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 - Class of 1952

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'IX' XJ X 'X XXQ N 1 V x x w x xfs 'I . 7 5 K4 xii Xxx N 23 x y X 7 , w s E. 5 X ii E35 m4-N vga, V1Ct or olo or 1315135 Clarmet 1 ii 2- mi- -I--C--Ili ii' -laCQ-U11 II-l I-1 l Qi -?"'iI'H IIH1--ZSQI iQll 1l1Qil H GL.. H - J lYl'1..Q---21-n--2-- - QI-11--21' -"'aii"""""""'- Ll- YT nd-' na l-J L1 S111 i lui -42 - 1 21 lkI'1-I---Dil 1il'1""1"""iI"Z" p 1 S 4 1 ' un III-Q-1alI--'llll--IQUSI Ill IAIUQU-I 1-iQ-mlli 1121! 1 I li11ifl CB - I1-'I--"'l 5 J -Q I I LK------Q11-H I-271----I 1'1"-'-l'1' fQ-1 Illia-1 U I Q-- I"""""""'1 1 , ' 1 fly ' it 1 1 H 1 Y U Af xg v VS' ki .fs 1.3 of f V1 X . 5- , A F, W .1 -AJ 5 3 . ' is -- v. K , s ' BR N X f rr bs. V v ww. - V , wg -1,0 A nf P 1' x wg , , Q Q W 3 o I -P -,gjf xg qi' -.1 H J X A X 4. xy' X., V A B K . 5 .ff 1' w 1 4 N ' 1 , , v , -1' . ' A' 1 .j 'Ti 1 I - ' K gy . 3, V' px Q . , 1,1 xx ' ng? ix, tx ., x Q fx. gf lf' .f L' N r' W ' X g, gf - in 3 5- fi M f xy - fax- A ' , . 5 . Q Q .T fv f f lf! il I xi ,.' s f 1 g' ,J - .' , , 3 f 5 fx 4 ' 3 ' f I , - ' V' .ff ' , ' 'g ' f ' Q 1 JJ li? Z. I 1,15 V -Nihyfl. . . xx I I o. .X V if L . 5 3 , LK 1 F Lb X X ' ' x V A' f'f ' 1 1' 'A:. 7 1 - ' , . ,v 1 1 ff 5, ' ' l A 4' I' ' 1 A ni' f 'mf X- ' 1 . in ff-X 'fe X. W . 4 M -1 if 59 .1 w -1 -. , G, N If! I ,xi Q .I '5 J 'A N1 J JL X f.' i l . a V' -x 14 X'- if . xx L 1' kj kg E-S5115 . . 1-E I 'I I f 1 'Q Q Q Q I . - 1" If 4 qw , if 1 sw Q xx E23 V ' - , N ' 1 i i N , Sf X' 1 , 1 J V4 -' - ' l X 3 , , 2 ls, 5, asv . 5 I- 2 ' - ij V. 'N ? ' ' ' - X4 . ,q ' ' . N A V R 3 V - X 'ai J ', X xb . '- J " A -' - 2' 1 'XA-. 'V ' EK. . e. Q 'i .B - 1 XA kj jfgx -1 I W I . - I -X ' "N ' " L "" - - 11- 'SL A x . ax wt 1. T 5 3 R' - XY SQ - pw ' YQ! if bl? ' 5 X ,CSX .I ,I n ,NW , 1 1 5 I ' l . n : ' , , 1 ' " -- 3 I A ,R X NY . 2. Q bfi, X X 14 . ' X 'D .5 . -Y U I 4.-, P , i ,ml -. f 'Q L -' ' as - l N X ' ' qu X an K N . . W v. , yx . U , 5 I '- - X X ,444 frm f I P! 44-647 49 64' 'C' If , , MMD f arch JOHN F SHEA 'os f 4 MJ Q All Gc Rev MICHAEL J SHEANN ff, W Arr by Harry L Alford ,L 9 1-llCHmQ.ll1--I-Q-Q 1118 ! -8111i f D H! - f-f""'s Lliijliiln-221'--U1 A liz! 1 X- 2 - --I1 J ' S I J fy K qfjffi l.l.'-H'!.'!-Sl-'-.--- Z l1l111l11l11l 111 fgff-417 A - X ,cjg ffl 11 ' ,L L4 1.415 l11ll11Ill1 111111111 1111111111111 11111 111111 1 3. I S 'Z-'CHQ fig 1-2--D-lT.l1.l-Ulm I W 1I'1 m-Q1 iii-QIQIH 111.11 -1- ln 11 - 'Sch' 1:ln11u:l1:ln11-1 4111111 C g ff :r::.E".":"""EEf5 :':-3 Us F 4 Qi-9, - 'P Q ., ..... I b ,JI ENN? f- 'fs l1111n1111us..1vn n : 5 F o ?i"-'Ql"""1""'11ll-f2""-l:l'1- U 4, If "'- II7' 1 1 - F Egfrop " ,iff rf , ,A -' 7 ., ,-- '7 f' X - 'V fy! 7 1 1 AF vu I f , , 1 f wx V VII f 1 V, Q, , ' B f ff A ' ,fr A y , "1 ,, --1" !.lf 1.14-if "' f' ,r F , ' 4 ' A 4 , 'JI' - KL Lag , Mel. I 'X 1 'LJ' ,qfuffw . n 4 A . - X fgffff, ,, Q , 4 f " , 1,1 ffl 4' l p 1,1-M - r ,, - rf M,-1,r7,f1rL W' aft Q ,, , f , . L' - - v D 0 0 0 ' , . ' I 1 ,n i . . fgfxax Q,i,4,' AIAJ' , ' V' . I - . f 3 . Liv 0 J A 52 1 la il , LJC'pz!V:,,14J Q' ' l -' O f J I In ..,. ly, I, ,I Q' K , x.,, - ' V V 1 , , ff ' f . 'I I 1 A I, . A gp 1 1 1. 4.,- - M' V, I ' 0 5 I, A V . 1 . . f Qt' 'L 115,37 L. , , l 5 A . . N 'V ff Pm V V, 4, 1.4, ,Luv- I 1' A,,- 1 v 1 V ,r f .1 ' -1 if A! .A ,, - . ' Xi pf' ' 111- J .H-A Y i f 1 . ' XIX Q -7' - 1 1 4 ' 1 ' V P Vw l . m . IX ff X ' 'N ' ' ' A " 11 X J,-"1 - I J I 4,55 Q 1 ' 1 Mx., , f f 17, I ff Z J If' s , . 1 - H, - ,g.-,. " . , 75 - - I . 1 . . , M X ,.,,f I - J- ,,,. 1 -- - I "I fi fn ? ff- x in A ul - ' f' A -5 ff Y, P Q "' 11.-1 lo F 1 S 1 gp E I' , 1 C I I a , - Q.6fi11y?goiza' I TAYLO PUBLISHING COMPANY DALLAS TEXAS . l 7aglnz-nada MEANFETIER vuszsooxs --wan-no-'uw'--""'nrv K -3- 9 Q g 4 aiu -H512 2' 'W my ll .,k, .,,' HH L , , .. w....m,,-'Q-u-f..-1 R ,....w. W ,.. N... .. - ..-, -.-. ., .M , N-- KN . -V644 ,nas 3'3 '-6 :H . fx -1-1 A JJ "'-"rw ALLIANCE HIGH SCH K . X.. Salma! 150 rd . f A ' 1 i ,f A , ' f s 51 L l , 2 Q Y T T ay rl Q Q L :gg Q ll :-I, 5 A is if ,Q 5 . 2 'fj T 5 Tl-lE ALLIANCE CITY SCHOOL BOARD The members of the Alliance Cnty School Board pictured above are left to right .W Johnson W A Schmdler Albert Reddish Rex Meyers Varley Grantham A W Koe'ster and H R Dodd The board meets the second Tuesday of each month l L' . I 4 x I . 360.0146 W QW 4. dnt' ,dm Alliance City t d t FSchools Offfice oF the Supevin en en o Alliance, Nebraska To The Graduates Of 1952: This is a happy and eventful time for you, the graduates of l952. Through twelve long years you have worked and planned for this graduation time. It is the climax of an eventful period in your life. ln reality, it is only the beginning. These past years have been the preparatory years to enable you to continue further into college and a more specialized career, or they have prepared you for the work into which you wish to enter immediately. lf this period of elementary and secondary schooling has been done well, if you have laid well the foundation for your education, then you should be able to do well and worthily the task which you contemplate. lt is my wish that each of you will find a life which is busy, successful, and a happy experience. Sincerely yours, W. a. Schindler, Superintendent .....f-4' MISS LILLIAN BURNS B.A., M.A. gllfllf y MRS. VIVIAN ANDREWS DALE BARD MRS. VERA BAYER B.A., M.A. MRS. HELEN BEERLINE mfg .-:,. . ' ' ' ef 35, fi?'Thi,, Cf,-M . Bard, Bayer, Beerline, Burns, Andrews, Gloor. CALVIN GLOOR B.M.E. 1 Q X ff L I do X ,J if , , J L! l gzzculfy ROBERT GROVES MISS MARY HARTWELL MARTIN JOHNSON B.A., B.S. MISS VAE HOOVER B.S., M.A. LUTHER HUTTON Hutton, Keebaugh, Hoover, Hartwell, Johnson. WAYNE KEEBAUGH B,S. LESLIE LIVINGSTON ROBERT MCCLEERY MRS. GENEVIEVE MERDINGER B.A., M.A. MRS. ALICE NELSON BYRON NELSON B.A., M.A. ROBERT ROBINSON B.A, . v 'iw-5, 5727 'QL M' 34' 4' ,ity 4.14 ,4 gfijgf. f-.' fff."IT"' ' ' ' 5 R L 1'As-J'f5Jf'1'L J jp-fi J Merdinger, Livingston, Nelson, Nelson, Robinson, McCIeery. "JJ 1' M 3 .,,, "L?1oR?mi If W JFS We f ANiKl s 'X 3 2, V if 'gjx an I Zzculfy MISS JUANITA SCHIEBEL MRS. ESTHER SCHMIDT BA. Secrefary JOHN SCHWARTZ B.M.E. MISS SHIRLEY SEERIGHT B.F.A. MRS. AUDREY YOAKUM Schwartz, Zikmund, Schiebel, Yoakum, Swan, Schmidt. Y' -A ALLEN ZIKMUND B.S., M.A. Www Q5 QM? lg, WMM I952 SENIOR CLASS OFFICERS-Ken Stephens, President, Don Henderson, Vice President, Don ChIeborad, SecreTary, and .Ioan Seng, Treasurer. Seuivrs SENIOR SPONSORS SENIOR STUDENT COUNCIL MEMBERS Mrs. Merdinge, Len Beckenbach X 44 016 Robe ShIrIey f' s 5 hd.. ..- .. x -n :Q-ig, I .J g 1 MX ss iz. r .. Qs ax km . ,mi L-FF? 1 mx w-is .av . In it hm W 1 1 Z? ff43.5"f332gf.Li , an X 1 4 ,i jig, M sr A' -fe 11132 9 -5.-X. 4, 'Ss 2 xi S Nga f if Q 'sw Sa 'Q Q Sill, x N- ? 1 if 3? 9. 'fr ,QR Q' 'Ov ' M ' -fr' P x Y' 1 ,f 5 -- M f, ,255 uv .Q A . X3 lg .fx QQ' .mn A,,,l3ghL A 4 +I" F4 of - Ei, .-e FB. U X Q' if x N 5, X f Qi, .gg Q , f K if X M, I f Q. V g f ,iST'f2:Qi:, xi - 1 1- . V - ' 7 5 'www-'W wr. x xgi U34 'E 'lvl is YT .wgi i, ,gi zfy b I 5 i LEO TRENKLE FFA, Hi-Y, Pep Club, FFA Award, Typing Award. lRENE Usi-no Y-Teens, Pep Club, GAA, Science Club, Girls' Glee, Annual Staff, A Cappella, Typing Award. HOWARD WARNKE I ,. V51 ,. ff -UI., ' 'I 4' l .ji.," I' ill' eff . , -L 1 ,fi ' ff' A ,. 1' HELEN WARTHEN Y-Teens, Pep Club, Choir. SHIRLEE WELDiN Quill and Scroll, Y-Teens, Drama Club, Pep Club, Spud Staff, Annual Staff, Junior Class Play, A Cappella, Girls' Glee. DONALD WEST Hi-Y, FFA, Pep Club, Football. 22 KENNY STEPHENS A Club, Drama Club, Hi-Y, Annual Staff, Senior President, Junior Class Play, Student Council, Track, Basketball, Football, Varsity Letters, Boys' Glee, Pep Club Boy Friend Attendant, National Honor Society, Drama Award. GLENN STIRRAT Bridgefport, Nebraska, Pep Club, A Club, Track, Varsity Letters, Reserve Letter. SHIRLEY STRUBLE Pep Club. JOYCE STULL Scottsbluff, Nebraska, Y-Teens, Pep Club, Latin Club, Science Club, Girls' Glee, Madri- gal, Choir. MARNN STULL Pep Club, Y-Teens, Junior Class Play, Drama Club, Choir, Madrigal, Girls' Glee, State Choir Clinic. DEAN TOLSTEDT FFA, Reserve A Club, Hi-Y, Boys' Glee, Track, Football, Basketball, Boys' and Girls' County. CHARLES WESTON A Club, Track, Football, Varsity Letters, DAV Sports Award. JOYCE WHITLOCK Pep Club, Annual Staff, Y-Teens, Drama Club, Choir, Spud Staff. ERVIN WILKINS GENEVIEVE WILKINS Y-Teens, Pep Club, GAA, Drama Club, Choir, GAA Award. ALICE VVILLS Y-Teens, Pep Club, Choir. STELLA WOODLEE Y-Teens, Quill and Scroll, Pep Club, Y-Teen President, Junior Class Play, Madrigal, Girls' Octet, Girls' Trio, Band, Choir, Spud Staff, Band Award, Choir Award, Drama Award National Honor Society. SUSIE YON GAA, Drama Club, Pep Club, Quill and Scroll, Y'Teens, Student Council, Spud Staff, Annual Staff, Band, Girls' Glee, Pep Band, National Honor Society, Band Award, GAA Award, Orchestra Award. MARJORIE YouNo Y-Teens, Pep Club, Junior Class Play, Band, Girls' Glee, Girls' Trio, Choir, Madrigal, Or- chestra, Band Award, Choir ,Award. ilfulf in A ,lf ff Qi' 'J r - ffl V" 11,4 1' 1 X lf ,ll 1 f 1 Zig, JV 'gf' if f ffiff gf rf V, rl :JI Z ix! If X," if f ' 1 ,IJ du I I f ,fu A ,ff fl ll I , . f ,. , r"' i - 1" , , J fr, nk! . , 4 1 - ' 4' ' ' : I T 1" ,' 5 V .1 ,uf f I x k . s I Dl0'N1' HAVE A 1uvNG TO 'NEAR K,,,. 0 v kf:4i'1-.5 A J If I 1' - ' I 4 1 Y I I 1 A "v' I L fl' fl., 5 H N LJ I N U -1 I L Am. ' 'Q 31N 'fha -as an 'E 4 'V n Q. low 'x Y 'f E -2 Q Y-QL 1 , U.. xv fff . ,.. 1'fQVV.z:r1 ,f M1.5Sl'OA . ROQNU Y ,firm 59 EY agar' a L EQ-. by ,ix Q5 'Q my ' ' is m2jqNC.E.RS 5ERVERS 6'fNfIKOffl00l? Q g e ix 9 9 'Q "" 3' J 49 if .XV xg IVA4 EQ gr Sz iff -Q C K Qll z 3 ww- - '- Q .js is ' 1 V .k:. . I - x is .. . A S5532 SF N i .X X Q AL,LL, - as V if zk 34L Q a YZ I M Alcie York ' 4 I 1 l I s u Byron Manes leaves thegvot- ing booths after finishing his voting in the primary election of the annual Jun' ior Boys' and Girls' County Government . . . A Leonida Todd Frank Tolstedt Harlan Tyndall Shirley Warthen Mary Jane Webb Betty Weed Gary Whitlock Peggy Williams Karen Winston Burton Woods Duane Worley Norma Wright X S.. Soplzozuores fs 'QQ g5 1 G as 5 G. Anderson A ' D' , R. Morris 'J 3 i ' M. Harris 1: Qi N 'asia' President Vice Pres. Sec.-Treas. my 0 q h R. Adams 5 F . ---4A X . G. Andreasen 4... - ' f' '- if i M. Andrews . X A l m' if M. Atkins .. . I V. Averill D. Ayers . .. J ..'.- in D' Baker Y J N V-sel l -e C. Ball - A if 9' Bob Barger A A Bill Barger A3 . ig ...V L' Barren " Q, L. Bartels . N .. A . 4 T. Beagle Ti G H Q fi 'ji E. Becker A f .H A J G. Beem 1, s- X 5 ' J A If - A 9 D. Behm S if . if----W P. Cooper , rirrrr i:E"- . A . P. CoreY A - is m Nfl M. Cornette . . A 5, r i.12'.ir- i ' B. Duskin 4 fe - sim C. Enyeart fs.. wx A I 'V' 4: I C.. X E W is A ' V su..- '-Q di ' F if . 'A J. Gilmore A r E. Gonzales X ww A i W an .,,.sV, K. Grosshans S sie S gtfcli I R. Hans A m ' i". J M. Harkins ,W--Aix? Y HHN-nip, 35. A 1 R. Hart K. vw :.- , . M in , K X' s "' .. , A R .. K . M A iff. A A zablz ' K. Jelinek J C" A. Jensen ,G g B' " R. Jensen 5 3 if B. Johnson K- Kemper -, ,..,' A ..........,.,...,. J. Kline We E. Bros? C. Brixius J. Castle K. Cody T. Cody M. Colerick D. Flanigan E. Flanigan S. Frost J. Finkey R. Gies D. Gillespie J. Hicks R. Hiles C. Hitt N. Hofmann N. Holthus S. Houser G. Knapp Knapp Koester Kosmicki Kraft Krause l ii . L T T Saplzomo as l ' . lf 1 ' Q i 4 'R C. Reed A is -i ' Q G. Armstrong A if ' J' K. Shelmadine ' ,ANY - P. T . uf. .gf l S. Council S. Council S. Councu J. Laursen D Lawrence ., B. Lewis . X ' x G. Liakos P ' T T P. Long uh R l B. McClary E. McDonald '- J. Mdmann 5 1: "', . J. Markoff 3 ' L' N. Marsh wr S. Martin A E L' i L. Mathews R F. Michal Q A . 6 C -I G. Mills ig S 't 5 5 M. Morrison . ,!fg i.q ' 'iii ,ig f M. Mischnick A X iliifgf' L, D. Moscrlp N 1 S. Odell J. Overstreet 1' Q F 6 N. Owens 1 gl ,K "'. L. Panwitz , K T A K. Pederson ,LH iff X4 M. Peterson l. Porter ' A. Powers D s . -5 " L. Reinders T . , - , A v J. Reitz . C. Riis T of A L 4 ' B. Roten C. Roethler 1 M. Ruland G ' J -A B. Schwaderer fi ...Q R. Shankland 4 . ' J. Shaw . lar 6641358 ' 'NA 'l D. SIYTTPSOH w iht-QQ J. Slaymaker i J. an - i s T. smnh ga , " ' - ' W J, G. Stark y.m., D. Stolen ji' i, . -f""" " J. Stull ' 'iw J. Sturgeon B. Sundemeier Q 1 ai 1 C. Swanson - L' ' B. Thomas fi A - ' D. Thompson . - X J. Thompson S. I ,Q M. Underwood . C. Van Dusen 'E ..., . D. Walker -if '-:. A D. Wl'IITIOCk R. Weldin 5,54 K A R. Wildt R. Willey M. Wilmott 2 M. Woods ' J. Wright President V. Pres. Sec.-Treas. Qreshmeu D. Farrington M. Toedli G. Watkins K. Albro 5. Amsberry L. Andrews B. Banioff R. Bauer B. Becker D. Briggs 5. Brockway E. Brown M. Colerick G. Combs M. Cook L. Dickinson K. DuBois D. Erixson E. Galusha M. Galyen F. Garrett E. Ginn R. Gonzales D. Gruhen L. Hashman S. Hines J. Howard S. Johnson D. Keder J. Kline M. Laing L. Lauer S. Andrick B. Aspden F. Backstrom D. Behm B. Berry C. Boeh B. Burnham V. Burton B. Coleman C. Dahl J. Decker M. Deitchler J. Essex L. Fradeneck K. Frederick H. Garrett C. Garnica M. Gilmore H. Guheen G. Hashman H. Hashman D. Hullet K. Johnson M. Johnson I. Kloefkorn C. Knag D. LaClair K. Laursen S. Laurence lf i . H A . lv ji L i A 2 l 1 .1 tl KL i. N ' X l X , J. Lewis ' G. Lore L. Lotspeich M. McFall T. McLaughlin S. McMahon G. Morton W. Moscrip P. Nye A. Peterson L. Peterson C. Pont C. Reynolds J. Riggs F. Robbins V. Schnell D. Schwaderer N. Schwaderer C. Shimp D. Sixta J. Spence J. Sutton H. Swallow K. Taylor N. Underwood E. Van Dusen J. Vergith V. Wikstrom D. Wills L, 916 hm I1 .iff Q. s l l' l I l X-fl fl fl' S. Boy 'f D. Bros . ' t ull' S. Vanbxliirlx L' - ity , I' 'v , It ,X f x. X. MXL li- ,yt V. t 5, 'Q' Student Council l 1 X E 4.,. K kvli R. Lulow Q n f P 1 N 5 L. Lulow 5 S 5 " i L, 'W G. Lurvey ffl ' . . ,V 'll I I l R. Miller Q ,Q C Q ' B. Morehead g 5 S S Q., if J Moritz 2 Z ' J . t g in , K I v .. 5 4.34.3 .. ' J. Nunez l . S L. Osborn ,Q ' A "' is 'sii L' 12 'lg 5 . L. Overton ' .- ... , I . ,fx L ' .. I X l X I X J' , ,,.. .,-',,. 1 K K 5' H S N- Reid -. - J. Reatz Y M Q .gg G. Regester - . i ,gt 'wif rf A ,r f ,5 I ..'0!.qz.""'f if 'E it . it 5 1' -Lt J. Rader ll 5 , J. Robinson -' x b 5 M. Schnell L' ' N C. Seegrist A N A L R. Seegrist M' 'Z , "' H. Shelton P , . L' ' E B. Stewart an f . A A L. Stolen 5-mf' ig- 5' D. Sutton W was x YV IAM! 6 A 1 . L4 I H LN l lx K 2? 1 . gn' Y . f" ' A-st f " ' t l' N -WW i ff ev? . L 1, . 1 D' TOed'i f 1 f - -. . D- Toolev - vs 5 .." 3 L' . . . '.'. Mf- 'P' ,wits 5 ' fa' " 455 . f ' P. Trew 'Q t,'r -"' TT i'-, A y - ' A V I .ff A ' i. We, ' ' W' ff mm J. Waldron X P L f' A W. Walker .V P" ,W .Q ' t ' M. Wessel .S 'tli I at . A . 9 3. i Q ..2.. . fi 1 we I ffl' - ws. C. Wollaston B. Worthley vb- 1 ' wwf " A1 'O .1 5, ' - x , , - X 0 f . xv . A . 1 X in Qt X VV .V s 5 ' Ap " X ,. A is .H :shy - V Wigwam A -pu.: ff' HSWQQ mwwmwkig A ,',gqfwj,,.w5..f2 3Q3g.vsg:,g-552.41143 ' ,..1-w+351, f'-1- ag' yew 4, k 5 i,.9,?f f RL? k fzw'l5u " - W. , t M xi, X Q -fm. ,Q jg. an . AxAhAVyA 5 .5 L - 3, fa -A sl- ,V it ,fn V f I 'ij L , I ,P g f MM g,,, 't. . .,. 'X . . ..-"lar" -' s- ' " N ix L x- . , x X X h +M.f',. " X ' X 9 x x w 'E I t A A V . i X x " , 'U W 3 , M53 K A :fc - y W, X. , v n 1 Y, 1' s I Q a ll, V4 1 LJ, ' .4 ,,fM..fg.- .,k , ,gi , Wm, ,F . -z 'f R ,NWI Freshmen, here in Eng- lish class Are practicing Their read- ing. 2 f M i g h ty Seniors still studying English, As here, however, their thoughts concealing. Diagramming, with spe- cial board work To the Sophomores is re vealing. wi get ,Eg Y.-Him X3 The Juniors in this pic- ture might make Drama their career. A visit to the classrooms Begins with Latin here. un dt X Art to these students is great fun Though paints and paper are quite "dear." Circles, lines, squares, and angles To the Sophomore means geometry. Pounding keys is work To The Typist, And so, To us, is making poetry. Lf Y rf ,. 1 U1 Nr 4? iq 7 4 .7 F- .I ,117 l. J V' as ff-A ., 1 .fy . f , ' 1' ' 'I ' ' " " ' - -. f -' . , ff 3,-fx . lv 'S r. . . A I L- ' bf f 4, Q . 1 , kgiw : Counseling s T u d e n Tlilior The school advisor Means finding facts, not using sorcery. Our American Heritage is taught in history, But Football questions by Coach Hutton, keep appearing. X: Mechanical drawing, as a special boys' career Taught by Byron, is both instructive and appeal- ing. mi will X In civics, where social problems are discussed, Arguments arise, some- times hot and sometimes freezy. Motors, studied in phy- sics, are always a mys- tery, But, explained by John- son, seem all too easy, Geography lessons bring groans from the Fresh- rnen, But Keebaugh says, "Now, let's get beesy." Here in this class of ad- vanced algebra, Upper class students learn lessons well. Coach Les teaches of the world so great, Its history and of those who befell. Algebra plus Freshmen means only trouble, Especially when both are so hard to quell. 'K Shorthand, says Scheibel, is a shortcut for writing, But Juniors and Seniors are thinking of grades on a card. i Q Biology classes, where dissecting's Cughj done To innocent beetles and fish taught by Bard. Balance sheets and sales in book keeping abound, But problems to solve-which ac count to discard? Shop, for these fellows, is really fun And here learn to build- each his own .way. '53-El S1 Ill. Homemaking means cooking and learning to sew For this most girls make plans- some day. iam. Reference work, reading and vocational study Librarian keeps saying, "Your fines you must Pay-" 43 The Spud Staff, with guidance from Bayer Is challenged with this- MUST MEET THE DEAD- LINES. Good minds need more muscles, so Z i k rn u n d says, And so, in Phys-ed., he 'foward This inclines. MLK Fire and brnrnsfone what have we here Freshmen Science is hot- Wow look at Those signs. General math, ta u g ht only for practical use, ls a headache to stu- dents-but for Nelson it's fun. Boys study hard in voca- tional ag. For farming's important- to quote, "lt's for you, son." .di.s 1 .DN Test tubes and measures, tell all in this class, Chemistry's momentous for breakage, no mon. .W Q- L+- --XY as M35 The plays the thlng the Junlors sand and so here goes for us Thus year the name was Beauty and the Beef and what a gorgeous fuss Gaghagen IS the brauny gal whom the boys avoud from Fran Peterson they also ran Beef Marsh however lntrxgued with her begins to study history and so the plot began So Fran and Glnny to attract the men do conlure up a scheme Dad and Mother Allen played by Peterson and Neilson thunk that they are mean lpecac to make them suck IS used on the football team Stark Drlml and Strand Tolsteclt too and even Professor DeBerry Baton who thinks the team IS grand Juveniles with sound effects enter the scene about here Saxton and Stenberg With a drum and a down beat even off key problems they present are rare ,J ul! 55. Ill. FUI lg fm SENIOR SPEECH-Mrs. Yoakum, Teacher HIGH SCHOOL IES MOTOR CO, DRIVER EDUCATION Mr. McCIeery, Teacher tag v 9-J , IU' VA- .. fi Back row, standing: Joann Martin, Snapshot Editor, Doris Hohltelcl, Assistant Senior Editor, Peggy Wil- liams, Assistant Clubs Editor, Shirlee Weldin, Ad- vertising, Pat Guy, Advertising. Second row: Susie Yon, Classrooms, lrene Ushio, Faculty Editor, Kathy Koester, Sophomore Editor, Bobby Edwards, Class- rooms, Jill Mounts, Clubs Editor, Keith Kemper, As- sistant Sports, Stella Woodlee, Assistant, Jim Erwin, Music Editor. Front row: Joyce Whitlock, Business Manager, Mary Neilsen, Junior Editor, Duane Worley, Assistant Sports, Gerdi Hord, Advertising, Kenny Stephens, Sports Editor, Dan Farrington, Freshman Editor, Esther McDonald, Senior Editor, not pictured. Clockwise: Don Henderson, Editor, Mary DeBerry, Co-Editor, Mrs. Bayer, Literary Adviser,.Mr. Roy Nelson, Business Advis- er, Mrs. Alice Nelson, Adviser. n+ who boughf a l952 BULLDOG, boughi' fhe privilege 'lo favorife senior boy and girl. To be eligible for a vofe, have all 'rhe requiremenfs +o make him an all-around honor goes +o JILL and CLAIR who were awarded a +ree and are feafured on +l1is page. 49 Qwafiaffg Uwe 114534524602 JWQMLWW CHARLENE GLADYS covgua nucmno Nuss .Uw't, N ,' SENIQQ I-II-Y Zan! Maggy fir V Nj' :- ..' ' ,fx , - 1 X . n- ,J jx' KQV 1 ' 1 'Il' N, X- ,1 fl", xii? 6' V M ,J U A .Al U' ,V in i ,f if g ,N JACK cqu PENS WSW? - F T, BAR BARA MOTE Queen WWW iw Student 60 uc!! The STUDENT COUNCIL helps to pro- mote better cooperation and under- standing in all matters relating to both the student body and the faculty. B YL? ibm' H mil Top row: Mr. Nelson, Sponsor, Duane Rickard, President. Second row: Shirley Benzel, Ken Stephens Secretary, Shirley Roberts, Vice President. Third row: Glen Anderson, Gloria Minor, Jerry Armstrong Jean Hullinger. Fourth row: Charlene Reed, Duane Worley, Kay Shelmadine, Dick Driml. Fifth row: Dan Farrington, Sandra Boyd, David Brost, Sally Van Kirk. "' Quill ,find Sera!! After a iournalism student has had one hundred inches of his material published in the shool paper, he is eligible for QUILL and SCROLL. A.H.S. X has seven members in this national society. YLHLIS PH QR Mc X, G. A. A. Barbara Lewis 7,a. Dorothy Walker Mrs. Alice Nelson Jo Lichty . ss,,. ...,.,,s - W Jean Herman ,ss, Secrefa ry Treasurer Sponsor Vice President President e. ,X Left to right: Janis Kline, Jo Ann Riggs, Belva Berry Phyllis Pecoy, Joann Martin, Louanna Smnh, Irene Ushio, Genevieve Wilkins, Lowene Gillespie. Left to right: Ruthie Betz, Mary Beth Graham, Louise Morton, Mary Louise Wessel, Agnes Cou- pens, Arlene Lesoing, Eleanor Brown, Georgia Lurvey. 'Q X,n 3' yn -Ma, W5 v Q and "'Hu.,'5,.-,hugh X . s , , w" 5 I 9 lm' E, m v , , ' A ' K A N 'W Q f-if l' R, I f f ,' . 'fbfhig Mf g, 3 X V122-f,:' , , , jk :E 2,1 Aa x ' ., fi 'W 'v 11553 X Af' :' I V-w A:-2... , VNV, ff' saw 1 '7 I iff. L N 2-:I Back row: Long, Beckenbach, Rickard, Krause, Falfar, Rust, Rehder, Sorensen, Erwin, Schwaderer. Seventh row: Maxwell, Patton, Chle- borad, D. Johnson, Pabst, Roth, Hines, Schindler, Henderson, An- derson, Rodell. Sixth row: Reitz, Correll, H. Johnson, Boeh, Burton Katen, Lotspiech, West, Tyndall, Smith. Fifth row: W. Burton Fritzler, Benisek, Marsh, Dietrich, Donovan, Brost, Colerick, Jacobs F. Tolstedt, Duskin. Fourth row: Leishman, Stenberg, Fodness, L 1 1 SENIOR HI-Y The SENIOR HI-Y is a branch of the Young Men's Christian Association whose purpose is to create standards of Christian character throughout the community and school. is Burton, Kohler, Jesse, Bartels, DeBerry, Pederson. Third row: Nel- son, Englesgierd, Driml, Stark, Pyle, Lockridge, Underwood, Strand, Slaymaker. Second row: Stephens, Trenkle, Olsen, Howatt, Corn- ette, Simpson, B. Johnson, Shultz, Harkins, Whitlock. First row: Mr. McCleery, Sponsor, Nicodemus, Calhoun, Coupens, D. Tolstedt, Hashman, Haught, Powell, Jones, Ruckman. A J Back row: Kemper, Krause, Liakos, Ball, Kosmicki, Martin. Fifth row: G. Stark, Barrett, Anderson, Hitt Sundermeier, Baker, Morris. Fourth row: Armstrong, Riis, E. Flanigan, Seegrist, McClary, Lawrence, Dahl, Gilmore, Holthus. Third row: Reinders, D. Flanigarr, J. Smith, Simpson, Hart, Shanklin, T. Smith, Wildt, J. Wright, Finky. Second row: Hicks, Brixius, Ayres, Overton, Thompson, Powers, D. Stolen, Willy, Bill Barger, Reitz, Mr. Bard, Sponsor, Front row: Bob Barger, Adams, Morrison, Johnson, Laursen, McMann, Bartels, Behm, Harkins, Underwood, L. Stolen, Beem. JUNIOR HI-Y Our JUNIOR HI-Y is a part of the Hi-Y group as a whole, and consists of Sophomore and Freshman boys. They enter into many activities as does the Senior group. GFFICERS First row: Jim McMann, President Cstandingj, Joe Smith, Secretary, Sec- ond row: Jerry Armstrong, Vice Presi- dent, M. J. Morrison, Treasurer. Third row: Don Stolen, Chaplain. Alliance SENIOR Y-TEENS is the largest girls' organization in high school, car- rying a complete schedule of events throughout the school year. Its pur- pose is to form a working democracy among girls of different races, reli- gions, and ideals through Christian living and cooperation. Left to right Mrs Andrews Sponsor Jean Herman Treasurer Ruthie Bledsoe Secretary Stella Woodlee President Betty Weed Vice President Miss Schlebel Sponsor, Mrs. Beerline Cnot picturedj. 48 'ff 4-9 6' 725510 ,V vpeslog.-N 9 01 ck5,118AgY' Ck L-05,9 UB 1 gy 1 ,, . X ' ,F wf xi? K 'X 14 'I li v . A55 A6A,f N N i .Q A-,wf.1m..mw4' nN.- X gg s 5A4Lf' f v i 4' W 2 K 1 WWW WAYNE KEEBAUGH Freshman Coach Chad ron State LUTHER HUTTON Line Coach Peru State I Alliance Alliance ,, Alliance Alliance L Alliance Alliance Alliance Alliance AL Z I KMU ND Head Coach University of Nebraska ' 11111 a LES LIVINGSTON Reserve Coach University of Nebraska 951 FOOTBALL SEASON L L 25 Sterling, Colorado ,,,a,,a I9 32 Hastings aaaaaaa ,ac,,,..,,,L,, , , 7 , l,,, I3 North Platte ,,,,,, ,,,,,- 6 20 Curtis ,,,,,,,,,,,,, v,,, , , 7 2 ,L 20 McCook LaaLaaaa.... ,,,,,, 1 3 32 Kearney ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, ,,,,,, O I3 Lincoln Central 6 Scottsbluff ,,,,,,--.....L,,---, 'I 3 New 1' I I "' . fp' 4 W 'aw 'WW N. . -as-wk cw' 'Y I , 9. f 'I ' fl is , ai -'ffl' K cf .. ,, fi f - ,,,.:',.,, JACK COUPENS Co-Captain Senior Back 148 lbs. DUANE RICKARD Co-Captain Senior Tackle 166 lbs. 'f Wir W ' I 1, .f.L. '. Coupens scores for the Bulldogs. ALLIANCE NIPS STERLING The Alliance Bulldogs opened their 1951 grid cam- paign with a 25-19 victory over Sterling, Colorado, in a steady rain. With the score tied at 19-19, the Bulldogs recovered a Sterling fumble and drove to a first down on the 20. With 5 seconds remaining, Alliance went in- to a wide spread formation and Dwight Haught passed to Don Patton, who went the remaining dis- tance untouched. Z, 1 -f . s A ' f Alliance halts a Hastings drive. ALLIANCE DUMPS HASTINGS The Bulldogs came roaring back in the second half to smear the Hastings Tigers, 32-7. Jim Hashman opened the scoring with a 1 yard plunge. Hastings came right back and moved ahead with Eddie Johnson going over from the three. On the first play from scrimmage in the second half, Don Patton broke away for a 67 yd. T.D. AI- liance couldn't be denied from then on. A North Platte back us dropped from behmd ALLIANCE RAPS CURTIS The Bulldogs continued thetr wunnung ways by defeattng the Curtrs Aggtes 20 7 After being outplayed IH the flrst half the Bulldogs came to llfe and came from behind t wtn Mldway ID the third perl od Jack Coupens broke through the llne and outran the second ary for a 57 yd touchdown Dwnght Haught added the last score on quarterback sneak Mmmnuer returns an Alllance punt at McCook BULLDOGS EDGE PLATTERS In the first conference tllt of the year Alliance served notice that they were strong contenders for the Bug Ten Txtle Alltance opened th e scoring when Don Patton scampered 48 yds to paydrrt John Edwards bug North Platte fullback rammed over from the l for the Platters only score With 55 seconds left In the game end Len Becken bach intercepted a North Platte screen pass and scored standing up to make the funal score 13 6 Colerlck stops Debus after a 5 yard gain un the Lincoln game BISONS SCARE BULLDOGS In the frrst road game of the year the Bulldogs nosed out a hard flghtung McCook team that outweighed the Bulldogs 20 pounds per man McCook scored fnrst on a sus tanned dnve wuth Mnnnxnger go Ing around end to score All: ance took the knckoff and Pat ton ran a reverse for 70 yds to the Bison 20 Five plays later he hat the mlddle for a T D Hash man cllmaxed the game wtth an 80 yd run to the McCook 10 He scored three plays later to make the final score 2013 . . , 1 1 l - X .A fr, A-,mi K f f , ' . 1 , ' . ALLIANCE ROMPS 32-O In the Homecoming and sea- son's final home game the Bull- dogs rolled over Kearney, 32-O, in four inches of snow. Don Patton started the Bulldogs off with a 93 yd. run in the first period. One of the most spectac- ular scoring plays was a pass- lateral-play from Don Donovan to Ken Dietrich to Don Haught for 113 yds. A Kearney punt was taken by LeRoy Duskin, who ran 80 yds. to a T.D., but it was called back. Kearney never got beyond the Bulldog 30 yd. line. Manes scores Bulldogs second T D at L ncoln BEARCATS STUN ALLIANCE The Bulldogs were knocked out of the Big Ten Playoff in the traditional Armistice Day clash by a more aggressive Bearcat Team l3 6 Dick Colerick intercepted a Scotts bluff pass and dashed 88 yds to a touchdown The Bluffs won the game when they recovered a fumble deep in Alliance territory and drove to a first down on the 7 On fourth down Bull Averill crashed over from the one foot line All ance recovers a Kearney fumble LINKS RAMBLE 4013 The Bulldogs traveled to Lincoln for their second road game, and were smothered by a large powerful Lincoln crew Alliance stunned the Links on the opening kick off by working a reverse with Don Patton carry ing 94 yds to score However the Red and Black had too much all around strength for the West erners Led by Ted King and LeRoy Butherus they rolled over the Bulldogs to the tune of 40 T! 6- if-k Olly A host of Bearcats drop Patton after a small gain i . I - . c ' L , , 13. ' . . 1 . . , C 7" A :hast 1 2 Alliance's only score came when , ' ., 'lt ., . . . """' -.c as N' . ,Q sw Nm.. "Q 'W l Z' M-mi 6 Front row, letr to right: Gies, Kemper, Dahl, Rust, McMann, Stark, Harris, DeBerry. Second row: Sundermier, Flanigan, J. Smith, Stolen, Curry, Tolstedt, Matz. Top row: Simpson, lrwin, Dahlgren, Anderson, Riis, B. Smith, Michael. 1951 FRESHMAN RECORD Alliance-25 Scottsbluff-33 The freshmen saw action also in the Mitchell Res. and Chadron Res. games. 76 1951 RESERVE RECORD Alliance .,.......... I 3 Alliance ............ 14 Alliance ........... 7 Alliance. .. ...... .54 Alliance. ....66 di. 4 QA L. A 3 Mullen Varsity .... Chadron Prep .,.. Scottsbluff ,......... Mitchell Res, .... Chadron High .. - Q . f ,Q Q z w . . M. , 5... , k K Q .',, if - I he - , , T, sk dim Front row, left to right: Decker, Laursen, Andrews, Albro, Erixson, Osborne, Stewart, Lawrence Second row: Coach Keebaugh, Wollaston, Worthly, Becker, Farrington, Toedtle, Rader, Shelton Guheen, Essex, Backstrom. Top row: Stolen, Morton, Taylor, Kline, Miller, Moritz, Vergeth, Garnica Lewis, Swallow. The shortest "Class A" team in the state-team members sick with the flu-a tough schedule with the top teams in the state-these were the prob- lems faced by Coach Livingston's Bulldogs. Never- theless they came through with a seven and nine record, improving greatly as the season pro- gressed . . . 11.3 I Don Donovan loops one in from the corner as the Bulldogs tangle with the Scottsbluff cagers. G ZIVIN O DON PATTON Honorary Co-Captain Senior Center DICK COLERICK Honorary Co-Captain Senior Guard SEASON SCHEDULE and RECORD Alliance ,.,................... ,YYEAE Alliance ....... Alliance ....... Alliance ..,E,,,, Alliance c,,.E,. Alliance ,...... .,,,,,.,,...... 3 2 Alliance ..,,... Alliance c,,v..v Alliance ,....., Alliance .,..,,, Alliance ,c,.... Alliance ,..,A.. Alliance ,,..,.. Alliance ,,,,,A, Alliance a,..c,. Alliance ,,.,,.. Bridgeport , Broken Bow Lincoln ,c,,,,. Gering ,c...., Scottsbluff . North Platte Chadron ..,,, Minatare Sidney ,.,,,,, Curtis ,c,,E, , Kearney ..... Scottsbluff , Mitchell ..,.. McCook Holdrege Ord L ,,,ca, '51-'52 VARSITY BASKETBALL SQUAD-Top row left to right Don Haught, Ken Dietrich, Byron Manes, Don Donovan Bill Marsh Bottom rowz' Jack Coupens, Dick Colerick, Don Patton Clair Sor ensen, Dick Long. I 4. 45 5..- DICK l. Senior Guard .,, 'Trig- . ,.cC'. BILL MARSH Junior Cenfer BYRON MANES CLAIR SORENSON Senior Guard KENNY DIETRICH Junior Guard if Junior Forward J' L 39 22' i gi fs. 5 na JACK COUPENS DON HAUGHT ,gi Senior Forward Junior Forward M I DON DoNovAN Junior Guard 2 l E 136 em' SEASON SCHEDULE and RECORD Alliance ....A,EA ..,,S Alliance Alliance Alliance Alliance Alliance Alliance Alliance Alliance Alliancem Alliance Alliance Bridgeport ,A.A,. Gering c,c,..A.. Scottsbluff ....,,A,,,,, 40 Mullen ........cccA North Platte Chadron ,,,,.... Minatare ,A,c, Sidney ,.c.. Kearney c,,, Scottsbluff ..,,u Mitchell ....,,c Mullen ..cA. 9 --,,,,33 ,-Y--c36 ,, 43 ,e,,,e2l ,,,,,,3O ,cc,,,36 ,e,,,-38 ,SW66 0 29 O ,,---,37 B SQUAD Left to right: Jim McMann, Jim Grassman, Don Thompson, Ronald Hiles, Keith Kemper, George Liakos, Tom Smith, Richard Gies, and Marvin Under- wood. Kneeling is Coach Hutton. Coach Wayne Keebaugh's first year cagers came out on the short end as tar as season records are con- cerned with 7 losses against 2 wins, but they fought hard all the way down the line . . . Coach Hutton's all-Sopho- more team clashed with five opponents and came out with a season's record of three wins against two losses . . . FRESHMEN , ,, he it 'st' lux' Lia. Cf' 6' M-Li,1Nl.f tg IL 'Lk , V lLLmxl'l ,xLLlANI,: MLMNLE ' . AELLQWP, V l -ji, 1 s " . - , A s F4 - .. ,X mmxli, JLIANTJ s Ll ASV i -Limit ,lLLlANl.L llrdgu t 3 Top row, left to right: Lynwood Stolen, Harry Guheen, Jerry Moritz, Coach Keebaugh, Dave Brost, Steve Lawrence, Dan Farrington. Bottom row: Gene Morton, Hastings Shelton, Marvin Toedtli, Chuck Wollaston, Ken Taylor, Dick Erickson, and Butch Stewart. C35 VARSITY TRACK SQUAD 51 Plctured above are the varsity Iettermen of the 1951 Alllance track squad Top row left to nght Coach Luther Hutton Don Haught Tom Ruckman Jum McGinley Byron Manes Bull Marsh Don Bentsek Coach Allen Znkmund Middle row George Kohler Bob Jesse Glen Sturrat Ron Hanes Dwight Haught Jack Coupens Jlm Hashman and Manuel Perez Front row Don Henderson Dallas Brost Duck Long Bob Senfert Leonard Beckenbach Don Patton and Claur Sorensen The team compiled the follownng record FIRST In Brtdgeport Dual Meet FIRST ln Mullen Dual Meet FIRST In Chadron Invitational Meet FIRST In Scottsbluff Consolation Meet SECOND In Scottsbluff Relays THIRD In Dtstrfct Qualrfymg Meet Dlx SECOND In Alliance Invitational FOURTH In Big Ten Meet THIRD In State Meet EORGE KOHLER low hurdles . ' LT I I., vw.. ' BOB SEIFERT high hurdles pole vault N. . 'S TRACK COACHING STAFF 95 ALLEN ZIKMUND LUTHER HUTTON LES LIVINGSTON LARRY STOFAN N CE PIK X 35 0 W ALLEN ZIKMUND Head Track Coach LEONARD BECKENBACH DICK LONG 100 220 880 pole vault mule relay Alliance supporters are shown in the stadium awaiting the next event of the annual Alliance Invitational Track Meet. I Leonard Beckenbach wins the 220 yard dash in the Alliance lnvitational Track Meet ahead of three Scottsbluff men. Leonard was the individual star of the Alliance team. Everywhere he went he compiled records. In the first big meet of the year he vaulted 12' VB" to set a new record. At the Big Ten Meet he alone amassed 32 points to break all existing records for the meet. At the State Meet he scored 18 points personally, to lead the small Alliance team to third place. ' mi V .IL A . ,Lk, . , 3, xy, rg Pk x mf a QQ ki S ,, W an W if Wm fn MM V, V wi! , i I ','77 N ,MWWQ 4 5. X v mi .52 it W THE ALLIANCE HlGH SCHOOL BAND A true representative of our school. You can always count on the band to be in the thick of it whether it's at football or basketball games, track meets, con- certs, or pep rallies Band in rehearsal. Alliance has been fortunate this year in having John Schwartz as their band director. His efforts, combined with those of the band members, have done much to maintain the Alliance High School Band's top rating among the Class A bands of the state . . . YO This group represented the Alliance Music Department at the State Music Clinic held in York, November I5-16-17. Gerald Engelsgierd Betty Weed Captain Drum Major i .Z M :AX Kenny Howat Marjorie Young Frank Dickinson Lieutenant Lieutenant Lieutenant Stella Woodlee Joan Leng Jim lrwin Blane McClary Peggy Williams Sergeant Sergeant Sergeant Sergeant Sergeant . '51, ,eg , 1 These people are commonly re ferred to as the Brass Sextet . . S , fn ee. fa" f r r I ef elf P3-55 ga Bobble fa 8'0ck . Wen Way WOODWIND QUINTET-Gerald Engelsglerd, Joan Seng, 601' Blane McCIary, Carolyn Hein, and Jackie Mounts. ' ui tg. F: 32-' K, l fb This group of muslcuans The Orchestra have performed brulllantly on many occasrons and have added their part To the well rounded music program offered un Alliance Hugh School N' ' fm Jw f,.GliELi : -2.14 Sharon Todd - Accompanisf I , of Bill Con5ishn9MCGarY, . A Bxane S Thls boyz Sundemlerlroven lllax bixhl . . Dahl, BO Wildt, h8S P good rob 0 Shirley Colerick and BOQUQ and can do 3 Librarian like T0 S' ln The two short years that Mr. Gloor has Taught in Al- liance, he has compiled a record of which anyone could be proud. The excell- ence of The performances of choir, madrigal, and The other music groups will at test to that record. oir o and in fha: Mu Q This I9 e group of c had a big fv nown 'n f6'cer ob! ' ' fhe ' sic D s has ammg Alllafv epr, p the r ce Hi osses e. gh S SSS to Choo! day . . fi ug .5 ,G fl- 5 vw ,..,.. www-, f I fx x A 1 4 ii- 5' ' ? QSC!- "Y:-Q '59 3 -' I ' I 5 H - is p ' N . GW .L . 'L ' K' ii ' g 4. A as " , gLg.Q"l 5 4' 'L Q. ue, H- V . A K.. 225 J ffywskk at 1 2, K . T Q g sm Kb 5 gi as - My . , Q A E' .QF f . 'f Q 5 ' 3 ,. ", .': ,il i f A 5 , 2. S 'Y 1 532 bf. Q 5 53 'N "H Wsfav Q if NTS' Q S A 3 1 .. ,::. .fi Q 6 X 4 5 w Nw as ,Alf , is ' ' Jilin 2? ffl ,Win L a 5 5 ' T -Q' Lwg M... X Xx w X .sms QS, i Q Y a , i l ' A small group-buT These Three girls had a loT of fun harmonizing in Their lasT year in high school . . . Here are Two fine groups of musicians who, somehow, missed coverage in The firsf parT of The music section of The '52 Bulldog so we'll sTick Them in here. THE CORNET TRIO and TWIN CELLOS x -. zzmwwq. l-l lvl 5 Entirely Original Nautical COMIC OPERA Two Acts GILBERT and SULLIVAN Frank Dickinson Shirley Roberts Ron Hines Wayne Slaymaker John Cornette Gerd: Hord Clair Sorenson Jack Coupens Jill Mounts CAST Calvin Gloor Director Ralph Josephine Sir Joseph Porter Captain Dick Deacleye Hebe Boatswam Boatswain Midshipmite H.M.S. PINAFORE the tirst operetta to be pre- sented in Alliance High School was an astound- ing success. Mr. Gloor and the vocal music de- partment are to be congratulated on their fine performance . . . o 0 a An In BY Louanna Smith cscc I p Bulldog Supporters We of l'he l952 annual slaff would like +o lake lhls space lo lhank lhose people CLAIR SORENSON JEAN KOOZER BETTY KOO ZER cl GENEVIEVE WILK an INS who gave lhelr hme 'ro help com plele l'he aclverhsmg sechon of +he I'-752 BULLDOG CONGRATULATIONS TO THE GRADUATING CLASS OF 52 Famous Clothmg Store 307 Box Bu++e Phone I43 APPLIANCES KELVINATOR APPLIANCES EVERYTHING NEW IN HOUSEWEAR NEWBERRYS HARDWARE Since l888 402 Box Bu+l'e Phone 38 T952 Our QQ ,U-."'5" ' .If 4-v-'IF'-A I I 'A Agia- ' 11'- 13' QIIDEPENDABLE 0 , Dlzuccslsr Giffs----Cosmefics--1--Founfain Friendly Prescripfion Service MERRICK DRUG The Family Drug Store ON WEST THIRD STREET IN ALLIANCE WIIVIIUT Pfaff S rap 90 Y M +11 E WOODS SEWING MACHINE STORE 220W +TI1d W gmmlf I N mx, Congr I I 'ro s CI of 52 'I ears In The aking and ' Wor very Minu+e of I+!! I es ir AIIiance, Nebraslc If I , X ,. f I' . 'W fr- rf- , ff I My-wQfqxg,pE5? i aI 'I,,.. auain, ass ' gc.-,,, y Qwwrfcleanrng '0'0'0 '0, '0'0 0 0 0 0 'g'0'0 0 4 '02 iw O 5 O Q 0.05 Q 0.0. 9 0 0 90 0 0 0 0 30 4 0 0 0 Q O 5 " .1 I A lance Cleaners 203 BOX BUTTE PHONE 682 Alliance Nebraska Q SAVE? y 1 lj Renl a locker 10 If Z I your food bull WHOLESALE MEAT and save on n SEA FOODS 'uh uf' 9,1 u I0 A I x Ideal Frozen Food Locker Q S I l003 WEST 3rd ALLIANCE 0 Il I2 5 5:1100 5 Trix AI' +he Savings Xf You Malte J H Melvllle LUMBER COMPANY Coal Pamls Olher Building Malerials ALLIANCE NEBRASKA PHONE 650 MEYER TEXACO lI00 Wesl' Thlrd Phone I822 On Highways I9 8: 2 OPEN 24 HOURS SERVICE WHEN YOU NEED IT ' o ' Y K ' Q .- .-ess, ' "- , - '.'.'.'Q 5 E , n'Q Q 0. .Q 'v'lst'1'S I I 0:0:Q' F ' 0 0 Q' ' 9 1 T f,'.0,0,s,Q Q' STV ' 3, 0 0 0,06 4 X9 I '05 Os: - t . J Q 0.0 0,0 ' 'Q ,r 0.0 O I f . '0 ' 9 f fag . 9 In . 'Q 9 0'O's lx 30 5 0 A e +.' . . I .. - .-- 1 g':':'s'0 'al "gf" d 0 0 0 0 ' A an '0'0's' 'ozd I Y 5 5 W-1-:4 'uf I 50.0 9 I K I . px '0'0'0.6.4 "' i " B q 0.0 .0 ,:::0' 10:54 - ' 510, 's 0'4 ' I px If . 5 4 5 5 4 y - Q.. gg: 0 Q' , ' 's.0: f 1 '0:0g -5- T I. n I I - Co . I --' v , ll on k a 6 I ' 'TP-. . ' I my 1 e I fl V: Q f s ' 2 i Al' . O I . C Congratulations to the I95Z Graduates ALLIANCE NATICNAL BANK I8 952 THINK OF THE FUTURE SAVE WHILE YOU CAN TQ 1 Alliance, Nebraska 88 - I 1 B: G14 Tenth Street Grocery CONGRATULATIONS TO THE CLASS or '52 Phone lI40 208 Box Butte Ave Economy Furniture Store CHARACTER FURNITURE AT POPULAR PRICES Howard W Graham Prop ALLIANCE NEBRASKA am fwzefzfs 0 ULLIVAN S Style Shop ALLIANCE NEBRASKA Shoe Store Q. C Q ya lust aunt eatm ROMINES CAFE 2I5' 2 Box Butte P one II98 I I M " I y I IPLIN It ya ain't eatin' in Romine's, A . . , . . J K f I1 ft 5 Ailidfwe Nebraska Snyder's Texaco Service GAS-OIL-TIRES-BATTERI ES-ACCESSORIES 904 Easi' Third Phone 3I8 HAROLD R. SNYDER PERCY LEONARD KCOW Alliance Nebraska Esfab Feb I949 I400 KC 250 WATTS Box 39I Phone I300 Sandhills Boadcastlng Corporation Our Sincere Complrmenis And Besi' Wishes For A Happy Fufure SMITH CHEVROLET COMPANY CHEVROLET OLDSMOBILE CADILLAC Alliance Nebraska 224 CHEYENNE AVENUE l'04'THf ALLIANCE NEBRASKA Ponhac Cars and GMC Trucks Conoco Procluc+s Au'roh+e BaH'erues GOOD WILL USED CARS Phone 292 Q50 s 1 as AND s RVICL Proper Pontiac SENKDRS OF l952 2e46' Em 'Walaec Whe+her 'rs a ew Buck or ual fy U d C O fs Exo Q 4 Aur REPAIRS A 1 Youll fnd fhe all af your Bu cl: Dealer BOYD MOTOR COMPANY ALLIANCE NEBRASKA F ...I i ' n i a Q i se ar r if i' f I '. I fa ll Hi' V 'Qfx ' '.?Z G 'xxx 41. KL 2 Q V7 2,2 el ,"" x ' i m i AUTNOKIIED LIS AND SCKVI ,1Z1l3tl11!lX 6 HARRIS POTATO y CHIPS K th Harris I ales ALLIANCE NEBRASKA CII AUTHORIZED SERVICE Harruson and McCord Raduafors Cores 8: Hea+ers New and Used RddId+OI'S Free Eshmafes DeLUXE RADIATOR SERVICE 504 FLACK PHONE I4I0 I 1 J 'I J I E g ia f AW' 1351? I OW ARDIINIJ X I, : I I - K . - xx , I x K-uc 4' fxx 'cgi . N s . I C 0. III SI, ' 'I Ear M 'Z -fl.-Z" Ir," I 'M aku' OJIWI , LLFI LA I " 'I' I'-"Q 6 'V iff!" it L' I NI IK". Inv ' ' If K0 yy A J! 1 sf , -A. ,A X 1, ti ff- ,. if' -' ' ITIL' 'I' 1 L 'I' 'ff of-'I I -fe , ' . ' 1. 4 h 4 "J I y nw, I , ' y"'Q , 15.4- n- Q0 KJ Say II' wi+h Flowers . . . 764mm ALLIANCE FLORAL COMPANY , ,-,Nr 'ff 70-ice 322 Box BuH'e Phone I5I 4m7fzaJfa,Qa,'f wfaffa 'Me 0 SENIORS OF I952 The Slagle Cllnlc DR JOHNSTON DR BURNHAM DR M NULTY DR KUNCL Ze: Zta Wade ZW 37641: Zan game ALLIANCE LUMBER COMPANY Your Frlendly Yard On Wesi' Th rd S+ree+ n AII ance 6 VW GR l I W W! I I Ill!--I WWWIWW O . . . . . c . . . . . I I I C' 'W fl Lx' 'W I M Q1 U SA I in I' 4 3 llllllllllllll I A II-Im! .ul W - f 1 Alllonce Consumers Co Op Assoclotlon 724 WEST 3rd STREET fx G39 PETROLEUM DEPT FOOD DEPT Phone 622 Phone 822 Alliance Nebraska f-ri CU SCHOMMER TEXACO SERVICE A Complete Servuce SERVICE WHEN You NEED IT PHONE 4 2 .J 3rd 81 TOLUCA Alliance Nebraska 0 Q I lr, , , .n. ! Tal"-3' 5 111 Z - I E195 4- wg J' 5, ' 0 QW g 25? AM 'U' mv ffl Brog's Billiards i X Also l'l1e besl' lables in Alliance TRY OUR MALTS ',-s .XX 9772 eawmde ARROW FREIGHT LINES GENERAL oFFicEs All ance Nebraska Zualitq Qwwzdee Lee s l G A Store M G LEE Prop Phone l3l FANCY cl STAPLE GROCERIES FRESH cl CURED MEATS All ance Nebraska 2 Q4 l TO SUIT YOUR 'Xa 'HK 1 TATE f s: Fealuring Fine Foods HOME COOKED MEALS GOOD COFFEE FOUNTAIN seizvica DON S CAFE 9 'E , V . X 'xc 5 . ',.f "" F 42 A s li A , 0 O O Fi, an . F an i . A - Xml- ',l'A -':f.a-:NN . X A P , McCormlcIc Deermg Fa rm Machlnery Power Um+s Tracfors DODD DeBOLT INC SERVICE PARTS SALES We Fd Equlpmeni' +o EAST THIRD STREET Allnance Nebraska Your Job TELEPHONE 205 2 X X x N 'NlSsE1N X 0 I MJ . Pleasmg You Is Our Success PETES CLOTHING 8: ARMY STORE 5'I'I'1 8: Box BuH'e I0 I 3 Wes? ALLIANCE NEBRASKA Third Phone I28I phone 1019 ALLIANCE NEBRASKA I . - I . . I Q Wx -L A 'xz I T rw , R F ,II ., ' . I d, L ' I 2 "QM ivllfg 'Illlnmu - 5 I F 5' M Boolery Those befler shoes Of' Men Women and Chnldren 305 Box BuH'e ALLIANCE NEBRASKA Shoes are our busuness no+ a sldelnne MILTON S Self Service DRUG 2l4 Box Bu++e Alliance Nebraska XX X DALE s BARBERX mv SHGP X lkvorzie I W 1 Jpffffi I 'WW allll' l20 Box Bulle Allnance Nebraska COMMUNITY BUILDERS Complefe one sfop servuce Com Ie+ +h I p e wa we bulldmg mafernals Du Ponl' Palnfs Sack Lumber Cf Coal Co I I8 LARAMIE PHONE f i . H . u v ll XX ' '. . I if D.. ' Qz' 7, I 1 I . 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ALLIANCE NEBRASKA WALKER FUNERAL HOME Ambulance WFVICG MULLEN NEBRASKA PHONE 50 R 4 x '-l C 'A Qi 4 1 ,1 I 1 ALLIANCE, N' RASIAK x X PHONE il N , wg sr wmv - fl ll 5,5 A Q R s N, X yu, x X v L 1 J , Q ? I Q . 7 1 1'fft?'i9v 'S ' ,1-9 ' ' ' ' "V" "L' Il? xc L Yliwukax t . ' . . 1 C C . . I , ,b rr , X f L X ' A 5 E Q, NNN 'll V- X r. -1 S 1 n .8 'N a 5 1 1 E .E Q., 6 ily. X J . X L fr W All x , . X ."Sl":f'. ' Q A L' 3 QW l ' -A W' 5 X . x " 'f 2 A - . . 7 - , 1 ' ' of 'Q fru Esfabhshed 892 Jewelry BOX BUTTE AL PHONE 6 LIANCE NEBR FUND! Qvvs V:-17' X Your Ford and Mercury Dealer COVER JONES MOTOR COMPANY 3I3 WEST 3rd STREET ALLIANCE, NEBRASKA TELEPHONE I93 PM I - A, 4 We , .4 , v M1 5 7 ' 4' x A ' L li 'I ' 'Y JA. , 1 .U ,U , N J .1 , Af , ,L' . UW l' gl . -'Tv' "' ' V5 .-1 J , A, f I I , 6 'L A. . Tru kxyl f 'fy 1 v HO ' A A , "V .fit I ,LJV,? "I . I 7,41 'Yf,.'1,'j JA! ' ' .f' X IL-1 f .lx L I . f V I KL P L' f 55.11, f -XXQE' N Reuben Wernke 24 Hour Service Gene EngeIhaup+ CORNER SERVICE STATION Fronf End Alignmenf By Bean Visualigner Tires-Gas-Oil-Washing-Greasing Ba'Heries-Mo+or Tune-Up and Repairing CHEVRON GAS RPM MOTOR OIL AIIiance, Nebraska Phone I4I 3rd and Niobrara YOUR money if-af-gg Ahead' Breck Auto Parts 6' Salvage fyf Y Q Always Ihe Inghesf marke+ for iron and scrap meials I200 WEST THIRD PHONE 73' O I RALPH EATON 81 PHIL SORAHAR NEBRASKA T t 6- E t ROYAL ypewr' er qwpmen CLARY ADDING TYPEWRITERS Company MACHINES I09 E 3rd S+ Alliance Nebraska RESERVED AQ 141,472 ffiwff 47 aw-we ?a'-v-vc f6"4'-1'-'16'-'M- ,vbvvcf f"P'?..J QOL-If 1,4fZZ, 9-7ff,,Z.,,...,v va'-V71 QM -6'l-g, gf!-fg,1.,,, ,Q-Z4-MQ' ,Rfb-, .Lag-75,-.. ' 3 1 .155 , ,... ' EF' I ' 'Aff ...I 2 fi ' . K J, 5 Y 1 Owned and pera ed By . . , .M - , Y -s - f Y My ,, . 1 n df f V' WN Tr' T' I is f' - 4 A E If I ,ffl I' "T, gl'-fi yt!! LTO'-Ex A ' V A vs,L 'T ,ffl 'I fi 'l A , lungs h 0 T T game fro? Savlngn QSM Ll'-TD j, L f Nfsin 3 ANK THE GuARD'AN S ka Nebras ce SIT AlII6nFEDERAL DEPOCN MEMBER E CQRPORAT' NC INSURA O . ' ' ' ' ' " ' ' ' ' " 21:32 . "'l'l'1'1'l'1'Z-Zi-1-li-1" Z. . . .- 5f3:i:3I- ' H xsxxn-x------Nux- -R . -xxx--x-smx---- ..--5. m----------1 --1 .- . Q----xxss -. - .ttzzzg-----.1.., s.......-.. .. Nun... . un.. . ....1111z1g.-...... 1- --- ... . 131. .1:11:z1- - 3- .'.'.'.'.': --1333....11:11 X -un... ., .... ...11 u-....- , --.1-.-x. K 1---, . -x-sx--- -',,. .R 1 . .. X .111 - - . . Q C3 ' 111' 33 - 'A 19 Q 1121 O 11 . . 111' ' 1111111 1211+ X s 1 N 'Wf . 1221335112122221933H2Ha1g1123z1,11,ag2g2a2 I 5 111211112az2221122221222131221212132221 " "Agp 1 aa221212222111212:H121.a2l21i212zz?i??21'f V ' 12211112222221122222A21az22112222z1E5-2222 . 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V 3 In ty A A lull, 1' I Best Wishes Class of 52 KENNETH STEPHENS President Photo by WORLEY, A Work of Dlstmctlon Throughout your school life and In later years there is no better way to preserve pleasant memories than by a 'Fine photograph While you have the opportunity be sure to get and keep pictures of your 'Friends and loved ones. You will cherish them more and more as years run on. And remember, time is fleeting- get those pictures now . : . For Artistic Photography WORLEY STUDIO t '-v. . F 1' r-, '-. ,f ' 1 .Z 6 .. 1 . . NV 1 NX .x X A . - - - , ,L K' , - . -,h l :E V ,Q T V V J E- 1 -P., - 'iv 1 ' ' 1' - mv'-'-fif -.. ' L rs "ll A I:--' x, 1 v' ' Y-, x -in . cl., ,Q I 1 - I .. ' 5 7,13 X , Vi, ' Q L, I l ' - , . T K, . ix - ' . -.g 4 . I ll 0 Q 0 U I ' . I U p I Q o ,- CLIFF HOFMAN ELECTRICIAN HOLSTEN S DRUG CO IDEAL FROZEN FOOD LOCKERS I G A KANDY SNAP KANE ELECTRIC COMPANY K C O W LAGER INN LANGMACHER FEED 81 PRODUCE CO LANDA FUNERAL HOME LE FAVE DAIRY LIVE WIRE TRANSFER J H MELVILLE LUMBER CO MERRICK DRUG CO MEYER TEXACO SERVICE MILTON S DRUG CO MISSOURI MARKET L B MURPHY CO NATIONAL FARM LOAN ASSOCIATION NEBRASKA HYDRO GAS CO NEBRASKA CERTIFIED POTATO GROWERS NEBRASKA TYPEWRITER COMPANY NEIL S SERVICE NEWBERRY HARDWARE CO J C PENNEY CO PEPSI COLA BOTTLING CO PLAINS IMPLEMENT CO PODHAISKY INSURANCE AGENCY PROPER PONTIAC HEDDISH 81 SON RHOADS ROBERTSON MOTOR CO ROE 81 NELSON INCOME TAX ROMINE CAFE SACK LUMBER CO SCHAD S BAKERY SCHOMMER TEXACO SERVICE SCOGGIN JEWELERS SELLECK ABSTRACT CO SEVEN UP BOTTLING COMPANY SLAGLE CLINIC SMITH CHEVROLET CO SNYDER S TEXACO SERVICE SULLIVAN S TENTH STREET GROCERY THIELE DRUG COMPANY HARRY THIELE JEWELERS TIP TOP WALKER FUNERAL HOME WOODS SEWING MACHINE SHOP WORLEY STUDIO ZURN TAXI 523 Black HlIIs 3I6 Box Bu'I'I'e I003 Wesf 3rd Sfreef 3I7 Box Bu+'Ie 406 Box Bu'He I25 Wes? 3rd SI'ree'I' I030 Wesi' 3rd Sfreei' I23 Box Buffe III5 Wes'I' 3rd S+reeI' 6I8 Box BuHe 7I9 Wesf 3rd Sfreef 723 WesI 3rd Sfreef 224 Wesi 2nd S+ree+ I I4 Wesf 3rd S+reeI' III3 Wes+ 3rd Sfreef 2I4 Box BuI'I'e 223 Mussouru 4I6 Box BuHe I07 Easf 3rd Sfreef IOI'h 8: HI way 2 202 Laramie I09 Easi 3rd Sireef 4I4 BIacIr HIIIS 402 Box Bu'I'+e 4I2 Box BuHe IIO Cheyenne 206 Cheyenne Adler Hesfed Bldg 224 Cheyenne I04I 2 Wesf 3rd S+reeI 323 Box BuH'e 323 Wesf 3rd Sfreef 22I Eas+ 3rd Sfreef 2I5' 2 Box Bu++e II8 Laramie 3I4 Box BuHe 3rd 81 Toluca Alliance Theafre Bldg lI8 Wes+ 3rd S+ree+ I02 Bug Horn 524 Box BuI"Ie 502 Box BuHe Easi 3rd S+ree+ 422 Box Bu'He 2I4 Wes? IOIh S+ree'I' 304 Box Bu+'I'e 306 Box BuHe 207V Box Bu'H'e 2I7 Easi Tzhlrd Sireef 220 Easi' 3rd Sfreef 508 Box BuH'e IIO Box Buffe Pines ARMY sT6RE', frffQ..QQ1f1Q,fQQffQQQfQQQQQ'fQQf,fQ,'f.Qf,fi'Io13'wes+ 3rd s+fee+ , I Q .fl ff'f.fff1f'ffffff Qffffifffffff,.f'ffff' f ' ,7 I , fj,,,f 1, ff, -.J iff Q ff fa f,Vlx-ff. I M lx A , , 4 4 BULLDOG SUPPORTERS ALE S ALLIANCE BUILDING 81 LOAN ASSOCIATION ALLIANCE CANDY COMPANY ALLIANCE CLEANERS ALLIANCE CONSUMERS CO OP ASSOCIATION ALLIANCE CREAMERY ALLIANCE FLORAL COMPANY ALLIANCE FURNITURE COMPANY ALLIANCE HARDWARE ALLIANCE HOTEL ALLIANCE LUMBER COMANY ALLIANCE NASH COMPANY ALLIANCE NATIONAL BANK ALLIANCE ROLLER RINK ALLIANCE STEAM LAUNDRY ARROW FREIGHT COMPANY DR B G BAUMAN BOYD MOTOR COMPANY BRECKS AUTO PARTS BRAZEAL FURNITURE COMPANY BRITTAN INSURANCE COMANY BROG S BILLIARD PARLOR GEORGE BROWN BROWN S NEWSSTAND DRS BROZ 8: ARRASMITH COLE 81 OVERTURF SINCLAIR STATION CORNER SERVICE STATION COVER JONES MOTOR COMPANY CRUM 81 MILLER ACCOUNTANTS DALES BARBER SHOP DEE LITE BAKERY DELUXE RADIATOR SERVICE DODD DEBOLT IMPLEMENT DON S CAFE DRAKE HOTEL EAGLES CLUB ECONOMY FURNITURE COMPANY F 81 M BOOTERY FAMOUS CLOTHING HOUSE FLOWER NOOK H C FRICK CONSTRUCTION CO GAMBLES STORES GANTZ 81 WILLIAMS DRS GODING 84 SIXTA GRANTHAM CANDY COMPANY T C GREGORY INSURANCE GUARDIAN STATE BANK HARRIS SALES COMPANY WM HEIN ATTORNEY HEMPEL MOBIL SERVICE 3I3 Box BuI"Ie 3I2 Box Bu'r'Ie II3 Wesf 3rd SIree+ 203 Box BuH'e 724 Wesi' 3rd S'rreeI Cheyenne Box Bu'I'I'e Box BuH'e 2I6 Box BuHe Box BuHe I020 Wes'I' 3rd S+ree+ 324 Easf 3rd S'rree+ 302 Box Bu'H'e Wesi 3rd S+ree'I' I23 Easi' Third Sfreef 209' 2 Wes+ 3rcI Sfreef 3I II 2 Box BuH'e 5II Wes'I' 3rd Sfreei I200 Wes+ 3rd S+ree'I' 807 Easf 3rd S+reeI' I04I 2 Wesi' 3rd SIree'r I24 Box Bu+Ie 3rd 8: Highway I9 I20 Box BuHe 202 Wesf 3rd S'IreeI' 4'rh 8: Nlobrara 3rd X: Nlobrara 3I3 Wesi' 3rd S'IreeI 306' 2 Box BuH'e 302 Box BuHe II5 Wesi 3rd S+reeI' 504 Flack Avenue 9I7 Easf 3rd S+ree+ 2I8 Wes+ 3rd S'I'ree+ Box BuHe Box Bu+'I'e Box BuHe Box Bu'H'e Box BuHe Box BuHe 4'rh SI'reeI Box BuH'e Box Bu+'I'e Box BuHe Box BuHe I04V2 Wesi' 3rd SI'reeI' 220 Box BuHe I08 Nlobrara I04V2 Wes'I' 3rcI S'I'ree+ 8I4 EasI' 3rd S+reeI' 4I8V2 sub weS+ aobyz 305V2 3 I2 ! A - ,LJ AI , f , A F- -v ' A ' - I 1 S-'fb' ' 'iw'--,,.' fQ'IfI'IIf''ff'I'I'ffII'I'IIIIfIfIQIfII'IIII1IfIQI1'" f . I . I ,.II,.,II. ,.,.. ,I.,..,...I...,.I..,. ,.,I....,.I,.......,,..,... I I I f i bI.I'I'IqIVI.I I I.I I.I .VI4I.I.I.I... IIIIIIIbI.I.I.I4I.IWI.I.I.I.I.I.IhI4I'I IIII I X Arm-:UR H. BUCHFINCKI IAB'STRAC5TEk"'I'.'IQ'II'I'I'I'I 'ISI IAI'IA I I'I'I'I' I zw Box anne U , I'I'I'I'I'I'I'I'ISI'I'I'I 'I II'I'I 'I'I'I I I'I'I IISI I I II'I I I'I'I'I'.'I'I'I'I' 1 I I I'I'I 'I'I 'I'I 4III'I SI'I 432 I .IIIIIIII IIII IIIII I I IIIIII V I IVIVI4I,II IA IAI.Ib IIIEIIIIIAIIIIIIIIIE IIIIIEIIIIIII.IqIIIIIIIIIIIVIIIIIQIIIQIIIVI I I 208 II I III, IIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIII IIIIIIIII.IIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIII I 424 ' ' IIIIIIIIIIIIII 32: V1Ct o r lst Bb Clannet 1 iii 49 ,V-:'.'.2"'--522'-il'-::"-Si-"':'.:S -117.17-I I- XA Il .Al H CY'.l1'l"Y7.Qll i'l1 i'11l.l g 1 114111 3 u-giliiiili IL-vrilY4lifQ.Jlll1lln-li ll 1' i4 '17lHl1" ll YIYY-Q2 --ISQHH-I-iiill lllm ZH Qll illii -1 SQ -- l 9l.fv'C,e44,4-Q 551-Jtw :.'.::'::::::- --::---- 4-0'P-r'-jfwfe, .1 A wwf? V 4-f4,..:-Q07 4-'26-2414.1 1-'WCA-cfavvcea-n 4..r-Kif,6m4 'ls-..- hx 43Pfrw-.ali .x LK k N 03. 'f x X 4 f". 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' S .J X Q X -Q Q N X 5 al X R f-w March JOHN F sum 'os 6: Rev MICHAEL J SHEA 'Ol Arr by Harry L Alford f"f"'S "' Q ' fx 5 ...::.:--- o 0 0 f Q 5 3 "X . ' ' 5 : . l---Qla---I--11212--n-'Q 1 1 Ql a1lla1i-"-lll"Il C l 7 gl mi l - ' ' :D . GE? :L: E::.-::-..::g:'-1-'::::-..-5.1.-. . ...... ........... gsm 24222 - 222'-5-g2 ssa :2:2 ' iii

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