Allen Park High School - Imprint Yearbook (Allen Park, MI)

 - Class of 1960

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Allen Park High School - Imprint Yearbook (Allen Park, MI) online yearbook collection, 1960 Edition, Cover

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Text from Pages 1 - 176 of the 1960 volume:

+555-fl 'Ei 2:3 mg. ,.,, is mf. 5 W WS, ,?,,w ,A,, K 9325 .fy . 1 , 2 , 5 WL . , ,,.. 7,55 .5551-f , ,, " W, this was H' f I Y: ia Km 2' 2 A 35: park high chool ws, pf. ,W A , J, A , as 1 N , ilsftwf I S .2 5 .gag , V V 7 'nw -'N-Sew ,exiig 55 .Myra " "N, 8 331 K 4 Sr W 'fra--gfmhfwh -izifgfw X. Q 6 5 fm- filled with frolic and study with laughter and tears here you will find the people :Ni wg 4 x 1 ? u. , M 1. 'sy S 5 f ri 4. fkfliw ' ,J E? 2' 6, Y .Q WM I if 1: Ky Q - v ,, ar t M . zu-- '-'iggx f N 4 ,f . I w h, 'X s fi 9 Y' V me ' ' fj Q J, 1 M 4, , - . , .I , V, u ' "' K "' I - ' x ,. f ff x , 1 A - 'X , ,' X f y A X X ., '- x ff'Q ,, " f , 1 V , A 3 ' ng ' Q' 5. f . t - , W' 4 FQ ! F at 2 1 A I , 3 I , 5 I K , Qs 5 1, V , , f W W 4 ...-f ff1 V, , x J 1 ' 7 .. If f :fd . K , p,-zLf.1it,Jfg'mxffW'f ,sfmw-Prsffnifi .'f'h.fwf , ' fx ' ' f - ' , ' 'Q 4 ,- 7 f' Q 7, ff .L yn ., H, ,iris A 4 ' 'mf . ,iv NX VA "fQkg'wf.. .V f,,LKiu.:74 aft 7.,753,wf lf, 2 ,. 4 ,',fj,s,'i 1 jg, 1 4' -E g..,F -A fQgz '..r 5: K, . Y ,V 1 ' , , ,q v , f f A X 7-1 I f 'i" 3f3 5 9: i f 1. 3 fs f' Q 'nf 112' f' , g.,.f"f'L V' 1 W H1-wf f ,,..i.k,n -Q4-1 " ,, ,i an .V y .Q ., , k A 1 , 4 ' A 1 Q, I ' - yi "f'Z"'? fu . ,., . , f A if -3. 5 K ,iw 'Kai , W ' W fi"'f 4 V45-fg 2.'? ffm 4 M f - 2- w- 4, , NF, w ., ,A'j'?'5'A-bfi rgfww .4 S, , "iw :Lf ',""! f: f 'Q' wr A Vu, - pn H fm, M W , ,ff-W .1 K 4 Mi? 71,51 -+'f1wc Q 4' ii-. I, I Qiw 00" l S. ,KLM -..,,,-Af: A 1 Q a as 'Y 'N dedication To Mrs. Amy Keppen, teocher To one who hos dedicoted so lorge o shore of her mind ond heort to thousonds of Allen Pork High School students through the yeors, unfoiling in service os on English teocher ond Iibrorion, we offer with heortfelt dediccition this record of one brief ond busy yeor of stu- dent life. Moy her retirement be os filled with blessings os her coreer wos filled with service. dh: Trustees: Mr. Chorles H. Pretty, Mrs. Lucile Collison, Dr. C. Hoyt Anderson. boa rd ot education Mr. Desmond T. Herbert, Treosurer, Mr. C. Jomes Arm strong, Vice President, Mr. Clitton W. Fellows, President Mr. Horold P. Woertink, Secretory. superintendent X ' 7 iii Mr William C. Harris, Superintendent The old saying, "All work and no play makes .lack a dull boy" applies to all High School students. The Allen Park High School has developed a program which includes both educational study and many opportuni- ties tor the use ot leisure time. A well-balanced combi- nation ot learning, development ot social graces, person- ality and physical prowess, is necessary tor the later years ot adult living. Depicted in this annual are numerous pictures of your school days which will become more and more val- uable as the years go by. As you turn the pages ot this book and compare it with similar books ot earlier dec- ades, you will realize the additional opportunities that have been afforded you, and the responsibilities you must accept ot making possible additional opportunities tor those that tollow you. assistant superintendent at V Mr. John Wysoski business manager Y-e...,,,h-an Mr. Fred Bailey principal Mr. Jornes Bc: ten CResigned ir1ApriI, 19601 assistant principal i .,1 ,f "V .,,'. 4 iii . . iz' , . N ,f Mgwig , , A c p 2 Mr. Hcirold Ocitley CAppoinfed principal in April, 19605 department chairmen special servuces 'A 'WYK Aw' , . 1 ua 0 ir Q35 JF 2 f 55 . 51 ,ig 5 A 1 51, ' f , ' 952 af W 5 , -4144 ' QE if , - s ., 3 41 11-.2 , , ze --fqnzwi-' g ,, .g mt , z .L -f-5 :M ,i , . A 5. -f-x ,gf ? V' Q.,-Q , '- 0 3 E, fgalgfgmglaz my ' W. i LX whim office personnel maintenance staff cafeteria statt 3 if I '5 .min V ' I tze, ,gf , , ,, . , A f : tiff- g ff 2 -. .:- .9 r x 5 L .. L! . 5 7 l 5 ' . . 3 33:3 1 , - FZ 5 t 5 ,ettettt ,gk E at Nun. MR. LAWRENCE ALLEN Communications B.S., Wayne State University MR. EDWARD BELLAS Social Studies B.S., Pennsylvania State Teachers College MISS SHIRLEY AMRHEIN Home Economics B.S., Michigan State University M.A., University of Michigan MRS. LILLIAN BETZ English A.B., Eastern Michigan University Q '. 5' G we 153252: ' ,I iii' J 2 Q. . f- .x.. Q, ii. ,. A ' ,a ge U . .,,, I t 24 A Qlll ':,,.m- .k,. ,, V 5 'X t. Z 'Ji A ij- The Magna.. i Inc S + it ,x , iw 91 ya Q18 I 5 if 4 f V, ,, .I . 4 694, ..,,,. ... he '-a,.f.4.: 1 ff 'itat' 1. ggi if f ri ffs i I sv AQ' A MR. WAYNE ATKINS Mathematics CCounselorJ B.S., Central Michigan University M.A., University of Michigan MR. JOSEPH BIALOWICZ English QCounseIorj Ph.B., University of Detroit M.A., University of Detroit MR. EDWARD BARRICK Chemistry A.B., Eastern Michigan University MR. LAWRENCE BOES English B.S., Eastern Michigan University ar.aima'l1l.5.1i.11:m7awz:fxe MISS JOANN BEDORE Home Economics B.S., Michigan State University M.A., Michigan State University MISS BARBARA BROWN Physical Education B.S., Bowling Green State University BA Eastern Michigan University MR. LLOYD DANIELS Business Education A.S., Cleary Colle e B.S., Eastern Michigan University M.A., Eastern Michigan University BS Eastern Michigan University MR. GEORGE DONIGIAN Science B.S., Wayne State University M.A., Wayne State University MR. RICHARD DARMODY Mathematics B.S., Michigan State University M.A., Michigan State University MR LEROY DURFEE Arts B.S., Eastern Michigan University M.A., University of Michigan MRS SHIRLEY A C-ONNER B S Bail State Teachers College MR. EUGENE DYER Vocal Music B.M., Eastern Michigan University B.S., Anderson College M.A., University of Michigan MR. GEORGE DYAS Athletic Director B.S., Western Michigan University M.A., University of Michigan MRS. EDNA GREENMAN Language B.A., University of Michigan I MR. GEORGE FAIRALL Driver Education A.B., Wayne State University M.A., University of Michigan MR. KENNETH GABEL Mathematics MR OLIVER GREGGS Social Studies B.S., Eastern Michigan University M.A., University of Michigan B.A., Michigan State University MR. JOSEPH GILLIGAN Journalism MR. JOHN HABOIAN Business Education and English B.S., Eastern Michigan University B.A., Michigan State University MISS MARY GRAVES Mathematics B.S., Marygrove College MR. ALTON E. HELMS Speech and Dramatics A.B., Eastern Michigan University MR. RICHARD HERSHBERGER Social Studies B.S., Ohio State University BS Eastern Michigan University MRS. AMY KEPPEN Library B.S., Wayne State University BS Eastern Michigan University MRS. VIKI KOTELLY Language Kyrias Normal, M.A., DePaul University Ph.B., DePaul University BS University of Minnesota MISS MYRA LACK Mathematics B.S., Ouachita College BS Eastern Michigan University MISS BETTY JANE LARSEN Business Education B.S., Central Michigan University BS Eastern Michigan University MR. DAVID LOCKHART Science B.S., Central Michigan University M.A., University of Michigan MRS. BARBARA McCOOL Physical Education B.S., University of Minnesota MR. JOSEPH McKEOWN Physical Education MR. WAYNE MILLER Science B.A., Goshen College M.A., University of Michigan B.S., Michigan State University MR. RAY McKAY Physical Education MR. DONALD MITCHELL instrumental Music B.S., Wayne State University M.S., Wayne State University B.S., Michigan State University M.A., University of Michigan MR. VINCENT MITEK Social Studies A.B., Saint Francis College M.A., University of Pittsburgh MR. ANTHONY METTLER Chairman of Guidance and Counseling B.S., Central Michigan University M.A., Michi an State University MR. NORMAN MIHATSCH Arts MR. JOHN NORDLINGER Social Studies A.B., American University M.A., University of Michigan B.S., Eastern Michigan University M.A., University of Michigan MRS. BETTY NEUBAUER Social Studies B.S., Capital University MR. SHERWIN PEARSON Arts B.S., Stout State College MR. RICHARD RIORDAN Social Studies B.S., Central Michigan University MRS. PATRICIA PRESCOTT Business Education fCounselorJ B.S., Central Michigan University M.A., University of Michigan MR. THOMAS RUNNALS Science B.S., Eastern Michigan University M.S.Ed., University of Michigan MR. RICHARD RAABE Social Studies A.B., Eastern Michigan University M.A., Eastern Michigan University MISS MARILYN SEBASTIAN Arts B.S., Wayne State University MR. GALE RANDALL English A.B., Wayne State University MR. CHARLES SHERWOOD English ' I A.B., Western Michigan University' M.A., Eastern Michigan University MRS. WILMA REED English A.B., Salem M.A., University of West Virginia MR. HARVEY STALLINGS Mathematics and Science B.S., Jacksonville State Teachers College M.A., Peabody College BS University of Tennessee MR. ALAN STUVE Arts B.S., Stout State College MR LAWRENCE SMITH BS Stout State College M S Stout State College MR. ROGER SUTHERLAND Science B.S., Bowling Green State University M.A., University of Michigan MRS MARY LOU SPIELMAN BS Pennsylvania State Teachers MRS. BARBARA SULLIVAN Language B.A., Marygrove College University MISS MARIANNE TUFER Mathematics CCounselorJ A.B., Eastern Michi an University M.A., University of Michigan MRS MARJORIE STAKOE AB Western Michigan University MRS. LUCILLE TARRY Family Life Education B.S., Wayne State University M.A., Wayne State University MISS RUTH THARP English A.B., Central Michigan University MR. RAYMOND WHALIN Science I ' B.S., Central Michigan University MR. ROBERT TOMES Physical Education ABS Western Michigan University M A , Wayne State University MR DONALD F WILLIAMS Mathematics BA Miami University BS Ohio Northern University MISS JANET VAN LIER Engllsh B.S., Central Michigan University MR. DONALD WOEFLE Social Studies B.S., Mankato State College MR. RONALD M. WALKER Industrial Education B.S., Stout State College MR. DAVID WALSH Audio Visual QCounselorJ B.A., Alma College M.A., University of Michigan MR. DONALD ZITTLEMAN Arts B.S., Stout State College M.S., Stout State College faculty autographs RAY ADAMCRYK Varsity Band 1,2 JOHN ALEX N DAVE ALLERDYCE Outdoor Youth Club 1,2: 'rraok f5f'e'2'6'f'ubA4"LA 1,2,3,43 Cross Country 4 STEVE ALLEN Science Club 2,3,4 HENRY ANCINICK Varsity Swimming 1,2,4 TIMOTHY ALSMAN Varsity. Band, 1,2: Math club 3,45 Science Club 2,3,4: Tennis 2,3,4 MARIA ARCEBAL Glee Club 4: Student Council 2,35 Dramatics Club 2,35 Play 2: Latin Club 1,2,3: Honor Soc- iety 1,2: Cheer Leader 1,2: Allen Club 4: Homecoming Attendant WILLIE ARP 1,2,3,4 JIM AUILER Jr. Honor Society 1,2: Football 1,2,3,4:Basketball 1,2: Baseball iii, lx 2535 , , f 5 W MZ' 5 xl .5 5.1 ,ffm ,ZW lf 3 ' AAREN AVIS DAN BACH ee Club 3,4 Varsity Band 1,2,3J Math Club BEVERLY BAJOS 3,45 Science Club 1,2,3,45 Latin Glee Club 4 Club 35 Jr. Honor Society 25 Varsity Club 2,3,45 Tennis 1,2, 3,4 RANT BARABAS aguar Journal 2 RON BARTOEZEK JIM BEACH ARLES BARLow Baseball 4 Track 1,2,3,4p Swimming 2 JOYCE BAKER Business Club 4 JOAN BARANY Robed Choir 45 Operetta 35 Fu- ture Nurses Club 1,2,3,45 Latin Club 1,2 LUCILLE BEAUDET Glee Club 3,45 Operetta 35 Business Club 45 Future Home- makers Assoc. 2 ELLEN BEAUURIE SHARON BELV JW' BENWG BARBARA BERRISH Glee Club 2,3,4 Business Club 4 Glee club 4: Business club 4 SANDRA BERNARD Business Club 3,4, Future Homemakers Assoc. 3,4: Future Teachers Club 2,3,4: Cheer Leader 1 TOM BIERMA Future Engineers 1: Boys' State 3: Honor Society 2,3,4: Varsity Club 3,4: Cross Coun- try 3, Track 2,31 Gymnastics 2 BILL BLASENGYM DARREL Bol.Aivl l-'NPA BOKA Robed Choir 2,3,4: Opererta 4: DAVE BO'-A .um BOULTINGHOUSE Business Club 4 Allegro Club 3,4 pump' 10? 31 15 C i ly mg , as noi-iN BOMMAR JIM BOND lar-sity Band 1,2,gg,To SUE BONKOSKY Outdoor Youth Club 1,2 DKIE BOUCHER IOMAS BERENDT ture Engineers 2,35 Rowing L,4 BRUCE BRADFORD PORTER BREWER DORIS BRILLHART JO ANN BOROS Glee Club 45 Robed Choir 4 PAUL BRANCHEAU Swimming 2 ROBERT BROCK SHARON LEE BROOKS BOB BRYAN DONNA BRYAN va,-sit Band 1,2y3,4 Track 1,2,4: Gymnastics 2 Aquettes 2,3,4 y RAY BUCHINSKI JANET BUC-K ROD' BURNETT Vafslfy Club 3,4: Football 2,3- ROBBEN BRANT Baseball 2 Wfesflingz ' WILLIAM BURCH A55:as,l:pgf ,... ,, f W F lg , K, 3 , 4 K 5 wx 3' ' g m M sf . 5 sl, if "' N ni ,jf S' , lf Q ,f 7 Mys. A-5: --Z, - -- wc ,,f' f, .M , , w,,,?1x,,w.,,7 .. ,, ff -fp f A .l,.g1rfw--l,w, .sLl3g iffs l'ln ' Af My J X Ml, 4 l,.s1.,,l,-l.,,-vw. L H f lk, i w Q wmlhii'wg',-S7 elf, .lf 1, 3,15 125,151 I ',-zg?lfssKgW:'f1S:if-l . A ff, ..., W ,,,kL.., , , ,.',, - ROBERT BIRCH SALLY BURBANK Glee Club 2: Robed Choir: Ope- retta 3: Future Homemakers Assoc. 2,3,4 GEORGE BURGESS M CALHOUN MARY JANE CARGILL SHI Rl-EY CARL PENNI CARLTON ath Club 4, Play 3: Future ' ' Dramatlcs Club 1,2, Future Future HomemakersAssoc.3 achers Club 4: Vars't Cl b ' ' 'Y U Nurses Club 1, Latin Club 3.4 Football 2.3: Wrestling 3,4 ARY CARPENTER arsity Band 1,2,3,4 4 YCE CEMER ibed choir 2,3,4: operetta 3: EIANIEL CHAPP RUSSELL CHERRY e r Cl g 0 uh 3 4 ay 4, Outdoor Youth Club 1 Basketball 2 Y DAVE CARUSO Play 3: Future Teachers Club 4: Cross Country 1,25 Track 1, 21 Gymnastics 2 PEARL CHINN Math Club 4: Future Teachers Club 4: French Club 2,3,4: Honor Society 2 CAROL CHIRI Dramatics Club 1,2: Future Nurses Club 1,2,3,4: Future Teachers Club 3,4: Latin Club 3: Jaguar Journal 4 MARSHA CHOPSON Future Nurses Club 1,2,3,4 RONALD CLIFTON Glee Club 3: Robed Choir 4: Operetta 3: Varsity Club 4: Football 1,2,3,4: Basketball 1,2, 3,4: Baseball 1,2,3,4: Outdoor Youth Club 4 MARLENE CHISMAN Future Teachers Club 2,3,4: French Club 2,3: Honor Society 2 CAROLYN CONOVER Robed Choir 3,4: Operetta 3: Dramatics Club 2: Spanish Club 1,2: Imprint 4 ELIZABETH CHOBA Allegro Club 3,4: Dramatics Club2 JERRY ANNE COX Business Club 3,4: Dramatics Club 2: Play 2: Future Nurses Club 2: Future Teachers Club 1,2,3,4: Jaguar Journal 2,3: Student Council 2,3,4 BOB CLARK Math Club 3,4: Science Club 2: Play 3: Future Engineers 2,3, 4: Varsity Club 4: Football 2, 4: Rowing 2,3,4 DAN CLARK Varsity Club 2,3,4! Tf'?Ck 22 Swimming 1,2,3,4: Rowmu 3.4 KAY CRAWFORD Glee Club 4: Play 3? Full'-lf' Nurses Club 4: Latin Club 4 l OHN CROSS MIC-HAEL CRUCITT icience Club 4: Play 3: Foot- V. Pres. 3: Math Club 3,49 Sci- Wrestling 4 ence C-lub 2: Future Engineers 4: Latin Club 3,4: Boys' State 3: Honor Society 2,3,4: Allen Club 4: Gymnastics 2 RON DAROCZY ,all 1 Imprint 4 RICHARD DARIN Varsity Club 3,4: Football 3,4 DM DeANGELO arsity Club 3,4: Football 1: asketball 1,2,3,4: Track 1,2, 4 DENNIS w. DERON ALICE D'NATALE ,WAN DESH-VIA KAREN DICKLEMAN Aquettesg GERALD B. DERON JOE DOBRIK Latin Club 2,3: Football 1: Bas ketball 1 PHYLLIS DOBRIK Business Club 4: Jaguar Jour- MARLENE DODDS nal 1 Varsity Band 3,4 BONNIE DONATI MICKEY DORAN Glee Club 3: Student Council 1,3: Play 3: French C-lub 1,2: Cheer Leader 1,2,3,4: Allen Club 4: Homecoming Attend- ant PATRICK DOYLE Basketball 2 IRENE DOMINE Aquettes 2,3,4: Cheer Leader 1 TOM DRAPER Math Club 2,3,4: Science Club 3: Future Engineers 3: Outdoor Youth Club 2: Spanish Club 1, 2: Football 1,2 DARLENE DONASKI PAT DONOFRIO Honor Society 2 ANN DuCHENY Glee Club 4: Dramatics Club 2 DENNIS DUNN BARBARA DUSIK NORNIA DUVAL JOYCE ECKMETER Glee Club 3? Robed Clwir' 41 Business Club 4: French Club Glee Club 2,3,4: Dramatics Club Operetfa 3? Business Club 3,47 2,3: Aquettes 2 3: Future Teachers Club 3,4 Play 3 .ROL ERDEI siness Club 4: French Club 2 MARIAN ESPY Varsity B a n d 1,2,3: Cheer Leader 1 MARILYN FERGUSON JOHN FELLQWS Student Council 2: Class Offi- JOHN FlNN Play 3,45 outdoor Youth club eer 3,4: Business Club 3,4: Fu- 'ing' QLU? 3? Honor Society 1. 124: V 't gl u b 2 3 4- ture Homemakers Assoc. 1,2,3 5 00 HI 1,29 Basketball 2: MARIE FARKAS SlNlmmin3rlI2y34 ' ' Y 4: Cheer Leader 1,2 ' Track 3,41 Swimming 1,2: Glee Club 4 , v l Gymnastics 3,41 Golf 3,4 i s l JoHN FLORIAN cAi. FLETCHER , . Jo Foi.Ev LARRY VarsitY club a,4: Football 1,2, 'Vlath CM' V21 Suche' C'ub.1' Giee Club 2: Robed choir 3,4: FORESTER 2' Future E"9"'ee'S 235 Lafm Class Officer 2,35 Business 34' Rowin 1' Baseball 2 3,4 , ' ' Q ' ' fn'fnbg'172ff'fRS:mif1unE'g' 3? SW'm' Club 3,41 Girls' stars sg Honor ' ' 9 ' Society 2,3,4: Aquettes 1,2,3, 4: Cheer Leader 1,2,3,4: Home- conHng Attendant YVONNE FOSTER RAY FORSTER BARBARA FOSS Dramatics Club 1,25 Play 1,2,3: Jaguar Journal 3,4 CAROL FREZZA AT FORSYTHE uture Teachers Club 2,3,4: g?UglFb0??.TQ's l 2 Dramatics 2,4: Play 3: Future rench Club 2,37 Jaguar Jour- 4 eg u l ' ' 0 ed qhou' 13' Nurses Club 4: Future Home- RCNAI-D FREIMARK 1 res',l operetta 31 Basket' k ps Assoc. 4: Future Teach- Math Science 1,2, al 4 b H 1 ma e 3 ers Club 45 Latin club 4 '3,4: Honor SooIoty1i2 ,, -m-w-,..- iq lRON FULLER JANICE FENOGLIO 3 MARY GARLAND ire Nurses Club 1,2,3,4: Fu- Glee Club 3,4: Business Club 4 . Future Nurses Club 1,2,3,4: F Teachers Club 1,25 French ' ture Homemakers Assoc- 4: 12,3 - Latin Club 3 . GAY oor Youth Club 2 BRIAN GEARHART Football 1,25 Basketball Rowing1 PB GERMAIN . rsity Band 1,2,3: Math Club RODNEY GIBEAU li Science Club 126,41 Var- M th ci b 3 4- s ience club 2 Y Club 2,3,4! Ten"1iS1,213-42 3 Z' Frelnch, Club 3 4' Honor JAY GILLIS . I ' , ' "e5f""'9 3 Socyiety 2,3,4 ' Future En meers 3 PAT GAWLAS French Club 15 Honor Society 1.2 BETH GERISCH Math Club 4: Future Nurses Club 1,2,3,4: Future Home- makers Assoc. 4: Future Teach- ers Club 4: Latin C-lub 3,4 DENNIS GILMORE Student Council 3: Latin Club 1,2,3: Honor Society 1,23 Var- sity C-lub 43 Allen Club 3,4: Basketball 2,35 Tennis 2,3,4 DWK GOODE'-L MARLENE GoRoNi GUS GLOSSENGER BOB GLOVER . . . , Science Club 3,43 Future Engi- Varsmy Band 1'2'3'4' Play 3 neers 2,35 Spanish Club 3: Var- sity Club 2,3,4: Swimming 1,2, 3,45 Rowing 2,3,4 TOM GRANDY Varsity Club 2,3,4: Football 1, 2,3,4: Basketball 1,2,3,4: Base- ball 1,2,3,4 MARY ANN GRAHAM Business Club 4 JOE GRETKA , . , . CAROLYN GRIFFIN JQE GRIFFIN E22t:fa!lla1lL2n'txgI:E::'3fng 3' w'n' Business Club 4: Future Horne- Ope,-etta 3: Va,-sity Band 1,2, PEGGY QRIMM makers Assoc. 3,4 3,45 Allegro club 1,2,3,4 """f'ec0m"'9 Queen RRY GRONOWSKI BEN ,GRULEY GEORGE GRUNDMAN ROBERT GRUNQW Glee Club 4: Football 1: Bas- RQwing1,2,3,4 ketball 1: Wrestling 3 ENE GUIDI tin Club 3,4: Jaguar Journal l: Baseball 2 MARGARET GUTHRIE I GUTKNECHT :lent Council 4: Math Club DICK HANNA gcience Club 4g Latin Club Future Engineers 3,45 Football BEVERLY HARTLEY Honor society 2,3,4g Bas. 1: Basketball 1,2: Wrestling 3, Glee Club 3: Robed Choir 4: BERNIE HASKE :all 1,2: Tennis 1,2,3,4 4 French Club 1 Glge Club 3,45 Track 1 -Af ACKlE HASSELL. I KA-I-HRYN HELD JOE HEL-LER BILL HERRICK ?ramatlcs Club 2,3, Play 2,3, Future Nurses Club 4: Future Honor Society 2: Varsity Club .rench Club 2,3 Homemakers Assoc. 4: Future g'3'45 Football 1f2v3v45 ROWWQ ,3,4 Teachers Club 4 JIM HIONIS Wrestling 2,3,4 Glee Club 3: Robed Choir 4: Operetta 3: Cross Country 4: IAN DY HIGGISON Vrestling 2 BONNIE HODGES Aquettesz CAROL HOFFMAN CAROLYN HOCKLE PHIL HOFFMAN Varsity Band 1,2,3: Allegro Club 1,2,3,4: Student Council 4: Latin Club 3,45 Honor Soc- iety 1,2: Varsity Club 3,43 BABBARA HOKULA Cross Country 3,4' Track 2,4: BUSINESS C I U b 3,49 President of Seniolr Class Homemakers ASSOC- 3 Robed Choir 2,3,4: Operetta 1 3: Future Nurses Club 1,2,3 Honor Society 3,4: Imprint 4 Future I HOMESZYN CAROL HORVATH lness Club 3,4: Future Future Nurses Club 3: Future lemakers Assoc. 3,4 Teachers Club 3,4: Honor Soc- iety 2: Aquettes 2,3,4: Allen Club 3.4 JETH HUEBNER Club 4: Science Club 2, tdoor Youth Club 2: Latin 3,4: Football 2: Basket- : Rowing 1,4 IE JAN KOWSKI 3. Ng, ' SHIRLEY HOUSE Glee Club 3: Student Council 1,2,3: Class Pres. 1,2,3: Drama- tics Club 2,3: Play 3: Future Teachers Club 3,4: French Club 1,2,3: Girls' State 3: Hon- or Society 2,3,4: Cheer Leader 1,2,3,4: Allen Club 4: Home- coming Attendant SHARON HUNT Future N u r s e s 2,3: Future Homemakers Assoc. 3,4: Future Teachers Club 1: Spanish Club 4 JIM JANKY Math Club 3,4: Science Club 1, 2.4: Honor Society 1,2: Foot. re Homemakers Assoc. 3 ball 2: Basketball 2: Baseball 2 TOM JAPKO Robed Choir 2,3,4: Operetta 3 PEGGY HORRIGAN Aquettes 1,2 VIVIAN IMRE Latin Club 3,4 KATHLEEN JOHNSON Math Club 3,4: Honor Society 2,3,4 Glee Club 4: Business Club 4: Future Homemakers Assoc. 3' Future Teachers Club 2,3,4: MARIE JOLOKAI Future NUFSCS 1,2,3,43 Future Student Council 4: Math Club Glee Club 3 Homemakers Assoc. 4: French 3,4 Club 1: Honor Society 2 BARBARA JUBB Science Club 3: Future Nurses Club 3: French Club 1,2 CAROL KELEMEN Business Club 4: Future Teach- EMERY KATONA ers Club 1,2: Imprint 3 KATHY KELLER ms DALE JONES MARY JO JORDEN MARY ANN JOSEPH Glee Club 2: Robed Choir 3,4: Operetta 3: Dramatics Club 2, 3,4: Play 3,4: Future Teachers 3,4: Allegro Club 4: Honor Soc- iety 3,4 CONRAD KASPERSKI DAVE KELLY Football Announcer 4: Science Club 3,4: Student Council 4: Dramatics Club 4: Play 4: Allen Club 2,3,4: Jaguar Jour- nal 2,3,4 1? it EN KANEK0 ANN Kaiwens Mme KEREKES ,rsity club 3,43 Football 1,2, Business C'Ub4 I-: Swimming 2: Baseball 1,2, l Z KEHYIAN ee Club 2: Robed Choir 3,4- eretta 3: Imprint 3 IK KIIKEN ROBERT C. KLAASEN DOLORES KLACZA Business C-I u b 3,4: Future Homemakers Assoc. 4 NANCY KERTESZ Glee Club 4: Student Council 4: Play 3: French Club 1,2,3: Honor Society 1,2 GRANT KEYS Football 3 RICHARD KLUNGE Football 1,2,3,4: Track 3,4 D'ANA KO'TZ EVELYN KOONS Business Club 3,43 Future Homemakers Assoc. 4 RON KOWALCHIK Outdoor Youth Club 1,2,3,4 RONALD KREGOSKI Science 1,2 GERALD KOWALEWSKI Outdoor Youth Club 1,2,3,4: Latin Club 1,2,3,4: Boys' State 35 Honor Society 2: Varsity Club 3,45 Football 1,2,3,4: Wrestling 2: Talent Show Win- ner3 ALLEN LaRIVlERE Swimming 1,2 JOHN KUCHARCZYK Football 2 BARBARA KUNNAS Honor Society 2,3,4: Inqprinf 4 JOE KOVACIK Science Club 1 PRISCILLA KRAWCZAK DAN LEBENTA Math Club 3: Science Club 1 Honor Society 2: Allen Club 2 3,43 Swimming 2,3,4 AVID LAEHN ath Club 3,4: Science Club 3, Spanish Club 1,2: Honor uciety 1,2: Allen Club 2,3,4: asketball 2: Tennis 2,3 AREN LANGEVELD ee Club 2: Robed Choir 3,4 ANN LEMON e Club 3,4: Business Club 4: ,ure Nurses Club 3: Future 'nemakers 3: Future Teach- Club 3,4 ANDREW LAKATos KAREN LAMBERT DAVE LANDON Swimming 3,4 Glee Club 2,3: Robed Choir 4 Play 4: Outdoor Youth Club 4 Gymnastics 2 JUDY LaNOUE Business Club 4, Jaguar Jour- nal 2 LYLE LapAGE CHARLES LEWIS i s 1 ,Q 1 353 5, 1 516 . E.::Q . ' Mlgi -' E2 57: iff R O N L A V A C K Science Club 1,2 LARRY LYSKAWA RICHARD LOVASZ JERRY LAVOIE Dramatics Glee club 37 Robed Choir 4: Operetta13SCie'10eClUb3 . 2 Club 3: Spanish club 2,3,4, Wfesfiing Tennis 2,3,4 RON LUTSEY VERNON LYNN Football 2: Wrestling 2,3,4 cARol.E MACKEY JIM, MP-'ER Giee Club 3,43 Business club 4 '-atm C'Ub 2 SALLY LOWE Dramatics Club 1 LARRY LUTZ Basketball 2 BILL MAJESKE Swimming 3 DIANE MALONE JULIE MATUL Future Nurses Club 1,2,3,4: Future Teachers Club 3,43 La- tin Club 1,2 MARY MARCHI Glee Club 4: Latin Club 1,2 SANDY MARTIN Student Council 1: Dramatics Club 25 Future Homemakers Assoc. 1,2,3,4: French Club 2: Future Teachers Club 4: Honor Society 1,2,3,4: Aquettes1,2,35 Cheer Leader 1,2,3,4: Jaguar Journal 1 CAROLE ANN MASSEY French Club 2,35 Aquettes 2,3, 45 Future Teachers Club 1,2,3,4 JOE MAYHER JR. DAVE IVICGHEE KEITH MCGUIRIE Varsity Club 45 Allen C-lub 45 Varsity Club 2,3,43 Basketball U, MAYROS Football 1: Basketball 31 Base' 1: Cross Country 1,2,3: Track balI12 3 4 12 3 4' G mnastics 2,3 lsiness club4 PAT MCCAMPBELL ' ' ' ' ' ' ' y JESSIE MclLROY Glee Club 4: Operetta 3: Future Teachers Club 3,4: Spanish Club 3,4 ELAINE MEDVED Business Club 4 KAY MEGGISON f ffl? ALIC-EGENE MCKENNA Glee Club 4: Business Club 3 CAROL MERRIMAN Business Club 3,4: Future Homemakers Assoc. 3,4: Honor Society 23 Jaguar Journal 2 BARBARA MCMURDO Business Club 3: Future Home- makers Assoc. 3: Future Teach- ers Club 2,3 BOB MERROW LINDA McNEW Student Council 4: Class Offi- cer 1,23 Business Club 3,4: Fu- ture Homemakers Assoc. 4: Fu- ture Teachers Club 2: Jaguar Journal 4 ROGER MEESE Track 3-43 Gymnastics 3 DICK METZGER Basketball 1,2 JOB MH-LEP' SUSANN MILLIGAN Business Club 4: Jaguar nal 3 LILLIAN MOGAN Future Teachers Club 4: French Club 2,35 Quill and Scroll 3,47 Honor Society 2,3, 4: Cheer Leader 1: Jaguar Journal 2,3,4 DAVE MlLLER Jour- LIL MALSON sketball 2 KAAREN MARIE MOORE - 2 3,4- A tte SHARON MOREY fgnf' Swety ' ' que S Allegro club 3,41 Talent " ' 2,3,4: Business Club 3.4 DIANA MOORE Business Club 3,43 Future Homemakers Assoc. 3,43 Honor Society 2,3,4: Cheer Leader 3,4 ANDREA MULL Future Homemakers Assoc. 4: Show Future Teachers Club 2,3,4: DON MORRIS French Club 2,3 Varsity Club 3,43 Football 12 CAROL NAGY PAUL NAG Basketball 1,2,3,4: Baseball 1 French C'Ub 2 3 2 3,4 HAZELLE NAHAS BECKY NOFFSINGER Glee Club 2,35 Robed Cholr 4 BILL NOLAN Business Club 4: Aquettes 3 4 Cross COUMFY1 2 Track 1 2 KEN NORTON LARRY I-NAOVAIS DAVE ONG CAROL o'NEiL 1 DWARD OLSHEWSK' student council 1: class offi WALTER 0 NEW panish Club 1,2 Cer 4: French Club 1,2: Boys: Outdoor Youth Club 1,2,3,4 State 3: Honor Society 1,2,3,4: Varsity Club 2,3,4: Football 2, 3,45 Basketball 3,41 Baseball 2, 3,4 iERRY ORCUTT 'ootball 1,2 ZANE OSBORNE Varsity Band 1,2,3,4: Science Club 3,43 Latin Club 3,45 Hon- or Society 1,2 ANNE OHLSON Glee Club 3: Robed Choir 3,43 Future Teachers Club 33 French Club 1: Honor Society 1,23 Operetta 3 ERROL OTT MARLENE PADAR JIM PANIK H S - t 2 Business Club 4: Future Teach- Glee Club 4: Baseball 1 V Ono' we y ers Club 1,2: Latin Club 1,2,3 CAROL PARSONIS BARBARA PUSKAS su.L PATTON GA"' M' PAULL Glee Club 3,45 Business club 3, .atin Club 3 4: Jaguar Journal 4 MICHAEL PAWELSKI Outdoor Youth Club 1,2,3,4: Football 1,2,3,4: Baseball 3,4 HALE PETRI lperetta 3: Varsity Band .1,2, ,4: Allegro Club 1,2,3,4: Play ,4: Honor Society 1,2: Track ,2: 'Swimming 2,3,4 BOB PETTY Glee Club 3,4 NANCY PAHL Forensics 3: Future Teachers Club 1,2,3,4: French Club 1,2, 3,43 Honor Society 1,2,3,4: Allen Club 2,3,4 JERRY PHILP Student Council 2: Math Club 3,4: Play 4: Allen Club 2,3,4: Jaguar Journal 3 AL PAUZUS Honor Society 2 DICK PENBERTHY DAVE PICKLO Varsity Club 43 CV055 COUMVY 3,45 Track 2,3,4 ELAINE PITCHER GENE POL'-T-ES TONY PALIZZI RON POWELL Robed Choir 43 Girls' State 3: Student Council 2: Math Club Student Council 2: Varsity Honor Society 1,2,3,4: Jaguar 3,4: Spanish Club 2: Honor Club 2,3,4: Football 1,2,3,4: Journal 3 Society 1,2,3,4: Allen Club 1 Basketball 1, 2,3,4: Baseball 1, 2,3,4: Jaguar Journal 3: Foot- 23,4 ball 2: Basketball 4: Cross Country 2,4: Track 3: Rowing 2,35 Wrestling 3 KNDY PRICE isiness Club 4 BETTY PRINE Varsity Band 1,2.3,4Z Future Nurses Club 1,2 Vl RAE DEE RAMAZETTI SHARON REEVES ze Club 3: Fl b d Ch ' 4 Business Club 4: F t N O 9 ow Club1 u ure urses Business Club 4 PETE REINHART BERNIE ROBERTS JAMES REYES DOUG RINGER Robed choir 3,43 oparana sg CARD'-E R'TC""E Football 3 Science Club 2: Play 3: Cross Country 2: Track 2: Gymnas- ticsz TERRY ROSSITER Cross Country 1 RON ROWLAND 8? Robed Choir 4: Swimming 3: Wrestling 3 as RICHARD SALHANY Varsity Band 1,2,3: French Club 2: Varsity Club 3 4: Foot- ball 1,2,3,4: Baskekball 1g 'SUV i'5ND2Iub 24, S anis, Track 1,2,3,4: Wrestling 3,45 rams 'fs ' ' P Club 1,2, Play 2,3,4 CHARLES SABADASH Gymnastics 2,3 DAN SANDEL TERRY SAS JOANNE SCORZELLI Robed Choir 3,4: Operetta 3: Dramatics Cl u b 3: Future Teachers Club 2,3,4: French Club 1,2,3 SHARON SENNET Slee Club 3: Robed Choir 4: Business Club 3: Future Home. nakers Assoc. 3 BRUCE SATTLER EDDIE SQHMANSK1 JAMES SCHROPP Dramatics club 2,3: Play 2: Jaguar J0urf1al2,3,4J Play3 Future Teachers Club 2,3,4: French Club 2,3 ANDY SECULA BARBARA SIMKO Varsity Band 1,2,3,4: Future STELLA SIEVERS Nurses Club 3,4: Future Teach- DENNIS SHANK Glee Club 4: Operetta 3 ers Club 4: Latin Club 3,4: Math Club 4: Spanish Club 1 Aquettes 1,2,3,4 HARON SKINNER BARBARA SMITH JANE SMITH arsity Band 1,2l3,43 BUSIYWCSS Business Club 45 Future Home- Robed Choir 1,2,3,45 Glee Club lub 3,45 Future Nurses Club make,-S ASSOC, 4 2,35 Operetta 1,35 Allegro Club ,2 3,45 Latin Club 1,25 Honor Soc- iety 1,2,3,45 Imprint 45 French Club 4 MICHAEL SMITH Science Clu b 1,25 Outdoor Youth Club 1,2,35 Latin Club 3 ANNE SNYDER Glee Club 45 Business Club 45 Cheer Leader 1 LYNNE SNYDER Business Club 4 MIKE STANCZYK Robed Choir 3,45 Operetta 35 Student Council 45 Varsity IIARYANNE SQMERgI b4 BETH SOPKO34 DAN SOREL Club 2,3,4: Football 1,2,3,4: , Y Y ! ilee Club 45 Business u Jaguar Journal Baseball 1 2 3 4 CAROLE ANN STANKO Business Clu b 3,4: Future MARTHA STEFFES Nurses Club 1,2,3: Future Homemakers Assoc. 3.4 GARY STEWART Math Club 4: Debate Club 4: Latin Club 3: Honor Society 3, 4: Allen Club 3,4 NANCY JEAN STIER Business C l u b 3,4: Future Nurses Club 1,2,3: Future Homemakers Assoc. 3,4: French Club 1 SUE STODDARD :uture Teachers Club 3,4 TATRICIA SZUKIEWICZ GERALD SVENDOR :lee Club 4: Business Club4 Spanish Club 1,2 DON SWANK Varsity Band 1,2,3: Allegro Cl'-Ib 12,31 Outdoor Youth Club 1,2,3,4: Rowing 2,3,4: Student Council 4 CELESTE STOUT Business Club 4 SUE SWAN Math C-lub 4: Debate Club 4: Forensics 4: Science Club 4: Dramatics Club 3,4: Future Teachers Club 4: Latin Club 2, 3,4: imprint 4 LINDA SWAN Business Club 3: Dramatics Club 3: Future Nurses Club 3, 4: Future Homernakers Assoc. 3: Spanish Club 3,4 DAN TAYLOR Football 2,3 Rowing 1,2,3,4 MARGARET TOHATI Math Club 4: Debate Club 3,4: Forensics 1,2,3,4: Science Club 4: Drarnatics Club 1,2,3,4: Play ALAN TOTH 1234' Latin Club 1234' ' ' ' ' . , ' ' ' ' Student Council 4: Swimming Honor Society 2, Aquettes 1,2, 2'3,4: Rowing 2 3,43 Imprint 4 JACK TABOF4 CHARLOTTE TAKESSIAN BONNIE LYNNE TAYLOR Business Club 4' Dramatics Cr0SS COUMFY 112133 Track 1' Student Council 3' Business . ' 2,3: Gymnastics 2-3? Glee Club club 34: Latin Club 1: Aqu- SUE 41'2'3' Future Teachem 3 ettes1,2,3,4 U KAREN TREGLOWN RODNEY TRYTHALL Outdoor Youth Club 2,3,4 DAVID THOMPSON S JOHN UMBARGER Outdoor Youth Club 11 Football 13 Tennis 2,3 ENNIS VAN NOSTRAND BETTY VARGO PEGGY VAUGHN RON VELKY nguar Journal 3,45 Rowing 2: Future Teachers Club 2,3,4g Future Nurses Club 1,2,3,4 ' ennis 3,4 Spanish Club 2,3,4 JBERT WAGNER ience Club 2 MARILYN WAGONER Future Nurses Club 3 PAUL R. WARNER imvmono wALEs Guoo Club sg Robed Choir 45 -rom WARDEN 'ack 213 Jo ANN WARNEKE Outdoor Youth Club 4 Outdoor Youth Club 1,2,3,4 ROBERT WATSON Student Council 3: Debate 3,4: Forensics 2: Dramatics Club 1, 2,3,4: Play 1,2,3,4g Spanish Club 1,25 Honor Society 1,2,3, 4: Allen Club 3,4: Jaguar Jour. nal 4: Tennis 2,3 SANDY WESSELL Robed Choir 3,4: Glee Club 2: Operetta 3: Honor Society 1,25 Aquettes 2 LOIS WELSH Business Club 4 CHRISTINE WIERSKI Dramatics Club 2,33 Play 2 GARY WHITE Gymnastics 23 Golf 2,3 DOUG WILLIS Swimming 3,4 KATHIE WHITE Dramatics Club 35 Play 3 RONALD WILSON SHIRLEY WIMBERLY Outdoor Youth Club 4 Glee Club 3,4 NANCY WINSTEN if is Qi 53 I Si in NDA WOOD TRICIA YON dent Council 4: Play 3: Fu- : Homemakers Assoc. 3: ure Teachers Club 1: Span- Club 2,3,4: Cheer Leader 1, 4 DLANDE ZALLAKIAN Jture Teachers Club 2,3,4I -ench Club 1,2,3,4: Spanish ub 3,4: Honor Society 1,2 J UDY WOOT TON Future Teachers Club 1,2,3,4 JOYCE WIRTH NICHOLAS ZAPTON Glee Club 3: Football 3 LAWRENCE WURM Outdoor Youth Club 1,2,3,4: Football 2,3: Wrestling 3 EVELYN YULE Science Club 4: Play 3: Aqu- ettes 3,4: Imprint 4: Honor Society4 GERRI ZIMMER A we-Q Phil Hoffman, president: Marilyn Ferguson, secre- tary: Mr. Lloyd Daniels, sponsor: Jo Ann Foley, treasurer: Dave Ong, vice president. noi photographed ERMA GENOTTI Glee Club 3,4: Robed Choir 4: Class Officer 1,2 NANCY ,KISH Robed Choir 3,4: Operetta 3: Business Club 3: Cheer Leader 1 LILLIANE CICOTTE Business Club 4 BARBARA BRAN DT RICHARD ADAMS Science Club 4 MARY GRAHONA RICK JAROS Track 4 LINDA WILLIAMS Dramatics Club 2 STEVE HUDVAGNER JANET BEICH BARRY BOLTHOUSE Rowing 2 KEN BUCKNEF. LOUIS RAJCZI Science Club 1,2,3: Spanish Club 1,2: Tennis 2,3: Golf 4 PAT STYER STEVE KANTA BOB FISCHER RON PAYTER JUDITH SZYMBORSKI MIKE MESECHOFF ELLEN MYERS BERNARD DOZEK DAN MILLER GERALD JOHNSON RICHARD LUDWIG JULIE KRIZON MIKE OAKES DOROTHY CHEKERYLLA Future Nurses Club 1,2: Future Teachers Club 1,2,3,4 BOB DEIR MARGARET NAGY SANDRA KNIGHT CLYDE HODGE FRED GROAT NANCY SARE Glee Club 3,4 ii? APHS 11-1 Row 1: Sue Abdoo, Diane Baraszu, Joyce Bantis, Jane Bernier, Gloria Bar- nes, Sandra Athan. Row 2: Andrea Artress, Nancy Bay, Gary Ballard, Gerry Baron, Janet Armentrout, Karen Beatty. Row 3: Gary Allsop, Leslie Bar- tok, Diane Aron, Kathy Adams, Phyllis Begley. Row 4: Richard Reach, Jerry Adamus, David Al- ban, Douglas Balsis, Ray- mond Barr, Ray Beresh. Row 5: Joe Bachleda, Theresa Bellfi, Raymond Bendick, Mrs. Sullivan. juniors Madeline McGraw, secre- tary: Loretta Ross, vice president: Joan Mukri, treasurer! Richard Parks, president: Miss Ruth Tharp, sponsor: Mr. John Clancy, sponsor. . ,.. ,mal ll-2 low 1: Ronald Brown, ack Buss, James Bin- owski, Kurt Burmeister, ieza Bolla. Row 2: John Lrazin, J o e Boelter, ames Breisch, Elaine lorkus, Bernie Budziak low 3: Dianne Bollo, lose Marie Borelli, Mary uchanan, R ay Black- iock, Rose Marie Bireta, aren Bradley, Carolyn lrandt, Gabriel Boda, Mr. ullion. Row 4: Judy Bro- man, Linda Buck, Nancy uck, Eleanor Boluk, Ken uckner, Jim Boerner, Ed olton. 82'-rn ,dmv li' iff' ll-3 Row 1: Ann Doyle, Jim Carr, Peggy DeVitto, Jim Copen, Russell Commyn. Row 2: Mary Ann Dreffs Norman Caldwell, Joe Donaldson, Douglas Clark, Dick Clark, John Czarnik. Row 3: Alexis Carey, Ar- nie Dunchock, Louie De- Marti, Bill Curry, Jo Ann Cosgrove, Sandra Cowan, Pamela Dennison. Row 4: Carolyn Daniels, Donna Davis, Judy Cross, Alex Ohumita, Bob C i o n e, Carolyn Dudek. Row 5: John De Carli, Richard Dege, Anita DeMarco, Pat Dobbertin, Dale Darkow- ski, Lavada Casey, Mr. Donigian. 11-5 Row 1: Joan Gesqulre, Linda Giaier, Barbara Gleason, Carolyn Harris, Barbara Goodrum, Clau- dia Haskell, Carol Godbey. Row 2: Geraldine Gronos, Joyce Halwachs, Janet Halwacs, Nancy Godell, Kathleen Green, Judith Hagens, Marilyn Grunow, Karen Hahnke, Carol Gor- danier, Pat Gurshaw. Row 3: Susie Gumien- ny, Steve Gyorki, Al Gruswitz, Tom Hatfield, Gregory Hall, Tom Gilles- pie, Elmer Gulyas, Gerald Hammermeister, Edward Goss, Wallace Hawthor- ne, Gary Gooch, Mr Tomes. 11-4 Row 1: Elaine Frank, Pa- tricia Flynn, Loraine Fed- erick, Loretta Forester, Evelyn Garland, Virginia Fuerst. Row 2: Robert Fischer, Glen Gay, Carol Eckert, Sharon Falken- burg, Kathy Ferguson, Pamela Elster, Barry Fishburn, Richard Fuller, Robert Deir. Row 3: Ken Ford, Royal Foran, Mike Driscoll, Clifton Ford, Lewis Frindt, Bill Fre- layter, Robert English, Larry Gatrell, Bernard Dozek, Sandra Flicken- ger, Sharon Forest, Mr. McKay. -1 ll-6 v 1: Gerald Kersten, ron Kendall, Faye Ka- sky, Dennis Kaye, d Katona, Larry Jul- Row 2: Steve Hud- ner, Barbara Jossifi- Linda Hjort, James es, Patricia Johnson, ne Johnson. Row 3: ry Johnson, Maryann Ionowski, Geraldine -kiel, Gerald Hylander, Iiam Hutchinson. Row Robert Krechnyak, ron House, Dorothy kins, Konrad Holm- 1, Jean Holloway, en Hodkowski. Row 5: e Jones, Bill Hindle, en Hodges, Judy Hil- Barbara Heston, Di- Heller, Mr. Riordan. LEU '1 Row 1: Betty Malymick, Jane Labadie, Wayne Mc- Master, Gerald Lauwers, Alfred Lievertz, Carol Langlet. Row 2: Edward Mack, Louis Lopez, Bar- bara Kinsky, Linda Lieb- ler, Carol Kwasnieski, Thomas Kish. Row 3: Michael Lambly, Kath- leen Kuberacki, Mary Le- zewski, Frank LaButte, Jerry Klepler. Row 4: K e n n e t h Majchrzak, Richard Lockhart, Arlene Lynn, Bernard Mann. Row 5: Ronald Koller, Mr. Durfee, Linda Lockl wood, Rebecca Knuckles, Cynthia King, Jerry Kru- zak. as 5 f 5 ls 3 M 53933 K W- 4 xref A . W l M , f W Cir ul' WWW' Q 5 ., ...E QIQQ 'HQ ? ff- 3 . Q 'S f hy. W We 11-10 ' 1: Shirley Prender- , Diana Sans Crainte. ' 2: Virginia Scott, erta Sanfilippo, Joyce -ing, Eileen Rosa, ilyn Plutschuck. Row Valerie Roulo, Mike a, Robert Ridge, Tom dies, Martin Pritula, 'on Plas. Row 4: Pat dall, Sharon Quick, ph Polek, John Ross, es Roush. Row 5: 'ley Pearson, Audrey afer, Elwood Rosing, y Reeves, Dennis Rob- . Row 6: Connie Pus- Carol Ann Russell, :tta Ross, Rose Ann enour, Ted Ravas, i Rebel, Mrs. Conner. 11-11 Row 1: Daniel Sinnott, Nancy Tanner, Cheryl Soubel, David Sutlick, Thomas Snodgrass. Row 2: Ernest Svaluto, Her- bert Smith, Eleanor Szo- po, Eugene Sievers, Den- nis Smith, Bruce Snell. Row 3: Thomas Spada, Robert Sobka, Lee Strait, Frank Tolstyka, Jon Fury, Gary Summers. Row 4: Diana Stoklosa, Stephanie Sorel, Thomas Smith, Cathy Swango, Thomas Thibodeau, Don- ald Shafer, Miss Brown. Row 5: Sharon Shoop, Louise Siatkowski, Diane Sicora, Louis Tarufelli, John Steele, Frank Siew- niak. mwnfmwww-wwf .,... INT lSll 11-13 Row 1: Susan Finley, Robert Cook, Candace Cady, Ray Clements, San- dra Anpell. Row 2: Rob- ert Fynn, Judith Goddard, Norman Campau, William Berrow, Conrad Ankiel. Row 3: David Gerisch, Cora Lee Davis, James Christy, Kirk Brayman, Eileen Bakos. Row 4: Frederick Gnich, Janice Bolam, Gerald Cuddy, Gregory Bollo, Richard Barker. Row 5: Angelo De Giulio, Sandra Dhari- val, Richard Clark, Bruce Bradstreet, Gail Bartholo- mew. Row 6: Joanne Do- an, Patricia Goyette, Paul Grimm, Gerald Bartoszek, Mrs. Kotelly. 11-12 Row 1: Matthew Wolfe, Michael Wettstein, Linda Weiss, Carole Zolynsky, Mary Vargo, Loretta Zvir- zdin, Judith Wilson. Row 2: Miss Tharp, Gloria Westover, Sandra Wat- son, Louise Zuiani, San- dra Zumberg, Patricia Ul- anski, Patricia Vinskus. Row 3: Bryant Wulff, David Wagner, Robert Warren, Charles Weston, Terry Zimmerman, Larry Wheeler. Row 4: Walter Wesch, Walter Zajac, Thomas Williams, John Zavicar, Richard Wies- end, Paul Wegrzyn, Miss Tharp. 11-14 ow 1: Norman Martin, oris McKinney, Made- ne, McGraw, Eugene eller. Row 22 William laassen, Tom Malone, an Mucharczyk, Mary afferty, Joan Mukri, ois Maggy, Carol Mos- weck, Carol Kocsis. Row : Richard Johnston, a t h I ee n Johnston, ames Kairis, Justine Ka- czy, Gail Keneko, David elotti, Bill Harrison. ow 4: Robert Howard, athleen Hulse, Robert Ier, Richard Johnson, anice Jackson, Joan argrave, Anthony Ko- ach, Mr. Gilligan. Row : Brent Harven, Cheryl eitman, Barbara Jean ogan, Anna Hionis, onald Higgison. 11-15 Row 1: Ray lmhoff, Ron Wisniewski, Doug Sliter Greg Papler, Bill Wilson Hershell Ormanian, Gary Knight, Tom Panlch, Bill Washburn, Walt Pear Milo Taylor, Rick Rubner John O'Donnell. Row 2: Mary Lee Rafill, Bruce Nolan, Ralph Seewald Sandra Schmidt, Sharon Rinna, Carole Vargo, Pam Newman, Nanette Stev- ens, Sandra Petersen, Jus- tine Teriyakis, Marlene Zimmer, Bill Wech, Ron Nagy, Jim Wickert, John O,'Korn, Mrs. McFry. '!iilg, -K , .1 Q ,, . ,- T .Fig . ,.., .. ., .. . - . 'isa sifggiifit -wif, - 3215 91315211 li:wgJE'5?1, iiififlifp' VL fi Qi Q'lci.fy.i. ..z . , - 1'1- fs 5 lg. .i-flaw Sw,-f. + ia . ---i-,..s:. +8 ,.., . My .,,...,A " " " -- . fs., -f -wx' - Sings-. .ff-fir' V J y , . WFS ' . an K -nm nude :nm 1' sophomores Rosemary Tapia, presi- dent: John Peden, vice- president: Sue Weidel- man, secretary: Marilyn Zaramba, treasurer. pn Row 1: Karen Bendick, Shirley Blackwell, Mary Ann Block, Noel Baron, Lorraine Betencourt, Car- Jl Blackman. Row 2: John Armentrout, Bruce Amonette, Bob Bening, June Berns, Stella Ath- ans, Herbert A d a m s, James Bailey. Row 3: Bob Andonian, David Bartok, Mike Ambrose, Emmett Baronsen, James Balten, James Beley. Row 4: Ter- ry Athan, Gerald Blascak, Bruce Bardell, Mr. Allen. 9-'Qi'Q ci lO-2 fv 1: Ron Bramlett. 1Bramlett, Jim Brady, idy Boucher, To rn ncheau, Bob Branski, dra Branski. Row 2: m Bozarth, Kathy iwn, Ken Brodie, Way- Brimhall, Ruth Bri- I, Kathy Brewer, Vir- ia Bravo. Row 31 hy Bologna, Sharlene iwn, Carl Bruer, Jim nlziak, Bob Burton. ice Caird, John Bolla, x Carey. Row 4: Dan sidy. Judy Cassel. n Caruso, Frankie zzardi, Dennis Bokor. n Carleton, Pat Carl, . Sherwood. '7""Eq ww. ,. I22 4557!S!0 M l2:3i4i5l6l7 M9202 1- - 1222324 52627282930 3l Row 1: Allen Chumita Robert Dinneweth, Nor- man Davis, Theodora Cza- jkowski, Sandra Cemer, Albert Clark. Row 2: Dan- iel Corey, Thomas Cloke, Jeffrey Denby, Richard Coffey, Kathy Clark, Col- leen Curry, Judy Dewyer. Row 3: Miss Van Lier, Barbara Cuneo, Vincetta Costanza, Mary Ann Chu- by, Frank Crupi, Richard Cieslowski, Carol Cottrell, Linda Dihle. Row 4: An- drea Couchman, Mary De- Marti, Douglas D'Agosti- no, Ann DiNatale, James Cunningham, R i c h a r d Chekerylla, Cheryl Cot trell. l O-5 Row 1: Kenneth Germain, Martin Gibbons, Shirley Godlewski, Helen Griffith, Michael Flynn, Rodney George, Carol Grzela, Pat- rick Gyiraszin. Row 2: Sarah Gibson, Tom Gelon- eck, Jack Fuller, Val Gotz, Jim Gillis, Joanne Guffey, Glenda Fotherby, Bob Ga- sorski, David Gale. Row 3: Michael Gaty, Gary Goshey, Sharon Gyori, Tom Gasorski, Don Glo- waz, Christine Fuzy, Rus- sell Greenwood, Mary Ann Fronimos, Mrs. Sta- koe. 10-4 Row 1: Tom Dunne, Dick Durfey, Carol Fekety, Sandra Dorcy, Bonnie Dunn. Row 2: Ed Favor, Cheryl Farkas, Mike Far- kas, Pat Fehrman, Sylvia Faber, Dick Fischer. Row 3: Pat Fiordellisi, Angel Fiordellisi, Mike Finkbin- er, Jan Firek, Mary Fitz- patrick, George Dodge. Row 4: Phil Donati, Jerry Donaldson, Chris Egan, Diana Ference, Pam Fala- hee, James Dunn, Mr. Spi- eth. E e il 3 5 k : E W I 13? Ng? ma 1, 3- :-1" ' ,I if Q wr, if W,- 315+ J ,wnww fa Y 7 4 Q Eil' xc: x . S3 - V' 5 lO-9 Row 1: Dan Mixon, Helen Moehl, Lillian Mohacsi, Linda Molinars, Anne Mi- sukaitis. Row 2: William Monske, Jeff Mitchell, Jo- seph Mitchell, Walter Mitchell, Raymond Mitti- no. Row 3: Betty Merri- man, David Merry, Sher- rieanne Metzner, Karen Millwe, Thomas Misko. Row 4: John Mayros, Hugh Mcllroy, Gary Mc- Land, Ronald McMaster, Rose Melazzo, Miss John- son. Row 5: Karen Ma- such, Cherie Mattocks, Leslie Mihalyfy, Cynthia Mayher, Margaret Mc- Clellan, Shirley Mazo. Barbara Meredith. lO-8 Row 1: Eugenia Maga lotti, Charlotte LePage Muriel Maheux, Delore: Langlois, Arlene Lang lois. Row 2: Carolyn Leg gett, Barbara Laselv Kathleen Lloyd, Niccol. Lupone, Kathleen Lysone Carol Malcolm, Dian- Manzagol. Row 3: Dali Marcos, Robert Mackey Reno Maniago, Erro Lecz, Henry Marschne Shiela Long, Miss Grave Row 4: David Marti William Lakotos, Georg Leskosky, James Loso Phillip Lenillier, Rober Lemon. lO-10 w 1: Sue Perrin, Bev ffsinger, Jean Plattet- ', Diane Penberthy, 1da Paull, Barbara Pit- sr. Row 2: Juanita wsome, Stephana Pan- Andrea Payter, Clau- i Niemiec, Barbara Oli- :ti, Carolyn Papp, Joy- Mowatt. Row 3: Dar- l Ott, William Parks, nnis Noga, Richard Na- nny, Thomas Mullen, omas Pitts, John Pe- 1. Row 4: Roy Parker, eg Roush, Henry Nic- s, Robert Parigian, 1n Phillips, John Mos- zck, James Plutschuck, Jnard Niemiec, Mr. rson. , 1 . 8 , "lui ?' 5 ,. . lO-ll Row 1: John Russell, Fred Rice, Sandy Row- land, Jeanette Rossman, Jeanette Palitz, Judy Roush. Row 2: Grace Righetttini, Janet Reed, Lynne Racas, C a ro I Quick, Janice Ritchie, Carl Prather. Row 3: Fred Retzloff, Dare Ren- nie, Nandor Poczik, Den- nis Ramazetti, Dave Ry- der, John Ross, John Pra- ther. Row 4: John Robin- son, Don Proval, Jim Richards, Bodwell, Larry Rega, Roger Roman, Miss Bedore. 10-13 Row 1: Vicky Thomas, Janet Swide, Rosemary Tapia, Kay Swope, Susan Szpak, Carole Thiel, Jan Tilley, Linda Tucker. Row 2: Nancy Tappero, Ellen Taylor, Kathryn Sweets, Marie Suitkovich, Marilyn Thiessen, Patri- cia, Vargo, Mary Thomp- son, Judy Trimper. Row 3: Miss Smith, Allen Tru- deau, Jim Van Hauter, Russell Sweets, Richard Twinchek, Richard Tru- dell, Phillip Tocco, Rob- ert Trahey, John Tesmer, Tom Tucker, Edward Tanner. 10-12 Row 1: Karen Soltes, Bil- lie Stevens, Nancy Seva- kis, Sharon Smith, Karen Schwocho, J u d y Sea- bloom. Row 2: Maxine Sandel, Margaret Santi- Ili, Margaret Senko, Judy Silsbe, Nancy Stuart, Ger- ry Seman, Don Schaffer. Row 3: Steve Siegrist, Bruce Seymour, Bill Smith, Gerry Stephens, Jim Salvatti, John Scott, Mr. Nordlinger. Row 4: Dan Sobkowiak, Tom Splan, Ron Smiley, Steve Smith, Mike Sinnott, Bob Smith. 1 15 4 3 1 I 1 WE ,,.z,,A. it , lim ,W :,,ix.iW,?E:,MWWNUMZVW 7 W L A I W, 10-14 low 1: Patricia Weaver, larbara Voight, Marilyn Zaremba, Gayle White, 'aul Wulff, David Weav- r, Sue Weidelman, Rona Ienk, Richard Wagner. low 2: Sandra Zava, Lin- a Whitehead, Charles Varren, Stanley Vene- ush, Donald Wurm, :harles White, Deanne 'on, Linda Zantop, Ray- 1ond Vigneau, Loren Vinsten. Row 3: Nancy Varren, Donna Zmuda, raniel Waddel, Dou las Venzloff, Robert Willard, erilyn Wilson, David Ve- eb, Dell Williamson, Dennis Wagner, Ken 'oight, Mr. Kossik. sophomore autographs 'bl 9-l Row 1: Pam Bieske, Ken Agius, Gary Bachmann. Row 2: Tom Bernth, An- gelo Albanese, Judy Ba- etz, Jim Benardini. Row 3: Jerome Accetturo, Richard Allen, Jim Bal- com, Gloria Boelter. Row 4: Karen Beaudoin, Bob Bartoszek, Kathleen Bar- tels, Tom Bernardo. Row 5: Bob Boisonault, Gerald Ashe, Michele Ashworth, Dick Bierma. Row 6: Sandy Adamus, Gary Blo- dgett, Bob Bendick, Jane Bitely. Row 7: Janette Addison, Ralph Auge, Ken Beatty, Mrs. Betz. 9-2 1: Marlena Chabot, I Brock, Mike Bronn, garet Brewer, Maxine ly, Carol Calhoun, :n Chirillo, Judy But- Row 2: Mary Lynn lkowski, Sue Carter, dia Bruner, Louis ellari, Sherry Bridg- Linda Bradshaw, ly Bonkowsky, Gerrit lelle, Ron Budrick. 3: Fred Carson, n Buzzard, Phillip Jois, Steve Farkas, :er Chevillet, Ray aton, Steve Bowers, y Carlson, M iss fn. 9-3 Row 1: Al Deron, Connie DiSalvo, Jane Docherty, Marian Dodds, Dorothy Dombek. Row 2: Mike Colletta, Jim Davies, Guy DeAngelo, Paul Deck, Jo- Ann Dege, Tom DeMar- tin. Row 3: Bonnie Csup- ecz, Don Cook, Carla Cur- now, Pat Currier, Sylvia D'Alfonso, Carol Daly. Row 4: AI Darin, Barbara Clark, Dennis Cunning- ham, Karen Clifton, Ruth Coffee, Sheryl Crump, Miss Buschmann. Row 5: Don Castonguay, Rosy Ci- otti, Jim Conger, Sandra Clark, Joe Cosgrove, Rich- ard Cooper. 9-5 Row 1: Karen Holzwarth, Beverly Harris, Harold Harris, Patricia Hays, Jacqueline Hackney, Che- ryl Guth, Thomas Hol- wachs, Raymond Gunth- er. Row 2: Barbara, Gooch, Barbara Greer, Fred Goroni, Alan Hanna, Michael Haines, Ward Gutknecht, Sharon Her- bert, Margaret Hegyi, James Greene. Row 3: Louise Hines, Carol Gyor- ki, Marvin Hensley, Jo- seph Hodson, James Gray, Richard Grabowski, Di- ane Herman, Toni Gor- man, James Griffith. Mr. Gabel. 9-4 Row 1: Wendy Fearnco be, Kathy Frank, Micha Drumm, Curtis Dowlin Bob Eckert, Robin Fin lay. Row 2: Teddie Du aske, Carol Fuerst, Sa dra ,Fearncombe, Micha Fedea, John Duda, Da Fagley, Bill Fekete. Ro 3: Kathy Gillespie, Bett Forsythe, Joanne Farns worth, Cheryl Flickengel Gayle Genge, Bob Gerisu Row 4: Mrs. Barbara M Cool. l 9-6 ' 1: Marianne Jensen, Ly Jeskey, Bonnie 1son, David Johnson, ryl Jones, Susan Jan- Margot Janson. Row David Jones, Robert :s, Athina Jossefides, wleen Jozsa, Gerald J, Faye lmm, John zson. Row 3: Jerry ile, David Howery, Katona, Kathleen les, Kenneth Kemp, Hutchinson. Row 4: 1leen Kemter, Joe :esz, Sharon Kinard, Kirby, Cynthia Kish, :ard Huebner, Mr. ner. 1 9-7 Row 1: Janet Lake, Gor- don Leslie, John Kokas. Row 2: Dane Kliza, Den- nis Kristoff, Dorian Lar- sen, Bill Leverton, Sue Long. Row 3: Gregg Knight, Ray Lovasz, San- dra Lasek, Caroline Lich- tenberg, Kathryn Lopez. Row 4: Karen Komondy, Judy Krusac, Roger Las- ko, Marion Lichtenberg, Carolyn Lowe. Row 5: Di- ane Kocsis, Dwayne La- Bakas, Karen Lehoczky, Carol Litinski, Julie Lo- jewski. Row 6: Judith Kropog, Patricia Kopey, Lois Klein, James Lein- bach. 9-9 Row 1: Sandra Mihalko, Randy Montes, Margaret Muse. Row 2: Terry Mi- kulski, Sandra Monroe, Pat Myers. Row 3: Char- les Miller, Lary Montay- ne, Gerald Naczas. Row 4: Donald Miller, Mary Noon, William Nantau, Kathleen Nolan. Row 5: Valerie Owen, Janice Mo- rey, Sandra Osborne, Pat Newman. Row 6: Robert Mitchell, Robert Morgan, Ted Orcutt, Kathryn One- sky. Row 7: Dorothyann Mitek, Larry Nestor, Mrs. Neubauer. 9-8 Row 1: Ellery Merrow Bill Marx, Guy McGahey Richard McArdIe, Elaine Lyskawa, Diane Lutz Row 2: Judy Marr, Diana Mason, Karen Macono vich, Bill Medlen, Craig McGown, Alex McGraw Row 3: Carol Medley, Jo- sephine Mazag, Diane Lutsey, Nancy McCamp- bell, Roger Meyers, Rob- ert Mclintyre. Row 4: David Mcllroy, Darre McCann, Richard Maly nick, David Lutke, Mr Mihatsch, Kathleen Mc- lnernoy, Drene Lupman Barbara Mazo. 9-10 v 1: Karen Rajczi, n Powell, Wallace ritt, Karen Panda. v 2: Anthony Rasizzi, ies Presley, James clo, Patricia Reilly. I 3: Thomas Rebeka, ny Price, Kathalee 1sherg, Donna Ritch- Row 4: Dan Pridotkas, nis Price, Christine rowski, Sharon Ren- Row 5: Linda Palll, est Piotrowski, Rus- Perrit, Diane Rennie, . Spielman. 9-11 Row 1: Margaret Sicotte, G a i I Sevelis, Clarann Roberts, Linda Rose, George Roloff, Richard Rush, Jorge Rosa, Karen Sassin. Row 2: Cynthis Shamberger, E l ai n e Sears, Nan Schultz, Lyn- da Dhelton, Ed Rutkey, Richard Secula, David Short, Jane Rothfuss. Row 3: James Simko, Carolyn Rowed, Margue- rite Siegal, Nancy Robin- son, Donald Sawchuck, Alfred Scholf, Jack Rob- inson, William Simpson, Mr. Williams. 9-13 Row 1: William Wagon- er, Sally Urban, Dianne Tohati, Robert Tolstyka, Dennis Taylor. Row 2: David Walters, Vicky To- lot, Cindy Tischler, Don- ald Watson, Donald Ter- ry. Row 3: Dana Traub, Jackie Tarcha, Karen Washburn, Andrew Uhr- ing, James Tock. Row 4: Linda Takacs, Sue Vence- Iov, Connie Tanner, Pat Thomas, David Watt, David Vaseau. Row 5: Barbara Warner, Pat Tonkery, Darlynn Tomc- zak, Mike Taylor, Mike Vichinsky, Mr. Woelfle. 9-12 Row 1: Sandra Spiroff, Linda Szymborski, Pam- ela Smith, Karen Smith, Penelope Stefani, Nancy Sobieraj, Darlene Smith, Elizabeth Smith, Marilyn Swide, Elaine Smith, Mary Ann Stuckey. Row 2: Darlene Stefanik, Gary Steele, Douglas Szues, Jerry Smith, Charles Sva- luto, Mike Suveges, Dean Stanley, Mike Suter, Bob Stickney, Mr. Whalin. 9-14 Row 1: Paulette Wilson, Dianne Wingard. Row 2: Terry Sue Wise, Jud Warzer. Row 3: Joyc Weber, Lynne Woertink, Ineke Witberg, Patricia Williams, Jim Zerilli, Ronald Wech, Randy Willis. Row 4: Mr. Zittle- man, Diane Wells, Sylvia Wozniak, Dianne WU- ialmson, Ralph Wilker- son, Donald Wolf, Greg- ory Webster. Row 5: Fred Young, Jerry Williams, Richard Worgess, George Whitaker. Y 8 freshman autographs This year's first prize winner was the Junior Class. The Senior Class went "Beat" with thei The Science Club attempted to reach the moon for a new A, P. High. original Homecoming float. The Art Club's smiling cats won thirc prize in the Homecoming parade. At holf time Mr. Bol- ten, Principol of Allen Pork High S c h o ol, crowns Peggy Grimm, this yeor's surprised Homecoming Queen. The Jcigucirs put up o good tight, but they were detected by the Bentley Bulldogs in the l959 Homecoming gcime. Shirley House Jim Wilkerson Queen Peggy Grimm poses with her court just before The Homecoming donce. Mickey Doron Ken Keneko Morio Arcibol JOFOISY y Roger Angelloti Rmb DC"""' HY' R i N, Mike Stanczyk, president: Alan Toth, vice-presi- dent: Pat Yon, secretary: Linda McNew, treasurer. Don Swank, Dale Jones, Phil Hoffman, Roy Gutk- necht, Nancy Kertesz, Dick Parks, Sharon Shoop, Fred Maynard, Candy Cady, Jim Miller, Morris Kent, Don Schafer, Vivian Krawczyk, Rosemary Tapia, Linda Zantop, Sue Long, Diane Mason, Jan- nette Addison, David Jones, Mike Suveges, Dave Kelly, Bob Watson. Sponsors are Mr. Oatley and Mr. Raabe. 5? t f A . 1,1 Ily a . ,f ,gi or ' i"' I ., t A' 1 ' Q iii' swf A fm' .2-Hi , ,. R .. ,, H- ,Q fi -V 1, 'I W ,,.. .. . 4 K - n", ij 'Q ' " iff 'fic fi"'54:igjQ. ' 2 , 1 .. ,,,' f v , ' ' t ,..,' A' ,- K 1 ,,l..' W , rf '- -Z, . ,,,, f.,i,::,,z,..,S.,1-'vxflf fig 1 ' 1.5 f ii, lag ii'k , J , , ily' ' if 5" 352 Ei-,a,i,,p,,teatY52f.l , , , ,,,. , ,, I t, fx, -,wg ,--. i if 'i ' Tw LW- . QE?2g'siiQ,, K - A , 5 '-h- ,f A i,i. 1 M ' ,w.,,,,g.Qs ti V ,A g ,i.-V -vwiiglfg + .1 ,.,, M. , ,K Mr. Harold Oatley student council Allen Park High School's Student Council is a representative assembly elected by the stu- dent body. Meeting weekly with Assistant Principal, Mr. Oatley, the group makes rec- ommendations tor regulations, sponsors cer- tain student activities, and supervises others. arion awards Jcme Smith, voccil music Zone Osborne, instrumentcii music ,Q . an ' ' ik X Sv- if A t Q Q K 1' s if h F A ff- wif- .--5' A- 'B' 2 fd iv X .R 3 Q. if- if f,,wlf. f -9- 4- QfJe4..Q f -a 1fS Q -uv ,a-4, ,"Eef Aff' 2 ' -'-ww f' ,,qiq""'.-3 A it I X G 2 K A i ii Li Y L HI Y ll if j M' ."" '55 ALTO SAXOPHONE :Carole Godbey Jack Fuller Sharon Skinner, Lib. Barbara Hemminger Michael Haines Jim Gray TRUMPETS Jim Miller Joe Griffith Gary Summers Bob Byron George Whitaker Gary Carpenter Barry Fishburn Paul Grimm Fred Rice Richard Cooper Dave Johnson BARITON ES Jim Murphy Bob Sobka Ed Mack, Prop. Mgr. FLUTE Pat Dobbertin, Lib. Marlene Dodds Michele Ashworth ALTO CLARINET Shiela Long Sherryl Jones BASS John Steele James Capen, Prop. Mgr. TENOR SAXOPHONE Alfred Lievertz Tom Smith Bob Perigian Jim Davies BARITONE SAXOPHONE Clifton Ford Louis Tarofelli FRENCH HORN Joe Boelter Hugh Mcllroy DRUMS Walter Wesch Ron Wisniewski Richard Cieslowski Charles Warren Tom DeMartin Alex McGraw John Powell t'Section leaders CLARINETS i'Zane Osborne, Pres. Ray Noga, Prop. Mgr. Fred Maynard, Prop. Mgr. Bob Bendick Barbara Simko, Sec.-Treas Dorothy Oleynik Russ Sweets Dave Sutlick Tom Cloke Janet Hutchinson Karen Beaudoin Linda Rose TROMBON ES Dale Petri, V. Pres. Bruce Snell, Historian Walter Mitchell Dave Fagley OBOES Gus Glossinger Tom Snodgrass Margaret Brewer BASS C-LARINET Betty Prine, Lib. DRUM MAJOR Dave Ryder l , l gil 17 Y l Z' T li 3 i .1 gf - X 5 , ik fl, 7 Z MR. EUGENE DYER robecl choir One ot the outstonding orgcinizotions ot Allen Pork High School is the Robed Choir. Directed by Mr. Eugene Dyer, the vocol group hos performed cut o number of educotionol ond sociol functions in Detroit, in oddition to their Christrnos ond Spring concerts. er S 3 t s el 2 ' - fs, Qi ,s SOPRANO Sally Burbank Joyce Cemer Barb Dusik Jo Foley Erma Genotti Nancy Kish Becky Noffsinger Karen Lambert Karen Langveld Diane Aron Nancy Buck Bernie Budziak Carolyn Daniels Mary Lojewski Shirley Pearson Loretta Ross Pat Goyette Sandra Schmidt Sue Newsome Alice Wilkerson TENOR Carolyn Hockle Ron Rowland Tom Japko Bill Curry Gordon Godsell Carol Gordanier Ron Marek Rick Weisend Ralph Seewald Sue Goodrum Karen Kerezi ALTO Joan Barany Carolyn Conover Bev Hartley Mary Ann Joseph Liz Keheyian Carol Parsons Elaine Pitcher Sharon Sennett Joanne Scorzelli Jane Smith, pianist Sandy Wessell Joanne Boros Anne Ohlson Joyce Bantis Judy Cross Donna Davis Faye Kazensky Justine Kaloczy Karen Bendick Cathy Balogna Marlene Douvelle Lois Kwasnewski Shirley Mazo BASS Darrel Bolam Ron Clifton Doug Fountain Jim Hionis Lyle LePage Richard Lovasz Jim Reyes Mike Stanczyk Paul Warner Jim Rae Joe Bachleda Ray Barr Gabe Boda Dale Darkowski Jerry Kruzak Lee Strait Richard Fuller ikOfficers in 'E x if Sa -r ae ,JL gi xi Q Qui i . !Qmfis- J Nw' 32 if Tk Ri EEK fn-4 .554 QP X 5+ fl fy ei Q- - 10' Fr '1 B....We' M J XY R 3 4 chor US Rn oppeol- ng program of accred ond nov- elty music enter- 'oined on over- ilow audience. boys glee The rnoke-up crew us very vitol to the suc- cess of the ploy. senior pla "A Visit To C, Small plcnetff WGS Joseph, John Fellows, Cheryl Hen- presenred byJirr1 Miller, BobWoT- aersarlf Bvrb Kurmeof Margarer ggnl Dave Kelly, Mary A n n Tohoti, Don Chopp, ond Guy Sonds. Y no Bob Wotson, Guy Sclnds, Don Cnopp, ond Jim Miller discuss on interworld crisis. Alton Helms, Di- S0"1ClY Angel, recfgr Student Director The success ot ony ploy is usuolly Joonne Doon, Sue Swon, Sue Long due to the people behind the Scnndy Wotson, Jeon Pletteter scenes. Dcnve Ryder, Bob l-loword, Sondy Angel, Gloricu Westover. i . l lllii l l spring play Morgoret Tonoti cis Elizo Doolittle ond Gus Glossinger os Professor Higgins turned in outstanding pertormonces in George Bernord Show's Pygmalion. A 'fix Mr. Alon Bullion, director I fliliindf' f 'lll1lllllliEw,Zil43l11i lilly, t 3 W, . 4 4 Q Q, 5 fv ' w MW MY, 'ww :" 'W , F W' II.-: :ff51::,.,v .x A ,, X . Eid . y 1 ' - fb ' S M , . we M-JY gr' .Eta The Imprint staff worked faithfully to give the student body the annual yearbook. Editor Jane Smith and business manager Evelyn Yule go over page layouts with Mr. Sherwood. imprint staff Carolyn Hockle, the staff's "girl friday". ,V my at m I Wil-3' km: X ds" L 1' iaguar journal Mr. Gilligon discusses Joguor Journol copy with business mon- oger Lindo Weiss ond editor Sho- ron Rinno. 1 1 ' 1.1: i. 2 -40. 3' ,FN annual fair r snapshots I debate club Varsity debaters spend many hours in prepara- tion for their competition with the Suburban Six high schools. Mr. Helms High Schools. Mr. Helms coaches the team, encour- aging each member to be a versatile debater able to participate on either the affirmative or negative team. Margaret Tohati, Bob Watson, Sue Swan, Sandy Angel, Gary Ste-. wart, and Sharon Nastoff comprise the team. german club Students in Die Deut- che Kreis, the German ilub, meet after school to earn conversational Ger- nan under the tutelage of Ars. Greenman. Officers ire Dan Bach, president: llike Finkbeiner, vice- uresidentg and Janet iutchinson, secretary. GERMANY V , A Allen Park High's Fu- ture Homemakers, under the sponsorship of Miss Bedore, take part each year in activities designed to provide them with ex- perience related to home- m a k i n g . Highlights of 1959-60 were a Christmas celebration at Eloise and an Easter party for child- ren in an orphanage. Of- ficers of the club are Pam Dennison, president: Di- ane Penberthy, vice-presi- dent: Diane Staklosa, sec- retary, and Karen Hodges, treasurer homemakmg club lati club SPQR, Allen Park's Lat- in Club, ended the year's activities last month with a Roman banquet, com- plete with togas. Officers of the group are: consuls, Ted Ravas and Brent Har- ven: praetors, Sandy Pan- ozzo and Mary Lee Ra- faillp aediles, Fred Retzl- off, Eleanor Boluk, and Shiela Long: quaestors, Nancy Bay and Lois Mag- gy, and censor, Bob Ho- ward. iuiu re nurses 9 fi 5 lil Exploring teaching as a career is the major pur- pose of the future teach- ers club. Sponsored by Mrs. Neubauer and Miss Johnson. the group visits the campuses of nearby colleges and universities. Officers for the group are Carol Horvath, presidentg Julie Matul, vice-presi- dent: Anita DeMarco, sec- retary: Geraldine Gronos, treasurer: and Carolyn Harris, historian. iuiu re teachers The future nurses club promotes interest in the field of nursing and ac- quaints members with re- lated career opportunities. Their activities include Christmas caroling at Vet- erans' Hospital. Officers are: Loretta Ross, presi- dpnt: Trudy Gumienny, vice-president: Judy Br-oh- man, secretary: Mary Gap- land, treasurer: Ginny FUCPSU and Miss Tufer, sponsor. Promotion of good fel- lowship among letter win- ners is the express pur- pose of Allen Park's Var- sity Club. Officers of the group are Dave Ong, pres- identg Ron Powell, vice- presidentg Larry Nickels. secretary: and Bill Her- rick, treasurer. Sponsors are Mr. Robert Tomes and Mr. Raymond McKay. varsily club senior honor society P ? The senior honor so- ciety gives recognition to those students who have shown outstanding qual- ities of scholarship, lead- ership, charatcer, and service. Mrs. Reed spon- sors the group and Gary Stewart is the president. Roy Gutknecht is vice- president and Lillian Mo- gan is the capable secre- tary-treasurer. booster club -lelping finance its an- al trip to Washington, C., ambitious members the Washington club ve the opportunity to l refreshments at the itball and basketball mes.- Highlighting their ar's work is their ex- rsion to New York and 5 heart of the nation. New evidence of school spirit turned up this year at Jaguar home football games when the booster club organized a card sec- tion. Flipping cards through a number of rou- tines, the members be- come participants rather than mere spectators, and fulfilled their function of increasing interest in the games. Officers are Joan Mukri, president: Mickey Doran,vice-president: Pat Forsythe, secretary: and Charlotte Takessian,treas- urer. Sponsor of the club is Miss Lack. washington club The junior honor so- ciety gives the same rec- ognition to underclassmen for achievement as the senior h 0 n'o r society shows seniors. Mrs. Sulli- van sponsors junior honor society. junior honor socieiy iiiktgi 5 .N T Q Q K - . 'l iii! i if gi gi xg lx 'Hr panish club ff' LQ? The Spanish club, under the sponsorship of Mrs. Sullivan, promotes inter- est in Spanish language and customs. Among the activities of the group were a trip to a Mexican restuarant and a visit to Detroit's International In- stitute. Officers aret Lin- da Zantop, president: Cheryl Henry, vice-presi- dent: Patricia Carl, secre- tary: and Linda Swan. treasurer. girl's athletic association business club outdoor youth voice of christian youth arf club Service to Allen Park High is the function of the Allen C-lub. Sponsored by Mr. Oatley and Mr. Bialowicz, the group ush- ers at P.T.A. meetings, at school plays, and at bac- calaureate and gradua- tion. They also assist the student council in pre- senting the school fair and the homecoming dance. Officers this year are: Dave Kelly, presi- dent: Sandra Panozzo, vice-president: N a n c y Pahl, secretary, and Ken Majchrzak, treasurer. allen club The art club, a small and exclusive organiza- tion, provides the proper atmosphere for those tal- ented in the finer arts. The club assists in various activities that are in need of artistic productions. The sponsor is Miss Se- bastion. Officers are: Peg- 93' Grimm, president: Sharon Morey, secretary- treasurer: and Dave Lan. don. vice-president. french club Le cercle Francais mem- bers increase their under- standing of the French language by conversing in French, singing French songs, and viewing mo- tion pictures In French. The group also visited the language laboratory at Wayne University, and at- tended a play presented in French at the Univer- sity of Michigan. Officers are: Yolande Zallakian, president: Madeline Mc- Graw, vice-president: Jo- anne Doan,secretary: and Diane Heller, treasurer. Sponsor of the club is Mrs. Kotelly. allegro club The rifle club members have gained statewide recognition for the expert marksmanship s h o w n through the year in com- petition. The allegro club, besi putting on the yea Torch Drive Variety Shui Assembly and providif music for the Tale' Show, functions as a gal will ambassador for All! Park High by performi for civic groups such Kiwanis Club under t' direction of Mr. Dong Mitchell. rifle club "'l,"!! Y science club The science club helps to promote student inter- est in the various fields of science, and to further individual knowledge in specific areas. Among the cIub's activities for the year were a trip to the Enrico Fermi atomic pow- er plant, and participa- tion in the Metropolitan Science Fair. Officers are: Rodney Gibeau, president: Jim Bresch, vice-presi- dent: Margaret Tohati, secretary, and Zane Os- borne, treasurer. rk,,,3j"' 0 .F 'R 'W ,fl photographs , Q, .M , . ,A A , 753 72 :':Xu 3 "i K gl gig an Q 'Q W iff if -3 P Q75 I 9 ff , .E ff L 221, 0042 Y - l .tl W, AA, A A We , La X hlllliflliwllfdl -I 1 I Q Ken Keneko Ron Powell Dick Klunge CGI Fletcher Mike Stcmczyk graduating Tom Grundy Dcve Ong Dick Scllhciny Gerry Kowolewski Bob Clork f S V 1 Bill Herrick Jim Auiler Mike Pciwelski griclclers Ron Clifton Rich Darin Row I: Marty Pritula, Dale Marcos, Bruce Jim Cunningham, Darrell Ott, Chris Egan Caird, Nandor Pozcik, Joe Mitchell, Gayle Joe Bozarth, Eugene Meller, Bob Mackey White, Jett Mitchell, Tom Bozarth, Val Mr. Kossik. Gotz. Row 2: Jerry Cuddy, Ralph Haslip, reserve football season record All P k OPP f 21 M 1 d 1 o 12 T 1 6 14 Ed I F d 28 24 R df d u 6 7 B II ll 7 12 Ply th 7 14 1. B u y 12 6 T yn c 1 6 freshman football season record Allen Park Opponent 0 Taylor Center 7 20 Wyan. Lincoln 6 12 Plymouth 7 14 Trenton 6 13 Wyan. Wilson 21 26 Redford Union 13 MR. NORDLINGER MR. McKAY w,- iw. M T Row i : Jim Hionis, Dove Picklo, Tony Popolis. Row 2: Ken Mosurok, Phil I-Ioffmon, Dove Sutlick. cross country Jim Picklo, Bob Robinson, Dove Short, Jim Presley, Dick Biermo. Couch Woelfle 5 fgix - 1: mf , Algm 1 W X 5 3 KW in 1 i -'Si E, 1 N 5 9 5 Q! i va rsity gg-2 basketball reserve basketball season record Allen Park 0 30 Ecorse 20 Lincoln Park 24 Trenton 36 Redford Union 28 Belleville 23 Melvindale 33 Plymouth 32 Bentley 29 Trenton 34 Taylor C-enter 32 Redford Union 45 Belleville 51 Thurston 36 Plymouth pponent 48 37 37 35 56 36 60 34 39 53 33 28 38 51 MCKEOWN 3ill Fekete, Steve Bowers, Jerry Julio, Gary Bachman, manager Dick Bierrna lerry Accetturo, Charles Kline, Dave Alfred Schlott, Tom Bernardo M Jaseau, Charles Svaluto, Ted Orcutt, Walsh, Jim Presley, Ken Beatty Jim Dick Huebner, Bill Marx. Kneeling: Bernadini. freshman basketball season record Allen Park Oppgnent 24 Wyandotte Lincoln 45 35 Riverview 56 13 Taylor 54 27 Wyandotte Wilson 36 11 Trenton 36 28 Wyandotte Lincoln 36 30 Riverview 27 38 Taylor 46 30 Wyandotte Wilson 40 33 Trenton 34 WALSH Slide! -ue r 4-rv' 'lk 1.. an W, , , M, I - 'H '1.'L'W-f W ff- W ,. . 5556 ,wgw1g5n5gs.1g5f1L5 ivhqwwfe-SWA - , "'w.-20, j -' f '- -- ,,,..Az., " , ,, f ,- , ,www , AE va rsiiy Dove MCG-hee, Col Fletcher, ond Mike Stonczyk. Cooch Tomes goes over fundamentals with o group of promising sophomores. baseball Spring worm-ups start before the snow is gone. ,gwifiw f qv 'ww 4' ga s aa. 1 1 y 2 f ' .QQ Ha' gf 8 , 225uE.g Jef NJ nw iifi 55 -Hoag TEM U 1' , I' ,qw X I A gage ..4.w-- tennis team KX we, va rsity 'rrac an-,W swimming HERSHBERGER DOH Al Toth Dick Goodell Don Clark Doug Willis Gene Polites Dole Petri 5, I ,H ,A kiw- ixiwfni' ywms- H-awk .W sw' .M an, N W, X ,ff as ...M 1 ms 1041, Mjp W j JI' ifyv, Q QQ swf 9. 1 ,Q 'Q 4. gm 7, Y W, Y ' as f , Q Q , - ' ...ov"""' "-.WM f A .,,,, N. B Q Q a 'Kf- if wx , m, "" mv ,-9,2 , .- Q , -5 f' M , AN W Xgfgk 4 ef" af rfiw E gf I 3 , N -vw , - DUNKIRK-1-8911 20360 ECORSE ROAD CLEANERS INC. RADIO-CONTROLLED PICK-UP AND DELIVERY OFFICE AND DESK SPACE for rent T ELEPHONE ANSWERING AND SECRETARIAL SERVICE Sterling - Stainless Tableware Russel Wright unb r eakable Dinne rwar e CLUB PLAN CALL: Lucile Kramer TR 1-0700 DU 1-5644 DU 3-2000 Established I900 J. T. WHIPPLE 81 SON PRINTERS FOR PARTICULAR PEOPLE Offset cmd Letterpress fs :lf is For Your new FORD Car 7326 Allen Allen Park, Mlchlgan or truck TR 1-0700 CALL: Dick Kramer DU 1-5644 Victor J. RACZ oun official photoqnaphen 7330 PARK AVE. ALLEN PARK DU 3-0720 TV 11 Ei" EI fr .. ::'::: Q!.i2'5'm E V 322 Y ,Lu I ,mba n 1.229 'I , of A LQ 'gi I If1 'YIi 1, Q Qi I -'51 Awrey Bakeries ALBERT' Fruits Sz Vegetables Frozen Foods 6635 ALLEN ROAD Mon., Tues., Wed., 9 to 9 Thurs., Fri., Sat., 9 to 10 Sunday, 10 to 3 ALLEN PARK, MICH. Near AIIen Park Theater 6588 Allen Road DU-1-2240 Elecfronic Tesiing HI-Fi Equipmenf ww Do it yourself HEATHKIT -RADl0 SERVICE VOLTA ELECTRONICS W6 Park HA R TMAN9S Allen Park, Mach. wmwick s-1sss Fine ladies Apparel ALLEN PARK 1546! Southfield Rd. DU. 3-0450 5 hi ANNE'S BAKE SHOPPE HOME MADE PIES A SPECIALTY 6708 Park Ave. KRESS arine - BOATS - MOTORS - ACCESSORIES Thompson - Evinrude Sales and Services DU. 1-0329 15424 Southfield at Allen Rd. - DU. Z-7100 Allen Park, Mich. msrvs cams PER UUHUT5 ' A DRIVE-IN Tasty Creme Donut Co. 18625 Ecorse Rd. DISCOUNT ON ORDERS OF 5 DOZEN OR MORE DU. 6-3780 Wholesale Retail Good Food and Courfeous Service WE AIM TO PLEASE 20379 Ecorse Rd. , Taylor GENE'S BARBER SHOP Fla? Brushes Am-coNomoNso T ELEVISION 9861 REECK ROAD A P COMPLIMENTS OF SOUTH GATE SPORT cumin 13660 Ford Street, Wyandotte, Michigan COMPLIMENTS OF WYANDOTTE SPORTING GOODS 29482 Ford Rd. , Garden City GA. 1-3800 3033 Biddle Ave. , Wyandotte AV. 2-6446 PETE URAM - PRESIDENT Draper HOME IMPROVEMENT COMPANY garages - additions - attics recreation rooms - porches complete line of home improvements custom built garages and breezeways no job too small or too large 23551 Van Born - Taylor, Michigan d Located between Telegraph and Monroe Logan 3-1820-1 J.H.THOMSONi A Y , .M 1232? -J I T Q- 7210 Park Avenue Funeral Home DU-2-1150 Allen Park. Michiczan Our Sincere Congratulations To The Senior Class The Swing Is To. . . . e c za riiyga nk Downriver's Most Progressive Phone: DU. Z-0500 Offices at Allen Park - Ecorse - Lincoln Park Member: Southgate - Taylor Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation Federal Reserve System L Lincoln Park, Michigan COMPLIMENTS OF SHELDON JANITOR SUPPLY CO QUALITY PACKING COMPANY ' ANDY'S WHOLESALE MEA TS AND PROVISIONS PHARMACY Lawrenc e Weiss Dial DU 2-8787 For Free Pickup and Delivery of Prescriptions 272Q Orleans Street Vitamins Cosmeiics Money Orders Jewelry Baby Needs Temple ' 26664 9803 Reeclr Allen Park NATIONAL CONSUMERS' A CORPORATION State Distributor VARSITY SWEATERS -----5VksFu1muNanwimHmme'Pi1wLCafw a Planter Mix Leaf Lustre Plant Food lTab1ets 8: Liquidl Fish-ilizer Tablets Blossom Booster fTablets 8: Liquidl African Violet Planting Mix JACKETS Compliments of 1410 Gratiot - Detroit DAVID D. YULE PHONE Phone: LUzon 2-8332 wo 10401 W. Warren - Dearborn CONGRATULATIONS, GRADUATE! The day you receive your diploma for a job Well done Will soon be here. May We, at Michigan Consolidated Gas, join with family and friends in Wishing you continued success and happiness. Vifhether the road ahead leads to college, a career or marriage, We hope, some day in some small Way, that We may serve you. MICHIGAN CONSOLIDATED GAS COMPANY So much more for so much less-GAS nafuralbf LIVE HAPPILY EVER AFTER- ELECTRICALLY Are you coming back for more education? Getting a job? Establishing a home? What's all this gotjo do with electricity? Just this: Whatever the future brings you, electricity will be there to help. For right now we are entering a whole new era of electric living. The home you start will be easier to take care oil more fun to live in, with help from electric appliances. Complete electric home heating, practical and convenient, is growing every day. Your job will be smoother, too, with electrically operated equipment and an increasing array of electronic devices. Even your education benefits from continuing research in many fields related to electricity. One day, you personally may help to create new and better ways to do things electrically. i So no matter who you are, where you are or what you're doing, your future will continue to be brighter, your life will be lighter through electricity. oernon' EDISON Provides Southeastern Michigan with versatile electric energy 4 u at I what next. ltls a pretty important decision, young lady-choosing the Work you'd like to do. You'll want to work in pleasant surroundings, in light and airy offices with modern equipment. And now that you're out of school, you'll expect to meet new friends where you work-young people youlll like and with whom you can enjoy your leisure time. fAnd how about a vacation with pay?J Then therels the matter of a paycheck-it's nice to have a salary that's good from the start and keeps getting better with regular increases. There may be a job like this for you at the telephone company! You might qualify as a telephone operator, or a teller, a cashier, or a clerk-those are just some of the many interesting jobs other grads from your school have found at Michigan Bell. And there's a chance to advance in every one of those jobs! Telephone work doesn't demand previous experience, and it pays a good salary, even while a beginner is learning. What next? Why not visit Michigan Bell's Employ- ment Office? We'll he looking for you. MICHIGAN BELL TELEPHONE COMPANY 4'A Friendly Place to Wbrkv patrons Ar. and Mrs. Herman Hockle MI' Ar. and Mrs. Ray G. Doughty MI' Dr. and Mrs. Truett Smith Ml' Ar. and Mrs. Thomas A. Fountain MI' Ar. and Mrs. Otto Kunnas Ml' Ar. and Mrs. John H. Smith Ml' Ar. and Mrs. John M. Cross MI' Ar. and Mrs. W. Marvin Conover Mr Ar. and Mrs. Stanley Schartz Ml' Ar. and Mrs. Julian Joseph MI' vlr. and Mrs. Alex Erdei Mr Ar. and Mrs. Alex Anonick MI' Ar. and Mrs. Wid. Martin MI' Ar. and Mrs. Charles Gibeau Ml' Ar. and Mrs. Oswald Miller MF Ar. and Mrs. Richard Miller MF Ar. and Mrs. Richard Pemberthy MF Ars. Kathleen Wales Ml' Ar. and Mrs. George Dickelman MF Ar. and Mrs. Roy Kaneko MF Ar. and Mrs. Graham Ong MI' Ar. and Mrs. Frank McKenna Ml' Ar. and Mrs. Michael Picklo MI' Ar. and Mrs. Clifton Fellows Ml'- Ar. and Mrs. Milford Shank Ml' Ar. and Mrs. John Nicol MI' Ar. and Mrs. Hugh Kelly MI' Ar. and Mrs. Nicholas Petri MI'- Ar. and Mrs. James Eckmeter Mf- Ar. and Mrs. Lester Beach Mr Ars. W. O. Griffin Mf- Ar. and Mrs. Robert Wessell MI'- Ar. John Kenyers Mf- Ar. and Mrs. Paul Alsman MF. Ar. and Mrs. W. Wierski Ml' Ar. and Mrs. Carl Hunt MV- Ar. and Mrs. Joseph Kertesz MI'- Ar. and Mrs. Russell Meese Ml'- Ar. and Mrs. Joseph Dobrik MV- and Mrs. and Mrs. and Mrs. and Mrs. and Mrs and Mrs. and Mrs. and Mrs and Mrs. and Mrs. and Mrs. and Mrs. and Mrs. and Mrs. and Mrs. and Mrs. and Mrs. and Mrs. and Mrs. and Mrs. and Mrs. and Mrs. and Mrs. and Mrs. and Mrs. and Mrs. and Mrs. and and and and Mrs. and Mrs. and Mrs. and Mrs. and Mrs. and Mrs. and Mrs. and Mrs. and Mrs. Mrs. Mrs. Mrs. Frank Sarkis John Ohlson Olympia DeAngelo Ralph Smith Edward Beaudet Arthur Hoffman Oscar Fenoglio Dean Keys Gordon Parsons Orville Avis E. L. Lambert Floyd Merriman Henry Herrick Stanley Burbank William Barany Daniel Bach Frank Murphy John Chiri Dale Massey William Calhoun Donald Bryans Robert Johnson Edward Bernard Joseph Vargo R. H. Bierma Walter Van Nostrand Bernard Haske Roland Garland James Vaughn Joseph Kovacik Henry Kowalewski Anthony Caruso Leonard Boucher Paul Toth F. X. Brancheau Bernard Zbiciak Allen Carl John Svendor Arthur Grunow my .gpg ,. .sw 1. snapshots ' KX. . A 'H V Q s I' - xy -V W WML V E , Q KV 'Ma-mga, W A VVMVM.,,W,M, -VVM,,, V W, -V-.....,..,,, ua.-"I"'b1nq. "H--VM-....., LL' ZZ' H'-n V Q--V V6.2 .2':, 'FWHM V WM. WML' MW HV-wg I MA zgifmwssz VVQQVV V, V ,V . fzgg VV' jjyf Wg ' . I ,gf ,rir IV ,MV V . .. Ql:,Vz,V1iV ' pw Vw V V .V ' as ffl 'V 3 K " K I 65 V. A' ' VV. , 9' ,VV V4 V Q V f ' V V V ' ' ,, V 5262.5 XVVV ,.,, VVVQV. - V V , rs, ' ,5,V2aw,Q,V, ,, K' . 4 ' ' 'if 35 ' f 3. M V "" ' V Wmfi V V ,V V . V :ff ' " V-i mi1'f'f:,r1, 'Vs A 'G' ' -'W' ' ,. K V ' Aff ,V V, f V ' ,r .V ,F ' ' , K VV , VV , V Q 'Kai QV ,MV A af f V V V V A 'Q ,, .V-VV,g1V',,V,wsV VA V K VV V V k W VfV :V ,, , Vifzgik :tpfw V, V1-LV-,V VV V , V, ff V- , V X , ' fy . V V '11 VIVVV Vx 7 2 V7 W by :V ,L H ? R V, VV VV 511921 I W' Vg V , x 2 ., VV VK V 1. V . . W, VV V-.VV VVVSQVVV wf4ff.V V1 -w'1QW'1 ' V V V . V, of triumphs and defeats . . . . . . a year in retrospect ca ptu recl by Jane Smith, editor Evelyn Yule, busin Judy Cross Sue Swan Margaret Tohati Joann Doan Anita Delvlarco Carolyn Hockle Carolyn Conover Barbara Kunnas John Cross Joseph Boelter Joseph Bachleda Bill Wilson, studen the imprint stall t photographer Mr. C. F. Sherwood, sponsor autographs l X r I i l 1 i E i 1 L K I i A L P F l 1 1 V Q Y 5 1 Y V v I i I 1 w + in T 5 V T. E ,Q J 4 ll ? i E 2, 3: E E 1 ii 53 is k? EE S5 :I E :1 5 13 H 21 1: . E I

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