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ALLEN PARK HIGH SCHOOL A PUBLICATION OF THE CLASS OF 1965 18401 CHAMPAIGN ROAD ALLEN PARK, MICH. 48101INTRODUCTION An imprint is a mark made by pressure or an impressed effect of the mind or memory. All impressions of persons or things received in early life are of great importance and of long duration. Therefore, they are factors of molding a child's mind, developing his potentials, and paving his future. Superintendent, William C. Harris The High School “Imprint" is but a book, a gallery of pictures, and memories reflecting the students' activities from impressions he received through study, play and associations during his high school years. As a result of these impressions, he leaves behind an imprint as he fortifies and develops these impressions through his own efforts throughout his life. 2The Board of Education Conducting the operation of Allen Park High School is indeed a monumental task. The Board of Education, the Superintendent, the Assistant Superintendent, the Principal and the Assistant Principal, daily make decisions which effect and enhance the education of Allen Park students-students who, in the near future, will take their place in society as citizens and leaders. The administrative staff faces a never-ending challenge as it strives to prepare Allen Park students to meet the complexities of our scientific age. Due to the resignation of Mr. Herbert and Mrs. Zsenyuk, Mrs. Kathryn Sweets and Mr. Arthur Hayes have been appointed to take their place. MR. JOHN WYSOSKI Assistant Superintendent MR. FRED BAILEY Business Manager MR. JAMES ARMSTRONG Treasurer MR. CLIFTON FELLOWS President MR. DESMOND HERBERT MR. LAWRENCE LADEMAN MR. DONALD PRETTY Vice President MR. JAY SEGROVES Secretary MRS. MARRIANE ZSENYUK 3moods Character and creativity quietly taking form during the silence of thought and concentration, a formulation of ideas from advice given by an able instructor—both are pieces of the master plan which is continually creating new moods and new imprints for each individual. As these pieces slip into place, they bring with them knowledge and true education. Between them, however, is a place in which these moods unite. This common ground is the school. Just as the foundation of a school is strong and durable in composition, such also is the spirit and ambition of the student. The goals which he sets for himself give him something to build his life around. He furthers these goals by sharing them with others. 4CONTENTS INTRODUCTION .......... 2 FACULTY................ 8 ORGANIZATIONS......... 37 ATHLETICS............. 61 SOPHOMORES............ 75 JUNIORS............... 88 SENIORS............... 97 SCHOOL LIFE...........135 ADS AND PATRONS.......150 GENERAL DIRECTORY ....159 7Administration and Govern Student The front office has always represented a certain amount of higher authority. Behind the office doors of Mr. Oatley, principal, and Mr. Mitek, assistant principal, activity is devoted to the sole purpose of running Allen Park High School with the maximum efficiency. From enforcing student discipline to co-ordinating student activities, these men insure the smooth inter meshing of the various facets of the school. Their duties are often difficult to perform, sometimes impossible, but problems are surmounted everyday as the Allen Park High School administration takes care of the student and the school. Mr. Harold Oatley, principal, has the degrees of B.A., Central Michigan University; M.A., University of Michigan. Mr. Oatley is the sponsor of the Allen Park Chapter of the National Honor Society. MR. GEORGE DONIGIAN— Biology, Physical Science; B.S., M.A., Wayne State; Director of Driver Training. MR. LeROY E. DURFEE-Auto Mechanics; B.S., M.A., Eastern Michigan, University of Michigan; Industrial Arts Department Chairman. MR. ANTHONY M. METTLER—B.S., M.A., Central Michigan University, Michigan State University; Guidance Department Chairman. MR. GEORGE D. DYAS-B.S., M.A., University of Michigan, Western Michigan University; Athletic Director. MR. DONALD P. MITCHELL—Instrumental Music, Music Theory; B.S., M.Ed., University of Michigan , Wayne State University; Fine Arts Department Chairman. MR. WILLIAM H. EHLHART—B.A., M.A., Central Michigan University, University of Michigan; Director of Adult Education, Child Accounting, and Census. MRS. ELOTIA M. MYNATT —Librarian; B.S., Wayne State University; Library Department Chairman. 8Department Heads Academic Activity The curriculum that each of us takes so much for granted is the object of intense concern of a certain few teachers know as department chairmen or coordinators. From the scheduling of teaching assignments and the ordering and distribution of texts, to the revising of curricula and reporting of budget records, the department chairmen are responsible for the internal operations of their respective departments. Mr. Vincent A. Mitek, assistant principal, has the degrees of A.B., St. Francis College; M.A., University of Pittsburg. MH. OLIVER E. GREGGS— Government; A.B., M.A., Eastern Michigan University, University of Michigan; Social Studies Department Chairman. MR. THOMAS H. RUNNALS, Jr.—Chemistry; B.S., M.Ed., Eastern Michigan, University of Michigan, Wayne State; Science Department Chairman. MR. JOHN HALL—English; A. B., University of Michigan; English Department Chairman. MR. HARVEY STALLINGS —Advanced Mathematics; B. S., M.A., Case Institute of Technology, George Peabody College, Jacksonville State College, Wayne State; Mathematics Department Chairman; Math Club. MRS. VIKI KOTELLY-French; Ph.D., M.A., DePaul University, Kryias College; Language Department Chairman; French Club. MRS. LUCILLE B. TARRY—English, Family Living, History; M.A., Wayne State; Home Economics Department Chairman, Future Homemakers of America. MISS BETTY JANE LARSON—Office Machines, Office Practice; B.S., M.S., Central Michigan University, University of Michigan; Business Education Department Chairman. 9MR. LAWRENCE W. ALLEN-Junior English, Senior Advanced Placement English; A.A., B.A., M.A., M.Ed; Wayne State University. MR. EDWARD BARRICK-Chemistry, Advanced Chemistry; B.A., M.A., Eastern Michigan University; Junior Class Chairman. MR. LARRY L. BAUMAN-Senior English, Sophomore Unified Studies; B.S., Eastern Michigan, University of Michigan. MRS. RUTH ANNE B E AN EY—Biology; B.A., Cedar Crest College, Wayne State University, Eastern Michigan University. MR. EDWARD BELLAS-Michigan History, World Problems, U.S. History; B.S., Pennsylvania State Teachers College, University of Michigan; Rifle Club, Washington Club. MR. LAWRENCE BOES-Junior English; B.S., Eastern Michigan University. MR. W. CURT BOLLER—Biology; B.A., Eastern Michigan University, Wayne State University; Track Coach, Assistant Swimming Coach. MISS JEANETTE BOWMAN-Girls’ Physical Education; B.S., Wayne State University; Girls' Athletic Association. MISS GERTRUDE BROWN-B iology, World History; B.A., Eastern Michigan University, University of Michigan, Wayne State University. MRS. JANE BROWN—Algebra, Geometry; B.Ed., University of Toledo, University of Michigan. MR. ALAN BULLION —Senior English; B.S., Eastern Michigan University. MISS RUTH BUSCH MANN—Counseling, World History, English; B.A., M.A., David Lipscomb College, George Peabody College for Teachers, University of Michigan. MRS. ESTELLE CARTWRIGHT-Business English, Shorthand, Typing; B.A., Blue Mountain College, Wayne State University. MRS. GERALDINE COX-Engllsh, Journalism; B.S., General Beadle State Teachers College, University of Iowa, Wayne State University; Jaguar Journal. MRS. CAROLYN DANA—Sophomore English; B.S., Central Michigan University, Eastern Michigan University; Future Teachers Association. 10MRS. CONSTANCE DONIGIAN-Counsel-lng, Related Trades, Co-op Work Education; B.S., M.A.; Western Michigan University, Wayne State University. MR. EUGENE DYER-Vocal Music; B.S., B.M., M.A.; Anderson College, Eastern Michigan University. MRS. BETTE J. FERENCY—Junior English; B.A.; University of Michigan. MRS. NANCY FISHER—Girls' Physical Education; B.S.; Western Michigan University; Cheerleading, Girls’ Athletic Association. MR. EDWIN FROSHEISER—Economics, Government, U.S. History; B.S., M.Ed.; University of Michigan, Wayne State University. MRS. REBECCA GENYK-Home Economics; B.S., M.S.; Western State College, Michigan State University; Future Homemakers of America, Future Nurses Club. MRS. EDNA GREENMAN-Junior English, Latin; B.A., M.A.; University of Michigan; Latin Club, German Club. MR. JOHN HABOIAN—Counseling, Typing II; B.S., M.A.; Eastern Michigan University; Freshman Swimming Coach, Reserve Basketball Coach. MR. ALTON HELMS—Dramatics, Speech; A.B.; Eastern Michigan University, Wayne State University; Dramatics Club, Debate. MR. RICHARD HERSHBERGER-Family Living, Government, Sociology; B.S., M.A.; Ohio State University, University of Michigan; Barracuda Club, Crosscountry Coach, Senior Co-ordinator, Varsity Swimming Coach. MRS. PATRICIA KERNS-Algebra, Geometry, General Mathematics; B.S.; Wayne State University. MRS. TERRY KNIPPENBURG-Counsel-ing, Sophomore English; B.A.; University of Maryland, University of Michigan. MR. JOSEPH KOSSIK-Business Law, Typing, Sales; B.S., M.A.; Eastern Michigan University; Reserve Football Coach. MR. RICHARD KUUTTILA—Advanced Mathematics, Calculus, Shop Mathematics; B.S.; University of Detroit, Eastern Michigan University, Wayne State University. MR. GEORGE LAVINE-Business Law, Sales, Shorthand, Typing; B.S.; Eastern Michigan University. 11MR. DAVID D. LOCKHART-Physics, Radio; B.S., M.A., Central Michigan University, Jackson Junior College, University of Michigan; Science Club. MRS. JANET LOMASON-Home Economics, Millinery; B.S., Michigan State University; Future Homemakers of America, Future Nurses Club. MRS. MARY McCANN—Algebra, Advanced Mathematics, General Mathematics; B.S., Marygrove College, University of Detroit. MR. RAYMOND McKAY-Boys’ Physical Education; B.S., M.A., Michigan State University. MR. JOSEPH MEDRANO-General Mathematics, Geometry, Shop Mathematics; B.A., University of Michigan. MISS DARLENE M. MI EDEN-Assistant Librarian; B.A., Michigan State University, University of Michigan. MR. NORMAN MIHATSCH-Drafting; B.S., M.A.; Eastern Michigan University, University of Michigan; Varsity Football Coach. MR. WAYNE E. MILLER—Business Mathematics, Counseling; B.A., M.A., Goshen College, University of Michigan,; Audio-Visual Coordinator. MR. MICHAEL M. MILIDONIS—Art; B.S., M.A., Cleveland School of Art, Eastern Michigan University, Western Reserve University; Imprint. MRS. LESLIE L. NEUMANN-American History, Sociology; B.A.; Kalamazoo Col-lete, Wayne State University. MR. EDWARD OGUREK-Junior English, Senior English; B.A.; Wayne State University. MR. RICHARD RAABE-Government, History; B.A., M.A., Eastern Michigan University, University of Michigan; Tennis Coach. MR. GESTIN D. RAFAIL-C he m i s t ry; B.S., Eastern Michigan University. MISS NORMA JEAN RECK—Spanish; B.S., M.Ed., Pennsylvania State University, University of Michigan; Spanish Club. MR. MELVIN R. RIZZO—Bookkeeping, Typing; B.S., University of Michigan; Faculty Manager. 12MR. EDWARD SARKISIAN-Counselor, Government; B.S., M.A., Eastern Michigan University. MISS SYLVIA D. SHUPUT-Senior English, B.A., Wayne State University. MR. LAWRENCE SMITH-Architectural and Mechanical Drafting; B.S., M.S., Stout State College; Allen Club. MISS NANCY SMITH—Algebra, General Mathematics, Geometry; B.A., Eastern Michigan University, Marygrove College, University of Detroit; Future Teachers Association. MRS. MARJORIE A. STAKOE—English, French; A.B., Western Michigan University; French Club. MR. RICHARD TEWS—Sophomore English; B.A., Hillsdale College; Varsity Wrestling. MR. THOMAS THOMPSON-U.S. History; B.A., M.A., University of Michigan. MR. ROBERT TOMES-Boys' Physical Education; B.S., M.A., Wayne State University, Western Michigan University; Baseball Coach, Varsity Club. MISS MARIANNE TUFER—B usiness Mathematics, Counseling; A.B., M.A., Eastern Michigan University, University of Michigan. MR. WILLIAM B. TYSON-Government, U.S. History; B.A., M.A., Eastern Michigan University, Michigan State University. MR. RONALD M. WALKER-Metal Shop; B.S., M.S., Eastern Michigan University, Stout State College; Reserve Football. MR. PHILLIP A. WEAVER—Special Education; B.S., Eastern Michigan University, University of Michigan. MRS. HELENE L. WEEBER—Shorthand, Typing; B.S., Michigan State University, Wayne State University, Western State University. MR. RAYMOND WH A LIN-Biology; B.A., Central Michigan University; Gymnastics. MR. JOHN WHITNEY-Junior English, Sophomore English; B.A., University of Michigan. 13Secretaries keep things chanics; B.S., M.S., Stout State College. running smoothly MRS. GRACE GILBERT MRS. VIRGINIA KLINGLER The Student body and the faculty are of primary importance to any school, but the clock works must “work" before the hands can move. It is the secretaries in the board office, the main office, and the counseling office that provide for the meshing of these gears and keep the entire school running at a precise pace. 14Jobs That Are Never Done A meal which takes ten minutes to consume requires hours in preparation and in clean-up by the women of the cafeteria staff. Also devoting a long, day from early zero hour class to late hours of a home basketball game, the building Engineers are an integral part of the machinery needed to keep A.P.H.S. in proper running order. CAFETERIA STAFF Row 1. Gertrude Flaishans; Rosemarie Boris; Virginia Brown; Mary Slater. Row 2. Helen Salvati; Thelma Jones; Mildred Schlacht; Elizabeth Kairis; Winifred Demeter. Row 3. Helen Bernth; Florence Olson; Lillian Mohacsi; Rosa Yuhas. BUILDING ENGINEERS Row 1. James Tiley; John King; Howard Anderson; Earl N. Osborne. Row 2. John Phillips; Gilbert Palmer; Emmet P. Rose; Willis Luptke; Ralph Jannazza. Row 3. Walter Van Nostrand; Melvin Schonfeld; John Metsavage; Fred Bergman. 1591 siuuduii UtUHIHUUUmitti spoouiEMICS EduSHBps m personal venture—on the part of the itudent and on the part of the eduoeto No’maBer how large the student fcfcxly or halw small (lie faculty, the ratio is always 1:1 if there isr an interested teacher and jan interested student; It is at this point of interest that the education has begun. The iclassroom is usually the local point of this beginning. Here the student faces a direct exchange of ideas with his teacher, meets new challenges, and allows the seedsjof doubt to take root anti emerge as new discoveries inaworld in which he is just airakeningj It is the role of the’ feacher to encourage, unscramble, and guide the thoughts of student; this is the first imprint, the most nfclelible and the most Important one—the imprint of ideas that is ntude oh his mind. The desire to communicate was the basic reason for the formation of a spoken and written language. To communicate is to be alive in relation to other people. It is not confined to man, animals rely on a built-in communication system. But only man has developed that highly organized means of communication called language, and his ability to use the spoken word to further his own purpose has been an important factor in taking his dominant position on the globe. English is made compulsory at Allen Park High School for an obvious reason: Successful communication in one’s native language is a basic need. Divided into tracts according to the level of the student’s ability, the English classes try to develop communication past the brute instincts into the realm of ideas and organized thought. Literature and Languages: 18Language and society have grown old together, as the one grew more complex, so did the other. They are different aspects of the same thing. Language, as a form of social behavior, expresses and gives shape to the beliefs and attitudes of people in groups—whether they be families, tribes, or nations. Thus, the foreign language student learns not only the words of a different country, but gains important insight into the development of society as well. Four years of Spanish, French, and Latin are offered at Allen Park High to enable the student to delve further into the customs of the country or the history of an ancient day. It is a study of the mechanics of communicating, but it is also the study of the result of successful communications. Communication in the Arts 19Counseling Although education is a personal venture, it many times needs the guidance of a counselor to steer it on the course proper to the interests of the individual. From the student’s last few weeks in junior high to that Tuesday night in June when he exchanges his cap and gown for his diploma, he has at least one person in that office upstairs devoted to keeping his schedule running smoothly and in accordance with his wishes. But just because the counselor’s job ends with the student’s graduation, it does not mean that he has no concern about the student’s future. By supplying information on various colleges, scholarships, and vocations, he helps the student set a goal for himself after his studies at A.P.H.S. have ended. 20Business Playing an important in the curriculum at Allen Park High is the Business Department which begins now, developing the skills for the secretaries and business executives of tomorrow. Whether the student plans to further his study in business, or intends to go directly into the field after his graduation from high school, A.P. offers a wide and comprehensive program ranging from beginning typing to more advanced business machines, business mathematics to bookkeeping, business law, and sales. Many of these courses, especially typing and shorthand, are taken by college prep students to aid them later in college. A cooperative training program is available to many interested business students which provides them with practical experience in their chosen fields. 21The key to the future The key to the future lies within the understanding of the past and of the present. In order to develop A.P. students for the future that awaits them, the Social Studies Department stresses the need for historical background. From the World History classes, where the student gains a general knowledge of social concepts which have been the basics for the formulation of our modern society to the United States History classes, where the scope is narrowed to the tenets of a working democracy, the student gains insight into his heritage. With this information, the student then becomes aware of his daily life in American Government, and is given a chance to recognize the role he will play in it. He then has a choice of several electives: Economics, Home and Family Living, Sociology, or World Problems—each designed to supplement his knowledge of the machinery of his country’s government with an understanding of the social, financial, or international problems which are complicating his future. 22Science, a world to know Science, once the secret domain of the laboratory, is now headline news—an exciting world to know, an essential world to understand. A.P.H.S. realizes the dynamic role that science plays in the world of today and the world of the day after tomorrow, and strives to maintain a department equal to the pace being set by the bold, new thrusts into space and beyond. The delightful aromas, which originate from the chem labs and permeate the halls, remind everyone of this activity, and serve to keep them constantly aware of this important field. However, brews of hydrogen sulfide are not the only aspect of the science activity at A.P. From dead cats to live cultures, from the construction of an electric motor to the repairing of a radio, discovery and creativity become partners, and take a lead in the ever advancing world of the scientist. 23Math % From the soaring skyscraper of man’s genius to the toppling tower of a child’s building blocks, mathematics is ever present in our surroundings. We constantly use the number and the logic of its language: calculating the number of minutes for the dash between lockers and classes, the chances for a winning poker hand, or the expenses of a prom night. It gives us tools with which to better our future, to shorten our work days, and to lengthen our lives. At Allen Park High, the essentials of mathematics are offered through diverse courses designed for each student of varying ability. From the basics of refresher’s math to the intricacies of calculus, the “tools of our future” are now being cut within us. 24Self Reliance Is Taught In The Home Arts. Even though a girl may find her career is not confined solely to the home, a working knowledge of home arts is useful in any career. The problems of taking care of herself and a home are met and overcome in the classes of the Homemaking Department. Sewing and millinery classes offer the student a chance to put her knowlekge of fabrics into practical use combined with her own touches of creativity. In the cooking classes, knowledge of food preparation and nutrition finds its way to the kitchen and provides the chefs with an opportunity to sample their gourmet delights. An interesting aspect of the department is that it offers a Boy’s Home Arts Course, proving that the stove and sewing machine no longer belong solely to the feminine domain. 25Industrial Arts - ' 'iPw ‘S z 26For many industrial arts students, formal education ends with their graduation from high school. What they assimilated through four years of shop classes must become their working knowledge of technological background. Their teachers are faced with the task of giving them all the training they will need for the jobs they are to take tomorrow, and of teaching them safety so they may be assured of keeping their fingers and their eyes. It is a difficult task, but is accomplished every year. Amid lathes, blow torches, and drafting boards, the student is required to put both his hands and his mind to work. Since industry is the core of the world today, each student which the Industrial Arts department graduates becomes an important figure in today’s society. His knowledge, ingenuity, and skill become an important aspect of tomorrow’s industry. Develop Technical Skill 27BAND-Mr. Mitchell. Row 1. Ray LaBelle, Bruce Summers, David Coward, Wendy Coil, Dennis Rushlau, Nancy Ford, Gasper Buono, Jane Bier, Gail Constantakls. Row 2. Mr. Mitchell, Dan Hill, Gralg Massey, Jo Ann Svitkovlch, Cathy Elliot, Mike Kwait-kowski, Dennis Basner, Louis Blatnik, Ron Lake, Laurie Band MAJORETTES Row 1. Kathy Lorinez, Lenore Mardon. Row 2. Joyce Scofield (Capt.), Karen Smith, Denise Corey. Row 3. Rudy Martin (Drum Major). There is music where ever there is har-mony, order, and proportion. Browne. Whether swinging a drum stick or a paint brush, there is music, not necessarily the melodious kind, ringing throughout A.P.H.S. The halls are constantly alive with the sound of music. Our band, the only high school band to be invited to the Governor’s inauguration, has provided a never ending stream of delight for the Allen Park Community. The vocal department; concert choir, the glee clubs, and chorus, is designed to stress unity and cooperation, and to provide an extended musical background for all A.P.H.S. students. The art classes emphasize the individual talent rather than the group performance, and provide a stimulus for imagination and creativity. Fine arts—any art—is for all persons. If one hasn’t the talent to participate, he at least has the talent to appreciate. Wilson. Row 3. Robert Hale, Leonard Mazglad, Mike Per-donik, Fred Hall, Sam Doyle, Patrick Smith, Jim Tucker, Rick Lake, Ron Nelson. Row 3. Terry Blanton, Dan D’Alessandro, Richard Wallace, Rodney Guy, Frank Vargo, Dennis Lemanski, Larry Hauser, Gerald Weyand. BOYS' GLEE CLUB-Mr. Dyer. Row 1. Ken Devitto, Bob Mogor, John Ogen, Ron Watkins, Karen Murray (pianist), Dan Ciupka, Bob Medler, Byron Kraynak, Keith Provost, Mike Jourdan, (Dan Anderson, Dan Wiesend—not shown). Row 2. John Jenkins, Jeff No-witzkz, Fred Millner, Perry Hendrick, Larry Wendel, Ron Davies, Bob Demirjian, Mike Czarnik, Jerry Steffani, Tom Wiles. Row 3. Dennis Bernson, Gary Milton, Nick Butsi-caris, Dennis Derbyshire, Jim Koval, Bill Connock, Jim Cunningham, Tom Falahee, Jim Dodds. Row 4. Bob Martin, Dennis Hackney, A1 Rosozinsk, Morey Tanner, Ed Pagli, Bruce Parsons, Dennis Terry, Jim Randall, Richard Merritt, Mr. Dyer. Music Fills Our Halls BAND-Mr. Mitchell. Row 1. Diane Kunkel, Pete Gibson, Yvonne Warren, Marilyn Tye, Robin Lee, Jane Parsons, LindaSeabloom, Carolyn Ashe, Richard Hannon. Row 2. Ken Snodgrass, Marese Ames, Bill Zolkowski, Sue Coward, Patricia Osinski, Kerry Collins, Larane Lakatos, Gregg Patera, Walter Burlage. Row 3. Gail Smith, Dan Ely, Fred Cook, Gary Kowal, Jerry Garavaglia, Richard Pahl, Jim Smith, Paul Koval. Row 4. Bob Pendergast, John Warden, James Muekier, Rudy Martin, Harold Wilkes, Doug Pretty, Louis Svitkovich, Gary Laehn, John Constantakis. Not Pictured, Gregg Marr, Bob Loula, John Campbell, Janice Rariden, Kathy Lorinez, Lenore Mar don.GIRLS GLEE Row 1. Carol Harper, Val Shomberger, Madeline Milidonls, Roberta Gunther, Carolyn Ashe, Donna Bush, Lee Cuddy, Linda Mastantuono, Lana Nagy. Row 2. JoAnn Stocklosa, Gayle Brown, Sandy Zantop, Merrll Hagens, Sharon McCreery, MaryBeth Van Cooley, Ruth Watt, Judy Jones, Cindy Fields, GIRLS GLEE Row 1. Sharon Barnes, Jane Benedict, Chris Jaynes, Sue Price, Ellen Bingham, Arieen Genotti, Jane Beier, Pat Meri-dith, Pat Kroll, Jackie Stowe. Row 2. Nancy Johnson, Judi Osborn, Janis Briand, Sandy Hrdlicka, Carla Mosley, Sharon McKenna, Lynn Patz, Kathy Taylor, Sue Gilbert. Row 3. Lynda Janis Sabo. Row 3. Mary Sturock, Tari Umbarger, Pat Bartley, Diane House, Jennifer Panda, Pat Mann, Christine Woer-tink, Janet Pratt, Connie Johns, Sue Palczynskl. Row 4. Maureen Kearney, Cindy Gumtow, Melanie Manard, Chris Janky, Sarah Mcllroy, Kama Clark, Lin Glowackl, Judy Szalay, Mr. Eugene Dyer. Tubbs, Sue Richardson, Teresa Debosz, Pam Smith, Darlene Metzner, Candy Guth, Brenda Brown, Pat Osinski, Marge Hollowell, Candy Egan. Row 4. Shirley Parks, Cindy Bardell, Sue Johnson, Dianne McGraw, Nancy Hutnik, Paula Kolar, Janis Perry, Linda Paape, Betty Balias.The Allen Park High School Concert Choir has brought honor upon honor to the vocal music department. Although part of the curriculum, the choir is also a part of the school’s scoial activity. The Christmas and Spring Concerts are enthusiastically attended and enjoyed by members of the community. CONCERT CHOIR OFFICERS Row 1. Sandra Redder (Historian), Barb Blackmon (Treas.). Row 2. Ron Howie (V.-Pres.)t Sue Hockle ($ec.), Chris Daly (Kourt), Doug Chevlllet (Pres.). CONCERT CHOIR—Mr. Dyer. Row 1. Mr. Dyer, Juanita Smock, Carol Pearson, Rita Kraynak, Bev Holfeltz, Cheryl Allen, Cathy McCreery, Donna Schilke, Pat Norbury, Diane House, Larane Lakatos, Pat Glover, Peggy Ferguson, Cheryl Kaiser, Margie Moon, Claudia Boris, Donna Newsome, Linda Penney, Maribeth Simpson, Barb Blackmon—(pianist). Row 2. Virginia Suter, Janine Eckmeter, Jackie Bernth, Phyllis Lorence, Vicki Ebeling, Rita May, Barb Wilson, Jeanne Nowitzke, Sandy Redder—(historian), Meredith Martin, Mary Ann Eggleston, Faye Swartzbaugh, Margie Mack, Shirley Ford, Kathleen Lorincz, Cathy Bray, Sue Hockle, Bonnie Voight, Pat Darin, Joyce Scofield. Row 3. Ralph Jannazzo, Chris Daley, Bob Keys, Joe Bono, Tom Trenasty, Gary Coogan, Tom Smith, Ron Howie, Ken Dowling, Bill Tolstyka, Rick Dunn, Doug Chevlllet, Rich Heidrich, Dave Terry, Chris James, John McKay, Barb Wozniak, Janet Duda, Beckie Harper. Row 4. Martin Balle, Mike Westfall, Earl Rennie, Robert Zeh, Paul Kwasniewski, Don Grundman, Nell Reid, Morey Tanner, Joe Aluia, John Lojewski, Dick Ruetz, Mike Robinson, Jim Patton, Greg Busick, William Kinney, Sam Tarfelli, Dennis Royce, Morris Zumberg, Bob Ulrich.The Educational Experience Expression to To Gertrude Stein, “A rose is a rose, is a rose.” But to many people, a rose may be more than just a flower, and to distinguish it as such, it must be expressed in a way unique to the individual artist. Before a meaning can be conveyed, however, certain fundamentals of perspective, design, color, and technique must be learned. Five art classes are offered under the sole direction of Mr. Milidonis. From the beginning classes to the most advanced, these principals are taught, yet with allowance for the development of the student’s style. When he emerges from an art class at A.P. High and has experimented in the various media, he has learned to co-ordinate his sight with every muscle of his body, and is free to create and to initial each piece of his creativity as his own. 32Ranges From Aesthetic Physical Fitness “1-2-3-4, 2-2-3-4, 3-2-3-4”—d o e s n’t sound like the way you learned to count, does it? But all those participating in the physical education classes at A.P.H.S. will assure you that this system does make sense. The physical fitness program offers a varied number of activities with emphasis on both individual and team effort. The classes develop skills and understanding of fundamentals in activities such as baseball, field hockey, soccer, basketball, and swimming and, at the same time, provide an opportunity to be a part of a well organized team and to learn good sportsmanship. 33“The Student Council Will Meet • • STUDENT COUNCIL—Mr. Haboian, Mr. Mitek Row 1. Linda Bjoraker, Judy Bailey (Secretary), Rick Heidrich (Vice President), Pat McConeghy (President), Donna Aron (Treasurer), Barb Hodge, Sue Cady. Row 2. Robin Roberts, Larry Rogers, Lana Nagy, Pete Gibson, Carole Wes-trick, Linda Stramake. Row 3. Lyn Armstrong, Paul Koval, BobSippola, Diane House, Walter Burlage, Cindy Bay. Row 4. Doug Pretty, Kip Horvath, John Grosso, John Lojewski, Bruce Quick, Bill Zolkowski. Providing an opportunity for student participation in the school government, the Student Council enables its members to exercise their ability to handle responsiblity. Through the conscientious effort of this year’s council members, an active communication between faculty, parents, and students became a goal for all involved. The organization and planning which began last spring for the highly successful 1964-65 Homecoming, marked only the beginning of this year’s student council activities. As the year progressed, the members worked hard to coordinate the annual school fair, basketball dances, and Spring Plow. The campaign and inauguration assemblies at the end of the year, finished the activities and duties of the 1964-65 council, but at the same time began the new calendar of activities for next year’s student body. 35Service, Scholarship ALLEN CLUB-Mr. Smith. Row 1. Carole Westrick, MaribethSimpson, LlndaPenny, Larry Rogers (Pres.), Sue Cady (Sec-Treas.), JoAnn Brandel, Jane Eakin. Row 2. John Jenkins, Karen Wise, George Kishigian, Glen Kaneko, Rita May, Vicki Ebling, Barb Blackmon. Row 3. Mr. Lawrence Smith, Mary Zuker, Bob Sippola, Dennis Winkel, Paul Koval, Janet Duda, Joyce Scofield (V.-Pres.). Row 4. Bill Zolkowski, Jim Randall, James Ruehle, Don Mayer, Pat McConeghy, Bruce Quick, Marc Goulait, Stuart Hyke. As the only organization at Allen Park High School whose sole purpose is to serve the school whenever necessary, the Allen Club works closely with the Student Council throughout the school year. The members were especially busy during the Homecoming season, being responsible for the club and class banners used in the parade, planning for the Alumni Tea, and aiding the Student Council in decorating for the dance. Working at the school fair, ushering at the concerts and the plays at school, the Honors Convocation, and graduation are the duties that keep these students busy serving their school. Students are nominated and elected to membership on the basis of their grades, character, and willingness to serve. 36Merit Recognition SENIOR HONOR SOCIETY-Mr. Oatley. Row 1. Beverly Galuska, Sharon Banachowski, Jane Eakin, Pat Holihan (Sec.), Jim Smith (V.-Pres.),SherryGlus(Treas.), JoAnn Brandel, Lana Lovelady, Larry Rogers, not pictured: Sue Prior (Pres.). Row 2. Mary Sturock, Maribeth Simpson, Margaret Kelley, Linda Bechler, Michele Hawley, Janine Eckmeter, Kathleen Dennison, John Achatz. Row 3. James Ruehle, Mary Zuker, Leslie Muszynski, Nancy Broderick, Janis Showalter, Judy Flotkoetter, Diana Kunkel, Rosemary Smith. Row 4. Don Mayer, Mike Szopo, Ken Gates, Paul Koval, Bob Keys, Louie Svitkovich, Pat McConeghy. Membership in the National Honor Society is one of the most coveted honors attained in high school, the basic requirement for recognition being high scholastic achievement. This quality alone, however, is not enough for election to membership. The faculty members, in selecting the limited number of inductees, must also consider a student’s leadership, citizenship, character, and service, the qualities that develop a person, not only intellectually, but morally. This organization promotes the traits in students which will help make them outstanding men and women, in an effort to establish a sound foundation on which responsibility might be confidently laid.IMPRINT—Mr. Milidonis. Row 1. Jane Eakin (Literary Editor), Sandy Redder (Advertising Editor), Bob Rowland (Art Editor), Judy Bailey (Co-Editor), Lyn Armstrong (Co-Editor), Michele Hawley (Assistant Editor), Gwyn Van Sickle (Photography Editor), Barb Hodge (Business Manager), George Kishigan. Row 2. Mr. Michael Milidonis, Margaret Kelley, Diane House, Jan Jameson, Carole Westrick, Pat McLaren, Sharon Dihle, Lin Thibodeau, Sue Stanis. Row 3. Marianne Milidonis (Treasurer), Lynn Ross, Christine Woertink, Debbie Juter-bock, Wendy Coil, Karen Wise, Arlene Piccioni, Vicki Ebeling, Margie Mack. Row 4. Janis Showalter, Bruce Quick, Cindy Syrniawski, Don Davis, Laurie Wilson, Harry Ackley, Waiter Burlage, Rick Heidrich, Stuart Hyke. To you the IMPRINT is a measure of your school activity and a memory-book of your high school years. It is all of that to us too, of course, but mainly it is a responsibility to you. Throughout the year, we had many head-on collisions with one another, but they were all intent on one purpose, and that was to produce a yearbook, on time, if it was at all humanly possible. A yearbook, of which you, as the owner could treasure, and we, as the creators, could be proud. 38Pictures ... Deadlines ... Deadlines ... Copy ... Deadlines ... Sales ... Deadlines ... Deadlines ... Headlines—and these are only a few of the problems this year’s Imprint Staff had to cope with. However, under the able direction of Mr. Michael Milidonis, we were able to overcome most of these difficulties. The other obstacles—well—we worried—we prayed—we twisted our friends’ arms (ouch!), and with determination we put out this Imprint—one that we hope will be the finest ever—one which, for graduating Seniors, holds some of their fondest memories—one which, for underclassmen, provides a sneak preview of things to come—and one which leaves this imprint on the hearts and minds of all. 39Jaguar Journal From plays to proms, football to fashions, editorials to exchange news, compliments to complaints—the Jaguar Journal reports all. Every three weeks the publication hits the halls with the latest news of activities at Allen Park High. It also provides a way for the students to voice approval or discontent with school policies and happenings through the Letters to the Editor Box, and for their creative expression through the poetry section. JAGUAR JOURNAL STAFF - Mrs. Cox. Row 1. Linda Bartholomew, Linda Stechison, Rita May, Rodgers, Donna Wilson, Zach Moushegian, Paul Marvin. Leslie Clark, Bob Rowland. Row 2. Mike Szopo, Larry Row 3. Bob Bruer, Joe Rawson, John Achatz, Jim Noel. 40Aids Maintain Efficient Service The quiet atmosphere of a library bursts into activity every morning, as students utilize its many facilities. Furious researching for a speech or a paper, or simple relaxation with the Wall Street Journal or a magazine brings a multitude of students to the library each hour. The library aids help librarians Mrs. My-natt and Mrs. Miedon handle this overpopulation. Admitting students, checking-out books, and shelving them when they are returned, are a few of the jobs they perform to lighten the infinite tasks which face every librarian. LIBRARY AIDS. Row 1. Carol Maheux; Linda Sherwood; Judie Parr; Lois Plummer; Marianne Milidonis; Chris Sherwood; Judy Estes. Row 2. Mrs. Elotia Mynatt; Robert Wangen; Tonia White; Sue Cady; Margaret Kelley; Sue Johnston; Judi Osborn; Miss Darlene Meidon. Row 3. Sue Rothfuss; Greg Redo; Bob Rowland; Tom Brown; Laurie Wilson; Louie Svitkovich; Mr. Lawrence Allen. Row 4. Peter McWilliams; Nancy Hutnik; Judy Jones; Betty Balias; Jean Bachmann; Ken Dowling; Bruce Haberkern; Diana Kunkel. ■ 41Challenges Develop Keen Minds DEBATE TEAM - Mr. Helms. Row 1. Larry Rogers, Greg Elster, John Moore. Row 2. Bruce Haberkern, Carolyn Keefer, James Ruehle. CHESS CLUB - Mr. Bullion. Row 1. John Moore, Mr. Alan Bullion, Chris Schultz. Row 2. Jim Rutkowski, Jim Ruehle, Dennis Winkle. Debating the topic Resolved: “That nuclear weapons should be controlled by an international organization,” Allen Park compiled a 6-2 record in the Suburban Six League, and was named to receive the Detroit Free Press “Award for Debating Excellence.” The Chess Club counters with its moves across a checkered board, but both clubs instill in their members the desire to meet challenges successfully. 42“Let Me Entertain You” There may be no lights—no camera—but there’s plenty of action behind the A.P.H.S. stage. Never a dull moment ... the suspense of try-outs when you act every role from the suicidal lover to the colored maid ... the feel of grease paint and clown white ... the long, late rehearsals ... opening night when the lead shows up late ... the panicky director ... the thrill of an appreciative audience ... the last curtain call amid wild applause ... the praise and well dones ... and ... the warm memories. This, plus hard-working, make-up, backstage, costume, and publicity crews,is drama atA.P.H.S. An effort was made this year to select plays a little out of the ordinary, to develop, not only the talent of the players, but the taste of the audiences. DRAMA CLUB-Mr. Helms. Row 1. Diana Kunkel, Carolyn Ashe, Judl Bernabel, Sue Roth-fuss (Pres.), Nancy Broderick (Vlce-Pres.), Pat McConeghy (Recording Secy.), Linda Penney (Treas.), Maryann Honer, Chris Jaynes, Barb Hodge. Row 2. Judy Flotkoetter, Cindy Donaldson, Jo Ann Tamoshunas, Jane Eakln, Cathy McCreery, Gwyn Van Sickle, Wendy Coll, Peggy Bryan, Barb DeFroy, Jane Parsons. Row 3. Mary Zuker, Pat Millner, Elsie Van Wulfen, Sandy Zantop, Carolyn Keefer, JoAnn Lazo, Linda Burye, Pat Meredith, Margie Moon, Mike Czamlk. Row 4. Gloria Garland, Janis Showalter, Cindy Boryskl, Marge Hollowell, Marlene Suskl, Candy Egan, Pat Oslnski, Connie Kent, Bill Miles. 43 e SPANISH CLUB - Miss Reck. Row 1. Carol Anderson, Cynthia Sermack, Linda Merrill, Sandy Vartanian, Kathy Meekins, Carol Oates, Connie Kent, Barbara Coply, Sherry Glus, Linda Bjoraker. Row 2. Karen Keller, Marianne Milidonis (Secy.), Louis Blatnik (Vice-Pres.), Darrell Serapiglia, (Pres.), Jane Klein (Treas.), Diane Weber, Marilyn Smith, Sharie Danaher, Miss Norma Reck. Row 3. Candy Shade, Carole Westrick, Barbara Haddack, Karen Czarnotta, Sharon Ellah, Sue Johnston, Lyn Armstrong, Pay Chaykowski, Kathy Cunningham, Janine Eckmeter, Pat Meridith, Sharon McCreery, Mary Radin. Row 4. Linda Nagy, Gloria Garland, Karen Wise, Cheryl Kwasnieski, Marilyn Bryan, Linda Hodge, Kathy Lorincz, Judy Flotkoetter, Sandy Slater, Lila Carle-ton, Ronald Sekerak, Phil Pollick, Jim Place. Espanol The strangeness of a foreign culture is quickly dissolved once an understanding of the country is reached. Thus is the purpose of the Spanish Club: to provide a means for better understanding of the Spanish culture. Interests provoked by study of the Spanish language can be furthered by membership in the club. Through their many fiestas and club initiations, the students get a glimpse of the glory that was Spain’s and the charm that still belongs to the country of bullfights, flamenco dancing, and Castilian art. 44Offers Study Interesting Deutschland GERMAN CLUB - Mrs. Green-man. Row 1. Pat Marian, Lana Nagy, Claudia Boris, Linda Hor-back. Row 2. Kathy Schleicher, Mrs. Greenman, Kathy Flynn. Row 3. Barba Schoner, John Hoover, Dennis Wlnkel, Zack Mousheglan. The fact that German is missing from the curriculum at A.P.H.S. does not stop those who are interested from learning about the German people and their language. Under the tutelage of Mrs. Edna Greenman, members of the German Club learn conversational German and become acquainted with the customs and views of the people by reading modern German magazines. 45LE CERCLE FRANCAIS - Mrs. Kotelly. Row 1. Nancy Dennison; Linda Stechison; Barb Defroy; Janet Duda; Kathy Hodges; Cheryl Thill; Janls Sabo; Linda Burye. Row 2. Mrs. Kotelly (Sponsor); Nancy Jeffrey (Treas.); Jane Parsons (Vice-Pres.); Don Mayer (Pres.); Michelle Hawley ($ec.) Gary Klingler (Assistant Secretary). Row 3. Lin Thibodeau; Larry Palizzi; Greg Schultz; Eileen Neel; Maryann Hon-er; Lana Love lady; Nancy Scovlll; JoAnn Tamoshunas; Barb Blackman. Row 4. CarolSonagere; Pam Wisner; Juanita Smock; Linda Fezzey; Yvonne LaPlante; JoAnn Stoklosa; Faye Swartzbaugh, Jackie Schinker. Row 5. Mary Sturock; Marti Hala-van; Vicki Ebeling; Dianne McGraw; Sarah Mcllroy; Claudia DeMarco; Sherry Dupuy; Chris Elliott. Row 6. Cindy Boryskl; Linda Bernier; Byron Kraynak; Ken OJala; Bruce Quick; Jon Tanner; Jackie Stowe. The romance of a foreign land holds special appeal to many students. That is why many venture forth in the study of a language foreign to their own. For those who have chosen French for this study, the French club offers a means for further development and enrichment. Such a great interest has been taken in the club by the members of the French classes that it has been necessary to form two clubs: Le Cercle Fran-cais and Le Tricolore. Both clubs, aside from normal functions of their purpose, take part in all school functions. LE TRICOLORE - Mrs.Stakoe. Row 1. Sue Martinez, Pat Dansizen (Sec.), Robin Lee (Pres.), Mrs. Stakoe, Sue Rothfuss (Vice-Pres.), Margie Moon, (Treas.), Judy Maus. Row 2. Charlotte Milotz, Judy Kor-pi, Gayle Cartwright, Val Thompson, Linda Hassel, Madeline Mili-donis. Row 3. JanineEckmeter, Marilou Lovera, Val Zlonkevicz, Karen Johannes, JohnChipala, Doris Oakes. Row 4. Cindy Fadool, Paula Kolar, Mary Zuker, Larry Sears, Robbin Ibbetson, Keith Howey, Jeanne Warden. 46Banquets Make Traditions Come Alive LATIN CLUB - Mrs. Greenman. How 1. Marilyn Strait; Tari Um-barger; Sheila Billings, PatOsinski; Karen Perlaki; Claudia Boris; Linda Maddock; Cathie Hutchison. Row 2. Gail Constantakis; Marilou Lovera; Ann Bezverkov; Diane Bernard; Marilyn Tye; Pete Gibson; RoyNuf-fer; Greg Tremonti. Row 3. James Carey; John Warden; Linda Wensel; David Coward; Esther Goltry; Linda Seabloom; Sherry Sobaszek; Nancy Rolando; Gordon Messer; Greg Fournier. Row 4. John Dellas; Guy Howell; Ricki Donofrlo; Kathy Wes-sel; Carol Benvin; Jan Jameson; Janice Kinsky; Christine Woertink; PhlllipCzech; Michael Corradi. Row 5. Susan Coward; Arlene Pic-cioni; Elsie VanWulfen; Kim Dalton; Kathy Franklin; Kathy Flynn; Gary Stopa. Row 6. James Nemeth; E. North Coleman, Tim Hruska, Jim Noel, Cathy Turis, Mark Beyer, Jim Sansone. If you ever chance to stumble over a student dressed in a costume oddly enough resembling the attire of an ancient Roman, be assured you have hit upon a member of the Latin Club. Selling Christmas candy to help finance a trip to the national convention in Los Angeles, and kneeling in chains before the senate are also characteristics of this new breed of S.P.Q.R.-J.C.L. members, who, for the first time, are united to form the Latin Club membership. LATIN CLUB - Mrs. Greenman. Row 1. Kathy Tisot; Kathy Franklin; Cathy Turis; Kim Dalton;Shelia Billings; Karen Murray. Row 2. John Achatz; Arlene Piccioni; Mrs. Greenman; Larry Rogers; Pat Mc-Coneghy; E. North Coleman. Row 3. Marylyn Tye; Sue Wagner; Cheryl Kaiser; LindaSeabloom; Linda Wensel; Carolyn Ashe; Lana Nagy. Row 4. Dennis Winkel; Esther Goltry; Diane Ruszcyk; Elsie VanWulfen; Tari Umbarger; Kathy Wessel;Joan Dinneweth; Barb Schoner. Row 5. John Dellas; Pat Osinski; Barbara Para; Nancy Broderick; Ken Gates; Gerald Weyand. Row 6. Roman Puch-ala; Douglas Wilson; Nancy Rolando; Greg Fournier; Bill Placek; Bob Mantua; Zack Mousheglan; Jim Rutkowskl. 47Girls Gain Glimpse of Careers FUTURE TEACHERS - Miss Dana, Miss Smith. Row 1. Shari Danaher; Linda Bjoraker; Gail Constantakis; Peggy Bryan; Cathie Hutchison; Carol Hicks; Cindy Capellari; Linda Stramake; Paula Kolar. Row 2. Janine Eckmeter; Pam Wisner; Sue Papke; Gloria Garland; Cindy Boryski; Jackie Stowe; Nancy Rolando; Nancy Jeffery; Karen Smith; Cathy Turis. Row 3. Kathy Elliott; Julie Kovach; Mrs. Dana (Sponsor); Miss Smith (Co-Sponsor); MaryAnn Honer (Treas.); Judy Flotoetter (Vice-Pres.); Linda Penney (Pres.); Joyce Scofield (Sec.); Sherry Glus; Maryilyn Bryan. Row 4. Nancy Broderick; Sharon Barnes; Linda Hassell; Sue Stanis; Carol Benvin; Andrea Szemardi; Diane Ruszczyk; Janet Duda; Kathleen Dennison. Row 5. Linda Simpson; Margie Moon; Claudia Boris; Candy Shade; Linda Stechison; Elsie Van Wulfen; Linda Bernier; Kama Clark. Row 6. Arlene Piccioni; Claudia DeMarco; Janis Sabo; Sandy Zantop; Connie Kent; JoAnne Lazzo; Linda Downey; Marilou Lovera. Row 7. Annette Smolak; Kathy Franklin; Dawn Gabbitas; Karen Johannes; Carolyn Keefer; Linda Myers; Florence Horvath. mm WCWBV ME Li TEACH 48 For those who are looking forward to a career in teaching, Allen Park High provides the Future Teachers of America to help them maintain their interest. A new feature of this organization is the cadet teaching program which enables members of the F.T.A. to gain teaching experience before their graduation from high school. Students participating in this program may leave during their study halls and teach at neighboring Bennie elementary school. Besides offering the cadet teaching program to its members, the club also plans many other activities, including field trips to Eastern Michigan University; all designed to further the interest that they have expressed In the teaching profession.Through Club Activities FUTURE HOMEMAKERS Mrs. Lomason, Mrs.Genyk. Row 1. Sandi Danaher; Marese Ames; Judi Osborn; Rose Marie Lovera; Barb Takei; Chris Dunchesen; Annette Smo-lak; Marilou Lovera. Row 2. Anna Albanese; Bonnie McLean (Treas.); Denise Zava (Pres.); Marti Halavan (Sec. ); Linda Critchfield (Historian); Sue Burns (Vice-Pres.) Row 3. Mrs. Lomason; Chris Jaynes; Mary Jo Durfey; Sue Stanis; Pam Balle; Betty Chippewa; Linda Merrill; Sandi Clelland. Row 4. Donna Kilroy; Linda Dominczyk; Kathy Cunningham; Charlotte Milotz; Cindy Sandor; Pat Osinski; Barb Tarris. Row 5. Mrs. Genyk; Sue Palczynski; Marie Pauli; Sheryl Palczynski; Brenda Brown; Linda Downey; JoAnn Lazo; Sherrie Cardinali; Chris Woertink. Row 6. Sarah Mcllroy; Barb Wilson; Pat Kilroy; Gail Varga; Jeanne Nowitzke; Mary Baka; Marge Hollowell; Sue Papke. A major prospect in almost every girl’s life is the making of a home for a husband and family. The Future Homemakers of America serves to increase the interest and offers new ideas for the success of this “career.” Through visits to Wayne County General Hospital and the Allen Park Con-velescent Home, the organization encouraged democracy in home and community life, for all. The annual Future Homemakers Convention in Grand Rapids, attended by members from all over state, brought interests together and pressed the importance of worthy home membership through the meeting of new and different ideas. 49Achievement of Goals Grow Keeping their diversified career goals in sight, the Future Nurses of America has extended its program this year, for the first time to include areas of the medical field other than nursing. Those who were interested in becoming doctors, medical technologists, physical therapists, ordiaticiansfound the F.N.A. eager to have them as members. Guest speakers and information about the various fields were made available to the club to promote interest in these important areas of study. FUTURE NURSES - Mrs. Lomason, Mrs. Mrs. Genyk. Row 1. Nancy Ford, Mary Baka, Pat Osinski, Chris Jaynes. Row 2. Anne Bezverkov, Linda Sherwood, Cindy Scallci, Maureen Gibbons, Lorraine Josefowski, Val Thompson, Wendy Coil, Kathy Van Sickle, Sandy Clarke. Row 3. Sharon Miller, Mrs. Lomason, Rosemary Wicopolski (Sec.) Jo Ann Tamoshunas (Vice-Pres.), Kathy Tisot (Pres.), Kathy Franklin (Treas.), Mrs. Genyk, Marilyn Smith. Row 4. Sue Fodge, Gail Smith, Jane Beier, Priscilla Naczas, Shelia Billings, Judy Parr, Pat McLaren, Linda Seabloom, Angie Rinna. Row 5. Cathy Turis, Linda Stechison, Marese Ames, Vicki Ebeling, Lin Pearson, Linda Dominczyk, Brenda Schebel, Carla Bakewell, Betty Balias. Row 6. Lin Burye, Val Zlon-kevicz, JoAnn Laso, Linda Downey, Kathy Wessel, Kathy Elliot, Diane House, Melanie Manard. Row 7. Sherri Rein, Judy Ganos, Cindy Sandor, Karen Wise, Shirley Parks, Kim Dalton, Jan Rennie, Sue Papke. 50Nearer As Interests Develop Giving its members a better look at the world of their future careers, the Business Club tries to show them aspects of business that cannot be learned from a book. A tour through Ford’s Central Office Guilding offered them an idea of the enormity and complexity of the business end of a giant industry and gave them new goals to strive for. With these future goals in mind, the club also devotes much of its time to the present activities of the school. A third place float in the Homecoming parade, a booth at the fair, and a basketball hop were a few of the things that kept the Business Club part of the high school social world. But, for a Christmas project, they went outside the confines of Allen Park, and sent toys to an orphanage in Korea. BUSINESS CLUB - Miss Larson. Row 1. Sue Palczynski, Candy Guth, Kathy Taylor, Doris Mc-Land. Row 2. Renay Fenoglio (Historian), Connie Godlewski (Sargeant at Arms), Ruth Schonfeld (Pres.), Nancy Taylor (Vice Pres.), Sheryl Palczynski (Corr. Secretary), Cynthia Sermack (Treas.). Row 3. Miss Larson, Mary-Jane Dezmanian, Toria White, Mary Adcock, Norma McDougall, Elaine McIntosh, Rhanda Lefa. Row 4. Pat Thibodeau, Sharon Spena, Gall Mos-kal, Donna House, Marlene Suski, Connie Macomber. Row 5. Marlene Farkas, Joyce Dickelman, Alice DeMars, Linda Downey, JoAnn Lazo, Carol Pearson, Jacquelyn Stacey. Row 6. Brenda Brown, Sue Fodge, Sharon Bowlin, Connie Johns, Bonnie McLean, Anna Albanese. 51Interest in Complex Designed primarily to foster an interest in the field of science, the Science Club is an active participant in all school functions. It is the only club which has contributed to the physical beauty of the school through the courtyard project—designed, built and maintained by members of the club. SCIENCE CLUB - Mr. Lockhart. Row 1. Sharon Banachowski, Sue Wagner, Sherry Glus (Vice-Pres.), Jim Place (Pres.), Diana Kunkel (Sec.) Pam Williams (Treas.), Holly Martineau. Row 2. Sharon McKenna, Keith Provost, Judy Baily, Nancy Broderick, Dan Hill, Dennis Winkel. Row 3. Larry Bireta, Patrick Tracy, Jim Bendick, Richard Pah 1, Bob Shankie, Fred Beksa, Gary Foster. 52Leads to Advancement MATH CLUB - Mr. Stallings. Row 1. JoAnn Brandel, Sherry Glus, Shelia Billings, Cheryl Kaiser, Carole Westrick, Barb Blackmon, Charlotte Milotz. Row 2. Joe Rawson, Tim Sandor (Vice-Pres.), Arlene Piccioni (Treas.), Bob Sippola (Pres.), Don Sikora, Steve Zachorski. Row 3. John Constantakis, Dawn Gabbitas, Tari Umbarger, Sharon Banachowski, Karen Brown, Kathy Franklin, Judy Flotkoetter, Karen Murray. Row 4. Candy Egan, Gerald Weyand, Michael Corradi, Gary Pell, Keith Provost, Zach Moushegian. Row 5. Jim Rutkowski, Gasper Buono, Phil Pollick, Bob Jubb, Les Bruner, Ralph Jannazzo, Dennis Winkle. Row 7. AlanHutchenreuther, Bruce Quick, Dan Ely, Jim Nemeth, Gary Laehn, Frank Trionfi. The appeal and interest in new approaches and methods of mathematics are displayed by the members of the Math Club. The after school meetings provide a time in which students may learn a bit of modern math, a course which many high schools are now beginning to offer. Members may also gain a fuller understanding of problems from the various math classes by close cooperative examinations of them. The club, under the sponsorship of Mr. Harvey Stallings, is open to any student who is currently a member of the geometry, algebra, or trigonometry classes. 53A. P. Students Gain WASHINGTON CLUB -Mr. Bellas. Row 1. Linda Pearson, Diane House, Kathy Cunningham, Gless-na Barabas, Pat Meridith, Jane Parsons, Cindy Donaldson, Carole Westrick, Larane Laketos, Linda Burye, Barb DeFroy, Claudia Boris, Lin Thibodeau. Row 2. Pat McLaren, Cindy Fields, Brenda Brown, Candy Egan, Shirley Parks, Judy Jones, Cheryl Pachuta, Margie Moon, Yvonne Warren, Linda Sea-bloom, Les Sokol, Cathy Moore, Sue Stanis, Gwyn Van Sickel, Sandra Yankowski, Judie Parr, Cindy Winter, Jane Benedict, Jill Basalyga. Row 3. Kim Dalton, Karen Wise, Claudia DeMarco, Stuart Hyke, Bob Sippola (Business Manager), Greg Tremonti (Ass't. Manager), Marc Goulait (Pres.), Glen Kane-ko (Vice-Pres.) Karen Bush, Cheryl Kwasineski, Kathey Dombeck. Row 4. Ellen Musa, Victor Indre. Roman Puchala, Tom Jablowski, Jan Rennie, Cindy Bay, Sarah Mcllroy, Sherri Cardinal, Sue Burns, Gary Coogan, Bob Gibson, Chris James, Karen Perlaki, Charlotte Mliotz. Ten months of planning details, working at concession stands at football and basketball games, saving pennies, nickels, and dimes, and spending sleepless nights—all for a few days of pleasure ... is it worth it? Those who made the trip last year would answer emphatically—YES! Although the trip is highly educational, with sites including the U.N., the Capitol Building, the Washington Monument, and a meeting with Michigan Senator Phillip A. Hart, entertainment is never lacking, as evidenced by trips to Radio City Music Hall, moonlight swims in the motel pool, and the fan-tabulous World's Fair. For many, this trip will be a first, for others a different view of the cities, but for all, it will be a glorious experience they will never forget. 54Political Insights UNITED NATIONS CLUB - Mr. Thompson. Row 1. Gall Smith (Treas.) Jane Beler (Vlce-Pres.) Gary Laehn (Pres.) Gwyn Man Slckel (Sec.). Row 2. Wendy Coll, Marese Ames, Linda Mastantuono, Pat McLaren, Linda Pearson. Row 3. Pat Oslnskl, Elsie Van Wulfen, Diane House, Sue Hockle, Allen Lewis, Gasper Buono. Row 4. Gary Scodellaro, Carol Sonagere, Ralph Jannazzo, Cathy Turls, Larry Hauser. A sounding board for the problems of the world, a battleground in which words are the only explosives—that is the United Nations. The UN Club at A.P.H.S., under the direction of Mr. Thomas Thompson, is not quite the size of the one across from Flushing Meadows, nor does it serve the same purpose. What it does do, however, is promote interest in an organization so devoted to keeping the peace that it has become a necessary mechanism in keeping the cold war out of the fire. Putting these interests to use, the A.P. UN Club represented Cambodia at the University of Detroit Model United Nations Conferences during April. Preparing for these conferences, members learned, not only the working parts of the inter-national organization, but also the importance of a youth which dares to care about the length of its future. 55Participants and Boosters VARSITY CLUB - (Old Members above) Row 1. Paul Koval (V.-Pres.), Joe Rawson (Sec.), Jack Kosidlo, Doug Shepherd (Pres.), Kip Horvath (Treas.). Row 2. Bob Lange, Larry DePompolo, Mike Medley, Mike Szo-po, Bob Harding, Mr. Tomes. Row 3. Dan Ciupka, Chuck Keller, Neil Reid, John Lojewski, Jim Smith, Ron Howie. VARSITY CLUB - Mr. Tomes, below Row 1. Craig Slater, Ronald Carter, Jim Cunningham, Chuck Keller, Jim Smith, Johnnie Lojewski, Ron Cayce, Jim Paling, Neil Reid, Bruce Quick, John Medved, Bob Passiak. Row 2. Dave Werner, Tim Reilly, John Jenkins, Glen Kaneko, Paul Koval, Kip Horvath, Doug Shepherd, Joe Rawson, Bob Ulrich, George Kishigan, Keith Provost, Dennis Brady, Mr. Tomes. Row 3. Bill Daly, Jack Kosidlo, Mike Szopo, Chris Daley, Gary Coogan, Larry DePompelo, Steve Wehalek, Dannie Ciupka, Bob Jubb, Harry Ackley, Bob Lange, Bob Clemens, Rudy Martin. Row 4. Mike DeRonco, Dave Thomas, Darrell Serapiglia, Tom Thompson, Ron Howie, Doug Chevil-let, John Witberg, Don Davis, Mike Medley, Bob Harding, Steve Zachor-ski. Row 5. Earl Rennie, James Cameron, John Ciotti, Gary Phillips, Dick Ruetz, Charles Guess, Rich Henderson, Jim Beebe, Jim Randall, Bill Jones, Wayne Frasier. Bald heads become a familiar sight once each year as Varsity lettermen are “inducted into the Varsity Club. Their green and yellow jackets are quite prevalent, as the boys sell programs at Football games and help to control crowds at basketball games. The frantic activity of the crowd and the hoarseness which appears the following day are characteristics of the members of the Booster Club. Seeking to provide a method by which all students can participate in sports e-vents, the Boosters incite an active crowd spirit. 56baugh, Emily Kutcher, MareseAmes, Sharon Ellah, Karen Czamota, Sue Yoakum. Row 3. Linda Simpson, Sue Martinez, Maureen Gibbons, Maureen Judvich, Linda Bjoraker, Marilyn Smith, Cheryl Pachuta, Jill Basalyga, Pat Dever, Sharie Danaher, Mary Jane Dezmanian. Row 4. Donna House, Judy Mous, Linda Hassell, Les Sokol, Sue Stanis, Cindy Winter, JoAnn Brandel, Sandra Vartanian, Val Thompson, Lorraine Josefowski. Row 5. Carolyn Ashe, Margie Moon, Lin Thibodeau, Gwyn Van Sickel, Chris Jaynes, Marianne Milidonis, Gail Smith, Carol Hicks, Janet Duda. Row 6. Val Zlonkevice, Brenda Schebel, Kathy Van Sickel, Pat Meridith, Sharon Dihle, Pat Chaykowski, Carol Ben-vin, Mary Ann Marshall, Donna Kil-roy, Judy Maas. 57 Spark Jaguar Spirit BOOSTER CLUB - Mrs. Cartwright, (above) Row 1. Rita Kraynak, Diane House, Linda Wever (Pres.), Wendy Coil, Carole Westrick, Susan Cady, Cathy Moore (Sec.-Treas.) Row 2. Janis Showalter, Cindy Boryski, Sandy Redder, Margie Mack, Karen Brown, Pat Kilroy, Josephine Albanese, Mary Ann Czajkowski, Paul Kolar, Joyce Harding, Sharon McKenna. Row 3. Sherry Glus, Nancee Altman, Claudia Boris, Joyce Dickelman, Marlene Farkas, Nancy DIMusto, Brenda Brown, Sandy Zantop, Merrill Hagens, Annette Smolak, Kathy Franklin. Row 4. Sandra Lawrence, Pat Kosowan, Lyn Armstrong, Donna Aron, Cindy Gumtow, Karen Wise (V.-Pres.) Jeanne Nowitzke, Kathey Dombek, Cheryl Kwasnieski, Lorane Lakatos, Dianne Anderson. Row 5. Bonnie Schratz, RuthSchonfeld, Nancy Taylor, Mary Baka, Chris Janky, Claudia DeMarco, Cindy Bay, Sarah Mcllroy, Sue Burns, Pat Osinski, Norma Plaunt. Row 6. Diane McGraw, Candy Egan, Judy Jones, Kim Dalton, Jan Rennie, Nancy Rolando, Karen Murray, Ellen Musa, Shirley Ford, Carolyn Keefer, Cathy Turis. BOOSTER CLUB, (below) Row 1. Cathie Hutchison, Linda Stra-make, Gail Constantakis, Vicki Eb-ling, Bev Holfeltz. Row 2. Arlene Pic-cioni, Tari Umbarger, Elsie Van-Wulfen, Sue Rothfuss, Faye Swartz-Enthusiasts Aim Sights G.A.A. (Active) - Mrs. Fisher, Mrs. Bowman. Row 1. Candy Shade, Jill Basalyga (Soph. Rep.), Lyn Armstrong (Sec.) Bev Holfeltz (Treas.), Larane Lakatos (Pres.), Dianne Anderson (Vice-Pres.) Rita Kraynak (Sr. Rep.), Cathy Bray(Tourn. Manager), Carole Westrick, Faye Swartzbaugh. Row 2. Judy Maas, Jan Jameson, Lana Nagy, SherrySobas-zek, Carolyn Ashe, Jane Beier, Sherry Glus, Lyn Thibodeau, Sue Stanis, Sue Wagner. Row 3. Vicki Ebeling, Linda Pearson, Dianne House, Rose Capra, Pat Kilroy, Sue Smith, Pat Marian, Debbie Ernest, Donna Kilroy. Row 4. Glessna Barabas, Joyce Harding, Gloria Garland, Judy Bailey, Donna Aron, Dianne McGraw, Cindy Bay, Pat Murphy, Sandy Zantop. Row 5. Marilyn Gorajek, Marilou Lovera, Nancy Rolando, Mary Zuker, Rose Mary Smith, Mary Baka, Cindy Boryski, Judy Ganos, Sherrie Cardinal!, Karen Wise. G.A.A. (Probation) - Mrs. Fisher, Mrs. Bowman. Row 1. Donna Schilke, Andrea Szemardi, Cheryl From-mert, Nancy Dennison, Linda Hutchison, Gail Smith. Row 2. Cheryl Thill, Karen Czamota, Linda Simpson, Kathy Dumback, Sherry Dupuy. Row 3. Donna McAfee, Claudia DeMarco, Charlotte Milotz, June Nichols, Sarah Mcllory, Linda Mad dock. Row 4. Linda Lademan, Paula Pritule, Barb Schoner, Sherry Corley, Lenore Mardon. The Girls Athletic Association offers the sports-minded girl a year round calendar of events including a twenty eight mile bike hike, basketball, volleyball, swimming,and the annual Spinster Hop. Through lively team competition and individual determination, the members realize the necessity for the development of teamwork, sportsmanship, and coordination. 58At Good Sportsmanship RIFLE CLUB - Mr. Bellas. Row 1. Sue Bryan, Joe Buda (Vice-Pres.) Peggy Bryan (Treas.), Gregory Wenzloff (Pres.), Lyn Ross (Sec.), Donna House, Mr. Bellas. Row 2. Linda Dominczyk, Linda Myers, Carol Pearson, Jeanne Warden, Pat Holihan, Bob Paouette, Neal Kennedy. Row 3. Ronald Frommert, Linda Weaver, Mary Zuker, Pat Misiewlcz, Pat Bartley, Judy Ganos, Jan Jameson. Row 4. Ernest Novak, Charles O’Dioske, John Farkie, Mike Czarnik, Don Boisonaault, Larrv Bireta. Pat Tracy. A steady hand and eye are necessary requirements for members of the Rifle Club. Stiff competition is one reason why these marksmen spend hours practicing their shots. But with accuracy must come safety and good sportsmanship-essential to any form of sport. 59Barracudas Dive Deep Into Activities Team competition is not the only form swimming takes for members of the Varsity Swim team. The Barracuda Club offers them a break from the stopwatch as the boys simply have fun in the pool. Learning the rudiments of scuba diving is one of the Barracudas’ main ofjectives and several diving trips are made throughout the entire year. A major innovation this year was the pool party in which the boys taught their dates the intricacies of the sport. The water show at the Fair provided hilarious entertainment, while at the same time enlarged their treasury. BARRACUDA CLUB - Mr. Hershberger. Row 1. Ken Wilkerson, Harry Ackley, Bob Jubb, Bob Clements, Earl Rennie. Row 2. Mr. R. Hershberger, Bob Lange, Mark Goulait, Bob Harding, Jim Beebe, Dennis Seaman. Row 3. Rodger Huie, Don Davis, Larry Depompolo, Jim Randall, Ron Carter. 60ATHLETICS Workouts, scrimmage, kinky muscles,pushups, dog-tired, then ten laps around before the coach gives the quitting signal, then it’s off to the showers. The fellows who do all this work are the same fellows who furnish the thrills in sports-thrills for A.P.H.S. fans—thrills for all league fans, for where ever the Jaguars travel, win or lose, the imprint of the Jaguar paw is everlasting . . . as in . . . Football . . . where everyone dresses in his or her Friday night best to see or be a scene . . . when a good line usually wins . . . the game . . . also in the fall comes cross country . . . the boys run up and down the hills ... to see what’s on the other side . . . then winter . . . and you go inside at night ... to watch basketball or swimming . . . its a good excuse not to study that night ... or there’s wrestling . . . for those who like the art of self-defense . . . and gymnastics . . . and then comes spring . . . with baseball games, tennis matches, and trackmeets and then the best sport of all—spring fever.Victory Frequents VARSITY FOOTBALL. Row 1. Ron Cayce, John Jenkins, Bill Carrasco, Chris Daley, Neil Reid (Co-capt.), Doug Shephard (Co-capt.), Gary Coogan, John Ogen, Glen Kaneko, Larry Ferguson. Row 2. John Ciotti, Jim Dodds, Frank Trionfi, Jim Szostek, George Kishigan, Dennis Brady, Doug Chevillet, Wayne Frasier, Tom Thompson, Mike DaRonco, Dick Ruetz. Row 3. Mr. McKay (End Coach), Tony Parisi, Jim Paling, Bill Zolkowski, Bruce Quick, John Medved, Herb Sinift, Charles Llndow, Jim Cunningham, John Lojewski, Gary Phillips, Mr. Mihatsch (Head Coach). Row 4. Larry Brandeberry (Mgr.), Gary Klingler (Mgr.), Fred Beksa, Earl Rennie, Bill Daly, Dave Werner, Bob Passiak. Not pictured: Paul Koval, Mr. Edward Bellas (Line Coach). VARSITY FOOTBALL SCOREBOARD Allen Park Opponent 0 MELVINDALE 6 0 LINCOLN PARK 21 6 TRENTON 9 24 REDFORD UNION 0 21 BELLEVILLE 12 28 PLYMOUTH 13 0 BENTLEY 7 7 EDSEL FORD 7 0 TAYLOR CENTER 0 62Jaguar’s Den RESERVE FOOTBALL Row 1. Dennis Telchman, Wally Zawisza, Royce Medley, Jim Sansone, Dave Terry, Bill Placek, Tony Porter, Joel Krusac, Dennis Vacca, Gerry Steffani, Lloyd Enix, Wendell Pauli. Row 2. Mr. Walker, Mr. Kossik, Rick Grant, Steve Lucas, Barry Shackleford, Dan Landon, Fred Millner, John O' Driscoll, Steve Sabo, Joe Millner, Bruce Fic, Bill Hegyi, San Doyle. Row 3. Don Boisonault, Tim Nagy, Jeff Nowitzke, Dave Makins, Jerry DeMartin, Bob Hennel, Mike Knuth, Dave Wills, Bob Manuta, Rodney Guy, Jim Fanto, John Gleason. With a league record of 3 wins and 2 losses, the Junior Varsity showed the potential that will be made available to next year’s Varsity squad. A definite factor in the success of the team was the twin coaching staff of Mr. Joseph Kossik and Mr. Ronald Walker. As a result, each coach had more time available to work closely with the team as a whole and with each member as an individual. The final game of the league season, however, served to dampen their spirits of success as they lost the game and the league championship to Bentley. RESERVE FOOTBALL SCOREBOARD Alien Park Opponent 6 EDSEL FORD 20 20 MELVINDALE 0 12 TRENTON 20 19 REDFORD UNION 6 19 BELLEVILLE 13 19 PLYMOUTH 13 6 BENTLEY 14As the graduating class of 1964 left the halls of Allen Park High School for the final time last June, so did the bulk of A.P.’s varsity football team. Many interested football fans awaited anxiously the opening day of summer practice to see what material “Norm” Mihatsch, varsity coach, had to work with for the oncoming season. As the prospective varsity gridders reported for summer practice, Mr. Mihatsch found that he had only nine players returning from last year’s squad. However, under the watchful eye of Mr. Mihatsch and his assistants, the “inexperienced” team was slowly molded into a hard-nosed, fundamental-type football powerhouse. After opening the season with three heartbreaking losses to 64Melvindale, Lincoln Park, and Trenton, the Jaguars uncorked their offense to dump the next three opponents: Redford Union, Belleville, and Homecoming-opponent, Plymouth, only to lose a share of the league championship to Bentley. Even though they lost league honors, the Jaguars were not to be denied. In the next encounter, the varsity gridders held powerful Edsel Ford, 3rd. ranked in the state, to a 7-7 tie, pulling the biggest prep upset of the year. After his squad tied traditional rival Taylor in the season finale, Mr. Mihatsch “hung up his whistle and playbook” for another year with a very commendable record of 3-4-2. 65Future Looks Bright for With the debut of new coach, Dick Tews, the wrestling team opened the training schedule with high hopes of bringing the Sub-6 championship to Allen Park High; these hopes were crippled, however, due to the graduation of many lettermen last year. The varsity squad, utilizing the services of many in-experienced boys,tried vainly to match their talents with Trenton, Bentley, and Redford Union. Led by captain Jack Kosidlo, the Jaguar grapplersgained the experience and ability which sould improve their over all record in future years. 66Grapplers and Gymnasts GYMNASTICS TEAM Row 1. Ed Ban, Barry Kamasky, Mr. Whalln, Gary Shippllng, Ron Robo-san. Row 2. Bill Traub, Bruce Kindred, Ron Policelli, Tim Riley. Row 3. Tom Johns, Bob Smith, Dennis Teichman, Guy Howell. As hard as our gymnastics team tried, they suffered defeat at all of their meets. But looking on the bright side of things, we had Dan Rosbury enter the state competition, and he returned with the states 9th place title. We were all very proud of him, and also of the team which worked so hard this year. Many of our boys show great skill and enthusiasm, and look very promising for the season to come. Good luck next year. 67Jaguars Ride On VARSITY BASKETBALL - Coach Mr. McKay. Row 1. Glen Kaneko, Terry Nickels, Ron Howie, Joe Rawson, Kip Horvath, Paul Kwasniewski, Steve Zachorski, Don Sikora, John Gleason, Gary Klingler, Ron Cayce, Jim Paling, Neil Reid, Gary Coogan, Bruce Quick, George Kishigan. VARSITY BASKETBALL SCOREBOARD Allen Park Opponent 90 TRENTON 80 87 REDFORD UNION 54 82 BELLEVILLE 79 69 PLYMOUTH 65 58 BENTLEY 61 85 TRENTON 97 74 REDFORD UNION 75 65 BELLEVILLE 64 63 PLYMOUTH 69 68“Victory Road” RESERVE BASKETBALL SCOREBOARD ALLEN PARK OPPONENT 58 TRENTON 56 69 REDFORD UNION 31 59 BELLEVILLE 46 55 PLYMOUTH 46 50 BENTLEY 43 68 TRENTON 62 65 REDFORD UNION 46 50 BELLEVILLE 39 36 PLYMOUTH 40 JUNIOR VARSITY BASKETBALL Row 1. Coach-Alan Gates, Manager-Bill Plunt, Manager, John Warden, Mark Beyer, Tom Rhuele, Dave Johnson, Bob Kosal, Dennis Karamedes. Row 2. Pat Harvey, Dave Tringer, Ken Kress, Dave Werner, Morrey Tanner, Jim Fanto, San Doylw, Dave Makins, Steve Sabo. 69This year Allen Park’s varsity basketball team had one of its finest season’s in two years. They ended up with a highly commendable 10-5 overall record and a 6-3 record in league play. Hustling to win the first five games in a row, they lead the league over the Christmas vacation with a 5-0 record. The next game, with Bentley, proved to be a great disappointment, as the loss put them in second place, tied with Redford Union. Individual highlights of the team were Junior forward, Gary Phillips, and Senior Co-Captain Ronnie Howie, who scored 455 points and averaged 28.5 points a game. Top scorer in nearly every game, Ron outdid himself in the Taylor Center game, and tied a school record of 46 points. 70This year Allen Park High School witnessed one of the most successful seasons ever accomplished by an A.P. athletic team. The reserve basketball team finished a tremendous season with a 14-1 won lost record. Mr. Allen Gates, a former graduate of Allen Park was very well pleased with his first year as the reserve coach and believes that much of the team’s success was due to the fact that he had coached many of his present team members in Junior High. The bulk of this reserve team will be prominent varsity players next year and Allen Park can look forward to an outstanding Jaguar team with potential championship characteristics. 71“Yea Allen Park, Yea Allen VARSITY SWIMMING TEAM Row 1. Fred Beska (Mgr.), Pete Gibson, Gordon Messer, Ron McKenzie, Paul Fudge, LeornardGuer-riero, Rick Chote, Gary Stopa, John Copeland. Row 2. Phil Czech (Mgr.), Coach Richard Hershberger, Ken McCloud, Dennis Marr, Dennis Seaman, Jim Beebe, Marc Goulait, Don Davis, Bob Harding, Larry De-Pompolo, Charles McClain. Row 3. Ass't. Coach Kurt Boiler, Gary Carter, Roger Huie, John Oatley, Bob Clemens (Co-capt.), Bob Lange, (Co-capt.), Harry Ackley, Ron Carter, Jim Randall, Larry Toth, Phil Drapeau. Row 4. Ken Wilkerson, Ken Jehle, Rodney Guy, Earl Rennie. 72Park, Swim, Swam, Swum" In league competition the Barracudas compiled an 8 and 2 record, making ’64-’65 the best season Allen Park has ever had in the pool. Including league and non-league competition, the Barracudas splashed to 11 wins in 15 meets. The team will lose five first-stringers through graduation. However, Coach Richard Hershberber has a young team with both Juniors and Sophomores lining the squad with experience and speed. In the league meet held at Livonia Bentley, the Barracudas placed a high second. Senior Larry DePompolo was the only Gold medal winner, taking first place in the one meter diving event. SWIMMING CHEERLEADERS Row 1. Sue Wagner, Linda BJoraker, Sherrie Danaher. Row 2. Sue Gilbert Loraine Lakatos, Sherry Sobasek. 73Cheers Boost Spectator Participation It is the cheers of the crowd which enable the players to know that they are not alone when they stand out on the court or the field. It is the job of the cheerleaders to lead the crowd in this vital participation. Through the new and clever cheers of the Varsity and Junior Varsity squads, an effort was made to establish a greater team spirit among the students. The results were excellent. One bright new addition to the Varsity squad was mascot Wendy Coil. Wendy appeared in her Jaguar skin at Homecoming, and has since become a familiar at all football and basketball games. VARSITY CHEERLEADERS Row 1. Sue Cady (Capt), Linda Weaver, Rita Kraynak, Row 2. Kathy Moore, Carole Westrlck, Diane House. VARSITY AND RESERVE SQUADS Row 1. Cathie Hutchinson, Linda Stramake, Vicki Ebeling (Capt), Bev Holfeltz, Yvonne La Plante, Gail Constantakis. Row 2. Kathy Moore, Sue Cady (Capt), Carole Westrick, Linda Weaver, Diane House, Rita Kraynak. 74No longer divided, the Sophomores united and functioned together for the first time as the class of 1967. What may have seemed strange and confusing, at first, became routine as the Sophomores oriented themselves to a more rigorous schedule of study, work and play. No longer rivals in sports, the Sophomores combined their best efforts in turning out a powerful junior varsity which promises added strength to future varsity squads. Successful efforts were also put forth during Homecoming season at which time the Sophomores surprised everyone with a well deserved second place win in the annual parade. Surprise? Hard earned successes are never really a surprise. Keep it up Sophomores! Your imprint is still fresh upon your school—don’t let it disappear. A.P.H.S. expects great things of you! Sophomore class officers, Doug Pretty (Pres.), Gail Constantakis (Vice Pres.), Paula Kolar (Sec.), and Sue Gilbert (Treas.), spare a few minutes to pose for the Imprint photographer in the courtyard. 10-1 Mrs. Beaney. Row 1. Melanie Bard, Kathy Asam, Cindy Balsis, Cathy Alderson, Carolyn Belt, Janis Bailey. Row 2. Chuck Adam-cryk, Ben Adams, Ed Ban, Roy Asplet, Teresa Batalucco, Don Adams, Jim Allerdyce. Row 3. Fred Aversa, Joann Bake, Barbara Bars tad, Diana Bakich, Steven Allevato, N'ancee Altman. Row 4. Josephine Albanese, Barb Bear, Dennis Basner, A1 Bartley, Jim Adcock, John Bailey, Norm Baksa. 7610-2 MRS. JANE BROWN. Row 1. Marilyn Bryan, Rose Anne Caparaotta, Gayle Cartwright, Christine Borghi, Linda Bjor-aker, Cindy Carter. Row 2. Bob Bosak, Bob Bencher, Ron Cary, Gary Cael, James Biggs, Mrs. Jane Brown. Row 3. Mary Caffrey, Rose Capra, Vera Bult, Claudia Burrows, Charlene Cavanaugh, Mary Bravo. Row 4. Pat Beyerly, Claudia Bencik, Susan Boggess, Jon Campbell, Jim Castagna, Gary Carter, Larry Carson. Row 5. Mark Beyer, Greg Bozanich, Don Boisonault, Doug Burnett, Joe Bravo, Charles Brown. North and South Unite 10-3 MRS. CARTWRIGHT. Row 1. Sharie Danaher, Sue Lynn Costa, Sandra Clarke, Gale Church, Candy Compeau, Carol Church. Row 2. Kaye Conner, Dave Coward, Bob Conley, Dave Chelsey, Gail Constantakis, Cass Coury. Row 3. Karen Czarnota, Jim Benedict, Patricia Dansizen, Dave Conover, Debbie Daubresse, Pamela Croo. Row 4. Frank Colosimo, Susan Coward, Fred Childress, Linda Coker, Robert Curtiss, Kerry Collins, Mary Ann Czajkowski. Row 5. Philip Czech, John Copeland, Rick Choate, Cedric Cook, Bill Clements, Tom Commyn. 777810-4 Mrs. Dana. How 5. Chris Elliot, Karen Dawson, Phil Drapeau, James Doyle, Jerry De Martin, Nancy Dipple. Row 4. Dana Davies, Pat Doran, Tony Di Cesare, Dan Edwards, Bill Duncan, Marcy Donaldson, Kay Dunn. Row 3. Sherry Dupuy, Carolyn Dumas, David Denier, Bruce Edwards. Row 2. Ken Devitto, Rita Dreffs, Greg Els ter, Sharon Ellah, Kathleen Dumback, Joan Dinneweth. Row 1. Kathy Elliot, Diane Dreffs, Carmen Demarti, Valerie Drugalis, Nancy Dennison, Lorraine Demeter. 10-5 Mr. Dyer. Row 5. David Ferguson, Preston Greene, Bruce Fix, Lloyd Enix, Richard Fox, Rodney Cuy, Jim Fanto, John Gleason. Row 4. Rick Gran, Nancy Ford, Kathy Flynn, Rich Gods ell, Tom Gretka, John Farkis, Richard Green. Row 3. Celeste Ferguson, Sherry Frasier, Leonard Guerriero, Lois Furrier, James Gallagher, Paul Fudge, Jim Evans. Row 2. Mr. Dyer, Tom Goddard, Richard Fishwick, Pet Gibson, Robert Gaffrey, Cathy Foley, Joseph Fedea. Row 1. Sue Gilbert, Elaine Friske, Debbie Ernest, Rita Frabotta, Cheryl Frommert, Barbara Ferguson. 10-6 Mr. Frosheiser. Row 5. George Heide, Dennis Hackney, Doug Hamilton, Bruce Haber-kern, Mike Hayes, Bob Hennel. Row 4. Perry Hendrick, Joyce Hardinc, Ralph Hemenway, Bill Heggi, Mike Hornyak, Marcia Howard, Ray Honeycutt. Row 3. Jim Harvey, Linda Hodge, Dan Hill, Marge Hollo-well, Marcia Holt, Mr. Frosheiser. Row 2. Bob Hale, Paulette Harter, Pam Harris, Guy Howell, Patty Hayes. Row 1. Linda Horback, Barbara Hope, Linda Hindle, Brenda Haas, Linda Hassell, Carol Harper. Sophomores, Paula Kolar, Sue Rexer, and Cathie Hutchinson, reviewing their class chances, do a little judging of their own before the actual judging takes place. The first pep assembly of the year gave the class of 67 a chance to show a little school spirit in support of their team. 7910-7 MRS. GENYK. Row 1. Linda Hutchinson, Maureen Judnich, Lorraine Josefowski, Karen Keller, Cathie Hutchinson. Row 2. Dennis Keramidas, Jim Katakowski, Thomas Johns, Cynthia James, Linda Kantzler. Row 3. Mary Kearney, Pat Kilroy, Dave Johnston, Cheryl Knight, Tim Hruska. Row 4. Pat Hutnik, Eddie Kammer, William Jauss, Michael Knuth, Ken Jehle, Mark Klee. Sophs “Snow 'Em Under’’ 10-8 MR. HELMS. Row 1. Linda Loehne, Judy Lieber, Gary Kowal. Row 4. Byron Kraynak, Larry Kowalczyk, Elaine Lupwig, Marie Karawetz, Dephine Kokoszka, Robin Joel Krusak, Dan Landon, Linda Lademan, James Leone! Lee. Row 2. Bill Lally, Mary Lake, Marilyn Lafferty, Bob Row 5. Paula Kolar, Linda Lorenz, Steve Lukas, Jim Lut- Kosal, Jerry Lorence. Row 3. Dennis Lemanski, John sey, Dennis Kollar, Ken Kress. Loria, Francis Kwiatkowski, Andrea Kruse, Judy Korpi, 8010-9 MR. KUUTILA. Row 1. Sharon Maier, Florence Maheux, Sue Martinez, Holly Martineau, Judy Maus, Barbara Martin. Row 2. Kathie Malmsten, Sharon McCreery, Cheryl McLand, Sharon McKenna, Pat Marian, Linda Maddock. Row 3. Ron McKenzie, Kathy Meekins, Gordon Messer, Royce Medley, Bob McLellan, Ken McCloud. Row 4. Peter McWilliams, Janet Marvin, Charles McClain, Dennis Marr, Martin Mathamel, Craig Massey. Row 5. John Manzella, Tim Meix-ner, Tim McCann, Dan McQuade, Dave Makins, Bob Mantua. With Second Place Win 10-10 MRS. LOMASON. Row 1. JoAnn Oliva, Evelyn Ottinger, Madeline Milidonis, Priscilla Naczas, Eileen Neel, Kathy Nagy. Row 2. Lana Nagy, Robert Mogor, Sharon Niemiec, Carol Oates, Barbara Mohacsi. Row 3. Gregory Noga, Sheila Milliman, Chris Moretto, Larry Oakes. Row 4. Mike Mulroy, Charles 0 Droske, Joe Milner, Jon Oatley, Mel Overwater. Row 5. Ernest Novak, Charles Oberg, Tim Nagy, Gary Nestor, Don Ochala, John O’Driscoll. 81Second place in the Homecoming parade was the product of a combined, intense effort displayed by the Sophomores in the creation of their first float, “Snow ’Em Under.” 10-11 Mr. McKay. How 4. Mike Perdonik, Bill Placek, Ron Policelli, Fred Millner, Paul Petrik. Row 3. Bruce Parsons, Darel Piziali, Tony Porter, Ernie Prior, Bill Plaunt, Doug Pretty. Row 2. George Parsalis, Jerry Palizzi, Larry Palizzi, Wendell Pauli, David Pe dene lli. Row 1. Marie Pauli, Mary Paffhausen, Karen Payter, Mary Prevost, Kathle Pauli, Jennifer Panda. 10-12 Mrs. Stakoe. Row 5. Robert Ray, Jackie Schinker, Barb Schoner, Kathy Schleicher, Barry Shackleford, Steve Sabo. Row 4. Louise Schimtz, Karen Shoop, Mary Radin, Ken Rohloff, Dave Randall, Tom Ruehle, Frank Schiavulli. Row 3. Jerry Rooksberry, Sheryl Royce, Sue Reter, Ronald Sekerak, Jim Sansone, Phil Serpetti. Row 2. Mrs. Stakoe, Robert Seguin, Phil Ridge, Greg Schultz, Ronald Rose, Robin Roberts. Row 1. Val Schom-berger, Sue Richardson, Brenda Schebel, Marie Rodriguez, Charity Rathbun, Diane Ruszczyk. The faces of the Sophomore officers reflect the excitement of their first Homecoming and mirror the anticipation felt by all. 10-13 Mrs. Tarry. Row 5. Jon Tanner, Terry Smock, Barbara Tarris, Darryl Stooughton. Row 4. Gwen Siterlet, Gary Stopa, Ted Sledz, Deann Stutler, Val Smith. Row 3. Sue Smith, Lane Soltesz, Tom Simko, Art Tait, Frank Szopo, Linda Simpson. Row 2. Tim Taylor, Glenn Szucs, Shari Stevison, Tyler Smart, Jim Sturgill. Row 1. Andrea Szemardi, Linda Stramake, Marilyn Smith, Charlotte Sigmund, Judy Taylor, Marilyn Strait. 828310-14 MR. WEAVER. Row 1. Andrea Topelian, Barbara Ulrich, Linda Vieceli, Val Thompson, Kathy Van Sickel. Row 2. Gail Varga, Rose ann Vigneau, Darlene Varner, Diane Varner, John Throop, Cheryl Thill. Row 3. Ranee Teeple, Dorthy Smith, Dennis Teichman, Burton Valanty, Dennis Vacca, Frank Vargo. Row 4. Larry Toth, Linda Tubbs, Holly Vaughn, Bob Terry, Paul Viglianti, David Tringer. ’67 Leaves Its Mark 10-15 MR. WHITNEY. Row 1. Sue Wagner, Renee Wirth, Pam Williams, Sandy Wendel, Marleen Webb, Lynn White. Row 2. Bob Wangen, Vernon Watson, Val Zlonkevicz, Rick Wallace, Diane Weber. Row 3. John Warden, Owen Westfall, Jim Wirth, Dan Wiesend, Doug Wilson, Mr. Whitney. Row 4. Gerald Wright, Jim Wagner, Daivd Wills, Robert Zeh, Dale Wells, Wally Zawisza. 84Making plans (or the Junior Prom, •Carousel,’ was only part of the duties that kept the class officers, Sarah Mcllroy (Sec.), Bruce Quick (Pres.), Frank Trlonfl (V.-Pres.), and Barb Blackmon (Treas.) busy throughout the year. Returning for their second year at Allen Park High, the Class of ’66 found a busy calendar of activities waiting for them. October brought Homecoming and third place for the Juniors in the judging. Basketball followed the Football season and the Juniors proudly excelled in both. February found them occupied with the planning and excitement of their first prom. The annual school fair in March and the class play in April offered the Juniors an opportunity to 11-1 Mr. Bauman. Row 1. Jill Basalyga, Kathy Adams, Glessna Barabas, Marese Ames, Carolyn Ashe, Dianne L. Anderson. Row 2. Donna Anderson, Jim Allen, Alan Bakos, Jim Amonette, Pat Bartley, Carol Barnyak, Cindy Bay. Row 3. Cindy display their creativity and at the same time increase their treasury. With the end of the school year came the hard-earned, long-awaited trip to Washington. The prowess of its athletes and the ability of its leaders cause a class to be remembered for years. However, it is the memories of the prom you planned, the play you produced, the trip you payed for that enables the imprint of A.P.H.S. to become a part of you. Bardell, Sharon Barazsu, Sue Adallne, Steve Ambrose, A1 Asterlou, John Arabuckl. Row 4. Tom Alfano, Linda Bas-man, Betty Balias, Lon Baum, Carla Bakewell, Jim Andonlan, Dennis Balogh. 8611-2 MISS BOWMAN. Row 1. Ann Bezverkov, Diane Bernard, Jane Benedict, Judl Bernabei, Ellen Bingham, Karen Bigelow. Row 2. Donald Benardini, Jane Beir, Sheila Billings, Claudia Boris, JoAnn Bommarito. Row 3. Sue Behrens, Barb Black- Experience 11-3 MR. THOMPSON. Row 1. Peggy Bryan, Donna Bush, Linda Burye, Brenda Brown, Brenda Bullock, Gayle Brown. Row 2. David Bronicki, Karen Bush, Barbara Calrd, Susan Cargill, Linda Campbell. Row 3. Sherrie Cardinal, Sue Burns, Bill Carrasco, Lyn Carpenter, Tom Brown, James man, Cathy Bray, Larry Brandeberry, Ron Benn, Tim Bell. Row 4. William Belisle, Terry Blanton, Dan Bragunier, Tim Begley, Joe Bono, Dennis Bernson. Row 5. Tim Bechler, Jim Beebe, Jim Benedick, Fred Beska, Jim Berendt. Carey. Row 4. Butch Buvlage, Pat Burgio, RonBroniak, Les Bruner, Les Brozman, Nick Butsicaris. Row 5. Mr. Thompson, Bill Calder, Jim Burrows, Lila Carleton, William Bult, Paul Busby. Leads Juniors 8711-4 MRS. COX. Row 1. Judy Crabtree, Linda Compton, Linda Cianfarani, Wendy Coil, Sandi Danaher, Deidre Corey. Row 2. Kathy Cunningham, John Chipala, Fred Cook, Sandi Clelland, Steve Crider, Carol Childress. Row 3. Gary Coogan, Kim Dalton, David Clark, Tom Coffee, Michael Corradi, Harry Cutting. Row 4. Chris Daley, Mike DaRonco, Jeff Covington, Don Davis, Don D'Alessandro, Rick Conley. Row 5. Ron Cayce, Elies Cole, Jim Cunningham, Joe Cheek, Harry Clark, John Ciotti, Bill Daly. Class of '66 Sets Pre 11-5 MRS. KERNS. Row 1. Pat Dever, Darlene Destrampe, Mrs. Kerns, Judy Estes, Linda Dominzyk, Penny Demirjian. Row 2. Claudia DeMarco, Kathy Dombek, Elizabeth Erwin, Cindy Donaldson, Barbara DeFroy. Row 3. Jim Dodds, Robert Early, Larry Digasbarro, John Dallas, Jerry Ebel, Candy Egan. Row 4. Bill Donaldson, Ed DeSilvia, Bob Draper, Dan Ely, Ken Dowling. 8811-6 MR. BOES. Row 1. Linda Ferrante, Lin Glowacky, Cindy Fields, Sandy Falahie, Linda Fezzey, Maureen Gibbons, Mary Low Fimmen. Row 2.GregFedo, Kathy Germen, Cathy Fraser, Cindy Fadool, Judy Ganos, Kathy Franklin. Row 3. Vincent Fregonara, Larry Gildo, Donald Fountain, Charles Farley, Fred Gawlas, Louis Fuciarelli, Mr. Boes. Row 4. Darryl Forintos, Larry Ferguson, Wayne Frasier, John Fodo, Jerry Garavaglia. cedent with New Rings 11-7 MR. BOLLER. Row 1. Beckle Harper, Dona Grosh, Candy Hamilton, Roberta Gunther, Merril Hagens, Esther Goltry, Dorthy Foley. Row 2. Candy Guth, Marilyn Gorajek, Cindy Gumtow, Marc Goulalt, Ron Green, Larry Hauser. Row 3. Jim Hanik, John Golovich,TomGronos, Ben Goodell, Paul Gunthrie, John Hartman, Mr. Boiler. Row 4. Fred Hall, Rich Hannon, Ray Green, Charles Guess, Henry Grosso, John Green. 899011-8 Mr. Tews. Row 4. Roger Huie, Rich Henderson, Bob Holzworth, Jerome Hough, Mike Horrigan, Steve Hegedus. Row 3. John Hoover, Dale Herrlman, Robbin Ibbetson, John Hodges, Tom Jablom-ski, Chuck Holmes, Dan Jablonski. Row 2. Chris James, Stuart Hyke, Bob Herrgard, Victor Indre, Philip Howard, John Ibey. Row 1. Chris Jaynes, Beverly Holfeltz, Georgiana Hobach, Chris Janky, Joanne Homeszyn, Dianne House. 11-9 Mr. Mihatsch. Row 4. Gary Klingler, Jim Jeffrey, Georger Knowles, Chris Klaassen, Larry Kalmer, George Jolokai, Nancy Jeffrey. Row 3. Gordon Kaltz, John Kimbell, Terry Kent, Debbie Juterbock, Judy Jones, Janice Kins-ky, Sue Johnston. Row 2. Dave Keri-midas, John Jenkins, Glen Kaneko, Donald Kilroy, Mike Jordon, Greg Kannberg. Row 1. Karen Johannes, Susan Karschnick, Donna Kilroy, Pat Klacza, Irene Karibian, Cheryl Kaiser, Rose Klacza. Junior class officers proudly pull their Homecoming float “Minutes To Victory,” the result of many weeks of concentrated effort. Juniors show the typical spirit felt by all couples who attended the Homecoming dance—enjoying themselves completely yet surprised and a bit shy when the camera catches them unexpectedly. 11-10 Miss Smith. Row 4. John Lewandowski, Michael Kwiatkowski, Ray LaBelle, Gary Laehn, Ron Kriebec, Charles Lin-dow. Row 3. Allen Lewis, Ed Llsiecki, Mike Lafferty, Don Loagh-rey, Ken Lochner, Greg Linville, Gregg Locher. Row 2. Janice Icroll, Larane Lakatos, Irene Kowalczyk, Sandy Kooz, Cheryl Kwasnieski, Marilou Lovera, Miss Smith. Row 1. Madeleine Kocsisko, Pat Kubala, Linda Koppitch, Rhanda Lefa, Gloria Kowaichik, Brenda Linoak, Yvonne LaPlante. 911 — 11 Mr. Lockhart. How 4. Paul Marvin, James Manic-cia, John Medved, Bob Martin, Donald McKenzie, John McKay, Bruce Mazeika. Row 3. Larry Mattis, Marty Matsui, John Mangiapane, Jim Mclnerney, Sarah Mcllroy, Diane McGraw. Row 2. Pat Marten, Altha Lynch, Connie Macomber, Monica Malowey, Pat Meredith. Row 1. Linda Merrill, Mary Ann Marshall, Chris Marcos, Pat McLaren, Judy Maas, Linda Magalotti. Sue Stanis and Frank Trionfi were among the Junior couples who attended the Homecoming dance. Other Junior couples are seen as they participate in the Grand March. 11—12. Mrs. Ferency. Row 4. Danny Niespial, Steve Mol-nar, John Neifert, Robert Nowicke, Larry Musso, Bill Miles, James Nemeth, Art Miner. Row 3. Bruce Nickerson, Pat Misiewicz, Dale Neitzel, Karen Murray, Roy Nuffer, Bill Murrell, Terry Nickels. Row 2. Fran Mosde, Pat Murphy, Sharon Miller, Richard Nicholls, Ellen Musa, Pat Millner, Mrs. Ferncy. Row 1. Charlotte Milotz, Margie Moon, Linda Nack, Cathy Moore, Donna Newsohme, Kathy Newland. 11 — 13 Mrs. Neumann. Row 4. Greg Patera, Doug Paglia, Jim Paling, Gary Philips, Tony Paris!, Kenneth Ojala. Row 3. John Ogen, Sue Papke, Mike Osman, Gary Pell, Gary O'Connor, Mrs. Neumann. Row 2. Helen Panik, Kathy Perdonik, Karen Perlaki, Linda Pearson, Barbara Para, Sue Palczynski. Row 1. Jane Parsons, Judy Panozzo, Judie Parr, Doris Oakes, Dorothy Orsick, Cheryl Pachuta. 929311-14 MR. RAABE. Row 1. Jan Rariden, Suzi Price, Judi Osborn, Pat Roberts, Arlene Piccloni, Angelina Rinna. Row 2. Sue Presley, Madelyn Raether, Chert Rohde, Sherri Rein, Donn Polnicky, Phil Pollick, Dan Rasizzi. Row 3. Ernie Reed, Renee Reilly, Larry Reoch, Roman Puchala, Jan Rennie, Nancy Rolando, Carolyn Rompel. Row 4. Bruce Quick, Mike Piche, Ron Robosan, Jim Randall, Jerry Protiva, A1 Rogozinski, Earl Rennie. Cherished Memories of 11-15 MR. MEDRANO. Row 1. Linda Sherwood, Cindy Scalici, Linda Seabloom, Candy Shade, Pat Schmidt, Linda Schwocho. Row 2. Bill Schultz, Linda Rosbury, Sheila Sassone, Cindy Sandor, Dennis Rushlau, Gary Scodellaro, Mr. Medrano. Row 3. Mike Salay, Gary Schlppling, Nick Scovill, Dennis Royce, Bob Scheel, Dennis Seman. Row 4. Bill Ross, Charles Selan, Mike Schroeder, Bob Shankie, Larry Sears, Dick Ruetz, Richard Schwandt. 9411-16 MR. SMITH. Row 1. Sue Stanls, Gail Smith, Annette Smolak, Sherry Sobaszek, Brenda Steele. Row 2. JoAnn Stoklosa, Pam Smith, Don Smith, George Slater. Row 3. Greg Slowik, Bob Sippola, Dave Splan, Karen Smith, Mr. Smith. Row 4. Don E. Smith, Carol Sonagere, Jackie Stowe, Cindy Sryniawski. Row 5. John Somers, Henry Sleath, Patrick Smith, Terry Simmons, Don Sikora. Prom and Class Trip . . . 11-17 MRS. WEEBER. Row 1. JoAnn Tomashunas, Dianne Szakalos, Stephanie Thompson, Marilyn Tye, Ann Tamas. Row 2. Lin Thibodeau, Gloria Thomas, Nick Tarcia, Patricia Swierzb, Mrs. Weeber. Row 3. Faye Swartzbaugh, JoAnn Svitkovitch, John Torok, Kathy Tiscot, Greg Tremonti. Row 4. Jim Szostek, Jerry Swider, Cathy Turis, Frank Trionfi, Dave Thomas. Row 5. Jim Tucker, Tom Tolzdorf, Tom Talloner, Walt Tyzarkiskyie, Morey Tanner. 9511-18 MR. ZITTLEMAN. Row 1. Gwyn Van Sickel, Sharyl Walters, Carole Westrick, Ruth Watt, Yvonne Warren, Elsie VanWulfen. Row 2. Lena Villella, Kathy Wessel, Marie Valint, Tari Umbarger, Dianne Waddell. Row 3: Ron Watson, Jerry Weyand, Bruce Whitcombe, Steve Weshalek, Jim Van Sickel, Mr. Zittleman. Row 4. Larry Wendel, Dave Wainio, Ernest Weidenberger, Richard Vincent, Ronald Watkins, Dana Varner, David Varady. Row 5. Mike Uhring, Gregory Wenzloff, Greg White, Dave Werner, Ted Walker, PatWagel. Leave Imprint on Juniors 11-19 MR. DONIGIAN. Row 1. Laura Zolynsky, Donna Zuppa, Sandy Yankowski, Rosemary Wicopolski, Sue Yoakam, Mallory Zeleji. Row 2. Karen Wise, Christine Woertink, Donna Wilson, Paul Zuker, Martin Wolicki. Row 3. Tom Wiles, David Williams, Charles Zimmerman, Jim Wilk, Glenn Yank, Bill Zolkowski. Row 4. Dick Wigginton, Lowell Wright, John Witberg, John Wojciechowski, Doug Young. 964 SENIORSSenior Class Officers, Sue Hockle (Sec.), Paul Koval (Pres.), Sue Prior (Treas.), and Neil Reid (V.-Pres.) pause for a picture after a snowball fight In the courtyard. Class of 1965 History The Class of '65 began its high school history in a common and typical manner. The Freshmen frolicked in the fun-filled labyrinth of the A.P.H.S. halls as the Seniors delighted in measuring the height of the tallest freshman boy to be just an inch or two above their belt buckles. But the growth rate of the boys began to match that of their class, as the South sent reinforcements and the Sophomores grew in number and prestige. Notone class member who ever tied a tissue flower to chicken wire will ever forget the extended effort and result of the Soph, float. Gidney’s valient attempt to "scrooch ’em dead” was matched only by the class officer’s attempt to squeeze the giant moonman under the telephone and high tension wires. If Homecoming floats are any measure of a class’s success, the Class of ’65 as Juniors obtained a certain modicum of its golden glow. However, the minute detail of the ship’s rigging impressed no one but the Juniors, and Columbus sailed in second 98to Father Time and the Senior Class of 1964.—And the Junior year was indeed a busy one. Rickshaws and fortune cookies graced the prom, “Exotic;” and the class play, “The Willow and I,” included amongst its laudets, a tear or two in the audience. Red became the favorite color of noses and backs as the Juniors herded themselves out to Kensington for picnics and fun in the sun and seaweed. The end of the School year only brought the beginning of the much anticipated trip to New York and Washington. The airplane flight will be as long remembered as the hike to the top of the Washington Monument and “Elmer.” But the crowning glory of any class is its last year as Seniors. Leaders of the school at last, the Seniors set the year’s pace at Homecoming with the capture of the well-deserved Queen's Trophy. Triumphs were evident throughout the year and individuals began to stand out. The Senior Play, football, basketball, swimming. . . the list grows endless as the Seniors established themselves individually. But graduation began to loom near, and serious study became prevalent as caps and gowns were ordered and college applications were sent in. Prom time arrived during Easter vacation and Lovett Hall was never more beautiful than the night of April 24. But the most long-waited night of all came on a Tuesday in June. Tassels bounced and more than one sigh of regret was heard—regret for the end of years of parties and games, and dances and friends as diplomas changed hands and the Class of 1965 graduated from Allen Park High School. 99JOHN LAWRENCE ACHATZ College Preparatory—Jaguar Journal 2,3, (Ed.-in-chief), 4; J.C.L. 4 (Pres.); Jr. Honor Society 3,4,. ANN ELIZABETH ACKER College P repa rat or y—Trans, from Carroll High School, Dayton, Ohio 4; Sr. Honor Society 4. HARRY ALEXANDER ACKLEY College Preparatory—Barracuda Club 2, 3,4 (Pres.); Imprint 4; Swimming 1,2,3, 4; Varsity Club 4; Washington Club 3. JOSEPH THOMAS ADA LINE College Preparatory—Camera Club 2; Le Cercle Francais 2,3,4; Radio Club 4; Wrestling 4; United Nations Club 4. LARRY JOHN ADAMS General. MARY LEE ADCOCK Business—Business Club 4. JERRY ALLEN AITKENS College Preparatory—Rifle Club2; Washington Club 3. LAWRENCE ROBERT AITKENS Arts. ANNA MARIE ALBANESE Business—Business Club 4; F.H.A. 3,4 (Vice-Pres.); G.A.A. 1. ANDREA MARIE ALBERTS College Preparatory—Business Club 2,3; Humanities Club 3; Washington Club 3. CHERYL ELLEN ALLEN Business—Girls Glee 3; Robed Choir 4. JOSEPH LOUIS ALUIA College Preparatory—Boys Glee 2,3; Football 1; Robed Choir 4. DANIEL E. ANDERSON General. HELANA LUCY ANDONIAN General—Business Club 4; F.H.A. 3. WALTER HENRY ANDREWS Arts—Trans, from St. Francis Cabrini High School, Allen Park, Michigan 3. 100LYN ARMSTRONG College P re par atory—Aquettes 2,3; Booster Club 2,3,4; G.A.A. 3,4 (Sec.); Homecoming Attendant 4; Imprint 3,4 (Coed); Jr. Honor Society 1,2; Spanish Club 3,4; Student Council 4; Washington Club 3 (gee.-Treas.). DONNA HELENE ARON College Preparatory—Booster Club 2,3, 4; Children's Treatre 3; Class Treasurer 3; Dramatics Club 2,3,4; F.H.A. 2; F.T.A. 1,2; G.A.A. 2,3; Humanities Club 3; Le Tricolore 2 (Pres.); Science Club 2,3,4; Student Council 4 (Treas.); Washington Club 3. REGINALD RONALD ASPLET College Preparatory—MathClub4; Tennis 2,4. THOMAS EDWARD ATKINSON Business. JEAN MARIE BACHMANN General—Chess Club 2; F.H.A. 2,3; Library Ass't 4. JUDITH ANNE BAILEY College Preparatory—Art Club3; Booster Club 1,2,3; Children's Threatre 3; Class President 1; Dramatics Club 2,3,4; F.H.A. 1; F.T.A. 2; G.A.A. 1,2,3,4; Humanities Club 3; Imprint 3,4 (Co-ed); Jr. Honor Society 1,2 (Treas.); Jr. Play 3; LeCercle Francais 3; Science Club 2,3 (V.-Pres.) 4; Student Council 1,2,3,4 (Sec.); Washington Club 3. CHERYL V. BAIRD Business—Trans. from Rincon High School, Tuscon, Arizona 2. MARY MARGARET BAKA College Preparatory—Booster Club 3,4; F.H.A. 4; F.N.C. 4; G.A.A. 1,2,3,4; J.C.L. 2,3; Latin Club 2,3; Washington Club 3. PAMELA MARIE BALLE College Preparatory—F.H.A. 4; Humanities Club 3; J.C.L. 2,3; Latin Club 2,3. SHARON BERNICE BANACHOWSKI College Preparatory—Aquettes 3; Chess Club 3; J.C.L. 2,3; Jr. Honor Society 1, 2; Latin Club 2,3; Math Club 4; Science Club 4; Sr. Honor Society 3,4; Wolverine Girls State 3. SHARON JANE BARNES College Preparatory—F.T.A. 4; Girls Glee 3,4. HARRY EDWARD BARNETT Arts. LINDA DEE-ANN BARTHOLOMEW Business—Jaguar Journal 4; Washington Club 3. MAUREEN CYNTHIA BATES Business-Booster Club 1; Library Ass't 2. CAROL ANN BEACH Business-Booster Club 1,2; Business Club 1; Dramatics Club 1,2. 101MARY MARGARET BEARMAN College Preparatory—Booster Club 2; G.A.A. 1,2,3,4; Washington Club 3. LINDA TORY BECHLER College Preparatory—Booster Club 4; Children's Theater 3; Debate 1; Dramatics Club 1,2,3; Humanities Club 3; Jr. Honor Society 1,2; Math Club 4; Sr. Honor Society 3,4; Spanish Club 3,4. CAROL IRENE BENVIN College Preparatory—Booster Club2,3,4; Children's Theatre 4; Dramatics Club 3, 4; F.N.C. 4; F.T.A. 3,4; G.A.A. 3; Humanities Club 3; J.C.L. 2,3 (Pres.), 4. JOHN CLARK BERNARD Arts—Track 2; Wrestling 2,3,4. LINDA RAE BERNIER College Preparatory—Aquettes 1,2,3 (Treas.), 4; Booster 2,3,4; Class Treasurer 2; Dramatics Club 3,4. F.T.A. 2,4; G.A.A. 1,2,3 (Treas.) 4; Le Cercle Francais 2,3,4; Washington Club 3. JAQUELINE LEE BERNTH Business—Booster Club 1,2; F.H.A. 2; F.N.C. 1,2,3; Girls Glee 1,2,3; Library Ass't 4; Robed Choir 4; Washington 3. JOSEPHINE PATRICIA BICA Business—Booster Club 1,2,4; Business Club 4; F.N.C. 1; F.T.A. 1,2; G.A.A. 1, 2; Humanities Club 3; J.C.L. 1,2; Latin Club 1,2; Washington Club 3. NANCY LEE BINDER College Preparatory—Dramatics Club 2; F.N.C. 2,3; Latin Club 2; Library Ass't 2. LAWRENCE BIRETA College Preparatory—Humanities Club 3; J.C.L. 2,3,4; Latin Club 2,3,4; Math 3; Rifle Club 4; Science Club 3,4. EUGENE EINAR BLAHNIK College Preparatory—Cross Country 2; Track 1. LOUIS WILLIAM BLATNIK College Preparatory—Allegro Club 3,4; Band 1,2,3,4; Jr. Honor Society 1;Spanish Club 3,4 (V. Pres.); Wrestling 3,4. LINDA DIANE BOBROCKY Business. MARY ELLEN BOGART Business—College Preparatory—Booster Club 1,3; Humanities Club 3; Rifle Club 3; Le Tricolore 2; Washington Club 3. CYNTHIA ANN BORYSKI College Preparatory—Aquettes 4; Booster Club 3,4; Dramatics Club 4; Le Cercle Francais 3,4; F.T.A. 2,3,4; G.A.A. 1,2,3, 4; Humanities Club 3; Washington Club 3. PATRICIA ANN BOSAK Business—Trans, from Newington Senior High, Newington, Connecticut 4.JOHN JAMES BOUCHER College Preparatory—Trans, from St. Frances Cabrini High School, Allen Park, Michigan 2. JAMES WESLEY BOWENS General—Trans, from Rye Cove High, CUnchport, Virginia. Library Asst. 4. SHARON ANNE BOWLIN Business—Business Club 4. DENNIS KEITH BRADY College Preparatory—Business—Basketball 1,2; Football 1,2,3,4. NANCY BRAINARD Business—Washington Club 3. JOANN BRANDEL College P reparatory—Allen Club 3,4; Booster Club 2,3,4; Cheerleading 1; G.A.A. 1,2; J.C.L. 1,2,3,4; Jr. Honor Society 1,2; Latin Club 1,2,3,4; Math Club 3,4; Senior Honor Society 3,4; Washington Club 3, (V. Pres.). ROGER DEAN BRITTAIN General. NANCY FRANCES BRODERICK College Preparatory—Booster Club 2,3; Dramatics Club 3,4, (V. Pres.); F.T.A. 3,4; Humanities Club 3; J.C.L. 2,3,4; Jr. Honor Society 1,2; Latin Llub 2,3,4; Science Club 4; Senior Honor Society 3,4. DENNIS BRONICKI Arts. KAREN MARIE BROWN College Preparatory-Booster Club 1,2, 3,4; G.A.A. 1,2; J.C.L. 1,2,3,4; Jr. Honor Society 1,2; Latin Club 1,2,3,4; MathClub 4; Washington Club 3. CAROL SUSANNE BRUENING Business—Booster Club 1; Camera 1; Girls Glee 1; Robed Choir 2,3,4. ROBERT LOUIS BRUER College Preparatory—Chess Club 2; Jaguar Journal 2,3,4; Jr. Honor Society 1,2; Press Club 2,3,4; Science Club 4. ALTA SUZANNE BRYAN College Preparatory-Le Cercle Francais 3; Rifle Club 1,2,3,4; Washington Club 3. JOSEPH LOUIS BUDA College Preparatory—Rifle Club 1,2,3,4 (V.-Pres.); Track 3; Washington Club 3. ALLEN STEVEN BURCH Arts. 103DIANNE SHARON BURCH Business—Booster Club 3; G.A.A. 1,2,3; Humanities Club 3; Jr, Honor Society 1; Student Council 1; Washington Club 3. GREGORY KENNETH BUSICK College Preparatory—Band 2; Robed Choir 4. ALICE THERESA CABAUATAN Business SUE LYNN CADY College Preparatory—Allen Club 1,2,3,4 (Sec.-Treas.); Aquettes 1,2,3 (gee.); Booster Club 1,2,3,4; Cheerleading 2,3,4 (Capt); F.T.A. 1,2,3; G.A.A. 1,2; Homecoming Attendant 4; J.C.L. 1; Jr. Honor Society 1,2; Latin Club 1; Library Asst. 4; Science Club 2; Student Council 1,2,3, 4; Le Tricolore 2,3; Washington Club 3. JAMES CLARK CAMERON Business—Rifle Club 2,3; Track 2,3,4; Washington Club 3. THERESA MARIE CAPARAOTTA General—G.A.A. 1. CYNTHIA EILENE CAPELLARI College Preparatory—Booster Club 1,3, 4; Dramatics Club 2; F.T.A. 1,2,4; Humanities Club 3; Jaguar Journal 3; Library Asst. 3; Math Club 3; Spanish Club 1,2,3; Washington Club 3. MARY JEANNE CAPRA General—Trans, from All Saint's High School Detroit, Michigan 3. ROBERT ARMOND CAPUTO General—Baseball 1; Football 1,2 (Co- Capt). WILLIAM DALE CASHMORE College Preparatory Business. PATRICIA ANN CHAYKOWSKI College Preparatory—Booster Club 1,2, 3,4; Dramatics Club 2; F.T.A. 2,3; J.C.L. 1; Jr. Honor Society 1,2; Spanish Club 4; Washington Club 3. DOUGLAS BRENT CHEVILLET General—Football 1,2,3,4; Boys Glee 1, 2; Robed Choir 3,4 (Pres.); Track 1,4; Varsity Club 4; Wrestling 3,4. BETTY JANE CHIPPEWA College P repar atory—F.H.A. 3,4; Humanities Club 3. CAROL ANNE CHRISTY Business. JOHN JOSEPH CHUBY Business. 104DANIEL FORE CIUPKA College Preparatory—Chess Club 3; Cross Country 1,2; Dramatics Club 4; Football 3; Boys Glee 4; Rowing 1; Senior Play 4; Science Club 4; Track 1,2,3, 4; Varsity 2,3,4; Wrestling 1,2,3,4. KARNA JEAN CLARK College Preparatory—Booster Club 3, Chess Club 3 (Sec.-Treas.); F.H.A. 3; F.T.A. 3,4; G.A.A. 1; German Club 2; Girls Glee 4; Jr. Honor Society 3;Science Club 3; Spanish Club 2,3. LESLIE ANN CLARK Business—Jaguar Journal 4; Washington Club 3. THOMAS LANE CLARK College Preparatory Industrial Arts. ROBERT ANDREW CLEMENS College Preparatory—Barracuda Club 2, 3,4; Swimming 1,2,3,4 (Co-Capt); Track 1; Varsity Club 4. MARVIN CONOVER College Preparatory. JOHN PHILLIP CONSTANTAKIS College Preparatory—Allegro Club 1,2,3, 4; Band 1,2,3,4; Math Club 4. BRUCE JAMES COOKE College Preparatory—Library Ass’t 3; Math Club 3. BARBARA ELENE COPLEY College Preparatory—Art Club 2; Girls Glee 2; Spanish Club 3,4. DENISE RAY COREY Business—Business Club 1; F.H.A. 1; Majorette 3,4. CHARYL ANN CORLEY College Preparatory—Trans, from Leonia High School, Leonia, N.J. 4; Aquettes 4; Booster Club 4; Dramatics Club4;G.A.A. 4. PAMELA MARY COURY College Preparatory—Booster Club 1; Dramatics Club 3; J.C.L. 1; Latin Clubl. JOHN STEPHEN COWAN College Preparatory—Swimming 1. LINDA KAY COWARD College Preparatory—Aquettes 3,4; Chess Club 3; J.C.L. 3,4; Latin Club 3. LINDA EVE CRITCHFIELD College Preparatory—Le Cercle Francais 3; F.H.A. 3,4 (Historian). 105SANDRA LEE CROO Business—Le Tricolore 2. LEE PATRICIA CUDDY Business—G.A.A. 1; Girls Glee 4. KATHRYN ANNE CUTTING Business—Jaguar Journal 3,4; Press Club 3,4. MICHAEL EDWARD CZARNIK General—Dramatics Club 4; Football 1, 2; Boys Glee 3,4; Rifle Club 4; Track 1, 3,4; Wrestling 1,4; Senior Play 4. PATRICIA ANN DARIN Business—Booster Club 1; Girls Glee 2; Robed Choir 3,4. RONALD LEO DAVIES College Preparatory—Boys Glee 3,4. CYNTHIA ANN DAYTON Business. ANNA STEPANIA DEBOSZ College Preparatory. JANICE MARY DE MARS Business—Booster Club 1,2; Business Club 3,4; Jaguar Journal 2,3; Press Club 2,3,4; Washington Club 3. ROBERT DONALD DEMIRJIAN College Preparatory—Boys Glee4; J.C.L. 2; Latin Club 2; Washington Club 3 (Pres.). KATHLEEN DENNISON College Preparatory—Booster Club 1,2,3, 4; Le Cercle Francais 1,2,3; F.T.A. 2,3, 4; G.A.A. 2,3; Jr. Honor Society 1,2; Sr. Honor Society 3,4; Washington Club 3. WILLIAM LAWRENCE DEPOMPOLO College Preparatory—Barracuda Club 3, 4; Cross Country 2; Football 1;Swimming 1,2,3,4; Varsity Club 3,4. MARY-JANE DEZMANIAN Business—Booster Club 3,4; Business Club 3,4. JOYCE EDITH DICKELMAN Business—Booster Club 4; Business Club 3,4; Jaguar Journal 2,3; Press Club 2,3. SEBASTIAN DICLAUDIO Industrial Arts. 106SHARON M. DIHLE General—Art Club 3; Booster Club 1,2, 3,4; Dramatics Club 3; F.T.A. 2,3; Humanities Club 3; Library Ass't. 1. NANCY CAROL DIMUSTO College Preparatory Business—Booster Club 1,4; Business Club 4; Sr. Honor Society 3,4; Washington Club 3. MELVYN RAYMOND DIPPLE Arts. RORY DOMINIC DON ATI College Preparatory—Football 1; Gymnastics Club 1,2,3; Latin Club 2. RICARDA DONOFRIO College Preparatory—Dramatics Club 2; F. N.C. 2,3; J.C.L. 4; Latin Club 4; Library Ass’t. 3. SHERRY JOSEPHINE DOVELLE Business—F.H.A. 1; Humanities 3; Jr. Honor Society 1; Modern Dance 3; Student Council 1. LINDA MARIE DOWNEY College Preparatory—Booster Club 1; Business Club 4; Dramatics Club 2,3, 4; F.H.A. 2,3,4; F.N.C. 3,4; F.T.A. 3,4; G. A.A. 1; Humanities Club 3; Jaguar Journal 3; J.C.L. 1; Latin Club 1. DONALD JOHN DREFFS College Preparatory. ELMER HENRY DROUILLARD Arts. CHERYL LYNN DUBUC Business—Trans, from St. Frances Cabrini High School, Allen Park, Michigan 4. JANET SUE DUD A College Preparatory—Allen Club 3,4; Booster Club 1,2,3,4; Class Secretary 2; Le Cercle Francais 4; F.T.A. 2,3,4; Girls Glee 3; J.C.L. 1; Jr. Honor Society 1,2; Latin Club 1; Robed Choir 4; Washington Club 3. LINDA JANE DUEY Business—Washington Club 3. RAYMOND LEO DUNCANSON College Preparatory—Art Club 3. KIM WILLIAM DUNZILLA College Preparatory—Football 1,2. MARY JO DURFEY College Preparatory—Booster Club 1,2; Dramatics Club 1,2; F.H.A. 1,2,3,4; G.A.A. 1,2; Humanities Club 3; J.C.L. 2,3,4; Latin Club 2,3,4. 107GERALD ANTHONY DUSIK Arts. LAURETTA JANE EAKIN College Preparatory—Allen Club 2,3,4; Booster Club 2,3; Children’s Threatre 2,3; Dramatics Club 1,2,3,4; Humanities Club 3; Imprint 4 (Lit. Ed.); J.C.L. 1, 2; Jr. Honor Society 1,2; Latin Club 1, 2,3; Le Tricolore 3; Science Club 3; Sr. Honor Society 3,4; Washington Club 3. JANINE KAY ECKMETER College Preparatory—Booster Club 1; F.T.A. 2,3,4; Girls Glee 1,2; Le Tricolore 4; Robed Choir 3,4; Sr. Honor Society 3, 4; Spanish Club 2,3,4. VICTORIA MAJORIE EDWARDS Arts—Art Club 3; Girls Glee 3; Jaguar Journal 4. MARY ANN EGGLESTON Business—Girls Glee 2,3; Robed Choir 4. ROBERT FRANK ESKIE College Preparatory—Baseball 2,4 (Co- Capt.); Latin Club 2. THOMAS LYLE FALAHEE College Preparatory—Football 2; Boys Glee 2; Gymnastics 2. MARLENE ANN FARKAS College Preparatory—Booster Club 1,2, 4; Business Club 4; Dramatics Club 3; Jaguar Journal 1,2,3; Press Club 3; Washington Club 3. CHERYL SUSAN FARLEY Business. JOHN HENRY FEARNCOMBE College Preparatory. ROBERT JOHN FEARNCOMBE Business—Cross Country 3,4; J.C.L. 1, 2; Latin 1,2; Track 2,4; Varsity Club 2, 3,4; V.C.Y. 2; Wrestling 2. RENAY LEE FENOGLIO Business—Business Club 4; G.A.A. 2; Girls Glee 3; Humanities Club 3; Rifle Club 3,4; Le Tricolore 2. 108 MARGARET JEAN FERGUSON College Preparatory—Business Club 4; Girls Glee 3; Humanities Club 3; Jr. Honor Society 1; Rifle Club 3; Robed Choir 4; Student Council 1; Washington Club 3. REBECCA JEAN FERO Business—Trans, from St. Francis Cabrini High School, Allen Park, Michigan 2; Booster Club 2; F.H.A. 2; Library Ass’t. GARY ALAN FISCHER Business—Baseball 2.JUDITH ANN FLOTKOETTER College Preparatory—Booster Club 3; Dramatics Club 3,4; F.T.A. 2,3,4 (V.-Pres.); G.A.A. 3; Humanities Club 3; Jr. Honor Society 3,4; Spanish Club 2,3,4. SUZANNE FODGE College Preparatory—Business—Booster Club 1,2; Business Club 4; F.N.C. 4; Imprint 4. SHIRLEY RUTH FORD College Preparatory—Booster Club 4; Girls Glee 1,2; Jr. Honor Society 1,2; Robed Choir 3,4. JOHN PHILLIP FOSS Arts. GARY MICHAEL FOSTER College Preparatory—Science Club 4; Track 4; Washington 3. RICHARD LEE FRASIER College Preparatory—Latin Club 2,3. DANIEL LEE FREEMAN College Preparatory—Trans, from Taylor Center High School, Taylor, Michigan 3. RONALD DALE FROMMERT College Preparatory—Chess Club 1,2,3; Math Club 4; Rifle Club 4. DAWN YVONNE GABBITAS College Preparatory—Trans, from West End High School, Nashville, Tennessee 4; Booster Club 4; Children’s Threatre4; Dramatics Club 4; Le Cercle Francais 4; F.T.A. 4; Math Club 4. CHERYL LYNN G ALLIN AT Business—Booster Club 1,2,3,4; Dramatics Club 3; G.A.A. 2,3; J.C.L. 1; Latin Club 1. BEVERLY ANN GALUSKA College Preparatory—Jr. Honor Society 1,2; Math Club 3; Science Club 3; Sr. Honor Society 3,4. GLORIA JEAN GARLAND College Preparatory—Aquettes 2,3,4; Booster Club 1; Dramatics Club 4; F.T.A. 1,2,3,4; G.A.A. 2,3,4; Humanities Club 3; Jaguar Journal 4; Library Ass’t. 3; Spanish Club 1,2,3,4; Washington Club 3. KENNETH HOWARD GATES College Preparatory—Jr. Honor Society 1,2; Latin Club 2,3 (Treas.) 4; Math Club 3; Science Club 3; Sr. Honor Society 3,4. JACQUELIN KAY GELONECK Business—Booster Club 1,2,3,4; Class Vice President 1; G.A.A. 2,3,4; Humanities Club 3; Jr. Honor Society 1,2; Washington Club. ARLEEN J. GENOTTI Business—Girls Glee 2,3,4 109DON STEVEN GEORGE College P re par a tor y—Baseball 1,2; Basketball 1. VIRGINIA ELIZABETH GERMEK General—Girls Glee 3. PATRICIA EILEEN GLOVER Business—Business Club 3; F.H.A. 2,3, 4; Girls Glee 2,3; Humanities Club 3; Robed Choir 4. SHARON LYNN GLUS College Preparatory—Booster Club 2,3, 4; F.T.A. 2,3,4; G.A.A. 1 (Sec.-Treas.) 2,3,4; Jr. Honor Society 1,2; Math Club 4; Science Club 2,3,4 (V. Pres.); Sr. Honor Society 3,4 (Treas.); Spanish Club 2,3,4; Washington Club 3. CONSTANCE MARIE GODLEWSKI Business—Business Club 4 ($gt. of Arms). DONALD JEROME GORSKI College Preparatory—Humanities 3; J.C.L. 2; Latin Club 2; Math Club 3; Science Club 3; Washington Club 3. TERRY MATHEW GRABOWSKI Arts. SUSAN MARIE GREGORY College Preparatory—Trans, from St. Francis Cabrini High School, Allen Park, Michigan 2. PRISCILLA LYNN GRIFFEN General—Trans, from Plymouth High School, Plymouth, Michigan 1; Aquettes 2,3,4; G.A.A. 2,3,4. JAMES MICHAEL GRIFFIN Arts. ME LODI E JEAN GROAT Business-F.N.C. 3; G.A.A. 1; Library Ass’t. 3; Washington Club 3. ANTHONY JOHN GRONOS General—Football 1; Radio Club 3. JOHN EDWARD GROSSO College Preparatory—Jr. Play 3; Math Club (V. Pres.) 3; Student Council 4 (Rep); Washington Club 3; Wolverine State Boys 3. DONALD WARREN GRUNDMAN General—Baseball 1,2,3,4; Boys Glee 1, 2,3,4; Robed Choir 3,4. RICHARD MONTROSE HAIGHT College Preparatory—Humanities Club 3; Jaguar Journal 3,4; Press Club 3,4. 110ARLENE MARY HALAVAN College Preparatory—Booster Club 2; Le Cercle Francals 1,2,3 (Sec.-Treas.) 4; F.H.A. 2,3,4 ($ec.); F.T.A. 2; G.A.A. 1; Jr. Honor Society 1,2; Press Club 4; Rifle Club 3; Washington Club 3. JAMES MARSHALL HAMILTON Arts—Track 1. TOMMY JOE HANIK Business. ROBERT HOMER HARDING College Preparatory—Barracuda Club 2, 3,4; Chess Club 1,2,3,4; Jaguar Journal 3,4; Latin Club 2; Press Club 3,4; Swimming 1,2,3,4; Varsity Club 3,4. LINDA LEE HARRISON Business. DAVID JOSEPH HARVEY Business—Trans, from St. Frances Cab-rini High School, Allen Park, Michigan 2; J.C.L. 2,3,4; Latin Club 2,3. MICHAEL CARL HASLER Business—Trans, from St. Frances Cab- rini High School, Allen Park, Michigan 2. MICHELE DIANE HAWLEY College Preparatory—Dramatics Club 4; Le Cercle Francals 3,4 (JSec.); F.T.A. 3, 4; G.A.A. 1,2,3,4; Imprint 4 (Assoc. Ed); Jr. Honor Society 1,2; Sr. Honor Society 3,4; Washington Club 3. GEORGE HEIDRICH College Preparatory—Barracuda 2; Boys Glee 2; Imprint 4; Jaguar Journal 3,4; Latin Club 1; Robed Choir 3,4; Student Council 4 (V. Pres.); Swimming 1,2. CAROLYN ANNE HICKS College Preparatory—Booster Club 4; F.T.A. 4; Washington Club 3. WILLIAM REID HILLEN College Preparatory—Washington Club 3. SHARON LYNN HIND Business—G.A.A. 1,2; Washington Club 3. SUSAN ELAINE HOCKLE College Preparatory Business—Booster Club 1,2; Class Officer4 (Sec.); Dramatics Club 1,2,3,4; G.A.A. 1,2,3 Jr. Rep.) 4; Girls Glee 1,2; Humanities Club 3; Imprint 3,4; Jaguar Journal 3,4; Press Club 3; Rifle Club 2; Robed Choir 3,4 (Sec.); United Nations Club 4; WashingtonClub3. BARBARA JEAN HODGE Business—Trans, from Schafer High School, Southgate, Michigan 2; Booster Club 3; Dramatics Club 2,3,4; F.H.C. 2; F.T.A. 2,3,4; G.A.A. 2 Homecoming Court 4; Humanities Club 3; Imprint 4; Library Ass't. 2; Student Council 4; Washington Club 3. KATHLEEN ANN HODGES College Preparatory—Le Cercle Francais 1,2,3,4; F.T.A. 1,2,3; Humanities Club 3; Jr. Honor Society 1,2,3; Sr. Honor Society 3,4. IllPATRICIA ROSE HOLIHAN College Preparatory—Chess Club 1; Class Officer 3 (Sec.); Dramatics Club 2,3; Jr. Honor Society 1,2 (V. Pres.); Rifle Club 4; Sr. Honor Society 3,4 (Sec.); Wolverine State Girls 3. JENNIFER JOAN HOLLATZ Business. MARY ANN HONER College Preparatory-Booster Club 3,4; Dramatics Club 3,4; Le Cercle Francais 1,3,4; F.T.A. 3,4 (Treas.); G.A A. 1; Humanities Club 3; Science Club4; Washington Club 3. CHRISTINE ANNE HORVATH Business—Booster Club 2; Business Club 4; F.H.A. 2; Humanities Club 3; Spanish Club 2. FLORENCE EULALIA HORVATH College Preparatory—Booster Club 4; Le Cercle Francais 4; F.T.A. 4. KIP HORVATH College P re par a tor y—Baseball 1,2; Basketball 1,2,3,4; Football 1; Jr. Honor Society 1; Student Council 1,4; Varsity Club 3,4 (Treas.); Washington Club 3. DONNA JO HOUSE Business—Booster Club 2,3,4; Business Club 4; Girls Glee 2,3; Rifle Club 1 (Treas.), 2 (Sec.), 4; Robed Choir 4, Washington Club 3. RONALD JOHN HOWLE Arts—Baseba 11 4; Basketball 1,2,3,4 (Capt.); Football 1; Boys Glee 1; Robed Choir 2,3,4 (V. Pres.); Varsity Club 3,4. LARRY WILLIAM HULL Business ALAN JOHN HUTCHENREUTHER College Preparatory—Jr. Honor Society 1; Library Ass't. 1; Math Club 4; Science Club 1; Track 1,2,3,4. RICHARD JOHN HUTCHISON College Preparatory—Washington Club 3. NANCY ANN HUTNIK Business—Booster Club 1; G.A.A. 1,2; Girls Glee 4; Library Ass't 4. SHERRY ANN IRWIN Business. ROY E. JAMES Arts—Trans, from Taylor High School, Taylor, Michigan 3; Band 1. SUSAN VIVIAN JANSON College Preparatory Business—Booster Club 1,2; G.A.A. 1,2; Girls Glee 2,3,4. 112BERNADETTE MARILYN JAPKO General. NORBY MICHAEL JENKINS Industrial College Preparatory—Rifle Club 1,2,3. CONNIE SUE JOHNS Business—Booster Club 3,4; Business Club 4; F.H.A. 2; Girls Glee 4; Humanities Club 3; Science Club 1; Washington Club 3. NANCY PAULETTE JOHNSON College Preparatory—G.A.A. 1; Girls Glee 1,3,4; J.C.L. 1; Latin Club 1,2; Washington Club 3. BARBARA JEAN JORDANEK Business—Booster Club 4; Dramatics Club 1; Girls Glee 2. DOROTHY ANN JOSEFOWSKI Business. CATHERINE ANN JOYCE Business—Business Club 4; F.H.A. 1,2; G.A.A. 1; Humanities Club 2,3; Science Club 1,2. ROBERT GEORGE JUBB College Preparatory-Barracuda Club (V. Pres.) 2,3,4; Cross Country 1; Math Club 4; Swimming 1,2,3; Track 2,3,4; Washington Club 3. CHRISTIAN MARIE KACZYNSKI Business—Business Club 3,4; G.A.A. 1; Gymnastics 2. BARRY THOMAS KAMASKY College Preparatory—Footbal 1 1,2,3; Gymnastics 3,4; Wrestling 1,2. BARBARA LOUISE KANYO College Preparatory Business—Booster Club 4; F.N.C. 2. BARBARA KAZAN College Preparatory-Trans. from Allen Park High School to St. Petersburg, Florida 4. MAUREEN ANN KEARNEY General—Trans, from Murphy High School, Alabama 3; Dramatics Club 3; Girls Glee 4; Jaguar Journal 4. CAROLYN JANE KEEFER College Preparatory—Trans, from Elizabeth Forward Jr. High School, Elizabeth, Pennsylvania 2; Booster Club 4; Debate 3,4; Dramatics Club 3,4; F.T.A.4; Jaguar Journal 2. CHARLES LLOYD KELLER College Preparatory—Basketball 1,2; Cross Country 3; Library Ass't 2; Track 2,3; Varsity Club 3,4; Washington Club 3. 113114 MARGARET LOUISE KELLEY College Preparatory—Art Club 1; Booster Club 3; Imprint 4; J.C.L. 2; Jr. Honor Society 1,2; Library Ass't. 4; Sr. Honor Society 3,4; Washington Club 3. LOUIS NEAL KENNEDY College Preparatory—Rifle Club4; Washington Club 3. CONSTANCE MARY KENT College Preparatory—Booster Club 2,3; Cramatics Club 3,4; F.T.A. 2,3,4; G.A.A. 2,3; Jr. Honor Society 2; Spanish Club 2,3,4. PETE GERRARD KERSTEN Business—Baseball 1; Library Ass’t. 3. ROBERT LEWIS KEYS College P r e par a tor y—Baseba 11 1; Basketball 1; Boys Glee 1; Humanities Club 3,4; Jr. Honor Society 1,2; Robed Choir 2,3,4; Sr. Honor Society 3,4; Washington Club 3. BRUCE WILLIAM KINDRED Arts—Gymnastics 4. KAREN GALE KINNEY College Preparatory Business—Booster Club 1,2; Rifle Club 3; Washington Club 3. WILLIAM JAY KINNEY College Preparatory—Football 1,2; Boys Glee 2; Robed Choir 3,4; Track 1,3,4. JOHN WILLIAM KIRALY College Preparatory. GEORGE JONATHAN KISHIGIAN College Preparatory—A lien Club 3,4; Baseball 1,2; Basketball 1,3,4; Football 1,2,3,4; Imprint 3,4; J.C.L. 2,3; Latin Club 2,3; Sr. Honor Society 3,4; Varsity Club 4; Washington Club 3. JANE LAURA KLEIN College Preparatory—Booster Club 4; F.N.C. 4; G.A.A. 1; Humanities Club 3; Jr. Honor Society 1,2; Spanish Club 3,4 (Treas.). DIANE JEAN KLIZA Business. LARRY ALAN KLOPFER Arts. EMILY JANE KNIGHT Business. DONNA ELAINE KOCSIS Business—Business Club 1; F.H. A. 2.JOHN MICHAEL KOSIDLO Arts—Barracuda Club 4; Baseball 3,4; Football 4; Rifle Club 1; Track 1,2; Varsity Club 2,3,4; Wrestling 1,2,3,4 (Capt). PATRICIA ANN KOSOWAN Business—Booster Club 1,2,3,4; Business Club 4; F.H.A. 3; F.T.A. 3. JULIE ANNE KOVACH College Preparatory—Dramatics Club 3, 4; Le Cercle Francais 1,3; F.T.A. 4; Jr. Honor Society 1,2; Library Ass’t. 3; Washington Club 3. PAUL WILLIAM KOVAL College Preparatory—Allegro Club 2,3,4; Allen Club 3,4; Band 1,2,3 (V. Pres), 4; Baseball 1,2,3,4; Basketball 1; Class Officer (Pres) 4; Football 1,2,3,4; J.C.L. 1,2; Jr. Honor Society 1,2; Sr. Honor Society 3,4; Student Council 2,3,4; Varsity Club 3,4 (Pres); Washington Club 3. RITA GAV KRAYNAK College Preparatory—Booster Club 1,2,3, 4; Cheerleading 2,3 (Capt), 4; Class Officer (V. Pres) 2; G.A.A. 2,3 (Sr. Rep); Girls Glee 1,2; Jr. Honor Society 1,2; Latin Club 2,3; Robed Choir 3,4; Washington Club 3. PATRICIA LEE KROLL Business—Booster Club 2; F.H.A. 2; Girls Glee 1. LORRAINE KUBALA Business College Preparatory. KENNETH WILLIAM KUCHARSKI Arts—Basketball 1; Track 1. DIANA THERESE KUNKEL College Preparatory—Band 1,2,3,4 (Librarian); Dramatics Club 3,4; J.C.L. 2,3, 4; Jr. Honor Society 1 (Treas), 2; Latin Club 2,3; Library Ass't. 4; Science Club 3,4 ($ec.); Sr. Honor Society 3,4. EMILY ANNE KUTSCHER Arts—Booster Club 2,3,4; G.A.A. 1,2; Humanities Club 3. PAUL LAWRENCE KWASNIEWSKI College P reparatory—Baseball 1,2; Basketball 1,2,3,4; Football 1,2,3; Boys Glee 1; Robed Choir 2,3,4. RICHARD JAMES LAKE College P reparatory—Band 1,2,3,4; J.C.L. 3; Latin Club 3. RONALD WILLIAM LAKE College Preparatory—Allegro Club 1,3,4; Band 1,2,3,4 (V. Pres). DIANE CHRISTINE LAMBERT Business College P reparatory— Le Cercle Francais 3; Humanities Club 3; Junior Play 3; Washington Club 3. ROBERT CARL LANGE College Preparatory—Barracuda Club 2, 3,4; Student Council 3; Swimming 2,3,4 (Co-Capt); Track 2; Varsity Club 3,4. 115GLENNIS KEITH LAPHAM College Preparatory—Trans, from Communities School, Onsted, Michigan 3. MARILYN SUSAN LASEK Business—Le Tricolore 2. DONALD LEE LAUNIERE College Preparatory—J.C.L. 2; Latin Club 2. RICHARD MELVIN LAVACK General. SHARON LEE LAVICTOIRE Business—Booster Club 1,2,3; G.A.A. 1. MICHAEL RANIC LA VIGNE College Preparatory—Trans, from St. Frances Cabrini High School, Allen Park, Michigan 2. SANDRA JEAN LAWRENCE Business—Booster Club 3,4; Business Club 3,4 (Rec. Sec); Humanities Club 3; Washington Club 3. JOANN LAZO College Preparatory Business—Booster Club 1; Business Club 4; Dramatics Club 4; F.H.A. 3,4; F.N.C. 3,4; F.T.A. 3,4; G.A.A. 1. NANCY ELIZABETH LEBECK College Preparatory Business—F.N.C. 2; J.C.L. 2. LYNDA KAYE LEONHARD Business—Library Ass't 2. EDWARD ALLAN LESNIOWSKI College Preparatory—Gymnastics Club 2; Track 4. LESLIE ANNE LINVILLE College Preparatory—Dramatics Club 2; F.N.C. 2 (Treas), 3 (Pres); J.C.L. 1; Latin Club 1. JOANN LISK Business—Humanities Club 3. THOMAS LAWRENCE LITTLE College Preparatory—Science Club 1; Varsity Club 4; Wrestling 2,3,4. JOHN THOMAS LOJEWSKI College Preparatory—Trans, from St. Frances Cabrini High School, Allen Park, Michigan 2; Baseball 2,3; Football 2,3,4; Boys Glee 3; Humanities Club 3; Robed Choir 4; Science Club 3; Track 2; United Nations Club 4; Varsity Club 3,4; Washington Club 3. 116PHYLLIS ELAINE LORENCE College Preparatory—Booster Club 1,4; Class Treasurer 1; F.H.A. 4; F.T.A. 4; Girls Glee 3; J.C.L. 1,2; Latin Club 1, 2; Robed Choir 4; Science Club 3,4; Washington Club 3. CHARLES ELLSWORTH LORENZ Arts. KATHLEEN JOYCE LORINCZ College Preparatory—Aquettes 2; Bandl, 2,3,4; Class Secretary 1; F.N.C. 2; Girls Glee 3; J.C.L. 2; Jr. Honor Society 1,2; Robed Choir 3,4; Spanish Club 3,4. ROBERT JOHN LOULA College Preparatory—Trans, from Seneca High School, Louisville, Kentucky 3. LANA ELAINE LOVELADY Business—Dramatics Club 1,3; LeCercle Francais 4; Jr. Honor Society 1,2; Sr. Honor Society 3,4. ROSEMARIE ELAINE LOVERA Business—Booster Club 3,4; F.H.A. 4; G.A.A. 1. DOROTHY ILENE LYNCH Business. STEVEN DAVID MacARTHUR College Preparatory—Jr. Honor Society 1; Spanish Club 2; Tennis 3,4; Washington Club 3. GEORGE ALEXANDER MOWATT Arts. MARJORIE LYNN MACK College Preparatory—Booster Club 3,4; Dramatics Club 2,3; G.A.A. 1,2,3,4;Girls Glee 3; Humanities Club 3; Imprint 4; Rifle Club 2,3; Rowing 4; Washington Club 3. WILLIAM DANIEL MacLEOD College Preparatory—LeCercle Francais 1. CAROL ANN MAHEUX Business. KATHLEEN M. MAHEUX Business. WILLIAM MICHAEL MALETT Industrial Arts—VarsityClub4; Wrestling 2,3,4. PATRICIA JUNE MANN College Preparatory—Girls Glee 4; Humanities Club 3; Washington Club 3. 117118 GEORGE GREGORY MANOOGIAN College Preparatory. VICTOR JOHN MANZON Arts College Preparatory—Radio Club 2. LENORE ANN MARDON College Preparatory—Aquettes 1,2,3,4; Band 1,2,3,4; F.N.C. 1,2; G.A.A.4; J.C.L. 2,3; Jr. Honor Society 1; Latin Club 2,3; Math Club 4. SHARON LYNN MARICH Business. GREGG ALLAN MARR College Preparatory—Band 1,2,3,4; Jr. Honor Society 1,2; Spanish Club 3. RICHARD PAUL MARTEL College Preparatory—Barracuda Club 2, 3; Swimming 1,2,3. MEREDITH ANN MARTIN General—Girls Glee 1; Robed Choir 2,3, 4; Senior Play 4; Washington Club 3. PAMELA CHRISTINE MARTIN Business College Preparatory—Library Ass't. 2. RUBY MARINO MARTIN Arts—Allegro Club 3,4; Band 2,3,4; Foot- bal 1; Gymnastics 1; Track 2,3,4 (Co- Capt). LARRY JOHN MARTINO College Preparatory—Rifle Club 4. LINDA DIANE MASTANTUONO College Preparatory—Booster Club 1; Dramatics Club 1,2,3,4; Le Cercle Fran-cais 4; G.A.A. 2,3,4; Girls Glee 4; Humanities Club 3; Imprint 4; Jaguar Journal 3; J.C.L. 1; Jr. Honor Society 1,2; Latin Club 1; Press Club 3; Science Club 4; Le Tricolore 2,3; United Nations Club 4; Washington Club 3. JAMES TATSUMI MATSUI College Preparatory—Baseball 1,2,3,4; Math Club 4. DAVID ELMER MATTIVI College Preparatory. RITA MARIE MAY College Preparatory—Allen Club4; Chess Club 1; Dramatics Club 2,3,4; Girls Glee 3; Humanities Club 3; Jaguar Journal 2, 3,4; Jr. Honor Society 1,2; Press Club 2,3; Robed Choir 4; Science Club 2,3,4. DONALD CHARLES MAYER College Preparatory—Allen Club 2,3,4; Class Officer (V. Pres) 3; Le Cercle Francais 1,2,3 (V. Pres), 4 (Pres); Football 1; Jr. Honor Society 3; Sr. Honor Society 3,4; Senior Play 4; Wolverine State Boys 3.LEONARD JOSEPH MAZGLAD Business—Band 1,2,3,4; Baseball 1,2,3,4; Basketball 1; Camera Club 1; Library Ass't. 1; Varsity Club 4. DONNA FAYE McAFEE General—Trans, from Central High School, Manchester, Tennessee 4. BARBARA JANET McANALLY Business—Humanities Club 3. TOM ROGER McCASKEY College Preparatory—A1 legro Club 2; Band 1,2,3,4; Humanities Club 3; J.C.L. 3; Latin Club 3; Rifle Club 1; Tennis 1; Washington Club 3. PATRICK MICHAEL McCONEGHY College Preparatory—Allen Club 1,2,3,4; Basketball 1,2; Class Officer (Pres) 2,3; Dramatics Club 3,4 (Sec); Humanities Club 3; J.C.L. 1,2 (Pres),3,4; Jr. Honor Society 1,2; Latin Club 2,3,4; Junior Play 3; Sr. Honor Society 3,4; Senior Play 4; Student Council 1,2,3,4 (Pres); Track 2,3,4 (Co-Capt); Varsity Club 3,4; Wolverine State Boys 3. CATHERINE ANN McCREERY College Preparatory—Dramatics Club 3, 4; Girls Glee 2,3; Humanities Club 3; Jr. Honor Society 2; Robed Choir 4; Washington Club 3. NORMA FIDE LIS McDOUGALL Business—Business Club 4. KATHLEEN ANN McFEATERS College Preparatory—Booster Club 2,3, 4; Dramatics Club 1,2,3; LeCercle Fran-cais 1,2; F.T.A. 1,2; Humanities Club 3, 4; Jr. Honor Society 1; Science Club 3; Washington Club 3. THOMAS MICHAEL McINERNEY College Preparatory—Washington Club 3. PATRICIA LYNN McINTYRE Business—Library Ass't. 1,3. ROBERT EDGAR McKENZIE College Preparatory—Trans, from St. Frances Cabrini High School, Allen Park, Michigan 3; Wrestling 3. DORIS JEAN McLAND Business—Business Club 4. BONNIE LYNN McLEAN Business—Business Club 4; F.H.A. 3,4 (Treas); G.A.A. 1; Jaguar Journal 2,3; Press Club 2,3. ROBERT DALE MEDLEN Arts—Boys Glee 3,4. MICHAEL HEWITT MEDLEY College P re par a tory—Football 1,2,3; Track 1,2,3,4; Varsity Club 3,4. 119JAMES MEEKER College Preparatory—Allegro Club 4; Band 2,3,4; Humanities Club 3; Math Club 3; Rifle Club 2. DEANNA LEE MELLER Business. MICHAEL JAMES METIVIER College Preparatory—Chess Club 3. DARLENE JILL METZNER Business—Girls Glee 2. MARIANNE MILIDONIS College Preparatory—Booster Club 2,3, 4; Cheerleading 2,3; G.A.A. 1,2; Imprint 4 (Treas.); Library Ass’t 3,4; Spanish Club 2,3 (Sec.), 4 (Sec.). GARY LYNN MILTON Arts—Boys Glee 4; Track 1. DANIEL MILES MONROE Arts—Band 1,2. ROBERTA MONTAVON Business—Humanities Club 3; Library Ass't. 2; Washington Club 3. DENNIS DALE MOORE Arts—Baseball 1; Basketball 1,2. JOHN DAVID MOORE College Preparatory—Chess Club 2,3,4; Debate 4; Latin Club 2,3. MARY KATHLEEN MOORE Business—Booster Club 2,3,4; Dramatics Club 4; F.N.C. 2,3; G.A.A. 1,2; Humanities Club 3,4; Rifle Club 2; Spanish Club 2; Washington Club 3. JAMES LEON MOREHEAD College Preparatory—Radio Club 4. SHARON ANN MOSDEN Business—Booster Club 1; F.H.A. 1,2. GAIL FRANCES MOSKAL Business—Booster Club 2; Business Club 4; F.H.A. 2. CARLA ELIZABETH MOSLEY Business—Business Club 2,3; Washington Club 3. 120ZACHARY ARSON MOUSHEGIAN College Preparatory—Chess Club 2,3,4; German Club 2,4; Jaguar Journal 3,4 (Ass't. Sports Edit.); J.C.L. 1,2,3,4; Latin Club 1,2,3,4; Math Club 3,4; Press Club 3,4; Radio Club 4; Science Club 2,3. PATRICK JOHN MURPHY College Preparatory—Trans, from Assumption High School, Windsor, Ontario 3. LESLIE ANN MUSZYNSKI College Preparatory—Cheerleading 1; Le Cercle Francais 1,2; F.N.C. 2; Sr. Honor Society 3,4. LINDA ELIZABETH MYERS College Preparatory—F.T.A. 4; Rifle Club 4; Washington Club 3. SHARON DIANE NACK Business. PATRICIA MAE NACZAS General. SHARON CATHERINE NADROWSKI College Preparatory—Trans, from Barbour Jr. High School, Detroit, Michigan 1; Booster Club 3; F.N.C. 3; Girls Glee 2, 3; Robed Choir 3,4. PAULETTE MARGARET NADROWSKI College Preparatory—Art Club 1; G.A.A. 1; Girls Glee 1; Humanities Club 3; Imprint 4. LINDA ANN NAGY Business College Preparatory—Booster Club 2,3,4; G.A.A. 1; Humanities Club 3; Rifle Club 3; Spanish Club 3,4; Washington Club 3. MICHAEL CARL NAGY General. RONALD CARL NELSON College Preparatory—Band 1,2,3,4; Tennis 2,3,4; Le Tricolore 2; Washington Club 3. HEATHER SHERLY NEUMAN College P reparatory — Le Cercle Francais 4; F.N.C. 1,2,3,4; Humanities Club 1,2,3, 4; Juguar Journal 3; J.C.L. 1; Jr. Honor Society 1,2; Le Tricolore 2,3. THOMAS MICHAEL NEWMAN College Preparatory—Math Club 3; Spanish Club 2; Track 2. HAROLD ARTHUR NIXON College Preparatory—Trans, from Wentworth Military Academy, Lexington, Missouri 4; Boys Glee 1. PATRICIA RUTH NORBURY College Preparatory—F.N.C. 2; Girls Glee 2,3; J.C.L. 1; Latin Club 1; Robed Choir 4.DANIEL PHILLIP NOWAK College Preparatory—Football 1,2. JEANNE ELIZABETH NOWITZKE Business—Trans, from Roosevelt High School, Wyandotte, Michigan 2; Booster Club 3,4; F.H.A. 4; Girls Glee 2,3; Humanities Club 3; Robed Choir 4. KATHLEEN ELEANOR O’DONNELL Business—Washington Club 3. LINDA MARIA PAAPE Business—F.H.A. 1,2 (V. Pres), 3 (Pres); Girls Glee 2,3,4. FREDERICK JOHN PAFFHAUSEN College Preparatory—Jr. Honor Society 1. KATHLEEN RITA PAGE General—Trans. fromSt. Frances Cabrini High School, Allen Park, Michigan 4; G.A.A. 1,2,. RICHARD DOUGLAS PAHL College Preparatory—Allegro Club 3,4; Band 1,2,3,4; Library Ass’t 1; Science Club 2,3,4; Track 1; Washington Club 3. KAREN JOAN PAISLEY Business—Aquettes 2; Booster Club 1,2,3. SHERYL KAY PALCZYNSKI Business—Booster Club 2; Business Club 4 (Sec.); Dramatics Club 4; F.H.A. 2,3 (Sec.), 4; G.A.A. 2,3; Humanities Club 3. IRENE VERNA PANIK Business—Library Ass’t 2,4. ROBERT CARL PASSIAK College Preparatory—Baseball 2; Basketball 2; Football 2,4; Humanities Club 3; J.C.L. 2,3,4; Latin Club 2,3,4; Math Club 2,3,4; Science Club 2,3,4; United Nations Club 4; Varsity Club 4. JAMES EUGENE PATTON College Preparatory—Boys Glee 1; Robed Choir 2,3,4. RONNIE PEAR General—Football 1,2; Track 1,2. CAROL ANN PEARSON Business—Booster Club 4; Business Club 4; G.A.A. 2; Girls Glee 3; Humanities Club 3; Rifle Club 4; Robed Choir 4; Washington Club 3. DONNA MARIE PENMAN Business. 122LINDA LEE PENNEY College Preparatory—Allen Club 4; Dramatics Club 3,4 (Sec.); F.T.A. 2,3 (Sec.), 4 (Pres); Girls Glee 1,2,3; Humanities Club 3; Imprint 3; Robed Choir 4; Le Tricolore 2 (Sec.), 3; V.C.Y. 2; Washington Club 3. JANIS ELAINE PERRY Business—Girls Glee 4; Humanities Club 3; Washington Club 3. ROSEMARY CAROLYN PESTA College Preparatory—Jaguar Journal 4; Latin Club 2,3; Press Club 4. OSCAR EMIL PETOSKEY College Preparatory—Jr. Honor Society 1. IRENE LILLIAN PINCKES Business—Booster Club 3; Dramatics Club 2,3; Humanities Club 3; Jr. Honor Society 1,2; Sr. Honor Society 3,4; Le Tricolore Club 2,3; Washington Club 3. JAMES EDWARD PLACE College P reparatory—Football 1; Jr. Honor Society 1,2; Science Club4 (Pres.); Spanish Club 3,4. DIANE MARIE PLATTETER Business—Booster Club 1; Business Club 3; G.A.A. 2. NORMA JEAN PLAUNT Business—Booster Club 2,3,4; Business Club 2,3,4; Humanities Club 3; Washington Club 3. LOIS MAY PLUMMER General—Trans, from Taylor Center High School 3; Jaguar Journal 3; Library Ass’t. 3,4. DONALD WILLIAM PORTER College Preparatory—Jr. Honor Society 1, 2; Track 1. JERRY WAYNE POWELL College Preparatory—Basketball 1,2. JANET ELEANOR PRATT Business—Booster Club 1; Girls Glee 4. LAWRENCE WAYNE PRATT General. GARY ANTHONY PREVOST College Preparatory—Band 1,2. SUSAN LEE PRIOR College Preparatory—Class Treas. 4; Dramatics Club 1,2,3,4; G.A.A. 1; Jr. Honor Society 1,2; Jr. Play 3; Sr. Honor Society 3,4; National Thespian Society 3,4; Children’s Theater 3. 123KEITH ORRIN PROVOST College Preparatory—Varsity Baseball Mgr. 2,3; Dramatics Club 3,4; Football Mgr. 1; Boys Glee 4; J.C.L. 2; Jr. Honor Society 1,2; Jr. Play 3; Latin Club 2; Math Club 3,4; Science Club 3,4; Varsity Club 4; Washington Club 3. JUDY ANN PUTTCOMER Business—Booster Club 1; Le Cercle Francais 3,4. JOHN MICHAEL QUAIL College Preparatory. MICHAEL EDWARD RADECKI College Preparatory—Dramatics Club 4; Humanities Club 3; Track 1. JOSEPH RAWSON College Preparatory—Basketba 11 2,3, 4; Camera 3,4; Le Cercle Francais 2; Football 2; Jaguar Journal 2,3,4; Math Club 4; Press Club 3,4; Track 2,3,4; Varsity Club 3,4 (Sec.); Washington Club 3. SANDRA DIANNE REDDER College Preparatory—Booster Club 4; Le Cercle Francais 2; F.T.A. 3; G.A.A. 3; Girls Glee 2; Humanities Club 3; Imprint 4; Jaguar Journal 4; Rifle Club 2, 3; Robed Choir 3,4; Washington Club 3. JACK ALVA REEVES Business—Baseball 3. NEIL THOMAS REID College Preparatory—Band 2,3; Baseball 2,3,4; Basketball 2,3,4; Class President 4; Le Cercle Francais 2; Football 2,3,4 (Co-Capt); Boys Glee 3; Imprint 4; Jr. Honor Society 1,2; Robed Choir 4; Varsity Club 3,4; Washington Club 3. JON DARREL RICHARDS College Preparatory. RANDALL ANTHONY RINNA College Preparatory—Gymnastics 2; Jr. Honor Society 1,2; Track 1. TERRENCE DAVID RIVARD College Preparatory—Trans, from St. Francis Xavier, Ecorse Mich. 4; Basketball 1. MICHAEL DEAN ROBINSON General—Boys Glee 2; Rifle Club 4; Robed Choir 3,4. LARRY ARTHUR ROGERS College P re pa ratory—Allen Club 3,4 (Pres.); Debate 2,3,4; Jaguar Journal 2, 4; Jr. Honor Society 1,2; Latin Club 2,3, 4; Sr. Honor Society 3,4; Student Council 2,4; Washington Club 3. CECILIA MARIE ROSA Business—Spanish Club 1. 124 DANIEL R. ROSBURY College Preparatory—Gymnastics 2,3,4.WILLIAM MICHAEL ROSE College Preparatory—Press Club 3,4. LYNN CAROL ROSS College Preparatory—Aquettes 1,2,3; Dramatics Club 3; Le Cercle Francais 1,2,3; G.A.A. 2 (Sec.); Jr. Honor Society 1,2; Imprint 4; Rifle Club 2,3; (V. Pres.) 4 (Sec.). WALTER WILLIS ROSS College Preparatory—Baseball 1. SUSAN KAY ROTHEFUSS College Preparatory—Booster Club2,3,4; Dramatics Club 2,3 (Sec.) 4 (Pres.); F.N.C. 2,3; F.T.A. 3; G.A.A. 1,2,3; Humanities Club 3 (Treas.); J.C.L. 2,3; Jr. Play 3; Latin Club 2; Library Ass't 3, 4; Le Tricolore 4 (V. Pres.); Washington Club 3; Senior Play 4. ROBERT CHARLES ROWLAND II General—Art Club (Pres.) 3; Humanities Club 3; Imprint 4 (Art Editor); Library Ass't 3,4; Press Club 3. ANNETTE RUBIS College Business—Aquettes 2; Booster Club 1,2; F.N.C. 3; J.C.L. 1,2; Le Tri-colore 2,3; Washington Club 3. JAMES ALLEN RUEHLE College Preparatory—Allen Club 2,3,4; Chess Club 2,3,4 (Pres.); Debate 2,3,4; Humanities Club 3; Jr. Honor Society 1,2; Library Ass't 2; Sr. Honor Society 3,4; Washington Club 3. JAMES JOSEPH RUTKOWSKI College Preparatory—Chess Club 2,3,4; Humanities Club 3; J.C.L. 2,3,4. ROBERT JAMES RUZANSKI Industrial Arts—Football 1. JANIS MARIE SABO College Preparatory—Booster Club 3; Debate 4; Le Cercle Francais 1,2,3,4; F.T.A. 3,4; Girls Glee 4; Humanities Club 3; Washington Club 3. TIMOTHY LEO SANDOR College Preparatory—Allegro Club 3; Band 1,2,3; Barracuda 2; Math Club 4 (V. Pres.); Sr. Honor Society 4; Swimming 1,2. LOIS ANN SANFILIPPO College Preparatory—F.N.C. 1,2;Spanish Club 1; Washington Club 3. RAYMOND STEPHEN SCERBA Industrial Arts. DONNA GAIL SCHILKE General—Aquettes 3,4; G.A.A. 4; Girls Glee 3; Robed Choir 4; Ski Club 4. LAWRENCE CARL SCHMIDT College Preparatory—Football 1; Jr. Honor Society 1,2; Swimming 1. 125RliTH ANN SCHONFELD Business—Booster Club 1,2,3,4; Business Club 4 (Pres.); Press Club 3; Washington Club 3. BONNIE MAY SCHRATZ Business—Booster Club 3,4; Business Club 3,4; Humanities Club 3; Jr. Honor Society 1,2; Le Tricolore 2,3. CHRISTOPHER PAUL SCHULTZ College Preparatory—Chess Club2,3 (V.-Pres.) 4; Humanities Club 3; J.C.L. 1, 2,3,4; Latin Club 1,2,3,4. JOYCE MARY SCOFIELD College Preparatory—Allen Club 4, (Pres.); Band Majorette Capt. 4, 2,3; Booster Club 1; Chess Club 2; F.N.C. 2; F.T.A. 2,3 (V. Pres.), 4 (Sec.); Girls Glee 1; Jr. Honor Society 1,2 (Sec.); Math Club 2; Robed Choir 2,3,4; Spanish Club 2,3; Washington Club 3. NANCY THERESA SCOVILL General—Trans, from T.W. Sexton High School Lansing, Michigan 3; Le Cercle Francais 4; Le Tricolore 3. DARRELL LAWRENCE SERAPIGLIA College Preparatory—Baseball 1,2,3,4; Basketball 1,2; Jr. Honor Society 2; Spanish Club 3,4 (Pres.); Varsity Club 4. CYNTHIA MARIE SERMACK Business—Booster Club 2,3; Business Club 4 (Treas.); Humanities Club 3; Spanish Club 1,2,3 (V. Pres.) 4. DOUGLAS CHARLES SHEPHERD College Preparatory—Baseball 1,2; Football (Co-capt.) 1,2,3,4; Boys Glee 3; Varsity 2,3,4 (Pres.); Wrestling 4. CHRISTINE ANN SHERWOOD Business—Library Ass’t 3,4; Spanish Club 1.2.3. JANIS LOUISE SHOWALTER College Preparatory—Booster Club 1,3,4; Cheerleading 1; Dramatics Club 1,2,3,4; Le Cercle Francais 1,2; Humanities Club 3; Imprint 4; Jr. Honor Society 1,2; Jr. Play 3; Sr. Honor Society 3,4; Washington Club 3; Sr. Play 4; Children's Theater 2.3.4. DAVID BRUCE SILSBE College Preparatory—Basketball 1. JOYCE IRMA SIMKO Business. MARY ELIZABETH SIMPSON College Preparatory—Allen Club 2,3,4; Booster Club 3; Le Cercle Francais 2; F.N.C. 3; G.A.A. 1; Girls Glee 3; Homecoming Court 4; Humanities Club 3 (Sec.); Jr. Honor Society 1,2; Robed Choir 4; Sr. Honor Society 3,4; Washington Club 3. ROBERT WINFIELD SIMPSON College Preparatory—Baseball 1,2,3; Basketball 1,2,3; Math Club 4. CRAIG HARRY SLATER General—Baseball 3,4; Cross Country 4; Library Ass't 2,3; Varsity Club 4. 126SANDRA AGNES SLATER Business—Booster Club 3; G.A.A. 1; Library Ass't 2,3; Press Club 3; Spanish Club 3,4. TERRY JAMES SMART General—Rifle Club 1,2; Track 1. JAMES THOMAS SMITH College Preparatory—Allegro Club 3,4; Band 1,2,3,4; Jr. Honor Society 1,2; Sr. Honor Society 3,4 (V. Pres.); Tennis 2, 3,4; Varsity Club 3,4. JANICE AMY SMITH College Preparatory—Dramatics Club 3, 4; Jr. Play 3; Le Cercle Francais 2,3; Sr. Play 4. JUDITH LYNNE SMITH Business—Booster Club 1. JUDY ANN SMITH Business—Trans, from Southwestern High School, Detroit, Michigan 3. ROBERT JAMES SMITH General—Baseball 1,2,3,4; Football 1,2; Gymnastics 2,3,4. ROSEMARY SMITH College Preparatory—Boosber Club 1; Dramatics Club 3; G.A.A. 4; J.C.L. 2 (Pres.); Jr. Honor Society 1,2; Le Cercle Francais 1,2,3; Sr. Honor Society 3,4; Washington Club 3. THOMAS NEIL SMITH College Preparatory—Boys Glee Club 3; Gymnastics 3; Robed Choir 3,4; Swimming 1,2; Tennis 4; Track 1,2. JUANITA YVONNE SMOCK College Preparatory—Future Nurses 3; G.A.A. 1; Girls Glee Club 3; Humanities Club 3; Le Cercle Francais 3; Le Tricolore 4; Rifle Club 4; Robed Choir 4; Washington Club 3. KENNETH PAUL SNODGRASS College Preparatory—Band 1,2,3,4; Imprint 3; Jr. Honor Society 1,2; Le Tricolore 2; Library Ass't 3; Tennis 2,3,4. JOAN ALMA SONAGERE Business—Aquettes 1,2; Cheerleading 1; Imprint 4; Rifle Club 1,2. SHARON LEE SPENA Business—Booster Club 1,2; Business Club 3,4; Girls Glee Club 2,3. ROBERT STANDLY STANCZYK College Preparatory—Boys Glee Club 2; Robed Choir 3,4. ILONA ROSE STASZKIEWICZ Business—Aquettes 2,3 (Treas.); Latin Club 1. 127LINDA GAIL STECHISON College Preparatory—Booster Club 4; Dramatics Club 4; Future Nurses Club 4; Future Teachers Club 4; G.A.A. 1,2; Jaguar Journal 4; Jr. Honor Society 1, 2; Le Cercle Francals 2,3,4; Sr. Play 4; Washington Club 3. WILLIAM KEITH STODDARD Arts. RONALD JAMES STONE Arts. DENNIS MICHAEL STOVER College Preparatory—Trans, from St. Francis Cabrini High School, Allen Park, Michigan 2. JAN ROSE STRUNK College Preparatory—Sr. Play 4. MARY CATHERINE STUROCK College Preparatory—Booster Club2,3,4; Cheerleader 2; G.A.A. 1,2,3; Girls Glee Club 4; Jr. Honor Society 1,2; Le Cercle Francais 2,3,4; Sr. Honor Society 3,4; Washington Club 3. BRUCE ALLEN SUMMERS College Preparatory—Band 1,2,3 (Sec.-Treas.), 4 (Sec. Treas.); Basketball 1; Le Tricolore 2; Washington Club 3; Wrestling 2. MARLENE FRANCES SUSKI Business—Business Club 4; Dramatics Club 4; Homecoming Queen 4. VIRGINIA LUANNE SUTER General—Dramatics Club 1,2; Girls Glee Club 3; Le Cercle Francais 3; Robed Choir 4; Spanish Club 1; Washington Club 3. LOUIS THOMAS SVITKOVICH College Preparatory—Allegro Club 3,4; Band 1,2,3,4; Basketball 3; Sr. Honor Society 3,4; Washington Club 3. MICHAEL JOHN SZOPO College Preparatory—Allen Club 3,4; Band 1,2; Cross Country 1,2,3,4 (Capt.); Jaguar Journal 4 (Sports Ed.); Jr. Honor Society 1,2; Latin Club 2,3; Sr. Honor Society 3,4; Track 1 (Co-Capt.), 2,3,4; Varsity Club 3,4; Wolverine Boys State 3. RICHARD SIGMUND SZPYRKA Arts—Trans, from St. Francais Cabrini High School, Allen Park, Michigan, 1. JEROME EDWARD TABBERT College Preparatory—Cross Country 1; Gymnastics 2; Wrestling 1,2. EDWARD ALLEN TAIT College Preparatory—Rifle Club 1,2. 128 JOHN MICHAEL TAMAS Arts College Preparatory—Wrestling 1, 2.SAM JOSEPH TARUFELLI Arts—Boys Glee Club 1,2,3; Robed Choir 4. KATHLEEN ANN TAYLOR Business—Business Club 4; Girls Glee Club 3,4. NANCY JEAN TAYLOR Business—Booster Club 1,2,3,4; Business Club 4 (V. Pres.); Washington Club 3. DENNIS JOHN TERRY College P re pa rat or y— Baseball 1,2; Basketball 1; Boys Glee Club 4; Dramatics Club 4; Football 1,2; Rifle Club 1; Sr. Play 4. PATRICIA ANN THIBODEAU Business—Booster Club 1,2; Business Club 4; G.A.A. 1,2; Rifle Club 1. BRUCE F. THILL Arts. THOMAS ALLEN THOMPSON College Preparatory—Footba11 1,2,3,4; Varsity Club 4. BARBARA JEAN THOMPSON College Preparatory—Dramatics Club 3, 4; G.A.A. 1,2; Jr. Honor Society 2; Le Cercle Francais 3; Science Club 1; Sr. Play 4; Washington Club 3. LARRY J. TOCCO College Preparatory—Dramatics Club 1; Press Club 1; Rifle Club 1; Track 1. WILLIAM TOLSTYKA Business—Boys Glee Club 2; Robed Choir 3.4. PATRICK MICHAEL TRACY College P re pa ratory— Rifle Club 4; Science Club 4. THOMAS JOHN TRENASTY Business—Boys Glee Club 2; Robed Choir 3.4. DENNIS DALE TRYTHALL College Preparatory—Basketball 2,3; Math Club 4; Track 2,3,4; Varsity Club 3,4. DIANE GAIL TRYTHALL Business—Booster Club 1,2,3; Washington Club 3. DAVID ROBERT TUCKER Industrial Arts. 129RITA KAY TUCKER Business—Business Club 4; G.A.A. 1. ROBERT CHARLES ULRICH College Preparatory—Baseball 1,2,3,4; Boys Glee Club 3; Football 1,2,3; Le Trlcolore 3; Press Club 4; Robed Choir 4; Varsity Club 4; Washington Club 3. SANDRA LEE VARTANIAN College Preparatory—Booster Club 4; Future Teachers Club 4; G.A.A. 2; Humanities Club 3; Science Club 4; United Nations Club 4; Washington Club 3. SANTINO VILLELLA Business College Preparatory—Baseball 2,3,4; Basketball 2; Math Club 4; Varsity Club 3,4. BONNIE JEAN VOIGHT Business-Girls Glee Club 3; Robed Choir 4. BARBARA ANN WAGNER Business—Booster Club 2; Future Homemakers Club 2; G.A.A. 1,2; Library Ass’t 2. BETTY ANN WAGNER Business—Booster Club 2; Future Homemakers Club 2; G.A.A. 1,2; Library Ass't 1. PAMELA LOUISE WAGNER Business. SANDRA EILEEN WALLSCHLAGER Business. JEANNE-MARIE WARDEN College Preparatory—Future Nurses Club 1; Humanities Club 3; J.C.L. 2,3 (Sec.-Treas.); Jr. Honor Society 2; Latin Club 2,3; Le Tricolore 4; Rifle Club 4; Washington Club 3. JANET IRENE WEBB College Preparatory—G.A.A. 1; Latin Club 2. MICHAEL MARTIN WESTFALL College Preparatory. LINDA JEAN WEAVER College Preparatory-Boos ter Club 1, 2,3 (V. Pres.), 4 (Pres.); Cheerleader 2, 3,4; Future Nurses Club 1; J.C.L. 1, 2; Latin Club 2; Rifle Club 1,2,4; Washington Club 3. GARY WHITE College Preparatory. TONIA DIANN WHITE Business—Trans, from Lincoln Park High School, Lincoln Park, Mich., 2; Business Club 4; Library Ass't 4. 130TERRY DOUGLAS WIDENER Arts. VIRGINIA ANN WILCOX Business. KENNETH SCOTT WILKERSON College Preparatory—Barracuda Club 3, 4; Humanities Club 3; Math Club4;Swimming 3,4. HAROLD CHARLES WILKES College Preparatory—Allegro Club 3,4; Band 1,2,3,4. BARRY DANIEL WILKINSON College Preparatory—Rifle Club 3. CAROL ANN WILKISON Business. GENEVA IRENE WILLETT General—Trans, from Lincoln Park High School, Lincoln Park, Michigan 2; G.A.A. 2. KATHLEEN LOUISE WILLIAMS Business—G.A.A. 1. KENNETH THOMAS WILLIAMS College Preparatory—Baseball 1,2,3,4; Camera Club 1,2,3,4; Football 1,2; Imprint 3,4; Jaguar Journal 2,3,4; Press Club 2,3,4; Washington Club 3. TONI LYNN WILLIAMS Business—G.A.A. 1; Humanities Club 3; Washington Club 3. BARBARA LOUISE WILSON College Preparatory—Booster Club 1,2; Cheerleader 1; Future Homemakers Club 1,2,4; G.A.A. 1,2; Girls Glee Club 3; Humanities Club 3; Jaguar Journal 4; Jr. Honor Society 1,2; Robed Choir 4;Spanish Club 2; Washington Club 3. DENNIS MICHAEL WILSON College Preparatory—Baseball 2; Basketball 1; Football 1; Gymnastics 3; Washington Club 3 (Bus. Mgr.). JEFFERY ARNOLD WILSON College Preparatory. LAURIE CURTIS WILSON College Preparatory—Allegro Club 3,4; Band 2,3,4 (Pres.); Barracuda Club 3,4; Imprint 3,4; Jaguar Journal 2; Jr. Honor Society 1; Swimming 2,3; Tennis 3,4. DENNIS RAYMOND WINKEL College Preparatory—Allen Club 2,3,4; Chess Club 2,3,4; German Club 1,2,3,4; Jaguar Journal 3; J.C.L. 2,3,4; Latin Club 1,2,3,4; Math Club 1,2,3,4; Press Club 3,4; Science Club 2,3,4; Swimming 3 (Mgr.); United Nations Club 4; Sr. Play 4. 131132 SANDRA LOUISE WINKEL College Preparatory—Dramatics Club 2, 4; J.C.L. 1,2,3,4; Latin Club 1,2,3,4; Sr. Play 4. CRYSTAL SUZETTE WINSTON Business—Future Nurses Club 1. BARBARA ANNE WOZNIAK Business College Preparatory—Girls Glee Club 2; Humanities Club 3; Jr. Honor Society 1; Rifle Club 3; Robed Choir 3,4; Washington Club 3. LARRY JOSEPH YATES Arts—Trans, from Huron High School, New Boston, Michigan 2. ROBERT DENNIS YOUNG Arts. STEVEN WAYNE ZACHORSKI College Preparatory—Trans, from St. Francis Cabrini, Allen Park, Michigan 2; Baseball 2; Basketball 2,3,4; MathClub4; Varsity Club 4; Washington Club 3. SANDRA SUE ZANTOP College Preparatory—Booster Club 1,2,3, 4; Dramatics Club 1,2,3,4; Future Teachers Club 4; G.A.A. 1,2,3,4; Girls Glee Club 4; Humanities Club 3; J.C.L. 1,2,3,4; Jr. Honor Society 2; Latin Club 1,2; Le Tricolore 2,3; Washington Club3. DENISE MARSHA ZAVA College Preparatory—Dramatics Club 2; Future Homemakers Club 1,2,3,4 (Pres.); Le Tricolore 2; Washington Club 3. DONNA ZIMMER General. CAROL ZIMMERMAN Business. MARY ZUKER College Preparatory—A 1 len Club 3,4; Children's Theater 3; Dramatics C1 ub 2,3,4; Future Nurses Club 2,3; Future Teachers Club 3; G.A.A. 1,2,3,4; Humanities 3; Jaguar Journal 2; Jr. Honor Society 1,2; Press Club 2; Rifle Club 4; Sr. Honor Society 3,4; Spanish Club 2,3,4; Le Tricolore 4. MORRIS ZUMBERG Arts—Baseball 1,2,4; Basketball 1; Boys Glee Club 1,2; Football 1; Robed Choir 3,4; Wrestling 4. CAROLYN JUNE VIREK Business. CATHLEEN MAE McHENRY Business—Trans, from McKenzie High School, Detroit, Michigan 4. JACQUELYN ANNE STACEY Business—Booster Club 1; Business Club 4. I have passed through your doors many times. I have entered your rooms and sat at your desks. I have stared at a board covered with meaningless chalk scratchings and suddenly saw a thousand knots unravel into an untwisted thread of thought. I have spent hours with my books, keeping in mind my major goal here. But I have spent as much time working with clubs and organizations—the fair, Homecoming. And I have supported our athletes—cheered at their victories and tried to forget their losses. I have danced at your proms, performed on your stage, and been an appreciative audience. For 3 and 4 years I have done these things. But this was my last year, and I won’t be doing them anymore. 133Yes, I have passed through your doors many times—never for long, a night, a weekend, a vacation—and I have always returned. I am only one, but there are 523 like me. For us, the door closing behind us signifies only that the doors we now face must be opened by ourselves. Allen Park High School has made an indelible imprint upon us, or it hasn’t. In any case, it has now finished its task. We must take the bits of knowledge we have assimilated, the benefits we have received from the total educational experience and organize them, store them, and utilize them in a way most suitable to our individual goals and efforts. We stand at the top of that first flight of stairs. Our next step is certain—it can only be up. A Senior, 1965. CAMERA SHY SRS. WILLIAM GENE BODA-Arts. PAMELA RUTH BOLAM—Business. JOHN WILLIAM BULT-Trans. from Mackenzie High School, Detroit, Michigan 4. NANCY FRABOTTA-Business. PATRICIA JO FRYE-Business. LESTER GALLAGHER-Coliege Preparatory. PRISCILLA GERGEL—General. GAVIN HAMILTON—General. GREGG HAMILTON—General. MICHAEL KERAMIDAS— College Preparatory. GARY McFADDEN—College Preparatory. GEORGIE ANNE PAULI—Business. MICHAEL PFAFFENBERGER—General. CAROL ROULO—General. WILLIAM SCOPIS—General. LAWRENCE SELF—General. YVONNE LUCILE TABOR-General. PAUL TEDESCO—General. School Life For Our Tomorrows We, the students of Allen Park High School have here persevered, over the boundless barriers of space and time, this momentous school year. The very events which have caused this year to be such a wonder make this book unprecedented in significance. Here is a picture of our school, its activities, its traditions, and of the people who are entering a future with destinations unknown and returns undated. This we know: this year is here, now! It’s going on all the time. You’re probably here somplace; this is school life at A.P.H.S. Take a look! • , ’» • • i something islearned . . . Regardless of all the dances and social activities of high school life, there will always be plenty of the simple, unadulterated studying, classes, recitations, and lab work; the things of which education is made. You find out how true this is your very first semester at A.P.H.S. and remember it during the home stretch. Teaching and learning facts and figures aren’t all the teacher must teach and the pupil must learn. . .how to think, how to act, how to lead, how to contribute to the world around him. Nothing is taught until something is learned. 137Tradition—that which was always, is always and will be always—Homecoming tradition at A.P.H.S.—complete with cheers and tears—suspense and anxiety, speculation about which float will win—which girl will be queen—the thrill of the game— the crowning of the queen—the tears of happiness—the Saturday night dance—the parting crowd as the court (Marlene Suski and Lyn Armstrong, Susan Cady, Barbara Hodge, Maribeth Simpson) enters—the last dance—the good night kiss—that which was, is and always will be—the Homecoming week-end. wont- 138139The after-school activities that make high-school fun-sometimes-most of the fifteen hundred who attend A. P.H.S. participate-the faculty calls them students-sometimes the wolves call them often-these pictures make up the daily bible. You see the “mighty” senior with his stagger list of activities-and the lowly sophomore with his envying looks (don’t worry, sophomores, one of these days—). The dances, closed parties, clubs and activities—they’re all here—are you? 141“Learning and knowledge come from entertainment as well as books.” For most students the school day ends with the last bell at 3:10 (or 4:10), for others there are still long hours of rehearsals— drama, where the boys learn the fine art of making love scenes . . . directing. . . acting . . . make-up. . . properties . . . lines for the audience but thoughts of Broadway-music, where we learn the art of making harmonious sounds . . . sometimes. . . winter concerts . . . spring concerts . . . concert concerts. . . art where we learn to make a person look like a person, instead of a stick. . .designing . . .contests . . . exhibits . . . dreams of the future—to create, to express, to be. 142athletic partici- 144pation for all When one thinks of athletics at A.P.H.S. —long twisting runs down the gridiron or flashes streaking up and down the court come to mind—but for many students athletics means a hard-fought soccer game or a “blood-thirsty” volleyball match. Students find that participation in physical education classes, G.A.A., intra-mural basketball and the senior-faculty game can be as equally time consuming as varsity sports. The rough and ready participants fight on and up-the spectators (if and when) cheer on—win or lose! 145initiative fat- The Annual School Fair, complete with the Senior “pi Thoreau”, provides an excellent source for fattening the class or club bankroll besides providing an outlet for the development of initative leadership and cooperation. The prize—winning Imp Midway—the first efforts of the sophomore class—the final efforts of the senior class —its a lot of hard work and a lot of good fun for all who participate. The class and club bake sales provide another source of income—luscious cakes, mouth watering brownies, tantalizing cookies all the goodies which delight the taste buds—and strengthen the weary student after a hard day of pencil pushing and THINKING! 146tens treasury 147148a laugh, a chuckle . . . Chug-a-lug—chug-a-lug—orange and daisies—pea-bodies and feet—clowns and queens—butterflies and kangaroos—Madras and whipped cream—poochies and oatmeal —Walden and Swift—love and laughter—slacks and skirts —snow and Carousel—sophomores and Seniors (Juniors, too)—chuckles and summers—to the very end—to the bitter end. BRAVO! Very Nice, Very Nice. 149ADS PATRONS PATRONS The community is as much an integral part of the student’s life as is his school. It is after school hours are spent here shopping, being entertained, working at part time jobs, and being trained for the full time job of being a useful citizen in the community of tomorrow. As that of his high school, the imprint that the community makes upon the student is everlasting. And yet the imprint he returns to both varies somewhat. With graduation terminating his high school career, the student can no longer make further impressions upon the school itself. But the community receives its investment (back with) dividends as the former student-now a mature and active citizen begins to press a new imprint upon a society eager and ready to receive it. ADS 150CRAINE'S STUDIOS 6941 Schaefer DEARBORN Tl 6-3900 Detroit FlintVICTOR'S MARKET SID'S MOBIL STATION Choice Meats DU 2-9085 7318 Park Avenue J. H. THOMPSON FUNERAL HOME Air Conditioned—New - Modern 7210 Park Avenue Allen Park, Mich. 8333 ALLEN ROAD CONGRATULATIONS ’65 GRADUATES ALLEN PARK REPUBLICAN CLUB COMPLIMENTS OF SHAY'S MUSIC DU 6-1060 152 DUnkirk 2-1150 6623 ALLEN ROADALLEN PARK’S FINEST CLEANERS AND SHIRT LAUNDERERS Hour service, even on Saturday up to II :00 a.m. Shamrock CLEANERS INDIVIDUAL ATTENTION Only 30 seconds from downtown Allen Park 5741 ALLEN ROAD ALLEN PARK 153DAN'S SHOE REPAIR 6635 Allen Road ALLEN PARK, MICHIGAN Near Allen Park Theater Ruby’s Colonial Crossroads 7105 Allen Road NICK'S BARBER SHOP • Offset Printing • Business Forms • Envelopes • Wedding Invitations KUNKEL PRINTING COMPANY 284-0606 DU 3-3184 3 Barbers fo Serve You 14725 Champaign Rosedale Specializing in Personality Haircuts Nick Motes, Prop. Air-Conditioned 154FRANCES’ MARKET ALLEN STATIONERY AND OFFICE SUPPLY 6817 Allen Road Allen Park, Michigan James A. Hinds DU 1-1286-7 Allen-Wick Hardware Sporting Goods OPEN 9 TO 8 Sunday 10 TO 1 16139 WICK ROAD DU 2-3966 155 ALLEN PARK Prescription Center AND Medical Supply DU 3-DRUG or DU 3-3784 6535 Park Avenue DRIVE-UP Kowalski Sausage Sealtest Ice Cream Cold Beverages Quality Cut Choice Meats 16131 Wick Road Allen Park, Michigan DU 3-9808MARTY'S STANDARD SERVICE 7837 Allen Road DU 1-9862 156SENIOR PATRONS Mr. Mrs. Harry S. Ackley Mr. Mrs. Robert Aitkens Mr. Mrs. Fred Allen Mr. Mrs. Nicholas Aron Mr. Mrs. C. E. Bachmann Mr. Mrs. James M. Bailey Mr. Mrs. Anthony Baka Mr. Mrs. Paul Barnes Mr. Mrs. John Benvin Mr. Si Mrs. John Bernard Mr. Mrs. Harry R. Bernier Mr. Mrs. Joseph W. Bireta Mr. Mrs. Wm, Blatnik Mr. Mrs. Edward J. Bosak Mr. Mrs. L. Boucher Mr. Mrs. Roy Bowlin Mr. Mrs. Arthur VV. Brandel Mr. Mrs. Llewellyn Brown Mr. Mrs. William R. Cady Dr. Mrs. Elmer Capellari Mr. Mrs. Walter Chaykowski Mr. Mrs. Charles Chevillet Mr. Mrs. Clifton M. 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Marich Mr. Mrs. Richard Martel Mr. Si Mrs. Marino Martin Mr. Si Mrs. Ellis C. Mayer Mr. Si Mrs. Alexander Mazglad Mr. Si Mrs. Duane A. Meeker Mr. Si Mrs. J. E. Metivier Mr. Si Mrs. Michael M. Milidonis Mr. Mrs. Robert Montavon Mr. Mrs. Dale Moore 157SENIOR PATRONS Mr. Mrs. Joseph D. Moore Mr. Mrs. Stanley Mosden Mr. Mrs. D. S. Mosley Mr. Mrs. Thaddeus Muszynski Mr. Mrs. A. L. Nadrowski Mr. Mrs. Carl Nagy Mr. Mrs. L. Nagy Mrs. Floyd A. Nixon Mr. Harold Oatley Mr. Mrs. Edward Palczynski Mr. Mrs. Carl Passiak Mr. Mrs. Creston Perry Mr. Mrs. Matthew C. Pesta Mr. Mrs. Augustus A. Pinckes Mr. Mrs. Virgil Plaunt Mr. Mrs. C. Pratt Mr. Mrs. Edward Redder Mr. Mrs. Neil W. Reid Mr. Mrs. Anthony T. Rinna Mr. Mrs. Sydney Rogers Mr. Mrs. Robert C. Rowland Mr. Mrs. John B. Ross Mr. Si Mrs. Chester Rutkowski Mr. Joseph F. Sanfilippo Mr. Si Mrs. Steve Scerba, Jr. Mr. Si Mrs. M. E. Scofield Mr. Si Mrs. Harold R. Scovill Mr. Si Mrs. Donato Serapiglia Mr. Si Mrs. Wesley M. Showalter Mr. Mrs. Maurice W. Simpson Doyle J. Smart Douglas E. Smith Mr. Si Mrs. William F. Smith, Jr. Mr. Si Mrs. Donald E. Smock Mr. Mrs. H. Sonagere Mr. Si Mrs. Alphonse Staszkiewicz Mr. Mrs. W. Stechison Mr. Si Mrs. John Sturock Mr. Si Mrs. John Summers Mr. Mrs. Joseph Suski Mr. Mrs. William H. Suter Mr. Mrs. Louis Svitkovich Mr. Mrs. Michael Szopo Mr. Mrs. Sigmunt Szpyrka Mr. Si Mrs. Carl E. Tabbert Mr. Mrs. Pete Thibodeau Mr. Mrs. Jesse K. Thompson Mr. Si Mrs. Frank Tolstyka Mr. Mrs. Joseph F. Tracy Mr. Mrs. John Trenasty Mr. Mrs. Robert Trythall Mr. Si Mrs. Dick Vartanian John W. Wadowski Mr. Si Mrs. LeRoy Wagner Mr. Si Mrs. Martin Wagner Mr. Mrs. Herbert C. Wallschlager Mr. Si Mrs. R. A. Wever Charles H. Ann White Mr. Si Mrs. Ralph Wilkerson Mr. Si Mrs. Norman V. Williams Mr. Si Mrs. Cecil G. Wilson Mr. Si Mrs. Mel Wilson Mr. Si Mrs. William Wilson Mr. Mrs. Steve A. Zachorski Mr. Mrs. Zantop Mr. Mrs. B. Zava Mr. Si Mrs. Morris Zumberg, Sr. Professional Patrons Dr. Charles T. Mrs. Armstrong Dr. Stephen E. Baynai Dr. Harry E. Jean Cassel Dr. Thomas Ganos, M.D. Dr. Thomas Hoffer Dr. David Krevsky Niles H. Schwocho, M.D. 158General Directory Operator They Service Representative know what it’s like Keypunch Operator Typist The many young people at Michigan Bell join in congratulating the members of the graduating class. They know what it’s like to work hard for a diploma, and get one. They know, too, what it's like to want a rewarding job with a future, and find one. If you think you might like to join them, either now or after college, do stop by to see us. We’ll be happy to discuss the wide variety of career opportunities in the exciting field of telephone communications. Michigan Bell Part of the Nationwide Bell System An Equal Opportunity Employer ACADEMICS— 17 Achatz, John-37,40,47,100 Acker, Ann—100 Ackley, Harry—38,56,100 Adaline, Joseph —100 Adaline, Susan—86 Adamcryk, Joseph—76 Adams, Ben—76 Adams, Don—76 Adams, Kathleen—86 Adams, Larry—100 Adcock, Jim—76 Adcock, Mary—51,100 ADVERTISERS —150 Aitkens, Jerry —100 Aitkens, Lawrence—100 Aibanese, Anna—21,51,100 Aibanese, Josephine—57,76 Alberts, Andrea —100 Alder son, Cathy—76 Alfano, Guy—86 Allen, Cheryl—31,100 Allen, James—86 Allen, Mr. Lawrence —10,41 Allerdyce, Jim Allevata, Steven—76 Altman, Nancee—57,76 Aluia, Joseph— 31,100 Ambrose, Steve—86 Ames, Marese—21,29,50,57,86 Amanette, James—86 Anderson, Carol—44 Anderson, Daniel—100 Anderson, Dianne—57,58,86 Anderson, Donna—86 Andonian, Helene —100 Andonian, James—86 Andrews, Walter —100 Arabucki, John—86 Armstrong, Mr. C. James—3 Armstrong, Lyn-35,38,44,57,58,100 Aron, Donna—35,57,58,101 Asam, Kathy—76 Ashe, Carolyn—29,30,43,47,57,58,86 Asplet, Reginald—101 Asplet, Ray—76 Asteriou, Alexander—86 ATHLETICS Atkinson, Thomas—101 Aversa, Fred—76 Bachman, Jean-41,101 Bailey, Mr. Fred— 3 Bailey, John—76 Bailey, Judith-35,38,52,58,101 Baird, Cheryl—101 Baka, JoAnn—76 Baka, Mary—21,50,57,58,101Bakewell, Carla-50,86 Bakich, Diana—76 Bakos, Alan—86 Baksa, Norm—76 Balias, Betty Ann—41,50,86 Balle, Martin—31 Balle, Pamela—21,101 Balogh, Dennis-86 Balsis, Cynthia—76 Ban, Edward—76 Banachowski, Sharon—37,52,53,101 BAND-28-29 Barazsu, Sharon—86 Bard, Melanie—76 Bardell, Cindy—86 Barnes, Sharon—30,48,101 Barnett, Edward —101 Barnyak, Carol—86 Barrick, Mr. Edward—10 Barstad, Barbara—76 Bartholomew, Linda—40,101 Bartley, Al—76 Bartley, Patricia—30,86 Basalyga, Jill—54,57,58,86 BASEBALL BASKETBALL-68-71 Basman, Linda—86 Basner, Dennis—28,76 Batolucco, Teresa—76 Bates, Maureen —101 Baum, Lon—86 Bauman, Mr. Lawrence —10 Bay, Cynthia—35,54,57,58,86 Beach, Carol—101 Beany, Mrs. Ruth Ann—10 Bear, Barbara—76 Bearman, Mary —102 Bechler, Linda—37,102 Beebe, Jim—56,87 Begley, Tim—87 Behreno, Susan—87 Beier, Jane—28,30,50,58,87 Beksa, Fred—52,62,87 Belisle, William—87 Bell, Tim-87 Bellas, Mr. Edward—10,62 Belt, Carolyn—76 Benardini, Donald—87 Benick, Claudia—77 Bencher, Robert—77 Benedick, James—52,87 Benedict, Jim—77 Benedict, Jane—30,54,87 Benn, Ronald—87 Berendt, James—87 Bergman, Mr. Fred Bernabei, Judith—43,87 Bernard, John—102 Bernard, Diane—47,87 Bernier, Linda—46,48,102 Bernson, Dennis—87 Bernth, Jacquelen—31,102 Beyer, Mark—47,69,77 Beyerly, Patricia—77 Bezuerkov, Anne—47,50,87 Bica, Josephine —102 Bigelow, Karen—87 Biggs, James—77 Billings, Sheila-47,50,53,87 Binder, Nancy —102 Bingham, Ellen-30,87 Bireta, Larry-52,102 Bjoraker, Linda-35,44,48,77 Blackmon, Barbara-31,36,46,53,86,87 Balhnik, Eugene —102 Blanton, Terry—28,87 Blatnik, Louis—28,44,102 BOARD OF EDUCATION Bobrocky, Linda —102 Boes, Mr. Lawrence —10,89 Bogart, Mary Ellen —102 Boggess, Susan—77 Boisonault, Donald—63,77 Boiler, Mr. Curt Bommareto, Jo Ann—87 Bono, Joe—31,87 BOOSTER CLUB-57 Borgni, Christine—77 Boris, Claudia-31,47,48,54,57,87 Boris, Rosemarie Boryski, Cynthia-43,46,48,57,58,102 Bosak, Patricia-102 Bosak, Robert—77 Boucher, John—103 Bowens, James—103 Bowlin, Sharon—51,103 Bowman, Miss Jeanette—10 BOYS GLEE-29 Bozanich, Gregory Brady, Dennis—56,62,103 Bragunier, Dan—87 Brainard, Nancy—103 Brandeberry, Larry—62,87 Brandel, JoAnn—36,37,53,57,103 Bravo, Mary-77 Bravo, Joe—77 Bray, Cathy—31,58,87 Broderick, Nancy—37,43,48,52,103 Broniak, Ronald—87 Bronicki, David—87 Bronicki, Dennis —103 Brown, Brenda-21,30,51,54,57,87 Brown, Charles—77 Brown, Gayle—30,87 Brown, Miss Gertrude —10 Brown, Karen—53,57,103 Brown, Mrs. Jane—10 Brown, Thomas-41,87 Brown, Mrs. Virginia Brozman, Leslie—87 Bruening, Carol—103 Bruer, Robert—40,103 Bruner, Leslie—53,87 Burnett, Douglas—77 Burns, Susan—21,54,57,87 Burrows, Claudia—77 Burye, Linda—43,46,50,54,87 Busby, Paul—87 Busick, Gregory—31,104 Bush, Donna—30,54,87 Bush, Karen—87 Buschmann, Miss Ruth —10 BUSINESS DEPARTMENT BUSINESS CLUB-51 Butsicaris, Nick—29,87 Bryan, Alta Suzanne —103 Bryan, Marilyn—44,48,87 Bryan, Peggy Anne—43,48,87 Buda, Joseph —103 Bullion, Mr. Alan—10,42 Bullock, Brenda—87 Bult, William-87 Bult, Vera-77 Buono, Gasper—28,53 Burch, Allen —103 Burch, Diane—31,104 Burgio, Patricia—87 Burke, Mr. Donald—3 Burlage, Walter-29,35,38,87 Cabauatan, Alice —104 Cady, Susan-35,36,41,57,74,104 CAFETERIA STAFF-15 Caffrey, Mary—77 Caird, Barbara—87 Calder, William—87 Cameran, James—56,104 Campbell, Jon—77 Campbell, Linda—87 Caparaatta, Roseanne—77 Caparaatta, Theresa—104 Capellari, Cindy—48,104 Capra, Mary Jane—104 Capra, Rose Marie—58,77 Caputo, Robert —104 Cardinali, Sherri—21,54,58,87 Carey, James—47,87 Cargill, Susan—87 Carl, Gary-77 Carleton, Lila—44,87 Carrasco, William—63,87 Carson, Lawrence—77 Carter, Cynthia—77 Carter, Gary—77 Carter, Ronald—56 Cartwright, Gayle—46,77 Cartwright, Mrs. Estelle —10 Cary, Ronald—77 Cashmore, William —104 Castagna, James—77 Cavanaugh, Charlene—77 Cayce, Ronald—56,62,68,88 Chaykowski, Patricia—44,57,104 Cheek, Joseph-88 CHEERLEADERS—74 Chelsea, Dave—77 CHESS CLUB-42 Chevillet, Douglas—31,56,62,104 Childress, Carol—88 Childress, Fred—77 Chippewa, Betty—21,104 Chlipala, John—46,88 Choate, Rich—77 Christy, Carol —104 Chuby, John —104 Chuick, Carol—77 Cianfarani, Linda—88 Ciotti, John-56,62,88 Ciupka, Daniel—29,56,105 Clark, David-88 Clark, Harry—88 Clark, Kama—48,105 Clark, Leslie—40 Clark, Thomas —105 Clarke, Sandra—50,77 Clelland, Sandra—21,88 Clemens, Robert—56,105 Clements, William—77 Coffee, Thomas—88 160Coker, Linda—77 Coil, Wendy-28,38,43,50,57,74,88 Cole, Elies-88 Coleman, Edward—47 Collins, Kerry—29,77 Colosimo, Francis—77 Commyn, Tom—77 Compton, Linda—88 CONCERT CHOIR-31 Conley, Bob—77 Conley, Richard—88 Conner, Kay Ann—77 Conover, David—77 Conover, Marvin —105 Constantakis, Gail —28,47,48,74,76, Constantakis, John—29,53,105 Coogan, Gary—31,54,56,62,68,88 Cook, Cedric—77 Cook, Frederick—29,88 Cooke, Bruce—105 Copeland, John—77 Copley, Barbara—44,105 Corey, Deidre—88 Corey, Denise—28,105 Corley, Charyl—58,105 Corradi, Michael—47,53,88 Costa, Susan—77 COUNSELING DEPARTMENT-20 Coury, Cassandra—77 Coury, Pamela —105 Covington, Jeff—88 Cowan, John —105 Coward, David-28,47,77 Coward, Linda —105 Coward, Susan—47,77,129 Cox, Mrs. Geraldine—10 Crabtree, Judy—88 Critchfield, Linda-21,105 Crider, Steven—88 Croo, Pamela—77 Croo, Sandra —106 Cuddy, Lee-30,106 Cunningham, James—29,56,62,88 Cunningham, Kathleen—21,44,51,88 Curtiss, Robert—77 Cutting, Harry—88 Cutting, Kathryn—106 Czajkowski, Mary Ann—57,77 Czarnik, Michael—29,43,106 Czarnotta, Karen—44,58,77 Czech, Philip-47,77 D'Alessandro, Donald—28,88 Daley, Chris—31,56,62,88 Dalton, Kimberly—47,50,57,54,88 Daly, William—56,62,88 Dana, Mrs. Carolyn —10,48 Danaher, Sandi Kay—21,88 Danaher, Sharie Lynn—44,48,77 Dansizer, Patrica—46,77 Darin, Patricia—31,106 Da Ronco, Michael—56,62,88 Daubresse, Debbie—77 Davies, Dana—78 Davies, Ronald—29,106 Davis, Donald—38,56,88 Dawson, Karen—78 Dayton, Cynthia —106 DEBATE-42 Debosz, Teresa—30 DeFroy, Barbara—43,46,54,88 Dellas, John—47,88 DeMarco, Claudia-46,48,54,57,58,88 DeMars, Janice—106 DeMarti, Carmen—78 DeMartin, Jerry—63,78 Demeter, Lorraine—78 Demeter, Mrs. Winifred—15 Demirjian, Elizabeth—88 Demirjian, Robert—29,106 Denier, David-78 Dennison, Kathleen—37,48,106 77 Dennison, Nancy—46,58,78 DePompolo, William— 56,106 DeSilvia, Edward—88 DeVitto, Kenneth—29,78 Destrampe, Darlene—88 Dever, Patricia—57,88 Dezmanian, Mary Jane—51,57,106 DiCesare, Tony—78 Dickelman, Joyce—51,57,106 DiClaudio, Sebastian—106 Digasbarro, Larry—88 Dihle, Sharon-38,57,107 DiMusto, Nancy—57,107 Dinnewith, Joan—78 Dipple, Melvin—107 Dipple, Nancy—78 Dodds, James—29,62,88 Dombek, Kathey—54,57,88 Dominczyk, Linda—21,50,88 Donaldson, Cindy—43,54,88 Donaldson, Marcy—78 Donaldson, William—88 Donati, Rory —107 Donigian, Mrs. Constance —11 Donigian, Mr. George—8 Donofrio, Richarda—47,107 Doran, Patricia—78 Dovelle, Sherry—107 Dowling, Kenneth—31,41,88 Downey, Linda—21,48,50,51,107 Doyle, James—28,63,69,78 DRAMA CLUB-43 Drapeau, Phillip—78 Draper, Robert—78 Dreffs, Dianne—78 Dreffs, Donald—107 Dreffs, Rita-78 Drouillard, Elmer —107 Drugalis, Valerie—78 Dubuc, Cheryl—107 Duda, Janet—31,36,46,48,57,107 Duey, Linda—107 Dumas, Carolyn—78 Dumback, Kathleen—58,78 Duncan, William—78 Duncanson, Raymond—107 Dunchensen, Christine—21 Dunn, Rick—31 Dunn, Ray—78 Dunzilla, Kim—107 Dupuy, Charlene—46,58,78 Durfee, Mr. LeRoy— 8 Durfey, Mary Jo—21,107 Dusik, Gerald —107 Dyas, Mr. George—8 Dyer, Mr. Eugene—11,30,78 Eakin, Lauretta Jane—36,37,38,43,108 Early, Robert—88 Ebel, Gerald-88 Ebeling, Vicki-31,36,38,46,50,57,58,74 Eckmeter, Janine—37,44,46,48,108 Edwards, Bruce—78 Edwards, Earl—78 Edwards, Victoria —108 Egan, Candy-30,43,53,54,57,88 Eggelston, Mary Ann—31,108 Ellah, Sharon-44,78 Elliott, Christine—46,78 Elliott, Kathy-28,48,50,78 Elhart, Mr. William—8 Elster, Gregory—42,78 Ely, Daniel—29,53,88 ENGLISH DEPARTMENT-18 Enix, Lloyd—63,78 Ernest, Deborah—58,78 Erwin, Elizabeth—88 Eskie, Robert —108 Estes, Judy Kay—41,88 Evans, James—78 Fadool, Cindy-46,89 Falahee, Sandra—89 Falahee, Thomas—89 Fanto, James—63,69,78 Farkas, Marlene—51,57,108 Farkis, John-78 Farley, Charles-89 Farley, Cheryl—108 Fearncombe, John—108 Fearncombe, Robert—108 Fedea, Joseph —18 Ferency, Mrs. Bette—11,93 Fedo, Gregory—41,89 Fellows, Mr. Clifton—3 Fenoglio, Renay—51,108 Ferguson, Barbara—78 Ferguson, Celeste—78 Ferguson, David—78 Ferguson, Larry—62,89 Ferguson, Margaret—31,108 Fero, Becky—108 Ferrante, Linda—89 Fezzey, Linda—46,89 Fields, Cynthia—30,54,89 Fifer, Mr. Walter—3 Fik, Bruce-63,78 Fimmer, Mary Lou—89 FINE ARTS DEPARTMENT-28-32 Fischer, Gary—108 Fisher, Mrs. Nancy—11 Fishwick, Richard-78 Flaishans, Gertrude —15 Flotkoetter, Judith-37,43,44,48,53,109 Flyn, Katherine—45,47,78 Fodge, Sue-51,109,150 Fodo, John—89 Foley, Cathleen—78 Foley, Dorthy—89 FOOTBALL—62 -65 Ford, Nancy—28,50,78 Ford, Shirley—31,57,109 FOREIGN LANGUAGE DEPT.-19 Forintos, Darryl—89 Foss, John —109 Foster, Gary—52,109 161Fountain, Donald—89 Fournier, Gregory—47 Fox, Richard—78 Frabata, Rita—78 Franklin, Kathleen-47,48,50,53,57,89 Fraser, Cathy—89 Frasier, Richard—109 Frasier, Sherry—78 Frasier, Wayne—56,62,89 Freeman, Daniel—109 Fregonara, Vincent—89 Friske, Elaine—78 Frommert, Cheryl—58,78 Frommert, Ronald —109 Frosheiser, Mr. Edwin-11,78 Fuciarelli, Louis—89 Fudge, Paul—78 Furrier, Louis-78 FUTURE HOMEMAKERS OF AMERICA (FHA) —49 FUTURE NURSES CLUB-50 FUTURE TEACHERS ASSOCIATION-48 Gabbitas, Dawn—48,53,109 Gaffery, Robert—78 Gallagher, James—78 Gallinat, Cheryl—109 Galuska, Beverly—37,109 Ganos, Judith—50,58,89 Garavaglia, Jerry—29,89 Garland, Gloria—44,48,58,109 Gates, Mr. Allen—69 Gates, Kenneth—37,109 Gawlas, Fred—89 Gawrecki, Mr. Edward—15 Geloneck, Jacquelin —109 Genotli, Arleen—30,109 Genyk, Mrs. Rebecca—11,21,50 George, Don —110 GERMAN CLUB-45 Germek, Kathy—89 Germek, Virginia —110 Gibbons, Maureen—50,57,89 Gibson, Pete-29,35,47,78 Gibson, Robert—54 Gilbert, Mrs. Grace—14 Gilbert, Susan—30,76,78 Gildo, Larry—89 GIRLS ATHLETIC ASSOCIATION-58 GIRLS GLEE-30 Gleason, John—63,68,78 Glowacky, Linda—89 Glover, Patricia—31,110 Glus, Sharon-37,44,48,52,57,58,110 Goddard, Thomas— 78 Godlewski, Constance—51,110 Godsell, Richard—78 Golovich, John—89 Goltry, Esther—47,89 Goode 11, Benjamin—89 Gorajek, Marilyn—58,89 Gorski, Donald —110 Goulait, Marc—36,54,89 Grabowski, Terry—110 Grant, Richard—78 Green, John—89 Green, Richard—78 Green, Ronald-89 Greene, Preston—78 Greene, Ray—89 Greenman, Mrs. Edna—11,45,47 Greggs, Mr. Oliver—9 Gregory, Susan—110 Gretka, Tom—78 Griffen, Priscilla—110 Griffin, James —110 Groat, Melosie —110 Gronos, Thomas—89 Gronos, Tony—110 Grosh, Donna—89 Grosso, Henry—89 Grosso, John—35,110 Grundman, Donald—31,110 Guerriera, Leonard—78 Guess, Charles—56,89 Gumtou, Cynthia—57,89 Gunther, Roberta— 30,89 Guth, Candace—30,51,89 Gunthri, Paul—89 Guy, Rodney—28,63,78 Haag, Mr. George Haas, Brenda—78 Haberkern, Bruce—41,42,78 Haboian, Mr. John —11 Hackney, Dennis—29,78 Haddock, Barbara—44 Hagens, Merril—30,57,89 Haight, Richard —110 Halavan, Arlene—21,46,111 Hale, Robert-28,78 Hall, Frederick-28,78 Hall, Mr. John—9 Hamilton, Candace—89 Hamilton, Douglas—78 Hamilton, Jim—111 Hanik, Jim—89 Hanik, Tommy —111 Hannon, Richard—29,89 Harding, Joyce—57,58,78 Harding, Robert-56,111 Hargrave, Mrs. Maragret —14 Harper, Carol—30,78 Harper, Rebecca—31,89 Harris, Pamela—78 Harrison, Linda—111 Harter, Paulette—78 Hartman, John—89 Harvey, David—111 Harvey, James—78 Harvey, Pat—69 Hasler, Mike-111 Hassell, Linda-46,48,78 Hauser, Larry—28,89 Hawley, Michele—37,38,46,111 Hayes, Mike—78 Hayes, Patty Ann—69 Hegedus, Steve—90 Heggi, Bill-78 Heidrich, George—31,35,38,111 Heide, George—78 Helms, Mr. Alton—11 Hemenway, Ralph—78 Henderson, Richard—56,90 Hendrick, Perry-29,78 Hennel, Rob-63,78 Herbert, Mr. Desmond—3 Harrgard, Bob—90 Herriman, Dale-90 Hershberger, Mr. Richard-11 Hicks, Carolyn-48,57,111 Hill, Daniel-28,52,78 Hillen, William—111 Hind, Sharon —111 Hindle, Linda—78 Hobach, Georgiana—90 Hockle, Sue-31,98,111 Hodge, Barbara—35,38,43,111 Hodge, Linda—44,78 Hodges, John—90 Hodges, Kathleen—46,111 Holfeltz, Beverly—31,54,58,90 Holihan, Patricia-37,112 Hollatz, Jennifer —112 Hollowell, Marjorie-21,30,43,70 Holmes, Charles—90 Holmes, Mrs. Ruth —14 Holt, Marcia—78 Holzwarth, Robert—90 HOMEMARKING DEPT. -25 Homeszyn, Joanne—90 Honer, Maryann—43,46,48,112 Honeycutt, Raymond—78 Hoover, John—45,90 Hope, Barbara—78 Horback, Linda—45,78 Hornyak, Michiel—78 Horrigan, Mike—90 Horvath, Christine—112 Horvath, Florence—48,112 Horvath, Kip—35,56,68,112 Horvath, Mr. Otto—15 Hough, Jerome—90 House,Diane-30,31,35,38,50,54,57,58,74,90 House, Donna—51,112 Howard, Marcia—78 Howard, Philip—90 Howell, Guy—78 Howey, Keith—46 Howie, Ronald—31,56,68,112 Hrdlicka, Sandy—30 Hruska, Timothy—47,80 Huie, Roger—90 Hull, Lawrence —112 Hutchenreuther, Alan—53,112 Hutchinson, Cathleen—47,74,80 Hutchinson, Linda—48,58,80 Hutchinson, Richard—56,90 Hutnik, Nancy—41,112 Hutnik, Pat Marie—80 Hyke, Stuart-36,38,54,90 Ibbetson, Robbin—46,90 Ibey, John—90 Indre, Victor—54,90 INDUSTRIAL ARTS DEPT.-26-27 IMPRINT-38 Irwin, Sherry—112 Jablonski, Donald—90 Jablonski, Tom—54,90 James, Cynthia—80 James, Chris—31,54,90 James, Roy—112 Jameson, Jan—38,47,58 Janky, Christine—57,90 162Jannazzo, Ralph-31,53 Jannazzo, Mr. Ralph-15 Janson, Susan-112 Japko, Bernadette—113 Jauss, William-56,80 Jaynes, Christine-21,30,43,50,90 Jeffery, James-90 Jeffery, Nancy-46,48,90 Jehle, Kenneth-80 Jenkins, John-29,36,56,62,90 Jenkins, Norby-113 Johannes, Karen—46,48,90 Johns, Connie-51,113 Johns, Thomas-80 Johnson, Nancy-30,113 Jordan, Michael-29,90 Jordanek, Barbara-113 Josefowski, Dorthy-113 Josefowski, Lorraine—50,80 Joyce, Catherine —113 Jubb, Robert-53,56,113 Judnich, Maureen-80 JUNIORS-85 Juterbock, Anne Deborah-38,90 Kaczynski, Christine—113 Kairis, Elizabeth—15 Kaiser, Cheryl-31,53,90 Kalmar, Larry-90 Kaltz, Gordan—90 Kamasky, Barry—113 Kammer, Ed—80 Kaneko, Glen-36,54,56,62,68,90 Kannberg, Gregory—90 Kantzler, Linda-80 Kanyo, Barbara—113 Karschnick, Susan—90 Katakowski, James—80 Kazan, Barbara-113 Kearney, Mary-80 Kearney, Maureen—113 Keffer, Carolyn-42,48,57,113 Keller, Charles-56,113 Keller, Karen-44,80 Kelley, Margaret—37,38,41,114 Kennedy, Neal—114 Kent, Connie-43,44,48,114 Kent, Terry-90 Keramida8, David—90 Keramidas, Dennis—69,80 Kerns, Mrs. Patricia—11,88 Kersten, Pete-114 Keshishian, Mrs. Louis—14 Keys, Robert—31,37,114 Kilroy, Donald-90 Kilroy, Donna-21,57,58,90 Kilroy, Patricia—57,58,80 Kimbell, John—90 Kindred, Bruce —114 Kinney, Karen—114 Kinney, William—31,114 Kinsky, Janice—47,90 Kiraly, John-114 Kishigian, George-36,38,56,62,68, Klacza, Patricia—90 Klacza, Rose Mary—90 Klee, Mark—80 Klein, Jane-44,114 Klingler, Gary-46,68,90 Klingler, Mrs. Virginia-14 Kliza, Diane-114 Klopfer, Larry-114 Knight, Cheryl—80 Knight, Emily-114 Knippenburg, Mrs. Terry—11 Knowles, George—90 Knuth, Michael—63,80 Kocsis, Donna-30,46,48,57,76,80 Kocsiskc, Madeline—90 Kokoszka, Delphine-80 Kolar, Paula-30,46,48,57,76,80 Koiler, Dennis-80 Koos, Sandra-90 Koppitch, Linda-90 Korpi, Judith—46,80 Kosal, Robert -46,80 Kosidea, John—56,115 Kosawan, Patricia—57,115 Kossik, Joseph-11,63 Kotelly, Mrs. Viki-9,46 Kovach, Julie-48,115 Koval, Paul-29,35,36,37,56,98,115 Kowal, Gary— 29,80 Kowalchek, Gloria-90 Kowalczyk, Irene-90 Kowalczyk, Larry—80 Krawetz, Marie—80 Kraynak, Byran-29,46,80 Kraynak, Rita-31,57,58,74,115 Kress, Kenneth—69,80 Kribel, Ronald-90 Kroll, Janice—90 Krusac, Joel-63,80 Kruse, Andrea—80 Kubala, Lorraine—115 Kubala, Patricia—90 Kucharski, Kenneth—115 Kunkel, Diana-29,37,41,43,52,115 Kutscher, Emily—57,115 Kuttila, Mr. Richard—11 Kwasnieski, Cheryl—44,54,57,90 Kwasnieski, Paul—31,68,115 Kwiatkowski, Frances—80 Kwiatkowski, Michael—28,90 La Belle, Raymond —28,90 Lademan, Linda—58,80 Laehn, Gary—53,90 Lafferty, Marilyn—80 Lakatos, Larane-29,31,54,57,58,90 Lake, Mary-80 Lake, Richard—28,115 Lake, Ronald—28,115 Lally, William—80 Lambert, Diane—115 Landon, Daniel—63,80 Lange, Robert—56,115 Laphem, Glennis —116 La Plante, Yvonne—64,74,90 Larson, Miss, Betty Jane—51 Lasek, Marilyn—116 LATIN CLUB-47 Lavine, Mr. George—11 Launiere, Donald—116 Lavack, Richard —116 Lavictoire, Sharon —116 La Vigne, Michael—116 Lawrence, Sandra—57,116 Lazo, Joann-48,50,51,116 Lebeck, Nancy-116 LE CERCLE FRANCAIS-46 LE TRICOLORE-46 Lee, Robin Elizabeth-29,46,80 Lefa, Rhanda-51,90 Lemanski, Dennis-28,80 Leone, James-80 Leonhard, Lynda-116 Lesniowski, John-90 Lewis, Allen-90 LIBRARY—41 Lieber, Judith-80 Lindow, Charles—62,90 Linville, Leslie-116 Linville, Greg—90 Lesiecke, Edward-90 Lisk, Jo Ann-116 Little, Thomas-116 Liveoak, Brenda—90 Locher, Gregg—90 Lochner, Kenneth-90 Lockhart, Mr. David-12 Loehne, Linda—80 Lojewski, John-31,35,56,62,116 Lomason, Janet—12,21,50 Lorence, John—80 Lorence, Phyllis-31,117 Lorenz, Charles-117 Lorenz, Linda-80 Loria, John-80 Lorinez, Kathleen-28,31,44,117 Loughrey, Don—90 Loula, Robert-117 Lovelady, Lana-37,46,117 Lovera, Marilou-21,46,47,48,90 Lovera, Rose Marie—21,58,117 Ludtke, Mr. Willis-15 Ludwig, Elaine—80 Lukad, Stephen—63,80 Lutsey, James—80 Lynch, Altha—93 Lynch, Dorthy—117 Maas, Judy-46,57,58,93 MacArthur, Steven—117 Mack, Marjorie-31,38,57,117 Machlic, Mr. Frank—15 Mac Lead, William—117 Macomber, Constance—51,93 Maddock, Linda-47,58,81 Magalotti, Linda-93 Maheux, Carol Ann—41,117 Maheux, Florence—81 Maheux, Kathleen-117 Maier, Sharon—81 MAJORETTES-28 Makins, David—63,69,81 Malett, William—117 Malmsten, Kathleen—81 Maloney, Monica—93 Manard, Melanie—50 Mangiapani, John—93 Maniccia, James—93 Mann, Patricia—30,117 Manoogian, George—118 Mantula, Bob—63,81 Manzella, John—81 Manzon, Victor—118 163Marcas, Chris—93 Mardon, Lenore—28,58,81 Marian, Patricia—45,58,81 Marich, Sharon—118 Marr, Dennis—81 Marr, Gregg —118 Marshall, Mary Ann—57,93 Martel, Richard —118 Marten, Patricia—93 Martin, Barbara—81 Martin, Meredith Ann—31,118 Martin, Pamela —118 Martin, Robert—29,93 Martin, Rudy—28,29,56,118 Martineau, Hollace—52,81 Martinez, Sue—46,81 Martina, Larry—118 Marvin, Janet—81 Marvin, Paul—40,93 Massey, Craig—28,81 Mastantuona, Linda—30,118 MATH CLUB-53 MATH DEPARTMENT-24 Mathamel, Martin—81 Matsue, James —118 Matsui, Martin-93 Mattis, Larry—93 Mattivi, David—118 Maus, Judy—81 May, Rita-31,36,46,118 Mayer, Donald—36,37,46,118 Mazeika, Bruce—93 Mazglad, Leonard—28,119 McAfee, Donna—58,119 McAnally, Barbara—119 McCann, Mrs. Mary —12 McCann, Tim—81 McCaskey, Tom—29,119 McClain, Charles—81 McConeghy, Patrick—35,36,37,43,47 McCreery, Sharon—31,43,119 McCloud, Kenneth—81 McDougall, Norma—51,119 McFeaters, Kathleen—119 McHenry, Cathleen—132 McGraw, Dianne—46,57,58,93 Mcllroy, Sarah-21,46,54,58,86,93 Mclnerney, Jim—93 Mclnerney, Tom—119 McIntosh, Elaine—51 McIntyre, Patricia —119 McKay, John—93 McKay, Raymond —12,62,68 McKenna, Sharon-30,53,57,81 McKenzie, Donald—31,93 McKenzie, Robert—119 McKenzie, Ronald—81 McLand, Cheryl—81 McLand, Doris—51,119 McLaren, Patricia—30,50,54,93 McLean, Bonnie—21,51,119 McLellan, Robert—81 McQuade, Dan—81 McWilliams, Peter—41,81 Medlen, Bob-119 Medley, Michael—56,119 Medley, Royce—63,81 Medrano, Mr. Joseph—12,94 Medved, John—56,62,93 Meeker, James—29 Meekins, Kathy—44,81 Meidon, Darlene—12,41 Meixner, Timothy—81 Meller, Deanna —120 Meridith, Patricia-30,43,44,54,57,93 Merrell, Linda—21,44,93 Messer, Gordan—47,81 Metevier, Michael —120 Mettler, Mr. Anthony—8 Metzner, Darlene-36,41,44,57,120 Mihatsch, Mr. Norman —12,62 Miles, William-93,43 Milidonis, Madeline—30,46,81 Milidonis, Marianne—38,41,44,57,120 Milidonis, Mr. Michael-12,38 Miller, Sharon—50,93 Milliman, Shelia— 81 Millner, Fred-29,63,83 Millner, Joseph—63,81 Millner, Patricia—43,93 Milotz, Charlotte-21,46,53,54,58,93 Milton, Gary —120 Miner, Arthur—93 Misiewicz, Patricia—93 Mitchell, Mr. Donald—8,28 Mitek, Mr. Vincent—9 Mogor, Robert—29,81 Mohacsi, Barbara—81 Mohacsi, Lillian—15 Molner, Steve—93 Monroe, Daniel —120 Montavon, Roberta —120 Moon, Margie-31,43,46,48,54,57,93 Moore, Cathy—54,57,74,93 Moore, Dennis —120 Moore, Mary Kathleen—120 Morehead, James —120 Moretto, Chris—81 Mosden, Frances—93 Mosden, Sharon —120 Moskal, Gail-51,120 Mosley, Carla—30,120 Moushegian, Zachary-40,45,53,121 Mulroy, Michael—81 Murphy, Patricia—58,93 Murphy, Patrick—121 Murray, Karen-29,47,53,93 Murrell, William—93 Musa, Ellen—54,57,93 Musso, Lawrence—93 Muszynski, Leslie Ann—37,121 Myers, Linda—48,121 Mynatt, Mrs. Elotia—41 Nack, Linda—93 Nack, Sharon—121 Naczas, Patricia —121 Naczas, Priscilla—50,81 Nadrowski, Paulette—121 Nadrowski, Sharon —121 Nagy, Kathy-81 Nagy, Laua Kay-30,35,45,58,81 Nagy, Linda—44,121 Nagy, Michael—121 Nagy, Tim-63,81 NATIONAL HONOR SOCIETY-37 Neel, Eileen-46,81 Neifert, John—93 Neitzel, Dale—93 Nelson, Ronald—28,121 Nemeth, James—47,53,93 Nestor, Gary—81 Neuman, Heather —121 Neuman, Mrs. Leslie —12,93 Newland, Kathleen—93 Newman, Tom —121 Newsome, Donna—31,93 Nicholls, Richard—93 Nickels, Terry-68,93 Nickerson, Bruce—93 Nichols, June—58 Niemiec, Sharon—81 Niespial, Danny—93 Nixon, Harold —121 Noel, James—40,47 Noga, Gregory-81 Norbury, Patricia—31,121 Novak, Ernest—81 Nowak, Daniel —122 Nowicke, Robert—93 Nowitzke, Jeanne—21,31,57,122 Nowitzke, Jeffery—29,63 Nuffer, Roy—47,93 Oakes, Doris—46,93 Oakes, Larry—81 Oates, Carol Ann—44,81 Oatley, Jon—81 Oatley, Mr. Harold—8 Oberg, Charles—81 Ochala, Don-81 O'Connor, Gary—93 O'Driscoll, John—63,81 O'Donne 1, Kathleen —122 O'Droske, Charles—81 Ogen, John—29,62,93 Ogurek, Mr. Edward—12 Ojala, Kenneth—46,93 Oliva, JoAnn—81 Olson, Florence—15 ORGANIZATIONS-34 Orsick, Dorthy—93 Osborn, Judith—30,41,94 Osinski, Patricia-21,29,30,43,47,50,57 Osman, Michael—93 Ottinger, Evelyn—81 Overwater, Mel—81 Paape, Linda —112 Pachuta, Cheryl-54,57,93 Paffhausen, Fred —122 Paffhausen, Mary—83 Pagli, Edward—29 Paglia, Douglas—93 Pahl, Richard—29,112 Paisley, Karen —122 Palczynski, Sheryl—21,51,122 Palczynaki, Susan—21,30,51,93 Paling, Jim-56,62,68,93 Palizzi, Jerry—83 Palizzi, Larry—46,83 Panda, Jennifer—30,83 Panik, Helen-93 Panik, Irene —122 Panozzo, Judy—93 Papke, Sue-21,48,50,93 Para, Barbara—93 164Parise, Anthony—62,93 Parks, Shirley—50,54 Parr, Judith-41,50,54,93 Parsons, Bruce-29,83 Parsons, Jane—29,43,49,54,93 Passiak, Robert—56,62,122 Patera, Gregory—29,93 Patsales, George—83 Patton, James—31,122 Patz, Nancy—30 Pauli, Kathie —83 Pauli, Marie—21,83 Pauli, Wendell-63,83 Payter, Karen—83 Pear, Ronald —122 Pearson, Carol-31,51,122 Pearson, Linda—50,54,58,93 Pedenelli, David—83 Pell, Gary-53,93 Penman, Donna—122 Penney, Linda-31,36,43,45,123 Peidonik, Katherine—93 Perdonik, Mike-28,83 Perry, Janis —123 Perlaki, Karen—47,54,93 Pesta, Rosemary—123 Petoskey, Oscar Petrik, Paul—83 Phillips, Gary—56,93 PHYSICAL EDUCATION DEPT.-33 Piccioni, Arlene-38,47,48,53,57,94 Piche, Michael—94 Pinckes, Irene —123 Piziali, Darel—83 Place, James—44,52,123 Placek, Bill-63,83 Platteter, Diane-123 Plaunt, Bill-69,83 Plaunt, Norma—57,123 Plummer, Louis-41,123 Policelli, Ronald—83 Pollick, Philip-44,53,94 Polnicky, Donn— 94 Porter, Anthony-63,83 Porter, Donald—123 Powell, Jerry-123 Pratt, Janet-123 Pratt, Larry-123 Prendergast, Bob—29 Presley, Susan—94 Pretty, Douglas-29,35,76,83 Pretty, Mr. Donald Prevost, Gary—123 Prevost, Mary—83 Price, Susan—30,94 Prior, Ernest-83 Prior, Susan-98,123 Pritula, Paula-58 Protiva, Jerry—94 Provost, Keith-31,52,53,56,124 Puchala, Roman—54,94 Puttcomer, Judy—124 Quail, Jack —124 Quick, Bruce-35,36,38,46,53,56, 62,68,86,94 Raabe, Mr. Richard—12 Radecki, Michael-124 Radin, Mary—44,83 Rawther, Madelyn—94 Rafail, Mr. Daniel-12 Randall, David—83 Randall, Jim—29,36,56,94 Rariden, Janice—94 Rasizzi, Don—94 Rathbun, Charity—83 Rawson, Joseph—40,53,68,124 Ray, Robert—83 Reck, Miss Norma—12,44 Redder, Sandra—31,38,57,124 Reed, Ernest-94 Reeves, Jack—124 Reid, Neil-31,56,62,68,98,124 Reilly, Renne—94 Reilly, Timothy—56 Rein, Sherri—50,94 Rennie, Earl-31,56,62,94 Rennie, Jan-50,54,57,94 Reoeh, Lawrence—94 RESERVE BASKETBALL-69 RESERVE FOOTBALL-63 Rexer, Susan—83 Richards, Jan-124 Richardson, Sue-83 Ridge, Phillip-83 Rinna, Angelina—50.94 Rivard, Terrance—124 Rizzo, Mr. Melvin—12 Roberts, Patricia—94 Roberts, Robin—83 Roboson, Ron—94 Rodriguez, Marie-83 Rogers, Larry—35,36,37,40,42,47,124 Rohde, Cheri-94 Rohloff, Kenneth—83 Rolando, Nancy-47,48,57,58,94 Rompel, Carolyn—94 Roaksberry, Gerald-83 Rosa, Cecilia—124 Rosbury, Linda—94 Rosbury, Daniel—124 Rose, Ronald—83 Rose, William-125 Ross, Lynn-125 Ross, Waiter—125 Rothfuss, Susan-41,43,46,57,125 Rowland, Robert—40,125 Royce, Dennis—31,94 Royce, Sheryl-83 Rubis, Anette-125 Ruehle, James-36,37,42,125 Ruehle, Thomas—69,83 Ruetz, Richard—31,56,62,94 Runnais, Mr. Thomas-9 Rushlau, Dennis—28,94 Ruszczyk, Diane-48,63 Rutkowski, James—42,125 Ruzanski, Robert—125 Sabo, Janis-30,46,48,125 Sabo, Stephen-63,83,169 Salay, Michael-94 Sandor, Cynthia-21,50,24 Sandor, Timothy-53,125 Sanflippo, Lois-125 Sansone, James-47,63,83 Sassone, Sheila-94 Sarkisian, Edward—13 Scalici, Cynthia—50,94 Scerba, Raymond—125 Scheel, Robert—94 Scherbel, Brenda—50,83 Schiavulli, Frank—83 Schilke, Donna— 31,58,125 Schinker, Jacqueline—46,83 Schippling, Gary—94 Schleicher, Kathy—45,83 Schmidt, Lawrence—125 Schmidt, Patricia—94 Schmitz, Louise—83 Schoner, Barbara—45,83 Schonfeld, Ruth-51,57,126 Schratz, Bonnie—57,126 Schroeder, Michael—94 Schulte, William—94 Schutltz, Christopher—42,126 Schultz, Greg—46,83 Schwandt, Richard—94 Schwocho, Linda—94 Scodellaro, Gary-94 Scofield, Joyce-28,31,36,48,126 Scovill, Nancy—46,126 Scovill, Nicholas—94 Seabloom, Linda—29,47,50,54,94 Sears, Larry-46,126 Segroves, Mr. Jay W. Sequin, Robert-83 Sehacit, Mildred—15 Sekerak, Ronald—44,83 Selan, Charles—94 SENIORS—100 Seaman, Dennis—94 Serapiglea, Darell-44,56,126 Sermack, Cynthia—44,51,126 Serpetti, Phillip-83 Schakleford, Barry—63,83 Shade, Candice-44,48,58,94 Shankie, Robert-52,94 Shepherd, Douglas-56,62,126 Sherwood, Christine-41,126 Sherwood, Linda—41,50,94 Shuput, Miss Sylvia—13 Shomberger, Valerie—30,83 Shoop, Karen-83 Showalter, Janis-37,38,43,57,126 SCIENCE CLUB Siqmund, Charlotte-83 Sikora, Donald—53,68,95 Silsbe, David—126 Simko, Joyce—127 Simko, Tom-83 Simmons, Terry—95 Simpson, Bob—126 Simpson, Limda—48,58,83 Simpson, Maribeth-31,36,37,126 Sinilt, Herbert-62 Sippola, Robert-35,36,53,54,95 Siterlet, Gwendalvn-83 Slater, Graig—56,126 Slater, George—95 Slater, Sandy-44,127 Sledz, Ted-83 Sleath, Henry—95 Smart, Terry-127 Smart, Tyler-83 Smith, Donald E.—95 Smith, Donald J.—95Smith, Dorothy—84 Smith, Gail-29,50,57,95 Smith, James-29,37,56,127 Smith, Janice —127 Smith, Judy —127 Smith, Judy Ann—127 Smith, Karen—28, 48,95 Smith, Lawrence —13,95 Smith, Marilyn—44,50,83 Smith, Pamila—30,95 Smith, Patrick—28,95 Smith, Robert—127 Smith, Rosemary—37,127 Smith, Susan—83 Smith, Thomas—31,46,127 Smith, Valerie—83 Smith, Juanita—31,46,127 Smock, Terry—83 Smolak, Annette—21,48,57,95 Snodgrass, Kenneth—29,127 Sobaszek, Sherry—47,58,95 SOCIAL STUDIES DEPARTMENT-22 Sokol, Leslie-54,57 Soltesz, Lane—83 Somers, John—95 Sonagere, Carol—46,95 Sonagere, Joan—127 SOPHOMORES SPANISH CLUB Spena, Sharon-51,125 Splan, Dave—95 Sryniawski, Cynthia—38,95 Stacey, Jacquelyn—51,132 Stakoe, Mrs. Marjorie —13,46,83 Stallings, Mr. Harvey—9 Stanczyk, Robert—127 Stanis, Suzanne-21,38,54,57,58,92,95 Staszkiewicz, Ilona—127 Stechison, Linda—40,46,48,50,128 Steele, Brenda—95 Steffani, Gerald-29,63 Stevison, Shari—83 Stoddard, Bill-128 Stoklosa, JoAnn—30,46,95 Stona, Ronald —128 Stona, Gary—47,83 Stoughton, Darryl—83 Stover, Dennis —128 Stowe, Jackie—30,46,48,74,83 Strait, Marilyn—47,83 Stramake, Linda-35,48,74,83 Strunk, Jan—128 STUDENT COUNCIL Sturgill, James—83 Sturock, Mary—30,37,46,128 Stutter, DeAnn—83 Summers, Bruce—28,128 Suski, Marlene—43,51,128 Suter, Virginia—31,128 Svitkovich, JoAnn—28,95 Svitkovich, Louis—29,37,41,128 Swartzbaugh, Faye—31,46,57,58,95 Swider, Gerald-95 Swierzb, Patricia—95 Szakalos, Diane—95 Szemarki, Andrea—48,58,128 Szopo, Frank—83 Szopo, Mike—37,40,56,128 Szostek, Jim— 62,95 Szpyrka, Richard —128 Szucs, Glenn—83 Tabbert, Jerome—128 Tait, Arthur—83 Tait, Edward —128 Taki, Barbara—21 Tallon, Thomas—95 Tamas, Ann—95 Tamas, John —128 Tamoshunas, JoAnn—43,46,50,95 Tanner, Jon—46,83 Tarcia, Nick—95 Tarris, Barbara—83 Tarufelli, Sam-31,129 Taylor, Judy—83 Taylor, Kathleen-30,51,129 Taylor, Nancy—51,57,129 Taylor, Tim—83 Teeple, Ranee—84 Teichman, Dennis—63,84 Terry, Dave—21,63,84 Terry, Dennis—29,129 Terry, Mr. Lucille—9 Terry, Robert Tews, Richard —13 Thibodeau, Linda—51,129 Thibodeau, Patricia—51,129 Thill, Bruce-129 Thill, Cheryl-46,58,84 Thomas, David—56,95 Thomas, Gloria— 95 Thompson, Alan Thomas—56,62,129 Thompson, Barbara —129 Thompson, Stephanie—95 Thompson, Valerie—46,50,84 Throop, John—84 Tippens, Mrs. Geraldine —14 Tisot, Kathleen Tocco, Larry—129 Tolstyka, William—31,129 Tolzdorf, Thomas—95 Tomes, Robert —13 Topelian, Andrea—84 Torok, Cynthia—95 Toth, Larry—84 Tracy, Patrick —129 Tremonte, Gregory—47,54,95 Trenasty, Tom—31,129 Tringer, Dennis—69,84 Trionfi, Frank—53,62,86,92,95 Trythall, Dennis—129 Tubbs, Linda—36,84 Tucker, Jim—28,95 Tucker, Dave —129 Tucker, Rita—130 Tufer, Miss Marianne —13 Turis, Cathleen—47,48,50,57,95 Tye, Marilyn—29.47,95 Tyza, Walt—95 Uhring, Michael—96 Ulrich, Barbara—84 Ulrich, Robert-31,56,30 Umbarger, Tari—36,47,53,57,96 Vacca, Dennis—63,84 Valanty, Buton— 84 Valint, Marie-96 VanCooley, Mary Beth—30 VanSickel, James—96 VanSickel, Kathy—50,84 VanSickel, Linda Gwyn—38,43,54,57,96 VanWulfen, Elsie-43,47,48,57,96 Vanrady, David—96 Varga, Gail—21,84 Vargo, Frank—28,84 Varner, Dana—96 Varner, Darlene—84 VARSITY BASKETBALL-68 VARSITY CLUB VARSITY FOOTBALL Vartanian, Sandra—44,57,130 Vaughn, Holly—84 Veerk, Carolyn—132 Vieceli, Linda—84 Viglianti, Paul—84 Vigneaw, Roseanne-84 Villella, Lena—96 Villella, Santino Vincent, Richard—96 Voight, Bonnie—31,130 Waddel, Diane-96 Wagel, Patrick-96 Wagner, Barbara—130 Wagner, Betty—130 Wagner, James—84 Wagner, Pamela —130 Wagner, Susan—52,58,84 Wainio, David—96 Walker, Mr. Ronald —13,63 Walker, Theodore—96 Wallace, Richard—28,84 Wallschlager, Sandra-130 Walters, Sharyl—96 Wangen, Robert—41,84 Warden, Jeanne—46,130 Warden, John-29,47,69,84 Warren, Yvonne—29,54,96 WASHINGTON CLUB-54 Watkins, Ronald—29,96 Watson, Ronald—96 Watson, Vernan—84 Watt, Ruth-30,96 Weaver, Mr. Phillip—13 Webb, Janet-130 Weber, Diane—44,84 Weeber, Mrs. Helene—13,95 Weidenberger, Ernest—96 Wells, Dale—84 Wendel, Larry—96 Wensel, Linda—47 Wenzlaff, Gregory—96 Werner, David—56,62,69,96 Weshalek, Steve—56,96 Wessel, Katherine—47,50,96 Westfall, Mike-31,130 Westrick, Carole-35,36,38,44,53,54,57,58, 74,96 Wever, Linda—57,74,130 Weyand, Gerald—25,53,96 Whalin, Mr. Raymond —13 Whitcombe, Bruce—96 White, Gary-130 White, Gregory—96 White, Lynn-84 White, Tonia—41,51,130 166Whitney, Mr. John D. —13,84 Wicopolski, Rosemary—56,96 Widener, Terry—131 Wieckiewiez, Mr. Joseph—15 Wiesend, Dan—84 Wigginton, Richard—96 Wilcox, Virginia—131 Wiles, James—29,96 Wilkerson, Kenneth—131 Wilkes, Harold-29,131 Wilkinson, Barry—131 Wilkinson, Carol —131 Willett, Geneva—131 Williams, David—96 Williams, Kathleen —131 Williams, Kenneth—131 Williams, Pamela—52,84 Williams, Toni—131 Williams, Mrs. Zeda —14 Wills, David-63,84 Wilson, Barbara—21,31,131 Wilson, Dennis —131 Wilson, Donna—40,96 Wilson, Douglas—84 Wilson, Jeffery—131 Wilson, Laurie-28,38,41,131 Winkel, Dennis-36,42,45,52,53,131 Windel, Sandra-132 Winsten, Crystal —132 Winter, Cindy—54,57 Wirth, James—84 Wirth, Renee—84 Wise, Karen-36,38,44,50,54,57,58,96 Wisner, Pamela—46,48 Witberg, John—56,96 Woertink, Christine-21,30,38,47,96 Wojciechowski, John—96 Wolicki, Martin—96 Wozniak, Barbara-132 Wright, Gerald-84 Wright, Howell Wysoski, Mr. John—2 Yank, Glenn—96 Yankowski, Sandra—54,96 Yates, Larry—132 Yoakam, Suzette—57,96 Young, Douglas—96 Young, Robert Dennis —132 Yuhas, Mr. Frank—15 Zachorski, Steve—53,56,68,132 Zantop, Sandra-48,57,58,132 Zava, Denise—21,132 Zawisza, Walter—63,84 Zeh, Robert—31,84 Zeleji, Mallory Ann—96 Zimmer, Joann-132 Zimmerman, Carol —132 Zimmerman, Charles Zittleman, Mr. Donald —14,96 Zlonkevicz, Valerie—46,50,84 Zolkowski, William-29,36,35,62,96 Zolynsky, Laura—96 Zsenyuk, Mrs. Marianne —14 Zuker, Paul—96 Zuker, Mary-36,37,43,46,58,132 Zumberg, Morris— 31,132 Zuppa, Donna—96 .1 1 i ll il ii mi m il 167Acknowledgements With the close of this book, we would like to give special thanks to the many people who have made the whole issue possible. Thank you: Mr. Michael Milidonis, our advisor, chief consoler, general repairman of mistakes, slave driver, part-time photographer errand boy and whipping boy, who spent hours of his own free time suffering the numerous headaches of publishing a yearbook at Allen Park High School. Mr. John Whitney, literary advisor, who had to decipher not only the handwriting, but also the meaning of much of the copy. Mr. Harry Stuhldreher, the Edwards Brothers’ representative who suffered the pangs of outrageous fortune of zero hour meetings to answer our questions and to aid us in publishing a successful book. Mrs. Hodges, the secretary in the counseling office, to whom we owe our lives for the wonderful patience she had with us as we constantly begged her invaluable aid in our struggle with the Senior Section. Mrs. Kotelly, the authoress of the IMPRINT forward. Members of the faculty who co-operated with Mr. Milidonis and excused yearbook staff members from classes during the final deadline week. And while we are at it, we would like to thank ourselves: Co -editors -in -chief Judith Agatha Bailey Lyn Nada Armstrong Associate Editor Michele Hawley Art Editor-Bob Rowland Margaret Kelley Debbie Juterbock Chris Woertink Jan Jameson Literary Editor-Jane Eakin Janis Showalter Joan Sonagere George Kishigian Harry Ackley Bruce Quick Jill Basalyga Arlene Piccioni Carole Westrick Sue Stanis Lyn Thibedeau Sharon Miller Photography Editor-Gwyn Van Sickle Laurie Wilson Ken Williams Pat McClaren Dianna House Wendy Coil Karen Wise Business Manager-Barbara Hodge Advertising Editor-Sandra Redder Donna Aron Rick Heidrich Marge Mack Cindy Bay Cindy Syranowski Sue Yoakum Treasurer-Marianne Milidonis Last minute recruitments: Lana Love lady Cindy Sermack 168THIS IS CAROUSEL Snowflakes and daisies . . . orange and yellow . . . proms and postponements . . . February and March . . . flowers and for-mals . . . dads and money ... 7:30 and 3:00 . . . long gloves and laughter . . . restaurants and winebottles . . . music and midnight . . . juniors and juniors and juniors . . . This was Carousel 170Juniors Present THE MIRACLE WORKER Arlene Piccioni..............Annie Sullivan Peggy Bryan................. Helen Keller Sue Palczynski................Kate Keller Bill Miles...................James Keller John Wojciechowski.........Captain Keller Sue Johnston......................Aunt Ev Gwyn Van Sickel.......................Viney Pam Wisner..........................Petunia Carolyn Ashe.........................Martha Bill Zolkowski. . . Doctor and Mr. Anagnos 171ALLEGRO CLUB Row one: Paul Koval, James Smith, Walter Burlage, Richard Paul, Ray LaBelle, Harold Wilkes, Louis Svitkovitch, Leslie Bruner, Laurie Wilson. Row two: Mr. Michell, Jim Tucker, Louis Blatnik, Ron Lake, Bill Zol-kowski, Ken Snodgrass, Gerald Weyand, James Meeker, Rudy Martin, Gary Laehn, John Constantakis. An additional talent for recognizing the phases of playing an instrument and expressing a different type of musical interpretation is possessed by the members of the Allegro Club. This year the group, under the direction of Mr. Donald Mitchell, displayed its excellence and ability as its music established the tempo for the Senior Talent Show and the vocal music department’s presentation of South Pacific. Student interest in one of the most foreign languages today is displayed by the members of the newly formed Russian Club. Since Russian is not offered as a language class, there are no restrictions for membership. Through reading and study of this different and fascinating language, the members obtain a realistic view of modern day Russia and background knowledge of its language. NEW CLUB BEGINS ACTIVITIES 172OUTSTANDING STUDENTS HONORED The purpose of an education is building a person not only intellectually and morally but in character worthy of trust and responsibility. A sense of dedication toward the school and one’s self brought honor to those students so deserving it at the Senior Honors Assembly and the Honor Society Induction. 173TOP SCHOLARS ANNOUNCED The main thing that a school prides itself after is the academic accomplishments of its students. Among those who have earned the respect and honor of APHS is Diana Kunkel. She has also earned the title of valedictorian with an average of 4.500. School service is equally important as scholastic achievement and Diana has demonstrated her interest in such areas as band, dramatics, Latin club, and library work. The description “all work and no play” is a far cry from salutatorian Patrick McConeghy. Pat maintained a grade average of 4.380 and still managed to be active in the social and political aspects of Allen Park High School. Pat served his class as President through his Junior year and then was elected Student Council President. He got the acting bug and became a member in the casts of both the Junior and Senior Class Plays. Pat was also active in sports where he served as co-captain on the track team. Ranking third in the class of 1965, Don Mayer was outstanding in both academic and non-academic areas. He was active in Allen Club and served as Vice-Pres. and President consecutively of Le Cercle Francais in his Junior and Senior years. Being elected Class President, representative to Wolverine Boy’s State, and a member of the Honor Society filled his Junior year. Activities in his Senior year included a part in the Senior Class play. Don plans to further his education at the University of Michigan. 174AWARDS GIVEN FOR EXCELLENCE Nancy Broderick THESPIAN AWARD Joyce Scofield FULLER MEMORIAL 175Golden Memories of a SILVER SERANADE The winds of time have blown the excitement and work of four years of high school life into the past. In the last moments comes the memorable finale, the Senior Prom. The months of planning and waiting proved their worth as the girls in elegant gowns with their dates captured the magic of a Silver Serenade. The beauty of Lovett Hall lent its traditional charm to the evening and the tiny stuffed toy favors left each girl with another wonderful reminder to add to her memories. All too soon the last note of music ended and with it ended a phase of life, our high school experiences. 176MOCK ELECTIONS Best all-around boy........................PatMcConeghy Best all-around girl............................Sue Cady Most Handsome boy......................Robert Demirjian Prettiest girl..................................Sue Cady Most popular boy....................................Paul Koval Most popular girl...............................Sue Cady Best boy dancer.........................Dennis Brady Best girl dancer........................ Lana Lovelady Most talented boy....................... Laurie Wilson Most talented girl................................Janice Smith Most friendly boy........................Pat McConeghy Most friendly girl..........................Donna Aron Best dressed boy............................Pat Murphy Best dressed girl......................Mary Ellen Bogart Most helpful boy.........................Pat McConeghy Most helpful girl....................................Sue Hockle Most studious boy..........................Larry Rogers Most studious girl.................................Diana Kunkel Shows best sportsmanship (boy).......................Ron Howie Shows best sportsmanship (girl).................Sue Cady Boy having the best disposition.............Neil Reid Girl having the best disposition............Sue Prior Boy most likely to succeed...............Pat McConeghy Girl most likely to succeed................Diana Kunkel Class clown (boy)......................Morris Zumberg Class clown (girl).................................Linda Mastantuono Class couple...............Lynn Armstrong and Neil Reid 177AVQ xnoav NHflX and SENIOR CLOSED DANCE Is it possible for a student to send a teacher to see the principal? Anything was possible at APHS on Student Teacher Turn About Day as students took over hysterical classes. Ambitious Paul Koval and Jim Smith kept things running in the front office, while headache pills and nervous stomachs climaxed the day for the would be teachers. One of the few privileges Seniors have is the closed dance. Members of the class plain the affair to provide an evening of enjoyment where the cream of the crop can socialize without the company of underclassmen. Seniors treasure this dance as one of the few times when the class could participate as a whole.Doug Shepherd—Shep was the key to our running offense this year; as he blocked, so ran the team. John Jenkins—Thank you Ohio for our new co-captain. We will use him well. ALL-AREA Jim Paling—This boy has been a standout on offense and defense for two years and we expect next year to be his best in both as co-captain. John Medved—A tough boy as junior and the experience will make him even rougher as a senior. 180John Lojewski—John could run, fake, pass, and think—I could not ask for more from a quarterback. Ron Howie—He is the best backcourt player. I have had the opportunity to coach, and he was the first All-State basketball player Allen Park has had. Bruce Quick filled a big gap in our line as center this year and did a fine job of it. It has been a pleasure coaching a boy like Neil for three years and observing and profiting from the variety of his concentration and Gary Phillips—He was an All-Area and All-Sub Six forward and second leading scorer. We hope he can do as well as next year. participation to the team. (We regret to say that Neil’s picture was lost in the shuffle and was not available for publication.)Row 1. Mike Medely, Mike Szopo. A1 Hutchenreuther, Rudy Martin, (co-capt) Pat McConeghy, James Cameron. Row 2. Coach Boiler, Greg Fedo, Lane Soltesz, Larry Hauser, BillJauss, Don Perrish, John Kimball, Jerry Ebel. Row 3. Ron Pollicelli, Wally Swisha, Bill Palacek, Dave Werner, Dan Ely, Steve Lucas, Jerry Weyand. TRACK RUNS ON The varsity track team of 1965 was a great success. In fact, it was the second best in the history of Allen Park High School. This year’s record was very good with a total of five wins and six losses. Obtaining this goal was a hard and tedious job. The hurdling and shot putting respectively of co-captains Pat McConeghy and Rudy Martin, and the distance running efforts made by Alan Hutchenreuther helped to make the task easier. Although Coach Kurt Boiler is losing eight trackmen, he still has thirteen returning letter men and high hopes for next year.Following a dim past, the future can only look brighter for Coach Hershberger’s Harriers. Victory can often be hindered by a lack of participants. The team found itself with only seven members, and yet was led to a record of three wins and two losses. Row 1. Mike Corradi, Tom Smith, Greg Schultz, Greg Elster, Jerry Lorence. Row 2. John Chippella, Byron Kraynak, Ronnie Nelson, Ken Snodgrass, Jim Smith, Glen Szucs. Row 3. Greg Bozanich, E. North Coleman, Larry Sears, Dennis Vacca. CROSS COUNTRY AND TENNIS Row 1. Craig Slater, Ted Sledz, John Witberg, Larry Hauser. Row 2. Coach Hershberger, Bill Jauss, Jim Beebe, Mike Szopo. 183Row 1. Bill Rose, Gary Coogan, Steve Wesha-lek, Sam Villella, Larry Ferguson, John Mangiapane, Bob Ulrich, GlenKaneko. Row 2. Ken Atwood, Coach Tomes, Darrel Serapiglia, Jim Paling, Neil Reid, Tom Mis, Larry Switzer, Tim Begley, Dave Makons. Row 3. Gary Kowal, Steve Sabo, Ken Williams, Bob Eskie, Len Mazglad, Jim Jeffry, MikePiche. Good-sportsmanship characterized this year’s varsity baseball team. Spirits ran high, and the boys always gave their opponents a good fight. In spite of the team’ spoor showing of only three wins and twelve losses, the seniors turned out in fine performances. Because these boys did outstanding jobs in their various vital field positions as well as in the batting box, their talents will be hard to replace. Returning lettermen and new players from the junior varsity hope to fill this gap. Row 1. Frank Szopo, Royce Medely, Jim Bendict, Wendall Pauli, Vern Watson, Tyler Smart, Dennis Kerimidas. Row 2. Tom Rheule, Bill Clements, Joe Fedea, Barry Schakleford, Tony Porter, Larry Oakes, Gary Carl, Coach Haboian. Row 3. Dave Tringer, Tim Nagy, Paul Vigilanti, Bill Duncan, Mike Horyak, Mark Beyer. m V •» s • • . i - • •• j ■ ' . . r . •• • vi ic »i-. : •' : -?tV • % « %• Jw'-vJ - i ■C- • ' • V. •: • . . ■ ■s' V' • A‘ ’ra » J .r ‘ 1 .« ' .• ,t.x ? V jf

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