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ALLEN PARK HIGH SCHOOL, ALLEN PARK, MICHIGAN 1964 IMPRINTAction is present in every phase of Allen Park High School life. Whether on the field or in the classroom, students as well as faculty members move in harmony and conflict Here there are the athletes epitomized in a single leap toward victory. Here there are the crowded halls, the classrooms where the mind travels through the realms of science or to the batdefields of the First World War. The days pass into weeks — into months. Amid die events of proms and plays, the action funnels into June and graduation. We who are students and teachers leave; some for a span of time, some for Just the summer. Our actions in deeds, words and thoughts exist In a collection of memories.Allen Park High School life is one of action...and perspective1964 Contents ACADEMICS..................8 ORGANIZATIONS.............36 SPORTS....................68 FEATURES..................90 UNDERCLASSMEN............104 ACTION SENIORS..................128 SENIOR PATRONS...........168 ADVERTISEMENTS...........169Conducting the operation of Allen Park High School is indeed a monumental task. The Board of Education, the Superintendent, the Assistant Superintendent, the Principal and the Assistant Principal, daily make decisions which effect and enhance the education of Allen Park students — students who, in the near future, will take their place in society as citizens and leaders. The administrative staff faces a never-ending challenge as it strives to prepare Allen Park students to meet the complexities of our scientific age. Mr. William C. Harris, superintendent of schools, has the degrees of A.B., Eastern Michigan University; M.Ed., Wayne State University. Mr. Desmond T. Herbert President Mr. C. James Armstrong Vice-President Mr. John J. Rourke Treasurer Mr. Clifton W. Fellows Secretary Mr. R. Don Pretty Trustee Mr. Jay W. Seagroves Trustee Mrs. Mariano Zaenyuk Trustee 10Mr. Fred Bailey, business manager, has the degrees of B.S., Eastern Michigan University; MA. University of Michigan. Mr. John Wysosld, assistant superintendent, has the degrees of A.B.. Northern University; MA., University of Michigan. ADMINISTRATORS STRIVE FOR EXCELLENCE 11Mr. Harold Oatley, principal, has the degrees of B.A., Central Michigan University; NLA., University of Michigan. Mr. Vincent A. Mitek, assistant principal, has the degrees of A.B., St. Fran ds College; NLA., University of Pittsburgh. MAIN OFFICE IS FOCAL POINT OF SCHOOL ACTIVITY Following old traditions and new policies, the principal and assistant principal devote much of their time to the administration of school affairs and to the promotion of scholastic advancement. The main office is the scene of rushed but surprisingly efficient work. The many chores connected with the main office include keeping the teachers informed of new school policies, the latest data on report cards and assembly procedures, sending bulletins and operating the public address system. Additional duties of preparation of class rank standings and financial transactions are rigid in requiring perfection. The main office secretaries, Mrs. Kllngler and Mrs. Gilbert, are faced with a busy schedule while the equally busy Mrs. Hodges, secretary In the counseling office, has stepped downstairs lo confer with them. 12MR ANTHONY METTLER Counseling B.S., M A Central Michigan University Michigan State University Department Chairman MR. WAYNE ATKINS Counseling Left in January to accept a professorship at Wisconsin State College at Eau Claire MR. JOHN HABOIAN Counseling Typing B.S..M.A. Eastern Michigan University Student Council Advisor Freshman Swimming Coach Reserve Basketball Coach MRS. TERRY KNIPPENBURC Counseling Sophomore English B.A., M.A. University of Maryland University of Michigan Senior Honor Society GUIDANCE AIDS STUDENTS VOCATIONAL GOALS All is quiet during the big challenge. MR. WAYNE MILLER Miss Kruggd, confers with Sue Yoakum about plans for the future. Counseling Audio-Visual Aids B.A..M.A. Goshen College University of Michigan MISS MARIANNE TUFER Counseling Business Mathematics A.B., M.A. University of Michigan Eastern Michigan University’ Future Nurses Club 13MR. JOHN HALL Senior English B.A University of Michigan Department Chairman MR. LAWRENCE ALLEN Sophomore English Senior Advanced Placement English A.A., B.A., M.A., M.Ed. Wayne State University MR. LARRY BAUMAN Senior English Senior Unified Studies B.S. Eastern Michigan University MR. LAWRENCE BOES Junior English Sophomore Unified Studies B.S. Eastern Michigan llniversity LITERATURE OPENS THE MR. HOMER HOGLE Junior English Sophomore English B.A. Eastern Michigan University Wrestling Coach MRS. ANITA ROBINSON Senior English B A.. M.A. Bob Jones University Wayne State University 14MR. ALAN BULLION Senior English Junior English B.S Eastern Michigan University Chess Club MRS. CAROLYN DANA Sophomore English B.S. Central Michigan University DOOR TO NEW WORLDS Literature is like a magic carpet that transports a person from the world of today to the world of yesterday or of the future. At A.P.H.S. the English program can take one around the world through the study of American, English and World Literature. The different works and authors that a student studies can broaden his thinking. Students not only study the work of great authors but become accustomed to various methods of self expression which in turn can be employed by the student. English 13 is advanced placement Senior English which is equivalent to college freshman English. Here the students are shown hard at work. MRS. GERALDINE COX Journalism Junior English B.S. General Beadle State Teachers' College University of Iowa Press Club Jaguar Journal MR. ALTON HELMS Speech Drama AB Wayne State University Eastern Michigan University Dramatics Club Debate Ability to express oneself is important in any dramatics class. MR. PHILLIP WEAVER Special Education B.S. University of Michigan Eastern Michigan University MR JOHN WHITNEY Junior English Sophomore English B.A. University of Michigan Imprint 15MRS. VIKI KOTELLY French Ph.B.. M.A. Kyrtas Teachers' College DePaul University French Club Department Chairman MRS. EDNA GREENMAN Latin Junior English B.A..M.A. University of Michigan Latin Club Junior Classical League MISS NORMA RECK Spanish B.S., M.Ed. Pennsylvania State University Spanish Club MRS. MARJORIE STAKOE French B.A. Western Michigan University French Club LANGUAGES BUILD UNDERSTANDING OF CULTURES Student Turnabout Teacher Sandy Gyetvay assists Darrell Serapiglla with his Spanish while Dennis Balogh looks on. 16 Greetings In Spanish, French and Latin as well as English are heard in the halls and in the classrooms as students take advantage of the language courses offered at A.P.H.S. The first two years of language involve the study of basic grammar and other fundamentals. The third and fourth year students study some of the authors and literary works of the language they are studying. Aside from grammar and reading, students learn the customs and traditions of the people. Mrs. Koteliy's French students Don Mayer, Michele Havley, Kathy Dennison and Alen Hutchenreuther make use of the new language lab to help them in their study of French.LIBRARY PROVIDES PLACE FOR STUDY AND RESEARCH Jean Bachmann lakes advantage of the quiet atmosphere of the library for study. The A.P.H.S. Library plays an important role in the school life of students and faculty. The library's well equipped shelves supply numerous books periodicals, and pamphlets that offer information on almost any subject imaginable. The library is conveniently open to students before, during, and after school hours. Marianne Milidonis performs one of the many tasks of a library ant — shelving books. Row 1: Judi Rernabei. Chris Sherwood, Ricki Donofrio, Greg Fedo. Lois Plummer, Cindy Capellari. Jill Rasalyga. Row 2: Sherrie Cardinal!, Melodic Groat, Estelle Florian, Pam Dcmorow. Sue Rothfuss, Janet Johnson, Julie Kovach, Karen Buday. Row 3: Mrs. Mvnatt, Gloria Barland, Kathy Higgison, Bob Rowland, Judy Stepp. Pete Kcrsten, Pat McIntyre. Row 4: Charles Selan. Craig Slater, Ken Snodgrass. Joy Knuth. Sandy Slater, Gail Bechler, Pat Burgid, Mr. Allen. Not pictured: Ernie Reed. Ken Hutyra, Pat Roberts, Loretta Perritt, Bill Warden, Edward Pagll, Sue Cargill. MRS ELOTIA MYNATT Library B.S. Wavne State University 17MR. OLIVER GREGGS Government A.B., M.A. University of Michigan Eastern Michigan University Department Chairman MRS. LILLIAN BANTA World History United States History B.S. Iowa State University MR. EDWARD BELLAS World Problems Michigan History United States History B.S. Pennsylvania State Teachers' College Rifle Club Washington Club Senior Class Chairman Varsity Football Assistant Coach MISS GERTRUDE BROWN Biology World History B.A. Eastern Michigan University MR RICHARD RAABF. United States History Junior Unified Studies Bj .. M.A. Eastern Michigan University Tennis Coach SOCIAL STUDIES HEIGHTEN United States History is a required subject in ones Junior Year Students listen to Mr. Raabe as he explains one of the happenings that helped form our country. MR. EDWARD SARKISIAN Counseling Typing B.S , M.A. Eastern Michigan University MR. WILLIAM TYSON United States History B.A..M.A. Michigan State University Eastern Michigan University 18MISS RUTH BUSCHMANN Counseling Sociology Sophomore English B A., M.A David Lipscomb College George Peabody College University of Michigan Booster Club Cheerlcading MR. EDWIN FR0SHE1SER Economics Government United States History Physical Education B.S. University of Michigan MR. RICHARD HERSHBERGER Government B.S., M.A. Ohio State University University of Michigan Cross Country Coach Varsity Swimming Coach Barracuda Club Senior Co-ordinator INTEREST OF PAST AND PRESENT MRS. LESLIE NEUMAN Sociology Government United States History B.A. Wayne State University Reading, discussing, listening — these are a part of every social studies class. The department's goal is achieved through the study of the various subjects offered to the students. Through the study of World, Michigan, and U.S. History the students learn of past events and people that have set the pace for today’s world. Students in Government, Sociology, Economics, and World Problems study the issues of today to make them better citizens of tomorrow. 19MR. THOMAS RUNNALS Chemistry Advanced Chemistry B.S..M.S. University of Michigan Eastern Michigan University Department Chairman MRS. RUTH ANN BEANEY Biology B.A. Cedar Crest College Wayne State University 20 Jerome Tabbert performs an important aspect of any chemistry-class— accurate weighing. MR. EDWARD BARRICK Chemistry-Advanced Chemistry B.A., M.A. Eastern Michigan University Sophomore Class Chairman MR. WALTER BOLLER Biology B.S. Wayne State University Track Coach Assistant Swimming Coach The curiosity of students regarding the fundamentals of science is partially quenched through the thrill of discovery. Discoveries can be made everywhere, particularly in the science labs at A.P.H.S. Here students are offered biology, the fascinating study of life; chemistry, which involves the study of matter, its composition and changes; and physics, the study of sound, vibration, electricity, and other features of the material world. Mr. Lockhardi aids Tony Groso, Bob Doer, and Larry Dl Gasbarro wllh the set up of their radio.STUDENTS DELVE INTO THE MYSTERIES OF SCIENCE MR. GEORGE DONIGIAN Biology Physical Science B.S., M.A. Wayne Stale University Co-ordinator of Driver Education MR. DAVID LOCKHART Radio Physics B.A..M.A. Central Michigan University University of Michigan Science Club MR. DANIEL RAFAIL Chemistry B.S. Eastern Michigan University Science Club MR. RAYMOND WHALIN Biology Advanced Biology B.A. Central Michigan University Gymnastics Junior Class Chairman Physics provides a student with background in electricity, sound, and vibrations. Cat dissection is one of the more ’fun parts of Biology II. Here Joe Ely, Ron Schoner, Nancy Austin, Nancy Kunnas, and Mike Rammer joyfully dissect their specimen right before lunch.MATHMATICS HELPS DEVELOP LOGICAL MINDS MR. HARVEY STALLINGS Advanced Mathematics B.S., M.A. George Peabody College Jacksonville State College Department Chairman Math Club 22 MRS. JANE BROWN Algebra Geometry General Mathematics Business Mathematics B. Ed. Llniverslty of Toledo University of Michigan MR. RICHARD KUUTTIL Algebra Geometry Calculus B.S. Shop Mathematics University of Detroit Eastern Michigan University Wayne State University MISS MARY GRAVES Advanced Mathematics Advanced Algebra Business Mathematics B.S. Marygrove College MISS PATRICIA KERNS Algebra Geometry Business Mathematics B.S. Wayne State University Minds pondering, thinking, calculating until they develop an answer from the jumble of numbers — this is the study of mathematics. Through the study of numbers the student is helped to develop a mind that can think things through logically. College prep students have an opportunity to study algebra, geometry, and trigonometry. Students on a business curriculum study general math and business math. Algebra I introduces students to logical applications of math. Gary Coogan and Terry Nickels diligendy pursue a solution to the equation. MR. JOSEPH MEDRANO Geometry Shop Mathematics General Mathematics B.A. University of Michigan MISS NANCY SMITH Algebra Geometry General Mathematics B.A. Marygrove College University of Detroit Future Teachers' ClubMISS BETTY JANE LARSON Office Machines Office Practice B.S..M.S. Central Michigan University University of Michigan Department Chairman MRS. ESTELLE CARTWRIGHT Typing Shorthand B.A. Blue Mountain College Wayne State University MR JOSEPH KOSSIK Sales Bookkeeping Business Law B.S.. M.A. Eastern Michigan University Reserve Football Coach skTa MR GEORGE LAVINE Law Sales Typing General Business B.S. Eastern Michigan University BUSINESS STUDIES PROGRAM WAY TO BETTER FUTUR Throughout the day the clicking of typewriters and office machines can be heard as the Business Department prepares its students for a career in the world of business. The business curriculum includes both be- ginning and advanced courses in general business, typing, shorthand, and bookkeep-ing. Typing courses are also available to all students and provide numerous opportunities for application. MRS. HELENE WEEBER Typing Shorthand B.S. Western Michigan University Wayne State University Michigan State University Maijorie Flannigan helps prepare for a business career with practice on the business machines.MR. LEROY DURFEE Counseling Auto Mechanics B.S., M.A. Eastern Michigan University University of Michigan Department Chairman INDUSTRIAL ARTS Drafting and Auto Shop are two of the many classes offered at Allen Park as part of the Industrial Arts curriculum. Here Mr. Mihatsch assists Phil Nagy in completing a drawing as Ken Olshewski struggles to avoid asphyxiation while repairing this exhaust pipe. Humming saws, racing engines and lathes all mark the many activities that occur every day in the Industrial Arts Department The department's goal is to train young men in different mechanical skills. The industrial arts classes provide opportunity to learn drafting and to learn how to build and repair objects in the auto, wood and metal shops. MR. LAWRENCE SMITH Drafting B.S., M.S. Stout State College Allen Club MR. ROBERT SUMMERS Woodshop B.S. Eastern Michigan University Assistant Cross Country Coach MR. RONALD WALKER Metal Shop B.S. Stout State College Reserve Football Coach MR. DONALD .ITT LEM AN Auto Mechanics B.S.. M S. Stout State College 24MRS. LUCILLE TARRY Family Living Sophomore Unified Studies B.S., M.A. Wayne State University Future Homemakers of America Department Chairman MISS REBECCA JOHNSTON Home Economics B.S..M.S. Western State College Michigan State University MRS. CORAL TANNER Home Economics B.S. Michigan Slate University Future Homemakers of America Ed Tall Illustrates one of the many skills acquired in the Boys' Home Arts Course. Sewing machines, clacking pans, and rattling dishes — these are the sounds of the Homemaking Department that tell you exciting things are being accomplished. The Homemaking Department's goal is to train young women for their future role as homemakers. They achieve this goal through the study of cooking and foods, sewing, and methods of sewing. HOMEMAKING BUSTLES WITH 25 DIVERSIFIED ACTIVITYMR. EUGENE DYER Vocal Music B.S., B.M., M.A. Anderson College Eastern Michigan University University of Michigan MR. MICHAEL MIUD0N1S Art B.S..M.A. Cleveland School of Art Western Reserve University Eastern Michigan University MR. WILLIAM EHLHARDT Adult Education Child Accounting B.A.. M.A. University of Michigan Eastern Michigan University Dan Rosbury and Ron Watkins paint In water colors, one of the many fields of art covered In Art I. A! Cary looks on Intensely as Mr. Milidonts demonstrates block lettering. Heredity and environment mold a student into a very unique individual. And as each individual is subjected to life's many moods, deep impressions are made. Our fine arts department strives to stimulate the students and to produce their creative abilities through its music and art classes. The emphasis in the art classes is to stimulate the imagination of the individual; to teach him the principles of color, design and perspective and to bring them closer to self-satisfaction. The Music classes are designed to stress the importance of unity and cooperation. The vocal students learn harmony, self expression, and rhythm, memorization of ones part is also essential. Band students are taught synchronization and timing. With these objectives, talented minds and creative fingers—students find the perfect atmosphere to practice their creativity. Pottery making is another form of creativity studied in Art I. Dan Rosbury Is elbow deep in his creation.EXPERIENCE AND TALENT ARE RECOGNIZED BY ALL The ambitious participation of the boys at Allen Park High is the key to success for our Boys' Glee. Along with their ability and hard work the boys attain vocal excellence. Practicing under the direction of Mr. Eugene Dyer, the boys have gained a more thorough knowledge of diction, breath support and tone blending in their singing. Their hard work is always gratified by the applause at the Christmas and spring concerts and by their high rating at the District Choral Festival. Mr. Mitchdl, band director, is caught playing his saxophone with the band. How 1: Joe ()ddo, Ed Pagli, BillConnock, M a nine Wallace (Pianist), Mr. Dyer, Nick Butsicaris, Den Egan, Gary Coogan, Martin Balle. Row 2: Guido Campagna, An Haddock, Ron Yokley, John Ogen, Chris James, Tom Frisbee, James Dodds, Mike Jordan, Bob Ulrich, Denny Royce. Row 3: Dale Hogan!, John McKay, Ricky Dunn, Richard Merritt, Jim Walt, Dale Stone, Mike Westfall, John Fodo, Michael Czarnik, Bill Car- rasco. Row 4: Bob Dodge, Joe Bove, Mike Spada, Dan Hvlander, Neil Reid, Bill Bratten, Jeff Armstrong, Butch Dunn. Ron Davies, Sam Taru-fdll. Row 5: Dan Anderson, Chuck Katona, Richard Bodnar, Joe Alulia, Morey Tanner, A1 Rogozin ski, Doug Shepard, John Lojewski, Dick Rwetz, Don Akerley. Not pictured: Ron Watkins. Bob Medlen, Don Yokley, Jim Scofidd, Gene Georges.STUDENTS PERFORM WITH Hard work as well as ability has once again led Girls' Glee to attain vocal excellence. Under Mr. Eugene Dyer's direction, girls' Glee has perfected their diction and tone control in singing. Their efforts were widely acknowledged by the warm reception given to them at the annual Christmas and spring concerts; and by their high rating at the District Choral Festival. Under the direction of Mr. Eugene Dyer. Robed Choir gave a of ’He's Got the Whole World in His Hands’ feat Stanavk. beautiful rendition wring a solo by Bobby How 1: Cathy McCrecry, Peggy Ferguson, Renay Fenoglio, Peggy Elhd, Beverly Holfdtz, Sharon Barnes. Nancy Nelson, Eileen Aloe, Loretta Perrin. Beckic Harper. Row 2: Donna Schilke, Nancy Johnson, Dawn Roberts, Kathy Jaynes, Marlene Nehlsen, Janet Duda, Pat Norbury, Roberta Gunther, Betty Borrows, Donna House. Row 3: Barbara Copley, Cheryl Kaiser, Claudia Boris, Margie Ehnls, Cheryl Allen, Donna Bush, JoAnn Stoklosa, Arlccn Genotti, Bobbie Roman, Maribeth Simpson. Row 4: Carol Pearson, Juanita Smock. Faye Swartzbaugh. Janet Coolman, Donna Drouiilard, Sandy Wilson, Janis Briand, Virginia Cermck, Larane Lakatos, Linda Penney 28GREAT ABILITY Santa Claus (Gordie Barddl) visits the Allen Park Christmas concert and is received by anxious children with sugarplum filled heads (Laurie Goulait, Dawn Roberts, Ellen Masters). Row 1: Rita May, Sharon Nadrowski, Marty Bailey, Frances Soltcs, Nancy Majeskie, Geri Fuzy, Gloria Bradford, Cathy Bram, Margie Moon, Connie Schilke. Row 2: Kathy Taylor, Patti Glover, Sandra Ernewein, Ellen Master, Phyllis Ixjrence, Iana Traub, Ginny Suter, Bonnie Treglown, Vicki Edwards, Vicki Ebeling. Row 3: Sandy Wimberly, Linda Paapc. Connie Skdton. Linda Egger, Lynne Hagan, Suejanson, Pat Frye, Margie Mack. Peggy Adams, Barb Wilson. Mr. Dyer. Row 4: Patti Pomeroy, Darlene Mctzner. Cheriy Hunting, Beverly Stcdc, Jackie Bernth. Kathy Lorintz. Dale Exnowski, Gayle Parks, Sandie Cary. Jeanne Nowitzke, Bonnie Voight. Not pictured: Brenda Wdls, MarvAnn Eggleston. Laurie Goulait, Sharon Spcna 29How 1: Shirley Ford, Connie Chancellor, Sandy Redder, Dorothy Morris, Suzanne Miller, Kathy Jablonski, Ann DeCarli, Pat Darin. Row 2: Nancy Benham, Barb Wazniak, Lynne Parsons, Dale Hogard, Morris Zumberg, Ralph Jannazzo, Joyce Scofield, Meredith Martin, Betty Crisp. Row 3: Eugene Dyer (Director), Ken Dowling, Bob Keys, Eddie Frazer, Erv Ban- Choir Officers: Edd Puskas (Vice-President), Erv Bantis(President), Ann Decarli (Historian), seated — Nena Hendricks (Secretary). Jan Brown (Treasurer) not pictured. Us, Don Grundman, Jeff Armstrong, Tom Trenasty. Row 4: Mike Robinson, Joe Valint, Gordon Bardell, Charles Gates, Paul Kwasnewski, Mickey Kro-pog, Earl Rente, Gary Mkalacean, Jim Sturock. Not pictured: Jim Patton, Bill Tolstyka Robed Choir once again basked under the warm rays of being a superior choir among the downriver schools. Choir has been given many opportunities to perform for school and community affairs. Besides playing an important role in the Christmas concert; Choir planned and performed in the spring concert which featured the production of "West Side Story." Also on the list of activities were the participation in the huge tree lighting ceremonies at the Ford Building, a concert with the Allen Park Symphony Orchestra, programs for both the North and South Jr. Highs, and the District Choral Festival where their excellence was asserted. A guest appearance via tape on radio station WLIN on Christmas Eve, and the recording of three major albums which included the Christmas concert, the Allen Park Choir-Symphony Concert, and the spring concert all helped in maintaining the reputation of the great APHS robed choir. 30How 1: Carol Nemeth, Clody Clements. Marcia Uren, Janet Brown, Barb Blackmon (Accompanist), Ginger Hansen. Cindy Jones, Brenda Sicvcrs, Dorothy Doan. Row 2: Rita Kraynak, Marlbeth Kolar, Janet Johnson. Marcinc Wallace, Sue Hockle, Carol Bruening, Gerry Harper, Peggy Randall, Donna Newsome. Row 3: Bob Stanczyk, Peggy VanCooley, Donna Bolton, Janine Eckmetcr, Donna Dytyniak, Rita Perritt, Charlene DeAngelis, Nena Hendrick, Margaret Gleason, Jim Patton. Row 4: Doug Chcvlllet, Ron Howie, Ed Puskas, Chris Daley. William Kinney. Rick Held rich, Tom Smith, Mike M dido nis, Jim Leinbach. STUDENTS DISPLAY STIMULATING VARIETY OF TALENTS Jan Brown, Nena Hendrick, Rita Perritt, Joe Vallnt. 31APHS DISPLAYED EXCELLENCE Row 1: Gert Fuzy, Donna Dytyniak, Kathlene Blascak. Rudy Martin, Virginia Ryder. Karen Smith, Joyce Scofieid. Row 2: Mr. Mitchell, Gall Neu-bauer, Yvonne Warren, Joanne Burlage, Larane Lakatos, Jane Parsons. Marese Ames. Esther Goltry, Carolyn Ashe, Jane Bder, Linda Seabloom, Wendy Coil. Teen a Harris, Gall Smith, Marilyn Tye, Jan Rariden. Row S: Larry Hauser. JoAnn Stitkovich, Jim Tucker. Jim Meeker, Bob Scheel, Pat Osinski, Mary Allen. Ron Nelson. John Constantakis, Dennis Ruahlau, Bruce Summers, Gaty Turner. Gerald Wcvand, Casper Bvone, Alan Bakos, Fred Cook. Row 4: Ron Lake. Mike kwiatkowski, Don D'alessandro, Jerry Garavaglia, Rick Lake, Laurie Wilson, Greg Patera. Rich Hannon, Bob Sippola, Walt Burlage, Diana Kinkel, Kathy Lorintz, John Brady, Lcnorc Mardon. Paul Koval, Mike Milidonis. Row 4: Dennis May, Fred Hall, Rob Ix ula, Leonard Mazglad, Gregg Marr, Dan Ely. Ken Snodgrass, Jim Smith. Ndl Reid, Louie Svitkovich, Richard Phal, Dan Monral, Gary I.aehn. Patrick Smith, Louis Blatnik, Tim Sandor As a chief booster of school spirit, A.P. H.S. band has attained importance and prestige. Their music set the pace for football games, the Homecoming parade and entertaining half-time performance. The A.P. band's Allegro Club, also under Mr. Donald Mitchell's supervision spent a busy year. Their music set the stage for the Senior Talent Show. The ensemble spends much of it's time preparing for it's Christmas and spring concerts. The fine reputation the band has established has rated them a part annually at the Music Hall’s premiere of Cinerama, this year of "It's a Mad, Mad, Mad World." 32AND ABILITY Drum major Rudy Martin leads the Allen Park band in a rousing rendition of "Hey Look Me Over' as they lead the Homecoming parade. MR. DONALD MITCHELL M usic Theory Instrumental Musk: B.S., M.Ed. Wayne Stale University Allegro Club Music Co-ordinator Row 1; Cerald Wevand, John Costantaris, Walt Rurlage, Jim Tucker, Cary Turner, Tom Me Caskey. Row 2: Paul Koval, Laurie Wilson, Greg Patera, Ron Lake, Louis Blatnik, Tim Sandor, Mr. Mitchell. Row 3: Gary Laehn, Louie Svit-kovich, Jim Smith, Harold Wiles, Richard Pahl, Rudy Martin. Not Pictured: Pat Smith, Fred Hall, Leo Paluch. 33 r MR. GEORGE DYAS Athletic Director B.S., M.A. Western Michigan University University of Michigan MISS JEANETTE BOWMAN Physical Education B.S. Wayne State University Aquettes Girls' Athletic Association MRS. NANCY FISHER Physical Education B.S. Western Michigan University Girls' Athletic Association MR RAYMOND McKAY Physical Education B.S., M.A. Michigan State University Varsity Club Varsity Basketball Coach Varsity Football Assistant Coach MR. ROBERT TOMES Physical Education B.S., M.A. Western Michigan University Varsity Club Varsity Baseball Coach OUTSTANDING PHYS-ED Strong bodies as well as academic skills and sportsmanship are encouraged by the physical education department The physical fitness program offers various activities for both the individual and team effort. Students are also given swimming instruction and are then required to pass the American Red Cross beginners' swimming course. As for physical education teachers, physical activity isn’t over with seventh hour. Instructors spend many hours coaching and sponsoring sports and athletic clubs. PROGRAM 34After the final bell of third lunch hour has rung and students are again in class, the cafeteria staff is still hard at work. Throughout the morning the kitchen bustled with activity. The staff was busily preparing hot lunches for the hungry’ students and faculty; and now a thorough cleaning prepares everything for the following day. The maintenance staff spends both night and day working to achieve pleasant surroundings for the student body. Meeting supply demands in the locker rooms are other tasks that they’ accomplish so well. Although occupied with those duties, they are always willing to lend a helping hand with urgent needs of the students and faculty. 35HONOR SOCIETY Row 1: Sue Smlih, Jim Scofield (Pres.), Mrs. Knippenburg, Karl New- land (Vice Pres ), Nancy Nelson. Row 2: Linda Strait, Mardne Wallace, ('indy Clements. Candy W’lnkcl. Row 3: Henry Germain, George Raso, Darlene Niespial, Gay Bremner. Diane Dull. Row 4 John Schwdckan. Gary Schwocho, Kd Harris. David Nesbitt. CLUB ACTIVITIES • STUDY, WORK, AND FUN The National Senior Honor Society has continued to carry on its standard of high academic achievement and participation in community functions. As one of their projects, members of the organization visited and entertained the Ray Batde Training School and Veterans Hospital; more projects took place throughout the year. The group held the induction of new members in spring. The purpose of the Spanish Club is to better the members' understanding of the Spanish speaking countries, their people, their customs, and their history. This year the club was very busy. The initiation, held in October, was highlighted with a dance by professional Spanish dancers. At Christmas the club was host to the Lincoln Park Spanish Club that saw a play put on by third and fourth year students. To end the year, the group attended a Spanish - speaking movie and a Spanish restaurant 38SPANISH CLUB Row 1; Sherry Glus, Sandy Vartanian, Jeff German (Treas), Darrell Serapigia (Pres), Cynthia Serenade (V-Pres), Marianne Milidonis (Sec) Row 2; Candy Shade, Carol Anderson, Carol Westrick, Barbara Cop-ely, Peggy Randall, Linda Merrill, Lyn Armstrong, Chris Sherwood, Judy Flotketter Row 3; Miss Reck, Karen Smith, Sandy Gyetvay, Linda Bechler, Cheryl Kwasnieski, Pat Meridith, Kathy Cunningham, Pat Schmidt, Charlotte Milotz Row 4; Joyce Scofield, Jane Klein, Chris Lechnor, Linda Nagy, Kim Carpt-ner, Janine Eckmeter, Norma Smith, Darlene Niespial, JoAnn Svitkovich Row 5; Bob Redden, Jim Randall, Louis Blatnik, Sandy Slater, Faith Oberts, Kathy Lorincz, Mary Zuker, Kama Clark, Edd Tury 39The ancient Latin language and traditions are relived in the Junior Classical League (JCL) and Senatus Publisque Romanus (SPQR). As members of the JCL, Latin students are part of a national program which highlights the year with a national convention. Several members, along with Mrs. Greenman, made the trip to Wyoming where last year's national convention was held. Their stay was climaxed by participation in events in a true Latin style using authentic costumes, speeches, etc. The SPQR, however, is a local organization that fosters extra-curricular interest in Latin culture. Their year is marked by Latin banquets in true Roman style with the girls serving the boys. As long as these clubs exist the Roman tradition lives on. Sherry Sobaszek goes forward to become a member of the S.P.Q.R. ANCIENT TRADITIONS Row 1: Donna Wilson, Karen Murray, Kim Dalton, Pat Oslnskl. Chris Woertink, Linda Basman, Elsie VanWulfcn. Marilyn Corajek, Jan Jameson, Cheryl Kaiser. Row 2: Marian Wilson (Consul), John Achatz (Ae-dile), George Kishigian (Trees.), Sandra Winkel (Censor), Pat Me Coneghy (Consul), Nancy Broderick (Aedile), Jim Scofield (Consul), Sharon Banachowski (Censor), Candy Winkel. Row 3: Chris Schultz (Praetor), Barbara Para, Carolyn Ashe, Pam Balle, Kathleen Newland, Gall Smith, Marilyn Tye, Linda Coward. Judi Bernabei, Jay nine Eaton, Diana Kunkel Row 4: Jim Rutkowski (Praetor), Marianne Gregory, Jeanne Warden, Tarl I’mbarger, Arlene Piccionl, Karen Perlaki, Rita Kraynak, Jane Kakin. Linda Seabloom. Sherry Sobaszek. Nancy Rolando. Row 5: Dave Harvey (Aedile), Pat Burgid, Kathy Franklin, Marilou Lovera, Ignore Mardon, Roman Puchala, Stuart Hyke, Mary Baka. Larry Rogers, John Moore, Larry Gildo. Row 6: Rick Lake, Ron I«ake, Jim Bendick, Cathy Turis, Richard Frasier, Larry Bireta, Ray I.abellc, Knorth Coleman, Jim Andonian, Bob Martin. Mike Szopo. 40How 1: Diana Kunkd. Chris Woeriink, Marian Wilson (Vice Pres.), Carol Benvin (Pres.), Jeanne Warden (Scc.-Trcas.), Mrs. Creenman. Ignore Mardon. How 2: Kster (ioltry, Sharon Banachowski, Sheila Billings. Carolyn Ashe, Pam Balle, Kathleen Xewland, Gail Smith, Candy W'inkel, Unda Coward Row 3: Nancy Broderick, Marilou Lovera, Pat Osinski, Klsle Van Wulfen, Tarl Umbarger, Arlene Picdoni, Kathy Wes- sd, Linda Wensel. Creg TremonU. Row 4: Mary Baka. Karen Murray, Donna Wilson, Kathy Tigot. Sandra Wlnkel, Dave Harvey, George Kishigian, Chris Schultz, ack Moushegian. Row 5: Greg Feurnler, Nancy Rolando, Pat McConeghv, I.arry Bireta, Ken Gates. Bob Martin, Jim Kutkowski, Cathy Tulls, Faith Oberts, James Nemeth. AND CUSTOMS ARE RELIVED BY LATIN STUDENTSHow 1: Mrs. Kotelly, Marti Halavan, Janet Johnson, Don Mayer, George Raso. Sue Bay, Lynn Ross. Row 2: Julie Kovach, Janis Sabo, Dawn taBakas, Michele Hawley, Linda Stechison, Kathy Hodges, Janisse Smithe, Barbara Thompson, Maryann Honer. Row 3: Jeanine Ackley, Sharon Sassone. Donna Dytyniak, Linda Burye, Kathy Dennison, Mary Sturock, Mardne Wallace. Row 4: Diane Lambert, Helen Hagens, Rose mary Smith, Sarah Mcllroy, Cindy Borysld, Nancy Nagel, Marda Rodgers. Row 5: Linda Vezzey, John Feist, Thomas Rafiels, Joe Adaline, Henry Germain. Ken Ojala, Linda Bernier, Judy Bailey. 42Row 1: Barb Takei, JoAnn Stoklosa (Vice Pres.), Wendy Coil (Sec), Gary Klinger (Pres.), Lin Thibodeau (Treas.), Jay nine Eaton, JoAnn Tanioshonas, Mrs. Stakoe. Row 2: Nancy Jeffrey, Barb Defroy, Cheryl Pachuta, Linda Mastantuon, Sue Stanis, Linda Penney, Sue Cargill, Jane Eakin, Nancy Scovill, Sue Cady. Sue Burns. Row 3: Irene Plnckes, Barb Blackmon. Pam Wisner, Doris Oakes, Chris Niemcek. Jane BLUE, RED, WHITE OF ROMANTIC FRANCE FLOURISH IN LE FRANCAIS Parsons, Karen Buday, Janis Briand, John Chlipala, Peggy Bryan, Carol Sonagere. Row 4: Vicki Ebeling, Cindy Ebeling, Chris Janky, Kathy Perdonic, Claudia DeMarco, Sandy Zantop, Virginia Ryder, Yvonne Warren, Tom Picklo, Bill Miles. Row 5: Annette Rubis, Rich Hannon, Bruce Quick, Cindy Bay, Scott Aikman, Mel Eaton, Candy Egan. Dianne McCraw. Sue Bryan, Juanita Smock. LE TRICOLORE The spirit of the Red, Blue, and White flourishes in the two French clubs, Le Cerde Francais and Le Tricolore. Members of the French dasses perpetuate the customs and the language at their banquets and social gatherings after school. To become a member of Le Cerde Francais, or Le Tricolore, one must be enrolled in a French dass and maintain an interest in the romantic traditions of the French people. Students must go through vigorous initiations to become members of the French Clubs. 43Stan Szostek and Chuck Winston enjoy exploring through the many books at the Bookmobile. One of the dub's varied activities included an evening of listening to dassica! and broad way show hits albums. One of the largest and fastest growing clubs is the Humanities Club that has as its purpose the promotion of cultural activities. Their outings are not limited, however, to plays, symphonies and good movies; the high points of their year were their ski trips. The student body has enthusiastically joined the dub, making it one of the most popular and most active clubs in the school. 44 Have you heard about the Stratford trip? If there's anything you're not sure of, Sue Rothfuss or Linda Penney will gladly inform you.A NEW YEAR, NEW INTERESTS, AND NEW ACTIVITIES MARK THE BEGINNING OF A NEW CLUB 45Probably the two most useful of A.P.H.S. dubs are the Future Homemakers and Future Nurses Clubs. The members of F.H.A. practiced in serving their community and increasing their homemaking skills. The members of F.N.C. are given opportunities to work on projects, to observe the nursing routine in action, and to be exposed to the many interesting aspects in the field of nursing. Both the dubs' activities provide the prospective homemakers and nurses with an excellent view of their chosen profession. GIRLS AT A.P.H.S. ENTHUSIASTICALLY VIEW SOME How 1; .Miss Johnston, Clorfa Bradford (Historian), Sheryl Palczynskl (Sec.), Linda Mrggison (Treas.), Linda Paape(Pres.), Janet Brown (2nd Vice Pres.), Denise Zava (1st Vice Pres.), Mrs. Tanner. Row 2: Linda Magalotti, Marti Halavan. Judy Kowalczyk, Chris Dunchesen, Bose Karlbian, Cheryl Pachuia. Betly Chippewa, Jay nine Kaion. Row 3: Kllen 46 Master, Sharon Stramake. Bonnie McLean, Anna Albanese, Jean Bach-mann, Joanne Lazo, Janet Johnson. Row 4: Kama Clark. Linda Crltch-field. Sue Bums. Sherrie Cardinal!, Kaihy Perdonlck, Pat Pomeroy. Kalh-lene Blascak. Maribcth Kolar. Row 5: Sue Palczynski, Cheryl Olinn, Un-da Downey. Brenda Brown, Karen Wise, Sarah Mcllrov. FUTURE HOMEMAKERSHow 1 Chrts Jaynes, Kathy Pcrdonik, Fat Osinski, Melanie Manard. Hicki Donofrio. Janis Nadrowski, Maribeth Simpson. How 2: Cindy Scalici, Miss Tufer. Kathy Tisat (Vice Pres.), Leslie Unvtlle (Pres.), A lifeline Kinna (Treas.), Claudia Boxla (Sec.), Anne Bezverkov, Linda Sherwood. Row 3: Cheryl Fachuta, Javnine Eaton, Janet Coolman. Linda Seabloom, Janis Briand, Jane Beier, JoAnn Tamoshunas, Madeleine Kocsisko, Stephanie Thompson. How 4. Kathy Franklin. Dawn LaBakas, Nancy Binder, Barb Defray, Wendy Coil. Kathy Wessd, Linda Downey, Fat Roberts. Jane Parsons Row 5: Sharon Miller, Karen Wise, Rosemary WfcopoUki, Joyce Meshonski. Ellen Musa, Kim Dalton, Linda Pearson. Karen Bush. Row 6: Linda Dominczyk. Cathy Turis, Mary Zuker, Jan Rennie. Lyn Carpenter. Sharon Nadrowski, Annette Rubis, Veronica Nagy. Pat Burgid, Martha Rabeyshoff FUTURE NURSES OF THEIR FUTURE PROFESSIONS JoAnn Lazo attempts to diagnose the illness of Donna Schilke alter taking her temperature. Girls also learn how to administer and apply various types of bandages.Three of (hr four FTA officers gather Information for a talk to be given at their next meeting. STUDENTS PREPARE FOR FUTURE VOCATIONS IN THE Row 1: Carol Nemeth, Janis Sabo, Norma Smith. Kathy Dennison, Sue Cady, Claudia Boris, Pam Wisner, Carole Westrick, Connie Kent, Peggy Bryan. Row 2: Cindy Jones, Maryann Honer. Betty Burrows, Bail Xeubauer (Treas. Joy Knuth (Pres.), Joyce Scofield (Vice Pres.), Linda Penney (Sec.), Barbara Hodge, Sherry Clus, Anne Besuerkou. Row 3: Miss Smith. Susan Smith. Carol Kurtjian. Diane Dull, Pat Allen, Kristi Dcgc, Rose Karibian. Sandy Vartanian, Janet Dida, Carol Cima, Pam Rothrock. Row 4: Mrs. Dana. JoAnn Stoklosa, Sue Rothfoss, Carol Benvin, Sue Burns, Joanne Lazo, Linda Downey, Gay Bremner. Maribcth Kolar. Janet Johnson, Margaret Gleason. Row 5: Nancy Broderick, Jackie Maas. Connie Chancellor, Sandy Redder, Cindy Boryski, Gloria Garland, Kathy Franklin, Marilou Lovera, Annette Smolak, Christine Janky, Cindy Gumtow. Row 6: Linda Basman, Faith Oberts, Dale Ex-now ski, Nancy Jeffrey, Karen Smith. Kama Clark, Mary Zuker, Nancy Brilham. Judy Flotkoetter, Sue Drys. FUTURE TEACHERS 48How 1: Gerry Sloklosa (Corresponding Sec.), Ellen Master (Pres.), Sue Drys (Treat.), Marcia Urea( Recording Sec.), Diane Hall (Sargrm at Arms), Rose Karibian (Vice Pres.), Linda Meggison. Row 2: Marlene Niespial, Judy Kowalczyk, Diane Pi at let er. Carol Farmer, Pat Glover, (.ail Kannberg, Carol Kap-alla. Sue Stewart. Linda Turner. Mary Jane Deimanian. Row 3: Miss Larson. Pat Jaroslawski, Sharon Stramakc (Historian), Pam Rothrock, Debbie Wills. Nancy Smith. Carol Nemeth. Barbara Green, Ginger Hansen. Row 4: Stephanie Koller. Lauren DePompolo. Charlene DeAngelis. Marge Klannigan, Frances Soltes. Mary Dorka, Janice De.Mars. Row 5: Joyce Dickelman, lorraine Ro marynowski. Bonnie Schratz. Sandy I iwrence. Cheryl Obnn, Judy Graham, Dale Kxnow ski. Marilyn Burton, BmyCrijp BUSINESS CLUB TEACHING AND BUSINESS WORLDS The purpose of the Future Teachers' Club Is to promote interest in the teaching profession. The girls gained valuable experience by doing volunteer work with children throughout the year. Among their social activities were bake sales, a hayride, a visit to Eastern Michigan University, and their annual banquet to install the fall officers. Students enrolled on a business curriculum have the opportunity to join the Business Club. The purpose is to gain a greater understanding of the requirements and opportunities in various business occupations. Highlights of the year include workshops, speakers, field trips, and a banquet and theater party in the spring. Ellen Masters enthusiastically samples cotton candy at the Business Club booth. 49MATH CLUB Row 1: John (Grosso (Vice Pres.), Barb Blackmon (Treas.), Sue Smith, (Sec.), Jim Scofield (Pres.). Row 2: Keith Provost. JoAnn Rrandel. I arane lakatos, Unda Strait, Carol Kurtjian. Mel Eaton, Judy Flotkoetter. Row 3: Bob Sippola. Don Davis. Greg Best, Larry Bireta, Dennis Winkel. Row 4: Joe Ely, Bob Passiak. Dan Ely, Gary Laehn. APPEAL OF SCIENTIFIC FIELDS DOMINATES The math and science dubs provide an opportunity for those who maintain an interest tn the sciences. After school the members of the math dub meet to discuss practical aspects of the course and new methods not taught in dass. The science dub encompasses members of the biology, chemistry and physics dasses whose interest goes beyond dass. The dub has highlighted its year with a trip to Monroe's atomic power plant Through their extracurricular activities members of these clubs display a keen interest in their respective fidds of study. 50Kip Horvath, Judy Bailey, and Jeff German admire the Science Club's newest addition to the court yard. INTERESTS OF MATH AND SCIENCE CLUBS Row 1; Patti Allen, George Raso. Darlene Nlesplal (Sec), Don Wdowlak (Pres), Judy Bailey (V-Pres), Barb Take! Row 2; Peggy Van Cooley, Sandy Gyetvay, Marlene Nlesplal Carol Kurt]Ian, Betty Burrows, Jane Eakin. Sandy Vartanian, Sherry Glus Row 3; Faith Oberts, Diana Kunkei, Christine Hicks, Kama Clark, Phyllis Lorence, Donna Aron, Keith Provost Row 4; Gregory VVexuloff. Larry Blreta. Don Gorski, Sherrie Cardinal!, Sue Burns. Connie Chancellor, Mel Eaton, Linda Strait Row 5; Bob Passiak. Richard Pahl, Ken Gales, Dennis Wlnkel. George Honer, Bob Redden SCIENCE CLUB 51Row 1: Linda Bernier, Jan is Showaher, Judy Bailey, Gloria Bradford, Patti Allen, Kathy Franklin. Diana Kunkcl. Judy Klotkocttcr. Sharon Hall. Lynne Parsons. Row 2: Ellen Master. Pam Coury, Barbara Hodge, Sue Rothfuss (Treas.), Helen Hagens (Pres.), Betty Burrows (Vice Pres.), Janet Goolman (Treas.), Lana Lovclady, Linda Downey, Connie Chancellor. Row 3: Gayle Parks, Sue Hockle, Peggy Randall, Cathy McCreery, Maryann Honor, Jane Eakin, Linda Penney, Sue Stanis, JoAnn Tamo- shunas, Connie Kent. Row 4: Dale Exnowski, Carol Bcnvin, Pat Holi-han, Nena Hendrick, Janet Brown, Linda Mastantuono, JoAnn Stoklosa, Carole Westrick, Lin Thibodeau, Marlene Farkas. Row 5: Pat Me Coneghv, Linda Bechler, Margie Mack, Sandy Zantop, Lynn Ross, Keith Provost, Nancy Broderick. Julie Kovach, Donna Aron, Irene Plnckcs. Row 6: Rosemary Smith, Judy Cova, Mary Zuker, Faith Obem, Nancy Kunnas. Sharon Winter, Jeanine Ackley, Debbie Wills, Pam Rothrock. DRAMATICS CLUB CREATIVE EXPRESSIONThose who like to act, produce, work on make-up, and move furniture, are given the opportunity to show their ability by joining the Dramatics Club. The club is responsible for the staging of the Jr. and Sr. plays and the Children's Theater. Both the Sr. Play, "Pioneer Go Home," under the student directing of Jeanne Ackley, and the Jr. Play, "The Willow And I," under the student directing of Betty Burrows, were quite successful. Allen Park's Debate team had a successful year with victories over Belleville twice and Plymouth and Bentley once each in league competition, as they debattd the topic: Resolved: "the federal government should provide essential medical care to all citizens at public expense." Opponents to the debate team found Allen Park's reasoning hard to oppose. Carolyn Keefer reviews her material (or an upcoming debate. HEIGHTENS INTEREST IN DRAMATIC APPRECIATION How 1: Larry Rogers, Carolyn Keefer, Tom Chine. Row 2: James Ruehle DEBATE TEAM 53PRESS CLUB Row 1: Kathy Blascak (Sec.), Bonnie Treglown (Treas.), Diane De Luca (Vice Pres.), John Achau (Ed. in Chief), Frank Asdone (Pres.), Penny Dellas (Vice Pres.), Marian Wilson (Feature Ed.), Edith Bozanich (Ass't. Ed.). Row 2: Joyce Dickelman, Carol Cima, Lin Thibodeau, JoAnn Stoklosa, Faith Oberts(Bus. Mgr.), Cheryl Pachula, Linda Mastantuono, Sue Stanis, Barb Defroy, Mrs. Cox. Row 3: Lana Traub, Carole Wcstrick, Kathy Cunningham, Sue Hockle, Ruth Schon-field, Bonnie Melean, Claudia DeMarco, Cheryl Trtan, Marlene Farkas. Row 4: Ken Williams, Rick Heidrich, Phil Pollick, Bob Rowland, Cindy Fadool, Kathy Perdonik, Nancy Austin, Janice DeMars, Dennis Winkel. Row 5: Bill Rose, Bob Shankie, Sandy Slater, Kathie Cutting, Bob Harding, Donna Wilson, Harry Cutting, (ieorge Honer. JAGUAR JOURNAL STAFF JOURNALISM AND ART Students whose interests lie in the realm of practical journalism find a means of expression and service in the Press Club and the staff of the Jaguar Journal. The staff of the Jaguar Journal experiences long hours of work in writing and publishing our school paper for the student body to read. Their work is not finished in the allotted time during second hour, consequendy, members of the staff have often worked after school well into the night. Those who are not members of the Jaguar Journal Staff can find others interested in journalism in the Press Club. Members study various forms of journalistic style which will give them an invaluable asset in their future work. 54WITNESSED IN PROJECTS ABOUT THE SCHOOL Row 1: Joy Knuth (Scc.-Treas.), Bob Rowland (Pres.), Jan Jameson, Nena Hendrick. Nancy Kunnas. Christine Woertink, Mr. Milidonis, Christine Hicks, Debbie Juterbock. Judy Bailey. ART CLUB 55A major portion of the yearbook is written work which must be typed. Here, Diane Dull is shown taking some of the load off the shoulders of chief typist Sue Hockle. Nancy Kunnas finds it isn't always easy to balance the books. 56 The sports section of the yearbook is sometimes very amusing to Ken Snodgrass and George Kishiglan.STAFF CAPTURE THE SCHOOL YEAR IN PICTURES To many readers the yearbook means a collections of pictures from which one can remember familiar scenes and individuals. Others view it as a recognition of achievement in extracurricular activities. In the 1964 Imprint, the staff has striven to fulfill these expectations but it has also tried to capture and present a representative history of the school year. 57 Rem- 1; David Stvnieisi, Margaret Gleason. Nancy Kunnas, Cindy Jones, linda Penney. Row 2: Candy Winkcl. Lyn Artmstrong, lanei Brown, Marcine Wallace. George Klshiglan. Karl Ncwland Row 3. Judy Bailey. Diane Dull, Kim Carpenter, Sue llocklc. Ellen Master, Nancy Austin.How 1: Sharon Banachowskl, Linda Coward, Christine Hicks, Candace NVinkeL How 2: Chris Schultz, Kama Clark (Sec.-Treas.), David Clark. Row 3: Jim Kuikowski, Ron Schoner. Row 4: James Ruchlc (Pres.), John Mo°" CHESS CLUB INTERESTS VARY BOOSTER CLUB Row 1: Susan Cady, Nancy Nelson (Pres.), Margaret Gleason, Carole Westrick, Kathy Spaight, Sue Cargill. Row 2: Pat Kosowan, Kathey Dombek, Cheryl Kwansnieski, Candy Hamilton, Jill Basaiyga, Cindy Jones, Jaynine Eaton, Lyn Armstrong, Maribeth Kolar. Row 3: Miss Bushman, Julie Pall, Margie Mack, Jack! Ceioneck, Nancy Taylor, Ruth Schonfield, Linda Magalotti, Linda Herod, Judy Bailey. Row 4: Janet Johnson, Sandle Cary, Pat Burgid, Kathy Franklin. Karen Murray, Pam DesJardins, Sandy Zantop, Clndi Chirnside, Darlene Niespial. Row 5: Virginia Ryder, Veronica Nagy, Nancy Jeffrey. Toni Hrdlicka, Mary Baka, Janis Showaltcr, Tari t'mbarger, Christine Janky, Marilou Lovera, Annette Smolak. Row 6: Jeanne Nowitzke. Irene Pinckes, Linda Bernier, Cathy Turis, Sue Bay, Christine Hicks, Kama Clark, Judy Hotkoetter, Sue Palczynski. 58The members ot the Chess Club who enjoy the challenge of their game came into prominence as they took second place at Rochester in competition with sixteen other schools. They enjoy their practice which not only can be relaxing but also competitive. Throughout the school year's many sports activities the faithful attendance and enthusiastic support of the Booster Club has added spirit to the home crowd and "fired up" the team. Part of their activities include the sponsoring of "Dads' Night" during the fall football season. At this time the fathers are given front row seats to see their son's play. The club is also responsible for the selling of school sweaters. FROM WILD ENTHUSIASM TO QUIET MEDITATION Row 1: Marianne Milldonis, Diane ilouse. Linda Wever (Vice Pies.), Rita Kraynak, Vicki Ebeling, Larane Lakatos. Row 2. Sherry Glus, Jane Eakin, Barb Takei, Carol Kurtjian, Donna House, Sue Ritchie, Beverly Holfelu, Maureen Civvons, Cindy Scalid, Karen Paisley, JoAnn Braudel. Row 3: Cindy Cunitow, Janet Coolman, Cheryl Pachuta, Judy Maas, Margie Moon, Cathy Moore, Marlene Nlespial, Kristi Dege (Sec. -Treas.), Peggy Randall, Cindy Clements. Janet Duda. Row 4: Charlotte Milotz, Lin Thibodeau, Maribeth Simpson, Emily Kutscher, Pam Wisner, Ellen Master, Rose Karibian, Janet Brown, Gloria Bradford, JoAnn Stoklosa. Row 5: Nena Hendrick, Judy Jones, Dianne McGraw, Karen Wise. Brenda Brown, Sarah Mcllroy, Sue Bums. Sherrie Cardinal!, Kathy McFeaters, Donna Aron, Ciaudian DeMarco. Row 6: Elsie Van Wulfcn, Mary Sturock, Nancy Broderick. Sue Rothfoss, Sharon Nad row-ski, Connie Kent, Norma Plaunt, Pat Meridith, Janis Sabo, Jan Rennis, Kim Dalton, Rose Marie Lovera. 59Row 1: Cindy Sryniawski, Sherry Sobeszek, Chris Wocriink. Cindy Boryski. Mary Baka. Margret Clcason. Cindy Jones. Judy Hotkoetter. Marilou Lovera, Sandy Zaniop. Row 2: Nancy Roland, Mary Zuker, Sue Hockle (Jr. Rep.), Lynn Ross (Sec.), linda Bernier (Treas.), Veronica Nagv (Pres.), Sue Ritchie (Vice Pres.), Janet Johnson (Sr. Rep ), Judy Bailey (Soc. Ch.), Mary Sturock (Tournament Mgr ), Sheryl Pal-czynski. Marilyn Gorajek. Row 3: Mrs. Fisher, Linda Domlnczyk, Jan Jameson, Cherry I Doege, Jane Beier. Carol Kurtjian. Jack! Geloneck, Candy Hamilton. Carolyn Ashe, Beverly Holfeltz. Nancy Nelson. Jill Basalyga, Miss Bowman, Sandy Redder. Row 4: Linda Basman, Linda Mastantuono, Rose Karibian. Carol Nemeth, Marlene Niespial. Donna Kilroy, Judy Maas, I rane Lakatos, Janet Coolman, Kristi Dege, Cindy Clements, Peggy Randall. Margie Mack. Row 5: Darlene Niespial, Cindy Bay. Sue Burns, Pat Osinski. Maribeth Kolar, Gall Neubauer. Cathy Bray. Connie Kent, Carol Benvin, Lyn Armstrong, Donna Aron, Sherry Glus, Rita Kraynak, Sherri Rein. Row 6: Yvonne Warren, Kathy Dennison, Freda Sing, Pat Murphy, Sue Adaline. Arlene Plcdoni, Dianne Anderson. Julie Pall, Sue Rothfuss. Michele Hawley, Dianne McGraw, Cindy Fadool, Christine Janky, Kathi Jablonskl. THERE IS A WHIRL Here is a view of the better side of Rita Kranyak and Sandy Zantop. The merriment of a circus was found at the G.A.A. Spinster Hop, 'Take Him He’s Yours ' 60For the sports-minded students at A.P.H.S. the school offers the G.A.A. and the Rifle Club. G.A.A. is open to all girls who are interested in extracurricular sports activity. This year. In addition to after school sports, they held a Ski Fashion Show, participated in Suburban Six playdays, and sponsored the Spinster Hop. The title was "Take Him, He's Yours. It will be looked back at with great pleasure. The Rifle Club, which met every Monday night, provided members instructions and experience in the handling of arms. As part of their program members competed in various rifle meets, including the Southeastern Michigan League and the State Meets in May. Rich Bodnar and Marcia Rodgers lake careful aim. OF SPORTS ACTIVITY FOR STUDENTS AT A.P.H.S. How 1: Jay nine Eaton, Gregory Wenzloff (Executive Officer), Lynn Ross (Vice Pres.), Richard Bodnar (Pres.), Marcia Rodgers (Sec.), Barb Take! (Treas.). Row 2: Mr. Bellas, Marti Halavan, Pat Glover, Cindy Fields, Jan Jamerson, Peggy Bryan, Candy Hanilton. Renav Fenoglio. Row 3: Sue Burns, Sherrie Cardinali, Sue Bryan, Karen Kinney. Margie Mack, Mary Ellen Bogart, Barb Wozniak. Row 4: Henry Aberasturi. Joe Buda, Bob Redden. Mel Eaton, Don McKenzie. John McKay. Chris Janky, James Cameron RIFLE CLUB 61THE AQUETTES AND BARRACUDAS MAKE How 1: Candy Shade, Sue, Adaline, Donna Schilke. Lyn Armstrong, Sue Cady. Linda Bertner Row 2: Gloria CraJand, Lynn Ross, Cindy Clements. Kathy Jablonski, Sharon GrifTen. Gall Neubauer, Linda Lademan. Not Pictured: Lenore Vlardon, Lynne Griffen, Linda Pearson, Dianne House, Sharon Banachowski, Sherry Sobaszek, Linda Riley, Linda Coward. Cast of 'Dip Into Knowledge' Row 1: Miss Bowman, sponsor; Dianne House, Sharon Banachowski, Sherry Sobaszek, Linda Riley, Linda Coward. Row 2: Linda Beriner, Lenore Mardon, Lynne Grlflen, Ilona Staskiewlcz, Linda Pearson.A BIG SPLASH INTO A POOL OF ACTIVITIES Row 1: John Schweickart, Larry DePompolo. Mr. Hershberger- Row 2: Bob Clemens, Rich Martel, Dave Stymetst. Row 3: Paul Kanode. Bob Lange. Bob Clayton, Ixtu Drapeau, Bob jubb, Harry Ackley, Bob Harding. The Aquettes and Barracudas made a "big splash into another year of activities. The new Aquette sponsor, Miss Bowman, quickly adjusted herself to the group and got them off to a good start The highlight of the year was the annual Spring water show. The theme was based on books and the library, and the resulting show was one of the Aquettes' best. The Barracudas are members of the swimming team who maintained Interest beyond their scheduled season. This year their interests were in scuba diving. Along with the Aquettes they put on a show at the Student Council Fair. This has always proven to be an overwhelming success. Baracudas try their hands at their own game. 63Row 1; Pat Holihan, Sherry Glus, Bob Demiijian (Pres), Dennis Wilson (Bus. Man), JoAnn Brandd (V-Pres), James Ruehle (Ass. Bus. Man). Lyn Armstrong (Sec-Trcas), Barbara Hodge, Sue Cady, Karen Paisley Row 2; Mr. Bellas, Carol Hicks, Sandy Vartanian. Donna House, Peggy Ferguson, Maryann Honer. Linda Penny, Jane Kakin, Kieth Provost, Steve MacArthur Row 3; Linda Mastantuono, Cathy McCrecry, Sue Rothfuss, Michele Hawley, Sue Hockle, Barbara Thompson, Linda Stechison, Rita Kraynak, Janet Duda Row 4; Jack! Cdoneck, Julie Kovach, Janls Sabo, Ruth Schonfdd, Diane TiythaU, Linda Nagy, Sandy Zantop, Jeanne Warden, Rosemary' Pcsta, Donna Aron Row 5; Ricki Donofrto, Mary Sturock, Maribeth Simpson, Mdodie Croat, Margie Mack, Nancy Tylor, Janice DeMars, Joyce Dickdman, Juanita Smock, Janice Smith This year's Junior class enthusiastically planned its trip to our nation's capital. The Juniors were more fortunate than those of previous years in that they were able to attend the 1964 World's Fair which was being held in New York. Also they were the first group to make the trip by air. The trip was chaperoned by Mr. Bellas, the sponsor, and Mr. Sarkesian. The group earned some of its own money by selling refreshments at all the football and basketball games. They also sold magazine subscriptions. The trip marked their first activity as seniors. They will have many fond memories to talk over during their last year at A.P.H.S. Members of the Washington Club anxiously wait to pay their dues.Row 1; Barb Woccnlak, Denise Zava, Barb Wilson, Diana Kunkd, Carol Pearson, Gloria Garland, Cindy Borski, Janls Showalter, Linda Wcvcr Row 2; Nancy DiMusto, Judy Bailey, Lois Sanfllippo. Norma Plauni, Marlene Farkas, Toni Williams, Andrea Alberts, Linda Bartholomew, Leslie Clark, Kathy McFeaters Row 3; Marti Halavan, Mary Ellen Bogart, Karen Brown, Joyce Scofidd, Pat Mann, Sandle Gary, Sandy Redder, Annette Rubis. Phyllis Lorencc Row 4; George Kishigian, Bruce Summers, Larry Martino, Norby Jenkins, Mary Baka, Irene Pinckes, Linda Bernier, Jackie Bemth. Rosemary Smith, Bob Ulrich Row 5; Neil Rdd, Joe Rawson, Chuck Kdler. John Lojewski, Don Gorski, Paul Koval, Bill iilllen, Harry Ackley, Barry Wilkinson Row 6; Steve Zachorski, Kip Horvath, Johnny Grosso, James Cameron, Joe Buda, Ken Williams, Louie Svitkovlch, Ken Snodgrass, Jim Smith, Richard Pahl NEW YORK, WORLDS FAIR, AND WASHINGTON ARE AWAITED BY MEMBERS OF 65 JUNIOR CLASSSERVICE AND LEADERSHIP OF TOMORROW ARE STUDENT COUNCIL Playing an integral part in the smooth functioning of the student body, the Student Council and the Allen Club are dedicated to service. Representatives and officers of the Student Council serve as the voice of student opinions and ideas, working along with the policies of the administration. The Student Council was responsible for the Homecoming week-end and the school fair which were highlights of the school year. This year our Student Council was the host of the Suburban Six Council. The members of the Allen Club, which embraces two percent of the student body, have continued the tradition of school service. During the year members served as ushers and guides at the Alumni Party after the Homecoming game, the Parent-Teacher nights, Senior and Junior plays, the school fair, baccalaureate, and graduation. Row 1: Sue Cady. Cindy Jones (Sec.), Terry Majchrzak (Vice Pres.), Dennis O'Connell (Pres.), Nancy Nelson (Treas ), Carole Wesirick, Lin Thibodeau. Row 2: Mr. Mltek, Henry Germain, Sue Bay, Darlene Nles-pial, Mel Eaton, Paul Koval, Mr. Ilaboian. Row 3: Judy Bailey, John Feist, Pat McConeghv, Michael Hluchaniuk, Bruce Quick. Bill Zolowskl. Bob Lange. Mel Eaton and Rich Bodnar are ‘getting up there," as they help decorate for the Homecoming Dance.Saturday morning finds Jane Kakin, Carole Westrick, and Sue Cady puling the finishing touches on Homecoming decorations. SHOWN TODAY Ron Lake shows his form as he bowls against students from Cabrini High, in an event sponsored by the Student Council. ALLEN CLUB Row 1: Mr. Smith. Henry' Germain (Pres.), Nlarcine Wallace (Sec.), Earl New land (Vice Pres.), Jaynine Eaton. Row 2: Linda Strait, Maribeth Simpson, Betty Burrows, Nancy Nelson, Jane Kakin, Donna Dytyniak. Row 3: Janet Brown, Bruce Quick. Bob Sippola. Dennis Winkel. Stuart Hyke, Connie Chancellor. Row 4 Jim Scofield. James Ruehle. A1 Peden. Pat McConcghv. Michael Hluchaniuk, Don Mayer. 67CHEERLEADERS Kathv Spaight. in her second year as a varsity cheerleader, contributed experience and enthusiasm to better this year s squad. Sue Cady, the only junior on this year's varsity squad, added much bounce and pep to the squad while cheering our teams to victory'. As a Varsity Cheerleader for three years. Margaret Gleason showed ability and leadership as captain of this year's squad. She greatly contributed to their success. Barbie Cady (mascot) Carole Wcstrick, one of the two Sophomores on this year's squad, will always be remembered for the sparkling smile she had at all times. Nancy Nelson, in her third year as a varsity cheerleader, added charm, experience and the needed 'know how" to help make this year's squad one of the best Allen Park ever had. Sue Cargill, the other Sophomore on this year's squad, was a package of pep and excitement at every game throughout the season.USE VITALITY IN CHEERING TEAMS TO VICTORY Sue Cady. Sue Cargill. Kathy Spaight, Nancy Nelson, Carole Westrick, Margaret Gleason (capt. Barbie Cady. JL H Rita Kraynak(Capt) Carole Westrick, Kathy Spaight. Sue Cady, Barbie Cady, Sue Cargill, Nancy Nelson. Margaret Gleason (Capt.). Larane Lakatas Vicky Ebeling Linda Wever, Rita Kraynak(Capt.X Diane House, Lorane Lakatas, Marianne Miiidonls, Vicky Ebeling. 71How 1: Dannv Millner, Jim Paling, Ken Kuberacki, Tom Firek. Doug Shepard. Ed Puskas, Doug Horuczi, Dennis 0 Connell. Row 2: Mgr. Bob Anderson, Bob Ulrich, Bob Marten. John Feist. Dick Matakas, Jack Adams. Coach Ed Bellas. Coach Norman Mihatsch, Coach Ray McKay, Larry Ferguson, Guido Campagna; Row 3: Mike Medley, Paul Fronimos. Robert Slcdz, Doug DeMatteo, George Kishigian. Paul Koval. Stan Szostek; Row 4: John Medved. Barn’ Kamasky, John Robatchka, Frank I rionfi, Dave Varga, Paul Kwasniewski, Don Wdowlak; Row 5: Neil Reid. Bill Bratten, John LoJewski, Ken Hutyra, Edd Iury, Jim Sturock, Charles Katona. Armond Pierce. Reading from right to left. VARSITY GRIDDERS HAVE NECESSARY ABILITY Although this year's Varsity Gridders had a record of just 4 wins compared to 5 losses, the statistics proved that "They were better than their record showed." Injuries hindered and plagued the Jaguars through the season, the major injuries being to the offensive and defensive backs and the ends. But, when at full strength during the last part of the season, they used the experience of many Seniors and the ability and determination of the team as a whole to win three of the last four games of the season. The triumphs of the season were over Melvindale, Bentley, Trenton, and Taylor Center. The action of a football game is not always on the field as indicated on the blackboard. 72m % Dennis May. who was injured in mid season, pulls in a pass against Lincoln Park. Die Alien Park and Lincoln Park co-captains square off in pre-game ceremonies. AND EXPERIENCE BUT ARE PLAGUED BY INJURIES Varsity Football Scoreboard AP Opp 6 Melv indale 0 0 Lincoln Park 12 0 Kcdford Union 7 2 Belleville 8 0 Plymouth 33 20 Bendey 12 13 Trenton 7 0 Ed ad Ford 19 7 Taylor Center 0 A big pile up at the goal line, but the touchdown was good as AP beat Trenton by a score of 13 to 7. 73THE APHS GRIDMEN SHOW DETERMINATION Belleville opponent overpowered by a host of Allen Parkers in the traditional homecoming game. Jack Adams and Dan Milner stop Belleville opponent after a short gain.Doug Horuczi, was also awarded a berth on the All Area Second Team. Doug was "a converted first string, first rate end that did a whale of a team job at tackle." Dick Matakas, 'a coach's answer for a fullback —a boy with size, power, speed, and brains’ was awarded a berth on the all area second team. Dick was the team's leading ground gainer and leading scorer. THREE SENIOR GRIDDERS WIN ALL AREA HONORS Tom Flrek, 'the best blocking guard and tackling linebacker in our league and area’ was awarded berths on All Area First Team and the Suburban Six First Team. Tom led the team in tackles throughout the season. Three boys on this year's team were awarded All Area Honorable Mention. The)’ were Bob Marten, halfback; John Flest, quarterback; and Ed Puskas, tackle. 75Row 1: Mike Jordan, John Ogen, Clary Schippling, Bary Coogan. Jim Dodds, Jim Szostek, Jim Hanik, Jim Ammonetie; Row 2: Bill Zolowski, Dennis Bologh, Tom Thompson, Chuck Lindow, Bruce Quick, Don Jablonski. Doug Chcvilct; Row 3: Glen Kaneko Dick Ructz. John Ciotti, A1 Rogozinski, John Niefert.Jim Cunningham, Dennis Brady, Larrv Brandeberrv: Row 4: Mike Daronco Gan- Klinger. Mr. Walker. Karl Rennie. Fred Beksa. Mr. Kossik, Wavne Fraiser. Reading from right to left. RESERVE FOOTBALL GAINS NEEDED EXPERIENCE The reserve football team by combining determination, experience, and teamwork with fine coaching developed into a high-performance football team. By combining top players from both junior high schools, reserves were slowly molded into a skilled team by their coaches, Mr. Kossik and Mr. Walker. This year's team gained the valuable experience needed to carry them to the ranks of the varsity gridders. Varsity Coach Mihatsch hopes that a year on the reserve develops these players to the fullest extent so that they might carry on Allen Park's tradition of having a championship football team. 76Row 1: Bruce Breisch; Row 2: Dan Ely, Coach, Mike Szopo; Row 3: Gem' McGuire, Bob Fischer, Joe Ely, Jack Sakall, Paul Muliican. Chuck Keller. CROSS COUNTRY AND GYMNASTICS IMPROVED After four discouraging and trying years, the Cross-Country team had a promising season. Winning its first meet in four years, the team acquired a record of three wins and five losses. Captain Bruce Brishe, a Senior and a letterman for three years, helped to set the pace along with other experienced Seniors. Like the Cross-Country team, the Gymnastics team is much improved over last year's team, which was the first to participate in Varsity competition. With many members of the varsity team returning next year, the future looks promising. Front Row: Dennis Early, Ronald Watkins, Gary Turner, Timothy Reilly. Second Row: Thomas Smith, Robert Scott, Michael Milidonis. Third Row: Coach Raymond Whalin, Dan Rosbury, Donald Watkins, Robert Smith, Barry Kamasky, Edward Fabiano. 77Front Row: John Feist, Douglas Kruse, Neil Reid, Kenneth Kip Horvath, Joseph Rawson, managers Bruce Quick, Jeffrey Lieber. Second Row: Coach Ray McKay, Mike Sinkey, German. John Long, Donald Wdowiak, Steve Zachorski, Doug Horuczi, This year’s Varsity Courtmen were much improved over last year’s team. The return of four starters and eight lettermen gave the Jaguars the needed experience to work as a unit. The ability and depth of the bench also helped the Jaguars this year in one of the closest races for first place ever in the Suburban Six Conference. One of the major factors in their success was the defensive playing of the "little men" on the team. This excellent defense plus the necessary help of the offensive shooters gave the Jaguars what was needed to rebound to a successful season. Here, Coach McKay plots some pre-game strategy. 78OUTSTANDING SKILL AND TEAMWORK REAP REWARDS FOR A.P.H.S. CAGERS 7980Front Row: Glen Kancko, Larry Gildo, Frank Trionfi, James Don Sikora, Paul Kwasniewski, Tony Par is i, Gary Klingler, Paling, Terry Nickels, Gary Coogan. Second Row: Coach Bruce Quick. Richard Machleid, Garry Phillips, David Werner. Ted Walker, RESERVES SHOW SKILL IN REIGN OF SUB. SIX Desire, perhaps was the most conspicuous characteristic in a successful season, was apparent throughout this season among the reserves. The Sophomores and Juniors who made up the team always strived to develop teamwork and sportsmanship. The reserves quickly adjusted to their new coach Mr. Machleid, and under his watchful eye they blossomed into one of the best reserve teams ever to play in Allen Park. The reserves, with a very fine record of 8 and 6, terrorized other reserve teams with their deadly shooting and fantastic rebounding. TheJ.V. Jaguars left opponents with the feeling that Allen Park will be a lop notch basketball power for many years to come.GRAPPLERS THROUGH The Wrestling Team, one of the most popular in recent APHS history, fought to third place in the Suburban Six. Led by cocaptains Tom Firek and Doug DeMatteo, the team gained experience in that most of their 1st stringers are underclassmen. After losing many of their first string through graduation, the team developed new talent; and with the experience of the returning lettermen, it had a fair season. Coach Hogle forecasts a brighter future for his '65 team. 82DETERMINATION,TAKE THIRD PLACE IN SUB. SIX Front Row: John Kosidlo, James Mclnery, William Malett, Thomas Little, Thomas Picklo, Kenneth Schmidt. Second row: Jack Sakall, William Zolkowski, Jeffrey Armstrong, Gregory Firek, Charles Katona, Douglas DeMatteo, Coach Homer Hogle. Third Row: John Bernard, Gary Kliza, John Arabacki, Michael Uhring, Ronald Green, Gary Plas, Douglas Chevillet. 83Front Row: Dave Stymeist, Bob Clemens, Bob Jubb, Harry Ackley, Bob Lange, Walt Burlage, Paul Kanode, Larry DePompolo. Second Row: Manager Dennis Winkel, Manager Ross Langlet, Ass t Coach Curt Boiler, Coach Richard Hershberger, Tom Wiles, Dennis Seman, Marc Goulait, Laurie Wilson, Bob Hardina, Don Davis. John Witberg, Rick Martel, Tim Bechler, Doug Paglia, Earl Rennie. Third Row: Roger Huie, Jim Randall, Jim Beebe, Bob Clayton, Ron Carter, Louis Drapeau, Ken Wilkerson, John Wojciechowski, John Schweikart. TANKERS SET TEAM AND POOL RECORDS IN LEAGUE MEET This years' swimming team, comprised of experienced Juniors and Seniors, many of whom arc returning lettermen, gained an impressive record of 8 wins compared to 6 losses, while capturing 3rd place in the Suburban Six Conference. This year, though the league has been one of the roughest in history, the Tankers, led by co-captains Dave Stymeist and John Swickheart broke many pool and league records. The future looks bright for A.P.H.S., for only a few varsity lettermen are graduating. Another bright spot is the excellent record earned by the reserve team. Many members of the '64 reserves will be the core of the '65 Varsity. 85Front Row: Coach R. Tomes, Bob Ulrich, Sam Villella, Steve Weshalek, Larry Ferguson, Bob Marten, Paul Koral, Neil Reid, James Matsui. Second Row: Tom Firelc, Frank Ascione, Bob Simpson, Darrell Serapiglia, Bob Smith, Dick Matakas, Mike Sinkey, Dennis O'Connell, Keith Provost, manager. Third Row: Ken Williams, Leonard Mazglad,Jim Paling, Stan Szostek. John Feist, Craig Slater, John Lojewski, Bob Early—manager. THE APHS BASEBALL 86As the snow melted and the warm weather replaced the cold, the Varsity baseball team waited for another successful year on the diamond. The team members vigorously conditioned themselves in their pre-season workouts which were conducted in the gymnasium. This years' team, consisting mainly of seniors with experience and leadership, led the squad to a very good season record. This year Coach Tomes was very optimistic about the ability of his team and credits their successful record to their invigorating spirit, and hard work, as well as a well-balanced defense and much power at the plate. SQUADS ANTICIPATE A WINNING SEASON Reserve Baseball Front Row: Greg Four- nier, Glen Kaneko, Victor Indre, John Mangiapane, John Torok. Second Row: Coach Haboian, Ernie Reed. Terry Nickels, Dennis Page, Gary Coogan, Frank Trionfi. Third Row: Gary Klingler, Dennis Balough, Gary Phillips, Jim Jeffries, Bob Marten, Dick Schwardt. 87CINDERMEN DEVELOP DRILLED SQUAD This year's Cindermen, with their new coach Mr. Boiler, had one of their most challenging seasons in the Suburban Six League. With the experience of many returning lettermen, the team worked hard to make it a winning season. Added to the returning lettermen, a large group of underclassmen helped to build a strong, all-around team. With hard work and determination as well as the experience they will have from returning lettermen, the track team looks forward to next year as being another winning season. Front row: James Cammeron, Scott Aikman, Joe Tarris, Michael Szopo, Dan Millner, Dennis May, Glen Buday, Dave Varga, Thomas Wright, David Werner. Second row: Gavin Hamilton, John Lewandowski, James Am- monette, Ralph Jannazzo, William Kinney, Mike Czarnik, Robert Jubb, Philip Pollick, Michael Medley. Third row: Coach W. Curt Boiler, Alan Hutchenreuther, Richard Henderson, David Thomas, Robert Draper, Joseph Buda, , Dennis Trythail, Gregory Fedo, Gregory Tremonti, Assistant Coach Robt. Summers. Fourth row: Rudy Martin, Joe Rawson, Fred Beksa, Robert Nowicke, Gary McGuire, Jim Randall, Patrick McConegy, Charles Guess, James Beebe, John Witberg. 88Front Row: (L. to R.) Ronald Nelson, Kenneth Snodgrass, James Smith, James Lafferty, Henry Germain, Mel Bois, John Ferguson, David Muszynski, James Holzworth. Second Row: Timothy Bechler, Steven MacArthur, Laurie Wilson, John Jolokai, Kenneth Leiber, Larry Sears, David Clark, John McKay, Coach Richard Raabe. NETMEN PROMISE LEAGUE CROWN TO APHS Following the pace of captain Henry Ger main the 1964 tennis team coached by Mr. Raabe had one of its best seasons ever. The team was comprised mainly of experienced Juniors and Seniors, eight of whom were returning lettermen. Because of this, the team had a good chance of bringing the league crown back to A.P.H.S. and a good chance of having several boys place in the regional and state competition. Along with its competition activities, the team spent much time teaching basic strokes to the Sophomores who will be needed to replace the graduating Seniors.FIVE BEAUTIES REIGN OVER HOMECOMING 1963 Homecoming Queen: Gerry Stoklosa After the crowning, Co-captains Dick Matakas and Tom Firek presented the queen with a congratulatory kiss. The exciting climax of Homecoming was halftime when queen, Gerry Stoklosa, was identified by Dennis O'Connell, the Student Council President. He escorted her forward while the band played "The Sweetheart of Sigma Chi." A member of last year's court, Janette Addision, placed the ceremonial green velvet robe on her shoulders while Mr. Oatley presented her with a bouquet of red roses. At this time the two co-captains, Dick Matakas and Tom Firek placed the crown on her head and gave her the traditional kiss. Our A.P.H.S. homecoming queen was at this time also awarded the tide of Miss Torchy of Allen Park by Mayor Leo Paluch.93■ {.- AA "Days of Olde” sets the theme for Homecoming Allen Park High School's Homecoming of 1963 opened with a lively parade led by the A.P.H.S. marching band. All three classes and the Latin Club participated by entering colorful floats. Many other clubs were represented by decorated cars. The queen, Gerry Stoklosa, and her court which consisted of Jan Brown, Geri Fuzy, Cindy Jones, and Nancy Nelson, reigned over the traditional homecoming dance. This concluded homecoming for 1963 and became another treasured memory in the hearts of those who attended. We are grateful to the Student Council for one of the most beautiful homecomings ever. The first-place Senior float rides through the parade following ihe officers of this Class of '64. Boom, the big parade starts, lid by the Allen Park High School Band.The big night finally arrives and everyone seems to be enjoying himself immensely. The queen and her court await the grand march. 95Here conies Santa Claus, portrayed by Cordon Kardell. Talented voices Cert Fuzy. Dawn Roberts, and FJIcn Master greet Santa Claus. Christmas was found again in the hearts of students and faculty at Allen Park High. The annual Christmas Concert was a success again this year as Mr. Dyer led Robed Choir, Girls Glee, Boys Glee and the Concert Band to provide a wonderful spirit to all. 96and feelings of mirth bring yuletide spirit. Bob Stanczyk, the little guy with the big voice, thrilled the audience at the Christmas Concert. The band played many beautiful selections at the Christmas Concert. The clarinet section is shown doing their best to contribute their part. Boys Glee accompanied by March Wallace sang at their best to bring the spirit of Christmas Into the hearts of the audience.STUDENTS FIND OUTLET FOR DRAMATIC Peggy Randall applies makeup to Gordon Bardell before the Senior Play. Some of the most exciting and rewarding activities in which students may participate at A.P.H.S. are the various dramatic presentations staged throughout the year. Although the actors and actresses play the integral role of making these plays successful, the many behind-the-scenes people keep things running smoothly. Breaking a tradition this year, the Senior Class presented a comedy Pioneer, Go Home and the Junior Class did a serious drama, The Willow and . Both plays were highly successful. Students of all three classes cooperated in the presentation of two children's plays. The Emperor's New Clothes and The Dragon that Giggled. Gordon Bardell and Jim Holzworth, the local authorities, give the Kwimper Clan (Rich Bodnar. Scott Aikman, Gerry Harper. Nancy Kunnas, and Dawn Roberts) their final warning to leave the premises. 98TALENTS IN VARIOUS STAGE PRESENTATIONS In one of the scenes from the Junior Play, Duke (Keith Provost) shows his grandfather (Pat McConeghy) his dog Satchel while his father (John Grosso) looks on. During a rehearsal scene, Judy Bailey is shown arguing with John Grosso. Sue Rothfuss and Janice Smith rehearse the highly emotional suidde scene in the Junior Play. 99FAIR PROVIDES EVENING OF FUN AND PROFIT Judy Bailey and Mike Hluchaniuk work at the Student Council’s "Jumbo Barrel Toss' which was very popular with younger students. Marti Halavan and Pat Clover look as a youngster tries to win a "lucky buck." 100FOR A.P.H.S. STUDENTS AND ORGANIZATIONS Student Council members Dennis O'Connell and Sue Bay discuss the working schedule for council and Allen Club members. The Allen Park High School Fair sponsored by the Student Council is a traditional activity that students look forward to each year with great enthusiasm. Under the leadership of the Student Council and the cooperation of many clubs and all the classes, it proves to be a colorful exhibition that is also very profitable. This year the booths competed for ribbons. Le Cercle Fran-cais won first place with their sidewalk cafe while the Junior Class took second with their Tintype Studio. Le Tricolore, the other French club, placed third with their original color pan game.STUDENTS OF A.P.H.S. ARE CANDIDLY CAPTURED The Girls' Quartet, composed of Ann DeCarli, Rita Perrin, Marcia Uren, and Margaret Gleason, sings one of their numbers at the Senior Talent Show. 102 Sue Kothfass gaily wipes her hands on her shirt after applying makeup for the Senior Play.IN VARIOUS MOODS AND EXPRESSIONS Ed Puskas humbly listens to Cert Fury's 'friendly" criticism. The true feelings of the students at A.P.H.S. are shown through their expressions. Some are very surprised to be caught in the act of being themselves. The easy-going, laughing manner in which the students behave between classes is seen in these pictures. Seniors can also look back at these pictures and recapture their wonderful Senior year. Diane Planner Jokes with a friend between classes 103SOPHOMORES The Sophomore class made good use of its first year at APHS. With the help of the whole class, their entry in the Homecoming Parade, "Conquer 'Em," was very successful. Under the leadership of their officers, they undertook many profitable projects such as bake sales, their successful basketball dance, the sale of class pins, and their dance, the Sophomore Social, held on May 15. The Sophomores have truly proved themselves and are anxiously looking forward to their junior and senior years at APHS. Barb Take! (Vice Pres.), Sarah Mcflroy (Sec.), Barb Blackmon (Treas.), Bruce Quick (Pres.) The Sophomore float takes shape as flowers are attached. Marc Goulait appears to enjoy his lunch despite on-lookers. 106Busy Sophomores work on various booths at the annual School Fair. 10710-1 Row 1: F.llen Bingham. Karen Bigdow, Judi Bernabci. Mbs Bowman. Jane Benedict. Diane Bernard Row 2: Judy Bening. Barb Blackman. Janis Briand, Claudia Boris, Sheila Billings, Anne Bczvcrkov Row 3: Tim Bdl, Larry Brandcberry, Ronald Benn, Donald Bernardini. JoAnn Bommarito, lane Beier Row 4: Joe Bono. Tim Begley, Dennis Bernson. Terry Blanton, Dan Bragunier, Cathy Brav Row 5: Fred Bcksa. Dennis Bcrtouille. Jim Berendt, Jim Bendick. Jim Beebe, Tim Bcchlcr EFFORTS WERE COMBINED SUCCESSFULLY IN 10-2 Row 1: Carol Anderson, Carolyn Ashe, Jill Basalyga, Mr. Bauman, Kathy Adams, Marese Ames Row 2: Steve Ambrose, Al Asteriou, Alan Bakas, Ken Atwood, Jim Allen, Dianne Anderson Row 3: Pat Bartley, Linda Basman, Sharon Barazsu, Glessna Barabas, Guy Alfano, Jim Amoneue, John Arabucki Row 4: Martin Balle, Lon Baum, Jim Andonian, Cindy Bay, Sue Adaline, Betty Balias, Donna Anderson, Carla Bakewdl 10810-3 Row 1: I.lnda Burye, Brenda Bullock, Miss Buschmann, Susan Cargill. Beggv Bryan. Karen Bush Row 2: Barbara Caird. Gayle Brown, Tom Brown, David Browickl, Karen Buday, Donna Bush, Linda Campbell Row 3: Pal Curgio, Lyn Carpenter. Brenda Brown. SheiTi Cardinal!, Sue Burns, Sherry Cartledge, Lila Carleton Row 4: Ron Cayce, Ron Carter, Les Brozman, Ron Broniak, Gasper Buono, Walt Burlage Row 5: Paul Busby. Jim Burrows. Nick Butskaris, Bill Carrasco, Les Bruner, Bill Calder HOMECOMING FLOAT "CONQUER ’EM.” 10-4 Row 1: Linda Compton, Sandi Clelland, Sandi Danaher, Mrs. Cox, Unda Cianfarani, Darlene Daniels, Wendy Coil Row 2: Dianne Crain, Kim Dalton, Carol Childress, Sandy Chruscld, Kathy Cunningham, Deidre Corey Row 3: Richard Conley, Michael Corradi. Fred Cook, Steve Crider. David Clark, John Chlipala. Joe Cheek Row 4: Ham' Clark, Mike DaRonco. Don I ’Alessandro, Clark Davis. Harry Cutting, Gary Coogan, Tom Coffee Row 5: John Ciotti, Bill Daly, Jim Cunningham, Jeff Covington, Tom Clune, Donald Davis, Chris Daley, E. North Coleman 10910-5 Row 1: Elizabeth Dcmitjian, Darlene Destrampe. Mrs. Kerns, Jaynlne Eaton, Barb Defrov Row 2: Chris Dunchesen, Judy Estes. Elizabeth Erwin, Cherryl Doege, Unda Dotninczyk. Pat Dever Row 3: Bill Donaldson. Cindy Donaldson. Pam DesJardins. Kathy Dombek, Pam Demorow, Vicki Ebding Row 4: Robert Early, Herb Drouillard, Jem Ebd, John Dellas, Claudia DeMarco. Candy Egan Row 5: Dan Ely, Ken Dowling. Bob Draper, George Dinneweth, Ricky Dunn. Larry Digasbarro, Jim Dodds WITH A COMPETITIVE SPIRIT AND MUCH 10-6 Row 1: Maureen Gibbons, Nancy Giarola, Mr. Lawrence Bocs, Dorothy Foley, Marilou Flmmen Row 2: Linda Fcrrante, Unda Fczzey. Kathy Germek, Cynthia Fields, Esther Goltry. Sandy Falahee Row 3: Kathy Franklin, Judy Ganos, Cindy Fadool, Cathy Fraser, Unda Clowacky Row 4: Vincent Fregonara, Tom Flshwlck, Greg Fountain, Bob GIBSON-Jill Foran Row 5: Iarry Ferguson, Larry Gildo, Jerry Garavaglia, Greg Fournier, Darrd Forlntos, John Fodo, Wayne Frasier 110107 How 1: Merrill Hagens. Candy Hamilton. Mr. Boiler, Robert Gunther, Bcckie Harper Row 2: Art Haddock. Marianne Gregory. Cindy Gumtow, Marilyn Gora-Jek, Candy Cuth, Richard Hannon Row 3: Larry Hauser. Paul Guthrie, John Golovich. Jim Hanik. Tom Gronos. Fred Hall Row 4: Ray Greene, Henry Grosso, John Hartman. Ben Goodeil, Marc Gouiait, Ron Green DETERMINATION SOPHOMORES SOLD CLASS PINS 10-8 Row 1: Gcorgiana Hobach, Linda Herod. Mrs. Hdene Weeber, Beverly Holfeltz, Chris Jaynes Row 2: Stuart Hyke, Joanne Hotneszyn, Christine Janky, Cheryl Hunting. Diane House, Chris James Row 3: John Hodges, Dale Herrlman, Phil Howard, Bob Herrgard, John Ibey Row 4: Richard Henderson, Tom Jablonski, Robbin Ibbetson. Victor Indre. Steve Hegedus Row 5: Jerome Hough, Mike Horrigan. Chuck Holmes, Ralph Jannazzo, Bob Holswarth, Keith Howey 111■an 10-9 How 1: Rose Klacza, Sue Johnston, Mr. Mihatsch, Irene Karibian, Cheryl Kaiser Row 2: Pat Klacza, Judy Jones, Janice Kinsky. Karen Johannes Row 3: Victor Kasperskl. Nancy Jeffrey. Mike Jordan. Donna Kilroy, Donald Kilroy Row 4: John Kimbdl, Tern' Kent, Glenn Jones, Glen Kancko, George Knowles Row 5: Jim Jeffrey, Chris Klaassen, Cary Klingler, Larry Kalmar, George A. Jolokai CONTINUING THE CUSTOM OF ALLEN PARK 10-10 Row 1: Brenda Uvcoak, Maddeine Kocslako, Miss Smith. Pat Kubala, Linda Koppitch Row 2: Sandy Koos, Chris Ixschner. Janice Kroll, larane Lakatos. Gloria Kowalchik, Yvonne LaPlante Row 3: Mike Lafferty, Marllou Lovera, Irene Kowalczyk, Cheryl Kwas nieski, Kd iJsiccki Row 4: John Lewandowski. Greg Linvillc. Gregg Locher, Don Loughrey, Allen Lewis, Gary Laehn Row 5: Mike Kwlatkowskl. Leonard landing, Ray Labdle, Ken Lochner, Ron Krtebd 11210-11 How 1: Judy Maas, Chris Marcos. Patricia Marten, Linda Merrill, Linda Magalotti How 2: Jim Mclncmey, Monica Maloney'. Pal Meridith, Mary Ann Marshall. Pat McLaren How 3: Leo Mantago, Sarah Mcllory, Dianne McCraw, Melanie Jeanne Manard. Connie Macomber How 4 Paul Marvin, Marty Matsvi, John McKay, Bob Lucas, Bruce Mazeika, Joyce Meshinski Row 5: Kurt Mazag, Johnny Medved, Robert Martin. James Maniccia, Stan Malek HIGH, SOPHOMORES ORDERED CLASS RINGS. 10-12 How 1: Margie Moon, Cathy Moore, Mrs. Koschnttzke, Donna New-some, Kathleen New land How 2: Patricia Murphy, Charlotte Milotz, Chris Niemcek, Nancy Nagel, Fran Mosden. Linda Nack Row 3: Phil Nagy, Sharon Miller, Karen Murray, Clyde Muse. Ellen Musa, Pat Misicwicz Row 4: Steve Molivar, Terry Nickels. Bill Murrell. John Nadrowski. Bruce Nickerson, Dale Nictzd Row 5: John Niefert, Bill Miler. James Nemeth. Robert Nowicke. Danny Niespial. Roy Nuffer. Larry Musso 1131013 Kow 1: Karen Perlaki, Doris Oakes, Mrs. Nueniann, Judy Panozzo, Jane Parsons Row 2: Barbara Para, Sara Pettit, Linda Pearson, Cheryl Pachuia, Judi Osbron Row 3: Shirley Parks, Nancy Olson, Susan Palczvnski. Pal Oslnski, Kathy Perdonik, Helen Panic, JudieParr Row 4: Ken ())ala, John Ogen. James Oddo. Gary O'Connor, Gan’ Pdl, Mike Osman Row 5: Toni Paris!, Jim Paling, Gregory' Patera, Doug Paglia, Dennis Page SOPHOMORES ANXIOUSLY AWAIT THEIR 1014 Row I. Sue Price, Tim Reilly. Sue Presley, Angelina Rinna, Renee Reilly, Jan Rariden Row 2: Donn Polnicky, Phil Poliick, Madelyn Raether, Sherri Rein, Arlene Pkrioni Row 3: Martha Rabeyshoff. Fran Reneau, Nancy Rolando, Jan Rennie Row 4 Mr. Raahs, Mike Piche, Jerry Protiva. Bruce Quick, Ron Pokorskl 11410-15 Row 1: Candy Shade. Pat Schmidt, Linda Seabloom, Cindy Seal Id, Linda Sherwood Row 2: Sheila Sassone, Linda Schwoco, Cindy Sandor, Nanci Schulke, iJnda Rosbury, Lynda Scguin Row 3: Cary Schippling. Dennis Rushlau, Pete Scoulll. Cary Scoddlaro. George Roulo Row 4: Doug Shelley, Larry Sears. Dennis Scman. Bob Schcd, Denny Royce Row 5: Dick Schwandt, Dick Ruetz, Bob Shankie, Mike Scroeder, Bill Ross NEXT TWO YEARS AT ALLEN PARK 10-16 Row 1: Sherry Sobaszek. Joann Stoklosa. Mr. Smith, Sue Stanis, Call Smith Row 2: Pam Smith, Brenda Stede. Freda Sing. Les Sokol, Don Smith Row 3: Cindy Srynlawski, Carol Sonagere, J ackle Stowe, Annette Smolak, Karen Smith Row 4: Patrick Smith, Bob Sippola, Henry Sleath. George Slater. Ron Stedeo, DaveSplan Row 5: Don Sikora, Cary Stader. John Somers, George Stapleton. Don Smith 1151017 How I: Lorene Sutton, Marilyn Tye, Mr. Sarkisian, Barb Takei, Ann Tamas Row 2: Patricia SwiCTzb, Gloria Thomas, Lin Thibodeau. Stephanie Thompson, Diane Szakalos, JoAnn Tamoshunas How 3: Nick Tarcia, Cynthia Torok, Kathy Tlsot, JoAnn Svitkovlch, Faye Swart zbaugh Row 4: Walt Tyza, Judy Szalay, Cathy Turis, Greg Tremontl, John Torok, Morey Tanner Row 5: David Thomas, Tom Tolzdorf, Frank Trionfi, Jim Szostek, Jim Tucker SOPHOMORES EMPLOY TEAMWORK IN 10-18 Row 1: Gwyn Van Sickd, Lena Villdla, Linda Wcnsd, Ruth Watt, Elsie VanWulfen. Carole Westrick, Sharyl Walters Row 2: Mr. Zittleman. Jim Van Sickd, Marie Valint, Dianne Wadddl. Tari Umbarger, Mary Beth VanCooley, Gerald Weyand Row 3: Patrick Wagd, Richard Vincent, Dave Wainio, Steve Weshalek, Ernest Weibcnberger Row 4. Mark Whiter. Dave Werner, Theodore Walker, Gregory Wenz I off, MikeVhring, Brace WhttcombeSophomores help build their float, ’Conquer ’Em’ by making flowers. Action is prevalent at the Spinster Hop, ’Take Him He's Yours. CONSTRUCTION OF FLOAT, "CONQUER ’EM.” 10-19 Row 1: Mary Williams, Sandra Yankowskl, Mr. George Donigan. Donna Zuppa, Cynthia Winter Row 2: Donna Wilson, Mallory Zeicgl, Karen Wise, Rosemary Wkropol-ski, Pam Wisner, Sue Yoakam Row 3: BUI Zolkowskt, Paul Zuke., Glenn Yank, Chris Woertlnk, Terry Wolf, Martin Wolickl, Tom WUes Row 4: Lowell Wright, Charles Zimmerman. David Williams, Ron Yok-lev. Arthur Zuiani Row 5: Jim Wllk, John Witberg, Dick Wigglnton, Doug Young, John Wojciechowski, Mike WilliamsThe class of '64 found its junior year also the Year of the Dragon. Like a dragon, the class jumped on various opportunities to breathe a little fire. This fiery atmosphere gave birth to the homecoming float, the Santa Maria of Columbus. The class sponsored dance, "Autumn's Eve," was a great success and helped prepare the treasury for financing the Junior Prom, "Exotica," which was the highlight of the class's year. Based on an oriental theme, it proved to be an enjoyable and memorable evening for all who attended. In April the class presented The Willow and I, the Junior Play. The Washington trip was awaited by almost 90 juniors to cap this year's activities. Pal McConeghy ( Pres.), Don Mayer (Vice Pres.), Donna Aron (Treas.), Pal Holthan (Sec) took again its not Columbus but the second-place Junior float "We’re Headin' fo a Wind." 118 Unusual decorations enhanced the romantic atmosphere at the Junior Prom. Based on an oriental theme, 'Exotica,” the Junior Prom, proved to be a memorable evening for all who attended. Jim Ruehle looks forward to New York and Washington, D.C., as he works at the Washington Club refreshment stand. Pat Glover tosses a whipped-cream pie at Marti Halavan while at the Juniors pie throwing booth. 11911-1 Row 1: Sharon Banachowski. Cheryl Allen, Carol Renvin, Miss Brown. Pam Balle. Sharon Baines. Mary Adcock Row 2: JoAnn Adams. Larry Aitkens, Jerry A likens, Linda Bechler, Donna Aron, Lyn Armstrong, Tom Aikinson. John Bernard R« w 3: Joe Adaline, Reggie Asplit. Maureen Bates. Harry Ackley, Cheryl Baird, Judy Bailey, Helena Andonian Row 4: Linda Bernier, Jean Bachmann. Jackie Bernth. Mary Bearman, Anna Albanese, Linda Bartholomew. Andrea Alberts, Walt Andrews Row 5: Larry Adams. Ed Barnett. Don Anderson, Joe Alula, John Achatz, Henry Aherasturi, Man- Baka UNIQUE HOMECOMING FLOAT, "WE’RE HEADIN 11-2 Row 1: Pamela Bolam. Josephine Blca, Carol Bruening, Mr. Allen, Theresa Caparaotta, Susan Cady, JoAnn Brandd Row 2: Sandie Cary, Diane Burch, Suzanne Bryan, Nancy Brainard, Nancy Broderick, Nancy Binder. Cynthia Capdiarl Row 3: Cynthia Boryski. I.awercncc Bicrta, John Boucher, William Boda, Sharon Bowlin, Mary Ellen Bogart Row 4: Mary Jo Capra, Dennis Bronick, James Bowens, Roger Brlttoln, Lewis Blatnik, Robert Bruer, Linda Bobrocky Row 5: Eugene Blahntk. James Comerson, William Cashmore, Dennis Brady, Grcgery Busick, Joseph Buda 12011-3 Row 1: Ler Cuddy. Barbara Copley, Betty Jane Chippewa, Mr. Bullion, Uuda Coward. Denise Corey, Patty Chavkowski How 2: Pamela Coury, David Clifton. John Constantakis. Robert Clemens, Linda Critchfield, Leslie (’lark How 3: Kathy Cutting. Kama Clark. Carol Christy. Sandy Croo. Cyn- thia Dayton, Cindi Chimside How 4 Mike Czarnik. Leo Chinnavare, John Cowar. Hon Chuby, Bruce Cooke. Pat Darin How 5: Marvin Conover, Tom Clark, John Chuby. Bill Cinnock. Doug Chevlllet. Ron Davies, Bob Dcmeijian FOR A WIN’D” CAPTURED SECOND PLACE. 11-4 How 1: Cheryl Farnsworth, Janet Duda. Jane Eakin, Mr. Milldonis, Cheryl Farley, Sherry Dovelle, Mary Jane Decmanian Row 2: Rory Donati, Mary Ann Kggleson, Barb Duncan, Karen Ebbing, Marlene harkas, Ricki Donofrio. Linda Due)', Joyce Dickelman Row 3: Vicki Edwards, Dan Doege, Elmer Drouillard, Nancy Dl Musto, Janine Eckmeter. Linda Downey, Kathy Dennison Row 4; John Domenczyk, Donald Dreff, Joe Dusek, John Kearncombe. Larry DePompolo. Bob Kearncombe Row 5: Steve Detvay, Kim Dunzilla, Bob Eskie. Melvvn Dipple. Tom Falahee, Ben Dicaudio, Ray Duncanson 12111-5 How 1: Connie Codlewski. Arlene Cenotti, Sharon Glus, Mr. Rafail, Peggy Ferguson. Nancy’ Frabotta. Ren ay Fenoglio Row 2: Jackie Cdoncck. Sheryl Callinat. Becky Fero, Pal Galuska. Virginia Gemiek. Pal Glover Row 3: Pat Frye, Judy Flockoetier, Sue Podge, Gloria Garland, Shirley Ford, Lyn Griffin. Pal Gergd Row 4: Don Gorski, Sue Gregory, Don George, Ken Gates, Dan Freeman, Ron Frontmen Row 5: Charles Cates. Gary Foster, Jeff German, Cary’ Fischer, Richard Fralser, Les Gallagher. Jim Griffin JUNIORS RECEIVED THEIR CLASS RINGS WHICH 11-6 Row 1: Kathy Hodges. Pat Holihan, Carol Hicks, Miss Graves, Donna House, Maryann Honer, Barbara Hodge Row 2: Florence Horvath, Sharon Hind, iJnda Harrison, Sue Hockle, Michde Hawley, Cynthia Harris, ManiHalavan Row 3: Ron Howie, Dave Harvey, Mike Hasler, Jennifer Hollatz, Chris- tine Hicks, Chris Horvath Row 4; Rkrk Heidrich, Mike Herod, Gavin Hamilton, Tony Cronos, Tim Haydon, Bill Hillen, MdodieGroat Row 5: Bob Harding. Kip Horvath, John Grosso, Tom Hanik, Don Grundtnan, Jim Hamilton, Monty Haight 12211-7 How 1: Anne Johnson, Connie Kent, Sherry Irwin. Mr. Kossik. Beverly Hy lander, Margaret Kdley, Nancy Johnson Row 2: Sue Janson, Carolyn Keefer, Connie Johns, Barbara Jordanek, Linda Kerr, Cathy Joyce Ron- 3: Barb Kazan, Millie Katona, Chris Kaezvnuski. Bernadette Japko, Maureen Kearney Row 4: Bob Jubb, Rick Hutchison. Bob Keys, Norby Jenkins. Gregg Jeffery, Pete Kersten Row 5: Alan Hutchenreuther, Barry Kamasky, Neal Kennedy, Larry Hull, Chuck Keller. Roy James, Barb Kanyo SYMBOLIZE THEIR STATUS AS UPPERCLASSMEN. 11-8 Row 1: Pat Kroll, Lynda Leonhard, Lorraine Kubala, Mr. Tyson. Pat Kosowan. Rita Kraynak, Diane Kliza Row 2: Sharon Lavlctoire, Kay Kinney, JoAnn Lazo, Marilyn Lasck, Diane Lambert. Emily Kutscher, Julie Kovach, Emily Knight Row 3: Don Lavnlcre, Ed Lesniowski. Jack Kosidlo. Diana Kunkd, Nancy Lebcck, Donna Kocsis, Jane Klein Row 4: Michad Lavignc. Richard Lavack. William Kinney, Larry Klop-fcr. Bruce Kindred. George Kishigian, John Kiraly Row 5: Bob Lange, Ken Kucharski, Paul Kwasniewski. Jim Koval, Rick Lake, Ron Lake, Paul Koval 12311-9 Row 1: JoAnn Lisk, Dorothy Lynch, Pamela Martin, Mrs. Greenman, Lana Lovdady Kathleen Maheux, Carol Maheux Row 2: Margie Mack. Pat Mann, Phyllis Lorence. Rita May, Rose Marie Loucra Linda Mastantuono Row 3: Lenore Mardon, Tom Little. Bill Nlalett, Sharon Marich, Vic Manzon. Steve Macarthur, Kathy Lorincz Row 4: Richard Martd. Don Mayer, James MatouL Dave Mattivi, Lam- Martino. George Manoogian. Leslie Linville, John Lojewski Row 5: Rudy Martin. Bob Loula, Chuck Lorenz, Len Mazglad, Gregg Marr. Doug Macoll. Bill MacLeod MYSTERY AND BEAUTY OF THE ORIENT 11-10 Row 1: Deanna MdlcT, Marianne Milidonis, Cathy McCreery, Mr. La-vine, Norma McDougal. Roberta Montavon, Barbara McAnally Row 2: Kathy McFeaters, Kathy Moore, Elaine McIntosh, Carla Mosley, Linda Myers, Gail Moskal Row 3: Tom McCaskey, Howard Morey, Pat McIntyre, Doris McLand, Leslie Muszynskl, Bonnie McLean Row 4 Sharon Mosden, Mike Medley. Bob Medlen, Jim Meeker, John Moore Michad Metivier Row 5: Gary McFadden, Jim Morehead, Pat McConeghy, Gary Milton, Dennis Moore, George Mowatt, Tom Mclnemey 12411-11 How 1: Loretta Pcrrltt, Karen Paisley, Miss Shuput, Pat Norbury, Paulette Nad row ski How 2: Rosemary Pesta, Georgie Anne Pauli, Donna Penman, Linda Nagy, Heather Neuman, Linda Penney Row 3: Janis Perry, Shervl Palczynski, Carol Pearson, Irene Panik. Kathy O'Donnell, Pat Naczas, Jeanne Nowitzke Row 4: Linda Paapc, Mike Pfaffenberger, Oscar Petoskey, Jim Patton. Ron Nelson, Mike Nagy Row 5: Bob Passiak, Tom Newman, Dan Nowark, Richard Paul, Ron Pear, Fred Paflhausen, Sharon Nack HIGHLIGHTED THE JUNIOR PROM "EXOTICA.” 11-12 Row 1: Sue Prior, Norma Plaunt, Mr. Hogle, Diane Platteter, Lois Plummer Row 2: Irene Pinckes, Roseanne Rossi, Cecilia Rosa, Sandy Redder. Marcia Rodgers, Janet Pratt Row 3: Larry Rodgers, Jack Reeves, Judy Puttcomer, Keith Provost, Walter Ross, Jack Quail Row 4: Jim Place, Bill Rose, Mike Radecki. Don Porter. Dan Rosbury, Neil Reid, Randy Rinna Row 5: Armond Pierce, Lam' Pratt, Gary Prevost, Jerry Powell, Joe Rawson, Mike Robinson, Jon Richards 125 11-13 Row 1: Donna Schllkc, Nancy Scovill, Miss Reck. Cynthia Sermack, Chris Sherwood Row 2: Chris Schultz, Lois Sanfillppo, Janis Sabo. Sue Rothfuss, Carol Roulo. Maribcth Simpson Row 3: Sandra Slater. Janis Showalter, Bonnie Schratt. Joyce Stmko, Annette Rubis, Joyce Scofidd, Ruth Schonfdd Row 4: Doug Shepherd, David Sisbe, Jim Rutkowski. Tim Sandor. Bob Ruzanski, Bob Rowland, Terry Smart. Jim Ruehle Row 5: Iarry Schmidt, Ray Scerba. Craig Slater, Bill Scopis, Rick Siea-rist, Darrdl Serapiglia. Bob Simpson JUNIORS LOOK FORWARD TO WORLD’S FAIR 11-14 Row 1: Ginny Suter. Juanita Smock, Mary Sturock, Mrs. Fisher, Sharon Spcna. Janice Smith, Judy Smith Row 2: Ilona Staszkiewicz, Nancy Taylor, Kathy Taylor, Jacki Stacey, iJnda Stechison, Norma Smith. Judy Smith Row 3: Bob Stanczyk. Bruce Summers, Dennis Stover. Bonnie Tabor, Joan Sonagere, Rosemary Smith. Jan Strunk Row 4: Bill Stoddard, MikeSzopo, Richard Szpyrka. John Tamas, Tom Smith, Larry Tanner Row 5: Ed Tail, Ken Snodgrass, Bob Smith. Jim Smith, Louie Svitkovich, Jerome Tabbert, Sam Tarufdli 1261115 How 1: Sandy Vartanian, Sandy Wallschlager, Mrs. Robinson, Barbara Thompson. Rita Tucker How 2: Pam Wagner, Jeanne Warden, Diane Varner, Barb Wagner, Pat Thibodeau, Betty Wagner Row 3: Dennis Trythall, Linda Wever, Bonnie Voight, Diane Trythall, Janet Webb, Sam Villdla Row 4: Paul Tcdesuo, Bill Weber, Larry Tocco, Dave Tucker, Bob Ulrich, Tom Trenasty Row 5: Dennis Terry, Patrick Tracy. Dana Varner. Tom Thompson, Bill Tolstyka WHICH IS ON WASHINGTON CLUB AGENDA 11-16 Row 1: JoAnn Zimmer, Crystal Winsten, Ronald Walker, Geneva Willett, Tonla White Row 2: Barb Wozntak, Denise Zava, Sandra Winkei, Virginia Wilcox, Sandy Zantop, Sue Wolf Row 3: I,arry Yates, Mary Zuker, Toni Williams, Barb Wilson, Morris Zumberg Row 4: Dennis Young, Barry Willnson, Terry Wldener, Laurie Wilson, Dennis Winkei, Dennis Wilson Row 5: Steve Zachorski, Gary White, Kenneth Wllerson, Ken Williams, Jeffery Wilson, Harold Wilkes 127SENIORS LOOK BACK UPON A YEAR FILLED WITH The photographer catches Senior Class officers Scott Aikman (Vice-Pres.), Nancy Kunnas (Treas.), John Feist (Pres.), and Peggy Randall (Sec.) for a quick picture between classes. From the day when we first encountered the halls of APHS, we've developed into a strong and closely knit class. Ours was the first class to be split between the High School and the South Junior High, but that didn't stop us. We got a strong foothold, and when we joined for our sophomore year, we participated in activities with an enthusiastic will which carried through our junior year. Many were the bake sales and other fundraising drives for our treasury. Our senior year got into full swing with Homecoming just four weeks after the start of school. Our first-prize float, "Victory is Hours," united us with enthusiastic class participation. Soon followed our Senior Play, "Pioneer, Go Home," Christmas tree sales, our dunking booth and dance at the school fair, and the Talent Show. To crown our last year were our prom and skip day. As we 444 seniors marched down the aisle at commencement, many were the mixed emotions of regret for leaving the activity of school life and, at the same time, anticipation and expectation as to what the future would hold for us. JEANINE ANNE ACKLEY College Prep-Dramatics Club 2,3,4; Le Cerde Fran-cais 2,3,4; Jr. Play 2,3,4; Sr. Play 3,4(Student Director); Washington Club 3. JACK RICHARD ADAMS College Prep-Football 1,2,3,4; Varsity Club 3,4; Basketball 1,2. PECCY FRANCES ADAMS Arts-Glrls’ Glee 4. WILLIAM SCOTT AIKMAN College Prep-Baseball 2; Basketball 2; Cross Country 3; French Club 4; Gymnastics 2; Jr. Play 3; Sr. Play 4; Track 3,4; Washington Club 3; Class Vice-President 4. DONALD LEIGH AKERLEY General-Boys’ Glee 4. EILEEN MARIE ALEX Business-Booster Club 2; Business Club 4; Girls' Glee 2,3,4; Jaguar Journal 2; Library Assistant 3. 130LASTING REWARDS AND FOND MEMORIES MARY ANN ALLEN College Prep-Band 2,3.4; Debate Team 3; Jaguar Journal 3; Library Assistant 2; Press Club 3; Washington Club 3. PATRICIA ANNE ALLEN College Prep-Dramatics Club 4; FT A 4; Humanities Club 4; JCL 2,3,4; Science Club 4; SP R 2,3; Washington Club 3; Transferred from Elizabeth Forward High School, Elizabeth, Penn. 2. ROBERT CARL ANDERSON, JR. College Prep-Basketball 1 3( Mgr.); Football (Var. Mgr.) 1.2,3,4; Junior Honor Sodety 13; Varsity Club 2,3,4. RONALD CHARLES ANDERSON Arts FRANCIS JOHN ARDANOWSKI College Prep-Cross Country 2,3; Math Club 4; Rowing 1; Future Engineers 2; Varsity Club 2,3,4. JEFFREY JAMES ARMSTRONG College Prep-Boys' Glee 1; Football 1,2; Gymnastics 1,2,3; Robed Choir 2,3,4; Wrestling 4. FRANK JOSEPH ASCIONE College Prep-Baseball 1,2,3,4; Football 1,2,3; Humanities Club 4; Jaguar Journal 2,3,4(Ed.); Press Club2,3(Pres.),4(Pres.); Spanish Club2,3. NANCY GAIL AUSTIN College Prep-Booster Club 1,2; FTA 1,2,3; GAA 1,2,3; Imprint 4; JCL 1,23.4; Jaguar Journal 4; Junior Honor Society 13; Press Club 4; Senior Honor Society 3,4; SP iR 13; VCY 13- MARTHA JEAN BAILEY Ceneral-Aquettes 2,3; Booster Club 1; Cheerleader 1; Girls' Glee 2,3,4; VCY 13.3. FRANCES ANN BALAS College Prep ERVIN BANTIS Business-Boys' Glee 133,4; Football 133; Robed Choir 2,3,4(Pres.); Rowing 1. JAMES JOHN BARBARICH Arts-Baseball 2. GORDON REID BARDELL College Prep-Boys' Glee 3; Football 3; Robed Choir 4; Sr. Hay 4; Track 3,4. RONALD BARGER Arts DAVID JOHN BARON College Prep-Gymnastics 133; Future Engineers 2. 131SUE ELLEN BAY College Prep-Aqueties 2,3(Sec.), 4; Booster Club 2,3.4; Le Cerde Francais 1333; FTA 2; CAA 2,3,4; Student Council 3,4; Washington Club 3. GAIL DARLENE BECHLER Business-Library Assistant 4. JAMES MICHAEL BELL Ind. Arts-Gymnastics 3. NANCY LEE BENHAM College Prep-ENA 2; FTA 2,3.4; GAA 2,3; Girls Glee 2,3; Junior Honor Society 1; Robed Choir 4; Spanish Club 2,3. WILLIAM CHARLES BERNARD Business RICHARD DENNIS BERNARDO College Prep-Baseball 1,2,3,4; Basketball 1. AS SCHOOL OPENS, SENIORS WORK TO MAKE GREGORY BRUCE BEST College Prep-Math Club 4; Future Engineers 2. KATHLEEN ANN BLASCAK College Prep-Majorettes 1,2,4; FHA 4; Humanities 4; JCL 133.4; Jaguar Journal 3,4; Press Club 3,4 (Sec.); Spanish Club 2,3,4; SPQR 1,2,3,4. RICHARD JOHN BODNAR College Prep-Boys' Glee 4; Rifle Club 1,2,3,4(Pres.); Track 3; Jr. Play 3; Sr. Play 4; Washington Club 3. JUDY KATHLEEN BOGCESS Business-Booster Club 2; Junior Honor Society 2. MELVILLE ROMA BOIS College Prep-Basketball 1; Humanities Club 4; Tennis 1,23,4; Varsity Club 3,4; Washington Club 3. N A DENE CAROLYN BOLD) Business DONNA JEAN BOLTON Business-Girls' Glee 2; Robed Choir 3,4. CERALD STEVEN BOROS General-Football 13; Rowing 1. EDITH ANN BOZANICH College Prep-Booster Club 2,3,4; Jaguar Journal 13,3(Ass't Ed.), 4(Ass't Ed.); Junior Honor Society 2; Press Club 133,4; Science Club 2,3,4; Spanish Club 133.4 132The sparkling Senior Float, "Victory Hours," is drawn into the parking lot while admirers look on. Dennis O'Connell inspects the frame of the Sr. Float before attaching the last part HOMECOMING THE BEST GLORIA DARLENE BRADFORD College Prep-Booster Club 4; Dramatics Club 2.3.4; FHA 2,3,4(Hist X Girls1 Glee 2,3,4; JCL 1,2,3,4; SI K 1,2,3; Washington Club 3. JOHN WILLIAM BRADY College Prep-Band 1,23,4; Camera Club 1; Press Club 3; Science Club 1; Swimming 1. PAUL WILLIAM BRATTEN College Prep-Baseball 13.3.4; Boys1 Glee 4; Football 13,3,4; Jr. Play 3; Varsity Club 4; Washington Club 3; Transferred from Melvindale High School, Melvindale, Mich. 2. BRUCE ALLEN BRE1SCH College Prep-Band 2,3,4; Baracuda Club 3; Cross Country 2,3(Co-Capt.), 4; Math Club 4; Rowing 1; Swimming 13,3; Track 2; Varsity Club 2,3,4; Washington Club 3. GAY LYNN BREMNER College Prep-FTA 2,3.4; Humanities Club 4; Junior Honor Society 13; Senior Honor Society 3,4; Spanish Club 2; Washington Club 3. MARY ELIZABETH BRICKEY Business-FIIA 2,3. JANET EUZABF2TH BROWN College Prep-Alien Club 4; Booster Club 2,3.4; Dramatics Club 2.3.4; FHA 3.4( Vlce-Pres); Girls'Glee 2; Homecoming Attendant 4; Imprint 4; Library Assistant 3; Robed Choir 3,4(Trcas.). ROY WILLIAM BRYANS lnd. Arts GLENN ROBERT BUDAY lnd. Arts-Track 13.3.4; Varsity Cluh 3,4 133JOANNE EMIUE BURLAGE Business-Band 1.2,3,4; French Club 3; Washington Club 3. JANET GAYLE BURNETT College Prep-FNA 3,4 BETTY ELLEN BURROWS College Prcp-Allen Club 4, Debate Team 2; Dramatics Club l(Pres ), 2.3(Treas), 4( Vicc-Pres); FTA 4; Girls' Glee 3,4; Humanities Club 4; Jaguar Journal l(Co-Ed), 2(News Ed ); Junior Honor Society 1; Jr. Play 2,3,4(Student Director); Library Assistant 3; Press Club 2; Science Club 4; Sr. Play 4; Washington Club 3. MARILYN KAY BURTON Business-Business Club 4; Rifle Club 2. DENNIS CRAIG CALHOUN Business-Football 1,3; Gymnastics 4; Science Club 3, 4; Washington Club 3. GUIDO MARIO CAMPAGNA Ind. Arts-Allen Club 3,4; Boys’ Glee 4; Football 3,4; Rifle Club 2,3,4; Varsity Club 4; Wrestling 3,4. "DAYS OF OLDE” PROVIDES REGAL SETTING FOR ROBERT PAUL CARNICOM Arts WILLIAM ALLEN CARNICOM Ind. Arts-Track 1. KIM PAULINE CARPENTER College Prep-Booster Club 1,2; FNA 1,4; FTA 2,3; GAA 2; Humanities Club 4; Imprint 4; JCL 1,2,3,4; Jaguar Journal 2; Press Club 1,4; Rifle Club 1.2; Spanish Club 3,4; SP R 1,2,3.4; Washington Club 3. FAYE LYNN CARY Business-College Prep-Transferred from Mdvindalc High School. Mdvindalc, Mich. 3. CHRISTINE MARY CENTKIEWICZ College Prep-JCL2,3. CONSTANCE FAYE CHANCELLOR College Prep-Allen Club 4; Dramatics Club 4; FTA 1.2,3.4; Girls' Glee 3; Humanities Club 4; JCL 1,2,3 (Pres.). 4; Robed Choir 4; Science Club 4; SPQR 1, 2,3; Washington Club 3. ROSEMARY CHAPO Business-Booster Club 1.2,3; GAA 1; Humanities Club 4; Jaguar Journal 3; Spanish Club 1.2,3. JOHN WILLIAM CHRISTIAN Arts GERALD EUGENE CHURCH Ind Arts-Gymnastlcs 1. 134(£ueen Gerry and her radiant court pose after the exdting announcement of the queen. At the moment of selection of the queen by Student Council President Dennis O'Connell, Gerry Stoklosa expresses tearful Joy at the decision. CAROL ANN MARIK CIMA College Prep-Dramatics Club 3; FTA 4; Press Club 23.4; Spanish Club 2; Modern Dance Club 2. ANTHONY JOSEPH CINPAK Ind. Arts-Baseball 1; Football 13; Gymnastics 1; Track 1; Wrestling 3. ROBERT ARNOLD CLAYTON College Prep-Baracuda Club 3.4; Swimming 133.4. CYNTHIA BETTY CLEMENTS College Prep-Aquettes 133,4 (Treas.); Booster Club 133.4; FTA 2; GAA 2,3,4; Girls' Glee 3; JCL 13; Junior Honor Society 13; Robed Choir 4; Senior Honor Society 3.4; SPQR 13 MARGARET ANNE CLUNE College Prep-Humanities Club 4; Spanish Club 2.3,4. MICHAEL DAVID COLLETTA College Prep-Baseball 2. CHARLES RICHARD COMPEAU Ind. Arts-Tennls 13- UNDA LOU COOK Business-Booster Club 3; Dramatics Club 3; FHA 3; FTA 3. JANET IRENE COO MAN College Prep-Booster Club 2,3,4; Dramatics Club 3,4(Treas.); FNA 4; GAA 2,3.4; Girls' Glee 4; Hu inanities Club 4; Junior Honor Society 2; Spanish Club 2(Treas.), 3; Washington Club 3. QUEEN GERRY AND COURTJohn Flynn, Ed Tury, and Jim Scofield, this year's National Merit Finalists, discuss their plans for the coming year. OUTSTANDING STUDENTS REAP REWARDS OF GREG THOMAS COUCHMAN Ind. Arts-Football 1,2; Gymnastics 1,2,3; Future Engineers 2. JUDITH JOHANNA COVA College Prep-Booster Club 2; Dramatics Club 4; Le Cerde Francais 2; Humanities Chib 4; Sr. Play 4. HUGH JOSEPH CREEGAN III College Prep-JCL 3; Jaguar Journal 3; SP K 3. BETTY CATHERINE CRISP Business-Booster Club 2; ('.iris' ('.lee 3; Robed Choii 4 RICHARD PAUL CROC Ind. Arts STARLETTE LEE DARU Business UNDELL DALTON DAUBRESSE (General-Football 2; Wrestling 12 DIANE WILMA DAVIES Business BRUCE WADE DAWSON Co liege Prep 136CHARLENE JENNIE DcANGEMS Business -Business Club 4; Girls' Glee 3; Robed Choir 4. ANN KATHRYN DeCARU College Prep-Booster Club 1; lx Ccrdc Krancais 2, 3,4( Trcas.); FT A 2; GAA 2.3(Sec.); Girls' Glee 2; Humanities Club 4; Jaguar Journal 4; Junior Honor Society 2; Press Club 1,2; Robed Choir 3,4(Hi$t.); Sr. Play 4. KRISTI SUE DEGE College Prep-Allen Club 3,4; Booster Club 133.4 (Sec-Trcas.); Dramatics Club 4; FTA 2,3,4; GAA 2,3(2nd Vicc-Pres.), 4; Humanities Club 4; JCI. 1, 2,3.4; Junior Honor Society 1,2; Math Club 2,3,4; Science Club 2,3.4; SPQR 1,2,3,4 PENELOPE DELLAS College Prep-Dramatics Club 2,3; Humanities Club 4; Jaguar Journal 2,3,4; Press Club 133(Vice-Pres.), 4( Ass't Vlce-Pres.); Modern Dance 2. DIANE VICTORIA DeLUCA College Prep-Dramatics Club 23; Lc Cerde Krancais 133; Humanities Club 4; Jaguar Journal 1,23,4; Junior Honor Society 2; Press Club 1.2,3(Vice-Pres.). 4( Vlce-Pres); Washington Club 3; Modern Dance 2; Quill and Scroll 4. DOUGLAS EDMUND DeMATTEO College Prep-Football 133.4; Track 1; Varsity Club 3,4(Vlce-Pres.); Wrestling 1333(Co-Capt.). STUDY AS ACADEMIC EXCELLENCE IS RECOGNIZED LAUREN RAE DePOMPOLO College Prep-Aqucttes 13; Business Club 4; Dramatics Club 3; FHA 3,4. KATHLENE MARY DF;STRAMPE Business SHARON ANNE DETV AY Business ROBERT GLENN DEVER Ind. Arts-Baracuda Club 3,4; Football 3; Rifle Club 2,3; Swimming 3. JULIA ANN DIETRICH College Prep-Le Cerde Krancais 2,3,4; FNA 2; Jaguar journal 2,4; Press Club 2,4; Art Club 1. PETER WILLIAM DIMMER College Prep-Humanities Club 4; Junior Honor Society 13; Sr. Play 4; Student Council 1. DOROTHY ELAINE DOAN Business-Booster Club 1: Business Club 3; Dramatics Club 13; Le Cerde Krancais 2; Girls' Glee 2; Press Club 13; Robed Choir 3,4. WILLIAM JOHN DOCHERTY College Prep-Swimming 1. ROBERT JOSEPH DODGE College Prep-Baracuda Club 2,3,4; Gymnastics 1; Swimming 133.4. 137ROBERT JAMES DONALDSON College Prep MARY DORK A Business-Booster Club 3.4; Business Club 4; CAA 4; Transferred from Highland Park High School. Highland Park, Mich. 2. DEANNE F. DORRANCE College Prep-Allen Club 3,4; Booster Club 2,3,4; FNA 2; Humanities Club 4; JCL 2; Junior Honor Society 1,2; SPQR 2; Washington Club 3. LAURA MARIE DOWLING Business LOUIS JEFFREY DRAPEAU College Prep-Baracuda Club 2,3,4(Pres.); Lc Cerde Francais 2,3; Le Petit Cerde Francais 1; Swimming 1,2,3,4; Washington Club 3. DONNA LEE DROUILLARD College Prep-FNA 4; Girls' Glee 4; Sr. Play 4; Spanish Club 2. SENIOR THEATRICAL ABILITY DISPLAYED IN SUSANNE MARILYN DRYS Business-Business Club 4(Treas.); FHA 1; FT A 3,4; Jaguar Journal 4(Typist); Press Club 4; Rifle Club 4. MICHAEL STEPHAN DUIJMBA College Prep DIANE LYNN DULL College Prep-Booster Club 1; FT A 133.4; GAA 2. 3,4; Imprint 4; JCL 1,2,3,4; Junior Honor Society 2; Senior Honor Society 3,4; SPQR 13,3(Pres), 4; Wolverine (.iris' State 3. HAROLD FRANCIS DUNN Business-Band 1.2; Boys' Glee 3,4. DONNA LEE DYTYnJaK College Prep-Allen Club 2,3,4; Band 1.2.3,4; Booster Club 2; Camera Club 2; Debate Team 1,2,3; Dramatics Club 1,2,3; Le Petit Cerde Francais 1; Le Cerde Francais 2,3(Sec.), 4; GAA 1,23,4; Girls’ Glee 3; Jaguar Journal 2,3; Junior Honor Society 1, 2; Jr. Play 3; Math Club 23(Sec.); Majorettes 133 (Capt ), 4((.'apt.); Press Club 13(Sec.), 3(Sec.); Rifle Club 1; Robed Choir 4; Science Club 13( Sec.), 3; Sr Play 3; Washington Club 3. DENNIS H FIARLY College Prep-Gymnastics 133,4; Math Club 4; Sd ence Club 2; Washington Club 3. MELVIN HAROLD EATON II College Prep-Le Cerde Francais 4; Gymnastics 133; Math Club 4; Rifle Club 4; Science Club 4; Sr. Play 4; Student Council 4; Washington Club 3. RICHARD GEORGE EBEL College Prep-Basketball 13; Tennis 1. DENNIS MICHAEL EGAN Business-Baseball 1; Basketball 1; Boys' Glee 3,4. 138Sue Hock It applies the heavy make-up to Rich Bodnar lor the evening performance of the Sr. Play. With serious concentration, Terry Majehrzak practices his lines on 'Pioneer, Go Home.' "PIONEER, GO HOME” WIDELY RECEIVED BY ALL IVAN LEE ECGEMEYER College Prep LINDA KAY EGGER College Prep-Booster Club 1,2,3,4; Le Petit Ccrde Francais 3,4; FT A 1,2,3.4; Girls Glee 2,3,4 JOSEPH ALLEN ELY College Prep-Cross Country 4; German Club2;JCL 2.3; Math Club 2.4; SP R 3; Track 3,4. SANDRA IjOU-AL ERNEWEIN General-FNA2; Girls' Glee 3,4; Humanities Club 4. JOHN ADRIAN ESTES College Prep-Transferred from North Scott High School, Davenport, Iowa 3. DALE DANDRA EXNOWSKI Business-Booster Club 2; Business Club 3,4; Cheerleader I; Dramatics Club 3,4; LeCercle Francais 3; FTA 4; Girls' Glee 4; Humanities Club 4; Junior Honor Society 1,2. EDWARD ARTHUR FABIANO Business-1 nd Arts-Football 3; Gymnastics 3,4. CAROL MAY FARMER Business-Business Club 4; FHA 4; GAA 1,2; Science Club 1 (Sec.); Washington Club 3. JOHN FREDERICK FEIST College Prep-Baseball 1,2; Basketball 1,2,3,4; Football 1.2,3,4; Le Petit Cerde Francais 1; Le Cerde Francais 2,3(Vice-Pres.), 4; Junior Honor Society 1, 2(Treat.); Student Council 1.2,4; Varsity Club 3.4; Class President 1,2,4. 139SENIORS ENJOY LONG-AWAITED PRIVILEGES JOHN HODGE FERGUSON College Prep-Tennis 3,4. GREGORY THOMAS FIREK College Prep-Baseball 1,3,4; Football 1,2,3 (All-Area). 4(Co-Capt.); Varsity Club 3,4(Pres.); Wrestling 1,2,3,4 (Co-Capi.). ROBERT DALE FISCHER College Prep-Cross Country 1,4. MARJORIE J. FLANNIGAN Business-Booster Club 1; Business Club 4; GAA 2, 3.4. ESTELLE MARIE FLORIAN Business-Transferred from St. Frances Cabrlni High School, Allen Park, Mich. 3. THERESE MARIE FLORIAN Business-Transferred from St. Frances Cabrini High School, Allen Park, Mich. 3. JOHN PATRICK FLYNN College Prep-Junior Honor Society 2; Washington Club 3(V'ice-Pres.). LARRY ROBERT FOREST Ind. Arts-Football 1; Gymnastics 1,2,3. DONNA LOUISE FOUNTAIN Business-GAA 12 Washington Club 3. SHARON ANN FOWLER College Prep-Booster Club 1,2,3; FNA 1,2,3,4; Junior Honor Society 1,2; Spanish Club 1,2; Washington Club 3. EDMUND STANDLEY FRAZIER College Prep-Basket ball 1; Boys’ Glee 3; Football 1, 2,3; Robed Choir 4; Track 1,2,3. PAUL JAMES FRONIMOS Arts-Bascball 1 2; Basketball 1; Football 1,2,3,4; Track 3,4; Varsity Club 4. GERALDINE MARGARET FUZY College Prep-Band 3,4; Booster Club 2; FTA 4; GAA 2; Girls’ Glee 4; Homecoming Attendant 4; Majorettes 3,4; Washington Club 3. EUGENE RAYMOND GEORGES Arts-Boys’ Glee 1,2,3,4; Track 2. HENRY JOHN GERMAIN College Prep-A lien Club 1,2,3,4 (Pres.); Basketball 1; French Club 2,3,4; Humanities Club 4; Jr. Honor Society 2; Sr. Honor Society 3,4; Student Council 3,4; Tennis l,2.3(Capt), 4(Capt.). 140The grand finale of the homecoming weekend is the traditional burning of the first-place senior float. SHAHYN ANN GIANNETTE Business-Booster Club 3; Business Club 4; FHA 1. SUSAN EVE CIBBS College Prep-Booster Club 2,3. MARGARET JANE GLEASON College Prcp-Aquettes 3; Booster Club 2,3,4; Cheerleader 2,3,4 (Capt.); FTA 4; GAA 2.3.4; Girls’ Glee 3; Imprint 4; Jr. Honor Society 1,2; Robed Choir 4; Sr. Honor Society 4; Washington Club 3. GARY BRUCE GUDDEN College Prep-French Club 1. KATHLEEN OLGA GORONI General-Booster Club 1; GAA 1. DEBRA ANN GOSS Business-Booster Club 1. LAURIE LYNN GOULAIT Business-Girls' Glee 2,4; Washington Club 3. JUDITH ANN GRAHAM Business-Booster Club 1,2,3,4; Business Club 4; Washington Club 3. JUDITH ANN GRAY Bust ness-Booster Club 1,2,3. 141Before the announcement of the winners, the competitors in the Senior Talent Show anxiously await the judges' decision. Nena Hendrick smiles radiantly after receiving first prize in the Senior Talent Show. TALENTS ARE DISPLAYED AS STUDENTS PERFORM BARBARA ANN GREEN Business-Business Club 2,3; Dramatics Club 1; FHA 2.3. SHAKEN LEE CRIFFEN College Prep-Aquettes 3,4( Vice-Pres.); Jaguar Journal 4; Transferred from Plymouth High School, Plymouth, Mich. 3. JERRY MICHAEL GRUDZINSKY College Prep ELLEN CORRENE GUTHRIE Business SANDRA LEE GYETVAY College Prep-Science Club 2,3,4; Spanish Club 1,2, 3.4; Jazz Club 3; Washington Club 3. LYNNE ANN HAGAN College Prep-Girls' Glee 4; Le Cerde Francais 1,2,3; Washington Club 3. HELEN EDLA HAGENS College Prep-Booster Club 2; Debate Team 2; Dramatics Club 2,3,4(Pres.); Le Cerde Francais 3,4; Humanities Club 4; Jr. Honor Sodety 2. DIANE ELIZABETH HALL Business-Booster Club 2,3; Business Club 3,4; FHA 2.3,4 SHARON LESLIE HALL College Prep-Booster Club 2; Debate Team 2; Dramatics Club 2,4; Humanities Club 4; Washington Club 3. 142THOMAS ROBERT HANACAN College Prep-Cross Country 1,2,3; Le Petit Cerde Francais 3; Gymnastics 1,2; Humanities Club 4 (Pres ); JCL 13; SP R X. Student Council 3; Tennis 1,23- EVELYN GUER1NE HANSEN Business-Booster Club 3; Business Club 3,4; FHA 3,4; Girls' Glee 2,3; Robed Choir 4. GERRY LEE HARPER Business-Girls' Glee 2; Humanities Club 4; Jr. Play 3; Robed Choir 3,4; Sr. Play 4; VCY 3. DOUGLAS LAWRENCE HARRIS College Prep-Math Club 1; Sr. Play 4; Washington Club 3. EDWARD STANFORD HARRIS College Prep-Baracuda Club 2,3,4; Jr. Honor Society 1.2; Sr. Honor Society 3,4; Sr. Play 4; Swimming 1,2,3; Washington Club 3. SUZANNE HARRIS Business COMPETITIVELY IN THE SENIOR TALENT SHOW TEENA ELIZABETH HARRIS College Prep-Band 1.2,3,4; Dramatics Club 3; GAA 2.3 RONALD ALLAN HARRISON College Prep-Cross Country 1; Wresdlng 1,2,3,4. NENA MARIA HENDRICK College Prep-Cheerleader 2; Dramatics Club 4; Girls Glee 1; Robed Choir 23.4(Sec); VCY I A3; Class Secretary 1; Art Club 4. JOSEPH FRANCIS HENDRIE General KATHLEEN JEAN HIGCISON Business-Booster Club 2; GAA 1. MICHAEL J HLUCHAN1UK College Prep-Alien Club 2,3,4; Baseball 1,2; Basketball 1; Football 1; Le Cerde Francais 2; Jr. Honor Society 13; Student Council 2,4; Future Engineers 2; Washington Club 3(Pres.). BERNARD MAX HOCKLE Arts-Washington Club 3. JOHN ERICK HOKKANEN College Prep-Football 1,2,3; Rowing 2; Varsity Club 3,4; Washington Club 3. ROBERT JAMES HOLZWORTH College Prep-Humanities Club 4; Jr. Honor Society 13; Jr. Play 3; Sr. Play 4; Spanish Club 2,3; Tennis 3,4; Varsity Club 4. 143ROBERT JEFFERY HOMMER College Prep-Gymnastics 2; Rifle Club 1.2.3; Track 3. GEORGE STEVEN HONER College Prep-Basketball 1; Cross Country 2; Football 1; Humanities Club 4; Jaguar Journal 2,3,4; Science Club 1,2,3,4; Student Council 1; Track 1,4; Washington Club 3(Bus. Mgr.). PATRICIA MARIE HOOVER College Prep-Jaguar Journal 3; Jr. Honor Society 2; Press Club 3; Sr. Honor Society 3,4; Spanish Club 2.3.4. DOUGLAS MICHAEL HORUCZI College Prep-Baseball 1; Basketball 1,2,3,4; Football 1.2,3,4; JCL 2; SPQR 2; Varsity Club 3,4(Sec.); Washington Club 3. SUZANNE MARCIA HOSS College Prep-FNA 3; Humanities Club 4 PAUL ALLEN HOZIAN College Prep-Football 1; Math Club 2(Treas.); Rowing 1; Spanish Club 1; Washington Club 3( Bus. Mgr). WOLVERINE STATE REPRESENTATIVES LEARN TONI IRENE HRDUCKA College Prep-Booster Club 2,3,4; Le Cerde Fran-cais 3,4. KENNETH LEROY HUTYRA College Prep-Baseball 1; Football 1.2,4; Humanities Club 4; Library Assistant 4; Varsity Club 4. KATHLEEN JABLONSKI Business-Aquettes l,2,3(Vice-Pres.), 4; GAA 3,4; Girls' Glee 2,3; Robed Choir 4; Washington Club 3. MICHAEL WILLIAM JACKSON College Prep-JCL 1,2; Washington Club 3. PATRICIA ANN JAROSLAWSKI Business-College Prep-Business Club 4; FNA 2. WALTER JOSEPH JAUSS College Prep-Football 1. KATHLEEN DOLORES JAYNES Business-Booster Club 3,4; Business Club 4; FHA 3; FNA 2; FTA 3,4; Girls Glee 3.4 ROBERT CAMERON JOHNS Arts JANET JAE JOHNSON College Prep-Booster Club 3,4; Cheerleader 1; Le Cerde Francais 2,3,4(SecX FHA 3.4; FTA 2,3,4; GAA 1.2,3,4; Girls' Glee 2,3; Jr. Honor Society 2; Library Assistant 4; Robed Choir 4. 144One of ihe highlights of the 1963 Wolverine Girls' State was the mock trial of one of the staff advisors. STATE GOVERNMENT Veronica Nagy, Peggy Randall, and Diane Dull recall some of the highlights of Wolverine Girls' State as they look over some of their snapshots. JOHN LEWIS JOLOKAI College Prep-Camera Club 2; Jaguar Journal 1,2.4; Press Club 2; Future Engineers 2; Tennis 3,4 CYNTHIA ELIZABETH JONES College Prep Allen Club 2,3,4; Booster Club 1.2,3,4; Cheerleader 1; Le Petit Cercle Francais 3.4; FT A 1J2. 3,4; GAA 2,3,4; Homecoming Attendant 4; Humanities Club 4; Imprint 3,4(Editor); Jr. Honor Society l,2(Pres.); Jr. Play 3; Math Club 3,4; Press Club 1; Robed Choir 3,4, Science Club 2,3,4; Sr. Honor Society 3,4; Sr. Play 4; Student Council 1.2,3.4 (Sec.); Washington Club 3(Scc.-Treas ). JAMES THOMAS JONES College Prep-Humanities Club 4; Washington Club 3. CAROL LEE JORDAN Bust ness-Business Club 4; FHA 4; GAA 2,3,4. MICHAEL EDWARD RAMMER College Prep-Transferred from St. Frances Cabrini High School, Allen Park. Mich. 1; Football 3; JCL 2,3; SPQR 2,3; Track 3; Sr. Play 4; Gymnastics 2, 3.4 GAIL ELAINE KANNBERG Business-Booster Club 3; Business Club 4; Washington Club 3. PAUL ELBERT KANODE College Prep-Baracuda Club 2.3,4; Varsity Club 3, 4; Cross Country 3; Swimming 2,3,4; Rowing 1; Washington Club 3. CAROL ANN KAPALLA College Prep-Business-Booster Club 3; Business Club 4; FNA 2; Washington Club 3. ROSE ALICE KARIBIAN College Prep-Booster Club 3,4; Business Club 4 (Vice-Pres ); French Club 3,4; FHA 3.4; FTA 3.4; GAA 3.4; Humanities Club 4; Jaguar Journal 2; Jr. Honor Society 2; Science Club 3.4; Washington Club 3. 145John Schwdckart, Earl Xewland, Jim Scofield. and Jim Laf-fcrty recall some of the events which took place during their five days at Wolverine Boys’ State. ROBERT FRANK KATAKOWSKI General CHARLES THOMAS KATONA Arts-Cross Country 1; Football 3,4; Track 1,2,3,4; Varsity Club 3,4; Wrestling 1,2,3,4. DEBORAH RUTH KAZDAN College Prep-Dramatics Club 4; GAA 4; Jaguar Journal 2; Jr. Play 3; Washington Club 3. DAVE KLIZA General-Cross Country 2; Science Club 4; Track 1.2,3; Washington Club 3. JOY CHARLENE KNUTH College Prep-French Club 1,2,3; FTA 3,4(Pres.); Voyagers 4. MARI BETH KOLAR College Prep-Booster Club 2,3,4; Cheerleader 1; Dramatics Club 4; French Club 2,3; FHA 4; FTA 2, 3,4; GAA 2.3,4; Girls’ Glee 2,3; Humanities Club 4; Robed Choir 4; Washington Club 3; Jr. Play 3; Sr. Play 4; Class Treasurer 2. STEPHANIE CAROLINE ROLLER Business-Booster Club 2,3; Business Club 4. RONALD EDWARD KOSCIELNY College Prep-Track 3. SUSAN CHRISTINE KOSTAMO College Prep• Transferred from Republic High School, Republic, Michigan.NUMEROUS ACTIVITIES FILL THE SENIOR YEAR JUDY MARIE KOWALCZYK Business-Booster Club 1,2,3; Business Club 1, FHA 1,2,3,4; GAA 2; Washington Club 3; Jr. Play 3. MARY CHRISTINE KROGER College Prep-FNA 1; Spanish Club 2; Transferred from Lincoln Park High School, Lincoln Park. Mich. 2. NICHOLAS FRANK KROPOC General-Boys' Glee 2; Robed Choir 3,4 DOUGLAS ALLEN KRUSE College Prep-Baseball 1; Basketball 1,2,3,4; Football 1,2,3; Washington Club 3. KENNETH STANLEY KUBERACKI College Prep-Baseball 1; Basketball 1; Football 1,3, 4; Gymnastics 2; Varsity Club 4; Washington Club 3; Wrestling 3. NANCY JO KUNNAS College Prep-Aquettes l,2.3(Treas.), 4(Pres.); Booster Club 3; Dramatics Club 3,4; Humanities Club 4; Imprint 4; Jr. Honor Society 1 2; Washington Club 3; Sr. Play 4; Class Treasurer 4. CAROL ANN KURTJIAN College Prep-Booster Club 1 J2.3.4; Le Cerde Fran-cais 1,2,3; FTA U.3.4; GAA U3(Pres-X 4; Jr. Honor Society 1,2,; Math Club 4; Sdence Club 4; Washington Club 3. DALE EDWARD KURZAWSKI College Prep-Baseball 1; Basketball 1. DAWN MICHELE LaBAKAS College Prep-FNA 4; Humanities Club 4. JAMES WILLIAM LAFFERTY College Prep-Baseball 1; Humanities Club 4(Vke-Pres.); JCL 1,2,3; Jr. Honor Society 1,2 (Vice-Pres.); Sdence Club 4(Treas.); Sr. Honor Sodety 3,4; SPQR 1,2,3(Pres.); Tennis 2,3,4; Varsity Club 3,4; Wolverine Boys' State 3. RUSSELL GEORGE LANGLET College Prep-Baracuda Club 2; Le Cerde Francais 1; (German Club 2; Swimming 2,3,4. JULIA CAROL LAYNE Business SUSAN JEANEEN LEBENTA College Prep-Lc Cerde Francais 1,2,3; Library Assistant 3. ALAN ROSS LECZ College Prep LINDA FRANCES LEIGH Business 147Although Government class is required for all seniors, there arc many enjoyable aspects of the class. One of the most successful money-making ventures undertaken by the seniors this year was the sale of Christmas trees. SENIORS PREPARE FOR THE FUTURE THROUGH 148 JANIES ALLAN LEINBACH College Prep-Boys' Glee 2,3; Robed Choir 4. LARRY GILBERT LEWIS College Prep KENNETH HENRY UEBER College Prep-Basketball 1,2,3,4; Football 1; JCL 1,2, 3,4; SPQR; Varsity Club 4. JOHN RAY LONG College Prep • Baseball 1; Basketball 2,3.4; Football 1. DIANE RITA LORI A College Prep Business-Cheerleader 1,2; French Club 1 (Sec.); GAA 1,2.3. JANET AUCE LOUL College Prep-Business-Transferred from Assumption High School. Louisville. Kentucky 3. GERALDINE LOUISE LOW College Prep-I Cerde Francais 1 2,3; Press Club 1, 2,3,4; Washington Club 3. PAULINE JOAN LYNCH Business-FHA 3; GAA 1. JACQUELINE ANN MAAS College Prep FHA 1; FTA 2,3,4; GAA 1; Humanities Club 4; Library Assistant 1; Press Club 1; Spanish Club 2; Washington Club 3.TERRENCE JOHN MAJCHRZAK College Prep-Cross Country 1,2,3; Le Cerde Fran-cals 1; Gymnastics 2,3; Jr. Honor Society 1,2; Jr. Play 3; Science Club 1; Sr. Play 4; Student Council 1.2,4( Vice-Prcs.); Track 1,2,3,4; Varsity Club 4; Washington Club (Gen. Bus. Mgr.); Future Engineers 2 (Sec.). NANCY JEAN MAJESKE (ieneral-GAA 1; Girls' Glee 4; Student Council 1. FREDERICK WAYNE MALNOFSKI College Prep RUSSELL JOHN MANGIAPANE Business-Baseball 1; Basketball 1; Gymnastics 2. ROBERT HAROLD MARTEN College Prep-Baseball 1,2,3,4; Basketball 1; Football 1,2,3,4; JCL 2; SPQR 1,2; Varsity Club 3.4; Washington Club 3. RITA GAYLE MARTIN Business-Aquettes 1,2,3; Cheerleader 1; Le Cerde Francais 1,2,2 (Sec.). COURSES IN THE INFORMAL CLASSROOM ELLEN JO MASTER Business-Aquettes 1; Booster Club 4; Business Club 4(Pres.); Dramatics Club 3.4; FHA 3,4; Girls' Glee 4; Imprint 4; Jaguar Journal 3; VCY 1.2; Washington Club 3. RICHARD ALAN MATAKAS College Prep-Baseball 1,2,3,4; Football l,2,3,4(Co-Capt); Varsity Club 2,3,4. DENNIS ANDREW MAY Ind. Arts-Allegro Club 3; Band 1.2,3; Basketball 1; Football 2,3,4; Track l(Co-Capt ), 2,3,4(Co-Capt.); Varsity Club 3,4(Treas-X Washington Club 3; Class Treasurer 3; Future Engineers 2( Vicc-Pres.). DANIEL MAYHER Arts GARY PHILIP McCUIRE College Prep-Band 2; Cross Country 2,3.4; Track 1,2,3,4; Varsity Club 2,3,4 ROBERT RICHARD McLAREN College Prep LINDA CAROL MEGCISON Business-Booster Club 3,4; Business Club 3,4; FHA 3,4(Trcas.); GAA 4; Library' Assistant 3. DANIEL MICHAEL MERAY College Prep MERLE DAVID MESHINSKI Business 149LEARNING ABOUT AMERICA IS COMBINED GARY ROMAN M1CALACEAN College Prep-Boys' Glee 3,4( Acoompanist); Camera Club 1; Football 1; Robed Choir 4; Science Club 4; Tennis 3,4. MICHAEL JAMES MIUDONIS College Prep-Band 1,2,3,4(Pres.); Boys' Glee 4; Gymnastics 2,3,4; JCL 2; Robed Choir 4; Science Club 1,2,3; SPQR 2; Swimming 1; Track 1,2,3. LINDA KAY MILLER General-Booster Club 13; FNA 2; Press Club 4. SUZANNE JEANETTE MILLER College Prep-Booster Club 2; FTA 2,3,4; GAA 1,2,3; Girls’ Glee 2; Le Petit Cerde Francais 13; Robed Choir 3,4. DANIEL ROBERT MILLNER Business-Basketball 1; Football 1,2,3,4; Trade 133. 4(Co-Capt.); Varsity Club 3,4. THOMAS JAMES MINER College Prep-JCL; Jr. Honor Society 2,3; SPQR 2,3.4. PHILIP WILLIAM MOROZUK College Prep DOROTHY ANN MORRIS Business-Booster Club 1.2,3; FHA 3,4; Girls' Glee 2,3; Robed choir 4. GEORGE DENNIS MOSES College Prep-Spanish Club 1. PATRICIA CAROL MUCHY College Prep-Business-GAA 1; JCL 2; Jr. Honor Society 13; SPQR 2; Washington Club 3. PAUL ROSS MU LUCAN College Prep-Baracuda Club 2,3; Cross-Country 2, 3; JCL 2; SPQR 2; Swimming( Mgr.) 4. MICHAEL JAMES MURPHY College Prep-Camera Club 1; German Club 1. DAVID MUSZYNSK1 College Prep-Le Cerde Francais 1,2,3; Science Club 2; Tennis 2,3,4. JANIS KATHRINE NADROWSKI College Prep-Booster Club 2; Dramatics Club 1; FNA 4. Humanities Club 4; Spanish Club 2; Camera Club 1. KENNETH NACY General-Boys' Glee 133; Football 1. 150WITH GOOD TIMES ON THE WASHINGTON TRIP ‘As I was saying, Nancy, the molarity of a solution is the number of moles of the solute contained in one liter of solution,' says Dennis O’Connell as Mr. Bar-rick looks on. VERONICA ROSELLA NAGY College Prep Booster Club 2,4; FNA 3,4; GAA 2,3,4 (Pres.); JCL 2,3; Jr. Honor Society 1; SPQR 2,3; Wolverine Girls' State 3; Sr. Honor Society 4. MARLENE ELISE NEHLSEN Business-College Prep-Dramatics Club 1; Girls' Glee 4( Accomp.); Jr. Honor Society 1,2; VCY 2. NANCY LEE NELSON College Prep-Allen Club 1,2,3,4; Aquettes 1,2,3; Booster Club 2,3 (Sec.-Treas), 4(Pres.); Cheerleader 1.2,3,4; Le Cerde Francais l,2(Vlce Prcs.), 3; GAA 2,3,4; Girls' Glee 3,4; Homecoming Attendant 4; Jr. Honor Society l(Pres.), 2; Science Club 2 (Treas.), 3; Student Council 1,2,3,4 (Treas.); Washington Club 3. CAROL LYN NEMETH College Prep-Business-Booster Club 2; Business Club 4; Le Cerde Francais 1,2; FTA 2.3,4; GAA 1,4; Girls' Glee 2,3; Robed Choir 4. DAVID ELMER NESBITT College Prep-Allegro Club 1,2; Band 1,2,3,4; JCL 1,2,3; Jr. Honor Society 1,2; Sr. Honor Society 3.4;SPtyt 1.2,3. GAIL LEE NEUBAUER College Prep-Aquettes 2,3.4; Band 1,2,3.4; Le Cerde Francais 2; FTA 2,3,4(Treas.); GAA 4 151WASHINGTON TRIP PROVED TO BE A NEVER-TO-BE-FORGOTTEN EXPERIENCE FOR BUDDING SENIORS During their four day trip, the W ashington Club visited Wil-liamsburg, Virginia where they were taken through the Governor’s Palace. Mike lliuchaniuk and John Flynn, president and vice-president of the Washington Club, present a memorial wreath to the tomb of the Unknown Soldier during the changing of the guard at Arlington Cemetery. In one of New York's crowded subway terminals, these students find that it is very similar to the crowded halls of Allen Park High. Sandy Cyetvay and Kdd Tury, Junior Class President, pause in front of the Capitol during a busy day of sight seeing. 153looking forward to a lovely evening at the Senior Prom. "Your Senior Prom comes only once, so do it right, say Terry Maj-chrzak, Judy Cova, Dennis May, and Diane Loria as they arrive in their chauffcur-driven limousine. JEANETTE ANN NEVERS Business EARL FREDERICK NEWLAND College Prep-Allen Club 3,4(Vice-Pres.); Humanities Club 4; Imprint 4; JCL 1,2,3,4; Jr. Honor Sodety 1.2; Math Club 4; Science Club 2,4; Sr. Honor Society 3,4(Vice-Pres.); SPQJR 1,2,3; Tennis 2,3,4; Wolverine Boys' Slate 3. WALTER VINCE NEWMAN Business-Baracuda Club 3,4; Swimming 3. FRANCIS VINCENT NICHOLS Arts-Transferred from Goldsboro High School, Goldsboro, North Carolina. 3. DARLENE SUSAN NIESPIAL College Prep-Booster Club 3,4; GAA 3,4; Jr. Honor Society l(Pres), 2; Science Club 2,3,4(Sec ); Sr. Honor Society 3,4; Sr. Play 4; Spanish Club 2,3 ( Treas.), 4; Student Council 4, Washington Club 3. MARLENE ANN NIESPIAL Business-Booster Club 3,4; Business Club 4; GAA 3,4; Science Club 3,4; Washington Club 3. LAWRENCE WILLIAM NOIROT Ind. Arts-Boys' Glee 2,3. JOHN MARTIN OATES College Prep-Transferred from Holy Redeemer High School, Detroit, Mich., 2; Baseball 2,3,4; Football 2.3; JCL 2. FAITH GLORIA OBERTS College Prep-Aquettes 2; Booster Club 2,3; Dra matics Club 4, FTA 2,3,4; JCL 2( Pres.), 3,4; Jaguar Journal 3,4(Bus. Mgr ); Jr. Honor Society 2; Library Assistant 2; Press Club 3.4; Science Club 4; Spanish Club 2,3,4; VCY 1,2,3; Washington Club 3. 154MAY 2 PROVES TO BE MAGIC TIME FOR SENIORS DENNIS ROBERT O’CONNELL College Prep-Baseball 1,3,4; Basketball 1,2; Football 2,3.4; Math Club 2; Science Club 1; Student Council 4(Pres.); Varsity Club 3,4, Wrestling 3. JOSEPH LOUIS ODDO Ind. Arts-Boys' Glee 4. CHERYL ANN OUNN Business-Booster Club 2,3,4; Business Club 3.4; FHA 3,4; Washington Club 3. KENNETH R. OLSHEWSKI College Prep-Baseball 1,2. JULIE PALL Business-Booster Club 2,3,4; CAA 2,3.4. PATRICIA PALLETTE PALMER College Prep-Business-Booster Club 1,2,3; GAA 1; FHA 3; FTA 3; Humanities Club 4; JCL 2; Sr. May 4. SPQR 2. LEO WILLIAM PALUCH Arts-Allegro Club 4; Band 2,3,4. SUSAN LYNN PANDA College Prep-Booster Club 1. DONNA MARIE PAPKE Oneral-Booster Club 1,2; FHA 2; GAA 1; Transferred from St. Frances Cabrini High School, Allen Park. Mich., 2. BARBARA ANN PARKER Business-Booster Club 2. GAYLE ANITA PARKS College Prep-Booster Club 2,3; Dramatics Club 3,4; Girls' Glee 4; Humanities Club 4; Washington Club 3; National Thespian Society. LYNNE PARSONS College Prep-Aquettes 2,3; Booster Club 2,3; Dramatics Club 4; Le Cerde Francais 2,3; FNA 2; GAA 2,3,4; Girls' Glee 3; Humanities Club 4; Jr. Honor Society 1,2; Robed Choir 4; Washington Club 3. BRUCE JOHN PAUZUS Ind. Arts-Baseball 2,3; Basketball 1,2,3; Boys' Glee 2,3; Football 1; Washington Club 3. ALFRED ALLEN PF.DEN College Prep-Allen Club 2,3,4; Baseball 1,2; Basketball 1; Jr. Honor Society 1,2. EVE MARIE PERLAKI Business 155RITA KATHLEEN PERRITT College Prep-Cheerleader 1,3( ('.apt.); Girls' Glee 2; Robed Choir 3,4; Spanish Club 3. HENRY THOMAS PICCIONI College Prep-JCL 1.2,3(Treas. 4; SIX R IX3. THOMAS RICHARD P1CKLO College Prcp-lx Petit Cerdc Krancais 3,4; Gymnastics 2; Humanities Club 4; Track 1 2; Wrestling 4. PATRICIA SUZANNE PLACZEK Business GARY LEE PUS College Prep-Buslncss-Riflc Club 1; Wrestling 1 2,4. BERNADETTE ANN PLOTTS Business-Business Club 3; Rifle Club 3,4; Washington Club 3. GRADE SCHOOL WAS ONLY YESTERDAY, YET THE WILLIAM RICHARD POISSON College Prep - Football 3; Transferred from St. Frances Cabrini High School, Allen Park, Michigan. 2. THERESA MARIE POUCELU Business-Booster Club 2,3; FHA 2,3; GAA 2,3,4. PATRICIA ANN POMEROY General-Booster Club 1.2; Dramatics Club 2,3; Le Cerde Francais 1,2,3; FHA 3; GAA 2; Girls' Glee 4; VCY 1,2; Washington Club 3. JOHN DAVID POWSER College Prep-Transferred from St. Frances Cabrini High School, Allen Park. Mich. 2; Swimming 3,4. RICHARD EDWARD PRFISLEY College Prep-Basketball 1,2. ROBERT DOUGLAS PRICE College Prep-Wrestling 2. LOUIS EDWARD PUSKAS Business-Boys' Glee 2,3; Football 1,2,3,4; Robed Choir 4; Rowing 1; Varsity Club 3,4. JOHN ALLEN RADIN Ind. Arts-Baskctball 1 2; Boys’ Glee 2,3; Football 1.2; Washington Club 3. JUDITH ANN RAETHER Business-Booster Club 2; Le Cerde Francais 1 2,3; GAA 1; Jr. Honor Society 1. 156The talented quartet of Ann I)e Carli, Rita Perritt, Marcia Uren, and Margaret Gleason was one of the winners of this year's Senior Talent Show. Gary Micalacean and Gordon Bardell deserved a prize for the entertainment they provided as masters of ceremonies at the Senior Talent Show TIME HAS COME FOR SENIOR PICTURE EXCHANGE PEGGY JO RANDALL College Prep-Allen Club 3,4; Booster Club 2,3,4; Dramatics Club 4; FHA 3; FTA 2; GAA 2.3(Vlce-Pres.), 4; Girls' Glee 2; Humanities Club 4; Jr. Honor Society l,2(Scc.); Jr. Play 3; Robed Choir 3,4; Science Club 3,4; Sr. Honor Society 3,4(Sec.); Spanish Club 2,3(Vice Pres.), 4; Wolverine Girls' State 3; Class Secretary- 2,3,4. SARAH MARY RASIZZI Business Booster Club 1,2,3; HI A 4; GAA 1,2,3,4. GEORGE IMRE RASO College Prep-Lc Cerde Francais 1,2,3(Treas.), 4 (Pres.); Jr. Honor Society 1.2; Science Club 1,2,3.4; Sr. Honor Society 3,4; Tennis 2,3,4; Varsity Club 4. BRUCE DONALD REBEL College Prep ROBERT SCOTT REDDEN College Prep-Camera Club 1; Dramatics Club 4; Football 1; Humanities Club 4; Rifle Club 4; Science Club 1.4; Sr. Play 4; Spanish Club 1,2,3,4. LINDA SUE REILLY College Prep-Aquettcs 1.2,3,4; JCL 1,2; Jaguar Journal 3(Sports Ed.), 4; Library Assistant 2; SP R 1J2. GWENDOLYN MARY REOCH College Prep-Booster Club 1,2,3; GAA 1 J2.3; Jr. Honor Society 1,2. WILLIAM KIM RICHARDSON College Prep-Transferred from Edsel Ford High School. Dearborn. Mich. 4 SUSAN ELIZABETH RITCHIE College Prep-Booster Club 2,3,4; CAA 2,3,4(Vice-Pres ); Jr. Honor Society 1,2; Washington Club 3. 157UNITY OF THE CLASS IS BUILT UPON FOUR YEARS JOHN EDWARD ROBATCHKA Arts-Football 1,2.3,4; Track 2,3,4; Varsity Club 4 DAWN ALLYN ROBERTS (College Prep-Aquettes 2; Booster Club 3; Cheerleader 1; Dramatics Club 3; CAA 1,2,3; Girls' Glee 3; JCL 2,3; Jaguar Journal 3; Jr. Play 3; Sr. Play 4; SPQR 2,3; Washington Club 3. GREGORY GEORGE RODEHEFFER General-Football 1,2,3; Track 2,3,4. ROBERTA RITA ROMAN College Prep-Booster Club 3; Girls' Glee 3,4. JOHN LESLIE ROSSITER College Prep-Track 3. PAMELA SUSANNE ROTHROCK Business-Booster Club 2,3,4; Dramatics Club 3,4; FHA 4; FTA 4; CAA 1; German Club 4; Jaguar Journal 3; Press Club 3. KENNETH RAMON ROWLAND General-Boys' Glee 2; Gymnastics 3. LORRAINE ANN ROZMARYNOWSKI Business-Business Club 4; Washington Club 3. CHARLES BROWN RUST College Prep-Basketball 1,2,3,4; Football 1. SANDRA LEE RYAN Business VIRGINIA DIANNE RYDER College Prep-Booster Club 1.2,3,4; Allegro Club 1,2; Majorettes l,2,3(Co-Capt.), 4(Co-Capt.). JACK AMMIEL SAKALL General-Cross Country 4; Track 1.2(Mgr ); Varsity Club 3.4; Wrestling 1J2.3.4 CHRISTINE MARY SAMUL Business ROBERT ALEXANDER SANOK General SHARON CLARE SASSONE College Prep-Le Cerde Francals 3,4; Jr. Honor Society 158OF WORKING TOGETHER Nancy Kunnas, Queen of the Nile, Is the main attraction at the senior booth at the school fair. DAVID ALBERT SCHELOSKY General-Gymnastics 1,2,3,4; Track 3; Varsity Club 4 CONSTANCE MARIE SCHILKE College Prep-Aquettes 2,3; Cheerleader 1,2; Girls' Glee 3,4; Jr. Play 3; Library Assistant 2; Modern Dance 2. KENNETH CARL SCHMIDT Ind. Arts-Wrestling 1,2.3,4. RONALD GEORGE SCHONER College Prep-Chess Club 1,2,3,4; German Club 3; JCL2.3; SPQR2.3. MARLENE JEAN SCHONSCHECK College Prep-FNA 3; Jr. Honor Society 1,2; Sr. Honor Society 3,4; SPQR 1; VCY 1,2,3. GERALDINE LOUISE SCHRAMM Business ALBERT JOHN SCHWEICKART College Prep-Baracuda Club 2,3,4; Chess Club 2; JCL 1.2; J r. Honor Society 1,2; Sr. Honor Society 3, 4; Swimming 1,2,3,4 (Co-Capt.); Wolverine Boys' State 3. CARY LEE SCHWOCHO College Prep-JCL 1,2; Sr. Honor Society 3,4; Swimming 2( Mgr.); Jazz Club 3. JAMES MERLIN SCOFIELD College Prep-Allen Club 3; Boys' Glee4;JCL 1,23; Jr. Honor Society 1.2; Math Club 3,4(Pres.); Science Club 3; Sr. Honor Society 3,4(Pres.); SPQR 1,2,3(Consul), 4(Consul); Wolverine Boys' State 3; Jazz Club 3. 159In preparation for the evening ahead, Nancy Nelson assists her date, Dennis O’Connell, with his boutonniere. Many couples attended numerous punch panics before the prom such as Jan Brown's pany. ORDERING ANNOUNCEMENTS AND CAPS AND 160 ROBERT LARRY SCOTT Ans-Gymnastics 1,2,3,4(Capt.). FREDERICK VINCENT SECULA Business MICHAEL BRADLEY SENCZYSZYN College Prep-Basketball l(Mgr.); Cross Country 2; Math Club 4; Track 1,2. JOYCE JANE SHEPARD Business-Booster Club 23; FHA 3; CAA 2; Rifle Club 2,3. CHERYL LYNNE SHERWOOD (General-Booster Club 1; Business Club 4; Drain ataics Club 3; FHA 4; Library Assistant 2; Spanish Club 1,2,3,4; Washington Club 3. STEPHEN JOSEPH SICORA (General-Baseball 1; Basketball 1. BRENDA SUE SI EVERS Business-EHA 3; Dramatics Club 3; Girls’ Glee 3; Robed Choir 4. ROBERT CONRAD SI KORA (General KAREN LYNN SIMON Business-Dramatics Club 3,4; FHA 3; GAA 1; Sr. Play 4.SANDRA ANNE SIX I FT College Prep-Business-Booster Club 3; Dramatics Club 3; x Petit Cerde Francois 3; FHA 3.4; GAA 1; Jaguar Journal 2,3,4; Sr. Play 4. MICHAEL FRANCIS SINKEY College Prep-Baseball 133.4; Basketball 133,4 (Capt.); Football 1; Math Club 2; Washington Club 3. CONNIE DIANE SKELTON Business-Booster Club 1; Girls' Glee 1,2.3,4. ROBERT THADDEUS SLEDZ College Prep-Camera Club 1; Football 1,23.4; Imprint 2; Jaguar Journal 1; Varsity Club 4; Wrestling 2. NANCY LYNN SMITH Business-Business Club 4; FHA 3; Washing! on Club 3. SUSAN CHRISTINE SMITH College Prep-FHA 13; Science Club 13; Spanish Club 2,3,4; Booster Club 2,3,4; Math Club 2,3,4; Jr. Honor Society 13; Sr. Honor Society 3,4. GOWNS, SENIORS PREPARE FOR GRADUATION FRANCES MARY SOLTES Business-Business Club 4; Girls' Glee 4; Jr. Honor Society l(Treas.). NEAL ADALBERT SOPKO Arts KAREN LOUISE SOREL Generai-JCL 2. KEITH EDWARD SOU BEL College Prep MICHAEL KENNETH SPADA College Prep-Band 2; Baseball 1; Basketball 1; Boys' Glee 3. KATHERINE MARIE SPAIGHT Business-College Prep-Booster Club 2,3,4; Cheer leader 2.3.4; GAA 1 LAWRENCE JAMES STANISZEWSKI Business BEVERLY JF1AN STEELE College Prep-Girls' Glee 4 SUSAN KATHERINE STEWART General-Business Club 4; Dramatics Club 1; FNA 2; Rifle Club 3; Transferred from Lutheran High West 2 161SENIORS TREASURE THE MEMORY OF SENIOR PROM GERALDINE ANNE STOKLOSA College Prep-Business-Business Club 4(Sec.); Le Cerde Francais 1,2,3; GAA 1; Homecoming Queen 4; Library Assistant 3; Spanish Club 3. DALE EDWARD STONE Alts-Boys' Glee 4. KATHLEEN STOPA Business ) r. Honor Society 1; Washington Club 3. LINDA MAUREEN STRAIT College Prep-Alien Club 3,4; Chess Club 3,4; Lr Cerde Francais 1,2,3; German Club 1,2(Sec.), 3 (Vlcc-Pres.), 4(Vice-Pres.); Jr. Honor Society 1.2; Math Club 3,4; Science Club 1,2,3,4; Sr. Honor Society 3,4; Washington Club 3. SHARON ANN STRAMAKE Business-Business Club 4(Hist.); FHA 3,4; Washington Club 3. GARY STRZEMPKA Arts JOHN JAMES STUROCK College Prep-Basketball 1.2; Boys' Glee 3; Cross Country 3; Football 1,2,4; Robed Choir 4; Rowing 1; Varsity Club 4; Washington Club 3. RICHARD JAMES STUTLER Ind. Arts-Football 1. DAVID HAROLD STYME1ST College Prep-Baracuda Club 3,4; German Club 3; Humanities Club 4; Imprint 4; Jr. Honor Society 3; Science Club 4; Sr. Honor Society 3,4(Treas.); Swimming l,2,3,4(Co-Capt.); Varsity Club 4. CRAIG ROSS SWARTZBAUGH College Prep-Boys' Glee 1; Jr. Honor Sodety 2; Robed Choir 2. STANLEY SZOSTEK College Prep-Baseball 1,2,3,4; Football 1,2,3,4; Varsity Club 4. JOSEPH NEAL TARRIS College Prep-Baseball 1,2; Football 1,2; Track 3,4. SUSAN LEE TAYLOR College Prep-Business-Booster Club 1,2; Business Club 3; FHA 3; Washington Club 3. JOANNA DAWNE TEICHMAN College Prep KAY LORRAINE THAYER College Prep-FMA 3; GAA 4; Jaguar Journal 3; Jr. Honor Society 1; Press Club 3; Spanish Club 1,2,3, 4; Washington Club 3. 162As the couples began arriving in front of Lovett Hall, the excitement of the evening began to mount and the magic of the Senior Prom took hold of everyone attending. JOHN TIMA Arts JOSEPH ANDREW TOCCO Ind. Arts PAUL TOCCO College Prep-Track 1. JAMES CHARLES TORCERSON Arts-Transferred from Mackenzie High School, Detroit, Mich. 3. LANA LOUISE TRAUB College Prep-Booster Club 1,2; Girls’ Glee 4; Jaguar Journal 3,4; Jr. Honor Society 2; Press Club 3,4; Sr. Play 4; Spanish Club 3,4; Modern Dance 2. BONNIE LEE TRECLOWN College Prep-Booster Club 1.2,3,4; FHA 3,4; Girls Glee 4; Humanities Club 4; Jaguar Journal 4; Press Club 3,4(Treas.X Spanish Club 1,2,3,4; Washing ton Club 3. 163As couples pause in Lovett Hall's lobby, they hear the music from the upstairs ballroom. Lovett Hall's ballroom provided an elegant atmosphere for couples attending the prom. SENIORS LOOK BACK WITH MIXED EMOTIONS CHERYL BERTHA TRTAN College Prep-Booster Club 1; Dramatics Club 1; CAA 1; Jaguar journal 4; Press Club 2,3,4; Spanish Club 1,2,3; Modern Dance 1. EDWARD JOHN TUBBS College Prep-Swimming 1; Art Club 2. SUSAN DIANNE TUCKER Business-Booster Club 1.2.3; FHA 1,2,3; Washington Club 3. CARY BRUCE TURNER College Prep-Band 1.2.3,4; Chess Club 2; Gymnastics 2,3,4. IJNDA SUSANNE TURNER Business-Booster Club 1; Business Club 4. EDWARD LOUIS TURY College Prep-Baseball 1; Chess Club 2; Football 2, 3,4; Jr. Honor Society 2; Jr. Play 3; Spanish Club 2,3,4; Student Coundl 3; Washington Club; Future Engineers 2; Class President 3. MARCIA ANN UREN Business-Aquettes 1; Business Club 4(Sec.); Girls' Glee 1; Robed Choir 2,3,4; Washington Club 3. JOSEPH KARL VAUNT College Prep-Baseball l(Mgr.); Basketball l(Mgr.); Robed Choir 3,4. MARGARET JOAN VAN COOLEY College Prep-Booster Club 2; Girls' Glee 2; JCL 1,2; Jr. Play 3; Robed Choir 3,4; Sr. Play 4; SPQR 1,2; Washington Club 3; Transferred from South Lyon High School 1. 164DAVID ALLEN VARGA Business Football 2,3.4; Track 2,3.4; Varsity Club 4. ROBERT LEE VARGA Ind Arts-Baseball 1.2,3,4; Basketball 1,2; Varsity Club 4. SHARON E. VARGA Business-Booster Club 2; FHA 2; GAA 4; Jaguar Journal 4; Washington Club 3. ANTON STEVEN VASS General- Baseball X,2.3.4; Basketball I; Football 1,3; Varsity Club 3,4. DENNIS PAUL VELKY Arts-Art Club 2. DAVID ALAN VIERK College Prep UPON YEARS OF STUDY, WORK, AND FUN GLENN MAURICE WADDELL College Prep-Baracuda Club 3; Swimming 1,2,3. EDWARD WILLIAM WALES College Prep-Jr. Honor Society 1; Science Club 1; Art Club 1 (Pres.); Jazz Club 3. MARCINE MARION WALUCE College Prep-Alien Club 3,4(Sec.); Booster Club 2,3; Boys’ Glee 4( Pianist); Lc Ccrdc Francais 4; FNA 2; Girls' Glee 3; Humanities Club 4; Imprint 3,4; JCL 2; Jr. Honor Society 1,2; Robed Choir 4; Sr. Honor Society 4; SP R 2 WILLIAM LEWIS WARDEN College Prep-Library Assistant 4; Swimming 1; Track 1,2; Washington Club 3. DONALD LEE WATKINS Arts DONALD CHARLES WDOWIAK College Prep-Baseball 1; Basketball; Football 1,2,3,4; Humanities Club 4; Science Club 4 (Pres ); Track 2,3,4. BRENDA KAYE WELLS Camera! Band 1,2; Booster Club 1; FNA 2; Girls' Glee 3,4; Jaguar Journal 3,4. FRANK ARNOLD WILK College Prep-Le Cerde Francais 3,4; Humanities Club 4; Jr. Honor Society 2; Science Club 2,3,4. VERNON STEWART WILKINSON Arts-Gymnasties 2. 165SCHOOL COMPLETED, WE EMBARK ON FUTURE SANDRA LEE WILLARD College Prep-Booster Club 3,4; Business Club 4; FHA 2.3; FTA 4; CAA 3,4; Washington Club 3. RUSSELL JAMES WILLIAMSON Arts-Swlmmlng 1; Transferred from Central High School, Standish, Mich. 2. DEBORAH LYNNE WILLS Business-Business Club 4; Dramatics Club 4. MARIAN KAY WILSON College Prcp-FHA 3; FTA 3; Humanities Club 4; JCL 2,3,4; Jaguar Journal 3,4; Press Club 3,4; SPC R 2,3,4(Consul); Modern Dance 2. MARILYN JOAN WILSON Business-FHA 1.2,3(Hlst.); Jaguar Journal 1,2.3; Jr. Honor Society 2; Press Club 1,2,3. SANDRA ANN WILSON College Prep-Booster Club 2,3; FNA 3(Yrice-Pres.); Girls' Glee 3,4; Humanities Club 4; Sr. Play 4. SANDRA LYNN WIMBERLY Business-Girls' Glee 3,4. CANDACE LEE WINKEL College Prep-German Club l,2(Sec.), 3(V’Ice-Pres.); Imprint 4; JCL 3,4; Jr. Honor Society 2; Math Club 3.4; Science Club 2,3; Sr. Honor Society 3,4; SPQJt 1,2.3,4 CHARLES WALTER WINSTEN General-Gymnastics 2. SHARON ANN WINTER College Prep-Booster Club 1,2; Dramatics Club 4; Humanities Club 4; Spanish Club 1,2,3. JAMES REACH WOOD College Prep MARCIA LEE WRIGHT Business-FHA 2; GAA 1,2; Transferred from Trenton High School, Trenton, Mich. 2. THOMAS MITCHELL WRIGHT Arts DONALD FRANKLIN YOKLEY College Prep-Boys' Glee 1,4; Robed Choir 2,4; Washington Club 3; Swimming 2; Gymnastics 4; Sr. Play 4. JOAN MARIE ZAVARISE College Prep-German Club 1; SPQR 1,2,3. 166RAYMOND F. ZENK, Jr. College Prep NOT PICTURED LARRY JOHN AMORE Am ALLEN M BODA (General ALEX ANDREW CAREY Business THOMAS CARLSON Business ROSEMARIE CIOTTI College Prep RONALD A. COREY College Prep JAMES EDWARD MULROY College Prep GERALD ALLEN PANCANIS College Prep MARTHA ANNE PERRY General THOMAS JOHN RAFELS College Prep THOMAS GREGORY SCHULTZ College Prep DENNIS DAVID SENKO General RITA KERN STEVENSON Business EDWARD SZUK1EWICZ Arts JAMES SIDNEY WATT Am DAVID JEROME WHITER (General THOMAS LYLE DANIELS Am MARGARET THERESA EHNIS CYNTHIA MARIE SHOMBERGER General Business GARY BURCH SMITH Business GREGORY ALAN FUCHS College Prep JOSEPH RICHARD GILDO College Prep MICHAEL LOUIS CMOSF.R Am EDWARD ARNOLD HERRGARD College Prep DALE MICHAEL HOGARD College Prep JOHN CLIFTON JACKSON.Jr. College Prep GREGG GEORGE KNIGHT General GARY HARMON LF1ACH College Prep DAVID ARNOLD MEYERS (General As Peggy Randall and John Feist, officers of the dass of 1964, look on at the graduation of the class of 1963, they can foresee the graduation of their own dass. 167SENIOR PATRONS Mr. Mrs. M. L. Strait Mr. Mrs. Ralph L. Smith Mr. Mrs. Robert I. Scott Mr. Mrs. Eugene Bollo Mrs. Velma L. Lein bach Mr. Mrs. Thomas Fountain Mr. Mrs. Ralph Harrison Mr. Mrs. Chester S. Johnson Mr. Mrs. Louis Harris Mr. Mrs. Francis Nichols Mr. Mrs. James Shepard Mr. Mrs. Harry Ackley Mr. Mrs. Edward Majchrzak Mr. Mrs. Steve A. Dulimba Dr. Mrs. Jeffrey E. Drapeau Mr. Mrs. Harold Overmeyer Mrs. Gwendoline Reoch Mr. Mrs. Henry Piccioni Mrs. Kathleen Wales Mr. Mrs. Durley Lafferty Mr. Mrs. F'rank DeLuca Mr. Mrs. Felix Niespial Mr. Mrs. Joseph Allen Mr. Mrs. Elmer Dietrich Mr. Mrs. Ernest Dull Mr. Mrs. John Long Mr. Mrs. Harold E. Clements Mr. Mrs. R. L. Brown Mr. Mrs. Thaddeus Muszynski Mr. Mrs. R. J. Miner Mr. Mrs. Edward Fabiano Mr. Mrs. Clyde Rowland Mr. Mrs. James F. Presley Mr. Mrs. Robert Price Mr. Mrs. Theodare Katona Mr. Mrs. Walter Stoklosa Mr. Mrs. James Flannigan Mr. Mrs. Paul Kolar Mr. Mrs. Albert Schweickart Mr. Mrs. Chester Oberts Mr. Mrs. Will T. Jones Mr. Mrs. Edward Rammer Mr. Mrs. James Jones Mr. Mrs. Frank Bernardo Mr. Mrs. Louis Tcichman Mr. Mrs. Charles E. Winter Mr. Mrs. Joseph E. Perritt Mr. Mrs. Raymond Winkel Mr. Mrs. George E. Soubel Mr. Mrs. Carlton Gihhs Mr. Mrs. Doug Horuczi Mr. Mrs. John J. Sturock Mr. Mrs. M H. Eaton Mr. Mrs. Henry Dytyniak Mr. Mrs. George Schoner Mr. Mrs. Gordon Bozanich Mr. Mrs. Paul Donaldson Mr. Mrs. John Plas Mr. Mrs. Wlater Meggison Mr. Mrs. Norman Best Mr. Mrs. Louis Loula Mr. Mrs. Glenn Hoover Mr. Mrs. P. D. Coolman Mr. Mrs. Roland Knuth Mr. Mrs. J. B. Crisp Mr. Mrs. Otto D. Kunnas Mr. Mrs. Thomas Wallace Mr. Mrs. John Nevers Mr. Mrs. John Rust Mr. Mrs. John May Mr. Mrs. George H. Low Mr. Mrs. Ralph Allen Mr. Mrs. Elio Goroni Mr. Mrs. Edward Austin Mr. Mrs. Edwin Neubauer Mr. Mrs. L. J. Turner Mr. Mrs. Frank Sinkey Mr. Mrs. A. Karibian Mr. Mrs. F'rank E. Gleason Mr. Mrs. Michael Picklo Mr. Mrs. R. L. Benham, Jr. Dr. E. B. Bolton Mr. Mrs. W. Arthur Redden Mr. Mrs. Max Goulait Mr. Mrs. Michael Mllidonis Mr. Mrs. Leo Wdowiak Mr. Mrs. Clarence L. Cima Mr. Mrs. Harold SchwochoNow what? Life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness! Those wonderful words of our founding fathers have a special meaning to a senior. Because, now that you’ve graduated, you’re on your way to forge the kind of a life you want. May it hold many golden moments for you! MICHIGAN CONSOLIDATED GAS COMPANYJ.T. WHIPPLEALLEN PARK ATHLETIC SUPPLY Ruby’s Colonial Crossroads 7105 Allen Road 1)091 Opportunity Emplor'®Our Sincere Congratulations To The Senior Class c u rz Downriver’s Most Progressive Phone DU 2-0500 Member: Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation Federal Reserve SystemALLEN-WICK HARDWARE SPORTING GOODS Open 9 to 8 Sunday 10 to 1 16139 Wick Road DU 2-3966 DeLUCA’S DINE V SNACK proprietor - Victor DeLuca 6001 Allen Road Allen Park Marty’s Standard Service 7837 Allen Road DU 1-9862PARK AVE. STUDIOS of MUSIC Piano - Organ - Theory classical or popular 7326 Park Ave. DU 3-3310 - 11 SID’S MOBIL STATION 8333 Allen Road VINCENT’S BARBER SHOP 8039 Allen Road 2106 DIX Lincoln Park, MichiganFRANCE’S MARKET Telephone DUnkirk 2-6600 REX INDUSTRIES INCORPORATED Echrich Kowalski Sausage Stroh Sealtest Ice Creams 17100 Francis Street Melvindale, Michigan 16131 Wick Rood Designers and Builders of Special Machinery-Automation-Tools-Jigs-Fix tures-Cages AUTOGRAPHSSTUDENTS ENJOY GOOD TIMES at PEPPY'S "One Leads to Another” McEvoy’s Formal Shop INDIAN VILLAGE 6842 alien road DU 3-0440 CLEANERS 8241 alien road 1 hour quality dry cleaning, service on request. Delux shirt laundry, all work done on location OUR FIFTEENTH YEARBRIGGS HOME BAKERY quality baked goods Specializing in wedding birthday cakes 7331 park ave. DU 3-6970 ALLEN STATIONARY and OFFICE SUPPLY 6817 Allen Road Allen Park, Michigan tames a. hinds DU 1-12867AUTOGRAPHSAUTOGRAPHSAUTOGRAPHSAUTOGRAPHSAUTOGRAPHSAUTOGRAPHS Midwest yearbook Company p.O. Box 307 Birmingham, Michigan

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Allen Park High School - Imprint Yearbook (Allen Park, MI) online yearbook collection, 1959 Edition, Page 1


Allen Park High School - Imprint Yearbook (Allen Park, MI) online yearbook collection, 1960 Edition, Page 1


Allen Park High School - Imprint Yearbook (Allen Park, MI) online yearbook collection, 1965 Edition, Page 1


Allen Park High School - Imprint Yearbook (Allen Park, MI) online yearbook collection, 1966 Edition, Page 1


Allen Park High School - Imprint Yearbook (Allen Park, MI) online yearbook collection, 1967 Edition, Page 1


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