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 t  '9 CHORUS LINE 79 CHORUS LINE 79 CF Hello Twelve, Hello Thirteen, Hello Love. Features...................13 Command Performances .. 39 Starlets...................55 Highlights.................77 ITIain Attractions..........107 Coming Attractions.........139 Billboards..................171 Epilogue....................2242 PrologueORUS LINE 79 CHORUS LINE 79 CHORL This yearbook is dedicated to students who have had to march in step, shuffle in lunch lines or line-up just to wait an hour... anywhere. We hope you will enjoy our production. It was a labor of love.4 PrologueAm I my resume? Name?, Age?, Grade section? Every student is more than the sum of his or her CA-39 or resume. This year was more than just the total of card marking periods or sports seasons.9 CHORUS LINE 79 CHORUS LINE 79 C “Give me somebody to dance with Give me a place to fit in Help me return to world of the living by showing me how to begin.” fill students ever ask is a chance to perform. HORUS LINE 79 CHORUS LINE 79 CHORl8 Prologue79 CHORUS LINE 79 CHORUS LINE 79 C This annual is a montage of stuck memories and impressions. This collage pictures reflects only in part the actors a actresses on their stage. The little do events are missing but not forgotten.9 CHORUS LINE 79 CHORUS LINE 79 C lO Prologue“Kiss today goodbye and point me toward tomorrow. We did what we had to do. Won’t forget and regret what I did for love. Love is never gone, when we travel on.” nFeaturJust Clowning Around By Kathy McPerlend Graphics by Cremes Clowns have become a colorful tradition on Homecoming Day. They made their 1st appearance in 1974 and now. just 5 years later, it is hard to imagine the celebration without their cheerfulness. Spreading spirit and making crowds happy are their main jobs, accompanied by their funny. painted faces and bright outfits. Clowns brighten up the parade by walking with their class floats and cheering on the crowds. They supply candy for the excited children lining the streets. At the football game, these students lighten the atmosphere with pyramids, choruslines, cartwheels, and general clownin' around. Special thanks to Jeanine English and Linda McFarland for organizing the participants this year. ABOVE: Lmda Vacca. RIGHT: Betty Martin. Teresa Tomich. LEFT: Cindy Shackleford. OPPOSITE: Jeanine English, Lmda McPerlend STAR: Nancy Tneuter. BOTTOM LEFT: Deborah Gallagher. Margaret Stachewicz, Patrice Werk. BOTTOM RIGHT: Nancy Rodriguez. 14 Feetures ClownsIB Features Homecoming Dance“COME TOGETHER” AGAIN!! By Cindy Truant Grapnicsby Cranes "Come Together", the 1978 Homecoming Dance sponsored by student council, took place on Saturday. October ' 4 from B:00-11:00p.m. in the Allen Park High gym. The Homecoming festivities, which came to end with the dance encompased the floats, the parade, the football game, and alumni tea. Members on the 1978 Homecoming Court were: Diane Boila. Michele Carlisle, (QUEEN) Jodi Musa. Joanna Vacca. and Kathy West. Debbie Lollo, 1977 Homecoming Queen, also appeared in the parade and game and dance. OPPOSITE PAGE. FAR LEFT: Mary Suda and John Kaminski dancing the night away. CENTER TOP: Celeste Angeiiott. and Jim Cartim relaxing with Steve Pelier and Peggy McKeever in background. CENTER: Andy Wagner already showing signs of boredom. BOTTOM: Stew Bates with date Cheryl Sammut. TOP LEFT: Keith Cole and date talking with Queen Michele. Star; A romantic moment. BOTTOM LEFT: Sue Leszczynski. John Bond. Tom Fourmer. and Liz Bond Apparently nave a few laughs. BELOW. Dancer. Lisa Junge and alumni Greg Moore. 171979 Court “Sparkles” By Marie Missier Graphics by Cremes This year’s Homecoming Weekend started off with the annual parade, which featured the Homecoming court and their escorts: Diane Boila and Mike Pavan, Michele Carlisle and Paul Rademacher. Jodi Musa and Mark Walls, Joanne Vacca and Paul Riker. and Kathi West and Ernie Snair. Also included was the competing floats of each class. The theme for the floats this year was Cartoons. With this the seniors created "Pepe le Peu”, juniors presented "Snoopy and Woodstock”, sophomore’s float was "Popeye”, and "Tweety Bird" was done by the freshman. That night. Michele Carlisle was crowned the APHS 197S-79 Homecoming Queen by tri-captains Jim Belluso, John Shirey and Bill Sparks. Seniors were presented the class award for best float and $25 from the Student Council. The seniors also received a trophy and $50 from the Kiwenis Club. Band students were awarded the best club float for their float. "Schroeder". To top it all off. the APHS Jaguars were triumphant over Belleville with a final score of 16-1 4. STAR: ISTB-TS Homecoming Queen Michele Carlisle. ABOVE: Announcing Michele the queen. BELOW: Homecoming Court; Joanne Vacca (far left). Diane Boila (below). Jodi Musa (opposite page. left). Kathi West (opposite page, far right). OPPOSITE PAGE: Homecoming Court with escorts, (left to right): Paul Riker. Joanne Vacca. Mark Walls. Jodi Musa. Paul Rademacher. Queen Michele Carlisle. Mike Pavan. Diane Boila, Ernie Soar, and Kathi West. 1B Feetures Homecommg Court20 Features Scf»ool FairReturning AP’s Fair By Mane Missler Graphics by Cremes The returning of the "School Fair" has been accomplished finally after three years of hope. This year the event took place in the gym and the lobby on March lO between 5:30 and 9:30. Clubs participating in the fair were Jaguar Journal. Booster Club, Sophomore Class, Junior Class. Freshman Class, Student Shop, Aquettes and a few athletic teams. For each class, club, or group who received a booth and lost money the Student Council absorbed the loss. STAR: Sue Haskins with youngster. UPPER RGHT: Prizes for the winners are displayed at the Bottle Ring Stand. FAR RIGHT: Winding the pitch from Donna Marlett. RIGHT: Ed Schlichtmg and Paul Torok show golf technique. BELOW: Rene Linares receives his winning prize. 21Class of ’BO Wins Again! By Ketby McPeHencj Graphics by Crames Which class has the most school spirit? Juniors proved their spirit this year by winning first place with a total of 34 points. Seniors and sophomores tied for 2nd with 2S points; and freshmen totaled 13 points. Activities began on Monday with hall decorating contest. Each class had one hour to im-gainatively design their assigned hall. Seniors won 1st, 5 pts.; juniors 2nd 3 pts.; sophs 3rd. 2pts.; and frosh -4th, 1 pt. Tuesday’s event was a bubble gum blowing contest. Juniors Melanie Hanoian and John Presnell placed 1st with 11" and 1114 bubbles. Wednesday hosted the pie eating contest. Senior Nancy Gump and junior Dave Lambert ate up 1st place. Seniors set the pace in Thursday’s relay race by taking 1st. Frosh 2nd; 3rd by soph.; and juniors -4th. Friday, "green and white” day. juniors won 1st; frosh 2nd; sophs 3rd; and seniors -4th. In tug-a-war sophomore guys and junior girls pulled a 1st place. All classes deserve congratulations for trying their best, showing a lot of spirit, and providing a very exciting Spirit Week. 22 Feetures Sp»rit WeekClass of ’SO Rocks and ‘Roll’ By Kathy McParland Graphics by Crames AP Juniors chose the Raleigh House, March 17. ’70 for a special evening of dining and dancing. Waiters served a delicious dinner of fruit cocktail, roast half chicken. Belgian carrots, baked potatoes, and a dessert of Baked Alaska. After dinner couples danced to p'opular songs by the "Wiz Kids". Juniors voted "Happy are those who dream dreams and are willing to pay the price to make them come true." as their class motto; the yellow rose as class flower; and "Roll with the Changes" for class song. Couples gathered in motel rooms to socialize and celebrate after the dance. Class officers worked hard to make Junior Prom the success it was. CIRCLE: Gwen Chspo and Kevm Gaggm. TOP RIGHT: Pam Savage and alumni. ABOVE: Kathy McParland and Bob Corona. LEFT: Tom Brown and Ellen Fan-fa lone, Jim Piesik and date. i 2-4 Features Junior Prom 1970 King Crowned By Mane Missier Graphcs by Crames On February 23. the captains of the Varsity cheerleaders crowned 1979’s Homecoming King during halftime at the Trenton basketball game. Members of the court and their escorts were Jim Belluso and Sandy Bird. Chris Haboian and Debbie Sullivan, Dennis Jakubik and Diane Biola, Robert Kallil and Lisa Twigg. and John Shirey and his sister Carol John Shirey was this year’s 1079 Winter Homecoming King. John was crowned at halftime by Linda Ruehl and Maryanne Schwoche, co-captams of the varsity cheerleaders. Other members of his court received mugs as a token of this event. Nominees for this event are chose during homerooms of the senior class, with only the girls electing. The court is then selected from the names of the thirty nominees, two senior men from each homeroom, by each student. Title of king is then voted on the resulting court members. 26 Features Wmter HomecomingOne of the biggest events of our senior year was prom. Th prom was held on May 5. 19"79 at Lovett Hall in Greenfield Village. The cost of the tickets were $10.00 per couple and the prom began at 0:00 p.m. and ended at midnight. The band. Blue Money, provided the entertainment for STAR: Carol Check and Pat Hayden. LEFT: David Teets with his date. RIGHT: Carolyn Goode is helped out of car by escort. Doug Burnham. LOWER RIGHT: Ken Gmoser and date.ANYTHING GOES IN THE PLAY By Cmdy Truant Grapnics by Crames This years play. "Anything Goes.” was great big hit! It was a musical comedy presented by A.P.H.S. It was held in the gym on May 17. IB. 19. and 20 from B:OOp.m. to about 11:OOp.m. The plot revolved around characters such as Rene Linares as Billy, Alice Polanski as Reno, Dennis Jakubik as Moony, Rebecca Bechard as Hope, Diane Boila as Bonnie, Tim Huls as Sir Evelynn, Linda Wagner as Mrs. Hartcourt, and Curt Hargraves as Whitney. All in all. the cast did a marvelous job! OPPOSITE PAGE. TOP LEFT: Dennis Jakubik end Diene Boiie ployin’ it up. TOP RIGHT: Alice Polonski end ner engeis. BOTTOM LEFT: Cneryl Morton dreemmg with Mike Boiie. BOTTOM RIGHT: Rene Lmeres hiding or is he just cold?! STAR: Curt Hargraves with feithful ciger. BOTTOM LEFT: Becky Becherd Listening to Tim Huls whine again. BELOW: Father Denms Jakubik preaching to the poor Chinese gamblers (Kenny Mrock. John Bakait as) his own way! 3132 Fee tunes Donkey Basketball11 Kicking Asses” LEFT: Nancy Rodnguez and Lea Junge horsing around. RIGHT: Laura Desharnais and Martha Zslisgiris team-up to get stubborn donkey moving. ABOVE: Larry Yeske and Joe Greene nose to nose. By Mane Missler Copy by Jeff Hoiiobeugh Graphics by Craines APHS was stampeded by the yearly Donkey Basketball on Friday. November lO. The Ski Club, under the noble leadership of the hon., Mr. Barrick, sponsored the extravaganza event. The sophomore class, overcoming tough freshman competition and a mule that wouldn’t stand up, triumphed over the rookies. The boy’s score was 10-6; the girls, an astounding 32-12. The juniors once again failed in their eternal quest to depot the senior class. The girls went into the overtimes, but the seniors prevailed (of course) 1A-12. The all-powerful senior men easily handed the junior boys a humiliating lO-S defeat. Said one spectator of the game. "Wow, this was really great! I mean, I haven’t been this excited since STAR WARS.” Perhaps the funniest happening that night was the persistant efforts of the cleanup crews to keep the court free of "natural waste". A We meant donkey; What did you have on your mind? 3334 Features Taient SnowTALENT SHOW BIG SUCCESS By Cmdy Truant Graphics by Cremes On Wednesday. March 21. the seniors held their annual talent show. The absence of last years show made this show even more of a success. Judges, Ms. Sally Tilley. Ms. Selma Stoorman, and Mr. Robert Kelley did a good job of rating the acts. Marty Kosmalski took first place with his drum solo. Second place was awarded to the group made up of Dennis Angellotti, Danny Blessing. Brian Frabutt. Joe Guotana. Al Hamaker. Gail Redick, and Pat Stansell for performing their version of ‘Hold the Line.’ Third place was taken by Linda Aoun for singing "The Way We Were.” OPPOSITE PAGE. TOP LEFT: Rene Linares. Rob Kaliil. Dennis Jakubik. and Jeff Wagner are "FOUR WILD AND CRAZY GUYS!!” CENTER LEFT: Marty Kosmalski doing his drum solo. BOTTOM LEFT: 'Na za vit' to you too! Ken Mrock, Thomas E. Holioweil III. and Tom Brown. BOTTOM RIGHT: "Nobody does it better than Mike Boiia!!" TOP CENTER: 'All togeter now!' STAR: "It's almost live with host Mark Angellotti." BOTTOM LEFT: Ten Doneti asking for some action. BOTTOM RIGHT: The bag's on you. Jim Rose. 35Facing the 78-79 Issues Is What S.C. Does Best! By Kathy McPeriend Copy by Jeff HoHobaugh Graphics by Cnames Another year went by. and our dedicated student council went about its task of building for the future. S.C. sponsored the annual Homecoming festivities, both fall and winter, and also organized a very exciting Spirit Week. This year they revived the school Fair. Every Thursday, rain or shine, the representatives meet in the Bennie gym to discuss the rele-vent issues of our time. Guiding over the often heated discussions with a rhetorically firm hand was Mr. Machleid. Unfortunately. most students do not appreciate the hard work (and loud voice] which is needed to be a successful representative. Some even, are so apathetic as to treat S.C. elections as contest of popularity. On the lighter side, rumored plans to build a tunnel between the high school and Bennie went astray, as the treasury fell several million short of the amount needed to fund the project. Apparently, flower sales only go so far. FIRST ROW: Anne Hudak. Lesbe Melido-sian. Carol Shirey. EHen Fanfalone. Yvonne Toutant. L'sa Twigg. Jodi Musa. Me ssa Zantop. Traci Mattson, Nancy Rodriguez. Ruth Zolynsky. SECOND ROW: Dennis Jekubik. Robert Keiiil. Michelle Toutant, Robert Mann, Laura Kiss. Sue Gee. Ava Chapo. Mango Ramirez Dane Mantua. Robert Stoddard. Doug Hatt. Michael Boiia. Paul Michaels. THIRD ROW: Renee Bellas. Diane Boiia. Jeff Wagner. Joe Greene, Rick Mann. Ann Vanhaile. Julie Beiiuso. Sue Bunke, Thune Flood. FOURTH ROW: Mr. Machleid. Lor. Nemeth. Linda Ruehl. Anne R.ker, Larry Sternberg. Rene Lmares. Eric Janson. Mark Kuty. John Balogh. Bryan Ketzenberger. Dan Greene. Edward Schlichtmg. David Bargeman. Cheryl Sammut, Kim Schoen, Mr. Butch Murphy. 36 Feetures Student CouncilCommand Performances -Harold Allen Agnes Andrews Frances Babbage Edward Bamck Sue Bartolameili Patrick Bettistelli Ruth Beaney Edward Bellas Jeanne Bares Rita Bisero Gertrude Brown Ruth Buschmenn George Carevich James Carmen t------------------------ --------------------- By Patrick Stanseli Graphics by Craines The 1979 IMPRINT is the last yearbook at Allen Park High School due to financial problems. The 1979 book was also on a very tight budget, because of this we were not able to put color in our yearbook. The 1979 staff produced the best book they could with the funds they had. This year’s Editor-in-Chief was Cindy Guerra. Section editors were Nancy Gump. Stacey Machleid, Marie Missler, Maria Sella. Patrick Stanseli. and Ruth Zolynsky. The rest of the staff included Lynn Bojinoff, Debbie Ferguson, Sue Hagen. Jeff Hollobaugh. Amy Kubo, Kathy McParland, Debbie Palumbo, Renee Trombley, Cindy Truant, and Carol Warren. The advisor for the yearbook was Mr. Walter Zelasko. v. AO Command Performances IMPRINTPaul Cross Louise Dalbo George Donigion Leroy Durfee George Dyas Josephine Eusani George Fatraii Bette Ferency Dorothy Foucher Mary Fremark Edwm Frosheiser John Goniea Doris Greggs Oliver Greggs -- r by Renee Trombley Graphics by Cremes This yean again the Jaguar Journal kept us in touch with the latest school news. Under the careful eye of Mr. Robert Powell the J.J. proved to be the best high school paper in the area. Until this year the J.J. was the only circulated news paper in the school. Competition arose, when a hot little paper came off the press, called the JAG RAG. whose anonymous editors were never revealed. RIGHT: The page editors tins year were Co editor. Sue Amroian; Feature editor. Ann Riker; Sports editor. Linda Ruehl; f'Jews editor. Jodi Mattson; Editorial editor. Bob Augenstein. OPPOSITE PAGE BOTTOM: Mr. Robert Powell, this year’s J.J. advisor, looks over the finished product. AS Command Performances Augenstem, Jeff Perry. Brian Ralston. Mark Angeilotti. Jerry Ash. Don Prater, Rich Pinke. Gary Weshaiek. Doug Burnham. Phill Seasock. ROW: Sue Amroan. Debbie Ballard. JoAnn Sweeney. Laura Cor-vaia. Lisa Trombley. Karen Hudson. Darlene Driscoll. Andy Wagner. THIRD ROW: Mr. Robert Powell. Tim Bowdell. Bob vrar J A3Dianne Griswold John Haboian ------------------------ c—---------------------- CHOIR SINCS OUT By Kathy McPaHend Graphics by Cremes Kenneth Heller Erma Hemman Richard Hershberger Robert Kelly Pearl Kendy Susan Keramidas Helen Kirschke Mrs. Storman commented on the success of her students after completing her first year of directing choir at the High School. "They all did fabulously well. I was very pleased with their success, and I’m going to miss everybody next year." Choir consisted this year of five individual groups: Boys Glee. Beginning Girls. Advanced Girls. Junior Choir, and Senior Choir. AP Choir hosted two concerts this year. The Christmas Concert, presented in the school gym, and the Spring Concert, sung in the Civic Auditorium. ISTB-ISTS is the last season for the Allen Park Choir. T erpola Knippenburg Dorothy Kochevan Jack Kopnick Anthony Kovach Betty Larson 44 Command Performances Choir visits Greenfield Village. BOTTOM: Andrea Stanley. Tom Hollowel. Linda Wagner, and Greg Lavine smg a quartet. TOP LEFT: Senior Choir 'Live. ABOVE: Mrs. Stella Storman. BELOW: Doug Grafton m “The Monotone Angel". FAR LEFT: Brad Taylor in guitar solo. LEFT: Yvonne Deakms. BOTTOM: All Choirs join for finale. 45George Levine David Lockhart Doris Lott Ricnard Macnieid Rosemary Maiisn Joseph Medrano Norman Mihatscn Wayne Miller Lillian Mohecsi Jeanette Moiesky Kathnyn Murphy Kenneth Nelson Daie Petn Margaret Petri 46 Command Performances Tiger basketballTIGERS KILL AP TEACHERS By Renee Trompiey Grepnics Py Cremes This winter the Detroit Tigers once again came to our school to play a benefit basketball game. The Tiger players were challenged by some of the APHS teachers. Unfortunately, the APHS teachers could not withstand the hard dribbling Detroit Tigers. The Tigers beat the teachers by a very big margin. The Tigers signed autographs during the half-time. Even though the teachers lost it proved to be an enjoyable evening for everyone. J J 47Robert Powell Dolores Quinn Gestm Rafail Melvin Rizzo Thomas Runnais Rose Scnwocho Robert Seman Norman ShewcfoK Agnes Smith Harvey Stallings Men Sterty Selma Stoorman John Sturock Richard Tews 40 Command Performances BandMUSIC MAGIC By Renee Trombiey Graphics by Crames Instrumental music at APHS had a very good year, thanks to the direction of Mr. Jack Kop-nick. Band Camp, makring the beginning of the season, was well worth the long hours spent practicing. This was to be clearly evident in the half-time shows and parades, that the band performed in. Band Day at MSU was a new experience for APHS. The thrill of being in the midst of them and cheering fans will long be remembered. Members made a very good showing at Solo and Emsemble. Soloes, duets trios and various instrumental arrangements put in long hours of practice which was rewarded by 1st or 2nd place medals. 49STUDENTS TODAY-JOURNEY PERSONS TOMORROW si r ,- »5152 Command Performances Teacner Tumadout SENIORS PUT SHOE ON OTHER FOOT By Kathy McPhamand Graphics by Cranes Traditionally since 1054, Seniors have one chance to discover what controlling a group of twenty five rowdie students is really like. Student-teachers dress and act like teachers do and have the same responsibilities and privileges. They must sign in at the proper time. They are allowed the use of luxuries such as. the Teacher's loungs, cuts in the lunch line, and eating in the Family Living Room. Students must choose a class they have previously taken and aquire the instructor’s permission. After a long, hard day of teacher life most students are ready to retire. It is a good experience for all to see if the shoe fits. TOP LEFT Joe Greene. Jonn □igasb.erro. Jeamne Engiisn and Linda McPariand. TOP MIDDLE: Mark Cargil. CENTER: Mark Walter. ABOVE: Pat StanseH and Laurie Wage:. BELOW: Alice Polanski and Mary Anne Schwocno, OPPOSITE PAGE; CENTER Gayle Redick and Jill Amoidi. BOTTOM MIDDLE: Paul Bsaro and Tim Meyers. TOP LEFT: Scnooi Board members - Mr. Zeimske. Mr. Alley. William Krzisnik Summa Cum Laude. Mrs. Burnham, and Mrs. Pouhot. LEFT MIDDLE: Mr. Watters. Mrs. Pitcnford. Mr. Berry. Rosalynn Ravary, Magna Cum Laude. BOTTOM LEFT: Or. Hogancamp. RIGHT: Mr. Dyas. 53 StarletsSplish Splash It’s A Smash By Nancy Gump Graphics by Crsines Aquettes, again, lived up to their highly set standards by handing out another terrific performance for their annual schncromzed swim show. This years swim theme was "Let Us Entertain You" and they certainly did with their breath taking stunts done with precise timing. The show took place in May in the APHS swimming pool. All that attended certainly enjoyed them selves. The girls hard work seemed to make everything all worthwhile. 56 Starlets Aquettes 57What Do I Think About Spinster?? "I thought it was a lot of fun. I think a lot more people go to this dance than any other, cause the girls ask the guys. LISA TROMBLEY “I think it’s a good idea that the girls get to ask the guys; and maybe a guy will have to go with a goony girls." MARYBETH WATTERS "I'm sure it would have been very nice, if I would have went!" JEFF HOLLOBAUGH “It was too crowded." SUE HAGEN "I'm really trying to forget everything about that night; ESPECIALLY my date! ANONYMOUS "I don't know. I didn't go." CINDY TRUANT 50 Stariets SpinsterSPINSTER [spin'seen], 1. an unmarried woman. 2. an elderly woman who has not married; old maid. 3. woman who spins flax. wool. etc. into thread, n The girls at APHS aren't necessarily old maids, but a large number of them finally find the courage in themselves to ask that ''super” guy to the annual Spinster Dance sponsored by Aquettes. But this great event may be deterred in future school years because of the miliage failures, and the resulting loss of the synchronized swim team. A lot of hard work went into This project, and many of the club members, and their coach; Miss Cindy Barker, alumnae, should be applauded. TOP LEFT: Keith Cole poses with Dawn Hensley. TOP RIGHT: Cheryl Semmut. Mark Angeiotti. Kim Schoen. end Ben Lollo. CENTER LEFT: Donna D’Agostino and Andy Wagei sway to the music. ABOVE: Janet Jordanek and John Ford. BOTTOM: One happy group of couples! 50TOP RIGHT: A.P.'s Gilly Jean King-Mania Sella doing her thing. ABOVE: Kerry Derasz giving Coach Frosh some handy tips. FAR LEFT: Lori Nemeth concentrating on her...backhand?? LEFT: Homecoming Queen, Michelle Carlisle on a different court. Wcxttcx Hack By Nancy Gump Graphics by Craines ves it. The girls could have had a better season, but they couldn’t have had more fun trying. The team consisted of six seniors; Debbie Ferguson, Rossy Ravary, and Renee Trombley. The other three seniors were honored by receiving the annual awards; Most Improved-Lori Nemeth, Most Spirited-Michelle Carlisle, and Most Valuable Player-Maria Sella. The team did better than ever at Regionals. placing 3rd 60 Stertets Girts' Tennis The old cliche. "It’s not whether you win or lose that counts, but how you play the game” definitely describes this years team. Their record pro-Ha-lt’s R Great Racket "We didn't have the best record, but we had a lot of fun at meets." DEBBIE FERGUSON "All girl sports ere great. It pulls the teammates closer together so you become better friends." RENEE TROMBLEY "I like boy’s tennis better.” EVAN VARATOS "I haven’t played girls tennis yet...just kidding. It’s a great sport and they’ve got a good coach." GEORGE PISKOS (seeking Brownie points George??) "We didn’t have too good of a season, but we had a lot of fun together." MARIA SELLA among eight schools. Maria Sella was the only girl that made it through Regional finals, qualifying her to compete in the State finals. This was a first for APHS!62 Stersets CheerieadersCheerleaders Cheer On... By Nancy Gump Graphics by Cramea This yeans cheerleading squad did an exceptional job cheering the Varsity sports onto many defeats. Despite the cheerleaders fine efforts on arousing crowd spirit, the Varsity teams were unable to compete victoriously in most of the Class A competition. Unlike past years, some of this years crowd pleasing girls added a little something extra to their squad-more spirit(alcohol). The APHS cheerleaders could no longer portray the role of the All American Girl. Some were penalized by being unable to cheer for a certain amount of games, while being expeled from the squadd served as the other punishment. This years Varsity cocaptains were Linda Rhuel and Mary Anne Schwocho they both did an excellent job on contributing to the fine performances by the Varsity. Junior Varsity and Freshmen squads. J.V. and Freshmen girls were every appreciative for their time and effort in helping them out. Cheerleading is not all glory, but few notice "Although half of them were in high spirits most of the time, they had a nice cheer-stagger combination." LARRY STERNBERG "They seemed to hold their liquor well." TOM CAFFERTY "I thought that they did an excellent job cheering, especially the co-captains. I should know cause I watched them more than my teammates while I was on the bench." KURT MIHATSCH "What do you mean what do I think about girl cheerleaders? I like them better than guy cheerleaders, of course." RON DARINGirls’ Varsity Basketball Was... "I think it's a meaningless sport, and a waste of money." JEFF HOLLOBAUGH "We had A wins and we lost about 15." LYNN BOJINOFF "It could be one of the best programs in this school if the team members would work a lot harder, and more kids came out to support us." KAREN HUDSON "Lookin’ Good!” KEITH COLE "All I know is that we won A games." SUE HAGEN "It sure looks like they have a really good time on the bench, if nothing else." AN INNOCENT BYSTANDER GA Starlettes Giris' Varsity BasketballOhhh Shoot! By Amy Kubo Graphics by Cremes A record of 4-15 would seem to indicate that AP's Girls’ Varsity team had a somewhat below par season. Records, however, do not allow for close games, and Allen Park had many! Mr. David Sherrard had the coaching duties, along with the organizing of an M S. M sale to purchase T-shirts for each girl. A bright spot was Karen Hudson’s selection to the Melius All-Area Second Team. Another bright spot is that Karen's only a Junior! OPPOSITE PAGE. UPPER LEFT: Lynn Bo-jinoff and Cheryl Sammut. OPPOSITE PAGE. MIDDLE TOP: Co-Captain. Cmdy Isele. OPPOSITE PAGE. TOP RIGHT: Crystal Kelley. Judy Weiss. OPPOSITE PAGE. MIDDLE RIGHT: Lynn Bojmoff. OPPOSITE PAGE. BOTTOM: Judy Gulliver. LEFT: Co-captam, Mary Beth Watters. Judy Weiss, Karen Hudson, and Cindy Isele under the boards. ABOVE: Coach Sherrard. 65How Do You Feel About Our JV? "The girls worked very hard towards the goal of having a successful season. Their record of lO wins against only "7 losses shows that they achieved their goal.” COACH KELLEY "I try not to think about it.” SHERYL CHISM "I don’t know. I don’t really follow girls’ basketball. BRIAN FRABUTT "Hey, they were pretty good this year! Varsity was @% $.” RON FREDERICKS "Girls’ basketball? I never saw them play before.” YASMIN SAIF "I don’t know. I never went to any of their games." JEFF BERRYMANfl.P. 44 Schafer O fl.P. 41 L.P.H.S. O By Amy Kubo Graphics by Cremes The 197B Junior Varsity Girls’ Basketball team is a group that is bound to be remembered in years to come. Among their accomplishments was their record-shattering SHUT OUT of two unfortunate Jaguar opponents! The girls compiled a record of 10-7, and was led by tricaptains Sue Gee, Diane Shea, and Lisa Ottenbaker. Mr. Steven Kelley, alumni, coached the team in their fine efforts. OPPOSITE PAGE. FAR LEFT: Laura Deshamias watches on as Diane Shea looks to pass. OPPOSITE PAGE. LOWER MIDDLE: Freshman Kleen Rzucidlo up for the layup. LEFT: Lisa Ottenbaker. Martha Zaiiagins. and Teri SHsbe. OPPOSITE PAGE. CIRCLE: Coach Kelley looks with disbelief. ABOVE: Jump ball! 67FAR LEFT: Jeanne Desharnias left something behnd! CENTER: Annie Weiss looks oeyond her defender. ABOVE: Jeanne Desharmas passes it off. LOWER LEFT: Missy Zentop enjoys some "jutce'' to get sparked up. Our Freshmen Hoopers? I think... "Considering the fact that we weren't backed by the School board, and we competed with schools with established programs. I’d say they did a very commendable job." COACH KERAMIDAS "I think it's very exciting to watch the girls bounce the ball." PHILLIP SEASOCK "I think it's great! Why not? Girls need the sports too.” BRIAN RALSTON "I don't care." GEORGE McDONALD "I think it's good that they have it, cause guys have it. It's only fair." TODD ARNOLDI "I think it's GREAT!" DR. HOMER COLEMAN Fine Future Forseen For Freshmen Cagers By Amy Kubo Graphics by Crnmes The 9th Grade Girls' Basketball team is a very special group of athletes. They work hard, yet they receive little recognition. Since funds are not available to support the team, scrambling for game transportion from parents, and scraping up uniforms are familiar stories to the team. Under the guidance of Mr. Gary Keramidas. the Frosh cagers lost their first two games, but were victorious in 7 of 8 of their remaining contests. These girls are "the future of APHS's girls' basketball program”. "The future" looks bright for Allen Park! 60 Stertettes Girls' Freshmen Basketball6970 Stariets VoileybeiiWho Spiked The Punch By Amy Kubo Graphics by Cremes This years' Girls Varsity Volleyball team did a bit better than last year, but not enough to be noticable, sporting only a 2-14 record. Although it was. as Coach Bruce Burke promised, "two games more than last year". An increase in interest was definitely shown. Last years team had only twelve players. This year, however, the bench was more than full. This of course is good, APHS could always use an increase in interest. In mid-season, the JV squad switched coaching hands. Mrs. Maryann Gulliver took over for Mr. Burke. Their record was about as impressive as the varsity. Varsity team picture on page 207, JV squad on page 209. TOP LEFT: Jenny Fournier winds up for the serve. CENTER TOP: Jane French beck bumps for the point. CENTER BOTTOM. Paige Kelly saves the ball. BELOW RIGHT: Mr. Burke gives the varsity squad instructions. Feelings on Girls Volleyball "It's a killer on the arms." PATTI WERK "It was unfair! That the coaches pick the players they should play them once in awhile." JEAN RZUCIDLO "A great sport to go out for. and its a lot of fun. I encourage everyone to join it. JEANINE ENGLISH 71ABOVE: Norene Hudak displays the stamm© of a fine distance runner. TOP: Brenda Clark and Adrienne Richards "attacking” those hurdles. RIGHT: Kathy Kelly takes flight. BELOW: Ruth Zolynsky takes the handoff from Kathy Kelly. Oskie! Girls’ Track Is . . . "They have a lot of potential and in a couple years should prove a winner. It did have one good point but she couldn’t run anymore." DAVE RZUCIDLO "It was a lot of work and it would have been great if they would have let Mark join." BRENDA CLARK “Congratulations to Brenda Clark for earning the most improved award and not having a team next year will hurt those girls who worked hard this year.” MARK McKENZIE 72 Stariets Gmls TrackTrack Team Sizzles... By Amy Kubo Graphics by Cratnes Track is a unique sport. It stresses not only individualism, but also teamwork. Both are vital factors in a successful team. Although the girls only won one meet, this doesn’t mean that it wasn’t a successful season. They did work-outs together, ran unfamiliar events for each other. On the individualistic side, Sheila Gorny placed eighth in the two mile run, and at the same time set a new school record in the Regional Competition. The team is coached by Maureen Gibbons. Team picture on page 195. LEFT: This picture tells the whole story of being on the track team. ABOVE: Coach Maureen Gibbons consults with Ellen Fan-faione. 73Senior Puffers Out Puffed The Juniors By Nancy Gump Graphics by Crames Despite any help from the faculty, this years annual Powder Puff game turned out to be better than past years. The Juniors and Seniors united together to have a fun filled game. Inspite of the over powering and amount of Juniors the mighty seniors were able to shut them out with a score of 30-0. Touchdowns for the seniors were made by Crystal Kelly. Linda Ruehl and 3 by Nancy Gump. Coaches for the Juniors were Dave Rzucidlo and Larry Danaher. Casey Jones completed the coaching staff for the seniors. “It’s alright why? Ifs crazy. I like to watch the chicks go nuts. Ya know what I mean?” RICH LAY 74 StarSets Powder Puff76What Do You Think Of Varsity Football? "If a lot more guys would have participated, we would have been better off." KEN SCHLACT "Three out of nine isn't really that bad." GLENN CORNETT "They’re not as good looking as Plymouth's team.’ KAREN HUDSON "A little bit inexperienced and they lacked depth in lineman." MR. RICHARD MACHLEID "Well. ugh. I thought we could have done better, but, umn, we had a good time anyway." KURT MIHATSCH "Foxy guys, some talent.” LISA CARBONELL ABOVE: Coaches Pat Battistelli and John Storrock look on intensely. RIGHT: Ron Oenn striding toward a TO. CENTER: A.P. watching from the sidelines. 78 Highlights Varsity FootballPIP Football By Mane Sella Graphics by Cremes The Allen Perk Varsity Football Team began their season with a strong start, but failed to remain tough. Their final record was 3 wins and B losses. Head coach for the Jags was MR. JOHN STUROCK, with help from assistants MR. PAT BAT-TISTELLI and MR. JOHN THOSTENSON. Tri-captains for the team were seniors Jim Belluso, John Shirey. and Bill Sparks. Awards were given to: John Shirey-MVP. Mark Angellotti-Gold Helmet, Paul Carlisle-Iron Man. Mark Rauser-Mark Egland Award, and Jim Belluso-the Coaches Award. Team pic on page IBS. 79What fire Your Comments on the Junior Varsity Football Team? "The night games interesting, but no one really shows up for the after school games...” AMY KUBQ "The team performed well even though we didn't have a winning season this year." COACH CONNIK "I only paid attention to the Varsity team." MARK DANSON "I was on the team and we didn’t have a good season!" DAN CADORIN "I don't know anything about J.V. Football..."J.V. Fumbles In the mud By Lynn Bojmoff Graphics by Cranes The Junior Varsity Football players found themselves splashing through a lot of mud and rain this season. They only managed to pull off a 1-5 record this year. Under the supervision of head coach Bill Connick, the Jags showed impressive playing, although they let a few crucial games slip through their hands. Plymouth Salem, Edsel Ford, and Belleville proved to be too tough for the Jaguars, but the Dearborn team was suprised by the Jags' first victory. Team picture on page 175. above RGHT: Will the pass be completed? ABOVE LEFT: Dan Cadorm running for the endzone. BOTTOM: Jay Walsh takes a rest after a hard play, and the oach gives him some helpful advice. SI02 Highl.ghts Fresbmen FootballWhat Do You Think About Freshmen Football? "Freshmen Football. I don’t think nothing about Freshmen Football." CRYSTAL KELLEY "No comment." DARLENE BROCKMON "I played tennis. I didn’t go to any of their games." SUE BURKE "I think it’s good for preparing the players for varsity. BOB MOULDING "I didn’t even pay attention to Freshmen Football." RON FREDERICKS Respectable Frosh Football By Sue Hagen Graphics by Cranes Mr. Robert Kelly once again coached the Freshmen Jags to a 4-3 record. The Jags started off the season by winning their first three games. They seemed to get a little tired at the end of the season, losing three of their last four games. The team played an excellent game against Wyandotte, beating them IB-O. This seemed to be the best game of the season. Many of the Freshmen players may prove to be helpful to next years JV squad. Some of these players are Bill Elliot. Greg Szczesny. and Chris Thome. 83QA HigNights Cross CountryTOP LEFT: Even with broken arm. Todd still kicks ’em out. TOP RIGHT: Doug Hett. running through the pain. BOTTOM RIGHT: MH" is heading for the finish. ABOVE: Bob Greene, running on empty. HRRRIERS TRIP, LOOKING GOOD By Jeff Hollobaugh Graphics by Cranes Allen Park's cross country team suffered its second dismal season in a row. compiling an inauspicious record of 1-6. However, the team improved throughout the season, assisted by the coaching of Mr. Kenneth Heller. Leading the team was senior Jeff Hollobaugh. who competed in the State Finals, in addition to making the All-Area and All-League teams. He was named the Most Valuable Runner for 107B. Two senior veterans of the fall sport. Thom Cafferty and Joe Greene, ran consistently in all the meets. Cafferty received All-Area Honorable Mention: a distinction that Greene also deserved. 85Basketball By Maria Sella Graphics by Cremes The Allen Park High School Varsity Basketball Team acquired a .500 season for the ' 3 7B 7Q school year, compiling a record of ten wins and ten losses. The Jaguars displayed some fine basketball skills which led to much improvement throughout their season. The team obtained a new coach this year, Mr. Dennis Wilkie. Leading this year's squad are seniors Gary Wilkie, who made All League 1st team and Dave McCormack, who made All League 2nd team. Fine performances were also shown by Matt Atcheson, Tim Bowdell. Jim Lada, and Dave Goode. Q6 Hightighcs Varsity BasketballWhat Do You Think Of The Varsity Basketball Team? “I Chink Gary Wilkie has cute legs." KEITH COLE "They should have played all Che players." JOHN BRUSSEAU "The Pep Band was great." KATHY KNAS "Ic's improving." MRS. DIANE GRISWOLD "I Chought they had a good coach.” SHERYL CHISM "I don’t think." BRENDA CLARK "We had a team?" PAUL BISARO "They stink.” RICK MANN TOP LEFT: Junior Dave Goode grabs the rebound. RIGHT: Senior Dave (TlcCormack goes high for two.J.V. Hoopers ITlove Ahead By Sue Hagen Graphics by Cremes JV Basketball beat last years record, despite the loss of five players to the Varsity squad. These five players are Tom Bowdell, Ron Fredericks. John Frosheiser, Doug Gilpatrick, and Tom Tarn. The teams toughest games were against Livonia Bentley and Plymouth Salem. The Jags came out on top in one of the two games against Livonia. They were not as fortunate against Plymouth however, losing both games. Mr. John Sturock coached the Jags to a sub-par season of 6-8. Team picture on ISO. 00 Higblights JV BasketballWhat Do You Think About J.V. Basketball? "I think they played a lot of good games, they have a lot of good talent." DIANE SHEA "They were good, they nad a lot of cute guys.' RUTH ZOLYNSKY "I don’t know, I didn’t go to any of their games. BETH FABIAN "I didn’t see much of their games but I heard they did a good job." JUDY GULLIVER "I don’t know, they did a good job I guess." DENISE TARKANYI LEFT: John Frosheiser ropes to make it past the defense. ABOVE: Dropped something.What Do You Think About Freshman Basketball? “I think we improved a lot towards the end of the season, but we did pretty good all the way through the season, too!” BOB BOJINOFF "We needed a lot of work to do on fundamentals and we didn't reach our full potential at first. I think the boys proved to be fine basketball players.” COACH. MR. STEVE KELLEY "I think the freshman team looked rea ly good." AVA CHAPO "We should do good next year as a J.V. team.” BILLY CAYO “We really should of won more games than we did, 'cause some of our games came really close." TOM KARBONFreshmen Fight for Victory impressive record of five wins By Lynn Bojinoff Graphics by Cremes The Freshmen Basketball team was coached by Mr. Steve Kelley, an alumni of Allen Park High. This season the freshmen hoopers finished off with a fairly and nine losses. The team lost a few tough games, but usually showed that they were a group of hard workers. They added a few victories to their record by playing rough against Wyandotte and Taylor Truman. Co- captains of the ninth grade team were Bob Bojinoff, Jeff Johnson, and Chris Thome. Other freshmen players who did a fine job this year were Scott Melidosian, Billy Cayo, Tom Karbon, Ray Boufford, Bill Elliott, Ricky Woods, and Brian Coward. 91What fire Your Comments On The Varsity Wrestling Team? “I felt that the boys showed hard work and dedication and proved to be a threat this year at the League meet." COACH. fTlR. ROBERT SEfTlAN “I was only on the team for about two weeks!” JOHN BRUSSERU "In the beginning of the year we had an excellent team and we could of placed high in the tournaments but later on we had a lot of injuries." DOUG GRAFTON “The all-day tournaments were pretty interesting.” RNNE HUDRK “Individual effort was really good but the team effort fell short of their goal of taking League this year.” LARRY DANAHER Grapplers Hurt From Injuries By Lynn Bojinoff Graphics py Cranes The Varsity Wrestling team, coached by Mr. Robert Seman, did better individually than they did as a team this season. At the Plymouth Invitational, juniors, Steve Herrgard, Tom Brown, and Doug Hatt all managed to capture a third, fourth, and sixth place medal, respectively. Herrgard earned a second place medal at the Monroe Invitational. while Hatt, junior-Doug Grafton, and seniors- Ken ABOVE: LEFT: Junior, Doug Grafton. ABOVE: Junior. Doug Hatt. Sophomore. Mark Shoulders, and Coach Semen all watch the match intently. MIDDLE BOTTOM: Grafton Patties with his opponent fiercely. Mrock. and Shawn Lawson all received bronze medals. However, due to many of the wrestlers suffering from injuries this season, the team lost a few tough meets. 92 HlGHLlGHTS VARSlTY WRESTLING93What Do You Think About The Swim Team? "A lot of people are improving individually, but there is still not enough of them. Also, we would really do good if we had a girls team.” JANET WELLS “We had a lot of good times, but it was a tough league." TOM FOURNIER "I didn’t get a chance to follow it.” LOU COMISSO “It’s good, but you can’t recognize anyone after their hair gets wet." KATHY McPARLAND 94 Highlignt8 Sw mmiogCudas By Sue Hagen Grapncs by Cremes Once again the Allen Park Barracudas had a new coach. Mr. Bob Smith coached them to a AS team record with the assistance of Mr. Dennis Carter. Individually, the team did well, sending five swimmers to the state tournament. Ward Tomich took a second in the lOO yard backstroke, and Lisa Trombley came in eighth in diving. The medley relay team of Brett Lawson. Todd Paglia. Greg Szalai, and Tomich finished fourteenth. Paglia also took an eighteenth in the lOO yard breast stroke. This year’s team captains were Paglia and Tomich. Team picture on page 177. ABOVE LEFT: Coach Smith times his swimmers. ABOVE RIGHT: Lisa Trombley perfects her diving style. LEFT: Laurie Driscoll enjoys practice. 95Crown Eludes Varsity Jags By Lynn Bojinoff Graphics by Cremes The Varsity Baseball players played some excellent games this season and finished off with a 1 4-6 record. Jim Lada. Scott Vaughn, and Todd Gillum helped the team with their fine pitching efforts. Towards the end of the season Vaughn was drafted by the Detroit Tigers. Early in the season, the Jags managed to be on top of the Suburban Eight, and going all the way to regionals, they were let down by a tough defeat against the Garden City Tigers. TOP LEFT: Scott Vaughn eyes his target carefully. MIDDLE LEFT: Todd Gillum fires one towards the plate. ABOVE MIDDLE: Larry Danaher enjoys nis job. ABOVE RIGHT: Catcher. John Shirey is getting ready for the next inning. What Do You Think About Varisty Baseball This Year? They did a very good this year and and the games are exciting to watch. KATHY McPARLAND WE did a really good job so far and we should probably take the Wyandotte Tournament and probably League. STL) BATES It stinks. I hate sitting on the bench. LARRY DANAHER It’s really too bad there won't be any baseball next year! BILL ALVIS They played really good and their games were exciting. SUE HAGEN I think I saw them playing one time. . . SB Highiignts BasebaiTOP LEFT: Jim Eiledge slides safely into third. TOP RIGHT: Coach Kelly watcnes intently. ABOVE: Mark An geilotti waits to taunt. RIGHT: Waiting for the game to start. Dave Hale and Angeliotti on the Dench, and Bob Corona and Gillum in the background. 07What Do You Think About JV Baseball I think that we could have done a little better than we did this year. JOHN TOROK I didn’t see any their games because I didn’t know when they were. LYNN BOJINOFF I heard they were good, but I didn’t go to any of their games. I never watched any of their games. RUTH ZOLYN-SKY We had a pretty good season. CHRIS HUDDLESTON 90 Highlights JV BaseballJV Baseball By Sue Hagen Graphics by Crames The JV Baseball team had a slightly above average season, winning six games and losing five. The JV Jags did well against the usually tougher teams in the sub-eight league. They beat Plymouth Salem twice. They also conquered the Dearborn team. Brian Petterle and Mark Cristante did a fine job as JV pitchers this year. Mr. John Haboian coached the JV ball players this year. Team picture on page TOP LEFT: John Torok hemming it up. TOP RIGHT: Chris Huddleston warms up. BOTTOM RIGHT: Safe or out? 99What Do You Think Of The Freshmen Baseball Team? "I was disappointed at our record, but with all the same guys back next year, we should be a lot stronger.” COACH RAT BATTISTELLI "I didn't really get to see too many of their games.” RANDY RAVARV "They're a nice bunch of good looking guys.” ANONYMOUS ••They had a pretty good record." PAUL BISARO -Not bad.” SCOTT STODDARD Promising Year By Mena Sella Graphics by Cranes The Allen Park High School Freshmen Baseball team finished out their season with a record of four wins and six losses. The leading hitter and Most Valuable Player for the Jaguars was Keith Schoen. The outstanding pitcher was Jim Ridner. Other fine performances were shown by Charles Beach, Mark Kuty, and Chris Thome. Mr. Pat Battistelli. coaching baseball for his ninth year, feels that they should have a much stronger team next year. Team picture is on page 205. lOO Highiigbcs Fresnmen Baseba” ABOVE: Rick Conntck goes for a high pitch. TOP RIGHT: Victor Frendo gets a hit. RIGHT: Another hit for A.P. A 101YES, THERE WAS TRACK! I’d say this has to be the longest season I’ve ever coached. MR. RAFAIL Hey man; take it easy! GARY WILKIE Guys, now try to behave yourselves. COACH BONE. Practice??? BRIAN LOBB Screw the mile relay! I’ve already ran twelve races!! GOEFF BEARDEN I'm impressed! STEVE OVETT Steve is really impressed! DALEY THOMPSON I’m really impressed with Thom Cafferty. He really WAS the team. THOM CAFFERTY Yes, I can say that for reasons beyond my comprehension. there was a track team. ROBERT KELLY. A.D. By Jeff Hotlobeugr Graphics Py Cremes Varsity track stumbled to a sad winless record, but there's always a few bright spots. Such as Gary Wilkie’s half miles. He was undefeated up to his second place at the Sub-Q Meet. Even in defeat he was never greater, with an excellent time of 1:57.9. Freshman Brian Lobb showed bright promise in the mile, with a 4:43.9 clocking which broke the class record. Jeff Hollobaugh topped off a fine season with a 2nd place in the Sub-S 2 Mile. His 9: 4B.2 led the downriver area. Geoff Beardon was everywhere in the sprints, often racing four times in the same meet. Thom Cafferty and Kurt Hargraves provided strong one-lapping and great entertainment.OPPOSITE PAGE: Dave. Jeff, and Bnan caking it easy. TOP LEFT: Tne team taking it easy. ABOVE: Ralph Zolnysky caking it easy. BELOW: Fred Granata taking it easy. BOTTOM LEFT: Geoff Beandon and Thom Cafferty taking it easy. CENTER: A car.What Do You Think Of Freshmen Wrestling? "I never watch the ninth graders. I just watch varsity.” SARAH BEGGS "That’s what they call romper room recreation." MR. WHITE "Go ask Mr. Machleid." MRS. VARGA "Wrestling is a great sport. I think everyone should try it. MR. MACHLEID "Who?" JOHN DIGASBARRO "I didn't get a chance to see too many of their meets.” DAVE RZUCIDLO "I think that they'll be a lot better next year.” RANDY RAVARYGrapplers Tried But . . . By Mana Sena Graphics by Cranes The Allen Park High School Freshmen Wrestling squad ended its season with a disappointing record of two wins and fourteen losses. To capture their only wins, they defeated Lincoln Park twice. Coach Mr. Gary Templin did a fine job considering the inexperience of the players. Another downfall for the squad was the lack of members out for the team. The AP grapplers consisted of Todd Arnoldi, Jim Asam, Charles Beach, Frank Liberati, Terry Mattemi, Keith Schoen. Robert Vadasy. and Todd Warren. Team picture is on page 215. 105106AttractionWood + Wire + Paper = Float Copy by Debbie Ferguson Layout by Cindy Guerra Graphics by Bob Augenstein The floats are a big part of the Homecoming festivities. Each class works very hard at building a float for the parade and the judging afterwards. Float meetings are held at the houses of students who volunteer their house and backyard for everyone to get together and work. The floats are judged in the afternoon, after the parade. The winner is announced that night during half-time of the football game. The class with the best float is awarded a trophy and a sum of money to put in their class fund. The class of ’ 79 was very successful in building their floats for all their three years at A.P.H.S. In our sophomore year, we placed second behind the seniors. The theme was Space Age. In our junior year, the theme was Fairy Tales and we placed first with the Big Bad Wolf and the Three Little Pigs. We also placed first in our senior year with our float. Pepe La Peu. 100 Main Attrection SeniorsJill Arnokji Stewart Bates r-' Mary Athens Martin Beer Matthew Atcheson Rebecca Bechard Robert Augenstem Renee Bellas Roger Baerwolf James Belluso Edward Bain Nikki Bentley 109Sencty Bird Lynette Bryant Deanna Blessing Marie Burdick Maul Bisaro Charlene Burbank Denise Blessing Douglas Burnham Lmda Bohmhauer Henry Burton Lmda Bidini Diane Broncki Queen And Her Court By Debbie Ferguson Graphics by Cremes At the start of each school year there is the excitement of Homecoming. There are the float meetings, the parade, the football game, and the annual crowning of the Homecoming Queen. But first the court has to be picked. Two girls from each homeroom are chosen. From those girls, five are picked to make up the court. This year the five girls were Jodi Musa. Kathy West. Joanne Vacca. Diane Boila, and the queen, Michele Carlisle. BACK ROW from left to right Solange Desouza. Paula Consiglio, Diane Sucarski. Michele Reeves, Sharon Williamson, Crystal Kelley, Kris Kummer. Karen Krane. Carolyn Goode, Jayne Hinkle. Lauren Waske, Alice Polanski. Lori Nemeth. SECOND ROW from left to right Laurie Szczesny, Kim Jordan. Debbie Mastropietro. Diana Green, Diane Boila. Karen Horvath, Linda Ruehl, Jcdi Musa. Michele Carlisle. FRONT ROW fron left to right Linda McParland. Lisa Putnam, Connie Biro. Joanne Vacca, Kathy West. Lynette Bryant. Not pictured are Diane Doyle and Linda Bidini. 110 Main Attrection Seniors VfEdward Broniak Vincent Cannarsa Diane Boila Thomas Cafferty Timothy Bowdell Kathy Cafruny Laurel Brandt Robert Cailery Jeffrey Brindley Helen Calvillo Roy Brockmon Stacy Campbell 111Mark Cargill Catherine Collier Michele Carlisle Paulo Consiglio Mark Carlson David Crupi Waiter Cary Joi Cullen Micheei Cesaccia Mark Danson Mario Cervantes Sandra Danz WABX Out Shoots AP By Debbie Ferguson Graphics by Cremes WABX is a radio station that many students at APHS listen to. On March 1, 19"79 ten of their Disc Jockeys came to APHS to challenge our senior men in a basketball game. Unfortunately our senior men could not withstand the strong Disc Jockey team and lost by just a few points. The senior men who played were Jim Elledge, Bob Neighbors. John Guobis, Ben Lollo, John Hornyak. Paul Bisaro. Kevin Paduk, Frank Sporer, Jeff Wagner, Keith Cole, Gerry Sadler and Dan McIntyre. TOP RIGHT: Dan McIntyre shooting for the hoop. BOTTOM RIGHT: WABX trying to get the ball from Bob Neighbors. OPPOSITE PAGE TOP: Mark Angeliotti and Doug Burnham were the announcers for the night. OPPOSITE PAGE BOTTOM: The tough WABX Basketball team. OPPOSITE PAGE FAR RIGHT: Senior J.m Elledge scoring for the Allen Park team. 112 Mam Attrection Seniors113Travis Dick Vera Dutkewych John Digasbarro Steven Dzierwa Mike DKjzntewsk Richard Etden Martin Donaldson James E Hedge - AP Winter Homecoming By Cindy Guerra Graphics by Cranes Six yeans ago the first Winter Homecoming was held. Since the first king was crowned in 1S"7 4 it has become an annual event at Allen Park High. The five senior men who were picked for this year's Winter Homecoming court are Jim Belluso, Chris Haboian. Dennis Jakubik, Robert Kallil, and John Shirey. The King, John Shirey, was crowned on February 23 during half-time at the basketball game. The FIRST ROW from left to right Chris Haboian, Dennis Jakubik, Jeff Wagner, Hussien Taha. Mark Scariett. Jim Belluso, Greg Lavine. The SECOND ROW from left to right Todd Paglia, Rick Mann, Vincent Cannarsa. John Nersisian, Robbie Dullmger. John Ford, Marty Nadrowski. Robert Kallil. Standing in the THIRD ROW from left to right are Jim Elledge. John Hornyak, Bill Gallagher, Kurt Mihatsch, Stewart Bates. Ben Lollo, John Shirey. David Yuchovicz, Gary Yesue. Mike Cassaccia. Those not pictured are Bob Callery, Mark Cargil. Jeff Perkins, Bill Sparks, and Jeff Verhmes. Soiange Desouza Tem Duie Annette Devolt Robert Dullmger 11A Mam Attroctton SeniorsNancy Dougherty Michael Emmanuel Laura Doughty Pamela Emmanuel Diane Doyle Jeanne English Daniel Drinane Kevin Eskew Stephanie Dubois Alicia Fabian Theresa Donati Juhe Ell® 115Steven Flynn Kenneth Gmosen Thornes Fiore Todd Gillum Seniors Win Again By Debbie Ferguson Graphics by Cremes The third annuel Junior Senior Hockey Game was held on March 31, 1979. The class of "79 won for the second time in a row beating the juniors 6-3. Scott Antioch was the senior goalie who only let three goals get by. Bob Callery and Scott Thibodeau each scored two goals. Karl Harrison and Ed Bain scored one apiece getting by Gary Weshalek who was the juniors goalie. Coach for the Senior team were Jim Elledge, Dave Teets, and Bob Neighbors. Coaches for the Juniors were Thure Flood and Jim Carlim. RIGHT: Bob Callery and Scott Thioodeau celebrating their victory. OPPOSITE PAGE TOP: The Senior Hockey Team. OPPOSITE PAGE RIGHT: Gary Yesue Showing his perfect style. OPPOSITE PAGE FAR RIGHT: Seniors get the puck by junior goalie Gary Weshalk. 116 Man Attraction SeniorsCarol Garofaio Joseph Guotana Bonnie Furgerson Cynthia Guerra William Gallagher Nancy Gump David Frendo Cathy Grobnagger Kevin Fntz Robert Gnji Carl French Joseph Greene 117The Last Big Dance By Debbie Ferguson Graphics by Cremes Many dances are held throughout the school year including the most exciting and important one for the seniors. Senior Prom. Elegently dressed one hundred and forty couples gathered on May 5. 1970 for their last high school dance. Many couples started the evening off by attending punch parties given by friends. The couples also dined before and after the dance at candlelit restaurants. The prom was held at Lovett Hall in Greenfield Village. The beautiful atmosphere added to the evening as the couples danced to the music of Blue Money. Photographers were on hand to take pictures by the lovely fireplace. The girls received stick pins and the boys received tie clips. The evening soon came to an end at 12:00. The couples slowly left to go to other parties being held afterwards. The night of prom will be a memorable one for all those who attended. 110 Main Attraction SemorsPatrick Hayden Jeffrey Heipie John Hornyak Karen Horvath Curtis Hargraves Kevin Holewinski Karl Hamson Jeff Hoilobaugh Helen Haskins Thomas Hoilowell Serna Hautaia Ten Holmes 119Final Fun As A Class By Cndy Guerra Graphics by Cremes The annuel Senior Banquet was held on May 21, 1979 at the Hans Schnitzalbank. The evening began with dancing and dinner was later served. The dinner was a smorgasbord meal. It included sausage, chicken, mashed potatoes, roast beef, salad, vegetables, and pastries for desert. Since the legal drinking age is 21 the students were only served pop. but many of the students brought their own alcholic beverages. The highlight of the evening was the Mock Elections. The mock awards were passed out by class President Renee Bellas and class Secretary Anne Riker. The winners were given gag gifts along with certificates. The whole evening was a success and it was all made possible by our class sponser Mrs. Diane Griswold. On the following pages some of the mock election winners are pictured. 120 Mam Actraction Sen«or BanquetKelly Jones Kathleen Knas Sandy Johnson Nomna Klein Jeffrey Jones Alan Klus Nora Jasso Crystal Kelley Patr»c a Jarosz Kris Kelley Dennis Jakubik Laura Keenan 121Leune Knight Renee Lecheit Brian Kosaien Kenny Lachut Martin Kosmalski James Lada Paul Kostelmk Patncia Lamtonght Mary Kottke Monique Koukoudian Gregory Levine Richard Lay CLASS FLIRT Terri Doneti and Jeanine English Dave Hale BEST LOOKING Kathi West Craig Prieur BEST FIGURE-PHYSIQUE Sharon Williamson Steve Herrgard MOST TALENTED Gayle Redick Dennis Angelotti MOST LIKELY TO SUCCEED Anne Riker Robert Kallil NICEST HAIR Diane Boila Mike Pavan MOST TALKATIVE Paula Consiglio Robert Kallil 122 Mam Attrection SeniorsElizadeth Kunkei Matthew Lis Patrice LaDeiie Ben Lollo Kristine Kummer Martha Lrndow Karen Krone Craig LeBianc Jane Krentier Gregory Lewis William Krzisnik Rene Linares 123Paula Lott Pamela Mauk James Maes Alison McCarthy Rich Maliszewski Dave McCormack Anne Maioian Daniel McIntyre Mark Mangrum Lmda McParland Richard Mann Lance Meehan MOST SPIRITED Linda Ruehl Robert Kellil BEST STORYTELLER Laura Doughty Richard Mann PRETTIEST EYES Lisa Twigg Dale Phillips BEST DRESSED Jodi Mattson Curt Hargraves BEST ATHLETE Maria Stella John Shirey SHYEST Cindy Guerra Dave Policelli CLASS CLOWN Nancy Gump Walter Carey 12A Mam Attrection SeniorsDavid Manosi Timothy Meyers Timothy Mason Debbie Mas trope tro Jodi Mattson Deana Miller Dennis Miller Laura Miller Timothy Marek Randy Messer Patricia Martin Kurt Mihetsch 125Michelle Miller Lori Nemeth Gad Misioiek Con Nicolopoulos Mane Missier Kristine Notes Chris Moore Michael Nowak Cheryl Morton Nancy Nowicke Mary Millner John Nersesian MOST POPULAR Michelle Carlisle John Shirey NICEST SMILE Kathi West Curt Hargraves FRIENDLIEST Anne Riker Curt Hargraves MOST INTELLIGENT Cheryl Wood Bill Krzisnik CLASS COUPLE Jodi Musa Mark Walls BEST DISPOSITION Anne Riker Curt Hargraves CLASS LOVER Cheryl Wood Scott Vaughan 126 Main Attrection SeniorsMichael Nagle Debra Palumbo Colleen Mullen Kevin Paduk Jodi Musa Todd Pegiie Robert Neighbors Michael Peven Frank Moulding Cynthia Obradovich Kenneth Mrock Charlotte Orsck 127Joseph Perez Creig Prieur Jeffrey Perkins Lisa Putnam Dele Philip Brian Ralston Kathleen Pierce Cindy Randolph Beverly Pleunt Robert Randolph Brenda Pocus Mark Rauser Starting A New Life By Debbie Ferguson Graphics by Cremes On the night of June A, 1979 the Senior class bid their last farewell to APHS. Everyone excitedly filled Ford Auditorium with tears and laughter. As their friends and family patiently waited for them to take a big step into the future. The last half hour before commencements was filled with straightening ties, combing hair and trying to find the right seat before the soon to be alumni walked up the aisles. Speeches were given and the Alma Mater was sung. Then came the big moment the class of "79 had been waiting for thirteen years. The diplomas were awarded to the students on stage. The class of ’79 was now alumni. Then everyone marched out of the auditorium and away from their years as students at APHS. Robbie Dullinger held a big party for the graduating seniors after commencement. Most of the seniors attended to say their last good byes and give last minute hugs to all their friends. 128 Mam AttractionAlice Polanski Rosalynn Ravery Ronald Prater Carol Revo«r □avid Poiicelii Jecky Rayfield John Poole Donald Reddmann Melanie Porath Gayle Redick Donald Prater Michele Reeves 129Jane Rckerd Kenneth Schiecht Kelly Rubin Maria Sella Linda Ruehl Gary Seychei Anne Riker Nora Schmitt Thomas Robinson Mary Anne Sc h woe bo James Rose Elizabeth Scott Valedictorian William Krzisnik Co-Salutatorian Rosalynn Ravary Co-Salutatorian Cheryl Wood 130 Mam Attraction Seniore Barbara Sent Ike Kimberly Sobeszek Mark Scarlett Mary Sieven Bonnie Sadow John Shirey Cassie Sarkozi Mark S'tko Lawrence Ryan Andrea Shanley Gerald Sadler Lori Sheridan 131Suzanne Spegnol Donald Swisz □ebora Sperlbaum Gregory Szalai Francis Sporer Laurie Szczesny Patrick Stanseil Hussien Taha Bobby Stephenson Karen Tallon Larry Sternberg Russell Tasker Class Flower: Small Red Roses with Baby Breath Class Colors: Burgundy and Rose Class Song: "The Long And Winding Road" By The Beatles 132 Mam Attraction SeniorsJoann Sweeney Kristina Tjemeii William Stoddard David Teets Timothy Stevenson Bradley Taylor 133Joy Tuinier Mark Walter Shirley Totten Laurie Wegei Michelle Toutant Jeffrey Wagner Nancy Treuter Linda Wagner Class Motto: "Some say it’s the beginning Chasing our dreams. still finding friends Honoring our memories Our road of life will bend Onward we march Learning till the very end." Renee Trombley James Tsutsui Kay Weldrep Mark Walls 134 Mam Attraction SeniorsJeffrey Vernmes Gregg Weils Louise Vena Barry Wegrzyn Ann Vannaia Maureen Watters Joanne Vacca Lauren Waske Kirk Urbanowicz Wendi Warren Lisa Twigg Carol Warren 135SENIORS NOT, PICTURED Shawn Lawson Daniel Liddy Nora Lis pet i Lisa Lowenstein JimT Mortimer Mart mt-Nadrowski Andrew O'Neil Michele Rudel Phillip Seasock Daniel Shelton Patricia Silva William Sparks Mark St. Louis Bruce Stonehouse Eric Stonehouse Scott Vaughrr C:iris Wicks Cas S w ht Harold Zantop Michael Bartosze Gary Benedict uonrtra HHUr Lori Chidester Glenn Cornett Rooer CrosIstti Joseph Curtis - Anthony DeGiulio' Daniel Denh ern Thomas DePonp Kirk Faiman Catherine Feala Brian Frabutt John Guobis Laura Held Steven Herrger William Larion  Debra Williams Kwan Yoder Francme Williams David Yodhes Sharon Williamson David Yuchnovicz Leslie Wilson Rebecca Zator Crystal Wisner Thomas Ziegler Barbara Wesman Lisa Zuke art138AttractionsFROSH By Rutb Zolynsky Graphics by Cremes Another group of ninth graders entered the high School this year. They came in very scarred and as the year ended they felt like veterans. For the ninth graders it is one year down and three more to go. Next year will not be as bad because they are used to the ways of the school. The year began with the building of the float. They entered a float with Tweety Bird on it. During Spirit Week they put up a strong fight but placed last. This years class officers were President: Ava Chapo, Vice-President: Mark Kuty. Secretary: Penny Furgerson, and Treasurer: Sue Burke. The ninth grade class representatives Dave Bargamian. John Balogh, Michael Boile, Bryan Ketzenberger. Paul Michaels, Julie Belluso, Daien Mantua. Trasi Mattson, Margo Ramirez, and Missy Zantop. 1 AO Coming Attractions FreshmenFront Row: Laura Panisko. Mickey Ramsey. Jean Alley. Second Row: Todd Amoidi. Mary Atkinson, Janet Barry. Aian Baiegna. Tim Ash, Back Row: Gary Barbour. Dave Bargamian. Julie Beiiuso, Ln-da Alley. Kevin Avery. James Asam, ABOVE: Freshmen float. ABOVE RIGHT: Maggie Showers and Missy Zantop talking between classes. OPPOSITE PAGE MIDDLE: John Balogh and Dave Bargamian show the strength of the Freshman. OPPOSITE PAGE BOTTOM: Pres. Ava Chapo. Vice Pres. Mark Kuty. Sec. Sue Burke, Tres. Penny Furgeson. 141BOTTOM LEFT TO RIGHT; 9-2 Front Row: Keren Adams, Darlene Brockman. Rma Benedict. Kathy Brumsma, Sue Burke. Dean Boomer. Second Row: Linde Anderson. L«se Brasher. Liz Bond, Ron Buzzy. Cart Benedict. Matt Burdick. Linda Aoun, Third Row: Rochelle Arnold. Sherry Bryan. Mark Bollmen. Tom Bresseou. Tom Achetz. Tim Braun. Fred Bates. Gary Barbour. John Beiogh. 9-3 Front Row: Judy Creamens. Doug Davis. Kathy Chasey. Second Row: Matt Burnham. Diane Cemia. Mike Boiie. Ava Chapo. Back Row: Sharon Carter. Judy D'Alfonso. Norman Chavker, Brian Coward. Jim Biegiow, Don Conn. 9-4 Front Row: Gary Dimaggio. Rich Chesstnut. Rocco Degiulio. Carrie Fabian. Pam Eiden. Second Row: Bill Elliot. Karen Dyieriva. Cathy Carroll. Jenny Fournier. Gwen Dombe. Third Row: Jeanne Deshamais, Melanie Dunn, Bev Fix. Carolyn DeAngeiis. Back Row: Kim Fitzpatrick. Andrea Farris. Pam Fisher, James French. Standing Left: Penny Furgerson. Connie Fiorinze. Standing Right: Louis Fuonen. Shelly Ferguson. 142 Commmg Attractions UnderciassmenBELOW: Shawn Huls studying his math? LEFT: Penny Furgeson posing for the photographer. CENTER: Mike Boila, Terri Tomich. and Dephine Berwin waiting for their scores. OPPOSITE PAGE TOP RIGHT: Sue Burke hard at work. OPPOSITE PAGE TOP LEFT: Kim Fitzpatrick and Sherry Bryan. OPPOSITE PAGE BOTTOM: Liz Bond laughing at one of Mr. Rafials jokes. OPPOSITE PAGE BOTTOM: Andy Jablonski and Tim Sheridan on their way to class.9-5: Front Row: John Ferencz. John Filak. Rob Green. Russ Herc-zek. Tma Hionis. Rita Gibson, Second Row: Victor Frendo. Janet Grabowski. Sarah Gouiesarian. Sue Gerabedian. Kathy Hen-neberry. Lora Hamson. Richard Hay Back Row: Dave Giipatrick. Theresa Gosunski. Wendy Hill, John Hiedi. Ed Hay. Les Harris. Rico Garcia. Bev Girard, Jaiene Gamble 9-6: Front Row: John Jeresiowski. Joe Kaminski, Tom Desharmas, Pam Ide. Nick Karagas. Tom Karbon, John Kelso. Linda Kaiicki. Second Row: Georgia Keramdas, Jeff Johnson. Pat Kelly, Sue Hurley. Matt Hoffman. Bill Kissell. Kelly Jordan. Back Row: Nick Hugley. Dave Hollo well. Shawn Huls. Andy Holwnski. Andy Jabton-ski. Enk Kendail. Bryan Ketzenberger. Jodi Howey. Chris Hurley. Mike Kapaiia. Steve Holder. Kevm Kittle 9-7: Front Row: Kathy Komraus. Kim Yoder. Micneie Lambert. Kathy Duroda. Gior.a Leiboid. Tom Ligenzer. Marcia Maianowski. Second Row: Karen Knas. Sandy Lachcik. Kathy Knox. Phil Laforce, Mark Kuty. Scott Kruse. David Lewis. Back Row: Lisa Ko-sian. Shelley Lmdisch. Jerry Knectgas. Gary Knight. Tony Klem-sarge. Frank Liberati. J»m Lskn. Pat Lane. Kurt Langert. Lynn Macintosh. Reynaldo Linares 144 Coming Attractions FreshmenRIGHT: Linda Alley and Pam Eiden decorating the Freshmen hall. TOP: Ms. Malish helping Annie Powers cut out a pattern. CENTER: A typical gym class. OPPOSITE PAGE TOP LEFT: Freshmen Cheerleaders. OPPOSITE PAGE TOP MIDDLE: Katie Watters. OPPOSITE PAGE TOP RIGHT: Missy Zantop and Carrie Benedict. OPPOSITE PAGE MIDDLE: Sue Burke posing for the photographer. OPPOSITE PAGE MIDDLE LEFT: Julie Bently preparing for the game. 145146 Coming Attrections FresnmenRIGHT: Harvey Sterling CENTER: Dave Bargamian, Mike Boila, and Bob Vadasy gettin a little rowdy. TOP RIGHT: Jeanne Desharnais takes a look back. OPPOSITE PAGE TOP LEFT: Annie Weiss drives for the winning point. OPPOSITE PAGE BOTTOM LEFT: Chris Hurley 9-B: FRONT ROW: Betty Martin. Micnelle Marques. Greg Moora-dien, Mike Mazur. Steve Martin, Rondi McElhone. SECOND ROW: Paul Michaels. Scott McLarin. Tim Miilner. Brian Menem. Dephme Merwm, Michelle Myschock. Jim Scannell. BACK ROW: Donna Mohr. Terry Mattemi. Rosanne Milewski. Tracey Mattson. Diane Mantua. Shaun McAllister. Julie Morton. Jim Musser. Steve Moulding, Todd Bickford 9-9: FRONT ROW: Scott Obnen. Vicki Peiley. Laura Orban. Tisha Owens. Kelly Newiand. SECOND ROW: Mike Papaias. Joe Pechy. Becky Osentoski. Jim Pero. THIRD ROW: Pam Nichols. Larry Nowak. Mike Oakes. Paul Oshanski. BACK ROW: Kim Olsen. Laune Peters. Steven Petaky. Mary Navyac. STANDING LEFT: Pat Nagle. Keith Orbroit. STANDING RIGHT: Sharon Frendo. Chris Paduk 9-10: FRONT ROW: Jeff Piscke. Sheila Portugal. Cindy Rose. Julie Pursley. Carl Rubin. Mark Pobursky. Dan Purcell. SECOND ROW: Todd Rickerd. Margo Ramirez. Bob Boiinoff. Jean Rzucidlo. Andrea Pithford. Joe Barrack. Kathy Reyes. Anne Powers. BACK ROW: T. Riley. Art Rodriquez. James Ridener. Randy Ravery. Troy Pickett. Mary Riker. Adrienne Richards. Linda Randolph. Mike Pouliot. Rick Roberts. Greg Pidcock. Alan Pishko 1A7LEFT: Tim Mullnar sprinting down the back hall. FAR LEFT: Penny Furgeson. CENTER: Freshmen girls show their strength. TOP: Tom Karbon a picture of concentration. OPPOSITE PAGE TOP: I wish I would have dropped this class. OPPOSITE PAGE BOTTOM: Freshman Football team. 140 Coming Attractions UnderclessmenBOTTOM LEFT TO RIGHT; 9-11: Front Row: Andy Seibdd. Marcie Skelton. Mama Scevo. Randy Scott. Keith Schoen. Den se SmitM. Tim Sheridan. Second Row: Carla Scocta. Kathy Schlichting. Dan Saddler. Jim Scannei. Annie Salerno. Back Row: Ray Bufford. Brian Sontag. Bob Salerno. Bill Schmidt. Harvey Sterling. Ron Skowron, Judie Sheets. Robin Schmidt. Steve Semmut. Carl Shovak. 9-12: Front Row: David Vaimassio. Pam Spiroff. Lmda Vecca. Sue Theeck. Mary Toth. Kim Szuch. Jodi Stoddard. Shari McAdams. Robin Threioff. Second Row: Dwane Staley. John Bosh. Mark os Tores. Mark Tabaczynski. Darryl Shelton. Margaret Stechewicz. Carol Sporer. Terri Tomich. Back Row: Donna Shea, Jerry Tuinier. Teddy Szuch. Chris Turek. Ron Stabinsti. Ken Trudeau. Scott Meiidosian. Bob Vadasy. Greg Szczensy. Chris Thome. Paul Torok. Mark Twigg. Maggie Showers. Chns Trudeau. 9-13: Front Row: Joan Woods. Marie Wynn. Patti Werk, Billy Young. Jim Woolsy. Jeff Woods. John Woolf. George Watkins. Sheryl Woolf. Second Row: Katie Watters. Les Waske. Km Yur-chis. Laurie Yates. Lmda Williamson. Missy Zantop. Diane Zuke. Beth Zoliers. Gary Wallace. Back Row: Donna Wiihan. Jennifer Welsh. Gail Wynnberg, Kathy Yegasanan, Anne Weiss. At White. Todd Warren. Gary Wagner. John Young. Ricky Woods. Ralph Whiterspoon. Tom Barren. 1A9SOPHS By Ruth Zdynsky Graphics by Cremes It is crystal clear that the 1979 sophomores are moving with the times. This years class officers were all women. The President: Kara Richardson. Vice-President Ruth Zolynsky. Secretary: Carol Shirey. and Treasurer: Yvonne Toutant. These women led the class to a very successful year. The tenth graders sold over $1000 worth of magazines and tied for second place with the seniors for Spirit Week. They did not do as well when it came to building floats. There Popeye float did not win anything. At the rate they are going they should do very well in the years to come. This years class representatives were Kevin Androsian. Paul Cloutier. Jeff Donovan. Bob Greene. Rob Mann. Sylvia Armelagos. Ellen Fanfalone. Sue Gee. Laura Kiss, and Ten Silsbe. ISO Commg Attract»ons Sopromo es10-1: Front Row: Rita Angeiiotti. Sylvia Armeiegus. Dennis Atvis. Greg Alvis. Second Row: Roger Agardy. Mark Allmen. Joey Byer. Jeff Berryman. Back Row: Tracey Artmien. Terry Bartnicki. Kelly Banukevicfi. Karen Berger. Standing Left: Kevin Androsian. T«m Ailore. Standing Rignt: Jill Badarak. Dave Barnett i 15110-2: Front Row: Sue Cebades. Diane Bucon. Carolyn, Campbell. Sue Boggs. Margo Brandt. Dan Codorm, Back Row: Tom Bowdell. Virginia Braun. Kelly Campbell. Robm Bono. Whitney Campbell. Brenda Bryan. Tracy Botz. John Bond 10-3: Front Row: Sheryl Chism. Peggy Chosti. Lisa Carbonell. Joetta Craddock. Second Row: Don Crispmo. Jude Clemens. Pauia Camey. Paui Cloutier. Rosemarie CarreU. Bock Row: Annette Crupi. Potty Chappell. Karen Chahii. Bernadette Casacoa. JoAnn Cerrna. Nik i Cann 10-4: Front Row: Karen Earley. Rebecca Dennison. Gina Daubresse. William Doran. Second Row: Len Debono, Doug Csatari, Jeanette Dokesian. Becky Eichbauer. Back Row: Ron Dednck. Laune Driscoll, Mark Davenport. Gory Cyarnik. Standing Left: Laura DesHorms. Bev Davis. Standing Right: Kerry Darasy. Keith Depaoii 152 Coming Attractons SophomoreaLEFT: Lyennette Lacnelt daydreams while Patrice McLeod finishes her work. BELOW: Rod Boutiiier gives out tne pregame plans. CENTER: We're no. 1 OPPOSITE PAGE TOP LEFT: Oon Grispmo makes tne finishing touches on tne float. OPPOSITE PAGE TOP LEFT: What tne neck is that? OPPOSITE-PAGE BOTTOM LEFT: Cindy Isiey. Laura Oesharmas annd Diane Shea cneermg on tne team. 153BOTTOM LEFT TO RIGHT; 10-5 Front Row: Henry Fritz, Carol Geriech. Karen Siddel. Lise Gorman. Second Row: Mary Fishwick. Ellen Fanfelone. Sharon Frendo. Cindy Girard. Sue FroeNick, Sue Gee. John Frosnesier. Back Row: Alex Farkas. Jeff Frobutt. Doug Giipatnick. Tim Feges. Brian Furgeson. Ron Fredricks. Sheryl Fregonara 10-6: Front Row: Darryl Grafton. John Holuoka. Julie Higgins. Gwen Harmon. Lisa Hanawalt. Bob Greene. Second Row: Chns Huddleston. Darlene Hutnik. Sue Froeiich. Andrea Harviex. Lisa Han. Maria Hagen. Karen Siddeii. Back Row: Greg Hodge. Norene Hudak. Dorothy Hollobeugh. Simone Harvey. Jeff Darm. Kevin Grant. Alan Herster. April Hoiinski. Laurie Helequist 10-7 Front Row: Lynn Bojmoff. Mike Karoub. Martha King. Mar-e K.ssei, Joy Jameson. Mane Sella. Back Row: Marilyn Mark Johnson. Kris Karibian. Tammy Kaufman. Kathy Kelly. Laura Kiss. Jeff Jaszcy. Dave Kirunchyk. 15A Coming Attractions UnderclessmenRIGHT: Ralph Zolynsky deflying gravity. ABOVE: Sue Boggs studying her English. CENTER: Carol Shirey gets a little help. OPPOSITE PAGE TOP LEFT: Sue Boggs at a float meeting. OPPOSITE PAGE TOP MIDDLE: Sue Leszcynski filling books. OPPOSITE PAGE TOP RIGHT: Mike Detrouer suprised by the camera. OPPOSITE PAGE BOTTOM LEFT: Kathy Kelly caught combing her hair. OPPOSITE PAGE BOTTOM RIGHT: Whitney Campbell hard at work. 155156 Coming Attractions SophomonesRIGHT: Amy Kubo, Ruth Zolynsky and Stacy Machied hamming it up. CENTER: Darlene Hutnik and Dan Novakowski goofing around in class. OPPOSITE PAGE BOTTOM RIGHT: Brenda Bryan resting between classes. OPPOSITE PAGE FAR LEFT: John Frosheiser driving for the winning basket. 10-8: FRONT ROW: Paul McDonough, Tim Liddy. Sue Leszczynski. SECOND ROW: Chancel Leblanc. Denise Labelie. Johnnie Linville, Debra Kliza. THIRD ROW: Janet Kovacs. Stacey Machlied. Debbie Kummar, BACK ROW: Rob Mann. Craig Knapp. Dave Lavine. Mike Lapalm. STANDING LEFT: Todd Korody. Scott Korody. STANDING RIGHT: Blake Kuiza. Tom Logaim 10-9 FRONT ROW: Harpo Marx. Groucho Marx. Linda Nelson. Martha McGregor, Ann Monteieone. BACK ROW: Jill Mihacch. Cindy Miles. Ellen Morton. D ane Musznski 10-10: FRONT ROW: Sue Nowak. Sharon Perkins. Gail Paul. Linda Noies. BACK ROW: Sheryl Pacher. Lisa Ottenbacher, Stacey Machlied. Ruth Zolynsky. Brian Pence 157FAR LEFT: Comeon Sophomores! LEFT: Ruth Zolyn-sky TOP LEFT: I should have dropped this course! TOP RIGHT: Diane Shea and Ten Silsby look through an old yearbook. OPPOSITE PAGE TOP: Jay Walsh and Paul Carlisle looking up an old number..OPPOSITE PAGE MID- DLE: Geoff Bearen and Ralph Zolynsky stretching out before the meet. 150 Coming Attrections Sophomores10-11 FRONT ROW: Renee Richards. Karen Rauser, Gordan Puckett. Lisa Shenley. BACK ROW: Kara Richardson. Rich Pinke. Rocky Schmidt. Gary Robb. JoAnn Sharba 10-12: FRONT ROW: Rich Sovode. Pat Tern. Karen Siddell. Yvonne Toutant. Tern Siisbe. SECOND ROW: Vmce Szaiai. Pete Touchman. Mark Shoulders. Carrie Taylor, Jackie Stopa. Lesley Sherwood. Steve Toitesi. BACK ROW: Lenny Waske. Doreen Toney. Ann Tisot. Louelien Stewart. Lynn Summers. Diane Shea. Denise Tarkanyi. Jim Theeck. Kevin Smith 10-13: FRONT ROW: Lenny Waske. Martha Zaiiagms. Patty Varady. Carla Walls. Tracey Vied. SECOND ROW: Tom Wegei. Ruth Zolynsky. Sue Wilke. Sue Wenzel. Tnsh Willey. BACK ROW: Ralph Zolynsky. Dave Wallace. Jeff Zadorozny. Paul Volomno. Cindy Truant. Betsy Zelmski. Gina Puente 15SBy Ruth Zolynsky Graphics by Cremes President: Thure Flood, Vice-President: Mariann Cieslak, Secretary: Leslie Melidosian, and Treasurer: Laura Bargamian led this years Juniors to a very enjoyable year. The Juniors started the year off by building a Snoopy and Woodstock float. Next they beat every other class out in the Spirit Week competition. Taking first place away from the Seniors. Probably the biggest event of there year was the Junior Prom. It was held March 17, 1979 at the Raliegh House and was a huge success. This years class representatives were Dan Greene, Erin Janson, Bruce Smith, Laura Corvia, Norma Flores, Anne Hudak, Nancy Rodriquez. Cheryl Sammut. 160 Coming Accraccioos Juniors11-1: FRONT ROW: Jan Barr. Marlene Bakaitus. Jean Alley. Celeste Angelioti. SECOND ROW: Larry Andrews. Tracey Arnold. Gail Berger. Jess Beiluso. BACK ROW: Gwen Ader, Mark Biro. Geoff Bearden. Peter Amonan, Sheila Barrera. Laura Bargamian. Jane Barron 11-2: FRONT ROW: Denise Boufford, Charlotte Clingerman. JoAnn Buscetta. John Brusseau. Kim Campbell. SECOND ROW: Denise Bolton. Tom Brown. Dave Brooks. Jim Cariim. Debbie Byers. Manann Ciesiak. Lynn Bojinoff. Sharon Cole. Nancy Bosh. Roy Brumsma 11-3: FRONT ROW: Nancy Courtright. Laurie Comisso. Annette Deguii. Amy Domurat, SECOND ROW: Carlos De Souza. Laura Corvia. Patty Oreher. Mary Ellen Czech. BACK ROW: Roy Brumsma. Andy Chearhart, Larry Danaher. Rick Jakacki. Don Dihie. Paul Debono, Kathy Cnmmms. Jason Coward. Darlene Dr scoli. Phil Dwenger. IN THE TREE: Russ Droulierd 162 Commg Attractions JuniorsLEFT: Everybody looking enthused at the Homecoming Dance. BELOW: Varsity football players getting psyched up before the game. CENTER: Mens Track relaxing before a meet. OPPOISTE PAGE TOP RIGHT: Pat Kastl preparing for the parade. OPPOSITE PAGE TOP LET: Norma Flores can’t resist a little peak now and then. OPPOSITE PAGE BOTTOM: Brute strength. 16311-4: FRONT ROW: Karen Goulesanen. Joan Fregonara. Sheila Gorney. Norma Flores. BACK ROW: Becky Elledge. Jennifer Davidson. Rick Fredncks. Dave Goode. Kevin Gagg.n, Bill Early. Tom Fournier. Rose Garzaniti 'll-5: FRONT ROW: Doug Grafton. Sue Hagen. Fred Grante. Kevin Huls. Rick Jackacki. SECOND ROW: Judy Gulliver, Anne Hudak, Karen Hudson. Cheryl Groth, Melanie Hanoien. Michelle Hall, Melissa Hanoian. BACK ROW: Doug Hatt. Dave Hensei, Dan Greene. Ted Jamoz, Rick Fredrcks. Jim Green. Vnce Hanna. Mike Goubis. Rick Hudson 11-6: FRONT ROW: Paul Kosian. Pat Kasti, Joyce Klein. Sue Janan. Amy Kubo. Cheryl Knapp. BACK ROW: Kathy Kargeman. Mike Jones. Tom Jones. Ed Kirby. Cheryl Kuty. Chris Kuczajda. Lynne Kish. Lise Junge 164 Coming Attractions JuniorsRIGHT: Norma Flores sprinting for the spirit week relay. LEFT: Junior men pulling to a defeat. ABOVE: Juniors getting ready for the parade. OPPOSITE PAGE TOP LEFT: Karen Milke practicing for the concert. OPPOSITE PAGE TOP MIDDLE: Felicia Liberati starting a new project. OPPOSITE PAGE TOP RIGHT: Library Aide giving Kevin Gaggin a hand. OPPOSITE PAGE BOTTOM LEFT: Gwen Chapo cleaning up after a float meeting. OPPOSITE PAGE BOTTOM RIGHT: Nancey Courtright fixing Kelly Ghists hair. 165166 Comog Attractions Juniors11-7: Front Row: Felicia Liberate. CoJIen McPariand. Diane McIntosh. Jim Litner. Mark McKenzie. Michelle Lenz. Second Row: Stacey Meihose. Julie Martin. Leslie Meiidos-an. Debbie MaHey. Mendy Martmo. Kathy McPariand. Sharon Laubengayer, Sue Maluchmk. Back Row: Scott Meyers. Gumbie 1. Gumbie 2. Brett Lawson. Dave Mclntyer, Dave Lenme. Jim Mc Ajnkm. Brian Malonowski. Steve Maksimovic. Scott McNeil. Dave Lambert 11-B: Front Row: Kelly Micheals. Usa Nappo. Renee Parker. Janice Misiewicz. Second Row: Sonia Pejuan, Shelley Nagy. Peggy Millar. Adeie Miiewski. Kathy Paduk. Back Row: John Moore. Dave Michaels. Bob Nagle. Jim Mithell, Sharon Neifert. Hilda Pataki 11-3: Front Row: Chris Robinson. Chris Pierce. Josie Rubmo. Virginia Rice. Lmda Robmson. Second Row: Russeil Reed. Bob Rohloff. Nancey Foley. Back Row: Dan Rose. Jennifer Davidson. Renee Remanz. Lisa Ridener. Glen Poorman. Jim Piesnik. Dave Rzudilo, Rachaei Oakiey. Kim Quandt 167LEFT: Leslie Melidosien and Thure Flood. FAR LEFT: Eddie Schlicting decorating the Junior hall. ABOVE: Kathy McFarland helps Leigh Ann Tucker with the finishing touches. CENTER: Amy Domurat and Gwen Ader checking out a new student. OPPOSITE PAGE TOP: Be a clown, Be a clown... OPPOSITE PAGE LEFT: Dave Micheals pecking away. OPPOSITE PAGE RIGHT: Jeri Szor hamming it up. 168 Coming Accractions Uuntors11-10: FRONT ROW: Cheryl Stanecki. Kim Schoen. Kathleen Shea. Pam Savage. Cheryl Sammut, BACK ROW: Roger Sotes. Enc Schmidt. Jerry Shelton. Virginia Rce. Sue Seiasky. Scott Showers. Ed Schlichmg. Mark Brettschneider 11-11: FRONT ROW: Jeanne Tarcha. Inami Taha. Mary Suda. Cindy Vlad. Lisa Trombley. Leigh Ann Tucker. BACK ROW: Jeri Szor. L«a Szczesny. JoAnn Straub. Mark Szopo. Evan Varvatos. Roger Twigg. Bob Stoddard 11-12: FRONT ROW: Leigh Ann Tucker. Julie Andracchi. Cindy Tar-cia. Cmdy Tomch. Linda Webster. Kathy Wittman. Jen Szor. SECOND ROW: Brenda Wallace. Sharon Zuppa. Alisa Welsh. Janet Weils. Martha Zane. Patty Williams. Karyn Wolf. Carolyn Yeske. joAnne Staub. BACK ROW: Bob Stoddard. Mary Beth Watters. Andy Wacy- er. Peggy Willey. John Zelmski. Margaret Young. Mark Willis. Sue Wilkerson. Eric Webb. Nancey Tuba 169 06111139BillboardsAllen Park Post 409 6737 Allen Road Allen Park, Mi 48101r----------------------------------- BENEDICT’S FLOWERS 383-5100 8441 Park Allen Park y Congratulations to CLASS OF 79 ALLEN PARK ASSOCIATION C EDUCATIONAL SECRETARIES May Your Future Be Filled With Happiness VARSITY FOOTBALL: FRONT ROW: Stewart Bates, Tom Brown, Bill Gilder, Kurt Mihatch, Tim Huls, Keith Cole, Ron Darin. Dave Policelli, Mark Angelotti. SECOND ROW: John Scorzelli, Bob Grul, John Hornyak, Jim Elledge, Todd Gillium, Chris Moore. Dan McIntyre. Larry Yeske. Curt Hargraves, Lou D’Agostino. THIRD ROW: Mark Rouser, Kevin Huls. Bill Sparks. Craig Prieur, Paul Carlisle. Bill Early, Andy Wagel. Jim McJunkin. Dave Stapleton. Dave Teets COACH BATTISTELLI. BACK ROW: COACH STUROCK, John Shirey. Dave Lenny, Jim Belluso, Tim Dziendziel, Kevin Gaggin. Kevin Gibbs. Brian Ralston. Dave Lambart, Jeff Jones, Jeff Verhines. ASSISTANT COACH THOSTENSON. r ARCHCHV SUPPLIES. BOWS. SHOTGUNS. R»ri-B8. HANDGUNS. SCOPES «r HUNTING EQUIPMENT BUY • SELL - TRADE oxn GUN AND ARCHERY 16638 ECOR8E ROAD FRANK CRUPI ALLEN PARK Ml 48101 PHONE; ©28-2577 L J 173We have no more right to consume happiness without producing it than to consume wealth without producing it. George Bernard Shaw Student CouncilNATURAL VITAMINS. MINERALS. GOURMET FOODS. ICE CREAMS. COSMETICS. BOOKS. MEATS. PRODUCE Allen Park Health Food Center 6537 Allen Road Allen Park 386 0760 VINCENZO'S PIZZA SUBS 9803 REECK ALLEN PARK Fomerly the Secretary of State Building 3820797 Owners: Vince E. Astorino James F. Kimbro flllen- Wick Hardware and Home Center LAWN, GARDEN, PAINT WALLPAPER CENTER Phone: 382-3966 16139 Wick Allen Park, Mich. 48101 Everything in WAfDMfl Chamber ''1 REAl'OSS Chamberlain Realtors B.F. CHAMBERLAIN CO. DIV., CHAMBERLAIN CO. 7931 ALLEN ROAD ALLEN PARK. Mi 48101 388-2200 JUNIOR VARSITY FOOTBALL: FRONT ROW: Kevin Gibbs, Jay Walsh. Mark Cristante. John Longo. Kirk Howard. Kevin Gossett. Dan Cadorin, Jim Stevenson. BACK ROW: COACH CONNICK, Bill Hagy. Alen Bolton, Rick Connick. Chris 175 Huddleston, Dave Lambart, Jim Theek, Ton Tarn, Rich Pinke. Grant Philip, Dennis Wilson, Ed Calvillo, Not Pictured: Tom Bowdell.MARK SCHNEIDER GOOD LUCK CLASS OF 79! R.G. Baker D.O. R.J. Sherman D.O. v Joy Amusement Contracted Establishment Division Of STEER WELL Cigarette Vending Machines, Games Of Leisure and Music 388-3000 J CROSS COUNTRY: senberg, Ken Mrock. BACK ROW: COACH HELLER, Sheila Gorney, FRONT ROW: Jeff Hollobauch, Thom Cafferty, Joe Greene, Tony Wes- Geoff Beardon, Bob Greene, Todd Wrren, Doug Haft, John Brusseau. Colonial Crossroads Early American Specialists Our Early American Gift Shoppe Furniture and Accessories is the Finest 15421 Southfield DU. 3-8660 Allen Park 176 Billboards AdsSWIM TEAM: FRONT ROW: Don Conn. John Bond. Tom Fournier. Lisa Trombley, do. Brett Lawson, Gerry Tuinier, Darryl Grafton. BACK ROW: Ward Laurie Driscoll SECOND ROW: FGreg Szalai, Tom Achatz. Mike Pan Tomich. Mark Scarlett, Mark Allmen. Todd Paglia £xotic ftair Besign FACIALS • MANICURES • EYELASHES PRECISION HAIRCUTTING 1342 North Telegraph Dearborn. Michigan 48120 561-7010 ARNOLDI MUSIC CO. MAIN STORE 7614 Allen Road Allen Park 383 2110 F.R. Arnoldi Roberta Nix Gulbransen Organs Wyandotte 2502 Biddle 284-5750 1736 Dix Sears Shopping Center 382-8468 8600 W Vernor Detroit. Michigan 48209 843-7388 Moscheck’s ®|) Jack’s Downriver Cycle § Sport Meats SCHWINN FRANCHISED DEALER Wholesale Retail 5223 Allen Road Allen Park, Mich. 48101 John Moscheck DISTRIBUTOR 386 6944 6641 Park Avenue Allen Park. Mich. DU-2-1990 RepairsHAPPY HERO Bfl AHVV(X)Ii MALM. ANN AHtfOH Near I hr Movi« PIZZA BY THE SLICE 17 HOT AND COLD HERO SANDWICHES SALADS - HOMEMADE SOUP CARRYOUT t'AIHLANh rcnVN CEN TEH • DtAHHUHX Upper Level Belween HuiUuiix .nui Penny FROSH FOOTBALL TEAM FRONT ROW: Bob Vadasy, Marcos Torres. Harvey Sterling, Jim Cook, Kipp Yoder. Terrell Riley. Gary Wagner. Mark Tabaczynski. Gary Wallis. Curt Langert, Gary Barbour. Scott Melidosian. SECOND ROW: Brian Rumney. Robert Green. Jeff Johnson. John Balogh, John Jaroslawski, Jin Garland. Ricardo Garcia. Jim Scannel, Brian Lobb. Greg Szczesny. Tom Brisbois. Gary Knight, Bryan, Ketzenberger, Shawn Huls. BACK ROW: COACH TEMPLIN. Bill Elliot. Mark Colucci. Tim Millner. Jim Ridener. Todd Arnoldi, Artie Rodriguez, Chris Thome, Ray Boufford, John Morris. Terry Mattemi, Brian Hensley. Dave Hadvina, Jim Bigelow. COACH RITZ. COACH KELLY.Nicholas George Theatres Executive Offices Located 6621 Allen Road Allen Park, Mich. 48101 Congratulations to the 1979 Graduates AQUETTES FRONT ROW: Melanie Porath, Tom Fournier. Mark Scarlett. John Bond, Bev Fix, Bernadette-Cassacia. SECOND ROW: Vera Dutkewych, Joy Cullen. Lori Knight. Linda Noles. Nancy Tuba. Ellen Fanfalone. Ros Ravery. COACH BARKER. BACK ROW: Kris Kummer, Todd Paglia, Marchia Melanowski, Joy Jameson. Martha Zane, Betsy Scott. Jill Mihatch, Carla Rykwalder, Tisha Owens. Marilyn Jefferies. BOOK NOOK INC. 18690 Ecorse Rd. at Cortland Allen Park, Michigan Open 8 a.m. to 8:30 fTlonday through Saturday Sunday 9 a.m. to 4 p.m. PRPERBRCKSefnAGRZINES POSTERS CLIFF AND ITIONPRCH NOTES AND BRRNES-NOBLE COLLEGE OUTLINES 179SENIOR POWDER PUFF TEAM: Polanski, Diane Green. Rene Trombley. BACK ROW: Linda Ruehl, FRONT ROW: Laurie Knight. Mary Millnar. Jeanme English. Nancy Kris Kummer, Cheryl Wood. Pam Mauk, Crystal Kelley. Joanne Vacca. Doughty. Rene Lachelt. Helen Calvillo. Paula Consigho SECOND Mary Athens. COACH JONES. ROW: Nancy Wells, Lisa Twigg. Joy Tuinier. Nancy Gump. Alice ----------------------------------------------- Thomson Funeral Home 7210 Park Avenue Robert J. Weise Gary F. Weise John D. Weise Directors V r Congratulations Seniors FAMOUS PHOTO 1655 Dix — Lincoln Park, Ml 48146 Portraits ★ Photo Finishing ★ Photo Supplies Candid Weddings ★ Wedding Graduation Invitations ★ Picture Frames v J 1 SO Billboards Powcter PuffShop Phone Prompt Pick-up QC Delivery 385-0066 Open 7 A.M. D H Tool Die Welding, Inc. 1864 Southfield At Dix) Lincoln Park, Mich. Specializing in Heliarc Welding of Molding Dies © High Speed Tools Broaches © Aluminum Magnesium © Ampco Tools di Dies ® Metal Patterns HANK LeBLANC BROSE ELECTRIC SHOP, INC. One of the Largest Displays of Lighting Fixtures and Wiring Supplies 7430 Allen Road 2 Blks. South of Ecorse Road Allen Park, Mich. 48101 383-5300 When it comes to banking. Security is ajj you need! A Subsidiary of SECURITY BANCORP INC Member F.D.I.C. 283-5000 JUNIOR POWDER PUFF TEAM: FRONT ROW: Leslie Melidosian. Joanne Buscetta. Lori Comisso. Nancy Rodriquez, Norma Flores, Leighann Tucker. Kathy Crimmins. Judy Gulliver SECOND ROW: COACH DANAHER.Pat Kastl. Janet Wells. Denise Boufford. Lisa Trombley. Brenda Courtney. Rose Gar- zamti, Donna D Agostino. Lisa Szczesny. Nami Taha. BACK ROW: COACH RZUCIDLO, Cmdy Tarcha, Sharon Laubengayer, Barb Larion, Stacey Mehihose. Lisa Junge. Kelly Michae's. Karen Kozlowski. Kathy McParland. Brenda Clark. Becky Elledge, COACH MCKENZIE. Not pictured: Sharon Avey. Karen Tarkam. 181I 1 Si I; I i as al tram of thought on ides whep he is alone, me aignitM andHiob ity of his life, As well ajp hi? happiness, depend upon The dirJcticjn in whicp that train is Going, the baggage it carries and the Seenepr through which it travels. .1 JosepfiSfort Newton Jm|i Pirl Education AsSociationTHREE JAY’S BUILDING CO. HOME REMODELING Additions-Attics-Kitchens-Porches Dormers-Fireplaces-Baths-Roofing 20 years in business-Licensed Insured JOHN H. DEUTSCHMAN-JOSEPH G. TURINSKY-PETE FOSTER 19306 Ecorse, Allen Park 386-1160 BAND FRONT ROW: Jodi Mattson, Nancy Westra, Tim Marek. Joanne Cer-nia, Carla Rykwalder, Debbie Williams. Gail Misiolek. Gail Paul. Joan Fregonara, Karn Goulasarian, Louise Vella SECOND ROW: Kelly Rubin. Kelly Slater. Diane Bucon, Rachel Oakley, Virginia Braun. Lisa Ridner, Marie Burdick, Beth Fabian. Lynette Bolan, Sonia Pejuan, Joetta Craddock. Ann Tisot, Lisa Brooks. Nancy Redden THIRD ROW: Lisa Shanely, Joy Jamerson, Laura Keenan. Darlene Driscoll. Allen Herster, Dave Hensel, Mark Davenport. Mark Szopo. Paul Bisaro. Lynn Kish, Matt Kuty, Glenn Poorman. Karen Siddall. Sue Cabadas, Paul Kostelnik. Jason Coward. Roger Baerwolf BACK ROW: Mike Karoub. Joe Curtiss, Tom Hollowed, Ted Jamroz. Greg Lewis. Fred Granatea. Dave Yodhes. Jim Piesik. Open Daily 9 AM. - 9 P.M. "The Store With Service” FAIRWAY VITAMIN AND COSMETIC 6609 Allen Rd. (next to Allen Park Theater) Phone DU6-0881 Free Parking in Allen Park Theater lot Use Our Rear Entrance 103JUNIOR VARSITY TENNIS TEAM FRONT ROW: COACH PORTER. Less Harris. Matt Burnham. Larry Nowak. Mark Johnson. Jim Pero. BACK ROW: Bryan Ketzenberger. Mike Biola. Roger Eggland. Jeff Johnson. Mike Pouliot. Steve Turek. MANAGER CINDY TRUANT. JMcic Directions Unlimited Unisex Salon 9869 REECK ROAD Between Wick Goddard ALLEN PARK, MICHIGAN 48101 184 Brftooerds T enmsINERVISIONS In Hair Design 16173 Wick Rd. Allen Park, Mich. 381-5133 Allen Park Pryesbyterian Church William Marx, Youth Work 7001 Park Avenue Allen Park, Michigan 48101 383-0100 Rev. S. David Swineheart Rev. Wanzer Brunell Rev. William Colwell VARSITY TRACK FRONT ROW: Carl Rubin, Larry Waske, Todd Warren, Doug Hatt, Ron Sadler. SECOND ROW: Steve Toltesi, Greg Alvis, Jeff Hollobaugh, Geoff Bearden. Ralph Zolonsky, Matt Cuddy. Dave Rzucidlo. Greg Pidock, Brian Lobb. THIRD ROW: Mr. Bone. Mr. Rafail, Hurley, Paul Michaels. Louie Fucmaro, Fred Granata, Tom Zeigier, Mark Calucci. Chuck Renders. Thom Cafferty. 105Phone (313) 383-6161 • 386-8980 IMionk. (313) 382.4822 dJenng’ja (Sifts (CoUertibles 6543 PARK AVENUE I ALLEN PARK. MICHIGAN 48101 EUGENE KNOCH FLOWERS jke £(en Park 'JCozut 19225 ECORSE ROAD ALLEN PARK. MICHIGAN 48101 HI MMIIL FKiCRINKS ANRI WOOD CAKVIM.S FENTON (.LASS CAPO 1)1 .MONTH HALDWI N BRASS LLAHD'O CRYSTAL KAISER PORCELAIN ROYAL HOCLTON FLOWERS FOR ALL OCCASIONS GIRLS J.V. BASKETBALL: FRONT ROW: Martha Zaiiagiris. Missy Zantop. Laura DesHarnais, Shea. Lisa Ottenbaker. Jean Rzucidlo. Terry Silsbe. April Liz Holm-Sue Gee. Sylvia Armelagos BACK ROW: COACH KELLEY. Diane ski. Kristi Trudeau. 186 B’liboeods BosketbailGIRLS VARSITY BASKETBALL: FRONT ROW: Nancy Rodriquez, Melanie Hanoian. Cheryl Sammutt, Lynn Bojmoff, Sue Hagen, Cindy Isele, Judy Gulliver, Crystal Kelley. Kathleen Shea. Lisa Szczesny BACK ROW: COACH SHERRARD, Judy Wiess, Karen Hudson, Marybeth Waters. “SERVING THE DOWNRIVER AREA” 14845 Eureka Southgate 22172 West Rd. Wood Haven We do it all for you® 18580 Fort Street Riverview 27255 Telegraph Flatrock 10945 Allen Rd. Allen Park 187I DETROIT TROY DEARBORNPittman s Radio IV COLOR - SALES AND SERVICE 6302 ALLEN ROAD AT CHAMPAIGN ALLEN PARK. MICH. du 2-iiee r 1 CUSTOM DRAPERIES LINOLEUM SHUTTERS TRAVERSE RODS WOVEN WOODS CARPETING Allen Parle Shades Floors Venetian Blinds 026-2900 ED SHEMA 6627 Allen road ALLEN PARK. MICHIGAN VARSITY BASKETBALL: Bowdell,Stewart Bates. BACK ROW: Jim Lada, Larry Yeske, Dave FRONT ROW: Jeff Verhines, Ron Darin, Matt Atcheson, Tom Goode, Dave McCormack, Gary Wilkie. Not pictured COACH WILKIE. The Martenson Funeral Home, Inc. 3200 West Road, Trenton, Michigan 48183-671-5400 1725 Lawndale Ave., Detroit, Michigan 48209—841-6607 10915 Allen Road, Allen Park, Michigan 48101-382-3800 V MARIA SELLA would play better tennis if she had an AMF Head Proffessional. Right, dear? Good Luck “79” Phil “The Hoze” Hozer JUNIOR VARSITY BASKETBALL TEAM: FRONT ROW: COACH STUROCK, Jeff Donovan. Tim Nixdorf, John Tom Tarn, Tom Bowdell, Doug Gilpatrick, Ron Fredericks. Frosheiser, Dave Krunchyk, Dennis Alvis. BACK ROW: Jim Hewitt, Precision Boring Lincoln Park Congratulations and Richard C. Yesue Boring Co., Inc. Best Wishes 190 Biiiboercte Girte TennoCONGRATULATIONS GRADUATES Brooks Party Store 7343 Park at Regina 383-0022 COMPLETE LINE OF PARTY SUPPLIES CONGRATULATIONS Class of 792 FIRE FIGHTERS UNION OF ALLEN PARK GIRLS TENNIS: FRONT ROW: Michele Carlisle, Sue Burke. Ellen Fanfalone, Pat Nemeth. Tracy Artinian, Jill Mihatch, Sheryl Chism, Maria Sella. Kerry Varady, Brenda Eagleston. Ros Ravery. SECOND ROW: ASSISTANT Darasz. COACH FROSHEISER. COACH BUDDY TOUNGETT, Renee Trombley. Debbie Ferguson. Lori 131RENO’S PIZZERIA Round Square, Subs, Dinners HOURS: Sun.-Thurs. 5p.m.-1a.m. Fri.-Sat. 4p.m. 2a.m. DU2-8300 17243 Ecorse Rd. Deliveries or Pickup Open Pantry Food Mart Open every day of the year - Open till midnight 7 days a week Cold Beer Wine 8246 Allen Rd. 382-5758 ATWOOD KITCHENS Kitchen Cabinets Re-Surfaced with Formica Kitchens Completely Remodeled Since 1951 19000 Ecorse Rd., Allen Park Next to Dairy Queen 388-4452 IMPORTED-COLD-FINE-BEER, WINE CHAMPAGNE PACKAGE LIQUOR rflichael’s One-Stop market 5729 ALLEN ROAD ECKRICH QUALITY LUNCH MEATS-GROCERIES PARTY SUPPLIES OPEN 7 DAYS A WEEK DU 1 -2600 Daily Lottery Game Closed Sunday FROSH BASKETBALL TEAM: FRONT ROW: John Jaroslawski. Ken Post. Bob Bojinoff. Chris Boomer, Scott Melidosian. Jim Bigelow. Ricky Woods. Bill Elliot. Thome. Jeff Johnson. Ray Boufford. Bill Cayo BACK ROW: Dean Brian Coward. Jeff Pischke, Tom Carbon. COACH KELLY. 192 BiUCjoards FrosM BasketballTHUNDER BOWL 4200 ALLEN ROAD ALLEN PARK, MICHIGAN "WHERE EVERYONE HAS A GOOD TIME! 94 LANES 29 TABLE BILLARD ROOM 7 COCKTAIL LOUNGES 3 PRIVATE BANQUET ROOMS FOR WEDDINGS, PARTIES. ETC. JOHN SQUILLO, LANES MGR.. MARY SANDERS, EXEC. SEC. GENERAL MANAGER GEORGE PRYBYLA TELEPHONE 928-4688 Congratulations to the Class of 79 Compliments of Harry F. Vellmure Allen Park CONGRATULATIONS SENIORS from Clover Wine Cellar 10988 Allen Rd. at Goddard Downrivers Finest Selection of WINE, BEER AND LIQUOR 133GIRLS’ TRACK FRONT ROW: Ruth Zolynsky, Melanie Hanoian. Julie Van Helsig. Norma Flores, Ellen Fanfalone SECOND ROW: Sue Case. Bette Bean. Kathy McPariand. Coffee Bean. Sally House. Amy Cooper. Nutsy Cukoo. BACK ROW: COACH GIBBONS, Cricket Hudson. Janice Beger, Judy Weiss. Pearl Burke. Kathy Hawes. Lynn Griffin. Laurie Gordon. ft 37 Varieties of Submarine Sandwiches ft ft Genuine Square Sicilian Pizza ft MIKE SYLVIA'S Super Sub Shop Phone: 381-4930-1 4531 Allen Road Come in and say Hi! Allen Park. Mich. 48101 MARSHMALLOW MIKE STRAWBERRY SYLVIA S Old Fashioned Ice Cream • Hand-Dipped Chocolates Wrapped Candies Ring Up 4601 Allen Road 381-5900 Allen Park. Mich. 48101 KELLY’S BUTCHER Choice Prime Meats Cold Beer Wine Lottery Tickets BLOCK 1 c$A Billboercte GirHs- TrockWELL DRUGS PRESCRIPTIONS-THE HEART OF OUR BUSINESS! dongraLulations and ISesf Wishes “Your Complete Drug Store’’ 1979 Graduates - LIQUOR -- BEER WINE - 14709 Champaign at Vine DU 6-1200 ft)a or ‘Trank 3- £ada WORLD WIDE TV b APPLIANCE , INC. 15481 SOUTHFIELD ALLEN PARK. MICH 48101 380-0100 • TELEVISION • RAOlO • STEREO • DRYERS • WASHERS • AIR CONDITIONERS • REFRIGERATORS • MICROWAVES • DISHWASHERS • BUILT-IN APPLIANCES Discount Prices BILL AHO PRESIDENT ilinda pane's }{air fashions 17109 Ecorse Allen Park 382-1657 Men's Women's Hair Styling Park Athletic Supply party stop Convient Food Beverage EVERYTHING FOR THE ATHLETE Party Goods 6809 Roosevelt across from the Post Office DU 6-6570 195CONGRATULATIONS TO THE CLASS OF 1979 from Cabrini Credit Union VARSITY TENNIS FIRST ROW: John Frosheiser. Chris Haboian. Jeff Wagner. Joe Green Roger Baerwolf. Paul Bisaro. Mike Emmanuel. Tim Meyers. Greg George Piskos. Henry Burton. Bill Krzsnik. BACK ROW: Mr Porter. Szalai. Keith Cole. John Digasbarro. Mr. Frosheiser 196 BiHbosrds Tennis. WrestlingVARSITY WRESTLING FRONT ROW: John Momtsios. Scon Warren. Mark Shoulders. Doug Hau. Doug Grafton, Joe Green. Steve Gumbar. SECOND ROW: Mr Seman, Thure Flood, Dan Green, Jim Green. Curt Hargraves. Tom Brown, Chris Fowler. Mark Angellotti. THIRD ROW: Tim Huls. Dennis Jakubik. Bob Green. Gerry Shelton. Rene Linares. Shawn Lawson. Steve Herrgard. Tom’s T’s -BAND INSTRUMENTS- and A. WEAVER Thing’s MUSIC CO. T-Shirts • Jewelry Paraphernalia • Magazines Xtacmmes by Claudette STUDIO TEACHING ★ REPAIR SHOP ★ MUSIC FOR SCHOOLS ★ Custom made to order T-Shirts and Macrames RENTAL PLAN 6817 Allen Road Allen Park, Ml. 1 (313) 928-2325 8288 U.S.-12 Michigan Ave. Irish Hills. Ml. 1 (517) 467-2423 HOURS: 9-9; Saturday 9-6 ANTHONY ‘RUSS’ 6500 Allen Road at Southfield WEAVER Allen Park 4 Blks. from Edsel Ford Southfield Expressway DU 3-5560 197Turn The Page Books Magazines A Complete Line of Hallmark Cards, Albums, Wrapping Paper, and Other Fine Gifts L 8425 Allen Road at Englewood Allen Park Telephone: 382-8355 Proprietor: Leni Sella 30C XJC 3UC xk xx: DiK XK :xk: x J FR0SH WRESTLING TEAM FRONT ROW: Tim Ash. Jim Asam, Terry Mattemi. Gerald Khechiges. Shoen. Bob Vadasy. Frank Liberati. Gary Wagner. Todd Arnoldi. John Wolfe. Steve Sammut. Charles Beach. BACK ROW: Keith Bryan Ketzenberger, COACH TEMPLIN. 190 Btltboerds Frosh Wr'estl gBUSINESS PATRONS Denny's Den 18641 Ecorse Allen Park, Mich. Frances Market 16131 Wick Rd. Allen Park, Mich. Congratulations Seniors! Fr. Saylor K of C No. 3774 Congratulations Seniors Allen Park Adult 17113 Champaign Allen Park, Michigan Booster Club BEST OF LUCK IN THE FUTURE —Knights and Squires— 199VARSITY BASEBALL FRONT ROW: Dave Haie. Ben Lollo. Bob Neighbors. Scott Vaughn. Jim Eiiedge. Jonn Shirey. Jim Lada. Todd Gilliam SECOND ROW: Ray Bak. Larry Danahuer, Andy Wagner. Bob Corona. Kevin Huls. Gary Weshaiek. oave Lennie Mark Angeliotti. Bill Alvis. Jim Carlim. Robert Kelly. sir dloapjili'a ♦------ —-» barlu'r aalmt APPOINTMENTS AVAILABLE 928-43 1 1 1 8637 ECORSE RD ALLEN PARK MICH 48101 Congratulations to the 1979 Seniors From Judge Francis E. Burger and Family 200 Billboards Varsity BaseballWishes to thank all of the many students wno helped us with names, suggestions, and comments. We will miss the confusion. It has been great!JUNIOR VARSITY GIRLS SOFTBALL FRONT ROW: Becky Eichbauer. Lisa Kosian. Bernadette Cassacia. French. April Holmski. Liz Holmski, Vicki Foley. Ava Chapo. Jeanne DesHarnais. Carls Scotta BACK ROW: Karen Adams. Jane DELRAY SUPER MARKET Tulajdonosok NAGY MIKLoS es MARIKA (Owners) WE CARRY THE BEST OF: Home Made Kolbas, Hurka, Csabai Kolbasz, Teperto, Savanyu Kaposzta, Abalt Szalonna Friss Husok Naponkent 7318 Park Allen Park, Michigan 48101 Phone: (313) 382-9085 - 86 cn eeuay nepMog uijj. u;9]S c !? ajoo BjnBT i|sv Auap. oi ST 5' (pop J3 1!b auuv § ■£ 2 o 03 w v Si- “ 0 H ? O O 3 3 3 0 cr ( ) 2 — o o. fD -r Q) S 33 3 2 c Q. S- ® So — 0) o CO ° ? § 5- OJ 0 c JAGUAR JOURNAL c 03 o ® O- o.i « 0 (D O w . — 03 O Q) ■C O) § 8 5 03 v nham Darlene Dris £ £ ndy Wagner Mark Ange g Debbie Ballard Jeff Perry Jo 202 BiiitDoarcte J.V Gins Sof toan J.V QaseDanan Dullinger Excavating, Inc. COMPLETE EXCAVATING SERVICE - RENTALS (313) 291-4810 ROBERT R. DULLINGER President 9450 PELHAM TAYLOR, MICHIGAN 48180 CONGRATULATIONS and Good Luck in Your Careers HABOIAN, Brian Petterle. Rich Pinke. Gina Peuentes, Chris Huddleston. Dave Lavme. John Torok. JUNIOR VARSITY BASEBALL FRONT ROW. Dan Scarlett, Tim Liddy. Dave Brooks. Mark Cristante. Johnny Longo, Jay Welsh. Paul Carlisle. BACK ROW: COACH 203The important thing is this: to be able to sacrifice at any moment what we are for what we could become. Senior ClassFRONT ROW: Chris Turek, Gary DiMaggio, Bob Vadassy. Bob Bo-jinoff, Victor Frendo, Terry Matteini, Jim Asam. Jeff Pischke, Alan Pishko. Charles Beach. BACK ROW: COACH BATTASTELLI, John Jaroslawski, Keith Schoen, Ray Boufford, Jim Ridener. Mark Tabc-zynski, John Baylough, Greg Szczesny, Rick Conick, Chris Thome, Mark Kuty, Rick Woods. “WHAT’S UP DOC?” Good Luck Class of 79 Watch out for Mike Krone He’s on his Way Up. ALLEN PARK BILLARDS Cortland Hardware V Decorating Thousands of wallpaper . paint selections and “c€ mplete hardware service.” DENNIS C. EATON - OWNER SENIOR EfTlPlOYEES -STUNYATTI - SECRETARY WIT - PERSONAL DIRECTOR ZEPPO - STOCK V INVENTORY INSPECTOR 17445 ECORSE RD. ALLEN PARK, MICH. 48101 (313) 382-9656 Congratulations 1979 205Time: what which man is always trying to kill, but which ends in killing him. Spencer GOOD LUCK TO OUR GRADUATING FRIENDSVARSITY VOLLEYBALL TEAM: FRONT ROW: Maria Sella, Sue Burke. Mary Atkinson. Jean Rzucidlo, Hudson, Cheryl Chism. Julie Belluso. Judy Gulliver, Janet Wells. Sue Jeamne English, Penny Furgeson, Missy Zantop. BACK ROW: Karen Hagen, Cindy Isele. COACH BURKE. SEAFOOD AT IT’S FINEST SPECIAL DISCOUNTS FOR FORMAL SCHOOL DANCES SHRIMP HOUSE OPEN 7 DAYS Monday thru Thursday — 11:30 a.m. to 12:30 a.m. Friday — 11:30 a.m. to 12:30 a.m. Saturday — 4:30 p.m. to 1:00 a.m. Sunday — 12:00 noon to 10:00 p.m. 151 Southfield Ecorse, Michigan DU 1-1700 soyIf you can dream — and make dreams your master. R. Kipling Good luck for the Class of 79!MIKE’S HAIRPORT Unisex Hairstyling Located in the Thunderbowl Lanes 4200 Allen Road, Allen Park 382-8711 Specializing in Parametric Hair Cutting and in today's Wash INear Styles FROSH VOLLEYBALL TEAM: FRONT ROW: Patty Werk. Jennifer Fourmer. Julie Bentley. Gloria Leibold. Sue Goutana, Carla Scotta. Pam Spirotl BACK ROW: Diane Mantua. Darlene Brockman, Robin Slate, Paige Kelley, Jane French. Kristine Trudeau. COACH BURKE. 209210 Bfflboards GirSs Varsity Softball Soap and education arc not as sudden as a massacre, but they are more deadly in the long run. Mark Twain Freshmen class GIRLS VARSITY SOFTBALL FRONT ROW: Nicky Koukoudian. Laura DesHarnais, Missy Zantop. ROW: Linda Reuhl. Crystal Kelley. Judy Gulliver. Janet Wells. Jean Laura Corvia. Sylvia Armelagos. Chris Nuebacher. Diane Shea. BACK Rzcidlo. Cristie Trudeau. Cheryl Sammut. COACH TOMES. VORAN FUNERAL HOMES, INC. ALLEN PARK 5900 ALLEN RD. WA 8-2300 DEARBORN 23701 FORD RD. CR 8-5100 TAYLOR 23750 GODDARD RD. 291-1800 211i vmCongratulations Seniors from the Allen Park Police Officers Association SOUTH SKI CUB T.V. RADIO SERVICEGOLD PATRONS Mr. Mrs. Art Amroian Mr. Mrs. Charles Barnes Mr. Mrs. Fred Bisaro Mr. Mrs. Melvin Brandt Mr. Edgar Burton Mr. Mrs. Chet Dluzniewski Mr. Mrs. Louis Ferguson Mr. Mrs. Goulasarian Mr. Mrs. Domenic Guerra Mr. Mrs. Ray Jones Mr. Mrs. William Jones Mr. Mrs. Marvin KottkeMr. Mrs. Robert Kunkel Mr. Mrs. William Matakas Mr. Mrs. Clifford Mattson Mr. Mrs. Joe Missler Mr. Mrs. Milton Redick Mr. Mrs. James Reeves Councilman Mrs. Gerald Richards Mr. Mrs. W. Stoklosa Mr. Mrs. John Swider Mr. Mrs. George Tomich Mr. Mrs. Howard Wissman Zadorozny Family Harold Zantop SILVER PATRONS Mr. Mrs. George Alperuitz Mr. Mrs. James Cloutier Mr. Mrs. Frank Fregonara Mr. Mrs. Norman Goode Mrs. James Green Mr. Mrs. Joe Guotana H. Houpt Mr. Mrs. Thomas Liddy Mrs. Doris Lott Mr. Mrs. A. Mauk K. McIntyreMr. Mrs. Fred Orsick James Pero Mr. Mrs. Richard Pinke Mr. Mrs. Plaunt Mr. Mrs. Thomas Poole Mr. Mrs. Carl Rubin Mrs. Lottie Sobaszek Mr. Mrs. Ronald Sperlbaum Mr. Mrs. S. Svvisz Ann Tuba Mr. Mrs. Joe ZelinskeIndex A Achatz. Thomas 143. 177 Adams. Karen 143 Adams. Sandra 108 Ader. Gwen 162 Agardy. Roger Alfiero. John Allen. Mr. Harold 40, 51 Alley. Jean 22, 162 Alley. Linda 141. 161 Allmen. Mark 177 Allore. Timothy Alvis. Dennis 171. 190 Alvis, Gregory Alvis, William 13. 108 Amore. Linda Amorino. Peter 162 Amroian. Susan 42. 108 Anderson. Linda 143 Andrews. Ms. Agnes 40 Andrews. Larry 162 Andriacchi, Julie Androsian, Kevin Angus. Douglas Angellotti. Dennis 121, 123 Angellotti. Gina 16. 162 Angellotti. Mark 35. 43. 59. 79. 96. 113. 173 Angellotti. Michele 29. 108 Angellotti. Rita 151 Antio. Raymond 108 Antioch, Scott 108 Aoun, Linda 143 Armelogos. Sylvia 23, 151. 186 Arnold. Rochelle 143 Arnold, Tracey 162 Arnoldi. Jill 52. 109 Arnoldi. Todd 77. 141 Artinian. Saundra 191 Asam, James 141 Ash. Gerald 43 Ash. Timothy 141 Atcheson,Jan Atcheson. Matthew 109. 189 Athans. Mary 109 Atkinson. Carol Atkinson. Mary 141 Augenstem. Robert 42. 109 Avery. Kevin 141 Avey. Sharon i B Babbage, Mrs. Frances 38. 40 Baber. Shari Badarak, Jill Badwi. Walid Baerwolf. Roger 109 Baier, Joseph Bain. Edward 109 Bak. Raymond 108 Bakaitis, John 31. 139 Bakaitis. Marlene 162 Baker. David 108 Baker. Douglas Balagna, Charles 141 Balia, Kelly Ballard. Debbie 42. 108 Ballard. Mark Balogh, John 37, 143 Banukevich, Kelly Barack. Joe Barbour. Gary 141, 143 Barbour. Mary Bardailis. Michael Bargamian. David 39. 141 Bargamian. Laura 162 Bargo. Cheryl Barnard. Glenda Barnard. Linda Barnes. Barbara 108 Barnett. David Baron, Audrey 108 Baron. Thomas Barr. Jeanette 162 Barrera. Sheila 162 Barrick, Mr. Edward 40 Barron. Jane 162 Barry. Janet 141 Barry, Jeffrey Barstad, John 108 Bartnicki, Michael Bartnicki, Teresa Bartolameolli. Mrs Sue 40 Bartoszek. Mike Bates. Fred 143 Bates, Stewart 16, 32. 77, 109. 115, 189. 205 Battstelli. Mr. Pat 40. 178. 189 Beach. Charles Beaney, Mrs. Ruth Anne 40 Bearden, Geoffrey 84. 162. 176 Bechard. Rebecca 31. 109 Beckett. Wanda Beer. Adam Beer. Martin 109 Beggs. Sarah Bellas. Mr. Edward 40 Bellas. Renee 37, 109. 120 Belluso, James 26, 27. 109. 115. 173 Belluso, Jessica 162 Belluso. Juliana 37. 141 Bencher. Patricia Benedict. Caroline 143 Benedict. Gary Benedict. Rina 143 Bentley. Julie 145. 209 Beres. Ms Jeanine 40 Bentley. Nikki 109 Berger. Gail 162 Berger. Gary Berger. Karen Bergman. Joyce Bergman, Linda 139 Bernard, Linda Berryman. Jeffrey Berwm, Daphine 144 Bickford, Todd Bidini, Linda 110 Bigelow. James 144 Bird. Sandy 110 Biro. Connie 127 Biro. Mark 162 Bisaro. Paul 29. 52. 110 Bisaro. Ms. Rita 40 Blair, Michael Blessing, Daniel Blessing, Deanna 110 Blessing, Denise 110 Blunt, Candace Boggs. Susan 144. 145. 154 Bohmhauer, Linda 110 Boila, Diane 18. 19. 30. 31. 111 Boila, Michael 30. 34, 37. 144 Bojinoff. Lynn 41. 65. 162. 203 Bojmoff, Robert 90 Bolam, Lynnette 187 Bollman, Mark 143 Bolton, Allen 175 Bolton. Denise 162 Bond. Elizabeth 17. 143 Bond. John 17. 94, 177 Boni. Angela Bono, Robin Boomer. Dean 143 Borman, David Borman. Mike Bosh. John Bosh. Nancy 162 Botz. Tracy Boufford, Denise 162 Boufford. Raymond 90 Boutilier. Roberto Bowdell, Thomas 32. 88. 189. 190 Bowdell. Timothy 42. Ill, 189 Bower. Cynthia Bowman. Beverly Brabenec. Aleta Bradford. Richard Bradley. Michael Brandt. Laurel ill Brandt. Margo Brasher, Lisa 143 Braun, Timothy 143 Braun. Virginia Brettschneider. Mark Bridges. Renae Brindley. Jeffrey 111 Brisbois. Terrance Brisbois. Thomas Brockman. Darlene 209 Brockmon, Elizabeth 143 Brockmon. Roy 111 Brohman. Lawrence Bromak, Edward 111 Bronicki, Diane 110 Brooks. David 162 Brooks, Lisa Brown. Jaquelin Brown, Thomas 24, 34, 162. 189 Brown. Miss Trudy 40 Brumsma. Kathleen 143 Bruinsma. Roy 143, 162, 163 Brunke. Robin Brusseau. John 92, 162. 176 Brusseau. Thomas 143 Bryan. Brenda Bryan. Sherry 143 Bryant, Lynette 110, 127 Bryant. Nancy Buchanan. Jeffrey Bucon, Diane Budnick. Jaquline Budrick. Marc Bumpus. Roger Burbank. Charlene 110 Burdick. Marie 110 Burdick. Matthew 143 Burke. Susan 10, 37, 143, 191, 207 Burnham. Douglas 28, 43, 110, 113 Burnham, Matthew 144 Burton. Henry 110 Buscetta. Joann 162 Buschman. Miss Ruth 39, 40 Buzzy, Ronald Byars. James 170 Byars. Jennifer Byars. Mark Byers. Deborah 25. 162 Byrne. James C Cabadas. Susan Cadorm. Daniel 80. 175 Cafferty. Thomas 84. ill, 176 Cafruny. Kathy 111 Cain, Christine Callery. Robert 111, 116 Calvillo, Edmundo 175 Calvillo, Helen 111 Campbell. Carolyn Campbell, Kelly Campbell. Kimberly 162 Campbell. Stacey ill Campbell. Whitney 12. 154 Cann, Nicolle Cannarsa. Vincent 111, 114 Carabott. David Carbonaro. Michael Carbonell, Lisa Cardinali, Karen Carevich, Mr. George 40 Cargil, Mark 53. 112 Carlini, James 16, 162 Carlisle. Michele 17. 18, 19. 61. 112, 127, 191 Carlisle. Paul 98, 173 Carmen. Mr. James 40 Carney. Paula Carrell, Catherine 144 Carrell, Rosemarie Carter, Shar 144 Cary, Walter 112 Casaccia. Bernadette Casaccia. Michael 112. 115. 121 Causey. William Cayo. Janelle Cayo, William Cecil, Timothy Centkiewicz. Jan Cernia, Diane Cernia, Joanne Cervantes. Mario 112 Chahil, Karen Chapala. Max Chapo. Ava 37. 144 Chapo. Gwen 24 Chappell. Patricia Chasey. Kathleen 144 Chavcka. Norman 144 Chearhart. Andrew 163 Check, Carol 28. 113 Chesstnutt. Kimberly 144 Chesstnutt. Richard Chidester. Brian Chidester. Lori Chippewa. Darlene 210 IndexChism, Sheryl 191 Christie, James Christie. Peggy 42 Christie. Sandra 113 Cieslak, Mariann 162 Cima. Anita 113 Clark, Brenda 72 Clarke. Douglas Clemens, Jay 113 Clemens. Judith 54 Clingerman. Charlotte 162 Cloutier, Paul Cockrill, Scharry 113 Coesens, Robert Colby. Beverly Colby. John Cole. Bryan Cole. Keith 17. 59, 113. 189 Cole. Sharon 162 Coleman, Mr. Homer Coleman. Sheryl Collier, Catherine 29, 112 Collier, Deborah Colucci. Mark Comisso. Laurie 163 Conley. Nancy Conn, Donald 144, 177 Connock, Richard 175 Consiglio. Paula 112, 126 Conroy, Mary Cook, Eric Cook, James Corder, Benjamin Cornett. Glenn 13 Corona, Robert 24, 96 Corvaia. Laura 43, 163 Coudret. Tony Courtney, Brenda Courtright, William Coward. Brian 144 Coward, Jason 163 Craddock, Joetta Creamens. Judy 144 Cremeans. Dora Crimmins, Kathy 163 Crosetti, Dino Crosetti, Robert 50 Cross, Mr. Paul 42 Christante, Mark 175 Crupi. Annette Crupi. David 112 Csatari, Douglas Cuddy, Matthew Cullen, Joi 112 Cummings. Elizabeth Curran. Christopher Curry. Larry Curry, Teresa Curtiss, Joseph Czarmk, Gary 51 Czech. Maryellen 163 D D’Agostino. Donna 50 D’Agostino, Louis 173 Dailey, Beverly Dakesian, Jeanette Dalbo. Ms. Louise 42 Dalfonso, Judith 144 Danaher, Larry 96, 163 Daniels. Rheba Danson, Mark 112 Danz, Sandra 112 Darasz. Kerry 61. 191 Darin. Ronald 25. 29, 78, 113, 189. 205 Daubresse. Gina Davenport, Mark Davidson, Jennifer Davis, Beverly Davis, Dorothy Davis, Douglas 144 Davis, Marty Deakms, Yvonne 45, 113 Deangelis, Carolyn 144 Deangelis, James Debono, Jackie 113 Debono. Leonard Debono. Paul 163 Dedrick. Ronald Deeren, Jeffrey Defroy. Mary 113 Deguili, Annette 163 Deguili, Pietro Degulio. Anthony Degulio, Rocco 144 Demorow. Kimberly 113 Denhard. Dan Dennis, John Dennison. Rebecca Depaoli, Keith Deponpolo. Thomas Derstepanian, Jerry 113 Desharnais, Jeanne 68. 144 Desharnais, Laura 33, 67. 73, 186 Desharnais, Thomas Desouza, Carlos 163 Desouza. Solange 114. 126 Detroyer. Michael 154 Devoli, Annette 114 Dezsi. John Dick, Travis 114 Digasbarro. John 53. 114 Dihle, Donald 163 Dimaggio. Gary 144 Dinallo, Rosetta Dipaolo, William Dluzniewski. Karen Dluzniewski, Mike 114 Dolinski, Dawn Dombe, Gwen 144 Domurat, Amy 163 Donaldson. Martin 114 Donati, Theresa 35, 115. 122 Donigian. Mr. George 42 Donovan, Jeffrey 190 Doran, William Doubek. Marcie Dougherty, Nancy 115 Doughty, Laura 13. 30. 115, 125 Doyle, Diane 115 Dreher, Caryn Dreher, Patricia 163 Drinane. Daniel 115 Driscoll. Darlene 43. 163 Driscoll. Laurie 95. 177 Drouillard. Russell 163 Dubinsky, Beth Dubinsky. Deborah Dubois. Michelle Dubois, Stephanie 115 Dula, Terri 114 Dullinger. Robert 114, 115, 121 Dunlop. Donna Dunn. Melanie 144 Durfee. Mr. LeRoy 42 Dutkewych, Vera 114, 120 Dwenger. Philip 163 Dyas, Mr. George 42 Dyer. Penny Dziendziel, Timothy 173 Dzierwa. Karen 144 Dzierwa, Steven 114 E Eagleston, Brenda 191 Earley, Karen Earley. William 32, 164, 173 Edwards, Nancy Edwards, Terry Egland. Roger Eichbauer, Becky Eiden. Pamela 54, 144, 161 Eiden. Richard 114 Elledge, James 96. 113, 114. 173 Elledge. Rebecca 164 Elliott, William 90. 144 Ellis, Julie 115 Emmanuel, Michael 20. 115 Emmanuel, Pamela 115 English. Jeanine 15, 53. 70. 115, 122 Enright, Susan Eskew. Kevin 115 Ettema. Roger Eusani. Josephine 42 F Fabian. Alicia 115 Fabian. Beth , Fabian. Carrie Faiman, Kirk Fairall, Mr. George 42 Fairris. Andrea 144 Fallone, Frank Fanfalone, Ellen 24. 37, 54. 73, 154, 191 Farkas, Alex 154 Feala. Catherine Feala, David Feges, Timothy 154 Feldt. Ms. Karen Ferency. Ms. Bette 38. 42 Ferencz, John 144, 160 Ferencz, Victoria Ferguson. Debra 41, 60, 116. 191 Ferguson, Shelley 144 Filak. John 144 Fiore, Thomas 116 Fiorenza, Constance 144 Firestone, Kelly Fisher, Pamela 144 Fishwick. Mary 154 Fitzpatrick, Janice 138 Fitzpatrick. Kimberly 143, 144 Fix, Beverly 144 Fix. Ralph Flood, Mark Flood. Thure 20. 22. 37 Flores. Norma 164 Flynn, Steven 116 Fogarty. Edwin 116 Foley. Eileen Foley. John Foley. Nancy Foley. Vicki Ford. John 59. 115, 116 Ford, Sandra Forest. Tracy Foucher. Dorothy 42 Fournier, Jennifer 22. 70, 71. 144, 209 Fournier. Thomas 17, 164, 177 Fowler, Chris Fowler, Tina 116 Frabutt, Brian Frabutt, Jeffrey 154 Fraser, Chris Fredericks, Richard 164 Fredericks, Robert Fredericks. Ron 76. 89, 154. 190 Fregonara. Joan 164 Fregonara, Sheryl 154 Freimark. Mary 42 French, Carl 71, 117 French. Jane 144. 209 French. Mark Frendo, David 117 Frendo. Sharon 154 Frendo. Victor 144 Frey. Terri Fritz. Henry 154 Fritz. Kevin 117, Froehlich. Suzanne 155 Frosheiser, Mr. Edwin 42. 207 Frosheiser, John 190 Fucinari. Louis 144 Furgerson, Bonnie 117 Furgerson. Bryan 154 Furgerson. Penny 69. 138. 144. 149 Fylonenko. J. G Gaggm, Kevin 24. 164, 173 Gahry, Josephine Gallagher, Deborah 15, 23 Gallagher. William 114, 117 Galloro. Sharon Gamble. Jalene 144 Garabedian, Susan 144 Garcia, Adalberto Garcia, Ricardo 144 Garcia. Thelma Garland, James Garofalo, Carol 177 Garzaniti. Rosemarie 164 Gee, Scott Gee. Susan 23, 37, 73, 154. 186 Gent, Gwendolyn Gergely. Kimberly Gerisch, Jonathon Gerlach, Carol 154 Ghist, Scott Gibbs, Kerry 116 Gibbs. Kevin 173, 175 Gibson, Rita 144 Giebel, Timothy Gillum. Todd 96. 116. 173 Gilpatrick. David 144 Gilpatrick, Douglas 154, 190 Girard. Beverly 144 Girard. Cynthia 154 Girvan. James Gmoser, Kenneth 28, 116 Godzisz, Paulette si a Gombar, Steven Goniea. Mr. John 42 Goode. Carolyn 28. 116. 127 Goode. David 86. 164. 189 Gorman. Lisa 154 Gorny. Sheila 54. 84. 164, 176 Goscinski. Theresa Gossett. Kevin 175 Goulasanan. Karen 164 Goulasarian. Sarah 144 Grabowski. Janet 144 Grafton. Darryl 94. 155. 177 Grafton. Douglas 45, 155. 164 ranata. Fred 164. 171 ranata. Sam Grant Kevin 155 Green Diana 116. 126 Green. James 164 Green. Robert 144 Green. Susan 116 Greene. Daniel 12. 37. 164 Greene. Joseph 33, 37. 53. 84. 117. 176 Greene, Robert 37, 85. 155, 176 Greggs, Ms. Doris 42 Greggs. Mr. Oliver 42 Gregory, Sharon Griswold. Ms. Diane 44 Grobnagger. Cathy 117 J Groth, Cheril 164 Grul. Robert 78. 117, 173 Guerra, Cynthia 40. 117 Guilder, Williams 173 Gulliver. Judith 55, 65. 70. 164. 187 Gump. Nancy 41, 117 Guobis, John Guobis. Michael 50, 164 Guotana, Joseph 12, 117, 121 Guotana, Susan 209 Gutmann. William 30. 118 Gyurscik, Sharon 118 Haas. Scott Haboian. Christopher 26, 27. 32. 114, 118 Haboian, Mr. John 44, 98 Hadvma. David Hagen. Marla 155 Hagen. Susann 41, 70. 164. 182 Hagy. William 175 Hale. David 96. 118. 122 Hall. Bryan 118 Hall, Lisa 155 Hall. Michele 164 Halquist, Laurie 155 Hamaker. Alan 51, 118 Hamaker. Douglas Hanawalt, Lisa 155 Hanna. Vince 164 Hanoian, Melanie 54, 164. 187 Hanoian, Melissa 164 Hargraves, Curtis 12. 31. 119. 126, 127, 173 Harmon. Gwen 155 Harris, Jeanne Harris, Leslie 144 Harrison. Karl 119 Harrison. Lora 144 Harvey, Simone 155 Harvieux. Andrea 155 Haskins. Helen 21. 119 Hatt. Douglas 37, 85, 164. 176 Haworth, Dean Haworth, Denise Hay. Edward 144 Hay, Richard 144 Hayden, Patrick 28. 119 Heide, John Heigel. David Heiple. Jeffrey 119 Heller. Mr. Kenneth 39. 44 84. 176 Henneberry. Kathleen 144 Hensel. David 138. 164 Hensley, Brian Hensley, Dawn 30. 59, 118 Herczak, Russell 144 Herrgard. Steven Herriman. Ms. Erma 44 Hershberger. Mr. Richard 44 Herster. Alan 155 Hewitt, James 190 Hicks, Brenda 118 Hidey. Dwayne Hidey. Leonard Higgins. Julie 25. 155 Higgins. Mark Hill, Steven Hill, Wendy 144 Hmerman, Ricky Hinkle. Jayne 118. 127 Hioms. Anna ‘Hionis. Fotini 144 Hobbs. Rebecca 50, 118 Hodge. Gregory 155 Hofmann. Matthew 144 Hofmann, Richard 118 Holder. Steven 144 Holder, William 118 Holewinski. Andrew 144 Holewinski, Kevin 119 Holewinski, Paul Holinski. April 155. 202 Holinski, Elizabeth 202 Hollobaugh, Dorothy 155 Hollobaugh. Jeffrey 41. 84. 119. 176 Hollowell. David 144 Hollowell, Thomas 34. 44. 107. 119 Holmes. Teri 119 Holubka. Joan 155 Hornyak, John 78, 115, 119. 173 Horvath. Karen 119 Houpt, Robert 120 Howard, Kirk 175 Howell, James Howell, Walter Howey. Joseph 144 Howey, Larry Hudak. Anne 37, 164 Hudak, Norene 72 155 Huddleston, Christopher 99. 155, 175 Hudick, Jacky Hudson, Charles Hudson, Karen 43, 64, 73, 164. 187 Hudson, Richard 164 Hugley, Nicholas 144 Huls. Kevin 164, 189 Huls, Shaun 143. 144 Huls. Tim 31. 107, 120. 173 Hurley, Christopher 144 Hurley, Susan 144 Hutmk, Darlene 155 I Ide. Pamela 144 Ide. Roberta Ide. Roxanne 120 Isele. Cindy 65. 120 187 J Jablonski. Andrew 144 Jablonski. James 120. 121, 143 Jacques. Dawn Jacques. Frank Jacques. Shari 107. 120 Jakacki, Rick 164 Jakubik, Dennis 26. 27, 30, 31, 34. 37. 114, 121 Jameson, Jo 155 Jamroz. Theodore Jankowksi. Dennis Janson, Eric 37 Jaquish, Stevep Janan. Susan 165 Jaroslawski, John 144 Jarosz, Patricia 29. 121 Jasso. Nora 121 Jaszcz. Jeffrey 155 Jeffries, Marilyn 155 Johnson, Jeffrey 90. 144 Johnson. Mark 155 Johnson. Sandy 121 Johnson, William 32 Jones. Jeffrey 121. 173 Jones. Kelly 121 Jones, Mark Jones. Michael 165 Jones, Terri 120 Jones. Thomas 165 Jordan. Kelly 144 Jordan. Kim 120 Jordanek. Janet 59. 120 Junge, Lisa 17. 25, 33, 165 K Kaczmarek, Barbara 120 Kaffenberger, Gene Kalicki, Linda 144 Kalicki, Michael Kallil. Robert 23. 26. 27. 34 37, 58. 115, 120 Kaminski. John 16 Kaminski, Joseph 144 Kaminski. Kathleen 120 Kaminski. Kathy 50 Kapaiia, Michael 144 Karagas. Nicholas 144 Karbon. Thomas 144. 149 Kargeman. Kahtleen 165 Karibian, Kristine 155 Karoub. Michael 155 Kastil, Patricia 165 Kaufman. Robin Kaufman. Tammy 155 Keenan. Daniel Keenan, Laura 121 Kelley, Crystal 55. 65, 121, 126. 187 Kelley, Paige 69. 71. 209 Kelley. Timothy Kellso. Jon Erik 144 Kelly. Kathleen 22, 72. 154. 155 Kelly, Patrick 144 Kelly, Mr. Robert 38. 44, 67, 91. 96 Kendall, Eric 144 Kendy. Ms. Pearl 44 Keramidas, Georgea 144 Keramidas. Ms. Susan 44 Ketzenberger. Bryan 37, 144 Kiliaris, Chris Kiliaris, James King. Martha 155 Kinney. Laura Kirby. Edward 165 Kirby. Terri % Kirschke. Ms. Helen 44 Kirunchyk, David 88. 155 190 Kisell, Maria 155 Kisell, William 144 Kish. Lynne 165, 170 Kiss, Laura 37. 155 Kittle, James Kittle, Kevin 144 Klein, Joyce 165 Klein. Norma 121 Kleinsorge. Anthony Klenczar. Janice Klimek. Troy Kliza. Debra Klus, Alan 121 Knapp, Cheryl 165 Knapp. Craig 156 Knas. Karen Knas. Kathleen 106. 121 Knechtges. Gerard Knick. Bruce Knight, Gary Knight. Laurie 122 Knippenburg, Ms. Terry 44 Knox. Kathy Kocherar. Ms. Dorothy Kolerski, Lorraine Komraus. Kathryn Konkel. Kimberly Kopmck, Mr. Jack 38, 44 Korody. Scott 156 Korody. Todd 156 Kosaian. Brian 122 Kosaian, Lisa Kosaian, Paul 165 Kosmalski, Martin 34. 122 Kostelnik. Paul 122 Kottke, Mary 122 Koukoudian. Monique 122 Koukoudian. Nicole Kovach. Mr Anthony 44 Kovacs. Janet 156 Kozlowski. Karen Krane, Karen 123. 127 Krane. Michael Krentler, Jane 123 Kropog. Mark Kruse, Gregory Kruse. Scott Krzisnik. William 123, 126 Kubo, Amy 41. 165, 171 Kuczajda. Chris 165 Kulza. Blake 156 Kummer. Debra 156 Kummer, Kristine 123, 127 Kunkel. Elizabeth 123 2SO InctexKuroda, Catherine Kuty. Cheryl 25, 16. 165, 170 Kuty, Mark 37 Kwiatkowski, Julia L Labelle. Denise 156 Labelle. Patrice 123 Lachcik, Sandra Lachelt, Lynette Lachelt, Renne 122 Lachut, Kenny 122 Lada. James 13. 87. 122, 189 LaForce, John Laforce, Phillip Laforce. Timothy Lakin. James Lambart. David 25, 173, 175 Lambart. Michele Lambright. Patricia 122 Lane. Brian Lane. Patrick Lang, Damian Langert, Kurt Lapalm. Michael 156 Larion, Barbara Larson. Ms. Betty Jane 44 Laubengayer, Sharon Lavigne. Nancy Lavine. David 139, 156 Lavine, Mr George 46 Lavine, Gregory 30. 44, 115, 122 Law, Carolyn Lawson. Brett 76, 177 Lawson. Shawn Lay, Richard 122 Lazo, Deborah Leblanc, Chantal 138, 156 Leblanc. Craig 123 Leibold. Gloria 209 Leis. Glen Lenme. David 173 Lenz, Michelle Leszczynski. Arthur Leszczynski, Susan 17. 154. 156 Lewis. David Lewis, Gregory 123, 171 Liberati, Felicia Liberati, Frank Liddy, Daniel Liddy. Timothy 156 Ligenzer, Thomas Linares, Rene 21, 30, 34, 37, 123 Linares. Reynaldo Lindisch. Shelley Lindow. Martha 123 Lmville. Johnnie 23. 156 Lis. Matthew 123 Lisiecki. Nora Litner. James Lloyd. Kelly Lobb, Brian Lockhart. Mr. David 46 Lockhart. Theresa Logelin, Thomas 156 Lojewski. Douglas Lollo, Ben 59, 115, 123 Longo. Gino Longo. Giovanni 175 Lott. Ms. Doris 46 Lott, Paula 140 Lowenstein, Lisa M Machleid, Mr. Richard 25, 37, 39. 46 Machleid. Stacey 40. 156 Macintosh, Diana Macintosh, Lynn Maddock, Margaret Maddox, Judith Maes, James 124 Maksimovic, Steven Malanowski. Brian Malanowski. Marcia Maley, Deborah Maley, Patrick Malish, Ms. Rosemary 39. 46. 161 Maliszewski. Rich 124 Maloian. Anne 30. 54. 124 Maluchmk. Susan Mangrum, Mark 124 Mann. Richard 37, 114. 124. 125 Mann, Robert 34, 37, 156 Mansfield. Andrea Mantua, Diane 37, 146. 209 Marbrey, John Marek. Daniel Marek, Deborah Marek, Linda Marek, Timothy 125 Marks, Rosezena Marlatt, Donna 21 Marosi. David 125 Marosi. Mark Marques. Michele 146 Marriott. Michelle Martin, Betty 14. 146 Martin, Julie Martin, Patricia 125 Martin, Steven 146 Martineau, Mendena Mason, Craig Mason. Timothy 125 Massengale, Annette Mastropietro, Debbie 125. 126 Matteini. Terry 104, 105, 146 Mattson. Jodi 43, 106, 125 Mattson. Traci 37, 146 Mauk, Pamela 124 Maule, Vicki Mazur. Michael 146 McAdams. Scheryal McAllister, Shaun 146 McCarthy, Alison 124 McCormack, Dave 87. 124. 189 McDermitt, Keith McDonald. George McDonald. Matthew McDonough, Paul 156 McElhone, Rondi 146 McFarland, Carol McGregor, Martha 156 McIntyre. Daniel 112. 124, 173 McIntyre. David 51 McJunkin, James 173 McKay. Mr. Raymond McKeever, Peggy 16 McKenzie. Mark McLaren. Scott 146 McLellan, Vincent 161 McLeod, Patrice McMahan, Dale McManamay. Eugene McMurtry. Deborah McNair, Brian 146 McNeil. Scott McParland, Colleen 54 McParland, Kathy 13, 24. 41 • 59. 195 10A McParland, Linda 15, 53. 126 Meehan, Lance 124 Medrano, Mr. Joseph 46 Mehlhose. Stacey Melidosian, Leslie 37 Melidosian, Scott Merandi, Beth Merwin. Daphne 144, 146 Messer, Randy 125 Metzger, Nancy Meyers, Scott 51 Meyers. Timothy 52, 125 Michael. Michael. Erie Michae-. Sonja Michaels, Kellyann Michaels. Paul 37, 146 Mihatsch, Jil 60. 156. 191 Mihatsch, Kurt 77, 78, 109. 114, 125. 173 Mihatsch. Mr. Norman 46 Miles, Cynthia 156 Milewski. Adele " Milewski, Rosanne 146 Milke, Karen Miller, Deana 125 Miller, Dennis 125 Miller, Laura 125 Miller, Mark Miller. Mary Miller. Michelle 126 Miller, Mr. Wayne 46 Millner. Mary 126 Millner, Tim 146, 149 Mills, Lela Misiewicz, Janice Misiolek. Gail 126 Misiolek, Jennifer Missler, Marie 41. 126 Mitchell, James Mohacsi. Ms. Lillian 46 Mohan, James Mohan, Timothy 0 Mohr, Donna 146 Mohr, Margaret M Molesky, Ms. Jeanette 46 Momtsios, John Monroe, Keith Monteleone, Ann 156 Mooradian, Gregory 146 Moore. Chris 78. 126, 173 Moore. John Moran, Timothy 51 Morgan. John Morris. John Mortimer, James Morton, Cheryl 30. 107. 109. 125, 126 Morton. Ellen 156 Morton, Julie 146 Moulding, Frank 29. 127 Moulding, Robert Moulding, Steven 146 Mouradian, Vaughn Mrock. Kenneth 31, 34, 127- 176 Mullen, Colleen 127 Murphy, Mr. Butch 37 Murphy. Ms. Kathryn 46 Murrell, Cindy Murt. James Musa. Jodi 18. 19, 37, 127 Musser. James 146 Muszynski. Diana 156 Myschock, Michelle 146 N Nadrowski, Martin 115 Nagle. Michael 127 i Nagle, Patrick 146 Nagle, Patrick 146 Nagle, Robert Nagy. Shelley Naper. Gerald Nappo. Lisa Nappo. Phillip Nash, David Navyac, Mary 146 Neal. Chris Neal, Kimberly Neal. Tammy Neifert. Sharon Neighbors, Robert 107, 112. 127 Nelson. Mr. Kenneth 46 Nelson. Linda 156 Nemeth, Lori 37. 61. 127, 191 Nersesian. John 115. 126 Neubacher, Christine Newland, Kelly 146 Nichols. Pamela 146 Nicolopoulos. Con 126 Nixdorf. Tim 190 Noel. Brian Noles, Kristine 126 Noles, Linda 157 Norman. Ronald Norton, Karen Novakowski, Daniel Nowak, Daniel Nowak. Lawrence 146 Nowak. Michael 126 Nowak, Suzanne 23, 157 Nowicke. Nancy 126 O Oakes. Allen Oakes. Michael 146 Oakley. Crystal Oakley. Rachel Obradovich, Cynthia 127 Obrien, Scott 146 Obnot, Keith 146 Oldiges, David Olsen, Kimberly 146 Oneil, Andy Orban, Laura 146 Orischak. John Ortiz. Norma Ortiz, Yolanda Orsick, Charlotte 127 Osentoski, Rebecca 146 Osentoski. Roger Oshanski, Paul 146 Ottenbaker, Lisa 55, 66, 72, 157, 186 221Owens. Tisha 146 P Pacher. Sheryl 157 Pachy. Joseph 146 Paduk, Christopher 146 Paduk. Kathryn Paduk, Kevin 127 Page. David Paglia, Todd 94, 114. 127. 177 Paliay. Victoria 146 Palumbo. Debra 41. 127 Pando, Michael 94. 177 Panisko. Laura Papalas. Michael 146 Para, Phillip Parker. Charles Parker, David Parker, Renea Parmelee. John Parr, Barbara Parrett, Kenneth Pataki. Hilda Pataki. Steven 146 Paul. Gail 157 Pavan. Michael 19. 127 Payter, Yvonne Pejuan, Soma Pejuan, Steven Peller, Steve 16. 58 Pence, Brian 157 Perez. Joseph 128 — Perkin, Laurie Perkins. Jeffrey 128 Perkins. Sharon 157 Pero. James 146 Perry. Jeffrey 142 Peters, Laurie 146 Peters. Priscilla Petn. Mr Dale 46 Petri. Ms. Margaret 46 Petterle. Brian 76. 98 Philip. Dale 125. 128 Philip. Grant 175 Piazza. Gregory Pickett. Troy 147 Pidcock, Greg 147 Pierantozzi, Paul Pierce. Christine Pierce. Kathleen 128 Piesik. James 24 Pinke. Richard 43. 158. 175 Pischke. Jeffrey 34, 147 PiShko. Alan 147 Piskos. George Pitchford. Andrea 147, 171 Plaunt. Beverly 128 Pobursky. Mark 147 Pocus. Brenda 128 Pocus. Kimberly Polanski. Alice 42. 53, 106, 127. 129 Policeili. David 129, 173 Poole. John 129 Poorman, Glenn Porath. Melanie 30, 129 Poronto. Michele Portugal. Sheila 147 Post. Kenneth Pouliot, Michael 147 Powell. Mr. Robert 42. 48 Powers. Anne 147. 161 Powers, Kathleen 23 Powers. Mary Prater, Donald 43. 129 Prater, Ronald 129 Presnell, John Prieur, Craig 29. 128. 173 Pruett, Joann Puckett. Gordon 158 Puente. Gina 96 Purcell. Daniel 147 Purcell. Don Pursley. Julie 147 Putnam, Lisa 126, 128 Q Quandt. Kim Quatro, Anthony Quatro, Michael Quinn. Ms. Dolores 48 R Rafail. Mr. Gestin 39, 48 Ralston. Brian 42. 121, 128, 173 Ramirez. Margo 37, 147 Ramirez. Renee Ramsey. Michelle Randolph. Cindy 128 Randolph, Linda 147 Randolph. Robert 128 Rauser, Karen 158 Rauser, Mark 106, 128. 173 Ravary. Randall 147 Ravary, Rosalynn 60. 129. 191 Rayfield. Jacky 129 Raynal. Yvonne Redden. Nancy Reddmann. Donald 129 Redick, Gayle 22. 52. 123, 129 Reed, Russell Reedy, Robert Reese, Joy Reeves. Michele 129 Renauer. Jerald Renders. Charles 138 Rennie. Charles Revoir. Carol 129 Reyes, Helen .'.'4 Reyes. Kathleen 147 Rice. Virginia 168 Richards. Adrienne 72, 147 Richards, Renne 158 Richardson, Kara 158 Rickerd. Jane 130 Rickerd. Todd 147 Ridener. James 147 Ridener. Lisa Riggan. Gerald Riker. Anne 37. 43. 123, 126, 127. 130 Riker. Mary 147 Riley. Terrell 147 Rmna. Matthew Rizzo. Mr. Melvin 38. 48 Roach. Charles Roach. William Robb. Gary 158 Roberts. Richard 147 Robinson. Chris Robinson. Linda Robinson. Thomas 130 Rodriguez, Arthur 147 Rodriquez. Nancy 15. 33. 37. 187 Rohloff, Robert Romans, Gregory Rooney. Leland Rose. Cynthia 147 Rose. Daniel Rose. James 35, 130 Rouillard. Martin Roulo. Tina Rubin, Carl 32, 147 Rubin, Kelly 130 Rubino. Josephine Rudei. Michele Ruehl, Linda 23. 37. 43. 55. 124, 127 Rumney, Brian Runnals, Mr. Thomas 48 Ryan, Lawrence 131 Rykwalder, Carla 12 Rzucidlo. David 25. 76 Rzucidlo. Jean 67. 72. 147. 186 S Sadler. Danny 148 Sadler, Gerald 12, 131 Sadler. Ronald Sadow. Bonnie 131 Saif, Yasmin Salerno. Annmarie 148 Salerno. Robert 148 Salerno. Victor Sammut. Cheryl 16. 37. 59. 65. 168. 187 Sammut. Steven 148, 170 Sarkozi, Cassie 131 Saucier. Deanna Savage. Pamela 24, 168 Scalici, Paul Scanned, James 148 Scarlett. Daniel Scarlett. Mark 77. 115. 131. 177 Scavo. Maria 148 Schaller, Mark Schilke, Barbara 131 Schlacht. Charles Schlacht, Edward Schlacht. Kenneth 125. 130 Schlichting, Edward 13. 21, 37, 168 Schlichting, Kathy 148 Schmidt, Eric 168 Schmidt. Robin 148 Schmidt, William 148 Schmitt. Nora 130 Schmitt. Rocky Schmitzer, Kelly Schoen. Keith 104. 105. 148 Schoen. Kim 25. 37. 59. 168 Schopper. Troy Schrieber. Michael Schwocho. Mary Anne 43. 53. 130 Schwocho. Ms. Rose 48 Scites. Roger 168 Sclater. Kelli Scorzelli, John 189 Scott. Elizabeth 130 Scott. Harry 148 Scotta. Karla 148, 209 Seasock. Phillip 43 Seibold, Andrew 148 Selasky, Sue 168 Sella. Maria 41, 61, 125. 130. 191. 207 Seman. Mr. Robert 48 Serafin. Daniel Sermack, Paul Seychel. Gary 130 Shackleford. Cynthia 14 Shanley. Andrea 44, 45, 131 Shanley. Lisa 158 Sharba, JoAnn 158 Sharky. Tim Shea, Diane 67. 73. 158. 186 Shea, Kathleen 168. 187 Shearouse. Henry Sheer, Sharon Sheets. Judith 148 Shelton, Daniel Shelton. Darryl 148 Shelton. Jerry 32. 168 Sheridan. Bruce Sheridan. Lori 23. 131 Sheridan. Timothy 143. 148 Sherwood. Lesley 158 Shewchuk, Marybeth Shewchuk, Mr. Norman 48 Shirey. Carol 37. 154 Shirey. John 23. 26, 27, 78. 96, 115. 125. 127, 131. 173 Shotis, Kelly Shoulders. Mark 158 Shovak, Carl 148 Showers. Margaret 148 Showers, Scott 168 Siddall. Karen 154. 158 Silsbe, Teri 66, 72, 158. 186 Silva. Patricia Sitko. Mark 131 Skelton, Marcie 148 Skowron, Ronald 148 Slate. Robin 209 Slaven. Mary 131 Slowik. Kenneth Smith, Ms. Agnes 48. 171 Smith, Alison Smith, Bruce Smith, Denise 148 Smith, Kevin 158 Smith, Melody Sobaszek, Kimberly 131 Socull, Roderick Sontag. Brian 148 Sova. Dean Sovoda. Richard 158 Spagnol, Sue 132 Sparks. William 76. 173 Sperlbaum, Debora 132 Spillane. Ellen Spiroff. Pamela 148. 209 Spiter, Diana Sporer. Carol 148 Sporer, Francis 132 Stabczynski. Ronald Stachewicz. Margaret 15, 148 Staley. Duane 148 Stallings. Mr. Harvey 38. 48 Stanecki, Cheryl 168 Stapleton. David 173 St. Louis, Mark Stansell, Patrick 41. 132 Stea, Dana Stearns, Cathy Stephenson, Bobby 132 Sterling. Harvey 148 Sterling, Robert 222 IndexSterly, Mr. Merl 39, 48 Sternberg, Larry 32, 37, 132 Sternberg, Steve Stevens. Theresa Stevenson, James 175 Stevenson.Jean Steveson, Timothy 133 Stewart. Karen Stewart, Louellen 158 Stier. Edward Stoddard, Jodi 148 Stoddard, Robert 37, 168 Stoddard. William 133 Stoklosa. Lorraine 133 Stonehouse, Bruce Stonehouse, Eric Stoorman, Ms. Selma 45, 48 Stopa, Hans Stopa, Jacqueline 158 Storck, Keith Storck, Richard Straub, Joanne 168 Sturgill, Jonathan Sturock, Mr. John 48, 78. 88 Subjeck. Karl Sucarski. Diane 126. 133 Suchodolski, Thomas Suda, Mary 16. 138, 168 Summers, Janice 158 Summers. Roberta 158 Sweeney, Joann 43. 133 Swiatek, Bonita Swider, John 133 Swiss, Mr. Barry Swisz. Donald 132 Sword. David Szalai, Gregory 106, 132, 177 Szalai. Vincent 158 Szczesny, Gregory 82. 148 Szczesny, Laurie 126, 132 Szczesny, Lisa 168, 187 Szopo. Mark 168 Szor. Jeri 168 Szuch, Kevin Szuch. Kimberly 148 Szuch, Theodore 148 Szukiewicz. Michael T Tabaczynski, Mark 148 Taha, Inam 168 Taha. Hussien 115, 132 r- Tallon, Karen 132 Tarcha. Jeanne 168 Tarcia, Cindy 138. $69 Tarkanyi, Denise 158 Tarkanyi, Karen Tarn, Thomas 175, 190 Tasker. Russell 132 Taylor. Bradley 45. 133 Taylor, Carolyn 158 Taylor, Robert Teets, David 28, 133. 173 Terry, Patricia 158 Tews, Mr. Richard 48 Theeck, James 51, 158. 175 Theeck, Susan 148 Ther. Michele Thibodeau, Scott 116. 133 Thome, Chris 90. 148 Threloff, Jeffrey 133 Threloff, Robin 148 Tilley, Ms. Sally 50 Tinker. Ms. Marjorie 50 Tisot, Ann 158 Tjemell, Kristina 133 Tochman. Peter Tokarski, David Toltesi. Margaret Toltesi, Stephen 158 Tomes. Mr. Robert 50 Tomich, Cindy 169 Tomich, Teresa 14. 144, 148 Tomich. Ward 94. 177 Toney. Doreen 158 Torok, John 99 rj, Torok. Judith 133 Torok, Paul 21. 139. 148 Torres. Marcos 148 Toth. Mary 148 Totten, Shirley 134 Toutant. Michelle 37. 134 Toutant. Yvonne 23. 37. 158 Treuter, Nancy 15. 134 Trombley. Lisa 43. 94. 168. 177, 207 Trombley. Renee 41, 66. 134, 191 Truant. Cynthia 41 Trudeau. Kenneth 148 Trudeau. Kristine 148, 186. 209 Tsutsui. James 134 Tuba, Nancy 169 Tucker, Leighann 168 Tuinier, Gerald 148. 177 Tuinier, Joy 134 Turek, Christopher 148 Turek, Steven Tviede, John Twigg. David Twigg. Lisa 37. 58. 135 Twigg. Mark 148 Twigg, Roger 168 Tyson. Mr. Bert 50 U Umbarger. Ms. Helen Urbanowicz. Kirk 135 V Vacca, Joanne 18. 19. 127. 135 Vacca. Linda 14. 139. 148 Vadasy. Robert 22. 82. 148 Valenziano. Marco Valmassoi. David 148 Valmassoi. Dino VanderHaagen. Ms. Dorothy 50 Vanhala, Ann 23. 37, 135 Varady. Patricia 159. 191 Varga. Ms. Corella 50 Varvatos. Evan 168 Vaughn. Robert 96 Vella. Louise 135 Vella, Paul Verhmes, Jeffrey 135, 173. 189 Villella, Robert Vlad. Cynthia 168 Vlad. Tracy 58, 159 Volonino, Paul 159 Voss, David W Wagel, Andrew 59 Wagel, Laurie 53. 134 Wagel, Thomas 159 Wagner. Andrew 16, 43. 169. 173 Wagner, Gary 104, 149 Wagner. Gregory 139 Wagner. Jeffrey 34. 37. 114. 134 Wagner, Linda 44, 134 Waldrep, Kay 134 Walker. Daniel Walker. Gregory Wallace. Brenda 169 Wallace. David 159 Wallace. John Wallis. Gary 149 Walls. Carla 159 Walls. Mark 19. 127, 134 Walsh, Gerald 80. 175 Walter, Mark 53, 106. 134 Warren, Carol 41, 135 Warren, Kenneth Warren, Todd 84. 85, 149. 176 Warren, Wendi 135 Wasielewski, Dean Waske. Lauren 13, 127. 135 Waske, Leonard 158, 159 Waske, Leslie 149 Watkins. George 149 Watters, Kathleen 69, 149. 160 Watters. Mary Beth 64. 169. 187 Watters, Maureen 135 Webb, Eric 169 Webster, Linda 169 Wegrzyn. Barry 135 Wegrzyn. Corey Weiss. Annette 55. 68. 73. 149 Weiss. Judy 65, 187 Wells, Greg 135 Wells, Janet 169 Wells, Nancy 136 Welsch, Alissa 169 Welsch, Jennifer 149 Wenberg, Gail Wenzel. Susan 23, 159 Werk, Patricia 15, 23, 149. 209 Werk. Robert 136 Wesenberg, Anthony 76. 84. 136. 176 Weshalek. Gary 43, 77 West, Kathy 18. 19. 122. 127, 136 West, Rebecca Westra. Nancy 136 Whalin. Mr. Raymond 50 White, William 50. 149 Wicks, Chris Wilemon. Bryan Wilkerson. Susan 169 Wilkie, Gary 87. 107, 136, 189 Wilkie. Susan 159 Willey. Patricia 159 Willey. Peggy 169 Willhahn, Donna 149 Williams. Debra 137 Williams, Francine 137 Williams. Patricia 169 Williamson, Linda 149 Williamson. Sharon 126. 137 Willis. Mark 169 Willson, Leslie 137 Wilson, Dennis 175 Wisner. Crystal 137 Wissman, Barbara 137 Witherspoon. Ralph 149 Wittman, Katherine 169 Wolf. Karyn 169 Wolfe, John 149 Wolfe. Sherryl 149 Wonsavage. James Wood, Cheryl 136 Wood. Jeffrey 149 Woods, Deborah 136 Woods. Joan 149 Woods. Richard 149 Woolsey. James 149 Wozmak, Dean 136 Wright. Caswell Wright. James Wynn. Marie 149 Wynnberg, Gail 149 Y Yakubesan, Mark 136 Yankowski, Ms. Joan 50 Yates, Lori 149 Yeghiazarian. Kathryn 149 Yeske. Carolyn 169 Yeske. Lawrence 33, 78. 173, L 189 Yesue. Gary 115, 117, 136 Yoder, Kipp Yoder. Kwan 137 Yodhes. David 137 Young. Billy 149 Young.John 149 Young. Margaret 169 Yuchnovicz. David 115, 137 Yurchis. Kimberly 149 Z Zadorozny, Jeffrey 159 Zadorozny. Mark Zaliagiris, Martha 33, 66. 72. 159. 186 Zane. Martha 169 Zanini. Ms. Stella 50 Zantop. Harold Zantop. Melissa 37. 68. 149. 160. 186 Zantop. Tammy Zator, Rebecca 137 Zelasko, Mr. Walter 41. 50. 171 Zelinske, Elizabeth 23, 159 Zelinske. John 169 Zemeski. Gary Ziegler. Suzanne Ziegler. Thomas 137 Zittleman, Mr. Donald 50 Zollars. Elizabeth 55. 149 Zolynsky, Ralph 154. 159 Zolynsky, Ruth 37, 41, 72. 159 Zuiani. Mary Zuke. Diane 149 Zuke. Lisa 51. 137 Zuppa, Ms. Eda 50 Zuppa. Sharon 169 2239 CHORUS LINE 79 CHORUS LINE 79 C Goodbye sixteen, goodbye seventeen, hello life. Imprint has been an intergal part of student lives in Allen Park for the past twenty-seven years, but it has been discontinued. As its advisor I’m saddened. ffly experiences with yearbook staffs and editors was very rewarding. I will affectionately remember these young men and women. And now life really begins. ITIr. Walter Zelasko imPRINT 1979 ALLEN PORK HIGH SCHOOL VOLUmE XXVII Editor...............................Cindy Guerra Features...........................fTlarie fTlissler Command Performances....Patrick Stansell Starlets.....................Nancy Gump Highlights.........................fTlaria Sella fTlain Attractions...................Cindy Guerra Coming Attractions...........Ruth Zolynsky Billboards..........................Stacey fflachleid Advisor.............................Walter Zelasko Sports Caricatures...................Gayle Redick Cover..............................Patrick Stansell Photography........................Craines Stuido Paste-up......modern Yearbook Company Staff........................Lynn Bojinoff Staff........................Sheryl Chism Staff...............................Debbie Ferguson Staff..................................Sue Hagen Staff.................................Jeff Hollobaugh Staff..................................Amy Kubo Staff................................Kathy fTlcParland Staff...............................Debbie Palumbo Staff................................Renee Trombley Staff................................Cindy Truant

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