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SPORTS • 102 UNDERCLASSMEN - 152 Allen Park High School 18401 Champaign, Allen Park, MichiganAll the years of schooling have finally paid off. The class of ’86 has reached heir goal, their Senior year. During the course of the year, they enjoyed aking first place with their superb float, winning Powder Puff, and winning he Spirit Week jug. They looked forward for years to their Senior trip and low the time has come. In May, they enjoyed the elegance of their Senior Prom and the casual evening of Senior Banquet. Lastly, perhaps the last time or this group to all be together, they experienced the feelings of accomplishment and perhaps sadness as they became graduates of Allen Park High School. Their lives will go on after A.P.H.S. They will go on to fulfill their Ireams and ambitions. They are the doctors, lawyers, politicians, etc. of omorrow. 1. Kris Sendek looking over Tom Mucha and Tonia Mohammed’s shoulders. 2. Studious Steve McKibben. 3. Truck full of drippy Seniors. 4. Matt Bigliardi and Rusty Mangiapane looking handsome at Spinster. 5. Dawn Powell and Donna Wonsavage studying the information just given to them at a college seminar. 6. John Francis enjoying fun in the sun before beginning his Senior year. 6 2 Seniors 1. King Steve Dutton and Amy Balzerini. 2. Jeff Albanese testing out his lungs at the Bubble Blowing contest during Spirit Week. 3. George Rosen fixing up the trailer for the Juniors. 4. Queen Roberta MacKinnon and escort Eric Braun. 5. Dawn Purvis and Scott Belknap, a happy twosome. 6. Cool dudes, Roger DeShetler and Brian Dixon. 7. Tonia Mohammed eating her way to first place during Spirit Week. 4 ActivitiesIf it weren’t for the special activities that occur throughout the school year, some students might find it difficult to make it through the long weeks of school. Whether it be counting down the weeks until Homecoming, Spirit Week, or Prom, keeping these activities in mind seems to make the time pass quickly. The Students at A.P.H.S. are lucky in this aspect for there always seems to be something exciting rushing up on us in each month to come. The dances throughout the year, the zany competitions between the classes during Spirit Week, and those special evenings of Junior or Senior prom are all events that each student should put effort towards taking part in. Experiencing the fun of each of these activities is that extra something that can make high school years the most they can be. 3ALLbN PARK hTgHSCHOOL HOME OF THE JAGUARS THANK YOU MAKING THIS REALITY J 2 46 Although we sometimes forget, the purpose of this rather large brick building is to offer us students the generous opportunity of education. Yes, it’s hard to believe school is not based upon walking the halls, thinking of excuses to get out of class, skipping class, or even sitting in the lobby for awhile although they must have put those chairs there for a reason. Whether we realize it or not, A.P.H.S. students are offered the best education by highly qualified teachers. Allen Park is ranked as one of the best schools in the state. We should be proud of that fact and appreciate it. The required academic classes that must be taken are, of course, part of the curriculum, but there are also classes offered to fit the special interests of almost any student. We have our teachers to thank for our academic achievements and this is a perfect opportunity to do just that. Thank you! 1. Mrs Jaquish demonstrating her green thumb to her Plants and People class. 2. Officer Riviera is the center of Kris Sendek. Marianne Pxzzo. Katie Kalvans. and Kate Knas’ attentions. 3. Mr. Machleid proudly standing in front of the new marquee. 4. Steve Papalas receiving a few wise words from Mr. Bellas about Government. 5. Mr. Kopnick performing his duties as band director even in the rain. 6. Mr. Domgian counseling the Seniors on their future plans for college. Academics 71. Chris Gearhart unleashing tremendous power in her serve. 2. Jag fans at a football game. 3. Our outstanding cheerleading squads demonstrating their support for the Jags. 4. Jaguar quarterback, Jan Firek, throwing a touchdown. 5. Dave Moon lounging. 6. Pat Baier declared winner as usual. 8 SportsThe stress of school can sometimes be overbearing. Piles of homework and three tests in one day can turn a person into a monster. A great way to relieve the tension is to participate in an after school sport. Playing football, running track, or swimming 50 lengths in the pool can supply that much needed break from schoolwork. The athletic program at A.P.H.S. offers everything for those interested in sports. Newly added to our sports program is soccer. But what is a sporting event without sports fans? Some sports draw bigger crowds than others, but there are always those showing their support for the Jaguar teams. Hearing support from enthusiastic crowds in losing situations may give an athlete that extra push to strive to win. 36 The underclassmen build their way up gradually to the top. Being abused as a gumby freshman is a tough year to survive, but we all seem to make it through all right. The verbal abuse as an underclassman seems to slowly deteriorate as they approach their Senior year. Then it will be their turn for revenge. The underclassmen are a great bunch of spirited individuals with much to look forward to throughout their high school years. They are building memories not to be forgotten. They will savor these years and look back upon them as the best times of their lives. 1. Sue Cardenas getting her bubble measured during Spirit Week 2. Wet Sophomores showing spirit despite the rain during the parade. 3. Let's dissect him. Colleen Chuey and Sherri Donaldson. 4. Ben Laframboise putting that final touch on the Freshman float. 5 Gina Villella. Tracey Vennebush. Jenny BjoTk, Pam Hutson enjoying a normal school day. 6. Jerry Villareal and Rob Georgic watering their precious plant. Underclassmen 117 SENIORS 12 Senior DivisionALLEN PARK HIGH SCHOOL SENIORS CLASS OF ’86 Senior Division 13 1. Marquee 2. John Francis and Lyle Wolas working away on the Senior float. 3. Marianne Pizzo, Karen Budrick, and Dave Galloro smiling in the typing room. 4. Lynda Walker, Karan Mann examining a jar of cow brains. 5. The Awesome Tweety Bird of the Senior float. 6. Senior pie-eater, Paul Coffman, eating his way to victory. 7. Steve Dutton, Mike Hadvina, Steve Papalas, and Mike Haworth working their lobby duty shift.Paul Beals Anthony Beggs Scott Belknap Matt Bigliardi Ron Billett Jacquelyn Bloink Charles Bodnar Christine Borowski Eric Braun Carolyn Brayman Patrick Brettschneider Lisa Briganti Matthew Brohman Karen Budrick5 1. Paul Coffman shows off the fur. 2. Karen Mann hard at work on Sylvester. 3. Katie Kalvans lounges by her locker between classes. 4. The Seniors winning float rolls down Englewood. 5. Kasandra Richardson blows a mammoth bubble. Lori Cooke Angela Cummings Scott Daley Deanna Danko Kenneth Davanzo John Davidson Michael Dawson Seniors 15John Fischer Mary Fischer Chris Flores Kevin Flynn John Francis Robert Franklin Carolyn Gaines Robert Gaines David Galloro 16 Seniors Michael Gearhart Alan Gibson Steven Gregory Michael Griffin Shelly Grove1. Steve Papalas and Patti Ann Rauser apply the finishing touches. 2. Tony Hernandez. Bridgett Stoker. Allen Teems. Mike Haworth, and Fred Letourneau late for class again. 3. Pat Brettschnieder seeking out the jams. 4. Andrea Donaldson and Kelly Lorenz discuss their Biology assignment. 5. Scott Stacey and Eric Braun working hard for their C’s in Ferency’s. 6. John Warren and Carolyn Brayman decorate the trailer skirt. 7. Mike Dawson and Chris Borowski are a happy couple at Spinster. Douglas Gruenwald Michael Hadvina Jill Hall Jerry Hawes Michael Haworth Tony Hernandez Sandra Hicks Joseph Hoffman Tammy Holton Eric Hoskins Sean Howard Robert Hoxey Kimberly Hutchison Heather Janson Seniors 17Scott Konkel Allen Koths David Krzisnik Karen Kulin Kevin Law Joel Lafaive Larry Lentini1. Cute reindeer Scott Beggs and Mike Griffin. 2. Matt McDonald, Lisa Litner and can’t forget Mike Baber, at Homecoming. 3 Nick Armelo-gas and Cricket Richards deciding their future at the college seminar 4 Tom Mucha proudly receiving the band float award from Kathy Mann and John Warren. 5. Give Lori Cooke back her purse Rusty Mangiapane! 6. Beautiful Donyal Mukri. 7. Future mad scientist Lisa Briganti demonstrating her techniques while Rebecca Markey acts enthused. 8. Laura Tonus and Paul Coffman; whose Arty and why is he naked? 9. Wild woman. Heather Fischer, pretending like she is studying. You can’t fool us Heather. Denise Madison Frank Mahalak Russell Mangiapane Karen Mann Kathleen Mann Rebecca Markey Meredith Marriott Michael Martin Robert Maxson David Mazur Christine McComb Matthew McDonald Michelle McKelvey Steven McKibben Seniors 19 Laura McLeod Lisa McLeod Kimberly Miller Tonia Mohammed Lisa Mollett Mary Moss Deborah Moulding Milissa Mount Thomas Mucha Donyal Mukri Cheryl Newton Robert Noles James O’Donnell Annemarie Pace Stephen Papalas Dawn Powell John Quoziente 1. Carolyn Brayman, Tim Weismiller and Chris Borowski relax in the lobby. 2. Marianne Pizzo. Dave Galloro. and Katie Kal-vans study hard at lunch time. 3. The Senior cheerleaders showing their best moves. 4. Mr. Machleid and his crew of derelicts. 5. The proud Seniors show off their winning float. 6. Barry Sova and Allen Teems hard at work in Government. 7 Margarita Loera studying hard. William Riggs Jeffery Ross Jeffery Roulo Brenda Sadler Christopher Richards Kasandra Richardson ' ' • Patti Ann Rauser John Savona Jennie Schallhorn Toni Schmitt Gayle Scholl Robert Sclabassi Michael Sclater Kristine Sendek Seniors 21Dawn Shevchik Kenneth Slaven Jill Smith Pamela Smith Stephen Smith Barry Sova Pam Sparks Scott Stacey Ken Surma Steve Suveges Debra Talbott Jennifer Taylor Mark Tisot Laura Tonus Alicia Vratny Richard Wagner Lori Ward John Walter Karen Walz 1 22 Seniors 25 6 7 1. Cheryl Potter shows off the hot merchandise in the Student Shop. 2. Kasan-dra Richardson goes high to finish Twee-tie. 3. There’s a bear in the bathroom! 4. Donyal Mukri blows a bubble. 5. Roberta MacKinnon always smiling, even in Fer-ency’s. 6. Hey Freddie, That’s a Junior beating you up. 7. John Warren and Nell Wysong obviously enthused about the class. 8. Sean Howard doing his part on the Senior float. 9. The Three Stooges? No, that’s just wetheads, John Francis, Steve Papalas and Scott Stacey. 8 John Warren Tim Weismiller Michael Weiss Kathryn Wenzel Paul Wilburn Kimberly Wilton Ronald Wiesman Seniors 23 1 Marquee 2. Sophomore float. Foghorn Leghorn. 3. Group of Freshmen during Homecoming Parade. 4. Pie eating competition. 5. Award winning Senior float. 6. Queen Roberta MacKinnon and Eric Barun. 7. Soon to be crowned King Steve Dutton and his escort Amy Balzerini. Activities Division 25BEFORE 13 1) The Pom Pon girls showing their spirit. 2) The band marching through the rain. (What Dedication!) 3) Mike Dawson. Matt McDonald. Mike Hadvina. and Scott Stacey proudly walk along with the Senior float. Sylvester Tweety. 4) The A.P.H.S. Band float. 5) The Sophomore float 6) The Junior float. 7) The Freshmen float. 8) Band members concentrating on the construction of their float 9) Ben LaFrambois doing the final touches on the freshmen float. 10) Bob Cloke. Carolyn Brayman. Rusty Mangiapani. and Kasandra Richardson touching up the Senior float. 11) Sue Konkel and Dana Roberts are working on the band float. 12) Mike Skelton. Michelle McGonagle. and Andy Kehagiaras working on the Junior io float 13) John Francis. Gayle Scholl, and Scott Stacey are all helping with the Senior float.AFTER “It rained on our parade,” is the best way to describe this year’s Homecoming Parade. Despite the dreary weather, the A.P.H.S. spirit shown through. Extra hours of hard work were put in by everyone to prepare for the parade. This year’s float theme was Bugs Bunny characters; it was followed by the Freshmen’s Tazmanian Devil, the Sophomore’s Foghorn Leghorn, the Junior’s Elmer Fudd, the Senior’s Sylvester and Tweety, and the Band’s Speedy Gonzolas. The band, followed by the Homecoming Court and floats, led the parade from Rosedale to the high school. There the floats circled the football field to be judged by some members of the Kiwanis Club and some student council members from Taylor Kennedy High School. The float winners were announced right before the kickoff of the football game. The band took the club float honors with their float of Speedy Gonzolas and the Seniors took the class float honors with their float of Sylvester and Tweety. GOOD“CRAZY FOR YOU” On Saturday October 19, the 1985 Homecoming Dance took place. Over a hundred couples enjoyed the music provided by “Chris O’Brien”. Student Council sponsored the dance and did an excellent job on the decorations. During the spotlight dance, the court and their escorts danced to the tune of “Crazy for you”. Homecoming court this year consisted of newly crowned queen Roberta MacKinnon, Chris Borowski, Kelly Lorenz, Tracey Wallace, and Debbie Moulding. The dance was a perfect end to the Homecoming festivities, which included float-building, the parade, and the football game. The rainy weather threatened to spoil the parade and dance, but students had the time of their lives in spite of it all.1. Roger DeShetler, Chris Dawson, Mo Lareau. and Andy Kehagiaras share an intimate dance. 2. Dave Zeigler, Shelly Rebel, Kathy Monroe, and Tim Martin are heart to heart. 3. Kim Stada and Bill Toth are an enchanting couple. 4. Mike Sclater and Matt McDonald on good terms with Mr. Machleid for a change! 5. Sue Beauvais sitting pretty on "Spike” Henderson's lap. 6. Steve Dutton, Cindy Marbrey, Lisa McLeod, Sean Howard, Paul Beals, Mike Baber, and Marc Aniol hamming it up. 7. Carolyn Brayman and Eric Braun get down! 8. Adam Knox and Anne Marie Pace show their pearly whites. 9. Tom Sawyer and Jeff Navoy grab a seat on John Francis’s bony knees. 9 29HOMECOMING COURT 85-86 Tracey Wallace Jan Flrek Chris Borowski Tim Weismiller A Debbie Moulding Jason Kleinsorge Roberta MacKinnon Eric Braun Kelly Lorenz Tony Villareal 30 Homecoming Dance“FOREVER” The theme at this year s Spinster dance was “Forever”. An added feature of this year’s dance was the crowning of the King at the dance, rather than at the game. Everyone danced and had a great time. 1. The couples come together for a slow dance. 2. Rusty Mangiapane and Matt Bigliardi are all smiles. 3. A happy Spinster couple. 4 Michelle Christie serves refreshments 5. Marcie Wallace and Lloyd O’Dell pose for a picture. 6. Mark Picklo and Tracy Vennebush. Gina Villella and date. 7. A circle of hopping dancers 7 Spinster 311986 WINTER COURT 4 1. The 1986 King and Court with their escorts. 2. Eric Braun and his escort Leanne Bellas. 3. Tony Ranilovich escorted by Sue Schmidt. 4. John Francis escorted by Lisa McDonough. 5. Mike Baber and Lisa McLeod. 6. The King and his court all dance. 7. Steve Dutton and Amy Balzerini, as he is crowned king. 32 The Senior Class of 1986 nominated, Mike Baber, Eric Braun, Steve Dutton, John Francis, and Tony Ranilovich, for the title of 1986 Winter Homecoming Court. Steve Dutton was crowned King.JUBILANT SENIORS This year’s annual spirit week jug went to the class of ’86. The seniors lived up to their expectations, but not without tough competition from the other classes; with the juniors taking 2nd, sophomores 3rd, and freshmen 4th. Volleyball started the week out with a surprising 1st from the Class of ’88, juniors 2nd, seniors 3rd, and freshmen 4th. Bubble gum blowing followed with Dawn Ureste and Roger Deshetler, juniors, both taking firsts. Seniors Paul Coffman and Tonia Mohammed gobbled up both firsts in the tasty pie eating contest. The orange pass went to the seniors with the help of Chris Richards who started the relay off with a big lead followed by Jan Firek, Lori Cook, and Milissa Mount. Green and white day was taken by the juniors with over 90% of the class who participated. The final event, tug of war, is always the most exciting with the senior guys and sophomore girls taking firsts. Good job seniors and good luck to all the classes next year. 'Laura Tonus Karen Mann (1) Victorious seniors celebrate (2) Marc Aniol, Nanette Binert, Andrea Donaldson, Deanna Danko, and Patti-Ann Rauser showing their spirit on sweat and hat day (3) Paul Coffman taking first in pie eating (4) Spirited students watching the bubble gum event (5) Seniors Jan Firek and Rusty Mangiapane participating in bubble gum blowing. 5 Spirit Week 33GETTING 34 1) Freshman Vicky Briganti and Sophomore Amy Beals pigging out during the pie eating contest. 2) Junior Dave Trepkowski showing off his extraordinarily large hat. along with Kurt Trainor, Jeff Pouliot. and Dawn Ureste. 3) Junior boys pulling hard. 4) Sophomore John Jas-kowski. 5) Just some Seniors showing off a little spirit on hat and sweats day. 6) Freshman Vicky Briganti during bubble gum blowing. Spirit WeekINTO THE SPIRIT 1) The Freshmen tug-a-war team. 2) A few spirited Seniors. 3) Senior Mark Aniol during bubble gum blowing. 4) “Oh when those Allen Park Jaguars uh what's the rest, Jim Driscoll?” 5) Craig Wood blowing bubbles for the Sophomores. 6) The Sophomore girls’ tug-a-war team. Spirit Week 35THE SPIRT OF THINGS 1. The Freshman girls tug-awar team 2. Janice Denton blowing bubbles for the Seniors. 3. Sue Cardenas blowing bubbles for the Freshmen 4. The Senior girls tug-a-war team. 5. Freshman pie eater Eric Laatz. 6. Lori Sinnot blowing bubbles for the Juniors. 36 Spirit Week(7) Jim O’Donnel, Jan Firek and Rusty Man gipane blowing bubbles for the Seniors. (8) The sophomore guys’ tuga-war team. (9) Senior Tonya Mohammed winning it for the seniors. (10) Is Kim Scotta being questioned by Mr. Kovach? (11) Mr. Petri showing off a little spirit on clash day. (12) Paul Coffman chowing down for the seniors. (13) Lauri Mooridian. Tanya Kazanjian. Kathy Johnson. blowing bubbles for the Sophomores. Spirit Week 37POWDER PUFF 38 After weeks of hard practice, on October 9, 1985, the Senior Women battled it out against the Junior Girls in the 18th annual Powder Puff Football game. The Juniors, coached by Mr. George Donigian and Greg Suveges, put up a good fight-but not quite good enough. The Seniors emerged victorious, the score being 13-12. The Seniors played an impressive game, proving to coaches Buddy Toungett, Gary Hegedus, and Mark Tabaczynski that all their hard work and inspiring pep talks hadn’t been forgotten. The antics of the male cheerleaders, along with the participation of an enthusiastic Pep Band made this long-awaited night a spirited one for all who attended. Andrea Donaldson Nanette BinertSENIORS PROVE IT AGAIN 6 1. Rusty Mangiapane 2. Dawn Ureste, Elena Mar-chionda 3. Elena Marchionda, Kasandra Richardson, Sue Schmidt 4. Sean Howard 5. Pep Band 6. Marianne Pizzo, Carrie Gaines. Katie Kalvans 7. Seniors and Juniors battle 8. Junior Powder Puff fans. 9. Stacey Harris 8 Powder Puff 39JUST BETWEEN 40 Junior Prom was held at Thomas’s Epicurean House on March 22, 1986. A buffet dinner was served at 7:30 and consisted of ham, roast beef, chicken, mostaccioli, potatoes, salad, and vegetables. An ice cream bar was served for dessert. The class chose April Wine’s “Just Between You and Me” as their class song, dusty rose and white as class colors, and the white rose as flower. The class motto is: “If you can imagine it, you can achieve it. If you dream it, you can become it.” The tickets were $45.00 per couple. Each couple received a beer mug and wine glass. Music was provided by Chris O’Brien Productions. All 62 couples seemed to have a great time. Chris Dawson Diane Burt 1 Junior PromYOU AND ME Juniors Prom 41 1. Andy Kehagiaras and Tracey D'Hondt prepare to chow. 2. Carrie Toth and Dawn Johnson sharing a sundae. 3. John McClay and his date sharing a dance 4 Shelly Mayher is getting down! 5. Leslie Tosh and Tim Mucha take time for a picture. 6. Sue Doran looks very pretty. 7. Teresa Magnan. Sue Marbrey. and Kristy Dombe having a great time. 8. Todd Mattei in his rented threads. 9. Rachel Torok and her date. 10. Dave Traster, Todd Mattei, Todd Redden, and Roger DeShetler all looking very handsome. 11. Rich Slate. Matt McDonald. Diane Burt, and Chris Dawson having a ball.TRADING Teacher turnabout day is a regular tradition at A P.H.S. It is a nice change for both the students and the teachers from an ordinary school day. This year turnabout day took place on March 12. A total of 52 seniors traded places with teachers. Those who participated had the chance to see what it's like to be a teacher. Each student took time to prepare his or her lesson to teach. They enjoyed having the same rights as teachers. They could give detention, assign homework, and relax in the teachers’ lounge. It was a day of fun and learning for everyone. ’Gayle Scholl PLACES 1 Janice Denton as Mrs Yager 2. John Franca and Jan Ftrek as Mr KeOy 3 Dave GaQaro and John Savona as Mr Fro-shewer 4 Mike Hadvma and Mike Dawson as Mrs Frucci 5 Matt McDonald as Mr Machieid 6 Ten Weamitter as Mr Ferguson offering some advice to Rich Slate 7. Steve Papalas and Nick Armeiogas as Mr Hefler 8 Dave Krzanxk as Mrs Kempt 9 Mary Fisher and Tom Schmitt as Mr Habotar 10 Annemane Pace and Tom Mucha as Mrs Ferencv 11 Amy Baltenm and Roberta Madcnnon as Mr Powefl 12 Marianne Ptzro and Kane Kaivans as Mr Tews 13 Pat Brettschneider and Mike Weiss taking a break from being Mrs Keramidas 13 Teacher Turnabout 43APHS 2 On April 17, 18, and 19 the APHS Drama Club proudly presented Blithe Spirit. This Noel Coward farce was a smashing success due to the hours of hard work, dedication, and sacrifice by many Drama Club members. The production starred David Krzisnik, Coleen Chuey, Gina Petrangel, Rose Ann Gruley, David Moon, Rachel Stoker, and Michelle McKelvey. Mr. Joseph Medrano directed the show. The British comedy dealt with seances, trances, the occult, a comical psychic, a pompous writer, his deceased wife who returned to visit and remained only visible to him, his present wife who attempted to deal with the situation, and much more. Those situations and characters combined, plus a touch of Noel Coward humor, resulted in a smash hit. 44 Drama ClubPRESENTS 12 13 1. Adviser Mr .Joe Medrano with his officer Dave Krzisnik. president. Krista Falkey. treasurer: and Dawn Grzyb. secretary, (not pictured Dave Moon, vice president) 2 Madame Arcati conducts a seance. 3. Tim Martin sets up lighting 4. Dave Moon applies make up 5 The Allen Park High School Players Company. 6 Rose Gruley as Madame Arcati 7 Rachel Stoker as Mrs Bradman. 8 Larry Lentim in instructed on painting a flat by Mr Bob Seeman from Ann Arbor Civic Theatre 9 Mr Medrano takes notes at dress rehearsal 10 Michelle McKelvey as the maid. 11. Coleen Chuey (on the right) as Ruth Condomine 12 Gina Petrangel as Elvira, the ghost 13. David Krzisnik as Charles Condomine behaving terribly British. Play 45LIFE ON THE BEACH The annual migration to the sunbelt began in true form this year with many Seniors taking off early for an extended vacation. The Seniors put their studies aside and packed up their things for the journey south. Whether by plane, train, car, or bus the Seniors flocked in droves to the Sunshine State for a few weeks in the Southern sun. While in Florida the lazy days were spent swimming, playing frisbee, or just copping some rays. The long nights were spent in endless socializing and meeting other students from around the country. Many Seniors visited Disney World and other attractions while some were happy to spend every moment frolicking on the warm beaches. But whatever activities the Seniors engaged in, an unforgetable time was had by all. Steve Papalas  VOLUSIA COUNTY BEACH PATROL l OATS MUST HAVE SAFETY ROPES OWER NO ' UliARD PflBj hIThIK. AAILRTFMpH SURE CONL HAVE A 3AFF DAY 12 13 1 Tracey Wallace calls the Pizza Man. 2. Five Seniors enjoying Disney World get their picture taken with a dwarf (not Rusty the other one.) 3. Where's the beach? About 1.200 miles that way. this happy bunch of Seniors answer on departure day. 4. Amy Balzerini’s sunburn obviously pains her. 5. Some Senior girls arrive in Daytona Beach. 6. Nick Armelagos scoping out the chicks on the beach. 7 Another perfect day in paradise. 8. A group of Senior guys prepare for action their first morning in Florida. 9. Some Senior Beach Babes catch some rays (so that’s what Nick is looking at). 10 A few Senior guys wander through the Magic Kingdom 11. These Senior girls are enjoying the Daytona Night life. 12. Lynda "the lifeguard” Walker points out the pool rules. 13. Sailing away to Key Largo. 14. Cricket crashes after a long night. 15. Eric Braun and UliySENIOR Senior Prom was definitely one of the highlights of the year for the class of 1986. On Saturday, May 3rd, over a hundred couples gathered together at the Masonic Temple Crystal Ballroom. Everyone danced to music provided by Chris O’Brien from 8 to 12. The senior class sponsor was Mr. Haboian. The class colors are violet and silver; the class flower is a violet rose; and the class motto is “Learn from yesterday, Live for today, Dream for tomorrow.’’ Prom was a magical evening that will be remembered “Always and Forever’’. Gayle Scholl and Scott Stacey PROM 11 14 I. Mr Haboian and what’s left of the cake. 2. Dave Galloro with date Katie Kalvans. 3. Marc Aniol and Paul Beals throwing down. 4. Dawn Grzyb and David Krzisnik looking daper before the dance. 5. Mike Hadvina, Mike Sclater, John Francis, and Mike Dawson looking quite comfortable at the dance. 6. A bunch of seniors swaying to the music. 7. Jennie Schallhorn and Mike Gearhart sharing an intimate dance. 8. Jill Smith with her date smiling pretty. 9. John Quoziente and Marianne Pizzo taking that last picture before they’re off to the dance. 10. Steve Dutton. Steve Papalas, and Eric Braun hamming it up. II. Kasandra Richardson and John Warren. 12. Gayle Scholl and Scott Stacey flashing a smile. 13. Kate Knas with date Glen Owens showing their pearly whites. 14 John Savona and Jeff Roulo having a fclast at the dance. Senior prom 49ALWAYS ANDFOREVER 14 1. Heather Janson, Kathy Wenzel, Kathy Mann, and Susan Lowry enjoying prom. 2. Andrea Donaldson. Nanette Binert. Paul Coffman. Karen Budrick, and Roxanne Drouillard throwin’ down. 3. Pam Sparks posing for the picture. 4 "One Eye’ Braun and Amy Balzerini taking time out for a dance. 5. Deanna Danko and Jim O’Donnell taking a breather. 6. Memories of Masonic Temple. 7. Connie Kaminski and her escort taking a break from the festivities. 8. Kari Kirkpatrick and "Doo Man” Stacey sharing a dance. 9. Frank Ennis. Jan Firek, and Rusty Mangiapane looking refined. 10. John Fischer and Margo Loera arriving for the festivities. 11. Nell Wysong and Karri Fehrman prior to the dance. 12. John Davidson and Jill Schertzer happy to be alive. 13. Karen Mann. Lisa Litner, Lynda Walker. Sue Carrol. Kathy Wenzel, and Kari Kirkpatrick looking fine at prom. 14. Bob Cloke and Mary Fischer slowing down the pace. 15. Senior women throwin’ down during a dance at prom. Senior PromBANQUET ENDS YEAR The last rowdy event for the seniors was the senior banquet again held at the Knights of Columbus Hall. Dinner included chicken, mostaccioli, vegetables, rolls, salad, dessert, coffee, tea, and pop. Class sponsor Mr. John Haboian led the festivities which included mock election results, awards, and distribution of class mugs. A disc jockey provided music for dancing until 11:00 PM. Most seniors agreed this party was a great way to end their high school career. Kari Fehrman Roberta MacKinnon0 1. Tony Hernandez, Jeff Roulo, John Savona. Fred Letoumeau huddle together for a picture. 2. Rob Hoxey and Dave Chuey chow down. 3. This smiling group takes a break from their meal for a photo. 4. Shelly Grove demonstrates good table manners. 5. Mark Tisot. John Quozlente, Scott Daley, and Dave Krzisnik take time out for a camera shot. 6. Here’s shaving cream in your eye. Tim Weismiller. 7. Tom Mucha boogying down. 8. Smiling Lori Cooke and Mindi Marriot. 9. Mark Roberts, Allen Koths, Nick Armela gos. and Billy Riggs waiting patiently for dinner. Senior Banquet 53MOCK THEM MOST POPULAR Roberta MacKinnon Steve Dutton Kelly Lorenz Matt McDonald BEST LOOKING PRETTIEST EYES Roxanne Drouillard Matt Bigliardi CLASS COUPLE Katie Kalvans Dave Gallaro CLASS FLIRT Lisa Litner Scott Stacey BEST PHYSIQUE Sue Carroll Tony Hernandez MOST TALKATIVE Dawn Shevchik Paul Coffman 54 MOST SPIRITED Roberta MacKinnon Tim Weismiller PRETTIEST HAIR Linda Walker Scott StaceyMOST LIKELY TO SUCCEED Annemarie Pace Dave Krzisnik BEST STORYTELLER Kari Kirkpatrick Eric Braun SHYEST Heather Fischer Mark Tisot BEST DISPOSITION Gayle Scholl Mike Dawson John Warren BEST DRESSED Amy Balzerini Jan Firek BEST ATHLETE Carolyn Brayman Mike Dawson John Francis MOST TALENTED Michelle McKelvey Paul Wilburn CLASS CLOWN Heather Janson Frank Ennis Mike Haworth NICEST SMILE Debbie Moulding Mike Haworth 55SENIOR FUN 1. Senior class sponsor greets some masked seniors. 2. Mrs. Muszynski and Mrs. Yager lead the food charge. 3. “Hi" John Fischer. Steve Dutton. Sean Howard. Paul Beals. Rob Gaines. 4. Kate Knas Diane Sammut clowining. 5. Kelly Lorenz. Laura McLeod. Roberta MacKinnon. Amy Blazerini. 6. Janice Denton reaches for the gusto as Carolyn Brayman holds her breath. 8LEAVING APHS 5 1. Annemarie Pace. Pat Brettschneider. Jennie Schallhorn. Mike Gearhart take the last steps. 1. Mr. Gomea. Mrs. Ferency. Mr. Rafail. Rebecca Markey. Lisa Briganti. Mr. Joseph Zelinske before the ceremonies. 3. Mr Ferguson bids adieu to Mr. Durfee. 4. Mr. David Picklo 5. Andrea Donaldson. Fred Letourneau. and Roxanne Drouillard listen attentively. Graduation 57THE END The Allen Park Municipal Auditorium was the site for the graduation of the 1986 class. Some 200 seniors graduated from APHS. Heather Fischer gave the valedictorian speech. Lisa Briganti and Rebecca Markey were the saluta-torian speakers. Other speakers included Allen Park Mayor Dominic Bocabella, Superintendent of Schools Thomas Riutta, and Principal Michael Ferguson. Although the seniors had been counting down the days until this moment, this serious event saddened many seniors as they realized they would not be all together again. Steve Papalas John Francis CITY OF ALLEN PARK POLICE • COURT • OFFICES CONGRATULATIONS ALLEN PARK CLASS OF 1986 168501 AlU?n Park City Hall sends its regards. 2 Valedictorian Heather Fischer gives her heartfelt speech. 3. Retiring Mr. Leroy Durfee is congratulated by his peers 4 Co salutatorian Rebecca Markey delivers her speech. 5 Lisa Briganti. co-salutatorian. congratulates the class of ’86 6 Mrs Yager receives recognition for her 3 years at APHS 7. The class of ’86. 8. Mr Ferguson. 9. A jovial Fred Letourneau cheers loudly at the end of the ceremonies 10. Allen Park Mayor Bocabella. 11 Allen Koths accepts his diploma. 12. Dave Krzisnik receiving his excellence award. 13. Millissa Mount gives Mike Hadvina some last minute adjustments. Graduation 59THE BEGINNING 11 1 The class of 86 are pronounced graduates. 2. Dawn Shevchik 3. Toni Schmidt happy to receive her diploma 4. Rob Cloke and friends. 5. Jeff Ross and Andrea Donaldson. 6. Brian Mathes. 7. Jill Smith and Barry Sova. 8. Somber seniors await ceremonies. 9. Andrea Donaldson. 10. Happy seniors. 11. Graduates prepare for the big moment. 12. Happy days are here for seniors. Graduation 6162 Academics 1. Mrs. Zanini. Mrs. Yankowski, and Ms. Smith gabbing away over lunch. 2. Mr. McKay and Mr. Tews. 3. Mark Tisot learns about history from Mr. Hershberger. 4. Some teachers kick back and enjoy their lunch. 5. The Marquee. 6. Bob Cloke, Mr. Seman, and Rob Hoxey. 7. Mr. Frosheiser shares his knowledge about Europe with Christie Drysdale. “r» high school ' HOME OF THE jaguars ACADEMICS Academics 63BOARD OF EDUCATION The Board of Education plays a very important role in the upkeep of our fine school. The Board is the ultimate governing body at A.P.H.S. They are responsible for regulations and standards for the entire student body of Allen Park. Curriculum changes and appropriations for anything involving the high school are a few of the numerous duties. The President of the Board of Education is Mr. Joseph Zelinske, the vice president is Mr. A1 Lapshan, the secretary is Mr. Joseph Berry, and Mrs. Linda Shovak is the treasurer. The Board of Education sets the standards for our education. 1 1.) Mr Joseph Berry 2.1 Mr William Matakas 3.) Mr Joseph Zelinske 4.) Mrs. Linda Lockwood Shovak 5.1 Mr. Albert Lapshan 6.) Mrs. Terry Knippenberg 7.) Mr. Robert BryanADMINISTRATION Running A.P.H.S. is a full time job which principal Mr. Michael Ferguson is in charge of. The assistant principals are Mr. Richard Machleid and Mrs. Bonnie Yager who devote time to clubs, and student activities, and discipline. Mr. Thomas Riutta and Mr. Dan Ross are the chief executive officers of the school system. They are in charge of personnel, maintenance, and special education. 1. Mr. Daniel Ross. Assistant Superintendent. 2. Assistant Principal, Mr. Richard Machleid. 3. Mr. Michael Ferguson. Principal of A.P.H.S. 4. Mrs. Bonnie Yager. Assistant Principal. 5. Mr. Thomas Riutta. Superintendent. Administration 65WRITE RIGHT If there is one high quality program at A.P.H.S., it is English. The English department is doing much to meet the needs of our students, both those going to college and those not. This year the Instructional and Curriculum Council has been reformed and is operating. The English teachers are working hard on this committee to improve the English program at the high school. In the works for next year is a new writing class for Seniors. Mrs. Betty Ferency is the head of the department. Other English teachers include Mr. R. Powell, Dr. H. Coleman, and Mrs. L. Kempf. Chris Dawson 1. Nice tie Mr. Powell! 2. Mrs Kempf with students Beth Stamper and Diane Burt. 3. Lance Hoey gets some help from the "Doc.” 4. Cute smile Mrs. Ferency!“OUI” “SI” A NEW LANGUAGE “Parlez-vous francais?” or “Habla Espanol?” These are only two phrases a student may learn in his her foreign language class. Two foreign languages are offered to A.P.H.S. students this year. These languages are French I, II, III and Spanish I, II, taught by Mrs. Frucci and Mr. Medrano respectively. The objective of these classes is to familiarize students with a language and culture different from their native one. Having the knowledge of a foreign language can be useful; therefore the students in these classes can consider themselves very fortunate. Donyal Mukri 4 1) Mrs. Frucci 2) Mr. Medrano 3) Mrs. Frucci helps Ed Kulin with his French. 4) Shea McLaughlin gets some help with his Spanish. 5) Mr. Medrano helps Anna Feijoo with her Spanish. 6) Madame Frucci observing Shrieen Meehan. Foreign Language 67ADDING it up Math, this single word, is enough to strike fear into the hearts of most students. A lot of students try to avoid Math as much as possible. But, as our wise administrators know. Math is an invaluable class and in recent years they have changed graduation requirements to include three years of Math. Students may choose from a variety of classes ranging from refresher math and general math to Trigonometry and Calculus. Mr. Rafail is the head of the Math department. Mr. Kovach, Mr. Petri, Mr. Medrano, Miss Kaminski and Mrs. Vankowski are the other teachers. • STEVE PAPALAS , 9 Mr P«tri STi 2 4SCIENCE The Science department’s main objective is to provide all students at Allen Park High with a solid background in Science. The department in currently in the process of updating its curriculum. With the retirement of Mr. Runnals, Mr. Ellis was brought up from the Middle School. Courses are offered to those who want to excel in courses like physics, Biology II, and Chemistry II. Courses are also offered to those who wish to have a more general knowledge to them. Other Courses offered are: College Biology, College Anatomy, Basic Physics, General Biology, General Anatomy, Chemistry, Earth Science, and Plants and People. Patti Ann Rauser 6 1. Mr. Picklo taking time with Sharry Donaldson and Coleen Chuey. 2. Mr. Heller explaining the day’s lesson. 3. Mrs. Jacquish looks surprised. 4. Mr. Battistelli looking over Laura McLeod’s work. 5. Mr Ausum helps Mary Lou Loera and Tania Kazanjian with an experiment. 6. Mr. Ellis posing for the camera. Science 69SOCIAL STUDIES 1) Mr Tyson tak $ time to help student. 2) Mr. Bellas. 3) Mr Frosheiser helps Stacey Harris 4) Mr Hershberger giving one of his daily lectures. 5) Mr. Tyson prepares for his classes. 6) Mr Zelasko enjoys teaching. 6 The Social Studies Department is headed by Mr. Hershberger Three years of Social Studies are required for graduation. Many courses are offered to the students: World Geography. American Geography, World History 1. World History 2, Michigan History. Economics. Sociology, Human Relations. American History 1, American History 2, Psychology, and Government. Bert Tyson, who is retiring, taught many of these classes Good Luck. Mr Tyson “Karri FehrmanCAREERS The Career’s class is a mandatory class that all students must pass in order to graduate. It is required in 9th grade and is taught by a variety of teachers. The class prepares students for job placement by reviewing job applications, work attitudes, and job descriptions. Overall, the class is intended to prepare students for jobs in the outside world. The 1986-87 freshmen will only be required to take one semester of Careers leaving their schedules open for other selections. S B. IVWE’RE IN BUSINESS We’re in business. The business courses at A.P.H.S. are designed to teach the intended skills that may be necessary in future jobs or background for college bound students. For example, typing and shorthand are essential for a student persuing the secretarial field. For students attending college, typing is necessary for writing assignments and shorthand can be very useful during lectures. The accounting courses provide a good understanding of the actual procedures used in that particular field. For those students going into the business occupation, A.P.H.S. is a great place to start. ‘Laura Tonus 2 4 (1) Mrs. Keramidas setting Sean Howard straight (2) Mr Goniea looking over Don Mullen’s shoulder. Kathy Wenzel looking on. (3) Dave Menzer practicing his typing skills with a little help from Ms. Buschmann. (4) Lynn Dau-bresse showing her work to Mr Goniea. (5) Mrs Van Nostrand dictating to her class. (6) Diane Sammut and Ms. Buschmann having a good old time. 72 BusinessCOMPUTER DATA 1 Computer classes are designed to familiarize the students with the computer world. There are now courses offered in programming, word processing, data base and spreadsheets. These classes are very basic but are very helpful in introducing computers to the students. For the near future some new classes in word processing and introductory computer applications are being proposed. Although Mr. Rafail left the computers section, Mr. Barrick and Mr. Lavine still remain teaching the basic, fortran and data processing classes. Milissa Mount 1. Mr. Barrick assists students Mamie Oddo and Mike Donigian. 2 Mr. Barrick 3. Mr Lavine does an over the shoulder check of Samar Badwi. 4 Mike Haworth is "heavy” into his work as Mr Lavine watches. Computers 73FINE ARTS 1 Mr Carevich gives junior Bill Armstrong a hand with his wood's project 2 Mrs Schneidt is all smiles about her home economics classes. 3. Mr. Seman gives sophomore Lloyd O'Dell a few pointers on his drafting design. The electives at Allen Park High School make up many of the classes that students are enrolled in. Students are allowed to supplement their schedules with such popular classes in the Home Economics and Industrial Arts fields as: Foods. Drafting, and Woods. Students choose these electives to learn trades that can be used the rest of their lives. The lessons and skills learned in these classes are very important and beneficial to all who take them. Lyle Wolas 74 3ELECTIVES Three of the most popular electives at the High School are Art, Autos, and Music. Mrs. Bart guides her students through classes such as Basic Design. Pottery, Lettering, and Water colors. Students work is always on display outside her room. The Music department consists of the 9th.-grade band and the Symphony band. Mr. Kopnick leads the band in a winter and spring concert, at all home football games, and in many parades. Industrial Arts classes involve vocational Autos, Autos 1, Small Engines and Related trades. Mr. Durphy and Mr. Zittleman guide their students through these automotive classes. Ron Sclabassi 4 1. Mr. Zittleman explains the fine points of a carburator to Sue Schmidt and Jennifer Hogg. 2. Jennifer Jaroslawski checks her grade with Mrs Bart 3. Mr Durfee does a once over on John Miller’s engine 4 Mr Kopnick ponders the next note Art Music Autos 75CO-OP STUDENT SHOP The cooperative education program allows students over 16 years of age and in 12th grade an opportunity to earn money and a grade. The student’s schedule must include a class related to his job. Coordinators of the program include: Mrs. Keramidas, Retailing; Mr Lavine, office; and Mr. Durfee. trades. The student shop is managed by Mrs. Keramidas and her general merchandising class. Improvements this year include new carpeting, fresh paint, and a larger selection of merchandise. The student shop remains a popular gathering spot for students. 2 1 Roxanne Drouillard on duty at Wendy’s. 2 Fred Letourneau having a rough day at Country Chef 3. Mrs Keramidas gives an attentive Cheryl Potter a lesson in stock technique 4 Mrs Keramidas awaits her cus tomers in the student shop 5 Mr Durfee taking a break 76 Co-OpBRAINS AND BRAWN The Physical Education Department is an important part of life at A.P.H.S. The classes base most of their time on team related sports. The classes try to develop the physical fitness, skills and activities of all the students. The classes' activities include archery, tennis, swimming, weight training, and much more. A relatively new class available in Physical Education is Physical Conditioning. The class’ goal is to promote cardiovascular fitness and to build the body through weight training. The Library is one of the most important places in the school. English classes visit the library on a regular basis. Students of all kinds visit the library for information for term papers, research reports, and compositions, etc. Considering its size, our library has vast amounts of information of many subjects. The library is run by Mrs. Stella Zanini. MIKE HADVINA 4 1. Mr. McKay poses for the camera. 2. Mr. Kelly helps out Jan Firek 3. Mr. Swiss looks over the lesson plan 4 Mrs. Zanini helps students Todd Mattei, Tammy Esau, and Deanna Ayrhart. 3 Library And Phys. Ed. 77COUNSELING Each year the students of Allen Park High School pick up their schedules the week before school starts. Little do they know the efforts put forth by the counseling office in an attempt to please everyone. This process of scheduling classes continues throughout the year. Yet the counselors also find time to help college bound seniors pick colleges and fill out applications. A special thanks goes to Mr. George Donigian, Mr. John Haboian, and Miss Agnes Smith. ‘Kasandra Richardson 1. Miss Smith helps schedule Pam Smith. 2. Mr. Haboian finds a class for Karen Mann. 3. Mr Donigian counsels Elizabeth Laf-ferty. 78 Counseling Imr ONE ON ONE 1) Mr Cross smiles for the picture1 2 ) Mrs Ceccarelli sitting at her desk 3.) Officer Riviera talking with Mike Sclater in the office. 4.) Mrs Wilson helping Larry Christensen with some school work. 5.) Mrs Foucher in her office with Dave Galloro and Marianne Pizzo 5 For students who want more individualized instruction and can’t get it in a room of 30 or more, help is always available from Mrs. Ceccarelli, Mrs. Wilson, or Mr. Cross. Allen Park police liaison office, Mr. James Riviera, can answer questions about the law. And for those who just want someone to rap with or a shoulder to cry on, Mrs. Foucher’s door is always open. Diane Burt One On One 79BACKBONE OF APHS These are the people who keep APHS running efficiently — they are our secretaries and cafeteria workforce. They are in charge of everything from detention to pizza. When there are bills to be paid and schedules to re-affirm, these are the people who get it done. Without our fine secretarial workforce, APHS would be in a whole heap of trouble. Needless to say, the people in charge of the cafeteria play a very important role in the upkeep of our school. Feeding hundreds of screaming mouths each day is enough to drive one crazy. Yet these people do it every day and enjoy it! Keep up the good work lunch ma’s. Good luck in the future from the class of ’86. Doo-Man 1. Mrs. Louise Keshishian hard at work. 2. Marge Long and Maggie Szaba taking a break to smile for the camera during their rush hour. 3. Agnes Andrews cleaning up our remains. 4. Erma Herriman smiling pretty for the camera. 5. Hey. Mrs. Beres how is it that you can type without using your eyes?!? 6. Our newest and prettiest smiling secretary. Mrs. Marlene L'Herault. 7. How can you fill out that form on your desk and still smile so pretty for the camera at one time. Mrs. Musyzynski? Keep up the good work ‘Scott Stacey 80 Secy CafeKEEPING APHS RUNNING SMOOTHLY These are the people who make A.P.H.S. work. They are in charge of maintenance and are the para-professionals. When we get detention, these are the ones who make sure we do it. Everybody loves double lunch and likes to skip a test once in a while, right? Well, these people make sure that we don’t. They are some of the nicest people, yet they have our least favorite jobs. Keep it up! Keeping A.P.H.S. in one piece is a very important job, and our maintenance people do more than an admirable job. Repairing everything that breaks down, preventing things from breaking down, and keeping everything running smoothly is quite a job. Aside from that, these people are the ones who bus us to every sporting event and have to tolerate us every year. We wish you the best of luck in the future. 'Scott Stacey' 1. Mrs. Hudak and Mrs. Vartanian deciding if they should go to Crystal Mountain next year. 2. Mrs. Umbarger checking out who showed up for detention. 3. Mrs. Vartanian and Mike Griffin doing their Stevie Wonder imitations. 4. Mrs. Augustyne lurking in the girls’ locker room. 5. Ken Kaponowski taking a break from delivering the mail to smile for the camera. Maintenance Para 81THE SOUND The band started off their activities this past summer with band camp. Here, they learned to improve their skills and talent and also have fun initiating new members. In the fall, the band participated in the homecoming parade and also played at home football games providing entertainment for the crowd during halftime. In the spring, the band presented its annual spring concert. Musical variety was the theme this year. From Tchaikovsky to Mexican marches, to the French Danse Macbre, ending with the patriotic Stars and Stripes, there was something for everyone. These band members attended daily classes and put in hours of practice and dedication in order to give this presentation! The band officers this year were President, Tom Mucha; Vice-President, Tim Mucha; Secretary, Kate Knas; Treasurer, Katie Kalvans; and Librarians, Kim Hutchison and Diane Sammut. The Drum Major was Rommie LaPointe. Karri Fehrman'OF MUSIC 1) Tammy Fudge leading the marching band. 2) The band marching in the wet homecoming parade. 3) The flag twirlers leading the band. 4) The band marching through the rain. 5) Mr. Mucha sons Tim Tom show their talent! 6) Diane Sammut and Katie Kalvans playing the flute. 7) Pam Hutson, Tania Kazanjian, and Michelle Ash. 8) Tom Splan, Sue Konkel, and Calvin Wilson. 9) Mr Kopnik directing the band. 10) Tim Weismiller. Russel Paps, and Dave Gallaro playing the drums. 11) Kim Hutchinson playing the clarinet. 12) The saxiphone players. 13) The band performing a concert 14) Tim Fesko. Romme LaPointe, and Bob Cloke. 15) The band performing a concert. Band 83GOING TO 1. Marian Pizzo and Kate Kalvins read their work that they put in the J.J. 2. Mr. Powell guides Kate Knas. Kris Sendek. . Ann Marie Pace and Amy Balzerini toward the camera lens. 3. Bill Riggs and Roberta MacKinnon work on layouts. 4. Joe Dellapenna, Mike Skelton. Mo Lareau, Jeff Pouliot and Vartan Petrosian examine the J.J. 5. Al Koths, Dave Krzisnik and Jeff Karoub show interest for their jobs on the J.J. staff. 6. Mark Picklo develops pictures for the J.J. 7. J.J. staff top left row Al Koths. Dave Krzisnik. Roberts Mackinnon, Larry Lentini. Joe Dellapenna, Vartan Petrosian, Jeff Karoub and Marian Pizzo. middle row Bill Piggs. Mark Picklo, Jeff Pouliot, Mike Skelton, Jim Lewis, Dawn Grzyb and Kate Kalvins. last row to the left Ann Marie Pace, Mo Lareau, Kate Knas, Kris Sendek. and Amy Balzerini. 8. Dawn Grzyb, Jim Lewis and Larry Lentini exchange items for the J.J. RON SCLABASSI 84 Jaguar JournalPRESS 7 Every month the cafeteria and lobby were filled with cries of “Get your J.J. Only a quarter.’’ Editor Kate Knas and her writers Jennie Schallhorn, Katie Kalvins, Mo Lareau, and Marianne Pizzo covered the latest school news. Controversial editorials were guaranteed from editor Annemarie Pace and writers Dawn Grzyb, Dave Krisnik, and Jim Lewis. Popular sports coverage was provided by editor Mike Dawson and staffers Allen Koths, Roberta MacKinnon, Jeff Pouliot, Bill Riggs, Joe Dellapenna, and Mike Skelton. Creative features were offered by editor Kris Sendek, Jeff Karoub, Vartan Petrosian, and Larry Lentini. Sophomore flash Mark Picklo provided all the action photos and Marc Aniol the cartoons. A minor miracle was achieved by adviser, Mr. Powell, who brought all this together to meet deadlines! Good job, everybody! Jaguar Journal 85IMPRINTED 1. Editors of the 1985-86 yearbook. Bottom row -Gayle Scholl, Nanette Binert, Roberta MacKinnon, Diane Burt. Top row - Scott Stacey, John Francis. 2. Mike Hadvina discusses his layout with Mr. Powell as Scott Stacey looks on happily. 3. Donyal Mukri and Ron Sclabassi. 4. Andrea Donaldson, Scott Stacey, John Francis and Kasandra Richardson assist Steve Papalas with his work. 5. Mr. Powell helps Andrea Donaldson with her layout. 6. Editor-in-chief Roberta MacKinnon. Imprint adviser Mr. Powell and Jostens representative Mr. Robert Berschback discuss ideas about the 85-86 yearbook. 7. The 1985-86 Imprint staff, from left to right: Top row-Roberta MacKinnon. John Francis, Jan Firek, Scott Stacey. Mike Hadvina, Steve Papalas, Diane Burt, Karri Fehrman. Bottom row • Lyle Wolas, Andrea Donaldson. Ron Sclabassi, Donyal Mukri, Nanette Binert, Kasandra Richardson, Gayle Scholl, Patti Ann Rauser. (Not pictured: Chris Dawson, Scott Belknap, Milissa Mount and Laura Tonus) 86 Imprint 7IN BRICKS Imprint “86” was based on Allen Park High School’s newest addition, the marquee. The yearbook has the brick artwork design running throughout it. The annual encompasses all of the 1985-86 school year in 224 pages, with a color section of 32 pages, featuring the seniors and activities. For the second consecutive year, Mr. Robert W. Powell is the adviser. Roberta MacKinnon has taken over as Editor-in-chief and also Prologue and Activities editors. Other editors are: John Francis, Senior Division; Gayle Scholl, Academics Division; Nanette Binert, Clubs Division and Advertising Division; Scott Stacey, Sports Division; and Diane Burt and Chris Dawson, Underclassmen Division. In producing the 1985-86 yearbook, the staff ran into many obstacles, the first being the selling of ads. But, the staff came together as a whole and topped their goal of $200 per member. Then they started producing layouts and soon learned of the difficulties involved in creating a yearbook, such as typing and proofreading copy and caption, and meeting deadlines. However, with the help of Mr. Powell and the editors, the staff was able to overcome all problems and created a great yearbook that will be treasured by A.P.H.S. students forever. Hard working staff members were: Scott Belknap, Andrea Donaldson, Karri Fehrman, Jan Firek, Mike Hadvina, Milissa Mount, Donyal Mukri, Steve Papalas, Patti Ann Rauser, Kasan-dra Richardson, Ron Sclabassi, Laura Tonus and Lyle Wolas. •LYLE WOLAS HONORS The 28th annual Honors Convocation was held on April 30th in the gym. Many students were honored by departments, service groups, and for activities and high academic achievement. The gym was filled with proud parents as several deserving students were honored for high honors. The APHS band provided musical entertainment and refreshments were served later. 1CONVOCATION 1. Tom Mucha accepts the English award from Mrs. Ferency. 2. Steve Papalas receives the Presidential Fitness award from Mr. Ferguson. 3. Allen Park Mayor Dominic Bocabella congratulates the top 3 academic winners. Rebecca Markey. Heather Fischer, and Lisa Briganti 4 Heather Fischer, summa cum laude. honored by the mayor. 5. Dave Krzisnik accepts the drama award from Mr. Medrano. 6. Mr. Picklo gives the award for physical science to Lisa Briganti. 7. Mr. Ferguson confers the Principal's Scholar medal to Lisa Briganti. 8. Mr. Richard Tews is most popular teacher. 9. Rebecca Markey receives one of her many awards from Mr. Ferguson. 10. Mr. Joseph Ze-linske grants the Kiwanis scholarship to Kate Knas. 11 Mr Powell gives Roberta MacKinnon the Imprint award. 12. Anne-marie Pace receives one of her many awards from Mr Ferguson. Honors Convocation 891. Marianne Pizzo and Alicia Vratny from the Principal’s Advisory Committee help Mr. Ferguson dedicate the new marquee. 2. New student council officers Andy Kehagiaras, Mo Lareau, Elena Mar chionda, Leslie Tosh. 3. Michelle McKelvey Rachel Stoker in a scene from Blithe Spirit. 4. Skiers Marc Aniol. Eric Braun, Steve Dutton. Paul Beals. 5. The Marquee. 6. Pep Club advisor. Mr. Tews. 7. Sophs Derik Balogh and John Leverton on the way to Crystal Mt. skiing. Clubs 91Student Council Officers for 1985-86 school year are as follows: President Matt McDonald, Vice President John Warren, Secretary Roberta MacKinnon, and Treasurer Steve Papalas. Student Council promoted our traditional Homecoming festivities and fun filled spirit week. Many issues are raised and debated in each Student Council meeting. This year’s accomplishments include Homecoming, Spinster, the marquee, and 1st ever Christmas Dance, and many more. Under the strong leadership of Mr. Machleid and good participation at the meetings the 1985-86 Student Council was a great 1 success. I Mike Hadvina I 1 President Tim Wetsmiller 2 VPresident Scott Stacey 3. I Secretary Chris Boroski 4. Treasurer Mike Dawson 5. Mr. I Machleid b Top row left to right: Janice Denton. Heather I Coffman. Leanne Bellas, Lisa Nadzam. Beth Jozsa, Ron 1 Sclabassi. Mike Skelton. Karl Schwartz. Mike Donigian. I Andy Leuber. Eric Laatz. Tim Dedrick. Bern LaFramboise. I Jeff Albanese. Andy Kehagarais. Mike Sclater 2nd row I Carolyn Brayman. Tracey Wallace. Dave LeBrecque, Gena I Villella. Racquel Martinez. Sue Konkle. Kathy Johnson. I Lisa Dzeikan. Craig Prisby, Paul Mullins. Marc Aniol. I Heather Macrae. Lori Johnson. Jeff Navoy, Mr. Machleid I 3rd row Mike Dawson. Sue Cardenas. Nora Fowler. John I Kosidlo. Mike McCoy. Angie Vadasy. Claudette Macrae. 1 Jeff Karoub. Tom Mucha. Rusty Mangapane. Steve Papa 1 las. Scott Stacey. Tim Weismiller. Eric Braun. Mike Had-I vina, Melissa Mount 4th row Debbie Feher. Vicki Briganti. I Wendy Mitchell. John Warren. Chris Boroski. Katie Knas. I Beth Stamper. Leslie Tosh. Mo Lareau. Tracy D'Hondt. I Kim Belteky, Mike Haworth. Jan Firek. John Francis. Matt I McDonald, and Roberta Mackinnon 7 President Matt Mc- I donald 8. V President John Warren 9. Parliamentarian I Mike Sclater 10 Secretary Roberta Mackinnon 11. Trea-I surer Steve Papab- 92 Student CouncilCOUNCILHONOR SOCIETY The Allen Park National Honor Society is only one of over 20,000 chapters in the United States. It encourages scholarship, leadership, service, and character in high school students. To be a member of the National Honor Society a student must maintain at least a 3.0 gpa along with being involved with the school. The major service project this year was the annual Christmas food drive. We were able to help 10 families and a total of 29 children with food, gift certificates, and toys. The other important fund raiser was the Easter Lily and Tulip sale, which was quite successful. New members were inducted at a special ceremony in May. The Honor Society’s new sponsor this year was Mrs. Lorry Kempf. The officers are: President, John Warren; Vice-President, John Francis; Secretary, Chris Dawson; and Treasurer, Eric Braun. The Senior members include: Eric Braun, Carolyn Brayman, Sue Carroll, Janice Denton, Karri Fehr-man, Jan Firek, Mary Fisher, John Francis, Mike Hadvina, Sean Howard, Kate Knas, Allen Koths, Dave Krzisnik, Kelly Lorenz, Rusty Mangiapane, Matt McDonald, Tom Mucha, Donyal Mukri, Steve Papalas, Kasandra Richardson, Gayle Scholl, Kris Sendek, Tracey Wallace, Lori Ward, John Warren, Tim Weismiller, and Paul Wilburn. The Juniors are: Rhonda Adam, Paul Bargamian, Kim Belteky, Chris Bigelow, Chris Dawson, Kristen Giertz, Dawn Grzyb, Teresa Gualtieri, Jeff Kar-oub, Brent Ketzenberger, Romie LaPointe, Claudette MacRae, Shelly Mayher, Shelly Rebel, Linda Savona, Beth Stamper, and Jessica Zurowich. •Gayle Scholl 1. Honor Society Officers: John Francis. Vice-President; John Warren. President; Eric Braun. Treasurer 2. ROW 1: Jeff Karoub, Tom Mucha. Rusty Mangiapane. Jan Firek. John Francis. Matt McDonald. Mike Hadvina. Tim Weismiller ROW 2: Kasandra Richardson. Chris Bigelow. Linda Savone. Katie Knas. Shelly Rebel. Shelly Mayher. Dawn Grzyb, Teresa Gualtieri. ROW 3: Janice Denton. Claudette MacRae. Tracey Wallace. Jessica Zurowich. Carolyn Brayman. Lori Ward Karri Fehrman. Gayle Scholl. Donyal Mukri. Kelly Lorenz. Kim Belteky. Beth Stamper. ROW 4: Kris Sendek. John Warren. Eric Braun. Steve Papalas. Dave Krzisnik, Allen Koths, Paul Wilburn. Romie LaPointe. 94 Honor Society 2PRIDE COMMITTEE The Pride Committee is an organization to promote pride and school spirit among the student body of A.P.H.S., along with the Allen Park community. Members consist of Seniors, Juniors, Sophomores, and Freshmen who take pride in our school. The major project this year was raising $16,000 for the school marquee. Another project was to replace the stage curtains in the gym. Fundraisers this year included the knife sale, candy sale, and Buy-a-Brick donations. All were successful. This year the Pride Committee won honorable mention by receiving the Community Council Award from the Allen Park Board of Education. In addition to the 50 or so students who are on the committee, there are also nine parents. These include: Barbara Owens, James LaBrecque, Mary Lollo, Pat Tadian, Lois Grafton, Doris Richards, Linda Shoval, Grace Andrews, and Tony Misfud. The Pride Committee’s sponser is our Principal, Mr. Michael Ferguson. •Gayle Scholl 1. ROW 1: John Warren. Mary Lou Loera. Jeff Karoub, Steve Papalas. John Francis, Tom Mucha, Michele McGonagle. Jim Driscoll. ROW 2: Eric Braun, Ron LaPointe, Rusty Mangia-pane. Mike Hadvina, Mo Lareau, Jessica Zurowick, Claudette MacRae. Lisa Nadzam. ROW 3: Kim Stanley. Arsho Dellanian, Bethann Jozsa. Annemarie Pace, Lisa Dziekan, Kelly Lorenz, Mike Hayworth, Janice Denton, Carolyn Brayman, Donyal Mukri, Chris Borowski. Kate Knas, Kathy Johnson, Shelly Sar-kett, Mr. Ferguson. ROW 4: Kasandra Richardson. Marcie Wallace. Andrea Donaldson. Andy Kehagiaras, Nich Armela-gos, Tracey Wallace, Angie Vadasy. Leanne Bellas. Lori Sin-not. Leslie Tosh, Tracey D’Hondt, Beth Stamper, Mike Dawson. Roberta MacKinnon. ROW 5: LLoyd O’Dell. Krista Fal-key, Tania Kazanjian, Kim Gawenda, Dave Krzisnik, Mike McCoy. Mike Donigian, Ed Rankin, Tim Weismiller, Matt Me Donald. 2. Some of the Pride Committee’s leaders: Kasandra Richardson, Janice Denton, Tim Weismiller, Matt McDonald, and the sponser Mr. Michael Ferguson. Pride Committee 95ALLEN CLUB The Allen Club is a service organization for A.P.H.S. It consists of students chosen by the faculty based on their school participation and grade point average, which must be at least 3.0. Members serve as hosts and hostesses for Back to School Night, Career Day, Freshmen Orientation, College Night, Graduation, and other events as needed. To earn money to help with activities this year, poinsettias were sold. The Allen Club’s sponsor is Mrs. Bonnie Yager, the Assistant Principal. The officers are: President, Dave Krzisnik; Vice-President, Mike Dawson; Secretary, Carolyn Bray-man; and Treasurer, Janice Denton. The Senior members include: Marc Aniol, Nick Armelagos, Chris Borowski, Carolyn Brayman, Mike Dawson, Janice Denton, Andrea Donaldson, Heather Fisher, John Francis, Dave Krzisnik, Tom Mucha, Don-yal Mukri, Annmarie Pace, Marianne Pizzo, Kasan-dra Richardson, Scott Stacey, Lynda Walker, John Warren, and Tim Weismiller. The Junior members are: Paul Bargamian, Chris Dawson, Tracey D’Hondt, Brent Ketzenberger, Romuald Lapointe, Jim Lewis, Lori Lockhart, Claudette Ma-cRae, Shelly Mayher, Linda Savona, and Leslie Tosh. •Gayle Scholl 1. Allen Club Officers: Mike Dawson. Vice-President; Bonnie Yager. Sponsor; Dave Krzisnik. President; Janice Denton. Treasurer; Carolyn Brayman. Secretary. 2. ROW 1: Chris Borowski, Lori Lockhart, Tracey D’Hondt. Jim Lewis, Dave Krzisnik. ROW 2: Claudette MacRae, Andrea Donaldson. Tom Mucha. Mrs. Yager. Scott Stacey, Shelly Mayher. John Francis. Janice Denton. ROW 3: Donyal Mukri, Marianne Pizzo. Carolyn Brayman. Annemarie Pace. Kasandra Richardson. Lynda Walker. Romie LaPoint. Mike Dawson. Tim Weismiller, Marc Aniol, Linda Savona. Heather Fisher, Leslie Tosh. 96 Allen ClubHOT PEPPERS Athletic teams like to know that someone is rooting for them. The Pep Club is a student organization to promote more interest in the school’s athletic program. Raising school spirit is high on the list of activities. Besides showing up for events, the PEP club has created a banner to be used as an “entry-way” for our teams. It reads “GO JAGUARS, Pep Club supports you.” To reduce the “officialness” of the group, nicknames have been applied to the officers. Head PEPper is Andrea Donaldson (president). Second PEPper is Kelly Lorenz (vice-president). Pen Pal is Arsho Dellalian (secretary). Moneybags is Nanette Binert (treasurer). The sponsor this year was Mr. Medrano. 1. The new Pep Club banner designed by club members and Mrs. Bart’s class. 2. First row: Dave Labrecque, Kelly Lorenz. Michelle McGonagle, Michelle Scotta, Rose Gruley, Emily Miner. Second row: Sherri Donaldson. Nanette Binert. Roxanne Drouillard. Andrea Donaldson. Amy Beals, Julie Scheer. Third row: Arsho Dellalian. Patti Ann Rauser. Jeri Richards. Roger DeShetler, Sue Doran. Tania Kazanjian. Meredith Quillen, Mo Lareau. Jessica Zurowick, Shelly Sarkett. Christy Drysdale, Kim Knight, Mr. Medrano. 3. Superstar Billy Riggs sits atop the hoop as his fan club watches. Kneeling are Mike Hadvina, Matt McDonald. Mike Sclater, and Andy Kehagiaras. Standing are Dave Labrecque. John Francis. John Warren. Paul Coffman, Steve Papalas, Eric Braun, Mike Donigian, and Tom Sawyer. 4. Pep Club officers (clockwise from top) Nanette Binert. treasurer; Arsho Dellalian. secretary, Andrea Donaldson, president; and Kelly Lorenz, vice-president. 3 Pep Club 97SKIERS SCHUSS Wintertime is the best time for the hearty skiers at APHS. Cold temperatures and fresh powder signal duties such as waxing skis, sharpening edges, stretching exercises, and searching for long johns and mitts. November brings the election of ski patrollers - Marc Aniol, Paul Beals, Steve Dutton, Mike Haworth, Mike Hadvina, Robert Sclabassi, Karl Schwartz, and Ron Sclabassi. Then comes registration - this season a total 80 skiers. December, January, and February bring Thursday trips to Pine Knob, a time to challenge the “Wall,” pound the mogul hill, cruise the quarter mile, or socialize in the lodge. The highlight of the season is the weekend trip to Crystal Mt. Three days of skiing, the meals, the chalets, the slalom race - all make up a great skiers’ weekend. March brings spring, for skiers a time to reminisce about the past season and dream about next winter. Roberta MacKinnonAND SLIDE 10 1. Meredith Quillen and Dena Usher check out the bumps and boys. 2. Mike Mrla, Derik Balogh, John Leverton, and Craig Wood munch down. 3. Kristi Nickerson, Bethann Jozsa, Ken Slaven, and Matt Bigliardi relaxing. 4. Tom Klimek off guard. 5. Kasandra Richardson, Laura Tonus, and Scott Songer wait in line. 6. Hallway propaganda. 7. Sponsors Mr. Phill Seasock. Mrs. Roberta Sclabassi. and Mr. Robert Powell. 8. Mike Mrla ready to “terminate” the hills. 9. Stacie Pickell, Kim Katona. and Dena Usher clown in their chalet. 10. At dinner with Larry Lentini, Leanne Bellas, Roberta MacKinnon, Kate Knas, Karri Fehrman, and Stacie Pickell. 11. Robert Jackson and Elizabeth Lafferty admire and latest ski news in the lobby. Ski Club 99SADD, CULTURE V 3 1) Officer Riviera giving a presentation on behalf of the Sadd Committee. 2) Officer Riviera talking to the Junior class before their prom. 3) Michelle McGonagle. Gayle Scholl. Nanette Binert, Donyal Mukri, and Shelly Sarkett. 4) Andy Kehagiaras, Mo Lareau. Leslie Tosh. Officer Riviera. Chris Dawson, and Gayle Scholl participating in Sadd Committee meeting. 5) Members of the Principal’s Advisory Committee. 6) Melanie Mifsud, Beth Ann Jos a, Leanne Bellas. Mr. Ferguson. Donyal Mukri. and Mo Lareau. 7) Members of the Culture Club. 100AND ADVISORY The SADD Committee was organized last year and has proven to be very successful at Allen Park High School. Officer Riviera, our liaison officer, sponsors this group. The committee holds assemblies and has speakers talk to the students about the growing concern of drunk driving. The committee also supports the “contract for life” which is an agreement made between the parent and student. The parent agrees to pick up the student whenever he calls and feels that he shouldn’t drive home. This group benefits the entire community! The Culture Club was organized this year and is headed by Mrs. Pam Frucci and Mr. Joe Medrano, the French and Spanish teachers, respectively. The purpose of this group is to expand appreciation of language beyond the classroom. The officers are President- Shelly Mayher, Vice-President- Colleen Chuey, Treasurer- Linda Savona, and Secretary- Carolyn Gaines. The Principal’s Advisory Committee is headed by Mr. Ferguson. He chooses four students from each class who occasionally meet with him. They discuss student policy and proceedings that may not come out at student council meetings. "Karri Fehrman" SADD. Cultural, Advisory 101102 Sports1. Tom Ross shooting his beautiful "J”. 2. The Varsity Cheerleaders — wake up Sue Doran! 3. John Jaskowski deeply involved in the game. 4. Eric Baier and Mike Haworth trying to score. 5. Our new marquee. 6. Katie Kalvans spiking the ball and winning the point as Lori Ward looks on. 7. John Kosidlo working for the pin. Sports 103VARSITY JAGS 1. Allen Koths attempts a field goal. 2. Rudy Ramon gets assistance on Jaguar bench. 3. Jag defense scrambles for loose ball. 4. Jan Firek sets up to pass. 5. Jags await start of game. 6. John Savona. Mike Hadvina. and Tom Sawyer take a water break. 7. Allen Koths kicks off. 8. Tom Sawyer picks up big yardage. 9. Jerry Villareal looks for an opening. 10. John Jaskcwski cuts back against Taylor defense. 11. Anxious Jags watch progress of game. 104 Varsity FootballARE DISAPPOINTED 2 This year’s Varsity football team had a good season with a final record of 6-3, but the coaches as well as the players expected to finish much stronger. The team started strong winning 5 in a row, but then were hit by some bad luck losing 3 straight. The Jags closed the season with an impressive win over Taylor Truman. The team’s leading rusher was John Jas-kowski and the leading receiver, who although missed 2 games, was Frank Ennis who had 23 receptions. Steve Dutton earned the 110% award and Jan Firek was named the team’s M.V.P. Head Coach was Ed Bellas and his assistants were Ron Pascuzi and Ken Kaneko. Jan Firek Varsity Football 105YOU’VE COME A LONG WAY, JV 1 The JV Jags put a stop to Crestwood's charge. 2. John Lever-ton holds the,ball. while Andy Green kicks an extra point. 3. Coach Kelly and Ass’t coach Gary Templin watch from the sidelines. 4. Dave LaBrecque picks up big yardage. 5. Ed Rankin pushes for a first down. L06 JV Football This Junior Varsity football team finally got it together. After going 3 seasons without a win, they pulled together for a 7-2 overall record and a 4-2 league record. Much of this year’s success occurred because of the team’s outstanding first half play. The team was led by this year’s captains: Greg Campbell, Dave LeBrecque, Ed Rankin, and Don Savona. Other members of the team included: Robby Bruce, Jim Carr, Brian Conroy, Brian Dickson, Bill Dixon, Joel Felix, Mike Garcia, Andy Green, Mike Haus, Dwight Hill, Lance Hoey, John Jurj, Kevin King, John Leverton, Dave Menzer, Dan Moon, Jack Polly, Chris Ramirez, Paul Sandhu, Cary Severt, Aaron Stamper, Kraig Tertzag, David Tufts, Jeff Weclowski, Billy Hanner, Steven Passement, Larry Christensen, Mike Glo-gowski, Dallas Hart, and John Schager. Congratulations JV! Kasandra Richardson FROSH FALL ON HARD TIMES 1. Craig Prisby drops back for a pass. 2. Tom Reedy catches a pass. 3. Coaches Lange and Fregonara look on. 4 Matt Tabaczynski drops back. 5. Tim Kalvans and Erik Laatz wrap up the ball carrier. 6. Craig Prisby gets one off Frosh Football 107 The Freshman Football team had a record of 1 win and 7 losses. Despite the fact that their record didn’t show it, the young Jaguars had some outstanding qualities and players. The Frosh team had a rough schedule with six class A opponents. The team should show their real potential in the Tri-River League next year. Outstanding performances were put in by all members of the team. The team was led by Head Coach Dave Lange and Assistant Coach Mike Fregonara. Mike Hadvina NEW KICK The first year of existence for the soccer team was less than spectacular as the Jaguars finished with a record of five wins and eight losses The Jags, however, put together outstanding efforts against Monroe and West Huron Lutheran, defeating both teams twice. Senior captain, and most valuable player, Mike Haworth led the Jags offensively, while other key performers were Matt Brohman, Rob Lindisch, Andy Kehagiaras, Steve Eichbauer, and Chris Trombley. The Jaguars this season were coached by Mr. Chamberlain. This year’s team members were: Seniors Brohman, Haworth and John Fischer; Juniors Kehagiras, Lindisch, Eric Baier, Kevin Jazsa, Bill Smith, and Dave Ziegler. Sophomores included Eichbauer, Trombley, Tim Fesko, Don Kiss, Lloyd O’Dell, Cary Pesci, Aarne Riutta; Freshman Derek Johnson and Larry Jenkins. The Jags while being a first year team had their problems, but showed promise for the coming years as many of this year’s team will be returning. Good luck next season Jags. Lyle Wolas 108 Socct.IN TOWN Soccer 109 1. Senior Matt Brohman using his head. 2. Dave Ziegler 3. Tim Fesko showing off for the camera. 4 Rob Lindisch 5. Mid field action 6. Coach Chamberlain 7. Chris Trombley, a man on the move. 8. Coach Chamberlain instructing the team. 9. Mike HaworthJAGS ARE IN THE ROUGH Allen Park's Golf Team ended its season with a 2-6 league record and a 3-9 overall record. The team was strong talent wise but was very inconsistent. The golf team put in a fine showing at the Gabriel Richard Scramble Tournament by finishing 4th and setting a new school record. The record setters for the Jags were John Francis. Paul Bargamian, Bill Riggs and Rob Schmidt. They carded a score of 63 to break the old record of 64. There was a fine individual performance put in by Steve Papalas and John Francis to finish 8th and 15th respectively in Regidnals. Steve Papalas also was named Most Valuable and received All-League and All-Area honors. Other team members included: Juniors Tom Eggert and Jeff Pouliot, and Freshmen Scott O’Donell, Chris Sturgell, Brad Falkey and Tom Lazuka. Steve Papalas 1 2 1 The Jaguar Golf Team: front row Scott O’Donnell. Chris Sturgell. Tom Lazuka. 2nd row Jeff Pouliot. Coach Hershberger. Tom Eggert. Bill Riggs, back row John Francis. Rob Schmidt. Paul Bargamian. Steve Papalas. 2. Young Billy Riggs picks up a few tips from Coach Hershberger. 3. Rob Schmidt unleashes tremendous power. 4. Look out Jack Nicklaus; here comes Allen Park’s own John Francis. 5. Steve Papalas drives one down the middle. 110 GolfOVERACHIEVERS This year’s Cross Country team began the year with out any returning starters. Despite their inexperience the Jag runners finished the season with an excellent 5-2 record, good for 3rd place in the league. The team’s finest moment came in a 7-2 victory over cross town rivals Melvindale to assure the team of 3rd place. This year’s Most Valuable Player was Sophomore Rob Paulson. He set a sophomore record and received All-League and All-Area honors. Other team members include: John Kosidlo, Chris Richards, Eric Braun, Tom Ross, George Rosen, Jeff Roulo, Tom Dellapena and Eric Schmidt. Steve Papalas 5 1. Cricket Richards is jolly while he's jogging. 2. Tom Ross starts the race strong. 3. John Kosidlo leads the pack. 4. The Jaguar Cross Country Team: front row Doug Ferencz, Jeff Roulo, George Rosen. John Kosidlo. Matt Enoch, Tom Dellapena. back row Coach Ken Heller. Rob Paulson. Captain Eric Braun. Tom Ross. Eric Schmidt. Chris Richards. 5. George Rosen giving it 110%. Cross Country 111YOUNG The Girls’ Varsity Basketball Team had only three returning players this year. For some of the girls this was their first Varsity action ever. They learned a great deal and got the experience necessary for next year. The team record was 6-14, but they carried a big win over Cabrini, 36-35 in Districts. This year’s most valuable player was Carolyn Brayman. Sophomore Marcie Wallace led the team with 173 points and 202 rebounds, and Kathy Johnson received the 110% award. Other team members included: Senior-Janice Denton; Juniors-Tracey D’Hondt, Michele McGonagle, Jeri Richards, Claudette MacRae, and Shelly Rebel; Sophomores-Vicki Shamus and Dawn Purvis. ' Diane Burt 4 112 Girls Varsity BasketballBUT PROMISING 1. Janice Denton and Tracey D’Hondt on their guard. 2. Sophomore Marcie Wallace goes up for a shot. 3. Senior Carolyn Brayman on the move. 4. Janice Denton and Marcie Wallace are after the ball, as Tracey D’Hondt looks on. 5. Coach, Patti Zimbalatti, watching anxiously! 6. Marcie Wallace gets the rebound. 7. Sophomore Kathy Johnson, and Juniors. Jeri Richards and Claudette MacRae. take time out for a picture. 8. Vicki Shamus and Marcie Wallace battle with the other team for the ball. 9. Michele McGonagle concentrating on a free throw. 7 113J. V. SLIPS This year’s girls J.V. Basketball team had a rough season finishing with a record of 5-11. Although the team started out slow, they finished the season showing much improvement. The team was led by Barb Teets, Sue Cardenas, and Kelly Avery. Other team members included Heather MacRae, Dawn Purvis, Kris Gearhart, Anne Voss, Tracey Vennebush, Lynn Boufford, Stephanie Sheppard, Jennifer Bjork, Pam Zurowick, Pam Hudson, and Jennifer Bloink. The team was composed mostly of Freshmen with a few sophomores indicating little experience. Next year they’ll have the efforts put forth during a season together which should prove to be an advantage over their opponents. Good luck to the girls in 1986. ' Laura Tonus 114 JV Basketball6 9 (1) Coach Lisa Shillinger discussing team strategy. (2) Kelly Avery shooting for two. (3) Kris Gearhart shoots from the outside. (4) Team member Sue Cardenas strives for the baseline. (5) Offense showing strong effort. (6) Kris Gearhart jumps to win possession. (7) While waiting for an opening to pass to Barb Teets, Lynn Boufford protects the ball. (8) Sue Cardenas blocks her opponent. (9) Barb teets shows aggressive defense skills. (10) Coach Shillinger watches with intensity. JV Basketball 115GIRLS TENNIS This year’s Girls Tennis team placed second in league with a 7-3 record. They took first place in the Melius Invitational and second place in the Riverview Tournament. Annemarie Pace earned this year’s Most Valuable Player award, and the MVP at the Melius Invitational. All League honors went to Annemarie Pace and Jennifer Pace. Members of this year’s team were Seniors: Lisa Briganti, and Annemarie Pace. Juniors: Jessica Dricksciun, Lori Lockhart, Jennifer Pace, Linda Savona, and Shari Winkler. Sophomores: Sue Konkle, Kathy Monroe, Meredith Quillen, and Denise Wilson. Freshmen: Vicki Briganti and Kristen Howard. Patti-Ann RauserGASPING FOR VICTORY Though the girl’s swim team had a tremendous lack of experience this year, they finished out the year strongly. They won their last six meets. Marsha Pando said “It was accomplished by the team’s hard work.” Most of the team were Freshmen. The team list included-Erica Bokatzian, Michelle Christy, Lori Cooke, Nora Fowler, Jan Fraiser, Lisa Fuciarelli, Jennifer Gillis, Amy Harrington, Kelly Kent, Lisa Klico, Holly Koths, Lori Laniewicz, Laurie Mooradian, Nathlie Pierani, Shelly Sarkett, Lori Sinnott, Stacey Sklorcyk, Karen Walz, and Jessica Zurowick. Under the supervision of Renee Trombley, Juniors Jan Fraiser and Kelly Kent both qualified for diving regionals. Jan went on to state and placed 13th in diving. Jan set a league record 255 points topping her previous record. The girl’s beat two league rivals Southgate Anderson (102-62), and Crestwood (89-54). The 400 freestyle relay of Lory Sinnott, Lori Cooke, Shelly Sarkett, and Kelly Kent went All-League. There were also several girls who went All-Area. “SCOTT BELKNAP IV” 1. A girl's happiness comes from paddles. 2. Her happiness is displayed. 3. Take your marks! False start girls. Whose your coach? 4. Oh no! Don’t take my picture with my hair a mess. 5. Not that! You’ve got to be joking. 6. Where’s the water. 7. Heading for the deep end are some pretty reved up girls. 8. We’ve just seen a miracle. 9. Please let me just finish this length. 8 117VARSITY JAGS The Varsity Basketball team had a fine season under head coach Mickey Henson and his assistant John Marzak. The team finished with a record of 16-6 overall and a league record of 11-3. The Jags made it to the District finals where they fell short losing 50-40 to a fine Melvindale team. At the winter banquet Frank Ennis and Jan Firek were both named the M.V.P.’s. Tim Mucha was given the 110% award from the Adult Booster Club. Team members included: Mike Dawson, Frank Ennis, John Francis, Jan Firek, Scott Stacey, Rich Slate, Jeff Na-voy, Tim Mucha, Tom Sawyer, and Tom Ross. Jan Firek. 118 Varsity B. BallFINISH HIGH 4.J.V. HOOPERS 1 The 1985 86 Junior Varsity basketball team ended its season with a 9 11 won-loss record. The Jaguars were very competitive in league play, compiling an 8-6 record. The Jags played tough basketball at home, ending with a 7-2 record, but a disappointing road record of 2-9. The highlight of the Jag’s season came when Todd Mattei made a half court shot to beat Melvin-dale 36-34. Most valuable players for the Jaguars were co-captains Bill Armstrong and Steve Eichbauer. Leading performers for the Junior Varsity team were Brian Dickson, Mike Donigian, Steve Guess, Mattei, and Curt Trainor. Other members of the team included Ed Rankin, Jeff Sanscrainte, and Kraig Tertzag. Lyle Wolas 120 J.V Basketball 5 GAIN EXPERIENCE 1 Mike Domgian lays it in for 2 and the charge. 2. Bill Armstrong puts some moves on the Titan 3 Kurt Trainor showing good form 4 Steve Guess. 5. Kurt Trainor getting rejected. 6. Kurt Trainor goes in for the easy two. 7. The Jags playing tough "D”. 8. Steve Guess doing his Doctor J imitation. 9. Steve Eichabauer 10 Brian Dickson and Coach Wilkinson FROSH SHOW The Freshmen basketball team had a rough season winning four games on their tough schedule. Most of the losses came against tough class A schools. This year’s team showed a lot of spirit despite their losing record. Ray Petrimoulx was this year’s Freshmen coach. Excellent performances were put in by Andy Leiber, Eric Myers, and Benjamin La-framboise. Other team members included: Paul Battistelli, Dennis Boomer, Tim Dedrick, Bradley Falkey, Tim Kalvins, Thomas Lazuka, Thomas Loftus, Paul Mullins, Ronald Richardson, Dave Sendek, and Chris Sturgill. 1 Paul Batistelli drives baseline. 2 Benjamin Laframboise. 3. Andy Leiber goes in for two 4. The Jag bench. 5. Dennis Boomer skies for rebound. 6. Coach Ray Petrimoux sets up strategy. 7 Tim Dedrick gets pass from Tim Kalvins. 8. Tom Lasuka. 9 Benjamin Laframboise for two. 10 Dennis Boomer. 11. The Jag squad 122 Frosh B BallIMPROVEMENTTHE LONG — AND The Varsity Wrestling Team had quite a see saw year. Their final record was 8 7 with a 4-3 league mark. The highlight of the year was a 2nd place showing at our own A.P.H.S. tournament. The members include: Pat Baier, Tom Dellapenna, Ed Diroff, Matt Enoch, Doug Ferenz, Dwight Hill, Kevin King, John Kosidlo, Jeff Leeper, Cary Pesci, George Rosen, Jeff Roulo, John Savona, Andy Small, Jim Wendler, Greg Flannery, Eric Baier, and Andy Green. Outstanding performance during the season were by Pat Baier who won 1st in league and was a state qualifier; and Jeff Roulo who was also a state qualifier. Recognition should go to John Savona, John Kosidlo, and Kevin King who were all district winners. 'Scott Stacey 124 V Wrestling 5 6WINDING — ROAD 1 Jeff Leeper 2. Jeff Roulo getting 2 points 3. George Rosen stalking his opponent 4 Greg Flannery starting off the match 5. Cary Pesci working hard for his 2 points 6. Coach Templin and Jeff Roulo conferring before a match 7. It's not looking good for Kevin King 8. John Kosidlo almost getting a pin 9. Most valuable Pat Baier 10. This isn't Karate Kevin King 11. George Rosen in trouble 12. Come on Matt Enoch everybody is watching 13. Intense Allen Park wrestling team 14. Pat Baier on to victory! 15. Jeff Leeper looking good. •SCOTT STACEY- 14 V. Wrestling 125VARSITY SWIMMERS The Allen Park swimmers had a tough bout with the flu this season with a majority of the meets not fully filled in all the events. This accounted for part of the losses to league rivals Crestwood and Lincoln Park. But the ailing tankers bounded back with a (97-76) win over Southgate. The tankers’ loss to Lincoln Park was a disappointing one. Having only ten swimmers healthly they lost in the last event by two points. Over all with a will to improve and enthusiasm the Jaguar swimmers pulled off an (8-8) record. There were only two Seniors on the team, Scott Belknap and Dave Moon. Dave Moon had a very impressive season at diving and won the Most Improved Award in swimming. Even with losing the Seniors, the Jags will still have a powerful squad. Leading them Chris Trombley who qualified for State competition in 6 events. Chris won All-State for the 100 breaststroke. Back at home, during dual meet competition he set a new record for the 500 freestyle. One other A.P. swimmer qualified for state in the 50 freestyle Tim Rahtz. He won All League in the 50 and the 500 free. At the league meet there were some other shining stars on the A.P. team. Chris Hagen who took two fourth places and Cary Severt who took fourth and a seventh. Dave Moon took a disappointing second to a Cherry Hill diver. He qualified for regionals but failed to make state cuts. Scott Belknap got a twelvth place in the 50 free. Jeff Albanese did well in the 200 and 500 free events. John Grud-man in diving and 100 back, Tim and Tom Martin in 200 individual medly and 100 fly, Saul Schuyler in 200 free and 100 back. Craig Prisby and Roger Pusley in the 50 and the 100 free.TAKE SPLIT 1. Mr. Petri shows his swimmers where the end of the pool is at. 2. Chris Hagen is waiting for the upcoming splash. 3. Dave Moon shows his form. 4. Can you imagine what is going through his mind? 5. Dave’s pike. 6. Chris Trombley, can you see? 7. Batman to the Rescue. 8. Senior Scott Belknap is moving through the water. 9. Bill Hermann and Craig Pursley start. 10. At least now Tim finds things to do with his hands. 11. Michelle McKelvey shows off her latest design. 12. Craig does fly. 13. Tom takes a breath. 14. Saul smiles for the camera. 15. Look at how Jeff waves to his fans. 127HARD PRACTICES After a difficult season, the Girl’s Varsity Volleyball squad shone through. This year’s Volleyball Team finished with a final record of 9 wins and 7 losses. While their potential did not exceed their performances at times, the team did have some outstanding accomplishments. The team’s co-captains are Lori Ward and Katie Kal-vans. Coach Pat McLenaghan’s all star line up included sophomores Raquel Martinez, Marcie Wallace; juniors Lynn Daubresse, Tracey D’Hondt, Lisa Dziekan, Shelly Mahyer, Debbie Orban, Shelly Rebel, and Angie Vadasy; seniors Katie Kalvans and Lori Ward. Lori Ward was most deservingly named Most Valuable Player. Katie Kalvans was named Most Improved Player and Tracey D’Hondt won the 110% medal. ’Karri Fehrman 2PAY OFF 1) Team picture of the Varsity Volleyball players. 2) Lori Ward dunks the ball. 3) Teamwork is the key to success. 4) Katie Kalvans spikes the ball. 5) Tracey D’Hondt also spiking. 6) Lisa Dziekan bumps the ball. 7) Debbie Orban spiking. 8) The team listening to their coach. 9) Tracey D’Hondt concentrating on the game. 10) Shelly Rebel and Coach Pat McLenaghan. 11) Angi Vadasy. 12) A team recovery!!! Varisty Volleyball 129The J. V. volleyball finished the season with a (9-5) record. The team captains were Denise Wilson and Traci Vennebush. Outstanding performers were Freshman Chris Gearhart, Sophomores Denise Wilson and Trade Vennebush. The team showed some spirit this year; hopefully it will return next year. “Scott Belknap”IT TOUGH 1. Jennifer returns the ball as Dana watches. 2. Vanessa is congratulated by the ream. 3. Dana has a tough break. 4. The Team (left to right): Coach Debbie Mato. Nora Fowler, Erica Boiat-zian, Kim Heath. Amy Letourneau, Vanessa Stephenson, Denise Wilson. Jennifer Belknap. Dawn Purvis, Dana Roberts, Traci Vennebush, Chris Gearhart, Kari Roulo, Melanifc Mifsud. 5. Chris returns. 6 Debbie coaching 7. Denise awaits the ball as Kari watches. 8. Traci volleying. watched by Chris. 9. A point » earned. 10. Jennifer serves. 11. And returns 12. Denise saves the ball. 13. A seldom seen spike. 14. Traci hopes the ball will hit her arms for the volley. 15. Chris Gearhart is congratulated for her point earned while serving. J.V. Volleyball 131ANOTHER The Varsity Jags had a .500 season in league play but earned an overall record of 12-10 as they advanced into district tournament play. In districts, the Jags topped Grosse lie and Cabrini before losing to River-view. Team captains this year were Mike Dawson, John Francis, Mike Sclater. Most valuable players were Mike Dawson John Francis. Most improved was junior Jeff Pou-liot. The 110% award went to Roger De-Shetler. All league all district honors went to John Francis Mike Dawson. John Francis was the leading hitter Jeff Pouliot was outstanding in the infield. The varsity was again coached by Mr. Robert Kelly assisted by Mason Toungett. Mark Maddock was the manager. Jan Firek 132 V. BaseballGOOD SEASON 10 1. Coach Kelly confers with the team. 2. Star shortstop. Russ Mangiapane. 3. Paul Bargamian stretches. 4 Tom Sawyer awaits pitch. 5. John Francis delievers. 6. Jeff Pou-liot. 7. Jags huddle. 8. Roger DeShetler. 9. Rich Slate puts tag on. 10. Tom Sawyer gets lead off. 11 Jag coaches. 12. Mike Dawson. V. Baseball 133JV OUT The 1985-86 J.V. baseball team finished its season with an impressive 10-5 record. In league play the J.V. team compiled a record of 9-5. They ended their season with an outstanding victory through 8 straight games. The team was again coached by Mr. John Ha-boian. Outstanding players included Brian Dickson, Andy Green, and John Jaskowski. Lyle Wolas 134 J.V Baseball 6SLUGS OPPONENTS 1. Lance Hoey zeroes in on the ball. 2. John Lever-ton shows off his arm. 3. Coach Haboian leading his team through infield. 4. Allen Johnson. 5. Andy Green makes the snag. 6. John Jaskowski rares back. 7. John Jaskowski prepares to crunch one. 8. Ed Rankin. 9. Andy Green takes a rip. 10. Brian Dickson. 11. Dave LaBrecque camps under one. 12. Cari Pesci. 13. Allen Johnson singles up the middle. 14. JV. Jags intent.GREAT The freshmen baseball team had a great start this season winning their first three games. Unfortunately, their dominance didn’t last as they lost all remaining games except one. Extra inning games were especially tough as they lost all five. The Frosh Jags had to play against all class A teams. Pitcher Paul Battietelli was names most valuable as he led in RBI’s, had a .297 batting avg., and pitched 4 out of 5 complete games. Andy Lieber was given the 110% award, Tim Dedrick was named most improved, and the leading hitter was Craig Prisby with a .397 average. Coach Battistelli commented, We were very competitive in all but 2 games against Class A teams.”EXPECTATIONS 1. Jeff Belknap guards 2nd base 2. Paul Battistelli unhurls a strike 3. Scott O'Donnell at 3rd. 4 Tim Dedrick makes an out at 1st. 5. Eric Myers behind the-plate 6. Coach Battistelli Abas Premtaj. 7. Tom Reedy does stats as Dane Craine. Joe Martinez. Brad Falkey watch the game. 8 Paul Pipkin warming up at second. 9. Daniel Craine taking a time out. 10. Andy Lieber prepares to nail one. 11. Chris Nothnagel chases a fly. 12. Andy Lieber. 12 Frosh Baseball 137OFF AND The 1985-86 Men’s Varsity Track team completed its season with a 6-1 record. The Jaguar finish was good for 3rd place in the Tri-River League competition. The team was again coached by Mr. Tony Mifsud. Outstanding performers included Kraig Tertzag and Chris Richards. Lyle WolasRUNNING 1 Jason Mifsud running all out. 2 Tim Mucha shows us how to do "the bird” in his long jump. 3 Romie LaPointe prepares to unleash a mighty throw 4 Who is the dude in the shades? It's Dave Shinkle. 5 Kraig Tertzag motors around the track 6 Pat Watters ison the mark, ready to go. 7. Jason Mifsud running in the relay 8. Rob Paulson shows off his form. 9. Mike Bono labors around the track. 10 Kraig Tertzag warms up before the meet. Boys Track 139JAGS TAKE The 1986 Jaguar tennis team had an outstanding season with a share of the Tri-River League Championship. This season was a big success with a fine 11-3 record. Team captains were Sean Howard and Bill Riggs. Selections to the all league team were Sean Howard, Mark Picklo, Bill Riggs, and Lennis LaForce. Mark Picklo and Bill Riggs both advanced to the semi-finals of the Regional Tennis Tournament. The 2 doubles team of John Warren and Adam Knox had a record of 11-3 overall. Most valuable player was Sean Howard. The 110% award went to Bill Riggs. Mark Picklo was named most improved. All league honors went to Sean Howard, Mark Picklo, Bill Riggs, and Lennis LaForce. Head coach was Mr. Ron Pascuzzi. Mike HadvinaLEAGUE CROWN 1. The Jag lennis team. 2. Eric Braun with a hard return. 3. Mark Picklo with a viscious shot. 4. Sean Howard awaits the ball. 5. John Warren serves it up. 6 Adam Knox with a serve. 7. Lennis LaForce shows his forehand. 8. Tim Martin with a return. 9. Bill Riggs exhibits a good serve. 10. Ron Billett hits the ball hard. 9 Tennis 141TRADITION 4 1.) Diane Burt ready for the ball at 1st base. 2.) Sue DuChene is concentrating hard on the game. 3.) Getting ready to pound the ball is Tracey D’Hondt. 4.) Michele McGonagle on her guard at 3rd base. 5.) The team getting ready to celebrate after the impressive win over Cabrini. 6.) Coach Lisa Schillinger, giving the team the much deserved ‘District Trophy’! 7.) Catcher Carolyn Brayman, with the ‘let’s get ‘em attitude. 8.) Junior. Tracey D’Hondt, playing left fidld. 9.) Lori Ward is safe at 3rd base 10.) Chris Dawson, Michele McGonagle, Diane Burt, Marcie Wallace, and Carolyn Brayman getting together on the bench! ity SoftballCONTINUES IN “86” Varsity Softball 143 The Girls’ Varsity Softball team again captured the Tri-River League title. The girls’ overall record this season was 23-4. The league record was 14-0. This year’s championship was the 4th consecutive league title raising that record to 56-0. Head coach-Lisa Schil-linger, and Assistant coaches-Kirk Brayman and Chris Carleton all agree “this was a young team, but we were outstanding!” Special recognition goes out to Carolyn Brayman, most valuable; Tracey D’Hondt, 110% award; and Chris Dawson, Most improved. ‘Diane Burt J.V. GIRLS 144 J.V. SoftballThe J.V. Softball team finished its season with a 5-7 record. The girls had a rough year and their lack of concentration during practices caused errors on the field. The girls chose Pam Hutson and Jennifer Bjork as team captains. Head Coach Len Vokal named Jennifer Fischer most valuable player, and Amy Le-tourneau and Vicky Briganti their most improved player. J.V. Softball 145 STRIKE OUT! 1. Barb Teets is ready for action! 2. Meredith Quillen concentrates on her swing. 3. That equipment looks good on you, Jennifer. 4. Pam Hutson goes through her motion. 5. Barb Teets checks the runner. 6. Jenny Bjork breaks for home. 7. Sue Konkel gets set. 8. Meredith. I think they got you. 9. Barb prepares to bunt. 10. Sue Konkel at the plate.GIRLS RUN 3 The Girl’s Track team was led by Coach “Alfie” Grafton. The team manager was George Rosen. The girls’ record — overall and league — was 3 wins and 4 losses. This team is the best to come in a long time! They’re a very talented team and have a lot of potential. Although the team was young, it proved to show experience. Coach Grafton comments, “With the right attitude, ’87 could be the year for girl’s track at A.P.H.S. Quite a few records will be broken before these girls graduate!” Team captains were Vicki Shamus, Elena Mar-chionda, and Lori Laniewicz. Awards were as follows: Elena Marchionda, most valuable; Laurie Bader, 110% award; and Trina Fix, most improved. 146 Girls Track TO VICTORY! 1) Elena Marchionda showing her style. 2) Melanie Mifsud jumping the hurdle. 3) Lauri Mooradian running. 4) Laura Bollman, Jennifer Garcia. Elena Marchionda. and Vicki Shamus warming up together. 5) Jill Szostek and Laura Bollman running. 6) The girls taking a rest. 7) Vicki Shamus giving her effort towards the high jump. 8) Melanie Mifsud gets ready for a big race. 9) Melanie Mifsud shows her long-jumping technique. 10) Lori Bader jogging around the track. 8 9 10 Girl's Track 147CHEERLEADERS CAPTURE The 1985-86 Varsity Cheerleading Squad got off to a slow start and was plagued with many problems. This year’s squad had a lot of talent and potential. Although the squad did not compete, they proved that they will be a squad to watch in the years to come. Miss Kim Douglas finished out the year as the Varsity coach. This year’s Seniors Included: Captain Donyal Mukri, Patti-Ann Rauser, and Sue Car-roll. Juniors: Sue Doran, Leslie Tosh, and Sue Marbrey and Sophomores: Heather Coffman, Michelle Scotta, and Natalie Race. Donyal Mukri received Most Valuable, Leslie Tosh was rewarded the Most Improved, and Sue Doran earned the 100% award. Patti-Ann RauserTHE SPIRIT 1. Sue Doran chanting away. 2. Leslie Tosh shows off her perfect moves. 3. Go Sue! 4. Varsity at half-time. 5. Almost together. 6. Before the game. 7. Wow! 8. Go! Patti Go! 9. Performing at half-time. 10. 1985-86 Varsity Cheerleading Squad. 11. Go! Fight! Win! 12. Meagan helps out. 13. APHS! U 14. Donyal hurt again 15. Michelle Scotta. 16. sidelines. 17. Our mascot. Varsity Cheerleaders 149J.V. CHEERLEADERS The Junior Varsity Cheerleaders, coached by Miss Kim Douglas, did an outstanding job this year. This squad has a lot of potential and talent, and with their hard-work and dedication in the years to come they will represent Allen Park proudly at games and competitions. Bethann Josza was this year’s captain and Lisa Nadzam was the co-captain. Other members were sophomores: Lynn Muslin, Brigette Domine, and Leanne Bellas. The squad had one freshman, Natalie Pierini.POM PON 1 Natalie in action. 2. J.V. during half-time. 3. This year’s J.V squad 4. Bethanne ready to start a chant. 5. Lisa taking a break? 6. J.V. cheering with all their might. 7. Bridgette and Lynn chanting on the side-lines. 8. Showing off the perfect moves. 9. Lisa and Lynn smiling for the camera. 10. The Pom Pon squad, (not pictured: Mary Lou Loera) 11. Dawn Johnson? 12. Getting ready to start. 13. Performing at half-16 time. 14 dancing to the beat. 15. Moving out. 16. Tania Kazanjian. 17. Changing This year’s Pom Pon squad was sponsored by Mrs. Vartanian and coached by Mrs. Debbie Mato. The Pom Pon squad did an outstanding job this year performing at all home basketball games. Mr. Ferguson was able to get the Pom Pon squad new uniforms. This year’s Pom Pon squad included: Julie Scheer, Cheryse Price, Tania Kazanjian, Lauri Mooradian, Melissa Nappo, Emily Miner, Mary Lou Leora, Dawn Johnson, and Sheery Banasiak. The 110% award this year was given to Cheryse Price. Dawn Johnson received Best All-Round and Most Improved was given to Sherry Banasiak. positions. Pom Pon 151JUNIORS 152 Juniors1) Kurt Trainor, Dave Trepkowski, Jeff Pouliot and Dawn Ureste with their hats during spirit week. 2.) Junior girls. Collen Chuey, Shelly Mayher. and Dawn Grzyb are catching up on their homework at lunch. 3.) Scott Songer and Rob Lakatos listen carefully as Dave Trepkowski falls asleep. 4.) Jeri Richards. Shireen Meehan. Tracey D’Hondt, Jessica Zurowick. Lory Sinnott. Mo Lareau. and Leslie Tosh. Why don't you have some more ice cream? 5.) Stacey Rose and Elena Marchionda stop for a picture between classes. 6.) Russel Paps and Steve Dmytrusz marching in the parade on a rainy day. CLASS OF ’87 5 Juniors 153The class of '87 began its Junior year by putting much effort into the Junior float “Elmer Fudd.” Poor “Elmer” drowned the day of the parade due to rain, but the Juniors pulled out a third place finish. The building of the float was fun for those who participated. While the Homecoming festivities were still going on, many of the Junior girls were preparing for the annual Powder Puff game. The girls gave a great fight but the Senior women pulled out the win with a final score of 12-7. During Spirit Week, the Juniors took the lead for a second year with two first-places in bubble-blowing. However, they fell to the Seniors for a second place finish. The Junior Prom was held on March 22, 1986, at Thomas’ Epicurean House. For the many Juniors who attended, it was an evening not soon to be forgotten. The Junior class held many successful fund-raisers to help cover the cost of Junior Prom and many upcoming Senior events. These included the Homecoming flower sale, a candy sale, and a raffle. This year’s Junior Class representatives included: Kim Belteky, Diane Burt, Claudette MacRae, Beth Stamper, Angie Vadasy, Brent Ketzenberger, Jeff Navoy, Tom Sawyer, Ron Scalbassi, and Karl Schwartz. Alternates included: Tracey D’Hondt, Jeri Richards, Sue Schmidt, Jim Lewis, Jeff Karoub, and Romie La-Pointe. For many, the Junior year was filled with good times and great memories. Chris Dawson Diane Burt 154 Juniors1.) Tom Ross after a tough game 2.) Dale Mehlhose hard at work. 3.) Scott Doty helping Derek Kobylarz with some school-work . 4.) Todd Mattei. Kim Beltecky. Brent Ketzenberger and Jeri Richards at Homecoming. (Michelle McGonagle move your head!) 5.) Juniors, Jeff Pouliot, Dave Traster, Mike Skelton, and Andy Kehagiaras at lunch. 6.) Lynn Daubresse looking intelligent. Rhonda Adam Joe Albanese Bill Armstrong Samar Badwi Eric Baier Paul Bargamian Sue Beauvais Cassandra Beggs Kim Beltecky Christine Bigelow Sue Bobrocky Robert Boufford Danny Breda Diane Burt Thomas Cafego Anthony Cafego Karla Chahil Cheryl Chuby Colleen Chuey Greg Ciszewski Lisa Clemons Melissa Coker Michael Craine Marc Czajka Juniors 155Tracey D'Hondi Lynn Daubresse Laura Davis Rosemarie Davis Chris Dawson Joseph Dellapena Roger DeShetler Steve Dmytrusz Sherri Donaldson Kristy Dombe Michael Donofrio Susan Doran James Driscoll Christine Drysdale Tom Eggert Roger Eilers Matthew Enoch Krista Falkey James Farley Jeanne Feher Trena Fix Eddy Gardner Kim Gawenda Robert Georgic Kristine Giertz Dawn Gripp Teresa Groh Rose Gruley Dawn Grzyb Teresa Gualtieri Chris Hagen Collette Harvieux Arthur Hayden Heather Hayes Mark Henderson Colleen Henneberry Jennifer Hogg Dawn Johnson Kevin Jozsa Jeff 4 aroub 156 Juniors 31. Sue Doran learning how to work the printer. 2. Shelly Sarkett and Dave Ziegler taking a rest at Junior Prom. 3. Ken Webster fixing a sundae. 4. The blond babes of the Junior class, Jeff Navoy and Derek Zagac. 5. Mark Vratny loves Basketball! 6. Diane Burt, Lora Davis, and Mo Lareau with their favorite guy. Jeff Pouliot. 7. The Junior clan, put your fingers down! 8. Rob Lakatos and Camille Childress get back to your studying. 9. Shelly Lafferty takes time for a picture! Juniors 157Andy Kehagiaras Brent Ketzenberger Kevin Kiernan Kim Knight Derek Kobylarz Jessica Krikscium Bruce LaPalm Robert Lakatos Romuald LaPointe Victoria Larche Mo Lareau Jeff Leeper Eric Letourneau Jim Lewis Kelly Lhiva Robert Lindisch Lori Lockhart MaryLou Ludwig Claudette MacRae Teresa Magnan Elena Marchionda Tim Martin Todd Mattei Shelly Mayher Jim McClay Michele McGonagle Sue McMullen John McNa Shireen Meehan Dale Mehlhose Diane Morris Tim Mucha 1581) Kristen Giertz concentrating fiercely. 2.) Jennifer Pace and Sheri Winkler experimenting with chemistry 3.) Kim Beltecky and Teresa Magnan smiling for the camera at Homecoming. 4.) Kevin Jozsa and Sue Marbrey 'listening'? 5.) Our junior powder puff cheerleaders; Andy Kehageriaras. Troy Lazotte. Billy Smith. Rob Lindisch. and Perry Taylor. 6.) Tim Rahtz has a question and Beth Stamper is bored. 7.) Renee Waddell and Samar Badwi are learning to use the office machines. Don Mullins Jeff Navoy Lena Norvell John Oleynik Debbie Orban Jennifer Pace Paul Page Russell Paps Scott Parker Robert Petrangel Mark Pipkin Jeff Pouliot Cheryse Price Tim Rahtz Shelly Rebel Todd Redden Mike Reddman Jeri Richards Stacey Rose George Rosen Thomas Ross James Sanscrainte Shelly Sarkett Linda Savona Tom Sawyer Jill Schertzer Robert Schmidt Sue Schmidt Dennis Schramm Karl Schwartz Ron Sclabassi Kim Scotta 159Michael Siminuti Lori Sinotl Michael Skelton James Slaven Andy Small William Smith Scott Songer Elizabeth Stamper Perry Taylor Leslie Tosh Cari Toth Paul Toth Kurt Trainor David Traster David Trepkowski Dawn Ureste 1. Kurt Trainor and Jeff Pouliot looking very sophisticated. 2. Roger DeShetler. Tracy D'Hondt, Jeri Richards, and Todd Mattei in their new threads. 3. Rob Lakatos and Sue Schmidt - What a cute couple! 4. Jeff Pouliot. Art Hayden, and Scott Songer pigging out! 5. Jeff Karoub hard at work on the band float. 6. John McClay in his new tuxedo. 7. Jeri Lee Richards pretending to work! 8. Todd Mattei. Romie LaPointe, and Tim Mucha. 9. Junior heart-throb. Kevin Kiernan! 10. The Junior clan in the Homecoming Parade! 160 Juniors10 Angela Vadasy Virginia Vandenbergh Nicholas Vilella Jerry Villareal Mark Vratny Renee Waddell Patrick Watters Susan Whitlow Ronald Willim Sherri Winkler David Ziegler Jessica Zurowick1.) Shelly Mayher, Brigette Stoker, and Colleen Chuey are waiting in the lunch line. 2.) Scott Doty looks puzzled. 3.) Stacey Harris checking out what’s behind her. 4.) Rob Lakatos, is showing off his clean locker, while Don Mullins inflates his basketball. 5.) Chris Bigelow, Kim Gawenda. and Krista Falkey are caught off guard on their way to class. 6.) Kim Beltecky and Teresa Magnan enjoying lunch in the cafeteria. 7.) Posing in the hall before school are Michele McGonagle. Leslie Tosh. Jessica Zurowick. Diane Burt, and Mo Lareau. 8.) Kevin Kiernan, Joe Albanese, Mike Skelton, and Rob Schmidt, just ‘hanging around’ before school. 9.) Karl Schwartz is checking out Todd Mattei’s new threads. 10.) Hey Spud, What cha’ making? 11.) Elena Marchionda, anything good for lunch? 162 Juniors164 Sophomores 1 2 SOPHOMORESCLASS OF ’88 Sophomores 165 1. Mike Donigian. Chris Trombley, and Dave La-Brecque - not a bad looking picture eh! 2. Christine Calleja, Mellisa Nappo. Josie Pizzo. and Stacy Pickell. 3. Kathy Johnson - Do you always eat paste? 4. Dawn Purvis and Christine Calleja catching up on their reading. 5. Lisa Nadzam and Cindy Marbrey rooting on the Jags! 6. The Sophomore clan — Peace Baby!!166 This year’s Sophomores’ float, ‘Foghorn-Leghorn’ took an overall fourth place in the Homecoming parade. This got their year off on the wrong foot. Despite the loss, everyone who participated in the building of the float had a good time. During spirit week the Class of ’86 pulled off a first in the volleyball game and a second in the relay race. Even with these, it just wasn’t enough and again they took a fourth place overall. The Sophomores did have some very successful fundraisers. First, was the magazine sale. They also had the annual Valentine’s Day flower sale, which always goes over well. This year’s class representatives are Pam Hudsun, Beth Ann Josza, Sue Konkell, Lisa Nadzam, Christina Tonus, Andy Green, Dave LaBrecque, Jason Mifsud, Don Savona, and Chris Trombley. Special thanks also go to the many students who helped make this year a success. ‘Diane Burt' ’Chris Dawson’1. Brian Dickson really knows how to attract the girls! 2. The Sophomores show some spirit. 3. Tonya Lazuka the "Computer Kid!" 4 Raquel Martinez. Macy Wallace. Ed Rankin, and Craig Tertzag are throwing down. 5. John Leverton in his studious position. 6. Tracy Vennebush trying to look studious! 7. Did you wake up late. Lisa? Shawn Aniol Michelle Asmus Deanna Ayrhart Jeannie Bailey Derik Balogh Sherry Banasiak Jennifer Belknap Leanne Bellas Jennifer Bjork Jennifer Bloink Todd Boak Scott Bobrocky Julianne Bodnar Laura Bollman Michael Bono Patrice Borborian Kenyon Borieo David Bosh Julianna Brisbois Susan Brohman Gayle Brown Robert Bruce Bobbie Bryan Steven Burgess Sophomores 167en Burkett an Buttson ►tine Ca via Gino Carlini James Can onald Cernia Ann Choma ph Cialkowski eather Cottman ichelle Co eman Christoph Cundv Kristen Curtis Arsho Dellalian Richard Dicesare Brian Dickson Kristina Dtscher 168 Sophomores William Dixon Bnqette Domine Michael Doni ian Scott Dotv Susan Duchene Michael Dver Lisa Dziekan James Earley Jetirey Earley Steve Eichbauer Steve Endicotr Jenniter Evans Dav d Fehrman Joel Felix Heidi Fischer Jenniter Fischer 1. Two Sophomore studs. Cari Pesci and Steve Eichbauer. 2. Steve Endicott studying hard. 3. Are you sleeping Audra? 4 Fancy fingerwork Craig Wood. 5. Nice jump. Chris! 6. Are you really reading. Lloyd O'Dell. 7. Kelly Flynn - looking pretty! 8. How’d you get up there Mike Mrla. 9 Krista and Amy using their listening skills. 10. Don Kiss and Ed Rankin relaxing for a moment. 10 9 Sophomores 169Joseph Flange Kelly Flynn Miguel Garcia Joseph Gasorski Danielle Geb Violet Gegaj Sandra Gergely Jennifer Gillis Thomas Graham Andrew Green Kep Greenwood Jennifer Gregoire Wendell Hammock James Hanik Rosemarie Hanoian Stacey Harris William Herrmann Dwight Hill Christopher Hillman Pamela Hutson John Jaskowski Timothy Jeffers Robert Johns Kathleen Johnson Bethann Jozsa loan Jurj Joseph Kaczmar Kimberly Kastl Tania Kazanjian Kelly Kent Bryan King Thomas King Donald Kiss Mark Klimek Thomas Klinkman Mark Klonowski Adam Knox Lisa Koller Michael Koller Susan Konkel 1 John Jaskowski trying to fix the movie projector. 2. Quinn Valley. Jim Hanik. Sean Pitcher, and Steve Valley just socializing. 3. Sophomores just clowning around during the Homecoming parade. 4. Raquel Martinez working on the Sophomore float. 5. Brian Moore and Rod McLeod working with the computer 170 Sophomores5 John Kosidlo Holly Koths Pamela Kowalewski Matthew Kozlo Peter LaFramboise David LaBrecque Lori Laniewicz Tonya Lazuka Piera Lentini John Leverton Marie Loera Todd Losie Cindy Marbrey Suzanne Marbrey Raquel Martinez Roderick McLeod Stephanie McMahan David Menzer Jason Mifsud Stephanie Milton Emily Miner Kathy Monroe Laurie Mooradian Brian Moore Michael Moore Tyrus Nadeau Lisa Nadzam Melissa Nappo Audra Neideffer Kristi Nickerson Kevin O'Connor Lloyd O'Dell Jeffrey Paavo Ronald Parson Cary Pesci Stacy Pickell Mark Picklo Josephine Pizzo Stanley Pochron Michael Pomeraning Sophomores 171 Thomas Pomcraning William Puckett Dawn Purvis Todd Quenneville Meredith Quillen Alphonso Quoziente Natalie Race Edward Rankin Leah Ransom Kelly Reasoner Leslie Renaud Aarne Riutta i Kari Roulo Paul Sandhu Donald Savona Jeffrey Scarrow Julie Scheer Kristina Schiavulli Todd Scott Michelle Scotta Doug Seman 172 SophomoresDean Sobolewski Alan Spagnol Brenda Sparks Carolyn Staber Brett Stachak Aaron Stamper Kimberley Stanley Vanessa Stephenson Christine Stump Annette Szczepanek Kraig Tertzag Christina Tonus Bibiana Torres Chris Trombley David Tufts Dena Usher Quinn Valley Tracey Vennebush Gina Villella Bruce Vinecourt Marcie Wallace Carol Watters Kenneth Webster William Whitehead Adam Wilburn Denise Wilson Tommy Wong Craig Wood Patrina Woods Pamela Zurowick 1 Tania Kazanjian. Julie Scheer. Meridith Quillen, and Arsho Dellalian heading to class after lunch. 2. Scott Bobrocky working in metals class. 3. Sue Konkel and Dana Roberts are working on the band float. 4. Dave Shinkle is hard at work 5. Deanna Ayrhart. did you lose something? 6 Dave LaBrecque and Chris Trombley typing in computer class. Sophomores 1731 2 FRESHMEN 1741. Gina Gallow plays her flute during half-time at a football game. 2. O K. Freshmen say “Cheese!" 3. Phil Granata. John Tamas, and Larry Jenkins take a picture break during lunch. 4 Denise Korody displays excellent typing skills. 5. The Marquee. 6. The Freshmen show their pride in their Homecoming float. “The Tasmanian Devil.” 7. Erika Bocatzian studies intensely. FRESHMEN niimNliaiifiK'inniHmiiiiuiiiiiiiiiitiiiaiiuiiaiiia.'luua it . .ii i - HIGH SCHOOL J lQU tRS ALLEN PARK HOM OF THE CLASS OF ’89 175The Freshmen class has been very active this year. During Homecoming they produced a very good second place float, “The Tasmanian Devil.” They raised $1,000 by selling candy and soap and by working at the annual Italian Dinner. At Christmas time they were the major contributors to the National Honor Society’s Food Drive. The class of 89’ put forth great efforts during Spirit Week. Eric Laatz took a second place in the pie eating contest, and the Freshmen girls came in third place in the tug-of-war. Despite all of their spirit, the Freshmen came in last place overall. The class is represented by: President Ben LaFramboise, Vice President Andy Lieber, Secretary Heather MacRae, and Treasurer Debbie Feher. Representatives are: Jeff Albanese, Tim Dedrick, Paul Mullins, Eric Laatz, Craig Prisby, Vicki Briganti, Sue Cardenas, Nora Fowler, Lori Johnson, and Wendy Mitchell. V.P. Andy Lieber stated “This year was very interesting because we met a lot of new people,’’ and Pres. Ben LaFramboise added that they anticipate an even better year next year with a 1st place float. Donyal Mukri Mahnda Abela Matthew Abela Laurie Abcock Jeff Albanese Kelly Anderson Joe Andrzyczak Jeremy Armstrong Lisa Ash Kelly Avery Laurie Bader Krista Bagdasarian Robert Baker Mike Balagna Dave Bardallis Paul Battistelli David Bearden Pamela Bearss Jeffery Belknap Troy Biroscak Mary Board Patricia Bodnar Erica Bokatzian Vanessa Bono Dennis Boomer Lynn Bouford Vicki Briganti Andrea Burgess April Burgus Donald Burnett Becky Burt Bill Burt Michelle Camilleri 176 Freshmen1. A group of freshmen at a football game. 2. Saul Schuyler jumping in gym class. 3. Vicki Briganti smiles pretty for the camera. 4. Harold Check. Jeff Rouso, Terry Valintt. and Gerald Check meet in the lobby before class. Jennifer Carbonaro Sue Cardenas Gerald Check Harold Check Marcel Chippewa Michelle Christy Thomas Chuey Daniel Crain Maria Cremeans Maria Crupi Noelle Cummings Tracy Dalaney Tim Dedrick Tom Dellapenna Ed Diroff Lori Dixon Bobbi Dove Wayne Dutton Deanna Enlund Carol Esper Tim Esper Brad Falkey James Farrell Robert Farrer 177Catherine Feher Deborah Feher Amy Ferguson Cynthia Ferguson William Fortner Nora Fowler Lisa Fuciarelli Tammie Fudge Gina Gallow Jennifer Garcia Philip Gardner Kristine Gearhart Michael Gibson Jason Gillum Jeffery Girrbach Philip Granata Matthew Gregoire John Grundman Jeffery Hammond Laura Hanik Amy Harrington Kimberly Heath Lori Hebert Rhonda Herrando 178 FreshmenThomas Higginson Daniel Higgison Paul Hill Denise Hionis Michelle Hodges Michael Holton Kristen Howard Andrea Hupman Heather Hurnevich Scott Ide Larry Jenkins William Jewell Derek Johnson Lori Johnson Tim Kalvans Kim Katona Tim Kerns Kevin King Jerry King Toni King Veronica Kleinow 1. Veronica Kleinow and Susan Kropp study in reading class. 2. The Freshmen float, ‘‘The Tazmanian Devil.” 3. Brad Falkey and Scott Oleynik at lunch. 4. Heather Hurnevich and Beth Wallace show off their locker 5. Vicki Briganti prepares to hit the ball. 6. A group of rowdie Freshmen at the homecoming parade. 7. Ed Diroff devours his food. 8 Eric Laatz blocks Matt Tabaczynski. 8 179Thomas Klimek Robert Knox Julie Kohler Denise Korody Susan Kropp Kevin Kuschel Ben LaFramboise Erik Laatz Amanda Lafferty Gregory Lakatos Jason Lange Tom Lazuka Aimee Letourneau Andrew Lieber Rafael Loera Tom Loftus Gerald Love Virginia Lowry Brian Lyles Jason MacDougall Heather MacRae Amy Martin Curtis Martin Kimberly Martin Thomas Martin Joseph Martinez Scott Matelic Kayte McCasland Richard McDermott Stacie McKinnon Jesse Meggison Gina Merlino 1 1. Sue Cardenas tries to blow a winning bubble. 2. A new move by Paul Battistelli. 3. Sue Kropp smiles pretty for the camera. 4. Eric Myers goes up for two. 5. Necole Staron and Dawn Stevens enjoy some music in the cafeteria. 6. The mighty freshmen football team in a huddle. 7. John Michael does his reading homework. 180 4John Michael Melanie Mifsud Wendy Mitchell Thomas Momtstos Paul Mullins Eric Myers Marybeth Nation Andrew Neideffer Chris Nothangel Geraldine Nowak Patrick O’Connor Scott O’Donnell Scott Oleynik Tammy Orsette Cathleen Osborne Todd Parker Christina Perez Gina Petrangel Natalie Pierani Paul Pipkin Leonard Podczervinski Jack Polly Laura Powell Abas Premtaj Craig Prisby Susan Proffitt Rachel Redding Karen Reedy Thomas Reedy Ron Richardson Elizabeth Righettini Dawn Rigsby Freshmen 181Dana Roberts Kurt Sanders Sharon Sandhu Jeff Sanscrainte John Savona Steven Schaller Angelo Schettini Rachel Schiavulli Mara Schmitt Cecilia Schramm Saul Schuyler Darcy Scott David Sendek Stephanie Sheppard Stacey Sklarczyk David Slaven Janelle Smith Randall Smith Necole Staron Dawn Stevens Rachel Stoker Jeremy Strasser Christen Sturgill Sharon Surma Dave SuvegesLouis Swift James Szewczyk Jill Szostek Matt Tabaczynski John Tamas Barbara Teets Frank Tillman Michael Torok Scott Torok Andrew Uhring Terry Valint Stephen Valley Cheryl Van Hovel Sherri Vaughn Anne Voss Scott Vratny Elizabeth Wallace Brian Watkins Denise Welling James Wendler Stacey Wenzel Susan White Douglas Wonsavage Courtney Yeager Cory Zuchetto 1. Wayne Dutton and Mike Torok trying to look studly in the hall. 2 Ben LaFramboise sneaks into Stacey Sklarczyk’s locker while she talks to Denise Korody. 3 Brian Lyles and Rob Knox study during lunch. 4. The Freshmen girls in Career Planning 5. Freshmen trying to look cool in Mr. Powell’s class. 6. Scott Ide takes a picture break while washing the tables. 7. The Freshmen boys trying to win the tug-of-war. 8. Mike Holton strolls by the marquee on a brisk winter day. 9. Eric Laatz gladly offers to answer a question, as Andy Lieber peers out behind him and Veronica Kleinlow smiles for the camera. 10 Ben LaFramboise. helpful as usual. 133 v )H BALAS STRUCTURAL STEEL CO. Joists • Metal Deck • Framing Stairs and Railings Steel Erection JOHN W. CHRISTIAN 16136 White St (313) 381-4197 Allen Park. Ml 48101 WE SPECIALIZE IN FREEZER ORDERS Kelly’s Butcher Block Dell USDA CHOICE PRIME MEATS 7226 PARK ALLEN PARK. MICH. HOT SANDWICHES PARTY TRAYS PH 928-0474 Jack’s Cycle Repairs Sport SCHWINN FRANCHISED DEALER DU-2-1990 6641 Park Avenue Allen Park. Mich. 184We would like to thank all the businesses who purchased ads from us for without their contribution this book would not have been possible. ALLEN PARK HIGH SCHOOL HOME OF THE JAGUARS ADVERTISING The Weise Brothers FUNERAL DIRECTORS ALLEN PARK LINCOLN PARK 313-382-1150 313-381-2345 GARY F ROBERT J JOHN D THOMSON F.H INC • 7210 PARK AVENUE • ALLEN PARK. MICHIGAN 48101 NIXON-WEISE F H INC • 1020 FORT STREET • LINCOLN PARK. MICHIGAN 48146 Phone 313-386-9330 MOTOR CITY HARLEY DAVIDSON CO. 7105 Allen Road Allen Park Michigan 48101 185 JUNIOR VARSITY FOOTBALL: (first row) Aaron Stamper. Cary Severt, Ron Bruce. Brian Conroy. Brian Dickson. Chris Ramirez, Larry Christiansen. Kevin King. (2nd row) Craig Tertzag. Dave Menzer. Ed Rankin. Dave Labrecque. Jim Carr. Bill Dixon. John Leverton. (3rd row) Dwight Hill. Mike Hawes. Gregg Campbell. Jack Polly. John Jerj, Paul Sandhu. Coach Pat Battisteili. (4th row) Coach Bob Kelly. Andy Green. Jeff Weclowski. Don Savona. Mike Garcia. Coach Gary Templin. CLOVER WINE CELLAR State Farm Wishes You Best Of Luck With Your Future 10988 Allen Rd Taylor, 48180 6617 Allen Rd ALLEN WICK ACE HARDWARE A.P.M: 386-0344 O’HANNONS IRISH PUB 16139 Wick Allen Park With Food 382-3966 6004 Allen Rd. A.P. 186 AdsRoad Service Towing PHONE: 388-0040 SOUTH - ALLEN SHELL SERVICE Franks Outdoor Sports Center 18626 Ecorse Road Allen Park. Mi. 48101 (313) 928-2577 Export Motor Tune-Upt - Front End Alignments 15500 SOUTHFIELD ROAD ALLEN PARK, MICHIGAN 48101 Rocky Boots Guns Archery Fishing Tackle Reloading Equipment COMPLETE BRIDAL SERVICE Congratulations Class Of 86 REGAL BRIDAL SALON DU 6-5174 3110 Fort St. to A M. to 8 P.M. Lincoln Park. Mich. wed. a Sat. 10 to 5 p.m. HORVATH AND HORVATH 7311 Park Avenue Allen Park, MI. 48101 388-7180 VARSITY WRESTLING (first row) Tom Dellapenna. George Rosen. Ke vin King, John Kostdlo, Ed Diroff. Doug Ferenz. (2nd row) Andy Small. Greg Flannery. Jim Wendler. Jeff Roulo. Matt Enoch. Dwight Hill, assis- tant coach Doug Grafton. (3rd row) head coach Gary Templin. Pat Baier. Jeff Leeper, Cari Pesci, Tony Hernandez. Eric Baier. Andy Green Ads 187FRESHMEN FOOTBALL (first row) Rafael Loera. Jason Ogen. John (third row) Coach Fregonara. Coach Lang, Tim Kalvans. Coach Filipiak. Lambroff. Tom Reedy. Paul Battistelli. (second row) John Savona. Craig Jim Wendler. Eric Myers, Paul Hill. Chris Gavriles, Rob Knox. Prisby. Brian Lyles. Jeremy Armstrong. Angelo Schettini, Wayne Dutton. (313) 928-5920 (313) 928-1744 Allen Park Starter Si Generator Service 5329 Allen Road Allen Park. Michigan 48101 AL GRAY HARRY THOMPSON Congratulations GIANT TYPEWRITER MART, INC. 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Ml 48101 928-8850 Sccrtpace 2077 South Field L.P. 48146 CONTACT LENSES 382-4900 FRANKLIN LIFE INSURANCE CO. INCOME PROTECTION 190JOHN SUE DOWNRIVER OFFICE 6760 Allen Road Allen Park, Michigan 48101 381-5581 American Video MOVIE IMUUALES VCD MENTAL 8003 ALIEN ROAD ALLEN PARK. Ml 48101 (313) 388-5200 MUNICIPAL ATTORNEY Melvindale River Rouge free membership STORE HOURS: HOI nulls 1140 am too pm FIIOAY. SATURDAY 11 00 II - 10 00 pm SUN0AY: 12 00 pm 100 pm ATTORNEY AT LAW FRANKLIN LIFE INSURANCE CO. KAYE TERTZAG RETIREMENT FUNDING Varsity Soccer Team: Front row Rob Lindisch, Kevin Jos a. Larry Jenkins. Bill Smith. Derek Johnson. Don Kiss. Cari Pesci. Mike Haworth. 2nd row • Coach Don Chamberlain. Dave Ziegler. Andy Kehagiaras, John Fischer. Lloyd O’Dell. Eric Baier, Steve Eichbauer. Matt Brohman. Tim Fesko. 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Marianne Pizzo, Heather Janson. Sandi Hicks. 192 Ads« Congratulations Seniors 3fam0K5 Ifibeia WEDDINGS, PORTRAITS. PASSPORTS 2 HR. FILM SERVICE PHONE (313) 386-2500 3321 Fort Street Lincoln Park. Michigan 48146 FRED LARRY "G” TONY Our Most Important Customer is Spelled with a Capital "YOU" FRANCES MARKET Lhnhoxlecl Beer - Wine - Liquor - Party Trays USDA CHOICE MEATS - PERSONALIZED CUTS 383-1129 161 SI WICK ROAD ALLEN PARK. MICHIGAN CUSTOM DRAPERIES TRAVERSE RODS 1” BLINDS WOVEN WOODS SHUTTERS VERTICALS Allen Park Shades Floors CARPET - LINOLEUM 928-2900 PITTMAN'S RADIO TV SALES AND SERVICE ED SHEMA 6627 ALLEN ROAD ALLEN PARK. MI 8302 ALLEN ROAD. At Champaign ALLEN PARK. MICHIGAN (313) 382-1 188 Girls Varsity Basketball: Front row: Shelly Rebel, Carolyn Brayman, Kathy Johnson. Janice Denton, Vicky Shamus. Second row: Jeri Richards, Mi- chelle McGonagle. Marcie Wallace. Coach Pattie Zimbilatti. 193K D Performance inc. COMPLETE MACHINE SHOP SERVICE STOCK AND HI-PERFORMANCE PARTS AND EQUIPMENT 16141 Philomene • Allen Park, Mich. 48101 928-3620 KEN BAKSA DANNY DOYLE JIM RONZELLO President Vice President Parts Manager MICHIGAN'S IARCEST AMBULANCE COMPANY Exclusive Distributors of the Insta-Call Home Monitoring System dvan ce v wli fe Vs u p po rtVAa 292-7820 • 292-7980 — WE SERVICE — All Hospitals. Nursing Homes. Residences. Clinics — Industrial and Private, and the Detroit Medical Center VISA. MASTER CARO MEDICARE. MEDICAID. BLUE CROSS APPROVED LOCAL LONG DISTANCE TRANSFERS AIR AMBULANCE SERVICE S£a anu'gfta Puccini 27410 Eureka Romulus 942-9610 5700 Allen Road Allen Park 38-FRUITCONGRATULATIONS CLASS OF “86” From: SOPHOMORE CLASS AP.H.S. VORANFUNERAL HOME OUTHGATE PORTCENTER TEAM SPECIALISTS 18676 EUREKA BOB WATKOWSKI P.0 BOX 1100 (313) 285-4433 SOUTHGATE. Ml 48195-0100 CONGRATULATIONS CLASS OF “86” Prime and Choice Meats Specializing in Freezer Meats J.NA Market Inc. 19240 Ecorse Rd. Allen Park. Ml 48101 PH. 381-7830 ART THOMASIAN Pres. ALLEN PARK HIGH SCHOOL P.T.S.A. Store Hours Mon-Thurs 9-6 Friday 9-7 Saturday 8-6 CONGRATULATIONS CLASS OF “86” A.P.H.S. 1%R 388-8808 ?ervations Accepted r.ot N OVi ant .•xMe 4936 Allen Rd. Al|en Park, Michigan 48101 FAMILY DENTAL CARE Serving Your Favorite Treats Fast Foods Serving 0m daily evenings Samuel D. Nagel Associates D.D.S. P.C. Pretty Nails 9869 Reeck Rd., Allen Park 381-8433 8400 Allen Road Allen Park (Comer of Inglewood) 928-8848 Downrtnr Ant tor 27 Votn Distributor Certified Instructor For Products Professional Training Program 197e BOOK NOOK INC. arcana $ljafa 18690 Ecorse Rd. WEDDINGS. PORTRAITS. PASSPORTS 2 HR. FILM SERVICE Allen Park 3321 FORT STREET 388-3365 Phone (313) 386-2500 Lincoln Park. Michigan 48146 388-3366 Zkree {fay’s building Company, Jnc. 19306 SCOKSe KOAD PHOflS 386-1 60 AjCjCSM PAKK MJCHJQAW 48101 “WHSKS HOMSZOVW PEOPCS DO yOUK MOMSWOKte {Joseph Q. Zurinsky M ichael £. Zurinsky “Education and Enthusiasm■ An Unbeatable Combination” Congratulations Class Of “86” From - JUNIOR CLASS OF “87” 198Quality + Quantity + Quick Courteous Service = BJ's Triangle Kosher Style Delicatessen Open 7 Days ' 381-1844 Owned and Operated By Triangle Restaurant Delicatessen 6565 Allen Road • Allen Park, Michigan 48101 Phone: (313) 381-1844 Let the Triangle Deli cater your next affair u ith their "Special Party Trays" Varsity Basketball (first row) Tom Sawyer. Coach Mickey Henson, Jan Firek. (second row) Manager Mark Maddock. Tim Mucha. Rich Slate. Jeff Navoy. Frank Ennis. John Francis, Tom Ross. Scott Stacey. Nick Armelagos, ass’t coach John Marzack. 200 AdsVARSITY SWIMMING TEAM (first row) Saul Schuyler, Cary Severt, Petri. Tim Rahtz. Tim Martin. Chris Hagen. Chris Trombley. Bazie Pre-Roger Pursley, Jeff Albanese. John Grundman. (second row) Dave Moon. myaj. Bill Herrman. Scott Belknap, Craig Prisby. Tom Martin, (third row) Coach A.P. Fire Dept. SVU i«‘ SUPEft SUB SHOPS 43 Varieties of Submarine Sandwiches Genuine Square Sicilian Pizza 15636 Southfield Rd. 382-0112 2 Locations ALLEN PARK 4531 Allen Rd. 381-4930 Congratulations Graduates BROOKS PARTY STORE 7430 Allen Rd. 2 Blocks South of Ecorse Road Allen Park, Mich. 48101 383-5300 “The Original” 7343 Pork At Reglno 333-0022 Complete Line Of Porty Supplies BROSE ELECTRIC SHOP. INC. One of the Largest Displays of Lighting Fixtures and Wiring Supplies Ads 201J.V BASKETBALL (first row) Mike Donigian, Ed Rankin, Bill Armstrong, Mattei, Steve Eichbauer, Steve Guess, Jeff Sanscrainte Kurt Trainor, Brian Dickson. (2nd row) Coach Mike Wilkinson. Todd John Richard Slate SABADASH SABADASH "if"? PROPERTY AND BUILDINGS DEVELOPMENT • PROPERTY SALES • BUILDING SALES AND LEASING. 28500 EUREKA ROAD ROMULUS, Ml. 48174 ATTORNEY AT LAW 17735 FORT STREET RIVERVIEW. MICH. 48192 (313) 285 7171 INDUSTRIAL CONTRACTORS • % TO 3 YD. CRANES DRAGLINES • END LOADERS CRAWLER LOADERS • BACK HOES • BULLDOZERS • SCRAPER WAGONS HEAVY EQUIPMENT SALES • EARTHMOVING • TRUCKS AUTOS CHARLES SABADASH JR. 200 ALLEN RD ALLEN TARK Ml 48101 FEA TURING A FULL LINE OF BOWLING EQUIPMENT 202 AdsCongratulations Seniors CRJ VIDEO RECORDS "Movie Memories” Home Movies To Video Tope Free Custom Background MusicVARSITY TENNIS TEAM (first row) Joe Kaczmar. Jim Lewis, Steve Billett. (back row) Adam Knox. Lennis LaForce, Bill Riggs, Eric Braun, McKibbon, John Warren, Mark Picklo, Tom Martin. Jim Sargeant, Ron Sean Howard, Tim Martin, Coach Ron Pascuzzi. STUDENTSHOP “ o n u n n “j nr SCHOOL SUPPLIES ALL OF YOUR SCHOOL NEEDS 204 Adso ALLEN PARK ADULT BOOSTER CLUB We don’t mind if you join a Credit Union just to get a fast car loan. BOOSTER Sure, credit unions provide fast, low-cost auto loans to members. But if you join a credit union to get a loan, be sure to check out all our other financial services, too. At most credit unions, you'll find check-like share draft accounts that pay interest. IRAs. Money Markets, Payroll Deduction and Direct Deposit of Social Security and pension checks. Now. with that kind of service, why stop at just a loan? CLUB A.P.H.S. St. Cyril and St. feschal CSpedit Uruon Tnrter. • •« 4I1I0-1HJ Ads 205Best of Luck Seniors HERRERA’S AUTO SUPPLY 4910 Allen Road Allen Park, Ml 48101 Joe Herrera Phone: (313)928-1290 1 VARSITY FOOTBALL (first row) Tony Hernandez, Tom Sawyer, Mike Dawson. Jason Mifsud, Matt McDonald, John Savona. Rudy Ramon. Fred Letourneau, Mike Griffin. Mike Sclater. Joe Albanese. (second row) Jerry Villareal. Pat Baier. Jeff Leeper, Tom Graham. Rob Gaines. Karl Schwartz. Mark Henderson. Mike Hadvina, Rich Slate. Frank Ennis, Coach Ed Bellas. (third row) Trainer Buddy Toungett, Coach G. Svltchen, Steve Dutton, Mike Donigian, Dave Traster. Roger DeShetler. Steve Guess. John Oleynik, Eric Letourneau. Kevin Kiernan. Allen Koths, Jan Firek, Coaches Ron Pascuzzi, Dave Picklo. Ken Kaneko. 206 AdsMR. BILLIARDS FUN FOOD 15656 Southfield Allen Pork, Ml 48101 382-0111 Thank You For Supporting Mr. Billiards God Bless You As You Go Forwardr ALLEN PARK BOARD OF EDUCATION Best Of Luck To The Graduating Seniors Of 1986 Joseph Zelinske, President Albert Lapshon, Vice-President Undo Lockwood Shovak, Secretory Joseph Derry, Treasurer Robert Dryon, Trustee Terry Knippenburg, Trustee William Matakas, Trustee a BOYS’ TRACK (back row) Coach Tony Mifsud. Scott Belknap. Chris Rich- Tertzag. Joe Dellapenna, Andy Small, Chris Gavriles. Manager George ards, Tom Ross. Rom LaPointe. Tim Mucha. Tom Mucha. Jamie San- Rosen, (front row) Manager Emily Miner. Mike Bono. Tom Dellapenna. John scrainte. Dave Shinkle. Ben LaFramboise. Manager Michelle McKelvey, Kosidlo. Patrick Watters. Steve Endicott. Rob Paulson. Calvin Wilson, Ass’t Coach Dale Petri, (middle row) Jason Mifsud. Dave Ziegler. Kraig Wayne Dutton. Manager Julie Scheer.J.V. BASEBALL (back row) Chris Minchini, Andy Green, Gregg Campbell, Coach John Haboian, Brian Dickson, Ed Rankin, Alan Johnson, Dave John Jaskowski Steve Eichbauer. Cari Pesci, John Leverton. (front row) Labrecque. Lance Hoey. Sir Joseph’S HAIR SALON o Wse tij Inc. 828-4311 “Complete Cutting And Styling For Men, Women, Children No Appointments Necessary 18637 Ecorse Rd. Allen Park, Mich. 48101 810 DIX AT OUTER DRIVE LINCOLN PARK, MICH. 48146 PHONE 386-8800 te 15887 Southfield Road Allen Park, Michigan 48101 Phone: 382-GIFT 38-CARDS i)QUHl ANGELICA LUTHERAN CHURCH Pork Ave G Englewood Allen Pork 381-2030 Services: 8 11 A.M. Sunday School: 9:15 Bible Class: 9:30 Pastor: Robert W. Kavasch 209VARSITY SOFTBALL (back row) Coach Kirk Brayman. Kasandra Richard- Dawson, Lori Ward. Kathy Johnson, Carolyn Brayman, Cheryl Potter, son. Diane Burt. Michelle McGonagle, Tracey D’Hondt, Marcie Wallace, Tracey Vennebush, Laura Davis, Coach Chris Carlton. Susan DuChene, Shelly Rebel, (front row) Coach Lisa Schillinger, Chris ALEX KOCSISKO 928-7246 Fancy Pastry Shop - OUR SPECIALTIES -WEDDING AND BIRTHDAY CAKES FINE HUNGARIAN PASTRY Keytined fay Keramidos. One of Detroit's best values m state-of-the-art digitized typesetting 500 type-face library, keying, production and art services available strudels-nut rolls walnuts 6543 PARK AVE. EST. 1934 ALLEN PARK, MICH. 48101 Keramidas ADVERTISING, INC. 30800 Mtgroph • Sole 1965 • B«-m.nghom. Ml 48010 • (313) 644-3233 LIEBER CORPORATION REALTORS Professional Real Estate Services 18708 ECORSE ROAD ALLEN PARK. MICHIGAN (313) 381 5660 1951 N W 19 S • Surf 202 • Boco Row. FI 33431 • (305) 391-5666 SPEEDY Owned And Operated By The Asadoorlan Family 6533 Allen Rd. Allen Park, MI 381-4531 Open Saturday 210 AdsPhone 386-6570 TUE. THRU FRI. PARK ATHLETIC SUPPLY 6809 Roosevelt Ave. Allen Park. Michigan 48101 Joseph’s JMair j alan 928-4311 JOHN BOCKEL TUES-FRI 8-6 SAT 8-4 GOOD LUCK CLASS OF 86 MR. WILKINSON AND MR. DRAPER 18637 ECORSE ALLEN PARK. Ml 48101 MICHAEL’S Hair Salon Unisex Hair Styling In-8711 . •JSS 4200 Alien Road Allen Park, MI 48101 VARSITY BASEBALL (back row) Coach Bob Kelly, Jeff Navoy, John Francis. Mike Sclater, Roger DeShetler. Matt McDonald, (middle row) Mike Hadvina, Paul Bargamian. Mike Dawson, Rich Slate. Ass’t. Coach Mason Toungett. (front row) Jeff Pouliot. Tom Sawyer. Rusty Mangiapane. Brent Ketzenberger, Nick Armelagos. Ads 211VARSITY VOLLEYBALL (back row) Coach Pat McLenaghan, Angie Va- row) Raquel Martinez. Debbie Orban, Lisa Dziekan, Lori Ward. Shelly dasy, Tracey D’Hondt, Marcie Wallace. Katie Kalvans. Shelly Rebel, (front Mayher HOURS: | 8 8 DAIL J 8 • 4 SAT. • I 2up6 U0 t Cu MEN. WOMEN CHILDREN Superior Perms • Superior Cuts 4645 ALLEN RD. 382-4890 ALLEN PARK, MICH. A K BUILDING SYSTEMS, INC. Jim Johnson 16145 Philomene Allen Park, MI 48101 (313) 386 1400 Jan L. Firek 212 AdsST. CYRIL b ST. PASCHAL CREDIT UNION APHS ALLEN CLUB 20252 Ecorse Taylor, Ml. 46180 President • Dave Krzisnik Vice-President - Mike Dawson Secretary - Carolyn Brayman Treasurer - Janice Denton Congratulations 366-6530 Class Of ’86 GIRLS’ TRACK (back row) Patty Bodnar, Rachel Schiavulli. Tania Kazan-jian, Kelly Kent, Brigitte Stoker. Anne Voss. Trina Fixx, Amy Harrington, Shelly Sarkett, Coach Doug Grafton, (middle row) George Rosen, Sue Marbrey, Jill Szostek, Lori Laniewicz. Laura Bollman. Jennifer Garcia, Vicki Shamus, Melissa Nappo, Elena Marchionda. (front row) Lori Bater, Laura Mooradian, Kelly Anderson, Melanie Mifsud, Mara Schmitt, Nancy Savona, Michelle Christie. Ads 213214 AdsGOLF TEAM (back row) John Francis. Rob Schmidt. Paul Bargamian, Steve Papalas. (middle row) Jeff Pouliot, Coach Richard Hershberger, Tom Eggert, Bill Riggs, (front row) Scott O’Donnell. Chris Sturgill. Tom Lazuka. CROSS COUNTRY (back row) Coach Ken Heller. Eric Braun. Tom Ross. Robert Paulson. Eric Schmidt, (front row) Tom Dellapenna, George Rosen. Tom Kosidlo, Chris Richards. J.V. VOLLEYBALL (back row) Coach Debbie Gillman. Nora Fowler, Erica Bokatzian, Kim Heath. Aimee Letourneau, Vanessa Stephenson. Denise Wilson. Jennifer Belknap, (front row) Dawn Purvis. Dana Roberts. Tracy Vennebush. Kris Gearhart, Cari Roulo, Melanie Mifsud. J.V. BASKETBALL (back row) Stephanie Sheppard, Kelly Avery. Anne Voss. Kris Gearhart. Pam Zurowick. Tracy Vennebush. Coach Lisa Schil-linger. (front row) Pam Hudson, Sue Cardenas. Lynn Boufford, Jennifer Bjork, Barb Teets. Heather MacRae. Ads 215Allen Park Track Club Mr. Mrs. John Baber The Brettschneider Family Mr. Mrs. Everett Burt Esther V. Fehrman Georgena Fehrman Clare Jozsa Family Keri Lyn’s Bridal Boutique Mr. Mrs. Robert Konkel Tom Joy Mucha Tom Mary Mukri I ■HTom Carol Picklo Robert W. Powell Thomas Marilyn Rauser The Rebel Family Mr. Mrs. Charles Sammut Angelina Dominick Savona Family B. Naomi Scholl Tom Muriel Scholl Mr. Mrs. James Tisot Turn the Page Mrs. Bonnie Yager Betty Joe Zelinske v PATRONS IMPRINT ’86 Editor-In-Chief Roberta MacKinnon Editors: Seniors ............. Academics ........... Sports .............. Underclassmen ....... Prologue Activities Ads Clubs ......... John Francis Steve Papalas ................Gayle Scholl ...............Scott Stacey .. Diane Burt Chris Dawson ..........Roberta MacKinnon ..............Nanette Binert Graphics Craine Williams Mark Picklo Cover Photo ...............................................................Mark Picklo Publisher ..................................................Jostens Publishing Company Staff ....................................................................Scott Belknap Andrea Donaldson Karri Fehrman Jan Firek Mike Hadvina Donyal Mukri Patti-Ann Rauser Kasandra Richardson Ron Sclabassi Laura Tonus Lyle Wolas Advisor Robert W. Powell THE MARQUEE 220 StaffMiss Ruth Buschmann spent 29V? years at APHS as a teacher and counselor. She has taught World History, Sociology. U.S. History. English. Typing. Careers. She designed the 2 hour block classes for track 3. She was chairman of the counseling dept, for 8 years insti-tuded arena scheduling. She was always willing to organize faculty events. She plans to enjoy her newly built home in Livonia. "I’m happy to be retiring, but after 29 years. I know I’ll miss Allen Park High.” Mr. Leroy Durfee helped to open APHS in September, 1954, when there wasn't a roof on the auto shop yet. He has taught Autos I. Autos II, Vocational Autos. Trades Industries, Drafting. He has served as dept, chairman for Autos Practical Arts. He began the adult drivers ed program has taught drivers ed for 32 years without an accident. He plans to travel enjoy his 7 grandchildren. "The years at APHS have been fantastic for my career. Working with a super staff students has been a pleasure. Semper fi.” Mr . Trudy Jaqul h has been a mainstay in the science dept, for 28 years. She has taught College Anatomy College Biology, General Biology, Botany, introduced the course, Plants People. She enjoys a variety of interests such as traveling, photography, garden ing, stained glass work, painting, wood carving, ice skating, skiing, swimming, golf, sailing. aerobic walking “The teaching environment has undergone changes over the years, from the fabulous 59’s. to the sensational 60’s, to the skittish 70’s, to the enlightened 80’s.” Mrs. Louise Keshlshlan began her secretarial career in Allen Park in August. 1960. She managed the payroll in the Board office on Wick Road until coming to APHS as secretary in the counseling dept. She has become a familiar face to students seeking counseling appointments, information on college scholarships, or transcripts. She has already traveled extensively throughout the world now plans to see the U.S. enjoy her Allen Park home. "I believe we have a super school system want my grandchildren to go here as my children did." Mrs Bonnie Yager was the first female administrator in Allen Park serving as assistant principal at APHS for 3 years principal of Lindemann Elementary School for 1 year. She was the director of special education for 2 years, and at the high school she acted as testing curriculum coordinator supervised discipline attendance for the 9th 11th grades. She leaves APHS to become principal of Anchor Bay High School. “It has been a pleasure to work at Allen Park High School. 1 will remember the students staff with fondness." FAREWELL Mr. Don Ellis started his varied career in Allen Park in February, 1952. He taught for 7 years at 'APHS North Jr. High. He was assistant principal at North for 2 years at South Jr. High for 2 years. He wets principal of North for 13 years South for 5 years. He helped design the South building helped plan the change from junior highs to middle schools. He his wife plan to retire to their home in Torch Lake, Ml. “The most productive enjoyable years for me were during the growth building phase of the Allen Park system." Mr. Bert Tyson came to APHS in Spe-tember. 1960. after a distinguished career in the U.S. Navy as a full Commanding Officer. He taught World Geography. U.S. History, Government, English, and has been the sole Money Manage ment teacher since 1972. He has sponsored the Booster Club, coached Powder Puff. handled all teacher activity funds. He plans to divide his time between Big Rapids. MI and Florida. “We have fine students, caring parents, and terrific people as co-workers. Allen Park is a great place to work.” Mr. Joseph Wieckiewicz started his maintenance career in Allen Park in December, 1960. He began as a bus driver at South Jr High then served as building engineer at Sudman Elementary School for 9 years. Bennie Elementary School for 3 years. ended his career at APHS. "Mr. Joe" was always a friendly helpful person to students staff. He plans to travel enjoy his Allen Park home of 34 years. “Education is the number one priority in a school. Kids are our future leaders. Schools are a very important part of this community." Dedicaton 221A Abela. Malmda 111. 176 Abela, Matthew 176 Adam. Rhonda 155 Adcock. Launc 176 Albanese. Jeffrey 71. 92. 127. 176. 201 Alban cm:. Joseph 15. 71. 155. 162. 206 Allen. Brandy Alien. Lisa 14 Alley. James Anderson. Kelly 176. 213 Andrzyczak. Joseph 176 Amol, Marc 14. 29. 33. 35. 46. 49. 91. 92 Antol, Shawn 167 Armelagos. Nick 14. 18. 43. 46. 47. 53. 200. 211 Armstrong. Jeremy 176. 188 Armstrong. William 84. 120. 155. 202 Ash. Lisa 176 Ash. Michele 14. 83 Asmus. Michele 167 Avery. Kelly 114. 155. 176. 215 Ayrhari. Deanna 77. 167, 173 B Baber. Michael 14. 18. 29. 32 Bader. Laurie 147, 176 Badwi. Samar 73. 155. 159 Bagdasarian. Krista 176 Baier. Enc 103. 155. 187. 190 Baier. Patrick 105. 187. 206 Bailey. James Bailey. Jean me 167 Baker. Cindy Baker. Robert-176 Balagna. Dean Balagna. Michael 776 Ballheim. Beth 14 Balogh. Denk 91. 99. 167 BaUerim. Amy 5. 14. 21. 29. 32. 43. 46. 47. 55. 56. 84. 85. 192 Banasiak, Sherry 167 Bardallis, David 176 Bargamian. Paul 110. 133, 755. 211. 215 Battistelli. Paul 122. 137. 176. 180. 188 Beals. Amy 34. 97 Beals. Paul 14. 20. 29. 46. 47. 49. 56. 91 Bearden. David 176 Bearss. Pamela 176 Beaton. Shawn Beauvais. Suzanne 29. 155 Beckes. Bradley Beggs. Anthony 14. 18 Beggs. Cassandra 755 Belknap. Jeffery 137. 176 Belknap. Jennifer 131, 167, 215 Belknap. Scott 4. 7. 14. 126. 201. 208 Bell. Wendy Bellas. Leanne 32. 92. 99. 100. 166. 767. 189 Bellenir. Michael Belteky. Kimberly 92. 755. 159. 162. 191 Bigelow. Christine 755. 162 Btghardi. Matthew 2. 14. 31. 54. 99 Btllett. Ron 14. 141. 204 Binert. Nanette 33. 86. 87. 97. 100 Btrotcak, Troy 176 Bjork. Jennifer 11. 114. 115. 145. 767. 215 Bioink. Jacquelyn 14 BkMnk. Jennifer 767 Bosk. Todd 767 Board. Mary 776 Bobrocky. Scott 767. 173 Bobrocky. Sue 755 Bodnar. Charles 14 Bodnar. Jukanne 767 Bodnar. Patricia 213 Bokatzian. Erica 175. 776. 215 Bollman. Laura 146. 147. 767. 213 '’ Bopneau. Patti y Bono, Michael 139. 767. 208 Bono. Vanessa 776 Boomer. Dennis 122, 176 Botborian. Patrice 767 Boned. Kenyon 767 Borowski. Christine 14. 17. 20. 30. 47. 92 Bosh David 767 Boufford. Lynn 115. 776. 215 Boufford. Robert 755 Braun. Eric 4. 14. 17. 24. 29. 30. 32. 46. 47. 49. 55. 91. 92. 97. 111. 204. 215 Brayman. Carolyn 14. 17. 20. 21. 26. 29. 56. 55. 92. 112. 142. 210 Breda. Danny 755 Patrick 14. 16. 43. 57 Briganti. L sa 14. 57. 59 88. 89. 92. 116. 192 Briganti. V,ck, 34. 776. 177. 1 179 Brisbois. Julianna 767 Brohman. Matthew 14. 108. 190 Brohman. Susan in7 Brown. Gayle 7r 7 Bruce. Robert lo7. 186 Brusoe. Jeffrey Bryan, Bobbie 767, 191 Budrick. Karen 13. 14. 192 Burgess. Andrea 7 76 Burgess, Jeffrey 75 Burgess. Steven 767 Hurgus. April 776 Burkett, Stephen 166 Burnett, Donald 776 Burt. Diane 41. 66. 86. 87. 142. 155. 157. 162. 210 Burt. Rebecca 776 Burt. William 776 Buttson. Christian 168 c Cafego. Anthony 755 Cafego. Thomas 755 Calleja. Christine 165. 168 Camillen. Michelle 176 Campbell. Gregg 1)46. 209 Capellan, Thomas Carbonaro. Jennifer 7 77 j Cardenas. 10. 36. 92. 114. 115. 177. 180. 215 Carimi. Gmo Carr. James 768. 186 Carroll. Susan 7. 75. 21. 29. 46. 47. 54. 192 Cernia. Donald 168 ChahJ. Karla 155 Check. Gerald 777 Check. Harold Childress. Camille 157 Childress. Eric 191 Chippewa. Marcel 7 77 Choma. Ann 168 Christensen. Larry 79. 186 Christy. Michele 31. 177. 213 Chuby. Cheryl 755 Chuby. Lisa 75 Chuey. Coker 10. 45. 69. 153. 755. 162. 191 Chuey. David 75. 53 Chuey. Thomas 777 Cialkowski. Joseph 768 Cisxcwjki. Gregory 755 Demons. Lisa 755 Clemons. Rhomona 75 Dick. Jeffrey Cloke. Robert 75. 20. 26. 61. 83 Cochill. Julie Coffman. Heather 92. 768. 189 Coffman. Paul 12. 14. 75. 33. 37. 54 . 55. 97 Coker. Melissa 755. 191 Coleman. Michelle 768 Conroy. Brian 186 Cooke. Lori 75. 52 Crame. Daniel 137. 777 Crame. Michael 755 Cremeans. Maria 777 Crowley. Dan Crowley. Denny Crupi. Maria 7 77 Cummings. Angela 75 Cummings. Noelle 777 Cundy. Christoph 168 Curtis. Kristen 168 Czajka. Marc 755 D DHondt. Tracey 41. 92. 112. 128. 129. 142. 153. 156. 160. 210. 212 Dalaney. Tracy 777 Daley. Scott 75. 53 Danko. Deanna 75. 21. 33. 192 Daubresse. Lynn 72. 155. 756. 191 Davanzo. Kenneth 75 Davidson. John 75 Davis. Cindy Davis. Lora 756. 157, 191. 210 Davis. Rosemarie 756 Dawson. Christine 15. 29. 41. 92. 100. 104. 142 154. 156. 191. 210 Dawson. Michael 15. 17, 26. 42. 47. 49. 55. 92. 133. 206. 2:: Dedr to-,, Timothy 92. 122. 137. 777 Dedalian. Arsho 97. 168. 173 Dellapenna. Joseph 68. 85. 111. 756. 208 Dellapenna. Thomas 177, 187. 208. 215 Denton. Janice 76. 36. 42. 47. 56. 92. 112 Deshelter. Roger 4. 29. 41. 97. 104. 133. 756. 160. 206. 211 Dicesare. Richard 168 Dickson. Brian 121. 135. 167, 186. 202. 209 Dirolf. Edward 7 77. 179. 187 Discher. Kristina 168 Dixon. Lon 7 77 Dmytrusz. Steven 153. 756 Dombe. Kristy Domine. Brigette 158. 168. 189 Donaldson. Andre 76. 17. 33. 57. 61. 86. 97. 192 Donaldson. Sherd 10. 69. 97. 756, Domgusn Michael 73. 92. 97. 120. 165. 768. 202. 206 Dorofrio. Michael 756 Doran Susan 41. 97. 103. 149 756. 1S7 Doty. Scott 155. 162. 768 Dove. Bobbi 777 Dnscoll. James 35. 756 Drooillard. Roxanne 76. 54. 57. 76. 97 Drummond. Michael Drysdaie. Christine 97. 756 Drysdale. Rita Duchene. Susan 142, 768, 210 Duck . Elizabeth Duclo. Lisa Duck). Lori Dunn. Jeanne Dutton. Steven 5. 12. 76. 24. 29. 32. 46. 47. 49. 54. 56. 91. 206 Cutton. Wayne 777. 183. 188. 208 Duvall. Lynn 76 Dyer. Michael 168 Dztekan. Lisa 92. 128. 166. 168. 212 E Earley. James 768 Earley. Jeffrey 768 Eggerr. Thomas 110, 756. 215 Eichbauer, Steven 121. 164. 768. 190. 202. 209 Eilers. Roger 756 Endtcott. Steven 164. 768 208 Enlund. Deanna 777 Ennis. Francis 119. 155. 200. 206 Enoch. Matthew 111, 15b. 187 Esau. Douglas 77 Esau. Tammy Esper. Carol 777 Esper. Timothy 777 Evans. Jennifer 768 E Falkey. Bradley 137. 777. 179 Falkey. Krista 47. 756. 162 Farley. Charles Farley II. James 756 Fafreli. James 777 Fairer. Robert 777 Fcher. Catherine 178 Feher. Deborah 92. 176. 178 Fehcr. Jeanne 756. 191 Fehrman. David 168 Fehrman. Karri 76. 86. 99 Feiioo Anna 67 Felix. Joel 168 Ferencz. Douglas 187 Ferguson. Amy 178 Ferguson. Cynthia 178 Ferguson. Samuel Fesko. T mothy 83. 108. 190 Firek. Jan 8. 76. 17. 33. 37. 42. 55. 86. 92. 104. 105. 119. 200, 206 Fischer. Heather 76. 55. 59. 88 Fischer. Heidi 168 Fischer. Jennifer 768 Fischer. John 76. 56. 190 Fisher. Cynthia Fisher, Mary 43 Fix Tnna 156, 191, 213 Flange. Joseph 170 Flannery. Gregory Flores. Chris 76 Flynn. Kedy 164. 170 Flynn, Kevin 76 Fortner. William 178 Fought, Frederick Fowler. Nora 92. 178. 215 Francis. John 2. 13. 76. 20. 21. 23. 26 29. 32. 42. 47. 49. 55. 86 87. 92. 97. 110. 119. 133, 200. 211. 215 Franklin. Robert 76 Frasier. Jan Fuciarelt. Lisa 178 Fudge. Tammle 82. 778 G Games. Carolyn 76. 39. 46. 192 Gaines Rob 76. 56. 206 Galindo Annmarie Gallagher Patrick Galloro. David 13. 76. 20. 42. 49. 54. 79. 83 Gallow. Gma 175. 778 Garcia. Jennifer 146. 178, 213 Garcia. Miguel 170, 186 Gardner. Eddie 756 Gardner. Philip 778 Gasorski. Joseph 170 Gavnles. Chris 188. 208 Gawend . Kintbarly 756. 162 Gearhart. Kristine 9. 114. 115, 778. 215 Gearhart. Michael 76. 49. 57 Geb. Danielle 170 Gegaj. Violet 170 Gcorgic. Robert 11. 756 Gergel. Richard GeTgcly. Sandra 170 Gibson. Alan 76 Gibson. Michael 778 Giertz. Kristen 756. 159 Gillis. Jennifer 170 Gillum. Jason 178 Girard. Richard Girrbach, Jeffrey 778 Goch, Michael Gonzalez. Lorenzo Graham Thomas 170, 191. 206 Granata Phillip 175, 178 Green. Andrew 135. 170, 186. 187. 209 Greenwood. Kep 170 Gregoire. Jennifer 170 Matthew 178 Gregory. Steven 76 Griffin William 76. 18 81. 206 Grtpp. Dawn 156 Groh Theresa 156 Grove Shelly 76. 52. 53 Gruenwald. Douglas 77 Gruley. Roseann 45. 97. 756 Grundman. John 178. 201 Grzyb. Dawn 45. 49. 85. 153. 156 Gualtieri, Teresa 756 Guess. Steven 120. 121. 202, 206 H Hadvina. Michael 12. 77. 26. 42. 47. 49. 59. 86. 87. 92. 97. 104, 206. 211 Hagedom. Amy Hagen. Chris 127. 756. 201 Hale. Joseph Hall. JiU 77 Hammock. Wendell 170 Hammond. Jeffery 178 Hamk. James 170. 178 Harak, Laura Hanner, Billy Hanoian. Foaenvirie 7 70 Harrington. Arm, 178. 213 Harrington, Lon Harris. Stacsy 39. 70. 162. 170. 191 Harvteux. Collette 756 Hawes. Jerry 77. 186 Haworth. Michael 12. 16. 17. 55. 73. 92. 103. 109, 190 Haws, Michael Hawthorne. Richard Hayden. Arthur 756. 160 Haves. Heather 756 Heath. Kimberly 778. 215 Hebert. Lori 178 Hegedus. Shelly Henderson. Mark 29. 757 191, 206 Henneberry. Colleen 756 Hernandez II. Tony 16. 77. 52. 53. 54. 187, 206 Herrando, Rhonda 178 Herrmann, William 126, 7 70. 201 Hicks. Sandra 77. 192 Higginson. Thom,as 7 79 Htggison, Daniel 779 H . Dwight 170. 186. 187 Hill. Paul 179. 188 Hillman. Christ op 770 Hionis. Denise 779 Hodges. Michele 7 79 Hoey. Lance 135. 209 Hoffman, Joseph 77 Hogg. Jennifer 75. 756 Holton. Michael 779 Hoskins. Eric 77 Howard. Knsten 116, 779 Howard. Sean 77. 21. 23. 29. 38. 56. 72. 141. 204 Hoxey. Robert 77. 52. 53 Hupman. Andrea 779 Hurnevich. Heather 779 Hutchison. Kimberly 77. 83 Hutson. Pamela 11. 83, 115. 145. 170. 215 I Ice. Lisa Ide. Scott 7 79. 183 J Jackson. Robert 99 Janson. Heather 77. 55. 192 Jaroslawski. Jennifer 18. 75 Jaskowski. John 34. 103. 104, 135. 170. 209 Jeffers. Timothy 770 Jenkins. Larry 175, 179, 190 Jewell. William 779 Johns. Christie 78, 192 Johns. Robert 770 Johnson. Dawnmarie 41. 151. 756 Johnson. Derek 179. 190 Johnson. Kathleen 37, 92. 113, 165. 166. 170. 210 Johnson. Lori 92. 7 79 Johnston. Alan 135. 209 Jozsa. Bethann 92. 99. 100. 150. 770. 189 Jozsa, Kevin 756. 159, 190 JurJ. loan 770. 186 K Kaczmar. Joseph 7 70, 204 Kalvans, Katherine 6, 14. 78. 20. 43. 49. 54. 82. 84. 85. 103, 128. 192. 212 Kalvans. Timothy 39. 107. 122. 179, 188 Karmnski, Connie 78 K.voub. Jeffrey 85. 92. 156. 160 Kastl. Kimberly 770 Karona Kimberly 99. 779 Kazan,ian. Tania 37. 69. 83. 97. 151. 170. 173. 213 Kehagtaras. Andrew 26. 29. 41, 92. 97. 100. 154. 155. 158. 159. 190 Kendall. Rachel Kent. Kelly 7 70. 213 Kerns. Timothy 779 Ketzenberg. i Brent 155. 758, 211 Kiernan. h. i 104. 158. 162 206 Kimbler. Mana W. IDO, 58. 160. King. Bryan 7 70 K ng. Jerry 7 79 K -ig. Kevin 7 79. 186. 187 King. Thomas 770 King. Tom 7 79 Kirkpatrick, Kari 18. 47. 55. 192 Kiss. Donald 164. 770. 190 Kleinow. Veronica 179. 183 Khcko. Lisa Khmek. Mark 770 Khmek, Thomas 99, 780 Klmkman. Thomas 170 Kkmowski. Mark 170 Knas. Kathryn 6. 78, 49. 56, 84. 85. 89. 92. 99 Knechtges. Kathleen 78 Knight. Kimberly 97. 158 Knox. Adam 29. 141. 170. 204 Knox. Robert 180, 183. 188 Kobylarz. Derek 155. 758 Kohler. Julie 18 Koller. Lisa 170 Koller. Michael 7 70 Konkel. Scott 78. 92 Konkel, Susan 26. 83. 110. 145. 170. 173 Korody. Denise 175. 780. 183 Kostdlo. John 92. 103. 111. 139, 171, 187. 208. 215 Koths. Allen 18. 53. 59. 85. 104. 105. 206 Koths. Holly 171 Kowalewski, Pamela 777 Kozlo. Matthew 777 Koziowski. Kirk Kramer. Hennke Kremko. Linda Kriksciun. Jessica 116, 158 Kropp. Susan 179. 180 Kruse. Scott Krztsnik, David 78. 43. 45. 49. 53. 55. 59. 85. 88 Kultn. Edward 67 Kulln, Karen 78 Kuschel. Kevin 78 L La Framboise. Beniamin 10, 26. 92. 122. 176. 180. 183. 208 La Framboise. Peter 777 La Palm. Bruce 158 Laatx. Erik 36. 92. 107, 179. 180. 183 Labrecque. David 92. 97. 165. 173, 186. 209 Lafferty, Amanda Lafferty. Elizabeth 78. 99. 157 Lafferty. Linda 191 Laforce, Lcnnis 141. 204 Lakatos. Gregory 780 Lakatos. Robert 153. 157. 758. 160. 162 Lambroff. John 188 Lange, Jason 180 Lamewtcz. Lori 171, 213 LaPointe, Romuald 83. 139, 158. 160. 208 Late be. Victoria 758. 191 Lareau Maureen 29. 85. 92. 92. 97. 100. 153. 154. 157, 158. 162. 191 Law. Kevin 18 Laxuka. Thomas 110. 122, 780. 215 Laxuka. Tonya 167, 777 Leeper. Jeffrey 758, 187, 206 222 Index aLeFaive. Joey 78 Lentlni. Urrv 18. 45. 85. 99 Lentim. Pier a 171 Letoumeau. Aim«c 180. 215 Letoumeau. Eric 104. 158, 206 Letoumeau. Frederick 16. 18. 23. 52. 53. 57. 59. 76. 104. 206 Leverton John 91. 99. 135. 167.171. 186. 209 Lewi . James 85. 158. 204 Lezotte. Troy 159 Lhiv . felly 158 Lieber. Andrew 92. 122. 137. 176. 180. 183 Lind rich. Robert 108. 158. 159. 190 Litner. Lria Iff 21. 29. 46. 47. 54. 192 Locfcftart. Lori j 8 LoeraJ Margarita 18, 21. 192 Loera. Maita 69. 171 Loera. Rafael 180. 188 loftu». Thomas 180 Lorenz. Kelly 17. 18. 30. 54. 55. 97. 192 Lost . Todd 171 Love. Gerald 180 Louny, Susan 18. 47 Lowt. Virginia 180 Ludwig. Delphia 18. 191 Ludwig. Mary 758 Lyles. Brian 180. 183. 188 M Mac Dougall. Jason 180 Mac Rae. Claudette 92. 113. 158 Mac Rae Heather 92. 176. 180. 215 Mackmnon. Roberta 4. 18. 23, 24. 30. 43. 47. 54. 55. 56. 84. 85. 86. 87. 89. 92. 99. 192 Madison, Denise 79. 21 Magnan, Teresa 41. 158. 159. 162 Mahalak, Frank 79 Malarkey. Debra Malarkay. Michelle Mangiapane. Russell 2. 12. 19. 26. 31. 33. 37. 38. 46. 92. 133. 211 Mann. Karen 7. 14. 79. 21. 46. 192 Mann. Kathleen 18. 79. 21. 47. 192 Marbrey. Cynthia 29. 165. 777. 189 Marbrey. Suzanne 159, 191. 213 Marchtonda. Elena 38, 91, 146, 153. 158. 162. 191. 213 Markey. Rebecca 79. 57. 59. 88. 89. 192 Marriott. Meredith 19. 46. 52 Martin. Amy 180 Martin. Curtis 180 Martin. Kimberly 180 Martin. Michael 19 Martin. Thomas 127, 180, 204 Martin, Timothy 29, 45. 127. 141. 158. 201, 204 Martinez. Joseph 137 Martinez. Raquel 92. 166. 167, 170, 7 77. 212 Matelic. Scott 180 Mathes, Brian Mathes. Jeffrey 61 Matte.. Todd 23. 41. 77. 155. 758. 160. 162. 202 Maxson. Robert 79 Mayer, Deborah Mayher. Shelly 41. 153. 158. 162. 212 Mazur, David 79 Me Carrcn. Christine Me Carrcn, Michael Me Call and, Kayte 180 Me Gay. John 41. 758 160 Me Comb, Christine 79 Me Coy. Michael 92 Me Dcrmott. Richard 180 Me Donald. Matthew 15, 18, 79. 21. 26. 29. 41. 42. 47. 54. 92. 97. 206. 211 Me Gonagle. Michele 26. 97. 100. 113. 142. 758. 162. 210 Me Kelvey. Michelle 79. 45. 55. 91. 208 Me Kibben. Steven 3. 79. 204 Me Kinnon. Stacie 180 Me Laughlin. Shea 67 Me Leod. Laura 20. 32. 56. 69 Me Lcod. : isa 20. 29. 192 Me Lcod Roderick 170. 777. Me Mahan. Stephanie Me Mahan. Timothy 777 Me Menemy. Thomas Me Mullen. Susan 758 Me Phcrson. Amanda Mena. John 758 Meehan, Shireen 153, 758 Meggison. Jesse 180 Mehlhose. Dale 155. 758 Mele, Giacomo Menzer. David 72. 777. 186 Merltno. Gina 180 Mtchae. John 180. 787 Mifsud. Jason 139. 777. 206. 209 Mifsud. Melanie 100. 146. 147. 787. 213. 215 Miller. Edd Miller. John 75 Miller. Kimberly 20 Millner. Kurt Milton. Stephanie 171 Miner. Emily 97. 777. 208 Mtnghme. Chris 209 Minuz. David Mitchell. Wendy 92. 787 Mohammed. Toma 3. 4. 20. 37. 46 Mollett. Lisa 20 Momtsios, Thomas 181 Monroe. Kathy 29. 777 Moon. Daniel Moon. David 45. 126. 201 Mooradtan, Laurl 37. 146. 171, 213 Moore. Bnan 170, 171 Moore. Michael 7 77 Moore. Thomas Morns. Dianne 758 Moss. Mary 20 Moulding, Deborah 20. 55 Mount, Milissa 20. 21. 59. 68. 92 Mrla, Michael 99 Mucha. Thomas 3. 18. 20. 43. 46. 53. 82. 88. 92. 208 Mucha. Timothy 41. 82. 119. 139, 758. 160. 200. 208 Mukri. Donyal 20. 23. 86. 87. 100. 149 Mullins. Donald 72. 759 Mullins, Paul 92. 787 Musulm, Lynn 150, 189 Myers. Eric 137, 180. 787. 188 N Nadeau III, Tyms 777 Nadzam, Lisa 92. 150. 165. 171. 189 Nappo. Melissa 165, 171. 213 Nation. MaryBeth 787 Navoy. Jeffrey 29. 92. 157, 759. 200. 211 Neal. Shelley Netdeffer. Andrew 787 Neideffer, Audra 777 Newton. Cheryl 20 Nickerson, Kristi 99, 777 Notes. Robert 20 Norvell. Una 759 Nothnagel. Christoph 137, 787 Nowak. Geraldine 787 o O'Connor. Kevin 777 O'Connor. Patrick 787 O'Dell. Uoyd 31. 74. 164. 777. -190 O'Donnell. James 20. 37 O'Donnell, icott 110. 137, 787, 215 Oddo. Marlene 73 Ogen, Jason 188 Oleynik. John 759. 206 Oleynik. Scott 179. 787 Oliver. Jeff Opoiskl. Stacee Orban. Deborah 129. 759. 212 Orsette, Tammy 787 Osborne. Cathleen 787 P Paavo. Jeffrey 777 Pace. Annemarie 20, 29. 43. 55. 57. 84. 85. 89. 116. 159 Pace. Jennifer 116. Page. Paul 759 Papalas. Stephen 6. 12. 16. 20. 21. 23. 24. 43. 46. 47. 49. 86. 88. 92. 97. 110, 215 Paps. Russell 83. 153. 159 Parker Scott 759 Parker. Todd 787 Parson Ronald 777 Paulson Robert 111. 208. 215 Payne. Kunberely Perez. Christina 787 Peso. Cary 135. 164. 777. 187. 190 209 Petrangel. Gina 45. 787 Petr angel. Robert 759 Petrosian. Vartan 85 Phillips. Michael Pkkefl. Stacy 99. 165. 777 Picklo. Mark 31. 85. 141. 777. 204 Pteram. Natalie 150. 787 Pipkin. Mark 759 Pipkin. Paul 137. 787 Plzzo. Josephine 165, 777 Ptzzo. Marianne 6. 13. 20. 39. 43. 49. 79. 84. 85. 91. 192 Plague. Kimberly 20 Pochron, Stanley 777 Podczervinski, Leonard 787 Polhamus, Elizabeth Polly. Jack 787. 186 Pomeraning. Dawn 20 Pomeraning. Michael 777 Pomeraning, Thomas 172 Potter. Cheryl 20. 22. 76. 210 Pouliot, Jeffrey 34. 85. 110, 133. 153. 155. 157. 159. 160. 211. 215 Powell. Dawn 2. 20 Powell. Laura 787 Premia), Abas 137. 787, 201 Presnell. Elyse Price. Cheryse 759. 191 Pnsby. Craig 92. 107. 126. 181. 188. 201 Proffitt. Susan 787 Puckett. William 172 Pursley. Roger 201 k Dawn 4. 165. 172. 215 Q Quenneville, Todd 172 Quillen. Meredith 97. 99. 145. 172. 173 Quozicntc, Alphonso 172 Quoztente, John 20. 49. 53 R Race. Natalie 172 Rahtz. Timothy 759 Ramirez. Christoph 186 Ramon. Rudy 104. 105, 206 Ranilovtch. Anthony 32 Rankin. Edward 135. 164. 167. 172. 186. 202. 209 Ransom. Leah 7, 172 Reuser. Patti Ann 16. 21. 33. . 86. 97. 148, 192 Reasner. Kelly 172 Rebel. Shelly 29. 129. 759. 210. 212 tedden. Todd 41. 759 teddig, Rachel 787 Eeddmann. Michael 759 leedy. Karen 787 Reedy. Thomas 107. 137. 787. 188 Renaud. Leslie 7 72 Reyes. Felipe Richards, Christoph 18. 21, 46. 47. HI. 208. 215 Richards. Jeri 97, 113. 153, 155. 159. 160 Richardson. Kasandra 15, 21, 26. .38. 86. 99. 192. 210 Richardson. Ronald 787 Purvis. I Riggs. William 21. 46. 47. 53. 84. 85. 97. 110. 141. 204. 215 Righettmi. Elizabeth 787 Rigsby, Dawn 787 Riutta. Aame 172. 190 Roberts. Dana 26. 173. 182. 215 Roberts. Mark 53 Roberts. Todd Roc co. Richard Rose. Stacey 153. 159. 191 Rosen George 5. 111. 159. 187. 208. 213. 215 Ross. Jeffery 21. 61 Ross. Thomas 103. HI. 119. 155. 759. 200. 208. 215 Rot ay. Chris Roulo. Jeffery 21. 49. 52 53. 111. 187 Route. Kari 172. 215 Roy. Christine s Sadler. Brenda 21 Saif. Ibtisam Saif. Insam Sammut. Diane 56. 72. 82 Sanders. Kurt f 82 Sanders, Michael Sandhu, Paul 172. 186 Sandhu. Sharon 182 Sanscrainte. James 159. 182. 208 Sanscrainte. Jeffrey 202 Sargent. James 204 Sarkett. Shelly 97. 100. 157, 159, 213 Savona. Donald 172. 186 Savona. John A 104. 182. 188 Savona. John F 21. 42. 49. 52 53 Savona. Linda 759 Savona. Nancy Sawyer. Thomas 29. 97. 104, 119. 133. 759. 162. 202. 206. 211 Scarrow. Jeffrey 172 Sc halier, Steven 182 Schallhorn. Jennie 21. 49. 57 Scheer. Julie 97. 172. 208 Schertzer. Jill 759 Schettini. Angelo 182. 188 Schiavulli, Kristina 172 Schiavulli. Rachel 182. 213 Schmidt. Eric 215 Schmidt. Robert HO. 759. 162. 215 Schmidt. Susan 32. 38. 75. 759. 160. 191 Schmitt. Mara 182. 213 Schmitt. Toni 21. 43. 61 Scholl. Gayle 21. 26. 47. 49. 55. 86. 87. 100 Schramm. Cecilia 182 Schramm. Dennis 759 Schuyler. Saul 127, 177. 182. 201 Schwartz. Karl 92. 759. 162. 206 Sclabassl. Robert 21. 92 Sclabassi. Ronald 86. 87. 759 Sclater. Michael 21. 29. 47. 49. 53. 79. 92. 97. 206. 211 Scott. Darcy 182 Scott. Noel Scott. Todd 172 Scotta. Kimberly 37. 759 Scotta. Michelle 97. 149. 172 Seman. Douglas 172 Sendek. David 182 Sendek. Kristine 6. 21. 84. 85 Seven. Cary 186. 201 Shamus. Victoria 113. 146. 147, 172. 213 Sheppard. Stephanie 782. 215 Shevchik. Dawn 22. 54. 55. 61 Shevchlk. Jason 772 Shlnkle. David 139. 172. 173. 208 Stmonutti. Michael 160 Sinnott. Lory 36. 153. 160 Sinnott. Rachel Skelton. Michael 20. 85. 92. 155. 160. 162 Sktarczyk. Stacey 782. 183 Slate. Richard 41. 43. 119. 133. 200. 206. 211 Steven, David 782 Steven. James 160 Steven. Kenneth 22. 99 Small. Andrew 160. 187. 208 Smith. Janelle 782 Smith. Jill 22. 49. 61 sm th Pamela 22 Smith Randall 782 Sm th Stephen 22 Smth Will tarn 159. 160. 190 Soboiewskl. Dean 173 Songer Scott 99 153, 160 Sova. Barry 21. 22. 61 Spagnol, Alan 173 Spark. Brenda 173. 189 Sparks. Pamela 22 Speckman. Stack Splan. Thomas 83 Staber, Carolyn 173 Stacey. Scott 17. 20. 21, 22. 23. 26. 47. 49. 51. 52. 54. 55. 86. 87. 92. 119. 200 Stamper. Aaron 173. 186 Stamper. Elizabeth 60, 92, 159. Stanley, Kimberly 7 73 Staron, N«col« 180 782 Stephenson. D«v.d Stephenson. Rodney Stephenson. Vanessa 173. 215 Stevens. Dawn 180 182 Stoker. Brigitte 16. 162. 213 Stoker. Rache 45 91. 782 Strasser, Jeremy 182 Stump. Christine 173 S! .:g hrrite ia 782. 215 173 183 Surma. Kenneth 22 Surma. Sharon g Suveges. Dave 1 Suveges. Steve 22 Swift. Louis 183 Szczepanek. Annette Szewczyk. .lame 183 Szostek. Jill 146 183, 213 T Matthew 107, Talbott. Debra 22 Tamas III. John 175. 183 Taylor. Jennifer 22. 47 Taylor. Perry 159. 160 M Taylor. Thomai . Teems. Allen 16. 21 Teets. Barbara 115. 145, 783. 215 Tertzag, Kra.g 139. 167. 173. 186. 208 Tessmer. Jennifer Tilln an Frank 183 Tteot. Mark 22. 53. 55 Tomtch Peter Tonus. Christina 173 Tonus I aura 22. 46. 47. 99. 192 Totrok. Michael 783 Torok. Rachel 41 Torok. Scott 183 Torres. B.btena 773 Tosh, Leslie 41. 91. 92. 100. 148. 153 154. 160. Toth Can 41. 160 Toth. Paul 160 Toth. William 29 Tralnor. Kurt 34. 120, 121. 153. 160. 202 Traster David 41. 155, 7 60. 206 W W 1 Trepkowskl. 160. 16JL Trombley. Chnsloph 109. 126. 165. 173. 201 Tuca. Craig Tufts. David 173 Tyler. Jeffrey u Uhring, Andrew 783 Ureste. Dawn 34. 38. 153. 160. 191 Usher. Dena 99. 173 V Vadasy. Angela 92. 129. 161. 191. 212 9 “ SVKI Hi, 13.1, i, David 34. IS Valmt. Terrence 177. 183 ValWy. Quinn 170. 773 Vallely. Stephen 170. 183 Van Hovel. Cheryl 783 Vandenbergh. Virginia 161 Vaughn. Sharti 783 Vennebush. Tracy 11. 31. 115, 167. 773. 210. 215 Vticlla. Nicholas 767 Villareal. Jerry 11. 29. 104 767. 206 Villelte. Gina 11. 31. 92. 173 Vinecourt. Bruce 773 Voss. Anne 183. 213. 215 Vratny. Abcia 22. 91 Vratny. Mark 157. 767 Vratny. Scott 783 w Waddell. Renee 159. 767. 191 Wagner. Richard 22 Walker. Lynda 2'. 22. 29. 47. 54. 55. 192 Wallace. Elizabeth 179. 783 Wallace. Marcie 31. 112, 142. 167. 173. 210. 212 Wallace Tracey 22. 46. 47. 92 Walter. John 22 Walz Karen 23 Ward. Lor 22. 103. 128 142 210 212 ren. John 17. 18. 21 23. 49. 55. 92. 97. 141. 204 Kn 183 Watters Ofc l 7 73 Watters Patrick 139. 767. 208 W.pster. Kenneth 157. 773 Wecteweki. Jeff 186 Wiisnttler. Timothy 20. 23. 30. 42, 63. 54. 55. 83. 92 Wetes. Michael 23. 43 Weil mg, 183 Wendler James 183. 187. 188 Wenzel, Kathryn 23 47. 72 Wenzel. Stacey 783 White. Susan 783 White. Tammy Whitehead W:iUam 773 Whitlow, Susan 767. 191 Wilburn. Adam 773 Wilburn. Paul 23, 55 Willim. Ronald 161 Wilson. Calvin 83. 208 Wilson. Denise 173. 215 Wilton. Kimberly 23 Winkler. Sharon 159. 767 Wiseman Ronald 23 Wojdyla. Stephen Woles. Lyte 13. 20. 21. 23 46. Wong. Tommy'7 73 [ Won savage. Donna 2. 23. Ijfe svage. Douglas food. Craig 35. 99. 164. 773 Woods. Patnna 1 3 Wysong. Nell 23. 192 Y Yeager. Courtney 783 Yurchri Debra 23 2 Za|ac. Lawrence 157 Zgyerka I aszlo 23 Ziegler. David 29. 108. 157 161. 190. 208 Zuchetto, Cory 183 Zurowick. Jessica 97. 133. 767 162- 7 Zurowick Pamela 773. 215 7 . Index 223THANK YOU This year’s Imprint staff would like to thank the many people who contributed to the making of Imprint ’86. The entire staff deserves credit for the many hours of hard work they put forth. Mr. Robert Powell, our adviser, deserves special thanks for his patience and understanding throughout the year. We appreciate the 224 Thank You help of Mr. Bob Berschback, our rep from Jostens Printing Co., and the photographic assistance from Craine-Williams Studio. Sophomore Mark Picklo deserves praise for his photos throughout the book and on the cover. Many hours of hard work and determination were spent on Imprint ’86. As the new marquee tells of future events, this book recounts past events. We hope that we captured the spirit and excitement of APHS in pictures and prose. We hope that we achieved our goal of binding these special high school memories into a book you can treasure and enjoy always.I

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