Allendale Columbia High School - Clavus Yearbook (Rochester, NY)

 - Class of 1959

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Allendale Columbia High School - Clavus Yearbook (Rochester, NY) online yearbook collection, 1959 Edition, Cover

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M-we-.m.,....,,,,. 'W-:f.,, lin...-it I 4 Q f . 3,51 My S ff-P-+5,,f Zl ..sgq3'l..,:....f!i.l M .n.....a!':ll:! .K 9 lm THE COLUMBIA SCHOOL Xa! 2 Q? Z GX fff 'PRESENTS' 27 Xb LP iv fo 1- - 1 f E5 1 ffl Al I f - 5 ' V V ! EgR,N.Y. cjflhma Jlllaten Spirit of Columbia, Speak to us we pray? X Fill our hearts with highest thought: 0 Guide us every day. 5 X. Give to us a great desire Eagerness for truth Duty work simplicity Essence of fme youth MUS Carry on with character That will be the test K Down the years Columbia i Always seeks the best f 504 L! 1 5' l Spirit of Columbia Inspiration fine Grant us quality of thought Alma Mater mme The staff of The l9a9 Hourglass in presenting The Columbia School xearbook XlQl13l1 es education as a continual process Throughout the book ladders of learning are used is the theme thus deplctxng the life of the school on the highest rung of thls college preparatolx ph use of thelr education This laddcr hovc exer is a nuer encllng extenslan of learning reaching new xxsnons and neu pllteaus with each Slllllllllllllq experience As the climber reaches the top rung of one cction mother s mes of rungs appears Challenges and extends stlll deeper into the continual process of education and learning 2 , 0 7 1 1 Ll. . . Y l ,1 ya f ' 'Q A n y 0 0 fi Y Y Y . L T K c ff, h I K V j , 'z ' 1. f ' Q ' . 1 . . , c ' 1 C 5 if , . ' I ' . from the nursery school on the lowest rung to the graduating class, apparently ' , ' ' , c ' ' - K .' ,hc 1 - V , 1 ' U 1 ' 'Tl c v Q c . C- c f t E A 1 .' i N . . t c K S 3' I . 2 Q9 I f Q f c c . K .. c .Y . . I . T - C T ... C ' I A . 1 XML CL ff fd swf rw JL!-N 3' qw N, 'X 1. llj., If lfyu NL Xuggpxv Y, VJ' WWI? C VC xg, Q 'NL X! ma avg, fi ffw ffm 'fur PM x mil' MISS RUTH WHITNEY The SQIIIOI' Cl1ss IS happx to dedlcate th1s xearbook to Mrss Ruth Whrtney a xalued lI'lEI1Cl and aduser MISS Whltney his suffered through manx of our homeroom dlscussron qroups oxer the past tvxo xears but has ilxxays expressed '1 vnllmqness to help xuth any of our Class proyects Her xx rx sense of humor has 6IlllX ened our Enqlxsh Classes for the past three years ind often has enabled us to lauqh oxer otherxuse Cllff1Clllf SIILIWIIOHS We appreclate her xulllnqness to spend her extra t1me helpmq qlrls vuth both thexr Enqllsh vxork and vnth the mam problems connected xxrth th1s xearbook and the Sanddrlft our school newspaper Throuqhout our last three years at Columb1a her fauh m us has enabled us to set our qoals at the xerv top of our ladder of success and to strxxe earnestlv to aCh1exe those qoals 3 ' S' ' P . I E 5' rm' l . f,f l 7 tv - 4 if L ef - pw ' 'YZ A k 7 six .nf 'Q t no r Q L11 :Xl-QQ! v , t , . A 'Y L 'R CYS . K I ' eu qs 5 ,Ln ,V , A f ,gif cf-3' ' QY , ' VS . A :J 3 , 1 ' .gl A 'LCED ' QL, , if Q D X l QC? , x A x Lb' rf 'LL I7 : Kfqd 1 . 1 C1 U of L' , , , X , 'S ' . JY. ' fx I I K i. A' vb' lx Lf 1 l K ,-xifxlr X Q K V 2 lljuir Ah A V - ' A 0 A V' l L 'mr ll . V! MRS DELLA E SIMPSON MISS NELL S SKILLIN Headmlstress Assoclate Headmlstress Our good rlencls the members At the heart of our eclucauonal LOLIIICIE-H1011 are the tvlo admlmstrators of the school Mrs Snnpson and Mlss Skllllll Because of the1r dedxcauon thelr vwse and competent gu1dance and thetr ovx n Splfll thew haxe made Co lumlma School the excellent school that rt rs Both haxe 1nsr1lled III us hlgh educatxonal and soclal xalues Mrs Smlpson vnth her krndness CIQIICFOSILY and sense of humor has constantly urqed us to stretch l'l1gl1QIl11 order to dex elop our lntellectual CLIFIOSILV M1ss Slillllli alvs avs amazlnqlv serene as she qoes about her many txme COUSLIYFIIHQ robs helps us all xuth our acaclennc problems and colleqe CIQCISIOIIS and sees that the school IS funct1on1nq smoothlx MRS DELLA SIMPSON MA The Unnversnty of Chicago Headmustress MISS NELL 15 SKILLIN M Ed Boston nu verslty Assoclote Headmustress MRS NANCY BLISS AB Northwestern Un: verslty Nursery School Asststant Boston School at Tufts Unuversnty Physncal Education MR JEAN CAMPBELL BS Umversnty I Rochester Englnsh Grade 5 MRS ROSALIE ESKRIDGE BSc Blrmmghom lEngIandl Unlversnty Scuence Mathe matics MRS KATHERINE DANFORTH FISHER AB Oberlm College Music Appreclatuon MRS ANNE FOULKES AB Smuth College Socual Studies Engllsh French MR THEODORE HOLLENBACH BS Hough ton College Choral Musuc MRS KATHRYN JENSEN BS Lnb Sc West ern Reserve Unuversrty Lvbrarnan MR ZELDA JOHNSON B S Syracuse Unlverslty Dletltlan MRS CLAIRE LERGENMILLER MA Cornell Unnversnty Grade 2 MISS MAISIE LITTLEFIELD BS University o Rochest r Nursery School ley College Sclence MR ALFRED MELENBACHER cuse School of Flne Arts MRS BARBARA MERRIMAN ra Ar B Macalester College Grade 4 MISS HELEN MONROE M versuty Grade I M SS CATHERINE NEVIUS M A College History MRS LAURA PLASS Duploma Auburn Normal School Grade 6 MISS LUCINDA PYE AB Mt lege Grade 3 MISS JEAN ROBB BS Edinburgh Unlverslty Sclence Mathematucs Boston Um Mt Holyoke In Teachnng Mathematics Holyoke Col 4 MISS VIRGINIA ROBERTS MA Dentson Unnverstty Mothematncs MRS MARGARET SCHMITT AB Bucknell Unlverslty Engllsh Latin Social Studies MRS MARGUERITE TREMAN Certuflcate I stltutlcn de Segur French MISS JOAN TWADDLE MA Wellesley Col lege Latun Englush MISS OLGA VUAGNIAUX Dlplomo Peda goglque et Un Unlversutaure Gymnase des Jeunes Fnlles de Ia Vtlle de Lausanne French MISS CAROLYN WESTON MA Columbla Teachers College Kindergarten MISS RUTH WHITNEY A B Middlebury Col ege Englnsh MRS JANET HASLAM AB Bucknell Um versnty Secretary MRS RUTH JAGER School Nurse MRS HELEN LOTE Puptl Dolcacroze School Modern Dance MISS ELIZABETH STUBBS MA Columbua Umverstty Secretary MRS REBECCA SCHUCHMAN r f 0 1 V I L . L L KLIA I K c av. ,MSS .ROg,QL,'E BROWN, BVS., ECI-I Bouve, MRS. Mxjzoleslrr McFADDEN, MA, Welles- , I' 'f ' - - I I ' 4 I . All ,JR,, A.B,, Sy - ' . . .'. 4 ' ' s. , . ., ' ' 0 ' A r - r I - ' ' . . . . . . ' , ' 'A' ' . . 4' I V 'U , fd., u H, 7 I 4' I 4 I ' I V' 'I A. 4' .'. A I I A ' I I b 'I -. L . .I ' . . . U - I Mmss Rolnrm Mm M F1 dum lVIrs Plxsi NINQ Broun Nfrs Esl rmdqn Mus Robb ,4 1-,X Qcf-Q Lfzffffx Mathematxcs and Suence R. n... .. Language I I XLR. X .... Mm ..... x HA '11, SYJ..x1..... ...fy X. XTLSS Twuddlc KTQX VN ..... In Mm Fnizlkw Mrx S.:t:11:rr 4 'ha 'EU 0 the admmlstratlon and faculty Pf -hw. Hnstory xs N X 'Ur Q hm 'Ur POL fibiww The Arts rs rx 5 11 1 L b her Xlmxsxrlx 'Urs Fmxur 5 -QI pi! ad K .1 L .-1' 5 .vu , A E 5 x KI X 4 ' as Q V 4 , f N .K '? . 4 I1 K V , 1 jf- If ,N ' ' . L. ' L ' . 1 . 6 XT X 3 ' ., .. uid ', o o 4 l.. 'v M, :H 1.', -S 3-l RI . Jensen. XIV. Iiollvzllxzxdu. XI 'J zdtzxym X11 X!'IL'I1 ,ag M. ,AQ ' H Q If Lx ' 24 . L. ' rl ywd y S i , . -f Y . , 'QS F . Q- . ' 'gn x v- ' M 3 . 1. . C'2L1Q, A gt Lrg utr h iv ' llkw .il f I Mxddle School Faculty 'Xre Cxmplucll lVlrs Plmss Mri Trcmm Nlrs Nltlflllllll lVl1Ss PM 9' ,LA gwe us help ln so many ways 37 Staff Klzss Stulwlvs. lVlrs. Haslnm Xlrs lagzvr Nlrw, lolmsou. Lower School Faculty lVl1sx VX Qstou lVl1is lXlonroc Mrs Lcrqcmmlllr MISS Llttlchcld Mxs s lVlrs ISS 1.5 i -ni- -mx ' 49 49 Mig J 3 i Q Ln Xu , I Q-.196 EJ' CLASSES wr: saax -me BEST ' .-.......i...J With the first step on our ladder, we NURSERY SCHOOL Sealed M Loughborough S Von Brocklun C Morris D DAmondc F Wesson S Opdycke D Opdycke J Meoder Second Row V Renzn J Anderson R Small S Woodward Harvey K OConnor Third Row M Wolff J Bolton T Sm h A Howe D Clark R Webs er H Snbley W Young C Huckok Mrssmg F Prror J Rosenberg S Marshok ii ' 2 5 KINDERGARTEN Sealed K Lowen l Q u mann ruler Blurne B Nersner Slundlng J Slen r t An erson Forman u on J u her e for K Wlllns Mlsslng A Fennu er W Von Brocklrn J Websler 8 V l D.. ,'..' .I 1' . , .Z ' , .I lil, . I ,.. l ,-. lj 1 . HH X f nn....r. L 4 Q 'ET -J. h l, V. H ll - , D.. AA ' , Ji ' , , ' . ' : . i - hu d , J, d , J. , M. S ll , . Bo C , R. Klun , F. Til- dl ' . .I .- . : h .9 I begun the cumulatwe process 0 eclucatlon, --...K FIRST AND SECOND GRADES Seated B nnett M Howe C Harrrs S Tomlmson C Beck Standmg K Stev Tutuhasl S ey Wllm t DeMatteo nssmg D Passaro Pruor B Watson MIDDLE SCHOOL Flrst Row J Flnucane A Grimes P Trafton A Marshak M Nelsner F Drake Second Row C Guona S Thornton C Teale M Kaelber L Brockway M Lucas Third Row J Howard Shaw J Clark S Elsenhart C Hawks M Hickman Fourth Row L Prince L Wilson B Tra ton G Glola E Lucas J Taylor First Row Standing M Struever D Ffsher B Balrd J Sage K Bechtold S Hawks G Symmgton L Ruslnng G Meader A Weusmnller C OConnor R Tuhhasn A Moses Se ond Row Standing S Smuth C Lunt J Yates S Guinness B Verlame F Hubbard M Hams L Morley J Springer 9 o o f 0 . pi ' I 5 ., -, ,J 4- -'v- -Q 'fflg sf A . ' f Q if l ' A mth , , I f I7 . . ' '- -' - 450- , X X. J. e , . , . ', .J. er, P. Bohacket, A. Boslov, K. Atkins, M- ' I L. ibl , J. ' o, P. . M' ' : . , K. : . , . , . , , , . , . , ' : . J- , - , - ' , - , - ' - 1 A ' , - ' , V f , C ' I - ' f - 1 - , - ' , - ' , - , - l, 5 . 3 '-. 'J' 'M ff, ,. H., 5 l?fg. V, 'ini ,ff 3 Q i, gy Q L A Q 1. ,, 1 6 L 1, ,L -6 Q va W Ti am- Q Vw , f- f X Q, 'Q ' f. ti In I it 82 K A. A VV ME T I 5 ig Y M A W if if ,Q i M-4 H V A , JW W Q 4 if i Y 1 L ' . . lv ,S , Q J VVMVA gv s ZW my f n , 4 3 I . x Q, if Q 5 ' if ,Q Q Y? fr: n W is V ,',-v ,f ':A, i I ,, ,, ,,, As we progress through each class, 'Y7 The hrst scar 111 h1qh sthool has mtroduced the Freshmen to new I 5 -D plewsures 111d 11exx 1espo11s1b1l1t1es The xear heqan xx11h Colorful Cos J sl' tumes and the 1r1d1t1o11'1l 111111111011 IIYQS O11 Halloxxe e11 The class soc1al seruce proieet QIXCII Yxlth rhe Sophomores was the 111111131 ba aar gnen 11151 before Christmas Later tame the Chr1s1111as Dance and then the - like Pl1t1d tr1p both for tht hrst 111116 I11 adcl1t1o11 the q1rls gaxe the1r l J'-2 hrst issemblx 'md hrsr lor11111 dealmq xx11h the subyect of op1111o11s of -1 ,rf other to1111tr1estoxxardQ1he LlI1lI6Cl States X IVZ 'l' -- -2 t l 1 l F HMAN CLASS urs! Row M eu mo'1n Devo ut? S Jackson Second Row K WE ng P L e F urfn Row J owgill An e S Hod es E Wihlen M Post D Weissberger ll ork Fifth Row C Ashvon D ocomber J Clark xfh Row P e A ms Hughes Wilson S Strokosh M Ark Mlssmg S Boyink as . ' f ia 11 S 0 ! .I I A -Y Q i E 12 J 1 ' ' ' ' ' I' L - E I E . . 1 . . L . A. F . ' , J if . ' Q' . ' ' f 1 3 ' I -1':.L ' 1 Q Q, c D . fL 1. sl 'll n Q t Q ' 1' 1 ' Q . n K 'n . 1 ' A , 4 1 ,vrv -1 ,4 4 ' .1 Ati .lar - 111 ll' Y 'Hp Res -F' 1 . K 1 . , M. Lady, P. d , . . 1 . 51 HersloFf, V. Rowntree, S. Ely, D. Tripp, M. Pierson. Third Row: R. Deverion, M. Jones, A. Elliol, E. ' X K - Swi , . on . o ' : .C ' , A. gl , . g , . ' , . , - ' , C1 7 Cl . ' : . , . M , . . Si : . Blur , A. do , E. , K, 9 A4 i , . , . . . . . X . 1 W- f , . -' 'L . J 3 .. I 513 . H SH we gain new experiences, giving us Cl The twenty-seven members of the Sophomore Class showed their ability when they worked with the Freshmen to put on a mammoth bazaar iust before the Christmas recess. Previously they had sponsored the traditional Halloween initiation of the Freshmen and party for the Upper School. Their versatility was further shown by their class assembly of four Latin plays, and their forum on the Community Chest. Their final project of the May Breakfast con- vinced everyone of their worth to Columbia school life. SOPHOMORE CLASS-First Row: M. Moll, C. Cox, S. Cock, L. Robinson, M. Burnham. Second Row: H. Smith, C. Lone, S. Lord, W. Webber, J. McAnulty, K. Burnham, S. McBride. Third Row: J. Kenyon, C. Schmitt, C. Cobb, A. Dwyer, S, Fulrecider. Missing: L. Bornell, H. Bennett, S. Green, S. Hanford, E. Hickman, R, Levy, J. Nichols, M, Riley, T. Taylor, S, Widing. 'F 12 stronger oundation rom which we climb With only one inore rung to climb in school. the luniors have united in their many activities. ranging from doing social work to telling the school about choosing Colleges. They put on a prize-winning skit at the Hallo- ween party. supervised the Fathers' and Daughters' Banquet, gave the Spring Fling, and discussed the question of Arab Nationalism for their forum. Now. with plans for the graduation dance under way. they can look haCk ata busy year profitably spent. JUNIOR CLASS-First Row: D, Werle, J. Cowles, S. Nottingham, P, Rowntree, C. Johnson. Second Row: C. Hyndmon, M. Hunting, G. Stebbins, B. Lyons, P. Schuchmon, C. Gondy, S. Wiord, K. Hellebush. Third Row: S. Schumacher, S. Devcdutt, S. Allen, A. McCoy, J. Fisher, C. Lockley. Fourth Row: A. Bibby, K. Hook, S, Hudson, R. Forcigher, P. Lorboch, W. Johnson, C. Mercer. Missing: L, Burlingame, R. Cohen, C. Dietrich, E, Furnhorn, S. Hamilton. 13 The process 0 learnmg --S 3 Grade 4 Phys cs Class En sh 10 Fen G ode 7 F ench a 3 E 'Q'-. 9 1 X' My Laii Ill on u 0 0 0 O i' I. ..,,,..,.. i AAIA K ' M V E :Q2 3 15 . A .. - L K . I 'ff' W. ' i E i rm- hv,g. - i i J Hs me 1 V nh' 3, gli r ch IV ,M f, 4 V - V J V by I f - I' srunsrrr JR X ACTIVITIES ISCIEN CLUB QQ gut F sf Row S ndlng J Swan P sudent Mnss Sklllun Advnser M Atkuns Vace Presudent K Allen S Jones Second R w M Nensner J Conn C Gcbel K Wulson S W1c,1rd L Burlmgame G Stebbins Ashton P Ogden hlrd Row D E nhurt Mo 1 J Hcanslord A Wuckens V Rowntree ok R Levy S Fulreca STUDENT COUNCIL Tht COlL1Il1L3li School Student lass art htrt ILXLII tht opportumtx to groyy lfl FCSPOYISL Coun 1l xxhmh ments ,111 tht hrst Monday of Cach month LWLJILX by partalxuaq Ill the lc1dcrsh1p ot the school pro t x at uh 9 l md solymq the ra n IN tt poyur Lh1r1d th Lntlrt 1tt1y1t rotr1111 o 0 t111t at L 1 sthoo Conan 1ttc'C htads 111d rtDr0sc11t1t1yc's from vnrh IL 1Clt1111t prolalL111s Thu ya 1114 Swan IS pri-s1dcr1t as ltd flat qroup L11 ptrfor1a1111q 1ts LIIIPOFLWIIL ClLlflCS Dlsclplme and responsllalllty share an Seated S Jones Cnovrmon M Bonley Mnss Roberts Advnser Second Row S Wadnng Gcandy P e 1 on Strc K Knox Thlrd Ro A Moms A Jones J Fasher L DelMonoco Mlsslng B Lyons C Cobb M Burn om 16 STUDY HALL COMMITTEE As summq stlf d1sc1pl111e has alvyays been 111 outstandmg part of Columlma sthool l1fe The Study Hall Com 1111ttLt xx1th the 11d of the Student Counul md thc cnt1re Upper School LS proud to support our umque system of 111 Honor Study Hall Sue ones l11s ably hc1ClLd th1s Lo1a11111ttc'e th1s year yxhula IH part LS FCSPOHSILDLQ fo o1r LILLICL smooth fL1I1CL1OI1IIlQ study hall Q S JG, 1 1 - 1 f 1 , Lf gi 4 5 T' . ' L 1 Q- Pu , 'Z a .,. 1, if ' SA , , 1- ' 5 2. K, ir : to ' : . , re' z ' ' ' , ' 5 . ' , ' - ' 2 - I - . o : . ' , . , . , . ' , . ' , - ' , - ' 1 C. , . , T ' : . ise , B. rr's, . , . ' , . 1 K. Ho , . ', . der. 5 1' - . 'Q Lgxsz L sag'-. , 1' 'Y C. 1 f -Q, 11' . X' .z x 1 A . , - . ha 'a ha ' C ' ' ' 1 y' p kj . f th LILO' J l ' x ll-lacir j of 0. ' ir. 2 5 K 0 - l. 1' 1. 3 1 1 .' Q 3 . z . ' ' 1 fur la ' . 1 if Q h J T N' Q T' I K I .1 I C I L. o 0 o 0 0 0 o K x K . . ' xx' 4' 1' z ' 2 . I . L b. Z , .2 L 'p . A iv Z V V .Q y . L I . . r 1 ' . r ' ' C. , . Lon , J. Clork, F, W'ls , S. kosh, . . ' wx- L. . , . ' , . , ' ' : . , . , . h :HSL 4-g of Furs! Row M Nelsner Ednlornn Chief Mlss Whitney Adviser H Hudnul Pholog raphy Edator P Ark Business Manager J Harding Lulerary Edulor P Schuchman Art Edulor Second Row G Brown K Hennruch M Moll W Webber M Cleveland Deveruan D Trupp B Ogden K Allen Thlrd Row B Sanford Sensor Edutor P Lorbach S Hanford C Lane Fourth Row D Beach S Jackson S A en P Rowntree J Nlchols Mlsslng A Adams D Elsenharl R Foragher B Farnham A Jones S Schumacher S Strlne D Weussberger our record 0 the year HOURC LASS 'QFAFI Ihls lrrge still hm the excmng yob of puttmq out the yclrhoolx is 1 rarord of the School ye'ar To do th1s It IS necessary for meh eonmlttee to handle lts Qpeufnn p1rt of the yxorlx thereby gammg myihnhln experlenu m orgim mg plrmmng yyrmnq and Fmally yxorkmg together as 1 hrrmomoui qroup The most challengmg and t1me consummg crgltles are those of the Buemess Mirnqer Peggy Ark and the Echtor Merry exsner 17 'ft E 'JA Y L vw:-, Q Bs, ,-.P ATHLETIC ASSOCIATION - The Athletic Association sponsors exciting Bliie-White competitions. inter-class meets and games. and various athletic activities. By means of these friendly' competitions. the committee strives to develop in the school fair play, good sportsmanship. and a willingness to participate in all events. This year Kathy Allen leads the committee com prised of class representatives with the assistance of Rohm Wilson White Team Captain ind Holly I-Iudnut Blue Te im Captain funding Burn am M Hun Ing Second Row M Pierson K Allen Chair man H Hudnul On floor S Hargrove E Reveley Holding ball Miss Brown Adviser Mlsslng R Wilson Friendly competltlon plus SETQIICE to SOCIAL SERVICE COMMITTEE The Social Seryice Committee herded by eanne Cinn has led the school in cgixinq service to others on 1 loc il nitionil md international ba sis Throuqh the Foster Parents plan the Upper School has adopted Italian qirl Elvira dellahbio and a Korean child Lee Kung Ya On a nitional leyel through The Saye the Children Federation they haye sent hnincial and to a tvxo room elemen tirx school in Tcnnessee and to a ss ii in Indian school in vu 'Vlc xico They also distributed Thanksqiyinq baskets to fourteen needy Rochester families The Social Seryiee budqet is raised hy the social seryice proiect of eich class under the direction of the class representa tim to the committee ,. Seated Miss Nevius Adviser R Cohen G Jones J Cann Chairman A Taylor Standing S Ernest J McAnulty C Lockley C Schmuit 18 ASSEMBLIES COX1X11'1 1'1iEfCO- 11111111145 c1111111111'11111g 111111 1'1111Jx'11111C .1ss11111111111s 1'11111 1'r1d11'y 1111x'1'. 11115 x'1'.:r. 1WCCIl 1111111111111 11x' 1301111111 Dutch L xl I1 I 11 1 I 1 1 Kill!- 1st NPL 1 x11 13 s 1r1ps 11: 'N1xx 1X11x11o Alu 1 111 IIC 111 X or 1'11r 111 1112 x I L 11 1 MN pl 1N1Il s 1s111 1x 111 1111 four 1 1r 18 1 1 1 111 Of XX '11 L 1011111 I 181 s 1111 1 111 111 1111111111 x 111111111111 1 1 1 others m and s. F1rs1Row D Duicher Chmrmon M Jones W Webber 5 Hudson Mrs Snmpson Advuser Scond Row M Clark C Doyle Mlssung M Avkms out 0 school hours Sated K H ebush M1ss Sk: Adv: Sian g L Ron e nonrmon o en och Ely Mlssm E Wesson 9 HOUSI CONIXIII IFE 11111111111J111 N 1111 L 1 11711 1 11 11111 11 xx11r11 p1r111C1 '11 x 1 1 S1 1 1 1 18 r1111111s C, r111x 1 11111 1110 13 It ki K 0 1 11515 s111'JCrx1s1s 1 sc 1111 11s1s x111 111 11111 1 1x111 xx1111s T11FOL111l 1111s xx S11111 117 1 UO I KL 111111 11x1 1 11pp11r111111x Q 1 or 11111 1'111r 11 IT 111111. T11'1:111 . g11l'.' J '.1111'rs, xx 11.1x'11 11114011 '11r- g 111. 17' ','4 ', 13111. 111131 ..111' Y 1d's 41' ' B .- s1'1.'. 111 1611111011 Q1 '1 11. .'.' ted 1 .1 11.1s.' .s. 1 11111 1 11 ' zpp' 1141ss 1111111 x111x'-3 11 171'L1I1.. 19.11511 .11 1111111 xv 111 -1'l1 1- 1. hx .1's' 11111's 1'1ilY' 1 11 1 ' umt :T J111 ' ' 111 111' 1111111111111 11 Cu- E 111111 .1 11 1'1s. A V , I , E : , , . . ' .' : . ' . ' f 1 .W ,. H: -1 .1 I5 R' 1?11' '11111111 x'11.1r 1111'111111'1's 111 1 1pp'1' Y' S11 1' 111'111 to 1111111 1111' s 1111111 11114111 1 ' 1D:1r:1111 1111- 112 .111 ' ' 1' 1 ' d. 'lyk . 1 filn' 11.1-ws 1.11111 1111'11s xx'11s1111111 111' 1141111 1 1111.21'1fs 112111 C1111 111 111' 11.,S , I E , '11 11111111 111.11r11.1111. . 11 A 13111111215 111 11111 1111111.11011 1111115111 1111' , .1r1111111:z11:o11 111111 111spQ11i1111 of 11111 111'1111' xt.: 31115, The 1 IHIIT1 11'11 1 J . i1's11:1111111111': E11 1 J .. ' 1' ' 1 111' U'N'fY X' V 'xx . 1 ' ,','.' X .:::'1s 4111 111111111 xx'1, 11111111 1 11'-1 .11 151' 11,144 r 1 11 '1 411 1 K ' tt'1'1'. 12-1.11 I1T5f' e : . ell , ' '11in, Aser. din : . b'n- son, C. Gob I, C ' 5 H. H ll b , S. . ' ' g: 1 SSCCJXVVIIIIII o LH K N LI lk Ik N Illllln 1 um xx qroomtc fnc korru X mud pw tn J I tu gortu od 'Jr L ll s L irm L 18 5 I NN I I L KK! K Nh K R K l w L N Ng .3 LL O K UL kI KOIHII1k TO I N IL A NL 'XX II Lx ' L O N ected Mtle Vucxgmnux Adviser y J Kenyon Standing C Johns e urtm clrmcm win Lockhart M Atttson Missing H Bennett S Nottmghcxrn w?' good looks waunon t nun sun nun nil mu. , uw ,pn-. good books - QX. 23 'X Q, 5 um A xl I L Httx1XL sy X OL N L YL x Ilan X H gl N url t KJ K W V N on 11 U 1 Frm xx N N L 7 7K IWKDNS 3 euted rs ensen Advuser Tracey Adams Ctwourmon Standing D Mason mas H rs o Born o I I rs rs er vrser won orrmcm Hu es cms S Hylcn C Mercer K Cox P Lowent 0 good muslc - better snapshots XNUINC FHOTUC RAPI 'XTXTIII 11 Photoqrxpux X s NIH xr W OSL xxOI M Il OI' C IO IU! INR H X s Ins su 1 rx X 1 NIC COXIXTI I XX U XX ILS 7 N Fdwk 1 X X X x XXL Ad Sfandung H Pwdwt C C4 Seated M155 Twoddle 21 s-4 ab vrser S Wrcrd Chonrrncn S Schumacher ark S Hodges H Smvh F Wrlson M Rnley J Comes Furs! Row Mnss Nevnus Advnser C Lockley Secrefory Treos Jfef UI' In VESI en orn Cm Dre flc Nottmghom Mass Whnney Adv1ser Second Row R Deverlon K Hellebush S Green C Cobb S Vlucrd P Schuchmon C lon A wyer J ols :rd ow orne lmgume P Lorboch H Hudnui G Slebbuns P Rownlree J wles M Neusner M ssmg A Coker Devadun Ful cu er S H nford S d on M H g J MCA McBrrde W Webber the drama do DRAMATICS CLUB ln the DflmBt1CS Club open to all g1rls from qraclc-s 111110 th ouqh tyxelye 1 girl mix deyclop her mt rests 111 the many phases of drwm1t1cs such as scenery 1qt1nq tnstnmes 11Cl n11lxe11p d1I'CCflI1Q ind of course utmq Annullly the Club sponsors the Cbmstmis play Th1s xeir 1t procluucl And Mx rrh tellmg the story of the W1se I1 l 1ts II'lOIllllly m ttlnjs eonduettd by 11l1e Hir 1nq s1cl1nt tht 11rls txlt pirt III y1r1o11s dramaht '1ct1y11es SCIENCE ln man OTTTLS SCIENCE CLUB The Suente Club proy 1des 1 tbwntt for the iLlQI1I1flL3lly Ill1l'1ClC'd to txplore md le1rn OUfS1ClC of the SCICHLL class room Under the 1ble lefxderslmp of Silly Allen he Llub 1n IIS second year at Colu1nb1a h'1s enibled eath q1rl to s11bm1t 1Cleas 1nd perform exptrnnents Its meetmqs lnye been l11gl'1l1ql1ted by a lecture 113' on blood ind 1 v1s1t to the museum ns! Row Mass Robb Advuser S 1 ohom M Post M H ng S A en Chonrmon S Devoduti J McAnuI1y B en S N1 hols C Dneirlch H Sm1 Second Row L Burlungome A Dwyer P Lorbocb S Hudson Mlsslng P Rownfree WP GLEE CLUB All girls in the Upper School belong to the music groups that rehearse twice a week and give mo concerts xearlx ln addition the Glee Club gives an opportunity t a seleeted group to do further singing This group has met everx Thursdax during the second semester under the direction of Mr Hollenh ch 'ind tools part in the Spring Concert Sn? st R w K Cox Cowgnll M Keutmann C Lockley D Tr pp R Levy J Fisher Second Row C Gabel H Hu nut Adams C Lane P Lane W Johnson C Ashton T lr w Hughes V Rowntree M Ba Iey G Stebbins Mercer A Dwyer K Burnham P Rowntree Fourth Row M unting M ones J wan A B Swan R Co S Nichols A Adams T Taylor group smgmg able asslstants STUDENT AIDES The Student Aides are that silent group which every school has to have to take care of innumerable jobs that need doing. Some of these necessary jobs belong to the Bell Ringer. Flag Raiser. Table Setters. Chairman of the Christmas Dance. Master Treasurer. Head of the Pound. Keeper of the Student Activity Book. Chairman of the Fathers' and Daughters' Banquet. and Represent- ative to the Teen-Age Safety Coun- First Row Seated: S. Devadutt, M. Ernest, J. Swan, Second Row Seated: J. Cann, K. Allen, M. Jones. On Stairs: M. Saunders, B. Ogden, K. HersloH, L. Burlingame, J. Cowles, S. Barrows, A. Bibby, S. Wiard, S. Schumacher, S. Jackson, D. Werle, S, Green, T. Taylor, J. DeMartin, M. Hunt- ing, M, Post. 1 Mr. Tulihasi, an Assembly Speaker RECBSS L01 if A Everyone is urged to participate we W, 6 .r , at 0, in , A' Mr. Hollenbach After School Middle School Skating Supply Closet Basketball lnlromurals -,..,, 2 4 CALENDAR OF EVENTS SEPTEMBER -New Student Council holds first meeting. Tea at Jane Swan's house for new girls The doors at 22 South Goodman Street re open OCTOBER Tug of war begins our Blue White competition at Field Day The Blues win the First Team Hockey game Social Service clothing drive a success The Freshmen are initiated strange spirits appear at the Hal lowe en Party NOVEMBER 4 The Whites gain revenge in he Honor Team hockey game 1958 5-Columbia and Harley ioin forces at hockey playday. 14-School hears Senior Forum: Should Red China be admitted to he United Nations? The Frosh Soph Bazaar us blown in by the season s first snow storm Thanksgiving baskets are delivered to needy families The Middle Schools assembly pro gram begins our Thanksgiving recess DECEMBER Three weeks of school until the Christmas Dance' Brrr' Swimming ln Decemberl Co umbla is a singing sc ool And Myrrh sets the spirit lor the Holidays 9 Good evening Mrs Simpson may I present my escort t a fvarled calendar 0 events - Field Day Bazaar Booster 1959 JANUARY Happy New Year' A group of well rested girls returns after 17 days The Seniors congregate at Brighton for an academic reason' Mud years already? The Lake Placid trlppers leave with ee as Mud years end a d finally snows l didnt want to leave Mt Whit ney Lower School Christmas Play rjzaq Fathers and Daughters Banquet The Seniors take lntromural cham plonshup as they end an undefeated basketball season The Fathers and Daughters take trip to Hawan The United Nations General As sembly is invaded by 21 Colum blans MARCH The Freshmen in their Forum present a picture of the United States through other nations eyes College Boards come and go- whewl 25 20 Sprung Vacation begins and many head lar the Sunny South APRIL Summer skirts and enviable tans fill the halls Arab Nationalism The Sophomore Forum answers the question Should we have umty In giving? We re glad we finally got dates for your Sprung Fling Juniors MAY I love strawberries dad you see those Sophomores dancing around the Maypole? 16 Goodluck on SAT s Juniors JUNE The Halls become quiet as Finals start The Sensors depart the spmt ot Columbia stall with them Graduation Dance thank you Juniors q . . ' I ' . . s A T ut . . . . 1- ' . . . ' . . . 1 13- - h . . . . ' . wi I f - n - - n h . - . . . ' 1 hu . I . , I . f A 5- g A 1 . . . I Ich- . . zo- ' - . 6-' ' ' 23- . . . I . l gl -u - - n H 10-The Junior Forum informs us about 25-.. . , ' D - , 17- e I - - - . . z ' 24- ' 4- . . , . 10- Q '5-H ' ' 1 20-- ' ' ' - v , . 1 e 1- . . 13- ' ' ' . ,, .. . . 4.. , A is - 4 . . 1 . . -s ' . 14- . . . - -4 'qi ' .. -s ' se Y Thanksgwmg Baskets Packed Sacral Servuce Sends Clothes Oo Needy Freshman Sophomore Bazaar Preparahon for Freshman Sophomore Bazaar Semo' Fowm 9 with X J M Fun, plays L--... ,N mais 'lv 35:2 31,12 '14-1 wr-vw 5 54,5215 S -8 V A fig ,nz in QEEJM 49 ' wma, ...rr 'A 4' Mies xii' Blue WHl0e Compehhon New Gurls Assngned to Teams Jumor Class Halloween Ska! 26 ,Q I Q ff ' fre 8 K I 'L 7' A ' 4 ' . 'sf ,R , . K K 'X -nu' Y , s x 'sf' Q ' v 5 L A I ' -4- - -, . .-f f ' '-: 1. Q.v V, zilfgfbvgg L5 guxt f ' . K f V., . Y ,A MQW .s ' A ,Q 1, ' 49, . Z 'A I 5 4 rf Ii r 'Hi Y 5 ' ' r ' r , .r,, . L . af' ' 9' rs M 'S' ff 11 me - z Q. ,- I 1, '11, . ,Lx,M,, W ...J N ,H 'A ,M-lg Q H ,f X su! ga ,g if .J ' Q- + 4- .M K s A.. rm we we ' - , My ly, 1 .V W K A ,H:5,,..,: U6 Q x..-,,I.1 . M 1 , , - 'Y . . 2 n 'f' , - 1 W yv . ' 1 .r e 4-xx., WL.. A - 'N , W by ., ,:., 42' ,' X X-,gf ' Q s ,-- . V - 1 .2 k?f g'Q,f'1w'-TM.e,,., '7 .Lf . - L -sf V '-K . ' .-'Lug' ,',1xv.-'- gd F-LA s K f k -af Q f ,fe ,. -f x --A , ' 1 ' '.. 'K V - 'I L . ff .Inv as ' ,,, ,us I . . . 1 5 GS o L ePlcacd as Do 0 ghie s q X., ff-2. and parties entertam 7 1' HE. ,fu- rs k M y Br okfast -W? Typmg Class Music Class u tests and classes stlll 'remam lnlermediale Algebra Homeroom Period 1 'H American History I French lV 28 LITCRMQ 5667027 Dfof' Hufmcs. .rug u.u.Lf, com, ,acmit tn. 1.,f1,..5 dl'V LCzQ U'Ll..QL.LJ-of 5 V X.LLAff. kkfgvrxflr ivy tC ci mild J mujyg wr un. M Suqmpnqf TVLUX nfl QIUJLC ILL-Us YQ num um cmd mud VW., L'?f1L..: LLL 4, KLCVV7' QJLLL'-L u.,LL1l mi tuna UWC Ch mu.: LA, My LT D LL,lg,Q Y Dj HJYX .1 LQ. vs N-VU--'ALL-L.. OJ'L VYAI ,LJ my 2-L 'ILM J LNUYLQJ5 HJ J Lint LL ix-,-,LL LL 'W-9 LLP W Ll- w-'U s QC Umwg fi yflap, I I K. 'Mrk-JJ u,L xx, Pd 4151 Cop JAR . - . ' 'L 1 ' u ' Wf 'f, ff L' -, , L A A QL: , ?'i'-ii , f ' 1 if x eq ', ,, s, 'WNY Y ' 5, Il r I I lg .' ' ,. . 'M I 1 V 3 . N Q n , I. yy t 4 . , . J 5' , ., - . A K Q W' lk' ' ' 'K Q . o , X , W Q .1 , 9, 4 ,, J , , . ' C ' O A 3 5 I - 9 . xg. 2 1 . T. , - 7, HJ L, 1 L f 5 , L, ae ' 3 V. A. 0 V if qw , W 5 gf, f X ,I g 1, ' ,MV 0 G' R' 0 ,. 1 1 M4 Q55 -.M kr , . A 2 4 5 'I U YN! -i R 3 I 4 'P Q X..-.f My CK, gud -Mk' H sf K- mx. gaw l f , K A ,Q w ' Q f , S 4 a 'ik ' J ' 1 ' M 1 fx T 'fa ' fi W 1 A 1, 1 . F 5 X KL!-A V Q., su ' ' 'N ia , 3 D .V - PX 1 5 1 ' , x' 5' K L' X L .kg ' ' La , 1 -1 rg H , -. ,VI - W . 4 '- -J u L ' ' L, J ga .hui M, A QL ffm 'W v 'S-511 uf' J' gf. E B , 4. Q1 t N ilu ..f.. Q s HT V.. - ,Q U1 -14 f LI 7 ' 1 V r-J Q Q ' ' 1 N , 9 ' , 1 I T. x. 5 k .M 2 X, 1, L tv ' ' N' w Q 5 M W.. V x s , V , ., U , A 1 5 l K 'wa 5 ' bw., Q . ,V ' Mx f .Mx in ,R 4 'rf , V V . ,Q C IIIEIIHIUIIE THE MAGIC BROOMSTICK Once there llxed a mean old w17ard Hls ha1r was is white as snow Hls clothes were made from cloth as black as coal Hr had a wltch for a Wlft H15 WlfQ had a crow who was as uglv as a troll The wltch also had a maglc broomstlck This wltch was no ordlnarw wltch because she was scared of humans One dax the wntch was ln the woods plcklng berrxes when suddenly a httle gxrl appeared The wltch got up and ran awav as fast as a scared yackrabblt but left her maglc broom behlnd Now that same day the wlzard was taklng a walk ln the woods He had been walklng for an hour or so when he declded to go oxer to the berrvbushes The httle glrl was plcklng lJ9I'I'16S and savlng to herself I almost haxe a basket full of berrles When the llttle glrl saw the wward she jumped up and ran awax But let us sax flx auax because when she started to run she trxpped over the wltchs maglc broom stick and went flx mg awav Now the wltch had reached home and was hldlng under the bed In an hour or so the wltch came out She looked around and then she Sald Ill prepare The w17ard had been verv much startled and had falnted although he was a man The wltch had mlcka wllles beeker and mllla whlch ln Enghsh are meat wheat bread and mllk Back IH the woods the wlzard had gotten up H went to tovsn and got the maglc broomstlck from the httle glrl The wrtch was eatmg beeker when knock' knock' went the door knocker The wltch answered the door It was the wllard carrvlng the broomstlck The wltch klssed the wizard and they llved happlly ever after Anne Marshal: Grade '3 A THAN KSGIVING PRAYER O God thank vou for all the things around us and for thlngs we see and do For clothes and food and shelter O God thank Vou Thank xou for trees and blrds and all llvlng thlngs Thank xou for the world and plants water and flowers Thank vou for Iovt and klndness and happlness O God thank Vou Amen Anne Illosrs Grade '3 THE FAIRY RING Once there was a kmg who had a beautltul daughter The prlncess mother had dled when she was verv young, The king, marrled again Thls tlme he marrled a wlcked woman Thls woman had a daughter she thought far more beautlful than anv other glrl Actuallx she was xerx uglx Her name was Emma One dax the new Queen told them to go for a walk She told Fmma ln prlxate to run awav while the prlncess was picking flowers Then when she came hack to the palace she would have some cause to punlsh her Fmma agreed Prlncess Ann heard thls and was scared When thev went for a walk Ann kept an eve on Emma everx mlnute Emma trled frantlcally to dlstract her bv showlng her loxelv flowers and telllng her to pick them for the Queen She sald No Emma trled and trled again but always the answer was no Flnally thev came upon some beautlful flowers Emma asked agaln Ann sald Yes because she thought They are so temptlng Durmg her plcklng Emma ran away When Ann looked up and saw no Emma she Crled aloud The birds asked her what was the matter She told them She sald No for she would find Emma herself She couldnt find Emma She searched for a year She sat down on a tree stump She was dlscouraged Just then she saw a ghtterlng object She plcked It up It was a rlng She thought How pretty and she put lt on She sald It IS very dlrty I shall shlne At the first stroke a genn came out It asked her what she wanted She dldnt know what to make of lt Flnally she wlshed she could find Emma Immedl ately Emma stood before her She too was sobbmg I I I cant find mv wax back to the palace tsobl Well we ll go to the palace now Flrst she made sure she had the rmg When the queen saw them she flew mto a rage and burst so they had no danger of her anvmore The princess marrled and hved happllv ever after Emma marrled also and hved happlly ever after Candace O Connor Grade 4 THE LITTLEST CATERPILLAR I'herc once llvc d a Laterplllar and a small one too He was xc rx sad because he dldn t hate anv wlngs hkr the oldt r tate rp1llars called butterflles One dax he savs some other cats rplllars makmg cocoons so he started to make his cocoon The next dax he saw them golng mto thur cocoons so he started ln Now the caterpillars we re all aslec p I J 1 . I V I 4 . 'L . S . ' I . V ' Y Y Y 7 S ' I , I 7 I . A S . I '. I . I c . f, .. ' uh M I ' rr sv ' . .' ' x . . . f . . . I I A A I I I D - 1 r- K - ' tr as A rr I supper! So she went into the kitchen. the whole story. The birds said they would help her. . - .. H . ' ' I I 7 . - . K ' - I I ' e ' 14 I I! . O . . . . I . H . I . I . 7 u Q 1 . . . . it ,, I . . . I . 7 I ' ' . . . ' 3 - I H ' , 1 ' V D' . at , ,. . I . ' , . , ' , 1 ' V 5. . I ' I. , . I h I , 1 L 1 I ' ' f I I ' 5- ' - I 1 ui 1 . 51. l ' Af. Y V V . , ' . ' . ,' A.. L. . ' . A . , ' U. 30 Long wlnter davs passed The wlnd was so strong that the cocoons almost flew away One day when lt was the beglnnmg of sprlng some of the cocoons opened New butterflles were born The llttle caterplllar popped out of hls cocoon Suddenly somebody caught hlm He was put lnto a cage One mlnute later the mother of the chlld came and opt md the cage for hlm He flew out but he was lost He was ln a completely dlfferent place He flew and fltw All he could see were falrles YVhere am I9 called he to a group of falrles You re ll' falrxland the klng of all the falrlcs rtplled We re havlng a feast Whv don t you Joln uso All rlght he Sald Dont you haxe a name'7 asked the queen of falrles I don t know sald he I never had one Then vue ll glue vou a name sald the queen We ll name xou hmm hmm let s see I know we ll name you Rlckx Do vou all agree wlth me? Yes evervbodv answered Wlthout hesltatlng they axe hlm a klnd of wlne Drlnk lt thev Sald R1CkV drank It up He becamc sleepy so he went to sleep When he woke up he was home He llved IIHDIJIIX forex er and exer POEM MV name IS Groovev I m a wltch s cat I work for Baba Yaga She s a mean old bat We rlde a V 8 broomstlck It s super charged wlth zoom When we get ln orblt lt s just three Hours to the moon We have lots of fun though And manx a pleasant Jaunt We re SD9Cl3llStS ln scarlng It s prlvate schools we haunt Scarlng glrls IS fun Teachers ex en more And when we get a headmlstress We ve made a perfect score But I m leaxlng Baba Yaga She turned out to be a square P0lHtQd hat rustv cape strlngw old Black halr You see I m a hlp cat I know whats taklng place Thls season whlle I m hauntlng I ll wear mv new sack shape Llbbv Lucas Grade 5 THE GHOSTLY TRIO Fhere once was a nlght when I went trlcks and treat ln Wlth all mv frlends we had rl meeting We went along the streets we knew And passlng the street we thought was creepv We heard a sound golng up and down We got so scared we fell on the ground We got up wlth fear and frlght' I ll never forget that Hallowe en nlght Hallowe en nlght IS a frlght fright' frlght Never go out alone xou ll see skeleton bones Never go out alone Watch out' Watch out Spooks are about Hr sn Band Flarle l THE SNOWBALL FIGHT Sleddlng skatlng skllng Happv wlnter sports You glV9 yourself a fllng, And land ln a snow fort The snowballs come flVlIlL You re Just not out of range So you find vourself ln chalns The enemv IS mad They are verv verv sad Your team IS Wlnnlng And thelr faces are a grlnnlng Johnny IS the captaln She s dolng a verv fine Job Cause now we re ahead Due to the snowballs we er The team has won Hurrah hurrah' The prlsoners go free xvlth hearts of glee Frances Hubbard Frnde 6 GINTON Glnton III was an extremely remarkable chlpmunk He was to hls knowledge an artlst a cook a seam stress a collector the was especlallx good at thatl a plumber a sportsman a qulck reader and also a verx l'l1lSCl116VOLlS character Glnton llY9d ln a tree hx the school Thls was thc xerx best place ln the world he knew not onlv because 'lll the school children fed hlm at lunch tlme but also because that was where he was born and It nexer had occurred to hlm to moxe One dav he wasnt awakened bv the sound of chlldren tomlng to school He wasnt wakened by the sound of the blrds chlrplng or the church bells Chlmln When lle dld wake up he wasnt worried because he verx often slept late He went and gatht red some nuts whlle he was walt Ill for lunch That dldnt help pflss the tlme yerv well so he went to the plavground and dug a tunnel ln the sandbox Stlll the chlldren dldn't come out for lunch V. . L 5 . . Y . Q ' . . ' , I ' 1 . ' ' ' - H, s x. . Y D x 1 1 ' U 4 I I l ' v ' 1 .. an - - T . . , ' ' ' ' ' ' . I ' . I H . . . v ,, Y. . . V ' 1 - I .. rv E - A I y V - - l .lv .. - vv ' - 4 I .. v I , vs - .4 as .. Y . 1 , ' H . .. , ' T - V 9 T 1 - ,A - l vs l .. I sl I I Y I ' - - v , , ,, g Y 4 '- T 4 . I. T ' . H . Y . ,, . . v . X 'I . , , . , . f , ' ' I V b r Riye Tugihasi, Grady 4 And. wlth all your trylng- , . Y l . . Y I ' V I . I l YQ . , , '. ' . . . f l. , . . . . , . v - l , n I- n . ' ' . ' . . ' - f I Y Y . l , . A . . , ' - v D - U 1 , . I l f. , A - . V . . - ' n ' . I I y A' K V . . . . . U s 1 P . b ll ' I ,I I x . . . . . A . g' . 1 , ' g . ' ' . .. ' ' , 51 Flnallv he couldnt stand belng hungry anv longer He marched over to the kltchen door It was locked' Now thlngs were beglnnlng to fit together The school must be havlng a hollday The chlldren usually told IIIITI lf thev were golng to have a holldav though' But none of thls helped hlS stomach so he squeezed through a crack ln the wlndow and looked around Flrst GIHLOH wanted some soup so he looked ln the refrlgerator and took a drlnk of mllk not knowlng that It wasn t soup He spllled the whole carton whlle he was at lt He then went to the breadbox and had hls second course spllllng crumbs tool Suddenlv he heard footsteps ln the hall It must be the cook comlng back for somethlng The door opened there was a TERRIFIC scream and then the chase Finally Glnton got back to hls llttle tree house safely You know I thlnk Gmton s golng to move soon Sharon Smlth Grade MORNING WALK In the mornlng as I walk along the path I see Llttle flower blooms looklng up at me L00klDg around the trall I spy trees old and new And each llttle leaf on everv branch IS covered WILII drops of dew All of a sudden to my surprlse An owl IS looklng me Stralght ln my eyes And then Wlth a screech and a flutter of wlngs He f'll8S far far away Lyda Hersloff Grade 7 THE BALLAD OF LITTLE JIM A perfect dog was Llttle Jlm We catered to h1S every whlm We gave hlm meat and mllk and fish Whlch satlsfied h1S every wlsh A llttle dog was Llttle J lm But always full of pep and vlm He chased the cat and sparrows too But never caught a blrd that flew A clever dog was Llttle Jlm He somehow taught hlmself to swlm But when he trled to chase a duck He found that It took more than luck Courageous was my Llttle J lm He d always try hlS best to wln And lf he dldnt make lt then He d try and try and try agaln Our sllly dog named Llttle J lm Dld finally thlnk he would be sllm He dleted so much you see He finally left the world and me WINTER SOLITUDE It IS snowlng outslde now The chlldren across the road are skatlng on a patch of lce The trees are gently swavmg ln the wlnd There arent many cars on the road thls mornlng All IS qulet except the creaklng a house makes when the wlnd blows The ground IS a rlch beautlful whlte It IS blanket ed wlth snow that IS blown about here thlther and yonder The world IS beautlful ln lts own wav ln wlnter True the trees are barren True there are no flowers to add color or blrds to glve muslc But wlnter IS stlll beautlful especlallv ln the red hue of the sunset when the snow IS all shades of plnk If vou went outslde now vou would feel the Wlnd ln vour halr the cold nlpplng vour nose but lf you are ln looklng out vou can lmaglne That IS fun oo But suddenly you hear a baby crv You are knocked out of your pleasant solltude to realltv But vou wlll come back another dav and look out your wlndow at Wlnter Suzanne Harris Grade 8 ALLENS CREEK The creek IS most beautlful ln wlnter The falls are covered over wlth fresh pure snow and lcv clear water bubbles through openlngs coated wlth dellcate ICS nrvstals Sometlmes when lt IS verv cold there are no holes IH the ICS but lf one llstens carefully he can hear the water murmurlng under the sllenclng snow Fhlldren skate merrllv on the smooth surface of the ICO 'md rlsk gleefully the chance of stepplng through flaws Sprlng although spreadlng beauty everywhere for gets the creek Brown evll smelllng water carrvlng huge chunks of ICB rushes along lts beds and often overflows them The creek IS a hardhearted landlord Manv anlmals llvlng along IIS S1d9S are now forced to flee thelr homes The creek becomes a whlrlpool of unrest Summer IS a perlod of peace and calm after the storm Now the creek IS allve wlth ltS resldents Water snakes gllde ln and out of submerged objects Frogs relax ln the cool fine mud or on an anclent log warm from the sun Klngfishers utter thelr harsh crles as they dlVe for fish Water lnsects abound Over the water thev scamper remlndlng one of the chlldren skatlng ln wlnter Boys fish contentedly obllvlous to No Tres passlng slgns Boats by the dozen swlrl down the falls Summer IS a gay happy tlme Autumn comes and by the first heavy frost the creek IS deserted by most of IIS former occupants A waltlng feellng hangs heavlly ln the atmosphere Phoebes on the way South Slng one song tlnged Wlth sorrow and depart The brllllant leaves fall all too swlftly IHLO the creek and are banlshed lnto exlle from the lovely trees thev knew The creek IS softlv golng to sleep as are ILS sur roundlngs Soon the trees are bare waltlng IS all Nature Softlv the first snowflake flutters down then another Wlnter has come agaln to Allens Creek Ellzabeth Wesson Grade 7 Carol Day Ip Grad? 3 A A ' ' , . . , y , , - , , , , . , . ' Q ' o v ' f . v , ' v A , Y Y v I. . . ' ' 1 sv KL ' ' .,,. . V 4 . T ' ' 1 na ' '1 ' n - 4 , . 7 ' up . . , , l - I I., . A MYTH Hera sat on her throne ln Olvmpus slpplng nectar She called to her maxdens and told them to call Zeus The maldens left qulcklv and returned savmg that Zeus was nowhere to be seen Thls news angered Hera and she ran down qulckly from her throne to look for Zeus She looked ln the courtvard and the orchards but he was nowhere It was becoming mlsty The cool drops were unusual for It was alwavs brlght and sunny on Olympus The mlst had brought an lnsplratlon to Hera she reahzed that Zeus was up to somethlng She ran to the stableyard and ordered her horses of flame to be saddled and her charlot of pearls made ready Soon she was on her way gl1d1ng through the alr easlly clearlng a path through the mlst Soon Earth was ln Slght and the horses gllded to land It was not long before Hera spotted Zeus clothed ln Athenxan dress DlSgUlS6d as an old lame woman Hera hobbled to the well She asked Zeus to fill her water Jug She then put a spell on the maidens changlng them lnto bears who contmually laughed at Zeus Plcklng the bears up by thelr ears Zeus threw them on the ground but thelr laughter continued Zeus now very angry flung the bears 1nto the a1r He threw them wlth such force that they Stlll have not come down to earth They contlnue to roll and tumble whlle stlll rldlculmg Zeus The whole world can see these bears on clear nlghts Zeus IS verv unhappy to have been outwltted by h1s Jealous Wlfe The master god st1ll cannot catch the I'OlllCklI1g bears for thev appear ln the skv at a dliferent place each nlght Margot Jones Grade 9 THE STORY OF CYGNUS Many years ago soon after the UHIVGISG was cre ated bv Zeus a vouth named Taurlan entered a forest to hunt under the guldance of hlS protector Artemls She loved hlm very much especlallv for hls huntlng ablllty and knowledge of the forest As a result of her favorltlsm she had glven hlm the power to find hlS mark wlth everv shot After many hours of huntlng he had accumulated a large bag of game and his muscles were crvlng for a rest Settlng down hls arms and bag he reclmed under a shadv tree near a sparkhng stream Mmutes later wlthout notlclng the presence of the man a snow whlte swan appeared out of the reeds and placldlx swam out onto the stream Artemls pleased wlth thls peaceful scene was almost ln slum ber when a thought struck her llke a thunderbolt The swan she remembered was a foollsh hunter named Cygnus whom she had transfigured years before when he had kllled manv of the forest anlmals ln sport She had told hlm that ln order to regaln the figure of a man he must first do a kmd deed to some hunter ln trouble Fullx lntere ted now she watched as the swan gllded to and fro on the glassv water Suddenlx a great commotlon arose where Taurlan slept Frlghtened bx the sudden nolse Cvgnus flew to the reeds where he peered out at the source A llon had sprung from the forest and Taurlan had onlv enough txme to Jump lnto a tree' As the xouth watched the beast devoured the bagged game and wlth IIS hunger only whetted bv thls appetizer It ob served the vouth crlnglng ln the tree not more than SIX feet aboxe lts mangv head With a growl lt rose on its hmd legs and clawed the tree mches below Taurlan The terrlfied vouth Cfled out ln despalr Meanwhlle the swan unnoticed had been watchmg and thmklng of what he could do to help the hunter A thought came to hlm as he strutted out of the reeds toward the stream wlth the hope of dlstractlng the llons attentlon untll Taurlan could reach his weapons The l1on d1d spv hlm and bounded toward thlS new meal Whlle runnlng to the water Cvgnus fell and at that moment the 11on pounced Taurlan reached hls weapons and kllled the hon but hls own saxlor was dead Artemls deeplv touched by the vallant effort to save the bov she loved placed the tattered form of the swan Cvgnus 1n the skv as an lmmortal bemg a lastlng memorv to the hunter who had become the hunted Patricia lane Grade 9 ONE TERRIFYING NIGHT The nlght was black My feet made a slow but steadv sound on the newly paved road sharplv break mg the unfrxendly quletness of the keen a1r Ahead of me loomed my destlnatlon The llghts glltterlng famtlv Wlthln looked at me derlslvelv asklng me lf I truly knew what I was gettlng lnto Then these eye lI'l'1ageS would cackle omnlsclentlv and cruelly causlng me to tremble even more ln my worn out loafers I d1d not trust myself to look at the temptlng and beck omng llghts of mv own home The thought of a dutx to be accompllshed pushed me on my wav At everx step mx heart seemed to draw closer to my throat and mv fingers txghtened more upon the school books I carried I felt like yelllng to evervone to come help me fight the ordeal whlch I was about to undergo but of course I dldnt I reached the door all too soon Now my heart had reached mv throat and was poundlng rapldlv thus g1v1ng me a nauseatlng feel mg Mx fingers ached from pressure I was very hot and above all I was terrlfied' I thought a qulck but meanmgful praver as I turned the shppery door knob Suddenlv brlght bl1nd1ng llghts seemed to be focus ed on mv face I could feel llttle lmages tugglng and pulllng at me shrleklng llke cannlbals on the prowl I sank back agamst the ponderous door ln a sort of swoon causlng lt to shut Wlth a bang For the rest of the nlght I responded only to ln stmcts I was pounded and pushed around like stale gelatm but mx head was not clear enough for anger I can stlll remember the shock that the ICG cold water gave me the slckenlng sense of the melted butter all over mx sweater and the lost sense of undxluted grape ' I . . Y . r . . . . . . ., x . , . . . . , . - 1 . - . - ' ' f J , ' ,. ' u - 1 . ' . r 1 . , ,- . . 7 . .. Y . , . - . . . . ' ' , v Y . . . ' ' , , . . .. ' , . . Q 1 . L . r ' - . , y ' t x - - ' ' , ' V. ' r . D' n , . - . - , I . . v . s . ' ' V - JUICE 1n mx ha1r The surprlse of the croquet mallet landmg on mv head occupled all mv lnstmcts for a few mlnutes Suddenlv the sound of a car motor the flash of headllghts IH mv eves and the sound of a garage door belng opened brought me back to my norm al self A great sense of rellef spread over me and I could almost hear mv t1red face change After a few mlnutes I heard mvself sav Oh ves Mrs Brown the chlldren were angels Fmallv mv dreaded Saturdav nlght babvslttlng Job was over Jill McAnuHx Grade I0 PORTRAIT OF A CITY Stop lxghts dltfused m the ramv mxst Cast thelr trl colored reflexlons through the Drizzle The smgmg sound of t1res swlshes over wet streets And headllghts gleam wlth a halo rlmmed Effervescence Trees are black wlth ram thelr bark Cl1HgS Heavllv to the gnarled trunks aged bv smog and Dxsease Asphalt gllstens llke a chunk of wet coal Reflectm the lmpatlent blues of earlv mornlng Traffle Gramte shlnes llke a mlrror dlstortxng The lmages of hurrvlng people Ram runs off Steel leaxlng lts smooth cold surface headed xvlth droplets xxhlch sparkle IH the reflexlon of Lrghts Street llghts headllghts flashlng llghts Lights adxertlsmg food cars and Beer Ram pure refreshmg water cleanses the c1tv lXIelts lts dlsgulse of dlrt and merchandlslng Ram IIISCIOSIFIH bv 1ts purltv the true character Of a C1tX lost ln advertlslng selfishness and Blgotrx Holly Bennett Grade 10 TWO SONNETS Olmsc rxmp, a mu'-.luan or a man Who practlces hls art ln such a wax That manx men to hlm respects do pax I wish like hlm to be an artlsan I want the key of hx uccess to be In mx own eager hands that I max xlew The secret ln thls world of hls so nevx For I xxould fam posse ss hls facultx And to mx sflf how oftc n I cxnlalm I d glxf mx own rlght arm to haxe hls sklll But xx hen lt comes to act I lack the W1 To persexere and labor toward such fame I s1t and xvlsh and 1n thls wax I shlrk I xc lc arnf d perfection IS for those xxho xxorlx Although bv me she wasn t too esteemed I d alwavs llked the glrl untll one dav I heard one whxsper and to me convev The thought that she was not the girl she seemed And then did I begln to see her IH A brand new llght for I could soon detect An oxerbearlng qualltv neglect Of work and lack of much self d1sc1pl1ne Fhus verv soon she was wxthout a frlend For mention of her faults had magnlfied I-Ier small defects I now no longer tried Or cared her dlfferent ways to comprehend For QOSSID and mv all too wlllmg mmd I-Iad sadlv made me to her assets bllnd Sally Wzard Grade I1 I CALL ON AUTUMN The ground was firm but cushlony slnce the bltmg November frosts had not yet come to harden the earth underneath Candys hooves beat a fllrtatlous staccato as she pranced to keep up with the Splflt of that after noon She certamly was a pretty filly w1th her co quettlsh toss of sllky black mane and proud archmg crest and ta1l I closed mv legs ln more tlghtly to her warm vel xet sldes to galn all the heat I could from her body As we neared the entrance to a large wood I pulled mv collar up and shlvered a llttle partly from the snap of the air but more from the thrlll of revlewlng an enchantlng slght The foremost llne of trees stood like brass buttoned sentlnels holdlng thelr bark hav onets over the narrow path as lf a mllltarv weddlng were takmg place Beh1nd these guards stood the treasure thev were protectlng lovelv maldens whose long locks shone from shades of deep scarlet to pale gold At thelr slender feet stood ferns and falrv rlngs gazlng up lnto these femmlne countenances at temptlng to catch thelr brllllance Scattered among these beautles grew majestlc plne and fir waltlng 1n lealousy for the voung lasses to become dark and bare so that they could appear more beautlful mstead All of a sudden a soft brown rabblt hopped out from under a dark fern Candy started and darted out of the thlcket llke a frrghtened fawn Over a dltch up a steep slope over a mossy log and we were there The place appeared llke a vlslon We were standlng on the edge of the path where lt wldened out to three tlmes 1tS SIZE One could look down three hundred feet over the edge In the xallex below flowed a stream of blue crvstals twxstlng and turning to fit the lowlands contours Reachlng for the sunshlne llke worshlppers of Amen Re tanger 1ne cherrv and lemon leaves fluttered llke so manv heartbeats from oak elm and ash on elther slde of the stream Such a feellng of depth and beautv filled me that mv soul seemed to flx across the vallex touchlng each tree top It was as lf God had sand to me I have gxxen you exes wlth whlch to see and thls xallex IS vours to behold Even Candx seemed to sense the dxtference of thls place from others for she stopped watchlng the whxte puffs of xapor from her nostrlls and stood statue llke gazlng off across the vallex ' , . . . V - 7 I - ' GK I . . . ' sv - ' , , . I . 4 I . ' , . . '. 7 ' l . . A I , . . - l I , . . L 3 . . . - U . . - . . D PJ ' ' , - . . . , . , L . l . . . I ' ' Y I I I . . - Q ' 3 I X . 1 . . . . V V Y . . - . . . f . . . . f , Q . ' ' ' x- 1- ,- 1 4. I' , . A. . , , , 1 ' . ' ' ' ' ' 'sz tl ' ' ' ' ' YA v v ,l I ' 1, ' 'v ' . , ' 4 1 my ,K-b. A. , . . , . , ' 'sz 1 1 su ' s - I I it 1 fs - f ,4 5... I , , , B. 5 , , v . s . . ' ' 37 . , ll . j . , .1 B1 1 5 v I r ' ' V B ' -. vs I I - .- v y r . - ' ' y All at once the leaves appeared to lose thelr luster and the sapphlres of the stream thelr glltter Eyervthmg took on a reddxsh cast for the garnet sun hung low ln the west Qulte soon sllver dew drops would freckle a black velvet sky In a flurrv of golden leaves the bav fillv plvotrd and cantered off down the pathway The only evldence left of the creatures presence was some oval prlnts ln the cool dark earth Carla Hyndman Glade ll ON BECOMING SIXTEEN You are a teenager You have just come back from the hcense bureau and the exhllaratlon that you feel from havlng recelved your Junlor llcense IS lnde scrlbable You are tellmg yourself that 1tS about t1me vou got It slnce you have had your learners permlt for ten months and twenty two days Those past ten months and twenty two days of vour hfe have been nerve wrackmg and gruellng what Wlth trymg to prove to your parents that you do know how to drlve and that you dont always need to go twenty mlles an hour to be safe fRemember the t1me when you told your mother Come on Mom step out of your tlme machlne Tunes have changed slnce you were my age If you went twenty mlles an hour now youd be a hlghway hazard for sure' 5 Ah yes Mother was a problem But she wasnt half the stumbllng block that your father was He was convlnced that you had no depth perceptlon and that you were not yet mature enough to thlnk qulckly IH a cr1s1s You re my only daughter he would say and I dont want you dylng at slxteenl But finallv after you had had vour dr1v1ng teacher talk to hlm and explaln that your depth perceptlon was perfect and your reflexes were trlggered vou got per mlsslon to take a test for your llcense You really felt nervous when the appolnted av rolled around After belng excused from school you and vour mother drove down for the test Funny you thought that lt should have snowed so hard last nlght If you were Thomas Hardy you would have attrlbuted It to Fate but belng vourself you dldnt trv to analyze The man who gave the tests came up to your car NICQ lookmg fellow you thought then but now as vou look back at h1m he has been transformed lnto an old grouch full of mallce toward everyone especlal lv you' He spoke 1n a low volce so you could scarcelv hear hlm When he sald Turn rlght' you had had to sav meeklv vet pol1tely Excuse me slr I dldnt qulte hear you What was that you sa1d'7 Then came the part of the test that you had been fearfully awaltlhg parallel parking The man told vou to pull up beslde a black 05 Chevv and park be hand xt As you drew up alongslde It vou suddenly remembered that you had practlced parallel parklng only four tlmes and that actuallv you dldnt knovy how to do It at all You reallv proyed thls a moment later when due to the mterference of a snow bank un der vour front rlght wheel you rolled lnto the car ahead of you wlth a dlscouraglng jolt Whv was It that the man was Wfltlng so fast and furlously m hls record booko Had vou done somethlng wrong'? You wondered A few davs later you ceased wonderlng when you recelved a letter from the Bureau of Motor Vehlcles sweetlv mformmg vou that vou needed a llttle blt more practlce before vou could get vour Ilcense ThlS reallv got vou mad You could drlve just as well as anvone else' Resolvlng that wlthm the week you would become the master of the car vou made a new ap polntment and then practxced practlced practiced You cven sought help from vour paternal ancestor' And before he could say Dont look now but I thlnk I hear a slren vou became a llcensed drxver attestlng to the old adage that havmg put vour hand to the wheel 1ts dangerous to take lt off And slnce secur mg that DYGCIOUG llcense you hardlv have Holly Hudnut Grade 12 LOST SUMMERS It IS dlffxcult to wrlte or even thlnk for each tlme I collect mv thoughts a soft morsel of blond halr and red velvet darts up demandlng questxonmg and begging How lrreslstlble she and her merry play mates are' One lmpetuous twln ln a shock of red velvet Wlfh blond halr askew over llvely brown eyes rushes to my Slde announclng One IS mlssmg' A streak of vellow Hur FIPS at mv other Slde Im stopped on the go mark so I get two hundred dollars' It crows From my knee comes a thlrd delighted crv Im four so Im almost a mother' As I dellght ln these rushmg shocks of happlness dancmg Slnglng bulldlng boastlng trvmg hard to grow up to out do each other I recall a chlldhood m own filled wlth wonder excltement fear and beauty As these chlldren do now I spent many hours flying through woods and mvrlad colored gardens floatlng on waves whlch sparkled as crvstal spymg on sleepmg crabs and tearmg along firm whlte beaches endlessly surrounded bv lndefatlgable Couslns In our togetherness we competed to find the small 4 st sand dollar we stalked the polnt for mxgratlon bands on the legs of dead terns whlle we were bombarded bv the tormentors of these poor vlctlms Once we had the bands we sent them to Washlngton to be ldentlfied and what dellght when a reply was rece1ved Together we trooped to Greatgran s to VlSlt each one of us eyxng the gumdrop Jar on the mantle schemlng for a plan by which we could get two-or more Then as we wrestled wlth StlCkV llcorlce or cmnamon w wielded our croquet mallets wlth all the sklll of pro fesslonals What tlmes we had on those ralny mormngs when we mtruded upon the DTIVZCX of dusty corners stub born doors sleeplng drawers and neglected boxes What treasures we found' The hldlng places we dns covered' The coy ers of books well worn from summers before were turned agam and again and our patlence was worn thm as we won and lost at double 9Ollt3lI'9 and hearts V - - . . . . Y ' u ' ' v ' - . . I Q . . . , rt 1 - :IC X , - 1 - 11 . . . . U , y tt - - 1 . ,, . ' - y . . . . . . . . A I , . . . , . . . , . ' 1 1 . , , 1 V , .4 . . . , 1 1 A . - 1 . 1 , , . ,, . H , . . ,, - 1 , . - ' , . ' - nr 1 v - ' ,, . ' h ' - tt 1 , 1 ' 11 1 . . . . . . U , ,, , , , , - 1 . rl 1 - - va . . . . . . . ' ' 1 1 1 1 Y . - , . . ' Y 1 . y 1 - ' . 1 - 1 . 1 -. - - ' 1 . . . . , , 1 V . H . Y. ' . . - . . , 1 1 1 1 ' ' - 44 1 u - - , . 1 1 ' 1 v . . H . ,, . . . . . e . , . . V 1 . H . . , . . . . Y . ,, . . . Y . . . . . Y V - . ,, . 1 1. 1 ' . 1 - if . 1 ' ' 1 ' 1 Happx as we were at redlscoxerlng our faxorlte lJ'iSt1YTl6S raln and fog could lmprlson us no longer than the mornmg, VVe Clad ourselxes ln sou westers and hats strxpped off our socks and tenms shoes and went out to watch the mlst rise off Eel Rlver whlle we ate dew coxered apples the greenest we could Imd 1n the orchard The wet grass tlCkl1I'1g our toes made us run dash madly through the entwlnlng paths I11l'4fLOX9I'0tl ponds startling frogs from their perches md ClPlJI'lVlDg cottontalls of thelr meals ln our wlld xmes of touch and go Ending lnexltablx at the boat house we set out m canoes or rowboats to catch un warv turtles for our ponds Though we never caughf one we nexer seemed to tlre of thls sport Too soon our gleeful hours were brought to an :nd as we left for home for the last tlme We never ltZ1llZQd that this was the last summer we would tease Marx Burns or Hedwlg for just one more gumdrop the last summer that our heedless feet would pound the firm sands and damp gardens Nexer agaln would we ste our beloxed Greatgran for wlth her passlng also passed our Joxfilled hours and our happx stamplng return onlx m our memorxes Illarx Atkms Crade 12 AN IDEA OF FREEDOM Llttle nag mg worrles were drummlng at mx head as we turned onto the brldle path that Sunday evenlng It was beglnnlng to ram not hard enough to make us want to turn back but adding to the chlllness of the a1r A grex mist was startlng to curxe 1tS long mxsterlous fingers 1HfO the xallex where we rode re mlndlng me that It was the tlme of xear for ghosts and gobllns to be abroad The lonelx almost haunted look of the bare hllls black agalnst a cloudx skx suggested a drearx mood I was determined to break the spell Rlta lets canter I suggested almost too Ql1lClxlN XVltl1OLlt glX1Hg her tlme to replx I pressed forward the xoung mare responding eagerlx to mx slgnal O and on we flew the wmd whlstllng bx us Ignorlng mx saner lmpulses to slow down for the sake of a smoother galt and safetx from the low oxerhanglng branches I pressed mx face agalnst her neck and let her run Behlnd me I heard the pounding hoofbeats of mv couslns blg hunter anxlous not to be left be lllfld The path wldened and we were raclng neck and neck The qulck httle horse and I were as one belng lt was as 1f I were boundmg forward on mv own feet breathmg heavllx but laxlng my ears back and defvlng anvone to catch me We pulled ahead mv horse and I and we were alone wlth the wlnd and the cool spray of ra1n Suddenlv the glorx was gone and 1n ltS place was a feellng of dejectlon I slowed the mare to a trot to enable RltaS hunter to overtake us Then we trot ted slde bv slde the mare stlll nerxous and hlgh strung showmg her restless energx bv abrupt tosses of her head and unexpected tugs at the relns Llttle bx llttle I made her calm agaln untll she could trot slow ly and evenlx beslde the blg hunter He gaxe her an amused look and a plavful nlp as he trotted along rather like a fond blg brother Both the mare and I were calm now and the rhvthm of the horses move The path we chose for our wav home led through a deeplx wooded sectlon dark and full of shadows Suddenly I felt the mare stlffen under me I looked up knowm her sense of hearlng was better than mme Barelv dlstlngulshable ln the mlst were two deer a buck and a doe We stood and watched them It could have been two mlnutes five mlnutes exen ten mlnutes that we waited four motlonless Hgures IH the xallex Wlth the deer survevlng us from the hllltop At last I gave mv horse a gentle nudge and we started off again The rustle of leaxes disturbed the deer and thex bounded off thelr white talls dlsappearlng oxer the hlll The mare stopped agaln her nostrlls qulvered and she gave one long lmgerlng look backward as lf she envled the deer their freedom As I patted her neck and urged her once more toward the warmth and llght of the barn I wondered where It all ended Was anx be mg cornpletelx free'7 Or d1d the deer perhaps enxy us our freedom from want'7 Barbara Sanford Grade 19 , .L. , ' 17 ' r ' ' K ' - V f' - ' r 1 .' l , - ' - f x 1 ,V D V . . . V 7 n 1 , f ' I ' ' . l V x Y . ' Y .' I , I U ,ll b ' . l , ' , . vs l 7 Y ' 4 , - grounds. We never guessed or knew that we would ments brought with it a feeling of harmony. ' ' . I , ' , , ' , y ' ' 1 f I , g ' H. ,- 5, - V 1 ' l Q ' 1 ' -. . ' 4 ' ' . YA ' Y- Q v I 1 Y ' Av 1 I v v 1 U n . 'Y I A Y 5 ' I L. I . 4 1 ' s L 36 NYS ju SENIOKB W ,wfffm SW 57 A dx Q If oufi 3 fj If f 4X Nj x KATHRYN MAY ALLEN A Columbia girl since kindergarten days Kath IS our bright star in Mam zelles Francais Quatre Th1S year she has put her organizing ability to work as Pres1dent of the and Secretary of the Student Council Kathys outslde interests center around horseback riding and her favorite Comic Strip As well as being one of the Volkswagen twins Kathy has a first hand knowledge of other sports cars currently she favors an MG Our author1ty on Marme hfe and letter writing Kathy has always shown her line sports manshlp both on the basketball court and off Decorations Committee Fathers and Daughters Banquet 1 Social Work Cerebral Palsy Center 1 Forum Madera t 1 Junior Varsity Cheerleader 1 Study Hall Committee 1 3 Chairman May Breakfast 2 Varsity Cheerleader 2 3 Representative Teen Age Safety C uncll 2 3 Assistant Bell Ringer 3 Date Committee Christmas Dance 3 ee Cl b 3 C F rum Literary Staff The Hourglass 3 4 Ath letuc Association President 4 Chaurman Christmas Dance 4 Secretary Student Council 4 White Team 13 years at Columbua TRACEY LEE ADAMS Tracey s personality is as warm and sunny as the Medlter ranean and her eyes as blue Her soprano voice which she attributes to Euterpe adds greatly to the Glee Club From there her resemblance to the Romant1c and Classic periods diminishes and her practical nature takes over Trace probably knows more about running the hbrary the house and cooking than all the rest of us combined Class Vtce President 2 Decoratnons Com mittee Fathers and Daughters Banquet 2 Red Cross Representative 2 Class Assembly 2 Table Setter 3 Representa tive Temperance Banquet Chamber of Commerce 3 Moderator Class Forum 3 Chairman Cleanup Committee Sprung Fling 3 Finance Committee Fathers and Daughters Banquet 3 Study Hall Com mittee 3 Glee Club 3 4 library Com mittee chairman 4 White Team 3 years at Columbia 2 2 2 ' 2 2 2 2 2 2 - 2 2 , 2 2 2 2 , 2 I 1 . 2 2 2 2 2 2 2 - . , Athletic Association, Chairman of the Christmas Dance, 2 A - 2 2 2 2 2 - Of, 2 ' ' 2 2 ' 2 2 2 2 2 2 . 2 1 ' 2 - O 2 2 2 ' ' 2 2 ' 2 ' 2 2 GI u , , 47 lass o , 3, 45 ' , 2 2 2 - ' 2 2 . , 2 2 38 MARGARET ANNE ARK Peggy IS the peppx efferyescent senlor yyhose Cl1tl'lLlSldSlll and fme busmess sense haye contrxhuted to her success as Busmess Manager of The Hourglass Her determmed Kxds we need ads desperately' greeted us every morning and finally awoke mwny semors to the1r responslbnlltles Peg can always be counted on to enlxven a dull moment vuth quick conversatxon Her ovxn sunny dxsposxtxon plus a Ray of sunshme from M1am1 has helped to keep Pea rn qood splrlts durmq thxs last year at Columbla Invntatnons Commnttee Chrnstmos Dance 1 Entertamment Committee Fathers and Daughters Banquet 2 Dress Commlttee 2 Class Secretary 2 Welcoming Com mnttee Fathers and Daughters Banquet 3 lnvutatnons Commuttee Sprung Flmg 3 Juruor Representatuve B Hlve Com mittee 3 lnvntatlons Committee Chrlst mas Dance 3 Social Work 3 Business Manager The Hourglass 4 Whnte Team 4 years at Columbna A SCFIOUS th1nker Mary has enjoy ed part1c1pat1ng 111 class forums Her But Mlss Neuus dont you thmk 7 was often heard durmg our Thursday afternoon current h1story classes VVeekends may find her xolunteermg her SBFVICES it Strong Memorxal Hospltal or hndxng her recreation on my nearby skx slope but every vxeclxday mornmg when she lsnt snowed ln' she m ikes the long trlp to school ln one of her odd assortment of cars Mare IS an all round qal and fun to haye around Welcoming Commuttee Christmas Dance l 3 Class Presldent 1 Student Councll 2 Bell Rm er 3 .lunlor Red Cross Rep resentatlve 3 Glee Club 3 Vlce Pr SI dent Student Councul 4 Assemblles ass Forum 4 ue Team 4 years ot Columbia Commnttee . Y , L-. , 1 4 '. ' ' c ' . . 7. . . , V . .. Y .. . . V . 1 1 I . . , 1 1 1 l - 1 1 1 I 1 I ' - 1 1 1 1 I 1 1 . - A H11 - 1 1 ' 1 I 1 ' 1 I 1 I 1 1- - I 1 1 L z'. V 'E V B v. v . . c 1 2 1 1 V 1 1 1 .C1 . ' .- I 1 1 1 1 I 1I 1 I Q 1 I ' 1 I 1 I ' e' 1 1 I I , 45 , . BI 1 . . MARSHA ALICE BAILEY Marsha our personallty w1se Semor has been Class Presr dent for two years IH a row Although she moved to the blg c1ty from Brockport th1s year she IS stlll a strong rooter for Brockport State I love that college' She 1S an author1ty on West POIHI Indian prmces mxlhonaxres or chestra leaders and school teachers Her famous lokes mostly mherrted are her hallmark Muggsy IS one of the few g1rls whose TCI name has stuck Damatlc Club 1 Flag Ralser 1 s Treasurer 1 Supply Closet Committee 1 23 Co Chairman Halloween Party 2 Entertannment Commnttee Fathers and Daughters Banquet 2 Class Forum 2 Decoratuons Commlttee Fathers and Daughters Banquet 2 Table Setter 2 Study Hall Committee 24 Glee Club Presndent 34 Blue Team 5 years t Columbta SUZANNE HUMPHREY BARROWS Sue I hate Susxe l IS an ardent kn1tter and summer txme sa1lor as well as a Whrz at figure skat1ng Anythmg she attempts she goes at wrth enthusxasm and a determxnat1on to succeed and usually does We re sure thxs determma tron combmed w1th a genume enthusxasm wxll enable her to succeed equally as well 1n her future teachmg Lately out sxde of school hours Sue has been seen ln a Model A or maybe pushmg xt' Wherever she IS her ready smxle and quret sense of humor tell us that she s around Fnnancnal Cammlttee Chrlstmas Dance 2 Food Commlttee Fathers and Daughters Banquet 3 Jumor Red Cross Representa tnve 3 Keeper of Student Actlvxtles Book 4 Class Secretary 4 House Com muttee 4 Supply Closet Commlttee 4 Blue Team 8 years at Columbia , . - I I , ..- , v v I ' , . r ' , 5 ' , :Clos . : ' , . . , ' ,z - , , , . . , . 1 , 7 . : . . , , ' I , 1 , , , ,: , 3,41 Co-Chairman, Spring Fling, 35 Class ' , ,. . U - . , . . I , , . . g Y 1 ' ' I 4 ,if . . V V . . . I . I F - , , , , 1 - , : ' ' , : , f - , 1 , - 3 . .. GERTRUDE SUSAN BROWN Another art student Trudy IS also energetmc athletxc fun to be wxth and on the go all the t1me Durmg her summer vacatlons she IS an av1d rlder water skier and camp counselor Smce she lost her old blue convertxble whlch earned her her mckname Chugger she has had a multxtude of car troubles Nevertheless a senlor hcense and a red Vauxhall make Chugger the envy of most of us She IS st1ll noted for her da1ly Im sorry when a well meamng classmate remmds her that her blond locks are covermg her eyes In sp1te of her optxmlstxc falth even thls happy go lucky Seruor has her serlous s1de Invntatnons Commlttee Chrustmas Dance 2 Properties Commlttee Chrnstmas Play 2 Dramatic Club 2 Varslty Cheerleader 2 3 Art Staff The Hourglass 4 Whlte Team 3 years at Columbia MARGRETHE CHRISTINE BRODERSON Grethe IS our cosmopolxtan We all enyoyed her slldes on the Brussels World Fa1r m Assembly th1s fall An enthusl ast1c skler she can be seen on skl slopes almost any where And whether tts for sports or school her half of the tan Volkswagen twms 15 always avaxlable for a llft Art1st1c she manages to keep her occaslonal non C0nf0fmlfy wxthm the bounds of good taste whether she IS dealmg vuth artxst s supplies or a dnflercnt style of clothmg Grethes ab1l1ty to come up wxth a rare comment or to smooth the way for anythmg wlth a wmnmg smxle can calm anyones ruilled feelmgs Art Stafl The Hourglass 3 Decorations Committee Fathers and Daughters Ban quet 3 Invntatuons Commnttee Christmas Dance 3 Blue Team 12 years at Co lumbla Y . . V. . ' v , f : - , , . , : , , . . - 3.'f:-, v,'2 , ,,l,-,j', , .'v'x , , : , , z ,s . . z , ,- I IEANNE LOUISE CANN eannes peaches and cream complexlon puts the magazmv. ads to shame Her brxght blue eyes can be found behmd the vyheel of her turquorse convert1b1e whlch IS always gomg your way Her BHICIEIICY and personal charm have helped to grve a boost to all socxal servrce projects th1s year eannes future plans mdrcate a career as stewardess but we know that she w1ll go sky hxgh 1n whatever she does u ply Closet 1 Dramatac uh Fo um Alde 1 3 Soclal Work 1 2 3 4 Stu ent Councll 3 Chairman Food Commlttee Sprung Flmg 3 Class Treas urer 3 Social Service Committee 3 Chalrman 4 Red Cross Representatuve 4 Blue Team 8 years at Columbna CAROL ANNE COKER Annxe IS the Semor wrth the long dark page boy and lovely soprano vorce An ex Cal1forn1an w1th a love for the Redlands Anne combxnes th1s w1th an attractlon to sclence a subtle sense of humor and a Hall' for creat1ve wrrtmg A Resrdence resxder for three years she has enllvened hfe there by tales of her French pen pal and her weekend baby srttmg charges Anme IS another of our future New Yorkers but she st1ll prefers LA' Asslstant Class Treasurer 2 Library mmnttee 3 4 Glee Club 3 4 ue Team 3 years at Columbna fm IAN SHARRYL DeMARTIN No llpstxck durmg school hours IS a frrendly warnmg wxth whxch Ian greets us often especlally on Monday mornmgs As Dress Commxttee Chalrman Ian takes her responsxbxhtles serxously She IS now a semor drlver But l cant see at mghtl As fond as she IS of Rochester and Lake Ontarlo she fmds more to offer ln the Lake Mlchlgan area Her l1ght hearted manner charmmg smxle bobbed halr and b1g blue eyes seem to Ht the plcture of a future nurse All this makes up a Fnnance Commlttee Chrlstmas Dance 'l Assnstant Class Treasurer Sacla Work 2 Dramatlc Club 2 Business Stott Hourglass 2 3 Dress Committee 3 Chaurman 4 Whlte Team 4 years at Columbla DEBORAH DIITCHER Debbys mterests range from athletics to scxence to Cana dxan scoutmg Our wxtty xmpromptu artlst Deb has en lrvened our Frlday morn1ng assembhes w1th her ready comments In less serxous moments her llght heartedness breaks through to mamfest ltself ln exploslve gxggles occa sxonal mlectxons of How vxle' and a hearty enthuslasm for whatever she does Class Treasurer 1 Business Statf The Hourglass 1 Soclal Work 124 S m mer 1957 Class Forum 2 Welcoming Commn ee Chnstmas Dance 2 Student Council 3 Chairman Entertainment Committee Fathers and Daughters Ban quet 3 Chairman Assemblves Commit tee 4 Blue Team 8 years at Columbia gg? . . . n ' y 1 . -In. . ,i ,lg l .: fi , ,,: , f ,. . a V - ' - ,: , fi ,111 U' , : ,z ., . I ll ll ,: , - , , - ,: , - li: MARIA LOUISE ERNEST Out girl nuned Mirii has big brovtn puppy dog eyes 1 vmrin he rt ind a brilit red MG Also a European tr iyeler ind yeritable expert on Germany Maria has con tributed her slides and discussion to make classes and assemblies more interesting fo us all To top it all off she has the amazing ability to extract thirty cents a month from us in dues and almost painlessly at that Dramatic Club 1 2 Chairman Refresh ment Committee 2 Keeper o e ound 3 Class Treasurer 4 Moser reasurer 4 ue Team 4 years a Columbia CAROLYN GABEL Carolyn. gifted with naturally yyavy hair and an easy' smile, is 1 busy gal, always about to go somewhere else. Although she manages to tray el everywhere in her Lincoln, she still longs for a black Coryette. With her flair for science and a mathematical ability to astound us all. Carolyn is nevertheless another monster in French class. often heard saying. le l'ai dit once, Mam'zellel ln spite of such minor difficulties. Caroly'n's optimistic outlook on life enables her to greet us cheerfully every morning. even when announcing that the Seniors will he cleaning for the next two weeks. Study Hall Committee, 1, Class President, 1, Decoration Committee, Christmas Dance, 1, Social Work, 'I,2,3,4, Business Staff, The Hourglass, 2, Forum Modera- tor, 2, Glee.Club, 1,2,3,4, Forum Speak- er, 3, Welcoming Committee, Fathers' and Daughters' Banquet, 3, Science Club, 3, Chairman, Finance Committee, Spring Fling, 3, Student Council, 3, 4, House Committee Chairman, 4, White Team. 5 years at Columbia. y 'i HARRIET KATHARINE HUDNUT X IS 0111 Y X 'IOUN Ol 05k K kL1l1 L11 S O 1' ITClQ1T1'5-BFS H01 1X 11s0 0111 ss s 1 11110 TIS p110t0gr1 X 1'd1t01' x11 1 I1 1111 1111 00 111 Ll 1 1101 1151111 101111111111 101 15111 NIT 113 T111 1011r1111011s 1113 t1111 O1 the Blue 3111111 0 1 1118 C1 1 101111 X 111111 s xear sp1t1 111011 s1r1011s 1I100dS 11111111 ham 161611111 duG101J1d H01 1 11119111 01 'X1111 0 Lb 1'r111111s QLl31fL H1r Ca10r1do or the Ad1ro11d1111s to pF1lCL1OIl gums Exerx 111s1s 111111 11011 bl 11111115 are sh1 11005 t111s 1s1111 11 1 1 1 131111 101 111rs1 ocnal Work 3 Stu en ouncll Chnstmas Play l Glee Cl b 3 Fo Comm1ttee Clmstmas Dance 2 Pho oa raphy Staff The Hourglass 2 Pho og ra hy Edntor 4 Chaurman Welcomung Comrmttee Sprmg Flmg 3 Blue Team Captann 4 Standrng Photography Com mlttee 4 Welcommg Commntee Fathers and Daughters Banquet 4 Student D1 rec or Chrrstmas Play Blue Team 7 years at Columb1a IULIE DENISE HARDING Hou d1cl the lite M1ss Hardmg HTHUWQC to get 1head 01 u11c IS alvmxs thc 11st one to arruc IIT the marmng 11111 once there she 11111405 her prcscmc known She IS thc x01111111s1 scmor us t111nk 111 be SIXIQCTI Ll1CS our l1WSCllf mmclccl 0111 IS 1150 know Il as our 111 ard and 1V11m el1es br1g11t star She has xar1cd mtcrests m11s1c creatne xxr1t1ng and dram1t11s 11111 uc rmncmher hc-r for her talk 1t1xcncss 1nd 111101110115 1111g11 as xxcll Stu y Hall Comm1ttee Sanddrlft at? 1 Gle Cu 14 DFGMGTIC 234 House COl'T1IT1lEe 2 Llterar Staff The Hourglass 2 Class Forum 2 Chr1stmas Play Cast 3 Entertamment Commlttee Fathers and Daughters Ban uet 3 Busmess Staff Hourgass Class Secretary 3 Chalrman Decora tlons Commlttee Sprmg Fllng 3 Literary Ed1tor The Hourglass 4 Dramatlc Club a1rman 4 ue eam 6 years Columb1a 1 '1,,,Vt ' us? I ' ' '2,' 2. ' ' . , 2 1,17 1 - - 11 - V ' 4 d - I 1: .2 Sl , 7 e 1 b, , 7 ' Club, l, 2 2 1 'tt , f ' Y Q 2 1 ' 1 l 2 3: ft . Ch ' , , Bl T . Q1 f. 1-1011j ' x'1tt,' OIIC. 12111 J 1 ' 111 Nlklx '1 111' 1' I 110 ' 1 f 1 . 11215 .'1111tt111'111g. ' 12: put 1'10r p110t0gr21111111' t2111'11ts to 110111 101' 1111' y1'21r1100li 215 2pl1I' ' . '1 '1 211' g. 2 1 1 k atr21 is 2' ' 'u2.'21..s, 1' E','2' 2' '12 . H 111' .3 lc 101' 2 '2 '2 113' 1111, jg. 111 , 01 '1 .1 J . 1 ' 1' 1' ' . is 91111 11C 2 ' 1 2 1: 111 '2 2 1. 1 11TI ,' '1 31 1 'll 111 wh 2 ' 1 . '. 12 ' 2 111 11219 V01 2 2 ' '.'111. 5 ' , 1,7 cl l C ', lp ' 2 2 U 2 12 : Od ' 2 ' 2 2 lg 2 2 1 Y ' ' P V 1 F 1 2 I t , V , 4. . 1 45 SUZANNE VAN DYKE IONES Susies typical morning greeting of Bonjer starts the day off on a good note She has many interests varying from skiing and volunteer work to tvxo no trump on Friday nights She is an efficient Study Hill Committee chairman and a conscientious student onesy was the class sponsor of the famous Sterling Diner breakfasts and represented oui class twice on class forums Sue is known by everyone fox her cheerful Pepsodent smile Athlehc Association 1 Athletic Assocua tlon Secretary 3 Blue Team Captain 3 Class Secretary 1 Class President 2 Cass Forum 24 Dramatic Club 123 Costume Committee Christmas Pl y 2 Fathers and Daughters Banquet Wel coming Committee 'I Entertainment Committee 2 Chairman Welcoming Committee 3 Study Hall Committee Chairman 4 Student Council 4 Chair man Decorations Committee Christmas D nce 4 Socual Work 1234 Re sentatuve CIVtC Music Junior Planning auncll 3 Bue Team 9 years Columbia GWYNETH ANNE IONES A definite Ohio accent, a toss of reddish-blond hair, and an overloaded green T-bird -Dinny has just arrived. She came to us only last year from Iackson High School but was soon a full fledged Columbia girl Dinny is one of thc petite ones of our class but we re all sure to know when shes around Always equally ready for fun or for a serious discussion Dinny has now joined the ranks of our future nurses Decorations Committee Christmas Dance 3 Decorations Committee Sprung Fling 3 Social Work Strong Memorial Hosp: tal Summer 1958 Social Service Com mittee 4 Food Committee Christmas Dance 4 Table Setter 4 Blue Team 2 years at Columbus , . . .I . , : ' ', ' ', : ' , ' '- , , 7 ' ' f .,: .I . .2 , . - s V L V . ,z ',: ,z ' ,z l ,,: ' ', ' 0,: , , A , . .I I . , .iz . I . ,r ,: ',: '- G ri ' Pre- C ', ,4zl . at Y' 46 ' MERRY EILEEN NEISNER Nlnrrx xuth lnr snmpx uhm Ford LOt1KCI'Ill1lL IS our fun lmmg but urx ct lL1CI1f 1101 o 111 Honra! 155 A 112 Lnthusnst ssrth 111 LXILXTSIXL ruuord uolhutxon lb flllf ark l111rLcl soft spolun Q11 xx1tl1 1 bmght look 111 hrr vu when s e rnpnxts utr tlrcr l111r111111 l1r111t TIL ISITCI' pool hws l cn thc' sum' of x L19S ct togethers All Nhrrx s 1l11l1t1Ls uouphd xuth her frundlx personahty ham bc-011 1nd xx1ll 10111111110 to lu I't.LOL1I1lCC1 lv, 111 who kx on hcr Homeroom President 1 Food Commnttee a ers and Daughters Banquet UNICEF Representatnve 1 Student Coun I 14 Decorotuons Commnttee Chrust mas Dance Musuc Comm: ee Junuor Red Cross Representatnve 2 Co Chaurmon Halloween Party 2 Chanrman of Fnnonce Commnttee Bazaar 2 Chan man Table Committee Moy Breakfast 2 Study Hall Commuttee 3 Student Dlrec tor Chrustmas Play 3 Vlce Presldent of Class 3 Chalrman Musuc Committee rung mg Edntor In Chle e Hourglass 4 Whnte Team 5 years t Columblo .i MARIORIE BAILEY OGDEN Bmlcx the g1rl xuth the 1mp1sh grm IS not onlx our ulwss h1stor1111 but xlso our super s1Ies vxomwn VVQ Q111 ilu us heir her SXXIIIQ RC'Il1LI11l1LI' sour C1159 rmgs or Doesnt 'mx mdx l11K 111x more moncx or t c 111 1111 IIT druc X tx storx nllcr Bmlu often 111111502 us sur 1 xarmx of twlcs 7110111 hu' s11111111rs full of mxnmnq cxpcr1e11Lc: romatuc Club 1 So to W r Chanrman Food Commuttee Fathers and Daughters Banquet 3 Camp Counselor Summer 1958 Luterary Staff The Hour glass 4 Representatlve Rochester A socuatuon for he Um ed Na :ons atrman Class Rnngs 4 Chaurman Food Committee Chrlstmas Dance 4 ssustant Edntor Sanddruft 3 Scuence ub W ne e rn vear at lumbna 1- 1- Ed'fT- 1: . 'l-- -' 2 sn- 1 - fs -- - s-' '- L d 'A 1 ,eh srl-. -J. -J JI .1 1- C . e Nc' .J we mnnf 'Ly g - H Fth ' ' , 11 , 1 Ci,,: ',l', '- 1, , 2, ' 'n , 2, y - V ' ' 1 ' , :I l 1 ii. 1 I K 7 .V Drcmlatic Club, 2,3,4,'sofiQl work, 2,42 ,H of 1. y ' . ' . I n E 1 . ff, sp' Fr' , 3, ' 'f, Th' A A , . ' . a 1 jl j 1 0. I' - jf h ,.:'e VA vitj . f ' , Lf' 1 , I h 2 ' 'tj ' D ' , ,2,3g c' I ok, 25 1 I: I ' , S' ' I t It t' , 45 Q Ch' ,, ' , g ' , 1 A . . I ,, F . CI , 3. h't Ta . 8 , s Co- 47 CAROLYN BARBARA SANFORD Birb dl'ZlIT1'1flL lOOl'xll1Q xxlth lur lonj lwlnlx h11r lwroun axes and slun hgurc IS tht t1lrntcd tra 1t1xc xxrlttr of the Semor Class who cnloxs horsrlvnlx r1d1ng xn hcr sp1rc' trme Barb prefers the sunnx Southxxestcrn xxmthcr to th'1t of Rochester Oh lm sorrx IS often hcird from her Buss is she IS she IS ilu us ullllnq to lend 1 hand Musnc Comm1ttee 1 Soc1al Work 1 2 3 Dramatlc Club 1 24 F1nanc1al Comm1t tee Chnstmas Dance 2 Class Secretary San r1t Staff 2 Lrterary a e Hourglass 23 Seruor Edrtor Cast Chrrstmas Play 4 Sen1or Forum 1 e 4 W ne Team 8 years at lumb1a Wy-Kwai MARIORIE LUTHER SAUNDERS Vlarge our pmt Sl cd SODl1lSflklfC 1nd future New Yorkc1 lvoists 1 Xxldcly gosrnxpolxtln 1 QL1tlI1lll1LC md a IVNlI1lQl1I'lLj IC thlt s ful to lxuou Hcr sunuuers 111 cr ont 1u1lx1 htr loxxn 1 111 L lb lata xeopcd .J fonclnms f l1NCtI1IIll gtonutrx and 1 .xppemng ut mto tht tlosct duung I ughsh pc 1OCl M IFQIL has an Cl1Il'lL1SldSflC xnttrnst Ill pnopln modern donut and Hesdr Sle 1111111111118 1 lx U goo 0 llld nous 1n1ttL1s IS xx ounteer Work 1 Charrman Ba e G ods Sale 12 L1brary Comm1ttee 1 Dramat1c Club l Table Seller 2 Cean u Con-1m1ttee Sprung Flrng 3 Re r sentatwe Chamber of Commerce House Commnttee 3 Representatwe Rochester Assoc1at1on f tne Umtd Nanons 3 Food Commrttee Fathers and Daughters Banquet 3 Red Cross Representatnve 4 Speaker Class Forum 3 Wh1te Team 9 years at Columbla ELIZABETH deWOLF SWAN Bntsx has honey hroxxu eyes xuth 1 111e1r5 tvxmkle aud a r cl pigelvox xuth awry h11r 111 plane She IS Hlxxaxs readx to help 111xo11e xx1th 111 1111poss1lnle m'1th problem H11 helpful Lomment Oh sure k1cls and her desperate plea to 11e I just hue to get those vrheels todxx are part of her Her 1thlet1e lblllty IS shoxxu on the basketball eourt md 1s Lenter forxx 1rd of the VN hue hoelxu t+..u11 Beef lox es her mam 1111111 11s but her Pmtx G1rl IS her pr1de and lox SIIICC together they ue eonsmteut XXIIIHCFS Ill horse shows A x1x ILIOUS personalntx 1 lou for 1. out of doors Bets Entertarnment Commrttee Sprung Flung 1 Jumor Varsrty Cheerleader 1 Varsrty Cheerleader 23 Glee Club 134 Study Hall Commuttee 2 Llterary Staff he Hourglass 2 Finance Commcttee Chrnst mas Dance 3 CoChalrman Sprln Flung 3 Chanrman Flnance Committee Fa ers and Daughters Banquet 3 Chalrman Fnnance Committee Christmas Dance 4 Musuc Commrttee Chairman 4 Whrte Team 4 years at Columbia SALLY ANN STRINE nxlodx 1101111 ClOXXIllLDXN ll Th ll qu Ilan 1r kts us o un H18 1 I N Olll' Os.Ou l It IO L 1lXIlllltN IUIN OI u Q 1 IS O lr 1st1e one 111 L s r 1.0 tl r L the xx ll rofus IN ll r su .N nut 1eh of l11 llx Q -. 1 L r sux X te mmol through postus md une LCOllUOI'lb 11, L11 oxs eoutuuporx p1111l111g 1ll NMJIIN 111cl lllllnll parlor ' if fix Xl fi. Decoratuons Connmrttee Freshman Sopho more Bazaar 2 Junror Varsuty Cheer leader 2 Decoratuons Commrttee F thers and Daughters Banquet 2 Chair rn n 3 Art Stat? The Hourglass 2 Blue Team 3 years at Columbla HELEN ROBINSON SMITH WILSON Bemg captam of the Whrte Te'1m rs a flttrng job for Robm because she has an av1d mterest 1n all sports In French IV we frequently hear her mumble whrle munchmg on a pencrl M315 je ne comprends pas Mam zelle She has a scholastrc preoccupatron wrth Greek names Ithaca for mstwnce Blonde and blue eyed Robm can be heard on the court wxth an enthusrastrc Cmon Whltes flghtl ass Forum 1 Social Work l 2 mer 1958 Class Treasurer 2 Athletrc Assocrotron 3 Food Commrttee Chrrst mas Dance 3 Health Assocratron Rep resentatrve 3 President Health Assocra tron 4 Varsity Cheerleader 3 Whrte Team Captarn 4 Glee Club 4 W e Team 5 years at Columbra IANE BEACH SWAN ane our genral blond wrth brrght blue eyes and a brlght red blush has an unusually warm heart and a sympathetrc ear Thrs younger tvun rs the Semors kltten on the keys and the backbone of the Second Sopranos When the weather permxts Iafe can be found on the golf lmks wmmng her share of trophles Whats the good word7 mdrcates the arrlval of Monday mornmg and ane who clarms she never gets the car or the telephone Busrness Staff The Hourglass, 1 Photo graphy Staff Tho Hourglass, 1 Jumor Varsrty Cheerleader 1 Varsrty Cheer leader 23 Class Treasurer 1 Class Vrce Presrdent 1 Class Secretary 1 Glee Club 1 3 4 Assemblnes Commrttee 2 Decoratrons Commrttee Chrlstmas Dance 2 Teenage Safety Councrl Rep resentatrve 2 3 4 Charrman Fathers and Daughters Banquet 3 Class Forum 2 4 Student Councrl 3 Llterary Staff dent 4 Blue Team 4 years at Columbra . ' I - . I I . . . , r , 2 '- ' , 1 , : . , , 1 ' ' . I . . I . , I I - U ' I 1 , 1 ' 1 ' ' f 2 , , 7 ', 1 ' f The Hourglass, 3, Student Council Presi- , . . . 1 , '- v I f ' I Cl , 5 ' , , ,Sum- V- , : , : ' . I : . I I . ', , , . hit J 50 FRANCES PATON WILSON Fran's four years spent at the Residence were enlivened by various schemes - such as hiding in the hall closet at bed- time, claiming to wear the same thing ther ragl to dinner every night. Somehow she always had trouble getting those last three bobby pins stuck in her head before bed check. although her capability to assume responsibilities con- tinually showed up. Her appreciative sense of humor and her quiet and efficient ways have earned her the fondness and respect of the class. a Raiser Class Secretary Social Service Committee 2 Welcoming Committee Fathers and Daughters Ban quet 2 Class Treasurer 2 Chairman Freshman Sophomore Bazaar 2 Study Hall Committee 4 Class Vice President 4 Standing Photography Committee 4 Supply Closet Committee 4 White Team 4 years at Columbia Hlstor of Class o 1959 One September day in 1955 thirty bold Freshmen entered the front hall and trooped gallx up the stairs to their neva home rooms unaware of the many adventures that vxould befall them before they arrived at the state of the lofty Seniors vthom they envied from afar That was the beginning of four exciting years for our class Kathy Allen Sue Barrows Marsha Bailey Grethe Broderson eanne Cann Debbie Dutcher Carolyn Gabel ulie Harding Holly Hudnut Sue and Robin Wilson leaxing behind their notorious nicknames originating from the imaginations of those who started the Technical Criminal Institute and the guns vxere quick to welcome Peggy Ark Mary Atkins an DeMart1n Maria Ernest Betsy and ane Swan and Fran Wilson into our class That year a catastrophe befell us when an out sider sat on our beloxed invisible friends the Crumps and they were never seen again Dressing as nursery rhyme characters me took our turn at being initiated at the annual I-lallovxe en Party Later we enjoyed our first Christmas Dance even the cleaning up the mornlng after gave our superb forum on the admission of Alaska and Hawaii to the United States xx ent to Lake Placid and entered into the gay spirit again vxhen time came for the Spring Fling When the night of grad uation came vte thought oxer our summer plans and how long it would be before vie would be up there on the stage ourselves 51 Fl 9 ' , 1: . 1: . f . v . . y . V . ones, Merr Neisner, Baile O den, Barbara Sanford, Mar'orie Saunders, Y Y Q l ' - ' , ' 1 Sophomore vear came our group lost SIX but galned Tracey Adams Trudy Brown Anne Coker and Sally Strrne Wxth Mam zelle as our homeroom teacher we soon became accustomed to hearmg her bell at 8 30 and to stayrng after school on Frrday afternoons as a result of belng out of order Bemg an electron year 1956 led us to a Splflted debate on Ike and Adlar whrch was presented as our class assembly Among our other actrvttres that year were the charrmanshlps of the Freshman Sophomore Bazaar and the crowmng of our srster class the Sennors at the trad1t1onal May Breakfast Dmny ones lorned us our tumor year to fnll the gaps Greater respons1b1l1t1es rn the form of our first term papers the Fathers and Daughters Banquet the Sprmg Flrng and the Graduatlon Dance made us reahze we had left the days of bemg wrse fools behmd us We became more lnterested 1n colleges college teas and college apphcatxons Some of us trred for a new plan of early admrssxon Graduatlon saw us tak1ng leave of close frrends trvmg to convlnce ourselves that they were really gone and we were now the heads of the student body Our senlor year would probably stretch forever the world of college hfe and future prospects stxll seemed far awav Our senxor year burst upon us wlth nts greater school I'6SpOI1Slblllt16S and greater declsxons deal1ng not only w1th Columbla but also wlth our future l1ves College no longer meant merely college teas and week ends but college boards and future educatxon plans On the lxghter srde we could be seen gomg to breakfast at the D1ner or wearrng blue bows rn our harr or plottmg agarnst the faculty 1n regard to the famous senror faculty volleyball game A h1ghl1ght 111 our educatxon came rn February when erghteen of us spent an exc1t1ng day nn New York x1s1t1ng the Umted Natrons Our parody on Westerns for the Fathers and Daughters Banquet and our forum on Red Chmas admrssron to the Umted Natrons whrch we gave later at the Chatterbox Club were lust a few more proyects 1n whrch our class worked together Now as we prepare to leave Columbra we look behmd us w1th a trace of sadness and almost a feelmg of drsbehef but wnth a heart felt qrat1tude for our Alma Mater F I I V . . V V V a . . V . .. 7 . . - , . V . . .. . . V V V V . . . V V V . . .r . VV . V v . V . . . ' , V 7 Y Y ' . 7 G V I. .. . V. . . . .V VV . , - . 7 . . . V V V . .. . ... . . V 7 V . V . . K ' ' 1 ' 1 V . V . y , . . Y . V h 7 7 . V . . V V Y 4 l . 4 1 v , K f 0011? AUVERWSEA75 1 1 1 l ff' W X 17 Lxfe rs filled wrth ups and downs Stnke Smooth Sazlxng The Three Musketeers On the Waterfront COMPLIMENTS of the CLASS OF 1963 My fauorzte brand zs Pledge Biff we Pfefef AI-GY 54 . Qv 5.1 , -' 4 'J -Q. I ' IZ VA Agri?- gi sE 'Q GET 7 Top Value haf '3 WL H' IN FOOD verythmg Under fhe ron BQ FAMOUS BRAND GIFTS 54 .. 'QE ' xziggg Eiga M65 my gifs SQA suns -12? Books G1 ts THE BOOK SHOP Elmwood at Monroe Lending Libr y Greeting Cards THE PYESCVIPUOII SPE!-'ldl1SfS CENTRAL PHARMACY PITTSFORD, NEW YORK Phones Pn+'rs'ford 260 Hlllslde 5 I979 WENIGER S rldmg clo+hes and boofs English and Wes+ern saddlery harness horse equlpmeni' sporhng goods I24 SOUTH AVENUE BAker 5 886I Roches+er, N. 55 VV V--- ! 'Trix'-A x . 1 jf fe 5, V- +1 + -izxexs ' . ll L 4 f xxx, ,V Q . K A t '.i 4 ' Q . 'tx i W ,, Q 1 l ' T K ,lvv . ff ,. TKO N E ' E X - f +- . ' 1 . e ffffif 1 V K! N Y,1?'i'. 5 7 I ' 1 Ng ,Eff ' g V fs L tiff! - ,' , ' s he f feev Ai TT W k .-, A-. . -Nu, vi., J, .V . 'N R E .Mk C? .a 3 5 2-lf? W 1 M 5: SX 'lj ., f .7 hw O N. ,Q L9 qv ,. ., 'P we - HTL! W 4' L 5 ,eee ..,si 40 WM, 0 I ' as J' 'Q 'H 5 . Aw K imiif 'tl ' 0.3, 1:4 1 ' ' ar 'K Y HOME OF CHAMPIONS Roger Young Stables H t and Jumpers for Sale Green and made un ers Horses Boarded and Tramed EXPERT COACHING FOR SHOW RING Marsh Road Pittsford 6 omplzments GREEN VALLEY DAIRY INC Drstrrbutors f BETTER DAIRY PRODUCTS FArrvlew 8 3356 TO THE SENIOR CLASS from E I G H T T I G E R S PRINCETON UNIVERSITY 1809 or the finest rn FOOD WOLF S MARKET GReenf'Id 3 0560 T-,T Of I D . . O F . if 1 Free Daily Delivery East Avenue me - 56 LQMAY DRUG COMPANY 1800 East Avenue Inear Wmton Road! Rochester N Y BRowmng I 2896 BRowmng I 2897 C.'IIUIP1i7II6'Nf5 of THE EAST AVENUE GIFT SHOP I794 East Avenue tif 5 Compliments Salon de Cortfure Sheraton Hotel PARK GOODMAN HALF HOUR LAUNDRY 205 PARK AVE QUALITY DRY CLEANING Shirts Frnnshed Complete Laundry Service FREDRICK S BAILEY INC 383 PARK AVE English Snlver Antique and Moclern Amerrcan Srlver Antique and Moclern Parntrngs Prints etc Irzrrrev Ilzrle In Order Parntrng Restorecl Gold Leatrng All Glfls Beantz 11111 Wra ren' Af N1 Fxlra Clrarge lmportecl Chrna and Crystal 0 9 9 ' - BAlcer 5-7840 - 5-7849 - - - .I .4 ,N A l S I . . - f 'f I 'pri . I 1 Z. ' ' . ' 57 COMPLIMEZN TS 0 the L KIN SPORT SHOP Pur eyors of Hwe Fmeslr Skaf ng Equnpmenf Ready or Cusfom made I55 Sprung S+ree+ HAmal+on 6 5555 BERNARD HELD INC 3500 Eusi' Avenue F U R R ' E R MAPLEWOOD 45 EUCLID STREET BAker 5 4240 58 J' V . i . Complinlezzls R H , . Xxx X lust cramming COMPLIMENTS of the Studzous aren t they? CLASS OF 1964 Wzats y p ce7 Watch out for those calories' 9 COLUMBIA SOHO0L OF ROCHESTER INCORPORATED 6 8 t h Y E A R DAY SCHOOL HOUR GLASS Authors May 6 BS Accredited by Board of Regents of the Unlverslty of the State of New York Middle Atlantic States Associatlon Columbia graduates are attending such colleges as: Connecticut, Vassar, Hollins, Pine Manor, Bryn Mawr, Duke, Radcliffe, Goucher, Randolph-Macon, Denison, Simmons, Skid- more, Smith, Wellesley, Wells, Cornell, Wheaton, Wilson and the University of Rochester. 59 MEYERS' SERVICE STATION 1691 EAST AVENUE BRowning 1-9636 fWe Never Close! CROSSROADS RESTAURANT at the Twelve Corners DINNERS - LUNCHES - LATE SNACKS Fountain Service L O U I S W O L F I738 Monroe Avenue FINE FOODS AND VEGETABLES CHILSON PHARMACY Inc I707 MONROE AVE GReenfieId 3 6402 ROCITGSIGI' N EAST AVE HARDWARE CO I796 Eas+ Avenue Phone BRo mng I 80I8 WHMBHCH S FHRM MHRKET 14 M 5 Truly a Drugstore KIELSON S PHARMACY Professional Pharmaclsfs 260 Park Avenue Delue I Se L ce GReen+'ieIcI 3 5442 PARK AVE ATLANTIC SERVICE CERTIFIED ATLANTIC LU BRICATION Choldun Wax Wash Mofor Tune Up Manor Repalrs Pzrk Lp and Delzzery Open 7 30 I0 00 I Q - , .Y. A . 0 UL, c Xe afrnn w ' - 2590 CULVER ROQD v E rl' r 'i . - l I 60 Fuel O11 thats tops a d Complete Servlce FOR ALL MAKES OF OIL BLRNERS' Only Hub O11 Company can seruce your O11 Burner vuth the arrstocrat of Fuel Orls Amoco' Amoco Heating O1l IS the proud product of Amerlcan O11 Company re Search It has prosen ltself worthy of 1ts hrch ratmc, for belng clean healthful and economrcal Hub Serxlce and Amoco Heatmg, O11 can lxccp your burner newer longer and fhese Services foo I Servnce 24 Hrs a Day 0 Trucks Mefered for Accuracy I Budgel' Terms O Aulomahc Deluverues Phone GE 8 05I5 61 I I ll II I . i v., V . V. . .. . L .l , ' v , ' 'Y ' Y . , . . l ,. - ' y ' r 'rj v 1 u I I 0 . . . . u BRIGHTON BEAUTY SALON INC 1515 Monroe Avenue BRowmng 1 5614 ALL FORMS OF INSURANCE DIVIDEND COMPANIES CLARENCE A VICK 154 East Ave Rochester 4 N Y BAker 5 9380 When You Need Insurance C VICK C omplzments of A w KENNIS Res Mgr PETER P MCDERMOTT and CO members New York Stock Exchange American Stock Exchange 1457 67 Monroe Ave GR 3 8530 Complzments ROCHESTER COMPANY Fomplzments W C CA Y INTERNATIONAL HARVESTER co Fomplzments McCONNELL S ICE CREAM STORE 60 NORTH MAIN STREET Pittsford New York Complzments o a FATHER Complzments NORTH WINTON MARKET 8 Winton Rd North . . , . . of Chicogo Board of Trade 5 T A T I 0 N E R Y of of . . S E f Of 62 For Over 90 Years the Name SCHWALB In Rochester Has Meant UBEST IN FUELS 0 STERLING HUDSON COAL LEHIGH VALLEY COAL ATLANTIC FUEL AND RANGE OIL Telephone BAker 5 5020 92 Portland Avenue Compliments Of SCHOEMAN'S FASHIONS GOOD LUCK TO THE S E N I O R S from SOME FRIENDS BLAUW S PHARMACY Esfablrshed T851 BRownlng 'I 4199 Rochester New York MARIE BAETJER CJ 649 PARK AVENUE 0 : . l l I I 1 GReenF?eId 3-l48O Roches+er 7, N Y Who rs hzdzng ln the trunk? Le Penseur She can play on a real course too Profilzc or Prolz C7 It s for a Worthy Cause Mzztlxal Trust COMPLIMENTS of the CLASS OF 1959 An avzd Trger an Say Cheese 64 L , ' 'i s ' 'ff ' My Better Side 4 Y ' ' f - ll WW! , M- I ' x XX U y y F 0 B .1 Y S 'f ir I ,-:-.A 5 Whether It s has Birthday or Anmversary whether It s Father s Day Christmas or Easter Dad gets a real thrlll when YOU remember hum and an extra thrill when your grft bears the quaIu label of Rochester s finest Men s Store RLI ,S TRY D e R Y K E D A I R Y Complzments HOME DELIVERY A FRIE N D vuslr ouR sToRE 1985 Rldge Road East LUdIow 6 6684 BEN BARNET MEACHAM SALES 8. SERVICE INC FOR THE FINEST Imported In Dry Cleamng and Domestlc Automobiles 31 State St Pttsford N Y A Rocheste Subu b 65 1' ff X!! X I3 F O2 .,, LAUWERETS GARDEN STORE Evergreens Shrubs Fertzlzzers Alfred C Ernesi. Inc and Insectlczdes Flo ers by Lauwerets Operating the 3280 MONROE AVENUE Roc este 18 N Y HI 5 3980 Manhattan Restaurant 25 EAST AVENUE oeMALLuE f h MARKET AND Gnocsnv F' W T fee Yew PRIME MEATS 69 PARK AVENUE 3 3785 3 3786 OAK RIDGE STABLES INC Route 64 Plttstord Mendon Rd Plttstord New Yorfc Hunters and Jumpers For Sale Boarded and Sctwooled EqIlIfdfI0lI Lessons by A ointment Owner Manager MRS JANE A MESSLER ADOLPH MOGAVERO LUdlow 6 ISO3 LUdlow 6 l809 66 I ' 9 I 1. . I . w I h r , . . - Arthur E. Fraser GR - GR - I I a - 0 I ' ' ' .' PP' Housewares Hardware Pa n+ Sporf Q Goods Toys Hobbnes and Eledrrcai Apphances Complzments BENHAM S A FRIEND A+ fhe I2 Corners I922 Monroe Avenue HILL TOP SUPER MARKET Qualify Meats Groceries Vegetables SUZANNE FROCKS HUbbc:rd 2 9442 2 494 BROWNCROFT BLVD 293 ALEXANDER STREET Complzments Hreojonfkq urrzers and fdll0f5 to gerzlleu omen Vasu? our Son Jon College Thrnfr Shop on 'fne Second floor 67 , , I , In . of Compliments of Of 0 It . . , 0 Close Shave L Automatzc Pmsetter Really :ts a very good bargam COMPLIMENTS Busy at Work of the CLASS OF 1962 Platter Patter 68 COMPLIMENTS OF EMIL MULLER CONSTRUCTION FOR WINTER SPORTS CONTAC CCM Fugure Skafes SIus CIo+I1nng Accessorues Ca RUBY SPORTING GOODS STORE 857 CIln+on Avenue Soufh BRownmg I 6604 TUS XSIx YOIR FTE PHXSICIAN ABOLT OLR VIORK WH ELPLEY 8 PAUL PRESCRIPTION OPTICIANS 6 SENECA HOTEL ARCADE F LY I- RN l' 190N1O'NR0l-.ASLNUL 69 c ol ll i . X . RTHFATI-I I LA ZA OFFICE 3800 DEW!-IY ,XVI-INIQE . 'ICO .'ERSO'FICl-I ' . .' ' ' Our Biggest Bargain Electric And Gas Service Because nothing does so muchatsuch little cost day in, day out, electricity and gas continue to be the biggest bargain in your family budget. ROCHESTER GAS AND ELECTRIC BAKER 5- 6190 UM CZOIHIS f0A' Y0ll NINETY EAST AVENUE ROCHESTER 4,NEW YORK Compliments GEORGE A ROBINSON and CO Inc EAST ROCHESTER New York 11 GIBBS STREET BAker 5 6533 TOWN 8. COUNTRY RESTAURANT IOpposzte Eastman Theatrej TOWN 8- COUNTRY FEATURES INCLUDE Mode ate P ces B dget Lu cheons Pano Bar9 pm Io1am E :elle t Ba q et Fac I ties capucty 100 KOpen Daily Except Sunday at I1 302 Compliments of FRANKS FRIENDLY SERVICE MONROE and CLOVER Rochester New York BRownlng 1 9871 Complzments A FATHER I Of . I o 1 n Of 0 Finest Food and Service in Town 0 Squire Room l 0 r ri - u n 0 i , . . . I x n n u ii ' , i 70 CONIPLI NIEN1 9 BOLLER CLARK INC INSURANCE 2I Easf Mann S+ree'r Roches+er I4 New York 71 Compliments Compliments AMERICA S FINEST FURNITURE STORE L A U E R S 50 State Street A FRIEND Barnard Porter Remington 8. Fowler Inc 9 11 13 North Water Street Rochester 4 N Y Artzsts and Drauzng Materzals WEBB MOTORS Imported Car SaIes and Service 1235 UNIVERSITY AVENUE HAIRSTYLING AT ITS BEST MADEMOISELLE BEAUTY SALON CULVER RIDGE PLAZA HOpkms 7 3810 omplzments of NORTH GATE GARDEN STORE and FLORAL SHOP 3925 DEWEY AVENUE Phone CHarlotte 2 2525 Of Of I I 'A' 9 I I . , . PAINTS - GLASS - BRUSHES ll Il C1 ' 72 CLARENCE SMITH BOOK STORE BOOKSELLERS - CIRCULATING LIBRARY 485 EAST AVENUE 74I MONROE AVE. Rochester, N. Y. 20' HAmiIfon 6-8010 HAmiIfon 6-8019 COMPLIMENTS VALLEY CADILLAC GOIIPOIIATIDN WASHING MOTOR ACCESSORIES How:-RD OHIWSONS LUBRICATION landmark for hungry Americans S M I T H 8' I' I N D TWELVE CORNERS TEXACO SERVICE STATION Phone BRowmng I 9574 Where Monme W'nt0n l933 Eas+A enue Rochesfe IO N Y and Elmwood Meet OF . Pifk Up and Call Serzife H f f' v r , . . 75 Przntcd lt mysel uth of the matter IS Purr fectly contented Look Ma No Cavztres And next I want ,J COMPLIMENTS of the CLASS OF 1961 Solemn moments too The Pause That Refreshes 74 tQ'gU:LUw,de.u.J CCl..Qn-'ltd-Low VH' elm-'-Ni! QLQJU.LA.fJ -.gMpL.-fL.4,xA,,f+2Iw.LQNCLs.. w-dl, 9,417 Qdukylgd, B4LmLQAnwm W L Q P 'iwugqoolfns FKEQFLOWQIZZ J-'w1I,uwLqLa,,0J.5v-4, CllI111llIl6'lf fP'a'J 'L 0 Q90 UW fobcguswa-Dytlymiig-5-fg1fA S LQJ ow, TL..o,Q.L,ux11pLOo-At '3M4 'M d 'X'-Ai'-b ILA-A I I ,Q lLJggU.Q'hesters Fznest Floz er Shop UMM- 'Q'f whmo mm. 1 Gallenes of Flne Arts Jaw? Q,0,,L,L,y- SIMMONS MOTORS 9 South Goodman S+ree+ CORPORATION QIS46 Or t8c D 336 Easf Avenue Lzghter Lzvelzer Creamzer French 5 Mustard zs the best Worceste shzre Barbecue Mustard Sauce French s Condzments all add zest The R T French Company One Musfard S+ree1' Roches+er, N. Y. 75 4 - ' t e ' , Lg n . W f - I ' - , 1 ' I ' ' , 1 1' I S ' l V I 0 . fy. ost venue at'Scio . 3 . ' Rochester 4, N. Y. ' I ' 1 a - ' U ' ' Parking at sso Sfot'on wr t ' Q YL. Compliments of M. BRownin -0 Rochestefs Ides DeSo 0 Plymouth ealers . y . . Y . Complzments ELMER S GARAGE C omplzments of MONROE PHARMACY Prescrlphons JUNIORAMA INC Home of Young Fashions PRE TEENS TEENS JUNIORS MISSES LUdIow 6 4900 2941 Monroe Avenue of Clover II B Cowles Company nc FOLDING BOXS PAPER SPECIALTIES Vlcfor New Yorlc Wholesale and Re+anl Mea+s FREEZAMART FROZEN FOOD LOCKERS MEATS FOR HOME FREEZERS I875 Monroe Avenue Hlllsucle 5 2440 SCHNEIDER S PHARMACY YOUR FAMILY DRUGSTORE PRESCRIPTIONS 1492 MONROE AVENUE BRO nng I 9827 of I 1 ASK YOUR DOCTOR I I I I O w i - 76 N 4 fxxngx VIL hgx P5 X-FN-L L .XLAA Qgjiqagl 'YNEA Ouh'f0EUfN D25 O' P Thu: 613.3 UNL CWLLA P00 fav-lfxx' fr mm gm LUVLQEYYPQ MQW Complzments 410411170111 fffiyffflf ' 'L .NAL PCD .IARL EXTRUSIONS, ING. LINDEN AVE. EAST ROCHESTER, N. Y. 77 x,3LL,Lx!?., Q' Nc, xi, . V f ' A- ' C-N cicfwf E - 1 LL u -1 ff K I Ld g E X - ' ' Pd E nt. A Mid LJQEQL W I , I ' I ' ' 1 lb ' 3 f 'L' rm I K to 'T sl ' 1, ' 1 L 1 . 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THE COMMUNITY CHEST I - THE AMERICAN RED CROSS- A' NEED f voun surronr MIXING EQUIPMENT C0 INC KNIGHT S PHARMACY W G R E E N E S Bulldlng Malnfenance Supplies Inc HOWE 81 RUSLING Inc 209 CENTRAL AVENUE E r bl h d 1 0 81 AND X ' I, I C mphlments Complimeuls 0 of f l I inion and Blossom Roads . . . I 0 I . Rodwesfefs fire? Erwesfmerw ,SJ . 'E 93 GOOD FOOD AND LODGING I g' S Tifeadwazy I nm ROCHESTER CANANDAIGUA DIAMONDS WATC AL MUSSON EIIST AVENUE IEWELEIIS Inc 1840 EAST AVE at WINTON JEWELRY PLIANCE BR10545 CHARGE ACCOUNTS INVITED Guaranfeed Experr Wafch and Jewelry Repair Service VOMPIIMGHTQ JANITT CAR WASHING CORP LABELON TAPE 34 Wunfon Road North FIC Rcef IO N Y 82 . Ewmii H E S , I A P S G I F T S Free Gift Wrapping - Free Delivery Service I of . C , I . o h s er , . . BRADLEY M MEADE R o c: K Y s ,N T E R , O R S Elmwood Service Siuhon I650 Elmwood Avenue I887 EAST AVENUE BRo mng I 8544 Rochesfer I0 N Y Rocbesjrer N Y BRownsnq I 956I IHMES IOHNSTON AGENCY INC INSURANCE I020 SlbIey Tower Bulldlng HAmlI'ron 6 9930 AUSUI1 F Grab Ch Phnlxp C Goodwm Treas Robert F Woerner Pres Robert Grab Asst Vice Pres RoyA Duffus Sec amesC Duffus Asst Treas Complunents 0 KILBORN STUDIOS ARCHER MOTOR Co nc Complete ART Service M 350 Monroe A enue Onroe Ave Robesfer N ownIn9 23 85 I w ' . ' l ' 7 ' I - . . , o Leonard H. Henderson, Vice-Pres. james T. Henderson, Asst. Sec. . , . 'I . , . . ' f .. I . - V . C 7 Y B R ' 1 - 8 0 Farris Beaufy Siudlo 'formerly Ann Warren IIS BERKELEY Telephone Corner PARK AVE BRownmg I6674 The DOUBLE Power Team Amoco Gas Super Permalube O11 Schworizs Amoco Sfahon N Mem SI PlIIsIord N Y LLICIIOW 6 9904 Books Lendmg Lzbrary T H E B O O K S H O P Elmwood ol Monroe R E D and W H IT E GORDON H CLARK Groferzes ualzlj Meats Fruzls I egelables Frosied Foods BRowmng ISI43 I24I Park Ave CRAMER BRIGHTON PHARMACY BRownmg I 7008 I77I EAST AVE Nexf +o Bngh+on P O lmr111al10'l1' mmf, L LGF 253 ALEXANDER STREET I'IAmlI'I0n 6 5277 Charge wuII be made for appomfmenfs nof cancelled 24 hours In advance GL ts Greetmg Cards COUNTRY CLUB DINER 24 Hour Service 1743 EAST AVENUE Burde'H' Wilbur 81 Burdefi' Inc FOOD MARKET PlI I'sford N Y The one s+op Food S+ore 's . Anrusvuc HAIR DRESSING ' T . y Q . I y . yr Compliments - ,f5 of , I, ff I N . . 84 There s u one and only In refreshment, foo CW' 'e ' ROCHESTER SMELTING 81 REFINING CO INC IRVING B ROSENTHAL Presrden'r BOYY ED DER UTHOR TY OF THE COC COLA CO P Complrmenfs of Your Professzonal Photographer M 0410! sruolo The Finest In Porfroiture Engagement Wedding Candids, Weddrng Formcls 85 1 fl 1, ' P' I of 49' ?. ' ll! ji! 'B ,f 'I ' I '.,la C ,Z 4 I, X, , , 1 f - 1 X L UN l A- MANY rm Nong Pcweanm, I mg HcLTmpom'om:, mucm, murqf Qfqwcmallg O. QfLrTOufN CDL c,-,wrh 0. 1,-QYMTJ, boTfom and blcpqc Qcxwmrnabxa Top TTJLAT' of couvrsa Hoc-C11 ccnuqfr 0914.6 GTG, mga. 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I v ' r f Y UW, CL EQI a G G 1 I I O , I Icy!! -Q C' 13 ll ' I A PHRKLEIGH PHARMACY A Complime ts ffiletries or the EIIHIL A, HW, Easi' Land Service Sfahon 2l5 PARK AVE Corner Goodman S+ A J ALTMAN 8. SON C WHOLESALE SPECIALTY Fooo EM' A e Co a d '9 Rd S DISTRIBUTORS 624 JOSEPH AVENUE WHEN YOU CHOOSE A FINE PIANO EOR YOUR HOME conslder CHICKERING Arnerlca 5 Olde-5+ and Mosr DISEIHQUISEVSO Plano EST I823 OEEICIGI Plano of fne Merropoflfan Opera E Jr I837 MASON 8: HAMLIN The World S COS+II6S+ Planoforre C FIS C H Eavorlre ln Arnerlcan Homes SIDC6 I84O G E O R G E S T E C K OEFICIGI Plano of The Kansas Clfy Srarllghr Tneafre and S+ LOUIS Munlclpal Opera Esr T857 Producrs of lndlvldual Dlvlslons of AEOLIAN AMERICAN CORPORATION Easi' Roches+er 87 1 f '1 M1 . 0 , IN . KNABE .. . . 15. J. Xl. . ER ui-' Front Row Weber L Greenberg A St Iohn M Todd Second Row C Dwyer Messler P Crofton A Taylor Third Row L Goldsmlth E Hmson N Youngman Weller S Nlchols I Faxour S Wldlng I Rowe A Parlovu GRADUATES OF 1958 MARGARET KING CROFTON Smith College CAROL MAYFIELD DWYER Wheaton College JANE STANDISH FAVOUR Hollins College LINDA MOSELEY GOLDSMITH Skidmore College LILLIAN ESTHER GREENBERG Vassar College ELEONORE MCHATTON HANSON Radcliffe College ELEANOR ALLEN MESSLER Vassar College SALLY NICHOLS HENRIETTE ANNE PARLOW Briarcliff College JOYCE EMILY ROWE Douglass College un Rutg ADRIENNE GAYLE ST JOHN Smith College ANN DRESCHER TAYLOR Vassar College MARIAN SANBORN TODD Goucher College JoANN DEVEREAUX WEBER Wheaton College EMILY WELLER Colby Junior College KAREN LEE WIDING Wheaton College Duke University NANCY ANN YOUNGMAN Barat College of the Sacred Heart ers University 88 ,.- RN F'-x + 4- Q- X' 1 , X 4 'lx ' 2 f sv? L1 j tix 2 5 n 2 , gf E 1 uwnwm . kiwi! , f FP, , 'VFW'bQm N , ,. 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Suggestions in the Allendale Columbia High School - Clavus Yearbook (Rochester, NY) collection:

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