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. M A Q X J-I 52.1. . I 9 1- 1 , I 'NJ " '-an ' ficavr-'474:""c'-""""' z , al,,14,',4.l4,f,iC4-of-2' .ff 4.40. ?..,..,.g-cf, L0"""""':!-I ..,c4-1-ezlrlf W likOGJ 76:41-4-I' ofa!!!-.- .Q 1"7"""' Lf ,s.44.6e.a..62-f Wd"ea4... :Ay-4-v o v HIS year, 1950, marks the midpoint of the twentieth centuryg and although colored with dram- atic significance, it still is merely another page in the book of Time. Not only does this page tabulate the records of the past, but it holds within its contents assuring prognostications for the future. We, the yearbook staff, present this, "The 1950 Bulldog", to the students of A. H. S." We have en- joyed portraying these scenes of school life. We offer it in the hope that on its pages will be preserved those memories which so stimulate the present and predict the future. Grateful acknowledgment is made to Miss Jean- ette Fox, faculty artistg Leonard Glarum, profession- al artistg and Dannie Jordan, student artist. ALLIANCE HIGH SCHOOL ALLIANCE. NEBRASKA TABLE O PRESENTATION .... DEDICATION ....... FACULTY .........., SENIORS .......... JUN IORS ............. SOPHOMORES .......... I' CONTENTS Page 1 .. 2 .. 3 ,. 7 l 8 ..... 22 FRESHMEN ....,,............ ,,,,, 2 4 YEARBOOK STAFF CLASSROOM SNAPS CLUBS ...... , ......... N ...... SPORTS ............ MUSIC ....... - ........ SNAPSHOTS ....... ADVERTISING ..... ....... ......... 26 ..... 27 .. .............. ..... 4 3 .. .......... ..... 6 3 83 .. ....... ..... 9 5 ..... 103 GOVERNOR VALIWNTRSON 1, fg Q .Qm,-vs ' 6' wx ,,Q,, U?iE?5! www A 35.4.12 6322816 L E 15112 S'I',X'l'l'1 ,ff xl-:1m.xslf.x Ll?.C,LJ" VL CM :NCL LINUOLN To Students and Faculty of the hlliance High School: In this ywar of 1550, the mid-point of tho TweniiP'h Century, we find mursvlves in a peried where thv yrin- ciples cf Demccracy are undergoing their crsatest test. Kemocracy is nmt just a nine-lsttex word defining our type of government but is a may of life. Here in the United States we believe in the dignity of the individ- ual. We sirens his responsibilities tc his fellow men. If thst concept is to be maintained, then every nmvxican citizen, young and old, musf work dovctsdly for it. Truex words were never wr5fLen than thuse whith appear over the main entrance of our Nebraska Cayitol -- HThe salvation of ine state is fha watchfuiness in The citizen.H Not long ago I beanie high school student say, HA watian and a way of life -- depend QD us.U It is hearteninq to hear such words. It is inspiring to know that the Annual Staff of ons mf our fine h gh schocls is dedicating ifs ysarbool to Democracy. Th future is yours. MaPe it glczicus. 4 Sncewly, L xl Q -2- my ,J , ,- lla 'AN nnonalf HLE Boi BURNS 45 J EHNNEUE Fd! ll s LIVINGSTD mv HHRNBI G mas MURRAY alice We , the Studentsll 3:-E-E -'5'-Zi." 1 'F'- ln" vu?" In " iq?-l SENKOR PRES LED NNEED JUNIOR PRES BOB SEIFERT SOPHOMORE PRES DON PRTTON FRESHMEN PRES DUN DONOVAN President LEO WEED Football l, 2, 3, and 45 Football letters 3 and 45 Basketball l, 2, 3, and 45 Basketball letters 3 and 45 Track 1, 2, 3, and 45 Track letters 3 and 45 A Club 3 and 45 Hi-Y l, 2, 3, and 45 Sophomore treasurer5 Senior presidentg Allied Youth 2. Sponsor MISS MCLAGAN Secrvlary MARCILE AMSBERRY Pep Club 2, 3, and 45 Y- Teens 2, 3, and 45 Senior secretaryg Class Play 3 and 4. Treasurer MARLENE FALLBECK G. A. A. 3 and 4, secretary 45 Pep Club 1, 2, 3, and 4, vice president 45 Y-Teens 2, 3, and 45 Class Activities Editor on annual5 Se nio r treasurerg Class Play 4. Vice Prtuirfrlil LA VORA DEITCHLER A Cappella Choir 15 Girls' Glee Club I5 Pep Club l, 2, 3, and 45 Y-Teens 2, 3, and 45 Quill and Scroll 3 and 45 Spud staff 2, 3, and 45 Faculty Editor on annual 45 Senior vice president5 Class Play 3. Sponsor MR. STOFAN Sluilcnt Counril SHIRLEY ZABEL Pep Club l, 2, 3, and 45 Y-Teens 1, 2, 3, and 45 Spud staff 2 and 45 Student Council 45 Hi-Y Sweetheart Attendant 45 Class Play 4. Sludvni Counril - ARTHUR ATKINS Football 1, 2, 3, and 45 Football letters 45 Basket- ball l, 2, 3, and 45 Basket- ball letters 3 and 45 Track 1, 2, 3, and 45 Track letter 3 and 45 A Club 3 and 45 Student Council president 45 Pep Club Boyfriend Attend- ant 45 Class Play 4. ...g.. szuilmf Counril NORMA JEAN HICKS State Choir Clinic 45 A Cap- pella Clloir 45 Student Coun- cil 4. JANICE ANDREASEN DONNA ARMSTRONG 1 r Q Hay Springs 13 Gil'lS' Glee Technical High School,Oma- . LEON ACPFRMAN Club 2, Pep Club 2, 3, and ha, Nebraska 1, 2, and 3. i GLADYS ASPDITN F. F. A. I, 2, 3, and 4. 4, Y-Teens 2, 3, and 4. CJ- A' A- 1 and 25 Y'T'3e"5 1, 2, and 3, Class Play 4. GENE ATKINS BARBARA BAKER VERLIN BALL NORMA BAI.LINGER Football 3 and 4, Reserve A Cappella Choir 1 and 2, A Cappella Choir 4. Bingham High School, Bing- letter 3, Football letter 4, Choir letter I, Madrigal 4, ham, Nebraska l, 2, and 3, A Club 4, Hi-Y 2, 3, and 4. Girls' Glec Club l, Pep Club Pep Club 4. l, 2, 3, and 4, Y-Teens I. 2, 3, and 4, Finance chair- man 2, Vice president 3, Treasurer 4, Quill and Scroll 3 and 4, Spud staff 2 and 3, Senior Editor, Class Play 4. BETTY BARTELS GLEN BARTIZLS CHARLES BERG CHARLES BERRY A Cappella Choir l and 2, Hi-Y I and 2, F. F. A. 1, 2, Hi-Y 1 and 2. Football 1, 2, and 3, Basket- Madrigal 4, Girls' Glee Club 3, and 4, Class Play 4. ball 1, 2, and 3, Track l 1 and 2, Y-Teens 1 and 2, and 2, Track letter 2, A Class Play 3. Club 3 and 4, Sargeant-at- Arms 3 and 4, F. F. A. 1, 2, 3, and 4, Sentinel 3, President 4, Track "Big Ten Team" 2. -9- JERRY BILSTEIN Football l and 2, Basketball I, Track l, 2, and 3, Stu- dent Council l. A. 1, 2, 3, an A Cappella Choir 1, 2, 3, and 4, President 4, Madrigal 3 and 4, Octet I, 2, and 3, Pep Club 1, 2, 3, and 4, Y- Teens 1, 2, 3, and 4, Music chairman 2, 3, and 4, Sec- retary-treasurer of Quill and EUGENE BURKHALTER and 4, Annual Music Editor, junior Secretary, Class Play Scroll 4, Spud Staff 2, 3, 4. 'Z' GLEN BURTON JAMES BUTCHER LARRY CARTER NAOMIIZ CHUBB Football 1, Basketball 1, A Class Play 4. Pep Club 3, Y-Teens 2, 3, Cappella Choir 2, Hi-Y 1, 3nd 4, 2, 3, and 4. CHARLES CLAY Football l, 2, 3, and 4, Pep Club 1, Y-Teens l. Y-Teens 2, 3, and 4. BETTY COOK MAXINE DAUGHERTY DENNIS DEBERRY' Football and Track I, 2, 3, Track I and 2, Band 1, 2, 3, and 4, Cornet Trio 4, A Cappella Choir 1 and 2, Madrigal 3 and 4, Boys' Glee Club 1 and 2, Best Actor 3, Boys' State 3, Re- serve A Club 3, Class Play 3 and 4. -10- and 4, Orchestra 1, 2, 3, and 4 String Quartet 2, 3. and 4 Choir I, 2, and 4, Vice-president 4, Madrigal 2, 3, and 4, State Orchestra Clinic 2, 3, and 4, Music letter 1, 2, 3, and 4, Hi-Y 1, 2, 3, and 4, Quill and Scroll 3 and 4, President 4, Freshman treasurer, Sopho- more president, Editor-im Chief of the annual 4, Spud staff 2, 3, and 4. PHYLLIS DOUGLAS ADRIAN EATON A Cappella Choir 1, 2, 3, Football 3 and 43 Reserve BIZTTY DYE and 43 Madrigal 43 Girls' letter 33 Varsity letter 43 EMIL FABER Glee Club 1 and 2' Pep Club Track 3' A Club 4- Hi Y Y-Tccn5 2, 3, and 4, ' ' ' ' Hi-Y l. 2, 3, and 43 F. F. A. 1, 2, 3, and 4g Y-Teens 1, 3 and 4. 2, 3, and 43 Choir letter 1, 2, and 3. 1, 2, 3, and 43 Class Play 3 and 4. HARRlliTTE EDWARDS BETTY FLINT BETTY GEBAUER Band 1, 2, 3, and 43 Pep Fort Morgan High School, Band 1, 2, and 33 Pep Club Club 1, 2, 3, and 4g Cheer- Fort Morgan, Colorado. l, 2, 3, and 4g Cheerleader lcildfl' 41 Y-Teens 1, 2, 3, 43 Spud Staff 2, 3, and 43 and 43 Student Council 2 and 33 Boys' and Girls' County 33 Class Play 33 Girls' State 33 Allied Youth 23 Class Play 4. Class Play 4. BILL GILES Benson High School, Oma- ha, Nebraska 13 Football 2, 3, and 43 Football letters 3 and 43 Basketball letters 2, 3, and 43 Track letters 2, 3, and 43 A Cappella Choir secretary 23 A Club 2, 3, and 4, president 33 Junior presidentg Big Ten Football 3 and 43 All State 43 Pep Club Boyfriend Attendant. RAYMOND GOMEZ DONNA GREGORY SHIRLEY HARDY WANDA HAWLEY Football 2, 3, and 4g Foot- Madison High, Madison, Ne- A Cappella Choir 23 Y- Pep Club 1, 2, and 43 Y- ball letters 3 and 4g Track braska 1 and 23 Pep Club 3 Teens 3 and 4. 'Teens 1, 2, 3, and 4. 1, 2, 3, and 43 Track let- and 43 Y-Teens 2 and 3. ter 3 and 43 A Club 3 and 43 Pep Club Boyfriend 43 Hi-Y l, 2, 3, and 43 A Club secretary-treasurer 43 Allied Youth 1. ...11-. Hi-Y 4. SHIRLEY HINES IVA LOU JENSEN Omaha Benson, Omaha, Ne- G. A. A. 1, 2, and 3, presi- braska5 Band 1, 2, 3, and dent 35 Pep Club 3 and 45 'VAN HOLTHUS 45 Band letter 1, 2, 3, and Y-Teens 1, 3, and 45 Quill 45 Pep Club 1, 2, 3, and 45 and Scroll 3 and 45 Spud Y-Teens 1, 2, 3, and 45 Staff 2, 3, and 45 Snap- Social chairman 35 President shots on annual staff5 G. A. 45 Business Manager on an- A. Awards 1, 2, and 3. nual5 National Honor Soc- iety 35 Class Play 3 and 4. RODNEY JENSEN F. F. A. 2 and 35 Secretary 25 President 35 Boys' and Girls' County 3. lvill:I5REDYjINES DON JONES G. A. A. 15 Y-Teens 1, 2, 3, A Cappella Choir 1, 2, and and 4. 35 Madrigal l and 25 Boys' Glee Club 1 and 25 Hi-Y l and 25 Class Play 3 and 4. DANNIE JORDAN A Cappella Choir l, 2, 3, and 45 Accompanist 3 and 45 Madrigal 1, 2, 3, and 45 Boys' Glee Club l and 25 Sophomore and junior vice presidentg National Honor Society 3. JIM JUDGE BARBARA KASTNER Band 2, 3, and 45 G. A. A. I, 2, 3, and 45 Vice presi- dent 3 and president 45 Pep Club I, 2, 3, and 45 Treas- urer 35 Cheerleader 45 Y- Teens l, 2, 3, and 45 Stu- dent Council 15 Boys' and Girls' County 35 Class Play 35 Honorable Mention for Best Actress5 Football Queen 45 Hi-Y Sweetheart Attend- ant 4. DON KOESTER WINIFRED KOHLER Football l, 2, 3, and 45 Foot- G. A. A. 2 and 35 Pep Club ball letter 45 Basketball 15 Track 2, 3, and 45 A Cap- pella Choir 35 Boys' Glee Club 25 A Club 45 Hi-Y 2, 3, and 45 Allied Youth 25 Reserve A Club 3. l, 2, 3, and 45 Class Play 3. -12- FRANCES KUNCL A Cappella Choir 2 and 35 Madrigal 45 Girls' Glee Club 25 Pep Club 1, 2, 3, and 45 Classroom Activities on an- nual staff5 Choir letter 35 D. A. R. Essay Contest 4. MARVIN LAWRENCE A Cappella Choir 35 Boys' Glen Club 25 Hi-Y 2, 3, and 45 Secretary-Treasurer 3 and 4. BOB LEISHMAN Lakeside High School, Lake- side, Nebraska, 1 and 25 A Cappella choir 45 Madrigal 45 Hi-Y 35 Class Play 4. DAVID LEPARD Band l, 2, 3, and 45 Orches- tra 1, 2, 3, and 45 String quartet 1, 2, 3, and 45 A Cappella Choir 1 and 25 Madrigal 2, 3, and 45 Boys' Glee Club 1 and 25 Fresh- man vice president5 National Honor Society 35 Pep Band student director 45 Class Play 3 and 45 President of Debate Club 3. DICK LEWIS Lakeside High School, Lake- side, Nebraska 1 and 25 Hi- Y 3 and 4. FRED MACKEY Football 1, 2, 3, and 45 Var- sity letter 2, 3, and 45 Bas- ketball l, 2, 3, and 45 Bas- ketball Iettcr 3 and 45 Track 1, 2, 3, and 45 A Cappella Choir 35 A Club 2, 3, and 45 Vice president 45 Basket- ball Honor Roll, Big Ten 35 PHYLLIS MCCULLAH Allied Youth 25 Pep Club 1, 2, 3, and 45 Spud Staff 2 and 3. DUANF. MCCULLOCK Football l and 45 Basketball 1, 2, and 35 Track 1, 2, and 35 A Club 45 Hi-Y 1, 2, 3, and 45 Student Council 2 and 35 Boys' and Girls' County 3. WARREN MCGREW A Cappella Choir 1, 2, 3, and 45 Librarian 3 and 45 Madrigal 2, 3, and 45 Boys' Glee Club 1 and 25 Camera Club 35 Hi-Y 2, 3, and 45 Vice president 45 Quill and Scroll 3 and 45 Spud Staff 2, 3, and 4. All State 3rd team 4. PATSY MORRIS JACK MORROW BETTY NOREEN DICK O'BRIEN G. A. A. 2 and 35 Pep Club Football 1, 2, and 45 Bas- Pine City High School, Pine 2, 3, and 45 Y-Teens 2 and ketball 1, 2, 3, and 45 Track City, Minnesota 15 Pep Club 45 Football Queen Attend- 1, 2, 3, and 45 Band l, 2, 3, 2, 3, and 45 Y-Teens 45 ant 4. and 45 Camera Club 2 and Class Play 4. 35 Hi-Y 1, 2, 3, and 45 Re- serve A Club 35 Allied Youth 25 Class Play 4. -13- VERNON PEARSON PAT PeCOY Band 1, 2, 3, and 43 Orch- estra 43 Clarinet quartet 3 and 43 A Cappella Choir 1, 2, 3, and 43 Madrigal 3 and 43 Octet 1, 2, and 33 Girls' Glee Club 1 and 23 Band Clinic 43 Pep Club 1, 2, 3, and 43 Y-Teens 1, 2, 3, and 43 Finance chairman 33 Fel- lowship chairman 43 Ser- geant in band 4. JEAN PERRIN Band 1, 2, 3, and 43 Orch- estra 43 Band Clinic 1, 2, 3, and 43 Pep Club 1, 2, 3, and 43 Cheerleader 43 Y-Teens 1, 2, 3, and 43 Boys' and Girls' County .33 National Honor Society 33 Advertis- ing on annual staff3 Fresh- man secretary3 Hi-Y Sweet- heart 43 Class Play 3. Best Actress 33 Class Play 4. JOE REBOUL McCook Sc hool, McCook, Nebraska 13 Lincoln High School, Lincoln, Nebraska 2 and 33 Football 43 Hi-Y 4. LE ANN RICE WERNER REHDER ROBERT RICKARD DON RODELL A Cappella Choir l, 2, 3, Football 13 Basketball 13 Hi-Y 2, 3, and 43 Boys' and Track 3 and 43 Hi-Y 4. and 43 G. A. A. 1 and 33 Track 1. Girls' County 3. Pep Club l and 23 Y-Teens 1, 2, 3, and 4. BARBARA RUCKMAN LOIS RUST Washington High School, Y-Teens lg Class Play 4. Sioux Falls, South Dakota 1, 2, and 33 Pep Club 43 Y- Teens 4. HAROLD SAMPSON Football 1, 2, 3, and 4g Track 2, 3, and 43 Track letter 3 and 43 A Cappella Choir 33 Boys' Glee Club 23 A Club 43 Hi-Y 3 and 43 Allied Youth 23 Advertising on annual staff 43 Reserve A Club 3. -14.- JEAN SAYRE Band 1, 2, 3, and 43 A Cappella Choir 1 and 23 Madrigal 1 and 23 Pep Club 1, 2, 3, and 43 Y-Teens I, 2, 3, and 43 Quill and Scroll 3 and 43 Spud staff 2, 3, and 4g Editor-in-chief 43 Club Editor on annual staff 43 Class Play 33 Sergeant in Band 43 State Band Clinic 4. r RONALD SCHUCHART Football 3, Basketball 3 and 4, A Cappella Choir 3 and 4, Hi-Y 3 and 4. KATHRYN SCHADWINKEL A Cappella Choir 1, 3, and 4, Girls' Glee Club 1, Pep Club l, 2, 3, and 4, Presi- dent 4, Y-Teens 1, 2, 3, and 4, Social chairman 4, Quill and Scroll 3 and 4, Spud staff 2, 3, and 4, Editor-in- MARTIN SHERLOCK Football 3 and 4, Reserve letter 3, Varsity letter 4, Track 1, 3, and 4, A Club 4, Reserve A Club 3, F. F. A. 1, 2, 3, and 4. chief 4, Junior Editor on annual staff, Class Play 4. l JACK SEIFERT Allied Youth 2. FRED SIKORSKI JUNE SIMPSON DALE SLAYMAKER Willcox High School, Will- G. A. A. l, 2, 3, and 4, Pep Band 1, 2, 3, and 4, Cap- cox, Oregon 1, 2, and 3, Club 1, 3, and 4, Y-Teens 1, tain 3 and 4, Cornet trio 1, Hi-Y 4. 2, 3, and 4. 2, 3, and 4, A Cappella Choir 1 and 3, Madrigal 1 and 4, Band Clinic l, 2, 3, and 4, Hi-Y 1, 2, and 3 Quill and Scroll 3 and 4, Spud staff 2, 3, and 4 BARRY SMITH Basketball 1 and 3, Track 2, 3, and 4, Reserve A Club 3 and 4, Class Play 4. Sports Editor on annual staff 4, Student Council 1, Class Play 3, Honorable Mention as Best Actor 3. RICHARD SPENCER Football l, F. F. A. l. EDXVARD STAFFORD Football 2 and 3, Basketball 1, 2, and 3, Track 1, Cam- era Club 2 and 3, Hi-Y 1, 2, 3, and 4, Reserve A Club 3, Allied Youth 2, Class Play 4. DONNA STEIL Band 1, 2, 3, and 4, Sergeant and Lieutenant 4, Orchestra l, 2, 3, and 4, String quar- tet I, 2, 3, and 4, A Cap- pella Choir 1 and 2, Ma- drigal 3 and 4, Pep Club 1, 2, 3, and 4, Y-Teens 1, 2, 3, and 4, Secretary 3, Publicity chairman 4, Freshman Edi- tor on annual staff, Fresh- m a n president, Student -.151 MARLENE TILLER Orchestra 1, 2, 3, and 4, String quartet 1, 2, 3, and 4, Choir Clinic l, 2, and 3, A Cappella Choir 1, 2, and 3, Madrigal 2, 3, and 4, Pep Club 1, 2, 3, and 4, Y- Teens 1, 2, 3, and 4, Ad- vertising on annual staff 4. Council 2. MARLENE VAN DUSEN MYRNA WALSTON A Cappella Choir 1 and 23 G. A. A. 33 Pep Club 1, 2, VERA TYNDALL G. A. A. lg Pep Club l, 2, 3, and 43 Cheerleader 4g Y- GIZORGE WVALTERS G. A. A. lv 3, and 4: pep 3, and 4, Y-Teens l and 25 Teens l, 2, 3, and 4, Allied Hi,Y 2, 3, and 45 F. F. A 2 Club l and 3. Y-Teens 1, 2, Sophomore secretary. Youth 2g Spud staff 2, Stu- and 3- 3, and 4. dent Council 3, Farmerctte 25 Class Play 4. G. A. A. l, 2, and 3g Presi- dent 2, Secretary 3g Pep LORETTA WARE GEORGIA WELDIN LOIS WEST BARBARA WEYL G. A. A. 2 and 3, Pep Club Pep Club 1, 2, 3, and 43 Y- Band I, 2, 3, and 45 Major l, 2, 3, and 45 Y-Teens 2 Teens 2, 3, and 4. ette 4, Pep Club 1, 2, 3, n d and 3. 4, Y-Teens 1, 2, 3, and 4 Club 3 and 4, Y-Teens 1, 2, 3. and 43 Editor-in-chief of Spud 3 and 43 Quill and Scroll 3 and 45 Club Editor on annual staff 45 Junior treasurer, G. A. A. awards l, 2, and 3. ELIZABETH WHITLOCK Pep Club 2, 3, and 43 Y- Tecns 2, 3, and 4g Quill and Scroll 3 and 45 Spud staff 2, 3, and 43 Editor-in-chief 3, Sophomore Editor on an- nual staff, Assistant Editor 43 Boys' and Girls' County 35 Silver Key Award 2. Class Play 4. WAYNE WOODWORTH Football 2, 3, and 4, Foot- ball Ietters 3 and 45 Track 3 and 45 F. F. A. 1, 2, 3, and 43 Western Big Ten Team 3 and 45 Class Play 4. Fo EDWARD WRIGHT otball lg F. F. A. 2. -15- IVA MAE ZOBEL Y-Teens 3 and 4. Seniors not pirfurnf: BILL WINTERS MARVIN HOUSE KEITH JACOBS ROBERT NEWMAN Presentation of the Prom Queen, 1949 PROM LaFae Powers, by Bill Giles. Bird's eye view of the floor and dancing couples. A view of the Champagne Glass center at the Stork Club Prom. A iull view oi the auditorium floor facing the stage, and the large participating attendance. WE THE SEN IDRS CLASS MOTTO We burr' fbi' fools--now fo work. CLASS FLONWER CLASS COLORS White Orchid Silver and Aqua CLASS SONG "G0mlI1yv School Days" CTo the melody of Goodnight Swcetlicartj -171 " X"'A I uniors W "'A Pn'xi1lf'ul Mrs. Perrin Mr. Hutton Bob Seifert 51'1'H'f1Il'v Vfl'l'-f1VCXiIlt'I1f Trraxn rrr Si all f. .Ioycc Minnick Donna McMnnn ,lean Marie Bccrlinc CLASS HISTORY During our freshman year Gary Brown presided as presidentg Bob Seifert, vice- presidentg Pat Broad, secretary: and Ierre Morrison, treasurer. As sophomores we elected Richard Annable as presidentp Frank Driml, vice-presidentg Georgia Zaliares, secretary, and Ioyce Minnick, treasurer. Out of 111 enrolled as freshman, 87 started the junior year. Bob Seifert was elected presidentg Donna McMann, vice-president. Ioyce Minnick was secretary and lean Marie Beerline, treasurer. Our sponsors were Mr. Hutton and Mrs. Perrin. The junior class play was "Stage Door" and the leads were played by Kay Cover and Iames Hunter. Several junior boys lettered in sports, and several students lettered in music, besides participating in other extra-curricular activities. Sluilrnf Cannril Slllllflll Cozmril Sfudrnf Couurif Kay Cover Don Stull Shirley Fry - 18 - Helen Anderson Richard Annablc Dwain Bartels Leona Berry Nancy Bignell Pat Broad Herman Bros: james Cornettc Donna Crouse Eileen Dann Betty Davis Frank Driml Virgil Elliot Roy Faegins Russell Finch Theola Fitch Bill Frederick Vera Frost Tillie Garua Donna Garrett George Gilmore jon Glau Marian Jo Gordon johnny Grossman Boyd Harris Barbara Haught Thomas Hovorlia jim Hunter Shirley Jacobs Phyllis jcnscn Jeanne johnson Milton johnson Lila Kant Phyllis Kilian Agnes Lauer Marlene Lawler Henrietta Leon Gary Maxwell Stanley McConaughey Darlene Mclilheny jodell McMahon Shirley Michal Ernest Miskimen jcrre Morrison Theresa Motley Marilyn Mundi Mary Anne Nicodemus Mary Ann O'Bricn Bill Olsen Louise Osborne Donald Ottaway Mary Pabst Gerald Panwitz Leonard Peterson Vernon Proper Henry Reitz Leona Roethler Shirley Schnell Darlene Shrincr Betty Sherlock Don Strong Helen Timblin Dale Trenkle Lorraine Wfalker Bon nie jea n Weinell Harold Wills Laoma Wiltsey Ann Woodham Georgia Zaliares JUNIORS NOT PICTURED Wallace Adam Dorthy Blazier Donald Hoppe Janet Jones Marlene Kerns Fred Marsh Raquel Ramos Arnold Rehder Laveta Serl Merle Stone Robert Watson Harold Winters .-.211 Don Patton Prvxirlenl Mrs. Bccrlinc SPIIIIXIII' Mr. Zilimuml Sfmumr Bobby Brockway john Cornette lfift'-PY!'XltIl'V1l Trmgurpr Ronald Hines Susan Yon Helen Giles Charlene Copplc Slmlvul Colrnril Slmfrnl Clllllllfil S1't'rc'larvy Sfmlvnl CflllIlf'il Sophomore Class History This class of '52 elected Don Patton, president, Ronald Hines, vice- president, Iean Steil, treasurerg Bobby Brockway, secretaryg Ruth Bledsoe, Barbara Mote, and lack Coupens for student council to represent them for their freshman year. In their sophomore year, Don Patton was again elected president with Bobby Lou Brockway, vice-presidentg Iohn Cornette, treasurerp Helen Giles, secretaryg Ronald Hines, Susan Yon, and Charlene Copple, student council. Seven sophomore boys received their varsity athletic letters, and twenty-one boys received their letters in reserve competition. Many par- ticipated in music and other extra-curricular events. -22- liirxf row, lop Cleff lo rigbljz Ralph jaeobs, Gerald Fngelsgjerd, Don Henderson, Ronnie Hines, Leonard Beekenbach, Dick Long, Dale johnson, Don Baker, Howard johnson. SFCOPHII row: Conrad Fritzler, Robert Bruce, Wesley Burton, Bill Broderick, Rita Graham, Don Chleborad, Larry Hegwood, Howard Krause, Bob jesse. Tliirif row: Maria DeBerry, Zoe Hofmann, Mary Beth Graham, Helen Giles, Burdette johnson, Beverly jarvis, Dwight Haught, jim Hashman, Wlilma Hagaman. Fourllw row: Charles Calhoun, Robert Colman, john Cornette, jack Coupens, Bob Duryea, Dallas Brost, Gerdi Horde, Cynthia Fradereek, Elmer Beem. lfiflb row: Ifilene Burkhalter, Dorothy Fraedrich, jo Lichty, jean Herman, Bobbie Lou Brockway, Charlene Copple, Phyllis Lawrence, Ruth Betl, Ruth Bledsoe. Six!!! YUlL'! George Krecji, Paul Brixius, Dick Bartels, Kenneth Ho- Walt, jim johnson, Ronald Lyons, Tom Brice, Duane Leach, Gaylord Ayres. Serelzfb Voir: Hilda johnson, jean Koozer, Betty Koover, Pat Guy, jayne Fahrenbrueh, Betty Hawley, Arlene Lesoing, Leta Dentler. Iiigblb Voir: Shirley Colerick, Ruth johns, Lavone Case, Nancy Hart, Bobby Kay Edwards, Darlene Alderman, Lowene Gillespie. Firxl row, lofi fl.-ft to righlj: Eldon Reitz, Duane Rickard, Don Patton, Merle Soth, Clair Sorenson, Dean Tolstedt, Derald Roth, Manuel Perez, Norval Saxton. Srvoml row: Donald XVest, Iirvin Wfilkins, Glenn Stirrat, j. B. Maxwell, George Nason, Kenny Stephens, Abel Moreno, Charles Weston, jim O'Brien. Tbiril rouf: Phyllis Pecoy, joann Martin, Esther Mc- Donald, Gayle Overton, Stella Woodlee, Marjorie Young, Gladys Nuss, Darlene Stollen, Lois Schwaderer. Fourlb row: Sam Marcy, Leo Trenkle, George W'iekham, Richard Powell, joe Nelson, Carl Morris, Bob Wriglit, George Kohler, Paul Holthus. lfiflla row: jill Mounts, Twila Schroeder, Barbara Mote, Delores Young, jean Steil, Genevieve Wilkiiis, Irene Ushio, Louise Morton, Susan Yon. Sixlb role: Alice Wills, Ruby Marsh, joyce Whitlock, Howard Warnke, Charles Rust, Richard Os- born, Wayne Simpson, Fred Nieodcmus, Albert Rusk. Sezwifb rule: Marian Stull, joan Seng, Barbara Nieodemus, Shirley Roberts. Helen Warthen, Shirley Struble, Margaret Moore, Betty jo Moserip, Shirley W'eldin. i 123-. Betty Weed Vir'1'-fIri'Xii1i'llf Peggy W'illimms Sfmlvnl Cozmril Don Donovan Prrxiifvllf Freshman Class One hundred and forty-two freshmen ot the class of '49 and '50 elected Don Donovan president of the class. The other freshman oiticers were as follows: Betty Weed, vice- presidentg Duane Worley, secretaryg Donnie Haught, treasurer. Peggy Williams, Mary lane Webb, and Bobby Grabher were elect- ed student Council members. Mr. Livingston and Mrs. Andrews were the elected sponsors ot the year. Freshmen took an active part in foot- ball, basketball, and track with Mr. Stoian and Mr. Livingston as coaches. Eleven freshmen took part in vocal mu- sic, and thirteen took part in instrumental music. Several treshmen were members ol Pep Club, Hi-Y, and Y-Teens. Freshmen ranked high on the honor roll tor both semesters. The class party was held on March 11. 1.4 '1 QL .Q Donnie Hmugltt Tmlxurvr "Wm Dunne Worley Sr'r'n'lu ry Mary ,lnnc W'ubb Slmfrul cllIIll'H'iI The theme was based on St. Patrick's Day. The school year, 1949-1950, was an active year for the freshmen and laid the foundation tor three more years of partici- pation in the activities of Alliance High School. Mrs- Andrews Mr. Livingston Sfvnnmr Sfmnmr 124.- llobby G rahhcr Sfmlvnl Cuuuril Ifirxl ron' Qlcfl fn rigbljz Donald Harkin, Gayle Gill, Shirley Corey, Larry Jones, Joyce Benzel, Janet Lotspeieh, Darius Jen- sen, Loyd Burton, LeRoy Duskin. Sl'l'IHHf row: Howard Lotspeieh, Betty Duskin, Donald Hardy, Donald Haught, Ralph Loekridge, Billy jones, Robert Hardy, Bob Applegarth, Harold jincs. Third row: John Clark, Richard Driml, Thomas Gar- ett, Tom Bettinger, Lyle Fodnes, Douglas Gregory. Fonrlb row: Mary Lou Gomez, Beverly Baker, Carol Boyer, Lyndall King, Patsy Gaghagen, George lflagherty, Avert -lines, Tom Boots. Fiflb row: Darla jean Galyen, Sterling Curry, Ton De- Berry, Doris Ruth llohlfeld, Patty Collins, ,loan Hullinger, Beverly Amsberry, Clifton Cole, Maurice jordan. Sixlh ruuf: Norman Anderson, Dale Burton, Donald Knapp, Kenneth Dietrich, Wfillarcl Galusha, Agnes Coupons, Dean lissex, ,lean Hul- linger, Clara Mae Atkins. Sviwllb ruzr: Frank Dye, lidna Ackerman, Donald Donovan, Don Benisek, jim Irwin, Patty Leibel, l.ois llenderson. Pat Armstrong, Phyllis Ross. Iiigbfb 7'0ll'I Sylvia Herman, Robert Dahlgren, Richard Iilliot, Robert Grab- lier, Marvin Groee, Darrell Falfar, Lyle Hackney, jack Matz,Dale Karen. Fira! ron' Qlrfl Io rigbljz Sharon Saxton, Peggy Wfilliams, Lassie Miller, Kay Moller, Earl Schul7e, Buddy Pyle, Flora Strublc joan Perez, Dorothy Prouty, Don Rose. Serrulif mu': Joyce Nitscli, Mary Weisgerber, Helen Thomas, Shirley Warthen, Leonida Todd, Darlene Rensvold, Virginia Roethler, Iitta Timblin. Tlliril rout ,lim Stewart, Mary Louise Nielson, Barbara Roehlitl, Mardyne Moeller, Violet McLean, -Ioan Phillips, Ardella Sellmer, Carolyn Rensvold. Frmrlb row: jackie Mounts, Richard Stenberg, Phyllis Taylor. ,lean Sixta, Barbara Ritthaler, Marilyn Petersen, Sally Pedersen, Claudette Pyle. Fiflb row: Willard Votruba, Mary Smith, joe Ruffato, Norma Wriglit, Norman Sulzbach, Gloria Minor, Billy Monroe, Tom Ruekman. Siillr mir: Gray Strand, Lois Panwitz, Aleie York, Duane Wtmrley, Sliandra Roath, Betty Weed, Burton Wtiods, Mary ,lane W'ehb. Sz'1'i'ullv rout Boyd Stark, W'ayne Slaymaker, Bill Smith, Gene Pedersen, jim McGinley, Martin McLaughlin, Herbert Pabst, Gary W'hitloek, Whiyne Underwood. liigbfb row: Bob Reed, Douglas Marcy, George Makris, Harold Rust, Bob Rodell, Bill Marsh, Ifrank Tolsrcdt, Dallas Sehwadercr, Harlan Tyndall. -25.. F ashioners 01 Half-Century Yearbook: fx 'vlnrlune Tiller Harold Sampson Barbara Baker Jerry Bilstein ,lean Perrin fl.lIl'l'fi.NilllH Iirlifvr A:ll't'Y'fiXfIl,Kf Eililor Senior Ealifor A411 rrfixing Ifdifur Aifwrlixirzg Eililor ,lean Sayre Lyndall King -Iohn Cornette .lean Johnson Loretta W.1re Clulfx lillilor Fffiblllllll Ediior Sophomore Edilor Iunior Ealilor ciIlll7X Iiilifur W Sill., Elizabeth Whitlock Dennis DeBerry Mrs. Nelson Managing Editor Editor-in-chief Adviser Marlene Fnllbeck Dale Slnvmnker Lavora Dcitchler Warren McGrew Frances Kuncl fflilurnralrl Ifzfilur Sllvrlx Erlilor Ptlflllfj' Ezliior Pl'lSl'l1fAIfi0lI Iillilar Clu.vsr'0mu.v Iiilifui ,.,..1-'P' Martha Boyer Mrs. Bayer Mr. Nelson Shirley Hines Iva Lou Alcnsen Mmir Ifililor Iiifl'VllI'Y A4l1'ix4'r' Huxiurxx Arlrixrv Bllvimtvx MlllldXA'f sllllflillllfi lftlilnr -25- fl Social Science WORLD HISTORY - This class takes up our European back- ground and an at- tempt is made to equip the students to be useful and well- inlormed world citi- zens. WORLD GEOGRAPHY -In this course, stu- dents are brought to realize that nations are becoming more interdependent a n d that problems of any part of the world are problems oi all peo- ples, since no area is isolated. T h e y a r e learning to a s s u m e the responsibilities ot international citizen- ship. fl SOCICLOGY -- This study that investigates human society is taught by Mr. Zik- muncl to the seniors. Other divisions are taught by Mr. Stofan. This class is a con- tinuation oi Civics. AMERICAN HISTORY - The juniors and Mr. Hutton trace the history of our country thoroughly from its beginning to the pre- sent. The blackboard in the picture con- tains campaign ma- terial lor Boys' and Girls' County. Natural Science BIOLOGY-These stu- dents are studying the action ol tiny one- celled animals and plants. Prepared slides ol various parts ol our anatomy are also used throughout the year for micro- scope study. GENERAL SCIENCE- A good science back- ground is obtained by general science stu- dents. ln this picture, Phyllis Taylor and Gary Whitlock are learning how to make a weather broadcast. CHEMISTRY - These chemistry students are working out an ex- periment on quantita- tive cmcilysis to de- termine composition and formulas. PHYSICS-These stu- dents are measuring the wave-length oi light as one of the many interesting ac- tivities carried on throughout the year. English SOPHOMORE E N G- LISH--Mrs. Beerline and the sophomores study grammar most ot the year cmd litera- ture the remainder of the year. Here some students are diagram- ming compound sen- tences on the board. FRESHMAN ENGLISH - Beverly Baker is reading part ot Silas Mamet aloud as the class follow in their books. This helps in its interpretation. L 'sf SENIOR ENGLISH - Senior English is com- posed oi grammar, English literature, and creative writing: and a written research theme is required. Dick O'Brien is lead- ing a discussion on the construction ot a Shakespearian stage. IUNIOR ENGLISH - After a semester of speech, these students study American litera- ture. Louise Osborne is reviewing the lite ot an American author for the class. ff A Vocational M E C H A N I C A L DRAWING - This is an elective c o u r s e taught by Mr. Nelson. The plates on which these students are working are examples of mechanical, archi- tectural, automotive, industrial, and air- cralt design. ART-This new class has taken up the tol- lowing activities this year: color theory, textile painting, glass etching, clay model- ing, silver wire jew- elry, pencil sketching, linoleum block print- ing, soap carving, let- t e rin g, monograms, posters, leather work, and water color paint- ing. AGRICULTURE - A tew of the types of work taught to the boys taking agricul- ture are shown in this picture. HOME ECONOMICS -These students are making a color analy- sis of the hair, skin, and eyes of each girl by the use of color capes. l l Iunior Class Play 1 I CAST Olgq Brant .,,,......................,.... ...... H elen Anderson Mattie .................................. ......... Donna Garrett Mary Harper tBig Maryl ................ Mary Ann O'Brien Mary McCune tLittle Maryl ............ Bernice Niemeyer ........Mary Pabst ..........Vera Frost Madeleine Vaudam .............. .............. I anet Iones Iudith Canfield .. Ann Braddock Kaye Hamilton Iean Maitland Bobby Melrose .. Louise Mitchell .. Susan Paige ...... Pat Devine ......... Kendall Adams .. ..Dorothy Blazier .....Iean Beerline ...Ann Woodham .......Louise Osborne ....Ioyce Minnick ....Donna Crouse ....Ierre Morrison .......Donna McMann , .... Phyllis Killian Terry Randall .... .......... K ay Cover Tony Gillette ........ ........... P at Broad Ellen Fenwick ....... ........... S hirley Fry Mrs. Orcult ........ Frank ................. Sam Hastings ....... Iimmy Devereaux Lou Milhauser Georgia Zaliares .....Herman Brost ........Henry Reitz ....Bill Fredericks ...Wallace Adam Fred Powell ........ ............. I on Glau David Kingsley .... ............ I im Hunter Keith Burgess ..... ........ D ick Annable Dr. Randall ........ ............ D ale Trenkle Larry Westcott ..... ........ E rnie Miskimen Billy ...............v... ............... B ob Seifert Adolph Gretzl ...... ........ L eonard Peterson STAGE DOOR The play "Stage Door" concerns a group of young amateur actresses living together in a boarding house. Their day by day struggle for success, and their personal lives make an interesting drama. One girl learns the heartbreak ot failure while another finds the thrill of success, not only in her profession, but in matters of the heart as well. Senior Class Play-1950 "What a Lite" is the story of Henry Aldrich, a typical teenager, and all his troubles. The action of the play takes place in the principal's office in Central High School. Henry has asked Barbara Pearson to the Spring Formal, but he cannot go unless he gets the high- est grade in his Roman History class. He gets one of the highest grades, but his teacher cannot believe it and believes that he has cheated. Along with this some band instruments have been stolen and when a belonging ot Henry's is found in the band room, he is suspected. Henry is found innocent because the instruments are lound at a pawn shop and George Bigelow, who was desperate lor a tuxedo, is the guilty guy. Everything ends happily with Henry and Barbara going to the dance. CAST Mr. Patterson .... ............ A rt Atkins Miss Shea ..... ...... I ean Perrin Miss Pike ....... ....... B etty Gebauer Mr. Nelson ....... ........ B erry Smith Miss Iohnson ....... ............ M arlene Fallbeck Mr. Vechetto .,.... ,............. D on Iones Miss Wheeler ....... ,.,...........,...... M artha Boyer Gertie ............. ....., B arbara Baker Miss Eggleston ..... ........ K athryn Schadwinl-:el Mary ............. ...... G ladys Apsden Mfg, Aldrich .,.,.... ............ H arriett Edwards Bill ............... .............................. L arry Carter George Bigelow ..... ............... C harles Clay Mr. Bradley ........................................ lack Morrow Henry Aldrich ........ .........,.. D avid Lepard Students .................. Georgia Weldin, Donna Steil, Barbara Pearson .... ............ M yrna Walston Ed Stafford, Emil Faber, Shirley Hines, Lois Mr, Ferguson ............................ Wayne Woodworth Rust, Shirley Zabel, and Betty Noreen. Assistant Director .... ................................,... M arcile Amsberry Stage Manager ....... .............................................. B ob Leishman Properties ........-... ........ E lizabeth Whitlock and Shirley Zabel Costumes .....-.......... ........................ L ois Rust and Donna Steil Make-up ........................ .............................................. P hyllis McCu11ah Lighting and Sound .... .........................., E d Stafford and Bob Leishman Stage Carpenters ....... .......... G len Bartels, Emil Faber, and Fred Mackey ,37- Mathematics Q Geometry is offered to sophomores who are inter- ested in mathematics and will use it in their future vocations. This course is the study of geometric fig- ures and helps to develop one's logical thinking and understand one's environ- ment. Miss Hartwell in- structs this course. Beginning algebra classes are taught by Miss Burns. This required course de- mands the attention ot every student to learn the intricate formulas of X, Y, and Z. ,..,...... A solid geometry class is taught also by Miss Burns. This subject is the study of solid objects rather than plain objects. Commercials Here the fundamentals of beginning short-hand are taught by Miss Schiebel. Miss Harms also teaches a beginning class. With mas- tery of the shorthand char- acters in the first year, the students go into second year work with emphasis on speed and accuracy in dictation and transcription. Bookkeeping is offered for the benefit of senior stu- dents to acquaint them with the work in the busi- ness world and for those who are anticipating a business career. This course is taught by Miss Schiebel, Both beginning and ad- vanced typewriting classes use this equipment under the direction of Miss Harms and Miss Schiebel. Here Miss Harms super- vises while the advanced secretarial students type letters, striving to meet office standards of produc- tion and mailability. L. 4 View rv wi 't 'n' ' bvfz f l ' , lov... :mu .W - ima anixmws, money. 1m,.,9ggg 1- '.,if"+fu W w ' ' 4. QL. Nm Y Algfgncr r -. Wgyggg Hosf F"'EI.Q.llSSE.r.!-.'L..l,.N w r - f'::.J2i,l E"5 rr.-l ,,.. ,, ' - Auth Dlmu. you em ny the MM tha problem rnlllng money at polio ranrch preunu. Outline Troundsle. chan-mm of .1- lifnniaqrlzonvfdntibh 'ournclists lu Fifteen .hs D at 950993 --X at lo determir-A 'WM NH' in 'O X. gcuvmu 514353, J' 'Y A Jr e nm concert uonrrturwpea Y ' rmlarll-r,xw-an mum of mm was W w '- ,5ui?,"2'c,,:Q,f"'f,1g,. C rp' tlmmztvmpffemmefeme 1 1 able boost to the ummm uthy ,g ohm Q-edgnuw A pin-:ity oi Nebraska, wilt be th . . rm-dr The "Wlshmg Well! lit-lx -ef-WA Gund 1. guilt director' Wie tl VMI d ln Rumi of I-lasted: Stare A ' cwfliy J i - asm . 'erulints cunts Il.:- seirt " ward. Nation-1. : . -- erm Ernst, lbinttm AKG: , Byrne . in 6 mlmm' ' aitllllg ta Dfhm K orrisom ang Im egllncfqg- olntedl Veteran: A.mlniatrator- 1 ' A A ' ' ' 1-.411 1'-Y-2-i ' f f .rms 1vfm-rr :mmsnmuf A.-num. pe ur Litlcolnl """"""""""""""5""""""'messu,rsrl..lf .4i:'a'..""'.t. Sm:-'::.:,l:.z E :.""'....,"::".s.':'-..4"a,:f'5?2f:.': e man mm at Jaumffu A mvmuspq, M K iourncy tub student attending is un OKI l l tk . Q an excztlmvlte ' Y rented choral ee Q, United Stain, afsdn an 9 I :Gui ssl-1 ow belnl re- ' .Y A Hllh 51121001 ' , , Home of the 1' rd Ye Peo- ? nk Iam-egg 1 " I , , ,X '., .Bmw xnown for hi: annual! - J' ' Y .ay S ,ga ' N In nw Slate Clmruseu. f V 60 -:if HJ M5 The two-day ellrlle K W rehearsals and varluusf.-xldlxndu. music and recreational actlvlties. .nee ' d the 1 w l X, a my ming. . . Prom nmaay hmm :mm will ues?-f X K ' y u llclty ' . . . ly lllvlll b ' , . ' l ltlre ellnl y ' :ln publienti " - ee-mln: the il -f 3 . , . 5. Hs P . Q . 7 " ' rf 4 5 Y i D wx 4 tt 5 x Jag it QQ vt 5 i 4 X , t X or J ei .- W 5 u r 1 I - M . 1 rf! ve 'f' 4' . Qx IC , W, .- or Q . . M.. "W" 'I 51'l""' Ml! 'l"d"' was mn s r, V if Q' M""d'Q": ' - . im 'hw wh IM "fl N "N ,ummm wux SS 4 ' ,PO A .N ' 15. .A 5 . t. . 'N' JI ll 'X 1 iz I . Q e v , 1 ' V 'lab v Y lntg. r 1 ' l E wg Q10 Au W e I JU Q in on ' 6' 'MG f 51 , Sheer r A J- l ' N , ,g A I Hmmm lu a K U N 1. Tu F f f ' 135' me ' Yiwu. I Ren: , K f er . N, ' to mb! .lntoleunpntlil wnlcitl which an: tl! Nun writing: Jounnllxtk voelbulllii 0? He lim vrlllhli 10 Sports vu-lil: Ill Editorial wrlttnl: and future vrltlnl. Student: not terlnl my ol the content: wll! wr ll mE members for I mach! 1 MQ nl 'The bully Nebrnkm' Hariri, second, md third pl I1 ln Ill dlvislcnl will uvlrdsd cnrtllicuta by the l. vanity of Nebraska duplex: .Blum Delta CMJ mm'l mth prahntoml fraternity. and Th fslgma Phi. vvamem DIUUIXII 1 fnntmnl otnnlutlon. ' A grand miie ol Sm will Even to one nl' the wlmxcrp of t ur lint px-lux whleh are Sl auch, ' Second rlze ln each chu in S Wg' for llbrld Puff., f g or thug wee a ' . o lor tl lwnornhls ' .- eu ull! also be ll x ' ' Clllklllhll . - more than - f 4 ' X- U :lam " ' Anyoni 2 7' ' ng lmrl! - X ' , - L iailyl N -- " " punch! 1 , V lhrouxh .K -. lcture msg u om! ' - 't hun bun tak - t have 'dormer fl t 1,215 . at mA P t. N 1 glgllru mango as 9'vx6!t'ld""""f" W P" l.u.s-my. ests Visit KCOW lTeen Program week of January 30, anyone was interested in soelng how N and 'Dieu-Time were can rl his name lu thf l" 'A rt- lu Marty 0. lf' , -nmg nn Teef 1- A amen wen ' 0 are the DUI- U 9 are hy fem V ' Ku . 'N w, 51 2. N' rr 1 x ' ,fl vt lh, - lrst rn gf" ince-1 ,Q-mn pn., Q Qexplnlrx- 'little abox I ,ie stntlnl frnn. Vl'lulo muslc wa' lg, rho qlawrfolrrnv-n-vd tha' gnuld :mn .sown mr- reqm-m ot when tht' liulll ln tht! "Oi 'sign will nn Mmnwmle, N dy out tu use ilw var Phemar' ww-n re-wr-S15 lm- gnvsls ame- the 4 ram axluth would in f LQ, ag -wx. w ..fff?Zj25 -warms Mkt-ti um' :red 'S 4142. bonvfil -tl tht A 4 " ' lf r14"5f ...,b0. W... M W ef., W -my gg-lf 'gf IOURNALISM vlce sz: 5.32 :J alngle nentlvqu, Q, Hd ,ftingxg q-,.,.n -1-im, 5 QQ-2 . -p,.,.,, 1-im, fizgmzgm' ngfgix 620, 6 ' K' ---I An avcrnqc day in journalism includes making d '0'iKlf'f""-hh":'? ?ff'2J'Qk'f" "l"h'5 ' . . ' ' '. . . . 1 can y. recnrfs w ye 0' 13 v y d, nv be9l::':ifT: :1'D:!:'3lvS,,, 49250 QLJMQ . up pages, wrmng hendlmes, collecting ade, copy :mines m Mm-ty and .1rrrf5f'AQal.5st-n N Bl - - . . x- . fl-t'0' zllzmlitibi titlrerwite '56 Q9625, ,gif reading, typmg copy, and proof readmg. btudents IA, mag,lrfiiljfrfeliul-LTL..EBQQEI ,Jmn .Q n erca cane! ' ,Q .. . .. - .yn .d IA Snnimyngfsiev QQ' takaaqfg ", who are best q-uahfncd full staff posmons. Papers QC, ,, ,O :,,Q:f,.fb1,fffi.-.glfn. Q5 '251 N, Mig un - Q an -15 gm are exchanged wnrh other Schools. Mrs. Buyer is the iscmco qrcfilltitf u5I'Q7lf:'::1u:n:'f,'zbfc'L,f:.'mh 9 instructor of journalism :md adviser of the Spud. rl.-gmrnsfli-ffrfv i' - - 1 ..n.f...l,... una Q Qs me I F W--Mm' wmv-N -M MW I Y I A "R ' ' H"- : . 'md Af' MMV' Wm! Mr' Zllimwld z-?c:1'rlleX:'ller:gll:g'nn:f1ol::ers from Hdffmdh To . I and Mr. Llvmxskm as Advisers: wwe! pm, M Knrdenms V W ! nf, jjlnggruqnu W Rqymgm Grtmgz pndv' Th nm, ' - hir. Jan Hfxrimnn will vs-osrfnt I X . c A 5,44 Iimi!utehe1'.Mrs.Prrrin and mfg E f' dw., ,N TM-wffi lv we Slum-H1 Indy H1 l I 6 ' - W.g'..g4 lolmson - Advlnersg .hmlor High' A 4 H", gr "lj ngwlnl afwvllfh' vrlvurnnw on if I - M. Bill pq-,,d,,ick, with Mm Haus, lfumemadv Qnnda, IOC- ,JC if washmgllnvs lnralmday, February e M. and Mu widu. as sdviwr' and your vutentrnes, shined 34: 9422, Qtr. llnrzrmn It n student a ' -I the entire class will work an janl- YW' W'f"'l"W U'WK'l'd 5k SCF :N l'0ll1'5:f'- ' 1 S lows Quarters fur the naw bulldl Quan Cami? Vfllrntlnvas WL a ' 1-wr in vhrec dl!! . 6' s mg' as n , r . ...., . Z' '.,, c,,,,,,. uni" An effort ls being mg lan-gr, 21: . , .. Je 54 - ml . . the cast under 5400.00 xslgnvd. .. ze l-xsrbe hosts I' Scroll to A ' I these plan: rw rs . , . . . Qu. ' K' 7059493 lm? llaihetre la a new sr me li .HW an 0 Q ' ,. ,, . ' ,"1 ' 4 gm: ,asv PUI' Pl-lblilhuii Bl-wnklx by gh, gmdmu of Joumamml .me Amana Ht b rtccled. 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Llbrulll . .,.....,. ..t., .... . . iullnlan Manager A, leponmrp .. ,.....,.. ,. .,,.. Pnl Gul n Jenn!! Warren Mclllrcwl ly! Lau Jensen, Jean Sayre. Dale Skyw . ..Z'lf'If'E:l12"i2'.,1Y2f'.:..fT?'5.Y..f?'?3E'l5!' . .,.,,.... y y 5 A mm . ...... .A .,.. ,... . Phyllis PeCay ..4-..... - Genevieve Wllklns 'thu ceremony lhe Sweetheart ta , , k attendant! are vtihmled flaw- tr ig 11 fer! and the Sweetheart ll present A nf. . M -t .... u . ISE? 1616 W?73:xeHlal:spl2rl the vlrloux com- ih Xl BU!!! lil - , E gbgmuipenega W xx A A 4 MSW M1 :eu are. decoration. Warren. .-.401 U m- 'ins 7'-fwarren Mi Grcxli. xnf3n""l71r:,'::9,' Marvln Lax. renee will aht--..c "tho praarnkl Don Stull has charge ot nrlvertls lml. A door prize wlll be presents' Physical Education Girls' physical education, a required two year course, is based on a broad program of physical education, recreation, and health. Mrs. Alice Nelson is the director. Boys' physical education is a course required for two years. Body building gymnastic techniques as well as seasonal sports are a part ol this course. Mr, Zikmund is the director. .-41... Language Library LIBRARY - Research work tor many diiter- ent subjects and pleasure reading are done in our school library. LATIN-This subject gives students a good knowledge of Roman history as well as of the Latin language. Several students are declining pronouns on the board. 'U -.43... Mr. Nelson Leo Weed Shirley Zabel Kay Cover Don Stull Arlrisvr Vin' Pn'xidr'nt Srrrflary Charlene Copple Ronnie Hines Susie Yon Student Council Governs School The first meeting of the Student Council was held September 27, with four representatives present from each class. The purpose was to elect officers and get the business under way for the new school year. The officers elected were: Art Atkins, president: Leo Weed, vice-presidentp Kay Cover, secretary. The first proj- the Legion for Friday nights and able list oi rules. only high school participate, in Next the group chose seven as- presented t h i s The S t u d e n t took to promote Art Atkins President ect was securing student dances on compiling a suit- It was decided students are to this activity. d i s c u ssed and semblies to be year. Council under- an afiair which they hope will become an annual one, the Homecoming game. A big rally, a dance, and various planned activities helped to make the first attempt a successful one. Throughout the year our Student Council not only plans interesting activities for the students, but it enforces school rules and maintains a successful school government. Shirley Fry Bob Seifert Norma Hicks Don Patton Mary ,lane Webb Don Donovan Peggy Williams Bob Grahber .-.44- THIRD ROW-Clelt to rightl-Boyd Harris, George Gilmore, Dick Proper, Gerdi Hord, Miss Hartwell. SECOND ROW-Mary Pabst, Esther McDonald, Ma ry DeBerry, Lila Kant, lean Steil, Kay Cover. FIRST ROW-Georgia Zaliares, Phyllis PeCoy, Io Lichty, Io Ann Seng, Iean Herman, lean Koozer. Latin Club Holds Interesting Meetings Latin Club, organized in Ianuary, 1949, was started by the members of the second year Latin class. The club meets the first and third Fridays of each month. At their first meeting the members chose gold and white for the club's colors. E. N. N. F. is the name and motto of the club, which represents the first letters of the Latin words meaning from nothing comes nothing. During Latin Week they had a Latin dinner where all members dressed as ancient Romans. At the banquet they reclined at tables and ate Roman foods. On Ianuary, 1950, ten new members of the second year Latin class were initiated. From these, the officers elected for 1950 are president, Mary DeBerryg vice-president, lean Steilg secretary, Ioan Seng. The sponsor of the Latin Club is Miss Hartwell. 191111 Sleil Mary DeBerry Iolinn Seng ViCe'President President Secretary-treasurer -45- nn U OSQ' 117 International Honorary Iournalism Society Dennis DeBerry Dale Slcrymcxker President Vice-President . N ' W..-ef Mcxrthcx Boyer Mrs. Boyer Secretary-Treasurer Sponsor 4 I STANDING-flrff to righfj-Mrs. Bayer, Dennis DcBerry, Warren McGraw, Martha Boyer, Dale Slaymakcr. SITTING-Urft lo rigblk- jean Sayre, Loretta Ware, Iva Lou Jensen, Kathryn Schad- winkcl, Shirley Zabel, and Elizabeth Wliiclock. ..46.... 1 Warren McGraw Iean Sayre Shirley Zabel , gill NIIDOSQ- T WZ Q national Honor Society of high school journal- ism, consists of 13 members, all seniors. During the school year of 1949-50, the Alliance High School Chapter of Quill and Scroll has been fairly active. A Talent Show, presented on September 28, began the year. On the evening of November 16, the chapter mem- bers invited beginning journalism students, "Spud" staff members, and Annual staif mem- bers to a covered-dish dinner. Candy sales were conducted during the months of Ianuary and February to help raise funds for the chapter. As spring activities, Quill and Scroll members sponsored a special spring party. They also held a public initiation ceremony, during which Shirley Zabel became a member of the Order. Before the end ot the school year, the Quill and Scroll used their extra funds with which to buy special "Spud" and Annual files to be placed in the "Spud" Room. To gain admission to the organization, an applicant must have written at least one- hundred inches of stories that have appeared in "The Spud", be accepted by the general office of the Quill and Scroll Association, and be in the upper one-third of his class. Loretta Ware Iva Lou Iensen Kathryn Schadwinkel LaVora Deitchler Elizabeth Whitlock Barbara Baker -47- Mrs. Andrews Shirley Hines Mis, Hmm, Sponsor Iean Beerline Secretary President Y-Teen Club Is Branch of Y.W.C.A. The Girl Reserve organization was first started in Alliance in 1927 by Miss Grace Spacht. In 1947, the Girl Reserves changed their name to Y-Teens to show a closer relation to the Y-W-C-A. The cabinet which is made up of the officers and committee chairmen handle the affairs of the club. Each year there are the Patteran and the Caira besides the parties during regular meet- ings for most of the important holidays. The Y-Teen group takes part in many civic and social events each year. As our main money- making project we put on the Orpheum which consisted of acts by the students. It was pre- sented in the old vaudeville fashion. It is hoped to make this a yearly affair. Four meetings are held each month. The Alliance Y-Teens helped with the program of the Area VI Conference which was held in Scottsbluff on October 8. Heart-Sister Week is observed the week of February 14th. The officers and committee chairmen of our club are: president-Shirley Hines, vice- president-Ioyce Minnick, secretary-lean Ma- rie Beerline, treasurer-Barbara Baker, program -Stella Woodlee, social-Kathryn Schad- winkel, service-Helen Giles, music-Martha Boyer, world fellowship-Pat PeCoy, publicity -Donna Steil, finance--Ann Woodham, histor- ian-Susie Yon. The Y-Teen choir was also organized this year. Our motto is "Sharing the Paths to Chris- tian Fellowship." The Y-Teen club is steadily growing and will keep on growing as long as there is a desire among girls to better them- selves with Christian Fellowship. Sponsor Barbara Baker Treasurer Miss Schiebel Ioyce Minnick Mfg, Beer-line Sponsor Vice-president Sponsor -48- FIFTH ROW-tleft to rightl-Gerdi Hord, Beverly Iarvis, Lois Schwaderer, Mary Beth Graham, Rita Graham, Helen Giles, Ester McDonald, Stella Woodlee, Shirley Schnell. FOURTH ROW-Ioan Martin, Nancy Hart, LaVone Case, Darlene Alderman, Ioan Seng, Darlene Stolen, Marjorie Young, Shirley Michal, Phyllis PeCoy, Pat Guy. THIRD ROW-Hilda Iohnson, Mary DeBerry, Bobbie Kay Edwards, Irene Ushio, Gale Overton, Arlene Lesoing, Margaret Moore, Shirley Colerick, Iean Herman. SECOND ROW-Susie Yon, Io Lichty, Louise Morton, Ruth Betz, Leta Dentler, Lowene Gillespie, Ruby Marsh, Ioyce Whitlock, Alice Wills, Iean Koozer. FIRST ROW - Twila Schroeder, Charlene Coppel, Ruth Bledsoe, Iayne Fahrenbruch, Barbara Mote, Bobbie Brockway, Phyllis Lawrence, Iill Mounts, Betty Hawley, Betty Koozer. l FIFTH ROW-tleft to rightl-Phyllis Ross, Mardene Moeller, Lois Henderson, Patty Liebel, Betty Weed, Phyllis Taylor, lean Sixta, Marilyn Petersen. FOURTH ROW-Alcie York, Clara Atkins, lean Hullinger, Mary Weisberger, Barbara Rochlitz, Violet McLean, Claudette Pyle, Sharon Saxton. THIRD ROW-Mary Iane Webb, Beverly Baker, Gloria Minor, Mary Lou Gomez, Iackie Mounts, Peggy Williams, Lyndall King. SECOND ROW-Carol Boyer, Doris Ruth Hohlfeld, Beverly Amsberry, Ioan Hullinger, Ardella Selmer, Ioan Phillips, Shandra Roath, Etta Timblin. FIRST ROW - Kay Moller, Gayle Gill, Lassie Miller, Shirley Corey, Patsy Gaghagen, Ianet Lotspiech, Dorothy Prouty. -49- SIXTH ROW-tleft to rightl-Donna Garret, Mary Pabst, Barbara Kastner, Loretta Ware, Kathryn Schadwinkel, Marlene Fallbeck, Martha Boyer, Pat PeCoy, Lois West. FIFTH ROW - Shirley Fry, Laoma Wiltsey, Ianice Andreasen, Phyllis Douglass, Iva Lou Iensen, Iune Simpson, Vera Tyndall, Mary Ann Nicodemus, Ioyce Minnick. FOURTH ROW-Helen Anderson, Gladys Nuss, Marlene Tiller, Shirley Hines, Myrna Walston, lean Perrin, Lee Ann Rice, Phyllis Killian, Ann Woodham. THIRD ROW-Betty Gebauer, Iodell McMahn, Helen Timblin, Betty Sherlock, Shirley Iacobs, Barbara lRuckman, Shirley Zabel, Lila Kant, Marcile Amsberry. SECOND ROW-Lorraine Walker, Ianet Iones, Georgia Zaliares, lean Sayre, Barbara Weyl, Phyllis Iensen, Louise Osborn, Elizabeth Whitlock. FIRST ROW-Harriett Edwards, Agnes Lauer, lean Marie Beerline, Kay Cover, Shirley Snell, Leona Roethler, Donna Steil, Shirley Hardy, Naomie Chub. SECOND ROW-llett to rightl-Pat PeCoy, Stella Woodlee, Ioyce Minnick, Kathryn Schadwinkel, Helen Giles, Martha Boyer. FIRST ROW-Susie Yon, Iean Marie Beerline, Shirley Hines, Donna Steil, Bar- bara Baker, Ann Woodham. ..5g.. AROUND TABLE-ileft to rightl-Larry Iones, Phyllis Taylor, Herbert Pabst, Lyle Fodnes, Gerald Engles- jerd, Wesley Burton, Gary Maxwell, Don Strong, Duane Worley, Iim Irwin, Iackie Mounts, Betty Duskin Doris Ruth Hohlleld, Tom Ruckman. Camera Club Learn Fundamentals Of Photography Meetings of the Camera Club, a member of the Science Clubs of America, were held regularly throughout this year. These meetings were open to anyone interested in photography and no dues were collected. This club was sponsored by Martin Johnson. Gary Maxwell was elected president, Don Strong, vice-president, and Doris Ruth Hohlteld, secretary. At meetings, business ot the club was discussed and a demonstration on some phase of photography was given afterwards. Demonstrations were given by members of the club or by an outside speaker. Miss Fox, the art instructor, showed the members how to make photograms. Miss Mildred Wells gave a talk on printing papers. One of the meetings was held at the Worley Studio. Mr. Worley showed the members how pictures were taken, developed, and printed there. Demonstrations given by members were on developing, printing, and en- larging. Pictures taken by members of the Camera Club. -.511 FIFTH ROW-tleft to rightl-Wayne Woodworth, Harold Wills, Herman Brost, Dale Iohnson, Leonard Peterson, George Nason, Iames Cornette, Don Hoppe, Leon Ackerman, Emil Faber. FOURTH ROW-Gerald Panwitz, Don Knapp, Dale Katen, Rodney Iensen, Dean Tolstedt, Virgil Elliott, Bob Iesse, Howard Lots- piech, Conrad Fritzler, Derald Roth, Edward Wright, Duane Bartels. THIRD ROW-Bob Dahlgren, Willard Votruba, Richard Powell, Norman Sulzbach, George Wickham, Gaylord Ayres, Howard Iohnson, Harold lines, Ioe Nelson, Howard Krause, George Kreici. SECOND ROW-Don West, Paul Brixius, lack Matz, Dean Essex, Richard Stenberg, Lyle Fodnes, Martin McLaughlin, Dallas Brost, Ralph Lockridge, Larry Iones, Fred Nicodemus, Avert Iones. FIRST ROW-Martin Sherlock, reporter, Wallace Adam, treasurer, Merle Stone, sentinel, Charles Berry, president: Dale Trenkle, vice-president, Mr. Murray, adviser, Leo Trenkle, secretary. Paid membership for this year is the largest in the history of this chapter of F.F.A. The activities have been many and the achievement has been high. The officers are as follows: 1949-1950 Chapter Officers-Charles Berry, president, Dale Trenkle, vice-president, Leo Trenkle, secretary, Wallace Adam, treasurer, Merle Stone, reporter, H. N. Murray, adviser. 1949-1950 Cubs or Green Hands- Willard Votruba, Lyle Fodnes, Dale Katen, Larry Iones, Avert Iines. Boys who were advanced to the chapter Farmer degree are: Wallace Adam, Virgil Elliott, Conrad Fritzler, Robert Iesse, Howard Krause, George Krejci, Ed Nelson, George Nason, Derald Roth, Merle Stone, and Leo Trenkle. Boys who took the Green Hand degree are: Dennis Behm, Paul Brixius, Dallas Brost, Robert Dahlgren, Dean Essex, Lyle Fodnes, Avert lines, Larry Iones, Dale Iohnson, Dale Katen, Donald Knapp, Ralph Lockridge, lack Matz, Ioe Nelson, Fred Nicodemus, Richard Powell, Richard Stenberg, Nor- man Sulzbach, Dean Tolstedt, Willard Votruba. Charles Berry, Rodney Iensen, Leonard Peterson, Martin Sherlock, Dale Trenkle, Gene Brost, and H. N. Murray attended the State F.F.A. Conven- tion in Omaha. Mrs. C. L. Peterson and Mrs. I. M. Miller took one of the cars for the trip. Rodney Iensen won a white ribbon in the State Project Record Book Contest. We were given banquets by the Omaha Chamber of Com- merce, Brandeis, Omaha Stockyards Co., and did not starve in the Seward- York snow drift. -.52.. Taken at Custer on F. Black Hills. F. F. A. Prepares Boys For Future A three-day camping trip through the Black Hills with boys who had earned enough points to go afforded much fun and relaxation. The pest eradication contest was won by Sherlock's side with 13078 points to 8209 for Faber's side. High individuals were Faber 2353, Krause 1985, Katen 1941, Peterson 1688, D. Trenkle 1516, and Adam, 1494 points. The Green Hand creed speaking contest was won by Lyle Fodnes with Richard Sten- berg and Larry Iones close behind. The farm mechanics contest was won by Leonard Peterson with Albert Benzel second. The grain judging was Won by Wallace Adam with Emil Faber second, and Leonard Peterson third. Best samples were shown by: wheat, Willard Votrubag corn, Conrad Fritz- ler: ear corn, Leon Ackerman, barley, Dale Trenkleg and oats, Wallace Adam. Dallas Brost, Robert Dahlgren, Lyle Fodnes, Dale Katen, Rodney Ien- sen, Fred Nicodemus, Richard Powell, Richard Stenbert, Leo Trenkle, Leon- ard Peterson, and Dale Trenkle made the honor roll all six weeks terms of the first semester and also on their semester grades. Larry Iones and Don- ald Knapp made the honor roll each time except for the first six weeks. Conrad Fritzler and Derald Roth made the honor roll once during the first semester. Dr. Partridge, Carl Smiley, and Coach Zikmund were speakers at our luncheon meetings. Great Faces boys trip to by F' F' A' boys at Black Hills ... 53 .. Taken on a field trip Taken on trip of F. F A I Fifteenth Year of Hi-Y Is Reviewed Fred Mackey President I Warren McGrew Vice President Marvin Lawrence Secretary-Treasurer Mr. Borg Sponsor FOURTH ROW-Ileft to rightl-Fred Marsh, Bill Fredrick, Don Koester, Fred Sikorski, Don Stull, Ron- ald Schuchardt, Ion Glau, Tom Havorka. THIRD ROW-Bob Rickard, Gene Atkins, Don Rodell, lim Hunter, Arnold Rehder, Bob Seifert, Leo Weed, Adrian Eaton. SECOND ROW-Dick Lewis, Edward Stafford, Marvin Lawrence, Ivan Holthus, Dennis DeBerry, Harold Sampson, Bill Olsen, Iack Morrow. FIRST ROW-Raymon Gomez, Boyd Harris, Franklin Driml, Iohnny Grossman, Iim Butcher, Henry Reitz, Emil Faber, Glen Bartels, Fred Mackey. -54... Hi-Y Sweetheart Zabel, T C Hi-Y was first organized in A.H.S. in 1935. It is a branch of the Young Men's Chris- tian Association with the purpose of creating, maintaining, and extending throughout the school and community, high standards of Christian character. The Hi-Y platform is "Clean speech, clean sports, clean scholarship, and clean living." The Hi-Y was divided into a junior group consisting of the freshmen and sophomores and the senior group of juniors and seniors.Meetings were held every week alternating the groups. Each group plans its own activities out of their respective funds. Each group also has its own officers. The officers chosen for the Iunior Hi-Y 1949-50 school year are: president, Iohn Cornetteg vice-president, Abel Morenop secretary-treas- urer, Charles Calhoun. Senior Hi-Y officers are: president, Fred Mackey, vice-president, Warren McGrew, secretary-treasurer, Marvin Lawrence. Mr. Borg sponsors both groups. The highlight of the year was the annual Sweetheart Dance, February 18, 1950. lean Perrin was presented as the l95O Sweetheart with Shirley Zabel and Barbara Kastner as her attendants. Valentine's Day theme was used in decorating for the dance and the Sweetheart and her attendants were presented fr0m Ct VC11entine.' ...551 I I l FIFTH ROW-tlett to rightl-Harold Rust, Don Donovan, Darrell Falfar, Ronnie Hines, Leonard Beck- enbach, Don Henderson, Dick Long, Duane Rickard. FOURTH ROW-lim Irwin, Lyle Hackney, Bob Grabher, Wesley Burton, Clair Sorensen, Don Patton, Kenny Dietrich, I. B. Maxwell, George Kohler. THIRD ROW-George Flaherty, lack Coupens, Carl Morris, Iohn Cornette, Kenny Stephens, Iim O'Brien, Norvil Saxton, Burdette Iohnson, Abel Moreno. SECOND ROW-Earl Shultz, Wayne Underwood, Frank Tolstedt, LeRoy Duskin, Gene Pedersen, Tom Ruckman, Gaylord Ayers, Bob Coleman, Charles Cal- houn. FIRST ROW-Ioe Nelson, Leo Trenkle, Richard Driml, Bill Iones, Bob Iesse, Darrell Roth, Paul Brixius, Harlan Tyndall, Tom DeBerry, Dick Bartels. G.A.A. FOURTH ROW-tlett to rightl-Mary Beth Graham, Barbara Kastner, Marlene Fallbeck, Rita Graham, Helen Giles, Leona Berry, Beverly Iarvis. THIRD ROW-Delores Young, Ioyce Nitsch, Mary Louise Neilsen, Shirley Hines, Arlene Lesoing, Vera Tyndall, Marian Stull, lean Koozer. SECOND ROW-lean Steil, Genevieve Wilkins, Iean Herman, Betty Koozer, Iune Simpson, Louise Morton, Mrs. Nelson. FIRST ROW-Betty Sherlock, Ruth Betz, Leta Dentler, Lowene Gillespie, Betty Hawley, Susie Yon, Io Lichty, Phyllis PeCoy. -.561 Leona Berry Marlene Fallbeck Vice-President Secretary Barbara Kastner President Shirley Hines Mrs. Nelson Treasurer Sponsor G.A.A. Is Composed Of Girl Athletes G.A.1-L is a girls' athletic organization in which girls are given a chance to take an active part in sports, learn the aspects of good sports- manship, keep physically fit, and improve their health. This year, the G.A.A. membership is the largest we have ever had. There are thirty-three participants. Since the membership was so large, the club was divided into two groups. Very good attendance was shown at all meetings. Soccer, field hockey, basketball, baseball, volley ball, and other com- petitive games are the activities in which the girls take part. Basketball still remains the tavorite sport. The main event to which all the girls looked forward with great en- thusiasm was the annual basketball tournament held at the City Audi- torium, February ll, 1950. This year, letters will be awarded to the girls who have met certain qualifications. The G.A.A. of 1949-50 has been under the sponsorship of Mrs. Alice Nelson. -57-. BACK ROW-fleft to rightl-Wayne Woodworth, Fred Mackey, Art Atkins, Bill Broderick, Leo Weed, Ramon Gomez, Leonard Beckenbach, Harold Sampson, Bill Fredrick, Bob Seifert, Bob Watson, Henry Beitz. FRONT ROW-lean Perrin, Attendant, Bill Giles, Barbara Kastner, Queen, Pat Morris, Attendant. Varsity Letter Men Are Members of "A" Club "A" Club is an honorary organization for those who earn their letters in any of the major sports offered in Alliance High School. Officers for 1949-50 are: Bill Giles, president, Fred Mackey, vice- president, Raymon Gomez, secretary, Wayne Woodworth, treasurer, Charles Berry, sergeant at arms. In Ianuary of 1950 a meeting was called by the "A" Club for the pur- pose of electing officers for the next year. The junior boys elected are: Bob Seifert, president, Bill Fredrick, vice-president, Don Stull, secretary-treas- urer, Herman Brost and Bob Watson, sergeant at arms. The football boys in "A" Club select a senior girl as football queen and present her at the homecoming game. To be eligible she must be a senior with a C average, Selected as football queen in 1949 was Barbara Kastner, with Patsy Morris and Iean Perrin, attendants. Each year the "A" Club sponsors a talent show. The public is invited. During the show such events as tumbling, boxing, wrestling, grease wrest- ling, and commando basketball are played. In 1950 the "A" Club put on a Beauty Contest before the Holdrege. Scottsbluff basketball game at the rally. The "A" Club is sponsored by head coach, Al Zikmund. Bob Watson Bill Fredrick Bob Seifert Don Stull Herman Brost Sergeant-at-arms Vice-president President Secretary Treasurer -.581 FOURTH ROW-llett to rightl--Bill Broderick, Charles Weston, Coach Hutton, Coach Zikmund, Coach Livingston, Coach Stotan, Clair Sorensen, Iim Hashman. THIRD ROW-Duane Rickard, Donald Patton, Bill Fredrick, Don Stull, Leonard Beckenbach, Bob Watson, Herman Brost, Dwight Haught. SECOND ROW-Bob Seifert, Martin Sherlock, Duane McCullock, Don Koester, Charles Berry, Gene Atkins, Adrian Eaton, Henry Reitz. FIRST ROW-Raymon Gomez, Wayne Woodworth, Leo Weed, Bill Giles, Fred Mackey, Art Atkins, Harold Sampson. THIRD ROW-Coach Hutton, Reserve Club: Coach Livingston, Coach Zikmund, Coach Stofan, Abel Moreno, Howard Warnke, Arnold Rehder. SECOND ROW-Frank Driml, Don Benisek, Bill Marsh, Larry Hegwood, lim Hunter, Ronnie Hines, Dick Long, Don Strong. FIRST ROW-I. B. Maxwell, Virgil Elliott, Ion Glau, lack Coupens, Iohn Cornette, Kenny Stephens, Manuel Perez, Dean Tolstedt. .-59... Kathryn Schadwinkel President Marlene Fallbeck Vice-President Theola Fitch Secretary Ann Woodham 1 Treasurer Mrs. Perrin Sponsor Miss McLagan Sponsor Pep Club Makes The School Spirit To create enthusiasm, sportsmanship, pep, and general school spirit. and to bring about co-operation among the various school groups are the goals of the Pep Club. To help carry out these goals, five cheer-leaders were chosen from the senior class to lead the rallies and cheers for our team. The cheerleaders chosen for 1949-50 were lean Perrin, Myrna Wal- ston, Barbara Kastner, Betty Gebauer, and Harriette Edwards. To aid in the progress of the club, the following were chosen as officers: president, Kathryn Schadwinkelg vice-president, Marlene Fallbeckg secretary, Theola Fitchg and treasurer, Ann Woodham. In early October, the Pep Club welcomed the freshmen into the organi- zation at a party in their honor. The annual Pep Club Formal was held on December 17, 1949, at which the Pep Club "Boy Friend" for 1949-1950 was presented. Raymon Gomez was the "Boy Friend" and Bill Giles and Art Atkins were the attendants. The holiday theme was carried out with a large decorated Christmas tree in the center ot the floor and balcony decorations of evergreen boughs and assorted-colored streamers hanging from the balcony. Mascot for the year 1949-50 was Vickie Livingston, daughter of Coach Livingston. At the end of the year, a breakfast was held and at that time the names of the 1950-1951 cheerleaders were announced. Mrs. Perrin and Miss McLagan were sponsors for 1949-50. - gg - SIXTH ROW-ilett to rightl-Mrs. Perrin, Phyllis Douglas, Martha Boyer, Marlene Fallbeck, Rita Gra- ham, Helen Giles, Beverly Iarvis, Gerdi Hord, Patty Collins, Miss McLagan. FIFTH ROW-Marcile Amsberry, Clara Atkins, Lois Henderson, Ianice Andreasen, Donna Crouse, Frances Kuncl, Mary Beth Graham, Bobbie Kay Edwards, Pay Guy, Betty Koozer. FOURTH ROW-Hilda Iohnson, Mary De- Berry, LaVone Case, Nancy Hart, Shirley Colerick, Eilene Dann, Barbara Haught, lean Marie Beerline, Ianet Iones. THIRD ROW-Phyllis Iensen, Shirley Fry, Helen Anderson, Kay Cover, Charlene Copple, Bobbie Brockway, Phyllis Lawrence, Ruth Bledsoe, Betty Duskin. SECOND ROW-Carol Boyer, Doris Ruth Hohlteld, lean Herman, Ruth Betz, Lowene Gillespie, Leta Dentler, Donna Garret, Iayne Frahen- bruch. FIRST ROW-Betty Hawley, Beverley Amsberry, Gayle Gill, Mary Lou Gomez, Ianet Lotspeich, Beverly Baker, Lyndall King, Patsy Gaghagen, Shirley Corey. SEVENTH ROW-Ilett to rightl-Mrs. Perrin, Lois Panwitz, Phyllis Ross, Mardene Moeller, Lois West, Mary Pabst, Darlene Stolen, Loretta Ware, Miss McLagan. SIXTH ROW-Pat PeCoy, Mary Louise Niel- son, Georgia Weldin, Marlene Van Dusen, Iackie Mounts, Gail Overton, Ioyce Minnick, Iva Lou Iensen, Barbara Rochlitz, Phyllis Taylor. FIFTH ROW-Iune Simpson, Gladys Nuss, Shirley Michal, Phyllis McCullah, Pat Morris, Betty Noreen, Phyllis PeCoy, Irene Ushio, Betty Weed, Mary Webb. FOURTH ROW-Barbara Mote, Iill Mounts, Iodell McMahon, Ierre Morrison, Gloria Minor, Laomi Wiltsey, Mar- della Sellmer, Io Ann Martin, Marian Stull. THIRD ROW-Twila Schroder, Barbara Wey1,Iecm Sayre, Louise Osborn, Georgia Zaliares, Ann Woodham, Ioan Seng, Marjorie Young, Marilyn Peterson. SECOND ROW-Iean Sixta, Ioan Phillips, Alcie York, Ioyce Whitlock, Lassie Miller, Violet McLean, Marlene Tiller, Barbara Ruckman, Lorraine Walker. FIRST ROW-Genevieve Wilkins, Louise Morton, Shirley Weldin, Peggy Williams, Ruby Marsh, Elizabeth Whitlock, Shirley Zabel, Donna Steil, Mary Ann O'Brien. -611 ART A 69 a BILL G!LES . FQFWMGND GOMEZ 0Aeef'!ead2 7"S 1 ill.-'-4'-9 Q I U Q Q 3 A , ' Myrna M A,.,.,, , kan Perrin Beff . Lie,- l.,, ,A .1 Wclgy Livirgston a W , Harriett Ecfwarj s H kg Barbara Kastner H -52- .-63-. Football .... Line Coach-Hutton Head Coach-Zikmund Freshman Coach- Livingston Reserve Coach Stofan l949 Football Season Alliance Alliance Alliance Alliance Alliance Alliance Alliance Alliance Alliance ...GL- Ainsworth ., Cheyenne Curtis North Platte Chappell McCook Broken Bow - ..... Kearney Scottsbluff 7 33 0 13 33 28 0 6 6 Wayne Woodworth, Senior Guard, 155 lbs. Fred M cr c k e Y , Senior Fullback, 160 lbs. Honor- ary Co - Captain, Western All Big Ten, All - North- west Award, Hon- orable M e n t i on A 1 1 S t a t e , NP Telegram All Big Ten Team Art Atkins Senior Quarterback, 144 lbs. I K., .. , ,....,.......,. ...i .sf Raymon "Poncho" Gomez, Senior Halfback, 147 lbs. -55- Bill Giles, Senior E n d , 181 lbs. H o n o r a r y Co- Captain, All- State First Team, West All Big Ten, NP Telegram All Big Ten, Honor- able Mention Na- t i o n ct 1 H i g h School All-Amer- ican, DAV Sports- manship Award UPPER LEFT Leo Weed, Senior Halfbaclt, 151 lbs. LEFT CENTER Gene Atkins, Senior Honorable Mention, Western All Big Ten Honorable Mention, NP Telegram All Big Ten UPPER RIGHT Martin Sherlock, Senior Halfback, 142 lbs. UPPER CENTER Duane McCullock, Senior Tackle, 150 lbs. Ainsworth-September 16 Alliance's Blue and White opened its gridiron season with a bang by ousting Ainsworth, 27-7. Don Patton, sophomore, playing his first game with the Bulldogs, ran the opening kickoff 78 yards for a touch- down in the opening minute of the game. Five minutes later Fred Mackey blocked a kick from the one-yard line and Leonard Becken- bach pounced on it in the end zone for another score. Early in the second period the Bulldogs scored after a series of passes and ground runs. Patton carried the ball from the 10 yard line to score. The only Ainsworth score came when Atkins punt went only 10 yards against a stiff wind and rested on the 25 yard line. Two passes set the ball on the one-yard line where an Ainsworth lad plunged over the goal. The final Bulldog score came on a 67 yard drive. The locals pushed to the 27 yard line where Atkins reeled a pass to Giles, who was soon over the goal. Cheyenne-September 23 Continuing their schedule, the locals seemed to have stiffer com- petition at Cheyenne the following weekend when the Indians con- quered the Bulldogs, 33 to 13. Cheyenne showed their intentions early in the opening quarter when they took a 7-0 lead after 10 min- utes of play. The Indians worked the ball to the 38 yard line where a dash over right tackle put them over the goal. The point was good. The second Indian score came soon after when an Alliance pass was intercepted on the 45 to end the quarter. Three plays after the second period started, Cheyenne scored again to have a 14 to 0 advantage. Don Patton snagged an Indian pass and started Alliance toward their first score. After a 79 yard drive. Mackey drove over and Giles' kick made the score, 14-7. Cheyenne took the next kickoff and marched to a 21-7 lead. Alliance cut the margin to 21 to 13 early in the second half. A series of passes put the Bulldogs on the 4 yard line where Giles smashed over for the touchdown. Cheyenne again took thc kickoff and scored in seven plays. This gave the Indians a 27 to 13 lead. The Indians also scored in the fourth quarter and the final score rested, 33-13. LOWER LEFT Honorable Mention, Harold Sampson, Senior NP Telegram All B19 Ten Guard, 146 lbs. .-SS.-. UPPER LEFT UPPER RIGHT Bill Fredrick, Iunior Bobbie Seifert, Iunior Center, 150 lbs. Hcrlfbcxck, 144 lbs. UPPER CENTER RIGHT CENTER Adrian Eaion, Senior Don Stull, Iunior Guard, 140 lbs. Tackle, 181 lbs. Curtis-September 30 Coach Zikmund's Bulldogs held off the Curtis Aggies and gained two touchdowns to win I3 to 0. Alliance was unable to drive over the scoring line until late in the third period. In the latter part of the third quarter the Bulldogs carried the pigskin to the opponents 27 where Mackey rounded his own left end for the first score of the game. The second score came on a left end run also but not under the same circumstances. Alliance took the kickoff on the ten and a pass from Giles to Mackey set up the following play. I-Iashman received the hand-off and went around his left end, galloping seventy yards for the score. The extra point was no good. North Platte-October 7 All scoring was done in the second quarter as North Platte edged the Bulldogs, 13 to 6, in a Western Big Ten Conference contest. The first quarter ended with the locals on the three-yard line and as yet there was no score in the game. Two plays after the quarter mark Giles carried the ball over for an Alliance touchdown. His kick was blocked. North Platte soon recovered an Alliance fumble on the local 32 yard line where they passed their way to a touchdown. Ryan kicked the point to put the Platters ahead, 7 to 6. Eight plays later the Platters cinched their lead by making the score, 13 to 6. This score did not change throughout the remaining half of the game. Chappell-October I4 Chappell gave the Bulldogs their worst defeat of the season, scor- ing 33 points to the locals 7. Chappell made their first score early in the initial period. Late in the first period the Bulldogs got their first chance at the scoring and they took advantage of it and tied the score 7-7. The seconl half was a runaway with the Buffaloes scoring two touchdowns in each of the remaining quarters. There was much pass- ing done in all of this scoring and it seemed that the Bulldogs could do very little about it. Also an Alliance fumble on the I6 yard line gave Chappell its last touchdown to beat the locals, 33-7. LOWER RIGHT Don Koester, Senior Tackle, 160 lbs. ... 67 - A VF . NN., '53 'ff . I., 1' 'Qt is :X E, as S M' H V, P' 5 I . S., , t 4 4 . I' st .. ,Lg w . A is ,W A I-Y X 1, 5:4 kr u., i li 1 l 1 M 'il ,J lv if .. I Ny., .y qi w ,-,v ,.... .. ,. B 4 X 4 1 Q V, ai X 5 , . ca' rf 'we K., UPPER LEFT UPPER RIGHT Leonard Beckenbach, Bob Watson, Iunior Sophomore Guard, 161 lbs. End, 155 lbs. Honorable Mention, NP Telegram All Big Ten . UPPER CENTER LEFT CENTER Herman Brost, Iunior Dwight Haught, End, 145 lbs. Sophomore Quarterback, 130 lbs. McCook-October 21 Alliance's line couldn't cope with a quartet of hard-running backs and as a result the Bisons ran away with 28 to 7 Big Ten Conference win over the Bulldogs. It took McCook six plays after the kickoff to make the first of their four scores. Another drive early in the second period started from the McCook I9 yard line where a Bison snatched an Alliance pass. On the seventh play the Bison again scored. Alliance then began their offensive drive, starting on their own 28. Fred Mackey did most of the running in the advance gaining 38 yards on seven carries. Haught flipped a pass to Bob Seifert, who scored. Bill Giles made the kick and closed the gap 14 to 7. The Bisons pounced on an Alliance fumble and started their drive for another score, running to the Bulldog 16. The next two plays covered the rest of the distance and the Bisons lead 21 to 7. McCook again hit paydirt before the final gun. A series of plays brought the ball to the Bulldog 30 and the next play over the right tackle hit pay- dirt. Broken Bow-October 28 Everything the Bulldogs did ended up in a score as they romped past the Broken Bow Indians, 60 to 0. Bill Giles opened the scoring streak four plays after the kickoff. The second scoring drive got un- der way when Broken Bow lost the ball midfield on a fumble. Mackey scored from the one yard line. The third touchdown drive started when W'atson dropped on the kickoff on the Broken Bow 27. Mackey dashed the remaining distance. Mackey ran the ball from the one-yard line to midfield where Dwight Haught heaved a pass to Giles, who completed the drive and the Bulldogs lead 27 to 0. Thirty seconds before the halftime period Alliance again scored. A Mackey-to-Giles pass made the score. Seifert ran the extra point and the half time score rested, 34-0. Early in the second half Mackey sprinted over the goal from 15 yards out. Art Atkins plunged for the extra point. Sophomore jack Coupens added the next Blue and Vfhite score. He plunged over from the four after the theft on an Indian pass. A team of nine sophomores and two juniors added another TD in the fourth period. Hashman made thc score but Kenny Steven's try for the extra point failed. Ray- mon Gomez added the final Bulldog score late in the period. LOWER LEFT Dick Annable, Iunior Center, 140 lbs. -53- UPPER LEFT UPPER RIGHT Duane Rickard, Sophomore Clair Sorenson, Sophomore Tackle, 160 lbs. End, 133 lbs. UPPER CENTER Charles Weston, RIGHT CENTER Sophomore Don Patton, Sophomore Guard, 130 lbs. Halfback, 145 lbs. Kearney-November 4 Alliance gave Kearney a touchdown in the first period, then fum- bled five times when they were close to the goal line so the Bearcats won the Big Ten Conference tilt, 6 to O. With forty seconds remain- ing in the first period, the Bearcats made the only score of the game when they recovered an Alliance fumble. Kearney plunged over from the five where they had recovered the Bulldog fumble. The kick was no good. Alliance marched seventy-three yards in eight plays on the next kickoff to the three-yard line. On the next play the Bulldogs fumbled only three yards from a touchdown. ln the third period the Bulldogs halted a Kearney drive within striking distance of paydirt. The Bearcats could make no gain and Alliance took over on downs on their own 9 yard linc. The Bulldogs began another drive upon recovery of the ball. They marched to the 30 where they were forced to punt. The ball bounced around on the opposite 35 where Gomez recovered for Alliance. Mackey scamperecl to the I7 and to the 13 but a fumble ruined the Bulldogs chances. Scotlsblull-November ll Alliance ended its season by taking an unexpected I3-6 win over the Scottsbluff Bearcats in the traditional Armistice Day battle. Alli- ance outplayed the Bearcats all the way even though the Bluffs scored first. The Bulldogs trailed until the fourth period, 6 to 0. Early in the final period Mackey made a quick kick on a third down into the Scottsbluff end zone. On the following play Alliance recovered a fumble on the l7 yard line, and four plays later hit paydirt. A pass from Mackey to Giles tied the score. Giles then kicked a perfect place kick and the Bulldogs lead 7 to 6. This was not enough. The locals cinched their win when Don Patton snatched a Bearcat pass on the 46 yard line and before anyone realized what had happened he was over for the second touchdown. Giles kick was blocked but this gave Alliance a I3 to 6 edge over the valley boys. Twice in the second period Alliance threatened but could not give the extra push to get over the goal line. The first time they worked the ball to the Bluffs six-yard line before they lost the ball on downs. Next Mackey plucked the ball out of Allen's arms on the Bearcat 34 yard line and moved to the 19. Again Scottsbluff took over on downs, LOWER RIGHT Iim Hashman, Sophomore Fullback, 142 lbs. -B91 Seifert runs his own left end in the Annual Armis- tice Day tilt with Scotts- bluff. Below: Mackey b r e a k s away for a ll yard gain in the McCook game. Mackey picks up blocking on an end run in the Scottsbluff game. BOTTOM ROW-lleft to rightl-Iohn Cornette, lim Hunter, Frank Driml, Kenneth Stevens, Manuel Perez, Ion Glau, Don Strong, Virgil Elliott, lack Coupens. CENTER ROW-Coach Stofan, Boyd Harris, Burdette Iohnson, George Kohler, Ronnie Hines, Larry Hegwood, I. B. Maxwell, lvan Holthus, and Dick Long. TOP ROW-Dale Iohnson, Don Baker, Norval Saxton, Howard Warnke, Dean Tolstedt, Abel Moreno, Irwin Wilkins, Donald West, and Clarence Iohnson. Reserves Win Four. Lose One Alliance B .................................... Chadron Prep 44 Alliance 73 .... .... H ay Springs Reserves U Alliance 6 .... Scottsbluff Reserves 0 Alliance 32 . . . ............. Bayard 12 Alliance 43 .. ........... Mitchell 13 Freshman Record BOTTOM ROW-fleft to rightl-Kenneth Dietrich, Duane Worley, Wayne Slaymaker, Bob Grabher, Douglas Marcy, Bob Dahlgren, Bill Marsh. CENTER ROW-Iirn Stuart, Bob Reed, Don Benisek, Don Dono- van, Iim McGinley, Harold Rust, George Flaherty, Coach Livingston. TOP ROW-Tom DeBerry, Tom Rukman, Herbie Pabst, Boyd Stark, Iim lrwin, Frank Tolstedt, Wayne Underwood, Sterling Cury. ..71.. Alliance D Scottsbluff 3l Alliance 7 . .. Scottsbluff 27 Basketball Coach Livingston Varsity Record Alliance 39 .. Bridgeport Alliance . . . .... Cozad 24 Alliance 44 . . . .... Fremont 50 Alliance Gering Alliance 39 ..... Grand Island Alliance 49 ...... Gothenburg 34 34 Alliance . . . . . Scottsbluff Alliance ...... North Platte Alliance 36 Alliance 43 Alliance 38 Alliance 33 Alliance 45 Alliance 54 Alliance 36 44 Alliance .... . . . . Minatare . . . . . . Broken Bow 35 40 Curtis 42 ..... Kearney 55 . . . Scottsbluff 72 .. Holdrege 48 McCook 38 ..... Ord 46 Reserve Record Freshman Record Alliance 32 . . . . . . Hyannis 61 Alliance . . . .... Bridgeport Alliance 21 . . . ....... Gering 28 Alliance . . . .... Mitchell Alliance 31 . . . . . . Bridgeport 20 Alliance . . . . . Chadron Alliance 22 . . ..... Kearney Z7 Alliance . . . . . Mitchell Alliance 21 ...... Broken Bow 30 Alliance . . .... Bayard Alliance 42 . . . ..... Minatare 49 Alliance . . . . . Scottsbluff Alliance 15 . . . .... Scottsbluff 33 Alliance . . ...... Bayard Alliance ......... Chadron Alliance ..... Alliance "B" Alliance . . . ..... Minatare Alliance . . . . . Bridgeport Alliance . . . . . . Minatare Alliance ....... Scottsbluff Were the Freshman Tournament Champions. Bill Giles Art Atkins -. t xlll 4, l ql A Leo Weed Bridgeport I8-Alliance 39 Alliance played their first basketball game of the season and romped past Bridgeport, 39-18. The Bulldogs opened fast and scored 18 points before Bridgeport scored. With three minutes left before the half, a Bridgeport boy sank a free toss and began their scoring. Don Reynolds made another free toss and the half time score rested 22 to 2. The only Bridgeport score in the third period was another free throw. Alliance widened the gap to 34 to 3 at the end of the period. The final four minutes the Bridgeport lads scored. They sank seven field goals to narrow the gap to 39 to 18 as the game ended. Bill Giles topped Alliance scorers with nine points. Atkins was second with 7 points followed by Morrow with 6. The Alliance Reserves toppled the Bridgeport Reserves 31 to 20 in the curtain raiser. Cozud ll-Alliance 24 Alliance's Bulldogs traveled to Cozad for the second game of the season and fell behind in the second half to lose to the Haymakers, 41 to 24. The locals lead at the end of the initial period, 8 to 6, and raised it to 10 to 6 late in the second quarter, but before the half time Cozad was ahead, 14 to 13. The next canto saw Alliance fall behind 25 to 20 and fall out of the running completely in the final period. The game ended with the Bulldogs trailing, 24 to 41. Giles again lead scoring honors by racking up I5 points. Becken- bach came next with five points while Weed held two. Fremont 35-Alliance M Having lost one game on this weekend trip, the Bulldogs made the score even by winning a 44 to 35 victory over Fremont. The locals made their showing early and built up a 13 to I advantage at the end of the first period. Alliance scored six. more points and Fremont made seven free tosses and one 2-pointer to make the half time score, 19 to 10. The Bulldogs widened the gap to 34 to 22 at the end of the third quarter. Bob Schoeneck came up with 8 points in the final canto to close up the gap 36 to 30. Giles and Atkins went to work for Alliance and the score climbed to 44 for the locals and 35 for Fremont. Giles led Alliance scoring with 20 points. ....73- Gering 37-Alliance 50 Fred Mackey played his first basketball game as Alliance took a S0 to 37 victory over Gering on the home floor. Alliance only held the lead once in the first half. This was in the opening period when the locals moved out in front 5-4. Gering soon took over to pull ahead I5-7. The visitors widened the gap to 19 to 7 in the second period when Mackey entered the game. He made seven points in the quarter to bring the locals up to 20 to Gering's 22 at the intermission time. ln the third period Mackcy's two free throws moved Alliance ahead 24 to 23. Alliance took the lead for good in this period when Beckenbach scored from under the basket to move the locals to 26 to 25. The closest the visitors came in the final period was seven points. Fred Mackey and Bill Giles paced Alliance with 17 points each. Nine of Mackey's points were free throws. Grand Island 64-Alliance 39 Grand Island's height kept the locals helpless as they trailed, 39 to 64. Alliance kept the game going fast the first quarter, but lacked the second half punch to keep up with the Islanders. The Islanders came up with a 6 to 0 lead shortly after the opening whistle. The locals closed up the gap to I2 to 8 at the end of the first period. Jim Toft, 6 ft. sn in. center, led the Islanders to a 33 to 20 lead at the intermission. During the second half three of the starting line up were dropped out of the playing. Giles fouled out early in the third period, Art Atkins followed four minutes later, and Leo Weed fouled out early in the final period. Mackey paced Alliance scorers with 13 points. Art Atkins was second with 10 points. Gothenburg 55-Alliance 49 Coach Livingston's cagers got off to a bad start and couldn't catch up before the final gun to drop a non-conference tilt to Goth- cnburg, 55 to 49. Gothenburg captured the lead soon after the game started and the locals didn't tie them until the middle of the second canto. The Swedes held a 16 to 7 advantage at the breather. By the intermission period, the Bulldogs lead, 29 to 27. Throughout the third period the two teams traded basket for basket and the score was never over 3 points apart. Gothenburg came out on top at the end of the period with 37 to 38 over the locals. The score remained even until the final three minutes of the game when Gothenburg started a rally the Bulldogs were unable to stop. Giles and Beckenbach led the Alliance scorers with 17 and I4 points respectively. .174- Leonctrd Beckenbach Y 5? 'A 53952 Z. Ronald Schuchardt R, gs: , , 'K . 3 . RQ! Q i . Iii? ,A so X Dwight Hcxught 15 A osis fs g ni' . g 3, A i Don Patton T - x 'K x t EL , . sy. . '- - -Hfsi: . .3 Hsu -' f- WW? .Lg -7 1- Q i'e'f6'le. e' 'i .ts , 'WW , get 'fif X ,, Scottsblull 44-Alliance 34 A fourth quarter scoring streak lead the Bearcats to a 44-34 win over the locals in the Bulldog's first Big Ten Conference game of the season. Bill Giles and Fred Mackey each picked up four fouls by the end of the first canto. Mackey fouled out at the beginning of the third period. Giles was shifted to the guard position and remained throughout the game. The Bearcats led at the end of the first period, I3-B. In the second period the Bluffs' lads widened the gap to 17 to 8, but Mackey led Alliance scoring to close up the score, 16 to 18, at the half. Late in the third canto Giles sank two fielders and the Bulldogs moved out in front, 27 to 26, and led 29 to 27, at the end of the period. Mohr put Scottsbluff in the lead with six minutes left to play. The final gun saw Alliance 34, Bluffs 44 on the scoreboard. Giles lead scoring honors for the locals with 17 tallies. North Platte 41-Alliance 34 North Platte came through in the final five minutes to win a 41 to 34 victory over the locals in a Big Ten Conference game at North Platte. Alliance trailed the Platters throughout the first half and until the middle of the third period. Mackey, Haught, and Giles scor- ed to give the locals a 27 to 26 advantage entering the final period. Early in the fourth quarter North Platte recaptured their lead. A free shot by Bill Giles tied the score but the Platters soon followed with a fielder and lead, 30 to 28. Giles evened things up, but the Platters moved ahead again and held their lead to the end of the game. North Platte led, ll-7, in the first quarter and 17 to 14 at intermis- sion. Giles led Alliance scorers with 13 tallies and Mackey followed with ten. Mintrture 35-Alliance 36 With neither team enjoying more than a three point lead, the Bull- dogs surged ahead in the final minute of the game to win a 36 to 35 victory over the Minatare Indians. The Bulldogs held an 8 to 6 lead at the end of the first period. Bill Giles sparked the first quarter scoring as he made seven of the eight points. The score jumped back and forth in the second period and tied twice. Alliance held a 19 to 18 lead at the half time. The score was tied four times in the third cantog and as the two teams went into the final period, it was tied 25 to 25. Again in this quarter the lead changed several times. With two minutes left, Mina- Acton tare lead 31 to 30. Giles moved Alliance ahead 34 to 32. made a free toss followed by a fielder by Giles. Acton fired a 2-point- er in the final 30 seconds. Broken Bow 40-Alliance 43 Alliance captured its fifth win of the season by stopping a last minute Broken Bow rally for a 43-40 victory on the Indians' court. The locals took an early lead and held it all the way. It was 9-4 as the first quarter ended. Alliance widened he margin to 19 to 13 at intermission. Leonard Beckenbach paced the Bulldogs in the third canto by scoring seven points as Alliance led, 30 to 25, going into the final period. The Bulldogs' lead shrunk in the final canto. They were leading, 40 to 30, when the Indians went on the war path and cut the margin to 40 to 37. Atkins hit a field goal and Patton make a free toss for a 43 to 37 lead. In the final thirty seconds the Indians made three points to bring the score to 43 to 40. Mackey, Giles, and Fred- ricks fouled out by the end of the third canto. Patton and Becken- bach led the locals scoring with eleven points each. Curtis 42-Alliance 38 Curtis' scoring at the free throw line gave them a 42 to 38 deci- sion over the locals in a non-conference tilt. The Aggies made 10 out of 18 tries at the free throw line while the Bulldogs made only four of 11. The score was tied seven times during the game and Alliance held the lead six times. Weed scored in the last seconds of the open- ing period to give Alliance the quarter lead of 9-7. The second peri- od was different, however. Curtis sped ahead to a 17-9 lead before the locals were able to score. Patton, Beckenbach, and Giles scored to narrow the gap to 19-16 at the intermission. Early in the third canto Haught and Giles boosted the Bulldogs ahead 22-21. The lead jumped back and forth and tied four times during the period. Giles scored and gave Alliance the third quarter lead of 30-29. After a tie in the final period the Aggies again came ahead and kept the lead till the end of the game. .-75.- Kearney 55-Alliance 33 Alliance lost its second game over the weekend as Kearney sped past them to take a 55-33 win over the locals in a Big Ten Conference tilt. The Bulldogs kept within range and held a 5-0 lead during the opening period, which ended 10 to 6, favoring the visitors. After the opening of the second quarter, Kearney kept their lead. The Bulldogs came close with scores of 8 to 10 and 12 to 15, but could not tie or pass Kearney. The Bearcats raced to 27 to 16 margain at the half- time. The score at the beginning of the final period was 38 to 21. Al- liance's high scorer was Bill Giles with nine points. Beckenbach fol- lowed with eight, and Patton with seven. Kearney's Dick Wiegand picked up 17 points. Scottsbluff 72-Alliance 45 Alliance lost its second game with Scottsbluff on the later's floor. The Bearcats sailed past the locals. 72 to 45. The Bulldogs held their only lead for only one minute after the opening of the game. Paced by Mohr, The Kittens led, 19 to 7, at the quarter. The valley lads stretched their lead to 31 to 20 by the half time. Entering the final period, Scottsbluff was way ahead, 53-35. The locals were on the ball with their free shots. They sank eleven out of fifteen. The Bearcats made four out of eight. Leonard Beckenbach was high scorer for the Bulldogs. He had fifteen pointsg Bill Giles followed with thirteen. Holdrege 48-Alliance 54 Making up for the Scottsbluff loss, the Bulldogs came home on Saturday to win over the much-favored Holdrege quintet, 54 to 48. Holdrege had been rated eighth in the Associated Press list of top teams of the state. Alliance took an early lead and were never out- scored throughout the game. After two minutes of play the locals led, 6-0. At the quarter break Alliance was still on top, 16-6. At the in- termission the margin became narrower, but the Bulldogs still led, 30 to 22. In the third canto the gap became still narrower as the Dusters followed close with 27-33. Bill Giles and Haught put the locals ahead 39 to 33, entering the final quarter. The two teams made basket for basket the remainder of the game. Alliance made a good per centage of their free throws, 16 out of 19. Holdrege made 8 out of 12. Giles came out on top with scoring honors with 24 points. Beck- enbach held ten and Patton nine. McCook 39-llllunec 36 With one and one half minutes of playing time remaining, Mc- Cook surged ahead to down Alliance, 39 to 36, in a Big Ten fracas. Alliance held the advantage the first period and well into the second, but the Bison rallied and held an 18-17 margin at half time. The score was tied twice and changed hands twice during the third quarter. McCook edged ahead, 26-21, and Giles and Haught scored field goals to make the score, 26-25, favoring the Bison at the quarter. The final canto was an exciting one with the lead changing hands a number of times. The score was knotted up 34-34 with one and a half minutes to play. The Bison hit a fielder and a free toss and Beckenbach cut the margin to 37-36. Lehl made another fielder in the final 15 seconds of play. Giles came up with 14 rallies and Becken- bach followed with ten points. ora .48-Alliance I4 An Alliance fourth period rally failed, and the locals dropped their final game of the season to Ord, 46 to 44. Ord sped to an early lead and had a 12-3 margin at the first quarter mark. The Bulldogs narrowed the gap in the second canto from 24-12 to 24 to 17. Dwight Haught, sophomore, made two set shots from midcourt to cut the margin to 26 to 23. Ord made two fielders to make it 30 to 23 with two minutes left in the period. Haught added toss and Beckenbach hit a field goal that narrowed the margin to 30-26. Giles then added two fielders and tied the score 30-30 as the third quarter came to a close. The fourth period Giles put the locals ahead, but Ord tied the score 32-32. Ord then dashed ahead, 42-34. Beckenbach, Giles, and Haught hit to make the final score 46-44 for Oni. .-.76.... Clair Sorenson Don Stull BOTTOM ROW - Cleft to rightl-Dean Tolstedt, Bob Wright, Dick Long, Don Hen- derson, Ronnie Hines, Iohn Cornette, Abel Moreno. CEN- TER ROW - Coach Hutton, Wayne Simpson, Kenneth Stevens, Norval Saxton, Carl Morris, Don Chleborad, Ron- nie Lyons, Dick Bartels. TOP ROW-Manuel Perez, Zane Meyers, Don Baker, Conrad Fritzler, Glen Stirrat, Burdette Iohnson. X' l Xu' Y 9: Cells Y-f 4:.fl7f12'5""x" ' '- Q, E . X BOTTOM BOW-ilelt to rightl H rt H' f -Don Haught, Bill Marsh, Don Donovan, Bob Reed, Bob Grabher, Don Benisek, Iim Stewart. CENTER ROW - Coach Stofan, Willard Galu- sha, Kenneth Dietrich, Iim McGinley, Charles McChes- ney, Tom DeBerry, George Flaherty, Wayne Underwood. TOP ROW-Tom Ruckman, Duane Worley, Dale Burton, Iim Irwin, Dallas Schwaderer, Harold Rust, Dick Driml. The loser received the Goat and Mr. Liv- Mr. Nelson makes a two pointer in the ingston, who represents the Losers, is Faculty vs. the Eagles. seen taking it. TRACK . . . BOTTOM ROW fleft to rightl-Bill Nelson, Glen Beerline, Iohn Leon, Don Coupens, Hubie Shellenberger Neil Stumbaugh, Dick Griffis. CENTER ROW-Coach Kuhicek, Raymon Gomez, Bob Pilkington, Bill Giles Charles Anderson, Bill Koozer, Bob Glau, Coach Zikmund. TOP ROW-Art Atkins, Leo Weed, Bill Fred- ricks, Leonard Beckenbach, Harold Sampson, and student manager, Bill Brodrick. 1949 Track Record Placed first in Scottsbluff Relay Meet Placed first in Chadron Invitational Meet Placed first in W.N.A. Meet Placed first in North Platte Regional Meet Big Ten Track Champions Finished third in State Meet -73- Bill Giles heaving the sho! at the Scottsbluff Relays. Chadron Invitational Meet Alliance High track team scored 77 points to run away with the Chadron Invitational Track and Field Meet. Chadron Prep placed second with 13. The Bull- dogs won eight of the 13 events that counted in the scoring. The football relay record was topped by the locals with :4-7.3. In the morning events Bill Giles tossed the shot 43 feet, 7 and 3f4 inches. Pilkington was second with 42 feet, 6M inches. Giles heaved the discus 121 feet, 1 inch and Pilkington again placed sec- ond with 120 feet, 6 inches. Coupens and Beckenbach placed first and second respectively in pole vault. In the 120 high hurdles Alliance nearly cleared the field placing Beerline, first, Nelson, secondg and Weed, fourth. Griffith took the 100 yard final with 10.5. Bob Glau placed second and Art Atkins fourth in the 880. Griffith and Andersen took second and fourth respectively in the 440. In the 220 yard low hurdles Gomez, Shellenberger, and Coupens ran one, two, three. The mile was won by Hay Springs with Sampson placing second. Alliance won the 880 relay with Griffith hav- ing a 50 yard lead when he broke the tape. Other run- ners were Shellenberger, Stumbaugh, and Gomez. Seoltablull Relays Alliance sprinters and field men opened the season with a bang by cinching the victory in the Scottsbluff relays. Coupens collected his share of the points by winning the pole vault and broad jump. Bill Giles, also in the morning events, heaved the discus three inches farther than Paul Mohr of Scottsbluff. Bill also placed third in the shot put. Three Bulldogs nearly swept the broadjump to boost Alliance a little further towards the winning point. Don Coupens placed first, Shellenberger second, and Beerline fourth. Beerline placed second in the high jump to wind up the morning events. Getting under way in the afternoon events Coupens, Weed, Beerline, and Nelson snatched the 280 yard high hurdles from under the Bearcats' nose. The mile relay was again a battle between Alliance and the Bluffs. The Bearcats won by a close margin and gave the Bulldog team a second. The local cindermen copped the 432 yard low hurdles with anchorman Shellenberger dashing over the finish line as Scottsbluff cleared the last hurdle. The 880 yard relay won by Sidney handed the Bulldogs a third place. Out of the seventeen schools entered, the locals gained 65 points and Scottsbluff followed with 51. Glen Beerline clears the high jump at the Chadron Invitational Meet. ...79-.. W. N. A. Meet Nlfestern Nehraska Track Champions of 1949 were the Alliance Bulldogs as a result of Winning 48 points in the W.N.A. meet. Scottsbluff had 46 points. Shel- lenberger and Coupens were the main point makers for the Bulldogs. Shellenberger won the hroad iump and the 200 yard low hurdles. Cfoupens won the pole vault, took second in the broad iump, and also tied for second in the high jump. The rest of the scoring is as follows: Dick Griffith placed second in the 100 yard dash, Stumlwaugh took third in the 220 yard dash. The mile run was won by Harold Sampson with a time of 41584. Bill Nelson placed fourth in the 120 yard high hurdles. Shellenber- ger won the 200 yard low hurdles, Raymon Gomez placed second, and Don Coupens came in third. Alli- ance placed second in the 880 ln the field events Giles in the discus throw and Giles ond in the high iump. The yard relay. turned up with a second and Coupens tied for sec- hroad iump was won hy Huhie Shellenherger, Don Coupens was second and Glen Beerline was third. Coupens won the pole vault. North Platte Regional Meet Alliance slammed the pole vault, broad jump, and low hurdles to come out again on top and win the regional track meet at North Platte. They totaled '16 points, Scottsbluff came in second with 68 points, and North Platte followed with 57 points. lly this win Alliance qualified 12 boys to enter the State Meet. The Bulldogs gained the first three places in three events, the broad jump, pole vault. and the 200 yard low hurdles. ln the broad iump Beerline won top honors, Coupens was second. and Shellenherger. third. Pole vault was won by Don Coupens, second liechenhach, and Nelson placed third. Shellenlmerger came through with a first place in the 200 yard low hurdles. Gomez came in second. and Coupens was third. Other qualifiers were: Stumhaugli, who placed fourth in the 220 yard dash: Sampson, first in the mile run followed by john l.eon with second. Bill Giles placed second in the discus and received a fifth place in shot put. Bob Pilkington qualified hy placing a fourth in the discus. The 120 high hurdles placed Nelson second and Beerline fourth. Stumbaugh also placed fourth in the 100 yard dash. Dick Griffith ran the 440 yard dash and placed third. Scottshluff only qualified ten for the State Meet and North Platte and Kearney followed with nine and four respectively. Hubie Shellenberger is seen at the left of the picture running the low hurdles at the W.N.A. Meet. Alliance runners from left to right are Weed, Nelson, and Beerline as seen in the high hurdles at the Chadron Invitational Meet. Big Ten Conference Meet The Alliance Bulldogs again are Big Ten Track and lfield Uhampions. This is the third time in five years that the locals have held this honor. The 70 points scored by the Bulldogs were the highest score ever 'made in the Big Ten Conference. The west half of the conference has pre- dominated for five years straight. Alliance has won three times and McCook and Scottsbluff each one. The Bull- dogs slammed the broad iump and pole vault, and placed in .ill hut three events. Giles and Coupens started off in the field events by tieing for third in the high jump. Giles also placed fifth in the sholput. Pole vault was won hy Don Coupens While Nelson and llechenbach tied for second. Glen Beerline gave Alliance another first by winning the broad jump. Don Coupens placed second and Hubie Shellenberger third. Giles placed third in the discus throw. Heading the track events was Harold Sampson, who won the mile run. John Leon placed second. The next event in which Alliance placed was the 440 yard dash. Dick Griffis took third. Bob Glau rounded the track in fifth place in the 880 yard run. Bill Nelson and Leo Weed placed fourth and fifth consecutively in the 120 yard high hurdles. Don Coupens, Raymon Gomez, and Hubie Shel' lenherger placed third, fourth, and fifth in the 200 yard low hurdles. Dick Griffis was fourth to cross thc tape line in the 100 yard dash. - , A Harold Sampson places first Dick Grittis, elected honorary Coupens is seen broad jump- in the mile run at the W. N. captain for the season. ing at the Scottsbluff Relays. A. Meet. -31- Bulldogs Place Third In State Meet The Bulldogs were given a reception as they returned from the State Meet. Pictured from left to right are: Raymon Gomez, Harold Sampson, Bill Giles, Iohn Leon, Bill Nelson, Hubie Shellenberger, Neil Stumbaugh, Don Coupens, Coach Zikmund and Radio announcer Frank Spencer. Several of the boys had car trouble and had not arrived when this picture was taken. State Track Meet More than six hundred athletes com- peted in the State Class A Track Meet in which Alliance, who had come out on top all season, scored third place. Omaha Tech racked up 45 points to place first followed by Lincoln Central with 36 points. Alliance was third with 31 points. Don Coupens broke the State Class A pole vault record by vaulting 12 feet, 8112 inches. The previous record set by Debus of Lincoln Central in 1940 was 12 feet, 8 inches. This also bettered the World Herald Grand Champion record. Harold Sampson and Iohn Leon placed second and third respectively in the mile run for their best time of the season. Hubie Shellenberger placed fifth in the 200 yard low hurdles and third in the broad jump with a jump of 20 feet, 511s inches. Dick Griffis earned a third in the 440 yard dash. Bill Nelson and Leonard Beck- enbach tied for fourth and fifth place in the pole vault. Bill Giles earned fifth place in the discus with a throw of 131 feet, 5114 inches. 182-. Tw To The Voz-ld Nnrcelll Uhrlltlaa . . .Irving Herlln Rhapsody. . . . . . Pimp-3,2 ?'. lfwr 0 HI:-'xt Before Chrnemn. . Wand! eo - Narmcnr ve lim:-G 0 8 Wwe-1 H one Il 77125. . .Fino P:-ree! chan! 38114-P9112 Sell, Di:-new - . ..... . . . Bewrunriinn Unrv at the 0:1114 Jesus ..... I. A. Caves fa la Ruunei ..... Rlctm-d Xount E Madrieal Sing'-rn Wilhnrf Szoinerdifroctcr . the 0 nn' of thv' lord, frwm 'The 5-nnllw 'lv fifmnpl an Avhlle Awnrdw-tnn.,Y'aricnM:-- Tn-n' Stella Hu-in 1w'ond1ee,1-Gqrr-on NcG1-on To Gad ........... For-'nlml Geornn Zahn-fem, Stalk: F' Frf-.nic Dinlmnmn, Y-' 0 F1-ont Teeth. School V' HFTNH Jhfir . . Ifvfs gtrixnr, U! Story. . . . Schwl " TBCEUY . . . . . .flnldaun P .hols-.Jr. Htafh Scion Willinm Steinsr, C111-mm 1 . If ' ,lf T 1 rt f N . ff 1 L ,il si' . Nw-1300 AWG:-mf . . . nw- f' . V111 rfuf' 7 CP. XM 5. f VOCAL MUSIC A Cappella Choir 4 William Steiner Director Martha Boyer Dennis DeBerry President Vice-president . e' Stella Marie Woodlee Secretary-treasurer Warren McGrew Librarian Under the direction ot Mr. William Steiner, the A Cappella Choir ot Alliance High School has made steady progress during the 1949-50 school year. The lorty-voice choir has presented two concerts during the year. The iirst, in conjunction with the grade school music system, was presented December 21, as the annual Christmas program. The spring con- cert was given March 19 at the City Auditorium. Probably the biggest event ot the year was the Choir Clinic held at Scottsbluff, Nebraska, February 14 and 15. Mr. David Foltz from the University oi Nebraska directed the combined voices of the Scotts- bluft, Minatare, and Alliance Choirs. Small groups and soloists from Alliance also took part in the Clinic. As a deviation from notes and measures, the choir holds two social events a year, the Christmas Caroling Party and a spring party. A Cappella Choir ofticers are holding a business meeting. Lelt to right-Dennis DeBerry, Warren McGrew, Martha Boyer, Dannie Iordan, Dick Proper. -.84-. Dannie Iordan Accompanist Dick Proper Librarian FIRST ROW-tlett to rightl-Donna Steil, Ianet Iones, Phyllis PeCoy, Don Chleborad, Dannie Bob Leishman, Theola Fitch, Carol Boyer, Ioyce Benzel, Ianet Lotspeich, Mr. Steiner. SECOND Pat PeCoy, Mary Beth Graham, Betty Weed, Bob Coleman, Dennis DeBerry, Mardyne Moeller Hart, Georgia Zaliares, Marion Stull, Marlene Tiller, Phyllis Douglas, THIRD ROW-Marjorie Gayle Overton, Frank Dickinson, Charles Clay, Frances Kuncl, Laoma Wiltsey, Phyllis Taylor, Young, Lorraine Walker, Ianice Andreason. FOURTH ROW-Martha Boyer, Stella Woodlee, Patty I Iordan, ROW- Nancy Young, Dolores Collins, Kathryn Schaclwinkel, Iim O'Brien, Warren McGrew, Dick Proper, Verlin Ball, Iim Irwin, Vera Frost, Louise Morton, Norma Hicks. Here is an action photo ot the A Cappella Choir, ta ken during the Christmas Vesper Concert on ber 21, 1949. -35-- Decem- These music students are getting ready to Dannie Iordan, is prac- leave for the State Music Clinic at Norfolk, ticing his piano solo ior Nebraska. C h o i r I-Xccompanist, the Band concert. Here are the regular choir soloists rehears- ing a number lor the Christmas Concert. At left is the door through which the A Capella Choir members enter and leave for filth period class each day. This is the door through which have issued many notes and measures of harmony during this last year and in pre- ceding years, also. Above, you may have a glimpse of one ot those regular choir rehearsals. The members are work- ing industriously on a number for the Scottsblutt Choir Clinic. 1.86.- Vocal Ensembles MADRIGAL SINGERS The Alliance High School Madrigal Singers as in performance. SEATED -llett to rightl-Martha Boyer,-Pat PeCoy, Marjorie Young, Stella Ma- rie Woodlee, Donna Steil, Phyllis Douglas, Betty Ann Bartels, Marlene Tiller, Frances Kuncl, Theola Fitch. STANDING-Mr. Steiner, Dannie Iordan, Bob Leishman, Frank Dick- inson, Don Chleborad, David Lep- ard, Dennis DeBerry, Dick Proper, Warren McGrew. MADRIGAL SINGERS The Madrigal is a small concert group which sings at the request ol any of the various clubs in Alliance, neighboring towns, and wherever else such a small group as this can perform. Its repertoire ranges from the old English madrigals to mod- ern folk music, and from Bach to Hindemith. Here you see the Mad- rigal Singers in an early morning rehearsal session. tif ' " 1I'-.z,45,-,- , T FRESHMAN GIRLS' SEPTET A new group that has been added to the Alliance High School Music Department is the Freshman Girls' Septet. The Septet specializes in performances for social groups and conventions. FIRST ROW-lleft to rightl-Ianet Lotspeich, Mary Lou Gomez, Patsy Gaghagen. SECOND ROW-Phyllis Taylor, Betty Weed, Iackie Mounts, Carol Boyer, Instrumental Music Department Consists This concert is an l annual presenla- ' tion, in conjunc- tion with the grade school mu- sic system and the vocal depart- f ment, Alliance High School Band in iormal concert on February 19 IN FRONT OF STAGE-Cleft to rightl-Sandra Brockway, Dixie Mackey, Barbara Weyl, Paul 1 Weed, Pat Broad, Marlene Deitchler. ON STAGE-FIRST ROW-Pat PeCoy, Gerald Engelsgje PeCoy, Ronnie Hines, Lavone Case, SECOND ROW-Io Lichty, Bobby Edwards, Sharon Too Wright, Ioan Seng, lean Sayre, Iackie Mounts, Iean Perrin. 188-. Band, Orchestra, and Small Ensembles THIRD ROW-David Lepard, Marjorie Young, lean Steil, Shirley Hines, Iill Mounts, Barbara Mote, Stephen Lawrence, Blain McC1ary, Milton Iohnson, Peggy Williams, Wayne Slaymaker, Darrell Falfar, Frank Dick- ! inson, Charles Clay, Dale Slaymaker. FOURTH ROW-Bobbie Brockway, Barbara Kastner, Mary DeBerry, S Marilyn Peterson, Iohn Wright, George Gilmore, Gerald Panwitz, Gary Maxwell, Iimmy Irwin, Mary 1 Pabst, Boyd Harris, Don Strong. STANDING-Ianet Lotspeich, Kenny Howat, Iack Morrow, Harriett Edwards, Phyllis Lawrence, Susie Yon, Donna Steil. Here is an action shot of the Al- l i a n c e H i g h School Band in p e r f o rmance at th e i r Christmas V e s p e r Concert on December 21. ...3g- INSTRUMENTAL MUSIC Band Dale Slaymaker David Lepard Captain PG-ul Sell Lieutenant Student Director Director Student Director Shirley Hines Dfm Strong Donna Steil Lieutenant Pat PeCoy Sargeant Lieutenant There are fifty members in marching band and approximately titty-tive students in the concert band. All members are required to take a series of exams to quality tor admission into the band. A snappy marching band performed at the halt-time ot each tootball game. The only out-of-town game attended this year was the annual Scottsbluff-Alliance Armis- tice Day game. Older band members composed a small pep band which played at the basketball games. Band concerts were presented on February 19 and May 7. Four band members represented Alliance at the Nebraska State Music Clinic held in Norfolk, November 17, 18 and 19. March 27 and 28 marked the dates of the annual Scottsblutt-Alliance Clinic held in Alliance this year. Guest conductor was Iohn Roberts from South High School in Denver. Lieutenant Iean Sayre Sargeant Gary Maxwell Charles Clay Barbara Weyl Kenneth Howat Sargeant Sargeant Drum Major Sargeant -gg- The band officers evidently have some grave and important business here, judging from the serious atmosphere surrounding them. SEATED -tlett to rightl-Pat PeCoy, David Lepard, Gary Maxwell, Don Strong, Shirley Hines, Dale Slaymaker. STANDING-Kenny Howat, Charles Clay, lean Sayre, Donna Steil. .u:ffwAA c'1mafPfci147 11359 W D lfmffgw E inure At left is the door through which echo the toot- steps ot the band students many times each day. In addition to high school band practices during the first period of each Monday, Wed- nesday, and Friday, City Band rehearsals, sec- tionals, soloists, and many other instrumental activities are held in the band room, Above, you see the high school band in actual rehear- sal. The number is probably one for their Feb- ruary band concert. is xiii 191.- Instrumental Ensembles TROMBONE QUARTET ll.eft to rightl-Don Strong, Boyd Harris, Mary Pabst, Gary Maxwell. The Trombone Quartet was formed before Christmas of this school year. They have played for the annual Christmas concert, the faculty Christmas play, the faculty party, the Eastern Star, and other special affairs of the social world during the year. CLARINET QUARTET ll.eft to rightl-Pat PeCoy, Gerald Engelsgjerd, Phyllis PeCoy, Ronald Hines. The four music students pictured here compose the group known as the Clarinet Quartet. They perform for civic organizations and social functions in the community. Appear- ances ot the group were at the Scottsbluff-Alliance Band Clinic and at the district music contest. l conunr 'rmo fLeft to rightl-Frank Dickinson, Charles Clay, Dale Slaymaker. This is the small group known as the Cornet Trio. It has played at the Scottsbluff-Alliance Band Clinic and at the district music contest. When called upon by any of the civic organizations for social func- tions or various programs, they are always ready and willing to per- form. Orchestra "" Q,,:f'i1.rxxf:"'Q -"-1 Q A G", Ui. UXANPION 1959 1 Q Im FIRST ROW-fleft to rightl-Marlene Tiller, Dennis DeBerry, David Lepard, Marjorie Young, Donna Steil, Gayle Gill, Dean Essex. SECOND ROW-lean Steil, Tom DeBerry, Iackie Mounts, Iean Sayre, Ioan Seng, Stephen Lawrence, Milton Iohnson, George Gilmore, Iune Slaymaker. THIRD ROW-Pat PeCoy, Gerald Engelsgjerd, Shirley Hines, Bobbie Brockway, Peggy Williams, Frank Dickinson, Charles Clay, Gary Maxwell, Boyd Harris, Don Strong. STANDING-lack Morrow, Harriett Edwards, Paul Sell, Dale Slay- maker, Kenny Howat. At the start of the school term, the High School Orchestra was composed of strings. This group fur- nished music for the junior class play and the American Education Week program. With the addition of Woodwinds, brass, and percussion, a full orchestra was formed beginning the second semester. The annual Scottsbluff-Alliance Orchestra Clinic was held at Scottsbluff, April 11-12. Three orchestra members made the trip to Norfolk, Nebraska, for the Nebraska State Music Clinic in November. Membership into the High School Orchestra is determined by an examination which is given by a student committee. STRING QUARTET fLeft to rightl-Marlene Tiller, David Lepard, Donna Steil, Dennis DeBerry. String Quartet has been composed of the same personnel during the past four years. It plays at the request of the various social and business groups throughout the vicinity. The Quartet performed by in- vitation at the Music Division of the Teachers' Convention, at Sidney, October 28, and at the dedication of the new Emerson Grade School. -93- l 1 P Under the direction of their conductor, here are the orchestra members going patiently over a passage from a number they especially like. These students practice in the band room every Tuesday and Thursday. The violin section is listening to Dennis DeBerry's interpretation of a definite musical pattern. Marlene Tiller, violin soloist, is tunning her Here you see David Lepard, cellist, giving his violin before she begins to play a popular rendition of a famous composition. classic tor the orchestra. ..94- V ,. ., . -.,.-..-,....,,, .,.,,, ,, ,, I I 5 4 r l ,,-1 E 1 1 I V N I -95.. 2 4 v 1 . ' il ffl ff 3' 2 i f K 5 , Umm! Dm 'Img' lo VU. 8,03 r .ff ' l :E mv e in-.psf .-..., -95- n PUPPIES .lfhv .ali rf: H011 R9 ivrv-f. ffm. A211-'J ' . ff, ,--3' W' 1.2 .iff f :G- X B 9 x . w' 6 ' S. .. A 4. a 3 , c . n .Q EW - x Km IUVYH V7 , SQ l1azJxJ.n M- 17 ..,.g ' xwx yv gg ff' A is U ,W is INYOTCI jft Ams Ltffj I sf e Na eltk 7 'x A J" 'fl N Dura AIYUC kmcxm , nmnq H 8 iQ7, E1 S ,JY U-VIC! X ,..,-f-"""""w R C haul F' 5' ru- Bak.,- b 1.QfShFYlqn W n Fra! ian ac.- A ng JPQGSCH fervor PQC-Ta 1131115 Dlujlo5 3 jgg 3, 1 fly-ua. " 'wnishn 1 """ - ,.., K f-iris? ' ,A ,Z A 5 Q, AJBF ASPJUIQ until,- fthard ,ra Na. Www HM- ha SCP f4vzHAs Activities Music Department Sophomore class party. Music Department Christmas Party. Christmas Party. Choir clinic at Scottsbluff. ' ' With X ,, A l lwlm.. 1. WW -ftb High School Christmas Party. Choir clinic at Scottsbluff Choir clinic at Scottsbluff. Music Department Sophomore class party. Football game. Christmas Party. -99- mo Qeaoe GUQLS- CE NIRAL- ma aueeoe 3ovS -lt xs52+T NIHE GHQOD MQQQ, DAYS EN ERSON R Y Q-WM BP: 'W GENTRG L. -100 KINDERGC-XRTEN Rl'lVTl-WK BGND AT CENTRAL YEAR -1938 Y-TEEN ORP H E UM N15 DREAMS WESTWQRD Hi- DE-HO CHARLES c gd :mam 'Tl-WE ME OUT 'TO THE my LUTHE-.RHUTION BALL GAME 5 eff Pemesv IN Buns - wmwebg -101- 1 -102-- 3 O 10' 'O O O OK DO' O O 'Of DO O' 'OK 0 O O O O1 DQ. ,Of 0 0 0 Yearbook Supporters for 1950 ABSTRACTERS Selleck Abstract Company AGRICULTURAL IMPLEMENTS Dodd-DeBolt. Inc. ARMY GOODS STORES Pete's Army Store ASSOCIATIONS Alliance Building G Loan Association Alliance Chamber ol Commerce National Farm Loan Association ATTORNEYS Anonymous Anonymous AUTOMOTIVE DEALERS A. 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Corner Service Station I-Iarry's Texaco Service Hempel's Mobile Service Meyer's Standard Service SEWING MACHINES Wood's Sewing Machine Shop SHOES F. 6. M. Bootery SuIlivan's Shoe Store SIGN SHOPS Bill Zieg's Sign Shop Len-Art Sign Shop SNACK BARS Alliance Snack Bar SPORTING GOODS I-Iall's Store STUDIOS Worley Studio SUPPER CLUBS Maypoint Supper Club THEATERS Alliance Theater Starlite Drive In TYPEWRITERS Alliance Typewriter 8. Otlice Supply Company Nebraska Typewriter S Equipment Company VETERINARIANS Drs. R. G E. VonTour WALLPAPER G PAINTS Davis Paint 6 Wallpaper Company WELDERS Art's Welding Shop WELL DRILLERS Minnick 6 Smith. Inc. WIRING 5 FIXTURES Clit! Hellman WOMEN'S APPAREL Company Schrommer's Texaco Service Ale's Feminine Fashions Sack Lumber 8. 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Suggestions in the Alliance High School - Bulldog Yearbook (Alliance, NE) collection:

Alliance High School - Bulldog Yearbook (Alliance, NE) online yearbook collection, 1947 Edition, Page 1


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