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E Ei f.'f:i Mfg, ' ,,f, 'cis E V f:..gvj 1- . f " A ,., 7, n-ni. 1. .fr 1 - ay- 1 41- "f'? ' f xifrr I, , L J 1' .iiigg-.i.1 '-4v.:, .--,uf A - Ei ' . -Le, 51- . vw ,., I - i-T .,, f - L, qi iiivfi?-..!li R ' 4 -4 ' X . N-1 . . .. "P:"', P7 Vg., ,. ,fl-. " "fa -. , -Q , , -. . . ..' I - . W" -, ,, .ml gr,:.Q 5. Tb':Ag'-1:5 if:---151,5 ' , ' -.-Q2 t . ,Ii , . 2 V rx I Lg' fyurj. 544: -, 1 -,hit ii if -yuh,-'ng -' xy' H -:V J! if 'Vj,j.p331 V ' V 5,53-ihf 'H A -J l 3 'Q I f'-2.1-13,45-lf ' Q -' '-'Qt - -.,--. ..,. . . , A --..:.- ' '..-. HN. 'N - Y . nj .v - f,z1gfK'L . waz. - pit' .5 7' 7-' w 34 ,J '--Q'-'g !' QTL ., ,X ., ,:,V! ,M ,., .rf U in ,fum Y,,, 1 ,., E, ,J V 'i' 5 +V"-1'f."5'1r.1L..--'1. T 1.--'fs A-:if 'f--557141557 .14 .3N5l.'f'f-A .. .,3.1' Q," 1-'K ',jgrg."'w-4, f --5-'...,3:: j f,?r"f "f':"7'f?:'ii'ff11,' ' ,f . - 3,15 LR -t' -- 1.1, Rs: - ' "., A ' - q,,..1g-,K-.-., .4 .,.-. . ' 'I MF: im. -- - . A .- .- .., ' -fur ,'..'v- .441 ,- -' ,- .' x 5' -2 if iffy? -gafigvsf '-P -. .!S'l'5" .- 'QV-. . ,. - - A L. im-ff. may--2 f 31' li - 5- - . ,- ,. - - --1. :T ,HY I, . I V L.,"', f " 5 e -, , -A1151 'nfl ' -' If, -- . .- "'- -.-af -.-.1--:1A-ff-.:-gs-'--T - - . 3 -1- ' K,-it ., -- .v, V . Qkfiwx ., ,Avg 1,.,..:g.1 ,-21:3 1-.-3:-.fy . .1 +,., iw. 5-0-.N - , ,Q ,.1 -., , , .,. 'JN - w y hs. , fn 2-'i,g.,1.,,2w::'1s!f11'. "9T!1'- .111 ,1 .1-55-'Q ..-,Q--, K Li,:,g...5.5,.f-.'.g1,,4L 155 1. 2flEi"g5g3jaggg:LQ.l'- - -..,-- E4 ,-4. , .' - '- -f 'I' , 1,1 '. -. ' jfyfg, ..g -- 'gut' ,f4fj,J:f?1L'T'-5, ,. . , '17 'N L "A 1!gj1LJw"f.J 'wg tv,"-f 1""'P:P1Z4 5.f:'4- ' il 'f L f f ' '.aI.f" ff. ' .,' -. jf. hi' iq ,"'Q.L,Q ' if 537 1' if Y-1'-',""'7""'f ZQFFEQ., 'wifi . 5 fm- - '-u. -. 4 -1 ,-. 4 , .4 'f"',-gm!! '-.9219 H".-' , 3.1515-:QL 1, X' .L ff -195515, 1 f- ff Q- 'I ' -1. Jag., - .333 pr- gk 1 . 34" um, 5 ' 17"-,A . .rj ' . :pl ' - 4:1 11 .ge ,'11,r-i",a.- -. ' , 'Q " w- 1311--' -' 'v-LI: - ' .N 'JS . f -D 1197! ' H 'll . '1 15' ' ' 1: - 91' ' "ah .1 41. T ' "F ' 5,,1'7f,Yff.fE""H, . ', M I 1 g A W Q. V N .1-,VV---lf. g- X , f , x , 'LK y -' , . A... ' ' 1- ' 5' 1' ' 2 K- f N,-.. . 1, . E." "sz" '14-L ' V , , P f j 1 J' " KU .3. h ' 4 9 N ., . '. 1' ,- -. .- , .. 1.-. , 1' 11.5. T ' ,- .fl I RL .lgvgf-if .F 'L ., 1 1" - ".:""':7' . . .' - ' r-Nl nh 4. W- , ., 111 TN14. ' ' . Q ' . . A - "gn-' 2QjLY' i6.S'3 '1- . r A ' A . , p.. ,g 3 56 ' ' W -n!".ffi12!5gF,,,jgt Q. -- ,1 M X ' ffgl 1 5 .-L. . I' - 1- . ' 4". f '- 37 . V. -11 ' Y -LAW-' "1 Lv.. - ' 1 .,-,:g:,v- JA..-.H-, :,- , , Fi 4, .r 4. ,A ' 1 F I TQ'-1 if ., f- - ' 'L -- ' v ' ' 'if .- '- -- ,.. , N E :5"'l 133 "Eff.74'f'w'-'Eiii'--g'' 1' ,1 Y4'if!-'er f"1- ' ' wi" '- :- .A gg-1:.:.-3.g,,.. ' 12 v '- -1,55-,ff 9 1- - .-A . 0 1., .111 'in-5,3 'Lg -in-3 1 .4 ,-3Q,.,3.j',rj'!f,,..5yl'3, -' H- . 'i Z 'KL' wg' ' , F- .. ':'-lgjffll'-V -- f M ,141 f- -f ' . 'fd -.v f . ' J -' ,V 1. L.5,,f,,,Q.'5!,,,gm .L ,, .,, '1' ., 5- -- , .rflzff ---, .-, . H H -- .. ,...y!..-TL,,,Hv.,,5E?a1Z5-,i- Q -.- L .rr f 4 - W -'- '- 'f V, A ,,,1 I. :f- . V4 I . , 1 , ' . 1, N , 74Ln....:zm , f- ......Lp-" " - .,::1m:.- mdhi-,, N N 4g3'2ai:a.uw,-.'FL1g is .1-f JL- V -f , ..,- X, .Aa 4 v lI'llE NINETEEN HUNDRED llllll Flll'l'Y-llllll Clllllll The Senior Class l el The Allendale Seheel lleehester, New York EDITOR Iames Gleason ASSISTANT EDITOR BUSINESS MANAGER Gordon Shedd George Kavanagh ADVERTISING MANAGER ART EDITOR William Robinson Iohn Ratcliffe PHOTOGRAPHY SPORTS EDITOR Colbeth Killip Robert Barrett E 9 Eecficvzffon As we, the Seniors, are leaving Allendale, some of us to enter college, the rest to go out into the World and take up the various tasks ahead of us, we would like to pay a final tribute to a man who has helped to shape all of our destinies - Mr. Milella. Throughout our years at Allendale he has guided us and lent us freely of his time and friendly advice in every form of school endeavor. We can still remember the time when he taught us geography and coached us on the third squad gridiron. Under his talented and very capable direction the School's dramatic efforts have all been unusually successful. Especially will he remain in our memories for his unfailing sense of humor and cheerful smile which have done so much to 'brighten our days at Allendale. Zia gear! of jrnsfees Mr. Frederic S. Welsh, President Mr. Thomas H. Hawks, Vice-President Mr. Allan O. Hickok, Treasurer Miss Katharine Gillis, Assistant Treasurer Lenior H. Burnside Frederic Finucane Iulian M. Fitch Marion B. Folsom Frank E. Gannett William W. Gordon Alexander D. Hargrave Victor W. Logan Mr. Mr. Mrs. Mr. Mr. Mr. Mr. Mr. Lathrop D. Marsland Lee McCanne George D. Nichols Theodore F. Pevear Howard A. Schumacher F. Ritter Shumway Robert C. Silver G. Alfred Sproat 1'-SN WT A-,S I Q 'X ' .I xXIn .f zk X l X 'PHE FACULTY The year 1941 saw Mr. Smith come to Allendale from St. Peter's School in Peek- skill, New York. He is a graduate of Ham- ilton College, where he received his B.A. Finding time from his strenuous duties as assistant headmaster, he coaches varsity base- ball and skiing in the wintertime. Particu- larly is he noted though, for teaching the entertaining subject of Latin. Mr. Smith is an enthusiast of most outdoor sports and also a gardener of note. Coming to Allendale in 1948 after grad- uating from Princeton in 1936, and serving as assistant headmaster at the Hun School in Princeton, N. I., Mr. Schwartz has won the friendship and loyalty of everyone he meets. Parents, faculty, and students alike have seen him build the school into the ever- strengthening organization that it is today. Mr. Schwartz enjoys pipe smoking and hunt- ing in his odd moments, but farm chores take up his early morning hours. CARL W. ANDREWS, IR. B.A. College-Amherst. 1943 Came to fxllCFlll1llC-lQ4Q Teaches-Grades 5, 6, 7 Activities-Asst. football coach, varsity basketball coach Hobbies-Sports in general, golf in partic11lar MARION B. FOLSOM, B.A. College-Princeton, 1949 Came to AllCI1ClZllC-IQ4Q Teaches-6th form English, ggrd form ancient history Hobbies-Music, dramatics EDNA s. 1sRoAn1aoo1i? College-Teacher's College, Columbia University Came to Allendale-1949 Teaches-Grades 1 and 2 Hobbies-Music and art 1 .5 it .Sd GILBERT TRUMAN 1 HOARD, BA. College-University of Virginia, 1947 Came to AllCHd3lC-IQ4Q Teaches-Fifth grade Activities-Scoutmaster, coach 3rd squad baseball Hobbies-Model boats, sailing, photography DAVID DUPRE, B.A. College-University of Rochester, 1950 Came to Allendaleiiggo Teaches-History and Geography iXCllYlllCS-SC0llUllllSICT, coach of IV basketball and baseball Hobbies-Fishing P. IOHN G. I-IOLBRUOK H A College-Harvard, 1949 Came to AllCI1dlllC-lQ4Q Teaches-Spanish, French Activities-2nd squad football, track coach Hobbies-Sports i11 general EDMUND A. LEFEVRE B.A. College-Hamilton, 1947 Princeton, 1950 Came to AllCHdHlC-IQSKJ Teaches-English Activities-Dramatic adviser Hobbies-Dramatics ANTHONY M. PARTIGAN B.S., Ed.M. College--Brockport State Teacher's College, 1942g University of Rochester, COURTLAND CRAMP MULFORD, B.A., M.A. College-University of P ' l 'z 'z, 8, 1950 enmy l mu W3 Came to Allendale-1950 Teaches-Science, 2nd form math. Activities-Varsity basketball coach, 2nd squad football coach Columbia University, 1942 Came to AllCHd3lC-1943 Teaches--Mathematics Activities-"Clavus" and "Crows Nest" adviser Hobbies-Old cars, plumbing, NICHOLAS MILELLA H.Ed. College-Brockport State Teachers, College, 1940 Came to AllCDd3lC-IQ43 Teaches-Sixth grade Activities-Dramatics director Hobbies-Piano farming, acting X IAMES WEBSTER, B.A. N College-Amherst, IQ40 KATHARINE GILLIS Came to iAllCIILlIllC-I950 Came to AllCIlClHlC-1942 Teaches-History School Secretary Hobbies-MPainting, gardening www -M 9 X f- Qi? ug mi 'PHE SENIIIRS Football-1, 2. 3, 4 IV Basketball-2, 3, 4 Baseball-2, 3, 4 Honors-I, 4 Crow's Nest-I, 2, 3, 4 Libra rian-4 Dramatics-2, 3, 4 Cl3N'USi4 Glee Club-4 ROBERT REDMOND BARRETT UNIVERSITT1' or ROCHESTER Robin Although' usually quiet and unperturbed, Robin occasionally lets loose and whether it be on the athletic Field or in the classroom, he is a human dynamo in action. No one can surpass him when it comes to hard work and when he sets out to do a task, it is as good as done before he starts. The role of librarian took up his time left over from studies and athletics and a reorganized and efficient library was the result of his efforts. Robin may be seen on the campus of the University of Rochester next year where he is going to concentrate on English. Football-4 Basketball-4 Baseball-4 l EDWARD LANE CONLEY UNIVERSITY OF ROCHESTER Shanly Although having been at Allendale for only one year, Ed has adapted him- self wonderfully to his new environment and lent his assistance in many ways. His jovial easy-going manner belies his driving will-to-win on the athletic field. Very often Ed was to he found the center of attraction at a senior hull session, but his determination to achieve his goals in life which he has already shown at Allendale should hold him in good stead at college and after. The University of Rochester will be Edls first stop for a year, then on to Annapolis where he hopes to become an officer in the United States Navy. "" J' Football-4 Basketball-4 Baseball-4 Dramatics-4 Glce Club-4 Iunior Town Meeting-4 Dance Chairman-4 GRAY DAVID DICKASON Dick Without Dave, Allendale would be a pretty empty place. His booming voice is well known around the school and he is a familiar figure at social gatherings of all kinds. Varsity football and baseball are included among his athletic accomplishments and most school dances were under his capable direction. As this yearbook goes to press, Davc's plans for college are indefinite but his interest in engineering may lead him to a career along this line. Football-1, 2, 3, 4 Ski Squad-r, 2, 3, 4 Baseball-1, 2, 3, 4, Capt. 4 Track-3, 4 Dramatics-3 IOHN FLETCHER ERNEST CORNELL lack lack is one of the few of us who has been at Allendale for as long as nine years. During that time he has developed into not only a good student, but a tower of strength on the athletic field. Ever since pitching in ten of eleven games in his sophmore year, Iack has been one of the mainstays of the baseball team. We must not forget Iack's other achievements, however. By means of constant effort and perseverance, he has pulled himself from a mediocore student to a good one. Cornell's Hotel school will receive his efforts for the next four years and surveying the situation, we do not think he could have made a wiser choice. Football-1, Mgr. 2, 3, 4 Basketball-3, 4, Capt. 4 B21S'Cb8ll-2, 3, 4 Track-3, 4 Honors--1, 2, 3 Crow's Nest-1, 2, 3, 4 ClHVUS-3, 4, Editor 4 Student Council-1, 3, 4 Secy. 4 Dramatics-2, 3, 4 IAMES SULLIVAN GLEASON PRINCETON lim Distinguishing himself in every phase of school activity, lim has demon- strated himself as a true leader. While keeping a high honor average, he was very prominent in athletics and the publications. As captain of the basketball team he led the Blue and White to an outstanding victory over Harley. As editor of the Clavus he has marshalled the Whole class into contributing to this publication. His aflability has made him a popular figure around school, and he was elected to the Student Council for three years. Iim's plans for next year include the study of Chemistry at Princeton University. Football-3, 4 IV Basketball-3, 4 IV Baseball-3, 4 Crowls Nest-3, 4 Clavus--4 Dramatics--3, 4 1 IOSEPH HUGHS GREEN loc If ever there was a bundle of energy, it is certainly Ioe Green. The fact is that even Ioe himself sometimes doesn't know where it all comes from. If he doesn't succeed at something the first time, he keeps plugging away until he has mastered it. He is forever attempting to do everything at one time which is a difiicult task for any man. His bedraggled jacket and jaunty yachting cap are well known around school and he is every-ready to lend a helping hand. Ioe hopes to study for the ministry after completing his final year at Allendale. Football-3, 4 IV Basketball-3, 4 Baseball-3 Track-4 Fire Marshall-4 Air Raid Warden-4 Dramatics-3 WALTER CONRAD HARTMANN Coonic Coonie has shown Allendale how a boy can make a successful transition from a public to a private school way of life. Coming from Brighton early in high school, he has made remarkable strides in all phases of school activities. Although not greatly distinguishing himself in any one field, he has done a great deal to contribute to the welfare of the school and of his classmates. As the yearbook goes to press, Coonie's plans are indefinite, but we are looking for him to make a constant and continued effort to reach his goal in life. Football-1, 2, 3, 4, Capt. 4 Basketball-2, 3 Tennis-2 Track-3, 4 Honors-1, 2 Crow's Nest-3, 4, Co-editor 4 Clavus-3, 4 Business Mgr., 4 Apache Captain-4 Dramatics-2, 3, 4 President, 4 Student Council-1, 3, 4 President, 4 Iunior Town MCCIiDg-3, 4 GEORGE GARDNER KAVANAGH PENNSYLVANIA George One might say that George is a born leader. He certainly has proven this at Allendale where he captained two athletic teams, was president of the Stu- dent Council and Dramatic Society, and was co-editor of the Crows Nest to mention a few. His winning personality has already made him many friends and his shrewd business sense should be invaluable to him later on. Honor marks and an active social schedule also dot his record and Pennsylvania University should find him a most welcome addition. Football-2, 3, 4 Baseball-2, 3, 4 IV Basketball-2, 3 Track-3 Dramatics-2, 3 Glee Club--4 IAMES LEO KERR UNITED STATES NAVY lim Looking out over the gridiron on a warm October afternoon, one is very apt to see Iim Kerr carrying the pigskin for a long gain against some Allendale opponent. One is just as apt to see him in May power a homerun to center- Held. Athletics are Iim's strong point, but he has come along very Well schol- asticly and has clone well in many extra-curricular activities. Having joined the Naval Reserve in his senior year, lim will probably be spending a portion of the next few years on one of Uncle Sam's warships. Football-3, 4 IV Basketball-2, 3, 4 Baseball-3, 4 Crow's Nest-2, 3, 4 Business Mgr., 4 Clavus-4 A Track-3 Dramatics-2, 4 COLBETH KILLIP TRINITY Colic Colie was another transfer from a public school who has so ably fitted himself into Allendale. Studies, athletics, and other extra-curricular activities all go to make up his diversified program. Keeping his marks at a high level, he has given freely of his time to school publications, all sports, and dramatics. Trinity is Colie's choice of college and by being the only member of the senior class to take advantage of the accelerated summer sessions being offered by many colleges, he will probably graduate a year ahead of his Allendale class- mates. Football-4 IV Basketball-2, 3, 4 Track-3, 4 CroW's Nest-4 Dramatics--2, 3 Glee Club-4 PETER OLDFATHER MARSLAND EARL!-IAM Creep When a personathinksvto himself, ffnow who can I get to help me with this job ?", the name of Pete Marsland automatically comes to mind. Although working hard in all extra-curricular activities, as well as his studies, Pete con- tributed a good deal of his time to the school. In sports he also proved to be proficient, winning letters in football and IV basketball, and becoming a track star in the mile run. Earlham College in Indiana will be Pete's base to opera- tions for the next four years. F ootball--4 Basketball-3, 4 Baseball-3, 4 Track--3, 4 Crow's Nest-4 Clavus-4 Student Council-4 Dramatics-3, 4 IOHN ANDREWS RATCLIFFE UNIVERSITY or ROCHESTER john Meet this boy, and you are sure to like him. That is the way it has been at Allendale as Iohn makes friends wherever he goes. In school activities he works at or plays almost everything to come his way and does so with a cheer- ful willingness that is an example to everyone. His unusual artistic ability is demonstrated in the school paper and yearbook and at several dances his draw- ings of the teachers have been a tremendous success. Iohn's plans for the future include the University of Rochester and we wish him the best of luck what- ever he does. Football-1, 2, 3, 4 Touchdown Club, 4 Basketball Mgr.-4 Ski Squad-1, 2, 3 Track-3, 4 Crowis Nest-3, 4 ClHY'LlS-4 Advertising Mgr. 4 Dramatics--2 WILLIAM ALFRED RCBINSON HAMILTON Bill Perhaps Bill might be called a trille too soft-hearted. Many times he has been known to set aside his own tasks to help a friend in need. Not at all a brute in size, he makes up for this with courage and determination. Particu- larly will he be remembered for his vicious tackling on the football field, but his cheerful attitude toward thankless jobs on the publications should not go by unnoticed. Hamilton is Bill's choice of college next year and we are ex- pecting a job well done. Football-4, Mgr. 3 IV Basketball-3, 4 Tennis-3 Track-4 Honor-3 Crow's Nest--3, 4 Co-editor, 4 Clavus-4 Iunior Town Meeting-4 Dramatics-4 GORDON MICHAEL SHEDD HAvERFoRn Gordic Returning to Allendale after two years at boarding school, Gordie has quickly fitted into the school's way of life. His journalistic abilities made him prominent on the Clavus and Crows Nest as did his dramatic abilities on the stage. But most of all he will be remembered for his clever and spontaneous wit. When he became serious though he was a worker of the highest caliber and an inspiration to his classmates. Majoring in English at Haverford College will be Gordie's main objective for the next few years. Football-3, 4 Ski Squad-3, 4 Track-3, 4 Honors-3, 4 Crow's Nest-3, 4 Dramatics-4 Glee Club-'4 GEORGE ALFRED SPROAT HAMILTON Rock When one sees a stack of books or endless pages of notes, here too one usually finds Alfred. Some people might say he does things the hard way, but he gets them done and in a complete and thorough manner. Al is enthusiastic over everything, whether he is familiar with it or not and many a party owes its life and sparkle to none other than Alfred. ln the spring he takes to the wide open spaces as a key miler on the track squad. Al plans to stick to a liberal arts education in college, but with his interests in History and Politics, who knows P Dramatics-2, 4 Glee Club-4 Rifle Club-3 Crow's Nest-4 DONALD BLAKE WEBSTER UNIVERSITY OF MAINE Don If you have a question to ask concerning any type of gun, Don is the man to ask, for he has a collection of firearms that would do justice to the state militia. A trick knee has kept him out of other phases of athletics, but he has worked diligently on his marks and lent himself to such activities as dramatics where he has done a great deal to make many productions successes as the stage manager. Next fall will find Don matriculating at the University of Maine where he will major in forestry. Football-1, 2, 3, 4 Basketball Mgr.-4 IV Baseball-1, 2 Tf3Ck-4 Honors-r, 2, 3, 4 Crow's Nest-3, 4 Clavus-4 Df3H13IlCS-2, 3, 4 Iunior Town Meeting-2, 4 H. FORSYTH WINCHELL HARVARD F or During his four years at Allendale, For has compiled one of the most out- standing scholastic records that the school has ever seen. His abilities along this line plus his willingness to help have made him almost a tutor at times and even Mr. Mulford must give this surprising boy a vote of thanks for assist- ance in the mathematics department. Outside of his studies, For's love for a great many sports has taken up much of his time and given the school a very able tackle on the football team. Next year For is entering Harvard to take up a pre-medical, a field in which we are sure he is bound to succeed. Qde 0 ide Cfaaa of 1951 We, the class of 1951, of the Allendale School, in the Town of Pittsford, County of Monroe, State of New York, being of sound mind and body, do hereby publish and declare this to be our last will and testament. We leave to the school as a whole, our sincere hope for continued success and to the Iunior Class the exclusive right to cultivate the senior circle. ROBIN-Leaves a quarter to Iack Palmer for a Pittsford bus fund. SHANTY-Leaves 4 pair of slightly ripped athletic pants to Tom Lima and his broken fingers to next year's catcher. DICK-Leaves his sex appeal to Carl Fennyvessy and a zombie to Mr. Partigan. IACK-Takes everything with him. IIM G.-Leaves half a tooth to George Nichols and a cup of cocoa to Mr. Folsom. IOE-Leaves his white 'bucks and yachting cap to Terry Newell. COONIE-Leaves his spirit and drive QFD to Bill Huther. GEORGE-Leaves a swirl mixer to Bill Holtz and a pound of sand to the school driveway. IIM K.-Leaves a Navy uniform and a bunk in Korea to anyone brave enough to take it. COLIE-Leaves his level head to Pete Baltzer. PETE-Leaves a synthetic rubber ball to Malcolm Taylor and Ben Shiro. IOHN-Leaves his brush and palette to Iay Anderson. BILL-Leaves a model T and the greasy hands that go with it to Gary Morse. GORDIE-Leaves his head waiter's uniform to Mr. Webster and a passionate kiss to the Dramatic Society. ROCK-Leaves his little black book to George Nichols and an open house to his brother Don. DON-Leaves a shoulder holster and a derringer to Mr. Smith to keep his boys in line. FOR-Leaves his honor average to the school and a football play to Chuck Lewis. WAGE QEKHUCQEQ l95O-I95l 4 5? '12, - 2,5-V ' f Q 4 I ' T .0 U M ? W 1 ' 'BOOKWORMX WINLHELL MAN ' Q 9 ADMRAL J fl G, Wi! GREEN ff: I' Q'- if Q 'N . 'Z .-..- JXZSNQJ 1 -:.-...:-L-if,2-i- 2 L, Lv xx 54" 9829 L1 5 - A-2 ' if " A "once AQ , ,V 1 Q 8 ' A A' MAQSLANO 'xx y -, f X 5' figfmu wwp Q Q z.Acs-mem" Mc sf-:EEO 9 Y AL SPEORT d OMTOPQ Homorvca cAssnoY" WEBSTER -Q- ' P X A. X .ps 6 SLEEPYHQAD JZEQRYZWANN F tJ,.0-0 W GH- - HCIOLFER: GEQQGEOUSH UKKASUN KAVANAGH' Zin. I C14-,odnghf Q 1. ' Qaneiaflnaffaaqalfien DAVE BARTLETT THOMAS BOVILIN DAVID CARPENTER IOHN ELDRIDGE ALLAN IONES ROBERT NORRIS KIRK OTIS MITCHELL PIERSON FRANK SHUMVIAV EUGENE VAN VOORHIS LXQVJ 'M Q I ,.,, " ..--4 UNDERGIIAIIUATES Left to right, seated: Troup, Mees, Gipner, Green, Huther. Standing: Fennyvessy, Wallace, Logan, Bilhorn. Missing: Anderson CLASS OF 1952 To an unusually small group of boys will fall the immense responsibility of taking over the top notch of the school curriculum. These boys form a rather loosely-knit organization which can pull together at the slightest provocation, as they proved in their excellent presentation of the Iunior Dance, the first of such in a good many years. Certain members of this class have already proven themselves able leaders, and the class as a Whole should be able to carry out their duties, both scholastic and athletic next year. Left to right, back row: Pierce, Nichols, Morse, Holtz, Street, Sproat. Front row: McGucken, Likly, Marshuetz, Newell, Hamilton, Hill, Schumacher, Dunn. CLASS OF 1953 The sophomore class this year probably has been one of the most active groups of boys the school has ever seen. Most of them are now beginning to Hnd that there is a time and place for everything, although on occasion it would be hard to convince their teachers of this fact. They have participated in every phase of school life including the successful play, "The Hasty Heart." Their extra-curricular activities have received more publicity than any other class and the sophomore fleet of automobiles is something to behold. They are being heavily counted on for the next two years and we are sure that they will do the job well. Left to right, back row: Marsland, Baltzer, Shumway, Clark, Rusling. Front row: Tate, McQuilkin, Gordon, F., Whitaker, Shiro, Beach, Reynolds, Gordon, W., Missing: Taylor. CLASS OF 1954 This yearls freshman class is big, not only in size, but in spirit as Well. It contains its share of scholars, athletes, and comedians which all go to make up boisterous, but dependable group of boys. This class has been called every- thing from industrious to uncontrollable, but We believe that industrious is a better description. Though five subjects make up their curriculum, they Find time to really have fun and are a class to be counted on in the future. Left to right, front row: Cherne, Phillips. Schumacher. I., Faragher, DeLaCour. Back row: Geila, Nottingham, Greppin. Missing: Fitch, Lima. 8th GRADE Take water-pistols, cap guns, bubble gum, football, dancing class, and even a hit of serious study and put them all togetherg the result is this class. The school would seem very quiet hut a little dull without their constant chatter- ing. Freshman year is almost upon them, and with it comes more serious work. hut without a doubt they will take even a jump such as this in their stride, and go on to compile a fine record for themselves. Left to right: Palmer, Frost, Roby, Holahan, Cox. 7th GRADE Here is one of the smallest classes in the school and certainly one of the happiest. Without a care in the world they go on their merry way, whether it be a titanic struggle on the athletic field, a puzzling problem on their home- work, or drawing their teacher's stern Visage on the blackboard. They are well known about the school as their mischievous pranks are irksome at times, but always manage to bring a smile to their victims. Success is theirs for the taking and they are not ones to waste an opportunity. Left to right: Murphy, Conley, L., Biggs, Gordon, Winchell, Kenny, Evans, Conley, L., Miller. 6th GRADE The sixth grade is a class composed of boys with widely varying talents. Their ranks are studded with exceptional scholars, athletes, and those gifted in almost any other field imaginable. They are equal to every occasion and then some. Perhaps the very variety of its members helps to make this class a com- pact and well coordinated group, but, at any rate, the very best of luck must go to a really Fine bunch. , 1 i l Left to right, around table: Uberle, Weis, Greppin, Farnsworth, DePuy, Goldman, Stebbins, Harris. Back: Schwartz, Hughes, VVerth, Molinet, Preu, Pevear, Welch. Absent: Hammond, Smith, Bareham, Clune, Evans. GRADES 3 through 5 Although almost the smallest in the school in size, these lower grades are by no means the least important, for they are the backbone of the future Allendale. Already the excellent teaching they receive is taking effect and their hidden talents and interests are blossoming forth. Soon they will begin to encounter more serious problems, but for the time being we would like them to stay iust the Way they are. Standing: Milella, Zahrndt, Hawks, Hickok. Sitting: Davie, Gorman, Atkins, D. Schwartz, Allen. Kneeling: Morris, Watson, W. Smith, Gardner. Missing: Mills, Knight, Pevear. GRADES 1 and 2 To watch these children in action is indeed a real pleasure, for under the kindly supervision of Mrs. Broadbrooks they acquire polished manners, pro- Hciency at "readin," Mwrittini' and arithmetic" and save time out to have some real fun. Their holiday parties with real home cooking have been rare treats for the upper school, and we know that Mrs. Broadbrooks will continue to turn out outstanding groups such as this one. SENIUR Pllll MOST INTELLIGENT: Winchell, Gleason, Sproat MOST LIKELY TO SUCCEED: Kavanagh, Winchell, Gleason MOST LIKELY TO RECEDE: Hartman, Dickason, Marsland BEST ATHLETE: Conley, Ratcliffe, Kavanagh THINKS HE'S BEST ATHLETE: Dickason, Green, Barrett CLASS COMEDIAN: Shedd, Diekason, Hartman ' BEST WITH GIRLS: Kavanagh, Ernest, Killip BEST WITHOUT THEM: Winchell, Hartman, Barrett ONE WHO HAS DONE MOST FOR ALLENDALE: Kavanagh, Gleason, Barrett ONE WHO HAS DONE ALLENDALE FOR THE MOST: Winchell, Sproat, Webster HANDSOMEST: Kavanagh, Kerr, Ernest THINKS HEIS HANDSOMEST: Diekason, Green, Killip LAZIEST: Hartman, by a Hrecracker BIGGEST EATER: Conley, Ernest, Robinson SMOOTHEST LINE: Kavanagh, Ernest, Kerr LAST TO ADMIT DEFEAT: Killip, Sproat, Dickason CLASS CAVEMAN: Conley, by a pair of split pants MOST FACULTY DRAG: Dickason, Gleason, Kavanagh MOST DRAGGED BY FACULTY: Robinson, Barrett, Webster LIFE OF PARTY: Sproat, Kavanagh, Dickason DEATH OF SOME: Marsland, Winchell, Diekason FIRST TO MARRY: Barrett, Winchell, Killip LAST TO MARRY: Robinson, Shedd, Kavanagh BEST DRESSED: Kavanagh, Ratcliffe, Conley MOST SYMPATHETIC WITH COLUMBIA: Dickason Qfor three reasonsj BEST ALL AROUND FELLOW: Robinson, Gleason, Conley L-.S 1: . xv xr' 0 0 ,.....J H., . , I X fE'QNf'. Q13 Q N I Nr I P Y X l Q A 1 TF AUTIVITIE PIll3LlUA'l'l0 This year, under he direc- tion of co-editors George Kavanagh and Gordon Shedd, the Allendale newspaper, the Crow's Nest faithfully re- ported the latest happenings in and about the school to the students, parents, and alumni. We feel that the paper has fulfilled its job not only of reporting news, but stimulat- ing interest in the school, and we hope that next year it meets with continued success. vlseft to right: Shedd, Kavanagh, co-editors: Killip, business manager. cnow's NEST surf gg Left to right, seated: Barrett, Killip, Shedd, Kavanagh, Mulford, adviser: Robinson. Standing: Schumacher, Gleason, Mees, Newell, Bilhorn, Anderson, Green, Huther, Ratcliife. Once again using letter press printing for this hook, we sincerely hope that we have shed some light on an inter- esting school year. The Clavus is always an important part of that school year, summing up, as it does, the activities of the two terms, and We would he very happy if our edition could compare favorably with those preceeding it. CLAVUS STAFF Left to righnsented: Mulford Adxiser Hlrrett lxillip Robinson 'wtinding lxninigh Huther, Shetld, Rzltclillic, Fennyxessy Cvle ISOH The Hasty Helrt Lett to right Hill, Street, Schumacher, Shedd, Sue Kenc I eft to right, front row: McGucken Newell. Middle row: Schu macher, Holtz, Nichols, Mar shuetz, Pierce, Hill, Fennyvessy Green, Mees. Back row, stand ing: Dunn, Gleason, Winchell Kavanagh, Barrett, Killip, Bilhorn Wallace, Troup, Sprout, Street Huther, Morse, Green, Ioe. Left to right, front row: Schu macher, Hill, Whitaker, Shiro Troup, Huther, Fennyvessy, Mees Back row: McGucken, Green less: Holtz, Gipner, Barrett, Bil- horn. Green, Ioe: Dickason. v magh Mees, Nichols, Gleason. The newly formed dramatic so- ciety, with George Kavanagh as President, presented Iohn Patrick's play, "The Hasty Heart" as its First production. Borrowing Sue Kendall from Brighton to play the female lead, this First venture proved to he quite a success. The "Blackfriars" as the society is called, is under the very excellent direction of Mr. Milella, Mr. Fol- som, and Mr. LeFevre. lt was felt that Allendale has long needed an organization of this kind to further interest in dramatics, and this year these hopes were finally realized. As the idea now begins to take root. we are sure that many more plays equal to "The Hasty Heart" will be produced in the future. Left to right: Gleason, Kavanagh, Ratcliffe, Logan, Mees. STUDENT COUNCIL The Student Council, this year, is much the same as last year's. It is com- posed of five members, three seniors and two juniors. As a change from previous years, however, the two junior members may only hold office during their senior year by reelection. All changes were made at mid-year when a student committee revised the Council Charter so as to better handle the problems of the school. In conjunction with Mr. Schwartz, the council helped in school supervision, organizing social functions and generally aided wherever possible. ' We believe that this compact and flexible organization has done its job well and will continue to do so in the future. Left to right, front row: Schumacher, Hill, Whitaker, Shiro, Troup, I-Iuther, Fennyvessy, Mees. Back row: McGucken, Green, less: Holtz, Gipner, Barrett, Bilhorn, Green, Ioeg Dickason. GLEE CLUB This year, because of the increasing interest in a musical organization of some sort, a Glee Club was instituted at Allendale. Made up of boys from the upper school who just plain like to sing, and under the most excellent direc- tion of Mr. Theodore Hollenbach, the group began practice early in the school year so that their golden voices were able to be heard at the Christmas Break- fast and other important occasions. Next year with a wealth of experienced talent, Mr. Hollenbach should produce another really line group. JUNIOR TOWN MEETING Left to right: VVinchell, Kavanagh The Iunior Town Meeting of the Air, presented by station WHEC, is Z1 weekly program in which high school students debate on various problems. The Kiski, or one-subjecb at-a-time plan of education was the topic aired from Allendale as Tom Mees and Dave Dickason were in favor of it. while George Kavanagh and For Winchell opposed it. Fol- lowing the arguments by each of the contestants, members of the stu- dent body presented the group with questions on the subject. The pro- gram, recorded in the study hall. was heard the following Sunday afternoon. Left to right: Dickinson, Mees. 'n 7' u C O -S , r 4' X X 41 7 WV' M I, FQQJ ATHLETICS Left to right, front row: Logan Nichols, Hamilton, Shumway, Schumacher, Mees, Robinson, Kavanagh, Ernest, Lima, Winchell, Ratcliffe. Middle row: Coach Andrews, McGucken, Dunn, Anderson Sproat, Huther, Conley, Dickason, Barrett, Killip, Baltzer, Street, Green, Coach Hoe. Back row: Gleason, Mgr., Newell, Lewis, Kerr, Hartman, Marsland, P., Marsland, W., VARSITY FOOTBALL TEAM The 1950 varsity football squad, although showing occasional Hashes of Clark. brilliance, turned in a disappointing record of two wins and Eve losses. The season opened on a happy note, as the team soundly defeated the Brighton HB" squad, 31-6. The next, and last victory came two weeks later when the Blue and White downed Fairport "Bn, 24-6 on the Fairport gridiron. The high- light of the season was the game at Geneseo, played under lights and in a driving rain. Coach Bob Hoe had his team in the peak of condition as they turned in their most outstanding performance. Next yearls squad will be heavily hit by graduation, losing Ed Conley, Iohn Ratcliffe, lim Kerr, lack Ernest, Captain George Kavanagh, Touchdown Club award winner, Bill Robinson, For Winchell, Robin Barrett, and Pete Marsland. Many promising replacements, however, should form a winning team next year. Left to right, front row: Schumacher, I., Cox, DeLaCour, Phillips, Shiro, Holahan, Palmer, Frost, Faragher. Back row: Coach Holbrook, Gordon, W., Tate, Whitaker, Hill, Marshuetz, Hamilton, Clark, Rusling, Troup, McQuilkin, Coach Partigan, Beach, Mgr. VARSITY FOOTBALL RECORD Allendale Brighton B 6 Allendale Nichols 37 Allendale Fairport B 12 Allendale Franklin B 20 Allendale Charlotte B 20 Allendale Geneseo 19 Allendale Marshall B 12 26 Left to right, front row: Logan, Ratcliffe, Nichols, Slhumway, Coach Partigan. Back row: Green, Marsland, W., Gleason, Newell, Lewis, Conley. VARSITY BASKETBALL TEAM The 1950-1951 Basketball season was made an automatic success in spite of a 7 won , 8 loss, record when the varsity downed Harley 5 3-51 in overtime on the last day of the season. The team showed potential power earlier in the season, but could not seem to put together a winning combination as they finished fourth in CUPS League competition. The mid-season departure of Coach Carl Andrews was a jolt to the team, but under the capable direction of Tony Partigan, they finished the campaign with a respectable record. Theoretically, next year's team should be one of the strongest in the history of the School as only Captain-elect lim Gleason, Ed Conley, and Iohn Ratcliffe are lost through graduation. Left to right, front row: Coach DuPre, Logan, Mees, Barrett, Hamilton, Baltzer, Coach Partigan. Back row: Gipner, Dunn, Marshuetz, Shedd, Street, Green, Fennyvessy. JV BASKETBALL TEAM Here is a group of boys who deserve much more credit than they get. Playing their game before the varsity they sometimes go almost unnoticed, but even so they are trying all the time. This year saw Allendale's IV team go undefeated in CUPS League competition and compile a good, solid, overall record. Coach David LuPre's smooth-working combination included Robin Barrett, Gordon Shedd, Tom Mees, Iohn Logan, and Bill Hamilton, with Pete Baltzer, Carl Fennyvessy, Ioe Green, Iohn Street, Bill Marshuetz, Dave Dunn, and Iohn Gipner in the important reserve role. Left to right, front row: Frost, Shiro, DeLaCour, Palmer, Roby, Schumacher, Reynolds. Back row: Coach DuPre,, McQuilkin, Gordon, F., Clark, Taylor, Gordon, W., Whitaker, Tate, Mgr. THIRD TEAM BASKETBALL Allendale 44 Industry 30 Allendale 30 Park 37 Allendale 22 Nichols 50 Allendale 28 Alumni 24 Allendale 42 Industry 40 Allendale 45 Park 58 Allendale 34 Lakemonl 37 Allendale 50 Pebble Hill 23 Allendale 44 Lakemont 55 Allendale 38 Harley 50 Allendale 64 Pebble Hill 36 Allendale 43 Nichols 75 Rochester Allendale 41 School for Deaf 65 Allendale 53 Harley 51 578 631 Left to right, front row: Schumacher, Sproat, A., Hill, Likly, Greppin, Sproat, D., Faragher, Holtz, Cox, Rusling. Back row: Coach Smith, Troup, McGucken, Lima, Huther. SKI SQUAD This year as in many recent years, the ski squad has done almost every- thing but ski. Very seldom were the weather conditions such as to permit a good day's outing on the slopes. Under the guidance of Mr. I. L. G. Smith, the squad made use of their non-skiing time by invading the gymnasium or play- ing touch football. Left to right, front row: Ratcliffe, Killip, Barrett, Dickason, Ernest, Conley, Kerr, Gleason. Middle row: Coach Smith, Newell, Schumacher, Gipner, Nichols, Lewis, Sproat, Mgr. Back row: Baltzer, Shumway, Marsland. VARSITY BASEBALL TEAM As this yearbook goes to press the baseball season is not yet completed. It appears, however, that the team will compile one of the School's most out- standing records. The list now shows seven wins against two defeats, including four wins and one loss in CUPS League competition. If the squad continues to play as it has the prospects of gaining our first CUPS League championship are excellent. Eight seniors will be lost from next year's squad as graduation takes out- fielders Iim Kerr, Robin Barrett, and Colie Killip, infielder Iohn Ratcliffe, pitcher-infielder Dave Dickason, pitchers Iim Gleason and Captain lack Ernest, and catcher Ed Conley. Coach Gorham Smith is expecting a successful season again next year as several key players will be returning and reserves coming up. Left to right, front row: Shiro, Schumacher, Likly, Palmer. Middle row: Whitaker, Faragher, Greppin, Cox, DeLaCour, Frost, Roby, Tate, Rusling, Green. Back row: McQuilkin, Marshuetz, McGucken, Cl-ark, Coach DuPre, Taylor, Pierce, Street, Gordon, W., Fitch, Mgr. SECOND TEAM BASEBALL BASEBALL SCHEDULE Industry at Allendale Pebble Hill at Allendale Park School at Buffalo Pebble Hill at Syracuse Nichols at Allendale Lakemont at Allendale Harley at Allendale School of the Deaf at Allendale Industry at Industry Lakemont at Lakemont Harley at Harley Left to right, front row: Troup, Dunn, Anderson, Hamilton, Hill, Sproat, Mees, Marsland. Back row: Robinson, Wallace, Clark, Lima, Logan, Coach Holbrook, Hartman, Winchell, Kavanagh, Holtz, Huther, Mgr. TRACK TEAM In its second year at Allendale, track is well on its way in becoming a major sport here. The boys are taking a real interest and the squad has increased enormously over last year in both size and ability. Three meets were held this year, at Brighton, at Fairport, and the annual CUPS League meet at Allendale. The CUPS League meet saw the Blue and White narrowly edged out by Park in a thrilling finish, but the performance of the boys was a magnificent one and was full of promise for next year's squad. Left to right: George Nichols, George Kavanagh. MOHAWK AND APACHE CLUBS Under the leadership of George Kavanagh, the Apaches this year defeated George Nichol's Mohawks in a battle down to the final gun. The teams, each make up of Hfty percent of the school, staged the most dramatic climax in the history of the annual competition. The Apaches easily won the football series, but lost in basketball to their aroused opponents. With everything riding on the baseball games, the teams played to a scoreless deadlock in the varsity contest, but by virtue of the second squad game the Apaches were champions. NIISUEHANY INTENDED PROFESSION: Politician, big business man FAVORITE COLLEGE: East Slippery Rock State Iunior Teacher's College of Polytechnic Forestry FAVORITE SUBSTITUTE FOR SCOTCH: Lemon extract, wizard Wick FAVORITE SPORT: Partigan, Buffalo track meets FAVORITE CLUB: Conley FAVORITE COURSE: History MOST POPULAR MASTER: Uncle Nick GIRL WITH WHOM YOU WOULD LIKE TO SPEND VACATION: Still Angie FAVORITE IALOPY: Sproat's whirlaway FAVORITE LOCAL ESTABLISHMENT: Golden Grill, Orchidets FAVORITE ACTOR: Duke FAVORITE ACTRESS: Faith, Mulford again FAVORITE CONVENTION: History class FAVORITE INVENTION: Press rooms MOST SPECTACULAR EVENT OF THE YEAR: The Crow's Nest FAVORITE APPROACH: Innocent, ear-nibbling, tornado WHAT I WOULD RUN A MILE FOR: A Clavus WHAT I WOULD RUN A MILE FROM: Partigan's cigars MOST IMPRESSED WITH ALLENDALE: Mr. Webster MOST DEPRESSED WITH ALLENDALE: Hartman FAVORITE SCHOOL: Mrs. Shedd's , ...Q I . Q ll f + 1 lfgfffb FQ UP 'PHE CREEK Sept. 9-Parent-faculty cleanup day 5 hot air used in cleaning. Sept. I3-School opens 8:40. Sept. 14-Conley shifts to quarter- back. Quarterback sneaks be- gin. Sept. 20-Flies attack en masseg Ernest hibernates. Oct. 7-Alfred begins subversive activities. Oct. 9-Football team ailingg must be Nichols again. Oct. 21-Creeper shuns tennis balls, it's dice this year. Nov. 4-Alfred still subversive. Nov. 29-School out of footballsg Shedd suggests golf. Dec. I5-Christmas Breakfastg Conley eats himself under the table. Dec. I5-Christmas vacation be- ginsg likewise lost weekends. Dec. 31-Alfred's party a success, where's Don? Ian. 7-Bridge clubs cease. Ian. 24-DUkC is featured at the Clover. Ian. 25-Duke can't feature it. Feb. 7-Winchell gets a "BQ" typographical error? Feb. zo-Alumni complain at varsity game g there's a referee. March 2-GlC3SOD,S pants locked up. March 4-Shedd a la Valentino. March 30-Clavus deadline. April 2-Work on Clavus doesn't begin. April I4-Sproat comes out in the openg it's Acheson. May 5-Shedd bothered by sun. May 22-News from all colleges has arrived, ugh! Iune I4-Senior Dance and a broken corkscrew. Iune 15-Commencement, where's Kavanagh P XQRWT TT E -..3 W V PATRUN f Z O U R H X1 HKS EET' AUVX E LJ E V.,w ,,... ADVERTISEMENTS g al --A! 4 mmf, - QM? Mineral- Free GAS OLI N E COSTS LESS BECAUSE IT GIVES MORE POWER MORE MILEAGE TER GALLON HUB OIL COMPANY GE .fee 0515 ROCHESTER DISTRIBUTORS Visi+ The Fines+ Pasfry Shop In Roches+er WEDDING CAKES ICE CREAM and SHERBET HERMAN'S PASTRY SHOP Complimenis of MCCONNELUS ICE CREAM STORE Complimenis of BURDETTS PITTSFORD, N. Y. C I' Herman S+orrer, Prop. omillfmems Monroe 6056 F. P. I8I6-20 EAST AVENUE Pi++sFord Rochesfer, N. Y. CompIimen'I's of Open 8 A. M. fo I0 P. M. Sundays II A. M. +o 8 P. M. 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Bareham, 1386 Creek Street, Webster Robert H. Barrett, Woodbine, Maryland D. M. Beach, Ir., 4044 East Avenue I. M. Biggs, 1070 Harvard Street C. P. Bilhorn, 880 Highland Avenue R. E. Cherne, 2500 Elmwood Avenue H. K. Clark, 7 Far View Hill H. W. Clune, Scottsville, N. Y. E. I. Conley, 55 Audubon Street W. I. Conley, 830 Crittenden Road Butler Cox, 592 Allens Creek Road I. Davie, 146 East Brook Road, Pittsford I. C. DeLaC0ur, 1 Meadow Lane G. D. Dickason, I6O Elmwood Hill Lane C. T. DePuy, IQQO Clover Street C. B. Dorsey, 214 Croydon Road M. L. Dunn, Mendon, N. Y. I. F. Ernest, Harwood Lane, East Rochester Ralph Evans, 431 Thomas Avenue D. Q. Faragher, 22 Buckingham Street L. L. Farnsworth, 132 Shoreham Drive Carol Fenyvessy, 560 Rock Beach Road C. E. Fitch, 265 Yarmouth Road W. I. Frost, II Portsmouth Terrace G. G. Gardner, Victor-Mendon Road, Victor F. W. Geib, 1100 Park Avenue I. F. Gipner, 170 Ambassador Drive L. C. Gleason, 25 Stoneham Road M. H. Goldman, 2 Pelham Road F. H. Gordon, Ir., 380 Ambassador Drive W. W. Gordon, 110 Elm Drive I. H. Gorman, 305 Castlebar Road Dr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. I. H. Green, 87 Grosvenor Road E. H. Greppin, 20 Mayflower Drive Mrs. Barbara Greppin, 78 Chelmsford Road Mrs. Esther R. Hammond, 21 Buckingham Street Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. Gardner Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. Dr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. and Mrs. Mr. Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. Mr. Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. Mr. Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. and Mrs. Edward Harris, Ir., 1496 Clover Street Ioseph Harris, 3oo San Gabriel Drive W. I. Hartmann, 825 Allens Creek Road T. H. Hawks, 167 Council Rock Avenue Alan O. Hickok, Clark Road, Peniield W. R. Hill, 9 Church Street, Scottsville W. F. Hamilton, 249 Dartmouth Street I. H. Holahan, 130 Edgeview Lane Lou Holtz, West Iefferson Road, Pittsford A. M. R. Hughes, 350 Ambassador Drive G. T. Huther, I66O Lake Road, Webster Kavanagh, 8 Lilac Drive Thomas P. Kenny, 49 Fairhaven Road S. G. Kerr, 325 Troy Road T. Killip, 139 Edgeview Lane F. R. Knight, Ir., Golf Avenue, Pittsford M. H. Lewis, 269 Milburn Street H. K. Likly, 211 Penfield Road T. I. Lima, 20 Durham Street V. W. Logan, 115 Stoneybrook Road L. A. G. Marshuetz, 143 Maywood Avenue G. McGucken, I7 Beckwith Terrace W. W. McQuilkin, 777 Allens Creek Road G. C. Mees, 281 Grosvenor Road N. R. Milella, 427 Rockingham Street E. F. Miller, 164 Croydon Road H. L. Mills, 125 Golfside Parkway I. S. Molinet, 175 Dartmouth Street W. H. Morris, 262 Shoreham Drive H. H. Morse, 4352 St. Paul Boulevard W. W. Murphy, 415 Yarmouth Road E. D. Marsland, 3070 East Lake Road, Livonia Mr. Mr. Mr. Mr. Mr. Mr. Mr. Mrs. Dr. Mr. V Mr. Mr. Mr. Mr. Mr. Mr. Mrs. Mr. Mr. Mr. Mr. Mr. Mr. Mr. Mr. Mr. Mr. Mr. Mr. Mr. Mr. Mr. Mrs. Mr. Dr. Mr. and Mrs. and Mrs. and Mrs. and Mrs and Mrs. and Mrs and Mrs and Mrs. and Mrs and Mrs. and Mrs and Mrs and Mrs and Mrs. and Mrs and Mrs and Mrs. and Mrs and Mrs and Mrs. and Mrs. and Mrs and Mrs and Mrs and Mrs and Mrs and Mrs T. S. Newell, 26 Buckingham Street G. D. Nichols, 148 Newcastle Road W. S. Nottingham, 194 Grosvenor Road K. C. Oberle, 50 Golfside Parkway Iack C. Palmer, 22 N. Main Street, Pittsford and Mrs. T. F. Pevear, 231 Georgian Court Road and Mrs. E. N. Phillips, 4370 East Avenue Madison W. Pierce, 78 Trevor Court Road P. W. Preu, Knollwood Drive F. A. Ratcliffe, 268 Castlebar Road H. C. Reynolds, 132 Warwick Avenue A. H. Robinson, 399 Sagamore Drive W. S. Roby, 248 Landing Road, S. L. I. Rusling, Huntington Hills H. A. Schumacher, 3121 East Avenue P. A. Schwartz, Victor-Mendon Center Road, Honeoye Falls Katharine Q. Shedd, 533 Allens Creek Road F. R. Shumway, 375 Ambassador Drive B. P. Shiro, 140 Edgeview Lane A. P. Smith, 1516 Lake Road, Webster W. H. Smith, 230 Commodore Parkway G. A. Sproat, 61 Pelham Road H. H. Stebbins, III, 516 Allens Creek Road I. P. Street, 1oo Edgeview Lane K. M G. H M. D. L. F. L. Tate, Wisner Road Taylor, Ir., 164 Roosevelt Road E. Troup, 164 Chelmsford Road O. Wallace, Knollwood Drive Watson, 4016 East Avenue B. Webster, Canandaigua Street, Palmyra R. Weis, 481 Hillside Avenue S. Welsh, Ir., 3 Shelwood Drive H. deWerth, 541 University Avenue and Mrs. G. C. Whitaker, 75 Grosvenor Road and Mrs. A. V. Winchell, 40 Meigs Street and Mrs. W. C. Zahrndt, 191 Trevor Court Road ' -uf... H 4 K new In wif H ' ,if iv ij,'j?.ETg.Q ' .A if . J ,z N . r 5 ' ,,, 1 1 if-.gli f ,vg,'a.-1,-,r -: - , ,. , . ,, I .g,'..A .4.' ..:,.'.tk ., ws.: i . Q , .mljipf,,.W.T,f:.5-.75 K Siva., Q... 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Suggestions in the Allendale Columbia High School - Clavus Yearbook (Rochester, NY) collection:

Allendale Columbia High School - Clavus Yearbook (Rochester, NY) online yearbook collection, 1948 Edition, Page 1


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Allendale Columbia High School - Clavus Yearbook (Rochester, NY) online yearbook collection, 1954 Edition, Page 1


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