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Take Time to think . Take Time to give H Take Time to play . . . . It is the source of power | . It is too short a day to be selfish It is the secret of perpetual youth Take Time to laugh . . . U is the music of the soul Take Time to be friendly . . . It is the road to happiness Take Time to work . . . It is the price of successTo Be FriendlyIMPRINT Gwyn Van Sickel...................Editor-In-Chief Vicki Ebeling..................Business Manager Pat McLaren .....................Associate Editor Diane House.............................Treasurer Chris Woertink................................Art Arlene Piccioni..........................Literary Jill Basalyga............................Literary Bruce Quick.............................Athletics Karen Wise............................Photography Kathy Franklin........................Photography William Bult Dennis Page...........Cover Design Mrs. Elaine Freeman.......................Advisor Mr. Walt Zelasko..........................Advisor STAFF Sue Burns Sue Cargill Wendy Coil Barb DeFroy Lin Fezzey Joyce Harding Cathie Hutchison Linda Lademan Sarah Mcllroy Madeline Milidonls Sharon Miller Charlotte Milotz Nancy Rolando Ron Sekerak Cindy Sryniawski Lin Thibodeau Carole Westrick CONTRIBUTORS Peggy Bryan Donna Bush Joyce Butler Bill Carrasco Gail Constantakls Don Davis Claudia DeMarco Bob Gibson Rick Greene Cindy Gum tow Debbie Hoylt Debbie Juterbock Pat Millner Cheryl Pachuta Shirley Parks Kathy Perdonik Dyanne Rusczyk Jim Sansone Don Smock Sue Stanis Val Thompson Linda Wensel Sue Yoakum Bill Zolkowski Mike Warzacha Don Perrish Jim Sturgill 8TABLE OF CONTENTS ADMINISTRATION..... SENIORS............ UNDERCLASSMEN...... ACTIVITIES......... SPORTS............. SENIOR INDEX....... The 1965-66 IMPRINT staff and Allen Park High School would like to take this space to thank Mrs. Lucille B. Tarry for her many devoted years spent teaching at Allen Park High. We are grateful for her dedication, would like to thank her as best we can by dedicating the 1965-66 IMPRINT and the bookfc theme time to her. Mrs. Tarry took time from her life and gave time unselfishly so that we, the students, might become better adults . . . Thank you, Mrs. Tarry! The staff would also like to thank most sincerely Christine Woertink for her two busy years of service on the yearbook staff. She never complained and always was willing to do layouts and art work over again for the ump-teenth time with a tired but steady smile. It would have been almost impossible to have completed this yearbook without her. 10 24 74 90 128 148INTRODUCTION SUPERINTENDENT, WILLIAM C. HARRIS TIME. . . the most vital force of life . . .precious TIME. . . the constant element that never stops to look back but maintains throughout its course a steady progression . . . fleeting The years which fall under the heading of high school are, in the view of time, very few; yet within them are contained experiences enough to fill many days to come with the special magic known as memories. Each year a graduating class passes from the realm of A.P.H.S. and in so doing another span of time passes leaving only its Imprint, a new part of the past. TIME. . . to a sophomore it's the future . . . to a junior, the present. . . to a senior, the past. . . 10BOARD MEMBERS MR. JOHN WYSOSKI, Assistant Superintendent Jay Segroves Pres. R. Don Pretty V. Pres. MR. FRED BAILEY, Business Manager Mr. Wysoski has the degrees of B.A., and M.A. from Northern Michigan University and the University of Michigan respectively. Mr. Bailey obtaines his degrees of B.S., and M.A. from Eastern Michigan University and the University of Michigan. Backed by community support, the Board of Education Members work toward maintaining a high quality school system, and are devoted to resolving the problems and influencing school policy. It is through the daily decisions of these men that present A.P.H.S. students become worthy citizens of the future. Lawrence Lademan Treas. 11 W. K. Lambright TrusteeMR. HAROLD OATLEY Administrators and Inforce A.P.H.S. MR. GEORGE DONIGIAN B.S., M.A., Wayne State University, Biology, Physical Science, Director of Driver Ed. MR. LeROY E. DURFEE B.S., M.A., Eastern Michigan University, University of Michigan, Auto Mechanics, Indus. Arts Dept. Chairman B.A., M.A., Central Michigan University, Sponsor Allen Park Chapter, National Honor Society, Principal The front office has always represented a certain amount of higher authority. Behind the office doors of the principal, Mr. Oatley, activity is devoted to the sole purpose of running Allen Park High School with the maximum of efficiency. From enforcing school discipline to formulating student activity, the administration insures the smooth intermeshing of the various facets of school life. The duties of the principal and his assistants are often difficult to perform, and in some cases entirely impossible, but these problems are surmounted each day as the Allen Park High School front office takes care of the students and the school. MR. GEORGE DYAS B.S., M.A., University of Michigan, Western Michigan University, Athletic Director MR. OLIVER E. GREGGS B.A., M.A., Eastern Michigan University, University of Michigan, Government, Soc. Studies Dept. Chairman MR. JOHN HALL B.A., M.A., University of Michigan, Sophomore English, Senior Adv. Placement Eng., Honor Society, English Dept. Chairman MRS. VICKI KOTELLY Ph.D., M.A., DePaul University, Kryias College, French, French Club, Language Dept. ChairmanDepartment Heads School Policy MISS BETTY JANE LARSON B.S., M.S., Central Michigan University, University of Michigan, Office Machines, Business Dept. Chairman MR. ANTHONY METTLER B.S., M.A., Central Michigan University, Michigan State University, Guidance Dept. Chairman MR. VINCENT A. MITEK MR. DONALD P. MITCHELL B.S., M. Ed., University of Michigan, Wayne State University, Instrumental Music, Fine Arts Dept. Chairman MR. THOMAS H. RUNNALS B.S., M. Ed., Eastern Michigan University, Wayne State University, Chemistry, Science Dept. Chairman MRS. E LOTI A MYNATT B.S., Wayne State University, Librarian, Library Dept. Chairman A.B., M.A., St. Francis College, University of Pittsburgh, Sponsor of Student Council, Assistant Principal It is an extremely difficult task to operate a school the caliber of A.P.H.S., and it is inevitable that this job should fall upon the shoulders of those capable of handling the responsibility with latitude and insight into the issues of the school. This task falls to the able minds of the administration. The assistant principal, Mr. Mitek, is directly responsible in dealing with the problems of the student body. He is often confronted with situations which prove him to be the true representative of the community . . . administration . . . and the student body of Alan Park High School. MR. HARVEY STALLINGS B.S., M.A., Case Institute of Technology, George Peabody College, Jacksonville State College, Wayne State University, Mathematics Dept. Chairman MRS. LUCILLE B. TARRY M.A., Wayne State University, English, Social Studies, Future Homemakers, Home Ecnom. Dept. ChairmanMR. LAWRENCE W. ALLEN A.A., B.A., M.A., M.Ed., Wayne State University, Junior English, Senior Advanced Placement English MR. PAUL ASUM B.A., University of Michigan, Chemistry MR. EDWARD BARRICK B.A., M.A., Eastern Michigan University, Chemistry MRS. RUTH ANNE BEANEY B.A., Cedar Crest College, Wayne State University, Eastern Michigan University, Biology MISS ANITA BECHARD B.S., Nazareth College, Algebra, Geometry, Business Math MR. LAWRENCE BOES B.S., Eastern Michigan University, Junior English, Senior English You spilled the acid where??? MR. EDWARD BELLAS B.S., Pennsylvania State Teacher's College, Social Studies, Washington Club Sponsor, Varsity Football Assistant Coach MR. W. CURT BOLLER B.A., Eastern Michigan University, Wayne State University, Biology, Track Coach 14MR. GLENN BONKOSKY B.A., University of Michigan, Math 12, Geometry, Business Math MISS GERTRUDE BROWN B.A., Eastern Michigan University, University of Michigan, Wayne State University, Biology and World History, Sophomore Class Sponsor The right valves' connected to the. . .left valve. . . MISS JEANETTE BOWMAN B.S., Wayne State University, Physical Education, GAA MRS. JANE BROWN B.Ed., University of Toledo, University of Michigan, Algebra, Geometry MR. ALAN D. BULUON B.S., Eastern Michigan University, Senior English MISS RUTH BUSCH MANN B.A., M.A., David Lipscomb College, George Peabody College, University of Michigan, Counseling, World History and English MR. GEORGE CAREVICH A.S., Henry Ford College, Michigan State University, Woodshop MRS. CAROLYN DANA B.S., Central Michigan University, Eastern Michigan University, Sophomore EnglishMRS. CONSTANCE DONIGIAN B.S., M.A., Western Michigan University, Wayne State University, Counseling, Co-op Work Edcuation MR. EUGENE DYER B.S., B.M., M.A., Anderson College, Eastern Michigan University, Vocal Music MRS. BETTE J. FERENCY B.A., University of Michigan, Junior English ▼ MRS. NANCY FISHER B.S., Western Michigan University, Physical Education, Booster Club, Cheerleading MRS. ELAINE FREEMAN B.A., M.E., Marygrove College, Wayne State University, Art, Imprint Sponsor MR. EDWIN FROSHEISER B.S., M. Ed., University of Michigan, Wayne State University, Economics, Government, U.S. History MRS. EDNA GREEN MAN B.A., M.A., University of Michigan, Latin, Junior English, Latin Club, German Club MR. JOHN HABOIAN B.S., M.A., Eastern Michigan University, Counseling, Typing, Reserve Baseball Coach, Freshman Swimming CoachMH. ALTON HELMS B.A., Eastern Michigan University, Wayne State University, Dramatics and Speech, Drama Club, Debate Team MR. RICHARD HERSHBERGER B.S., M.A., Ohio State University, University of Michigan, Social Studies, Barracuda Club, Cross Country and Varsity Swim MR. WILLIAM JACOBS B.S., Eastern Michigan University, Algebra, Shop Math MRS. TERRY KNIPPENBURG B.A., University of Maryland, University of Michigan, Counseling, Junior Class Sponsor MRS. BARBARA KORMELINK B.A., Indiana University, Journalism, English, Jaguar Journal MR. JOSEPH KOSSIK B.S., M.A., Eastern Michigan University, Business Law, Typing, Sales, Reserve Football Coach MR. ROBERT KREGER B.S., Eastern Michigan University, Special Education MR. GEORGE LA VINE B.S., Eastern Michigan University, Business Law, Sales, Typing, Shorthand, Senior Class SponsorMR. DAVID LOCKHART B.S., M.A., Central Michigan University, University of Michigan, Physics MRS. JANET LOMASON B.S., Michigan State University, Homemaking, Millinery, Future Homemakers Club, Junior Class Sponsor MR. ARTHUR MACK B.A., M. Ed., Wayne State University, Math That looks like a good book. . . MISS MARILYN MARTIN B.S., Western Michigan University, Homemaking, Boy's Home Arts, Future Nurses Club MR. RAYMOND McKAY B.S., M.A., Michigan State University, Physical Education, Varsity Basketball Coach, Varsity Football Assistant Coach, Varsity Club MR.JOSEPH MEDRANO B.A., University of Michigan, Geometry, Algebra, General Math MR. NORMAN MIHATSCH B.S., M.A., Eastern Michigan University, University of Michigan, Drafting, Varsity Football Coach 18MR. RICHARD RAABE B.A., M. A., Ed. S. Eastern Michigan University, University of Michigan, History, English MISS NORMA JEAN RECK B.S., M. Ed., Pennsylvania State University, University of Michigan, Spanish MR. WAYNE E. MILLER B.A., M.A., Goshen College, University of Michigan, Counseling, Business Math, Audio-Visual Co-ordinator MR. EDWARD OGUREK B.A., Wayne State University, Junior English MR. MELVIN RIZZO B.S., University of Michigan, Bookkeeping, Typing, Faculty Manager MRS. LESLIE L. NEUMANN B.A., Wayne State University, Sociology, U.S. History MRS. DOLORES PINTER B.S., Northern Michigan University, Librarian MRS. ANITA ROBINSON B.A., M.A., Bob Jones University, Wayne State University, Senior English 19MR. EDWARD SARKISIAN B.S., M.A., Eastern Michigan University, Counseling, Government MR. RICHARD SISKO B.A., Eastern Michigan University, Spanish, Sopho-omore English MR. LAWRENCE SMITH B.S., M.S., Stout State University, Drafting, Allen Club MISS NANCY SMITH B.A., Marygrove College, Algebra, Geometry, Future Teachers Club MRS. RUTH SONCRANT B.S., M.S., Kent State University, Wayne State University, Typing MR. RICHARD TEWS B.A., Hillsdale College, Sophomore English, Varsity Wrestling Coach 20 Stick ’em up! MRS. MARJORIE STAKOE B.A., Western Michigan University, English, French, French Club MR. ROBERT TOMES B.S., M.A., Wayne State University, Western Michigan University, Physical Education, Varsity Baseball and Gymnastics, Varsity ClubMISS MARIANNE TUFER B.A., M.A., Eastern Michigan University, University of Michigan, Business Math, Counseling MR. RONALD WALKER B.S., M.S., Eastern Michigan University, Stout State College, Metal Shop, Reserve Football Coach Seems to me there’s too many A’s. MR. WILLIAM B. TYSON B.A., M.A., Eastern Michigan University, Michigan State University, U.S. History, Government MRS. HELENE WEEBER B.S., Michigan State University, Wayne State University, Western Michigan University, Business, Senior Class Sponsor MR. RAYMOND WHALIN B.A., Central Michigan University, Biology n MR. JOHN D. WHITNEY B.A., University of Michigan, Senior English MR. WALTER ZELASKO B.A., University of Michigan, U.S. and World History, U.N. Club Sponsor, Imprint Co-Sponsor MR. DONALD Z ITT LEMAN B.S., M.S., Stout State College, Auto Shop, Metal Shop 21MR. DON BURKE MRS. GRACE GILBERT MRS. VIRGINIA KLINGER MRS. MARGARET HARGRAVE MRS. RUTH HOLMES Efficient Staff Organizes School MRS. ERMA HERRIMANRow I: Mrs. Skidmore, Mrs. Quandt, Mrs. Slvak, Noffsinger, Mr. Kochanek, Mr. Yuhas. Row 3: Mr. Miss Mann, Mr. Ludtke. Row 2: Mr. Haag, Mr. Janazzo, Mr. Fifer, Mr. Machllc. Responsible for the cleaning of our school are the building engineers. All odd jobs are happily and quickly attended to by this staff. After the students have gone the custodians jobs still continue into the weekends and vacations. Their efficiency keeps our school running smoothly. Hot lunches prepared by the kitchen personnel make many an Allen Park student look forward to lunch. Working in the surroundings of their Modern kitchen equipment, our cooks are continually busy preparing food for the unappeased appetites of the students. After the third lunch hour bell has rung this efficient staff is still hard at work. Row 1: Mrs. Quinn, Mrs. Brown, Mrs. Saluati, Mrs. Demeter, Mrs. Flaishans, Mrs. Chapp. Row Mrs. Boris, Mrs. Jones. Row 2: Mrs. Andrews, 3: Mrs. Baklch, Mrs. Mohacsl, Mrs. Kalrls.Senior Class Officers: President, Frank Trionfi, Secretary Sarah Mcllroy, Vice-President John Jenkins, and Treasurer Vicki Ebeling. SENIORS SENIORS SENIORS SENIORS SENIORSHenry Aberasturi Guy Alfano James Allen Steven Ambrose Marese Ames James Amonette Carol Anderson Dianne Anderson James Andonian John Arabucki Carolyn Ashe Alexander Asteriou 2627Well, here I am girls! 28“CENSORED!” 29James Beebe Timothy Begley Susan Behrens Timothy Bechler Jane Beier Fred Beksa Jane Benedict Judith Bening Ronald Benn James Bendick 30Judith Bernabei Diane Bernard Dennis Bertouille Anne Bezverkov 31Too bad we don’t need any more flowers! Joseph Bono Claudia Boris Daniel Bragunier Larry Brandeberry 3233Ain’t I cute! Brenda Bullock 34Well... If you ask me! He’s about a mover! Linda Burye Donna Bush Karen Bush Nick Butsicaris Barbara Caird 35Sherrie Cardinali Susan Cargill Lila Carleton Lyn Carpenter 36Sherry Cartledge Ronald Cayce Joseph Cheek John Chlipala Harold Church Linda Cianfarani John Ciotti Harry Clark Sandra Clelland 37Everyday Activities Do What?! Karen please . . . they’ll hear you! 38Fred Cook Deidre Corey Michael Corradi Judy Crabtree Kathleen Cunningham Harry Cutting Steven Crider James Cunningham 39 Mixed emotions. Michael DaRonco Sandra Danaher Donald Davis Barbara DeFroy John Dellas Claudia DeMarco Elizabeth Demirjian Pamela Demorrow 40Edward DeSilvia Patricia Dever Larry Digasbarro James Dodds Kathleen Dombek Linda Dominczyk Cynthia Donaldson William Donaldson Just think. . . now I’m a senior. 41Kenneth Dowling Herbert Drouillard Robert Draper Richard Dunn Gerald Ebel Vicki Ebeling 42Daniel Ely Elizabeth Erwin Judith Estes Candace Egan Cynthia Fadool Lucille Fallone Gregory Fedo Larry Ferguson 43Thomas Fishwick John Fodo Dorothy Foley Jill Foran Wayne Frasier Vincent Fregonara Louis Fuciarelli Judith Ganos 44Linda Glowacky Robert Gibson Kathleen Germek John Golovich Gerald Garavaglia Maureen Gib tonsMarianne Gregory Roberta Gunther Thomas Gronos Charles Guess Henry Grosso Cynthia Gumtow Candace Guth Donna GroshRebecca Harper Merrill Hagens Gavin Hamilton John Hartman Fred Hall James Hanik Larry Hauser Paul Guthrie Steven Hegedus Candace Hamilton Richard Hannon 48Richard Henderson Dale Herriman John Hodges Dennis Herula Beverly Hofeltz Joanne Homeszyn John Hoover Robert Holzworth Georgians Hobach Charles Holmes Jerome Hough 49Christopher James Christine Jaynes John JenkinsKaren Johannes Suzanne Johnston Judith Jones George Jolokai Michael Jordan Gordon Kaltz Glenn Jones Deborah Juterbock 52 Cheryl Kaiser Pi Glen Kaneko Susan Karschnick Terry Kent Donald Kilroy John Kimbell Gregory Kannberg David Keramidas Dennis Kester Donna KilroyChristopher Klaassen Gary Klinger George Knowles Madeline Kocsisko Sandra Koos Linda Koppitch James Koval Gloria Kowalchik Irene Kowalczyk Ronald Kriebel Janice Kroll Patricia Kubala 54Cheryl Kwasnieski Michael Kwiatkowski Raymond LaBelle Rhanda LeFa Lorane Lakatos John Lewandowski Allen Lewis Charles Lindow Gregory Locher Kenneth Lochner 55Constance Macomber Monica Maloney Donald Loughrey Judy Maas Melanie Manard Marilou Lovera Hard 56John Mangiapane Leo Maniago Christine Marcos Maryann Marshall Work Pays Off For SeniorsGary McCormack Glen McKelvey Robert Martin Paul Marvin Martin Matsui Bruce Mazeika Dianne McGraw Sarah Mcllroy James Mclnerney John McKay Donald McKenzie Patricia McLaren John Medved Patricia Meridith Joyce Mechinski Linda Merrill Richard Merritt William Miles Sharon MillerPatricia Millner Charlotte Milotz Thomas Mis Patricia Misiewicz Senior Lila Carelton is shown here with exchange student Susanna Giganti, native of Buenos Aires Argentina. Susanna spent ten weeks here at A.P.H.S. as Lila’s guest. Marjorie Moon Cathy Moore Nancy NagelPhillip Nagy John Neifert Dale Neitzel James Nemeth Bruce Nickerson Christine Niemcek Robert Nowicke Roy NufferDoris Oakes Nanci Olson Gregory Obrycki Dorothy Orsick Patricia Osinski Judith Osborn Michael Osman Cheryl Pachuta Dennis Page Douglas PagliaSusan Palczynski Judy Panozzo Shirley Parks Gregory Patera James Paling Helen Panik Linda Pearson Gary Pell Susan Papke Barbara ParaKatherine Perdonik Roman Puchala Arlene Piccioni Karen Perlaki Gary Phillips Phillip Pollick Donn Polnicky Susan Price Jerry Protiva Bruce Quick Martha RabeyshoffMadelyn Raether Ronald Ramoz James RandallCynthia Sandor Robert Scheel Michael Schroeder Gary Scodellaro Sheila Sassone Cynthia ScaliciLinda Seabloom Lawrence Sears Linda Sequin Charles Selan Dennis Seman Candice ShadeRobert Shankie Linda Sherwood Donald Sikora Terry Simmons Michael Simon Robert Sippola What these seniors won’t do for attention! Rita Sisko George Slater Henry Sleath Donald SmithDonald Smith Gail Smith Karen Smith Tom Mis and Mr. Zittleman check for trouble spots. Pamela Smith Patrick Smith Annette Smolak Sheryl Sabaszek Carol Sonagere David Splan Cynthia Sryniawshi Leslie Sokol Suzanne StanisBrenda Steele Jacquelyn Stowe Joann Svitkovich Faye Swartzbaugh Gerald Swider Patricia Swierzb Robert Switzer Diane Szakalos Judy SzalayJoann Tamoshunas Morey Tanner Linda Thibodeau Cynthia Tor ok Lynn Toth William Traub Gregory Tremonti Frank Trionfi Theresa Trominski James Tucker Cathleen Turis Marilyn Tye Tari Umbarger Marie Valint Mary Beth VanCooleyGwen Van Sickel Richard Vincent James Van Sickel Diane Waddell David Wainio David Varady Theodore WalkerRonald Watson Ruth Watt Ernest Weidenberger Linda Wensel Gregory Wenzloff David Werner Stephen Weshalek Katherine Wessel Carole Westrick Gerald Weyand Gregory White Rosemary Wicopolski Richard Wigginton Thomas Wiles James Wilk Michael Williams Donna Wilson Cynthia Winter Karen Wise Pamela WisnerJohannes Witberg Sharon Barazsu Donald Benardlni Dennis Bernson David Bronlcki James Carey Jeffrey Covington Pamela Desjardins Darlene Destrampe George Dlnneweth Roy Dodson Michael Lampton Christine Woertink Michael Downing Christine Dunchesen Charles Farley Darryl Forlntos Larry Gildo Benjamin Goodell John Green Keith Howey Robin Ibbetson Ronald Johnson Larry Kalmar Victor Kasper ski Janice Kinsky Michael Lafferty Gregory Linville Edward Usieckl Brenda Liveoak Richard Locker John Wojciechowski Robert Lucas Linda Magalottl Stanley Malek James Maniccia Larry Mattis Harvey Maveal David May Kurt Mazag Carol Miljan Frances Mosden William Murrell David Myrand Linda Nack Douglas Nelson Daniel Niespial James Oddo Anthony Parisi Michael Piche Lowell Wright Ronald Pokorski Linda Rosbury Herbert Sinift John Somers William Sparks Alan Swan Nick Tarcia John Torok Walter Tyza Michael Uhring Lena VilleUa Bruce Whltcombe David Williams Martin Wolicki Terrill Wolf Douglas Young Arthur Zuiani Paul Zuker Sandra Yankowski Suzette Yoakam Mallory Zeleji Charles Zimmerman William Zolkowski Laura Zolynsky Donna ZuppaUNDERCLASSMEN UNDERCLASSMEN UNDERCLASSMEN UNDERCLASSMEN UNDERCLASSMENJuniors Top: Pres. Doug Pretty, Vice-Pres. Gail Constantakis, Treas. Joan Dinneweth, Sec. Marilyn Smith. Throughout most of September and October, the Class of 1967 found themselves busy working on a huge catsup bottle and three hamburgers for their Homecoming Float. A second place in the judging brought some disappointment but still the juniors were very proud of their achievement. The class sponsored a dance, “Plymouth Rock,” which was a great success and helped the treasury for financing the Junior Prom, “Stardust,” the highlight of the class year. In April the class sponsored the Junior Play, “Finian’s Rainbow.” With the end of school year, came the hard-earned and long awaited trip to Washington. As the Juniors made their imprint upon APHS they will remember the many wonderful memories of Homecoming, the prom, the fair, and Washington. The Juniors have proved themselves and are now looking on anxiously toward their senior year at APHS. Doug Pretty, Class President Juniors once again take second place.11-1 Row 1. Diana Baklch, Carolyn Belt, Janis Bailey, Melanie Bard, Cynthia Balsis, Kathy Asam, Susan Anderson. Row 2. Sonja Barger, Barbara Bear, Joann Baka, Barbara Barstad, Donna Anderson, Teresa Batalucco, Nancee Altman. Row 3. Josephine Albanese, Edward Ban, Fred Aversa, Roy Asplet, Paul Barkhaus, Steven Allev to, Norman Baksa. Row 4. Dennis Basner, James Allerdyce, A1 Bartley, Ben Adams, Charles Adamcryk, Jim Adcock. 11-2 Row 1. Mrs. Brown, Charlene Cavanaugh, Claudia Burrows, Marlene Bohrer, Vera Bult, Gayle Cartwright, Christine Borghi, Roseanne Caparotta, Linda Bjoraker. Row 2. Cynthia Carter, Robert Bencher, James Benedict, Robert Bosak, James Biggs, Marilyn Bryan, Rose Capra, Mary Bravo. Row. 3 Michael Boka, John Brancheau, Jon Campell, Jim Castagna, Don Burnette, Pat Beyerley, Susan Boggess, Gary Carl. Row 4. Mark Beyer, Gregory Bozanich, Don Boisonault, Gary Carter, Doug Burnette, Joe Bravo, Larry Carson, Charley Brown. 11-3 Row 1. Deborah Daubresse, Carol Clarke, Sue Costa, Carol Church, Sandra Clarke, Gail Constantakis, Candy Compeau, Sharie Danaher. Row 2. David Coward, Karen Czarnota, Patricia Dansizen, Pat Clem, Kaye Conner, Fred Childress, Cassandra Coury, Pamela Croo, David Chelsea. Row 3. Cedric Cook, Phil Czech, Kerry Collins, Mary Ann Czajkowskl, Linda Coker, Sue Coward, Dave Conover, Robert Conley. Row 4. Paul Daru, Bill Clements, John Copeland, Frank Colosimo, Thomas Commyn, Richard Choate, Robert Curtiss. 7711-4 Row 1. Kathleen Elliott, Carolyn Dumas, Kathleen Dumback, Sharon Ellah, Valerie Drugalis, Lorraine Demeter, Diane Dreffs, Mrs. Dana. Row 2. Kenneth DeVltto, Deborah Donnelly, Marcia Donaldson, Charlene Dupuy, Rita Dreffs, Nancy Dennison, Row 3. Nancy Dipple, Dana Davies, Dan Edwards, John DeFiore, David Denier, Joan Dlnneweth. Row 4. John Dudzlnski, James Doyle, Philip Drapeau, Gerald DeMartin, William Duncan, Ray Dunn, Karen Dawson. 11-5 Row 1. Mr. Dyer, Barbara Ferguson, Peter Gibson, Thomas Goddard, Robert Gates, Richard Fishwick, Rita Frabotta, Elaine Friske, Celeste Ferguson. Row 2. John Gleason, Cathy Foley, Susan Gilbert, Sherry Fralser, Deborah Ernest, Janet Entrokin, Nancy Ford, Robert Gaffrey, Richard Fox. Row 3. James Fanto, James Gallagher, Paul Fudge, Katherine Flynn, Lenoard Guerriero, Richard Green, Richard Godsell, Richard Grant, James Evans, Rodney Guy. Row 4. Joseph Fedea, Thomas Gretka, Louis Furrier, David Ferguson, Michael Galvan, Bruce Fik, Preston Greene. 11-6 Row 1. Mr. Frosheiser, Pamela Harris, Linda Hindle, Barbara Haddock, Margaret Hayes, Brenda Haas, Linda Hassell, Carol Harper. Row 2. Bruce Haberkern, Marjorie Hollowell, Joyce Harding, Marcia Howard, Linda Hodge, Linda Horback, Barbara Hope, Paulette Harter, Patricia Hayes. Row 3. Michael Hayes, Patrick Harvey, William Hegyi, Daniel Hill, Raymond Honeycutt, James Harvey, Guy Howell, Robert Hale, Dennis Hackney, Row 4. Michael Horrigan, Robert Hennel, George Heide, Douglas Hamilton, Perry Hendrick, Michael Hornyak, Gary Hamann, Ralph Hemenway.11-7 Row 1. Miss Martin, Loralne Josefowski, Karen Keller, Maureen Judnich, Steve Kellso, Cathie Hutchison, Linda Hutchison. Row 2. David Kemeny, Linda Kantzler, Camille Jan-nazzo, Jim Katakowskl, Cynthia James, Dennis Keramldas. Row 3. Frank Kemter, Paul Jones, Thomas Johns, Pat Hutnlk, Mary Kearney, Cheryl Knight, Pat Kilroy, Krista Keffer. Row 4. Mark Klee, Kenneth Jehle, Timothy Hruska, Michael Knuth, William Jauss, Edward Kammer. 11-8 Row 1. William Lally, Joel Krusac, Gary Kowal, Jerry MacKinnon, Bob Kosal, Dennis Leman ski, Jerry Lorence. Row 2. Fran Kwiat-kowski, Marilyn Lafferty, Robin Lee, Mary Lake, Elaine Ludwig, Judy Lieber, Linda Loehne. Row 3. Steve Lukas, Linda Lademan, Paula Kolar, Dennis Koller, James Lutsey, Kenneth Kress. 11-9 Row 1. Charles McClain, Craig Massey, Dennis Marr, Peter McWilliams, Rich McLaren, Ron McKenzie, Gordon Messer, Royce Medley. Row 2. Miss A. Bechard, Cheryl Me Land, Sharon McCreery, Nancy McHenry, Barb Martin, Holly Martlneau, Judy Maus, Sue Martinez, Florence Maheux, Sharon Maier. Row 3. William Mar-quardt, Bob Mantua, Timothy Meixner, Martin Mathamel, Dave MacLeod, Dave Makins, Janet Marvin, Linda Maddock, Kathy Meekins, Sharon McKenna.11-10 Row 1. Mrs. Lomason, Madeline Milli-donis, Eileen Neel, Pat Montrose, Priscilla Naczas, Joanne Oliva, Tammie Morgan, Evelyn Ottinger, Jim Noel. Row 2. Judy Moynlhan, Carol Oates, Lana Nagy, Sharon Niemiec, Nancy Niklscher, Kathy Nagy, Cheryl Osborn, Shelia Milliman. Row 3. Ernest Novak, DonaldOchala, Gregory Noga, Michael Mulroy, Gary Nestor, Robert Mogar, Chris Moretto, Barbara Mohacsi, Charles O'Droske. Row 4. David Ogdon, Fred Millner, Larry Oakes, Timothy Nagy, Arthur Miner, Joseph Millner, Jon Oatley, Mel Over-water, John O'Driscoll. 11-11 Row 1. Mr. McKay, Jerry Palizzi, Marie Pauli, Larry Palizzi, Christine Pfaffenberger, George Patsalis, Mary Prevost. Row 2. David Pedenelli, Karen Payter, Chriatina Pallagi, Cynthia Plecha, Darel Piziali, Wendell Pauli, Robert Paquette, Jenifer Panda. Row 3. Dennis Pilon, Paul Petrick, William Placek, William Plaunt, Ernest Prior, Lynn Patz, Ronald Poli-celli, Anthony Porter. Row 4. Douglas Pretty, Bruce Parsons, Robert Prendergast, Michael Perdonik, Donald Perrish, Paula Pritula, Karen Prendergast. 80 11-12 Row 1. Mrs. Stakoe, Sheryl Royce, Theresa Sanscralnte, Brenda Schebel, Sue Richardson, Val Shomberger, Karen Rozner, Sharon Robinson. Row 2. Gerry Rooksberry, Mike Quail, Ron Rose, Robin Roberts, Bob Sequin, Greg Schultz, Genevieve Schalk. Row 3. Dan Rogers, Kathryn Schleicher, Jackie Schinker, Barb Schoner, Ron Sekerak, Rick Quirolo, Jim Sasone, Barry Shackleford. Row 4. Phil Serpettl, Tom Ruehle, Ken Rohloff, Steve Sabo, Frank Schiavulli, Dave Randall, Andy Sas, Bob Ray.11-13 Row 1. Marilyn Strait, Andrea Szemardi, Charlotte Sigmund, Judy Taylor, Shari Stevlson, Marilyn Smith, Lorene Sutton. Row 2. Mrs. Tarry, Val Smith, Susan Smith, Linda Stramake, Linda Simpson, Jim Sturgill, Tyler Smart, Glenn Szucs. Row 3. Arthur Tait, Bob Sovoda, Ted Sledgz, Frank S opo, Tom Simko, Lane Soltesz, Gary Symons. Row 4. Darryl Stoughton, Deann Stutler, Jon Tanner, Gerry Steffani, Barbara Tarrls, Terry Smock, Kathy Tallon. 11-14 Row 1. Valerie Thompson, Darlene Varner, Roseanne Vigneau, Diane Varner, Linda Viecell, Barbara Jo Ulrich, Andrea Topelian. Row 2. Bob Terry, Dennis Teichman, Burt Valanty, Gall Varga, John Throop, Cheryl Thill, Eva Toth, Kathy Van Sickel. Row 3. Mike Vargo, Larry Toth, Dave Tringer, Paul Viglianti, John Trominski, Dennis Vacca, Dana Varner, Dave Terry, Frank Vargo. 11-15 Row 1. Mr. Whitney, Vern Watson, Bob Wan gen, Pam Williams, Lynn White, Sue Wagner, Renee Wirth. Row 2. Sandy Wendel, Jim Wirth, Rick Wallace, Wally Zawisza, Don Whitson, Diane Weber, Marlene Webb, Jim Wagner. Row 3. Dave Wills, Bob Zeh, Gerald Wright, Dale Wells, John Warden, Douglas Wilson, Dan Wiesend. 81Keiko Kubo, Carl Kemp, Vivian Sermack, and Debbie Hoeft pose Sophomores study tool for camera. First year at APHS After three years as rivals the Sophomores finally united forces. Once we became established in the routine of school activities we found our former rivals were not really as bad as we had thought, and as a result we began doing things as the Class of 1968. Our first accomplishment was our homecoming float, “Stronger Than Dirt”, which will always be remembered for all that work and all those flowers. A good example of our class teamwork was demonstrated by the performance of the Junior Varsity, which provided the competition and experience needed for future varsity teams. As the year progressed, we worked at several projects, the foremost being our booth for the fair and the enjoyable Sophomore dance which brought a climax to our first year at APHS. Now the Class of ’68 looks ahead to learning new names and faces, making new friends, and most important of all the good times that will form the never-to-be forgotten memories. Craig Haines, Class President Class Officers, Secretary Joan Schilke, Vice-President Pat Barker, Treasurer Gary Fraser, President Craig Haines. 82How 1. Miss Brown, Gerald Atkinson, Reynold Argenta, Vince Allore, Luene Arcebal, Pam Aron, Gloria Andrews, Becky Ballantyne. Row 2. Phillis Alflero, Liz Altobell, Pat Barker, Denise Anderson, Robin Basner, Nancy Ander- son, Greta Aversa, Brian Bakos. Row 3. Skip Augensteln, Roger Bach, Nick Aron, Jim Agardy, Mike Alkman, Jim Austin, Ron Bantls, Mark Ballentlne. Row 1. Danell Beaudet, Dianna Bezerko, Pamela Bennie, Susan Blackburn, Patricia Bland, Barbara Bradford, Cindy Bozek, Theresa Blatnik. Row 2. David Blessing, Linda Beier, Lynn Bolthouse, Marlene Brittain, Barbara Bodnar, Carl Bolam, Kristine Blahnik. Row 3. Terry Bowlin, Debb Bechler, Pennie Bogart, Richard Bencik, Jack Brickey, Chris Bowman, Randy Borek, Bob Beebe. Row 1. Cindy Carrasco, Debbe Buzzy, Joyce Butler, Linda Buzer, Sherry Brown, Joyce Chlpala, Pat Chowen, Marie Caselli. Row 2. Kathy Bufton, Joanne Christy, Cathy Calder, Judy Bruening, Vickie Bullock, Brenda Chuby, Michael Chilton, Larry Buck, Ken Carpenter, Row 3. Andy Chesley, Ed Capellari, Mike Burye, John Cabauatan, Jim Champoux, Dave Brown, Ronald Carlson, Chris Campau, Bill Brodle. 83Row 1. Mrs. Freeman, Rhonda Cook, Andrea Ciemierek, Fran Clark, Margie Crabtree, Beverly Cowan, Sharon Cor mack, Nina Cima. Row 2. Linda Conger, Chris Colosimo, Barb Czerniak, Sandy Ciesla, Pat Clark, Mike Cuddy, Jim Cushing, Pat Curtiss. Row 3. Dan Columbus, Rod Couchman, Mike Clark, Howard Cole, Lee Crithchfield, Bob Curry, Bill Cova, Rick Conley. Row 1. Rhonda Dellas, Janet Dingerson, Jan Davis, Marlene Downey, Toni Dovelle, Barbara Dobrik, Marcia Domorat, Lillian Dezmanian, Sharon Demorow, Phyllis D'Aalfonso. Row 2. Tim Daley, Barb Da Ronco, Cindy Drew, Sandi Dominczyk, Pat De Angells, Linda Dixon, Sondra Downs, Francine Drogowski, Joyce Do mine. Row 3. Dale Dunn, Tommy Drugalis, Dave Davies, Leslie Demeter, Philip Di Cicco, Larry Denton, Frank Dovelle, Greg De Weese, Andy Detvay, Daniel Duey. 84 Row 1. Joyce Elick, Josephine Fill, Kathy Ford, JoAnn Ebel, Pamela Fedea, Ilene Forbes, Louise Ehlhardt, Rick Fitzsimmons. Row 2. Linda Estes, Barb Fezzey, Robert Faron, John Flotkoetter, Jim Ford, Joe Fletcher, Don Foster. Row 3. Charles Ellis, Dennis Eggemeyer, Dave Engler, Ross Ford, Andy Fodo, Roy Finger, Bob Filer. Row 4. Tony Esqulna, Kelly Flynn, Charles Fawley, John Falletlch, Ken Forster, Domenick Forte, Rick Fournier, John Fields, Larry Federspiel.Row 1: Sue Gerisch, Laura Fregonara, Beverly Greer, Jayne Fudge, Aletta Francis, Lora Grosh, Mary Fuclarelll, Terri Gross, Martha Graham. Row 2. Pam Grabowskl, Ann Gira-goslan, Barb Gormley, Gerald Genevlch, Tom Glidden, Jim Grant, Leo Gorajek, Pat Gronos, Bev Ganos. Row 3. GaryGylraszln, Dan Grzela, John Ganos, Steve Freeman, Bob Gesqulere, Carl Grosso, John Greer, Jim Gorges, Gary Frlendley, David Gregory, Gary Fraser. Row 1: Roslyn Harris, Susan Hodgson, Janel Hawthorne, Janet Hruska, Terry Horvath, Carol Holzworth, Kathy Heidrich, Diana Halwachs. Row 2. Lynn Gyetvay, Sue Hoskins, Virginia Haywes, Denise Hamann, Kathleen Horak, Connie Herriman, Debbie Hoeft, Judy Hollatz, Stanley Heide. Row 3. Dennis Hamilton, Nicholas Hegedus, Steven Hodgson, Patrick Horrigan, James Hodson, Rick Holt, Kerry Howey, Ron Guy, Graigh Haines. Row 1: Diane Klraly, Jan Jeffrey, Chris Jones, Raymond Javorcky, June Johnson, Connie Jab-lonski, Janet Johannes, Rose Jaynes, Brian Knapp. Row 2. Carl Kempski, Beverly Kamsky, Nancy Kilroy, Jan Kniffen, Leigh Johnson, Gerry Klacza, Ileve Klah, Marc Karkoski, Roger lies. Row 3. Larry Kaneko, Bill Kam-merer, Jim Kaiser, Eton Knowles, Dan Johnson, Tim Knight, Jim Jeffrey, Howard Klaassen, Dennis Kateff. 85Row 1: Dave Koppitch, Mark Kosowan, Carole LaBelle, Diane Krawetz, Ruth Krleger, Kathy Law, Cindy LePage, Syd Lange, Row 2. Bob Koopman, Elizabeth Leyshock, Kelko Kubo, Nancy Lebenta, Susan Kowalczyk, Denise Koos, Steve Lakatos, Ron Kuhn, Row 3. Vickie Lett, Pat LaNoue, Linda Krlebel, Judy Kriet, Carol Kosanovlch, William Leister, Robert Lehman, Gary Leschner, Kenneth Lehoczky. Row 1: Val Loughery, Beverly Manoogian, Pat Malett, Sidney Linville, Lillian Lombardi, Diane Lind, Row 2. Mary Jo Manlccla, Joanne Lovera, Ann Liening, Carol Lutsey, Gery Long, Bob Mangiapane, Joe Manzella. Row 3. Larry Lumley, Ken Lush, Lance Loftus, Mike Lis-ieckl, Dave Manley, Timothy Makins, Frank Listello, Joseph MacEachern. 86 Row 1: Laura Mazurek, Dianne Mattivl, Phyllis Menzies, Pat McQueen, Pam McCahill, Anne Matuslk, Ron Martin, Row 2. Kathy McGuire, Sue Medley, Joyce Mazag, Sue Meade, Bob Matsura, Harvey Me Land, Dennis Marcos, Mike McCreery. Row 3. Dave Martin, Dana Marcum, Bruce Matte, Jim Mayer, Jerry Martin, Ron Mathis, Greg Marinski, John McHenry, Mike Martin.How 1: Miss Reck, Marilyn Moore, Gale Musa, Jean Murrell, Cheryl Muscara, JoanNadrowskl, Betty Monroe, Laura Micalacean, Nancy Nicholls. Row 2: Dennis Nowak, Mary Myers, Sue Miller, Kathy Modi, Barb Niemcek, Ruth Neubauer, Kathie Mush, Linda Micalacean, Jeanne Nichols, Norbert Nowak. Row 3: Richard Nemeth, Larry Nichols, Bill Myers, Mike Moses, Jess Nyikon, Rich Mlgliore, Jim Nolan, Harry Newmayer, Dave Mikoryak, Bob Norton. Row Is Ken Palczynskl, Sharlene Payter, Peg Pantano, Cris Paige, Kathy Papalas, Betsy Pollock, Pat Payter, Judy Penman. Row 2: Kathy Parker, Sue Ogen, Marjie Pollick, Loraine Osti, Sharon Persin, Sue Poisson, Sharon Paris, Norene O'Droske, Jackie Phillips. Row 3: John Pollick, Ralph Polnicky, Dave Papp, Mark Pollcelli, Rich Payter, John Perry, George Poll, Paul Paglia, Ken Obriot, Richard Placzek. Row 1: Janice Rushlau, Barbara Recsel, Margaret Rumney, Linda Ringer, Norman Revoir, Linda Rencsok, Laura Rinna. Row 2: Margaret Roulo, Sharon Reed, Mary Randles, Stanley Puchala, Jim Reinsberg, Eric Rairigh, Rodger Rademacher, David Ray. Row 3: Kris Quick, Glenn Preston, David Ruehl, Emily Reid, Mike Rhodes, Cindi Rennie, Sherry Rink, Barbara Prine, Ron Rea. 87Row 1. Joan Schilke, Kathy Schultz, Judy San-tllli, Karen Schaefer, Linda Schook, Vivian Sermak, Denise Seagroves, Randl Schowalter. Row 2. Marilyn Schaldenbrand, Lynn Salllotte, Terry Shelley, Lavorne Shewchuck, Linda Schwoco, William Sherwood, James Shovely, Paul Sadler. Row 3. William Schonsheck, William Scalici, Larry Sawchuck, Herbert Schroeder, George Schonfield, Richard Scerba, Nick Shepard, Dennis Sapienz, Brian Schweickart. Row 1. Carol Suhey, Linda Sinery, Martin Stepanian, Beth Spindler, Donald Smock, Jo Lynn Stagill, Janice Stecko, Marlene St. Amant, Louise Staszkiewiez. Row 2. Daniel Sing, Gary Staith, Linda Sopko, Wanda Stanczyk, Becky Sryniawskl, Mark Szack, Raymond Strugala, Curt Sirwald, Edward Szymanski, Carl Sweets. Row 3. William Switzer, Kenneth Slpos, Raja Swldan, Larry Snow, William Smith, Michael Steffani, Steven Sparks, A1 Skarjune, Paul Stoughton, Robert Stuebben, Sam Sparks.Row Is Mr. Rizzo, Chris Verbos, Judy Tell, William Toker, Neil Termine, Dorene Varner, Susan Toth, Cheryl Vecelov, Pat Thompson. Row 2: Elaine Thiel, Kathy Toth, Dianne Toth, Neoma Talt, Barbara Underwood, Diane Thompson, Janet Tanner, Judy Tallon, Kathie Taylor. Row 3: Jane Trenasty, Gary Varga, Michael Viglanti, Edward Vass, Christopher Tury, A1 Thomas, Michael Tisot, John Uhring, Roy Tonkery. Row 1: Susan Yates, Marjorie Wingard, Linda Zajac, Marcy Wenberg, Mark Zerga, Richard Waldref, Timothy West, Kevin Wiley, Jane Wilkinson, Denise Wagner, Amadee Zachorski. Row 2: Mr. Tomes, Henry Wood, Chris Weiden-berger, Judy Zinger, Gloria Webber, Julius Zakkar, Mike Warzocha, Mack Webber, Joanne Zuker, Marlou Zaninl. Row 3: Robert Weyand, Vicki Wootton, Judy Wilkes, Linda Young, Anne Warden, Larry Zolynaky, Raymond Wolicki, Robert Zolkowski, Robert Wilkerson, David Wojciechowski. You’ve got to be kidding! Future Varsity stars? 89 Homecoming in the rain Those high notes are hard on the ears! You mean I didn’t win . . . well I never!Queen, Carole WestnckFAIR TIME-FUN TIME Fair Time ... Paint . . . Hammer and Nails. . . Sweat Shirts and Blue Jeans . . . Crepe Paper . . . Stuffed Animals—Cotton Candy . . . Children Laughing . . . Clowns . . . Tickets . . . Games of Skill. . . Just Games . . . Fortunes . . . Everyone Wins . . . Prizes . . . Pop . . . Band . . . Dancing . . . Laughter . . . Oohs and Aahs—Then Mops and Brooms . . . Broken Balloons . . . Quiet ... A Long Walk Home ... It Was a Good Time. Those plans are crazy!Cheerleaders escort the ref off the court. Faculty Wins AgainLeadership . . . Student Council Row 1: Val Thompson, Pat McQueen, Arlene Plcclonl (Treasurer), Bob Gibson (Vice-President), Carole Westrick (Secretary), Bruce Quick (President), Connie Jablonski, Linda Bjoraker. Row 2: Larry Kaneko, Dave Denier, Frank Trionfi, Bob Sippola, Dave Burke, Craig Haines, Bill Miles, Rick Green, Doug Pretty. Row 3: Gwyn Van Sickel, Lin Thibodeau, Marc Goulalt, Dorothy Foley, Don Davis, Dave Coward, Paula Kolar, Kathy Toth, Diane House. The Student Council continues to function as the voice of the student body by acting as a liason to the administration in expressing our ideas. This year activities were begun in mid-August with the planning for Homecoming. Everyone performed his duties valiantly, except for the weather man who forgot to call off the rain. The Fair, Spring Plow, Turn About Day, and election campaign rounded out the Student Council activities for 1965-1966. Student Council Officers pause in their busy day to ham for the photographer. Left to right: President Bruce Quick, Secretary Carole Westrick, Vice-President Bob Gibson, and Treasurer Arlene Piccioni. Above picture, a typical Student Council meeting. f 1 s 1 a m Jaguar Journal layouts . . . ads . . . column inches... hours after school... getting out of class... IBM-ing. . . trips to conventions . . . tours. . . coke and chips . . . mistakes. . . deadlines to meet. . . not enough type. . . where is the letter z?. . .sharing. . .helping. .. always a good word. . . writing. . . crop-ing . . . typing. . . hoping. . . working. . . The Price of Success. Jaguar Journal Heads. Seated; Kathy Dombek, Mrs. Kor-melink (Sponsor), Donna Wilson (Editor in chief), Bill Miles. Standing; Pat Marian, Ron Sekerak, Kathy Per-donik. Candy Shade. M WM ■■ c Seniors Present. . CAST Father.............John Medved Vinnie........Arlene Piccioni Clarence..................Bill Miles John...............Dave Clark Whitney.........Mike Helms Harlen..........Gary Helms Cora...........Carole Westrick Mary............ Pam Wisner Dr. Lloyd .... Dennis Balogh Margaret . . . Gwyn Van Sickel Annie ...........Sue Johnston Dora.......... Nancy Jeffrey Nora............Nancy Rolando Maggie .......Karen Murray Dr. Humphreys . Jim Andonian Dr. Somers ...............John WojeichowskiKneeling: Linda Seabloom, [ capt. ] Karen Smith, Sue Miller. Standing: Linda Lorenz, Sue Davis, JoAnn Svitkovitch, Francine Clark, Jane Parsons, Linda Beir, Barb Feezey, Paula Pritula. MAJORETTES Welcome Mr. Kopnick Good-bye Mr. Mitchell 102mm “Time For Music” Band performs at half-time! Row Is Drum Major Walt Burtlage, Marilyn Tye, Elizabeth Leyshock, Sue Hodson, Peggy Pantamo, Gall Constankls, Jane Parsons, Pete Gibson, Yvonne Warren, Alan Bakos, Don D’Alessandro. Row 2: Frank Vargo, Zippy Zelasko, Ken Divltto, Gall Smith, Marese Ames, Jan Rairden, July Flotkoetter, Jane Bier, Linda Seabloom, Carolyn Ashe, Jerry Garavaglia. Row 3: Mike Perdonlk, Kathy Elliot, Larane Lakatos, Dave Pap, Mark Zerga, Phyllts D Alfonso, Sue Coward, JoAnn Svltkovlch, Robin Gasner, Linda Byer, George Schonfield. Row 4: Sam Doyle, Dan Ely, Pat Osinski, Barb Fezzey, Nancy Ford, Dennus Rushlow, Bob Hale, Fred Cook, Bob Weyand, Harvey Maveal, Mike Kwaai-kowski, Terry Blanton. Row 5: Greg Patera, Rick Fitz-immos, Leo Gorajek, Ed Paglla, Phil Czeck, Rick Wallace, Craig Bremner, Gary Kowal, Dan Hill, Bruce Matte, Dennis Basner, and Rod Guy.Row 1: Bev Holfeltz, Gloria Thomas, Janis Briand, Sue Gilbert, Lynn White, Sandra Hrdlicka, Sue Price, Chris Jaynes, Diane House, Lynn Patz, Larane Lakatos. Row 2: Nancy Rolando, Margie Hollowell, Cindy Bardell, Denise Hammond, Jennifer Panda, Sue Palczynski, Vick Ebellng, Linda Tubbs, Paula Kolar. Row 3: Marty Balle, Fred Milner, Ralph Jannazo, Nick Butsicaris, Dave Terry, Rick Dunn, Jim Koval, Tom Wiles, Bob Martin. Row 4: Dennis Hackney, Mike Williams, Earl Rennie, Dick Merritt, Joe Bono, Morey Tanner, Bob Zeh, A1 Rogasynsld. A familiar saying to all, “Drop That Jaw!’ “Time To Two members of Choir carry out sentence Kangaroo Court has given them.Row 1: Brenda Steele, Donna Bush, Sharon McCreery, Carolyn Ashe, Margie Moon, Cheryl Kaiser, Sharon McKenna, Cindy Fields, Madeline Milldonls, Pat Marten. Row 2: Pam Smith, Linda Glowacky, Kathy Bray, Faye Swartzbaugh, Beckie Harper, Cindy Gumtow, Chris Woertink, Barb Blackmon, Gayle Brown, Mr. Dyer. Row 3: Byron Kraynak, Chris James, Mike Jordon, Mark Zerga, Mary Beth Van Cooley, Pat Oslnski, Claudia Boris, Judy Szaley. Row 4: Ken Dowling, Dick Ruetz, Perry Hendrick, Jim Cunningham, Marty Baile, Dan Wlesand, John Ogen, Chris Daley, John Jenkins, John McKay. A new Choir accompanist?!? Concert Choir officers and members of Kangaroo Court. it iff? '.".v 'A'."V ; f 1 f f f if I 9 t tf f Row Is Ed Lisiecki, Dave Davies, Ken Devitto, Arnie Crupka, Tom Goddard, Dan Edwards, Mike Jordan, Charles Farley, Karen Murray (accompanist), Chris James, John Perry, John McIntyre, Pete Gibson, Bob Mogor, Paul Sadler, Bill Burlage, Mr. Dyer. Row 2: Jim Kaiser, Marty Balle, Ken Obriot, Russ Mardon, Fred Childress, Ed Cupellari, Richard Bencik, Gerald MacKinnon, Darrel Lott, Larry Denton, Rick Wallace, Greg Obrycki, Terry Nickels, Tim Begley, Ricky Dunn. Row 3: Richard Nemeth, Bob Curry, Steve Lukas, John Fodo, Art Tait, Roger lies, John Ogen, Rick Green, Ed Ban, Jim Dodds, Tim Daley, Roy Tonkery, Ron Bantis, Dave Wanio, Phil Forbes. Row 4: Dennis Bernson, Jerry Stefani, Herb Schroeder, Dave Ogden, Nick Butsicaris, Bill Connock, Bill Brodle, Barry Shackleford, Bob Martin, Lee Master. Row 5: Tim Hruska, Jon Tanner, Dennis Hackney, Joe Bono, Paul Marvin, Dan Mazglad, Frank Vargo, Doug Pretty, Ed. Pagli, Rodney Guy, John Gleason, A1 Rogozinski, Bruce Parsons.GIRLS’ GLEE CLUB Cultural entertainment and pleasure have been derived from the sincere interest and hard work by members of the Glee Clubs. Under the direction of Mr. Eugene Dyer, the students learn to enjoy music, to develop skills and techniques, to represent the school in public concerts, to help maintain school spirit and to help develop morale. How Is Mary Kreiger, Jane Benedict, Laura Zellnskl, Joan Schilke, Chris Jones, Ruth Kreiger, Rhonda Cook, Bobby Martin, Cooky Macola, Kako Kubo, Jan Davis, Peggy Ferguson, Tammy Morgan, Lin Thibodeau, Roberta Gunther, Cass Coury, Kaye Conner, Sue Ogen, Carol Harper, Mr. Dyer. Row 2: Chris Keefer, Linda Crider, Dianne McGraw, Kathy Heldrich, Denise Hammond, Gall Cartwright, Pat Dever, Marsha Kumley, Gloria Kowalchlk, Sharon Reid, Linda Gonzales, Nancy Labenta, Val Shomberger, Betty Meshwater, Barb Nlemchek, Lana Nagy, Randy Showalter. Row 3: Rene Stasloka, Pat Meredith, Barb Dobrlk, Karen Wise, Sue Flynn, Cheryl Royce, Penny Bogart, Vivian Sermak, Catht Fraserm, Joan Dinnewlth, Sandy Wendall, Gail Neuman, Karen Murray, Nancy Dipple, Arlene Piconni, Kathy Toth, Pat LaNoue, Kathy Mush. Row 4: Claudia Borrows, Lois Horkay, Barb Ganoue, Betty Balls, Marsha Merves, Joan Marshall, Candy Guth, Jill Foran, Theresa Dubois, Elsie Van Walfen, Claudia Benclk, Debbie Ernest, Tarl Umbarger, Barb Little, Nancy Jeffrey, Sue Poisson.Library Assistants Row 1: Pam Demorow, Linda Sherwood, Judy Estes, Stephanie Sandi Clelland, Helen Panik, Pat Schmidt, Karen Bigelow, Pat Thompson, Cindy Scallcl, Evelyn Ottlnger, Pat Kubala, Robert Deangells, Mrs. Mynatt. Row 3: Peter McWilliams, Janice Wangen, Margaret Mortimer, Pat Thompson. Row 2: Mrs. Pinter, Kinsley, Christine Woertlnk, Greg Fedo, Bill Belisle, Raja Carole Westrlck, Loraine Osti, Jane Wilkinson, Cheryl Muscara, Swldan, Nanci Olson, Jon Tanner, Rick Juterbock, Fred Beksa. The library assistants give a valuable service to the students of APHS. How often have students come into the library looking for books and after hours of desperate search have finally asked for help and received the books within a matter of minutes. Library bulletin boards and hall showcases are additional contributions by the library assistants under the fine direction of Mrs. Mynatt and Mrs. Pinter.Allen Club. Row I. Marc Goulalt (Pres.), Stuart Hyke (V. Pres.), Barb Blackmon (Sec., Tres.,), Mr. Smith. Row n. Jane Parsons, Lana Nagy, Lin Thibodeau, Wendy Coil, Sue Stanis, Gall Constantakis, Marilyn Smith, Gywn Van Slckel. Row m. Glen Kaneko, Greg Tremontl, Bob Sippola, Sarah Mcllroy, Christine Woertink, Karen Wise, John Jenkins, Vicki Ebeling, Carol Westrick, Don Davis. Row IV. Doug Pretty, Gary Klinger, Jim Randall, John Oatley, Tom Ruehle, Jim Van Sickel, Bill Zolkowski, Bruce Quick, Nancy Rolando. ALLEN CLUB they serve the school . . .SOUND OF MUSIC . . . ALLEGRO CLUB Row I. Jim Tucker, Alan Bakos, Larane Lakatos, Barbara Zolkowski, George Schonfeld, Gary Koval, Tom Warden, Ray Blackmon, John Campbell. Row n. Walt Burlage, Greg Patera, LaBelle. Jerry Garavaglla, Dan Ely, Gerry Weyand. Row m. Bill Mr. Koppitch continues the Allegro’s tradition of fine music.Row 1: Don Davis, Roger Hule, Marc Goulait, Jim Beebe, Dennis Seaman, Fred Beksa. Row 2: Mr. Hershberger, Rodney Guy, Dennis Marr, Jon Oatley, Ken Jelke, Phil Drapo, Larry Toth, John Copeland. Row 3: Pete Gibson, Dave Coward, Gary Carter, Mike Perdonik, Ron McKenzie, Gordon Messer.Club Forms Interest in Business World Row' Is Miss Larson, Glessna Barabas, Sharyl Walters, Rhonda Lefa, Maureen Gibbons, Stephanie Thompson, Jane Benedict, Pat Dever, Penny Demirjian, Diane Bernard, Linda Sherwood. Row 2: Barbara Para, Sharon Miller, Rosemary Wicopolski, Karen Johannes, Connie Macomber, Delphine Kokszka, Brenda Bullock, Roberta Gunther, Sherry Sobaszek, Jo Ann Bommarito, Donna Bush, Pat Kubala. Row 3: Lila Carleton, Sue Boggess, Cindy Sryniawskl, Judy Jones, Kim Dalton, Fran Reneau, Ellen Musa, Carolyn Belt, Sherri Rein, Karen Payter, Mary Bravo, Diane Weber, Pat Kilroy. The aspects of a girl’s social and practical career in the business field are pinpointed by the activities of the Business Club. A sincere interest in learning about becoming a high quality secretary is the only requirement for club membership. The group also increases knowledge of the vast opportunities of the business world. The Business Club also provides an opportunity for its members to get acquainted with other girls having the same goals and interests.BOOSTER CLUB AND FUTURE TEACHERS Row 1: Gwyn Van Slckel, Val Thompson, Cathie Hutchison, Karen Keller, Sue Gilbert, Cathy Moore, Karen Wise, Linda Bjoraker, Linda Hutchison. Maureen Judnick, Marilyn Smith. Row 2: Chris Jaynes, Nancy Dennison, Janis Walden, Lin Thibodeau, Wendy Coil, Linda Fezzey, Tari Umbarger, Gail Constantakis, Linda Stramake, Pat Dever. Row 3: Cheryl Thill, Kathy Van Sickel, Linda Simpson, Diane House, Pat McLaren, Vicki Ebeling, Arlene Piccioni, Karen Czarnota, Val Zlonke-vich. Row 4: Debbie Ernest, Pat Kilroy, Margaret Pollick, Kathy Mush, Vivian Cermack. Row 5: Nancy Ford, Kim Dalton, Karen Murray, Diane McGraw, Claudia DeMarco, Judy Crite, Kathy Heidrick, Sue Toth, Linda Vanderjones. Row 6: Dianne Anderson, Cheryl Frommert, Paula Kolar, Joycie Hardlnski, Linda Lademan, Mary Ann Czajkowski, Joan Schilke, Randi Schowalter, Sue Ellen, Kris Quick. Row 1: Linda Simpson, Linda Hassel, Annette Smolak. Row 2: Donna Bush, Gwyn Van Sickel, Bobbie Martin, Maureen Gibbons, Pat Martin, Judy Maus, Sue Martinez, Joan Schilke. Row 3: Gail Cartwright, Andrea Seddle, Barb Haddock, Madeline Milidonis, Marylin Strait, Kathy Hutchison, Peggy Bryan, Claudia Boris, Sue Behrens, Judy Maas. Row 4: Barb Barsted, Linda Payter, Linda Hindle, Linda Van Woifen, Dianne McGraw, Arlene Piccioni, Elsie Van-Wulfen, Pat Mondy, Linda Later, Kathy Dumbeck, Sharon Ellas, Karen Czarnota. Row 5: Tim Hurska, Ed Kammer, Joan Pickle, Cathy Turis, Peter McWilliams, Emily Reid, Anita Rader, Mary Nemeth, Nancy Rolando, Joyce Harding, Paula Kolar, Brenda Chuby, Debbie Semeth.DRAMA CLUB Liz Taylor started out this way? This year’s Senior Play “Life with Father” along with the Children’s Theater Production “Elves and the Shoemaker” and the Jr. Play “Finian’s Rainbow were the main activities of the Drama Club. In staging these productions, members under the direction of Mr. Alton Helms, learn the various theatrical techniques, take theater trips and hold two initiations due to the vast popularity of the group. Smile and relax. DRAMA CLUB Row 1: Dave Clark, Linda Burye, Margie Moon, Randl Showalter, Peggy Bryan, Jane Parsons, Bill Miles. Row 2: Gwyn Van Slckel, Barb Blackmon, Arlene Picclonl, Pam Wlsner, Barb DeFroy, Cathie Hutchison, Marilyn Smith, Linda Loehne. Row 3: Jim Kaiser, Rlc Greene, Cheryl Frommert, Val Thompson, Linda BJoraker, Gall Constantakls, Sue Papke. Row 4: Nancy Jeffery, Barry Shackleford, Joyce Harding, Linda Lademan, Ellse Van Wulfln, Franclne Clark, Sherri Rein.FHA successfully enters their float in the Homecoming Parade. “Boil and bubble, toil and trouble.” The Future Homemakers of America encourages a further interest in Home Economics. Through attending the annual Future Convention in Grand Rapids ideas from all over the State are brought forth and exchanged. Their booth at the annual fair brings them extra money for their projects and expenses. FHA helps its membership become efficient and effective modern consumers in our modern economy. This club provided a very practical and useful experience for the girls in FHA. Future Homemakers Gain Insight In Vocation Row 1: Marie Pauli, Pat Oslnski, Gall Varga, Mrs. Loma-son, Brenda Brown, Kathy Cunningham, Linda MagalotU. Row 2: Georgianna Hobach, Donna Kllroy, Priscilla Natchez, Pat Marten, Candy Guth, Chris Jaynes, Pat Dever, Madeline Kosclsko, Cheryl McClan, Mary Lake, Val Thomp- son, Darlene Destrampe. Row 3: Jane Trenasty, Debbie Bechler, Sue Boggls, Virginia Hayes, Sue Papke, Marge Hollowell, Marlene Britain, Pat Kllroy, Sharon McKenna, Carolyn Belt, Cheryl Frommert.We Kill ’Em . . . They Chill ’Em. Future Nurses Explore Medical Profession Row 1: Gall Smith (Sec.), Marese Ames (V. Pres.), Vicki Ebeling, Kathy Turls, (Tres.), Cathy Tlsot (Pres.). Row 2: Rita Frabotta, Karen Johannes, Jane Byers, Carolyn Ashe, Mary Myers, Lillian Pantanemo, Madeline Koclsko, Maureen Judnlch, Debbie Ernest, Chris Jaynes, JoAnn Tamashlnas. Row J3: Pat Burglo, Carol Kosonovich, Margie Hollowell, Sue Papke, Virginia Hayes, Sharon Miller, Kathy Franklin, Judy Ganos, Barbara Hope, Janet Tanner, Pat Oslnski, Betty Balls, Linda Pearson. Functioning as one of A.P.H.S.’s most useful clubs, are the Future Nurses. These girls hold a sincere desire to combine the cold tasks of administering to the sick with the warm and tender job of helping these same afflicted. Members of this club are young ladies with an eye to the future and a realization of the needs of our society. There are no specific requirements for membership in F.N.C., except that each girl have a genuine interest in the field of medicine as a possible career choice. F.N.C. projects include trips to hospitals and research centers to view members of the medical profession in their working capacity.Row Is Lana Nagy, Margaret Rose, Cheryl Thill, Nancy Dennison, Lin Thibodeau, Peggy Pantanno, Gloria Andrews, Anne Bezerkov, Carolyn Ashe. Row 2: Sue Wagnar (Jr. Rep.), Sue Stanis (Soc. Chr.), Bev Holfeltz, Karen Wise (V. Pres.), Diane Anderson (Pres.), Jill Basalyga (Sec.), Cathy Bray CTour. Mgr.), Nancy Rolando (Sr. Rep.), Pat Kilrpy CTreas.) Row 3: Linda Maddock, Arlene Piconni, Claudia De Marco, Emily Reid, Joyce Harding, Diane McGraw, Karen McGraw, Karen Czarnota, Sue Smith, Jan Jameson. Row 4: Fran Klwakowskl, Rose Capra, Miss Bowman, Debbie Ernest, Linda Basman, Judy Ganos, Cindy Fadool, Linda Simpson. Hard knocks often mix with curly locks, as those who participate in the Girls' Athletic Association •batter the ball1' be it a basketball, softball, or volleyball. Under the spirited leadership of Miss Bowman, Club sponsor, the girls learn not only the basic rules of the games, but also the necessary qualities of leadership and good sportsmanship. This is also the girls' one chance to earn a school letter in athletics. The officers: President Dianne Anderson, Vice President Karen Wise, Secretary Jill Basalyga, Treasurer Pat Kilroy, and Social Chairman Sue Stanis, encouraged the sale of pennants, sweatshirts, pompoms and numerous other articles that kept one of the most popular clubs in the school quite busy.Row 1: Kathy Flynn (Pres.), Kathy ScNeicher (Sec.), Claudia Connie Herrlman, Bob Sequin. Row 3: Bob Stuebben, John Boris (Vlce-Pres.). Row 2: Debbie Hoeft, Genevieve Schalk, Warden, Barb Schoner, Jon Tanner. German Club Although German is not included in the curriculum at Allen Park High School, many interested students are members of this club. They study the language and customs of these people. The group meets regularly and subscribes to many modern German magazines. They are a small but earnest group, and they have many projects such as, a booth at the fair and field trips throughout the year.Bene Senatus ! LATIN CLUB RENEWS ROMAN TRADITION Latin Club. Row 1. Kathy Flynn (Head Aedlle), Barb Schoner (counsul), Pat Mirian (censor), Dyanne Ruszczyk (praetor), Gregory Fournier (counsul), Doug Wilson (quaestor), Jim Sansone (quaestor). Row 2 Mr. Allen, Lana Nagy, Marese Ames, Luene Arcdd, Betty Freshwater, Dianne Mattivi, Andrea Clemlerek, Norbert Nowak, Linda Zajac, Claudia Howard Cole, Debbie Hoeft, Nancy Rolando, Christine Woertink, Karen Murray, Kim Dalton, Arlene Piccioni, Elsi VanWulfen, Pat Osinskl, Connie Herriman, KathyTisot, Lynn Salliotte, Nancy Anderson, Genevieve Schallt, Linda Maddock, Linda Seabloom. Row 5 James Nemeth, Cathy Turls, Dave Mikoryak, Mark Beyer, John Warden, Roy Nuffer, Bob Beebe, Mike McConeghy, John Greer, Michael Steffani, Raja Swoden, Joe Fedea, Roy Asplet, John Ganos, Terry Bowlin, Nic Aron, Gordon Messer. Boris, Carolyn Ashe, Gall Smith, Carolyn Barr, Rosyln Harris, Anne Bezuerkov, Mrs. Greenman. Row 3 Susan Coward, Karen Perlaki, Ernest Aruai, Darrell Lott, Curt Siegwald, Mark Baughng, Ray Strugala, Bob Weyand, Bob Seguin, Jim Reinsberg, Andy Chesby, George Armas, Tim Daly, Debbe Buzzy, Sue Wagner. Row 4 Greg Tremonti,Row Is Linda Hassel, Karen Keller, Gail Constantakis, Linda Bjoraker, Rich Godsell (Business Mgr.), Linda Lademan (Treas.), Barb Ferguson (Sec.), Ric Green (Pres.), Linda Hutchison, Sharie Danaher, Barb Ulrich, Mary Prevost, Andrea Topelinn. Row 2: Cathie Hutchison, Cheryl Frommert, Chris Keffer, Pete Gibson, Marilyn Strait, Linda Simpson, Val Zlonkevicz, Karen Czarnota, Kathy Van Sickel, Cheryl Osburn, Bobbie Martin, Glen Szucks, Dave Keramidas. Row 3: Evelyn Ottinger, Val Thimpson, Claudia Burrows, Nancy Ultman, Debbie Earnest, Carolyn Belt, Dianne Bakkuch, Joan Dinneweth, Mary Lake, Kathy Meekins, Janis Bailey, Cindy Carter, Kathy Alder son. Row 4: Jim Fanto, Jerry Palizzi, JoAnn Baka, Linda Tubbs, Kaye Conner, Karen Page, Dianne Dreffs, Candy Compeau, Sherry Fraser, Sheryl Royce, Barb Barsted, Gall Varga. Row 5: Jon Tanner, Dan Landon, Lynn Patz, Darryl Pazzall, Barry Shackleford, Barb Bear, Lynell Velkey, Paula Kolar, Joyce Harding, Mary Ann Czychowskl, Val Smith, Claudia Benedict. Row 6: John Warden, Mike Vargo, Dave Ogden, Doug Pretty, Linda Kantzel, Rose Capra, Josephine Albanese, Linda Lorenz, Karen Dawson. WASHINGTON CLUB and LE TRICOLERE Row 1: Bill Mogar, Louise Stazkowitch, Diane Kiraly, Louise Alhart, Debbie Earnest, Barb Bradford, Cindy Drew, Kathy Horak, Tom Diane Krawetz, Connie Jablonski, Jim Kaiser. Row 2: Mrs. Stakoe, Warden.It could be worse? Traditions Of France Brought To A.P.H.S. The French Club’s main purpose is to familiarize the students of French with that country. They study their customs and national traditions and they have fun doing this. They have an annual initiation and many parties throughout the year. They also take field trips to French plays and dine at French Restaurants. Other activities include the club’s successful efforts at the Fair and Homecoming Parade. Row 1: John Chlppela, Karen Johannes, Ken Ojala (Pres.), Anastasia Matuslk, Sharon Paris, Mrs. Kotelly. Row 2: Greg Schultz, Linda Myers, Barb Bradford, Eileen Neel, Beverly Manooglan, Janice Rushlow. Row 3: Larane Lakatos, Barb DeFroy, Nancy Dennison, Sue Poisson, Cheryl Frommert, Val Thompson. Row 4: Jon Tanner, Carol Sonagere, Linda Lademan, Faye Swartzbaugh, Sherry Dupoy, Gary Kllngler.Study of Math Presents Opportunity Members of the Math Club have a chance to learn about the interesting aspects of mathematics. By solving problems in modern math, the interested students are given an opportunity to test their understanding of this particular science. Alert minds are characteristic of Math Club members, and this quality is put to good use in probing the fascinating areas of math. By attempting to solve the various intriguing problems, the members are given an opportunity to further test their ability and inclinations and at the same time, enrich their knowledge in all fields of science. Math Club meetings are on an informal basis which lends to the interest and encourages group participation. Would you believe.........We couldn’t think of a caption! Row 1: Wendy Coll, Peg Pantano. Row 2: Mrs. Brown, Cheryl Kaiser, Charlene Dupuy, Tom Brown. Row 3: Peter McWilliams, Tom Ruehle, Jim Nemeth, Martian Mathamel, Dan Hill.Riflemen Strive to Gain Top Ratings A steady hand . . . watchful eye . . . fast reflexes . . . and the satisfaction to be gained from participation in a competitive sport are all descriptive of Rifle Club members. Superior shooting ability, outstanding marksmanship and sportsmanship are the specific aim of each member. Row 1: Robert Paquette, Bill Major, Jan Jammeson, Bobbl Martin, Judy Ganos, Greg Wenzlott, Ken Adroit. Row 2: Ernie Novak, Bruce Mazelka, Brian Schlaker, Mike Burye, Ken Fremont, Larry Anderson, Bob Strigala, Rich Fishwlck.Promoting interest in the Spanish language and culture is the main purpose of El Circulo deEspanol. EL CIRCULO DE ESPANOL iAttention Amigos! The Spanish Club allots its members the chance to live and feel the air of the Spanish customs and foods. Slides on Spain served to augment information about the language and customs. Enjoying Spanish foods at one of the exotic Spanish Restaurants, and a field trip to Oakland University, plus an adventurous initiation of new members, bake sales, and lively discussions, filled the year for the Spanish Club. Row 1: Carol Oates (Treas.), Joel Krusac (V. Pres.), Miss Reck, Phil Pollick (Pres.), Sue Johnston (Sec.) Row 2: Tip Ramirez, Gwyn Van Sickel, Chris Barghi, Barb Martin, March Maniccia, Mary Myers, Linda Magalotti, Dennis Keramidas, Linda Bjoraker, Marilyn Smith, Susan Hadgson, Joan Schilke, Sharie Danaher. Row 3: Carmen De Marti, Diane Weber, Pat Meredith, Barbara Haddock, Sharon Ellah, Karen Czrnota, Geroglana Hobach, Sharon McCreery, Carole Westrick, Candy Shade, Sue Behrens, Rhonda Dellas, Carol Holzworth. Row 4: Robin Roberts, Dave Denier, Ronald Sekerak, Cheryl Kwasnieski, Cindy Carter, Kathy Meekins, Linda Estes, Karen Wise, Frances Kwiatkowskl, Lynn Gyetvay, Linda Hodge, Marlyn Bryan. Row 5: Ed Krammer, Leo Maniago, David Tringer, Frank Colosino, Tom Tolzdorf, Roger Huie, Bob Kosal, John Pollick, Jerry Ebel, Theresa Blatnik, Chris Weidenberger, Burt Valanty, Allen Lewis.Scientific Interest. . . Basis for Careers Row 1: Mr. Boiler, Sharon McKenna, Jim Bendick, Fred Beksa, Pam Williams, Mr. Lockhart. Row 2: Pat Marlon, Lana Nagy, Bob Wangen, Sue Wagner, Peggy Pantano, Nancy Dennison, Holly Martlneau. Row 3: Tom Wiles, Dan H1U, Gary Kowal, Andy Fedo, Dave Denier, Ron Sekerak, Tom Brown. Row 4: Jim Nemeth, Dan Ely, Larry Carson, Bob Shankie, Frank Colllssimo, Jan Marvin, Barb Schoner, Doug Wilson. Enthusiasm . . . intelligence . . . curiosity . . . These are all qualifications for membership in a club which not only represents opportunity for recreation and relaxation, but also education, the Science Club. Members of this organization have a chance to study the newest concepts in the field of science at an advanced level. But academics aren’t the only activities undertaken by this club; at this year’s annual school fair, the science club earned over four hundred dollars, to top all other clubs. Membership in the Science Club consists of students who are interested in science beyond that of classroom study, and who enjoy participating in activities that provide a much wider scientific background. Truly the value of the club is revealed by the enthusiasm and intellectual curiosity of its members. Hurry up with those minutes! An action packed Science Club meeting?Look! Look! See Bill talk! Studying is essential to an honor student. National Honor Society is an exclusive organization whose membership is selected by faculty and students. A member must be voted into the National Honor Society on an academic basis. Only the best students may become members. According to this 2 by 2 equals 5! Row Is Un Thibodeau, Gail Smith, Gloria Thomas, Jim Beebe, Karen Smith, Jane Parsons, Bill Zolkowski, Wendy Coil, Sherry Danaher, Mr. Hall. Row 2: Arlene Piconni, Diane Ruscz, Peter Gibson, Claudia Boris, Sue Stanis, Barb Blackmon, Larane Lakatos, Cheryl Kaiser, Greg Wenzloff, Gary Klinger. Row 3: Larry Toth, Dave Denier, Cindy Fadool, Merril Hagens, Kathy Germek, Angie Rinna, Lana Nagy, Sue Wagner, Karen Johannes, Tom Ruehle. Row 4: Jim Bendick, Frank Szopo, Rick Green, Mary Kreery, Cathy Schaler, Kathy Franklin, Linda Basman, Pat Mirian, Kathy Tisot, John Oatley. Row 5: Bob Shankie, Bob Sippola, Stuart Hyke, Dave Kerimidas, Don Davis, John Dellas, Gerry Weyand, Royce Melody, Jim Sassone, Dennis Marr.Varsity Club Grows Row 1: Mr. McKay, Gordon Messer, Steve Weshalek, Mike DaRonco, Jim Sansone, Marc Goulet, John Jenkins, Glen Kaneko, Phil Ridge, Dave Coward, Tim Reilly, Mr. Tomes. Row 2: John Medved, Bruce Quick, Gary Coogan, Frank Trlonfi, Don Davis, Chris Daley, Terry Nlckles, Larry Switzer, John Copeland, Jim Hanlck, John Ogen, Skip Placek. Row 3: Jim Paling, Ron Cayce, Rich Henderson, Bill Jauss, Jim Randall, John Wltberg, Dave Thomas, Wayne Frazier, Dave Maklns, Gary Carter, Jim Cunningham, BUI Zolkowskl, Jim Beebe. Row 4: DonSikora, Bill Daly, Earl Rennie, John Gleason, Dave Werner, Gary Klingler, Gary Phillips, John Clotte, Larry Toth, Greg White, Ron Robesan, Ron Carter, Chick Guess, Dick Reutz. The Varsity Club was established to serve the school by assisting at athletic functions. This year the club successfully sold Allen Park High searshirts during the lunch periods to many school spirited students. President Jim Paling, Vice-President John Jenkins, Treasurer Bill Zolkowski and Secretary Steve Weshalek were most ably assisted in all of the club’s activities by the club’s sponsors Mr. Tomes and Mr. McKay.SPORTS SPORTS SPORTS SPORTS SPORTS ft i ) » JL . ■ ,' tfif 7-f « t "7, fl? c-f 7pf 81 C 85 Var f 7 f t f •«»%• ? •%.««■ r» f t;. ir»n • 2Ci 4? V V 33 92 JtJ7Sk 5 JJO. 2? 1 Vr VV V7 [JSMI Row 1. Bob Gutman Mgr., Glen Kaneko, Wally Zawisza, Larry Switzer, Dennis Teichman, John Ogen, John Jenkins Co-Capt., Jim Paling Co-Capt., Mike DaRonco, Gary Schippling, Jim Dodds, Steve Wesha-lek, Frank Trionfi, Bill Liester, Mgr. Row 2. End Coach Ray McKay, Line Coach Ed Bellas, Dave Keramidas, Dan Landon, Fred Milner, Dennis Vacca, Dennis Balogh, Bruce Quick, John Medved, Bill Placek, Jim Szostek, Steve Sabo, Jim Cunningham, Bill Zolkowski, Joe Millner, Head Coach Norm Mihatsch. Row 3. Dave Makins, Ron Cayce, Wayne Frazier, Jim Randall, Jerry DeMartin, Dick Reutz, Herb Sinift, John Ciotti, Gary Phillips, Dave Wills, Dave Werner, Jim Fanto, Bill Daly. Not Pictured Chris Daley, Larry Ferguson, Jim Sansone. Jaguars Roll to 7 and 2 The Jaguar gridders were guided by the fine The line holds as Steve Sabo kicks for a coaching of Mr. Bellas Line Coach, Mr. Mihatsch point after touchdown. Head Coach, and Mr. McKay End Coach.The Jaguars cover another fumble in the game against Lincoln Park.Bruce Quick—Center All League All Area Glen Kaneko—Halfback All League All Area John Medved—Guard All League All Area Jim Szostek—Halfback All League All Area Co-Capt. John Jenkins-Fullback All League All Area Jim Dodds—Guard Steve Weshalek—Quarterback All League All Area Mike DaRonco—Tackle All Area John Ciotti—Tackle All League All Area Bill Zolkowski—Guard All League All AreaDick Reutz— End All Area Ron Cayce—Halfback Larry Switzer—Fullback Frank Trionfi—Halfback Co-Capt. Jim Paling-End All League All Area All Suburban All State Dave Keramidas—Punter John Ogen—Quarterback Bill Daly—Tackle Gary Phillips—End All League All AreaJim Randall—Halfback The Jaguar defense swarms all over a Lincoln Park ball-carrier. 134 Coach Mihatsch and Quarterback Steve Washalek discuss strategy of the next play.PAGE MISSINGPAGE MISSING1. Mgr. Bill Shenvood, Pat Barker. Charles EWs, SL,,SbS.CH Coach Gates, DaveBrown, Dan Mazglad, Bob Curry, Bill Cova, Ken Forester, Bob Zol kowskl, Jim Mayer, Ken Lahoskl. J.V. suffers only one loss Team strategy is worked out by Coach Gates. 138 JV’s set up a play for another 2.Row 1: Jim Sansone, Jim Randall, Mike Martain, Nick Shepard, John Clottl, Bill Zolkowskl [capt.J , Ron Sekerak, Greg Schultz, Rod Schultz, Ken Palczynskl. Row 2: Barry Takel, Don Smock, Bob Guttman, Jack Brlckey, Roy Tonkery, Bob Holiday, Bob Weyand, Ken Carpenter, Bob Kosowyn. WRESTLERS SHOW STRENGTH AND POTENTIAL An Allen Park wrestler in an attempt to “take down “$' I+-r -v )° (% - = 1 ? ■., ?)% V [ r {. his man.”TEAM PROVES TO BE ONE OF BEST IN A.P. HISTORY Ron Carter 140 Row 1: Dennis Seman, Marc Goulait, Capt. Don Davis, Capt. Roger Huie, Jim Beebe. Row 2: Rich Choate, Dale Dunn, Ken McCloud, Andy Fodo, Larry Nickles, Paul Fudge, Gordan Messer, Dave Coward, Ross Ford, Manager Bob Wangen. Row 3: John Copeland, Gary Carter, Rich Horrigan, Ron McKenzie, Mike Perdonlk, Dennis Marr, Bill Kammerer, Mike Chilton, Pete Gibson. Row 4: Thomas Warden, Lee Chritchfield, Ron Guy, John Oatley, Bob Wilkerson, Phil Drapeau, Ken Jegle, Manager Fred Beska, Larry Toth, Rod Guy, Coach Richard Hershberger. Not Pictured: Ron Carter Jim Beebe Fred Beksa (Manager) Marc Goulait Don Davis Roger HuieNancy Dennison, Sherry Danaher, Cheryl Osborn, and Bobby Martin along with the reserves lead cheers at swim meets. CHEERS PLUS TEAM EQUAL VICTORY Above and Below the water. Coach Hershberger says “Boy do get itchy feet coaching a swimming team.” The swimming team wonders who will swim next event after the janitors put sharks in the pool instead of the Biology lab. 141Team captain, Tim Reilly, executes his outstanding ability on the rings. Tim won many first places on the rings and horse which won him the rank of sixth place in the state. Ron Poncelli, the most promising junior, demonstrates his ability on the parallel bars. GYMNASTS SHOW SKILL AND TALENT Row 1: Paul Traub, Guy Howell, Dave Coward, Ron Poncelli, Szopo, Russ Martin. Row 3: Bob Manntula, Gary SchlppUng, Tim Reilly, Tom Johns, Vince Allore, Tom Drugall, Glen Dave Chumita, Dan Beaudet, Bill Burlage, Bob Manglpanl, Szucs. Row 2: Mr. Tomes, Dennis Tytemen, Ron McKenzie, Ed Bann, Bob Pentergast. Bill Traub, Ed Llseckl, Lane Soltez, Mark Poncelli, Frank 1- CROSS COUNTRY HAS EVENTFUL SEASON Running and endurance is part of the many things the cross country team does. Hard work and long hours are common to all those involved. 143 Row 1: Mr. Boiler, Don Parish, Ted Sledz, Don Smith, Peter McWilliams. Row 2: Doug Pretty, Dave Ogden, George Helde, Bill Jauss. Row 3: Stan Helde, Raja Swldan, Rich Nemeth, Steve Lakatos, Mike Vlgllantl, Dave Manley, John McIntyre, Paul Barkas.Varsity cheerleaders: Sue Stanis, Linda Stramake, Vlcld Ebeling, Capt. Carole Westrlck, Diane House, and Cathy Moore. ORIGINALITY MARKS VARSITY Cheers and more cheers . . . Green and White . . , games won . . . fun . . . laughter . . . games lost . . . sadness and tears . . . but always excitement and anticipation. Cathy Hutchison Capt. Gail Constantakis Linda Hutchison As varsity meets the reserve cheerleaders, groups form but alas, one poor soul knows not where to go. But she will find her way because the next game starts within minutes. Who will help her?SENIOR ACTIVITIES ABERASTURI, HENRY General: Track 2; Basketball 1; Rifle Club 2.3 ALFANO, GUY THOMAS Business: Track 1 ALLEN. JAMES College Prep: Spanish Club 2 AMBROSE. STEVE Arts AMES. MARESE College Prep: Band 2-4; Booster Club 3.4; F.H.A. 3; United Nations Club 3.4; F.N.C. 3.4 (V. Pres.) V.C.Y. 3 AMONETTE. JAMES College Prep: Football 1.2; Track 1.2 ANDERSON, CAROL Business: Jr. Honor Society 1.2; Spanish Club 2-4 ANDERSON. DIANNE Business: Booster Club 1-4; G.A.A. 1.2 (Toum. Mgr.) 3 (V. Pres.) 4 (Pres.) ANTONIAN, JAMES College Prep: Dramatics Club 4; Latin Club 2,3,4; Science Club 4; Swimming I; Senior Plav 4 ARABUCKI. JOHN Business and College Prep: Track 1-3; Wrestling 2.3 ASHE. CAROLYN College Prep: Band 1-4; Booster Club 3.4; G.A.A. 1-4; Girls Glee 3; Latin Club 2.3; J.C.L. 2-4; Jr. Honor Society 1,2; Jr. Play 3; Concert Choir 4; Washington Club 3; F.N.C. 4 ASTERIOU. ALEXANDER College Prep: Band 1; Baseball 4; Spanish Club 1-3 ATWOOD. KENNETH Industrial Arts: Baseball 3.4 (Mgr.) Rifle Club 4 BAILEY. NANCY Business: Transferred from Del Campo High School Calif. (3) BAKEWELL. CARLA College Prep: F. N.C. 3.4 BAKOS. ALAN College Prep: Band 1.2.4; Track 1; Literary Club 4 BALLAS, BETTY College Prep: Dramatics Club 4; Girls Glee 3,4; Library Assistant 3; F.N.C. 1-4 BALLE. MARTIN General: Boys Glee 2. 3; Gymnastics 3; Concert Choir 3.4 BALOG. ANTHONY Arts: Transferred from St. Frances Cabrini High School. Allen Park. Mich. (4) BALOGH. DENNIS College Prep: Baseball 1.2; Football 1.2.4; Varsity Club 1; Senior Play 4 BARABAS, GLESSNA Business: Art Club 2.3; Booster Club 2; Business Club 3; G. A.A. 1.2; Washington Club 3 BARDELL, CINDY,Business: G.A.A. 1; Girls Glee 3; Concert Choir 4; Library Assistant 3 BARNYAK. CAROL Business: Booster Club 2 BARTLEY. PATRICIA Business BASALYGA. JILL MARIE College Prep: Booster Club 2.3; G.A.A. 1,2.3.4 (Sec.) Imprint 3,4 (Literary Co-Editor) Jaguar Journal 4; Jr. Honor Society 1,2; Library Assistant 2; Press Club 2 BASMAN. LINDA ELLEN College Prep: Booster Club 3; F.T.A. 2; G.A.A. 1-4; Jr. Honor Society 1.2 (Treas.) Latin Club 2; Sr. Honor Society 3.4 BAUM. LON College Prep: Future Engineers 1; Latin Club 1.2 BAY. CYNTHIA LOUISE CoUege Prep: Booster Club 1-4; Le Cercle Francais 2; F.H.A. 2. F.T.A. 2; G.A.A. 1.2; Humanities Club 2: Imprint 3; Math Club 3; Student Council 1; Le Tricolere 3; Washington Club 3; F.N.C. 2.3 BECHLER. TIMOTHY College Prep: Swimming 1.2; Tennis 2 BEEBE. JAMES CoUege Prep: Barracuda Club 2 (V. Pres.) 3 (Sec.) 4 (Treas.) Cross Country 3; Jr. Honor Society 1.2; Sr. Honor Society 3.4 (Treas.) Swimming 1-4; Track 1-3,4 (Co-Capt.) Varsity Club 3.4 BEGLEY. TIMOTHY ROY Business: Baseball 1,3,4; Boys Glee 4; Rifle Club 2; Swimming 1 BEHRENS. SUSAN MARY College Prep: Transferred from Taylor Center High School. Taylor. Mich. (3) Booster Club 3.4; F.T.A. 3.4; G.A.A. 3; Jr. Honor Society 1.2; Spanish Club 3.4 BEIR. JANE ELIZABETH College Prep: Band 1-4; Booster Club 3.4; G.A.A. I-3; Girls Glee 3; Jr. Honor Society 1.2; United Nations Club 3 (V. Pres.) 4 (Treas.) F.N.C. 2-4 BEKSA, FRED NOLAN College Prep: Barracuda Club 3,4; Basketball 1,2; Football 1-3; Library Assistant 4; Math Club 4 (Treas.) Radio 3,4; Science Club 2,3.4 (V. Pres.) Track 1-4; Swimming 3,4 BELISLE, WILLIAM JAY Arts: Transferred from St. Frances Cabrini High School, Allen Park, Mich. (3) Library Assistant 4 BELL, TIMOTHY WAYNE General: Football 1 BENDICK, JAMES ALLEN CoUege Prep: Chess Club 1; Jr. Honor Society 1.2; Latin Club 2; Math Club 3; Science Club 3.4 (Pres.) Sr. Honor Society 3.4 BENEDICT. JANE Business: Business Club 4; F.H.A. 1.2; G.A.A. 1.2; Girls Glee 3.4; Student Council 1 BENING. JUDITH MARION Business: Booster Club 1; Le Cercle Francais 1; Rifle Club 2; Children's Theatre 3 BENN. RONALD M. CoUege Prep: Rifle Club 4 BERNABEI, JUDITH MARIE Business: Booster Club 1,2; G.A.A. 2; J.C.L. 1,2; Latin Club 1.2; Library Assistant 2; Children’s Theatre 3 BERNARD. DUNE BETTY Business: Booster Club 2; Business Club 4; F.H.A. 4; J.C.L. 3; Latin Club 3 BERTOUILLE, DENNIS R. Arts BEZVERKOV. ANNE MARGARET College Prep: F.T.A. 1.2; G.A.A. 1-4; J.C.L. 3.4; Latin Club 3.4; F.N.C. 2.3 BIGELOW. KAREN CoUege Prep: Art Club 1; Band 1; Jaguar Journal 3; Jr. Honor Society 1,2; Library Assistant 3.4; Press Club 2; Washington Club 3 BLACKMON. BARBARA ANN CoUege Prep: AUen Club 2-4 (Sec.-Treas.); Booster Club 1; Class Officer (treasurer) 3.4; Dramatics Club 4; Le Cercle Francais 3.4; Girls Glee 1; Homecoming Court 4; Jr. Honor Society 1,2; Math Club 2; (Treas.) Sr. Honor Society 3.4; Concert Choir 2.3 (Treas.) 4; Le Trl-colore 2; Washington Club 3 BLANTON. TERRANCE EUGENE Arts: Band 1-4; Football 1; Track 1.2 BOMMARITO, JO ANN MARIE Business: Business Club 4; Concert Choir 3.4 BONO. JOSEPH ANTHONY Arts: Boys Glee 2; Concert Choir 3.4 BORIS. CLAUDU ANN College Prep: Booster Club 3.4; F.T.A. 1-4; German Cldb 3.4; (V. Pres.) Girls Glee 2; F.N.C. 1,2; (Sec.) J.C.L. 3,4; Jr. Honor Society 3,4; Washington Club 3 BRAGUNIER, DAN O. Industrial Arts: Football 1; Track 1.2 BRANDEBERRY. LARRY ALLEN College Prep: Basketball 1; Football 1-3; (Manager) BRAY, CATHY JO Business: Booster Club 1; G.A.A. 1-3; G.A.A. 1-4; (Tournament Manager) Concert Choir 3,4 BRIAND. JANIS LYNN College Prep: L Business: Booster Club 1; Le Cercle Francais 2; G.A.A. 1; Girls Glee 2.3; F.N.C. 2-4; Concert Choir 4 BRONIAK. RONALD Arts: Track 1 BROWN. BRENDA MARILYN Business: Booster Club 1-3; Business Club 2-4; F.H.A. 2-4; (Pres.) F.T.A. 2; Girls Glee 3; Washington Club 3 BROZMAN, LESLIE JOHN College Prep: Track 1; United Nations Club 3; Washington Club 3 BRUNER. LESLIE ARTHUR CoUege Prep: Allegro Club 3.4; Basketball 1; Math Club 3,4; Radio 3; Track 1; United Nations Club 3.4; Band 1 BRYAN. PEGGY ANNE College Prep: Dramatics Club 3.4; (Pres.) F.T.A. 1-4; G.A.A. 1; Imprint 4; Rifle Club 2.3; (Treas.) 4; Jr. Play 3; Le Tricolore I, 2; Washington Club 3 BUDAY. KAREN SUZANNE CoUege Prep: F.H.A. 4; Imprint 3; Library Assistant 2; Le Trlcolore 2.3 BULLOCK. BRENDA KAYE Business BULT. WILLIAM CoUege Prep: (Transferred from Mackenzie High School. Detroit Mich. (3) Art Club 3.4 BUONO, GASPER CoUege Prep: Band 1- 4; Math Club 3.4; Science Club 2.4; Track 1; United Nations Club 3 BURGIO. PATRICIA College Prep: Booster Club 1; Girls Glee 4; Latin Club 1.2; Library Assistant 2; F.N.C. 2- 4; Washington Club 3 BURLAGE. WALTER College Prep: Allegro Club 2-4; Band 1-4; (Drum Major) (Sec.-Treas.) Imprint 3; Jr. Honor Society 1.2; Student Council 3; Swimming 1.2 BURNS. SUSAN JEAN CoUege Prep: Booster ClUb 1-4; Class Officer 1 (Vice-Presj, F.H.A. 2.3; G.A.A. 1-3; Humanities Club 2; Children's Play 2; Jaguar Journal 4; Science Club 2.3; Le Trlcolore 2; Washington Club 3 BURYE. LINDA MARIE College Prep: Dramatics Club 3.4; Le Cercle Francais 2-4; G.A.A. 1; Washington Club 3; F.N.C. 1-4 BUSBY. PAUL GEORGE CoUege Prep: Latin Club 2; Track 1; Washington Club 3 BUSH. DONNA Business: Booster Club 1-3; Business Ch 3,4; G.A.A. 1.2; Girls Glee 1-3; Concert Choir 4; Washington Club 3; F.N.C. 2 BUTSICARIS, NICK P. CoUege Prep: Band 1; Football 1.2; Boys Glee 2.3; Library Assistant 1; Track 1,2; Concert Choir 4; Wrestling 1.2 CAIRD, BARBARA RUTH CoUege Prep CALDER. WILLIAM General: Latin Club 3; Spanish Club 1; Washington Club 3 CAMPBELL. LINDA ANN Business CARDINALI. SHERRIE ANN CoUege Prep Business: Booster Club 1-3; F.H.A. 2.3; G.A.A. 1.2; Humanities Club 2; Library Assistant 2.3; Science Club 2.3; Washington Club 3 CAREY, JAMES College Prep CARGILL, SUSAN ELIZABETH CoUege Prep: Booster Club 2; Cheerleading 1, 2; Library Assistant 2.3; Le Tricolore 2.3 CARLE TON. LILA College Prep: Spanish Club 2.3 CARPENTER. LYN MARIE Business: Booster Club 2.3; F.H.A. 1.2; F.H.A. 1, 2; F.T.A. 1-3 CARRASCO. WILLIAM RUIZ General: Football 1,2.4; Boys Glee 1.2,4; Press Club 3; Track 1.2 CARTER. RONALD DALE Arts: Bara-cuda Club 2-4; Swimming 1-4; Varsity Club 3.4 CARTUDGE, SHERRY Business CAYCE, RONALD College Prep: Basketball 1-4; Football 1-4; Track 3.4; Varsity Club 3.4 CHEEK. JOSEPH ANTHONY Industrial Arts: Football 1; Track 1 CHIPALA, JOHN ALEXANDER CoUege Prep: Le Cercle Francais 4; Tennis 3.4; Le Tricolore 2,3 CHURCH. HAROLD STANLEY Business: (Transferred from Boysville High School) CIANFARANI. LINDA G. Business: G.A.A. 1; Latin Club 2 146SENIOR ACTIVITIES CIOTTI, JOHN ROBERT College Prep: Football 1-4; Varsity Club 3,4; Wrestling 3,4 CLARK. DAVID RUSSELL CoUege Prep: Chess Club 2; Tennis 2-4; Boys Glee 4; Senior Play 4 CLARK, HARRY WAYNE College Prep: Boys Glee 1; Washington Club 3 CIELLAND. SANDRA MARIA Business: Booster Club 3; Dramatics Club 3,4 COFFEE. THOMAS JOHN Arts; Washington Club 3 COIL, WENDY SUE College Prep: (Transferred from Maumee Junior High School, Maumee. Ohio 2) Allen Club 3.4; Band 2-4; Booster Club 3.4; Cheerleading (Mascot) 3.4; Dramatics Club 3 (Sec.) 4 (Vice-Pres.) 4; Humanities Club 2; Imprint 3.4; Math Club 4; Sr. Honor Society 3.4; Le Tricolors 2 (Sec.); United Nations Club 3; Washington Club 3; F.N.C. 2-4 COLE. ELLES BUR LIN Business: Transferred from Lowrey High School 3) COLEMAN. EDWARD N. College Prep: German Club 3; Latin Club 1-3; J.C.L. 3; Math Club 4; Tennis 3,4; Track I; Russian Club 1 COMPTON. LINDA Business Arts CONLEY. RICHARD General CONNOCK, MARGARET Business: (Transferred from St. Frances Cabrlnl High School Allen Park, Mich. 4) CONNOCK, WILLIAM HOWARD CoUege Prep: Baseball 2; Football 1,2; Boys Glee 2-4; WrestUng 2.3 COOGAN, GARY WILLIAM College Prep: Baseball 1-4; Le Cercle Francais 2; Football 1-3; Boys Glee 1-4; Jr. Honor Society 1.2; Concert Choir 2-4; Varsity Club 3,4; Washington Club 3 COOK. FREDERICK General COREY. DEIDRE General: G.A.A. 1 CORRADI. MICHAEL EDWARD CoUege Prep: J.C.L. 2.3; Latin Club 2.3; Math Club 3; Radio 3; Tennis 3,4 CRABTREE, JUDY MARIE Business: (Transferred from Hillsboro High School. Nashville, Tennesse 3) Sr. Honor Society 3.4 CRIDER. STEVE EVERT CoUege Prep CUNNINGHAM. JAMES WILLIAM General: Football 1-4; Boys Glee 3. Concert Choir 4; Student Council 1; Swimming 1; Varsity Club 2; WrestUng 2.3 CUNNINGHAM. KATHLEEN JAY CoUege Prep: F.H.A. 2-4 (Sec.); Booster Club 3; F.T.A. 2; G.A.A. 1; Humanities Club 2; Spanish Club 2-4; United Nations Club 3,4 CUTTING, HARRY DELTON JR. General: Press Club 1 D'ALESSANDRO, DONALD JAMES College Prep: Band 1-4 (Pres.) DALEY, CHRISTIE PETER General: Football 1,3,4; Boys Glee 1; Concert Choir 2-4 (Pres.); Track 1,2; Varsity Club 3.4 DALTON, KIMBERLY ELIZABETH College Prep: Booster Club 1-4; Dramatics Club 4; J.C.L. 2-4 (Treas.); Jr. Honor Society 1,2; Latin Club 2-4; Washington Club 3; Business Club 4; F.N.C. 1-4 DALY, WILLIAM JOSEPH CoUege Prep: Baseball 3; Football 1-4; Varsity Club 3.4; WresUing 3 DANAHER, SANDRA KAY Business: Booster Club 1; F.H.A. 2.3; G.A.A. 1 DARONCO, MICHAEL College Prep: Football 1-4; Gymnastics 2; Varsity Club 3,4; Wrestling 3 DAVIS, DONALD A. CoUege Prep: AUen Club 3,4; Baracuda Club 2-4; Imprint 3,4; Jr. Honor Society 2,3; Math Club 2; Sr. Honor Society 3,4; Student Council 3,4; Swimming 1-4 (Capt.); Le Tri- colore 2; Varsity Club 3,4; Wolverine Boys State 3 DEBOSZ, TERESA TRENA CoUege Prep DEFROY, BARBARA JANE College Prep: Dramatics Club 3,4; Le Cercle Francais 3,4; F.T.A. 1,4; Imprint 4; Press Club 2; Le Tricolore 1,2; Washington Club 3; F.N.C. 2-4 DELLAS. JOHN JOSEPH CoUege Prep: Band 1; J.C.L. 2-4; Jr. Honor Society 1,2; Latin Club 2-4; Math Club 3.4; Radio 4; Sr. Honor Society 3,4; Tennis 1 DEMARCO, CLAUDIA LINDA CoUege Prep: Booster Club 1-4; Le Cercle Francais 3,4; F.T.A. 1; G.A.A. 2-4; Humanities Club 2; Imprint 4; Jr. Honor Society 1,2; Press Club 2; Le Tricolore 2; Washington Club 3 DEMIRJIAN, ELIZABETH MAE Business: Booster Club; Business Club 1; F.H.A. 1; Rifle Club 1; Washington Club 3 DEMOROW, PAMELA Business DESILV1A, EDWARD RAYMOND Arts: Baseball 2-4 DEVER. PATRICIA ANN Business: Booster Club 3; Business Club 4; F.H.A. 4; F.T.A. 4; Girls Glee 4; Library Assistant 1,2 DIGASBARRO. LARRY ROBERT Business: Science Club 1; Student CouncU 1 DODDS, JAMES PAUL CoUege Prep: Football 1-4; Boys Glee 2-4 DOMBEK. KATHLEEN CoUege Prep: Booster Club 2-4; Dramatics Club 4; Jaguar Journal 3,4; Washington Club 3 DOMINCZYK. LINDA CoUege Prep: Booster Club 1; F.H.A. 1-3; G.A.A. 1, 2; F.N.C. 1-3; Rifle Club 2,3 DONALDSON, CYNTHIA ANN Business: Dramatics Club 3; Le Cercle Francais 1,2; G.A.A. 1,2; Jr. Honor Society 1,2; Math Club 1,2; Washington Club 3 DONALDSON, WILLIAM CHARLES Arts DOWLING. KENNETH RUSSELL General: Boys Glee 1; Library Assistant 3; Concert Choir 2-4 DRAPER, ROBERT WILLIAM Business: Jaguar Journal 3; Press Club 3; Rifle Club 3; Track 1,2,4; Washington Club 3 DROUILLARD, HERBERT QUILLIAM JR. Arts: Library Assistant DUNN, RICHARD R. Business: Boys Glee 1,2,4; Concert Choir 3,4 DUPERON, LOUIS JOSEPH General EARLY, ROBERT CENNIS Business: Baseball Manager 2-4 EBEL, GERALD ROBERT CoUege Prep: Latin Club 1-4; Spanish Club 4; Track 1.3.4 EBELING. VICKI ANN CoUege Prep: AUen Club 2-4; Booster Club 2-4; Cheerleading J.V. 1-3 (Capt.) V. 4; Class Officer (Treas.) 4; Le Cercle Francais 3,4 (Treas.); Girls Glee 2; F. N.C. 3,4; Imprint 3,4 (ftislness Manager); Jr. Honor Society 1,2; Concert Choir 3,4; Le Tricolore 2 EGAN, CANDACE ANN College Prep L Business: G.A.A. 1; Booster Club 3; Girls Glee 3.4; Math Club 3; Sr. Honor Society 4; Le Tricolore 2; Dramatics Club 3,4 ELY, DANIEL THOMAS College Prep: Allegro Club 4; Band 1-4; Chess Club 1; Cross Country 2,3; Fr. Honor Society 1,2; Math Club 1-3; Science Club 4; Track 1.2 ERWIN, ELIZABETH ROSE Business: G. A.A. 1; Washington Club 3 ESTES. JUDY KAY CoUege Prep. L Business: Transferred from North Scott High School, Iowa 1); Booster Club 2,3; Jr. Honor Society 1,2; Sr. Honor Society 3,4; Library Assistant 3,4 FADOOL. CYNTHIA ROSE CoUege Prep: Le Cercle Francais 4; R.T.A. 4; G.A.A. 2; Press Club 2; Sr. Honor Society 3,4; Le Tricolore 2.3; Russian Club 4 FALAHEE, SANDRA THERSA Business FALLONE, LUCILLE Business FARLEY, CHARLES P. Business FEDO, GREGORY J. College Prep: Library Assistant 2-4; Radio 1; Track 1-4; WresUing 1 FERGUSON, LAWRENCE R. College Prep: Baseball 1-4; Football 1-4; J.C.L. 2; Latin Club 2; Varsity Club 3,4 FERRANTE, LINDA DIANE Business FEZZEY, LINDA JOYCE College Prep: Booster Club 3,4; Cheerleading Mascot 4; Le Cercle Francais 2,3; G.A.A. 1,4; Imprint 4 FIELDS, CYNTHIA ELLEN CoUege Prep: (Transferred from Melvlndale High School, Melvlndale, Mich. 2); Le Cercle Francais 2; Girls Glee 3; Rifle Club 2; Concert Choir 4 FIMMEN, MARY LOR Business FISHWICK, THOMAS ALBERT College Prep: Gymnastics 1; Latin Club 1 FODO, JOHN ANDREW Business: Boys Glee 2 FOLEY. DOROTHY ELLEN Business: Jaguar Journal 2-4; Press Club 2-4; Student Council 3,4 FORAN, JILL R. Business: Girls Glee 4; (Transferred from Huntington Beach High School 4) FORINTOS, DARRYL A. General FOUNTAIN, DONALD THOMAS General: Basketball 1,2; Football 1,2; WresUing FOURNIER. GREGORY ALLEN CoUege Prep: Baseball 1,2; J.C.L. 2-4 (Pres.) Latin Club 2-4; Science Club 3,4; German Club 4; Literary Club 4 FRANKLIN. KATHLEEN MARY College Prep: Booster Club 1-4; Dramatics Club 2-4; F.T.A. 1-4; F.N.C. 1-4; Jr. Honor Society 1,2; Latin Club 1-4; Math Club 3; Science Club 4; Sr. Honor Society 3,4; Washington Club 3 FRASER, CATHY MAXINE Business: Girls Glee 4 FRASIER, WAYNE General: Football 1-4; Gymnastics 2; Varsity Club 3,4 FREGONARA. VINCENT CoUege Prep FUCLARELLI, LOUIS College Prep: (Transferred from St. Joseph High School. Detroit, Mich. 3); Cross Country 2,3; Track 2,4 GANOS. JUDY ANN CoUege Prep: Booster Club 2; F.H.A. 2; G.A.A. 1-4; F.N.C. 2-4; Rifle Club 3.4 GARAVAGLLA, JERRY JOSEPH College Prep: Allegro Club 4; Band 2-4; Math Club 4 GAWLAS. FRED WILLIAM Industrial Arts GERMEK, KATHLEEN ANN College Prep: Jr. Honor Society 1,2; Sr. Honor Society 3,4 GIBBONS, MAUREEN ANN College Prep: Booster Club 2-4; Humanities Club 2; F. N.C. 3,4; Jr. Honor Society 1,2; Jaguar Journal 4; Library Assistant 3; Rifle Club 4; United Nations Club 3; Washington Club 3 GIBSON, ROBERT CoUege Prep: Student CouncU 4 (Vice-Pres.) GILDO, LARRY JAMES CoUege Prep: Basketball 1.2; Latin Club 1 GLOWACKY, LINDA Business: Booster Club 3; Business Club 4; Girls Glee 3; Rifle Club 3; Concert Choir 4 GOLOV1CH, JOHN C. Business: Chess Club 1; Football 1 GOLTRY. ESTHER CoUege Prep: Band 1-4; F.N.C. 1.2; V.C.Y. 1,2; J.C.L. 1, 2; Latin Club 1,2; Science Club 1 GOODELL, BENJAMIN E. General GORAJEK. MARILYN ANN CoUege Prep: G. A.A. 1-4; Latin Club 2 147SENIOR ACTIVITIES GOULAIT, MARC FREDERICK College Prep: Allen Club 2-4 (Pres.); Uara-cuda 2-4 (Pres.); Class Officer 1 (Pres.); Le Cercle Francais 1,2; Jr. Honor Society 1; Student Council 1,4; Swimming 1-4; Track 1.2; Washington Club 3 (Pres.) GREEN, JOHN C. Arts GREEN, RONALD R. College Prep GREENE, RAY H. College Prep: Football 2 GREGORY, MARIANNE ELAINE College Prep: Jr. Honor Society 1,2; Latin Club 2 GRONOS, THOMAS College Prep: Football 1 GROSH, DONNA L. College Prep: (Transferred from Taylor High School, Taylor, Mich. 3) Dramatics Club 4 GROSSO, HENRY C. College Prep GUESS. CHARLES L. College Prep: Baseball 1; Football 1; Track 2.3; Varsity Club 3,4 GUMTOW, CYNTHIA SUE College Prep: Booster Club 2; Dramatics Club 1,2; F. T.A. 2,3; Girls Glee 2,3; Concert Choir 4; G.A.A. 1,2 GUNTHER, ROBERTA LOUISE Business: Booster Club I; Girls Glee 2-4 GUTH, CANDACE LEE General: Booster Club 1,2 GUTHRIE, PAUL W. Arts HAGENS, MERRILL KEYS College Prep: Booster Club 1,3; Dramatics Club 1; Girls Glee 3; F.N.C. 3; Jr. Honor Society 1,2; Concert Choir 4; Sr. Honor Society 3,4 HALL, FRED GEORGE College Prep: Allegro Club 1,2; Band 1-4; Swimming 1.2 HAMILTON, CANDACE F. College Prep: Booster Club 2; Rifle Club 2; G.A.A. 1 HAN DC, JAMES Business: Football 1,2; Wrestling 3,4; Track 1; Varsity 4 HANNON, RICHARD G. College Prep: Band 1-4; Chess Club 3; Le Cercle Francais 2; Jr. Honor Society 1,2 HARPER, REBECCA SUE Business: Girls Glee 2; Concert Choir 3,4 HARTMAN, JOHN KENNETH General: Baseball 1,2 HAUSER, LARRY STEVEN College Prep: Band 1-4; Chess Club 1; Sr. Honor Society 3,4; Track 3; United Nations Club 3; Cross Country 3 HAMILTON, GAVIN Business. Rifle Club 1; Track 1 HEGEDUS, STEVE College Prep HENDERSON, RICHARD College Prep: Track 2-4; Varsity Club 3,4 HERRIMAN, DALE ALLEN College Prep HERULA, DENNIS JOSEPH Industrial Arts: (Transferred from Cass Tech High School. Detroit, Mich. 3) HOBACH, GEORGIANA General: Dramatics Club 3; F.H.A. 4; Latin Club 1; Spanish Club 4 HODGES, JOHN College Prep: Football 1; Gymnastics 2; Swimming 2 HOLFELTZ, BEVERLY JEAN Business: Booster Club 1-4; Cheerleading 3; G. A.A. 1-3 (Treas.) 4; Girls Glee 1,2; Jaguar Journal 2; Jr. Honor Society 1, 2; Concert Choir 3,4 HOLMES. CHARLES College Prep: Washington Club 3 HOLZWARTH, ROBERT WILLIAM College Prep HOMESZYN, JOANNE Business: Booster Club 2; F.H.A. 2,3; F.N.C. 2-4 HOOVER, JOHN A. College Prep: Jr. Honor Society 1,2; Sr. Honor Society 3.4 HOUGH, JEROME FRANK College Prep HOUSE. DIANE LYNN Business L Arts: Aquettes 2-4; Booster 2-4; Cheerleading J.V. 2, V. 3,4; G.A.A. 2,3; Homecoming Court 4; Girls Glee 2,3; Im- print 3,4 (Treas.); Concert Choir 2,3 (Treas.); Student Council 3,4; United Nations 3; Washington Club 3 HOWARD, PHILIP DALE College Prep: Future Engineers 3,4; Track 1; Washington Club 3 HRDLICKA, SANDRA JO Arts: Art 1-4; Girls Glee 3; Concert Choir 4 HUIE, ROGER BRENT College Prep: Baracuda Club 2-4; Spanish Club 4; Swimming 1-4 (Co-Capt.) HYKE, STUART CHARLES College Prep: Allen Club 1-4 (Vice-Pres.); Humanities 2,3; Imprint 3; Jr. Honor Society 1,2; Latin Club 1,2; Sr. Honor Society 3,4; Washington Club 3 INDRE, VICTOR ALEXANDER College Prep: Baseball 1,2; Washington Club 3 JABLONSKI, DONALD General: Art 1, 2; Football 1,2; Math 2,3 JABLONSKI, THOMAS Arts: Rifle Club 2-4; Washington 3 JAMES, CHRISTOPHER LEE General: Boys Glee 2-4; Concert Choir 3,4; Washington Club 3 JAMESON, JAN MARGUERITE College Prep: G.A.A. 1-4; Imprint 3; J.C.L. 3; Latin Club 2,3; Rifle Club 2-4 (Sec.) JANKY, CHRISTINE A. College Prep: Booster Club 2,3; F.T.A. 2,3; Rifle 2,3; Girls Glee 3; Le Tricolore 2,3 JANNAZZO, RALPH GASPER College Prep: Boys Glee 1; Concert Choir 2-4; Math Club 3,4; Track 2; United Nations Club 3 JAMES. CHRISTINE HARRIET College Prep: Booster Club 2-4; F.H.A. 3,4; Dramatics Club 3,4; Girls Glee 3; Concert Choir 4; F.N.C. 2-4 JEFFREY, JAMES JOSEPH College Prep: Baseball 1-4 JEFFERY, NANCY ANN College Prep. Business: Booster Club 1-3; Dramatics 3,4; Le Cercle Francais 3 (Treas.); F.T.A. 2-4; Girls Glee 4; Humanities Club 2; Jr. Honor Society 1,2; Math Club 2; Sr. Honor Society 3,4; Le Tricolors 1,2; Washington Club 3; Senior Play 4 JENKINS, JOHN LEON College Prep: (Transferred from Madison Memorial High School, Madison, Ohio 2) Allen Club 2-4; Class Officer 4 (Vice-Pres.); Football 3,4 (Co-Capt.); Boys Glee 3; Concert Choir 4; Varsity Club 3,4 (Vice-Pres.) JOHANNES, KAREN DIANE College Prep. Business: Business Club 4; Le Cercle Francais 4; F.T.A. 3,4; F.N.C. 4; Jr. Honor Society 1,2; Sr. Honor Society 3, 4; Le Tricolore 3 JOHNSTON, SUZANNE KATHLEEN College Prep. Business: F.N.C. 2; Jr. Play 3; Library Assistant 3; Spanish Club 3,4 (Sec.); Sr. Play 4 JOLOKAI, GEORGE A. College Prep: Jaguar Journal 2-4; Press Club 2; Radio 3; Science Club 2 JONES, GLENN EDWARD Business JONES. JUDITH ANN Business: Booster Club 1,2; Girls Glee 3,4; Library Assistant 3 JORDAN, MICHAEL College Prep: Boys Glee 2,3; Concert Choir 4 JUTERBOCK, ANNE DEBORAH College Prep: Art Club 2; Imprint 3,4 KAISER, CHERYL MARIE College Prep: Dramatics 4; G.A.A. 1,2; Girls Glee 2; Humanities 2; Jr. Honor Society 1,2; Latin Club 2-4; Math Club 2-4; Concert Choir 3,4; Sr. Honor Society 3,4 KALTZ, GORDON LEE Arts: (Transferred from St. Frances Cabrlni High School, Allen Park, Mich. 3) KANEKO, GLEN TERRY College Prep: Allen Club 2-4; Baseball 1-4; Basketball 1-3; Football 1-4; Varsity Club 3.4; Washington Club 3 K ANN BERG. GREGORY MART College Prep: Football 1; Gymnastics 1; Track 1 KARSCHNICH. SUSAN RITA Business KENT, TERRY LEE College Prep: Radio 3 KERAMIDAS, DAVID A. College Prep: Baseball 4; Football 4; Sr. Honor Society 3,4 KESTER, DENNIS P. College Prep: (Transferred from Lowrey High School) Chess Club 3; Jaguar Journal 3 KILROY, DONNA HELENA Business: Booster Club 3,4; F.H.A. 3,4; G.A.A. 1-4 KILROY, DONALD B. College Prep: Jr. Honor Society 1,2 KIMBELL, JOHN VINCENT College Prep: Le Cercle Francais 1; Track 1,3,4 KLAASSEN, CHRISTOPHER A. Business KLACZA. PATRICIA ANN Business KLACZA, ROSEMARY Business KLINGLER, GARY MICHAEL College Prep: Allen Club 3.4; Baseball 2; Le Cercle Francais 3,4; Football Manager 1-3; Basketball 1-4; Jr. Honor Society 1,2; Sr. Honor Society 3,4; Le Tricolore 1 (Treas.) 2 (Pres.) 3.4; Le Trlcolore 1 (Treas.) 2 (Pres.); Varsity Club 4; Wolverine Boys State 4 KNOWLES, GEORGE MICHAEL College Prep: Washington Club 3 KOCSISKO, MADELEINE MARIE College Prep: F.T.A. 4; F.H.A. 4; F.N.C. 2-4; Spanish Club 4; Washington Club 3 KOOS, SANDRA JOSEPHINE Business KOPPITCH, LINDA LOUISE College Prep: Art Club 2-4; Dramatics Club 3,4; German Club 2; J.C.L. 1,2; Latin Club 1,2; Rifle Club 2 KOVAL. JAMES FRANCIS College Prep: Cross Country 2; Boys Glee 3; Concert Choir 4; Track 1,2 KOWALCHIK. GLORIA HELENA Business: Booster Club 1 KOWALCZYK. IRENE KATHERINE Business KRIEBEL, RONALD DAVID Business KROLL, JANICE ELIZABETH College Prep: F.T.A. 1,2; F.N.C. 2-4; J.C.L. 1.2; Latin Club 1,2 KUBALA. PATRICIA Business: Spanish Club 1 KWASNIESKI, CHERYL ANN College Prep Business: Booster Club 1-4; Dramatics Club 4; Jr. Honor Society 1, 2; Spanish Club 1-4; Washington Club 3 KWIATKOWKI, MICHAEL JOHN College Prep: Band 1-4; Math Club 2 LABELLE. RAYMOND JOHN College Prep: Allegro Club 3,4; Band 3,4; Latin Club 1,2 LAKATOS, LARANE BERNADETTE College Prep: Band 1 (Pres.) 2-4 (Librarian); Booster Club 1-4; Cheerleading J.V. 1,2 V. Swimming 3; Le Cercle Francais 4; G.A.A. 1-4 (Pres.); Girls Glee 2; Sr. Honor Society 1,2 (Vice-Pres.); Math Club 2; Concert Choir 3,4; Sr. Honor Society 3,4; Washington Club 3 LAMPTON, MICHAEL College Prep: (Transferred from Schafer High School 4) LANOUE. LINDA IRENE College Prep: (Transferred from Wayne Township High School, Dayton, Ohio 3) LA PLANTE. YVONNE MARIE College Prep: Booster Club 2,3; Cheerleading J.V. 3; Le Cercle Francais 3,4; (Transferred from Melvindale High School, Melvindale, Mich. 1) LEFA, RHONDA Business LEWANDOWSKI. JOHN H. Business: Track 1.2 LEWIS, ALLEN RAY College Prep: Jr. Honor Society 1,2; Spanish Club 4; United Nations Club 3 148SENIOR ACTIVITIES LDtDOW, CHARLES ROGER Arts: Baseball Manager 1; Football 1-3 LOCHER. GREGG Arts: (Transferred from St. Frances Cabrlni High School, Allen Park. Mich. 2) LOCHNER. KENNETH College Prep LOCKER. RICHARD WILLIAM College Prep: (Transferred from St. Frances Cabnni High School, Allen Park, Mich.) LOUGHERY, DONALD ALLEN College Prep: Student Council 1 LOVERA, MAR I LOU College Prep: Booster Club 2-4; Le Cercle Francais 3; F.H.A. 3; F.T.A. 2-4 (Sec.); G.A.A. 1- 3; J.C.L. 2-4; Latin Club 2-4; Sr. Honor Society 3,4; Le Tricolore 4 MAAS. JUDITH ANNE Business: Booster Club 2-4; F.H.A. 1; F.T.A. 4; G.A.A. 1-4 MACOMBER. CONSTANCE ARLENE Business: Business Club 3,4 MALONEY. MONICA JANE Business: Jaguar Journal 3 MANARD. MELANIE JEANNE College Prep: Le Cercle Francais 1; Girls Glee 3; Concert Choir 4; F.N.C. 1-4 MANGLAPANE, JOHN VINCENT College Prep: Art Club 4; Baseball 1-4; Basketball 1; Varsity Club 3,4 MANLAGO. LEO LOUIS College Prep: Latin Club 1; Spanish Club 1 MARCOS, CHRISTINE SHIRLEY Business MARSHALL, MARY ANN Business: Booster Club 3 MARTEN, PATRICIA Business: Booster Club 2; F.H.A. 4; G.A.A. 2; Concert Choir 4; Washington Club 3 MARTIN. ROBERT BRIAN College Prep: Baseball 1,2; Boys Glee 3,4; J.C.L. 1,2; Latin Club 2; Concert Choir 4 MARVIN. PAUL DENNIS Business: Le Cercle Francais 1; Boys Glee 3,4; Jaguar Journal 3 MATSUI, MARTIN College Prep: Base-Ball 1,2 MAZE1KA, BRUCE College Prep: Jr. Honor Society 1 McGRAW, DIANNE MARIE College Prep: Booster Club 1-4; Le Cercle Francais 3,4; F.H.A. 1; G.A.A. 1-4; Girls Glee 3,4; Science Club 1; Le Tricolore 2 McILROY, SARAH College Prep: Allen Club 2-4; Booster Club 2,3; Class Officer 1-4 (Sec); Dramatics Club 4; Le Cercle Francais 2-4; F.H.A. 2; G.A.A. 2,3; Girls Glee 3; Humanities Club 2; Imprint 4; Jr. Honor Society McINERNEY, JAMES MICHAEL College Prep: Wrestling 2 McKAY, JOHN C. College Prep: Boys Glee 1,2; Jaguar Journal 1; Rifle Club 1-3; Concert Choir 3,4; Tennis 2- 4; Track 1 McKELVEY, GLENN ROBERT College Prep: Trans, from Huron High School, Huron, Ohio (4) McKENZIE, DONALD E. Business: Trans, from St. Francis Cabrlni High School, Allen Park, Mich. (2) Jaguar Journal; Rifle Club 3,4 MCLAREN, PATRICIA JEANNE College Prep: Booster Club 4; Dramatics Club 4; F.H.A. 1; Girls Glee 4; Imprint 3,4; Library Assistant 1; Spanish Club 1; United Nations Club 3,4; Washington Club 3; F.N.C. 2,3 MEDVED, JOHN F. College Prep: Band 1; Business Club 1; Football 1-4; Varsity Club 3-4; Sr. Play 4 MERIDITH, PATRICIA ANN College Prep: Booster Club 2-4; Dramatics Club 3,4; Girls Glee 3,4; Spanish Club 2-4; Washington Club 3 MERILL, LINDA JEAN College Prep: Booster Club 4; F.H.A. 3; Spanish Club 2,3 MERRITT, RICHARD LAWRENCE College Prep: Football 1; Boys Glee 1-3; Concert Choir 4; Swimming 1 MESH INS Kl, JOYCE MARIE Business: F. N.C. 2 MILES, WILLIAM JAY College Prep: Dramatics Club 3,4; (News Ed) Jr. Play 3; Student Council 4; Le Trl-colore 1,2; Sr. Play 4 MILLER, SHARON CLAUDETTE Business, College Prep: Art Club 1,2; Booster Club 1,2; Dramatics Club 4; G. A.A. I; F.N.C. 1-4; Imprint 3,4 MILLNER, PATRICIA ANN College Prep: Trans, from St. Frances Cabrlni High School, Allen Park, Mich. (1) Booster Club 1,2; Dramatics Club 3,4; Humanities Club 1,2; Imprint 4; Latin Club 1,2; Childrens Theatre 3 MILOTZ, CHARLOTTE JEANNE College Prep: Aquettcs 3; Booster Club 2,4; Cheerleader 1; F.H.A. 3; G.A.A. 1,3; Jaguar Journal 4; Math Club 3,4; Press Club 2; Spanish Club I; (Sec); Le Tri-colore 3,4; Washington Club 3 MIS, THOMAS LEONARD College Prep: Baseball 3,4; Basketball 1; Jr. Honor Society 1,2 MISIEWICZ, PATRICIA Business MOLNAR, STEVE College Prep MOON, MARJORIE College Prep: Booster Club 1-4; Dramatics Club 3,4; F. T.A. 1-4; Girls Glee 2; Humanities Club 2; Jr. Honor Society 1,2; Le Tri-colore 3 (Treas.); Washington Club 3 MOORE, CATHY Business: Booster Club 1-3 (Sec-Treas.) 4; Cheerleader 3,4; F.H.A. 1,2; Humanities Club 2 MOSDEN, FRANCES HELEN General MURPHY. PATRICIA ANN Business: G. A.A. 1-3 MURRAY, KAREN ELIZABETH College Prep: Booster Club 1-4; F.T.A. 1; Boys Glee (Accomp) Girls Glee 4; Humanities Club 2; J.C.L. 1-4; Latin Club 1-3 (Treas.) 4; Math Club 3,4; Sr. Play 4 MURRELL, WILLIAM College Prep MUSA, ELLEN, PATRICIA College Prep: Booster Club 3,4; F.H.A. 2; F.N.C. 2,4; Jaguar Journal 1; Jr. Honor Society 1,2; Press Club 1; Washington Club 3 MUSSO, LAWRENCE PETER Arts MYRANT, DAVID College Prep NAGEL, NANCY ELLEN College Prep: Booster Club 1; Le Cercle Francais 2-4; G.A.A. 1,2; Jr. Honor Society 1,2; Science Club 2; Le Tricolore 1; Washington Club 3 NAGY, PHILIP LOUIS Industrial Arts: Future Engineers 3; Gymnastics 1,2 NEIFERT, JOHN FRANKLIN Industrial Arts: Football 1-3 NEITZEL, DALE WILLIAM College Prep NEMETH, JAMES STEPHEN College Prep: J.C.L. 2-4; Latin Club 3,4; Math Club 3 (Pres.); Science Club 4; Sr. Honor Society 3,4; Track 1 NEW LAND. KATHLEEN J. College Prep: Art Club 2; Dramatics Club 4; Le Cercle Francais 4; F.N.C. 4; J.C.L. 1,2; Latin Club 1,2 N1CHOLLS, RICHARD THOMAS CoUege Prep NICKELS, TERRY F. CoUege Prep: Baseball 1,2; Basketball 1-4 (Co-Capt); Boys Glee 4; Student Council 1; Varsity Club 3,4; Football 1,2 NICKERSON. BRUCE MICHAEL General: Gymnastics 1 N1EMCEK, CHRISTINE CAROLE CoUege Prep: Art Club 2; Booster Club 1; Cheerleader 1; Class Treas. 1; Le Cercle Francais 1; G.A.A. 1,2; Humanities Club 2; Imprint 3: Jr. Honor Society 1,2; Student Council 1; Le Tricolore 2 NOWICKE, ROBERT RAYMOND CoUege Prep: Track 1,2 NUFFER, ROY ALLAN College Prep: J.C.L. 2,3 OAKES, DORIS JEAN Business: G.A.A. 2; Le Trlcolore 2,3 OBRYCK1, GREGORY General: Trans, from St. Frances Gabrini High School, Allen Park, Mich. (3): Boys Glee 4; Gymnastics 4 OGEN, JOHN JAMES Business: Boys Glee 2; Boys Future Homemakers 4; Football 2-4; Concert Choir 3,4; Varsity Club 3,4; Washington Club 3 OJALA, KENNETH EDWARD College Prep: Le Cercle Francais 2-4; V.C.Y. 1-3; Jr. Honor Society 1,2; Le Tricolore 1 OLSON, NANCI General: F.H.A. I; Library Assistant 4 ORSICK. DOR THY MARY Business: Booster Club 4; Cheerleader 1; Class Officer 1; G.A.A. 1; Jaguar Journal 4; Student Council 1 06BORN, JUDITH LYNN College Prep: F.H.A. 3; Girls Glee 3; Library Assistant 3; Spanish Club 3 OSINSKI, PATRICIA ANN CoUege Prep: Band 1-4; Booster Club 3,4; Dramatics Club 3,4; FHA 3,4 (Treas.); GAA 1,2; Girls Glee 3; JCL 2-4; Jr. Honor Society 1,2; Latin Club 2,3; Concert Choir 4; United Nations Club 3,4; FNC 2-4 06MAN, MICHAEL GEORGE Business: Football 1; Gymnastics 2; Track 1,2 PACHUTA, CHERYL CHRISTINE College Prep: Booster Club 2.3; FHA 2; GAA 2; FNC 2; Press Club 2,4; Le Tricolore 2,3 PAGE, DENNIS GEORGE Arts: 3,4; Baseball 2,4; JCL 2; Latin Club 2; Washington Club 3 PAGL1A, DOUGLAS ERNEST Business: Band 1; Baracuda Club 2; Football 1,2; Radio 4; Rifle Club 4, Swimming 1,2; Wrestling 3 PALCZYNSKI, SUSAN MAE Business: Booster Club 2; Business Club 3,4; FHA 2-4; Girls Glee 3; Jr. Play 3; Concert Choir 4 PAUNG, JAMES DANIEL CoUege Prep: Baseball 1-4; Basketball 1-3; Football 1- 4 (Co-Capt); Spanish Club 2,3; Student CouncU 2; Track 1,2; Varsity Club 2-4 (Pres); Washington Club 3 PANIK, HELEN THERESA CoUege Prep Business: Aquettes 1,2; Imprint 4; Library Assistant 4 PANOZZO, JUDY ANN Business L College Prep PAPKE, SUSAN GAIL College Prep: Trans, from Rancho Cordova High School, Rancho Cordova, Calif. (3); DramaUcs Club 3,4; FHA 3,4; FTA 3; FNC 3,4 PARA, BARBARA JANE Business: Booster Club 2; Business Club 4; JCL 2- 4; Latin Club 2-4; Library Assistant 1 PAR1S1, ANTHONY LEE General: Basketball 1-3; Cross Country 1; Football 1-3; Track 2 PARKS. SHIRLEY MARGUARITE CoUege Prep: Booster Club 4; Dramatics Club 4; FT A 3; Girls Glee 3.4; Imprint 4; United Nations Club 3.4; Washington Club 3 PARR, JUDITH ANN Business: Booster Club 2-4; Business Club 4; FNC 3,4; Library Assistant 3; Washington Club 3 PARSON, VERA JANE College Prep: Allen Club 3,4; Band 1 (Sec.) 2-4; Dramatics Club 3,4 (Sec); Le Cercle Francais 3 (V. Pres); Le Tricolore 2; Washington Club 3; Thespian Society 4; FNC 2; Jr. Honor Society 1,2; Sr. Honor Society 3,4; GAA 149SENIOR ACTIVITIES PATF.RA, GREGORY LEON College Prep: Allegro Club 2,4; Band 1-4; Jr. Honor Society 1,2; Washington Club 3 PEARSON, LINDA GAIL College Prep: Aquettes 1-4; Le Cercle Francais 1; GAA 3,4; FNC 2-4; Jr. Honor Society 1,2; United Nations Club 3 PELL, GARY College Prep: Math Club 3.4 PERDONIK, KATHERINE Z. College Prep: Booster Club 2,3; Dramatics Club 3; FHA 2,3; Humanities Club 2; Imprint 4; Jaguar Journal 2-4; Press Club 2-4; Le Tricolore 2; United Nations Club 3.4; FNC 2 PERLAKI, KAREN ANN College Prep: Trans. Irom Ruddiman Jr. High School (2); Dramatics Club 4; Humanities Club 2; JCL 2-4; Latin Club 2-4; United Nations Club 4 PHILLIPS, GARY CHARLES College Prep: Baseball 1-4; Basketball 1-4; (Co-Capt); Future Engineers 3.4; Football 1,3,4; Science Club 2,3; Track 3; Varsity Club 3,4 PICCION1, ARLENE College Prep: Booster Club 3,4; Dramatics Club 4; Imprint 3,4; JCL 2-4; Jr. Honor Society 1,2; Jr. Play 3; Latin Club 2-4; Math Club 3 (Treas.); Sr. Honor Society 3,4; Student Council 4 (Treas.I; Sr. Play 4; Spanish Club 1; GAA 1-4; FTA 3.4; Homecoming Court 4; Girls Glee 4 POLLICK, PHILIP JOHN College Prep: Humanities 2; Jaguar Journal 2-4; Press Club 2; Spanish Club 3,4; (Pres); Track 1-3; Le Tricolore 1; Math Club 3 POLNICKY, DONN R. College Prep: Jr. Honor Society 1,2; Swimming 4 PRESLEY, SUSAN VALERIE Business: Business Club 4; FHA 4 PRICE, SUSAN J. Business: Booster Club 4; Business Club 4; Girls Glee 3; Humanities Club 1; Concert Choir 4 PROTIVA, JERRY VINCENT Arts: Art Club 1-4 PUCHALA, ROMAN College Prep: Baseball 4; JCL 3; Latin Club 2,3; Swim-ming 4; Washington Club 3 QUICK, JOHN BRUCE College Prep: Allen Club 1-4; Basketball 1-4; (Mgr) Class Officer 2,3 (Pres); Le Cercle Francais 3; Football 1-4: Imprint 3,4; Student Council 2-4 (Pres); Track 1-4; Le Tricolore 1,2; Varsity Club 3,4; Washington Club 3 RABEYSHOFF, MARTHA Business: Booster Club 3; FNC 3.4 RAETHER, MADELYN SUE General: GAA 1 RAMOZ, RONALD Business: Baseball 1; Swimming 1-4; Track 1,2; Wrestling 3.4 RANDALL, JAMES SCOTT College Prep: Allen Club 2-4; Cross Country 3,4; Baracuda Club 3,4; Football 1,4; Boys Glee 3; Jr. Honor Society 1,2; Sr. Honor Society 3,4; Swimming 1-4; Track 1-4; Varsity Club 3,4 RARIDEN, JANICE A. College Prep: Band 1-4; Humanities 2; Jr. Honor Society 1,2 RASIZZI, DANIEL General REED, ERNEST PAUL Industrial Arts: Baseball 1-3; Football 1,2 REILLY, RENEE ADEL Business: Booster Club 2; Business Club 4; Dramatics Club 3; GAA 1; Washington Club 3 REILLY, TIMOTHY College Prep: Gymnastics 1-3 (Capt) 4 (Capt); Jaguar Journal 1,2; Track 1; Varsity Club 2-4 REIN, SHERRI MARIE Business: Business Club 4; Dramatics Club 4; GAA 2; FNC 2-4 RENEAU, FRANCES E. College Prep: Booster Club 1,2; Business Club 2-4; Math Club 4; Science Club 4; FNC 1,2 RENNIE, JANICE KAYE Business: Booster Club 2,3; FNC 2-4 RENNIE, EARL ROBERT Arts: Baracuda Club 3; Football 1-4; Boys Glee 1; Gymnastics 1; Concert Choir 2-4; Swimming 1-3; Track 1; Varsity Club 3.4 RINNA, ANGELINA Business College Prep: FTA 4; FNC 1-3 (Treas) Sr. Honor Society 3,4; Spanish Club 2,4 ROBOSAN, ROBERT College Prep: Basketball 1; Football 1; Gymnastics 3,4; Varsity Club 4 ROGOZINSKI, ALLEN CHESTER Arts: Football 1; Boys Glee 3; Concert Choir 4 ROLANDO, NANCY LOUISE College Prep. Business: Allen Club 3,4; Booster Club 3,4; FTA 3,4; GAA 1-4 (Sr. Rep.); Imprint 4; JCL 2-4; Jr. Honor Society 1.2; Latin Club 2,3; Concert Choir 4: Spanish Club 1; Sr. Play 4 ROMPEL. CAROLYN ANN Business ROYCE. DENNIS KEITH Arts Boys Glee 2; Concert Choir 3.4 RUETZ, C. RICHARD General: Basketball 1; Football 1-4; Boys Glee 2; Library Assistant 4; Concert Choir 3,4; Varsity Club 3.4 RUSHLAU. DENNIS ALLEN College Prep SANDOR, CYNTHIA Business: FHA 2-4; GAA 2; FNC 2-4 SASSONE. SHEILA ANNE Business SCALICI, CYNTHIA C. Business: Booster Club 1.2; Business Club 4; FHA 4; FTA I; FNC 1-4; Library Assistant 4; Washington Club 3 SCHEEL, ROBERT O. Business: Band 1 SCHIPPLING, GARY ALBERT General: Football 1,2,4; Gymnastics 3,4; Varsity Club 4 SCHMIDT. PATRICIA ANN College Prep: G.A.A. 1; Jaguar Journal 4; Library Ass’t 1,4; Spanish Club 1,2; Le Tricolore 3 SCHROEDER, MICHAEL LEE Business SCHUELKE, NANCI CAROLE General SCHWANDT, RICHARD T. College Prep: Baseball 1 SCODELLARO. GARY M. Industrial Arts: Swimming 1; United Nations 3 SCOVILL. NICHOLAS DAVID Arts: Track 3 SEABLOOM, LINDA MAE College Prep: Band 1-4; J.C.L. 2-4; Jr. Honor Society 1-2; Latin Club 2-4; Washington Club 3; F.N.C. 1-4; Majorettes 4 SEARS. LAWRENCE JAMES College Prep: Basketball I; Tennis 2-4; Le Trlcolore 2; Washington Club 3 SEGU1N, LINDA L. Business SELAN, CHARLES J. College Prep: Trans, from Ecorse High School, Ecorse, Michigan (3) SEMAN, DENNIS THOMAS College Prep: Baracuda Club 2-4; Swimming 1-4; Math Club 3,4; Track 1 SHADE. CANDICE EILEEN College Prep: Aquettes 3.4; F.T.A. 3; G.A.A. 3,4; Jaguar Journal 3,4; Press Club 3,4; Spanish Club 2-4 SHANKIE, ROBERT WILLIAM College Prep: Press Club 3,4; Sr. Honor Society 3,4; Washington Club 3; Wrestling 1 SHERWOOD. LINDA J. Business A College Prep: Business Club 4; Booster Club 1,2; F.H.A. 4; F.N.C. 1-4; Library Ass’t 3,4 SIKORA, DONALD FRANK College Prep: Basketball 1-4; Le Circle Francais 1,2; Football 1; Math Club 3; Varsity Club 4 SIMMONS. TERRY E. General SIMON. MICHAEL ANTHONY College Prep: Trans, from Flatrock High School, Flatrock, Michigan (4) SIPPOLA. ROBERT EDWIN College Prep: Allen Club 2-4; Band 1,2; (Librarian) Jr. Honor Society 1,2; Math Club 2.3 (Pres,); Sr. Honor Society 3,4; (Rep.) Washington Club 3 (Bus. Mgr.) SISKO, RITA FELICIA Business: Trans, from John Rundle High School, Grenda, Miss. (4); Business Club 4 SLATER. GEORGE FRANCES College Prep: Jaguar 3,4; Track 1 SLEATH. HENRY WILLIAM College Prep: SMITH. DONALD E. Business: Cross Country 4; Track 4 SMITH, DONALD H. College Prep: Future Engineers 1; Rifle Club 2; Washington Club 3 SMITH. GAIL ETHEL College Prep: Trans, from Davidson Jr. High School, Southgate Michigan. (2); Band 1-4; Booster Club 3,4; G.A.A. 3; J.C.L. 2-4; Latin Club 2-4; Sr. Honor Society 3,4; United Nations Club 3, (Treas.) 4; F.N.C. 3,4 (Sec.) SMITH, KAREN ELIZABETH College Prep: Band Majorette 1-4; F.T.A. 1,2; Jr. Honor Society 1,2; Math Club 2; Sr. Honor Society 3.4; (Sec.) Spanish Club 2; Wolverine Girls State 3; FNC 2 SMITH. PAMELA KAY General: Girls Glee 3; Concert Choir 4 SMITH. PATRICK THOMAS College Prep: Allegro Club 1; Band 1-3 SMOLAK. ANNETTE College Prep: Booster Club 1-4; FHA 1; FTA 2-4; (V. Pres); Library Assistant 1; Spanish Club 1; Cheerleader 1 SOBASZEK. SHERRY MARIE Business: Aquettes 2-4; Swimming Cheerleader 3; Business Club 4 (Pres); GAA 1-3; JCL 2.3; Latin Club 2,3 SOKOL, LESLIE ANN Business: Booster Club 1-3; Jaguar Journal 1.2; Press Club 2 SONAGERE, CAROL EMILY College Prep: Le Cercle Francais 3.4; Sr. Honor Society 3.4; Le Tricolore 2; United Nations Club 3.4 SPLAN. DAVID WILLIAM College Prep: Baseball 1; Basketball 1; Football 1; Latin Club 2 SRYNIAWSKI, CYNTHIA MARIE Business: Art C'.ub 2; Business Club 4 (Sgt. of Arms); Imprint 3,4; GAA 1,2; Washington Club 3 STANIS, SUZANNE LORRAINE College Prep: Allen Cldb 3,4; Booster Club 2-4; Cheerleader 4; Dramatics Club 2; FHA 3; FTA 1-3; GAA 2-4; (Social Chairman); Imprint 3.4; Jr. Honor Society 1.2; Math Club 3 (sec); Press Club 1-3; Sr. Honor Society 3.4; Le Trlcolore 1.2; Washington Club 3 STECKO, RONALD GENE General: Basketball 1 STEELE. BRENDA JOYCE College Prep: FTA 4; Girls Glee 3; Concert Choir 4 STEWART, JOHN General STOKLOSA, JOANN MARIE Business: Booster Club 1-3; Dramatics Club 2; Le Cercle Francais 3; FHA 2; FTA 2; GAA 1; Girls Glee 2.3; Jaguar Journal 2; Le Trlcolore 1.2 STOWE. JACQUELYN ANN College Prep: Le Cercle Francais 2; FTA 3.4; Girls Glee 3; Concert Choir 4; Le Trlcolore 3 SVITKOVICH. JOANN MARIE College Prep: Band 2-4; Majorette 4; Jaguar Journal 3; Spanish Club 2; Washington Club 3 150SENIOR ACTIVITIES SWARTZBAUGH. FAYE JEAN College Prep: Booster Club 2-4; Le Cercle Francals 2-4; GAA 2.3; Girls Glee 2; Jaguar Journal 1.2; Press Club 1.2; Concert Choir 3.4; Le Tricolore 1 SW1DER. GERALD ANTHONY College Prep: Trans, from C'hadsey High School. Detroit. Michigan (3) SWIERZB. PATRICIA ANN Business SWITZER. ROBERT LAWRENCE General: Baseball 1-4; Football 1.2.4 SZALAY. JUDY ANN Business: Girls Glee 3; Rifle Club 3; Concert Choir 4; Washington Club 3 SZOSTEK. JAMES H. College Prep: Baseball 1.2; Basketball 1,2; Football 1-4; Spanish Club 1; Track 3.4; Varsity Club 3.4 TAKEI. BARBARA D. College Prep: Booster Club 1; Class Officer 2. (V. Pres); Rifle Club 2; (Treas); Science Cldb 2; Student Council 1; Le Tricolore 2 TALLON, THOMAS MICHAEL College Preparatory: Trans, from St. Frances Cabrinl High School. Allen Park. Mich. (3) TAMAS. ANN ELIZABETH Business TAMOSHUNAS. JOANN LUCILLE College Prep: Debate 4; Dramatics Club 1- 4; Le Cercle Francals 3.4; JCL I; Jr. Honor Society 1.2; Le Tricolore 2; FNC 1,2.3, (V. Pres). 4 TANNER. LARRY College Prep TANNER. MOREY GEORGE General: Basketball 1-4; Football 1; Boys Glee 2; Concert Choir 3.4; Track 1; Washington Club 3 THIBODEAU, LINDA R. College Prep: Allen Club 3.4; Booster Club 2.3,4; Le Cercle Francals 3; GAA 1-4; Girls Glee 4; Imprint 3.4; Jaguar Journal 1,2; Press Club 2; Sr. Honor Society 3.4; Student Council 2,4; Le Trlcolore 2 (Treas), Washington 3 (Sec-Treas) THOMAS. DAVID JAMES College Prep: Imprint 3; Track 1-4, (Co-Capt); Varsity Club 3,4; Court King 4 THOMAS. GLORIA JEAN College Prep: Concert Choir 4; Sr. Honor Society 3.4 THOMPSON. STEPHANIE ANN Business: Business Club 4. (Treas); FHA 2; Library Assistant 4; Washington Club 3; FNC 2.3 TISOT. KATHLEEN JANE College Prep: Allen Club 3.4; JCL 1-4; Jr. Honor Society 3.4; Wolverine Girls State 3; FNC 1.2 (V. Pres), 3.4 (Pres) TOLZDORF. THOMAS MARK College Prep: Baseball 1.2; Football 1.2: Rifle Club 4; Spanish Club 3.4; Student Council 1; Track 3.4; Washington Club 3; Class Officer 1 TOROK. CYNTHIA GAIL Business TOTH. LYNN MARIE Business: Trans, from Trenton High School. Trenton, Mich. 4 TRAUB. WILLIAM JAMES College Prep: Gymnastics 3,4 TREMONTI, GREGORY ALEXANDER College Prep: Allen Ch 3,4; Basketball 1; JCL 2-4; Jr. Honor Society 1,2; Latin Club 2-4; Track 1-4; Washington Club 3 (Bus. Mgr.) TRIONF1, FRANK JAMES College Prep: Baseball 1.2; Basketball 2; Class Officer 3 (V. Pres.) 4 (Pres.); Football 1-4; Math Club 3; Student Council 4; Track 3; Varsity Club 3.4 TROMINSKI, THERESA Business TUCKER. JAMES A. College Prep: Allegro 1-3; Band 1-3; Swimming 1 TURIS. CATHLEEN MARY CoUege Prep: Booster Club 2.3; FTA 3.4; JCL 2-4; Latin Club 2-4; United Nations Club 2- 4; FNC 1-3,4 (Treas.) TYE. MARILYN RUTH College Prep: Band 1-4; JCL 2-4; Latin Club 2.3 TYZA. WALTER JOHN College Prep: Band 1.2; Football 1; Spanish Club 4; Track 1 UMBARGER, TAR! CECILS College Prep: Booster Club 1-4; Girls Glee 3.4 (accomp.); Humanities Club 2; Latin Club 1-4; Library Ass’t 3; Math Club 3; Dramatics Club 3 VALINT. MARIE College Prep Business: Le Cercle Francals 1; FHA 1; GAA 1 VANCOOLEY, MARY BETH College Prep: Class Officer 1 (Treas.); Girls Glee 3; Concert Choir 4, Le Tricolore 1.2; Washington 3 VANSICKEL. JAMES RHINER College Prep: Allen Club 3.4 VANSICKEL. LINDA GWYN CoUege Prep: Trans, from Lorain High School, Lorain. Ohio (2); Allen Club 3.4; Booster Club 2-4; Cheerleading Mascot 4; Dramatics Club 3.4; Imprint 3 (Photog. Ed.) 4 (Co-Editor); Jr. Play 3; Spanish Club 4; Student Council 1.4; United Nations Club 3 (Sec); Washington Club 3; Sr. Play 4; Childrens Theatre 4 VANWULFEN. ELSIE IREENE College Prep: Booster Club 1-4; Dramatics Club 2-4; F.T.A. 2-4; Girls Glee 4; JCL 1-4; Latin Club 1-4; United Nations Club 3.4; Sr. Play 3 VARADY. DAVID L. Business VINCENT. RICHARD ALAN Arts: Football 1; Rifle Club 1 WADDELL. DIANE GRACE Business: FHA 1; GAA 1-3; FTA 1 WAGEL. PATRICK ALLEN Arts: Trans, from St. Francis Cabrinl High School. Allen Park. Mich. (1) WAINIO, DAVID RUSSEL College Prep: Boys dee 4 WALKER. THEODORE College Prep: Basketball 1,2; Band 1 WALTERS. SHARYL LEE Business: Booster Club 3; Business 4; Library Ass't. 1; Washington 3 WARREN. D. YVONNE College Prep: Band 2.3.4; Le Cercle Francals 2; GAA 2; Washington Club 3 WATSON. RONALD WAYNE Arts. WATT. RUTH HELEN General: Girls Glee 3.4; Library Ass't. 2 WEIDENBERGER. ERNEST ALBERT College Prep: Chess Club 1 WENSEL. LINDA CoUege Prep WENZLOFF. GREGORY RAYMOND CoUege Prep: Basketball 1; Rifle Club 1.2,3. (Pres.), 4 (Pres.); Sr. Honor Society 3,4; Science Club 1 WERNER, DAVID ALLEN CoUege Prep: Basketball 1-3; Football 1,3,4; Jr. Honor Society 1 (Pres.) 2; Sr. Honor Society 3,4; Track 1,3,4; Varsity Club 3.4; Washington Club 3 WESHALEK. STEPHEN F. College Prep: Baseball; Football; Varsity Club 3.4 WESSEL. KATHERINE KRISTINE Business: Booster Club 1; G.A.A. 2; F.N.C. 1-3; J.C.L. 2.3; Rifle Club 3 WESTERICK. CAROLE JEAN College Prep: Allen Club 2,3,4; Booster 1.2. 3.4; Cheerleader 2,3,4 (Capt.); Dramatics Club 2.3.4; F.T.A. 2; G.A.A. 1-4; Homecoming Queen 4; Imprint 3.4; Jaguar Journal 1.2; Jr. Honor Society 1.2; Library Ass't. 4; Math Club 3; Press Club 1.2; Spanish Club 2,3.4; Student Council 2,3.4 (Sec.); Washington Club 3; Sr. Play 4; Childrens Theatre 4 WEYAND. GERALD College Prep: AUe-gro Club 1-4; Band 1-4; Football 1; J.C.L. 3; Jr. Honor Society 1,2; Latin Club 3; Math Club 3; Sr. Honor Society 3.4; Track 3.4 WHITCOMBE. BRUCE KENNETH College Prep WHITE. GREGORY ALLEN CoUege Prep: Trans, from St. Francis Cabrinl High School. Allen Park. Mich. (3); Track 3.4; Varsity Club 3.4 WICOPOLSKI, ROSEMARY Business: Business Club 4; F.N.C. 1-3 (Sec) WIGGINTON. RICHARD RAY CoUege Prep: Basketball 1; Football 1; Latin CMb 2.3 WILES. JAMES THOMAS CoUege Prep: Baracuda Club 2; Football 1; Boys Glee 3; Concert Choir 4; Science Club 4; Swimming 1,2; Track 1 WILK. JAMES ROBERT CoUege Prep: Track 1 WILLIAMS. DAVID General-Arts WILLIAMS. MICHAEL JOHN College Prep: Boys Glee 3; Concert Choir 4 WILSON. DONNA LEA College Prep: Dramatics Club 4; F.H.A. 1; F.T.A. I; Humanities 1; Jaguar Journal 1.2,3.4, (Ed.-in-Chief); J.C.L. 2; Latin Club 2; Press Club 1 WINTER. CYNTHIA SUE Business: Booster Club 3.4; Washington Club 3 WISE. KAREN MARGARET CoUege Prep: Allen Club 2,3.4; Booster Club 1,2,3,4; (Pres.); F.H.A. 1.2; G.A.A. 2.3.4 (V. Pres); Girls Glee 4; Homecoming Court 4; Imprint 3,4; Spanish Club 3,4; Student Council 1; Washington Club 3; F.N.C. 1.2.3 WISNER. PAMELA DAWN CoUege Prep: Booster 3.4; Dramatics Club 3.4; Le Cercle Francals 3.4; F.T.A. 2.3; G.A.A. 1; Humanities Club 2; Jr. Play 3; Le Tricolore 2; Washington Club 3; Sr. Play 4; F.N.C. 1 WITBERG. JOHN MARTIN Arts: Baracuda Club 2; Cross Country 3; Swimming 1,2; Track 1,2,3.4; Varsity Club 3.4 WOERTINK. CHRISTINE MARIE CoUege Prep: AUen Club 3.4; Art Club 2; Girls Glee 3; Humanities 2; Imprint 3.4 (Art Ed.); J.C.L. 2.3.4; Jr. Honor Society 1.2; Latin Club 2,3,4; Library Ass't. 4; Concert Choir 4; Sr. Honor Society 3.4; Student Council 1 WOJCIECHOWSKI. JOHN DAVID College Prep: Basketball 1; Jr. Play 3; Swimming 2; Washington Club 3; Sr. Play 4 WOLICKJ. MARTIN Arts WOLF. TERRILL F. College Prep: Rifle Club 1; Track 1 WRIGHT. LOWELL CHARLES Business: Baseball 1 YANK. GLENN EDWARD College Prep: Wrestling 2 YANKOWSK1. SANDRA LOUISE Business: Washington Club 3 YOAKAM. SUZETTE LOUISE College Prep: Booster Club 2.3,4; Imprint 3; Washington Club 3 ZELEJI. MALLORY ANN Business: Booster Club 3,4 ZIMMERMAN. CHARLES EDGAR College Prep ZOLKOWSKI. WILIAM ADAM College Prep: Allegro Club 2.3.4; AUen Club 2,3.4; Band 3,4 (V. Pres.); Baseball 1; Football 1-4; Jr. Honor Society 1,2; Jr. Play 3; Sr. Honor Society 3,4 (Pres.) Student CouncU 2,3; Varsity Club 2,3,4; Wrestling 1,2,3,4 (Capt) ZOLYNSKI, LAURA JO CoUege Prep: Trans, from St. Mary’s Academy (3), Monroe, Mich. Girls Glee 4 EDWARDS BROTHERS, INC. Ann Arbor Michigan 151THANK YOU PATRONS! Mrs. V. Aberasturi Mr. Mrs. Everett Ames Mr. Mrs. Walter Andonian Mr. Mrs. John J. Arabucki Doctor Mrs. Robert M. Ashe Mr. Mrs. James Asteriou Mr. Mrs. William Balias Mr. Zoltan W. Balog Mr. Mrs. Julius M. Balogh Mr. Mrs. Joseph M. Basalyga Mr. Mrs. James M. Basman Mr. Mrs. William Beier Mrs. Dorothy M. Bragunier Mr. Mrs. Edward S. Broniak Mr. Mrs. Newell Brown Mr. Mrs. Bruce R. Bryan Mr. Mrs. Frank P. Buono Mr. Mrs. Laddie C. Campbell Sr. Mr. Mrs. James G. Cargill Mr. Mrs. Richard D. Carter Mr. Mrs. Harry W. Clark Wanda E. North Coleman Mr. Mrs. Raymond T. Cook Mr. Mrs. Robert Crabtree Mr. Mrs. Donald A. Davis Mr. Mrs. Raymond De Marco Mr. Mrs. Jim Dodds Mr. Mrs. Frank Donaldson Mr. Mrs. Russell Dowling Mr. Mrs. Robert Draper Mr. Mrs. John W. Early Mr. Mrs. James Fadool Mr. Mrs.Louis L. Ferguson Mr. Mrs. John H. Fields, Sr. Mr. Mrs. Harold M. Fimmen Mr. Mrs. Thomas Fountain Mr. Mrs. Raymond A. Franklin Mr. Mrs. Charles Fraser Mr. Mra Frank Fregonara Doctor Mrs. Thomas Ganos Mr. Mrs. F. H. Gawlas Mr. Mrs. Martin F. Gibbons Mr. Mrs. Herbert Goltry Mr. Mrs. Leo A. Gorajek Mr. Mrs. Frederick J. Goulait Mr. Mrs. Donald Grosh Mr. Mrs. Charles J. Grosso Mr. Mrs. Willard S. Holmes Mr. Mrs. Louis Homeszyn Mr. Mrs. Lovel Howard Mr. Mrs. Jerome F. Hough, Sr. Mr. Mrs. William M. House Mr. Mrs. Edward Hyke Mr. Mrs. Victor Indre Mr. Mrs. Henry James Mr. Mrs. A. M. Jeffrey Mr. Mrs. J. Leon Jenkins Mr. Mrs. Earl Johnson Mr. Mrs. James M. Johnston Mr. Mrs. John Kaiser Mr. Mrs. Ralph C. Kaltz Roy T. and Sumi Kaneko Mr. Mrs. Rex Klingler Mr. Mrs. L. Koppitch Mrs. Charles Kroll Mr. Mrs. Z. B. Kubala Mr. Mrs. Stephen J. Lakatos, Jr. Mrs. Gertrude Lewandowski Mr. Mrs. Alfred R. Locker Mr. Mrs. Joseph C. Maloney Mr. Mrs. Robert Martin Mr. Mrs. Hugh Mcllroy Mr. Leonard D. Marvin Mr. Mrs. Frank McKay Mr. W. T. Miles Mr. Mrs. Eugene H. Milotz Mr. Mrs. Leonard T. Mis Mr. Mrs. R. H. Murray Mr. Mrs. John F. Musa Mr. Harry Nagel Mr. Mrs. Stanley Neitzel Mr. Mrs. William Nemeth Mr. Mrs. W. A. Niemcek Mr. Mrs. Fred Orsick Mr. Mrs. Martin Pachuta Mr. Mrs. George Page Mr. Mrs. Edward Palczynski Mr. Mrs. Fred Paling Mr. Mrs. Silvio Panozzo Mr. Mrs. Zack Parr Mr. Mrs. Gordan Parsons Mr. Mrs. Floyd H. Pearson Mr. Mrs. Henry Piccioni Mr. Mrs. John A. Pollick Mr. Mrs. James Presley Mr. Mrs. J. K. Price Mr. Mrs. Puchala Mr. Mrs. John Quick Mr. Mrs. W. A. Randall Mr. Mrs. Ross Reilly Mr. Mrs. William M. Reilly Mrs. B. A. Royce Mr. Mrs. Robert Sc heel Mr. Mrs. Albert Schippling Mr. Mrs. Karl J. Schmit Mr. Mrs. R. E. Schwandt Mr. Mrs. Harold R. Scovill Mr. Mrs. Fred Seabloom Mr. Mrs. James W. Sears Mr. Mrs. Albert C. Selan Mr. Mrs. Robert Shade Mr. Mrs. Harry C. Sisco Mr. Mrs. John H. Smith Virginia Smith Mr. Mrs. Tony Smolak Mr. Mrs. Stanley E. Sobaszek Mr. Mrs. Joseph C. Stoklosa Mr. Mrs. Frank Sryniawski Mr. Mrs. Louis Svitkovich Mr . Mrs. John Swider Mr. Mrs. Clarence Tallon Mr. Mrs. Joseph Tamoshunas Mr. Mrs. James Tisot Mr. Mrs. Norman Tremonti Mr. Mrs. Frank L. Trionfi Mr. Mrs. Cecil J. Umbarger Mr. Mrs. J. R. Van Sickel Mrs. J. R. Van Sickel Mr. Mrs. Frank R. VanWulfen, Sr Mr. Mrs. J. Wadowski Mr. Mrs. Robert Walters Mr. Mrs. Harry J. Wensel Mr. Mrs. Douglas Wenzloff Mr. Mrs. Edwin A. Werner Doctor and Mrs. Stephen Weshalek Mr. Mrs. Gilbert Westrick Mr. Mrs. Gerald Weyand Mr. Mrs. Luther T. Wiles Mr. Mrs. Norman Williams Mr. Mrs. Terrence Wise Mr. Mrs. Clifton E. Wisner Mr. Mrs. Woertink Mr. Mrs. Fred Yoakum Mr. Mrs. William Zolkowski

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