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Allentown Preparatory School - Alprescho Yearbook (Allentown, PA) online yearbook collection, 1936 Edition, Cover

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W 1736 Ccwwzm GWWWM Ex LIBTIS "X1CFfXV1wJQ R 'I TQXVN rUb 4 Xl CJ Y I V'1UIUQJlQ!NVEtv QQPILL' 51mu, , LONYVXC. EX-JCRXXVNZQL QL PRINTING, LUX fx 'N WMS? " C V XXX Tl-IE ALPRESCHO NINETEEN HUNDRED TI-IIRTY-SIX PUBLISHED AND COMPOSED BY THE STUDENT BODY ROBERT OINIEIL, Editor and HARRIS REED, Business Manager 'II I I ilu If 7525 is I ,L L EEE! 5, . 24 ic. f f- wW"' "A'R E 5- f-seq .. -'- I I W L ff ?' 'W' ""L,y1L L L LSE ' 'Q Q5 4 M.,-wm ff, fXL4-L1 vJ:zv4,11-f xr 5 ' . 1 X11 L , ,. llx nxunn YI NL f' 5.39-:aff If L I , A nmnifgfi 1 I LL - ' IW AF1'+"m 'Nair I L1 TV II Ima:-. 'L ' 2 L 5755! I -- - A L' 4. +11 ' L- 4 I I' ' ff I ' - 1 -1- - I WH -JW" W 2 1 . LLL ,TW - LTI MLJFAAMA LLTVL f ---lIUTIH'W'Ii? l -I I ' M' I ufutnmwlli L L- ' -A II f A m1HlI1Lf11w,,.L-gi'L III L ,Iv llllulrulnllmrw'-wg J L ' IIIIIIIII If Q1 Tiin,-j 2.-3 E' llIIlHFiIlUI"ff 'f7.'-'YM - ,,mAg j'l E 52 LLIUIIU ,LV 1 "" - Dffugwf W-L ll L- ,lf "ii -, ii 'W , WL- LJIWZF BB 'F-Y ALLENTOWN PREPARATORY SCHOOL ALLENTOWN, PENNSYLVANIA I if X Pk Pk X if VOLUMEXVIII I , .Y . L. F. HACKEMANN, Ph.D. l-IEA D MASTERS MESSAGE To The Students of I935-l936: We have spent a happy year together. As the days passed we became more conscious of the ideals to which we as a group had to reach. In the closest friendship and fellowship we gained from each other the finest and best. For this reason we can say that we have weaved a pattern which will re- flect the strongest in us. We have left a higher standard for those who follow. May we never forget to continue the foundation and erect a structure which will not fall. Our impress must be left to be felt. We have made the Spirit of the School what it isg indefinable and infinite as the great influence of the Institution itself-invisible, but ever present and all encompassing-unseen, unheard, but never forgotten. Preparatory yours, Your Head Master, L. F. Hackemann, A.lvl., Ph.D. Plsllsllsllf FCDIQEWCDRD lt IS hoped that thus annual wlll be retained as one of the cher :shed possessxon of your s hool days lt represents a permanent record of your scholast-c sojourn at Allentown Prepar tory School Thus year has been the scene of many changes Lumuted co education IS only one of the many new nnnovatnons Truly the year has been spent an laynng a foundatnon for ourselves and for others An effort has been made to reproduce a few of these events They are connect d together by the spnrnt of A P S rather than through a cont nuous theme lt IS hoped that you wall flle through :ts pages understandlngly and that ut wnll be ac epted wuth the best wushes of the staff l . . F . 6 D . . . - . . . D . . . . F . . ... . C0 NTEIXITS FACULTY CLASSES ir ACTIVITIES 'A' SPGRTS 'Ir FEATURES if U qi-'If' V YN r r ,f .QS 5' 35574 J' Fngjf 1155, a i' P ff CULTY H -mga -HJ, 4 4' L ' .. " -H f 1 '1 4 ei' K 1:1 lf H sq- 'nz we I.. " 1142 3' 1.-uf r""ff"19"t : W 5 w ,+- ,5 Age ,f , g,v,.,,u mfg, 5 -xl-Sf 47- r 1, , .A fy .-,i ww ua :yn L ,N ' - 'P ' 1 ' ' N 1.'-1 "P, 3" ff' W , "" if ' "FEL J 'f'YiT2,..,4 '- . ' 'wh "'Z-,H-LM 'MI .:-' W4 "DZ 3'f' LJ' T-' ,. --57. I fl? -' ff I i' qs: .1 ' "J .4-01-E' '. -1- 5 -Q if ":"' ".,.1v . -2 'f " '2.,4,,' 'a,v.J', .:- U- g ' , 15,5 w .- 5 -Y: .PM ,114-.' f, , ,, x-- N" K w'.' ,Lf-ij-:Fw-:L '-,z ' " 1:",,'f,f f ' ., - f I ' if." , my 7 L Afzfwfzf-f 1f - - v , V ' ,"'f " .,-- 7 . , .J 4 ,r-.Lx,.::,. -51.14 ,, fi ,A 1, .,,n.,. -,4L:.?gSl. LV: . ..fV Li, 'y.u5,.:.Q:5 .AL,i5.7gEEi:,-I?,,,,gV.,gf, ,AVf .1 m,,Q.,,., 4.53. .,..Z,v y . 5151 M fl, ,. uf? wiv! ff,-'yltf 'J ..13f-as., 114:-.W -13' ,. 1' 1,1 I w.3.3v7-'vi 'A-15" 3".. 'fffgg' -75. 151 1,"r,7' "'!?j"1 if . Q Q - 'Pg' ,,.5.: QQ, "1 , , IRQ, V '..1-V' ' ' , .,,.,,u , -1'1..,igv-'L V- :gr ' N A L V, vm- 3,4 'na.1fjk, 'Y ,AA 3g.zit'. ,:-'23q,W,g'. 'Q --f- hi '1j5'Q2?:'E 7' ,:, LL' ' '-sl.. 5,1 7' 5,517-,s -ff igfj ,-.H -' :.-.,. - ,L f-nz, - - ' X ,A ' . .- 1.-,L , W. ,hgq - '- . ,.- A N 1 , ., , ,- -- wr rw- -A,-we-. K -..'wf,- , E :iff-1. K., 'ge X' ,",n -: i m ff 1, p ff ' 'ZITI 5 .,.:.f---2:15, . -rl '- . f if 1"'4 - 57.51, , 3' yan, -I N -' 1 K ' ' ,i K, 25-5- ' -Iii? wx.-gr: ' ,, -- ,,,,: Z.,,, ,,,, ,,.- 5 zz, ,vf , i, ix, , gg i1+fw g, h, t f , 2i-Q5m'WTffac:wifH if .. LOUIS F. HACKEMANN, AM., Ph.D. Graduate W UW HEAD MASTER Latin and Creek Charleston High School, i922 College of Charleston, A.B., i926 Columbia University, AM., i929 Ph.D. lwork completedl, I934 ork at American Academy in Rome, Italy, University of Chicago, l932 l93O uf,-'Q' PAUL CEBERT r is ASSISTANT HEAD MASTER History Tarnaqua High School, l9l3 Muhlenberg College, A.B,, I9 University of Pennsylvania ws TC ,i I7 X,-xo X l ,f" ,.f X xx ,.-f .X J, EDWIN C. ARNER, AB, 'f ,L Mathematics Allentown Preparatory School, l9l5 Muhlenberg College, AB., l9l9 RAYMOND l.. WALLER. Ph.B., A.M. English, German, Librarian Allentown Preparatory School, l9l9 Muhlenberg College, Ph.B. University of Pennsylvania, A.M. Columbia University K . XXX XX CARL l. KNAUSS, B.S., A.M. Science Allentown High School, l9l5 Muhlenberg College, B.S,, l9l9 ' Columbia University, A.M., l93O New York University Qnixgf PAUL H. HERZOC-, B.S. French, lunior School Olney High School, l9lO Muhlenberg College, B.S., Qiwnlw CEORCE W. DeLAWTER, AB. Social Studies, English Williamsport High School, l93l Lenoir Rhyne College, AB., l935 Columbia University Moravian Theological Seminary Pls CHARLES S. CARVERICK, B.S. Director of Physical Education Sommerville High School, 1931 Gettysburg College, B.S., l935 . I 'im' 041-5 MISS MARCUERIT H.R ERS, A.B., A Business Mt. Holyoke College, A.B. Columbia University A yr .MCE JOHN A. DIETRICK, B.S. Mathematics, junior Athletics Reading High School, l93l Muhlenberg College, B.S., 1935 1? as wi K wk was an T .' HARRY CRESSMAN, B.S. Science Catasauqua Hugh School, 1931 Muhlenberg, BS., 1935 i4f7.f5wwWw HENRY R. STERMER Music Combs Conservatory of Musnc LUTHER WENNER, Ph,B. I' Allentown High School, l93O Muhlenberg College, Ph.B., l934 Penn State College ololxm MRS, ANNA HACKEMANN House Mother Plsllsllsflfalfllfllf MRS. R. L. MAPPUS ........................ ............ S ecretary to Head Master Hughes Business School WARREN C. SCHLEC-EL ........ .......... A ssistant in Latin Muhlenberg College DONALD F. FRY ....................... ........... A ssistant in Latin Muhlenberg College WALTER M. ABELE ........................... Laboratory Assistant in Chemistry Muhlenberg College IOHN W. NOBLE ............................................... Muhlenberg College, A.B. University of Pennsylvania, M.D. 1osEPi-i T. HUMMEL, D.D.S. .................... . Muhlenberg College, BS. University of Pennsylvania, D.D.S. REV. W. C. SCHAEFFER .......................................... .......... Newberry College, A.B., A.M., D.D. Southern Theological Seminary Universities of Leipsic and Berlin School Physician School Dentist School Chaplain f -.slip 'Ns CLASS ' 'M' A r eq v fs-1-J-' 'R f-'1 5 ' 'rv-'fx -1 44' 'VC' ra "' 1. ' ip JI 4 A qw. 4- -m 45' ' A F .P 14+ if-., ..'fx,'5.u , .-swag -xf "' 'R 154:-f VI X . J . . N- L W - A., '27-A M 1 A "- 5 x 4 . " , I I A Y ,., 1-.l if . v , . f .1 ,sa.,211'-'ER L 'if:3'ya-2,Tg,'4' ,,'-i" '5.,f" f:ff, if 1- r -V, 1'-A 5 - :mg -5 -wi. g - - Q- if mv'-, V 1 'w 1.-ff - :ng 12 , ,,F" ' .' '.-- ,,-g5,.,1'.fM' - If 1 . -f--- -f ' V+- g?1'1:I ,,. -gd 11, . " 5, 9 ' - ' - ' " 'H .- -Z"7.' .. -" A, Q ' ' ' W .ft . 1- v - : -4 wiv-"I 122-4 ff, -Q .-fav' if f b . 35... Q AA: P-A-ffl FW .-1,f,.415Kg H-g"f ' ?'Ze-A'M?"Jf- ':f4.-'f'11.'.2f,55ffQ- ri' . .Q,. L ' 21 'J g. .,e"Y,-w . ,-., C, ,Q Q ,.,,.g1,Qff f,.A. ',:1"1-gq ffgfg, ., 5' 2 .i'f,,-,-l'?-11-L -, -., uf--1 -' ' .-.- " ff.-.Sf H, Qin '15 4 Robert Adams Allentown Penna Wllluam Bachman Bethlehem Penna fff ' f ROBERT ADAMS WILLIAM BACHMAN He flu! bzlb L1 band ll 111014 Ibm L1 9011117 Adams IS a qulet serlous type of mdlvldual who gets the most out of has work ln has two years at Prep he has been actlve ln many of the organuzatuons and has made a host of fruends He plans to pass through the portals of Muhlenberg next fall and study for the mlnlstry Has pres ence rn the library wnll certalnly be a feature which wall be lackmg Has conservatlve nature has led many students to place a large amount of dependence un htm Debatmg Glee Club Scnence Club Cmlfelzf Il 1115 UZLIILL Although Bull dad not partlcupate un any of the school s athletics for any length of time he wrestles reg ularly wlth the Bath A C Another hobby of has IS slngnng That deep bass volce you hear ln the glee club and the quartet comes clear up from the bottom of has feet Hrs plans for next year are not deflnntely known but we thunk that he wall study mln :ng englneermg Debatlng Quartet Clee Club A A . I I I, , . . .a ' fl 1 'f,f" . . 7 1' , ,. - - ... ff I - I ff ' I' ,' . " J L 'L , ' L . ' '. V. , . . I I I Q I - ' - w ,. , , . - . , A . . Casimire Bartkiewiecz New Bedford Mass Howard Dotter Northampton Perma x59 CASIMIRE BARTKIEWIECZ HOWARD DOTTER By day a femur player by night h Cassy rs the musrcran of the school What he doesn t know about musrc rsn t worth knowrng Of course he mrght try to tell you Lom all slrp once rn a whrle All and al' though when he applres that Duchrn touch to the prano rt rs worth hear rng He rs also one of our most ac trve athletes Because hrs father has p ved the way for hrm he has the oeculrar rdea that law rs hrs future employment Football Basketball Baseball Tennrs Debatrng Orchestra Baykelballlf the world and all the u mid 4 a bafketball The flashy young man from Northampton was one of the mam stays of our court team thrs year g me naturally he would frgure rn he vrctorres scored by the basket Jall qurntet Precedrng the wrnter rnonths he devoted hrs servrces to the football team Football Basketball M gl 4 5 ff , r ' r .y ' I 0 -1' ff r . ' , . '. u bardo can't read music, but then we Since he W35 l3f0mlf1e"l'f in eVe"Y a 1 . l a , I ' . 1 i I . ' - . . . l ' ' ' a ' , Carl Drew Hyannus Mass Orencuo C-arcua Havana Cuba CARL DREW ORENCIO GARCIA 1 hate to fee a tbmg done by balzeu It can be truly saud of Drew that he us very temperamental almost to a fault Hus classwork and scho lastuc achuevement us of a very hugh calubre In athletucs he was able to stamp hus name upon the ledger of football and basketball Hus future us undeed a brught one Football Basketball N0 man ll Zlllfl rn hu leanmzg It hasn t taken joe long to catch on to Amerucan ways He played a steady game of football last fall wuth or wuthout hus brass knuckles In the wunter months he played hockey and basketball Sprungtume funds hum gatherung flowers from the neughborhood Thus quest has resulted un munucupal vusutors to the campus He us versatule enough to have the usual socual attachment awautung hum when he returns to Havana j 'V Football Hockey 1 V Basketball , . v u rr ' , , ." rr 1 , -. , - ,- - - , . ' . . . . . , , . . . Wllllam Heckman Northampton Penna Wllllam Hellman Wlldwood N 1 WILLIAM HECKMAN WILLIAM HEILMAN I muh I could but I rant Heckman IS lust our llttle play boy If he wlshes to lntroduce some varl ty he retlres to hlS locker and flnds somethlng to eat Certalnly one could not call hlm the root of a I evlls but here may be found the source of some of the dlsturbances He alded the football team by block lng the Ilne wlth hlS glgantlc flgure Football Be not too tame but let durletzon be your tutor The Slghf of the Chevrolet usu ally lmplles that Hellman IS com lt IS lmposslble to say exactly wheth er he IS comlng to school or comlng to see one of the coeds Herbert went home Wlfh hlm one week end and both came back allve Wlth such compatlblllty students are cer ta n that he wlll experlence no great amount of dlfflculty Debatlng Wlg and Buskln ' 0 ylf - 2 , - n ' ing. As the year is drawing to a close, A . l K THE 1936 Francus jacksevlch Howard Klenle james Klock Bmghamton N Y Allentown Penna Easton Penna FRANCIS IACKSEVICH Wflaatt llae me 0 uonjnzg jazz IS that slow but sure lackadausucal lnduvsdual that we watched on the basketball floor last wmter He has dnvlded has sprung between baseball and tennns He us hoplng to go to the Unlversuty of Chucago to study law Has fznal decnsuon wlll be made after a complete mvestlgatlon of any possuble study hall system whlch mught produce recurrent dustaste Basketball Tennus Baseball HOWARD KIENLE The posltuon whuch he holds among the student body was represented bv the selectlon There may be somethung to encourage hum and drvert his own mmd Two years have passed since he flrst came to the school Debatung Presudent of Student Body Student Councsl Alprescho Staff Socnal Commnttee JAMES KLocK wx Dzd yur new fee a dream 1zali1r1g9 jum us one of the Easton boys who fund nt a llttle dnffrcult to remam here over the week end Quute often he ambles toward the Rosemark to grab a snack To attend Lafayette and study mednclne ns a dream of has which IS approach mg the point of unltnatnon It ns the consensus of oplnron that he should take fufty per cent of the pet populatnon wlth hlm . "Diligef1fe IIIIHI bring ,rzzrfef.f." I D V! I V V ' - , :fl aw SEN IORS FAREWELL AINTLY wall the memory of the entrance unto Allentown Preparatory School lmger nn the mnnds of every sensor wnth the passage of years Now you wall take your exit through the very door whlch you entered You wlll say farewell to your friends an the same place that you met them The emotional chaos caused by the severance of wholesome fellowshup will umpress every sensor The door swings outward toward bugger flelds for which you have been preparung Your student lnfe has been completed here but you wull fund at lrnposssble to obllterate the mental and physical remembrances of the days you spent here There may come a day when each sensor wlll have an opportunity to wlll welcome these vusltatlons Others wlll full the seats that you occupied but they wnll be unable to take those places Fmally the school has meant somethnng to each one These thmgs at wnll be your duty to enforce ln the days to come the four corners of the world wnll resound with the standards set by Allentown Preparatory School You have recenved but you may be called upon to guve In case of need your school wnll come to you her fanthful sons and daughters return to these walls, to these halls, and to this campus. Naturally the school 1 QZMMX MWWWQLWCM UJQ WW 11? Fnlbur Kuhns Allentown Perma ohn Kullk Allentown Penna Z 5 ww FILBUR KUHNS IOHN KULIK Hn afzltf lze gently on bmi out of school Phll has shown hum self to be a true man He has kept up well an has class yet he mann tanns an enviable athletuc record nn basketball and baseball Qunet and conscientious as he ns there IS little doubt that he wull succeed at Get tysburg I V Football Basketball Baseball Foot a To uork IJ lo ru BI johnny has been a student and football player for two years at Prep Durmg that txme he has mann tanned an lmmense following among the students lf you want a thrill ask htm to tell you some of hns un dertakmg experiences Undertaklng IS a job which most of us want no part of but john thinks It IS the tops Hockey Football ' ' 1 r Pl F A - f l-Q , X I W' f H ,x f . V . .,, rr , . ' 5 HI ."' As an earnest worker both in and b uf ' ' ' ' ' ' ' fa ,Zbwlzafws Fredenck Kunz Phuladelphua Perma Frances Leonard Allentown Penna fwfr 4c.Awwfs FREDERICK KUNZ FRANCES LEONARD A tbmg 0 beauty 11 a joy orevef From the hulls of Phuladelphua comes thas athlete Apparently has stay at Prep has been profitable un with has new freedom there IS qunte some speculatnon just what wnll hap pen He as a good student and as any coach would say a sweet ath lete Thus IS a rare combunatuon Football I V Basketball Baseball Socnal Committee Varslty Basketball ALPRESCHO Wudom 11 PIOIIIIJLIIOIIJ nz Jlzouemzg ber gl Lf There are few people like Frances anywhere Slnce she was the first naturally be remembered You wall not fund her a vnctum of carcum stances but a maker of events Thmgs just happen when she as present Needless to say she as a very good student and she has won the admlratlon of all by her display of broad knowledge Prep could hope for no better representatlve Debatung Student Councnl Socnal Com mnttee Tennns Team Alprescho Staff '5- 4 fy ll V fr ' f' ' ' f an re '. ' . ' . . ' V, .' in rnore Ways than one. Next year coed to graduate, her name would a WM mllmflflvf Mayw- Tutus lVluller Lebanon Perma George Morutz Allentown Penna TITUS MILLER GEORGE MORITZ A lztile lmnuefzue nou and zh 11 felzulaed bj the beuf 0 men lf there us such a thung as a wut ty Dutchman here he us One wull fund hum always ready wuth a snappy comeback Thus art has made hum the lufe of the German and Englush classes Besudes standung hugh un hus studues he us actuve un all our or ganuzatuons I V Football I V Basketball Glee Club Hockey Wug and Buskun Wnge zuoweu and rang make men 0 ur all After receuvung hus prelumunary traunung at Valley Forge he returned here as a day student He us a fruend of the coeds and us reputed to be a luttle surpruse package un chemustry class Thus specumen of Hercules and of Venus has demonstrated hus abul uty to have hus way when the oppo sute sex us consudered Baseball N ' It ,l ' l ll - . u I ' Wing' X ls? " ' 3 ' ' e , if " " . ' , L f Rlchard Neel Nazareth Perma Robert O Nell Hyannls Port Mass gldwi Wg N, RICHARD NEEL ROBERT O NEIL Oh uoman per er! 1407114717 Wim! a dzflraf 11022 l The way of least resustance s thzngs The boys owe everything they ever made to hum lf there IS a gurl nn Allentown whom he doesn t know It IS her fault Labeled as one of Andy Leh s proteges he played a nnce game of football untll he was dlsturbed by optical Illusions The orugmal campus kld IS also a ten nus player of note as he has shown us thus sprung The fleld of journal psm has always fascunated hum slnce the days he was a newsboy Football Tennus Basketball PRESCHO Le! J put out the lzgbtx and go to Jleep The edltor nn chief IS always fast sleep The frequent question the reply Oh he s asleep Cer talnly any nndlvldual who can pass through Infe calmly and unexcltedly ns to be envned he never gets mad never gets exclted and always has the same good word for someone lt ns no exaggeration to say that he IS one of the best luked fellows rn the school Although hrs accent ns the campus joke he passes the lnbes by lightly Duke University has been unstructed to make a bed for hum Football 1 V Football Hockey I V Basketball Socual Commnttee Alprescho Debatnng Y o V , - ' l f '1'-J, ,ixji J V 7-' .. . ' f x ., , . x. 'g t- l rr Y ,f . , rr ' ' H l l a . ' , "Red'S" WaY Of aCC0ml3l'5l"'n8 "Where's O'Neil", invariably brings A 2.5 Mlchael Orncko Bethlehem Perma Ha rrls Reed Rutland Vt Qefeff' V11 MICHAEL ORICKO HARRIS REED A menzer man I have never Jpent an hoary Ialk uzllml Behold' An example of an over worked sensor He contends that the faculty has not assugned nearly enough home work during thus year s vacation Although Make was In clmed to take thmgs easy In class he certamly was a hard worker on the football freld Mike us sure to get along with has cheerful dssposs tron and we all wnsh hum luck Football He haf done flae uork 0 4 hue man He doesn t luke to be called Har ras so the gurls call hum Harris But don t let the name mislead you underneath the monucker hes one of our proudest specumens and hard est workers Wnth all has outsude ac tuvutues one gets the :mpressnon that Reeds all busmess but we know that hns own gay good natured self ns hidden under thus pnle of busmess and when nt comes up for alr watch out Duke as to prepare for a law career at Muddlebury next year Football Basketball Debatmg Alprescho Social Commnttee Student Councnl Class Treasurer , . , . jf , fp I fYF FP . " , . . 'I 7 V' V! f v . ' ! . . l ' . . . l . , . v . , . ' I .. H . .-s 5 D . I ! . v JAP'-' uw Rlchard Refovvlch Bethlehem Perma Walter Rodln Hyannus Mass mawdifwwf RICHARD REFOWICH WALTER RODIN I ualk Inztlozlbled Ill the uowded urzy Ref rs our amateur scuentnst He mauntarns hrs own laboratory and IS keenly Interested In medlclne and bacternology Ref plans to enter Vrllanova next year to study pre med Because of hrs constant unter est rn sclence and of hrs astoundmg meducmal vocabulary together wrth hrs pleasing personality rt IS a fore gone conclusion that he wrll make doctor of the best order Alprescho Student Council ALPRESCHO Ize ,got Iboxe home agam blue! Rod as one of the burnt boys from the Cape He played football last fall but hes spent the rest of the year trying to figure how to get home early Rods greatest de lrght IS knockrng Nlcks ears off every now and then to keep an shape He hasnt made any defnlte plans for next year but he wall prob ably study electrrcal englneerrng somewhere near home Football 1 V Basketball , . Q , . , , A , . ', xy D " r . ' .. , ," f' ', I ' H sa v- - - Q H yy . H ,- . . . . . , - as ua . . - 1- 1 U . . . . . . 1 . . . , . , . , - - 0 . . r . , . . . - ' un lrlll 42wm.Jm7f.,1 Vifzadf Walter Sanford Hyannis Mass ohn Silva Hyannis Mass T'Q-- ..4.f'C4'-1-a M, M 1109, awww rua -4.41114 7777 WALTER SANFORD IOHN SILVA Steaduzeff IJ a urine Lel hun eat rake I R114 5 j tent workers and is a leader both in and out of class While he ranked high in everything he took first prize in letter writing Sanford S toughest job this year was getting his roommate up for breakfast Butt plans to go to Boston Col lege next year so it will be an easy hop home week ends Football Debating Student Council Al prescho Provincetown Mass Hell try to tell you the Pilgrims landed there but don t believe him john never misses Sunday night church and he can always get a date at Dubbs Me morial john was active in athletics and maintained a good scholastic average He is going to take up ad vertlsing at Duke next year I V Football I V Basketball Hockey Tennis M . A 5, L . ' If' 4 - 'w . 1 Q S 'l ' r 01 i I QA ,, . . I., ,, - .. I . . "Butt" is one of our most consis- "Moxie" originally came from Robert Spangler Lebanon Penna Wllllam Statler Bethlehem Penna rem Med' -L9fvu.fvosA,1-Jgcf' 0'-aw-A ROBERT SPANC-LER My Glenn IJ you: Glezm Clelm comes from Lebanon hates thunder storms and thunks Hershey Penna as the nuts Who IS thus Kltty Lou? Hls buggest trouble thus year was trymg to convmce the Massa chusetts group that Pennsylvanla was a state Bob plans to take up architecture at Rutgers next year He ll make good because he s a dup lomat and a scholar Clee Club Socual Committee Alprescho WILLIAM STATLER A Helld 11 :with all Ike laazaldf ue mn um Bull IS a real fellow to know He has found tume to take part In just Athletucs studres and socnal func tlons have all been the same to Bull He plans to enter Carnegle Tech where he wlll take up aeronautical englneermg Good lu k Bull a d may success contnnue wuth you Football I V Basketball Debating Al prescho 1 " , ' ' , . ' .H ' fr 'H , . . V, , l ' ' H ' about everything that came along. ' ' ' ' ' . c , ' , n A R ' 29 OW so 19 Wnlllam Swlngle Chevy Chase Md Hyannus Mass 7 Cf 15+-fwfr f WILLIAM SWINGLE GEORGE TSI KNAS Good nature brmgf man? rzendi Swmg was the boy who had charge of those rhythm club meet ungs on the thurd floor between ten and ten thlrty thus year He held forth on has saxophone whsle the rest of the boys accompanued hum on bed sprlngs desks chaars etc After completmg a law course at the American lnstntute In Washington he will ,om the law flrm of Swm gle Swlngle and Swmgle I V Football Hockey Tenns Her Zlae dumzmer man nz the band Iadge IS the rhythm kung of the school He holds a furst mortgage on Mealeys He ns one stellar foot ball player and intends to come back next year and show Ken Stnlley how football IS played on the clamflats Benng from Cape Cod he has two strikes on hum before he starts Mr Waller ns sendmg ham to Germany thus summer to study Englzsh Football , . 0 I lj u I ' ll as K U09 1 q ,K 1 , , ff ff I . .' ,f ' .H 'f 'K . . A" .t . H U I, . . , . It H . ' I I . ! ' I I I - . . , , i. George Tsnknas f Llp Frederuck Uhler Easton Penna George Unger Easton Penna FREDERICK UHLER Ambmofz not me You kzzou what happened to Caelar The Easton fashion plate There nsn t a week goes by wnthout Fred breaklng out wlth something new un the way of clothes Fred hasn t decuded where hell go to college but judging from hls personal In terest nn Hess Brothers hell prob ably end up ln that good little school across the campus 1 V Football I V Basketball GEORGE UNGER To dll lI0fIJlI1g Il 171 3173711 Illdll I Oll Fl George IS one of the most popu lar of the day students He IS al ways wlllung to take the boys for a rude up around Bowmanstown George was most active thus year on the athletic field excellmg un foot ball and basketball I-le hopes to en ter Muhlenberg next year This as good news to Garcua Football Basketball f 'f ' y Vfyf' ' ff' W K K A ' A 3l THE ld'-1f'1 0-wwf Louis Vllottl Phrladelphua Penna lack Ward Phvlllpsburg N l Og 01,-. JJA LOUIS VILOTTI lACK WARD 0 f ,"! ' , at ,ft I1 , fl ' YI 1-I ll' ' X , n 1 0 H 'SA . l N , ft ' "Pleas-111'e before bll.liII6J'.Y-dill'dJ'.l'.N "A Jemible and .l'llt'L'E.l',fflll man." I I ' - f ll. ' ' ' . - - 1 u I 4 u - . - , 3' , . The prude and joy of South Phnlly Lou came saw and conquered as far as Allentown IS concerned He was active un athletucs debatmg and was a member of the Natuonal Honor Socuety Since he has made so many frlends here Lou figures he wlll come back to Muhlenberg next a Football Basketball Baseball Debatung Soclal Comrmttee Student Councul N tuonal Honor Society Vlce Preszdent lack IS one of the quletest boys In the dorm We have It from a con fldentzal source that he just lnves for those week ends at P burg Be Ing a serlous mlnded sort of nnduvl dual he has been able to work whsle others play and thus accounts for hrs creditable scholastic shownng La fayette IS has chouce for a school of hngher learnlng where he wull take pre med Hockey Manager of Baseball Frank Welskel Allentown Penna Franklln Wolfe Allentown Penna FRANK WEISKEL Tmze lr neue: Ins! tba! ll dezoled In .fflldj Tame IS preclous to Frank and he makes good use of It Has years at Prep certalnly have not been wasted He has managed to take an actlve part In our student organizations besides rankmng furst In studies Frank wlll enter Muhlenberg next fall where he will prepare for the mlmstry Student Councul Debatlng Secretary of Student Body Natlonal Honor Society - PRE 0 1 JP M -4:11 'HJMA FRANKLIN WOLFE The len 0 zlozk rfholar Footer IS the cause of all the trouble at noon tume among the dorm students lf you get hut with a water bag you can be sure he had somethung to do wuth It Hrs mam contrubutlon thus year has been hls football explolts where he stood out luke a beacon We dont know what Footer has planned for next fall but he wall make a sweet foot ball player for someone Football .L 33 ra g :J ' ci '7 y, , r al Q , XX X f l H, f ' , l V f fb' - rl . L ,L tl f fdfaj .fx I' 1. ,F ls r ' 1 " ' lf iw F' F S ff ' ' V, . I I U ', , A-v . KA Il I y . . , I tl Pl I .I . , ' , . SOCIAL ACTIVITIES HE students formally gathered for the fnrst dance of the year whnch was held nn the gymnasnum Musnc was furnished by Mnlt Lowey and hls orchestra Parents were Invited to the dance and they were accom modated at the school for the week end Slnce thus begunnmg there have been parties and dances almost monthly The climax of the year wnll f course be the Sensor Farewell which wall be held at the Lehlgh Country Club The Parents Organuzatuon has sponsored several socnal events for the school These events have particularly appealed to the younger boys To one party held In the wmter tnme the entlre student body was mvuted but the These partaes are usually under the dlrectlon of Mrs I-I L Keuper The Muhlenberg Auxullary was entertalned by the school during the rr-onth of Aprul After an entertaunment presentatron by the students the members Inspected the dormltory rooms and a commlttee of them selected the best room The football banquet was the occaslon for the awarding of the letters A few of the alumna returned for the evening and some of the parents were present One more banquet lungers In the mmd of every student Thls was practlcally the last meal the students had together before the Easter holidays when the school orchestra staged a performance In addltlon to the regular afternoon schedule every Saturday the smaller poys were taken on a doggie roast to Hess farm They hiked part of the dns tance but the group were only too eager to rude back ms :sr :sr in, Emi :nm an :rs :rr EIEILIJ C I h O 1 3 . - ' O last one which was held during May was restricted to the dormitory students. 44' I I I I u CLASS WILL O THE strauns of the funeral dlrge that maketh the aged thunk of thenr own few remannung days and turn their thoughts to among other thnngs the bequestrng of theur earthly possesslons to those near and dear to them we the Class of l936 do hereby make our last wnll and testament o all underclassmen we leave our aversion to study To the juniors we leave our varnous methods of getting In and out lghts to wut ' my back work us made up I haven t been out thns week m no campused m going to church These methods usually work If they don t try thus Cet someone to sleep an your bed lor umprovnse some other dummyl take off your shoes and leave by the back stairs go across the tennns courts to Lnberty Street and freedom try to reslst taking sngns lanterns and breaking street 'amps lto avond Reed s unpleasant experuencel When you are ready to reenter school precaution IS unnecessary as the profs wnll not leave their feather beds Dont forget to pound on the doors To all underclassmen the prnvulege of playnng the radro at all hours IS ccorded Precautions must be taken however for there are three rooms on each swntch Be sure that the lights are turned out rn these rooms before thrownng the hall swatch after the curfew hour When a light bulb burns out we leave all students the rlght to take the bulbs from the chapel the gym or the halls To all students we gave the r ghr to perpetuate the abulutres of those graduating For a complete lust consult the custodian of the Berg gym on Chew Street Wutnessed By several lBoth of usl TITUS MILLER HOWARD KIENLE wwnin-1 n v -uvvvrx-p-fn.: 4 ua .mins .M 1 nun-ax: xr A L P RTS CMFVO .1 3' ' ?"'pl.v lt" -YFTENQ-F ' "" ' ' ""I'n'KaJqbl"-f '1 . ' I ' . 1 ,v r I 417:11-T 4 ' ' ' ' T . , . n' , ' 1 "Al. ' " "No, I haven't any D's" "No ' ' " nl. T .. a . ' , CLASS CALENDAR corylmemcery ew Acrlymes Thursday 6 DO P M june llth E19 Alumni Plcnrc l-less Farm Friday 9 OO P M une l2th Q Saturday 5 OO P M une l3th enlor Farewell Dance Lehlgh Country Club Class Day Exercrses School Chapel Saturday 8 OO P M une l3th Oratorucal Contest School Chapel Sunday 3 30 P M une l-4th baccalaureate Servuce Muhlenberg Chapel Rev Frank M Urlch DD The Evangellcal Lutheran Church of the Trunnty Phnladelphla Pa Monday 8 OO P M une l5th Commencement Exercises Cameron Beck Durector ot New York Stock Exchange lnstntute New York Cnty 'All Events on Daylght Sa ng Tmel . f, I . .,l . 2 , .,l , 2 , .,l CLASS PROPHECY ECENTLY our friend and bartender Red Neel communed wnth the ethereal spuruts Wuth no persu snon whatsoever he was transported to the land of the future twenty years hence Probably he had just been stunned by the repercussnons of a French recntatnon At least some drowsiness tnot an unusual thlngl assalled hum Fnnally he was awakened by a verntable babel of a crowd and he saw before hum a beautuful town Standnng above the rest of them was a marvel of twentneth century archntecture Inquiry revealed that It was the new bunldnng of the Allentown Preparatory School A glance showed that It was surrounded by a beautiful campus of fnve hundred acres contannlng a stadlum a large outdoor swimming pool and an outdoor theatre where they were plannnng to hold the graduatlon exercises of l956 Another bunldlng to the left harmonized wnth the new development Thls proved to be the junior School All of the Class of 36 had returned to the campus Harrss Reed a well known International lawyer greeted vlsltors In the luxuriously furnished receptnon room whnch had been glven the school by Ruchard Refowlch the outstandnng physlclan because of has discovery of a cancer cure Howard Knenle head of the chemistry department of Columbua was conversing with Francis jacksevuch head of the A P S chemistry department over the failure of the former s son In the basement room Bartkuewuecz was to be found guvung off a cloud of smoke and telling Tsuknas that the new type of beer would nncrease the appetite Certaunly thus :nformatlon would be a boom to the restaurant buslness Caslmlre apparently had assumed the duties of supernntendent of the grounds after the retirement of Pop On the wall of hrs office was nangnng a picture of Major General Bachman who had just annlhnlated the army of Mars A glance at the newspaper on the desk revealed an artncle featuring Robert O Nell who had been gnven an honorary degree by Harvard because of hns recent commentary on Caesar Passing from here to the dlnmg room Robert Spangler was seen with has wnfe the Hershey heuress Music was being furnished by Mlchael Orncko nd has Southslders Whnle the orchestra was taklng a recess john Sllva now a big buslness magnate of the Northern Airways turned on the radzo Louns Vnlottn was glvung a short wave broadcast from the moon He had ecently gone there wnth Frances Leonard and Carl Drew nn an attempt to determlne the feasubulnty of nntroducung a new type of amusement called rtlsta lt had been nnvented by Walter Rodin A few words of a closmg conversatlon revealed that Unger and Kunz were leavung the room They had decided to vusut the Lyruc for the l - at nu - v , . W . . on , . n 1 v - . . , ' , , 1 1 v v - - ' x . v - nn an . . I . . . . . . . v . . n u ' 'V -1 . . c. . , , , . r . ci . . afternoon The muslclans returned to thelr places and a few more of the class returned to the dance floor Heckman a jolly bachelor was trylng to sell Hellman a second hand arrplane Dotter who IS coachrng football at Notre Dame was advrslng hlm to the contrary because lt had formerly been owned by Doc Ward who had been ID a very serlous crash The passage of tame had not changed the class much As the roll was called lt was found that there were two absent Sanford was unable to attend because he was taklng has long awalted honeymoon Srnce hrs frrst love affaur had been somewhat of a fallure he was rather reluctant to renew advances to the opposlte sex He had been marrued by Father Carcua the Father Coughlrn of Latun America Flowers for the wedding were donated by Wllllam Swnngle attorney general of the Unlted States A trademark revealed that they had come from the Phoebe Florusts Moving toward the recreatlon room Adams and Welskel were found Wenskel has startled the world wlth has llberal vnew on unuversal rellglon Has conservatnve munusterlal frnend Rev Adams has strongly objected to lt Kullk and Wolfe have wuthdrawn to the mantel where they were orugnnally dlscusslng a picture Both of them are In the undertaking work Kuhns us eated at a table tryung to wrlte an artlcle for the forthcomlng edutlon of the nation s leading law journal He has at hand a book on soclety and nts problems that was wrltten by Frederuck Uhler Klock comes In by a back door wlth an rmmense cat lt us one of the rare varletles he has succeeded In rarslng Thus hobby at us reputed has made hum very wealthy ln fact rt IS a question whether he or Wllluam Statler the Inventor of the newest desugns rn alrplane motors has the more money ,. W. I . ' seated on a sofa discussing the new book by the latter. lt seems that Dr. Best Loolamg best Dressed l-lomelnest Most Popular Lwzlest Wnndlest Best Football Player Wnse Guy SENIOR SUPERLATIVES Best All Around Athlete 'Vlost Comucal Best Basketball Player lvlost Cortcelted Best Baseball Player Biggest Blutter Bnggest Eater Blggest Sleeper Most Studlous ALPRESCHO ' ....,. i Reed lVl ller Wolfe Reed Orlcko Orncko Wolfe Drew Vulottl Tsllmas Kubns Spangler Vllottu Nee Bartklevvuecz Kurtz Wenskel CLASS HISTORY RADUATION day IS here It IS the day which we have long been an tvclpatlng For the fnrst tame an many years the graduates wall wear caps and gowns We are very proud to be the group that as starting thus custom agann After the results of the year have been analyzed we fund that our group has made some nmpressron upon the pages of hnstory Throughout the year lt has been the sensors who have been pavnng the way Maybe thas ns because of greater numbers but we like to say that lt IS because of our superuorlty We are proud that some day our great abnlnty may reenforce the fame of the school Scholastic honors wull go to two deserving members of the class Frank Wenskel wall be valedrctoraan and wall use Educatnonal Advancement as the theme for has discussion Mlss Frances Leonard wall be the salutatorlan and she has selected for her theme the Mutual Appreclatlon of Young Men and Women Wuth Mr Edmund Arner as the class advnser we have been able to successfully cope wnth the problems of the year Many tsmes our duscusslons nd meetings have become particularly excutung The year has passed and as ue leave thus campus we are golng to forget our troubles and petty disturb ances With the true spnrlt of frnendshup each one wall say farewell to hls f lassmates --1 - . - t E1 . l . . , - ' v Recreatlon for the body and mmd ns obtained In thus social center lt ns here where the mmd has a chance nts vutal functlon After eatmg the boys usually drvft to the recreatnon hall where they spend theur few re mammg moments unhl study hall begms l to relax while the stomach assumes I J' A ' ,link I 9 . fffwx I HW JUNIOR CLASS HOYE BRANDENBURG GEORGE IORGENSEN Myersvllle Maryland Brooklyn New York WILLIAM FOX SYLVIA SONTAG ARTHUR IACOBS WILLIAM GIBSON Bmghamton N Y Allentown Pennsylvania Q Ocean City, N. I. Allentown, Pennsylvania HISTORY S A group we expect that our numbers wlll be consnderably xncreased durung the comlng school year Scholastuc honors tor the period wall probably go to our coed member lvllss Sylvra Sontag Wrlllam Fox IS one ot the oldest ones In the group when has Prep School age rs considered mate Wllllam Clbson Brandenburg as the most rustic of the class Hns tarmlng and agriculture are favorlte topucs for dlscusslon lorgensen and lacobs are the two sleeplng roommates lacobs IS the playboy ot the campus but he has been of remarkable asslstance as a member of the cullnary staff Pll of the group plan to be on hand when the fall term opens In order that they might ard the newcomers In making the proper adjustments Throughout the year everyone has had something to do wnth the progress of the school lorgensen plays the vlolln rn the orchestra and Fox IS the drummer man Mass Sontag has been a contributor to the Alprescho a mem ber ofthe debating team the dramatxc club and the student councll Clbson had alded the advertusnng manager of the yearbook In securlng many lnser tions Brandenburg as the man who runs the Thnrd Floor Tonsorlal Parlor f . l-le has been at the school for three years. l-le shares this honor with his class- THE 19 SOP!-IOMORE CLASS HISTORY LTI-lOUCl-l our class is the smallest of the lower classes. we have managed to figure prominently in most of the school affairs, Sports have not taken much of our time, but we have given our services in c-ther activities such as debating, Schneider employed his natural talent in forensic efforts, and Roggeveen was the boy wonder of the debating team. lt is said that the only criticism was the difficulty experienced in getting him o bed Campbell is the quiet member of the group and represents the cul tural side l-le was manager of the junior varsity football team The other lassmate l-lerbst is a jovial day student When we return next fall we hope to find a few additions to our class With th s augmentation it is our hope that we can display our true worth in studies sports and social affairs J . . l . ' L , , . ,, it . -i a---, -u-ufqnm-an faw c . . A c:.n.n.-naman. A., i, . A--.y.'i.1- fam, CMP? M Sophomore Class ALLAN CAMPBELL ROY HERBST Hackensack N I Allentown Pennsylvama VINCENT ROCCEVEEN MURRAY SCHNEIDER New York N Y Easton Pennsylvania ALBERT SCHMOYER Allentown Pennsylvanna ALPRESCHC M 79 n Wykiwx pf X be 'S BIKE Y X Al ,X : :fe-J. I vxmefeaz,-wma. .-I ,F 1 I ! L Qt itl v manage, I N , N M' N f 1 , ff I ff,- L3 C43 Freshman Class MARGARET AFFLERBACH HELEN SMITH Allentown, Pennsylvania Allentown, Pennsylvania WILLIAM DelCARMEN NICHOLAS CAPUTO Guatemala, Central America Brooklyn, N. Y. EDWARD SHIFFLER HOWARD MARGOLIS Yeadon, Pennsylvania Philadelphia, Pennsylvania ROBERT BOHRER ELDON WEBB Allentown, Pennsylvania Norwich, N, Y. GEORGE KUENNETH ETHEL HETKO New York, N. Y. Bethlehem, Pennsylvania .xf4!rpnv-yaAwi:, nfznm'K--wvrvfme-fe--ff' -fx-:Mae-2-iifufffw 'mv-'wmv--s+"41"f wsvws' 'ff"1'1e-'lv' ""' " V 'H""" " Prem- M 1-as eesvv."'r'feee1vxm1mx:: mzazzrcaxzxmwsuxasai ewmammma- mmsv .xi-,NMAv,.v , , e,v.mLnnx.:e:-1.-V-ma 1c'umfn1azz::ras:xs:aziz1'..a4zZm.'wn:a:1'n- mrnvzzsxsgvsrnfw.-' :S-.42imzx:15aa:in'Uam11-u. ,1 rmms.mmsm,.r4,.nmx1xl. ugg,-11'-auf-.:1,x:,.1.. -, ,A , M f.14m.rvJ,w:..-snmau:i,,amm:nW.,1'f-YIISIKS-Zr',1If-G'-LUIS-swliaifthlmmn 46 fggpf-vw . . . --r.--a- nc,-.1 . i FRESH MAN CLASS HISTORY E, THE Class of '39, look forward with pleasure to next year when we shall take our places as sophomores. Throughout the present year we have taken a large part in the school activities. Usually we have been the butt of the jokes hurled by the older students, but that will terminate with the close of this year, Our group is the largest one of the underclasses. If we were outstanding for no other thing, it would be the two coeds. DelCarmen is our contribution to the schools athletic activities Last year he was the best all around student in the lunior School. Bohrer and Caputo are two other graduates of the lower department. "Nick" has the typical Brooklyn accent and has been able to consistently keep the best room in the dormitory. Webb and Shiffler are competing for the hand of one of the girls, but DelCarmen has the inside track. Shiffler consequently took up tennis in which he had a ghost of a chance. Kenneth is the little mischief maker and l-lerbert's closest friend. Margolis tries to avoid the pitfalls, but as a new- comer he hasn't been very efficient. We find our friend Bohrer to have great ambitions along aeronautical lines. One glance at the opposite sex will reveal Miss Smith to be the pugilist and Miss Afflerbach the charmer. A L P R"'EL'S C 47 of-l"'A EDWIN ARNER RODNEY ARNER Presudent 2nd Semester Presldent lst Semester JUNIOR SCHOOL HE new year has seen the enrollment of our class double Thus year It has been possible to malntann our own athletic teams gym periods and class organnzatnon At the close of each semester offucers were elected Rodney Arner was presldent for the flrst semester and he was succeeded by has brother for the last half of the year As a group we plan to make some ontrnbutuon to the school The Upper School represents those boys nn the seventh and enghth grades Three of our number lKeuper R Arner and E Arnerl were mem bers of the class last year Stewart as followlng ln the footsteps of hns orother When speaking of the remalnnng three members our thoughts turn to Ocean Cnty and Philadelphia Walker ss the lrttle boy of the class who has no dlfflculty wuth hus lessons Locy IS the roommate of Craft but that doesn t seem to have affected hum The sage of the ages us Greene Aald who has been tryvng to outstrup has predecessors Socrates and Plato whom he avudly reads The Lower School ns constatuted of those boys below the seventh grade Some call them llttle trouble makers lt as usually the practice that what one does the rest wlll do lukewnse Mappus IS the Head Masters nephew Vlg neron Craft and Strrckler usually team together for good or bad james and Campbell form a slmllar comblnatuon hx 5- " .0 t - r F . . t, . . , . , . ' I . . . - t ' U . . . x 1 ' ' ' v r . . . . y . - , . M20 fiiffl' UPPER SCHOOL X! EDMUND ARNER HAROLD STEWART Allentown Pennsylvania Allentown Pennsylvania WILLIAM LOCY WARD KEIPER RODNEY ARNER THOMAS WALKER Allentown Pennsylvania Philadelphia Pennsylvania HERBERT OREENEWALD Ocean City N j 'yowfdzvfzvla Juni MJ 4 cwnacfhd wh, Wgbw 1 . . , ' 1. A l ' U 'C YY v' ' xv' y Drexel Hill, Pennsylvania Stroudsburg, Pennsylvania fl' - A S ' l A 9 l L ' I 49 av-uv l"1-I LOWER SCHOOL DARYL CAMPBELL WILLIAM STRICKLER RUDOLPH MAPPUS PALMER IAMES Allentown Pennsylvania Allentown Pennsylvania RICHARD CRAFT DeFOREST VIC-NERON Ambler Pennsylvania Philadelphia Pennsylvania l Allentown, Pennsylvania Philadelphia, Pennsylvania ACTIVITIES T H E 1 9 3 6 THE ALPRESCHO ROBERT O NEIL EDITOR The staff has been Indefahgable In IfS efforts to render assIstance The work was Indeed enjoyable and greatly prof Itable HARRIS REED BUSINESS MANAGER Hours have been spent In the fmanc IH of fhlS book FrIends of the school have gIven generously In order that ends hope you wIll show your apprecIatIon by your patronage Every fIrm wIth whIch students have transachons was can vassed G W De-LAWTER FACULTY ADVISER ThIs IS one book that really grew INTO a realIty over nIght We have trIed to meet the standards of former Alprescho publIcatIons . g . h . might be made to meet. As students I ax-ff' ITH the burning desure to publnsh a book the I936 staff assumed office early In the second semester Other school actlvltnes proved so presslng that lt was Impossible for It to start functlonmg until a few weeks before the close of school Luke most ventures of thus nature the mat ter of fmances played a very large part and necessitated great economy Staff members have exerted every energy they possessed to matervaluze their dreams The edutor has trned to reproduce an account of the year s events Howard Klenle Frank Welskel Frances Leonard Sylvla Sontag Trtus Muller Wrlllam Statler Vnncent Roggeveen Walter Sanford Frlbur Kuhns Richard Refowlch Rnbert Spangler Murray Schnelder EDITORIAL STAFF BUSINESS STAFF Assistant Ass: stant Assocnate Assoc nate Assocuate Assocsate Edntor Editor Editor Editor Edltor Editor Assocuate Edutor Assistant Buslness Manager Assocnate Busmess Manager Assocnate Busuness Manager Associate Busmess Manager Associate Busnness Manager . QQ, 5 I ,. fa 1 A L P R E S C H O NATIONAL HONOR SOCIETY MEMBERS FRANK WEISKEL TITUS MILLER CARL DREW FREDERICK KUNZ FRANCES LEONARD LOUIS VILOTTI Mr L F Hackemann Mr G W De Lawter Mr R L Waller Mr E C Arner Mr Carl Valedlctorlan Knauss Faculty Advlser The Natuonal Honor Socnety ns a scholastuc group correspondmg to the collegrate Phu Beta Kappa Thus as nts second year of exrstence Only a certam percentage of the upper class men are ellguble In the final evaluation of a candudate s record scholarship as not the only thang consldered It IS expected that the stu dent should represent an mdnvudual who had partlclpated nn the malorlty of the schools actlvltles It us also required that this student be regarded by the faculty as possessnng those necessary qualities which makes for character Faculty approval rs necessary for admnsslon to thus group I N v V 'X I ,L x .I I - . . . . . .. . . . . WIC AND BUSKIN CLUB OFFICERS Tntus Muller President Wnllnam Fox Vnce Presldent Margaret Afflerbach Secretary Helen Smith Treasurer Sylvla Sontag Dramatic Dlrector Mr Carl Knauss Faculty Adviser The actlvutles of the Dramatic Club have been handncapped to a certam lt was a modern verslon of Romeo and julnet Both the Englush and the Negro forms were employed The play was guven In the gymnasium as part of a program for the parents Several plays were studved with the purpose nn mnnd of enactnng a three act play An allegory on educatuon was presented at a meetlng of the Muhlenberg Auxllnary Fnlbur Kuhns and Frank Welskel had the leading parts lt was a comparrson of modern educatlon wlth that of the past ages Thus was wrntten and durected by Mr Raymond Waller l extent by the illness of Mr. Knauss. They presented one play during the year. l A L P R E 0 NATIONAL FORENSIC LEAGUE Wlth more than twenty students partucnpatlng un forenslc work the chool had the opportunuty to develop any possible talent A debatung schedule of thirty schools enabled thus number of students to partuclpate on the seven teams that were selected The hughllghts of the season were the two trips One had to be postponed durung the month of February but It was success fully completed durung the flood perlod The other trap Included a debating tour and the NFL State Tournament at Penn State College Throughout the eason the teams debated three questnons Soclaluzed lvledlcune League of Nations Entrance and the Lnmntatnons of the Powers of the Supreme Court Almost mndway un the season the school was host to the debaters of he eastern NFL region The Prep debaters and those of Lock Haven held a radio debate as the feature of the tournament All phases of forensic actsvn tees were available The same meetrng IS scheduled for the Prep campus dur :ng I937 The annual oratorlcal contest will be held during graduatlon week There wall be a sensor and a junior dnvuslon Last year Allen Stewart and Rod ney Arner were the prize winners In thelr respectnve duvnslons A o l 3 l It -4 ff' , N , M 5 . xx I . I km ,gf "' Q 1 tl. f PHI CHI MU CLUB Among the sclentusts Phu Chl Mu stands for pleasure and education To explain more fully the work to develop particular prolects and to become more fully acquainted wlth the local nndustrual plants are the alms of the group Years of successful exustence have made the fame of thus organuzatlon lastmg The group has regular monthly meetings and publlshes :ts own news oaper Dufferent projects are worked out by the members Although the group IS not fraternal or secret IH the sense of the word as at us usually em ployed there us an nnntnatnon requared of all members The great event of the fear IS the club s banquet OFFICERS Robert Adams President Titus Muller Vuce President Margaret Affle bach Secretary Mr Carl Knauss Treasurer and Adviser MEMBERS Wlllnam ox George Kuenneth Wnllnam C-ubson jack Noble William DelCarmen Roy Herbst Ward Kemper Robert Bohrer Helen Smlth Wllluam Locy preydem Vu cent Roggeveen jack Ward C, C y is g ., aft " Ci V gg -42'-ff rv' A I ff? ALPRESCHO THE CLEE CLUB ORCHESTRA The outstanding part of the Clee Club IS the male quartet whlch has glven several raduo performances lt has also appeared at various school func tions Led by Mr Henry Stermer It has progressed quite well MEMBERS Robert Spangler Wllllam Bachman Michael Orlcko Tntus Muller Another musrcal organlzatlon that came Into existence thus year IS the Prep School orchestra lt has played for several of the school s functions An 'attempt was even made to provlde dinner muslc on one occas on The orches rra was one of the furst organnzatuons to make use of the broadcastung facnln 'nes afforded the school by the local statlon MEMBERS Caslmlre Bartklewuecz Plano Wllluam Fox Drummer Wullnam Swmgle Saxophone George jorgensen Vnolun Howard Knenle Cultar I 1 9 6 1 l Tm TT Q M . Y , A 'l . - h ' X 2? ik ATHLETICS RESUME Charles C-arvenck Coach Wnlllam Fox Manager Thus fall boys from many of our eastern and New England states came to Allentown Prep to play football together as teammates for the first time Although the season had Its setbacks the boys all gave un spate of the great odds they worked against The games tned or lost were thrlllmg and keenly unterestlng and the season had many hughllghts Although the Prep gndders suffered defeat at the hands of the Albrnght Freshmen at Reading the Royal Purple twice held the year lungs for downs wlthm the flve yard lrne At West Pount agannst the Army Plebes the Preppers best defense was shown In the last quar ter when the boys forced the Army to lose ground on several occasrons and refused to yleld to any more scormg attempts Perhaps the most spectacular moments of the season were nn the night game agannst York Collegiate Institute when late In the last quarter the A P S grldders staged a powerful march down the fneld for the touchdown that tned the score Manager creditable accounts of themselves, A I ' 9 . ..evkw:i:-al:.f..iz...:.-sins: his -ciniiunr-are rw. Hu f.-1 -. Jvfpz. L-ar.. -Hui .1- 1pce f-.vga-1-1-on , , ..,,w.,,,. 4. ..-1.-mea . mul ,L 1-:nur H11 law ,-.M Schedule This year the Royal Purple had a schedule of seven games of whlch we tled two and lost tuve Albrlght Freshmen West Polnt Plebes Brown Prep Muhlenberg Freshmen York Golleglate Inst St Thomas Freshmen St Benedlcts Roster ALLENTOWN PREPARATORY SCHOOL VARSITY Name Posntlon Home l-larrls Reed George Tsrknas Rnchard Neel Carl Drew james Ford Walter Rodin Robert Behr Wllllam Heckman Franklln Wolf Walter Sanford Donald Wentzel Michael Orlcko George Graner lohn Kullk Fred Kunz Louns Vllottl George Unger Gaslmlre Bartkewucz Howard Dotter Edward Schrader Robert O Nell Fred Kuhns Robert Hertzog RESCFFU n n n F1 Tackle Tackle Tackle Tackle Guard Genter Guard Guard Guard Center Back Back Back Back Back Back Back Back Back Back Rutland Vt l-lyannls Mass Nazareth Pa Hyannls Mass Bnnghamton N Y Hyannls lvlass Allentown Pa Northampton Pa Allentown Pa Hyannls Mass Allentown Bethlehem Allentown Allentown Phlladelphla Phlladelphla Easton New Bedford Mass Northampton Pa Bethlehem Pa l-lyannls Mass South Whitehall Pa Allentown Pa A. P. S. ................................................... O ' ............ 33 A. P. S. ......,............................................ O ' ............ 39 A. P. S. ................................................... O ........................... O A. P. S. ................................................... O ...... 7 A. P, S. ................................................... 7 ' . .... .. 7 A. P. S. ................................................... O . ...... 20 A, P. S. ......,......................................,..... O . ' ' ..............,......... 30 ' .............................. ........................ E d ........................ ........................... . ' ..................... .............,.......... E d ........................ ..................... ' . ' ........................ ........................ E d ........................ ........................ , William Statler ,.,.,,.,,,,.,,.,,,,,, ..................... G uard ..................... ..................... B ethlehem, Pa , Pa ' ' ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,.,,,,, .............,....... .......................................... , P a , Pa ' ,,,,,,,,..,,,,.,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,.,, ..................... ..................... ..................... , P a ' ' , Pa ' ' ' ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, ..................... ..................... .................. ' ' , Pa , Pa 'il IUN IOR VARSITY FOOTBALL Under the able dlrectlon of john Dletrlch the junior varsity compiled an envlable record agamst some of the best opposltuon nn Allentown Hand: capped at the start because of lack of equupment the team through a wnllnng and co operative spurut fmally rounded unto a fast capable ball club of which he Prep was proud DeICarmen lacobs and jorgenson stood out all season but a lot of credut must be guven Garcia a Cuban who un spate of the fact that he had never played football before made a credutable showmg for humself Won 5 Lost l Tled l Ends Sllva Rodin Arner Swlngle Kelper Tackles Brandenburg Walker Fox Carcla Guards Uhler Kuhns Locy Stewart Kuenneth Center lacobs Backs lorgenson DeICarmen ONe1l Miller Noble Ed Amer Manager Allan Campbell 1 1 ' 1 1 4 ' - 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 - 1 1 1 1 - 1 1 1 ' 1 1 1 1 I 1 . . ' 1 1 1 1 1 - 1? QC? 'ill' 1 l UN IOR VARSITY BASKETBALL The junuor varslty basketball team under the dnrectuon of Goach Dnetrnch completed a fourteen game schedule wlth elght wlns and sux losses After a poor start droppang thenr turst fave games by close scores the team began clnckung and went through the rest of the season wnth but one defeat and thus In an overtime period The opposutuon comprised some of the fastest boys lubs nn Allentown and Easton Centers Walter Rodin Frederick Uhler Guards William Statler Robert O Nell Titus Muller Forwards Wnlllam DelGarmen George lorgensen Orenclo Garcia ohn Silva uam 1 -?'..I.g:a A t ti IQ f 'S A E l I 'G . . A ' ll 63 0 uh VARSITY BASKETBALL Charles Carveruck Coach Wulluam Fox Manager Coach C-averucks basketball quuntet enuoyed a faurly good season of vuctorues and surprusung upsets over strong competutuon regardless of the tact that there was only one veteran holdover from last year The boys unutuated the season wuth a bug vuctory over Wyomussung top pung the opposung crew 40 to 33 un a game whuch furnushed plenty of excute ment for the fans The Prep combunatuon hut on all cylunders from the openung whustle Another thruller was the contest wuth the Allentown Central Catholuc Hugh School un whuch the Royal Purple snapped the nune game wunnung streak of the Vukungs The Central Catholuc lads were handed theur furst defeat un no uncertaun way as the Prepers tlupped them un from ears ankles and hups to sew up the encounter wuth a score of 33 23 A sudden break paved the way for the healung of a breach un athletuc relatuons between Allentown Hugh School and Allentown Prep Desurous of fullung a last munute open date Hugh School offucuals contacted the Prep School and the game was arranged Although Prep lost as vuctums of a closung peruod scorung punch the game was hotly contested and decudedly close The t nal score was 27 24 Other unterestung contests wuth leadung schools rounded out the com plete schedule I I eg, ,C uf' - I C l l t l l 1 7 l l I 9 D 5 - . Z7Y7UUU'CUO4C7V'U mcfb-fgggglzscgo msgmmowm 5-m1D'7v:',E N Emcr7v3,,m3wmm -'mm -9-'YUIFD-144 3 E E 't rn F, 3- 3 N INDIVIDUAL SCORING ACHIEVEIVIENT Goals Fouls Total THE BASKETBALL SCHEDULE FOR l935 l936 DPJPDPJPJPJPJPDPDPJPJPJPDPDPDPDPJPDP 44 Wyomussung Penn Mlnlng Inst Gettysburg Frosh Pearce School Central Cathollc Allentown I-llgh Penn Frosh St Benedncts Freeland Lafayette Frosh Central Catholnc Wyomnsslng Penn State Branch Peirce School Temple Frosh Allentown Business IVlcC nn Wllson Borough I-I S RESC . . . . I7 8 ' .... 7 3 . . . . 23 I2 . , . . 41 30 ' ' . . . . 4 6 . . . . 37 29 ' .... 1 4 . . . . 8 4 . . . . 1 2 . . . . 27 8 . . . , 25 IO . I . . o 0 I .... 6 5 .P. s .... 40 ' ' . .P. s .... 39 " .P. 5 .... 21 .P, S .,.. 27 ' D. .P, S .... 33 .P. S .... 24 ' .P s .... I5 W . .P. s .... gg . - .P. s. . . - - .P, s .... I3 , .P s .,.. 21 A I .P, s .... 25 - .P. s ,... 31 .P s ..,. 25 ' . .P. S .... 27 .P. s .... 29 ' .P. s .... I2 B - .P. s. . . . 20 ' 8 I A I 65 TENNIS MEMBERS Casumure Bartkuewucz Edward Shutfler Francus jacksevuch Wulluam Swungle Ruchard Neel ohn Sulva Wulluam DelCarmen Robert Bohrer Assustant Manager Allentown Hugh Easton Hugh Lehugh Frosh Allentown Hugh Lafayette Frosh Palmerton Hugh Bangor Hugh Moravuan V Sprungfueld Hugh Lafayette Frosh Easton Hugh Readung Hugh Captaun Wyomussung Poly Cu W DeLawter Coach john Sulva Manager Wuth only a small nucleus of former Prep netmen to use as a basus for thus year s team Coach DeLawter set out to buuld up a wunnung aggregatuon Provudence took a hand how ever and sent A P S enough materual to make up the defucut The season started out wuth a bang Among Prep s vuctums we have proudly lusted the Moravuan College 1 V 's and Sprung fueld Hugh School Although the season us not far enough advanced to guve a complete re sume', Coach DeLawter looks forward to a successful season S l ' 0 A - 's h " I. A 4 V X: -r y lf 1 ul If 4 Q, I wp .vh- E lg A I u u u 2, .. . I . . . . . l .D .v li ' ALP PS PS 5? 4f"" I Resume Charles Carveruck Coach lack Ward Manager The Allentown Prep School baseball team got off to a decudedly bad start Due to the fact that the mauoruty of games were played after the year The season opened wuth a trup to New jersey where the lads encountered the hard huttung Pennungton School ball club Prep went down to defeat wuthout a run un uts favor Realuzlng that the Royal Purple lacked experuence and effectuveness Coach Carveruck arranged a practuce game wuth the Catasa qua Eagles Thus also resolved utself unto a sluggung match for the Eagles ln thus game Prep scored 1 s mutual run of the season THE BASEBALL SCHEDULE Aprul 8 Lafayette Frosh May ll Catasauqua Hugh Aprul 25 Pennungton Prep May I9 Penna Munung lnstutute Aprul 29 Catasauqua Eagles May 22 Brown Prep May 6 Lehugh Frosh May 29 Penna Munung lnstutute May 9 Coplay june 4 Coplay OFFICERS Wulluam DelCarmen Wulluam Fox Fred Kunz Arthur jacobs George lorgenson Wulluam Swungle Fulbur Kuhns Louus Vulottu Casumure Bartkuewucz Franklun Wolfe Manager lack Ward Assustant Manager lack Noble Assustant Manager Eldon Webb Francus jacksevuch Walter Rodun Carl Drew Murray Schneuder Wulluam Bachman RESCHO fl W3 1 - - 'f' A . gpm P' l 1 Y P6 v Rs' 'Q MTF ,gh-' Q ' K -f I Q P .R v C 4 , . T - Au A k J f - - u ' 4 book went to press all of the games cannot be summarized here. .. u THE 19 L VARSITY HOCKEY john Dletruch Coach Tom Walker Manager The wnnter season untroduced a new sport to Allentown Prep School thus year Due to the fnne facllltues offered by the frozen Cedar Beach pool katlng became a favorite pastime By popular demand however the boys spcrt A fast aggresslve :ce hockey team was organnzed and a schedule of three games was arranged and fulfllled Of these the Royal Purple skaters won one and lost two Many more games were pendlng but because of heavy snows and other lnclement weather the schedule was not completed MEMBERS john Kullk Hoye Brandenberg George jorgensen Wnlllam Swnngle john Snlva jack Ward Robert O Nell Tltus Muller Orencuo Carcla THE HOCKEY SCHEDULE P Allentown Hugh School P Allentown Hugh School A P Bethlehem Black Hawks fl under the able guidance of Coach Oietrich turned their rlecreation lnto a real A. . S. . . 3 ' . 2 A. . S. . . 2 ' . 4 . . S. . . O . 2 LOWER jUN IOR DEPARTMENT The separation of the upper and lower lumor departments thus year has been one of the moves made by the faculty towards more lnduvldual tralmng and nnstructlon The lower group has besides Its regular curricula actuvutues which carry over Into thenr play program such as model alrplane bulldnng Thus group has mamtamed an excellent scholastlc average and wuth nts extra curricula work has become an Integral part of the school program UPPER JUN IOR DEPARTMENT The upper punnor department took a more promment part nn outsnde actlvltles this year due to the forming by Mr Dnetruch of the junuor Varsity football team and the junnor Department basketball team Thus group was well represented on the l V squad but of course few games were played because of thenr slze The practnce sessuons auded un teaching the junuors manv valuable lessons whnch wnll be of use to them un later years Theur classwork was of nts usual hugh standard Il l I ' i 7 A P 69 l196 jUN IOR SCHOOL BASKETBALL The size of the junior School made it possible to organize a basketball team. lt was coached by lvlr. john Dietrich. Together with the assistance of jack Noble and the Amer brothers, the team was able to make a very good showing, The above-named three scored most of the baskets. Probably the outstanding game of the season was with Raub junior High School. Prep emerged victorious by a score of 46-9, Most of the teams in this class that were available were played. At the end of the season the record showed ten wins and three losses. ROSTER jack Noble William Locy Edwin Arner Ward Keiper Rodney Amer Edward Shiffler Thomas Walker Howard Margolis Harold Stewart George Kuenneth john D etr ch jun or Coach i , I I , i ' W r ' - u'!f ,, 1, 'I EAT ik-94, w, , an M -" , if -- - -nc, 1 -5 - 1, L . f-yfn.- -' 1 X , -- , Y' .11fm?',. -W , Q ..g '3'--4-f f .gif-r,, ,fav -,,r,,f- ' " - 1 '1, -4-"arf-14 11 V --.i Neff: . 4-A fm. 'es'-W-rp.-:'1' x . . : -ff, -1 ,. ,, . 1 'JA if p ' h 1. 111- :sf GS V A- , f :-f ,im iff:-ff-F. , 'mq ' "1 LM., . ar- ,., ' 5 1 ' 'Mfr-'fg',?'g.fL, " f " f."f'P.,, - ff ' w iv- vu , ' - 'Hi ' ' ' H' ' E19 2'z'f,.,4 ,Zi N UCIAI ION pjfsgzf Whse Mrs H L Keiper President Mrs Edwin Arner Vice President Mrs H V Stewart Secretary Mrs Ernest Schwind Treasurer After two years of SUCCGSSIUI existence the Parents Association has become an Important part of the school program Its aim IS to Interest the parents In the school activities and give them some Insight Into the methods employed for the education of their sons and daughters Meetings are held frequently at the school and occasionally they may convene at the homes of members The group has Increased In numbers since its Introduction Throughout the school year It has been of great assistance by furnishing the school with certain necessities and aiding IH various social events The faculty members are quite frequently called upon to lead discussions on edu cational problems at the meetings ALUMNI ASSOCIATION The Alumni Association has been IH continuous existence for many vears Under the leadership of Dr joseph Hummel It has made great progress curing the last seven years At the meetIng during the winter the following officers were elected OFFICERS Louls Albright President Scott Trexler . . Vice-President Robert E. Moyer Ir. . . Treasurer N. Stine Eckert . . Secretary Paul Cebert . Chairman of the Executive Board STUDENT BODY OFFICERS Howard Knenle Presldent Louls Vllottl Vuce President Frank Welskel Secretary Harris Reed Treasurer Presndent The student body as an organization us responsnble for certain student functions which lt sponsors Every effort IS made to glve the students an op portunutv to admnnuster a democratic system Through a cabmet and under faculty supervlsuon permlsslon has been extended to them to nnvestngate and punish misdemeanors on the part of the students Recommendatlons are made through thus group and their own larger organnzatuon for such changes as they deem advisable By creatnng a feelnng of responslbnluty It us hoped to mrnlmnze dlsclpllne problems and to tram the undlvldual for better cltuzenshlp Members of the councxl are selected from each class STUDENT COUNCIL Walter Sanford Chairman Harris Reed Frances Leonard Howard Klenle Frank Wenskel William Statler Richard Refowlch Louus Vnlottl Sylvia Sontag Vincent Roggeveen Allan Campbell Wlllnam DelCarmen . . l . . . . D . 1 V . r fl ll F K lg l --'r 'I . . A 73 FEATURES OF THE l935 36 SCHOOL YEAR The first year of coeducatron has come to a close The small group of gurls could not have represented a better class They were well dastrrbuted throughout the varvous grades Readuly the newcomers adapted themselves to the routme of school Infe lt was possuble to establnsh a gurls debating team and some attempt has been made to mterest them rn athletlcs Some of them partlcnpated In tennis but the group was too mexperlenced to com pete wrth other schools Another feature of the year was the larger number of boys that came from drstant localntles Eight were ,J here from New England four from Easton and four from the vnclnrty of New York , . ,. we f .VET ' , ' A , , is ll'l 3 1 T 1 I ,,,. j 2 Q ' - ur. .S .J . . , ' l F TQ il :, , ' 6-4 y I I f r H , rf, , , STAFF FAREWELL Tume marches on but Pop remams an unchangeable flgure at the Preparatory school Graduates who return lnvarnably seek has room where they may be able to fund memories that have been altered by a coat of paint or a new face just as this frlend has endeared himself to the boys of yester clay so he has found access to the heart of every student here Faculty and students combune In the admuratuon of the nndnvndual who contrubutes so much to the happiness of every day After more than a decade of servuce he has come to regard Prep as hrs home Every game and every actnvlty of the chool are closely followed by hum No one could be a greater booster of the school To the student an need he has proved a friend If anything ns wanted o ns In need of repalr unconscnously the boys run to Pop Has room has Wnth the conclusion of thus year the staff wishes to draw to a close thus edltlon of the l936 Alprescho lt IS hoped that the splrlt behmd Allentown Preparatory School has been reflected In the pages of thus book No one who has ever worked on a snmular publlcatlon can appreclate the vastness and magnitude of the undertaking Wuth great sunceruty and great enthusiasm the herculean task was undertaken The product of those labors as now sub mntted to you for your approval Lnmntatlons of finances and facnlntues pro hlbnted the publlcatlon of a larger book but earnestly the staff has struggled to glve the student body an annual of hlgh quality ESC'Fl'U .Q M, Q bl o A 6 RW s . ' . become a rendezvous for the boys and an object of their greatest admiration. ' .Z. ..2., 11'h 'f .LLZL " . IT: A . 75 The charge which the student body gave us was not accompllshed through our own efforts ln a sense every member of Allentown Preparatory School has done somethung toward the publication of the l936 Alprescho lt was theur encouragement that enabled the actual workers to make progress 'Nhen the book was In nts early stages tt was the help of alumnl fruends and teachers which enabled us to move swiftly toward completuon through heur fnnanclal support and well thought out suggestuons ln closlng It mught be well to ay a few words In emphasis of the and gnven by the advertusers Naturally these business men regard thus money as an unvestment For thus reason the entire staff toms In the plea that the eaders of thus book patronuze those who have helped make the book pos :ble Every possible effort was made to canvas the business furms nn Allen town and the following show thenr Interest nn the school ln order to Insure the future support of these firms the students are asked to vlslt these stores and make thetr purchases there THE STAFF YE ALPRESCHO LEXICOGRAPHIE Athlete Yea verulue I am ye bugge shotte Bull Ye olde lyre Depresslon Luke unto ye wlnde that knoweth not whence It cometh nor when as or If at goeth Eating Ye necessarne habutte F Tow parallel lynes cut by ye olde transversal C ft of Cab Y prerogative of ye damsels l-lyannns From whence cometh ye hyenas Luke unto a hole nn ye grounde lndlans junnor departmente jealousy Ye longing of Fox for Dot s boy frrends dates King s Munson Ye secretarue ladle Mrs Mappus Lunatucs Luke unto Muller and Kuenle when togethere Myopla An condltlon acqulred by Welskel fromme ye studies Numbskull Ye slmple loute Ye bone heade Fox Old Luke ye Preppe Schoole tradltaons Phoneys Ye abundant number of pupils luke unto ye fnshe In ye sea Ouo usque tandem ablatere Ye Latmne Menace Red Ye female warpannte Scram Get thee hence Mosse along . . . S . . . F . . - Chiseler-Like unto ye plante wych splyts ye mightie rock assunder. l - e ' . Thnnklng Ye unlversale palnne nn ye necke Utopia Verzlle an place on whlch stands ye Berg gymnaslume Vacatlon Luke unto a calme before ye d rke storme Water H O an llttle known commodltle amonge ye students other than for throwlng outte ye wlndow Harde or softe borled lThat s subtle Watch outl Yawn Shut ye peepers dreamuly and stretch ye mouth ryte lustxly open shcwlng ye teethe In ye hlndermost p rt LZZZ Ye buzzing nolse emanating from Orncko s nose and mouthe all at once FAMOUSSAYWKE Ileel Yea l knew that babe In Atlantic Cnty Caputo Butts Bartklewlcz When l was playing thas job Kunz and Vllottl Now down In South Philly where we come from Qeed How about two bucks for your cap and gown? Herzog Be careful ot your vowel pronouncnatnon Garverlck You can wln If you want to Brandenburg Ive been a huntun you Due l It s too late ou can t get an Schneuder Let s made a rope ladder Sanford Who me SIFD Klenle Who wnll motnon for adjournment Tslknas l-lab a l-lab a Garcia T 0 blank blank Cebert Chapel gentlemen Knauss Bear down Helen Smlth Where s Wrllle Rodin After this month we only have three days before we go home Drew These Pennsylvania Dutch FAVGMTESONCS Creenawalt Alone Reed Home Sweet Home Swlngle l d Rather Lead a Band Sanford Louise m ln un 3u 1w m nuu I- R"E'S"'C XITC5 " 6'Ik'l '.1C5q51g ,w,K.mli 190305 idmlhjrllh 'wb 'l'DfWi1I3 l! ,, ?'?-1'Ni7fr4gI'lR2J2vv2Ivv2l'MAl'...-I , llnlli fiiiwlgf 'kt-:rShl!'54r!l'1 :FWD-', nw ?'1!Vl'I . . A 1 ca . - xf A v ' - A+ . , . T I , . , - q C4 . - . . . . - , l . . . . . . s 1 ' , . . v . . . . . . . . v r . . , . . . . . v , I -- . t . . - Q l . . t . . , f - t . - . . v . . h . . - Y 1 . . V . . . t l - , . . . . . . . .. . .. - . , . . v . 0 1 1 T - r . . t H l . l . - t - . . l . . v v . . t - - l L 1 . 1 t . . . . - U .- DeLawter Lnghts Out Drew Don t Mentuon Love to Me jacksevuch A Luttle But Independent Cebert I ve Got a Feelun Your Foolun Caputo Clgarette Neel Gloomy Sunday Spangler I Dream Too Much Tslknas Swlng Fever O Nell Swlng Me a Lullaby Schneider I Love to Take Orders From You lReedl Qetowlch Smnllng lrnsh Eyes lorgenson Lost lacobs Sleepy Head Kuenneth Tormented Vllottl When Somebody Thinks You re Wonderful Webb Where Am I Carcla Okay Toots Miss Leonard Sophnstlcated Lady Mass Aftlerbach Wall I Ever Know l6th Street Flrrtatuon Walk Allentown Prep So Thus ns Heaven Rodun But Where Are You Sllva At the Codflsh Ball Klenle I Don t Want to Be President Arner I ll Stand By Nllss Smith If I Had Rhythm In My Nursery Rhymes Kunz I se A Muggln Bartklewlcz Dust Off the Old Plano Kuluk Gee I Wnsh I Knew Klock Goody Goody Orncko Life ns a Song Margolns Please Belleve Me Uhler I Ann t Lazy I m ust Dreamlng Haps Benfer There s Nothing Lake a College Educatlon Brandenburg Maryland My Maryland Herzog Llttle Man You ve Had a Busy Day Meal Tlme The Panrc ls On VVoIfe Oooh Look a there Ann t She Pretty Statler Keep That Twinkle IH Your Eye Bull Sesslons Far Into the Nlght Football Season Prcp School Catalogue You Can t Pull the Wool Over My Eyes Mass Sontag I Don t Know Your Name E19 1 - . . . . y I 1 . 1 . v ,'. . . n . .. v .1 n! . I . . . . a .1 1 ' v t . v Heckman I m Llvln In a Great Bug Way Dotter I rn Shootnng Hugh Adams When I Crow Too Old to Dream Fox When l Crow Up Ward All s Well Pop Lest We Forget Jnge There II Be a Hot Tlme In the Old Town Tonnght Wenskel Misunderstood IOKES Cwputo Me English ns po tect Cnmme dat butt wlll yousep S hnelder I m the weasel of the woods murderer of the mountlngs ou dolr bandit Call Murray Hull 3l3l I3 Rodln Gee l wlsh I were luke all rnvers and streams Snlva What do you mean? Qodun They follow thelr courses wlthout Ieavlng thelr beds O Nell Ito Sanfordl If lm studylng when you get back wake me up wIII you? XfVe-bb IS wlnnnng Clbson s hand despnte Klock s tutnle protests Sur Walter Rahlelgh Dietrich carries nas queen across a puddle at 4 A M Brandenburg Ito has sweetue from the farml Honey Here s your last chance ls It me or the mule? She I ll take the mule I can t get a klck out of you Ileel Honest Mr Hackemann I don t know how those beer cans got on the campus In front of my wlndow Uhler Let s go down by the cemetery Carcua For why Uhler We mught dlg up a couple of babes Cebert Who IS Tallevrand? Kuenneth ' She s a fan dancer and cut the baby talk IfPRiC M ' f f "': if fr" -, - I K- iw ',-'sn awful!! P'Cnr4QlC7'slGD10l'4"'fX"! 1llt.u-4 U11 lam ici 1""i,:w-I 4.1 .ml f . I, .1 was Q f- -my-v ammn3mgg,,,.- , , ,777 T ,,,,Q Eifiiiw , , , A .u -4-Y M. r 4 . th' 1-,au . ' d5-3fvl3ninEQ'vBllNll'1410lU'l1aWA'IB0l'I1fv '1 ' , F- . . I . Senior Fa rewel I---Theres Always a Happy Ending C . g.. . ' , i b W A 79 -s. 1 Vlr Horace Schrnoyer Mass Bertha Sweeney In chronnclung the events of our prep school days tt IS umposstble to forget Pop Pop has been our most loyal rooter thus year nn every thlng that we have done Whether we won or lost we have always had htm behlnd us Whenever we wanted anything a bulb for our room a fuse or any other necesslty we could always de pend on Pop to supply at ln years to come we can all look back on the many happy hours we have spent chattlng wrth Pappy about for mer students and athletes The se nlor class especially the dorm students wnsh to thank you for all you have done for us thus year Pop and we wrll always remember you as our true friend Supporting Pop we have two other members of the staff from whom we never hear very much yet both play an Important part an the operation of the nnstututnon These two are Mrs Stock and Mass Bert lt us theur duty to satisfy the appetites of the hungry students The superior quality of their cooknng would en dear them to the heart of any boy MR CARL KNAUSS Almost near the close of the school year It was necessary for one of the faculty members Mr Carl Knauss to wrthdraw temporarily from has teaching duties because of ull health Mr Knauss has served the school for fourteen years as head of the sclence department Prevnous to his employment here he was an In structor an chemlstry at New York and Temple Unnversutles Through out the years of hls teachnng he has proved a true frlend to all past and present Prep students ln behalf of the student body of Allentown Pre paratory School the l936 Alprescho deslres to extend to hum hearty wishes for a rapld recovery Next year It as hoped that he wull return to his desk again The laboratory seems so different wlthout hum v 1 . ,. H n ,H . . - 4 - - , I . , . - at vv nt H v U vu . . - tt v- - . , . ,.-Maura.. - PA QQE 9426 if Q 9 ff Y V7 1 if-ml fu 'V db Pb, Q 'XO ADVERTISEMENTS 11: sl .. +- - a ZLPRESCHO The AIIIIelmtoWlm Pnrepalratolry ScIIfIooI A School for Your Boy 4342- COURSES CLASSICAL LATIN SCIENTIFIC SCIENTIFIC AND COMMERCIAL -SVC?- ACCOMMODATIONS THE BEST CHARGES REASONABLE 36? Allentown Boys Received IH unlor Department at Nine Years of Age 5343' QUESTIONS CHEERFULLY ANSWERED AND INFORMATION C-LADLY FURNISHED THE CCDFFELT STUDIQ BLCDSSQM PRCDDUCTS CCDIQPQRATICDN PR:-ESCFIO Phone 2-2780 WITWER-1oNE5 Co Athletic Equipment 834 Hamilton Street ALLENTOWN PA SUPERIOR RESTAURANT Phone 2- l 602 824 Hamilton Street ALLENTOWN PA IVI S YOUNG C7 CO Sporting Goods Hardware 'ron and Steel 74OHa lto St eet ALLENTOWN PA pl e Al LENTOWN DAIRY Com im nts of mi n r . Y.,f eif 1 'i . Y span--nw .-,N-nw.: ruumnnuuninna-i,.. .f . -. 1 ff 4. - -vm. -:- My-,a..n.1.:a.,1..w ..,.f L.. ,.4. - , msam-iw-nv-vf -.1fwg:.a.-survival:-wxuuxnr-,4..' - ef--Y - V- - - -f-nfw.-nn. uf. . -- . , xxmffram,-:anus . 4- .1 ,aa.muuain-.sav.--t - , ARBOCAST C1 BASTIAN COMPANY Wholesale Slaughterers of Cattle, l-logs, Sheep, and Calves Meat Packers and Provision Dealers U. S. Government Inspection ALLENTOWN, PA Compliments of Tl-IE ROSEIVIARK Compliments of A Friend K C C l-l BROTHERS Centre Square Allentown Young Men s Clothing and Furnishings Fashioned to meet the style e quirements ofthe most particular young man at Prep or College Compliments B E Schreiter 84 Sons Custom Tailoring and Bonded Lustr Dry Cleaning See Our Prep Representative l24 North Sixth Street PR"ESC'Flu'O of O . . ! ' . r - ' i 'fd ' '1l'Di'1YL'w'1' 1-I si - . V"'4 'vu A 85 You are cordlally lnvlted to open charge account wuth the KAY IEWELRY CO 706 Hamilton Street ALLENTOWN PA Headquarters for the Famous Bulova Watches Payments as Low as SOC Weekly Ms j S Burkho er Robet L U Bu kholder S BURKHOLDER Funeral Director l6Ol Hamnlton Street ALLENTOWN PA Establ shed 1895 Complnments IOSEPH T HUMMEL D D S 8th and Hamulton Streets ALLENTOWN PA Better Shoes by Farr Compl :ments of WOLFFEGSCHNEIDER Distributors of Hugh Grade Confectnons Festrvals and Pncnucs Supplied Ceo L Wleland 6' Son Distributors 2l6 North Nunth Street ALLENTOWN PA We Deliver Phone 3 9l4l l"lellman Boller Works Lehigh Fan 84 Blower Co ALLENTOWN PA Steel Plate Constructuon Electric Welding Fans and Blowers Heatung or Power Blowers Front and Lnnden Streets Phone 949l CRESCENT FLOWER SHOP Floral Designs Potted Plants Cut Flowers llOl Hamllton Street ALLENTOWN PA Q I D U U r. . . ld 3 l r . . r of Class of l9l3 -- . -' Compliments of BROWN'S LAUNDRY Compliments of MR. lOl-IN BOHRER ALLENTOWN NATIONAL BANK tbl nedl Compliments CHARIS CORPORATION PRTESCH0 of Es a is 855 A I R A l 87 DUNDEE Men s Clothrn 8 Buy Darect at Factory and S Sold fo coast to coast D ect to the p blc 930 Hamllton Street ALLENTOWN PA Suuts and Topcoats S9 75 to S16 75 Crabardmes at S1775 EVE FAUST C1 LAN DES jewelers -36? 728 Hamilton Street ALLENTOWN PA Flowers For Every Occasuon 4142:- Rnalto Flower Shop 949 Hamnlton Street ALLENTOWN PA Phone 3 5064 The House of Beauty COMPLETE BEAUTY CULTURE Phone 2 85l l 955 Hamulton Street ALLENTOWN PA Compliments HOLLYWOOD CLEANERS Custom Tailoring and Dry Cleanlng Personal Service For You 25 South 9th Street ALLENTOWN PA ASK FOR BURDAN S ICE REAM Delicious NUTFITIOUS I . ' ' y SERVICE of i 'fn Q I ka - mnwsw+,w -fw,,.f , . r - V- fr,,f-.: ,ww -' ' Compluments lVlr Wllllam GIDSOFI FRED D KUTZ Tallor Specnal Cloths for Young Men S25 and up Have Your Clothes Tanlor Made F LOWERS Properly Selected Clustered Preserved Del uvered My FlOrlS New York Floral Co S C PHILLIPS Prop Tel 9685 906 l2 Hamllton St Compllments Auto Super Servnce RITTER KALB Incorporated l42l 25 Chew Street 2l28 Hamulton Street l524 Unlon Blvd Compllments of Klein Bros Paper an Twlne Co Now In Our New Bulldlng at lO7 lO9 lll Hamilton Street Zolllnger Harned Co ALLENTONNN PA The Department Store nn the heart of 6th and Hamulton Streets FOR BETTER CLEANING Try us and see the difference The Only Cleaners lnc lO3l Hamilton Street ALLENTOWN Compllments The Staff liESC"Fl"D of ' ' of BY ' . d ' ' - - - Everything of l A P M: A M 89 TH All of the Orugunal Brewery Goodness NEUWEILER S Kegluned Cans l-KDTEL HAMILTON 62 29 Ha lto St eet ALLENTOWN PA CPC? Subway C-rlll In the basement Beer Lnquor and Lunches Co ectly Styled Young Men s Clothing and Sportswear I-IUNSICKER CO Wholesale Cngars and Candy Schrattts Chocolates Telv' S oe lvmomvfhsfeef ALLENTOWN PA l I 7- mi n r in , I . in l rr Distributors tor Kuhns 84 Shenltweiler ' h an' St r r r - H' . Aw Y Q .0,,,m,v,,.,,,,,.,.,w' f-..f.-.,. , . , , sw f-izmfsnu .v.z-.-.vm-v.y44:.--.sua-su,w.,.-af. ,,,,,,.,.. ,,.3..e-V . J.. vi..-40-1 -w,-1' - -., , W, ,, , f-, , . V . L.. 5.-L: -1. f..1f,.- plvrumx-Hw.-H 'Q - ' vw I, ,3 1-5 , , .far ,A Compliments of Bradley Pulverizer Co. Compliments of AMERICUS HOTEL Style hair cutting Custom Permanent Waving Franlds Beauty Salon lOl-4 Hamilton Street ALLENTOWN PA Phone 25025 EMlLlE MOORE Florist l9th Street Theatre Bldg. Distinctive Corsages Reasonably Priced and Delivered on Time A Complete Floral Service Phone 2 4735 Compliments A Friend Patrons Mr and Mrs O Neil Mr and Mrs Reed Mrs Sontag l9th Street Market Mr and Mrs A L lacobs Mr and Mr Tsiknas Mrs Spangler and Mrs Kunz and Mrs Vilotti George Lesevoy The Children s Shop TPR'E"SMCFl"O bf . . A I Mr, . Mr. . ' ' Mr. Mr. George Schapiro THE 193 MUHLENBERG CQLLEGE Allentown Pennsylvania Offers Three Full Courses CLASSICAL A B PHILOSOPHY Ph B SCIENTIFIC B S -555446 ExceIIent Equnpment New Laboratorles New Buildings Beautifully Land Out To Secure Room Must Apply Early 95346 It Is to Your Advantage to Register at Once 97-7 It cl nun: Compliments The Mealey Auditorium cmwa CLEANING NO SHRINKING NO FADING N0 ODOR MINOR REPAIRS IButfons Lnnmgs TAILOR PRESSED AND SHAPED llrlflfll' SeamsI ll' Q N '-3' :Pr- Cs, Z UZ T '4 . I .iw ' fee , , ' tl of ALPRESCHO i"k'ki'i'k'ki'i'i"ki"k'k'A'i"k ktitittiittttitt tttttiii' Wdlfllflllflf J TSCAOOX C7!lfUUfL6i Annu 11 Depzrfmeut C1-ms H Essex Prey PAUL J GEBERT Rep ittittttttttit Xour sthool annual w1ll be yust as good as the thoughts you put lI'ltO 1t and the rare and t1me you take 1n watthmg all the detalls Our expenente 111 produung oxer two hundred of the leadmg books 1n Eastern Pennsylxama durmg the past twenty years tells us that the ax erage staff does not take the t1me or haxe the expenente to do th1s work well w1thout ass1stance XX e haxe bu1lt up our reputat1on 111 th1s f1eld on our serute 1n helpmg 1n ex ery detul to bu1ld the lnnual and to make each book we produce d1Fferent Wfe were gl 1d to haye had the pnulege of berng of some help 1n th1s annual and w1ll be more than pleased to d1stuss plans w 1th next year s staff Kutztown Publ1sh1ng Co IN KUTZTOWN PENNSYLVANIA iii't'ki"k'A"A"k'ktti't'k'k'k'k'k'A'i'i'ki'k 1+ 4: 1+ 4: 1+ +1 1+ 4: 1+ +1 1+ 4K 1+ +1 1+ 4: 1+ +1 1+ ! . Ill' 7 V K 74,2 S C - r ' 5 AUTCDGRAPHS J , f M6 CQ ww KQSQAH WMA fiQ,,...f ,,.W,15.,.41...,.... 7741 7' fbhr 1"-f W1 Q ALPRESCHO , , . 1 J 4 fff in , I, ,.,f,'2" I ,... 4 . 1 4- V I . ' f 5 I I ,f 1 ' f - - i , , 5 KN . . ,Q ' . J, x ' N V ,,,',, , ,, f 1, ,., 1 - f I ,' -v KW4 4 IQ , X ' VV -It ,V f..2,1 -,J ,f v7x.,4 vw., .. f"., L, ,vb 1 1, 0 . Y l M, in ' AUTOGRAPHS THE 193 ll ci nd SKIXICVI JN hu 1 nun Pram A i lj Tm- Kutziuwn Publishing C V 111 r ' . Ph. .13r'1'7:lQg-245524-5:51, . -if 2 ' -- ,. 'Z'.l'-'-.'L.lJfi 1,.',..,l::::-' ff: ' ' ' ' 'if' 'L' . 1 " .. ' U k Y , , - -V 1 , , ,Y...i t, Y,..V Y. .-.ff ,.A.,.-- 12,314 Y, , , -, . gf , . , V , V , xx 4 . V4 - , -ff,-,:--,, .. . . ,, , , -, .,.. . , ,, , ,Y , . , - :E+-PV

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