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 - Class of 1970

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mmm!!! , ,mug gui ,nv ,Nil WH 1 If 9 vlxb, 4 u fs as W i gl? " 'Y 0..,.Q - f + 'K "Nw J an n.jiQhHWu. M x 65+ . 5 an ,E :55?fK: ,w 7 I wx gm- ' , 'T A N h 5 iiMQi3lET5ffJwf1',fVA..v L fu , wggwffygkfia fQQwH, fwk X L AM' f 5 175gwEl1?4'WW RMQQEEQFQMK . 4 Nl? Ql.X'+4fi1?m5 W M 0 FigQQif,1?,M, lXj, EQ I-624 f VJM' f 'QQ ,- ' ZA , .L . ,U N . 0' . 'givin - ,1,WgApfv J , fffw . NVWAF V , 'Q .I- Why H wyqe H fir Asn ' - 'US Aln-J a.-Hi - .ui Nineteen Hundred Seventy My .5 The Seniors of Allen Jay High School High Point North Carolina, Present Volume 36 of the Aln-Ja.-Hi. Co-Editors Marilyn McClay, Gary Hill Business Managers Mariea Hughes, Debbie Vuncannon, Chris Morton Advisor Mrs. Hallie Myers 3 TABLE OF CONTENTS INTRODUCTION . ACADEMICS . . . FEATURES . . ORGANIZATIONS ATHLETICS . . . W, -.. STUDENT BODY. .. . . . ELEMENTARY . . . . PRIMARY. . . . .1 ADVERTISING. . . . . SENIOR STATISTICS . 98 126 136 144 188 AJ majorcttcs strike a prctty pose for thc photographer F x ' 2 't Z Jerry swings his way to thc lowest AJ tournament Score , ff., Math student teacher, Mr. Hoffman, takes on the responsibilities of teaching Aln-Ja,-Hi Pays Tribute to aw Because of her gift for interpreting music, making it beautiful, conveying its thrill to students . . . because she is a dedicated worker, a sincere friend, and an 6 l W, Mrs. Frances Mabe 1 I Z outstanding teacher, we, the Seniors, gratefully dedicate the 1970 Aln-Ju-Hi to Mrs. lfrances Mabe. Mrs. Mabe, a publie music instructor, has taught at Allen Jay for thirteen years. Besides carrying on regular music classes for primary and elementary students, she has generously volunteered her services at such programs as lfall Festival, graduation and baceulaureate exercises, and various other school musical programs. Entering the World of School Activities In the fall of 369, the Seniors took the General Aptitude Test Battery, which should prove helpful in later job placement . . . Janet, an enthusiastic Jaybird cheerleader, leads AJ students in a pep rally . . . The Student Council gave a spirited assembly program to boost interest in Allen Jayls student government. R1 8 is 66? C Q Excitement through Participation Every Thursday, Jesse Hill from WHPE-radio came by to talk to Coach Younts about the upcoming football game . . , Carson enjoys the privileges of a new Beta Club member. 9' e ,. Sw 1. - r V " ,, 9 .1 rf ff ,, iii ,. QQ - :ii les: ' -ffiffl .D C :f g 4 I 1 C Q- ,- . f . ff, ,C - .Q Qgxiygb is aiu ,A- ww is ev ,Q 4, K. 4.,.Lk .KSN 4--M Q D' X 'fx if ,eg frk A A Je? 514 r i JPN ,ds '15-.K if 10 iii V ,A- 5 iw fr z ff, ' P xi, .Q N A H Q' was -All N 'Q is .V .-sd'-I . , - if ' - - -- . , .. - . V, .,.,,. I g.. f- .. gpg- s...,-Q New Wood Working Shop Long Hours after School Co-captains Team up for Score The new woodworking shop and football locker room will provide more modern facilities for AJ students and players . . . As in many of the games during the season, Winston and Gary make the big difference in the scoring . . . Ralph and Jimmy, our photographers, have worked in every way possible during school and after school to make the ,70 annual the best. ,I -1 53 N 4, 155. M4 W mf-I Qwvwyq wp-I 35 14 a LJ : It , ,, ,n,,....4,f.,I.I 1 ,Y-6, If ,I I. f' i""i"aQI wr, , I,I, -I If 2 x 14"- fs I A , ' f I I JI I I I I- I I M'2,,, www? 'SMH E' egg- IM., F , ew 2 www 79,155 w 1114 f 1 '5- '-'N A-. 'saw M 35. ,I I fi wma, I M528 if g W 3, ,K 5, W, , I, I J In tgp s, 1' i IWW' Mm .fI,1,,,, WM.. ,. fiem he ,Qu we ffm A- gd' .J M5 If 1 fp 46? WW X rf f im I. A ,I,--1M . IIII I a Wfvjff fa A 1 X' 3' W egg! me Qs vw gf E id ,E-H I I, LIE, ' We ,, Y, I, I 5 13 ,I I M bug ww, nf Wi? Iwfff' 'Q xii ai ff 'ff 9+ " ab' 92,22 f Wi 'Tw g 2 +1 W' I M dvaf II 4511311935 ww WI., If ff' f ,- ,J Ia wwf my, kg? Is-'4 .H Qy M , Iam iw' 4 Ifawfif HH s 1 TL-I'-if Y' .1 ,I f W 'Y 5' M gwwg 'I L N4-. ., ,- .,...-x rr, ww 1, 'M ' YY MQ, wi If III may HL ,I X ,ww 1 J? 4412: M '59 14,4-I 2 -sa M -1 Wuwtxf Q, I 1 Q .- lu 3 Mmggggqwfifi 'wiffff I,I,.II,, I ,I ed W A, y I , A . . ,4 . I 2 Q ,, E, my M 'EPI V .W QIMIQHE' 5 fi 1l ,, . 5 , 1 ,M , ,, I I! . M I I wh Ag B N' 'E if Mfg +V If f 1 'V 4' 'Ii I' 5+ Jmw ws? Q 1- 4 .Hi N f?EV?W+ s V If 1 vqzwsty :I fn." gm 52? f XT 5: ff, ,ni ,I If W' 15. "' :I 4 if AZT? ,3 L 556, : H I , I ,II p'-'A wif ' , , I, ,,,, Z,, , ,1 1 if . ,I f,-,,,,. I. ..,,, "., 5 , , Im HW ' ' 4. I I QI ,w,H' I 1 lv II- -I .I ' ,,,, I W '52 H5545 W A -,L :cg ig an A535 , I ,,1 I, QI I II Iwi sg, yFy, '1t 'H' 'L 1:5 4. ' ' " " " " "fs I I 4, ,,, . ,M ,, ,., I ., .,,, " ' ,, 'I . ' ,' " ' k 4' fb 'I - , , , I 1 I ' AA! Ibllfmv If-if ' g"' I 'ra ' IIIII I. I ,gf y 'I - '- , , + ' ,, 'rf I, I- Z., II I Ii- ,W I V, ' I ,Um III1w ' If MKII '+I I I- Iffmf I, Jw ff -- 'W ,,,eI ' I I I W I Xl " EAI -II ' I I , I i Lf 1 ' 'ff' :FZIIQ-1 fa' 'kl' , ,- , ' , " ' '- ' I, ffm 4 I I I I .I I I ,I , , I , :I I' fr: I I I ' ' ., I I I' I 1 IK " ' 5 ., . ,, ' mg ,gf 'III I we 2 ,Ii . K , ,JG ,,., Y .. ,I I .. ,. ,,,,.,,. 2, .,.. ,V ,L ,,.,g ,,,gk , V, V, ,, . , ,HI M xx I 4 J, ,, 33123, Wi, I V ,Q V- ' , ,. 'RJ ,I 'Y 1 ' J V ' - 1- , . I I r,,,:, ff I, In J I , -6 aff X :I 'I Q f, I I I , , . - 5 5 I II ,' ' , , I f ,I ,,,,,, ' 5 I , ' 'IQ , , ff " V I N: J' "'I' I " J I 'f " I ,, ai I '-" ' Ii If I'1r,:f'I ,, f x: I - I, II -"" I' V, Jge?f,I"I'-I"III'wfI' I AI I -IffI:Id'+:1I2fIa,.'f' Iva If, I II ,:,, :EQ 3' I- II, II I II- -, .I .Im . . III, 'W-II ,, ,IW ,I ' -HH I 21 "ZH,-: 1 ff - ' rf . A' If If eff-I. " " ,. ,, I II,: ?',III i- Q If I- '-5,1 5 If, 3' " ,- - Tiff ,, , , S ,, ., , 24' II ,L , ,I ,, 4, 'I If I I I. ., , . , . , , A, I . . -, ,J I, , . M. I..1..f,,,,,,,,, , ,wg N ., , . , , A ,, ,. ,.. ' ,. V. . If H III I I .I M fg: ,-.fu , , ,I I . -Im I I ,, I, ,M I I QIIVI--,Ie,,,,-I1'.v,I 5,5 i, Af ,I I? I- - ax ---' ,, I I- -I If " f I ' , I KI- 2 , Q AI' ., I, 5 1 I 3 , ,, -I I 1 .I I I -'-'- I I I III I, I II, , ,,, . I ' - 'I I , , ff , I , 5 AI 'I I I , II ,, ,, . ,,,, . I I I I I "L' , I' ,I , .... , 'W1:Ig I , ,I , - , II 1 I- ' I. A 2, , -' ,I 'I HX , - , .-,II - ' A I, ,I A I. ,, . I I ,,,, I It 51 I1 I ,1, w , If'II I 2 ,. , ,, .4 I I I ,,,I.,,,,,,IIff,, I ., -In , .I,.,,I.,II: I, , .1 ,I . , .. 1 I, f,,,, 'fi ' iff. :E W Y ,II 3 , 'ISI , I ja ' A - - ' N I "US , y- -5 JH H , QI KI ,Vx QI, , K, VL: j7.,3I.w,, ,I K 7 I I '-.I-.Yg,IjQI,,Vgi!:!,f ,I .,N:"f n92I 'J5j,, H .I H 'ij-"T, "I- f-I' "I I',',1W' II, :III ' ' II I - " II y ' I I ' ' MI., 2 , 5 A, ,,,, .I .I ?I, I My Q ' s , ,I 7 5 3 1, ff in I , ,. I , I I A 33241 I ' 4' I U , '--' Q W , , , im ,, ggi- , Iwi. 'ms- as fp A' ,, I 1, 1 ,f ' 'I + I " - I ' I azf' If 'E .I . II, , JI. , I,, IM LI ,I,,IgIII,, IIJIII IIIII, .I , MII . ,I H- I Iwbf I. . ,I If III, II I w-1 +1 I , .,, M, ,,,I,IIfI,..I,,,,.I 4, I,g,, ,,.I,I,I ,.,,. I ,iv I .. ,M , ,Ia1,fI , LI 1' IIfII,,1.fI,I,.g,,, ,I Q If, - III. I 'II I, A ,I II IL' . I- IL., ', '53 f f LL . . , I' 13, . -L, I QII , :, .ag I W AI -, Q I I "' II I, , , H . I I ., 35 -I ' 1 I I I1 K+ g 5 ,, IMP - .iz , ,, ,I is, .!f I Wyn br I QW i W I n I fy I' 5 , 1 'aufz-, , QI: 11: 'w ww g WI ' ,I 3 ,W IW' Q ,, Y f ' I A , ,af ' I. I " -g, ,wf .J ,, J R f 'Inj I Hg, x X I Iiw .1 1' S' 'S 1' ' 'Q' Y ' ' If ' Q. iff' 'h" I I ' f ff 1- 5 I r I - 4' ' II ebb If ff I 30' 'fu fs? II I , '. , ,.,, , fy? 1 LH ,' -Eg NQ135, if , Wigs vw, I JL, If ,ff III' M-I,,fI 5 I avi If In If I, III f -I , ' ,, I M if ' 1 0 Q 1 " I. 5 if 2 P 1 3 Ik ,ff , ,M I-.. I If ,Iii V V ff 2 2 " I gig? if y 5 ,, 36 ,, I We ix ' if II ' , 1 ,II ' If QQ, H I yi 34 A 324 . I I. I , 4, I , :I , . I 4g,,I II 1 . wj Q Ia 5 F ' - , "4 'el Ig? 4 f 4, S, W ww xg, ' M , ,, , ,, I- . ,I ,L I . A ' I,.IeI,ff Ja, , 4 -- MII- Q U, d 1' I ,, I I At d I fi? 3524 U 'iff H I f' " 'Q A 4 I4 I, I I , I, If 1 E' X A ' if Www gi W? 5 I f g I F 2321 Q44 MI A I 'I I Eff J' I L ,Q M ' I 9 f ff I ,I I I I- If" , ,. , 5 ,ff I, qw Y , I 2' If f I ' X' f Mk' fag f 7 ' ' ,A I If ey fum' II 1 , QQ, I ffm Mi ..,f I E -Q I, 3 Egg r 1 ' 5 I-'P .5 ,fx ', fri Ig 1 I , ' 1 I. 4 Q gig' f ,If Q " Iw1,s,f,: I, , I III ' Ig ' 'M 1, ff, Z f W, I, if ,I 'I 'f IW 3 5, 4' I Ni I 5' 1 E. Iz , , 5 ,I I I 4' 'Z' 4 KJ' I? MKII I, YA fa' I We M91 I 8 , ,I Ib Aff W I I 'fi 4 ',1'If.gpfQffI5I,j?1 In? I gp ' A ,L if X, 2' 'Qi it I gy M i' HEY , ,', kg 2753, '5 In ' 'Hs' " 1 ,I L., ' HL II-, I, A I It 5 QI Sw 1, 929 ' ' I WI II ' , 9 ff f A Qin ' 'wh Iff Ir' T' p f .: - 1 I ,L . ,III 4 Y J ,II W A I K . A ? JY I r f ,I A V, I ,M H W 3 xi gg' L 5, .fi I mfg? , , t V Wu V In , DL k ., If LI I? 0 , W' , IQ? I If ' ' w I ' . . -I N Img fs: H I 1 , W -I, I. Rf' I my " ' EMIS' . - ,, , V V A Q, -. I 4 .- 'L I1 -,IA .III ' '53 ACADEMMS, A VENTURE IN lEARNlN6 AND RES'PONSlBlll7Y ADMINISTRATION Mr. Pearce and the school board strive to maintain the high standards of Allen Jay. We thank them for making AJ a school that we can be proud of. Mr. E.P. Pearce Superintendent of Guilford County Schools ,- 'tw Seated: Mr. EAB. Crowson, School Board Chairman. Standing left Mr. David Draughn, Mr. F.N. Kennedy, School Board Members to right: Mr. H.C. McPherson, Secretaryg Mr. Francis B. Auman, 14 'NI wiwxfi' Mr. J.E. Presson Mr. Ardenal Haney ' Assistant Principal Principal and Office Staff 3 Principal Mr. Presson, the schoolis new principal, has brought many new commanding respect, these men set examples which everyone ideas and programs to Allen Jay this year. The Assistant should follow. The competant and efficient staff headed by Mrs Principal, Mr. Haney, has continued to lead, guide, and direct White, works diligently to keep the school running smoothly the students as he has in the past. Encouraging friendship, yet Left to right: Mrs. Martha Modlin, Teacher Aid, Mrs. Eva Garner, Attendance Secretary: Mrs. Margaret Zimmerman, Home School Coordinator. Mrs. Kathleen White Secretary Business Students Acquire Office Skills Mrs. Martha Faw, B.S.S.A. Business Education Business students must pass through a rigid routine in typing, bookkeeping, and shorthand skills. These students will thus be prepared to meet the demands of the modern business world. Mrs. Carol Rinehardt, B.S.S.A. Business Education Mrs. Hallie Myers, B.S., M.Ed. Coordinator Business and Office Occupations fs Tim explains a point in the intricate procedure of Cardiac--a basic introduction to computer programming. 16 Math and Science: Partners in this Changing World Kathy is fascinated by a strange sea creature-the octopus. 1312 Students in Allen Jay's math department are offered a variety of courses ranging from general math to trigonometry. The science students are captivated by the wonders of the world to be explored in general science, biology, chemistry, and physics. Mrs. Mildred Hussey, B.S. Math, Physics ......-1-2,1 blue: Q Mr. William Guy, B.S., M.Ed. Biology, Physical Education 17 BLLYIIS Mrs. Louise Whealton, B.S. Science siege 3 Miss Jeanne Grana, A.B. French and English f , 5 ' z Lab Aids Study of Foreign Language Students who study a foreign language at AJ become aware of the similarities, as well as the differences, in the English and French languages. Intensive study of the' French people and their vocabulary gives students insight into their customs and culture. Emphasis is placed on reading and writing in the advanced classes.. 5 French ll students are stunned by ulittle dictionariesn 18 nglish Aids Students in Self-expression you X L K dvfm, K A , , f--f K' M , an 4, L,Q, Qfuf if ' - -I gif-Q jg '51 "W .-15' f, gtfm fwixrrg, , 3? .X . A , 'Q .s wf 'r f Miss Elrzabcth Shcann 5 ' ,':-1,5-. 'J' , . B.A., FIlgllSh NJ' Bulletin board of thc Seniors study of Chaucer Mrs. Joanne Mann B.A., English Home Ec Students Learn to Operate A Home Smoothly Students learn how to be successful homemakers in a two-year domestics arts course. Home Ec I girls discuss different qualities of milks and juices Mrs. Ruth Causey, B.S. Home Economics The Past, Present, and Us Mr. Moye brings to life many historic people and events, yet emphasis on current events show the connection between events past and present. 1' I """'-Hmm, History pupils listen attentively as Mr. Moye talks about the Crusades Mr. Oliver E. Moye, A.B., M.A. History 20 Mr. Tommy Younts, A.B. Math, Physical Education Physical Education Creates Fun. . . H A.. Miss Josephine Patton, B.S. Physical Education Norman, Mike, and Charlie lead the pack of boys in fifth period P.E. But Is Also Strenuous Basketball is the favorite sport of the sixth period P.E. girls 21 COO Students Learn Through Experience Mrs. Myers visits Nettie McNabb, a COO student, and her employer at Work. Allen Jay was fortunate four years ago when it was the first students attend their regular morning classes and work in area school in the county or in the High Point area to be able to offices in the afternoon, Thus, these students are putting into offer a course in Cooperative Office Occupations. This course immediate practice knowledge gained while yet in school. There is designed for seniors who express a desire to go into office is a very noticable air about the COO students-that of a employment upon graduation from high school, or who plan to matuling PSISOH- attend college and pursue a degree in business. The COO Vocational Tests Prove Students Aptitude Xi :Jai 5 Mr. Randall Brooks, B.A. 13", lu i E ' BOT Co-ordinator ' 2 1 l. sm ,sk K Basic Occupational Training prepares students for work after high school. BOT will place students on the job when they become sixteen years of age. This will be a half-day work-study program by which the i student comes to school until 12:30 and then is on the job. il 22 dluf Mr. Ardenal Haney, B.S., M.Ed, Woodworking Mr. Haney shows his woodworking class how to operate one ofthe basic cutting tools Industrial Arts This year a new woodworking shop was built at Allen Jay. Its new and modern facilities will improve the working conditions of the students. ln Woodworking, students discover interesting topics such as machine tools, upholstery, plywood construction, historical development, design trends in furniture, and related topics in wood technology. Several Junior and Senior boys take courses in Industrial Arts at Ragsdale. These students are enrolled in such courses as Drafting, Sheet Metal, and Graphic Arts.Through these vocational classes, the boys found their training useful in practical application. They also gained a lasting appreciation of the beauty of a finely constructed article. 23 Library Is A Place for Quiet Study The high school library is one of the best-equipped in the state. Besides regular fiction and non-fiction books, the library contains many magazines, catalogs, and reference books for students' use. Nz- ..4' l N, s-.. Mrs. Anne Hill, B.A., M.Ed. Mike, Danny, and Johnny work quietly preparing for a test High School Librarian Guidance is an Enormous Help to Students i Mrs. Harris, head of the guidance department, aids students in course selections, gives achievement tests, advises students in choosing careers and colleges, and counsels students with other problems. Jimmy receives answers to his questions about college ""' il 5 f a .9 , t V f 'gm .. s-I .,-M4551 V X . 'K V 'V "Avlis Mrs. Sue Harris, A.B., M.Ed. XA. ' X . ' - X Guidance 24 Roadrunners Carefully Transport AJ Students Left to right: Sterling Banks, Donnie Simmons, Dickie Nunn, Comell Dennis, Larry Doss, Jimmy Overman, Mike Briles, Ken Atkins, Bus Drivers. li Left to right: Randy Dezern, Treasurerg Eddie Osborne, Secretary: Ralph Modlin, of the bus drivers. Joan Garner, Presidentg Vice-President, Officers 9 my-fy S 33 r The AJ bus drivers take on the large responsibility of carrying the students to and from school. 'nl Q Afiiisk Q ,.,,,.,, T 'A f-V Guidance Assistants Aid Counselor T? an-J '533' TTL? Left to right: Glenda Mills, Kathy Wright, Fonda Tuttle, Debbie Mull, Dianne Johnson, Frankie James, Becky Bell, Susan Sparks. Custodians Keep AJ Clean Left to right: Mr. Bill Gibson, Mr. Gail Miller, Mr. David Blankenbecker. 26 jaeruu M... ?"" """"""" ""' Bi , li - aff i ,u A ssiii ,, N 'A 2 ,iwr . j . a fi! A S Mrs. Alice Abbott 1 1 v 'OTA i xref irmeff J' 1 4: A Mrs. Ruby Clifton Cafeteria Manager Cafeteria Staff Prepares N Left t Boyle utritious Meals 3 i l f 1 - 1.-w .aa-Lf... X o right: Maude Hancock, Donnie Harris, Elizabeth Cansler, Lena Kearns, Myrtle S, Georgia Pope, Ella Palmer. U conversation during lunch Students cnjoy L'quiet" Nfl. 4 ll U rr M V 5 Q . -.,s5 xxx? Q of li 4' 0 eel' ,ia Q 40.4, x 'Cot' 3 sfo.. of 'xluytqle' Qioo O' , 0 0 - Oo 'QQ so ol I, QWQ lisx C Q 5 Gigli I -',4 M 1 21 f 'am ' ' V' A 4 A V, Jr, M A 'f 5'4 I V V' V ,-f -V V K V n ff' 'f7',f.f,'V 1,1 4id?..,,.. V , K " 4 W ' " V 8 , , V, H A M .V , jV , i a?' 55 W fV'h g I V , , ,V VV, "'- 3, Em i ' , f 1- f ' ""' v . ' 'G ' qgxw- Q 1, Abyk QV , . V ,V .,,.. V 5 , ., if 5 :V A ' MMM' .V -V.. Q' 3 ,, V , ,' , -V , ,W V ,V VV-F, VA VV ,V ' ,. t , V, ,,,- 3,VgV1eVq ,,, ,V K , ,V , V , VV V V V ,VV ' rf H JV V, .f-, J , -' X H t-,1V,4EM, 'Vi' ,,,,,,mM.,wM.,,,,.,V,V ...,. , 4 V 1,VM,, - ML ' VV V "' mg. V , ,,,,. VV' V ' A "' ' L' ' ,V V 3:5 Yi, L ,L,'L ,"- e , V ' W ' , V V.. L,fL- "" M i I K if Mmm.. V , ':,, ,V 2, 4 ,If :ri .," Q V VV rfr. , 3 I ,f,,- 5 W A, , ' " V, Z ,ffm Slime? ,QQ H ' V j f , - V V V, ' 3 ,f', '-L' "ii 'f L' f 5' ' 'X Q? 'WV rf' ,, 3 , M ' 'A 5 ' 1 ,,., gf " f V V ,,, , V' ,'Lv' 23 - gf, Vp f "J" ' V , ML ,V V "' ':i" ff DV V, Vi V, V V , V- QV 'V , , V V. V V", , 4? 1' N4 f ' ' sr ' VV ' 'V :V H V,V' -3553? N 'X fy, V' 12,26 k, ' 7 2 ' Q 1 V 1 VV "" ' ' ' ' V A V ' 1 4 MY- fl ' E " f?5!,f. ' if V 4' ":: i 1' ' 'V'f - r' i "":, ' , ' Hai,-V ' 'M In '7' ' 11,23 V '-iiltl ,A K X Vff V 'ff f "kV ' ,, , ' 3 ' F ,555 .:,, 3 ' Y 5 f ff .5f"V" Wi? V' L -V 3 'ffgj ,W q 4? :V, L' , ,P j x ' 1 2 Vf, ,5VV, ,," 'iff 1 J 43 ' V ' ' ' , fi ' ' 3 " 'ig ,ijfjf XV? 1+ ,ml , , ,, Qp' fl' 75 'L ' I2 K"V V 2 W A ,QMV N L HA ' f V ,. .--WM ga , V I K . 1, wif' 5 V, 5 ,M VZ AY H any ,,.r ., m y K gg: sq 4, 3, A -,J K Vi ,fx 5,,g,. Vi. . . i.. , VV V, tk ! K 1 i V ,,., rx VV a ,V VF .gf A 3, L, my 4-Y B 1, 4 G J ,VV i V ,V :arp ,MV P EV by V " V , - V V .Vf L', x H V, V gf ,V V , , ' V V 1 6 , V V VV 2, ,q V' 'V ,J-V, f, V ve ' VV 4 .,,, V V,. V 'V V - . VV rf , V ,-,V V V V 4 5, .,, , , VV V V5 f . , V V, W M L VVI " A V , rv ' ,if fs V in , ' V ' ' Vrlff ' '15 ,- .,V,,,V -Q ,.,VV.?,f V, -V ,- K ,, VV ,V ,Ll, 11 I pc .,1.x!, ,, V ,,:, R, Eh X V Q " 1 . maya jxbxg It 1 5 H 3 ,I xx I5 5 ' rj , nw 1 f 5 Ji Alva 5 A 1 A Q 5 L, , M L 4 gf: YW 1 ,,, MV ' V . V - pe , f x ' Lwmwfff ..., J V 5 1 , A M . f Q? V . 5 , ' I5 33? +4-5' u 1 , sf, 4 5 ,s 1, I " fx yi VV,H!c2gf'2f3 H . , . , I ,J 'e V63 J ' if an 1 , QW A 5 E 'W xx , if ' 1 4 ., ' ' 5 1 1 J ff I1 Viirkgz 'Vk' I Z 2 1, ,, Ls 5 A, M J' 4 .M 35 3 X x , 5-cv X K 4 Q' -ff ' j 7, f 'Lew 'I M i ff ,W ,.-3 A V , Q , agar - f , -K V-,k V 1,1 1 A1 L ' ' 'W ",' ' ,V ' I - -,,. L, H J' , ' , V ,,V,, V' f' 4 ' ,"' f 'V,, 75 , "" 'J ' , ff ' " ' Q", VfV,ff,VV!5!jVVV 'L ' I ' V 1,43 V1 f K if V, - QL: V -Q21 L ,,V, VV 5 VT ' ' - , V , VV.,V , , V VV VV V ,V , ' VV , ' V. ,,-- VV,," "hA' ,V,V V'L' 5 QV , 335 , J' k," f W FEA TURES. A VENTURE IN A660MPllSHMEN7 1970 Homecomlng The 1970 Homecoming festivities were highlighted by the crowning of the Homecoming Queen at halftime. Music was provided by the Allen Jay High School Band. Entertainment for the annual Homecoming dance was provided by the Berkely Expedition. Cv" aft Joan Garner, Homecoming Queeng Eddie Osborne, Escort . 'R' ., f .Qs - 4' - ryyy -. I , L..!pM3ff S. . ,H 3 -A A , 1 ,I V QR 'ia 'id - Q o 5 is E i,V-My yy, if S W G G 9 It ,af M i y X 1970 Homecoming Queen, Joan Garner 30 X X uv'- -arf' R-N E Joan and Eddie pose beneath the arch signify- ing happiness and fulfilled dreams, an appropriate setting for the evening. Hifi. 2 W Attendants and their escorts await the iirst Susan Sparks, Senior Attendant Tim Morton hscort dance of the evening. 31 ,K-ff?-V W K . ,,....---- ' Rhonda Hunt, Junior Attendantg Gregg Jarrett, Escort 1 Homecoming Court The attendants and their escorts pictured in these pages maintained an academic average of C during the previous school year at Allen Jay. A B-average on citizenship was also required of each student. Each class selected their attendant with the queen coming from the Senior Class. These representatives reflect the caliber of students We have at Allen I ay. r pgip H5 Ni is Pam Swift, Sophmorc Attendantg Timmy Mabe, Escort Connie Wilson, Freshman Attendantg Robbie Kiser, Escort 32 4 , ,V 1- V- ,ir . 5. we W lx .N Student Council President Kim Jarrett crowns a happy and emotion-filled Joan Garner as the 1970 Homecoming Queen. Homecoming Festivities The Jaybirds' defensive unit bears down as West Davidson advances deeper into Jaybird territory . The first dance of the night was led by the Queen and her court with music provided by the Berkley Expedition. A P -9 gn M li Mr. and Miss Aln-Ja.-Hi 5 Y-33? 1 In X Tim Morton and Susan Sparks, Mr. and Miss Aln-Ja-Hi. 34 parm 0' , The Senior Class chose team captains to head their advertising sale for the Aln-Ja-Hi Annual. The captains in turn chose their teams from their fellow classmates. The captains of the teams selling the most ads became Mr. and Miss Aln-Ja-Hig the other captains were runners-up in respective order. Runners-up 'Own Q-. ,gsm ,, 1e"""' O S3 GJ fs ft 5 Q . Front row left to right: Second runners-up, Joan Garner and Eddie Osborne. Second row: Third runners-up, Debbie Vuncannon and Kim Jarrett. Third row: First runners-up, Carol Beane and Ralph Modlin. 35 VALEDICTORIAN Marilyn McClay -wp! xffi' sc I L, .. N SALUTATORIAN Jean Ann Ross wmv DAR REPRESENTATIVE Susan Hoffner f. ,W A "WI BEST CITIZEN Ralph Modlin I I GIRL'S STATE DELEGATES GOVERNOR'S SCHOOL STUDENT Jean Ross and Joan Garner Elaine Thomas 37 1970 Marshals Each year eight members of the Junior class are elected as Marshals to serve at functions such as the Senior Play, the bacculaureate ceremonies, and graduation exercises. These Juniors, who have the highest scholastic averages, must also possess a sense of responsibility, good character, and leadership qualities. Fitting ribbons take practice. Karen Brower, Chief D Q 0 Linda Hudspeth Dale Brown Karen Grayson Q Q ...,...p Brenda Tucker Kenneth Gulledge Barbara Rees Rodney Shipwash Folding programs is an enormous task. Moonlight And Roses 'Tie 5 .1 'K ff? Q l as ? 3 a oo P it Tl ,Sp T ,"T'lff V ig . Q x - ff - , -mjnan if ' ' 45 . Wx " A H .T ff " T . Q x L . 2 Q 0 'il , 5 s s - X The head banquet table was beautifully set in preparation for speakers. The theme was "Moonlight and Roses? ooo so yo A , I Q pp is f T 1 f v - W Q5 Qi Q is 1 3 O i Q. e s 5' l PW. The small groups of tables are very intimate, the appropriate setting for close-knit friends. Here, applause sounds the . approval of toasts given by Seniors Ralph Modlin and Marilyn f E 1 z if 5, T EL S 2 McClay. H I n Cf' 40 1969 Fall Festival The Fall Festival was highlighted by the High School, Elementary, and Primary Kings, Queens, and Babies. This annual event sponsored by the Allen Jay P.T.A. is the sehool's largest money making project. The money from this project was used to enhance the growth of our school through the purchase of equipment for our newly developed wood-working shop. Four Freshman entertain at the Fall Festival 41' Left to right: Jack Reynold School King and Queen. 215 mix """7' 1 '35 11'-7 6, f J s and Melissa Kennedy, High School Runners-upg Debbie Rector and Elmer-Farlow. High 41 Contest Winners 'Elf Left to right: Roger Hill and Janice Ferguson, Elementary Runners-upg Lila Jordan and Tim Wiley Elementary King and Queen. The Hall of Pictures attracted many people. Left to right: Roger Mabe and Kimberly Ballard, Primary Runners-upg David Sawyer and Rene Mills, Primary Winners. 42 c X' K . lg- Left to right: Dawn Peters, High School Babyg Romina Farabee, High School Runner-up. Linda Holt, Elementary Babyg Teresa Willard. Elementary Runner-up. Excitement reigns in the halls of Allen Jay during the night of Left to right: Tod Fariow, Primary Baby: Jackie Edwards, Primary the Fall Festival. Runner-up, One ofthe more popular games at the Fall Festival for the youngsters was the fishing pond. 43 X' i 5 -,E -A h ,,. ,I - 2. E xx- zgn I , ,I , 5 L .1-II Ak A: F . . 1 . w KK fi. ,. . i . - , , Q ,,,, ,,,, ..I - M 2 ' Z ,K I IK ' 22 .II K K I I . , I K 1' ' - I II , I 2 X 1 5 I, Q1 'HIP 1 K fI:?r21. ' :Z 'L' Qi? :I E ,TL XI . I :Inga 'KK :Kg 'I'1'Fi Q i .3 2 , zz K .,,q.If'- I Q 'ca g ..- - 0, ,'KII.-, f?If2. , . .I 5 ' K I 54, ..,- - ,, 9 ,. ,Ig ,zgggigy IKfS" l,, W Mzfirkgg. Ili a : Im.. ,,9wf'2, I A: 5, wg . T' , K --,,," IIINI' Ii? A: x Uz,E.-KP .f' Iv,-"l2'KK1,1iE6K?I5., 'al e,K?eL3SvW'5,,, 7:2 I" ,-, I , I, "-fi'Hp"4 1 TI ',,. ff E 'Q ' 5'fIi,if'r' 'YI "' ' K1 Q' , IV, -.iawerf-::.fe1Qf ."f' If-I 1.- I, ' ,,,, I if - -,,tI. . ,- I ,K . A ,I , ,. , ,, ' , . , " I 'I KI K I , ' . K' KI II -1 , I I' ffr' - Q ww aI K ,,-' ' I' IIm..f-1. II . , ,-I.'v:I- 4,11 It 212.4 I Ilfw -. fi K , 1 I - K W, ,- ,,f, 8 . . .. I . I f,-K1 . 3 ' I i ft ' -5, it: vw fII '- ? 1-I 3,1 , I 1 ,. J'I I,n..I-v I: lfs ' R ww .7137 ora! f " ' 4, .I 15, Vvwm . ,,L. . I, . I - ,," -K , .' K I ,, 7 I , 55 N3 A ' if K ' 'I "4'fKff' ALL' " .I 24354 ii K 'K I I f I K my I ' , , "' K . I, I 7,1 I' 1 L," xsiii W I. TT' QQKWKI . ,K IKKK ' I K i s ' ' if , IK QE .. K , .. , I I 'LLL.., , , 'K II E' jgg?LKgfIK I 1K Im- ,, ,hz gshfsf-s:i?afI,,fK -I- gi f ,L H W ,NMI -, .I II W K K IKKII - ,I . I If I 4 II ,IQLW ,'k, I' IMI 122 ICN I,a4KII'.,-,Q , II gf S31 K I I fc? 2 Q I I I I . I KI . f,h, I I I , .I . I, K' K I. X -11921 .:. -IK ff ' ' i ' " 175: A IQZKII .K II KI K E I fa If hhh KI I I - Q - KIKKKI I' . Is I , VA f .byy , I IK K K ' I K , . X. ,, I, I I , ' . K I mf' I KI K , , I. K .K K " , . .K gd A K I,, 'T K ,, I if w I K ' HK .. . Ii' I. . xii' 13, 4.3. , wzynsvi. ,Ik J KQWIIQ I:K:IfxHP'a'ifK,IIt 25.5 ' I K ' 'K A"' KK NLL' 3' I . K.,K . . , , ,IKK , ' m" ,I .,-. I. 5- IW ff, W, 5 , , I. K . ' ' 1 A' . ' , ' 5- Nz. ., g,. ',', ff? ,, . K , If, I I Q -.-- . I ,,', - , N--f 1 ,.,. ,,,I,,I,I I ,I, , .. I, -III4-,Inf .II--, 1 ,.I.,,,,+a,a 5'1f:fi,.eKHI . I I .,.-fav, W. ,..-I ,K I K I K I I K I I ' I. - KK ' W if f X 7 ' IF? K'k:,.g - . K ,, ..-ifIZiitg4gII,K' 2j' f ,. vkff , gf.I,2gKgIi.5:5, ,9Q,,j,. iI.5j,g,,,,,Ige yK2i.5,,II .Ifi' .LQ,I57iz, ,fi .rgzyggbgiga :III It gn Mj.5f13j,,I:'if.- I, i 1,1 yjgil 153, I -355 3 K t . I . , gg I ., K' I y Q , , S1 K .gag A 'ryh K- . K I' K . i . K , f ,, 1 If, ,Q , I . ..,r xi., f .M ,, Q , ,,,, ...Q .H ,,, Ji. .ie sf II ' . IIS' .I .Q l I ,Q K kk K K I I I ,I ,, aj- 5 , E. :HQ . AIM, EJ. 2, . V, 557 him. yV,, , Vg R , ,,, .. .jofqfm k.V,g1QQxmf,a, as ,I 5 I I ,I I K II I I I IIIII X ' 'K I . "A',Y Xb', W,,A' I 1 K II ii V' K I -Irv I . K .VII-II If IIZI, ,,,, ,KKKK I Iaf-,IK H K Q,.I,241IrII KK,,KKK 'KI I-iff 1- KISKIII 'vIKII"-II' fI-IM Q .K ', 'Ki I 347: K. C35 ' 5 ,, , , . , , I3 I .I IIgI.I,,5 I . I, I., v 5.3 ,.,I fp I In Z. ,II ,,-- ,I QI ,. I W I I 2' f.-, gf I . I, 'fel E1 XI. iffy? fa, ., . I IIQKAIIKRAIQWAW II 1 I , I , V MZ' ,, 4 KI My .fr.'f?fQI II,, ,K ' ' .,,a-,u ffffz' ff 1. Q, Igej l ,N I I IK ' 'f ff .I I ,.-- . .I I - ,IIf ' fI ffff K I, ' K " K K , , if I K , I I I - 'K , I 4 g -K 'K K K - 3 1I,,- "" I,,1I ,.,.K ..- ,I .. I V .9 It W . , , ,wi 2 " f--- - Jw 4--I Iff .I f I In -,Ish I. , w.i,fI b .f- P , ,S I I I I IIMIK I:-II--vw, 2 1-, II.:I- II waz., . ff-f , KK . K.I I ,. . - J I f '?II1fT' K . K'I' ,II' fm ' K 5'fi1I"Y K- . K',-' X' ' I . I'riI ',"" "f1'I5J.I.IIT,,QL I 'K f 'L , vi ., I I I ., ' I, we if K , I V X' ' -1:5 .Igw :if I , 1553 IIKI ' I .-" ' I ., K I 4' 'A " ' , IIK, V 5.5 I KI KK fi I ,iw -I.I' L I f I ii- n 4 I, 7 I- ,gk K, ff X 7. ' 5,4 II ,I wb.-I, f ,I ,I ,Irrr ,. ,,-II- , I , , -, I . ,, .fII, A . K' I ' I , " I I'K' A ,h IIK' ,LII ,. . .II- Ii -I ,.K', , I -- I'V1wK5WI If IK ,I sw I , .4 MQ 2. .,s,: K. , 'WI I:'II, K :'a2agweIfhI: ,If ,,I-I ,,I3,.., I MIISII , A.,,, .ff Is, ,-- 5 53 .-III: .WAI .HI IK igwIII I SI:-5, I 2 "" 'III 'Ki -IIX ,I M : ,,gKII I .,II-- A -, w I1 -29" WH YiM2:ffaf2?2zKiIIf1tf11U ':11ET3s.,wfz. " :IA 'ii' 'xi Ei fr ff:wKIi'I5' his FIM- -Ie, -I-K Ia4-:a ' K1f5iIe-:aK.f2 3' L I, HI Aw I , 5 IK. .,I . III ,I.II- , In -,III .. I. :I ,. I IIII .III ,ic K Q. 'W I- K MI M-- 1Za" "i'? I ' "Q .. II. .,, , .Mia ,. , , I ,S . , ,,,. ,M 1 4, ,,..,,.. .,,.s,.R .. ..,. , , I, . ...aft Lg., . . I-213. ,, I, .W .. , ,.,. ,.,,, ,. J W 'IEI Q I ' EK' i - :K II " ' ,,,, -- I. 'f .... I . ,Q ,I , ' K' K I 0R6ANlZA TIONS. A VENTURE IN PARIICIPA TION A111-J 8,-Hi PRESIDENT - Kim .warren ADVISORS Mr. Ardenal Haney and Mrs. Joanne Mann .,.,. ,if f 4 Q!?4l,,w,1w ' 'fA W , -V ig V--N-M-5.-Q-Q..-. ' ff W--M ' i .,5! , F , ' ?i' QfEFQ? gg! ! - 7 , , M ,JwM, V tl ff ' 'n 1 I , f . d.7TS,Lt7i,, L 4 's 5 WFT . . . ' 'J L "L 'Wi gr Q Q vfyQQg:53ZQ:.?ZQ3 x, 3 ,,3g5,,3:.,5fgg,4:?.T ug: AA , 1 ,,,., ' xrffwg Sign - . VICEPRESIDENT . Fonda Tuttle SECRETARY-TREASURER-Linda Stout 46 Student Council Seniorg Rodney Shipwash, Junior. 3---, ' 15. i,,. 5 at U , Front row left to right: liddie Osborne, Shari Humphreys, Chris Rinehardt, Ricky Ingram, Susan Sparks, Brenda Skeen, Kenneth Morton, Melanie Oliver, Ralph Modlin, Joy Bell, Joanna Younts, Gulledge, Jerry Humphreys, Gary Thayer, Mike Coltrane. Sharon Stiles, Tony Dennis, Karen Carter, Greg Brewer, Susan 47 , REPRESENTATIVES Left to right: David Smith, Freshmeng Pam Swift, Sophomoreg Joan Garner, REPRESENTATIVES Front row left to right: Emily Snider, Janie Pearson, Pam McKinnong Second row: Susan Sparks, Chris Morton, Becky Bell Youth Council Representatives The youth Council helps to develop the future leaders of our city, state, and nation. The projects of these youth aids in the betterment of our community. N Q3 x ti f 1 ,g ., as 'Fi'-'-2?11'2-ftztii ll 1 - t1:-' - - . 'V :fatter , A-E31 :Lge if , ' B' fr., t ,,,e.f, ' 'rfelif Q ,gi if . if an is X ,om t img Junior Representative Becky Bell attaches one ofthe Youth Council's Pins used to encourage support for the High Point Youth Council to Senior Representative Chris Morton's coat. 48 X Left to right: Emily Snider, Elaine Thomas, Susan Chilton, Jeannie Ross, Linda Hudspeth, Brenda Skeen, Carson Hill, Karen Brower, Janet Kestler, Kenneth Gullege, Jo Ann Moran, Kim Jarrett, Brenda Tucker, Dale Brown, Karen Grayson, Randy Dezern. , e N,.1,4f g.....,-. ssttt . W gn.. , 1 , n Among the many projects of the Beta Club was the district Beta Club convention in November. Guests registered as they arrived in the High School Library. Allen Jay Beta. Club The Beta Club instills the qualities of leadership in its members. These students have achieved the highest recognition in our school and will continue to show their abilities long after leaving Allen J ay. sl OFFICERS AND ADVISORS Left to right: Keith Smith, Treasurerg Debbie Vuncannon, Secretaryg Stephen Plummer, Vice-President, Marilyn McClay, Presidentg Mrs. Martha Paw and Mrs. Louise Whealton, Advisors. 49 Na,t1ona,1 Forenslc League Speech tournaments dhd other related OFFICERS Left to rrght Ken Gulledge, Inter-club Resprentative Pf0EfemSh1ghh8hTTheW01'k Of these Kathy Morrow Secretary Emily Snider, Vice-Presidentg Susan Front row left to right: Linda Stout, Brenda Tucker, Susan Rine- hardt, Second row: Becky Bell, Lynn Pcters, Mike Daniels. Third row: Joy Bell, Danny Pegram. Fourth row: Mike Garner, Doug Cecil, Mike Tuggle. Future Teachers of America. Future Teachers of America is a club that learns how to share their knowledge with everyone, The members are constantly growing in the priceless qualities of sympathy and concern. "1 Front row left to right: Patsy Marshall, Debra Coltrane, Karen Pegram, Kathy Wright. Second row: Vickie Skeen, Brenda Skeen, 'K Becky Bell, Becky Huffman, Linda Melton, Brenda Smith, Frankie James. nb Officers left to right: Pam Swift, Student Council Representative: Frankie Dildine, Vice-President, Fonda Tuttle, Secretary, Brenda Tucker, President, Emily Snider, Treasurer. Advisor Mr. Oliver Moye 51 Future Business Leaders Of America, The Future Business Leaders of America Creation Ofimerests, and the develop competence, character, the understandings of the business world. Advisor, Mrs. Carol Rinehardt OFFICERS Front row left to right? Debbie Vuncannon, Vice-President, Daneal Widener, President, Marsha Brower, Treasurerg Shannon Skeen, Scrapbook Chairman. Second row: Carol Quesenberry, Secretary, Susan Mitchell, Historian, Jane Carter, Reporter, Pat 1 Hardwick, Parliamentarian. ps, as C? 2 i ii -. Front row left to right: Randy Johnson, Gary Echols, Tim Morton, Keith Osborne, Eddie Osborne, Winston Moody, Shari Humphreys, Nettie McNabb, Mariea Hughes. Second row: Virginia Snow, Glenda Tyndall, Carol Beane, Brenda George, Rhonda Hunt, Janice Cox, Debbie Johnson, Doris Ferrce, Deran Kearns, Joy Bell, Clara Cox, Janice Fraizer, Jo Anne Moran. 52 Future Homemakers Of America, The Future Homemakers of America are in a home, and the appreciation of interested in home economics, democracy homemaking. Front row left to right: Pam Talley, Sandy Mitchell, Debra Carroll, Sandra Ransom. Third row: Debbie Mull Pamela Horne Coltrane, Vickie Peebles, Glenda Driggers, Debbie McDowell, Karen Carter, Debbie Morgan, Janie Pearson, Vickie Whittington Connie Hill, Jean Parrish. Second row: Connie Wilson, Rhonda Pam McKinnon, Melanie Oliver, Debbie Langston Lowe, Cathy Patterson, Sherry Shehan, Denise Carroll, Wanda Officers left to right: Frankie James, Historiang Pam Swift, Song Leader, Betsy Modlin, Treasurer, Joanna Younts, Parliamentariang Becky Rees, Secretaryg Karen Pegram, Vice-President: Susan Rinehardt, President, Kathy Gilliland, Reporterg Donrce Kearns, Student Council Representative. 53 Advisor Mrs. Ruth Causey Junior Civitans The members of the Junior Civitan are among the finest young men our school has to offer. They are fine examples of the ' high caliber of men that our schools of today turn out. MQ. ggi OFFICERS Left to right: Ralph Modlin, President, Jerry Whit- Ricky Robertson experiences a Junior Civitan style initiation. field, Treasurer, Gary Meredith, Chaplaing Mike Coltrane, Vice- Presidentg Kim Jarrett, Secretaryg Tim Morton, Sergeant-at-Arms. Mr. Billy Guy, Advisor. Front row Left to right: Elmer Farlow, Winston Moody, Keith Smith, Robert Gill, Johnny Davis, Chris Morton. Second row: Rodney Shipwash, Jerry Landreth, Craig Brewer, Ken Gulledge, Keith Osborne, Larry Hooks, Phillip Younts, Danny Pegram. Third row: Donald Snider, Steve Barnes, Eddie Osborne, Gary Hill. 54 Civinettes The Civinettes are a very active club. They help in the neighboring communities and around the school. One of their many projects is aiding in beautification of the school grounds. OFFICERS SL ADVISOR Left to right: Debbie Vuncannon, Trea- Another of their fine projects was the selling of calendars. surerg Susan Sparks, Vice-President, Susan Chilton, Treasurerg Fonda Tuttle, President, Karen Brower, Secretaryg Miss Elizabeth Shearin, Advisor. X H- Front row Left to right: Susan Rinehardt, Mariea Hughes, Daneal Thomas, Debbie Johnson, Brenda Skeen, Kathy Gilliland, Becky Widener, Vickie Skeen, Karen Pegram, Margaret Parrish. Second Bell, Debbie Mull, Shari Humphreys, Shannon Skeen, Libby row: Kathy Morrow, Janet Kcstler, Pat Hardwick, Kay Deaton, Heclgepeth, Linda Stout. Marsha Brower not pictured. Rhonda Hunt, Sandy Mitchell, Joy Bell, Debbie Ellington, Elaine 55 2 eEifQ ADVISOR Ak OFFICERS Left to right: Gary Meredith, Secretaryg Mike Coltrane, Trea- surer, Butch Moran, President, Mr. Randall Brooks, Advisor, Larry Hooks, Vice-President, Carson Hill, Sergeant-at-Arms. Front row left to right: Danny Phillips, Jerry Humphreys, Ralph Modlin. Second row: Gary Meredith, Charles Mills, Gary Johnson. Third row: Larry Hooks, Jimmy Shackleford, Craig Brewer, Chris Morton. Hi-Y Club To develop the Christian character, fellowship, achievement, and recreation is due to the services of the Hi-Y Club. rx 56 -151' ,S L, High School Y-Teens Front row left to right: Debbie Barnes, Susan Haney, Debbie Wanda Phillips, Susan Farlow, Vicky Robertson, Joanne Adams, Barnes, Wanda Phillips, Barbara Gray, Deborah Kersey, Debbie PCHHY Smith, R0biI1 Fafabee, Cathy Cable, Connie WUSOH, Sherry Brown, Sherry Shehan. Second row: Sandy Vuncannon, Vicki Shehan. Whittington, Debbie McDowell, Jo Ann Hucks, Jean Parrish, Y Front row left to right: Bunny Burton, Vice- Presidentg Frankie James, Vice-Presidentg Debbie Langston, Presidentg Connie Hill, Presidentg Second row: Melonie Oliver, Treasurer, Susan Byars, Vice- Presidentg Kathy Patterson, Vice-President: Pamela Horne, Secretary. Third row: Betty Vuneannon, Secretary, Teresa Knight, Treasurer. Mrs. Jo Ann Mann, Advisor. Not Pictured, Mrs. Judy Tuttle, Advisor. 57 Monogram Club The Monogram Club is to stimulate the interests in the programs of wholesome physical activities. It promotes K x P' Advisors Left to right: Mr. Ronnie Wallace, Mr. Randall Brooks, Mr. Tommy Younts, Mr. Bill Guy, Mr. Barry Zachary. Officersg Left to right: Gary Meredith, President, Ralph Modlin, Treasurer, Winston Moody, Vice-President, Elaine Thomas, Reporterg Debbie Elling- ton, Secretary. recreational participation and develops good sportsmanship. Q Q Front row left to right: Susan Chilton, Debbie Vuncannon, Nettie NcNabb, Janet Kestler, Joan Garner, Brenda Skeen, Sandy Mitchell, Linda Stout, Karen Brower, Barabara Rees, Kay Deaton. Second row: Cornell Dennis, Danny Pegram, Phil Younts, Mike Sink, Dickie Nunn, Deane Stout, Janice Cox, Linda Proctor, Debbie Madden, Barbara Coltrane, Suzanne Bundy. Third row: Donald Jackson, Joel Lockhart, Sammy Byers, Pete Galloway, David Bodenhemier, Charles Mills, Norman Kennedy, Donald Snider, Mike Coltrane, Rodney Shipwash, Johnny Davis, Butch Moran. Fourth row: Gary Hill, Jerry Whitfield, Jerry Landreth, Carson Hill, Jimmy Shackleford, Chris Morton, Craig Brewer, Larry Hooks, Sterling Banks, Keith Osborne, Eddie Osborne, Dean Sechrest, Donald Cruthis. Library Club The Library Club is a service to the school, student body, and faculty. They learn more about the World of books. Front row left to right: Frankie Dildine, Rita Dunbar, Linda Driggers, John Eller, Debbie Rector, Joy Bell, Susan Mitchell, Hudspeth, Patsy Marshall, Teresa Hundley, Diane Ledford, Melissa Clara Cox, Deran Kearns. Kenndy, Mealaine Oliver. Second row: Vickie Skeen, Glenda fi "" ' Checking out books requires assistance. OFFICERS AND ADVISORS Left to right: Mrs. Ann Hill, Advisor, Janice Cox, Secretary-Treasurer, Vickie Johnson, Vice-President, Jane Carter, Reporter, Barbara Coltrane, President. 59 Science Club The Science Club furthers the interest of science. It aids the students in learning to work together, thus preparing them for the future. OFFICERS AND ADVISOR Left to right: David Smith, Secretary-Treasurer, Doug Cecil, Vice-President, Mrs. Louise Whealton, Advisor, Bobby McCall, Sergeant-at-Arms, Mike Tuggle. Front row Left to right: Doreen Chambers, Carol Moss, Libby Hedgepeth, Linda Stout, Vickie Skeen, Diane Johnson, Mealaine Oliver, Debbie Langston, Pamala Horne, Debbie Madden, Sandy Vuncannon, Jo Anne Hucks, Thomas Robertson, Billy Talley, Ricky Proctor. Second row: Elmer Farlow, Gary Anderson, Stanley Johnson, Randy Dezern, Danny Pegram, Jeannie Ross, Vernon Kennedy, Craig Saunders, Glenn Jacobs, Jack Reynolds, Larry Anderson, James Cashatt, Jerry Humphreys. Third row: Bobby Kennedy, Alan Palmer, Tommy McMickle, Johnny Peters, Melvin Auman, Steve Lassiter, Roger Moore, Gregg Jarrett, Jerry Phillips, Mike Tuggle, Allen Borland, Keith Goodwin. Fourth row: Ernie Upton, Joel Lockhart, Keith Johnson, Ricky Ingram, Gary Johnson, David Smith, Johnny Davis, Cornell Dennis, Doug Cecil, Tony Mann, Bobby McCall, Dean Sechrest, Kim Jarrett, Steve Plummer, Rocky Carter. 60 French Club The Allen Jay French Club is relatively new. It is a club of many new exciting experiences. The club teaches its members about the French way of living. 4 II lfront row left to right: Brenda Tucker, Joan Garner. Second row: Doug Cecil, Karen Grayson, Mike Garner. Third row: Brenda Smith, Steve Plummer, Janie Pearson. Fourth row: Sonny Gill, Jeff Younts, Cara Rogers. Fifth row: Vickie Skeen, Nancy Grant, Lynn Peters. 61 Advisor Miss Jeanne Grana Officers left to right: Kim Jarrett, -Program Chairmang Kenneth Gulledgc, Treasurerg Becky Huffman, Secretaryg Marilyn McClay, Vice-Prcsidentg Chris Morton, Project Chairmang Libby Carter, President. Hi-Lites Staff Works Toward a. Advisor Mrs. Martha Faw K-. ,ff .4 Tim Morton and Becky Bell, Sports Editors Jo Ann Moran and Gregg Jarrett, Assistant Joan Garner, Editor Editors I 'Q mugs-74-f.Jlitee x -of ....,f Fx if ,rs i' -f'3f5'f-'i'lM,.. Mealaine Oliver and Mike Tuggle, Feature Candy Smith, Debbie Johnson, and Editors Marilyn MeC1ay, News Editors 62 ww Q ,.... Better Newspaper Left to right: Joy Bell, Art Editorg Libby Carter, Business Managerg Randy Harb, Art Editor, Susan Chilton, Circulation Manager. Loft to right: Linda Stout, Danny Pcgram, Libby Hedgepcth, and Karen Brower, Layout and Club Editors. Mariea Hughes, City Editor 6' B.. Ifront row left to right: Karen Grayson, Kathy Wright, Vickie Skeen. Second row: Becky Rees, Clara Cox, Karen Carter, Jane 63 Carter, Christy Dunbar, Janice Fraizer, Vickie Whittington, Denny Phillips. Seniors Manage Production of the Gary Hill and Marilyn McClay, Co-Editors Annual Staff working against time to meet the deadline. ADVISOR, Mrs. Hallie Myers HX fx ,. -,, xx ' 'ff ffxifsi' -l. 215122-Q, , 'Q ,fu gifs H Y Ml ww ,1 'Q S,-if l ---1....... viz Tila 5' . "1"-f L1-QXZEYFW wvirarfb,-.'f -f ' '1 FW- ff-fegff' .,. A, gf , iq, ': 2 - 'Tw .N 2- N 4.8 f,:.ff'?fwx--,fmwfmw rm in K' , N We L 'H n, .if W' " Qazyw . ,i"'a1"V1'1f41fW3'+.:,f 7.,.' .. 'ii' ' 64 Best Aln-Ja.-Hi Ever Left to right: Chris Morton, Debbie Vuncannon, and Mariea Hughes, Business Managers. 5 V H 91 s a.,,, -"T',,1..ginlll!-""' I ff. "f a,,,j nsfss Left to right: Jimmy Shackleford, Ralph Modlin, and James Cashatt, Photographers. Front row left to right: Gary Echols, Daneal Widener, Alvis Lee. Second row: Gary Meredith, Joan Garner, Advertising Managers. 65 Sports and Feature Editors Rush to Meet Deadline Left to right: Elmer Farlow, Lynn Peters, Shannon Skeen, and Fonda Tuttle, Circulation Managers. Left to right: Janice Cox, Winston Moody, Janet Kestler, and Larry Hooks, Sports Editors. gig li, we it ff t , l-wt, i fs ,. , sgx , .4 elim .K em iQi:yQi,iyW,. aw Left to right: Keith Smith, Mike Garner, and Becky Huffman, Feature Editors. 66 Left to right: Kathy Morrow, Barbara Coltrane, and Randy Johnson, Senior Class Editors. Class Editors Work to Identify Students Left to right: Nettie McNabb, Marsha Brower, Shari Humphreys, Tim Morton, Brenda George, Pat Hardwick, Junior Class Editors. ...4 G xr --f Left to right: Donald Cruthis and Libby Carter, Sophomore Class Editors. Not pictured, Jane Pegram and Kathy Bean. 67 Here are a fcw of the many needed helpers working on the annual. Left to right: Kathy Wright, Norma Hicks, Debbie Johnson, Eddie Osborne, Keith Osborne, and Steve Plummer, Elementary and Primary Class Editors. Chorus, Majorettes and Marching Band The Allen Jay High School Chorus are P.T.A., entertainment, performs at different school and Baceulaureate, Graduation Exercises, related functions. Among their credits and Chorus'Day at Wake Forest. Front row left to right: Susan Byars, Kathy Morrow, Deborah Kersey, Karen Pegram, Ronnie Brown, David Smith, Eddie Osborne, David Pegram, Craig Saunders, Dianne Stanley, Betty Vuncannon, Debra Coltrane, Dianne Johnson. Second row: Evelyn Lindass, Debbie Brown, Janet Kestler, Gary Hill, Steve Martin, Steve Burton, Jerry Landreth, Mike Coltrane, Jody Tysinger, Judy Taylor, Pam Talley, Barbara Jacobs, Debbie Vuneannon. Third row: Becky Boone, Susan Haney, Rhonda Hunt, Connie Wilson, Eddie Moss, Tony Dennis, Phillips Younts, Tony Mann, Sterling Banks, Pam Swift, Jean Creasey, Sharon Stiles, Kathy Bean. Fourth row: Kathy Wright, Debbie Phillips, Elaine Thomas, Dean Seehrest, Mark Thompson, Barry Helsabeck, Steven Kennedy, Cornell Dennis, Johnny Davis, Tim Morton, Jeannie Ross, Lynn Peters, Mealine Oliver. Front row left to right: Gary Hill, Treasurer, Tim Morton, Vice-Presi- dent. Second row: Kathy Morrow, Secretary, Jeannie Ross, President, Debbie Vuncannon, Reporter. Head Majorette, Susan Sparks Margaret Parrish Christy Dunbar Betsy Modlin v Joanna Younts s' Gary Johnson ,if 5? Front row left to right: Rita Auman, Teresa Greer, Legray Hardison, Ricky Gammons. Second row: Keith Johnson, Sterling Banks, Monty Cox, Larry Hooks, Johnny Peters, Kim Angel, Mike Daniels, Terri Duncan, Third row: Cathy Patterson, Mark Smith, Teresa Landreth Melissa Caudle, Susan lfarlow, Susan Smith, Renee Osborne, Cathy Robertson, Jan Pegram, Rebeeea McNeil, Mary Grant. Fourth row: Becky Huffman, Mike Thompson, Larry Dailey, Edna Jo Adcoek, Debbie McDowell, Lisa Boyles, Debbie ,-X 17 f5f 5 . ? is-1 Moran, Karen Carter, Becky Rees, Gary Royals, Nancy Grant, Melvin Auman. Fifth row: Chris Ingram, David Smith, Ricky Robertson, Carson Hill, Rodney Shipwash, Rieky Ingram, David Farlow, Ricky Madden, Randy Harb, Ronnie Brown, Buddy Parrish, Craig Saunders, Peggy Tucker, Jerry Younts. Sixth row: Mike Sink, Sandy Vuneannon, Steve Skeen, Rhonda Lowe, Keith Auman, Carol Lowe, Dale Brown, Jeff Younts, Keith Goodwin, Mark Thompson, Kevin Johnson, Donald Cruthis, Mike Briles. Concert and The bands of Allen Jay High under the direction of Mr. Bill Marlowe excell in their performances at home and at Director Bill Marlowe does his Hthingf' distant events throughout the state. Chorus, Officers Left to right: Sandy Vuncannon, Reporter: Betsy Modlin, Treasurer, Mr, Bill Marlowe, Director, Margaret Parrish, Vice-President, Rodney Shipwash, President. Front row left to right: Susan lfarlow, Christy Dunbar, Susan Carol Lowe, Mary Grant, Melvin Auman, Peggy Tucker. Third Smith, Renee Osborne, Melissa Caudle, Teresa Landreth. Second row: Cathy Patterson, Lisa Boyles, Debbie Moran, Edna Jo row: Nancy Grant, Margaret Parrish, Betsy Modlin, Gary Royals, Adcock, Mike Thompson, Mark Smith, Terri Duncan, Kevin Becky Rees, Rebecca McNeil, Ronnie Brown, Joanna Younts, Johnson, Mark Thompson. D01121ld CfUfhiS, RiCkY R0b6ffSOI'1, 70 Dance Bands Few schools in the state can boast of as line a group of musicians as can our school. Front row left to right: Gary Johnson, Buddy Parrish, David Farlow, Ronnie Brown. Second row: Keith Johnson, Carson Hill, Rodney Ship- Sandy Vuneannon, wash, David Smith, Dale Brown, Jeff Younts. Third row: Karen Pegram, Johnny Peters, Kim Angel, Donald Cruthis, Mike Briles, Mike Sink. ' sap- .. , , 95524 5 ig 5 J ,... Keith Auman, Steve Skeen, Ricky Ingram, Rhonda Lowe. Fourth row: Karen Carter, Cathy Robertson, Jan Pegram, Debbie McDowell, Gary Johnson, Larry Dailey, David Farlow, Ricky Madden, Randy Harb, Buddy Parrish, Dale Brown, Jeff Younts, Keith Goodwin, Craig Saunders, Keith Johnson, Carson Hill, Rodney Shipwash, David Smith, Sandy Vuncannon. Fifth row: Sterling Banks, Kim Angel, Johnny Peters, Monty Cox, Larry Hooks, Mike Daniels, Susan Sparks, Mike Briles, Mikc Sink. L ,,,, It V1 4 yi' J' F LP if . my 1 LLM LN w,4 L -L , L' L AL LL '-.' L 'L L - ,.L' L L- ,Q L L L 46 '--L L ,-m-' L L L'h- L L L "-A 'KLL ' -, . WT! 'L L 'LL-L . - L,,L L,,, L LL 4 L, - L- L' La ' ' LLL' L ' Lw. L' L L L' LL 'L 'L L ' HL LL L 'L"' L, ,,,L., L.,, L-,, LL L L .L , - w - L LL Qi' L Q, L " " L L L 36.1 ' ,", L " L L ,L L L LL L, LL L LL LL L'L, L'LL'L Q LLL, A' L L L LL b'LLigw.Lx,Lg?f1LLH'Hffg4LiLLLg4'2'sg,f3i'f1'5P?q,'gm L LW LLLL .LL L ,,-L ,LLL.,,LLLLLL,,L vL,sbLLL,Hw L'-L Lx ,,,- LLLLLLL,LLfLLLwfyL-LLLmLL.LLLfFLLLl-Lff.m3i:LL-LLLLLLLWLLLLLLLW. 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LL'LL Q -"L 'L"- L',' L'-L LLLLLL 'L-L 'L L L f -LL'LL L LLLLL 1 L LALL LLLL N L M LLLL "L L LLL,,LLl 5 L LLL ,LLVK A::LL V LLL ' LLL LL L L LLLL ,L L V L, L L.LLL 'VL M VV,h b Vmh L A THIE TMS, A VENTURE IN 60MPE 7l7l0N AND SPOR TSMANSHIP J aybirds Finish Season -app.. .. mn 4, K Front row left to right: Jerry Landreth, Donald Snider, Steve Ralph Modlin, Mike Coltrane, Winston Moody,Norman Kennedy. Barnes, Jerry Whitfield, Butch Moran, Joel Lockhart, Rodney Third row: Ricky Robertson, David Bodenheimer, Dickie Nunn, Shipwash, Phillip Younts, Donald Cruthis. Second row: Gary Charles Mills, Dean Sechrest, Larry Hooks, Mike Sink, Sterling Meredith, Steve Burton, Garry Thayer, Carson Hill, Gary Hill, Banks. wf- ig t it Gary Meredith, Co-Captain, Senior Winston Moody, Co-Captain, Senior 74 With a. 6-4 Record. Craig Brewer and Alan Palmer, Managers Coaches, Mr. Randall Brooks, Mr. Ronnie Wallace, and Mr. Tommy Younts 75 Eleven Seniors, three outstanding coaches, the will and determination to Win made this year's Jaybird team very successful. Despite injuries and defeat, the Jaybird came back strong at the end of the season to win their last two games, to give them a 6-4 season. The American Legion Post 206 honored the Jaybird with a Banquet. The most valuable players were honored. Gary Meredith was chosen as the most valuable back, and Winston Moody was chosen as the most valuable lineman. The highlight of the Banquet was the guest speaker who was Charlie Harvell, Sports Director at WGHP Television. He spoke on "What It Takes to Make A Citizen." Meredith and Moody were selected as All-Conference again season with Meredith leading the league in scoring with 118 points. The 1969-70 is to be commended for its outstanding record. The Boys Who Led Our GEIY Hill Dean Sechrest Guard, Senior Tackle, Sophomore Jerry Whitfield Quarterback, Junior Ralph Modlin Center, Senior Allen Jay Allen Jay Allen Jay Allen Jay Allen Jay Allen Jay Allen Jay Allen Jay Allen Jay Allen Jay Mike Coltrane Guard, Junior Sterling Banks Carggn Hill Guwd, Senior Tackle, Junior Team Scores In Football 1969 4 8 Ledford 3 8 Gibsonville 2 8 Trinity 6 Sumner 6 W. Davidson 6 2 Denton 6 W. Guilford 8 E. Davidson 3 8 Randleman 30 S. Guilford 76 Team to Victory Butch Moran Halfback, Junior Garry Thayer Larry Hooks End, Junior End, Senior Norman Kennedy Rodney Shipwash End, Sophomore Wingback, Junior O The Allen J ay Ya.r dstrck Allen Jay Opponents First Downs: 150 92 Rushing Yards: 2,814 Yards 1,350 Yards Passing Yards: 352 Yards 547 Yards Passes Attempted: 54 89 Passes Completed: 18 32 Total Yards Gained: 3,365 Yards 1,897 Yards Average Per Game: 336.5 Yards 190 Yards Passes Intercepted: 9 4 Fumbles Lost: 17 11 Punting Average: 31.3 Yards 33.2 Yards Yards Pcnalizedz 845 Yards 350 Yards 77 Steve Barnes Fullback, Senior Donald Snider Wingback, Senior A New Coach Plus Experienced Players Equals a Successful S e as o n Nowhere can a finer group of girls be found. Front row left to right: Vicki Whittington, Barbara Rees, Debbie to right: Sue Bundy, Pat Griffin, Penny Smith, Debbie Ellington, Madden, Janice Cox, Deana Stout, Donna Flowe. Second row left Kaye Deaton, Elaine Thomas, Barbara Coltrane. 78 Deana Stout, Rover Kaye Deaton, Rover Barbara Coltrane, Forward Linda Proctor, Forward 79 Suc Bundy, Guard Barbara Recs, Rover They fought with determination and the yen to win It takes two! Co-Captain, Janice Cox Co-Captain, Debbie Madden Miss Jo Patton, Girl's Basketball Coach Candy Smith, Manager 81 AJ Welcomes Miss Patton as New Basketball Coach Miss Patton talks things ovcr with her girls for the next play. Height, Determination and Agility Make Front row left to right: Keith Osborne, Rodney Shipwash, Gary Meredith, Jerry Whitfield, Butch Moran. Second row left to right: Carson Hill, Garry Thayer, Norman Kennedy, Cornell Dennis, Larry Hooks, Johnny Davis, Mike Sink. 82 Allen Ja.y's Team the Best 05 "Donk" drives for two ....... MI- Bill GUY, Coach , I - 1. .f A ' Managers, Glenn Jacobs and Johnny Peters Jaybirds Are Great! Teams gettin' ready, gettin, red hot!! Ga.ry Meredith, Guard i . , i if? 1 Larry Hooks, Forward Garry Thayer, Center Butch Moran, Guard Carson Hill, Center la as Rodney Shipwash, Guard Norman Kennedy, Guard Johnny Davis, Forward We,ve got that fever, we're hot! The Jaybirds can't be stopped!! Front row left to right: Mlke Damels Jlmmy Coltrane Randy Gary Brown Alan Yarborough Thomas Robertson Rocky Carter Vestal, Robby Kiser, Allen Borland Glenn Jacobs Second row Gary Anderson Thrrd row Eddle Wrllard Henry Cook Mr, Richard Hice, Coach Team prepares for the game of the week Basketball Stars First row left to right: Eddie Adcock, Beverly Campbell, Becky Debbie Whitfield, Peggy Tucker, Jo Ellen Hucks, Wanda Carroll, Rees, Connie Hill, Laura Foley, Nancy Grant, Shirley Smith. Jan Garner, Debbie Barlett. Second row left to right: Sandy Vuncannon, Debbie Brown, Front row left to right: Tony Dennis, Phillip Younts, Jack Reyn- right: Eddie Garret, Robby Kiser, Emie Upton, Barry Hill, Keith olds, Jerry Landreth, David Smith, Doug Cecil. Second row left to Johnson, Ricky Ingram. 87 Determination and Hustle Pays t If Gary Meredith 1 f A Q ' A ttt' W ' A , Co-Captain,Senior VV - V - V ,t., ,'-- t t,t, ,',, V . V ' V, - '1'- -- K A I 1 H, W' -' ' r . - K W,t,,.: if -b-: ' zii Ms if N f A , A V ji ete' ii V1 s ttte t 'V 's 5 " sf . tg - ' -, eet" YT. t 'W-Q Q, , Y ' ' 'N' L ' Q t 'sf . Q V x It-V A' I .t it 'lgeqw ' - 41 4VEgi,,,1:WA kk' E:Vgii.rg, 5 g, A X.:,, ,1.:: up JV: A x I z, 5 - -V" T .,,: ?"WV-r 1 ' - ,QQ .,,: I7 f .. f- , , V' - . .. ,, .. - jwj' KV 3 K- A hry' .1 3 . gi A V' - I Meredith's teammates look on as there is a close play for first. 3'-1. ' C 2 , wi J A ' 5 ffr t X M X . N, I N A I: Cyprl m , yr- .V b A, g .f,3 ,V1:'2 "-' V Y Chris Morton Second Base, Senior 88 Off ,,. ,,' 38.1 fa. . m -,Q-ff .,, V - ,V N, a,,,-, . 4 , 'J' N'l'7QQ.'f'2f?f, , . L fffifillff T' ,W ,. ' 'ff 23 M, , ,JJ-5' Mike Coltrane Co-Captain, Junior Donald Snider Outiield, Senior Mr. Randall Brooks, Coach Craig Brewer and Alan Palmer, Managers MXL Joel Lockhart Third Base, Sophomore 1? , , - e A 45,54 Q . 1 Q' 1: . 15-Q . 2 g ja-A T 1 me A .r owoh J Butch Moran Outiield, Junior Charles Mills Catcher, Sophomore The Team With a, Spring is here and with it comes the tense excitement of Baseball Season. The Jaybirds are looking forward to another successful S Left to Right: Glenn Jacobs, Gary Meredith, Sonny Gill, Mike Coltrane, Donald Snider, Garry Thayer, Charles Mills, Chris Morton, Donald Jackson, Butch Moran, Joel Lockhart, Randy Baugus, Sammy Byers , wx A --I ' , -J .. ' ' , mmf f. f .y:f,,gfevJz, A ., - f M hx-.,.. Q W as - ,,,, ,,,, , . ' ' , . M in , A QQ 1 if f lf" La. . afl' , A' Qfffvwfr -' ' fy: -1212 do V r S X -"3e,rf?3ff'w:gaifewa, Garry Thayer Sonny Gill Firstbase, Junior Piwher, Senior 90 Winning Attitude year. The team is composed of five Seniors, three Juniors srx Sophomores and one Freshman. Sammy Byers Shortstop, Sophomore Donald Jackson Outiield, Sophomore 3 14-our-53 . kk lu K kt' .li 4- .. 'fl N .I t yoj: ,K ,r ' ' ' 2 K T f- f T - ' ' ' NX X - " iv' I - Jarybirds Are Feared by All 91 Eddie Moss Outiield, Junior Allen Jay Track of '70 Miss Jo Patton Front row, left to right: Lequita Lee, Penny Smith, Debbie Madden, Candy Smith, Vickie Whitting- Coach ton, Debbie Phillips, Norma Parks, Deborah Kersy, Donna Flowe, Becky Rees, Betsy Modlin, Second row: Aleda Lee, Barbara Jacobs, Deana Stout, Sandra Ransom, Carol Moss, Doreen Chambers, Shirley f Smith, Becky Boone, Connie Wilson, Vicky Robertson, Debbie Brown. Third row: Debbie Moran, Karen Carter, Debbie Barnes, Audrey Hayes, Lynda Proctor, Beverly Campbell, Linda Stout, Dianne Johnson, Jill Wright, Eddie Jo Adcock. i Left to right: Steve Gilbreth, Charlie Mills, Norman Kennedy, Pete Galloway, David Bodenheimer, Joel Lockhart, Phillip Younts. Second row: Roger Potter, Randy Dezern, Cornell Dennis, Eddie Osborne, Johnny Davis, Michael Garner, Ronnie Trexler, Jerry Humphreys. Y Mr. Bill Guy Coach 92 . ,, 53 S ' . 'I '1 i Front row left to right: Jerry Whitfield, Johnny Davis, Kenneth Gulledge, Steve Burton, Danny Pegram. Second row: Sonny Gill, Jeff Younts, Chris Morton, Larry Hooks, David Killian, Gary Royals, Danny Phillips. Mr. Tommy Younts Johnny Davis takes 11 swing. Coach 93 The Girls Who Cheered Our Team to Victory 44 if Front row left to right: Susan Chilton, Joan Garner, Chiefg Karen Brower. Second row: Janet Kestler, COChief. Third row left to right: Debbie Vuncannon, Nettie McNabb, Brenda Skeen, Sandy Mitchell, Linda Stout. Joan Garner, Chief Janet Kestler, Cofihief 94 Debbie Vuncannon, Senior . , ,- .. - -. L, Ig B., L ,.g- -, jlhffrwy "' S ent A X. ' 'ix se. , ,iggifgr A " " Af of ' in, ' Linda Stout, Junior Sandy Mitchell, Sophomore ' v 5 xl..,,:.A' s V J U Susan Chilton, Junior f , - 'A 1 R911 4' 4 . al, A . A is - 'Y ..-' . - . n1At".1. .rw '-.,, V A - ggi, f, 33,5111 f A 6 j"",.'." zz.. f'f.f'- Q N 'lffi4'L'5"i fi 'fi S- .,Q'.'g'?f.ff-LP L M 1. - i'.fg'.gf-J' ' In e-W f .' A 1 i- Zl- W A 5 Brenda Skeen, Junior .V r , A Nettie McNabb, Senior 95 Karen Brower, Junior Mrs. Mildred Hussey Cheerleader Advisor ww K. I 2-529 ff-rx , . .. Q kL:h iyv K ' A mf: . V 41. - .Q VV.. ... f,.. , . if 1. '1 ww ,V V . K.. K y. 3 ,MK K ,KK,, mvqx K ,:- K - . K , , V ,,,KKK ,,,.. V ,nf ' L X-'. fyy ff,- -V V .-, -W:L---f V, -"- , V, V , KK '- 3 K L m," 'i"' 'K' 'A K' V ,V VV A K - .. L,.' if . A K . KV ,x LL,, L' "', f 1. VV f-VV - ' j . VV 1 ' " ' V V ,. J ' A 1- -- 4'-- ' Kg:'f7f,yKf K 551 V -V-'KK M ' -.'f 3. K 3, f Q IQ :g2iVT",- V V 'A V 5 mn V 'N K V 1 f f , y 'l 4, -' -L, 2 ,-." A K K K 5 Q KKK,,- --.' if K , f ,QV nf V a , 5 ., 'h ' 1 f .L V .Vg . V. Q .' ' f ' V .A. Q V h V 5 ,WW ' J' "i1 . V myyk K K W K ., ,,, ., . KK! K ,V K. K gzrf K KK, V fa.. , AV V, - ""' +. - -fi 3 V. , 'V +1 ' 'X -'E , L' ' - V V K ff KKK. K K K K 11-.:,:,5K KV ' 5- D V, ff f, "K ' V Q K V 'S V A V 'YN' . , , .:.. EK K K K KKQA Ky, ,. :,-, K KK 3 KKKKK I - n ' ,K K K, .rlii , 'iv ,.-: ' ikk K . K -K K KKK. KK V . y f KK QKKKKKK -., LA'L' Lg? ',.' I -V . ' 15 fq AA A E? ' - 1 .,-' T ., , ' f Ir: W? V dsl V 1 'TQ .4 V m". V . V f ' K V V LL" ' LI1, 5 5, ' " K f ,' . ff' A' ' "'agg" 'fm..,.!' 7 V T, Z6 'fx . F. , -Q6 5 L Wgfl ,.-' xx, ef 1 Q i f V , ,K - V VK V X. A . '-Kgem Q K ga K K XV K' 4 ' X K K SK , K ki ' Y fllzf .. ' V" 3 m"""'X K P J Ti" X 3 , if-i '53 K - .. V , ai .... V K f K ,V K , K. 'H VV .Iii VV' 4,5-1. V WX ' . . ' . K 2 V KK , V V-EV L. en 9 ' , .,,VV , I V V ---1 ' x E an -, VV' . -V-- V V .M . K, K 'wa - EK K ' WQV' ' V 1 ' .V if a ' 5 -. .VV Q 2 V , , .V V, VV 'T' VV? V '. 1' if . --V' "iw K V.V , f?'.lp .... ' , - ' K. ' V , K V V, Q . K ' ..,. .. V"" V V.1' 'V gy K.KK... K. K K1 J .V ,. f ef? F rg-1 L? 5 3 if K 2 AM tg if 3, K fini.. V A Wa eV VM. ,,,,,.,, , K, K. ..,, . yg,EK.KK5K.K,,, .K , J Q w ,ik K,. fmei KK ... . . f - Q .. K, K? K , +1 :Alix N Q -V fi Vw .V l' V V ,V 3 5ffE.,"f1 ' ,V 1 Q, - V ' ,' V 'S MVK.: ,, V ,Vgfxgzl-VVe'VVVe, il-??fl5'f-W Vg "0""' - ' lI':if':v' Vp, , '??f'253?Z5itiZ5i.ii5i' f V Y" '2,,?2::!'5rf,Ei,2V nfl 3, I JV ?,:52?:s5EV5fii.-2 ,. ' .5 'F ,,.g -"mv 1 ,,V,?5ll"fl5T' ' ' -'QM EM- ' Y 'X ia P' , iw , QI " in 4. A . ' :J K V V Q if... V 5 -F STUDENT BODY, A VENTURE IN FRIENDSHIP Senior Class Officers Front Row Left to Right: Steve Plummer, Treasurerg Daneal Widener, Secretary-Treasurerg Shannon Skeen, Vice-Presidentg Shari Humphreys, Room Representativeg Barbara Coltrane, President. Second Row: Gary Meredith, Vice-Presidentg Chris Morton, Secretaryg Ralph Modlin, Room Representativeg Jimmy Shackleford, President. . v L, 'V ,,,, 1 V' 'mrv p 98 S TERL S TEVE SENIORS Anticipating Graduation Awaiting SAT Scores Performing the Senior Play KATHY BEAN CAROL BEANE MARSHA BROWER -vcr. :- STEVE BURTON LIBBY CARTER BLAIR CAUDLE 99 Producing the '70 Yearbook BARBARA COLTRANE .IANICIL COX DONALD CRUTHIS LARRY DOSS GARY ILCHOLS i DORIS FERREE ELMER FARLOW JOAN GARNER 100 V,-I 't . X Clay Call, Jr., son ot' Mr. and Mrs. Clay Call, Sr., and Penny Tyndall, daughter ot' Mr. and Mrs. l.W. Tyndall, were elected Mascots ot' the Senior Class ot' I970. - in 'W' 'Wx -qui' X...-f '27 MARILYN MCCLAY AND GARY HILL, as editors of the yearbook, have learned to sacrifice most of their precious time. Both are ardent workers but are able to maintain their sense of humor. Marilyn participates in many of the school activities and still maintains her grade average to stay in Beta Club, while Gary enjoys playing football and has an unusual ability for making friends. JIMMY SHACKLQLFORD has done an excellent job as photographer for the annual for the past three years. His wit and casual remarks have brightened many classes at Allen J ay. Seeking the Sought-for Goal BARBARA COLTRANE is an outstanding student at A.J. of her many unique qualities. Barbara shows her school spirit by participating in Basketballg Track, Library Club, and she is President of the Senior Class. Service, dependability, school spirit, and the willingness to because 'abil as :Jill IISJQ DEBBIE VUNCANNON was selected as an outstanding student because she is such a well rounded person. She participates in Chorus, Cheerleading, F.B.L.A., and Beta Club. Debbie is a diligent Worker in everything, especially as Business Manager of the Aln-Ja-Hi. Debbie proves to be a very patient person. A shoulder more than her share of the hardwork set Barbara apart from the average student. 2,5 MICHAEL GARNER BRENDA GEORGE ROBERT GILL PAT HARDWICK BARRY HELSABECK NORMA HICKS 'itfvx GARY HILL SUSAN HOl"I"NER LARRY HOOKS 103 Confllct, Confrontauons 411-f BECKY HUFFMAN MARIEA HUGHES SHARI HUMPHERYS RHONDA HUNT KIM JARRICTT Q.: '2'T"rJ5 X DEBBIE JOHNSON RANDY JOHNSON STEVE KENNEDY 104 JANIQT KICSTLIJIR MARILYN MCCLAY NICTTIE MCNABB -1' CINDY MCSWAIN GARY MEREDITH GLENDA MILLS .,,.. RALPH MODLIN WINSTON MOODY KATHY MORROW 105 Small in Number, Big in Heart RALPH MODLIN'S friendly "Hi" and pleasant smile make him a favorite of everyone. He is one of Allen Jay's best centers for the football team. He is to be commended for the many hours he has spent in taking and developing pictures. SUSAN SPARKS was selected as outstanding student because of her various talents and participation in school activities. Susan is head majorette and enjoys drama. She won Allen Jay's first trophy in N.F.L. for Dramatic Reading. She is Miss Aln- Ja-Hi and also served as Senior attendant in thc Homecoming court. She has Worked in the attendance office two years. K. ll sane CHRIS MORTON TIM MORTON EDDIE OSBORNE KEITH OSBORNE JANE PEGRAM LYNN PETERS wig f STEPHEN PLUMMER CAROL QUESENBERRY JEANNIE ROSS 107 Oneness in Spirit, Loyalty, and Concern ALVIS ROWE SUSAN SECHREST JIMMY SHACKLEFORD SHANNON SKEEN BRENDA SMITH ggnss. mx-x KEITH SMITH DONALD SNIDER VIRGINIA SNOW 108 fr -41, JOAN GARNER has been a cheerleader for the past two years. She has participated in various club activities, but has found time to be the editor of Allen Jay's HCWSPLIPCI. C 43' -0r""O ,W - ' A :WWF -f'--vu JANET KESTLER and GARY MEREDITH have been chosen outstanding seniors because of their contribution to the many school activities. Janet has shown her scholastic ability by being elected a member of Beta Club. She has also participated in NFL and the French Club. Gary Meredith has shown great athletic ability in such sports as: Basketball, Football, and Baseball. Although Gary shows interests in athletics, you can be sure that he will keep up his academic record. WINSTON MOODY, throughout the years, has shown great ability in such fields as: Football and Baseball. His club activities include: Junior Civitan, Monogram, Hi-Y, and FBLA. Winston is also a former member ofthe Student Council. Feverish Participation SUSAN SPARKS JUDY TAYLOR FONDA TUTTLE GLENDA TYNDALL DEBBIE VUNCANNON CINDY WELCH DANEAL WIDENER KATHY WRIGHT 110 KEITH SMITH possesses outstanding grades ""'u-llunsngi. 'L 4.65 f df s,.s and scholastic ability. He holds the position of Treasurer of Beta Club, worked very diligently on the feature section of the Aln-Ja-Hi Annual, and holds positions in many other clubs. He has an exceedingly good personality and is liked by everyone, 'Nr 17 X eta- '16 Ng www W 'U F' P1 no E F 0 3. Eifiiw 5 O C 059,52-'-4 200558 Ewan Q2-fi: F, :sm ,,,:wo.3.-- OQ--,DP vf,.,,oT:-,...O0'-of--wyg mogmwa-0023.3 Heavy-:seem 0"'.-Chomcl 5-i... WETA:-..,,,mgy:1 wx Fowowaj Bfbaow gm.-.wognivgz WS-2'9+Dr:w-Zgwo' ... .... EQQSEWEHSRW ,Dwo ,,n"1cOw "" wm'!15'Hco0"':,tF'Z X49-F3 :r5w5O5'.-4 2sO52QHSaeUs ::cog.5gm33,,j,r:'4,7e U'::'u::5--45'E.,,,-Qcevbxz ESRI: ::.5vrfPO'En-ri ezeiiggsefgg PoS'1om..'!":'::r5'.. JEANNE ROSS was chief marshal at AJ. last year. She is also a member of the Beta Club. Jeanneis talent in singing has made her a valuable member ot our Glee Club. Her honesty, loyalty, and dependability set her apart from most students. Junior Class Officers Front row: Left to rightg Mike Coltrane, Reporterg Kenneth Gulledge, Vice- President. Second row: Jo Ann Moran, Presidentg Susan Chilton, Vice-Presidentg Emily Snider, Treasurerg Linda Hudspeth, Reporter. Third row: Joy Bell, Room Representativeg Barbara Rees, Secretary. Fourth row: Butch Moran, Treasurerg Carson Hill, Secretaryg Rodney Shipwash, President. 112 Juniors ' if Becky Bell Joy Bell Mike Briles Karen Brower Dale Brown Susan Bundy Jane Carter Doug Cecil Susan Chilton Mike Cochran Mike Coltrane Clara Cox Kaye Deaton Johnny Davis Cornell Dennis Jerry Dennis Randy Dezern Frankie Dildine Rita Dunbar Janice Frazier Karen Grayson Kenneth Gulledge James Gunter Libby Hedgepeth Carson Hill Tim Hudgins Linda Hudspeth Teresa Hundley Ronda Hunt Gregg Jarrett Vickie Johnson Dera.n Kearns Melissa Kennedy Steve Lassiter Diane Ledford Janice Luck Dale Macon Susan Mitchell Roger Moore Butch Moran Jo Ann Moran Eddie Moss Dickie Nunn Jimmy Overman Tradition Changed Results- Blue 1 l Buddy Parrish Margaret Parrish Danny Pegram Jerry Phillips Linda Proctor Barbara Rees Allen Robbins Rick Robertson Cara Rogers Sandra Shelar Rodney Shipwash Brenda Skeen Vickie Skeen Candy Smith Rozann Sonnenberg Emily Snider Linda Stout Gary Thayer Elaine Thomas Brenda Tucker Mike Tuggle Jerry Whitfield Jeff Younts Stones Sophomore Class Officers Front Row: Left to right: Joel Lockhart, Secretaryg Danny Phillips, Reporter, Sandy Mitchell, President. Second Row: Nancy Grant, Treasurer, Susan Rinehardt, Secretaryg Frankie James, Vice-Presidentg Janie Pearson, Reporter, Jerry Landreth, Treasurer. Third Row: Norman Kennedy, President, Charlie Mills, Vice-President. or '52, 7 l l 6 Joanne Adams Larry Anderson Kenneth Atkins Debbie Barnes Sophomores David Bodenheimer Allen Borland Craig Brewer Ronnie Brown Nancy Burton Sammy Byers Cathy Cable Denise Carroll .six X xt Wanda Carroll James Cashatt Janet Chandler Mike Cline Debbie Coltrane Jean Creasy Mike Daniels Glenda Driggers Linda Eaton John Ellcr Debbie Ellington Joe Farabee Laura Foley H blk... . -3-..,::. ,,lf:-fer: ', 'ff ..-ff. Striving for a, Goal Randy Harb Jerry Harrelson Jo Ann Hazelwood Barry Hill Ronnie Holder Pam Horne Jo Ellen Hucks Jerry Humphreys Donald Jackson Glenn Jacobs Pete Galloway Steve Gilbreth Larry Gill Kathy Gilliland Robert Goins Nancy Grant Barbara Gray Pat Griffin 118 Frankie James Dianne Johnson Ga.ry Johnson Joyce Johnson Each Trles For H1s Own Goal Jerry Landre th Debbie Langston Joel Lockhart Shirley Luck Timmy Mabe Debbie Madden Debbie Marsh Patsy Marshall J oe Mann Linda Melton Charlie Mills Sandy Mitchell Debbie Mull Must Continue, Must Work QP' Roger Potter Larry Prevost Debbie Proctor Debbie Rector Craig Rich Susan Rinehardt Gary Royals Eddie Samuel Bobby McCall Pam McKinnon Craig Oldham Melanie Oliver Janie Pearson Karen Pegram Keith Pendergraph Danny Phillips Q.. Craig Saunders Dean Scchrest Donnie Simmons Mike Sink A Future Unlimited Penny Smith Shirley Smith Gregory Spencer Dianne Stanley Deana Stout Pam Swift x.1X x X 121 Billy Talley Pam Talley Ronnie Trexler Jody Tysinger Sandy Vuncannon Vickie Whittington Alan Yarborough Phillip Younts Freshman Class Officers Left to right: Rankin Brown, T reasurerg Jean Parrish, Secretaryg Robbie Kiser, Presidentg Joanna Younts, Presidentg Betsy Modlin, Vice-President. 122 gs Freshmen ages C 7 ZW ,, ly jpg' Q, ' 4, 'Qt' ,r , 1 AL, 1' , 2 352' 7 kr rf? R 5 5QQwar ii? gfmfa Sag aurvaey vena :nn . 'W ' 'AW fy ,'2v7,.,f?:Zw1 mae " YT' I A sf-3 jx .V avx 426 ah ,X 1 " fl" Q , ff,-r v ,? s. 9 QX WW if I - 'ir--. -B T r i 123 Eddie Jo Adcock Gary Anderson Melvin Auman Edward Baker Debbie Barnes Randy Baugus Roger Blankenship Becky Boone Terry Breeden Debbie Brown Rankin Brown Susan Byers Beverly Campbell David Carter Karen Carter Rocky Carter Doreen Chambers Juanita Chandler Charles Cox Tony Dennis Christy Duncan Terri Duncan Robbin Farabee Susan Farlow Donna Flowe David Freeman Eddie Garrett Keith Goodwin Lloyd Griffin A Beginning A Certain Loneliness Steve Halsey Susan Haney Audrey Hayes Ricky Hedrick Connie Hill Charles Hudspeth Larry Humphreys William Hutson Ricky Ingram Barbara Jacobs Sheila Johnson Stanley Johnson Debbie Kersey Bonnie Key Robbie Kiser Teresa Knight Danny Lassiter Aleda Lee Lequita Lee Evelyn Lindass Rhonda Lowe Tony Mann Donna Marsh Steve Martin Betsy Modlin Debbie Moran Carol Moss Debbie McDowell iii - eff K U Q-if" VV F K N ly i 1 T if f if gk L. A Q - , 1 i an ls.. 1 wg-ff x, s - : ,M X S J 'f if A-if 3 f ' r .,. . - . V 9 I ,.... . 2 L X j X v X X S gi W 64- EW. 124 'Sf 4-x ,eww pw Sf Il X A Startling New Experience 'X ' -as 'a :V it ' A I .T il i. e W f J" X . V mm, w.. fi? w 'V wan, ,an 'B 1 QV' f 5 Z Y ' We y.. ,ry ,V- f , ' QQ W:-r f P x 125 J V. Tommy MeMickle Alan Palmer Cynthia Nelson Norma Parks Jean Parrish Kathy Patterson Vickie Peeble Johnny Peters Debbie Phillips Kenny Phillips Wanda Phillips Ricky Proctor Sandra Ransom Becky Rees Jack Reynolds Mike Robertson Vickie Robertson Sherry Shehan David Smith Sharon Stiles Mark Thompson Randy Trotter Ernie Upton Betty Vuncannon Dean Wagoner Eddie Willard Connie Wilson Jill Wright Joanna Younts K K ,,M.,,M,,,,,,,,,...f ' rw,Q,,,n,,.,,,,,,,,,,. M 1,,.hm-- A GDM M11-M V f Z ' .M..f.1 KK wfw. ...,.....1 ,, ,H-mv-'M"'f """""' "'W""""l ,N,.-,...,,.H4-,v,,. ,, ,, .., ,Nwmq U4 . Q, W- Mm-wg mm, , .. ,J-M-5 WK , ,f W,.? L., ,,, .W 4 'f-wr-1 , ..,N.. , Wm-W4-foam, . .,....,, MN, v'1-.qi ..--q--num gpsuuulllqw, "" -. ff? ff-W1 WMM, .... ..,HQ,W- Mya. - . Wg "Wi --ww--1 N-1-ng qmmnaenwmwafww-W ..,,......n..M.,..W..,,. ..,....,,......,v,...N..,..w,...,..d..u......M..,..-,., , 'N ,....wT-li M . WW, ,"'?l -"-'-sm' " .MZ dw I K ,M-wwmwp , ,mm Ummm W5 f-W-lg ,,,,,, ,.,,"m W..-Q MM-, , 3 n KM -...,M.,, M., ...1...,,, W, ,,,,. .,,,3,,,,,, , , Y 2 ""'4"l' 'M""" W5 ' vsp . -.-fm,,,,.-,,, ,,,, ,,-,,,zs:1 "'1..,...Kg,,,,,,,,.,N,,,,Jmm,,,,.-M6 n if? L A 1 rrwvlvwt Mvmw- W hw- My A I ' 5 W " ' K Q - , K v , ,. KKKKKKK K K K Y ,H . ,, ,, J we'-1,454-'1onmm KK K Kg KK K gm 57? Kvn- - MW- H.- D A 5-M M nf M ' ' K' " 'W 5, 1 ' " ' ' ' L-Trmvnf ,,,, ,, . T, , - , , , , KM, I QQ, A ,K "'A A"'-gg ' zzf - Afzfwvmnmwmwzausu- ,V Y ,, , . 222 , .1 " ' 5 4' 5 ' ' , f 2 W, fv M, f,ff .. 'fff', ' f ff I W : E -2 K f """"' . A A A We no E ' 1 ' ' f if N' "M iifm' F1 f "W L ' , ,K KK " ZI' M.4.s+,.,4. ,v,..,..,,:' ' "' M ,mm , 1 : 1 A We: f , - - - , f Z '." S - xx ,. , ,I ' ' ' 9 L 1, 224- ',',, L 2 T ' ' I Q F' 'If A in ,," 2 5' 'iitiiif Vhr' I V151 ' :As ' fi' K I "U '1 ' igig' 1 11- if ,, ' FK , K K , 41 ,,, KK UWM K K KQV.- ?g. J K- , 1. 1-W, 4 'v ,fQ 1 i Mm M .f,, A W ,, , i , MKKK if 32 ' I ff " WM' 1 :1,,.,,g ,z ....,,,,,w , fi' T' f H f ..:f f B ' . I 'Y 5 ,,,, . ' "",, ' MT: if ,,fk , H - f f ,, ,K ' f jf 3 4. i 2,3 L ,f L ,awp 1 ff A 35, ,,VV Vi K K Q K A' Z ,,,k KK K K ,M KJ, K! KK t K maanas-mum, . ,K 2 K ,,W, j ,V . , , K K , 5 J W ,,, 'L QW f 'g, 5 ' f , 1 "'- a ,K K, " 5 ' Q ff,. , V rf - , ,Y A K -,,, .,,, , ' Q, ' K 2 3: 'if ' " h 2 be : ,, ' . , ' 1 M 'I v J 5. 57 f' 'H 9? K , -1,, ,,., . 5 3 9+ ? , ,K,, , LL'i " ,, ,,, .. , 7 4 . "" "' KKK ' KKK. f . . 'KK I f KK- K fu x . H fggwqv K fr ,'KK' 'K .fb if V f L K w , KLL, KKK , 3 5 ,, ,f K. K Y' - g"gE 5fE4'f If' ,Ki L1" K , 1 K' 5 .K mywwm W ,,,,,.,,.wN--W, fb, , ff' . m v ' 2.-'i 'V,, f --,,: , ' Q WV ,'1, ' W' '- : -ffff.:fff 9 aff' gr ' .V Sl Qzh ' - 2 ' Q, ""' - H f f 7 ' ' S 'L z " ' A ' w 1 , " m. L , . ' ,.,,. ,,,, 1- ,,'.. ' , ,, 1. EZEMENTARY, A VENTURE IN PREPARA 7l0N Elementary Faculty Mr. Linwood Harris, 8th Grade Mr. Richard Hice, 8th Grade Mrs. Betty Mocbes, 8th Grade Mr. Ronald Wallace, 8th Grade Mrs. Louise Easter, 7th Grade Mr. James Hayes, 7th Grade Mrs. Rachel York, 7th Grade Mrs. Janie Brown, 6th Grade Mrs. Mrs. Mrs. Mrs Mary Bruning, 6th Grade Minnie Robertson, 6th Grade Lula Mac Williams, 6th Grade Barbara Arnold, Sth Grade Mrs. Dorothy Batson, 5th Grade Mrs. Rubye Bissette, 5th Grade Mrs. Barbara Lowder, 5th Grade Mrs. Nancy Crissman, 4th Grade Miss Vera Mae Ferree, 4th Grade Mrs. Barbara Tippett, 4th Grade Miss Patricia Chinn, Special Education Mrs. Frances Mabe, Public School Music Miss Helen Garmon, Librarian . 0 fil Fl' f he , ., ...,... or wr? X X I I 'r' fii 'F E 3 1 W tg l28 X - , X -Db ' I Q . E ' xr Q mm: 1 K F lv .W X53 , fr, , rf 4 I X' ,, - ,J f w' K r ? A E., . ..,, 4. . r 5 -.F ,, C .:' f f:-'fe' ,..4u!' .-trfff .c 'W - 45:4 -e 1, X -. :L- '.-4., ,. , ,- .et . . fr ., rt, ..:..,S,hJ X 1. :Aa X 1 ll , 32232. ..f-, t, 5 , - -A'-lfzizaaagigr-Qgg.f" . B ... .tim fi :A f::::::f: 'fn-..5:ff'if i :S KR 5 1 7 A .73 19 f X .A. A - , ,., I. ,wg -, I-f .t M Q Q -Q af X .W Y xg. . sv? 1' .- 'Y , X . .... . 'rf 1 In A L In A I X 5 f . R r: , t , ,, 1 . - 'Qiii2Ei'A .E.,.. -J I- . - r 0 r Q 'S , .r ree. S H J , , ' . ' - i My VV I K kiwi 4 to b fave w r ' is . 7X , ,T K if - 1 KKALK K K 1 zhi K KK Vciwr , KKKKKKK K :V ,K K K .sa , .r e 'Avi N I L J ' h H , . V 2 R A ., , . T itti: .1.44 .. - . 1 ikif ' S -A kk , .4 ,sl . K . 3 -6 8 KK ' K K 5 A 'J v. . ' yr . B . Y FQ- J H' . ' Bi KK KKf'vfs.j K K .K . f,KKK wV,L sq . K KV Z V,'V ef 1 K ' " 2 K 1 'a i1 , K 1 . .. , , K ,, s, . A ai? 'P K , i K t ,K K. 1' K K A is ' L iv KKK K K . ' TK . J 5 -:3., " " . .. 1 . T Lprz T Q4 ' ' fe 'M' it :,, . 'xwl lfk fx ,K "LL "-' ' za J K ,film K KK! -' K K .K K K ,GK KKK .ax K .Y +5 ,rrr I - ,,,..... K l 'X ? v , . . . ' ' K1W " h 4 ': as 'E 'R -W'Q'i: .. L Q J- S J X f- k , . i X. fi A ' h.hh' 1 . :m S "'z J K K F- , . by K Kd , K a K, FK K K . .,K, ,, ...A ea ' if Q I R T j ' F9 KKK KKKK KKKK K K2 K . ,, 1.: K K KK KKKK . ., . tli Y :J I i 'tin it L , .. 1 Eighth Grade Row one: Billy Adams, Keith Auman, Jeff Barker, Deborah Bartlett, David Bodenheimer, Gary Boone, Lisa Boyles, Danny Branch, Garry Brown, Daneal Burdett, Marty Burton, Ted Cansler Melissa Caudle. Row two: Robert Cecil, Cindy Coltrane, Jimmy Coltrane, Henry Cook, Debbie Cox, Monroe Cox, Monty Cox, Janet Craven, Larry Dailey, Karen Dennis, Kim Dezern, Sharon Driggers, Teresa Duke. Row three: David Farlow, Cynthia Foster, Larry Ellen Gibson, Gary Guffey, Ferguson, Janice Ferguson, Patsy Foley, Danny Frazier, James Frady, Shirley Ferrell, Jan Garner, Mike Goins, Mary Grant, Melvin Greer. Row four: Danny Hankins, Alice Hardwick, Diane Hardwick, Cathy Harris, Mike Hazelton, Randy Hazelton, Frankie Hedgepath, Sue Hedrick, Ronnie Hill, Linda Hilliard, Kathy Hinkle, Vickie Hughes. Row tive: Neil Hunt, Donna Ingram, Kathy Ivey, Joey James, Tommy Jarvis, Kevin Johnson, Larry Jones, Edward Kennedy, Rita Kennedy, Teresa Landreth, Clyde Lanier, Gail Lassiter, Patricia Ledford. Row six: Paul Leonard, Lynn Lowder, Carol Lowe, Rickie Madden, Keith Marsh, Patsy Miller, Ray Mitchell, Lee McDowell, Ruby McDowell, Teresa McDowell, Rebecca McNeill. Row Seven: Brenda Osborne, Renee Osborne, Jeff Overman, Cheryl Owens, Jan Pegram, Connie Prevatte, Brenda Purkey, Rhonda Ranson, Derek Reavis, Paula Rich, George Robbins. Row eight: Kathy Robertson, Pat Robertson, Donna Rogers, Terri Rogers, Steve Skeen, Pam Sheets, Mike Shchan, Charles Shelar, Randy Shropshire. Row nine: Debbie Smith, Debbie Smith, Mark Smith, Susan Smith, Johnnie Stafford, Dail Stanley, Jimmy Stanley. Row ten: Eddie Stoddard, Cheryl Stout, Tim Suits, Keith Taylor, Peggy Tucker, Pam Tuttle, Pam Tuttle. Row eleven: Randy Vestal, Kathy Walton, Janice Welch, Debra Whitfield, Tim Wiley, Susan Yates. Q R lf' J ,xi LEmAV:1 ' ' . ' Y Vgl!:z 'KWH f y 'mizz' ' Qi, it 'A fr TX K i ix A 5,3 P F U as , , gggg ,,,, , , , g y ,,,, , K A JN A , 1,,: ,,v. .L -P a' . f , 1 L, ti A iiii: A. Q NN 3, , J ,Am g r iff., J ggg V K A RL K M . ii, Awb' I , in - V 8 J' 0' .X , 1' :ir i . a n , Q as mm iv, ,,:. ,, ..,, g g , ,, . V : N f, H K. rwxy 5 1 5 X ' mr - f' .t if r l Q it .Xi .sas K Lk:.,,:E V Q ,,:55:E K n :- Q5 34 ef' :ri FJ A A min A A, . J :F I 5 H s erss tsti esttee - iii ?l -, l ittt I Atflh, ' J s .J ti' Nl , mill . .-. - :.. . .:.kE A ., k K . . :W,, . .l 11A,g.. Jeri J 'f i lfeiiik Tl ENR -s t i J t' tl A ,Jug :W Z .,.. K . x X tt. 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Row five: Jimmy Hinson, Terry Jimmy Hoover, Chris Ingram, Debra Gale Johnson, Jackie Johnson, Len Lagray Hardison, Karen Hobbs, Wanda Holder, Jacobs, Regina James, Johnson, Don Kennedy, Ricky Kennedy, Ronnie Key. Row six: Jeff Kirkman, Mike Kiser, Donnie Langston, Ricky Lawson, Roger Lockhart, Jeffrey Mabe, Toni Madden, Janet Marshall, Mary Marshall, Randy Martin, Vickie Moran, Fredrick Morgan, Johnny Morgan. Row seven: Sue Myers, Barry McCall, Debbie McCall, Winfred McDowell, Tanya McLamb, Patty McMickle, Annette Nance, Reva Oldham, Johnny O'Shields, Pat O'Shields, Mike Owens. Row eight: Dennis Palmer, Nona Parks, David Pegram, Ronnie Perry, Kim Phillips, David Potts, Donna Reavis, Dreama Reavis, Wanda Reddick, Toni Reeder, Cathy Rees. Row nine: Terrie Ridge, Jan Rinehardt, Rhonda Robbins, Ruth Ann Robertson, Abigail Samuel, Dwayne Saunders, Tina Shackleford, Kay Shehan, Debbie Shelar, Tommy Shelar, Tony Shepherd. Row ten: Terry Sloane, Ronald Smith, Garry Snow, Barry Spencer, Karen Stanley, Collie Stoddard, Gwen Suits, Sherri Surrett, Craig Thomas. Row eleven: Mike Waldon, Karen Weaver, Merle Welborn, Scott Weston, Bonnie Wilson, Diane Wright, Jerry Younts. Training Band s f M 'M Q Q A if? ,Q T ' ' f J Q it - m . 5:-'. , Q33 5351. ,BF ,, . V? X C g 'V ' 3 i , L Q 'T fi yy . f. l ' 1 -Q f w e . 1 fi 'arg . ' ' ,1 . J, . - ' A ' R ' Q T - I. ii - Q A X N ii" 'J .gb . ' .ana . , .5 if J' ' i Q Vw C, 1' 2 L A.,. i , ...ig g H 4 ,, ., In E ,E . .a 4, I. , L - , , :-' - .r s M , 1 .3 e ' . f I 3, ,E '- s J I " 'I' '-A? .J - ' . ' . w Q 5 A .K but , .f. , kk ,V M N. Q H 6. lv 9- ' V t i t 5 , ir, . ,. 5' , Front row left to right: Mary Marshall, Rita Auman, Sandra Johnson, Kim Thomas, Abbie Samuel. Second row: Rhonda Robbins, Teresa Greer, Legray Hardison, Cindy Robertson, Sandra Reddiek, Teresa Pardue, Karen West, Lynn Corn, Dennis Palmer. Third row: Merle Welborne, Ricky Gammons, Steve Pardue, Jerry Younts, Chris Ingram, Wayne Grubb, Dewayne Saunders, Ronnie Perry, Dean Welch, Mike Crissman, Kirby Matthews. Fourth row: Angela Cox. Pam Todd, Christy Boyles, Jerry Harb, Allen Cansler, Terry Lightfoot, David Pegram, Mike Waldon, Jimmy Hinson, Fred Morgan, Keith Cruthis, Sherrie Surrett, Jeff Mabe. Fifth row: Jimmy Hoover, Tim Heilig. Seventh Grade Junior Chorus Front row, left to right: Director, Mrs. Mabe, Wanda Holder, Tanya MeLainb, Ruth Ann Robertson, Toni Reeder, Susan Brown, Donna Dunlap, Regina James, Karen Hayes, Dreama Reavis, Kathy Goodwin, Darrell Cook, Jerry Younts, Fred Morgan, Dennis Palmer, Terry Hobbsg Director, Mr. Marlowe, Second row: Robin Adams, Abigail Samuel, Cathy Rees, Rita Auman, Janice Fisher, Donna Buek, Jan Rinehardt, Debbie Shelar, Teresa Freedman, Mary Helen Marshall, Sherri Surrett, Cheryl Bowman, Candy Coltrane, Mike Gul- ledge, Ricky Lawson, Mike Campbell, David Potts. Keith Dillion. Third row: Viekie Moran, Patti Beggs, Toni Madden, Daren Stanley, Ronnie Wilson, Annette Nance, Gwen Suits, Terrie Ridge, Legray Hardison, Kim Bundy, Teresa Greer, Rose Goins, Debra Causey. Ronnie Craven, Len Johnson, Jeff Kirkman, Jeffrey Mabe, Randy Martin. Fourth row: Rhonda Robbins, Diane Wright, Kim Phillips, Patty McMiekle, Susan Clo- trane, Donna Reavis, Kay Dunbar, Debbie McCall, Shelby Floyd, Doris Floyd, Dianne Boyd, Randy Dyson, Craig Thomas, Johnny O'Shields, Dennis Edmonds, Ronnie Perry, Wayne Grubb, Roger Lockhart, Mike Kiser. Eighth Grade Junior Chorus Front row, left to right: Director, Mr, T.W. Marlowe, Cathy llarris, Danneal Burdette, Dail Stanley, Joey James, Thomas Wiley, Larry Frazier, Stephen Skecn, Kim Dezern, Pam Tuttle, Patsy Miller, Sue Hedrick, Donna Rogers, Aecompanist, Mrs. Mabe, Second row: Sharon Driggers. Connie Lassiter, Mary Grant, Terri Rogers, Vickie Hughes. Kathy Hinkle, Debra Whitfield. Teresa McDowell, Cheryl Stout, Lisa lioyles. Third row: Ellen Gibson, Peggy Tucker, Teresa Landreth, Janiee Ferguson, Rickie Madden, Keith Taylor, Tommy Jarvis. Derek Reavis, Linda Hilliard, Cheryl Owens, .lan Pcgram, Rhonda Ransom, Debbie Cox, Jan Garner, Debbie Bartlett, Shirley Ferrell. Fourth row: Rebecca McNeill, Donna lngram, Pam Tuttle, Monroe Cox, Melvin Greer, Randy Vestal, Randy Shropshire, Ray Mitchell, Debbie Smith, Kathy Walton, Melissa Candle, Kathy Ivey, Carol Lowe, Kathy Robertson, Renee Osborne, Susan Smith. -. 49 ,. .fa S kqql Tbbk e ll: l ' it :JP J ' , 'if "' t , J - l ',, T "LL T 1 , ..:. ' ' :kl ,V I b , A .,,: CEST' f li :- if' ufffie i H PTT fl 1' Qi" ' .JA , - ViHE?!!i:f: ik' ' f wx .zzb " 'Wi 125' . f. , ' x.,, .5 . "1 1 '- I 95 ' ' l" - ' , , W :1 1 Q5 4' if M 5 1- - ' A , , wi ll ' . , , A k i, .ihy , if an ,si m ,E i ,k,,. i g, , ,k.A 1 . is 1 -. A , , , , f , - If L af . 1 7 ,V ill J. f 1 5 L ,iaL,,-gl.L , M x' ,.l1t'Q.Qif kk..kk . . g . 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Row two: Darrell Buck, Sandy Buck, Kenny Bundy, Sandy Burdette, Allen Cansler, Scotty Carmichael, David Cecil, Eddie Cecil, Mark Charleville, Faye Childress, Nadine Childress, Lynn Corn, Mark Cox. Row Three: Angela Cox, Mike Crissman, Sue Ann Crouse, Pete Dawkins, Donna Dildine, John David Draughn, Charles Driggers, Linda Dunbar, Chris East, Bill Eaton, Brantly Edwards, Boyd Ellis, Ann Faircloth, Mike Ferree. Row four: Ronnie Fields, Frankie Foy, Aissa Freedman, Teresa George, Karen Graves, Billy Grubb, Gail Hankins, Jerry Harb, Tim Heilig, Randy Hicks, Roger Hill, Vickie Hill, Wanda Hill, Row tive: Mike Hine, Kathy Holland, Vickie Holland, Susan Hudgepeth, Rita Hudspeth, Bruce Huffman, Larry Hunt, Donna Irwin, Luke Isley, Ricky Jacobs, David Jarvis, Ann Johnson, Mike Johnson. Row six: Ricky Johnson, Sandra Johnson, Keith Jones, Sandra Jones, Cathy Jordan, Roger Kennedy, David Key, Barry Knight, Barry Ledford, Terry Lightfoot, Janet Lockamy, Willy Lowder, Joey Luck. Row seven: Richard Marion, Debbie Martin, Pat Mason, Tina Marsh, Kirby Matthews, Pam Mitchell, Cathy Moore, Tammie McDowell, Debra McMickle, Gloria McPherson, Marty McPherson, Brenda Oliver, Ronald Oliver. Row eight: Dennis Osbome, Wayne Outlaw, Steve Pardue, Teresa Pardue, Kim Pearson, Perry Phillips, Becky Powell, Sandra Reddick, Mike Reynolds, Cheri Ridge, Cindy Robertson, Debbie Robson, Judy Rogers. Row nine: Cathy Roland, Maryanna Sechrest, Vicki Sellers, Jimmy Simmons, Linda Sink, Rhonda Smith, Sandra Smith, Mike Southards, Tony Sparks, Joey Stanley, Penny Stanley. Row ten: Sara Jane Tate, Terri Threatt, Kim Thomas, Pam Todd, David Trotter, William Veley, Susan Vestal, Kevin Wagner, Donna Washam. Row eleven: Dean Welch, Karen West, Ellen Wheat, Terry Williard, Theresa Wilson, Danny Winfree, Robin Yarborough, Pam Younger, Rhonda Younts. R . Eb :vi :E G fi n G A lil its J w ' We-A ag I , 1A:Vi : : g 4 , L. ,. WLVVV : : - 6 - Q Q e 9 :Y Q' - :Li 5 Q , 1. .lt ,J ,. 1 ' I as B dh , D Iimh as : Lzif :Qt I :W Q imm ,I ' X I g Q ' :rw I ,gk F gg. M L! K, A K 2+Qa :H IQS Q I A ' 'B it li-ma it , E ' - ' i . 5 , . , l 4 6,-iw gilgdi G 99' Ii- i if' A . 'b - .. 'L .i iiiiq, ' J . , ' L c if , J ra , C K g'..h iw' N K K xl V " f . ? 7 .Q " iv, i : Eff ,- I ' gi f k1" I , K MH W i ' ' ' J F W - .3,..l, Kill , nw J e K I -- 1 -'h- : M: s iv 1 S Q in V. J I :- Ai , 5' 4 K sax :"" ki: ' V H . x ,Q ffl Q 92 r g m ii is t g tw 'J 1 S' . , , :" ' - F . NJ? I I - 1 , 1 I ij K L' 'gli ig' t it itll ' . it T A, K - gf - J lm R I I it i M -I e iff, .. 1 r Q J J e f :X 1 : r :iit K . , a . Q e re Ti J I 1 fr , fi X ,,.L G , .x it N 'X T, ' J 1 'Ne- A riff? E Raimi. A 1 - V' 5 1. rl "4 :N l L , ,, ti Fifth Grade Row one: Johnny Adams, Lorie Adcock, Terry Aikens, Richard Allred, Andy Anderson, Joanna Atkinson, Kyle Auman, Bobbie Baker, Kim Barnes, Randy Bartlett, Renee Bartlett, Terri Blackbum, Toby Blake. Row two: Tommy Boone, Gary Brower, Mike Brown, Doug Bryan, Richard Bundy, Joey Burton, Billy Cain, Vance Call, David Cartrette, Greg Cody, Alita Coggins, Timmy Coggins, Jimmy Cooke. Row three: Ronnie Cooke, Craig Cox, Doug Cox, Karen Cox, Sarah Cox, Timothy Craven, Jimmy Crissman, Carol Cruthis, Lynn Dailey, Bobby Davis, Penny Dawkins, Debbie Deaton, Tammy Dennis. Row four: Carol Ann Dillon, Mark Dillon, Gregg Dowdy, Teresa Dunlap, Cindy East, Tammy East, Brenda Edge, Clayton Edmonds, Gary Edwards, Larry Edwards, Teresa Ferguson, Lynn Foley, Chris Foster. Row five: Paula Foster, Ricky Gallimore, Felecia Galloway, Anita Gardner, Tonda Garland, Joy Garner, Melone Giles, Donna Gilmore, Mona Goodman, Pam Grayson, Donna Greer, Gregg Greer, Shirley Griffin. Row six: Mark Haney, Tony Hankins, Brenda Harrelson, Sharon Hawks, Eddie Hill, Kirk Hines, Sandy Hoover, Jimmy Hughes, Cindy Jennings, Ray Johnson, Bobby Kennedy, Joe Kestlcr, Debbie King. Row seven: Jeff Leach, Deborah Leonard, Terri Loving, Janice Lowder, Joel Mabc, Sue Martin, Jeff Millikan, Karen Mills, Richard Mitchell, Gary Moore, Mike Morgan, Tammy Moss, Bobby McKinnon. Row eight: Ricky McPherson, Steve McSwain, Richard Osborne, Sue Parrish, Brad Patterson, Karen Patterson, Sherry Phillips, Cynthia Pope, Dennis Potts, Cindy Prevatte, Mike Reavis, Mark Robbins, Pam Robbins. Row nine: Randall Robbins, Karen Robertson, Timmy Rudd, Bart Sawyer, Ricky Sawyer, Brenda Sawycrs, Timmy Sechrest, Steve Shropshire, Tanya Sheets, Ronnie Shelor, John Skeen, James Sloan, Roger Smith, Row ten: Ronnie Smith, Cheryl Solomon, Thomas Spaugh, Kim Talley, Diane Taylor, Diane Taylor, Beth Thomas, Tammy Thomas, Rany Threadgill, Joyce Trotter, Troy Tucker, Terri Tuttle, Jeffrey Wall. Row eleven: Gary Walton, Archie Watkins, Rachal Welch, Ron Weston, Sherry Whittington, Lynda Wiley, Susan Willyard, Ronnie Wilson, Ricky Wright, Tim Yarborough, Mary Ann Yates, Tammy Younts, Marla Zachary. Qf 123:-'.Q ' ' f -sigh fa, V,-,,,. f if L.r. . e X 3 Wi i P ' S...--' s . e r : x ' . sl N Q gi J F , W . A ' :wifi W WVV:1 L , 3, 1 J ' .. ., 5. X M t 'U' at Q Y. .zilbw . ,M ,K . 0 :L o A . 1. B , X Q I , 'ff 5.55 1 y if iw A k qie N. b E 6 L 1 f. M . , , J Y 3 J. - . . :,, . ,ffl 'xr E' z A . mi a ' , , ,. K 'xM .L is RX . M my II 'x hi if , 4 Y 'J' l AJ I ' r. V 5 S . : V J 'V J e. J Fourth Grade Row one: Kay Auman, Tim Auman, Danny Baker, Donna Barger, Randy Barnes, Tammie Brock, Cindy Brower, David Brown, Karen Bryan, Nancy Cansler, Freda Call, Ricky Carrico, Sherry Carter. Row two: Jerry Cartrette, Deann Cathcart, Sara Childress, Jeff C0ggiI'1S, Chavigny Coltrane, Keith Coltrane, Denise Corn, Tim Cox, David Crouse, Jeff Cruthis, Larry Cruthis, Bobby Dillard, Sandra Doss. Row three: Keith Durham, Judy Faircloth, Wayne Foley, Tony Freeman, Billy Fritts, Pam Galloway, Bobby Garner, Joan Gilbreth, Steve Goodyear, Becky Graves, Tony Gray, Bethany Grissett, Mitzi Haith. Row four: Ronald Hardison, Terry Hawks, Larry Hiatt, Larry Hicks, Phelecia Hinson, Michael Home, David Housand, Joan Hudgins, Buck Hunt, Mark Hutchens, Joe Ingram, Carl Jacobs, Mark Jarrett. Row tive: Rickie Johnson, Ricky Johnson, Lila Jordan, Patty Kennedy, Hazel Key, Jimmy Key, Tina Kiser, Joanne Landreth, Debbie Landrum, Lisa Lassiter, Marty Lee, Ricky Lee, Jeff Madden. Row six: Donald Mattock, Bonnie Mayes, Sandra Mayes, Terry Mears, Mike Meredith, Walt Metts, Linda Morgan, Lisa Morrison, Cindy Myers, Teresa McDaniel, Darlene McDowell. Row seven: Connie McHenry, Kerry McMahan, David McMickle, Jack Outlaw, Lisa Overcash, Anita Overman, Debra Palmer, Perry Pardue, Tammy Proctor, Tina Reddick, Beth Redding. Row eight: Billy Roark, Karen Rodden, Freddie Sawyers, Mark Simmons, Robin Slaydon, Carol Smith, David Smith, June Smith, Larry Smith. Row nine: Timmy Smith, Randy Snider, Randy Snyder, Gregg Southard, Amber Staley, Cindy Stanley, Timmy Stevenson, Rita Stiles, Susan Stoddard. Row ten: Cheryl Tate, Linda Threadgill, Greg Threaty, Sherri Tucker, Terri Tucker, Joel Tuggle, Ricky Watkins, Mike Welch, Elizabeth White. Row eleven: Randy White, Tim Williard, Ronnie Wilson, Teresa Wright, Keith Yarborough, David Yates. Little League Football Front row left to right: Junior Hedrick, Coach, Marty Burton, Jeff Barker, Mike Ferree, Reed Cox, Ricky Hedrick, Mike Kiser, Pete Dawkins, Jackie Johnson, Roger Lockhart, Tim Suits. Second row: Lee McDowell, Keith Taylor, Reed Ferrec, Randy Baugus, Jack Reynolds, Terry Sloan, David Bodenheimer, Mike Owens, Keith Marsh, Barry Knight, Ray Mitchell. Elementary Y-Teens ll!! 7 f 9 5 It? ,5 r , E ,,, Front row left to right: Doris Floyd, Ruth Robertson, Karen Stanley, Terry Ridge, Regina James, Karen Hayes, Tanya McLamb, Toni Madden. Second row: Pat Robertson, Karen Dennis, Patsy Miller, Sue Hedrick, Pam Sheets, Kathy Starter, Bonnie Wilson, Teresa Freeman. Third row: Ellen Gibson, Sharon Driggers, Vickie Hughes, Danneal Burdette, Melissa Caudle, Kathy Ivey, Carolyn Neece, Susan Coltrane. Fourth row: Renee Osbome, Kathy Robertson, Jan Pegram, Donna Buck, Tammy Baugus, Tina Craven, Debbie McCall, Patricia O'Shields. Fifth row: Patty MeMickle, Susan Smith, Sue Myers, Kay Shehan, Karen Weaver, Gail Lassiter, Diane Wright. Sixth row: Rita Kennedy, Cheryl Stout, Kim Phillips, Kay Dunbar, Reva Oldham, Vickie Passmore. 135 C g fu- A 7 V' V 1 mf 1' W. ' VV V ' ' 'V " ,, V .5-+ Vw.'wV.m,gVf,VgVV.V,V,zg,,'VfV'ff.VVVV w,,, V,d2?aw39.VeV2V25::"1 - X V 'V ' -'i . U V -V 'Sian V " ,, ",' V 'V , -2. V , '- " 1 -. ' H-I 1 V " V' 1 . wg 2 ' V:,,-z-H 'Z - 'Q' '1..V: - -. 1V - , V ,V J. . V1.2'w,. 4 ,- 11,-QV-V1 A ' 1 ff ,' V 'I Q f H- -- 1 5 Y w", 'R V V , VV, " V VV ' " VV f ' ' ' VV VV ,-,g ' V ' ., I ,Q K V K V .,, V V VV - 1 ,... 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V ' V, f fAg,g., VV VV T, ' VWwg5 :-:,,,5gML ' My w .V ,,.Vyj1.-.. , V , V -1 W ' - K , ,Q ,, A, .Vg R., M" -V " , 5 , f J-jg.--V' f- ' ,wi , ' ' 'ig " , A av, K ,V ,,..,, M, my ,N , V PRIMARY, A VENTURE IN EDUCATION Primary Administration and Staff The principal and the staff of the Allen Jay Primary School work in cooperation with their counterparts at the elementary and high schools. These people are responsible for the eager and v"""""' enthusiastic spirit of learning which greets primary children as they venture into a new world of knowledge. Mr. Carl Hampton Primary Principal Mrs. Dorothy Robbins Mrs. Inez Yow Secretary Teacher Aid 138 Primary Faculty and Staff A if k, .f fr' Q" ' . sr- . e . , ,. in L E I 531 .. 2 I . . ' A-K in Q I ,f PRIMARY TEACHERS Mrs. Sara Jeanette Whitely Mrs. Linda Meadows Mrs. Lota Parrish Mrs. Elizabeth Pirtle Mrs. Majorie Younts Mrs. Beulah Andrews Mrs. Carleen Seifert Mrs. Shirley Farlow Mrs. Carol M. Turner Miss Catherine Hester Mrs. Mary Robertson Mrs. Juanita Johnson Mrs. Inez Presson Mrs. Patsy Toner Miss Carolyn Liles Mrs. Sara Ingram Miss Audrey Scott Mrs. Frances Mabe Mrs. Janet Caligan , , if ' l X L ll f U .,, Mrs. Glenn Hodgin Mrs, Elaine Bowman, Mrs. Martha Welch, Mrs. Ruth Cafeteria Manager Dobbins, Mrs. Virginia Hudson it ""'f Mrs. Loula Nelson MI. RiCh2i1'd Ingfam Maintenance Maintenance Supervisor 139 54: I six ,t ..::- X gi 5 .K ': A, f 7 , A 1 1 ZQ. W ' ,, , A ", 1 ' M - V i s I l Q 2 ee" 1 at J C Q " V, K k':hfE f ,',, ...,, 95? K V',h x f n - H L , J,L . Lg ggi. . W., . K is ,L Q if Q, , If , , L1 . S , a wi at W ,t do W ff , rl kkAV:V :ggt K Us A .Rl . itll , in ,rl , J It , .W a ll S .i K A K H V V ,A H V' ,M D H : I -lei ' lf g l A W ' t A Jzfz nwzggezez ' ur.: gi" C ,, , -'B ja, .V - N' :e W ' f H ,F A N A 'W . My .wAi 3 f up gli-55 C, f ., ..,: Us ,f:. , .Pfg K lr k k A-V K sh. J N M 2325 A Q Q f L--E ' s s it S X h l X, e J J 2 , 1 t E A t xl . . 4 , l ' , A Rl . ., ' Ak A 'Q J ' f,, gn . ,, -- ,, y ' '15 -:... -fffkk : I , , fy B. yr t ' t ddedt A' J , S of - A E Q i 'L lag, . E , L , g , ' V p 1 ,:VAb I , .4::. l' f, ll 4 4 is , '- A 1Z Q ,mf"h i fi? U, li ii Q T , 1 '- g:L ' F PM are t- ,ga s -eg we L-X , 1 A . C "11'1 C C i T , 3 B ' S Third Grade Row one: Debra Adams, Vickie Aikens, Jerry Anderson, Teresa Atkins, Lane Atkinson, Ann Barnes, Jeff Bartlett, Perry Bartlette, Randy Bean, Cheryl Beeson, Sherri Blackburn, Keith Blair, Danny Blakley. Row two: Robin Boyd, Tony Branch, Carolyn Brown, Kay Brown, Mike Burdette, Roger Causey, Michael Carico, Heneritta Cartrette, Larry Cashatt, Chris Cathcart, Danny Cecil, Myra Cecil, Lee Charleville. Row three: David Cody, Larry Collins, Kenny Coltrane, Kimberly Coltrane, Kenny Cooper, Tony Cox, Martha Dawkins, John Deaton, Randy Dillard, Pam Edge, Timothy Edwards, Beth Ellington, Eugene Ellis. Row Four: Sharon Faircloth, Debbie Flannery, Mark Flannery, Blain Foy, Ronnie Freeman, Kathy Garner, Lee George, Pamela George, Patricia Giles, Lana Gilmore, Darlene Glidwell, Mike Gragg, Tommy Grant. Row five: Becky Guffey, Mary Jo Hackworth, Kim Hawks, Timmy Hawks, Renee Hazelton, Johnny Hedgecock, Billy Hicks, Sharon Hoover, Tammy Hunt, Lindy Hutchens, Jimmy Jarvis, Teresa James, Tony Jennings. Row six: Angela Johnson, Cleve Johnson, Roger Johnson, Allen Kennedy, Vickie Kennedy, Mark King, Barry Kirkman, Dennis Langston, Kathy Lawson, Sherry Lawson, Tommy Lemasters, Lynn Leonard, Terry Leon- ard. Row seven: Caroline Lewallen, Wendy Lindass, Liz Linton, Roy Lowder, Shelia Mann, Annette Manring, David Mason,Tony Mayes, Renee Mills, Timmy Mills, Doris Moran, Teresa Murchison, Denise McGuire, Danny McMahan. Row eight: Phil Nance, Randy Norman, Timmy Oliver, Dale Ogles, Nat O'Shields, Brent Patterson, Robin Penny, Darren Perry, Tommy Pickard, Keith Pope, Mark Potts, Debra Powers, Jerry Powers, Bobby Pruett. Row nine: Michael Ransom, Sherry Robins, Gregory Roland, Karen Rudd, Brian Sawyer, Gary Sawyer, Larry Sawyers, Tammy Schultz, Warren Schultz, Philip Scruggs, Timmie Sellers, Nita Sink, Patricia Sink, Von Simmons. Row ten: Eddie Smith, James Smith, Janet Smith, Judy Smith, Kim Smith, Lynn Southern, Deborah Spivey, Danny Stanley, Maurice Stanley, Danny Suits, Beth Surmons, Johnny Surrett, Kathy Taylor, Terri Thomas. Row eleven: David Thompson, Connie Thompson, Curtis Tilly, David Tuttle, Billy Vest, Barry Vick, Jay Vick, Deborah Ward, Tim Washam, Todd Weatherman, Tommy Weatherman, Jerry Wheat, Suzanne White, Deanna Witcher. qs a ' , , '15 at -H Th as :l? .. A .Xl 2 it Kiexl H .x "" T Y 4 V I as 1 Nfl L., r Qxkf X ' Q 5. - . E be as S Q l ' Jr, -SW , s I I L kjyiy : L xy rg f E 2 Ji: J . 3 , . I ' 5 fix - ag ,sr S ittieivve i . A f ,sm ar.. i f A Lf ' s J L - 9 F2 2 J , W 1 v M as A ii , -as I e, v, 1 e 3 '-e- g j , -.- fa q, J .K J i i Ll' 'b--'L K Qi? ,Q y I lf l it Q l t s L T' r at A if . W t 5 P .s to X391 ill 9 L tii f iff ld ' K- ' ..p- 'LN . G g ,-,' ti- ,L,, iw ,z ' 'L HHOO OLH L F .Wi , - tsunami: wif Y f f ' a r ia A l J: r , S L 2 .ILALA AKEN' , 1 Second Grade Row one: Angela Adams, Arnold Allred, Jenny Adams, Cindy Andrews, Sheila Aikens, Sonya Burton, Kathy Bunn, Shari Bundy, Ronnie Bundy, Larry Buck, Donnie Brower, Tonya Brock, Ricky Boyd. Row two: Terry Bodenheimer, Donny Blakeley, Sherry Baugus, Debra Barnes, Gregory Ballard, Eric Baker, Gloria Causey, Laura Causey, Tony Causey, Lee Cecil, Jeffrey Cox, John Cox, Randy Cooke. Row three: Mark Crissman, Terry Crouse, Britt Dillon, Kenny Driggers, Vickey Driggers, Lynn Edwards, Rocky Edwards, Donald Efird, Jeff Ellis, Jonathan Farlow, Michelle Fausnett, Peggy Ferree, Teresa Flowe. Row four: Scott Floyd, Earl Foley, Jewel Foy, Tommy Fritts, Kay Garner, Gary Gilmore, Tanya Gilmore, Duaine Glidewell, Ronnie Grissett, Randy Grubb, Micheal Hackworth, Daren Haney, Mark Hankins. Row five: Janice Harris, Toni Hayes, Barbara Hepler, Kathy Hill, Herman Hoffner, Sharon Holt, Joey Hoover, Dean Ingram, Eric Johnson, Johnia Rae Johnson, Kathy Johnson, Rodney Johnson, Nancy Jones. Row six: Vann Jones, Eddie Jordan, Audrey Key, Pam King, Penny Kirkland, Ricky Kivett, Darryl Knight, Renee Lamb, Darlene Langston, Molly Lemasters, Terry Lemasters, Denise Lomax, Mike Lowder. Row seven: Kirk Manring, Daphene Mills, Kellie McDowell, Richard McMahan, Danny McPherson, Scott Nifong, Scott Norman, Marsha Oakley, Jeff Oliphant, Mary Outlaw, Carla Overcash, Deborah Owens, Lynn Owens. Row Eight: Jane Palmer, Tamara Penny, Jennifer Phillips, Jimmy Phillips, Jerry Pickard, Terry Pickard, Gary Pierce, Wendy Pope, Debbie Potter, Scott Powers, Gloria Ratley, Deborah Reeder, Lynn Redding. Row nine: Sharon Redding, Ann Rich, Misty Ridge, Johnny Robbins, Loretta Robinson, Jackie Roland, David Sawyer, Steve Sawyer, David Scism, Fran Scruggs, Mark Sechrest, Dale Shelar, Gail Shelar. Row ten: Daniel Smith, Jeffrey Smith, Randy Smith, Tommy Smith, Tammy Solomon, Allen Sparks, Rebecca Stanley, Sheila Stewart, Jerri Leigh Stiles, Tammy Teer, Linda Todd, Sherri Truesdale, Toni Varner . Row eleven: Woodie Vest, Sanford Vuncannon, Rachel Ward, Darlene Welch, Susan White, Dina Willard, Dale Wilson, Faith Wilson, Timmy Witcher, Gracie Wright, Jeffrey Wyatt, Denah Yarborough, Cindy Yates. , S R f :: ,J as -... , 1 qt, - -5 V, - an ,A ,Ng W ,K Q A J, gg if an . . , t .S X , , p p ,ali J is 4 rf 'X . ix 8 " I D 4 , 2. K V VL I 'sim Q, - , it - ,,, ,. . 3 5 iw ,J I :.:: ,J so ' ff . . 3 . LII. l, .ylt A r M : E xi ., I I . , 1 " 5 N . . A p q: , It f- ' Ai if. . I T gzr ' ,, W A ff? Lk K i KANK X fp, '1.: ' I -. ,tx 1 K J: gr ll gk by , ,, , 1 , J J 1 its frm Hii " J If , 7 ' ,K , v a- E15 -5 121 , k-k '. - '4-.. pn .SMH 1 . . . . . . ' hh a ' A - 2 , . if 1 , 5 5 iffi A as .-fr J t ii J? 2 i tQ V .fi if . A A L'x' A x A A ' kJ:7 If ,I ' . ,Q ,Q i ,K , Q., I M s . i it I . it . First Grade Row one: Kandy Adams, Phil Angel, Kim Ballard, Sammy Blackwell, Dale Bean, Teresa Blackburn, Todd Blair, Kevin Blake, Steven Blevins, Kyle Brewer, Jeffrey Bunch, Keith Byrd, Brian Campbell. Row two: Edward Cannaday, Penny Carroll, Phillip Cartrette, Kimmy Causey, Wayne Coltrane, Jeff Conrad, Travis Cooley, Dale Cox, Debbie Cox, Inga Cox, Rebecca Creasey, Sherry Crouse, Danny Cruthis. Row three: Richard Cruthis, Tammy Davis, Martha Deaton, Pat Dildine, Vickie Dillard, Sandra Dunbar, Bobby Eaton, Diane Edmonds, Harry Faircloth, Jeffrey Farlow, Mickey Fender, Quintin Ferguson, Jeff Fields. Row four: April Floyd, Sarah Frye, Todd Gaddy, Sherry Garland, Shawn Giles, Craig Grant, Tina Hash, Eric Hayes, Bruce Hiatt, David Hill, Judy Hines, Robbin Hinkle, Nancy Holland. Row five: Billy Hoover, Cray Hucks, Mark Hucks, Donna Hudspeth, Sheila Huffman, Jimmy Hutchins, Steven Hyder, Bill Ingram, Timmy Jenkins, Janice Johnson, Gary Jones, Mica Kearns, Margie Key. Row six: Steve Kirkland, Tammy Kiser, Helen Lakey, Robert Lawson, Jill Leach, Sherri Lee, Steve Leonard, Ben Linton, Roger Mabe, Tammy Marsh, Rita Marion, Pam Martin, Harriet Matthews. Row seven: Jeff Mayes, Scottie Millikan, Janice Mills, Robin Mills, Lisa Mitchell, Archie Morgan, Camrnie Murchinson, Jeffrey Myers, Susan McCoury, Lori McDaniel, Terry McDowell, Jimmy McHenry, Lori McMahan. Row eight: Micheal Northey, Darrell Ogles, Susan Oliver, Lewis Osborne, Michael Outlaw, Sherri Overman, Keith Owenby, Debbie Patterson, Ronnie Perdue, Dennis Phillips, David Prevost. Row nine: Jerry Price, Jeanne Purkey, Craig Reddick, Angela Rich, Michelle Roark, Crystal Robbins, Sharon Rodden, Pete Runyan, Rhonda Sink, Donald Sink, Debra Smith. Row ten: Mary Smith, Rusty Smith, Tony Smith, Tina Snow, Tommy Southard, Mark Sports, Robbie Stanley, Mary Surmons, Kevin Thompson. Row eleven: Wayne Thornsbury, Kim Varner, Melissa Vestal, Pam Ward, Lisa Wheat, Sheila Weavil, Teresa Whittington, Mike Witcher, Tony Yarbrough. le fl s 4 ix , i img? W A 4' 1 an rm '- . , r ii ,,.Q1 W'1Qg .1 ,zyi llli' li - ., fra 2 ,, Mx Q Aj l New world and new ideas are discovered in books Primary students examine local fire engine Q ,W I ami: r ' E' siif s l v' " " oflsi . E I Wmmicy 3 so .4 s s 1 Reading lessons prove valuable to primary students Primary students are excited over pictures 143 V' .. 'L 3 .V V " 1 V Vftwf' M Zfndii' V Vi- 5 f 'gliiff . 'VI L VV: 1 , V 1 V. .V ' M - . V .1 Z V., ., ,P K. VV V, Vg. A , KVVVMQ., 'QV V , M, M I 1: , ' -. V 2 A f fi V ' V ' ' x H- , 7? 25:5 'A I ' M"5V5-5V-VAS -- +14 "j.e'-.V,-,A . V 'V V' ' an A .4 ' Vsfi .Q ,V f ,fYfV.f'i'7' ' Tl, -5 Q - ' J iii? 'fifi A 'V i f, it V VV 5 ' , ,,.. .V . V , V V,-. 3' I , wa-,X fi. V 5+ fa if H 'iv 2 ,.,, .? V, J W j if J' M 325 QV 2 xx , .A ,,1:,:,E . V V ,VV ' V 'VM f pg 1 3 V , . A P A , x KV . N. j 5 Q22 Vrr- ff 6 I s ."' - K. r 4' V M.. Lxs V I ' A , - M' Qf, V .VL X Wx R 4 ' 4 , f- ' . ,W N. . M- ,V V, . ' M-M-MV--W -W ., 'tg' 4 , A' . ' A V f 'J ' 5 . 'lh V VV ' KK,. W W .,V:V,f:5 f. ,.,, , -V 4:-f' VV, ' 2' 'A ' ' M ' " " VV' ' . 'L ' -ff 'A v , X, ,. V -V-rf , ' ,, yn, I pf- - . -., , Nff ,gp-gg, ,,,. V .V 5 4 wfV.!f15'f. , " 'M fi . - V' ?"fgf'?xf ' ' 1 " W V' W V3 A V 5 V 1 ' "' 1 1 1- ,. 1- ,V V ,V V. - ",, QV ' . I . .--. ' f.?w.d'Vi'iwfV . ' -' V, V' '4 fi ' 'mbL f AV V f Q., M 32. 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'rift ,-,, A w VV, z,V V"f?y1"'i!y T,'X'?VfV'i1.ri' VV VV , . , , F . ? V . ' VVV. V V VV V ' J iii, 42 : . . ' f , V I ' 3?t16f1-Vt5VVVfwV'+ tk ,V V . , I, V V V" ' V , , VV v A ff , ,V'lA3,g-Hg'-, Nqr it 31,1 ' 1, - . V 4 ' . 1 I V5 wr15:fiz':'MV,fA V . V V ' .fa V. .5 .VV V 21 V -x- 4 V ' A 'Aw' ' Jr "f ,,,. . " ' ' V 'Y' ' , ,V K ' 'Z VJ 735 " V, ft, ,.zP',Vw M ' ' - Q5 m X V' fax' Va, fm 'ff 'V- ' K 2' " M K ,V , Q-V 4. 'Vg "Q "" " Jvff : V Y' f ix, if f ' 3554 ' , ""A f. , ,k' h' V I . V 'L 4 A ,. 'LL, f H X , V J -3 -,,- ,, ,, V Vx? ' V I V TV! as "Kf' ' V, . rr- ' 1 HM V' , 'W'f Q .5 2f2-,a3f.:e2i1.1-MVP' 2 if V ,':-, ' 7 -' V fi ' """ ' . Y 57' VV W-,, W, W,,L w , .L,f VV .,,, 1 VV ,V V, 'L :i 1 V ' ' 'Q VJ'i :i VV .f QV A A V 7 E fh R 'F-' L' :VL-K Q A 1 WV . ji HEQVQZ nf' ?,-gf' o fV,fff,JQ 5 ' Vf .3 V 'i-- V, V, L, V ' ,, ,M J - - . ' K Nw M, if ,,, V113 ' ,". Y , ,,.,, ' gf' , . "f' - V" , - ' , ' VV 1.e,Vfi'z1 f '-'f Q f.. 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Cline Mrs. Nancy Coggins and Children Virginia Coggins Barbara Coltrane Robert Coltrane Susan Coltrane Commercial Finishing Company Coy and Barbara Custom Craft Auto Trim Shop John Dickey Debbie and Gary Ding-Dong Mr. and Mrs. A.H. Dunning Chiquita Durham Mr. and Mrs. Ira L. Echols Brantley and Lynn Edwards John D. Edwards Elmer Farlow Mr. and Mrs. John Farlow Mr. and Mrs. Avery Faw Mr. and Mrs. Matthew Ferguson Mike Garner Gene and Debbie Brenda George Gerald and Mariea Glenda and Virginia Mr. and Mrs. Melvin Greer Mr. and Mrs. Linwood A. Harris Mr. and Mrs. L.C. Haynes Billy and Shirley Hicks Norma and Annie Hicks Junior Shives T Mr. and Mrs. Clifford Hill Mr. and Mrs. J.E. Hooks Patricia Huffman Steven Gray Huffman Mr. and Mrs. Roy C. Hunt Tonya Renee Hunt Mr. and Mrs. Edward E. Hussey Johnny and Debbie Janice and Mike Janet and Gary Jeritta Kestler Gary Johnson U.S. Marine Corp Mr. and Mrs. Reece E. Johnson Vickie Ann Johnson Mr. and Mrs. James E. Kestler Ricky and Sherry Lawson Mark, Britt and Joe Mr. 84 Mrs. Charles McCall 81 Family Ellen S. McRae Johnnie McKinnon Stephen McSwain Lisa Mickey Marsha and James Mr. and Mrs. B.R. Mickey Mike and Rhonda Hunt Mike and Cindy Mr. and Mrs. L.E. Modlin Mr. and Mrs. J.M. Morrow and Kathy Mr. and Mrs. Robert F. Morton Mr. O.E. Moye Mr. and Mrs. W.R. Myrick Mr. and Mrs. Molt Pate Pat and James Danny Phillips "The Jolly Green Giant" Mr. and Mrs. Ronnie Prevatte Alfred E. Prevatte Mr. and Mrs. Howard Oakley, Marcia James Leonard Olvey Mr. and Mrs. R.W. Osborne Mr. and Mrs. Eugene Robbins Bt Family Mr. and Mrs. Darrell Saundersg Craig gl Dwayne Shack and Wanda Buster Shepherd Mrs. J.A. Sloop Mr. and Mrs. Jimmy Stewart Mr. and Mrs. Dean Taylor Bobby Tuttle Mr. and Mrs. William L. Thomas Mr. and Mrs. Woodrow Thomas 81 Jean Mr. and Mrs. Houston Tuttle Carleen White Mr. and Mrs. E.M. Willard Mr. and Mrs. C.B. White Mr. and Mrs. Zeno Wright Mr. and Mrs. Hoy Yarborough, Sr. Paul and Helen Younts Mr. and Mrs. Quentin Yow VICKERY CHAPEL ESSO BUSTER COX USED CARS Buster Cox, Owner 84 Frank Causey, High Point, North Carolina Mgr. GILBRETH UPHOLSTERING CO. Manufacturers of Upholstered Furniture Re-Upholstering of All Types of Furniture Phone: 431-2812-Route 4, Box 271 C.C. Gilbreth, Ovvner-High Point, N.C. CREATIVE DESIGNS 1947 W. Green Drive 883-4412 883-4610 GRANT HOSIERY MILLS, INC. 1204 Dills Street CROSS ROAD GROCERY 800 Surrett Drive High Point, N.C. Phone 431-3900 GUILFORD OPTICAL CO. High Point, N.C. COMPLIMENTS THE DOG HOUSE CAFE HESTER'S TRADING POST "anything for the horseman" Rt. 3 Box 239A High Point, N.C. Hwy. 311 South F 84 B TRUCK LINE INC. E. College Drive High Point, North Carolina Phone: 883-0210 Fred Murrow, President HIGH POINT WOODWORKING CO. INC. Giles Street 431-1139 HOFFMAN FRAMES FCX , , Rt. 3 Feed, Seed and Fertilizer 431-1710 FARIFIELD PLAZA 2831 South Main 431-5410 HOLIDAY 66 SERVICE STATION W. Green Dr. Ext. 883-4625 FASHION SHOP JACK'S BEAUTY SHOP 118 W. Broad 1140 S. Main St. 882-8018 883-6826 A'DONNA BEAUTY SALON 1706A English Rd. High Point, N.C. 8839811 Free parking on bus line Call us for your Hair Care 84 Beauty Need Compliments of BRENTWOOD ATLANTIC SERVICE 1909 E. Green Dr. ALLEN VENEER CORP. 101 South Hamilton High Point, N.C. Spliced Face Veneer Ready to Lay BRILEY FURNITURE CO. 2510-14 S. Main St. High Point, North Carolina ARCHDALE MATTRESS COMPANY 224 Trindale Road Archdale, N.C. V.M. Kimrey Phone-431-2815 BYERLY UPHOLSTERY COMPANY 224 Ranch Drive High Point, N.C. ASHEBORO ROAD SERVICE STATION 2229 S. Main St. High Point, N.C. Ph. 888-7226 "Freddie the Freeloaders Favorite Hangout!" Mr. 84 Mrs. Clay Call and Son "You Save Because We Specialize" ASTRA BRAKE SHOP Dallas Pendry 1414 English Road Ph. 882-0627 High Point, N.C. 27260 MARY CARTER PAINT STORE 1312 S. Main Street 882-8915 BAlLEY'S FLOWERS 84 SHRUBS 1905 E. Green Dr. Phone: 882-1421 CASEY'S TACKLE SHOP Fishing Bait 81 Supplies Phone 431-3812 BIG MOOSE CURB MARKET AND GRILL 427 S. Wrenn St. High Point, N.C. CENTRAL PLUMBING COMPANY 315 Ralph Dr. 431-4923 BOYLES AUTO PARTS 302 N. Wrenn High Point, N.C. COPE'S GARAGE 3500 Kivett Drive JACKSON'S MOBILE TV SERVICE Telephone 883-9437 1412 Valley Ridge Drive High Point, N.C. MONROE The Calculator Company Burt Goodson Roger Puckett KOONTS REALTY, INCORPORATED-REALTORS Odell H. Johnson, Exec. Vice-Pres. 132 Church Street High Point, North Carolina MURROW'S TRANSFER 708 W. Fairfield Phone 431-2123 2000 Baker Rd., High Point, N.C. 27263 MACON MACHINE CO., INC. Manufacturers of Rotary 84 Paddle Type Hosiery Dyeing Machines Compliments of MYERS' GROCERY MAC'S GRILL 2309 S. Main Sandwiches 84 Beverages QUALITY SHOE STORE, INC. 137 S. Main Street High Point, N.C. JIMMY MALPASS AUTO SALES New "Specialist" Used Our Satisfaction Is A Happy Customer 1111 South Main St. Business Ph. 883-7116 RED HOUSE FURNITURE 408 East Washington St. Phone: 882-9416 MARKLINE FURNITURE CO. 706 Gaines Avenue 431-2102 RELIABLE BEDDING 1601 Cloverdale St. High Point, N.C. Phone 883-0648 MARSHALL FINISHING COMPANY Finishing and Refining Route 4, Box 265 High Point, North Carolina Phone 431-3971 RICHARDSON'S DEPARTMENT STORE 133 South Main Street High Point, N.C. Compliments of MODEL BARBER SHOP ROSE RADIO SALES 84 SERVICE Motorola Radios 84 Television Johnson's Outboard Motors 438 N. Wrenn St., High Point, N.C. ff I XF X STUTT'S MEN'S STORE 126 South Main Street High Point, North Carolina Phone 431-1914 Residence 431-3882 ROYALS INSURANCE AGENCY H. Clay Royals Auto-Fire-Lite Highway 62 Archdale, N.C. TAYLOR'S PHILLIPS 66 SERVICE, INC. 1301 South Main Street "We Never Close" Phone 888-6961 High Point, North Carolina SAMPLE SHOE STORE "Shoes for the entire Family" 119 North Main Street High Point, North Carolina 27260 TRACEY'S BARBECUE 1011 E. Green Drive High Point, North Carolina 882-9613 SHEETS GROCERY 84 HARDWARE Route 4 High Point, North Carolina Phone 431-3015 TREXLER'S APPLIANCE 219 Trindale Road Archdale, North Carolina Phone 431-4814 SLOOP'S FIRE-EXTINGUISHER SALES AND SERVICE Phone 882-3855 883-1944 SPENCER gl PARLIER BROTHERS TV-Appliances 2515 S. Main Street Phone 882-4822 or 884-8340 Cletus, Gene 81 Jerry SHEPPARD HARDWARE 2401 S. Main Street High Point, N.C. CHARLES E. PICKARD SOUTHLAND LIFE INSURANCE COMPANY 150 Church Street High Point, N.C. SNR INCORPORATED Henderson Street High Point, N.C. SHEAR MAGIC BEAUTY SALON 3204 South Main Street High Point, North Carolina Telephone 431-1215 Bobby Knight STATE FARM INSURANCE 101 E. Lexington High Point, North Carolina 1242 PAUL SMITH'S HOME STUDIO S. Main St. Phone 885-2639 High Point, North Carolina Home Phone 431-1367 150 TRIANGLE SANDWICH SHOP 1001 Hickory Chapel Road curb service and phone orders 886-8993 FATHERS and SONS JOIN YMCA INDIAN GUIDES TRINDALE BARBER SHOP Phone 431-1415 GOSPEL HOUR W.H.P.E. A.IVI. 11:00 A.NI. Monday-Friday ALLEN JAY BEAUTY SHOP Route 4 High Point, North Carolina Phone-431-5139 WEST FAIRFIELD SERVICE 732 W. Fairfield Rd. High Point, N.C. Groceries-Produce-Gas WEST GREEN NU-GO SERVICE 2022 West Green Drive High Point, N.C., 27260 Phone 883-6025 Compiiments of the ALLEN JAY STUDENT COUNCIL FRANK WHITE'S GROCERY 1026 E. Fairfield Road High Point, North Carolina Phone 431-3715 BENSON WHITEHEAD SOUTHLAND LIFE 150 Church Street Insurance Company High Point, N.C. 27261 Bus: 882-6221 Res: 889-7431 ARCHDALE PRINTING CO., INC. 30311!z South Main High Point, N.C. WILLIAMSON TIRE SERVICE Gene A. Williamson 207 W. Commerce St. Bus: Phone: 885-2430 High Point, N.C. Res: Phone: 454-1580 Color Black SL White BOB'S RADIO St TV SERVICE 906 Lindsay Street High Point, N.C. CARTER ELECTRIC 1708 Deborah Street High Point, N.C. Phone 885-4721 "We Sell Service" Phone 385-7964 GOERGE CLEIVIENTS REALTY BUNDY ELECTRIC 3031 South lVlain St. High Point, North Carolina Electrical Contractor Telephone 431-1131 Commercial Industrial it ,,,,, ,,,ll - ,, , ,,,,, , ,, Residential Electric Heat 431-3863 BURCHFIELD'S SERVICE 2900 South lVlain High Point North Carolina 431-3112 CLOVERLEAF SUPERMARKET 2020 S. lVlain St. High Point, North Carolina WHERE QUALITY FOODS AND LOWEST PRICES POSSIBLE ARE ALWAYS AVAILABLE THE CAROUSEL BEAUTY SALON 206 Hayden Place High Point, North Carolina Phone 882-8453 .7 . ,,., it ,,, COMMERCIAL CARVING 1010 Randolph Street Thomasville, N.C. Phone 475-2301 CRISSMAN FOOD 81 SERVICE STATION Gasoline-Kerosene-Fuel Oil 1201 E. Fairfield Road Phone 431-3568 CROSSROAD CURB MARKET P.L. Lawson, Jr., Owner Corner of Unity and Blair Street Thomasville, N.C. Phone: 476-4150 Kascot Kosmetic Distributor ELITE BEAUTY SALON 1345 N. Nlain St. High Point, N.C. we specialize" When it comes to hair styles, 882-0319 Owners: Bonnie 84 Judy Smith 3012 English Rd. High Phone: 882-2616 ENGLISH ROAD SUNOCO Complete Auto Service "Best Service In Town" Point, N.C. Distinctive .... but not expensive HAROLD C. DAVIS FUNERAL HOME N. Main at Farriss Ave. Archdale, GRAY'S JEWELRY Diamonds-Watches-Clocks Guaranteed Watch Repairing N.C. Phone: 431-2313 DILLON AUTO REPAIR Ph. 431-1614 Highway 62 High Point, N.C. HICKORY INN Specialize in Fine Breakfast" 2223 South lVlain St. High Point, N.C. Phone: 883-4424 Carson Pierce HIGH POINT CONCRETE PRODUCTS 714 E. Fairfield Rd. High Point, North Carolina DINK HILL SEPTIC TANK Route 4 High Point, North Carolina Phone 431-4978 HIGH POINT LANES 2100 North Main High Point, North Carolina Bowling ls For The Entire Family" Your Dodge Dealer For 42 Years HORACE G. ILDERTON, INC. Dodge 81 Dodge Truck 701-09 South Main Street High Point, North Carolina HIGH POINT QUICK LUNCH 108 East Washington Street High Point, North Carolina INDUSTRIAL FINANCE 323 South lVlain High Point, North Carolina HIGH POINT RECORD MART 148 South Main Street Phone 883-7642 LOWE'S PHARMACY, INC. 3220 South Main High Point, North Carolina OLD DOMINION FREIGHT LINE No. "5" P.O. Box 1189 High Point, North Carolina "Our Service Earns Your Confidence" RODDEN FURNITURE STORE 2301 S. lVlain Street J fx K' , I - Wi' 1' l Vai, 51 V11 'V' 21 T J llwill l M lulllw l,F W , Y Compliments of PERCO PIEDMONT ELECTRIC REPAIR COMPANY ROSE FURNITURE STORE 214 S. Elm St. Phone 882-6871 Carpet-Draperies-Furniture-Appliances Free Parking PIEDMONT SAVINGS AND LOAN ASSOCIATION 700 North lVlain Street High Point, North Carolina 27261 Telephone 883-4116 SEAWELL,S TREE SERVICE Phone 431-5532 or 885-8484 Topping, Pruning, Fertilizing, Cavity Work, Taking Dovvn And Clearing Lots Free Estimates-Reasonable Prices Route 4, Box 33 High Point, N.C RICKIS GROCERY 81 GRILL Intersection Hvvy-62 84 610 High Point, N.C. Phone: 431-4388 SHORE DRY CLEANING CO., INC. 501 English Road High Point, North Carolina Compliments by SKY CITY DISCOUNT Fairfield Plaza High Point SOUTHERN SEATING CO. 885-2809 817 Ward Street SLOOP AUTO SERVICE 804 West Broad Avenue High Point, North Carolina Phone 883-1944 SOUTHERN WELDING St MACHINE CO., INC Day or Night Phone 883-1981 Structrual Steel Erectors Crane Work 84 Rigging Service Route 4 Box 93 Cox Avenue CLAYTON SMITH Landscaping 84 Mobile Home Park SUPERB SERVICE STATION NO. I Ovvner, Charles Skeen Corner West Green and Trinity Avenue SOUTHERN CHRYSTLER PLYMOUTH New 84 Used Sales Complete Body 84 Shop Repair 901 South Main 883-7111 TALLEY'S AMERICAN SERVICE "Come See The Friendliest Boys In Tovvn" 1925 Brentwood Street High Point, North Carolina Phone-883-2623 Word Foods, Inc. Bread Coke T lP+TOB WHITES TEXACO SERVICE 3224 South Main Street Phone-431-3415 WILLIAMS FLGWERS 81 GIFTS TOBIAS "Quality Flowers plus High Point Personal Attention" Phone: 431-2121 Asheboro 4018 South Main Street High Point, North Carolina 65135 Dacron 81 Cotton Slacks Nu-iron Permanent Press by ':" ge .1 BRAND l 1. 1 ' fx ,f ,,, ,rf ' lltlel l o S 1 I Archclole Oil Company V, t--' ,4K ,. X ' ' ""' " Q "'i'1" I Archdale, N.C. I it . ii E,W .,.r 431-1111 11,.- lj 1 . frilr 5511931122121-'ew ' , . f ester, 351, Con1bed . 1' If ?55lf'W'3""?T."'W 31251 5 " ,f.31 d e 2942 N b It 28 38 DPtTd rk Archdole Soda Shop 3313 South Main High Point, N.C. 431-2813 things go b tt emgfth Q56 'H Coco-Colo Bottling Company Compbell's Gift And Wig Solon "Unusual gifts for any occassion and hair pieces to suit every need." 3035 S. lVIain Street Southgate Shopping High Point, N.C. Center Phone 431-6715 Thomasviile, N.C. Phone 476-7910 Crescent Upholstery Co Route 3 High Point, N.C. Phone-431-51 16 EIIington's Florist Crestlite Uph. Co. And Greenhouses 2803 Kivett Dr' "Flowers for Every Occasion" Phone 885-5225 PD- BOX 1897 2418 S. Main St. Phone 888-4032 882-6217 BROAD AY CHESTNUT Factors, Inc. OFSAELTLE -o 1305 S. Main fa. ' 2 'H or b .lf ff V-X X High Point, North Carolina EW I ,En f , I ,i '5 ,, Sf '- . Wiezzfiefz Z riff? -mfr 'W V 8 ? 94 ' ' Di11fE855045 159 Fairfield Golf Club HWY 62 East Nine Hole Regulation Course "Well Trapped" 328 Bermuda Greens Foy s Garage 1702 English Rd. Plaza Barber Shop Fairfield Plaza High Point, Norlh Carolina "Five Barbers to Serve You" Furniture City Gulf "Complete Car Servicen 2111 South Main St. Phone 882-3913 Griffin Upholstery Company Manufacturers of Living Room Furniture P.O. Box 626 High Point, N.C. 27261 Highland Motors, Inc Telephone 882-0116 805 N. Main St. High Point, N.C. Heritage Furniture Company Division of Drexel Enterprises, Inc. High Point Bank And Trust Company Hour Gloss Cleaners Hurley's Grocery 4401 S. Main High Point, N.C. Hudson Studios High Point, North Carolina Jock Hurt Body Shop 203 East Washington Drive High Point, North Carolina Jack Hurt Phone-885-5813 That perfect girl deserves the Perfect gift, a Perfect Love Diamond." Jewel Box 139 S. Main St. High Point, N.C. 27260 Store Phone 919-883-0827 W. Gordon Causey, Manager - 1:-35 K... E it I' '- We . 1 Mail,- . M, , ,W ,.,.,,.,, - Master Kleen "Americas Finest Dry Cleaning Service" Dollar Days Every Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday NIAITEQ UNE Hnun cLsAmNs Marsh Furniture Company High Point, N.C. Manufacturers of Fine Kitchen Furniture Since 1906 Mitchell Septic Tank Service Septic Tanks Installed Cleaning 81 Ditch Digging Phone 4-31-4-412 - 431-3710 708 E. Fairfield Rd. John Nurney Insurance 842 South IVIain 885-4169 Oscar's Fine Foods 319 South Wrenn Street High Point, North Carolina 'Tor The Best In Town" Manager, Emma Ferree Ornamental Iron Crafts 700-B-Old Thomasville Rd. High Point, N.C. 27260 Floyd Dawkins Phone 885-6316 J. Frank Joyce 887-5118 Compliments of Phillips-Foscue Corporation Rol-A-Rink 2441 North Main Street Phone 882-6512 2611 South Main Street Phone 885-6626 Scott Garten Buick, Inc. High Point Phone 883-1411-12 819 North Main St. High Point, North Carolina 27262 , o Raynor s Paint :::::: :::::::::::: 'f' : O 25 .t Aluminum Co. ' 1 1 sh I f '39 1 at tu 0 1 .. fl... 11: 1' E Pl PILOT LIFE -- A GOOD COMPANY TO WORK FOR A GOOD COMPANY TO BE INSURED WITH Pilol liie Insurance Co- in 'n 'r 'r 4+ 'I 0 r 'I 'r 4: in 4+ fr J Sears 101 South Wrenn Street "Sears carries a complete line of men's and women's fashions" s l Sparks Appraisal and Adjustment Service Inc. Ed Smith Septic Tank Service Repair Pumping Instalation Office Phone: 431-1812 Home: 431-4726 High Point I .. mi .ly Swaim of High Point Upholstered Furniture Creations Box 449 High Point, N.C. 27261 Tel. 882-8131 Turpin Electric Co. Phones: 883-1016 882-4400 Lighting Fixture Show Room IndustriaI-CommerciaI- Residential Wiring 1616 English Road HIGH POINT, NORTH CAROLINA CLYDE L. TURPIN, PRESIDENT IVI WOMEN WITH A SENSE OF STYLE PREFER ONARCH CARPETS distributed by George T. Wood 8. Sons, Inc 1100 TRINITY AVENUE HIGH POINT, N.C Varner Electric, Inc. 237 W. Russell St. High Point, N.C. Phone-882-6627 's , -- -". f' ,1 .S P si , H I 6 iffzf ,W Q ACTION REALTY COMPANY 2926 South Main Street High Point, North Carolina Phone: 4131-4615 -Sgrvice mrs Joe Bland ARTHU R'S PHARMACY "A Good Drug Store" 1248 S. Main St. QNext to Outdoor Sports Inc.j High Point, North Carolina Phone 883-7955 168 STEAK HOUSE Dine With Al Boling Buddy's Auto Trim Boat Tops and Seat Covers Tailor-IVlade Seat Covers and Floor Mats, Healiners, Convertible Tops, Landou Tops-Original Materials Replaced Phone 883-7824 Buddy Ingold 2203 W. Green Dr. Tony Poe High Point, N.C. 169 COOPER TRANSFER CO. High Point, N.C. Freight specialist - Professional Movers "Nothing to sell but Service" Phone 882-9628 OLD CARTERTOWN God created the beauty of the earth, that inspired a man to build, a town of old from frontier days: the legend of old Cartertown. Old Cartertown sits at the foot of rolling green hills, where a creek, a stream, a spring all meet, and sleeping meadows lie. There is a quiet spirit here that echo's through the fields and woods, that shelter God's creatures, and birds which sing His glory. There is no price to pay, no bondage of the soul, in this inspirational land of peace: only a calmness that sweeps over one's soul. So may I sing my way through the rolling hills, In and out the pasture fields. God has spread beauty everywhere. Flowers, birds, rocks, and streams, All are united in the spring, and all show the greatness of his Spirit. Yes, there is a song to sing: A story of his Glory. The winds whisper to me, as if his breath were so very close to me. Oh God, hold my hand and lead me to higher plains, I pray. For even this earthly beauty is not my promised land, this day. IVHLLARD H. BODENHEIIVIER 84 BONNlE BODENHEIIVIER FRYE. The above lines in memory of old John Carter, one of the first commissioners of the young city of High Point, were composed in an attempt to reflect his early life. He is credited with helping build the rail- road through High Point, and also the Old Plank Road. His picture hangs in the Public Works Office at City Hall. The old Carter IVlill on the city's eastern edge has been rebuilt, a tribute to John Carter's memory. 170 Dillon Auto Ports, Inc. P.O. Box 2696 Greensboro, N.C. Located midway between Greensboro and High Point on Highway 29-7OA. Greensboro Area Phone 299-4937 High Point Area Phone 454-2113 Winston-Salem Area Phone 993-2191 TRUCK DIVISION Dillon Midway Auto Ports, Inc. Route 10 Lexington, N.C. Located midway between Winston-Salem and Lexington on Highway 52. Winston-Salem Area Phone 764-1325 Lexington Area Phone 731-3191 FIRST FEDERAL SAVINGS 8. LOAN ASSOCIATION Specialists in Savings 84 Home Loans Since 1924 620 North Main Street High Point, North Carolina 27262 171 GO-FORTH EXTERMINATORS, INCORPORATED 1000 SOUTH MAIN 882-6319 883-4414 1 44 GUILFORD TECHNICAL INSTITUTE O E F E R S I8 llPPlllllUlllllES ......learn to earn ONE YEAR PROGRAMS TWO YEAR PROGARMS Automotive Mechanics Accounting Cosmetology Architectural Technology Dental Assisting Aviation Management MaChiniSt Trade ICareer Pilot Optionl Practical NUTSIVIQ Business Administration Upholstery Civil Technology Welding Commercial Art Dental Hygiene Drafting 84 Design Electronics Technology Furniture Production Secretarial fExecutive, Legal, Medicall GUILFORD TECHNICAL INSTITUTE Jamestown, North Carolina 172 R.L. HEILIG ROOFING CO., INC. 617 Eden Terrace High Point, N.C. 27263 Phone: 431-1144 HICKS CUSTOM FLOOR SERVICE 14 Years Experience Factory Trained Free Estimates CARPET INSTALLATION SALES 81 SERVICE All Types of Repair Work ICigarette Burns-Water Damage! We Will Install Your Carpet. Ceramic Tile Baths DIAL 883-9918 Sheet Vinyl-Asphalt-Rubber Vinyl Asbestos Tiles Custom Floors of Any Type ofa Specialty Flash Cove-Features Stripes- lnsets-Borders Formica Counter Tops All Labor 81 Materials Guaranteed For One Year Bobby Hicks Owner-Operator 1708 English Road 173 AMERICAN AUTO PARTS 883-7405 883-7825 HIGH POlNT'S FINEST AUTO-IVIOTIVE SUPPLIER HIGH POINT, N,C. suv Youn cuss RING in me Moosnn MANNER NOW Serving: llklllliill I I Pfefentfulee Pefmif You Allen Jay, Ragsdale, Trinity, High Point Central, N58 X If 'elm ,YW "W" "ng T. Wingate Andrews, Ledford f" lghsqkj with a choice of- "" '7ks'5e'Z:e ' , , iff o Semi-precious sfones With the Finest School Ring Available! ' X nj . Dgamond fgp Detail-unsurpassed i ,I ' X pe' -Q' ,iii I 5,13 0 While or yellow gold A , EnC,u,,ed 5,,,,,,,, Novv with School Colors on Side Panel "Our program sanctioned by Retail Jewelers of America ALL of these extras et "Your ring could cost you nothing." Q3 , cowstltivs PRICES! ii ii I iw I 6 See us for details af DELIVERY 174 MASTER CRAFT FRAME CO., INC. 203-A Greenoak Drive High Point, North Carolina Telephone No. 431-4511 Area Code 919 Manufacturers of Furniture Frames for Upholsters H. Drew Haney, President MR. AND MRS. H.C. McPHERSON 175 R E D SUPER C D G T A MARKET O W L0 P R I C E S 302 Trindale Road HIGH POINT, N. C. 27263 BGB E. RIDGE Plumbing Sz Heating Co., lnc. Air Conditioning Commercial, Industrial, Residential Installations 920 West Green Dr. High Point, N. C. Phone: 882-0521 License 1976 176 SMITH AND SHORE OIL COMPANY 3041 South Main Street High Point, North Carolina Smn'h Z Shore Service Sta. - -A STYLETTE FURNITURE COMPANY Commercial gl Industrial Sales and Service SUMMEY INSULATION CO. Insulation of All Hot SL Cold Water Pipes 84 Boilers and Air Conditioning Phone 888-6493 2406 Friends Ave. High Point, N.C. Jack L. Summey Wayne L. Haskins President C.C. Williams A.l3. Darr TRINITY USED AUTO PARTS P.O. Box 94 Trinity, N.C. Phone-High Point, N.C. 431-3029 178 Aerial Photography Flight I Aerial Instruction Advertisement TAR HEEL SPORT PARACHUTE CENTER INC. Spraying Charles A. Spillman, J Rt. 2 Box 218 Trinity, N.C. "Sport Of The Space Age" and Aerial Application Fertilizing Seeding Business Phones 431-2521 or 431-4042 Home Phone 431-4342 Compgmnients UNITED DAIRIES 179 WEST GREEN AUTO 2205 West Green Drive Bud Osborne 8830542 WHITE FRAMES, INC. 225 E. Fairfield Road High Point, North Carolina v'-, .K AXNNNK NR. fx A. x K fx' ' '-!.NlMR5"M. wx 180 0PPOR TUNITY? Its plentiful at local plants of Burlington Industries. V -Ei .." 'i , , -'E -." ': - ':Erfff?555ffff'5f'f? D I X ii. , 'I " I sf ""n" I., :,: lz. ,1.,1:2:. ...t.l.....:: .,:....l:..l..,,:.::. ' IA' fi?-i'2f12f"''if2f1i,i2s1fi" -I 'A i5if53E5f5i5?5E?5.... 5iiififiiiifsiiiafiiiiiii:Effiiiff'22i1ff2i2i?!? ssisieiiiiiiiaisiiig I :?fii?i?iiiEiE22iiiiiaiiiifiisisii252225212121-22--122522222225 Q22 ,.1 4.ifZ5Q5if?255'QEQQEEQZZEQiiiiaflfiifiiif52if52525E5E5fE5.525Eiiiiiiliiiiiiiiiiifiifi X wi f, 'I-ll f , , Q fwg-1 -'ilIF3f1lffl-- 'I '-1 4' ' -'39 'AC' il'-1511223 Q mvx sfl. qll -tl 'M ' -1. in ur: I' HI xi I 9 X ff! I 3 "-A- ,I ,I.::1e' "3 Ih'I"S"65 ugwnw f :im d ,,.-AV gig,-Eiifff 1 s' :H :IQ . f ' - - - . :.: . . Wi n. E126 III' -mg Ssuiiiqb, L-.D - I ,fi mf' tll if -ffl 'I ' Qi I 12" ffffzsiii . ---I 9 ' .i N' .2111-:jEF, E5i 2.31255 325 ED- A If ,' 2 2532? i,i.l1Ib-nw! ' D . X-N -- ' K X ' i I "ii " il' X it -, I 'II 'FF' f 'I ' 1' ' "l" s rp, X ' h D I wiv - -' I SSL I . I -s . an ,f 1' f a I ... I , s 3' I I i V I 4, I --" I I Ig' XVI x L -I j merous and advancement comes rapidly. Careers with Burlington are unlimited. Benefits are nu , The Company puts the accent on youth to meet its growing needs. Allen Jay High School students planning for the future can look to Burlington for an exciting and secure career, with endless opportunities. 9'High Point Fabrics 'Globe Furniture Company "Burlington Yarn Company, Hillcrest Plant UNITS OF Burlington Industries, Inc. EXECUTIVE OFFICES: GREENSBORO. An Equal Opportunity Employer NORTH CAROLINA 181 HARB'S GARAGE TOWING PHONE 88-24611 anytime anywhere HARB,S GARAGE "General Auto 81 Body Repairn "Free Estimatesn F. J. HARB North Main High Point, N. C. 182 HILL ELECTRONICS Color T V Sales and Service Route 4 Box 217 Hugh Point N C Phone 4312678 183 Telephone 431-1412 308 Greenock Drive, High Point, North Ccrolino "Superior Quality ond Service In Living Room Furniture" HERMAN BROWER COMPANY, INC. Manufacturers of Furniture Frclmes 184 omp :ments of KENCO PETROLEUM MARKETER'S INCORPORATION ,Sz -Ugef in Ygur 0 Q04 at M gl M ESSO SERVICE STATIDN 2114 South Main Street Hugh Point North Carolina operated by K C Moody and GLW. McKinney offuclal North Carolma lnspectson Station vvlth S 84 H Green Stamps 186 SIR PIZZA HI OUTHGATE SIR PIZZA -H2 I N. IVIAIN VIRGINIA PAPER 8. CHEMICAL CO., INC. Dial 342-1838 912-31!z Street Roanoke, Va. 24004 Your Local Representative Ray C. Plummer 1810 Baker Rd. Phone High Point, N.C. 882-8873 PAUL B. MYERS NASH JEWELRY Si LOAN CO. H H Buildozing-Grading Nash Saves You Cash Fish Pond 81 Road Building . Sandrock 81 Crushed Stone Hauling 127 N' Mam St' Liberty Road Route 4 Phone 431-34-54 High Point, N. C. Compliments of FRIEDMAN'S FASHIONS 122 N. Main St. 188 STERLING BANKS Banquet Committee 3g Band 43 Bus Driver 3,43 Junior Civitan 3,43 Baseball 3,43 Glee Club 43 District Science Fair 33 Monogram Club 3,43 Varsity Football 3,43 High Point Central J.V. Football 2. STEVE BARNES Student Council 1,2,33 House and Ground Committee 1,33 Home- room Representative 33 Junior Civitan Club 3,43 Track l3 Hi-Y Club 3,43 Glee Club 13 Monogram Club 2,3,43 Varsity Football 2,3,43Class Representative 23 J.V. Football 1. KATHY BEAN Aln-Ja-Hi Staff 43 Glee Club 43 F.T.A. 33 F.B.L.A. 3. CAROL BEANE Student Council Room Representative 33 Ad Champ Runner-up 23 F.B.L.A. 3,43 Project Chairman 43 Track 13 Miss Aln-Ja-Hi 2nd Runner-up 43 Glass Representative 33 Class Treasurer 23 Y-Teen 13 C.0.0. 43 F.H.A. l,2. MARSHA BROWER Aln-la-Hi Staff 43 Class Editor 43 Hi-Lites Staff 1,2,33 Reporter l,2,33 Magazine Champ 33 F.B.L.A. 3,43 Project Committee 33 Treasurer 43 Track 1,23 C.0.0. 43 Y-Teen 1,23 J.V. Basketball 1,23 Civinettes 43 Volley 1,23 F.H.A. 1,23 C.0.0. 43 Girls' Softball Team l,2. STEVE BURTON Golf 3,43 Monogram Club 3,43 Varsity Football 2,3,43 J.V. Foot- ball 1. LIBBY CARTER Aln-Ja-Hi Staff, Sophomore Class Editor 43 Hi-Lites Staff, Business Manager 43 Glee Club 13 F.H.A. 1,23 French Club 3, President 4. BLAIR CAUDLE Band l,2,3. BARBARA COLTRANE Aln-la-Hi Staff, Senior Editor 43 Banquet Committee 33 Varsity Basketball 2,3,43 Librarian l,2,3,43 Monogram Club 3,43 Library Club 1, Secretary 2, Treasurer 3, President 43 Library Award 23 Class President 43 F.H.A. 1,23 Vice-President 13 l.V. Basketball 13 Volleyball 1,23 Girls' Softball team l,2. 7' Q 4 1 -1-...Q J ANICE COX Ahi-la-Hi Staff, Sports Editor 4, Hi-Lites Staff, Reporter 3, Band 1,2, F.B.L.A. 4, Track 1,2, Varsity Basketball 2,3, Co-captain 4, All-Conference Basketball, Honorable Mention 3, Monogram Club 3,4, Library Club 2, J.V. Basketball 1, Volleyball l,2,3, F.H.A. 1,2,F.T.A. 2,Softba.ll Team 1. DONALD CRUTHIS Aln-Ja-Hi Staff, Sophomore Editor 4, Band 1,2,3,4, Dance Band, Secretary-Treasurer 3, Junior Civitan Club 4, Track 1, Hi-Y Club 3,4, Monogram Club 3,4, Varsity Football 3,4, J.V. Football 1,2. LARRY DOSS Bus Driver 3,4, GARY ECHOLS Aln-Ja-Hi Staff, Advertising Manager 4, Substitute Bus Driver 3 Junior Civitan Club 3,4, F.B.L.A. 4, C.0.0. 4. ELMER FARLOW Aln-Ja-Hi Staff, Circulation Manager 4, Junior Civitan Club 4 Audio-Visual Club 2,3,4, French Club 3. DORIS FERREE F.B.L.A. 4, Track 1,2,C.0.0. 4. JOAN GARNER Aln-Ja-Hi Staff, Advertising Staff 4, Hi-Lites Staff, Layout Editor 3, Editor 4, Student Council 3, Freshman Representative 1, Home- room Representative 2, Senior Representative 4, Banquet Com- mittee 3, Dance Band 1, Cheerleader 3, Chief 4, Bus Driver 3,4, Homecoming Queen 4, Homecoming Attendant 2, Track 1, Glee Club 1, Monogram Club 3,4, Miss Aln-Ja-Hi First Runner-up 4, Class Representative 2, Class Secretary 3, Y-Teens 1, J .V. Basket- ball 1, French Club 4, Vice-President 3, F.H.A. 1,2. MICHAEL GARNER Aln-Ja-Hi Staff, Feature Editor 43 Student Council, Room Repre- sentative 23 Class Representative 23 French Club 3,43 Glee Club 1,23 Track 43 Debating 2,33 N.F.L. 2,3,4. BRENDA GEORGE Ahi-Ja-Hi Staff, Junior Editor 43 F.B.L.A. 43 Track 1,23 Glee Club 33 Class Vice-President 23 F.H.A. 1,23 French Club 33 Y-Teen l,2. SONNY GILL Junior Civitan Club 23 Baseball 23 J.V. Basketball 1,23 French Club 3,4. PAT HARDWICK Aln-Ja-Hi Staff, Class Editor 43 Banquet Committee 33 F.B.L.A. 3, Parliamentarian 43 Civinettes 43 C.0.0. 43 Hill Junior School, Win- ston Salem, School Newspaper 13Circulation Manager. BARRY HELSABECK F.B.L.A. 33 Glee Club 43 Audio-Visual Club 1,2333 J.V. Football 2. NORMA HICKS Aln-la-Hi Staff, Class Editor 43 Librarian 43 Library Club 43 F.H.A. 1. GARY HILL Aln-Ja-Hi Staff, Editor 43 Ad Champ 43 Junior Civitan Club 3,43 Glee Club 233,43 Secretary 43 Monogram Club 43 Varsity Football 43 J.V. Football 23Class Vice-President 1. SUSAN HOFFNER Banquet Committee 33 D.A.R. Award 43 Marshal 33 Track 1,23 District Science Fair 1,23 J.V. Basketball 1,23 French Club 33 F.H.A. 1,23 F.T.A. 33 French Award 33 Volleyball 1,23 Softball Team 1. LARRY HOOKS Aln-Ja-Hi Staff, Sports Editor 43 Band 1,2,3,4Q Junior Civitan 3,43 Hi-Y Club 3,43 Varsity Basketball 3,43 Monogram 3,43 Varsity Football 3,43 J.V. Football 2. MARIEA HUGHES Aln-Ja-Hi Staff, Business Manager 43 Hi-Lites Staff, Sports 33 Ban- quet Committee 33 Civinettes 43 F.B.L.A. 43 Track 1,23 City Editor 43 Class Reporter 13 Y-Teen 1,2 President3 Interclub Council Rep- resentative 13C.0.0. 3,43Volleyball Team 23 Guidiance Assistant l. BECKY HUFFMAN Aln-la-Hi Staff, Feature Editor 43 Hi-Lites Staff, Typist 3,43 Ban- quet Committee 33 Magazine Champ 33 Band l,2,3,43 French Club 3, Secretary 43 Volleyball Team 13 F.T.A. 3,4. SHARI HUMPHREYS Ahi-Ja-Hi Staff, Class Editor 43 Student Council, Room Represen- tative 1,2,3,43 Banquet Committee 33 F.B.L.A. 3,43 Track 13 Y-Teens 1,23 F.H.A. 1,23 Civinettes 43 C.0.0. 43 Volleyball 1,23 Softball Team l,2. RHONDA HUNT Banquet Committee 33 F.B.L.A. 3,43 Glee Club l,2,33F.H.A. 1,23 C.0.0. 4. KIM JARRETT Hi-Lites Staff, Circulation 33 Student Council, President 43 Ban- quet Committee 33 Marshal 33 Junior Civitan Club 3, Secretary 43 Beta Club 43 Audio-Visual Club 2,3,43 District Science Fair 3,43 Mr. Aln-Ja-Hi Third Runner-up 43 History Award 33 Class Vice- President 33French Club 3, Program Chairman 4. DEBBIE JOHNSON Aln-Ja-Hi Staff, Class Editor 43 Hi-Lites Staff, Reporter 8t News Editor 3,43 Magazine Champ 33 F.B.L.A. 3,43 Glee Club 13 Civi- nettes 3,43F.H.A. 13J.V. Basketball 13 C.0.0. 4. RANDY JOHNSON Aln-Ja-Hi Staff, Senior Class Editor 43 F.B.L.A. 43 C.0.0. 4. lin , 33,3 'aa G wo STEPHEN KENNEDY F.B.L.A. 33Glee Club 2. JANET KESTLER Aln-Ja-Hi Staff, Sports Editor 43 Hi-Lites Staff, Sports Editor 2,3 Banquet Committee 33 Cheerleader 2,3, Co-Chief 43 Marshal 3 Glee Club 1,2,3,4Q Beta Club 3,43 N.F.L. 1,2,33 Monogram 2,3,4 Civinettes 3,43 F.H.A. 1,23 French Club 33 Swingers 3,4. MARILYN MCCLAY Aln-Ja-Hi Staff, Co-Editor 43 Hi-Lites Staff, Assistant Editor 3, Exchange Editor 43 Student Council, Committee Member 13 Ban- quet Toast Mistress 33 Beta Club 3, President 43 W.O.W. Award, American History 33 French Club 3, Vice-President 43 F.H.A. 1,2. NETTIE McNABB Aln-Ja-Hi Staff, Class Editor 43 Hi-Lites Staff, Typist 33 Banquet Committee 33 Band 1,2,3Q Cheerleader 43 F.B,L.A., Scrapbook 3, Project Committee 43 Track 1,2,33 Monogram 43 Y-Teens 1,23 C.0,0. 43 F.H.A. 1,23 l'.T.A. 33 Volleyball 2,33 Girls' Softball Team l,23J.V. Basketball 1. CINDY MCSWAIM Banquet Committee 33 F.B.L.A. Program Committee 33F.H.A. 13 C.0.0. 43 Y-Teens 1,2. GARY MEREDITH Aln-Ja-Hi Staff, Circulation Manager 43 Student Council, Home- room Representative 1, Sophomore Representative 23Junior Civi- tan Club 233, Chaplain 43 Track 23 Hi-Y Club 2,3,43 Varsity Bas- ketball 2,3,43 Baseball l,2,3,43 AllConferencc Basketball, All- County 3, M,V.P. 33 All-Conference Baseball 2, Captain 43 Mono- gram 1,2,3, President 43 Varsity Football 1,2,3,43 Football Captain 43 Class Representative 13 Class President 13 Class Vice-President 43 All-Conference Football, All-County 2,3,4, All-State Honorable Mention 3,4, M.V.P. 3,43Athletics Award 3,4. 3, Y Wx .1-vw ' , . 3 - A M., 3 'AQ Lrg. 'sb GLENDA MILLS Hi-Lites Staff, Elementary Reporter 23 Banquet Committee 33 Home Economics Award 23 Class Reporter 2. RALPH MODLIN Aln-Ja-Hi Staff, Photographer 3,43 Student Council, Homeroom Representative 43 Banquet Toastmaster 33 Bus Driver 3,43 Home- coming Escort 13 Junior Civitan Club 2,33 President 43 Hi-Y Club 43 Beta Club 33 Audio-Visual Club 13 W.O.W. Award 33 Monogram Club 3, Treasurer 43 Varsity Football 3,43 J.V. Football 23 Mr. Aln-Ja-Hi Second Runner-up 43 Class President l,2,33 Geometry Award 3. WINSTON MOODY Aln-Ja-Hi Staff, Sports Editor 43 Student Council, Homeroom Representative 33 Junior Civitan Club 3,43 F.B.L.A. 43 Hi-Y Club 43 Varsity Basketball 1,23 Monogram Club 2,3,4, Vice President 3,43 Varsity Football 2,33 Co-Captain 43 J.V. Football 13 AH Con- ference Football 3,43 Most Valuable Player 4. KATIIY MORROW Aln-Ja-Hi Staff, Senior Class Editor 4, I-Ii-Lites Staff, Reporter 3, Banquet Committee 3, Track 1,2, Glee Club I, Reporter 2, Trea- surer 4, N,F.I,. 3, Secretary-Tressurer 4, F.H.A. 1,2, Civincttes 4, J.V. Basketball 1,2, Swingers 2,4, French Club 3,4, Basketball Statistic Keeper 3,4, Science Club 4, Red Cross Youth Volunteer 2,3,4. CHRIS MORTON Aln-Ja-Hi Staff, Business Manager 4, Student Council 1,2,4, Youth Council 3, Special Events Chairman 4, Junior Civitan Club 3,4, Hi-Y Club 4, Baseball 1,4, Librarian 1,2, Monogram Club 4, French Club 3, Project Chairman 4, J,V. Football 1, Library Club 1,2, InterclubCounei1 Representative 1, F.T.A. 1. TIM MORTON Aln-J a-Hi Staff, Class Editor 4, Student Council, Class Representa- tive 3, Hi-Lites Staff Sports Editor 4, Banquet Committee 3, Bus Driver 2,3,4, Homecoming Escort 2,3,4, Junior Civitan 3, Sergant- at-Arms 4, F.B.L.A, 4, Varsity Basketball 3, Glee Club l,2, Re- porter 3, Vice-President 4, Librarian 2, Monogram Club 3,4, Mr. Aln-Ja-Hi 4, Library Club 3. EDDIE OSBORNE Aln-Ja-Hi Staff, Junior Class Editor 4, Hi-Lites 4, Bus Driver 4, Homecoming Escort 4, Junior Civitan 4, F.B.L.A, 3,4, Track 3,43 Glee Club 4, Monogram Club 4, Mr. Aln-Ja-Hi First Runner-up 4, Ferndale Junior I-Iigh J.V. Football 1, Band I. KEITH OSBORNE Aln-Ja-I-Ii Staff 4, Junior Civitan 4, F.B.L.A. 4, Varsity Basketball 4, Monogram Club 3,4, Varsity Football 3, J.V. Football 2. JANE PEGRAM Banquet Committee 3, Aln-Ja-Hi Staff 4, F.B.L.A. 4, Glee Club 2,3, Y-Teens 1, F.H.A. 1, Softball 1, Volleyball l,C.0.0. 4,Class Treasurer l. LYNN PETERS ' Aln-Ja-Hi Staff, Circulation 4, Hi-Lites Staff 2, Reporter 3, Glee Club 4, Librarian l,2,3, French Club 3,4, , 53 'fl I 5 i:"QfWf54P'sfw'- ' STEPHEN PLUMMER Aln-Ja-Hi Staff, Class Editor 43 Banquet Committee 33 Marshal 33 Junior Civitan Club 4g Beta Club 3,43 Vice-President 43 N.F.L. 43 Class Treasurer 4 3 Class Treasurer 43 Class Reporter 33 French Club 3,43 Science Club 4. CAROL QUESENBERRY C.0.0. 43 F.B.L.A. 3, Secretary 43 Class Reporter 3. JEANNIE ROSS Hi-Lites Staff, Club Editor 2, Feature Editor 33 Girls' State Rep- resentative 33 Banquet Committee 3g Home Economics Award 1 Glee Club 1,2,3, President 43 Beta Club 3, Reporter 43 N.F.L 2,3,43 District Science Fair 3,43 Scienw Club 43 F.H.A. 1,23 Swingers 3,4. ,E , .' f '13 W X j 2 V - -,-if A " .V is . L- -4 are- :ze is X , .-..f3"B-.. Q f"'1'1 3 3 :'tii'115-f3-3- f -W.-.. "?,g-grrvffzj 3 !..T,,fa-1 'Sf -.5g?-3, ., ,M,3,.,33 , A Q.:-:'a...t. -A - + V an 1718 3-l A ...T ' 'sr 1-4-1 M.- W ww. t, mg.. if A ALVIS LEE ROWE Aln-Ja-Hi Staff, Class Editor 43 C.0.0. 3,4. SUSAN SECHREST Aln-Ja-Hi Staff, Reporter 43 F.B.L.A. 33Tracl2 1,23J.V. Basketball l3F.T.A. 33F.H.A. 1. JIMMY SHACKELFORD Alu-Ja-Hi Staff, Photographer 233,43 Banquet Committee 33 Ban 1,23 Bus Driver 23 Hi-Y Club 1,2,3,43 Audio-Visual Club 1,2 Monogram Club 1,2,3,43 Class President 43 Class Secretary 33 Clas Secretary-Treasurer 23 Class Reporter l. SHANNON SKEEN DONALD SNIDER Aln-Ja-Hi Staff, Circulation Manager 4, Hi-Lites Staff, Senior Edi- Junior Civitan Club 2,3,4, Track l,2, Hi-Y Club 2,3,4, Baseball 4, tor 3, Banquet Committee 3, F.B.L.A., Historian 3,4, Track 1, M0H0gI21m 1,2,3,4ZV2i1'SifY F00ib2lU 1,2,3,4- Y-Teens 1, Class Vice-President 4, Civinettes 3,4, F.H.A. l. BRENDA SMITH Glee Club lg French Club 3,4, Guidance Assistance 3, F.T.A. 3,4, F.H.A. l,2. KEITH SMITH Am-Ja-Hi Staff, Feature Editor 4, Marshal 3,Junior Civitan 2,3,4, Beta Club 3, Treasurer 4, Librarian 2, Monogram 2,3,4, Varsity Football 2,3, Library Club 2, Class Treasurer 3. n ,, VIRGINIA SNOW F.B.L.A. 3,4,C.0.0. 4. SUSAN SPARKS Aln-Ja-Hi Staff, Track 1,23 Student Council 2, Junior Representa- tive 3, Ofticial Member 4, Banquet Committee 3, Ad Champ 4, Band 1,2,3,4, Majorette 1,2 Head Majorette 3,4, Homecoming Attendant, Senior 4, Salesmanship Award 4, N.F.L. l,2, Treasurer 3, President 4, Miss Aln-Ja-Hi 4, Class President 2, Class Secretary 1, Interclub Council Representative 1, F.H.A. 1, President 2, Civi- nettes 2,3, Vice-President 4, Guidance Assistant 3,4, French Club 3, J.V. Basketball 1,2, Youth Council 4. ,A-5 t 'A 1 ' saw +2-ffgip . aff- t , .,., I Sf, 'E ' .t ' ra 'gf JUDY TAYLOR Glee Club 4g F.H.A. l,2. FONDA TUTTLE Aln-Ja-Hi Staff, Circulation Manager 45 Student Council, Vice- President 4g Banquet Committee 35 Band 1,23 F.T.A. 3, Secretary 4g Civinettes 3, President 43 Guidance Assistant 2,3,4g French Club 3. GLENDA TYNDALL F.B.L.A. 3,45 C.0.0. 4. DEBBIE VUNCANNON Aln-Ja-Hi Staff, Business Manager 4g Hi-Lites Staff, News Staff 33 Biology Award 2, Banquet Committee 3g Cheerleader 3,4g Home- coming Attendent lg Marshal 33 F.B.L.A. Vice-President 4g Track lg Glee Club l,2,3, Reporter 4, Beta Club 3, Secretary 4g Student std, Council Representative 2,3g N.F.L. 1,2g Monogram Club 3,4g Miss Aln-Ju-Hi Third Runner-up 4g Y-Teens 1,2g F.H.A. 1, Student Council Representative 2g Civinettes 2,3, Treasurer 43 Swingers 3,43 French Club 3. CINDY WELCH Homecoming Attendant 35 l".B.L.A., Reporter 3g Y-Teens 1, Sec- retary 2g F.H.A. lgC.0.0. 4. DANEAL WIDENER Aln-Ja-Hi Staff, Advertising Manager 43 Banquet Committee 33 F.B.L.A., Project Chairman 3, President 43 Civinettcs 2,3,4:Track lg Class Vice-President 3g Class Secretary 3,4g Y-Teens l,2g C.0.0. 45 lf.H.A. l,2. KATHY WRIGHT Aln-Ja-Hi Staff, Elementary Editor 4g Hi-Litcs Stuff 1, Typist 43 Glee Club 4g l7.'l'.A. 4g Guidance Assistant 43 French Club 31 F.l-l.A. 1. 1 1 -y-, . KX , , . , wk . 'E x 'V 4 J ' Y f . X . . 'V ' gf- A x '- .I QLQ? L in N sr' s' K x 'K L 1 X 200 THE ROAD NOT TAKEN Two roads diverged in a yellow wood, And sorry I could not travel both And be one traveler, long I stood And looked down one as far as I could To where it bent in the undergrowthg Then took the other, as just as fair, And having perhaps the better claim, Because it was grassy and wanted wear Though as for that the passing there Had worn them really about the same, And both that morning equally lay In leaves no step had trodden black. Oh, I kept the first for another day! Yet knowing how way leads on to way I doubted if I should ever come back. I shall be telling this with a sigh Somewhere ages and ages hence: Two roads diverged in a wood, and I- I took the one less traveled by. And that has made all the difference. -Robert Frost 201 s 0 Winston-Salem HUNTER PUBLISHING COMPANY U North CoroIma ED GOLDSTON, SILER CITY, N. C.

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