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To do the common in an uncommon fashion During the year, this has been the ideal of every APHS student Winning a football game s a common act But the APHS football team made winning spectacular by thee undying persistence to triumph in the games' last minutes. Homecoming is an ordinary event But APHS students out-decorated all other schools wrth their festive, kaleidoscopic world of color What is this intangible vibrancy APHS students seem to pos sess? The answer is ELAN—and that s what the 1968 IMPRINT is all about 1968 IMPRINT TABLE OF CONTENTS Prologue ..................................... 2-9 Adminstration ................................ 10-21 Features 22-35 Organizations 36-67 Sports 68-87 Underclassmen 88-109 Seniors 110-158 Patrons and Senior Index 159-166 Faculty Index 167-168 Advertsements 169-184 Art Work By Pat McQueen. Luene Arcebal. and Mike Warzocha Graphic Arts By Larry Kaneko 1Elan is the expression of youth a suspended gasp of excitation when centering all attention and being on the gridiron battle a pained, but determined aspect when proving or attempting to prove athletic prowess a naughty, mis chievious smirk when sharing a private joke in class instead of heeding the instructorMark Constantaks Craig Bremner 3Lee Critchfield Jim Austin til V'»; V 7AW , •v . • tV,' ' VJfe - Oarrell Tippens Cheryl Vencelov Marlene DowneyLi Balog Elan is the eye of learning dreamy, wistful eyes gazing into and wishing for a bright rosy future commanding. dignified eyes mocking authority, but inwardly fearful of assuming power . studious, alert eyes, drinking in everything said or done to help mold growing traitsElan is the hand control of tomorrow eager, ardent hands reaching for truth through the use of books creative, productive hands molding and shaping the artwork of a modern generation gentle but decisive hands holding the key to a better world scientific, precise hands mixing and processing fresh formulas to cure the pestilence of the world Tina MiglioreElan is the staircase of life at the top—success it's a rough climb, not without its sufferings you must be strong and persevering never look down do not constantly reflect on past draw backs to be worthy of and deserve the ecstasy of victory, you must first taste the agony of defeat you'll then cherish and treasure success a thousandfold more the world will be yoursDan MazgladAPHS WELCOMES NEW LEADER Mr Richard I Hogancamp. our new superintendent, perfectly exemplifies the word elan His joy and love of life never seem to waver. The students and faculty notice this, and respond to it readily Mr Hogancamp does not sit behind dosed doors, and dictate orders He is very much in evidence around APHS. One can spot our young at heart head man ' giving words of encouragement to the Jaguars at pep assemblies, cheering the Jaguars on to victory at athletic games, walking in the halls, and visiting classes, or just chatting with students For the short time he's been here, problematic situations have been greatly improved, and other conditions are fast acquiring solutions. Our new superintendent has es- tablished a standard APHS students can live up to and admee Welcome. Mr HogancampSCHOOL BOARD Boosted and supported by our community. the Board of Education members strive to maintain a high quality progres sive school system They are dedicated to resolving problems and influencing school policy Because of thee goal to provide better opportunities for students, we will become worthy citizens of the future Assistant Superintendent Mr John Wysoski Lawrence Lademan Clifton Fellows Arthur Hayes Red Bailey R. Don Pretty W. K. Lam bright C. James Armstrong Jay Segroves 11Our principal. Mr Harold Oatley. is devoted to and concerned with the sole purpose of managing Allen Park High School with the best of efficiency The position of high school principal encompasses controlling school poley. enforcing student discipline, and formulating student activity He is the initiating and continuing influence in the fine enthusiastic and cooperative spirit which prevails between the student body, the teaching staff, and the administrative staff In a large high school such as Allen Park High, students do not realize the smaller intricate problems and issues needed to be solved in order to have a calm, peaceful, and organized at mosphere These duties including lockers, driving permits, assemblies, attendance, and lunch passes are assigned to and at tended by our assistant principal of five years. Mr. Vincent A. Mitek Mr Mitek works his best to remedy and rule these inside matters to insure the smooth management of our school Dealing with student discipline problems is an extremely difficult |ob. and takes exceptional skill It requires a firm disposition toward all students, as well as the readiness to understand, sym pathize. and solve each individual dilemma Assistant principal. Mr Wayne E Miller, a new addition to our administrative staff, is winning the students' and the faculty’s praise and respect by carrying out his many duties and responsibilities in an enter prising. organizing manner 12MR. GEORGE OONIGIAN Director of Driver Education MR LEROY OURFEE Industrial Arts Chairman MR GEORGE OYAS Athlete Director Physical Education Dept Chairman MR OLIVER GREGGS Social Studies Dept Chairman MR JOHN C HALL English Oept Chairman MR JACK KOPNICK Musk Oept Chatman DEPARTMENT HEADS GOVERN STUDENT ACADEMIC ACTIVITY The curriculum that Allen Park High students take so much for granted is the object of intense concern to a certain number of teachers known as department chatmen or coordinators Thei efforts are dtected toward constant evaluation of present courses offered, and the addition of new courses to challenge our students now so they will be better prepared in the future From the scheduling of teaching assignments, and the ordering and distribution of texts, to the revising of currcula and report mg of budget records, the department chairmen are responsible for the internal operations of thee respective departments MRS VIKI KOTELLY Language Dept Chairman MISS BETTY JANE LARSON Business Dept Chatman MISS MARILYN MARTIN Home Economcs Dept Chatman MR ANTHONY METTLER Guidance Dept Chatman MRS ELOTIA M MYNATT Library Dept Chatman MR THOMAS RUNNALS Science Dept Chatman MR EOWARD SARKISIAN Otector of Adult Education MR HARVEY STALLINGS Mathematcs Dept ChatmanMR LAWRENCE W ALLEN MR PAUL AUSUM MRS PATRICA BAL MR EDWARD BARRICK MRS RUTH BEANEY MR EDWARD BELLAS MISS PAMELA BERRY MR LAWRENCE BOES MR GLENN BONKOSKY MRS EDNA BRENNER MISS GERTRUDE BROWN MRS JANE BROWN MR ALAN BULLION MISS RUTH BUSCHMANMR GEORGE CAREVICH MR JAMES CARMEN MR GERALD CIERPIIOWSKI MR GERALD OES HARNAIS MR EUGENE DYER MISS DIANNE ERXLEBEN MRS BETTE FERENCY MR JOHN FRAZZINI MRS ELAINE FREEMAN MR EDWIN FROSHEISER MR WILLIAM GASNER MR JOHN HABOIAN MRS PATRICIA HEAMAN MR ALTON HELMS MR RICHARD HERSHBERGER MRS PATRICIA HOWEY MRS JULIA IBARGUEN MISS KATHLEEN KERSTEN MRS ANITA KHAN MRS TERRY KNIPPENBURG MR ANTHONY KOVACH MR ROBERT KREGER MR GEORGE LAVINEMR OAVIO LOCKHART MISS ROSEMARY MALISH MR RAYMOND MCKAY MR OENNIS MANNING MR JOSEPH MEDRANO MISS BARBARA MENHART MR NORMAN MIHATSCH MR KENNETH NELSON MR EOWARO OGUREKMRS MARJORIE STAKOE MR RICHARO TEWS MR ROBERT TOMES MISS ROSALIE TRENTACOSTA MR WILLIAM TYSON MR RAYMONO WHALIN MR WALTER 2ELASKO MR DONALD ZITTLEMAN NOT PICTURED MR JAMES DOUGLAS MR. OENNIS NOLL MR NORMAN SHEWCHUCK MR NORMAN SHEWCHUCKSPIRITED STAFF SERVES SCHOOL The student body and the faculty are of primary importance to any school, but a third group, the secretarial staff, is a must for smooth management of a school system The secretaries of the Board office, mam office, assistant principals offices and the counseling office keep the entire school running at a precise and brisk pace Our school is kept in spic and span order by the industrious building engineers. All odd |obs are happily and quickly attended to by this staff The custodians' energy is used constantly-from zero hour to late at night—not to mention weekends and vacations Thanks to the bustling and preparing of our kitchen personnel. APHS students en|oy nourishing, hot lunches Our culinary staff is continually busy readying meals in its modern equipped kitchen After fourth lunch period students return to class, this resourceful staff must clean up. only to begin again the next day Upper left: Mrs Rose Schwocho Upper right: Mrs Erma Herriman Left Mrs Shirley Preston Mrs Jeanne Beres Mrs Corella Varga Mrs Grace Gilbert Mrs Margaret Hargrave Mr Oon Burke Mrs Louise Keshishian Mrs Zeda Williams Mrs Ruth Holmes Mrs Virginia KlingerRow 1: Stella Mann. Maude Skidmore. Julia Sivak. Alma Quandt Row 2: Roger Lmdeman. Frank Yuhas. Willis Ludtke. Ralph Jannazzo. Frank Machlic Row 1. Jean Buchanan. Frances Chapp. Dorothy Bragumer. Winifred Oemeter. Doloras Quinn. Agnes 21 Andrews. Dorothy Wu|kowski Row 2 Rose Boris. Helen Salvati. Gertrude Flaishans. Helen Kirsche. Lillian Hi aheth Kairis23QUEEN MARTHA ADDS SPARKLE TO HOMECOMING Thi cheerleaders ceased lhe rhythmic chants, the muddy football players abandoned the soggy field for the warmth of the locker room, and even the light, maty lain that fell throughout most of the game seemed to subside Five excited candidates Debbe Burry. Patti Thompson. Mar tha Graham. Kathy Heidrich. and Pat Clark lifted the skirts of their long white gowns as they stepped up to the slippery platform, shivering in the icy rain, but mainly from the net vous anticipation that accompanies all court members Then, as cameras flashed, and spectators applauded boa terously. all nervousness, tensions, and anxieties turned to radiant smdes and tears of supreme joy as Martha Graham was proclaimed and crowned the 1967-68 Homecoming Queen of Allen Park High School by former title holder. Barb FergusonSTARLIGHT ADDS FINAL TOUCH . . . On Saturday evening October 14. The Wonderful World of Color revolved into its grand finale the Homecoming Oance APHS's gym was transformed into a glittering rainbow collage, reflected by the couples' lovely semi-formal dress All too soon, the clock struck twelve, and all couples emerged from The Wonderful World of Color into the crisp, starlit night As they left for late, romantic suppers at exclusive restaurants, all agreed that the kaleidoscopic, psychedelic world of Homecoming 1967 was the best trip anyone could have taken 28SENIORS BATTLE FACULTY FOR THE SAKE OF EDUCATION Match 8 the battle of the age mote spectacular than David vs Goliath more suspenseful than AP vs. Trenton more hilarious than Laugh-In . . . APs annual Student Faculty Basketball Game A packed house watched in thrilling anticipation as the football jerseyed women teachers declared dribbling war on the humorously, if oddly clothed senior women and the brawny, muscular (?) masculine portion of the faculty defied the young, robust, gloriously healthy senior men . Because of some magical stroke of luck, the faculty managed to hold on to its seven game winning streak The pur pose of this side-splitting, ridiculous out-and-out combat consisted of raising scholarship money for needy studentsAPHS FAIR . . . A BLIZZARD OF FUN Although the spring weather in late March was worse than the blizzards on the Fresca commercials, it did'nt in any way cool the spirits of APHS students on the night of the annual Spring Fair Outside Old Man Winter rebelled against the heralding of spring, but inside APHS. hundreds of fair goers enioyed a ‘‘cool evening trying their luck at the multitude of games and booths No one is ever too young or too old to en|oy the excitement of a fair, and the APHS Student Council planned this event with that idea in mind.STROLLING DOWN MEMORY LANE 'Today well move down memory lane, where only thoughts abide for yesterday is but a dream kept bright by memory's tide . . . This verse ran through |unior girls' minds as they put away their formats, combed out their swirling, elegant hair dos, and filled their scrapbooks with remembrances from Junior Prom 1968 On February 24. excited couples passed under the arc of a flowered trellis, and entered a beautifully decorated town square ol the Gay 90s. The splendidly dressed pairs strolled down a flowered-be decked cobblestone memory lane , and visited a park complete with trees, shrubbery, flowers, and a flowing fountain After their glimpse into the past, couples ventured into the hustle and bustle of the present, and journeyed to various restaurants and night spots for late suppers, entertainment, and quiet conversation. Junior Prom 1968 will always be kept bright by memory's tide . . . CUf HhHHM-ftn M11IMII1111IMIIII C • • • Mil ! .5 • • • • •1 •!! J.I • • • .•■Illllll'1 - -X 5 » .................... ................ J. .■•••• • Mllltlll 37Row 1: Craig Haines—president. Pam Aron—treasurer. Jom Benn-secretary. Bob Zolkowski—vice-president Row 2 Ron Guy. Jan Davis. Pat Thompson. Tom Trionfi Row 3: Mike Moses. Tim Makins. Tina Migliore. Sue Arndt Row 4 Russ Burgio. Larry Fearncombe. Dave Miiidonis. Keith Pretty Row 5 Kathy Gervasi. Nikki Angeilotti. Angie Allevato. Pat Hensel Row 6 Emily Reid. Leo Tamoshunas. Pam Aron—TreasurerSTUDENT COUNCIL REACHES NEW GOALS SETS NEW STANDARDS INITIATES NEW PROGRAMS . . Challenges responsibilities decisions each were faced squarely and confidently by APHS' 1967-68 Student Council This year's Student Council enioyed meeting the challenge of sponsoring a Peace Corps school to help educate illiterate children less fortunate than ourselves, studying the cafeteria problem and improving its conditions, sponsoring a Christmas Dance in cooperation with the Goodfellows organization to help raise money and donate Christmas toys for needy children, and supporting and working for the special millage election The Student Council handled its responsibilities in a competent and trustworthy manner as proven by the monumental success of the school fair, and the annual Spring Plow Homecoming weekend and Bermuda Day achieved new heights thanks to the council's swift, sure decisions and management The campaign and inauguration assemblies rounded out the old year, and the new officers began to busily prepare for next year's calendar of activities, and for more challenges more responsibilities more decisionsDISTINGUISHED STUDENTS COMPRISE ALLEN CLUB. . . Scholastic standing . . leadership traits participation in school activities . these are the qualifications for membership in the Allen Club Students owning these characteristics are nominated and reviewed as potential candidates But only the top two percent of the student body are privileged to be accepted The Allen Club’s sole purpose is to serve APHS whenever possible Members are usually found ushering at various school affairs, planning the Alumni Tea. and aiding in the school fait preparations These are the distinguished students . . Row 1: Tina Migliore. Barb Brad ford. Larry Kaneko, Barry Takei, Joan Schilke. Patty Thompson Row 2: Betsy Pollock. Pennie 8ogart, Emily Reid. Kathy Hensel. Cathe Caldei. Nancy Lenox. Kim Oennison. Krystal Keller Row 3: Keith Pretty. Brian Oatley. Craig Haines, frank Mitek. Jim Aus tin. Rich Migliore. Mi Mitek 40Row 1 Oebby Dytyniak. Joan Schilke. Mary Jane Bagger. Claudette Smith. Kathy Hansel. Margarita Nova-cek Row 2 Barb Bradford. Diane Krawetr. Bob Wilkerson. Jim Mayer. Ron Carlson. Rick Conley. Oave Kop-prtch Row 3: Diane Kiraly. Dennis Eggemeyer. Elizabeth Ley shock Cindy Orew. Linda Ponters. Connie Jablonski. Jeanne Nichols. Ernie Arvai. Jim Austin. Brian Oatley. Row 4: Carolyn Mathamel Joni Benn. Vicky Bullock. Craig Haines. Ron Guy. Ken Lehoczky SCHOLARSHIP. . . CITIZENSHIP. . . LEADERSHIP. . . CHARACTER. . . SERVICE. . . Scholarship the ability to gain knowledge. and store it for future use Citizenship the consideration to treat everyone equally, regardless of race, creed, or color . Leadership the responsibility to take charge, and give orders while others follow Character the qualities that include honesty, good morals, and understanding, and a firm belief in oneself Service the desiie to aid the school and community in everyway possible the Honor Society 41Row 1: Chris Rodheffer. Mary Rmna. Linda Renscok. Denise Wida. Roberta Tillen. Debt Schultz Row 2: Mike Horback. Carol Buda. Jean Rabeyshoff. Charyl Buda. Jeanne Nichols. Diane Schmidt. Marilyn Lezuch. Linda Weyand. Anms Matusik Row 3: Mary Rigg. Diane Trmger. Karen Fowler. Colleen Flynn. Linda Mar tin. Sue Merlo. Kathy Polder. Phyllis Frank BEHIND SCENES OR ON STAGE . . . THE DRAMA CLUB Organizing setting up numerous committees scrubbing sets in zero degree temperatures experimenting by smearing gooky. globby make up on each other spending hours upon hours making publicity signs hammering and painting scenery and sets nervously waiting to audition for a part hours and hours of work— and enioyment it all pays off during opening night Drama Club members' achieve ments ranged in three different plays the tra- gedy Medea. the children's classic. The Wizard of Oz. the drama. The Diary of Anne Frank each huge successes thanks to the actors but more thanks to Drama Club's love of the smell of the greasepaint, the roar of the crowd SENIOR BOYS' HOCKEY CLUB ESTABLISHED The newly created Senior Boys' Hockey Club originated in the brilliant minds of its loyal, trustworthy officers These boys talked it up with fellow senior males until there were enough recruits to initiate an official school club The boys meet every Friday to collect dues for payment of their weekend hockey trips to Canada All club members are extremely school spirited, and concerned with the welfare of APHS and its students They attend all football and basketball games, and display a pungent awareness of living at all school functions Many |umor boys are breathtakmgly awaiting September when they'll be seniors, and can join this worthwhile organization. Row 1: Frank Dovelle (Treas). Jack Cashmore (Pres ), Mike Moses (Vice-Pres). Barry Takei (Sec ). Ron Mathis (Sgt-at Arms) Row 2: Russ Mardon. Dennis Eggemeyer. Oave Koppitch. Rod Schultz. Rick Connley. Joe Manzella. Oave Mikoryak Row 3 Ron Bantis. Dennis Marcos. Roy Tonkery. Jim Mayer AP DEBATERS EXPRESS VIEWS Debate noun a competitive presentation of arguments by two sides or teams this is the contest Debate verb to discuss controversially argue maintain a proposition by reasoning against arguments presented by an opponent this is the action It isn't as exciting as a football game . . it doesn't require great physical skill just knowledge knowledge of the topic to be discussed knowledge of expressing views concerning either side of the argument APHS' debate team is determined ambitious it competes in the Suburban-Six League the same as the athletic teams mental contact not physical contact and yet it's just as difficult 43 Dennis Kateff. Mark Elster. Barb Flynn. Jim Steel. John MoreheadPRESSES ROLL IN JOURNALISM DEPARTMENT Editors reporters photographers proof readers typists cartoonists deadlines and headlines writing and cropping layouts and dummies evening trips to the printer paste ups extra hours all are a part of the Jaguar Journal Our amateur journalists enlarged their news paper to six-page, power packed issues These reporters also published a highly prosperous football magazine encompassing the championship griddersDETERMINATION PRODUCES IMPRINT September new staff perky, peppy theme unique cover design October December first deadline met with ten pages to spare January oh. oh! everything starts to go wrong! layouts pile up. work piles up pressure is applied February behind schedulel . . but determination remains frenzied emergency calls to the studio and printer's send more triplicates! more copy sheets! Pandemonium reigns! March month of turmoil! As the final deadline looms nearer, we worry, we pray, we argue, we produce! Deadline eve we labor all night but an exuberant if exhausted staff greets the dewy morning by announcing We made it! 45SCIENTIFIC SENSE ASSIMILATED. . . Science once a dark, secret kingdom now a sensational, front-page news dominion a complex, but essential sphere to acknowl edge for the continued development of a vehement society Science Club members realize the dynamic role that science plays in today's world, and the thousands of tomorrows They strive to maintain a club equal to the scientist s advancing empire Always occupied with proiects. the club tinkered with a fairy tale castle float, journeyed to the 'Mecca'' of education, the University of Michigan, and operated a fabulous fair booth. While cooperating, members probed the academic side of science, but also learned the chemistry of life ' . Row 1 Bob Weyand. Ken Palczynski. Ron Carlson. Mike Steffanm Row 2 Kim Dennison. Linda Ponters. Janet Tanner. Connie Jablonski Row 3 Mike Horback. Linda Weyand. Gloria Andrews. Diane Kiraly. Mary Jane Bagger Row 4 Roger Leheca. Greg Dutkewych. Bob WilkersonLIBRARY ASSISTANTS MAINTAIN EFFICIENT SERVICE The quiet, serene atmosphere of a library bursts into a frenzy of activity each morning as APHS students utilize its numerous facilrties by researching for a speech or report, or relaxing with a magazine or book Library assistants are needed to aid in handling this overpopulation. Admrttmg students, checking out books, and shelving them are a few of the jobs they perform to lighten the burden of infinite tasks facing every librarian FROM EQUATIONS TO LOGARITHMS . . THE MATH CLUB SOLVES THEM ALL Mathematics A fascinating, if sometimes difficult, course one of the tools we carry throughout our lifetime Housewives need math to figure out their budgets Scientists need math to launch a rocket Math is everpresent But while everyone uses it. most people do not understand it The Math Club seeks to better understand the intricacies of the study of facts and figures By attempting to solve intriguing problems. Math Club members are given an opportunity to further test their ability and inclination, and at the same time, enrich their knowledge in all fields of science 47Annis Matusik Louise Elhardt Row 1: Judy Polhamus. Louise Elhardt. Kathy Papalas. Alice Vescia Row 2: Pat Lunwick. Donna Puchala. Annis Matusik. Jeanne Nichols, Connie Jablonski. Lillian Desmanian. Barb Recsei Row 3 Norene O'Droske. Marilyn Schaldenerald. Bev Kamasky, Penme Bogart. Emily Reid. Janet Tanner. Diane Kiraly. Donna Adams. Diane Mativvi FT A MEMBERS GAIN GLIMPSE OF TEACHING CAREER Years of college training papers, essays, and tests to be marked report cards to be graded . . . the knowledge to perceive what goes on inside a student's head and the ability to penetrate that head with bits of useful information the teaching profession. What's it like to be on the other side of the wall ? The Future Teachers of America seek to find out the answer to this question. While examining this noble career, the FTA holds monthly meetings in which activities such as the field trip to Eastern Michigan University, the fair booth. Homecoming car. candy sale, and banquet are planned, and executed with fabulous results. Diane Mativi Diane TothHOMEMAKERS PREPARE FOR TOMORROW Every girl dreams of marrying, having dozens of children, and living in a rose-covered cottage Even if she doesn't live in a rose-covered cottage, a girl has to know something about homemaking The purpose of FHA is to promote interest in this natural career The club's numerous activities encourage home and community life democracy Row 1: Shelley Fullerton. Carla Kreiger. Joann Leibold. Oemse Osmski. Frances Smith. Kathy Hutmk Row 2 Sheryl Gauiaman. Virginia Hayes. Loree Johnson. Gail Honeycutt. Rose Davis. Nancy Kilroy FUTURE NURSES EXAMINE FIELD OF MEDICINE Complex, many-windowed hospitals sterile, antiseptic treatment rooms silent, hushed night duty precise, exact motions in operating rooms pure, spotless white uniforms crisp, perky caps- signs of merit the world of nursing. Future Nurses Club members explore this many-faceted career to become acquainted with their chosen destiny Row 1: Oonna Adams. Cindy McCahill Row 2: Bobbie Carl. Marge Zawisha. Pam Fedea. Becky Ballentme. Pam McCahill. Kathy Harak. Kathy Watts Row 3: Lillian Dezmaman. Denise Kaas. Pam Hull. Lee Wells. Mrs HoweyANCIENT WORLD OF ROMANS EXPLORED To depict the Fall of Bentley for the 1967 Homecoming parade. Latin Club members diligently adorned an ancient Roman chariot with flowers of every hue imaginable They also provided the only four legged animal to hold an honored position in the vivid procession—a statuesque horse to pull the noble chariot The result—a brilliant memory of the glory that was Rome, and a picturesque attraction for the hundreds of parade-watchers This hard-working organization held monthly meetings to learn more about Roman traditions. presented an annual initiation party complete with the donning of Roman togas, and sponsored its annual Roman banquet at the end of the school year Row 1 Michael McWilliams. Jean Rabey shoff Row 2: Linda Martin. Diana Fir (pro gram chairman). Mary Rigg. Miss Menhart. Darrell Tippens Row 3: Bill Henmgan. Diane Schmidt (historian). Cheryl Manning Row 4 Larry Tarnowski (president). Mike Horback (vice president). Debt Schultz (treasurer) Row 5 Mari Warren. Oennis Zampieri Officers absent Margarita Novacek (secretary). Roxanne Stevens (program chairman)Row 1: Janice Rushlau. Bev Manoogian. Sandy Childress. Joyce Chlipala (Trees ). Connie Jablonski (Vice Pres). Cindy Drew (Pres ), Oiane Kiraly (Sec ). Leslie Bowman. Debby Dytymak. Pat Chowen Row 2 Mary Cullum. Sharon Pans. Sue Poisson. Chris Compeau. Sandy Cox. Christine Blahmk. la vonne Shewchuk. Vicki Bullock. Jim Kaiser. Barb Bradford. Kathi McGuire. Barb Dob rick. Janet Oingerson. Mrs Kotelly ROMANTIC FRANCE COMES ALIVE Le Cercle Fran ais the French circle . . it's a quaint, little association But it comprises ambitious, creative students For Homecoming, club members entered a car featuring a true French revolutionary symbol, the guillotine, with the slogan Jaguars Get A Head Other ac tivities during the year included monthly meetings where members learned dances such as the French version of the Bunny Hop. the Let s Kiss. and games such as Allez Op (in English that's Bingo) All sorts of Parisian pastries were served at these reunions. and consumed by the etudiants The major projects of “Le Cercle Francis consisted of a Christmas party, an initiation ceremony, a booth at the fair, and its annual banquet featuring a native French speaker I 4 Le CERCLE 51LE TRICOLORE FLIES HIGH WITH ACTIVITY In France. Le Tricolore is the national three hued flag. But at APHS. Le Tricolore is a French club for first and second year students The main objective? To bring the language, customs, people, and culture of France to life for the French student through group activity outside the class room Major projects of the club consisted of a gay and festive Christmas party, a humerous initiation program, a booth at the fair, and an annual banquet featuring a native French speaker Row 1: Janet Gerhardt (Treas ). Joan Marinski Row 2: Mary Dakesian. Ginger Patsalis. Liz Balog Row 3: Kathie Vigilanti (Vice pres). Linda Vartabedian (Pres ). Claudia Mettler. Elaine Nagy. Ellen Oat ley. Lee Critchfield. Larry Zolynski 52SPAIN . . . A LAND OF FIESTAS AND SIESTAS. . . Heart stopping, daring bullfights the eye- bedazzled splendor of the toreador's regalia the flashy, but magical motions of flamenco dancers the wooden, but musical quality of the castanets emphasizing the haunting rhythm of the Spanish guitars the pageantry of Spain APHS Spanish Club members realize the strange, romantic culture of this land, and wish to dissolve language barriers, and reach a better understanding of glorious Spain Above Row 1: Ken Willis, Dave Zolyn-sky. Linda Rencsok. John Pollick. Ken Schilke Row 2: Jeanne Nichols. Pam Hull. Lee Wells. Mary Rmna. Carol Williams. Karen Fowler. Sue Dyas. Marc Ciungan. Cathy Hatle Right Row 1 Kathy Polder. Andrea Holly. Theresa Gyorki. Irma Pompa. Row 2: Patty McCoy. Karen Hartman. Lillian Desmaman Row 3: Linda Weyand. Gail Robinson. Claudette Smith. Lynn Himel-rick. Victor Buranskas. Kyle Coleman. Nor ene Nadrowski. Glen Knight. Jim Siegwald. Phil Hruska. Mrs Ibarguen 53For the class of '68 the hard work, the scrimping and saving at last paid off and the travelers arrived at their destination, weary but ready for the fun and excitement ahead But for those in the class of '69 the work is nearly finished and the fare raised but the trip lies ahead the anticipation is at a peak Washington is still a dream SPRINGTIME IN D.C. . . . New York City metropolis of skyscrapers, landmarks, and entertainment Washington D.C. the Capitol the White House Arlington Cemetery the history of our country and our government APHS juniors have the privilege to explore these spectacles with fellow classmates on a thrilling, educational, as well as social four day journey How do they obtain the necessary money? They work, starve, sacrifice, and save every penny. All club members have an equal opportunity to sell refreshments at football and basketball games, and to sell magazines to earn the fare But it's all worth it . . it's an experience the juniors won t easily forgetJUNIOR PICASSOS PROMOTE ARTISTIC SKILL An Art Club member feels that somewhere under his or her typical high school exterior lies a bearded French painter or a charming Italian sculp-turess So he or she lets the poor person escape once in a while—by promoting culture and interest in the appreciation of art while working on protects to make APHS a more colorful, exuberant school Many firsts” have taken place in this club—members participated in Homecoming activities by entering a paisley painted convertible in the parade Art students sketched rainbow-hued flowers on the cafeteria windows, and provided a psychedelic light show at the dance. In addition, the first art sale, and several bake sales substantially increased the club treasury There funds were used to honor and award AP s most talented artists Row 1: Ken Szopo. Oemse Segroves. Jan Oavis. Ken Palczynski. Pat Me Queen. Janel Hawthorne Row 2 Oonna Adams. Jeanne Nichols. Denise Koos. Andrea Ciemirek Row 3 Mrs Freeman. Jan Kendy. Kathy Law. De mse Percha. Ann lienmg. Pat Curtiss. Pam Fedea. lee Critchfield Row 4 Stan Puchala. Jim Marek. Jim Grant Left to right Debbie Hoeft. Vivian Sermack. Gail Dhariwal. Bob Per rish. Flip Stevens. Luene Arcebal. Betty Flynn. Cindy Drew. Mary BrazeauRalph Carrell SKIERS CHALLENGE SLOPES Thursday a regular day in a humdrum week But to a Ski Club mem ber. Thursday means settling down for a peaceful, quiet (?) bus ride to Pine Knob for an evening of fun on the slopes after a hard day of school. The result of these weekly excursions’ Anything from a self satisfied but slightly cracked smile to a broken leg! All Ski Club members learn to accept the ups and downs of a skiing career, and are ready to challenge the elements and overcome the slick, slushy, snowy slopes—at least most members are-except for a few beginners who realize they just don't have it in them, and would rather watch the sport on television. For the beginners and experienced skiers who stick it out—a whole weekend of skiing (supposedly) at Traverse City! And then the snow melts the ram comes . it's springALLEGRO CLUB CONTINUES TRADITION OF FINE MUSIC APHS' dance band, the Allegro Club, has filled the ears of many a student with its merry, melodic, musical presentations during assemblies and the Senior Talent Show Club members perfect their sound of music through diligent practicing RIFLEMEN AIM FOR TOP RATINGS A steady trigger finger a watchful, alert eye quick reflexes self-satisfaction these are qualities owned by Rifle Club members The riflemen's specific aims are superior shooting ability, outstanding marksmanship, and good sportsmanshipMERRY MUSICIANS CREATE HARMONY Everyone loves a parade, and of course no parade is complete without a band The boisterous, bold brass, the melodious, clearly-pitched woodwinds, the resounding, reverberating crash of the percussion—these comprise a great band APHS has a great band Our brass is bold, woodwinds melodious, and percussion resonant, because our band members constantly cooperate, concentrate, and practice, practice, practice! All instrumental students strive for per fection. and so they exercise their instruments not just during classes, but for many hours at home What results in all this practicing7 Public performances—the Homecoming parade, half-time at the football games, assemblies, and the annual Winter and Spring Concerts Many students who place extra emphasis on perfection receive scholarships and other awards Leading the band during football games and march ing proudly in their green and white uniforms are the maiorettes These girls also strive for perfection by practicing baton twirling, and creating a more vibrant half-time performance Row 1: Oavid Papp. Linda Beier. Susan Burr. Judy Vierk. Linda Seligson. Oee Ann Ernest. Kathy Hensel Row 2 Barb Fezzy. Pat Froehlich. Gail Corcoran. Kathy Fernandez. Kathy Polder. Jo Anne Gerhardt. Phyllis O'Alfonso. Marilyn Mar tin. Elizabeth Holmes. David Milidonis. Marshall Wehr. Jeanne Byers. Glenn Mosby. John Pantano. Connie Sczrpia. Henry Feller. Bob Cadorin. Wayne Suhey Row: 3: 58 Sheryl Graves. Sue Baka. Sue Miller. Barb Fezzy. Sue Burr. Linda BeierDavid Bisaro. Elizabeth Leyshock. Kathy Osinski. Linda Ringer, Linda VanWolfen. Dennis McClellan. George Schonfeld. Dave Manley. Gerald Hilton. Robert Green. Howard Cole. Dennis Wagner. Calvin Schalk. Jim Otto. Robert Lockwood. Tom Poole. Mark Constantakis. Craig Bremner. Linda Weyand. Oavid Renaud Row 4 Penny Cook. Leslie Bowman. Jim Delange. John Greer. Ken Klimek. Dennis Peden. Darryl Tippens. Bob Ungar. John Gasperoin. Charles Keefer. Bob Weyand. Randy Yankowski. Mr Kopnick. Mike Mouradian. Cindy Lumley. Marsha Hough. Bill HammonsRow 1. Jim Ford. Tom Buckles. John Mendrysa. Mike Cuddy. Bob Curry. John Cabauatan. Ken Kiraly. Oave Waldere. Tern Gross (accompiamst). Neil Termme Skip Johnson. Jim Fischer. Tom Trionfi. Jim Sherwood. Bob Lockwood. Ray De Marti. Bob Green. Arnold Chipka. Ron Kuhn. Bernard Peterson. Angelo Rmna. Steve Vautier Row 2. Rogers Isles. Ken Obriot. Bob Steubben. Mike Burye. Jim Beyer. Socrates Sakelans. Tim Caufieid. Jim Chipala. Bob Cunningham. Bob Fox. Ron Reckinger. Craig Ferrand. Chuck Cosner. Oon Zantop. Marty Tury. Greg Knapp. Greg Me Kinnon. Tim West. Jim Myers. Al Sadler. Carl Varady. Pat French Row 3 Ken Kearney. Ken Martin. Jerry Beresch. John McIntyre. Oave Terry. Mark Scoc- lellaro Oave Norbury. Jim Siegwald. Oave Fero. Chuck Keefer. Frank Van Wolfen. Bill Mortiz. Oean DeMartm. John Pantano. Oan Coker. Steve Freeman. Rick Rodriguez. Bob Matsui. Gary Rmna. Ron Hargis. Leo Tomashunas. Mr Oyer Row 4 Keith Pretty. John Feilds. Herb Schroeder. Gary Grundman. John Hartig. Mark Kroger. Mike Morrison. Steve Shackelford. Dave Georges. Dan Mazglad. Ken Sipos. Tim Daley. Larry Miller. Rich Hordal. Al Skariune. Dan Balias. Jim Marchiand. Chip Pretty. Bill LaNoue. Mike Miller. Greg Stone. Tom Darin. Al Polumbo. Steve Waters. Dennis Chall. Ken White. Mark Constantakis FROM BOOMING BARITONES TO TINKLING TENORS . . . This year. APHS boys proved that girls are not the only privileged species to partake in our vocal music department Whether they tweeted like a canary, or roared like a lion, all APHS boys were welcome to join either Boys' Glee or Boys' Chorus Both musical groups provided an ex tremely masculine bold touch to the annual concerts Even varsity men can singGIRLS' VOICES BLEND TO PROJECT SWEETEST SOUNDS . . . 'The Sweetest Sounds Ever Heard are heard at APHS As you turn the corner and stroll down the back hall, a strain of sweet, angelic voices cheerfully greets your ears These voices may consist of Girls' Glee or Girls' Chorus Ourmg the year. Girls' Chorus learns the fundamentals of the art of vocal music This year, the chorus was able to perform at our annual concerts Girls' Glee ventures into the more difficult phases of singing They practice sight reading, rhythm, and above all—harmony These girls provide the feminine note to our concerts Row 1: JoAnn Liebold. Donna Danyo. Kathy Gates. Nancy Karibian. Karen Brandreth. Kathy Caparotta. Karen Petro. Dotty Maizie. Evelyn Bartley Row 2 Kathy Gervasi. Lana House. Kyle Coleman. Jean Simko. Mary Rigg. Nancy Gettemy. Pat Clullen. Maxine Taylor. Diane Musa. Carol Zuppa Row 3: Cathy Tocco. Sharon Cary. Nancy Bumpus. Kathy Butsicans. Lori Reid. Linda Fed-erspiel. Carol Calder. Barb Jones. Nikki Angelotti. Sharon Kiraly. Gina Mikoryak Row 4 Lynn Fraser. Chris Horak. Cindy Wamo. Donna Beebe. Sue Wangen. Barb Petosky. Sue Porch. Bernadette Beau lieu. Michele Collop. Claudia Hornyak. Janice Waymo. Oebby Samuel. Theresa Gyorki Row 1 Pam Aron. Chris Rodeheffer. Jeanne Byars. Judy Santelli. Kathy Basman. Pat Hensel. Sue Karibian. Claudia Mettler. Darcel Oodson. Leslie Harris. Lynda Kinsky. Miriam Dipaulo. Sue Hodgson. Ruth Kneger. Barb Lezotte. Mimi Goddard. Wendy Nelson Row 2: Mr Dyer. Andrea Moschek. Pat Froehlich. Jean Kinney. Janet Johannes. Patty Fairall. Oemse Martel. Pam Trythall. Pat Ford. Kathi Modi. Sally Cunningham. Laurie Johnston. Diane Piccioni. Gail Penney. Gloria Andrews Row 3: Cathe Calder. Betty Monroe. Jennifer Klunge. Andrea Sheets. Liz Holmes. Nancy Feist. Vicki Twigg. Kim Dennison. Carol Liddell. Sharon Reed. Roberta Murray. Liana Miller. Dee Ann Ernest. Santa Yuhas. Kathy Vigilanti. Linda Van Wulfen Row 4 Oemse Segroves. Nancy Anderson. Virginia Hayes. Gail Dhanwal. Mary Brazeau. Cheryl Buda. Jeanne Dmsmore. Lillian Kinard. Loree Johnson. Sandi Ponti. Karen Torgerson. Marsha Brindley. Dianne Toth. Sue Duda. Pat Stowe. Linda Micalacean. Barb Bodnar. Angie Learmont. Margaret PoilickRow 1. Nancy Lenox. Joan Schilke. Wendy Nelson. Tern Gross. Louise El-hardt. Linda Lenox. Jan Phillips. Gloria Oanyo. Keiko Kubo. Jan Oavis. Anne Mellmg. Kathy Toth. Kathy Heidrich. Kathy Papalas. Andrea Ravas. Barb Dobrik. Barb Bradford. Nancy Lenox. Rhonda Cook Row 2. Denise Anderson. Phillis D'Alfonso. Denise Hamann. Linda Kish. Emily Reid. Penme Bogart. Sandee Miller. Terry Shelley. Stes Paige. Mary Lou Adans. Connie Uren. Debbie Gumtow. Kathie Mush. Sue Poisson. Sally Master. Julie Dause. Sue Meade. Linda Beier. Kathy Hensel. Laura TubbsRow 3. Ken Martin. Oave Milidoms. Oale Seely. Ken Obriot. Ken Stpos. Bob George Farkas. Roger Oberls. Herb Schroeder. Jim Kaiser. Jack Wagner. Dave Curry. Roy Tonkery, Tim Daley. Glen White. Gary Grudman. Al Ardanowski. Larry Allender. Dan Balias. Chris Congdon. Chris Bowman. Mark Ballentme. Larry Den- Ferncombe. Flip Stevens. Ken Schilke. Rich Nemeth. Ed Capellari. Oave Fero. Ellen ton. John Perry. Dan Mazglad. Bill Brodie, Linda Miller. Kathy Button. Held. Barb Fezzey. Mr Oyer Row 4 Ken Kearney. John Fields. Rich Bencik. The Kangaroo Kourt is set for action. It is composed of the oHicers and two Kourt assistants in Concert Choir The Kourt prosecutes and penalizes Choir members for infractions of rules and maior disturbances In front are Bobby Curry. President; Tim Daley. Vice-President; and Roy Tonkery. Kourt Behind them are Pam Aron. Historian; Sally Master. Kourt; Terry Shelley. Treasurer; and Joanie Schilke. Secretary CONCERT CHOIR PRESENTS SUPERB PERFORMANCES APHS' Concert Choir has continued to live up to its tradition as a first-rate choral association The choir's superior performances have been received with standing ovations But there are also presentations before |udges in which it is imperative to be at the peak of perfection—such as the District Solo and Ensemble Festival, and the annual Choral Festival at Eastern Michigan University The biggest asset to a choir is a director who is a perfectionist This is Mr Dyer His many hours of instruction and practice have made the Concert Choir what it is todayBOOSTER CLUB INCITES JAGUAR SPIRIT What gave our football players their go pow er? What induced them to go out on that field and never admit defeat? The answer is our championship Booster Club The club members constant attendance at the games incited others to join in the rhythmic chants, and bring victories to the Jaguars Club members also painted foot ball tags for Dads' Night, and pep signs for the games, and sponsored the first Powder Puff Football Game in which the senior women firmly trounced the |umor girls L Row 1: Margaret Pollick (Pres ). Mary Wenberg (Treas). Sally Master (Vice-Pres). Connie Uren (Sec ). Row 2: Greta Aversa, Candy Wickert. Kim Dennison. Linda Lenox. Joan Schilke. Emily Reid. Nancy Lenox. Kathy Carson. Debby Dytymak. Linda Hale. Charlene Kurtijian. Anne Beaney. Denise Makarewicz. Row 3 Jane Wilkinson. Joni Benn. Jan Davis. Cindy Carasco. Marlene Downey. Laurie Johnston. Anne Melting. Pat Ford. Krystal Keller. Julie Dause Row 4 Paula Stevens. Lenore Motney. Gale Penney. Chris Rodheffer. Pat Connock. Carla Akey. Pat Lesniowski. Nancy Kusic, Carol Williams. Nancy Woodard. Denise Martel. Jean Kinney. Row 5: Nellie Nelson. Pam Hull. Sue Poisson. Kathy Papalas. Carolyn Mathamel. Mary Rmna. Nancy Anderson. Karen Fowler. Diane Tringer. Joyce Kummer. Lynn Fraser. Lynda Kinsky Row 6: Condy Simcoe. Sue Meade. Norene 0 Droske. Karen Petro. Oianne Toth. Lori Reid. Carol Calder. Oarcel Dodson. Terry White. Marilyn Lezuch. Kathy Viglianti. Row 7 Janet Gerhardt. Karen Schafer. Tammy Turell. Maude Fricket. Sharon Paris. Jennie Tolnay. Mary Beck. Betty Freshwater. Sid Lmville. Penme Bogart. Emily Post. Amadee Zachorski. Sharon Cary. Gloria Andrews Row 8: Joan Marinski. Denise Smith. Elizabeth Balog. Debbie Kofskay. Carol Buda. Pat Mantua. Pattie Paulsen. Joyce Klausa. Billy Jean Williams. Willodene Moffat. Nancy Kilroy. Joyce Chlipala.VARSITY LETTERMEN CHAMPIONS IN ATHLETICS . .. To promote and foster a spirit of responsibility. dedication, and loyalty to the symbolic meaning of a varsity letter or sweater to instill pride in its membership while striving towards these goals to provide spectators with hours of tough, strong athletic competition. while displaying good sports manship and fair play to all the creed of the Varsity Club Row 1 Mike Ferguson. Jim Crabtree. Ray Oe Marti. Charlie Ellis. Dan Mazglad. Bob Curry Row 2: Mr Tomes. Mike Frommos. Kurt Niemi. Larry Oenton. Steve Lakatos. Jim Austin. Ron Guy. Rich Nemeth. Mike Cuddy. Dennis Eggemeyer Row 3: Mike Moses. Jerry Babinchak. Craig Haines. Ken Lehoczky. Ron Mathis. Tim Makins. Larry Kaneko. Bob Mangiapane. Jim Nolan. Frank Oovelle Row 4 Bill Quiring. Bob Wilker son. Andy Chesley. Curt Siegwald. Bob Zolkowski. Tip Ramierz. John Cabauatan. Bill Sherwood. Gary Brown. Dennis Marcos Row 5 Bob Foto. Frank Mitek. Gary Grundman. John Fraiser. Jack Brickey. Bob Marich. Alex Kosisko. Chuck Beaney. Glen Cabauatan. Keith Pretty Row 6: Brian Oatley. Gary Redder. Dave Burke. Raja Swidan.GIRLS ENCOURAGED TO PARTICIPATE IN SPORTS Who says boys are the only natural athletes? Not APHS girls! They purposefully violate the age-old tradition of the prim, highly feminine girl. These agile, nimble females have banded together under the name of the GAA (Girls' Athletic Association) Be it soccer, basketball, gymnastics, volleyball, bowling, or baseball—GAA members attack each sport with verve and gusto For the second year, girls formed a basketball team, and made their debut as a Sub-Six League competitive team These female athletes also sponsored the annual Spinster Hop. this year entitled Mardi Gras Masque. APHS girls also know how to transform a sport into a form of art The Aquettes present the precise, graceful motions of water ballet in their annual spring presentation. This is the result of many months of hard practice, careful planning, and grim determination In their many skits, these bathing beauties display various moods and rhythms in the field of synchronized swimming Row 1: Karen Place. Nancy Bernier. Qaudette Smith. Denise Martel. Connie Uren. Linda Lenox. Carol Williams Row 2: Karen Porter. Donna Harris. Marilyn Lezuch. Joyce Kummer. Oarcel Dodson. Jane Ravas Row 3: Pat Ford. Chris Rodeheffer. Pat Banachow ski, Colleen Flynn. Sue Dyas Row 4 Sue Arndt. Gail Penney. Cindy Wamk. Pat Hensel. Kathy Hensel 66BARRACUDAS FROLIC IN POOL WHEN AWAY FROM COMPETITION Team competition is not the only fotm the sport of swimming takes for Varsity swimmers During the accumulation of a perfect season, the Barracuda Club offered the boys a well-deserved break from the tension of the stopwatch as our swimmers simply frolicked and romped in the pool and just plain related One of the ob|ectives of the Barracuda Club is the learning of the fundamentals of scuba diving, and the handling of equipment Acquiring a perfect season demanded that our swimmers have the right attitude towards winning The Barracuda Club aided greatly in bolstering team spirit, and developing a feeling of cooperation and determination in one common goal Row 1: Bob Wilkerson. Ross Ford, lee Critchfield. Tom Parsons. Doug Messer Row 2 Mr Hershberger. Dave Rustygk. Graig Heldt. Bob Myrand. Mike Bear68Candy Wickert Kim DennisonKathie Carson Sally Master Nancy Lenox CHEERLEADERS IGNITE FLAME OF VICTORY This year's Varsity and Reserve cheer leading squads sparked the flame of victory by inducing and encouraging student participation at pep assemblies and games The girls practiced long and hard hours developing new. rhythmic chants, and per fectmg old. popular cheers The Varsity cheerleaders hired buses, and supervised the busloads of student spectators to the games Our football team is number one But our cheerleaders are also number one Carol Schultz Linda Lenox Anne Beaney Linda Hale Charlene KurtjianONE! Unending hours of practice a top-notch coaching staff complete school spirit and enthusiasm most important the strength and determination to win . the will never to say die .. this makes up a championship team The 1967 Jaguar Varsity football team has all these—and more 1967 will go down in history as the year our boys became Sub-Sis Champs ranked eighth in the state finished with an 8-1 record. APHS is proud of its team, congratulates the '67 Jaguars for a job well done, and hopes the boys will keep thee fighting spa it for nest year's season.■ Chuck Beaney pulls away Iron a Btlltviila defender and heads upfidd Gary Grundman (32) charges through as Ron Rockinger (23) blocks Larry Kanoko iniarcepts and drrves down to the Bentley 6Front Co captains Gary Fraser and Tim Makins Row 1—Ray OeMarti. Ron Reckinger. Gary Grundman. Mike Ferguson. Chuck Beaney. Jack Brickey. Bill Cova. Larry Kaneko. Bill Quiring. and Head Coach Norm MiHatsch Row 2—Russ Burgio. Tom Asam. Oave Ellis. Jim Austin. Kurt Niemi. Jim Crabtree. Bob Fodo. Oenms Eggemeyer. Mike Cuddy, and manager Bill Adaline Row 3—John Frasier. Frank Mitek. Bernie Falahee. Bob Manch. Terry Eiden. Frank Oovelle. Jim Georges. Charlie Ellis and Bob Curry Row 4-Greg Werner. Keith Pretty. Dan Mazglad. Alan Glore. Mike Miller. Russ Lapham. Jim Nolan and Gary Brown Top-Line Coach Ed Bellas and End Coach Ray McKayRow 1: Mark Constantakis. Jim Chlipaia. Tom Zolkowski. Ed Silye. Bill Cooper. Pat Cooper. Gary Studiinski. John McParland. Mark Howser. Jim Siegwald. Mark Dege. Ed Milner. Rick Rohde. Tom Buckles. Dan Mckay. Gary Rinna. Chuck Cosner Row 2 Coach Oick Tews. Larry Miller. George Farkas. Mike Henry. Mike Topelian. Craig Farrand. Scott Brighton. Leo Tamoshunas. Mike Falahee. Julius Roberts. Tom Keshishian. Carl Varady. Cyril Pokorny. Bob Asam. Doug Noga. Gary Frasier. Coach Walter Zelasko. and Coach Glenn Bonkowsky JUNIOR VARSITY BOYS PERFECT GRIDIRON SKILLS TO BECOME VARSITY MEN He's a sophomore he wants to prove he's capable of carrying his share of the load he's very interested in football . . that's a man's sport plenty of action . . so he tries out for the Junior Varsity football team the coach thinks he's good future varsity material . just needs a bit of molding now come practices, practices, practices strenuous exercises conditioning training sweat Now comes his first game he trots proudly on to the field with his teammates he's ready . he executes his plays using every muscle in his body . . the team is successful they win he was so engrossed in the gridiron action, it hasn't yet hit him that there were no chants or yells or encouragement he received personal satisfaction. but not gratification from football fans although he gained experience, helped to obtain a JV record of 5-3. had three excellent coaches. Mr Tews. Mr Bonkosky. and Mr Zelasko. he still wishes he had heard some semblance of cheering from the empty stands all he has now is the feeling of knowing the stands will be filled next year he’ll be a varsity manPAGE MISSINGPAGE MISSINGPAGE MISSINGPAGE MISSINGRow 1: Tom Zolkowski. Kurt Frommert. Oale Cabauatan. Jim Crabtree. Bob Fox. John Hartig. Jim Beyer Row 2 Mr Al Gates. Glen Knight. Ron Alderson. Chuck Bearman. Bob Krohn. Rick Woiciechowski. Dennis Chall JV PLAYERS' FUTURES SHINE BRIGHT The 1968 reserve basketball team put forth all concentrated effort and vitality into producing a powerful squad JV players displayed much potential and enthusiasm in the game as was witnessed by captivated spectators With a very impressive record, these boys will be dribbling and passing for the varsity squad next year Mr Gaits reserve team starred people such as Chuck Bearman 55). John Hartig (411 B v,r ,23) ,nd Jim Cf b,,ee (45)Row 1: Al Holody. Bob Matsura. Dan Dawidowski. Eric Rairigh, Greg Hentz. Craig Haines. Wolf Pomschill. Row 2: Mr Barrick. Mr Rafail. Mr Lavme. John Pollick. Caroline Mathamel. Sue Dyas. Carol Williams. Rich Migliore. Mr Greggs. Mr Mihatsch. Mr Haboian. Uvei WMiaiPs. Carolyn Mathamal. Lasli Bowman. + -m Sna Dyas SKI TEAM MAKES DEBUT; COMPETES IN LEAGUE MEETS With the winter sports season's start, the newly-formed APHS Ski Team began to condition skiing muscles in preparation for the first snow When the snow finally came, they competed three times a week in the slalom rac ing event Team members earned a very impressive record considering they are novices in that particular field But now it's almost summer-senior team members won't be returning But next year's enthusiastic Ski Club members will vie for an honored position in this worthwhile, invigorating team ii. Oarcal DodsonV Row 1 —Jerry Babinchak. Ken Palczynski. Bob Weyand. Sieve Nielson. Dave Balsam. Jack Selix. Coach Vadasy Row 2—Mark Ballentme. Mike Martin Nick Shepard. George Schonfield. Marc Ciungan. Ron Reckmger k Bob Cadorm out muscles his opponent Nick Shepard tangles with a Belleville Tiger Row 1-Tom Strugala. Jim Chipala. Ron Hargis. Mr Gizzi Row 2—Bill Reckmger. Tom Chumira. Bob Cadorin. Mark Constantakis NEW COACH BRINGS NEW SPIRIT TO WRESTLERS In his first year at A P H. S Coach Ai Vadasy has worked hard to put spark into our team The combined efforts of Vadasy and the wrestlers have produced much improvement in their ability and attitude Overall, we had a very successful and promising seasonRow 1: Mr Robert Tomes. Oave Milidonis. Bill Quiring. Paul Traub. Tom Drugalis. Oale Grabowski. Jim Schuelke, Steve Shackleford.. Row 2: Oennis Jolokai Oennis Tosh. Chris Jossetides. Don Zantop. Ken Schilke. Alex Kocsisco. Mike Fronimos. John Sklarczyk Row 3: Carl Varady. Brian Hodgson. Steve Clements. Bob Magipane. Mark Symons. Oave Oavies. Vince Allore. Andy Weidenbach. Jerry Gauthier. Tom Varga GYMNASTICS TEAM COMPLETES ACTION-PACKED, LIVELY SEASON Gymnastics an individualistic sport . it takes many hours of practice confidence the will to achieve courage . it's fascinating to watch the many different stunts on all the assorted equipment there’s a manly gracefulness and nimbleness to every movement precision accuracy one false move and the consequencs could be terrific APHS’ gymnastics team realizes the risks involved and overcome them How? by practice, persistence, perseverance, and self-confidence Row 1; Lee Critchfield. Bob Wilkerson. Ron Guy. Ross Ford. Row 2 Ken Clawson. Bob Myrand. Tom Parsons. Jerry Rem. Mike Bear. Doug Messer. Mike Clawson Row 3 Bob Staake. Bill Brinkman. Oon Zantop. Jim Sherwood. Dave Rusrczyk, Jim Fox. Jim Tarris. Charlie Achat; Row 4 Dave Knell. Charles Keffer. Ken Kearney. Scott Wagner. Craig Heldt. Gary Dombrowski. Chip Pretty. Bob Green. Mr Hershberger BARRACUDAS SUBURBAN-SIX CHAMPS; COMPLETE PERFECT SEASON Through their persistence and deter mmation to be champions, our varsity swimmers. the Barracudas, have become AP's first undefeated athletic team The Barracudas chalked up a perfect 14 0 record to add to last year's victories for a total of 24 straight wins Besides acquiring the Suburban-Six championship, the Barra cudas captured first place at the Riverview Invitational Meet Our swimmers’ trophy case could not be as filled without the aid of their swimming coach. Mr Richard Hershberger Mr Hershberger served as an example of exuberant vitality, and drive, and inspired the boys onto their string of victories SEASON RECORD Allen Park 56 Fordson 49 Allen Park 64 Allen Park 70 Allen Park 70 Allen Park 63 Allen Park 62 Allen Park 63 Allen Park 68 Allen Park 64 Allen Park 67 Allen Park 62 Allen Park 73 Allen Park 67 Allen Park 56 Riverview 41 Belleville 29 Lincoln Park 35 Plymouth 42 Monroe 39 Bentley 42 Trenton 37 Redford Union 41 Belleville 37 Plymouth 43 Bentley 32 Trenton 34 Redford Union 45PtcsHltni 4 SOPHOMORES END DYNAMIC YEAR Being a sophomore wasn't easy the usual amount of ribbing from upper classmen was withstood the mechanical |aguar float won much praise there were other successes too our athletic teams proved their skills and capabilities for future varsity teams our fair booth and spring dance succeeded well our resourcefulness and ambition are not yet depleted the Class of 1970 will achieve greater goals in the near future WE YKhiZt TH7 tU10-1 Row 1: Larry Bell. Chuck Bearman. Jim Bazanski. Bill Adalme. Dennis Batttstella. Mike Bahm. Mike Balash Row 2 Carol Beavers. Pat Bana chowski. Donna Beebe. Evelyn Bartley. Nikki Angellotti. Anne Beaney. Angie AJ-levato Row 3 Marcia Batalucco. Judy Belisle. Donna Adams. Chuck Achatz. Mike Babyak. Ron Alderson. Oave Balsom 10-2 Row 1: Dennis Bowser. Rchard Bezerko. Doug Blessing. Michael Button. Scott Brighton. Jerry Berendt. John Brat ton Row 2: Dotty Braqumer. Phyllis Berto lino. Bill Brinkman. Ken Bash. Dave frunner. Dave Bisaro. Jim Bruhn. Diane Bergman Row 3: Shirley Botu. Linda Busby. Jeanne Byers. Kathie Butsicaris. Rose Ann Buscet ta. Barb Bozamch. Bernadette Bieseada. Sheila Brown92 10-3 Row 1: Oennis Chall. Gem Chevner. Pat Copper. Cliff Chippewa. Bill Cooper. Tom Chmura. Jim Chlipala. Row 2: Patty Connock. Cathie Chiri. Sue Carter. Tom Chelseo. Nancy Cadonn. Sandi Chartier. Lynn Chelsey Row 3 Larry Chevner. Mark Constantakis. Oale Cabautan. Bruce Coogan. Kyle Coleman. Carol Calder. Cheryl Conley. Row 4 Jim Calwird. Dan Coker. Chris Canfield. Pat Clelland. Penny Cook 10-4 Row 1: Jim Delange. John Cushing. Mark Oege. Jim Dennis. Chuck Cosner. Dan Dawiddowski. Row 2: Sandi Co . Vicki Davis. Pollie Davis. Mary Dakesian. Rosanna Oick. Gail Corcoran. Valerie Coruden Row 3: Cary Dayton. Tom OeFroy. Bob Cozad. Mike Omneweth. Steve Daly10-5 Row 1: Craig Dunn. Gary Oombrowski. Tom Ebeling. Bill Ferguson. Dennis Dougherty. Mike Falahee. Larry Fabiano Row 2: Linda Federspiei. Kathy Elliott. Darcee Dodson. Kathy Fernandez. Sharon Ferguson. Nancy Feist Row 3: Diane Fik. Veronica Dupek. Kathie Falletich. Sue Duda. Gabnela Downey. Candy Donati. Mark Elster Row 4: Frank Faiman. Craig Farrand. Bill Durkee. Dennis Dunn. Jim Dnsher 10-6 Row 1: Ron Gesaviere. John Garzanti. Jim Fox. John Garuaglia. Larry Franz. Patrick Grieves. Bill Gronos Row 2: Kathy Gervasi. Pat Froehlich. Joanne Gerhardt. Colleen Flynn. Janice Fradette. Lynn Fraser Row 3: Bob Fox. Phyllis Frank. Darlene Freimark. Barb Flynn. Pamela Gregory. Sandra Ganos. Kathy Gates Row 4 Kurt Frommert. Dave Georges. Bob Green. Don Greenwood. Gerry Fucisurt. Pat French.10-7 Row 1 a ark Hawkey Rick H«kle. Dave Havwell. John Hartig. Mike Henry. Scott Harris. Dave Hart man Row 2: Paul Goarriero. Pat Hensal. Theresa Gyorki. Dolly Harwell. Andrea Holley. Janice Hollatr. Kathy Hwgraves Gerald Hilton Row 3 Gary Henti Ray Hmerman. Linda Hale. Marilyn Harris. Denise Hennel, Cheryl Halvorsen. Dorothy Heston. Carol Hall 10-3 Row 1 Chuck Johnson. Chuck Keefer. Greg Kateff. Chris Jossefides. Norman Johnson. Wayne Jones. Mark Hudak. Row 2: Mary Javorky. Barb Jones. Chris Horak. Lana House. Kim Kallil. Nancy Karibian. Pat Kas per ski. Row 3 Marilyn Keith. Oebbie Johnson. Karen Hudson. Jackie Justice. Cheryl Hurford. Althea Howell. Dennis Jolokai. Row 4 Rck Kehyian. Chuck Hoover. Greg Houpt. Dan Johnson10-9 Row 1 Jerry Kokoszka. Ed Kropog. Jon Kselia. Glenn Knight. Eric Kleven. Mike Kent. Rick Kielb Row 2: Bill Kish. Mike Lanoue. Charlene Kurtjian. Chris Lavictoie. Cathy Kuster. Gayle Langlveld. Barb Lannou. Deb bie Lasek Row 3 Pat Kelly. Kathy Kish. Diane Kennedy. Joy Kummer. Cindy Kopey. Ken Kialy. Liz Kull. Dave Kensy Row 4 Jack Kouri. Tom Keshishian. John Kosanovich. 10-10 Row 1: Jo Ann Leibold. David Lehecka. Mike Maloney. Len Maes. Rick Leyshock. Randy Uevertz. Barry Linvdle Row 2 Jennie MacKillop. Harriet Manoogian. Janet Lovera. Barb Lezotte. Joan MacAuther. Louise MacCachern. Cyndy Lumley Row 3 Denise Makarewicz. Carol Liddell. Pat Lunwick. Pat Uenmg. Debbie Lig-ner. Cheryl Manning. Marilyn Lezuch. Linda Magnuson10-11 Row 1: Joe Mendrysa. Dan McRay. Jim Marchand. Larry Miller. Robert Marsui. Tim Milne. Ken Marques. John McParland Row 2: Marylou McQuade. Vicki Menietti. Jill McGowan. Roxanne Miller. Liana Miller. Marilyn Martin. Michael McWilliams Row 3: Debbie McCloud. Kyile Marshall. Sue Merlo. Claudia Mettler 10-12 Row 1: Douglas Noga. Gary Mus so. Bill Moritz. Rick Nelson. Glenn Mosby. Gary Myers Row 2: Diane Morgan. Roxanne Murray. Mary Ann Neuman. Jill Nester. Melissa Montgomery. Sally Mur rell. Elaine Nagy Row 3: Diane Musa. Andra Moscheck. Roberta Murray. Kathleen Neikart. Dorothy Novkov. Elaine Murdock. Ellen Oatley 9610-13 Row 1: Oennis Peden. Jim Otto. Bill Pitcher. Cyril Pokorny. Al Palumbo. Ray Politz. Jim Policelli Row 2: Sue Porch. Denise Percha. Judy Polhamus. Jaye Pettyjohn. Sue Peterson. Kathy Pitlak. Judy Ouellette. Nancy Pachuta Row 3 Barbara Petoskey. Kathleen Polder. Karen Petro. Irma Pompa. Scott Paquette. Gary Peters. Pete Piazza. Yvonne Piotrowski 10-14 Row 1: Rick Rortimer. Craig Rairigh. Chip Pretty. Bill Reckmger. Gary Rinna. Julius Roberts. Ron Rickero Row 2: Sharon Rafels. Donna Puchala. Lon Reid. Janet Ravas. Pat Riopelle. Mary Ruetz. Tom Raiche Row 3: Rick Rod riguez. Rick Rohde. John Quinn. Dave Rupp. Frank Rhodes. Jerry Rekuc 9710-15 Row 1: Gerry Sawchuk. Jeff Sbonek. John Schuler. Mark Scodellaro. Al Santwire. Jim Schuelke. Calufio Schaik Row 2: Sherri Russow. Lois Schippling. Linda Seligson. Connie Sczrpia. Joan Schwandt. Bev Sears Row 3: Pat Sequin. Lee Salliotte. Sue Sekerak. Carol Schultz. Jan Schneider. Oebbie Schultz. Row 4 Wayne Sapulski. Oale Seely. Mike Sanno. Jack Selix. Oebbie Samul. Dianne Schmidt 10-16 Row 1: Jim Steel. Jeff Silvani. Ed Silye. Jim Siegwald. Jim Sherwood. Kevin Stauder. Mike Sinift. Row 2: Debbie Simmons. Nancy Sponsky. Denise Smock. Gail Stapleton. Charlotte Steffani. Kathy Seymour Row 3: Gary Smith. Bob Sava. Gary Sheridan. Bob Smith, Tom Sennett. Al Smith. Steve Shackleford Row 4 Sue Shaw. Oonna Shaw. Jeanne Simko. Steve Louorotlli. Zane SmithSvsak 'h R0VL 1: RlCk Thompson- Bill oZLJ K' T yl D -» T-P P w. Tom Thompson. Tony Tsot Row 2 J n Thibeau. Ltslw Bernard. Baib « T.ny Glona Thompson. Torry Stockard Cmdy Sw«. (Ml a,ad. Roberta Til.n R0w 3 axine Taylof. Leo Tamoshunas. Gary Stud »nski. Gary Smtek. Lyn Susk,. Sue Soke «•. Mary Lou Tsouns Row 4: j R Tay|0( Tim Tindall. Mike Simft. Ellen Storck 10-18 Row 1 David Tyburczyk. Sleph-en Vautler. Bob Varflo. Mike Todelian. Mike Tolzdorf Row 2 Alice Vescio. Peggy Vennebush. Linda Vartabedian. Virginia Tye. Judy Trzaskos. Judy Vierk, Cathy Toe co. Row 3 Jenny Tolnay. Kathie Vigil anti. Sherry Voight, Pam Trythall. Barb Toth. Karen Tooley Row 4 Bruce Trams. Gary Valentine. Marty Tury. Tom Trionfi. Lynda Van Wulfen 10-19 Row 1: Rick Woiciechowski. Tom Zolkowski. Peter Welsh. Oan Zantop. Dave Waldrep. Joe Weaver. Tom Weiss Row 2: M Zok. Scott Wagner Mari Warren. Dndy Wamak. Gary Webb. Marylou Demeo. Steve Waters. Row 3 Oebbie Wild. Marge Zawisza. Linda Wey and. Sue Wangen. Sue Stokeosa. Santa Yuhas. Jeanne Weber Row 4 Gayle inson. Terry Yank. Candi W.lemon. Terr.e Woods. Bev Wirth. Carol Zuppa. Janice Wamio. Blake Wehrrtfigni amd i„ aYWi NoiJLA UUjif U'.Y with i if. v JUNIORS ENJOY JUBILANT YEAR These things we won't forget Joy on completion of our candy house float Uniting to earn the Suburban-Six Championship New class rings worn for the first time Industrious preparations for our Thanksgiving Dance Our lovely and successful Junior Prom Rave reviews of our Junior Play Springtime in Washington. D. C.11-1 Row 1: Gene Bartok. John Allen. Tom Babmchak. Tony Amorino. Gerry Babmchak. Alan Ardanowski. Rick Anderson. Frank Barazsu Row 2: Ernie Bazzana. Danny Balias. George Cianteo. George Abick. Sue Baka. Mary Lou Adams. Bernice Armstrong Row 3: Liz Balog. Janet Baron. Barb Aitkens. Arlene Bailey. Karen Atwood. Pat Bartoszek. Cori Bauer. Edward Barbarich Row 4 Dan Allender. Sue Arndt. Mary Achatz. Kathy Basman. Nancy Anderson. Mary Jane Bag ger. Jenny Ballantyne. Ken Barnes 11-2 Row 1: Paul Bruer. Tom Bianchi. Chuck Beaney. Jim Beyer. Bill dernardelli. Jerry Beresh. Row 2: Tom Bezverkov. Job Bernabei. Oebbi Brande berry. Kathi Bies. Leslie Bowman. Bernadette Beaulieu. Marsha Brindley. Row 3: Chuck Binder. Oavid Bockel. Tim Bromak. Colleen Brown. Lynn Benedetti. Bob Brat ten. Row 4 Edward Brogowcz. Barry Boduch. Walter Bezerko11-3 Row 1 Chuck Buzzy. Bob Buscetta. Brad Clements. Steve Clements. George Cianteo. Todd Busick. Dennis Church Row 2: Matt Clark. Debby Cieszkowski. Michael Sue Carlson. Bob Carter. Kathie Carson. Debbie Carlton. Kathy Caparaotta Row 3 Carol Buda. Marc Ciungan. Russ Burgio. Vic Buranskas. Glenn Cabauatan. Mike Clawson. John Cicotte Row 4 Martha Buchanan. Cheryl Buda. Sharon Cary. Nancy Bumpus. Ken Clawson. Bob Cadorin 11-4 Row 1 Chris Congdon. Jim Crabtree. Ray OeMarti. Shawn Cotter. Don OeAngelis. Richard Covelle. Dan Cummings Row 2 Michael Danaher. Chris Dicicco. Bella Davanzo. Sally Cunningham. Cindi Connock. Janet Cook. Julie Dause Row 3: Ken Danaher. Marti Oihle. Gail Ohariwal. Rose Oavis. Cheryl Curtiss. Gloria Oanyo. John Corismo Row 4 Miriam Dipaolo. LouAnne Oillenbeck. Tina Daubresse. Janise Cook. Kim Dennison. Mike DeAngelis11-5 Row 1: Terry Eiden. Dave Ellis. Bernie Falahee. Eugene Elefant. Ed Easterby. Oamel Dodson. Chuck Dubous Row 2 Sue Ekk. Kris Dulimba. Chris Engels. Carol Doumaman. Oarlene Doonan. Linda Engman. Regina Dreffs Row 3: Bob Oupuy. Frank Drogowski. Mike Edwards. Joe Dzengeleski. Chuck Droulliard. Dee Ann Ernest. Wendy English Row 4 Ben Dreffs. Oan Donaldson. Fred Drys. Carol Drzyca. Oebby Dytyniak. Virginia Donovan Roxanne Stevens 11-6 Row 1: Jeff Gates. Tim Flood. Jerry Gauthier. Mike Frommos. Larry Fearncombe. Henry Feller Row 2: Keith Ford. John Fuerst. Carl Frasseto. Cheryl Fradette. Janet Gerhardt. Sue Franz. Nancy Gettemy Row 3: Sheryl Gauiaman. Shelley Fullerton. Sharon Flanmgan. Chris Ferranti. Karen Fowler. Pat Ford Row 4 Barb Flynn. Bob Fodo. John Frasier. Mike Ferguson. Gary Franco. John Gasperom. Janet Fraum11-7 Row 1: Randy Herndon. Bob Harris. Ken Hayes. Rick Gretka. Ron Har gis. Keith Greene Row 2: Ruggles Henderson. Linda Gilchrist. Carolyn Hart»g. Judie Harris. Alan Glore. Gary Grundman. Cathy Hayle Row 3 Ellen Held. Margaret Goddard. Debbie Gumtow. Sheryl Graves. Lois Hall. Linda Gomez. Row 4 Craig Heldt. Graham Haddock. John Grant. Bob Hall. Oenis Hawkins. Rich Hagen, Gail Giragosian 11-8 Row 1: Brian Hodgson. Brian Hyke. Phil Hruska. Richard Horbal. Mike Horback. Gene Jameson Row 2: Laurie Johnston. Jill Horvath. Sue Karibian. Linda Jones. Debi Jannazzo. Janice James Row 3: Gail Honeycutt. Cathy Hutnik. Elizabeth Holmes. Marsha Hough, Lynn Himelrick. Claudia Hornyak Row 4 Dennis Jaynes. Jerry Holowecky. Gary Hicks. Skip Johnson. Karen Kachm11-9 Row 1: Bruce Knapp. Dave Knell. Ken Kearney. Mike Kosowan. Dennis Kilar. Kirk Keseric. Dennis Klenczar. Mr Mihatsch Row 2: Jennifer Klunge. Linda Kozuh. Jan Kendy. Mary Kowal czyk. Lillian Kinard. Linn Koslofski. Sharon Kiraly. Judean Kienenberger Row 3: Joyce Klauza. Oebbie Kozfkay. Linda Kish. Jean Kinney. Sally Korpi. Lynda Kmsky. Krystal Keller. Cindy Koscielny 11-10 Row 1: Wally Lachcik. Bob Laf-forty. Bob Lockwood. Bill Lett. Russ Lapham. Mark Kroger Row 2: Sue Kropog. Carol Lasek. Nancy Long. Kathy Kresslem. Sandy Luma. Jo Leone. Reiko Kubo Row 3: Pat Lesniowski. Nancy Lenox. Unda Lenox. Linda Levdlier. Pat Litinski. Virginia Litogot. Sharon Locker Row 4 Rosalie Loiacano. Oenms Leonard. Nancy Kusic. Angie Learmont. Dill Kregoski. Anna Alberga 10511-11 Row 1: Bob Maliszewski. Chris Matusic. David Marshall. Joe Man-ley. Greg Mackmnon. Ken McKenna Row 2: Pat McKernan. Chris Mastropietro. Laurie Martinez. Donna Maveal. Joan Marinski. Linda Martin. Patty McCoy Row 3: Jim Marek. Donna Maddox. Pat Maier. Cmdi McCahill. Pat Mantua. Denise Martel Row 4 Neil McNaughton. Larry McCabe. Bob Marich. Alan Malnofski. Gary McFeaters. Tim Marchand Gloria Oanyo 11-12 Row 1: Don Moritz. Larry Miller. Vince Mitek. Michael Miller. Frances Mario. John Mendrysa. Ed Mendrysa. Row 2 Gary Medved. Karen Morris. Joan Meeker. Anne Mellmg. Pam Hull. Lenore Motney. Doug Messer Row 3 Blanche Moses. Sheila Mrkich. Linda Miller. Rich Miller. Greg Hentz. Bill Miller. Row 4 Dave Morgan. Dale Morrison. Mark Mihailuk. Ken Modi. Rick Medlidosian. Dave Milidonis. Terrance Mahoney11-13 Row 1: Dan Nye. Wally Nikischer. Tom Murdock. Kurl Niemi. Dave Norbury, Mark Near. Row 2: Arlene Ottinger. Margaret Novachek. Wendy Nelson. Kathy Osinski. Denise Osmski. Karen Owsen Row 3: Anne Oberg. Diane Ossiff. Jackie Owen. Joan Nadrowski. Oemse Ostendorf Row 4 Brian Oatley. Dennis Murphy. Roger Oberts. Ed Myzienski. Bob Myrand. Jim Nemeth 11-14 Row 1 Gary Puttcomer. Wolf Pomschil, John Pantano. Dennis Patelczyk. Tom Poole. Oan Pighin Row 2: Gert Pitlak. Sue Pistoles. Pat Para. Jan Phillips. Sally Pollock. Tom Parsons. Ooug Porath Row 3: Gail Penney. Paula Page. Diane Piccioni. Karen Place. Karen Porter. Dan Prone. Gary Patera Row 4 Bob Perrish. Keith Pretty. Flip Stevens. John Ogan. Manuel Pompa, Allen Glore11-15 Row 1: John Russel. Bill Quiring. Dave Ruszczyk. John Rubis, Ron Reckinger. Al Russell Row 2: Sylvia Ray. Richard Rogers. Rick Rawson. Jean Rabeyshoff. Mary Rigg. Angello Rmna. Dave Renaud Row 3. Terry Rademacher. Kendra Rariden. Andrea Ravas. Chris Rodeheffer. Cindy Rogozmski. Mary Rmna Row 4 Jim Richards. Greg Rouse. Richard Rolando. Phil Robinson. Gary Redder. Tom Rechlicz. Jerry Rem 11-16 Row 1 Ron Shewcraft. Mike Sloan. Flip Stevens. John Sklarczyk. Al Sanner. Craig Sevelis Row 2: Dyane Seabloom. Andrea Sheets. Dianne Schwandt. Sharon Schuelke. Lynda Sala Row 3: Harry Sisko. Ken Simmons. Karl Schafer. John Seppala. Jim Sclabassi. Socrates Sakelaris Row 4 Jerry Sex ton. Ken Schilke. Roger Schalk. Joseph Slifka. Rick Schans.11-17 Row 1: Mark Taylor. Mar shall Sobaszek. Bob Staake. Mark Symons. John Strugala. Ken Szopo. Flip Stevens Row 2 Paula Stevens. Janet Spena. Irene Tarcia. Denise Smith. Claudette Smith. Marilyn Snell. Jane Tarcha Row 3: Margaret Stmchcomb. Ooreen Szakalos. Pat Stowe. Carol Stewart. Gail Swatzell. Paulette Sokol. Bev Sovoda Frances Smith. Row 4 Raji Swidan. Mike Sloan. Larry Tarnowski. Cliff Snodgrass. Oave Rus c yk. Tim Stol. Roxanne Stevens 11-18 Row 1: Grant Warren. Dennis Tosh. Jack Wagner. David Terry. James Tocco. Donald Templin. Paul Traub Row 2: Wendie Trudell. Oiane Trmger. Denise Vida. Lillian Tornbloom. Karen Torgerson. Vicki Twigg. Oonna Wallace Row 3 Roger Warren. Frank VanWulfen, Thomas Varga. Dennis Wag ner. Cheryl Walker. Kathy Watts. Connie Uren Row 4 Robert Unger. William Wasylyk. Brian Tremonti. Marlene Vie-celi. Laura Tubbs. Richard Terry 11-19 Row 1: Marshall Wehr. Dennis Zampieri. Andy Weidenbach. Dan Wygocki, Dave Zolynsky. Glenn White. Mr Zittleman Row 2: Carol Williams. Candy Wickert. Lee Wells. Cheryl Simon. Pam Zbiciak. Chari a Wise Row 3 Pat Winston. Nancy Woodard. Nicki Yockey. Edna Zerille. Sharon Wricox. Bob Zakar Row 4 Ken White. Terry Wilson. Ken Willis. Bob Wolas. Randy Yankowski. Ken Westover110WE CAME . . . WE SAW . . . WE CONQUERED . . . We came as sophomores—uneasy n new surroundings, timid, full of doubts and secret fears, ignorant of the right way to behave We saw. as juniors, all that APHS had to offer We started to grow up and mature Our school spirit began to shine—our boys were on varsity teams now Our class was involved in more activities We were no longer the school's babies, but the happy medium We conquered, as seniors, our previous sophomore fears We were the decision making leaders Our victory peacock homecoming float displayed our school and class pride, and merited first place In fact, there were many firsts this year including the Suburban-Six Football Championship, and the first powder puff football game Our other achievements—Senior Play, the Greek tragedy. Medea. our fair booth, and the Senior Prom—all succeeded because the Class of 1968 has elan But as June approached, old fears crept back finals college scholarships jobs the future Oh. to be a sophomore again! But times marches on. and so will we—with faith in our eyes, confidence in our stride, and elan in our hearts.Gloria Andrews Reynold Argenta Nicholas Aron Atl Gerald Atkinson Michael Arabucki I feel I deserve a reward Mrs Mynatt ' Luene Arcebal George Armos Nancy AtkinsChristine Botu Christopher Bowman Barbara Bradford Mary BrazeauCraig Bremner William Brodie Gary Brown Patricia Brock Sherry Brown Judy Bruening Kathleen Button Victoria BullockKenneth Carpenter Richard Caulfield Cynthia Carrasco a James Champaux Edward Capellan Ronald Carlson Mane Caselli Jack Cashmore Andrew Chesley Ray ChartierJoyce Chlipala Patricia Chowen Joanne Christy Brenda Chuby Little Boy Blue i 'U Andrea Ciemierek Sandra Ciesla Nina Cima Arnold Ciupka t) t v Michael Clark Patricia Clark Howard Cole Christine ColosimoMichael Cuddy Richard Conley William Cova Margie Crabtree Lee Cntchfield I told you automated teaching would never work ” Daniel Columbus Rhonda Cook Linda Conger Rodney CouchmanJan Davis Robert Curry ■I James Cushing Timothy Daley Barbara DaRonco Leslie Demeter Sharon Demorrow ifarv! c i k Barbara Czermak Oenms Dapra Patricia Curtiss Patricia DeAngelis 122Lawrence Oenton Barbara Dobnk Marcia Oomurat t I fe Frank Oovelle Toni Oovelle Lillian Oezmanian Gregory OeWeese Sandra Oominczyk Larry Oenton Linda Oixon Marlene Downey 123 Joyce DommeSondra Downs Cynthia Drew Dale Dunn Susan Dyas Elan is Jo-Ann Ebel Fracine Drogowski Thomas Drugalis Gregory Outkewych Dennis Eggemeyer Louise Ehlhardt Charles Ellis David EnglerLarry Federspiel SPIRIT Joe Fletcher John Flotkoetter Kelly FlynnStephen Freeman Laura Fregonara Deborah Fudge Who says I cant sell anything? Betty Freshwater Gary Fnedley Mary FuciarelliPEEK-Janet Johannes Daniel Johnson June Johnson Leigh JohnsonHoward Klaassen Stephen Juterbock Geraldine Klacza Brian Knapp Beverly Kamansky Janet KniffenTimothy Knight Robert Koopman Mark Kosowan Carol Kowalczyk Judith Kreit Oavid Koppitch Carol Kosanovich Susan Kowalczyk Diane Krawetz Linda Kriebel Ruth Krieger “O.K.. Sid. you take it. Keiko Kuboo T T ' CP ilk Ronald Kuhn . Carole LaBelle Patricia LaNoue I J (I Amadee Zachorski Where did it go . . ? Kathleen Law Nancy lebenta » f) tin Rosemarie Kulhanjian 4 Stephen Lakatos Patricia Lee Robert Lehman Kenneth Lehoczky William Leister Cynthia LePageCarol LutseyJoseph MacEachern Oiane MacKillop Timothy Makins Patricia MalettRobed Mangiapane David Manley Joseph Manrella Gregory Marmski life Dennis Marcos David Martin Mary Jo Maniccia Regina Mann Beverly Manoogian Jerrold MartinMichael Martin Sally Master Ronald Mathis Robert Matsura Diane Mattivi Introducing Mr Richard Hogancamp. the new superintendent of schools, who in turn presents the Reeb—er. the Senior Boys Hockey ClubHappiness is . .. . . . being a SENIORMichael Moses Kathleen Mush Gale Musa Mary Myers Richard Nemeth William Myers Ruth Neubauer Michael NichollsStephanie Paige At Patricia Payter Richard Payter Margaret Pantano Sharlene Payter t Katherine Papalas Judith PenmanI Roo 3 4 SATURDAY SUNDAY HOLIDAYS ® 30 A M . OOP M 3 30 PM 12 pm ROPE TOWS ALL A 9 30-ToT TS ..u, • BOOTS ONLY POLES ONLY ARTS, SPORTS CLAIM SENIOR INTERESTS Christine Peterson Richard Placzek Suzanne Poisson Mark PolicelliStanley Puchala Eric Raingh Alfred Ramirez David Ray Ronald Rea Ml James Reinsberg Barbara Recsei Linda Rencsok Sharon Reed Cynthia Rennie Michael Rhodes Linda Ringer • Sheryl Rink Emily Reid JC- 4tk Norman Revoir Laura RmnaDavid Ruehl ■■■■men Janice Rushlau Paul Sadler Margaret Roulo Coach Walt Zelasko and Bob Curry give the Senior women last minute instructions before they charge out to defeat the Junior girls Lynn Salliotte Judith Santilli Dennis Sapienz Lawrence SawchukJim Nolan Jim Georges William Scaltci Karen Schafer Joan Schilke Ruth Schleicher George Schonfeld Linda Schook Katherine Schultz Rodney Schultz Marilyn Schaldenbrand William Schonsheck Brian SchweickartElizabeth Spindler Annette Sredmcki Becky SrymawskiMarlene St AmantSusan Toth Darrell Townsend Jane Trenasty Elaine Thiel Patricia Thompson August Vacca Gary Varga Oorene Varner Edward Vass » Christine Verbos Michael Viglianti Oemse Wagner Frank Valchine Cheryl VencelovDavid Woiciechowski Gary Wojcik Ray Wolicki Margie Wmgard Vicki WoottonSusan Yates Linda Zajac Robert Zolkowski Linda Young FAREWELL!!! Julius Zakhar Marlou Zamni Lawrence Zolynsky Joanne Zuker SENIORS NOT PICTURED Nancy Anderson Pamela Fedea Mark McDonald Oavid Blessing David Fero Gloria Oulette Cynthia Bo ek T Joseph Flood Kathleen Reilley Robert Carrell Greg Green Herbert Schroeder Jack Bnckey Pat Horrigan Nicholas Shepard Oavid Chumita Susan Hoskins Kenneth Sipos Paul Oaru Paul Jones Kenneth Strongman David Davies James Leone Carl Sweets Andy Detvay Darrell Lott Barry TakeiSENIOR PATRONS Mr and Mrs Arthur P Andrews Mr and Mrs Rinaldo A Argenta Mr and Mrs Edward Aron Mr and Mrs Nicholas Aron Mr and Mrs Ernest Arvai Mr and Mrs R 0 Atkins Mr and Mrs. W E. Augenstem Mr and Mrs Edward Austin Mr and Mrs William Beier Mr and Mrs Roland Benn Mr and Mrs William Blatmk Mr and Mrs Frank J Bodnar Mr and Mrs George Brodie Mr and Mrs Alyn Button Mr and Mrs William Calder Mr and Mrs Norman J. Campau Or and Mrs E. E Capellari Mr and Mrs August Carlson Mr and Mrs. R 0. Chartier Mr. and Mrs Andrew B Chesley Mr and Mrs Richard Chowen Mr and Mrs Irving Conley Mr and Mrs V Cova Mr and Mrs W H. Curry Mr Owen Curtiss Mr and Mrs C. D'Alfonso Mr and Mrs Fred OaPra Donald A Oavis Mr and Mrs Dale Dmgerson Mr and Mrs Joseph F Oobrik Mr and Mrs Fred Domurat Mr and Mrs John Drew Mr and Mrs Myron Dutkewych Mr and Mrs George Oyas Mr and Mrs William H Ehlhardt Mr and Mrs F Federspiel Mr and Mrs. T. J Fezzey Mr and Mrs N R. Finger Mr and Mrs Gerald Ford Mr and Mrs I M Ford and Mrs Charles Fraser Mr and Mrs J. L. Freeman Mr and Mrs Frank Fregonara Mr and Mrs Joseph Genevich Mr and Mrs Peter C. Georges Mr and Mrs Chester Gerisch Mr and Mrs Robert Gesquiere Mr and Mrs Leo A Gorajek. Sr Mrs. C Nell Green Mr and Mrs Charles H Gross Mr and Mrs Charles Grosso Mr and Mrs Charles Haines Mr and Mrs Albert Halwachs Mr and Mrs Arthur J Hayes Mr and Mrs Steve Hegedus Mr and Mrs John H. Heide Mr and Mrs Thomas W Hoeft Mr and Mrs Walter Holody Mr and Mrs Robert G Holzworth Mr and Mrs Andrew Hruska Mr and Mrs James Jones Mr and Mrs John Kaiser Roy and Sumi Kaneko Mr and Mrs Charles Koopman Mr and Mrs L. E Koppitch Mr and Mrs William Kosanovich Mr and Mrs Herman U. Kreit Mr and Mrs Stephen J Lakatos Jr Mr and Mrs Ernest Lehoczky Mr and Mrs Frank J Listello Mr Howard Long Mr. Steven Manley Mr and Mrs Harry Manoogian Mr and Mrs Louis Marcos Mr and Mrs. Jerrold Martin Sr. Mr and Mrs Ellis C Mayer Mr. Jerry McCahill Mr and Mrs Robert L McIntyre Mr Robert B McQueen Mrs. Helen E. Mikulski Mr and Mrs Michael Modi Mr and Mrs George Moses Mr and Mrs John F Musa Mr and Mrs Edwin Neubauer Mr and Mrs Richard Nicholls Mr and Mrs Henry H Nichols Mr and Mrs Ben Osti Mrs Katherine M Paige Mr and Mrs Edward Palczynski Mr and Mrs Anthony Pantano Mr and Mrs Julius Papp Mr and Mrs Henry H Pawelski Mr and Mrs John Pollick Mr and Mrs Phillip Ray Mr and Mrs Neil W Reid RA and Mrs Steve Rencsok Mr and Mrs Oon P Rink Mr and Mrs. J. S. Salliotte Mr and Mrs Edward Schafer Mr and Mrs Robert Schilke Mrs M Schonfeld Mr and Mrs John C Schook Mr and Mrs A. J. Schweickart Mr and Mrs Harold C. Schwocho Mr Jay W Segroves Mr and Mrs Albert Shelley Dr and Mrs A P Shewchuk Mr. Albert W Sipos Mr and Mrs Oonald E Smock Mr and Mrs Frank Spindler Mr and Mrs Charles W Srednicki Mr and Mrs Alphonse Staszkiewicz Mr and Mrs Oonald Taylor Mr and Mrs John Tylenda Mr and Mrs Stanley Warden Mr and Mrs George Wenberg Mr and Mrs Gerald Weyand Mr William ZolkowskiAGARDY. JAMES College Baseball 1 AIKMAN. MICHAEL College: Spanish Club 2. Oebatmg Team 2. Rifle Club 1.2 ALLEN. ROBERTA Business Booster Club 1. 2.3 ALLORE. VINCENT Arts Gymnastics 3. Rifle Club 1 ANDERSON. OENISE College Honor Society 1. Girls' Glee 1. Choir 2.3. Latin Club 3 ANOERSON. NANCY College GAA 1. Latin Club 1.2.3. Booster Club 1. Rifle Club 2 ANOREWS. GLORIA College GAA 1.2. Girls' Glee 2.3. Chorus 1. Science Club 3. French Club 1. Booster Club 2.3. Ski Club 2.3 ARABUCKI MICHAEL College Basketball 1.3. Baseball 3. Booster Club 1.2.3. Rifle Club 2 ARCEBAL. LUENE College Imprint 3. Latin Club 1. Art Club 2.3 (Pres ). Ski Club 3 ARGENTA. REYNOLD College ARMOS. GEORGE College Basketball 1. Washington Club 2. Latin Club 1.2.3 ARON. NICHOLAS College Tennis 1.3. Latin Club 1.2.3 ARON. PAMELA College Student Council 3 (Treas.). Jaguar Journal 2. Honor Society 3. Senior Play 3. Girls' Glee 2 (Accompanist). Chorus 1. Choir 2.3 (Accompanist). French Club 2. Oebatmg Team 2. Allegro Club 2 ARVAI. ERNEST College Baseball 1 (Mgr). Jaguar Journal 1. Honor Society 1.2.3. Science Club 1.2.3. Math Club 2. Latin Club 1.2.3. German Club 1.2. Russian Dub 1 ATKINS. NANCY Business (Trans for Lincoln Park High School). Student Council 1. Chorus 2. Choir 2. Homemaking Club 1.2. Booster Club 1.2 ATKINSON. GERALO College AUGENSTEIN. WILLIAM College Football 1. 2. Track 1. Wrestling 2. 3 AUSTIN. JAMES College Football 1.2.3. Baseball 1.2.3. Honor Society 1.2.3. Allen Dub 2.3. Washington Club 2. Spanish Club 1. Varsity Club 2.3 AVERSA. GRETA College Girls' Glee 2. Washington Club 2. Science Club 1.2. Booster Club 3. Cheerleader 3 BACH. ROGER College Boys' Glee 2. Choir 3 BAIRO. VIRGINIA Business General Drama Club 1 BAKOS. BRIAN College Jaguar Journal 2. 3. Debating Team 2. Band 1 BALLANTYNE. REBECCA College FNA 3. Washington Club 2. Science Club 3 BALLENTINE. MARK College Wrestling 2. 3. Boys' Glee 2. Choir 3. Latin Club 1 BANTIS. RONALO Business Boys' Glee 1. Choir 2. Washington Club 2 BARKER. PATRICK College Class Vice-Pres 1. Football 1.2. Basketball 1.2. Baseball 1. Student Council 1.2. Washington Club 2. Varsity Club 2.3 BARR. CAROLYN College Jaguar Journal 2.3. Spanish Club 2. Latin Club 1. German Club 1. Art Club 2.3 BASNER. ROBIN Business Band 1 BEAUOET. DANIEL College Washington Dub 2 (Asst Mgr) BECHLER. DEBBIE Business: Girls' Glee 2. 3. Homemakmg Club 1 BEEBE. ROBERT College Latin Club 1.2 BEIER. LINDA College Girls' Glee 2. Choir 3. FNA 2.3. Band 1.2.3. Maiorette 1.2.3 BENN. JOANNE College (Trans from Kennedy High School. Taylor 2). Student Council 3 (Sec). Jaguar Journal 2 (Sports Ed ). 3. Imprint 2. 3 (Senior Ed ). Honor Society 2.3. Allen Club 2. Junior Play 2. Drama Club 2. Booster Club 1,2.3. Melius Correspondent 3 BENNIE. PAMELA Business Booster Club 1. 2.3 BE2ERK0. DIANNA College Business Honor Society 2,3. Orama Club 2,3. Washington Club 2. Art Club 2.3. Ski Club 2.3 BLACKBURN SUSAN Business Student Council 3. French Club 2. Booster Club 3 BLAHNIK. KRISTINE College Business French Club 2.3 BLATNIK. THERESA College Spanish Club 1 BLESSING. DAVID General BODNAR. BARBARA College Jaguar Journal 2.3. Imprint 2.3. Junior Play 2. Senior Play 3. Girls' Glee 1.2.3. FTA 1.2.3. Drama Club 2. 3. Washington Club 2 (Sec Treas ). Spanish Club 1.2.3. Booster Club 2 BOGART. PENNIE College Business Allen Club 3. Girls' Glee 1. Choir 2.3. Booster Club 1.2.3 BOLTHOUSE. LYNN College-Business Orama Club 1.3. Washington Club 2. French Club 1.2 (Pres ). 3. Art Club 1.2.3. Booster Club 1 BONO. FRANK College Ski Dub 1.2.3 BOWMAN. CHRISTOPHER College Football 1. Track 1. Wrestling 1.2.3. Boys' Glee 2. Choir 3 BOZEK. CYNTHIA College Jaguar Journal 1. Aquettes 1.3. Ski Club 1.2.3 BRADFORD. BARBARA College Student Council 2. Honor Society 1.2.3. Allen Club 3 (Vice Pres ). Chorus 1. Choir 2.3. TTA 2.3. GAA 1. French Club 1.2. (Sec). 3. Booster Club 1.2.3. Cheerleader 2 BRAZEAU. MARY Business (Trans, from Ca-bnm High School 2). Girls' Glee 3. Chorus 2. Art Club 3 BREMNER. CRAIG College Tennis 2.3. Rifle Club 1. Band 1.2.3. Allegro Club 1.2.3. Ski Club 1.2.3 BRICKEY. FORREST JACK'' College Foot ball 1.2.3, Wrestling 1.2.3. Varsity Club 2.3 BROCK. PATRICIA Business BROOIE. WILLIAM College Boys' Glee 1. Choir 2.3 BROWN. GARY College (Trans from Whet stone High School. Columbus. Ohio). Football 1.2.3. Wrestling 1. Honor Society 2.3. Varsity Club 2.3. Golf 2.3 BROWN. SHERRY Business BRUENING. JUOY General Girls' Glee 2.3. Chorus 1 BUFTON. KATHLEEN College Girls' Glee 1. Choir 2.3. FNA 3. FTA 3. Spanish Club 3. Rifle Club 3 BULLOCK. VICTORIA College Honor Society 3. FTA 3. French Club 1.2.3. Booster Club 3 BURKE. OAVIO College Basketball 1.3. Tennis 1.2.3. Student Council 1.2.3. Allen Dub 1.2.3. Varsity Club 2.3 BURLAGE. WILLIAM College Gymnastics 1, Boys' Glee 1.2 BURYE. MICHAEL College: Boys' Glee 2.3. Spanish Dub 1. Rifle Club 1.2 BUZEA. LINDA College Math Club 1.2.3. Spanish Club 1.2 BUZZY. DEBORAH College Jaguar Journal 2. GAA 1. Orama Club 1. Latin Club 1.2.3. German Club 1.2. Booster Club 1. Ski Club 3. 160Homecoming Att. 3 CABAUATAN. JOHN College Football 1. Basketball 1.2.3 (Co Capt). Track 1,2.3. Chorus 1, Varsity Club 2.3 CALDER. CATHE College Student Council 2. Jaguar Journal 1.2 (Sports Ed ). 3 (Feature Ed). Honor Society 2.3. Allen Club 1.2.3. Junior Play 2. Senior Play 3. Girls’ Glee 2.3. GAA 1.2. Aquettes 3. Orama Club 2 CAMPAU. CRISPIN College Science Club 3. French Club 1.2.3. Spanish Club 3 CAPELLARI. EDWARD College Swimming 1.2.3. Boys' Glee 1. Choir 2.3. Barracuda Club 2.3 CARLSON. RONALO College Honor Society 2.3 (Treas). Science Club 1.2.3 (Pres ). Math Club 1.2.3. French Club 1.2. Rifle Club 3 CARRASCO. CYNTHIA Business Orama Club 1. Booster Club 1.2.3. Ski Club 2.3 CARRELL. ROBERT General: Track 2. Ski Club 3 CASELLI, MARIE Business: Jaguar Journal 1. Homemaking Club 2. Booster Club 1.2.3 CASHMORE. JACK College Football 1. Base ball 3 CAULFIELD. RICHARO General: (Trans from Cabrmi High School 2). Boys’ Glee 2.3 CHESLEY. ANDREW College Latin Club 1. 2.3 (Treas ). German Club 1. Varsity Club 3. Golf 2.3 CHILTON. MICHAEL College Track 1. Swim ming 1. Barracuda Club 1 CHIRI. MARY ELLEN Business: (Trans from Cabrini High School 2) CHLIPALA. JOYCE College: FTA 3. French Club 1,2.3. Booster Club 3 CHOWEN. PATRICIA College French Club 1.2.3. German Club 1 CHRISTY. JOANNE Business French Club 2 CHUBY. BRENDA College Honor Society 2. Homemaking Club 1. Spanish Club 1. Booster Club 1.2. Cheerleader 1.2 CIEMIEREK. ANOREA College FTA 2. Latin Club 1 CIMA. ANTOINETTE Business Spanish Club 1.2.3. Booster Club 2 CIUPKA. ARNOLD Arts Wrestling 1.3. Boys’ Glee 1.2.3 CLARK. MICHAEL General Washington Club 2 CLARK. PATRICIA College FTA 2.3. Wash ington Club 2. Science Club 3. Latin Club 1.2.3. Booster Club 2.3. Homecoming Att 3 COLE. HOWARO College Latin Club 1. Band 1.2.3 C0L0SIM0. CHRISTINE College GAA 1.2. Spanish Club 2 COLUMBUS. DANIEL College CONGER. LINOA Business Ski Club 1 CONLEY. RICHARO College Washington Club 2. French Club 1. Ski Club 3 COOK. KAREN Business (Trans from Cherry Hill High School) COOK. RHONDA College Girls’ Glee 1. Choir 2.3. Booster Club 2 COUCHMAN. ROONEY College Washington Club 2. Ski Club 3 COVA. WILLIAM College Class Pres 2. Football 1.2,3. Basketball 1. Track 1. Student Council 2. Honor Society 1. Allen Club 2.3 COWAN. BEVERLY College Drama Club 2 CRABTREE. MARGARET General CRIOER. LINDA Business CRITCHFIELD. LEE College Swimming 1. 2.3. Honor Society 1. French Club 2. Art Club 3. Barracuda Club 1.2,3 CUDDY, MICHAEL College Football 1.2.3. Baseball 1,2.3. Varsity Club 3 CURRY. ROBERT College Football 1.2.3. Basketball 1. Baseball 1. Boys’ Glee 1. Choir 2.3 (Pres ). Varsity Club 2.3 CURTISS. PATRICIA College: Art Club 2.3. Rifle Club 2 CZECH. PAUL College Business: Track 1. French Club 1. Rifle Club 1.2.3 DALEY. TIMOTHY College Boys Glee 1.2.3. Choir 2.3 (Vice-Pres). Washington Club 2 (Bus Mgr). Latin Club 1,2.3 O'ALFONSO. PHYLLIS College Honor Society 2.3. Girls' Glee 2.3. Washington Club 2. Band 1.2.3 (Vice-Pres) DAPRA. DENNIS College OA RONCO. BARBARA Business FNA 1. GAA 1. Homemaking Club 1 DARU. PAUL General DAVIES. DAVID General Gymnastics 2.3. Boys’ Glee 1.2.3. Varsity Club 3 OAVIS. JAN College Student Council 1. 3. Girls' Glee 2. Chorus 1. Aquettes 1. Art Club 1. Booster Club 1.2 DE ANGELIS. PATRICIA Business Imprint 1. Booster Club 1. Ski Club 3 DELLAS. RHONOA Business Jaguar Jour nal 1.2. GAA 1.2. Spanish Club 1. Ski Club 1.2 DEMETER. LESLIE Business 0EM0R0W. SHARON College French Club 3 OENTON. LAWRENCE College Cross Country 1.2.3 (Co-Capt). Track 1.2.3. Boys' Glee 1.2. 3. Choir 2.3. Latin Club 1.2.3. Ski Club 3 DETVAY. ANDY Arts OEWEESE. GREGORY College Baseball 1.2 OEZMANIAN. LILLIAN College FNA 1.2 (Treas). FTA 2.3. GAA 1.2.3. Spanish Club 2.3 Booster Club 1.3. Ski Club 1.2,3 01 CICCO. PHILIP General Track 2. Latin Club 2. Rifle Club 1.2.3 OINGERSON. JANET College Girls' Glee 2. FTA 3. Washington Club 2. French Club 1.2.3. Ski Club 2.3 DIXON. LINOA Business: (Trans. from Ecorse High School). Ski Club 1.2 OOBRIK. BARBARA College: Honor Society 3. Girls' Glee 1. Choir 2.3. FTA 3. Washington Club 2. French Club 1.2.3. Booster Club 2.3. Ski Club 2.3 OOMINCZYK. SANDRA Business Orama Club 1. Booster Club 3 OOMINE. JOYCE College FNA 1. Latin Club 1. Booster Club 2.3 DOMURAT. MARCIA College Jaguar Journal 1.2.3. (Editor-in-Chief). Junior Play 2. Senior Play 3, FTA 1. Drama Club 1.2.3. Science Club 2. Honor Society 2.3 DOVELLE. FRANK College: Football 1.2.3. Basketball 1.2.3. Varsity Club 2.3 DOWNEY. MARLENE Business GAA 2.3. Aquettes 2.3. Orama Club 1. Washington Club 2. Booster Club 1.2.3. Ski Club 1.2.3 OOWNS. SONDRA College Honor Society 2.3 DREW. CYNTHIA College Honor Society 2. 3. FTA 2.3. French Club 1.2.3 (Pres). Art Club 2.3 Booster Club 1.2.3 DROGOWSKI. FRANCINE College FTA 3. GAA 3. An Club 2.3. Booster Club 2.3 161DRUGALIS. THOMAS General Gymnastics 1.2.3 DUEY. DANIEL College Basketball 3. Latin Club 1.2 OUNN. DALE College: Swimming 1.2.3, Gymnastics I.2.3. Boys’ Glee 1.2.3. Barracuda Club 1.2.3 DUTKEWYCH. GREGORY College (Trans from Western High School. Detroit 1). Football 1. Swimming 1. Student Council 1.2. Orama Club 1.2. Science Club 3. Math Club 1. 2.3. French Club 1.2. Rifle Club 1.3 OYAS. SUSAN College Honor Society 1. Aquettes 1.2.3 (Pres). Washington Club 2. Spanish Club 2.3 (Sec ). Booster Club 2.3. Ski Club 1.2.3 (Treas) EBEL. JO ANN Business Booster Club 1. Ski Club 1 EGGEMEYER. DENNIS College Football 1.2.3 EHLHARDT. LOUISE College Chorus 1. Choir 2.3. FTA 3. GAA 2. French Club 1. Booster Club 3. Cheerleader 2 ELLIS. CHARLES General Football 1.2.3. Basketball 1.2.3. Baseball 1.2.3. Varsity Club 2.3 ENGLER. DAVIO College: Track 1.2 ESQUINA. ANTHONY College FARON. ROBERT College FARRON. PAMELA General (Trans from Herman Collegiate High School. Windsor. Ontario). GAA 3. Aquettes 3. Booster Club 3. Ski Club 3 FAWLEY. CHARLES General FEDEA. PAMELA General FNA 1.2.3. Home making Club 1.2. French Club 1. Art Club 1.2.3 FEOERSPIEL. LARRY College FERO. OAVIO General Boys' Glee 2. Choir 3 FEZZEY. BARBARA College Girls’ Glee 2. Choir 3. GAA 1. Band 1,2.3. Maiorette 1.3 FIELDS. JOHN College Tennis 3. Boys' Glee 1.2. Choir 2.3. Ski Club 2.3 FILL. JOSEPHINE General FNA 1 FINGER. ROY College Baseball 1.2.3. Science Club 1.2.3. French Club 2. Varsity Club 3 FITZSIMMONS. RICHARO General Band 1.2 FLETCHER. JOE General FLOOO. JOSEPH College-Business (Trans from Southgate High School 2) FOOO. ANOREW College Swimming 1, Washington Club 2. Science Club 1. Barracuda Club 1 FORBES. ILENE Business Washington Club 2. Booster Club 3 FORBES. PHILIP College Tennis 1.2.3. Boys' Glee 1. Rifle Club 2. Ski Club 2.3 FORD, JAMES Business Boys' Glee 1.2. Washington Club 2 FORD. KATHY Business Girls' Glee 2. Chorus 1 FORD. ROSS College: Swimming 1.2.3. Math Club 2. French Club 2, Barracuda Club 1.2.3. Rifle Club 2.3 FORSTER. KENNETH College Football 1.2.3. Basketball 1. Washington Club 2 FORTE. OOMENICK Industrial Arts: Basket ball 1 FOURNIER. ERIC College Track 1.3. Art Club 1. Rifle Club 3 FRANCIS. ALETTA College-Business Wash mgton Club 2 FRASER. GARY College Football 1.2.3 (Co Capt). Track 1.2. Class Treas 1. Varsity Club 2.3 FREEMAN. STEPHEN Arts Boys Glee 3 FREGONARA. LAURA College FNA 2. Latin Club 1. Booster Club 2. Ski Club 2 FRESHWATER. BETTY College: Honor Society 1.2.3. Girls’ Glee 1. Choir 2. GAA 1. 2.3 (Vice-Pres). Math Club 1. Latin Club 1. Booster Club 1.2.3 FRIEOLEY. GARY College FUCIARELLI. MARY Business FUDGE. DEBORAH Business GANOS. JOHN College Jaguar Journal 3. Latin Club 1.2 GENEVICH. GERALD College GEORGES. JAMES College Football 1.2.3. Basketball 3. Baseball 1.2.3 GERISCH. SUSAN College GESQUIERE. ROBERT College Business Student Council 3. Washington Club 2 GIRAGOSIAN ANN Business Jaguar Journal 2 GLENN. JO ANN General Chorus 1. Library Asst 2 GLIOOEN. THOMAS Business G000ELL. BARBARA Business Girls' Glee 1.2.3. Booster Club 1 GORAJEK. LEO General Band 1.2 GORMLEY. BARBARA Business GRABOWSKI. PAMELA Business General Jaguar Journal 1.2.3. FNA 2 GRAHAM. MARTHA College Business: Im print 3. Girls' Glee 2. Washington Club 2. Booster Club 1.2.3. Ski Club 1.2.3, Homecom ing Queen 3 GRANT. JAMES Arts Jaguar Journal 1, Washington Club 2. Art Club 3 GREEN. GREGORY General (Trans from Goshen High School 3). Football 2 GREER. BEVERLY Business GREER. JOHN College Latin Club 1. Band 1.2.3. Allegro Club 3 GREGORY. DAVID Arts GRONOS. PATRICIA College Honor Society 3. FNA 2.3 GROSH. LORA Business GAA 1.2.3. Spanish Club 1.2. Art Club 3. Booster Club 2.3 GROSS. TERRI College Girls' Glee 1. Choir 2.3 GROSSO. CARL College GRZELA. DANIEL Arts GUTMANN. ROBERT College Wrestling 1.2. Honor Society 1.2.3. German Club 1 GUY. RONALO College Swimming 1.2.3. Student Council 3. Honor Society 2.3. Barra cuda Club 1.2.3. Band 2.3 GYETVAY. LYNN College FNA 2.3. FTA 1. 2.3. GAA 1,2.3. Aquettes 1.2.3. Spanish dub 1. Art Qub 2 HAINES. CRAIG College Football 1. a ass Pres 1. Track 1. Tennis 2.3. Student Council 1.3 (Pres ). Allen Qub 1.2.3. Debating Team 2. Booster Qub 3. Varsity Qub 2.3. Ski Qub 1.2 (Pres ). 3 (Vice Pres ) HALWACHS. OIANE Business Art Oub 3 HAMANN. OENISE Business Girls' Glee 1. Choir 2.3 HAMILTON. DENNIS General HARRIS. ROSLYN College Latin Qub 1 HAWTHORNE. JANEL College FTA 1. GAA 1, Homemaking Qub 1 162HAYES. VIRGINIA Business Gels Glee 2. 3. Chorus 1. Homemaking Qub 2.3. FNA 1 HEIOE. STANLEY General Doss Country 1. Honor Society 1.2.3. Allen Club 2.3. Ski Qub 1.2.3 HEIORICH. KATHYLYN College Jaguar Journal 1. Imprint 2.3, Honor Society 1. 2.3. Junior Play 2. Girls Glee 1. Choir 2.3. GAA 1. 2. Aquettes 1.2. Drama Qub 1.2.3. Debating Team 1. Booster Qub 1.2.3. Cheerleader 2. Homecoming Alt 3 HERRIMAN. CONSTANCE College Honor Society 2. Latin Qub 1.2. German Qub 2 HESTER. JANET Business (Trans from Wiitmer High School. Toledo. Ohio) HOBBa THOMAS General Baseball 2. Doss Country 1 HODGSON. STEVEN General H00GS0N. SUSAN College Gels' Glee 2. Band 3 HOEFT. DEBORAH College Jaguar Journal 3. Imprint 1. Drama Qub 3. Washington Qub 2. Homemaking Qub 3. Latin Qub 1. German Oub 1. Art Qub 2.3. Debating Team 3 HOFFER. ELEANOR Business HOLLATZ. JUDY Business H0L00Y, ALLAN College Baseball 2.3. Wrestling 1.3. Ski Qub 1,2.3 HOLT. RICK Arts Football 1 HOLZWORTH. CAROL College Spanish Club 1.2 HORAK. KATHLEEN College Gels' Glee 2. Chorus 1. FNA 1.2. French Qub 1 HORRIGAN. PATRICK Industrial Arts Swim mmg 1. Jaguar Journal 1. Barracuda Qub 1 HORVATH. TERENCE College Science Oub 3 HOSKINS SUSAN College HOWEY. KERRY College HRUSKA. JANET College FTA 1.2 ILEa ROGER College Football 2 (Mgr). Boys' Glee 1.3. Choe 2. Varsity Qub 2.3 JABLONSKL CONSTANCE College Student Council 1. Jaguar Journal 1.2.3 (Bus Mgr) Honor Society 2.3. FTA 2.3 (Treas). Science Oub 1.2 (Sec ). 3 (Treas ). French Qub 1.2.3 (Vice-Pres.) JAPKO. CAROL Business JAVORCKY. RAYMONO Business Track 1 JAYNES. ROSE Business Homemaking Qub 2 JEFFREY. JANET Business Homemaking Qub 2 JOHANNEa JANET Business Girls' Glee 2.3. Chorus 1. Booster Qub 3. Business 2.3 JOHNSON. DANIEL Business JOHNSON. JUNE Business Math Qub 1 JOHNSON. LEIGH Business Ski Qub 1 JONEa CHRISTINE College Gels' Glee 2. GAA 1. Drama Qub 1. Booster Qub 2 KAISER. JAMES College Student Council 1. 2. Boys' Glee 1. Choe 2.3. Drama Qub 1.2. French Qub 1 (Pres). 2 (Pres ). 3 (Pres.) KAMASKY. BEVERLY Business FTA 2. Business Qub 3 KAMHOUT. WAYNE General KAMMERER WILLIAM College Tennis 1.2. 3. Swimming 1. Band 1.2 KANEKO. LARRY College Qass Vice Pres 2. Football 1.2.3. Student Council 1.2.3. Jaguar Journal 2.3 (Photographer). Imprint 2.3 (Photographer). Allen Qub 2.3. Washington Qub 2 (Pres ). Varsity Qub 2.3 KARKOSKI. MARC College Rifle Oub 2.3 KEMP. CARL General Art Oub 1.2.3 KILROY. NANCY Business GAA 1.2. Home making Qub 1.2.3 KIRALY. OIANE College Jaguar Journal 1.2. 3 (Editorial Ed ). Honor Society 2.3. FTA 2.3. Science Qub 3. French Qub 1.2.3. (Sec). Booster Oub 1 KLAASSEN. HOWARD College Track 1.3. Senior Play 3. Band 1.2.3 KLACZA. GERALDINE Business FTA 1. Homemaking Qub 2 KNIGHT. TIMOTHY College KOOPMAN. ROBERT General KOOa DENISE College FNA 1.2.3. FTA 2. 3. GAA 1.2. Homemaking Qub 1.2. Debating Team 2.3 KOPPITCH. OAVIO College Qass Vce Pres 3. Honor Society 2.3. Washington Qub 2. French Qub 1 KOSANOVICH. CAROL Business FNA 2.3. Library Asst 2 KOSOWAN. MARK College Tennis 1. Wrest ling 1 KOWALCZYK. CAROL General (Trans from Cabrim High School 3) KOWALCZYK. SUSAN College Business KRAWETZ, DIANE College Honor Society 2.3 (Sec). Allen Oub 3 (Sec). French Qub 1. 2.3 (Vice Pres KREIT. JUDITH College Imprint 2.3. Gels Glee 1. FTA 1.2.3. Washington Qub 2. French Qub 1. Booster Qub 1.2.3 KRIEBEL LINOA General FNA 1. Booster Qub 2 KRIEGER RUTH College Student Councrf 1. 2. Girls' Glee 2. Booster Qub 1 KUBO. KEIKO College Jaguar Journal 2.3. Imprint 2.3. Honor Society 1.2. Allen Qub 2.3. Senior Play 3. Gels' Glee 1. Choe 2.3. Debat ing Team 2 KUHN. RONALD College Boys Glee 1. Science Qub 1 KULHANJIAN. ROSEMARIE College Girls' Glee 2. Chorus 1 LA BELLE. CAROLE Business Drama Qub 2. Library Asst 2 LAKATOS. STEPHEN College Doss-Country 1.2.3. Track 1.2.3. Washington Qub 2. Varsity Qub 1.2.3 U NOUE. PATRICIA College Gels Glee 1. 2.3 LAW. KATHLEEN College Art Qub 1.2.3. Booster Qub 1 LEBENTA. NANCY College Gels’ Glee 1.2. Choe 3. Spanish Qub 1 LEE. PATRICIA General FNA 2. Art Oub 2 LEHMAN. ROBERT College Football 1. Track 1.2.3. Science Qub 3. Art Oub 2.3 LEHOCZKY. KENNETH College Basketball 1. 2.3. Honor Society 2.3 LEISTER. WILLIAM College Football 1.2. Honor Society 2. FTA 3. Science Qub 3 LE PAGE. CYNTHIA General Girls Glee 2. Chorus 1. French Qub 1. Booster Qub 1 LESCHNER GARY General LEVERTON. ROBERT College Tennis 2.3 LEYSHOCK. ELIZABETH College Honor Society 1. FNA 1. Drama Club 1. Band 3 LIENING. ANN College French Oub 2. Art Qub 3. Booster Qub 3 LIND. OIANE Business (Trans from Cabrim 163High School 1). Washington Club 2. Homemaking dub 3. Ski Club 3 LINVILLE. SIONEY College Chorus 1. GAA 1.2.3 (Pres) LISTELLO. FRANK College Football 1. Base ball 1.2.3. Varsity dub 2.3 LOFTUS. LANCE College LOMBAROI. LILLIAN College Business LONG. GERALO College Student Council 1 LOTT. OARRELL College Boys Glee 1.2 LOTTL REBECCA General LOUGHREY. VALERIE Business Washington dub 2 LOVERA. JOANNE College: FTA 1. GAA 1 LUMLEY. LAURENCE College LUTSEY. CAROL Business Chorus 1. Wash ington dub 2. Booster dub 1 MAC EACHERN. JOSEPH General MAC KILLOP. OIANE College Business (Trans from St Mary's High School 2) MAKINSl TIMOTHY College dass Pres 3. Football 1.2.3 (Co-Capt). Student Council 3. Jaguar Journal 2. Varsity dub 2.3 MALETT. PATRICIA Business GAA 1. Homemaking dub 2. Booster dub 1 MANGIAPANE. ROBERT College Baseball 1. 3. Gymnastics 1.2.3. Varsity dub 3 MANICCIA. MARY JO College Washington dub 2. Spanish dub 1.3. Library Asst 2 MANOOGIAN. BEVERLY College FTA 1.2.3. French Club 1.2.3, Library Asst 2 MARCOS. DENNIS College Football 1. Track 1.2.3. Westling 2. Boys' Glee 2 MARIN SKI. GREGORY College MARTIN. JERROLO College MARTIN. MICHAEL General Track 1. Wrest ling 1.2.3 MASON. LINOA General (Trans. from Schafer High School 3). Girls' Glee 1. Choir 2. FNA 1.2. GAA 2. Homemaking dub 2. Spanish dub 1.2. Booster dub 2 MASTER. SALLY College Girls' Glee 1. Choir 2.3. GAA 1. Booster dub 1.2.3 (Vice-Pres). Mascot 3 MATHIS. RONALO College Football 1. Track 1. Jaguar Journal 1.2.3. Varsity dub 1.2.3 MATTE. BRUCE College Tennis 1.2.3. Band 1. Washington dub 2. Student Council 1. Ski dub 3 MATTIVI. DIANE College GAA 3. Latin dub 1.2 (Sac.). Ski dub 3 MATUSIK. ANASTASIA College Honor Society 1. FTA 1.2.3 (Pres ), Drama dub 2.3 (Sec ) French dub 1 MATUSZKIEWICZ. JUOI Business (Trans from Cabrini High School 3). GAA 1.2. French dub 1 MAYER. JAMES College Basketball 1.2.3. Baseball 1.2.3. Honor Society 2.3 (Vice-Pres.) MAZAG. JOYCE College GAA 1. Washington dub 2. Booster dub 1.2.3 MAZGLAO. DANIEL General Football 1.2.3. Basketball 1.2.3. Baseball 1.2.3. Student Council 1, Boys Glee 1.2.3. Choe 3. Wash ington dub 2. Varsity dub 1.2.3 MAZUREK. LAURA College Honor Society 2.3. FTA 3. French dub 1. Booster dub 3 MC CAHILL PAMELA College FNA 3 (Pres ) FTA 1. Science Club 1. Math Club 1. Chess dub 1 MC 00NAL0. MARK General (Trans from Mackenzie High School 3). Track 1. Wrestling 2. Swimming 1.2 MC GUIRE. KATHLEEN College Jaguar Journal 1. FTA 2.3 (Sec ). Washington dub 2. French dub 3. Booster dub 1.2.3. Ski dub 1.2.3 MC HENRY. JOHN General MC INTYRE. JOHN College Cross Country 1. Westlmg 1. Boys Glee 1.3. Choir 2. Wash ington dub 2. Varsity dub 1.2.3 MC LANO. HARVEY College Baseball 1. Boys' Glee 1. Washington dub 2. Art dub 1 MC NEIL LINDA College: (Trans from John Glenn High School 2). Latin dub 1 MC PHEE. JOHN General MC QUEEN. PATRICIA College Student Council 1.2. Imprint 3. Spanish dub 1. Art dub 2.3. Booster dub 1.2.3 MEAOE. SUSAN College Gels Glee 2.3. Chorus 1. GAA 1. Booster dub 1.2.3 MEOLEY. SUSAN Business Junior Play 2. Chorus 1. GAA 1.2. Washington dub 2. Booster dub 1.2.3 MENOE. JAMES General MENZIES. PHYLLIS Business Homemaking dub 1. French dub 1 MICALACEAN. LAURA General GAA 1.2. Homemaking dub 1. Spanish dub 1.2. Booster dub 1.2.3 MICALACEAN. LINOA General Girls' Glee 2. 3. Chorus 1. GAA 1.2. Homemaking dub 1. Booster dub 1.2.3 MIGLIORE. RICHARD College Football 1. Cross-Country 2. Track 1.2.3. Imprint 3. Allen dub 2.3. Varsity dub 1.2.3. Band 1. Ski Club 2.3 (Pres ) Ski Team 3 MIKORYAK. OAVIO College Swimming 1. Honor Society 3. Latin dub 1. German dub 1. 2 MILLER. SUSAN College Senior Play 3. GAA 1. Washington dub 2. Spanish dub 1. 2. Art dub 1. Booster dub 1.2.3. Band 1.2.3. Maiorette 1.2.3 (Capt ). Ski dub 2.3 MODI. KATHLEEN College Girls' Glee 2.3. Booster dub 2 MOORE. MARILYN College (Trans from Scafer High School 1). Jaguar Journal 2. Washington dub 2. Booster dub 2. Ski dub 1.2.3 MOREHEAO. JOHN College Cross-Country 3. Track 3. French dub 1. Ski dub 3 MORTIMER MARGARET Business Ski dub 1.3 MOSES. MICHAEL College Wrestling 1.2. Student Council 2.3. Jaguar Journal 2.3 MURRELL. JEAN Business: Chorus 1 MUSA. GALE Business Drama dub 2. Washington dub 2. Booster dub 1.2.3 MUSH. KATHIE College dass Treas 2.3. Jaguar Journal 2. Imprint 2. Junior Play 2. Girls' Glee 1. Choir 2.3. Washington dub 2. Booster dub 1.2. Ski dub 2 MYERS. MARY College FNA 1.2. FTA 2. 3. GAA 1.2.3 (Treas ). Spanish dub 1.2 MYERS. WILLIAM College NEMETH. RICHARD College Cross-Country 1.2.3 (Co-Capt). Track 1.2.3. Boys Glee 1.2. Choir 3. Washington dub 2. Varsity dub 2.3 NEUBAUER RUTH Business Girls' Glee 2. Chorus 1. GAA 1.2. Booster dub 1 NEWMAYER. HARRY General NICHOLLS. MICHAEL College NICHOLLS. NANCY College Art Club 2.3 164NICHOLS JEANNE College Jaguar Journal 2.3. Honor Society 2.3. FTA 2.3. (Vice-Pres), Drama Club 2.3. Spanish Club 2.3. Booster 3 NICHOLS. LARRY College Swimming 1. Barracuda Club 1 NOUN. JAMES General Football 1.2.3. Wrestling 1. Varsity Qub 2.3 NOWAK. NORBERT College Latin Club 1.2.3 NYIKON. JOSEPH College Ski Club 3 OBRIOT. KENNETH College Boys Glee 1. Chor 2.3. Rifle 1.2.3. Ski Qub 3 O'OROSKE. NORENE College FTA 3. Spanish Qub 3. Booster Qub 3 OGEN. SUSAN Business Gels' Glee 3 OSTL LORAINE Business Library Asst 2 PAGLIA. PAUL College Ski Club 1.2.3 PAIGE. STEPHANIE College Gels' Glee 2. Choe 3. Drama Qub 3. Booster Qub 3 PALCYZNSKI KENNETH College Cross-Country 1.2.3. Track 1.2.3. Wrestling 1.2,3. Science Qub 3. Latin Qub 1.2.3. Art Oub 2,3. Varsity Qub 1.2.3 PANTANO. MARGARET College GAA 1,2.3. Science Qub 1.2.3. Math Qub 1.2 (Sec) 3 (Pres ). Spanish Oub 2. Band 1.2 PAPAUa KATHY College Gels' Glee 1.2. Choe 3. FTA 3. French Qub 1.2. Booster Qub 2.3 PAPP. DAVIO College Gymnastics 1. Rifle Qub 1.2. Band 1.2.3 PARISt SHARON College: FTA 3. GAA 1. French Qub 1.2.3. Booster Qub 2.3 PARKER. KATHRYN Business Washington Qub 2. Booster Qub 1.2.3 PAYTER. SHARLENE Business Washington Qub 2. Booster Qub 1.2.3 PENMAN. JUDITH General Library Asst 2 PERRY. JOHN College Baseball 2.3. Cross Country 1.2. Track 1. Boys Glee 1. Choe 2.3 PERSIN. SHARON General Honor Society 2. Math Qub 1. Booster Qub 1.2 PETERSON. CHRISTINE College FNA 1.2. Homemaking Qub 3. Booster Qub 3 POISSON. SUSAN College Gels' Glee 1. Choe 2.3. French Qub 1.2.3. FTA 3. GAA 1 POLLICK. JOHN College Tennis 2. Spanish Qub 1.2.3 (Pres |. Ski Qub 1.2.3 POLLICK. MARGARET College Imprint 3. Gels' Glee 2.3. Chorus 1. Booster Qub 1.2 (Sec Treas). 3 (Pres ). Ski Qub 1.2.3 (Sec ). 3. Student Council POLLOCK. ELIZABETH College Booster Qub 2.3. Ski Oub 2.3 PONTERS. LINOA College Honor Society 1. 2.3. FTA 3. Science Qub 2.3 (Sec). Spanish Club 1.2.3. Booster Club 2.3 PONTI. SANORA Business (Trans from Ca- brini High School 1). Girls' Glee 1 PRONG. JEFFERY General RAIRIGH. ERIC College Senior Play 3. Ski Qub 1.2.3. Spanish Qub 3. Band 1.2 RAMIREZ. ALFRED College Tennis 1,2.3. Washington Club 2. Spanish Club 1.2.3. Varsity Qub 2.3. Gymnastics 1 RAY. DAVIO College Jaguar Journal 2.3 REA. RONALD College Washington Qub 2. Spanish Qub 2.3. Ski Qub 2.3 RECSEI. BARBARA Business Booster Qub 2.3. Ski Qub 3. Business Qub 3 REEO. SHARON General Gris' Glee 1.2.3. Homemaking Qub 1.2.3 REID. EMILY College Student Council 2.3. Imprint 2.3. Honor Society 1. Allen Qub 2.3. Girls Glee 2. Chorus 1. Choir 3. FTA 1.2.3. GAA 1.2.3. Booster Club 1.2.3. Cheerleader 2. 3 (Capt) Washington Club 2 REINSBERG. JAMES College Ski Qub 2.3. Honor Society 1. Latin Qub 1 RENCSOK. LINDA College Jaguar Journal 2.3 (Sports Ed). Imprint 2.3 (Qubs Ed). Junior Ray 2. FTA 2.3. Drama Qub 2.3 (Vice-Pres ). Spanish Qub 2.3 (Vice-Pres ). Booster Qub 3 RE VOIR. NORMAN College RHODES MICHAEL College Washington Qub 2. Science Qub 3. Math Qub 3. French Qub 1. Spanish Qub 2 RINGER. LINDA Business Booster Qub 3. Band 1,2.3. Business Qub 3 RINK. SHERYL College Jaguar Journal 3. Imprint 3. Booster Qub 1 RINNA. LAURA Business Ski Qub 2.3 ROULO. MARGARET General GAA 1.2. Booster Qub 3 RUSHLAU. JANICE College French Qub 1.2. 3. Booster Qub 3 SAOLER. PAUL College Tennis 1.2.3 SALLIOTTE LYNN College Jaguar Journal 3. Honor Society 2.3. Latin Qub 1 SANTILLL JUDITH Business Gris' Glee 2.3. Chorus 1. Washington Oub 2 SAPIENZ OENNIS General SAWCHUK. UWRENCE College Ski Club 3 SCALICl WILLIAM College SCERBA. RICHARD Arts SCHAFER. KAREN College Honor Society 2. 3. Booster Qub 3. German Qub 1 SCHALDENBRANO. MARILYN College Honor Society 2.3. Booster Qub 2.3. FTA 3 SCHILKE. JOAN College Qass Sec 1.2.3. Student Council 2. Imprint 2.3 (Editor). Honor Society 1.2.3. Allen Oub 1.2.3. Gris Glee 1. Chor 2.3 (Sec). FTA 1. Spanish Qub 1. Booster Qub 1.2.3. Cheerleader 1.2.3. Ski Oub 1.2.3 SCHLEICHER. RUTH College Honor Society 2.3. Booster Qub 2.3, Spanish Qub 2 SCHONFIELD. GEORGE College: Track 1.2.3. Westling 2.3. Latin Oub 1.2. Varsity Qub 2. 3. Band 1.2.3. Allegro Qub 1.2.3 SCHONSHECK. WILLIAM College SCHOOK. LINOA College Jaguar Journal 2.3. Imprint 2.3 (Underclassmen Ed). Drama Qub 3. Ski Qub 2.3. Booster Oub 3 SCHROEDER. HERBERT Arts Boys Glee 1. 2.3. Chor 2.3 SCHULTZ. KATHERINE General SCHULTZ. RODNEY General Westlmg 1.2. 3. Varsity Qub 1.2.3. Baseball 2 SCHWEICKART BRIAN College Tennis 1.2.3. Ski Qub 2.3. Rifle Oub 1 SCHWOCHO. LINDA College Honor Society 2.3. French Qub 1. Booster Qub 3 SEGROVES. DENISE College Gris' Glee 3. Washington Qub 2. Ski Qub 2.3. Booster Qub 3. Art Qub 3. French Qubl SERMACK. VIVIAN College Art Qub 2.3. Booster Oub 3. Spanish Oub 3 SHEEDY. LINDA College (Trans from Ford-son High School. Dearborn 2) SHELLEY. TERRY College Chorus 1. Chor 2.3. Washington Qub 2. Booster Qub 2.3. Ski Oub 3 SHEPARD. NICHOUS General Track 1. Wrestling 1.2.3 165SHERWOOD. WILLIAM General Football 1. Basketball 1 (Mgr ). Wrestling 1.2. Varsity Club 1.2.3 SHEWCHUK. LAVONNE College Honor Society 2.3. French Club 1.2.3. Booster Club 2.3. Ski Club 3 SHOVELY. JAMES College Spanish Club 1. 2.3 SHOWALTER. RUTHANN College Honor Society 1.2. Junior Play 2. Girls' Glee 1.2.3. Drama Club 1.2 (Sec). Ski Club 3. Booster Club 1.3 SIEGWALO. CURT College Track 1.2.3. Boys' Glee 2. Choir 3. Latin Club 1.2. Varsity Club 2.3 SIMERLY. LINDA Business Jaguar Journal 2. GAA 2. Aquettes 2 SIPOS. KENNETH College Junior Play 2. Boys' Glee 2.3. Chov 3 SITAR. RICHARD Arts (Trans from St. Gregory High School 2). Rifle Club 1 SKARJUNE. ALAN College French Club 1 SLOAN. MARY BETH General: (Trans from Cabrini High School 2) SMOCK. DONALO College Senior Play 3. Drama Club 3. Imprint 1. Rifle Club 1 SOPKO. LINDA Business Girls' Glee 1 SPARKS. SAMUEL college SPARKa STEPHEN College SPINDLER. ELIZABETH College FNA 1. FTA 1. GAA 1. Washington Club 2. Booster Club 2 SREDNICKI. ANNETTE Business (Trans from Cabrini High School 1). Washington Club 2. Booster dub 1. GAA 1 SRYNIAWSKI. REBECCA Business Washing ton Club 2. Art Club 1. Booster Club 1 ST AMANT MARLENE Business STANCZ. WANDA Business Girls' Glee 2 STASZKIEWICZ. LOUISE Business FNA 3. Booster Club 1.2. French Club 1 STECKO. JANICE General STEFFANI. MICHAEL College Drama dub 3. Science dub 2.3. Latin dub 1.2.3 STEPANIAN. MARTIN College STROMBERG. JAMES Arts STRONGMAN. KENNETH General (Trans from Cooley High School). Cross-Country 1.2. Track 1.2. Latin Club 1 STRUGALA. RAYMONO College Science Club 3. Math dub 3. Latin 1.2.3. Ski dub 2.3. Rifle dub 1.3. German dub 1 STUDZINSKI. ROBERT Arts Baseball 1 STUEBBEN. ROBERT College Chorus 3 STURGILL JO LYNN General SUHEY. CAROL Business SWEETS. CARL General SWIOAN. RAJA College Cross Country 1.2. Track 1. Washington Club 2. Varsity Club 1,2.3 SWITZER. WILLIAM General Business SZYMANSKI EDWARD General Business TAKEL BARRY College Football 1.2. West ling 1.2.3. Honor Society 1. Allen dub 1,2.3. Washington Club 2 TANNER. JANET College FNA 1. Science dub 1 TAYLOR. KATHLEEN College Booster Club 2. Ski Club 2 TELL. JUDITH College FNA 1 TERMINE. NEIL Business Boys' Glee 1 THEBO. PATRICIA Business (Trans from Cabrini High School 2). FNA 1 THIEL ELAINE Business Booster dub 1.2.3 THOMPSON. DIANE College FTA 1 TISOT. MICHAEL College TOTH. OIANNE College Gels' Glee 2.3. Chorus 1. Booster Club 1.2.3 TOTH. SUSAN Business GAA 2. Aquettes 2 TOWNSEND. DARRELL General TURY. CHRISTOPHER College TRAHEY. THOMAS College (Trans from Holy Redeemer High School 3) TRENASTY. JANE Business FNA 1. Home making dub 1.2 (Sec ). 3 VACCA. AUGUST College VARGA. GARY General VALCHINE. FRANK College (Trans from Cabrini High School 2), Ski dub 2 VARNER. DORENE Business VASS. EOWARD General VENCELOV. CHERYL Business GAA 1.2.3. Aquettes 1.2.3 (Sec Treas ). Spanish Club 1. Booster Club 1.2.3 VERBOS. CHRISTINE College FNA 1. French dub 1.2. Booster dub 3 VIGLIANTI. MICHAEL College Business WAGNER. OENISE College Business Gels' Glee 2. Latin dub 1. Rifle dub 1. Student Council 2 WALOREP. RICHARD General WAROEN. ANNE Business GAA 1. Wash mgton dub 2. Booster dub 1 WARDEN. THOMAS College: Track 2. Swim mmg 1.2. Washington dub 2. Ranch dub 1. Barracuda dub 1.2 WARZOCHA. MICHAEL Arts Art dub 1.2.3. Ski Club 2 WEBER. MACK Business WEIDENBERGER. CHRISTINE College WENBERG. MARY College Washington Club 2. Booster Club 1.2.3 (Treas). Spanish Club 2. WEST. TIMOTHY College Boys' Glee 3 WEYANO. ROBERT College Cross-Country 2. 3. Track 2.3. Wrestling 1.2.3. Science dub 3. Latin Club 1.2.3. Varsity Club 2.3. Band 1.2.3. Allegro dub 3 WILKERSON. ROBERT College Swimming 1. 2.3. Honor Society 2.3 (Pres). Science dub 2. 3 (Vice Pres). Ranch dub 1.2. Barracuda dub 1.2.3. Varsity dub 2.3 WILKES. JUDITH Business WILKINSON. JANE College Booster Club 3 WINGARO. MARGIE Business Ski Club 3 WQJCIECHOWSKI. DAVIO College Ski Club 2. Math Club 1. Basketball 1 WOJCIK, GARY College Rifle Club 1.2. Latin dub 1. Math dub 1 WOLICKI. RAYMOND College YATES. SUSAN College Girls' Glee 1. FNA 1 YOUNG. LINDA Business Art dub 1 ZACHORSKI. AMADEE College Imprint 3. FTA 2. Drama Club 1. Washington Club 2. Booster dub 1. Ski dub 3 ZAJAC. LINOA College Business Science dub 3. Latin dub 1. Booster dub 3 ZAKHAR. JULIUS College Rifle dub 3 ZANINI. MARLOU College Junior Play 2. GAA 2. Drama dub 1.2.3. Booster dub 3. Ski dub 2 ZOLKOWSKI. ROBERT College Football 1.2. Basketball 1. Tennis 1.2.3. Student Councri 3 (Vice Pres ). Jaguar Journal 3. Imprint 3. Honor Society 1.2.3. Senior Play 3. Booster dub 3. Varsity dub 1.2.3 ZOLYNSKY. LAURENCE College Cross Country 1. Wrestling 3. Washington dub 2. Math dub 3. French dub 3. Ski dub 3MR LAWRENCE W ALLEN AA. BA. MA. MEd. Wayne Slate University. English. U S History MR PAUL E AUSUM B A. University of Michigan. Chemistry. Biology MRS PATRICIA BAL B S . Northern Mich igan University. Typing. Retailing MR EDWARD I. BARRICK BA. MA. Eastern Mchigan University. Counseling. Chemistry. Ski dub Sponsor MRS RUTH ANNE BEANEY BA. Cedar Crest College. Wayne State University. Eastern Michigan University. Biology. Science Club MR EDWARD A BELLAS BS. Pennsyl vama State Teachers College. University of Michigan. Mchigan History. World Problems. Amercan Government. Washington Club. Rifle Club. Assistant Football Coach. Sophomore Class Chatman MISS PAMELA C. BERRY BA. Henry Ford Community College. Western Mchigan University. English MR LAWRENCE BOES BS. Eastern Mich igan University. Junior English. Senior English MR GLENN E. BONKOSKY BA University of Michigan. Alpena Community College. General Math. Geometry. Calculus. Junior Var sity Football Coach. Intramural Basketball MISS GERTRUDE BROWN BA. Eastern Mchigan University. Wayne Slate University. University of Mchigan. Biology. World History MRS JANE BROWN BEd. University of Toledo. University of Mchigan. Business Math. Algebra II Trigonometry. Math Qub MR ALAN 0 BULLION B S. Eastern Mich igan University. Senior English MISS RUTH BUSCHMANN BA MA. David Lipscomb College. George Peabody Teachers College. University of Mchigan. Counseling. World History MR GEORGE J CAREVICH AS. BS.. Henry Ford Community College. Mchigan State University. Woodshop MRS EDNA BRENNER BA. Eastern Mch igan University. English MR JAMES H CARMEN BA. M A . East ern Michigan University. Wayne State University. History MR GERALO CIERPILOWSKI BA. University of Detroit. Wayne State University. Science MR GEORGE J. CAREVICH AS. BS. Henry Ford Community College. Mchigan State University. Woodshop MR GERALDO DES HARNAIS: B S . University of Detroit. Journalism. English MR GEORGE DONIGIAN BA. M.A. Wayne State University. Counselor MR JAMES L DOUGLAS BA. Eastern Mchigan University. Amercan History. Government MR LEROY E DURFEE BS.. BA. MA. Eastern Mchigan University. University of Mchigan. Auto Mechancs. Industrial Arts Department Chairman MR GEORGE 0 DYAS BA. BS. MA. Western Mchigan University. University of Mchigan. Athlete Oeector MR EUGENE C. DYER B S . B M . M A Anderson College. Eastern Mchigan University. University of Michigan. Vocal Music MISS OIANNE ERXLEBEN BA. Eastern Mchigan University. English MRS BETTE J FERENCY BA. University of Mchigan. English MR JOHN FRAZ2INI BA. Eastern Mchigan University. Math MRS ELAINE FREEMAN BA. MA. Mary grove College. Wayne State University. Art. Art Qub Sponsor MR EOWIN W FROSHEISER BS MEd University of Mchigan. Wayne State Umver sity. U S. History. Economcs MR WILLIAM GASNER BA. Transactional Analysis. Albion College. San Francisco State University. U S History. Sociology MR OLIVER E GREGGS BA MA. Eastern Mchigan University. University of Mchigan. Government MR JOHN HABOIAN BA MA. Eastern Mchigan University. Counseling. Ski Council Advisor. Reserve Baseball Coach. Ski Club Co-Sponsor MR JOHN HALL B A. MA. University of Mchigan. English. National Honor Society Sponsor MISS PATRICIA HEAMAN BA. University of Oetroit. English MR ALTON E. HELMS B A. MA. Eastern Mchigan University. University of Michigan. Speech. Orama. Drivers Ed.. Drama Club. Oebate Team Sponsor MR RICHARO L HERSHBERGER BA. MA. Ohio State University. University of Mchigan. Government. Barracuda Club Sponsor. Swim mmg Coach MRS PATRICIA R HOWEY BA. University of Mchigan. English. Future Nurses Sponsor MRS JULIA IBARGUEN B A California Western University. Spanish. Spanish Club Sponsor MISS KATHLEEN KERSTEN BS.. MA. Wayne State University. Physcal Education. Cheerleaders. G A A MRS ANITA KHAN BA. Nazareth College. Marygrove College. University of Oetroit. Business Mathematics. Geometry. Algebra MRS TERRY KNIPPENBURG BA. University of Maryland. University of Michigan. Counsel ing 167MR JACK KOPNICK BS MA. Wayne State University. Symphony. Stage and Marching Bands. Instrumental Music. Music Department Chairman MRS VIKI T KOTELLY PH B . MA. DePaul University. Kyrias College. Wayne State University. University of Michigan. Le Cercle Francais. Language Department Chairman MR ANTHONY J. KOVACH BS.. Eastern Michigan University. Math 12. Algebra II. Business Mathematics. Tennis Coach MR ROBERT 0 KREGER B S. Eastern Mich igan University. Special Education MR DENNIS KUCHAREK: BA. Eastern Mich igan University. Typing II MRS PATRICIA ANN LAMB BA. Western Michigan University. English. Sophomore Class Sponsor MISS BETTY JANE LARSON B.S.. M S. Central Michigan University. University of Mich igan. Office Machines and Practice. Shorthand. Receptionist. Business Club Sponsor. Business Department Chairman MR GEORGE W LAVINE: BA. MA. Henry Ford Community College. Eastern Michigan University. Typing I. Business Law. Senior Class Advisor MR OAVIO 0 LOCKHART B A. M A . Cen tral Michigan University. University of Michigan. Physics MISS ROSEMARY A MALISH B A. Western Michigan University. Wayne State University Homemaking II. III. Millenery. Clothing. World History. Future Homemakers Club Sponsor MR OENNIS MANNING: BS.. Western Michigan University. Industrial Arts. Varsity Track. Cross Country Teams MISS MARILYN MARTIN B.S.. Western Michigan University. Wayne State University. Olivet College. Merrill Palmer College. Home making. Home Arts. Future Homemakers. Home Economics Department Chairman MR RAYMOND F McKAY BS.. MA. Michigan State University. Physical Education. Varsity Basketball Coach. Assistant Varsity Football Coach. Co-Sponsor Varsity Club MR JOSEPH C MEDRANO BA. University of Michigan. Eastern Michigan University. Re fresher Math. Algebra MISS BARBARA M MENHART BA. MEd. Marygrove College. Latin. English. Latin Dub Spnsor MR NORMAN MIHATSCH BS.. MA. Eastern Michigan University. University of Michigan. Drafting. Varsity Football Coach MRS ELOTIA M MYNATT BS.. MS.L.S. Mankato Teachers College. Orake University. UCLA. Wayne State University. Librarian. Library Department Chairman MR KENNETH G NELSON BS. MA. Eastern Michigan University. University of Michigan. Metal Shop MR DENNIS NOLL: BA. Western Michigan University. Industrial Arts MR EDWARO A OGUREK: Ph B. University of Oetroit. Wayne State University. English MISS CONNIE PETRENAS BA. Wayne State University. Spanish. French MRS JUDY PIZZUTI BA. Michigan State University. Typing II. Shorthand B. Bookkeep mg B MR GESTIN 0 RAFAIL: B A. Eastern Michigan University. Chemistry. Biology. Drivers Ed. Ski Club MR MELVIN R RIZZO B S . University of Michigan. Bookkeeping. Business Math. Faculty Manager MRS ELAINE RUFFNER BS. Bowling Green State University. Shorthand. Related Trades. Office Co-op Program MR THOMAS H RUNNALS: BA. M A.. Eastern Michigan University. University of Michigan. Chemistry. Orivers Ed MR EOWARO SARKISIAN B A. MA. Eastern Michigan University. Oirector of Adult Education MR NORMAN SHEWCHUK BA. Eastern Michigan University. General Math. Algebra MISS NANCY E. SMITH BA. M A Marygrove College. Eastern Michigan University. Business Math. Geometry. Counseling. Future Nurses Dub MRS RUTH SONCRANT B S. M S. Kent State University. Typing I MR OAVIO 0 SORENSEN BA. Eastern Michigan University. Sociology. Family Living. Sophomore Class Sponsor. Audio-Visual Assistant MRS MARJORIE A STAKOE BA. Western Michigan University. Le Tricolore Club Sponsor, French MR RICHARO A TEWS B A. Michigan State University. Hillsdale College. English. Junior Varsity and Track Coach MR ROBERT TOMES BS. MA. Western Michigan University. Wayne State University. Physical Education. Varsity Baseball. Gymnas tics Coach. Varsity Club Sponsor MISS ROSALIE TRENTACOSTA BS. Wayne State University. Physical Education. Synchronized Swimming MR WILLIAM B TYSON B A . M A . Michigan State University. Eastern Michigan University. U S History MR RAYMOND WHALIN BA. Central Michigan University. Biology MR WALTER W ZELASKO: BA. M A . University of Michigan. Wayne State University. World History. Junior Class Sponsor. Imprint Sponsor. Reserve Football Coach MR 00NAL0 A ZITTLEMAN B A. M S . Stout State University. Auto Mechanics 168CONGRATULATIONS TO THE SENIOR CLASS OF 1968! James S. Mush AREA CODE 313 Norwood Precision Products, inc. fria iyiny in i»ci±ion 3P otiue anti icx teu'mmia dPa»f± DUNKIRK 3-5700 19540 ALLEN ROAD MELVINDALE. MICHIGAN 48122 169PORTRAITS It is our hearty tvish that this boo with its “Portraits by Craine” will bring bacl{ to you many times in years to come, happy recollec' tions of carefree school days. To this we add our congratulations and Best of Luc always!” Portraits of Distinction Since 1919DUnkirk 2-4608 Delivery ami Carry-Out Service j$il1 BONA FIESTA PIZZERIA SPECIALIZING IN ITALIAN FOODS WORLD’S FINEST BROASTED CHICKEN 5633 ALLEN ROAD ALLEN PARK. MICHIGAN DU 6-6920 DU 6-6921 Chet Warncke Florist FlOWERS FOR All OCCASIONS 7706 Allen Road Allen Park, Mich. DUnkirk 2-4258 McNALLY'S REGULAR AND PRESCRIPTION SHOES 6621 Park Avenue Allen Park DUNKIRK 2-3522 OPEN THURSDAY AND PRIDAY EVENINGS %xtfiy 4 BEAUTY SALON IRENE JOHNSON. OWNER 16130 WICK ROAD Allen Park. Michigan look for tho golden arches McDonalds 2106 Dix, Lincoln Park, Mich. Allen Stationery and Off ice Supply 6017 ALLEN ROAD ALUN PARK. MICHIGAN 171 JAMES A. HINDS DUNKIRK 1-1206-7Congratulations to the Class of '68 The Jaguar Club CONGRATULATIONS GRADUATES! Ted Daubresse Architect Allen Park, Michigan ROTARY MANIFOLD FORMS DIVISION Or SAFRAN PRINTING COMPANY 3900 BEAUFAIT □ DETROIT. MICHIGAN 48207 AREA CODE 313 □ PHONE 923-8400 BRUCE MCQUEEN manufacturers of business forms Colonial Crossroads Early American Specialists 172 15421 SOUTHFIELD ALLEN PARK DU. 3-8660 DECORATING SERVICEWEDDING INVITATIONS NAPKINS - MATCHES THANK YOU NOTES THE MASTER PRINTER Just Phone I'll Come to Your Home 17205 PHILOMENE ALLEN PARK, MICH. DUnkirk 1-1302 DUNKIRK 2 4258 Amiot Cleaners—Shirt Laundry WALTER MCNALLY OWNER 6621 PARK AVENUE ALLEN PARK MICHIGAN Drapery Specialist 7607 Allen Rd. corner of Thomas Down Rivers Finest Since 1911 173Compliments of OPEN 8 A.M. to 6 P.M. 928-9821 George's Standard Service 7837 Allen A fczjiimj Ecorse Rd. Barber Shop JOE MALLIA, Prop. 18621 ECORSE ROAD near Cortland T.V. — AIR CONDITIONED Open Wednesdays during holiday weeks CONGRATULATIONS — CLASS OF 1968 FROM DETROIT COLLEGE OF APPLIED SCIENCE 4801 ALLEN RD., ALLEN PARK Minutes off Edsel Ford or Southfield Expressways PHONE 383-4600 IN TODAY'S WOULD OF COMPLEX TECHNOLOGY, MORE THAN A HIGH SCHOOL EDUCATION IS NEEDED START A CAREER IN • Drafting • Tool, Die, Machine Design • Processing • Or Other Technologies Of MANUFACTURING ENGINEERING Excellent Positions Open • FREE PLACEMENT • FREE CATALOG • FULL OR PART TIME • DAY OR EVENING CLASSES CLASS STARTS QUARTERLY Information Registration 9:00 A.M. to 9:00 P.M Mon. thru Thurs. Fridays 9:00 A.M. to 7 PM. Licensed by Michigan Department of Education MEMBER: National Association of Trade Technical Schools Michigan Association of Private Schools American Technical Education Association ST. CYRIL PARISH — CREDIT UNION — 20252 Ecorse Road Taylor 382-6533 382-1340 Dr. Charles T. Armstrong Optometrist 7602 Allen Rd. Allen Park DU 1-6060 174 owned by members of the St. Cyril Parish contact lensesWedding Invitations Announcements Bridal accessories— Jewelry — Religious items Quick service — reasonable prices large selection BRANCHEAU GIFTS 6721 Park Avenue COMPLIMENTS OF Dr. R. J. Sherman, D.O. Dr. R. G. Baker, D.O. KARL BRRIIM GENERAL MANAGER RAM AD A INN- 3000 Enterprise Dr. Allen Park. Michigan PHONE: (313) 271.1600 ALLEN PARK DRUGS prescriptions 5328 Allen Rd. DU 3-5200 Best Wishes From Elias Brother's BIG BOY 15544 Southfield 928-7500 175Reddy Service Co. Electrical Contractor Specializing in Commercial and Industrial VI-14744 Fairway Vitamin and Cosmetic Distributors 6609 Allen Road, next to the Allen Park Theatre—Open 9-9; Sundays 10-5— Du-60811 Hair Designs by Sally 10 operators and a manicurist to serve you open evenings Du-31747 14737 Champaign Philmore Discount Jewelers Du-61966 W. E. Labadie Pharmacy Prescription Service 17007 EcorseRd. WA 8-1000 ALLEN PARK RECREATION 7226 Allen Road Bowling Du-16922 Denny's Den Choice Beef 18641 Ecorse Rd. For A Clean Spin TOPS Auto Wash 17050 Ecorse Rd. Allen Park, Mich. 176 Discount on Class Rings and A. P. Jewelery 6533 Allen Road Allen Pork, Mich.Congratulations! Columbus landed on an island and discovered two continents he hadn't dreamed of. Discovery is like that. It always creates new challenges. We hope you'll look upon your high school diploma that way. And use it as a base of exploration that will take you on to college and the challenges which await you there. By the time you graduate, you will have found a few answers. And discovered many more questions. Then you'll be ready to start exploring again. MICHIGAN CONSOLIDATED GAS COMPANY 177FOUNDED ON FRIENDSHIP - MAINTAINED ON SERVICE zA c£uo j i oxmat zS(iof2 RENTAL - SALES 6842 Allen Rood PATRICK McEVOY, Owner DU 3-0440 Allen Porlc. Mich. THE NUGGET A real find. ... In good food!I Panned out from 30 years of experience PHONE WA 8-0557 PARK ATHLETIC SUPPLY 6809 ROOSEVELT AVE. Allen Park, Michigan 48ioi JOHN BOCKEL Rhodes DEPENDABLE PRESCRIPTION SERVICE 6660 ALLEN ROAD, ALLEN PARK, MICH. PHONE DU 1-5670 178 Dial 381-5133 Cl IINA BOV tommTwono Hair Styles by Marge Chinese-American Peslaurant 16173 Wick Road Call wa a 6432 for CARRY OUT SERVICE Allen Park, Michigan If your hair is not becoming to him, you should be coming to us. ©RENi Daily From 11 A.M to ia mionioht FRI A SAT From 11 a M to 3 A M 6723 ALLEN ROAO Sunday . 12 NOON TO 12 Mionioht Allen Park. Mich. Allen Wick Hardware Agemy and Son Sporting goods 14730 Champaign 16139 Wick Road DU 2-3966 Open 9-8 Allen Park, Mich. Vince's PHONE 382-2733 Unique Fabrics Draperies Barber Shop Fine Collection of Velvets Woolens - Yard Goods 8039 Allen Road Allen Park see our new store 8 a.m. to 6 p.m. 6829 Allen Road Allen Park, Mich. • DUNKIRK 2-5430 Allen Park Tile Linoleum Co. Custom Installation - Commercial Residential 6721 ALLEN ROAD T. E. VANAUSDOLL Allen Park. Michigan c4llen Park furniture Co. fine furniture - carpeting interior decorating service authorized magnavox dealer terms to suit gour convenience DU 1-2515 - 6670 ALLEN RD. - ALLEN PARK, MICH. 46101 179 T. E. VANAUSDOLL Allen Park. MichiganDan's Shoe Repair 6635 Allen Road Allen Park, Mich, near Allen Park Theater Dula's Market 6641 Park Avenue Allen Park Mich. 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DUNKIRK 1-5670 BOB - EEDE Flowers 6842 PARK AVENUE • ALIEN PARK, MICHIGAN BOB McGREW EDITH McGREW VORAN FUNERAL HOMES, INC. ALLEN PARK TAYLOR 5900 ALLEN 23750 GODDARD WA 8-2300 291-1800 DEARBORN 23701 FORD CR 8-5100 181Albert's Super Market 6588 Alien Rd., Allen Park, Mich. 48101 Dunkirk 1-2240 DUNKIRK 2-6003 Srank Bodnar and Associates ACCOUNTING • BOOKKEEPING AND TAX SERVICE CHARLES H. HAINES Licensed Plumbing and Heating Contractor ALLEN PARK. MICH. 383 7678 ®04S Pelham Road Al-LRN Park. Michigan BEST WISHES Down River Federal Savings Main Office Allen Park Office 2959 Biddle Ave. 6634 Allen Rd. Wyandotte, Mich. Allen Park, Mich. Du-12500 182VICTOR S MARKET CHOICE MEATS DU 2-9085 7318 PARK AVE. MORRIS STORES □ MAIN OFFICES • 14131 FENKEIL • VE 7-3765 DETROIT ALLEN PARK ST. CLAIR SHORES □ 14131 Fenkell □ 5600 Allen Rood □ 28700 Harper Complete Banking Trust Services DU 2-0500 ALLEN PARK OFFICE ALLEN BORN OFFICE 6801 Allen Road at Garfield 23190 Outer Drive ALLEN PARK DRIVE-IN OFFICE 6840 Roosevelt Avenue security bank AND TRUST COMPANY MEMBER: FEDERAL DEPOSIT INSURANCE CORPORATION DU 3-2000 Established 1900 J. T. Whipple Son Printers for Particular People Letterpress - Offset 7326 Allen Road Allen Park, Mich. Frances Market 383-1129 16131 Wick (near Allen) Low Prices — Fast Service • Open seven Days THE GIFT BOX GIFTS OF DISTINCTION WEDDING INVITATIONS AND ANNOUNCEMENTS NOB HILL CANDLES COMPLETE HALLMARK CARDS and PLANS-A-PARTY CENTER 8250 Alien Road at Champaign DU 1-6955 Park Avenue Cleaners and Dyers 6816 Park Ave. DU 1-5288 Oldest Dry Cleaners in Allen Park 183ALLEN PARK S FINEST CLEANERS AND SHIRT LAUNDERERS Hour service, even on Saturday up to II :00 a.m. Shamrock CLEANERS INDIVIDUAL ATTENTION Only 30 seconds from downtown Allen Pork 5741 ALLEN ROAD ALLEN PARK Lithographed in U.S.A. by ■ ■■■■1 EDWARDS BROTHERS

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