E Coo s 3' ProcIuc+s DAVIS PAINT I Q- 8: WALLPAPER Phone l587 2I4 W Thurd SI' ALLIANCE NEBRASKA Walker Funeral Home AMBULANCE SERVICE Mullen Nebraska Phone 50 R ALLIANCE NEBRASKA Phone 80l 2I7 Easi' 3rd SERVICE WHEN YOU NEED IT ONE STOP SERVICE Washing Greas ng Lubr cahon Tlres Bafrerles Accessories STIRRAT SERVICE 4+h Nnbrara Phone 66 I I ff-- I A4 542 . g Q I 2, lc b I I o fl 4 T'-,fli K. f X ,gy z , I-HA , . 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'T' em 0 Q ' Cf216LTcv Tie THE SLAGLE CLINIC AUTHORIZED SERVICE Harrison and McCord NEW AND USED RADIATORS FREE ESTIMATES DELUXE RADIATOR SERVICE 51 504FIIc 40 FQIZWUIHZIK mf 'M' ' DRAKE HOTEL CAFE 4 B ++ m f Radiafor, Cores and Heafers ac Phone I I 23 ox B MIDWEST ELECTRIC COMPANY DISTRIBUTORS AND DEALERS IOI5 Wesf 3rd Phone I207 AIIIance Nebraska SUB ZERO FREEZERS COMPLETE LINE OF PHILCO PRODUCTS Congrafulahons from BORROR S I fCH EVRJLETX AuI'I'IorIzed Dealer CHEVROLET OLDSMOBILE CADILLAC 502 Box Buffe fecal Zen 746064 527m ITRACTOITI ALLIANCE TRACTOR AND IMPLEMENT CO Sales Servnce Paris IOHI and Flack Phone I2I8 ALLIANCE NEBRASKA amflfmefzfs a BEDIENT LITHO HEADQUARTERS FOR DISTINCTIVE PRINTING I I I Wesi' 5I'II HARRY THIELE JEWELERS One BULOVA ELGIN GRUEN HAMILTON W + h TOWLE INTERNATIONAL WALLACE REED 81 BARTON LUNT Jme FURNITURE A+ L YOUR FRIENDLY STORE IN ALLIANCE BRAZEAL FURNITURE WE GIVE S8fH GREEN STAMPS 'Q N A 2, E SNS I R X N' 5 I xg T CX 91' FLOWERS FOR EVERY OCCASION -- I ALLIANCE FLORAL COMPANY gy Q 7641141-21:4 B dy Wwe PI1 n Ph I2I I IBC 65 I Sferling Silver ,X A F ,X Q o ower Prices SDJ X N -IRR A Q2 F I A A ' 5 3 85 S+. A Q 5 Phone asa x Q if N xg AAAL I A Y , N ,XY - -L-A Aw gf "Jia-fi' AY AL Q . 5 NTTVR? 'IX I 322 ox BuH'e o e ISI T a Congrafulafions fo fhe Seniors of I954 'him ' Q ' " IW" I 2 5 FROM 4 A+ fhe SavIngs THE STAFF and MANAGEMENT You Make of +he J H MELVILLE LUMBER COMPANY COAL PAINTS Theafre OTHER BUILDING MATERIALS Fox AllIance Alllance Nebraska Phone 650 5II Wesf CONGRATULATIONS TO THE Alhance Tl-md SENIORS OF I954 Nebr May all +he success be yours In The years fo come SALES I SERVICE fed I I I Q BOYD 1 x l CONGRATULATIONS TO THE l954 GRADUATES ALLIANCE NATIGNAL BANK Member of FDIC I888 I954 Think of +he FuI'ure Save While You Can Rf ALLIANCE, NEBRASKA V BOB MORRIS President Phofo by Worley Phofo by Worley The Marlc of Drshnchve Porfrarlure I+ has been a prrvulege fo work wllh fhe annual sfaff Seniors faculfy and general sfuclenl' body of AHS We congra+ula+e +he Annual Sfaff on a 'ob well done The vlsnble efforfs of all concerned wull be apprecnafed for years fo come WORLEY STUDIO Across from Cour+ House Phone 20 ll ll o o 4 e , Q. . . I I . . .. Q . A Ll I HOGRAPHED DALLAS TEXAS Q .. 5' 'viuzsoox , 'liofam-.,1,,seM1, feta if? i1i:f QLQZLH VW7MWf ,456 G Vandfjgvaq, If ,,.,1A,,.., ,cr A-lj I LV -ffl 4' ffz .K I f-L""'VV YW W, 141'-I -if Vw!! P wwf .,, V L-Maw, M040 ,J J J U ff'-4721 .,f'ff39!'m'wQ Q, ,Of fp WM J .Ju MJ WWW 'fwo WWW? E Aff f N xl' XV MMM A W A7 f,j K' iff, ELK' ' f I gun gy. -ff.-1 L" 'fo' -vi! A.. 'Noi ,rf A-K ...v--., -J - .A Q 4 Y:-gp - .: W , V . -.- V K. dh I 1 -- .. - , XA 1 'V W A - N' v A -1 if-P:-f 4-N-xJNC'33,,A,,3Y,:kxA-Apmi wrxrl X .I-'P' I- H N 0 ' ' 'N' w"'x LM' --Y ,- if - ' x 67 '5 ' 61 - - ea f W ' ' ' J- Q im a H' . , Qu ff- ' , V v I 7 1 I if I ' ' ' ' a F ' . 4 fu V, 5 I f ,.f . X X--ai ' A 5, ,, ' "Q N if vsrgf 'nga . ,.. 4 ,.- 'T N ' ' f:!L4Lf:', r' " 'nf' -1-fx I ' . f"Q7 f ff . 79 'C' x. '- ' I f 'I ' ,A " ' X "+ k- 'Q 71 , ' ac, A 1 , MN" -- f -if -F -, , If , V V' Y ' 1-ff ii: ' 5 L , X A, .-4, 1--A Z . - I A I II, .-. K .I ,K '-14. 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K I 32 n I 1 . , .:, , A - A . :- ",. - -- ,, lv ,N W Vw 5' was E " 'W' W ::g::.. . .5 -.. ww -- Cv xy-' .A

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