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THIS IS THE YEAR This is the year at Allen Park High School that was filled with frolic and study, laughter and tears. We invite you to find the people ... administrators, teachers, and students that made every incredible instant unforgettable. IMPRINT 85 ALLEN PARK HIGH SCHOOL 18401 CHAMPAIGN, ALLEN PARK, MI 48101Seniors, the spark plugs of the school impatiently wait with anticipation for the grand finale. The dreams and visions of graduation that once danced in their heads have now become a reality. Graduation will bring the cheers of accomplishment, the tears of desolation, and the fears of destiny. The seniors will go in style leaving the tingling memories of old tradition and the best times of their lives behind. The glowing future only holds new zeal, pleasure, and flavor for these dynamic kids. 1. Rich Wuerker. 2. Oh what a ham you are Lisa Corvaia. 3. Chris Baier. 4. Smile pretty Liz Petro-sian. 5. Are you ready to throw down Jeff Mifsud? 6. Dave Pagac punches a chemistry problem into his calculator. 7. Bill Tadian shows his true colors. 2 PROLOGUE4 2 PROLOGUE 3THIS IS SIZZLIN' Exhausted by the monotony of everyday life, students ebulliently await to paint the town red. The sizzling night life engulfs its participants in whirling activities generated by fiery spontane- ity and energy. Its intoxicating side effects tingle and sparkle the audience. The enchanting memories and mystical moments shared at Allen Park High School are worth a million. 1. Newly crowned queen, Paula Gent, reaches out to hug some close friends as Brian Matusik and Renee Enoch look on. 2. Jenny Jaguar clowns around with Tina Depaoli, Beth Rosza, and Jean Huddleston. 3. Paul Coffman bites into first place. 4. The green and white warriors are Nilson Karimata, Paul Cichon. Johnny Bruinsma, and Bill Tadian. 5. Beth Stamper and Michelle McGonagle remember the rockin' 50's. 6. What is this Boys? The hoods ganging up on the nurd? No, it's just Johnny Bruinsma. Bill Tadian, and Bob Daronco fooling around. 4 ProloguePrologue 5THIS IS BRILLIANT Teachers, the brilliant wonders seem to make a student's life so difficult as they tend to their everyday educational needs. They provide the wisdom and knowledge that are prerequisites for every student's future. The gray haired professionals offer opportunities for success. They perform their teaching techniques and display their academic excellence. Allen Park's ageless instructors have dedicated decades of service to help mold our futures. 1. Mrs. M. Smiles (or the Camera. 2. Ma DesJardins pops a bubble. 3. Matt Eggert, George Kar-petroff, and Roger Lindeman listen intently. 4. Miss Buschmann counsels Eddie Craine. 5. Mr. Durfee lectures his autos class. 6. Isn't it a bit nippy to be skiing in your shorts Mr. Powell and Mr. Seasock? 6 PrologueTHIS IS EXPLOSIVE Among the glory of cheers and confetti, a sports fan can watch Allen Park break records, win honors, work as a team, and demonstrate good sportsmanship. Every team from basketball to volleyball meets its miserable foes on the court to create a breathtaking challenge. The endurance, accelerating competition, and explosive talent has thrilled, dazzled, captivated, and entertained spectators every season, all year round. 1. Jenny Jaguar. 2. Tork on that ball Juli Chides-ter. 3. Brian Dickson hustles alter the ball. 4. Christy D'Hondt and Lydia Yeghiazarian guard their players. 5. Denise Wilson cheers with all her might. 6. Donyal Mukn. 7. Dave Grafton zeroes in for the kill. 8. The football team makes another winning play. 9. Eric Holewinski makes a splash. 10. Gerry Mussio drives baseline. 8 ProloguePrologue 98 7 THIS IS ELECTRIC Underclassmen, an electrifying group of individuals joined together to build a unit fused by enthusiasm and bonded by relationships. Their bubbly, dizzy, amusing, and innocent personalities make this all-star line up a main attraction. Feeling small but standing tall, they survive life's everyday rat race. They seem to be content traveling the road to progress and climbing the ladder to the top. Among all the people and places we've passed along the way, you spark our imaginations the most. We couldn't make it without you. 1. Milissa Mount. 2. Jennifer Belknap and Dave Moon paitently wait in the lunch line. 3. Sophomores and class float “Cookie Monster . 4. Footloose Freshmen cheer for Grover . 5. Steve Papalas roots for the winning team-Allen Park. 6. Painting sparks Scott Parker's imagination. 7. Jubilant Juniors root for their float. 8. Cheryse Price and Jill Schertzer take a rest. 9. Think hard Kelly Lorenz. 10 ProloguePrologue 11THIS IS 1985 12 Seniors 1. What war did you win Sue Rebel? 2. A bunch of Senior hams. 3. Denise Jozsa and Sarah Walz. 4. Robyn Conruck and Beth Hammond mix up a magic potion. 5. Senior class cheers for the real wmner-Oscar. 6. Jim McClay helps Craig Rafail. 7. Kent Warren. Tom Bottorff. and Matt Louria play mechanic. 8. Rich Sclater.Seniors 13CLASS OF 1985 Christopher Baier Aaron Bates Keith Beals Louis Bigliardi Melissa Bjork Steven Bobrocky Marlene Bodnar Renee Bolam Jeffrey Bero Kirk Bickford H. W. Bufton Steven Burdick John Burnham Andrea Casaccia Inez Cernia Susan Chappell Juli Chidester Debbie Chymiak Paul Cichon Karen Clay Mark Clemons Thomas Clinton 14 SeniorsCarol Crimmins Gary Crupi Robert Daronco Tina DePaoli Lisa DeShantz Christina D’Hondt Sherry Conroy Lisa Corvaia Edward Craine Edward Cremeans Mark Dimitroff Patricia Dombe Gregory Donigian Matthew Eggert Renee Enoch Robert Felix Daniel Garcia Leanne Gasorski Drita Gega) Paula Gent Brian Gibbs Jeffrey Goulasarian Seniors 15David Grafton Edna Green Jeff Green Renee Greenwood Beth Hammond Gary Hegedus Sherrill Hensley Teri Higgison Andrew Hill Joseph Hinkle Eric Holewinski Cynthia Herrmann Sue Howell Andrea Hutson Aaron Johnson Deniece Jozsa Ken Jozsa Lisa Kaczmar Nilson Kanmata Lorianne Kirschweng Brian Kilmek Patrick Knight Chad Konefe Renee Koukoudian Joanne Kovacs Kelly Krust Christine LaBrecque Gerry Lafferty Tim Lareau Mark LavineSENIORS 1. Margaret Madison and Leanne Gasorski say, “umm !” 2. Ed Cremeans in a deep moment of thought. 3. Tommy McGinn yells out the orders for the preparation of the Homecoming float. 4. Joanne Kovacs and Kevin Fox make a marvelous pass in the Orange Passing Contest. 5. Lynn Nagy working in the student shop. 6. Aaron Bates daydreams during class while Charles Bridges crams, by: Joanne Kovacs 2SENIORS 18 Seniors 1. The Kings Palace. 2. Deb Roberts and Bill Tadian showing their excitement after spirit week. 3. Hal Nagel strutting his stuff. 4. Gary Hegedus genus at work. 5. Matt Murlick. shows Tom Mukri hot it's done.John Lewis Roger Lindeman Amy Lobb Matthew Louria Margaret Madison David Maheras Denise Maheras James McClay Kevin McJunkin Steven Mangiapane Darrin McCosky Michelle Menzer Brian Matusik Cathy Martin Kelly Mason Keith Mathis Sherrill Mooradlan Thomas Mukri Christopher Murphy Gerald Mussio Lori Musulin Lynette Nadzam Seniors 19Henry Nagel Joanne Oliver Scott Pearce Kevin Nagy Michelle Orlando Lynn Nagy David Pagac Mary Nelson Suzanne Pando Lisa Pejuan Julie Pesci Elizabeth Petrosian Robert Parrett Steven Pfeiffer Pam Pietz Jon Pipkin Kenneth Pitchford Stacey Reasoner Susan Rebel Craig Rafail Jennifer Rankin Darrell Ray Betty Rosen Beth Rosza Deborah Roberts Derrick Ray Usama Saif 20 SeniorsPAGEPAGESENIORS Sarah Walz Jeff Werner May Washko Patricia Whitehead Carolyn Wido Lori Winkler James Wojdyla James Wooten Lydia Yeghiazarian Melanie Zantop John Ziegler7 24 Activities 6 THIS IS DAZZLING 8 1. Show me some call David Maheras and Dave Grafton. 2. King Gregory and escort Lisa Litner can't believe that he was crowned. 3. Seniors tug themselves to another victory. 4. Christy Labrec-que. Missy Bjork, Lynn Nadzam, Lisa McDonough, and Sue Howell jump for joy. 5. Bob Dar-onco and Lorianne Kirschweng join the festivities. 6. Juniors try hard. 7. Mary Lou Loera all dressed up for nostalgia day. 8. Lynda Walker adds the finishing touches.2 3HOURS BEFORE Preparation of the 1984-85 Homecoming started with long hours and long nights trying to produce the winning float. The classes followed the theme of Sesame Street characters. The Seniors built Oscar the Grouch, Juniors built Burt and Ernie, Sophomores built Cookie Monster, and Freshmen built Grover. 10 9 1. Debbie Moulding making pomps. 2. Renee KouKoudian cutting 3. Lisa Corvaia drilling holes to attach the skirts. 4. Tim Martin putting last minute touches on Cookie Monster. 5. Kevin Fox fixes up Oscar before he makes his debut. 6. H.W. Bufton, Diane Schweikert, fix the grass on Oscars trailer. 7. Laura Tonus smiles as she works. 8. Jim Driscoll working hard to get the job done. 9. Seniors Amy Lobb, Fred Szuch. and Bill Tadiam, just kidding around. 10. Leannc Bellas. Lisa Dziekan, and Lisa Nadzam painting their car. 26 Homecoming PrepHomecoming Prep 273 4 5 1 Th« Juniors winning float Burt and Ernie 2. The Freshmen float Grover. 3 The Senior float Oscar the Grouch. 4. The Sophomore float Cookie Monster. 5. The A.P.H.S. Band float Big Bird. 28 Homecoming Parade FESTIVITIES After all the efforts made by the classes, the floats were unleashed to the public at the annual Homecoming Parade. The parade ran from Rose-dale Park to the high school track. There the floats were all judged by a panel of Kiwanis Club members and a panel of student council members from Crest wood. The winner was Burt and Ernie built by the class of 1986. It was announced before the kickoff at the football game. CONGRATULATION JUNIORS. • SUZANNE PANDO The 1984-85 Homecoming Queen and her court. 1. Lynn Nadzam 2. Renee Enoch 3. The Queen Paula Gent 4. Debbie Roberts 5. Kim Urbanowicz. Excitement was set when half time arrived on October 5th. The five girls in beautiful white dresses with green ribbions and bows. The girls were first around the track, then escorted to their place on the run-way, where Andy Hill read a brief summary of each of the girls. Then the moment everybody was waiting for. They announced the 1984-85 Queen. Paula Gent. Her court consisted of Renee Enoch, Lynn Nadzam. Debbie Roberts, and Kim Urbanowicz. Congratual-tions to Paula Gent, and the rest of the court. • SUZANNE PANDO SPIRIT SHINES The week where spirit shined the most at A.P.H.S. started January 28 and ended February 1. The weeks events started with Sweats Day and Volleyball game. First place went to Seniors. The second day was 50’s Day and the Bubble Gum Blowing. The Sophomores and Freshmen took first place in this event. Wednesday was Dress up Day and Pie Eating. The Seniors were awarded first. Thursday was Patriotic Day and Relay Race. Juniors took First. Friday was Green and White Day, and Tug-A-War, The Juniors took first in Green and White and Seniors took First in both Tug-A War classes. The Seniors took the Spirit Jug with 33 1 2 points, Juniors took second with 28, Sophomores took third with 19, and Freshmen took last with 16 1 2- • SUZANNE PANDO 1. Lisa Corvaia and Renee Enoch showing how proud they are. 2. Andy Kehagiaras and Laurie Sinnett trying to pass the orange. 3. Sue Rebel and Lisa Kaczmar laugh at their friends who are all dressed up for the 50’s day. 4. Pam Hutson and friend having fun at lunch. 5. Seniors cheer for their winning Tug-O-War team. 6. Sue Howell and Mo Lareau. 7. Thom Mukri eats the orange for the Seniors. 8. Seniors pass the orange. 9. Roberta McKinnon, Kim Knight, and Christy Drys-dale pose for the camera. 10. Juniors cheer about their first place. Spirit Week 31SPIRITS SHINE 32 Spirit Week 7 1) Lisa Corvaia raises jug in victory. 2) Karen Mann celebrates a Junior victory. 3) Jim Sargeant dresses up for Nostalgia Day. 4) Mr Machleid explains the rules. 5) Bill Tadian and Debbie Roberts show their spirit. 6) Karl Schwartz digs into the orange. 7) Mike Sclater and Paul Coffman tug to a victory. 8) Crowd shows their intensity. 9) Senior guys are unbeatable.DREAM On October 7 the 1984 Homecoming dance took place on a beautiful autumn night. This year’s dance theme was “I Can Dream About You.” This was an appropriate name because it was a dream-filled evening. The girls in their beautiful dresses and the guys in their suits gave the dance a certain elegance. Later on during the night the court, consisting of Queen Paula Gent, Renee Enoch, Lynn Nadzam, Debbie Roberts, Kim Urbanowitz and their escorts danced to the tune of “Just Between You and Me.” This seemed the perfect way to top off the end of an excellent Homecoming season. All of the hard work and preparation each class went through to produce a float paid off and every class had something of which to be proud.. Everyone sat back and enjoyed a very wonderful and memorable evening. 348 1. Bob Daronco. Tina Depaoli showing off their smiles for the photographer. 2. Jim Driscoll. Michele McGonagle. Kevin Kiernan. and Tracey D. Hondt, squeezing in tight for a group shot. 3. Dave and Jessica are a nice looking couple. 4. A crowd of Tim McMann, Steve Dutton, Jerry Hawes, Marc Aniol, Mike Baber, and Edna Green, get rowdy. 5. Kevin McJunkin and Jeff Bero. showing us who’s 1. 6. Gerry Stea. Nielson Karimata, Tim Lareau, and Ken To-malka are 4 handsome looking guys. 7. Tim McGonagle and Debbie Roberts Boogying down. 8. Terri Bertasio, Kathy Wenzel, and Lisa Litner, kick up their heels. 7 35SEA OF LOVE 36 The Winter Homecoming weekend festivities began at the basketball game against Melvindale during halftime with the crowning of the 1985 King. The five senior men elected to court along with their escorts were Greg Donigian and Lisa Litner, Kevin Fox and Lisa Dzeikan, Dave Grafton and Betty Rosen, John Stapleton and Paula Gent, Raney Vadasy and Tina Depaoli. Cheerleaders Deniece Josza, Dawn Miller, and Debbie Roberts crowned Greg Donigian the 1985 Winter Homecoming King. The following evening was of course the annual Spinster Dance sponsored by the girls swim team. This year’s theme was appropriately named “The Sea of Love” by Robert Plant and the Honeydrippers. Roberta MacKinnon 1. Dave Grafton and escort, Betty Rosen. 2. Kevin Fox and escort, Lisa Dzeikan. 3. King Greg Donigian and escort, Lisa Litner. 4. Randy Vadasy and escort, Tina Depaoli. 5. John Stapleton and escort, Paula Gent. 6. Rick Gawenda and Colleen Chewy enjoy a dance together. 7. Jeff Werner and date having a chat. 8. Jeff Bero and Leanne Bellas. Smile Jeff! 9. Matt McDonald gives Chris Dawson her flowers. 10. Diane Sammut, Steve Papalas, Katie Kalvans, Scott Stacey, and Kim Hutchison are a happy bunch. Winter HomecomingJR-SR TIE The annual powderpuff game was held on Monday, October 22. The game resulted in a tie with a score of 13 to 13. The senior team was led by team captains Renee Koukoudian, Lynn Nadzam, Mary Anne Nelson, Sue Pando, Chris Plummer, and Betty Rosen. Head coach was Bob Stites assisted by seniors Jeff Bero, Bob Daronco, and Gerry Stea. The Junior team was led by team captains Lisa Litner, Kelly Lorenz, Roberta MacKinnon, and Cheryl Potter. Head coach was Buddy Toungett assisted by seniors Gary Hegedus, Mike Mitchell, and Hal Nagel. MVP awards were given to Lisa Pejuan and Renee Koukoudian for the seniors, and Amy Balzerini and Deanna Danko for the juniors. The pep band and the cheerleaders were also an exciting highlight throughout the game. “KAREN ANN MANN“ 38 Powder Puff1) Jenny Rankin, coach Bob Stites, and Lisa McDonough. 2) Roberta MacKinnon hands off to Cheryl Potter. 3) Christie Labreque and Lisa Pe-juan. 4) Lisa Briganti gains a few yards for the Juniors 5) The senior cheerleaders show their stuff. 6) Roberta MacKinnon throws the pass. 7) Lisa Briganti. 8) The Junior defense stops the seniors. 9) Renee Enoch waits on the side lines. 10) The beautiful Junior cheerleaders. 11) Lisa McLeod, coach Buddy Tou-gett, and Nell Wysong. 12) Laura (La-La) Tonus moves in on Christie LaBreque. 13) Jenny Rankin runs the ball. 2 13 Powder Puff 39Junior Prom was held at St. George’s Grecian Center on March 2, 1985. A Buffet dinner was served at 7:00 p.m. and consisted of prime rib, ham, chicken, mostacioli, potatoes, vegatables, and chocolate mousse for dessert. Excellent music was provided by Chris O’Brien Productions and all 63 couples seemed to thoroughly enjoy themselves. The class chose Reo Speed-wagon’s “I Can’t Fight This Feeling” as their class song, burgundy and grey as class colors, and the red rose as flower. The class motto is: Whatever you dream for tomorrow, Whatever you hope to achieve. Remember nothing is out of your reach. If you only first believe. Junior Prom tickets were $40.00 a couple and each couple received a Junior Prom glass. •ROBERTA MACKINNON’ CLASS” 40 Junior Prom1. Sponsor. Mr. Haboian and his wife, sharing a dance. 2. Larry Lentini, fills up his glass at the punch fountain. 3. A large group of Juniors take time-out for a picture. 4 A good view of the Junior Prom couples dancing. 5. Chris Borowski getting down. 6. Rudy Ramon and Kathy Wenzel, are a happy couple. 7. Dawn Rhinehart and Heather Janson, hamming it up. 8. Rusty Mangiapane, Eric Braun and Steve Papalas. enjoying themselves. Junior Prom 41TURNABOUT Teacher turnabout day is an exciting switch from an ordinary school day. This is a day for the seniors to take over and teach the students or even become principal or vice principal. The seniors who participated in this activity volunteered to be a teacher for the day. In participating in this experience the students teaching see what it is like to be a teacher and find out that it’s not as easy as everyone thinks. Teacher turnabout was a success thanks to all the seniors helpful enough to participate. -KAREN ANN MANN- 3 2 1) Sue Pando as Mr. Ferguson. 2) Lou Bigliardi as Mr Haboian, 3) Debbie Roberts and Mary Anne Nelson as Mr. Picklo, 4) Kevin Fox as Miss Smith councils Milissa Mount, 5) Greg Doni-gian as Mr. Swiss. 42 Teacher Turnabout7 1) Tim Lareau as Mr. Machleid. 2) Robyn Connick as Mrs. Bartolameolli, 3) Edna Green and Bob Daronco as Mr. Bellas. 4) Sue O’Dell as Mr. Tews. 5) Marlene Bodnar and Chris Baier as Mrs. Schneidt, 6) Betty Rosen and Sherrill Hensley as Mr. Zelasko. 7) Keith Beals as Mr. Rafail. 8) Ed Craine as Mr. Barrick shows Steve Papaias how to work a computer. Teacher Turnabout 4344 This year the Allen Park Player’s Company put on Neil Simon’s “Barefoot In The Park”, directed and produced by Joseph Medrano, the assistant director was Coleen Chuey. The cast of “Barefoot In The Park” was: Kim Tosh as Corie Bratter; Dave Krzisnik as Paul Bratter; Rose Grue-ly as Mrs. Banks (Corie’s mother); James Alley as the Telephone Repairman; Coleen Chuey as the Delivery woman; and Dave Moon as Victor Velasco. The production was held on May 9-11 in the Bennie School gym. This year the Company broke even, with a larger audience than that of last year’s play “The Curious Savage”. 1) Kim Tosh unpacking her lingerie, 2) Colleen Chuey adds some finishing touches to her makeup, 3) Dave Moon applying his make-up, 4) Kim Tosh and Dave Krzisnik. 5) Kim Tosh and Rose Gruely. Spring Play1) Sherry Donaldson painting the scenery, 2) Kim Tosh. Rose Gruely, and Dave Krzis-nik, 3) Tim Martin making sure the lighting is just right. 4) Kim Tosh and Dave Krzis-nik, 5) Mr. Medrano taking notes on the play, 6) Dave Krzisnik and Rose Gruely. 7) John Ziegler works the lighting panel. Spring Play 4546 SURF’S UP Take me back to my little grass shack! Spring Break sprung upon us once again-Seniors migrated South where bikinis are tiny and crowds are massive to celebrate a rowdy Allen Park tradition. They swarmed out of classrooms forgetting teachers, books, and rules as they raced to the sun-soaked beaches. A large majority traveled to Daytona Beach in search of a party. Others spent eight sunsational days on the white Bahamian beaches. Far from the boring old Midwest, the restless sunseekers lounged on the beaches littered with tanned bodies, beach balls, and blankets. The smell of suntan oil and lotion drifted over the strip as the blistering sun beat down to tint the ivory bodies. Whether their destination was the Florida coastline or the exotic Bahamas, everyone returned safely with golden tans and tall tales. Spring Break will be remembered as a once in a lifetime, never-ever-come-again,-extra-special-experience. •Sue Rebel Spring Break 11. Andy Hill jumps off the dock for a dip. 2. Christy D’Hondt only has eyes for palm trees. 3. “Phone Home Christy La Brecque. 4. Anne Boufford, Inez Cernia. and Lorianne Kirschweng kindly ask the Bahamian officer the way to the beach. 5. Lisa McDonough preparing for the Daytona night-life. 6. Sue Pando, Lisa Corvaia. Renee Enoch and Debbie Roberts enjoying themselves at Dis-neyworld. 7. Denise Maheras floating around in the tropical water. 8. Sherrill Hensley and Betty Rosen posing with Pluto. 9. Mr. Haboian. 6 Spring Break 47“THE BEST OF TIMES” This was it. The moment many Seniors were waiting for- Senior Prom. All the girls were dressed in beautiful flowing gowns while the guys were dressed handsomely in coordinating tuxes. For most couples, the gala event started around 4 p.m. at the punch parties. Here, couples mingled with their classmates and anticipated the up-coming dance. Next, the couples went on their own way to the restaurants, some of which were: Pontchatrain Wine Cellars, Van Dyke Place, and Ye Olde Steakhouse. After the couples were done dining, it was time to head to the dance. As tradition has it, the Senior Prom was held at the Masonic Temple in the Crystal Ballroom. There, the couples swayed to the music played by George Opera. At the stroke of mid-night the couples once again parted to only catch up with each other at the hotel parties. The Westin and Pontchartrain Hotel provided many couples with a fun filled night. This night will live in the memory fo all who attended, for truly, it was “The Best of Times.” by: Joanne Kovacs 48I. Jeff Werner and Drita Ge-gaj flash a smile for the camera. 2. Jim McClay and date Vicki King get down. 3. Chris LaBreque and Marianne Nelson sway to the music. 4. Tommy McGinn and date Dawn Ureste in a romantic moment. 5. Chris Baier and date Lori Cooke. 6. Dave Grafton and Betty Rosen having a good time. 7. Chad Kon-efe and date Kathy Monroe looking dapper. 8. Sarah Walz witff date Sean Horne and Sue Chappell with date Joe DesRochers smile pretty. 9. Gerry Stea with date Claudette MacRae. 10. Lisa De-Shantz with date Jim Cook. II. Sue Salisbury with date Don Murray and Aaron Johnson with date Rebecca Mar-key were saying, “Get this picture over with!!’’ 49Class Colors Lavender White Class Song “The Best of Times” by Styx Class Flower Lavender Roses Class Motto If you can imagine it you can achieve it. If you dream it you can become it. 1. Randy Vadasy, Kevin Fox, and Jamie Shomock looking G.Q. 2. Senior Prom Cake. 3. Joanne Kovacs and date Jason Smith flash a smile. 4. Andy Hill with date Lisa Goike. 5. Tom Clinton with date Cristi Drysdale. 6. Eric Holewinski with date Stephanie Milton dancing to a slow song. 7. Lori Kirschweng and date Mike Harris looking anxious to go to the dance. 8 Mark Lavine talking with buddie Wild Bill Tadian. 9. Nilsan Karimata and date Sue Rebel are ready to party. 10. Kelly Krust with date Tim Mucha smiling pretty. 51BANQUET BASH The 1985 senior class held its senior banquet at the Knights of Columbus Hall on May 23. The numbered ticket cost was $5.00. The proceeds went toward the dinner which was chicken, kielbassa, mostac-cioli, vegatables, rolls, salad, and desserts. The beverages served were coffee, tea, and pop. After dinner the class officers announced the mock election winners. Some of the prizes included handcuffs for the class couple to always keep them together, and plastic bats and balls for the winners of best athletes. After the presentation of awards the class sponsor, Mr. George Donigian, announced some door prizes for a senior prom ’85 glass or class of ’85 t-shirt. A disc jockey was hired for this special occasion. Everybody danced to the music of Madonna, Prince, Phil Collins, Styx, and Billy Idol until 11:00 PM. Good class participation made the banquet a complete success. Thanks to Mr. Donigian for a superb job of handling the senior class and for making this last senior event a great success. Good luck and congratulations seniors. We finally made it! 4 1. back row: M. Bjork, A. Botifford, K. Warren, A. Lobb. front row: H. Staber. L Musulin, K. Bickford. B. Parrett, S. Howell. 2. Tom Bottoroff is up on Lou Bigliardi's shoulders spinning the ball. 3. Bob Parrett and and Michelle Menzer. 4. B. Rosen, D. Maheras, M. O’Brien. S. Hensley dancin’ away. 52 Senior Banquet54 WHAT A BLAST BEST BODY: Renee Enoch H.W. Bufton Senior Banquet MOST LIKELY TO SUCCEED: Steve Pfieffer Maureen O’Brien Thom Mukri NICEST EYES: Jeff Green Lisa Pejuan BEST STORYTELLER: Jenny Rankin Brian Matusik FRIENDLIEST: Betty Rosen Bill Tadian MOST POPULAR. Paula Gent Greg DonigianClass Flirt: Tina DePaoli and Bob Daronco. Most Talented: Liz Petrosian and Eric Bollman. Prettiest hair Tina DePaoli Darrel Ray Prettiest eyes Jeff Green Lisa Pejuan Friendliest Betty Rosen Bill Tadian Most Popular Paula Gent Greg Donigian Most Spirited Kelly Krust Andy Hill Best Storyteller Jenny Rankin Brian Matusik Class flirt Tina DePaoli Bob Daronco Class lover Becky Miller Brian Matusik Best Disposition Christine McClosky Dave Grafton Best body Renee Enoch H.W. Bufton Shyest Lynn Nagy Brian Gibbs Most Intelligent Sany Winkler Thom Mukri Best Dressed Renee Enoch, Lynn Nadzam Tim McGonagle Class couple Christine McClosky Gordon Laatz Best looking Paula Gent Greg Donigian Most Likely to succeed Maureen O’Brien Thom Mukri, Steve Pfeiffer Class clown Ann Boufford Martin Bowdell Best Athlete Lisa Corvaia Eric Bollman Most Talented Liz Petrosian Eric Bollman Nicest smile Lynn Nadzam Kevin Fox Most talkative Cindy Herrman John TabaczynskiSeniors Turn It On MOST TALKATIVE: Cindy Herrman John Tabaczynski NICEST SMILE: Lynn Nadzam Kevin Fox CLASS CLOWN: Ann Bouford Marlin Bowdell MOST SPIRITED: Kelly Krust Andy Hill CLASS COUPLE: Christine McCloskey Gordon Laatz BEST ATHLETE: Lisa Corvaia H.W. Bufton Senior BanquetNICEST HAIR: MOST INTELLIGENT: SHYEST: Tina DePaoli Sandy Winkler Brian Gibbs Darrell Ray Thom Mukri Photo shy, Lynn Nagy BEST DRESSED: BEST DISPOSITION: Tim McGonagle Christine McCloskey Renee Enoch, Lynn Nadzam Dave Grafton CLASS LOVER: Becky Miller Brian Matusik Senior Banquet 57GRAND FINALE 1985 Commencement Exercises were held at the Allen Park Municipal Auditorium on June 1 at 11:00 A.M. Speeches were given by Summa Cum Laude, Sandra Winkler, Magna Cum Laude Maureen O’Brien, and of course by Mayor, Frank Lada, Superintendent, Thomas Riutta, and Principal, Michael Ferguson. Graduation is a time of depression for many seniors but it is also a time to celebrate. Students look back at all the great times they’ve had at Allen Park High School and then look forward to the future. During the years, students said they could not wait until graduation day but when it came, they truly wished it had not. A special thanks to the o 1’ APHS for all the great memories. 58 Graduation1. David Maheras briskly walks by with an air of accomplishment. 2. School Board Vice-President Joseph Zelinske proudly presents Scott Pearce with his diploma. 3. David’s twin sister Denise Maheras also files by. 4. A crowd of graduates awaits the final moment. 5. Joanne Kovacs. Keith Mathis, and Lor-ianne Kirschweng in the prosessional. 6. Aaron Johnson listens intently. 7. Craig Rafail exclaims I MADE IT!” 8. Betty Rosen follows Fred Szuch. 9. Brian Matusik receives his diploma and a hand shake from School Board Trustee William Matakas. 10. Greg Donigian. Jeff Bero, Tim Lareau, and Tim McGonagle release a sigh of relief. 8 10 Graduation 596 1 Joanne Kovacs and Edna Green feeling a bit voluptuous before the Commencement Exercises. 2. Tina Depaoli. Bob Daronco, Jenny Rankin. an £ Jamie Shomock are glad it’s over. 4. Juli Chidester gets a hug from Mike Mitchell. 3. Brian Klimek, Christy D’Hondt. and Jim Wojdyla. 5. Congratulations! Leah Michael. 6. Lisa Corvaia. 7. City Hall billboard advertises its congratulations for the Class of 1985. 8. Renee Enoch, Tim Lareau, and Gerry Stea. 9. Mary Ann Nelson. Denise Jozsa, and Dave Pagac. WWUtbuj, ALLEN Park CLASS 0F BIS Graduation 61THIS IS TEACHING 62 Academic 1. Mr Habot n exclaims. ‘lt s better in the Bahamas' 2 Mr Piddo displays a mind boggling genetic puirlo 3. Mr Runnab and Gail Scholl weigh some Molybdenum on the analytical balance. 4 Mr. La-vine shows Greg Domgtan ubo the real computer wii is. 5. Mr. Kelly and Bob Daronco go over the latest defensive plays 6. Mr Seman shares his filing technique with Stew Eichbauer 7 Mr McKay enjoys ice cream sandwichAcademics 63People Behind The Scenes Joseph Berry Linda Brenneman Robert Bryan Bruce Haberkern Albert Lapshan Marlene L’Herault Debbie Lunceford Ruth Marshall William Matakas Patricia Mazglad Linda Shovak Joseph Zelinske The Board of Education plays a major role in the upkeep of our school system. The members are elected by the citizens of Allen Park to represent them. These members include Joseph Berry, President; Joseph Ze-linski, Vice-President; Bruce Haberkern, Treasurer; Linda Lock-wood Shovak, Secretary; and Albert Lapshan, William Matakas, and Robert Bryan; Trustees. They do many things that are crucial to our school. Curriculum changes, graduation requirements, and purchasing new textbooks are just a few. Then there are those who are involved daily with the student body. Leading A.P.H.S. is a difficult job, and is done by Mr. Michael Ferguson who is the Principal. Mr. Richard Machleid and Mrs. Bonnie Yager are the assistant principals and devote time to clubs and student activities. All three also do a very good job of keeping students in line and at the same time, make our high school one of the best in the world!!! ‘Kelly Splan 1. Mr Thomas Riutta. Superintendent. 2. Mr. Daniel Ross. Assistant Superintendent. 3. Mrs. Bonnie Yager. Assistant Principal, takes time out to smile for the camera 4 Mr Michael Ferguson. Principal of A.P.H.S.. 5. Smile. Mrs. Muszynski. you’re on candid camera. 6. Hard at work are secretaries Debra Lunceford. Ruth Marshall, and Marlene L’Herault. 7. Administrative secretary Patricia Mazglad. 8. Assistant Principal. Mr. Richard Machleid. 8 Administration 65® Today And Tomorrow Math and science may be two subjects that strike fear into the hearts of all students at A.P.H.S. but they are also the two that more students take every year-even after they are not required for graduation. The main objective is to instill and inkling of light into the understanding of these subjects. Some of the courses; such as Biology II, Chemistry II, Trigonometry and Calculus help to prepare students for futher education in College. Other courses like General and Business Math, Plants and People, and Earth Science help students to get through everyday situations. This year two of the department’s best and most well liked teachers are retiring, Mr. Thomas Runnals and Mr. Harvey Stallings. Math and Science will never be the same without either of them. As for the students of math and science, I wish you good luck. Remember one thing, if you apply yourself you’ll succeed. 'Betty Rosen' 2 Francis Babbage-Home ec. Ed Barrick-Computer Coordin- Sue Bartolameolli-AII basic arts Pat Battistelli-English and Biol- Ed Bellas-Social studies. Varsi-Nursing, Housing and Interior ator, Basic, Fortran, and Pascal classes, lettering, pottery ogy ty Football Coach Design, and School age Child. Classes. 66 Science SCIENCE AND MATH 8 1. Mr. Picklo and Senior Sheri Hensley transferring bacteria cultures. 2. Mr. Rafail explaining the basics of geometry. 3. Mr. Stallings taking one of his last walks down the halls of A.P.H.S. 4. Mr. Heller shows his spirit wearing his letter sweater. 5. Mr. Runnals demonstrates his memorable dust explosion. 6. Mrs. Yankowsky passes out rulers to Jeff Karoub. 7. Mr. Kovach checks through his stacks of many papers. 8. Mr. Petri takes time out to smile for the camera. Math 67 6 Do You Speak The Language? Q Ruth BuschmanCounsellng, George Carevich Woods 1 II Dorothy Ceccarelll-Learning Homer ColemanEnglish. Read George DonigianCounseling Carrer Planning Disability. Training Center ing and Writing 68 English Foreign LanguageThis is the year of change. Not only does fashion change, but also the fashion of language. In the 18th century the English language was spoken very properly and conservatively. Now, in the 80’s, the style is all its own. The popular valley girl talk took its toll on America, with the two most popular says being “Like fer sure” and “Totally”. Words were stressed in a certain way to make them stand out and people take notice. Soon after, a new style arouse, a unique way to express ones self. This new style was called Jive Talking. Meaningless sayings sprung up from one person and spread like wild fire throughout the population. Slang is used everywhere, even though it’s not always the best way to speak. Who knows what next year will bring us, or what sayings will die off and new ones will come to be? But what is known is that the devoted English teachers of APHS will always be consistent in their teaching ways and prove English spoken properly is the best way. These devoted teachers consist of: Mrs. Fer-ency, Mr. Powell. Mrs. Kempf, Dr. Coleman, Mr. Kopnick, Mr. Battistelli, Mr. Zelasko, and Mr. Tews. Along with the traditional English courses, students have an opportunity of Foreign Language electives. Mr. Medrano teaches Spanish I II, and Mrs. Trapani teaches French I II. Although APHS doesn’t teach how to talk with the change of times, they do teach the basic skills to communicate properly. by ‘Sherrill Hensley 1. Mr. Powell Prowl” enjoys a leisure lunch. 2. Mrs. Cecceralli explains an exercise to the class. 3. Mr. Kopnick helps Shari Winkler do her English assignment. 4. Doc Coleman and Yvonne Fettermen. 5. Mrs. Kempf. 6. Mrs. Trapani dictating to her French class. 7. Mrs. Ferency hams it up for the camera. English Foreign Language 69Leroy Durfee- Autos, Related Trades. Vocational Arts Bette Ferency • Reading, Writ- Ed Frosheiser • Physical Educa- John Goniea Typing, Business John Haboian - Business Law ing. National Honor Society tion, American History Law General Merchandising. Co-Op Sponsor 70 BusinessCOMPUTER BLUES Computers it is the fastest rising business in the world today. The curriculum at A.P.H.S. has kept up with the demand by adding such courses as computer programming in Basic, Fortran, Pascal, and Cobol languages. These classes range in difficulty; Basic being the easiest language and Fortran a bit more difficult. For the more business-minded student there is a class in Data Processing. Other, more traditional courses in business include Accounting I -VI, Typing I - IV, Shorthand, and Co-Op in Office and Retailing. Future classes in the department include Computer Accounting. These classes will help the students stay in motion with the ever-changing business world. •KELLY SPLAN 7 1. Paul Cichon listening intently in Computers. 2. Mrs. Keramidas giving Andy Kehagiaros a little Business advice. 3. Nell Wysong listening to what Mr. Lavine has to say. 4 Student Shop attendants are Tim Lareau, Paula Gent. Gary Hegedus. and Kim Urbanowicz. 5. Mr. Barrick instructing Lori Muslin and Renee Young about Computers. 6. Andy Hill staring blankly into space. What are you thinking about. Andy? 7. Christy Labrecque doing some important filing. 8. Mrs. Keramidas teaching Accounting. 9. Computer wiz, Mr. Barrick. teaching his class. Business 71 Social Studies Kenneth Heller • Physics, Richard Hershberger • Ameri- Trudy Jacquish College Robert Kelly • Sociology, Hu- Lorry Kempf Reading, Writ-Chemistry I, Physical Science, can History, Government. Anatomy, Botany man Relations, World History, ing Earth Science World Geography Athletic Director 72 Social StudiesThe Past Present And Future Students at A.P.H.S. can learn about a variety of different cultures, people, and events through the Social Studies department. Classes available include Sociology, Economics, Government, Michigan History, American History I and II, World History I and II. Human Relations, and Psychology. Many of these class credits are mandatory such as American History, World Geography, and the ever dreaded Government. Learning about the functions of the United States Government can make or break a Senior wanting to graduate. One can even study how the human mind works by taking Psychology and how to handle relationships with Human Relations. These interesting courses help students keep on top of the many different events going on in our world. •KELLY SPLAN 1. Mr. Donigian thinking about something. 2. Mr. Tyson smiling for the camera. 3. Chris Baier points out something for Mr. Bellas. 4. Mr. Tews daydreaming during class. 5. Teaching his class about fine art is Mr. Zelasko. 6. Mr. Bellas and Bob Daronco discussing things. 7. Mr. Hershberger teaching Government. 7 Jack Kopnick • Writing, Band Tony Kovach • Geometry. Al- George Lavine • Business. Co- Ray McKay - Physical Educa- Joe Medrano - Math, Spanish Director gebra I Op. Data Processing tion Social Studies 73The Arts Dale Petri-Calculus, Geometry, David Picklo-Bio. II, College Robert Powell-Imprint advisor, Gestin Rafail-Basic Computers. Thomas Runnais-Chemistry I and Tech Alg., Varsity Men Bio, and General Bio. Jaguar Journal Advisor. Eng- Geometry, and Tech. Geome- and II. Swimming Coach. lish. and Ski Club Sponsor. try. 74 Home EconomicsELECTIVES AT A.P.H.S. ® What are electives? Are they classes that students take just to fill their scheduals for a semester? Well not really. In this case these are courses that are taken to sharpen skills for use later in life. Some will help to get students into a trade school. Food classes may start someone on their way to becoming a world famous chef and sewing classes could wind up producing a popular fashion designer such as Gloria Vanderbelt or Vidal Sassoon, or it may wind up that he or she would become a seamstress. Although these classes may not be for everyone, they are available for everyone to choose if they so desire. These classes prepare the student to go on into a career that does not necessarily take a lot of training after high school. There are a lot of different electives out there, just take your choice- you decide. •BETTY ROSEN 1. Mr. Caravich explaining the finer points of woods to freshman Kevin King. 2. Mr. Seman explaining the rules of architecture. 3. Are you bored Erin Stamper? 4. Is Kevin Fox trying to help Sue Whitlow cook something or just spill it? 5. Hans Staber and Gerry Mussio in wood shop- make sure it’s smooth. Gerry. 6. What’s Cooking Chris Baier and Mike Haworth? 7. Jon Pipkin, Derek Ray. Kirk Bickford, and Craig Refail make sure everything is just perfect. 6 Industrial Arts 75GOTTA HAVE ART Robert Seman- Agnes Smith- Harvey Stallings- Barry Swiss- Pat Trapani- Matals I, Drafting Arch. 1 II Counseling. Physical Business Math, General Math Physical Education, Career French Education Planning 76 Arts AutosAll the world needs art, and APHS certainly has its share of culture. Along with those dreaded required courses are the electives which students take to enjoy themselves and learn new skills. People think these classes are a waste of time and not worth the effort, but that simply isn’t so. These classes are offered to broaden the scope of students background. Not only does APHS teach students to spell and figure math problems but they also teach students to use their creative talents. Many people don't know how to appreciate the beauty of art, but to the ones that take these electives, they learn to enjoy the rewards it has to offer. Valuable lessons are learned by the students who are the artists and the students who are the admirers. These creative Art electives include: Basic drawing, Basic color design, Pottery, Craft design. Water colors, Lettering posters, and Commercial arts. Another type of Art is industrial arts, where students learn the technical aspects of how intricate machines and engines work. They get hands on training with these engines. These electives are offered to develop in each student an insight and understanding of industry and its place in our culture. These types of electives offered to the students include: Autos I, II III, Vocational autos, Small engines and soon to be added to the curriculum Computer drafting. To sum this up “All you really need is Art”. by Sherrill Hensley 1. David Maheras works intently on an engine. 2. Paul Wilburn adds the final touches to his art project. 3. Mrs Bart demonstrates the fine art of pottery to Senior Patti Dombi. 4. Paul Coffman and John Davidson enjoying their auto class 5. Mrs. Bart watches over her class. 6. Eddie Gardner’s arson poster is shaping up. 7. Kevin Nagy putting his creativity to use. Arts Autos 77 THE GLUE Who are the secretaries, maintenance, cafeteria, and parprofessionals here at A.P.H.S.? Does anyone really know? They are the people who hold everything together and help to keep the sanity at our school. From up front in the office to back in the boiler room they have to be on their toes to make sure everything goes smoothly and without any hitches. To all of you, we the students just want to give you a well deserved thanks. We could never make it through these four years without someone to keep everything together. Betty Rosen Burt Tyson-American Geogra- Dolores Wilson-Learning Dis- Joan Yankowsky-Algebra II, Walter Zelasko-American Ge- Donald Zittleman-Autos I ar. phy, American History 1 and II, ability and Teacher Consultant. General Math, and Tech. Alg. ography. Psychology, World II. and Small Engines. 78 Money Management. II. History II. and English.OF THE SCHOOL 1. Smile pretty Mrs. Herriman. 2. Paraprofessionals smile for our camera. 3. Mrs. Kochevar with Seniors Sue Rebel and Kelly Splan. 4. So this is what you call work Mrs. Beres? 5. Joe working hard as usual. 6. How do you ever find anything Mrs. Muszynski? 7. Doesn’t that chicken look good? Maintenance-Paraprofessional 79NATIONAL HONOR SOCIETY The Allen Park National Honor Society is a combination of all kinds of people, all having a similar goal. They all wish to succeed academically, and every member has obtained that goal. To be a member of the National Honor Society one must maintain a 3.00 gpa and be in good standing at the school. One of the main projects of the NHS is its annual Christmas food drive. This year we were able to feed approximately 19 families. The biggest fund raiser of the year was the annual Easter Lily sale, which was also very successful. The induction of new members was held on May 2nd. This year’s members include: Seniors-Joanne Kovacs, Christine La-Breque, Christine McCloskey, Lynette Nadzam, Maureen O’Brien, Elizabeth Petrosian, Steven Pfeifer, Trena Smith, Sandra Winkler, Christina D’Hont, David Grafton, Aaron Johnson, Denise Josza, Kelly Krust, Gordon Laatz, Lisa Pejuan, Ken Pitch-ford, Sue Rebel, Debbie Roberts, Betty Rosen, and Susan Salisbury. Juniors were Sue Carroll, Janice Denton, Karri Fehrman, Jan Firek, John Francis, Kate Knas, Allen Koths, Kelly Lorenz, Thomas Mucha, Donyal Mukri, Steve Papalas, Kasandra Richardson, Kris Sendek, Lori Ward, John Warren, Tim Weismiller, and Paul Wilburn. •BETTY ROSEN 1. This year NHS officers It. to rt. Vice President Sue Rebel. Secretary Christy D’Hondt. Treasurer Elizabeth Petrosian and President Thom Mukri. 2. NHS Members: row 1 Aaron Johnson. Janice Denton. Carolyn Brayman. Donyal Mukri. Lisa Pejuan. Deniece Josza, Debbie Roberts. Lisa Cor-vaia. Christy LaBreque, Joanne Kovacs. Sue Rebel. Trena Smith. Row 2 Sue Salisbury, Steve Pfeiffer. Mike Hadvina, Kasandra Richardson. Betty Rosen. Maureen O'Brien, Dave Grafton. Kelly Krust. Lynn Nadzam, Tim Weismiller. Thom Mukri. Liz Petrosian. Kate Knas. and Kris Sendek. Row 3 Kelly Lorenz, John Warren, Steve Papalas, Eric Braun, Paul Wilburn, John Francis, Christy D’Hondt. Gordon Laatz. Ken Pitchford, Alan Koths. Sandy Winkler. Karri Fehrman. Tracey Wallace, and Jan Firek. 2 80 National Honor SocietyPRIDE COMMITTEE ® Pride Committee 81 •BETTY ROSEN 1. Pride Committee Sponsor Mr. Ferguson 2. Pride Committee Members It. to rt. Kneeling Jennifer Rankin. Sue Pando. Greg Doni-gian, H.W Bufton, Sue Carroll. Roberta MacKinnon. Eric Bollman, Joanne Kovacs, and Debbie Roberts. 2nd Row Elena Mar-chionda. Betty Rosen. Maureen O’Brien. Donyal Mukri, Kelly Lorenz, Renee Greenwood. Paul Cichon, Gary Hagedus. and Jeff Mifsud. 3rd row Susan Rebel, Tim Lareau, Bill Tadian. Randy Vadassy. Kathy Mann. Bob Daronco, Andy Hill, Kevin Fox, Tom Ford. Michael McCoy. Martin Bowdell, and Julie Chidester. The Pride Committee is part of the backbone at A.P.H.S. They help to instill “pride” in the students, faculty, parents, and even people who visit our school. The members hold fund raisers to help earn money to buy new plants for our school. Mr. Michael Ferguson is the man behind the Pride Committee and his assistant is Miss Debbie Roberts. The main objective of the Pride Committee again this year is to finish earning enough money to build the marque for the front of the school. One of the fund raisers held was the sale of Easter goodies. Such things as Easter bunnies, jelly beans, and candles were sold. Anyone can be a member, anyone from freshmen to seniors. Come on A.P.H.S. show some Pride, get involved!ALLEN CLUB 82 Allen Club The Allen Club is a group of students chosen to represent A.P.H.S. before the public and to perform services. The members are elected during the spring by the faculty based on their participation in school and their grade point average, which must be at least 3.0. The Allen Club sponsor is Mrs. Bonnie Yager, Assistant Principal. The officers are: President, Dave Grafton; Vice-President, Steve Pfeiffer; Secretary, Kelly Krust; and Treasurer, Christy Labrecque. The members include: Seniors Juli Chidester, Lisa Cor-vaia, Christy D’Hondt, Dave Grafton, Denise Jozsa, Joanne Kovacs, Kelly Krust, Gordon Laatz, Christy Labrecque, Jeff Mifsud, Lynn Nadzam, Maureen O’Brien, Lisa Pejuan, Steve Pfeiffer, Jenny Rankin, Sue Rebel, Debbie Roberts, Trena Smith, John Ta-baczynski, Lori Winkler, and Sandy Winkler. Junior members are: Marc Aniol, Chris Borowski, Mike Dawson, Jan Denton, Andrea Donaldson, Heather Fischer, John Francis, Dave Krzisnik, and Donyal Mukri. •KELLY SPLAN 1. Allen Club Officers: Christy Labrecque, Treasurer; Steve Pfeiffer, Vice-President; Kelly Krust. Secretary; Dave Grafton, President. 2. ROW 1: Maureen O’Brien. Dave Grafton, Debbie Roberts, Donyal Mukri, Lisa Pejuan, Trena Smith. Lynn Nadzam. ROW 2: Dave Krzisnik, Lisa Corvaia, Denise Jozsa, Marc Aniol, Jeff Mifsud. Steve Pfeiffer, Joanne Kovacs. Chris Borowski, Jan Denton. Jenny Rankin. Christy Labrecque. ROW 3: Sandy Winkler, Heather Fischer, Christy D’Hondt, Andrea Donaldson, John Francis, Mike Dawson, Kelly Krust. John Tabaczynski, Juli Chidester, Sue Rebel, Lori Winkler, Kim Tosh, Gordon Laatz.PEP CLUB The Pep Club is a group of students whose aim is to promote strong school spirit and to build better relationships with other schools. The club’s sponsor is Mr. Richard Tews. Anyone wishing to attend away games could do so with the help of the bus service provided by the Pep Club. Club officers include: President, Jenny Rankin; Vice-President, Sue Carroll; Secretary, Maureen Lareau; and Treasurer, Karen Mann. Members of the Pep Club include: Seniors Jeff Bero, Eric Bollman, Juli Chidester, Lisa Colucci, Bob Daronco, Tina Depoli, Greg Donigian, Kevin Fox, Jeff Green, Denise Jozsa, Joanne Kovacs, Kelly Krust, Becky Miller, Dawn Miller, Sue Pando, Jenny Rankin, Sue Rebel, Debbie Roberts, Diane Schwei-kert, and Randy Vadasy. Juniors are: Amy Balzerini, Eric Braun, Sue Carroll, Deanna Danko, Mike Had-vina, Mike Haworth, Jennifer Jaroslawski, Kate Knas, Margarita Loera, Kelly Lorenz, Karen Mann, Kathy Mann, Roberta MacKinnon, Donyal Mukri, Michelle Pope, Patti Rauser, Kasandra Richardson, Laura Tonus, and Tim Weismiller. Sophs include: Chris Dawson, Kim Knight, Maureen Lareau, Michelle McGonagle, Debbie Orban, Perry Taylor, and Dawn Ureste. Freshman members are: Leanne Bellas, Sue DuChene, Lisa Dziekan, Danielle Geb, Kathy Johnson, Bethanne Jozsa, MaryLou Loera, Emily Miner, Meredith Quillen, and Julie Scheer. •KELLY SPLAN Pep Club 83 1. Pep Club Officers: Jenny Rankin, Sue Carroll, Maureen Lareau, and Karen Mann. 2. Mr. Tews with Pep Club President Jenny Rankin. 3. ROW 1: Sue Pando, Debbie Roberts. Kelly Krust, Kate Knas. Patti Rauser, Joanne Kovacs. Jennifer Jaroslawski. Margarita Loera, Donyal Mukri, Sue Carroll, Amy Balzerini. ROW 2: Sue Rebel, Debbie Orban, MaryLou Loera. Meredith Quillen. Sue DuChene, Kim Knight. Kelly Lorenz. Michelle Pope. Roberta MacKinnon, Michelle McGonagle, Kathy Mann. ROW 3: Dawn Ureste. Mike Haworth, Julie Scheer. Emily Miner. Tina Depoli. Becky Miller, Jenny Rankin, Eric Bollman, Mike Hadvina, Tim Weismiller. Chris Dawson. ROW 4: Kevin Fox, Bethanne Jozsa. Leanne Bellas. Lisa Dziekan. Deanna Danko. Diane Schweikert. Lisa Colucci. Eric Braun, Karen Mann. Kasandra Richardson. Laura Tonus. Maureen Lareau. ROW 5: Greg Donigian, Matt Sanscrainte. Jeff Green. Jeff Bero. Bob Daronco. Roger Lindeman, Perry Taylor, Kathy Johnson, Danielle Geb. Mr Tews. ROW 6: Randy Vadasy. Juli Chidester. Dawn Miller, Denise Jozsa.® SKI CLUB 84 Ski Club1. Co sponsor Phill Scasock does a perfect daffy. 2. Ski patroller Robert Sclabassi does a spread eagle. 3. Karl Schwartz does a daffy. 4. Craig Wood side stepping up the hill. 5. Tom Sawyer takes the easy way down. 6. Steve Papalas losing it. 7. Sponsor Robert Powell with ski lodge behind him. 8. Laura Tonus, Sue Carroll, and Eric Braun enjoying dinner at Crystal Mountain. 9. Dave LaBrecque caught dressing. Ski Club 85 By ‘Sherrill Hensley After an absence of two years the ski club returned to the high school. The season began on a shaky note with very mild weather followed by a power failure at Pine Knob. Finally, in mid-January, weekly ski trips to Pine Knob began. A special all day trip took place on Monday, February 4th. With the middle school ski club joining the high school, a total of 90 Allen Park students swarmed over the hills at Pine Knob. The annual Crystal Mt. Ski Weekend saw 47 skiers enjoy 3 full days of skiing in the North country. Jeff Mifsud and Kasandra Richardson won the slalom race. Other highlights included a pizza party, a jumping contest, and chalet housing. An end of the season party was held on March 5th. Awards were presented and films and pictures of the ski season were shown. Everyone also enjoyed the refreshments provided by the PTA. After sponsoring the middle school ski club for 13 years, Mr. Robert Powell reincarnated the high school club. He was assisted by Mr. Phillip Sea-sock and Mrs. Roberta Sclabassi. High school ski patrollers for the season included: John Stapleton, Robert Sclabassi, Mike Hadvina, Steve Dutton, Laura Tonus, Kasandra Richardson, and Sue Car-roll. Total membership of the club was 80 students this year. As the season progressed, interest grew. Next year’s club is expected to be even larger and more active. THINK SNOWDRAMA CLUB What is entertainment? Entertainment means pancake makeup, chewed fingernails, sweaty palms, and applause from the audience. The members of the Drama Club strive for the excitement of this dramatic art. The club is sponsored by Mr. Joe Medrano. They put on the play “Barefoot in the Park” in the spring. The club hopes to strengthen their financial assets by selling beach towels and M M’s. Who knows? Maybe someone in this talented group will end up in Hollywood one day. Members include Seniors Aaron Bates, Aaron Johnson, and Kim Tosh, Juniors Dave Krzisnik, Michelle McKelvey, Cheryl Newton, and Paul Wilburn. Sophomores include: Colleen Chuey, Joe Dellapenna, Krista Falkey, Tom Graham, Rose Gruley, Dawn Grzyb, and Tim Martin. Freshmen members are: Jim Alley, Heidi Fischer, MaryLou Loera, and Adam Wilburn. •KELLY SPLAN- 1. Drama Club Officers: President. Kim Tosh; Vice-President. Dave Krzisnik; Treasurer. Rose Gruley; Secretary. Colleen Chuey. 2. ROW 1: Adam Wilburn. Cheryl Newton. Dawn Grzyb. MaryLou Loera. Heidi Fischer, Kim Tosh. Ruse Gruley. Joe Delapenna. ROW 2: Tim Martin, Paul Wilburn, Aaron Johnson. Jim Alley, Michelle McKelvey, Tom Graham, Krista Falkey, Colleen Chuey, Aaron Bates. Dave Krzisnik. 86 Drama ClubS.A.D.D. COMMITTEE A new and very important group has formed at A.P.H.S. this year. This group is known as S.A.D.D. For those who don’t already know, S.A.D.D. stands for Students Against Driving Drunk. The committee consists of Sue Pando, Andy Hill, Ed Craine and Debbie Roberts. There have been a number of guest speakers and activities this year, all intended to inform the students about their increasing responsibility towards the problem. The effort being put out by S.A.D.D. is paying off because students are now beginning to realize the dangers of drinking and driving. Remember: Friends don’t let friends drive drunk!! ‘Kelly Splan l 1. S.A.D.D. Committee members Ed Craine, Sue Pando. Officer Riviera. Debbie Roberts and Andy Hill. 2. Officer Riviera talking to the seniors about the dangers of drinking and driving. SADD Committee 87 THE BAND The 1984-85 marching band is one that will not soon be forgotten. The band begins their year long before the rest of the students at A.P.H.S. even want to think of returning to the rigors of school. Approximately one week before school officially gets started, every member-freshmen to seniors-take their last week of summer vacation and devote their time at their annual band camp, held at Storer YMCA camp. For at least five hours a day these devoted musicians and auxiliary squads work hard for perfection. Two hours in the morning and afternoon are spent out on the marching field refreshing the members of the band on how to march. On their return to school they spend Wednesday evenings out on the football field practicing for the Friday night football game. The band has approximately 85 members, including the flag corps. Throughout th6 year the band is involved in many activities other than just their outstanding performances in the pre-game and 3 88 Band half-time shows at every home football game. They also attend the auto show at Cobo Hall, perform in parades throughout the year, and have also had the honor of playing on the capitol steps in Lansing. Another honor that two of the members of our band received was the opportunity to play in the Eastern Michigan University Honors Band. Congratulations to Kate Knas and Tim Weis-miller. The band, under the charge of officers Kris Sendek (Pres.), Kelly Krust (V.P.), Kate Knas (Sec.), and Liz Petrosian (Treas.), and Lisa Pejuan Color Guard Captain had their annual decal and fruit fund raisers, and they also sold entertainment passbooks which was a new venture for the band. Mr. Jack Kopnick is the director. 'Betty Rosen' 4Band 89 1. Flag members Andrea Hutson and Lori Cooke. 2. Doug Seman toots his horn. 3. Mr. Jack Kopnick working just as hard as his students. 4. Senior Sue Salisbury keeps her line in Perfect order 5. Mr. Jack Kopnick leads the band to perfection. 6. Trumpet section John Savona, Carrie Gaines. Rebecca Markey, Ken Pitchford, and Tim Mucha. 7. John Philip Susa Award Winner Ms Kelly Krust. 8. Senior flag members Andrea Hutson and Captain Lisa Pejuan: Catch it ladies. 9. Freshmen flute section.JAGUAR JOURNAL The staff of the Jaguar Journal began the 1984-85 school year in high spirits. The returning journalists to the staff; Kelly Krust, Gordon Laatz, Dave Grafton, and Liz Petrozian moved into the editor positions and planned to improve the paper to first-rate status. Three new monthly columns were added; On the right, Sports Rap, and the K-team’s follow-up of “Because it’s like that ” The paper covered all the activities of the school from the Homecoming festivities to the Senior Wills. Stories were done on Student and Teachers of the month, clubs, sports events, and individual students. The staff was, once again, advised by Mr. Robert Powell, who provided the staff with much of his journalistic “know-how”, and fatherly advice. Although Mr. Powell struggled through the year with missing paper clips (and reporters) along with a highly static staff, he managed to survive the class. The Jaguar Journal is a first-rated school newspaper and is written, edited and published monthly by students of A.P.H.S. The four page publication consists of school news, controversial editorials, sports, and special features. •KELLY SPLAN Jaguar Journal JAGUAR JOURNAL If published moodily during tbe school year by tbe newspaper staff of Allen Part High School. 1S401 Champaign. Allen Park, Michigan 4 10L Opinion expressed In this newspaper are those of tbe author, not necessarily those of the school or Ita administration. News Editor ...........................................Kelly Kmst Editorial Editor Gordon Laatz Sports Editor David J 3. Grafton Feature Editor Liz Petrosian Advertising Editor Michael J. Mitchell News Reporters Kelly Krust. Chris Mcdaaky. Tom McGinn. Amy Belierlni, Sue Pando Editorial Writers Steve Pfeiffer. Sandy Winkler. Gordon Laatz, John Tabaczynskl Sports Writers David J.B. Grafton, Eric Bollman, Matt Eggert. Maureen O'Brien, Annemarte Pace Feature Writers .............Elizabeth Petrosian. Kris Sendek. KateKnaa Cartoonist................................... Paul WUburn Photographic Arts..................... Kenneth Pltcfcford Advisor .................................Mr. Robert Powell 90 Jaguar Journal1. J.J. photographer Ken Pitchford developing his pictures. 2. Introducing the 1984-85 Jaguar Journal staff: ROW 1: Gordon Laatz, Kelly Krust, Dave Grafton. Liz Petrosian ROW 2: Maureen O’Brien. Christine McClosky. Annemarie Pace. John Tabaczynski, Amy Belzerini. Kate Knas, Kris Sendek. ROW 3: Matt Eggert. Mike Mitchell. Sandy Winkler. Ken Pitchford. Tom McGinn. Sue Pando. Eric Bollman, Steve Pfeiffer. 3. Eric Bollman. Sue Pando. and Amy Balzerini discussing an issue of the J.J 4. Sandy Winkler. Annemarie Pace, Kris Sendek. and Kate Knas helping to create yet another creative issue of the Jaguar Journal. 5. The backbones of the staff: Editors Liz Petrosian. Kelly Krust. Dave Grafton. Gordon Laatz, and Mike Mitchell. Jaguar Journal 911984-85 IMPRINT 92 imprintby Sherrill Hensley 1. Editors Gerry Stea. Sue Pando, Editor in-Chief Sue Rebel. Editors Debbie Roberts and Ed Craine. 2. Jeff Green puts the final touches on his layout. 3. Advisor Robert Powell instructs the Imprint staff. 4. Jan Feirk and Janice Dentin working on their layouts while Kelly Splan picks pictures for her section. 5. The Imprint Staff hurrying to meet their deadlines. 6. The 1984-85 Imprint Staff from left to right: top-Jan Feirk. Karen Mann. John Francis. John Warren. Kelly Splan. Sherrill Hensley. Second row-Joanne Kovacs. Roberta MacKinnin, Janice Dentin. Maryanne Nelson. Betty Rosen. Jeff Green. Third row-Gerry Stea. Sue Pando, Sue Rebel. Debbie Roberts. Ed Craine, Nanette Binert. 7. Sherrill Hensley and Betty Rosen preparing layouts for their new assignments. Imprint 93 This is the year with a new Imprint Staff and advisor to make this yearbook the best ever. The 1984-85 yearbook, not only has a new theme but also a new advisor, Mr. Robert Powell. Three of last year’s members returned this year to become editors and to assist the inexperienced advisor. These returning staff members and positions are as follows: Sue Rebel-Editor-in Chief, Sue Pando-Sports and Activity Editor, and Debbie Roberts-Senior Editor. New staff members Ed Craine and Gerry Stea became the underclassmen Editor and Ads Editor, respectively. Along with the task of being Imprint advisor, Mr. Powell also took on the responsibility of becoming Academics Editor. At first, the yearbook got off to a slow and bumpy start. But with the help of our editors and advisor the pages started to fall into place. A competent staff helped to get the yearbook rolling. Problems arose once in awhile, but who said it was going to be an easy task; “Right Mr. Powell?” A yearbook is the best way to have a hands on record of the most important and exciting years of your life. With the help of the Allen Park Imprint Staff these records will be accurate and rewarding to have. Oh! sure after a week or so the students will get bored and the book will be put away in a closet or cedar chest. Only to be taken out again a few years later for friends to laugh and reminisce about the good times. A full account of the years activities are spread out on 216 pages of pictures and copy. Layouts to create, pictures to take and choose, copy to be written, and things to be labeled all done in order to meet that all important deadline. The staff works hard to create a yearbook that’s different and better from the last. For the Seniors, this book is to be cherished. Underclassmen will learn to appreciate this diary of Allen Park as their years at A.P. roll on. But to all. it’s needed, it’s called for, and it’s loved. The traditional yearbook will be kept up throughout the upcoming generations. But remember “This is the year.”® STUDENT COUNCIL: 1984-85 Student Council officers for 1984 85 school year are as follows: President-Andy Hill, Vice-President-Kelly Krust, Secretary-Lynn Nadzam, and Treasurer-Dave Grafton. Each year Student Council is a very important part of Allen Park. They promoted our traditional Homecoming Parade and Dance. The exciting and exhilarating Spirit Week comes alive by the help of Student Council. This is a greatly needed break from the monotony of every day school life. Winter court is also a part of their curriculum of the year. A new fund raiser that will be promoted by S.C. is the Saddie Hawkins Dance. Debates, arguments, and discussions are always a part of S.C. meetings, but in the end, things are decided and plans are made. Student Council is a good aspect of A.P.H.S. It’s our form of student government. Under the strong leadership of Mr. Machleid, students campaign for these high positions. Only the most supported and trusted will be elected to take office. With the final touches being added to our newly renovated school, S.C. donated the last amount of money needed to build A.P.H.S. a Marquis. This marker will be placed in front of the school to host all the events of each school week. This Marquis will give the school the lasting touches to make us stand out and be noticed. And the only way this was accomplished was by the help of Student Council. All in all S.C. contributes a lot to our lives at Allen Park. Thanks Student Council! You’ve done us proud! by Sherrill Hensley 1 Top row - left to right: Rommie LaPointe, Jason Mifsud, Tom McGinn, Kevin Fox, Bob Daronco, Jeff Green. Lisa Colucci. Jamie Shomock. Randy Vadasy. Becky Miller. Andy Hill. 2nd row: Lisa Nadzam. Kathy Johnson. Leanne Bellas, Christine Tonus. Heather Hayes. Bethann Josza, Denise Josza, Mary Anne Nelson, Jenny Rankin, Renee Enoch. John Francis. 3rd row: Dave LaBrecque. Tom Sawyer, Karl Schwartz. Jeff Navoy, Eric Braun, Mike Hadvina, Tracey Wallace, Jan Firek, John Warren. Kelly Krust. Christy LaBrecque. 4th row: Paul Bargamian. Lisa Dziekan, Roberta MacKinnon, Brent Ketzenberger, Claudette MacRae, Kim Beltecky, Sherril Mooradian, Thom Mukri, Ed Craine. 5th row: Tim Weismiller, Donyal Mukri. Carolyn Brayman, Sue Carroll. Katie Knas, Mo Lareau, Gary Hegedus. 6th row. Mr Boss” Machleid. Ron Sclabassi, Dave Grafton, Lisa Corvaia, Sue Rebel. Lynn Nadzam. Mike Dawson. 2. Student council officers: Andy Hill, president. 3. Kelly Krust, vice-president. 4. Lynn Nadzam. secretary. 5. Dave Grafton, treasurer. 6. Senior class officers: Tom McGinn, president. 7. Renee Enoch, vice-president. 8. Lisa Corvaia, treasurer. 9. Becky Miller, secretary. 94 Student Council® HONORS The 27th Annual Honors Convocation was held on May 1st, 1985 in the high school gymnasian. Students from every grade were honored for their excellent academic work on the MEAP test, ACT's. and in regular school work. Although people from every grade were in attendance, this day was more exciting to the graduating seniors. This evening marked the beginning of the end of four years of hard work and on this night were given credit for a job well done. Departmental awards were given to the top person or persons in a specific area of achievement. The awards are as follows: Elizabeth Petrosian and Gordon Laatz, English; David Grafton, Journalism and Social Studies; Sue Rebel, Imprint; Lori Winkler, Business; Maureen O’Brien and Sandy Winkler, Accounting; Lisa Kaczmar, Art; Steven Pfeiffer, Math and Physical Science; Thom Mukri, French; Christy D’Hondt, Biological Sciences; Robyn Con-nick, Homemaking; and Jeff Goulasarian, Industrial Arts. Other departmental awards are as follows, Lydia Yeghizarian and H.W. Bufton, Best Athletes; Susan Rebel and David Grafton, Athlete Scholar; and Christy D’Hondt and Thom Mukri, Heston Award. Summa Cum Laude for 1985 is Miss Sandra Winkler and Magna Cum Laude Miss Maureen O’Brien. Cum Laude (3.400g.p.a. and up) includes: Debbra Chymiak, Christy D’Hondt, David Grafton, Christine McClosky, Thom Mukri, Steven Pfeiffer, Susan Rebel, Christine Toth, Lori Winkler, and James Wojdyla. High Scholars (3.200 g.p.a. to 3.400) are: Sue Chappell, Lisa Kaczmar, Kelly Krust, Gordon Laatz, John Lewis Ken Pitchford, Betty Rosen, Usama Saif, Trena Smith, and Johr Tabaczynski. 'Betty Rosen’CONVOCATION 8 1. David Grafton receives one of his numerous awards from Robert Kelly. 2. Miss Sandra Winkler- Class of '85 Magna Cum Laude. 3. Miss Maureen O’Brien-Class of 85' Suma Cum Laude. 4. H.W. Bufton receives his award for Physical Education. 5. Thom Mukri- French. 6. Miss Christy D’Hondt and one of her many awards-Cum Laude. 7. Miss Sue Rebel receives her award for the Imprint. 8. Lisa Corvaia- Best Athlete. 9. Lisa Kaczmar-Art Award 9 Honors Convocation 97THIS IS TEAMWORK i- 98 Sports 1. HW Bufton leaps to sink 2. 2. Grapler David Maheras is ready for the take down. 3. Eric Holewinski is off to a good start. 4. Let’s dance Sue Whitlow and Teresa Magnan. 5. Denise Maheras stretches to pass the ball. 6. Tim McGonagle escaping the tackle as he runs to the goal line. 7. Mark Vratny runs to the finish line. 8. Annemarie Pace slices the ball. 9. Tracey D’Hondt in defensive stance. i“ JAGUARS — VARSITY AND J.V. CHEERLEADING The Varsity Cheerleaders for the season of 1984-1985 had a very good season. Seniors on the squad were Eric Bollman, Deniece Josza, Dawn Miller, and Debbie Roberts. Juniors on the squad were Terri Bertaiso, Amy Belzerini, Deanna Danko, Sue Carroll, Laura Tonus, Donyal Mukri and Milissa Mount. The squad had one Sophomore, Elena Marchionda. The unit was proud to place fourth at the Pontiac Silverdome’s Statewide Competition out of a field of 19 squads in Class B. The unit also placed second at the International Cheerleader Federation Competition. The squad also took another second at the United Cable Television Competition. The Varsity squad put in a lot of hard work this season. Every person made sacrifices, small or big to be able to cheer on the Jags. The past season was very rewarding for the squad, many friendships were made, and a lot of learning and maturing was enhanced. The Varsity squad was coached by Ms. Deb Gillman and Ms. Diane Rooney. The Junior Varsity squad had a nice year too. They all worked very hard on their cheers and stunts. Everyone on the squad is looking forward to another season, to be just like the fun one that they had in 84-85. The members of the J.V. Squad were Sue Doran, Sue Whitlow, Sue Marbrey, Theresa Magnan, Cindy Marbrey, Leslie Tosh, and Dawn 2 Ureste. The girls were also coached by Ms. D. Gillman and Donna Doran. Patti Ann Rauser was the Varsity Alternate and recipient of the “Most Improved Award”. Eric Bollman took the honors of being the “Most Valuable”. Dawn Mailer was given the 110% honors. Captains of the Varsity Squad were Debbie Roberts, Deniece Josza, and Dawn Miller, Captains of the J.V. Squad were Sue Doran and Sue Marbrey. “DEBBIE ROBERTS 100 Cheer leadingJAGUARS FROSH CHEERLEADING The 1984-85 Frosh Cheerleaders were Holly Koths, Heather Hague, Bethann Jozsa, Christina Tonus, Bridgette Domine, Lisa Nadzam, Leanne Bellas, and Lynn Musulin. The girls were coached by Deb Gillman. The young squad competed in a few competitions and performed very well. The girls received spirit awards often. Everyone had fun cheering on the Jags. •DEBBIE ROBERTS- 1. Bottom L-R: C. Tonus, B. Domine, L. Musuiin, L. Nadzam, L. Bellas. Middle: H Koths, B. Jozsa. Top: H. Hague. 2. The squad chanting at a football game. 3. More Cheers!! 4. More Chanting fun!!! Rah! Rah! Rah! 102 Frosh CheerteadingThe members of the 1984-85 Pom-Pon squad included Seniors - Sherril Mooradian, Sarah Walz. The unit has one Sophomore, Cheryse Price. The bulk of the squad was made up of Freshmen, Krista Bagdasarian, Sherri Banasiak, Mary-Lou Louria, Tanya Ka-zanjian, Gina Mertino, Emily Miner, Meliasa Nappo, Lauri Mooradian. The girls danced to music by Wham, Hall Oates and Prince. Their coach was Deb Gillman and their sponsor was Mrs. Vartanian. 1. The girls show their talents at half-time. 2. More Half-Time fun. 3. Gina Mertino, Sarah Walz. and Lauri Mooradian pose pretty. 4 The girls rush off at the end of a performance. 5. Sherril Mooradian 6. Another half-time routine. Pom-Pon 103JAGUARS GRIDDERS TAKE TITLE! This years varsity football team ended the season as Tri-River league champions with a league record of 6-1 and an overall record of 8-1. Coach Bellas attributed this years fine season to teamwork, a positive attitude, and a fine coaching staff. Players receiving honors this year were: Hal Nagel-MVP; Rich Garabedian- 110%; and Ken Tomalka- Most Improved. This years biggest thrill came with a 14-7 victory over Southgate Anderson to clinch the Tri-River Championship. Other players receiving honors this year include: Hal Nagel, Tim Lareau, and Bob Daronco- All-State Honorab-borable Mention; Ken Tomalka- All-Metro Honorable Mention; Kevin McJunkin- All-Metro West Honorable Mention; Rich Sclater- All-Suburban Honorable Mention; Dave Pa-gac, and Tim McGonagle-lst team All-Area; Jeff Bero, Rich Garabedian, Brian Matusik, and Thom Mukri- 2nd team All-Area; John Bruinsma, Marty Bowdell, Gary Hegedus, and Dave Szajner- All-Area Honorable Mention; and Chris Baier- Tri-River league Honorable Mention. Even though competition was tougher this year, Coach Bellas Stated that the team was capable of going 9-0, so with a strong bunch of juniors this year, next years team should be something to watch. 'JEFF BERO’ 2 1.) Gary Hegedus up the middle; 2.) Coach Bellas intent on winning; 3.) The Jag defense; 4.) Pagac on a rollout; 5.) Nagel celebrates a turnover; 6.) Steve Dutton with the tackle; 7.) The Jag defense huddles against Southgate. 104 Varsity FootballJAGUARS J.V. CAPTURES TITLE Undefeated! Well almost. The Junior Varsity team had a great season with a final record of 7-1. Coach Kelly worked the team hard, but the team knows it was worth it as they won the Junior Varsity league championship. Coach Kelly stated, “This is my most improved team from start to finish I’ve ever had.” The defense was led by linebackers Dave Traster and Joe Albenese. The offense which averaged 30 points a game was led by Tom Sawyer who led the team in rushing and Jerry Villareal who was the team’s top receiver. All other players on the team contributed as well. Team members include: Joe Albenese, Roger DeShetler, Matt Enoch, Tom Graham, Steve Guess, Art Hayden, Mark Henderson, Eric Letourneau, Robert Hoxey, John Jaskowski, Brent Ketzenberger, Kevin Kiernan, Jeff Leeper, John McNa, Jeff Navoy, John Oleynik, Ron Parsons, Tom Sawyer, Karl Schwartz, Mike Skelton, Richard Slate, Andy Small, Dave Traster, Jerry Villareal, Jeff Weclowski, Eric Baier, and Mark Pipkin. JAN FIREK' 2 3 1. Joe Albenese picks up big yardage. 2. Dave Traster drops back to pass. 3. Jerry Villareal leads Tom Sawyer to goal line. 4. Coach Kelly consoles Tom Sawyer. 106 J.V. FootballFROSH SHOW IMPROVEMENT The freshman football team had a record of 0 wins 6 losses and 2 ties. As the season went on, the team showed a great deal of improvement. Outstanding performances were put in by all members of the team. This year’s season was very much a team effort as all players contributed. The team was led by head coach Mickey Henson and ass’t. coach Mike Fregonara. ‘JAN FIREK- Freshmen Football 107JAGUARS VARSITY NEARS THE TOP So close. The Lady Jags came 2 games within winning the Tri-River League. They were 12-2 in league and 15-5 overall. The Jags worked hard by playing in a summer basketball league, double sessions, and those long weekend practices. Seniors Christy D’Hondt and Lisa Corvaia led the team as Christy was named to First Team All League and Lisa was named to Second Team All League. Juli Chidester, Carolyn Brayman, and Tracey D’Hondt also were credited with All League Honorable Mentions. Christy D’Hondt broke the school record for both, most points scored in a season with 266, breaking the old record by 40 points, and most points scored in a game with 24. Everyone contributed to the team’s success including new coach Patti Zimbalatti. The team includes: Seniors- Lisa Corvaia, Juli Chidester, Christy D’Hondt, Sue Rebel, and Lydia Yegh-azarian; Juniors- Carolyn Brayman, Janice Denton, and Chris Borowski; Sophomores- Tracey D’Hondt and Chris Dawson. The Jaguars will be missing 3 of the 5 starters to graduation, but with hard work and dedication the Lady Jags could have yet another successful season next year. •JANICE DENTON 9 1. Carolyn Brayman calls the play. 2. Lisa Corvaia warming up before the game. 3. Lydia Yeghazanan concentrates on a free throw 4 Christy D’Hondt goes up for the jump ball. 5. Tracey D’Hondt drives base line. 6. Captains Christy D’Hondt and Lisa Corvaia discuss the pregame rules with the referees. 7. Juli Chidester shoots a free throw as Lisa Corvaia looks on. 8. Coach Zimbalatti discusses the strategy. 9. Chris Dawson and Janice Denton pose while Tracey D’Hondt. Sue Rebel, and Chris Borowski observe the game 108 Girls Varsity BasketballJAGUARS JV IS ON THE MOVE With a 7-3 record the Junior Jags showed that they had a lot of skill and potential. They relied on team work and team contribution as everyone saw a lot of playing time including Marcie Wallace, Vicky Shamus, Michelle McGonagle, and Kathy Johnson. The Jags were coached by Kathy Narra-more and team members include: Sophomores-Mo Lareau, Claudette Mac Rae, Michelle McGonagle, Shelly Rebel, and Jeri Richards; Freshmen-Marcie Wallace, Vicky Shamus, Kathy Johnson, Dawn Pervis, and Pam Zurowick. •JANICE DENTON 2 1. Marcie Wallace shoots a free throw. 2. Coach Narramore calls the play. 3. Kathy Johnson drives to the basket. 110 Girls JV Basketball1. Claudette Mac Rae goes up for a lay-up. 2. Vicky Shamus dribbles down center court. 3. Marcie Wallace goes up for two. 4. Michelle McGonagle smiles after a game well done. 5. Kathy Johnson takes a lay-up. Girls JV Basketball 111JAGUARS JAGS SHOOT FOR PAR 1 Allen Park’s Golf Team ended its season with a 5 5 record in league, and a 5 8 record overall. The team finished 11th in regionals. Senior H.W. Buf-ton was the MVP of the team also receiving honors for 1st team all league, 1st team all area and a 3rd place finish in regionals. Steve Papalas was also 1st team all league and 1st team all area. Tom Eggert received the most improved player award, while Paul Bargamian picked up the 110% award. Other members of the team are John Francis, Rob Schmidt, Billy Riggs, Sean Howard, and Coach R. Hershberger. •JOHN FRANCIS- 112 Golf 1) Golf Team Photo. 2) H.W. gives Coach Hershberger a few pointers. 3) H.W. Bufton has perfect form. 4) John Francis out of the rough. 5) Steve Papalas drives the green.C.C. IS COMPETITIVE Although their 3 5 record in league wasn’t im pressive, the Allen Park Cross Country team was competitive. Four runners- Jeff Mifsud, John Lewis, George Rosen, and Rob Poison- were the only team members to finish the season. The MVP of the team was Jeff Mifsud, who also finished 7th in regionals and 40th out of 100 runners in state. John Lewis, who received the 110% award, was 31st in regionals. The most improved runner was George Rosen. Other runners were Scott Stacey, Jim Sanscrainte, Eric Schmidt, Jeff Paavo, Jeff Oliver, Marc Vratny, and Tom McGinn. They were coached by K. Heller. •JOHN FRANCIS 1) Cross Country Team Photo, 2) John Lewis looking for the finish, 3) Tom Me Ginn on the home stretch, 4) Jeff Mifsud reaches victory again. Cross Country 113JAGUARS GIRLS’ TENNIS IS NUMBER ONE 114 The Allen Park Girls’ Tennis team had a smashing time this year. Not only did they win the Melius Invitational Tournament, but they took the League Title for the first time ever in the history of Allen Park High. Singles players were: 1, Junior Annemarie Pace, 2 Senior Joanne Kovacs, 3, Sophomore Jennifer Pace, and 4, Senior Christine McClosky. Doubles teams were: 1, Senior Lorianne Kirschweng and Junior Lori Ward, 2, Sophomore Linda Savona and Freshman Jessica Kriksciun, and 3, Junior Michelle McKelvey and Freshman Stephanie Milton. Exhibition players were: Freshmen Kathy Monroe and Meredith Quillen and Sophomore Lori Lockheart. All League honors were taken by: Jennifer Pace, Joanne Kovacs, and Annemarie Pace. All Area honors were taken by: Lorianne Kirshweng, Joanne Kovacs, Christine McClosky, Annemarie and Jennifer Pace, and Lori Ward. Most Valuable Player Award went to Joanne Kovacs while Jennifer Pace took the 110% Award and Kathy Monroe took the Most Improved Award. Coach Betty Fesko was Melius Coach of the Year and a great inspiration to the team. The girls not only finished 1 in the League, but they finished 1 in friendship. The team really pulled together and was determined to win, and they did. •JOANNE KOVACS Girls Varsity Tennis1) Senior Joanne Kovacs shocks her opponent with a slice 2) Junior Annemarie Pace makes a smashing return 3) Sophomore Jennifer Pace serves an ace 4) Senior Christine McClosky shows her awesome backhand power 5) Everyone parties as the girls clinch the title in the last game of the season against Riverside 6) Senior Lorianne Kirsch-weng makes a kosher volley 7) Coach Betty Fesko gives an inspiring pep talk to Joanne Kovacs, “EH?!?” 8) Junior Lori Ward uses her speed to beat a drop shot. 8 Girls Varsity Tennis 115JAGUARS GIRLS SWIM HARD The Varsity Girls Swimming record was 2 wins and 10 losses. Despite their record the girls had potential but could not swim to their fullest capacity because of the lack of facilities. The girls were coached by new comer Peti Raines. There was only one senior on the team and only one junior. The rest were freshmen and sophomores. Next year’s team should do very well. SUZANNE PANDO 2 116 Girls Varsity Swimming6 1. Senior Susie Howell. 2. Standing from left to right is Coach Petl Raines. Lori Laniewicz. Susie Howell. Kelly Kent. Pam Lowalewski, Lori Cooke. Lory Sinnott. and Beth Stamper Sitting left to right is Kim Knight, Jan Frasier. Shelly Sarket. Raquel Martinez. Jessica Zurowick, Heather Coffman, and Amy Harrington. 3. Freshman Heather Coffman. 4. Freshman Lori Laniewicz. 5. Sophomore Jan Frasier. 6. Sophomore Beth Stamper Girls Varsity Swimming 117JAGUARS VARSITY SLIPS The Varsity Basketball team had another fine season under Head coach Mickey Henson. The Jags finished the regular season with a respectable 14-6 record. This year’s team was led by seniors Dave Pagac, H.W. Bufton, Gerry Mussio, Kevin McJunkin, and Marty Bowdell. In the first round of the District tournament the Jags suffered a disappointing defeat to Melvin-dale, 58-40. During the regular season these two teams split, each team winning at home. Both games were decided by a one point margin. • JAN FIREK • 1. Dave Pagac fights for shot underneath basket. 2. Jerry Mussio looks for two points. 3. Kevin McJunkin pulls up for a shot. 4. H.W. Bufton pulls up for jump shot over Melvindale defender. 5. Jerry Mussio drives for easy two. 6. Marty Bowdell looks for open Jaguar. 7. Mickey Henson gives team a pep talk during time-out. 8. H.W. Bufton goes in for the lay-up. 9. Dave Pagac moves ball up court. 10. Marty Bowdell skies down baseline for two points. 118 Varsity BasketballJAGUARS J.V. SHOWS TALENT The J.V. Basketball team had another fine season under head coach Mike Wilkinson. The team started out slow, but as the season progressed the team pulled together for a successful season finishing with a record of 15-5. Outstanding performances were put in by all five starters: Tom Sawyer, Rich Slate, Jeff Navoy, Tim Mucha, and Tom Ross. J.V. standout Rich Slate was brought up to the Varsity team with three remaining games. Each and every player contributed to the team’s success. •JAN FIREK 1. Jeff Navoy drives to baseline. 2. Tom Ross shoots jump shot for two. 3. Tom Sawyer pulls up for shot. 4. Steve Guess fights for rebound. 5. Bill Armstrong dribbles to opening in Annapolis defense. 6. Tom Sawyer sets up offense. 7. Tim Mucha fights for loose ball. 8. Tom Ross skies for two points. 9. The two coaches give stragegy. 120 JV BasketballJAGUARS FROSH HAVE HIGH HOPES The Freshman basketball team had a rather dismal season, registering only one win on the year. This years team showed a lot of spirit and determination despite their losing record, losing close games to Edsel Ford (twice) and, Melvindale (twice). The teams lone victory came over a tough Lincoln Park team, 41-40. the 9th grade teams always play a tougher schedule, and this years was no exception, 13 of the 15 games they played were against class A schools. So with the potential this team has, they should be a force to reckon with on the junior varsity level. Ron Howie coached this years team, and players included: Steve Burkett, Brian Dickson. Mike Donigian, Steve Eichbauer, Mike Garcia, Mike Roller, Jack Polley, John Leverton, Mike Mrla, Mark Picklo, Ed Rankin, and Jeff Sanscrainte. •JEFF BERO’ 122 Freshman Basketball1.) Steve Eichbauer drives baseline; 2.) John Leverton rips down a rebound; 3.) Mike “Jordan Donigian goes up strong for the shot; 4.) Jack Polley pulls up for the “J”; 5.) Eddie Rankin running the offense; 6.) Eichbauer on the breakaway; 7.) Steve Burkett; 8.) Jack Polley Freshman Basketball 123JAGUARS SWEET SMELL OF SUCCESS New faces, same old results. Ball after ball was bumped, set, and spiked to produce this Allen Park volleyball team. The girls defended their titles at the Mt. Carmel Invitational and Woodhaven Tournament. They rolled over their competitors in the Gibralter Carlson Tournament and the Downriver Classic to give them 2nd and 3rd places respectively. For the first time in Allen Park volleyball history, the 85” volleyballers topped the state ranking polls. At 8th place, the girls proudly stood right up there among the best teams in the state. They flawlessly climbed to the top of the Tri River League to capture another league championship. Dreams of the state tournament were shattered when the girls met their miserable foe in the District finals. A 32 win and 4 loss record was the result of teamwork and dedication displayed by each team member. The phenomenal netters were inspired by cocaptains Christy D’Hondt and Denise Maheras. Coach Pat McLenaghan’s all-star line up included sophomores Lynn Daubresse, Tracy D’Hondt, and Cari Toth; juniors Karri Fehrman, Katie Kalvans, and Lori Ward; seniors Juli Chidester, Christy D’Hondt, Denise Maheras, and Sue Rebel. Denise Maheras was most deservingly named Most Valuable Player. From beginning to end, Christy D’Hondt’s drive for perfection gave her the Most Improved Player award. Juli Chidester won the 110% medal. •SUE REBEL 1. Tracey D’Hondt leans into the pass. 2. Sue Rebel hops to bump the ball. 3. Coach Pat McLengahan and team members Karri Ferhman, Cari Toth, Katie Kalvans, and Lynn Daubresse cheer the team on. 4. Denise Maheras stretches to receive the serve. 5. Juli Chidester passes the ball. 6. Lori Ward successfully sets another ball. 7. Christy D’Hondt dives to make a winning play. 8. Lynn Daubressee winds up for the serve. 124 Varsity Volleyball■1 Ami ARC THRILL OF VICTORY Hidden behind the glory and cheers created by the varsity volleyballers lies a shadow junior varsity team with the potential to keep up the volleyball tradition at Allen Park High School. These kids hold the future to many more successful seasons for the Jaguars. Coach Debbie Gillman and co-captains Shelly Rebel and Angie Vadasy led this young team to a 12 win and 5 loss record. Team members Sue Beauvais, Sherry Donaldson, Lisa Dziekan, Raquel Martinez, Shelly Mayher, Debbie Orban, Dawn Purvis, Shelly Rebel, Vanessa Stephenson Angie Vadasy, Tracey Vennebush, Marcie Wallace, and Denise Wilson will attend summer volleyball camps this summer and return next season to develop another winning volleyball program. SUE REBEL 1. Shelly Rebel makes the kill-well almost, better luck next time. 2. Tracey Venner-bush concentrates before the serve. 3. Dawn Purvis bumps the ball. 4. Lisa Dziekan passes the ball on her toes. 5. Coach Deb Gillman. 6. Raquel Martinez receives the serve. 7. Shelly Mayher in the ready position. 126 JV VolleyballZZ JAGUARS— GRAPPLERS TAKE THE GOLD The 1984-85 Varsity Wrestling team had an outstanding season, becoming the first wrestling team in Allen Park history to win a league championship. The Jags finished the season undefeated in league, and with an overall record of 11-6-1. Coaches Gary Templin, and Doug Grafton managed to have two men make it through districts. At 145 lbs. Thom Mukri registered a fourth, and at heavyweight, Jeff Bero placed first. At Regionals, Mukri bowed out of the tournament after losing two tough matches, while Bero managed to capture a second place, qualifying for the State-Championships, at which, he managed to win one match before leaving the tournament. At the league meet, firsts were captured by: Pat Baier, Thom Mukri, and Jeff Roulo. The Jags had everyone place in the league meet, enabling them to become co-champions of the Tri-River league. Even with the loss of seven seniors, there is a lot of talent returning, so the Jags should be in contention for a league title next year. •JEFF BERO 128 Varsity Wrestling1.) Matt “The Roast”-Enoch torturing an opponent; 2.) Jeff ‘‘the Sneak” Roulo looks to the coach for help 3.) Greg Flannery working on a takedown; 4.) Craig Rafail demonstrating his favorite move; 5.) Cap. Dave Grafton inflicts pain on an Ed-sel Ford T-Bird; 6.) Coach Gary Tern-plin and Captain Matt Enoch; 7.) Thom Mukri 8.) Jim McClay Varsity Wrestling 129JAGUARS THE JAGS MAKE A SPLASH The Jaguars proved to be a very determined and successful team this year, with a 2-1 league record overall. They competed in the Wayne Invitational and placed 3rd out of 8 teams. In the Tri-River League meet they placed 2nd. The team’s captains were senior Chris Baier, senior Tom Clinton, and junior Ron Wiseman. The most valuable players were Chris Trombley, a freshman who qualified for state and set records in the Individual Medley and 100 yd. breaststroke, and Chris Baier, a senior who set pool and varsity records in both the 50 and 100 yd. freestyle and qualified for state in both events. All League recognition was given to the Medley Relay team of Eric Holewinski, Chris Trombley, Tom Clinton, and Chris Baier. Chris Trombley in the 100 yd. butterfly and also Chris Baier in the 50 and 100 yd. freestyle. The team was coached by Mr. Dale Petri with help from Mrs. Marsha Pando. The team includes: Seniors- Chris Baier, Tom Clinton, Eric Holewinski, Mark Lavine, Bill Tadian, and Jim Wojdyla. Juniors- Scott Belknap, Dave Moon, and Ron Wiseman. Sophomores- Chris Hagen, Tim Martin, and Tim Rahtz. Freshman- Mike Dyer, Cary Severt, and Chris Trombley. 'JANICE DENTON' 1. Jim Wojdyla swims the backstroke. 2. Bill Tadian freestyles into first. 3. Senior Jim Wojdyla does the butterfly. 130 Boys Varsity Swimming5 1. Tim Martin swims in so Bill Tadian can do his part. 2. Coaches Marsha Pando and Dale Petri discuss strategy. 3. Captain Chris Baier dives in! 4. Eric Holewinski dives in to do the backstroke, his specialty. 5. Tim Rahtz swims the breaststroke. Boys Varsity Swimming 131—JAGUARS= THERE IS NO PLACE LIKE HOME The varsity softball team repeated as league champs for the third time in 3 years having another superb season. The Lady Jags finished 23-3 overall and 14-0 in league play. The team showed how tough they were when they traveled to the Lakeland tournament and walked away with the championship trophy. They beat two teams who were ranked in the top 10 in the state. The team qualified for districts by beating Cabrini but lost a heartbreaker to Grosse lie in predistricts. As always fine coaching performance were turned in by Debbie Norman, head coach, and Kirk Brayman, assistant. Much talent and hard work contributed to the fine performance. Congratulations, Jags. JEFFREY RYAN GREEN 132 Varsity Softball2 1) Junior Lori Ward shows off her arm. 2) Nothing gets by senior Lisa Pejuan. 3) Sophomore Diane Burt thinking “Go ahead; make my day . 4) Sophomore fireballer Tracy D’Hondt looking for a strikeout. Varsity Softball 133JAGUARS TOUGH YOUNG LADIES The girls’ J.V. softball team showed some promise for the upcoming years by having themselves a good year. The young lady Jags finished the year with a 15-7 record overall and 4-1 in league play which earned them the title of co-champs along with Melvindale. The team consisted of 5 sophomores and 9 freshmen. The coaches were Lisa Schillinger and Chris Carlton. ' JEFF GREEN fife 3 134 JV Softball » mmmim • 7 10 1. Meredith Quillen waits for the pitch. 2. Shelly Rebel makes a scoop. 3. Claudette MacRae makes the stop. 4. Marcie Wallace waits in the box. 5. Life on the bench. 6. Slugger Tracey Vennebush. 7. Jenny Bjork eyes the bases. 8. Kathy Johnson fires one in. 9. Michelle McGonagle behind the plate. 10. Marcie Wallace shows her pitching form. JV Softball 135JAGUARS JAGS HIT .500 1 The Allen Park Varsity baseball team ended its season with a 7-7 league record. Even though their record doesn’t show it, the team lost five ball games by a one run margin. Despite the five, one-run games, the team stuck together and finished 5th in league. 1st team all league honors were received by John Francis, while 2nd team all league recipients were Tim McGonagle, Mike Dawson, and Steve Mangiapane. The most valuable player was Mike Dawson, while the most improved and the 110% awards went to Steve Mangiapane. Other team members include Mike Schlater, Mike Hadvina, Matt McDonald, Nick Armelogas, Mike Mitchell, Hal Nagel, Rich Sclater, Dave Pa-jac, Rich Slate, and Jeff Navoy. Special thanks go to Mark Maddock, Buddy Toungett, Mr. Kelly, and the two scorekeepers • Andrea Donaldson and Nanette Binert. • JOHN FRANCIS 3 4 136 Varsity Baseball9 1) Mike Dawson prepares to bunt. 2) Mike Sclater steps into the pitch. 3) Rich Sclater gobbles one up at third. 4) Hal Nagel waits for the pitch. 5) Tim McGonagle in home run form. 6) Coaches Bob Kelly and Buddy Toungett. 7) Steve Mangiapane throws runner out at first. 8) John Francis fires a strike. 9) Dave Pajac turns two. Varsity Baseball 137JAGUARS J.V. SLIDES HOME The Junior Varsity baseball team had a tremendous 13-4 season, with a 12-2 league record. Team contribution and great attitudes helped the Jaguars be so successful. Paul Bargamian’s great pitching, 8-0, and Jerry Villareal’s hitting attack were the greatest assets to the team, even though everyone put forth a great effort. Special recognition goes to the most valuable players - Paul Bargamian and Jerry Villareal, most improved players - Dave Traster and Andy Keha-giaras, and the person who gave 110%, Roger DeShetler. Other team members include Tom Sawyer, Denny Crowley, Derek Zajac, Brent Ketzen-berger, George Rosen, John Oleynik, Jeff Pouliot, Todd Redden, Mike Skelton, and Art Hayden. Great thanks go to Mr. Haboian for a fine season and excellent coaching. ' JOHN FRANCIS 4 138 J V Baseball 4 t «£ 10 1) Jerry Villareal takes one deep. 2) Roger DeShetler throws one down to second. 3) Dave Traster fires a strike to first 4) Derek Zajac drives one up the middle. 5) Tom Sawyer throws smoke. 6) Denny Crowley hits the ball hard. 7) Jeff Pouliot waits patiently at short stop 8) Brent Ketzenberger ready for action. 9) Mr. Haboian watches his team closely. 10) Paul Bargamian camps under a pop up J.V. Baseball 139JAGUARS FROSH BATS 1.000 The Frosh baseball team had an outstanding season, going undefeated with a record of 10 and 0. Top pitchers for the Jags this year were Brian Dickson, 6 and 0, and John Jaskowski, 4 and 0. The leading hitters were Brian Dickson, with a .454 average and Eddie Rankin. The team was coached this year by Pat Battistelli. 'Jeff Bero 140 Freshman Baseball ... A.' . . i - a • • 6 1. Steve Eichbauer. 2. Brian Dickson 3. Brian Dickson and Greg Campbell. 4 Eddie Rankin. 5. Eddie Rankin. 6 Andy Green. 7. John Leverton and Eddie Rankin. 7 Freshman Baseball 141— lAnilAPC GIRLS RUN AWAY WITH 5TH 142 The Girls Varsity Track Team had a record of four wins and two losses. The team came in 5th place at the league meet, and 5th place in the Melius Invitational. The girls will be very good next year if they all stick with it and get a lot more girls involved. GOOD LUCK NEXT SEASON GIRLS. 5 1. Laura Bollman sprinting to the finish line. 2. Amy Herrington throwing the shot put. 3. Vicki Shamus and Laura Bollman are set in the blocks. 4. Vicki Shamus high jumping. 5. Chris Bigelow releasing the shot put. 6. Wheel Elena Marchionda. 7. Rhonda Adam throwing her hardest.Girls Track 143JAGUARS BOYS’ TRACK IS COMPETITIVE The boy’s track team end the school year with a fine season. The Jags finished with a competitive 4-4 league record. At regionals the Jaguars placed seventh out of 20 teams. Nilson Karimata sparked the Jags at this event by breaking a school record and winning the long jump with a leap of 22’ 1”, qualifying him for state finals. A special thanks to this year’s coach Tony Mifsud. JAN FIREK 1- Jason Mifsud pushes towards the finish line. 2. Brian Matusik gives leaps over the hurdle. 3. Paul Coffman. 4. Pat Baier. 5. Tom Ross. 6. Jeff Mifsud approaches the high bar. 7. Brian Matusik gives his all. 8. Coach Tony Mifsud. 9. Record Breaker Nilson Karimata doing his specialty, the long jump. 144 Boys Track3 Boys Track 145 v,;JAGUARS= THE AP OPEN The guy’s tennis team had another tough season this year but came away with a 4-4 record. The team was setback due to a shortage of players and because of a late start, but enthusiasm level was high. Members of the team include: Senior- Steve Pfeiffer, Juniors- Scott Daley, Eric Braun, Ron Billet, Sean Howard, Steve McKibben, John Warren, Sophomores- Tim Martin, Jim Lewis, and Freshmen-Mark Picklo, Adam Knox, and Tim Fesko. Outstanding netters for the season were Steve Pfeiffer, 1 singles, Mark Picklo, 3 singles, and Billy Riggs 4 singles. Both Picklo and Riggs made the semi-finals of regionals. Although the team may not have been impressive in the league competition, they showed supreme sportsmanship, dedication, and desire. •J.W. R.M. 6 7 1. Billy Riggs is up on his toes. 2. Good return Tim Martin! 3. Jim Lewis and Steve McKibben look like a hard working pair. 4. Tim Fesko awaiting a return. 5. Way to get your feet off the ground Adam Knox. 6. Eric Braun awaits his match. 7. Tim Martin returning the ball. 8. What style, Steve Pfeiffer! 9. John Warren running up on a short shot. Way to hustle Johnny! 8 Boys’ Tennis 1476 5 THIS IS 86, 87, 88 1. Wheel Mike Murla, who do you think you are? Superman? 2. Jeff Navoy, Karl Schwartz, Brent Ketzenberger, and Chris Dawson all need someone to lean on. 3. Rusty Mangiapane, Rudy Ramon, Pat Baier, Frank Ennis, and Jan Firek mingling in the lobby after lunch. 4. Show off that new ski club shirt Brigitte Domine. 5. Katie Knas and Steve Papalas enjoying the Homecoming Dance. 6. Mike Hadvina browses through the schedules. 7 Laura Tonus in the auto shop. 148 UnderclassmenLisa Allen Marc Aniol Nick Armelagos Michele Ash Stephen Avey Patrick Baier Amy Balzerini Paul Beals Scott Belknap Terri Bertasio Matthew Bigliardi Nanette Binert Jacquelyn Bloink Charles Bodnar Christine Borowski Eric Braun Carolyn Brayman Patrick Brettschneider Lisa Briganti Matthew Brohman Karen Budrick Susan Carroll Lisa Chuby David Chuey Under the leadership of President Tim Weismiller, Vice-President Roberta Mac Kinnon, Secretary Rusty Man-giapane, and Treasurer Eric Braun, for the 1984-85 school year, the Junior class started out the year extremely well with their outstanding float of Ernie and Bert. The Juniors made A.P.H.S. History by being the only Junior class to take both 1st place trophy’s During the busy float building season, the Junior girls were hard at work practicing for the annual Powder Puff game. The girls gave the Senior women a very tough fight, and the game ended 13-13, the first tie in Powder Puff History. The Junior Prom was a special evening most Juniors looked forward to. The Prom was held at St. Georgies Grecian Center on March 2, 1985. For these Junior couples that attended, it was a memorable evening. The Junior class held many fundraisers to increase their class treasury. Among these were: the Homecoming flower sale, a bake sale, and two candy bar sales. All were very successful. Sue Carroll 150 JuniorsRhomona Clemons Lori Cooke Angela Cummings Scott Daley Kenneth Davanzo John Davidson Cindy Davis Michael Dawson Janice Denton Andrea Donaldson Roxanne Drouillard Stephen Dutton Lynn Duvall Francis Ennis David Eshelman Karri Fehrman Yvonne Fetterman Jan Firek John Fischer Mary Fisher Kevin Flynn John Francis Robert Franklin Carolyn GainesDavid Galloro Michael Gearhart Alan Gibson Richard Girard Steven Gregory Shelly Grove Douglas Gruenwald Michael Hadvina Jill Hall Michael Haworth Sandra Hicks Joseph Hoffman Tammy Holton Masakazu Hoshino Eric Hoskins Sean Howard Robert Hoxey Kimberly Hutchison Jennifer Jaroslawski Christie Johns Kenneth Jozsa Katherine Kalvans Connie Kaminski Kari Kirkpatrick Kathryn Knas Kathleen Knechtges1. J hnny Francis showing off his gorgeous legs 2. Mike Hadvina staring off into space. 3. H ?lly Lorenz working very diligently. 4. Cine Davis taking time out to smile. 5. Laura 1 nus and Scott Stacey enjoying them-selvt. s at homecoming. 6. Milissa Mount at attention. 7. The Junior guys enjoying themselves at a game. 8. Mike Sclater dancing the night away. 9. Chris Borowski discussing the orange pass with Kari Kirkpatrick. 10. Bet-sie Polhamus forcing out a smile in Mrs. Ferency’s class1. Mark Tisot posing for the photographer. 2. Terri Bertasio, Donyal Mukri, and Sue Carroll waving in the homecoming parade. 3. Laura Tonus amazed with what’s going on in the game. 4. Terri Bertasio just being cool. 5. Pat Brettschneider showing Eric Hoskins that he got an “A”. Scott Konkel Allen Koths Scott Kruse David Krizisnik Karen Kulin Lennis La Force Larry Lentini Fred Letourneau Lisa Litner Margarita Loera Kelly Lorenz Delphia Ludwig Roberta MacKinnon Denise Madison Frank Mahalak Rusty Mangjapane Karen Mann Kathy Mann Rebecca Markey Michael Martin Rob Maxon David Mazur Christine McComb Matthew McDonald Michelle McKelvey 154 JuniorsSteven McKibben Laura McLeod Lisa McLeod Amanda McPhereson Kim Miller Tonia Mohammed David Moon Mary Moss Debbie Moulding Thomas Mucha Donyal Mukri Cheryl Newton Robert Noles James O'Donnell Marlene Oddo Jeff Oliver Stacee Opolski Annemarie Pace Steve Papalas Marianne Pizzo Elizabeth Polhamus Dawn Pomeraning Michelle Pope Cheryl Potter Elyse Presnell Juniors 155Jeffery Ross Jeffery Roulo Brenda Sadler Ibtisam Saif 156 Juniors John Quoziente Rudy Ramon Anthony Ranilovich Patti Ann Rauser Christopher Richards Kasandra Richardson William Riggs Mark Roberts1. Juniors on Parade. 2. Mike Hadvina busily at work. 3. Marlene Oddo. 4. Some Junior guys enjoying themselves at prom. 5. Nanette Binert grabbing a coke at lunch. 6. Shelly Grove and Dawn Pomeraning having a little chat. 7. Matt McDonald expecting some bad weather. 8. Mike Dawson all decked out. 9. Tammy Holton and friends at prom. 10. Mike Sclater straight from China. 11. Roberta MacKinnon and Tim Weismiller posing for a picture. Diane Sammut Jennie Schallhorn Toni Schmitt Gayle Scholl Robert Sclabassi Michael Sclater Kristine Sendek Dawn Shevchick Kenneth Slaven Pamela Smith Stephen Smith Barry ShovaPamela Sparks Scott Stacey Kenneth Surma Steve Suveges Jennifer Taylor Mark Tisot Laura Tonus Alicia Vratny 1. Robbie and Donyal having a snowball fight. 2. Jason Klein-sorge and Debbie Moulding sharing a romantic dance at Jr. Prom. 3. Lisa Chuby. 4. Matt McDonald and Sue Carroll dancing the night away. 5. Lisa Litner all snazzed up. 6. Sue Lowrey and Maria Kimbler during gym. 7. Missy Mount and Kathy Mann having a great time. 8. Cheryl Potter at her studies. 9. Glenn Owens, doing work?!Karen Walz John Warren Timmy Weismiller Michael Weiss Kathryn Wenzel Paul White Paul Wilburn Ronald Wiseman Lyle Wolas Donna Wonsavage Nell Wysong Laszlo Zgyerka Juniors 159Rhonda Adam Joseph Albanese William Armstrong Samar Badwi Eric Baier Paul Bargamian Shawn Beaton Cassandra Beggs Kimberly Belteky Christine Bigelow Todd Boak Robert Boufford Bobbie Bryan Steven Burgess Diane Burt Anthony Cafego Thomas Cafego Gino Carlini Karla Chahil Cheryl Chuby Coleen Chuey Gregory Ciszewski Lisa Clemons Melissa Coker Vice President Karl Schwartz Secretary Chris Dawson Treasurer Jeff Navoy The class of ’87 started off the year ri ht by giving APHS some of the highest MEAP scores in the area. Their determination and drive showed definite results with their Homecoming float, The Cookie Monster. The Sophomores’ fantastic effort earned them a second place in float competition, beating out both the Freshmen and the Seniors. During Spirit Week, the Sophomore class took the lead with their strong bubble-blowing teams. They fell, however, to the upperclassmen for a 3rd place overall. The Sophomores held a successful cookie sale during homecoming and have many more fund raisers planned for the rest of the year including flowers for Valentine’s Day and a Mackinac fudge sale in May. Sophomore class representatives are: Andy Kehagiaras, Ron Sclabassi, Brent Ketzenberger, Paul Bargamian, Tom Sawyer, Diane Burt, Kim Belteky, Beth Stamper, Sue Marbrey, and Mo Lareau. Sophomores deserving recognition because of their continued participation, include: Claudette Ma-cRae, Jeri Richards, Shireen Meehan Mo Lareau, and Chris Dawson. “We’re shaping up as a class. We’ve largely improved over our Freshmen year and plan to really get it together as Juniors.” Jeff Navoy “ John Warren “ 160 SophomoresMichael Craine Tracey D’Hondt Lynn Daubresse Rosemarie Davis Christine Dawson Joseph Dellapenna Roger Deshetler Richard Dicesare Steve Dmytrusi Kristy Dombe Sherry Donaldson Michael Donofrio Susan Doran Scott Doty James Driscoll Christine Drysdale Thomas Eggert Roger Eilers Matthew Enoch Jeffery Espy Krista Falkey Charles Farley Jeanne Feher David Fehrman 161SOPHOMORES We can expect great things from this class of over achievers. Just look at those fine boys and girls. They’re healthy, energetic, and bright. The end of their sophomore year brought memories not to be forgotten and gave them high hopes for their Junior year. The future looks bright for these students and they will probably have a great two remaining years at old A.P.H.S. Good Luck, R.M. J.W. 8 1. Paul Bargamian. 2. Kevin Kiernan. 3. Jeff Karoub and Tom Mucha in class. 4. Billy Dixon and Bill Armstrong. 5. Between classes. 6. More Sophs at lunch. 7. Fun with computers. 8. Beth Stamper caught off guard. 9. Ron Sclabassi in wood shop. 10. Bill Armstrong in drafting classTrina Fix Patrick Gallagher Eddie Gardner Kimberly Gawenda Richard Gergel Sandra Gergely Kristen Giertz Thomas Graham Dawn Gripp Roseann Gruley Dawn Grzyb Teresa Gualtieri Steven Guess Bonnie Gugler Robert Guitar Chris Hagen m ibi Wendell Hammock Collette Harvieux Arthur Hayden Heather Hayes Mark Henderson Colleen Henneberry Jennifer Hogg Kevin Jozsa Jennifer Julet Jeffrey Karoub Andrew Kehagiaras Rachel Kendall Brent Ketzenberger Kevin Kiernan Kimberly Knight Derek Kobylarz Jessica Kriksciun Edward Kulin Robert Lakatos Romuald LaPointe Victoria Larche Maureen Lareau Jeffrey Leeper Eric LetourneauJames Lewis Kelly Lhiva Robert Lindisch Lori Lockhart Todd Losie Mary Ludwig Claudette MacRae Teresa Magnan Suzanne Marbrey Elena Marchionda Timothy Martin Shelly Mayher John McClay Michele McGonagle Timothy McMahan John McNa Shireen Meehan Dale Mehlhose Gene Montayne Timothy Mucha Donald Mullins Jeffrey Navoy Lena Norvell Michael Oddo John Oleynik Deborah Orban Jeffrey Paavo Jennifer Pace Paul Page David Panich Russell Paps Scott Parker Ronald Parson Robert Petrangel Mark Pouliot Cheryse Price William Puckett Timothy Rahtz Leah Ransom Shelly Rebel Todd Redden Michael Reddmann Jeri Richards Stacey Rose George Rosen Insam Saif Michael Sanders James Sancrainte1. Sophomore float. 2. Elena Marchionda. 3. Andy Kehagiaras, Art Hayden, and Jeff Pouliot. 4. Sophomore girls’ tug-of-war. 5. Chris Dawson and Mo Lareau clowning around. 6. Cheryse Price working out. 7. Beth Stamper and Jennifer Pace. 8. Dave Traster.Shelly Sarkett Linda Savona Thomas Sawyer Jill Schertzer Robert Schmidt Susan Schmidt Dennis Schramm Karl Schwartz Ronald Sclabassi Michael Skelton Andrew Small William Smith Carolyn Staber Elizabeth Stamper Perry Taylor Debra Talbott 166 Sophomores1. Eric Baicr. Christy Dombe, Lennis LaForce, Tony Ranilovich, Collette Harvieux. 2. Kim Knight. 3. Tim McMahn 4. Jeff Navoy, Brent Ketzenberger. 5. John Jaskowski. 6. Steve Burgess 7. Adam Wilburn, David Bosh. 8. Christi Dombe. 9. Roberta MacKinnon, Kurt Trainor. 10. Karl Schwartz gets psyched to eat the orange. 11. Carrie Toth, Cassandra Beggs. Sophomores 167Sue Schmidt and Sue Whitlow. 2. Jeff Mifsud and Shelly Sarkett. 3. Michelle McGonagle. 4. Rob Hovey. 5. Lynn Dau bresse, Tracey D’Hont, Sue Whitlow, Christi Dombe. 6. Sue Schmidt, Kelly Lhiva. 7. Andy Kehagiaras. Mo Lareau. 8 Roger DeShetler. 9. Dave Trepkowski. 10. Derek Kobylar? 11. Bobble Bryan. 12. Bill Hermann. 13. Joe Albanese, Jeff Navoy.Renee Waddell Patrick Watters Susan Whitlow Ronald Willim Sharon Winkler David Ziegler Jessica Zurowick Paul Toth David Traster David Trepkowski Angela Vadasy Virginia Vandenbergh Nicholas Vilella Jerry Villareal Mark Vratny 169Brandy Allen James Alley Michelle Asmus Deanna Ayrhart Theresa Baez Derick Balogh Sherry Banasiak Jennifer Belknap Wendy Bell Leanne Bellas Jennifer Bjork Jennifer Bloink Julianne Bodnar Laura Bollman Michael Bono Patrice Borborian David Borg Kenyon Borieo David Bosh Julianna Brisbois Susan Brohman Gayle Brown Robert Bruce Stephen Burkett President Lisa Dziekan Vice President Bethann Jozsa Secretary Lisa Nadzam T reasurer Leanne Bellas The freshmen class came into Allen Park High with a bang. President Lisa Dziekan Said “The freshmen class is GREAT!’’. During the homecoming activities the freshmen class participated by making GROVER of Sesame Street as their class float, and during the spirit week activities the class took fourth place just missing third by a half point. The freshmen class has had a cookie sale and a spaghetti dinner, the total of their earnings of these activities was $1,800.00. The class officer’s are President-Liza Dziekan, Vice President-Bethann Jozsa, Treasurer-Leanne Bellas, Secretary-Lisa Nadzam, the class representatives are Kraig Tertzag, Mike Donigian, Dave LaBreque, Craig Wood, Jason Mifsud, Christina Tonus, Cathy Johnson, Heather Hague, Ra-quel Martinez, Kristen Curtis. The class officers say that they are going to have the best years ever at Allen Park High. The class sponsor Mr. Richard Tews and the class officer’s hope that the freshmen class will go down into Allen Park High School History. BY ED CRAINE 170 Freshmen1. Freshmen class float. 2. Krista Bagdasarian enjoying lunch. 3. Some of the freshmen class wondering if GROVER is ever going to replace the real Grover of Sesame Street. FRESHMEN Christian Buttson Christine Calleja James Carr Donald Cernia Ann Choma Joseph Cialkowski Jeffrey Click Christopher Cundy Kristen Curtis Arsho Dellalian Brian Dickson William Dixon Brigitte Domine Michael Donigian Susan DuChene Michael Dyer Lisa Dziekan James Earley Jeffrey Earley Steven Eichbauer Steven Endicott Douglas Esau Joel Felix Joseph Flange Freshmen 171Jennifer Garcia Miguel Garcia Joseph Gasorski Danielle Geb Violet Gegaj Sandra Gergely Jennifer Gillis Andrew Green Kip Greenwood Jennifer Gregoire Heather Hague Rosemarie Hanoian Amy Harrington Shelly Hegedus Rhonda Herrando William Herrmann 172 Freshmen4 Dwight Hill Lance Hoey Andrea Hupman Pamela Hutson John Jaskowski Robert Johns Kathleen Johnson Bethann Jozsa Joseph Kaczmar Kimberly Kastl Tania Kazanjian Kelly Kent Bryan King Kevin King Thomas King Donald Kiss 1. Bryan King and Thomas Klinkman getting ready to go to class. 2. Mr. Frosheiser teaching two freshmen how to play volleyball. 3. Stacey Pickell learning French. 4. Freshmen student learning to draw, in drafting class. 5. Noelle Cummings studying hard. 6. Kip Greenwood, Kristen Curtis, getting ready to start school by showing up bright and early. 7. Cynthia Marbrey, Audra Neideffer and friends. 8. Mr. Tews career planning class. 9. John Kosidlo and friend. Freshmen 173Mark Klimek Thomas Klinkman Mark Klonowski Adam Knox Lisa Koller Michael Koller Susan Konkel John Kosidlo Holly Kolhs Pamela Kowalewski Matthew Kozlo Kirk Kozlowski Peter LaFramboise David LaBrecque Lori Laniewicz Tonya Lazuka Piera Lentini John Leverton Maria Loera Cynthia Marbrey Raquel Martinez Roderick McLeod Mark McManamay Gina Merlino I. Mr. Tew’s freshmen English class. 2. Kenyon Borieo studying hard. 3. Leanne Bellas and Bethann Jozsa wondering what is going on. 4. Dawn Purvis, Carol Watters, Sherry Banasiak getting a few laughs while waiting for the lunch hour to end. 5. Christopher Trombley jumping rope. 6. J. Richards. B. Moore, J. Earley. M. Koller Getting the day started off right. 7. Deanna Hubbard with a friend. 8. Jeff Sanscrainte, Heather Coffman. Kristi Nickerson. Marcie Wallace, Kristen Curtis in math class. 9. Douglas Seman, Gina Merlino enjoying class. 10. Ann Choma sweating it off in gym class. 174Jason Mifsud Stephanie Milton Emily Miner Kathy Monroe Lauri Mooradian Brian Moore Michael Mrla Lynn Musulin Tyrus Nadeau III Lisa Nadzam Melissa Nappo Audra Neideffer FRESHMEN 3 4 176 Freshmpn1. Ed Rankin and friends in gym class. 2. Freshmen students enjoying lunch. 3. Chris Buttson and friends waiting in the lunch line. 4. Tania Lazuka. Kurt Sanders and Stephanie Milton having a light lunch. 5. Deanna Hubbard riding her life away. 6. Kraig Tertzag jumping for the ball. 7. Bibi Torres and Stacey Pickell having a little talk during lunch. 8. Freshmen gym class, wondering what the teacher is trying to do. Michael Pomeraning Thomas Pomeraning Dawn Purvis Todd Quenneville Meredith Quillen Alphonso Quoziente Christopher Ramirez Edward Rankin Kelly Reasner Leslie Renaud Aarne Riutta Kurt Sanders Paul Sandhu Jeffrey Sanscrainte Donna Saucier Freshmen 177Donald Savona Julie Scheer Eric Schmidt Noel Scott Douglas Seman Jason Shevchik David Shinkle Alan Spagnol Brenda Sparks Aaron Stamper Kimberly Stanley Vanessa Stephenson Christine Stump Kraig Tertzag Christina Tonus Bibi Torres 1. Freshmen students getting down to the basics. 2. Cary Severt and 7 friends acting strangely at lunch. 3. Melissa Nappo observing her paper in math class. 4. Matthew Kozlo working the hour. 5. Some of the freshmen students waiting in the very long lunch line. 6. Leslie Renaud paying very close attention in class. 7. Mark Picklo getting a laugh out of one of the questions he is trying to answer. 178 FreshmenChristopher Trombley David Tufts Dena Usher Tracy Vennebush Jerry Villareal Gina Villella Scott Vratny Marcie Wallace Carol Watters William Whitehead Adam Wilburn Denise Wilson Tommy Wong Craig Wood Patrina Woods Pamela Zurowick Freshmen 179THIS IS MISC.Caros. Gifts ft Miscellany (313) 382-GIFT 15087 Southfield Allen Park. Ml 40101 JACQUELINE GIBSON HEAD BROWSER 6395 Allen Rood Allen Pork, Ml 48101 (313) 381-1053 1725 Woodward Berkley, Ml 48072 (313) 547-4880 CAR TUNES AUTO I STEREO Ads 181182he reations Sculptured Dolls Sheila (313) 928-9608 LOGO SHIRTS TEAM UNIFORMS “a SPORTS CORNER JACKET - LETTERING - JERSEYS 17000 ECORSE RO. Allen Park. Ml 48101 (313)386-5419 W FASHION WAND UNISEX SALON Mary Idol REALTOR 6828 Allen Road Allen Park. Ml 48101 928-7333 Open Mondays Hair Culling Styling Complete Manicure Service Pedicures • Waxing Make-Up EARL KEIM REALTY □ VIKING. INC. 22347 GODDARD ROAD MILLION DOLLAR CLUB Bus. 287-4660 Res 287-6694 TAYLOR. MICH. 48180 Eecb office Independently owned end operated A.P. FIREFIGHTERS Loc. 1410 Congratulations Class Of 84 Congratulations Graduates BROOKS PARTY STORE 7343 Park At Regina 383-0022 Complete Line Of Party Supplies Mon-Sat Sunday 10 AM - 11 PM 12 PM - 6 PM BIOANALYTICAL PROCEDURES, INC. A Division of Perry Drug Stores. Inc. ir 7915 Allen Road Allen Park. Michigan 48101 Telephone: (313) 388-4880 J 183386-1155 (j asrybay x v (5 ezisu r specializing in the cleaning AND PRESERVATION OF WEDDING GOWNS 16705 ECORSE ROAD ALLEN PARK. MICHIGAN 48101 (313) 382-8968 14733 CHAMPAIGN BETWEEN VINE 4 ROSEDALE ALLEN PARK. Ml 388-0100 WORLD WIDE TV APPLIANCE INC. Q)o 7iesuo fflocca te Za 15481 SOUTHFIELD ALLEN PARK MICH 48101 (Corner of Allen Rd) MAYOR PRO-TEM CITY OF ALLEN PARK. Ml MOST MAJOR BRANDS • DISCOUNT PRICES BILL AHO VARSITY CHEERLEADING: Elena Marchionda, Terri Bertasio, Laura Tonus, Sue Carroll, Eric Bollman, Dawn Miller, Debbie Roberts, Denise Jozsa, Donyal Mukri, Millisa Mount. 18416705 ECORSE ROAD • ALLEN PARK. MICH 40101 • (313) 302-0060 fiorvtcm naportnwn (In Rimmu 25 y .m) Sleven Kaloczy Denise Kalor. y Sate (Vector HOURS: MON. - THUR. • FRI - 10 00 to 8:30 TUES- • WED • 10:00 to 6:00 SAT. - 10:00 to 5 00 Phone Tl 6-9088 2 BLKS E. OF SCHAEFER awiefr GOWNS — FORMALS — AFTER FIVE EVELYN COX PROPRIETOR 13300 MICHIGAN AVE DEARBORN. Ml 48126 tfiz jpup yT BOOKS 8 MAGAZINES CARDS • GIFTS • BRIDAL ACCESSORIES 8425 Allen Rood Allen Pork. Ml 48101 382 8355 Fresh Silk Flowers Open 7Doys Summeu lowefis 7344 ALLEN RD. ALLEN PARK, Ml 48101 PHONE (313) 386-6920 Charge by Phone MICHAEL S TONI SOMMER VARTKES TADIAIM, D.D.S. 4617 alien road, alien park michigan 48101 telephone 382-3555 D GRANT KEYS DEAN KEVS ERECTORS STRUCTURAL STEEL • METAL DECK • METAL SIDING 17119 ANNE BUS 277-8316 ALLEN PARK. Ml 48101 RES 274-3146 Phone 282-8350 efia cn, COMPLETE BRIDAL SERVICE Complete Printing Service O axJz c fvznuz 0 uitLngf One. 6720 PaxJt. cAvcnuL cAChn EPaxH. cMicftiqcvx 48 tot 185VARSITY FOOTBALL: Front row • Rich Sclater, Bob DaRonco, Kevin MeJunkin. Tim Lareau. Henry Nagle. Brian Matusik. Dave Pagac, Jeff Bero, John Bruinsma. Pat Baier, Ken Tamalka, Tim McGonagle. Second row • Coach Ed Bellas. Allen Koths. Thom Mukri, Dave Szajner, Jim Wooten. Ed Cremeans, Gary Hegedus, Marty Bowdell. Chris Baier. Eric Holewinski. Bob Gaines. Mike Griffin. Asst Coach Ken Kaneko. Third row Asst. Coach Ron Pascuzzi, Paul Knight. Fred Letourneau, Gerry Stea. Paul Coffman. Mike Sclater. Jan Firek, Mike Hadvina. Matt McDonald, Rudy Ramone, Mike Dawson. Joe Bodnar. Manager Mark Maddock. MOHAWK FRANCIS E. BURGER Attorney At Low 5518 Allen Rood Allen Pork, Michigan Phone: 388-3606 A K Building Systems, Inc. 16145 Phllomene, Allen Park. Ml 48101 (313) 386-1400 JAN L. FIREK PHONE 565-2062 Metal Forming Tool Corp. TOOLS. DIES. FIXTURES. GAGES AND SPECIAL MACHINERY DONALD KISS 25255 TROWBRIDGE DEARBORN. MICHIGAN 48124 186CHRIS LEONARD. ACCOUNTANT Clover IVine Cellar 5810 ALLEN ROAD ALLEN PARK. Ml 48101 313 386-7622 42628 BOULDEN CT CANTON Ml 48187 313 981 1462 DOWNRI VERS FINEST SELECTION OF IMPORTED AND DOMESTIC WINE. LIQUORS AND BEER PHONEi 292-76U2 Good Luck Seniors f r The Weise Brothers Directors Allen Pork Lincoln Pork BP A FUN CENTER f ROOSEVELT LANES Cocktail Lounge • Coffee Shop Adult Billiards • Bowling Supplies JIM JOY - OWNERS (313) 382 3498 J-J’s TWISTEE FREEZE 7805 Alien Road Allen Park. Mich 187CARRY-OUT SERVICE AVAILABLE Phon 382-7787 382-7789 ous CHINESE AND AMERICAN FOOD CARL C. GEE PROPRIETOR 3781 DIX ROAD LINCOLN PARK. MICHIGAN Vanities - Disposals Stall Showers 7C p “PbutUUK } Complete Bathrooms Kitchens 13781 DlX-TOLEDO RO. SOUTHGATE. Ml 48195 283-9450 KIRK BRAYMAN - OWNERS - JAMES CHRISTY • ■I V (?) O c SENIOR GIRLS POWDERPUFF FOOTBALL: Front row Renee Kou-koudian, Lynn Nadzam. Betty Rosen. Chris Plummer. Mary Anne Nelson. Sue Pando. Second row - Renee Greenwood. Sherril Hensley. Lisa Pe-juan. Lisa Colucci. Renee Enoch. Lisa McDonough. Christy LaBrecque, Kelly Splan Third row • Lorianne Kirschweng, Kim Urbanowicz. Sherrill Morradian. Paula Gent. Becky Miller, Jenny Rankin, Missy Bjork, Darlene Vorva. Jean Huddleston. Fourth row Asst. Coach Todd Smith, Asst Coach Bob DaRonco, Patti Dombe, Inez Cernia, Sue O’Dell, Anne Bouf-ford. Sue Howell. Marlene Bodnar, Kelly Shovak, Edna Green, Lisa Seeley. Coach Bob Stites. Congratulations Class of “85 Councilman DAVJD tfOSC BABBAQS CUSTOM DRAPERIES TRAVERSE RODS V BLINDS WOVEN WOODS SHUTTERS VERTICALS Allen Park Shades Floors CARPET - LINOLEUM 928-2900 ED SHEMA 6627 ALLEN ROAD ALLEN PARK. Ml 188ley Rebel. Jenny Bjork. Sue Konkel, Claudette MacRae, Meredith Quillen. Pam Hudson. J.V. SOFTBALL: First Row- Sue DuChene, Tracey Vennebush. Marcie Wallace. Michelle McGonagle, Stacey Rose. Angie Vadasy. Leanne Bellas. Chris Carlton. Second row- Coach Lisa Schillinger. Kathy Johnson. Shel- Congratulations Class Of 1964 The Allen Club WARWICK 8-2808 Congratulations Allen Pork High Graduates Your Hometown Newspaper RamlH fylcuiesu The ALLEN PARKER Flowers Designed - With You In Mind 189FRESHMEN CHEERLEADERS: (front row) Holly Koths. Heather Hague, Beth Jozsa, Chris Tonus, (back row) Brigitte Domine, Lisa Nadzam, Leanne Bellas, Lynn Musulin. Congratulations To The Class Of 85” From FATHER ALFRED SAYLOR Council 3774 Knights Of Columbus 17113 Champaign Allen Park, Ml Good Luck To Ed Croine From LYN'S HAIR INN 3821 Monroe, Dearborn 562-5954 y TQ,olli Shoron Croine Owner kA , Mother Pretty Nails 98» Reeck Rd.. Allen Park For Program 190Keys Made Repairs JACK’S CYCLE AND SPORT 382-1990 Schwinn Franchised Dealer 6641 Park Ave Allen Park. Mich. b' ALICES LOOKING GLASS 16130 Wick Allen Pork 382-6625 Roal Rstatc Ons. Michigan’s Largest Real Estate Company 18735 Ecorse Road. Alien Park Michigan 48101 Office: (313) 389-1250 • Res 282-8227 ART GAUVIN REALTOR ASSOCIATE COUNSELOR REAL ESTATE SCHOOL LICENSING CLASS Contact Dob Kellso For Personal Interview 389-1250 “3 A Family Hair Core Center Varsity Basketball Team: Front Row - Lydia Yeghiorarlan, Carolyn Bray- Pattie Zimbilatti. Sue Rebel. Christie D’Hondt. Juii Chidester. Tracey man, Lisa Corvaia. Janice Denton. Chris Borowski. 2nd Row • Coach D’Hondt. Chris Dawson. 191CONGRATULATIONS CLASS OF Allen Pork Bond Parents Assoc. Bruce -A, } D.D.S. family Dentistry, RC. 083 3000 10501 Allen Road -Allen FMoMichigan 48ioi 1985 Frank J. Lada, Mayor City Of Allen Park 192Congratulations to the graduating class 1985 Mr. Billiards Freshman Football Team: Front Row John Kosidlo, Don Kiss. Ed Rankin. Garcia. Dan Moon. Dan Savona. Steve Eichbauer. In Rear • Coach Mickey Aarne Riutta, Jason Mifsud. 2nd Row • Bill Dixon. John Leverton, Kraig Henson. Tertzag. Mike Donigian. Lance Hoey. 3rd Row - Paul Sandhu. Mike 193Varsity Tennis: Front Row • Michelle McKelvey. Annemarie Pace. Jennifer Pace. Stephanie Milton. 2nd Row • Joanne Kovacs. Kathy Monroe. Linda Savona. Lorianne Kirschweng. Coach Betty Fesko. Not pictured - Jessica Kriksciun. Lori Lockhart. Christine McClosky, Lori Ward, Meredith Quillen. Jan Howard Proprietor 'CXA £fan Jiavl , Ffoiaf C pcr«afi J 388-5207 16127 Wick Rd Allen Park. Ml 48101 TED DAUBRESSE ARCHITECT OFF: 928-1779 7602 ALLEN RD. • ALLEN PARK • MICH. 48101 194KRIS A. ATWOOD Architectural Designer Kustom Kabinets 13536 Dix Southgate, Ml 48195 (313)281-7100Harry F. Vellmure, Victor T. Mitea Todd J. Mikesell Attorneys At Low 4517 Allen Rood Allen Pork, Ml 48101 FAMILY DENTAL CARE daily evenings Samuel D. Nagel Associates D.D.S. P C. 8400 Allen Road Allen Park (Com r of ingl«wood) 928-8848 Serving tha Oownrlvr Art a tor 2% 4 art JUNIOR VARSITY CHEERLEADERS: (front row) Sue Doran, Sue Marbrey. Cindy Marbrey, Dawn Ureste. (back row) Sue Whitlow. Leslie Tosh, Melissa Coker. Teresa Magnan. 196CADRINI CREDIT UNION Congratulations And Dost Wishes 1985 Graduates 7240 Pork Ave. Allen Pork. Mich. 48101 Phone: 386-4500 ALLEN PARK MIDDLE SCHOOL SKI CLUB Best Wishes To The Class Of 85' Nora, Sue Jim Green ”79” ST. CYRIL'S CREDIT UNION 20252 Ecorse Taylor, Ml. 48180 388-6533198JUNIOR GIRLS POWDERPUFF FOOTBALL: Front row • Lori Cooke. Sue Carroll. Laura Tonus, Roberta MacKinnon. Cheryl Potter. Cindy Davis. Delphia Ludwig. Debbie Moulding. Kathy Mann. Dawn Pomeran-ing. Second row - Kelly Lorenz. Nell Wysong. Patti Anne Rauser. Lisa Litner. Shelly Grove. Lisa McLeod. Margarita Loera. Deanna Danco. Michele McKelvey. Katie Kalvans. Kim Hutchison. Christi Johns. Third row Asst. Coach Mike Mitchell. Amy Balzerini. Kasandra Richardson. Karen Mann. Lynda Walker. Andrea Donaldson. Tammy Holton. Carrie Gaines. Laura McLeod. Sandy Hicks. Rebecca Markey. Lisa Briganti. Coach Buddy Toungett. CONGRATULATIONS SENIORS FROM THE SOPHOMORE CLASS OF “87 99 MHPP0? cAtivtt Lawnmower Equipment Parts - Sales Service Factory Authorized PIETRO'S ALL MAKES — LOW RATES EQUIPMENT SALES FREE PICK UP AND DELIVERY PIETRO DEGUILI (OWNER) (313) 381-8032 5533 ALLEN RD. ALLEN PARK, MI 48101 PACr ATHLETIC SUPPLY 6809 ROOSEVELT AVENUE ALLEN PARK. MICHIGAN 48101 199VARSITY WRESTLING: 1st row • Matt Enoch, Kevin King, Greg Flannery. George Rosen. Jeff Roulo, John Kosidlo. 2nd row - Jim McClay, Dave Grafton, Dave Maheras, Thom Mukri, Dave Mazur. Jeff Leeper. 3rd row • Coach Dave Templin, wrestlerette Betty Rosen, John McClay, Craig Rafail. Jeff Bero. Pat Baier. Andy Samll. Rudy Ramone, wrestlerette Denise Maheras, Coach Alfie Grafton. REAiV. LIEBER CORPORATION REALTORS Professional Real Estate Services 18708 ECORSE ROAD ALLEN PARK. MICHIGAN (313) 381 5660 We Specialize In Freezer Orders Kelly's Butcher Block Deli USDA CHOICE AND PRIME MEATS HOT SANDWICHES 7226 PARK PARTY TRAYS ALLEN PARK. Ml PH 928-0474 TARCIA'S PARK PLACE PROFESSIONAL CLEANERS We Specialize In Wedding And Prom Gowns 381-9833 6627 Pork Ave. Allen Pork, Ml 48101 200J.V BASKETBALL: 1st row - Claudette MacRae. Maureen Lareau. Mi Naramore, Jeri Richards, Marcie Wallace. Dawn Purvis. Pam Zurowick. chelle McGonagle, Kathy Johnson. Shelly Rebel. 2nd row - Coach Kathy Ann Choma. 8302 Allen Road. At Champaign Dunkirk 2-1188 Allen Park, Michigan Pittman’s Radio TV BEST OF LUCK TO THE GRADUATING SALES AND SERVICE — TERMS: NIT CASH UPON COMPLETION OF WORK GUARANTEE: PARTS. 90 OATS-IABOR. 30 OATS ON COMPLETELY REPAIREO SITS. SENIORS OF 1985 Res. 928-2739 J. MICHAEL HILL ATTORNEY AND COUNSELOR AT LAW CLASS OF ”71 7340 Pork Ave. Allen Pork, Ml 48101 Off. 388-5710 FROM THE ALLEN PARK BOOSTER CLUBVARSITY BASKETBALL: kneeling-John Francis. Scott Stacey. Gerald Mussio. Kevin McJunkin. Frank Ennis. Greg Donigian, Marty Bowdell. Standing-Coach Sam. Coach Ray. Bill Riggs. Jan Firek. Mike Dawson, Dave Pagac. Nick Armelagos, Michael Sclater, H.W. Bufton, Coach Mickey Henson. FRESHMEN BASKETBALL: kneeling-Steve Burkett. John Leverton. Mark Picklo. Jack Polly. Brian Dickson. Ed Rankin. Standing-Coach Ron Howell. Mike Koller, Mike Garcia. Steve Eichbauer. Mike Donigian. Jeff Sanscrainte, Mike Mrla. 202J.V. Football: Kneeling-Matt Enoch. Roger Deshetler, Mark Henderson. Jerry Villereal, Tom Sawyer. Rob Hoxey. 2nd Row Left to Right-Mike Skelton. Eric Letourneau, Jeff Leeper. Joe Albanese, John Oleynik. Brent Ketzenburger, John Jaskowski. Back Row Standing-Coach Andy Small Dave Traster, Art Hayden. John Savona. Kevin Kierran, Ricahrd Slate Jeff Navoy. Mark Pipkin. Coach Mr. Kelly. J.V VOLLEYBALL: kneeling-Dawn Purvis. Sherri Donaldson. Marcie Wallace. 2nd row-Shelley Rebel. Raquel Martinez. Deborah Orban. Tracy Vennebush. standing-Coach Debbie Norman. Shelly Mayher. Denise Wilson. Sue Beauvais. Lisa Dziekan. Vanessa Stephenson 203WARWICK 8-5920 Congratulations Class Of 1985 ALLEN PARK Starter Generator Service 5329 ALLEN ROAD ALLEN PARK. MICHIGAN 48101 Allen Park, Police Deportment HOBART A . GRAY LYLY R. GRAY £Parshatl £ evelovment Kelly s Butcher Block Deli Real Estate Sales Property Management USDA CHOICE AND PRIME MEATS HOT SANDWICHES PARTY TRAYS PH 928-0474 Bonita Parshall. Broker Howard Parshall. Director 7226 PARK ALLEN PARK, MI (313) 283-6776 Tungett. John Francis. Mike Dawson. Nick Armelagos, Manager Mark Maddock, Coach Mr. Robert Kelly. VARSITY BASEBALL: (1st row) Steve Mangipane. Rich Sclater. Tim McGonagle. Henry Nagel. Mike Mitchell. (2nd row) Jeff Navoy. Matt Me Donald, Mike Hadvina. David Pagac. Rich Slate (3rd row) coach -Buddy 204A (j W DRIVE IN 1467 Southfield, Lincoln Pork Ph. 382-5090 ALLEN PARK (313) 383-9527 LIVONIA (313) 464-6040 BELLEVILLE (313) 697-2010 Air Conditioning Heating Heat Pump Specialists MAIN OFFICE: 1757 Southfield Lincoln Park, Ml 48146 Southfield (313) 559-2226 Ask About Our 100% Service Contract Varsity Softball: 1st row - Christy LaBrecque, Renee Koukoudian. Lydia Yeghiazarian. Lisa Pejuan. Christy D'Hondt. Lisa MacDonough, Lisa Cor vaia 2nd row • Coach Debbie Norman, Carolyn Brayman. Kasandra Richardson, Tracey D’Hondt, Diane Burt. Chris Dawson. Lori Ward. Coach Kirk Brayman. e7tfA Flowers For All Occasions 8441 Park Avenue Allen Park. Michigan 40101 Alice Davis Phone (313) 383-5100 COMPLETE BRIDAL SERVICE Prom Gowns REGAL BRIDAL SALON 3110 FORT ST. LINCOLN PARK. MICH. DU 6-5174 10 A.M. TO 8 P.M. WED. 6 SAT. 10 TO 5 P.M. 206Girls Track: 1st row- Laura Bollman. Shelley Sarkett. Sue Rebel. Jessica Zurowick. Elena Marchionda. Chris Bigelow. 2nd row: Coach Greg Gomo lak. Trina Fix. Vicky Shamus. Rhonda Adam. Denise Wilson. Amy Her rington. Asst Coach Doug “Alfie Grafton. Not pictured Jennifer Garcia Best Wishes Class Of ”85'' (313) 382-7700 7. spencer bldrs • me Custom Building And Remodeling 8241 Allen Rood, Allen Pork, Ml 48101BOYS’ VARSITY TRACK: 1st row Jamie Sanscrainte. Jason Mifsud, Eric Schmidt. Derrick Balogh, John Kosidlo. Pat Watters. Paul Coffman. Coach Petri. 2nd row - Coach Mifsud. Lance Hoey. Chris Trombley. Brian Matusik. Nilson Karimata, Jeff Mifsud. Andy Small. Chris Roberts. Steve Endicott, Pat Baier, 3rd row Rob Paulsom. Tim Espen. Bill Tadian. Dave Ziegler. Mike Donigian. Karl Schwartz. Kevin Kiernan, Tom Graham. Eric Bollman. Joe Dellapenna, John Ziegler. Tom Ross. Marty Bowdell. Flowers on the Avenue 6834 Park Avenue Allen Park. Michigan 48101 383-2700 Jim Agnes Benedict GOOD LUCK CLASS OF 84 MR. WILKINSON AND MR. DRAPER Voran Funeral Homes, Inc. ALLEN PARK 5900 ALLEN RD. WA8-2300 DEARBORN 23701 FORD RD. CR8-5100 TAYLOR 23750 GODDARD RD. 291-1800 208209 Varsity Swimming Team: 1st row - Scott Belknap. Cari Severt. Tom Wiseman. Chris Baier. Jim Woydyla, Eric Holewinski. Coach Dale Petri, Clinton. Mark Lavine. Mike Dyer. 2nd row • Chris Hagen. Bill Tadian. Tim Dave Moon. Martin. Chris Trombley. Tim Rahtz. 3rd row • Coach Marsha Pando. Ron 04 04 •- •- •4 • 04 • 4 PATRONS • 4 • 4 • 4 04 •4 • 4 •4 Bob Berschback • 4 Mr. Mrs. E. G. Bollman • 4 Tom Nancy Borowski • 4 04 Harry Mary Bourbina • 4 Mr. Mrs. Richard K. Braun • 4 Mr. Angelo Americo DeGiulio • The Donigian Family +4 Mr. Bob Francis • •4 A1 Lois Grafton •4 The Clare Jozsa Family • 4 Mrs. Madonna Kirschweng • 4 04 Arthur Florence Laatz • 4 Mr. Mrs. Robert MacKinnon 04 04 Karen Dick Mann • -•-04 04 04 04 04 04 04 04 04 04 04 04 04 04 04 04 Rick Mann 210 Patrons • ••••••••••'••••••••••••'•••••••••••••'•a Ms Ella Joie Manning Mr. Mrs. Tom Mukri Lou Karen Oleynik Mr. Mrs. M. Pando Robert W. Powell Mr. Mrs. Edward Rankin The Tom Rebel Family The Richardson Family Dave Roberts Larry Gail Tonus The Tosh Family Joe Julie Warren Mr. Mrs. Edwin Werner Harold D. Zantop Mary Zimmerman PATRONS !!!!!!I Patrons 211 IMPRINT 85 Editor-in-chief - Sue Rebel Assistant Editors: Prologue - Sue Rebel Seniors - Debbie Roberts Activities - Sue Pando Faculty - Sherrill Hensley, Betty Rosen, Kelly Splan Sports - Sue Pando Ads - Gerry Stea Underclassmen - Ed Craine Graphics by: Craine-Williams Studio, Ken Pitchford, Mark Picklo Publishers - Josten's Publishing Company Staff Members: Jeff Bero Nanette Binert Sue Carroll Janice Denton Jan Firek John Francis Jeff Green Joanne Kovacs Roberta Mackinnon Karen Mann Mary Ann Nelson John Warren Cover - original drawing by Jim Rotay; redrawn by Paul Wilburn Advisor - Robert W. Powell THIS IS THE STAFF 212 ImprintMr. Runnals has been teaching at Allen Park High School for 36 ‘2 years. Mr Runnals was the first to teach Physics. Chemistry, and Physical Science. He was sponsor of one of the first Student Council groups which chose the school colors, the mascot JAGUARS . and the queen’s robe and crown. He has served under four Principals and three Superintendents Mr. Runnals was a freshmen foot ball coach for four years without losing a season He also operated the football scoreboard since the first game was played, and was treasurer of the P T A for two years Mr. Runnals received his Bachelor of Science degree from Eastern Michigan University and Wayne State University. He received his Master's of Science degree from the University of Michigan. Mr Runnals’ entire teaching career has been at Allen Park High School. Some of Mr Runnals' former students were: Mr Heller. Mr Kovach. Mr Semen. Mr Petri, and Mr. Picko who are now teaching at Allen Park High School Mr. Stallings taught at the high ” school for 28 years. He taught all math classes including Calculas for 15 years and taught 50-75% of the advanced math classes during that same period Mr. Stallings served on the advanced credit evaluating committee. was sponsor of the junior class for two years, sponsored the math club, and was department chairman and math curriculum coordinator from 1963-1980. He taught math in summer school and was the first instructor in the tutoring program. Mr. Stallings has B.S. and M.A. degrees in math and math education. He attended 3 National Science Scholarship Institutes in math and supervised the Michigan Prize Mathematics Competition for many years. He was president of the Allen Park Federation of Teachers for 8 years. For 13 years he did not miss one day of teaching Mr. Stallings plans to travel during the years of his retirement. He is also interested in real estate. Some of Mr. Stalling’ former students include Mrs. Kerami-das. Mr. Kovach, and Mr. Picklo • all teach at the high school now. SO LONG Dedication 213A Adam. Rhonda 142. 160. 161. 207 Albancse. Joseph 106. 160. 168. 203 Alien. Brandy 170 Allen. Lisa 150 Alley. James 170 Andrzyczak. Joseph An.ol. Marc 35. 82. 150 A mol, Shawn Armelagov Nick 150. 202. 204 Armstrong. William 121. 160. 162. 163, 192 Artress. Laura Ash. Michele 150 Asmus, Michelle 170 Avey. Stephen 150 Ayrhart. Deanna 170 B Baber. Michael 35 Badwi. Ghasson 23 Badwi. Samar 160 Baez. Teresa 170 Bagdatari.m. Krista 171 Barer. Christoph 3. 14. 43. 48. 72. 75. 131. 186. 209 Barer. Eric 160. 166 Barer Patrick 145. 149. ISO. 186. 200. 208 Bailey. James Bailey. Jcannie Balagna. Dean Ballheirn. Beth Balogh. Dcrlk 170. 208 Balzenm, Amy 83. 90. 91. 150. 199 Banastak. Sherry 170. 175 Bargamian. Paul 95. 139. 160. 163 Bates. Aaron 14. 17. 86 Beals. Amy Beals. Kerth 15. 43 Beals. Paul ISO Beaton. Shawn 160 Beauvais. Robert Beauvais. Suzanne 203 Bcsgs. Anthony Beggs. Cassandra 160. 167 Belknap. Jennifer 11, 170 Belknap. Scott 150. 209 Bell. Wendy 170 Bellas. Leanne 26. 36. 83. 95. 170. 175. 189. 190 Belteky, Kimberly 95. 160 Bero. Jeffrey 14. 35. 36. 59. 83. 186. 200 Bertasio. Tern 35. 150. 154. 155. 184 Bickford. Kirk 14. 53. 75 Bigelow. Christine 142. 160. 207 Bigliardi, Louis 14. 42. 53 Bigliardi. Matthew 150 Bitak, De Anna Billett. Ron Blnert, Nanette 150. 156 Bjork. Jennifer 135. 170, 189 Bjork. Melissa 14. 25. 53. 188 Blomk. Jacquelyn 150 Bksmk. Jennifer 170. 209 Boak. Todd 160 Bobrocky. Scott Bobrocky. Steve 14 Bobrocky. Sue Bodnar. Charles 150. 186 Bodnar. Julianne 170 Bodnar. Marlene 14. 43. 188 Bolam. Renee 14 Bollman. Eric 14. 23. 55. 81. 83. 90. 91. 184. 208 Bollman. Laura 143. 170. 207 Bono. Michael 170 Borbonan. Patrice 170 Borg. David 170 Bonco. Kenyon 170. 175 Borowski. Christine 41. 82. 108. 150. 153. 191 Bosh David 167. 170 Bottorff. Thomas 12. id. 53 Boufford. Anne 14. 47. 53. 56. 188 Boufford. Robert 160. 192 Bowdcll. Martin 14. 56. 81. 118. 119. 186. 202. 208 Braun. Eric 41. 80. 83. 85. 95. 147. ISO Brayman. Carolyn 80. 95. 109. 133. ISO. 191. 206 Brettschneide. Patrick 150. 154 Bridge . Charles id. 17 Briganti. Lisa 38. 39. ISO. 199 Brighton. Wendy 14 Brisbois. Julianna 170 Brohman. Matthew ISO Brohman. Susan 170 Brown. Gayle 170 Bruce. Robert 170 Bruinsma, John 4, 14. 186 Bryan. Bobbie 160. 168 Budnck. Karen 150 Bufton. HW id. 54. 56. 81. 97. 99. 112. 118. 119. 202 Burdick. Steven id Burgess. Jeffrey Burgess. Steven 160. 167 Burkett Stephen 123. 170. 202 Burnham. John id Burt. D.ane 133. 160. 206 Buttson, Christian 171. 176 C Cafego. Anthony 160 Cafego. Thomas 160 Calleja. Christine 171 Campbell. Gregg 140 Capetlan. Thomas Carlini. Gtno 160 Carr. James 171 Carroll. Susan 81. 83. 85. 95. ISO. 155. 159. 184. 199 Casaccia. Andrea 14 Cassidy. Paul Cernia. Donald 171 Ccmia. Inez id. 47. 188 Chahil. Karla 160 Chappell. Susan id. 4« Chidester. Jul. 9. id. 23. 60. 81. 82. 83. 108. 125. 181. 191 Childress. Camille Childress. Eric Choma. Ann 171. 174. 201 Christensen. Larry Chuby. Cheryl 160 Chuby. Lisa 150. 159 Chuey. Coleen 36. 44. 86. 160 Chucy. David 150 Chymiak. Debbra 14 Clalkowski. Joseph 171 Cichon. Paul 4. id. 70. 81 Ciszewski. Gregory 160 Clay. Karen id Clemons. Lisa 160 Clemons. Mark 14 Clemons. Rhomona 151 Click. Jeffrey 171 Clinton, Thomas id. 50. 209 Cloke. Robert Cochdl. Julie Coffman. Heather 174 Coffman. Paul 5. 32. 76. 145. 186. 208 Coker. Melissa 160. 1% Colucci. Lisa IS. 83. 188 Conmck. Robyn 12. 15. 43 Conroy. Bnan Conroy. Sherry 15 Cooke. Lori 48. 88. 151. 199. 209 Corvaia. 3. 15. 27. 30. 33. 47. 56. 80. 61. 80. 82. 94. 95. 97. 108, 109. 191. 206 Coughlin. Can Crame. Edward 15. 43. 87. 92. 93. 95 Craine. Michael 161 Cremeans. Edward 7. 15. 17. 186 Chmmins. Carol 15 Crowley. Denny 139 Crupi. Gary 15 Crupi. Maria Cummings. Angela 151 Cummings. Noelle 172 Cummings. Thomas Cundy. Christoph 171 Curtis. Kristen 171. 173. 174 D DHondt. Christina 9. 15. 46. 60. 80. 82. 97. 109. 124. 132. 166. 169. 181. 191. 206 D Hondt. Tracey 34. 98. 108. 109. 125. 132. 161. 169. 181. 191. 206 Daley. Scott 151 Danko. Deanna 83. 199 Daronco. Robert 4. 15. 24. 34. 43. 55. 60. 62. 73. 81. 83. 186. 188 Daubresse. Lynn 124. 125. 161. 169, 181 Davanzo. Kenneth 151 Davidson. John 76. 151 Davis. Cindy 151. 152. 199 Davis. Rosemane 161 Dawson. Christine 36. 83. 108. 149. 160. 161. 165. 191. 206 Dawson Michael 82. 95. 136. 151. 157. 186. 202. 204 De Guli. Anita De Quito. Angelo Del Pizzo. Enzo Dellahan, Arsho 171 Dellapenna, Joseph 86. 161. 208 Denton. Janice 80. 82. 92. 93. 108. 151. 191 Depaoll. Tina 5. 15. 34. 37. 55. 57. 60. 83 Dcshantz. Lisa 15. 49 Deshetler. Roger 138. 161. 168. 203 Dicesare. Richard 161 Dickson. Brian 9. 140. 171. 202 Dimltroff. Mark 15 Discher. Kristina Dixon. William 163. 171. 193 Dmytrusz. Steven 161 Dombe Kristy l6l. 167 Dombe, Patricia 15. 76. 188 Dommv. Bngettc 102. 149. 171. 190 Donaldson. Andrea 82. 151. 199 Donaldson. Sherr. 45. 161. 203 Donbe. Kristy Donigian. Gegory 15. 21. 25. 37. 42. 54. 59. 63. HI 83. 202 Donigian. Michael 122. 171. 193. 202. 208 Donofno. Michael 161 Doran. Susan 100. 161. 196 Doty. Scott 161 Driscoll. James 26. 34. 161 Drouillard. Roxanne 151 Dtysdale. Christine 31. 50. 161. 209 Duchene. Susan 83. 171. 189 Dutton. Steven 35. 105. 151 Duvall. Lynn 151 Dyer. Michael 171. 209 Dztekan. Lisa 26. 37. 83. 95. 127. 170. 171. 203 E Earley. James 171. 174 Earley. Jeffrey 171 Eggert. Matthew 7. 15. 90 Eggert. Thomas 161 Eichbauer. Steven 62. 122. 123. 140. 171. 193. 202 Ellers, Roger 161 Endlcott. Steven 171. 208 Ennis, Francis 149. 151. 202 Enoch. Matthew 128. 129. 161. 200. 203 Enoch. Renee 5. 15. 21. 29. 30. 39. 47. 54 . 57. 61. 94. 95. 188 Esau. Douglas 171 Esau. Tammy Eshelman. David 151 Esper, Timothy 208 Espy. Jevvery 161 Evans. Jennifer F Falkey. Krista 86. 161 Farley. Charles 161 Feges. Christoph Feher. Jeanne 161 Fehrman. David 161 Fehrman. Donna Fehrman. Karri 80. 125. 151. 181 Felix. Joel 171 Felix. Robert 15 Ferguson. Gordon 15. 23 Ferguson. Samuel Fesko. Timothy 147 Fcttcrman. Yvonne 68. 151 Firek. Jan 80. 92. 93. 95. 149. 151. 186. 202 Fischer. Heather 82 Fischer. Heidi 86 Fischer. Jennifer Fischer. John 151 Fisher. Cynthia Fisher. Mary 151 Fix. Tnna 163. 207 Range. Joseph 171 Rannery. Gegory 128. 200 Rores. Chris Rynn. Kelly Rynn. Kevin 151 Ford. Thomas 15. 81 Fox. Kevin 15. 17. 21. 27. 37. 42. 50. 56. 74. 81. 83. 95 Francis. John 80. 82. 93. 95. 112. 137. 151. 152. 202. 204 Franklin. Robert 151 Frasier, Jan Freeman, Richard 15 French. Hjalma Fnedley. Eric 15 G Gaines. Carolyn 89. 199 Gaines. Rob 151. 186 Galindo. Annmane Gallagher. Patrick 163 Galloro. David 152 Garabedtan. Richard 15 Garcia. Daniel 15 Garcia. Jennifer 172 Garcia. Miguel 172. 193. 202 Gardner. Eddie 77. 163 Gasorski. Joseph 172 Gasorski. Leanne 15. 17 Gwcnda. Kimberly 163 Gawenda. Rick 36 Garhart. Michael 152 Gb. Danielle 83. 172 Gegaj, Drita 15. 48 Gegai. Violet 172 Gnt. Paula 5. 15. 21. 37. 54. 70. 188 Gorgic. Robert Grgel. Richard 163 Grgely. Sandra 163 Gbbs. Brian 15. 57 Gbson, Alan 152 Giertz. Kristen 163. 209 Gllis. Jennifer 172 Girard. Richard 152 Glenn. Clyde Gch. Michael Gulasarian. Jeffrey 15 Grafton. David 8. 16. 21. 25. 37. 49. 57. 80. 82. 90. 91. 95 96. 129. 200 Graham. Thomas 86. 163. 208 Green. Andrew 141. 172 Green. Edna 16. 35. 42. 60. 188 Green. Jeffrey 16. 54. 83. 92. 93. 95 Green, Marvin Greenwood. Kep 172. 173 Greenwood. Renee 16. 81. 188 Gregoire. Jennifer 172 Gregory. Steven 152 Griffin. William 186 Gnpp. Dawn 86. 163 Grove. Shelly 152. 157. 199 Gruenwald. Douglas 152 Gruley Roseann 44. 45. 86. 163. 209 Grzyb. Dawn 163 Gunltien, Teresa 163 Guess. Steven 121. 163. 192 Gyler. Bonnie 163 Guitar. Robert 163 H Hadvina. Michael 80. 83. 95. 148. 152. 156. 186. 2 Hagedorn. Adnenne Hagedorn. Amy Hagen. Chris 263. 209 Hague. Heather 95. 102. 172. 190 Hall Jill 152 Hammock. Wendell 163 Hammond. Beth 12. 16 Hamk. James Hanoian. Rosemane 172 Harrington. Amy 143. 172. 207 Harrington. Lori Harris. Stacey Harvieux. Colxllette 163. 166 Hawes. Jerry 35 Haworth. Michael 75. 83. 152 Haws. Michael Hayden. Arthur 163. 165. 203 Hayes. Heather 163 Hcgcdus. Gry 16. 18. 70. 81. 95. 104. 186 Hegedus. Shelly 172 Henderson. Mark 163, 203 Henneberry. Colleen 163 Hensley. Shernll 16. 23. 43. 47. 52. 66. 93. 188 Hernandez II. Tony Herrando. Rhonda 172 Herrmann. Cynthia 16. 56 Herrmann. William 168. 172 Hicks. Sandra 152. 199 Higgison. Darnel Higgison. Darnel Higgison. Teri 16 Hill. Andrew 16. 46. 50. 56. 71. 81. 87. 95 Hill. Dwight 173 Hillman. Chnstop Hinkle. Joseph 16 Hionis. Anastasia Hoey. Lance 173. 193. 208 Hoffman. Joseph 152 Hogg. Jennifer 163 Holbrook. Angel Holcwinski, Eric 8. 16. 51. 99. 131, 186. 209 Holton. Tammy 152. 157. 199 Hoshino. Masakazu 152 Hoskins. Eric 152. 154 Howard. Sean 152 Howell. Carol Howell. Susan 16, 25. 53. 188 Hoxey. Robert 152. 169. 203 Hubbard. Deanna 174. 177 Huddleston. Jean 5. 188 Hupman. Andrea 173 Hutchison. Kimberly 36. 152. 199 Hutson. Andrea 16. 88 Hutson. Pamela 173. 189 I Ice. Lisa J Janson. Heather 41 Jaroslawski. Jennifer 83. 152 Jaskowski. John 166. 173. 203 Jeffers. Timothy Johns. Christie 152. 199. 209 Johns. Robert 173 Johnson, Aaron 16. 49. 59. 80. 86 Johnson. Dawnmarie Johnson Kathleen 83. 95. HO. 111. 135. 17. 189. 201 Johnson. Rhonda Johnson. Sheri Johnston. Alan Jordan. Rhonda Jozsa. Bethann 83. 95. 102. 170. 173. 175. 190 Jozsa. 12. 16. 21. 61. 80. 82. 83. 95 100. 184 Jozsa. Kenneth 152 Jozsa. Kevin lb. 163 Julct. Jennifer 163 Jurj, loan K Kaczmar. Joseph 173 Kaczmar, Lisa 16. 30. 97 Kalvans. Katherine 36. 125. 152. 199 Kaminski. Connie 152 Karimata. Nilson 4. 16. 35. 51, 144, 208 Karoub. Jeffrey 67. 163 Karpetoff. George 7 Kastl. K.mberly 173 Kazanjian, Tania 173 Kehagiaras. Andrew 30. 70. 163. 165. 168 Kendall. Rachel 163 Kent. Kelly 173 Kerns. Timothy Ketzonbcrger. Brent 95. 139. 149, 163. 166. 203 Kiernan. Kevin 34. 163. 1. 203. 208 Kimbler, Maria 158 King, Bryan 172. 173 King, Kevin 74. 173. 200 King, Thomas 173 Kirkpatrick. Kan 152 Kirschweng. Lonanne 16. 24. 47. 51. 58. 115. 188. 194 Kiss. Donald 173. 193 Klimek. Brian 16. 60 Klimek, Mark 174 Klinkman. Thomas 172. 174 Klonowski. Mark 174 Knas. Kathryn 80. 83. 90. 91. 95. 148. 152 Knechtges. Kathleen 152 Knight. Kimberly 83. 163. 166. 209 Knight. Patnck Knight. Paul 16. 186 Knox. Adam 147. 174 Kobylarz. Derek 163. 168 Koiler. Lisa 174 Koller. Michael 174. 202 Konefe. Chad 16. 49 Konkel. Scott 154 Konkel, Susan 174. 189 Kosidk). John 173. 174. 193. 200. 208 Koths. Allen 80. 154. 186 Koths. Holly 102, 174. 190 Koukoudian. Renee 16. 188. 206 Kovacs. Joanne 16. 17. 50. 58. 60. 80. 81. 82. 83. 93. 114. 115. 194 Kowalewski. Pamela 174 Kozk . Matthew 174. 179 Kozlowski. Kirk 174 Krcmko. Linda Kriktciun. Jessica 163. 209 Kruse. Scott 154 Krust. Kelly 16. 51. 56. 80. 82. 83. 89. 90. 91. 95 Krztsruk. David 44. 45. 82. 86. 154 Kulin. Edward 163 Kulin. Karen 154 Kuschel, Kevin L La Framboise. Peter 174 La Palm. Bruce Laatz. Grdon 56. 80. 82. 90. 91 Labrccquc. Christine 16. 25. 38. 39. 46. 48. 71. 80. 82. 95. 188. 206 Labrecque. David 85. 95. 174 Lafferty. Elizabeth Lafferty. Grald 16 Lafferty. Linda Laforce. Lennts 154. 166 Lakatos, Robert 163 Laniewicz. Lon 174 Lapointe. Ramuald 95. 163 Larche. Peter Larche. Victoria 163 Lareau, Maureen 31. 83. 95. 163. 165. 168. 201 Lareau, Timothy 16. 35. 43. 59. 61. 70. 81. 186 Lavine. Mark 16. 51. 209 Law. Kevin Lazuka. Tonya 174. 176 Leeper. Jeffrey 163. 200. 203 Lefaive. Joel Lcntini. Larry 40. 154 Lentini. Piera 174 Letourneau. Eric 163. 203 Letourneau. Frederick 154. 186 Leverton. John 122. 141. 174. 193. 202 214Lewis. James 146. 764 Lewis. John 79, 113 Lezotte. Troy Lh»va. Kelly 764. 168 Linde man. Roger 7. 19. 83 Lindtsch. Robert 764 Litner. Lisa 21. 25. 35. 37. 754. 158. 199 Lobb. Amy 19. 2b. 53 Lockhart. Lori 764 Loera. Margarita 83. 754. 199 Loera. Mane 24. 83. 86. 174 Loren , Kelly 10. 80. 81. 83. 152. 754. 199 Lone. Todd 161. 764 Louna, Matthew 12. 79 Lowry. Susan 158 Ludwig. Delphia 754 799 Ludwig. Mary 164 M Mac Rae. Claudette 111. 134. 764. 189. 201 MacKinnon. Roberta 31. 38. 38. 49. 81. 83. 93. 95. 150. 151 754. 157. 159. 167. 199 Madison Denise 754 Madison Margaret 17. 79 Mognan. Teresa 99. 764. 196 Mahalak Frank 154 Maheras, Dav,d 79. 23. 25. 58. 76. 200 Maheras. Deruse 79. 23. 47. 52. 98. 125. 181. 200 Mangiapane. Russell 41. 149. 150. 154 Mangiapane. Steven 79. 137. 204 Mann. Karen 33. 83. 93. 754. 199 Mann. Kathleen 81. 83. 754. 158. 199 Marbrey. Cynthia 100. 173. 774. 196 Marbrey. Robert Marbrey. Suzanne 7o4. 196 Marchionda. Elena 81. 142. 764. 184. 207 Markey. Rebecca 49, 89. 754. 199 Marriott. Meredith Martin. Cathy 79 Martin. Michael 754 Martin. Timothy 45. 86. 131, 146. 147. 764. 209 Marline . Rogue! 126. 774. 203 Mason. Kelly 79 Matelic. Scott Mathis Keith 79. 58 Mallei. Todd Matusik. Brian 5. 79. 54. 57, 59, 144, 145. 186. 208 Maxson. Robert 754 Mayher. Shelly 126. 203. 764 Mazur, David 754 200 Me Carren. Christine Me Carren. Michael Me Clay. James 12. 79. 48. 129. 200 Me Cay, John 764. 200 Me Closky. Christine 79. 56. 57. 90. 114 Me Comb. Christine 754 Me Cosky. Darren 79 Me Coy. Michael 81 Me Dona.d. Motthcw 36. 754 157. 159. 186 Me Donough. Lisa 79. 25. 38. 47. 188. 206 Me Gnn, Thomas 17. 19. 48. 90. 94. 95. 113 Me Gonagk. Michele 4. 34. 83. 111. 135. 764. 169. 189. 201 Me Gonagk. Timothy 19. 35. 57. 59. 98. 137. 186. 204 Me Junkm. Kevin 79. 35. 119. 186. 202 Me Kelvey. Michelle 86. 754. 199, 194, 209 Me Kibben. Steven 146. 755 Me Laughlin. Shea Me Leod. Laura 755. 199 Me Leod. Lisa 39. J55. 199 Me Leod. Roderick 774 Me Mahan. Timothy 35. 764. 166 Me Manamay, Mark 774 Me Menemy. Thomas Me Mullen. Susan Me Pherson. Amanda 755 McNa. John 764 Meehan. Shireen 164 Mehlhose. Dale 764 Mrruer. David Menzer. Michelle 19. 53 Metlmo. Gna 103. 774 Michael. Leah 19. 61 Milsud. Jason 107. 145. 7 76. 193. 208 Mifsud. Jeffery 2. 81. 82. 95. 113. 144. 169. 208 Milkr. Dawn 79. 23. 83. 100. 184 Miller. John Miller, Kimberly Miller. Kimberly 155 Miller, Rebecca 79. 57. 83. 94. 95. 188 Milton. Stephanie 51. 7 76. 194. 209 Miner. Emily 83. 776 Mitchell. Michael 79. 60. 90. 91. 199. 204 Mohammed Toma 155 Mollett. l.isa 209 Mondak, Belinda Monroe. Kathy 49. 776. 194 Montayne, Gene 764 Moon. Daniel 193 Moon David 11. 44 755. 209 Mooradian. Lauri 103. 776 Mooradtan. Sherril 79. 95. 103, 188 Moore. Brian 174, 7 76 Moore. Michael Moore. Thomas Morris. Dianne Moss. Mary 155 Moulding. Deborah 27. 755. 159. 199 Nount. Mil.ssa 11. 42. 153. 158. 184 Mrla, Michael 140. 7 76. 202 Mucha. Thomas 755. 163 Mucha. Timothy 51. 89. 120. 764. 192 Mukri. Donyal 9. 80. 81. 82. 83. 95. 151. 755. 159. 184 Mukri. Thom 18. 79. 31. 54. 57. 80. 95. 97. 129. 186. 200 Mullins. Donald 164. 192 Murlick. Matthew 18 Murphy. Christoph 79 Murray. Bilan Mussw. Gerald 8. 19. 75. 119. 202 Musulln, Lon 7 9, S3. 71 Musulin, Lynn 102 , 7 76. 190 N Nadeau III. Tyrus 7 76 Nadzam. Lisa 26. 95. 102. 170. 776. 190 Madzam. Lynette 79. 21. 25. 29. 56. 57. 80. 82. 95. 188 Nagel. Henry 18. 20. 105. 136. 186. 204 Nagy. Kevin 20. 77 Nagy. Lynn 17. 20 Nappo. Melissa 776. 179 Navoy. Jeffrey 95. 121. 149. 160. 764 166. 168. 192. 203. 204 Neal. Shelley Ncideffer. Audra 173. 176 Nelson. Mary 20. 42. 48. 93. 95. 188 Newton. Cheryl 86. 755 Nickerson. Kristi 174 Noks. Robert 755 Norvell. Lena 764 O O'Brien. Maureen 20. 23. 53. 54. 80. 81. 82. 90. 96 O'Connor. Kevin O'Connor. Patrick O'Dell. Aaron O'Dell. Uoyd 176 O'Dell. Susan 20. 43. 188 O'Donnell. James 155 O'Donnell. Kathleen Oddo. Marlene 755. 156. 764 Okymk. John 764. 192. 203 Obver. Jell 155 Obver. Joanne 20 Opolski. Stacee 755 Or ban. Deborah 83. 764. 203 Orlando. Michelk 20 Osentoski. Paul Owens. Glenn 158 P Paavo. Jeffrey 164 Pace. Annemarie 90. 91. 98. 114. 755. 194 Pace. Jennifer 114. 764. 165. 194 Pagac. David 2. 20. 23. 34. 61. 105. 118. 119. 137. 186 202. 204 Page. Paul 764 Pando. Su anne 20. 42. 47. 81. 83. 87. 90. 91. 92. 93. 188 Pamch. David 764 Papa las. Stephen 11. 36. 41. 43. 80. 84. 112. 148. 755 Paps. Russell 7o4 Parker. Scott 10. 764 Parrett. Robert 20. 53 Parson. Ronald 764 Paulson Robert 208 Pavia. Barbara 20 Pearce. Scott 20. 58 Peiuan. 20. 38. 54. SO. 82. 89. 133. 188. 206 Pell. Heather 7 76 Pcrsail. Tracy Pesci. Cary Peso. Julie 20 Petr angel. Robert 164 Petrosian. Elizabeth 3. 20. 55. 80. 90. 91 Petrosian. Vartan Pfeiffer. Steven 20. 23. 54. 80. 82. 90. 147 Ptckell. Stacy 172. 176. 177 Picklo. Mark 7 76. 178 , 202 Pteranl. Natalie Piet . Pamela 2C Pipkin. Jon 20. 75 Pipkin. Mark 203 Pitcher. Sean Pitchford. Kenneth 20. 80. 89, 90 Pizzo. Josephine 176 Pizzo. Marianne 151. 755 Plague. Kimberly Plummer. Christine 188 Pochron. Stanley 776 Polhamus. Elizabeth 153. 755 Polly. Jack 123. 202 Pomeramng. Dawn 755. 157. 199 Pomeranmg. Michael 177 Pomeranlng. Thomas 777 Pope Michele 83. 755 Potter. Cheryl 38. 755. 158. 19g Pouliot. Jeffrev 139. 764 lo5 Powell. Dawn 209 Presnell. Elyse 155 Price, Cheryse 10. 764. 165 Puckett. William 764 Purvis. Dawn 127. 175, 7 77. 201. 203 Q Quenneville. Todd 177 Quillen. Meredith 83. 134. 777. 189 Quo ientc. Alphonto 777 Quoziente. John 756 R Rafail. Craig 12. 20. 59. 75. 129. 200 Raht Timothy 131. 764. 209 Ramirez. Christoph 777 Ramon. Rudy 41. 149. 156. 186. 200 Ranilovich. Anthony 15o. 166 Rankin. Edward 107. 123. 141. 176. 777. 193. 202 Rankin, Jennifer 5. 9. 20. 38. 39. 54. 60 81. 82. 83. 95 188 Ransom. Leah 164 Rauser. Patti Ann 83. 156. 199 Ray. Darrell 20. 57 Ray. Derrick 20 Reasner. Kelly 177 Reasner. Stacey 20 Rebel. Shelly 127. 134. 764. 189. 201. 203 Rebel. Susan 13. 20. 30. 51. 78. 80. 81. 82. 92. 93. 95. 97. 108. 125. 181. 191. 207 Redden. Todd 764 Reddmann. Michael 764 Renaud. Leslie 7 77. 178 Reyes. Pelipe Rheinhart, Dawn 41 Richards. Christoph 756. 208 Richards. Jen 764. 175. 201 Richardson. Kasandra 80, 83. 156. 199. 206 Richardson. Ronald Riggs. William 146. 756. 202 Righettlni. Elizabeth Riulta. Aarne 777. 193 Roberts. Deborah 18. 20. 21. 29. 33. 35. 42. 47. 80. 81 82. 83. 87. 92. 93. 101. 184 Roberts. Mark 756 Roberts. Todd Rocco. Richard Rose. Stacey 764. 189 Rosen. Betty 20. 23. 37. 43. 47. 49. 53. 54. 59. 80. 81 93. 188 200 Rosen. George 764. 200 Ross. Jeffery 756 Ross. Thomas 120. 121. 145. 192. 208 Ros a. Bethanne 5. 20 Roulo. Jeffery 128. 156. 200 Roulo. Kan Roy. Christine S Sadler. Brenda 756 Saif. Ibtisam 756 Saif. Insam 764 Saif. Usama 20 Salisbury. Susan 22. 49. 80. 88 Sammut. Diane 36. 757 Sanders. Kurt 176. 177 Sanders. Michael 764 Sandhu. Paul 777. 193 Sanscramte. James 208 Sanscramte. Jeffrey 174. 777. 202 Sanscramte. Matthew 22. 83 Sarazin. Charles Sargent. James 33 Sarkelt. Shelly 766. 169. 207 Saucier. Donna 777 Savona. Donald 178. 193 Savona, John 89. 203 Savona. Linda 166. 194 Sawyer. Thomas 84. 95. 10b. 121. 139. 766. 192. 203 Sc halier. Steven Schallhorn. Jennie 757 Scheer. Jube 83.778 Schert er. Jill 10. 766 Schiavulli. Kristina Schmidt. Eric 178. 208 Schmidt. Robert 766 Schmidt. Susan 766. Ib8. 169 Schmitt. Tom 757 Scholl. Gayle 63. 757 Schramm. Dennis 766 Schwartz. Karl 32. 84. 95. 149. 160 766. 167. 208 Schweikert. Diane 22. 27. 83 Schwocho. Rebecca 22 Sclabasu. Robert 84. 157 Setabasu. Ronald 95. 162. 766 Sc later. Michael 32. 136. 153. 757. 18b 202 Sclater Richard 12. 22. 136. 186. 204 Scott. Noel 178 Scott. Skelt Scott. Todd Scotta. Kimberly Scotta. Michelle Seeley. 22. 188 Seman. Douglas 88. 174, 7 78 Sendek. Kristine 80. 90 91 JS7 Severt. Cary 179 Shamus. Victoria 111. 143. 207 Shevchik. Dawn 757 Shevchik. Jason 7 78 Shinkle. David 7 78 Shornock. James 22. 50. 95 Shovak. Kelly 22. 188 Stmonutti. Michael Ssmonutti. Michael Sinnott. Lory 30 Skelton Daniel 22. 766 Skelton. Michael 203 Slate. Richard 192. 203. 204 Siaven. James Slaven. Kenneth 757 Small. Andrew 766. 200. 208 Smith. Jill Smith. Pamela 757 Smith, Stephen 757 South. Trena 22. 80. 82 Smith. William 160. 766 Songer. Scott Sova. Barry 157 Spagnol. Alan 7 78 Sparks. Brenda 7 78 Sparks. Pamela 758 Speckman. Keith Speckman. Stacie Splan. Kelly 22. 23. 78 92. 9?. 188 Splan. Thomas Slaber. Carolyn 766 Stabcr. Hans 22. 53. 75 Stacey. Scott 36. 153. 758. 202 Stamper. Aaron 74. 7 78 Stamper. Elizabeth 4. 162. 765. 166 Stanley. Kimberly 178 Stapleton. John 21. 22. 37 Stea. Gennaro 22. 35. 49. 61. 92. 93. 186 Stephenson. Rodney Stephenson. Vanessa 7 78. 203 Stler. Robert Stoker. Brigitte Stoker. Rachel Strasscr. Jeffery Stump. Christine 7 78 Surma. Kenneth 758 Suveges. Steve 758 Szainer. David 22. 186 Szostek. Jimmie 22 Sxuch. Frederick 22. 26. 59 t m. Tabaczynsk.. John 22. 56. 82. 90 T.idian, William 2. 4. 18. 22. 26. 33. 51. 54. 81. 130. 131. 208. 209 Talbott. Debra 766 Tamas III. John Taylor. Jennifer 758 Taylor. Perry 83. 766 Taylor, Thomas Teems. Allen Teems. Allen Tertzag. Kraig 177. 178. 193 Theeck, Gen Timmons. Sean 766 Tisot. Mark 155. 758 Toltesi. Franklin 22 Tomalka. Kenneth 22. 35. 18b Tomxh. Peter Tonus. Christina 26. 95. 102. 178. 190 Tonus. Laura 26. 39 83. 85. 148. 153. 155. 158. 184. 199 Torres. Babiana 177. 7 78 Tosh. Kimberly 22. 44 45. 82. 8b Tosh. Leslie 100. 766. 196 Toth. Can 125. 766. 167. 181 Toth. Christine 22 Toth. Paul 169 Tramot. Kurt 167. 192 Traster David 106. 138. 165. 769 203 Traster. Michael 22 Trepkowski. David 168. 769 Trombley. Chmtoph 175. 179. 208 209 Tufts. David 179 U Kimberly 21. 22. 29. 70. 188 Uresto Dawn 48. 83. 100. 196 Usher. Dena 779 V Vadasy. Angela 769. 189 Vadasy Randall 21. 22. 37. 50. 81. 83. 95 Vallely. Quinn Vandenberg. Dawn 22 Vandenbergh. Virginia 769 Vargo. Steven Vennebush. Tracy 127 135. 7 79. 189. 203 Verhelst. Patricia 22 Viiella. Nicholas 769 Villareal. Jerry 106. 138. 769 7 79 203 Villarreal. Esther 22 Vitlella. Gna 7 79 Vmecourt. Bruce Vorva. Darlene 22. 188 Vralny. Alicia 758 Vratny. Mark 98 769 102 Vratny. Scott 779 W Waddell. Renee 7e9 Wagner. Richard 758 Walker. Lynda 24. 758. 199 Wallace. Marcie 110. 111. 134. 13S 174. 779 |89. 201 Wallace. Tracey 80. 95. 758 Walter. John 758 Walters. Kent Walz. Karen 49. 159 Walz. Sarah 12. 23. 103 Ward. Lon 1 IS. 125. 133. 181. 206 Warren. John 80. 93. 95. 147. 759 Warren. Kent 12. 53 Warren. Tony Washko. Mav 23 Watters. Carol 175. 779 Watters. Patrick 769. 208 Webster. Kenneth Weclowsk. Jeff Wiesmiller. Timothy 80. 83. 95. 150. 151. 157 759 Weiss Michael 759 Wenzel Kathryn 35. 41. 759 Werner Jeffrey 23. 36. 48 White. Paul 759 Whitehead. Patricia 23 Whitehead. William 7 79 Whitlow. Susan 74 90. 769 196 Wido. Carolyn 23 WJburn. Adam 86. Ib7. 7 79 Wilburn. Paul 76. 80. 759 Wilkm Ronald 769 Wilson.Demse 9. 779. 203. 207 Wdtoo. Kimberly Winkler. Lon 23. 82 Winkler. Sandra 23. 57. 80. 82. 90. 91 96 Weikler. Sharon 68. 7b« Wiseman. Ronald 759. 209 Woidyta. James 23. 60. 130. 209 Wojdyla, Stephen Wolas. Lyle 759 Wong. Tommy 7 79 Wonsavage. Donna 151. 750 Wood. Craig 84. 7 79 Woods Patnna 779 Wooten Jr . Jimmy 23. 18b Wuetker. Richard 3 Wyliis. Mary Jo Wysong. Nell 39. 70. 759. 199 Y Yeghiazanan. Lydia 9. 23. 109. 191. 20b Young. Renee 71 Yurchis. Debra Z Zajac. Lawrence 138 Zantop. Melanie 23 Zgyerka. Laszlo 159 Ziegler. David 7o9. 208 Ziegler. John 23. 45. 208 Zurowick. Jessica 34. 7b9. 207 Zurowick, Pamela 7 79. 20 i 215I expected the worst but hoped for the best as this inexperienced staff devoted hours of creativity and talent to help produce a book with exceeding quality and style. There are numerous people who have contributed to the success of this yearbook that go unmentioned but not unthanked. Only staffers know how much appreciation our advisor, Mr. Robert Powell, deserves. A special thanks to Mr. Bob Berschback our Josten’s Publishing Company representative and to Craine-Williams studio. Thanks again to all the countless people who have given so much to our enterprise. THIS WAS THE YEAR we were all athletes, artists, comedians, and philosophers united to create a yearbook with a bit of class and a dash of pizzaz. This is our gift to you. We only hope it contains many priceless memories and will help you recall your years at Allen Park High School. 216. f jTTTjp- - i; i ■ t ' : ' • ' • J .yt ■ • • - . ■ ' •

Suggestions in the Allen Park High School - Imprint Yearbook (Allen Park, MI) collection:

Allen Park High School - Imprint Yearbook (Allen Park, MI) online yearbook collection, 1974 Edition, Page 1


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