Allen Township Centralized School - Dixie Yearbook (Van Buren, OH)

 - Class of 1925

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Superintendent li C. Copeland We, the Senior Class of '25, dedirate this annual to our beloved Superintendent, in recognition of hixifour years sojourn here with the L'las.v,' his hard work for the .VCh0Ul,ll71li his undi- -vided friendship for all--. Foreword As the Shepherds of old gath- ered up their flocks and put them in the fold for safe keep- ing, We the Senior class have gathered together the treasured memories of our school days and stored them in the following pages of the "Dixie, for safe keeping against the ravages of forgetfulness. Our task is done. We offer you the book. SENIORS. Einar' .. fa: iiiiiiiiiiiii :: 6 :: n ll ll Q Q an ll D H593 lvl: ll Il ii Il ll Il ll n ll II II nn ll II II :I Vljublished hy the Il ' :: II Senior Class :I Il Ei ofrhe I: Allen Township High School Il -- :: Il ,, :: -I ll II ll ll ll 5 :zzz-ezzeezssseeeeeseeeeiflilp IQ25 Allen Township Centralized School Board of Education NEWMAN, Prexidenr J. A. AULT, Virr Prfavirlmzl L. VV. BAK ER j. S. XV1N1z1.AN1J IC. M. BUCKLAND G. VV. CONNELL, Clerk 4-.. -ff - 1-17.-.-fin Af,,,, - .., , .-.-, f-. -- -. - -.. , 4' If 1, I. IE IU 7' CJ ll? Fw' S II I I' CI If IN' 7' Ii .J IL I Qi h'ID S 62 II C7 C7 IL -- 1 9 Z 5 -1--W A--- .Y .-.Q .-.-M - ...-.-...... . 1-.. W---.-A . . .L-.T 7-f - - -:A+ w W 4 , N v C 1 Q. LOPIZLATXD, B. S. AND B. C. U. PAUL R. PUSH, B. S. LHEM. E. A S?peri11ten1Inil I prinripal Ohio Aorthern Lniverslty Ohio Northern University Ohio State University ZETTA BAKER, A. B. , G. E. CHRONIC Oberlin College Illinois State Normal Ohio University Ohio State -.f ---- ... --T:--f-f :--f- - li-.4 ,F , ...YW , Seven ALLEN TOPVNSHIP CENTRALIZED SCHOOL-19 -r---f V V V VV -VV V V, . vlc VVALKER VV. BAKER Purdue University Ohio State Q RUTH MCKINNIE Ohio State University B. SC. ELIZABETH PRIDDY, A. B XVel1s College Penn. College Eight , ,,,, , - "wi- ALLEN TOPVNSHIP CENTRALIZED SCHOOL-1925 -1--sf f YY , - - - Y Y .Ya ----Y' - ' ' ' 7-'W' , 14. Nine ---f-r LE N TOPVNSHI P CENTRAILI ZED SCHO K sk 1 'P II . 1 N lf , fl fx -.gav"""f1..- A QBQ 't x I P IO, ' wx -m .QQRQQQQ ' 1 d 56 '?1 :Q gg :-Q' W :B :E :S f f: QE :v ' x I Ea .1 x 5? ,1- Fvi ts 5: ea. Ag E-HLEIDS SQEOS 'lx A IFQS' .644 y. - 1, Xvllgi' 9 4- Yfrr - ---f --f-f--f-MM -f -x- LEN TOWZVSHIP CENTRALIZED SCHOOL-1925 4. , W, - ., , f .A -f-.- - f-f-f-f- , r , e ,-.-4. EMELINE KEMPHER--Peggy Glee Cluvb, 45 Orchestra. 2, 3, 43 Allen. "She says she will be an artist. She has made a good start," VERNARD DAILEYTPdf Football, 4, Basketball, 43 Baseball, 3, 4, Allen: Editor in Chief of Dixie, "He is good and he is bad, always jolly and never sad," GEORGIA CONAWAY-.10 Glee Club. 2, 3, 4, Allen, Senior Play. "Just a mighty good scout." DONALD BURRELL-Shorty Basketball, -43 Baseball, 2, 3, -lg Philo, K'l3,SS Play, 4. "I know him by his gait, he is il friend." EVELYN ARCHER-Duclzie Allen. "God made her small in order to do a more choice piece of handiwork." CULVER Goksucx-x Capt., Football, 2, 3, 4, Capt. -lg Basket- ball, 2, 3, 4, Track, 3, 4, President of Class, 2, 3, 4, Class Play, 3, 4, President Allen Literary. "All great men are dead and I'm not feelin!-L' well myself." HATT1E HUFFMAN-Happie Basketlball, 1, 2, 3, 45 1-'hilog Class Play, 3, 4g Orchestra, 2, 3, 45 Glee Club, 1, 2, 3, 4. "A peach in basketball, a teaser of an violin, and a sunny smile. This is Happief' Vmcu. DOVE-Toy Football, 2, 3, 4, Basketball, 1, 2, Cl, 45 Baseball, 2, 3, 4g Glee Club, 2, 3, Class Play, 3, 43 Allen. "In, argument few own his skill, for even though vanquished he could argue still." ALICE WITHROW-Al Philo. "She wears a smile what never wears off." .9 ,J ,.,., -.-V f f- if :W 4- - - - 1 14. Eleven -1- -ff---r ALLEN TOPVNSHIP CENTRALIZED SCHOOL-1925 4-.-.- - , .-.-:-- 1 - , - ,, , , f W..-, --,f- V V - -- - - --1. GERTRUDE MITCHELL-JHfl? Philo, Glee Club, 2, 3, 49 Class Play, -33 Orchestra, 3. "I love but one. I dan love no other just now." MARGARET WERNER'-'lllllggif Allen. "You can depend on her for every duty." KATHRYN HUN'1'lNG1'0N-D0llie Philo: Class Play, 3, 4. 'Fair of face and full of grace." KENNETH MOORHEAD-Kenny -Football, 2, 3, 43 Basketball. 45 Allen. "Slow but steady, he is sure to get there." JESSIE ZE1G1.ER Philo: Class Play, 4. "A mind of your own is worth two of your neighbors," MARION INBODY-Peabody Allen: Baseball, 2, 3, -lg Class Play, 2: Glee Club, 2, 3. 4: Orchestra, 2, 3, 4. itlglusic washes away the lust of everyday 1 e.' CATHRINE Kooks Philo. "She spoke not a Word that was not nec- essaryf' KENNETH HARTMAN-K?ll7lj' Football, 2, 3, 45 Basketball, 3, 43 Or- chestra, 2. 3, 4: Track lg Class Play, -lg Baseball, 1, 2, 3, 45 Allen. "Just as bad as tlhe rest of the class." CONSTANCE DUFFIELD--C0071y , Allen: Class Play, 45 Staff. l "She's blithe, and she's bonnie, she's good l and she's fair." i l -I..-.4 - . -- :f f:Y-- Af-A-11:-f --1 -Z.. f--4-M - f-A - ,.g. Twelve , ,, WW, .-. LEN TOWZVSHIP CENTRAILIZED SCHOOL-1925 -1- - fe A-We A ,Y'- ev - A -ma- RUTH HART-Jimmy ?hi1log Class Play, 3, 45 Glec Club, 1, 2, "She always does her duty cheerfully." LUcn.1.E SCARR-Hinkie Philo: Class Play, 4. "Cutest little girl anybody knows," fXURA BARND-Billie Philo, Class Playg Glee Club, 2, 3, 4. "Hard work and plenty of it brings success." Duvuos ABBOTTTDEIIL' Football, 1, 2, 3, 4: Philo: Track, 3, 4: Basketball, 3, 45 Class Play, 4, "He mixed wisdom with pleasure, and rea- son with mirth." FERN THOMAS-Funny Allen, Basketball, 1, 2, 3, 4, Capt. 43 Track, 2, 3, 4: Glee Club, 1, -2, 3, 4, Class Play, 3, 4, Class Valedictorian. "I have never heard of men before, mother, what are they like?" LEROY TROUT-Springtime Football, 1, 2, 3, 4, Basketball, 1, 2, 3, 45 Capt. 45 Allen. "I cannot check my girlish blush, my color comes and goes: I redden even to my ears, and sometimes to my nose." CAROLINE KING-Dot Allen. "I am devoted to study. Books are my worthy companions." NOAII SPITLER1Mik6 Foot-ball, 2, 3, 45 Class Play, 3, 43 Base- ball, 2, 3. "The hearty grasp, the honest gaze, the voice that means the things it says." i' -:fe --. , --, , - ff: - --eq. Thirteen g........., , ,JLLI-'Y TOIVNSHII' CENTRJLIZED SCH 9 'l"-'-- - ----- - -1 f V - -- ---VVV 7.7-17:7-f --. , -l:,, 1 - -,,,, ,,,, , , The Senior Class History Have you heard of the remarkable Freshman class That entered in the fall of twenty-one ln such an awkward way, Then all of a sudden, it-Ah. but stay, l'll tell you what happened without delay, XVorrying the professors into Hts, lfrightening the classes out of their wits- llave you ever heard of that l say? Nineteen hundred and twenty--two, lVe were Sophomores, as every one knew, No drowsy drones in this class of ours For we were husp all the hours, The other classes saw us go round. And closely watched us with a frown YVe left them without a 'lLaurel" to their crown. lt was on the twenty-fifth of May' That the Sophomores finished their relay. Fourth of September-the beginning day- XVe took up our books, and left our play, 'Twas the only chance to make our grades, The instructors were just as strong as their will. And always kept the assembly room still. One class was just as strong as the restg But they fell before our strong agress And thus we soon won out. The fifteenth of May' in twenty-five The Senior class will take a drive, Now lower classmen get out of the way Here comes the Senior class for the last' relay. Drawn by ambition and pep, lfach carefully planning his next step And hoping for success and health ln this fair world of ours. This is the end of the Senior Class. Logic is Logic, That's all we say. -VIRLPIL Dove 2 5? v. 'W' tp.--, Wei: L, ...-...,.,.-1, , .f- ,,,e a 4. lfrmrteezi -1- . . . 1- JLLEN TOWNSHIP CENTRAILIZED SCHOOL-1925 efq. +-.- .Y . . Y, The Heralding of the Seniors The sun was radiantly smiling upon Van Buren, as I was busily recalling old times with my friend on the veranda. Suddenly she called my attention to the names of Fern Thomas and Culver Gorsuch, who had recently introduced a bill on the reg' ulation of traffic for airplanes. Later our conversation drifted to the activities of the Van Buren school. Georgia was successfully teaching vocal music. Marian, a lonely bachelor, had established a record as a music teacher, Margaret VVerner was an efficient Smith Hughes Home Economic teacher. Hattie was a competent suc- cessor of Miss Baker as a teacher of foreign languages, while Kenneth Hartman was progressing in the ministry at the United Brethren church in Van Buren. "VVe must go to Findlay next VVednesday, all day, and attend the Redpath Chau- tauqua and hear our old friend. Kenneth Moorehead sing in the forenoon, then we must go to the 'Jiffy Beauty Parlor,' and chat with the managers, Jessie and Cathryn Koons," exclaimed my friend. "Indeed, we must visit them, and also I received fl letter from my old pal, Kathryn Huntington, who has succeeded Mary Pickford in Hollywood, California, and, by the way, did Ruth and Alice become nurses?" "Yes, and very successful ones, too," she said. "Did you know Deyous was a dancing instructor at Findlay, and Donald is taking the place of his uncle, Doctor Hartman ?" "Really," was my answer, "and, Vernard an author, VVhere is Lucille?" "Oh, Lucille is an elocution teacher at Detroit, and Vernard's book of 'Onward To Success,' is popular. You know that was our class motto. Also my friend Evelyn is a teacher in North Baltimore." VVe planned a trip for the afternoon. As it was getting rather late, we started her stubborn airplane and finally flew towards the home of Aura, where we were introduced to her husband, and were cordially entertained by them. She informed us that Virgil was a Civil Service detective, while Noah was a strict Mayor of McComb. "Gertrude is now living in Michigan, and is prospering on a farm," she added. My friend then picked up the Morning Republican and showed me the cartoon of the "Gumps," andto my surprise the name of LeRoy Trout was signed to it. "VVhere is our sponsor, Mr, Pugh," I demanded. "Haven't you heard?" exclaimed Aura. "He is the State Superintendent and Constance is his faithful private Secretary." Vi'e continued our visit, then my friend and 1 flew back home discussing happy school days. OUX' "ARE VVE PROUD OF OUR CLASS?" "WELL I SHOULD SAY VVE ARE!" -CAROLYN KING -EMELINE KEMPHER CLA SS VVe, being the class of Twenty-Five Have a few more words to say Before leaving this school forever And going upon life's way. Oh, colors of Olll' Senior class Colors so white and so blue Cherished by true hearted classmates To these may we ever be true. Our motto now we take in turn "Onward to Success," you can see lt is that we have ever kept in mind Our guide it always shall be. OF '25 And you, our lower classrnen who have aided us on our way And made the journey so pleasant Many tributes to you we pay. Teachers of our high school days VVho have always been so dear 'Tis you who have helped us our knowl- edge to gain, And kept us in good cheer. Hut now 'tis time for a long farewell May we meet again sometime In Memories of our old schooldays May we ever keep in mind, -By Alice Witherow. 4.. . .4 .f. . 4- Fifteen -1- mf' H -fa- JLLEN TOIVNSHIP CENTRALIZED SCHOOL-l9 'I'-----H --7 ---VV --V Y , , , , f, .Y --. , , , , ,, ,, ,-. , juniors First row, left to rightfllohn Delo, Clair Hess, Esther Conaway, Francis Overholt, Jessie Paterson, Susie DeRouVer, Dallas Space, Glenn Koons. Sevond row: SUIJI, J. C. Copeland, Donald Huffman, Margaret Mackey, Harold Trout, Elsie Dove, Robert Copeland, Elizabeth Fisher, Prof. G. E. Chronic. Third row: Goldie Lewis, Genevieve Carr, Martha Locey, Martha Reed, Velma Poe. Last row: Dennis Gary, Paul Mellott. Urial Elder, Eugene Franks, Ralph Decker. OFFICERS DAl,l,AS SPACE - Prexidenl RQBIQRT COPELAND - Vire Prexident lVIARTHA LOCEY Seurelary-Treasurer qu..-, 1 , Y.YW, -Y YY Y , Sixteen q.-- Y., ,, , V We 777.7 Y ,,,4 K W., . . . ,H , . - . . , -....g. QILLEN TOPVNSHIP CENTRALIZED SCHOOL--1925 -i---W . . . .-' W.-. W . - - , ... .-...,., .., . ...... . . . , - - -.H+ History of the Junior Class VVhen two years ago last September, we, as the class of '26, entered A, T. H. S., we were conspicuous in our verdancy. However at the combined initiation and reception given us by the upperclassmen, a great deal of the greenness was worn off. An excellent standard was set early in our career, both in class work and in athletics. Our boys established a reputation for the class by the ability which they displayed on the football field, four of them obtaining first team letters through their valliant efforts. The high school chorus could not possibly have been a success without us. even though our voices were instrumental in the production of more tone than tune. The orchestra, likewise. received a goodly percent of its players from the Fresh- man class. Although we were unable to win the interclass contest, the reading from our class placed first and represented our school in the county oratorical contest. However we carried off the honors at the interclass track meet, and many from the Freshman class participated in the annual Field Day at Findlay. Then came the last day of school and we were no longer Freshmen, but Sophomores. Our Sophomore year had in store for us even greater honors than the previous one had held. On the gridiron our boys surpassed all past records. Five members of the girls basketball team came from the Sophomore class. lvloreover, five of our boys were awarded first team basketball letters. XVe ran the Seniors a close race for the interclass contest cup, but finally decided to be content with second place. Again our class was well represented at the Field Meet. The termination of our second year found us with still greater ambitions for the year that was to come. At the close of our much deserved vacation, we gathered again in the glorious halls of our dear old A. T. H. S. In addition to living up to the reputation we had created for ourselves in athletics, we have shown our remarkable dramatic ability in the presentation of the class play entitled l'Am I lntruding?y' which was given February 12, 1925. TVith careful preparation we were able this year to win the interclass contest, three of our participants placing Hrst and two second. Plans are now being made for the banquet which we intend to give soon in honor of the Seniors. Although our achievements have been many, and our successes have been marked, still what we have done is as nothing compared with what we hope to do, so look out for us next year. --MARTHA REED 4...-f Y . 71, .,:.,.,.,..-----. - 1 -r s , , a , ,irq Seventeen 40... - f -W 4. JLLEN TOPVNSHIP CENTRALIZED SCHOOL-19 q-.-.-- , ...W ,,-.,,,., , ,Y V ..........,,: .. ..,,,, , Y hz:-f ,, , 4. Sophomores First row, right to left: Trevnlyn Abbott, Maxwell Richmond. Nellie Pearson, Joy Poole, Margaret Gordon, Verda Goodman, Clarence Trautmzmn. Seleonfl row: Prof. Baker, Blond Amos, Henry lbellodes, Etta Kempher, Edna Geopple, Ruthannzt Brinknmn, Clair lflzmnzigzm, Charles llillingsly, Prof. Copeland. 'Fhirrl row: Harold Daniels, Paul Louer, Vmgio liurman, Pauline Haney, Gershom Poole, Donald Dillon, Kenneth Dilts, Lust row: Serge Paine, Inez NYittenmyer, liaurhel Cornwell, lllargztret Stitt, Raymond Norris. OFFICERS RAQHI51, QJORNVVIZLL - - Presidrut GIZRSHOM Pooua Vin President RAYMOND NORRIS Serretary-Treasurer 4..-- , ,.:,- .Y -. - ---: ,L , ,Q - q. Eiyhieen , -..,,,,-....,, , , , , ,, , , , ALLEN TOWNSHIP CENTRALIZED SCHOOL-1925 .g.,,,, -1--- V. ,W 7 , .aa- The Sophomore Classil-listory The class of '27 has been asked to reveal its High School history which is very brief. for only two short years have been spent with the higher classmen. ln this time many things happened, some great-some small. Since we were duly initiated into high school, we have taken part in different school activities. A number of our boys have given the best of their ability in helping the football team win the county championshipg several entered basketball, baseball and track. Few of the girls played basketball and only one proved efficient. But basketball was not the end of our sporting career, for twice as many practiced track. Many of our members have taken advantage of the opportunities offered in elocution and music during the Freshman and Sophomore years. As a result, our class is well represented in the school orchestra of which every one is proud. VVe all looked forward to the Interclass Contest in the hope of winning. No, we did not win. although the Contestants did their best. Gershom Poole won first place on his oration and represented our school in the county oratorical contest. Our class has greatly decreased in number, but has increased in knowledge. Some day we will be Seniors. Time is rapidly Flying. Watch our class Hy too! Nut to destruction, but to the seats by the window that we may take our turn looking into the outdoor world. All of us have a desire to complete our High School educationg and we willl --MARGA RET S'I'I'I'T ..,, : , ,,,, r - .gyms :gf 'Pe' - -1- Nineteen . A e --4. 4..--.--.-.--..-.-.-..:,:,.. -1 ,Y-1 ,, .-, , .,.,- ,.. ----...... - A.:-.,,,,..,,-... O1 1025 ALLEN TOPVNSHIP C1iNTRJLIZ1iD SCHO ,- 'I' ------------- ---1- -.-.--.-........-.............- ., .....-... .. -g-- ....-.-.-..-.----.------- 'I' Freshmen First row, left to right: Howard Pew. George Franks, Martin lienediclt, Robert Uhl, Mable Ovary, 1jF'2ll'1 Huffmzxn. Kathryn Holme-rts, Julia Todd, Gladys Overy, Blum-he lieeson, Georegef Stull, Grave Lewis. Sevund row: Orvzxl Vermillion, Ricimrrl lirunlc, XVilliurd Ault, llnlverL Ilec-zlmp, Vera Pierce, Fllsie Goodnmn, Evelyn Hee-sun, Charles Anderson, Mary Miller, Miss linker, Third row: Zelmu Gm-rell, Hazel Norris, Robert Us-lu, Elezxnore Poole, Lemza Uverhult, 'Mary Ellen Gallant. Stanley Huntington. Germrgin llurman, Urln Hurrell. Last row: Mary Mellott, Paul Huffman, Rudolph Fisher, Andrew Gzwy, Earl Hosmun, Laura Overhult. OFFICERS PAUL HUFFMAQH l'resI11w1z Q . ANDREW GARY r Vive l'r1'yidw11 ELEANORE POOLE Smvrtary-Treasurer -!-- Y Y Y -, . -.YW YVf.Y Y --.-W, Y------ Y- -...... , Y, 4. Twfnty 1 --f -..-4. .,..... - ,,-W .............-M , .,.-.Y ... . ....-....., . .......-. - - --------- .-- JLLEX TOPl'XSHIl' C1i.X'TR.lLlZliD SCHOOL-1925 4,--,.,. .,Y, -,,..,..Y-,..,.Y. . V.. --.. .,-,.,-,.... . .W-. Y - .W .W----fb 1-1--1----4. History of the Class of 1928 Hustle up! Beat em alll Stop. think and study. 'llhatls the spirit felt by each Freshman of the Allen Township Centralized School. VVe are called Fresbies and greenies, but we don't mind, for do not green trees and green grass glow taster than old. dry. decayed matter? lVe came into High School in September. as a class of thirty-seven pupils. During the year four have moved from the district or discontinued their education while only one other has been enrolled to take their places, leaving thirty-four prospective Sophomores. At the annual Freshman reception which was held in September in the school auditorium. we were initiated and welcomed into High School to take up our share of the responsibilities of work andpleasure, which make High School life. 'When the Football season opened we sent tive boys to the field: YVilliard Ault, Howa tl Poe. Robert Delo, Kenneth Kxihlman and Paul Huffman. lfach one made a good showing and helped to close the season as County Champions. 'l'hrce of our girls played basketball: Laura Uverholt, Iileanore Poole, and Lt-ota Overholt. Our class has tive violinists and one cornetist in the orchestra. Wie are also well represented in the Glee Clubs. At the interclass contest which is always a great event to each class. the Fresh- man made a record of which we are justly proud. lfleanore Poole won second with her readingg Robert Delo, second with a cornet solog Pearl Huffman. second with her short storyg and Howard. Poe, third with his oration. Wie hope in the coming three years to furnish many athletic stars and winners in all activities of High School life, and to make a record in class work of which we may all be proudg for that is the aim of all High School work, because. "KNUYVLlCIJGIC'l is K'POXVlCR." STAN I. lcv H U N 'ri Ncrrox Pmki. H UFFM.-xx J" f f .1 it .- - . Q' gif, '2 4.-- --1 A -A-Y .,... .,.,.... ...,...Y...- aww.- . ,W . ....4. Twenty-one ALLEN TOPVNSHIP CENTRAILIZED SCHOOL-1925 .g.-..- - - Af-W. - - - ..-. . - ,L . - - r H , , - , --4. 4. - - -- - ...L - - - - - .. - - - - ----H ---W ---.sp Editorials The old students of this school have returned. lired with new ambition, and new life, while those entering have started with that determination that is so symbolic of old V. B. OUR FOOTBALL TEAM h For years Van Buren has prayed for a football championship, and at last gained it by sheer force of will, and the untiring eltorts of Coach Chronic, But, what about next year? just because you will have a light team, is that any reason why the old school spirit cannot go on? You football men of next year, just grit your teeth, and tear into it all the harder. for practice makes perfect. and four years from now, we are expecting another championship. TO THE FUTURE STUDENTS OF V. B. VVe have new desks and seats in our schoolroom. l ask you, is it right to leave your mark of character on those desks in the form of carved images and initials? l say it is not. Those carvings may give your papers certain marks of distinction, but it surely does not add manliness. nor womanliness to the one who carved them there. OUR FACULTY VVe have one of the best High School faculties in the history of the school. Have their untiring efforts and good intentions been appreciated by us, at all times? Think this over. - --'V EIINARD DAILIC Y 4.1: 1 f .ff , f f 4. - ,ing Twenty-two 4. , fzszsei-W - -f ..i ::. f .. NW.-, - - H-rs:-:ff---: 1 - , - --...q. LEN TOPVNSHIP CENTRALIZED SCHOOL-1925 4. - - .... , ..f-1-:L - - --- f ...... - - ---:W , - - , A - 1 - - r------4. Grade Teachers PERSONNEL Bottom row, left to right: Miss Lottie Hanna, Miss Dorothy lwlelllurray, Supt. J. C. Copeland, Miss Georgiana Peffley, Miss Naomi Ault. 'Pup row: Miss Emma Adams, Mr. Ralph Sampson, Miss Lzivon Falk, Principal and Mrs. NV. A. Reed. Allen Township school has a very able corps of grade teaehers. The work is all rlepartmentalized, each teacher having special work to do. Mrs. Reed and Miss Hanna have 4-harge of the first and second grades, Miss Adams and Miss McMurray, third and Eourthg Miss Ault and Miss Peffley, fifth and sixth, and Mr. Sampson and Miss Falk seventh and eighth. All is very efficiently done. The grades have helped in several entertainments and programs, but probably the best of the year was the "Grade Uperettaf' given April 2-1, under the direction of Mrs. Houseman, assisted by Miss Falk, Miss Ault and Miss Nlclvlurray, This operetta eonsisted of two parts: "ln 21 Florist's XVimiow," and "The Queen of Hearts." e fm-f--f-fr --- Af-df-f - A-t -f-A - f f- - - - - --up ,Y , .. Y ,,,, , 1.-.,,,,.. , T-wellty-three -1- LEN T0 PVNSH1 P .Z - '- 0 Q Oeavp fy? QA' 3 . 5 f ii Hi 5 9 OL 1 -- -1- D SOHO ALIZE CENTR .-s ' " 'vm QLA gm Q :mf- - I 5-713 N' ,x vl 09' 5 .pn Twenty -four I, Q , W Zin MQ ul lllllllllllllllllitl nnlgulllll I. D. ,,,.-wifsewlluauiiigfgf E 'Q 5 Jw W ? M Lv J ' ill U 'Lg : rg 4 " as F' N 3 .:: CTU: NE X yy K I X lm I Q01 w " S , V LJ 315 4 v 'v,,,-nv ix X v H 5 ! gf :KXEQXRE-iss? , Jax A A Q .2 5 Z .ga H ' , U9 17' f off 4' 5'- .5 . IQ V 'I Iggy 'I1- - mix" 551' Snusmful Xi3""v 'llllllllllrlunllln' , ,...,.,..:,, :,,,... ... Y-, 4' -1- LLEN TOWNSHIP CENTRALIZED SCHOOL-1925 + A - f . --1-f Y - ,.,.. ...W . .... .-. . ,M ,ffm ..,......,. A 2 Right End -. Right Tackle Right Guard Center - Left Guard Left Tackle Left End - Quarter Back Left Half Right Half Full Back Lima South Hi Bluffton - Home, Vzlnlue At At At At Mt. Blanchard At Home, Rawson At Home, Arcadia At Arlington - At Home, Liberty At Mecomh - At Leipsic - Totals POSITIONS OF TEAM COACH G. li. Cukoxlc SCHEIJULIC lJ2ll K. Hartman Spitler, Ault ley, H. Trout - Dove - Delo L. Trout - Space Capt. Gorsuch Fra Om-oN 10 9 0 12 0 0 I3 7 3 6 69 nks Reichman lwoorhead - Abbott ENTS A. T. H 2 6 19 20 35 19 I4 6 39 13 173 ...-.-............-.. -......-... 4. Twenty-HW 4- --W -- --A-W . , 1-1, ,, 1-, .. , . .W-. Y V 1 --V-,H - - 1 4. LEN TOPVNSHIP CENTRALIZED SCHOOL--19 vl- r --r A- V A- f f - .WY-.. , an .. .. , -gf:-f - --1: - -- 1- Football Stop! Look! Listen! The Allen Township Football Boys, under their able coach Chronic, have for the first time in the history of our school, won the honor of county champs. They allowed only one county team to cross their line and that was the sturdy Liberty bunch. They held Lima South Hi to a score of 19-2 and Bluffton 9-6. This is llflr. Chronicls first year of coaching our football boys. His splendid coaching was made possible by the training which he received at' the O. S. U. last summer. Another reason for our splendid team, only four letter men were lost and their positions were filled by able and eager subs. Although the opening of the season was not one of victory for our squad. it did not discourage them. Their first game was with Lima South Hi. They were defeated. Then they niet Bluffton's squad whom they were able to hold to one touch-down even though they were defeated. Then they opened the county season by defeating Vanlue 19-0. From then on it was victory for our squad except with Liberty. They finished their season on top, the reward which they well earned. Beginning with the ends we have K. Hartman and Space. who were always in their place at the right time. This year ends Hartman's brilliant career. His place will be hard to be equally filled next year. Then our faithful tackles, who were always on their job, are Leroy Trout and Spitler. Both boys will graduate this year. The guards, Delo, Dailey and H. Trout. together with Dove at center formed an unbreakable line. Dailey and Dove both leave the team this year. In the back field we hav Ceapt. Gorsuch as quarter back, Abbott as full back. lwoorhead with Sub Huffman at left half. Franks and Sub Reichman as right half. These boys have played a splendid game of ball this year. Abbott and Franks crossed the goal many times, due to their plunging and spectacular open-field running. Out of our swift back field this year will be taken Capt. Gorsuch, Abbott and lVIoorhead, who are Seniors. Franks and Reichman will be here next year to make the team. The boys have chosen as their Captain for next year Dallas Space, who has well earned the position by his faithful playing. lfVe are sure that he will prove a successful leader. -FERN 'l'HoxiAs .i -WI ryfgim -N., li 11-5' ge- - viii Lf-5,1 "F 1.55 -:P r mg' C 'K-1.74 Fri- 5 4. - -- .- .:--- -.. ----f-- - -- - ,F fwfnty six LEN TOWNSHIP CENTRALIZED SCHOOL-1925 4- -Y -f f---1- Front row, left to right: Dailey, lit-Lung, fm'w:1i'rls: Drive, vents-Vg Trout, Lzuiirdg Elder, center. Back row: Burrell, furwardg Gorsuch, Abbott, guzlrdsg G. Fl, Chi-unie cum-hg Moot'- hezid, gum-dg Hztrtman, furwzxrd. SCH EUULIC AND SCORES QJPPON IQNTS VAN BUREN 5 -H Dec. 12 McComb, there ---- f ' Dee. 19 Arcadia, heie 22 13 Dec. 27 Alumni - 12 +0 jan. 9 Arlington, here 10 H jan. Z3 Vanlue, there 8 13 jan. 30 Liberty, here 23 17 Feb. 7 Portage, here H 15 Feb. 13 Mt. Cory, there - 6 15 Feb. 20 Rawson, here - 26 18 Feb. 28 County Tournament St. Michael - 12 27 Rawson - 7 8 Vanlue - - S 13 Arcadia - - ll 8 Mar. 4 Mt. Blanchard, there 5 35 Mar. 6 North Baltimore, here l-P 22 Mzir. 13 Lima Tournament St. Rose - - 27 6 Totals - - - 216 314- V , 1 ...Y .,..,..m:.-.-.-. V V r Y ---WH - i , -:-.4- Twenty-:even 4- ---- -- .- - ...Y----...fn VM- -1- JLIEN TOIIXSHIP CE,YTR.1LIZ1iD SCHOOL-192 4- .-.-.-...-..........,f: , , g , ,. ...... . ...,,. 7 ,..mmf. 7 1 ,f...f-f,...-fr-W - - -1. Boys Basketball The boys basketball team, directed by their able coach, Chronic, have furnished some stiff opposition for the other teams of the county. They showed remarkable ability and sportsmanship throughout the entire season. Only three places were to be filled when they began. but they were well filled from the many new players. The team this year. was nearly all seniors and they will be much missed next year. llove. llelong. Elder or Abbott at center did their part to get the tip-off and get the hall in the hands of their team mates. Capt. Trout, Hartman. Dailey and Burrell at forwards rolled up the scores by their baskets. Gorsuch and Nloorhead did splendid work in keeping the ball out of the hands of the opponents. All of this it-am but llelong and Eltler will graduate this year. Their first game of the season was with lVIeComb. whom they easily defeated 5--l--l. Next the fast Arcadia team defeated them by a score of 22-13. They downed the Alumni l2-lo. ln the next game the boys showed their fine fighting spirit and held Arlington to a score of lb-l-l. Although they were defeated they kept on. The Vanlue game was a hard one but they all worked together and won 8-l3. Then the fast Liberty gang defeated our boys 23-l7, Next in a hard. fast game, we held Portge 15-1-l. YVith victory still in their hearts they defeated lWt. Cory 15-6. Then Rawson turned the tables by defeating them Z6-18. Next came the tournament in which they took second place. They beat the St. Nlichael boys 27-123 Vanlue 13-83 Rawson 8-73 but lost to Arcadia in the finals only by three points. 11-8. Then we went to Mit. Blanchard and defeated them 5-35. Last they defeated North Baltimore ZZ-l-l-. Many boys played their last game. ,ft N 1ls4"'l'Vl lll .M wygse Q: 1 'mg kv if 4, ...........-.-..-.--..-..- - - .-. .-.-.-.- 1 ....-f---. -- ----- -- fe- ---- --s:-- , - 4. luenty ffiylzt 4. - - V V ---- ----- f-. , - -I' LEN TOWFVSHIP CENTR.,-JLIZED SCHOOL-1925 -1- - -Y A-.. .,..-Y , .. Y ---f- -- .- - - f -I' Front row, left to right: Lewis, c-enter, R3 Ile-erl, Poe, fU1'VN'ill'LlSQ Abbott. guard. Bar-k row: Loeey, guardg Huffman, R. venterg G. li. Chroniv, vouch, Thomas, jump- ing center: Fisher, guard. SCHEDULE AN D SCORES Dee. 12 Dec. 19 Dec. 27 Jan. 9 -lan. 23 Jan. 30 Feb. 7 Feb. 13 Feb. 20 Feb. 28 Meir. -l' Mar. 6 McComb, there - 5 Arcadia, here 7 Alumni - 7 Arlington, here l Vanlue, there -I- Liberty, here 2-1- Portage, here 5 Mt. Cory, there - 8 Rawson, here - 18 County Tournament Arcadia - - Jr McComb - - I3 Mt. Blanchard, there 9 North Baltimore, here - -l- Totals - - - 146 OPPON ENTS VAN BUREN f-f -1- Twenty-:zine +---- - - - - -r- . W..Y.Y.Y.,..- ,,,, . 4 - -:-- 4 , Y... . . ALLEN TOIVNSHIP CENTRALIZED SCHOOL-19 -1----. . . . -1. Girls Basketball The record of the Girls' Basketball team is interesting even though it is not entirely successful. Coach Chronic is to- be given much credit for the training which he gave the team. VVe started with the same team of last year with the exception of two subs who graduated and several Freshmen who carrie to join us. All of the girls are to be commended for the fine, clean spirit of sportsmanship which they showed throughout the year. Our girls were able to put up a hard struggle, but. not by rough playing, Although we received some hard humps we never sought to get revenge, but took it willingly. Only two girls will leave this year, both centers Capt. Thomas and Huffman. But their places will be well filled next year. Thomas and Huffman played fine team work in the center and succeeded in making many successful passes. Locey. Abbott and Fisher stopped the ball many times from going in the opponent's basket. Reed, Poe and Lewis showed fine pass work and put many a ball through the basket to roll up our score. Our first game was with lWcComb. Although we were not used to such a large Hoor we beat them l3-5 in a clean, hard fought game. Next we met Arcadia's and the score did her part the Alumni, 19-7. The fast team. This game was very uncertain until the final whistle blew, was 9-7 in our favor. The girls all showed fine playing spirit and each in the rough, hard struggle. During the Christmas vacation we met many of whom we used to play with. XVe easily defeated these girls. next game with Arlington was a complete victory for Van Buren. The visiting team did not get a basket. Their lone point was made by a foul. The score was 21-l. At Vanlue the girls were easily held to a score of 18-4. Next we met the fast Liberty Hi team who carried the victory, not easily won, by a score of 5-2-I-. The Van Buren team easily won over Portage 2-1--5, even though their captain was unable to play with them. Ar Mt. Cory we were defeated 6-8. The team, however, deserves credit for playing a hard game. The score at the half was 6-2 in our favor. Cory's team. however, came up in the last half and won by two baskets. The next game at Rawson was also a defeat for us. They won l8-6, but our spirits did not fall, At the tournament in a hard fought game, we downed Arcadia 4-5, but lost to McComb l3-5, thus we were barred from the finals. VVe went to Mt. Blanchard only to be defeated in a fast game. 7-9. Owing to the fact that our best forward was unable to play. the team was under some handicap. but we made the best of it. The last was the game with North Baltimore, whom we easily defeated, 27-4. Thus we closed our basketball season, which we think has not been altogether a failure. The girls have decided not to elect a permanent captain, but' each week give it to the girl who has faithfully worked the hardest. This will create more interest and we who will not be with them next year surely wish them real success. -FERN TuoMAs Y 'T 4 I 1 ww w re' -2---. . .f .W - Y. l -, -fag - .. . , 4. Thirty LEN TOPVNSHIP CENTRJLIZISD SCHOOL-1925 .. 14. ...Y . f..- , ,,- ,Y , .., , .. , Track ll1'el'1. The track season ot 24 was a successful one for both boys and girls of Van L5 They took first place by a high score in the county track meet, The school as a whole also took first place, Coach Chronic put forth every effort to produce 21 ' ' coin- Wirlflilltf team. The boys went to the Ada track meet and showed fine abil-ity peting with other teams. Both teams this year are showing real interest and will try to carry off honors again. llASl'Cl:lALli first Late in the season of 1924 a baseball team was orfranized. No regular coach had charge of the team, however, and it did not develop as it should. XVe played the Arcadia "Champs" trice and were defeated both times, T-4 and 4-2. The Alumni. however, was defeated easily. Mygrant did excellently under the conditions which he had to pitch under. The last year's lineup was as follows: Mygrant, Muorehead .,....,.,............,...,..,. .... l' Pitchers Dailey ...........,.. ,... C Tatcher Moorhead, IJ. Hart .. .. .1 Base Ilurrell .......,..., .. .2 Base K. Hartman .,.,,.,.. .. ,. ... .. .. .. ., .3 Base Chavis, Dove, Fisher .....,......,...........,.......,...,. S. Stop Inlody, Moorhead, Clements. ii. Ilartman, L. Trout .,.,.,. .Fielders The 1025 team, although suffering from the loss of Mygrant. has developed into a snappy and hard hitting team, It is being coached by Mr. Pugh and XY. XV. Baker, both of whom are experienced bztll players. Moorhead, Space, Hass and Dailey have formed the battery so far this year. VERNARIJ DAILEY TRACK MEET XYITH NORTH l'iAljl'lMORE A very nice meet was held with North Baltimore on April 21, 1925. The total which was not run on ac- points for the entire meet with the exception of the relay count of the exhausted condition of some of the entrants, gave Van Buren a narrow margin of victory by a score of 46 to 4-l, The Yun Buren as they lost 29 to 15, Following are the results of the various events: HOYTS girls were not so fort unate 100 Yard Dash-First, Elder, V. B. liayliss, N. B., second. Third, Goldner, N, B. Time: 10 3-5 seconds. 220 Yard Dash- First, Elder, V. li. Second, Bayliss. N, ll. Third, Kaufman, N. B. Time: 24 3-5 seconds. 440 Yard Dashfl-iayliss, N. H., first. Elder, V. B.. second. Jennings, N. R., third. Time: 59 3-5. Half MilekBayliss, N. li,, first, Hosrnan, V. l-S,, second: Brown, N, IS., third. Time: 2 minutes, 25 3-5 seconds. Mile Run+Jennings, N. R., first: llrown, NT. ll., second: llrainard. N. li,. third. Time: 6 minutes, 53 seconds. Hit-Eh JumpgJudd, N. B., first: Space, V. lS,, and liobb, N. B., tied for second. Height: 5 feet, 5 inches. Broad Jump: Space, V. B,, first: Judd, N. B., second, Gorsuch, V. B., third. Distance: 20 feet. Pole Vault-Space, V. H., first, Judd. N. R.. second1 Gorsur-h, V. li., third. Height: 9 feet, 7 inches. Shot PutfTrout, V. B., firstg Goldner. N. B., and Space of V. B., tie for second. Distonce: 36 feet, 6 inches. Discus-Trout, V. B., first: DeLong, Y. B., second, Franks, V. D., third, Dis- tance: 90 feet, 5 inches, GIRLS 50 Yard DashfTrout, N, B.. first: Reed. Y, B.. sec-ond3 Leathers, X. l2,, third. Time: 7 2-5 seconds. 100 Yard DashfTrout, N, B., first: Reed, V. B,, second: Abbott, N. Ti., third. Time: 15 seconds. Tiase Rall Throw--Laney, N. IS., first: Thomas, V. IE, second: XVales, N. R., third. High JumpfTrout. N. H., first, Jackson, N. IS., secondg Reed, V. B., third, Height: 4 feet, 5 inches. Relay Race-VVon by VAN BUREN lry Reed, Locey, Miller, Abbott, Time 57 sec. --z- Thirty-one 4. ,,,, ,, ,,.,-.........,, .,,, .,.,... .-.-.-..............,,,, Z.. f- - - -W , ::..... r ,,,,, -1. ,lL1.l1N' T011'fN9I-Ill' CENTRJLIZED SCHOOL-19 -1---V,--,-f---V -1- , X ...m27!S5!""""Hg..., 0 ' 'X I W 'X' . J' Y , ,O gli' . " vf E2 eg - N bs iv 62 eg W2 :Q E1 :E ME 5: as :Q 'il :Q bf- ' - EE F9 Bs EN ' I-'2 fa N .1 WS Eg .0 35 Qu ? 5 ly' I Q M xg! VR N IZATI VN' S I: NNW Ill! 0 " llllgnalll I" 4...-, - ,..: ,N Y .-.....,.,-1 , .,..:: fm-..-V--....... - -.., W, .. 4. Tlzirly-Iwo -1- , , ., ,,,, .,, . . ..n L.-f . up ALLEN TOPVNSHIP CENTRALIZED SCHOOL-1925 Special Teachers MRS. BURTON HOUSEMAN Publix' School Music Speeizil Vocal Teacher "'I' PROF. CJLIVER SQHURIACHPR PROP. FRED CJSSMAIN Teacher of Violin Tear-hey of C01-net , Director of f51'L'hPSIl'?l Clarinet and Saxophones Assist. Orchestra Director PROP. ADDISON ALSPACH Teacher of Piano Allen Township was very fortunate in having the teachers of special subjects this year which we had, as all were professionzils in their line, In addition to the above named, Mrs. Burton had charge of 21 class in elocution and public speaking. Altogether about 100 pupils took ztdvzlntzxge of these special classes. MARION INBODY Thirty-three 4.-11 Q ,JLLEN TOPVNSHIP CENTRALIZED SCH O L--l 9 T T I I I I I I I 1' I I I i I l I I I I l I I I PERSONNEIJ ob' ORCHESTRA X agan, R. llelo, K, Sites, E. Copeland, M. Richmond, D. Neil, D, DeRhodes, H, Poeg Clarinets-M, Inbody, C. Hess, R. Cope- I I I , The orchestra is largely composed of pupils under the instruction of Professors Sscllumacher and Ossman. lhe orchestra I li assisted b5 the Glee Clubs gave a concert in November. lt also rendered much service at the Junior Class Play and various other activities during the year. On the evening of April 3, the orchestra went to McComb to play at the County Contest I as the best High School orchestra in the county. It was also included in the large hundred piece orchestra made up of the , I different school orchestras in the county, which rendered the music at the second section of the contest. This speaks well of ' the different instructors who had a part in developing the mu aical talent of the school, W 4- Thirty-four -1. ,,,, , , 'I' ALLEN TOWNSHIP CENTRALIZED SCHOOL-l9Z5 -xi.-fm.. V fr in -1- Boys' Glee Club PERSONNEL v Top Row, right tu left-R. Fisher, H. Trout, C. Hess, U. Elder, T. DeLong, P. Mellott, IJ, Huffman, R. Copeland, R. Decker. Middle Row-Mrs. Burton House-man, IJ. Burrell, K. Moorhead, XY. Ault, E. Hosnian, C. Trout, M. Chzivis, M. Inhody, G. Poole, H. Poe, R. Norris, liottom Ron-fK. Dilts, G. Franks, M. Reichman, P. Huffman, G. Stahl, R. Bruuk, U, Vermillion, S. Huntington. The Boys Glee Club, under the direction of Mrs. Burton Huuseman was a decided success. They sang at the Farmers' Institute and at chapel. All have been benefitted very much under the instruction of Mrs. Houseman. Boys' Track Team. 4- - - '44- Thirty-five -I--ff' f - .,-.. ...A-.H V' - ..-V . . 4. ALLEN TOPVNSHIP CENTRALIZED SCHOOL-19 -1--f . . f f - ff-.....,. Z .,,, -T. f . . f f , V 4. Girls' Glee Club PERSONNEL Top row, left to rightf-H. Huffman, M. VVei'ner, K. Roberts, E. Fisher, E. Kemlfhell I. NVhittenn1eye1', M. Mellott, E. Dove, F. Tlwmzis, G. Conzuvay, F. Overholt, E- COHPLWQIX. R. Cornwell, li. Overholt, Ii. Gomlrnzin, M. Miller. Center row, left to rightfk Barney. C. Duffield, M. Cizillunt, V. Hurniun, S. Deliuuver, lil. Ausenbuuzh, J. Putt!-rsrm. I' Huflmzrn. G. Carr, 'l'. Alvlmth E. Kemlvheiw E. Geupnle, V. Goodman, E. Poole, Mrs. Hurtun Houseman, director. Ifront row, left to right-E. Bee-son, G. I-Surmzin, G. Mitvhell, L. Overholt, V. Poe, M. Reed, M. Lacey, M. Still. H. lirinkman. IJ, Ileeunsnyfler, G. Thomas, B. Bee- son, Z. Gorrell. The Girls Glee Club under the direction of lllrs. Burton Houseman sang several times for chapel, and at the FZllTl'1C1Sy Institute. Their singing was enjoyed by all. Several of the girls take private lessons of lVIrs. Houseman. The Operetta. HlVIiss Cherry Blossoml' was given llziy lst by thc combined glee clubs. Girls' Track Team. qw. . . . f .,.:.,.,. . . f-.A ......-. , ,-. 4. Thirty-.fix - -V -f-1. u 1 xsfzfrfr ' , ' , -W , -.Q LEX TOPVNSHIP Cli.YTR.1LIZliD SCHOOL-1925 -1- V , W., ..V V ...... .--ff V 4. The Philomathean Literary Society uggf .,,rL KV -, '-,-- Ifrom left to 1'i.g'ht, bottom 1'owf-Mr. Vopelzxnd, Il. Fisher, M, Spitler, R. Hrunk, D Ilurrell, R. Ilewxnip, IG, Hoszwin, I. Wittcnrnyer. N, Pearson, E, Goodman, V. l,i9l'l'P. M. livery, M. Mille-1', K. Roberts, Miss Baker. Se-cond Rowfll. Space, C. Hillimlsly, H. I'i'out, 11. Hart. A, Harnd, E. Conawuy, V. Poe, M, Mackey. A, VVithrow, IJ, lieamsnyder. 'l'hi1'd Row-R, Ohl, C. Anderson, J. l'11ttei's'on, G, Mitchell. H. Huffman, E. Dove, K, Huiitiiiglon. If. Uvvrholt. ID, Iblllim, G. Poole, M. Mellolt, Tl. Ilvinkmzln li, Cornwell, M. Slill, .I, Zeiqlei' G. Stahl. Ifonrth Row-S. Payne. H. Norris, M. rlordon, L. Sf-Airy, G, Lewis, V. Iluvinun, U. Vermillion, M. Reed, LJ. Iiui-roll, U. Koons. R. Delo, H, lieeson. Top Row-f-ID. Gnry, ID, Abhott, E, I4'i'zinks, ll. Trout, IJ, Huffman, G. Koons. !IICR'I'RlTIJE MITCHELL The members of the Philomathean Literary Society are to be commended for their splendid work during the year, their efforts have made them successful a second time. "Hats off to the Philos." The presiding officers were as follows: President, Noah Spitlerg Vice President, Dallas Space, Secretary-Treasurer. Ruth Hart, Pianist, Velma Poeg Chorister, Hattie Huffmang Sponsors, lVIr. Copeland, lWr. Chronic and Nfiss Baker. 4. .-:L--e A TZ..-M 1,----......-VH..--f--. VVVV f V-ff:-.-.-.H-VW -,-.,l, Thirty-:even LEN TOVVNSHIP CENTRAILIZED SCHOOL-1925 -1- f-- --ff -----fr------if -x- Allen Literary Society From left to right: M, MeKinnie, K. Moorhead, R, Norris, K. Hartman, C. Gor- surh, G. Curr, J. Todd, G. Lewis, G. Livery, XY. Ault, R. Detfiimp, R. Fisher, C, Flan- argan, W. W. Baker, ,I. Poole, F. Thomas, Y. Dailey, R. Trout, M, Werner, G. Conaway, A. Gary, C. Duffield, C. King, V. Goodman, V. Dove, M. Benediet, H. Poe, P, Lauer, M. Inbody, E. Fisher, T. Abbott, R, Copelzxnrl, E. Goepple, E. Kempher, M. Richmond, S. IJeBouver, G. lfranks, L. Overholt, E. Beeson, E. Archer, M. Loeey, G, Fiurman, Z. Gor- rell, C. Trautman, P. Bany, M. Gallant, E. Poole, S. Huntington, L. Overholt, K, llilts. P. Huffman, B. Amos. J. llelo, P. Mellott, O. Elder, R. Decker, ll. Abbott. Many pleasant Friday afternoons were spent in the auditorium throughout the term, enjoying the excellent programs presented by members of the two literary societies. This friendly rivalry has shown that our society contains many able and talented members. The following oflicers were elected for the Allen Society at the beginning of the term: President, Culver Gorsuchg Vice President, Kenneth Hartman, Secretary, Constance Dufiieldg Treasurer, Eleanore Poole, Pianist, Paul Mellottg Chorister, Howard Poe. The sponsors were Mr. Pugh, Mr. Baker and Miss McKinnie. -CONSTANCE DUFFlEI,D -1. .Y 1-. , V 4, Thirty eight 4- ---- - --A--..A V- ,,,,, .. -. . , .,Y. .-.M 1---. . .-:M -V:-.-r - -. ---....g. LEN TOW'NSI-IIP CIi,X'TR,'1LIZliD SCHOOL-1925 - A-:- , :-.- .717 - 1,:,, .-1-A--....,, in - e------ - 1-f ---,-:-:-- - --H --..-ng. Physics Class lfirst Row. lefi to right-Prof. Pugh. C. lless, V. Dore. R, Trout, G. lewis. E, Areher. K. Koons, IJ, Spare, M. Spltler, U. Elder, E. Franks. Second Row-R. Decker, M. lnbody, IG. Fisher, R, Copeland, E, llove, K. Moorhead, AT, Loeey, J. Zeigler, ll. Troul. Third Row-V. Dailey, J. Delo, C. Gorsuvh, G. Carr. L. Sr-arr. IJ, Iiezinisnyileig G. Mitchell, M. XN'erner, Last liow-flb. Gary, l". Thomas, D. Abbott, E lfomxwfiy, A, liarnil, R. Hart. Thirty-five members of the junior and Senior classes were enrolled in the Physics class at the beginning of the school term. This was IL relatively large number of pupils to express their interest in this science, The members of this class are to be commended upon electing a subject of this nature in the presence of less difficult subjects. The course has been profitable in the development of both the thinking power of the student, and the appreciation of the forces of nature. ... - .:- ----- -Y --V.-4-:-f-1--:Yee-....-f--.. ----------f--- ---- -- - -...-,------W.. W Y :,:t,l, Thirty-nine 40...-f , -Y Y 4. AL LEN TOPVNSHIP CENTRALIZED S' H 9 -1- , , ,,,.... , , V ....-- ..A-n-....-.Y---.-W-,-.-- 4. French Class " Cercle Francais "ADe Vannee deuxzeme First Row, left to right-M. Reed, M. Lrwoy, E. Kemphex C km M119 Z B41 er' Last Row-C. Duffield, II. Huffman, G. Conziwny, F. Thomas Ig Huntmgton YVith1'oW, S. DeRouve1'. EMR ffm imdb im 4., f., .....-r ---, - up Forty LEN' TOPVNSHIP CENTRf1LIZ1iD SCHOOL-1925 Geometry Class First Row, left to 1'ig'ht+K. Dilts, D. Gary, J, Poole, E, Kenipher, H. Norris, G, Poole Second Row-WM. Reed, V. Poe, K. I1fll'llll21l'l, Ruthanna 1-Srinkmzin, M. Still, R. Cornwell Last Row-R, Copeland, IJ. Spuee, G. Ioexvis, D, Abbott, J. De-lo. The two Geometry classes progress in the subject. Every Reed, Poe, Hartman, Copeland, at the mid-term with no average the entire text and are finishing proved exceptionally good and have made splendid member of the Solid Geometry class, consisting of Space, Lewis, Ahhott and Delo, finished the course below HB." And the Plain Geometry Class finished the year with the firm belief that the student who has the ability and the determination to carry Geometry belongs to the select few and that he will he well repaid for the time and effort spent in its preparation. - - --.-.4- lf orly-one 4--1-, - - 1--...if A- :f..,,,, Y , A ,,,., W, , , , JLLEN TOWVNSHIP CENTRJLIZED SCHOOL-192 40... --A- -...-, .-Q, , , .YY,....-, 1,..-- V --. - - - -- ,-. The Latin Club H Romani Hodicfni " , L.. wer- f . , . l4'1'rmL Ruw, left to right-L, Hverhult, E. Guemxle, II. l'o9, G. Poole, .l, Zeigler, IC. Kempher, M. Stitt. Sm-uml Huw-IJ. llenmsnycle-x', M. Heed, E. Poole, J. Poole, R. llrinkmun, Miss lizllcer. Third RuwfS, Huntington, K, lbilts, O, Vex-million, Z. Gorrell, K, Delo. l.:1sL Row-UR. Cornwell, F. Hve-rhuli, M. honey, L. flverholt, M, Markey. OFFICERS CQIZRSHOM Poomz - - - President DORQTHEA REAMSNYDER Vive President FRANCES OVERHOLT Searetary-Treasurer MARTHA Locav - - Pianixi in.: fY-A ---A-Y-W ..-.- W1 Z---.....,,g .,..,, 74m :A-, Y ! W,-. YYY. 1"urfy-two - W -W . :L-:W:W-:-- -. 1 , f..-WW ---- ,,,, - ,W-W-W- WW- LEN TOPVNSHIP CENTRALIZED SCHOOL--1925 'I' - V - - -W-W-W -W .W .W . .W-. W--. W- , V , We , 4. Smith-Hughes Agricultural Classes l"l'lI1SflNNlCl. Oli' CLASS llarolsl Daniels, Ilonald Dillon, lilnnrl Ainos, Clarence 'I'rziutinan, Geor,f:,'e lfrzxnlw, Yernarml Dailey, Serge Payne, Robert Ohls, Charles llillinrisly, Ilonnaltl Hurrell, LeRoy Trout, Glenn Koons, Earl Hosmzin. Rudolf l"i:s1ie1', Paul Huffman, Harold Trout, Martin Benedict, Raymond Norris, liolwrt Det'amn, Paul Lauer, Virgil Dove, Henry IJeRodes, Prof, Baker, Clair lflanzigan, Willard Ault, Richard Iii-unlt, Orlo Burrell, Marion Inbody, George Stahl, Charles Anderson, Kenneth llloorhead, Maxwell Reich- man, Noah Spitler, Donald lluffnian. Eugene Frainks, Rayinontl 'I'rout, Ralph Decker, Clair Ifess, Urrial lflltler, Paul Mellolt. Each year notes a large increase in the number of vocational Agricultural Departments throughout the state. With a modest beginning in 1916, the number of departments have increased to 153, with a large number of schools on the waiting list. These facts also vouch for the value and popularity of vocational agricultural education for rural communities. This department was the first to be established in Hancock County, and is also one of the pioneer departments in the state, being founded in 1918-19. Since that time five more departments ,having been introduced in the County and no doubt more will follow in the near future. The activities of the vocational departments are numerous and varied. The practical and scientific study of the many different phases of farming such as animal husbandry, farm engineering, farm management and crops are studied in the class room. In addition to this activities are extended into the community through projects, club Work, short' courses, and in many other ways. We now have enrolled -I-2 boys in the department, which makes the fourth largest in the state, and considering the size of the school this is remarkable. Forty three ALLEN TOPVNSHIP CENTRJLIZED SCHOOL-1925 -1--1: -f --W - ff -f f -1- Vocational Home Economics This is one of titty schools in the state of Ohio offering a course in Vocational Home lfconomics to its girls. lt was iiist introduced in the school in 1922 with Miss Helen Longnian as instructor. During this time, the class has increased to its present number of forty-two. The Home Economics work is organized so as to meet the need of training girls for practical efficiency in the home. Duiing the school year work is given in cooking, sewing, dietetics, child care, sanitation, and a general course in home nursing. Hot lunches. sold at :1 minimum cost, are obtainable each day, being prepared by an able cook and assisted by the Home Ifconomics girls. Besides these things, practical projects are carried out at home during the school year and summer months by the girls. These may include such projects as planning and preparing the family meal, baking, sewing and cleaning. All who complete the three year course in Home Economics will feel that their time has been well spent and their effort much worth while. -EVELYN ARCH ER -ALICE ' VVITIIROW' 'DC' iii:-i , 1 -- ---:f:f:4 - 1 .-:-f-.-1 , - ------H ---,-- 1 4. l"orty-four i LEN TOPVNSHIP CENTRJLIZED SCHOOL--1925 4- ,,.- , ,,,, , ,,,,,,, --: - , , ----- 1 - . ' - - -'I' 1 3 4 5 tl 13 17 18 211 312 Lili 'SO Ji 10 17 21 222 35 29 31 4 a T 11 1-1 19 Lili 12 16 19 .,3 Z5 Il 13 14 --X ernartl Ilailey thought 219 hail the mumps. 14- 19 ,,.3 20 T 10 11 13 20 222 27 28 4 6 10- 12- 19 20 25 HIGH SCHOOL CALENDER SlCl"l'EM HIGH There is a time for work, And a time for play But now it is time To start a new schoolday. -We were lTlIl'0fll1C'E'll to our new tt-avliers today, Mr. l'ugl1. Mr. llalier and Miss 5IC'Kinnie, --Hur troublesome sc-hedule is arrangell. XVe must get down to work now. "Xiu-ation is over," s-iys Mr. Copeland. Freshman Ret-option. -flur football team ix ent to Lima :intl r.'ei'e ileftfatetl lil-2. lietter sehool spirit is licing tlevelolnell. -Plans for a tennis 4-ourt ll 'L X , - wut been in ali. Football team defeated at lllutfton, fl-5, --lt at first you don t suoveed, try again. -Our first football ganie here in the county league with Yanlut-. our first vic- tory, 19-ll. --The last September for the Seniors Qiere is over. 0C'l'UBl-IH --lfootlfall game with Mt. lllaut-hard. S ore 12-20, flood worli luoys. Weiner roast for Seniors at the liomv of Aura llarnd, Arcadia team played here today and were defeated lil-0. -The Columbian Quartet is giving :in entertainment here tonight. Martha Heed sat in Geometry 4-lass today with short sleeves and bare linens. "Arc you c-old?" asked Mr Chronic-. Van liuren Victorious at Arling'ton. l-l-lil. llealq Alvhott sends Liis S. 0. S, call. Rev. Bihle, a missionary. visited our school today and gave an interesting talli on the life and conditions existing in Chile. lie-ware! 'tis Halloween. Team deteatefl by i.ilxt-rty, ti-T. NOYICMIEEN lfirst basketball prawtil-e. Allen and Philoniathean soeieties were reorgranizvd totl'tX, -Football game with Mc-Comb, Victory. 39.15. Armistice Ilay, Footimall team defeated at Carey, .to-ti, Pieture show, Jaekie Coogan in "Long Lire thc Kings." Visitors' day. XVon football game at l,eipsi4', 1:5-T. lJI4Jt'EMl!lClt llasketlvall game at M:-Comig vit-tory tor both tennis. lioys. at-l-T: Girls, 131-7. Urvhestra and Glee Club Ref,-ital. Game with Arvadia. Boys defeated. 355-115. Girls won. li-4. -Tomorrow Raymond Trout will no longer he a student hurt- lm-1-ause it is his wedding day. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year, .IANVAIIY llasketliall game here with Arlington. Iioys list. tlirls won Z1-I. Emeline Kempher has the mumps. Senior Class party at Marion lnlwod5"s -Miss Baker returned after a two weeksi alwsenve lvetriilsc ot sivlini-ss. , -Mr. Snodgrass. our former prinmipal. visited our s-liool. lloys uon over Yanlue, 175-8, " -Game here with hiliorty. lfoys lost. 23-17. Girls lost 134-5. l4'EliHl'.-XRY -Game here with Portage. I-toys won. 12-14. Girls won. 33-5, -.lunior class play. "Am I lntrudiug'?" -Senior Class party at Hattie Huffniairs. Basketball game at Mt Cory. lloys won. Girls lost S-ti. llaskethall game at liawson. Hoth of llzixxson teams won. lloys. 20-18. Gll'lS, 18-6. tk 24-Farmers' Institute at Yau liuren, b V I -Basketball game at Liberty. Yan Iiuren vitftorious. 27-12, over St. Michael s High. County Basketball Tournament. lioys took sec-ond plave. MARCH -Haskethall game at Mt. Blanvhard. Boys won 44 to 6. Girls lost Sl-7. Last basketball game, with North lialtimore. Both teams were victorious. Mr. Horner, from Tiffin Business College, talked to the sfthool on the sulxjet-t of Phrenology. Seniors sold Blat-li and Gold nec-kties. -Education Film was shown in Chapel today. -lnterclass contest. -Seniors had their pictures taken. 4. --- -'I' Forty-fifve -1---f Y V -1- ,,,, ,,,,,, ,,,,, ALLEN TOIVNSHIP CENTRALIZED SCHOOL 9 -4 .5--,L ,,,, W, ,,,,,,,, , .,, , L ..., V .. , , VL- - 1 L, .5 26+The Seniors painted the Flag pole blue and white. 27-Seniors went to Columbus. X APRIL 3fCounty Contest at McComb. 4-Baseball gamefArcadia 14, Van Buren 133. 141-Second section of County Contest. l7fG1'arle Contest at Vanlue. .,. -1 -Tru:-k meet with North Ilaltimoro ur Van 24e- 25 l 8 10 lil 14 15 16 Hurcn, Grade Cantata. Field day at Findlay, INIAY fThe High School Operetta, "Miss Cherry Blossom. +Senio1' class play, "All ls Not Gold." I-Sam-alaureate, -Senior Commencement, f-Grade Commenvement. +Last day of snhool. Big feast. flndigestion, illness. HY K'ONS'l'ANClC IJl.'l4'l"ll judging Team PERSONNEL OF TEAM Standing--V. Dailey, Donald Huffman, LeRov Trout. Sitting--Prof, VV. W. Baker, Raymond Trout. 4, , W ., , ,LW , .,..... , ,.. -34 f- -1- Forty-six 4.11 1 ,,,, - --1 V Y' -1 -1+ ALLEN TOPVNSHIP CENTRALIZED SCHOOL-1925 gg- ,,,. Y 1 ,,,,. 7111. 11117111 5-111 .11 .-..1---1:1...H 1 1 1 bln Forty -xeven - 4.-.-1 ,W W , Q , -f-W - - - 1 , - - - -4- ALLEN TOPVNSHIP CENTRALIZED SCHOOL-1925 -I-, V --W -1---r Forty-eight 4. , , ALLEN TOWNSHIP CE NTRALIZED SC HOOL-1925 , ,Z Q-,-.4- ft S 4' TF' 1 1 1 11 1 11 W 'CIVf5.iIHQOL1fMI1I4.LEl4X5fLIP1 4 A MU 4444 A 14 '1Ju1 'os112.1131I112A 1 sse1a.11A1 10 1001.135 1.ue111 10 111' d1u1.u1s 911111 11011 1.1arIx.1 10119113 S9104 33121111 f.:.'ugu1e.1 Q11-151-Q 11f1n5.1og1 .1 .x1n11 pop1napu11 'sqojd 1121003 1ou-aw sa,xo1 01115 uu1,usa11o1 11 ag pue1.1g 1: u1ag 90-p-11 V 11a,1.1n51 1J11zuoq1 ' '1 '51 'JJ sa111zLueL11P1q umop 9 ld. a1uu1.1naj,11 Eu1L1Hn1:'1 90-pg-1' u1z1111.z1:11 111-1uuap1 1 12211111115 so1sK11L1 ,map Moy u111o1snu1 14 ag ' ou121f1 411-55-15' 111011111 110111111 1. IQUIPUIQI V-I3U9-ktl PUNH LIU MTOUIJUU UP 911 CML S9!-1035 -3U!1NAA L0'15I'S PWHJUCT OUUVWUO, 'flso1f1 A121pu1,L1 sn1sAL1g sexes 11599 asanu 1: aq 0.1. 211151115111 1.11-11-Z1 111111 L11n'1 1 I XYIPULLI S925-5'-'lvl SIJJIU LIU A9ll3U"'1 T5 93 EUI1-ULLI l0'L'Z SUUIUTLL UJ-7:1-l 1 Q auox so1Luouoo51 smog 11 op 1,uom I 911,111 '12 eq 0114 51111112011 L41-31-4' pu.11:g1 uvrny 1 1 '11 'g '11, 11:Ju0,1g L11wuu0X MON .1of:1u1s 12,mcl0 311151115 10-gg-Q ue11111nH a1111z1.1 1' 1 DGP!-VQPULI A-l03S!H ZUIM 0653 SNUHI 5U!1!J1AX SSIAX -5U!5I00'I 10-9-9 IIGLI-UKIY HDUJIJHU 1 1 1-wuog 1.1s112u51 1nu 911111 11011 0.113113 13 911 0114 I Hugounq LU-3-1 11111111113 u1,rfJoa1, 1m111oap1111 e,1n11310J1'1 11 aLu121g 1:rQ11L1oJV 11L1'spua11!1 140-31-" .ie11'e11 p1111x.wA '11 'S 'O SDESXYIJ HMV JGLISEJ U 105 0.1. QIWI 3U!9H L0'9'Z6 PBBYIUJOOIY ll1'9l1lI'9N I .111q.1V HMV SMSXL111 11111 as1e 5u1L11oX ppeg 2 11911315 so1u1eL1oe111 11041 11:i,11A I 1 GUOX LIIHK .10.sAo11Xv111 110K L10 111zu1.u12q 2u1111uS LU-3-3 110111113 1112051 ' 1 P9D!09PUQl HSHUUZ1 aLu112u1.I1Ig 9111 11011711 -lf'U'7V61 Kl01S!H gill'-ISUIH 90'1iI'Z U10-1.1. XOHWI " "1 'S 'O S9!1BW9Ll1VIN SXUD XQH 1114913001 Agld '-YJ. 5u!d99IS L0'l'Q UOQQV SON-971 D-3DL!99PUf1 5l0JS!H ,wins my 1S1,1n11n0 .Unueq V 3u1y11e11, gg-13-Z1 suooy nu1.10L111z,1 , '11 'S '13 qougld Axox .1aL1a1za1 11aue.1:1 Bu1u112a,111 :U-31-g Efupf,1 1 'H 'Sl HL SUFSALIH S95 110 IIP1 33'1!M0-ID 901-ISHS LU'9l'9 J11u.1g n111.1n'1 ' A1:11Hu1,1 01snK S1113 LIU 19.42111 111101111 3u1AA12.IG fr0'L'U .1-111111111051 ,uu11s1u1.1 ' -'H 'S :O SJEUJOUOUQI QLUOH PQSEJCUUS UQ 1Y15!UI UOA QUODYUS 519'-UO 3'l!flI9H 80-15-V ,1eu,1aA1 1a11z7i.1111y ' 11 '8 .L l1!19'I DDI LIU BIN Pa!-UPN 5U!5IIUJ. 30-gg-Z 10121192 a1s .-w1- 1 DSDWSPUFI LISIIEULH IWILGA 191101201 1? GH h HIIEXPIIIE 111-gg-L .xaqolv 11,619,151 ll 'LINOH Ae1pu11q u111z'1 A111111 aslnu 'sz Qq 011, AcIrl121f1 5111ag1 L0-91-L Axo,1L111A11 9.1111-' D0D1O91w11 SOIUIOHOOQI GMIOH 9141 1111 S9110! 211111-1,11 wma .H111Mf1L1,v go-8-1 uo1:su1qunH u.fc.111wy1 QlUQl'I'I0O LQIHLS 'AVQI 'JXFI IELLIHOAVA NOILIHINIV XHHOH HLYLI DINVN -rl -1 Forty-nine .g.....1,., , :,.,.-:...,.-.-.- . . . 1 .......-,,..,.-.... ---.........,.,. -- 1-Y, --- .-,-Y ' ' 'I' IILILN TOIVXSHII' CEX'I'R.lL1Z1'ID SCHOOL-19 4...-.-....-...-.-.-.-.-.-.......-.-.-.-.....-....-.-.-.,,,.. -- f-.-- - - - 1-.-----...-. - 'I' Senior Class Play 'lihe Senior class of 1925 will present their play. "The NVren," Friday evening. hlay the eighth. 'vlihe VVren" is sometimes called UAH is not Gold." which is a very fitting title. The story has to do with the releasing of a heavy mortgage which is placed. upon the farm of a poor Nlrs. Danna. After various disappointments in love affairs and with the aid of hlrs. Fordson. Jam-'s aunt, and two very good friends of hlrs. Danna, the financial difficulties are successfully straightened out. The synopsis of the scenes and casts of characters are as follows: ACT l. Living room in the homo of hlrs. Danna, down on the farm. IXCT 2. Reception room in the luxurious home of hilrs. liordson in Chicago. next morning. AcT 3. Scene 1, same as Act 2. two weeks later. ACT 3. Scene 2, in the home of Rodney. two hours later. ,ACT -l. Same as Act l, next day. CHARACTICRS Ol" PLAY MRS. JULIA UANNA-A soldier's mother ROBERT DANNA-The soldier - - JANE DANNA-The XVren - SARAH XVooDs'1'oN-Jane's friend lJONAI.D DREW-Another friend NIA31N1Y-'lill2'lflS all - - - MRS. HARRIET Gniiifxsrox-A business woman Ri5olNA1.D GRlilZNS1'fJX-HEI' spoiled boy - hIRS. Cuci3i.1A DANNA l"iORDS0N1J2lIH"lS aunt CORRINE FORDSON-Jane's cousin - - BINKIE1X'Il'S. Fordson's maid - A RODNEY BLAKE, SR.-A foster father Mrts. Rooxev B1..fxKiz-A foster mother Rouxiev BLAKE, JR.-An adopted son JUDGE GREY-A lawyer - - ll.fYI"l'lli Hcrifxi.-iN Georgia ClllIIlM'Zl,l' Keneflz Hflfflllflll Colixtzlrife Ijllfkllll Hrlifif HIIEIIIHII Deyuox dbbott .larxie Zeigler Fern Tlinnzrzi' Dnnrilzl Burrell - Ruilz Har! Kzzflzryzi Hllllflllyfllll - Lzzfillzf Sffzrr .Ynalz Sjlitler .llire Ufiilzrnu' Culwr Gnrmrlz Virgil Dow' hlr. Chronic-Any fool can write poetry hut it takcs a man to studi literature. Famous Scrrs Breach of promise ................ ................,............... Ul' Bedroom ......, ...,.................. One piece bathing ...... ........,......... A long ...................., .......... ................. ...., yUl1TSlJlf of armor. Virgil-lt took me six weeks to learn to ride a horse. Leroy--lVhat did you get for your pains? Virgil- -Linament. 40... 17.71 . .-.Y.,.-.-.-.,:,:,. .Y.,.,......- .-.... ------...-- 1 Y...-.-1-1 - .Q 17. .. -3. l"ifty . . . . .. ,,,, 7.7.4-.fer-. - f--1-. f YYY, . ' ' :iii-I' LEN TOPVNSHIP CENTRALIZED SCHOOL--1925 f Y fe--r unior Class Play The Junior class presented a humorous play entitled, "Am l lntruding?ll on Fehruary tenth. 1925. The characters were well chosen and every character knew his part. Due to the careful leadership of our worthy sponsor, Prof. G. E. Chronic. it was acclaimed a crowning success. SYNOPSIS OF THE ACTS AcT 1. A spring morning. jerry intrudes. ACT Z. Late the next day. jerry takes a hand. ACT 3. The following morning. Jerry untangles the thread. THE C HARACTERS MRS. HASTINGS-Housekeeper - - - Elizabezh Firlzfr Hmm Hooviziz-Adventurer - Orrinl Elders ICARNEST RATHBURNZJHHCTS secretary Paul Mellor! NIARJORIE VARl21EldCY daughter - Jlarthn Laffy Diercre XVALDRON-A Romanticists Glenn Koons MONA-The maid - - - - lVIfzrthn Reed HoRAeE VARE-The father - Theodore DeLong V1o1.i3T VARE-The young daughter Susie Deliozzfver PIZTER-DCV'OtCd to Vi - - Roberl Copeland DORA-FTiCHd of Vi - A - - Velma Poe GIZRAl.D TVIAYS'-JCTYY, from Sage Creek - Dnllar Spare Ll.ANIZ-VZITCTS niece ----- Dorllzm Reamsnyzler A heirloom is something handed down from one generation to another ex- plained Miss Baker. Gene-Gee, that is a funny name for pants. lhlargaret Nlackeyg pretty and plump VVas riding in a Ford and hit a bump The Ford went up and when it came down It was smashed clear in the ground. The faculty were talking about their radios. lN'Ir. Pugh-l got London the other night on my Duplex. Nlr. Baker-Oh that is nothing, l got the Hiawaiin Islands on my Atwater Kent. lllr. Chronic. who is nearly asleep-l've got all you fellows heat, l got Greece on iny vest. Culver-YVere you hurt while on the eleven? Kenneth H.-No, while the eleven were on me. llflr. Franks-YVhat does that 60 mean on iour report card? Eugene-YVhy-er-that's the temperature of the room. 1- . . . - . -- YYY -7.7.7--. .. . .-l--V - V f . . f-1. Fifty-one 1l,L1iX TOIVXSHII' Cli,N'TRi1LIZ1'fD S SCHOOL-1 9 Lecture Course Numbers Auix.-xxniik NOYIZLTY FOUR An excellent program was presented November twenty -third hy the Alexander Novelty Four. These delightful musicians gave selections on various musical instruf ments' the solos. duets, trios and quartets were rendered from the classical and latest y popular numbers. Humor was added in the form of comedy readings. ASH Ihvis, rliilll CAR'1'ooNis'r .-Xsh Davis, a very skillful cartoonist. appeared before an eager audience, December tenth. He presented some fine examples of youthful dissipation and its results, besides . . 1. A . 4 . Q xf 1 some heautitul landscapes. He expressed his desire to retne after a long. use Ll service in this yvork, and spend the remainder of his life quietly in his home. Gcv 1XIoRslz BINGIIANI, Ll2c'rURi5i1 On the evening of February tyventy-first, Nlr. Guy Nlorse Bingham gave a very ,H He is a man who is interested in world beneficial lecture on HVVestyvard Ho events and national and inter-national welfare. He has traveled extensively in Iiurope and the United States. 1111112 TXfIARlN'IRA Sixcuzrcs Three talented young men presented an excellent program to an appreciative audience, April second. The program consis and some yvell selected readings. These men are qualifying as one of the three hest male trios before the public. They are able to hold and grip every audience with their singing. Their marimhaphone playing consists of classic and modern music. west of Chicago. They are making :1 tour of tyventyftyvo states -Coxsraxcii Ilcifruzip ted of instrumental and vocal music q..-.-1 ,, , A-f..f-f ,,.,1-f , .-i 1 .,f.,.,, -...-1 - .. f 1 ,WH lfifly-two :-..-....- ---, -s-s - ---- --+ 1925 LEX TOIVXSHIP CEXTRJLIZED SCHOOL- , Y ........-.-H ,:-- 1-.-.--1. - --..-. ---....-- lnterfClass Contest The inter-class contest, which is staged annually, was held Xlarch twentieth. The friendly competition of the contestants was admirable. The honors were awarded the junior class, who succeeded in gaining three firsts and two seconds. Their nanie will he engraved upon the silver cup which is awarded the winning class each year. The live winning contestants will compete with those of the other schools in the county oratorical contest. PROGRAM Solo-K'DaHodil Gold" - Suhstituted by - - 801.0-U'Tll'l2ll'lk God for a Guardian" TRIO-L' YVind of the YVestern Sean - - A Etta Kemjhlzer, 'IlV'l'7'1llv1'lI SOLO-"lWorning" ---- - O RAT 1 ON-'L fjRA'I'lON QURATION fJRAT10N R EADING R IZADI NG READING READ1 NG it ri Americals Greatest VVealth" - Home. the Backbone of the Nation" The American Girl and Her Future" .Ibbfirr Achievement, the True hleasure of Success" Lady Hildegarden - - l'Almost Homel' Laslcal' - - - Four Bars in the Key of Cl" CORN li'1' Soro-"1'raumerei" - QQORNIST So1.o-'llntermezzcf' - PmNo Sono-"Prelude in C lx'IlIl01'l. Pmxo Sono-l'Country Gardenl' Solo-First-Hattie H iiffnian. Oration-Firstf-Gershom Poole. Reading-First-11artha Lucey. - fllrlry ilfellfrtl ,Unry Ellen Gallant - Ijfllllll Poe 111111 fllzlxwell Rl'lL'llllIIl7I - Harrie lfzzjfnmn lfvrn Thanmx - Houwrzl Poe Iflizrllletlz llixlzer f1?I'.YlZlllll Prmle - Jessie Ziegler Rzzflzzlulm lfrizzklflfllz lflzfzumrff Poole ilfnrlllrl Lnfey Clzlire ldlnllzlgrzll Robert Delu .llnrinxz Inbnfly Paul .llfllnlf Instrumental-First-Paul Nlellott. Short Stury-First-NTartha Reed. Hoi' DOG -Co They sat on the porch at midnight Their lips were tightly pressed The old man gave the signal The hull dog did the rest. NSTANCH TDUFFIIILD ......-::1:.-.-.... ----.... -..!---- .............-........-............-. 4. l"ifIy-tlzrer 44 -" - '-""'- Y., ----.,.... ALLEN TOPVNSHIP CENTRALIZED SPH 9 .5 -.- 'I' Alumni OFFICERS-1925 Domi Fousr - IIVIIIFIH' LEON ENSLGN - Iliff' 'rewlml NIUANITA EDYVARDS - - Aelrlffm GIEORGIANA PEFFLEY Reporter 1896-1897 D. B. Spitler lf. XV. Flanugsln Ethel Spitlcr Maud Franuis KMurrinb Marlin Hzirimnn XV. C. Dove Fri-d VVlietsUme V4-rgie Spitlur Hiuclitelj Hzirry Spitlur .luhn Poole 'I'roy Spitler Mn-lvillo Busliong Lula Exley 40:11-ry Lawrence Bechtel Fhzxrles Huntington Mvrle 'Front Hazel MacG4-rwge qlmoloj lfrzmk Beclitvl Clyde Vepplc Cleo Hartman Llbuffioldy Glcna Trout illzlyj Edna Hall fhluntingtonj Bvssie Sliimmon LBQ-else-sl1imerJ Pitta Medley flluffieldj how- Hurlnun tSmilhJ Physician Station Agont Ulerk Married 1897-1898 Bookkel-in-1' 1898-1899 1899-1900 1900-1901 Elder Politician 1901-1902 Married V. Pres. Lumber 1 Gas and oil man Physician Bookkeeper 1903-190-1 Married Oil rnan Pumper lfnrmer 190-1-1905 Married Mecluuiic Farmer Married Married Married Married 1906-1907 M11 rricd Bookkneeper Hoylvilli-, U. Van Buren, U. 'Pole-do, U, lfinnllziy, U. Pitisluurgli, P11 Bloom villo, O. lfiiicllziv, LJ, Grass Creole, XX x 0 Cleveland, U. Van Huron, 0. l"indla5', O. Now Stark, IJ. Sr-nttle, Xlkxsli, Midwvst, WSU. Van Buren, O. Szilinv, Mich. Parngould, Ark Findlay, LJ. Arcadia, O. Van Huron, U, In-erased Van Burvn, U. 'l'nll-dn. 0. Van Huron. U. Iwiruit, Mivll. ,ir f.. W .-. .. 4 - 4. Fifty-fozzr 4. ......-.-.-.-.-.-.-...-..........-.- JLLEN TOllf',YSHII' CEXTRA-ILIZISD SCHOOL 7 .,.....1 1 ......1 1 -Z .,,,..,1,1..-.... ..... 1 -1- -19-5 illmwaird 4'1'zxwI'm'11 Koss Vzin lflmun lfurest Ox'ui'1iolL 141111111 Hardy CBro1isuxij 141111121 Kxmke 1Moru1wu417 lluth IH-ffli-y 4111-11n1w1'fp VL-i'n Scum lilniivlir- Bechtul Eva '1'r-atsorth 112111111151-111 H4-11-n 1'uu11- qHi1r1ebrandJ May Houston 1'1'1iorns1:yD Hallie Hunlingiun fHzi1'tJ Gnylu Kuhlmznn Ll'i'osse-rj B4-ssiu Mc:Cu1'tne-y 1,1-n Overholt Ne-:ll Hulrbins Ulnrk lioberts Ural 14'lzin:ig'fin lliilvrb Xnoinzi Smith fFm'1'isonJ Alice Bushrvng 1Nt-i:swum1v1' ilrnliu Kuhlmzin 4'1':1y1m'7 Guy In-lnilioff Aluiwttu XVi1sun lizirl May t'hi'isLie- Vranu-1' illouswnb Z1-llur '1'u5'1o1' ui-ville Knoko 1.1-utu 0x'ei'1m11 1SLf-1-nj Frunk Showinzxn Ilutli May 4Bm'i-yy Gruce t'muuvzLy q1'itl1nunl Mario Knoku Arclinvlle Pwr llinlilinzinj Lulu lin-1-1111-1 .lusvlmli Knokv fiulxlii- 111-1in1n:1'1' Ululw-liul' llnstingzqs Marion linsign 100010 Iiumly Clements liosswnll Hzxrtmun Curl XVi1son 191011-ncee Pow fSnil1e-rj Sidney 1Gnsig'n XVyunL tfonnvll N1-llie Bushong' Lliingj Pm-zirl Miller 11594310 lizmlnli Nelson Heli-n Hissoug' fhlutfrziulce-lib liydiu Gvisvy 1K1-exnllerlinggj Fred Ruollci lfria-lc Poo J 1907-1908 Szilvsinun lnstruvtui' Minister Mzu'1'i1-cl Mzu'i'i4-11 Mzlrvli-11 1908-1909 H11 wurlu-1' Clerk M fii'i'ie-11 Mzii'1'i1-fl Mux'i'ivr1 Mamli-11 31ai'i'in-11 1-I nine 1"zu'm1-1' this lnnn Alniwii-11 1910-1911 Mnrricil Murrii-L1 A1zi1'1'ie41 U11 man 'IH-zu'1ifAr Ale-vlianw Alznrrierl .NIL-1111211111: LTzx1'1n-rin-1' Alzu'riQc1 1911-1912 Fnriner Mu1'1'ie-cl Mu rrif-11 S1.Q1iugL'l'z11u1n-1' Murrivcl N11-rk 1912-1913 1.:1bo1'1-r Hunw 14'm'i11fA1' Mziiiivcl mil wurlwx- In-1114-1' 1913-191-1 Mz1i'riu1 Vai' In-1miv'nmn .xc-1-ountum, 191+-1915 Mz1i'i'iod Mzlrri 011 Studcnl Mu1'1'im1 Ma rrioil 19154916 lforeman U11 workm' 4'1i-V1-Izinml, U. lwvluinlwus, U. Adu. U. Blzwysvillq-. O, Van Burun, LJ. Yun Burwn, U. Nurllx Ballinmrl-, U. Findlay, rl, Kzxnszls 171141-1:1iiL1. U. Ilviruit, Mich, IM-truit, Mivli. Findlay, KJ. lf'ind1z15, LJ. .Xu-zxclia, H. Indiana: IM-Ouzxsvsl 14'inm11n5, 17, lfu-nioni, O, lfimllzxy, 17. '1'ul4-110, U. l"in111zLy, U. Tvxals, H. Vain Buren, U. Yun Burr-n, ll, 1f'inm1lzxB'. U. 'I'o1vr1o. U. lfinnll-xv 41 Vain liurcn, U. Ulnulxnml ti In-ui-zisul '1'u1i-do, H, Alislwn-sl, Wyu. Howling' 1111-4-n, H. 'I'u1c41o, 11. Vznn Burun, H. 'IR-xzis Nurth linllinmrn-. U. Wyrmmiiig 4'11im-nun. I11. 'Ve-xus Finmlluy, Ll. Fincllny, 41. '1'1x1e-110, U. Fimllny. U. 'l'ol011u, U. Kirksviliv. Mo. Big '1'im1w1', Muni, Fincllzq, 11. llmroit, Mi wh. Midwelst, NYU1. -................... ........... 4. Fifty-H71 -1- . V-,-V-V..-M r 1 , 4- ALLILN TOPVNSHIP CLNTRJLIZLD S L 9 .p....- - , ffagwj- , .. , ..------..----- , - - - - ,. 1916-1911 Violet Patterson 0Vagner7 Married XXX-str-1'x'illo, 0. Ffed 0'L6-ary Mechanic Van Buren, O. Edna Decker Stcnographer Findlay, O. Lloyd XVitherow Instructor Madison, XVis. Hildred Hartman fBrz1ndeberryJ Married Bloomdale, 0, Raymond Stallbolim Student Kirksvillu, Mo. May Steen Clfishj Married Findlay, U. Marguerite Knoke Nurse Tols-do, O. Shuhcrt Strieklet Student Akron, U. Lola Keeler Cl'aig'ej Married Arcadia, U, Flaude Smith Llonfeetionc-r Bowling' Grocii, O 1917-1918 Bn-atriro Alexander LTaylorj Married Van Buren, U. Emerson Kagy l-'armor Van Buren, LJ. Marie Brandeberry fHoc'kJ Married Van Buren, U. Bertha Brinkman Teacher Bueyrus, U. George Neal Mechanic Cygnet. 0, Laverna Delinhoff Home North Baltimore Bernice Ensign Deceased Harold Spitler Mechanic Van Buron, U. Ada Huntington LFoustb Married Van Buren, 0. Rachel Shelly UVilte1'sonD Married Toledo, O. Edward Taylor Mechanic Casper, NVyo. Fannie Snowman COringtonD Married Findlay. O. 1918-1919 Ilona Foust Farmer Findlay, 0. Bernice Keelor fStougliJ Married Findlay. 0. Marie Foust fAllm-ny Married Deceased Martha Taylor Nurse Findlay, O. Arline Poe Teacher Garretsville, O, May Miller Stenographer Findlay, O, Annie Ausanbaugh Typist Toledo, O. Susie Burman fMarquetteJ Married Columbus, 0. Eva Kempher QNS-iswanderj Married Frestline, O. Charlotte Nelson Bookkeeper Van Buren, O. Dorothy Nusser Home Van Buren, 0. Bernic'f- Kempher llookklw-nor Findlay, U. 1919-1920 Merle Busliong l-sookkeepvr Van Buren, 0. Dorothy McMur1'y Teacher Van Buren, U. Clarence Neal Station agent Mortimer, O. Lucille Knoke CGraftJ Married Findlay, O. Donald XVerner Student Columbus, O. Evalyn XVOIE Student Oberlin, O. Hugh McMurray Oil worker Casper, XVyo, 1920-1921 Leon Ensign Oil worker Findlay, 11, Cleo Barnd fMillm-J Married McComb, LJ. Georgiana Pefflcy Teacher Van Buren, U, lleloa Burrell Oil worker Van Buren. U, Gayle Peffiey fBowmanb Married Flevr-land, O. Lola Burrell 1NVilliamsj Married Findlay, U. Treva Edwards KN4-all Married Uygnet, 0, Leota Hartman Home Van Buren, 0, XVinifred XVithrow Teacher Findlay, Ll. Merle Steen Farnier Findlay. U. Bernadine Carr fNewc-own-PJ Married Merle Stougli Warren Snodf:,'rass Fa rrno r Sa l 1-mna n Van Buren, U. Findlay. U. Findlay, U, 1921-1922 Naomi Ault 'l'oiu'lnAr Vim Buren. U. Pauline Amos Student Van Buren. ll. NVlalter Bowman Accountant l'le-Vt-land, U. Helen llelong fMyg'rantJ Married Findlay, U. Burdette Baker Home Findlay, tl. Aliee Taylor Student Flevlelancl, H, Mary Stalial 1Mul'iillj Marril-fl Vanlue, 0. lhonald Taylor Laborer Findlay, H. -I-'iff' - ' f ff-rf -H " 4- Fifty-.fix q. - .. - - LY...-,-e..-------,H ALLEN TOIVNSHIP CENTR .losophine Flzmagan Theodore VVolf Raymond Tlwmus Melvin Cline Earl Steen Velma Pzlttersnn Gladys Swulx Dean Flanag'a.n Gladys DeRlxodes Philinda Poole CSno Kenneth Sherbrook Gladys Huffman Mildred Locey Dorothy Huntington Emerson Smith Nida. Henry Hazel Ililts Helen Vote Flora Ausenlmuglx Lester Ensign Nelly Brandeberry James Fisher Burnette Burrell Donald Hart Louise DeRodes Harold Hartman Juanita Edwards Clifton Mygrant Grace Mitchell Loy Powell Bessie Stallbolim Marion Smith Iva Swah Leonard Trautinnn Lenore Trout dgrussy Home Student Mm-clmnir Mechaniv ALIZED SC I-IOOL-19 Van Buren. H. lfintllny, tl. Akruii, U. l4'incllav, U. Farmer lfinrllay, 0, 1022-1923 Home Vzln liuren, H. Bookki-L-In-1' 'l'uleLlu, U. Fzirmt-r Yan Buren, tl. Student Fintlluy, U. Married Findlay, Ll. Vifurker Bzxirdstuwn, U. Student Tiffin, U. Student Bowling' Grt-en. 0. 'l'ent'her Mt, Blunt-lmrd, IM-ct-asecl Student l-iowling Green, U. Student Columbus, O. Student liowling' Grt-4-n 1923 102-1 Home Vim Buren, U. Hume Van Buren. U. Home Yan Buren. U. Student Rio Grand. U. Factory Trunk :li ivei Student l":-irmt-1' Home Student Home Home Student Home Home Student Home Findlay, O. Findlay, O, Findlay, LJ. Van Buren, U. Yun Buren, U. Findlay, U. Findlay, 0. Findlay, 0. Findlay, tl. Mortimer. O, N lfindlziy, U. I4'r1stm'izl, U. The School Trucks orth Bnltinmre, O -1- .--- -...,.,..n- .............. , ......... e ..-V-E---e.. ,-. Y .. 4. Fifty-,vefven The Usual Thing for our ad on this page would be cold facts and columns of figures telling why this Bank has operated so successfully for over 65 years and Why so many, many people in Hancock County have chosen The American-First National as the safest place for their money. But We are going to pump out of the old rut and just say that Weire glad to have the opportunity to greet you through your book and that vve'd be mighty glad to have every one of you call and see us sometime-We like to talk With and advise young folks. The American-First National Bank FINDLAY, oHio WRONG PROGRESSIVE SAFE PROGRESS Since the beginning of our banking career, We have watched rural education graduate from the little red one roomed school house by the side of the road to the imposing modern, Well- equipped township schools of today. Then, too, We have Watched business grad- uate from the high stool, pen scratching stage into the swift-moving, machine-like system of today. The part the Buckeye - Commercial has played in this march of progress, We modestly leave for other lips to acclaim-perhaps to some of our first customers, who still Bank at The Buckeye-Commercial. But for the part that the Buckeye's good customers and friends have played in the trans- formation of a struggling little Bank into the immense institution of today, We will ever be pro- foundly grateful. The Buckeye-Commercial Savings Bank Findlay, - - - Qhio THE BIG FRIENDLY BANK The 01110 Bank and Savings Co. Findlay, - - 01110 Capital - - S100,000.00 Surplus - - 3100,000.00 Education and a Bank Account is the foundation for Success A Deposit of 951.00 Starts an Account 1000f0 Service 40f0 On Deposits IF YOU HAVE MONEY WE XVAIVI' I'I' IF YOU VVANT MONEY VVE HAVE I'I' Tho Hunk 'l'I1:1t Apprecixltcs Your Business 1 Y l Drain the Idle Acre 38 Consult your nearest Buckeye owner He,s a drainage expert. '70 E6 The Buckeye Traction Ditcher Company Findlay, - Qhio WE LEAD, OTHERS FOLLOW FEDERAL TIRES Call Phone 554 For Free Tire Service DIXIE TIRE SI-IOP 313 N. Main st. Findlay, 0 ALLEN TOWNSHIP CENTRALIZED SCHOOL BUSSES ON FEDERAL TIRES FURNISHED BY DIXIE FIRE SHOP Livingston Studio 417 Summit Street TOLEDO, OHIO Makes a Specialty of School Work for Annuals The l.lVll'l12fSlOll Studio fLll'l1lSllCd the Senior and Faculty pictures for this Annual . Qii gi W .- 44 l Nl l 5' 'Y' l s' ffl? 4? Glumplimvnta nf Gbhin 31161112 Hair COLUMBUS Aug. 31 Sept. 5 1925 The Sun Always Shines in Ohio erm x IRUAX c R IE 2 D t F NA1 6ZJHG9G!ill1ll4d1ElgI'UVe1'S me Waltgr S. Miller 57021415 21220. 1. flf L 1- 1:55515 gzfslailzszsr Colleqe 5.24 liiqh School Annuals GO TO 'I' II E H Quality Eat Shoppe H For Quality Eats SHORT ORDERS A SPECIALTY 510 North Main St. HNULAY, oHro H. R. Deeds, Prop. Durnhle Dependable An Ever Ready Servant Delco Light ELIMINATES FIRE HAZARDS CLEAN, ECONONIICAL C. E. Mitchell Dealer 204 So. Main St. FINDLAY. o. Safe Convenient 5 I E -E Washes Clothes E IEE Clean I love its gentle xi '?lI'l7lC. I love its fluent Huw, I love to Wind my t I love to let it go. An Iinglish Nurse said to her pzxtient: Arr The patient replied: Xu, n little her pzitie 'lwzis midnight or origue up. --lllnrtlm Reed. "ri't you Z1 little him patient? III. 1 the porch. Wllxvzis dzirlcness everywliere. The stillness was unbroken. For there wzisnlt n Citllilllfl I hezlrtl you were 2ll'IAL'SlEll for Not Peek: But I dun't see why, I was just elm ri one there. ing three times. nging my mind. new USE bf ls ff-iiii' N, nl fi rl Cooper Cords WTS an r tllfi WHWTE li l is 9453 i il ist: . if-fm-i , final Factor In Fmdla Cgluvrr i fvni if Sl? 1, gf l - 1 1 I N r 1.4 MADE TO WEAR, Z5 Xexjiz r i AND OUTWEAR Shoes For Everybody M. F. 65' M. Shoe Company NORTH IEALTIMORE, OHIO lwiket VVhy is Zl Ford like :L sclioulrouin? hizirtlia: I do not know. lklikez Because there is Z1 crank in front. :ind il lot of little nuts all around. lX'Ir. Brinkman: Ruthanna, that lwarion lnhody stayed too late last night. Ruthanna: Yes, father, I was showing him some post cards. N111 Brinkman: VVell the next time he wants tn stay so late, show him some uf my electric light bills. T119 House Of Huy Your Goods Ai Guaranteed The DeRhodes Clothing and Shoes Store For Men and Boys Fleckner Cio. Co. NORTH BALTIMORE, O. VAN BUREN, OHIO A Big Store of Depend able Merchandise A grocery department unsur passed for quality and service A HRez11 Good Store" in URc:1I Good Community." The Van Buren Auto Company Authorized Ford and Fordson Sales and Service Tires, Tubes and Accessories Garage and Repair Shop VAN ISUREN, OHIO h W H Auto-matic Electric if-H-ig H e ,ii Washmg Machlnes H ,,.., ,. we O lli l l llll l l llll ill N t - M Anile ME'I'Al,, FULLY GuA12AN'rEE1u l l ll ll le i f' l. We lWill Demonstrate Any gf .Q Timee-Just Phone l44-A J. W. LANEY NORTH l3Al.'I'IMORE, OHIO We do all the Electric Work at Van liureu School Building. Let us do yours. COLE 8 BIERY SMART CLOTHES SHOP For Men and Young Men ala So. Mam St. Findlay, O. WATCH OUR WINDOWS IF Merit and Value Count They Are Here Akron Air Blast and Sunbeam Furnaces HOFFMAN 8C BRYAN neu 666 FINULAY, o. me N, Mm K. N. FAUSNAUGH BARBER SHOP AND CIGAR STORE Ladies' Hair Shingling :uid Bohhihg Our Specially NORTH BALTIMORE, O. SEE ME BEFORE BUYING GIFTS FOR ALI. OCCASIONS Quality-Just What You Want E. J. T ler Jeweler and Optometrist Y Main St. , North Bzxltimore, O. MRS. SHARP'S GROCERY Groceries Notions Buyers of Crefim :uid Eggs VAN BUREN, OHIO HEADQUARTERS FOR ALL SCHOOL SUPPLIES AND ALL KINDS OF SPORTING GOODS Drugs Wall Paper Stationery Books Toilet Articles and Kodaks SOMMERS DRUG STORE HThe Rexall Store" NORTH BALTIMORE, OHIO LeRoy: That sure is some flaming handkerchief you carry today. Virgil: It ought to he l got it at a iire sale. Pugh: l told you to watch when that water got up to thc top of that tulw. Clair H.: I did. lt was si quarter past ten. "WEAR GOOD CLOTH ES" YOUR SUIT is tailored to YOUR order from 21, pattern drafted for YOU the day YOU order it. SEE OUR XVINIJOXVS FOR THE NENYEST VVUOIAICNS HARRY R. SCHNEIDER CO. 212 So. Main St. Findlay, O. THE HANCOCK COUNTY HERALD MCCOMB, OHIO ' The family newspaper that has served u4Ive1'tiSe1's und home for 45 years. Herald 1'earIex's are safely guided not only by its reading- pnfes, but by its zulverti, pages as well. C. W. Griswold, Publisher The Findlay Dairy Co. MANuFAcruReRs OF DAIRY PRGDUCTS "Velvet Quality" lee Cream "Sunflower Brandl' Butter Buyers of Milk and Cream FINDIAY, oruo Hoovers Mogiisolls FINULAY, OHIO Store 1 1 The store that sells ihe hesl l ladies ready-io-wezir that money MCCOMB, OHIO can buy, for the least money. Millinery, hosiery, underwear, zuided to our stock make our store one of the hest in the county Curries Il full line of clothing .und :ill furnishings for men :md hoys. ti' Shop at The most inviting prices, too. 325 S. MAIN ST. Drop in :ind see for yourself. HOur merchandise will war- First door north of A U . ,, uint your good will. Buckeye Bank. II PALlVIER'S FLOWER SHOP FLOWERS FOR ALI- QIJCASIONS 612 S. Main SI. Fiudlzly, O E. B. STEVENSON ,IEWELER AND OPTONIETRIST A LARGE LINIG 011' YVIQIST wA'I'ItLIIf:s AND IIIAMoNI'vS IN w H ITIII GOLD NORTH BALTINIORE, OHIO WHEN IN NORTH ISALTIMORE VISIT THE CITY BAKE SHOP A Bakery Where Quality Rules Burrell: How fast can your XVilIyS pick up? Virgil: Oh Sometimes I can pick up four or five in 21 hlock. Xrvllilf is the difference hetween H Seotchnizm Zllld n cowz1IIIIt? You can get fl drink from :I eocoanut. Donlt Just Say Bread, Specify SUNBURST BREAD The T:ISte Tells YoII 'fIt's BeIter" .310-21 N. Nlzlin St. Main 115-W Findlay, O. THE HAPIJIEST Exim ESSIONS Wfhe Sun is coming out.'I "The three o'cIock bell," "IVe won't have :I test todayf' II Iixcused for the ball game." Oh I would be so delighted to gofl M. R. HESS Blacksmith HARDWARE, PAINT, FIELD SEEDS, POULTRY FOOD AND SUPPLIES Van Buren, O. NIIIIIIQII Phone "Ye Sweete Shoppe" for ICE CREAM AND CANDIES See US For Your Brick lee Crefnn Cor. Front :IIId Nl:Iin Sts. Malin 677.1 Findlay, O. f"'X, . 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D ll ll q r I h t d t k U f rl Georgia: lVell, hurry up. l've had un answer ready for two months. Veinnrd to Gertrude while waiting for Nlr. Copeland to wine to History Class: Your lips are red Your eyes are hlue Come with me darling l want you. fiL'l'llKltlL'1 Uh. this is so sullclen. Mrs. Decker: My son is just like at furnzlceg smokes :ill day, :uid goes out :ill night. NI r. Pugh: john, why ziren't you taking notes in class? Alohn: Because my futher milk this course. :ind l have his notes. Cutie: Do you know why l wmft Il'lZ1l'I'y you? Dumbell: I canyt think. Cutie: 'I'hat's it. nr , is 4 nglwh Mum. NORTH BALTIMORE, OHIO RICHLIEU PRODUCTS Highest Price Paid For Butter and Eggs Compliments of Kirks Wholesale House Findlay, Ohio Genevieve: You must sleep well. Ralph: VVhy'? Genevieve: Because you lie so ws-ll. 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MANUFACTURERS OF Mirror, Beveled Plate Glass, Art Glass Bell Phone 138 Au1omobile Glass :1 Specialty Findlay, O. A GOOD PLACE TO BUY The question, where is the best place to buy? We suggest to try us. Here you can get Il good deal. Our furniture. rugs, etc., is of the best. Frank P. Diller, McComb, Ohio. 'J Fern: hir. Chronic is 21 wonderful Converszitionalist, is he not. Ruth: He ought to be. He spends the whole season improving his line. Orrial: lf vou refuse to marry inc l'll dash my brains out 21gZllllSl that wall yonder Riithzinnaf Oli Bird, how can you? T iff .N . ' 4 I Jlllls i ii., - I ,fm f - I ' ,w get '. C. B. BAKER HARDWARE Harness Implements Stoves Paints Oils Auto Tires MCCONIIB, OHIO N. S. Gates SL Son SCHWAB BROTHERS Slate, tin, galvanized iron and ART-ALF-ED asphalt slate rooting. Sheet . metal Xwrki f W. 1 The Leading Grocery gens or ise ant ' Farqnar Furnaces on the North Slde Good Heating a Specialty Bell Phone 412 Res. Bell 1757 201 N. Main St. FINIDLAY, O. FINDLAY, OHIO Sole Agents for Gold Medal Coffee lVIr. Baker: Ralph. why did you blow chalk dust on Gene? Ralph: Because I was quicker on the blow than he was. Dennis: That sounded like a football. Julia: You will be lucky if you only hear one, that was my Dad. - the Kitchen Cqhlnel lhal save: mlles ofsleps X X Stoffers Big xx li' wx w mmm JI ali? l, Store I II llll l W L I The Place to Save Money 3 Everything in Furniture, -QQ. Q Rugs, Electrical Supplies, I-I Radios, Queensware and Hard- Effl jf Q, i Ware of all kinds. T f"X l K I aah, A NORTH BALTIMORE, OHIO Do Nor Buy Your Hat Umm You visit This shop Always the Newest Hats at Popular Prices The Largest Exclusive Millinery Shop in Ohio Miss Martha Smith Millinery 518 S. Main Si. Findlay, Ohio Diamonds Watches Jewelry Gifts Thar Last FINE JEVVELRY COURTEOUS SERVICE AND LOW PRICES has made this store the l1e:idqu:i1'iei's for gift buyers Stever Bros. Diamond and Watch Store FINDLAY, oieiio City Marhet House E,l5DTfL32LTQ, ' The Big Underselling Store

Suggestions in the Allen Township Centralized School - Dixie Yearbook (Van Buren, OH) collection:

Allen Township Centralized School - Dixie Yearbook (Van Buren, OH) online yearbook collection, 1924 Edition, Page 1


Allen Township Centralized School - Dixie Yearbook (Van Buren, OH) online yearbook collection, 1926 Edition, Page 1


Allen Township Centralized School - Dixie Yearbook (Van Buren, OH) online yearbook collection, 1925 Edition, Page 64

1925, pg 64

Allen Township Centralized School - Dixie Yearbook (Van Buren, OH) online yearbook collection, 1925 Edition, Page 70

1925, pg 70

Allen Township Centralized School - Dixie Yearbook (Van Buren, OH) online yearbook collection, 1925 Edition, Page 53

1925, pg 53

Allen Township Centralized School - Dixie Yearbook (Van Buren, OH) online yearbook collection, 1925 Edition, Page 61

1925, pg 61

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