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THE SPUUADVKRTISING SEOTION NO I I K’S 1 01 1 LAK K KSTA U KANT HIGH CLASS BEST SERVICE HAKKRV IN OO.VN1XTION FARM AND K K X X K 1) Y CITY PROPERTY 15 R () S . List your farms with us. We make city property a specialty. List your city I) rc N T I S T s property with us and we will be sure to find you a renter or buyer. OVER IWrOFIICE Dinben. Ruhkndall Youno FERN DELL ITREFOOD 1’WODlT(’TS MORNING GLORY FLOUR REX HAMS SCI IILLING’S BEST SPICES SI XLIGHT BACON THE HEINZ .’57 MALLKRY GROCERY CO. IMJALIT V i K M ■ K K IKS TIIK ATjMA MATER STUDENT STYLES SI 5.00to S25.00 R W. IRISH CO. ITHE SPUD — ADVERTISING S E O T I O N 1 YOU WANT YOUR GROCERIES FRESH Watson Watson, Grocers Make a Specialty of Fresh Groceries J 1. P. COLBU LINCOLN BUSINESS COLLEGE DU 13TH AND P STS LINCOLN. NEBR Dry Goods, Clothing, L and Misses’ Coats, Overshoes and Rubbe An old reliable school offering the best instruction in typewriting, bookkeeping, cor .. , respondence. penmanship, office practice, aOieS etc. Expert teachers. Fine equipment. Our students succeed. When you finish High School take a thorough business course and you will he prepared lor the battles of rs ,e CATALOG free CHAS. e. FORD. Pm r. R. M. HAMPTON. Vici-Pm . A. S. REED. ViCl-Pmt S. K. WARRICK. C vrmibr G. G. HAMPTON. Assist. Cashier FIRST NATIONAL BANK ALLIANCE. NEBRASKA UNITED STATES DEPOSITORY START A SAVINGS ACCOUNT WITH US. IT IS THE FOUNDATION OF SUCCESS AND INDEPENDENCE 'll Phillips Grocery Company Staple and Fancy Groceries -RESH FRUITS AND VEGETABLES PHOIlfi 4 2THE SHU I.) - advertising; section 3The Spud Vor, 1. Ai.manck. Nkbkaska, May, 11(10 No. h Pkopkssow I). W. Hayks President-Elect of the Peril State Normal and Retiring Superintendent of the Alliance Pit.v Schools 5The Situ (',. II. WILLIAMS Principal G. H. Williams received his pedagogical education at the Peru State Normal, from which he graduated in 1906. The year following he entered his chosen profession in the High school of Chadron, where he remained two years. In 1909 he came to Alliance, where he has since remained, first as physical director, and during the past year as principal, which position he retains for the ensuing year. During his two years stay in Alliance he lias coached the buys’ basket-ball team with such success that they have obtained the championship of Western Nebraska. Mr. Williams has proved himself highly competent in the performance of his duties and it is expectations and the return in with pleasurable that his co workers students of the High school are looking forward to his 1911. During the past year we have had in our midst another of Peru's graduates, Professor .1. A. Hanna of the class of 190 . The year following his graduation, the High school of Auburn reaped the benefit of his brilliance, but in 1909 he came to Alliance, where his successful coaching of the debating team and all else that he has undertaken have given exhibition of unusual ability. Next year he will take up his duties as principal of the Sidney High school, where we have no doubt that he will win for himself a place in the foremost rank. j. A. IlANN'A r.I'iii-: Snn Miss Lulu E. Wirt, teacher of languages in the Alliance High school for the past three.years, has accepted the position for a fourth school term. Before coming to Alliance she taught in the High schools of Falls City and Fairbury, She holds a B. A. degree of the State University. As an appreciation of her ability she was elected president of the Latin section of the State Teach ers’ association in 190b. Indeed, she has taken one of the foremost places among the language teachers of the state, and Alii ance is especially fortunate in securing so capable a member for their faculty. Miss Ida B. Johnson is a grad mite of the Peru State Normal in the class of 1(J »7. Before her entrance at Peru, she took a three years' course at the United Brethren college at York, Xe braska. In 1907 she came to Alliance to take up her duties as principal of the Emerson school. In 1910 she became a member of the High school faculty, and has since had special charge, of the Normal Training classes. Along this line and in her English work she has proved her efficiency to the utmost. Alliance appreciates her ability and rejoices that she will return to her duties in 1911. MISS IDA li. JOHNSON 7Verity Boyer, a member of the class since 1U0. . She lias been a faithful and hardworking member of the class. Lelali Reid, one of our original class since 1 .K Her specialty is Virgil translating. Her fear is of being an old maid. Frances Bowman, another of the old class. A charming young lady who has hopes of becoming a professional chaperone. Winifred Spaeht. she is a product of Hemingford, coming here in 1902. She has won considerable fame by her declamatory work. Ethel .Johnston, one of our best members and a member of our championship debating team of this year. A class officer for several years. sI'mi- Siti Mary Putman, a product of the Box Hutto sand hills, who by her quiet ways and gentle dignity has won a place in the hearts of her schoolmates, especially the big boys. Maude Clark, a happy, go-lucky girl, who lias made many friends here since her appearance in liK)l , aspires to be a Doctor of Divinity. Blanche Kibble, captain girls' basket ball team; class play. A merry girl with a merry, merry way. Josephine Hampton, girls' basket ball team; president of Latin and Debating Clubs. Class play. Minnie Reed, always busy. Second dramatic class, local declamatory contest. Vestal Virgins. A strong student.I'm Srm Virginia Hroome. a classmate ever since we started. A singer and a musician. “Puss expects to make a home for someone, she knows not whom. Frances Nolan, a starter and a finishing member of the class. She aspires to go on the stage as an athletic; girl, one of the prominent parts in the class play. Anna Heath, a studious girl, and ranking high in tla class. Very quiet and unassuming, having come from the sand hills. Ethel James, the midget and pet of the class. A strong debater who went to the state debate as the champion of Northwestern Nebraska. ljura Vance, a good speaker, a champion of Woman’s Suffrage and temperance advocate. (tratorial speaker of Western Nebraska. Pay Hubbell. the leader of the class in studies. Her ambition is to become1 a college teacher of English. Vestal Virgins. Musician. IO I'm Sim 11 (’buries Parker, the down of the Hass: Basket ball guard; humorous speaker, good fellow. Herbert Nelson, a dignified, sober professor. A good musician and debater. Fred Carlson, play, professional analyzer of plants in Botany, (luard on our basket ball team, also track team. Mis future is a butter mixer. Ewald Otto, a man both in years and action; member of our championship debating team. Freshman Latin is his hobby. Bruce Mallery, a wild, naughty boy, whose specialty is buying marshmallows for the coach of the College Widow. Second debating team. Lyle Mewhirter, president of class. Member basket ball and track teams. Editor-in-chief of The Spud. 11The Spur DEBATING TEAM DECLAMATORY TEAM 2% I'm Spun . . . Dl'X’LAMATOKV . . . fcXlHIS year thirteen contestants, two oratorical, seven dramatic ‘jjjj' and four humorous, participated in the local contest held • Marcli 1H. Tliis contest was pronounced by many as the tinest contest they had ever listened to. The .Judges found it hard to render a decision, so close did the speakers rank. The final decision was: Oratorical First, Miss Lura Vance, “The Court of Last Appeal.” Dramatic First, Ralph Thomas. “Constantius and the Lion.” Humorous—First, Miss Beulah Smith, “Biff Perkin’s Toboggan Slide.” On March 24, the three who had won first place in the local contest represented our High school at the district contest held at Bridgeport. The decision of the judges, however, brought both joy and sorrow to our High school, as we won first in oratorical, first in dramatic, and second in humorous. The Scottsbluff representative won over our speaker by one-half point in the humorous. The state contest was held at North Platte, April 29. Eight-een contestants, representing seventeen schools, Alliance having two speakers, participated. While the Alliance representatives were not lucky enough to win honors, they gave their selections better than ever before, and were considered by many as deserving either first or second places. . . . 1)KI5ATIX(! . . . . f jHK debating team, consisting of Misses Ethel Johnston, [ Ethel James and Ewald . tto. all of the class of '10, won ' • in all four debates, supporting the negative in the first three and the affirmative in the last. The debates with Broken Bow, February 19, at Alliance, and with Bridgeport at Bridgeport. February 2a, were extra league debates. Alliance receiving a two to one decision in both. The Sidney Alliance debate occured at Alliance,February 20. Sidney held the state championship. It was a decisive two to one victory for Alliance. An informal reception was given by the Board of Education which was enjoyed by all present. The last debate of the season, which would decide the District championship, was to have been held April 10, at, Chadron. The train being delayed, we did not arrive at Chadron until '■ a. m. Saturday. The debate was postponed until April 17 The Chadron team put up a hard tight, but were no match for tin Alliance team. Alliance receiving a unanimous decision. Alliance now holds the championship for the Northwestern District. Having defeated Broken Bow, the champions of the West Central District, we are champions of all Western Nebraska. The faculty has decided to send Miss Ethel James to the state debate. We expect her to most ably represent Alliance and Northwestern Nebraska. XLhc Spufc. Published monthly, during the school vear. bv and for the students, alumni and friends of the Alliance High School. SUBSCRIPTION PRICE — FIFTY CENTS PER YEAR. SINGLE COPIES, TEN CENTS. Entered as second-class matter November 27, 19C9. at the post office at Alliance, Nebraska, under the Act of March 3, 1879 STAFF 1909 1 9 1 o Lylf. A. Mkwiiirter, Editor-in-Chief Josephine Hampton, Associate Editor George Shreve, Mabel Worley, Athletic Editors Nell Acheson, Organization Editor Harold Thomas. Music Editor EarlD. Mallery, Alumni Editor Minnie Reed, Exchange Editor Miss Lichty, Staff Artist Fred Carlson, Business Manager Bruce Mallery, Asst. Business Manager Emma Task. Chairman Subscription » ommittee CLASS EDITORS Ethel Jambs, 1910 Elsie Bet-chennkr, 1911 Mildred Leith, 1912 Pali. I homas. 1913 Alliance wishes to extend to the Peru State Normal her heartiest 'congratulations, due, in their good fortune in obtaining as president, a man so thoroughly capable as our present super intendent, Professor D. W. Hayes. Mr. Hayes has been with us in Alliance since 1902, when he was elected to the prmcipalship of the High school. For the pa$t four years he has held the position of superintendent of city schools, an office which he has tilled with credit. Mr. Hayes is a graduate of the Nebraska Wesleyan University. He attended the State University for two years, and his work there has been practically completed, whereby he will receive a Master's degree. Sixteen years of experience along pedagogical lines have made him one of the most competent educational men in the state. Appreciation of his competence has been exhibited throughout the state in the honors conferred upon him in educational circles. Alliance at one and the same time regrets his departure and rejoices in his success. nTHE HIGH SCHOOL OUCHKSTUATill' Ship Tl I K OKH'I 1 KSrrUA TIip High school orchestra was organized the first week of school last September for the school year of 1909-10. It was a success from the beginning, having had more engagements the first half of the year than the last. We started out by practicing one night a week. Besides the regular practice the orchestra played in chapel three times a week. This helped considerably in the uniformity of the playing. We are proud of the success attained in this manner as we believe we are one of the very few high school orchestras that play for chapel services. At the present time the orchestra is not as large as it was at the beginning of school. A number of the members have dropped school and a few left town. Consequently their absence has been much felt. Among those leaving the orchestra for various reasons are Camille Nolle and Freddie Funk, two tine first violinists. Mr. Rucliman, cornetist. and Day Cunningham, French horn player. We have been assured of Day's presence in the orchestra next year and have strong hopes of Camille's being with us. In spite of hardships we still claim that we h ive the h st hign school orchestra in Nebraska. From present indications, next year will be a banner year for the Alliance High school in musical circles. We will undoubtedly have an orchestra that will eclipse any we ever had and will in all probability be the best, without exception, of any orchestra in Western Nebraska. Following is a list of the members: Naomi Nelson. Paul Thomas,'first violin; Harold Thomas, Mabel Worley, second violin; William Damon. Clark Taylor. Merritt Chaffee, cornet; Charles Damon. Charles Spacht. clarinet; Herbert Nelson, Carl Thomas, ‘cello; Ralph Thomas, Norman McCorkle, Hester Tink ham. trombone; Beulah Smith, piano; (I. H. Williams, leader and trombone. The success of the orchestra has been largely due to the able leadership of Prof. G. H. Williams. The Alliance High school is indeed fortunate in having such a competent leader for its orchestra. Under his able leadership the success of the orchestra for next year is already assured. if)J in '. Simp At the first of the year thirty-eight girls enrolled in the gym. class, twelve of these trying for places on the bas- • ket ball team. In November six of these girls obtained places on the team, and with only a few changes in the lineup won the championship of Northwestern Nebraska and Northeastern Colorado in girl's basket hall. Only four games were played but they were with teams organized for the past three years who held their respective championships. Of these games the first one was with Sidney High school on their floor. This game was not played until December 11, as the first game had been scheduled with Bridgeport for Thanksgiving, but for some unacconnt-uble reason, Bridgeport was not able to meet the A. H. S. girls, thus Alliance won her first game by a forfeit of 2 to 0. In the game with Sidney none of the players were particular stars but each worked steadily to the end. When only four minutes were left the score stood h to 13 in Sidney’s favor. From that time till time was called every girl proved herself an expert until the score was changed to 14 to It in the good old A. H. S.' favor, Alliance having made eight points in four minutes, On the whole this was the most exciting game of the season as the others were complete walk a ways after the first few minutes. This was the first time Sidney had ever been defeated on her own floor. The next game was played against Sterling on the Alliance floor. February 12. Nettie Nation who had been on the team only a short time proved a valuable addition, making seven baskets. Boys' rules were used with the exception of having a second centre. The winners were apparent at the end of the first half when the score stood (5 to la in favor of A. H. S. At the close of the game the score read Sterling 12: Alliance 21. In the third game our girls went up against a harder proposition than they had ever formerly experienced. Such they found in the return game to Sterling. Katie O'Donnell was the star of this game making one field goal and five points on foul throws. Strict lx ys’ rules were used in this game to which Sterling had always been accustomed. In spite of this fact the score stood 9 to 4 in favor of Alliance at the close of the game. In the last game which was played against Sidney on the Alliance floor, March 19, A. H. S. as usual came out victors with a score of 1 to 9. The Sidney team gave Alliance a great sur prise, having improved immensely since the first game was played. Their guards were their strong points as were Sterling's but they could never come up to Ruth and Elsie. Everybody wore badges with the motto, “We must beat Sidney”, and we certainly lived up to it. Next year there will be almost an entire new team to work up as three’of the best players are of the TO class. ft is with great sorrow that the rest of the team watch these three girls leave the II. S. Blanche Kibble, .Tosie Hampton and Nettie Nation. «9The Spud 20 ] in SiTh REVIEW OF BOYS' BASKET BALL BASKET BALL has proven the most |H pular sport in the High school. Perhaps no other High school activity has oc- • easioned so much student enthusiam or created so much interest among the citizens of the city. The basket hall team this year had its fidl quota of hard luck. At the beginning of the season, the prospects were good for a marvelous aggregation. Shay, Nohe, Mewhirter, Carlson, of last year’s team, were in school. But Shay dropped school before the season began. This deprived ns of the services of the best center in Western Nebraska. After the tirst two games. Nohe was compelled to go to Colorado Springs. This was in deed discouraging to the followers of the sport in Alliance for Nohe is the fastest man. the surest goal tosser, the most consistent team worker that has ever played on the Alliance floor. But the loss of these two men was not enough to discourage the loyal workers who remained. Burris made good at the center position, and Nolan stopped into tl)e position made vacant by Nohe's departure. Mewhirter continued to hold down the for ward position which lie cinched earlier in the season, while Carlson and Parker completed the aggregation that worked in the majority of games. Betebenner and Root two fast men held down positions a part of the season, but here again our hard luck came upon us, Betebenner was compeled to quit the game and Root was taken ill in just the critical part of the season. In the first game. Scottsbluff was defeated by a score of 44 14. Nohe, Mewhirter, and Carlson played a remarkably fast game, and had the Bluffs guards guessing all the time. Parker and Betebenner played a strong defensive game, permitting only three tiekl goals. In the return game, the Bluffs almost turned the tables on us. by virtue of their strange lloor, as well as strong playing. Gothenburg was next taken into (tamp. In this game. Burris played center and guard, throwing three goals. The fast Peru state normal team was held to a score of Kt-10. ('hadron Was again defeated. The most exciting game of the year was played at Ardmore. Ardmore had previously defeated Alliance and the ta ys were there to got revenge. Burris distinguished himself by winning the game with a field goal after time had been called, and tin score tied Jit-i'iJ. The championship was won however when Sidney was sent to defeat. Carlson. Nolan, and Mewhirter played whirlwind games. Parker held his man to little or nothing as usual. As a defensive guard. Parker was the superior of all guards of tie season. As captain of the team, Carlson was a leader in respect to eliminating everything that would deteriorate from the success of the team. Let us go after the basketball championship for 1910-11. 2 ITHE TRACK TEAM THE FKESHMAN CLASS 27T H K SHU IJ — A 13 V K U T I S I N C« SUCTION FURNITURE RUGS CARPETS DRAPERIES WINDOW SHADES PICTURES PICTURE FRAMING THRELKELD’S Onii ooppchnoll r. 4. piichsin DRS. COPPERNOLL . PETERSEN OSTEOPATHS PHONES: RES. 23: OFFICE 43 RUMERBLOCK ALLIANCE - NEBRASKA DIERKS LUMBER CO A LCOMPANY ALL KINDS LUMBER COAL PHONE 22 D. WATERS, MGR. J OUR PRICES ARE THE LOWEST GRAND RESTAURANT TOM TUCK. Prop. THERE MUST BE A REASON WHY THE GRAND IS THE MOST POPULAR PLACE IN TOWN. QUALITY OF FOOD. RIGHT COOKING, PROMPT SERVICE, FAIR PRICES-THAT’S WHY IT’S SUCH A PLEASURE TO EAT AT THE GRAND SHOES THAT’S ALL ALLIANCE SHOE STORE PATRONIZE JOE THE SODA MAN AT BRENNAN'S 28THE 8F»UU — ADVHRT-I6INO 6EOTION i ;------------------- —I WE HAVE BUYERS for city property in Alliance. Want several houses well located. What have you? TELL YOUR FATHER that his money will be safelv invested if he has it in Alliance property. Our large list includes many desirable city lots. BRING YOUR FRIENDS to see the prize exhibits from the county fair at our office. We have an interesting collection of Box Butte County products which we invite you to examine. PHILLIPS = THOMAS LAND COMPANY ----4 'I • At Mol!rink s3r Meet me at Mollring's in the Ladies' Rest Room TAILORED SUITS REDUCED Special offer at $17 $22 50 and $28 During the past week we have received an immense stock of new apparel for inid-summer wear, and in order to have adequate room for its proper showing it is necessary to give over a large portion of the tailored section for that purpose. To make this possible we will close out some 82 tailored suits, offering them at very special reductions, values that will bring quick response. We have rrranged them in three collections at 417.50, $22 50 and $28. In each lot will be found the season's most attractive models in the fashionable materials and colors. Just received, an elegant line Silk Waists and Dress Skirts Please call and see them We have Ladies’, Misses' and Children’s SHOES and OXFORDS in all Styles, Sizes and Prices Respectfully, A. MOLLRING

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