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MM Q W! . , Aazyqx fff W Pam mwgqmti fgmm WQZZQQ f1WQn.sNkQ E4 2' 3514 7 7 QA- Amiga! Z MMXZMWKMMQ , , I A HNQMNMQQK . . . . ,' ' . -, fri' ' ' . Al- -.Q , 'Q ,-.- EJ.. Y. IW'--14 . A l Q., I if , . WMM, ,WW l 0? THE 1953 vw? Wm We ee VJ! 2 me fmuuwedhq THE SENIOR GLASS 06 Jiwiliaedaiefnhnol Rochester, New York -Tir The 1953 CLAVUS s'ra'FF has compiled +l1is annual wiflri Two obieciives in mind: 'ro preseni' a glimpse info llie sundry happenings William Marshuetz. Editor a+ Allendale during 'llwe lasi len mon+l'1s, ancl fo do ir in a sornewliaf Garrett Morse Business Manager diwcferenl, and we nope a liHle more in+eres+ing,way. ' Willri lhe able guidance ol Mr. Milella, rlwe financial silualion was made secure early in The year, so if was wiili a clear conscience QM 'rliai we 'rurned +0 flwe aclual wriiing and consfruciion of l'l'1is, lime I953 CLAVUS. STAFF X William Marslnuerz ............... Edifor ', ' , Garreil Morse ........ Business Manager Q, John Sireef ........ Adverlising Manager 1 Q!! Donald Sproai ....., Circulalion Manager ",i' ZQU John McGuclcen ............. Ari Edilor if , - Thaddeus Newell - hq f K I X G Charles Lewis ....... Sporls Edifors Z ' la N f q Oils CREDW5 l K X' i l lllgi li -'F X,-,N-xr' Mrs. Edna S. Broadlinoolcs. Drawings ol "Pal" 4, . C34 l ' Mr. Alberi Wiiimer ........ Pnorography AN 3. :fl t an - f-'va--f fxfzvig 2 COURTLAND CRAMP MULFORD lf is wi+h a deep sense of appreciaiion and grafilude +ha+ we, fhe Senior Class, dedicafe fhe I953 CLAVUS 'ro Mr. Couriland Cramp Muliord. Through 'rhe eighf years in which Mr. Mulford has been associafed wi'rh Allen- dale, his keen sense of humor, his poin'red wiHicisms, and his consianf reference lo life Edwardian enlivened his classes in higher mafhemafics. lending mirlh and color +o whaf could have been a very dull subiecf. This same spirii of opfimism and 'failh in lhe human animal has prevailed fhroughoul his convalescence which has caused his absence from school +his pas? year. I+ is our sincere hope fha? Mr. Mulford will conlinue, upon his discharge from "+he hospifal on 'rhe hill", fo make life for his s+uden+s a memorable and inieresling experience, as he has done in fhe pas+. We can wish only 'fhe bes+ 'lo 'rhis man, who has been boih a friend and a counselor fo us during our years as undergraduaies. 3 9,cMz,euJ.oJz,d The T952-l953 school year is presenTed in The Tollowing pages as seen Through The eyes oT Pal, a benevolenT springer spaniel, whose daily meander- ings Trom classroom To classroom make him a Tamiliar Tigure To everyone associaTed wiTh Allendale. Pal enjoys many disTincTive privileges noT accorded his TuiTion-paying Triends. l-le is never harassed by a complicaTed chemical Tormula or by The complexiTies oT a mixed meTaphor. When a class bores him, he unosTen- TaTiously Trundles OTT To a more desirable locaTion. Marks are noT The bane oT his exisTence, nor does he need To Tear The admoniTion oT an iraTe Teacher when homework is noT compleTe. WiTh a quieT and naTurally re- served aTTiTude, our good Triend Pal has ToleranTly observed The varied maniTesTaTions oT human behavior. This pasT summer Pal Tollowed wiTh nosTalgic awe The compleTe renova- Tion oT The school planT, including The consTrucTion oT a new shop and kiTchen, The sound-proofing oT classrooms, and The erecTion of a connecTing passage- way beTween The main building and The N I I 7 gymnasium. Old haunTs were obliTeraTed X y' and new ones creaTed as carpenTers, N . plumbers, and masons sTolidly and re- :5 soluTely wenT abouT Their work. BuT changes ' li did noT deTer The TaiThTulness of Pal, who, n N X 'll I N ThroughouT The long summer, daily checked l , In The progress oT The work. ' X sy Making careTul menTal noTes oT The W I .Q Trivial and specTacular which have Trans- . 'ma pired in The course oT The year, our N 3 l aTfable, amiable, and aTFecTionaTe canine X companion has submiTTed a record which he Teels is represenTaTive OT The high A poinTs of school liTe as we have known iT aT Allendale durin our lasT ear oT IV 9 Y J l maTriculaTion here. il .X"x -i if . --xx v . , J S, 4 is LW PETER A. SCHWARTZ Headmasfer Mr. Schwarfz has been a+ Allen- dale for live years. This period has seen monumenial changes in The school, bofh funclionally and physically: enrollmenl has more Than doubled, 'rhe adminislrafion has grown proporrionalely, and il is on ihe whole a much beHer insfiluiion in which +o learn and work. His genial personalily has earned him The friendship and respecl of all who know him. Now he is leaving us, and will nexl year head The Pembroke Couniry Day School in Kansas Cify, Missouri. The Pefer Schwarlz sfory so far has been one of suc- cess. and we cerlainly have no reason To believe 'Thai I+ will be any differenl in The iulure. Words are inadequale lo express our feelings 'foward ihis man +0 whom we owe so much, so lei if suffice for us 'ro wish him 'The very bes+ in years io come, and To say "au revoir" fo more ihan iusl a head- masleri +0 a 'rrue friend. Buafzdaf Jmmtea Mr. Frederic S. Welsh Mr. G. Alfred Sproaf Mr. Alan O. Hickok Mr. Frank E. Ganneff Mr. Frederic T. Finucane Mr. Marion B. Fulsom Mr. Alexander D. Hargrave Mrs. George D. Nichols Mr. F. Riffer Shumway Mr. Merfon H. Lewis Mr Mr Mr Mr Mr Mr Dr. Mr. Thomas Hawks .. . Presidenl . . .Secrefary . ...Treasurer Lanfhrop P. Marsland Howard A. Schumacher Theodore F. Pevear Roberf C. Silver Harry K. Clark Lawrence Cleary Frederic Geib NICHOLAS R. MILELLA B.Ed., Brockport State Teacher's College Graduate School University of Rochester Appointed in 1943 Middle School Head Dramatics Coach Advisor to CLAVUS Testing Committee Chairman Teacher in the Middle School 9 J. L. GORHAM SMITH A.B.. Hamilton College Appointed in 194-l Assistant Headmaster Teacher of Latin , Coach of Varsity Football and Baseball EDNA S. BROADBOOKS Columbia University Teacher's College Lower School Head Teacher of the First and Second Grades 7 ANTHONY M. PARTIGAN B.S., M.Ed., University of Rochester Appointed in 1950 Science Ass't. Coach of Football and Baseball Coach of Varsity Basketball WARREN C. CRANDELL B.S.. Oswego State Teacher's College Appointed in 1951 Middle School Science and Mathematics Industrial Arts - ,, .,... www ,Wm 'Xxx 1 "'l!t4., :f-- V fi - - ws as KF? :sip imiiiiife 4. 112: ., ' urs , ,... ..., ..., , ,Ig ' ,,-: ,,.. 55-g:,.--5,5-5:,, . ..,,..,,.,,. ,.,.,.,. ,,.,., ..., 1 W ..... .. - .,.,, W uuluu it ,,:. E ,.., .k:,..j3 Ii H , ' 7E -1:31-. H ' 'R , ' - 5::i5'i' , 1123? -e - - 1 ., iz: --'- 5 . f::gaa1zi2Tsf,w 5 M wmwsw :-- .xf ..-. 5 f , -.:...sf,-::-:- .- . fwwwewwli- pig.. - 11: :-zwfvsisgi we Wffiztv 2'f:3uEz:f:213'f'f l tall K , . . , .. .........,..V . , .. l,., , iii is it gl? if 'wig .4 31:31 i . A .,.. M W s 3525, V-.figzzrafs :ie s X53 5' -- E ,tw ..,. ,i img W, 4-. ,A vw fi! W W of Bigggggm l 'lk is Egg Kg viz . V ii"" JAMES B. WEBSTER JAMES F. BRADLEY B. A., Amherst A.B., M.Ecl., University of Rochester Appointed in 1950 Appointed in 1952 History History Middle School Mathematics Advisor to CROW'S NEST NORMAN H. JAMES Kingswell Court, England Appointed in 1952 Middle School Science and Mathematics Physical Education ' PAUL J. SMITH B.A., M.A.. University of Rochester Appointed in 1952 English Coach of JV Baseball Advisor to Blaclctriars 8 ROBERT P. SCHWAB B.A., University of Rochester Appointed in 1952 English Coach of Rifle Squad Advisor to Blaclcfriars PERRY A. CARPENTER B.A., Syracuse University M.A.. University of Chicago Appointed in 1953 All Upper School Mathematics ALBERT J. ALMANSBURGER State University of New York: B.S. in Phy. Eel., Brockport State Toacher's College Appointed in 1953 Athletic Director Qaculby, if? 3. ia, if EDNA B. COOLEY ALICE E. DEAN B.A., Nazareth College Appointed in 1953 Teacher of the Third Grade Teacher of Piano JAMES B. DRAKE B.A., Bowdoin: M.A.. Harvard University Appointed in 1953 Spanish French German Coach of Track 9 KATHERINE GILUS Assistant Treasurer GLADYS WILDER IDA HELMER Secretary to the Headmaster Librarian JANET BREWER Dietician A f PATRICK MOYNIHAN Custodian 1 GEORGE MAHONEY Bus Driver Custodian Qaculfg, bP,emloJz, Soccer 3, 4 JV Basketball 3 Track 3. 4 Chapel accompanist REGIS ALAN BENOIT The Hermil' of fhe Y ...... alms for +he hungry ...... a mad pianisf ...... always lafe ...... an efernal pessimisi' ...... fhe bane of Mr. Carpen+er's exisfence . . . Football 4 JV Basketball 3. 4 Track 3. 4 Baseball 3, 4 Blaclxfriars 3, 4 Glee Club 3 ANTHONY JOSEPH CARDWELL The li++le Monsfer ....... loud, gaudy. flashy. blinding, dazzling clofhes: parliculary necldies ...... a disciple of Charles Aflas ...... has a rather piercing laugh ... . . . and uses if offen .50,6f'UiU-fb Football 2, 3, 4 Basketball 3, 4 Track 3. 4 Baseball 3, 4 Blaclcfriars 2, 3. 4 Glee Club 2. 3 DAVID LOREN DUNN Maxi 'rhe Taxi ...... +he Terror of Columbia ...... would be a millionaire if he charged renl for llwe use of his car' ...... "Big Bud" ...... six feel' plus of easy- going good nafure Football 3, 4 Track 3, 4 Ski Squad 2. 3 Scouts 2, 3, 4 English Honors 3, 4 IAN CAPREOL HILL The "brain" ...... swivel hips on a dance floor ...... an omnivorous bookworm ..... . "C'n I have a ride over 'fo . . . " . . . . . . "Lessions in Love" by Hill . . . . .. I5 WILLIAM HOLTZ bo . Football Manager 3 JV Track 2 Glee Club 2, 3 Blaclrfriars 2, 3, 4, A regular cusfomer of Carvel's .... . . "Don'+ race your engines!" . . married women ...... "Jus+ made a pinch" I 6 eq, Football Co-Manager 3, 4 Basketball 3. 4 JV Track 3 Baseball 3, 4 Blaclclriars 3, 4 Glee Club 3 l, BRUCE JOSEPH IUPPA l The peeler . . . . and dealer in headless fires ..... has recurranf affaclcs of courl jillers . . . . Oldsmobiles, Blondes, and Mercy foo! . . . . . . I 7 CHARLES MERTON LEWIS bp . Football 2. 3, 4 Basketball 2, 3. 4 Track 3. 4 Baseball 2, 3. 4 Scouts 3, 4 Junior Achievement Viee-President 3 Crow's Nest 4 Blaclcfriars 4 CLAVUS Sports Editor 4 "Yeah, well maybe we prob'ly oughla" . . . . . Mr. Par+igan's Pel lpeevel . . . Handle Wilh Care lGlassl Football 3, 4 Q JV Basketball 2, 3 l Track 3. 4 Baseball 3 Ritle Squad 4 1 Glee Club 2, 3 Apache Captain 4 Minstrel Show l Gondoliers I English Honors 3. 4 Student Council 4 Harvard Award 1952 CLAVUS Editor 4 WILLIAM BAIRD MARSHUETZ One ot the Hunters Three ...... signs trom everywhere . . . . a Rock ot Gibraltar ...... favorite sport: Mr. P. Smith ...... I9 21" Af vir- ffv 4 Q3 New 2.25 A Wig, 'Q Q13 '52 S X Wir , 1 i iiiii i N fb e Qf6f'lJ:0-JL Junior Achievement Sales Manage Crow's Nest 3, Bus. Mgr. 4 755 e ,gg 'ffiii I 1 333. f wiiiiijiii H x Q E i i vs S. Y gs xf. 'f Mig! I 5 E gg 5 iv i ,J H Q' 593 i 5 ix 1 1 XS 'iff f. s wi sf E 2321+355 5 K he 354 gtg J i 5 Aka 1 A Q. I ii' W 'PTS X Q 5 ix Q 1 5 5 A 1 N i E x if 'F 5 I g ff , S Q is W f ni K k I f F wg., if i 'Q 9 R532 we xxx if is 523 E alike fag 11 24 53555593 N f ' Q L Q M fa ' 1' wx 1 X 1 1 5 N 5 N , ww in fe 5 i Y N B f A -5. L1 5 I K 5 Q M 'Lge' ii 1 +A QR 4. iff fx 25' 5 1-iii .5 Q1 1- 3 1 z Qgiiifji ii iw: 7 QZLQJL-if figfgfzi-iftfifg w,f:2M4f.f,g, E fgz-2-ivy-gii 5 M 5 i Qgiupiifgfgfzci g 'affix' r E , In If Jixgggiaff ii,-S w -. f 7-nf 5 ' gf, . x Ziff, xf.LfHfJ'PfK Qi erT?v5f5N,2S 33 ' vrw-i-'K .U-595 . wiv? N w7wfyiQm1f.f .f -. ,mfszi-Liz:-fx-,aff ' 2 I fr ffeieil-if if f s fi we - gk S 4 ,iw e .z h 5 iwgf Q? if YA, Q ' 1 af .f gy?-Y Qiiiiqfllilfi-'fisf H 151 2. wzcvii-.312 r 13555 J F N ig V. -f- via i 1- f11z,5i-zxfgi-4 W f iw in H -' 1 1 w ii f 2 f W gf if sgfggzgx va Nj, RFQ gg 11655526 me Q W Q if nf H 1 3 gig-JK Q M 1 5, Q J if 1? f ,Q .4 is ,QNX ix, wif, wsu 25535 N + ,1 N use sv ,A 1 5 exif EM Ykgeg Ny S Q 3 L W 3 H gif hqgx 55' W 1 4 viz Q. X, wx , K wi A cerhfned member of The Sfreefcleaners Associaiion . . . "Hi, guys" . . . quick pickup 'Check fhe gas and fill up The o-il" . . Honest I didn? CLAVUS Bus. Mgr. 4 Blackfriars 2.3.4 Crow's Nest 3. 4 Glee Club 3 Junior Achievement Director 3 GARRETT GUNSON MORSE Class mechanic ...... Hue Mul+ili+l1's masfer ..... Favorife occupafion: sleeping . . . . . . +l'1e champion ear-wiggler . . . . . . class dynamo Zi THADDEUS SELBY NEWELL Ill fb :- bp . Football I. Basketball Track 3. 4 Baseball I 2.3.4 2.3.4 Crow's Nest 2. 3. 4 Junior Achievement 3 Glee Club 2.3 Blaclctriarsl Vice-President 2. 3, 4 i o Student C Class Vice- CLAVUS S uncil 3. Sec.-Treas. 4 President 3. 4 ports Editor 4 I The Grade A Kid ...... President ot the 525.00 Club ...... "l'd like twenty- seven cents worth ot gas. please" ...... The Charmer isnalcel . . . . . 'l'You bet" . . . . . . Rochester's society playboy 22 Football 1, 2, 3, 4 Basketball l, 2, 3. 4 Track 2, 3, 4 Baseball 1, 2, 3, 4 Minstrel Show 1 Scouts 'l. 2, 3. 4 Hasty Heart 2 Blackfriars Secretary 3 Junior Achievement Vice-President 3 Student Council 3, President 4 Crow's Nest 2. 3 Class President 4 Mohawk Captain 2. 3, 4 GEORGE DEWEY NICHOLS The Grade X Kid . . . . . an individual of unusual celerityt trackwise also . . . . . . "ieeze you guys" . . . . . dig that crazy hai' ...... we wonder what he'll do with all those cups. . . 23 .feruha Football 2. 3.4 Track 2. 3, 4 Baseball 2, 3,4 Ski Squad l, 2, 3 Rifle Squad 4 Minstrel Show 1 Gondoliers 1 Hasty Heart 2 Blaclctriars Treas. 2 Scouts 1.2. 3. 4 Glee Club 2, 3 Student Council 3 English Honors 3 Junior Achievement Tre Crow's Nest 3. Editor 4 HOWARD SIMMONS SCHUMACHER The man with all the answers ...... once mistook a Ford tor a Patton Tank . . . . . . "experiment 26 makes a bang!" . . . . . class Caruso . . . . . . outstanding performance in the tield . . . as. and Sales Mgr. 3 Minstrel Show 1 Gondoliers I Blaclcfriars 2. 3. 4 Jazz Band 2 English Honors 3 Crow's Nest 3, 4 CLAVUS Circulation Mgr. 4 Soccer 3, 4 Baseball 2. 3 Rifle Squad 4 DONALD MCEWAN SPROAT Puf ou+ fha? s'rove, Sproad ...... Twinkle 'foes ...... 'um goin' ou+ +o gef ads, sir .... . . an unflinching advocafe of Phillies Panalellas ...... Bob Bu-rns . . . . . . 25 if . Football 2, 3, 4 Basketball 3, 4 Traclc 3, 4 Hasty Heart 2 Minstrel Show I Junior Achievement 3 Class Sec. Treas. 3 Glee Club 2, 3 Crow's Nest 3. 4 English Honors 4 CLAVUS Advertising Mgr. 4 JOHN PHILLIPS STREET III Another of the hunters three ...... a disarming smile ...... Streeeeed . . . . . . resourceful, dependable. responsible, emotionally stable, stalwart, reliable ...Lord, what a man! Football 4 JV Basketball 4 Track 4 Baseball 4 Blackfriars 4 JOHN FORDYCE TUTTLE Mercy High ...... "Shall we sleaze?" ...... 'rwelve gauge shol-guns, german helmels, and 'rhe Quonse+ ...... , li'fe's amblfion: a harem ...... will make The Coasf Guard yell ...... 27 femloub Gicm MICHAEL LOT WILDER Football 3, 4 Baseball 3, 4 Rifle Squad 4 Ski Squad 3 The las+ of fhe Hunfers Three ...... advocafe of The Toni Home Permanenf . . . . . . . should have been born during The lnquisifion . . . . . a verbal Charles Adams ...... "l's dun no, buf W M M QS fsm fwx A Sd Eigskx WN EV ZW 1 fffbg Wk? Q92 09:6 jwfffrxq 1ef'2gfw!fz:vw W0 4 V' fif h ,cl Hifi- fTlkX B .M mg . ,.. UC-x' Nu Qin 111 Y LMS' 1 xxfxtllxlx ! M 1 ! f Y U 1 5 ffl! Uwe GOV Lewis if J U , F 3 O .....- RR Q! D Svxiiebx' ' ,J my Ng Q ff' W ea V of o if ' 8 ! " lxrfgkgs Q Xe M X I I I M5 f ff X , 1' It xf ' ' ' -L f ' L QQ Q t H OL1' Z 1 Q SHERiPr-f Pine , Q0M1v1assaorvEPX --J , 29 yameg, Q X, wb O H 'rm' WW gp 49 hx QLL g? W X :rr 1-+ Urs f"21,.' :rf 5 A 11 'N N'fHvLs 'ff'-Y lfjff XXX! 15 22212 Lfffjfxlsxzw ML AROUND K' P ' R A kffgi no.-Nxcums X ,gif 5 ,X XX Zitfi Q sc1:imn0V'f'K . v 4 Yl , L,'NC'P'QXe0Q, dyqgfff Q p v F4 A fix mf ! 5? ,, r VM N aesexe W iff 1,55 kfiNf'?'Q lf! OMWWW' BENOKT K3 . 'Y M59 3 3 D 515' X 5.7To!', LQ., N. ' , Nw, lWlNDVxN X X ' WiLDEl aZ,,gQ 'N W X 4 . 30 ,R XXQ J.6.M2f, 5 W' X QQWW W-X W ffffimlifz N f Q if , :' X XX , Mx R K pi f W Ufh 1. N XX V S , if X X I 1. R' H xr ff W 6 5 Q ff QQ XM 5 Q ff A W1 , S , , A x P gp O9 "L fi ' . wvgsjv 6 'Y - Q W Y -,Nw 'J 'iw YXXUX' rams GAME Humrens MM-KSHvs11.-+s'rfLEa'1' fm DWR D W? ,Q 1 ' : Q ,y-aff . 191' TVNINOTM ua ' fl-QZWJ 9? f Kms W 0uT OF l .1 f To HSLEEIE R- Z 7 iff' ' 'Wa w 25 A fl 5 I R', x X H S PX M' W PRED MCC MAKE ouT IUPPA " 4,Q7.j?:E?N hxlqgm ?' X f A P- is uma +S0N aww DUNNAOIL Co. f ' Q it It ' J Mnxyhusram DUNN "i" JTCLMS-.6. 31 Pat 72 Favoriie club ............... . Favoriie subsliiuie for scoich Favoriie college ,.......... Iniended profession Whal l'd run a mile Tor .. Whai l'd run a mile from Favoriie sporl ............. Favorile local eslalolishmeni .... Favoriie acior ............ Favorire aclress . ................. . . Mosi speciacular even+ of +he year ... Favoriie approach .............. Favoriie school Favorile vice . ..........,..... . Whal you wouldn'i fake ii you were dying .................. If you wenl io Africa, whar would you mosl likely bring back .... Girl you would mosf like io pin-up . Favoriie drug ................ Favorile six-leHer word ..... . Whom would you like for a Siamese Twin ........... Favoriie food ............. Besi way io commii suicide .... Ivlosi unexpecied evenl .... .. Mosf expecied evenf .... Favoriie use for money .... Favorife use for cars .... Favoriie invenliqn .... . . . . Favorile recreaiion . . . acl Favoriie Favoriie vacafion spo+ . . . . . 32 S2500 club ren-ceni beer, milk Universily of Oxford Brewery presidenl Mr. Drake The Bear skipping school, gym dodging Clover, S+eve's Mr. Drake Mrs. B Spring vacalion from behind The A. A. sleazing A-dale lunch, Columbia a male for Jungle Jim Edie 7 and 7, Grade A SYZYQY Sibley roas+ Duck ask Tuf commencemenl' Dunn's house parfy lighiing cigars, bribing poliricians resurfacing roads funnel, submarine races Duck huniing Lewis' swa n dive Turin "Q I nl LII I -ix Q N3 Q my X xlnwx x A I 'D Seated, Lefi: to Right: Leermalcers, Baltzer. Hamilton,iMohn, Mahar. Standing, Lefi fo Right: Tate. W. Gordon. H. Clark, Taylor. McQuillcin. Stam, Marsland. Cobb. Missing: Merle. 2 . The Junior Class has shown Jrhrough i+s aclive parficipalion in all phases of school life ihai ii is ready lo accepl' lhe responsibiliiies as Seniors when Jrhai iime comes. Members of 'rhis class have already exemplified lhemselves crediiably, worlcing on school publicaiions, promoling social funciions, manning +he alhleiic ieams, and mainlaining high scholaslic ailainmeni. I+ has been Jrhe sincere desire of The Junior Class 'ro besf prepare ihemselves 'ro meei +he high siandards of achievemenf and accomplishmenl' demanded of ihem as nexi year's Seniors. 34 fO49fpLU- This year 'rhe sophomore class really loecame aciive in school and ofher funclions. Always lull of spirit lhey consiifuled The mosl robusf cheering seclions af all afhlelic evenis in which +heir members did noi par+icipa+e. They worlced as a unil, and were ever eager io bolsler iheir financial resources by managing concessions ai' 'rhe various games Being loo young To drive a carfyef desiring lo "go ou+", a sophomore hifch-hiking along +he roadside has become a familiar sighf. Throughoul fhe pasr year, This class has shown irself highly capable of sa+isfying lhe obligaiions lo which H' will fall heir, bo+h in alhlefic and scholasric fields. Seaied, Left to Right: Faragher, Tatlock, Kalbfus, J. Greppin, McAmmond. T. Phillips, Geib. Standing. Left to Right: Cherne. E. Greppin. J. Schumacher, Lima, deKiewiet, Fitch, J, Ely, Croften, Allen. 9 A+ +he beginning of school last September, no other class had such a com- pletely new sei' oi boys as did +he incoming freshmen group. Only Two of last year's eighth grade returned, so the freshmen had a twofold challenge: 'ro adapt Them' selves to high school life, and to make new friends at lhe same Jrime. The boys have mer lhis challenge quite well, and have Taken part, as a team, in many aciiviries. Some have wriH'en articles for Jrhe paper, and all have been very active in school drives. From the academic standpoint they have done quire well, buf fhere is still room for improvemenl in Thar category. The freshmen have had a Taste of secondary school now, and seem +0 be looking forward To 'rheir next rhree years here. Seated, Left to Right: Fisher. Grinnel. Chamberlain, Goldsmith. Standing, Left to Right: Harden- broolc. Hawks, Phillips, Whitbeclc, Wilder, Maloney. Seated, Left to Right: Beach. Evans, Cliiiord. Angle, P. Gordon, B. Clark. Loren Conley. 'Sianding. Left to Right: Murphy, Mahoney, Winchell, Spencer. Forman, McCoy. Lyle Conley. 90-f1J'YL II This year's Form ll combines scholaslic abilily wifh capabilily 'ro compefe on The sporls fields. In lhe scholasfic sense +he eigh+h grade is unusually good, doing an exlraordinarily line iob. ln afhle+ics lhe eighlh grade supplies mosi of +he punch behind lhe lhird squad loofball, baslcelball and baseball feams. There has been increasing inferesf and parlicipafion by all The boys in school aclivilies wilh some of iheir members belonging 'ro The Junior Achievemenl Corporalion. Allendale can look forward 'ro an eager and willing group of boys in ihe ninlh grade in l953-54. 37 T ,-.....a-wound? Seated: Wolters. Sianding, Left ko Righi: W. Ely, Vaisey, Morgan, Wilson. Hallman. The Firsl Form is lhe smallesf in 'rhe school. Bul even with 'rhis handicap fhey received The award for selling lhe mosf subscriplions during lhe annual school mag- azine drive, and lwo members of +his class made bo+h lhird squad foolball and baskelball Jreams, showing grear promise as pofenlial varsily players. A polllaken shows lhal Science is lheir favorile subiecf. due, no doubt fo +he many field Trips lalcen 'ro indusirial planls in +he area. The school moHo, "Pauci sed for'res", seems To fir +his grade in all of ils under- lalcings. 38 Under Mr. Parligan. advisor for our group, rhe sixlh grade has made sieady progress lhroughouf 'rhe school year. Teddy Pevear won firsl' prize for selling lhe mosr subscriplions for our magazine drive, and Charlie Preu was voled +he mos'r 'valuable loaslcelball player. During The course of lhe year we 'ioolc many field 'irips including visirs 'ro lhe barge canal loclcs and lhe Rochesler Airport We enioyed, mosl of all, +he Leonardo Da Vinci exhibirs a+ +he Rochesler Museum. We are sorry ihal Pe-Ter Schwarlz is leaving us lo move lo Kansas Cily, Missouri where his faiher is +alcing The posilion of l-leadmasfer of 'rhe Pembroolc Counrry Day School. Our good wishes are ex'l'endeol 'ro him in his new school. Left Row, Front to Back: Lockhart. Harris. Clune. Right Row, Front to Back: Pevear, Preu. Farnsworth. Missing: Peter Schwartz. -i s , QIVIVYI v vfvvvvvv 39 Seaied, Left to Right: Goldman, DePuy, Werth, Welsh, McGill. Luke. Standing. Left to Right: Patchin, Baird, Helmer. J. Remington. Spencer. Hammond, Weis. Mills. Missing: Judson Macflaren. iWi,9Jmde The iifrh grade has grown by leaps and bounds since we movedfup from Mrs. Broadboolcs' deparrmeni. We are now Sixreen slrong and 'rhe second largesl grade in lhe Middle School. Our favorire subieci is science and our favorire aciivily is shop where we make a number of rhings under 'rhe supervision of Mr. Crandell, our shop Teacher. We are sorry Jrhar Mr. Norman James, who was our advisor and Teacher, found if necessary To leave afler rhe spring vacarion, for we enjoyed very much his many sfories aboui life in England and Wales. 40 9,0-wfzifu fi We like going +o Allendale very much as we learn so many new fhings aboulr science, geography, and hislory which we all enioy. We are also very proud of Jrhe progress we have made in our reading and arilhmelic. Mr. lviilella, our leacher and advisor, Tells us +ha'r we shall have no frouble geffing on in Jrhe iilfh grade if we confinue Jrhe good worlc. Mr. Crandell, our shop ieacher, sold us 'roy airplane lciis which we all had a lol of fun assembling and flying during our free fime. Firsi Row, Seated: Lyon, Moynihan, Spence, W. Remington. Second Row: Milella, Kreuter, D. Schwartz, Clifford, Atkins, Brereton. Third Row: Davie, Morris, 'Buclcley, Norton, Hickok, Weller. Missing: Whitaker, Allen. ' ,Fwui Sfwde We boys in +he Third Grade had lo+s of fun This year, bu+ 'rhe mos+ fun we had was al Chrislmas lime when we decorafed our room and had a manger. Did you see lhe decoralionsg Each of us had a lillle lamb who, day loy day, advanced nearer +0 lhe Chrisl Child in lhe manger, depending on how well we did our worlc or depend- ing on how well we conducled ourselves during 'rhe day. This year we slarled +0 sludy geography and we found mosl of il very exciling. We lilced, especially, our sludy of lhe Nelherlands since lhere were many 'rerrible floods lhere Jrhis year and so many people losl 'rheir farms and lheir homes. ln Seplember we will be Fourlh Graders, and we are working very hard so we can pass. We will 'rhen loe "middle schoolersu. Seated, Lefi to Right: Morley, Greetzinger, Miss Dean, Gearhart. Atkins. Pevear. Harris. Watson First Row, Left to Right: Gleason, Welsh, Carter, Atkins, Harris. Second Row, Lefi to Right: Helmer. Buckley, Baird, Romano, Wehle. Third Row, Left to Right: Mrs. Broadbooks, Brereton, Hawks. Qaadw Une and .7w.o- We have a happy fime a+ Allendale School because we learn 'ro read books, wrife leHers, and use numbers. During fhe day, we have rime for drawing. painfing, model- ing, weaving, carpeniry, and besr of all, cooking. When we needed some chairs and curfains, we made popcorn balls and baked cakes in our own liH'le srove and 'rhen sold 'rhem. We earned money 'for fhe 'lhings we needed. We like +o Take walks in 'rhe woods +0 look for flowers and birds. We go on rrips fo rhe public market 'lo facfories. and 'ro Jrhe airporr. For fun, we like 'ro sing or play games in The gymnasium. Pal is our dog and we have learned how +o care for her. We also look af+er our gold fish, 'rropical fish, and pe+ 'rur+les. 43 .Zhe JiZZen,daZe ' Allendale-a prominenT upsTaTe privaTe school Tor genTlemen Bluebelly-Term applied To all consTabulary, wiTh excepTion OT grey squirrels Columbia-a prominenT upsTarT privaTe school Tor young ladies Dragging-The absoluTe TesT oT a really good driver Excuse-incredibly old-Tashioned, ouTmoded Term denoTing The reason Tor sleazing Flunlc-a TrusTraTed aTTempT wiTh an inTirm conclusion Grey Squirrel-Term applied To all consTabulary wiTh The excepTion oT bluebellies l-larley-an upsTarT upsTaTe privaTe school Tor numerous ladies and noT so numerous genTlemen l. Q.-A deTermining TacTor in your poTenTial: T To rely on iT solely is ProvidenTial. Jap-a Term applied To cops, Teachers, and real buddy sTudenTs KiTchen-The mosT popular room in The school, where The opTimism oT hungry boys meeTs disillusionmenT Laps-disTance around The playing Tield, or, a shorTcuT To coronary Thrombosis Niclcs-a TavoriTe senior hangouT where excuses Tor sleazing may be applied Tor OperaTor-one who can geT The "mosTesT" Tor The "leasTesT" Privileges-The sacred and inalienable righTs oT seniors, subiecT To The whims and Tancies oT The TaculTy QuonseT-a TavoriTe oasis and beanery Tor The more discreeT epicurean RiTles-insTrumenTs used by a selecT group To venTilaTe sundry buildings, birds and assorTed animals Sleazing-a universal word covering all manner oT excuses Tor all Time and occasions as pracTiced by TuTTle and SproaT The masTer sleazers oT all Time Tipple-verb applied To The acTions involving The bending OT The elbow Unique-Mr. Milella's TavoriTe adiecTive when Tallcinq abouT A-dale Vice-lil a Topic on which we are noT naTurally well inTormed l2l The salT and pepper To any good week-end Women-The Temale oT The "plumeless species oT bipeds" known as homo sapiens. buT liTTle known or undersTood by men XanThocarpous-a color closely allied To The insipid pallor To be Tound The morning aTTer a "blasT" Yellow-xanThocarpous Zippy-Ram! Bam! Pardon, Sam! 44 ?,H I ff l2 EW L K KTTH ia I M K1 xm l, J Z IV sk V Q Ab Seafed, Left to Right: Mr. Schwartz, Headmasterg Nichols, President. Sfanding. Left to Right: Newell, boiudent Secretary: Marsland. Marshuetz. Clark. In OcTober, The STudenT Council began operaTion by success- fully organizing and conTrolling The annual magazine drive, which neTTed nearly seven hundred dollars. The drive was run on a communiTy chesT basis. by which The whole school, and noT iusT The CLAVUS as was formerly The case, benefiTed. The profiTs were given proporTionaTely To The following deparfmenfs, wiTh The firsT receiving The greaTesT percenTage: The CLAVUS, The Crow's NesT, The library, The shop, and The aThleTic fund. JusT prior To The ChrisTmas vacaTion, The Council underTook The Task of preparing ChrisTmas baslceTs for TwenTy needy families in The RochesTer area. Each boy was asked To bring various sTaple goods, and a dollar To purchase perishable arTicles: so The finished basl4eTs conTained an ample varieTy of food To bring a spiriT of happiness To TwenTy unforTunaTe families. As far as Their parT in The day-To-day funcTioning of The school is concerned. The Council members played an incdnspicuous role, as There were few noTiceable duTies for Them To perform. Their work was. in The main, limiTed To procforing sTudy halls when a Teacher was unavoidably oTherwise engaged. and mainTaining general order during school hours. 46 Fro f n Row. Leff fg Right: EI yr Cf' . o on, J. Greppin, Kalbfu ' B E. G felvpm, deKiewi3t. ack Row: Left fo Right: Phillips F. i itch, T ,IL .70-um Left to Right: John Greppin. Dr. Seymour. Wilh ihe annual visif of Wl-lEC's Junior Town Meeiing of lhe Air anolher h' ar's rogram was handled enfirely by precedenl' was se+ af Allendale. as 'r is ye p Sophomores. The fopic under discussion was "Should we bomb and blockade Red ' d b John Phillips, Cyril Filch. China?" The marerial for Jrhe broadcasl was prepare y Ernesr Greppin, and John deKiewie'rg 'rhe afiirmarive was presenled by Berf Crofron b J h Gre in and Dick Kalbfus Following ihe and Jim Ely, and 'rhe negafive y o n pp . speeches lhere was a quesiion and answer period which pu'r 'rhe speaker's knowledge ' ' oorhl , and rhe CLAVUS wishes of The subiecr +o severe +es'r. The enhre affair ran sm y fo congra+ula're boih 'rhe parricipanls and sfalion WHEC for making 'rhis program a success. 47 agtfwfius THE .LLE DALE ' M Howard Schumacher, Editor John McGucken, Business Manager First Row, Leff To Right: J. Schumacher, Stem, Gordon. H. Schumacher M Webster, advisor, McGucken, Street. Leermakers. Second Row: Newell Tatlock E. Greppin, Clark. Third Row: Morse, Ely, McQuilkin, J. Greppin STAFF During The pasT year The scope of The Crow's NesT has been greaTly increased by The very acTive work oT boys ouTside oT The Senior Class. This division of work has resulTed in a paper more represenTaTive of The school as a whole. The inTroducTion oi compeTiTion has meanT beTTer, more original, and more prompT work. Besides The paper, The Crow's NesT prinTers have done much exTra work Tor The school, prinTmg circular leTTers and office Torms. This year's sTaTF-members wish To Thank all Those who worked wiTh Them in meeTing The dead-lines Thanks also go To The Crow's NesT advisor, Mr WebsTer. We hope ThaT nexT year's sTaTf will conTinue The good work .iniTiaTed This year. PQ S. Thanks also To The venerable Mr. Milella Tor lending us his sTapler. 48 Front Row Left to Right: Faragher, A. Phillips. Geib. McQuillcin, Dunn, Marshuetz,Pillen,Tatloclc, Lewis.deKlew1ei' J Schumacher, Hill, H, Schumacher. Second Row: Mahar. Newell, Mr, Schwab. Mr, Smith. Street. Morse, Ely Tuttle Baltzar Nichols. McGuclcen, J. Greppin. Holtz. Mr. Milella. Iuppa, Cobb. Lima Crofton, E. Greppin, Cardwell. M, Wilder, Back Row: The Blackfriars have reappeared on 'rhe Allendale scene affer a year's dormancy, and plans are being made 'ro produce a lhree ac+ play somefime in +he Fall as +ime does nor permir fhe produclion of a lengfhy play rhis spring. Herman Melville's Billy Budd has been given careful consideralion, buf whelher il is foo dramalic and loo deep for effeclive presenfalion, in view of our limiled facilifies, gives cause for quesfion and sludy. Thearer-in-The-round has been chosen for 'rhe mode of presen+a'rion and H' will be inferesling +o see how +his mefhod works our. The lhree advisors, Mr. Milella. Mr. Schwab, and Mr. Paul Smirh, have been chosen fo direc'r because of fheir knowledge of +he qualiries needed 'ro bo+h in'rerpre+ and produce 'rhis parlicular lype of produclion. 49' Back Row, Left io Right: Hill, Hawks, J. Schumacher, J. Ely, Middle Row: Faragher, McCann, Phillips, Loren Conley Harmon, Strong, Scouimaslzer, Lewis, Nichols, McGucl:en, Biggs, Murphy, Morgan, Lyle Conley, Farnsworth, W. Ely Baltzer, H. Schumacher, Larry Cleary, Ass'l: Scouimasier. Front Row: Bareham, Harris, Helmer, Frost, Pevear. B The scouring year of l952-53 proved 'W ihe Allendale Troop l5O as one of 'rhe mos? aclive yer seen in +his school. The ' froop, numbering 'rhirly boys, is led by scoulmasler Harmon Slrong and assislanls Jim Bradley, John Gilman, Larry Cleary. TROOP 150 and Chauncy Young. Among lhe aclivilies EAGLE SCO UTS Left to Right: Hill, McGuclcen, Lewis, Baltzer, Nichols, H. Schumacher. underralcen rhis year are included rhe an- nual exchange of visi1's wirh a 'rroop from Oshawa, Canada: a lower-building display al fhe February Scour Exposiliong 'rhe an- nual spring 'lroop leaders hike fo Jrhe Adi- rondaclcsg represenlalion af l'he Highland Disrricr Carnporee: and a +rip 'ro Lefch- worlh Parlc. The fheme for 'rhis year has been scour slcills and advancement Sessions and con- fesls every meeling required lop knowl- edge of compass, rope, and bandage. A new improved sysrem of advancemenr in- cluding charrs, eslablished goals, and many boards of review, challenged 'rhe boys and showed Jrhem The need for harder and more conscienrious worlc. 50 Soon afler school began, anolher Junior Achievemenl' business, called lhe Creekside Company, was lormed al Allendale. Rennie McQuilkin was elecled presi- denlg lan Tallock, vice-presidenly John deKiewie'r, lreasureri and John Schumacher, secrelary. Ailer several preliminary meelings, i+ was decided lo make large building blocks for pre-school children. The new organizalion was roughly inilialed info The rigors of becoming a going corporalion - selling slock, choosing 'rhe proper raw malerials, selling up produclion, elc. - bul These 'rhings were promplly accom- plished and lhe Creekside Company swung inl'o high gear, Meelings were held each Thursday nighl from 7:30 lo 9:30. The boys in 'rhis Junior Achievemenl venlure all agree lhal il has been an inleresling and valuable experience, and as lhis book goes lo press, lhe company will be, from all appearances, a financial success. Left to Right: A. Phillips, deKieweit, E. Greppin, Tatlock, Leerrnakers, Faragher, J. Schumacher. J, Greppin, Spencer, Mahoney. NlcQuilkin. g I3eq,wM,fA.7,o-.7,Fw7S' ' BENOIT - Reggie leaves The Y To anyone who wanTs iT, and a hockey game To Taylor. CARDWELL - Woody leaves a sTick Trom his lumber company To Clark, buT Takes his inane laugh wiTh him. DUNN - Dave leaves his car service To The nexT sucker, and diminishes The school's ample supply oT moo horns by one. HILL - lan leaves English Seminar .... To The nexT group oT innocenTs. and a baTTered blue coaT To Marsland. HOLTZ - Bill leaves his conTacTs wiTh The sheriTTs To Gordon, and a ieep To Mahar. IUPPA - Iupe leaves innumerable Tire marks, on The parking loT and elsewhere, buT Takes aT leasT one phone number wiTh him. LEWIS - Louie regreTTuIly relinquishes a souped-up Eord To any genius who can sTarT iT, and leaves his anTics on IaTl The courT To Merle. MARSHUETZ - Marsh leaves a vasT mulTiTude oT excuses and a Tew headaches To nexT year's ediTor, and various varminT To any up-and-coming nimrods. MCGUCKEN - McGuck leaves a discus To deKiewieT, and a vaT OT blood remover To The D.P.W. MORSE - Gary leaves. NEWELL -Ter Takes EVERYTHING wiTh him. NICHOLS - Nick leaves his iTch To McAmmond: and To The school, The IasT iar oT Hellman's Mayonnaise iT is ever likely To see. SCHUMACHER - Hod leaves an inTernaI machine To Leermakers, and a charge accounT wiTh The Police DeparTmenT To Lima. SPROAT - Sproad leaves The poor, abused piano To J. Greppin, and some oT The viIesT cigars imaginable To Mr. ParTigan. STREET - STreeed leaves a cravaTI?l To Mohn, and a IOS mm howiTzer To nexT year's sparrow sTalkers. i TUTTLE - TuT leaves a handy spoT Tor eaTing lunches and The cigareTTe concession To STam, buT keeps The meThods and excuses Tor sleazing To himself. WILDER - Windy leaves a broom and Jonnie aT STeve's To Hambone, and his TalenT for spinning deIighTTul liTTIe yarns To anybody long-winded enough To Take iT. ' 52 Ex 1 ' X 4 f., F ff' ff, JEW Zmmw 3.-mwmw-. Front Row. Lett to Right: Clark, Newell, Marsland, Street. Hill. J. Schumacher. H. Schumacher. Stam, Crofton. de Lima, Nichols. McGuclcen. Dunn. Baltzer. Lewis. Mohn. Kiewiet, Wilder, Tuttle. Gordon. Faragher. Ass't Coach Marshuetz. Back Row, Lett to Right: Coach Smith, Cardwell, Partigan. TEAM 1 9,cwi6.a,ZZ '52 The '52 team set a record by becoming the tirst unde- teated tootball squad in the school's history. The Blue and White was captained by George Nichols and John Mc- Guclcen, the two men who later won the Rochester Touch- down Club awards tor being the most valuable players trom Allendale. Coach Gorham Smith, with the assistance ot Tony Partigan, got the team into tine shape very early in the season. The opening game with Brighton "B" saw the Cavaliers get ott to an impressive start with a 40-7 win, and as time went on. it became evident that the team could quite easily tinish the sea- son with a clean slate. The tinal game with the Nichols School ot Buttalo rounded ott the tootball schedule with sound 25-6 victory. Allhough +he compefiiion was no'r ex- 'rremely keen, fhe l952 Cavaliers may iusfifialoly be proud of lheir record. Nexf year's squad will be heavily handicapped by lhe loss of considerable power and deplh lhrough 'rhis year's gradualionz however, five leHermen will refurn. and 'ihere are indicalions +ha+ +here will be sufficienl reserves for a salisfacfory sea- SOD. Line, Left to Riight: Newell. Street. McGucken, Baltze r, Mohn. Lima, Dunn, Lewis, Backiield, Left io Right: Marshuetz. Clark, Nichols, Marsland. Front Row, Left to Right: Fairchild, Allen, McAmmond, Coach James, J. Greppin, Tatlock, Leermakers, Taylor, Ely Hamilton, Tate, Hawlcs, Fisher. Back Row, Left lzo Right: McQuillcin, N. Wilder, Benoit, Coach Almansburger. Jfaacm 1. Soccer has faken a definife hold in ifs second year af Allendale, and is now a firmly esfablished major sporf. Considering fhaf if had only a few experienced men refurning, fhe feam made nofable progress, alfhough fhe record fails fo indicafe if. The confesfs were evener fhan fhose of fhe preceeding season, and fhe feam showed a greaf deal of spirif and drive. ln spife of fhe facf fhaf fhere were no wins, fhere were fwo or fhree oufsfanding games, foremosf among 'fhem fhe confesf wifh Penfield. in which fhe Cavaliers were edged by fhe narrow margin of one poinf, scored shorfly before half-fime. Wifh fhe same spirif and a year's addifional experience, fhe l953 soc- cer squad should have a sfafisfcally more successful season. 56 f -JT Q Y X Q 'W gm X Front Row, Left to Right: Mohn. Mahar, luppa, McGuclcen, Nichols. Dunn. Baclr Row, Left To Right: Marsland, Clarlc, Newell. Coach Partigan, Manager Leermalcers, Lewis, Streei. IS' This winTer broughT many reTurning leTTermen To The neTs, and sTim- ulaTed The hopes oT Coach ParTigan Tor an unusually successTul season. ATTer placing second lasT year, iT was everyone's desire To do a liTTle beTTer This year and win The coveTed CUPS League Championship Cup. This hope was conTinually sTrengThened and Tinally realized as opponenT aTTer opponenT bowed To The well drilled Cavaliers. The season saw Allendale compilexThe besT overall baslceTball record in The school's hisTory, and, as a maTTer oT TacT, in The hisTory OT The CUPS League. The overall record was TiTTeen won, Three losT: in The CUPS League, eighT won, none losT. The l952-'53 baslceTball squad has The disTincTion oT being The only Team To go undeTeaTed in CUPS League compeTiTion. and The TirsT Allendale Team ever To win The cup. Many oTher records also were seT. A new gym record of 96 poinTs scored in a single game was achieved in a conTesT wiTh The RochesTer School Tor The DeaT. An average oT 65 poinTs a game were neTTed in League conTesTs. and Newell dunlced 48 poinTs in a single game To seT a new individual scoring record. Three oT The men were chosen Tor The'ALL-CUPS Team: namely George Nichols, Terry Newell. and Chuclc Lewis. The basl4eTball Cavaliers can iusTly poinT wiTh pride To This greaT record oT achievemenT. 58 Allendale Allendale Allendale Allendale Allendale Allendale Allendale Allendale Allendale Allendale Allendale Allendale Allendale Allendale Allendale Allendale Allendale SCHEDULE 49 DeVeaux 40 59 , Parlc 46 59 DeVea ux 30 60 Harley 50 50 Parlc 45 87 Pebble Hill 45 92 Pebble Hill 40 64 Harley 49 4l lndusTry 23 47 Rush-HenrieTTa 5l 52 School-Tor-Deaf I7 38 Nichols 5l 64 Hemlock 32 47 Rush-HenrieTTa 48 45 lndusTry 43 96 School-Tor-DeaT 47 58 EasT BloomTield 54 David Dunn Gecrgeqahols ggi 3 fr , . , i21ZlQfSYii!,,LILQ , 4 J X ,.a47,,,1,g1N :V iazfw5gQfr'i I" 'f 117 ZA, 1 f 7 ':- V,-, ,"'-:.' X +ve -..:,.:, ,A ,Q if 5 we V Al I hx AX' rg J if 5 f e 'fl 14 ., Q Q wwf .-7124. Chuck Lewis John Street -NI, Terry Newell Lip' 1 H --ears X-N-v. - fi ffaekffewff X'xk' i i ,,GW3?'?5Z2Z f , , ' . .fe win,fv:,'w-wiz7::i-1qweiTflv'i'' 1 sifwflwiwlbiifrgvii si: X M . ,Zi-W,fm,f,f,w1fi,gg,.,,1,i1J-1,'f mMmfwmfXx,w,i, X.. fx V if ur i ,X ,WWQQWM bg, , .. , ,fry qie,eQQaWK,QyW.,MQi, xx fi W W wwigwirgfgig. fl, 5 f . . J wwfi wi ww V wgxygffe, in ff k W- Aff mewzfygfgz, s.,,,., - 1, L . Q - 2- frm -.20 1 " f 2 ifZ5?Zfr!, .-1 H if rf fi fi 'M f ifizwf A , ,5:-Lei 'zitfi 'ws2,w'.iv:si-i2'2-2:21 K rr ur ff f 'L K' 'few 11" " 5f1i1f'H? Wim ii Front Row, Coach Alm finmikkuxwwflii f , , fem.,wr,immmwe QSVSEXZX J bfi wir-rwvaal Q i Vkhiwmf X mbgiriffg f , X XM X. Q ,rrxx :fi X Left to Right: J. Schumacher. Allen, Cardweli, McAmmond. Back Row. Left to Right: ansburger, Stem, Tuttle, Tatlock. deKiewiet. McQuilkin, Gordon, Manager Leermakers. 59 Fronl: Row, Lefi to Right: Allen, Newell, Dunn, Co-captains Clark, Lewis. Wilder, Mohn, J. Schumacher, Marsland, H Cardwell and Nichols, Tate, Baltzer, McAmmond. Back Row. Schumacher, Coach Smith. Left to Right: Manager Faragher. Merle. Mahar, Geib. TEAM f 1 Ge x l 0 V1 i .ff 1 Qyff C 4' ' R ,J is fl ll ll K jill X s A lllflxxf is .4 ll Divx s- Allendale Allendale Allendale Allendale Allendale Allendale Allendale Allendale Allendale Allendale 60 Wilh lhe rel'urn of 'len lellermen, l'his year's baseball leam has already golfen off 'ro a good s+ar+. As lhis is being wriHen, Two games have been played and won. The firsl was 'rhe opening confesl wilrh 'rhe lnduslry nine, and The second wilh lhe Nichols School of Buffalo: The laller game marked 'rhe firsl' 'lime Allendale has downecl 'rhe Buffalonians in baseball. The chances of winning lhe CUPS League championship seem lo be very good. and Coach Smilh is working fhe Jream hard in preparalion for fhe eighl remain- ing games. Needless 'ro say, +he whole squad is working diligenfly in hopes of a greal' season. SCHEDULE ---, 4 vs lnduslry -- -- 3 ---- 8 vs Nichols --- -- 4 vs DeVeaux vs Park vs Pebble Hill vs Gow vs Harley vs Rochesler School of l'he Deaf vs lnduslry vs Harley Front Row, Left to Right: McGucken, Marshuetz, Whitbeck, Lima, Tatlock, Crofton, Faragher. Nichols. Back Row. l-eff J. Schumacher, Cardwell, Hill, Hamilton, H. Schumacher, fo Right. delfiewiet, L. Newell, T. Newell, Ely, Lewis, Dunn, Middle Row, Left to Right: Baltzer, Cobb, Clark, E. Greppin, Street, Marsland, Coach Drake. .hawk Four meels were scheduled ihis season: +he Nichols lnvilalion Mee+ al Buffalo, and ihe Piiisiord, Fairport and CUPS League meeis ai Allendale. As we go 'ro press, 'rhe firs'r 'rwo have been played. The Nichols meei, in which ihe Park School and Lake- mon+ Academy also pariicipafed, presenied very siifi compeiiiion, and was more a chance for us lo 'resi our poleniial sfrenglh 'rhan anyihing else. By fhe 'rime fhe PiHs- ford meelr was held, more deiiniie assignments had been given out and fhis, 'rogeiher wi+h The apparenl lack of organizaiion of lheir leam, made a viciory over Jrhem fairly easy. The remaining +wo mee'rs promise 'ro be dilficuli ones +o win, bu? hopes are high lhal we can be vicforious over Fairporlr, and, more imporiani, keep ihe CUPS League cup ai Allendale again +his year. 6l Jiymefw Bill Marshuetz George Nichols As always, Jrhe lviohawlc-Apache games have been some of lhe mosr fiercely conlesled ones ol lhe year. Al lhe close ol: baslqelball season, The Apaches, caplained by lviarshuelz, rrail Nichols' Mohawks 62-637 buf wilh 50 poinls riding on The four levels ol baseball compelirion, and wilh 'rhe possiloilily ol having Mohawk-Apache conlesls in lraclc, lennis, ancl goll, such a slighl margin means very lillle in lhe race lor lhe cup. , Through lhe years, lhe compelilion has been very even: our of 25 'fries lor lhe cup, The Apaches have gained il ll limes, and 'rhe lviohawlcs I4. The queslion is: will This year's resull widen or shrinlc Jrhis small gap? XX If Xie? X . J Mr ff , Xv' x Achtung! Feuer einmall Typical classroom scene Sept. Oct. School opens The kitchen opens A tew eyes open Unotticial clean-up day tor seniors. Schumacher roars into driveway side- ways in hot-rod: almost iostles oft one or two of twenty passengers. Ten years otf ot Mr. Smith's lite. Coast Guard invades A- dale. Mr. Schwartz torpedoes Coast Guard. Monster J. A. meeting: a few monsters appear. Lima plays fullback in football game with Brighton. Pheasant season begins: the school's nimrods are coincidentally in absentia. Team gets into usual cos- tumes, journeys to Fair- port, comes directly back - game is next week. lll-tated hawk meets my- riad buckshot pellets in dawn encounter, Squirrel nests in Mr. Drake's poc- ket. 29 30 31 Nov. 5 7 I2 18 I9 20 22 23 at Scrimmage with and at Brighton: Nichols and Hill rod down to gym -'are seen walking to school next day. Mr. Partigan conducts orgy in lab. l-lallowe'en. Police hand out, among other things. pretzels. Whole school bleary eyed from previous night's vig- ilance ot TV election re- turns. Some are elated. others are in terribly tearsome humor, The Rochester Sun shines on A-dale. Mild symptoms ot gastric disturbances eliminate 90611 ot school. Remain- ing lO'Zv dismissed at l2:20. Winter schedule begins with physical fitness stressed. 'Telephone book appears in two l2l pieces. lneligibility list rocks school. Bank expresses scepticism over quality ot 5268 de- posited by playboy Newell in magazine drive fund. Gala occasion! First is- sue of CROW'S NEST shows up in innumerable places. With Thanksgiving com- ing, Headmaster's vehicle gets the bircl: runs through chicken coop . . . tound resting piecetully near yon bonny brook by deputies. First gathering ot Rifle Squad a failure-only hot, not compressed. air can be found. Lett: Steel wheel. Right: Oil tycoon. GhaafQ.q' 29 Dec. 2 5 10 19 Dec. 19 Jan. 4 Jan. IO 16 23 27 30 Feb. 2 20 Old home week. Rather profitable l?l dance thrown by seniors. Souped-up asslt. D. A. lectures students. Local constabulary noti- fied of running gun bat- tle taking place in dark, rainswept woods behind school. "The Hunters Three" bag an icebox. GM show visits us. Min- ature jet-engine deafens entire student body. Teachers are unaffected. Christmas breakfast - sumptuous repast par- taken of by pupils and their parents. Pepto-Bis- mal sales skyrocket, WOW! Large. lost va- cation. College Boards for a se- lect few. l'loddy's week- end ski excursion comes to grief. School Bus Busts! Bus returns to school completely wrapped up in new motor lor vice- versal Mid-year's begin. Start of brief symposium to celebrate or forget about exams. Marks posted: Several suicides reported. Police baffled by brazen murder of well-known and Mar. 10 11 13 18 20 21 Apr. 13 20 Several seniors assist in search for misplaced 28- ton tank, in vicinity of Culver Road Armory. Undefeated season in basketball ends with trouncing of Harley. Sev- eral absentminded indi- viduals lincluding faculty members. the Head- master. spectators, and Mr, Partiganl take showers whilst partially clad. Training for second set of College Boards com- mences with examples of jungle warfare and term- inates with drag races. Trip to museumg Colum- bia students terrorized by stone-throwing appari- tions. Mr. Partigan sponsors pilgrimage to the morgue. Junior Dance Committee Sees Red! "Family Nite" Theme Averts Staggering Losses. Al-lA! another vacation. Blue tickets flood school. Mr. Partigan observed accepting bribes in amounts up to 51000. Mama! 5 UV rn S Ofle of H10 6. Genii at work. Whee tra-la upright citizen of Fair- port, Johnathan Tuttle. Esquire. 21 June 13 Oops - Pardon us From here , . , to here, we can only speculate . , ?!! fmmhu "7caa cw H Zaffq will aim someday al CC 72 SUMMR CUM LRUDE If he is your boy you will want to help him make it. College costs money! By starting now you can help him more and make it easier for yourself. Many parents are saving money now to use for the college expenses of their children. They are depositing regularly in a special savings account here at ROCHESTER SAVINGS for this pur- pose. Only 35 a week, saved every week, amounts to nearly 355000.00 in 18 years. Dividends finterestj help it grow. Why don't you pay for your hoyis or girl's college education by easy weekly payments fdeposits here at ROCHES- TER SAVINGS? Start NOW - it's not too soon! Regular deposits make success certain. START NOW. 0 C E RT R SAVI NQS BAN K wiggles ELM ER R LAPP 63 East Ave R W5 AA! Q ROCHESTER 4 N Y 67 Amo-Fuel Oil the best heut for your home! the best performer for your oil burner! AMO-FUEL OIL delivers more heat per gal- lon--it's economical! And that heat is cleaner, more dependable, more healthful. AMO-FUEL OIL . . . A PRODUCT OF THE AMERICAN OIL CO. DAY OR NIGHT, FOR " DEPENDABLE SERVICE HUB OIL COMPANY McKee Road, Rochester 1 I ROCHESTER DISTRIBUTORS 68 WHITING'S For 1111 NEW BIIIGKS YEARS USED SARS uf ANU mn uenuuc: SERVICE! 69 Compliment R A E C 0 of ou. BURNER SERVICE FUEL OIL Rochester 6 Pittsburgh coal Co Telephone: GLenwood 0224 I. H. RAE OIL CO., INC Rochester, N Y I0 Ambrose Street COMPLIMENTS OF A FRIEND 70 Compliments of DOLOMITE PRODUCTS CO., INC W R R R E N C 0 B B Compliments of Realtors LAUWERET'S A GARDEN STORE H A R T 86 V I C K S 7l7 LANDING RD. N. SEEDS - PLANTS - BULBS . 55 S+one Sfreei HIL'-5lDE 2320 Goon LUCK BOYS Come In for Bass Weeiuns C A R D E L L A ' S 2 Winfon Road Nor+h Compliments It HOWARD IOHNSON S 0 DUNN OIL COMPANY Where "The Crowdn Meets for MENDON. COKES and FRANKS N. Y. 7 I RIIPIDAC - SERVICE CORPORATION MACHINE TOOL FACILITIES 750 S+. Paul S+. BRACKETT H. CLARK President NIAL E. MINICH Vice-Pres. and Factory Supl. RocI1es+er's Larges+ and Fines+ RENTAL SHOP A. J'S TUX SHOP ZONNEVYLLE SOAP CO. Manufarturers P U R E S O A P 2052 E. Main S+. CUIver 3208 Compliments 'ff A F R I E N D Compliments of LOUIS WOLF MARKET, INC. I809 Easi Avenue F R E E Z A M A R 'I' I875 Monroe Avenue Compliments 0f A F R I E N D PALERMO'S GROCERY l6IO Norfh PIymou'I'h Avenue Compliments of F . P . W 0 R B 0 Y S PiH's'Ford Compliments of IOSEPH HIIRRIS CO. Seed Growers BUFFALO ROAD For The Finesf In Flavor Prepared Mus+ard, Worces+ershire Sauce, Whole Spices, Ground Spices, Ex+rac+s, SaH's, Flakes. THE R. T. FRENCH CO. Rochesfer, N. Y. Compliments Of THE HIGHLAND DAIRY BESTWISHES CENTRAL CHEVROLET ROCHESTER, LARGE, JOHN B. DAVIE Co., INC. CHEVROLET DEALER 200 Easi Avenue Roches+er, N. Y. I78 NORTH WATER STREET Rochesier, N. Y. 66 S . Complzments K of H.EvEREs'r GLEMBNTS GARDNER SEED CO" INC 39 SPENCER STREET 5 T B C, Rochesfer 6, N. Y. JAMES G. CLEMENTS,INC- ROC ES E 4 NE YOP INS U RANGE A 0 0 'a'0.0'0' 0'0 ' 0 0 ,o"',l.0 0' 0 0 0 0 . Q. O .ao .O 0 0 0 90 ,nav ',c0' 00. ',..u00."0 ' Q ,0 'noon' 0 .. . g , q,00 "0 ooo" '. . .:.'.. OO ' 0 's, ' 00 00" ' ' 0 ' 0 00'0 0' 0 00 , 0 0 0,oO.,0.0, .0 000, 0. O., O.. o'o,00 0 00, V' '0 'o' ' 0 0.0 0,0 . 0 .I U I .O O o.',' .gnc 0 ...OO o00',0 .0 0 o o'0 C 0.00 u c,ov, , o...0. .0 0 0 O 5.'.0 9 , . 0 0 . Q c ' ' :o' ' ",. up o'v.'. go.. .0 ,. n 'Q o'o, .....0o o :0 0 0 ' s :O.uoov..0,s:o:. I' .ln 0 .00 0 oi, 000 V Qi.. . . ,, ,0. vo. u , 0 0 .0 0 0 0 s 0 ' 0' ':0 o.p.o.c..'0'.':':0:0 if oz. 'c 0". ' . 0 0,l0 g:,g00.9.:.0.0.., ,0a0,.l.',',' C ' oo0'o" ,0000. p0,,' 0O0,,.9, 00.0 4.'-,.0,l.0,gp0,.'0.1s.. g00,.. 0 "o.0 'o 'lu ',' 0'0s'5l,'0,'0 , "0' ',0', ,'0o,'n5.', .','O ,.0 . ., 0 9 ' g '. 0 , g o , 0 , Q 0 0 0 . 0.0 0 .oq,.0u, '., , ,.N..., .'... 0 0 , ".,',:,'v,:.o'0.000' 0:.0 . '0 .I 'fl' 0,, 00,g.'0,.'.', ,.0.t'. .'0 '0 I. ua, ,,-o.'. l,' 0.00 4.0 0. a 0 I 4 'u'o:'g"' ""' '0' ' 00" 00 ' 1 a'o'0,' .'..'0. 0 . 0 " 00.0 .' 0.9 0 00 0 0 2 .0..t0l 00:01 ' n 0'.' I . 'u... gl .0 ll oo 'lion 0. 0'.' ' 0.0 '..-,0 n. ...on 0, , . 0 1 " ,v":, 'lo o .Q .' .CUQ . . 0' . 00 0 ' ' 7 000' 'o"0'0 " o '0 0 . 0, Q q'0 0. lg 0, 0 0 0 .0, 0 'Q 'J ' g'0 0 'o 0 0 . 0 00,00 ' 'Q 'o Q U Q - ,0.000 ','..,.' , , ...o s.0' 0 0 ,', 0 U , s 0,0 0 ' . , I0 0 ' 0, 0. 0,00 0' 0 ' o ., 9 .a.ll .'0.l. 0... 0' 0 5 0 0 0 n,. 'no s'0'." o"0 ' ' l I 0 0 0 0 . 0n.,c ,n 0 .,' 0 00 ,. , ,0 0,0 0 0 ,Og000 ,f .'.. . .0,0'00l .O.0QO5'q Q: . o,0'o' ,caeo0"' , 0,,o'.00 o.0.n0'.0l'. 0 0 0 ' . .0. ,v..0 0..0.n. Q.. 5. .0000 , ,o ., 0.90 , 00.010 .,0 ,000 .0 4, ' 'o000oou ,.a' ,.0' g .pn '0. 'qqqo..o ',,oo' ,o"g nl "'0 0 ."O"I0' ', g00'00" 1:0000 I ..00,l' , .'.,o'.0.v. u,a'l.. 'U' .l'.'..:. ":'0.'. ,.' g " .0o0' Q 0 0 0, 0 ,00 .00 1 0. .il 'I O. QU' 00' I . 0 .,o 0 goo no l,0 g .,.o,.0 '0.00.:, 'U 050 0 .0.0, '.. 0.0.0 00'0,0.l 0.00, 0.'0... 0.'00 I . u . 0 Q 9 Q . ':' l.l-.I .. Q 4:0 ' . ... .' 0. ll u s ..'0'n :,.,,.o: u:p- 0 n-. .0,.. .,, carlo. ., .0., , 'gb' , I .o.0 0 .'.. n 0 0, 0.0. 0: ',o' , 0 4 . 0 Q '10 'U .0 'o 0 , g Du g 9 0 0 U . 0 s . n 0 Q , 0 , ,0 0 0 0 , ,I 0 0 'I D'l ' I' ' in '0 0'a'0 0's ...0.Un 0.0 0 0-Q 0:,. 0'0 0 0 . u 0 0 0 'I'. 1 0 0' 0. I 0 0 .0 30:0 ' n 0 '.'0. I'.0 0.0.0. 'zza' 0'.s,.l0 0. nl .l.9. 0 n'0. 0 0 . a'0' 0 ": Q". 0: ' 0 . , 0' ' 0 ' 0 -0 0 .u',0 . 0 a .0 :00' 0 '0 " ' 0 0 ' .00 0 9 0 0 u...0 ..0.. go 74 Compliments of A F R I E N D Compliments Complimentx of of M C C 0 N N E L L ' S ICE CREAM STORE THE CENTRAL PHARMACY WYNER SERVICE STATION Por+land Avenue , af Clifford DELUCIA'S ESSO SERVICE 96 Lyell S+ree+ Piffsford, N. Y. L-m.a12, A T A,S+yle and QualH'y Sfore For Over 40 Years 0 COATS 0 SUITS 0 HATS 0 DRESSES 0 FURS 'I 39 EAST AVENUE Compliments of EAST AVENUE HARDWARE P L A C E ' S HOME AND AUTO SUPPLY 6 Sou+h Main S+ree+ Pifisforcl, New York Compliments of CABLE-WIEDEMER I38 S+a+e Sfreef G R A V E L Y Power Equipment for Lawn, Garden, Field and Farm BROOKS MACHINE SHOP SOURS for Flowers l60 Easi Avenue - a+ Scio HAmil+on 80l0 - 80l9 ROWLAND'S SHOP FOR BOYS 12 Corners Rochesier, N. Y. S M I T H 85 L I N D TEXACO SERVICE STATION I933 Easi' Avenue Phone: MOnroe 9039 Compliments of BREWSTER, CRITTENDEN water colors - hooked rugs - ceramics hannah c morgan cape cod handcrafts exclusive originals eighfeen fiffy nine easf avenue roches+er, new york 85 CO., INC. Compliments Phone: EM-pire I373 Chow Mein of +0 me ou' HARRIS - BECKER - CAMPBELL ' coRPoaRATloN n LIN FAR CHINESE - AMERICAN RESTAURANT T . S . N E W E L L 0 INVESTMENT SECURITIES 48 Easf Ave. Chinese Novel+ies MUTUAL FUNDS Rochesfer 4, N. Y. and Giffs 100 POWERS BUILDING Telephone: LOcus+ 5200 FINE QUALITY STYLE APPAREL FOR BOYS AND STUDENTS WHO LIKE FASHIONABLE WELL TAILORED CLOTHES CLOTHING -- HATS - SHOES - FURNISHINGS M c F A R L I N ' S BOYS AND STUDENTS DEPARTMENT THIRD FLOOR DUTCH OVEN BAKERY Birihday and Wedding Cakes MALLING'S Our SPecial+v GOOD FOOD ICE CREAM Phone: MOnroe 1468 1673 ML Hope Avenue Compliments of Compliments of BENHAM'S WHILLOCK BROS. AT THE TWELVE CORNERS Compliments of L I K L Y , S MARIE BAETJER FOR FINEHSUGGAGE F 1 o r i s t LEATHER GOODS 267 Main Sfreef Eas'I Compliments of DOMINE BUILDERS SUPPLY CO. CHILSON'S PHARMACY 1101 MONROE AVENUE Rochester. N. Y. Phone: MOnroe 3438 77 HERMAN'S PASTRY SHOP MOnroe 6056 Open 9 A. M. to IO P. M. Sunday I I A. M. to 8 P. M. I8I6-20 EAST AVENUE Rochester, N. Y. HOWE and RUSLING, Inc. Established I930 O ROCHESTER'S FIRST INVESTMENT COUNSELOR OUR BIGGEST BARGAIN Electric and Gas Service Because nothing does so much at such Iittle cost day In, day out. eIectricity and gasicontinue to be the biggest bargain in your tamily budge-t. Rochester Gas 81 Electric FOR THE BEST IN SPORTING GOODS and SPORTSWEAR Buy CHAMPIONS 7I St. Paul Street BAIcer 2420 Rochester, N. Y. ALHART'S APPLIANCES ELECTRICAL CONTRACTORS ' HARDWARE II00 Culver Road ' Compliments of BILT-RITE Wood Products FRAMES - SASH - DOORS I945 East Avenue MOnroe 4433 Compliments of GlBBON'S SERVICE STATION MONROE at CLOVER Unexceiled Service on Skis and Rackefs of All Kinds See Our Complefe Line of Spor+s and Aihlefic Equipmeni RIIBY'S ROCHESTER'S SPALDING STORE AND SPORTING GOODS STORE 853 CLINTON AVENUE SOUTH MONROE 3357 Ask Abou+ Our School Discounfs Compliments 0 f BAREHAM PLUMBING 81 HEATING CORPORATION Compliments Of H. H. MORSE OIL COMPANY Compliments Of COOK IRON STORE 79 INDUSTRIAL STEAM GENERATION Compliments Of AUTOMATIC COMBUSTION HUTHER BROS- SAW EQUIPMENT CO., Inc. MFG. CQ- UNIVERSITY AVENUE Rochesfer, N. Y. ScoHsviIIe Road a+ +'I1e Airporf Rochesfer, N. Y. GEnesee 053I TO ALL OUR ADVERTISERS - We grafefully express our apprecia+ion for 'rheir c:oopera+ion and 'rheir generosi+y in making +I1is, +I1e I953 CLAVUS, a success. THE CLAVUS STAFF of +he ALLENDALE SCHOOL YEARBOOK 80

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