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4 . W 5 AY' ,K x M-A x 'H . . ' ' , ' x Y 1' . If y Q, 1 Q 1 K ,XQ N ,? . wa Q 4 v 'V' Z A xi G, 'H' ' ' 4 , I 1 , 4 if , . 1 ' v My ,I A ,3 f 5 f 3' if ' , , L , f A f ,Q Q , -gf . g Zi f f f, w-. M. ' K ' A, s x, V fl, VW' fs , M 4 n U. ,fn ,R , w y'w. as Qi I I I v The 1971 Staff Presents Volume 31 1 7, ,w . 'mwmlvmff HMA f. 14: .,. Aff' 7 . ,,U ,fwJ'Y.f Q 1 A,,1 1 N M, V 1fn N v',. A W' gill, J17.M13wf34WL 5514. ' f LM 1 ,. -,N - Y.1,,1,,f.,g1. fy A K +4 ., .1 w ,W' A 1 f f -pw: ,' p'k.,pfP ,fn 41 -Www 'L ' 'af f ' fa 1. 1 1 : fEl?lf fi'fWw1 1 1 11 fi: 11 :V ff ofthe ALN-JA-HI Allen Jay High School 1201 Fairfield Road High Point, North Carolina Co-Editors: Mike Coltrane, Brenda Skeen Business Managers: Karen Brower. Barbara Bee Linda Stout Advisor: Mrs. Hallie G, Myers CON TEN TS Introduction . . Academics . . Features .... . . Organizations. . . Athletics .... Student Body . . . Elementary . . . . . Primary ...... . . Advertisements .. .. Conclusion: Leaves Are Falling All Around One afternoon, l came to hear You sing a soft song into my ear. Who would have thought, quite by chance We might engage in the loving dance Coming together, coming apart Lost in diversions, dancing starts, Caught in the quiet, off on our own Coming together, staying alone, Are you afraid? I'm not afraid. What about you, what about me? Two years from now, where will we be? Each of us gone our separate ways Lost in the headlong passage of days Maybe we might give love a try Extending the minutes before goodbye And for a gentle moment in time We'll take what pleasure people can find. Are you afraid? I'm not afraid. Time I Was On My Way i What is for real, what is false? All of us seem to be caught in a waltz Turning around, turning again When will the dancing ever end? As for us, you and me Our eyes are open, we can see Both of us Know where we've been Why must we both go dancing again .1 I .0 l'm not afraid. Are you afraid? , if F 1 Nga? l. QJA ,V . , ni , i fl is al, if l at , b e f ' ,V Y :Lge , Ivvvv H 5 1 , 1-f L , jf? W ' it ,i A li A, M. 'gulf' 5 Come join the dancing, come join the waltz Don't look too closely at my faults Why can't l die here in your arms Safe from the night and safe from the dawn Back to the nothing that has no name! Back to the nowhere from where lcame Don't worry of me, l Know where I am Where l'm going and where l've been and l'm not afraid. -From NEW BALLADS by Rod McKuen fhanks to You, l'm Much Obliged For Such a Pleasant Stay Successful coordinator Outstanding leader Stern when necessary Yet a sense of humor A way with young men Q For fifteen years Tommy Younts has been a vital part of Allen Jay High School. For the past seven years he has best been known as Head football coach. Coach Younts has been a part of eight championship ballclubs at Allen Jay. His latest was the 1970 team. in addition to his coach- ing, Coach Younts teaches three Algebra l classes and two Physical Education classes. Each member of the Senior Class has been influenced by his presence at one time or the other, Therefore, it is with great pleasure that we the class of 1971 dedicate this volume of the Ain-Ja-Hi to Mr. Tommy Fl. Younts, wh f 1 1 xaA'A A , f , M A ,N I I I ., , .4 ff-5' ' f Riff 4 Sf' ,J 3 , A 1 , , Sig 5 1,4 QA S We .3 5 if if N Ri? Q B--r ww ,km waxy gm bw a.f3 f: K ggwu ' I, N . E H L X s - Qu Oiggvf K 7 But Now lt's Time For Me To Go 8 i The Autumn Moon Lights My Way 4. , Sometimes Grow Tired 5 , k 5 f But I Know l've Got One Thing l've Got to Do! 12 E E Q lnsnfusdsmrnltr nsramnm' L ua. H-yrs: az+1A..r, .2 Jrruwwmgd 53? , .. 5 , 4 . :fi .e QM 'f,-'ILS S+ 1 v .-i ' 14- -'::: 1 P --ff? s.:y:w1? traiaiQfjif, ,f:M3a,. ' ,gif Jas,-. , if 5 if is LHVXMBLE UN 11, Sig I' Y -f. if' E .. h . 11 . ' tif ,an vi, I -54S'F,?X,1 1' -kv inf' rw' r NA. r 4 NNN HN say - 4 7' 5 X? 14 RAMBLING ON Superintendent of Guilford County Schools I . . Mr. F. N. Kennedy Mr. David Draughn Mr. F Allen Jay School Board Mr. Jiohnny E. Presson A and Staff Mrs. Kathleen White Secretary left to right: Mrs. Margaret Zimmerman, Home-School Coordinatorg Mrs. Martha Modlin, Teacher Aidg Mrs. Eva Garner, Attendance Secretary. Mr. Ardenal Haney Assistant Principal 17 Equations + Test Tubes Utter Confusi Mrs. Mildred Hussey, ELS. Math and Science f tn 'Els , ,,,,, ,iw - .NV tttt S S 'ttt S s,,,' i K- i r K!! W ' , Mrs. Louise Whealton, B.S. Mr, Charles Willard, B.S Science Math, Science, and Physical Education 18 Library History books, science books, all kinds of booksg a valuable source of education: The Library. Miss Gloria A. Leonard, B.A. High School Librarian Sf ff? Mrs. Sue W. Harris, AB., M.Ed. Guidance Guidance Preparing students for college, helping with the little problems, getting ready for the world. ----1 Lai - - .- Q, T fn.. zfwni A V L in at he Q - ' , :Sze-ri A ' . K, 1511! I i ' will i ggi! hx . '1 :..: X ' kr' 1 ' X -:Efil5lfgf, ?'f'-1-L . fix c H it ' G Vwvwmw . I , ,g i X 5 Z 2 i 4 8 gg V I W0 5, , . ,... f, f' 5 ' 1 ,N ,,, M i ,:,,,, V V English Miss Elizabeth Shearin, B.A. English ,pt- -J'-sg ' ,mir Mrs. Dorothy K. Beasley, A.B. English French and Music Miss Jeanne Grana, A.B. French and English ,, l Mr. T. W. Marlowe, B.M., M.A. Chorus and Band Verbs, translation, fashion shows, cooking, singing - and NO COMMENT! Half-time shows, all-state chorus, and hard work all add up to an excellent Music Department. 21 Maps wars fllms notes notes and more not ES i 0 , .L I ,fa ,lg R S 2,,.,.,.. Olver E Moye AB Mrs Ruth Causey BS History Home Economlcs Home Economics Sewing cooking red cross tralmng all together Industrial Arts ano' Physical Education Woodworking provides excellent vocational training for boys from the seventh through ninth grades. The program has also been helped by the completion of a new woodworking shop, Mr. Ardenal Haney, B.S., M.Ed. English, Woodworking e Mr. Tommy Younts, AB, Miss Fl. Josephine Patton, Math, Physical Education BS. Physical Education Business Education Allen Jay is proud of its outstanding Cooperative Office Oc- cupations program. It aides students in learning fundamental skills for work in later lite, providing on the job training now. Mrs. Deborah Pitman student teacher from UNC-G. i aQffftfrefr:t i 5 ii tttt - ' szrafsfft - .. , .wii T ,. ,kV,k .V , li . I n V., I H I l tprr .A pgrr .kkg :,' Vkrkr , lW,,.. ,- ,,, ..,, , .,-- 5 VAAVV Mrs. Joyce S. Moore, B.S. Mrs. Carol H. Business Education Rinehardt, B.S.S.A. Business Education 24 ' Basic Occupational Training The Basic Occupational Training tB.O.T.J program is for those students who meet the qualifications as clients of Vocational Rehabilitation. The program provides the basic academics of language arts skills, mathematical skills and job exploration. Occupational evaluation and training are provided to the students. lndividual students are evaluated in terms of their occupational potential. Areas evaluated include attitudes, aptitudes, interests, habits, academic achievement and behavior patterns. These areas are evaluated by providing work samples within the classroom setting in which individual students are given the opportunity to participate in different types of work. Also, in school work experiences are utilized in order to determine the students skills in specific areas. Occupational training is carried out utilizing both in school work experiences and out of school work experiences. - wg .ge . , S 11 9 if 5 ' ,,... .... ,age Q ti tt,, gi 4 .i t ' e .5 5 ' it - i -. ' ' - NN 2 Q Mr. Randall Brooks, B.A. BOT Co-ordinator 25 Bus Drivers First row, left to right: Craig Brewer, Doug Cecil, Joe Mann, Debbie Rector, Keith Johnson, Larry Gill. Second row: Donnie Simmons, Phillip Younts, Steve Lassiter, Randy Dezern, Cornell Dennis, Alan Borland. Q . : . rrr.- f iii Left to right: Clara Cox, Pam McKinnon, Frankie James, Pam Swift, Barry Hill. Guidance Assistants 26 Cafeteria Staff Left to right: Mrs. Georgia Pope, Mrs. Lena Kearns, Mrs. Donnie Harris, Mrs, Elizabeth Cansler. l Mrs. Ruby Clifton Cafeteria Manager Mrs. Myrtle Boyles, Mrs. Maude Hancock. M-..,,. K 1,2 ' N 'Q Sis' 4 ,L 1 Q First row, left to right: Eddie Cecil, Luke Isley, Mrs. Alice Abbot William Ealey. Second row: Mr. David Blanken- becker, Mr. Gail Miller. Mr. Bill Gibson, Maintenance Personnel. Custodians 27 X 5 ' h 't4 QV, xt y fe- f i.zf:f5Pwg. t LV Q .zwfjgigtr rx r ' I -1 ,4 W 28 S- VQ' Qvth 3 L ' Rs- X f--Z' RAMBLING ON 29 X I 93 x B tsl' A This year's Homecoming festivities were highlighted . by the crowning of Linda Stout as 1971 Homecoming Q , Queen, a 58-O victory over Stoneville, and a dance forthe Homecoming Court. Linda is a very active ' I d , h t' ' t ' -HQH1 GCOITII I7 Q 7 9 70 Wg 3 Y W SCE2L.'ZE5V?iTe?JSFSLODUS 3 r. f fo. ' K , ' ,,,' 1' ,em is 4, ,A .M A , Ak elqvpit, fb t F me , 5 EM? X msxaq 4 u ii- VW uw! -P- 'U fn it .1 ' v K 5 J ,v.,.w- fv- m I Q- A vi ,--. A' -- .'f 'Fi' 1,54 'Mt 1 Q! 2815, I ,L 'Q' chu' 'fr r ,fn . r Q a , J , 1, -1-,n -xg , W , , 2, , , r Aff gwgra 'fi N2 ff f t'1 2 xi to Nr, V arf r4w.,t 03: , f st -I f f 1 4 K , o tm-nrt - , o ' ,yi-' as i41f7m:t'f I , Ylfrfz fthyf' Mft. tt ',' .Y Hr H V . fgnf' ,' 3 '5' - Mit ' r' ta-i'1wt,t a4i,'?' Pago 54. K X , Q-1 L '1- if V w y I fit jf M 5.4! J I rage 1 , tkjkmwmjftl txt 2 wtanz EQ -t . gf .M - D P jx? 1736,-.'L-ftfl: ,fr its G 'cj ,3 wx ,yi -fi thaw' 69555 203514 Ruff? :e A,-- --f' V 5,6 11155,-1 L.f.,f+iQ vi ' W ' ' is -2 0' I 4 i L55 ,Q '32 a' f . t on 64' 'iw t 5 5' l :if Q fs W YL, E - . , V ,. ' 542.48 5, ,t fy ff Q. , 9 f gf' -u .' vs , gi, ' I 'vga ,5854 if at if I , fat ta -f oo , Qi t 4: 'T ' 1, if-' 'gI?'4v?x , 9' V 'L or .eg Lr'ft :A Q I V ,V 1-'t c Qlrgf e l ? V, r- ei. K . ,Q , FE W N I. 1 2 iss 4 j 1' ' Y 6 , r -' 'lf 357: or Xia. ' 'Z at y -Q . 2 V , 'S' 'gn Q-g R' X. it 1 f Homecoming Attendants Sheila Johnson. Sophomore Attendant. YW , 21,52 ht.t t r' t ,,,v K ,, gz, , .3 A ' T, t. V 4 1' 45 J ,ff ttf 1 t 'n at 4, ft ' r 1 M - ,, my W r 1 t tot ttntm ,yt Q fri r 1 t .fe t , I 4 toott r Y A yr 1 ww , VV,. A H li Vyyt ' H I r oii Q ,, A ' 4 n ' tr 41 t d' 4 t I :L in F V: 1 A 5' 9 ' H65 ' , Cf! A V , , V ,gg 1 N - To , H in Y 1 1 t Z Serif .wig , X. tr ,tomm xv. A d , Mt Y 'VTE S' 3 2' LQ . f gt ' 191625, 4 'L 653' ,Y AQ -5. . ' d '2'1ff.L 'A -Qrlfi fff' t 'T I Ati ' ' J t -3-, 19 , ' , fi, XT, 31 iz- Q1 ', , t f'. y , ' A ., I r '4 N M t X. 4 -t T? Kfifffff at Q df ' , Q get .ff L ' 4 rf ' 1 :WZ 1 er 115 A '52 Q' gif, 'W , Qi. Q in 'V ' ,'t. . 4 ' , fi' - 3 r ' im 4 ,t-n L 2 L ' s t, iy 7 lv .1 t ft L t Q 1' I , X f fr v N, 'A -. ' 4 , U!-' f -, ,,, Y ' A - Q if fir ., H Qtfo t at r 2 1, , -W o tt as 5'f'l 'V' A' -- X V . - 'H V xglviyf r A . , ' if , V-t ,, at t tar- f. 42. L 'Q ' Y' - of aft -,L ,. ,.,1v',W, WA V, . L-, ef,-faint - 'Zvi' - f , t , , W A o r Q Q Q K X Q .5 VJ 1 ,..:.. M 5 ' 'til ' 2 ' 7 tiff, 4 - ta . 'Q' , rl . I H Y 1 Sharon Drsggers, Freshman Attendant, ' - f 4 at Q. 'f' 'A , 3 , r y W fig A I f' jf 3 5- fag, , , , F .fry js Q il 2+ - 5, 'svn Kathy Gmtlvland, Junnor Attendant. :, , at Jax f S- - A r t 1' to r WS' if Homecoming Festivities Majesty reigns as the queen and her court parade onto the field for the half-time cere- monies. First row, left to right: Danny Pegram, Escortg Barbara Rees, Senior Attendantg Linda Stout, Homecoming Queeng Kenneth Gulledge, Es- cortg Kathy Gilliland, Junior Attendant: Tim Mabe, Escort. Second row, left to right: Rock Carter Escortg Sheila Johnson, Sopho- Y i more Attendant: Sharon Driggers, Freshman Aftendantg Derek Reavis, Escort. .-,,.4,-..... f., MV, . -. ., W- - H N'M 'N ., M. an J g .MW We 'flff ' ., i ,,.., . ' 1 Na, . N., ,, , -my A K E I nr I ,, , lj W.i,,...,.t,, .. . I 64 it , 5 A A , ,.,. , ., ,4 ., fv 7 A Q 5? AN H M ,,,, .. iff ' I fi 3 J' A ,,.,, .,... x H ',fv We Q I H v - , f. 114 'Cf' f ix W A - iz. I 5: W M -ei . 3 ,aj Q Z .i H? . fi X V... . . 7? ' i i X A 'f- R Rodney Shipwash scrambles for extra needed yardage with Stonviiie defensive men in pursuit. X e e i i The night was topped off by a dance that everyone enjoyed. 33 Senior Class President Gregg Jarrett crowns a very happy Linda Stout as the 1971 Homecoming Queen. Three Wishes, Three Hopes, Three Dreams, - Night to Remember Mrs. Mann gave response to the faculty toast while her husband stood by courteously. Y Dinner, dancing and formal dress highlight the spring for the juniors and seniors. The theme for the 1970 banquet on April 25th was Three Coins in a Fountain . After a buffet dinner, speeches and songs, the evening was topped off with dancing. 1 ' if is-4:4 pe? ,. I Y i i 1 i .I 1. 1 5' Debbie Vuncannon and Ralph Modlin were chosen by the Juniors as King and Queen of the prom. Music for dancing was provided by The Music Invasions Valedictorian and Salutatorian 1 Leadership, versatile aptitude, academic and scholastic achievement, are characteristic of Valedictorian and Salu- tatorian. A I 13,51 3 .wr Karen Brower Valedictorian W., uv NWQM' Rodney Shipwash Salutatorian Rodney Shipwash, Best Citizen Kenneth Gulledge, Boys' State Emily Snider, DAR Representative Delegate -K v W K' we yrs '- I' ,vw fi ff Rodney Shipwash, Governor's School Student Mike Tuggle, Radio-TV Workshop Representative ER 1971 Marshals Pam Swift, Chief Roger Potter Sacrifice, h a rdwo r k, dedication: Eleven Y' 'W' years of academic ex- celienceg Eight very special People: Mar- K' shals 1971. 'if r ye f ia w ry X 4 y u .. , r,, li- V k U ge r Nancy Grant Connie Gray Mike Sink b ,, V. . , 25? . 1, UW , , fx -N,,.,,,, Barry Hill Scholastic Tops ,W .S 1, nm h '1-an Vicki Whittington Mr. and Miss Aln-Ja-H1 Miss Ain-Ja-Hi. Elaine Thomas and Kenneth Gulledge, First Runners-Up To help raise funds for the Ain-Ja-Hi yearbook, the Senior class was divided into four teams. Each team chose two captains. The captains of the team which sold the most ads became Mr. and Miss Al-Ja-Hi, Many thanks go to who so faithfully led sales. Without their sales would not have Linda Stout and Johnny Davis Second Runners-Up. Excitement, Entertainment, Royalty Reigned at the 7970 Fail Festival 1 2 3 Q :,,cg7 fur. 5 , 'wif -P re wr- XS. . .. 'Nui I 'mis' X - A he 'L , . u 3 52 J tet, ,- - K flu 'V Axkx' 5 i g. .. , 5 -if I 4 5 6 1. Melissa Caudie and Kirby Matthews, Junior High King Diane Boyd. Junior High Runners-Up. 5. Cindy Brower and and Queen. 2. Joan Giibreth and Timothy Sechrest, Ele- Jimmy Cook, Eiementary Runners-Up. 6. Sherry Baugus and mentary King and Queen. 3. Dixie Wilkes and Johnny Rocky Edwards, Rachel Ward, Primary Runners-Up. Surrett, Primary King and Queen. 4. Donald Bowick and 42 On November 7, the P.T.A. held the annual Fall Festival. The Hall ot Pictures and the Country Store were big attractions. The halls were crowded with young and old alike, all who had a good lime. Baby Contestant Winners -4' C13 td. ' . -1 W Michael Cannon Ricky Zachary. Missy Jones. voum coma A. RMK LIBRARY nz:-wr: YOU5 rm Y, . in A L 44 ,,,,.f- RAMBLING ON 45 Government For ano' By The Students The Student Council plays a very important role in the lives and activities of the students at Allen Jay. They are re- sponsible for all dances and social activities at the school as well as serving as a student government, making addition- al rules and regulations for the students to abide by, Mrs. Sue Harris, Advisor. 1-fs' 'Nl i Kathy Gilliland, Secretary. Mike COIYY-HHS, TFGHSUVGV. Rodney Snipwash, President. ,, 4 Q- ' , i nw? VH . Q I by Aki fx My .f fl , I U I . N r l VY! Mike Sink, Vice-President. Class Representatives: First row, left to right: Susan Rinehardt, Junior, Sheila Johnson, Sophomore: Pam Sheets, Freshman. Second row: Joe Farabee, Junior: Carson Hill, Senior. The Student Council strives for a better environment for the students at Allen Jay. I l N., , First row. left to right: Joanna Younts. Eddie Jo Adcock. Janie Pearson. Pam Swift, Connie Wilson, Monroe Cox Susan Smith. Doug Cecil. Roger Potter. David Bodenheimer. Rankin Brown. Becky Rees. Terri Rogers. Second row: JoAnn Moran, Barbara Rees. 47 Loyalty, Dependability, Character Scholastic Achievements- Qualities ofthe Betas Babysitting, Christmas cards, conventions, tapping and meetings by an enthusiastic group of Betas. Scholastic aptitude sets off the accomplishments of the Beta Club. Officers, left to right: Barbara Rees, Student Council Ftepresentativeg Susan Rinehardt, Vice-Presidentg Kenneth Gulledge, Presidentg Elaine Thomas, Fteporterg Karen Brower, Secretary, Emily Snider, Treasurer. ,, , Mrs, Louise Whealton, Advisor. 7- Seated, left to right: Pam Swift, Jo Ann Moran, Diane Ledford, Brenda Tucker, Karen' Grayson, Gregg Jarrett. Standing: Jean Creasy, Janie Pearson, Barry Hill, Brenda Skeen, Dale Brown, Rodney Shipwash, Mike Sink, Roger Potter, Joe Farabee. 48 l i r 6 1 2 5 JG! 4 ef: i ti L.. Serving the Community The Youth Council is an organization of civic- minded youths. Their purpose is to serve the com- munity and the city by involving young people in the local and state organization, Youth Council members work hard on one of their many service projects. 4 :SWS Left to right: Danny Phillips, Kathy Patterson, Libby Hedgepeth, Becky Rees, Linda Melton. i 49 Ain-Ja-Hi Staff The Aln-Ja-Hi Staff worked diligently all fall in order to get the annual to press by the deadline under the direction of Mrs. Hallie G. Myers. Hard work and determination made the annual what it is. Without the help and co-operation of all the staff members, an annual would not have been possible. Brenda Skeen and Mike Coltrane, Co- Editors. ve- --any Mrs. Hallie G. Myers, Advisor. if . ' xr' K lx V ns . s F rv ., W 5, +WS4 , , - e, . .Q Q .yy, t N ' F ' f - 'Nm A aa. BEM .' fi vi nv r r. Karen Brower, Barbara Bees, and Linda Stout, Business Managers 50 Hard Work, Cooperation, Determination -the Makings of a Successful Staff Danny Pe-gram, Brenda Tucker, Jett Younts, Mike Tuggie, Candy Smith, Elaine Thomas, Feature Editors. ,i,' Hard work, determination, and the desire for the best annual ever. are only a few words that can describe the Annual Staff of '71. P ii i xwf J-t..,,, S i James Cashatt and Craig Saundersg Photo- Ronda Hunt, Kaye Deaton, Johnny Davis, Sue Bundy, Sports Editors. i graphers. i 51 Late Hours, Tempers Short, Fun, Deadlines Emily Snider and Kenneth Gulledgeg Senior Class Edi- tors. Margaret Parrish, Susan Chil- ton, Buddy Parrish, Vickie Skeen, Vickie Johnsong Ele- mentary and Primary Class Editors. Deran Kearns and Janice Frazierg Junior Class Editors. Ah . . We Made lt BGCKY Bell. Mike BVHGSV SUS-an Chilton, Vickie Seated: Karen Grayson, Joy Bell, Standing: Susan Jonnsong Circulation Managers. Mitchell, Libby Hedgepethg Advertising Managers. mas J ' 5 S iiti i E 'od'-Ara,-,,,. Aa. Determination to meet the deadline required Saturday work. 53 i 5 3 5 5 ,f National Forensio League Debating, Trophies andthe Little Giant Speech tournaments and other related programs highlight excellent speakers in many fields and will have further the work of the students. They have proven themselves prepared themselves for the world they will live in. Officers, left to right: Mike Daniels, Reporterg Candy Smith, Secretaryg Becky Rees, Vice-Presidentg Doug Cecil, Inter-Club Council F-lepresentativeg Emily MVS. Mildred Hussey, Advisor. Snider, Presidentg Mike Tuggle, Treasurer. ij, NRL 1 A Ilia ' --mp 1- - First row, left to right: Brenda Tucker, Susan Ftinehardt, Joy Bell, ,,-, KM X Sarah Clodfelter, Monroe Cox. Second row: Susan Farlow, . Melissa Caudle, Kenneth Gulledge, Vickie Whittington, Linda I S T . tom' Peggy 'Joker Students dedicated to the advancement of the art of oratory. 54 French Club ------ Parlez -Vous Franoais? Miss Jeanne S. Grana, Advisor. porter, Brenda Tucker, President, Janie Pearson, Vice-President, nie Gray, Secretary. lm. L4 ' if 'mt . gt 9 Q' i H 0 Left to right: Vickie Whittington, Jeff Younts. Brenda Tucker. Connie Gray. Janie Pearson. Rodney Snipvvash. Grayson, Gary Johnson. Patsy Marshall. 55 Officers, left to right: Gary Johnson, Treasurer, Patsy Marshall., Re- Con- Karen w- Science Club--Science Fairs, Experiments, Knowledge Bonded by a common interest in science, these students are dedicated to promoting scientific activities. A science fair, a trip to the morgue, or even studying sky divingg all are memories of school life and the Science Club. First row, left to right: Pam Tuttle, Debbie Bartlett, Pam Sheets, Gary Guffey, Larry Anderson, Glen Jacobs, Gary Anderson. Second row: Jack Reynolds, Ricky Proctor, Mike Tuggle, Larry, Jones, Kenneth Gulledge, David Smith. Third row: Alice Hardwick, Patsy Miller, Linda Hilliard, Vickie Hughes, Terri Rogers, Teresa Duke, Connie Prevatte, Cynthia Nelson. ff amexwt I lw,Q'0f,Qi1u 2ff ' Q. ?W,?'aff5, Emma LX y,-593 4 .tv 3 't ,.. li 1 V f, 7655 :aa ftpyafaf. . Z?-3 Officers, left to right: Gary Johnson, Vice-Presidentg Doug Cecil, Presi- dentg Ricky Ingram, Secretary-Treasurer. , Mrs. Louise Whealton, Advisor. 56 Monogram Club- School Spirit, Dedication, A Will io Win The purpose of the Monogram Club is to stimulate interest in the programs of wholesome physical activities. Mr, Tommy Ft, Younts, Advisor- lt promotes participation and develops good sportsman- ship. Officers, left to right: Garry Thayer, Treasurer, Butch Moran, Presidentq Sandy Mitchell, Secretaryg Jerry Whitfield, Vice-President. l l l l l ' an it First row, left to right: Kaye Deaton, Debbie Ellington, Deana Stout, Debbie Madden, Candy Smith, Brenda Skeen, Kathy Gilliland, Karen Pegram, Sue Hedrick, Karen Brower, Vickie Whittington,Linda Stout, Susan Chilton. Second row: Barbara Rees, Elaine Thomas, Tony Mann, Craig Brewer, Rodney Shipwash, Charlie Mills, Phillip Younts, Ricky Robertson, Allen Robbins, Alan Borland. Johnny Davis. Third row: Eddie Garrett, Mike Daniels, Robbie Kiser, Dickie Nunn, Mike Coltrane, Joel Lockhart, Mike Sink, David Killian, Tony Den- nis, Cornell Dennis. Fourth row: Danny Pegram, Dean Sechrest, Roger Moore, Carson Hill, Donald Jackson, David Bodenheimer, Eddie Williard, Norman Kennedy, Steve Gilbreth, Pete Galloway, Sammy Byers. 57 Preparing for the Business World Future Business Leaders of America The Future Business Leaders of America develop competence. character, the creation of interests. and the understanding of the business world. Officers, left to right: Linda Stout, Parliamentariang Jo Ann Moran, President Libby Hedgepeth, Secretary, Jerry Dennis, Treasurer, Craig Brewer, Historian Mrs. Carol Binehardt, Advisor. Janet Chandler, Beporterg Joy Bell, Historian, Clara Cox, Vice-President. T51 First row, left to right: Cathy Cable, Pam Horne, Wanda Carroll, Bunny Burton, John Eller, Teresa Hill. Second row: Debbie Proctor, Larry Anderson, Donna Marsh, Glenda Driggers, Karen Pegram. Third row: Penny Smith, Debbie Langston, Diane Stanley, Jane Carter, Fourth row: Steve Lassiter, Debbie Marsh, Becky Bell, Susan Mitchell. 58 f' i i o l tt I I . ..,.. f T Here members of the FBLA are preparing for their annual money-making project, Library Club An eona Understanding of the World of Knowledge Officers. left to right: Jane Carter, Presidentg Melanie Oliver, Fteporterg Vickie Skeen, Secretaryp Teresa Hill. Treasurer: Debbie Rector. Vice-President Knot picturedl. 52 ogf uzrrm i ri iillilfll rutuallw illiis1ll?IllH lHBi?5 Left to right: Terri Flogers. Patsy Miller, Diane Johnson. Cathy Stanley. Clara Cox. Patsy Marshall. Deran Kearns. Vickie Hughes. 59 Future Homemakers of America-Discovering The Future Homemakers of America are interested in home I economics, the appreciation of homemaking, and a better environment within the home. First row, left to right: Cathy Stanley, Paula Rich, Teresa Duke, Patsy Miller, Terri Rogers, i Frankie Hedgepeth, Karen Dennis, Debbie Kersey. Second row: Connie Wilson, Kathy Ivey, Cathy Harris, Melissa Caudle, Rebecca McNeil, Kathy Walton, Teresa McDowell, Shirley Fer- rell. Third row: Susan Byers, Kim Dezern, Betty Vuncannon, Kathy Patterson, Connie Hill, Debbie Bartlett, Janice Ferguson, Debbie Cox. Fourth row: Ellen Gibson, Pam Sheets, Becky Rees, Cathy Robertson, Jan Pegram, Vickie Robertson, Teri Duncan, Debbie McDowell. fi tj 2, 2 M 1 ,E 'ff if Y' v O. U ' gcnmfilg 53245 5n m5l2m O3 G IJ 'CD-l- mg-:om 'O-4 5.2117 gms-nn? 'Dos-ig 7'-..,, Src- 35332 fDmI'-F UJUJEO oo.-., ::k4o-- to5:.'g. mf. r-'fn .. Somew CLQIIC mg-,mm 3333 UJEYW gg-1 Ui g'FO3 -4 M74 CDU3' 3552 0: ' 211915 5:1 1 ' 9246 SUSE ammo' rn z .cr-. 'ocrcno 1---.o www: fl! 3 H552 gan ,-+QJSD2U U? m cn EEE SFEQ 2223 :TP-T IVY' 5 Z S7 3 5 3' FD O nw r: UT rn 24 :D Q S. U1 o 71 3 ,gr t mi 60 L ,LX e , . pg.. F ' 12'-va i XXWQHBQVV Future Teachers of America An Understanding of Education Mr. O. E. Moye, Advisor. if-3 4 The Future Teachers of America is a club whose mem- bers learn how to share their knowledge with everyone. The members are constantly growing in the priceless qualities of sympathy and concern for others. Officers, left to right: Terri Rogers, Reporter, Sharon Driggers, Treasurerg Patsy Marshall, Vice-President, Pam Swift, Presidentg Pam Sheets, Secretary. KX., First row, left to right: Vickie Hughes, Pat Robert- son, Emily Snider, Brenda Tucker, Lynn Dildine, Debra Coltrane, Second row: Cathy Harris. Kathy Robertson, Renee Osobrne, Cindy Coltrane, Janice XA, Ferguson. Third row: Peggy Tucker, Melissa Caudle, Patsy Miller, Linda Hilliard, Jan Pegram. Fourth row: Ftita Kennedy, Barry Hill, Joe Farabee, 61 Civinettes - Rendering Services to the Community First row, left to right: Bunny Burton, Connie Gray, Debbie Kersey, Vickie Skeen, Karen Pegram, Linda Stout, Libby Hedgepeth, Karen Grayson, Debbie Madden, Karen Brower, Betsy Modiin, Debbie Rector. Second row: Connie Hill, Civinettes try to fulfill their purpose of promoting good citizenship and giving service to the school and community by carrying out many projects. Some of these were donating curtains for the teacher's lounge, selling calendars and trying to brighten the lives of elderly people by visiting them in the rest home. Kathy Patterson, Becky Bell, Debbie Moran, Joy Bell, Vickie Johnson, Janie Pearson, Kaye Deaton, Brenda Skeen, Susan Ftinehardt. 9 .Fe fswm' .. Miss Beth Shearin, Advisor. Officers, standing, left to right: Debbie Mull, Secretary, Sandy Mitchell, Chaplain, Susan Chilton, President, Ronda Hunt, Inter-Club Council Representative. On Ladder, top to bottom: Kathy Gilliand, Vice-President, Debbie Ellington, Treasurer. ,.,,,.,-.,.,.a I Junior Civitan - Teaching Patriotism 'll shall know but one country. The ends I aim at shall be my country's, my God's, and Truth's. I was born an American, I live an. Americang I shall die an American. Daniel Webster Officers, left to right: Danny Pegram, Chaplain, Jerry Whitfield, Vice-President, Carson Hill. Sergeant-at-Arms: Kenneth Gulledge, Secretary-Treasurer, Mike Mr. Randall Brooks, Advisor, Coltrane, President. . N Q ,., i I T ...e I gg v.. . az ,352 , t , . 1 V ,F N 3 av fy W 1- 'Te ,, I Xl' . li L -A I .w I , I N ff 4 ' lieu-agigtt A lNt5'e,f K isa .tktkk 1 'N I! , ,VQV L. .xiii A ,Q N ix : .i fy! f me i i.. ,. ..,, W. . W 1 ., in I1 a-. -.8 First row, left to right: Robbie Kiser, Johnny Davis, Craig Sechrest. Third row: Mike Sink, Tony Dennis, Keith Pende- Brewer, Gary Thayer, Steve Gilbreth, Eddie Williard. Second graph, Tony Mann, David Bodenheimer, Ricky Robertson, row: Joel Lockhart, Gregg Jarrett, Barry Hill, Roger Moore, Randy Dezern, Donald Jackson. Rodney Shipwash, Phillip Younts, Pete Galloway, Dean 63 ,ff Journalism Class Produces The Blue Quill 'sv-9 Miss Beth Shearin, Advisor. V, rx, Mike Tuggle, City Editor, Editorials Candy Smith! News Editor. Ronda Hunt, Feature Editor. Left to right: Dale Macon, Robert Elkes, Phil Younts, Jerry Phillips, Cindy Trivette, Production Assistants. 64 . A New Challenge at Allen Jay The Blue Quail requires many of the Mike Daniels, Sports Editor. stafl's ingenious ideas. pigs-, el' uf, ll The newspaper staff works diligently to meet a deadline. MK' A 44 'vefQ1l1Sg, Emily Snider, Business Manager f X i Majorettes Highlight the Halftlme Festivities K 'WA as: M . ,tt , t. Margaret Parrish Christy Dunbar Joanna Younts Head Maiorette, SSf1iOr. Sophomore. Sophomore. 1' f RH 4 V,kV K ..., fi lg, Xxsi gin X Zr,t . .fn I 'ii Betsy Modlin Renee Osborne Jan Pegram Kathy Patterson Sophomore. Freshman. Freshman. Sophomore. .. mr, L t as Il!-L Marojettes, left to right: Christy Dunbar, Jan Pegram, Renee Osborne, Margaret Parrish, Betsy Modlin, Joanna Younts, Kathy Patterson. 66 Marching Band Adds Spirit to AJS Director, Mr. T. W. Marloweg Drum Major, Gary Johnson. The Marching Band gave much support to the foot- 51 'ff ball team this year. They performed at all the home games and several away games. Even in the state play-off at Ahoskie, the Band was there. The Band shown in action, as it performs at one of the football games. ,erm at ef l First row, left to right: Becky Rees, Rebecca McNeil, Peggy Tucker, Teresa Lawrence, Keith Johnson, Kim Angel, Jimmy Hoover, Monty Cox, Johnny Peters. Second row: Teri Duncan, Debbie Moran, Mary Grant, Nancy Grant, Abbie Gail Samuels, Mary Helen Marshall, Susan Farlow, Melissa Caudle. Susan Smith, Wanda Reddick. Third row: Jerry Younts, Cindy Coltrane, Rhonda Robbins, Debbie McDowell, Legray Hardison, Teresa Greer, Eddie Jo Adcock, Mark Smith, Kathy Robertson. Chris Ingram. Ricky lngram. Fourth row: Ricky Madden, David Farlow, Ronnie Brown, Buddy Parrish, Mike Walden. Keith Cruthis, Sherry Surrett, Ricky Gammons, Keith Auman, Sandy Vuncannon, David Smith. Fifth row: Jimmy Hinson, Ricky Robertson, Rodney Ship- wash, Dwayne Saunders, Kevan Johnson, Ronnie Perry, Keith Goodwin, Jeff Younts, Dale Brown, Mike Sink, Steve Skeen. Sixth row: Dean Welch, Karen West, Kim Thomas, Angela Cox, Steve Pardue, Pam Todd, Sandra Reddick, Christy Boyles. First row, left to right: Kathy Patterson, Margaret Parrish, Betsy Modlin, Nancy Grant, Rebecca McNeil, Mary Grant, Joanna Younts, Ronnie Brown, Susan Farlow, Melissa Caudle, Christy Dunbar, Susan Smith, Renee Osborne, Mary Helen Marshall, Wanda Reddick, Abbie Gail Samuels. First row, left to right: Jerry Younts, David Farlow, Ronnie it Brown, Buddy Parrish, Gary John- L t,,r . son, Teresa Lawrence. Second row: Jimmy Hoover, Mike Sink, Dwayne Saunders, Jeff Younts, Dale Brown. Third row: Kim Angel, Ricky Gammons, Mike Walden, Rodney Shipwash, Sandy Vun- cannon, David Smith. .. 25 Q P 1521 Second row: Becky Rees, Debbie Moran, Rhonda Robbins, Debbie McDowell, Legray Hardison, Teresa Greer, Mark Smith, David Farlow, Gary Johnson, Jimmy Hinson, Steve Skeen, Keith Auman, Ricky Robertson, Mike Walden, Keith Cruthis, Sherry Surrett, Chris Ingram, Peggy Tucker. Third Dance Band and 1 NF 9 .gat 1 vi'- l al 5 3 4 '- . ag , 'I ,M,1... i 3 nwyli Q S 5' M322 r , A sz, ze ' ' s l 1 in .rt 1' T 'ta J .T T is J 'il ft 3 .l fi 2 ii T drug row: Teresa Lawrence. Kathy Robertson, Jan Pegram, Eddie Dwayne Saunders, Ronnie Perry, Kevan Johnson, Keith Jo Adcock, Teri Duncan, Cindy Coltrane. Jerry Younts. Goodwin, Jeff Younts, Dale Brown. Fourth row: Monty Cox Ricky Madden, Buddy Parrish, Rodney Shipwash, Carson Johnny Peters, Kim Angel, Jimmy Hoover, Ricky Ingram Hill, Sandy Vuncannon, David Smith, Ricky Gammons, Mike Sink. Concert Band r' . 'V 'SN N. 1g K.:- 69 Gfficers, left to right: Sandy Vun- cannon. Secretary: Jeff Younts President, Margaret Parrish, Vice President, Dale Brown, Reporter Mr. T. W. Marlowe, Directorg Bud dy Parrish, Treasurer. Chorus - Quarter Notes and Cresendo First row, left to right: Monroe Cox, Ronnie Brown, Tom- my Jarvis, Manya Troutman, Tammy Baugus, Debbie Cox, Susan Brown, Donna Dunlap, Debbie Brown, Ruth Ann Robertson, Nona Parks, Toni Reeder, Betty Vuncannon. Second row: Steve Martin, Jerry Whitfield, Cornell Dennis, Vickie Robertson, Janet Marshall, Cathy Stan'ey, Linda Stout, Sandy Vuncannon, Janice Welch, Sue Hedrick, Terri Ridge, Karen Hayes, Debbie Kersey, Debbie Causey. Third row: Steve Lassiter, Roger Moore, Dale Macon, Frankie Hedgepeth, Pam McKinnon, Cathy Walton, Doris Floyd, Karen Tolbert, .Diane Johnson, Jean Creasy, Cheryl Bow- man, Teresa McDowell, Sharon Stiles, Sherry Vestal, Teresa Lawrence, Karen Bartlett. Fourth row: David Smith, Ronnie Holder, Johnny Davis, Rita Kennedy, Bonnie Wilson, Doreen Fergu- Chambers, Elaine Thomas, Melanie Oliver, Janice son, Cathy Harris, Jody Tysinger, Pam Swift, Brenda Os- borne, Toni Madden, Shelby Foley, Susan Coltrane. -ai 655 S , X -fee 5 4' S S . - s , is T E 4-5 , r is -' Q - T , ef f . 1 'vs- ,.,- ,,,,.,,. V A, v- ff N A, Mr. Bill Marlowe, Director. Officers, left to right: Elaine Tl'1OmBS, F'VGSiGGf1T: Teresa Lawrence, Accompanistl Ronnie Brown, Accompanist, Debbie Brown, Secretary. Standing: Johnny Davis, Vice-President, David Smith, Representative and Accompanistg Jerry Whitfield, Treasurer. Review of YEWS 71 V 72 K RAMBLING ON 73 I: il Ii An ete's Prayer Our God, our one Head Coach divine, Guide us through life's playing time. Teach us how to play the game Only in a sporting vein. Endow us with the will to win, With a spirit striving from within. And Coach, teach us as we live and learn To expect only what we rightly earn. Quitting never, though discouraged, be Ever true to self, to team, to Thee. Keep us clean in speech and thought, In doing, and in living as we ought. Of hate and envy keep us free, For more deserving men than we. Prepare us now in friendly strife r On the playing field of life. And someday, Master, Coach Supreme Let us play on your great team. Author Unknown Piedmont AA Conference Champions! The Dirty Thirteen Under the leadership of the Allen Jay coaching staff eight their way to a Piedmont 2-A Conference Championship Seniors, thirteen Juniors, and three Sophomores battled Mike Coltrane Co-Captain Jerry Whitfield Co-Captain Senior-Guard Senior-Quarterback v iiii . JN? I C Te, N ms. ,t , 4 l , H is! ,NJA gp. M - if m ig A fs E . 'W ,Aw Mr, Tommy Younis, Head Cgach Mr. Flandall Brooks, Mr. Ronnie Wallace Assistant Coaches 75 V W W y ,Q . W ii L W DDQ JNL .1 .kifpfisjiwb I ig 'te n i D , .1, .X D D, if tw o D oii 5? 4 , k I .btw T ,. ' ., .1 V' . ,,.. . First Row, Left to Right: Joel Lockhart, David Bodenheimer, Jerry Whit- field, Johnny Davis, Phillip Younis, Butch Moran, Rodney Shipwash, Allen Borland. Second Row: Mike Coltrane, Robbie Kiser, Mike Daniels, Tony 76 'wid H Defense was the key all season. Here the defense reacts against Western Guilford in the conference title game. '. tff g . , ' -w J . 'H 3 Butch Moran, Senior-Fullback Rodney Shipwash, Senior-l-lalfback Garry Thayer, Senior-Tackle Norman Kennedy, Junior-End Roger Moore, Senior-End David Bodenheirner, Junior-Guard Mike Sink, Junior-End Joel Lockhart, Junior-Quarterback Carson Hill, Senior-Tackle Dean Sechrest, Junior-Tackle Pete Galloway, Junior-Guard Phil Younts, Junior-Halfback -.. r . A I I1 ,GG ll' 31 Mn Mann, Eddie Willard, Roger Moore, Charlie Mills, Norman Kennedy. Third Row: Steve Gilbreth. Dean Sechrest, Gary Thayer, Carson Hill, Pete Galloway. Donald Jackson. Tony Dennis. Mike Sink, Charlie Mills, Junior-Center Hard work, determination, and team spirit led the Jaybirds of 1970 to an outstanding 9-3-1 season. ln the first round of the playoffs the Jaybirds defeated Trinity on yardage by a measure of 154 to 74 yards. A semifinal win over Elizabethtown by a score of 22-18 put the Jaybirds in the finals facing Ahoskie. Ahoskie defeated the Jaybirds 28-12 to leave the Jaybirds as second best in the eastern part of the state. Norman Kennedy Junior, Forward Jerry Whitfield, Senior Guard, Co-Captain AL, fir 'Paz Rodney Shipwash, Senior Forward, Co-Captain. rf. Ski Nssix ... RE GSVY TNHYEV Butch Moran Senior, Center Senior, Guard AJ Boys Basketball qw, 1 ,4 'Y' 1 Q.,- ff-Y? wir JAY ALLEN 5? UAV in I W 7?C'N-,Nw in J WXIT 35 Cornell Dennis Johnny Davis S6I'1i0l', Forward Senior, Forward eam of '77 Y-L L E41 3 E JAY .PN Fel A :I -xt?-. H J First Row, Left to Right: Cornell Dennis, Rodney Shipwash, Jack Reynolds, Jerry Whitfield, Butch Moran. Second Row: Johnny Davis, Garry Thayer, Robbie Kiser, Mike Sink, Norman Kennedy, Joey Jones. 79 Mike Sink Junior, Forward fr Mr. Charles Williard Head Coach Twelve young men with a basketball, A new season! and hopes of winning them all Many wins and some close defeats, Allen Jay Jaybirds canlt be beat! 'g,'I-?- Some things fail to work out. One was Allen Jay's 1971 basketball season. Rated the favorites in the conference, a late start coupled with many bad breaks in crucial situations led to a frustrating season. However, with his winlnling reputation, everyone is sure Coach Williard will field a team next year which will be in the thick of the conference race. GQ., 'N .- f Q ,fs ,c, ,-nr ...... i ' I ,I t 1, it ff? i y QX , 2 A Af' 5014! A 0 ' gf' First Row, Left to Right: Debbie Madden, Peggy Tucker, son. Second Row: Sara Clodfeiter, Donna Ingram, Jan Debbie Ellington, Donna Fiowe, Connie Gray, Janice Fergu- Garner, Debbie Bartlett. Miss Josephine Patton A taste of victory--how sweet it is! Girls Basketball for '71 Debbie Ellington Debbie Madden Connie Gray Junior-Hover Junior-Forward Junior-Rover Donna Flowe Peggy Tucker Janice Ferguson Sophomore-Forward Freshman-Guard Freshman-Guard We Cen Do lt, We Can Do It We Can Do lt, We Cen! :L A young team, a new year, Hoping, praying, and success! High spirits, low spirits, Close losses, half-time But still . . . determination and victory! i -fox I W 5 1 Ellington shoots for two. Jump Debbie, jump Debbie, way up high decisions, J 5 o Dirty Towels, Tape, Hard Work for Little Praise Left to Flight: Craig Brewer. Football Manager: Toni Madden, Girl's Basketball Manager: Robert Cecil. l3oy's Manager. WML 56, ft will We 4,,. ,:, ,U 9 , , f,.1 f Basketball Spring Time and a Young Men's Coach Randall Brooks looks on his team of 1971 with high hopes for a very successful season. Returning letter- men and bright prospects could make the Jaybirds one of the tougher contenders in the Piedmont 2-A Conference. K tk N' ,1 Coach Randall Brooks . rtst i,sp , ff 'ia-wr ui? hw SFF First Row, Left to Right: Phillip Younts, Steve Martin, Glen Jerry Whitfield. Third Row: Roger Moore, Cornell Dennis, Jacobs, Charlie Mills, Randy Dezern, Second Row: Mike DOFIHIG JHCKSOU, GHVY TNSYSF, JOhr1f1y Davis, Ricky Robert- Coltrane, Danny Phillips, David Bodenheimer, Butch Moran, son. 86 Fancy Turns To BASEBALL 1- 8 .gm -LQ ,E .. tv. ,vain Returning Lettermen Bring Bright Pros- pools Butch Moran Senior-Pitcher , R79 3 mix V ,gl ,, ...Z A-.-. . ,,. , .- , . s . 3 Q . I4 . - ,. , ' , jf, ' P .. !':.-M - ' -: ,.-. ,N W Q, , 1 ' 1 wi -r.i . 'f 'i HF? kk.' K x -A k K 1 Q 'Mijlf r Q4 4 .r ., ' if -- 'MF ' 1 gu i ..- -Q i .f y view, ,W Joel Lockhart Junior-Pitcher Jerry Whitfield Senior-Second Baseman N ,,4- f 1 ,,,, ., ,, ,, ., , l I Charlie Mills Junior-Catcher Roger Moore Senior-Outfielder V Nix af , I, A . l J f ' -5. ,, Wm u . , , . . i L B luv: SV.. . -.,: W .,. f an , ,. . , , f . r ., l 7,afi'2:f?4ff - f' W r , fax M ,pw i ,1 an W' A V , , Q5 51 in ,H 4 i . N is L W gg f 1. ,Q 1 'K Q Q we F ii Donald Jackson Danny Phillips Junior-Outfielder Junior-Shortstop Johnny Davis Phillip Younts Senior-First Baseman Junior-Second Baseman -' ff H- L. , ' A . ' - ffm' , 7, 88 f . ik.-4 1 , L A Qggghi ,fm . -- ffm: ff. . Q'-2?-As. we , K 1 ebfxj 'YQ i l ,,,, ,G l A-fwtlnf 1 Jw , W, M. A f'4 L , f , ' wqqwf- an .. - Randy Dezern Senior-Outfielder Cornell Dennis Senior-Outfielder Glenn Jacobs Junior-Outfielder David Bodenheimer Junior-Shortstop , a,.. . ., T-fin i-K' ' in Rigas: , . 'jfg'f2g'.-43 Spiderman Moran drags a bunt down 132-U :QA ' I .12f--:t?':,segJi f the first base line. f ? , ,,, ti V , 5. M I ,, - '.,..i--af, -N , L Af V527 I 5 wr' A -we -Q, a. A - 7 ' p ' ' w Under Randall Brook's first year of coaching the Jaybirds of 1970 had a successful season, with bright prospects for the coming season. 'ir HA: 'tw . ' ,n R 7 -5' FI ,tg Q, 5 X Tm'2m -ig was t iiiitiil is t, fi 4 ' fxf ,,,. Steve Martin Junior-Outfielder Ricky Robertson Senior-Outfielder 89 J.V. Football and Ninth Grade Basketball First Row, Left to Right: Gary Boone, Keith Marsh, Keith Taylor, Steve Skeen, Ray Mitchell, Ricky Lawson, Keith Auman, David Bodenheimer, Terry Sloan, Mike Reynolds- manager. Second Row: Toby Ellis, Mike Skeen, Tim Suits, Randy Vestal, Mike Kiser, Mike Gulledge, Mike Carol, Jackie Johnson, Lee McDowell. Third Row: David Farlow, Greg Coltrane, Danny Branch, Joey James, Craig Thomas, Danny Hankins, Denrnis Ed- Barry Zachary monds, Mike Grisset, Pete Dawkins. Fourth Row: Keith Dillon, Derek Reavis, Jeff Kirkman, Head Coach Johnny Morgan, Rocky Greer, Tommy McNickel, Tommy Eller, Randy Ferree. l l A l l First Row, Left to Right: Brenda Osborne, Patsy Miller, Tanya McLamb, Terri Rogers, Linda Hillard, Sharon Driggers. Standing: Ray Mitchell, David Farlow, Kevin Johnson, Gary Brown, Keith Taylor, Keith Marsh, Steve Skeen, Joey' James, Derek Reavis, Tim Suits. lNot Pictured, Marty Burton, Rickie Maddenl ,. re 'um' Mr. Randall Brooks, Coach. 90 Jay Bird Golf Team of 1971 First Row, Left to Flight: David Killian, Mike Daniels, ram. Standing: Kenneth Gulledge, Norman Kennedy, Johnny Phillip Younts, Jerry Whitfield, Eddie Garrett. Danny Peg- Davis. , , 'jf ' -a ..., W Nh my Q 3? ' ..-...Ae gf M . f ,y fr! Ur we MA 0. Y M91 I 5 it 1' 75' 1 r?'1 1 WA ' , ,,,., ,g-44 ' '- pil'-M, AW b ...,. .1 , I -L... 14,1 , i x va 5 -1 I NL' N' 'Q' Q f , gg Q s ly i f vt-8.1, we 4 Coach Tommy Younts Head down, fight Him From thirty feet, Jerry sinks one under pressure. 91 straight, concentration . . . AN EAGLE! vw. Xux emu Jaybird cheerleaders-school spirit . . , can't have one without the other! Mrs. Mildred Hussey Advisor Linda Stout Brenda Skeen Senior, Chief Senior, Co-chief Susan Chilton Karen Brower Senior Senior 92 The Team That Cheers the Team Sandy Mitchell Kathy Gilliland Junior Junior F' Sue Hedrick Freshman Vicki Whittington Karen Pegrarn Junior Junior Reading Clockwise: Sue Hedrick, Karen Brower, Sandy Co-Chief, Vicki Whittington, Kathy Gilliland, Susan' Chilton Mitchell, Karen Pegram, Linda Stout, Chief, Brenda Skeen, J 67 Next came basketball and high hopes. The girls broke a thirty game losing streak, I 6Slj'lfI pandemonium! The boys had some stirring victories especially a run away oiier Southern Guilford ini their owni backyard. Although this book went to press before the beginning of baseball and golf, we are sureboth teams' will be highly competitive. Q 71 SPORTS iv i :Z schools fTh13f Year' ot3'i7'iH was ' evgqeptioqg. ,potball began 'the Whole mad spectable. 'ifiIt?iSiitXEibUiQQ'i'giUtty young mari' foughtl'their'Way to SQEfOf3,d1.,QiQ6S inthe Eastern AA State Playoffs, Can ariyohefeyer forget the playoff game with Trinity? - Q , K, , si, ,. Y, 'imp IN REVIEW -s., 'FW' se 4 W 0 .gal , ,,gW,gZl g The golf team returns everyone. If two key positions can be filied, the basebail team should fieid one of the conference's best. Many thanks shouid go to the coaches of each respective team. With their continued guidance, Allen 'Jay shaft remain at the top of the field of athieties. 95 nffv 96 RAMBLING ON Class of 1971 5' or fa. Q 1 P Left to Flight: Randy Dezern, Vice-Presidentg Butch Moran, Reporterg Margaret Parrish, Secretaryg Libby Hedgepeth, Treasurerg Carson Hill, Student Council Representativeg Gregg Jarrett, President. 98 Blue class rings State class AA finals School spirit Most Betas tapped New curriculum Their dreams and th hopes The Class of 1971 eir BECKY BELL JOY BELL is , I MIKE BRILES ,yah Q 3, 7 xg 8 Sf: Candy Cain, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Bill Cain, and James Deaton, son of Mr and Mrs. Robert Deaton, were chosen to be the mascots for the Class of 1971. BECKY BELL Aln-Ja-Hi Circulation Manager, 45 Newspaper Staff, 2,35 Circulation Manager, 25 Sports Editor, 35 Banquet Committee,35 Ad Champ, 45 F.B.L.A., 45 J.V. Basketball, 25 Chorus, 1,25 F.T.A., 1,25 F.H.A., 1,25 N.F.L., 1,25 Y-Teens, 1,25 Guidance Assistance, 15 Civinettes, 2,3,45 Youth Council, 2,3,4. JOY BELL Aln-Ja-Hi Advertising Manager, 45 Newspaper Staff, Art Editor, 35 Banquet Committee, 35 Student Council, Room Representative, 35 Civinettes, 2,3,45 Program Chairman, 45 F.B.L.A., 3,4, Historian, 45 Chorus, 25 F.T.A., 25 F.H.A., 1,2, Songleader, 25 C.0.0., 45 Youth Council, 45 N.F.L., 2,3,4, Treasurer, 3. MIKE BRILES Band, 1,2,3,4: Dance Band, 2,3. 99 Remembering the Past . , , ez I 1' uae. fm -W KAREN BROWER Aln-Ja-Hi Business Manager, 45 Newspaper Staff, 1,2,3, Copy Editor, 2, Layout Editor, 35 Student Council, Club Representative, 25 Biology Award, 25 Banquet Committee, 35 Ad Champ, 45 Magazine Champ, 35 Home Economics Award, 25 Cheerleader, 3,45 Civinettes, 2,3,4, Secretary, 35 Marshal, Chief, 35 Beta Club, 3,4, Secretary, 45 F.T.A., 1,2, Secretary, 15 KAREN BROWER DALE BROWN Jerry Whitfield, throughout high school, has shown athletic ability in football, basketball, and golf, His friendliness, cooperation, and spirit make Jerry a well-rounded person. W.O.W, History Award, 35 Monogram Club, 3,45 Miss Aln-Ja-Hi, 45 Class Treasurer, 15 Guidance Assistance, 25 Interclub Council Representative, 25 Geometry Award, 35 Civics Award, 1. DALE BROWN Band, 1,2,3,4, Reporter, 45 Dance Band, 1,2,3,45 Marshal, 35 Beta Club, 3,4. 100 Q15 SUZANNE BUNDY DOUG CECIL it ' SUSAN CHILTON ig, 4 JACKIE CARICO JANE CARTER SUZANNE BUNDY Aln-Ja-Hi Sports Editor, 43 Banquet Committee, 33 Varsity Basketball, 2,3,43 J.V. Basketball, 13 F.H.A., 1,23 Monogram Club, 2,3,4, JACKIE CARICO J.V. Basketball, 23 Science Club, 1. JANE CARTER Aln-Ja-Hi Class Editor, 43 Newspaper Staff, Re- porter, 3,43 F.B.L.A., 3,4, Reporter, 33 F.H.A., 1,23 Library Club, 3,4, Reporter, 3, President, 4: Y-Teens, 13 C.0.0., 4. DOUG CECIL Bus Driver, 3,42 French. 33 Science Club, 3,42 Track, 23 J.V. Basketball, 2,3, Chorus, 1,23 Student Council Representative, 43 N.F.L., 3,4, Student Council Representative, 43 Varsity Football, 2,43 J.V. Football, 13 Class Vice-President, 3. SUSAN CHILTON Aln-Ja-Hi Circulation Manager and Primary Class Editor, 43 Newspaper Staff, Reporter, 2, Circulation Manager, 33 Banquet Committee, 33 Cheerleader, 3,42 Civinettes, 2,3,4, Treasur- er, 3, President, 43 Beta Club, 33 F.T.A., 23 F.H.A., 1,2, Historian, 1, Reporter, 23 Monogram Club, 3,43 Class Vice-President, 33 Class Reporter, 23 Y-Teens, 1. 101 Oman., MIKE COCHRAN MIKE COLTRANE MIKE COCHRAN Bus Driver, 3. MIKE COLTRANE Aln-Ja-Hi Editor, 45 Student Council, 1,2,4, Sophomore Class Representative, 2, Treasurer, 45 Banquet Com- mittee, 35 Junior Civitan, 2,3,4, President, 45 J.V. Basketball, 1,25 Varsity Basketball, 45 Hi-Y, 25 Baseball, 1,2,3,45 Baseball Captain, 3,45 Chorus, 2,3,45 Monogram Club, 2,3,45 All-Conference Football, 45 Varsity Football, 1,2,3,45 Football Captain, 45 Class Represen- tative, 3. CLARA COX Aln-Ja-Hi Sophomore Class Editor, 45 Newspaper Staff Reporter, 35 F.B.L.A., 3,4, Vice-President, 45 Track, 15 F.H.A., 15 Library Club, 2,3,4, Secretary, 35 Guidance Assistance, 45 C.0.0., 4. JOHNNY DAVIS Aln-Ja-Hi Sports Editor, 45 Banquet Committee, 35 Homecoming Escort, 25 Junior Civitan, 2,3,45 Hi-Y, 1,2,35 Varsity Basketball, 3,45 Monogram Club, 1,2,3,45 Varsity Football, 45 Mr. AlnfJa-Hi Second Runner-up, 45 Class Reporter, 25 J.V. Basketball, 1,25 Chorus, 1,2,3,4, Vice-President, 45 Golf, 1,2,3,4, Medalist, 45 Science Club, 3. KAYE DEATON Aln-Ja-Hi Sports Editor, 45 Banquet Committee, 35 Homecoming Attendant, 25 Track, 1,25 Varsity Basketball, 1,2,3, 45 Chorus, 1,25 F.H.A., 1,2, Vice-President, 15 Civinettes, 3,45 Mono- gram Club, 2,3,45 Class Secretary, 15 Guidance Assistance, 1,4. 102 CLARA COX JOHNNY DAVIS KAYE DEATON Facing the Present . CORNELL DENNIS Bus Driver, 2,3,4Q Track, 1,2,3, Varsity Basketball, 3,43 Base- ball, 43 Chorus, 1,2,3,43 Monogram Club, 3,43 National Youth Science Center, 1.2. JERRY DENNIS F.B.L.A., 4, Treasurer, 43 Track, 33 C.0.0., 4. X l 103 CORNELL DENNIS JERRY DENNIS Garry Thayer's determination and hard work in every area of sports has helped to make Allen Jay out- standing. He carries his determination into other areas of service. Everyone admires his easy going manner. .3 1- Class of 1971 Mike Coltrane is a big morale booster for the football team. While working in sports and as co-editor of the yearbook Mike re- flects his leadership and friendship abilities. He is a truly well rounded person. x l, .4 lm, Yana f RANDY DEZERN LYNN DILDINE SANDRA DUNCAN JANICE FRAZIER RANDY DEZERN Band, 1,23 Dar.ce Band, 23 Bus Driver, 3,41 Junior Civitan, 43 Track, 33 Baseball, 43 Beta Club, 33 Mr. Aln-Ja-Hi Third Runner-up,4. LYNN DILDINE Track, 1,23 F.T.A., 1,2,3,4, Vice-President, 33 F.H.A., 1,23 Library Club, 2,33 C.0.0., 4. SANDRA DUNCAN Track, 13 J.V. Basketball, 13 F,H.A., 1,23 C.0.0., 4. JANICE FRAZIER Aln-Ja-Hi Class Editor, 43 Newspaper Staff, 1,23 F.B.L.A., 33 F.H.A., 1,23 Y-Teens, 1,23 C.0.0., 4. 104 KAREN GRAYSON vp' KENNETH GULLEDGE JAMES GUNTER . fit it ' ,i WWWN'V M'h' - , V X . - :pi i 2 , A i . i 5' ill V ',,' . G if I f A Qi' 4 y 3. 37 V ff, 3 1 4 . E Afl'i , W' Q... , i 3 ,M ,,,,, .W Q I I 5 xg ,VVLV , 3 4 J i if ? Linda Stout inspires her classmates with School spirit while performing her job as chief cheerleader. Although Linda participates in many activities she still has time to show friendship towards everyone. KAREN GRAYSON Aln-Ja-Hi Advertising Manager, 43 Newspaper Staff, Reporter, 2,33 Banquet Committee, 33 Civinettes, 4: French Club, 3,43 Marshal, 33 Beta Club, 3,43 F.H.A., 1. KENNETH GLJLLEDGE Aln-Ja-Hi Senior Class Editor. 43 Student Council, 2,33 Banquet Committee, 33 Homecoming Escort, 43 Mar- shal, 33 Junior Civitan, 3,4, Secretary-Treasurer, 43 J.V. Baseball, 13 Beta Club, 3,4, President, 43 Student Council Representative, 23 French Club, 3, Treasurer, 33 Science Club, 43 Golf, 3,43 Boys' State, 33 N.F.L., 3,42 Mr. Aln-Ja-Hi First Runner-up, 43 Class Vice-President, 33 lnterclub Council Representative, 3. JAMES GUNTER C.0,0., 4. 105 1, rv... Quvw.. LIBBY HEDGEPETH CARSON HILL LIBBY HEDGEPETH Aln-Ja-Hi Advertising Staff, 43 Newspaper, Reporter, 23 Club Editor, 33 Banquet Committee, 33 F.B.L.A., 4, Secretary, 43 Chorus, 2,41 Class Treasurer, 43 Youth Council Rep- resentative, 43 Civinettes, 3,4Q C.0.0., 4. CARSON HILL Student Council, 3,41 Banquet Committee, 33 Ad Champ, 43 Band, 1,2,3,43 Dance Band, 1,2,33 Junior Civitan, 3,4, Sergeant of Arms, 3,43 Track, 13 Varsity Basketball, 3,43 J.V. Basket- ball, 13 Beta Club, 33 Monogram Club, 2,3,4Q Varsity Football, 2,3,4Q J.V. Football, 13 Class Representative, 43 Class Secretary, 1. TERESA HILL Aln-Ja-Hi Sophomore Class Editor, 43 F.B,L.A., 4: Library Club, 2,3,43 Treasurer, 43 C.0.0., 4. RONDA HUNT Aln-Ja-Hi Sports Editor, 43 Newspaper Staff Feature Editor, 43 Homecoming Attendant, 33 Chorus, 33 F.H.A., 1,2, Historian, 23 Civinettes, 3,43 lnterclub Council Representative, 4. GREGG JARRETT Newspaper Staff, Assistant Editor, 3, Editor, 43 Banquet Committee, 33 Homecoming Escort, 33 Junior Civitan, 43 Track, 2,33 Beta Club, 43 Class President, 4. 106 '51 TERESA HILL RONDA HUNT GREGG JARRETT ,KK QL fi it VlCKlE JOHNSON DERAN KEARNS Emily Snider has constantly dedicated herself and her talents to the better- ment of Allen Jay. Her firendly, yet determined attitude can be seen in her many achievements as an N.F.L. member. Being a hard worker, her helpful hand and dependability can always be counted on. Seniors 1033 0 'E'1 '7 MELISSA KENNEDY STEVE LASSITER Brenda Skeen has used her leadership and spirit to the fullest for Allen Jay. She is dependable and a hard worker in her various school functions as cheerleading, clubs, and co-editor of the yearbook. MELISSA KENNEDY Library Club 2,33 C.0.0., 4. STEVE LASSITER Bus Driver, 3,4, F.B.L.A., 4 gTrack, 1,25 Chorus, 4. 1 44' , , , , lfbwlf ,ff 108 +L. ,Y as 4 ., . Q . ,- k' v WW: -WN' IX' DIANE LEDFORD ROGER MOORE g f! :er ei BUTCH MORAN IL DALE MACON SUSAN MITCHELL DIANE LEDFORD Banquet Committee. 33 Track. 2, Beta Club, 4, Li- brary Club. 2.35 C.0.0.. 4. DALE MACON Newspaper Staff Reporter. 43 Bus Driver, 3,4, F.B.L.A., 3g Chorus, 4. SUSAN MITCHELL Aln-Ja-Hi Advertising Manager, 43 Student Coun- cil, 1: FBLA.. 3.4, Historian, 33 F.H.A., 1.2: Student Council Repre- sentative, 1: Y-Teens. 1: Library Club. 2.3: C.0.0., 4. ROGER MOORE Junior Civitan, 1, J.V. Basketball, 2, Chorus, 4g Baseball, 1,3,4g Monogram Club, 3,45 Varsity Football, 43 J.V. Foot- ball, 2, Hl-Y, 1,23 Track, 4. BUTCH MORAN Student Council. 1: Track. 1: Hi-Y, 2.3, President. 33 Varsity Basketball. 2.3.43 J.V. Basketball, 1: Baseball, 3,43 Mono gram Club, 1.2.3,4. President. 4: All-County Football. 4: All-Conter- ence Football. 4: Varsity Football. 1,2,3,4g Class Treasurer, 33 Class Reporter, 4: All-Conference Basketball, 4. 109 Class of 1971 Rodney Shipwash is a well-rounded person. He is a hard worker in sports, academic work, music, and as President of the Student Coun- cil. Rodney is outstanding in his personality, leadership, service, dedication, and success- fulness. 'NGN . JO ANN MORAN DICKIE NUNN JIMMY OVERMAN BUDDY PARRISH JO ANN MORAN Newspaper Staff, Assistant Editor. 3, Student Council, 1, Banquet Toastmistress, 3: C.0.0.. 43 F.B.L.A,, 3,4, Presi- dent, 43 Track, 13 Beta Club, 3.4g F.H.A., 1, Student Council Repre- sentative, 4, Miss Aln-Ja-Hi Third Runner-up, 4, Class President, 3, Guidance Assistance, 1. DICKIE NUNN Monogram Club, 2,33 Varsity Football, 2,35 Bus Driver, 2.3. JIMMY OVERMAN Bus Driver, 2,3. BUDDY PARRISH Aln-Pa-Hi Primary and Elementary Class Editor, 45 Banquet Committee. 33 Band, 1,2,3,4q Dance Band, 2,3,4. 110 MARGARET PARRISH V'-3, DANNY PEGRAM Nut JERRY PHILLIPS Barbara Rees' scholastic ability. school spirit. participation, and dependability make her an asset to the Senior Class. She is always willing to help in any way, and is a friend to everyone. MARGARET PARRISH Aln-Ja-Hi Elementary Class Editor, 43 News- paper Staff Sports Editor, 23 Student Council, 13 Banquet Committee, 33 Band, 1,2,3,4, Secretary, 2, Vice-President, 3, President, 43 Major- ette, 1,2,3, Head Majorette, 43 Civinettes, 33 Chorus 13 F.T.A. 1.23 F.H.A. 1,23 Class Secretary, 2,4. DANNY PEGRAM Aln-Ja-Hi Feature Editor and Freshman Class Editor, 43 Newspaper Staff, 2.3, Feature. 2, Layout, 33 Banquet Com- mittee. 33 Homecoming Escort, 43 Junior Civitan, 2.3,4, Chaplain, 43 Hi-Y, 33 Chorus, 1,2.3Q Student Council Representative, 23 N.F.L., 2,33 Monogram Club, 2,3,43 Golf Team. 1,2.3,43 J. V, Basketball, 23 Science Club, 1,2,3, Treasurer, 2. JERRY PHILLIPS Aln-Ja-Hi Elementary Class Editor, 43 Newspaper Staff, Reporter, 43 Science Club, 2. 111 Most All Conference Players in Piedmont AA BARBARA REES Aln-Ja-Hi Business Manager, 43 Newspaper Staff, Reporter, 13 Student Council, 1,2,43 Homecoming Attendant, 43 Marshal, 33 Track, 13 Varsity Basketball, 2,32 J. V. Basketball, 13 Beta Club, 3,4, Student Council Representa- tive, 43 F.H.A., 1,2, President, 23 Monogram Club, 3,42 Class President, 13 Class Vice-President, 23 Class Secretary, 33 Civinettes, 2,3. RICKY ROBERTSON Band, 1,2,3,4Q Dance Band, 1,23 Junior Civitan, 3,41 Track, 13 J.V. Basketball, 13 Baseball, 43 Monogram Club, 3,4Q Varsity Football, 33 J.V. Football, 2. BARBARA REES 4 l RICKY ROBERTSON Kenneth Gulledge has represented Al- l len Jay well in leadership and aca- demic achievements. He works indus- triously to better himself and his school. Kenneth offers his classmates a helping hand and a smile. 112 'HMV' RODNEY SHIPVVASH BRENDA SKEEN VICKIE SKEEN CANDY SMITH EMILY SNIDER RODNEY SHIPWASH Student Council. 3.4, Junior Representative. 3, President, 4: Banquet Toastmaster. 33 Band, 1,2,3,4, President, 33 Dance band, 1,2,3,4: Homecoming Escort, 13 Marshal, 33 Junior Civi- tan, 2,3.43 Track, 13 Varsity Basketball, 2.3,43 J. V. Basketball, 13 Beta Club, 3,4, District Treasurer. 33 Monogram Club. 2.3.43 Varsity Football, 2,3,43 J. V. Football, 13 Class Representative, 33 Class Presi- dent, 33 Guidance Assistance, 4. BRENDA SKEEN Aln-Ja-Hi Editor. 43 Newspaper Staff, Reporter 1,3 Student Council, 1,2,3, Treasurer, 33 Banquet Committee. 3: Cheer- leader, 3,4, Co-Chief, 43 Civinettes, 2,3,43 Varsity Basketball, 23 J. V. Basketball, 13 Beta Club, 3.43 F.T.A., 1,2,3: F.H.A., 1.2. Secretary. 2: Monogram Club, 2,3,4: Y-Teens. 1: Guidance Assistance. 3. VICKIE SKEEN Aln-Ja-Hi Elementary Class Editor, 43 Newspaper, 2,3, Reporter, 2, Class Editor, 33 F.T.A., 2,31 F.H.A., 1,23 French Club, 33 Science Club, 33 Library Club, 2,3,4, Reporter, 3, Secretary, 43 Y-Teens, 13 Civinettes, 3,4. CANDY SMITH Aln-Ja-Hi Feature Editor, 4: Newspaper, 2.3.4, Re- porter. 2, News Editor, 3,43 Banquet Committee, 33 Track. 1,2,33 Bas- ketball Manager, 2,33 Chorus, 1,2,43 F.H.A., 1,2: N.F.L., 2,3,4, Secre- tary, 43 Monogram Club, 4. EMILY SNIDER Aln-Ja-Hi Senior Class Editor. 4: Newspaper Staff, Business Manager, 43 D.A.R. Award, 43 Beta Club, 3,4, District Secre- tary, 3. Treasurer, 43 F.T.A., 1,2,3,4, Treasurer, 33 F.H.A., 1,23 French Club, 33 U.N.C.-G. Chemistry Program Representative, 3: N.F.L., 1,2, 3,4, Vice-President, 3. President, 4: Class Treasurer, 3: Youth COUHCH, 1,2,3, State Youth Council, 2,33 Banquet Committee, 33 Debating, 1,2. 113 N51- rw., LINDA STOUT GARRY THAYER LINDA STOUT Aln-Ja-Hi Business Manager, 4: Newspaper Staff, 2,3: Student Council, 3, Secretary, 3: Banquet Committee, 3: Cheer- leader, 2,3,4, Chief, 4: Homecoming Queen, 4: Track, 1,2: J. V. Bas- ketball, 1: Chorus, 1,4, Treasurer, 1: F.H.A., 1,2: Debating, 2: Civi- nettes, 2,3,4: N.F.L., 2,3,4: Monogram Club, 2,3,4: Miss Aln-Ja-Hi Second Runner-up, 4. GARRY THAYER Student Council, Class Representaive, 1: Junior Civitan, 2,3,4: Hi-Y, 1,2,3: Varsity Basketball, 1,2,3,4: Baseball, 1,2, 3,4: All-Conference Basketball, 3: Monogram Club 1,2,3,4, Secretary, 4: All-Conference Football, 3: Varsity Football, 1,2,3,4. ELAINE THOMAS Aln-Ja-Hi Feature Editor. 4: Newspaper Staff, Edi- tor, 4: Student Council. Freshman Representative, 1: Banquet Com- mittee, 3: Varsity Basketball, 2,3: Chorus, 1,2,3,4, President, 4: Beta Club, 3,4, Reporter, 4: F.H.A., 2: Monogram Club, 2,3,4, Secretary, 3: Civinettes, 2,3. BRENDA TUCKER Aln-Ja-Hi Feature Editor, 4: Marshal, 3: Beta Club, 3,4: F.T.A., 1.2.3,4, Reporter, 2, President, 3: F.H.A., 1,2: De- bating, 3: Library Club, 1,2: History Award, 3: N.F.L., 3,4: French Club, 3,4, President, 4. MIKE TUGGLE Aln-Ja-Hi Feature Editor, 4: Newspaper Staff, 2,4, Editorial, 4, Feature Editor, 2: Student Council, 1: Radio and T.V. Institute Representative, 4: City Editor, 4: Debating, 3,4: N.F.L., 3,4, Treasurer, 4. 114 ELAINE THOMAS QQ-...ri 'S-4 BRENDA TUCKER '53 Mika TUGGLE Humanities, Journalism, Speech, Drama . . . a Variety of English Courses First Time Offered for the JERRY WHITFIELD Banquet Committee, 35 Junior Civitan. 2,3.4. Secretary, 3, Vice-President, 4: Track. 1,2: Hi-Y, 1.2.31 Varsity Basketball, 2.3.4, J. V. Basketball. 13 Baseball. 4: Chorus. 4, Secretary, 43 Golf. 1,2,3,4: Monogram Club, 1,2,3,4, Secretary. 3. Vice-President. 4: Varsity Football, 1,2,3,4: Football Captain, 43 Mr. Ain-Ja-Hi, 4. JEFF YOUNTS Ain-Ja-Hi Feature Editor, 43 Band, 1,2,3,4, President, 4, Dance Band, 1,2,3,43 J. V. Basketball, 13 Chorus, 13 French Club, 3,43 All-County Band, 2,3. 115 ine--P JERRY WHITFIELD 44 , X, .JEFF YOUNTS Karen Brower always has a warm smile and understanding for her classmates. She has so much school loyalty that she lends her spirit and leadership wherever needed, Karen has an excellent scho- lastic record. 1 Class of 7972 X57 JUNIOR CLASS OFFICERS, left to right, Craig Brewer, President, Connie Gray, Secretary, Donald Jackson, Vice-President, Sandy Mitchell, Treasurer, Joe Farabee, Class Represen- tative, Randy Harb Inot picturedl, Reporter. 116 STUDY . . . STUDY EVERYDAY , . . American History, Math, Science, Typing, French, Shorthand, Bookkeeping, English! ENGLISH did you say! CHANGES UNDER WAY! Variety in English now: Mechanics of Grammar, Directed Study,JournaIism, Dramatics, and Speech. Style 77277 Literary Magazine , . ..J,,Xi,,,, .lg A. I, ,X J 9... Qf' 9,1 3 I f 1 -A .eelA iiw ' I f ff,1' C i in Sir? E i ,, i -if Rf ,-s A Joann Adams Larry Anderson Edward Baker Debbie Barnes David Bodenheimer Allen Borland Craig Brewer Ronnie Brown Bunny Burton Sammy Byers Cathy Cable Wanda Carroll Janet Chandler Mike Cline Debbie Coltrane Jean Creasey Mike Daniels Glenda Drlggers Robert Elkes John Eller Debbie Ellington Joe Farabee Laura Foley Pete Galloway Steve Gilbreth Cathy Gilliland Nancy Grant Connie Gray Randy Harb Jerry Harrelson Jo Ann Hazelwood Barry Hill Pam Horne Jo Ellen Hucks Jerry Humphreys Donald Jackson Glenn Jacobs Frankie James Diane Johnson Gary Johnson Keith Johnson Joey Jones Donree Kearns Bobby Kennedy Norman Kennedy Vernon Kennedy David Killian Debbie Langston Joel Lockhart Shirley Luck Babette Lyons Timothy Mabe Debbie Madden Joe Mann Debbie Marsh Patsy Marshall Linda Melton Charlie Mills Sandy Mitchell Debbie Mull Dreaming of the Junior-Senior . , J txt f .ln-mphx lg Q, will Wt ns... ri f M W . W2 ' :gil w . an ge? G ML Sw .iii if Rt R if in 4? . 3 gf as 5 Q' :Jef I ' vt fi -in i! A sf c If! 118 0 l w ill :Q x to a.. N , ,fy : L L it l W 36. G Q- atb' y . ,W 15 at ' 52? I 'il si' K gt itz, I ' S i ' iq if 'Qs 1 l at Ov all fe: ,fi i rw typ 4' in A U ' , . , - ,f mm ig A 3 Q.,-,, ,,., K l f , -gil -V .a if 6 Q' A ,av v Pam McKinnon Craig Oldham Melanie Oliver Janie Pearson Karen Pegram Keith Pendergraph Danny Phillips Roger Potter Debbie Proctor Debbie Rector Susan Rinehardt Allen Robbins Edward Samuel Craig Saunders Dean Sechrest Mike Sink Penny Smith Shirley Smith Larry Smoot Gregg Spencer Dianne Stanley Deana Stout Pam Swift Billy Talley Pam Talley Ronnie Trexler Jody Tysinger Sandy Vuncannon Vickie Whittington Allen Yarborough Phillip Younts 119 Class of 1973 ,,... A fn '95 in Wwun.,,4:em m.,,,,, 'W , QNMR S 1f Q 'Jffl SN! SOPHOMORE CLASS OFFICERS, left to right, Debbie Brown, Treasurer, Becky Bees, Beporter, David Smith, President, Betsy Modlin, Vice-President, Sherry Vestal, Secretary. i 120 A New Day - New Horizons - We Must Conquer What We Can . . . We Are Tomorrowl!!! I lr R, E my f 15 sex 6 :V S? yy D , . , , Q W -. 8 .Y , f ig? t L 'SEM mf 2 f. A. Am rr rrr k 121 Eddie Jo Adcock Gary Anderson Melvin Auman Debbie Barnes Randy Baugus Becky Boone Terry Breeden Debbie Brown Rankin Brown Susan Byers Beverly Campbell David Carter -BRG' ag Xkxmf ff 'si Rocky Carter Eddie Cecil Lou Cecil Doreen Chambers Juanita Chandler Charles Cox Tony Dennis Christy Dunbar Terri Duncan Robbin Farabee Susan Farlow Donna Flowe Larry Frazier David Freeman Eddie Garrett Teresa Lawrence Aleda Lee Lequita Lee Evelyn Lindass Tony Mann Donna Marsh Steve Martin Debbie McDowell Betsy Modlin Debbie Moran Larry Gill Keith Goodwin Steve Halsey Susan Haney Audrey Hayes Ricky Hedrick Connie Hill Ronnie Holder Larry Humpherys William Hutson Ricky Ingram Sheila Johnson Barbara Jacobs Stanley Johnson Debbie Kersey Robbie Kiser it it it Anticipation f , 41' 0 W Q i j W l E 4 fi 4 'ln MN 122 Beta Induction, Sports and Classes 15 vu Q ir ' , Cynthia Nelson f . , f lg 'Vf' Alan Palmer 1 ' Norma Parks it r Jean Parrish V , , In it if V V LZVA Q Kathy Patterson ' X fp - vrckie Peeble Johnny Peters Debbie Phillips V x ,A ' If Wanda Phillips ' Flicky Proctor Becky Bees Jack Reynolds i 'Q Wit 'ti Buddy Robertson Vickie Robertson Donnie Simmons David Smith l, nf, ZX gf-5 Q 1 'N -N 1. Y' 6 Sharon Stiles r Randy Trotter ' 'A 'SQ Ernie Upton ' Sherry Vestal 1 r K Betty Vuncannon ii ' V 'X , W 1 Q In ,, M r , A 1- g r Q V ' P 1 Dean Wagoner t r i ii t Eddie Willard ' 53 Connie Wilson r V ' 1 RJ' rr 1 Jill wright ' --, Joanna Younts 123 Class of 7974 FRESHMAN CLASS OFFICERS. left to right, Pam Sheets, Student Council Ftepresentativeg Terri Rogers, Secretaryg Monroe Cox. President: Vickie Hughes, Treasurerg Debbie Whit- field lnot picturedl, Vice-President. 124 Grand Excitment Big Thrills A new Beginning And Even A Little Indecision More Pennant Sales For Freshman Party f'f'f?l't K hex. V 5 ZX, Tx ta, 'C H 'Sm ty 4 vw ii 'Z' in , ti sv 3 'F-' ft , , X , if N .. William Adams Keith Auman Debbie Bartlett Kenneth Bartlett David Bodenheiner Gary Boone Lisa Boyles Danny Branch Garry Brown Marty Burton Melissa Caudle Robert Cecil Nadine Childress Sara Ciodfelder Cindy Coltrane Q jx 5' Q. - 52' :fi-ass at Q . T QM , ig Q., . 5? it W ,Ax x we we . f' A .- . 95 125 Debbie Cox Douglas Cox Monroe Cox Monty Cox Janet Craven Karen Dennis Kim Dezern Sharon Driggers Teresa Duke William Ealey Marty Elkes David Fariow Franklin Hedgepetn Sue Hedrick Linda Hilliard Kathy Hinkle Kenneth Hinkle Vickie Hughes Neil Hunt Donna Ingram Kathy Ivey Joey James Cindy Ferguson Janice Ferguson Shirley Ferrell Pasty Foley Danny Foster Jan Garner Ellen Gibson Michael Goins Mary Grant Melvin Greer Gary Guffey Danny Hankins Alice Hardwick Cathy Harris Charles Hazelton Michael Hazelton JV 6. wx N. Xu A ,.... l 1 s A st, J 126 Chosen for the First Time +r-1 e ee ' f , , H rsrr s ii V - I ': ,, i wow bww rww X - 1 if 'ee , Q 2 , ji 127 Thomas Jarvis Kevan Johnson Willie Johnson Larry Jones Edward Kennedy Rita Kennedy Clyde Lanier Patricia Ledlord Paul Leonard Willy Lowder Rickie Madden Keith Marsh Rebecca McNeill Tommy McMickle Howard McDowell Teresa McDowell Pasty Miller Ray Mitchell Brenda Osborne Reene Osborne Jeff Overrnan Cheryl Owens Jan Pegram Kenny Phillips Connie Prevatte Rhonda Ranson Keith Taylor Tonya Truitt Peggy Tucker Pam Tuttle Randall Vestal Kathy Walton Janice Welch Danny Winfree Debra Whitfield Thomas Wiley New Junior High Schedule Derek Reavis Paula Rich George Robbins Kathy Robertson Pat Robertson Terrie Rogers Pam Sheets Charles Shellar Steve Skeen Debbie Smith Mark Smith Susan Smith Dail Stanley Jimmy Stanley Kathy Stanley Tim Suits , ,r ,, .. II 5 1- H T lrlr ' - , -' ,?,,.. In , , :mul ..Gk , i-rin g. H 99 ,k,,, If 1 ' 2-L .13 K . J, - 'syirgza f Q l , X a 2 f , 2 5, 5 T in ii if , , .1 128 Q Wwiwml. , a,f 4 iw fwfi' ' U11 lkfixli -f f-V.., , 1 M fvhunny usmm, 1 mm mmm WM H 2 9 ':,, , an I V ,l,, , , , ' , off, wx-vm 5-MQC47' gm 2 's X351 an - ,Ja-f ' Nf- V 130 RAMBLING UN fl. K 1 . . 'ff L 4. X '-0. . . L+' 1 l X1 ' 'N ily K , ' A Miss Vera Ferree. 4th grade Mrs. Barbara Tippett, 4th grade Elementary Faculty an .L 'ir N z' fp t L 1 fl' li 1 Y l rr 4. v'f- ' is ,V - t ., W ,, .. S 'P' f x . L W :Vx , a,.Q V ' ,Q , V arrf at . fo .. ., ifr ,eww 4 3 . Mrs. Barbara Arnold. 5th grade Mrs. Dorothy Batson, 5th grade Mrs. Nancy Crissman, .31 fr, f . ,lg . yff ga .J Q s M., ,BJ f 2 f lf aa., ,,,. ,K ..,,,.,. ,rm '- , 5th grade Q. Mrs. Barbara Lowder. 5th grade Mrs. Janie Brown, 6th grade Mrs. Lula Mae Williams, 6th grade Mrs. Barbara Payne. 6th grade Mrs. Minnie Robertson, 6th grade Miss Elizabeth eisserte, 6th grade .,y V ,if Mrs. Louise Easter, ii' 7th grade ' fs , Mrs. Rachel York J? i Z' 7th grade rw- Mr. James Hayes, ' 7th grade Mr. Barry Zachary, 7th grade rd ' In Mr. Linwood Harris, X dl ' V1 'S 8th grade ia, 'X Mr. Richard Hice, . ,M l 8th grade ., Mrs. Betty Moebes, E g. I 8th grade 0 I 'Z Mr. Ronald Wallace, 8th grade Miss Patricia Chinn, Special Education Miss Helen Garmon. Librarian Mrs. Frances Mabe. Public School Music 132 P t as ' g at . ,, ff ,. XJ P F ff' MA We at Kris ' , , ' A g as i f f-ef A L6 i xlg'-Qfaffze ' 'J ' lifylzr. lsfsftt. J . .. ' J J A , Q ' 'Q , rt g ' f?f 'I A. C f fmrltil N-iil.'t qi d t 557' H Qi ii it J S ff G if 1 i -iff. ll q 4 ap i i A 2? T. xx R ' Life 'I ' g . J its Q il'5k,,X.t ,, ff it ii mix. A ,til 't J J ' 'W .L N ff 4 A if l..'Qf. . .A C lr r ' c ' 5 ,N 5' ' , t l , ga. Q C 1 f ,,f ' X 3 7 . . 9 Qt 1 leeli it lr Kim First row: Robin Adams, Kim Angel, Carolyn Atkinson, Rita Auman, Keith Baker, Karen Bartlett, Tammy Baugus, Terry Diane Boyd, Beeson, Teresa Blackwell, Cheryl Bowman, Susan Brown, Donna Buck, Kimberly Bundy. Second row: Joey Butler, Michael Campbell, Connie Cansler, Michael Carroll, Debra Causey, Candace Coltrane, Gregory Col- trane, Susan Coltrane, Darrell Cook, Michael Cox, Tina Craven, Ronnie Craven, Keith Cruthis, Larry Dailey. Third row: David Dildine, Keith Dillion, James Dyson, Patricia Dun- bar, Donna Dunlap, Dennis Edmonds, Tommy Eller, Toby Ellis, Randy Ferree, Janice Fisher, Doris Floyd, Shelby Foley, Teresa Freeman, Diane Galloway. Fourth row: Ricky Gam- mons, Frank Gill, Rose Goins, Kathy Goodwin, Teresa Greer, Jeff Grissett, Wayne Grubb, Mike Gulledge, Joe Haney, Doris Hardison, Kathy Hawk, Karen Hayes, Jimmy Hinson, Terry Hobbs. Fifth row: Wanda Holder, Jimmy Hoover, Chris Ingram, Regina James, Gail Johnson, Jackie Johnson, Lin Johnson, Donald Kennedy, Ricky Kennedy, Ronnie Key, Jeff Kirkman, Mike Kiser, Donnie Langston, Gail Lassiter Sixth row: Mike Lawrence, Ricky Lawson, Roger Lockhart, Toni Madden, Janet Marshall, Mary Marshall, Gregory Martin, Randy Martin, Gary May, Franklin Milloway, Randall Mills, Vickie Moran. Seventh row: Fredrick Morgan, Johnny Morgan, Sue Myers, Tanya McLamb, Patty ham, John O'Shields. Parks, David Pegram, Priddy, James Prince, Reddick. Ninth row: Ridge, Jan Rinehardt, son, Carolyn Samuel, Debbie Shelar. Tenth Debbie McCall, Winfred McDowell, McMickle, Annette Nance, Reva Old- Eighth row: Patricia O'Shields, Nona Cindy Ronald Perry, Kim Phillips, Donna Reavis, Drema Reavis, Wanda Toni Reeder, Cathy Rees, Rhonda Robbins, Ruth Ann Terrie Robert- Dwayne Saunders, Tina Shackleford, row: Tommy Shelar, Tony Sheppard, Terry Sloane, Bobby Smith, Ronald Smith, Barry Spencer, Karen Stanley, Marsha Suits, Sherri Surrett, Craig Thomas. Eleventh row: Karen Tolbert, Monya Troutman, Yvonne Vestal, Mike Waldon, Merle Welborn, Scott Weston, Bonnie Wilson, Diane Wright, Jerry Younts. Training Band First row, left to right: Karen West, Lynn Corn, Cindy Rob- ertson, Sandra Johnson, Kim Thomas, Sandy Hoover, Sheryl Solomon, Rachel Welch. Second row: Kyle Auman, Lorrie Price, Cindy Jennings, Debbie King, Paula Foster Linda Wiley, Sue Parrish, Beth Thomas, Karen Cox, Sandra Reddick, Teresa Pardue. Third row: Pam Todd, Angela Cox, Christy Boyles, Jerry Harb, Allen Cansler, Terry Light- Nf Fir' in .1551 7 1 , Z . N3 ' ,S E E Sf sc.. Lua - , ,,,4.,,f r foot, Dean Welch, Mike Crissman, Bert Sawyer, Randall Robbins, Kirk Hines, Steve Pardue. Fourth row: Kim Talley, Timmy Rudd, Tim Coggins, Thomas Spaugh, Mike Reavis, Teresa Dunlap, Sarah Cox, Terri Tuttle, Jimmy Crissman, Jeff Millikan, Dennis Palmer, Timmy Yarborough. Fifth row: Ricky Sawyer, Tim Helig, Kirby Matthews. Seventh Grade Chorus B45 W--'-1' First row, left to right: Mrs. Mabe, Music Director, Sarah Tate, Donna Dildine, Vickie Holland, Kim Pearson, Janet Lockamy, Roger Kennedy, Donald Bowick, Charles Driggers, Ronnie Oliver, Cathy Roland, Pam Mitchell, Ellen Wheat, Melba Bodenheimer, Lynn Martin, Assia Freeman. Second row: Teresa Wilson, Lynette May, Debbie Pulliam, Linda Dunbar, Debbie Evans, Mary Sechrest, Frankie Foy, David 3 r, -, L a Q X K Jarvis, Mike Hines, Mike Reynolds, Vickie Sellers, Susan Hedgepeth, Patricia Mason, Tammy McDowell, Becky Powell, Vickie Hill. Third row: Karen Angel, Gail Hankins, Susan Vestal, Tina Marsh, Debbie McMickle, Brenda Oliver, David Bowick, Billy Eaton, David Bundy, Mark Charleville, Robin Yarborough, Pam Younger, Ann Johnson, Missy Hoback, Sheri Ridge. At if + a s fwf J iftkjm I H ' ' T5 L rtffafa ' Y tx Q A J 1-, Wifi' i 1 if ' A i E115 - - Q' - 5215 ki? ei 1 'r r Q .S Ai K F la -Y ',-3' , 'vw QW 'I A It 533, A+ i E '. flu 'if 'ff' sl 8' '1- , .. A, Q, , , 45, + H as 53' .- M M . me f+ it 1-rl P , A as .sm T A , l T J-2 YV? lah 2 ,M ,Q U fy KJIVV xy V mp'-5 Vg' ' as It Cx IIA elzw, iw I 5 , .ly VV , M .5 V I if ,, r , A I t I .gf ,f m t if . V , refs- Tam., V. 'S Q s e 5' J tax Q 4 XL' Seventh Grade First row: Sherri Allred, Phyllis Anderson, Karen Angel, Mark Bodenheimer, Melba Bodenheimer, David Bowick, Donald Bowick, Christy Boyles, Brenda Breeden, Sandy Buck, David Bundy, Kenny Bundy, Allen Cansler, Scotty Carmichael. Second row: Patricia Catron, David Cecil, Mark Charleville, Barbara Clodfelter, Lynn Corn, Angela Cox, Mark Cox, Mike Crissman, Sue Crouse, Floyd Dawkins, Donna Dildline, .John Draughn, Charles Driggers, Kim Driggers. Third row: Linda Dunbar, Samuel East, Billy Eaton, Brantley Edwards, Boyd Ellis, Debbie Evans, Ann, Faircloth, Mike Ferree, Ronnie Fields, Frankie Foy, Aissa Freeman, Mark Fritts, Harry Goodman, Cheri Gray. Fourth row: Billy Grubb, Sylvia Hankins, Jerry Harb, Susan Hedgepeth, Tim Heilig, Vickie Hill, Mike Hine, Glenda Hoback, Kathy Holland, Vickie Holland, Bruce Huffman, Larry Hunt, David Jarvis, Ann Johnson. Fifth row: Mike Johnson, Ricky Johnson, Sandra Johnson, Keith Jones, Sandra Jones, Roger Kennedy, David Key, Barry Ledford, Terry Lightfoot, Janet Lockamy, Joey 135 Luck, Richard Marion, Tina Marsh, Debbie Martin. Sixth row: Lynn Martin, Patricia Mason, Kirby Matthews, Bobbie May, Pam Mitchell, Cathy Moore, Tammie McDowell, Debbie McMickle, Gloria McPherson, Marty McPherson, Brenda Oliver, Ronnie Oliver, Steve Pardue, Teresa Pardue. Seventh row: Kim Pearson, Perry Phillips, David Potts, Rebecca Powell, Debbie.Pulliam, Sandra Reddick, Mike Reynolds, Cheryl Ridge, Cindy Robertson, Debbie Robson, Cathy Roland, Maryanna Sechrest, Gregg Sellers, Vicki Sellers. Eighth row: James Simmons, Linda Sink, Mike Skeen, Rhonda Smith, Sandra Smith, Mike Southards, Tony Sparks, Joey Stanley. Ninth row: Penny Stanley, Sara Tate, Kim Thomas, Terri Threatt, Pam Todd, Barry Trotter. Tenth row: Susan Vestal, Donna Washam, Dean Welch, Karen West, Ellen Wheat, Terry Williard. Eleventh row: Teresa Wilson, Robin Yarborough, Jesse Yates, Pam Younger, Rhonda Younts. .- W M is M in I Y-' V V., .td , lp i V f' r 'va K E3 ,ff fy ii i iii A . .h if if 4 .itt Si S S 5 'ii' A rt . 2 Z Qtr if T i 9 'L , B M .,g if g, rx my if S 'D .fir , S' A ' M F t 6 ' A Q a ag c T - V A I Cyn Y --X .7 A Wg V 'Mk ,qu -4, Q X - iff Lx. J L MN i . ff N' . P ,.' . N Y g . A' fo' , S ,, V - f, W-, Q A . -- ., TQ , ,- 1- .ia WY' aff: 3' E, agg S 1,377 iiifrtvg A S it it 1 if it ' T J 'r L i i rf F 5 ,,,, it , L. , V, b jf, W b .L L . . . V A - ' xr I irivgx K' vm ri .J Q . it H ,.s- , At 1 , w , S l lf! '4 A .. 5 ff S t Q new Vrrkv V' , ,J E V ir' V V A it ' 21 ii i s M n di3i9f TZ , T W strr r -gf .W . g ,. . V r ,V r f v A' . ,A AV A' , N N T Ai! iii Q ii W ! Im ft S fi mix t it Sixth Grade First row: Johnthan Adams, Lorie Adcock, Terry Aikens, James Anderson, Jr., JoAnna Atkinson, Kyle Auman, Eddie Baker, Kimberly Barnes, Randall Bartlett, Sonia Bartlett, Teresa Blackburn, Toby Blake, Thomas Boone, Gary Brower. Second row: Michael Brown, George Bryan, Etta Bundy, Richard Bundy, Tammy Burchfield, Billy Cain, Vance Call, Kenneth Carpenter, Patti Carroll, David Cartrette, Henrietta Cartrette, Gregory Cody, Alita Coggins, William Coggins. Third row: Sonja Cook, Jimmy Cooke, George Cox, James Cox, Karen Cox, Sarah Cox, Jimmy Crissman, Carol Cruthis, Lynn Dailey, Bobby Davis, Penny Dawkins, Tammy Dennis. Carol Dillon, Mark Dillon. Fourth row: Debbie Deaton, Gregory Dowdy, Teresa Dunlap, James Durham, Cynthia East, Clayton Edmonds, Gary Edwards. William Edwards, Teresa Ferguson, Elbert Fletcher, Lynn Foley, Chris Foster, Paula Foster, Ricky Gallimore. Fifth row: Felecia Galloway, Anita Gardner, Tonda Garland, Joy Garner, Teresa George, Donna Gilmore, Mona Goodman, Tony Gray, Pamela Gray- son, Gregg Greer, Shirley Griffin, William Haney, Tony Hankins, Brenda Harrelson. Sixth row: Sharon Hawks, Eddie Hill, Kirk Hines, Paulette Hoback, Sandy Hoover, James Hughes, Cynthia Jennings, James Johnson, Carolyn Jolly, Jerry Jolly, Bobby Kennedy, Joe Kestler, Debbie King, William Leach. Seventh row: Deborah Leonard, Terri Loving, Jace Lowder, Janice Lowder, Joel Mabe, Sue Martin, Billy Medford, Jeff Millikan, Mary Milloway, Karen Mills, Richard Mitchell, Gary Moore, Mike Morgan, Teresa Morrison, Robert McKinnon. Eighth row: Ricky McPherson, Samuel McSwain, Richard Osborne, Wayne Outlaw, Sue Parrish, Glenn Patter- son, Karen Patterson, Sherry Phillips, Cynthia Pope, Dennis Potts, Cindy Prevatle, Lori Price, Debbie Pruitt, Michael Reavis. Ninth row: Mark Robbins, Pamela Robbins, Randall Robbins, Karen Robertson, Timmy Rudd, Bart Sawyer, Frederick Sawyer, Brenda Sawy,ers, Timothy Sechrest, Tanya Sheets, Ronald Shelor, John Skeen, James Sloan, Roger Smith, Darlene Smoot. Tenth row: Cheryl Solomon, Thomas Spaugh, Kim Talley, Diane Taylor, Kara Thomas, Tammy Thomas, Randy Threadgill, Joyce Trotter, Troy Tucker, Teresa Tuttle, Pam Vestal, Kevin Wagner, Jeffery Wall, Gary Walton,Pam Ward. Eleventh row:Archie Watkins,Sheila Weavil, Rachel Welch, Ronda Weston, Sherry Whittington, Lynda Wiley, Tammy Wiley, Kathy Williams, Susan Willyard, Michael Wilson, Ricky Wright, Timothy Yarborough, Mary Yates, Tammy Younts, Marla Zachary. t l -ah' ff A 'AA ' ,, i ,L T ' T fi , lk ' Q AA X it A If 7 J l A A ., 55 ' A , . M -t it A 1 , . . , lv ,:. Eir ,A W, I 5 . ' , r taxi st J , T T X it , .rrr it is : , , r A Y . , . r My M In 1 : E r ,X . ,, Wg 'we. ,iz A r as 1 , A , A K' , , , 2 A i rr A , . ag r I A. K, i ., VN , I , A 3 lar? In VV' 'WV,, f, .I ,Jr I yr-VA 'git T f fQ2i, I ' L,l ., V , V 1 t M W A A X 2fh H , in J, may : A M , .mf A Er T tr Y r L .:A. A Q A L if bt .J it b T ' f A kV,, ' J 1 ft 4 Ax , .,,.,,,r., , Fifth Grade First row: Donna Atkinson, Kay Auman, Timothy Auman, Donna Bargar, Randy Barnes, Gary Bean, Tammy Brock, David Brown, Cindy Brower, Karen Bryan, Kenny Bundy, Freddy Burchfield, Jeff Butler, Freda Call. Second row: Nancy Cansler, Ricky Carico, Tracy Carpenter, Judy Carroll, Sherry Carter, Susan Cathcart, Sarah Childress, Jeffrey Coggins, Chavigny Coltrane, Keith Coltrane, Janet Corn, Tim Cox, Timothy Craven, David Crouse. Third row: Jeffrey Cruthis, Larry Cruthis, Judy Faircloth, Russell Fletcher, Eldon Foley, Tony Freeman, Billy Fritts, Pam Galloway, Joan Gilbreth, Becky Graves, Donna Greer, Bethany Gris- sett, Ronald Hardison, Terry Hawks. Fourth row: Debbie Hepler, Frank Hiatt, Phelecia Hinson, Robert Hoback, Michael Horne, Billy Housand, Joan Hudgin, Buck Hunt, Mark Hutchens, Joe Ingram, Carl Jacobs, Mark Jarrett, Glenda Johnson, Richard Johnson. Fifth row: Ricky Johnson, Patty Kennedy, Hazel Key, Jimmy Key, Eddie King, Tina Kiser, Lisa Lassiter, Ricky Lee, Debra Londrum, Jeff Madden, David Mashburn, Donald Mattocks, Bonnie Mayes, Sandra Mayes. Sixth row: Terry Mears, Rena Medford, Mike Mere- dith, Walt Metts, Charles Milloway, Lester Milloway, Lisa Morrison, Cindy Myers, Teresa McDaniel, Darlene McDowell, Connie McHenry, Don McMahon, David McMickle, Patsy Oakley. Seventh row: Jack Outlaw, Lisa Overcash, Anita Overman, Debbie Palmer, Perry Pardue, Barbara Priddy, Tammy Proctor, Randy Pruitt, Tina Reddick, Beth Redding, Lisa Robinson, Karen Rodden, Freddie Sawyers, Mark Simmons. Eighth row: Robin Slaydon, Carol Smith, David Smith, June Smith, Kenneth Smith, Timothy Smith, Gilbert Snider, Randy Snyder. Ninth row: Gregg Southern, Amber Staley, Timmy Stevenson, Rita Stiles, Mary Stines, Cheryl Tate, Kathy Taylor, David Thompson. Tenth row: Linda Threadgill, Gregory Threatt, Sherry Tucker, Terri Tucker, Joel Tuggle, Ricky Watkins, Mike Welch, Debra Whitaker. Eleventh row: Elizabeth White, Randall White, Timmy Wil- liard, Ronald Wilson, Teresa Wright, Gary Yarborough, David Yates. j fa- . .,, .WW 5 'rat i 'V 'Q ',,' s V aiu' . Z 5 - za- ,fr ' fgg, 'Y ' V , . V 1 ,,, g V, VV ,,.. .Q VV VV gy V V VV M , ,,AL AAAAA V . . VV, f , cm f , V V ' 138' k,kV V . VV V VV! V.. V. .4 ' .V .8 . , ,..k V . xir V. V . V V . LVI: . Vi.. . J QQ, VV V ,. .Vfy 1 . .H ,. V V 3 'M , M V - V is L his YY Nl R 2 'L , ' L- i ,, V ' V : ' - , 1 V J f r ' V, ' V ' f ' 'Q 1., .5 W,'A ' ' . ' ' T V,rV .. ' ' fl ' . A VV ,. . V . V V V , V. V ri , ,,, VV VV V. V V . f V VV P it f , - . ,k,,V, V, 5' 7 V , ,,--i , ' ,L,, i . . ' V ' or t V at s Q Vi. l tgtigubsltt m uma A . V ,. ' VV V , V ', V V V . ' V V VV , Vf ' r V 1 7 3 ' ir ' is V, ,.,, . V, rffl ' .f 'f f K ,V My gigs T fV.g,g,V ' ' ff, , V ,V l,,Vf V V V 'I x VVV , L V 4 V V VV V V . I Wx .rr V V . A . fl. pf'-'vV ' ' V ,,,' it ' gf A , , , .,V.,r. , , ,,V1L,, . V , . V fi' , ' . ' . ' , V V VI.1f, ,,,,, V , V VV A VVV, .V , E Atgi ..,V M I kkzl A U V emxsr f it T V V. ra VV .AXA V - .xt . it V V ' VVV - M , V as f . It-I 5 V V fir W '.r v V V .. str JB MQ- V',V' ai A f ' .',' VV V '-it V VVV, Q f ' A 1 .H 'A X V ' T. . hl- . ' J' . . ,,,,,, . V - 'ti VL T ZZV if ' V ' W ' . V. ,. V, VV V V, VV VV VVV,V VV VVVV VVVV VVVVVV VVV.V V .,,. VV' VV!! Vljw V VVVVV VV .. V 7 V, swf V. f tx L . ss . V migigi Fourth First row: Debra Adams, Vickie Aikens, Joni Anders, Jerry Anderson, Paul Angel, Lane Atkinson, Laura Bailey, An- nette Barnes, Jeff Bartlett, Perry Bartlett, Cheryl Beeson, Sherri Blackburn, Keith Blair, Danny Blakely. Second row: Tony Branch, Carolyn Brown, Kay Brown, Billy Bullard, Brad Burchfield, Michael Carico, Sandra Carroll, Jamye Cartner, Jerry Cartrette, David Cathcart, Harrison Catron, Roger Causey, Danny Cecil, Myra Cecil. Third row: Mike Cockman, David Cody, Kenneth Coltrane, Kimberly Coltrane, Merri Lynn Conrade, Kenneth Cooper, Tony Cox, Martha Dawkins, John Deaton, Randy Dillard, Sandra Doss, Keith Durham, Timothy Edwards, Leisa Elkes. Fourth row: Carole Ellington, Eugene Eills, Michael Evans, Sharon Faircloth, Debbie Flannery, Mark Flannery, Janet Fletcher, Blain Foy, Patricia Galloway, Otha Garner, Lee George, Pamela George, Lanna Gilmore, Michael Goodman. Fifth row: Tommy Grant, Becky Guffy, Mitzi Haith, Mary Jo Hackworth, Kimberly Hawks, Timmy Hawks, Jeffery Hayden, Cynthia Hazelton, Johnny Hedgecock, Bobby Honeycutt, Sharon Hoover, Tammy Hunt, Lindy Hutchens, James Jarvis. Grade Sixth row: Tony Jennings, Angela Johnson, Cleve Johnson, Roger Johnson, Willie Jolly, Chippy Jones, Alan Kennedy, Vickie Kennedy, Mark King, Barry Kirkman, Dennis Langston, Cabot LaPradd, Kathy Lawson, Sherry Lawson. Seventh row: Terry Leonard, Caroline Lewallen, Windy Lindaas, Liz Linton, Roy Lowder, Sheila Mann, Annette Mannring, David Mason, Lorri May, Tony Mayes, Lisa Mills, Timothy Mills, Doris Moran, Teresa Murchison. Eighth row: Danny McMahan, Phillip Nance, Ronald Norman, Dale Ogles, Brent Patterson, Robin Penny, Tommy Pickard, Mark Potts, Jerry Powers, John Michael Ransom, Jeffery Rouse, Karen Rudd. Ninth row: Brian Sawyer, Gary Sawyer, Larry Sawyers, Tammy Schultz, Warren Schultz, Philip Scruggs, Von Simmons, Eddie Smith, Judy Smith, Kim Smith. Tenth row: Lynn Southern, Debra Spivey, Danny Stanley, Danny Suits. Beth Surmons, John Surrett lll, Theresa Thomas, Connie Thomp- son, Curtis Tilley, Homer Truitt. Eleventh row: David Tuttle, Billy Vest, Debbie Ward, Tim Washam, Todd Weatherman, Tommy Weatherman, Jerry Wheat, Regina Whisnant, DeAnna Witcher, Sharon Whitaker. Little League Football First row, left to right: Chris East, Wayne Grubb, Randy McKinnon, Ronnie Craven, David Dildine, Mike Ferree, Scott Martin, Ronald Smith, David Potts, Gregg Greer, John David Weston, Tony Sparks, Richard Marion, Mike Hazelton, Mike Draughn, Mark Fritz, Don Kennedy. Second row: Bobby Johnson, Kirby Matthews. W, S ans, ,AQ 1 First row, left to right: Debbie Evans, Lynn Corn, Missy Bonnie Wilson. Third row: Sandy Buck, Sherry Gray, Janet Hoback, Sara Tate, Debbie McMickle, Aissa Freeman, Janet Marshall, Donna Buck, Debbie McCall, Kim Phillips, Cathy Lockamy. Second row: Cindy Robertson, Reva Oldman, Hawk, Teresa Freeman. Fourth row: Melanie Oliver, Advisor. Elementary Y-Teens 139 L- if ig ,, .,, M5 'Q ' A ii. V I ' , ,,'I ,krrh J f ','- fff z .'f,,,-f RAMBLING ON 141 5- QE N 0. Allen Jay Primary School Principal ano' Faculty Mrs. Gladys Graves, 4th grade Mrs. Sara Ingram, 4th grade Miss Audrey Scott, 4th grade Mrs. Carolyn Davis, 3rd grade Mrs. Patsy Toner, 3rd grade Mrs. Juanita Johnson, 3rd grade Mrs. Carleen Seifert, 3rd grade Mrs. Brenda Whitaker, 3rd grade Mrs. Beulah Andrews, 2nd grade Miss Catherine Hester, 2nd grade Mrs. Carol M. Turner, 2nd grade Mrs. Shirley Farlow, 2nd grade Mrs. Jeanette Whitley, 1st and 2nd grades Mrs. Marjorie Younts, 1st grade Mrs. Elizabeth Pirtle, lst grade Mr. Carl Hampton, Principal Mrs. Lota Parrish, 1st grade Mrs. Linda Meadows, lst grade Mrs. Frances Mabe, Public School Music Mrs. Essie Hilton Secretary qu--X. K f.Q. LSL .,. i f 3 ,,.....--- X ,av -gf Mrs. Inez Yow, Teacher Aid, Mrs. Margaret Zimmerman, Home-School Coordinator. Mrs. Mabel Hodgin Cafeteria Manager - :foie . M 5:3 ::' .wk nffig - i 4 '-s i as It N J' s .. ., . 25... Q--tb, . M -as :aa :sl ,Q ,rs : . ,M ...., V A ,X f ---.. , I ,j Q 5 , , Q , . li u A i ' A A PF 5- 1 ,',, ir.. 1 1 - 1 L . -- f 3 ' W, r-i. , ' ' ' gf . . 1 ,... -,..1, fj,'?5Ql V V f . Wim, . , . .Q ... ..., yr l w -' . , ' 1 .....k' I K' K I K K .kk. f 32' ' K , ' i to 1 ia.a.i i it 5 :. D .. V ,Q V . ,N 5 - . K ., 1 -. . Left to right: Mrs. Virginia Hudson, Mrs. Ruth Riddlehoover, Mrs. Martha Welch, -as-it if ki. YV. Mrs, Elaine Bowman. Cafeteria Staff. 143 Top: Mr. Richard Ingram, Main- tenance Supervisor. Bottom: Mrs. Loula Nelson, Maintenance. , r ,,, H. -AG G 4. g . A A.. W-W ' r... ., i I E W W 1 I my W, , .-, i v N N mm, V i ' , 'f'. v IAY H .113 K, .Sv 5 r i ,nf at X. 5 ' tx 'fy . T , Q i ,, 'm AH--' 37 ' 5 ' :Y K-51' V' ' 5' z- 59 ' 75 ' 3: i Tfi E wr, 'L 5 -5 'A jg V he A 3 ..:f is nuns if Q. , A Fi K... i.lYIs.x.S1.4ri ' ' 4 'NSA g aww Q F 'A - Zi-f 112, A v Q'fQ 'LwE A Mx' Kifawv , fa v S3 ia Q V ,I , J Trl f at-f 1,3 is g I .ix it t ww VS to 3 -J .Iii , ia, i lif X,l,,mM K V ,,. w 3 f- fi ,,, , if I th fi f K A iii 1 ' , , , , V , , it ci I igzy F' A W gigs. Ol .an its., 4 i L T J T f- it ' . T ll Q ,.,' ..,, ' V' Wy, YV ,, : , 5 . V, ,M . 't,. ,V . Qi, . H R' ' , ,:.. , i , A ,,,,, V , . M 4 M 'i , My ., , V ,Lx A gy 25 17 'ri' 'tiff' J ttf, 1 gift nk fs ' ' vs. .ry If 6' 5 it :HQ p 54' rpg 'C A 'Q v ' v' if Y' Qn'lfj'.a ,Q K V atigwxisirir t H f ix ' 117 -is-ji J Pri . , C l ' va A- ' F 1 V 'Vi' :Qi our 4 ' f f ,,,. R L Q i fi if ' 1 it ihhs fl-it gif , 7 'W I ,W 1, ,V K 7 V-1-, L: A M' C9 A' It - 5 i kffifj 2 , V - rar ,rm Ja. 'f,,,g,g., ,gl 4 fy gm, ' can s. ,:,,, r J. '21 L, X? ., - , 2 , W as-rf V mv , i Z' fixifiiili ' r fl., i l. . First row: Angela Adams, Jenny Adams, Shelia Aikens, Cin- dy Andrews, Roger Arnett, Eric Baker, Greg Ballard, Debra Barnes, Sherry Baugus, Dana Bean, Donny Blakeley, Terry Bodenheimer, Tonya Brock, Tanya Brooks. Second row: Donald Brower, Ronnie Bundy, Shari Bundy, Teresa Bundy, Kathy Bunn, Gloria Causey, Tony Causey, Lee Cecil, Jeff Cox, John Cox, Mark Crissman, Terry Crouse, Britt Dillon, Kenneth Driggers. Third row: Vicki Driggers, Janie Durham, Lynne Edwards, Rocky Edwards, Donald Efird, Pam Elkins, Mark Eller, Jeff Ellis, Jon Farlow, Peggy Ferree, Teressa Scott Floyd, Earl Foley, Tina Foy. Fourth row: Freeman, Gary Gallimore, Vaughn Galloway, Kay Tanya Gilmore, Mike Gregg, Ronnie Grissett, Randy Mike Hackworth, Deron Haney, Mark Hankins, Janice Toni Hayes, Herman Heffner. Fifth row: Barbara Richard Hepler, Julie Hoback, Sharon Holt, Dean Wayne Isaac, Kenneth Jessup, Eric Johnson, Johnia Flowe, Ronnie Garner, Grubb, Harris, Hepler, Ingram, Rae Johnson, Kathy Johnson, Rodney Johnson, Tina John- son, Nancy Jones, Vann Jones. Sixth row: Vivian Jones, Audrey Key, Pam King, Penny Kirkman, Ricky Kivett, Renee Lamb, Darlene Langston, Denise Lomax, Mike Lowder, Mark Lyon, Kellie McDowell, Bobby McMahan, Richard McMahan, Danny McPherson. Seventh row: Kirk Manring, Daphene Mills, Scott Nifong, Charlie Oakley, Marsha Oakley, Jeffrey Oliphant, Timothy Oliver, Mary Outlaw, Carla Overcash, Deborah Owens, Lynn Owens, Jane Palmer, Tamara Penny, Jennifer Phillips. Eighth row: Jimmy Phillips, Terry Pickard, Gary Pierce, Keith Pope, Wendy Pope, Debbie Potter, Sandra Putman, Gloria Ratley, Lynn Redding, Sharon Red- ding, Deborah Reeder, Ann Rich, Misty Ridge, Lonetta Robinson. Ninth row: Gregory Roland, David Sawyer, Steven Sawyer, David Scism, Fran Scruggs, Mark Sechrest, Timmie Sellers, Gail Shelar, Cliff Smith, Jeffrey Smith, Jimmy Smith, Susan Smith. Tenth row: Tommy Smith, Tammy Soloman, Allen Sparks, Rebecca Stanley, Sheila Stewart, Jerri Leigh Stiles, Tamela Teer, Linda Todd, Sherri Truesdale, Toni Varner. Eleventh row: Woody Vest, Donnie Vestal, Junior Vuncannon, Rachel Ward, Darlene Welch, Dina Willard, Faith Wilson, Timothy Witcher, Denah Yarborough, Cindy Yates. Third Grade V l vt' , 4 ' , gn? 4, ,W M af' fi M 2, fvfj , dl , Tiff ' 4 ' V I , 2 5 V 'Tr V l 4 gs 17. I V' mt, L if A 971- ,v T 1. , J ix F D' M ,, - Q- he sf' f A 'lla -'Q' 4 4' .Lt ' ix it '- X f i by In V T' f V' f VTX cu- xy fix' 1, . mtmltikl.. it mt'..F7+.,rt,,axY2f . 1 K l mm L AL. L -I X . ' V gk! Q,Mli. A KL 1253 A rg. T 3111, 9 Sf- If i .ix 1 .L T fi rf i l , , , ' A ,, M elf' 2? 17' 12.1 . ff QT' ,fi-fvf if . f . it ..,. ,gAiV, , if J A T 4 FX ,l17i1g'mf. ali? flip' at as in n ,M in 5 Kkaylfi , ,, 5'-' vit .' F 5 ' 9' ' lf' ik? t in H FKA. tl A um me-5 A-,SY A-if V 4 im 2Q'-i' nf- , , C4 V. A sy is k if-1 , W -Zia x New ttf Xfflx. Nui:-unix V , N lg flliin ga - we f if A ' J jr + Jsf5.i-srfxl .fix iran 1w,. +. , s'i f-v 1.1 , sw., IN' , 14.1 ,, E 'Tf' ' . . , F ri -fl, A r 'F . 5, l it lx f 4 1 X H M i H First row: Kandy Adams, Phillip Angel, Kimberly Ballard, Tony Barnes, Ricky Beasley, Teresa Blackburn, Sammy Blackwell, Kevin Blake, Steve Blevins, Kyle Brewer, Phillip Brown, Brian Campbell, Edward Cannaday, Penny Carroll. Second row: Phillip Cartrette, Karen Caulder, Preston Caudler, Terry Sue Clodfelter, Ricky Cockman, Wayne Coltrane, Jeffery Conrad, Mark Cook, Travis Cooley, Debbie Cox, Inga Cox, Rebecca Creasey, Sherry Crouse, Richard Cruthis. Third row: Tammy Davis, Martha Deatoni, Pat Dil- dine, Vickie Dillard, Sandra Dunbar, Laura Ann Durham, Keith Eddins, Diane Edmonds, Pepper Evans, Harry Faircloth, Mickey Fender, April Floyd, Sarah Frye, Todd Gaddy. Fourth row:Sherry Garland,Steve Goodman,Craig Grant, Tina Hash, Eric Hayes, Tommy Helton, Bruce Hiatt, David Hill, Judy Hines, Robin Hinkle, Nancy Holland, Billy Hoover, Rojeana Howard, Cray Hucks. Fifth row: Mark Hucks, Shelia Huffman, Jimmy Hutchens, Steven Hyder, Timmy Jenkins, Janice Johnson, Gary Jones, Randy Jones, Mica Kearns, Margie Key, Tammy Kiser, Helen Lakey. Sixth row: Robert Lawson, Jill Leach, Sherri Lee, Steve Leonard, Ben Linton, Susan McCoury, Lori McDaniel, Terry McDowell, Jimmy McHenry, Dwayne McMahan. Seventh row: Lori McMahan, Roger Mabe, Rita Marion, Pam Martin, Harriet Matthews, Sherri May, Jeff Mayes, Scottie Millikan, Janice Mills, Robin Mills. Eighth row: Lisa Mitchell, Cammie Murchison, Jeffery Myers, Scott Norman, Darrell Ogles, Susan Oliver Michael Outlaw, Sherri Overman, Keith Owenby, Raymond Pait. Ninth row: Debbie Patterson, Ronnie Perdue, Dennis Phillips, Jerry Pickard, Robert Pickle, Jerry Price, Craig Reddick, Angela Rich, Johnny Robbins, Sharon Rodden. Tenth row: Jackie Roland, Dale Shelar, Daniel Smith, Mary Smith, Rusty Smith, Tony Smith, Tina Snow, Tommy Southards, Mark' Sports, Mary Surmons. Eleventh row: Kevin Thompson, Wayne Thornsbury, Dale Troutman, Kim Varner, Melissa Vestal, Lisa Wheat, Teresa Whittington, Dixie Wilkes, Mike Witcher, Gracie Wright. Second Grade , ,. ,,,, 1 V M I , 5, ,,---H K '. V , f A X571 T ff' .JM lab it itrf n at 'Q' l X X zz If u,,,,,f,H ,, ,. . ,z .,r ,,, 42-1 V, 4- , gtg? H gy, -A 4- - 1 4-f s fa. 2? as - Mist K , 310' ' ' t . ,V 'fav all 3 . Q ' 5553 Q F27 A J V35 ' t, t. 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Aft, --.E Q i,,,,5f, 'L' 5, SR.. f , -:A Q.. fre, -I vt ge. ,1. 1. 3 Q, 4 X4 Hi ,, ,Aa lv! , V , ., , I 11' l 1 i ' f 522'-fl -rff . i First row: Stephen Angel, Tammy Ashley, Vicki Atkinson, Bobby Barnes, Beverly Beasley, Pamela Bell, Danny Billings, Todd Blackwell, Sandra Bodenheimer, Irene Bowman, Jean Ann Breeden, Mary Alice Brown, Barry Bundy, Julie Bundy. Second row: Lisa Bundy, Ronald Ray Cain, Mark Call, Kathryn Cartner, Todd Cody, Joel Coltrane, Timmy Combs, Kim Conard, Brad Cook, Dale Cox, Danny Cox, Penny Craven, Brian Culler, Patricia Davis. Third row: Eric Doss, Gregory Dunbar, Bobby Eaton, Laura Edwards, Eddie Efird, Cindy Ellignton, Cindy Elliott, Connie Ellis, Debbie Fender, Quintin Ferguson, Teresa Flannery, Gene Foy, Terry Frazier, Paul Freeman. Fourth row: Keith Gillespie, Karen Goins, Jimmy Graves, Bobby Guynn, Janet Hawk, Mark Hill, Rodney Housand, Susan Ingram, Johnny Isaacs, Rodney Jackson, Scott Jackson, Tresha Jenkins, Marty Jones, Buck Key. Fifth row: Pat King, Steve Kirkland, Jack Lakey, Larry Law, Tony Law, Jeffrey Lawrence, Kathy Ledford, Bruce Leonard, Lance Lightfoot, Stephen Locklear. Sixth row: Keith Jeff McMahan, Ben Manring, Randy Marion, Tammy Ricky Martin, Pat Mayes, Gina Melton, Kevin Metts 1 Mills. Seventh row: Barry Morgan, Linda Morrison, Myers, James Roy New, Janet Ogles, Mark Oliphant, Oliver, Sonya Overman, Ronnie Pierce, Jeff Pope. Loflin, Marsh, Lavon David Randy Eighth row: Baxter Pratt, Melonie Pratt, Ricky Prevatte, Pamela Proctor, Garry Ratley, Larry Ratley, Darrell Rich, Crystal Robbins, Jeff Roland, Steven Rudd. Ninth row: Lance Rush, Joan Sechrest, Lori Sechrest, Marty Sechrest, Gene Smith, Terry Smith, Paul Solomon, Helen Sports, David Stines, Kelly Stroud. Tenth row: Cindy Suits, Ashley Teague, Lisa Thornsbury, Joey Todd, Marty Truesdale, Paula Truitt, Randy Tucker, Mark Tuttle, Penny Tyndall, Duane Vestal. Eleventh row: James Vestal, Jeffrey Wagner, Donna Weavil, Paula Whitaker, Wesley Whitman, Lisa Willard, Michael Wil- lett, Jeanie Williams, Elaine Wilson, Katherine Worley. First Grade , gl, -4, iii 3, . ,V I ' M , raetmmwr-. X- rf ,c 1, 3 aw f . .' gr ' M 5 . . . r 4 ' tg- xv- bf 10' N-Q ...Q Young, inquisitive Carefree, happy Awed by the surrounding world The little kids .WWF I K nassaui - f s 2SQ?8o 5 , AT + 'H 3 X 3 -if lr, 3 , f r 1 . K ,.... B q 1, Sli' ,7 l A x UD f li 2 RAMBLING ON 149 , I-Ll 2 C2 IN UI LLI b Q QE BOOSTER ADS Larry Anderson Mr. and Mrs. Edward E. Hussey Becky and phil Jasen Johnson lvlr. and Mrs. william H. een Vickie Johnson Brenda and Tim Mr. and Mrs. Wesley C. Kennedy I Lynn and Dale Josie G. Brower Ellen McRae Libby Carter and Mark Brown Mr. and Mrs. Paul Myers Mr. and Mrs. Bryant Causey Deanie Oldham and Calvin Jones Mr. and Mrs. G. O. Clodfelter Joseph C. Owens Mr. and Mrs. Larry Cole Jean Parrish Susan Coltrane Pilot Life Insurance Company Mr. and Mrs. Carl Cox Supply Department Janice Cox and Mike Skeen Lib Reddick Mr. and Mrs. Robert G. Davis Mr. and Mrs. R. Max Rees Mr. and Mrs. Larry Duncan Robert's BP Service John Eller Vickie Robertson John Gilliam Mr. and Mrs. Bernie Shelar and Family Glenda and Barry Tony and Melissa Stanley Pam Grayson Susan and Danny Barry Hill Susan and Donnie Gary and Teresa Hill Reverend and Mrs. Clyde H. Tucker 150 A'DONNA BEAUTY SALON 1706A English Rd. High Point, N. C. 8839811 Free parking on bus line Call us for your Hair Care 8 Beauty Needs BAILEY'S FLOWERS 8 SHRUBS 1905 E. Green Dr. Phone: 882-1421 AL'S RESTAURANT 2301 West Green Street For take-out orders Call: 883-0215 BARKER'S GULF SERVICE 24 Hour Service 500 S. Main St. High Point, N. C. ARCHDALE BARBER SHOP 3047 South Main High Point, N. C. BARNES MANUFACTURING 318 E. Grimes Avenue High Point, N. C. Phone: 883-7537 ARCHDALE BELT COMPANY First in Quality Fairest in Price Fastest in Service Phone 431-1615 Archdale, N. C. Compliments of THE BLACKSMITH SHOP, INC. Shore Drive High Point ARCHDALE HARDWARE CO. Hardware, Paints Household Goods 3520 South Main Phone 431-4811 Class of 1971 Happy is the man that findeth wisdom, and the man that getteth understanding Proverbs 3:13 MILLARD H. BODENHEIMER YOUR FUTURE YOUR DECISION CHOOSE ARMY SFC. Jim Adams Post Office Room 202 882-6714 BRILEY FURNITURE CO. 2510-14 S. Main St. High Point, North Carolina ASHEBORO ROAD SERVICE STATION 2229 S. Main St. High Point, N. C. Ph. 888-7226 Freddie Gonna To Be a Man Someday Compliments of BUCKAROO STEAK RANCH AUMAN MOTOR COMPANY Fairfield Road High Point, N. C. Compliments of BILL AND JO ANN CAIN Compliments of V. P. CARRICK PRODUCTS, INC. Compliments of JOHN T. ELLIS COMPANY Ladies Fine Apparel 610 South Main CASEY'S TACKLE SHOP Fishing Bait 8t Supplies 103 Fairfield Rd. High Point, N. C. 27263 Phone 431-3812 EMERYWOOD STUDIO 5 Hillcrest Place High Point Bridal Portraits Wedding Story Casuals Photographic Oil Paintings Compliments FAIRFIELD GROCERY of 705 East Fairfield Road MR. 81 MRS. WILLIAM E. CHILTON, JR. 431-2622 COLLIER ELLIS AND COMPANY 114 South Main Street 882-8018 727 North Main St. High Point, N. C. One of the South's Great Stores FASHION SHOP High Point's House of Fashiont' covERT TEXTILE coiviPANY, INC. COMPUMENTS of a High Point, N. c. 27261 FRIEND DEDICATED to the MR. s. MRS. BLENID GARNER oi.Ass OF 'es Rebecca 81 David DlLL'S CONSTRUCTION CO. 204 Gate Avenue High Point, North Carolina GLAMOUR HOME Large 8t Half Size Fashions 112 East Washington Street THE DOG HOUSE CAFE 662 North Main Street High Point, North Carolina GRANT HOSIERY MILLS, INC. 1204 Dills Street ln Remembrance of GUILFORD OPTICAL co. Out SISTGI SHEILA GAIL KENNEDY High Point, N. C. frOm Brothers and Sister HARRIS MUSIC CO. Hammond Organ Dealer 2432 English Street High Point, North Carolina LOCK 81 KEY SERVICE Bonded Lock-Smith--24 Hour Service 330 S. Wrenn Street Phone Day 888-4001 High Point N C PANSY HUTSON MALPASS REALTY CO. 106 Rockspring Road 882-9017 lNA'S BEAUTY SHOP Ina Hubbard 1000 Baker Road High Point, N. C. 431-4314 Compliments of BOB MATTHEWS JACK'S BEAUTY SHOP 118 W. Broad 883-6826 Compliments of MIKE and MARGIE JIMMY'S GREEN OAK RESTAURANT 522 West Green Street MODEL BARBER SHOP Carl Doug 325 N. Wrenn Compliments of ODELL JOHNSON Compliments of MRS. BERNICE MOODY KEEP SMILING Compliments of MYERS GROCERY KENNETH L. MYERS Grading-Basements Dug Silos Cut and Sandrock Hauling Jackson Pond Rd. P. O. Box 57 Phone: 431-5542 High Point, N. C. PURCELL. SUPPLY COMPANY Plumbing, Heating, Air Conditioning 8 Electrical 725 West Green Drive Buy . . . Sell . . . Appraisals L. W. McLAMB REALTY CO. Phone 882-9718 2006 E. Green Dr. Call Anytime High Point, N. C. 27260 RED HOUSE FURNITURE 408 East Washington St. Phone: 882-9416 NORTH STATE TELEPHONE CO. 104 Hayden Place High Point, N. C. RELIABLE BEDDING 1601 Cloverdale St. High Point, N. C. Phone 883-0648 NO SAG SPRINGS COMPANY 1210 Sherman Rd. RlCHARDSON'S DEPARTMENT STORE 133 South Main Street High Point, N. C. Compliments of OLGA'S BEAUTY SHOP 1 Rosiss I l Southgate Shopping Center 1628 S. Main St. If X X- X1 883-7210 Compliments of MR. 8 MRS. JACK H. PARRISH SAMPLE SHOE STORE Shoes for the entire Family 119 North Main Street High Point, North Carolina 27260 I SNOW STUDIO 8 CAMERA SHOP Compliments . f 207 N. Main St. o High Point, N. C. PHOOEY Phone 882-6718 PROCTOR'S REFRIGERATION Phone 885-4638 High Point, N. C. Fred H. Fox SOUTHLAND LIFE INSURANCE CO. Phone 882-6221 SPENCER 81 PARLIER BROTHERS TV-Appliances 2515 S. lVIain Street Phone 882-4822 or 884-8340 Cletus, Gene 8t Jerry WHlTE'S TEXACO SERVICE STATION 3224 South Main Street High Point, North Carolina Phone 431-3415 STUTT'S. MEN'S STORE 126 South Main Street High Point, North Carolina WRlGHT'S CLOTHING 126-28 North Main St. High Point, N. C. Compliments of SUSAN 8t JAN Compliments of T 8t H BARBECUE COIVIPLIMENTS of WELBORN MOTORS Thomasville, North Carolina WARREN'S RADIO 81 TV SERVICE Electronic Service 412 N. Wrenn St. High Point, N. C. 27260 INC WEST FAIRFIELD SERVICE 732 W. Farfield Rd. High Point, N. C. Groceries-Produce-Gas WILLIAMS FLOWERS 81 GIFTS Quality Flowers plus Personal Attention Phone: 431-2121 4018 South Main Street High Point, North Carolina FRANK WHlTE'S GROCERY 1026 E. Fairfield Rd. High Point, North Carolina Phone 431-3715 SISSIE WHITE Get Your Hands On A Toyota . . . You'll Never Let Go! A 8t A TOYOTA SALES INC. 328 S. Main St. Downtown High Point We're Quality Oriented ARCHDALE PRINTING CO., INC. 3031 V2 S. Main St. Archdale, N. C. Telephone 431-5310 ALLEN JAY BEAUTY SHOP Route 4 High Point, North Carolina Phone 431-5139 BEESON HARDWARE CO., INC. Sporting Goods Headquarters High Point, North Carolina AMERICAN LEGION Roger Kirchofer Post Unit 206 Color Black 81 White BOB'S RADIO 81 TV SERVICE 906 Lindsay Street High Point, N. C. Phone 885-4721 We Sell Service ARCHDALE MATTRESS COMPANY 224 Trindale Road Archdale, N. C. V. M. Kimrey Phone 431-2815 BROWER OIL COMPANY 701 East Fairfield Road High Point, North Carolina 431-3329 See CAMPBELUS GIFT 8m WIG We Cater Wedding Receptions and Cake Cuttings us for your Wedding Invitations, Southgate Shopping Center Thomasville, N. C. 476-7910 etc. CLOVERLEAF SUPERMARKET 2020 S. Main St. High Point, North Carolina Where Quality Foods and Lowest Prices Possible Are Always Available CARTER ELECTRIC 1708 Deborah Street High Point, North Carolina Phone 431-1556 COLUMBIA FOOD MARKET The World's Best Meats CARTER'S RESTAURANT 1524 North Main High Point, North Carolina COMPLIMENTS of a FRIEND GEORGE CLEMENTS REALTY 3031 South Main St. High Point, North Carolina Telephone 431-1131 CREATIVE DESIGNS INC. Manufacturers of Upholstery Samples P.O. Box 1291 High Point, North Carolina 27261 CROWN PRINTING COMPANY 331 North Wrenn High Point, North Carolina Phone 882-9242 PLAZA BARBER SHOP Fairfield Plaza High Point, North Carolina Five Barbers to Serve You CRISSMAN FOOD 8i SERVICE STATION Gasoline - Kerosene - Fuel Oil 1201 E. Fairfield Road Phone 431-3568 Blue Ridge Watches Gifts For All Diamonds Occasions FRIEDMAN'S JEWELERS 145 South Main Street High Point, North Carolina Charles C. Johns Telephone Manager 882-8323 DILLON AUTO PARTS, INC. P.O. Box 2696 Greensboro, North Carolina Located midway between Greensboro and High Point on Highway 29-7OA. GRAY'S JEWELRY Diamonds - Watches - Clocks Guaranteed Watch Repairing Greensboro Area Phone 299-4937 Archdale, Nl C, phone: 431-2313 High Point Area Phone 454-2113 Winston-Salem Area Phone 993-2191 ENGLISH ROAD FABRIC CENTER 2108 English Road Quality Fabric at Reasonable Prices Special Discount to Students and School Groups HIGHLAND COTTON MILLS, INC. High Point, North Carolina Superior Cotton Yarns Since 1913 HIGHLAND MOTORS INC. Olds - Cadillac - Leasing High Point, North Carolina -' Footing Drainage A g 1: fx , ,,..g ' 1- t t f' Q We ' Ill KENNETH R. HILL, CONTRACTOR Water and Sewer Lines, Tanks Buried Small Basements, Sandrocked or Gravel Phone 431-4373 Route 4, Box 215 High Point, N. C. HIGH POINT CONCRETE PRODUCTS 714 E. Fairfield Rd. High Point, North Carolina HODGE MOTOR COMPANY 4407 S. Main St. High Point, North Carolina Phone 431-4715 HIGH POINT QUICK LUNCH 108 East Washington Street High Point, North Carolina C. DeWlTT HOLTON FURNITURE CO. 817 South Main Street Quality Furniture and Carpets DINK HILL SEPTIC TANK Route 4 High Point, North Carolina Phone: 431-4978 4' 7.,s.1 if Zflllll . - '- mmf -1' - nm I Ag,l, l I 4 ' , qlni -. I 1 1. 'ln v ' tim . W gg A A 'L I . I-Li ' 14 I W I , I ' .m A ,I in has TQ ,M ' w K' i ,g f, 7 , fl 7 -' ,I 11.1 3 I . 9 I Q- ' QI' QA 'KAW B-H I T' fi A I 'f ' N ,. 'I ,iw f 'N -.f I I . fs mf. 'Z' ' 'Q . 4 I za' . , 1, 2 5' 'ggi A - - Q N. n Q . I A 11, ,nl Your Dodge Dealer for 42 Years HOPACE G. ILDEFITON, INC. Dodge 81 Dodge Trucks 701-09 South Main Street High Point, North Carolina MANNIS DEPENDABLE DRUG STORE Phone 431-1149 Fairfield Plaza High Point, North Carolina KEPLEY'S BAFIBEQUE 1304 N. Main Serving the finest barebeque in the High Point area High Point, North Carolina MARO HOSIERY THE LIZZIE GOOCH SHOP, INC. Exclusive Ready-to-Wear and Millinery 711 North Main Street High Point, North Carolina 27262 Phone 883-9812 M 81 J FINANCIAL INC. 323 South Main High Point, North Carolina LOWE'S PHARMACY, INC. 3220 South Main High Point, North Carolina COMPLIMENTS of the MORAN FAMILY PAUL B. MYERS Bulldozing - Grading Flsh Pond 81 Road Building Sandrock 8 Crushed Stone Hauling Liberty Road Route 4 Phone 431-3454 Hight Point, N. C. PIEDMONT SAVINGS 81 LOAN ASSOCIATION 700 North Main Street High Point, North Carolina 27261 Telephone 883-4116 ORRELL'S FUNERAL HOME 229 Liberty Road High Point, N. C. Phone: 882-0123 RECORDS ALBUMS TAPES CASSETTES LARGEST SELECTION OF OLDIES RECORD MART 105 West Washington Phone: 883-7642 High Point, N. C. PAIGE'S CROWN SERVICE Corner of Board and Phillips High Point, N. C. RODDEN FURNITURE STORE 2301 S. Main Street J! T X I f or P , , luhlliigsx I I n0bvII2!r A I-Iilli II' IIIII III' l.ilIIIII:,. II Dealers - Crane - Hooker - Elderbrock - Holley PERFORMANCE ENTERPRISES 4223 South Main High Point, North Carolina ROSE FURNITURE STORE 214 S. Elm St. Phone 882-6871 Carpet- Draperies - Furniture - Appliances Free Parking Phone Jerry Tucker 431-4011 COMPLIMENTS of ROYAL-O-APPAREL COMPANY 2411 Schirra Place High Point, North Carolina THOMASVILLE SHEET METAL WORKS RFD 2 Thomasville, North Carolina Phone 476-7880 SlD'S AUTO SUPPLY COMPANY, Inc. Sales and Service Genuine Automotive Parts 312 East Washington Drive High Point, North Carolina 27261 C. C. Williams A. B. Darr TRINITY USED AUTO PARTS P.O. Box 94 Trinity, N. C. High Point, North Carolina Phone 431-3029 Zingo Gas SMITH AND SHORE Service Station 2 Corner of East Fairfield 8t Brentwood High Point, North Carolina Phone 431-5211 WADE'S FRAME WORKS Manufacturer of Living Room Furniture Frames Route 4 High Point Phone 431-2488 SOUTHERN WELDING 8t MACHINE CO., INC. Day or Night Phone 431-5417 Structural Steel Erectors Crane Work 8t Rigging Service Route 4, Box 93, Cox Avenue WAYSIDE INTERIORS, INC. 2001 Brentwood Street at Interstate 85 Phone 885-6716 William C. Burge Post Office Box 207 Owner High Point, N. C. 27261 Arohdale Union 76 Courtesy of 3500 South Main Anvil Brand, lno. A Good Place to Work 431-1519 4 . I jimi ' ff rr 111 or 1 o,,r,,rrrr o,oo ,rr 3 1 1 K Vfyyi I Vx: zrgf i L I Z , VI I 1 ' 11 m',ln1,. 1 ' 'rr' 3 f A ,,' ' -W ,,,,, , .gm .sf 2' 2f Q1 Q , rrrrr rrv V Z .,,, . VVVVVVVK A 'ktyiii liikhbkk ttik 7 :LKIV K? bgil 1 rroo Central Plumbing Arohdale Soda Shop Company 3313 Soulh Main High Point, N. C. 431-2813 315 Ralph Dr. 431-4923 163 41 Blgiigigih CQK6 Coca-Cola Bottling Company Gladys Davis Nursery Rt. 1 East Bend, N. C. aria MCRTUARY uuruauuu-soo: Xl , 'ozonv' 2 X d,,.. . ,ig I iz.. I Sum ofrsinmrurrwc .L f ' . .1554 Ha gar CHESTNUT DRIVE AT BROAD AVENUE The Dennis Family 431-3028 1215 Baker Rd. High Point, N. C. Gospel Singers and Missionary Workers Only one life twill soon be past, Only what is done for Christ will last. Jesus said, verily, verily, l say unto you, He that believeth on me hath everlasting life - John 6:47 I WUI lllYlCl N IIILU 7 coMPLiMENTs 2' ' Foy S Garage of KIIPLHIDILINC Fix That Car Now-Don't Make Her Walk' Dlane Restaurant General Repairs-Automatic Trans. Service 1702 English Road High Point Lanes High Point, North Carolina Open 24 Hours Bus. Phone 883-6926 EIIington's Florist And Greenhouses Flowers for Every Occasion P.O. Box 1897 2418 S. Main St. Phone 888-4032 882-6217 ' 165 COMPLETE CAR SERVICE Furniture City Gulf 2111 South Main Street Phone 882-3913 Randall Johnson it 'Suit Q uf. ..:, 5 Q eueuue f : . ' C W l 5. . ofr in g . ...M 1 h111 ' 71 1' 5 u111 --1' hh1r ,W JP. Graham gl Son, lnc President J. Ft. Graham General Contractors P. O. Box 1787 High Point, North Carolina Phone 882-8167 Scott Garten Buick, Inc. Phone 885-2021 2431 North Main St. High Point, North Carolina 27262 Griffin Upholstery Company Manufacturers of Living Room Furniture P. O. Box 626 High Point, N. C. 27261 Heritage Furniture Company Division of Drexel Enterprises, Inc. High Point Band And Trust Company Charles N. Stephenson Vice President Manager, insurance Department High Point Bank And Trust Company 441 South Main St. Phone 885-5024 Hudson Studios High Point, North Carolina Free Estimates 24 Hour Wrecker Service Jack Hurt Body Shop No.1 203 East Washington Drive Jack Hurt Body Shop No.2 4 Jack Hurt Wrecker Service coupuusms 101 Gatewood Ave. of High Point, N. C. 27260 ' 883-4649 ' ' Dame J iffy Manufacturing 883-6224 or C 885-5813 Owner O m p any JACK HURT Manager 411 Marvin Jones Manager 42 Bob Stroud Wrecker Manager Roger Blackwell That perfect girl deserves the Perfect gift, a Perfect Love Diamond. Jewel Box 139 S. Main St. High Point, N. C. 27260 K d Store Phone 919-883-0827 enne y W. Gordon Causey, Manager Oil Company, Inc. TQ iil - 5 1203 Courtesy Road Phone 885-5184 plippt ssyslggg yy gg p High Point, North carolina 27260 sf-tg -- - V- .-t- ,Xt .,::- J .,,, COMPLIMENTS of K 8 K Nursery National Springs Corporation Blandwood Circle Marsh Kitchens lno. Cabinet Tops, Appliances, Carpet and Floor Covering Complete Showroom Southgate Shopping Center High Point, North Carolina John Nurney Insurance 842 South Main 885-4169 URAIIUE i ,min M.lURNUs2 f a a Oscar's Fine Foods 319 S. Wrenn Street High Point, North Carolina For the Best in Town Pointer Electric Wholesale 610 West Green Phone: 885-2109 Residential Lighting Showroom and Warehouse t. f L -X i Q VE, -Sf 'L' - 3 2 Q ,.- v',s-X 'i I ,l?lL.Q.'l.l. 'Eff' '. Q f 'i, PILOT LIFE-A GOOD COMPANY TO WORK FOR A GOOD COMPANY TO BE INSURED WITH Sears Satisfaction Guaranteed or Your Money Back Shop Sears for all the latest in fashion. YC I i L ft ' 'G ' f W I rcstdd R' I ti A 4 I 5 'ttt 1 ' i'-. 1 I 1 97 V k ,MM QI 'Era ,1.-,c,:f1'i'1-wig:fm-umm f U ,.., i ., , vw f,, ,Mm.:.f -N H-A - ' , ,, 1. fwfr- ,vgl 1.31, . -- , , LM ,.,, tg... ,M .. VV ,, M ,- The Studio With Young Ideas Sullivan's Studio Specializing in Weddings and Location . 1, Photography , Portraits-Photo Finishing.-Commercial Compliments of 511 South Main Street Phone High Point, N. o. 27260 882-1913 Southern Seating Co. 1 V 1 'iv' Don and Doug Sparks Taylor Brother's Dry Wall Appraisal and Adjustment Service Inc. 2111 South Main St. High Point, N. C. Phone 431-4946 171 Tobias 101 North Main Street Westchester Mall COMPLIMENTS of Varner Electric 1003 Clinton Street High Point, North Carolina Telephone 882-6627 Turpin Electric Co Phones: 883-1016 882-4400 Lighting Fixture Show Room Industrial - Commercial Residential Wiring 1616 English Road HIGH POINT, NORTH CAROLINA Clyde L. Turpin, President West Green Auto 2205 West Green Drive ACTION REALTY COMPANY 2926 South Main Street High Point, North Carolina Phone: 431-4615 i Service airs If Q-vine . . if K . i 'Li A CLEANER WORLD America's Finest Dry Cleaning Service Dollar Days Every Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday 7 -A619211 CBI Gvvorlfg RE CENTE t - GARMEN ',,,,-.. ...-i,,,-. 517721 173 COIVIPLIMENTS OF Dixie Container Corporation Fairfield Golf Club HIGH POINT. N. C. woN LOST HALVED YARDS 355 375 140 405 315 325 485 165 335 2900 355 385 150 405 315 325 440 189 3352899 5799 PAR- 4 434 4 4 53435 4 4 3444l43434 69 HANDICAP 6 5 7 1 9 8 4 2 3 21 ,- 6 5 7 2 9 8 1 3 4 '53 2' iw 9 HOLES 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 1-O 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 +55 5' E, 1- i- x YARDS 335 325 123 365 315 300 455 165 300 2583 325 225 123 365 315 300 435 30025835166 LADIES-PAR 4 4 3 5 4 4 5 3 4 36 4 4 3 X 5 4- 4 5 4 36 72 i HOME OF THE JAYBIRDSH 174 Furnitureland U.S.A CAREERS UNLIMITED In the heart of the greatest concentration of furniture production in the world i' Among courses available for High School students and graduates are those offered by: Q GUILFORD TECHNICAL INSTITUTE Jamestown, North Carolina 'k NORTH CAROLINA STATE UNIVERSITY at RALEIGH A four-year course in Furniture Manufacturing and Management leading to a B.S. Degree i' UNIVERSITY of NORTH CAROLINA at GREENSBORO HOME ECONOMICS SCHOOL A four-year course in Interior Design leading to a degree k Your inquiry will be forwarded. -Write- FURNITURELAND, U. S. A. P.O. Box 828, High Point, North Carolina Heilig Roofing 8t Sheet Metal, Inc. 617 Eden Terrace High Point, N. C. Phone: 431-1144 Quality Roofing and Sheet Metal Work COMPLIMENTS OF Hendrix Batting Company Hill Electronics Color T. V. Sales and Service R t 4 B 331 Hgh Point, No th C l Phone: 431-2678 176 House of Hot Dogs :aaa BUY YOUR CLASS RING IN THE MODERN MANNER llllllllll 0' ,B , s X Q '5-es--.-f : 13,41 An ,jfi-ix. .iii ,Haj 1 Y . f -if gf I Mi,,, l Az! - - f ' lil li ll . se les pe I' ou y r own r th a cho e of Semifprecious stones Diamond top While or yelfow goIcI Encrusled initials ALI. of these extras al' COMPETITIVE PRICES! N6-W K I DELIVERY Now serving Allen Jay Ragsdale Trinity High Point Central T Wingate Andrews Ledford With the Finest School Fling Available! Detail- unsurpassed Now with School Colors on Side Panel Our program sanctioned by Retail Jewelers of America Your ring could cost you nothing. See us for details 177 Master Craft Frame Co., Inc 203-A Greenoak Drive High Point, North Carolina Telephone No, 431-4511 Area Code 919 Manufacturers of Furniture Frames for Upholsterers H. Drew Haney, President Mitchell Septic Tank Service Septic Tanks Installed Cleaning 81 Ditch Digging Phone 431-4412 - 431-3710 708 E. Fairfield Rd. 178 'ATRG' m Ullr S' 6' t M St M Esso Service Station 2114 South Main Street High Point, North Carolina operated by K. C. Moody and G. W. McKinney official North Carolina Inspection Station with S 81 H Green Stamps Mobil Chemical Company A COMPLETE LINE OF FURNITURE and METAL FINISHES Wood Finishes Department 1647 English Road High Point, North Carolina 27261 Telephone 882-6825 179 IVIr. and lVIrs. H.C. 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Such is the salutation of the dawn. -FROM THE SANSKRIT 194 Q Winston-Salem HUNTER PUBLISHING COMPANY 0 North Carolma ED GOLDSTON, SILER CITY, N. C.

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