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'E 4 Q V. 'is 4 P 4: L 1 Q x 1: 4 i ! 1 i 5 2 5 F 3 5 i 5 we E ' S Q Q w MANITOU '85 The C1055 Of 7985 Allenrown I-hgh School Allenrown, New Jersey 5! , , M' ff -' J ff up-"' .91-"J P J 1 'kj ' Wm 3 --av' L., ' N In I Fx ng A 'm 'S ' .. um J , fvwwly ' , ,uA, A , ,,, E,1fZ,:l,,54t '35 Ag-M A E ' f'r"W12xv rff 1 1 ia. H 41 M14- ll .. m. Eefwefs-049 Faculty And ' 76 Adnqhbrroriqnn nder lossmir 0 Sporrs ' 7? Acrivrfes ' 704 2 3. .,. Av ll -'Q-V " 1 .. ...- 4. u . 1 N Q F, 4-I. ig? 5. .2 Q? w Nga .il ,ra -.. gl J -. Q -' ,ff Ek f 1 'wh ' ' 11 - A """""" .,., i - gp Q w gf rv 1 A ' m 9 5 ll H - w M , 5 V all-7Vg K bf' MW M uma FREEHO All W ' fav , fc .f A , . .. - , 1- y , ' V s 2 4 Y mi Q1 x .M 'L a K Vi KW JN 1 , :Mk 3 3 I . if g 1 "ff xifesr S WW MFA' 4 W., VV ,, ,W fi sf M QM , www W' 'a W MM' ,ff I i aff, 5 .31 ,. l ,. LL 1 :Q , r,.Q21:"'--5, , ' ., 'ZIZTQSI 4 ' "Q ,"- .xcxfvgmg xiii?-T. , L'1L?1g::.1:w?r,EQxg::..L:::.:::.:Q ' , 51151 :"f1'.?x:1 rl:zt1f,:::,:1 -' ' E15 xiE'ff51"1?i1 b ,E ,, ,.,...,.:. ,Tix 55:4 2716? , 3 , M M, 4 , . .f r, ,. 1.'N"i' ' . Ti 4 1-,Q x ' T! , 5 -- 1 J ,T V 4 75.61, , fr, ff: A K .,W"'WW" ! 1 .- www ' J' f"' E WMA. KEJX f G45 i il I Lula it -K , 3,4 uri rl 4 Am, ,.-Q-g,:,.-gag? . 'fr 1523i 'VA 3 S3 Q3 ' ff ag, l 11 Q 4 I ' 12 1 , , . W ,J ,ff 1 2 V W Affenrown Goes To The M o vfes Sffrr wee: Oeooer QW 'u Urn was Q "X' eped' ..,, eeis H Tuesday October 9th: Hohecoh wg fs' TQ COG QC-L19 T CXQQYP OUT AAOX 'Cl F' X Q Moran The Freshmen swepr away rherr oopanenrs th a cones' of rnua based an rne '?7O""'C? of so rr rw ees Ntfn. e T 'es The Sopna T'Tr7'QS cape .n secawd 'alta-A ed by foe Se' cod TOE? Tuners Wednesday October 10th: However' Door Deco'o'of1Wf-The door decdarran arauahr ab-our sanne unexpecred resuirs If produced a double fre he Sapharhwes and Jud-Vs each recerned 250 DONE .wne 'he Fresnve' 'CIOC Se" xr ere u N ape earo any ands I -'eN r 'ner' Casses Pos'e'p- Also ao xx edriesday Sayers xx e'e judged Saphannares dsarnyed 'ne bes' pasrers cofiecrng oO or w'f'- Vs Thursday October 11th: Con Coffee 'ow f The Senors -war 'he annua can Cai recfran Pacrna 'espec' y rw e'e rhe Judas Sopnonnares and Fresh hen Friday October 12th: Red and Dads As senvofy -Ar rhe Red and Blade AssernbTy parnrs were awarded for pTacrng Tsr 2nd, and Grd rr! me careganes at fanaesr, nwasr humorous and rnasf ahaha! Lrsa Ondrusheis and Andy Harms room tgrsr pTace ww fanoesr Th rhe rnasr humorous caregary frrsr place wenr ra 'The Psedbrd Arrny " Frrsr placewn nnasr arrarnoT was awarded ro rhe "Bad Boy Breakers " 5p r'. 'rr Week Drone' Pornrs were awarded far semna 'TCTSOTA ra the dznner Pep Rory Sprrrr was efevared and rne classes carnpered for the me af mast spun' ed Saphanwares prayed nwasr spurned earn :ng TOO pornrs for rherr class Boahre Saturday October 13th: Homecomrno Go me Ailenrown vs Marrer Der, alrhough Allenrown dad nor farr well rherr sprrrr srrH shined through Homecomrng Dance -Sprrrr weels was wrapped up wrrh rhe annual Hornecornrng Dance Srars of rhe nrghr were Hornecohnrng Kung and Queen Jeff Casey and Lrsa Ondrushels The resulrs af Sprrrr Week proved rhe Junrars rnosr sprrired followed by rhe Sapharnares, Seniors, and Freshmen respecrrvely .1 1 V ' ' M ,Q L .Ju " , I I I 7 ' .rf Y E X mrrnm. . 0 A ' I sg M. f . - ,. . mx- 4. -u,. , n., Q, . t A N ,wh XJ E F ig ' i- vi . . A ! 'kiwi' K szttff' 'z .- 'Wi-Wi Qm27'a 2.Ws. Wx 5? f'? 0 M fL mmwn f"- 5 if : 1 L :, 1 In ! S? ? . f ' 2-'aw 4 ' . M , f - 1+ 0- U 1,4 4 , , AV is ' : v gf , A I I WAY ' .Q H 1 ,., ,,,M Zl, f lily l l l 2.Hil 2 z 2 3 i Q 3 5 f K 1 Q The Boord Of Education, Left to Right Stond- ' ing: Rosirie Dose-nberry, Alfred Le-isrer, Moo- V rice- Plergrossi, Lee Torren, Mormon Hoimes Dovid Poinserr Sitting: Moro Horsnoll, Wood- row Dey CBoord Presidentb, Dr Sreprien I.. Soe Isolovv, Rlchord Qsoorn, Admfhfsrrorfon Dear Class of 1985, Congratulations on your successful completion of high school. The diploma you receive this month represents four years of hard work on your part. Your senior year has been one of change from the ban on student smoking to the ActivityfTutorial period program. Throughout the changes you have conducted H X yourselves as mature young adults. As you look back at your years at Allentown High School, I hope you can remember not only what you have taken from Allentown High School but also what you have given. It is through cooperation and the spirit of giving that personal satisfaction and success comes. of luck,j Richard A. Simon Principal Richard A. Simon, Pnnciool Suson D. Deeverskfice Pnnopol Douglos H. VOf'lD9US9!'I,VlCG'pVlflCIDOl 5 Qaswxu fm :ff 1 ,fa M, F , ,,.,,4 ,, , A , WA Z-,,,,,,f..L,-5 5 AM L if f 42, , J V21 fi 6 Q Z 19 my ff W f Q5 JW ' z ! f ,f f k wi Mr Joseph Jokubowski DMSO, Of gpecml Services Dr. Jamie Sovedoff, Assisromr Soperinrendemrmoord Secrerory 4, szf W 2 if 19, MU? 0 A Wy fo M 9' QQ? ? fir 5 45455 5:4515 V522 3 ,, , 'fr 4 la 9 ,Q , K, 255' 42 iii? M922 62, EMP 2 My mei? MQ? M2 ji fr oDsaro,G1ass of'1985:,, V, - L. . 1, f V , o onubenalf of the Board of Education anaffagi1uy Q, u I wishwto congratulate you on they successful cominletion of fe yourypoblio school feducsatiozi. 'The ChElHEi1gSK?f nieefigig LL"L LL.' A A - Vallhf the requirements fo? youll high Bohool' diploma! behind you, As you move ahead on 1ife's path, pieoeel - V consider these addi1ioizalVoh,al1e11geei stfiwie foroexceliehce A ixrallfghat you do: strive to -pyromoie you? own ,,., Q: seitingiworthey goalsg ,sotrivdto corgtinjiallyoimproygfyoursielfj. -'.', strive fofenhence the liveei-of 'chose' Yoilhtoilolii Vstzivieiyfo "-' B sfo' ' oof sejrviGS tm others: and above' all. stri-ve"to'mAakS'Ao1ir .World ' ' ' a Lime better than you found in L, h f K' 'V ' 'Iheeritire School community is proudyof yoo., ' f A e Dr. stephen L. Sokolow h - SUPERINTENDENT oF- sCHooLs A Z, . . 19 Dr. Stephen L. Sokolow, Soperinremdenr of Schoois DY- John T- Kmefz' Dlfeffof Of Cumwlum S Guidance Joan Vonn 20 r John Scnedeker, Deporrrrmerw Chairperson P. Charles Eby Jerilynn Wilson ll 2522 Sundra Wentzler Board Secretaries, Left to Right Standing: Ja' nice Bryant, Lindo Friedman, Srasia Gill, Sitting: Elizaberh Winlsovvslsi, Doris Hoagland, Phoebe Gayiard Secrerarfes 1 Dorothy Coleman Audrey Cash Rita Brady 21 Cynthia Roszel Agrfculrure Tne Agriculrure Deoorrrnenr or Allentown includes on excellenr sroff ond o nlsrory of oursronding ocnievemenrs. Mony focers of Agricul' rure ore included in rne deoorrrnenr. Arnong rne mony courses ovoiloole ore: Anirnol Core, Lond Prepororion, Food Producrion, Plonr ldenrificorions, ond Forming Mecnonisnws. The Agriculrure srudenrs ore oole rojoin rne Furure Forrners of Arnerie co, wnlcn cornoeres on Norionol levels, AllenroWn's cnoorer is proud ro nove won nwony ovvords. Lauren Warner Q3 ?' 9 "T QQ f l Al ff Wf'f41e E fi ' H ff . gf sl- wx 'L yjm .,- 'Lge-r-are - 22 we 5 1 1 A 11 , 4 f - x :ff - 9 A an fx SQA . A l Q if 5 Ax Jacque Roszel. Deparrmenr Cnorrperson 'S l Goil Willis is X s 5 I l I 5 ll I ii is 5 e is X, 2 2 E iis . i .ii Anne White, Deporirnenr Chairperson is Shirley Schoirer Business Tbe Courses offered by ine Business Deporrnwenr Ore elecrives Cover- ing ine preps of Typing, Speedwririing, Sbprrbond, ond Dopls Keep ing. A srudenr is blso oble rp roi-se Consumer Educorion, Acjcpunring ond Business Mpcnines. i Tnese Courses prepore srudenrs for enwployrnenr in ine business field, fd? f' fx We 414141 ...JS ,,,... P" ,,,.4-" ll' f-""' L, lliliilue. " 'llifl T ff? .iN I x Q X Lonoy Hill . K. o ,X . ., , . , Qu- X HQ. . .iw A-lTMHQEas 23 Joann Snook, Deparrrnenr Chairperson, lnrerifn Vice-Principal English An essenrial corrioonenr of an high school eddcarional orogrann, includes a srrong English oaclsgrodnd. Headed oy choiroerson Mrs. Joann Snoole, rhe English deoarrrhenr worlss as a reann ro forrn a currenr, comprehensive oooroach ro longoage and lirerardre slsills for srodenrs, Consronrly srriving for successful addirions ro rhe deoarrnfienr, a nonw- oer of UGVGIOQOWGOTS have oeen innolennenr oasr year. These include rhe forrnorion of rwo new English Honors elecrives, World Lirerarure and advanced Wriring Slsills, as well as o new Wriring Clinic designed ro aid srodenrs on o one ro one oasis. Many more olans are also being made ro forrher rhe excellence oi Allenrown l-ligh's Enlish Deoarrrnenr, 24 if , Margaret Trevisan Fronk P. Marino Kristin Olsen rw Ellen Jacko Cothy Reeves ' V W if ,,e,, 'V 1 V Shoryn Markowitz -fi ,, Blozokis Poul Hlebowitsh Hne Arrs Tne Fine Arrs Deporrmenr as o nignlfgnnng focer rn I-XTTenrovvn's spor Isle, vvirn numerous opporronfrres for srddenrs ro express rneTr roTenrs. Consrsrrno of o vonery of dosses offered in orr, mdsrc, ond ocnng, rne deporrmenr f under rne drrecrron of Mr. Morls MeQrTI Ts Consronrly rmprovlng ond exponding. An exompTe of dwonge in fne deporrmenr Ts rne replocemenr of Mr. Ted Fusn, refiring ofrer mony voTUooTe yeors of service ro rne nron scnool pond, vvrrn new comer Mr. Pod! Hleoovvrrz. Srudenrs Tnvolved rn rrwe Frne Arrs Deporrmenr ore very ocrrve vvfrlfwn rne scnool, Tvvo onnool fesrlvols ore neTd, drspToyino rne rolenrs of srddenrs Tn ol! oreos of rne orrs, Srodenrs olso presenr o Spring Mosico4 prodocrron. Moreover, rnere is on opporroniry for srddenrs ro soomir orr work or ro perform Tn rne Teen Arrs Fesrlvol, on counry ond srore TeveTs of Comperrrion. Tnese ore only o fevv exomples of rne mony oursrondino oorivirres sponsored oy rne Fine Arrs Deporrmenr. 26 T Bonnie Lehman Mork Megill, Deporrmenr Cnorrperson T Rose Greenmon Pofricio Sweeney, Deparrrnenr Chairperson Moria Correno Borboro Lehmon Foreign Language Allenrovvn has on exrensive Foreign Language Program. Courses ore available in French, German, and Spanish, vvhich give Allenrovvn sruclenrs rhe opporruniry ro expand rheir culrurol horizons. The language courses serve rvvo purposes: ro fulfill college require- menfs and ro inrroduce srucienrs ro rhe exciring vvorld of orher culrures, This vear rhe Foreign Language Cluos are enfioorlsing on o journey ro Europe. The rrip vvill include visirs ro Spain, France, lraly and Svvirzerlono. 27 Joonne Bartlett Home E Conomits The rhoih purpose of rhe Home Ecohorhics ciosses is ro help STUUQOVS Cope wirh rhe everydoy ospecjrs, of Fife Courses ih Forhily Livihg, Food Prepororioh, Noiririoh, oho Chiid Develophhehr, heip srodehrs rhoh oge rheir persohoi iives so rhey wiki he effecrive Workers, oho hove hoppier forhiiies. A hew oooirioh io rhe Home ECOFWOVTWICS Deporrrhehr rhis yeor is rhe ihcorpororioh of o Chiio Deveioprhehr lop im rhe oisrricrs preschooi progrorh E5sehrioiiy Home Ecohorhics Ciosses deveiop fomiiy iife oworehess wirhih our corhrhohiry, ohd heip srooehrs improve rhe oooiiry of rheir iives. 3 U i i XV" - h L ., , 0 ,f I J ff lf- f' CJ I -if J " f' 's ' I 21 Q' " sf J C' ' O ii i r J Kim r" ii" i . Q , -' ' Sl., -'ii' u ixxwi Q f :Q ,..fCyX 5-37 . ,ff 1 i l ' . . ' " ' . E ' 'W"'M Avo Richardson Angie VonHise, Deporrrhehr Choirpersoh a 1 ? 2 th F 5552 ,f gf, 5? Daniel Pittman Charles Boyce lndusrrfol Arrs The lnousrrlol Arts Deporrmenr hos mony dlfferenr Courses for both boys ond glrlst They offer o wloe vorlery from Boslc Shop ro Sofery of Motorcycles. The Deporrmenr hos grown immensely over rhe post few yeors ond mony Courses hove been odded, Mr. Horner encouroges girls to rolee lnoostrlol Arr Courses. 7 bg Illia' Charles Kirkpatrick 'm 5 Tl 4:-4' X, mll ibm Anthony Horner, Department Chairperson .Val -A if ,il A -X - 1 X I' " I 2 X l 'Q X - at , x N ' .1 , . N .Q .. 5 4. i ' ,5 x 9 ' 0 ' f' -. K , " 1 M 0 . 1 f .., :2z1!':f:12s:ww:11: - -.. 1 .-,,,,a U :Sq . wi V Ai' T , 'V ., Ig, ' S 5 Y- mb - f ' 1 ' ' 1 I- 5, Q! 'S ' 4 5 K 29 A fr I l i 1 flflorhemorics AAA Kay Doyle ,gf f'L"gx,Mm5 William H. Wood, Deporrmenr Cnairperson Nlarn a widely used slsill, is necessary ro survive in roday's modernf l ized world, Forrunorely, Allenrown has lseor up Wirlw rlwe llnnarh revolurion" and nas been able ro offer connoeririve courses ro all TIWQ srudenrs who are inreresred. Among ine courses offered are Algebra l, ll, Geomerry, Advanced Algebra, Trigonomerry, and Calculus, for rlwe cnosr advanced srue denrs. Also offered are courses in Basic Sleills Marn and Business Main 30 Diane McCarthy f MwrM.,,m Kathy McLaughlin I1 fxxwb Charlotte Snook Alick Mitchell Beverly Gripp A , Douglas Hunt Raymond Visbeck Physica! Education f I of ,i wr, f I WWW MM V ,,W,.fM,., f m, lp 'nj X' rf ,- gy 7 f Deborah Giehl Physical Education plays a maior role in the development of students. It is an opportunity to learn the fundamentals of athletics and to maintain fitness. The Physical Education Department otters a vvide selection of activities from aerobics to team handoalli For one marleing period out of the school year students are required to raise a Health class The class for Freshmen is Basic Health, for Sophomoresz Drivers Education, tor Juniors: Human Behavior, and finally, for Seniors, First Aid. This Year a nevv development has taleen place. It is lsnovvn as "Concepts in Physical Fitness." This is a nevv curriculum requirement. As Mr, Mitchell puts it, i'The highlight or our department is to malee young healthy ooys and girls into healthy adults" And it seems vvith all of the new developments, they are succeeding. 31 T? 1... 3 5. , - ....f-.- f xx, r, Vvzv , ,, K H 2.A R00 Hozlel '51 , Science The Science Deparrmear or Alrerwrovva H S. prowdes rrwe srooerwr wirh a wrae range of Ieaowreoae ra areas such as, oioroay, cpemrsrry, paysrcs aaa comporers. Trwfs year rpe comporer carricorom ioaooes a Corppurer III class Also, a oooore lap perroa has peep esraolisrweo for some science courses so rrwar rhe srooerwrs can prepare aovaaceo saerwrrfic expernmears. I .M , tri 1 Maureen NQSQI Alfred Zielinski, Deparrrrwerwr Chairperson t 1 ' qyli 4 I V I ' IQ Mg? ' 4 5 MIME s 'f 1 Q: X vo Tom Peddie I , ' ffifka K Q P V, - .1 ' ' K 'tfrr X x M ' r fl - 1 I 1 ' r ,SN f gk '- ,-v his ... .. 2: A? Q 32 2 Z 2 M. Dennis Eorl ,mx Sharon Flynn Phil Magazzo Cindy Earl Karen Frankle Special Serwtes A w Karen Wallace Il X Vera Balter Carol Wenger! Socfol 5ruo7e5 The Sociol Srudies DGDOVVVTWGOV or Allehrowh provides o voriery of elecrives, ih oodlrioh ro rhe required courses. Eoch srudehr in rhe high school VTWUSV corholere ohe yeor of Sociol Srodies, one holf yeor of Coreer Eoucorioh, oho rwo yeors of Americoh Hlsroryr Susan Boyce 1' 2 fl, f- ig Q rw fy- EE . , .X - S - V . -- N I Y ': ' E mf f If2j1 , ixQ,.k5 A , fx e e f if V , ' ' f g f- i ii ?-L1 if-'i z ' Warren Gessmonn, Deoorrrhehr CFONVQQVSOU ' iii. or r 34 Nick Truhon 5 fy V ,,,' 5 1 W ,, ,, ,, ",,,, f a fm f nnnnnn Charles Moller Robert MocReynoIds " 'fe Anthony Costello Daniel Venet Basft 5!417!5 Susan Enz xv . A? - Patricia Osman X Q M 4? f 1 Bonnie Sontoupe 4 Vw aff , M Vw , gr Jean Rountree, Deaury Calrare AI Stover, Aura Mechanics Vacarfanal Ana' Alrernarfve School Jane L. Samuelson, Teacher Larry Kimport, Teacher Carl L. Anderson, Teacher Joyce Gafgen Supporrfve Mary T. Clark Library Services: The Liorarys nnain purpose is ro locare, garher, provide, and coordinare school cnarerials for learning. Bur nwosr innporranrly, rhe Liorary Deparrnnenr has creared an arrracrive, guier place for references and srudy. lr is a place srudenrs vvanr ro use, The purchase of nevv Video Casserre Recording Machines and a copynwachine for srudenr use are only rvvo examples of vvhar rhe Library Deparrnwenr is doing ro rernain currenr. Health Services: Mrs. Ryan provides Allenrovvn vvirh nwany services. She cares for rhe everyday srudenr proolerns, handles emergencies, and con' ducrs various healrh resrs, Mrs Ryan is also available for healrh advice and plays an irnpore ranr role in rhe LINKS program. A ff ' K I Q f , Sharon Bembry Charlotte A. Mahoney K. Patricia Ryan 1 f Q2 a Z 1 2 e R Q Y 1 anim , ' Maintenance Staff Maintenance Staff Dietary Staff Joan Durchell, Hall Monirer -.l..i. A I I W U 1 . --HU S. l U L l WT' 'Y' V" T' I 1- 'R' W Christine Aclsley Louro Airisen Kyle Aiexonder Naam-www 4' Rondo!! Arnold Denise Arrigiiere Maurice Ashe Heidi Archley Worren Borlsolow Aiice Barnes Dorrell Bornes Alison Bores mn l Jennifer Blessel Kelly Borden if-:B Y' Heorner Bienus Shown Borden Robin Brirr Steven Brunner Donno Bryonr :kk-- if :.: ' ' Charles Burlserr David Buschhaff Charles Bush ' :35Eii?S.:5TfiEE1N' 3 C S Fred Bush Jeffrey Casey Kathleen Casey W 4 1 , K Ne, Class Clowhsg Kehr Slmah aaa Leha lahhsah ,X Aric Chamberlain Amy Clavvsan Thomas Coleman , V F r , Delesran Care Cansrance Cramer Brenda Crammer K Masr Talenredf Andrew Harris and Karen Poinren 3 NB Michael Crare Thomas Crecle Charies Creed Danie! Crespo Sreven Darragh Henry Darri Tracy Daugherry Tracey Davison Jonathan Delgarra 46 Wolrer Doherry Joon Dombrosl-xi ,l Robin DUVWIOP James Eoron DGDOVOH Emery Edgqr Emley Todd Duchemin 4 ,wx Perer Eleureri Poul Erbe Sfefon Esrermonn Jill Faber Deidre Fobisch 1 In f I 1 1 ,r Edward Fleischer Dorm Foster Cheryl Fox 5 if V ' ,s i K f 1' .Q ,- WW Mosr Indivrduorisric: Aprrl Von Horn Mosr individuorrsrrc Brerr Horner .nl 5114 1' X' f' if af' ,ff Timothy Franks Cheryl F reirag Yverre Frirz f, Wo- i Nancy Gale Ronald Geck Guy Geiger , Romeo and Julien Jeff Casey and Lisa OOdGfShUli Nicesr Smile: Chuck Bush and Karhy Casey Demise Giliberri Karen Glawzenski Darren Goff Sandy Gower Lori Gram Brerr Gravarr Edward Graze Darorhy Grafton Joan Gruca Andrew Harris Brenda Havens Liaa Havens xl r Mild-zo Heimala Sean Hoff Tracy Haffner fwmw Edward Halrnal-1 Brerr Horner Jerry Horner Susan Homer Patricia Hurson l Arrhur lmhof Karen Ireland Christopher Hyers Douglas lvins Y. Personaliry Plus: Guy Taylor and Jlll Faber WW will Q wwf M W WW? Michoe-I Jocobs Sreven Jonkowirz Chrisrine Jensen - , Cynrhio Jewell Keirh Johnson Le-no Johnson Q ,f ww Closs Flirrs: Dorrell Bornes ond Donno Porrs Tereso Konczonln David Koyes Koren Keoring Joson Kelley Tnereso Kirby Vonesso Klein Liso Knowles Sherri Koble Micnoel Koelblin Richard Koslwals Ellzaberh Koss Josefre Krafz Edward Kupp William Kurokawa Probe-rr Laslsy 5 www fu Elizoberlw Lemesevslri Darrell Lemiag Chrisrime Lenarr ,.,,,, , glggsemwwf ,mf PM lm, '-WL:::,:v27M754V ' ,, ,,g2,.wf.,w,1 l '4:wlw,g47X, Wmfwqg fymqw A I 7 .- , ' ,, ,,,,,, J f -, 7 , L .K ,' wa , 1 gm fm, l K - "tm ,Zio , '1,, l ,1L,,,,,,Q Eloine Lenroslxi Jody Lyons Tino Modsen Joson Monger Noelle Morrin Joseph Moroschols "4"6' 4 mil iggvmf' EK? Mosr Seen ln Hollsf Jon Zoloc ond Keren Glowenslsl Mm 4112 Mosr Tollbzorivez Guy Rlccordi ond Jeonnerre Sonrlogo Louren Moruri Jomes McDermott Alon McLane Anmmorie Merro Pomelo Merzel Connie Micholchuls ww.,-uaaff' m 5 Mosr Srudiousi Doug Ivimg Gnd Alliggn Dgreg Mosr Lilsely To Succeed: Ed Kopp ond Kelly Borden Angie Miller Sreven Miller Anno Mlrns Lorroine Molnor Tereso Monclovo Q l-lolly Moore Roberr Mullen ' Scorr Moon Trocy Mullen Raymond O'l3rlon Pormolee Orrersom Llso Omdrushels Russell O'Rourlee Michael Pobion Thomas Pclrrerson Srocie Perry Arthur Perremlso Karen Polmrom AMX Adam Porfer Donna Porrs A A Donno Reed Goeromo Riccoroi John Pollen Peggy Rios 13233 'Munir' Closs Cuties: Dove Koyes ond Noncy Gole Mosr School Spirured Dole Smirh ond Domno Reed William Rizzo Lynerre Rooney Merlin Ross Jeonnerre Sonriogo Juiie Somriogo Korhieera Soul Best Line: Bruce Von Morrer ond Liz Lemesvski ,Wf Closs Hof Rod: Joson Moriger ond Donmo Bryonr L. is 'Q Nm, XL.. ,M-ff James Schmirr Robert Schmirr Jill Semonchick X 4, Kem Simon Srocy Sisson Lori Sie-zols Doie Smirh Kennefh Smirh Il Marie-en Sprodley Down Sriltwell Nfio Sronebreoke-r Lori Srorhorr Tugo Suomimen Berh Sweoringen Am Swope H+ Dennis Symoms Robert Tolkowsl-si Guy Taylor Lori Tfdxet Pomeld Tilghman AIrheo Trourmon? Sfepmfvie Ullrich Bruce Von Morrer Berh Von Pelr Mosr Athletic: Fred Bush ond Pom Tikghmom i ii .. . H X X ,W I ' TTL --Qi X V17 Dovid Von Worr John Venri Cnrisrine Vonschrnidr Jennifer Woddingron Eric Woiioce Karen Wilson '29 Desi Dressed: Chuck Creed, nor picwred Vonesso Kline Quieresii Russel Oilourise ond Jennifer Blessel WML Jeffrey Winkowski Melody Yermon Camera Shy Seniors Dennis Bodnar Harry Coombs Kennern Cracolici Ciiff Curran Chris D'Amico Fronis D Prunne Kainleen McCaliion Ray Mendez Vicki Pham David Schmidr Kim Scarf Thomas Seip Lawerence Taylor Richard Tornback April Van Horn Johnny White Joseph Whire .Thomas Woodward J Sreven Wrighr Jan Zqac Susan Zima Senior Ciass Officers J s N 7 ' A gio Rik? -ga E - 5' I 8 NS ggi P -xg 5' h 212- Q N3 fx -M - Tw 52 vain, as 5, Y- f ca E if :X Q wp G3 4 tg 9 'irr-,q7-4-Uj'-snag ,NAX4 E B rv! b3K rica' 61 3 - Q--Iknrw--fjgg 53 Eg 'A 2 ' we + , 9 L f ww ,. 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So without hesitation, or sorrowed goodbyes rhe boy joined his molser omidst poinful cries, I remember the night my teors begged him to stoy, Yer the wroth of the Lord hdd to tolse him owoyi Stocie Perry Keith McCormack To Keith Time will soon begin When we're together ogdin A igleom in his eye thot would never die A smile on his foce thot nothing could reploce A speciol friend is lost. Why do I feel so empty? I cried for so long I connot cry onymore My love for you is more rhon plenty- everything you would hove lived for. I rry to hide the poin but l cdnnot expldin whot it hos done to me. I will not be the some- I lost my special friend. I remember the times we had Some good, some bod. Times- I wish you were still here Times- when we were nedr our close friends. So mony memories thot'lI never fode But why did you hove to poy for o stupid misrolse thot hdd ro rolse your life- But tomorrow's dnother doy Something I hove to foce without you I wish you were here, but dll I con do is proy. Time will soon begin When we're together ogoin. Chiclfie Hoyes r M., i A , f' I +A WW' V J 1 -WX + A65 Bu S9'Z3XefffswfA , A O., O01 Q MNLSSIYOU , U faq!! 4COgc,Ke9C'hlofQU3foo+Q ' ,D gf Ci, 4 cz ax1Swrli C9 ,xx PQ' L4-Ohm ff? 60 Q, Love q6,.sifL5Ngif'Xj -Q57 'The Class of '95 eq, J PQH WW ,QfUi5fO?j',,fLX 9. fuk 'W Good lack in 'Hfze 40 'ff qiq A X Qcgl- 'QQ C Qqn 5 Q mm , 6VV1U2.r-me Grd . m 'lf 6' wma and 'OOK awww Q XL94 Mi? '25m2a+'2"'Hm2sI d if WZ1f'2Q Q PM ' w QM WM 2 Q5 .xr fy '? Wag XHJDWQQ , , " I , K R - . N no . , N095 4.5 Q- W1 Q .SIQQ K dwg! 0 :FP nb 0 N if SL ,,s'A2,f, , , 25 fa25'N"Aof g E fgff Sfhgk M ,XM OCQQ6 MQW QENQIGSSQA . 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HW ,- k W ' 7'-'wf' ' WY' """ ' I' 6" Y"'l""'t I "i"' Vi "v' ' "7'i""' '-'fi' 7' 2 Morgo Afnlco Amy Anderson Blcnord Arnold J D Aroln Booerr Bolsos Lee Beoron Tnornos Beds Trocl Bell Wendy Bennerr Word Bennerr Sherry Blends Cnrls Bllllngs l4OTI'lGVlUG Blocls Brlon Boolsd Corlos Bonlllo Gorner Boorn Michelle Bowloy Llso Bdcnwold Snelly Bocleolew Anne Bucnonon Renee Bdrcnell Sondl Byrne Molo Bysrrom Jomes Coroln Juniors 'E' .,,fwf. Goss Of 86 Q. M'-Q vm i , we Y W 1 .N ..., .. .. X X., I- - K: Frrf. P5 H I Q, Q w f xx n o 3323, , . yyv v , ,.. . Q . N Q x ix Ni 3 i 5 Q... Q Q lb M55 Q.. 1 fs X X X E f , Q . 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Por Cromer Abrohom Crespo Dovid Criscuolo Amy Cunningham Gioncinio D'Agosrino Fronk D'Arn1Co Suzonne D'AnQeIo Sreven Doncer Scorr Dovues Mono De Jonge Loous De Vms Jennmfer Dekgorro Pool Dellomorglo Seon Dennoroms Down Dobronre Kevin Doherty Eddie Dunne Don Eorley Dill Eosron Michele Edmisron Deboroh Eiclxhoff Louro Engle Scorr Engle Bill Fiorlond Morie Fornororro Michele Forshee Dionne Fowler Dernoderre Fronlfs, Mory Frovvley .lon Frosr Keirh Gorkowslxi Korhryn Gourhier Tonic Gorrerr Kimberly Gernhorr Chris Gilberr Sheilo Giordono Lisa Girrens Srephen Glowzenslsi Jennie Goff Corlo Golden Jeonne Good Sieve Green Rob Gregory Sophomores 1 5 rg 2 5? l JH ' ar' Goss Of 237 'l W W 3' is 1, Chris Groze Jeff Guorlno Kelly Guse Shown Hordy Tony Heelsin Tonyo Heenon Llso Hill Gordon Holder Trocy Holsrer Tim Horner Georgeonn Horner Gory Hyers Clinron lnglee Jolie- Ives Sherry lyins Dove Jonnozzelli Cheryl Johnson Corey Johnson Doryl Johnson Fronces Johnson Lee Johnson Boo Johnson Dove Jones Jocls Jones k, John Koyes Mrchele Kemp George Mean Twrn Mean John Nwnger Lwso Koonrz John Looor Deono Lopwerre Berh Lowrance MeJonue Lowrance Joe Loyron Bot: Lefnoy Bob Lenwnyon Home Lincoln Dophne Lopez EMM Lydwds Mor Lyons Alon Mochwos Eric Modno Tony Moroooro Lorry Morvd Horry Mose-Hx Heorhor Moye-5 Jerome MQCUC Sophomores . 4"'MA..,.., L xi-fig... .,, w 'fr-4':-N Goss Of 297 In fi? 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Kelly Cosey Terry Chondler Tommy Corrrell Anno Crornmer Morcy Crowbucls Tonio Creorner Joshuo Crome Kenneth Cusrer Roynor D'EIeno Eric Dougherry Scorr Dovidson Dominic De Prurne Kirk De Viris Nicholos Di Pierro Jill Doherry Joseph Donnelly Philip Dulich Ryon Eosron Srephonie Eckley Morie Edly Deon Edmisron Shoron Ellis Horold Erick Chorles Erndl Roaerr Faber Lwsa Faiconro Rucnard Fee Mlcnael Feeney Hope Fowier Vkwchard Francis Wanda Franas Sracy Franlsel Nancy Frerraa Debbie Gafgen Thomas Gawker Todd Gaurn Tina Goody Rama Gorscnaen Karrween Granr David Greely Gary Goear Angela Guzils Sean Haley Mary Hai! Drerr Hamlin Sandy Havens Roger Hayes Alan Heekin Freshmen E Goss Of 298 I Y -'ws x ga., A Aaron He-Her Porrrds Henderson Chnsnne Herberr Roberr Hernandez Sreohen Hrdss Andrew Hfabucls John Hlubwds Dawn Hluchy Kennerh Hoffman Lora Hornby Cliff Horner Cynrhra Horfon Theodore Horchlsrn Frank Harley Harry Horchrns Sueanne Isaac Maris Jennrngs Srocy Johnson Adrrenne Johnson Wayne Johnson Donald Johnsron David Koczor Aimee Kay Zanira Kearon r- - Kevin Iilemom Carlo Kwrls Anne Khme Mwchoel Klucls Mmhoel Koss Joe IQFOQYSOWSNSI Mxchoel Lo Chance Sronley Levererr Noel Lockerr James Logue Scorr Lurzicls Bob MocReynoIds Louro Medio Tim Mogloslsy Srocie Mofiboshlso Chrms Mormon Dorwolym Marsh Joson Momn James Moruschols Cosey McBride Joel McCorrl'1y Mnchoel McLou9hHm Por McGrorh Muchoel Mdlem Liso Mimshuil Mwcheie Mwze Coren Monrervxmo Lorerro Norolu Wendy Ohom Mormoh Orrersom Freshmen W 52 5 N was K Goss Of '88 l U? , 1 vm, fir? z 25 V22 5 i f f 5 my 1 W, f' 5 55452 E E Adom Paul Robe-rr Poulicls Joe Pellecchio Soro Perez Srocy Perlman Roberr Poli Michele Provosr Edno Pullins Loree Pulzone Sheri Quesnel Ponrielo Rodosri Mogdo Rohmon Dovid Reid Dorrell Reilly Goil Reynolds Down Richmond Rebecca Riedsel Renee Rilcner Chris Rirrer Richord Rodriguez Dino Roman Jusrino Romon Keren Rorngeb Gino Russell Bobble Soul Peggy Soul Rosemory Soyoge Mlcnoel Scorr Rucnord Scorr Cheryl Seeds Rlcn Selp Dull Sexton Cnns Snroder Jenny Snum Doo Sllyers Bryon Slmon Donelle Smnrn Korny Splnelli Ploberr Sr Romonn Tnereso Sr Romoun Cnrns Srolses Boo Srroehleun Ploberr Srromonn Suzy Srorhorr Crysrol Symons Come Tronoslxy Scorr Trernowoy Nlcole Trourmon Freshmen C7055 Of 238 99,1 ,Q ' if Jeanne Trusr John Turner Bobbie Tyler David Ullricn Mary Urban Eileen Van Pelr Vanessa Von Worr Drlan Varner llaberr Vereb Amne Van Scnnwldr Penny Von Scnmldr Connle Varono Amy Waddlngron Krisren Walczale Brian Wongerlen Andrew Warznaaer Debra Wells Barry Wnlrenouse Adam Whlrney Tracey Wlkonder Felicla Wllllams Greg Wlnlsowslsl Knm Woodlsirls Tony Worrell Lara Wngnr Earl Young Cnrls Zalac Donlelle Zalsoylc Vlncenr Zuma Bob Zydorslsl Ll: P1 5' lunummw aww, imma-mL,, aa L, , Q 6 I C BIS ,E wa F N. 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'Mm 3 4, 5.31 so . xW T ,A Z ' A t4.t .: W ' I nfl' :': L Q Q ar U . lv. . U l a's f -'zii iiwm 4 wif. , 7 ., ,,. f , , , f? , mm 1' W, 5 k 108 ROW 1: D. Eickhoff, J. Klinger, R. O'RourIse, R. Modleynoids, E. Kupp, D. Myers, J. Eoron, G. Winlsowslsi, H. D'Arri, Advisor: Mr. Hiebowirch ROW 2: C. Shroder, D. Wrighr, IQ Wrighr, J. Blessoi, D. Grorrorw, D. Porrersorw, S. Wilson, D. Bowleer, C. Brown, T. Doughrery, A. O'Pxourise ROW 3: B. Faber, J. Kroplsowslsi, C. Holder, S. Davidson, D. Bodner, A. Swope, ond C. Freirog Q " ' M. . ' V -F ,. .A ,Q ' af-6ff1?m,5 ggi. 1.4 f'rH,yfw:x" W 2 " 5 - ' " . ,. ,VT ' z W. ,V Y. 5 , ,V if . A V V f.. 4' i A K M. 7 I g Q V. , . , . - . .., , I , , : W I , 0' , A V7 A W, 4? , ,Ywm "ff it kv W . A J' v .. V ' 5 ' 1' A A 1 ig' .J ' 'J . ff r Q ' A - ii ii . ff , ' id 1 If I . ' if . I 1 i ' 4 1 5 J' Q55 V -V . Q V V . .,, V M . V . V VVV ,WL V V3 .V V. V V V V V .1 1 V VV, '. " Jw 5 ,, 4 iii., f ' ' "wwf , wg: 1 ffM,,,,m,,, 2 , 7 w w Mfwfvi. . ,,,. 'i V. .. . my Q 'V ' 1 ZWMI' V 1 'ff ' J 1 ,, Q:if'f'f" it P?" ' ' ' 'E ' Q- A ff 'V 4 ' J Lf , 4 in rf' '- W. W ' . K ' . 2 Q , I g ' W f 'Aw ff-I-id ,,,':'w'F"'iKZfjfifL'? "" . i . J W' ,,f::QL1.v ,,.. ., W' ' 'W' HA " A ' , ,V . i k V -,y qgviu , , ' V. .41,ffi,gVigx,,f :35,V,V,,,i, A V -mwVM,,.J7yM V V ..,.. ,.,,,,': V .,., .. ...,V . ff .1 im me A f :Hffff 551774Hzx'iiff?V'55?4sii5xf5YlQ25'sf?fWi?f5 ' f ' V f A3ffY'53f i In " ' , , F V M , if , VV. V V V J V .Z J A A - w V :.L-' U ' J if 'f1..:uwm. f if-4:44 ., " . VA Y ., r, f In-wi 35 . ' ' ul" " 2 3 ' -V25 - JL., 'ffaxV215?if'54w' ' f WQHQ sffiifiiziiffisfa- if W Y 7 , ' J ', W f ::,,5:r:jVggtw , .5 V ..,,. J . QV V , ,.,,V ,V W .. . J .AZ . ' . .V A . . W f f zgw- I t , I , ' -- . "?W717WL'ff+4 HH f-,f s. .. r,,.-A224 ' f ' ' ' 'ff " V ' ' if ' f . .- Q. fywi . ,ff J f. f , . fiuwm M ,f -' 3, rm .. ffairff:f,,,54r,,,'5'?VM 'N TWIRLERS: Jo Dennerr, Cciproin: Jill Fober, Sondi Byrne, Denise Horr , 4 A .V W , ,. , M, W , , fvfvv , ., , , .,, ,,.., 1 ' ' - J' " ' V V , , , , .. , ,MV ,A M ,fa ,. n 2 2' zfjr ... V Vs , , VV ,,,, vifgr, V V , VV V V 1, me M-My , , , , ig s sl, - - , .NVQ V v V ' , 2 f , V V V , W VIL! ' V :' 23:3 Zi' V . , V : .- ' V ' V- , VW V ww --f' V VMS ., I. ,aussi V - , 3 f ? . . ,Wja,, ......,,...,.,,M,,..V7..,, ,,,,, , ,. ' 1 .. T , N. 4, ,g g,,1.,,,1"" ,H ' , "' "W" Mr-1. 1 hl,.'T,,, f W V' Vw. . ' . 4, ., 4 ,, a " v-...,.q.! ' V Vi J A. li" lgfiVlQ,,LiV, , A i, , J ' 1 2- 'J V- V M VV J V L ' v I E 5 , I N' , ,,,7,,,, sqm,-..9,, ' VV , M U a J V' ' M 1 I' L 1. i , kg , V' . A ,I T f"V+ A VV H V' . , V VV' fVf1V',,i. V' I VV" V -Q 1 v A 1 N " ' . V i i V V J V VV , , , V - , , 41 A gl - , ' V V V , Vflf V , "" A ' ' 'V' W' ,, . ,, Qfzf' H V' 7,',9g4fw A, , S - ' VL x , ' "V V 'Q X ,U V , 431, MV, , , ,,, '73-4 , , K 1 I V VV V Hz: .,1V",,w'V - VV QV ., V V . , Vffvf, V ,, 5 " I ' 3' - im V, ,Vf4QV4'i,Wfyffg,, V , , , 2 " ' V g -, 'Vi ,M ii MIT V 1- .32 if , . ' ' ww , ,4,,3,:lV,,,hg,pq.g:gV 6, Q I V 3 V V ,, H 4 .V, A ffm V, -0 I -f' gvwj Z N A V7fVi,Lf: V' , Lf., J. "" ' fwiw . 'Ve M.. - . V- . 'A I' M MV , JW 'MTW I w , L 'A ' J ' 'V Q.. "7 v W . i ,V . ,,g,,V V1 ,, ,,,V , ,VMVV, V , .- W. ,R ,, I I , I FLAG TWIRLERS: D, l-lorr, C. Wongerien, J. Semoncnicls, K. Goble, Coproin. M. Sprodley, S. Fronlsel, M Eoron, C. Wolczols, ll. Roynor, J. Dononyi, W. Robbins, L. Bucnwold, C. Fiorlond. OLOR GUARD: Grercnen Korono, Jennifer Delgorro, Diane Arrigliere, Denise Arrigliere, nor picruredg :dy Lyons Coproin. Jill Fober Coproin. Morleen Sprodley Coproiifx Denise Arrigliere N g. Q S. Cl 109 A lor of rinfie, hordworls, ond dedicorion go info rhe onnuol Spring producrion of W A m7 M rhe Allenrown High Schools Drorno ff: ,W Q y l l QX' L f f, "'W' Club. The srudenrs worls for rnonrhs in . ...VJ M . f l order ro produce o show rhor is profes- f r r' ' sionol. This yeor's produciion is HELLO A .f . DOLLY, which wos performed on Morch as ak ,,,' 1 28, QQ, and so. All of me srudenrs who ii , ,,,, . ' performed in rhe show would like ro W-ff' ll ihonls rheir direcrors, Mr. Bill Robbins, ond Mr. Morls Mogill for oll rheir rlrne ond porience. They would olso lilse ro fhonls Mrs. Bonnie Lehnwon, oll rhe odminisrro- rors, students, reochers, ond porenrs for W , oll of rheir supporr. y i ii y f Zii L 'r" ri"f The Cosr , Q MW' , ggl 1 AY" Dolly Levi - Sheryl Wilson 's,r rsr . Horace Vondergelder - Adom M "lV Cornelius Hockl 1 Rob Loslsy ' Barnaby Tucker - Chris Sore y Irene Molloy ' Tuyo Suominen SWL Minnie Foe - Debbie Porrerson Ambrose Kemper - Donny Rios Ermengorde - Annondo Porrer Ernestino - Adrienne Johnston Chorus: S. Esrernnonn, A. lmhoff, S. Per- ry, P. Rios, J. Semonchicls, L. Beoron, M. Bysrrom, D. Deluco, T. Donerz, M. Gun- rher, D. Myers, J, Corswell, S. Corswoll, S. Eosron, J. Frosr, K. Gurhier, L. Noller, A. O'Rourl-ze, G. Porlsinson, S. Wogg, ls. Wolling. . f-ms?" Row 1: D. Rios, D, Porrerson, C. Sore, S, Wilson, S. Porrer, R. Loslsy, T. Suominen, A. Porrer, Row 2: J, Corswell, S. Wogg, A. O'RourIse, J. Semonchicls, G. Porlsenson, M. Dysrrom, D. Zolyovic, S. Perry, S. Corswell, Row 3: D. Deluco, K. Wolling, A. lrnhoff, S. Esrerrnonn, D. Myers, P. Rios, T. Donerz, A. Johnson, L. Beoron, M. Cuunrher, .gfjk X K glib ga if f E SQ 2 s 5 E M 4 5 i x Q 3 if E Qs R 5.552 P512 1. SH Aw Qs ii gi ASN. 'Mm Q- mf .Q ww vi QQ9 5 ,Lx E O h fl' OFJCG 112 Under rhe leadership of Marla Megiil rhe Allenrown Concerr Choir had anorher successful year. The choir produced a srnashing holiday concerr ar which rhe school's new baby grand piano was chrisrened. Also, Allenrown senf eighr represenrarives ro rhe All-Shore Choir. i Row 1: J. Gruca, B. l-larr Row 2: T. Mullen, L. Noller, C. Lenarr Row 1: S. Carswell, E. Wallace, J. Carswell Row 2: J. Dosricls, D. Deluca, 5. Easron, A. Porrer, D. Schmidr, J. Brown, C. Bush, R. Laslsy, D. Barnes, D. Johnsor Row 3: A. Johnson, l.. Girrens, B. Harr, M. Drown, T. Suorninen, G. Katana, C. Horron, D. Palmer, E. Scnirh, IQ. Walling Row 4: M Allchin, N. Sherwood, C. Sy' nnons, J. Gruca, D. Tyler, ls. Gable, Z. lsearon, C Cranner, J. Fernandez, L. Noller Row 5: S. Wagg, J. Caines, S Trourmon, T. Mullen, A. Anderson, C. Lenarr, J. Taylor, C. Johnson This year rhe Nurshell has a ralenred and dedicated staff, The advisors Mrs. Joann Snools and Miss Margrer Trevisan have helped ediror Amanda Porrer produce some of rhe mosr oursranding issues ever. The four sections of rhe publication are Fearures, News, Sporrs, and Expressions. The Expressions secrion gives srudenrs a chance ro be crearive. Srudenrs can sub- mir rheir worls and have ir published in rhe nexr issue of rhe Nurshell. The Nuff shell is rhe one schoolvvide publicarion which provides a srudenr voice. The Nur- shell has many goals, rhe major one being ro accurarely provide informarlon ro rhe srudenrs ar Allenrovvn High. Row 1: J. Waddlngron, C. Scorr, Row 2: M. Bysrrom, A. Porrer, C. Wongerien, D. Keiser Row 1: D. lvins, C. Scorr, Pi. Psaynor, S. Bryne, T. Donerz, P. Rios, B. Harr Row 2: Advisor. Miss Trevisan, J. Waddingron, L. Narhan, A. Porter, 5. Wurfel, M, Bys- rrom, advisor: Mrs. J. Snools Row 8: C. Wangerien, D. Keiser, J. Taylor ' Q Us Q 113 ouncil E?f7l' U Sr s 'IT4 l Row 1: D. Jones, B. Wongerien, P. Moclleynolds, P. McMohon, K. Wolling, V. Singh J. Klinger, 5. Miller, A. Goylord, J. Toylor, M. Bowlby, G. Gofgen, L. On- drushels, J. Fober, C. Scorr. Row 2: D. Johnson, D. Gofgen, S. Johnson, M. Crowbucls, D. Porrerson, B, Burler, M. Eoron, L. McGeochy, S. Wurfel, D. Ulrich, K. Cosey, Mrs. Sweeney, odvisor, G. Koiono Row 3: D. Myers, R. Scorr, l.. Srevens, V. Phom, C. Nurlso, S. Pierre, S. DeAngelo, C. Jensen The Srudeni Council in Allenrown is de- I . x signed ro be o linls berween srudenrs 4' if ond odminisrrorion. The Srudenr Council consisrs of homeroom represenrorives ond officers. This yeor Mrs. Por Sweeney ond the hord worlsing members of rhe Srudenr Council hove rol-zen on mony prqecrs. They fools rrips ro Florence Nursing Home, the Winrer Srudenr Council Con- veniion or Trenion Srore, ond rhe Spring Convention or Greor Adventure. The Srudenr Council sponsored Spirir weels ond rhe Homecomeing Donce. They Kr olso mode conrriourions ro rhe Arrhriris Foundorion. 1 ' .. ii his 1 5 1.1.9 The Siudeni Council hos worked hord rhis yeor ro bridge rhe goo berween rhe srudenrs ond the odminisrrorion, OFFICERS Row 1: Treasurer: Andy Gaylord, Advisor: Por Sweeney, School Board Reoresenrorive Gory Gofgen, Vice-Presidenr. Jill Fober, Presidenrz Viclei Phom, Secrerory. Consronce Scorr we FRESHMAN OFFICERS: Advisor. Miss Wengerr, Treosurerr J. Trusr, Vice Presie dent A. Johnston, Presidenrz R. Scorr, ond Secrerory: P. Dullicl-Q. SOPHOMORE CLASS OFFICERS: Advisor: Mrs. Sonroupe, President. S. Klinger. QW GNO JY. js! Q SENIOR CLASS OFFICERS: Advisor: Mrs. Boyce, Secretory: L, Ondrushels, Presidenr: J. JUNIOR Cl-A55 OFHCER51 ACIVISOVI MISS TVGVISOVW, VICG PVGSI' Casey, Vice Presidenr: K. Keoring, Treosuren D. Giiiaerri, denf: D. Purrerson, Treosurer: G. Gofgen, Pre-sidenr: L. Kor- dos, ond Secrerory. C. Wongerien, DeAngeIo, Vice Presidenr: J. Corswell, Secreroryq A, Smirn, Treosurerz J, ,1 S501 .U D 9 Sl! .L .A U1 Sociery Ol' Of? n H HO Na .4 .4 GH E Row 1: E. kupp, H. Bienus, D, DeLuca, F. Guzik, D. Reed, K. Black, M. Bowlby, C. Scorr. Row 2: K. Casey, L. Ondrushek, B. Sweoringron, S. Rerre, IQ. Borden, J. Mickalesko, M. Bysrrom, Frank Marino, Advisor. Row 3: D. Ivins, C. Wangerien, K. Wermore. -AL The National Honor Sociery consisrs of Juniors and Senors who mainrain a 8,5 grade point average and are acrive in the school and communiry. Four sian- dards rhe Narional Honor Sociery recog- nizes are Leadership, Characrer, Scholarship, and Service. The Allenrown chapter under rhe guid- ance of advisor Mr. Frank Marino has underraken many acriviries rhis year. NHS co-sponsored rhe Homecoming Dance, collected food for rhe needy during rhe holidays, and conrinued rhe ruroring service wirhin rhe school, ln ad- dirion rhe Narional Honor Sociery rook an exciting rrip ro New Brunswick ro see rhe play Nighr Morher. . . 2 Ar rhe annual inducrion 13 srudenrs and four new officers were sworn in. They were Presidenr: Douglas Ivins, Vice Presi- denr: Karhy Casey, Secreraryz Lisa Gn- dershek, Treasurer: Donna Reed, OFFICERS: Treasurer: Donna Reed, Presidenr, Doug Ivins, Vice-Presidenr: karhy Casey, Secreraryg Lisa Ondrushek. 2 3 WM ff E af 91" ra., ,r ff 2 af fy. , M J 5 W 5 . an M fn U xx S A if . xi, -QA S UE " Q Cb wc vu a CD For FG FU 5 Fu The lorgesr in-school yourh orgonizorion in rhe Unired Srores is rhe Furure Formers of Americo. The FFA, is on ocrive club or Allentown l-Iigh School, The Allen- rown choprer of rhe F.F.A. is one of the mosr respecred ond rop ronlsing chop- rers in New Jersey. Mony Allenrown FFA. members hove won srorewide ond norionwide comperirions in vorious ocriviries such os lond judging ond horse judging. The FFA. runs mony fund- roisers rhroughour rhe yeor ro finonce rheir numerous ocriviries. The F .F.A, provides experience for rhe members who ore plonning ro pursue on ogriculrure-relored vocorion. The F.F.A. olso offers experience in Ieoder- ship ond cirizenship. Row1:Treosurer1E. Emley,Hisrorion1D.Symons,Porlimenrorion D Smirh Vice President D Schmidr Senrinol F Arnold Choploin is Turnboch Row2 Sec rerory1 J. Krorz, Presidenrg R. Arnold, Vseporrerp S Byrne 'QM if SQ I 3 w 1.-wu.3f ' , V fling' 4 uf? .H Z A " MY, I f ,', . , ' V f f if f Wx I V, 11' 1 Wmfyi r "' ' 41 W .',, ' gf, .W Q " in V 5 Q 4 .,f, - VV , QW! uf... yd My 'f' f' rua Nr 5 w Q Nh 3 VH 119 Q GJ 120 QS " . ,,q,' X XR x M. Ov. L A Row1 L Ondrushels C Scorr M Eoron D Reed D Domes K Fedderson I4 Block M Bowlby B Horchlsins 5 Esrer om L Girrens Miss Joclso odvi sor. Row 2: S. Corsweil, J. Casey, A. Porrer, K. Wetmore, M. Bysrrom, L, Kordos, K. Rorhgeb, M. Edly, J. Corswell. Row 3: C. Wongeriem, 5. Eosron, L. Noller, Es' rm-sf W4 T C oneiavumrzous ' , , er? ,, , ,,, y W Egg 1,000 roam: 35 W ,Tw 1 lQ ' w'.fff"T4 The Pep Club, guided by "l-leod Pep- per," Miss Joclso, dedicored mony hours for the benefir of our school during rhe 84-85 school yeor. A press boxfconces sion srond wos builr rhis yeor, ond rhc Pep Club pur ir ro use for rhe firsr rime during rhe foorboll seoson. Miss Joclso ond her "peppers" ron rhe concession srond in order ro eorn money for rhe sporrs owords bonguers, The Pep Club olso sold refreshmenrs during rhe winrer ond spring sporring evenrs, Besides hoving school spirir, the Pep Club olso hod Chrisrmos spirir. The "peppers" decorored rhe holls of AHS wirh gorlond, ond ro exhibir rheir orrisric rolenr, rhey mode sroclsings with oll of rhe winrer sporrs ployers' nomes on rhem. The red ond block mogic morlsers were worn down molsing encouroging posr- ers for rhe reoms. The Pep Club wos olwoys cheeriing rhe orhleres on, offer- ing encourogemenr ond support, A per- fecr exomple of rhor wos 'llohnny Whire Nighrf' The Pep Club wos reody with col-ze, bolloons, ond o bonner rhor hung ocross rhe gym woll when Johnny scored his l,OOOrh poinr during rhe home gome ogoinsr Highsrown, The Pep Club olso introduced o new feorure. Every morining, olong wirh rhe onnouncemenrs, rhe "voice of rhe Pep Club" wos hecird. Consronce Scorr, olios rhe "voice of rhe Pep Club", onnounced finol scores, procrices ond Pep Club news. Despire rhe hord worls ond long hours, mony good rimes were hod. Mony "peppers" will hove fond memories of frying hordogs, curling subs, green poro- ro chips, cheering Of gomes glueing rhe sporlsles on sroclsings, 2nd holl worlsing on the bonner for Johnny While, We rhonls the Pep Club for rhe unending supporr. ded CWD .1 N -n '31 il .Q Cb sl: o ii -LJ Cu S 122 Prqect E.XP.A.N.D., Allentown High Schools gifted and talented program has had an exceptionally busy year, Many new acrivities such as a series of leadership seminars, were introduced. Other new programs include a mop- search team. Many activities have con- tinued to meet their standard of excellence. The Model UN. delegation won honors at the State and National level, and the Model Congress delega- tion passed several crucial pieces of legistlotion. The Academic Team entered its second year of competition in 1984-85. Their tournaments this year were not only on the State but on the National level. The teams' first tournament of the year, the Morris Hills Battle of Brilliance, saw them land in seventh place. The team placed in the top forty schools competing Nationwide. Row 1: M. Weidenbacher, C, Depagnier, A. Gaylord, A. Porter, B. Dito, S. Leverett, 6. Karona, S. Eclsley Row 2: R. Laslsy, A. Porter, C. Scott, G. Gafgen, J. Stover, K. Walling, D, Reed, J. Woddington, P, Rios, D. lvins, K. Bysrrom, M. Klucls, Row 3: M, Jennings, M, Rahman, D. Keiser, C. Wongerlen, M. Bystrom, T. Allen I l I l I l 5 E I i Row 1: A, Porter, D. Ivins, A. Gaylord, G. Gafgen Row 2: K. Bysrrom, K. Walling, M. Bystrom. 1 ROW 1: Advisor: Mr. Simon, J. Cosey, S. DeAngelo, A. Bores, D. Reed, A. Porfer, G. Booth, Cu. Gofgen ROW 2: ll. Smirh, K. Borden, TR. Scorr, V. Phom, l.. Kordos, D. lvins ROW 1: S. Rosenshine, A. Porrer, R. Smirh, P. Rios, S. Koble, D. Reed, J. Toylor, odvisorz Mr. Schnedeker ROW 2: D. Airlsen, M. Perrowslsi, D. Porrerson, L. Hupfl, D. Arrigiiere, A. Clowson, ROW 3: G. Holden, G. Gofgen, D. DeLuco, S. Doncer The Presidenis's Council consisrs of rhe leoders of oll rhe srudenr orgonizorions in rhe school. Once o monrh, rhey meer wirh Mr. Simon. These meerings provide the school leoders rhe opporruniry ro express their concerns direcily ro Mr. Simon. Orgonizorions represenred include. Freshmon, Sophomore, Junior, ond Se- nior closses, Monirou, Nurshell Pep Club, FFA, FBLA, Norionol Honor Sociery, Siu- deni Council, ond orhers. The Keyceprors or Allenrown High School ore o group of 28 srudenrs who hove volunreered ro ossisr rhe Guidonce Counselors wirh o voriery of ocriviries, ond who hove begun rroining os peer counselors. Troining begon losr Spring, when Key- ceprors were inrroduced ro Acrive lisren- ing rechniques, referrol sources, ond rhe drug ond olcohol counseling progrom. Through furrher rroining rhis Spring ond visirorions ro orher high schools, we hope ro be oble ro implemenr o full- fledged peer counseling progrom in rhe Foll of 1985, To dore, ocriviries hove included: ossisf ronce of ninrh grode orienrorion doy, escorring new srudenrs ond porenrs, hosring visirors for college ond coreer doys, ossisring reochers ond guidonce off fice wirh vorious clericol roslss. slue iseJd O UF? D fl 951 R 5' Q 123 xl 'E Cooperorive Office Educorion is o pro' grorn for Senior Business srudenrs. The srudenrs offend school in rhe morning ond go ro work or vorious businesses in rhe ofrernoon. The progrorn provides ocruol vvorls experience, ond course credir or rhe some rime. From rhis'pro- gronn, srudenrs leorn responsibiliry, inirio- rive ond how ro ger oiong wirh orher employees. X Furure Business Leoders of Americo is o norionol orgonizorion for srudenrs wirh o coreer inreresr in the field of business F.l3.L.A. prepores srudenrs for the world of business by plonning conferences which cillow srudenrs ro hove hdnds on experiences. Srudenrs cornpere on Re- gionol, Srore, ond Norionol levels. ln oddi- rion, F.l3,L.A. offords srudenrs rhe opporruniry ro leorn ond shore rheir ex- periences wirh orhers. ROW 1: Advisor: Mrs. White, D. Crornrner, R. Dunlop, L. Gronr, K. lrelond, C. Fox, G. Toylor, D Fobisch, ROW 2: C. Freirog, J. Sonriogo, N. Morrin, L. Molnor INT Q fi L . ROW 1: K, Goble, M. Eoron, L. Moon, B. McNemer, R. Roynor, G. Boorh, G. Toylor, L, Rooney. ROW 2: T, Koonrz, L. Kordos, N. Morrin, S. Wurfel. lf Q ROW 1: D. Arrigliere, H. Dienus, D. Rios, P. McMohon, R, Smirh, D. Crespo ROW 2: Advisor: Mrs, Sweeney, A. Clowson, D. Airlsen, M. Dowlby, A. Bores, D. Dobronre, M. Psomon, Mrs. Correno Milslso Heimolo, Tino Modsen, Tuyci Suorninen, Srefon Esrermonn The Sponish Club provides on opporruni- ry for srudenrs ro leorn obour rhe culrure of o counrry whose longuoge rhey ore currenrly studying, This yeor rhe Sponish Club hos been working hord ro prepore for rheir rrip ro Europe in April. Srudenrs in rhe Sponish Club sponsored rhe Snovvboll donce in Jonuory, ond on ofrerschool sodo ond M E: M sole ro roise money for rheir rrip ro Spoin ond Fronce, Allenrown High School welcomes four exchonge srudenrs. They ore Tuyo Suo- minen Milsl-zo l-limolo, ond Srefon Esrer- rnonn from Swirzerlond ond Tino Modsen from Denmorls. All four orrived losr Augusr ond will be leoying some- rirne in June. These four srudenrs come ro Americo ro leorn somerhing obour rhe Americon culture ond ro give us on opporruniry ro shore wirh rhem rhe wonders of culture diffusion. US LJSIU QW! 'TPI Sf 3 e5 JS f7 U9 5.1 -x NJ U1 Manitou The 1985 Manitou Staff Advisor: Lil Blozolfis Editor:Kely Borden Financial Manager: Donna Reed Section Editors: ll! Micholesko June Tay- lor Carole Wongenen Copy Editors: Michelle Bowlby lil Fernan- dez Art: Art lmhaif Sherri Hobie Donna Potts Typist: Lon Grant Other Staff: Darrell Barnes Andy Gaylord Debbie Patterson Stacie Perry Ramona Roynar Danny Rios Peggy Rios Guy Tay- lor Ed Vogel Kathleen Wetmore Sharon Wuvfel and many others who have can- tributed their time and efforts Row 1: M, Bowlby, D, Reed, L. Grant, editor: K. Borden, V .A rv O5 D. Potts, ad so M Blazol s Ro 2 J F rna dez C Wa ge en J Mah Iesio J Tay! MLN. M . V , Yi, M 1 4' 1" 3-Q i J' , f 2 2 1 :gh f A ,, 2 W. f . M Q ,, ,, W 4, ,w,z':f2f,mgvf:f,,211ff' V wmv 'ow S 127 f' 'Wax 3 1 up 'H 451 pig? III 1--1.1-1. ii-1.11. .L-1. . -1l..-i- P A I iy 221 3 if WW Held Hockey Xi i L i L 3-5L 2 "" E f I A QM in V .W ,Z gl V fm El we ifv I f- .l .i 5 1 ,f fe hw W' 5 ,'W.W, " 5 ,3 1 er' 1 2 . V, N . . ,W gs? .. igg , 93. This yeor's girl's field hocl-:ey reom ended rhe season with o 7-9-2 record, Cooched by Debbie Giehl ond John Schnedeker, rhe ieom mode ir ro rhe srores, ond won the firsr game ogoinsi Norrh Plainfield. The girls suffered o disappointing loss ogoinsr rhe high-rored Shore iieglonol reorn wirh o score of 1-O. Dedlcored senior Pom Tilgh- mon wos norned MVP. The rifle of "Mosr Hustle" wos given ro Lynn Rooney ond Liz Lemesveslsi wos named 'llvlosr lm- prove-d." The field hockey feorn gove more rhon their oil, ond o lor of good rlmes ond memories were shoreo. The deporring seniors will be missed. Congroru- lorions girls, for o job well clone. .ah .... in, M VARSITY Row 1: Cooch Giehl, Monoger L. Srevens, J. Te-sro, P. Tilghmon, B. Sworingen, 5. Gower Monoger K. Tilghmon, Cooch Schnedelser Row 2: 5. Eckley, D, Dovvlser, L. Noller, L. Rooney, T. Mogloslsy Row 3: S. Sisson, C. Hoyes, A. Srnirh, L. Le-mesevslsi, J. Colberr A -LL iz A if Ji W , J.V. Row 1: E. Lincoln, J, Donerry, M. Dejonge, L. Wrignr, M. Ducnwold, Coocn Scnnedelser Row 2: C. Golden, C. Wimmer, S. Dyne, K. Wurzboch, Row 3: M. Provosr, C. Murphy, A. Smirn, T, Sr. Romain, D, LoPierre Held l-locke y ' n n n nnnnn , W5 Sfer E nnnn W1 ,,,1 9, WP- Pleosonr Boro A ' X Q! ood QA, A ,,VV ,,,,, ,Ey 3 , W 09 CHD M W 09 ,Q jQ!1Q Lpszey, CHD CWD ,aenffozfjg 3 cm QD M212 1 Z fu fA1of2cifZ.Smre tbnf. j '1of2Qfn Proamgizesd M 9 4 4 W, CLD CWD 11f2,,5hOI6,Qqf1f. ,,,, CLD f 1110, 4 Highrsroxqzn fi, g qu J ,.., M E H ' Foorbo!! 4 Nineteen eighry-four was rhe foorbaii ream's firsr year in rhe C-Sourh Confer- ence. The Redbirds, ied by Co-captains Jeff Casey and Dei Core, showed rheir srarnina and grir as rhey barried againsr the rough reams of Shore Regianoi and Freehoid Borough. ,They 'losr a few games, but the team never stopped per' servering, and rhey never iosr rheir spirit. This positive arrirude heiped rhe Redbirds goin a 120 vicrory over Pr, Beach. MVP Fred Bush conrribured greariy ro rhe ream. Senior Sean Hoff was named rhe 'Unsung Hero", and Junior Ed Vogei re ceived the award for Mosr improved. Wirh a J. V. record of 20 and many of rhe players, rerurning, 1985 iooiss promising for rhe Redbird fooroaii ream. Our besr wishes go ro rhe departing Seniors. Good Luck guys. J.V. Row 1: S. Roynor, F. Guzils, J. Ridgeway, D, Carroll, D. Johnson, E. Lydicls B. D'Agosrino, W. Fiorlond, D. Kurolsowa Row 2: G. VonLee, F. Arnold, M. Madia, D. Kalm, D. Brighr, R, l.eMoy, G. Mines, Row 3: S. Easron, J. Rein, A, Heller, J. Moruschals, J. Vogel, E. Madia l ri--1-1. M '15 -V--V - A VARSITY Row 1: G. Mrnes, J. Casey, D. Core, S. Hoff, J. Rein, F. Bush, S. Raynor G. Von Lee, E Wallace, D. Coleman, F. Gozlk, C. Creed, R. Balsos, E. Madla Coach Banlss Row 2: Coach Mara, Coach Lero, E Lyolcls, G. Riccardl, A. Harris D Johnson, B. Korolsawa, E. Srlllwell, J. McDermorr, T. Duchemln, W. Florlano, Coach Peddie, Coach Gafen Row 3: R LeMay, J Vogel, D. Carroll, D. Kalm, B. D'Ago5rino, F. Arnold, T. Barrels, D. Brighr, Row 4: T, Klein, E. Vogel, A. Heller, M, Madia, J. Winlsowslsi, J. Maroschals, 5. Easron, J. Spence Foorbol! E H .,,, n ,,., ff fr gc , f 7 J , M W .e4.f7fA. ,, ffrff ' MW yy f ,ms 44,1 J , J f f A 4' f I ,W f ff 7 'W ".E3"5'5?5'25M5 H , Vw , 'CW 4 Jai, : M N ' , Q iff , f ' ,J Qf Q. 1Of13'L 1O!,2bw rfr, we A 5 5 N Jw rf ff mf 5 cf-in cm S CAD Beach f' CHD 7' h'rr Foorbol! Cheerleodng 1 5- n I J if I Row 1: K. Welling, C. Johnson, T. Wikonder, Monoger T. Suominen Row 2: D. Bryonr, E. Lenroski, S. D'AngeIo, C. Nurlso Row 3: L. Kordos, A. Anderson, L. McGeochy, L. Lone f H ,ii VL' ' i 1 i J 5,. 255. Q new fffdw 1,41 Row 1: N. Piioro, A. Clawson, F. Rasnal-ze, D. Rios, J. Logue, K. Poinron, L. Ondrushels, Coach Piovner Row 2: C. Amorucci, P. Worers, A. Guzils, J. Frosr, H. Moyes, 5. Rosenshine Row 0: 5. Beoron, N. Freirag, K. Casey, M. Roberrson, N. Trourmon Row 4: C. McBride Gymnasrics The Redbirds Gymnosrics reom had an excellenr season rhis year wirh o record of 57. Karen Poinron qualified on vauir and bars ar borh rhe Shore Conference Chom- pionships and rhe Giri's Store Secrionals. She was olso named the Trenron Times "Female Arhlere of rhe Week' '. The gym' nosrics feam ergoyed rhe oddirion of a few new mole members who conrribur- ed greorly ro rhe reams successes. Both Fred Rosnoke and James Logue qualified or me Doy's Srore Secrionois. E . R ...... 5 5 Q . 5 W Q s 3 f K ,E . I Q . . 2 2 E E . .. . i i.: . .i- Voile A iliwbif- all. ' " ' ' V :..f f-:s-.ll sl: - 1 - ii- ' S...-1. .,--kk-- L. T X .. .. . .. Faq . . X. Q E i..ei - f i ' T 5 2 ' C ' Al Q. 1 W Eze' .. 15. if 'L ii C 5 i 3 .. . .... C .... . .... ,. - il . 5 9 ggi 'P X as l " 1 sem -S Q X 1 Y WK S w w f is D wmgqw Z xi A Q Ye Q 1 A llc gi X i 'Q T N X me X' E 3 LC p 1 Q' Xwgsjigg X X M, .. --.. ....- . gi 13 : ESQ wx. S Z M 5 E a xe. is cw 1 X1Qi ' s x A if CH 3 ii Q 5 .,. K Wrl.:il?i sf wi g E .iw S I iii . egg , 5 N i' i wi ii Q iii i S iii S 3 .T L 1 C E 1 ,C .ii iam? We we T i i 5 3 5 S i i T 2 is ,E i ii M - L5 L. Lair QSQLLE Q ix X ........ . .. .... ...... . ....... .. . . .... ....... .... . . Soccer Due ro hord work ond dedication, rhe Redbirds' Soccer reorn improved rhis yeor. The mosr memorable gome was cigoinsr Pr. Pieosoni Be-och, wirh Q score of 2-1 in fcivor of rhe Redbirds. The MVP oword for 1984 wenr ro Senior Dove Keyes. Senior Miisko Heimoio, on exchange siudenr from Finiond, received the oword for Our- sronding Offense. The Oursronding, De- fense Aword wen: ro Senior Choo Doherry. We'd like ro cheer on the reorh for rhe greor efforr por forrh during rhe 1964 seoson. 5 .2 n rs ,J i fi 2 aw 5,,,,W3,,W,3,?,W,,,i WM KM' J f 5 imnqmvmw Q 5 ie W . 7, 1 1 ' Q fi J " JQQQZ., V . L0 ww ,gr . : fervffimf. - 13i'677"W fi nger 952 " f 5. 5 ommow er wwf .fmfmmmrzz ..,. .. J ,,y42'2iwM2ri " 5T2J7iiSHS4?EI ' iggf .,,, ,f1,.i,rey T3-reriuif, , ' fi, rff,,HffJ . J if ,J " " MM, ,,,4 ,. L f re f o f , ,2?,'L,,, w e N Q9 ww, .Y if ,rgfw g yogy y .V A yr? Z fir! .r M?-,,,n.. , A ggi? 2 A6 Wag 6 f A f ' .. A , if -' 4 My Af J. ff fr' 3 IWW? eat, W W M .. evimwr VARSITY Row 1: Cooch Mogozzo, D. Von Worr, A. Moroburo, M. Heirnoio, A. Beck, C. Doherry, E. Fieisher, T. Crede, Monoger B. Dorler Row 2: D. Koyes, D. Crespo, E. Tronoslsy, J. McClure, V. Singh, M. Duschoff, Row 3: D. Homiin, Tl. Gregory, Pi. Block, Pi. Lehrfeld, J. Eoron J.V. Row 1: S. Eosron, D, Reilly, T. Horner, N. Hernondez, G. inglee, R. Silvers, T. Logue, Coach Hozler Row 2: E. Dougherry, J, Trust, Pi. Zydorslsi, G. Winlsowslsi, S. Dovidson, P. Duliicls, Row 31 D. Hornlin, D. Edminson, W. Pino, G. Gueor f W ,G W Cross Country The Cross Country team, coached by Doug Hunt, experienced one of their best seasons during 1984. With a record of 1143, our energetic team raced to 8rd place in the C-South Conference. The team was led by Senior Aric Chamberlain, who was chosen MVP for 1984. Senior Henri D'Atri was awarded the ritle "Most Cornperi- tive", Junior Dominick De Luca wos named Mosr improved. Nineteen eighty- four was definitly an exciting and memo- rable season for the Cross Country team. We are proud of the feam's hard work and determination. 4 1 M V Mfg .f f 1' A f W Y Ea J .1 : W E95 12? A My 1 .1 1 ,, V. . t M' f A gy X M MW 1 W 4 4 ,f f '15, Q 1 it 1984 crxoss usgrw' Z11 1 T l 1 9114 , fmt Fiegroffimf vow r to ow' Orfsviie cm cw Jadsson j A W CHD CWD 5 1 JPL rrrr W 'li U0 WP ,,. if iil' , 1 f Q 4 1.1 5 32 rrr t is tw 1rr QQ 1. i shaver ic ' cm 5 lidfgji p cw cw '10f31 K.S.D. 1 ci-D cwi 1 1r1r f r1rr rrr1 f 1 T Row 1: Manager T. Daugherty, H. D'Arri, R. Gecls, T, Searles, Coach Hunt, Manager 31 Wilson Row 2: D, DeLuca, C. Sore, M. Gunther, A. Chamberlain Row 3: B. Rizzo, W, Ralston, D. Bodner, P. Thompson, G. Gafgen r ,,r-., ra4: ,. ' f ' ' 'r H, . - .,..- ,,.51,.. - .W V Boys Boslferboll J'Ler's Go Crozy", rhe rheme chosen for rhe 19811 e 1985 Vorsiry Boys' Boslserboll Teom, forshodovved onorher yeor of exceprionol ploy for rhe Allenrovvn Redbirds. The reom's borrles were once ogoin led by Heod Cooch, Tony Cosrello ond his ossisronrs, Por Shorisey, ond Wolf Doherry. As exoecred, rhe reom produced on impressive record of ioeo, ond Q- 8 in the C Division of rhe Shore Conference. The Redbirds' success shines rhrough in mony vvoys. Pseflecring bocis on rhe seoson remoins rhe memory of Johnny Whire os he vvenr dovvn in Allenrovvn Hisrory vvirh his commend- oble 1000 poinrs, rhe 6967 vvin over rop rivol, Freehoid Boro, ond rhe reom's respecroble second ploce sronding in rhe Conference. Fi- nolly, eoch ond every srudenr hos benefired from rhe increosed school spirir ond pride rhis remorlsobie reom hos given Ailenrovvn High School. 140 VARSITY Row 1: C. Doherry, D. Domes, C. Bush, E. Wolloce, D. Surrerlin, F. Bush. Row 2: Cooch Shorl-zey, J Whire, J. Smirh, J. Drown, L. Spody, H. Wrighr, J. Whire, Cooch Cosrello W .. Boys Boslfefooll 2? ?lf"45iff is ig.. Row 1: S. Surrerlin, C. Johnson, W. llolsron, M. Guorino, Row 2: Coocn Shorlsey, P. Bloir, H. Wrighr, G Inglee A Deck C Long QA RESHMAN ow 1: N. Dlpierro, T. Mogloslsy, S. Lurzicls, D. Wongerion, K. Cusre, P. Henderson Row 2: S. rerhowy, PN. Silvers, D. Johnson, T. Gourn, R, Fronces, M. MCLougnln, Coocn Slnorlsey. ' ff' . . . '55, www' W w wwf :A f .ff:.w,.4ff,4fw sw act swfizfaf ZW W ff . ww www f nf , l ' V.. 1 f W : , W fl M, f .,V ,WW V I, 'f l ' W -,5rzZllz!i4l?'i?TiWf W ' ,r 1 5 ' 12XQB' ' V02 1fO4 V07 1,f1O 1111 1115 1116. . 1118 1X 24. 1125. V25 , . WV .f.,,7- . f HQiv2fdQn-G0 1 .pls ,Wm . ..,,., , . . V '4fi7ffi.f iif , flZ3W0Sl9UV9'4Tw.. . 1 .,., , WS-82 Vf ,AHS-76 .WHSI74 1 .?9lH5i9?5 WQJQEJJ'iliac' l2fo7f2 l3Tfyi1iE' 2,4381 2!12 2f14' 2128 ' Alasioe . . Loceypi V Ke-tginsbufg-86 Freehold Boro-58 Pleosonr Bench-50 Qolmdel-64' Shore Regionol'5O' , .4Wloncnesfers81 . 1 yy.. l9ineloncisVQi2?- VV. V ' Highrsrovl?igffx?,VV Pb. Lacey-48 'V , V .',, ' . V . VV FfsehO'd,fQl?3QfQf49f lll. 41 .,Vpl091OfldQjfff9?'VVVV VV" . V: PI. Shore Regional-54 ' Mongilnesfer-77 Piscqfowoy Vo-rech-69 Baslferbcw Cheerleadhg M' Row 1: Lisa Stevens, Nancy Pilara, Kelly Casey, Be-clay Hart Row 2: Capraim Amy Clawson, Ca Caprain: Lori Mc:GeaChy, Tina D'AmiCo Row 3: Lisa Koonrz, Lisa Kardos, Tracy Daugherty VARSITY 6 JV Row 1: D. Franlss, S. D'Angelo, K. Tilghman, D. Bowlser Row 2: Manager. E. Lincoln, S. Wurfel, T. Madsen, J. Tesra, J. Palefslsy, Manager. K. Wurzbach Row 3: Coach Gessmon, C. Wimmer, H. Moore, P. Tilghman, R. Raynor B. Svvearingen, M. Smirh, Coach Lero. liiwigiaiayyf 3 ZFDBIRUQ C BW ling i Zi ,, C C' , . . . ll 1 if 'gs saw is mm FRESHMAN Row 1: T. Sr Romain, N. Trourman, D. Burler, D, Hluchy Row 2: L. Madia, M. Provosf, l-l. Fowler, L. Pulzone, K. Spinelli Row 8: Manager: S. Carswell, J, Doherry, C. Fiordland, V. Bodrman, Coach MacReynoIds Girls Boslserboll Despire many serbaclss fhis year's Lady Redbirds had a grear deal of devorion and splrir. By vvorlsing hard, rhey placed rhird in rhe Shore Conference C Soufh Division which is rhe highesf ranlsing ever achieved by an Al-l.S girls baslserball ream. This year's srarfing lineup consisred of Seniors: Pam "mad dog" Tilghman, Hole ly "Buddy" Moore, and Juniors. Ramo- na "Raz" Raynor Jen "Pierre" Tesra, and Sophomore Mary "Bernard Ising" Smirh. During rhe season rhe Varsiry de- feared rhe rough Poinr Pleasanr Beach ream. On rhe following day, rhey losr in a devasrarlng overrime barrle vvirh Poinr Boro. The varsiry ream placed second in fhe Poini Pleasanr Beach Chrisrmos Tour- namner. ln addiflon, rhe J.V, Lady Red- birds did an oursfanding job, finishing vvirh an ll-o record. Overall, rhe season was successful. lf was filled vvirh hard worls and fun. Seniors'don'r forgef 'lFleavvoman", ev- erybody fouling our, call guiness, gerring dogged, rriple moons, and rhe lasr and besr pracrice. givin, Wresrlng X f M alll , f- f .,. f 'iw I ,JJ 5 This yeor's wresrllng reorn enjoyed onorher fine seoson Under rhe direc- rlon of cooches Mogozzo, Klrlsporrlcls, ond Hernden, The reon1's record srood or o-10. Alrhough rhe reonn wos o "below SOO" reorh, rhere were three one ooinr morches. Se- niors A. l-lorris, D. Von lvlorrer, T. Du- Chemln ond C. l-lyers oll enjoyed fine seosons. Srondour records were scored by: E. Vogel lo-l, K. Pilllls 1544, B. Phorn 15-5 ond J. Vogel 12-5, The wresrling reorn would lllse ro rhonls rhe people who suoporred rhem ond olso rhonls rheir oursrondlng cooches. Congrodulorlons ro Cooch lvlogozzo for rhe olrrh of rhls doughrer, Soroh. ' 22zf21s7161fsw3m2f5S'7. 4. 5 J l Jr Q. V . ..,. 2. , . " A. .4 2 V. M- M-f f 4 2, X wwf Z 51' T7 A.Z1 ,Z.A I ,Q J W mss.....,- W- V '- Row 1: D. Edminsron, B. Corrnnill, J. Louge, J. Boorh, D. Girondolo, Ps. Deleno, Row 2: D. Loperr, G. I-lyers, G. Holder, J. Koyes, S. Psoynor, J. Guorino, M. Buschoff, D. Gillberrl. Row 3: Cooch Mogozzo, B. Phom, C. I-lyers, ll. Eosron, T, Lodge, T. Duchernin, M. Modio, Cooch lslrlsoorricls, Row 4: A, l-lorris, K. Johnson, B. Vonrnorrer, E. Vogel, K, Philllls, J. Vogel, J. Mc:Dermerr, Cooch Hernden. J 5 5 5 ni W K Wresrhng Q if x ,, v M 9? f f K' 1, fwfi " W 5 V ' Soffbofl 21 'll' 5 543 H VARSITY Row 1: K. Wurzboch, T. Mogloslsy, J. Tesro, D. Bowlser, M. Gibbs, S. D'Angelo Row 2: Cooclw Giehl, K. Wrighr, K. Block, D. Sweorlngen, S. Eclsley, P. Tilghman xg I ,, 5 .Glrzus SOFTBALL'-'QVARSlTY"XNUwjVM V85 Monroe Tw H V 41 8185, Locey A 4f10f55 Freeholdfafiogo H A 17 5 ' 4519932 E amazes Lq z H 4129! . H 5x lghsg TT.. A . ..M Nw 3 ...- A 51 A5785 T H if g fiiy .TTT T A ff-A-,L f IZ f 4 A 4 Z :eff f'.: I ..: ' sm l H A A ... nf l 5 5 5 Z . . ? Z S . 3 5 5 5? is fl .l sg 3 l J.V. Row 1: G. Porlsinson, B. Butler, A. Kline, N. Frielog, K. Fedderson, M. Provosr Row 2: C. Abofe, A. Guzils, C. Florlond, J. Trusr, K. Sponelli, Coocn Mc Reynolds A seg . H. IARSITY Row 3: Cooch Vener, T. Perrenlso, S, Wrignr, l-l. Wrignr, F. Gorlls, J, Win!-xowslsi Row 2: R. Dolsos, I. Vogel, T. Kline, A. Deals, B, Hoff. Row 1: lk. Fields, M. Modio, ll. Gunnorr, J. Vogel. 4 gwwfesvf www UOIIWAQK .uw 9,5 fl' nn o f . .. ' 525 42. .. . .. r' I Q. 31 2 A WW may 1 DW Johnson, T. Nlogloslsy, E. Dougnerry, R. Moc Reynolds, D. Wengerin. Row 1: T2 Arnold, ll. Dlocls, D S. Davidson, A. Heller. V. Row 3: T. Dorrek, D. Suggs, D. Rubensrein, M. MC Glognlin, J. Corbin, T. Horner, Cooch Dlondo Row 2: Boseboll J: ,JJ f if W? ' , www W we :H W' aff .2 A X ag' me ,, ,, .4 .,',' www. A i. 8: W - A V I Y WMwWW.,,.,,MMm 41 4, 8 1M 1 f Q 4110185 Qreeho H 1 . Pleos lieoclfw 417 Reguonol 4119185 4122185 4124185 4126185 4127185 4129185 51 1185 51491552 51151554 5117185 5120185 5122185 5125425 .,,., mW f:1 Monchesrer Twp A Norrn Durlingron A Plnelonds Reg. Locey Twp. H Highrsrown H Pr. Pleosonr Boro .... H A H Lowrgnie A Freehold .. .V .A Wal Sndlfe' . H' Pr. Q Hro ll., ' ' V ,H Pigelonos Reg. ' V . .. Ce-nrrol'Pleg. """ f yA Keonsbufz 2 87 .rl . 8 Cc fEfEOC6frCU?OOfTTEl'il' 'TBA Monmourn College Toumomenr TBA ' Golf N. 3192? M , WWW f 4 5? , V 4? if 5 Yana? , S i , 6 ? iff? by I , f L 1 f 2 if ff 4 X , 1, gy fy V f fx fiwz:f'.5'Y - V , V A 4 5 , gg V wi 2 4 ,W exswgem- M. 5 Q 6 u' Row 1: R. Porrs, E. Kupp Row 2: P, Defmcrgio, Coach Hum, G. Gofgon, D. Johmsron y ' fm ? JW Wagga KW 55335 ,gf'Q',,a'g0l QWWQW5 wfmhffw ff x 'W f Q31 E Q 121 xx A' Senior: S. Jormlsowirz Senior: R. Schmidr Tennis 72452151 Senior: E. Fleisher .f -'.', aw ' q9'f'fWiQ1 59991555 'lo 4 4 as 9 o,o,v,0525 uw! If 9,82 Row 1: Coochz Costello, E. Fleisher, R. Schmidt, S. Jonlsowirz, G. Persons Row 2: M. Eoron, D. Kolm, S. Rosemshine Boys' Track ,,1WmY,M.WwM BOYS TRACK 41 6155 Holrndel Reloys 4110185 Freehold Doro 4113185 Shoreffleiyys 4117185 ,nr Beocn 4118185 4124185 Prnergsagwrzeg. 4125155 new 4f27f55 ln loys 4129185 51 1185 Q4111 A A 51 4185 fTQ f ronc9n Reloys 51 8185 esfef f 5!11!85 mourn Counry Cn 5117-16185 ":g ore Conference Meer 5!25!85 grate Secrionols lim ship TBA H TBA A H H H TBA H H A rm TBA TBA VT? WI A '54 - T ' 4 ' vu-un. I if '44-A If .111f me M , f' , fff1wfwf.,,w, P AQ is 4 1 Wim a LY 'ff 2 Row 1: J. Eoron, J. Louge, T Kline, D Bodner, N, De Pierro, D. Cnriscolo Row 2: S. Tkedoski, M Beddows, D, PNneTTy, A. Crespo H Horson C Yolsolvrcn C Bush Row 3: T, Seorles, A Cnornberiin, E, Liedicls, D. Von Worr, J. Wnire, Co. Coproin'C, Donerry, D, Dornes, Co Coproin A Horrrs D Crespo Coocn Vrsbecls fr ef ea . 2' Li , W 4 . X I 5 ,,.. Am ,k,,A X W. v ,, V I "'Ef A .AI ':" my .W ,,,.. , 'ff H 4' 2 ' V 'I 29 A 2 X I gl aim .. .X me Girls' Track K E3 A f ,Q . . rem.: Y - Qeggwiegge .. 4!1Of8 A . 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For rhe mohy yeors of service you hove given ro Allehrovvh High School, rhis yeors eclirioh of rhe Mohirou is dedicored ro you. Deoicorion A urogrophs A urogrophs

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