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n ' 1 4 Y 3 , , 1 K L 5 ' e . iw 3 . . . Q at W wr,--E.,,, , Tiff .V , ' .wiser s ,i K - 3, 1 I V 'Y W ww V - "if lf Nu... 'J' . ' Q l S. '75 , F "V -1 ., ' , Q V ' is A . 'ss . -, ' 6' ,g f 5 V I' - -, V A , 1 s A. ' . e f - u 85 ' "" 9 Q . S14 1 K , 4? -f ,,. - iigfi' :gg . ' if - , , -4 :aff 1 ,Q-'f" ,E WV- .- a e - , or L., new 4 all X jx lv ., ' ' 'S V ' , - ' Q k r .-'fe - ...E 'Az-:. ii f?""W.LVpi P 'E'?"tpw- A "'-W 9 ,-.- , Q ., LN. , Q . , ff' -ew. ,,fs,:,,,az T 3 V ' is VY ee i ANITO ' 1986 ,F The Class Cf 1986 I- . ..,, if "Nature's first green is gold, Her hardest hue to hold. Her early leaf's a flower, But only so an hour. Then leaf subsides to leaf. So Eden sank to grief, So dawn goes down to day. Nothing gold can stay." Robert Frost fx Allentown High School 2 Allentown, New Jersey AQ' .,pvww,X A ,Ww'- N , ,iii ,dear 'ii 5 A M uf' ' ' a . k ,,,, WM' , ..4f,5:.'a?"T ', M W' mph U, - , mf' "' 'if f H 1 U ,. ,,., ,g,.1j1j ,-4 w w-mga!!! J, W ' 'A W' ' - "A M at , , 3 fy . , 2,1-fix 'T ' a ' " ' .- J' 316: . 0 , M .4 -9 , it gi Qin my V' an -. -. 'k .-,, -, if , f "" "' J a "M , 1 C ' ' 'WW U M ut ""' 4 , ' 'I ' ' sg-1.9 X-1,,:,:f:,:,. ' c5fs::f,:3f2fs:g2-,,f:ig,f:f'.f--'. 1. . K 'X' ' '- ' 'tv' wwf.: " 1 my' . 1 ' ?1 r ' Y , W . f' li ' M ...--1-+"""" " 'wf.::w'- .rw WM ,,,,,,.,...-,..,.f-W-vwwwfmh' 'ii 'M Xw.- nw,-1w M5 NM Y Q. .- Q. J A-sw A f ., 1 W. . , A Rx - . is K M- M. M, ML- M , ,,, W V K " -Q X 'I r , M ,L 1 - A 1 I ,1-. ,K M, n 4 ' ' "'!"A in 'W' M. ' ' 2 I M 3 ' w W " -, , W. win f, ' fwfiffzwwf 2 W - 9 vE5agt??laWQj,:" M Q' , Q r ', 1 autumn. - . i . --f'-4 i Q f Q 1 in l t , .lm f ' , 154.35 x KX V ' ta. f 1 ' ri ,J iran -Q-wi ,- ,,..,..w .Qn,,,,...,s-QS' X 5 2 ai ,Q s 'F ' 9 . J 1 . Q 4 1, 1 .-v.. -y . 1 0 nk f Q, ,-f gissagmlw , fs S':lf5'V4, - 5 is J -' if-,Q',g. , .ff l-fi gg 'V 'f f x H ,. - ff' .2 ' rf J F x A XP? gl.-..,,,, +P 1 V 1 ,gh ,.,qAI.,, " f -9. 1 . N sf'-f2w.,,.x ,ir " x - , ,, 1, 5? if 'M A 44 .n , eff:-'fi' 4 if 4 X, , -xi , Q' 8 S i, N w N, s QQ.. xfvfa M0 No GSW? QS-K 0 6 wc? "l'.. 239 -w. -uv 'T'-'F' Q4 SCHOOL BUS 'ie l we . 1,1 gg A ,-,- K, ,al ' rwtfm' QT, F Y S ' Allentown High School students have many ideas, hopes, and dreams which they expect to fulfill. Many take the first step of achieving their goals in the classroom. AHS has worked to obtain a well-developed en- vironment where students can learn from teachers, each other, and them- selves. People with different heri- tages, backgrounds, and upbringings mingle in the classroom to discover common interests. It is from the class- room that AHS students express their individuality and desire for knowledge. . cz, s if "" fa Q . V X. X f J wif! W ffl! W.L,,g.f 1 fc , '11 'iris .AJ si . N an W 5?-if 'L it . , Q a 1 f n' . 45' A , A in Ka 1 I 1 .li ' QI- li-g may -52.335 QS, " ' 'f"5i-.L ' ' ' ' 3 V ' f -n. 9 if ' ' +21 H 'Wa - A23 . 6 ,five fr , r .tl j" ,v ' m . :L ' V , sr' 1 ,t l ' Q. - la V 1-asc' -' ' ,. ' f- as is . . as ww. -ff. 1... 3421 " -"Q ,Y -, Wet' P"QQ'?f"l ,5 w.l i,5'-L Q' ,rr " V . W ' " M' Bb..- .. 'ffl fini? ' 4 . fn , . 'ns .B . on September 26th, students may remember hearing many activities be- ing cancelled in the afternoon. That was the night Hurricane Gloria was moving into our area. Heeding the warnings of weathermen, Allentown, along with many other schools along the coast, closed its doors on Friday, the day the storm hit. The damage to our local area and the rest of the state was minimal compared to what was expected. Damage was so minimal that school resumed again on Mon- day. We didn't get a long vacation out of it, but it was a real conversation piece. HC? ,iv 'Wx Mwwn-v-SX 4 Q, . -,I ., swam? , z- N:-! I , X b A' 9 ,Sgr A' .. e g 'M - f F X Mfiifii 4 -4 A ,nn-sf' w w1.fWwQg.M r I :- sw wr 2 W My me W , 3 M IMA ,gaynaipr-aim .N M 1+ 'W 'V A ' . ' ' X , 1 z.i1,:1i,f ...QQ-"wt-' 1 .ww MV T", ' W 70" 2 ' , :gi ' i .. ,. V ' ' , Lf:if5i?:iS"2?n, " jf' fi "" 1 ' ' " f'f:g2fv'," ,, f 'iavfffii , M' f ,A V X Y UWM ,A i , W ,1m,LLgV -' , V ' v W ---- W 'M , Q , , ,I ,A ,' , ' ' ' ,W-4 L 44. if ,Sm Y H 4 Q'WMV1'v T ww, , lg Q., , , H -. N, wr-,gqm y- 1 ,M A an J" is-i f J. -r "M -- ,T A ' ' f ' -iN ,Q .K,4f E A .. .,,,, wif M ,-M, ,f W, 1' I ,VW57 gf, U .. ,f V, 1' U uk ,,,L1f-fx' A "1 , v gg fx4'1'A-'Q , ,W . w -,Y uv ww W A Jay , ,uf - f 4' rw my am.. , W ww M AHS students look forward to fifth period every day. The main reason be- ing that fifth period is lunch. Every- one welcomes the break to eat, get out of class, and socialize. Although many students complain about the food, enough people can be seen everyday in the cafeteria eating it. ES , ,ff if 5225.1 5 . V F.- .1 .. ,. 5'k, 'J . . ff- . ' i' "vw ! in fi V" I w iwgunf 3 v -' mfg- 1-in O .1 fi' .T 've'-5 """"'7 "H 4 1 '.: I,.""'f.' .15 .1, LJ, n. , -'1- ' A f -- ' 4' ' Mi . ,D .- ,L .,' ' '-'4 11 f r4.5 5 A, V ,,. 5, . . .:.-,gg, i:: . ' j,.-'iefk - :Qi -.r S 71' , F vi' .1 b Jimi ' .- +P- 41 , 3 19, 5'-1 Q' H f az -35 5 ., .. ff -' f 1. '-2 -.ri ' ul: -y..r-'-L'-I f Q A V, .N x f' mv- - .VX ... -Al, ,. . fin W. A," Mm ,ft 1 -ji N' .Pnfffif , Q-. 1- .. " -, 1 X, - fi-511. V sq- .3 - --. ., yfa. . -- - -,'c.'.,,',4 f . K, . 0 W 1, ,f '13,-5 .- ,J-,g '- w Agp ': V-'rv s yyngf ' J' ' A Ji e j W W' F w Q M ' v4 Z 5 2' Q J E. ' -, - I A " ' W V ! vu V Q V EI X N 3 1, 15 Bw IQ Jig 1 -f'!I1Hl1l!1!i!i5ll5llUl' -V H nm .i The first day of school was a big shock for most of us. It was the first time that we were placed in the same room with twenty-nine other little kids. Our first lesson was learning how to get along with our classmates. Our second lesson was realizing the impact that our fellow classmates have on our lives. Our school memo- ries frequently center around our classmates. We remember the class clowns, the class weirdos, our first crushes, our rivals, and our closest confidantes. Many seniors have vivid memories of kindergarten. Debbie Keiser remembers how Jim Carbin used to untie her shoe laces. Fred Wie- dau remembers the "mean" safety pa- trol who would scream "Walk!" down the hallway. Sandi Byrne recalls that a kid in her class broke all of her cray- ons and she got in trouble for it. These fond memories are what makes school special. We O - ,"',A - m, X f 253' Q 1 ,R - f Q x 4 1. 4. uf if ' 1 Q fy -. ,M 'Y jg' 1. ,Q c ,Xi .A- wr ' '11 W ' an WW y vw qv Vx :ig ""'m... MW, - A-M ""' Happiness is . . . seeing how many smiling faces there really are in Allen- town. Whatever the reason, students can always find something to smile about. The students, who make Allen- town what it is, have a really good time in school, and find it not only bearable, but enjoyable. - g ,E is - A 1? 4' Y6xO:1o 'SQ' QQYSQ4,-L Ov v9 Qyt 'nv' . Mmm Q-rw " ,uw W, , M ww -N , 'W' M1 'z' mv' 1. , J. W N 'N 'U 11N',xM,, U9 11-1,4 ,N ,w ,149 FP uw, J i E E E x ,oe ,i do ll . Q6 1 S l Vile-gf Board Secretaries, Left to Right Standing: Phoebe Gaylard, Elaine Kuti, Janice ei J: Bryant, Elaine Fischer Seated: Doris Hoagland, Elizabeth Winkowski, Stasia Gill Vice Principal - Susan Beevers Vice Principal - Douglas H. VanDeusen l n ear Class of 1986, ieiae lti l l 91 e,iiQ 9 V A On behalf ofthe faculty and administration, I sa- lute each of you on your successful completion of school. ,eee diploiiia yoifglreceiveiithisgrrgonth, officially signifies that you haveearnedi at least 115 credits and have satisfied all ,attendance require- , an andggsrigniEi,cant accomplishment A A Your senior year has been an outstanding one. ,Membe1T54Of your classhave ledgthe Academicleam to its best seasonland been a part of twoii-'.PgA. state championships. You have also ushered in the Red Blaclg System of Recognition and eip, ,Rewards prglea nd sent one liie of the largest groups inliyearsito Florida on our senior tri Throu h it all you have served as Y P- S 1 A . Isle 11104915 fvrshe restfef the ssshevlff hopeifyour years at Allentown havebeen satisfy-A ing ones. As you turn the pages of this book years from now, I hopeyou remember the many posi- tive people and iile experiences you had at Allentown High School. gr Bestyof luck, Vr,:,g p Principal - Mr. Richard A. Simon A Richard A. Simon s Principal 18 - . .L im " ' . HF 1 'Ist 4 l i at as i t Q ? it is . ,i new-jf-...xii if A? : 6 tb ' - r The Board Of Education, Left To Right Standing: David Poinsett, Richard Osborn, Rosine Dusenberry, Dr. Stephen Sokolow, James Logue. Sitting: Dr. 1 r 15" Jamie Savedoff fBoard Secretaryl, Maurice Piergrossi, Woodrow Dey fBoard L ' Presidentj, Lee Totten, Marion Holmes. ff f' Mr. Joseph Jakubowski, Director Of DI- l0l'1l'l T- Kmetz, Dif6ClOI Of Special Services Curriculum Dr. Stephen L. Sokolow, Superintendent Of Schools. J x Superintendent Dear Graduates, J J . , , You have successfully completed your public edu- cation, laying the foundation for your adult years. For continued success in life try to: be ia hard worker, be persevering, be positive, be kind, be helpful to others, be disciplined, be responsible, like yourself, believe in yourself, learn all you can, read for infor- mation and pleasure, cultivate close friendships, cul- tivate close family relationships, treat problems as- challenges, create a balance between work and relaxation take reasonable risks, have a sense of hu- mor, treat every human being with dignity. t Congratulations and best wishes for success in life. Sincerely, L tfii L Stephen L. Sokolow SUPERINTENDENT OF SCHOOLS 4 at as We - ,g, 1 5 Dr. Jamie Savedoff, Assitant sb alive "---'W rs!Qe?d,!lbls .K ,ll 1' K ff " a me 'WX 5 : l r 1 II 4 5 I ' l I ' rg I ' 5 I 1 ' 4 KY P. Charles Eby Dept. Chairman ' H'f5'.:r-"L I P-V51 ik' . 1.95 I' " ' ' PF'i.1e:5l ' f ' .1'1fEk1.!f a hslevinsidwnd. award adf for problems ranging froxncol- front, p the LINKS ,pro- dents who haye problemsiwith aa aa I Mrs. Jaa is 'SIWQYSC there toyoffer medical assistance. Ms. Kathleen Buzzone K. Patricia Ryan it f .. , H 5 i i i:f.f, j Vp ffiffggfjljjlgff, gi fl 1+ .W 'f pg we William Robbins Jerilynn Wilson Child Study Team May Beth Cassidy-Special Academic Coordinator, Ken Hewdone CST Coordi- nator, Lori Jenson-psychologist, Cecile Parker-Social Worker, Dr. Bob Sitner not pictured here, but, amply pictured elsewhere in this book. : NXf2 75 if 'tw 'Q g ' I I 0f1ap.i1Q ffff . .N I Pxvg Sharon Bembry Joyce Gafgen -wen-any-iq. l ' ra :ft Elaine Davison joan Vann Sundra Wentzler Suzanne Matthews 650 I' 'ts 0. Rita Brady e 5 i all gal Dorothy Coleman The secretaries who work in l thelofficel are l l ghrespgnsible forgkeeping eyery- M ruhhingfiis Stiibothljr as i' possible. Although their work- loadigits heavy, thersecretariegpcanfyu always be found cheerful and li ',,., ' - Q9 6 gc if - ' W as-. if 'zfx " Q 3-Q VII ! Agriculture is more than learning to farm, contrary to what most people think. Allentown offers many courses to choose from, such as animal and plant sciences, greenhouse and floral management, and landscaping and nursery management. Many agricul- ture students go on to college to pur- sue careers in agricultural fields. oo? og Jacque Roszel Dept. Chairman Cynthia Rozel a H. l Lauren Warner fe X a M . gk' f 3 me. qi W ? X X Anne White Dept. Chairman Lonay Hill . , K- :I . iya Business is a great career opportu- nity today. Allentown offers many courses to prepare students for the business world. Typing, shorthand, and bookkeeping are courses that can greatly help the college-bound stu- dent. Business training, office prac- tice, and cooperative office education further enhance students' business training for a post-high school career. Shirley Schairer Gail Willis Ava Richardson William Wood Dept. Chairman Wg Angie Vanl-lise Dept. Chairman Donna Delaney Barbara Haight ee was The purpose of home economics classes is to prepare students for han- dling careers, raising families, and dealing with different situations in everyday life. In the classroom, stu- dents participate in activities that pro- vide them with experience, knowledge and skills that will help them manage their personal lives. ip,o 431 9196 041, s-'hgh , "nh, , Y ' ,algo 6 0042i ,. uhhh , 10,5 6 'Goff nf" nad: l , 1- uhh. l qu . fg'f":, Mathematics is a "universal lan- guage" and a highly important skill, used everywhere. Allentown High of- fers courses on all levels to accomo- date students interest, needs and abilities. is xr ff' it Jamie I-Iarre Diane McCarthy Kathy Mcclaughlin O 9? 96800 5 00: 'fa 0 949 fs fa 'Qs ge. bb Alfred Zielinski Dept. Chairman Ron Hazlett Biology, chemistry, physics, and computers are some of the subjects from which students can choose as science courses at Allentown High. The students can take full advantage of the computer science classes, since nearly all careers will soon involve the use of a computer. Most students who advance to the higher levels of science courses are college-bound, and for those students, chemistry and physics classes are available. Hope Benson Richard Fusick Maureen Nosal Tom Peddie ,T ' v . , fr , ,,W, , ,, ,,,. ,,,.. . ,, ,, , 1 ,Q ,, ., I "',fzffi, ,ef , if1'E?49W,w4f 3'-31" 'P ,MWMZ ' ' 1 YEL A, 9 r 'H ,f f , , Mfr, fff wwf X 'ff 'nz L , f f:U1ef.n-SS,'aE' - . f Warren Gessman Dept. Chairman W www Valerie Klein Susan Boyce .,r' V Robert MacReynolds S ogg? 63' QQ, , i IQ, 452 S ,W K aft., X X ., 7, ' X W ,g Y " fillh f jl ll 1 l Charles Mallet w 4 5 , 1- - V ' "ff 4 I I Mr. .,., I . , - xi ., .. , " "" , 7 3 V1 1 l, Nick Truhan Daniel Venet Carol Wengert The Social Studies department pro- vides students with a wide selection of courses, to expose them to everything from early American history to cur- rent events. Different classes offer different learning skills, and social studies puts forth information to the student about people, places, things, and events. CJ GX' Dorothy Balaj thy 44, A '- 961221, Peggy Kelly English is a vital part of a high school education. The English depart- ment works hard to provide a curricu- lum that will enhance the students' comprehension skills in language and literature. The Writing Clinic has helped many students improve their writing skills on a one-to-one basis with an English teacher. The depart- ment strives to improve the literacy skills of all the students at Allentown. f.. Lil Blazakis Frank P. Marino Cathy Reeves has Joanne Snook-Dept. Chairman Elen Jacko Kristin Olsen Jane Samuelson I Robert Banks Douglas Hunt Ralph D'lorio Deborah Giehl Charlotte Snook -All A 'S' 359 I QQ .:EiE:, 0 'G ofa Au f 0 lui E O I-tn Beverly Gripp-Dept. Chairman Raymond Visbeck In their Physical Education classes, students have a wide variety of activi- ties to choose from, all designed to help maintain a physically fit state of health. 'lf Most stu- dents benefit from taking for- cy OV' go -9? C, eign language classes Q by learning more about Q the usage of their own lan- QO guage. By learning vocabu- lary and translating between lan- guages, students improve their English skills while simultaneously gaining proficiency in another lan- guage. This year's addition to the de- partment is a new Latin course. ...... Y Rose Greenman ,Q Many stu- , 09 dents enjoy ex- ,555 pressing them- 499 selves in areas of the Q fine arts, such as art, Q9 band, concert choir, and 'HY' theatre classes.- These courses Q0 28 don't stop at the classroom, though. Students taking Fine Arts courses are also given the opportunity to perform and display their work, and they compete on local and state levels in their respective fields of talent. Mark Megill-Dept. Chairman Patricia Sweeney-Dept. Chairman Barbara Lehman Jean Roundtree Paul Hlebowitsh Maria Carreno Molly Sullivan l Al Stover Bonnie Lehman Ov oqvf 'Fx 'fc 'fe Q9 Qs ' if A Daniel Pittman Charles Boyce E li: 'Q ' Lx M , ' i' N A F f K 5 M, 25 Y as ' R ' R Qt. Q 4 5 5 Q, . 23 Q 'W' 4 X57 The Industrial Arts classes are for anyone who enjoys working with their hands to create finished pieces of work. These classes are as much fun f Anthony Horner-Dept. Chairman Charleg Kirkpatrick l is Peg Beds Travis Helms Larry Kimport-Dept. Chairman Karen Wallace as they are practical for those plan- ning a career in this field. 'fe Geal, OH QOL, The Alternative School offers students who are not satisfied with the traditional school setting a modified school environment. Any pupil who is eligible to attend A.H.S. may apply for admission to the program. The school is an off campus, satellite program em- phasizing individualization of instruction, small group learning experiences, and shared decision-making among students, teachers and parents. 29 fed? 6539 Q Q Oli? 3 C549 fo George Miller Dept. Chairman Sharon Flynn The Special Education program provides individualized instruction in such subject areas as reading, math and social studies. This program is based on an Individualized Education Plan which is developed by the Child Study Team, parents, and teachers. 30 I . ma, ,ii W te 7l'il"l' as it 5 is if Joan Burchell MaryAnn Stewart Linda Chiapetta Garnet BTOWH H Phil Magazzo Faye M855 Lauren Mitchell a ' , Mary Clark Charlotte Mahoney 0 soisy 0052- 'PQ ill- 'if al -IJIPIDJIJIJIJMJIJIJIHDMPIMJWI ogg 1 I ,1-' ,f f""' , Dietary Staff Maintenance Staff 7-.rx wg.. Kim Blaksley Sexton Susan Enz Dept. Chairman Bonnie Sontoupe 4329 f' FRESHMAN Richard Ackley Eddie Allerton Dawn Alloway Douglas Arms Debbie Askins Chuck Barker Mike Bauous Peter Bendick Karyn Berkeyheiser Tom Billings Adam Bishop Angela Blessel Heather Bloom Brad Bock jeff Bock Mike Bodtmann Mark Bogucki Shannon Booth Belford Borden jeremy Brady Randy Bralynski Deena Britt Mark Brousseau Elene Brower ri, v, K ,,, ,A , in ,iv ., nf? f v ..,9r "" , .Mtg Ji' ' WY-4 K' A 4, ' , Q ,sh Kori Brown Jeff Burchell Tanya Carbone Shelley Carothers Kiersten Cartlidge Marni Cohen Phillip Combs Kevin Conk Christine Cortright Bridget Cottrell Danny Cottrell Rebecca Cox Karen Cranmer David Crespo Thomas Crespo David Csenteri jennifer D'Angelo Scott Damico Ronald Dancer jeff Davies Susan DeLuca Kim Demaris Nicole Deneka Christine Descaro Stacy Diefenbach Nichole Dobronte Natalie Donetz Paul Edwards Donna Erbe Gary Erickson Tammy Ernest Tommy Falkowski Eddie Fernandez Kurt Fiordland Chris Fowler Ron Fox Eric Franks William Franks Henry Frawley Lisa Freeman Jeremiah Gazsi Gary Genung Theresa Cianakos Jeremy Giliberti Carla Giovacchini Robert Giovanelli Alan Goddard Sherri Goff Robecca Grant Dawn Gratton Kristie Gravatt Randy Gravatt Kathy Grunden Elena Guarino Bevin Hardy Kassandra Hart Katonya Hart Jason Harvey Kim Havens Mike Hawkins Chris Heagle David Hendrickson Sam Hendrickson Caprice Herket Bob Hernandez Sean Hettler Earl Hewitz Todd Hooper joseph Horton Luemisher Horton Karen Hui Katherine Hui Scott Huneke Carolyn Hyman Carmen Infante Danielle Ives Jennifer Johnson Lori johnson Kevin Jones Amy Kalm David Kania Mike Kayes Dave Kierych Sue Kierych Todd Kolbe John Kovelski Amy Kraska Patti Kratz Jennifer Krempecke Chris Lane Beth Leister Hans Liptak Jennifer Locke Amy MacReynolds Mike Manz Glenn Markulin PRESHMAN -:mn 'Ni' FRESHMAN Jason Marsilio Dawn Matulewicz Margaret Matulewicz Rodger Maurer Gerald McCarthy Mike McGinnis Mike McKee Diana Meyer Janelle Michalesko George Mines Barbara Mitchell Brian Mitchell Dianna Molnar Jason Morris Susan Morris Frank Morrissey Aaron Murphy Erik Nelke Kimberly Nolan James O'Hagan Brad Olson Kim Oswald Barbra Ann Parker John Parkinson Ann Pater Joe Perez Mark Perlman Liane Perrine Stacey Peterson jennifer Phelan jennifer Poinsett Scott Pompei jennifer Portano William Purks Susan Rahman Richard Richmond Veronica Richmond Chris Ritter Don Robbins Augusta Rockafellow Kimberly Rockhill Vivien Roehmbeim Brian Romano Ken Ruch Jodi Sadlon Heather Salamon Crystal Satchell Danielle Satchell FRESHMAN LouAnn Schillaci Andrew Schuck Mary Schwartz Maggie Schwear Matthew Scudder Celia Scuorzo Kevin Searles Robert Segalino Tammy Seip Tim Semanchick Chris Serbes Marc Serrano Dorothy Shines Joey Shum Kelly Sicina Eugene Sim Monique Simmons Stephen Sincoskie Kurt Skora Michele Slover Patty Smith Ken Snook Brett Solcolow Chris Spiegeland Missy Stang Billy St. Romain Ethan Taylor Lorraine Taylor Fred Testa Andrea Thompson Greg Thompson Ray Thompson Carrie Thurman Kerrie Towles Matt Trust Joseph Turnbach Rick Vargas Denise Vaughan Eric Wagg Kevin Waldie Angel Wallace Sandra Ward james Warren Earl Waters Stephen Wells Roger Welter Robert Wetmore Olivia White FRESHMAN fe Christopher Willitts Traci Wysocki Christine Young Tina Zugler M, ---- '11 1?,,fv1ff-- .. .1 1, .1,.. ,f 1,.1,...,,,i11-f1- wiwg-fw 1,,w1,.ff,,.- ..11i111.1 ,, ,, 11 1'41f11111if1111,'11 2 25151151 112, 51, fi i,ff11 1, ..,..f,.ff,i., ,,,:g, 1 -iii H , ,L 111b111s1,1f1,.f,. 111.511 ,iw f 'f,f:gWggggig1,,g: V .,, 5,511 111,311 1 ,fp :12'1s111e11fv,,,1 1'fH112i71fii..1, .1 1 . 1 4, 1a,'sg1nf5'w111W'11151.11 . 1 -Y,.wwl5Swf2f4mT1sT1fe1,1Q1,2 - , ,. . 1,i1s1,1., .- 1 1,11 1ff1,Ife111f11,1f1,-ws f -1 ., .1, .ff,, Q 1,1 1f:i11:m1..21..e11,-e, 1 nswi, , ff-155111f1e1i1s1,'11,.-ff f .1121-sfv'f1f.w1?1:s1PM1 711, '12-1Sf1,fM1f:51f11. 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L u u 0 N I 5, 3 , K? :ex D P 0 ' is Q 'Q' 4' gd Q 1 ,ig 1. g 5 Q 0 p I ' J I ffg, 0 Q 'QQ' C N xN'm..i"ixQ Q -..,, ,..,,. -, i l,..- -aw - ' s Q., -ag 'x i """'V SEER Name: Nickname: Birthdate: , N Activities: ' Most Memora Event: Future Plans: : Words To De ie: Margo Amico . Q - March 19, ' FFA - 3 yrs. I FFA Officer 1 Student Counc Nutshell 1 yr. Z Pep Club 1 yr. l Senior Year f College, Air Fo I, Happy 6: Alwa . miling Ami Lyn Ander Cheeta 1 August 16, 19685 Football Cheerle der, Captain Choir, Band, Drama Backstage Crew French!European Trip Live in Holland and study Wild 6: crazy spazl Richard Shawn Arnold Rick February 11, 1968 Baseball 4 yrs. Become Electrician Arthur George Art March 12, Football 1Vz Fishing with College, Become Helpful, kind, Scott Bayous Stoner 32 June 3, 1968 Ed's Partyl gg Lee Beaton July 1s, 1968 Choir 1 yr. Drama 3 yrs. Track 2 yrs. Model Congress 2 yrs. Getting out of class by going to guidance College, Business, Political Science Sensitive 6: Funloving Thomas Andrew Beck Lobster January 23, Baseball- Varsity 4 years College Delynne Bennett Dee September 30 Sherry l "Sher" November Mock Trial Spanish Clux- '. Ls. Mug, chec P fwoe, Spoo, ' Tina - Sure Oh Yeah! College, We a s ter Univ. Katherine A. ff lr Kathy August 5, 19 8 Softball 3 yrs. Field Hockey 1 yr. Basketball 1 yr. N.H.S. 2 yrs. Pep Club 3 yrs. Homeroom with Michelle Sr Sundrap Peppers College Brian Paul Bobko "Bobko" November 3, 1967 Wicked Lester concert Work, trade school Carlos William Bonilla "Kid Lover" May 26, 196s Soccer 1 yr. Wrestling 1 yr. Whole junior year To be famous 102 Garnet May 2, Band 4 FBLA 3 May 23 with Er ca Go to to to have a income, and star singer Ann E. Buchanan IOR BIDGRAPHIES A. D'Amico ao, 1967 ' 3 yrs. Track Z choir 2 Musicals 3' Mock Trial 1: Model Congress 1 Keycept NHS 2 a Pres 1 Student Councr 1 X classai ught vigour School for travel and tourism Kelly Susan Feddersen 25, 1968 cheerleader 2. yrs. Kelly mock trial 2 yrs. September to Europe 'L -. Softball 3, Get rich P g 'Model S.A.D.D. 1, Andrew Delngca gi ,Q ,6- 5 B fl ecember bkl Awareness 1 Michael Joseph Horta Fun in English and Choir "Mikey" Classes Special fun during school College and successful career hours Good at giving advise and Sexy 1 Cheerer Uperl Darren Glaydura February 9, 1968 born me Face b ue Career 1967 I5 College Fie yrs, captain yr. F.F.A. Reporter 1 yr., Presiden E.S,P. "Feb. 23 where's College preppie jerry "Chip Karen razy Eddie Crammer February 10, 1967 Pino X Christopher 1. D'Amico Chris May 27, 1966 h Telling off school auth ority t1yr. to Da ry Luepus J une 18 ff" 8 1968 wrk Sandra Errickson Sandy February 5, 1968 F.F.A. 4 yrs., Flag Drill 1 yr. Senior trip to Europe Floyd team play service Funk 1965 6 I, Pep for FFA part time quiet, 13, 1968 Squad 1 concerts and work Don's girl 12 1967 Gibbs ell" tember 24, 1968 Field Hockey 1, Track 1 yr. Softball 3, Basketball W yr. Softball season of 85 College, work Different Athletic, Cool Lisa Michelle Evelyn Gittens "Mom" September 19, 1968 Pep Club 3, Minority Super Drama Golf 3, derwear. New Vernon E. and the Senior Assum- pink in the show College fculinaryl June 21, 1967 Motorcross and Art and VICA Work as an automechanic Thrill Hill, Buckle-up-folkes Francis Guzik Guz September 26, 1968 Patterson Airplane pilot L Hart 27, 1968 Mary Chickie my friends especially ll 4, Baseball Z, NHS 3 pb 03 Ap " A 1 , Mi Granny's Lane Mark joseph Herbert "Herb" July 3, 1968 Deb- Want to own garage in future Easy going and being friendly l David Kalm Dave February 196 Football 1 yrs. 1, Bas- 31, 1967 uard 3, apt. Council' 1.5 s Pino" Tra Traveling I good naturedf Deborah Viola Keiser "Debbie" 24, 1967 Sr. Class Treasurer Pep Girls track Drama 1, Cutting Sth period and never getting caught I Stealing Mikefs cookies , , M wagollege, Economics 'rriaior Honest, loyal, fun, spread happiness Timothy L. Kline Tim, Tik July 13, 1965 Baseball 4, Football 4, Capt. G8r.T 3 Friends Denise College, Baseball Carla "Cookie" girl Crazy much B, 1968 Partying with Alex Throwing Firecracker in class Diane Marie Schaumloffel Attend the Culinary Institute April 30, 1968 June 3, 196B Possibly military "Di" Easy going, helpful NHS 2, Vice pres. Class Secre- Yearbook 4, co-editorl, NHS, Council 2, Pep 2: President's Council, 1, Amanda Ivy Porter 4 News Editor Spanish Club, 3, Prom Queen, Amanda Council 1, meeting Friends: memorable ti e with Kelly, Kathy, and Kathyg U15 1968 August 15, 1969 Yrbk 2, Nutshell Pep Club 2, Drama 4 Timothy Rader Fred Rasnake Ted December 13, 1967 Gymnastics 1, Massages in 2nd period 1, Flags 2, Being Mr. Van College for on time Newspaper Keyceptor 3, Vice 4 yrs. Fresh- Pino sketball Michael George Weidenbacher Lgzra Architecture times with ,Ioan and Sit in H ill" tr0ulJl2 Ms. Trev s pep talks I College for lil after school. Wm li"""'Administration a Raynor janet Sexton College and Law School in ball 1. November 16, 1967 California EHP 13 1965 mor line photographer o to Michele Testa fe! The day we got FBLA C Lehrfeld Bears woods my Joclcex.,, msc'-H1 mechanic Nutt Christopher Rein 2 I- West Sz Light E Wetrriore conscientious Beauty The Seaside Kelli O'Hagan Live in The year and time spent with A career i A Orchestra 3, Humor Softball 2, dent Club 2 Treasurer Lester Spady Freshman Sports Editor 4, "L" Pres April 12, 1967 and Europe, Prom Basketball To act 1, choir 1 College in physical Club 1 therapy H' - Going to states'2 Edward M. row Eddie Ann Marie Wharton Business Lyn 24, Making Work Civil Seach Senior Class Pres, Band Pres 2 November 18, 1968 Football Cheerleading Basketball Cheerleadi Captain 2, Varsity 1 Manager 2, Varsity Student Council 4, Trial, Spanish Club The wildest times on N8 Class Vice Pres Class Vice Pres. 4, Student Management cheerleadingli, "The Collegeg Tammy Maglosky Tam Kid March December 29, 1967 FFA 4 jason P. Pisauro Jay or Jason lill Tanya Michalesko April 10, 1968 Go Maria Roman April 2, 1968 Basketball 2, Spanish 3, C.O.E.,FBLA All the time spent with Smith , in all theggoals I4 for I ' e Ruhlv ' School 5 , February 6 967 P A ' . 968'-V -V-fag 1 , W Leon Andrew Savage Leo, Lee February B, 1968 Carpenter Adventerous nmpiwg, 1968 Football 1, Minority Awareness 1 College .. 1 A December Choir 2 I I Passed mf, inority Aware Club Achievement Banquet of Social Worker f James Allen Smith Basketball 4, Choir 1 Zanita and D" 'JA Ernest Haro f Stillwell ' The Worm r Football 4 ,,,, festling 1 Football f, 13, 1967 967 Angel Love Guys College, money, no Fast, fun loving, modest Dr. Love Noifembeghg, 1967 Erik Michael Stroehlein August 17, 1968 VICA 2, Pres. and Reporter Carole Ann Wangerien Great times at Vo-Tech Gidge 4, Band Mgr. 2 Student Spanish tub at and family and smiling with best Ramona Raymond Robert Young Youngie ZW March 6, 1967 Mooned the srrloking area Cook in the army Cool and easy going 103 Aw 1 Margo Amlco 18 C Kenyon Dr b5w,,Eg r Nj 5,33 Amy Anderson Mam S mmmm. ,Wm -Ma MM New WM 1 Tn! 08691 m-ml nnett RRI 217 K NJ 08533 2 X P O Box 25 05533 lmlaystown, Nj 08526 5im'55fWgb -- - Lf,. V, 'L Darren Glaydura 5 Nj 08533 Garnet Booth Dale P.O. Box 53 Holmes lmlaysiown, Nj 08526 Cream James Brown Daryl Donnell Box S93 Holmes Mill Rd wsiisizgiimlentown, NJ 08501 K Cream Ridge, NJ n Marcella Eaton Backbone Hill Dr 5 05533 Clarksburg, NJ C IOSEPP' Ehink Rf- S39 Cream Ridsf. NJ 05514 N552 Jerald Emley R.D. 1 Box 27 New 1, Cream Ridge, NJ 08514 1 or erel 'Lynn Bufkelewiii Gem 2 En ler - 'Af . V, W' wx, ,,f- 3 g V V Vigwggemnwwfggkrfg glkd. RD. 1 Box 16 Bfynmm Rd. 'ggi Hi8l"5'0Y'i5l.z 51S i New Esvpr, NJ ossss V"' Burchell mm james Erndl BOX 199 B RD 2 Enzlishlown. Nl 07726 Allentown, NJ 08501 New Nj 03533 1 e,,e ff nm-u Nj 08501 Lisa Kardos RR1 Box 146 Pk B-7 New Egypt, Nj 08533 Gretchen Katana Box 32Y Nl 08514 146-13 Nl 08533 V Donna Kubigkw ss Shaw-' P .rw X 4 K , Kelli O1-lagan R43 Brynmore Rd. New Egypt, Nj 08533 Thomas O'Hagan RD 1 Box 77 Cream Ridge, Nj 08514 Dawn Oakerson 172-4 Kenyon Dr. New Egypt, Nj 08533 Lori San Angelo june Taylor 76 Agress Rd. Perrineville, 08535 6 Bright Rd. New Egypt, NJ 08533 Jennifer Testa RD 2 Timberline Ct. Englishtown, Nj 0777.6 Kim Tilghman I Box 135 Hill Rd. C e Allentown, Nj 08501 Todd 24 N. Van Pelt 1 Box A-132 Ridge, Nj 08514 31191 .I B Vogel ox 29A 405A I U7726 110 Grove Tr. Pk. it 3 RD 2 Box Egypt, Nj 08533 New Egypt, Nj Englishtown, if Annemarie Nj 08501 , Rader W 116 Oak Grove Egypt, Nj 08533 Rasnake 1 Box 71C Ridge, NJ 08514 Raynor Reichard 5C Ho Box 11 lmes Mill Rd. Nl 08514 08514 Grove Tr. ' '11,m,,m Derrick Smith B Gordon St. P.O. Allentown, Nl Erica Smith 1 Box 310 E. Millstream Rd.M Cream Ridge, NJ 08514 James Smith P.O. Box 27 Perrineville, Nj 08535 Brian Smith ' , ' ld York Rd. 'NJ 08691 9 2 416293 VV ,..,,, , , . ,W Leger SP 14 Hamm .3 -f'- wf"V,.,f5,,,,. ,, Allentown, NJ 0852? Michael Stearle Box 350 RD 3 Old York Robbinsville, Nj 08691 Ernest NI 08691 Stover 107 S. Main St. Allentown, Nj 08501 Eddy Stowers Box 32 Sanders Ln. Cream Ridge, Nj 08514 Erik Stroehlein Schoolhouse Rd. Cream Ridge, Nj 08514 Dave Sutterlin 103 jacobstown Rd. New Egypt, Nl 08533 I Monmouth Rd. Cream Ridge, NJ 08514 Fred Wiedau 82 Maple Ave. New Egypt, NJ 08533 Sheryl Wilson Box 360 Bittner Rd. Highstown, Nj 08520 Raymond Worrell 8-A Miron St. New Egypt, Nl 08533 Harry Wright RD 1 Box 124 Rt. 539 Allentown, NI 08501 Kathryn Wright RD 1 Box 120 Allentown, NJ 08501 Sharon Wurfel 203 Sharon Rd. Robbinsville, N1 08691 Kathy Wurzbach Schoolhouse Lane Clarksburg, Nj 08510 Kathy Wysocki 14B Story St. New Egypt, NI 08533 Raymgrgd Young RD 1 Boiiiiizitftgm New Egypt, NI 08533 14 ,Ql4e:-1Qia- ff-ii?-:M , L' wg ,f ,Q N-gm .EL ff HLA, mn ,, wi f F, W kiwi 2 in si- Q 9 Af, W 2 A 1' ,-ff: my V 39-MJ Y ,1 259 3512 W .W QV w A3 , A W - ,,,, ,, 9 2? 'we' 4 A ' W ,Q A ff V A' 2 HQ. eff-sy w QQ 5 A325 f IAKV by ,, :ga-2. wvaamiw' X- g-253515 -aw- igmw MNH i3?ayL,,,- ' Qewfiffliixv--5 -V M.. wh. ,3- 'x -5 25221 Kitt 3 faw ff? ff? 442352 fy. 'f '- we fini? -- ,,. 31 5: yr wha, wap -- .wiym ,.vM,5 viii? UQ 5? 233 MMT in A isa Q? My L,, mm 9 fi fm, sfgm YQ. mam 'fa X-a?g5sA fum W . 54 A- vw QL -,My-2 S" . V2 if 'Q P1 A ' ,wgggf Qggmgg' ,fi R523 gf" wig mia S335 af HEY, gn ,Sf Q 52252. . 19335 -Lqwnsftil fs' ,ag My ww mek WA. 'RZW-Haps .W SWB Mfg?-IQ4 Y J, Z? iwaiiaiggxf f gf' -5? 'tihaiy Q2 W ' if - N455 Cv gb CJ 'S 5 wg X XL, Q 291 ww W su wig gas . , gm LL 11 ,. ,, Wifhk g Vw, 516' ,5- fifty' .xfgg-My if ,X www 355 Mia Q fn 'gill , EEA A nf M, Qiigef mi' 3558, ,W M +:5?iE.'i- WXEQA ,VE Wie? ,mv ,sag If Ha-3: ,fQ'k' -32,53 ,mggfa wg ,Lff"'Yam iff fffwk ,Q .A fix sig- Fgig: 'Eb SEM 'Qi' IQ' , Y-:Len k..-,,. yswm. mf .H- vk. "i.i5??5i? . Sz' ,WEE ,. V M ,115 . uw, ,, YQ5E7T13:" S ,QQ Every Tuesday afternoon, all AHS students participate in a chosen ATP class. ATP was developed to involve students in various types of hobbies, sports, and other interest activities. Some students are given a chance dur- ing ATP to receive extra help in class- es they are having trouble in. Some activities open to the students are: Foreign Film Club, Jazz Ensemble, Minorities Awareness, Model Con- gress and Model United Nations Club, Drama Workshop, and Madrigals. l l w AWAIT k fi .sim 1 -1 .1 Knikq K . - f - 1 s.-:Sri-fx .-.,...... . A. , .i I '59 i els af' The Allentown High School Band, under the direction of Mr. Paul Hlebowitsh, is comprised of the schools most talented musicians. This versatile group performs on the field, stage, and street. The band bat- tles the cold weather every Saturday to play their spirited music for the foot- ball team. The band also accompanies the choir during the Holiday and Spring concerts. In addition, the band marches through Allentown in the Halloween and Memorial Day pa- rades. Many hours of preparation and practice are spent, but the end result is well worth it. Mr. Hlebowitsh de- serves a special thanks for his pa- tience and guidance. L to R: A. O'Rourke, librarian, P. Hlebowitsh, band director, D. Eickhoff, librarian, D. Patterson, president, j. Klinger, equipment manager, K. Wetmore, librarian . i ! E Front: K. Wetmore, D. Eickhoff, B. Mitchell, D. Bowker, A. Anderson, E. Frein, J. Kropowski, B. Faber, J. Logue, C. Shrader, J. Gazsi, R. Scott, A. O'Rourke Middle: G. Holder, B. Carothers, S. Booth, G. Booth, K. Wright, A. Pater, C. Brown, G. Winkowski Back: G. Katona, S. Byrne, J. Sadlon, L. Wright, K. Gauthier, B. Hart, C. Wangerien, N. Deneka, S. Giordano, 5. Frankle, A. Wallace, D. Satchell, C. Satchell, J. Bohonyhi, T. Garrett, M. Cohen, P. Hlebowitsh, band director, D. Patterson, M. Moro, V. Roehrbein, D. Hart ww. Standing L. to R.g G. Katona, Color Guard Captaing B. Hart, Flag Drill Captaing D. Patterson, Band Presidentg P. Hlebowitsh, Band Directory C. Wangerien, Flag Drill Co-captaing S. Byrne, Color Guard CO-Captaing Kneeling- D. Hart, Head Majorette. 0,0 6 ' . L Q 3 oo, Q1 ml W J'g, .l ,D 111 N Q59 Freshmen: L to R: K, Rockhill, secretaryg D. Arms, presidentp S. Carothers, vice president, J. Michalesko, treasurer -"I juniors: L to R: Miss L. Mitchell, advisor, L Stevens, secretaryg S. D'Ange1o, president, D. Bowker, treasurer, 1. Carswell, vice president F If 3 at wi 15 9 Q5 if Sophomoresz L to R: S. Leverett, vice president, M. Crawbuck, president: L. Wright, secretary, K. Casey, treasurer Seniors: L to R: C. Wangerien, secretary, D. Patterson, presidentg K. Wurzbach, vice presi- dent, D. Kaiser, treasurer, Miss B. Haight, advisor 0 01? CN Y-af? 37 iiii - gg l l , 5 The Concert Choir, led by Mr. Mark Megill and composed of 40 singers, presented several concerts during the year. These concerts were for the Open House at the beginning of the year, a Christmas concert at Quaker Bridge Mall, and a concert for Dr. Saul Cooperman, who came to speak to the school. This year eight Allentown singers made All-Shore Chorus for 1985-86 and Scott Carswell made All-State Chorus. 11 ROW 1: S. Rette, L. Noller ROW 2: S. Easton, B. Hart, D. DeLuca ROW 1: L. Gittens, A. Johnston, L. Neuman, D. DeLuca, L. Beaton, J. Brown, R. MacReynolds, S. Easton, B. Palmer, S. Ellis, C. Katona ROW 2: S. Troutman, K. Turnalinas, K. Hart, Z. Keaton, C. Symons, B. Hart, K. Walling, S. Byrne, M. Gibbs, S. Errickson, D. Muldrow ROW 3: K. Demaris, C. Cartwright, N. Deneka, S. Rette, A. Anderson, S. Brown, C. Johnson ROW 4: A. Ross, B. Franks, L. Noller, A. Porter, A. MacReynolds, N. Troutman O4 Front 1-r: A. O'Rourke, S. Wagg, L. Drolet, K. Gauthier, A. MacReynolds, L. Taylor, D. Zakovic, J. Poinsett, A. Anderson Second 1-rz E. Wagg, M, Bystrom, M. Rahman, D. Artigliere, B, Boyce, T. Donetz Third 1-r: A. Porter, D. DeLuca, T. Zygler, J. Frost, C. Nurko, D. Patterson, L. Noller, J. Trust, M. Crawbuck Back 1-r: E. Lydick, M. Gunther, R. MacReyno1ds, D. Kalm, L. Beaton, S. Debbie Patterson as Laurey Easton D. Johnson, L. Newman 2 -aaa B Mallmwf.. MN' ? YU .cuumsan '1Ls4"T..' .f David Kalm Lynn Drolet Shane Easton Lee Beaton Jud Fry Genie Will Andrew Carnes A HOMA Daryl Johnson as Curly Dom DeLuca ,gf I L ig, Ali Hakim Amanda Porter Director: Mr. William Robbins l Director: Mr. Mark Megill Mkawwee at .:,. A 5 we ai Adrianne Johnston Ado Annie Aunt Eller This year's spring produc- tion was OKLAHOMA! which was performed on March 20, 21, and 22. The stu- dents put a lot of time, hard work, and dedication into the production of Allentown High School's Drama Club. All of the students would like to thank their directors, Mr. Mark Megill and Mr. Bill Robbins for their time and patience. They would also like to thank Mr. Chuck Boyce, stage crew manager, Christy Nurko, dance chore- ographer, all the administra- tors, students, teachers, and parents for all ther support. . Future 0 Farmers of America is the largest in school na- tional organization that enables students of today to become tomorrow's leaders. Agriculture provides the highest number of jobs in our nation. The Allentown chapter is celebrat- ing its soth Anniversary this year. Many FFA members have won State- wide competions such as Land Judg- ing, Dairy Judging, and Public Rela- tions. These opportunities give FFA members chances to travel to states including Kansas, Missouri, and Oklahoma to compete in nationwide events. The highest American Farmer Degree was received this year by a former Allentown FFA president. To conclude, FFA teaches individuals leadership, citizenship, cooperation, and teamwork. ,,....N '8 KNOW .- -W -... ,. if WHERE E sooo FROM, FFA officers: top-L. Noller-reporter, D. Berg-Parlimentarian, M. Amico-treasurer, B. Faber, bottom-S. Byrne-president, H. Wright-vice president, Funk- secretary. Q B I X xv..-Eff wx? SX .-""' Q O Q Q ,M fki S5 if KN, - 55 5' 'MF' 1 ' - tw. W S24 ig fi 5 ' Q: '- K 'Af W , -,fy F p Y? Q N , .S i f fs? is gk if Q 5 Q ST? .. S, x it , af .1 A hw, if Mya sic ,Q J.. w 11 , MY 4-was .2 , 4 1 .RWM i., .0 E ,, if x , 4 f ' Z4 5 E ':..2g?Q Cx! W se' as 'O OO z Q80 viola, -4? The Foreign Language Club is mostly composed of students taking their 2nd, 3rd, or 4th year of a foreign language. They participated in the an- nual Mardis Gras and sponsored the Snowball Dance at Christmas. This year, members of the club traveled to Mexico for Spring Vacation. 'O , Q' 660 6,5 .9 Y' 118 This club focuses on Black History and the members prepare displays and research and share information on Black Leaders in Arts, Sciences, Education, Political Affairs, and Sports. TOP: C. Bonilla, R. Raynor, B. Carothers, F. Guzik, S. Easton, L. Neuman, G. Cafgen, Mrs. P. Sweeney, advisor MIDDLE: K. Clawson, I. Fernandez, S. Wurfel, J. Frost, L. Lane, A. Johnston BOTTOM: M. Robertson, M. Moro, S. Bienus, D. Schaumloeffel, L. McCeachy TOP: Miss L. Hill, advisor, Z. Keaton, L. Cittens, M. Brown, M. Smith, R. Smith BOTTOM: A. Monclova, S. Monclova, S. Troutman, N. Troutman ya' ' A 'VFE i rtf- lsatbsjgy.. B .r 'A back: L. McCeachy, R. Smith, M. Russell, P. Ochs, L. Koontz middle: D. Fowler, S. Nutt, M. Roman, S. Wurfel, D. Aitken front: K. Gable, G. Booth, L. Nathan, L. Kardos front: L. Nathan, M. Roma, K. Cable, Mrs. A, White advisor back: B. McNemer, L. Buchwald, A. Wharton, L. Hartshorn, S. Robinson . I O 'X i :fw- xl f 7 x S FBLA, or Future Business Leaders of America, is an organization for busi- ness students who wish to pursue a career in the business field. FBLA is the national program for students participating in business and office programs. -UU COE is short for Cooperative Office Education. It is a work experience pro- gram for business students in their senior year. The students attend school in the morning and go to work in the afternoon. The program pro- vides experience in the working world and class credit simultaneously. ,so 496 ,so The Gifted and ,Talented Program enjoyed another suc- cessful year. Activities such as the Mock Trial Team, Model Congress, and Model U.N., were met with a large amount of success. Members of Gifted and Talented went on many interesting field trips this year, and the club stayed very busy throughout the year. ff .xg Qu Q .llWlllllllllllllllllllllJIJDDDMJDJI il The Academic Team is a group of students who participate in chal- lenging games of intelligence such as the Bowl of Brilliance and the Tournament of Excellence. This year the Academic Team placed fourth out of fifty-six different schools in the Morris Hills Bowl of Brilliance. They continued their winning success in other matches also. A255 it if .. , f K t tw ROW 1: J. Cazsi, L. Taylor, K. Thurman, J. Maruschak, K. Bystrom, B. Wangerien, T. Kline, V. Singh, S. Wurfel, S. Leverett, H. Wright, C. Heagle, E. Nelke, F. Guzik, G. Gafgen, F. D'Amico, S. Sincoskie ROW 2: J. Trust, S. Malabashka, D. Arms, C. Scott, B. Galumbus, B. Dito, C. Parsons, S. Rahman, K. Waldie, T. Horner, A. Gaylard ROW 3: J. johnson, A. Porter, M. Feeney, S. DeLuca, S. Easton, L. Neuman, A. johnston, 1. Stover, S. Rette, M. Lawrence, M. Rahman, J. Bohonyi, K. Walling ROW 4: D. Eickhoff, L. Perrine, j. Poinsett, K. Gauthier, M. Bystrom, D. Keiser, C. Wangerien, P. Von Schmidt, C. Descaro E. Wagg si 1 , ,Q , ,V,. , ,L ' .1 - tg ROW 1: K. Bystrom, N. Wurtzel, E. Nelke, M. Brousseau, M. Peeney ROW 2: A. Caylard, M. Bystrom, C. C-afgen, K. Walling front: B. Butler, S. Beaton, D. Zakovic, C. Herbert, A. Von Schmidt, D. Aitken middle: S. Rosenshine, J. Frost, J. Doherty, D. Cafgen, L. Stevens, D. Bowker, j. Taylor, A. Porter back: M. Bystrom, A. Johnston, D. Deluca, S. Easton, G. Holder, Mr. W. Robbins, advisor, R. Smith, M. Rahman, J. Bohonyhi, D. Patterson, j. Logue front: D. Keiser, C. Wangerien, j. Michalesko, j. Taylor, middle: A. Porter, S, Byrne, M. Bystrom, D. DeLuca, back: C. Scott, S. D'Angelo, S. Easton, D. Arms 0 QQ I- 5 rl. Ti 'Illini The Keyceptors at Allentown High School are a group of students who have volunteered their time to assist the guidance counselors with a variety of activities. These activities include hosting visitors for college fairs, giv- ing new students and parents tours of the school, assisting with ninth grade orientation day, helping with back to school night, and assisting teachers and counselors with various clerical tasks. One goal of the Keyceptors and ad- visor Bill Robbins is to educate its members in peer counseling. Another objective is to inject school spirit into Allentown students so that Allentown can be the best that it can be. A 0896, 0 0 f 49' 3 The Presidents' Council is made up of all the leaders of every student or- ganization in the school. Mr. Simon, the principal, meets with this group once a month to discuss school-relat- ed issues. These monthly meetings of- fer the school leaders the chance to discuss their concerns with an admin- istrator. The student organizations that are involved include the Fresh- man, Sophomore, Iunior, and Senior classes, Manitou, Nutshell, Pep Club, F.F.A., F.B.L.A., National Honor Soci- ety, and Student Council. 'B 0 O sv '- Of'-' i ,SQ 'D' "3 qt rig no L 0 2 "so ' The Karate Club originated during the ATP cycle. The students involved are taught the Tae Kwon Do system of blocks, hand strikes, and kicks. They learn stretching and power exercises, hand and foot techniques, and prear- ranged fighting sequences and forms. Self discipline and mind and body awareness are stressed. Some of the students have been tested for their green belts. Mr. Charles Kirkpatrick deserves an extra thanks for devoting his time and knowledge to the students. I I O O Xl -s UUNJ jp Q. f S.A.D.D.-Students Against Drunk Driving-the National Student Orga- nization, has a chapter at Allentown High this year. Started during ATP, this group has been supporting activi- ties that help elimate one of the top killers in our nation, DRUNK DRIVING. O' , j. fl - TOP: Mr. C. Kirkpatrick, advisory B. Vanderipe, B. Dito, j. Marushak, S. Hicks BOTTOM: E. Daugherty, J. Stover, E. Franks. TOP: D. Hume, C. VanPelt, L. Engle, B. VanPelt, B. Hotchkin MIDDLE: P. Crammer, M. Sheldon A. Von Schmidt BOTTOM: M. Russell, K. Feddersen 'X dv lin r IE Q LJ l The Pep Club, guided by "Head Peppers" Miss Ava Richardson and Miss Barbara Haight, dedicated many extra hours of service for the benefit of our school. Miss Haight and the senior class took time out on Saturday afternoons in order to run the conces- sion stand at football games. During the winter sports season, the peppers showed their support by cheering at basketball games and wrestling matches. They also orga- nized red and black days and decorat- ed the school with encouraging post- ers for the athletes. We thank the Pep Club for their unending support. ROW 1: M. Eaton, K. Black, C. Scott, T. Donetz, L. Wright, B. Haight, advisor ROW 2: D. Keiser, C. Wangerien, B. Hotchkin, N. Freitag, K. Peddersen o .sQ fb S obey fo 69 oo Q ff fb 3 12 The National Honor Society is a se- lective group of juniors and seniors who maintain at least a 3.5 grade point average and are active in the school and community. Four characteristics that the National Honor Society em- phasizes are leadership, character, scholarship, and service. The Allentown chapter of the Na- tional Honor Society, under the direc- tion of Mr. Frank Marino, has partici- pated in many fund raisers for charity this year. The most successful benefit that the National Honor Society un- dertook was the Multiple Sclerosis Dance-a-thon. was Z A ' af ' 1 4. . V 3 f K z Q L to R: C. Wangerien, vice president, S. Rette, secretary, D. DeLuca, president, K. Wetmore, treasurer ROW 1: K. Gauthier, T. Horner, S. Bradham, C. Scott, T. Klein, V. Singh, F. Cuzik, D. DeLuca ROW 2: I.. Stevens, S. Rette, K. Black, K, Walling, M. Bystrom, R. Smith ROW 3: C. Wangerien, K. Wetmore, J. Michalesko, S. Wagg, B. Hotchkin Knot shown D. Keiserj 4666 0 NATIONAL HONOR SOCIETY 3 'Q 5 ' S GZ Qi lb Qfvff gg 2 Q59 oo ts. Q9 The Student Council is an essential part of our school. It gives students a chance to voice their opinions about social-related issues. The Student Council is comprised of elected home- room representatives who work to- wards the improvement of Allentown High School. The Student Council, which was led by president Constance Scott, was very active during the '85-'86 school year. The members raised money for various charities by sponsoring dances and holding other fund raisers. The most popular accomplishment of the Student Council was probably the installment of the soda machine for students. Through their hard work and commitment, the members of Student Council were able to make A.H.S. a better place. 'HV w95"?1f-.. Top, l-r: C. Scott, president, S. Easton, board representative, K. Walling, corresponding secretary, 3000111 l-rr .l- Taylor, S. Rette, vice president, R. Scott, treasurer TOP: M. Eaton, N. Donetz, A. Johnston, J. Klinger, D. johnson, F. Guzik, B. Sokolow, G. Gafgen, A. Waddington, C. Scott, D. Patterson MIDDLE: L, McGeachy, K. Walling, G. Reynolds, T. Zugler, D. Arms, B. Butler, S. johnson, S. Rette, R. Scott BOTTOM: C. Wangerien, B. Faber, J. Michaleslco, D. Erbe, J. Poinsett, J. Taylor Not shown: L. Stevens, S. D'Angelo, S. Easton Once again this year, the school newspaper, the Nutshell, was a high success. The outstanding Christmas issue was proof of the amount of tal- ent and dedication of the staff and its editor-in-chief, Amanda Porter. The newspaper is the outlet for students to express their opinions on the policies and happenings in Allentown High and the staff's main goal, this year I. to R: C. Wangerien, news editor, K. Wetmore, sports editor, C. Scott, feature editor, A. Porter, and every year' is fo accurately update editor-in-chief, D. Keiser, sports editor students at Allentown High, WM 'WM " 6 ROW 1: C. Scott, L. Neuman, T. Donetz, N. Donetz, B. Hart ROW 2: S. Byrne, A. Johnston, A. Porter, J. Taylor ROW 3: D. Keiser, K. Wetmore, C, Wangerien so Editor: Carole Wangerien Editor: jill Michalesko Editor: June Taylor The Manitou is a reminder of everything we've experienced in the past year. It is a reflection of the time we have spent at A.H.S. Through the years, we can look back through the book and see how much we have changed and how AHS has molded our lives. QWhether we wanted it to or notj. We wish the underclassmen luck in their final year at AHS, and to the Seniors, we wish you the best of luck in anything that you choose to pursue in your future lives. A special thanks goes to: - The yearbook staff for sacrificing their time and effort and surviving the endless deadlines. - The students who volunteered their time to write copy, type, and do other necessary job.s - Mrs. Clark and Mrs. Mahoney for the use of the library. - Bob Sasena, our Jostens sales representative for his guidance and patience and last, but not least, - Mr. Miller for his time, patience, advice, and sense of humor - not to mention the chocolate. "Curious," Remember, nothing gold can stay." C . O69 S -'CNG Orgs 'f f 2' Front, I-r: L. Neuman, I. Michalesko, I. Michalesko, S. Gannon, I. Taylor, back, I-r: L. Stevens, B. BOYCC, C- Wangefien, D. Keiser Advisor: D.G. "Curious" Miller ' ""' fwnrfftiir X 4' it , ,wg I ,', V 'W..,,,,.unllvW"" . is K J 2' J, X -A 54 I I 1986 MANITOU STAFF Advisor - D. George Miller Editors - Jill Michalesko June Taylor Carole Wangerien Financial Mgr. - Debbie Keiser Jr. Editors - Sherri Gannon Lisa Neuman Lisa Stevens Section Editors - Bonnie Boyce Janelle Michalesko Typist - Tanya Donetz Other Staff - Denise Aitken, Sandra Byrne, Jan Frost, Becky Hart, Dave Parsons, Janet Sexton, Kim Tilghman, ,el Kathleen Wetmore, Diana Meyer .A ,, , ,W ff ,A A--sw , ,,,,,, We WZ "W ' 22' , .45 ,EV , . I 5 ,,,i W, M Wig 1 Www ,,, Z Www W, Q I " J fi, if L 5 4 W' QQ? K N Wim 535k +2 K . .is iii via ' .Jfk M-, W L,,. Qitix. af: M .f -.Q Qi" i M Wax .WW 5 Ke-3 'W k RQ Nf .fm Afgfwmh XS, wk W , , 1 , Q? 329' 4 2 as oo Cog The 1985-1986 Cross Country Team had a very tough season but the team members perser- vered and came back to win their final meets. Dedicated Coach Hunt said that he was proud of the way the guys stuck out this season and contributed their poor record to the fact that the top runners from '84-'85 gradu- ated. To conclude, the team gained valuable experience and never lost their spirit. Top row: l-r: M. Gunther, D. Sutterlin, W. Ralston, T. Searles, G. Gafgen, Coach D Hunt Bottom row: l-r: D. Criscola, J. Guarino, I. Crome, M. Beddows, B. Faber Senior: David Sutterlin Senior: Michael Gunther Senior: Todd Searles 13? O O nw "lux 'rf' m ll ii it 31 19 'b-. Q.gD'1""": .:-,I L 4.,, mv., .,,.' Q . The 1985 girls' field hockey team overcame their opponents to produce a 5-9-2 record overall. This past sea- son was one of the first in which the team did not participate in the state tournament. Even though this did not occur, Coach Geihl feels that the team was successful in regard to their con- stant dedication and hard work. Many Solomon, B. Franks, K. Hart, Row 2: N. Troutman, T. St. Romain, D. Kszepka, D. Hlucky, D. Players be back again next Year .Meyen A. Crammer and another great season will result. 23' E151-ar ,Q -, ' 7 : ,. j.V. Row 1: P. Sharkey, coach, F. Williams, A. MacReynolds, R. Bendick, M. Dejong, C. Abate, H. Varsity Row 1: D. Geihl, coach, D. Zakovic, mgr.p j. Doherty, L. Wright, G. Van Lee, mgr.g S. Eckley, C. Wimmer, B. Leister, mgrg Row 2: T. Maglosky, K. Wurzbach, D. Bowker, L. Noller, S. Byrne, Row 3: A. Smith, S. Troutman, J. Testa, C. Hayes, M. Provost NS oo FOOTBALL 1985 1985 was a tough year for the Red- birds. The team, led by co-captains Francis Guzik, Tim Kline, and Ernie Stillwell, and coaches Peddie, Banks, Hazlett, Wharton, and Leto, showed their stamina and grit as they battled against their opponents. Despite their losing record the team never lost their spirit. Their positive attitude allowed them to perservere through the season despite the injuries and disappoint- ments. Let it be known and remem- C bered that the 1985 football players are winners for sticking out a rough season and refusing to give up. L . , mr A L. Varsity Row 1: D. Atchley, D. Carroll, I. Vogel, R. Bakos, E. Stillwell, F. Cuzik, R. LeMay, D. Johnson, T. Kline, I. Carbin, Row 2: D. Bright, B. D'Agostino, E. Vogel, C. Johnson, T. Bartek, D. Iannuzzelli, F. Arnold, B. Wangerien, A. Heller, Row 3: I. Rein, I Spence, C. Barker, M. Madia, B. Degler, J. Carroll, L. Johnson, S. Raynor, Gary Hyers wa 5.5.4 f Y 53 M9913 'llfl -. - --., We' ni' anim A F, ..,, ,.,.,,,,.,,,. ,.,.,,, . t, 4 . 69' ga-- .., Row- Top David Kenya, jason Marsilio, Tom Falkowski, Emmanuel Kidd, Fred Testa, Doug Arms, Jeff Burchell, Tim Semanchick, Larry Green, Coach Leto Row-2 Coach Wharton, Erik Franks, Gary Cwenung, Kevin Jones, Jeff Bock, Chris Willits, Todd Colby, Sean Hetler, Kim Havens Not Pictured- Travis Bailey. o of Sept. 28 Keansburg Oct. 5 Freehold Boro Oct. 12 Manchester Oct. 19 Mater Dei Oct. 26 Pinelands Reg. Nov. 2 Shore Reg. Nov Nov Nov 8 Point Pleasant Beach 16 Lacey Twp. 23 Lawrence Twp. ae! KA? CHD QHJ KAP KAP KHP KAP CAD KAP Coach Tom Peddie X fo XSL '9 Q - r we - L - X V, I Mi,,5T 5 5299 ' . lla l Q gl ll Q0 'A V u M 'IQ' , an The 1985-86 football cheerleaders, led bye co-captains Ami Anderson, Suzi D'Angelo, and Lori McC1eachy, inspired the fans and the football team with their rousing cheers. Their high spirits soared despite the cold weather and tough season. Some memories include "Nurk's Moon" "Keansburg cops will always remem- ber us!" "Geech-AKA Madonna" "Andre" and "SuziD.-the fumble". ww aw 1 3 Q . x b X 1, Q ! , ft ykil q K in gg 1 ' K Q, ':'::2 .e-i - l N I iifli , ir 'P-R.. Row 1: L. Lane, S. D'Angelo, K. Casey, A. Anderson, C. Nurko, Row 2: D. Gafgen, K. Walling, C johnson, L. McCeachy, S. Rette, C. Herbert, S. Malibaska, T. Wikander 4 I' l fs, J ,, , A. f' f af , Q, ,, I ' ff Q ,c A ., . J V - ., 95 Oc, W- 'MMT 00 I I bl l 'fp - . 6' ' Alitalia. " u. Varsity Row 1: S. Davies, E. Tranosky, G. Clum, V. Singh, S. Easton, Row 2: L. Drolet, J. Brady, R. Lehrfeld, A. Marabuta, B. Pham. Row 3: M. Buschoff, R. Black, R. Gregory, E. Hamelin l.V. Row 1: Miss Nosal, coach, G. Winkowski, D. Riley, G. Paul, A. Crespo, 1. McClure Row 2: E. Sim, B. Hamelin, J. Trust, S. Davidson, R. Easton, j. Parkinson, M. Kluclc Row 3: D. Berg, D. Edminston, D. Crespo, A. Bishop, B. Bach. Due to hard work and dedication, the Redbirds' soccer team improved this year. The most memorable games were against Pinelands where Allen- town swept both games. The Senior members were Bill Pham and Rich Lehrfeld. We'd like to cheer on the team for the great effort put forth dur- ing the 1985 season. Sept. 23 Asbury ParktA1 26 Pt. Pleasant Beach lAJ Oct. 1 Pinelands Reg, ll-I1 3 Lacey Twp. CAD 4 Pt. Pleasant Boro TBA QA, 7 Freehold Boro fHj 8 Manchester Twp. IHJ 10 Freehold,B0ro CAD 15 V Pt. Pleasai1it,Beach KHJ 17 Pineland Reg, IAQ 18 N. Burlington IAQ 21 Henry Hudson QA, 22 Lacey QHJ 24 Manchester KAJ 29 Homdel KAI 30 Pt. Pleasant Beach QHJ J' . Q59 N fs 15' lf xfr L- The 1985 gymnastics team rolled to a 4-9 record this past season. The cap- tains for the team were Patty Waters and Heather Mayes. Their skills and leadership helped the team in many ways throughout the season. Sopho- more Angela Guzik and Freshman Stacy Diefenbach participated in the State Sectionals and will be back next year to aid the team. The gymnastics team consisted of primarily under- classmen, who will be back next year for a strong season. Sept. 24 Ewing Twp. D Sept. 28 Hopewell Valley Oct. 3 'Wall Twp. Oct. 8 - Ewing Twp. Oct. 10, Lacey Twp. Oct. 17 Hopewell Valley Oct. 22 Lacey Twp. - Oct, 24 Howell Twp. Oct. 29 Montgomery Oct. 31 Manasquan Nov. 5 Southern Reg. CHD CAD CHD CAD CAD CHD CHD CAD CAD CHD CAD Nov. 12 Ocean Twp. CHD 5 2 .. yi, '0 ,.m . WWA h A, MW 5 f . ,FE Front of beam I - r - J. Logue, A. Pater, 1. Poinsett, S. Beaton On beam: N. Freitag, L. Bobkowski, L. Madia, C. Amatucci Back of beam: M. Guarino, J. Emley-manager, S. Engle-manager, M. Gunther-manager Back row: J. Frost, A. Cuzik, 5. Rosenshine, coach Leto, coach Rovner On bar: P. Waters, S. Diefenbach, H, Mayes. 6' 139 .l 140 IS r to dt fr? s fo The Allentown Varsity Boys' Bas- ketball team, under coaches Bob Banks and Walt Doherty, ended up their season with a 10-12 overall re- cord and a 6-6 conference record. This year the Redbirds took third place in the Lawrence Tournament and partic- ipated in the annual Christmas Tour- nament. Their regular season began soon afterwards. Winning games for the team were against Northern Bur- lington, 60-54, Princeton Day School, 49-43, Keansburg, 49-46, Point Pleas- ant Beach, 55-53 and 72-55, Holmdel, 64-49, Shore Regional, 56-51 and 60- 48, Pinelands, 67-44 and 54-59. We wish the senior members of the team the best of luck in their future plans and to the underclassmen, best of luck for a successful season next year. 1 ,x fx' f , 5 ww! mfs"mvw AR as-0 K ' X N X I fa Jan 9 f Jan -t I :"' Jan 16 T8 KHP jan 17 Boro CAJ Ian 22 del f y ,"t, ':- :-r- f T ,,rf, etiil ffi ,YLL g 1 istciss Feb secl 1'1s 1 cA5 r,t ,,,,tr,,, I V, ,,,r,,', l f',, Feb ri, P251 ,,,r itrrr rtrsi Feb 1 itti 1f,ir ,V I If .1.::-ff -ff-" WM, wr ,, ,,s,,,:r ---'f'1f'i'f",' W Wd? ,W W ? as 6 wwww M ,,-ww M 2611? V o Jfv' 'QQ 5' 01' ' Q 5,,,M - ,L,wA t. VZZZZ Q W ,,.... . 4 :-V lh t tttizf or f A' W i' -' W r t. H ' ft' 4 james Brown James Smith y .' a X L -gf I-1 3 .1 1 . 1' ' gl! f . Lester Spady Dave Sutterlin Harry Wright Top L-R: L. Spady, G. Inglee, J. Smith, H. Wright, I. Brown, M. McLaughlin, R. Francis Bottom L-R: D. Sutterlin, G, VanLee, C. Johnson, W, Ralston 659 'D' egg! C9 5 ago? The Basketball Cheerleaders helped to cheer the Redbirds on to victory. The girl's pep and spirit motivated the team to strive for success. Fondest memories: Tracey rappin, Battle with the Buldge, Stella get your glasses, "I have no arms," and No Parking. l ! My ,- ,,, QQ f--fs .-l I5 pi Kneeling left to right: Debbie joy Cafgen, Lori McGeachy, co-captain, Stella Rette, co-captainp Stacie Malibashka Standing left to rxht: Tracey Wikander, Sherri Cannon, Lisa Stevens, Chris Amatucci, Tina D'Amico, Zanita Keaton, manager. pr-Q. ERESHMAN Standing: R. MacReynolds, Coach: I. D'Angelo, S. Peterson T. Wysocki Kneeling: K. ranmer, N. Deneka, K Havens, S. DeLuca, D. Meyers . .Water - 1 , . . ,,s 26 T 91 xx Y Y VARSITY Standing: D, Bowker, H. Fowler, R. Raynor, M. Smith, K. Tilghman, J. Doherty, S. D'Angelo, M. Paskowitz Kneeling: N. Troutman, B. Franks, S. Wurfel, B. Butler, S. Troutman, T. O'Brien, M. Provost, D. Hluchy 535, ,sw '21, 'tx 1986 proved to be a very successful year for the girls' basketball team. The Lady Redbirds, coached by Mike Leto, ended the year with a record of 12-11. They also were the first team in Allen- town's history to make it through the first around of the State Tournament. This year's senior stars included Raz Raynor, Kim Tilghman, and Sharon Wurzel. Q! ,EW A ,,,, x Q M1 lv A Q wg: 22:21, 2 M y A VV . Vim , , xwzb l-. . Y ,sf V 5 . if Z 19 . . -W - -"Y 'Em i 1' ,M ' A -. f ...fwi ,A ,' 'Tn"-- 4.5, M ' N xxe-2 NN ' se it X :..ft .., ., ,,, 5 ... Ki-xf?S:5fi--RK' ' 5 fin 1. Q 5 S 'F A Q i 5' -ser: : f 1. iff - 1 .. :wr . . 4 X. R 13 :-kk Z. Q .1 . .....,,. .gg .... . 3 , V S ----- - l ' j i fi' Q 144 9 3? ge, The 1986 Allentown Wrestling Team experienced a tough but suc- cessful season. Although the overall record was 3-9-1, there were four very talented wrestlers on the team. Se- niors Ken Pillik and Ed Vogel both finished the season with individual records of 20-1. Both Pillik and Vogel also managed to secure first place at the Districts. Sr. Bill Pham Q12-81 and Jr. Jamie Vogel Q17-61 both came in fourth place in their weight classes at the Districts. 'Ai wwf:- is '.,-.-4' J-wiv -rf r,,,..-Albin? ig ' ., ...if 3 1. 14,5 G ,po--n M, I , Back row l-r: F. Morrissey QVJ, M. Guarino QVQ, K. Hughey UVJ, E. Vogel QCapt. VJ, I. Guarino KVJ, J. Carbin IVJ, E. Stillwell KVI, K. Pillik lCapt. VJ, B. Pham fffapt. VH, I. Vogel QVJ, D. Jannuzzelli QVJ, B. Cartmill KVJ, M. Buschhoff KVQ, G. Hyers UVJ, R. Anizell UV, Front row l-r: J. Brady QJVJ, I. Booth UVB, A. Bishop UVJ, I. Bock UVJ, R. Selp UVJ, B. Bock UVQ, T. Kolbe UVQ, S. Huneke UVQ, R. Vargas E UVl I 06,000 0 Q1 "C" South April 2 9 11 16 18 23 25 May 2 7 9 14 16 21 6 Lacey Freehold Boro Pt. Beach Shore Reg. Manchester Pineland Reg. Lacey Freehold Boro Pt. Beach Shore Reg. Manchester Pineland Reg. Keansburg VARSITY: Top: R. D'Iorio, trainer, D. Venet, Coachg E. Vogel, A. Beck, T. Kline, F. Guzik, F. D'Amico, J. Vogel Bottom: D. Atchley, F. Arnold, G. VanLe, R. Arnold, R. Fields, M. Madia JV 'q's.gQSt:.y1sf. ,..2-wie.el-is:-ei..-sig. 1 - , -- Q 'ff-'T-f'e'.i:f-Ts 'J .,-. mi, Aa.. - Top: B. D'agastino, R. Francis, T. Maglosky Middle: M. Brus- .4- ton, T. Horner, B. Wangerien, J. Turner, T. Wharton, Coach - Bottom: S. Davison, R. Black, A. Heller, R. Hayes, D. Miller FRESHMAN: CD Top: j. Warren, J. Gaski, J. Parkinson, C. Serbes, E. Franks, J. Marsilio K. Waldie, F. Combs, D. Franks, S. Hendrickson Bottom: Mr. T. Peddie, Coachg T. Raab, I. Brady, S. D'Amico, T. Falkowski, J. Perez 16 Pinelands 21 Keansburg fa-4 "C" South Conference PRESHMEN April 2 Lacey CI-IJ Top: N. Frietag, A. Thompson, C. Fiordland, Mr. R. MacReynolds, Coachg M. Infante, J. Compeki, 9 Freehold Bom Q-lj B. Leister Bottom: C. Scorza, D. Artigliere, D. I-Iluchy, A. Kline, K. Towles 11 Pt, Beach QI-lj 16 Shore Reg. QHQ 18 Manchester KI-IJ 23 Pinelands KAJ 25 Lacey QAQ May 2 Freehold Boro QAJ 7 Pt. Beach QAJ 9 Shore Reg. CAJ 14 Manchester QA, KHJ fHl fi , 2 VARSITY Top: Coach D. Geihl, S. Eckley, C. Wimmer, K. Wright, A. Guzik, K. Feddersen, D. Bowker Bottom: M. Gibbs, T. O'Brien, M. Provost, K, Black Q0 a af Golf L to R: I. Doe, D. Sommer, D. Johnston, R. Potts, E. Nelke, P. Dellmargio 1Not shownj G. Gafgen and Mr. Doug Hunt, Coach A . l . F W 'J NAA, ..-of K K "' Tennis Top: Mr. P. Sharky, Coach, J. Frost, G. Parsons, G. Inglee, V. Singh, B. Sokolow, Botton: W. Ralson, I. Guarino, R. Lehrfeld, S. Rosenshine Back I. to R: M, McGlaughlin, D. Allerton, A. Porter, E. Lydick, C. Yakelewicz, H. Wright, S. Radosti, D. Sutterlin Middle: I. Cannon, M. Harper, D. Criscola Front: N. DiPetro, J. Pellechia, M. Batos, K. Kiernan o... . AA .l Top L to R: 1. Doherty, I.. Wright, C. Satchall, I.. Bobkoski, j. D'Angelo, K, Sicina, L. Freeman, S. Rahman Bottom: B. Hotchkin, K. Grunclen, D. Zakovic, E. Frien, P. Waters, D. Eickoff, M. Cohen , 1 ye, 40 X1 v of vig Cf Q- 8 90 X Nvff 261 M73 Q .17 M ig: ff' ii H , W 4 A X Aff 1 Dm 15 -ww, Q full 'fi Q w N, ,A ,A 5 .,,. A .V k ,f q ,, fffw M, ,. 7' f' W EA A V 2 A ' W Florida ff? R, , X2 'S Yiofo Cf Q' 90 Q9 IN DEDICATIGN CHARLES D. MALLET 1926-1985 IN MEMCRY DAVID RUBENSTEIN 1968-1985 atrons Mr. and Mrs. Ronald DeLuca Son and daughter - Dominick and Susan D'Angelo New Egypt, NJ Sammie and Marianne Hawkins New Egypt, NJ Renee, Although we don't say it as often as we should, we are so very, very proud of you. Keep up the great work and always do the best you can. We love you, Mom and Dad Best wishes to the Class of 1986 and Danalyn Marian Gaum Best wishes to the Class of 1986 from Dave, Linda and Danalyn Marsh. Congratulations to the Class of 1986-Dr. and Mrs. Stephen L. Sokolow D. Ives, Allentown, NI Good luck and best wishes - Class of '86 Sarah Jo and Marty Mains To Maria: We are so proud of you and we love you! Mom, Dad, Bobby, Danny and Michael Ken - Congratulations and best of luck! Mom and Dad Helen G. Haley To our daughter, Lynn fShariJ Remember, you are the first and we QD am so proud of you! Mom and Dad Mr. and Mrs. Ralph Dello Margio Robbinsville, NJ., 08691 Dear I.D., Graduation Day will be the start of a new journey down life's highway. May every step of the way be a happy and successful one. Congratulations, Nonie Dear J.D., To our one and only grandson. This is to simply express how proud we are of you. We admire your efforts that you had to put into these twelve years. Best Wishes on your big day, and much luck and success is always wished for you now and throughout your life. Love, Grandma and Grandpa Dear J.D., We are so proud of you. It hasn't been an easy road for you. You have had a lot of obstacles to overcome, but you have had a considerable amount of personal growth by your perserverence Much happiness and success is wished for you, our 41 son, now and in the future. Much Love, Mom and Dad Jay, Congratulations! You made it. Best Wishes for success and happiness in your future. Sincerely, Mrs. Lang Dear J.D., You're graduating high school and closing a chapter in your life, hope your future chapters bring you happiness and success always. Congratulations, Michelle Congratulations Ern, you have finally made it. Good Luck in the future. Love, Mom, Dad, Debbie and Eddie Carole and Brian, Congratulations and good luck. We're proud of you. Love, Mom and Dad Linda, Congratulations on a job well done! Love, Mom, Dad, and Rick To Our Daughter, Lynn Remember, you are the first- and we are proud of you! I Love, Mom and Dad Constance, Be sure to keep a mirror always nigh In some convenient, handy sort of place, And now and then look squarely in thine eye, And with thyself keep ever face to face. by John K. Bangs Love, Mom and Dad R.O. Scott R.D. 3 Box 345I5 Freehold, NJ., 07728 Dave Barry, Richard E. Barry, Gayle Ann Barry R.D. 2 Route 539 Box 48A-1 Cream Ridge, NJ., 08514 Dan and Virginia Zakovic SanLite Acres R.D.3 Box 332A Freehold, NJ., 07728 D. Ives 58 Breza Road Allentown, NJ., 08501 VISA 8- MASTER CARD ACCEPTED Allentown s Village Hardware GASKILL S GARAGE 81 TOWING I 195 AND ROUTE 539 ALLENTOWN NEW JERSEY 08501 C6093 259 9885 GENE HAAS PROP 15 So Ma n Street 609 259 7181 Alle to N J O 1 WILLIAM F GASKILL 24 HOUR TOWING BOOK GARDEN Florlsl' FLQWERS by Donna 0 9 gf 6. ALL OCCASIONS ELM 27 S MAIN ST 2593792 ALLENTOWN N J 08501 7588210 Ano 609 259 9362 Congratulatlons WOODY S We Deliver" Waldrons Rd Allentown NJ 08501 hun-gry bank-mg adj hun gre bank eng 1 Any fresh, aggresslve lnnovatlve method of dealing with money problems. 2: lSee MIDLANTICJ MIDLANTIC Mldlantlc National Bank!Merchants meats 259 3031 LANDMARK DELICATESSEN Th Best nS bSand ches N J 08501 , . 1 , . I - - rt wn. . 850 - - i INK! - - C171 gl Arr n ements for , , M--'I nga . . . 1 1 ' 12 We ' Dned ' 5"k Barbecued Ribs a chicken 'I ,B DONNA ENG . GR. 'V -' e I u wi I . . B . - C t ring For 2 No. Main St. , , , H . ions Allentown, . . I Q O . . o 3 V F I ! 5 s E Q X E a E Q 1 5 i 2 2 5 E J E 2 . E l 1

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Allentown High School - Manitou (Allentown, NJ) online yearbook collection, 1986 Edition, Page 166

1986, pg 166

Allentown High School - Manitou (Allentown, NJ) online yearbook collection, 1986 Edition, Page 63

1986, pg 63

Allentown High School - Manitou (Allentown, NJ) online yearbook collection, 1986 Edition, Page 100

1986, pg 100

Allentown High School - Manitou (Allentown, NJ) online yearbook collection, 1986 Edition, Page 35

1986, pg 35

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