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 Colour My World Wheels . . 98 Allen Park High School Action 10 Rookies . . . 134 18401 Champaign Road Jocks . . . 44 System . . . 156 Allen Park, Michigan Others ... 82 Friends . . . 172 Volume XXIIJUST WHAT YOU mmSS MEAN TO ME mmm mm : wmm ■ .• '-■■■ - - ■HW Mrr V.i . V%V • V;.. -' '••v -;C .• - S . k cvr ., . - • . W-w ' ' ' ••'•V:.- NOW THAT YOU’RE NEAR PROMISE YOUR LOVE THAT I’VE WAITED TO SHARE AND DREAM OF OUR MOMENTS TOGETHER - + COLOUR MY WORLD WITH HOPES OF LOVING YOU CHICAGO T.A.If a Picture Paints a Thousand Words . . . Homecoming court: Eloine Grant, Sue Flores, Karyn Knight, Lori Mei, Queen Audrey Perrault. 12 Action HomecomingQNV8 - OOHOS HOW Wd H3 VW ■. . . then why can’t I paint you? This year's Homecoming Weekend started off with the annual parade. The Senior float won in class competition, while the Band float won the Kiwanis award and fifty dollars. That night, Audrey Perreault was crowned Homecoming Queen at halftime. The evening was completed with a victory by our Jaguars over Dearborn with a score of 35-6. Saturday night at the Monster Mash proved to be a success, and a good time was had by all. The couples danced to the music of The Gems and Gents, while Audrey Perreault was officially crowned 1973-74 Homecoming Queen.Junior Jolt Shocks Seniors 13-0 Crash, Bang, Boom, Ahhh! were some of the sounds this year at the Annual Powder Puff Game. The Jiving Juniors beat the Super Seniors 13-0 in a hard fought battle. Both sides provided many thrills for the curious spectators. Pat Tomes and Anita Falahee were the most valuable players for the juniors, while Thersa Nardini and Nancy Ellis were for the seniors. (Senior team pic. on p. 176. Junior team on p. 193) Above: Senior Karyn Knight gives a grimace of disgust. Top Right: A quick hand ofF to Junior Renee Delonjay. Center Right: Senior Karen Chwierut throws a block as cunning Kothie Comisso runs with the ball. Far Right: Coach Rafail urges his team on to victory. Right: Senior Coach Mihalyfy's discouraged look tells the story. Opposite Page Top Left: Junior Patti Tomes wonders what to do with the football. Opposite Page Top Right: Senior Cindi Danaher shows her determination. Opposite Page Center Right: Junior Pat Tomes rushes for yardage. Opposite Page Bottom Left: Senior Morlene Steele oxpressing her anguish. Opposite Page Bottom Right: Juniors cheer on their team. 16 Action Powder PuffAquettes: A Splashing, Success Such terms as a "back chain dolphin" and a "ballet leg" aren't very familiar to most people, but if you mention "Aquettes" everyone should know what you're talking about. Since last year's show which was the first sell-out in the history of the club, the Aquettes have become a popular group. This year's 45 member club is led by officers Junior Jane Streit, President; Senior Cindi Danaher, Vice President; Junior Teresa Balog, Secretary; and Junior Tina Wells, Treasurer. Last year, Mrs. Avace Wilde assumed responsibility as sponsor of the club, and she spent many hours after school helping the girls with the many stunts. Some of the annual events of the Aquettes is the sponsoring of the Spinster Dance and going to clinics at Michigan State University. Top Left: Our toy soldiers will be the first to break the barrier of mole dominance in the army. Top Right: Posing pretty are Juniors Marion Gicse. Karen D'Amico, Kathy Fullop. Sheila Patsoiis, Sue Cloutier, Kris Richardson and Karen Palczynski. Right: Junior Linda Bird shows how everyone helps each other out during practice. 18 Action AquettesCAT: An Experience in Itself Cross Age Teaching, also known as CAT, offers a new experience for juniors and seniors this year at Allen Park High. Three times a week students travel to various elementary schools throughout A.P. Here, they learn the various skills of teaching. They help out the teachers and sometimes take the place of the teacher. They help the kids out with their studies, read to them, and help in any way they can. Top left: Senior Joe Anderson attempts to help out this confused student Top Right: Junior Diana Perfili points out a mistake Center left: Junior Sharon Lin-quist os she tells a story Center Right Colleen Cotter. Junior, takes over and tries to explain just what's going on. Right: Junior Linda States helps this student ■ th her reading. Far Right Cheryl Houpt. Junior, amoves this little guy with her strategy. Action Cross Age Teoching 19Sing, Sing, a Song r-v IKAVCA If you happen to be walking by the chorus room during either 2nd or 3rd hour, chances are you would be overcome by the beautiful(?) voices that fill the hall. These voices belong to the members of Girls and Boys Glee. Under the direction of Mr. Jack Kopnick, the Glee clubs rehearse daily for their upcoming performances which include the annual Christmas and Spring concerts along with a few other unscheduled concerts. Top left: Boys Glee performs. Top Right: Sophomores Dione Webb ond Keren Messer "tuning up.' Above: liso leis. Sophomore, ond Potti Bowdel, Sophomore, awaiting their turn. Right A few members of Boys Glee reheorsing before the concert. Opposite Page Top Girls Glee performing at the Christmas Concert. Opposite Poge Bottom left: Junior Terri Sadler, and Senior Paul Toit. just kidding around? Opposite Page Middle Right Seniors Jill Redden, ond Jerri Gallagher glad it's over Opposite Poge: Bottom Right: Senior Don Mrock desperately practices before the concert with the help of Darrell Toney. 20 Action Boys ond Girls GleeCome Blow Your Horn Success! That should have been the name of the three-act comedy "Come Blow Your Horn", by Nell Simon. The play was about a swinging bachelor whose life was constantly being disrupted by his younger brother, his dizzy girlfriends, and his worried parents who had mastered the talent of popping in at the wrong time. Approximately 60 people came for tryouts, which was a much greater turnout than expected. After a few days the 7 members of the cast were selected. A center stage was chosen to achieve a more intimate feeling between the actors and the audience. This year's Drama Club, which got off to a great start, was revived by the students after a long absence at A.P.H.S. Miss Pat Quinn, who is in her first year of teaching at our school, is the sponsor of the club. Top Left: Senior Darrel lupo being gussied up for portrayal of Buddy Baker. Top Right: Sophomore Brian Klcnk awaiting his costume. Right: Darrel "Buddy" Lupo as he comforts his mama, Sandy Fallone, sophomore. Opposite Page Top Left: Junior John Boehmer using all his charm. Opposite Page Top Center: Sophomore Janice Robatchka at her best. Opposite Page Bottom: Senior Sandy Pavan offering her ultimatum to John Boehmer. Opposito Page Right: Junior Charles Clark — Advertisement in the flesh. 22 Action PlayStep Ri ht Up, Folks! The annual APHS fair was held on Saturday, February 23. As usual it was held in the gym. Presale tickets were sold the week before and everyone buying tickets in advance became eligible for the Super Drawing. Prize was a 10-speed bike, won by Mrs. Molesky. Each club sponsored a booth, such as the hula barr, sponsored by the Booster Club, and Jarco, sponsored by the Business Club. Minor sports cheerleaders had the tip over the coffee game while the J.V. cheerleaders operated the dart game. Senior class was in charge of the pie toss. Junior class had the basket throw, and the Sophomore class conducted the teddy bear toss. Top Left: Senior Tony Masucci gets his due reward. Top Right: Senior Roger Clark putting in another lucky ticket Bottom Right: Phil Beyer violates O'Hara's eleventh commandment, "Thou shalt not talk to girls!" Opposite Page: Top left: French Club dancers doing the can-can. Opposite Page: Top Right: How many cards do you wont? Opposite Page Bottom Left: Senior Nancy Malone and Junior Teresa Bucon were soiling bagels not liquor Opposite Page: Bottom Center: Sophomore Wendy Beck doing her nightclub stint. Opposite Page: Bottom Right: Tracey Melodosian gathers in the precious Fair tickets for J.V. Cheerleaders. 24 Action FairWe Believe in Music Is there someone in your class who's always humming a tune? Chances are it's a member of Concert Choir. To be accepted into choir, you are tested in sight singing, rhythm clapping, and pitch distinction. This year we were host to the Suburban Eight Concert which included the choirs, bands, and orchestras of the eight league schools. The fun side of choir is apparent whenever Kangaroo Kourt is in session. If charged of a crime, you have a chance to prove your innocence with the help of a very qualified(?) lawyer. Penalties range anywhere from singing with a peanut butter sandwich in your mouth to pushing an M M across the floor with your nose. Above: Sophomore, Mike Korbon, portraying a very unlikely role. Opposite Page: Top: Concert Choir. Opposite Page. Bottom left: Junior lindo Bird takes a break from occomponying Concert Choir. Opposite Poge: Bottom Center Sophomore Randy Mrock ond Junior Sherri Shoulders relaxing before performing in the concert Opposite Poge Bottom Right: A portion of Concert Choir worming up. 26 Action Concert ChoirWe’re an American Band This years Marching Band, under the direction of Jack Kopnick, has proved itself for another season. The Band provided spectators with half-time entertainment at every home game. Along with this, they led the Homecoming Parade. And, for the first time participated in building a float, which took first prize for the best club float, sponsored by the Kiwinis. Along with their daily rehearsals, and weekly night rehearsals, the Band also attended Camp Mahon-Go-Tah-See for one week during the summer. Here they were taught how to march, and the routine for the first show. Every day they were up at 7:00 a.m., and lights out was at 10:00 p.m. Their day contained about 4 hours of marching plus music rehearsals. But there was still enough time for swimming and sail-boating at the camp beach. Other activities included a trip to the sand dunes, and nightly dances. Top Left: Music Director, Jack Kopnick "Strikes Up the Band." Top Right: The brass section as they practice during rehersol. Center Right: Just another routine practice. Bottom Right: Sophomore Dave Fudge displays his talents. Opposite Page. Top Right: Junior Dave Jackson, ond Sophomore Bill lambright on tuba. Opposite Page: Top left: Junior Bob VanSteenkiste receives the trophy for the best club float. Opposite Page: Bottom left: Junior John Manero, also this years drum major, takes a well deserved break. Opposite Page: Center Right: Gary Allen, Debbie Disch, and Diane Gil-patrick, hard at work. Opposite Page. Bottom Right: APHS Majorettes. 28 Action BandEat Your Hearts Out — Playgirl This year APHS has added a new activity — Winter Homecoming. Classes and Clubs made miniature floats that were judged during halftime at the basketball game against Plymouth. Out of the senior homerooms five guys were elected to the court. They were: Dan Bruke, Ron Mastropietro, Mike Rinna, Dennis Konkel and John Dodson. After the judging of the floats, Dennis Konkel was crowned king. He then made a speech thanking Dr. Miller for fixing the contest. The sophomore class won for the best float with their entry—Bambi. The seniors float was Jiminy Cricket, and Cinderella's castle was the juniors. Jaguar Journal also entered with their "Nose for News" slogan and their float Pinocchio, reading a Jaguar Journal. Top: Juniors Diane Molesky and Darlene Horvath pulling the Junior float. Above: Winter Homecoming Court. Right: Mike Rinna. Far Right: Ron Mastropietro. Opposite Page: Top Left: last minute preparations on the float. Opposite Page: Top Right: Pinocchio, made by Jaguar Journal staff. Opposite Page: Center: Winning float by sophomores. Opposite Page: Bottom Left: Dan Burke. Opposite Page: Bottom Center: John Dodson. Opposite Page: Bottom Right: King Konkel. 30 Action Winter HomecomingStudent Council Gets Involved This years officers for the 1973-74 Student Council are: Senior Ray Malos, president; Senior Carol Hagen, v-president; Junior Starr Kerr, secretary; and Senior Jean-nis Osip, treasurer. Among their many achievements this year, the Student Council has petitioned to the Board for a pop machine and tables and carpeting for the lobby. 32 Action Student CouncilDays of Future Past Spinster is the annual dance sponsored by the Aquettes, in which the girls have to ask the guys out and pay for the evening. This year, the dance proved to be a tremendous success. The theme of the dance was Days of Future Past and Springwell provided the entertainment. With the price of gas and food going up, the girls are happy that this only happens once a year! Above: "Eat your hearts out girls!" Top: Spinsterettes plan their strategy. Right: Juniors Connie Bray and Bob Vacca. For Right: Junior Kathy Trionfi and Mark Ramirez. Opposite Page: Top Left: Junior Koren D'Amico and escort Opposite Page: Top Right: Spinster couples take a break from dancing and music for a coke and conversation. Opposite Poge: Bottom Center: "Gotcha now!" Opposite Page: Bottom Right: Spinsters drag their catches out of the cold and into the dance. 34 Action SpinsterThe Spirit’s a Movin’ One of the most spirited clubs of our school is the Booster Club. They are the ones who worm our tummies with hot chocolate ond coffee ot the football games and cool off our tempers at the basketball games. Jill Redden is the President; Theresa Flood is Vice-President and Terri Rhoton fulfills the duties of Secretary and Treasurer. The members also check tickets at wrestling, swimming and gymnastic meets. Above Moy wc Kelp you?" Top Center: "Isn't there anyone who’s not thirsty?’ Top Right. Sophomore, Mrlisso fletcher waiting for some customers Right Junior. Shirley forogo collecting oH the loot. 36 Action booster Club Homemaking ClubA Time for Caring, This years Homemaking Club, sponsored by Rosemary Malish, has had another successful year. To raise money they hold weekly bake sales. But this year, along with bake goods they have also added fresh baked pretzels and pizza. Also, they held their annual Christmas party attended by brothers, sisters, cousins, neices, nephews. Upcoming activities include hosting a party for retarded children in January. Top Right: Junior Nancy Dimetroff catches this little gi'U attention. Top left: Kim Schowocho, junior, takes on two at once. Center Right: Sophomore Marcia lewis interests this little boy with her fantastic story 9 Center left Senior Mickey fregonora. ond Junior Valerie Michael entertoin their guests Bottom Right: Senior Christie Short omored by bubbles.Dare Ya To Do It! Walt Disney was the theme for this years Spirit Week. During the week, classes competed in annual races and pie eating contests. They also competed in hall decoration, which was won by the Seniors. On Friday Student Council sponsored something new called Dare Day. Students could dare any member of S.C. for a minimal fee. The Senior Class won with the most money. The profits went to the March of Dimes. Above: Senior Michalinc Romanauski wins the pic eating contest. Top Right: Sophomore Don Menden, Junior Tony Rinna, ond Senior Craig Fraiser, on your mark; get set; go! Above Center: Sophomore Moryonn Placek. Center Right Sophomore Kathy Lewindowski takes a step back to her childhood. Right: Junior Dcna Edge ond her pal. Opposite Page: Top Left: Larry Lind, juniors wins the guys pie-eating contest. Opposite Page Top Right: Seniors Jeonnie Osip, and Tony Massucci keeping a watchful eye on the contestants. Opposite Page: Center Right: Senior Jerry Riley, happy and content. Opposite Page: Bottom Left: Senior Michaline Romanauski just can't get enough! Opposite Page: Bottom Right: Jim Burton. Sophomore, Scott Zolynski, Junior ond Senior Mott Topelian coming into home stretch. 38 Action Spirit WeekSnow Fever Snow fever always take you by surprise. Suddenly you become aware that you've been skiing with extra control and assurance; with a little more speed than you usually manage. Then, you experience a curious feeling, way down deep inside; a burst of joy, very intense. Next thing you know, you just can't seem to get enough skiing. Back on the lift as fast as you can; you ski down again, then up, and down again. You're absolutely turned on and you seem tireless. You're no longer just trying to get down the hill. You're a Skiier. You've got it. That's snow fever. Top: Tom Greggs displays his talent. Above: Junior Pat Tomes made a boo-ben! Right: Junior Terri Siemicki tov ing the line. Far Right: Sophomore JoAnn Mangia-pane very proud of her accomplishment. Opposite Page: Top Left: Seniors Glen Kummcr and Scott Bixler taking a break Opposite Page: Top Center: Junior Tom Hcrrgard snow-plowing down the hill. Opposite Page: Top Right: Cindi Bierma, Junior, flying high. Opposite Page Bottom left: Senior Jon Nikischer wearing a different mode of dress. Opposite Page: Bottom Right: Sue Ottenbaker and Connie Bray atop the hill. 40 Action Ski ClubJackasses on the Run How many basketball games do you see being played with donkeys? Well, it's an annual thing here at A.P.H.S. and now the girls have joined in. There were three exciting games; Faculty, Senior and Junior girls, and Senior and Junior guys. Everyone who went knows how great it was and for those of you who didn't here are two pages that will bring back a few brief moments of the fun and excitement. Abovo: It's a long way up. Top Right: Junior Ron Rowland, "Hangin' in there." Bottom Left: The mass confusion of donkey basketball. Opposite Page: Top left: Giddy up! Opposite Page: Top Right: "Where am I going", asks Junior Anita Kapera. Opposite Page: Center: "Oh my God. the basket's gone!" Opposite Page: Bottom Right: "What in the world am I doing here?" ask Kim Kochever ond Sharon Covert. 42 Action Donkey Basketbollshout joyous news-victory! 46 All of the Cheerleaders have been quite active this year, as they have sponsored a Mr. Cool contest and dance in hopes of raising money for Muscular Dystrophy. They have also sponsored a cheerleading clinic in the gym after school to improve their abilities. Mrs. Ann Piper, a lady with spirit, and who has been involved in many school activities during the year, has also taken the responsibility of Varsity, Junior Varsity, and Minor Sports Cheerleading coach. Coach Piper and the squads have tried to enlist the spirit of Allen Park High and Allen Park City. Above: Varsity Cheerleaders do a formation with form. Top Center: Minor Sports cheerleaders come on strong at our annual Homecoming game. Bottom Right: Junior Varsity Cheerleaders exhibit their form and style. Opposite Page: Bottom left: Sophomore Cheryl Reese. "Hey, we're Number One!' Opposite Page: Bottom Center: Sophomores Nancy Casey and Chris Quiring lead Allen Park in a spirit-filled cheer. Opposite Page: Far Right: Captain of the Varsity Squad, Senior Joni Osip takes a short break to scan the field in ploy. Jocks Cheerleaderssafe!' was the call and we won the game Awarded a trophy for their shrewdness and ability, the Girl's Softball team, not only enjoyed the game for its recreation, but for the sport itself. Under the leadership of Mrs. Ann Piper with Captains Sue Snodgrass and Kathy Bucon, the team showed skill and sportsmanship, whether it be in victory or loss. Chalk one up for Womens Lib. The Allen Park Softball girls wish to extend their deep appreciation to their coach, Mrs. Ann Piper, who has led them to another winning season. The Girls' Softball Team picture can be found on page 185. Above: Coach Mrs. Ann Piper confers with Ann Alficro on schedules and times. Top Right: Hope Hautala shows grim determination as she awaits her pitch. Bottom Right: Senior Sue Snodgrass rounds first base for a double. Opposite Page: Top Left Mary Pellegrino smiles with anticipation of a strike out. Opposite Page: Center: Junior Teresa Bucon trucks down the base line. Opposite Pago: Far Right: Senior Janie Young throws to second base for a double play. Opposite Page Bottom Left: Karen Kuhn runs in another point for Allen Park. 48 Jocks Girls' Baseballdribble, dribble, swish This year's 1973-74 Girls' Basketball team, coached by Mrs. Ann Piper, led the name of JAGUARS to many victories for Allen Park High. Co-captains Teresa and Kathy Bucon were the team high scorers and held the squad united throughout the season. The courts of our gym were brightened this year by the team's new uniforms and their outstanding play. The Girls' Basketball Team can be found on page 192. Top Right: Junior Teresa Bucon fights to keep the ball from her opponent. Bottom Left: Grabbing for the ball is Sophomore Sue Wall. Bottom Center: Junior Teresa Bucon drives by her man for another bucket. Bottom Right: Senior Kathy Bucon. Opposite Page: Top Left: Oribbling down the court is Sophomore Sue Wall. Opposite Poge: Top Center: Sophomore Paulette Palmer and Sue Wall trucking down the court. Opposite Page: Top Right: Sophomore Paulette Palmer hangs on to the ball. Opposite Poge Bottom left: Junior Sherri Shoulders and Sophomore Paulette Palmer block out their opponent's attempt to gain possession of the ball. Opposite Page: Bottom Right: Junior Teresa Bucon and Senior Cindy Szczesny take it away on the jump ball. SO Jocks Girls Basketballdid billie jean king start like this? For the first time in Allen Park history, the Girl's Tennis team participated in the Suburban Eight League meets, along with the Regional meets. The girls also had a first; this was the premiere for their varsity team. Coach Elaine Freeman and Captain Kathy Zwolan provided the fine leadership for the team. The team tasted victory in their meet with Wayne Memorial, with the score of 4-1. Girls' Tennis Team picture can be found on page 185. Top Center: Senior Carrie Peopples practices alone. Top Right: Senior Patty Williams bombs the ball ogoin. Below: The gang takes a breather with Coach Mrs. Elaine Freeman. Bottom Right: Senior Diane Shovely gets ready to fire one back. Opposite Page: Top Left: Paula Tarnowsky, "WHAT NOW!" Opposite Page: Center: Senior Lori Mei adds style and form to her game. Opposite Page Far Right: Senior Karen Kuroda uses her backhand to rack up the points for Allen Park Opposite Page: Bottom Left: Senior Kothy Zwolan is prepared for victory. 52 Jocks Girls Tennis' V Y- jT yt J J r thinclads get the runaround Serious dedication, personal determination, and record breaking consistency are the earmarks of the 1973-74 Cross Country team. This year was the first season in 14 years for the Mighty Jags to reign victorious. Their record, 6-5, was rewarding, for the team ran miles each day to maintain their endurance for long distance running. Under the supervision of Coach Ray Ruth, and Co-captains Steve Baker and Tom Hilton, Allen Park won the Lincoln Park Invitational for the first time. High placers were that of Steve Baker, junior, and Tom Hilton, senior. The underclassmen were also beneficial to the team's success. They had exceptional stamina, for each time that the runners made their mark on the starting line, they knew that they would be expected to exert themselves to the utmost of their ability. The men gave an outstanding display in one of the most demanding of high school sports, practicing more than 10 miles a day. Throughout the season, the guys managed to keep high spirits and high places. Congratulations 1973 Cross Country Team. Above Neot. precise, and orderly? Center Junior Fred VonhoJo puts his skill ond ambition into the roce. For Right Keep on trucking Tom Hilton Opposite Roge: left: Over the river ond thru the woods, Russ Rovery knows the woy Opposite Roge Top Right: Whot do you meon we're going the wrong way?" Opposite Roge Center bottom There's always time for a stroll after the meet Opposite Poge bottom Right Captain Steve baker shows his determination thot keeps him on top of the rest. 54 Jocks Cross Countryap trackmen . .. truckin' down the line They're off to a running start with the exciting events of the 880 and 440 relays, shot putting, high jump, hurdles, and pole vaulting. Each event expresses the individual talent of each trackman, combining together to make the team a whole. The 1973 Track Team exhibited fine performances not only in the Sub 8 League meets, but in the Regional and Invitational meets as well. This year's coaching talents are those of Mr. Denny. In single competition or struggling for the lead, the heat of athletic endeavor molds amateurs into professionals; Allen Park High looks forward to another great season. Team picture on page 181. Above: Junior Marc Caravron makes the exchange of the boton. Top Right: Al Kresslein makes for the finish line. Bottom Right: Mark Schmidt shows his determination at the storting line. Opposite Page; Left: Randy Seasock trucks on down the track in the 440. Opposite Page: Top Right: Bill Fischer shuts his eyes and hopes for the best at the shot put. Opposite Page- Bottom Right: Allen Pork trackmen take the lead. 56 Jocks Trackthe hackers are back at it Practice is the most important factor in a golf match, for it puts great responsibility on each individual. Outstanding Allen Park golfers include Seniors Bob Santucci, Craig Fraser, Juniors Mark Whited, Ed Vig, Bill Gatesy, and Sophomore Bruce Antioch. The team as a whole was not country club oriented and they used no practice fields in performance of their skills. The returning coach, Mr. Hershburger, led the Arnold Palmer Jr's to an eventful, if not successful season. Top left: Senior Bob Santucci shows his skill and ability in putting. Top Center: Senior Craig Fraser thinking up a better strategy. Top Right: Senior Bob Santucci gets that boll out of the sand trap. Bottom left. Junior Bill Gatesy scans the course searching for his ball. Opposite Page: Top left: Coach Hershburger, is busy making plans for the Golf team. Opposite Page- Bottom left: Junior Mark Whited putting for a "whole in two.' Opposite Page: Right: Sporting a broad smile as well as a heavy golf bag is Junior Ed Vig. 58 Jocks Golf,bobby riggs started like this? Flying balls and swinging rackets welcomed in another spring season of tennis. The 1973 Tennis team hit the courts with high spirits and high scores. This was Coach DeVia's rookie season as head coach of the team. His leadership helped bring the name of Jaguars to victory time and again. The outlook of this team in the future is encouraging. Abovo: Senior Steve Bonnie smashes a tough serve. Top Center: Senior Keith Keller sloms one back. Top Right: Senior Gary Oates serves to the best of his ability. Bottom Right: Seniors Gary Oates and Lee Egland are prepared for their opponent's return. Opposite Page: Left: Senior lee Eglond jumping high to meet the ball. Opposite Page: Right: Senior Mark Hershberger using his backhand swing. Opposite Page: Bottom Right: Senior Mike Brennan prepares to back-up Senior Dan Mrock 60 Jocks Tennis perfect season eludes swim team When you think of water you think of fish and in some ways that best describes our Barracuda swimmers. Coach Dennis Armstrong used just one word to describe the 1973-74 swimming season as "Exciting.'' The team placed a strong second in the Suburban Eight League meets. Woman's Lib conquers again this year. Marsha Sherwood and Paula Waniak joined the swim team for the second year in a row. They started a new award this year for the most improved swimmer, and the award went to Dave Ottenbaker. This year's Co-captains were Seniors Mark Hershberger and Dale Weiss. Fine performances were given by Senior allstater Greg Messer for his skill in butterfly. Team shot may be found in the Friends section on page 196-97. Above Sophomore Marfy Premtaj leaps to a victory. Top Right: Junior Marcia Sherwood comes up for air. Center Right: Junior Paula Waniak uses every bit of strength as she plunges toward the finish line. Bottom Right: Junior Mark Fanfalone gasps for breath as he wings his way down the lane. Opposite Page: Top Left: Junior Scott Haines races toward the finish line. Opposite Page Bottom Right: Hoping for a high score Eddie Baker concentrates on his next dive. 62 Jocks Swimmingit almost didn’t happen The 1973-74 Gymnastics team almost ceased to exist if it hadn't been for the spirit of Mr. Perry. The team members had until Dec. 5th to find a coach and for a while it seemed almost hopeless. But Coach Perry stepped in to pull the team together. Although their beginning as a team was uncertain the 1973 Gymnastics are sure to have a good season. Team picture on page 1 99. Above: Junior Duane Litogot practices his routine on the parallel bars. Top Right: John Cadorin; great form on the high bar. Center Right: Coach Mike Perry shows how it's done. Bottom Right: Junior Danny Buscetta shows agility and style on the rings. Opposito Page: Top Left: Dave Martinez completes the Iron L on the rings. Opposite Page: Bottom Left: Senior Greg Fon-folone begins a flip in the air. Opposite Page: Top Right: Senior Toni Massucci works out on the horse. Opposite Page: Bottom left: Women's Lib is invaded. 64 Jocks Gymnasticswin first sub-8 championship almost The 1973-74 Wrestling team, in Coach Pat Gizzi's opinion, is the best that Allen Park has seen in awhile. The team has a good chance at the Sub-8 title with the outstanding abilities of Junior Lance Donati and Senior Ray Swidan, rating as two of the best wrestlers in the state. Right: Senior Jim Townsend proves he can do it if he tries. Below: John Tuba shows the concentration one must have to win. Middle Right: Junior Ralph Hargraves gets the referee's signal for a pin. Bottom Right: Just one more in Ray and you've got it. Opposite Page: left: Captain Lance Donati breaks down his opponent to make another win. Opposite Page: Bottom Left: Senior Brian Fabbri shows that traditional victory signal; he raises his arm. Opposite Page: Center Right: Sophomore Bill Townsend overpowers his match for the deciding win. Opposite Page: Top Right: Bob Loyd's aggressiveness helps him to get another one of AP's victories. Opposite Page: Bottom Right: Again, Bob Loyd grits his teeth and proves what it is to be an AP Wrestler! Other outstanding wrestlers for the future ore John Tuba, Ralph Hargraves, and Bill Tow-send. Team shot on page 197. 66 Jocks Wrestlinghockey ... young but promising Tri-Captains Louie Marson, Chris Prieur, and Dave Weshalek are 3 out of 6 seniors on the team, which tells you how young the Jags were this year. First-year Coaches Mike Sloan and Ray Fingers stated, "our upset victories over Catholic Central and Brother Rice were just great—just great." Team shot on page 194. Above: Junior Marty Pavclich checks his opponent into the boards. Above Center: Junior Mike Thibodeou drop passes the puck to an onrushing Jaguar. Above Right: Sophomore Joe Prieur is known os "mean green" on the board' Bottom Right: Junior Walt Kalicki carries the puck across the opponents blue line. Opposite Page: Top Left: Bill Witkowski another Junior hockey player awaits for the face off Opposite Page Top Right Junior Randy Paquette mokes the save. Opposite Page: Bottom left: Junior Tim Walker is o blur skating down the ice Opposite Page Bottom Center: Captain Louie Marson is the policeman on the ice for the Allen Parkers. Opposite Page Bottom Right Senior Rick Yesue races to get another unbroken hockey stick. 68 Jocks Hockeyjags shoot for 3rd title but miss The 1973-74 Varsity Basketball team "is doing well this year considering that we have no returning starters," Coach Mike O'Hara said. The team last year was Sub 8 champs for the 2nd time in Allen Park's history and it is very likely that the 73-74 team will make it 3rd in a row. Good Luck fellas. Team picture on page 188. Above: Senior Tom Spindler recovers the ball. Top Center: Junior Phil Beyer takes his aim before he shoots. Bottom Center: Steve Gibb prepares to sink another one. Far Right: Jeff Georges has a little warmup session on the court. Opposite Page: Top Left: Mike Fregonara prepares to block his oncoming opponent. Opposite Page: Top Center: Lee Junger looks on in pure omaiement. Opposite Page: Bottom left: Howie McDonald looks down the court for an open receiver. Opposite Page: Far Top Right: Captain Gregg Brighton — Up Up and Away. Opposite Page: Bottom Right: Brian Foley races down the court, with an expression of determination. 70 Jocks Varsity Basketballjv men reach new heights Coach Dave Sharrard evaluates this squad as the best he's had. They will take the Sub-8 with a few breaks. The squad can be inconsistent against weaker teams but play their best against the best. High scorer, Bert Beaney and high rebounder, Marty Menard give this team its punch. Other stellars like Dave Zantop, and John Waring give their all. Team picture on page 187. Above: Sophomore Bert Beoney drives in for o lay-up. Top Right: George Armelogos attempts to moke o bosket despite his Southgate opponent Bottom Right: Greg Boni doesn't seem to find anything that John Waring soys funny. Opposite Page Top left: John Waring drives on his opponent. Opposite Page Top Center Ron Tkoc barely acknowledges the presence of his opponent os he dribbles to his goal. Opposite Page Bottom Center: Dave Zantop. keep on truckin'. Opposite Poge Far Right Marty Menard looks down the court for an open receiver. 72 Jocks JV Basketballtake 2 and hit to right It was the 9th inning, the score was 7-5, and Mighty Walt was at bat. The fans were ecstatic, but the Mighty Walt struck out. The game was lost. There was no joy at AP that night. And that's how the Allen Park Ballplayers ended their championship drive. The season wound up in a 10-8 decision. A not too impressive year. Although Allen Park produced two outstanding players: Dan Burke, and Craig Fraser, seniors, won the honors of All League. Pitching wise. Senior Bob lewandowski led the staff, followed by the efforts of Tony Rinna, Mike Fregonara, and Joe Sanflippo. Team picture on page 1 78. Above: Junior Bruce Fournier displays one of his better styles that helped him hit over .400. Top Right: Senior Don Burke, ready and willing for action. Bottom Left: Matty Topelien jogs in after a hard day of baseball. Bottom Right: Mike Fregonara makes the final turn before scoring the deciding run. Opposite Page: Top Left: Junior Phil Beyer shows the form that may help him this year to reach maybe .600 Opposite Page Middle Hey Ma look ah me!!!!" Opposite Poge Bottom Left: Don Burke squares around fantastically. Opposite Page: Bottom Right: Bet you Craig Fraser's glad that one didn't hit 'em Opposite Page Top Right One of Ed Beris's more serious looks. 74 Jocks Varsity Baseballand we come back even stronger . .. . . . not beginners any longer, for we even show conviction in our souls. Take me out to the ball game, take me out to the park! A familiar phrase around Allen Park High this season as the Jaguars record was 10 and 3. Above average hitters this year were Michael Fregonara, Philip Beyer, and Bruce Fournier, all juniors, hitting over .400. Junior Brian Foley and Senior Rich Carpenter hit .300. Not a bad average. Team picture on page 178. Above: Senior Rich Carpenter await anxiously for play to start. Top Right: Senior Chris Atwood throws one of his better games. Below: Junior Perry Petterle docs his greatest behind the plate for the Junior Varsity team Opposite Page: Top left: Coach Haboian tries to pound some pep talk into his team before the game Opposite Page: Top Right: Junior Phil Beyer puts a mouthful into that one Bottom Center: Junior lorry Lind awaits his pitch Opposite Page: Bottom Right; Junior Tony Rinna doesn't quite moke the play. 76 Jocks J V Baseballvarsity football fires up for victory This year's Varsity Football team was sprinkled with Sophomore talent. The Senior leadership was provided by such stalwarts as Captains Mike Rinna, John Dod son, and Darrel Knick, along with outstanding performances of Dan Burke, and Louie Marson. This year's team had one of its finest moments in its victory over Edsel Ford in a double overtime. Team picture on page 175. Above: Coach Vadasy and the 1973 Jaguars look on the field with Intense emotions. Top Right: Junior Marc Canarvon, high scorer, rips through the Melvindate line. Bottom Right: Seniors Mike Rinna, Dan Burke, and Jeff Georges are side-lined early in the overwhelming victory during the Homecoming game Opposite Page: Top Left: Senior Mike Rinna follows the crushing block of John Dodson Opposite Page: Top Right: Sophomore Bert Beaney sprints up the field. Opposite Page: Bottom: The offensive line is ready to fire out on the snap of the ball. 78 Jocks Varsity Footballjunior varsity kicks off another season It was another year of practice, practice, and more practice for the 1973 Junior Varsity Football team. The Sophomores played a very fine game but did not taste victory often. Their record was one-four-one. The big scoring threat was that of Sophomore Jeff Guotana, halfback. Outstanding performances were given by John Carlisle, Dave Listello, and Brian Gaggin. The head coach for this season of football was Mr. James Kalisz, and Mr. Kenneth Kaneko made his debut as assistant coach. Team picture can be found on page 190-191. Above: Junior Varsity Defensive line kicks off another season with hopes of success. Bottom Center: Sophomore Jeff Guotana runs for a first down. Bottom Right: Sophomore quarterback Dave Listello looks down the field for an open receiver. Opposite Page: Top Left: Sophomore Brian Gaggin does a little song and dance for the fans. Opposite Page: Top Right: J.V. quarterback Dave Listello gets the offensive line ready to execute the play. Opposite Page: Bottom: Junior Varsity Defense closes for the kill. 80 Jocks Junior Varsity Footballv vEasy Ridin’ The coming of Spring is the coming of the bikers. All through the summer and late into autumn, cyclists roam the streets of Allen Park, until cold weather and snow forces them into the warmth of a car. The feelings that flow with the hot weather and scramblers is a sense of freedom and status. The craze for motorcycles has grown not just in A.P., but all over the world. Here is a small look at the world of A.P.'s motorcycles. 84 Others MotorcyclesOpposite Page Left: Jim Parsnik. Opposite Page Top: Roy Duffy. Opposite Page Bottom left: Chad Simpson. Opposite Page Bottom Left: At Bumpus. Top Left: Marty Pavelich. Top Center. Tony Zapico. Top Right. Bob Benhom. Left: Scott Spognol, Leroy Bowman Above John Beohmer.Keep On Truckin The minute one receives o driver's license the car becomes a second home, maybe even a first home. A.M. radios are fine for a week or two but soon afterwards money is saved for a F.M radio or a tapeplayer. Then comes luxuries such as shag carpeting, custom paint jobs, wide tires, reclining seats or bucket seats. People have been treasuring cars, ever since four wheels and an engine were mounted on a frame. In the age of fast moving circles the car is still number one. 86 Others CartSomeone, Please Listen What would you do if I sang out of tune? Would you stand up and walk out on me? Lend me your ear and I'll sing you a song and I'll try not to sing out of key. What do I do when my love is away? Does it worry you to be alone? How do I feel by the end of the day? Are you sad because you're on your own? I get by with a little help from my friends. I'm gonna try with a little help from my friends. Do you need anybody? "Beatles" Crisis Center- 383-9000 No Hope With Dope-Shar House 824-0484 88 Olhen HelpingWear: It’s At 73-74 Fashions: platform shoes, baggie pants, straight legged pants, bell-bottoms, mini, midi, maxi lengths, knickers, levi's, jewelry. Each year fashions go through a "fad ' It seems more and more like "fad" is changing to "anything goes". Instead of "come as you are" it's "come as you feel". Planning a wardrobe is a lot easier now than it was five years ago. When it gets down to what's "in" or not it simply is what looks best to you and what kind of fashion you personally, like. Times are changing for the better; Allen Park is right there. 90 Others FashionsHUELGA Opposite Page Left: Louise Fischer. Mory Beth Trimper. Opposite Page: Top: Ed Date, Mike Mush. Opposite Page Bottom Center: Aurora Bilan. Debbie Stansell. Opposite Page: Bottom Right: Jane lows. Top Left: Paula Bilan. Top Center: Dave Smith Top Right: Mary Brown, Cathy Clark, Nancy Markevich, Karen Atkinson. Above Bonnie Kaminski, Cheryl Enix, left: John Ca-dorin, Larry Lind. Jerry Riley. Dean Malos.Smiles Smiles around the world are not very many in number, but at Allen Park High we seem to make up the bigger percent. With Spring Fever in the air who can help but get excited about the warmer season ahead. As we all know smiles and laughter are the best remedies for our problems, so when you're down try smiling it might help. 92 Othert SmilesOpposite Page: Top left: Marcos Dias Opposite Page Top Right: Russ Taylor Opposite Page: Bottom left Eric Stromberg Opposite Page: Bottom Right: Myra Moseley Top left: JoAanne Skarlet Top Right Tom lazuka Bottom Left Pam Hudak Bottom Center: Theresa Bucon Above: Caroline MerrelNeed a Job? Schools hove always provided students with reading, writing, math, history, and sciences. In A.P.H.S., if you need a job Mr. Rizzo, Mr. Durfee, and Mrs. Keramidas can provide that too. Working has always been a real learning experience. Co-op is different and fun, but, most of all there is a real sense of accomplishment. It's a part of growing up. 94 Other Co-opOpposite Page Top Left Bev Sokol Opposite Page Top Right: Ross Taylor Opposite Page Bottom Left: Nancy Wright. Opposite Page Bottom Right Koren Kozuh and Kitty Barbier. Top left: Cheryl Eldrcd. Top Right: Mr. Haboion and Donna Kuczajda Bottom left: Sharon Reardon Bottom Center: Jennifer Valopy. Above: Lisa Ganos.Everyone has a chance to take off from where they live and experience the unique feeling of traveling. Your on the wings of discovery or the road to a new life, somewhere far away from our routine existence of everyday. The highway stretches on and on, or, the sky just never ends. There's so many things to see and learn that can't be explained thoroughly in a textbook. Moments like skiing down the face of the Rocky Mts., snow spraying in your face and the sun shining in a big beautiful sea of blue. Maybe it's a French meal in a French cafe with a French waiter . . . a textbook just can't put into words what Frenchmen are like! c 96 Others TravelJoseph Anderson Rita Angus Marina Antio Joanne Antulis Robin Armstrong James Arndt Linda Bach William Ayala Susan Austin Kris Atwood Richard Asam Linda Arvanigian John Badarak Dale Bagby Judy Baksa Nancy Balgc Gabriel Balia James Ballantyne Gwen Barr Sharon Balias James Ballentine Charles Balsis Shannon Loso Brenda BorstadGcralyn Besek Mary Ann Bezerko Jerry Bica Paula Bilan Marcia Bireta John Bisaro Scott Bixler Dovid Bjoraker Margaret Bobovsk, Elizabeth Bowdell Jeffrey Bowdell Scott Bower Mary Catherine Brady Linda Brennan Michael Brennan 102 Wheels Senior Belinda Bronner Raymond Brossoit Alan Bumpus Karen Burbank Gregg Brighton Donna Bronicki Daniel Burke Diane Burton Karen Bush Daniel Buzz Marcic Byrne John Cadorin Paul Cog Juan Carbonell Richard Carpenter Opposite Page: Top: Seniors Scott Bixler and Jim Oshonski preporing for what they do best, left: Craig Froser lines the boll up. Above: Aquettes popping up everywhere.Karen Chwierut John Clark Patricia Clark Cynthia Cornwall Gary Covert Sandy Crimmins Lyle Croo Deborah Crupi Gregory Crupi Anne Marie Cummings Sharon Cushing Kenneth Czarnik Opposite Page: Top: Time out on the courts with a few questions for the coach Opposite Page Bottom: Senior Karen McKeover—At the Rodeo. Top: Senior Tony Masucci displays his style. Above: Senior Dan Rutkow-ski having a pile of fun!Ed Date Diane Daubresse Tina Davanzo Gory DerStepanian Sandra DeSouza James DeVitto Brian Davis Janice Degnan Linda Delehant Rochelle Demorow Joan Dennis John Dennison 106 Wheels SeniorsSusan DeVoli David DeVoll Marcos Dias Bonnie Donaldson Maryann Drouillard Glenn Drouin Cheryl Dudzinski Raymond Duffy Mary Ann Dunn Opposite Page: Top Nancy Ellis hands off the football. Opposite Page: Bottom: Strong muscles will determine the outcome of this match. Top: Senior Sandy DeSouza as the Block Widow. Above: Diane Schlender discovers her mistake.Steven Dyas Janice Ebel Mark Edge Janice Egan Lee Egland Kent Ehrle Cheryl Eldred Nancy Ellis Gordon Etheridge Doreen Exnowski Janice Falkowski James Falletich 108 Wheels SeniorsSusan Flores Roger Flynn Leslie Ford Michelle Fregonara Jane Frosheiser Geraldine Gallager Jeffrey Georges Mark Gilbert Diane Gilpatrick Donald Fowler Craig Fraser Frances Fregonara Opposite Page: Top: Sociable Seniors exchange words between classes Opposite Page: Bottom: Left, right, left, right . . . Top: Senior Greg Fanfalone confers with Coach Perry Above: Senior Patty Clark (' ) leaves the field the hard way.Karen Hale Sharon Hale Deborah Hall Diane Hanna William Harris Karrie Harrison Alexa Harvey William Haskins Charles Hatt Cheryl Hay Maureen Hayes David Heide 110 Wheels SeniorsCynthia Herman Mark Hershberger Michael Hewitt Leslie Hill Thomas Hilton Michael Hodge David Hollobaugh Mark Holubko Joetta Hopkins Andrea Hornyak David Horvoth Donna Hutson Diane Jokacki Sharon Jakubik Natalie Janks Patricia Jessick Mark Johns Pamela Johnson Opposite Page: Top: Senior Mike Wier helps out a student. Left: Seniors Mike Renko, Rob Keramidos, and Bill McMillan trying to piece things together. Above: Seniors Mark Hershberger and Jim DeVitto have a few laughs while helping out at the game.Timothy Joy Paula Kachin Douglas Koiser Joseph Kolik Gary Kapanowski Sharon Kauppi Michelle Kazan Barbara Keddie Keith Keller Richard Keramidas Robert Keramidas Lynda Keshishian Julie Kilman Bobbi Kinder Sharon Kindred Daniel Kirschweng Dennis Kish Dennis Knapp 112 Wheels SeniorsChristopher Koltunchik Denis Konkel William Korpi Douglas Kozfkay Karen Kozuh Jeffrey Krentler Ronald Krohn Diane Kropog Rosalyn Kuhn Glenn Kummer Mary Kunkel Karen Kuroda Cassandra Kurtjian Daniel Kwiatkowski Camille Lambert Opposite Page: Top Senior Dennis Knapp reviews the morning's events with a friend. Left: Teacher Marsha Biretta catches Miss Malish and Mr. Kovack without a hall pass. Above: Mighty Senior Women discussing their game strategy.John Leszczynski Robert Lewondowski Alexis Ligner Lindo Linfoot Bradley Linville Kathy Long 114 Wheels Seniors Thomas LaNouc David Lavictoire Jane Laws Janis Lawson Richard Lawson Carl Lay Timothy Lazuka Lori LeBlanc Stephen LeheckaPatrick Lott Darryl Lupo Virginia Lush Lynn MacKenzie David Maes Ross Malcolm Russ Malcolm Mary Malek Nancy Malone Raymond Malos Rick Manning David Manoogian Gary Manoogian Carol Mantua David Manzagol Opposite Page: Top: Senior Class President, Chuck Haft, fights for this year's Spirit Jug. Opposite Page: Bottom: This year's Senior Float which won the class competition. Top: Senior Debbie Disch keeping in line Above: Our five Senior swimmers: Jim DeVitto, Dale Weiss, Mork Hersh berger, Steve Dyas, and Bob Walls.Louis Morson Steve Martel Robert Martin 116 Whcels SeniorsLori McPherson John McQuade Christopher Medley Ruth Ann Metzger Terrie Meyers Keren Meyn Opposite Page: Top left: John Cadorin taking it easy. Opposite Page Bottom left: Rick lawson waiting for something to happen. Above: Bob Santucci shows Mike Daley how it's done. Top. John Albright busy at work.Kevin Meyn Janet Mihelich Thomas Miller William Mis Richard Missler Beverly Mogor Denise Molnar Larry Morehead Laurie Morton Shellie Mouradian Paula Moylan Nick Mrkich Daniel Mrock Timothy Mulroy Carolyn Murrell Dan Mysciwiec Joyce Myzionski 118 Wheels SeniorsRobert Nicholls Janice Nikischer Glenn Nogiec Danny O'Connell Robert O'Farrell Kathleen Ohl Dianna Ollila Tim O'Neil Daniel Orisehak Jess Novak Linda Nuzzi Gary Oates Opposite Page: Bottom: Greg Cheff working in Metal Shop. Opposite Page: Top: Seniors Michelle Dobis and Jane Laws, not a bit camera shy. Top: Carol Mantua creates a clay person. Above: Mr. Kopnick as he introduces the Austin Moro Jazz Band.James Oshanski Jeannie Osip Joni Osip James Parsnik Michael Paschke Sandra Pavan Carrie Peapples Joseph Perotta Audurey Perreault 120 Wheels SeniorsKim Policelli Hugh Pollock Clifford Popple Gayle Porter Toni Poulos Terrie Pobursky Tanya Ramirez Billy Rayfield Judy Rayfield Sharon Reardon Jill Redden Dennis Rcdmer Opposite Page: Karen Chierut and Dcbby Grosse trying their influence, left: Danny Burke evading the opponent. Above: Senior Darrell Knick. confident in his new role.Gayle Reed Jonathan Reeves Robin Regnier Terry Rhoton Annamarie Rice Gerald Rice Scott Robinson Karen Rodriguez Sheila Rogers Mark Rogozinski Deborah Roman Michaline Romonauski 122 Wheels SeniorsTerri Sarofian Andrew Sarkisian Joanne Scarlett Diane Schlendcr Larry Schonfeld Frances Schultz Linda Sdabassi Marilyn Scodellaro Cynthia Scott Opposite Page: Top: Just an average day at Allen Park High School, left: Senior Larry Wolicki starts the set. Above: Senior Matt Topelian has a few quiet moments.Laura Sheorouse Robert Sheptack Cynthia Shibel Christie Short Lawrance Sperlbaum Thomas Spindler Dianne Shovely Diane Shute Susan Snodgrass Beverly Sokol 124 Wheels SeniorsDan St. Louis Corinne Stone Julie Strunk Thomas Sturgill Beth Sutton Janice Swisz Opposite Page: Top: Senior Andy Plecha carefully sands and shapes his project. Opposite Page: Bottom: Senior Powder PufF Coach Mr. Mihalyfy gives the Senior Women a lost minute pep talk before the big game Above: Senior Natalie Jonks alias "Bunny Rabbit". Daniel Sword Cynthia Szczcnsy Jill SymonsPaul Tait Paula Tarnowesky Gary Tarpinian Douglas Tasker Thomas Tatar Loretta Tavernier Russ Taylor Debra Teets Fred Theeck Michael Tomich Matthew Topelian Gregory Torok Rebecca Toth James Townsend Matthew Tracer 126 Whocls Seniorsv7 7 Diane Trimper Janet Turner Mark Valchine Karen Vartabedian Mark Vinco Robert Walls Marc Wolther Opposite Page: Top Senior Vicki Medley—gleaming member of Concert Choir Opposite Page Bottom Senior Sue Snodgrass takes a few minutes on the sideline to talk with a friend about the gome. Top Senior Micholine Romanauski awards trophies on the day of the bike hike. Bottom: Senior Linda Linfoot gets tied up in things, as others look on. Paul WalterLaura Warner Sandy Warren Denise Webb Michael Wehr Shirley Weidenberger Dole Weiss Sharon Werner David Weshalek 128 Wheels SeniorsPatricia Williams Douglas Wilson Gary Wolas Daniel Yuchnovicz David Zanerdelli Tony Zapico Opposite Page: Left: Senior Kris Atwood winds up for the pitch. Opposite Page: Right: Mid Winter Homecoming Court gets together for a toast to King Konkel. Top Right: Bob Lewandowski. Above: Crowds gather to watch reloy race during Spirit Week. Arthur Zatyracz Gerald Zolynski Katherine ZwolanSeniors Not Pictured Janice Bergeron Anthony Bertelino Barbara Bilak Katherine Bucon John Colder Anthony Caparotta Mary Carrell Theodore Elick Dean Egman Brian Fabbri Gregory Fanflone Jeff Fournier Fred Hershberger Brian Harvey Paul Herold Joseph Kalik Edward Kastl Michael Kirunchyk Darrell Knick Karyn Knight Patrick Lally Judith Lyskawa Richard Machinski James Maddox Joanne Martin Brian McLellan Mark McLeod David Mortimer Daniel Mysliwiec Maureen Mullen Robert Novakowski Jeanette Ochala Yvonne Owen Vincent Penman Daniel Peters Elaine Petterson Terry Rastelli Michael Renko Joe Schroeder Timothy Sinnot Joseph Sklarczyk David Smith Ray Swidan Cheryl Szuch Thomas Vanover Jan Westra Deborah Winsten Jessee Wood Laura Wynn 130 Wheels SeniorsOpposite Page: Top Senior Jay Clark and Coach Kelly view the game from the dugout. Top: Seniors Pam Prickett and Jan Westra pull the Senior Class floot during Mid Winter Homecoming Left: Sherry Rademacher escorts Ron Mastropictro just before the crowning of King Konkel. Above Mighty Senior Women entering the field before the big game . . . too bad they lost.Class Colors: Black and Silver Cherish yesterday, Dream tomorrow, Live today.Wo May Never Pass This Way (Again) Life — so they say Is but a game and they let it slip away love — like the Autumn sun Should be dying but it's only just begun Like the twilight in the road up ahead' They don't see just where we're goin' And all the secrets in the universe Whisper in our ears and all the years will come and go and take us up always up We moy never pass this way again We may never pass this way again We may never pass this way again Dreams — so they say Are for the fools ond they let them drift away Peace — like the silent dove Should be flyin' but it's only just begun Like Columbus in the olden day We must gather all our courage Sail our ships out on the open sea Cost away our fears and all the years will come and go And take us up — always up We may never pass this way again We may never pass this way again We moy never pass this way again So I wanna laugh while the laughin' is easy I wanna cry if it mokes it worthwhile I may never pass this way again That's why I want it with you 'Cause you make me feel like I'm more than A friend like I'm the journey and your the Journey's end I may ney r poss this way That's why I want it with you baby We moy never pass this way again We may never pass this way again We may never pass this way againNew faces: new jobs The first year of high school is always a hectic one. No one knows where their classrooms are; or, even if they did, the way to get there is just as confusing as walking through a maze. Not only are the halls confusing, but, the crowds at the stairwells are worse! But, the sophomores are taking it all in stride, along with taking on their other responsibilities; namely the school and their class. 10-1 Top: Mory Asam, Vic Afford, Wendy Beck, Ed Baker, Diane Baker, Dave Barber. Second Row: Jim Belisle, Gary Allen, Ron Bellanfe, Tom Bain. Third Row: Beth Bequ-champ, Karen Atkinson, Karen Bach. Cindy Baghy, Kathy Bargomion, Rick Baughman, Debbie Angclotti, George Armelegos. Bottom Row: Mike Bonachowski, Dave Austin, Mike Batalucco, Jim Bakaitis, Bruce Antioch. 10-2 Top: Chris Beucan, John Carlisle, Patty Bowdell, Lori Boutilier, Ken Bush, Bruce Buchanan, Frank Brettschneider, Roger Blackburn. Bottom: Cathy Bates, Lynda Burbank, Mike Bay, Sandy Bilan, Debbie Bozarth, Betsy Brown, Monica Bartoli, Cindy Brozer, Dawn Blessing, John Bianchi, Ron Budoy, Greg Boni. 10-3 Top: Dave Comisso, Gary Cousino, Keith Clark, Dave Carrel. Second Row: Steve Corden .Debbie Carrasco, Nancy Casey, Bob Chowen, Bob Chorren. Third Row: Diane Daily, Mike Cole, Karen Cole, Bill Cook. Fourth Row: Thera Courtright, Sue Ciszcwski Ed Compeau, Lorna Dalton, Lisa Coward, Blair Clorke, Roni Centkiewicz. Bottom: Bill Curtiss, Cathy Clark, Sherry Carter, Cathy Christie, Diane Costellarin, John Curtis. 136 Rookies Sophomores 10-4 Top: Bob Duke, Charyl Dreher, John Defroy, Dave Davis, Greg Deakins, Dean DeAngclis, Pat Dziendzial, John DeAngeiis, Bill Destich, Jane Dwenger, Gayle Delange, Lisa Dullinger, Renee Drouillard, Mike DcGuilo. First Row: Jackie Deloach, Cominic Dovanzo, Marc Davis, Debbie Davies, Vivian Dezmanian, Roger Dandy, Kathy Dominczyk, Al Drouillard, Kathy DeShetler, Beth Doyle, Tim Duey, Renee Dubois, Jill Doughty, Jim Dunn. Opposite Page: Top Right: Sophomore Jennifer Valoppi sends one down the alley. Top left: Sophomore President Dave Sitarski, Vice-President Betty Ann Katakowski, Treasurer Cheryl Kaput, and Secretary Vicki Uren. Center left: Sophomore Peter O'Neil rests while anxiously watching the game. Bottom Left: Sophomores Kathy Lewondowski and Nanci Nardini with their Homecoming dates at the Monster Mash. Above: Sophomore Bert Beancy tries to help out Sophomore Marty Menard with the rebound.10-5 Ladder from Top to Bottom Jane Forbes, Mike Ford, Terry English, Pat Ebel, Oebby Federicks, Janet Eades, Louise Fischer, Lori Fedo, Chris Fero, Sue Floyd, Melissa Fletcher, John Fishwick, Bob Fedoruk, Dave Fudge, Paul Flynn. Front Top: Joy Flood. Middle Larry Frassctto, Dan Fennel, Richard Fogarty. Bottom Shirley Fitzsimmons, Jill English, Cheryl Elsey, Rose Ann Fortin. 10-6 Bottom Left to Right: Tracy Gabel, Leslie Grove, Perry Godzisz, Pete Geftos, Kathy Ganos, Barb Gyursak. Middle Row: Lori Hanawalt, Joe Guerra, Sandy Halquist, Brian Gaggin, Judy Gruenwold, Mark Gahry, Karen Gillum, Steve Gregory, Terri Geiger, Steve Hartman. Top Row: Carol Hayden, Jeff Guotono. Dave Gross, Laura Gergely, Sharon Harwood, Mark Gee. 138 Rookies Sophomore10-7 Front Left to Right: Marilyn Jasinski. Pat Jarian. Diolando Hernandez, Jill Jackson. Tommy Holmes. Sue Jarian, Janice Hurley. Sue Horvofh Middle Row: Dan Johnson, Maureen Hurley, Rick Herzfeld, Jim Jeffries. Ann Johnson, Joan Huls, Ken Holewinski, Patti Horning, Chris Jokubik. Vicki Jeczen Back Row: Keith Hernandez, John Kaffenberger, Chris Hodge, Barb Hinkle, Jim Holoweky. Brad Jakubiak. Jim Kaffenberger. Andy Jamorz. 10-8 Bottom Row Nancy Jordon, Sandra Kaminski, Cheryl Krohn, Terry Jared, Joyce Kirby. Marlene Kosciclny, Nancy Kearney, Greg Koukoudion, Dale Knapp Second Row: Betty Ann Katakowski, Ray Kubo, Cathy Kendra. Joe Klenczar, Paul Kennedy. Third Row: Cheryl Kaput, Mark Kummer, Mike Karbon, Joe Lachut. Kevin Thill, Jamainc Kalik. Fourth Row: Steve Kauppi. Tim Kish. Brian Klenk. John Kostelnik, John Kiszely, Jim Knight, Daryl Kokozka.Above: 10-9: Kneeling: Ed Maddock, Sandy MacKenzie. Sitting: Karen Machleid, Marcia Lewis, Teri Long. First Row: Carmen Linares, Lisa Leis, Nancy Leszczynski, Darlene Monoog, Laurie Ludtke, Rosemary MacDonnell, Kathy Lewandowski, Anne Marie Law. Second Row: Jim Manzella, Ken Malinowski, Craig Moki, Randy Lupo, Doug Lorence, Bill Lambright. Third Row: Mark Lenz, Dave Listello, Mark Lapshan. On Bar: Lance Laurenzi. Bottom Right: 10-10: Kneeling: Gary Miller, Dave Miller. First Row: Mary Mezza, Cindy Miller, Jean McFeaters, Jeanine Meixner, Cindy Moveal, Cindy Martinez, Carol Miholko, Tracy Melidosion, Laura McFarland, Rachel Mastantuono. On Slide: Craig McAughey, Ricky Messer, Don Mende. Top: Stan Massengil, Jeff Meeker, Al Martin, Marty Minard, John Baklarz. Ladder: John Marshall, Rich Miller, Nancy Markovich, Cindy Miklos, Karen Messer, Melissa Mery, Dave Martel, Mike Matey, Alan McDonald, Carl Mihatsch, Steve Miles. 140 Rookies SophomoresTop Loft: 10-11: First Row: Jim Milotz. Tim O'Donnell, Noreen Myers, Sue Ottenbaker, Nancy Nardini, Mina Mosley, Rhonda Mills, Virginia Nersesian, Pat Nicholls, Pat Nowicke. Second Row: Roy O'Berg, Tim O'Dell, Perc O'Neil, Tom Neubacher, Randy Mrock, Jim Moschck, Bill Navoy, Lorry Nemeth. Bottom Left: 10-12: Knoel-ing: Karen Poljanac, Darlene Parker, Mary Ann Placek, Joel Porter, Gail Peters. Sitting: Paullette Palmer, Debbie Payter, Carlene Parker, Janice Pebursky, Phyllis Poorman, Trade Pruett. Standing: Joe Powers, Tina Parmelee, Pam Pepin, Mary Susan Paul, Sue Petris, Deanna Pittman, Marty Susan aul. Sue Petris, Deanna ittman, Marty Premtoj. Opposite Page Left: JV Basketball team watches the floor anxiously. Opposite Page Top Right: Sophomore Chris Jakubik is greeted by teammates Pete Smith and Dave Sitarski after his big pin. Above Center left: Sophomores Paulette Palmer and Karen Weiss starting breakfast for the swimmers. Oatmeal again? Above: Sophomore lisa Lcis drying off.10-13 First Row: Corol Regneir, Janet Ragan, Carol Quail, Margaret Rice, Jim Rickerd, Randy Ricardi. Second Row: Anne Richards, Sandi Randolph, Denise Reed, Sandy Rencsok, Kris Quiring, Jeff Reeves. Third Row: Dave Richards, Ruben Ramoz, Joe Purcell, Randy Ray, Laurie Reckinger, Cheryl Reese, Karen Rauch. Fourth Row: Jeff Rowland, John Rolnay, George Page, John Purdu. 10-14 UP THE LADDER: Bruce Roehler, Thereto Ryan, Bob Rozycki, Cindy Rousseau, Sammy Rinno, Gail Romanouski, Randy Seites, Judy Rostkowski, Poul Sears, Dale Roberts, Tim Schultz, Debbie Sabo, Bob Rutkowski. ON SLIDE: Joe Robichaud, Mark Kitchie. Left to Right: Jeff Rowland, Bernie Riker, Jeanne Salerno, Gloria Sarkisian, Jan Robatchka. 142 Rookies Sophomores . r10-15 First Row: Mary Beth Shea, Henry Sexton, Dave Smith, Kothy Showers, Don Shewchuck, Scott Slingwein, Tim Sperl-baum, Pete Smith. Second Row: Trixie Smith, Mike Stevens, Lu Anne Sheedy, Pool Sears, Rosemary Secula. Top Row: Harry Sparks, Debbie Simko, George Shaw, Dave Sitorski, Julie Shute, Tim Smart, Diane Sporer, Dave Sheets. 10-16 First Row: Mike Stevens, Ron Tkac, Mike Stann, Lisa Torres, Bob Tarcia, Lilah Taha. Mark Sturgill, Dawn Ssostek. Second Row: Sue Tagami, Irene Stevenson, Kathy Ganos, Donna Turner, Lori Stan-czyk, Debbie Toth, Karen Storek, Curt Szuch, Nancy Totten, Keith Szalai, Jerry Theeck, Daryl Toney. Third Row: James Tait, Mark Templin, Ruth Taylor, Lynda Smith, Diane Tallon, Chris Stewart, Bill Townsend.10-17 On Slid®, Top to Bottom; Tim O'Neil, Gayle Wells, Jennifer Vol-oppi, Diane Tye, Vickie Uren, Bob Waynick, Sue Wall, Barb Varady, Terry Webster, John Waring, Steve Volante, Debbie Volonino, Jerry VonWulfen. In Front, left to Right; Jim Walter, Steve Viloo, Patti Treuter, Barb Wagel, Carol Volmassoi .Donna Turner, Patti Tuminello, Mary Beth Trimpcr, Debbie Ward. Above: Sophomore Randy Knell confidently drives off into the big bad world of cars. Above Right: Junior Mark Marell working diligently? Right: Dan Buscetto Turns Them On!!!!! Top left: Sophomores Terri English and Jill Doughty hard at work for the swimming team. Watch them, as their shirts say! Above left: Senior Bob Wolls, Junior Connie Bray, and Sophomore Nancy Nardini, "Huh?" Top Right: Juniors Peggy lytol, Lillian Karibion, and Debbie Berezo smile prettily for the camera. You Hams! 144 Rookies Sophomores rtrm rrrrf rrrrr rrrrrrffFf rrrrrrrrrij rrrrrrrrrn rrrrrrrrrl rrrrrrrrrl rrrrrrrrrl rrrrrrrrrl rrrrrrrrrf rrrrrrrrvl rrrrrrrrrl rrrrrrrrf? rrrmrrf rrrrrrvp vrim riBagr mil rml j tini 110-18 On Swings. Left to Right; Dave Williams. Carolyn Wright, Pam Wynn, Nan Yesue, Mary Wueker, Liz Wittman. On Top, Left to Right; Mark Wojno, Larry Zatyracz, Dan Raymond, Joe Nobody, Don Buzz, John Knolnee, Larry Allore. Standing, left to Right; Jan Paverski, Pam Woods, Gary Yorosz, Ray Wright, John Wilde, Jeff Woolcott, George Woods, Cathy Wiecko-wicz, Sue Wisong, Cathy Williamson, Dave Zantop.Today's juniors work for a better tomorrow Time marches on. One year older, one year wiser. Our sophomores have no r become juniors. They are no longer the "babies" of high school, but not yet the "big wheels" either. The juniors have aged, matured. They have now made a place for themselves. They are joining in where sophomores fear to tread. And why not? What have they got to lose? Nothing! And so much to gain. A.P.H.S. now has a junior on the traditionally senior-run Student Council. And certainly the performance of the girls is to be complimented; they beat the hustling senior women ! ! ! ! ! What else do juniors do? Our juniors hold bake sales, dances, join clubs, and everything other students do. So what makes a junior unique? Well, when they have the spirit our juniors have, anything is possible. Bake sales and dances take on new meaning. The profits are given to charity, rather than to the class. Go juniors ! ! ! Above: Juniors Aurora Bilan and Laurie Ottenger having fun Top Right: Junior Class Officers: vice-president Bob Vacca, treasurer Mary Kay Katakowski, secretary Denise Vcncclow, president Jim Zagunis. Top Center: Eric McDonald and Pat Bro-niac enjoy the sun and game. Right: Tony Volante lets her feet breathe after a tennis match. Linda Smollen looks on. 146 Rookies Juniors11-1 Back Row: Kurk Armstrong, Duonc Anderson, Phil Beyer, Bob Baklarz, Felice Bernardora, Kevin Bohash, Steve Baker, Jim Bagger, Doug Bell. Second Row: Joe Beutncr, Renee Benedict, Jenny Bear, Joanne Adams, Karen Augenstein, Anne Alfiero, Wendy Atkinson, Gayle Barazsu, Kitty Barber. Third Row: Renee Allore, Josephine Agrusa, Mary Adams, Kathy Bernardelli, Theresa Balog, Diane Almasian, Glenda Adams, Debbie Beroza. 11-2 Back Row: Randall Brown, Chester Branch, leroy Bowman, Scott Brooks, John Boehmer, Jerry Busby, Ken Blanton, Paul Braun. Second Row: Karen Brettschneider, Theresa Bucon, Teresa Bosh, Linda Bird, Laura Birnie, Tony Burton, Kevin Burke. Third Row: Terri Bruning, Connie Bray, Theresa Capra, Cindy Bierma. 11-3 Back Row Bill Carnarvon, Gory Coleman, Jim Cassidy, Charles Clark, Roy Cicotte, Norman Corden. Marty Ceccarelli. Second Row: Suzanne Cloutier, Colleen Cotter, Kathy Curtis, Sharon Cayo, Shari Chidcster, Marc Carnarvon. Third Row: Bill Colasinski, Mark Collins, Joe Cernik, Jerry Cionforani, Dave Carlisle, Gregg Chohil.11-4 Back Row: Karen D'Amico. Mike Drelard, Mike Daley. Mike Duda, Jack Debbyn, Brian Dobis, Steve Davis. Second Row: Kim Ditto, Denise Doty, Donna DeVall, Michelle Dragowski. Diane DiCecco. First Row: Marilyn Drinane, tois Doran, Mike DePompolo, Janice Dippcrt, Sonia DeSouza, Lonce Doniti. 11-5 Back Row. Mark FanFalone, Brian Foley, Bruce Fournier, Bill Fisher, Roland Ellis, Paul McCartney. Terry Fcdca, Ringo Starr. Second Row: Sally Edwards, Sue Fik, Sue Dziekan, Jayne Eases, Darlene Dumback, Carol Easterby. Front Row: Sheryl Enix, Sue Ford, Holly Fowler, Shirley Farago, Dena Edge, Emily Feller. 11-6 Back Row: Dean Gehmy, Danny Buscetta, Dino Garzanite. Jerry Gulliver, Randy Green, Mark Bogard, Steve Gibb, Roy Firestone, Mike Fregonara, Dan Gallie. Second Row: Jill Guilder, Kim Grevengood, Toni Fucinari, Tammy German, Sue Gahry, Lisa Ganos. First Row Sue Gable, JoEllen Gump, Bill Gatesy, Don Genotte, Kathy Fullop, Andrea Fradelte, Barb Froehlich, Nancy Gerisch, Marion Giese. 148 Rookies Juniors11-7 Bock Row: John Harrison, Dan Second Row: Sandi Harwood, Cheryl Erin Hagan, Cothy Hester, Darlene Karen Herman, Hope Hautala. Ralph Hester, Tom Howard. Tim Hoyden. Houpt. Torri Hamilton, lisa Howard Horvath First Row: Alan Harman Haigraves, Steve Honor.150 Rookies Juniors11-9 Back Row: Bob Lozuch, Terry lannen, JefF LeBlonc. Al Kresslen, JefF Kleven, Dan Low, Don Lezzette, Chris LeBlonc. Second Row: Cindy Low, Sue Lasek, Calhy Leibold, Sue Kurodo, Condy Lambert. Third Row: Karen Kuhn. Joann Letinski, Donna Koscielny, Chris langert, Donna Kuczajdo, Kim Kochcvar. 11-10 First Row: Lcoh Maniccia. Helen Look. Larry Maule, Rory Mattson, Duane Litogot, Sam loiacono, Don Mapes. Second Row: Kim Lisiecki, Sharon Lindquist, Dave Martincx, Peggy Lytle, Pat Marcis, Barb Mathis, Pam Lietzau. Third Row: Pete Maheros. Tony Linares, Glenn Malcolm, Gerry Marinski, John Mancra, Mike Lien-ing, Bob Wieskowiak, Larry Lind, Deon Molos. 11-11 First Row: Diane Molesky, Cheryl Medved, Diane Motney, Diane Moore, Anita Mouradian, Marilyn Meixner, Larry Mocnik, Bill MeKeever. Second Row: George Harris, Polly Merlo, Carol Michaels, Donna McLeod, Kathy McLcllan, Sue McNeil. Third Row: Ray Miller, Joe Peruski, Dave Melotti, Brian Monroe, Larry McNickle. Jim McNeil, Eric McDonald, Bob Over. 11-12 Back Row: Scott Gey, Kevin Obriof, Mike Mush, Paul Niemi, Chris Musa, Dave Ottenbaker, Bob Murt, Marty Pavelich, Randy Paquette. Second Row: Mark Murrell, Don Nelson, Jelane Poyter, Lori Ottinger. Paula Neighbors, Ann O'Brion. First Row: Leo Nadrowski, Bob Narsesion, Jim Parmalee.11-13 First Row: Randy Petris, Tom Ramage, Anne Purcell, Barb Plocek, Hyla Pendleton. Middle Row: Angela Piotrasch, Annette Perotta, Christo Price, Mary Pellegrino, Danita Rairgh. Back Row: Kyle Ramirez, Louis Puchalo, Ray Rovory, Joe Peruski, John Pesci, Cheryl Houpt, Joe Ponti. 11-14 First Row: Deborah Rostkowski, Julie Riker, Janice Sadow. Middle Row: ■Elizabeth Rodriguez, Theresa Sadler, Ron Rowland, Ron Revoir, Kevin Rupp, Linda Ritchie. Back Row: Ron Rogers, Karen Rocsei, Tony Rinna, Don Sabat, Greg Sander, Joe Sanfilippo, Ron Runtz. 11-15 First Row: Debby Schierschmidt, Liz Scoda, Elaine Scott, Terri Segroves, Ed Schultz. Middle Row: Karen Schilling, Cynthia Saucier, Kim Schwochow, Janet Schuelke, Bonnie Sczrpia, Donna Sorofian. Bock Row: Jerry Schierschmidt, Sue Schilke, Grog Sheridan, Randy Seasock, Terry Siemicki, Chad Simpson, Mark J. Schmidt, Santos Silva. 11-16 First Row: John Sledz, Theresa Stakvel, Kathy St. Amant, Carol Smith, Tom Smart. Middle Row: Cindy Sordyl, Susan Stewart, Giselle St. Louis, Judy Ziegler, Leigh Smith. Back Row: Scott Spognol, Wayne Sponsky. Barry Sparks, John Sommerville, Dan Smith, Tony Smolak, Steve Stapleton. Top left: Junior Karen Kuhn cranking her up for a home run. Above: Dreaming, wondering, wishing, for bigger and better things. Junior Tom Smart looks on. Bottom Middle: Class of 1974 officers and others show their spirit during homecoming week. Junior Power, Keep on Truckin! Opposite Page: Top Right: "I got it," shouts Diane Molesky, "she didn't moke her home run. Ha Ha!" Opposite Page: Bottom Right: Junior Fred Vonhala leads the pack.11-17 Bottom Row, Left to Right: Bonnie Tkac, Donna Toney, Kathy Trionfi, Anne Teets, Sharon Uren, Barb Tell, Jeanine Tiscot. Second Row: Linda Smolen, Jane Streit, Ann Taylor, Pat Tomes, Denise Tringer, Tina Szczesny. Bach Row: Robert Storck, Renee Toutant, John Tuba, James Tummenello, John Tolnay, Jim Thomson, Mark Travis, Cindy Swies, Rick Surmanian. 11-18 Bottom Row: Volcrie Ventrello, Carrie Warren, Roy Waters, Joe Weiss, Toni Volante, Theresa Warren, Debby Wayco. Second Row: Mary Valez, Carol Waddell, Rita Vaughn, Tina Wells, Paul Waniak, Denise Vencelov, Laura Vipond Back Row: Jim Webber, Paul Tazar, Fred Vonhala, Dennis Vorvatos, Dale Vogt, Ed Vig, Rob Vacca, Mark Whited, Dean Tremonti. 11-19 Bottom Row: Mike Zlonkcvicz, Ken Wolicki, Keith Wilkinson, Dan Yakima, Bill Wietowski. Second Row: Guy Wynn, Monica Yockey, Wendy Wojtasik, Julie Woods, Sue Wissman, Dan Zolowski. Back Row: Jim Zagunis, Bob Wieszkewiok, Steve Zorn, Randy Wise, Scott Zolynsky, Rob Young, Ricky Wright, Kevin Wreford. 154 Rookies JuniorsMr. Harold Allen — Industrial Arts Instructor: When asked "How has your job changed over the years?" "Every year we see a noticeable change in cars. We need now material in the classroom to keep up with the changes." How do you feel about having girls in your class? "As long as they don't mind getting their hands dirty and are interested in the class and not the guys, it's just fine." Mrs. Ruth Anne Beaney — Biology Instructor: When asked what noticeable change has she seen in the student body over the years, she replied "Not much. The kids are easier to talk to. They don't seem scored." How would you improve Allen Park High School? "More space, build an auditorium, bigger classrooms." What is the most important problem we face of Allen Park High School? "APATHY" How has the Allen Park school system changed? "Variety of courses to teach over the years." Mr. Paul Ausum: Science ond German Instructor: Mr. Ausum teaches General Biology to sophomores. He has juniors in his Chemistry class, but in his German class he gets students from all the grades. Mr. Ausum has taken his German students to Germany over Easter vacation for the last two years. In 1974, he broke his leg — for the German Club bagel sale. That's what we call dedication! Now he has something to really "pull" his collar about! Mrs. Karen Bailey — English Instructor: She answered the following question: What is the most important problem we face at Allen Park High School? "Although some improvement is evident in this area, both students and faculty at Allen Park High School need to work hord-er at not only allowing but forcing students to do more thinking for themselves." Mr. Edward Barrick — Chemistry Instructor: When asked what noticeable change has he seen in the student body over the years he replied: "Students are more knowledgeable. They are less willing to accept unsupported statements." Also, How would you improve Allen Park High School? "More funds to implement oxtra curricular activities." What is the most important problem we face at Allen Park High School? "Lack of money for extra programs." Mr. Joseph Berry — Board of Education: He answered the following questions: What noticeable change have you seer in the student body over the years? "There ore refreshing note of independence. Younger think more for themselves." How has the Allen Park school system changed? "Getting bet ter. It is academically improving and in the curriculum." How has your job changed over the years? "Spending more time on my job." What is the most important problem we face at Allen Park High School? "More career education to better prepare those not planning to go to college." How would you improve Allen Park High School? "More cooperation with the board, and the teachers." Mrs. Jonis Bitely — Math Instructor: How has the Allen Pork school system changed? "The school has become more lenient. A positive change, however, has been the swing toward preparing our non-college students for jobs. The Business Department has developed the new student office training. Co-op has developed tremendously, adding the nursing department." How would you improve Allen Park High School? "Some time in the future, team teaching should be used. Modular schedules could prove beneficial. Wo need hotter resource centers. Students need some rooms where they could study together individually or in groups." Mr. Edward Bellas — Social Studies Instructor: He is remem bered by his students for his map exercises in Michigan History. Many weeks are spent working on these elaborate maps. Mr. Bellas is also a Varsity Football Coach and is well known for his dedication to the "cause" of football at A.P.H.S. The football players will remember the "defensive teamwork" supervised under him — "Did you get it now?" Mr . Suo Bartolameolli — Fine Arts Instructor: When asked how she would improve Allon Park High School she answered: "I would increase the art room facilties (anothor room or two), add additional full time art teachers so that classes could be smaller, and so that a larger variety could be offered." Also, how has the Allen Park school system changed? "It has gone from a growing system to a shrinking system." Mrs. Florence Blaszack —- Hall Monitor: Mrs. Blaszack has been on the Allen Park High School staff for five years. Stationed by the front door near the driveway, she is there every morning, rain or shine, to greet the students with a cheery "Hello". But, the saying we will all remember her by is, "Not until the bell boys." 158 SystemMi Trudy Brown — Science Instructor: Whot noticeable change have you seen in tho student body over the years? Basically there is no change, only in physical appearance. Students are more knowledgeable. How ha the Allen Park school system changed? "The rules have become more relaxed and there ore less restrictions." How has your job changed over the years? "I am able to teach more extensively due to the more knowledgeable students we have." What is the most important problem we face at Allen Park High School? "The lack of finances." Mrs. Theresa Clark—Hall Monitor: This is Mrs. Clark's first year at Allen Park High School. She has previously worked at South, she was employed at South for approximately 2Vi years. Mrs. Clark enjoys her job and she feels that Allen Park students are a pleasure to work with. Mrs. Harriett Brown, Secretary: When asked how her job has changed over the years she replied: "Tremendously! I am not doing anything I was hired here to do." What is the most important problem we face at Allen Park High School? "Hourly absences" What noticeable change have you seen in the student body over tho years? "No comment" How has the Allen Park school system changed? "Not at all." Mr. Paul Cross — Special Education: He answered the following questions: haw has your job changed over the years? "My job has changed over the years in the ability to place students in jobs. The job scene today is really tough." What is the most important problem we face at Allen Park High School? "The most important problem we face ot Allen Park High School is a decline in the school population." Mrs. Ruth Buschmann — Counselor: She answered the following question: how has your job changed over the years? "My job is being run by a computer. This is the 2nd year the counseling department hos been using a computer to schedule the high school students. The computer also does the report cards. Computer confusion is part of not only the counseling department but studonts also." Miss Buschmann is well known and popular as a counselor for her ability to cut through the computer red tape. Mr. William Danosky — Board of Education: What do you think is the biggest problem? "Trying to develop career and vocational education." How would you improve Allen Park High School? "By providing more vocational education, due to the larger percentage of kids going into specialized fields, rather than students taking college prep courses." Mr. George Carevich — Wood-shop Instructor: He answered the following questions: What noticeable change have you seen in the student body over the years? "Dress standards have loosened up somewhat." How has your job changed over the yeors? "We have more girls in the wood working area than we've ever had before. (Probably duo to Woman's Lib). What is the most important problem we face at Allen Park High School? "The I don't care attitude! also drugs." Mrs. Mary Jane Danson — Teachers Aide: Mrs. Danson answered the following questions What noticeable change have you seen in the student body over the years? "The kids ore a lot quieter, a lot nicer, and much friendlier." How hos the Allen Park school system changed? "I don't think it hos changed that much." How has your job changed over the years? "It has a lot less detention, and altogether gotten better." What is the most important problem we face at Allen Park High School? "To discipline the kids, ond keep them from skipping." Mr. James Carmen — Social Studies Instructor: Most Allen Park students come in contact with Mr. Carmen in one of their United States History classes while in school. He always looks serious, but is considered a "nice man". His classes are remembered for all the heavy work loads given. Mr. John DaVia — English Instructor: When asked. What is the most important problem we face ot Allen Park High? He replied, "The most important problem we face is the one that I feel is most difficult to solve. In involves the greot disparity between athletes and academics in the school. Athletes find a willing audience for their talents ot Allen Park High School, but who cores about the scholar outside of school? As the varsity tennis coach, I understood the need for athletics, but as a teacher, a person who has o stake in the future, I realize that it is academics, not athletics, which will lead us to the better society we so urgently need. The response to the fall dramatic production has been small but enthusiastic. Hopefully some of this enthusiasm will be installed in my own debate program which will debut this school year. Programs such as these give academically inclined students as much a chance to exercise as athletes."Mr. Mike Davis—Board of Education: What noticeable change have you seen in the student body over the years? "Kids want it told like it is. They want to know answers. There is more awareness and they aren't as inhibited." How has the Allen Park school system changed? "It hasn't really changed. They are more aware (trying) career educations." What is the most important problem we face at Allen Park High School? "Communications Student - Administra- tion." How would you improve Allen Park High School? "System maintained or be improved by better communications with students, board and teachers." Mrs. Josephine Eusani — Office Aide: How has Allen Pork changed over the years? "It has changed in attendance and dress code." How has your job changed over the years? "It has gotten more interesting. I started in the lunchroom, then study hall and typing, now in attendance office." What is the most important problem here at APHS? "Smoking and attendance." How would you improve Allen Park High? "By having the kids assume more responsibility." Mr. Clifton Fellows—Board of Education: He answered the following questions: what noticeable change have you seen in the student body over the years? "Very enthusiastic in all sports events, in Music and we have an outstanding chorus and a good bond." How has the Allen Park school system changed? "It has provided more vocational courses. Also more shop dosses, cosmotology and other new things." How has your job changed over the years? "No change very interesting." How would you improve Allen Pork High School? "I would add more coreer courses." Mrs. Bette Ferency—English Instructor: She answered the question, whot noticeable change have you seen in tho student body over the years? "A decided decline in the imagination and visualizing powers of young people, especially in relotion to literature. I blame the television set and the moving picture-media which require neither of the above mental powers." Mr. George Donigian—Head Counselor: What noticeable change have you seen in the student body over the years? "They are more independent." How has your job changed over the years? "It is more challenging." What is the most important problem we face at Allen Park High? "We need more money to initiate new programs for our changing needs. How has tho Allen Park school system changed? "For the better." Mr. leRoy Durfee—Auto Shop Instructor and Co-op: When asked, what is the most important problem we foce at Allen Park High School? and how would you improve Allen Park High School? He replied, a vocational trades building is needed. There is also a need of new and replacement equipment for the Industrial Arts Department. How has your job changed over the years? "More students, same facilities." Due to the great technical changos and Automotive Emession controls, our automotive program is outdated due to lack of equipment needed for proper caliberotion of the 1970's engine." Changos showed be made to offer a 10th grade program also a Block Automotive Vocational Program. Mr. George Dyas—Principal: When asked, what is the most important problem we face at Allen Park High School? He replied, "The problem is the same as always — That is, we must prepare students to become the responsible citizens of the future." How has the Allen Park school system changed? "Allen Park High has become more concerned with students as individuals." How would you improve Allen Park High School? "I would continue to change the curriculum to better meet the needs of students." What noticeable change have you seen in the student body over the years? "More varied points of view are expressed by today's students than from a few years ago." Mrs. Elaine Frooman—Art Instructor: She answered, how would you improve Allen Park High School? "By expanding the art department, offering more cultural courses, and by employing 3 full time certified ort teachers." What is the most important problem we face at Allen Park High School? "Trying to meet the future needs of our students especially with the decreasing enrollment." Mr. William Ehlhardt—Director Of School Services: When asked, how has your job changed over the years? He replied, "My job, over the past five years, has changed primarily by having added duties. When Mr. Sarkisian left Allen Park for a position with the Lincoln Park Schools, I was once again assigned the adult education program for the district — a duty I performed before — since I began adult education in Allen Park in 1955 and headed the program through 1964. I am also responsible for the district wide media (audio-visual) program, and for pupil membership and school census." What noticeable change have you seen in the student body over the years? "There seems to be no decline in academic standards, but students now dress in a more casual fashion than they did five years ago." Mrs. Mary Friemark—Aide. She answered this question, what noticeable change have you seen in the student body over the years? "The students lack of respect towards teachers and their superiors." 160 SystemMr. Edwin Frosheiser—Social Studies Instructor: When asked, what noticeable change have you seen in the student body over the years, he replied: "I keep looking for positive changes with little or no hassle on dross or hair, etc. I see no measurable change in attitudes or performance." How has the Allen Park school system changed? "The curriculum has changed and adjusted to desires and needs of today — mostly for the better, I think." Miss Carol Galvin—Spanish Instructor: When asked what noticeable change have you seen in the student body over the years? She replied, "Since colleges and universities are dropping tho foreign language requirement, foreign language study is losing its reputation as strictly a "college prep" class. Therefore, I am getting students with a wider range of goals and expectations. This is a change I definitely approve of." How has the Allen Paik school system changed? "In the few years that I have boon here I hove noticed only surface changes — such as the chango in student dress, etc." What is the most important problem we face at Allen Park High School? "I am not aware of any terribly important problems. My students seem to bo happy, well-adjusted and reasonably interested in learning." Miss Catherine Gargol—English Instructor: When asked, how would you improve Allen Park High School? She answered, "It would be a great asset to have a place where the drama students can be heard, practice freely, and develop the basic technical skills that are required for play productions." Mrs. JoAnne Gorben—English Instructor: She was asked, how would you improve Allen Park High School? "If we could help students realize that not all things happen immediately or have a momentary value placed upon them, their high school years would bo more rewarding." "One really pleasant thing that happened to me this year was working with the A.P.E.S I've never met such enthusiastic kids who were willing to do anything to promote school spirit. They were just great!" Mr. John Goniea—Business Instructor: Mr. Goniea is presently working on his Ph.D. in Education. He is also an active member in the Allen Park Education Association. He just returned from a sabbatical leave for one year. "Perhaps the most significant changes I've experienced in my six years at APHS have been in the Business Education department. Curriculum changes and physical changes have taken place. The Student Shop, the large typing room and the ofTice machines room offer students the opportunity to learn skills they can use immediately after graduation. It is my hope that students and the administration will continue accepting innovative ideas needed in our changing society. Mrs. Doris Greggs—Business Instructor: She was asked the question, how has the Allen Park school system changed? She answered it this way: "In our department we are getting some of the best students. In former years they were college bound but now they find that they can have a good, profitable career in the business field." Also, when asked, what noticeable change have you seen in the student body over the years? she replied: "A much more informal dress and behavior. This has also been evident in the faculty — no suit jackets for the men and pantsuits approved for the women. I think we are more relaxed and less formal." Mr. Oliver Greggs—Social Studies Instructor: Mr. Greggs is the head of the Social Studies department. He has been at Allen Park for 22 years. He is also a very active member in the Ski Club. Mr. Greggs teaches mainly Government classes. Mrs. Dianne Griswold—English Instructor answered tho question: How would you improve Allen Park High School? this way: "I would ask the faculty to participate in more school activities, ask students to participate more in school activities and hove the administration handle all discipline uniformly." How has your job changed over the years? "It has gotten more pleasant because of student cooperation." What noticeable change have you seen in the student body over the years? "Students appear more apathetic." What is the most important problem we face at Allen Park High School? "We need more classes that will train the non-collcgo bound student." Mrs. Griswold was the cheerleading sponsor until last year. Mr. John Haboian—Counselor: He answered: how has your job changed over the years? "The problems that I have in counseling other than the academic problems is that I deal more with "adult problems." Whot noticeable change have you seen in the student body over the years? "I feel a lot of the students are more mature and self directing." How has the Allen Park school system changed? "I think now we listen more to the students and in the past 5 years they have gotten more interest in school government and are more challenging." Mrs. Erma Herriman—Secretary answered: whot noticeable change have you seen in the student body over the years? 'Appearance — I don't believe students as a whole are as neat looking os they used to be." How has the Allen Park school system changed? ' Kids are freer and hove more choices of classes." What is the most important problem we face at Allen Park High School? "We could use more money for supplies!"Mr. Richard Hershberger — Athletic Director: He answered the question. How has the Allen Park school system changed? "Not as many rules, open campus, no dress code, less school spirit and decrease in clubs." What noticeable change have you seen in the student body over the years? "Less desire to study. Poorer attendance. Not as well dressed." What is the most important problem we face at Allen Park High School? "Bringing back a desire for learning." How would you improve Allen Park High School? "I would be more strict on those who don't want to go to school, make classes more stimulating so more learning can be done." Mr. Ken Kaneko — Businoss Instructor: He replied when asked the question. What is the most important problem we face face at Allen Park High School? "Moke each student realize the responsibilities they hove to themselves ond this society, which they can't pass-on to someone else." What noticeable change have you seen in the student body over the years? "Students ore becoming more work oriented." How would you improve Allen Park High School? "Employ more teachers." Dr. Richard Hogancamp—Superintendent: What noticeable change have you seen in the student body over the years? "The kids are working in harmony with the system; they're quieter about expressing their views." How has the Allen Park school system changed? "It's more student oriented; the rules are set for individual students." How has your job changed over the years? "I've become more involved in legal matters and financial problems concerning students and teachers, due processes, etc." Mrs. Lorry Kempf — English and Journalism Instructor: made the following comment. "What really impresses me about AP HS this year is the enthusiasm of both students and staff. Look at all the new clubs, the athletic potential, the groups who are working for charity, the great plays and the assemblies. (Why even the school paper is breaking sales records this yearl) This enthusiasm can't help being reflected in the classroom." Miss Linda Hummel — English, Homemaking Instructor: She answered How would you improve Allen Park High School? as follows: "Even though I am a new teacher in the Allen Park school system I think we can improve education here simply by continuing to stay interested in the needs of our students. It is important to be aware of change taking place in our community and in our society and with a concerned consciousness and awareness of such changes we can become better acquainted with needs of our students." Mrs. Pearl Kendy — Secretary: When asked. How has your job changed over tho years? she answered, "The computer has eliminated a couple of typing jobs, but has added others. Also, with additional programs added, I have been given more responsibilities." What noticeable change hove you seen in the student body over the years? "I haven't seen that much of a change. In the past five years — the boys have worn their hair longer." How has the Allen Park school sy-tem changed? "No change." Mr. Donald Johnston — English: "My feelings about the high school? I have three boys in the Allen Pork school system. I am pleased with the experiences they've had. I think it's a good system, especially for those who are interested in learning". Mrs. Susan Keramidas — Business Instructor: She made the following quotes: "As a businoss teacher and an alumnus of Allen Park High School, I have noticed a change in the Business Department. It is my desire to train my students for a successful ond productive future. With an expanding career program, our objectives are aimed at giving each student a salable skill. In the office education area the school has provided our students with excellent facilities. Room 115 has the newest typewriters and calculators seen in offices today. What a great opportunity for our students." Mr. Orville Junge— Board of Education: In response to the following question, "How has the student body and the school system changed over the years?", he replied, "I feel that Allen Park High School has a great bunch of students and a good system and there has been no relevant change." In addition we asked the question, "What is the most important problem we face ot Allen Park High School?" In reply he said, "We are in need of acquiring sufficient funds for maintaining our present system." Mr. Tim King — Ho answered the following question: What is the most important problem we face at Allen Park High School? "The most important problem we face in today's schools is one of keeping the schools updoted with today's technology. Mean ing that this world of ours is changing so fast we tond to keep old ideas and hold back on new ones. Wr must now remember yesterday and keep an open mind for tomorrow in education and everything else." 162 SystemMrs. Terry Knippenhurg — Counselor: She also teaches "Reading for Interest" which students enjoy. The students who have her as their counselor are impressed by the fact thot she is so very helpful. "Help with a smile" is a comment one student made. Mr. David lockhardt — Physics Instructor: He answered the following questions. How has the Allen Park school system changed? "Not much! Most changes are external not basic (Grooming-apparel-language)." How has your job changed over the years? "Society more science oriented, so teaching can be related more to current events." What is the most important problem we face at Allen Park High School? "Getting a teacher contract so school can start on time." How would you improve Allen Park High School? "Improve communication between teachers and students and community and administration." What noticeable change have you seen in the student body over the years? "More emphasis on class spirit and not on school spirit." Mr. Jack Kopnick — Music Instructor: made the following statements: What noticeable change have you seen in the student body over the years? "Decline in school spirit." How would you improve Allen Park High School? "I don't believe I can answer this without writing a book." How has the Allen Park school system changed? "Money problems and other factors has caused a cut-back in programs and classes, at a time when we should be expanding programs to stay up-to-date." Mr. Peter Loso — Math Instructor: He was asked the following questions. What noticeable change have you seen in the student body over the years? "Dress and open criticism of authority. Apathy towards school activities and a achievement in classes." How has the Allen Park school system changed? "I think it is becoming more liberal in student conduct." How has your job changed over the years? "I find it harder to build student interest in class or school related subjects." What is the most important problem we face at APHS? "Building school spirit or involvement." How would you improve APHS? "Try to relate school activities to more pupils lives." Mr. Tony Kovach — Math Instructor: When asked, what is the most important problem we face at Allen Park High School?, he replied: "How important high school years are and kids don't know it. Making students appreciate high school years before they graduotc." Also, what noticeable change have you seen in the student body over the years? "Change in attitude towards study. Easy come, cosy go, less caring." How would you improve Allen Park High School? "Try running attendance in college campus style for just one semester." Mrs. Doris Lott — Librarian: What noticeable things have you seen in the student body over the years? "Students seem to be more interested in finding out things for themselves rother than being given information." What is the most important problem we face at Allen Park High School? "Keeping up with changes in society and education." How would you improve Allen Park High School? "Develop a multi media center and a program that would give all students access to information in its many forms." Miss Betty Jane Larson—Business Instructor: What notice- able change have you seen in the student body over the years? "The manner of dress has changed among the students and the faculty. Students seem to be more mature. Students attitudes and interests have changod consid- Miss Rosemary Malish — Homemaking Instructor: was asked, how has your job changed over the years? Her reply was as follows: "Now I am the head of the department. We have to stretch the same budget to cover more classes at higher prices." She was also asked, what is the most important problem we foce at Allen Park High School? "Control of the drug problem with set procedures to follow when an emergency occurs." How would you improve Allen Park High School? "Offer moro classes for non-college students, more jobtraining classes, possibly minicourses." What noticeable change have you seen in the student body over the years? "Less school spirit — fewer discipline problems in classroom and in general better cooperation." Mr. George Lavine — Business Instructor: was asked, what is the most important problem we foce at Allen Park High School? He answered it this way: "Communication. Talked about one thing with different meaning to the individual. Kids ore being forced to take unwanted classes and this forms barriers affecting the teachers." He was also asked, how would you improve Allen Park High School? He replied: "Small physical changes. Those things are good. Improve departments by rotating leadership around." How has the Allen Park school system changed? "Moving in the direction of teaching to the individual rather than group needs." Mrs. Joan Matthews — Librarian: She answered the question what noticeable change have you seen in the student body over the years? Her reply was: "Students seem to be more comfortable in their use of the library this year." She also answered How would you improve Allen Park High School? "Encourage more student and faculty use of the library's resources."Mr. Raymond McKay — Physical Education Instructor: All the sophomore boys either have Mr. McKay or Mr. Tomes for gym. Most of the boys remember Mr. McKay for his size 14 sneakers. The boys recall the competition in football which ran into chilly weather. Mr. McKay must constantly remind the boys to "bring your unies". Or. Wayne Miller — Assistant Principal: How has your job changed over the years? "The job description is basically the same as it was five yeors ago, with summer school added as a responsibility. Less time has been spent this year on attendances and more in the halls, classrooms and working with staff members in the areas of curriculum, facilities, and classroom discipline." What is the most important problem we face at Allen Park High School? "Adjusting the curriculum to match the needs of our stu dents, both for long range and short range educational goals." How has the Allen Park school system changed? "The school code of conduct has tended to unify disciplinary procedures throughout the system. The cost of educating students has risen along with other evidence of inflation, but parents, basically are very supportive." Mr. Joseph Medrano — Math Instructor: What is the most important problem we face at Allen Park High School? He answered that question this way: "That of facing problems instead of pretending that they'll go away with time, (meaning all persons involved, students, teachers, parents, etc) ' He also answered the question, how would you improve Allen Park High School?, this way, "I don't know. That's why I'm not a superintendent!" Dr. Donald Mitchell — Assistant Principal: He answered the following questions: what is the most important problem we face at Allen Pork High School? "To provide a method through which subject matter can become relevant and students can be given awareness of the world of work which will help them choose a field of employment wisely." How would you improve Allen Park High School? "Efforts should bo made to develop a curriculum that will enable our students to make a smoother transition from full-time schooling to fulltime employment." Mr. Anthony Mottler — Counselor: Mr. Mettler is one of the hardest working counselors in the department. He was the co-ordinator of tho North Cen-tral Association Activities this year. Along with his teaching duties, Mr. Mettler is often the Toastmaster at all sports athletic banquets. Mrs. Betty Molesky—Hall Monitor: What noticeable change have you seen in the student body over the years? "More active in school activities, especially the Juniors. Seniors have no interest in school activity or school spirit." How has the Allen Park school system changed? "Discipline problems have been ignored— especially 10 and 12 grades." How has your job changed over the yeors? "Has become more pleasant. The students have accustomed themselves to the changes which have been made in past years. There was a time when a student was not allowed out of the building at lunch, except with a pass, or five minutes before the bell rang." What is the most important problem we face at Allen Park High School? "Trying to get the right classes for students. Some of their classes could be changed without a hassle for a whole year." How would you improve Allen Park High School? "Improve the cafeteria with a better atmosphere." Mr. Les Mihalyfy — Sociology Instructor: He answered this question: how has the Allen Park school system changed? "Greater variety of course work now offered — better overall background for students than before." He also answered, what is the most important problem we face at Allen Park High School? "Probably lack of student interest or care (apathy)." Mrs. Marian Mouradian — Board of Education: She an- wered the following questions: What noticeable change have you seen in the students over the years? "They are more friendly and have a better attitude towards the board." How has the Allen Park school system changed over the yeors? "Progressing well, we have a very good superintendent." How has the job changed over the years? "The board is work ing harmonious. There are not any personality clashes." How would you improve Allen Park High School? "More vocational and career programs." What is the most important problem we face at Allen Park High School? "Financing all the schools." Mr. Norm Mihatsch — Drafting Instructor: He was asked the following questions: What noticeable change have you seen in the student body over the years? "They are more mature." How has the Allen Park school system changed? "Our system change — are you kid ding." How has your job changed over the years? "I get more money now. It has also become more enjoyable. You don't have to play a role." What is the most important problem we face at Allen Park High School? "I don't think we have much of a problem, ex cept for the announcements being read." How would you improve Allen Park High School? "With a great deal of enjoyment." Mrs. Paula Murtha — English Instructor: Mrs. Murtha is also the Chairman of the English Department. The students at Allen Park will remember hi-r for the oxprossion, "This i» muddled and redundant." St" left us this year at Christmm to have a baby — a little girl named Kay. Mrs. Murtha was temporarily reploced by Mrs Lacey. 164 SystemMrs. Ester Muszynski — Secretary: She answered the following question: how has your job changed over the years? "In February of 1970, I was hired as a P.B.X. operator whose main function wos to properly hondlc incoming and outgoing colls, help with payroll, employee attendance cards, etc. A school year handling the cofe-teria account and subbing as secretary in the school system. The last to date but by no meons the least position as secretary in Dr. Mitchell's office. The job consists of 12th grade atendance, clerical for Career Education ordering, distributing and inventory of texts, student council and lost book accounts, and the clinic." Mrs. Ann Piper — Math Instructor: When asked how would you improve Allen Park High School? She replied: "I would like a rotating daily schedule. That is, Monday you could hove 1-5 as usual then Tuesday hove 2-5,1, and Wednesday 3-5, 1, 2, etc. This would cause some difficulty with study hall waivers. Therefore, I sug gest that students maintaining a B average should be excused from study hall." Mr. Kenneth Nelson — Metal Shop Instructor: He answered the following question, what noticeable change hove you seen in the student body over the years? "The good kids are better and the bad kids are worse." How would you improve Allen Pork High School? "a) seek more parental involvement — keep parents informed, b) reduce pupil — teacher ratio where necessary, c) eliminate excessive hours worked by students on outside jobs, d) insist on 180 days of schooling per year to get a diploma, except for obvious medical excuses, e) et cetera." Miss Patricia Quinn — English Instructor: "I've greatly en- joyed working with the enthusiastic students at Allen Park High both in class and through the drama club and the plays. I hope the interest in drama that these students have developed will continue next year and after." Mr. Harold Oatley — Assistant Superintendent: What notice- able change have you seen in the student body over the years? "They've grown more conscious of the world around them. They seem more interested in outside people and less self-centered." How has the Allen Park school system changed? "There is a greater degree of independence." How has your job changed over the years? "I used to spend most of the time hunting for teachers. Now I'm trying to find a fair way to decide which ones to keep." What is the most important problem we face at Allen Park High School? "How to keep up with the times, declining enrollment, high prices and not hiring new teachers." How would you improve Allen Pork High School? "Leaving the choice of school programs for the students; students going into different fields deserve their choice of classes." Mrs. Dorothy Roy—Hall Monitor and Detention OfTicer: When asked, "How long have you been here, and how do you like A.P.H.S.?" Mrs. Ray replied. "I've worked at Bennie for six years. This is my first year at the high school and I like it very much. There's quite a controst between the children at Bennie and the teenagers here at the high school." Mr. Michael O'Hara — Social Studies Instructor: He made the following statements: "While there have been radical changes in our student body I don't feel the same thing can be said of our athletes over the years. I feel that the intense dedication required by sports is still there. I feel fortunate through my teaching and especially through my coaching experience, to hove been able to form many lasting friendships with mony fine young people. Moving to Allen Park High School for the school year 1972-73 gave me the opportunity to teach in the Allen Park Schol System on all levels, elementary, junior high, and high school." Mr. Anthony Rinna — Board of Education: He answered the fol lowing questions: What notice able change have you see in the study body over the years? "More participation in school activities. Student board meeting reports are more extensive and fuller." How would you improve Allen Park High School? "To pursue more stu dent participation in vocational courses, etc." How has the Allen Park school system changed? "They have started a trend towards vocational education." Mr. Dale Petri — Math Instructor: He answered his questions this way, what noticeable change have you seen in the student body over the years? "From the mid '50's to the '70's — are you kidding?" How has Allen Park school system changed? "How far has the Rock of Gibralter moved?" and, how would you improve Allen Park High School? "Lengthen the time allotted for passing or — shorten the halls, which ever is easier." Albert Einstein — World Renown Scientist and friend of every physics student at Allen Park. This man's picture hangs in Mr. Lockhort's laboratory. Mr. Zelosko’s bulletin board has one of his quotations: "Imagination is more import ant than knowledge." Einstein is almost a real member of the teaching staff.Mr. Gestin Rafail — Science Instructor. What noticeable change have you seen in the student body over the years? "APHS students seem to know what they expect from their school." How hos the Allen Park school system changed? "The system has been flexible with respect to important needs of the students. New course offerings and revised dress standards are a couple of notable areas." How has your job changed over the years? My teaching duties haven't changed much, but the working relationships between teacher and student has improved as of late. Students are more aware that teachers are there to facilitate their education not as slave-drivers." Mr. Alan Shapiro — English Instructor. What noticeable change have you seen in the student body over the years? "They have shown an increased awareness of political, social, and economic issues of today. They seem to question authority more in terms of student rights." How has the Allen Park school system changed? "I haven't been here that long!" What is the most important problem we face at APHS? "Probably the biggest problem is apathy because of some students unwillingness to take responsibility along with rights." Mr. Melvin Rizzo — Business Instructor. Our guardian angel over Imprint money plus he supervises the Student Shop. Mr. Rizzo is the "money man" for many other student activities such as the school fair. He is very well known to the student body. Mr. Patrick Sheridan — Math Instructor. What noticeable change have you seen in the student body over the years? "It has gotten fatter. You see more navels." How has your job changed over the years? "I used to deliver papers (news), mow lawns and wash cars to supplement my pay, but since we're being paid more now I've stopped mowing lawns." How would you improve Allen Park High School? "Remove all trouble makers, and with the remaining 15 students . . . What is the most important problem we face of Allen Pork High School? "Dandruff, more shampoo or less hair is needed." In response to the last question, how hos the Allen Park school system changed, he stated, "In the past it has usually changed in a full moon." Mr. Tom Runnals — Science Instructor. As chairman of the Science Department Mr. Runnals is often found after school working in his classroom by his students. A popular chemistry teacher who is remembered for patience with his students, Mr. Runnals was ill this year and spent some time in the hospital. Mr. Runnals is the scoreboard operator during varsity football season which is a carryover from his coaching years. William Shakespeare — Poet. "Does Mr. DeVia resemble Mr. Shakespeare or does Mr. Shakespeare resemble Mr. DeVia? Ah yes that is the question?" The answer is on page 159. Mr. Norman Shewchuk — Moth Instructor. What noticeable change have you seen in the student body over the years? "It's gone to pot!" How has Allen Park High changed? They cut the rungs off of the chimney to stop kids from climbing up on the roof." How hos your job changed over the years? "I now drive to work in a 69 Ford rather than a 67 Ford." What is the most important problem we face at Allen Park High School? "“45 on page 256." How would you improve Allen Park High School? "Put a Right Guard dispenser can in the lavatory." Mrs. Ruth Soncrant — Business Instructor. She answered these questions: What noticeable change hove you seen in the student body over the yeors? "A noticeable decline, but it looks good this yeor." What is the most important problem we face ot Allen Park High School? "Discipline — in doss, in homework, in personal matters." Mrs. Lois Shalogian — Secretary How has the Allen Park school system changed? "Improved business classes." How has your job changed over the years?" "I worked in the board office for the first 3 years so I workod with adults, now students." What is the most important problem we face at Allen Park High School? "Finding other means of detention." How would you improve Allen Park High School? "Try to get more students involved in school activities. They're too busy making money." Mrs. Marjorie Stakoe — Language Instructor. What is the most important problem we face at APHS? "The most important problem is to work each and every student so that he feels that his high school experience has been a "fun" one but more importantly — meaningful to him. Not time just spent — but time well spent." How would you improve APHS? "This high school provides an excellent background for those students bound for college. However, we must expand in the trade areas so that we account for the large group who need job training." What noticeable change have you seen in the student body over the yeors? "Styles change but people bos ically do not change. Students today seem more sophisticated and arc definitely better informed; however, render the surface, they share the same fears and doubts as my generation." 166 SystemMr. Harvey Stallings — Mathematics Instructor. What noticeable change have you seen in the student body over the years? "Bad attendance habits; smoking or possession of tobacco in the school building, on the way to or from school; vandolism (bathrooms, etc.); unsuitable dress or personal appearance; disobedience, disrespect, or rudeness toward adults." How has the Allen Park school system changed? "Too much play in the classrooms and not much work." How has your job changed over the years? "My job has changed from good to bad. The modern math is more work and harder; but the old moth will never die." What is the most important problem we face at Allen Park High? "Too many extra curricular interests. Truancy for all or part of a school day; repeated tardiness. A part-time job that takes too many hours per week." Mrs. Rosalie Wattrick — Physical Education Instructor. What noticeable change have you seen in the student body over the years? "Dress, attitudes have changed, some for the better, some for the worst!" What is the most important problem we face at Allen Park High School? "Lack of school spirit by both students and teachers." How would you improve Allen Park High School? "I would improve Allen Park High by setting up a Board made up of students, teachers and administration who would meet periodically to discuss the problems of the school." Mr. Richard Tews — English Instructor. "I have changed over the last five years from a slim and trim, handsome and modest English teacher to o slim and trim, handsome and modest English teacher with a goatee," he said with a smirk. Mr. Tews is one teacher who peppers his classroom discussion with light humor sometimes overbaked. He coached junior varsity football here for almost five years, but he devotes this time to his wife and son Brian. Mr. Raymond Whalin — counselor. What noticeable change have you seen in the student body over the years? "Attending school today seems to be a more vasual experience than it was in the past, Students seem to place less importance on education than on a port time job. Students have more freedom — they take fewer classes than in the past." How has the Allen Park school system changed? "We have become more permissive. Our attendance policies are much less rigid, therefore we have many students with a high absentee record. But this seems to be true also for people outside of school." How has your job changed over the years? "It seems to be more difficult to keep up with the changes in employment opportunities. There was a time when a college education nearly assured a graduate a good position. This is no longer true. It is therefore difficult to recommend to a student just what opportunities are available to him." Mr. Robert Tomes — Physical Education. Mr. Tomes, the long time "Dean of the Downriver Baseball Coaches" was retired due to heolth two years ago but his physical education students can't tell it. Mr. Tomes is a favorite teacher with the student body. He attends many of the sporting events here at APHS and still helps many aspiring gymnists and baseball players. He is a firm believer of work — just ask an sophomore boy taking his gym doss. Mr. Frank White—Para-Professional: Mr. White is a retired U.S. Postman who now devotes his time working in the halls of Allen Park High School. Mr. White is a popular and colorful figure not only in school but ofter school since he attends all the high school sporting events. Photography is one of his hobbies which qualifies Mr. White to sponsor the Photography Club. Mr. Bert Tyson — History Instructor. What noticeable change have you seen in the student body over the years? "Over the years, dress standards and hair styles have changed, but the caliber of our students has not." rfe also stated, "We continue to have a large percentage of good students who are willing and capable, which makes teaching at Allen Park High a real pleasure." Mr. Tyson is remembered by his US History students for his thoroughness and enthusiastic lectures. This is the first year for his "new class" entitled Consumer Economics. Mrs. Avace Wildie — Physical Education. Mrs. Wildie is in her second year at Allen Pork, but she taught girls physical education in Lansing for four yeors. Besides teaching Mrs. Wildie is sponsor of the Aquettes, Boost er Club and the girls Volley Ball Team. These extra curricular activities keep her in school after classes are over. She frequently tokes girls to her old school, MSU for swimming clinics and other activities. Mrs. Helen Umbarger — Hall Monitor: Mrs. Umbarger is one of the first people in the high school every morning—rain or shine. You can verify this with any student serving detention from 7:30-8:30 A.M. Mrs. Urn barger attends Eastern Michigan University also. Mrs. Henrietta Wilk—Hall Monitor: Mrs. Wilk has been with Allen Park High School for several years. She always has a pleasant smile or a friendly word. Her co-workers hove said she was very helpful in undertaking a new job, always there to answer those little questions.Mrs. Delores Wilson — Family Living Instructor: What noticeable change have you seen in the student body over the years? "Allen Park High School students have changed. I have also changed. Perhaps the following poem expresses the philosophy of today: Accept Me I am I Do not change me, condemn me nor put me down Accept me for what I am No . . . You need not agree with me But accept me for I am total in being I have my faults I have my guilts But that is who I am Perfect I will never be Allow me to be uninhibited Do not pressure me into feeling what I do not feel Accept me when I am Hying high As I have accepted you when you were flying high. Do not put me down . . . nor make me feel unhappy about me I am I and I like being what I am Me. Larry S. Chengges Mr. Walter Zelasko — History Instructor: Mr. Zelasko supervises and advises the Imprint staff. When asked how Allen Park High has changed he replied, "When I started teaching, girls wore long skirts and boys wore short hair. Now, boys wear long hair and girls wear short skirts, which proves one thing, that glands are more important than Mr. Donald Zittlemen — Auto Shop Instructor: He answered these questions: What noticeable change have you seen in the student body over the years? "Student body has improved, now more receptive to education." How has the Allen Pork school system changed? "Very little." What is the most important problem we face at APHS? "Overcrowding, too many kids in the auto shop and not enough actual work, not an adequate education." How has your job changed over the years? "It has become more complicated with the changing technology of the automobile." Mrs. Denise C. Lacey—English Instructor: Mrs. Lacey has replaced Mrs. Murtha this last semester, yet in this short period, she has donated a great amount of time to her classes involving them in a number of activities. She submitted this poem: Impressions Crowded halls. Laughing voices. Touching hands, Quick kiss. Late papers: High school existence. Mrs. Dorothy Foucher—School Social Worker: She has bocn a social worker for six years. Her job is to rap with students about their problems. Her service is with Arno Elementary, North and South Jr. High. This has been her first year at the High School. Mrs. Kochevor—Hall Monitor: We ask her to forgive us for our missing her in the alphabetical order of the System. We will do better next year when her daughter, Kim, is a senior. 168 SystemFront Row: Joseph Quail, Julius Bolough, John Willetts, Robert Batten, Charles Takessian. Back Row: Henry Stabczynski, Edward Goworicki, Ralph Jannazzo, Thomas Noffsinger, Pauline Peruski, Frank Yuhas. Front Row: Dolores Quinn, Fran Chaff, Agnes Andrews, Dorothy Bragunier. Back Row: Lilian Mochasci, Joyce Wayco, Florence Peden, Helen Kirschke, Margie Long.170 System CoachesVIKING SKI SHOP Rosemount Rossignol K-2 Kneissl Head Kastle Fischer Lange Olin 74 Lanes 20-Table Billiard Room 4 Cocktail Lounges Restaurant Nursery Meeting Rooms Snack Bar Complete Tournament Facilities Open Bowling 3 Private Banquet RoomsCOLLISIOt EXPERIMENTAL PARTS Area Code 313 DUnkirk 3-5700 19540 Allen Road MELVINDALE, MICHIGAN 48122 Norwood Precision Products, Inc. SPECIALIZING IN PRECISION PRODUCTS AND James S. MushFront Row: Jeff Georges, Don Mrock, Dove Heide. Lorry Schonfeld, Captain Mike Rinno, Coptain John Dodson, Captain Darrel Knick. Chris Prieur, Jeff Bowdcll, Jay Clark. Second Row: Waydc Rennie, Andy Plecha, Dan Lezette, Bob Lezuch, Dave Weshalck, Matt Topelien, Marc Carnarvon, Lee Egland, Don Burke, Lou Marson. Third Row: George Shaw, Leon Walsh, Rich Stapleton, Mike Fregenaro. Fronk Kaffenberger. Bill Fisher, Rich Barker, Bob Vacca, Marc Walther, Joe Prieur Fourth Row: Tom Greggs, John Sommerville, Ron Mastropietro, Dave Carlisle, Larry Lind, Bert Beany, Jim Zagunis, Russ Taylor, Jerry Riley. Bock Row (Coaches) Ron Eichbauer, Pete Loso, Ed Bellas, Al Vodasy (Managers) Greg Koukoudion, Jim Dunn, Mark Maddock.Allen Park Collision Owner James Maniccia Body and Fender Repair — Towing Service All work performed by Factory Trained Mechanics All Work Fully Guaranteed 16834 Ecorse Road DU 3-8881 s Ski Tennis 21938 Ave IVt Miles West o South ield Exp.—W Dbrn. Used Bikes Repairs Jack's Cycle Sport Shwinn Dealer DU 2-1990 6641 Park Avenue Allen, Park, Mich. 4531 Allen Road Phone 381 4930 Allen Park. Michigan 48101 Super Sub Shop 29 VARIETIES Of SUBMARINE SANDWICHES genuine square Mahan puo Come in and say Hi Your Hou Mike f SylviaFront Row: Marlene "Mighty Mouse" Steel. Nancy "Fancy Nancy" Ellis, Kathie "Cruisin" Comisso, Sandra "Crusher" Crimmins, Karen "Killer" Chicrut, Vicki "Deadly" Medley, Patti "Bruisen" Bcncdetti, Pam "Pitter-Patter" Prickett, Maureen "Hurricane" Hayes, Linda "Super" Sclabassi, Karyn "Mighty Knight. Second Row: Pat "The Star" Parr, Jane "Freaky Frosh" Frosheiser, Camille "Cyclone" Lambert, Gayle "Wrecker" Reed, Janis "Lucky" Lawson, Sondi "Destructive" DeSouza, Shoron "Hustlin" Hale. Debbie "Dangerous" Disch, Patti "Powerful" Clark, Kim "Wild" Willioms, Cindi "Domoging" Danaher, Natalie "Jiltin" Janks. Third Row: Coach Marcos Dias, Coach "Superfly" Mihalyfy, Coach Marc Walther, Loretta "Terrifying" Tavernier, Diane "Wild Women" Wilcher, Barb "Bust em-up" Place, Bonnie "Dodge-em" Donaldson, Leslie "Horrifying"' Hill, Joni "Joltin" Osip, Cheryl "End-it-all" Eldred, Sherry "Bomber" Balias, Teresa "Knuckles" Nardini, Jeanie "Meony" Osip, Marci "Big Mac" McGuire, Karen "Horrible" Hale. Colonial Crossroads Early American Specialists Furniture and Accessories Our Early American Gift Shoppe is the Finest 15421 SOUTHFIELD ALLEN PARK DU. 3-8660 Custom Draperies — Bamboo — Tile Traverse Rods — Woven Woods — Carpeting Allen Park Window Shade Co. Venetian Blinds SALES AND SERVICE WArwick 8-2900 Good Luck Class '74' ED SHEMA 7343 Allen Road Allen Park, Michigan DUn’KIMx 2.5430 DUnkiiik 2-5131 ALLEN PARK TILE cV LINOLEUM CO. doxfkit - Jlinoi turn - DiU duitom OnslalLution - dommexciai evidential. i!»3io i.roiisi; koaij T. K. VAXAI'MIIOM. Al.l.KX I'A lfl . MICHIGANCONGRATULATIONS TO THE CLASS OF 1974 FROM Cabrini Credit Union CONGRATULATIONS TO THE CLASS OF 74 Judge A. R. DeBiasi ALLEN PARK Bill Rowan Oldsmobile Inc. 15800 EUREKA 282-3100 SOUTHGATE, MICH. 48195 OPfN Daily IQ to lO Amplf Parking Carry • Our SCRVlCC 'i f ei taurant “‘JuU 9,«J • GOLDA HALVAS VEKNA DOBR7ENSKI 4939 ALLEN ROAD ALLEN PARK MICHIGAN 308 2022 382-4067 Bristol Dance Arts tap — ballet — toe — baton Modern jazz tumbling — gymnastics 6627 Allen Road Allen Park, Michigan 48101 Bruce Bristol Personal Director Flower Phone 383-5100 (Bw didtA, J’lowcAdu 8441 Park Avenue Allen Park, Michigan INSURANCE The Jackson Agency 6709 Park Avenue Allen Park, Michigan James R. Jackson 386-1990 381-7000Front Row: Chris Attwood, Joe Sanflippo, Perry Petterle, Tony Rinno, Rich Bowman, Jerry Gulliver, Phil Beyer, David Carlisle, lorry Lind. Brian Foley, Carpenter, Manager Pat Broniak. Back Row: Coach John Haboian, Leroy Missing from picture: Mike Fregonara, Greg Fourneir, Chris Muso. 94 LANES! MEET ME AT THE THUNDERBOWL . . . where everyone has a good time! 94 Lanes — 20-Table Billiard Room — 7 Cocktail Lounges Three Private Banquet Rooms for Weddings, Parties, etc. George Prybyla, Gen. Mgr., John Squillo, Lanes Mgr. 4200 ALLEN ROAD ALLEN PARK, MICH. Telephone 928-4688STUDENTFront Row: Randy Seesock, Tom Fox, Danny Buscetto, Marc Carnarvon, Steve Baker, Bob Vacca, Mark Schmidt, Dave White, Rory Matson, Dino Garzanitti. Second Row: Ron Ritchie, Jim Parmalee, Dave Shostah, Greg Tuponcy, Tom Burton, Marc Walther. Kevin Burke. Back Row: Coach Dennis Manning, Captain Bill Lytle, Steve Gibb, Bill Fisher, Tom Agardy, Al Kersslein, Jim Oshanski, Fred Vonhala. Assistant Coach Frank Nelson. Open Pantry Food M.irt Open every day of the year — Open till midnight 7 days a week Cold Beer Wine 8246 Allen Road 928-9848 CHINA BOY RESTAURANT We Specialize in Chinese and American Foods CARRY OUTS • POLYNESIAN ROOM COCKTAIL LOUNGE Open Fri. end Set. Till 3 e.m. WA 8-6432 6723 ALLEN RD. 386-5360 386-5361 Scuttuci't HHqmr? Neisner Automotive Supply, Inc. TUXEDO RENTAL AND SALES BOWLING APPAREL SANTUCI Dc GIULI Proprietor BUSINESS SUIT RENTAL TAILORING 5713 ALLEN RD. Allen Park for your business . . . we give service — quality — satisfaction 12525 Dix—Toledo 283-1182 19029 Ecorse Road Allen Prk., Mich. 386-0511Front Row: Diane Moore, Sonia DeSousa, Cindy Law, Paula Bencher, Candy Lambart, Pat Tomes, Mary Katakowski, Denise Venceloa, Darlene Horvath, Toni Fuccinari, Cindy Sordyl, Kim Kochevor. Second Row: Anita Kapera, lisa Howard, Mary Beth Warzecka, Jo Maria Agrusa, Danita Raireigh, Connie Bray, Karen Palczynski, Anita Falahee, Diane DiCicco, Kitty Barbier, Sharon Covort, Coach Rafail, Tim Bencher. Back Row: Coach Davia, Bob Miller, Rene Toutant, Diane Motney, Rene Delonge, Sheila Patsalis, Diane Moleshy, Jeanine Tiscot. Barb Placek, Jane Rcsctcr, Erin Hogan, Sondi Harwood. Vincent's Barber Shop 8039 Allen Road Allen Park 8 a.m. to 6 p.m. 928-5666 Louis Marson Sons Inc. J3amli J fowers Flowers Designed — With You In Mind 5903 Allen Road Allen Park, Michigan 48101 WA. 8-2808 8007 Rosedale Allen Park, Mich. 48101 386-1286 MASONRY CONTRACTORS Louis Marson, Jr., Pres. Area Code 313 DUnkirk 3-5700 182 Friends Powder PuffWATER BEDS ACCESSORIES TAPESTRIES - CLOTHING HEAD ITEMS - BODY FURNITURE a salty dog NORWOOD PRECISION PRODUCTS, INC. Al Bates (313) 284-5610 1710 Biddle Wyandotte, Michigan 48192 Manufacturers of Aircraft Missile Components 19540 Allen Road Melvindale, Mich. 48122 James S. Mush Restaurant of Allen Park 16015 Southfield open 24 hrs. Patrick L. Pyne Auto, Fire, Life, Health Group Ins. Pensions Phone 382-5233, 382-1117 6617 Allen Road Allen Park, Mich. 48101ALBERTS SUPER MARKET 6588 Allen Road — Allen Park ALBERT PERINO DUnkirk 1-2240 Phone: 928-7333 OWNERS: Maria Mangiapane Lillian Tarpella Fashion Wand COIFFURES 6828 Allen Rd., Allen Park, Mich. A Shop With You In Mind. Ralph's ] » T oust RALPH'S AUTO GLASS COMM811 TOPS ShOm POOPS TABU TOPS1-M1PP0PS I' PFPMP AI CORO.HEPAII DU.6‘1600 IWU NCUPP CVEO AV 4 3 350 Du ft ,6°0 RALPH'S AUTO GLASS TRIM TWO BIG STORES TO SERVE YOU COMPLETE INSURANCE REPLACEMENT PETER McOAlRMIO RALPH GROTH 4)9 FORT ST 15240 SOUTHFIELD WYANDOTTE. MICH ALLEN PARK. MICH CONGRATULATIONS AND BEST WISHES From Your ALLEN PARK FIRE DEPARTMENT Dedicated To The Preservation of life and property of our citizens REMEMBER Fires kill thousands of people each year, and usually had fire precautions been taken, some of those people might be alive today. "Fire Safety and Fire Prevention Is Everybody's Responsibility" "Don't Give Fire A Place To Start" "Be Prepared — Fire May Strike At Anytime" James A Harris Chief of Department Anthony Pabis Deputy Chief C. Bud Donovan Fire Marshal Fire Prevention Bureau 184 Friend Girls Baseball TennisFront Row: Darlene Horvath, Danita Raighri, Ann Alfiero, Tina Szczesny, Kathy Trionfi, Hope Hautala. Second Row: Pat Tomes, Sue Kuroda, Karen Kuhn, Mary Pellegrino, Colleen Foley, Nancy Ellis, Sue Snodgrass. Back Row: Coach Mrs. Piper, Cheryl Hoy, Anita Falahee, Renee Toutont, Jane Young, Captain Kathy Bucon, Captain Teresa Bucon, Tina Prendergost. Book Nook Inc. 18614 Ecorse Rood at Cortland Allen Park, Michigan Telephone: 388-3365 Open 8 a.m. to 8.30 p.m. Monday through Saturday Sunday 9 a.m. to 4 p.m. Paperbacks, Magazines, Posters, Cliff and Monarch Notes, Barns and Noble College Outlines PITTMANS RADIO TV COLOR SALES AND SERVICE 0302 ALLEN ROAD AT CHAMPAION ALLEN PARK MICHIGAN DU 2-1100 Front Row: Mike Freeman Second Row: Patti Williams. Paula Tarnowosky. Diane Shovely, Toni Volonte. Third Row: Linda Smolen, Kathy Zwolan. Carrie Pcopples, Karen Kuroda. Coach: Elaine Freeman. nicholas george theatres Executive Offices: 6621 Allen Road Allen Park. Mich. 48101 Where Good Friends Meet Brush Pallet Lounge 6752 Allen Road Allen Park, Mich. I)r. Richard G. Mackey DR. Charles T. Armstrong Hours: Mon. thru Fri. 10 to 7 Wed. and Fri. Evening 7 to 9 Jl If you need any help, give us a call: 386-7800 Allen Park Police Department 15840 Philomene Allen Park, Mich. It Friend JV BasketballRusko's Service Center 19333 Van Born at Pelham — Allen Park 274-4550 - Phones - 274-7999 14545 Ford at Chase — Dearborn 584-5515 - Phones - 584-5516 Complete Auto Repair Towing Service 24 Hours Bottom Row: Greg Boni, Gordie Torn, Bob Fedoruk. George Armelagos. Jim . Waring. John Marshall. Marty Menard, Ross Noel, Dave Zantop. Tim Kish. Spindlcr, Ron Tkac, Bert Bcanev Ton Row Coach Davo Sherrard, John PMONK: 382-9730 £ol J aYion s S eruice FRONT END ALIGNMENTS BRAKE JOBS - TUNE-UPS 8333 ALLEN RD. ALLEN PARK. MICH. American Fuel Supply Co. 2685 South Schaefer — Detroit, Michigan 48217 Corner of Ethel — Phone: 849-0060 BUILDING SUPPLIES AND HARDWARE Martin Senour Paint, Cement, Sand, Block, Brick, Plaster, Roofing, Fertilizer, GravelGREAT THINGS ARE DONE WHEN STUDENTS AND TEACHERS MEET Allen Park Education Association Extends its Congratulations to the Class of 1974Give Your Child the Advantages of (Dca yiuAAQMf- Southfield Service Drive at Russel Allen Park, Michigan 561-4350 Nickel — Chrome — Custom Plating Motorcycles, Hot Rods, Boats, Automobiles Wyandotte Plating Co. Inc. 230 Mulberry Street Wyandotte, Michigan AVenue 2-4322 The State College of Beauty 3849 Fort St. Wyandotte 313 285-71309t haA, bosun, OJUA, Id aoadsl CUIoyl flank, ddqlc §jdw and, JfisL 9mpnmL T’t. SINCE 1010 DETROIT • DEARBORN • TROYFront Row: Pete O'Neil, Dove Listello, Mike Stralkowski, Ed Compeau, Jeff Reeves, Geo Armelagos, Mark Gee, Eric Molzan. Second Row: Tom Bobowski, Rick Baughman, Roy Kubo, Dave Sitarski, Jeff Guotana, John Kiszely, Mark Templin, Dave Comisso, Tim Duey. Back Row: John Carlisle, Scott Slingwien, Mike Eldred, Dave Martel, Dan Fennell, Pete Smith, Brian Gaggin, Steve Miles. J. H. Thompson, Inc. 7210 Park Avenue Allen Park, Mich. "Congratulations to all graduates" CARM'S ELECTRIC Industrial — Commercial — Residential LICENSED CONTRACTOR Carmin Guerriero 382-7654 9813 Colwell Allen Park, Michigan Home of the Original “Famous Maury’s Ground Round” FISH FRY EVERY FRIDAYFront Row: Torri Hamilton, Karen Weiss, Noreen Myers, Liz Scoda, Captain Paulette Palmer. Bock Row: Captain Susan Wall, Leigh Smith, Angela Piotrash, Laura McFarland, Sherril Shoulders, Ruth Taylor, Coach Mrs. Piper. 386-6920 842-1731 Cfizt (IVaxndie. Jforiit FLOWERS FOR ALL OCCASIONS 7706 ALLEN ROAD ALLEN PARK. MICH Congratulations to the Class of '74 Alien Park Police Command Officers Association ALLEN PARK POLICE DEPARTMENT Lieut. Charles Compton Lieut. John McKeever Lieut. James Dagwell Lieut. Alfred Pawelski Lieut. Raymond Hyder Det. Lieut. William Reardon HOLLYMATIC Holly Sales Service of Detroit Company FORMS FOOD FOR THE WORLD AUTHORIZED HOLLVMATIC DEALER FOOD PORTIONING EQUIPMENT 24167 ECORSE ROAD TAYLOR. MICHIGAN - 48180 Phone 313 291-4500 W. C. BOYD CLARK Fred’s Clark Super 100 7200 Allen Road "Best Wishes" "Just Insurance Since 1947" Lack-men Insurance Agency 6535 Park Avenue Allen Park, Michigan 48101 928-8477 192 Friends JV Girls BasketballFlood Realty, Inc. — Realtors Dedicated Service to the Community for over 200 Years 7000 Roosevelt Road, Allen Park, Michigan 48101 383-4400 CONGRATULATIONS GRADUATES — Flood Realty Compliments of A Auto Clinic Complete Automotive Repair Hondo Boats • Sales Service 16705 Ecorse Road Allen Park, Michigan DU 2-8968 Phone 382-5033 La Riviera Fine Restaurant and Cocktail Lounge Private Banquet Room American - Italian Food Eligid Eusani 7910 Allen Road Allen Park, Michigan UNIQUE and INTERESTING NOSEGAY'S, CORSAGES, and TOPIARY BALL'S FOR ALL DANCE OCCASIONS ALLEN PARK POLICE OFFICERS ASSOCIATION PROJECT HELP-MATE Wishes to Congratulate the Senior Class of 1974Front Row: Tom Bain, Rick Lawson, Dave Weshalek, Rich Carpenter, Randy Paqueete, Louie Marson, Ed Bores, Rick Yesue. Back Row: Coach Roy Finger, Bruce Anonick, Rick Surmanian, Foe Prieur, Blair Clarke, Walt Kalicki, Pete Naysmith, Bill Witkowski, Mike Thibodeau, Tim Schults, Coach Mike Sloan. Park Athletic Supply Phone DU 6-6570 6809 Roosevelt Avenue Allen Park, Michigan 48101 U iui Village Auto Wash "Our Business is Washing Cars" (exterior) 15670 Southfield Allen Park DU 2-9793 Complete Business Forms — Binders — Filing Supplies Mimeograph Duplicator Supplies Allen Stationery Office Supply 6817 Allen Road Allen Park, Michigan 48101 James A. Hinds DUnkirk 1-1286-7 194 Friends HockeyArchery Supplies, Bows, Shotguns, Rifles, Hondguns, Scopes Hunting Equipment BUY • SELL - TRADE U C hr orn GUN AND ARCHERY FFL NO. 38-13.220 18626 ECORSE ROAD ALLEN PARK, Ml. 48101 PHONE: 928-2577 A PLACE WHERE THEY STILL DO THE FOX TROT Why go to one restaurant in 5,000 when you can go to one in a million? Have some wine, a cocktail, talk, dance. Enjoy a complete dinner. Prime Rib, Steaks, Chops, served on sizzling platters, or, a complete Seafood menu or a Veal Parmigiana. Dance and listen to the Camelot Trio (who have been here nightly since 1963). There is only one restaurant in Michigan where you can taste, talk, listen, and dance so much. 15 Minutes From Downtown Detroit 8421 Allen Road Allen Park 382-0082 Your store for moccasins and fine gifts "House of the Unusual" Jim Cunningham's ONE IN A MILLION Between 1-94 and 1-75 Southfield Road, Allen Park Ample Parking 928-5300 Allen Park Furniture Co. FURNITURE AND ACCESSORIES Having served parents and neighbors for 30 yrs. 381-2515 6670 Allen Rd. Front Row: Mary Pclcgrino, Tina Szczesny, Captain Kathy Bucon, Captain Tereso Bucon, Cindy Szczesny, Hope Hautalo. Back Row: Sue Kuroda. Diane Webb, Colleen Foley, Sue Snodgrass, Patty Bowdcll, Coach Mrs. Piper. Allen Park, Mich.FLANNERY FORD Your No. 1 Ford Dealer DU 1-0400 1515 Fort St. Lincoln Park Front Row: Eddy Baker. Ken Holowenski. Dave Williams. Marty Prcmtaj, George Woods. Ed Maddock. Bryan Cornwall. David Fudge. Socond Row: Marsha Sherwood. Tony Rinna, Julius Budnick, Scott Haines, John Manera, Dave Ottenbaker, Mark Fanfalone. Paula Wanialc Back Row: Coaches Dennis Armstrong, Bob Van Valkenberg, Captain Mark Hershberger, Captain Dole Weiss, Steve Dyas, Greg Messer, Bob Walls, Jim DeVitto, Bob Carter, Manager Julie Rikcr. 196 Friends Swimming-WrestlingFront Row: Lance Donati, Larry Mocnik. Ross Ravary, Jim Townsend, Bob Pete Smith, Dave Sitarski, Chris Medely, Coach Pat Gizzi. Back Row: Richard Loyd, Dave Findeley, Ray Swidan, Ralph Hargraves. Second Row: Gary Carlson, Randy Green, Michael Koscielny, Mark Gee, Mark lapshan, Brian Templin, Jeff Heide, Joe Purcell, Chris Jakubik, Randy Mrock, Bill Townsend, Fabbri, Randy Petris, John Tuba, Marc Carnarvon. The Viking Ski Shop A Complete Selection in the Newest of Cross- Country Skis Plus the Best of . . . Rosemount Rossignol K-2 Allen Park Kneissl Federation of Teachers Head Wishes to Congratulate Kastle the Senior Class of 1973 Fischer Lange Olin 28239 Plymouth Road Livonia, Michigan Phone: 425-0520 St S ready a wonder that d) haven t dropped ad mu ideals, because they Seem So absurd and impossible to carry out. J?t d) beep them L ite oj! everyth ecauSe in Spite of everytniny d) still believe that people e are ready yood at heart. Anne Frank Senior Class 1974First Row: Nancy Nardini, Nancy Ellis, Tina Prendcrgast, Teresa Nardini. Second Row: LouAnn Zajkowski Kathy Comisso, Linda Burrel, Karen Atikin-son, Terry English, Rhonda Mills, Carol Mihalko. Third Row: Coach Avace Wildie, Sue Snodgrass, Jackie Oeloach, Teresa Capera. Debbie Bozarth. Jenny Bear. Front Row: Jerry Cianfarani, Dave Carroll, Tony Massucci, Jo Ann Mangia-pane, John Cadorin, Mark Perkins. Second Row: Dan Bussetta, Greg Fanfalone, Bruce Buchanan, Dave Martinez, Duane Litogot, Dean DeAngelis. Third Row: Mark Bixler, David Gross, Mark Davis, Don St. Louis, Rick Baughman, George Buzzy. Fourth Row: Dave Melotti, Coach Mike Perry. Friends Girls Volleyball-Gymnastics 199Front Row: Larry Wolicki. Karl Ramirez, Gory Oates, Steve O'Leary, Greg Kress, Steve Boni, Mark Hershberger, Mike Brennan, Tom Valker, Bart Gervasi, Keith Keller, Mike Hewitt, Ed Kelly. Back Row: Coach Gee, Steve Dwenger, Dan Mrock, Dan Zolkowski. Victor’s Market CHOICE MEATS GROCERIES Complete Home Freezer Service 7318 Park Avenue Phone DUnkirk2-9085 Front Row: Bob Santucci, Bill Gotesy, Mark Whited. Back Row: Craig Fraiser, Ed Vig, Coach Hershberger. 200 Friends Tennis-GolfThe main thing in life is not to be airaid to be human Pablo Casals Junior Class 1975We will dazzle you With our brilliance Or baffle you With our bull. imprint staff Front Row: Sue McNeil, Shellie Mourodian, Terry Sadler, Colleen Murray, Terry Webstor, Joe Guerra, Tom Hilton, Ron Revoir, Roy Waters, Drum Major, John Mon era. Second Row: Cindy Brazer, Dave Fudge, Margaret Jasinski, Gary Allen, Shelia Maseengill, Diane Gilpatrick, Wendy Atkinson, Laura Hamaker, Kim Ditto, Renee Dubois, Karen Bach, Joyce Jeffries. Third Row: Carol Hayden, Carol Regnier, Marion Giese, Aurora Bilan, Lori Ottinger, Liz Porks, Sharon Cushing, Denise Molnar, Ann Taylor, Sharon Cayo, Terri Vanover. Fourth Row: Jill Doughty, Carry Worren, Mike Cole, Bryan Cornwall, Stan Massengill, Miko Brennan, Gary Tarpinian, Mark Wojno, Steve Honer, Dan Yakima, Ed Seobloom. Fifth Row: Lori Hannawalt, Tom Neubacher, Wayne Sponsky, Bill Korpi, Bob VanSteenkiste, John Bisaro, Jerry Tolstyka, Mark Kummer, Greg Boni, Jerry Shierschmidt. Sixth Row Tammy Jones, Dan Gallie, Jim Hollowell, Steve Martin, Jeff Morlatt, Joyce Kirby, Debbie Disch, Renee Toutont. Dan Herster, Randy Kalik. Seventh Row: Kathy Showers, Gary Derstepanian, Lisa Coward, Jim Bakoitis, Pat Nicholls. Vicki Jcczon, Doug Wilson, Bob Rutkowski. Tom Calvird. Eighth Row: Tony Massucci. lorry Tolstyka, Ston McClosky. Jill Guilder, Judy Gerhordf, Keith Wilkinson. Ninth Row: Dove Jackson, Bill lambright, Andy Jamroz. Leo Nadrowski, Gary Manoogian, Brian Klonk. 202 Friends BandGive me Teach me a fish to fish and I and I eat for eat for a day. a lifetime. The Board of Education of Allen Park Public Schools and the Citizens we represent extend our best wishes and fond hope that Allen Park Public Schools have served you well. This thought from the New Testament represents the community's commitment to our young people's education. BOARD OF EDUCATION William Danosky Joseph Berry Anthony T. Rinna Marian Mouradian Michael A. Davis Clifton W. Fellows Orville W. Junge President Vice President Secretary Treasurer Trustee Trustee Trustee ADMINISTRATION Dr. Richard L. Hogencamp Harold Oately Superintendent Assistant SuperintendentFriends American Legion Auxiliary Unit 409 6737 Allen Road Allen Park, Michigan 48101 Miss Betty Ann Balias Mr. and Mrs. William Balias Mr. and Mrs. Philip L. Ballantyne Mrs. Robert J. Baughman, Sr. Mr. and Mrs. E. Benedetti Mr. and Mrs. Robert Benham Mr. and Mrs. Edward Beres Mr. and Mrs. Fred Bisaro Mr. and Mrs. Angelo T. Boni Mr. and Mrs. William Brennan Colder Bros. Dairy 1020 Southfield Rd. Lincoln Park, Michigan 48101 Mr. and Mrs. Harry A. Carnarvon Mr. and Mrs. Andrew Cherny Mr. and Mrs. Wendell Clark Mr. and Mrs. Vincent D'Amico Mr. and Mrs. Travis C. Dick George and Melba Dodson Mr. and Mrs. Frank Donaldson Mr. and Mrs. James Doyle Mr. and Mrs. Dan Drinane Mrs. M. Drouin Charles and Eleanor Dubois Mr. and Mrs. George Dyas Mr. and Mrs. Lawrence H. Egland Mr. and Mrs. Edward Falkowski Mr. and Mrs. John Farkis Mr. and Mrs. Henry S. Feller Mr. and Mrs. Robert Fennell Mr. and Mrs. James Ferguson Mr. and Mrs. David Fero Mr. and Mrs. Richard W. Findlay 204 Friends PatronsFriends Gerald Fleming Family Mr. and Mrs. Frank Fregonara Mr. and Mrs. Edwin Frosheiser Mr. and Mrs. Peter Georges Mr. and Mrs. Chester Gerisch Mr. and Mrs. Oliver E. Greggs Mr. and Mrs. Charles H. Gross Mr. and Mrs. Domenic Guerra Charles Haines Mrs. J. L. Hagan Mr. and Mrs. Alex Harvey Mr. and Mrs. Arthur J. Hayes Mr. and Mrs. Richard Huebler Mr. and Mrs. James L. Jones Mr. and Mrs. Julian F. Joseph Mr. and Mrs. O. W. Junge Mr. and Mrs. John Kaiser Mr. and Mrs. A. J. Kaminski Mr. and Mrs. Stanley V. Kauppi Mr. and Mrs. Alexander J. Kazan Mr. and Mrs. Raymond Kerr Mr. and Mrs. Wendell F. Kilman Mr. and Mrs. Levon King Mr. and Mrs. Leo W. Korpi Walter and Ann Krentler Mr. and Mrs. Edward Kropog Mr. and Mrs. Harry Kurtian K W Industrial Design, Inc. 5019 Allen Road Allen Park, Michigan 48101 Mr. and Mrs. Charles M. LaNoue Mr. and Mrs. William R. Lawson Joseph P. LeBlanc Family Mr. and Mrs. Edward LeheckaFriends Lincoln Park Boring Company 29041 Wick Road Romulus, Michigan Mr. and Mrs. William Linfoot John and Margie Long Mr. and Mrs. Richard H. Long Mr. and Mrs. John Lorence Harry and Doris Lott Mr. and Mrs. Clifford W. Loyd Mr. and Mrs. Raymond J. Malos, Sr. Mr. and Mrs. Harry Manoogian Mr. and Mrs. Karmen Manoogian Mr. and Mrs. Don Mapes Mr. John McCabe Mr. and Mrs. Royce Medley, Sr. Mr. and Mrs. L. H. Merlo Willis and Dorothy Messer Mr. and Mrs. Fred Meyn Michael's One Stop Liquor - Beer Wine Store 5729 Allen Road Allen Park, Michigan 48101 Mr. and Mrs. John V. Miklos Mr. and Mrs. Eugene Milotz Mr. and Mrs. J. Missler Mr. and Mrs. Alex Mogor Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Molesky Dr. and Mrs. Willis Moore David R. Mortimer Catherine and Alex Murray Mr. and Mrs. Edward Myzienski Mario and Edna Nardini Mr. and Mrs. John Nasea, Jr. Mr. and Mrs. O. J. Nowak Mr. and Mrs. Tom Ottenbaker Mr. and Mrs. Eugene Page Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Peruski 206 Friends PotronsFriends Mr. and Mrs. Virgil Plaunt Mr. and Mrs. Manuel T. Quintero Mr. and Mrs. William Quiring Mr. and Mrs. W. Arthur Redden Mr. and Mrs. Glenn Reeves Mr. and Mrs. James Reeves Mr. and Mrs. Earl Regnier Mr. and Mrs. John Robatchka Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth Rupp Mr. and Mrs. Henry Rutkowski Mr. and Mrs. Gerald J. Sander Ralph Schilling Mr. and Mrs. Harry Siemicki Mrs. Marge Slingwein Mr. and Mrs. George Snodgrass Mr. and Mrs. Ronald Sperlbaum Mr. and Mrs. Frank Spindler Fran Stone Spouse Decorators 6551 Balfour Allen Park, Michigan 48101 The Strazalkowski Family Mr. and Mrs. Daniel Sutton Mr. and Mrs. S. Swisz Clarence and Joyce Symons Dr. and Mrs. George Tomich Arnold Turner Mr. and Mrs. Remi Van Steenkiste Mr. and Mrs. Charles Vartabedian Mrs. Margaret Wilcher Mr. and Mrs. H. S. Wilson Mr. and Mrs. T. F. Wise Mr. and Mrs. Martin Wolicki Mr. and Mrs. R. Zampieri Hal and Bobbi ZantopAdams, Mark 101 Albright, Robin 101,117 Allen, Robin 101,108 Allcndor, Melanie 101 Allore, Laurence 101 Anderson, Carol 101,216 Anderson, Joseph 101 Angus, Rita 101 Antio, Marina 101 Antulis, Joanne 101 Armstrong, Debbie 101,93 Arndt, James 101 Arvanigian, Linda 101 Asom, Richard 101,98 Atwood, Kris 101,76,127,128,179,188 Austin, Susan 101,83 Ayala, William 101 Bach, Linda 101 Badrack, John 101 Bagby, Dale 101 Baksa, Judy 101 Balgc, Nancy 101 Balia, Gabriel 101,32 Ballantyne, James M. 101 Balias, Sharon 101,176 Ballentine, James 101 Balsis, Charles 101 Barr, Gwen 101,99 Barstad, Brenda 101 Bartlett, Dennis 101,215 Beauchamp, Ellen 102 Benedetti, Patricia 102,33,108,176 Beres, Edward 102,75,194 Besek, Geralyn 102,9,11,215 Bczerko, Mary Ann 102 Bica, Jerry 102 Bilan, Paula 102 Bireta, Marcia 102 Bisaro, John 102,32 Bixler, Scott 102,41 Bjoraker, David 102 Bobovski, Margaret 102 Boni, Steve 102,60,200 Borbely, Susan 102 Bosh, Mary 102 Botosan, Maria 102 Bourdlais, James 102,56 Bouren, Vernita 102 Bowdell, Elizabeth 102 Bowdell, Jeffroy 102.174,216,215 Bower, Scott 102 Brady, Mary C. 102 Brennan, Linda 102,216 Brennan, Michael 102,200 Brighton, Gregg 102,11,26,71,127,133,157.188 Bronicki, Donna 103 Bronner, Belinda 103 Brossoit, Raymond 103 Bucon, Katherine 103,150,185 Bumpus, Alan 103,84 Burbank, Karen 103 Burke, Daniel 103,14,74.75.78,128,174 Burton, Diane 103 Bush, Karen 103 Buzz, Daniel 103 Byrne, Marcia 103 Cadorin, John 103,64,91,110,116 Cag, Paul 103 Carbonell, Juan 103 Carpenter, Richard 103,11,76,99,179,194 Casey, Janice 104 Cashmore, Janice 104 Ceccarclli, Robert 104 Charette, Mary 104 Checcabelli, Paul 104,15 Cherny, Marjorie 104 Chwierut, Karen 104,16,176 Cianteo, Yonnie 104 Clark, John 104,43.130,174 Clark. Patricia 104,109.133,176.216 Clark, Roger 104,24 Clarke, Allen 104 Clarke, Robert 104,24,108 Senior Index Clemens, Jill 104 Clement, Joel 104,215 Cloose, Lorraine 104 Cloutier, David 105 Cobb, John 105 Cobb, Rhonda 105 Cole, Thomas 105 Commisso, Kathleen 105,16,42,176,196 Conley, Robert 105 Cornwall, Cynthia 105,10,24,46 Covert, Gary 105,215 Crupi, Deborah 105,132 Crupi, Gregory 105 Crimmins, Sandra 105,113,124,154,176 Croo, Lyle 105 Cummings, AnneMarie 105 Cushing, Sharon 105,156 Czarnik, Kenneth 105 Czech, Peter 106 Danoher, Cynthia 106,1,17,52,103,176,216 Danz, Ginger 106 Daubresse, Diane 106 Davanzo, Tina 106 Davis, Brian 106 Davis. Paul 106 Date, Edward 106,90 Degnan, Janice 106 Delehant, Linda 106 Demorrow, Rochelle 106 Dennis, Joan 106,7 Dennison, John 106 DerStepanian, Gary 106 DeSouza, Sandra 106,176 DeVitto, James 106,111,115,196 DeVoli, Susan 107 DeVoll, David 107 Dias, Marcos 107,92,124,176 Dick, Cynthia 107 Dihle, Valorie 107 Dippert, Carl 107 Disch, Debra 107.4,29,115,176 Dobis, Michelle 107 Dodson, John 107,79,128,174 Donaldson, Bonnie 107,109,176 Drouillard, Maryann 107 Drouin, Glenn 107 Dudzinski, Cheryl 107 Duffy, Raymond 107,84 Dunn, Maryann 107 Duperon, Debra 108 Durkee, Robert 108 Dwenger, Bart 108,26,200 Dyos. Steven 108,115,196 Ebel, Janice 108 Edge, Mark 108 Egan, Janice 108 Egland, Lee 108,60,61,83,174 Ehrle, Kent 108 Eldred, Cheryl 108,95,176 Ellis, Nancy 108,16,42.103,124,176.185,196 Etherige, Gordon 108 Ettema, Michael 108 Evans, Mark 108 Evanuik, Ronald 108 Exnoeski, Doreen 108 Fabbri, Brian 67,197 Falkowski, Janice 108 Fallctich, James 108 Fanfalone, Gregory 65,109,199 Farkis, Gerald 109 Fennell, Kalthorine 109 Ferguson, Duncan 109 Findlay, Richard 109 Fitzsimmons, Craig 109 Fleming, Gary 109 Flores, Susan 109,14 Flynn, Roger 109,215 Ford, Leslie 109 Fowler, Donald 109 Fraser, Craig 109.5,38.59,75,103.129,200 Fregonara, Frances 109,96 Fregonara, Michelle 109,4,37 Frosheiser, Jane 109,18,132,176,216 Gallagher, Geraldine 109 Georges, Jeffrey 109,70,78,188 Gilbert, Mark 109 Gilpatrick, Diane 109,29 Gosselin, Larry 110 Grant, Elaine 110,14 Greggs, Thomas 110,40,132,174 Griffith, Robert 110 Gross, Debra 110,17 Grosse, Charles M. 110 Guerra, Lora 110 Guerriero, John 110 Hagon, Carol 110,33,215 Hale, Karen 110,176 Hale, Sharon 110,76 Hall, Deborah 110 Hanna, Diane 110 Harris, William 110 Harrison, Karrie 110 Harvey, Aicxa 110 Haskins, William 110 Hatt, Charles 110,100,114 Hay, Cheryl 110,185 Hayes, Maureen 110,98,132,176 Heide, David 110,56,174 Herman, Cynthia 111 Hershberger, Mark 111,61,115,196,200 Hewitt, Michael 111,133,200 Hill, Leslie 111,124,176 Hilton, Thomas 111,54,108 Hodge, Michael 111 Hollobaugh, David 111 Holubka, Mark 111 Hopkins, Joetta 111,215 Hornyak, Andrea 111 Horvath, David 111 Hutson, Donna 111 Jokocki, Diane 111 Jakubik, Sharon 111 Jonks, Natalie 111,125,176 Jessick, Patricia 111,26 Johns, Mark 111 Johnson, Pamela 111 Jolokai, Mary Ann 112,215 Jones, Gerald 112 Jones, Kenneth 112 Jones, Larry 112 Jones, Paul 112 Joseph, Janice 112,216 Joy, Timothy 112 Kachin, Paula 112 Kaiser, Douglas 112 Kapanowski, Gary 112 Kauppi, Sharon 112 Kazan, Michelle 112 Koddie, Barbara 112 Keller, Keith 112,160,200 Keramidas, Richard 112 Keramidas, Robert 112,111 Kcshishian, Lynda 112 Kilman, Julie 112 Kinder, Bobbi 112 Kindred, Sharon 112 Kirschweng, Daniel 112 Kish, Dennis 112 Knapp, Dennis 112 Knick, Darrell 70,132,174 Knight, Karyn 14,16,176 Koltunchik, Christopher 113 Konkal, Denis 113,10,128 Korpi, William 1 13 Kozfkay, Douglas 113 Kozuh, Karen 113,94 Krentler, Jeffrey 113 Krohn, Ronald 113 Kropog, Diane 113 Kuhn, Rosalyn 113 Kummer, Glen 113,41 Kunkel, Mary 113 Kuroda, Karen 113,53,185 Kurtjian, Cassandra 113 Kwidtowski, Daniel 113 Lambert, Camille 113,17,109,124,154,176LoNouc, Thomos 114,27 Lovlctoire, David 114 Lawton, Jonit 114,27 Lawson, Richard 114,116,194 Lay, Carl 114 Lazuko, Timothy 114 LeBlonc, Lori 114 Lotzcaynski, John 114 Lewandowski, Robert 114,129,157,188 Ligner, Alexis 114 Linfoot, Linda 114 Linvilie, Bradley 114 Long, Kathy 114,99 Lott, Patrick 115 Lupo, Darryl 115,22 Lush, Virginia 115 MacKenzie, Lynn 115 Macs, David 115 Malcolm, Ross 115 Malcolm, Russ 115 Molek, Mary 115 Malone, Nancy 115,25 Malos, Raymond 115,2,14.32 Manning, Rick 115 Manoogian, David 115,15,108 Manoogian, Gary 115,132 Mantua, Carol 115 Manzogol, David 115 Morcius, Milan 116 Morinski, Gilbert 116 Marshall, Gary 116 Marson, Louis 116,14,69,174,194 Martel, Steven 116,7 Martin, Robert 116 Martin, Steven 116 Martinez, Richard 116 Massingiff, Sheila 116 Massucci, Anthony 116,24.39,65,100,105,199,215 Mastropietro, Ronald 116,10,26,32.78,128,131,174 Matusik, Susan 116 McCabe, Donna 116 McClosky, Stanley 116 McCormack, Jeffrey 116 McDermitt. Wayne 117 McFarland, Deborah 117 McGuire, Marcee 117,113,176 McKccver, Karen 117,104 McMillan, William 117,83,111 McFarland, Patrick 117,87 McQuode, John 117 Medley, Christopher 117,98,197 Medley, Victoria 117,126,176 Mei, Lori 117,14,15,32,53,99 Mcssor, Gregory 117,99,196 Metzger, Ruth Ann 117 Meyers, Terrie 117 Meyn, Karen 117 Meyn, Kevin 118 Mihelich, Janet 118 Miller, Thomas 118 Mis. William 118 Misicv icz, Marc 118 Missler, Richard 118 Mogor. Beverly 118,97 Molnar, Denise 118 Morehead, Lorry 118 Morgan, Rodney 118 Morton, Laurie 118,86,133 Mrkich, Nick 118 Mrock, Daniel 118,61,78,174,200 Mulroy, Timothy 118 Murrell. Carolyn 118,93 Mysciwiec, Don 118 Myzienski, Joyce 118 Nagy, Marcie 118 Nardini, Teresa 119,98,133,176,196,216 Nosca, John 119 Nay, Thomas 119 Near, Peggy 119,26 Nelson, Pamelo 119 Newsome, Ronald 119 Nicholls, Robert 119 Nikischer, Janice 119,41 Nogiec, Glen 119,15 Nowak, Frank 119 Novak, Jess 119 Nuzzi, Linda 119 Oates, Gary 119 O'Connell, Danny 119 O'Farrell, Robert 119 Ohl, Kathleen 119 Ollila, Dianna 119,215,216 O'Neil, Timothy 119 Orischok, Daniel 119 Orsick, Fred 119 Oshanski, James 120 Osip Jean 120,33,39,99,176 Osip, Joan 120,10,46,47,176 Page, Maureen 120 Papier, Darlene 120 Papier, Debra 120 Popp, Cheryl 120 Porks, Elizabeth 120 Parr, Patricia 120,176 Parsnick, James 120,84 Paschke, Michael 120 Povan, Sandra 120,23,33,100 Peapples, Carrie 120,52,185 Perotto, Joseph 120 Perreault, Audrey 120,5,10,14,15,46,157 Perreault, Daniel 120 Peterson, Linda 120 Pitts, Debra 120 Place, Barbara 120,113,176 Plaunt, Debra 120 Plecho, Andrew 120,124 Pobursky, Terrie 121 Pollicelli, Kim 121 Pollock, Hugh 121 Popple, Clifford 121 Porter, Gayle 121 Poulos, Toni 121 Prickett, Pomola 121,47,98,131,176 Prieur, Christopher 121,98,174 Putnam, Greg 121 Quail, Joseph 121 Quintero, Gregg 121 Rademocher, Sherry 121,131 Ramiros, Tanya 121 Rayfield, Billy 121 Rayficld, Judy 121 Reardon, Sharon 121,5,95 Redden. Jill 121,26 Rcdmer, Dennis 121 Reed, Gayle 122,176 Reeves, Jonathon 122 Regnier, Robin 122,216 Rhoton, Torry 122 Rice, Annamarie 122 Rice, Gorald 122 Richards, Shelley 122 Riggan, Ronald 122 Riley, Jerry 122,11,39,42,91,174 Rinna, Michael 122,10.14 15.45,78,79,128,174 Rinno, Thomas 122 Robb, Carol 122 Robinson, Scott 122 Rodrigues, Karen 122 Rogers, Sheila 122 Rogozinski, Mark 122 Roman, Deborah 122 Romanauski, Michaline 122,11,38,39 Rostkowski, Marc 122 Rouillard, Lynn 122 Roulo, Constanco 122 Rudel, Deborah 122 Runtz, Deborah 122 Rupp. Randy 122 Rutkowski, Daniel 123,35,105,108 Rychcik, Joseph 123 Sakelaris, Anne 123 Sommut, Marie 123 Sonder, Leo 123,100,215 Santucci, Robert 123,58,117,200,215 Sarafian, Terri 123 Sarkisian, Andrew 123 Scarlett, Joanne 123 Schlender, Diane 123,102 Schonfeld, Larry 123,15,26.174 Schrocder, Joe 123 Sclabassi, Linda 123,176 Scodcllaro, Marilyn 123 Scott, Cynthia 123 Sheorouse, Laura 123,132 Sheptack, Robert 124 Shibel, Cynthia 124 Short, Christie 124,37,82 Shovely, Dianne 124,52,185 Shutte, Diane 124 Snodgrass, Susan 124,48,98,126,185,196 Sokol, Beverly 124,94 Sperlbaum, Lowrence 124 Spindler, Thomas 124.70,133,188 Staley, Darrell 125 Stann, Patricia 125 Stonsell, Deborah 125,90 Steel, Marlene 125,176,7 Stepanion, Marta 125 Stephanik, Denise 125 St. Louis, Dan 125,35,199 Stone, Corinne 125 Syrunk, Julie 125 Sturgill, Thomas 125 Sutton, Beth 125,215 Swiden, Ray 67,197 Swisz, Janice 125,1 Sword, Daniel 125 Szczcany, Cynthia 125,51 Symons, Jill 125 Tait, Paul 126 Tornowesky, Paula 126,53.185 Tarpinion, Gary 126 Tasker, Douglas 126 Tatar, Thomas 126,155 Tavernier, Loretta 126,16,176 Taylor, Russell 126,92,94,174 Teets, Debra 126 Theeck, Fred 126 Tomich, Michael 126 Topelion, Motthew 126,39,74,174,123 Torok, Gregory 126 Toth. Rebecca 126,122 Townsend. James 126,66,197 Tracer, Matthew 126 Traka. John 127 Treuter, Michael 127 Trimper, Diane 127 Turner, Janet 127 Valchine, Mork 127 Vortobcdian, Karen 127 Vinco, Mark 127 Walls, Robert 127,6,115.144,196 Walter, Paul 127 Walther, Marc 127,124,174.176 Warren, Sandra 128 Warner, Laura 128 Webb. Denise 128 Wehr, Michael 128 Weidenbergcr, Shirley 128 Weiss, Dale 128 Weshalek. David 128,174,194 Westra, Jan 131 Whitcomb, Judith 128 Wickert, Susan 128,82 Wilcher, Diane 128,176,215 Williams, Kim 128.16,176 Williams, Potricia 128,52,104,185 Wilson, Douglos 128 Wolas, Gary 128 Wolicki, Lawrence 128,123,200 Wright, Nancy 128,95 Wuerker, Karen 128 Yankowski. lorry 128 Yosuo, Richord 128.69,194 Yuchnovicz. Daniel 128,9,215,216 Zanardelli, David 128 Zapico, Anthony 128,85.132 Zotyrocz, Arthur 128 Zolynski, Gerold 128 Zwolan, Katherine 128,52,53,104,185Junior Index Adams, Glenda 147 Adams, Joanne 147 Adams, Mary 147 Afiruso, Josephine 147,182 Alfiero, Annamarie 26,48,185,147 Allore, Renne 147 Almasian, Dian 147 Anderson, Mark D. 8,147 Armstrong, Kirk 147 Atkinson, Wendy 215 Augenstein, Karen 25,147 Baker, Steven 55,147 Baklarz, Robert 147 Balog, Theresa 18,147 Barbier, Katherine 9,94 Barker, Richard 35,140,174 Barr, Elizabeth 18 Bear, Jennifer 196 Bencher, Paul 182,189 Benham, Robert 85 Bercza, Debra 145 Bernardara, Felice 147 Beyer, Philip 6,24,70,75,77.147,179,188 Bierma, Cynthia 41 Bilan, Aurora 4,90,146 Bird. Linda 18,27,147 Birnie, Laura 26,97,147 Blanton, Kenneth 147 Boehmer, John 3,23,34,85 Bosh, Teresa 147 Bowman, Leroy 85,179 Brancg, Chester 147 Braun, Paul 147 Bray. Connie 16,32,34.41,144.147,182 Brcttschncidcr, Karen 147 Broniak, Patrick 147,179 Brown, Randal 26,147 Bruening, Terri 147 Bucon, Teresa 25.48,49,50,93,147,185 Budnick, Julius 196 Burke, Kevin 147 Burton, Anthony 147 Busby, Gerald 8,147 Buscetta, Daniel 26,27,32,64.144.199 Capra, Theresa 99,147,196 Carlisle, David 147,174,179 Carlson, Richard 197 Carnarvon, Marc 56,78,147,175,197 Carnarvon, William 7,147 Cassidy, James 147 Ceccarelli, Martin 147 Cernik, Joseph 147 Chahil, Gregory 147 Chidester, Shari 147 Cianfarani, Gerald 147,199 Cicotte, Roy A. 147 Clark, Charles R. 23,147 Cloutier, Suzanne 18,147 Colasinski, William 15,147 Collins, Mark 147 Corden, Norman 147 Cotter, Colleen 19,147 Covert, Sharon 43,147 Daley, Mike 117 D'Amico, Karen 18,35 DeLonjay, Renne 16,17,182 DeSouza, Sonia 17,155,182 DcVoll, Donna 189 DiCicco, Diane 33,35,182,215 DimitrofF, Nancy 37 Dobis, Brian 151 Donati, Lance 67,197 Donofrio, Deborah 189 Dziekan, Susan 26,34,216 Edge, Nadine 33,38,39 Enix, Sheryl 91 Falahee, Anita 17,182,185 Fanfalone, Mark 62,196 Farago, Shirley 36,189 Fedea, Terry 215 Feller, Emilie 26 Findlay, David 197 Fischer, William 57,174 Foley. Brian 6,8,71,179,188 Foley, Colleen 185 Fournier, Bruce 74 Fowler, Holly 189 Fregonara, Michael 6,71,74,48,157,174,188 Freehlich, Barbara 8 Fucinari, Antoinette 182 Fulop, Kathy 18 Gabel, Suzanne 46 Ganos, Lisa 33,95 Gatesy, William 58 Gcrhardt, Judy 8,103 Gibb, Stephen 188 Giese, Marion 18 Gorman, Tammy 189 Green, Randall 197 Gulliver, Jerald 179 Haines, Scott 63,196 Hamilton, Torii 155,192,216 Hanna, Michael 27 Hargraves, Ralph 66 Harshbarger, Diana 11 Harwood, Sandra 17,42,153,155,182 Hautala, Hope 48,185 Herman, Karen 189 Hogan, Erin 17,43,155,182 Horvath. Darlene 8,16,17,182,185 Houpt, Cheryl 19,152 Howard, Lisa 17,98,155,182 Jackson, David 29 Junge, Lee 71,127,188 Kaffenberger, Frank 174 Kalicki, Walter 68,194 Kaminski, Bonnie 91 Kapera, Anita 43,155,182 Katakowski, Mary 5,46,146,152,182,215 Kerr, Starr 33,215 Kloven, Jerrfer 150 Kochevar, Kim 43,46.98,150.154,155,171,182 Komraus, Andrea 36 Koscielny, Donna 34,103,150 Koscielny, Michael 197 Kress, Steve 200 Kresslein, Alfred 56,150 Kuczajda, Donna 95,150 Kuhn, Karen 49,150,152,185 Kuroda, Susan 52,150,185 Lachcik, Susan 150 Lambert, Anna 17,150,155,182 Langert, Christine 150 Lannen, Terrance 150 Lasek, Susan 150,189 Law, Cynthia 17,150,155,182,189 Law, Daniel 150 LeBlanc, Christopher 150 LeBlanc, Jeffrey 150 Leibold, Cathy 150 Letinski, Joann 150 Lezzotte, Daniel 150,174 Lezuch, Robert 150,174 Liening, Michael 150 Lietzau, Pamela 150 Lanares, Jose A. 150 Lind, Lorry 39,76,77,91.151.174,179 Lindquist, Sharon 19,150 Lisiecki, Kimberly 10,150 Litogot, Duane 41,44,64,150.199.215 Loiacane, Sam 150 Look, Helen 150 Lytle, Peggy 145,150 Maheras, Peter 150 Malcolm, Glenn 150 Malos. Dean 91.150,151 Manera, John 29,150.197 Manoccia, Leah 150 Mapes, Donald 150 Marcis, Patricia 150 Marinski, Gerald 150 Martinez, David 65,150,199 Mathis, Barbara 150,189 Mattson, Rory 150 Maule, Larry 150McDonald, Eric 44,71,133,147,151,188 McKeevcr, William 33,151 McLellan, Kathleen 151 McLeod, Donna 151 McNeil, James 151 McNeil, Susan 151 Medved, Cheryl 151 Meixnor, Marilyn 151,189 Melotti, David 151,199 Merlo, Polly 151 Michael, Valarie 37 Miller, Raymond 151 Mocnik, Larry 151,197 Molesky, Diane 8,15,153,182 Moore, Diane 98,151,155,182 Motney, iDane 103,151,182 Mouradian, Anita 18,151 Monroe, Brian 151 Murrell, Mark 151,144 Murl, Robert 151 Musa, Christopher 151 Mush, Michael 151 Nadrowski, Lee 151 Neighbers, Paula 151,189 Nelson, Donald 151 Nersesian, Robert 151 Nicmi, Paul 151 O'Brien, Ann 151,215 Obriet, Kevin 151 Ottenbaker, David 151,196 Ottinger, Lori 151,146 Palczynski, Karen 155,17,18,182 Paquette, Randall 151,69,194,215 Parmalee, James 151 Patsalis, Sheila 18,182,216 Povelich, Martin 151,68,85 Payter, Jelane 151 Pellegrino, Mary 152,49,185 Pendleton, Hyla 152 Perkins, Mark 199 Peretta, Annette 152 Peruski, Joseph 152,151 Pesci, John 152 Petris, Randy 152,197 Pctterle, Perry 76,179 piotrasch, Angela 152.35,155,192 Placek, Barbara 152,15,17,182 Penti, Joseph 152 Prendergast, Theresa 185,196 Price, Christa 152.35,215 Puchalo, Louis 152 Purcell, Anne 152 Rairigh, Danita 152,182.185 Ramage, Thomas 152 Ramirez, Kyle 152 Ravary, Ray 152,197 Recsei, Karen 152 Resetar, Jane 182 Revoir, Ronald 152 Richardson, Kristyne 18,182 Riker, Julie 152 Rinno, Anthony 152,38,77,82,179.196,129,216 Ritchie, Linda 152 Robichaud, Nanette 18,47,142 Rodriguez, Elizobeth 152 Rogers, Ronald 152 Rostkowski, Deborah 152 Rowland, Ronald 42 Runtz, Ronald 152 Rupp, Kevin 152 Sabat, Donald 152 Sadler, Theresa 152,26 Sadow, Janice 152 Sander, Gregory 152 Sanfilippo, Joseph 152,179 Sarafian, Donna 153 Saucier, Cynthia 153 Schierschmidt, Deborah 153 Schiike, Susan 153 Schilling, Karen 153,8,216 Schmidt, Mark Joseph 153 Schmidt, Mark Phillip 56 Schuckke, Janet 153 Schultz, Edward 153 Schwcchow, Kimberly 153,37 Scoda, Lizanne 153,51,192 Scott, Grace Elaine 153,15,18 Sczrpia, Bonnie 153 Seasock, Randolph 153,57 Sogreves, Terri 153 Sheridan, Gregory 153 Sherwood, Marsha 62,196 Shoulders, Sherril 27,51,26,192 Siemicki, Terry 153,40 Silva, Santos 153 Simpson, Chadwick 153,84 Sledg, John 153 Smart. Tom 153.152,216 Smith, Carol 153 Smith, Daniel 153,32,8 Smith, Jim 215 Smith, Leigh 155,192 Smolak, Anthony 153 Smolen, Linda 154,146,185 Sommerville, John 174 Sordyl, Cynthia 153,182 Spagnol, Scott 85 St. Ament, Kathryn 153 Stakvel, Theresa 153 Stapleton, Richard 174 Stapleton, Steven 153 States, Linda 19 Stewart, Kenneth 153 St. Louis, Giselle 153 Storck, Robert 154 Strait, Jane 154 Stromberg, Eric 92 Surmanian, Richard 154,194 Swies, Cynthia 154 Szczcsny, Tina 154,185 Taylor, Ann 154 Tazar, Paul 154 Teets, Anne 154 Thibodeau, Michael 68,194 Thomsony, James 154 Tisot, Jeonine 154,182 Tkac, Bonnie 154,8 Tomes, Patricio 154,16,17,40,42,46,155,182,185 Toney, Donna 154,26 Toutant, Renee 182,185 Travis, Mark 154 Tremonti, Dean 154 Tringer, Denise 154 Trionfi, Kathleen 34,98,155,185 Tuba, John 66,197 Uren, Sharon 154 Vacco, Robert 154,34.146,152.154,174 Valez, Mary 154 Vanhala, Frederick 154,34,54,57 VanSteenkistc, Robt 29,35 Varvatos, Dennis 154 Vaughn, Rita 154,35,140 Vencelov. Denise 154,17,46,146.152,182 Ventrcllo, Valerie 154 Vig, Edmund 154,59 Vipond, Laura 154 Vogt, Dale 154 Volante, Toni 154,34,185 Waddell, Carolyn 154 Walsh, Leon 174 Woniak, Paula 154,62,196 Warren, Gary 154 Warren, Theresa 154 Warzocka, Mary Beth 17 Waters, Roy 154,153 Wayco, Deborah 154 Webber, James 154,215 Weiss, Joseph 154 Wells, Tina 154,216 Whited, Mark 154.15,59 Wieszkowiak, Robert 155,151 Wilkinson, Martin 155 Wise. Randall 155,98 Wissman, Susan 155 Witkowski, William 155,69,194 Wojtasik, Wendy 155 Wolicki, Kenneth 155 Woods, Julia 155 Woods, Mary 215 Wreford, Kevin 155 Wright, Ricky 155 Wynn, Guy 155 Yakima. Daniel 155 Yockey, Monica 155 Young, Robert 155,33 Zagunis, James 155,42,146,152,155,174 Zlenkcvicz, Michael 155 Zelkowski, Daniel 155,35,140 Zolynsky. Scott 155.39 Zorn, Steve 155 Zuke, Suzanne 189 Ziegler, Judith 153Sophomore Index Angelletti, Debra 136 Comisso, David 136,191 Fredericks, Deborah 138 Allen, Gary 130,29 Compeau, Edward 136,191 Frits, Paul 138 Anonick, Bruce 136 Cook, William 136 Fudge. David 138,28,197 Antioch, Bruce 136,194 Corden, Stephen 136 Gabel, Tracey 138 Armeloges, George 72,136,187,191 Cornwall, Bryan 196 Gaggin, Brian 138,81,191 Asam, Mary 136 Courtright, Therese 136 Gonos, Kathy 138,143 Atkinson, Karen 91,136 Cousino, Gary 136 Gabry, Mark 138 Attard, Victor 136 Coward, Elisa 136 Gee. Mark 138,191,197 Austin, David 136 Curtis, John 136 Geiger, Terri 138 Bach, Karen 136 Curtiss, William 136 Gergely, Laura 138 Baghy, Cindy 136 Dailey, Diane 136 Geftos, Peter 138 Bain, Thomas 136,69,194 Dalton, Lorna 136 Gillum, Karon 138 Bakaitis, James 136 Dandy, Roger 137 Godzisz, Perry 138 Baker, Diane 136 Davanso, Dominico 137 Gregory, Steven 138 Baker, Edward 136,63,196 Davies, Debbie 137 Gross, David 138,25,199 Banachowski, Mike 136 Davis, David 137 Grove, Leslie 138 Barber, David 136 Davis, Marc 137,199 Gruemald, Judith 138 Bargamian, Cothryne 136 Deakins, Greg 137 Guerra, Joseph 138 Barfeii, Monica 136 DeAngelis, John 137 Guotana, Jeffrey 138,80,191 Batalucco, Mike 136 DeAngelis, Dean 137,199 Gyurscik, Barbara 138 Baughman, Richard 136,191,199 Defroy, John 137 Halquist, Sandra 138 Bay, Michael 136 DeGuilio, Michele (Mike) 137 Hanawalt, Lori 138 Beaney, Albert 136.72,79.98,140.174,187 DeLange, Gayle 137 Hartman, Steven 138 Beauchamp, Beth 136 DeLoach, Jacquilene 137 Harwood, Sharon 138 Beck, Wendy 136,25 DeShetler, Kathy 137 Hoyden, Carol 138 Belisle, James 136 Desztich, Bill 137 Heide, Jeffrey 197 Bell ante, Ronald 136 Dezmanion, Vivian 86,137 Hernandez, Diolanda 139 Bianchi, John 136 Dominczyk, Kathy 137 Hernandez, Keith 139 Bilan, Sandra 136 Doughty, Jill 137,139.145 Herzfeld, Ricky 139 Blackburn, Roger 136 Doyle, Elizabeth 137 Hinkle, Barbara 139 Blessing, Dawn 136 Dreher, Charyl 137 Hodge, Chris 139,35 Bobovski, Thomas 191 Drouillard, Renee 137 Holewinski, Kenneth 139,196 Boni, Greg 72,136,187 Drouillard, Albert 137 Holmes, Tomela 139 Boutilier, Lori 136 Dubois, Renee 137 Holowecky, James 139 Bowdell, Patricia 136 Duey, Timothy 137,9,191 Holubko, Margaret 35 Bozarth, Deboroh 136 Dullinger, Lisa 137 Horning, Patricio 139,33 Brazer, Cynthia 136 Dunn, James 137,174 Horvath, Sue 139 Brettachneider, Frank 136 Dwenger, Jayne 137 Huls, Joan 139 Brown, Mary 91,136 Dziendziel, Patricia 137 Hurley, Janice 139 Buchanan, Bruce 136,199 Eades, Janet 138 Hurley, Maureen 139 Budoy, Ron 136 Ebel, Patricia 138 Jackson, Jill 139 Burbank, Lynda 136 Eldred, Michael 191 Jakubiak, Bradford 139 Burrell, Linda 126,196 Elsey, Cheryl 138 Jakubik, Christopher 138.197 Burton, Jomes 55,33,99 English, Jill 138 Jamroz, Andrew 139 Bush, Ken 136 English, Theresa 138,1,145 Jared, Terry 139 Buzzy, George 199 Fedo, Lauriann 138 Jarian, Patricia 139 Carlisle, John 136,191 Fedoruk, Robert 138,187 Jasinski, Marilyn 139 Carrasco, Deborah 136 Fennell, Danny 138,191 Jeczcn, Vicki 139 Carrell, David 136,199 Fischer, Louise 90,138 Jeffries, James 139 Carter, Sherry 136 Fishwick, John 138 Johnson, Ann 139 Casey, Nancy 7,46,47,136 Fitzsimmons, Shirey 138 Johnson, Dan 139 Castellarin, Diane 136 Fletcher, Melissa 138,36 Jordan, Nancy 139 Charren, Robert 136 Flood, Joy 138,32 Kaffenberger, Jomes 139 Centriewicz, Veronica 136 Floyd, Sue 138 Kalik, Jamoine 139 Chewen, Robert 136 Flynn, Paul 138 Kaminski, Sandra 139 Christie, Catherine 136 Fogarty, Richard 138 Kaput, Cheryl 139,137 Ciszewski, Sue 136 Forbes, Jane 138 Karbon, Michael 139,26 Clark, Catherine 91,136 Ford, Michael 138 Katakowski, Betty 137,139 Clarke, Blair 136,194 Fortin, Rose Ann 138 Kauppi, Steven 139 Cole, Karen 136 Francisco, Mark 138 Kearney, Nancy 139 Cole, Michael 136 Frassetto, Larry 138 Kendra, Catherine 139Kennedy, Paul 139 Kirby, Joyce 139 Kish, Timothy 139,187 Kiszely, John 139,191 Klenczar, Joseph 139 Klenk, Brian 139,22 Knapp, Dale 139 Knight, James 139 Koscielny, Marlene 139 Kostelnik, John 139 Koukoudian, Gregory 139,174 Krohn, Cheryl 139,145 Kubo, Roymond 139,33,191 Kummer, Mark 139 Lachut, Joseph 139 Lambright, William 140 Lopshan, Mark 140,197 Laurenzi, Lance 140 Law, Anne Marie 15,140 leis, Lisa 141,140 Lenz, Mark 140 Leszczynski, Nancy 86,140 Lcwandoski, Kathy 11,33,38,137,140,143 Lewis, Marcia 140 Linares, Carmen 140 Listello, David 140,80,81,191 Long, Teri 140 Lorence, Douglas 140 Loyd, Robert 67,197 Ludtke, Laurie 140 Lupo, Randall 139,140 MacDonnell, Rosemary 140 Machleid, Karen 140 Mackenzie, Sandra 140 Maddock, Edward 140,196 Maki, Craig 140 Malinowski, Kenneth 140 Magiapane, Joanne 40,46,65,199 Manoog, Darlene 140 Manzella, James 140 Markovich, Nancy 91 Martel, David 191 Maveal, Cynthia 32 McFarland, Laura 151,192 Mclidosion, Tracey 25,46 Menard, Martin 73,136,140 Mende, Donald 38 Mihatch, Carl 97 Miles, Steven 191 Mills, Rhonda 141 Milots, James 141 Molzan, Eric 191 Mischeck, James 141 Mosley, Mina 141 Mrock, Randall 26,27,141,197 Myers, Noreen 141,192 Nardini, Nanci 137,141 Novoy. William 141 Naysmith, Peter 194 Nemeth. Lawrence 141 Nersesian, Virginia 141 Neubacher. Thomos 141 Nicholls, Patricia 141 Noel, Ross 73,140.187 Nowicke, Patricia 141 Oberg, Roy 141 O'Dell, Patrick 141 O'Neil, 136,141.144,191 Ottenboker, Susan 41,141 Page, George 142 Palmer, Paulette 51,141,192 Parker, Carlene 141 Parker, Darlene 141 Payter, Deborah 141 Peruski, Mary Ann 141 Peters, Gail 141 Pittman, Deanna 141 Placek, Maryann 38,40,141 Pobursky, Jani 141 Poljanac, Karen 141 Poorman, Phyllis 141 Porter, Joel 141 Pramtaj, Marty 62,141,196 Prieur, Joseph 68,174,194 Pruett, Jacqueline Tracie 141 Purcell, Joseph 142,197 Purdu, John 142 Quail, Carol 142 Quiring, Kristen 46,47,82,142 Ragan, Janet 142 Ramoz, Ruben 142 Randolph, Sondy 142 Rauch, Karen Ann 142 Ravary, Russell 55,142 Ray, Randall 142 Reckinger, Laurie 2,6,142 Reed, Denise 142 Reese, Cheryl 32,47,142 Reeves, Jeffrey 142,191 Rcgnier, Carol 86,142 Rencsok, Sandra 142 Rennie. Wayde 78,142,174 Ricardi, Randall 142 Rice. Margaret 142 Richards, Anne 142 Richards, David 142 Richerd, James 142 Riker, Bernadette 33 Robatchka, Janice 23 Rowland, Jeff 142 Sarkisian, Gloria 86 Schultz, Ed 6,43 Sears, Paul 143 Seculs, Rose Marie 143 Sexton, Henry 143 Shaw, George 78,143,174 Shea, Mary Beth 143 Shecdy, Lauanne 143 Sheets, David 143 Shewchuk, Donn 139,143 Showers, Kathleen 143 Shutte, Julie 143 Simko, Debra 143 Sitarski, David 32,82,137.143,191,197 Slingwein, Scott 143,191 Smart, Tim 143 Smith, David 143 Smith, Lori Lynn 143 Smith, Michelle 143,145 Smith. Peter 141,143.191,197 Sparks, Harry 143 Sperlbaum, Timothy 143 Spindler, James 140,187 Sporcr, Diane 143 Stonczyk, Lorraine 143 Stonn, Michael 143 Stevens, Michael 143 Stevenson, Irene 143 Stewart, Christopher 143 Storek, Karen 143 Sturgill, Mark 143 Strzalkowski, Michael 191 Szolai, Keith 143 Sostek, Dawn 143 Szuch, Curtis 143 Tagami, Susan 143 Taha, Lilah 143 Tait, James 143 Tallon, Diane 143 Tarcia, Robert 143 Tara, Gordon 187 Taylor, Ruth Ann 51,143,191 Templin, Mark 143,191 Theeck, Gerald 143 Thill, Kevin 139 Tkac, Ronald 73,187,193 Toney, Darrell 143 Torree, Lisa Lynn 143 Toth, Debra 25,143 Totton, Nancy 143 Townsend, William 67,143,197 Treuter, Patricia 144 Trimper, Mary Beth 90,144 Tuinelle, Patricia 144 Turner, Donna 143,144 Tye, Diane 144 Uren, Vicki Anne 137,144 Valmassoi, Carole 144 Valoppi, Jennifer 95,136,144 Van Wulfen, Gerald 144 Varady, Barbara 144 Vilee, Steven 144 Valante, Stephen 144 Volonino, Deborah 144 Wagel, Barbara 144 Wall- Susan 49,50,51.138,144,192 Walter, James 144 Ward, Debra 144 Woring, John 72,73,137,144,187 Waynick, Bob 144 Wobb, Diane Lynn 25,51,138 Webster, Terry 144 Weiss, Karen 51,138,192 Wells. Goyle 144 Wieckowica, Kathy 145 Wilde. John 145 Williams, David 145 Williamson, Catherine 145 Wisong, Susan 145 Wittman, Elizabeth 145 Wojno, Mark 145 Woods, George 63,145,196 Woods, Pamela 145 Woolcott, Jeffrey 145 Wright, Carolyn 145 Wright, Raymond 145 Wnerker, Mary 145 Wynn, Pamela 145 Yarosa, Gary 145 Yesue, Nancy 145 Zantop, David 73,145,187 Zatyracz, Larry 145IMAGINATION is more important than knowledge. Sophomore Class 1976Qaaiuv SowmaLIMPRINT CREDITS 1974 Karen Shilling System co-editors: Sheila Patsalis Jane Frosheiser Friends editors: Linda Brennan Teresa Nardini Graphics editors: Dan Yucknovicz Dean DeAngelis Tom Smart Chief Elf: Walter Zelasko Imprint's little helpers Donna McCabe Doug Kozfkay Duane Litigot Financial Manager: Mel Rizzo Editor-in-chief: Janice Joseph Action editor: Janice Joseph Susan Dziekan Robin Regnier Jocks editor: Patty Clark Jeff Bowdell Dianna Ollila Tony Rinna Others editor: Carol Anderson Wheels editor: Sharon Reardon Tina Wells Rookies editor: Cindi Danaher Torii Hamilton We wish to extend our heartfelt gratitudo to Frank Ortman and Al Horst of Craine's Studio for their professional help. To Modern Yearbook Co. our thanks for their patience and guidance and a special bit of appreciation to Lorraine Supruowicz and Marj Mac-Kenzie. Colour My World

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