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Allentown Preparatory School - Alprescho Yearbook (Allentown, PA) online yearbook collection, 1938 Edition, Cover

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:- 5- XL Y. r R. .ll ,l' x .A 1 , . , , K X Q 3221! i?ir K X l JPLZ5 THE 1938 ALPRESFHO ALLENTOWN PV EPARATORY SCHOO O O ,Z X ' 0 J 'A' Cr THE J I X , 4L,l,fVx.TUVx!f. iflil r ,. ARTHUR WRIGHT E m5 'v ge 'I' 'Q' 'ff Eximzfr-11-CNN GORDON PAYROW 1938 ALPRESCHO MKQO ALLENTOWN PREPARATORY SCHOOL 51 OLL' ' 1 , A . A 4 ak 7' ir if .F if ir V i . 748 "7 1 A fmmn 1 We brnng to a close another year In the hlstory of dear old Prep Surely the group of l937 38 have left thelr Impress and contributions to the ever growing standards of Allentown Preparatory School Subjects and study, the essential elements of school, become an unterestnng part of our absorbing person alltues The frnendshup and events of school llfe become the reminiscences of the future Together let us not forget We congratulate the sensors We hope to welcome again for next year those who shall look forward to their graduatuon Al though flguratlvely speakung A P S may mean "a perfect school," we shall forever strive to make It a reality May Cod bless each of you and keep wlthln us all an abldung affection Preparatory yours, LOUIS F. HACKEMANN DEDICATICDIXI To honor a loyal supporter REV A CHARLES R KEITER D D The :nt rest he has already lent In the Interest of school spnrut and development wnll create perpetual momentum l-lls broad vnsuon sound ludgm nt and wullnngness to s rve have Deen profutable assets ir if af if af if if if 1 if +1 if CONTENTS BOOK I BOOKII OlQC3A.N IZIPXTI O N S BOOKII AA H L E'TI C S ik BOOKIV A D V'E R'T IS EPM E NIT'S ik T H E S C PiCJC7L if ik I T THE 'SCHCDOL 'A' uk 'A' BOOK I 'A' 'lr 'k 'A' 'k 'A' 'k 1938 ALPRESCHO Tradntuon and the present umte to form vnslons of a future A year closed adds another page tothe volume of the school Time will make more dear the joys we shared together 1938 ALPRESCHO Nature and man have combined together to teach youth and mspnre the adolescent mmd From thus campus lead the path ways of lute ,N ' .H K , ,B ' - k . m r fr -ff, t 1938 ALPRESCHO ADMINISTRATICDN AND FACULTY LOU IS F HACKEMANN Head Maste Iuhl C revk in College of Cha lesto o u b a U st A M IP ompletedb Un e s ty of Ch cago Amer ca Academy n Ro ta IIOI Y f 'L V 4 'r. 7 . lil lv L Q- r n, A.B. ,V Q ,A ,V - V C I ' ' e ' y, . . h.D. o k - ' ' e I l l938 ALPRESCHCD FACULTY PAUL H HERZOC Secretary of Faculty Director of .lunlor School ll I ll fl! sl HI Muhlenberg College B S K ystone State Normal School Penn State College PAUL J CEBERT As I tant Head Master Hlslorx Muhlenberg Colleg A B University of Pennsylvanla EDWIN C ARNER Director of Student Atfmrs X ul u mulu Muhlenberg College A B Frm ln. Civ: ' l .w"'u'v ee N . I l I '-s uw l938 ALPRESCHO FACULTY RAYMOND L WALLER Academuc Adv sor LIIJFCITICUI I' IIQIISII SPGIUSII Muhlenberg College Ph B Umverslfy of Pennsylvania A M Columbia Unlverslty Lehngh Umversaty MARCUERITE H ROGERS Business Subjects Mt Holyoke College AB Columbia Un verssty A M C WOODROW De LAWTER Dean of Students qoclal Studies EIIQISII Public' Spealelng Moravian Seminary Columbla Unnversnty Lehigh Umvers ty 2 ' a X . ' A .I , u Lenoir Rhyne College, A.B. , , i . , . . 'Aff If I 1938 ALPRESCHCD FACULTY JOHN N COODRI DCE fulm C erman Lug :sh e ford College A B Columb a Un e s ty U vers ty of Munich HARVEY ROSWELL RUSSELL Sll!llf0S Yae Un ersty BA MS U31 KENNETH L STI LLEY Coach am Darorlor o P xsrml Erlucahon Notre Dame U s ty B S , '. I ,: l' Havr , .. i ivri ,A.M. ni i A I IV 1, .., .. 3 niveri , .. l938 ALPRESCHCD FACULTY WINFIELD S HARRY Dire: lor 0 umor All: elim Temple Un ers 'ry B S FRANK M WEITZENHOFFER A B RIIYIGCIIUI Fnqllsh Assrslanl Duron for 0 Recrealron Te ple Un ers ty AB C ad ate School Teachers College Temple Un vers ty Muhlenberg College U41 CHARLES A CRUBER qclences Maihematlvs West Ch ste State Teachers Col lege B S e , Q. '5 . Y I I . I . L iv i , ., 'll' MW 3 Y . i I I . rn lV i , , . r u , , i l MRS ANNA HACKEMANN Sclnoo Hoslvss 1938 ALPRESCHO FACULTY MRS S KNERR IRIOUSC NIflfl'0ll lllll X I' HENRY R STERMER :uno Urqan our C00 bs Conse ato y of Musc X ' 4 lxvusv ff I Y P' . K m rv r i Y 0 U51 l938 ALPRESCHO ASSISTANTS MRS R L MAPPUS SKKIOJUIX lx Hun Alaslfr Hughes Busnness School JOHN W NOBLE SCIIOOI IJIIXSICKHI Muhlenberg College A B Unnversnty of Pennsylvania M D JOSEPH T HUMMEL 81,100 Denhsl Muhlenberg College B S Unuversnty of Pennsylvanna D DS REV W C SCHAEFFER S IIOO C ,IGP lllll Newberry College AB AM DD Unlversltres of Lelpslc and Berlin Southern Theologucal Semnnary BOARD OF TRUSTEES EXECUTIVE COMMITTEE OF BOARD OF TRUSTEES Reuben J Butz Chairman George B Balmer Levermg Tyson Robert B Klotz Presld nt of Muhlenberg College Peter S Trumbower Howard S Selp George K Mosser Wullnam A Hausman Oscar F Bernh m Oliver N Clauss Secretary and Treasurer ADVISORY COMMITTEE Rev A Charles R Keller DD Chairman Rev C Harold Kvnard DD Mr Howard L Kexper U61 6 1 ,l A, , C 1 '- fc' I J I ' Dr. . , ' Mr. . Dr. ' Dr. . ' 2 Mr. . Dr. . ' Mr. . Dr. ' ' . Mr. . en Mr, ' . SENICDR GRADUATES 8 SCO l938 ALPRESCHG SENIOR HISTORY nomuc endeavor we look back upon the receding school year Frvends and con tacts made here wrll become secondary as we associate wzth new personalltnes Throughout our college days at wall be our asm to project into a wider sphere the knowledge we have been accumu latung We can none of us be perfect but all can enrlch the future by the expernence of the past We are greatly indebted to Allen town Preparatory for the vlctorles and happy moments of good fellowshlp rn the class room and on the athletnc field lt ns not the remembrance of long hard hours of study and the days of dns couragement but the pleasure of these reflectnons enjoyed more than ever as graduatnon becomes a reality Naturally because of our numbers our Influence was greater than that of other classes To many of us who have occupued unchallenged posutuons the recessnon to the Freshman restrnctuons wnll be very duffncult Our graduatlon wall be somewhat dnfferent from the prevsous ones The exercises wlll be held on the campus In front of the bulldlng lvlr Edwin Amer has been endeavorung to nmpress us wnth the seriousness of It and he has generously glven us of hrs time and knowledge To many of us graduatton wlll be an exercuse wuth whnch we are more or less famuluar Wuth gratntude for our parents teachers and school we mount another step Our farewell ns touched wnth re morse but we all feel that tuture oc casuons wall unute us 1938 ALPRESC!-I0 STUDENT FRCDLIC ,HH-f Q19 I938 ALPRESCI-IO SEIXIIGR OFFICERS JAMES FORD President ARTHUR WRIGHT Vice President ecre ar - reasurer E201 CAROLINE BLACK S t y T l938 ALPRESCI-lO GEORGE R ALEXANDER LARCHMONT NEW YORK College Preparalorj Alex has been talklng all year about the farm he us gonng to operate this summer With thxs conversatuon he keeps the south end of the dormntory well mformed on the current agrlcultural yneld In more energetuc moments he has played football and baseball Debatung and dra matlc work together wxth an :nterest In scuence round out a full program He has been aldsng wnth the year book beatlng the drums un the orchestra to the delnght of the Jumors and lendung hls vonce to the productnons of the Glee Club GEORGE lvl BARBA EMAUS PENNSYLVANIA College Prepamtorj Jay as this dapper young man IS frequently called IS 'nember of the Alprescho staff and played the clannet In the orchestra After graduatlon he expects to enter Muhlenberg where hrs father as a teacher The chem lstry class he reports IS the only thnng he dzsllkes HAROLD BATY PH ILLIPSBURG NEW JERSEY General The saxophonust of the school orchestra halls from P Burg Thus may account for hus fruend Phoebe Hal clanms to dlslnke drnvmg to school every morning but we wager he enjoys drxvung wnth a certain someone lt ns remarkable how fast he leaves school on some eve nnngs Besldes the orchestra he has lorned the sclence c ub E211 one of the more reticent type. At A. P. S. he was a l .I V938 ALPRESCHO CAROLINE BLACK ALLENTOWN PENNSYLVANIA Colle ge P1 eparalmt The preparatory school has been fortunate ln havrng Mlss Black break the monotony of the school routine Burger and Alexander have trred to elxmunate competn tron She has rendered the school good servrce rn the dramatic club Recently we have seen her swlngrng a golf club Contrnued rnqurnes have recerved no defunrte answer concerning college We wonder VICTOR H BRANCATI PLAINEIELD NEW JERSEY College Pfepamfnu If you have lost a deck of cards Vuc rnnght be lust the one that has borrowed them Srnce the close of the J V football season he has been teachrng the boys rn the dormltory a thrng or two He has a love for frctron and the cnagazlne publlcatlons seern to have a greater appeal makrng the necessary deductions for hrs roommate Alex ander we fund there IS much to lrke In hrs genral mlen He belongs to the Clee Club and Scrence Club JOHN L BURKHARDT BETHLEHEM PENNSYLVANIA General The relrable tackle of the football team has been play :ng football for many years He rs by no means prelu duced to thus sport he also rndulges rn tennls shooting and huklng John has not fully declded on hrs lrfe s work but he favors mechanrcal engmeerrng or forestry It as lnkely that he wnll enter Rutgers Unlverslty Durung th past year he has served on the football team debatung squad and Clee Club We all hoped to see you at the senror farewell l22l than the text book. After enumerating all his faults and l938 ALPRESCI-IO ALLAN L CAMPBELL HACKENSACK NEW JERSEY Cflleyge Pre 11 IIII1 Three ye rs ago Allan came to Allentown Smce has first month he has been engravung nn the tradmons of the school has partncular nuche Last year he was elected a member of the Natlonal Honor Socuety Thus year he has been responsnble for all the year book photography He plans to go to the Unnversuty of Vurgunla next year He played on the J V football team LOUIS P CAPPOLA BERNARDSVILLE NEW JERSEY Gezzefal Capple ns a dumunutnve fellow but a mxghty football player who gave good account of humself durmg the past season wnth hls puntnng and snarmg of the opponents passes He tells us that he played on hns hugh school football team for two vears and was a member of the track team for three years To these athletlc qualmes he adds an Interest un the C-lee Club NICHOLAS CAPUTO NEW YORK NEW YORK Cnllege Pre 1111079 'Xluck ns a llkeable ltallan boy who has made a host of fruends at A P S When studlous he turns an some flne class work One ns usually able to fund htm knddung Munoz or tradung pugullstuc punches wlth any degrrabl candudate He clarms that he dxslnkes only Croenvelds practucal jokes After conslderable thought he has de cuded to take englneenng at Alabama Unnverslty l23l I' 'fhkl' a D. ., l l l l . . . . . . ' . ' . . . , , , 2 l938 ALPRESCHO LLEWELYN J DAICNEAULT BENN INCITON VERMONT Gezzeml Few If any have learned to pronounce that flrst name It ns much easter to call hum Lew Athletucally he has manntamed an excellent record In football basketball and baseball he was the man to watch Colgate has the assurance of addvtlonal vnctorres when he adds has name to the lust In many cases he played ball dlsregardung prevuous mgurues ROBERT C DAVIS SOMERVILLE NEW JERSEY College Pzepamlmy Bob rs a quiet unassummg mdlvndual who takes a great delnght un playlng the accordron He was also rather profncuent as a football player and saw plenty of service wnth Coach Harry at the guard posntnon The deslre to become a champlon sasl boat racer seem to domnnate hxs whole benng As a side occupation Bob hopes to become an electrical engnneer and specualnze nn anr condntnonmg and refrlgeratlon In hrs two years at Allentown he has been a partucupant un J V football and orchestra WILLIAM Del CARIVIEN NlcARAcuA CENTRAL AMERICA Colle ge P1 epm afmy Although we all call hum Wally he prefers to be known as Flash He has had the good fortune In excellnng an all sports In which he trles has hand This IS his fourth year at the school and he antxcupates upon graduatnon to return to hzs home He has been a consistent per former on the J V football team In varsity basketball bas ball and tennus l24J . . , A Y. . , e '. l938 ALPRESCHO WALTER FANOK WHIPPANY NEW JERSEY Gene: xl Sunce he spends most of has week ends at home he IS not much nn evldence Although has sectuon of the dorm: tory supplnes the nolse he has no part ln lt One glance n has room wlll fund htm at work at has desk Durang the scarlet fever quarantune we were all closely follow :ng hus case EDWARD J FLANAGAN ALTOONA PENNSYLVANIA General The lrlsh wlll have thelr day Flanagan alms to study at Muhlenberg From hes conversation we are led to belreve that the college wlll have no more football wornes lt IS Flanagan and probably the Pennsylvanna Rallroad that played on the baseball team and batted cans around the campus JAMES FORD BINGHAMTON NEW YORK C 211,42 Prepzr ztfnl Jlm holds a long dustance record as a stellar footoal player at A P S He played center and tackle on the varsity squads for the last four years Notre Dame max be slnglng has fame wnthun a few years The football fleld has not claimed all hrs tame and he has served caoablv the exalted posntnon of class presndent We are sure that 'we wnll tackle lufe s problems wath the same pun h that he used on the football opponents E221 .L have served to make Altoona so well known. He has ', fur - D 'V - i938 ALPRESCHO GEORGE S FOX BETHLEHEM PENNSYLVANIA Cnlleqe P1 epai :mu Fox has been a consistent worker throughout the school year Graduation will find him near th head of the lass He has played on the J V football team and blown the saxophon in the school band Since he lives with n the shadow of Lehigh he has always looked for ward to attending th s institution FRANK C GIBSON FREEHOLD NEW JERSEY College Pfepmafmg Frank more familiarly known to h s fellow stud nts as Gus hails from historic Monmouth Having played on the J V football and baseb ll teams he has b en able to display a good brand of ball His chief failing seems to b a love of sleep To all appearances h likes to live a life of ease Even the teachers regard the incerity with which he strives to achieve as legitimate HENRY GROENVELD LONG ISLAND, NEW YORK College Prepar.1tm',1 Bob is one of the b-tter known boys around the town. As a lady s man he has proved the envy of the campus. His success has b en the result of his dancing ability. He played on the J. V. basketball team to the applause of a packed gallery. Butts hopes to become a capitalist and believes that he can achieve his objective more readily by enrolling in North Carolina University. He has given the Glee Club and Chapel Choir a part of his time. l26l l938 ALPRESCHO RAYMOND W HARC-ER WEATHERLY PENNSYLVANIA College P1 epamfmj Ray as well llked by hrs fellow students who a e stlll trymg to locate Weatherly He loves to das uss ver bosely anything and everythlng ln th near future Ray hopes to secure a lucrative posltuon wath some reputable farm as a bookkeeper Mass Rogers nnforrns the writer that there rs non better LOUIS P HERLINC-ER JR BETHLEHEM PENNSYLVANIA Cnlfeyge P1 epalatmj Thus gentleman IS a product of Liberty Hugh School Louns IS strlctly a busxness man and as such had charge of procurmg the school emblems He has selected your nalusm for hls lntes work but he has not determlned at whnch college he wnll matnculate As a hobby Lou saves pnctares and memos Whale at Allentown he was affulnated wlth the C'ee Club and Chapel Choir ETHEL M HETKO BETHLEHEM PENNSYLVANIA College Pfepn llwt Hetty us a nlght supervusor at St Lukes Hospvral She has been the chief contnbutor to the treasury of knowl edge Because of her studuous nature we predvct that her academnc achievements wnll be rapud We regret that the more rngud enforcement of Pennsylvanla speed laws has necessrtated a reductnon tn her cruusnnrf speed l27l Y ' lf' - . c . ,. 9 ' e . . , . , , . .. . .I . Apls Q . U . l938 ALPRESCI-lO ROBERT HERTZOC ALLENTOWN PENNSYLVAN lA G eller al Good good sand Hertzue The halls wall seem empty wrthout these cheery words whuch were so frequently uttered by the strong boy of A P S Because of hus huge proportlons Bob us easnly dlscernlble At the dances however the gurls surround hum Among hls preferences are football dancnng and dates After graduatlon Hertzue will travel to the coast wrth Alabama Allentown will lose a relnable date bureau and the sclence club vvnll be compelled to look elsewhere for posters JAMES S HILLICK FULTON NEW YORK College Prepamtolj Sherry has high hopes of entenng Oxford Unuverslty later take over hls fathers posltlon as a barrister One thlng whuch he dusllkes ns a roommate who IS contnnuallv borrowing his clothes On the slde Sherry has a strong urge for sophlstucated women He played varsxty football and baseball and J V basketball BERNARD E HOFFNER BETHLEHEM PENNSYLVANIA College P1 epamiovj Bernue a studuous fellow ns one of the srlent members of the graduatlng class l-le hopes to take chemrcal en gneerung at Lehlgh durung the comlng school year For relaxation Bernue lakes to draw and flsh l-le played J V football and basketball but his claim to fame wlll rest upon has scholastxc achlevement l25l where he intends to study the intricacies of law and V938 ALPRESCHO ARTHUR JACOBS BINCHAMTON NEW YORK Cflfege Prep za :maj Untal Connell came Jake held the crown for sleepers He played wath the football team the varsaty basketball team and the thard floor rowdaes He tells us that at the end of the year af he passes everythang he wall have enough credats for Georgetown Umversaty Durang the wanter months at was a clerk at Hess Bros who receaved has attentaora but now he as constantly talkang about the roads whach he antends to buald thas summer EDWARD C JUDD ALLENTOWN PENNSYLVANIA C0114 ge Pa epnaaloay Eddae as one of the most popular members of the senaor class Has aovaal dasposataon and has outstandang abalaty as a halfback have made everyone love and admare ham Several colleges have requested has servaces for the com ang football season To date our fraend has not made a defanate decasaon R gardless of has selectaon some stu dent body wall receave a valuable newcomer Durang the last year he has played football debated and sung wath tne Clee Club PETER KOROMITZ ALLENTOWN PENNSYLVANIA College Pa eprza lima A quaet non talkatave fellow as Klotz He as a natav product of the local school system He as a man who has a yearnang for the wade open spaces where he can hake to has hearts content Durang the past s asor- Klotz played guard on the J V football team After graduataon he antacapates enterarag Lehagh to study enganeerang l29l l938 ALPRESCI-IO RICHARD C MCCARTHY BETHLEHEM PENNSYLVANIA General Rrp rs a busrness man Durrng hrs stay wrth us he has held several rmportar'-t posrtrons He rs able to lrst rn thas group J V football debatrng Glee Club and Student Socral Commrttee As a member of the Alprescho staff he has contrrbuted greatly to the rncome by hrs sales abrlrty Drrvrng a car huntrng and swrmmrng are re creatrons For hrs lrfes work Rrp has chosen Busrness Admrnrstratron and plans to enter Lehrgh next fall In the meantrme he wrll devote hrs trme to electrrcal con tractrng LAZARO L MUNOZ HABANA CUBA Cfillllllwtldf The Bull of the Carrbbean rs an approprrate trtle for thus muscular grant Durrng hrs stay rn Allentown he has made fnends who wrll laud the physrcal prowess of the Bull long after he has gone He hasn t fully decrded on hrs lrfe s work but he does expect to enter Cauddle College Laz loves to box and swrm and as a hobby he has an unusual collectron of sharks teeth JOHN R MUCHA AMBRIDGE PENNSYLVANIA General John halls from the southwestern part of Perrnsylvanra He rs a peculrar fellow who has the unrque abrlrty of hrs mrnd rs constantly rn the arr He rs not hrgh hattrng hrs classmates but merely rllustratrng hrs rnterest rn avra tron Hrs one ambrtron rn lrfe besrdes cuttrng harr rs to become an aeronautrcal engrneer a second Qrkorsky Football and the scrence club have b en hrs school dr versrons E301 elongating himself. His feet may be on the ground, but l938 ALPRESCHO RICHARD F NELLE BEAVER FALLS PENNSYLVANIA Coflege Preparalory Buck has been tryung to work chemlstry problems for the year Finally It appears that the molar method as taking root Last fall the football team found Buck to be a good center When the sprung came he took over the recelvmg posrtron on the baseball team Wuthnn th last few months the boys have all been saymg that some motherly unduvrdual must have spoken wuth hum GORDON H PAYROW BETHLEHEM PENNSYLVANIA Gezzeml Cordle has had years of experlence In the commercnal world There ns nothvng as broadenang as a flllnng station football team but the summer season funds ham agam at the pump He has trled Valrantly as business manager to keep the year book out of the red Untnl the call of the sprung came he served the debatlng team JOSEPH E PODANY HAZELTON PENNSYLVANIA Gene: zf Joey has found the lure of the dramond and the grndnron rnterestnng fnelds for has talents He plans to continue In athletnc endeavor upon graduation from college We do hope that he coaches successful teams ln the dun :ng room Joey has been a very amnable worker He takes has hobby of sports serlously The college pathway to glory we feel wall not be very dnffncult l3lJ operator. Last fall he spent his afternoons on the J. V. l938 ALPRESCHO JAMES F POUST ALBURTIS PENNSYLVANIA College Pre uuatozy Poust played guard on the varsuty football team for two seasons He has a duffucult tume wuth hus Englush but no one doubts hus skull wuth the l93O Model A Ford He us Interested un becomung an actuve member of the state Constabulary If thus proves to be umpossuble he untends to enroll un Muhlenberg and contunue hus vusuts to the Hugh School Sweet Shop Bud lukes to play sports but we thunk that he engoys the aftermath better JOSEPH A PRYZBLICK SHENANDOAH PENNSYLVANIA College Pu EIUNIKIIOIJ Joe decuded sometume ago that he was goung to Fordham Hus apparent purpos un Vusutung the Allentown Prepara tory School was to secure the necessary rest before em barkung on a rugorous college course of busuness admun ustratuon He was a de uded asset to the football team and the man to be feared as manager of the basketball team I JOHN E RAU ALLENTOWN PENNSYLVANIA College Pu epauafmj Jack had won for humself a football name at Allentown Hugh School before he came here He represents the rare combunatuon of an athlete who studues He has ranked at the top un all hus classes He spends hus spare moments prouectung motuon puctures Not content wuth earnung a luveluhood un thus fashuon he cultuvates the hobby of photography Next year he plans to enter Lehugh to study the mysterues of enguneerung l32J - u . , . . 0. - . , C. u l938 ALPRESCHO DAVI D R REHMEYER NEW FREEDOM PENNSYLVANIA College Preparalolj Dave us that trumpet man nn the band He us one of the best all around fellows of the school Whenever you want to learn of the latest theones nn physncs Dave as the man to see He IS a flne dresser and always looks neat after a shave One of hus famuluar phrases IS stocks and bor-ds He has been a member of the J V football team sclence club dramatic club and orchestra VINCENT ROCC-EVEEN NEW YORK NEW YORK College Pzepamtofj Roggy ns the only one on the debatmg team who can turn a debate unto a comedy For the past three years he has been convnncung the judges that hls snde of the proposutuon ns the only practical one He us smcere nn has effort to study Creek un English class Stooge hasnt cause of hus academlc actlvxtues After a year abroad he plans to enter Columbua Unlversuty and become a doctor Can you imagine? He has a very good collectlon of stamps whuch has forelgn frnends have helped hum to obtam JOHN W SCHMITTHENNER NEW RINCGOLD PENNSYLVANIA College Pxepamimy He longs for the tnme when he wall have the case of a doctor Extremely auduble arguments wnth Mr Good rndge and Mr Russell over homework makes one con clude that the legal professnon would be better Whutey expects to enter Muhlenberg an the fall He has en gaged nn J V football and basketball At the present h IS helpung the baseball team along Because of hns ob lectuve In Infe hrs nnterests have led hum to porn the sc: ence club l33l the time to spend much time in cleaning his room, be- l938 ALPRESCHO JAY O STRADLEY PENNS GROVE NEW JERSEY Gelzeml Jay ns the man about town From somewhere he has ac qunred a general fund of knowledge lt has been a puzzle to the student body that he lxkes hus Latln lt IS no sur prnse when we learn that football hus favorite sport came from the Romans At the present tlme he has been swnngrng a lacrosse stuck wnckedly about the campus M lTCH ELL P STROHL ALLENTOWN PENNSYLVANIA College Prepmalofy Admiral Strohl has been thmkung that he would luke to anchor hrs ship nn the U S Naval Academy For many y ars now he has been teachmg the begnnners the funda 'nentals of scouting He has a good ear however for debatung Mrckey has been working hard for the A' prescho dramatxc club and sclence club He as fond of swimming and the navy should afford hum the oppor tunaty to enjoy this Throughout the current year he has manntauned a very hugh academic standnng CHARLES B SWEIGARD BETHLEHEM PENNSYLVANIA ColIegL P1 epamlmj Charlne was a malnstay on the Prep football team He proved a very umportant cog to the basketball team Next year he vntends to wnn a berth on the athletuc teams of Georgetown Unnverslty Chunk and Traub spend rheur spare moments chasrng each other wlth a water bag We do hope that he IS able to catch hrs rude for the graduatnon exercuses E343 1 v l l 1 e . . - r n v - n - , - , . . . l938 ALPRESCHO LOUIS SZABO ALLENTOWN PENNSYLVANIA College P1 epamlmy Lou has determuned to follow engmeermg untnl he does succeed Hrs sux feet or more of henght and hrs physlcal agllrty have won for hum the pung pong champronshnp He played varsaty basketball and J V football He an tenos to enter the Boemg School of Aeronaut cs un Oak land Calnfornra He enloys frshnng and Mlss Rogers ty-pnng class SARAH ELIZABETH TAYLOR ALLENTOWN PENNSYLVANIA Cnfflmenlrzl Luz so I am told us the strong snlent type Rumor has at that she does a lot of ductatung to some young man Be sndes studylng shorthand and pounding the keys of a ber of the church chour She s a brllluant A stud nt Sunce she has a busuness posntnon the men of tomorrow mus look elsewhere for a stenographer JOHN L TYSON BETHLEHEM PENNSYLVANIA Cvfff. Pie Illlflll Jonn IS a very amlable fellow who has not had any trouble making frnends even though he as of the quret type Hts bass vorc makes hum an essentual tzxture on the Clee Club He also plays a good game of tennns From all undlcatlons he and Coyle must double freouen ly Ja k dusllkes chalk dust a chuldhood fear E351 . . - 5 . - typewriter, she has an interest in music. She is a mem- .. i V .. ,. e - . I . ,ge .L , . . n . . E . . . . . . t , t . I938 ALPRESCHO RICHARD L WENNER ALLENTOWN PENNSYLVANIA College Pr eparator y One of the frrst boys on the schools campus rs Duck He lrkes to watch the gurls closely Hrs hobbres are model arrcraft burldlng woodcraft and campung He expects to prepare hlmself for the busrness world at Muhlen berg He rs full of the latest developments rn avratron Much of rt rs really unpublished maternal He IS a mem ber of the Clee Club and asslsted Mr Stulley wrth the football team lmanagerl CLIFFORD O WILSON JR SOMERVILLE NEW JERSEY General Clrff has been tryrng to persuade the school that a parallel bar was the one thrng necessary to complete 'ns educatlon He has dnsplayed has dependabrlrty wrth the J V football team and the varsrty baseball team In the former case he was able to play rn all but one quarter In baseball he proved to be a good manager He plays In the orchestra whrch affords hrm hrs sole opportunrty to be quiet WALTER W WILSON BETHLEHEM PENNSYLVANIA College Pr eparatorj A prrvate school rs an old story to hrm after Moravran and Blarr He rs labelled the most talkatrve fellow rn the school W W has been able to keep ahead of the pack an hrs school work and hrs radro Interest Accord ng to W W he can frx any radro that rs manufactured After suppos d years of drrvung fellow students are strll eager that he learn the necessary essentials Governor Earle has not had any Influence on hrm. l36J l938 ALPRESCHO ARTHUR WRIGHT ATLANTIC CITY NEW JERSEY General Well fellas heres the story That IS the way OttIe greets hIs frIends He always has a good word for every body even hIs roommate He and Monk may put on an act of fIghtIng but there are no more loyal fnends than thes two OttIe played quarterback on the J V foot ball team forward on the varslty basketball squad and second base wIth the baseball team Prospects are that he wIll be able to go to LehIgh IrI the f ll and thus ful fIll an ambItIon Durlng the past year h has worked very hard In edItIng the yearbook Now h lS servIng as vIce presIdent of the senuor class Speclal Students SUMNER F BOSSLER BETHLEHEM PENNSYLVANIA Cerll male I love to fsh forms the sentence summary of the Bethlehem conversatIonalIst When he has fInI hed a fISh story we marvel at hIs Imaglnatlon and vIvId sense of descrIptIon He was a member of t e debatlng team Next year he plans to enter Gettysburg from whence he hopes eventually to enter the clergy Personally we belIeve that the Hood wIll fall upon hIm before many college moons are passed Sonny we hope your domestIc lrfe IS happy FRANCIS J CONNELL BETHLEHEM PENNSYLVANIA Certr rule wIll probably leave for LehIgh He PAUL DOUCHER LEHICHTON PENNSYLVANIA Cerfz tale ALBERTJ NACRELLI MARCUS HOOK PENNSYLVANIA Certr rate laI lf you see a student sleepIng In class It IS a safe bet to say that It IS FrancIs J The only thlng that has beeen able to lIft hum from hIs slumbers IS the baseball team He permlts no one to tamper wIth smIle a necessIty IH hIs fathers busIness He debated too but the ODDCSIYS sex seemed to unnerve hIm He came here from BlaIr and ms that he IS Iookmg for an easy IIfe ahead He IS one of the few members of the tenms team able to wrn the malorrty of the games played Schealer seems to have been unable to Influence hIm In any way Dougher IS the qulet type that causes the admlnlstratlon no trouble He glV9S every IndIcatIorI of exe ted effort In study Next year he IS startmg at the UnIversIty of Pennsylvanla Chuck has only been wIth us SINCE the begInnIng of the second semester but Irnmedlately upon hIs arrIvaI he endeared hlmself to everyone HIs nImble feet gennal face and ready humor are always In evldence ThIs fellow has only one faIlIng the dotmg on uvlne women and song Chuck IS plannmg to enter St Johns College Annapolrs Maryland Here he plans to enroll In the scIence depart ment He has taken a decnded Interest In the school scIence club C We ss and Werley have been C.OnfInUIng theIr attempt to prove the alphabetlcal method of seatmg students IS not always the best one ALLENTOWN PENNSYl-VANlA Ff6CluentlY one can see hIm slIp Into a car and rIde off the campus C er fr vale for a lIttle relaxalron Local busmess may be callmg hIm , , n ' - . . . . . a l - . . . I , 9 . , . D . , .. i .. I first base. He has a fine personahty and can always be seen with a 37 IQ38 ALPRESCI-IO Lule Beguns At Forty Luttle suspectung what was happenung I p e pared to close the offuce for the evenung My staff had all departed several hours before and I was eager to get home to celebrate my burthday wuth my wufe and famuly Suddenly I heard the elevator stop and a nousy rabble step off In a moment the door to my offuce flew open as though ut had not been locked Dumb founded at thus effrontery I prepared to call the poluce when I recognuzed the facual ex pressuon of my vusutors Although dusguused by a moustache and slnghtly affected by age I was able to see the unmustakable profule of Robert Herzog who had recently been elected chuef of poluce It had taken Ford and Flana gan to swung the vote of the Irush but he got a large mauoruty I was glad to learn that the group had remembered the celebratuon we had twenty years ago un Allentown We had to waut untul eleven oclock before Mr Gruber went to bed Thungs were progressung very well when Mr Stulley spouled the thung at one o clock When he came un the room twelve of the twenty four were able to get under the beds fuve more hud un each closet and two were caught and sent to theur rooms Shortly after thus ut was possuble for us to you remember came un from a date Funally about four the party broke up The next morn ang we mussed our furst three classes I was able to get Dr Hackemann to excuse mune but the other boys had to go to Mr Cebert who would not guve an unch That certaunly was one nught I no sooner had funushed my trend of thought on thus event when Pryzbluck started to nar rate an uncudent that happened before the dus cuplune commuttee It seems luke Mr Harry had reported Hulluck for Ieavung campus wuth more than ten d meruts The commuttee as usual was tryung to fund where Hulluck had been Mr Russell was wrutung down everythung that was saud For a whule ut looked as uf Hulluck mught be campused for several weeks but the crowd kept the same story and nothung more was heard of ut Nelle who had recently marrued a wealthy wudow now began to tell about the Valley Forge football game Those cadets were really mad when they came to the dressung room at the end of the game We thought for a whule that we mught have to fught ut over agaun Mucha and Daugneault had wauted for the fullback but that wasnt any reason why l38I they were after the whole team Suddenly a nouse from the street attracted our attentuon Upon rushung to the wundow we saw a car bearung Admural Strohl comung p the maun thoroughfare and stoppnng un front of my buuldung lmagune our astonushment when hus chauffeur Cus Cubson escorted hum to the door and then went back to the car for some packages Thus was really turnung unto a real party Strohl came and began to tease Rau about hus gurl fruend He had met her when a student un the Allentown Hugh School After all those years No agreement had been reached yet but many people say they are engaged I was lookung un my desk for a bottle opener for the gunger ale when I came across a pack age that h d come un the maul I tore off the cover and I found a book wuth an attractuve cover entutled Faury Tales of the Hellenes Wuthout goung any farther I concluded that Roggeveen had been doung some more trans latuon Close by I found the opener We began to swap storues Some of them are not worth tellung but the one told about Stolle and Shurley Temple and another about Sweugard and hus steruluzung process are worth mentuon I suggested to the group that we leave the offuce before my busuness reputatuon was ruuned Nacrelle suggested the Szabo Inn It happened that thus was the nught for the orchestra We retured to thus establushment It was fortunate that we were not unterested un musuc for the drummer was worse than Alexander had ever been By thus tume I had a thorough headache and I fauntly recalled that my wufe was wautung for me to come home On my way home I stopped by the Fox Pharmacy for some Bromo Seltzer Here I ran unto Doc Rehmeyer who told me that a former classmate of mune had uust dued Connell had the funeral Wuth the shades of musfortune fallung over me I decuded to has ten home As I came up the walk I heard vouces Black Hetko and Taylor had come to pay my wufe a vusut I quuckly turned my back and told my druver to take me to the hotel for the nught As I was sugnurug the reguster I notuced two precedung Sugnatures of Barba and Bossler The latter I had read un the newspaper had re cently been made presudent of Hood College The former was sellung stocks and bonds Fear ung the unabuluty to turn a fruend down I hurrued to my room and locked the door , . , r - Q v . Q . . . . . U Y ' i , A a 1 ' . . . , . .. . ., continue. About three o'clock Angel and Poust, ing. , , 3 . , . ' I I I I I I - SCO UIXIDERCLASSMEIXI 1938 ALPRESCHO As a group of underclassmen we represent a rather versatile Inst A casual sur vey at the actlvltles of the school wall reveal that we partlcapate In many of them After all at must not be forgotten that one thlrd of the woman power In the field ot scholarship we have Rodney Arner and Carollne Ferguson We expect great thungs of Le bensperger on the athletnc freld Shsffler and Stolte are developing to a pomt of great utulnty E401 of the school rests in our group. AFFLERBACH MARGARET Allentown Pa BAARSLAG ANTON Larchmont N BECK ROBERT Allentown Pa BOHRER ROBERT Allentown Pa CONNELL FRANCIS Bethlehem Pa COYLE DAVID New York Cnty N Y ECHMENDIA ANGEL Cnego cl Avnla Cuba FERGUSON CAROLINE Allentown Pa HAMSLEY CHARLES Brooklyn N Y ARNER EDWIN JR Allentown Pa ARNER RODNEY Allentown Pa BACHMAN DAVID Allentown Pa BARBA WILLIAM BURGER GEORGE Allentown Pa DeHAVEN HAROLD Santnago Chnle BABCOCK ROBERT Sunnysnde Lonv ls and BELTROM RAFAEL Guantanamo Cuba CASEY CAMPBELL New York Cnty N Y CUELLAR LOUIS Colombna South Amerc DAVIS JAMES New York Cnty N Y HARNED RALF Allentown Pa HILL JOSEPH Allentown Pa HOPKINS ARTHUR N w York Cnty N LONG GWENDOLYN Allentown P LYTLE DOUGLAS Mt Vernon N Y I938 ALPRESCI-IO JUNIORS LICKER EDWARD Paterson N J LEIBENSPERGER RAYWOOD Allentown Pa MCCARTHY DANIEL Bethlehem Pa SCHIFFLER EDWARD Yeadon Pa SMYTHE LAWRENCE Allentown P STOLTE JOHN Bangor Pa STONEBACK LESTER Telford Pa WEISS JULIUS Allentown P WILLIAMS NORMAN Sanquont N Y SOPHOIVIORES GERY NATHAN Allentown P KEIPER WARD Stroudsburg P LAWSBURG ARNOLD Easton P MACIAS MANUEL PARMET WILLIAM Allentown P STEWART HAROLD Allentown P FRESHMEN MALE EDWARD Allentown P MCFARLAND HORACE Rossnter Pa MEISELS LEON New York Cnty N Y MENDEZ PEDRO Venezuela South Am r PALIVE IRWIN Phnladelphna P SCI-IEALER ROBERT Sanatoga Pa STEVENS GEORGE Phnladelphna P TRAUB RICHARD Allentown P VITRONE GUIDO Phnladelphna P I-III . . . . , , Y, , . . . . , . - . 3' A B , . , a. , . , a. , . , . , a. , . , a. Emaugi Pa, COIOFTTDIB, South AVYWEVICS ' , a. ' ' , a. , O I , a. . n -3 , 3 :Ca . . . , a . - ' ' , a. 9 , Y. , a. ' u . 8. ' ' , a. I938 ALPRESCHO Jumor Department BOHRER AGNES Allentown Pa CALBY JOSEPH Phuladelphua P COHN ADOLPH Jamaica Long Island DUCKETI' F J Allentown Pa JAMES PALMER Allentown Pa JESKE JOHN KERNS THOMAS Allentown Pa KRAUSE RALPH Bronx N Y LOWES RUSSEL New York ofy N Y MAPPUS RUDOLPH Allentown Pa Graduates MAYER WILLIAM Ph.ladeIph.a P MCGRATH FRANCIS Jamauca N Y MEADE KERMIT Wllluamsport Pa MYERS C:ORCE Allentown P SANFORD R Utuca N Y STRICKLER WILLIAM TOY LEONARD Phnladelplma P TYSON DAVID Phnladelphua P VICNERON DeFOREST Phllad lphla Pa WRIGHT PETER Augusta Ca l42l . . ' - ' , a. ' ' . a. ' , . . . , - 1 - - - F , , , a. . - . - . New York City, N. Y, Philadelphia, Pa. . , . . , a. 7 I . - - ' ' , a. ' 7 , . . ' e ' , . . . , . l938 ALPRESCHO Junror Graduates ADOLPH COHN Abe fell a vrctrm ofthe scarlet fever but he seems to possess strll hrs characterrstrc slowness He came last summer Srnce that trme he has been marntaunrng a hugh scholastrc mark RUDOLPH MAPPUS Mappus has trred to be the Junror ath lete The boys have doubts concernrng hrs abrlrty as a prtcher He has opened a mercantlle establushment tor the purpose of appeasrng small appetltes l43l PETER B WRIGHT JR There rs no place like the South One would not suspect that there were sharks that could be caught with a lasso but Pete rs wrllung to prove thrs to any skep trcal rndrvrdual . v 1 1938 ALPRESCHO Past Acquamtances i L-Nl . l ,UI EKU? WH! I 1 W-'iff '-wt ' A ,iff f - ...J 'R Q av r f 1 2 f , . Q G - 'fr ,: J . I--...-N t " A ,,-1 QRGAWZATIQNS 'k 'k 'I' 'I' Book I if 'k EDITORIAL STAFF l938 ALPRESCI-IO Alprescho Stall There as very luttle to be saud about the Alprescho staff that a duscernung reader can t glean from a perusal of thus publucatuon None of ut was easy work un fact as an unterested observer so aptly put ut we re just a bunch of beach combers the edutorual staff combs uts upper ex tremuty un search of new ways to present accounts of scholastuc actuvutues and the busuness staff combs the none too productuve beach of busuness for advertusements Thus latter very unpleasant task was capably handled thus year by Busuness Manager Gordon Payrow and staff One source of uncome for the book was elumunated when the school commussary operated by Mrs Hackemann went out of busuness We apprecuated Mrs Hackemanns generosuty and cooperatuon and were dnsappounted when she had to guve up thus actuvuty lespecually dusap pounted were the lads who had to go out and fund extra advertusementsl Arthur Wright handed un a fune performance as edutor but had the customary duffuculty un coercung his staff unto actuon lt became a sort of fad to pull a candud camera out your sleeve and appount yourself to the Photography Edutor s staff Thus however brought results of surprusungly good qualuty and con suderably lughtened one of the many loads whuch Photo Edutor Allan Campbell carrued Laurels to the Art department You deserve them, Monk Meusels Thus wruteup would not be complete wuthout some mentuon of the faculty commuttee whuch had the fate of thu Alprescho un uts hands To us uts members were a cross between a faury godmother and a guarduan angel Assocuate Edutors Davud Rehmeyer Carolune Ferguson Rodney Arner George Burger John Jeske Edutor un chuef Arthur Wright BUSINESS STAFF Assustants Randall Alexander Mutchell Strohl Busuness Manager Gordon Payrow FACULTY Mr John Goodrudge Photography Edutor Allan Campbell George Fox Ruchard McCarthy George Barba Mr G W DeLawter l46l ' 1 1 . , . . . . ' - .1 - n . . , . . , . , n . , . . . . - 1 - ' S . IQ38 ALPRESCI-IO Debafmg Club The debatmg for the past school year was lrmnted somewhat In nts scope by the recurrent vaca tnon perrods Although the range of actrvrty was not as varued as last year the qualuty of work done un speech events was far supertor The two questuons of Cham Store abolutron and practuc abrluty of unncameral legnslature were discussed The school partrcupated un two tournaments of the Natronal Forensuc League The tradntronal debate trnp was taken to Gettysburg Colleg During the early fall the school loxned the Lehlgh Valley Debate Leagu Dual debates were held rn the league wuth South Whrtehall Emaus Slatrngton and Bethlehem These were non declsnon contests whrch were followed by open forum dtscussron Post season dual debates were held wnth Gettysburg Hugh School and Gettysburg College In the N F L tournament the Prep debaters engaged In a total of nnneteen contests CHAIN STORE Afturmatuve Danrel McCarthy John Berkhardt Affrrmatave Sumner Bossler John Bermhardt Gordon Payrow Ruchard McCarthy Vmcent Roggeveen Lester Stoneback Lest r Stoneback Mrtchell Strohl UN ICAMERAL LEG I SLATU RE Damel McCarthy Ralf Harned George Burger Negative Vnncent Roggeveen EXTEMPORANEOUS SPEAKING ORIGINAL ORATORY HUMOROUS DECLAMATION F culty Advuser Mr G W DeLawter I 47 I Negatlve Davud Coyle Randall Alexander Francus Connell Mrtchell Strohl Harold Stewart Edward Judd FIrSI' Thlrd First Fnrst Place Place Place Mitchell Strohl ........ A '.'. A .'.., I ',l,' .l.'. '.'. .l.'.'.'. I .I ..... ,'.'.'.l , ' Place l938 ALPRESCHCD Natronal Honor Soclety To become a member of the Natrona! Honor Socretv rs perhaps the herght of ambttron for all Prep students who are seruous rn theur work Thus organuza tron rs a sort of secondary school Phu Beta Kappa the requrrements benng very srmnlar The mam of these are scholarshrp leadershvp servrce and char acter The candudates are chosen by a commrttee made up of faculty mem bers and we umagrne rt ts a dnffrcult task to select boys who possess all four lnclusron of a number of Junuors and Sophomores among the Natnonal Honor So rety students argues for the contnnuance next year of the lrvely competrtron whrch exrsted between such frrendly competrtors as Strohl and Rau rn thus year s Sensor Class Plans are now berng made for a banquet for the members ot thus socrety to take place near the end of the s hool year Wrth the scholastrc elrte of Prep present rt ought to be qurte a stately affarr we thrnk Robert Babcock Leon Mersels Rodney Arner Davrd Coy e Dr L F Ha kemann MEMBERS Lester Stoneback Carolnne Ferguson John Rau FACULTY Mr Raymond Waller Mr Edwin Arner l48J Mrtchell Strohl Qarah E Taylor Allan Campbell Vmcent Roggeveen Mr C W DeLawter of these requisites. F. . . l938 ALPRESCHO Orchestra Could this possnbly be the local bartenders conventlon un dISgUIS6p We werent quite sure when we saw thus picture but all doubts fled when we heard the boys start to charm all and sundry wnth a but of Sophlstncated Swing Takmg thus harmonlc organlzatlon apart to see what makes all the nouse we fund Rehmeyer student head and trumpeter Williams and Beck trum pets Barba clarunet Fox who doubles with clarlnet and alto sax Baty tenor sax Davus accordion C Wulson and Dougher vloluns Alexander drums and last the movung spurut and faculty member Prof Russell piano Dark rumors that the organization was entirely secret somewhat akm to the dread legislative conference room sessnons lknllung thnngs behind closed doorsl were dlspelled entirely when the boys came out of thelr chamber and played at Dorothy Hackemann s engagement party Since then they have presented programs for the student body which have been characteruzed by stompung feet and crles of More' Do at again' No repeat performances were granted then but there us beung planned at the tume of thus wrntmg a tea dance This If It takes place as hoped wull be the most ambrtuous attempt the boys have made and we hope the most brlllnant 4 +7 M91 - - 1 . . . . 0 - . . - 1 - - 11 . . . I! 1 I O D - 1 1 1 1 1 , 7 I v ' I I V I 1 1 - 1 - 1 , . . . 11 . . 11 , 1 1 - 1 1 1 Y ' 1-11-unu Q ., , 5 , , ' , . X . ' JI -5 ' I 4 4 l938 ALPRESCHO Glee Club and Chapel Cholr Followlng the usual custom the School C-lee Club was the one orgamzatlon among the nlne clubs that met once a week almost wnthout fall lthls def: nntely does not Include athletics Mr Stulleyl Such a remarkable record would have been Impossible had It not been for the loyal work of the club leader Mr Stermer Anyone who has worked wnth hum can readlly under stand the real pleasure that the boys who comprlsed thus year s club experl enced Every Thursday durlng thlrty mnnute perlod one could hear lfor no mean dlstancel the strams of some popular sem: classuc number beung sung wlth varynng degrees of fervor and tonal quallty Up to the tume thus publl was receuved wnth gratnfymg mterest A lnttle offsprlng of thus Club IS the Chapel Chour organnzed by Mr Arner for the purpose of maklng our dauly sings ln chapel unto more dlgnlfled musnc than our customary shoutlng pamborees Lack of necessary rehearsal tnme made the fulfnllment of thus purpose rather dlffucult but we cast our votes for a contnnued Chapel Chonr next year MEMBERS Lester Stoneback Flrst Tenor David Coyle Fnrst Bass Paul Dougher Second Tenor Danuel McCarthy Flrst Bass Louns Herlmg r Second Tenor John Tyson Second Bass Prof Henry R Stermer E501 cation went to press, the Club had made one appearance in chapel where it l938 ALPRESCHO Dramatrc Club The curtarn rrses the pantomrme begins Tnls partrcular one happened to be the frrst public appearance of the year by our school Thesprans The un doubted success of thus attempt aroused ambrtron to do more plays whrch ambition IS absolutely the proper thrng for the consumers are breathlessly wautrng for the producers to produce But rn our humble oprnron the forth comrng presentatrons wrll have to be mrraculous to arouse a more enthusr astrc response than A Tragedy of Tragedres drd Probably the outstandrng hut of the show was Bobby Schealer who played Zrngerella draped rn a lrttle blue and whnte prrnted artncle of rndetermmate ancestry The officers of The Wag and Buskrn are Cordon Payrow Presrdent Randall Alexander Busrness Manager and Caroline Black Secretary and Treasurer The treasurer part of Carolrne s lob IS somewhat of a farce for the club has never rn :ts hrstory been known to charge admlssuon Can rt be that there rs an rnferrornty complex lurkrng backstage somewhere? MEMBERS Cordon Payrow Lester Stoneback Randall Alexand r Margaret Afflerbach Carollne Black Robert Schealer Mitchell Strohl Paul Dougher Davrd Bemrs Coyle Anton Baarslag Faculty Advrser Mr Raymond Waller I5 . . . . ,. . v n . .1 . -, . . v - . H . . ., . . . l v . - It v- . , . . . . E' l938 ALPRESCHO Science Club These sons and daughters of Arlstotle have spent a very profltable year flndung out how entertaanmg the task of absorbing knowledge can be The tireless efforts of Mr Russell self termed deus ex machma of the club combined wlth the busunessluke cooperatuon ot Cordon Payrow Pres: dent Alan Campbell Vlce Presndent and Caroline Black Secretary resulted an enjoyable and sernously Interesting programs These took the form of demonstratlons and lectures by club members and lnspectuon traps to various Industries and museums The journey through the Franklnn lnstntute was of most outstandung mterest The Fels Planetarnum the exhrbnts dealing wnth chemrstry and physucs not to mention the kmds of bicycles our grandmothers rode and a huge Baldwun locomotlve were only the begnnnmg of a fascnnatnng processnon However the mann lmpressron made by that trlp seems to be summarlzed thus Well' Only a dollar seventy flve for the round trnp Not so bad How about lt? Science speaks ll Harold Baty Davnd Bachmann Carolme Black Vnctor Brancatu Allan Campbell MEMBERS Carolnne Ferguson David Coyle Ward Kemper Edward Lxcker Albert Nacrelln Gordon Payrow Davnd Rehmeyer Gwendolyn Long Lester Stoneback Mrtchell Strohl ASSOCIATE MEMBERS Theodore Hamsley Jay Stradley Membershrp requnres B or better In any science or mathematncs Associate members are those nterest d but who have not made the grade requured lS2l - 4. . ry . , ' n t ' l - u 1 v - v l . ,, . . . -v . ' 9 . V938 ALPRESCI-IO Parent Association Under the leadershup of Mrs H L Ketper the Parent Assocuatlon functloned very capably They held meetings every other month on the furst Frlday In the month In Novembe a Parents Week End was held and was very successful Dr Harold P Thom s Head of Department of Educatuon at Lehlgh Unuverslty was the speaker At the February meetung the parents held a blrthday party for Dr Hackemann and In Aprll s meetlng Mrs Arner furnxshed entertaunment The Parents Assoclatnon gave two cakes a month for the best tables In the dumng room A New York branch conslstnng of thlrty members has been formed under the leadershlp of Mrs Irene Roggeveen Durmg the year a meetlng was held at the Hotel Taft OFFICERS Presudent Mrs H L Kenper Stroudsburg Vlce Presudent Mrs Howard Hoch Bethlehem Secretary Mrs Harold V Stewart Allentown Treasurer Mrs Ernest Schwund Allentown Pa ALUMNI ASSOCIATION In I93I the Alumnn Association rous d Itself from practucal lnactuvnty Into an actuve group Yearly a meet ng ts h ld nn Allentown and durlng the Commencement week a pucnuc us held at I-less Lehngh farm The assocuatton has dtvnded :ts membershup unto drstrncts wnth a r presenta tuve IH each dxstnct These groups are becomung actlve wnth Increasing Interest un the furthering of school plans and polucues The offucers at the present turne are Louus Albrlght presldent Mark R Buttner vlce presud nt N Sttne Eckert secretary and Robert Moyer treasurer The executuve commnttee consusts of Paul J Cebert Charles Boluch Edwtn Klnne Edward Kane Henry Newhard Martln Rutter and Dr Ralph Hennck I53J -- 1 , , I' I . , . . D F - . . . a, . . ' . .. ' , ,Pa. I A . , ,Pa. . . , ,Pa. i , S . , . .. - . .. .. . . , . . . D - l938 ALPRESCHO Student Glllcers At the begtnntng of the year there were elected three offncers ot the stud nt body wlth the understandtng that another electron would take place at the mud semester The general upset n the school schedule delayed thts alteratton untzl Aprtl When It dnd take place however there was only one change made The staff ot offlcers chosen In the tall was as follows James Ford Presldent George Burger Vtce Presldent Carollne Black Secretary ln Aprtl Arthur Wright was selected as Vtce Presldent Two commtttees were acttve as a part of the student body under the durectton of Pres :dent Ford One of these was a commtttee whrch succeeded IH drawtng up a constltutuon whuch proved satlsfactory to the enttre student body No small task that But rendered much less formtdable than tt mtght have been by the understandung guldance of the faculty advtsor M Arner The dances whtch the students sponsored were arranged by the socral commtttee The two :nf rmal affatrs held at the school durtng the year and of course the Sensor Farewell rep resent the work of these etftctent organrzers Alma Mater lTune Marylandl Hear thou the songs we ralse to thee Alma Mater old and true We brung our thankful pratse to thee Alma Mater here s to you So full of love and fame thou art And brtngnng joy to every heart Oh' May thy splendor ne er depart Glorrous old A P S In patrtottc sptruts we Alma Mater thee salute r-lere brungs our songs and lays to thee Alma Mater thee alone e sung to make thee better known We sang to show thy worth alone Our songs thou mayst be proud to own Clortous old A P S And now wtth loyful strains we ratse Alma Mater dear and true Our hearts to our dear Prep School s pr use Alma Mater thee we sung Thy name we chertsh and adore And true to thee forevermore We ll sung thy honor o er and o er Glonous old A P S l54J , , Q . I . . . . .. . , . . . . . - ,r. V Y V - . . , . I , . , , . . , , - , , . , . W , , - , , , - . a, . . ATHLETICS 'k Booklll 'k 'A' 'k 'A' 'A' 'k i' 'A' l938 ALPRESCHO AQABA Varsrty Football Thus year s brrgade of grrdrron warrrors was one of the best that ever fought under the standards of the royal purple and whrte Its effectrvely chargrng forward wall and lrghtmng speed backs tore the opposrng forces unto shreds and rt was usually found to be vrctorrous at the end of the fracas Prtted agarnst such hrghly touted teams as Brown Archmere Massa nutten Pennrngton C-reenbrrer Army Pleb s and Valley Forge whether wrn tre or draw our team played heads up football from the startrng whrstle to the endrng gun Here s to you Coach Strlley and we hope you wrll have more squads lrke the one you generalled rn I937' l56l 1 V , A. rc 1 r 5 A Q z r ll ' ' A " ' l I l l 1 4 f I I 4 A 4 ' .. Q 1 . Q, I 1 L - S , Ah V A "'f' X , V 7 , , I 3 A L ' X , .,, 3 r rig, x f , I I : r I. 1 sz A . t l O b r Oct ber Oct ber Octcbe October November lO N wember l9 Wn October l October Octbb r Ocrob October N member November l7 N tember A lent wn Allent wn Allentown Allent wn Allentdvvn Allentown Allent wn H938 ALPRESC O Pr p Prep Prep Prep Prep Prep Prep l938 FOOTBALL SCHEDULE Brown Prep SC-lEDULl: '7 reenb :cr Nflllltary Academy at Fr Open N 1 sunprt n Nlllrtarv Acad m Frunk n ind M rshall Acidemx x Nyom ng Semlniry Augusta Mlll Iarv Acidemy l Br wn Prep A clwmere Academy Nflassanutten M A Pennlngton Prep Creenbrler M A Armv Plebes Vallev Furge M A T C Allerifoxxn Allentown l-lumultwn Wooclbtrn k Allentown Allentown Fort Defmncc ct': e l l Q e C 'Q l3 'J 9 , . C li r O Q 1 li 46 . A , . O ' f 23 3 7 6 30 f C . . O l 6 Zl if 0 6 l x . . O 53 40 C. List tel -1 2 l ' FS O r 1 , f e li Cnlg e :sh C r er 22 29 .145 . e r I , 2 x ' c r, l7 A LA ' L L ' l 57 Q l938 ALPRESCHO Junror Varsrty Football Coach Harrys frrst year at Allentown Prep rs one he may well be proud of He developed a team that was always clrckrng no matter how great the cpposrtron Although few candrdates reported at the begrnnrng of the season more came as the schedule went on and by the trme rt was all over the team found rtself the vrctor rn sux out of erght contests There certarnly rs plenty of maternal for future A P S teams SCHEDULE October 8 Harrrs and Morton J H S October l Bethlehem West End October 2 C ntral J H S October 2 R ubJ H S November Allentown Hugh J V s November 6 Nrtschmann J H S November l Emaus Hugh J V s November l Raub J H S Won Lost Tred 6 2 O E531 A. P. S. J. V.'s ............ I8 A . . . ...................,....... 6 6 A. P. S. J. V.'s .....,...... l4 .....................,.,.................. 6 2 A. P, S. J. V.'s ..........., 20 e . . . ................................................ 0 6 A. P. S. J. V.'s ............ 26 a . . . ....,.................................................... O l A. P. S. J. V.'s ............ O ' . .' ................................... . I9 A. P. S. J. V.'s ............ 33 A . . . ...................................... 7 6 A. P. S. J. V.'s ............ 6 A . .' ............................,. .................. 2 O 8 A. P. S. J. V.'s ............ ZO . . . .......................................................... .. O l37 58 l938 ALPRESCI-IO Varslty Basketball The l937 38 basketball season was one that wall long be remembered wuth gladness because It certarnly was one that all can well be proud of Although the furst two games were lost Prep soon found :ts strrde and won seven consecutrve games Characterrzed by skull rn shootrng deceptrve ness and accuracy Coach Strlley s proteges came through to wan ll out l5 games ln the last game ofthe season Prep ran wrld to score an rmpress ve 62 29 defeat over lvloravran College Jay Vees January January January January January January January February February February February February Februarv February 7 Won ll 54 SCHEDULE McCann Busrness College Pennrngton Prep Penn State Extenslon Allentown Busrness College McCann ll'lazletonl National Farm School Trrangle A A West Chester Teachers Frosh McCann Busuness College Natronal Farm School Brown Prep Allentown Busnness College Lafayette Froslw Moravran College Jay Vees 465 L st 4 E593 . . ' ' ' of A. P. S ............. 27 ' ..,....................................... 34 12 A. P. S ..,.......... 42 4 ,....,..,.... ..................... ,..............,......, ..... 5 2 l4 A. P. S ............. 45 ' ..................,,........,,..,...,.,..,,.,......,.. I8 I9 A. P. S ......,,...,, 38 ' ,,,............,.,....,,,.............. 35 22 A. P. S .......,...,. 35 ....,...................,.............,........,....,. 28 26 A. P. S ............. 39 ' ' ......,....,,...,,.....,........................,.,... 38 28 A, P. S ......,...... 46 ' . . ......,.....,......,...,.......,,..,...................,............. 32 February S A. P. ............ 37 Pennington PVSD .........,....,......... .. ..........,,.......... .......... . . 35 7 A. P. S ....,......,. 28 .......,.....,.,..,........ ..... 2 7 lO A. P, S ...........,. 30 l .,.....,...,..,......,..,..,,....,....,..... 32 I2 A. P. S .......,,..,. 37 ' . ,........,,,,,..........................,............. 27 l6 A. P. S ............. 23 ............................. ..,,,.......................................,,.. 3 6 I8 A, P, S ............. 22 ....,..,.........................,.. 7 23 A. P. S ..,.,,.....,. 36 ,,,...,.,,...,...,...,,.......,.,,,...,..............,............ 35 25 A. P, S .,.......,,.. 62 ' ,,....,.. ..... ....................... 2 9 7 1938 ALPRESCJ-I0 Junuor Varstty Basketball Junior Varstty basketball was gtven a bug boost by Coach Harry thus year and he consnders the past season a bug success Hrs lads went through a schedule of Zl games wrnntng l4 and losing 7 to complete the largest schedule an the hrstory of Allentown Prep School J V teams tn splendid fashron SCHEDULE January January January Janua rv January January January January January February February February February February February February February February March 2 March 3 Won 14 2 l60J NntschmannJ H S McCann Busuness College J V NntschmannJ H S Allentown Bus College Easton Mechanucs Allentown Mountauneers Black Hawks Trangle A A J V tPhnla Easton Mechanucs Pnoneer A C Dlxon lPh1lal McCann Buslness College J V C ntral J H S Black Hawks Allentown Bus ColIegeJ V DeMolay lBethlehemI C ntral J H S Easton All Stars Black Hawks R ubJ H S Lost 7 5 A. P. S. J. V.'s ...,.,,..... 42 ' . . . ...,......,...,...... .. 36 7 A. P. S, J. V.'s ......,..... l3 ' . I2 A. P. S. J. V.'s .....,...... l6 ' . . . ................ f I9 A. P. S. J. V.'s ............ Zl . J. V. 21 A. P. S. J. V.'s .....,...... 33 ' ............................. 24 A. P. S. J. V.'s ............ 27 ' ...,.......... 26 A, P. S. J. V.'s ......,,.... 26 ..........,,....,..................... 28 A. P. S. J. V.'s ............ 23 r' .... ' .I ., 3l A. P. S. J. V.'s ........,... Sl ' .. .,,..........,............ , 2 A. P. S. J. V.'s .....,....,. 4l ' . . .....,,,...................,,,....., .. February 4 A. P. S. J. V.'s ......,..... 22 Green Jackets ..................,.,....,.,,.....,.,. 9 A. P, S. J. V.'s ....,.....,. 25 ' ' . ..,........,....,.,,..,........., .. IO A. P. S. J. V.'s ......,..... I8 ' . l4 A. P. S. J. V.'s ............ 21 e . . . .........,.........,......,.. I6 A. P. S. J. V.'s ............ 30 ..............,....................... l8 A. P. S. J. V.'s ....,....... 34 . . 23 A. P. S, J. V.'s ............ 30 ...........,.. 25 A. P. S. J. V.'s ..........., ZS e . . . ......................,,.... 28 A. P. S. J. V.'s ............ 3l - ......,....................., A. P S. J. V.'s ............ 25 ........... .......................... A. P, S. J. V.'s .....,...... 28 a . . . .................................. 58 l938 ALPRESCHO Varsuty Baseball Nelle C Cery 3rd B Rehmeyer P Flanagan L F Cappola P Daugneault C F Fanok P Alexander R F Connell lst Base Harger R F Wrught 2nd Base Schmutthenner L F Del Carmen S S Cluff Wulson Mgr Hulluck 3rd Base Horace McFarland Asst Mgr Because of the year book comung out early the enture season of the baseball team cannot be accounted for However un games played to date ut looks luke a very promusung season for Coach Harry s team The games played to date and scheduled Aprul Aprul May May May May May May May June June Emaus Hugh Allentown Hugh Lehugh Freshmen Newark Prep Allentown Hugh lCanceledl Emaus Hugh F Er M Academy lCanceledl Summut Hull Pennungton Prep Brown Prep Summut Hull E611 AP OPP Home Away Home Home Home Away Away Home Home Away Home Away S ' 25 A .......,.,..........,........,.....,.................. 7 I2 ' 27 ' ...,.......,......,.,.....,.....,..........., 6 2 3 A .......,...............................,.. 1 IO 6 ...,......................,........,............... 2 l2 9 A ,.....,........... - - May ll Brown Prep ,,...........,.........,,.......................,..... 3 l3 I7 ' ..........,,.....,...........,........ ............... 7 4 20 . . ............... - - 28 A ' ,.........................,.....................,..... - - 30 A .,.......,..........,...................,.... - - l ...,...............,................................,. - - 3 A ' ..,..............,....t............................... - - l938 ALPRESCHO Tennis Because of a late start thus season to date the tenms team has not been able to hut nts strnde The bright spot of the team has been Paul Dougher who has not lost so far Coach Gruber promuses a good team by the end of the season The schedule of games Aprll April Aprnl May May May May Wyomusslng Polytech Lost Readmg Hugh School Lost Lafayette Freshmen Lost Lehrgh Freshmen Lost F C1 M Academy Lost Moravnan Jayve s Tue Easton Hugh School Bordentown Mllltary lnst Paul Dougher Pedro Mendez Louis Cuellar Larry Smyth U Davud Coyle IIO Manue Macuas Bernard Hoffner Wllluam DelCarmen Davud Rehmeyer l Harold Stewart Albert Nacrellu Manager l62J ' I9 ' ' - . 27 , , 4 ' 28 - . 3 - - 5 . . - May l3 ' e- ' 24 ' 25 " . lll l6I l ' l2l l7l l3l ' l8l ' ' l4l l9l ' l938 ALPRESCHO Junror Varsrty Baseball Beyond the domarn of organrzed sport actuvuty there are many thrngs that provide athletrc actrvrty Untrl the law rnterfered the boys enjoyed wrnter skatrng on Cedar Pond Others trred sknng on the Cedar Crest Hrll The sprang brought volley ball and lacrosse Some have turned therr attentron to golf Balls were few and the game was too rntrrcate for many A few trred the cmders but the heat soon produced rndolency Under the leadershrp of Mr C-oodrldge the young boys organrzed a J V baseball team For a tame balls were flyrng everywhere Remarkable drscoverres were made rn coachrng and plavrng talent l63l , . - v l938 ALPRESC O Wearers ol the Reuchard E Podany E Dalgrault E Bu khardt T Ford T Pryzbllck C- Ne e C Judd H B Rau QB Dalgnault F Swengard F Wrught F E Arner E Fox E Cery E Kenper E Szabo E Campbell T Hoffner T Croenveld Else s F Bohrer F VARSITY FOOTBALL Seng H B Swelgard FB Easels H B Capolla F B Cornetto T Poust C Hertzog H B Jacobs C Alexander T VARSITY BASKETBALL Podany C Szabo C Del Carmen C J V FOOTBALL McCarthy T Payrow T Hamsley C Schmntthenner C R Davus Cl Koromntz C Wilson C J V BASKETBALL Schmutthenner C Smyth C E Arner Cv Bachman C l64J Mucka C- Schuh E C-ross H B Managers Burger Ass t a Wenner Jacobs C Cery C Meusels Q B Wright QB Bachman H B Del Carmen H B Clubson H B Rehmeyer F B Manager Mappus l-l1llOCl4 C Meusels C Manager Stewart HAI! V l 1 - l . - . , . . 7 . . , . , II , . , . , l . . . . , . C- Il ' . . , . Manager, Pryzblick ADVERTISEMENTS if wk if , BookIV if ar as if if if if if I938 ALPRESCI-IO .g..-I.,..,.,-,,.-,.- ,.,. -,,-.,-..,..I.,- ,.,. - ,.,. - ,... ..,- ,... - ....-...-.,.- ..., ..,.... ,... -.HI-.,.-H..-..,.-.-,,.-. + The ALLENTOWN PREPARATORV SCI-IOOI. A Choolf Y 34? COLLECEPREHARATORY'GENERAL and COMMERCIAL +3-ffl? ACCOMMODATIONS TI-IE BEST CHARGES REASONABLE gf? s R ce De E ght Y of Age f? esfo S ly Answer nd I ormaton Furnls -I- 'I' I66I I I I I I S or our Boy I I I I Courses 3 I I I I I I I I I I Allenfovvn Boy e ived in Junior partment at i ears V I up Qu I n Cheerful ed i A nf i C- I a d I y ' I1 e d I I I 1938 ALPRESCHO T1-IE MCCAA STUDIO Photographers Nmeteeh Thirty Eight Alprescho BETHLEHEM PENNA MRS J S BURKHOLDER ROBERT L L, BURKHOLDER J S BURK1-IOLDFR FUNERAL DIRELTOR H ALLENTOWN PA d 9 1671 pl BRADLEY PULVERI ZER COMPANY "ifiM'.f"f'N .,.1.,,1.... .,,, iw.- ,.,, -..,-,...1...-,-....1,.,1,,,1.,11..-M1 trt. -.1---111-V-1..-.1-,.1.1..,.1,1,,.-11..-.L-U? Q Q Q Q I Q Q 'Q' Q Q Q for Q . . - . ! Q Q Q Q Q L Q 1 Q Q 1 1 1 , Com lmems . . - Q i 1 of Q 1 I I 1 Q ,- 1 1 1 1 Q 1 , 1 Q 1601 arrultorw Street . . 1 ,X Establtshe 13 5 Q 1 Q 1 Q - -..-. - -1 - ,-.,.-,Q-1 - -1 ----- 1 ---- 11-H-1-- .-1,-1- .-,,-..,f I938 ALPRESCI-IO +--'--II-II- . 1, - . NN -I.-..- -I -,t-,I,- ,,,, -..,.. ,,. -I-,l-,,,-,- , ,, -n,I,. ,,,, -,,-,,-,.,-,,-W,-,,-H 4, vAv Complrments Allentown Dairy lnci Compl ments 2 2780 Wltwerlones Co IIELIX SPATQLA Athletic Equlpment 953444 434.2 9I 3 Ham Ifon Sffeef Read ng Term nal Market ALLENTOWN pENNA 4I9 South Front Street PHILADELPHIA PENNA + -1- I63J I I I I I I . I I I of I I I I . I 1 O I I I I I - I I I I Pho - of I ' - Q 4 I 'DZ-XQC' 84 I I . . I I I - i I I I I , . I I938 ALPRESCHO MUHLENBEIQG CQLLEGE ALLENTOWN PEN NSYLVAN IA offers THREE FULL COURSES CLASSICAL AB PHILOSOPHY Ph B SCIENTIFIC BS Excellent Equlpment New Laboratorles New Buzldlngs Beautifully Land Out To secure roorn must apply early IT IS TO YOUR ADVANTAGE TO REGISTER AT ONCE KOCH KEIVIIVIERER BROTHERS PAPER COMPANY Centre Square Allentown I h I Wholesa e Sc oo Young Men S Clothing and Furnlshungs upplles Etc 355 357 Hamllton Street Fashioned to meet the style re qunrements of most particular ALLENTOWN PENNA young men at Prep or College -1- 'P I69I -1- l--- I-I-I'--I-H-I--It ---- r-l--I-1-I- - -1- -.-..-..-. - I-H.--g I I I I I - I I I I I I I I I . E I I I I I I I I I I . I I S ' , . - I I - I I ' ' I I I I I l938 ALPRESCI-IO +.-wl1-t111- .,., 1,1 .-1. 1 1-1 ,.,. 1 vx., I STAR CLEANERS and DYERS lO28 l-larmlton Street ALLENTOWN Phone 7623 KUW11 Complnments o a Frnend KB-101221 A C LEIBENSPERC-ER MOTOR EXPRESS IZI4 CordonStreet l2l6 C E Famous 206 N Tenth Street WEST END DINER Hot Platters Headquarters for Sl'10rf Orders Sandw1ches CAPS COWNS Sanntary Surroundungs COSTUMES WICS Always Open Ted Thomas Prop I-l N CROWDER JR CO Electr1calJobbers Motors Repa1red ALLENTOWN 3 3lOl EASTON 9191 BETHLEI-lEM 1 0540 'I' I7OI I I I I I I "' 1 I I . I I I .. I I I I I 1 . - I I I I formal clothes ' I . . I I I I938 ALPRESCI-IO ipnuuuuu .1 11, lil t I LEHIGH VALLEY TRANSPORTATION COMPANY JOHN BOI-IR YOUNG S DRUG AMERICUS HOTEL STGRES yY t th F DUNDEE GENERAL ELECTRIC L THING FACTORY C O COMPANY I-Iam on ree -'4' I7II 4. .,., .,.. .,,. - 4,,, - ,.,, - .... - ,... -,,- ,,,, -, ,,,, I Y' Q TT 5 .. ,, '-'IL I CompIimen S 0 I I I I I Compliments of M R . E R I I I I Compliments CompIiments I of of ' I I I I Bu our Clo hing Af 9 agfory Compliments At Factory Prices of I I I 930 ilf Sf f I I l938 ALPRESCI-IO FLOWERS .GAIM 8th and Hamnlton Streets ALLENTOWN PA Better Shoes by Farr Properly Sele ted Preserved Clustered Del uvered My Florist New York Floral Co C- Ph ll ps Tel 9685 906 I2 Hamllton St S B ANEWALT Gr CO Adency or STETSON HATS 742 Hamalton St Allentown Compluments KEYSTONE TRAIL INN I9th G State Road Lehugh Fan G Blower Co ALLENTOWN PA Steel Plate Construct on Electrnc Welding Fans and Blowers Heatnng or Power Blow rs Front and Lmden Streets Pho e 949l Compluments CHARIS CORPORATION Compliments of R K AUTO SUPER SERVICE SEIBERLINC TIRES TYDOL CASOLINE 7 23 Che St ee ZIZB Ham Iton Street d U o e 4 IJ v I72I Compliments THE NEW RITZ BARBECUE FAIR GROUNDS ?---l--1- - -tt- t-t, - ,t.t - t.t, -tt.. -I-- ,t,, -,,.- .... - ,,,. -.,-.t.. ..,-.,.-,,...l.-.,,,--.-W I ! I I f I ' . I . I 1 BY . ! I -- " S. . ii , Prop. Q . ' , lL---.- ,, . I . I . . . I of 1 c t I I I ' ,, , Pa. I I Hellman Boiler Works I ,I of 1 I A e ! . I H I - I . - of I I I 4- I - T w r t I I 6th an ni n Str ets I IS2 nion BI d. ,i,....-..-,......-t.,- ,... -,..-..-,.,-I,... .,,t - .t.. - .,.. -I.-..-.,,-.-..,-,,,-,,,,, ,,,, -,,,,-M,-,,-,,-,M-H I938 ALPRESCI-IO .-.. - -,- - ,- ,.. - - - - ,,- ., 41. ASK FOR BLIIQDAN S ICE CREAM E Correctly Styled YOUNG MEN S CLOTHING and SPORTSWEAR KUHNS 84 SHANKXXXEILER Th M ALLENTOWN PA M S YOUNGGCO Sporting Goods Iron and Steel 740 H ALLENTOWN PA I73 CWMWD MERCHANTS NATIONAL BANK WVR ALLENTOWN PA I I I I I I I , I , I I I , I I I I ' I I I I I I I I I I e ans Store I Delicious Nutritious I . . E I I I I Compliments I I . . . of I I I Hard ar W Q T H E I I I I I I o I I I I I 736- amilton Street I , . I , I I I I I I 2 . , l I I I I938 ALPRESCI-IO fQo---l-- '-'1 - -1-1 - 1-1N - ww-! -w-1 - ---- -H--f-- --V1 - I- .WNN -,tl-.-t--- -.,.-t.l.-.l-- .1!- - xxxx --,-t-M-.-....-,...- Compllments l'lotel Traylor THE HOME OF FINE DRY CLEANING THE ALLEN LAUNDRY Reeves Parvln C-r Co Allentown P Dlstrlbutors of KNICHTHOOD and MORNING CLORY PURE FOOD PRODUCTS oNo 'I L v 1 RAS Wholesale Clgars and Candy Dnstrlbutors ot SHRAFFTS CHOCOLATES I7 North 7th Street SMOYER S DIAMONDS J EWELRY FINE ARTS IOIS Hamllton Street ALLENTOWN PA Fraternlty and School Jewelry ALLENTOWN PENNA The Department Store the heart of every thmg 6th and Hamnlton Streets 'l' -I' l74J I I . I ot I . I I I I I I I I I I Q I Q . , 3. ! - I . , 4- nal ' ' I ' 0 Q I I HUNSICKER CO. ZOllit'lgQr-Harrled CO. I , . ' - In I . ' I I 1938 ALPRESCHO i Wmflm 6: 'iHtISf"lCtIOIl of mwmg done 1 tis w e is 0 en grfviler 1 1 ll! l 1 111 1 m0r11l1ry rew 1r I gum l 10 con 1 ence o ot If YQ G0 tint thew wi e ICNC you mc truGt wour jun dmc nt IS lo In x 1luecl very lug 1 y 'll ur repul1t1or1 1s prmterb 'md our mllmate lcnowle ge 0 the Inu mg 0 cl 1ss 'mnuals together xml our xerw fair in onest usmess met od lu won or uQ 1 xon enxlaln e pl ue lfl thus Qpecla me-cl 1 0 wo 1 wr 1rL slrnuw L11 1 wcwr to lm prow 0 If Qcrxlcf. 111 procuce st mutter 1 Q In l V15 lnclce-11111911 1 DC'lSlIf6 io 111 har 1pf1rl ln e pmd to proc me tus 'illlllli The Kutztown Pubhshmg Co nc 9 1 NIKIN STREE1 IX lxl1fIOXNY PEN I73 11 117 viz if Th - ' I' f 1 .pk vll' It 0f,., 'flxlf 1 fi','iC1.Yw0 ' I, Pd Qf IQ lf., . 3 fllbl' fl '1,,1+' ef 'll. O E . it .. fd f 'ld' fi . 'fh mdh vb: h sas 11 1- 1 '. -1-V fiffll I 'rk 11111 'ff H -rl 'v 11 1 -1 -' -2 d l'f:iHI1.b0rls.. 1ll.' - : 1 If - hiv If 'hiya I- lf. il. ' ' .,I . -4f 1. .' .N ' 4 .v ' '., .'NA. .'l 9 8 ALPREQC A" 3 J 4 1 1 v X 3' 'Nr' 7' xx . 'W X I938 ALPRESCI-IO CONSTANTLY SUPERIOR f OUR I-IOIVIOCENIZED VITAMIN D VIILK FREEMAN S DAIRY Best by Test r e S 9666 LEI-I C DI IS OI Cleaner and Dyer LOUISS EREEDO D e H e I-I Ito Sr get In ff 207 N E gnth S ALLENTOWN PENNA Wen ffso t Schoo Y fo all Occaso S Shoe Repall' FAUST Cr LANDES H 5 e Pho 32323 I I I I I I ' I I I I Ck V1 i I I Tnir e nth and Green treets Dial I I I I om imen I Main Offic and Plant I I 3IO anover Av nue I I 802 ami n r A Branc O ice- I I t. I n . Q I A I . . I I School Rings And Runs Compliments j of ave the seals or a Iwi ning Allentown Prepara ory I I , jewelr r i n . N - I Samuel Russiano I I 728 amilton tr et V19 I i .. I,,, -I,1..1II -. II.I 16,-I 11- 1'---In-H.-N1 .-I, ... ,,.. 1,1 I.I, -...I1..1.,.1I1-I-.......-,,1,,,,,1,,,,1,+ l938 ALPRESCHO Compluments of the Faculty ROSEIVIARK BARBER SHOP Tony lacucca Prop 23rd and Lnberty Streets PATRONS Bud Rader and has orchestra Crrzffus the Locksmith 436 Hamtlton St Allentown 6lO Mann St Bethlehem Aur Ptlot l-ave you heard the remark Rastus Ah wants a toothbrush Clerk What size? See Naples and due? Passenger Yes Pslot Well we re and the engine as not A baker Invented a makes the bread so now over Naples functuonxng new ktnd of yeast light that a pound only weighs twelve ounces N1 What goes 999 Klunk 999 Klunk 999 Klunk7 Wat Search me What? Nxt A centlpede with a wooden leg you Wlll you contribute a dollar? No a thousand tlmes Thats too often to refuse I asked only once 7 Rastus De buggest an bestest you go d h s ten rn my famtly Jam l hear your old car has no speed ometer Jam But that doesn t matter At ten mules an hour the wxndshneld rattles at fifteen the headl ghts at twenty the bumper and at twenty ftve I rattle Storekeeper Do ,ou fund your alarm clock satusfactory9 Customer You bet' It wakes the parrot the parrot whtstles to the dog and the dog barks and wakes m 8 ?-----t- t-tt - .-t- --.-.,,-.,-,,.- tltl - ..,. - ,.,. - .... -,,.- ,.., - ,.,. - ,,,. - ,,,. -,,,-.,,-,.,...,.-,,,- ,,., - ,,., - ,,,. -,,.,-,,.-,..,-,.,...? T Q T Q T Q T Q T Q 1 - , T T T Q T ' - Q T , Q T Q T Q T Q T Q T - Q T Q T T T Q T " t T Q T l T T I l , Z ,U Q T , T l ' A :" - T Q -.At I , I . U Q ' ' T 3 H . . . I i " , ' , no." 3 " 4 . e up. Q T 4.- ,,., - ,,,. - .,,, ..., - -,,- ,,., .., - ,-,,,-..,-..... ,.,. -,,,-,,- ,,,, -,,,-,,-,,,- M -H -,,-M,-,,-,,,,-W-W,-,+ l l 1938 ALPRESCHO AUTQGRAPI-45 I938 ALPRESCI-IO Allentown Preparatory School Allentown Pennsylvania COMMENCEMENT PROGRAM I938 Friday 900 p m June th Sensor Farewell Dance Hotel Traylor Qld? Saturday 5 00 p m June llth Class Day Program School Chapel -iii' Saturday 7 00 p m June llth -QVC Sunday 3 30 p m June l2th Baccalaureate Servuce Muhlenberg College Chapel Sermon by Rev John F Stolte Ph D Tr n ty Lutheran Church Bangor Penna -5aQ'Ef Monday 7 00 p m June I3th Commencement Exercnses School Campus Addres by I-Ion James F I-lennlnger Judge Court of Common Pleas Lehigh County Allentown Penna IAII events on Dayl ght Sav ng Tlmel K t I P bl h Ep- .l.. -I.- ll.. -.,.-I,.-.,I-..-..-,,.- .,.. - ,,,, -.- ,,,. - .,.. -.,... ..., -,,,-.-...... -,,I-..,-..-..,,-,..-,,,.-....- 4. I I ' . Q , . . I - I I I ' , 3 . ., I0 I ' ............,.......,,.....................,......................,.... . I I . I I 1 . I Q . . . ..,.............................t......,................................... ,. I 3 . I I , z . ., Oratorical Contests .................................................................,......... School Chapel I , I I . . I 1 I , , I I I I , 3 , ., I , F .......................................... ................. I 5 ' ' ' I I I I ' I I ,,,-..I..,,- .... - .,.. - ... ..., -,.t-...-.......-.-I.-.- -..-..-.-.-. -.I.-..-.t-..I-..-..-..-,,-,I ,,, u z own u is ing Company, Kulzlown, Pa. 154: vs 4 is Y 'Ali Q '1 3. 1' I' 1 3 wi , , 2 , Q -s I I :Q 'I .,' ,, I f ,V - . V Y. . . . ,2+1,.f'r " N " JL 1 51' ,Ti V- " "' i'1"1'1-V1-'-"df 172 T"" 4:LLI"':Lr'2' " ' ' -' 1-".4.a'?'f.E,.'f--Vi-I kf41:f'-1-- ,, - '1""" ' . .. nv :J-'.-'+-1--?.-T"-:x1i"'m1' 1 ,v ig:'-1'-.1.-'- w -7 , - 4' . ' ' 1 ' 1' H 1 :V-'A A 5'x4!f5f?'f:sx1.:,f4, 1,213 5. ,.Lg-5,A:w,:?"ev-ff.1:'..-13,5 If-31:2 :ff " L ' ,Emi Iv iv 2, A rf I

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