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FINAL M'A'S'H — The final episode of M'A'S'H aired in February of 1983. Original cast is shown on the left and closing cast on the right. GOING APE — A 3,000-pound, eight-story high, vinyl King Kong clung to the Empire State Building in New York to commemorate the movie made 50 years ago. TOY CRAZE — Cabbage Patch Kids, complete with birth certificates and adoption papers, were hot items with holiday shoppers. CUP GOES DOWN UNDER — The yacht "Australia II” became the first challenger to take the America’s Cup in 132 years, defeating the defender, "Liberty.” THERE SHE IS — In September a Syracuse University coed, Vanessa Williams, was crowned Miss America for 1984. FLASHY MOVIE — Nineteen-year-old Jennifer Beals starred in the hit movie "Flashdance" and firmly established the torn sweat shirt as one of the year’s fashion fads.PRIME TIME IMPRINT 1984 VOLUME XXXII COME INSIDE AND MEET US Here We Go!-Prologue 1 New Zoo Revue-Underclass 150 After Hours-Activities . 16 Most Wonted-Ads 160 The Dig Time-Seniors ... 32 Dock To Basics-Academics 66 Allen Park High School Season's Dest-Sports 100 1640 Champaign, Allen Pork Mi.TIME THAT’S OPPOSITE PAGE TOP LEFT: Mike Leis. Morio Kimbler. Sue Lowry, ond dote. OPPOSITE PAGE MIDDLE RIGHT: Jessico Krlksciun. OPPOSITE PAGE BOTTOM LEFT:Mrs. Ferency. Down Vorvo, ond Jeff Mifsud oct out punk Shokespeore? THIS PAGE TOP RIGHT: Melonie Warren ond Don Rafail. THIS PAGE MIDDLE: Colleen Henneberry ond Louro Christen-sen. THIS PAGE TOP LEFT: Liso Deshontz ond Dove Kaufman. THIS PAGE TILT: Michelle Koroub ond Lori Kirschweng osk the question: whot year ore we in? THIS PAGE BOTTOM RIGHT: (TOP ROW) Michelle McKelvey. Michelle Ash. ond Michelle Pope. (DOTTOM ROW) Koren Wolz, Lori Cook. Drigitte Stoker, ond Chris Drysdole.PRIME There is ail different kinds of time; bedtime, dinnertime, and springtime, but the best time of oil is PRIME TIME. Prime Time is the time we spend ot Allen Pork High with special friends and favorite teachers. Prime Time can be spent at prom, during spirit week, or just cracking jokes in study hall. Wherever It is spent there is four years full of Prime Time Allen Park style. Since high school is such an important part of peoples lives this book was dedicated to the purpose of capturing all of your Prime Time spent ot Allen Park High. DY PAM NAVOY 3GO FOR IT! OPPOSITE PAGE TOP LEFT: Som Ferguson. Dennis McGinn. Don Rafail. Russell Pops, and Jim Rotoy. OPPOSITE PAGE TOP RIGHT: Mariano Chavez acceprs rhe rrophy for the Seniors winning floor. OPPOSITE PAGE BOTTOM LEFT: Tom Louria. OPPOSITE PAGE BOTTOM RIGHT: Mike Haworth. THIS PAGE UPPER RIGHT: Jeff Novoy Jessica Zurowick. THIS PAGE UPPER LEFT: Rob Schmidt, THIS PAGE LEFT: Julie Pesci and Diane Schweikert. ABOVE: Tom McGinn.Friday night football games, all night float meetings, and Saturday night dances are just some of the good times here at Allen Park High. Most people say that the high school years are the best. And who could argue with that? Whether your the Homecoming Queen, Valedictorian, just a average student, or a loveable gumble, it's up to you to go out and get crazy. What ever you do remember: it's the 80s so GO FOR IT! DY PAM NAVOY 5I - - SPECIAL THIS PAGE. TOP RIGHT: Louro McLoud. Jim Gebb and Korrie Fehrman boggie on the donee floor. THIS PAGE DIRECTLY RIGHT: Ke-vln Kremko and dote shoring rhe good times together. THIS PAGE BOTTOM RIGHT: It's the garter dance!!! Kevin Moho-lak. Sue Pondo. Koren Driscoll. H.W. Button. Bryon Lokotos. Koth Sheridan. Heide Oleynik ond Bob Post. THIS PAGE BELOW. Juniors Lisa Corvoia. Dave Pagac, Mory Ann Nelson ond Denise Jozso collecting tickets at the door of senior prom. Many different kinds of Friendships establish during our years spent here at A.P.H.S. Some friendships thot ore very special and very me-moriable to us. Friendships that were with us through the beginning til the very end. Others that were only with us a few short months. No matter how long the friendships last there will always be those special memories we have shared. DEDDIE JAKACKI 6MEMORIES THIS PAGE. TOP LEFT: Rob Douf-ford ond Shelly Moyher having a sear and enjoying them-selves. THIS PAGE DIRECTLY ABOVE Mark Geb and Karrle Fehrmon show off their smiling faces. THIS PAGE BOTTOM RIGHT: Don Riley and Debbie Jakacki sharing a cozy dance together. THIS PAGE DIRECTL Y LEFT: Mario Pondo and Mark Kuty dance the night away. 7ON THE MOVE Restored school spirit ond pride hove filled the holls this yeor. In the post few yeors Allen Pork High hos suffered from mony losing seosons in sports, o lock of school spirit ond low porticipo-tion in other activities. Just recently hos oil of this changed with Allen Pork High making on incredible comeback. Jog sports, both mole ond female. hove been cranking out championship seasons. Student's seem to be taking port in this renaissance by keeping active in clubs, cheering of gomes, ond participating in Homecoming ond other events. Renovations hove also marked the school yeor. New windows, roof, ond cafeteria ore just o few changes that hove occurred. The new school enthusiasm seems to hove breathed new life into old A.P.H.S. Students ore once again proud to say: "I go to Allen Park High". DY PAM NAVOY 8OPPOSITE PAGE TOP RIGHT: Kris Troinor ond escort Jim Pouff-hausen ore in o store of elation after being crowned Homecoming Queen. CENTER: An enthusiastic crowd cheers rhe Jogs on. OPPOSITE PAGE BOTTOM RIGHT: Lisa Quinrono helps out on the Senior floor. THIS PAGE UPPER RIGHT: Korie Kol-vons. Lisa DeShontz. ond Down Swick oil in tune. ABOVE: Gayle Scholl. THIS PAGE LEFT: Michele Koroub ond Shelly Weismiller try their hand ot flog twirling. 9THE GOOD LIFE OPPOSITE PAGE TOP LEFT: Craig Rafail and Roxanne Drouil-lard. OPPOSITE PAGE TOP MIDDLE: Kelly Splon and Gory Crupi. OPPOSITE PAGE TOP RIGHT: Lisa Corvaio, Debbie Rob-erts. and Lynn Nadzom. OPPOSITE PAGE FAR RIGHT: Mrs. Dortolomeolli. Tracy Scoff. Stacy Reasoner. and Michele Woodward. OPPOSITE PAGE BOTTOM LEFT: Gordon Laatz. Chris McClosky, Treno Smith. Doug Sword. Denise Sucarski, and John Toboczynski. THIS PAGE TOP: A fypicol doy of A.P.H.S. THIS PAGE MIDDLE LEFT: Ann Marie Pace and Janice Denton. THIS PAGE ABOVE: Mike Dawson and Roberta Mack-Innon. THIS PAGE RIGHT: Michele McKelvey. THIS PAGE LOW. ER LEFT: Tim McGonagle and Gregg Calvird. 10School is so much more thon just o building where students go to leorn the basic skills of reading, writing, and arithmetic. Although the most obvious purpose of school is to educate students in these areas, school lays the foundations of life upon which students must build. It is here that students grow and develop into responsible adults. The nurturing we receive from family, friends, teachers, and advisors during our high school years helps us grow from a tiny acorn info a sturdy tree. If is here at school where students learn good sportsmanship, learn how to perform, socially interact, develop interests, and make friends. We also learn how to succeed and how to fail, when to give our best and when to give up. and when to say hello and when to say good-bye. In short, high school is a prime period of time in a young adult's life. Hopefully the training and guidance we've received at A.P.H.S. will help us meet the challenges of everyday life. DY PAM NAVOYLIVING IT UP! Many different memoriable events occur during the school year. Events which involve the under-classmen os well os the seniors, ond the faculty members. Events ond activities which moke the school year more exciting include, the building of the Homecoming floats, the parade, the judging of the floats, the Homecoming game, crowning of the queen, and the Homecoming Dance. Other important activities include: the Variety of sports, the pep assemblies, band concerts, winter Homecoming, crowning of the king. Spinster, Spirit week, the proms (junior and senior) Class picnics and for Seniors Graduation. All these events are very special and memoriable to each and every one of us. DEDDIE JAKACKI Opposite Page: Fun rimes or rhe Homecoming Donee wirh Reene Enich. Sue Corrol. Liso Lirner ond Koren Monn. Opposite Page, right Denise Moheros helping wirh rhe Juniors floor. Opposite Page: Lower right: Opposite Page: Rich Freeman "A rrue Musician'' This page, top: Morry Dowdell ond Morr Lourio rhe Jogs ore 1. For righr; Sue Rebel reads highly obour A.P.H.S. Above: Class Presidenr. Jim Roray pirches In on rhe Senior Floor. 12AS WE GROW As the years go on, the students of A.P.H.S. will start to grow and change. We are becoming the adults and leaders of tomorrow. We are starting to face this dramatic change in our life. Let us always keep in touch with each other and cherish memories of our high school. As our lives start to change, may we always keep A.P.H.S. with us. •DEDDIE JAKACKI OPPOSITE PAGE. TOP RIGHT: Dove Orbon and Kris Troinor receiving "Most Popular'' oword or Senior banquet. OPPOSITE PAGE. BOTTOM RIGHT: Rose Ann Gruley preparing herself for rhe play. MIDDLE PICTURE: Gary Dicarlo and Jim Poffhousen enjoying a nice conversation over dinner. OPPOSITE PAGE. BOTTOM: The gym class takes a dive. THIS PAGE. LOWER RIGHT: Michelle Ashe ond Eric Bollemon share a donee. THIS PAGE. BELOW: Tom Grom 'A Double Image”. 141516 AFTER HOURS Picture to the left: The presentotion of the Homecoming Court. Rt. Edie Oziekon ond Tom Dunne. Slelly Monn ond Dove Donigion. Jim Poffhousen ond Queen Kris Troinor. Julie Piscko ond Drion Ketzenberger. Kothy Sherridon ond Don Stout. Picture above: Jeff Werner ond Cindy Thomos posing for o picture ot the Donee. Center page picture: Dob Post and Drion Motusik enjoying o donee together? Picture Left: Powder-Puff gome. Julie Piscko runnino for o touch-down.“ rA' Picture above: Mork Yogozor-ion Cheering of the powder-puff gome? Pictures, right: Ann Yodos "The Sound of Music". Eric "Cool Dude" Rooney Toking o little breok. Rich Scloter ond Michelle Pom-peroning shoring o romantic donee together. 17 W I EXTRAVAGANCE "84 STYLE” SMOKE THEM VARMENTS" was the theme of the Senior class's float. Doth the Kwianls and the Student Council award went to the Senior class. The trophies were awarded before the Homecoming game began. The Jags mutilated the Taylor Kennedy Eagles with a mindbog-gling score of 38-25. The atmosphere was exceptionally fitting for the events that took place that evening. At half-time, the queen was crowned. All of the spectators present sat on the edge of their seats in eager anticipation of who their new queen would be. Kris Trainor was chosen by the students of Allen Park High School. On October 8. tradition was once again carried out when the Homecoming dance took place. The theme of the dance was "When I'm With You". The queen and her court were presented half-way into the night. This mode the whole event complete. All in all. this Homecoming season was a very memorable one. Half of the fun was the preparation that went into it. Everything from all night float meetings to voting for the queen to cheering our football team on to a victory. Yes, Homecoming was something special for everyone. ‘CHRIS DELTEKY ABOVE: The Sophomore floor ABOVE RIGHT: Jerri Richards working. BELOV RIGHT Shelly Moon. Liso Corvia. Jenny Rankin. Karen Dnscoli Terri Bertasio Korhy Monn Darlene Carroll, and Ml Trepkowsk' smile. OPPOSITE PAGE TOP LEFT: Karhleen Sheridan Kns Troinor and Dave Don »g ton ore oil smiles TOP RIGHT. Parti Rouser and Ertic Broun. Ml DOLE RIGHT Parti Dombe Paulo Genr. Marlene Bodnar and Jeon Huddlesron down around. BOTTOM LEFT: Jeff Redden ond Down 5w«k BOTTOM RIGHT Louria. Tarkonyi. and Guo s bottle for a victory.ROUGH -N- TOUGH POWDERPUFF The senior girls were led fo victory this yeor by teom copfoins Koren Driscoll, Kothleen Sheridan, Edie Dziekon, and Shannon Walker. Most valuable player awards were given fo offensive player Kathleen Sheridan and defensive player Ann Yohdes. Head coach for the seniors was Buddy Tunget. The juniors coached by Bob Stites kept the seniors on their toes the entire game. The final score was 32 to 6. The junior teom captains were Edna Green and Lisa Seeley. MVP award went to junior Mary Ann Nelson. The pep band and the cheerleaders provided entertainment and stirred the spectators' enthusiasm, while both teams put forth their best effort. The Powder Puff football game was an exciting high-point to weeks of dedicated practice by both players and coaches. s T a? ★ OPPOSITE PAGE TOP. Group of victorious senior girls. OPPOSITE PAGE LEFT CENTER Bridget Ferguson steols Nelson's flog. OPPOSITE PAGE LOWER LEFT. Liso McDonough breoking owoy with boll. LOWER RIGHT. The beoutiful Junior Cheer-leoders. THIS PAGE ABOVE. Koren Driscoll does it ogoin. THIS PAGE CENTER LEFT. "If you've got it. flount it!" THIS PAGE CENTER RIGHT. Mory Cordenos plows through for o TD.The Allen Park Players and Company outdid themselves this year with two excellent productions. Great talent was displayed in the Fall play called Ten Little Indians. This murder mystery was written by Agatha Christie and directed by our very own Joan Matthews. The cost consisted of: Shelly Mayher as Ethels Rodgers, Cheryl New-ton as Frieda Narracotf, Heidi Gregg as Gertrude Rodgers, Rose Gruely as Vera Claythorne, Dave Kruzisnik as Philip Lombard, Tom Grahm as Anthony Marston, Alex Skelly as William Dlore, Dennis McGinn os Gen. McKenzie, Michelle Woodward as Emily Drent, Aaron Johnson as Sir Lawrence Wargrave, and Kevin Kremko as Dr. Armstrong. This spring Joe Medrano and his very dedicated cost produced "The Curious Savage." Many hours of hard work and dedication payed off on opening night. The audience was both amused and very proud of our Allen Park Players and Company. The cast of "The Curious Savage" consisted of: Cheryl Newton as Florence, Alex Skelly as Hannibal, Heidi Gregg as Fairy May, Kevin Kremko as Jeffrey, Rose Gruely as Mrs. Paddy, Dennis McGinn as Titus, Tom Grahm as Samuel, Kim Tosh as Lily Belle, Coleen Chuey os Miss Willy, David Krzisnik as Dr. Emmet, and Michelle Woodward as Ethel. Tracy Schmidt A TALE OF TWO SEASONS OPPOSITE PAGE DOTTOM LEFT: Todd Redden getting the lighting set up. OPPOSITE PAGE RIGHT: Alex Shelly ond Dove Ktzisnik. THIS PAGE TOP LEFT: The cost of THE CURIOUS SAVAGE: Dove Krzisnik. Cheryl Newton. Alex Skelly. Coleen Chuey. Tom Grohm. Ro-sonne Gruly. Kevin Kremko. Michelle Woodword. Aaron Johnson. Heidi Greggs, This Page.- Top right. Mr. Medrono helps with the moke-up. This Page. Bottom left: Kim Tosh ond Dennis McGinn on stage. THIS PAGE ABOVE: Kevin Kremko. Rose Gruley ond Cheryl Newton Acting in the ploy. EXCITEMENT RUNS WILD IN FEBRUARY!! During the week of February 13th to the 17th, the Allen Park High School students and even some of the teachers went a little crazy. The week was Spirit Week. There was weird hairdo's and some far-out clothes roaming in the halls. Afterschool, there was also very competitive events between the Seniors. Juniors, Sophomores, and the Freshmen. The events of the week went as follows: Monday-Sweat and Hat Day, and the volleyball game after school with the Juniors being awarded first place. Tuesday-Nostalgio Day and the bubble-blowing contest with the Juniors blowing the biggest bubble for both the guys and the girls division. Wednesday-Punk Day and the pie-eating contest. The Seniors were the ones to eat the fastest to come in first place. Thursday-Dress-up Day and the relay race, with the Seniors moving the fastest to win. Friday-Green and White Day and the Tug-of-War. The Green and White was won by the Seniors. The tug-of-war, which determined the overall winner, was won by the Junior guys and the Seniors girls. The final results of the week was the Seniors coming in first place, with the Juniors in a close second. The Sophomores were the third place winners and the Freshmen came in fourth place. OPPOSITE PAGE: fop left: Leo Dlroff blowing o bubble. Middle left: Anno Hanioan. Chris Delfeky. Moriam Todion. ond Oorlene Corroll checking their moke-up. bottom left: Freshmen girls frying to fug for o victory. Top tight: Karen Driscoll sings the fight song to Mr. Medrano. Center: Betty Rosen ond Lisa Pejuan. oil punked out. THIS PAGE: Top left: Beth Stamper. Bottom left: Greg Donigon. Bottom right: Neilson Corimoto showing off his new glosses. 25WINTER HOMECOMING "TIME WILL REVEAL” At the basketball game against Dearborn Hgts. Crestwood, during halftime, the 1984 king was crowned, and this began the Winter Homecoming weekend. The five senior men on court and their escorts were. Gregg Calvird and Ann Yodhes, Tom Dunne and Edie Dziekan. Bryan Lakatos and Marianne Nelson, Tim Kriksciun and Carrie Smith. Dave Orban and Lynda Walker. Cheerleaders Debbie Jakacki. Heide Oleynik, and Mary Washko crowned Dave Orban the 1984 Winter Homecoming King. The following evening, approximately 85 couples attended the annual Spinster dance. Once again sponsored by the Girl's swim team. This years theme was "Time Will Reveal'' by DeBarge, music was provided by George Opra's "Have Music Will Travel." ♦DENISE JOZSA ABOVE. Gregg Colvlrd. Dove Orban Lynda Volk '. TOP: Btyon Lokotov MoiIoam Nelton CENTER Mark Hodgej Lbo McLeod louro McLeod. Kevin fox RIGHT Amy Lobb. Pol Knight. Tlno Teny. Collette Hotveoux. Dorell Roy. Kelly Lhivo. OPPOSITE PAGE TOP LEFT: Heide Oleynik. Debbie Jokacki. Lyndo Volker. Bryon lokotot BOnOM LEFT: Tom Dunne. E e Drlekon. Bryan lokotot Morlonne Nebon Dove Otbon. Lyndo Volker. Ann Yodhet. Gregg Colvlrd. Coiile Smith. Tim Ktlktdun. TOP RIGHT: Lou Blgilordl. ilm McCloy. Kim Miller. Roxonne DroulHord Crolg Rofoll. RIGHT CENTER: Terri Bertoslo Brlon Motuwk. RIGHT BOTTOM iohn Froncb. Gregory Donlglon. TALENT NIGHT AT A.P.H.S. The panel of judges was hard pressed to select a winner in "The Battle of the Bands" in this year's Gong Show, but the talented Quadrivium walked away with first prize. Quadrivium consisted of Jim Rotay, Fred Granada. Jim Sloven, and Brian Willowman. Judges for the evening. Mr. Donigian. Mrs. Kemf. Mrs. Murphy, and Mrs. Vartanian along with an enthusiastic audience enjoyed a night of good ol' rock and roll. Second prize went to Craig Rafail. Dan Rafail. Jim McClay. and their band Sweet Asylum. By Julie Piskos' I'LL BE THERE” Junior Prom wos held in the Regency Ballroom of the Hyatt Regency on March 10, 1984. Dinner was served at 7:00 which consisted of, salad, prime rib, potatoes, vegetables, and dessert. Music was provided by Kevin Shea, and approximately 75 couples danced the night away. The following were chosen by the Junior class, class colors: pink and grey, class song: "I'll Be There" by Jackson Five, class flower: pink rose, class motto: "Today is Reality, Tomorrow holds our Dreams." Each girl was given a pink rose and tickets were $50.00 a couple. DENISE JOZSA OPPOSITE PAGE LEFT- lull Chid »i r. Andy Hill. Edno Gr n J f» Gr n C oig Rafail. LHo Cocvolo ond Mluy Bjorh posing TOP RIGHT. J ff B ro Ufl Vorn t Gregory Don 19 ton ond Kyi T rtzog hommirvg if up! BOTTOM RIGHT Ttno D Pooli. Uso Cokrcct Cord Glmrmns Becky Min, ond Juli P shke hoving fun. THIS PAGE TOP LEFT. Dow Grofton ond Sherrill Hensley ihor o f w moment? MIDDLE LEFT; Mr Z. showing Edno Gr n how W% don BOTTOM LEFT: DiH Todion. Bob Doronco ond David Pogoc. h y look or usl TOP RIGHT. A quick picture of K vln Fox. Rich Gorb dk n. Andy Hill, ioml Shomoch Tom McGinn. Dorr l D mck Roy. ond Randy Vodosy. MIDDLE RIGHT: Chrb Plumm r. Tlno D Pooll. Dion Schw irk rf ond Missy BforfcTHE BIG TIME TOP LEFT: Whot's the funny foce for Moriom (Todion)? TOP RIGHT: Obviously o group of Senior Colculus students. BOTTOM RIGHT: Dennis McGinn zoning out on the computer. BOTTOM LEFT: Mork Yeghiozorion toying with his engine. 32 TOP LEFT: Why the smiles girls? (Pom Novoy. Cofhy Lhiva. Debbie Jokacki. and Trocy Porks). TOP RIGHT. Anna Honoion and Dryan Lokoros show whof 'The Kids in America' ore really like. BOTTOM FAR LEFT: Whot's wrong Lisa (Borieo)? Does Sue Pondo wont something of yours? BOTTOM MIDDLE: Denise Sucorski seems to hove someone else's tie. BOTTOM LEFT: Joe Michaels wonts youl 331 YOSEMITE SAM TAKES IT ALL "DAGNABBIT” After long, hord hours of work the Closs of 1984 presented their Senior floor, Yosemite Som. The grueling hours of work paid off os Seniors walked away with the award for the best float and the Kiwanis award. Along with the trophies $50.00 of prize money was awarded to the Senior class. Class participation made this year's float a success. Almost every Senior at sometime contributed to building the float. Float meetings, which commonly turned into all nighters, forced students to sacrifice sleep and other activities. The whole Class of 84 should be commended on their excellent effort. Special recognition goes to all those who made an extra effort and put up with the hossel of having float meetings at their homes. Lenore Koltunchik Opposite Page Top Right: Tim Krikscium diligently points. Opposite Page Top Left: Anno Honoion smiles os she lends o hand. Opposite Page Bottom Right: Corrie Smith is on ortist ot work. Opposite Page Bottom Left: Debbie Mock ond Moureen Henneberry do their port to help build the floor. Right: Bob Post ond Eric Rooney ore dwarfed by Yosemite. Above: Chris Belteky.1960-64 Homecoming Court Members ore Top Left: Shelly Monn ond her escort Dove Donigion during the ofternoon parade. Top Middle: Kathleen Sheridan ond her escort Don Stout in the halftime parade. Top Right: Julie Piskos gives o nervous smile os she ond her escort. Drion Ketzen-berger. proceed in the half-time parade. Middle Left: Edie Dziekon and escort. Tom Dunne impatiently wait on stage for the announcement of the Queen. Right: Complete with crown and green velvet robe, the 1963-64 Homecoming Queen. Kris Trainor. takes her traditional walk with her escort. Jim Paffhousen. ot the Homecoming Donee. Opposite Page Bottom: Seniors Tommy Trombley. Darlene Carroll, ond Maria Pondo eagerly accept the well deserved trophies for the Senior Class float.ONE TODAY IS WORTH TWO TOMORROWS Benjamin Franklin Louis Cichon Julie Colette Kevin Crosetti Julionno Cullen Carol Cushing David Dovis Collette Debono Daniel Debono Gory Dicorlo David Donigion Danny Donofrio Karen Driscoll Charles Duchene Tom Dunne Edie Dziekan Roy Feher Keith Feijwo Kim FennellA TIME TO REMINISCE Looking bock, it seems like just yesterday walking into APHS for the first time, So many new experiences-arena scheduling (mass confusionl), float meetings (How do you make a flower?), spirit week (Only a half Hour?!), dances, just to name a few. Putting all these new events into perspective. we envisioned a very successful high school career. Unfortunately, as hard work, dedication, and long hours in Mr. Dunne's shop, our "Donald Duck" masterpiece took all the honors in the homecoming parade. First place recog-nizafion at last!! With determination and confidence, the Juniors' girl pow-derpuff team defeated the Senior girls in the annual powderpuff game. The "Spirit week Jug was of the end of Spirit Week. Adding the icing on the cake. time in APHS history. Easter break was a much desired and well-earned vacation to all Seniors. Even though Senior Trip was to the Bahamas, Daytona Beach once again seemed to be the traditional spot where Seniors chose to spend their vacation. Despite this fact, 25 Seniors arrived on the beautiful islands of the Bahamas for a week of fun and new experiences. Jim Rotay Tammy Trombley Maria Pando Anna Hanoian gleepy little freshmen, we took our 'medicine'' by placing fourth with our homecoming float "Sugar Dear" and spirit week.. Nonetheless, we exhibited our skills, set our goals, and gave all we had to the class of 1984. Sophomore year proved to be more rewarding. Xerm " brought us second place at homecoming, our magazine fund raiser was a success, our classmates' academic ability increased in value, and we contributed many of our athletic talents to APHS sports program: However, what goes up must come down! And if did, as we swallowed our pride to the freshmen in the 1982 spirit week activities. Overall, we had a good sophomore year. We could not have asked for a better Junior year. After two years of women-dominated politics, Tim Kriksciun took over as class president. As a result of Junior Prom was a memorable night filled with excitement. Our strength and enthusiasm, as a class, made the year 1982-80 an excellent example of how much we desired to be the best!! Yes, It's finally here-Senior year. Time to think of the future. As senior class president, Jim Rotay carried on our tradi-tin of success and superiority. For the second consecutive time, we dominated in the homecoming float awards. Spirit Week, and powderpuff by the score of 06-6. Yet we expanded this winning attitude further into interscholastic sports. Varsity Football finished with a 7-2 record and second in the league. Basketball was next with an impresive 20-0 record in the league. District Champs, and an overall record of 24-1. Volleyball, with a record of 05-0, tied for first in the league, and sent APHS into the State Playoffs for the first Along with them to share in the fun were shapirones Mr. and Mrs. Haboian. Among the highlights of their trip were scuba diving, parasailing, gambling at the "casino ", straw shopping, and touring by boat to the various islands. Mr. Haboian could not help but see the "bare facts''!! Mr. Haboian-How blue-green is that water??'' But as the saying goes "Majority Rules"! And this held true for most Seniors who went to Daytona. By car or by plane, V« of the Senior class left the miserable and wet weather of Michigan and cruised down to the warm and sunny beaches of Florida. Many of the chosen hotels were right on the strip-Texan, Desert Inn, Pirate's Cove, Mayan Inn. The strip itself was incredible. Not only did it have a street right in the middle of if but also a built-in parking lot for visiting tourists. Among the most popular bars were the Bavar-Ion Deer Garden, The Pier, and 600 North. Not one minute was there a dull moment. Whether driving or walking, the streets were constantly crowded with crazy and rowdy students out for a good time. Of course, as tourists, we had to go souvenir shopping. Coral Necklaces, half shirts, and especially "air brushed” shirts were favorite keepsakes. But the best part of the whole trip was coming home with those great tans. May definitely stood out as the busiest month for Seniors. Starting with May 4th, we sponsored the "Gong Show”, which proved successful. Just a week later on May 11th, came Senior Prom, being held at Masonic Temple in the Crystal Ballroom. The Crystal Ballroom, so elegantly styled, was the perfect touch to a very special night. In fact, from 8-12, we danced to the latest music on the huge dance floor, held the "garder ceremony”, and sang our class song "Old Days”. Even Mr. Haboian got into the "groove” demonstrating His John Travolta abilities!! The very next day at Portage Lake was the Senior Picnic. Sunny Skies and good food created an enjoyable day outdoors. May 31st Marked the night of Senior Banquet which was held at the K of C on Champaign. And Last but certainly not least-GroduotionUU June 2nd come too fast and without a doubt was the saddest day of Senior years. This most prestigious event was held at the Civic Hall Auditorium. The esf years in our lives are now over and we must look ahead. But let us never forget our triumphs, our failures. our great times, and our not so great times, our dedication, and our hard work, over the last four years at APHS. And as far as the future goes, our class motto expresses it well, "How far I reach. How far I see. All dreams depend on me.” JILL TREPKOWSKI OPPOSITE PAGE (left to right): Senior doss officers-Presidenf-Jim Roroy, Vice President-Tommy Trombley, Secretory-Morio Pondo. and Treosurer-Anno Honoion. SAME PAGE TOP LEFT (left to right-down stairs): Foil Homecoming nominees - Koren Driscoll, Koren Schwartz, Heide Oleynik, Mory Cor-denos, Carrie Smith. Bridget Furgeson. Dorlene Carroll. Kim Mozeno. Shannon Walker. Michelle Puente. Karrie Vigneau. Sue Kepes. and bottom row — Julie Piskos. Shelly Monn, Kris Trainor. Kathleen Sheridan, and Edie Dziekon. (not pictured-Mbrianna Chavez). SAME PAGE LOWER LEFT (kneeling left to right): Winter Homecoming Nominees - Rich Sclabassi. Steve Martin. Leo Diroff. Tim Kriksdun. Bob Post, (second row): Dove Kaufman. Tom Dunne. Eric Rooney, Jim Paffhousen. Kevin Mahalak. Dan Torkanyi. and Bryan Loko-tas. (third row): Steve Goode. Gregg Calvird. Gary Dicarlo. Don Guobis. (fourth row): Dave Donlgian. Dave Orbon. Don Stout, and Jeff Owens. Terry Fisher James Fishwick Lisa Fox Noncy Fuentes William Fulayrer Bridget Furgerson John Goggin Lisa Gory Mork Geb Karen Gergely David Glenn Dennis Glud Stephen Goode George Goscinski Charlene Green Heidi Gregg James Guess Donald Guobis OPPOSITE PAGE TOP LEFT: Jeff Redden and Becky Miller hamming it upl OPPOSITE PAGE TOP RIGHT: Jackie Lloyd. Julie Scannel. Tracy Scott and Tammy Trombley goofing off. OPPOSITE PAGE LOWER FAR RIGHT: After his win in the pie eating contest. Dennis Jordan poses for the cameras. OPPOSITE PAGE MIDDLE RIGHT: Chris Picked, what ore they doing to you? CENTER: Juli Cullen. Bob Post. Sean Mitchell. Heide Gregg at their best! SAME PAGE BOTTOM: Tim Kriks-dun looks o little lost. SAME PAGE UPPER RIGHT: Wild Kris Trainor gives Maria Pando a new doo! SAME PAGE UPPER LEFT: Karen .Driscoll checking out her opponent os she starts the event she later wins. MOWIISTRANGE DAYS INDEED! As Spirit Week commenced eoch doy o contest wos held between oil classes. These contests consisted of a volleyball gome, bubble blowing, pie eating (girls and boys), a relay-race, and green and white day. The spirit mounted for the final contest, a tug-of-war between classes. The Juniors were ahead by one point before Friday. Duf the Seniors rallied to win green-and-white day, the girls tug-of-war and to come in second to the Junior boys team. After all points were tallied the Seniors had edged out a victory over a well organized and strong Junior class by a single point.Opposite Page Top Left: Dob Portugol learns about engines. Opposite Page Top Middle. Marie Peraino ond Thereso Moson. Opposite Page Top Right: Carol Cushing. Opposite Page Bottom Left: Jeff Boulton in Computer class. Opposite Page Bottom Right: Kim McKibben. This Page Top Left: Gregg Calvird looking very studious. Top Right: Tracy Scott. Middle Right: Eileen Mock. Bottom Right: Shelly Weismiller. Kim Fennell ond Martha Loero thinking Physics! Above: Leo Diroff.Jeon Horris Eugene Hebert Jim Henneberry Moureen Henneberry Joe Hoffmonn Morio Holinski Deboroh Jokocki John Jefferies Kirsten Johnson Dennis Jordon Michelle Koroub Dove Koufmon Sue Kepes Steve Kinney Mory Morgoret Kish Kris Knos Robert Knight Lenore Koltunchik Above: Senior Pom Ohlrich putting her hot oir to use in the bubble blowing contest. "Com'n Pom only o few more inches!'' Above right: (left to right) Trocy Schmidt. Melisso Thompson. Bridget Furgeson. Sue Oliver, ond Mortho Loero struttin' their stuff os they model the newest foshions from Merry-Go-Round. Opp. Page Top Left: Some wild ond crozy" Seniors on Punk Doy. Opp. Page For Left: Sheryl Pops ond Down Swick ore oil smiles on Nostolgio Doy. Opp. Page Middle: Senior Stud Steve Almosion showing off his new Foster Gronts! Opp. Page Bottom Left: George Goscinski getting meosured in on Cop ond Gown Doy with Morio Holinski in the bockground trying to figure out how George is gonno get o cop big enough to fit over his new hairdo! Opp. Page Lower Right: Senior Heide Greggs trying to think of o logical answer to the question. “How many pilgrims come over on the Mayflower?"TURNING OF THE TABLES When seniors leorn whot it's like to be of the other end of the rope, or the desk, os the cose may be, it is the day when they become class instructors. Not oil of the seniors elected to become a teacher, maybe it wos the fear of student's spitwods, but those who did participate in student-teacher turn-about day realize teaching isn't the easiest profession around. They also realize it can be a very rewarding exper- ience to have a student struggle with them to reach a common goal. Student teachers become aware of what "lack of respect” means from a teacher's point of view and why some teachers are more strict than others. With the experience of all these aspects of teaching student-teachers become more receptive to an instructors needs and beliefs. TIM KRIKSCIUN UPPER RIGHT: Cindy Thomas ond Volerle Wojno demonstrate on experiment. CENTER LEFT: Carrie Smith ond Trocy Scott hove time for o laugh. ABOVE LEFT: Steve Almosion enjoys his work. ABOVE RIGHT: Downe Doulringhouse upholds the low.BELOW: Rich Max son ond John Boufford check the attendance. LEFT: Pete Dardallis is the mechanic on duty in the autoshop. BELOW THAT: Carol Scarlett lays down on the job. LOWER LEFT: Debbie Mock, John Gaggin, ond Maureen Henneberry review the doy's lesson plan. CENTER: Chris Vida studies the problem at hand. CENTER RIGHT: How come ! never hod a teacher who looked like Chris Belteky? BOTTOM OF PAGE: Sue Pando doesn't look too thrilled about her new teacher, her sister Maria.Kimberly Kozlowski Kevin Kremko Timothy Krikscium Shoron Kurodo Morgoret Lone Keith LoOutte Dryon Lakatos Cathy Lhivo Jacquelin Lloyd Martha Loero Thomos Lourio Kenneth Mabrey Deborah Mock Eileen Mack Kevin Mohalak More Molonowski Matthew Mann Michelle MannOpposite Page Left: Keren Gergely ond dote shore o speciol moment together. Opposite Page Right: Kris Troinor ond Leo Diroff spending some time on the donee floor. This Page Top Left: Mott Filok ond Steve Terty with their dotes sit bock ond relox. This Page Middle Left: Moty Woshko ond Rich Selobossi. This Page Bottom Left: Mory Morgoret Kish. John Goggin. Jockie Lloyd ond dote hov-ing o good time between donees. This Page Top Right: Don Debono ond Kim Kozlowski toke time out to pose for the comero. Above: Roy Feher ond dote show their hoppiness.OLD DAYS As the school year draws to o close many activities pass through the mind of a senior, graduation, senior banquet, picnics, college preparations, but the most important event is the senior prom. This year the senior class officer's chose the Crystal Ballroom at the Masonic Temple as the rendez-vous for the dance, with the theme song being "Old Days” performed by Chicago. While enjoying the festivities, couples took time out to have their pictures taken or sample the refreshments. Everyone was allowed to eat at their own discretion in such places os Joe Muer's. Jocque's, and the Chicago Road House. After the dance some students elected to party the night in a hotel overlooking a romantically moonlit river and awake to the sight of a beautiful sunrise. This night is the one night which will live forever in the memory of everyone who attended. TIM KRIKSCIUN THIS PAGE RIGHT: Kirsten Johnson ond Thom Mukri ore oil smiles. FAR RIGHT: Don Debono ond Kim Koslowski enjoy o donee. UPPER RIGHT: Sue Pondo, Ko-ren Driscoll. Korh Sheridon, ond Heide Oleynik look on os their dotes remove their garters. ABOVE: From left ore Dor-boro Sontog. ond dote, Denise Sucorski. ond John Toboczynski. OPPOSITE PAGE UPPER RIGHT: Shelly Monn ond Mike Dowdell strut their stuff. CENTER: Dove Orbon ond Dridget Furgerson pose for the comero. CENTER RIGHT: Debbie Mock ond her dote look like they're having o good time. LOWER RIGHT: Mir-iom Todion ond her dote. LOWER LEFT: Roy Feher ond his dote during the garter ceremony.Opposite Poge Middle Right: Pete Misiolek, Volerie Wojno ond Liso Pejuon moke up this hoppy trio. Opposite Poge Middle Left: Lou Cichon ond Rochelle Kendoll ore enjoying their romantic evening or Prom. Top Left: Dorb Sontog grociusly accepts o drink from hostess Morionne Nelson. Top Right: Ken Mobrey ond Ann Rosko take o minute to pose. Middle Left: Like Southern Belles. Down Swick. Julianno Cullen, ond Cheryl Pops moke their woy down the stoircose. Middle Right: The Seniors ond their dotes boogie to the beat of the music ployed by D.J.. Chris O'Brien.Danielle Monolotos Lenny Morrin Steve Martin Theresa Mason Kevin Mathis Richard MoxsonSENIOR BANQUET On May 01 1904 at Knights of Columbus Holl the Class of 04 held it's Senior Banquet. The cost of the dinner was $2.00 and the menu included chicken, roost beef, kielbaso. mostoccioli, green beans, tossed green solod, rolls, and fancy desserts. Unlimited pop. milk, tea, ond coffee was served os refreshments. After dinner, the Senior class officers announced the winners of the mock elections and presented them with gag gifts. Some of the gifts included, a pair of handcuffs to the class couple to always keep them together, flashcards to the most intelligent, and most popular ribbons to the most popular girl and guy. Also the most athletic received softballs, the best storytellers received storybooks, and the two with the prettiest hair received a brush and comb set. Seniors were given voting ballots during homeroom to select their choices for each individual category. Afterward, Marianna Chavez and Julianna Cullen picked the winners of various door-prizes. which were donated by local merchants. After the presentation of awards and prizes, DJ. George Opera took the stage and played various tunes that accompanied us through our four years at Allen Park High School. Some mellow music, some funk, and of course rock and roll. Thanks to Mr. Habion, the Senior sponsor, who kept the Senior's enthusiasm up all year ond for helping to make the Banquet and all other events during the year a success. Good class participation by the Senior class helped contribute to it's success. Also thank you to the Juniors who helped, Denise Jozsa and Renne Enoch. PRETTIEST HAIR: Mory Wosko Jim Poffhousen PRETTIEST EYES: lisa Borieo Tom Dunne Leo Diroff FRIENDLIEST: Kris Trolnor Dove Orban MOST POPULAR: Kris Trolnor Dove Orbon MOST SPIRITED: Tommy Trombley Koren Driscoll Tim Kriksciun BEST Morio Pando STORY TELLER: Gregg Colvird CLASS FLIRT: Cauletre Michaelis Dove Orbon CLASS LOVER: Anno Honion Don Stout BEST Kris Trolnor DISPOSITION: Dove Orbon BEST FIGURE Michelle Puente PHYSIQUE: Don Torkonyi SHYEST: Sue Nogle Joe Michaels MOST Lucy Sovono INTELLIGENT: Nino Cappelletti BEST DRESSED: Moriom Todion Gregg Colvird CLASS COUPLE: Mory Wosko Rich Sclabassi BEST LOOKING: Shelly Monn Brian Lokotos MOST LIKELY Lucy Sovono TO SUCCEED: Nino Cappellitri CLASS CLOWN: Morio Pondo Koren Driscoll Don Torkonyi BEST ATHLETE: Charlene Green Koren Driscoll Don Guobis MOST TALENTED: Carrie Smlfh Jim Rotay NICEST SMILE: Mory Wosko Dove Donigion MOST Lisa Quintono TALKATIVE: Leo DiroffOpposite Poge Middle Left: Mike Leis and Chris Silva. Opposite Page Middle Right: Mr. Habion and Tommy Trombley. Opposite Poge Bottom: Scott Ellis. Jim Roroy. Matt Mann. Dennis Glud ond Chris Silvo. Top Left. Most Intelligent Lucy Savona and Nino Cappellitri. Top Middle: Class Lovers Anno Honion and Don Stout. Top Right: Most Talkative Leo Diroff and Liso Quintano. Bottom Left: Dove Dovls ond Tommy Trombley. Bottom Right: Shyest Joe Mi-choels ond Sue Nogle. 57Sandro Morris Kimberly Mozeno Kenneth Nogel Susan Nogle Cathy Nogy John Notion Pomelo Novoy Adorn Neumann Pomelo Ohlrich Heide Oleynik Susonne Oliver Liso O'Loughlin Dovid Orbn James Poffhousen Morio Pondo Sheryl Pops Trocy Porks Morio Peroino Potricio Peterson Michelle Petrik Christopher Pickell Jeffrey Pidcock Julie Piskos Steven PocusMichelle Pomeroning Robert Porrugol Robert Post Michelle Puente Liso Quinrono Ooniel Rofoil Jeffery Redden Kristine Reedy Michoel Richords Doniel Riley Etic Rooney Jomes Rotoy OPPOSITE PAGE LEFT: Lou Zelinske ond Morionno Chovez. OPPOSITE PAGE RIGHT: Borb Sontog. Denise Sucorski. ond John Boufford giving o round of opplouse. THIS PAGE LEFT: Bryon Lokotos ond Shelly Monn ofter they won the "BEST LOOKING oword. THIS PAGE MIDDLE: Moriom Todion ond Gregg Colvird os "BEST DRESSED ABOVE: Koren Driscoll. Don Torkonyi. ond Morio Pondo just "clowning" oround. Steven Sodler Lucy Sovono Julie Sconnell Corol Scorlert Trocy Schmidt Koren Schwortz Richord Sclabossi Trocey Scott Louro Semony Scott Seppolo Kathleen Sheridan Holly ShoupWE ROARED ALL NIGHT!! OPPOSITE PAGE TOP LEFT: Ciny Thomas. Dole Mer-win. Valerie Wojno Jim Viella. ond Dove Yeager Mugging it up. OPPOSITE PAGE FAR LEFT. Most Athletic - Chorlene Green Don Guobts. and Karen Driscoll. OPPOSITE PAGE MIDDLE: Don Rafail and Melanie Warren whispering sweet nothings into each other s ears. OPPOSITE PAGE Lower Left: Jeff Owens pulls out a choir for Karen Schwartz. OPPOSITE PAGE LOWER MIDDLE. Best Bodies - Michelle Puente and Don Tarkanyi definitely hove something to smile about! OPPOSITE PAGE FAR BOTTOM RIGHT: John Ader and John Sloven hov-ing a terrific time at the banquet. SAME PAGE RIGHT: Class Flirts - Dove Orbon and Caullerte Michoelis.- SAME PAGE BELOW: Where did Tom Dunne Lisa Borieo. ond Leo Diroff get those EYES’!! SAME PAGE BOTTOM LEFT: Michelle Karoub and Sue Nagel- Come on Sue-doo r be shy!' SAME PAGE LOWER RIGHT. Shanda Sorkozi holds up Marianna Chavez.Tommy Shomus Dovid Siddoll Chris Silvo Amy Smoll Corrie Smith Debbie Socull Dorboro Sonrog Don Stour Trocy Stump Denise Sucorski Down Swick Doug Sword Moriom Todion Don Torkonyi Steve Terry Kyle Tertzog Cindy Thomos Melisso Thompson Jackie Toutont Chris Trainor Jill Trepkowski Mary Tsutsul Jim Viello Andrea Velky Darbara Verhelst Chris Vida Korrie Vigneou Valerie Wojno Don Voss Shannon Walker Brian Walz Melonie Warren Mory Woshko Shelly Weismiller Rusty Whitlow Frank Wicks OPPOSITE PAGE LEFT: Mr. Runnals leads the pack. OPPOSITE PAGE RIGHT: Jeanette Mohr. Steve Kinney. Collette Debono. and Joe Micheals. THIS PAGE LEFT: Nino Coppelletti. THIS PAGE RIGHT: Lucy Sovono. THIS PAGE ABOVE: Thomos Riutta. Mayor Frank Lada, and the Priest. Michelle Woodward Dove Yeager Mark Yeghio-zarian Ann Yodhes Louis ZelinskeGraduation was a time of happiness and celebration, but also one filled with tears. For many graduates, graduation was a time to reflect on the past and ponder about their future. Graduation marked an end to a period in their lives, for it was a time to say good-bye to the care free days of high school, and time to say hello to the world. Thanks Allen Park High, for all of the good times and fond memories. The 1984 commencement ceremonies were held at the Allen Park Municipal Auditorium at 11:00 A.M. Speeches were given by such distinguished speakers as the Mayor, Frank Lada, Board of Education President, Robert Bryan, Summo Cum Laude. Nino Cap-pelletti, and Magna Cum Laude, Lucy Savona. In addition to the distribution of diplomas, two special awards were giv- en for the induction into the Allen Pork High Holl of Fome. They were awarded to Peter McWilliams and Dr. Moon. DY PAM NAVOY OPPOSITE PAGE TOP LEFT: Superintendent. Thomas Riutto. OPPOSITE PAGE TOP RIGHT: Principal. Michael Ferguson. OPPOSITE PAGE LOWER RIGHT: Michael Ferguson and Dr. Moon. OPPOSITE PAGE BOTTOM RIGHT: Peter McWilliams. OPPOSITE PAGE BOTTOM LEFT: Sherril Moorodion. Sue Chappell. Adrienne Hagedorn, Amy Hagedorn. Roberto MacKinnon. Debbie Socull. Heidi Greegg. and Michele Woodward singing the Alma Mater. THIS PAGE TOP LEFT: Michele Csotari. THIS PAGE TOP MIDDLE: Dob Post And Eric Rooney. THIS PAGE TOP RIGHT: John Notion accepts his diploma from Mr. Ferguson. THIS PAGE MIDDLE: Kim Fennell ond Dorboro Sontag glad it's over. THIS PAGE BOTTOM LEFT: William Morakas and Kim McKibben. THIS PAGE BOTTOM RIGHT: William Matokas and Heidi Gregg. IBACK TO BASICS 66 UPPER LEFT: Steve Gregory. UPPER RIGHT: Chris McClosky. Heother Fischer. Goyle Scholl, ond Sue Choppell moke new discoveries in chemistry. DOTTOM LEFT: Dill Fuloyter working on on computer. DOTTOM RIGHT: Decky Dolton ond Steve Durdick.ADMINISTRATIVEJoseph Derry Druce Hoberkern Undo Drennemon Dennis Hoey Robert Dryon Albert Lopshon Noreen Hudok Morlene L'Herault Debbie Lunceford Esther Muszynski Ruth Morshoil Lois Shologion Williom Motokos Undo Shovok Potricio Mazglod Joseph Zelinske UPDATE DECISIONS, DECISIONS . . . Members of the Doord of Educotion ore elected by the citizens of Allen Pork to represent them. The citizens voted Robert Dryon, President; Joseph Derry, Vice-President; Druce Hoberkern, Treasurer; Lindo Lockwood Shovok, Secretory; ond Albert Lopshon. Williom Mota-kos, ond Joseph Zelinski, os Trustees. It is important for the students that the School Doord approves curriculum changes ond the purchase of textbooks. Many needed physical ond curriculum changes were mode possible by the Doord of Educotion. Graduation requirements were raised for each class. In whot moy best be described os the most difficult position to fill, the role of principal was filled by Mr. Micheol Ferguson. Also leadleading A.P. ore Mr. Richard Mochleid ond Mrs. Donnie Yager. They ore the assistant principals ond dedicate much of their time to student activities, such as clubs. The team of Ferguson. Mochleid, ond Yager have merged their skills and talents to place Allen Park High among the best schools around! •MARY WASHKO 1.) Mr. Thomos Riuffo. Superinfen. denr. 2.) Mr. Daniel Ross. Assistant Superintendent. 3.) "Who's that behind those Foster-Grants?" It's Mr. Ferguson. 4.) Mr. Ferguson with secretory Mr. Louise Keshishion. 5.) Assistant Principal. Mr. Rich- Mochleid. 6.) Assistant Principal. Mrs. Donnie Yoger. 7.) The School Doord ot o meeting.THE ROOT OF THE PROBLEM . . . MATH AND Moth ond Science. These ore the gut courses of APHS, the courses most likely to strike fear in the hearts of freshmen and keep the upperclassmen home on a Saturday night. They are most responsible for all-night study sessions and chewed fingernails. From General Math to Calculus, from Plants and People to Biology II, these courses form the backgone of the academic program at APHS. The tutoring program, headed by Mr. Harvey Stallings, provides aid to those students needing it at no cost. The student tutors include: Nini Cappelletti, Kristine Knas, Lucy Savona, and Chris Vida. While only in its second year, tutoring has proved beneficial to a great number of students from grades six through twelve. All in all, the math ond science program at APHS has been very successful. The knowledge gained in these areas will benefit all. ‘DARLENE CARROLL 1 1.) Mathematics teacher Mrs. Murphy doing what she does best. 2.) Mr. Stallings gives William Smith a few pointers. 3.) Juniors Joanne Kovocs and Denise Moheros having fun while they learn. 4.) Mary Tsursui hard at work on her cot ”Mi-choel” 5.) Bob Post and Gory DiCorlo attempt to untangle a few knots in Physics as a bewildered Mr. Heller looks on.SCIENCE 4 FACULTY Fron Dobboge- Interior Decoroting. Child Development. School-Age Children. Foods II Ed Oorrick Borrick-Algebro I. Computers. Computers Educotion Coordinotor Grodes 6-12 P. Dortolomeolll-Commerciol Art. Bosic Design. Pottery P. Bottestelli- English Ed Bellos- World Geogrophy. Government. Michigon History Ruth Buschmonn-Reoding Counselling George Corevlch-Woods Jim Cormen- History Dorothy CeccorelliENGLISH ... "A PLAY ON WORDS” Ploying on words, reading between the lines, writing creative essays, ond being o good listener provide insight for verbalizing. When you're applying for a job the one thing you don't want to do is open your mouth and sound like an utter imbecile. Good basic English skills are one of the most important assets anyone could possibly have while trying to land that coveted job. The benefits of proper English skills will prove valuable and a good grammar foundation will have been laid for college purposes. At Allen Park this year, every student took some form of English whether it be reading or writing. And, if they put forth any effort at all. they benefited in some way. Speaking, listening, writing, and reading are basics for communication in any language. Allen Park's curriculum not only required that every student take four years of English, but also offered French and Spanish to the students. MARY WASHKO 1.) Todd Moray. 2.) Mrs. Derry Ferency poses for rhe camera. 3.) Paul Borgo-mian. Mr. Por Dorrisrelli. ond Sherry Donaldson. 4.) Camille Childress ond Delphio Ludwig. 5.) Mrs. Dororhy Vonderhaogen ond Becky Morkey. 6.) Carol Cushing. 7.) Jim Szosrek.FACULTY George Donigion-Counsellng. Leroy Durfee- Autos Deny Ferency-English. Nofionol Honor Society Sponsor. Ed Frosheiser-Physkol Educotion. John Hobo ton- Co-op.. Business Law. J.V. Ooseboll Coach. Senior Class Sponsor. Kenneth Heller-Physics, Cross-Country Coach. Richard Hershberger-American History. Governmenr. Golf Coach. Trudy Jocqulsh-College Anoromy. Ootony. Lorry Kempt- English Terry Knlppenberg-Counselling. English Jock Kopnik. Writing. Choir. Oond Director Tony Kovoch-Coreers. Woods. Gen. Moth George Lavine-Business. Co-op. Doro Proc.. Reoding Rosemory Molish-Home Economics Joan Morthews-Dromo Roy McKay- Physical Education Joe Medrono-Algebro. Spanish. Dromo Club Sponsor 1 2 3 "THE WIZ KIDS” It Is the "American Way", get an education, buy a business, or latch onto a job and work your way to the top. ft Is, in fact, the goal of a large part of the ambitious students at APHS. So, in keeping with the times, Allen Park High offered old traditional business courses and added new computer courses to the curriculum. All intended to help the students achieve their goal- success. Computers made their debut at Allen Park High this year. With the addition of the computers course, many students were able to get acquainted with this ever popular machine. It appears that Allen Park's business department has come a long way since the first typing class. MARY WASHKO 1.) Llso McLeod. 2.) John Norion. 3.) Elizabeth Lofferty. Donna Wonsavage. Julie Colleffa and Liso Quintono. 4.) Pete Dordollis. 5.) Monica Menzer. 6.) Dennis McGinn shows Mike Richards about computers. 7.) Dove Yeoger shows Dove Glenn account-ing.SOCIAL STUDIES . . . A Dwight Eisenhower, John F. Kennedy, ond Moo Tse-tung may never hove attended Allen Park High, but students have learned about them in history courses offered this year. Besides the basic histories; World and American: students had human relations, psychology, sociology, world and American geography and government available to them. In government, seniors study the workings of American democracy and it's strengths and weaknesses, while analyzing the three branches of our national government. Whether the subject be government, American history, or Michigan history, students at Allen Park will hove token a trip back in time through the eyes of prominent historians in their textbooks. MARY WASHKO UMarr Digliordi. 2.) Mr. Hershberger helping Trocy Schmidt. 3.) Mr. Bellos poses for the comero. 4.) Pot Knight. 5.) Chris Dirotzuvon in Michigan history. 6.) Eugene Hebert. 7.) Enzo Delpizzo. TRIP BACK IN TIMEFACULTY Horvey Sfollings- Generol Moth. Trigonometry. Coiculus Dorry Swiss- Coreers. Physicol Educotion Bert Tyson- History. Money Monagement. Personal Typing D. VonderHoogen- Writing. French, Speech Delores Wilson- Educotion of the Leorning Disabled Joon Yonkowsky-Anotomy. Diology. Algebra Walter Zelosko-Geography. Psychology. Asst. Coach-Varsity Football. IMPRINT Advisor Don Zittlemon- Autos CAMERA SHY Paul Ausum- Anatomy. Diology Sue Keramidos- Account-ing II. Typing, Shorthand Dick Tews- Social Studies. PEP CLUB Sponsor Jeon VonNostrond- Accounting. Business Low. Typing k5 4 Stella Zonini- Library SciencesCREATIVITY ... THE ARTS Industrial Arts, Home Arts, and Creative Arts make up the educational elective classes at APHS. Students may supplement their academic pro-gram with such classes as Autos, Electronics. Metals, Small Engines, Drafting, Woods, Basic Drawing, Architecture. Pictorial Illustrations, Pottery. Clothing, Foods. Needlecraft, Interior Decorating, and Child Development. The many levels of these classes are exceeded only by the great variety of classes offered. While these classes may not be deemed necessary by all, the lessons learned are both important and valuable. DARLENE CARROLL 1.) Senior Jeff Dolton in Auros os Mr. Durfee looks on. 2.) Mr. Mihorsch olds Senior Mark Yeghiozorian in Droffing. 3.) Sen-ior John Goggin leads Junior Paul Coffman down the path fo wisdom ond understanding. 4.) Sophomore Down Pomeran-ing receives helpful hints from Mrs. Dobboge. 5.) Senior Mark Geb puts the finishing touches on the final product. 6.) Sen-lots Pete Dordollis ond Dole Merwin In Autos. 7.) Mike Leis ond Hons Stober practice Calligraphy.CLUB PROMOTES SCHOLARSHIP Honor Society 1.) NATIONAL HONOR SOCIETY. 1ST ROW: Corrie Smith. Dorlene Carroll. Kelly Krust. Edie Dziekan. Christine Delteky. Michelle Puente. Jill Trepkowski, Susan Rebel. David Grofton. Mory Tsutsui. 2ND ROW. Thom Mukri. Christine D'Hondt. Charles Duchene. Sheryl Pops. Lucy Savona. Steve Goode, Chris Vido. Gory DiCarlo. Nino Coppelletti. Dovid Orbon. Don Voss. Gregg Colvird. ond Kris Knos. 2.) Mrs. Bette Ferency The Notional Honor Society has been o prominent group for many years. It provides leadership ond public service. Members ore those who exhibit high standards of scholarship, service, leadership, character, ond citizenship. To be eligible for the Honor Society, one must be either o sophomore, junior, or senior with a cum-mulotive grade point overage of 3.0. Seniors include Steve Almasian, Cheryl Belt, Gregg Colvird, Bridget Fergunson, Dove Koufmon, Le-nore Koltunchik, Kim Kozlowski, Martha Loero, Pom Ohlrich, Jim Paffhausen, ond Shelly Weis-miller. Juniors include Liso Corvoio, Joonne Kovocs. Chris LoBrecque, Chris McCloskey. Mott Murlick, i Lynn Nodzom, Maureen O'Brien, Liz Petrozion, Steve Pfieffer, Treno Smith, ond Sondi Winkler. Sophomores were Janice Denton. Jon Firek, John Francis, Kate Knos. Allen Koths, Kelly Lorenz, Donyol Mukri, Steve Papalas, Kris Sendek, Trocy Wolloce, Tim Weis-miller, and Paul Wilburn. Their sponsor was Mrs. Bette Ferency. This year's officers were Kris Knos (President); Ann Yodhes (Vice-President); Tom Mukri (Secretory); ond Betty Rosen (Treasurer). MARY WASHKO PRIDE COMMITTEE CLUB PROMOTES PRIDE Under the guidance of Mr. Michael Fergerson, the Pride Committee worked hard and long to improve the quality of our school. "The purpose of Allen Park's Pride Committee is to instill a feeling of pride, accomplishment, and self-worth among students, parents, and the community as a whole." stated Mr. Fergerson, Principal. Members include approximately fifty students from the ninth grade to the twelfth. The main goal of the Pride Committee was to have a marque established in front of the school. It will list current ond upcoming events for the public to see. This year's Pride Committee projects include the redecorofion of the girl's bathroom and the renovation of the courtyard in co-operation with the Allen Park Garden Club. The Pride Committee was also responsible for the purchase and maintanence of numerous plants placed throughout the school. They also hosted Senior Citizen's Day and established an APHS Hall of Fame. MARY WASHKO 1.) PRIDE COMMITTEE-IST ROW. Suson Cor-roll. Jennifer Ronkln. Chrisrine Dawson. Ko-rie Knos. Shoron Kurodo. Melisso Mount Tommy Trombley. Morio Pondo. Jomie Shomock. Pom Novoy. Tom Grohm. 2ND ROW- Cheryl Belt. Christine Belfeky, Michelle Puente. Lynnette Nodzom. Kim McKibbin. Koren Driscoll, Korrie Vigneou. Tom Dunne. Kathleen Sheridon. Shannon Walker. Charlene Green. 3RD ROW. Mr. Michael Fergerson. Kelly Lorenz. Michelle McGonagle. Heidi Oleynik, Darlene Car-roll, Don Torkanyi. Koren Mann. Mariam Todion. Mary Tsutsui. 0111 Tadian, Andy Hill. Jim Poffhousen. Kris Troinor. Kris Knos. Gregg Calvird. ond Shelly Mann. 2.) Pride Committee sponsor Mr. Michael Fergerson. 3.) Senior Mike Dowdell poses with the Pride Committee s ‘ Plont Project' .ALLEN CLUB CLUB PROMOTES SERVICE An orgonizafion founded to render service and to represent the school before the public is the Allen Club. Each spring, staff members nominate juniors and sophomores based on their participation in school and grade point average, which must be 3.0. Students are then selected from the nominations. inducted into the club, and officers elected. The Allen Club is sponsored by Assistant Principal Mrs. Bonnie Yager. The officers are: President Nino Cappelletti; Vice-President Kirsten Johnson, Secretary Edie Dziekan, and Treasurer Sue Rebel. Members include seniors Steve Almasian, Chris Belteky, Darlene Carroll, Steve Goode, George Go-sinski, Anna Hanoian, Marian Ho-linski, and Michelle Karoub. Other seniors were Martha Loera, Pam Ohlrich, Heide Oleynik, Dave Or-ban. Lucy Savona, Denise Su-carski, Mariam Tadian, Jill Trep-kowski, and Mary Tsutsui. Junior members were Lisa Cor-vaia, Chris D'Hondf, Dave Grafton, Denise Jozsa, Kelly Krust, Gordon Laatz, Chris LaBrecque, Jeff Mif-sud, Lynn Nadzam, Maureen O'Brien, Lisa Pejuan, Steve Pfieffer, Trena Smith, Kim, Tosh, and Sandi Winkler. MAR Y WASHKO 1. ) THE ALLEN CLUD- 1ST ROW. Michelle Kor-oub. Lucy Sovono. Mory Tsutsui, Heidi Oleynik. Moriom Todion, Deniece Jozso. Christine Belteky. Darlene Carroll. 2ND ROW. George Gosinski. Kirsten Johnson. Anno Honoion. Jeff Mifsud. Edie Dziekon. Steve Goode. Pom Ohlrich. Kelly Krust. Lynetre Nadzom. Liso Corvoio. 3RD ROW. Mrs. Bonnie Yoger. Moureen O’Brien. Shor-on Kurodo. Sandro Winkler. Susan Rebel. Christine D'Hondt. David Grofton, Gordon Lootz. Dovid Orban. Nino Coppellerri. Steve Pfieffer. Mortho Loero. ond Kim Tosh. 2. ) Allen Club Sponsor Mrs. Bonnie Yoger. 3. ) Allen Club officers: Suson Rebel (Treasurer): Nino Coppellerti (President); Kirsten Johnson (Vice-President): ond Edie Dziekon (Secretory).PEP CLUB CLUD PROMOTES SPIRIT Last year many new clubs were initiated at A.P. One of these was the Pep Club. The Pep Club's goal is to promote school spirit and to build strong public relations with neighboring schools. They also make busses available for anyone wishing to attend away games. Mr. Richard Tewes is the club's sponsor. The officers are President Darlene Carroll. Vice-President Heide Oleynik, Secretary Denise Jozsa, and Treasurer Andy Hill. The lack of money prevented the Pep Club from doing as much as they had planned for this year. Fund raisers were planned to earn money for "letter cards" which the fans could use to form cheers to the other school's fans. They also worked to purchase two 16' green, felt banners which read, "Allen Park Jaguars” and "Allen Park Marching Bond:". The largest drawback that the Pep Club had endured was not the lack of membership, but the lack of participation from the members it did have. MARY WASHKO 1) PEP CLUD-1ST ROW- Ed Croine. Shonnon Walker. Julie Piskos. Jenny Rankin. Michelle Puente. Mario Pondo. Coulette Mi-chealis. Julie Cullen. Melissa Thompson. Donyal Mukri. Kathy Mann. Laura Tonus. Deth Belheim. Jill Trepkowski. 2ND ROW-Paula Gent. Becky Schwocho. Lynn Nod-zam. Debbie Roberts. Tom Dunne. Mary Tsutsui. Karrie Vigneou. Kris Trainer. H.W. Dufton. Shelly Mann, Mike Dowdell. Tom Mukri. Sheryl Pops. Dove Davis. Joanne Kovocs. Kelly Lorenz, Dawn Miller. Kim McKibbin. 3RD ROW- Kris Knos. Gregg Co-vird. Kim Fennel. Chris Plummer. Denie Su-carski. Darb Sontog. Cheryl Belt. Kyle Tert-zog. Koren Mann. Mariom Tadion. Edna Green. Mr. Tewes. Deniece Jozsa. Andy Hill Heide Oleynik. Sue Carroll. Darlene Corroll. Debbie Jakacki. 2.) Pep Club Spon-sor. Mr. Tews. 3.) Pep Club officers Heidi Oleynik, Darlene Corroll. Deniece Jozso, and Andy Hill.DRAMA . . . SPOTLIGHT ON AMATEURS Gooey grease paint, sweaty palms, sweltering spotlights, and last-minute jitters exemplify entertainment. Ever since the Greek actor The-pis won the earliest recorded dramatic contest in 534 D.C., people have tried to be performers of one sort or another. Whether it is in the Acropolis in Athens, the Globe in London, or in the Allen Park High gymnasium, all of those who perform on stage hope to be appreciated by those in the audience. Family and friends were the first to arrive. Then came members of the general public and a steady stream of teachers and administrators. Each guest eyed the elaborate decor of the gymnasium as they awaited the drama club's production of "Ten Little Indians". Backstage, the cast and crew of "Ten Little Indians", the fall production, suffered the emotional shock of appearing before a live audience, where there is no second chance; no time for "screw-ups". A change in sponsorship was made this year. The drama club was to be under the direction of Mr. Joe Medrano. Every member had the dedication to work hours after school elevating the prestige of being part of the drama club. MAR Y WASHKO 1. ) Drama Club sponsor Mr. Joe Medrano. 2. ) Kimberly Hutchinson and Kim Fennel ploy "moke-up” artist with Tommy Sho-mus. 3.) Dovid Krzisnik. Lori Lockhort. and Aron Johnson in "Ten Little Indions". 4.) Sophomore Dovid Krzisnik and freshman Lori Lockhart. 5.) 1ST ROW- Lori Lockhort. Kevin Kremko. Michelle Woodward. Aron Johnson. Heidi Greggs. 2ND ROW- Dovid Krzisnik. Cheryl Newton. Alex Skelly. Shelly Morr. and Tom Grohm. 6.) Sophomore Dob Cloke working hard on props. 7.) Shelly Morr. Down Grzyb. and Krista Faulkey. DRAMA CLUD- 1ST ROW- Tom Grohm, Alex Skelly. Kim Fennel. Held! Greggs. Kevin Kremko. 2ND ROW. Lori Lockhort. Kim Hutchinson. Cheryl Newtoj. 3RD' ROW- Krista Faulkey. Dawn Grzyb. Katie Knos. Michelle Weismiller. Michelle McKelXy. Dennis McGinn. Steve Mangipone. 4TH ROW- Cblleen Chuwey. Dave Krzisnik. and Aaron Dotes.ENTERTAININGHARMONIZING Zealous about performing, the Allen Park High School Choir inundate the school! When the night comes for the performance, and when the curtain goes up, naivete vanishes and amateurs turn professional under the spotlights. With waxed expressions and nervous body movements, the few choir members sing their parts harmoniously under the direction of Mr. Jack Kopnick. The Choir performed at the Christmas and Spring Concerts this year along with the band. The singers who fill our gym with song and melody are chosen through an audition. Mr. Kopnick picks the lucky winners to form the choir. Perhaps this year's choir and recent choirs at AP hove been quite small, but even so. through sheer dedication each member strives for perfection in each note they sing. The group is small, which mode it inevitable that there would only be the Concert Choir to perform at concerts and special events. This group, however small, has indeed done an exceptional job in presenting musical entertainment throughout the year. •MARY WASHKO 1.) LEFT TO RIGHT- Debbie Socull. Roberto McKinnon, Aron Johnson. Sue Chop-pel. Melonie Zontop ond Amy Hogedorn. 2.) Chris McClosky. Sherill Moorodion. ond Nino Coppelleti. 3.) Debbie Socull. Aron Johnson. Sue Choppel. Melonie Zontop ond Amy Hogedorn. 4.) Michelle Woodward. Heidi Greggs, ond Borb Sontag. 5.) Roberto McKinnon. Aton Johnosn. Sue Choppel. Melonie Zontop. Amy Hogedorn. Heidi Greggs ond Borb Sontog. 6.) Adrienne Hogedorn ond Chris McClosky. 7.) Aron Johnson ond Steve Mogopone 8.) Sherill Moorodion smiles for the camera.BAND INUNDATES SCHOOL LET'S HEAR IT FOR THE BAND! The Allen Pork Morching Bond . this phrose most often brought to mind opproximotely one-hundred morching members ond their vibront musicol exibitions thot filled the eors of hundreds yeor long.- well-rehearsed ond polished for show time. Aside from the brilliant halftime showings the bond exhibited their skills in local downriver Christmas parades, numerous competitions, the Silverdome, The Detroit Auto Show, and King Islands Amusement Park. Under-classman also hove the distinct honor of playing at the annual graduation ceromonies in June. The band also performed at the Christmas ond Spring concerts. Leading the band was Mr. Jack Kopnick, who also conducted the choir. Assisting Mr. Kopnick were President Kris Knas. Vice-President Kelly Krust, Secretary Ann Yodhes. and Treasurer Pam Ohl-rich. A major change in the band was made this year. For the first time in the band's history a girl held the position of drum major. Kelly Krust had this distinguished honor. With a lot of hard work and dedication, the Allen Pork Marching Bond will continue to play harmoniously to the many listeners at A.P.! MAR Y WASHKO 1.) Drum Major Kelly Krust leading the bond at half-time. 2.) Anno Honoion ond Lori Kirschweng. 3.) The saxophone section: Steve Bologh. Down Schchek. Tim Wojoylo. ond Kim Fennel. 4.) Bond Director, Mr. Jock Kopnick. 5.) Don Voss ond Vorton Petrozion. 6.) The bond officers from left to right- Pom Ohlrich (Treosurer). Kris Knos (President). Kelly Krust (Vice-President). ond Ann Yodhes (Secretory). 7.) Color guard Liso Pejuon. 6.) Mork Yegh-iozorion worming up for o performance. 9.) The bond of the Christmos Concert.Presenting the 1960-64 JAGUAR JOURNAL stoff. FRONT ROW LEFT TO RIGHT. Poro$ lrich. Pom N J voy. Mory Woshko. Liz Petrozion. Mory Tsusul 2ND ROW Joe Micheols. Kris Knos. Kelly KruMChjis Vido Dove Gtofton. Dove Dovis. Mike Dowdell, Dove Donlgion. 3RD ROW. Seon Mitchell.'Rich Sclobossi. Gfegg'Colylrd. Ann Yodhes. Gordon Lootz. ond Kyle ft Ate . JAGUAR JOURNAL Jaguar Journal JAGUAR JOURNAL Is published monthly during the school year by the newspaper staff of Allen Park High School, 1M01 Champaign, Allen Park, Michigan 48101. Opinions expressed In this newspaper are those of the author, not necessarily those of the school or Its administration. News Editor...................................Joe Michaels Editorial Editor ............................. Chris Vida Sports Editor Michael Bowdell Feature Editor KrisKnas Advertising Editor Sean Mitchell News Reporters Gregg Calvird. Kelly Krust, Joe Michaels, Mary Washko Editorial Writers Gordon Laatz, Pam Navoy, Pam Ohlrich, Chris Vida Sports Writers Michael Bowdell. Dave Davis. Gary Dicarlo, Dave Donigian, Dave Grafton, Kris Knas Feature Writers liz Petrosian, Kyle Tertzag, Ann Yodhes Photographic Arts Rich Sclabassi Advisor Mr. Robert PowellJOURNALISTS AT A.P. Working on weekends, thinking of creotive heodlines, and covering the school scene epitomize the ort of journalism. During the year the JAGUAR JOURNAL staff must witness and report every event, whether it be major or fairly insignificant. A serious journalist would cover the school scene in an accurate and well-rounded way, which gives the total picture; flaws and assets. The JAGUAR JOURNAL attempted to cover this year in such a fosh-ion, under the supervision of Mr. Robert Powell. The year 1983-84 proved to be one of changes at Allen Park High School. The JAGUAR JOURNAL sought journalistic perfection, as they tried to be economical and yet appealing to its readers. To give all clubs and organizations the most coverage possible, but more importantly to keep the school and its students informed. The JAGUAR JOURNAL is a four page publication consisting of news, editorials, sports, and features. A special column was written monthly called "Because it's like that . . . " by Liz Petrozian and Ann Yodhes. A new column was also added as a feature to the paper. "Counseling Corner" was intended to keep students informed about colleges and other counseling information. MAR Y WASHKO 1.) Kris Knos. Feoture Editor Chris Vido, Editorial Editor.- Joe Micheols. News Editor.-Mike Dowdell. Sports Editor.- ond Sean Mitchell. Advertising Editor. 2.) Mary Washko ond Mr. Powell. 3.) Mr. Powell gives Liz Petrozian ond Kelly Krust some advice. 4.) JAGUAR JOURNAL photographer Rich Sclobossi developing pictures. "PRIME TIME” 1 1984 JOURNALISTS COMPACT 160 DAYS INTO 250 PAGES Perfection. Just one word that is easy to soy and virtually impossible to achieve. Perfection involves refining, improving, and bringing something to it's final form. Free from fault or flow, perfection is an unsurpassable degree of accuracy and excellence. This quality was one that Mr. Walter Zelasko. advisor, propelled the IMPRINT staff to achieve when they conceived this year's "Prim Time'' yearbook. Making time stand still, writing creative copy, and meeting deadlines are all subtle forms of perfection. Robert Frost should have written a poem about journalists and writers and called it "Frown". These students could scowl, furrow 1 their brow, and purse their lips as skillfully as Pablo Picasso could paint or William Shakespeare could write. They were adept at making their work os tedious as possible. Debbie Jakacki was Editor-in-Cheif and the associate editors were Lisa Dorieo (Advertisements), Maria Holinski (Seniors), Pam Navoy (Prologue), Dove Or-ban (Sports), Julie Piskos (Activities), Mariam Tadian (Underclassman), and Mary Washko (Academics). Outstanding journalism awards were awarded to Pam Navoy and Mary Washko at the } Honors Convocation. A yearbook takes a lot of careful planning and hard work, but when it is all finished, staff members sigh with relief and realize that it was all worth it. MAR Y WASHKO 1.) Junior Sue Rebel anxiously?” awaits onother doy in imprint. 2.) Mario Holinski editing some copy. 3.) The IMPRINT stoff editing on old book. 4.) Liso Dorieo taking core of the ad deportment. 5.) Koren Driscoll hard or work? 6.) Pom Novoy helping out rookie Jill Trepkowski. 7.) Mr. Zelosko. or Is it Mr. Selezno?? 4PRESENTING THE 1963-64 IMPRINT STAFF- FIRST ROW- LEFT TO RIGHT- Debbie Jokocki. Michelle Puenfe. Julie Piskos. Deniece Jozsa. SECOND ROW■ Karen Driscoll. Mariam Tadian. Sue Panda. Mr. Zelosko. Lisa Carvaia. Mary Washko. Debbie Roberts. THIRD ROW- Tracy Schmidt. Tim Kriksciun. Maria Holinski. Lenore Koltunchik. Dove Orbon. Darlene Corroll. Lisa Dorieo. and Sue Rebel.STUDENT COUNCIL Allen Pork Student Council con be proud of one of the most successful yeors in recent history. Under the leodership of President Tim Kriksciun, Vice-President Edie Dziekon, Secretory Kim Kozlowski. Treosurer Heide Oleynik, and, of course. Student Council Sponsor Richard Mochleid. Home-coming weekend proved to be o smashing success. An exciting ond fun-filled Spirit Week followed, also sponsored by S.C. Student Council members aided in the campaign for o milloge renewal both by contracting recent alumni of APHS ond by speaking to various organizations about the quality of Allen Park Public Schools. Raffle tickets were sold to provide for such events as a Sadie Hawkins dance and to fund the addition of a Jaguar mascot to the boisterous crowds at APHS. All in all. Student Council has proved itself beneficial to both the school and the community. Student Council, take a bowl ♦DARLENE CARROLL 1.) Richard Mochleid. Student Council Sponsor. 2.) Tim Kriksciun. Student Council President. 3.) Edie Dziekon. Student Council Vice-President. 4.) Kim Kozlowski. Student Council Secretory. 5.) Heide Oleynik. Student Council Treosurer. 6.) First Row. left to right: Tommy Trombley. Kim Kozlowski, Donyol Mukri. George Rosen, Anno Honoion, Liso Corvoio. Sue Rebel, Morio Pando. Eleno Morchiondo. Mo Loreou. Janice Denton. Brent Ketzenberger. John Warren. Tim Weismiller. Second Row: Julie Piskos. Jomie Shomock. Tom McGinn. Dove Grofton. Chris Dowson, Jim Lewis. Tom Dunne, Edie Dziekon, Renee Enoch, Lynn Nodzom. Mott McDonald. Cloudette MocRoe. Melisso Coker. Trocy Wolloce, Rusty Mangiopagne. Third Row: Ed Croine. Tim Kriksciun. Koren Driscoll. Dione Dert. Thom Mukri. Kelly Krust. Koren Monn. Corrie Smith. Andy Kehogioros. Heide Oleynik. Suson Corroll. Shelly Monn, Eric Droun. Kelly Lorenz, Sondy Hicks. Fourth Row: Kris Troinor, John Taboczynski. Paul Borgomion. Mike Dowson, Andrew Hill. Gregg Colvird. Jim Novoy. Jomes Rotoy. Dovid Orbon. Gory DiCorlo. ond Kyle Tertzog. 94HONORS APART FROM THE CROWD Style: only five letters, but what an impact. This short word can not only describe one's life, but it is the very essense of livlihood. These lifestyles may vary greatly or be similar, but will never be identical, therefore, unlimited styles of people exist. Basically, everyone falls into one of two categories; one is either a leader or a follower. Allen Park High is filled with leaders. A high school student with hopes of graduating must become academically aware, but do not have to read chapters a second time or rework Trigonometry problems during their lunch hour. Undaunted determination and a competitive drive create the standard set by the academically competitive. Devotion of both time and spirit are essential if the student is to excel. Among the many Allen Park students exists an academically excellent percentage who strive for more. These students were honored at the twenty-sixth Annual Honors Convocation on May 2. 1984. Scholarships, Departmental Awards, and academic awards were all on the agenda for the night. Departmental awards were given to those who excelled in a certain area. Art- Jim Rotay and Carrie Smith; Athletics- Charlene Green, Don Guobis. and Steve Goode; Business- Nino Cappelletti (Accounting), and Monica Menzer (Secretarial); English- Ann Yodhes; French- Nino Cappelletti; Home-making- Melody Bales; Imprint-Pom Novoy and Mary Washko; Industrial Arts- Dan Donofrio; Journalism- Richard Sclabassi; Math-Cathy Nagy; Music- Kris Knas; Physical Education- Mike Dowdell; Science- Lucy Savona (Biological) and Dan Voss (Physical); Social Studies- Chris Vida; and Spanish-Cathy Nagy. MAR Y WASHKO CONVOCATION "The reword of o thing well done is to hove done it." Ralph Waldo Emerson 1.) Dan Voss. 2.) Don Rafail. 3.) Jim Paff-hausen accepts his award for Americanism. 4.) Don Donofrio. 5.) Ann Yodhes and Mrs. Bette Ferency. 6.) Lucy Savona. 7.) Christopher Vida. 3.) Accepting one of his 8 numerous owards is Nino Coppelletti."WHO'S WHO" AT APHS JIM ROTAY Jim is the Senior Class President and has led the class to a victorious and successful year. Jim's talent can be found in the art department. In his four years at A.P.H.S. he has painted several portraits and emblems throughout the school. For his talent, he received the Department Award in the Art area. He also enjoys playing the drums in his own band, which also performed in this years Gong Show. LIZ PETROSIAN Liz is currently a junior and in her three years at Allen Park High, she has been very active in clubs and athletics. She is a member of the National Honor Society and has been a member of the band since her freshman year. As a freshman and sophomore she was on the girl's tennis team. Liz's talent may be found in the literary arts. She is a feature writer for the JAGUAR JOURNAL She is the Melius Correspondent and has won several literature awards. NINO CAPPELLETTI Exceptional might describe senior Nino Cappelletti. He received the honor of Summa Cum Laude among numerous awards. Some of the many awards he has collected include Phi Beta Kappa, National Letter of Commendation, University of Michigan Regents Alumni Scholarship, French and Accounting Departmental Awards, PTA PTSA Scholarship. He is President of the Allen Club and is a member of the National Honor Society. In the future Nino plans to earn a degree in Accounting at the University of Michigan.ERIC DOLLMAN Eric is currently o junior ond is presently corrying o high grode point overoge with college prep courses. Gymnostics is one of his fovorite hobbies which he excells in. As on illustration, on Moy 6. he ottended the U.S.G.F. Gymnostics Stote Meet held of Michigan State University. In the competition he placed eighth overall in the Class III Division. His team placed first in their division. LUCY SAVONA In her four years at Allen Park High, Lucy has had a strong influence on her fellow students. This year she graduated Magnum Cum Laude and was Salutatorian. She has been an active part of the school including the band, Allen Club, and the National Honor Society. She has received numerous owards such as. Principal's Scholar. Principal's All Academic Team. Phi Beta Kappa, and a Depart-mental Award in Biological Science. JENNIFER JAROSLAWSKI Sacrifice, sacrifice, and more sacrifice. While others are playing outside, sophomore Jennifer Jaros-lawski is indoors on the ice. She has been figure skating since she was seven years old. She received a bronze medal for her performance in the juvenile ladies' freestyle division of the Tri-State Competition at the Wyandotte Yack Arena. "I just love it, the competition and everything — it's just fun! I've been meeting a lot of new people and I learn something new everyday." Outstanding leadership, scholarship, and talent. These have been the qualifications for all of the "Who's Who" members. This segment of the yearbook was conceived to acknowledge and reward the achievements of some of Allen Park's most distinguished students. They are receiving recognition which they may not have otherwise received elsewhere. The process of deciding who is deserving to be a ”Who's Who"member begins with formal nominations. Teachers were given forms on which to nominate their candidates. Students were also given forms to nominate, after all who knows the students better than the RICH SCLADASSI Senior Rich Sclabassi hos many talents. He has been the JAGUAR JOURNAL photographer for four years, which is a record for any staff member. He received the Departmental Award for Journalism. He also has been skiing with the Allen Park Middle School Ski Club as a sponsor for four years. He attended the Batavia School of Drafting and was the youngest person to ever graduate from the school. He plans to attend Lower-ence Institute of Technology majoring in engineering. SANDY WINKLER Sandy, like many of the other ’ Who's Who" members, has had a strong influence on her fellow students. She carries a strong grade point average and is involved in the Allen Club, National Honor Society and Pride Committee. She has received the Principal's Scholar and Principal's All Academic Team Awards. students themselves? On the form teachers ond students were to list their candidates, their area of achievement, ond their homeroom number. There were a lot of prank nominations for example the boy who showed enormous courage for serving his country in the armed forces. Almost everyone responded and took the project seriously. There were many surprises to some unknown talents to many of the staff members. Allen Park has always been a school of traditions and midway through the 80 s, a new tradition of honoring outstanding students should be carried on. MAR Y WASHKO SEASONS BESTOpposite page, for left, top: Karen Walz taking a breath of fresh air. Opposite page, for left: Gary Hegedus. Dave Pagac. and Tim Mcgonagle going for a touchdown as Joguars play in the Pontiac Silverdome. Opposite poge. for left, bottom: Kathy Nagy shooting two for the lady Jogs. Opposite Page: Don Guobis. Gary Dicarlo, and H.W. Dufton playing a strong offensive game against Crestwood. Opposite Poge. Bottom: Mott Enoch pinning his opponent for the Jogs during a meet. This Poge: left, top: Captains Mary Washko and Debbie Jakacki pose for the camera man during the gome at the silverdome. This poge: left: Karen Driscoll taking a dive for the girls swimming team. This poge. top: "Coke Adds Life” John Oleynik takes time out to see if this statement is true. This poge: directly above: Kris Knos and Kirsten Johnson playing doubles for the girls volleyball team?ALL AMERICAN SQUAD The Allen Pork Varsity Cheerleadig squads have been attending sum-mer camps. This past summer they attended the United States Cheerleading Association (U.S.C.A.) comp at Ollivef College, in Ollivet. Michigan. At camp, they competed against many other squads. On the final evening of competition the advisors chose the "All American Squad", which means the squad who performs well on the floor and communicates well with the advisors, the other squads, and their own squad. This year the A.P. Varsity squad was awarded this honor. The Junior Varsity squad also attended this camp, and they did very well also. The squads also cheers for the football and basketball seasons. They practice regularly all year for these events. The girls are coached by Robin Carey head coach for the varsity and freshmen squads and Rhonda Dusch the J.V. coach. ‘DEDDIE JAKACKI This page. Top; The Vorsify squod hamming ir up?!! Coulerre Michoelis. Mory Woshko. Debbie Jokacki. Louro Tonus..Lynn Nodzom. Debbie Roberts. Jill Trepkowski. ond Sue Carroll. Delow: The Varsity squod in action ot o gome. Directly obove; Denise Jozso. Lynn Nodzom. Debbie Jokocki. Coulette Michoelis-Toking o time-out from o long practice. Directly right; Senior Heide Oleynik gives it her oil.TOP OF THIS PAGE: J.V. Rah Roh's Terri Derfosio and Lisa Lirner smiling happy for the camera man. MIDDLE PICTURE: The Vorsify Squad. (Front Row) Seniors Jill Trepkowski. Debbie Jakacki (Coptoin). Caulerre Michalis. Mory Woshko (Captoin). and Heide Oleynik (Captain). (Dock Row) Underclassmen Laura Tonus. Lynn Nodzom. Denise Jozso. Debbie Roberts, ond Sue Carroll. LEFT: The Junior Vorsity Squad Kori Kirkpatrick. Potti-Ann Rauser. Down Miller (Captain). Donyol Mukri (Captain), Lisa Litner. Terri Dertosio. Deanna Danko. Sue Doron. ond Milisso Mount. ABOVE: Milisso Mount ond Karri Kirkpatrick showing off their smiles.THREE CHEERS! FROSH CHEERS! This year nor only held o winning season for the football team, but apparently a successful one for the freshman cheerleaders. Practicing year round ond dedication is needed for o quality squad. The freshman cheerleaders attended cheerleading camp and competition at Olivet College and placed in the Top Ten in the frosh division, individuals came through for A.P., Tina Terry and Elena Mor-chionda each received "Top Ten” Individual awards. Squad members were Melissa Coker, Kirsten Giertz, Rachel Kendal, Theresa Magnan, Sue Mar-brey, Elena Marchionda, Tina Terry, and Leslie Tosh. The girls coach was Mrs. Robin Carey. Being a cheerleader Is something uniquely different for each individual involved, but it is always responsibility and dedication, which the girls did not forget. MAR Y WASHKO THIS PAGE MIDDLE- The freshmon cheer-leoders cheering on rhe frosh Jogs. LOWER LEFT■ Showing off for rhe crowd, or is it the comero? LOWER MIDDLE - Theresa Mog-non doing her stuff ot o basketball gome. LOWER RIGHT ■ Rachel Kendal full of pep ond spirit while cheering. 1ST ROW■ Tina Terry, and Elena Marchionda. 2ND ROW - Kirsten Giertz. Leslie Tosh, ond Sue Morbrey 3rd ROW Thereso Mognon Melisso Coker, ond Rochel KendolBOOSTER CLUB ENDEAVORS REWARDED Supporters . . . perhops the most importont element that athletes of oil kind crave for. Without supporters athletes might not receive equipment or funding needed to exist. At Allen Pork High the Adult Booster Club reigns in this ever important position. They work year round to earn money to finance new uniforms, equipment, or anything else a team may need. At the close of each sports season the Adult Booster Club provides for the athletes on awards ceromony and banquet completed with awards, speeches, food, and maybe some tears. This banquet is their way of saying "Good Job” to the athletes who hove worked hard all season long for their endeavors. The officers of this year's club were President Walter Howell, Vice President George Donigian, Secretary Lois Grafton, and Treasurer Sophie Tomich. MAR Y WASHKO THIS PAGE UPPER LEFT- Deniece lozso accepting her Varsity letter in cheerleoding. MIDDLE LEFT- Freshman Matt Enoch accepting his award in wrestling. MIDDLE RIGHT-John Doufford receiving his Most Improved Aword for Swimming. LOWER LEFT- 1964 wos the year of the Jaguar, os you con see! LOWER RIGHT- Jim Guess and Mr. Don-igion.CLOSE BUT NO CIGAR! Top of page left: Don Goubis. Top of page right: Cooch Dorristelli and Kevin Moholok cheering team to victory. Bottom page: Sworming Defense. Center page top: Orion Motusik powers into the Silverdome end zone with Tom Louria blocking the way. Center bottom: Don Torkonyi. Gory Hegodus pulling for Tim McGonagle. Opposite page top left: Mike Dowdell. Mike Troster. Chris Doier. Opposite page middle: Tom Lourio. Opposite page bottom: Thom Mukri kicking o punt. Opposite page right and bottom: The Allen Pork Jogs roaring to victory! Dove Orban9 [106 Allen Pork Jaguars Varsity Football turned out an impressive 5-2 league and 7-2 overall record, puffing them in a tied for 2nd place. The Jaguars had many outstanding performances by talent-ed players. Don Goubis received MVP, Dave Donigian was rewarded by receiving Marc England award. Doth players received All-Area 1st team, all Metro West, Detroit News and Free Press, and All state honorable mention. Gold helmet Award and All Area 1st team-Brian Matu-sik. Outstanding Lineman Award-Kevin Maho-lak and Dan Tarkanyi, All area 1st team. Jeff Dero, Hal Nagel, Thom Mukri All Area second team. The team's outstanding efforts this year resulted in the best record since 1972. Dove Orbon WORKING FOR Undefeated! Well, almost. The Junior Varsity Football team had an outstanding season with only one loss. Coach Kelly may have worked them hard, but the team knows it certainly paid off. Not only was it fun winning, but it also added experience much needed for participation in Varsity Football next season. The one dismal loss left the Junior Jags heavy-hearted. Losing to Taylor Kennedy could of been caused by the last minute injury of the Jaguars Quarterback, Jan Firek, leaving no time to work extra with the second string QD Mike Dawson. All of the team members contributed to the victories. They are: Mike Baber, Pat Daier, Mike Digliardi, Matt Bledsoe, Joe Bodnar, Tony Cafego, Paul Coffman, Mike Dawson, Jan Firek, Tom Ford, Rob Gaines, Steve Dutton, Dave Gallaro, Riche Gergel, Mike Griffin, Doug Gruenwald, Mike Hadvina, Eric Holowinski, Pat Knight, Allen Koths, Dennis LaForce, Fred Letourneau, Mott McDonald. Tom Mucha, Gerry Musio, Rudy Ramon, Chris Richards, Tom Richards, Jeff Roulo, John Savona, Mike Sclater, John Stapleton, Mike Weiss, Paul White. Good work guys! By: Karen DriscollTHE TOP OPPOSITE PAGE LEFT: Lennis LoFlores passing for mega-yardage. CENTER: Coach Kelly and his number 1 boys. OPPOSITE PAGE RIGHT: Mike Hodvina running if back. LEFT: Quarterback Jan Firek pitches os pulling guard Steve Dutton goes to block. ADOVE LEFT: Mike Sclater carries the boll. ADOVE RIGHT: Allen Koths fighting for the poss. TOP: Tom Mucha trying to escape a tackle. Team Photo on PAGE 184.A NEW BREED OF CAT TOP OF PAGE LEFT: Coach Tews looks of the perfect ploy. BOTTOM OF PAGE: Asst, cooch Bruce Boneo. BOTTOM OF PAGE LEFT: Tom Sowyer running for o touchdown. OPPOSITE PAGE MIDDLE: Steve Guess. Jeff Pouliot. ond Spectotor Lennis Loforce watching for o winning touchdown. OPPOSITE PAGE RIGHT: Eric Boier. OPPOSITE PAGE RIGHT: Tom Sowyer running the boll. OPPOSITE PAGE BOTTOM: Tom Mucho ond Dove Troster. 110The Freshmen Football Team hod o record of three wins four losses and one fie. They improved their record from the previous season by three wins and one fie. Outstanding jobs were done by Joe Albanese. Tom Sawyer, Rich Slate, and Dave Troster. The team was under the direction of head coach Richard Tews and Ass'f. Coach Druce Donea. Team photo on pg. 187 SUZANNE PANDO illDETERMINATION BREEDS SUCCESS Dererminotion. That's one thing the Girl's Varsity Dasketball Team definitely had. Going to camp, double-sessions and those workouts on the frock in the hot days of summer resulted in o successful season. The Lody Jogs, in their second year in the Tri-River, finished with o record of 13-1 making them the Co-Chomps. Their overall record was 15-4. This wos the best season ever hod by o Girl's Dasketball Team in the history of APHS. Senior Cothy Nogy led the way os she wos named to All-Area, All-League, and All-West teams. She also received Honorable Mention All-Suburban and All-Metro. Juniors Liso Cor-voio and Christy D'Hondf received All-Area ond All-League honors also while Sophomore Carolyn Droymon received All-Area Honorable Mention. The Lady Jogs were very dedicated ond determined which paid off. They proved they could ploy good team boll ond that they hod o strong bench. Everyone on the team contributed to its success especially coach Debbie Normon. Without her dedication, determination, ond coaching ability the Lody Jogs may hove never mode it through the season. Team members included: Seniors Cothy Nogy. Charlene Green, Juniors Liso Corvoio, Jull Chidester, Christy D'Hondf. Sue Rebel, Sue Pando, Chris Plummer, Lydia Yeghozorion, Sophomore Carolyn Droymon ond Freshmon Tracy (Morey) D'Hondf. Only two girls will be lost to graduation. The Lody Jogs hove o lot of determination ond SHALL DE HEARD FROM AGAIN!! Team photo on page 190 •USA CORVAIA Above: Jull Chidester drives to the hoop Upper Right: Cothy Nogy goes up for two os Christy D'Hondf ond Liso Corvoio look on. Lower Right: Christy D'Hondf is determined to get the boll. mUpper Left: ’ Morey'' D'Hondt drives the boseline Lower Left: Lydio Yeghozorion drives boseline Upper For Left: Liso Corvoio rokes o jumpshor. Upper Middle: Corhy Nogy rokes o shot. Upper Right: Coach Normon looks on. 113YOUNG BUT PROMISING Despite a 4-7 record the Girl's J.V. Basketball Team showed that they were very promising and had a great deal of potential. Leading the team were Sophomores Janice Denton and Chris Dorowski. Also seeing a lot of playing time were Freshmen Chris Dawson and Michelle McGona-gle. The team is very young but showed great improvement throughout the season. Team members included: Sophomores Chris Borowski, Jan Denton Freshmen: Michelle McGonagle, Chris Dawson, Claudette McRae, Chris Bigelow, Shelly Rebel, Shelly Sarkeft and Mo Lareau. The Junior Jags were coached by Patti Zimbilotti. Team photo on pg. 192 LiSA CORVAIA Upper Left: Chris Dawson looks for help Upper Right: Chris Dawson, Chris Bigelow and Claudette McRae listen to Coach Zimbilotti during a time out. Right: Jan Denton drives baseline Center: Chris Dawson fights for the boll os Chris Bor-owski looks on.Allen Parks Golf team successful! season with a 7-3 League Record and a 9-4 overall coming in third in the Tri-River. And sixth in regionals. There was a new team record set by Steve Almasian, H.W. Dufton, Steve Papalas, and Chris Vida. H.W. Dufton also received 110% award and was elected all area 1st team all league 1st team, also receiving honors was Chris Vida. He received All Area 1st All league 2nd. Team coach was R. Hershberger. Suzanne Pondo 116OUTSIDE TRACK Doing their shore of running, the Cross-Country team turned out to be 3rd in their league with o impressive 5-3 record. This year's team was very successful considering the lock of participation. This year's members of the Cross-Country team were very dedicated. The team coach was Mr. Heller. Suzanne Pando Top right: John Lewis (Most Improved). Middle: Dennis McGinn (Most Valuable). Top left: Jeff Misuf (110% oword). Bottom right: Nino Coppellefti. Bottom left: Team Picture. Top left: Cooch Heller. Chorles Du-chene. John Lewis. Nino Coppelletti, George Goscin-iski. Dennis McGinn. Bottom row left: Jeff Misfud. Der-rick Roy. ond Jim Sonscrointe. OPPOSITE PAGE LEFT: Senior Steve Al-mosion OPPOSITE PAGE MIDDLE TEAM PICTURE: Cooch Mr. R. Hershberger. Paul Borgomin. Chris Vido. Steve Papo-los, H. W. Bufton. Steve Almosion. Steve Balogh. Rob Schmidt, Tom Eggert OPPOSITE PAGE DOTTOM LEFT: Mr. R. Hershberger OPPOSITE PAGE DOTTOM MIDDLE: Junior H.W Bufton OPPOSITE PAGE DOTTOM RIGHT: Sophomore Steve Papolas HAVE POWER BUT NOT ENOUGH Like many of the teams of A.P.H.S. the girls Tennis team wos very high in the ratings. They finished with o record of 10-4 overall and 7-0 in league. Many players showed improvement helping put the Jags in 3rd place. Singles players this year were Kirsten Johnson No. 1 singles No. 2 Joanne Kovachs. No. 3 Marianne Pizzo. No. 4 Ann Marie Pace. And the doubles consisted of alot of talent also No. 1 Lori Kirschweng - Chris McClosky No. 2 Lori Kirshweng - Lori Ward - Jennifer Pace No. 3 Doubles- Linda Sovonna, Michelle McClevy. All League and All Area honors went to Kirsten Johnson and Joanne Kovacs. The team was in the running for League Championship up until the last two meets, but couldn't come up with two key victories. All of the meets were close, usually losing by only one point. The team should be even stronger next year because of only 1 senior on the team is leaving. Dove Orban v %4 Opp. pope op right: Joonne Ko-vocs. Dorrom left: Morie Pizzo. Bottom center: Linda Sovonno. Bottom right: Annemarie Pace. Center: Coach Froshlsier assisting technique to Chris McClos-key. Top of left page: Michelle McKelvey. Top right: Lori Ward. Bottom right: Lori Kirshweng. Bottom left: Jennifer Pace. 119THE MAIN Considering the circumstonces the girls Vorsity Swim Teom foced this season, because of the end to their league, they continued to workout long, hard hours to compete against a variety of Class A teams with high hopes of qualifying for the State Swimming and Diving Competition. Being invited to the Wayne Memorial Invitational meet against six Class A teams, placing fourth over-all, then holding their own invitational, and placing first, the hopes for six of these hard working girls became real. Four gills qualified for the state competition and divers Julie Piskos (senior) and Jan Frasier (freshman) qualified for the Regional Diving competition. Shannon Walker (senior) qualified in the 100 yd. Butterfly, the 50 yd. Freestyle and the 200 yd. Medley Relay. Karen Driscoll (senior. Sue Howell (junior) and Lynda Walker (sophomore) also qualified in the 200 yd. Medley Relay. The Girls State meet was held in Grand Rapids. Ml on December second and third of 1983. With the help of the school these girls were able to attend. By: Karen DriscollSTREAM OPPOSITE PAGE LEFT: Koren Driscoll swims in so Shonnon Walker con do her port. OPPOSITE PAGE RIGHT: Julie Piskos dives for big points. OPPOSITE PAGE BOTTOM: Lyndo Walker just clowning around. OPPOSITE PAGE BOTTOM RIGHT: Jenny Toylor. UPPER LEFT: Shonnon Walker swims her stroke. ABOVE: Beth Stamper. UPPER RIGHT: Koren Driscoll swimming her best stroke. MIDDLE RIGHT: Jon Frosier. BOTTOM RIGHT: Julie Piskos dives for more points.ALL BUSINESS Something speciol hoppened this yeor. Everyone leorned whot it's like to be o winner. The Bosketboll teom brought pride, spirit, ond hoppiness bock to this school thot wos slowly losing it's spirit. Two years ago the some teom, with the some storting line-up. lost every gome of the season, ending with o record of 0-21. But they would go on to do whot no one thought possible. The season started with o hopeful but determined teom. They slowly defeated every teom they faced, one by one. Until ot the end of the season they were undefeated with o reversed record, 21-0, ond the reigning Tri-River League Champions! At one point they were ranked 3rd in the state, proving that the "Jags are on the move". The Jags went on to win districts as well. After winning the districts, they went on to regionals. They won the first game, but were not as fortunate in the second. The phenomenal season was over. They lost a heart breaking game by a score of 52-50 in the final second of the game. The starting line-up. who each received MVP's, wos comprised of Gary DiCarlo. Dove Donigian, Steve Goode. Don Guobis, ond H.W. Bufton. Others were seniors Micheal Dowdell. Jim Guess (Most Improved), Dove Orban (110%), Jim Paffhausen; juniors Marty Dowdell, Greg Donigian. and Dave Pagac. The coach of these outstanding Jags was Mr. Mickey Henson. Mr. Henson was chosen as Coach of the Year, and deservingly earned the title. The 1983-84 Tri-River League ond District Champions can be proud of what they have accomplished individually, but more importantly as team. Copy by- MAR Y WASHKO Layout Design by- DAVID ORDAN Top of Page Center-The teom showing off offer it's victory of Districts! Bottom Rigt-Dove Orbon going strong over defenders. Bottom Left- Gory DiCorlo shooting his one honded I".Upper Right- Mickey Henson wondering whor to do next. Upper Left- Don Guobis loys it up ond in for two. Bottom Left- Dove Donigion. excuse me big guy. thor's two. Bottom Right■ Steve Goode in determination ond leoving his defenders behind! Middle of Page- H.W. Oufton making another moVe to cover.SEASON PRODUCES NEEDED TALENT Dedication Produces Results 5. 4. 3, 2 . . . swish! The Jaguars win by 2 points! With one second left in the game the J.V. Basketball team pulled through to beat Cherry Hill. An exciting season, but despite a winning record, the team was under a lot of pressure since the varsity team was undefeated. The J.V. proved to be a quality team as well. How did Coach Mike Wilkinson develope a quality junior varsity basketball team? With Mike Dawson, Jan Firek, John Francis, Mike Sclafer. and Scoff Stacey in the starting line-up. Qualify may be defined as a 16-4 season! On the court other team members contributed to the team's success: Nick Armelagos. Eric Braun, Mike Gearheart, Mike Hadvina, Kyle Johnson, Matt McDonald, Chris Richards, and Bill Riggs. During the season, players performed in direct proportion to fans that cheer them on. Less noise could mean a weak game. Support is a big port of a team's success. Crowds, banners, and cheers all help. Fortunately for the teams AP does not lack support! MAR Y WASHKO OPPOSITE PAGE UPPER LEFT- Scott Stocey watches os John Fronds goes through for two. OPPOSITE PAGE UPPER RIGHT- Mike Dowson on the move. OPPOSITE PAGE LOWER RIGHT- Joguor Cooch Wilkinson. OPPOSITE PAGE LOWER LEFT- The Joguor offense left to right. Mike Dowson. Mike Scloter. Scott Stocey. Jon Firek ond John Fronds. THIS PAGE UPPER LEFT- Scott Stocey. THIS PAGE UPPER RIGHT- Micheol Scloter. THIS PAGE LOWER LEFT- Jon Firek up for two points. THIS PAGE LOWER RIGHT- The Joguor Defense in action. Kyle Johnson ond Scott Stocey.FROSH TAKE IT TO THE HOOP Take It to the Hoop. That Is what the Frosh Basketball team did. They finished with a record of 15-6 under third-year coach Ron Howie, defeating teams such as Trenton, Melvindale and Wyandotte. The young hoopers also captured first place in the Pierce Jr. High Tournament. Leading the team were Jeff Navoy, Rich Slate and Tom Ross. Also seeing a lot of playing time were Tom Sawyer, Tim Mucha and Dill Armstrong. Other team members included: Paul Bar-gamian, Steve Guess. Todd Mattei, Gene Mon-tayne, Don Mullins, John Oleynik, Dove Panich. Jim Sonscrainte and Kurt Trainor. Team photo on page 200. •LISA CORVAIA ADOVE-. Rich Slate drives the baseline. TOP CENTER. Rich Slate. Dill Armstrong. Jeff Novoy. Gene Montoyne. Tom Ross get some advice during a time out from Asst. Coach Tony Peresi. RIGHT. Tom Ross bonks it off the glass for on easy two.LET'S HEAR IT FOR TEAMWORK KUXH A Oh whot o seoson! They were AWESOME! Coach Pat McLenaghan and co-captains Edie Dziekan and Sue Rebel led their team to a victorious season with a smashing record of 35 and 3. The Lady Volleyballers took one championship after another. They brought home the first place medals and trophies from the Mt. Carmel Tournament, the Woodhaven Invitational, and the Melius' Downriver Classic. Allen Pork became the Tri-River League Co-Champs with a record of 13 and 1 when they lost to their league rival South-gate. They marched out of their gym celebrating with the District trophey after crushing the oppos- ing team in the District Finals. Allen Park's season ended sadly when they lost to Saline in the Regionals. ALLEN PARK was their name and VOLLEYDALL was their game! Team members included seniors Edie Dziekan, Charlene Green, Kirsten Johnson, Kris Knas, Sharon Kuroda, and Ann Yodhes; juniores Juli Chides-ter. Christy D'Hondt, Denise Maheras, and Sue Rebel. Ann Yodhes was named most valuable player of the Mt. Carmel Tournament and the Downriver Classic. Booster Club Awards were given to Edie Dziekan. most improved player.-Kirsten Johnson, 100%; and Ann Yodhes, most valuable player. SUE REBEL Opposite poge. Top left: Denise Moheros setving the boll. Bottom left: Ann Yodhes dinks the boll. Circle: Co-coproins Edie Dziekon ond Sue Rebel with the District trophey. Top right: Shor-on Kurodo mokes o perfect set. Bottom right: Out of position ogoin Julie Chidester? This poge. Top left: Chorlene Green hitting the boll from the bock row. Bottom left: Kris Knos bumping the boll. Top middle: Christy D'Hondf goes up for o block. Bottom middle: Kirsten Johnson's spiking technique. Above: Cooch Pot McLenoghon. 129GOAL SLIPS FROM GRAPPLERS Our Jaguar wrestling team finished their season with a record of nine wins, and seven loses. A league record of four wins, and one loss. The Jaguar team ended up second place, three points behind first place. This year's team competed in three tournaments, they placed second in the Allen Park and Troy Athens tournament. Team coaches were Gary Templin and Doug Grafton. Team captains were Dan Donofrio and Dove Grafton. This years squad was very young with only three seniors Leo Diroff, Dan Donofrio, and Ray Feher. Juniors were Jeff Dero, Dave Grafton, Jeff Green. Dave Maheras, Jim Mclay, Thom Murki, Craig Rafail, and Jeff Werner. Sophomores were Pat Daier, Paul Cassidy. Rudy Ramon, and Jeff Roulo. Freshmen were Matt Enoch, Greg Flannery, and Jeff Leeper. The Jaguars did well at the league meet with senior Leo Diroff and senior Dan Donofrio taking first place and Juniors Jeff Dero and Craig Rafail also faking a first. Taking a second at the league was Junior Jeff Werner. Junior Dave Grafton, Sophomores Pat Daier, Rudy Ramon, and Freshman Matt Enoch took thirds at the League Meet. Senior Ray Feher. Junior Dave Maheras, Sophomore Jeff Roulo and Freshman Greg Flannery all took fourths at the league meet. Receiving all area honors were Jeff Defo and Dan Donofrio on the first team, Leo Diroff and Thom Mukri on the second team, and getting honorable mention were Pat Daier, Paul Cassidy, Matt Enoch, Greg Flannery, Dave Grafton, Dave Maheras, and Jeff Roulo. With all the young talent that the team has they should be something to watch out for next year. Suzanne Pando OPPOSITE: Thom Mukri killing the Grosse lie Geril. OPPOSITE PAGE BOTTOM LEFT: Leo Diroff toking centrol. OPPOSITE PAGE BOTTOM RIGHT: Derrick Roy preporing ro roke over. TOP PAGE LEFT: Don Donofrio wins his morch. TOP OF MIDDLE: Junior Jeff Greene. TOP OF PAGE RIGHT: Thom Mukri gets fired up os coach Templin gives him some advice. BOTTOM OF PAGE. MIDDLE: Dove Mohores fights ro win. BOTTOM OF PAGE. LEFT: Croig Rofoil stalks his opponent.SEASON IN THE FAST LANE “You can't win them all” or so the old saying goes, but the Doys Varsity Swim Team came close this season. The team tied for second with Southgate in the Tri-River League. They finished up the season with a 2-2 league record and a 7-6 over-all record. The swimmers participated in two invitationols, which included the Western Wayne Invitational and the Taylor Invitational. They finished a splashing third in both of them. The league meet was also a huge success with the strokes finishing a strong second behind Cherry Hill. There were four boys who qualified for the Doys Class D State Swimming and Diving Championship Meet. These four outstanding swimmers are Eric Holowinski, Jeff Dolton, Tom Clinton, and Chris Daier. All four qualified in the 200yd. Medley Relay. Chris Daier also had outstanding performances in the 50 freestyle and the 100 freestyle, where he broke the school record in each event. DY KAREN DRISCOLLOPPOSITE PAGE UPPER LEFT: Jeff Boulton. OPPOSITE PAGE LEFT: Oill Todion. CNETER: Tom Weismon being helped by Aoron Johnson. UPPER LEFT: Aoron Johnson counting for the event. LEFT: Tom Weismon. ABOVE TOP: Jeff Boulton. ABOVE MIDDLE: TEAM SPIRIT Tom Rohtz. ABOVE: Dove Moon.BLESS YOU GIRLS! The Girl's Varsity Softball Team had the best season in the history of the school. The lody jogs finished the regular season with a record of 21-4, and hod on overall record of 25-5. They finished in first place in league with o 14-0 record boosting their winning streak to 26-0 in league competition over the lost two years. The lody jogs also took second place in the Lakeland Tournament defeating some tough class A teams such as Ann Arbor Huron and Troy-Athens. The biggest accomplishment of the season was the winning of the first District Championship ever. In Regional competition, the lady jags advanced to the finals by beating Jackson Northwest, but were eliminated by a tough Chelsea team. The girls played together as a team which resulted in a great season. Team members include: Seniors, Anna Hanoian, Karen Driscoll, Charlene Green; Juniors, Lisa Corvaia, Christy D'Hondt, Lisa McDonough, Christie LaDrecque, Renee Koukou-dian, Jenny Rankin, Lisa Pejuan, Lydia Yegha-zarian. Sue Rebel; Sophomores, Carolyn Drayman, Lori Ward. The girls were coached by Debbie Norman. Team photo on pg. 216. USA CORVAIA OPPOSITE PG. BOTTOM LEFT: Christy D'Hondr gets reody to swing owoy. OPPOSITE PG. BOTTOM MIDDLE: Liso Pejuon fries to bunt her woy on bose. OPPOSITE PG. BOTTOM RIGHT: Liso Corvoio gets reody to hit. OPPOSITE PG. TOP: Cotcher Corolyn Droymon fires the boll down to second bose. THIS PG. UPPER RIGHT: Liso McDonough owoits the ploy. THIS PG. LEFT: Pitcher Anno Honoion gives it oil she's got. THIS PG. TOP RIGHT: Cooch Debbie Normon looks on. THIS PG. ABOVE: Chorlene Green scores eosily. 135—————1 ——————- .-. -ssssr — FIRST IN LEAGUE Another Chompionship wos won this yeor ot Allen Pork by the Junior Vorsify Softboll Team. The girls ployed superbly this season winning the Tri-River League title with a record of three wins ond one loss. The team wos o powerhouse of hitters coupled with excellent young pitching. These girls were above overage fielding team considering there were freshmen players sprinkled throughout. This years team included such outstanding players such as Janice Denton. Tracy D'Hondf and Sue Carrol. When the State playoffs began at the end of the regular season some of these players moved up to varsity. Freshmen Tracy D'Hondf and Chris Dawson along with Sophomores Kasandra Richardson helped the Varsity team win the Regional playoffs. Coach Cathy Narramorre was pleased with the teams performance on the field. Congratulations and good luck next year girlsl Team picture can be found on page 217. SUZANNE PANDO THIS PAGE LEFT: Coach Cathy Norramodre talks game strategy with Chris Oorowski. THIS PAGE RIGHT: Janice Denton aims her pitch. THIS PAGE LEFT: Cheryl Potter hits it a mile! OPPOSITE PAGE TOP: Tracey Wallace scoops up a grounder. OPPOSITE PAGE LEFT: Chris Dawson worming up. OPPOSITE PAGE MIDDLE: Chris Dor-owski bunts one up the third base line. OPPOSITE PAGE RIGHT: Sue Carroll loosening up her arm in practice. 137HEART BREAK SEASON The League Championship's slipped away this year. The Varsity Baseball ream didn't get a break. Following lost season championship team, this years team had high ex-pectations to repeating, but it was not to be. The 13-9 overall record and 10-4 is the Tri-River was a disappoint- ment to the coach and players. One explanation was the team lost seven out of nine games by one run in extra-innings. What a heartbreak! Selected for awards were Don Goubis MVP and Dave Donigian 110% award. Team Photo on page 212. Dave Orban Top of page- Dove Koufman thinking about o pitch? Bottom left- Don Stout connecting with the boll to right. Bottom page right- Dench members feeling ond showing frustration! Center of page- Don Goubis throwing his knuckle boll. il 38Top of page right- Dove Donigion blocking out the tieing run. Bottom page right- Cooch Kelly rubbing the boll for some luck. Bottom page center- Henry Nogel steoling the bose stonding up. Bottom page left- Orod Artinion moking on eosy out ot third. 39 JV SPIKES 'EM Allen Pork's JV spikers spiked their way to o nine win ond five loss record. Greg Gomolok coached this impressive bunch of 9fh and 10th graders. Every team member participated in a serve-a-thon to raise money to go to camp. They will attend Eastern Michigan University's volleyball camp during the summer. Team members include sophomores Karri Ferhman, Katie Kalvans, Tracey Wallace, and Lori Ward; freshmen Lynn Daubresse. Tracey D'Hondt, Sherri Donaldson, Debbie Orban, Shelly Rebel, and Cari Toth. •SUE REBEL Opposite page: Top right: Tracey D'Hondt waits to bump the ball. Bottom right: Coach Greg Gomolak. Middle: Katie Kalvans watches as Karri Ferhman passes the ball. Bottom left: Shelly Rebel saves the ball. This page: Top right: Lori Ward receives the serve. Top left: Katie Kalvans hits the ball hard. Right: Tracey Wallace makes the play. 1407= JAG CUDS RECORD ROARS! 14.’ The Freshman Baseball Team had an outstanding season finishing with a record of 8 wins and 3 losses. Leading the team in hitting was first baseman Jeff Navoy and pitcher-outfielder Tom Sawyer. Navoy also led the team in the homerun category with 5. Ace pitcher Rich Slate has been very impressible from the mound. Other pitchers showing good performances were Paul Dargamian and Tom Sawyer. Sparking up the defense has been shortstop Jeff Poulit and third baseman David Troster. Tim Mucha has also shown some good defense from behind the plate. The team has shown that they have great potential and should be tough in the years to come. The young Jaguars were coached by Pat Dattistelli. Other team members include: Roger DeShelter, Steve Guess. Mark Henderson. Brent Ketzenberger, Don Mullins. John Oleynik, George Rosen, Jim Sanscrainte, Rob Schmidt, and Jerry Villareal. Team photo on page 214. LI5A CORVAIA OPPOSITE PAGE LOWER LEFT: Cooch Dottistelli gives o sign from third bose. OPPOSITE PAGE LOWER RIGHT: Tim Mucho wotches intensely while woiting for his turn to bat. OPPOSITE PAGE UPPER RIGHT: third bosemon Dovid Troster mokes the ploy. THIS PAGE UPPER LEFT: Ace pitcher Rich Slote giving it oil he's got. LOWER LEFT: George Rosen Tom Mucho. Steve Guess ond Mork Henderson look on. DELOW: first bosemon Jeff Novoy owoits the move. ' • I 143RUN FOR THE ROSES GIRLS JUST WANT TO HAVE FUN! There was nothing like o good workout to get the blood pumping. The girls frock team — filled with vigor ond determination — were on the go in '84. Their goal? The "Lady Jags" aimed simply to win. Running ... if you miss a day. It is enormously hard to make it up when you return to the practice field. As the calendar inched info April, the girls practiced after school hours and it was not aber-rent to find them on the track until 5 or 6 p.m. prior to a meet. Another brave new world unfolded on the track as unseasonably cold weather improved the girl's dispositions as well as their strategy. These girls realized that winning took time and energy and each willingly remained after school to sharpen her skill, run a little faster, throw a little farther, or to just do her best. The "Lady Jags" were a tough breed ond while not many girls chose to moke the sacrifice, those that did, proved that quality not quantity is what makes a successful team. MARY WASHKO THIS PAGE UPPER RIGHT- with blustery force. Senior Amy Small hurls the shotput. DOTTOM- Sue Schmidt. OPPOSITE PAGE UP-PER LEFT- Treno Fixx. UPPER RIGHT- Julie Piskos hands off to Jennifer Zurowik. DOTTOM LEFT- Cathy Nagy is full of determination os she starts off. DOTTOM RIGHT- Sue Schmidt. 144A RUN FOR THE MONEY The boys frock team gave some very impressive performances this season. One of fhe most outstanding runners was Dennis McGinn, who qualified for State in fhe 880 dash and is fhe regional champ in fhe 880 dash. Dennis was also given the MVP award for his effort in the mile, for which he is All League. Other awards were given to Dan Rafail for 110% and Tom Louria for most improved. Other team members qualifying for State were Jeff Mifsud, John Lewis. Kevin Kiernan, and Dennis McGinn in the 2 mile relay. They ore also regional record holders. BY PAM NAVOY OPPOSITE PAGE TOP LEFT: Morr Murlick. OPPOSITE PAGE TOP RIGHT: Joe Albonese. OPPOSITE PAGE BOTTOM LEFT: Andy Smoll. OPPOSITE PAGE BOTTOM RIGHT: Neilsong Korimoto. THIS PAGE TOP RIGHT: Russell Pops ond partner. THIS PAGE ABOVE: A mile to go. THIS PAGE BOTTOM LEFT: Tom Lourio gives it oil he's got. THIS PAGE BOTTOM RIGHT: A strong finish. 146147SEASON IS REGIONALS STATE Although the Varsity boys tennis team had a fairly disappointing season with a record of five wins and fen losses, they competed in Regional Competition taking a third place. Senior Steve Almasian qualifying for State Competition, and Sophomore Sean Howard faking a first in number two singles flight. The team was young and lacked experience. With only three seniors leaving the boys should hove a successful season next year. This years team was coached by Tony Kovachs. •Suzanne Pando Team picture on 213 Top right: Steve Almosion. All-Area. All-League player. Bottom right: Dennis Laforce returning the serve. Bottom left: Steve Phiffier waiting for his turn to serve.149 Top left: Steve McKibben. Top middle: Dill Riggs returning the ball. Top right: Rob Felix. Middle: John Worren. Middle right: Seon Howord. All-Area. All-Leogue. Bottom left: Chuck Duchene.NEW ZOO REVUE 150 FAR RIGHT. FROM LEFT TO RIGHT: Becky Miller. Kim Ur-bonowicz. Potty Whlteheod. ond Sue Metzoion toke time out ot Junior Prom to pose for o picture. UPPER LEFT. FROM LEFT TO RIGHT: Cori Toth. Melisso Coker. Leslie Tosh. Renee Waddell. Cheryse Price, ond Bonnie Gugler wove hello from gym doss. ABOVE: Dove Grofton pins his opponent. BOTTOM RIGHT: Bob Doronco. Morty Bowdell ond Paul Cichon be-tween dosses. BOTTOM LEFT: Sherril Moorodion, Roxonne Droullord ond Lou Bidiordi enjoying Jr. Prom. TOP LEFT: Hey moo” it's Mark Dimitroff. BOTTOM LEFT: Rich Gorobedion and Junior Prom dote Collette Horvieux. BELOW. Obviously o rowdy group of Freshmen. BOTTOM RIGHT: Undo Sovono engulfed in closswork.Ghasson Dodwi Marlene Bodnor Charles Bridges Chris Daier Renee Bolom Wendy Brighton 1 1: Tom McGinn and Eric Holewinski attempting to fix a car port in auto shop. 2: The junior closs float during judging after the Homecoming Porode in October. Aoron Botes Eric Bollmon John Bruinsmo Keith Beols Rebecca Bolton HW Bufton Jeff Bero Tom Bottorff Steve Burdick Kirk Bickford Anne Boufford Jeff Burgess Louis Bigliordi Michelle Boulting-house John Burnhom Melissa Bjork Marty Bowdell Inez Cernia 152JUNIORS Junior closs found this yeor filled with many new changes and experiences. Leading the class through their junior year are: President Andy Hill, Vice President Tom McGinn, Secretary Sue Rebel, and Treasurer Lisa Corvia. The representatives are: Ed Craine. Dave Grafton, Thomas Mukri, John Tabsczynski, James Shomock, Renee Enoch, Kelly Krust, Lynn Nadzam, Jenny Rankin, Debbie Roberts, 1st alternate Deniece Josza, 2nd alternate Lisa DeShantz, 3rd alternate Lisa McDonough. Their class spon- sor this year is Mr. Zelasko. Their first challenge of the yeor was the building of the Homecoming float. They created "Garfield" using the theme "cartoon characters". They held their float meetings at Saint Cyrils' garage. Many juniors participated. Right after Homecoming was the annual Powder Puff Football game. The junior girls played in a great effort against the senior women but lost by a score of 32-6. The junior's touchdown was made by MaryAnne Nelson on a kickoff return. Many fundraisers have been held by the junior class. They held a car wash bake sole at the Allen Park Street Fair, sold candy grams at Christmas and sold candy bars. Candy bar sale was the biggest success. Junior Prom was the last main event of the year. If was held on March 10, 1984 at the Hyatt Regency. It was a very special event for all who attended. Mariam Tadiam Debbie Sue Choppel Julie Chidester Chymiak Poul Cichon Koren Cloy Mark Clemons Liso Colucci Robyn Connick Sue Conroy Liso Corvio Ed Croine Tom Clinton Ed Cremeons Robert Doronco Anito DeGiuli Enzo DeiPizzo 153Tino Depooli Liso DeShonrz Chrisrino DHondt Mork Dimitroff Chris Dirorzouyon Por Dombe Greg Donigion Morr Eggerr Renee Enoch Robert Felix Chris Flores Kevin Fox Tom Ford Rich Freemon Eric Friedley Rich Gorobedion Don Gorcio Rick Gowendo Poulo Gent Jeff Goulosorion Dove Crofton Edno Green Jeff Green Renee Greenwood Adrienne Hogedorn Derh Hommond Gory Hogedus Sherrill Hensley Cynrhio Herrmann Teri Higgison Andrew Hill Joseph Hinkle Eric Holewinski Sue Howell Jeon Huddleston Andreo Hutson Aoron Johnson Sheri Johnson Deniece Jozso Ken Jozso 1S4 0 1. Debbie Roberts and Tim McGonogle talking between classes. 2: Detty Rosen. Liz Lofferty ond Liso Pejuon moking money during o gome. 0. Morty Dowdell reading ?! 4: Missy Djork standing around! 5: Kelly Shovok looking ot the showcase. 6: Pom Pietz learning how to decorate a coke. 7. Down Vandenberg still studying. 0. Julie Pesci smiling after closs.CHANGE OF PACE If wasn't all work and no play for most students. Everyone needed a break from studies. Some took time to talk to others, to look around at the changing school and go out with friends. Still there are juniors who insist on studying. Weekends are a great relief for the students. It is a time for them to get rid of all the books and take it easy. Some go out with friends to a game on Friday night or go out with their families. But no one can wait until summer vacation begins!HANDS ON Many vocational classes have been offered to the students. The juniors have met many new challenges in cooking, woods, typing and metals. They have also taken academic classes such as physics, algebra and computer classes. The juniors have also participated a great deal in extra-curricular activities. For instance; sports, student council, band and in clubs at Allen Park High School. Good Luck next yearl 3 1: Lydio Yeghiosorian and Charlene Droulliard checking o coke in foods class. 2: Uso Colucci attempting to type in typing doss. 3: Jenny Ron-kin hard or work in history class. 4: Mott Murlick frying to figure out on experiment in physics class. 5. Glenn Theek thinking "Whot om I doing?” in metols. 6: Rich Sclarer sanding in wood shop. MARIAM TADIAN Liso Kackmor George Koretoff Lori Kirschweng Droin Klimek Paul Knight Chad Konefe Renee Koukoudion Joonne Kovocs Kelly Krust Gordon Lootz Christy Lobrecque Peter Lorche Tim Loreou Goy Lorue 156Mork Lovine John Lewis Neil Lilly Roger Lindemon Amy Lobb Jeff Lobb Morgoref Madison Dove Moheros Denise Moheros Steve Mongipone Cothy Mortin Kelly Mason Oroin Morhes Kevin Mothis Oroin Motusik Jim McCloy Chris McClosky Liso McDonough Tom McGinn Tim McGonogle Kevin McJunkin Sue Metzoion Monico Menzer Leoh MichaelJeff Mifsud Decky Miller Down Miller Mike Mitchell Sherril Moorodion Thom Mukri Chris Morphy Lynette Nodzom Henry Nogel Lynn Nogy Mory Ann Nelson Moureen O'Brien Sue O'Dell Kothleen O'Donnell Joonne Oliver Dovid Pogoc Suzanne Pondo Robert Porret Bor boro Povio Scott Pearce Liso Pejuon Trocy Persoll Julie Pesci Steven Pfeiffer « 4 1: Dove Pogoc blowing one of the winning bubbles!? 2: A group of junior girls dressed up for nostolgio doy. 3: Kelly Krust using o public telephone in doss! 4: Debbie Roberts enjoying her piel 5: Sherril Moorodion smiling for the comero. 6: Jomie Shomock getting measured while Gerry Steo looks on. 7: Jeff Mifsud punked outl 158NOT ENOUGH!? Spirit Week was on exciting but disappointing event for the juniors. They won the volleyball gome ogoinst the seniors with a score of 15 to 9. Winning the bubble blowing contest was easy for them being: girls 9l 2 inches and boys 9 inches. They took second in the pie eating for both boys and girls. In the relay race they come in a close second place behind the seniors. 82% of the class wore green and white giving the jrs. second place. Tug of War went os follows: The junior girls were out pulled by the seniors. The jr. guys out pulled the sr. men. MARIAM TADIAN Jon Pipkin Jennifer Ronkin Derrick Roy Suson Rebel Croig Rofoil Darrell Roy Srocey Reosner Debbie Roberrs Morrhew Betty Rosen Sanscrointe Rebecca Bethonne Usomo Saif Diane Schwocho Rosza Suson Salisbury Schweikerr Richard ScloterLiso Seeley Jomes Shomock Kelly Shovok Doniel Skelton Treno Smith Kelly Splon Hons Stober John Stopleton Gennoto Steo Jeffery Stosser David Szojner Jimmie Szostek Fred Szuch John Toboczynski William Todion Glenn Theek Frank Toltesi Kenneth Tomolko Kimberly Tosh Christine Toth Michael Troster Kimberly Urbonowicz Randall Vadosy Down Vondenberg Dorlene Vorvo Sarah Wolz May Washko Patricio Whitehead Deth Wilton Lori Winkler Sondro Winkler Jeffrey Werner Jomes Wojdylo Richard Wuerker Lydio Yeghiazorion Melonie Zontop John Ziegler DANCING TOGETHER AS A CLASS Junior Prom wos a very special night for all who attended. It was held at the Hyatt Regency in Dearborn. This dance was the first one the junior class put together and it was a great success. MIRIAM TADIAN 1: Jenny Ronkin wirh shades showing her stuff. 2: Sue Pando with dote Kevin Moholok hoving o super time on the donee floor. 3: Betty Rosen with dote Don Donofrio. 4: Jeff Dero ond Greg Donigion toking o break from the donee. 5: Kelly Lorenz receiving two boskets from John Druinsmo ond Dob Doronco. 6: Edno Green. Liso Colucci. Joe Hoffmon ond Becky Bryon having funl 7: Croig Rofoil with Roxonne Droul-liord during the garter ceremony. 6: Morfy Bowdell ond Trocey D'Hondt.SOPHOMORES September 7, the first doy of school, brought new foces ond friends and lots of frolic ond fun for these underclassmen officially named Sophomores. Under the leadership of President Tim Weismiller. Vice President Roberta MacKinnon, Secretory Kate Knas and Treasurer Eric Draun, the Class of 1986 strived for success during this 1980-1984 school year. The Sophs started the first semester off on the right foot by building their outstanding float "Snoopy and friend Woodstock" for the annual homecoming festivities. The traditional sophomore fund raisers. the magazine and the flower sales proved to be profitable. They also worked hard washing cars throughout the summer to raise money to put into their class treasury. With the help of some fine 10th grade athletes, our JV teams were rated one of the best in the league. All of the Sophomores showed off their "smarts" last fall when they took the Michigan Assessment Tests. Many of them even scored 100 per cent in both the reading and arithmatic categories. Representatives Mike Dawson, Janice Denton, Jan Firek, Mike Hodvina, Sandy Hicks, Kelly Lorenz. Karen Mann, Mott McDonald, Tracey Wallace, John Warren aad alternate Sue Carroll also helped the Class of 1986 to o successful year. Class sponsor Mr. Rafail advised class activities. SUE REBEL Andrea Paul Cossidy David Chuey Rhomono Susan Carroll Gino Carlini Casaccio Ronald Ronald Causey Lisa Chuby Angela Clemons Roberr Cloke Paul Coffman Robyn Connick Coughlin Carol Crimmlns Paula Cruzen Cummings Scort Daley 16Denno Danko Cindy Davis Kenneth Dovonzo Michael Dawson Rosolyn DeGiulio Janice Denton Andrea Donaldson Roxanne Drouillord Steven Dutton Lynn Duvall Jeffery Espy Karri Fehrmon Yvonne Fettermon Jon Fitek Heather Fischer John Fischer Mary Fisher Kevin Flynn John Francis Robert Franklin Robert Gaines Annmarie Galindo Patrick Gallagher Dovid Galloro Michoel Gearhorr Alan Gibson Richard Girard Clyde Glenn Scorr Gregory William Griffin Shelly Grove Douglas Gruenwold Michoel Hodvina Amy Hagedorn Jill Hall Lori Horringron Michael Haworth Sandra Hicks Mark Hodges Tommy HoltonNITTY GRITTY Dock to the basics, the books and the homework. In no way did these Sophomores ever seem to get bored, just content to be on their way up here at A.P.H.S. These kids had lots of Jaguar spirit in the classroom and in the stands rooting for the mighty ' Green 6 White." SUE REBEL 1: Jeff Oliver studying hard. 2: Mike Sclarer putting up sports schedules. 3: Mod scientists Nick Armelogos and friend in Chem I. 4: Shoot! Paul Deols. 5: Surprisel Sandy Hicks. 6: Guess who? It's Pot Drettschneider. Sheo McLaughlin, David Chuey and Dave Golloro. 7: Moke sure there isn’t a hair out of place now boys. 6: Tommy Holton and Drendo Hudick showing off their Hollywood heortthrobs.WE'VE GOT SPIRIT . . . SPIRIT WE'VE GOT Despite placing third in the race for the Spirit Jug, the Sophs tried hard blow-ing bubbles, eating pie, passing or-anges, and dressing wild. The highlight of the week was Rusty Mangiapane's 9 6 Va inch bubble that gave the Sophomores their only first place. Let's hear one big cheer for the Sophomores. Way to be Class of 1986. SUE REBEL 1.) Koren Mono and bouquet of roses from on odmirer. 2.) Jon Firek and Eric Droun watch Rusty Mangiapane blow his winning bubble. 3.) Wot-cho listening to More Anoil? 4.) Chris Sendek dig-gin' in. 5.) Down Pomeroning oil punked out. 6.) A little dob of Bril-Creem will do it Pot Boier. Eric Hoskins David Houston Robert Hoxey Brendo Hudick William Hudick Kimberly Hutchison Stanley Ice Kyle Johnson Heather Janson Jennifer Jaroslawski Christie Johns Katherine Kalvons Connie Kominski Mario Kimbler 166Korhryn Knos Kathleen Knechrges Kari Kirkpatrick Scott Konkel Allen Koths Linda Kremko Scott Kruse Dovid Krzisnik Karen Kulln Sandra Lake Kevin Low Joel Lefaive Lennis LaForce Lorry Letlni Lisa Litner Margarita Loera Fredrick Letourneau Kelly Lorenz Susan Lowry Delphia Ludwig Roberta MacKinnon Denise Modison Peter Magnan Frank MahalokRusty Mongiopone Keren Mann Kathleen Mann Rebecca Morkey Meredith Marriott Michael Martin Robert Moxson Matt McDonald Michelle McKelvey Steven McKibben Shea McLaughlin Laura McLeod Liso Mdeod Amondo McPherson Kimberly Miller Dave Moon Mary Moss Deborah Moulding Melissa Mount Thomas Mucha Donyol Mukri Cheryl Newton Robert Noles James O'Donnell Jeff Oliver Stacee Opolski Melissa Orsick Glenn Owens Annemarie Poce Steve Popalas Pom Pietz Marianne Pizzo Kimberly Plague Betsy Polhomus Down Pomeraning Michelle Pope Cheryl Potter Down Powell Elyse Presnell John Quoziente 168 8 7 6 1. More Anoil conjugating french words. 2. Mott Droh-mon G Scott Doley enjoying o magazine. 3. Keep typing Kothy Monn. 4. Mrs. Vonderhogen gives Korri Fehrmon o hand. 5. Ken Surmo G Kim Hutchison. 6. Kori Kirkpatrick G Mike Griffin concentrate in doss. 7. Nick Armelogos G Scott Stocey taking their work seriously. 8. Dove Moon designing.WHISTLE WHILE YOU WORK Academically, these Sophomores met many new challenges. They kept up their grades and in doing so. had some fun. Learning is what school is all about. Interests hove been aroused in computer and physical conditioning courses. The Sophs studied hard during the school's renovation period even though their classes were juggled around and the temperature in the classrooms dropped. ‘SUE REBEL HEAD START These soon to be upperclossmen ployed on importont role In the life here ot A.P.H.S. The Closs of 66 sforted the yeor off with clear minds and steady hands. As the school year came to an end. Junior year entered their minds and a feeling of achievement gave them a boost in the right direction-Graduation 66. 1. Melisso Mount G Roberto MocKinnon punking around together. 2. Koren Walz enjoying life. 3. Pot Ooier cleaning up after devouring the pie. 4. Koren Kulin serving the birdie. 4 Rudy Ramon Potti Ann Rauser Down Rheinhort Christopher Richards Thomas Richards Kasandra Richardson William Riggs Mork Roberts Jeffery Ross Jeffery Roulo Drendo Sadler Ibtisom Saif Diane Sommut John Savona Toni Schmitt Gayle Scholl Robert Sclabossi Michael Scloter Kristine Sendek Dawn Shevchik Kenneth Sloven Jill Smith Stephen Smith Dotty Sovo Pomelo Sparks Scott Stacey Drigitte Stoker Kenneth Surma 170Steve Suveges Jennifer Toylor Mork Tisot Louro Tonus Alido Vrotny Richord Wogner Lyndo Wolker Trocey Wolloce John Wolter Koren Walz John Warren Kent Worren Timothy Weismiller Michael Weiss Kothryn Wenzel Paul White Paul Wilburn Kimberly Wilton Ronald Wisemon Lyle Wolos Donno Wonsovoge Hell Wyson Debro Yurchis Loszio ZgyerkoRhonda Adorn Tobirho Bergman Comille Childress Joe Albonese Christine Bigelow Cheryl Chuby 1 3.) MAUREEN LAREAU, Class President. 4.) ANDY KEHAGIARAS. Class Vice-President. 5.) CHRISTINE DAWSON. Class Secretory. 6.) PAUL DARGAMIAN. Class Treasurer. 1.) Karl Schwartz is doing some classwork. 2.) Ziggy. the famous Freshmen Class float. William Armstrong Armand Boisvenue Colleen Chuey Paul Bargamion Robert Boufford Greg Ciszewski Eric Baler Bobbie Bryan Lisa Clemons Shawn Beaton Steven Bergess Melissa Coker Suzanne Beauvois Dione Burt Michael Crolne Kim Belteky Karla Chahil Trocey D'Hondt 172FRESHMEN Our Freshmen Class of 1987 entered A. P. H. S. this yeor looking forword to new activities, sports, clubs, and education. The Freshmen Student Council consisted of four class officers: President; MO LAREAU. Vice President: ANDY KEHAR-GIARAS. Secretary: CHRIS DAWSON. Treasurer: PAUL DARGAMIAN. Student Council Representatives from the Freshman Class were as follows: Drent Ket-zenberger, Jim Lewis, Jeff Navoy, George Rosen, Ron Sclabassi, Diane Burt, Elena Marchianda, Shelly Sarkett, and as alternate, Jessica Kriksdun. Ziggy, the Freshmen Class float, was a learning experience for all involved. The class chose to build their float out of Kleenex Facial Tissue. The number of boxes of tissue used was unbelievable, and the total cost was approximately $150.00. Although the building of the float was fun, many Freshmen are sure that next year. If they put a little more work into the float, it will be 1. The class Treasury was held secure by having two big fund raising activities. By selling delicious fasting cookies. the Freshmen made nearly $500.00. The Freshmen Class also had students involved with the Italian Dinner, and approximately $150.00 was put on account. All in all, the Freshmen had a fun and exciting year. Many new friendships were made and many new experiences were had. Although new study habits were formed, and you had to work harder for those A's, many Freshmen are quoted as saying WE STILL LOVE A. P. H. S. DEDDIE ROBERTS Lynn Daubresse Sherry Donaldson Rosemarie Davis Christine Joe Roger Michael Dawson Dellapenna DeShelrer Donofrio Suson Doran Scott Doty James Driscoll Richard Dicesare Christine Steve Dmytrusz Kristy Dombe Drysdale Thomas Eggert Roger Eilers 173Matthew Enoch Krisfo Folkey Chorles Farley Jeonne Feher' Dovid Ferhmon Son Ferguson Trino Fix Greg Flonnery Jon Frosier Eddie Gordner Kimberly Gowendo Sondy Gergly Kirsten Giertz Thomas Grohom Down Gripp Roseonn Gruely Down Grzyb Teresa Guoltieri Steve Guess Donnie Gugler Robert Guitar Chris Hogen Wendell Hammock Collette Horvieux Arthur Hoyden Colleen Henneberry Jennifer Hog Kevin Jozso Jeffery Koroub Andrew Kehogioros Rachel Kendall Drent Ketzenberger Kim Knight Derek Kobylorz Jessica Kriksdum Edward Kulin Robert Lakatos Romuald LoPointe Victoria Larch Maureen Lareau 1 4: Todd Redden. Roger Eilers. Mike Oddo. and Roger DeShelter ore having some fun while drying their lovely locks. 5; Christine Drysdole and Robert Pertron-gle ore experimenting. 6: Tereso Groh hos some papers for our fovorite gym teocher. Mr. Frosheiser. 7; Clyde Glenn anxiously awaits his turn while Ken Sloven rides the bicycle. 6: Tom Sowyer wonts muscles!!!!! 1; Sue Doran as is. 2; Jessica Krikscium in class. 3; Kris McKoren and Shelly Sarkett exchange ideas. 174FROSH: CLASS OF 87' Although the Freshmen were not victorious in Spirit Week 84', everyone enjoyed this new competitive experience. Many members of the Class of 87' participated In activi-ties as well as the specified "dress code days." Favorites among the students were Nostalgia Day, Punk Rock Day, and Sweats Day. In the events the girls participated in such as Bubble Gum Blowing, Pie-Eating and Tug-o- War, received 3rd place honors in each respective event. In the events the boys participated in such as Bubble Gum Blowing, Pie-Eating, and Tug-o-Wor, received4th place honors in each respective event. In the co-ed events, like Volleyball. Relay Orange Pass, and Green and White Count, the Class of 87' received 4th place in each respective event. The Class of 87' received 4th place overall. DEDDIE ROBERTS FRESHMEN FUN 1 Tommy Grohom demonstrates his bubble gum blowing technique during the Spirit Week Contest. 2. Diane Burt flexes for us in gym class. 3. Charlie Farley thinks Shelly Rebel is cool! Is he our new Fonzie?? 4. Rose Davis. Jennifer Joliet and Thereso Mognan. 5. John Oleynik. Tim Rahtz. Linda Savona, and Rob Schmidt respectively. 6. Bobbie Bryan. DEBBIE ROBERTS'' The Freshmen Class of 1987 brought o tremendous amount of pride and spirit from the middle school. The Class supported Allen Pork High through the milloge and other school activities. The members of the class had spunk, which made being around them a lot of fun. Their involvement and contributions to our school help to make this school year a total success. DEBBIE ROBERTS Jeffrey Leeper Lorry Lentini Eric Letourneou James Lewis Kelly Lhivo Robert Lindisch Lori Lockhart Mary Lugwig Claudette Mac Roe Teresa Mognon Suzonne Morbrey Elena Morchiondo Timothy Martin Todd Mottei 176■I Shelly Moyher John McCloy Michelle McGonogle Timothy McMohon Williom McMurfry John McNo Shireen Meehon Dole Mehlhose John Merzoion £ l Delindo Mondok Timothy Mucho Gene Montovne Donold Mullins Jeffrey Novoy Shelley Neol Leno Norvell John Oleynik Deborah Orbon Jeffrey Poovo Jennifer Pace Paul Page David Ponich Russel Pops Ronald ParsonRobert Perrrongle Michoel Reddmonn Undo Sovono Vorron Perrosion Jeri Richards Thomos Sow yet Jeffrey Poiliof George Rosen Jill Schertzer Cheryse Price Insom Soif Robert Schmidt William Timothy Shelly Rebel Todd Redden Pucket Rohtz Shelly Sorket Donno Michoel James Ron Sclobossi Soucier Sonders Soncrointe Todd Scott Suson Korl Schwartz Schmidt 1 1. Korl Schwortz is in his punk tock ottire for Spirit Week. 2. Jill Schertzer. 3 Mory Lou Ludwig gets o swallow of woter. 4. Steve Guess. Ron Scalabossi. Mike Skelton, ond Dove Trepkowski. 5. Down Gripp. Jessica Zotowick. Sue Deouvois. Donnie Guglor. ond Chris Hogen for Spirit Week. 6. Scott Doty. 0. Comille Childress poses pretty. DEBBIE ROBERTS • 4 178FOOTLOOSE FRESHMEN 6 7 Guy Skelly Michael James Sloven Andrew Skelron Carolyn Smoll William Smith Srober Christina Elizabeth Terry Stamper Angela Down Ureste Vadosy Kenneth Susan Webster Whitlow Leslie Tosh Virginia Vandenbergh Ronald Williom Cori Toth Steven Vorgo Shari Winkler Kurt Troinor Nicholos Viella Anthony Woodward David Troster Jerry Villareal David Ziegler David Trepkowski Mark Vrotny Jessica Zurowick Mark Turner Renee Waddell 179MOST WANTED AIcEW'S FORMAL SHOP, IHC. LA RIVIERA, INC. 6842 Alien Road • AHen Par,. Michigan 48101 ReStOUrOnf Cocktail LoUfige 7910 Allen Road Allen Park. Michigan 48101 180Good Luck To The Graduating Seniors Of 1984 From: M CANTEEN FOODSERVICE STAFF METROPOLITAN FURNITURE INTERIORS 6670 ALLEN RD. ALLEN PARK. Ml. 48101 PHONE 381 -25 1 5 SOUTHPOINTE VETERINARY HOSPITAL OF ALLEN PARK, P C. 10581 ALLEN ROAD ALLEN PARK, MICHIGAN 48101 'SeHcdccCd, 0?t UWl6 8441 PARK AVENUE ALLEN PARK, MICHIGAN 48101CENTURY 21 SAMFILIPPO ASSOCIATES INC. 18707 Ecorse Rd Allen Pork, Ml. 48101 928-7260 Jomes Somfilippo-President Serving All Downriver Congrotulotions Closs Of '84 DICK'S CATERING All Occosions Rick Dick Moynihon 388-5080 VARSITY FOOTDALL: 1ST ROW. Johm Pipkin. Thom Mukri. Don Donofrio. Gory Hegedus. Don Torkonyi. Mike Dowdell. Tom Dunn. John Druinsmo. Roger Lindermon. Hoi Nogel. Rich Scloter. Steve Mortin. 2ND ROW. Jim Wooten, Tom Lourio. Mott Lourio. Dove Donigion. Dove Koufmon. Tim McGonogle. Ken Nogel. Kevin Moholek. Drion Morusik. Dove Pogoc. Mike Troster. Greg Donigion. Tim Loureou. 3RD ROW. Cooch Dellos. Cooch Dottistelli. Don Stout. Mott Soinscronte. Morty Dowdell. Kevin Mdunkin. Dennis Jordon. Jim Guess. Jeff Dero. Ken Tomolko. Don Guo-bis. Dob Doronco. Chris Doier. Rich Gorobedion. Ed Cremeons. Robbie Knight. Mork Moddock. Cooch Zelosko. FRANCES E. BURGER P.C. Attorneys At Low 5518 Allen Rood Allen Pork, Ml 48101 388-3600 182HAPPY HOUR 4 p.m.-6 p.m. Your Hosts BOB BETSY 13750 TIREMAN i blk. w. of Schaefer Phone 846-0737 Monday thru Saturday Specials Prime Rib Dinner For (2) $13.95 Crab Leg Dinner For (2) $14.95 N.Y. Strip Dinner For (2) $13.95 Beer 50 Mixed Drinks 75 Pitcher Of Beer BUSINESSMEN’S LUNCHEONS Also Our Complete Dinner Menu Available PLUS FANTASTIC HOME COOKED MEXICAN FOOD EVERY FRIDAY SPECIAL Fish Chips 4” OPEN MONDAY THRU SATURDAY 11 A.M. TIL 2 A.M-Bottom row - Mike Scloter. Steve Dutton. Skitter Skelt. Mott Bledsoe. Fred Cotourneou. Dove Gollero. Rob Goines. John Stopleton. Jeff Roullo. Rudy Romone. Mike Hedvino. Second row - Chris Richords. Mike Weiss, Mike Griffin. Eric Holewinski. Doug Gruenwold. Pot Boier. Mott Me-Donold. Mott Bigliordi. Joe Bodnor. Lennis LoForce. Tony Cofego. Third row . Cooch Templin, Tom Ford, Poul White. Mike Bober. Tom Mucho, Mike Dowson, Jerry Musio, Poul Coffman. John Sovono. Alon Colts, Cooch Kelly. J.V FOOTBALL •v. OUJ£T± on the =4 J£ri.U£ 6834 Park Avenue Allen Park, Michigan 48101 CONGRATULATIONS AND BEST WISHES CLASS OF 84 MAYOR FRANK J. LADA 184V 4 ruSvW - 366-8435 SILK FRESH FLOWERS 15% OFF ALL STUDENT ORDERS AS YOU LIKE IT -FLOWERS 17426 Ecorse Road Allen Park Michigan 48101 Carol 6 Henryetta Bruce t . Family Dentistry. RC. I s38S 3000 10501 -Allen Road -Allen I rkoMichkjan 48ioi PRIDE! DICK GENTHE'S GOT IT! In People,Product,Pnce Serv ice DlCK i EA ALLEN PARK BOARD OF EDUCATION Robert Bryan, President Joseph Derry, V. President Linda Lockwood Shovak, Secretory Druce Hoberkern, Treasurer Al Lopshan. Trustee William Matakas, Trustee Joseph Zelinski, Trustee m 185Congratulations Class Of '84' WHEAT RYE LOUNGE Featuring Great Pizza - Delicious Sandwiches 7721 Allen Rd. Allen Pork, Ml. 48101 928-4322 SPEEDY PRINTING Of Allen Pork Congratulations Seniors KOLE CARTAGE CO. SHOPPERS WORLD Allen Park, Ml Owned And Operated By The Asodorion Family True Value Hardware 475 S. Schaefer Detroit, Ml., 48217 L.J. Kolfunchik President F.M. Kolfunchik Vice President 6533 Allen Rd. Allen Pork, Ml 849-0844 381-4531 Open Saturday I Fruit Market 928-4311 TUE. THRU FRI Fresh Fruit G Vegetables — Joseph’s Allen Pork Romulus 33air .Salon 6784 Allen Rd. Inkster TUES-FRl 8-6 18637 ECORSE Eureka Rds SAT 8-4 ALLEN PARK. Ml 48101 FRESHMAN FOOTBALL TEAM. FRONT ROW- Andy Kehogioros. John Albonese. Dovid Troster. Tom Sowyer. Dill McMurfry. 4TH ROW- Mork Oleynik. Eric Letournou. Jeff Leeper. Tim Morfin. Rich Slote. Dovid Trep- Pipkin. Art Hoyden. Dob Doufford. Feff Wedowski. Jeff Pouliot. Chuck kowski. 2ND ROW- Mike Skelton. Greg Flonnery. Eric Doier. Mott Enoch. Forley. 5TH ROW. Kurt Troinor. Jeff Novoy. Kevin Kiernon. Tom Ross. Mork Tim Mucho. Tom Grohm 3RD ROW■ Roger Deshelter, Steve Guess. Joe Henderson. Ron Persons. BACK ROW: Cooch Dick Tewes. Druce Doinier KEYS MADE REPAIRS Jack’s Cycle S Sport SCHWINN FRANCHISED DEALER 388-0100 WORLD WIDE TV APPLIANCE INC. 15481 SOUTHFIELD ALLEN PARK AAlCH 48101 (Corner of Allen Rd.) ALL MAJOR BRANDS • DISCOUNT PRICES • 6641 Park Avenue DU-2-iOOO Allen Park. Mich. 187- - Air Conditioning Heating Heat Pump Specialists ALLEN PARK MAIN OFFICE: (313) 383-9527 6336 Fox LIVONIA Allen Park, Ml 48101 (313) 464 6040 (313) 383-9527 BELLEVILLE (313) 697 2010 Avk About Our 100= c s«rv«c Contract IRISH PUD WITH FOOD 6004 Allen Rd. Allen d Pork ACE, PHONE 362-3966 38 1 9833 n-( Victz czHaxdtxraxs. and dzntzx LAWN. GARDEN. PAINT 6k WALLPAPER CENTER EVERYTHING IN HARDWARE TARCIA’S PARK PLACE Professional Cleaners 10130 WICK ALLEN PARK. MICH 40101 6627 Park Ave. Allen park, mi 48101 A.P. FIREFIGHTERS Loc. 1410 Congratulations Class Of 84 GIRLS SWIMMING 1st row: Sue Howell. Koren Jon Frosler. 3rd row: Coach Marsha Sherwood. Walz. Kim Knight, Deth Stamper. Jessica Zurowick. Jenny Taylor. Lynda Walker, Karen Driscoll. Coach 2nd row: Shannon Wolker. Julie Piskos. Lori Cooke. Jinn Clark.COMPLETE BRIDAL SERVICE Prom Gowns REGAL BRIDAL SALON 3110 FORT ST. LINCOLN PARK. MICH. DU 6-5174 10 A.M. TO 8 P.M. WED. 6 SAT. 10 TO 5 P.M. PITTMAN'S RADIO TV Color - Soles And Service 8302 Allen Rd. At Chompoign Du2-1188 H Congrotulotions To The Class Of 84 From FATHER ALFRED SAYLOR Council 3774 Knights Of Columbus 17113 Champaign Allen Pork, Ml. Pnoxs, (813) 382.4822 Sennas (Sifts $c (EoUertibleH 6543 PARK AVENUE I ALLEN PARK, MICHIGAN 48101 Congratulations And Best Wishes 1984 Graduates Q)omcniC' GRocco kZ ci COUNCILMAN CITY OF ALLEN PARK, Ml 189 Congratulations Graduates Class Of 1964 • From • DR. HOWARD C. DEWERNITZ STAFF 6439 Park Avenue • Allen Pk. 361-9353 General Denistry 366-6570 JanuiES Jlliirtii WEDDINGS. PORTRAITS. PASSPORTS 2 MR. FiLM SERVICE Phone (313) 386-2500 332'. Fort Street Lincoln Pahk. Michigan A. ' V y • r ' ''i Phone (313) 383-6161 • 386 8960 EUGENE KNOCH FLOWERS 74 AUih “Pai4 19225 ECORSE ROAD ALLEN PARK. MICHIGAN 48101 cjclp turuz 5 CENTER ALLEN PARK 6395 ALIEN RD 381 1053. 54 WESTLAND 7150 WAYNE 728 9790. 91 B t Ch mbeHam V » ’ mm (STATE CO PATRICK D. SHEEHAN SALES manager B. F. CHAMBERLAIN REAL ESTATE CO. 7931 ALLEN ROAD . ALLEN PARK. MICHIGAN 48101 388-2200 BOR0ALA KERESI OWNER Barbara'Styling Kooni 15 529 Garfield • Allen park. Ml 48101 382-3277 ATHLETIC SUPPLY 6809 ROOSEVELT AVENUE ALLEN PARK. MICHIGAN 48101 190Center Kneeling • Cooch Debbie Normon. Stonding - Corolyn Droymon. Liso Corvio, Chris Plummer. Julie Chidester. Kothy Nogy. Christy D'Hondt. Sue Pondo. Trocy D'Hondt. Sue Rebel. Chorlene Green. Lydio Yeghio- i zorion VARSITY OASKETDALL METROPOLITAN FURNITURE 6670 Allen Road • Allen Park. Ml. 46101 • 081-2515 ZUDOR DUICK Nissan Pricing Service Selection Fresh Silk Flowers Open 7 Doys J!£r Summers $lowe is Jegjft 7344 ALLEN RD. ALLEN PARK, Ml 48101 f| PHONE (313) 386-6920 "Charge by Phone” MICHAEL S TONI SOMMER H4f7 GOOD LUCK CLASS OF 84 MR. WILKINSON AND MR. DRAPER MIDDLE SCHOOL SKI CLUB SIDE CAR LOUNGE Congratulations Graduates! Closs Of 1984 Food And Spirits KAYE TERTZAG 6742 Allen Rood ATTORNEY AT LAW 382-0121 ALLEN PARK, ML ROD'S GYM WARWICK 8-2808 14510 EUREKA RD. RantlriL fylaw U SOUTHGATE Ml. 46195 Flowers Designed - With You In Mind 283-2909 Distinctive Fruit Boskets ond Candies 5903 ALLEN ROAD ALLEN PARK, Ml 48101MEMBER cdrella studio, inc Portrait and Commercial Photography Rhone 274-073 2 22801 NEWMAN DEARBORN MiCH 48124 ST. CYRIL 'S CREDIT UNION 20252 Ecorse Taylor, Ml. 48180 388-6533 SOUTHPOINTE VETERINARY HOSPITAL OF ALLEN PARK P C. A.A. GALANG. JR.. D.V.M. LK. HARBECK, D.V.M. C.J. McKEE, D.V.M 10581 Allen Rd. (at Pelham) Allen Park. Ml 48101 Dogs: 381- 7180 Cats: 381-7182 Hours: By Appointment 24 HOUR EMERGENCY SERVICE 381-7180 CONGRATULATIONS CLASS OF 84 THE ATHLETIC DIRECTORS Prime and Choice Meats Specializing Freezer Meats J.N. . Market Inc. 19240 Ecorse Rd. Allen Park, Ml 48101 PH 381-7830 ART THOMASIAN Pres Store Hours Mon-Thurs 9-6 Friday 9-7 Saturday 8-6Congratulations Class Of 84 From STUDENT COUNCIL President Tim Kriksciun V. President Edie Dziekan Secretary Kim Kozlowski Treasurer Heide OleynikThree Jay's Buildinc) Company, Inc. 19306 ECORSE ROAD PHONE 386-1 160 ALLEN PARK, MICHIGAN 4810 1 “WHERE HOMETOWN PEOPLE DO YOUR HOMEWORK Joseph G. Turinsky Michael L. Turinsky ’80 “Education and Enthusiasm: An Unbeatable Combination’ K J PLUMBING Complete Bathrooms And Kitchens 13781 Dix-Toledo SouthGate, Ml, 48195 283-9450 Owners Kirk Brayman James Christy Vanifies-Disposals-Sfall Showers J.V. BASKETBALL. STANDING- Chris Borowski. Mou- Jonice Dentom. Shelly Sorket. KNEELING- Cooch reen Loroeu. Shelly Rebel. Cloudette McRae. Mi- Potty Zimbolbri, Chris Bigelow chelle McGonogle. Jerri Richords. Chris Dowson. 195ULTRA SPORTS OF AMERICA 17136 Ecorse Rd. Allen Pork, Ml. 46101 Complete Line Of Aerobic Donee Wear And Fitness Equipment Congratulations Class Of 84 McEVOY'S The ultimate In Formal Wear 6642 Allen Road Allen Park. Ml. 48101 363-0440 Johm Morczok. STANDING• Don Guobis. Greg Donigion, Dove Pogoc. Dove Orbon. Kevin McJunkin. Jim Guess. Morty Dowdell. Gory DiCorlo. DELRAY SUPER MARKET Hungarian and European Specialties 7318 PARK, ALLEN PARK, MICH. • 382-9085-86 VARSITY BASKETBALL KNEELING- Cooch Mickey Henderson. Dove Doni-gion. Mike Dowdell. Jim Poffhousen. Steve Goode. H. W. Duffton. CoochFASHION WAND UN.SEX SALON Open 6 Days 6628 Allen Rood Allen Pork. Ml. 48101 928-7383 M€7ttx tcl 4 F lowers For All Occasions 8441 Park Avenue Allen Park. Michigan 48101 Alice Davis Phone (313) 383 5100 Cards. Gifts ft Miscellany 1313) 382 GIFT I 15887 Southfield Allen Park, mi 48101 JACQUELINE GIBSON HEAD BROWSER Congrofulofions Closs Of 84' From ALLEN PARK ASSOCIATION OF EDUCATIONAL SECRETARIES ALLEN PARK COACHES Soy Good Luck Closs Of 84' Congrofulofions Groduofes BROOKS PARTY STORE 7343 Pork Af Regino 383 0022 Complefe Line Of Porfy SuppliesJ.V BASKETBALL: Bottom row. Mike Wilkinson Jr.. Chris Richards. Dill Riggs. Jon Firek. Mike Hedvino. Mott McDonold. Eric Broun Second row. Cooch Wilkinson. Kyle Johnson. John Francis. Scott Stocey. Mike Georheort. Mike Dowson. Mike Scloter Congratulations Class Of 1984 ALLEN PARK Police Department ilCrK,tAL deal direct licensed CONTRACTOR WITH MANUFACTURER BUILDER Custom. K ticking Kitchen Bath Remodeling • Custom Made Cabinets All Work Performed Bv. Our Own Personnel. In Our Shop Your Home We Resurface Existing Cabinets With Formica Jeiry J" 824 j AMen Road 382-7770 Allen Park. Ml 48101 •—'Mciii Ly £aCLy UNISEX PRECISION HAIRCUTTING I • W K Dl) IN CIS • PORTRAITS • VIDEO RECORDINGS IS.i.tO WICK • INVITATIONS ALLEN PARK. Ml 48101 1 1737 CHAMPAIGN Allen park. Michigan 303 1747 198TELEPHONE 3020720 CUrL p. Z«mm t, 2 .Sb.S. FAMILY DENTISTRY OFFICE HOURS 6760 ALLEN ROAD SUITE NO lOI BY APPOINTMENT ALLEN PARK MICHIGAN 40101 NU-FINISH AUTO Wash BUff BRUSHLESS CAR WASH Now We Use The New Soft Cloth Buff Wash System 17050 Ecorse BETWEEN ALLEN RD PELHAM Allen Park 928-6080 Congratulations Class Of 1984 THE ALLEN CLUB TOM NICHOLS SKI AND TENNIS 21938 MICHIGAN AVE. DEARBORN. Ml. 565-0044 Congrotulofions Closs Of ”84" INTERNATIONAL HORVATH AND HORVATH PLAZA 7311 Park Avenue Good Allen Park, Ml. 48101 15600 Lodo Dr. 388-7180 Allen Pork, Ml. 381-2080 199COMPLETE COLLISION REPAIR LINCOLN PARK COLLISION 381-1642 881 SOUTHFIELD RD LINCOLN PARK. MlCH • BOOK NOOK INC. 18690 Ecorse Rd. Allen Park, Ml 48101 Mon. Thru Sot. — 8:30-9:00 Sun - 9-5:30 388-3365 388-3366 THUNDER BOWL 4200 Allen Road Allen Park, Michigan "Where Everyone Has A Good Time' General Manager George Prybyla Telephone 928-4688 Dock Row. Left to Right: Coach Ron Howell. Dove Ponlch. Paul Borgomion. Tom Ross. Rich Slofe. Jeff Novoy. Tim Mucho. Steve Guess. Oill Armstrong. Assir. Cooch Tony P. Front Row. Left to Right: John Oleynik. Tom Sawyer. Todd Mottei. Don Mullins. Jomie Sonscrointe. Kurt Troinor. 200201Junior Girls Powderpuff Football: 1st l-r: Missy Djork. Julie Pesci. Sheryl Moorodion. Kim Urbonowitz. Liso Mcdonough. Renee Kou Kou. Christie LoDreque Morionne Nelson. Moy Woshko. Corolyn Wido. 2nd: Ann Bouf-ford. Poulo Gent. Jenny Ronkin. Renee Enoch. Kelly Krust. Sue Metzoin. Becky Miller. Pom Pietz. Becky Dolten. 3rd: Darlene Vorva. Patti Dombe. Corol Crimmins. Liso Collucci. 4th: Coach Stites. Coach Green. Lori Musulin. Edna Green. Sue O'Dell. Morlene Bodnar, Liso Seely. Kelly Shovok. Jeon Huddleston. Coach Stites 202NlOfU c£N!OI SENIOR? seniors rfNIORS SNIOfc SENIORS SENIORS % SWOBS SENIOR! Cardenos. Jrd.Moriom Todion. Jocki Lloyd. Sondy Mocnik. Jill Trepkowski. Koren Driscoll. Shonnon Walker. Michele Pomeroning. Edie Dziekon. Liso Borieo. Standing: Asst. Cooch Worren. Asst. Coach Boomer. Cheryl Delr. Koth Sheridan. Mory Tsutsui. Kris Knos. Cooch Tonguert. Ann Yodhes. Shelly Monn, Asst. Cooch Tab. Asst. Cooch Dovis Senior Girls Powderpuff Football: 1st l-t: Kothy Lhivo. Mortho Loreo. Debbie Jokoki. Kim McKibben. Melisso Thompson. Tommy Trombley. Michelle Puente. Julie Piskos. Kirsten Johnson. Shoron Kurodo. 2nd: Kris Troinor. Darlene Carroll, Down Doultinghouse. Anno Honion. Morio Pondo. Bridget Fetgeson. Juli Cullen. Korrie Vigneou. Corol Scarlett. Mory FAMILY DENTAL CARE daily evenings Samuel D. Nagel Associates D.D.S. P C. 8400 Allen Road Allen Park (Corner of Englewood) 928-8848 203Dock row: Juli Chidester. Ann Yodhes. Christy D'Hondt. Kris Knos. Sue Rebel, ond Cooch Pot McLengohon. Front row: Shoron Kurodo. Edie Dziekon. Chorlene Green. Denise Moheros. ond Kirsten Johnson. 5713 Allen Rd. Allen Park, Mich. 48101 386-5360 204Voran Funeral Congratulations And Best Wishes Homes, "Class Of 84" Inc. ALLEN PARK 5900 ALLEN RD. VA AQ OQAA PAGNUCCO DEARBORN 23701 FORD RD. CR8-5100 TAYLOR 23750 GODDARD RD. KRUSE 291-1800 Attorneys At Low Compliments Of A Good Friend CRAINE DILL WILLIAMS STUDIOS Yearbook Service Center 1107 Crooks Road Royal Oak. Michigan 46067 205FREE MARKET ANALYSIS ROBERTA SCLABASSI BALFOUR NEIGHBORHOOD REALTOR £ %cthlkutcL '2ea£ty [Q Company Thomas Bldg. Suite 109 17570 W. 12 Mile Rd. Southfield, Mi. 48076 office 287-8800 381-5824 residence 21421 GODDARD RD. • TAYLOR, Ml flotoerS Jan’s Flowers 9857 Reeck Allen Park, Michigan 48101 "It pleases me, to please you." DENNY'S DEN 18641 Ecorse Rd. Allenpork, Mi. 48101 383-6996 Beer, Wine, Liquor R.E. Temmermon, President 1700 woodward avenue BLOOMFIELD HILLS. MICHIGAN 48013 (313) 642-2300 41L lance Stce h. j. kole: VICE-PRESIDENT PLANT 8110 BELLEVUE DETROIT. MICHIGAN 48211 (313) 823-1060 206J V VOLLEYBALL: FIRST ROW KNEELING: Korri Fehrmon. Debbie Orbon. Decky Dolton. Shelly Rebel. Lori Word SECOND ROW STANDING: Kori Toth. Kotie Kolvons. Trocey Wolloce. Dridget Stoker. Trocey D'Hondr. Sherri Donoldson. Coach Gomalock -BAND INSTRUMENTS- A. WEAVER MUSIC CO. STUDIO TEACHING REPAIR SHOP ★ MUSIC FOR SCHOOLS ★ RENTAL PLAN HOURS: 9-9; Saturday 9-6 ANGELICA Lutheran Church 6500 Allen Road at Southfield Allen Park DU3-5560  FRONT ROW: Kevin Flynn. Ron Wiseman. John Doufford. Tom Clinton. Aaron Johnson SECOND ROW. Kim Knight Mgr.. Jeanne Feher Mgr.. Christie Drysdole Mgr.. Mark Lovine. Rich Freeman. Jeff Doulton. Chris Boier. Lou Zelinski. Dill Todion ON BOARD: Scott Belknap. Tim Rahtz. Chris Hagen, Eric Holewinski. Jim Lewis. Dove Moon. Tim Martin COACHES: Dale Petri. Marsha Sherwood Deli PHONE 382-5033 PHONE 381 2813 381-2814 USDA CHOICE AND PRIME MEATS OuiUo LvLzxa FINE RESTAURANTand COCKTAIL LOUNGE 7226 PARK ALLEN PARK, Ml HOT SANDWICHES PARTY TRAYS PH 928-0474 PRIVATE BANQUET ROOM 7910 ALLEN ROAD GREG EUSANI ALLEN PARK. MICH. AMERICAN LEGION AUXILIARY A.P. UNIT 409 Dept, of Michigan 6737 ALLEN ROAD ALLEN PARKWEISE BROTHERS THOMSON FUNERAL HOME 7210 Pork Ave Allen Pork, Michigon 313-382-1150 Gary - Robert - John1st- Elizabeth Petrosian. John Dovidson. David Golloro. Russell Pops. Don Rofoil. Tim Weismiller. 2nd- Renee Dolom. Thereso Guoltieri. Liso De-Shontz. Christie Le Dreque. Marianne Pizzo. Katie Kolvans. Deth Stamper. Claudette MacCroe. 3rd- Cindy Thomos. Jeanne Feher. Liso Drigonti. Dione Sommut. Down Powell. Dawn Swick. Melanie Warren. Kim Wil. ton. Debbie Orbon. Sue Salisbury. 4th- Kotie Knechtges. Michelle Ash. Kim Hutchinson. Anno Hanoion. Ann Yodhes. Pom Ohlrich. Melissa Orsick. Lorionne Kirshweng. Tom McGinn. 5th- Potti-Ann Rouser, Virgin-ia Vondenberg. Sue Nagle. Lucy Savona. Sreve Dmytrusz. Tom Splon. Tim Rohtz. Jim Rotoy. Pete Misiolek. Kate Knos. Kelly Krust. 6th- John Savona. Dob Cloke. Kim Fennel. Gregg Colvird. Shelly Weismiller. Steve Dalogh. Jeff Koroub. Jim Wodjylo. Kris Sendek. 7th- Sam Ferguson. Paul Deals. Tom Mucha. Kris Knos. Michele Koroub. Glenn Owens. Down Sherchek. Sheo McLaughlin. Romie Lo Pointe. Don Voss. 6th- Joe Mi-chaels Volorie Wojno. Rebecca Morkey. Rich Freeman. Tim Mucho. Jeff Misfud. Ken Pitchford. Steve Durdick. Flogs- Suzonne Deouvais. Lori Cooke Heide Gregg. Liso Pejuon. Betty Rsoen. Andero Hutson. Elyse Presnoll. 211ALLEN PARK PEP CLUB A K BUILDING SYSTEMS, INC, 16145 Philomene Allen Park, Ml 48101 (313) 386-1400 Jon L. Firek President: Dorlene Carrol Vice-President: Heide Oleynik Secretory: Deniece Jozsa Treasurer: Andy Hill Sponsor: Richard Tews VARSITY BASEBALL: BOTTOM ROW; Dove Orbon, Dove Donigion, Dove Richard Scloter. BACK ROW: Robert Post. Gory DiCorlo. Donald Stout. Koufmon, Gory Hegedus. Brod Artinion 2ND ROW: Monoger Mork Mod- Donold Guobis. Robert Kelly dock. Tim McGonogle. Steve Martin, Steve Goode. Steve Mongiopone. 212TED DAUBRESSE ARCHITECT • PC Off: 928-1779 7602 Allen Rd. • Allen Pork • Mich. 48101 Pretty Nails INNL 9869 Reeck Rd., Allen Park 381-8433 Distributor Certified Instructor For F E B Products Professional Training Program VARSITY TENNIS: DOTTOM ROW: Oill Riggs. Rob Felix. Steve McKibben. Steve Almosion. Chuck Duchene. Seon Howord. John Warren TOP ROW: Mr. Kovoch, Ed Kulin, Andy Kehogioros. Kyle Johnson, Steve Pfeiffer. Lennis LoForce. Gregg Colvird 213Front Row: Tom Sowyer. Mork Henderson. Roger De Sherlen. Jeff Pouliot. Row: Coach Pot Dottisrelli. Jim Sonscrointe. Rob Schmidt. Steve Guess. Rich Don Mullins. George Rosen. Middle Row: Drent Ketzenberger. John Slote. Oleynik, Jerry Vuoriol. Dove Troster. Paul Dorgomion. Jeff Navoy. Dock aaaaaaaaaaaaiaaaaaaiaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa BRIDES! a S ££ See us for M QUALITY INVITATIONS O RECEPTION ITEMS gs ATTENDENrS GIFTS Sf a a a a Authorized Dealer For: National Artcraft Carlson Craft Regency A Nu Art The bearer of this coupon is entitled to 20% Off On any order or orders totaling $25.00 or more. PLUS 1. 100 Wedding Napkins FREE! 2. No Money Down. 3. 50 Shower Thank You FREE! 4. Sat. Evening Appointments. For Appointment W™" 381-1302 or 383-2024 ASTER PRINTER The Saving Place Napkins • Matches • Scrolls • Reply Cards, etc. aaaaaaaaaaaaeaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa. a i i a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a 214WORKERS ON SPRING PLAY: Alex Skelly. Heidi Gregg. Kevin Kremko. Aaron Cores. Cheryl Newton DACK ROW: Kimberly Fennell. Michelle Woodward. Robert Cloke. John Ziegler. Krlsto Folkey. Down Grzyb. Rose Gruley. Trlno Fix J.V. DASEDALL: BOTTOM; Cooch Hoboion. Mike Hodvino. Rusty Mongi- Scloter. Mott McDonald. Jon Firek. Nick Armelogos. BACK: Chris Richards, pone. Fred Loteurneou. Greg Mousigion MIDDLE: Jerry Howes. Rich Mike Stacey, Lyle Wolos. John Francis. Mike Dowson. Eric Broun DUNKIN’ DONUTS HULL BROTHERS RENTAL It’s Worth the Trip 20600 Ecorse Rd Taylor, Michigan Open 7 Days 928-0246 6677 S. Telegraph Taylor, Ml GIRLS VARSITY SOFTBALL: BACK ROW STANDING: Coach Drayman. Jenny Driscoll. Anno Honoian. Charlene Green FRONT ROW SITTING: Renee Rankin. Lisa Corvio. Christy D'Hondr. Sue Rebel. Lydia Yeghiozarian. Koukoudian. Christy Labrecque. Lisa Pejuan. Lori Word. Lisa McDonough Coach Debbie Norman MIDDLE ROW KNEELING: Carolyn Drayman. Karen CUSTOM DRAPERIES TRAVERSE RODS 1"BUNDS WOVEN BLINDS ALLEN PARK SHADES FLOORS ED SHEMA 6627 Allen Rd. SHUTTERS VERTICALS CARPET — LINOLEUM 928-2900 Allen Pork, MlCAST OF SPRING PLAY: SEATED: Alex Skelly. Kevin Kremko. Cheryl Newton. Heidi Gregg. Rose Gruley, Coleen Chuey, STANDING: Tom Grahom. Kim Tosh. Michelle Woodward. Dennis McGinn. Dove Krzisnik GIRLS J.V. SOFTDALL: BACK ROW STANDING: Coach Kathy Norramore. Michelle McGonagle. Dione .Durt. Tracey Wallace. Tracey D'Hondr. Sue Carroll. Katie Kolvons FRONT ROW KNEELING: Laura Tonus. Cheryl Potter. Chris Dawson. Cloudette Mcrae. Janice Denton. Chris Dorowski 217 PI VARSITY TRACK: BACK ROW STANDING: Dill Todion. Morty Dowdell, Joe sion, Chris Hagen. Don Rafail. Tim Rahfz, Coach Dole Petri FRONT ROW Albonese. Russ Pops. Tom Louria. Kevin Kiernan. Mart Murlick. Romie SITTING: Jeff Paavo. Kevin Marhis. Andy Small. Jeff Mifsud. Rob Lakatos. LaPointe. Drian Morusik, Dennis McGinn. John Lewis. MIDDLE ROW KNEEL- Tim Mortin ING: Coach Tony Mifsud. Mott Sanscrointe. Nilson Korimara. Vartan Petro- A Subsidiary of Security Bancorp, Inc. Member FDIC When It Comes to banking, Security is all you need 281-5000 218IMPRINT STAFF Chris Delfeky Denice Jozsa Sue Rebel Lisa Dorieo Lenore Kolfunchik Debbie Roberts Darlene Carroll Tim Krikschiun Tracy Schmidt Lisa Corvia Pam Navoy Marium Tadian Karen Driscoll Dave Orban Jill Trepkowski Maria Holinski Sue Pando Mary Washko Debbie Jakacki Julie Piskos Matt Murlick ADVISOR: Wolter W. Zelosko GIRLS TRACK: BACK ROW STANDING: Doug Groffon, Cooch Gomolock. Amy Smoll. FRONT ROW. Trino Fix. Shelly Weismiller. Wue Schmidr. Chris Shelly Sorkeft. Koren Mono. MIDDLE ROW KNEELING: Bridge? Fergurson. Qorgomion. Debbie Orbon. Julie Piskos Shelly Mono. Shelly Rebel. Jeisico Zurowick, Rhondo Adorn. Korhy Nogy. 219A TIME FOR THANKS GOLD Mr. (j Mrs. Mai Deaton Mr. £j Mrs. Calvird The Carroll Family Roger (7 Margaret DeShelter £7 Family Al £7 Lois Grafton Mr. Mrs. Richard Jakacki The Clare Jozsa Family The Pete Lefaive Family Mr. (7 Mrs. James G. Lewis Chuck (7 Nancy Matulonis Fred (7 Gail McLeod Jane £j Joe Michaels Thom Mukri Jim (7 Polly Piskos Mr. (7 Mrs. Philip Sheridan Dr. (7 Mrs. Vartkes Tadian M. Jo Anne Walz The Washko Family Norene (7 Leonard Weismiller Family of Harold D ZantopSILVER Mr. b Mrs. Everett Burt Gary (j Karen DiCarlo Joan (j Harry Dutton Mrs. Irma Kovacs Tom b Joy Mucha Mr. 6 Mrs. John Nagle Betty 6 Joe Zelinske 6 Family PATRONSAdorn Rhondo 172 Adet John 61 Albonese. Joseph 172 167. 147 Alton Johonno 162 Alton Uso 162 Almosion Si v n 04 47. 46 46 Antol More 162 167 169 Armelogos Nkk 163 162 Armstrong Williom 172 i76 Ammon Robert 04 Amess. Louro Ash M ch to 162 Atkinson lomti Avey. Stephen 162 Bober MKho -l 164. 162 OodwL Ghosson 152 OodwL Somoi Doier. Christopher 52 162 Borer, Enc 172 167 Ooier Pot-ick 164 162 66 i70 Bo log no Deon Ooles Melody Dallheim. Beth 162 Bo log h Steven 34. 66 Dorboor Cindy Bordollis Peter t 75. 34 79 49 Dorgornion Pool 172 173. 66 Doret Aoror 132 Deols Keith 132 Deoi Pou 162 165 Deo- Shown 172 Deouvoii Robert 172. 03 Deouvon Sotonne BeUnop Scott 162 Belt Cheiyi 03 Delteky Chr srine 03 24. 36 49 Belteky Kimberlv i72 Dero Jetl-ey i62 0 2 30 Oettr Ttocey Bertosio Tern 162 27 16 103 Bickford Kirk 152 Bigelow Chris ne 114 i72. 166 BigUotdi Loo s 27 i32. 150 Bigliordi Mot-hew - 4 76. 162 Dinerr. Noneno 162 Bjork Melisso 152 04. 30. 31 Bledsoe Motthew '64. 162 Olomk Jocquelyn i62 Bodnot Choties 64 i62 Bodnor Morlene 132 19 Bo wenue Armond 172 Bo'.om Renee 132 Boilmon Eric 132 Bolton Rebecco 152 207 Boneo I iso 03. 92 93. 33. 60 Borowski Christine 114. 115. 162 166 137 Bottom 'homos f52 Boude w y ns. Fronk Bouffotd Anne l32 Boufiord John 03. 105. 49 Oouflord Robert 172. 167. 7 Ooulnnghouse Oowne 03. 46 Boulrmhouse Michelle 132 Boulton Jeffrey 03. 76 45 132. 133 Bowdell Mortm 12 i82 132 154 150 Dowdell Michoel 90 03 i62 Brondteth Roymond Otoun Erk 163 162 19. 167 Oroyman. Corofyn 191. 162 134 Dterrschnetder. Porrkk 165. 162 Bridges Charles 132 Bngomt. Uso 162 Brighton Wendy 132 Brohmon Morrhew 169 Broinsmo. John i62. 132 Bryan. Becky Bryon. Bobbie 176 Budrtck. Koren 162 Button HW 132 123 i00 6 Burdick. Steven 132 Burgess. Jeffrey i32 Burgess Steven 172 Bornhom. John Ourt Oione 172 176 Bush. Roger 03 Cofego. Anthony i64 Cofego Thomas CoHird. Gregg 90 03 26 27 44 41 10 Compione. Solvitore 03 Copellori. Thomos 162 Coppeltotrt. Goerono 35 66 Cordeno Mory J5 2i 20 41 Conmoto Nellson 25 Corlinl Gino f62 Corfson Brant Carroll. Dortone 36 J5 47 24 16 93 41 Corroll. Susor 13 163 94 102. 103 136 Cosocdo. Ardreo f6J Cossldy Pou l f6J Causey Ronold 160 Cermo Inez i52 Chohil Korlo 172 Chop pell. S.rson 66 130 64 Chovez. Monono 5. 60 Chktoster. JuH f9t 112. f53 30. 126 Childress Comilto 172. 66 Chism Gregory Christensen Louro 2 Chuby. Cheryl 172 Chuby. Lisa 160 Chuey. Coleen 172 Chuey Oovid 160 165 Chymtok DeObro 130 Cichon Lours 39 C chan. Poul 130 150 Ciszewski Gregory 172 Cloth Richard Cloy. Koten 130 Clemons Liso 172 Clemons Mork 130 Clemons Rhomono 160 Clinton Thomos 130 Cioke Robert f63 65 Cochtll julto Coflmon Pou. 164 160 79 Coke- Melissa 172 150 104 Cotorro Jube 74 00 Colucci. Liso 153 156 30 Conmck Robyn fdJ Contoy Sherry 53 Cooke Loti 166 2 Cotvoio lisa 191. 1i2. 113. 16. 2l. 153 f5J 00 93. 6 11. 134 Coughlin Ronold 160 Crome Edword 130 Crome Michoel 172 Crowley Scot! Cremoons Edword 162. f53 Cnmmms Corol 160 30 Croserri Kevin 39 Crupt Goty 11 Crupi Mono Cruzen Poulo 160 Csoron Michelle 65 Cullen Julionno 39 42 Cummings Angelo 160 Cushing Corol 39 69 45 OHondt Chrisrino 191 112 54. i29. 134 0 Hondr. Trocey l9l 113. 172 207 Doley Scon 160 169 Donko. Oennno 164 103 Oaronco Robert 162. 25. 53 31 150 Oaubcesse, Lynn 72 Dovonzo. Kenneth 164 Oovidson. John Dovb Cmdy 164 Dovts. Dovid 00 90 Oovis. Debby Dovis. Rose mar 73 176 Dow son Christine 114 f73. 166 136 Dowson. Mkhoel 64 64 125 10 De Grult Anno 130 Oe Guilio. Angelo De Giulio. Rosoiynn 64 Debono Collette 39 Debono Darnel 39 Del Pizzo. Enzo 77 130 Dellopenno Joseph 73 Demon. Jonke 64 66 HO. 137 Depooli. Tlno 54 30 31 Deshoniz. Uso 9. 2 54 Deshettor Roger 73 167. 174 Dkorlo. Goty 39 122 00 41 Okesore Rxho-d 170 Dtmltroff Mork 54 151 Dtrofzouyon Chris 76 f54 Dirotzouyon Jocqoes D.roff Leo 24 44 130 41. 60 Dmyrrusz. Steve 73 Dombe Kro-y 170 Dombe. Pofricia t9 54 Donokfeon Andreo 64 Donaldson. Shertl 170 66 207 Donigion. Dovid 6 39 36 90 47 162. 19. 123. 41 Donigion Gregoiy 162 23 27. 54 30 Don of no Daniel 39 162 I3l Donofno Michoel 173 Doron. Suson 170 103 Oory Scon 170 Driscoll. Jomes 170 Driscoll. Koren 39 166 42 24 6 21 120. i2t 93. 10 42 61. 6 Droutlkord. Chortone 56 Drouiltoid. Roxonne 164 27 50 Drysdoto Chi rine 170 114 2 tit Ouchene C hades 39 149 Dunne Thomos 16 39 36. 162 27. 41 60 Dutton. Steven 64. 164 Duvoll Lynn 64 Dziekan Edi h 6. 39 36 95 27 26 41 Egger Motthew 134 Eggert Thomas 170 Eitors Roger 73. 174 Ellis Wiiitom Engmon Bryon Enoch Monhew 167 174 05 100 Enoch Renee 13. 54 Esou. DouqlOS Esou Tommy Eshelmon Dovid Espy Jeffery 164 Folkey KrislO 74 Fortoy Chortos 167. 174 176 Feges Ch-.siopher Feher Jeanne 174 Feher Roymond 39 Fehrmon David 174 Fehrmon. Korrt 64 69 207. 6 7 Feljoo Keifh 39 Felix. Robert 154 Fennell. Kimberly 39. 44 66 64. 63 63 Ferguson Gordon Ferguson Somuel 5. 20. 114 Ferterman Yvonne 164 Filok. Mork Frlok. Morrhew Fireh Jon 64 167 24. 125 Flschet Heather 64 Fischer John 64 Fisher Mory 64 Fisher Terry 42 FishwKk Jomes 42 Fix Tnno 74 Flannery Gregory 67. 174 Flonnery Robert Floret Chns 54 Flores Shirley Flynn Kevin 64 Ford Thomos i64 134 Fox. Fox. 54. 3 m 26 0 42 Fronds John 64 27 123 Fronkhn. Robert 164 Frosier. Jon 166 174 2i Freeman Rkhord 13 154 Fnediey. Enc 134 Fuenres Money 42 Fuloyter. Williom 42 Furgerson Bridget 46 42 41 Goggin John 79. 42 49 Gaines. Corolyn Gaines. Rob 164. 164 Gollndo. Annmorto 64 Gollogher. Patrick 164 Gollofo Dovid 164 165. 64 Gorobedron. Richard 162. 134 3i 151 Gordo. Dontol 54 Gardner. Eddie 174 Gory Liso 42 Gowendo. Kimberly 74 Gowendo Rick 54 Georhort. Mkhoel 164 Geb. James 6 Geb Mork 79 42. 7 Genr. Poulo 19. 134 Gentile Angelo Gergel Richard Gergely. Koren 42 Gergely. Sandro 174 Gibbs. Brlon Gibson. Alon 64 Gtortz. Kristen 174. 04 Girord. Rkhord 164 Glenn Clyde 64 174 Glenn. Dovid 75. 42 Glud. Dennis 42 Goode. Stephen 42 123 GoscinskL George 47. 42 Goulosonon Jeffrey 54 Grafton Dovid 90 54 31. 150 Grohom Thomos 67. 174. 176 Gieen Chortone 191 42 129 61 135 Green. Edno 54 30 i3l Greenwood. Renee 54 Gregg Held) 66 43 42 64 65 Gregory Slev n 164 66 Gritfm Williom 164. 164 Gnpp Down 174 Groh. Theieso 174 Grove. Shelly 164 Gruenwold Douglos 164 64 Gtuenwold Phyllis Grutov Roseonn 74 Grzyb Down 74 Guolnen Teresa 74 Guess Jomes 67 174 Guess Steven 167 74 Gugler Bonnie 74 150 Guitar Robert 74 Guobis Donald 42 162 9. 123 100 41 61 Hodvmo Michoel 164. '64 06 09 Mogedorn. Adrienne 67 54 64 Hogedorn Amy 64 66 64 Hogen Chris 74 Holl Jill 64 Hommock Wendell 74 Hammond Beth 54 Honolon Anno 24 37. 66 40 33. 135 Honson. April Horrmgton. Loti 64 Homs. Jeonne 46 Horvteux. Collette 26 174 151 Howes. Jetty 'Ho worth. Michoel 5. 164 Hoyden Arthur 187 74 Hebert Eugene 77. 46 Hegedus Gory 182 54 00 Hemingway Ralph Henderson Mork 67 Henneberry Colleen 2 46 74 Henneberry Jomes 46 Henneberry Maureen 37. 49 Hensley Sherrill 134 31 Herrmann Cynthio 54 Hicks Sondro 164 165 Higgtson. Ten 54 Hill. Andrew 153 54 30 31 Hinkle Joseph 54 Hinneburg Scott Hodge . Mork 164 26 Mofmonn. Joseph 46 Hogg. Jenmlet 174 Hoiewinski. Erk 164 52 154 Holm ski. Mono 47 46 92. 93 Holton. Tommy 164 163 Hoskins. Erk 166 Houston. Dovid 166 Howard. Sean 149 Howell. Suson 166 54 Hoxey. Robert 66 Huddleston. Jeon 9 134 Hudkk. Biendo 164 66 Hudlck Williom 66 Hutchison. Kimberly 66 169. 64 Hutson. Andteo 54 Ice. Uso ke Stonley 66 Jokocki. Deboroh 46 27. 102 103 93 101. 33. 7. 60 Jonson Heorher 66 Joroslowskl. Jennifer 66 Johns. Chrisile 66 Johnson. Aoron 66 67. 154. 133 64 Johnson Kirsten 46 129. I0l Johnson. Kyle 166 124 Johnson. Sheri 54 Johnston. Alon Jones. Dotty Jordon Dennis 46 62. 43 Jordon Rhondo Jozso 02. 103. 134 93 i05 6 Jozso Kenneth 134 Jozso Kevin 74 Jule- Jenmtei 176 Koczmar Liso 56 kA i vans Katherine 9. 66 207 Kominskl Connie 66 Knnmoia Nilson Ko-oub JeHrey Koioub Michele 9. 46 174. 12. 60 Kotperof George 136 Koutmon Gov id 46. 162. 2 41 Kehog Otos. Andrew 173. 167 74 Kendoll Rochet 174. 104 Kepes Suson 46 41 Kerzenberger. Brent 174 Kiernon Kevin 167 Kimbtor. Mono 66. 3 Kinney. Stephen 46 Kirkpatrick. Kori 67 103 Kirschweng. Lortonne 2 56 66 Kish Motymorgo 46 Klimek. Orion 56 Knos. Korhryn 163 101 Knos Kristine 90 46 67. 69 129 Knechrges Korhleen 167 Knighr. Kimberly 166 74 133 Knighr. Potnck 75. 26 Knighr. Poul 156 Knighr. Robert 46 162 Kobylatz. Derek 74 Koliunchlk. Lenore 46 93 Konefe. Chod 56 Konkel. Scon 67 Koihs Alton 164 67, 109 Koukoudron Renee 56 Kovocs. Joonne 56 Kozlowski Kimberly Kreger Daniel Kremko Kevin 6 Kremko. Lmdo 67 Krlksciun. Jessica 174 Knksciun Timothy 1. 94. 95. 42. 27. 37. 93 Kruse. Scon 167 Krust. Kelly 90. 91. 136 156. 66 89 Krzisnik Dovid 67 64 63 Kulln Edword 64. 174 Kulin. Koren 170 Kurodo Shoron 28 Lo Dune Keifh Loatz. Gordon 90. 56 Lobrecque. Christine 56 Lofferty. Elizabeth 74 Lofferty. Gerold Lofferty. Undo 154 Loforce. Lennis 164 167 109 146 Lokoros. Oryon 43. 26. 27. 41. 33. 6 Lokotos. Robert 74 Loke. Sondro 167 Lone. Morgoret Lopoinre RomuokJ 174 Lorche. Peier 136 Lorche. Victorio 174 Loreou. Moureen 173. 166 174 Loreou. Timothy 162 56 Lome Goy 56 Lovine Mork 57 Low. Khvln 67 Leeper Jeffrey 167 176 Letoive. Joel 67 Lets. Michoel 79. 3 tennnl Lorry 67 76 Letourneou Erk 167. 76 Leiourneou. Frederick 67 lewis. Jomes 76 Lewis John 57 Lezorre Troy Lhivo Cothy 33 Lhivo Kelly 26. 76 Lilly Neil 57 Undemon. Roger 162. 137 l.ndisch Robert 176 timer Liso 2. 167 103 Lloyd Jocquelme 43 Lobb Amy 26 57 Lobb Jeffrey 57 Lockhorr Lon 176 Loe-o Morgonta 67 Loe-o Mo-rho 46. 44 Lorenz Kelly 62 67 louno Monhew 12 162 222Lour o Thomos 5 162. 146 Lowry. Suson 167. 3 Ludwig Delphio 66. 167 Ludwig Mory 176 Mobrey. Kenneth Moc Roe. Clouderre f(i 1®®. 176 Mock Deboroh 37. 49 Mock. Eileen 44 MocKmnon. Roberto 163. 167. 171. 10 Modlson Denise 167 Modlson Morgoret f57 Moqnun Peter 167 Mognon Teteso 176. 176. 104 Mog’ v to John Moholok ’Or 167 Moholok Kev r 162. 6 Mohoios David 157. 131 Moheros, Denise 12. 157. 126 Molonowskt. More Monglapone Russell 167. 166 Mangioponc Steven 157 Mono. Kathleen 162. 16 166 Mann. Matthew Mono. Michelle 36. 47. 16. 41 Manolotos. Danielle Morbrey. Robed Motbrey. Suzonne 176 104 Morchlondo. Eleno 176 104 Markey. Rebecca 69. 166 Mo rood Meredith 166 Martin. Cothy 157 Modin. Leonord Martin. Mkhael 166 Moifln. Stephen 162. 41 Martin. Timothy 167, 176 Mason. Kelly 157 Mason. Thereso 45 Mathes Orion 157 Mothis. Keith Mathis. Kevin 157 Model. Todd 176 Matustk. Orion 16. 162 27. 151 Moxson. Richard 67. 166 49 Moxson. Robert Moyher. Shelly 176. 7 Me Cotten. Christine Me Corren. Mlchoel Me Cloy. James 27 151 Me Cloy. John 176 Me Closky. Christine 86 67, 157 Me Cosky. Dorren Me Donald. Mor thew l64. 166 Me Donough. Lisa 157. 135 Me Elhone. Drion Me Elhone. Rondi Me Ginn. Dennis 5. 75. 02 Me Ginn. Thomos 4. 133 157 Me Gonogle. Michele 115 166. 176 Me Gonogle. Timothy 154 157 100. 10 Me Junkin. Kevin 162. 157 Me Keever. Paulo Me Kelvey. Michelle 2. 166 10 Me Kibben. Kimberly 45 65 Me Kibben. Steven 166 149 McKinnon. Roberto 66. 64 Me Lough lin. Shea 165. 166 Me Leod Laura 26. 166 6 Me Leod. Lisa 74. 162 26 166 Me Mahon. Timothy 176 Me Mahan. Traci Me Murtry. Wllliom 167. 176 Me Pherson Amanda 166 Mena John 176 Meehan. Shireen 176 Mehlhose. Dale Menzer Michelle Menzer Monlco 75 Metwin Dole 79. 61 Merzoton. John 176 Meizoton. Suzanne 157. 150 Mlchoel Leoh 157 Mkhoells. Coulerre 47. 102 103 60 Mkhoels Joseph 90. 33 Mlfsud Jeffery 3 156. 156 Miller Down 103 156 Miller. John Miller Kimberly 27. 166 Miller. Rebecco 40 156 31. 150 Mlsiolek Peter Mitchell Mlchoel 156 Mitchell Sean 90 43 Mocnik Sandra Mohr Jeanette Mon dak Belinda 176 Montoyne. Gene 176. 126 127 Moon Dovid 166. 166. 133 Mootadion. Sherrll 86 67. 156 156 150 Morris. Dianne Morris. Sandra Moss Mory 166 Moulding Deboroh 166 Mount. Milisso iQ3. 166 171 Moustglon. Gregory Mozeno. Ktmbetly 41 Mucho Thomos 164 166 106. 109 Mucha Timothy 167. 176 Mukrl Donyol 162. » 166 Mukrl. Thom 162. 156. 130. 131 Mullins. Donald 176 Murllck. Motthew 156. 147 Murphy. Christopher 156 Musslo. Gerald i64 Musulln. Lon Myers. Jr. Jason Nodzom. Lynette 102. i03 156. 4 Nagel Henry 182. 156 Nogel Kenneth Nogle Susan 60 Nogy Cothy 191 112 113. 100 Nogy. Kevin Nogy Lynn 156 Notion John 74 65 Navoy Jeffrey 4 167. 176 126 127 Novoy Pomelo 90. 92 93. 33. 60 Neal. Shelley 176 Nelson. Mary Anne 26 27. 156 6 Neumann Adam Newton Chetyl 166 64 Newton Jeffery Nolos Robert 166 Norvell. Lena 176 O Brien. Mou-een 156 O Dell. Susan 156 O Donnell James 156 O Donnell Kathleen 156 O Loughlin Lisa Oddo Michael 174 Ohlnch Pamela 90. 46. 69 Oleynik Heide 27. 102. 103. 41. 6 Oleynik. John 187. 176 176 lOl Oliver Jefl 165. 166 Oliver. Joanne 156 Oliver. Susanne 46 Opolskl. Sracee 166 Orbon Dovid 1 47. 26. 27. i22 93. 41. 60 Orbon Deborah f7d. 207 Orlando Michelle Orsick Melissa 166 Owens. Glenn 1. 166 Owens Jeff 41 60 Poovo. Jeffery 176 Pace Annemorle 166 O Pace. Jennifer f76 Poffhousen Jomes 6. 36 41 Pogoe Dovid 162. 156 f3d pi i00 6 Poge. Poul 176 Pando. Mono 39. 42 40 49. 7 Pando. Suzanne 191 156 93. 49. 33. 6 Ponieh. David 176 Popolos. Stephen 166 Pops. Russell 176 Pops. Sheryl 47 Parker. Scott Porks. Tracy 33 Ported. Robert 156 Porson. Ronald 167 f76 Povio. Barbara 156 Pearce. Scoff 156 Pejuon. Lisa 24 154. 156 134 Peroino. Mone 45 Persoll Trocy 156 Pescl Julie 4 154 156 31 Peterson. Porrkio Perrongel. Robert 174. 176 PH . Mfchelie - Perroslan Elizabeth 90 91 Petrosian Vorron 176 Pfelffet. Steven 156 148 PtckelL Christopher 1. 43 Pidcock Jeffrey PWt. Pomelo 154 166 Wpkin. Jon 162. 159 Pipkin Mark 167 Piskos Julie 16 136 166. 120. 121 93 41 Pltchford Kenneth Pi zo Marianne 166 Plague Kimberly 166 Plummer Christine 191. 31 Pocus Steven Poihomus Flizoberh f66 Pomeronmg Down 79. 166. U66 Pomnroning M.chelle 17 Pope M.chelle 2 166 Poriuqol Robert i 45 Post Rober’ 16 42 36. 41. 6. 65 Pott,- Cheryl 166. 137 Pou.iot. Jeffrey i67 176 Powell Dawn 166 Presnell Elyse f66 Price Cheryse 150 176 Puckett Wllliom 176 Puente Michelle 41. 61 Quintono. Lisa 8 74 Quoziente. John 166 Rofotl. Craig 27. i59 30 131. 11 Rofotl. Daniel 5. 61 Rohrz. Timothy 132. 133 176 176 Ramon Rudy 164. 170 Ronllovich. Anthony Rankin. Jennifer 16. 156 159 Rauser. Patti Ann 19 103. 170 Ray. Donell 26 159 3i Ray. Derrick 159. 3i 130. 11 Reosner. Stacey i59 Rebel Shelly 115 188 176 207 Rebel. Suson 12 i9i 153. 159 92 93 126 Redden Jeffrey 43 19 Redden, Todd 174 i76 Reddmonn. Michael 176 Reedy. Kristine Rheinhad. Down 170 Richards. Christopher 164 170. 109 Richards. Gerald 75 Rlchords. Jerl 188 16 176 Richards. Thomos 170 Richardson. Kosandta 170 Riggs. Wllliom 170. 49 Riley. Domel 7 Roberts. Deborah 102. 103. 154 156 159. 93. 11 Roberts. Mork 170 Rollins. Sandro Rooney. Eric 17 36 41. 65 Rosen. Betty 24. 154. 159 Rosen George 176 Ross. Jeffery 170 Ross Thomos 187 126 Roszo Bethanne 159 Roroy. Jomes 12. 40 Roulo. Jeffery 184. 170 Sadler. Brendo 170 Sodler Srephen Solf. Ibnsom 170 So if Insom 176 Sort Usama i59 Solis bury. Suson 159 Sommur Diane 170 Sonders. Michael 176 Sonscramre James 176 Sonscrainre Motrhew 182. 159 Sorked. Shelly 188 174. 176 Sorkozl Shonda 47 60 Soucier Donno 176 Sovono. John 164 170 Savono Undo 151. 176. 176 Savono. Lucy Sowyer. Thomos 167. 174, f76 Sconnell Julie 43 Scorled Carol 49 Scherrzer. Jill Schmidt. Robert 4 Schmidt Susan Schmidt. Trocy 76 47. 93 Schmitt Toni 170 Schramm. Dennis Schwortz. Karen 41 Schwartz. Karl 172. 176. 60 Schweiked. Diane 4. 159. 3l Schwocho. Rebecca 159 Scholl. Gayle 9 170 Sclobossi Richard 90 91 Sdobossl Robert 170 Sclobossi Ronold 176 Scloter. Michael i64 -( 5. 170. 124. Scloter. Richard 17. 162. 156 159 Scon Skelt Scon. Todd 176 Scon Tracy 43 44 49 li Seeley Lisa Semany Louro Sendek Kristine 162. 166. 170 Seppolo Scott Shamus Tammy 64 65 62 Sheridan. Kothleen 16 36. 19. 41. 6 Shcvchik Down 170 Shomock. Jomes 156. 3l Shoup. Holly Shovok Kelly 154 Sllvo. Chnstlneonn 62 Skelly. Alex Skelly Guy 179 Skelron Daniel Skolton Michael 167. 179 Slote Richard 167. 127. 126 Sloven Jomes 179 Sloven Johr 61 Sloven Keanefh 170 Small Amy 62 Small a drew 179. 147 Smith Conte 27 37. 41. 49. 62 Smith Jill Smith Stephen 170 Smith Treno Smith William 179 Deborah 66. 65. 62 Scon Barbara 66. 65. 62 Batty 170 Pomelo 170 Keith Kelly Thomas Srober. Carolyn 179 Siabor. Hons 79 Stacey. Scott 170 124 125 Stamper, Elizobefh 186. 25. 121. 179 Stapleton. John 164 Srea oennot© 156 Stephenson. Rodney Stidham. William Srier. Robert Stoker Origin. 170 207 Stour Donold 16 1. 36 182 41. 62 Srrosser Jeffery Srump Trocy 62 Sucorsk. Denise 33 62 Surma. Kenneth 169 170 Suveges Steve 171 Swick. Down 9 47. 19. 62 Sword Douglos 62 Szojner Dovid Szostek Jimmie 69 Szuch. Fredrick Toboczynskl. John Todion. Morlom 47. 24. 132. 62 Todion. Wllliom 132. 31 Torkonyi. Daniel i6Z 19 41. 61. 62 Toylot. Jennifer 166. 171 120 ToylOt. Perry Terry. Christina 26 179. 104 Terry. Steven 62 Tertzog. Kyle 90 31. 62 Theeck. Glen 156 Thomos. Cynthio 16 49 61. 62 Thompson Melissoj 46 62 Tisor Mork 171 Tolresi Fronklin Tomalka Kenneth 162 Tomlch Peter Tonus Laura 103. 102. 171 Tosh Kimberly 150 Tosh Leslie f79. 104 Toth Cori 150 207 Torh Chrisrme Toutani Jocquelln 60 Troinor Christine 8 16. 36. 42. 19. 41 63 Tfo.nor Kurt i67. 179 Trosrer DqvkJ 167 Trosrer Michael 162 Trepkowsk. Dovid 167 Trepkowski Jill 103. 102. 16. 93. 41. 63 Trombley. Tommy 39 47. 43 40 Tsutsui Mary 90. 62 Turner Mark Ufbonowicz. Kimberly 150 Ureste. Down i79 Vadosy. Angelo i79 Vadosy Randall 3i Vandenberg Dawn 154 Vondenbergh Virginia 179 Vorgo Steven 179 Velky Androo 62 Velio. David Vethelsr Borboro 62 Verhelst. Patricio Vido Christopher 90 49. 60 Vigneau Korne 41. 62 Vilello Jomes 61. 62 Vilello Nicholos 179 Villareal. Jerry f79 Vorva. Darlene 3 Voss. Darnel 62 Vrotny. Alkio 171 Vrotny. Mark Woddell. Renee 150 Wogner. Richard 171 Walker, lyndo 166 26. 27 171 Wolker. Shannon 166. 120. 121 41 60 Wallace. Trocey 171 207. 136 Walter. John 171 Wolrers. Kent Wolz. Orion 60 Wall Katen 166 2. 171. 171. i00 Wolz. Sarah Word. Loti 207 Warren. John 171. 149 Worren Kent 171 Warren. Melanie 26 150 Woshko. Moty 90. 91. 103 102 26 92. 93. 61 63. 101 63 Washko May Webster. Kenneth 179 Weclowskl. Jeff i67 Wetsmlllet. Mkhele 9. 44. 60 Vettmiller. Timothy 163. 171 Weiss. Mlchoel 164. f7f Wenzel. Kathryn 171 Werner. Jeffrey 16. 30 White. Poul 164. 171 Whlteheod Pottkio 150 Whitlow. Russell 60 Whitlow, Suson 179 Wkks. Fronklm 60 Vido Corolyn Wilburn. Poul 171 Willlm. Ronold 179 Wilton. Beth 171 Wilton. Kimberly Winkler. Lori Vinkler. Sandro Winkler. Shoion Wisemon. Ronold l7l. 133 Wojdylo Jomes 66 Wojno. Volerle 49. 61. 62 Woloi. Lyle 171 Wonsovoge Donna 74. 171 Voodword. Anthony 179 Woodward Mkhelle 66. 11 65. 60 Wooten Jt. Jimmy 162 Worker Rkhord Wyso.qg Nell 171 Yoiost Robert Yeogef. Dovid 75. 61 60 Yeghlazarlon Lydia 191 115. 156 Yeghiozorlan Motk 17. 79. 79. 69 02. 6J Yodhes Ann 60. 17 Yurchts. Debro 171 Zontop Melonie 66 Zelimke. Louis 60 Zgyetka. loszio 171 Ziegler. Dovid Ziegler John Zurowlck. Jessko 4 166A TIME TO SAY GOOD-BYE 1 WE’RE CLAD YOU COT TO KNOW US This year's Imprint staff would like to thank the numerous people who contributed to the success of the 1960-04 yearbook. The en-ire staff deserves special recognition for all of their hard work. An individual thanks to our advisor. Mr. Walter Zelasko for his patience and for the many hours spent planning our yearbook to moke it the best. Mr. Dob Bersch-back our Josten's Publishing Company and Craines-Williams studio representative Tina Luke also merit recognition for their help. Much hard work and determination was put forth to make this an exceptional yearbook. We at- tempted to capture the excitement of A.P.H.S. and leave you with many lasting memories. I hope you enjoy and cherish your yearbook as I will mine. EDITOR DEDDIE JAKACKI 224 . NOBEL PRIZE — The 1983 Nobel Peace Prize was won by Polish labor leader Lech Walesa, who was prevented from leaving Poland to accept the award personally. His wife and son accepted it for him in Oslo, Norway. MONEY MACHINES — Banking continued to change as more and more people began to use automatic tellers to handle their financial transactions. TOP ENTERTAINER — Videos "Beat It" and "Say, Say, Say," along with the year's 1 LP and movie short "Thriller," confirmed Michael Jackson as 83's top entertainer. BEIRUT BOMBING — On October 23, the U S. Marine headquarters at Beirut International Airport was leveled by a truck bomb, killing 218 Marines. AP WIDE WORLD PHOTO SPACE FIRST -Guion S. Bluford Jr. became the first black in space with his flight aboard the Challenger in September. RIDE, SALLY, RIDE — The first five-member crew of the space shuttle Challenger included Sally Ride, first woman in space. John M Fabian, Commander Robert Crippen, Norman Thagard. and Frederick Hauck.ri k a 1 MEN OF THE YEAR LI T 11 MEN OF THE YEAR — President Ronald Reagan and Soviet Leader Yuri Andropov were named Time's Men of the Year. Andropov died in February, after being absent from the public eye for several months. SHAPING UP — Actress Jane Fonda promoted the videotaped version of her popular exercise program. Aerobics and working out became a part of even more Americans' lives. MOST VALUABLE — Baltimore Orioles catcher Rick Dempsey hugged pitcher Scott McGregor after the Orioles beat the Philadelphia Phillies to win the 1983 World Series. BREAK DANCING — The popularity of break dancing, and a related dance form called popping, grew among those interested in new ways to strut their stuff. BOWIE S BACK — After a five-year layoff, rock star David Bowie resurfaced with tours in Europe and the U S. two films, an album, and video. KOREAN FLIGHT 007 — A Korean jumbo passenger jet was shot down by the Soviets after it strayed into Soviet airspace. All 269 people aboard were killed. I EIGHTY-FOUR

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