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Eu' J, 9 QQSXQBJU V al u v, 1. ' X. vu- ' i Q MFE .... .nw ey V, .,.. .. W. nw- - , ,- Q u--- " F, 51.21-' guy-x U' ' :,r'.. J.: .-' ' ?.' . W "' We wxsh to honor Vaughn Blshop our sponsor and Prmoxpal by dedxcatmg thxs Annual of 1953 to h1m 3 Ashby Board Of Educatmn rzox anna TqtO"1 Snc Q sr L n u HLAUL t x1t:.rn2 n n L t 1 rm A L c. cu Mft fc Ht X 1 0 He 1 stun Q ami' 1 H, HHS, Tkrrrsihgnt '.1 jhv: M ., .'3 F tar: ,.. Ffifl xi. R1t'r Qtv '.1rS. RAL 111 -r' , I H wt' E wx Hebu,-M, frcf1SL1:w:1' H 'fb 11' TE ,zrft , . 1 Pflliitx 'z' 'z .AL .1 Lg. 3 1":F 5 ri, -Ju .' TJ,-ft, 'viamlu Thur fix-f,.ii-f!'4E : VAUGI-IN BISHOP P1-znclpal Nlebr lrut1a1 Secondary Cert1f1cate Bachelor of Scxence Degree Umv of Mame 1950 JOSIE KLITZING Superxntendent Nebr Professlonal Admlnxstratlve and 5uperv1sory Certlflcate Master of Arts Degree UHIV of Nebr 1950 Bachelor of SCICHCE Degree Chadron State Teachers College BLANCHE POWERS HILLENA ILKINS Elementary Prxmary INebr h.lementaryL1fe Jumor Flementary Certlfxcate Cremghtorx Certxflcate Unu Omaha lNebr State Teachers' Chaclron State Teachers College Kearney College '7 I 1 l . - . - . 1 , . . .V H 4 n . '. . N N NNN will NN N N NH NN NX N N 5? 1 N' ARTHUR DAVID DUBS Class Presxdent Annual Staff. Drama Basketball Track, GLENN DAVID KE RRIGAN Basketball Drama ll ROBERT EARL JA MISON Class Pres1dent Annual Staff Drama 1, 2, 3 Basketball Track W ' .... ...1,2,4 ' .... .............1,Z,3,4 ...... .. Music ................. 1,2,3 Music ....... ..-1,2 ............Z,3,4 ... .....Z,3 ......Z ...... . I ......3,4 ....3,4 MABFL ELLA FERGUSON PRUDV MAP PAIQ-'L Xnnual Staff. Drama 'xiusxc Pep Club Cheerleader CAROL IRENE FERGUSON Girls'State . Annual Editor. Drama............ , , , Musxc .............. LZ, 3 Cheerleader .......... Z, 3,4 12 A nnual Staff Urauua lX4llSlC Pep Club Clas s Pr ophe cy In the year of 2003 I found that my year of good fortun had at last arnved That fall I sold the sheep that I had been herd1ng for forty f1ve years I got a very good prnre for them so I decxded to take a tr1p South for the av1nter My rheumat1sm had been bothermg me anyway Wh1le I was waxtmg 1n a l1ttle town 1n the hxlls of Alabama I saw an old man and h1s wlfe commg to town wxth a strmg of about a dozen chlldren followxng them The fam1ly looked t1red and they were all barefooted The old man seemed to be famlllar When the fam1ly passed by I happened to recall who he was Sure enough lt was Bob Jarruson After I left Alabama I went on to Flomda and went through the capltol bu1ld1ng I also went to see the Governor's home The Governor 1nv1ted me 1n and wh1le we were v1s1t1ng a charmlng woman walked 1n the room She was all decked out ln furs and the Governor 1ntroduced her to me as h1s w1.fe It suddenly dawned on me that the woman was Carol Ferguson another of my old class mates Then I headed West toward CalLforn1a As I was gomg through I saw a lot of good cattle country and of course that attracted my attent1on I stopped a feav days to look lt over I went out to a dude ranch to borrow a horse to rlde out mto the country on Wh1le I was at the dude ranch I met an old lady who was all dressed up ln western clothes and also boxmg gloves She started out w1th that old western talk as most dude ranchers do I asked her what she had those box1ng gloves on for and she rephed that she had been out punchlng was'7 Another class mate Prudy Pa1ge That was enough for me so I started r1ght on towards CalLforn1a Whenl arrxved 1n Hollywood I was much surpr1sed at the pretty homes there As I was dr1v1ng by on beautl ful home I not1ced an old cowboy about seventy years old He rem1nded me of Hopalong Cassldy of the olden days but thenl remembered that he had dxed a few gears back thought the cowboy was Just one that I had seenun the n1ov1es But later I recalled thatl hadn't seen any mov1es so I drove back that way to look h1m over aga1n Sure enough lt was Glenn Kerr1gan an old student from Ashby H1gh We had qu1te a v1s1t and he showed me all around Cal1forn1a Whenl left Cahfornxa I headed for Nebraska I was runmng low on money so I thou htl had better head for home Whlle I st1ll had some left As I was drwmg through Utah I chscovered that I was on the wrong road because I h dn seen anythmg but sagebrush and sand for many m1les A few m1les on I came to a school house and stopped to f1nd out what road I was on The teacher of the school was a hardworked women of about seventy years She was do1ng her best to make the k1ds behave She told me that I was on the rxght road and that she had once l1ved 1n Nebraska Then I recogxzed her It was Mabel Ferguson Drwmg toward home I thought how good 1t had been to see them once a a1n after so many. years by Arthur Dubs 13 , . , . . . . . . Q . , J i l ' - . . , . . J cattle and had forgotten to take them off. Then I asked her name, and who do you think it . ' , ' . , . Y ' . . 1 3 .- L P ' l I ' , ' ' . I . I . I . D 1 , . . . Y . . g . . y . 1 a ,t K . . D . , - . . Y . g . Y Clas s W111 c the Class of 1053 hax1ng come to the last hours in our r1ght ITl1IlllS leave the follow1ng posses s1ons to the rema1n1ng llllgll School students that they may enjoy them as we haxe I Mabel Ferguson xull my ab1l1ty to add math problems cor 1 ectly to Bud Hlnton I Xrthuu Dubs W111 my ab1l1ty for argu1nL with the teacher s to Ann Hunter helps Ann I farol I- crguson bequeath my danc1ng ablhty to 'l om Carlson Treat lt w1th respect Tom I rnay need lt back someday I Robert Iamlson leaxe my hard old desk to Wayne Stevens Please remem ber that I'xe spent four long years 1n that desk I I rudy Pa1ge w1ll my roller skatlng ab1l1ty to Ann Hunter Be sure to keep a good supply of Jeans on hand I Arthur Dubs bequeath my eatmg ab111ty to Bud H1nton 1-le can use lt I Mabel Ferguson W111 my ab1l1ty to thlnk up excuses to stay home from school to Tom Carlson Please don't overwork thls one I Robert Jarruson leav rny breath taklng drlvlng ab1l1ty to Tom Carlson You're 1n for some th 1lls Tom L Carol Ferguson w1ll my ty'p1ng ab1l1ty to Ann Hunter that she may type one letter a.fter her ass1gnments each mornlng before the bell r1ngs I Prudy Pa1ge bequeath my ab1l1ty to take up all the class t1me by asklne fool xsh quest1ons to Bud Hmton Arthur Dubs bequeaths all h1s 'good old text books ' to the Ashby I-hgh School Good R1ddance' ' ' Mabel Ferguson wmlls her ab1l1ty to get a date by fa1r means or foul to Ann Hunter Robert Jam1son leaves h1s grand old Math book to Bud I-Imton Have fun, Bud and treat xt wrth respect Carol Ferguson leaves all the h1story on her desk to Wayne Stevens Thls may come 1n handy Prudy Pa1ge w1lls her ab1l1ty to s1t 1n the Drugstore and eat salted peanuts Wayne Stevens You'1l get a k1ck out of th1s one Wayne Arthur Dubs w1lls h1s reputatxon of be1ng Ashby I-I1gh's greatest romeo to Tom Carlson and h1s abxhty for herdmg all the k1dS to school to Wayne Stevens 4 0 'V 1 - - n ,V , 1 .' 1 ' . , . v' - ' ' -- - 3 1 ' I . , 1 - , f J " . It , . , J ' , 7 ' . y 0 Q o ! K l 1 V l 1 ' - , I . , . . . .. 1 I - U . 2 I 0 9 l I ' ., . . D - . . . . . 1 1 -f 1 r , . I I . 1 C, " 1 . ' I I ' 3 Y 9 ! . I ! . . . Y . . to . , . . ! 'C Senlor Class of 1953 There are 51x semors n -X5-hbx I-I1.,h Glenn Pxerrxgan xas not ln school when thus pxcture was taken rthur Pubsm V afss rem ent A fe r L1-,on 1-, X1CcPr 1.1: e rurx Inge IN wecrc xr I e s efbur Qu xpowso lb Nir Xaughn laxQHOp 5 . A , QI If 'fi' ,f,1'l lverg T ', ' na' int, I' 1' H' S N If V, and V05 rt l.xr!1L50nQ TF V ' Er. 1' .' .. 1 Sc1ence Tvpmg 15 A shby I-hgh School U 5 i-1t1 wuper ntenfpnt A r IFIUCIIR ac e tt rs ixl t71n nn Ste Crm 1141 Hm on, rs r s left to x It Iur ll L1 ua nrt 41115 H 17 o "r:s..w.'1v Qi'.:n4,, 1 1' 1-, 'Vaughn Pvihup, J 'I 1 ' k If ., f-wht: xi 1 , Q, xxdy -, 1- r .'XnnEI1mter, Hr. Ekmshap. I1 ,I '0x, :' gl :AFM I7 hrs, 4'f,nz'wl 2' "L 'On, Pub? xl. T.1,15ulE'vrg'1':mn, Er' mit' E'V11g0. UNDE RGRAD U PJYES Lil- X 'IN 's 17 ' ' 5 aff-"- X X WAYNE KEITH STEVEN THUNT-1.3 GEYE CARLSON Secretafl' presldert I just don't know what to W hat's the hurry '7 ten ya., S ophomore Clas s H1StOTY The Sophomore C lass met at Ashb Llxgh School tor the flrst tlrrw n September 14351 The class cons1sted of Tom Carlson who had just moved to Ashby from Allmnce Nebraska, and W wne Steven, from Dxstrlct No 2 Grant 'ounty Our 1n1t1at1on was not easy to endure W e prox uled mam, lau hs for the upper classmen but came through It all ln pretty fan' shape Our teachers for our freshman year were Nlrs lxhtzxnf, and Harry Taylor who got us well started m hxgh school Our class offxcers m our Freshman year were 'Mayne Stevens, Presldent and Tom farlson Secret y A e partzcxpated m a three act play and m a one a t play and ull of the athletxcs sponsored by the school The Sophomore Class started out mn 1052 wrth the same students that were m the r reshnnan Class Our teachers for 19:-2 53 were Mrs Klxtzmb and Vaughn Blshop Our class offlcers were Tom Carlson Pres1dent and Wayne Stevens, Secretary A e have been 1n a threw. act play and haxe partxmpated IH all of the athletxcs sponsored by the school 'Ve have gotten along very well th1s year and expect to do better next year Wayne Stevens Z l - -- V . .V A - Iv ' v H - lf o -. , - 15,7 .-1 - A R. . , . , ' f-V -. ' ' K . . , al . , - , L, Q Y . . , . , . . 1 , 1 ' . N g , , 'ar. - - 2 ' 1 . ,. - . .V - b " 0 . . v , ' . Xlxif IXIA. -XNINI HUNTER 'iecretarx Ven are vsonrlerful creatures ' F :re shman Clas s H1StOIY Bud Hmton and Ann Hunter were 1n1t1ated lnto the Ashby H1 h School as E reshmen on September 19 1952 The mght after the 1n1t1at1on, the bemors held a party for us at the Ferguson Home After the party we were treated to a mov1e at Hyanfus The Freshmen are carrfxng, foar subjects W orld Hlstory, ED5l1Sl1 Ceneral Sc1ence and Algebra Our teachers are Mrs Khtzmg, and Nir Brshop Bud 15 our Class Presrdent and Arm 15 the Secretary Treasurer Bud entered hlgh school from the Ashby Grammar Room and Ann had prevlously attended Crade School 1n Sherldan County KN e have partrcrpated rn one school play and all of the other act1w1t1es of the year Ann Hurter BUD C HIINTON President "Ain'tl Cute 7 ZZ Grade Room Un Vunrliy, Bnptmnmbel 2 fuurtnen boxs and 1 s I't!'1StLlLd Ln the Jzann UO Q U N1 The ma L tr, um,1eTa1m1S0n, 'lhzlfwa Lxun Pio fl Taruson, larol r ubbtrt arxm rtlle ISQ Powm-5 mm left to rn ht S61 tc 1 x fam, u er fusrm, Jerry lynn NIL1 L, rlettc a 1 Sfm, TH: L51 Q one vm D1 l Lrxone, fo5tmf1" frox 5 .. .j ' ' , - V' g'rl,' Q: ' 'V' ui.:- Lt' :x Q-'t It right. ,Lx ll.. ' 1, K-111 I,-f-f k ' . y , 1' I 'If G , 5.1 ' r, X" . ' . Fr '4 , '.t21: D'11jAt1 .T diff H ' , . "Q" Fm f, I rx i, . gr W.. C , J . 'gl fx ' 'J 'W ' .y I 1 se. Kart-ri '-lialston lrft wxr Scho-11 nnfl muzufl tn Liarsland shortl. after the ','.' ' " ', ., ' 4 i. 'V .IW Qu: ' . "f 1 cnf V' ' Spf I It llmys, -'V e hast- xl'1,H7'.'x'i!'C'F1'1i 4 a . xg- 11 :r .f P. , ' . ' ' , 2 t H tx I.1br:1rv, ' 'fur :1t'tgtr'1U.1s.x1'v 'nfw:'r'::Ll, zu- :mx u kwxutl mis 5 Ijcct mor 51. . x' bther, I LL. 2 ' 1 r.xcx'S, 'l' -, I wccrmfi Qtmestnr e took part ln the hr1Qtm'1Q pun ram IOXt'1 ncml mv 1' ' Q n n nwbn uno ut 1 e tl' P 'An Q Z 1 Y c 1 st 1 c sexerll partu-:D am 1 J woke lrmu tue mra 1 0111 r n tl s m 'IUC lm. LWC IPI' Prlmary oom . yu n f 1m Holm flnf 1 S y tx stx ww v f vw m rm wp n 1 H1 4 entk , 1 + n L 1 .1 plctx IL Ns W1 fc. WC rmx Lthr SCH L1cXi xm 5 ,1 0 Hs ,ru we .LL s xuni S3116 'N J L row 1 ft to rxglt hithltbn Clstrdnfb arr, lr Irmlmn Q muse anf' aneth Psllef Ha la 1 T1V'1Y!1X J G loc 1 xt -1 Mrnun H1 bbhxt unnflra O-,trann Jnarmu Ste. L ,rue fn cu uvy r aww f 1 U lwck , 24 0 ,'c'11'E Y','stf1xyru1lUfthispr' Lxrx 4:'u'1g :xs Cin UA, fue. .rw ,,-5 mica: :A Lf .I of Clxil'jr'vnz15 x-.c ' 1.n3 ..'hvrc, Wu :uc . url' 1:11. 4f.u'1 :Ax11f'U zfgmi 111 rr um if IIa.:1r 'Z 5. ..1 fn 13' w-.wltpT,11m1L fig tlmtl -xllv :-' '- :Chh-r :ann '1H', f- 11 Earn fs xuwc ill, fIl1CxVl1'l ut tw 'n xr "'w.:. Klip: Luna "'11i:1 iv, Tlul' P'-L. k ', lhf - ight: '. .Sb RWIYWM- .arl-1 '.- c nm, 1.a1'1'I' ,' 4111 Lhilrlai E-kcrgLf,n, fuyml Q f' 'lf' , Till ,'1'k,', El at 7 ii 1 rt. ,.fiff11- 1, fl "I: 1 :1 ' ' .l-r, V. "VM ,. ,zu g , wA .Fw Xfvhr, f l? ,, ry Jo YY '5' wCk, f. A' "I", l-Q. ffirst row, lvft to Hg! : QQ' wi '- ' ' , 'f 7 f -r, - Q gall, 5.1 Alf' V Ferupsn ,M-T 'Tl lf Jfr, 'Emu 4 ,r+m11:e, I bbg' :Alai 4 Ins1de Dope hen the basketball boys come to school the followlng mornlng after a. game clolng Pep Club yells ue knox 1t's Just the results from a nlght at Halsey onder what the 1nterest lS 1n 9-.lllance Bobq Wouldn't you frnd the tr1p rather tmresome 1f1t wasn't for a certa1nl1ttle ladyo hy 15 -ht always so anxrous to o to Senacx to dances 'P Could It be because lt 1S only thlrteen m1les on to Theclfordw We can't dec1de whlch Mabel llkes best Bulcks Fords or Mercurys Whlch IS lt Nlabelq What IS lt that causes Carol to hurry to the Post Offxce so early every mornmg, A couple of xmportan letters maybe Tommy's whereabouts seems to be nobody's buslness but h1s own Anyway we haven't found out anythmg on h1m yet Or could the mam attractwn be s1tt1ng nght here 1n the schoolroorn maybe the g1rl Slttlng across the 2.15167 Bud seems to fmnd It more fun to tease Mrs Khtzmg, than to recxte Ln classes More fun and less work 1sn't It Bud9 We wonder why Prudy has been count1ng the days u.nt11 sprung Is xt because of the new Job she w1ll haveo Wayne must be leadmg a secret lmfe as no one knows any-thxng lbtit lim.. The attractlon must be elsewhere R1ght Wayne? Why IS lt that Ann IS always so anx1ous for the week ends to arr1ve'7 Could xt be because of a certam fellow who drxv s a certam black car nn her home town? 25 I xr , . - - .V f , l - y , ,J . H ' 4 . , . rn '. , , . ' ' ' -v . 1 g . A' 1 . "" 1 1 ' Q , A . . A ,D . , . . 1 Q 1 7 u 1 x - n v Q y - . . 5 . . .. , , Senior Glas s Hzlstory Our class originated as Freshmen in September 1949 with Mr Frye and Mrs Klitzing as instructors The class consisted of five members Robert Jamison Mabel Ferguson and Carol Ferguson from Cherry County and Arthur Dubs and Mary Sormenfelt from Grant County Mary attended school for two weeks then the family moved to Alliance Our class officers were elected as follows Arthur Dubs President Carol Ferguson Vice President and Mabel Ferguson Secretary We survived the 1n1t1at1on bestowed on us by the Seniors and part1c1pated in all of the ac1tv1t1es sponsored by the school The follow1ng year as Sophomores Bob Art Mabel and Carol carried through the year with no casua1t1es We were participants at County Day in Hyannis and took part in the High School plays Our school organized a softball team and we played games with Hyannis Whitman and Bingham Our teachers for the year Adams who left after the first semester During our Junior year our class increased from four to six members, when Prudy Paige of Oshkosh and Glenn Kerrigan of Chehalis Washington Joined the class We welcomed them into our school and continued the year with lots of fun I might add that our teachers Mrs Klitzing and Mr Taylor also survived the year We are now the Senior Class of 1953 Our graduating class in May will consist of Robert Jamison Arthur Dubs Prudy Palge ani Mabel and Carol Ferguson Glenn received his diploma and left us at the end of the first semester Our teachers are Mrs Klitzing and Mr Bishop We hope that they have Joyed teaching our school as much as we have enjoyed them as in tructors The main events of the year are Freshman Initiation, Our three act and one act plays Basketball and Softball games, Commencement Baccalaureate and Sneak Trip Let us conclude by dedicatmg the history of our class to Ashby High School, so that the class of '53 will never be forgotten Carol Ferguson 26 O I . - I p y I s . . . 1 . . . . : . y 1 L I I 1 I . ! Y I l I I . ! I I I I . . , . , . . were Mr. Adams and Mrs. Klitzing, with Mr. Taylor finishing the term for Mr. S 0 . . ' . . . I . . 1 . , . . . . , . . . 7 I I I . y 1 I 1 ' s . ' ' . ' . en- ! D I Valedlctory From the f1rst graduatmg exerc1ses of the f1rst school whenever and wherever they may have taken place down to the present t1me and the class of 1953, the most unsahsfactory and thankless part of the program has been the speech of farewell the valed1ctory Unsat1s factory because regrets no matter how smcere are no guarantee of eloquence thankless because there 1S so very l1ttle chance of or1g1nal1ty You have no opportumty to d1st1ngu1sh yourself Everythmg has been sa1d ove1 and over aga1n s1nce that f1rst far off graduat1on day Boards of Educat1on Supenntendents Pr1nc1pals and Teachers have been thanked ardently and at great length May after May In a few cases they have been as glad to get r1d of the class as the class has been to go but usually as now both class and faculty have honestly felt sad at the partmg So lt 1sn what IS Sald that's wrong 1t's the way we say lt Suppose I Just use pla1n everyday language and say exactly what I mean regardless of a well turned phrase or poetxc CXPTCSSIOH I'm sure you won't m1nd F1rst to the members of the Board of Educat1on You have glven us a f1ne bu1ld1ng and good teachers wh1ch was most k1nd of you We feel there were several t1mes dur1ng the past years when our hol1days were unnecessar1ly shortened but we merely rr-ent1on that 1n passlng We shall not reproach you You're a grand old Board of Educat1on and we thank you for all past favors Second to the Supermtendent Pr1nc1pal and Teachers We are very proud of you You lost a s1ngle one of us That's a record worthy of beautlful words You taught us that honesty fa1r play amb1t1on and perseverance are qual1t1es to be des1red, and you always pract1ced what you preached That seems to be Just about the best th1ng that can be Sald of anyone Thxrd to the undergraduates who w1ll some day stand proudly where we are now, endeavor 1ng to bear our wlsdom l1ghtly Please remember lt 1S your 1mperat1ve and sacred duty to uphold the honor of the school and to endeavor so far as 1n you l1es to keep to the standards of ach1evement set by us Now 1f you do these th1ngs don't become concelted, and above all don't make a show of your learn1ng Last but far from least to you, the graduat1ng class, my comp11ments We've done well, and we're proud of ourselves True there have been a few occurrences dur1ng our scholast1c career that are noth1ng to brag about Our class average 1n mathema.t1cs 1S mentxoned only 1n wh1spers and our athlet1c prowess leaves the sports world cold On the other hand our dramat1c ab1l1ty 1S unquest1oned We may have no gen1uses 1n our m1dst On the other hand we have no morons at least none off1c1ally branded as such e've endured all of our school l1fe l1ke most of 1t, and found some of lt del1ght1ul We know that all we d1dn't l1ke was good for us, so we're perfectly sat1sf1ed Ve feel that 1f the future deals w1th us as k1ndly as the past has done l1fe w1ll be very good mdeed We go to meet It gladly, carrylng 1n our hearts only k1nd thoughts of our school 1ts teachers and 1ts pup1ls And we do hc me we haven't d1sappo1pted them too much Good bye and thank you C7443-4-u-:J I . . . . , v , . . ' , l H 5 . .. . - . - . I . , . I I 7 I ! , I . . . . . It . . ! 1 . , . 1 . . . . . . I . I , . , . . , Z . brought this class through four years of good hard work and merciless exams, and never , . , . . ' . . . . , . - I . I I . . I . . I . Y O , . . - I 1 - . . . , . . Y U- . . . W . , . , . . , . X , . . . , . . I . . . . . . S I O ' O Z , -if . l The Basketball Bu11d1ng Year 1953 The fxve Iron Men oi the Ashby Basketball Squad of H153 pl yed 14 ames thxs year So far we have 1 100 loss Our fxrst game was wlth Dunnlng, 27 to 30 rn I unn1ng's fax or Our seconc, Hame was wlth Iiyannxs 17 to '11 fa xery close gxrrxd The thxrd was w1thII1lsey Zi' to 55 The fourth vuth Thedforri whmch we also lost It was after our ,same wxth Halse that Glenn Ixerrxgan became 1ne11Q1b1e because of age We nussed h1s hemght good game Z7 to 30 We lost to Blngham Z0 to 31 We haxe -I ,james to play yet countxng the Jlstrlct Tournament We are hop1n,, to vun the 1 st game wxth Seneca Thex onlw haxe fxve men hke we do We haxe 2 ood chance to um Names ofthe plaxers are B d Hmton -X11 star player Rayne Stexens Champ Torn Carlson The best m athletxcs -Xrt 'Tabs Star pla er Bob Tamxson The beqxnner 31 0 0 A , Z1 ' eg ' ' . Q ' ' . "T, '. ' ' 1 ' ' ', . I . , T i , ,N - . . , . V V 71 1 I . . . K I . . 9 l h. ' . . , . L, ' . V , , . Y . y . . . l .5 I The game with Seneca, which was the hth, found us on the trailing end of a I 0 - 4 l , n r 'Y H , . I . . . Y y. 2 5 1 "4 .Y 1 . " ' - 1 A , Y ,, - - ., , Ls' , " - y " -, V - ,, . . k I-hgh S chool Pep - Club 0 X rf D1 P14 x 'S OWL ost of ou 5 ar 0,1 then .0 n fn rv te corn: Q 1n bv' al acrxi as 'ep C rom left to rlgwt Thelma I-xeller J u 'wc fl ra 'ifuom Cheerlezl W' rm Hunts T Llma ink 1 e Q z L 1 mr1C ner ea fam 1 in Lf L nr 1 w ' fo V hverlm af 1 r 'nl anl mon 4 Lame xg s -f nn 5 ind tin Q vw IP 1 1 rn ti L 52 1 0 'NLT I'eA -"lui iSn't '9 .' ' Ag, 't 't p 'frfu1. li ' I' girl' 1: Smg Wt f k if-R d' a ,il f '. Q 19 "1 gg . I V-"lub gjrlff . 'I : v ' , u", l'kEiY'Q..,1H '3 :de I , 51.1, A F, Fx' V Ev Q, "her 5 Xerznn,-f.1rarle If . Q2 3 1 zcrj, Q . 'ml '!cb'1c:'t, 2 d Jxrz' 'J . ffurcr, H151 ,Cla 1 ' - if S :1'eT.1a. A f' 1'11rwlI7c:'g' . . .N 9 !"'311X'Q'YX, Che:-ring for waz' tp-arm. A1thfv'15hthQ',' 31210 lost vost of th-if Y. . -S, t?f","',c Alu lap! t' mr 'p1rit4E1i,:1, 1 X ft'S'.x11,1trm'.111'. '11 .it-. It? in Llmtl . ir: wjn'51PfIJI'ii11 wf thf 2 my- Iz1:J'.vfie-nIs.1',t' f','1'1' ww Q, :- ar11'.xv"'v'p:'fv. 'Nt' tip 'r!:. i3I'f11i'c!', .Swn ITD-kl1:y1r'v ifi'n1 Grade Room Pep - Club Q ll Q f f ew a' L had 1l0fOffK1YlC1SLI1l'1 for is Q ha e tmed to xttenf all nf tl amp L 0 an Q1 cw rx t 11 S n 1 'll 10 Ill L I lmp tl ev H 1E no 1 tad: - X fu 0 L1 wo: u N Ih'rv wr- Q1-zen xr 'r11?1f'rsinfm:' E up- lilly. '.V?1cntl1ullig31 lrvl th ' thirfi zxn'l fwurth gral rs .ell v-.itii gs, '.1. 1- Ixrizv Yftccn ml 1 le h f l 4 A L1:' X M. 'fc 1:'e',cr. 1: K wftm .'. - '. ' A E il- 4' -5 S1t'l'1L:t, 'Ja . '.2, Q-wt. v 1' '1 1 -K , J. - havv n t t rn able tw g t " 11:1 ,',' W1 - ff-t urn-5. 'Hr gan. ' arwfilprmmltu'.vr'fo1'tl1c','m',x:', ,ani ' :,c 01-14.-' 13 w will bei Il'gl1 ':l ol txt 'a 4, .2 1' lwpv that tliv. will -x1 1' 1 I x u1tl1tl11'i" 4 .. 'N 1.1, ,1 tiiux' l, ' L zu, Grade S chool Basketball Thxs yea the Grade Room Basketball Team has had a falrly successful season So far we haxe wont games and lost 4 We haxe won 3 out of the last 7 and expect to wrn se e al rno e A feather 1n our cap was the games that we won from 'xlullen and Hxannls Our maln scormg threats thls ,ear haxe been the Jam1son brothers Byrle Adams and Blllx Weeks haxe shown that 1tdOCCIl't aluaxs take hel ht to be good xn basketball Our two ma1n reserx es are Poug, and John Crouse On of oar a1n uards loe Cerx one was laxd .xp nth a broken leg, after tm tmr game 34 and Dean, Our main defensive guard is Marvin Keller. Larry Sells, Billy av' in 19. wir' 1 YN wg A, 4 43531 .-an G S chool Fun Autographs ,,,, ' ' 4.727 ' , ' 1' f A " v,' X f , V, .Il . Q I if 132' -- Autog TCI D115 VX a x H ' ,Kp Ckynik K 8 'J Inf: Q xv fxixt X kk t- g X,ff X.x' rf, iv Fixx ,X Lxs ,- " . X i -x ,f 4 Y K , ffilli x ' , f - .X f 4' HX x T if AJ.,- V . XG' ' Y ' -SKC-K' X Ellgk sox X 2 L X X THE GUARDIAN STATE BANIN ASHBY CO OP H our Home Owned Co operat1ve Store A Good Store Servlng A Good Communlty Congratulatlons To The Senlor Class 1952 1953 Ashby Hlgh School 1953 We Have Had The Pleasuxe Of Servlng Xour Grandparents And Your Parents Slnce 1888 ALLIANCE NATIONAL BANK Alhance Nebraska MemberF D I C Congratulations To The Senior Class Of ROY HEBBERT Blacksrnith-Welding, gl Machine Shop Ashby Nebraska MARTIN LUMBER CO MYERS DRUG 8: SUNDRIES Our A1m Is Pleasmg You Congratulatlons To The Sen1or Class 1952 1993 A shby, Nebraska 1 1 VN lmw W Luft X Lib Cf 1"1t1OI'1Z1L ldcvung C xx 'UNI Kc UL X OD LL'-. 'XCCLbSU11CS win 011 1111115 JI ZiSlxf1 5 1 men 5 1Cx xfktf .'.Xx.1i. F 1 .STUFK G1'OR'I'-A1 Q 7. 'liz L 'L'21u-viqal-Infurr I ' ' 1' Arg' Tru ks-Hurd 'ZLIC QQL- Qs, Tft,71Jl'ZlS?"3. ' A YT VH. C'UTx1i"fxfXlY Yi-1L1'i?uw1tm'S of I J L IV,-..'C'l3l?1lI"JVi it-M lilgns-M '1 ' Wiruw- ,g.t,u:1'3'-Q-f " A ' H M Hyz ':', Tic? ' 1"' 'nfs "1" 'A' 6: UUA CQKU LXTYV' ' '11 "v Tr'f1C1'aJi'-, El T?'i1y Q., ' 12' Nga 'rms xfif. 7'11Ci4xs ,t 11391: 1 lf' Q- MCB 5 'Exif X,-Vinum wrt' if 1 if .IL1-li, ,.Lt7J1Z1Sl-1- ' l'9 Agni 1 iff . .zvf nu! 5- L A :'fwv1'11f11. !w1Q:t'A-- " ,Q -fn-"-i -:':a14,-'Y 'L 1' ' l , ECONOMY FURNITURE STORE Howard W. Graham, Proprietor "Buy At Economy With Econorny" Phone 1140 Alliance, Nebraska Meet rour Frlends MARYL XND STI XK HOUS1 Cornpllnacnts of HARRY THIELL JEWLLER5 306 Box 1 utte honc Z Alllancc Nebraska HO15T1N'S THE DRUG STQIIE 31oBox131tt 111 nc maria Y7 ' ' 1 Y' 4' . ' f I L 1 41' , 1, J , I 9, 4, . . 1 3 , 1' ' 1' 1 I , Av Q C .. QA' ' DrU.gS Sex,-,fcll'f,, 5 ' .' X' e 'za v, TT? 'cmkia THELMA 'S "Style Without Extravaganceu For Juniors, Misses, And Women S Kr H Green Stamps Alliance, Nebraska A H JONES COMPANY Sales Chrysler Plymouth Serxice Phone 51 Alliance Nebraska PFTE'S CLOTHING gl ARMY STORE Phone 1481 1013 W Third Street Alliance Nebraska 'Nfl BRASKA HXDRO GAS CO Butane Propane Phone 377 H1 hway 2 and 10 St Alliance Ncbiaska O O I ? L -Q ' ' , Complete Home Heating A - x, Avi 1 BILL CROUSE GARAGE General Overhaul Parts And Accessorles Ashby Nebraska GRAHAM HOTEL gl CAFE Ashby, Nebraska E BRA MMER Machlne Work Blngham, Nebraska Phone 1587 COOK'S PRODUCTS Dav1s Pa1nt 81 Wallpaper All1ance Nebraska 214 W Thlrd St I Welding gl Auto Repairing 3 H c Timmy af Quahtx Sc XICL and L dl: I l1CCS howc '94 Hx 1111115 Ng 1 IO 1 R OR C HLVROLET GHEVRDLET - 6-ix .::'Ti'-Te-.-.1 is .. 1071111 xnxx fi lflll UNIX! XX.-f 7 Vox B xtte A e Alllance, 'Nnbraska IDL DJ DLLOL FI C 1 lax 5 Salas t all Lpmnnt To X our Job uh lncp Ncbx 'xska A N1 1Ch1TN ry Tplcplmnc ZOO LA! I TlA1JINGLObT Hyamub, Lbl Qska I2 I2f'TUI,. G1il,'Cf1i2Il77 ""1:. if L 'jf - .'7"' " E . :F fs ' , f'fb'::51-1:1 1 K j 5' ' . 1 III xIN , 'xx -N. - 4 ,I - .. Lx, - - FM, 11 l X ' , .,.... if 50p , .' rv. ,, ' ff I ' -5 X 3 ,,, IN , 5sfr'tACc: -- 't' -- f 1 F' r'n'x W0 Fi 1' H ' 7 .V L ' '- .gist'l'E1i:'f1X3tm'c't I " 'J ', .' 1 5 A ' , ' 4 ' H w , '. xi, . Ashby GRANT COUNTY TRIBUNE In The The C Heart Of The Sandhills enter Of A Great Cattle Country Established May 2, 1859 Hyannis, Nebraska -Hyannis ------------ ------- -Whitman OK LIQUOR STORL Be-ei Liquor Wine Candy Pop Notions Owne Oren Kelle Hyannis Nebraska MOI Ll THARNIACX A and H J lxomners berxing Nou 1:01 39 Year Hyannis Jelnaska Pr X l lb SHOVIPI inc Hyanni Q. o 1 C T , r- r . , LT J. DT ,. j lx Y YV. . . 0 ' W ', ' 1' . .S r l X Q 1 , . lXf,i-L , ' Q Q Ladies' f lf"'1'11il.i:'v. 5 ?.vazly-to- -var fs, f!1'1'tsl:a Congratu1at1ons 1 1' om BOX 11 MOTOR CCD 'loul BU1Ck Dealm 7-1 110 11 C,oP1p1etC, Of And 1 unt bhop ILCKCI Serxlce xr A lhance Neb1 aska 1 hone 7 COV1 R JONES IMI LLMENT CO Vhnneapolls 1x 1 isy Washers W 3rd 12 Alhance Nebl aska Phone 97 QUE-1 I TSON MOTOR LO btudebaku Cars And Trucks A111 Lnce Nc bl aska 224 Cheyenne 114013114 10 xT1XC Pontlae C mrs And GMC I ILll1iS Sales, Ancl5c.rx1ce Conoco C115 ADL1Ql11 Alhance, Nebm aska f 4 1. 1, , 7 Q ' , - - ' 1 ' g X .12 ly " f 4 . Y , . 511 5-1 1 I' - V, ' D Q T o 1 1 , N ' ' ' - f1o1ine Farrn Machinery vflc 401 ' ', S , 4' . , ' Q : n .1 f ' f - . ,A . , . , , 1 , . f , 1 , 2 '11 1 11 1 .qr xx' , .1 ' " ' .C 1 . NEWBERRYS HARDWARE CG, Home Anfl R anch Supplies 65 Years ln The Sandhills 114 West 4th MUDLRN CLLANERS T etter Cleanmgb 1111101 1n 1 hone 79 Allllnce xehrask ALI IANICE FLORAL "Say It Wlth Flowers Phone 151 Xlllance Nebraska 1' westeln Nebz lolxll ost Complete rm Store Alllance Nea aski 1' L' J 7 AT. 3 ' Y Q " g J nc J, 1131 ,, - 1 CO. ' ' , H 5 . T , , . TH1lf,LlQ 13111152 ' ,W 'Q s -1 H vu ' , , .:, . ' ", ff 1' 1 MIMI 'S BEAUTY SHOP Esther Jessen Operator Ashby Nebraska WORLEY STUDIO For Flne Portra1ts Alllance, Nebraska ALLIANCE SNACK BAR Lunches Sandwlches P1e Martha Shankland 410 1f2 BOX Butte Phone 1819 SCOGCIN JEWELER ' Where Quahty Is Assured" Alhance Theatre Bldg Phone 290.1 Alhance Nebraska 9 Cold Drinks 81 Ice Cream X hmm F I HUD Fllxxfn 21,5 "hu f71'iegnfTL'A jf Q i1.f ':, ff.tU:'ff l 'V'.5Qff"fI5 ' QI, 1 v jf C. Lg, f.fCL':'uC3 H',:1r1:1l, fm- :il TMXTQE' f 7' Q .' -K' U1 J- 3 " 1 fI'."1'.:'i-, ,I , Geoge E Roe R K Nelson INCOME TAY SERVICE 22 East 3rd .Street Alhance Nebraska MACH'S DAIRY KING Bar B Q Sandwlches Foot Long Hot Dogs 523 East Thlrd Phone 865 .I Lubr1Cat1on SCTVICC Texaco Products Complete ACCCSSOIICS ALLIANCE WASH Harry Selfert 1 r Phone 262 Z4 East Th1rd Alhance Nebraska BONID MOTOR COMPARE Automoblles Gas O11 Repa1r1ng W111ys Cars Trucks Jeeps 17110119 86 Hyann1s, Nebraska 4. 1 v 1 ' ' , if - Sales--Service ' , D op. 3 1 . . , . T 7 L , TH1.. HOME RANCHE Marv Dletrlch Owners Leo Hoppes Beer LIQLLOT Wlne Phone 1186 Alhance, Nebraska ALLIANCE CLEANERS If Work Is Satrsfactory Please Tell Your Frlends If Work Is Not Please Tell Us Agents At Blngharn Dew Drope Inn Hyann1s Lazy BM Tradlng Post 203 Butte Avenue Alllance, Nebraska If You "A1n't Eat1n" At ROMINE 'S You Just "A1n't Eat1n 215 1X2 Box Butte Alllance Nebraska Loans Insurance ARTHUR H LUCHFINICK Phone 463 Alllance, Nebraska 1 J Ashby: Meyers Sundries ' Y ' ' H D D . ALLIANCE STEAM LAUNDRY The Best In Laundry Service 1 xery Thlng Washed In IVORH Soap Phone 160 Alhanee Neblaska BRAS 713 1 QUIPMENT LOIXI1 'ANX Royal Typewrltels, Addlnt, Machlnes Standard Portable 1 lectrlc Hand Lleetrlc 109 Vast Th1rd Alhance Nebl 'tska Phone 2.82. A 811' LATE CD11 Prlees Ale Rlght Owner Frank M6T11tt 211 East Ihlrd Street Alhance Nebraska VALHEP FU NERAL HO' IE -Xnnbalance Ser x rce I hone Sf Phone 2401 1 en LOT Alllance ebrask 7 11" 'Y ' 7 7 1 3 A . N 111 f K A 'I' X I E 12' Ii 1 T E R 8: L iT ' 7 y . . I W . -1 D ' ' e 'c Where Good Friends Meet .I , 1 E 4 I YT V' X .. ,V 1 I ' f: .J - 11-7. HL1111, If-T ' , Fl - a u

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