Allen Jay High School - Aln Ja Hi Yearbook (High Point, NC)

 - Class of 1969

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Allen Jay High School - Aln Ja Hi Yearbook (High Point, NC) online yearbook collection, 1969 Edition, Cover

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? wwe 454:114- ,Q ,vw . N F ,gm vw as , 5-Q + .sd . 5- - ' Q -'ww R, . ' . X? .W . . - - .K Q-N fi. ., K .K KK KK as N ' if ji .- . - sr 5 - v L N. Q . " ' -5, Q ' - ."' ' . Q ' 'RM an fu.. ' ' N- F' , 5 ' F Q K - - Q 1 K K -N KK QQ , X3-pg, S...i A A , X ki'-fkkmx i Qs-X 2 -::x.K,g . I - - - , W - A Q- . f -1- , ,KKKK5 K Xia M 4 .-hiv, K KK R' i .KKHKKGKKQKK .,. fx x N . M-. Q- -Q -fi - K.. K K K . .6 K . f KKK gKKKwK . KKK KKK K K f 'IIT . , i, -. E- '- A - f . . .. if ' ' , 1 A 'i 11 v 12 ' X V' A ' saw K . ' ,, ' ' - -- 1, WKKK Q- .-mf, - V - 4 -1- . -S v .. Ah ' V Q se. Q. -KKK - 1. K . . - .C ig -.K - K . K ,j. Kg,.K A K K . Q fgg I 3 S v Pfb.. x 8, YQ - A " X x .. , ' . J' , K .. .QU 4 4. . K . KKAKK X f ' - " ff. ' . 'H- -K - f K . -K - 2 .. f ggi , -'-PKK Y . - 92,2 - -. " . . W ' K A., 3 K K--. K--sw-ilk K K3 K KKKK. f . La. Q ' -V+ N- ' ,N 1 A ' 9? . ' V 5 1.4! W ' - -, - f-KKK K. K K , Q- K-K Kay- X K KKK KK K4- --S2-i f-i f . 2 - - A - fi , - f--- 1 ----.ww-r7:,1. W . - rc. . - - f . - W - f' KK - 5, - ' 1 ' - RQ 5 F ':if.: - 'N X -- 5M K 1 --ll ' X " 'S -- -kL- 'cf-'gg' Sf ' L f . f ,. -. KK M Y- . K K - ig ' - 237 - wr t , K , --Q K K5 M Lf Y 3 . . ' jj, . ---is A f ' ? 53? K2 -wwf 1Yf3f3i'5W 'L 3' Q '- s Ev- 55331 'N if L -- 1 -. - - ' l . -. as ' f ' -- 1-?Zi?fT ff grzf-Mfg..-si--"'F Q- . . - .N KK K ,hw-vw Q., wr' ' N .- ' KK KK . g . - -KK K, f ,f K .il KKK KS- ' .J K .K..g.Q- .W K KK K ...J ,W . . K ff- ff - ff :W-f sf? .,-,vi Q-45' 1-,gm K-AKKKQIKKS -7 f f 4 1 N'-fy.-Ka -2+ .K . ..f- .Q ' - - K f xg-A - .Km - K A x .Q K 'fx . X kQ.NF,p3Q"fi Q -. x ' ji K -- up .. 'isa . . ,. - -gig A K. -,f KMA., KiKX,,,. ' -9, f .- ,g 'WJ '-ef - J., -? -.- if ' . ' -' 1 ig' ' 9 if -U -at Nl. - , - ,Q Ky -- - . '-,Q . .fu f f f . -- - -Q , w- 1 L 9 'Q LA' fi K-J ' V FR 'V 'R 1. xml ' 2 YQ .- K N, KKKTKK . 5, , ,r.K-EK K . KYKKKK K K K KK. K KKK K K, KKKKKKKKK, is KKK, KK KW gl? -K KK A K K KK KK --Q . f W -KK wg K 4 KK 1 - X K , . .gi-Q.. .K .K-KK Gp gfgke . .-f'K V -.K .K,,,.KKKiK7ff 'PK-. Km KK .K KK E -4. -- x' Si! K 4 iff ' 5 'A Q J X 5- 7 is --Q + KKK ' K K AK. 5 L Q 9 Wm. WV X' 5 - "' f Q My Q, . Q' Q 5 N 1 A 3 x 'Q M 31 K' Y was I 1969196 MMM ,,....-dw v""" ,W W-fd' 2 691969 MU 1.Y.b,"x A I n Q if a- H1 Allen gay Scfiool HigH Point NONE Carolina Volume 29 Kay Steelma.n,Phi1Whit ll .Co-Edt Janice Mashburn M g tR ...... David Harb .... B ' Manage Mrs.Hal1ieMyers . ...Ad' 3 5 Q Q - 4 SS 1: O -E2 : -3 s: O -52 s: -3 : O -if : -3 : O -E2 c -3 : O -Z2 : -3 s: O -52 r: -3 : YESTERDAY Introduction Administration Services Classes Homecoming Honor Students Mr. and Miss Aln-Ja-Hi Contestants Junior-Senior Banquet Outstanding Achievements Fall Festival Student Government Organizations Varsity Football Varsity Basketball Varsity Baseball Track Golf Junior Varsity Sports Cheerleaders Junior High and Elementary Primary Advertisements Senior Statistics all my troufiles seemed being glad of life because it gives you the cha.nce to love, to work, to play and to wonder at the stars 6 g so at away being satisfied with your possessions but not contented with yourself until you have made the best of them despising nothing in the world except falsehood and meanness and to fear nothing except cowardice being governed by your admirations rather than by your disgusts coveting nothing that is your neighbor's except his kindness of heart and gentleness of manners thinking seldom of your enemies, often of your friends. . . Henry van Dyke .f"?'f'iQf looking back from so far away pondering and weeping in short dismay memories like the sun's golden rays we shall remember our Yesterday Mwmagnsuln ,,,..--ff 3 o E :Q F o am U3 9-4 U3 is :rm cs s: f.. Ili , Tgffih f ' I I M yi! M V , !:VV i M, - W V ,,,, ., ' ,. Y Vvhizi Q '1 1 A VV m y VVVV ...V I A' ul 5 H , ,. .,.H,,, .. H 'M X , A 7 1' r 35 i X Ax fiiilwfwai M , ..,....,, V3 I I f 7,,V EK 'U W Tiil fHey're Here to stay 9 Believe Qn yesterday 1 -ai N e W Dedication L 11 of a friend who always has a warm smile to help complete a day of a person who has dedicated his life to serving others at AJ HS of a sincere and wise individual who has given so much to so many We, the Seniors of '69, dedicate Volume 29 of the Ahi-Ja-Hi to Mr. David Blankenbecker. nistraiionAcfminisirationAclminisiraiionzqi 1 Q ii S ,J-v-"' i i -..-.wa Rs 'HPINP -is sul. ,I 'UU' 'lf n X' QQQ' as X s x 4 W X Ya , X W 1. Mr. E. P. Pearce, Jr. Superintendent of Guilford County Schools 2. Mr. E. B. Crowson School Board Chairman 3. Mr. David Draughng Mr. H. C. McPherson, Secretaryg Mr. F. N. Kennedyg Mr. Francis B. Auman, School Board Members Superintendent And School Board LZ.. 1 2 - ' V ",Ai,JL'f.1L".' 1 '14 l av Principal , .K And Office Staff working for thc benefit of othcrs co-ordinating parents, teachers, and students accomplishing impossible tasks maintaining a highly-accredited school 2. 'Q 'Nui fi' f 1"s i Mr. A. Doyle Early, Principal Mrs. Kathleen White, Secretary 3. Left to right-Mrs. Eva Garner, V Attendance Secretaryg Mrs. Margaret V Zimmerman, Home-School Coordinatorg Mrs. Martha Modlin, Teacher Aid. ,. 3. 1. 2. iii? 15 , English And grench struggling to grasp new horizons of learning Pygmalion, Beowulf, vocabulary tests never late for class comprehending the unewi' grammar cramming-you jolly well believe it! Miss Elizabeth Shearin, B.A. English Sue Thomas, B.S. English ' Miss Jeanne Grana, A.B. Mr. Ardenal Haney, French, English B.S., M. Ed. English Woodworking 16 7 .ww X274 ww' yy? """"""""1W'H-W 'as ,,,, ' V ,V , : ,ff -ff-"ff '- it , , V , I K g ,wi I l 4 Mr. Oliver Moye, A.B., M.A. History History And Home Sconomics Mrs. Ruth Causey, B.S. Home Economics the evolution of mankind birth of a nation a Great Civil War red stains on gray city streets our eve of destruction developing new abilities completing a project gaining satisfaction and learning to work with others in if idk' K Mrs. Martha Faw, B. S. S. A Business Education was ss! 8 ' A is ,... . Mrs. Hallie Myers, B. S., M. Ed Coordinator Business and Office Occupations Business Sducation crisp sounds from an electric typewriter soft-spoken encouragement striving for perfection knowledge that is put to good use .gn-.-nllil' Mrs. Barbara Cooper, B.S. Business Education Mr. Tommy Younts, A. B. Physical Education, Math Physical Sciucation And Band building healthy bodies performing in concerts and at halftime polishing athletic skills straining for a high C learning that winning is not everything but singing in a contest losing is not anything losing your drum during a parade Mr. Lewis Hill, B. S. Physical Education, Math Mr. William Marlowe, B. M., M. A. Band, Chorus 1 1 9 Math And Science unknowns, logarithms, graphs birth debating an answer metabolism of the human body preparing for college learning valences guesstimations and slip-sticks performing experiments or studying the universe and complete confusion applying facts Mrs. Louise Whelton, B. S. Science Mrs. Mildred Hussey, B. S. Math, Physics Els l S .w Mr. William Guy, B. S., M. Ed. Biology, Physical Education figrary And Quiclance research for a term paper thumbing through the card catalog books for pleasure and reference Mrs. Sue Harris, A. B., M. Ed. Guidance Mrs. Anne Hill, B. A. High School Librarian a friendly, winning smile help in choosing the right vocation SAT results and attending college night A -s 2. Left to right: Mrs. Georgie Pope, Mrs. Donnie Cafeteria Staff And Custociians i 1 nourishing lunches dependable service a smile to brighten the day 1. Mrs. Ruby Clifton, Cafeteria Manager Harris, Mrs. Elizabeth Cansler, Mrs. Lena Kearns, Mrs. Maude Hancock, Mrs. Myrtle Boyles, Cafeteria Personnel. 2 3, 3. Left to right: Mr. Roy Mattocks, Mr. Curtis Madden, Sr., Mr. Bill Gibson, Mr. David Blankenbecker, Custoiiians. 4. Miss Alice Miller Bus Drivers Anti Quiciance Assistants Left to right: Jean Thomas, Vice- President, Roy Meredith, Secretary, Jeff Brewer, Treasurer, Mike Tuttle, President. dedicated students understanding responsibility resourceful a job well done Left to right: Larry Doss, Phil Quesenberry, Chris Staley, Tony Barker, Gene Routh, Bruce Sechrest, Joan Garner, Don Hendricks, Mike Com, Joe Lassiter. 1. if If li 3. Left to right: Kay Reynolds, Karen Brower, Diane Johnson, Adonna Lanier, Sterling Banks, Glenda Mills, Fonda Tuttle, Susan Sparks, Guid- ance Assistants. A E z 5 1 A 1 1 1 1 1 1 4 1 ssesClassesClassesClassesClassesC1asseQ I M it SENIOR CLASS OFFICERS Ann Deaton, Home- room Representa- tive, Larry David- son, Secretary- Treasurer, Janice Mashburn, Secre- tary, Gene Redding, Amy I-licks, Presi- dents, Phil White- sell, Debbie Mitch- ell, Vice-Presidents, Lynn Bodenheimer, Chris Staley, Stu- dent Council Repre- sentatives, Pat White, Treasurer. Gfie Class Of 1969 a class of determination halls of laughter times of confusion glimpses of yesterday, and visions of tomorrow niorsSeniorsSeniorsSeniorsSeniorsSenio Planning 301' 5He guiure Dale Allen Steve Armentrout Tony Barker Larry Bodenheimer Lynn Bodcnheimer Jeff Brewer fi! Debbie Bundy Terry Byers JoAnne Carico 27 Striving 301' Success Lorna Chambers Larry Cowan Betty Carroll Danny Carter if-ww Billy Coltrane Mike Corn l J 2 " , Bonnie Cox Debbie Cox 28 MARTHA DEATON, Daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Robert Deaton, a.nd BRYAN VONCANNON, Son of Mr. and Mrs. James VonCannon were elected MASCOTS by the Senior Class. S if Q , wL5Qf' Q , nb E wi KRW . 5 1 fx x , x ri X-vw 1 .. 'fm k 'F 4 ff f- 4' fl' ffl is fR'x 'S -my V W My i. .X .K :X x . Q-fsfllf Gene Cox Larry Davidson vw Accepting Responsiliiiity Judy Davis Ann Deaton David Dingler GL 'ELM- David Duke Charlotte Dunbar Chris Farlow 31 Becky Ferguson Emma Fenee A Q05 well Done Sammy Halsey Cindy Haney Drew Haney David Harb Don Hendricks , Amy Hicks 32 wx IQ fm X .. . U A xx. .Wa fx?-Eiig i w X A .1 .. X X . -xx -2 if .4117 4 -Lf ' 1 'K SfQ5224s az:m i ,333 ' ' 4' J x Q wa: Q ig: 5. wig? 55. 1 L 1 ff 5 Y' g 3 95 enthusiasm Margaret Recs, John Smith, MOST POPULAR Well known Kay Stcclman, David Harb, MOST SCHOOL SPIRITED panjcipatign Cindy Haney, Phi1Whitese11, BEST ALL AROUND . , syfmwiwq wg . i,, m Debbie Hinkle Billy Horn Linda Howard fl W5 Jeb Janice Hughes Jerry Hutchens Dclphine Jarrett 'Nuns 'Eff Www- , ,swf Qin-s in David Johnson Gary Johnson Mike Johnson 35 Carolyn Jones Warren Jones 5ntHusiasm Curtis Kiser Paula Kiser Adonna Lanier Donna Lambeth Douglas Lassiter Joe Lassiter 36 a greater insight natural ability hard Work Sandra Palmer, Warren Jones MOST TALENTED Adonna Lanier, Larry Bodenheimer MOST STUDIOUS initiative extra efforts Billy Horne, Lorna Chambers, MOST DEPENDABLE reliability Barry Snyder, I an Mashburn, MOST LIKELY TO SUCCEED -H N. .,,,.,..N W-Mamma ,ma ,, 5.,,...W,,WWi. mwmwf.M,-,. uw. fmmv U.-Awnwwmuwmmwwma M-Mwwwf ...WWW vffy- M, ,W ,WW ,Mu M wmmwiw, WM-,,, amy, .Vf',, M. .W - M M., warm Marilyn Lloyd Debbie Mann B eg inning A e w E i f e Janice Mashburn Ronnie Meredith Roy Meredith Debbie Mitchell Mickey Mull Gary McCloud 39 Memories Shred Skip McLamb Sandra Palmer Ronald Perry Deborah Phillips Mike Potter l Phillip Quesenberry Margaret Rees Gene Redding 40 if In a class united . . . enthusiam, goals reached an advertising campaign superlatives chosen a class play graduation . . . yesterday C 1 assm at e s Joe Ridge Ray Ridgeway Gene Routh Bruce Sechrest Don Shelor Roger Skeen N 5' . L,n,. Qfllfgg , 5EZEyEi'i, ' Ij5,+g1y7gjigf?ggg W 'zz2'z2'2f'i,- , ' 1 an Johnny Smith Beverly Snider Barry Snyder 42 50 R em emfiet Jerry Southard Chris Staley Kay Steelman 'f""""'Q-9 Jean Thomas David Trotter Mike Tuttle it, 5-in. Thr 'Y' Q-.mwah Pat White Phil Whitesell Debbie Yarborough 43 JUNIOR CLASS OFFICERS Standing Left to Right: Ralph Modlin, Presidentg Keith Smith, Treasurer, Steve Plummer, Room Representative, Kim Jarrett, Vice- President. Sitting: Rhonda Hunt, Trea- surerg Joan Garner, Secretaryg Daneal Widener, Vice- President, Jimmy Shackelford, Sec- retaryg Debbie Vun- cannon, Susan Sparks, Carol Quesenberry, Room Represen- tatives, Marilyn McClay, President. i uniors uniors uniors uniors uniors ul A Busy year striving for a better knowledge of the language and literature Sterling Banks Steve Barnes Kathy Bean Carol Beane Marsha Brower Steve Burton Terry Cansler Jackie Carico Libby Carter Blair Caudle Garry Cody Barbara Coltrane James Conard Janice Cox Donald Cruthis Larry Doss Gary Echols Elmer Farlow Dean Fergerson Doris Ferree Franklin Foster Joan Garner Michael Garner Brenda George Robert Gill Pat Hardwick Barry Helsabeck Norma Hicks Gary Hill Susan Hoffner Larry Hooks Rebecca Huffman American History 'Qqwv-f 46 P? Plans Hot A Prom !"'w,. Ku Sv 'Q-.., 'bk Ma.riea Hughes Shari Humphreys Rhonda Hunt Kim Jarrett Debbie Johnson Randy Johnson Stephen Kennedy Janet Kestler Alvis Lee Dale Macon Teresa Marsh Marilyn McClay Nettie McNabb Cindy McSwain Gary Meredith Cindy Mickey Freddy Miller Glenda Mills Ralph Modlin Winston Moody Kathy Morrow Chris Morton Tim Morton Eddie Osborne Keith Osborne Jimmy Overman Jane Pegram Lynn Peters Stephen Plummer Carol Quesenberry Kay Reynolds Jean Ross Susan Sechrest Jimmy Shackelford Shannon Skeen Brenda Smith Setting Qoals 5he Arrival Cf Class Rings 1 S ga V , "'Qg7..,l 49 Vfnsr Keith Smith Donald Snider Virginia Snow Susan Sparks Judy Taylor Darlene Trexlcr Fonda Tuttle Glenda Tyndall Debbie Vuncannon Duncal Widener Kathy Wright SOPHOMORE CLASS OFFICERS First row, left to right: Kenneth Gullege, Home- room Representative, Doug Cecil, Secretary- Treasurerg Butch Moran, Vice-President. Second row: Elaine Thomas, President, Margaret Parrish, Secretaryg Barbara Rees, Vice- President. Third row: Johnny Davis, Susan Chilton, Homeroom Representatives, Rhonda Hunt, Treasurer, Garry Thayer, President. Zhe Class Of 1971 upperclassmen at last dissecting frogs in biology expecting bigger things ..., D pHomoresSopliomoresSophomoresSopHon Becky Bell Joy Bell Mike Briles Karen Brower Dale Brown Susan Bundy Jane Carter Doug Cecil Susan Chilton Mike Cochrane Mike Coltrane Clara Cox Johnny Davis Kaye Deaton Cornell Dennis Jerry Dennis Randy Dezern Frankie L. Dildine Rita Dunbar Fred Franklin Janice Frazier Karen Grayson Ken Gulledge James Gunter Lee Gunter Libby Hedgepeth Carson Hill Charlotte Hodges Timmy Hudgins Linda Hudspeth Micky Hutchens Teresa Hundley Rhonda Hunt Gregg Jarret Vickie Johnson Karen Kearns Melissa Kennedy Diane Ledford Janice Luck Debbie McGee Joe Mann Susan Mitchell Butch Moran Jo Ann Moran Roger Moore v . Sxtra-Curricular Activities Difficult Math Courses . . 52 ' if an x E ii- if .i .tum if JY-3 ,, -Q is E4 X ,:,.. X E 1 ti t lf K -4 5"v,sf 9' 'SN , ii S 2, 33 K ML J W ' gi 55 -::, '-.. Y T si. New it ,td K 'Wm 'im- kg ' Eddie Moss Dickie Nunn Buddie Parrish Margaret Parrish Danny Pegram Jerry Phillips Roger Potter Linda Proctor Barbara Rees Craig Rich Alan Robbins Rickey Robertson Sandra Shelor Mike Shipwash Rodney Shipwash Henry Shoun Brenda Skeen Vickie Skeen Candy Smith Emily Snider Ricky Stevenson Deana Stout Linda Stout Gary Thayer Elaine Thomas Brenda Tucker Mike Tuggle Jean White Jerry Whitfield Jeff Younts FRESHMEN CLASS OFFICERS First Row: left to right: Penny Smith, Trea- surer, Jerry Hum- phreys, Frankie James, reporters. Second row: Melvin Cecil, Treasurerg Sandy Mitchell, Sec- retaryg Sandy Vuncan- non, Bobby McCall, Vice Presidents, Pam Swift, Mike Sink, Presi- dents. ,..,. 3 ,, "WW Lbnafmiw ,fi VY ,W , GHQ Class Of 1972 , young, and in much anticipation ascending the ladder of their high school career just being able to say "I'm in high schooln greshmengreshmengreshmengresehmen Adjusting 50 A ew Kind Gf fife . lim 'High 1 if 'mm s., are-f Vw Joanne Adams Larry Anderson Edward Baker Debbie Barnes Wanda Beeson Roger Blankership David Bodenheimer Allen Borland Craig Brewer Ronnie Brown Nancy Burton Sammy Byers Cathy Cable Denise Carroll Wanda Carroll James Cashatt Melvin Cecil Janet Chandler Mike Cline Debra Coltrane Jean Creasey Mike Daniels Bill Dixon Glenda Driggers Wayne East Linda Eaton John Eller Debbie Ellington Joe Farabee Laura Foley Larry Gill Pete Galloway Kathy Gilliland Robert Goins Nancy Grant Barbara Gray Pat Griffin Marcy Haney Randy Harb Jerry Harrelson Joann Hazelwood Barry Hill Ronnie Holder Debra Honeycutt Connie Hooker Pamela Horne Jo Hucks Jerry Humphreys Cathy Hutchens Donald Jackson Eearning 50 Be Responsible . M f w 'P""""'f 5 w-.W if f 2 qu 'V 56 Progress Glenn Jacobs Frankie James Dianne Johnson Gary Johnson Joyce Johnson Keith Johnson Donree Kearns Bobby Kennedy Norman Kennedy Vernon Kennedy Kay Kersey Ray Kersey David Killian Linda King Kenny Land J erry Landreth Debbie Langston Steve Lassiter Joel Lockhart Shirley Luck Timmy Mabe Debbie Madden Harold Madden 50 Be iven A Chance 50 Really Mature Debra Marsh Donna Marsh Patsy Marshall Linda Melton Dora Miller Charlie Mills Sandy Mitchell Debbie Mull Bobby McCall Pam McKinnon Craig Oldham Melony Oliver Janie Pearson Karen Pegram Keith Pendegraph Patsy Perdue Danny Phillips Debra Proctor Sandra Ransom Deborah Rector Susan Rinehardt Gary Royals Eddie Samuel Craig Saunders .- - Brenda Seay 5 X LX. thx? 5: Lf- Dean Sechrest Donnie Simmons Mike Sink I P' L Penny Smith ' Shirley Smith Gregory Spencer Diane Stanley Kathrine Stanley A gresfiman earg Molding 3'or Ghe guture Pam Swift Pam Talley Mike Thompson Ronnie Trexler Randy Trotter QS Jody Tysinger . Sandy Vuncannon Vickie Whittington Alan Yarborough Phillip Younts 59' W'vrVnwV.w-WSJ-V.'Wm-F-V'.IVQJ-556 fVvw.V:21mH-VQQV1 V V VV -VV, ,V VV, , . .. V., .. , ,. , Vibiwnzsm wV,,Vm-Vfw-,V V -Vw. W . . ., V V, ,, ,, ., ,, . . gg . V f ' f lgi ilk Wm 1173, V: V- ,V V ' ' Kzf - 24- az., .VV-.wg mv 'J V2 -fu VV' JP- 5 , V '- sl' --V was -VMVQQH-V:fV'VV5.a-Vw V. Vqirw l -sm gizwfwa 'V+ ' " V- ,QV 'V' -gy V, V- ' wig ,p V4 Q" 5- ': KQV -VV. :V . - . 'P ' W e 5271 1' 4 V' 57Q f QV'Y , V.i- .' " V " ' VVM-V.--VVJHVVMVvm-1ws?Vw-M:VVVfVnVu1yQff5i:a3wbd'1::fM4'i-,VVV-Vmw' ,ww In-Vw' VV V -aw V, 'M Vfm VL- VA. AV .V'PVT4"2:f5m QVMVVV-c.aVwf.V.:'f2wxiwi,S4VQ99jeVf,,:r,kV???a-tV,V-19VViigabiifmgfhf'g.z'e'Va'wQ?Vn'5:y'V5QVo'wVMy-,u-'Ng-V,,.M'gify9zo:,--5:5VV2i.gug3v,A. VMV3-. , V235 fkf,V 'W' 25: V giizw .V V , .4 W K QM, V1 x -5 .1 , ' .-if -.. 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E ,Q 63 Escorts Left to right: Curtis Kiser, Senior Eseortg Donald Jackson, Freshman Eseortg Johnny Davis, Sophomore Eseortg Tim Morton, Junior Eseortg Larry Davidson, Queen's Escort, Amy Hicks, president ofthe Senior Girls' Class, presented the flowers to the queen and senior attendant. " QW g 'WS vs ,,, rw 64 Tense excitement A captured moment A familiar signal Victory Local D.J . A swinging dance A lasting memory si, i ' 3' ' ', ll of Sf tt, 'Pai-L ' f CJ ,I iw 65 Honor Students 'Q"""""7l' 455 LQ 'X 'l""x. . Cindy Haney Best Citizen I ii ,fzg-, 1 3 if 'M Sem A L mfg., : nf--1.46 , yllq A ' . .L as Q ,5sN,-fsgSg 1 W' . Aw? . fe A I if : 3- le a ca xg is its css fr Yrs 4- -M N M 4 1? 1 fe -I sg. 'P x 1, K, W, 1 E. ,. .,., if' ,,.f .lx!:f' Q 41' Margaret Rees DAR Representative Left to right: Marilyn Lloyd, Skip McLamb, Cindy Hzmeyg Boy's and Gi1'l's State Delegates. 1969 Marsfials Jeannie Ross, Chief Stephen Plummer Wig?-k -. V fem-gy, Kim Jarrett Susan Hoffner Marilyn McClay -KSN . 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E E Warren Jones, 1967 attendant to Governofs School and 1968 All-Student Chorus Accompanist, U.S.A. 73 1968 32111 QV' 'ff' Xa I, 4, sf, if 'Q gg V5,, , -- 'H Q X f 'Y 1 f IW Q 74 estiva Left to right: High School King and Queen, Sterling Banks and Linda Proctor. High School Runners-up, Tony Barker and Delphine Jarrett. Left to right: Elementary King and Queen, Rodger Kennedy and Evelyn Lindaas. Elementary Runners-up, Randy Brewer and Rhonda Younts. Left to right: Primary King and Queen, Rodney Johnson and Sharon H o over. Primary Runners-up, Tommy Grant and Jo Ann Landreth. High School Baby, Penny Ridge. High School Runner-up, April Garner. Elementary Baby, Sandra Phillips. Elementary Baby Runner-up, Candy Cain. ' Primary Baby, Patrick McCoury. Primary Baby Runner-up, Terry Lynn Shepard. 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Third row: David Harb, Steve Barnes, Carol Beane, Skip Brower. Second row: Kenneth Gulledge, Donald Jackson, McLamb. 79 U Outh Council Representativesi To co-ordinate the actions of area high schools To inspire interscholastic competition Making youth a worthwhile part of community life First row left to right: Emily Snider, Margaret Parrish. Second row: Chris Morton, Barbara Coltrane. Third row: Curt Kiser, David Harb. I A traffic safety campaign was a major project. 80 Keen competition in speech events Warm sense of accomplishment Awareness, understanding, unity ational gorensic feague Standing left to right: Mrs. Mildred Hussey, Advisorg Susan Sparks, Trea- surerg Curt Kiser, Student Council Representativeg Gene Redding, Re- porter, Cindy Haney, Vice-President, David Harb, Secretary: Warren Jones, President. First row left to right: Cathy Morrow, Lynn Bodenheimer, Debbie Vuncannon, Linda Stout, Emily Snider. Second row: Becky Bell, Janet Kestler, Jeannie Ross, Candy Smith, Karen Pegram, Marilynn Lloyd, Lynn Peters. Third row: Don Hendricks, Mike Garner, Joy Bell, Doug Lassiter. ,S F ef' is A A . League members practice debating ' before a tournament. First row left to right: Warren Jones, David Harb, Margaret Rees, Larry Bodcnheimer, Curt Kiser. Second row: Debbie Vuncannon, Amy Hicks, JoAnn Carico, Debby Mitchell, Ralph Modlin, Steve Plummer, Keith Smith, Marilyn MeClay, Janet Kestler, Jeannie Ross. Beta Club To develop leadership To set a goal To serve the school, community, country W To present a challenge To encourage scholastic development WEEE Y' 'W' l D f iii A solemn lnductlon service followed by refresh- ments and a sigh of relief. Left to right: President, Skip McLambg Secretary, Adonna Lanierg Treasurer, Cindy Haney, Vice-President, Ann Deatong Advisor, Mrs. Martha Faw. " EHS ? . 1 - 1,- .. .. . ., i l i i i l el D Y' h is A fs P . vfiq fifi li i i 2 ' ' . .X r, ,L K L rr.. ,s rrss .. , 5, . its i l r gin r t , , t z Q r , 2 gn 1 '43 X' K P, . 1 -. Q ae s 1 l Q X at :la ' -- rl ww w? wma- ak'-ai" J Ol 82 3uiure Business Headers Cf America Character Confidence Creation of interest 1 i va ,W 1 Develop competence Understanding of the business world Mrs. Barbara Cooper, Advisor row left to right: Virginia Snow, Cindy McSwain, Pat Deborah Phillips, Bonnie Cox, Nettie McNabb, Rhonda Carol Beane. Second row: Glenda Tyndall, Lorna Chambers, Widener, Jan Mashburn, Carolyn Jones, Debbie Johnson, ari Humphreys, Dale Macon. Third row: Susan Sechrest 'few Left to right: Becky Ferguson, Presidentg Debbie Hinkle, Secretary, Charlotte Dunbar, Treasurerg Shannon Skeen Historian, Paula Kiser, Vice President, Cindy Mickey, Re porter. s JoAnne Carico, Debbie Bundy, Debi Mann, Marsha Brower, Beverly Snider, Debbie Cox, Delphine Jarrett, Steven Kennedy. Fourth row: Steve Armentrout, Phil Quesenberry, Joe Lassiter, Bill Coltrane, Gene Cox, Jerry Southard, Barry Helsabeck, Eddie , Osborne. guture Homemakers Of Am First row left to right: Emily Snider, Deran Kearns, Vickie Skeen, Karen Brower, Lynn Dildine, Candy Smith, Donree Kearns, Sandra Ransom. Second row: Brenda Tucker, Sandra Shelor, Kathy Beane, Debbie Madden, Linda Stout, Kathy Gilliland, Janice Frazier, Donna Marsh, Debra Coltrane. Third row: Kay Kersey, Diane Johnson, Cathy Hutchens, Jo Ann Hazelwood, Shirley Luck, Denise Carroll, Shirley Smith, Wanda Carroll, Debra Langsdon, Frankie James, Nancy Burton. Fourth row: Sandy an . arr- Wi is 4, 1,51 ILQLA G: Mrs. Ruth Causey, Advisor . Interest in home economics e C A Democracy in home Appreciation of homemaking Vuncannon, Karen Pegram, Diane Stanley, Pat McKinnon, Janet Chandler, Pam Talley, Jean Creasy, Pam Horne, Linda Melton. Fifth row: Glenda Driggers, Joyce Johnson, Debbie Mull, Elaine Thomas, Janice Luck, Debbie Marsh, Vickie Johnson, Patsy Marshall, Sue Bundy, Jane Carter, Kay Deaton, Susan Mitchell, Becky Bell, Pam Swift, Margaret Parrish, Libby Hedgepeth, Melanie Oliver, Debbie Rector, J o Ann Adams, Vickie Whitting- ton, Debbie Barnes, Linda Eaton, Janie Pearson. ilwbp F03 F AR we SUCQSSF Y . h g Left to right: Sandy Mitchell, Vice-Presidentg Brenda Skecn, Secretary, Debbi Ellington, Treasurerg Susan Rinehardt, Interclub Council Reprcscntativeg Joy Bel Song Leader, Linda Proctor, Devotional Chairman, Barbara Rees, President, Susa Chilton, Reporter, Rhonda Hunt, Historian. Ifihrary Club Service to the school, student body, and faculty Learning more about the world of books Interest in school and library Learning by way of doing First row left to right: Lynn Dildine, Diane Ledford, Clara Cox, Teresa Hundley, Vickie Johnson, Lynn Peters, Susan Mitchell, Brenda Tucker, Melissa Kennedy. Second row: ' X Debbie Reerbr, Debbie Honey- ' cutt, Debbie McGee, Phil 1 Quesenberry, Larry Boden- heimer, Bill Coltrane, Chris Morton, Keith Smith. Checking out books requires assistance. 1.2 Left to right: Mrs. Anne Hill, Advisor, Barbara Coltrane, Treasurer, Mike Johnson, Vice-Presidentg Debbie Phillips, President, Vickie Skeen, Reporter, Gary Johnson, Sec- retary, David Johnson, Parliamentarian. 85 First row left to right: Barry Snyder, Keith Smith, Rodney Shipwash, Billy Horne, Sonny Gill, Butch Moran, David Harb. Second row: Garry Thayer, Chris Morton, Jerry Whit- field, Gary Hill, Donald Snider, Steve Barnes, Gary Meredith, Mike Coltrane, Tim Morton, Steve Armen- trout, Chris Staley. Third row: Kim Jarrett, Gene Redding, Johnny Davis, Winston Moody, Ralph Modlin, Larry Hooks, John Smith, Phil Whitesell, Larry Davidson. Mr. Bill Guy, Advisor New members enjoy their first taste of Civitan club life. unior Civitan Builders of good citizenship Workers in their home, school, and community Leaders of tomorrow Left to right: Doug Lassiter, Vice-Presidentg Skip McLamb, Presi- dent, Larry Cowan, Chaplin, Chris Farlow, Treasurer, Curt Kiser, Secretary. Seated: David Dingler, Sergeant-at-arms, J ,Maw-N And Civinettes A sister club of the Junior Civitan Honesty Concern Effort 1 fir. 3535 f First row left to right: Donna Lambeth, Lorna Chambers, Judy Davis, Kay Steelman, Bonnie Cox, Debbie Hinkle, Becky Bell. Second row: Pat White, Debbie Mitchell, Shannon Skeen, Sandra Palmer, Janet Kestler, Debbie Johnson, Adonna Lanier, Susan Sparks, Daneal Widener. Third row: Amy Hicks, Barbara Rees, Debbie Yarborough, Elaine Thomas, Brenda Skeen, Susan Chilton, Karen Brower, lfonda Tuttle, Debbie Vuncannon, Joy Bell. 87 X Left to right: Janice Mashburn, Secretary, Janice Hughes, Sergeant-at-arms, Becky Ferguson, Chap- lain, Margaret Rees, Presidentg Miss Beth Shearin, Advisor, Ann Deaton, Treasurer, Charlotte Dunbar, Student Council Representative, Paula Kiser, His- torian, Cindy Haney, Vice-President. l Always ready to help others. To stimulate interest in a program of To promote recreational participation Monogram C1116 First row left to right: Cindy Haney, Treasurerg Winston Moody, Vice-President, Margaret Rees, Reporter, Chris Farlow, President, Ann Deaton, Secretary. Second row: Mr. Bill Guy, Mr. Tommy Younts, Mr. Lewis Hill, Mr. Ronnie Wallace, Advisors. Members are proud of their school and show it by buying monogram jackets. wholesome physical activities To develop good sportsmanship First row left to right: Debbie Vuncannon, Linda Stout, Janet Kestler, Kay Steelman, Joan Garner, Lorna Chambers, Bonnie Cox. Second row: Betty Carroll, Jean Thomas, Deana Stout, Janice Cox, Linda Proctor, Debbie Bundy. Third row: Ralph Modlin, Larry Davidson, Phil Whitesell, Mike Johnson, Skip McLamb, Jimmy Sliackleford, Billy Horne. Fourth row: Larry Hooks, Curt Kiser, Gary Meredith, John Smith, David Dingler, Roger Skeen, Terry Byers, Jerry Hutchens. Fifth row: Donald Snider, Sterling Banks, Steve Barnes, Mike Coltrane, Steve Burton, Keith Osborne, Keith Smith, Donald Cruthis, Barry Snyder, Jeff Brewer. Sixth row: Rodney Shipwash, Norman Kennedy, Carson Hill, Garry Thayer, Jerry Whitfield, Gene Redding, Larry Cowan, Johnny Davis, Butch Moran, Dean Sechrest. 3uture Geachers Cf America Y Sharing knowledge Learning patience Growing in the priceless qualities of sympathy and concern Left to right: Adonna Lanier, Presidcntg Brenda Tucker, Reporterg Debby Mitchell, Treasurer, Amy Hicks, Sec- retaryg Margaret Rees, Student Council Representativeg Mrs. Elizabeth Thomas, Advisor. T irst row left to right: Pam Talley, Karen Pegram, Kay Steelman ebbie Yarborough, Susan Chilton, Emily Snider, Karen Brower, renda Smith. Second row: Lynn Bodenheimer, Pam Swift hirley Luck, Vickie Whittington, Patsy Marshall, Debra Coltrane Lynn Dildine, Vickie Skeen, Melanie Olivcr, Penny Smith, Nettie McNabb. Third row: Rhonda Hunt, Cindy Haney, Margaret Parrish, Becky Bell, Janice Luck, Brenda Skeen, Becky Huffman, Susan Sechrest, Susan Hoffner, Joy Bell, Fonda Tuttle. 89 High School Chorus First row: left to right: Mickey Hutchins, Gary McCloud, Tony Barker, Jerry Landreth, Gary Johnson, Debbie Yarborough, Candy Smith, Kay Kersey, Diane Stanley, Debra Coltrane, Deana Stout, Debbie Vuncannon. Second row: Danny Pegram, Larry Conard, Barry Hill, Eddie Moss, Phillip Younts, Becky Bell, Pam Swift, Pam Talley, Lynn Bodenheimer, Charlotte Hodges, Libby Hedgepeth, Emma Ferree. Third row: Cornell Dennis, Roger Skeen, Mike Coltrane, Gary Hill, Bill Coltrane, Janet Kestler, Jeannie Ross, Jean Thomas, Pam McKinnon, Jean Creasy, Kaye Deaton, Rhonda Hunt. Fourth row: Bruce Sechrest, Dean! Sechrest, Doug Cecil, Johnny Davis, Donald Jackson, Judy Taylor, Joy Bell, Janie Pearson, Melanie Oliver, Glenda Driggers, Linda Proctor, Debbie Rector. Seated: Karen Pegram, Warren Jones. A Left to right: Tim Morton, Reporterg Mr. Bill Marlowe, Director, Elaine Thomas, Secretary-Treasurerg Amy Hicks, Secretary-Treasurer Warren Jones, President, Curt Kiser, Vice-President. T Majorettes And Marching Band J , ,.,, : ,, x iii "' 1' . , f rs T he j f if Q VX V . I, l , ,ft V 2, ,f 5 vi Q K lui. ..4- . , i .H P Q X Q 3 Susan Sparks, Head Majorette Sandra Palmer l Margaret Parrish Cathy Hutchens lFirst row left to right: David Farlow, Lisa Boyles, Teresa Landreth, Rebecca McNeill, Keith Auman. Second row: Kathy iPatterson, Mary Grant, Larry Cowan, Larry Hooks, Warren Jones, lMike Daniels, Johnny Peters, Joanna Younts, Edna Jo Adeock. Third row: Nettie McNabb, Becky Huffman, Nancy Grant, Gary IRoyals, Debbie Honeyeutt, Betsy Modlin, Becky Rees, Karen Carter, Debbie Moran, Debbie McDowell. Fourth row: Carolyn Jones, Donna Lambeth, Susan Farlow, Christy Dunbar, Peggy Tucker, Melvin Auman, Eddie Samuels, Ricky Ingram, Keith Johnson, Ricky Robinson. Fifth row: Mike Tuttle, Chris Staley, Barry Snyder, Craig Saunders, Sandy Vuncannon, James Warren, Blair Caudle, Craig Oldham, David Smith, Randy Dezern. Sixth row: Keith Goodwin, Jeff Younts, Mark Thompson, Dale Brown, Mike Sink, Mike Briles, Mike Thompson, Gary Johnson, Buddy Parrish, Ronnie Brown, Randy Harb. as Q M A Concert Band H We wa' 'T Offers many opportunities Enlightens one,s culture Participates in various parades Band contests Band day at universities Active with programs Left to right: Keith Johnson, Mike Briles, Librarians, Donna Lambeth, Reporter, Donald Cruthis, Secretary, Margaret Parrish, Treasurerg Mike Tuttle, Presidentg David Harb, Vice- President, First row left to right: David Harb, Sandra Palmer, Margaret Parrish, Nettie McNabb, Becky Huffman, Nancy Grant, Debbie Honeycutt, Cathy Hutchens. Second row: Becky Rees, Betsy Modlin, Debbie McDowell, Kathy Patterson, Debbie Moran, Karen Carter, Chris Farlow, Gary Johnson, Randy Harb, Buddy Third row: Mike Thompson, Gary Royals, Carolyn Jones, Adcock, Larry Cowan, Debbie Yarborough, Susan Sparks, Daniels, Larry Hooks, Johnny Peters. David Harb, Drum Major Mr. T. W. Marlowe, Director First row left to right: Mary Grant, Donna Lambeth, Susan Farlow, Christy Dunbar, Joanna Younts, Ronnie Brown. Second row: Dale Brown, Jeff Younts, Keith Goodwin, Donald Cruthis, Mark Thompson, Blair Caudle, Melvin Auman, Joe Mann, Peggy Tucker. Third row: James Warren, Keith Johnson, Ricky Ingram, 93 Sandy Vuncannon, Craig Saunders, Eddie Samuel, Craig Oldham David Smith, Ricky Robertson, Randy Dezern, Rodney Shipwash Carson Hill, Barry Snyder, Chris Staley, Mike Tuttle, Fourth row Warren Jones, Mike Briles, Mike Sink. Swingers And Dance Band s ,Q 1, . L Z g EE i T -. Q f 'W S N Q First row left to right: Larry Cowan, Gary Johnson, Jean Thomas, Jerry Landreth, Debbie Yarborough, Danny Pegram, Karen Pegram, Warren Jones, Mr. Marlowe. Second row: Bruce Sechrest, Jean Creasey, Tony Barker, Amy Hicks, Curt Kiser, Lorna Chambers. Third row: Johnny Davis, Becky Bell, Gary Hill, Pam Swift, Roger Skeen, Debbie Vuncannon. Fourth row: Janet Kestler, Dean Sechrest, Jeannie Ross, Donald Jackson, Margaret Parrish, Tim Morton, Elaine Thomas. First row left to right Gary Johnson, Chris Farlow, Randy Harb, Brown. Third row: Randy Dezern, James Warren, David Smith, Ronnie Brown Buddy Parrish Debbie Vuncannon, Karen Pegram, Carson Hill, Rodney Shipwash, Chris Staley, Barry Snyder, Mike Warren Jones Second row Larry Cowan, Mike Briles, Donald Tuttle. Cruthrs Mark Thompson Keith Goodwin, Jeff Younts, Dale 94 i French And Science Clubs First row left to right: Chris Morton, Janet Kestler, Cathy Morrow. Second row: Brenda George, Steve Plummer, Donna Lambeth, Lynn Bodenheimer. Third row: Kathy Wright, Libby Carter, Gill. Fourth row: Susan Hoffner, Susan Sparks, Jeannie Ross, Elmer Farlow, Marilyn MeClay. Fifth row: Lynn Peters, Brenda Smith, Becky Huffman, Debbie Mitchell, Fonda Tuttle, Michael Garner. A new club of experiences Learning about the French way of life French foods, people, and pastimes 5 Left to right: Warren Jones, Program Chairman, Miss Grana, Advisor, Kim Jarrett, Treasurer, Joan Garner, Vice- President, David Harb, President, Amy Hicks, Secretary-Reporter. 'Debbie Vuneannon, Keith Smith, Sonny Furthering an interest in science Working together to lea.rn more Preparing for a better future H IQ! Left to right: David Johnson, Secretary-Treasurer, Larry Bodenheimer, President, Chris Staley, Reporter, Mrs, Whealton, Advisor, Mickey Mull, Vice-President, Joe Lassiter, ,Student Council Representative, David Dingler, Sergeant-ab gArms. .,,,,,....---4-- Seated left to right: David Bodenheimer, Jerry Humphreys, Barry Helsabeek, Dale' Macon, Mike Corn, Bill Coltrane, Phil Younts, Larry Cowan, Debbie Honeyeutt. Standing left to right: Gary Johnson, Kim Jarrett, Steve Lassiter, Bobby McCall, Elmer Farlow, Jerry Hutchens, Phil Quesenberry, Mike Tuggle, Jimmy Shackleford, Dean Sechrest. 95 Left to right: Jean Creasey, Treasurer, Penny Smith, Publicity Chairmang Pam Swift, Presidentg Mrs. Janie Brown, Advisor, Susan Rinehardt, Vice-President, Bunny Burton, Secretary, Sandy Mitchell, Student Council Representative. First row left to right: Janet Chandler, Linda Melton, Cathy Hutehens, Kay Kersey, Jo Ann Hazelwood, Frankie James, Deborah Langsdon, Jo llueks, Sandra Ransom, Second row: Sandy Vuncannon, Debbie Ellington, Deborah Marsh, Deborah Hi-U Cluli Fellow ship Christian character Recreation Achievement Left to right: Doug Lassiter, Reporter, David Dingler, Chaplain, Curt Kiser, Treasurer, Mr. Lewis Hill, Advisor, John Smith, Secretary, Gene Redding, Vice-President, Skip McLamb, President. ' 'WJ row left to right: Mike Coltrane, Gary Johnson, Larry Terry Byers, Roger Skeen, Greg Brewer, Phillip Younts, Phillips, Donald Cruthis, Billy Horne. Second row: Barry Gary Meredith, Mike Johnson, Jerry Hutchens, Winston Moody, Jerry Southard, Larry Davidson, Chris Farlow, Jeff Brewer. Third row: Larry Hooks, Steve Barnes, Donald Snider, Jimmy Shackleford, Tim Morton, Keith Osborne, Johnny Davis, Carson Hill, Garry Thayer. Hi-Kites Staff Hard Working Always planning Productive Creative M David Harb, Editor , . 4 5 Left to right: Marilyn McClay, Carolyn Jones, Assistant Editors. Mrs. Faw, Advisor. Left to right: Janet Kestler, Larry Cowan, Sports Editors, Left to right: Lynn Bodenheimer, Jeannie Ross, Feature Editorsg Margaret Parrish, Club Editorg Debbie Phillips, Pat White, News Editors. 98 Gene Redding, City Editor. w First row left to right: Debby Mitchell, Business Managerg Drew Haney, Circulation Manager. Second row: Becky Bell, Circulation Manager, Bill Coltrane, Circulation Staff, Randy Harb, Art Editorg Kim Jarrett, Cir- culation Staff. Left to right: Joan Garner, Layout Editor, Karen Brower, Barbara Rees, Copy Editors. First row left to right: Linda Stout, Marsha Brower, Maria Morrow, Melanie Oliver, Karen Grayson, Lynn Peters, Candy Hughes, Debbie Vuncannon. Second row: Libby Hedgepeth, Smith, Susan Chilton. Shannon Skeen, Janice Cox. Third row: Vickie Skeen, Kathy 99 Ain-Qa-Hi Determination A sense of humor Late hours Accomplishment Co-editors, Phil Whitesell and Kay Steelman. Annual Staff Advisor, Mrs. Hallie Myers Advertising Managers, left to right: Drew Business Managers, left to right: David Harb, Jan Mashbuin, Haney, Larry Bodenheimer. Margaret Rees. 100 Staff Left to right: Ralph Modlin, Jimmy Shack- elford, Phil Quesen- berry, Photographers. i 0'-vnu., ll kwfa-vvww I, IX -I Sitting left to right: Ronnie Meredith, Debbie Cox. Standing: Sandra Palmer, Mickey Mull, Advertising Staff. Danny Carter, Artist. 101 Left to right: Pat White, Bill Col- trane, Adonna Lanier, Gary Johnson, Circulation Managers. Left to right: Larry Cowan, Ann Deaton, Gene Redding, Sports Editors. Qnclustriousness . Left to right: Skip McLamb, Bonnie Cox, Club Editors, Cindy Haney, Curt Kiser, Feature Editors. Left to right: Judy Davis, Debbie Bundy, Elementary Editors. Left to right: Janice Hughes, Carolyn Jones, Becky Ferguson Primary Editors, Necessary Grait Sitting, left to right: Terry Byers, Debby Mitchell, Sopho- more Class Editors. Standing, left to right: Steve Armen- trout, Sophomore Class Editor, Debbie Hinkle, Larry Davidson, Freshman Class Editors. 103 i Left to right: Gene Cox, Jerry Southard, Junior Class Editors. E. i x Y ,fm Left to right: Phil Quesenberry, Debbie Phillips, Lorna Chambers, Senior Class Editors. csAtHleiicsAtHleticsAtHleticsAtHleticsA1 . I X 1 , I .p.,Q Q E x an ,Q 'Qi . 1. WMC F: JV tfv , 2 fi 'EA uf' ,, an QP'-4"!?' w W' A Kong Hard year Hof First Row left to right: Steve Barnes, Skip McLamb, Donald Donald Snider, Johnny Smith, Mike Coltrane, Winston Moody, Cruthis, Steve Burton, Jerry Whitfield, Keith Smith,Butch Moran, Ralph Modlin, Allen Robinson, Sterling Banks, Chris Farlow. Rodney Shipwash. Second Row: Jeff Brewer, Gary Meredith, Third Row: Carson Hill, Larry Hooks, Norman Kennedy, Gene Skip MULHHTD, C0'CHPt3i11, 561501 Johnny Smith, Co-Captain, Senior Coach ljounts Redding, Mike Johnson, Dean Sechrest, Keith Osborne, Garry Thayer. 4-...--Q?" W,""2f' Coaches, Mr. Tommy Younts and Mr. Ronnie Wallace ff? Billy Horne, Manager Hustle, fue, determination Long, hot summer practice The "Big Push' as the first game nears Hard work and the will to win A crisp autumn night, bright lights, the tension and VICTORY Sophomore guard Mike Coltrane shows the form of a mean ball- player. Winston Moody was an All- Conference choice at tackle as a Junior. with A 5-Ll Season And Senior tackle Mike Johnson Senior guard Jeff Brewer gets fires off the line after an ready to make the kill. opposing lineman. Senior tackle Gene Redding Senior center Chris Farlow makes an all out effort to get was a stalwart in the offense the ballcarrier. line. Junior fullback Steve Barnes grits his teeth as he hits the line. Some of the "GANG" are looking mean. 108 Memories Sophomore tackle Carson Hill was a hoss on the defensive line. Junior fullback Gary Meredith bulled his way to All- Jaybirdg Conference recognition for the second year in a row Junior end Ralph Modlin was a steady perfomrer for the Rodney Shipwash played well Big Sophomore end Garry asaSophomore wingback Thayer was a mean man on the field 109 Gary Meredith booms forward for extra yardage Junior wingback Don Snider used his great speed to outdistance opponents Sophomore halfback Butch Moran rose to stardom in the final games of the season A giery Spirit . . . W Left to right: Debbie Madden, Debbie Ellington, Barbara Coltrane, Suzanne Bundy, Kaye Deaton Elaine Thomas, Lynda Proctor, Brenda Skeen, Ann Deaton, Jean Thomas, Betty Carroll, Janice Cox Barbara Rees. Coach Tommy Younts goes over final plans for victory. Co-captain Ann Deaton did a Co-captain Jean Thomas scored fine job at her rover position. well from her rover spot. 110 W M .k , 4 A 'FQ 1- Q, Candy Smith Manager ,Q-tn... lf, 3 g'It's been a very tough year." 1 11 . High Hopes , Senior guard Betty Carroll Sophomore forward Junior rover Lynda Proctor Janice Cox Kaye Deaton beats the backcourt press. Vmhvi Sophomore guard Freshman guard Sue Bundy Debbie Ellington Juniorsuard . 5642 will 50 win Ba1-baraCo1trane Sophomore rover Kaye Deaton Freshman rover "Hoss" jumps high to reach the opening tip-off. Debbie Madden 113 Thayer starts to pass off as Meredith looks on. Hustle Pays Uffl Big Donkv puts one in for two more points. A few suicides Bleary-eyed confusion during Saturday practice Defense, determination, and durability Last-second victories and Heart-breaking losses A strong bench and Returning lettermen i 114 'V - fi- 'Dm' A- i ' W Wi .RQ f , , 45, 1:1 1 , ,W , o High-scoring Gary Meredith gets set to put two more in the hole. Always Putting Qorward Senior guard Senior forward Skip McLamb Phil Whitesell Senior center Senior guard Gene Redding Larry Cowan "Nothing compares to the thrill of victory." 116 peciai Sffort Senior guard Sophomore guard Junior forward Curt Kiser Butch Moran Gary Meredith Sophomore center Senior forward Garry Thayer Doug Lassiter i s fist? if wif ri-T-Elv JAY "Spiderman Moran" puts it in. "Harry Looks", as we call him, gets all wrapped up in his job 117 4 ,sua- Roger Skeen, Co-Captain, Scnior Larry Davidson, Co-Captain, Senior Winston Moody is caught in a double play 118 Striving 301' Zhe Best Season yet warm weather hard work well-deserved recognition Billy Horne and Steve A1-mentrout, Managers Mr. Lewis Hill, Coach The batsman lines a sharp grounder to an agile second baseman 119 Mike Coltrane, Third Base, Sophomore Gary Meredith, Pitcher, Junior Determination Hustle Johnny Smith, Outtield, Senior Dale Allen, Outfield, Senior Larry Cowan, Shortstop, Senior Winston Moody, Catcher, Junior 29 X r- :HX N Garry Thayer, First Base, Sophomore Roger Moore, Outfield, Sophomore Memories Success Ability And Sxtra Drive Flying over the crossbar Trying to beat the clock Holding on to that extra drive 3 Y: , -ff X. 252, ' "mf i WN , if . I f , , V 7li""lN5'Hl??fl ' A "'4:iEa:,f'1 "'v.-,:' Wilt' ' it-'7f,iiit'V71o, f, wma T ifgw-1, y U L ' 5, K C xv ' First Row left to right: Candy Smith, Sandy Vuncannon, Vickie Whittington, Diane Johnson, 4 Cathy Hutchins, Pam Talley, Nancy Burton, Susan Rinehardt. Second Row: Debbie Madden, Coach Mr. Tommy Younts Becky Bell, Linda Stout, Sue Bundy, Debbie Ellington, Sandy Mitchell, Karen Pegram, Debbie Rector, Penny Smith, Melony Oliver. Third Row: Susan Sparks, Kathy Morrow, Nettie McNabb. Waiting for the gun. Bang! Track men really like to run First Row left to right: Vernon Kennedy, Allen Robbins, Ricky Stevenson, Joel Lockhart, Greg Jarrett, Pete Galloway, Alan Yarborough, Charlie Mills, Keith Pendegraph. Second Row: Coach MI- Bil1G11Y Billy Horne, Mike Tuttle, Donald Cruthis, Terry Byers, Tony Barker, David Harb, Robert Goins, Dean Sechrest. Third Row: Jeff Brewer, Larry Hooks, Bobby McCall, Tim Morton, Ronnie Trexler. 122 5fie ent1eman's Sport Only in its second year of existence our golf team fights hard for recognition from rival teams. Senior Barry Snyder Senior Jerry Hutchens Junior Jimmy Shackleford Junior Steve Burton Sophomore Danny Pegram Sophomore Johnny Davis Mr. Tommy Younts, Coach Freshman Norman Kennedy 123 QUS Compile 6-3 Record 'Ga 1 QQ , Coach Mr. Lewis Hill Jaybirds close in on the ball-carrier 1, ,1 .. M 'T are .,. as-SSH - ,se First row, left to right: Gary Anderson, Pete Galloway, Roger Jacobs, Gary Johnson, Bill Dixon, Charlie Mills, Kenny Moore, Tony Mann, Alan Palmer, Sammy Byers, Eddie Willard, Thompson, Mike Sink, Robbie Kiser, Joel Lockhart. Third row: Bobby McCall, David Bodenheimer, Phil Younts, Ricky Mark Thompson, David Smith. Robertson. Second row: Keith Johnson, Allen Borland, Glenn 124 Roaring 50 A 16-4 Season First row left to right: Jerry Whitfield, Jerry Landreth, Phil Johnny Davis, Keith Osborne, Norman Kennedy,Doug Cecil, Mike Younts, Jeff Younts, Roger Moore. Second row: Mike Sink, Thompson, Mike Coltrane. " Jerry puts one up as Norman gets set to work the boards. Coach Lewis Hill 125 Vitality Determination School Spirit Chief Cheerleader, Kay Steelman, Senior Co-Chief, Cindy Haney, Senior The Cheerleaders sock-it-to-us! Cheerleader Advisor Mrs. Mildred Hussey Margaret Rees, Senior Lorna Chambers, Senior 126 I 1 B, Q X Q63-if 2 ' "1 U , Bw' sz f 'ix Q W '5 kg V Bonnie Cox, Senior Janet Kestler, Junior Debbie Vuncannon Junior Joan Garner, Junior wleusf' Linda Stout, Sophomore Cheerleaders eagerly await outcome of play! 127 -I . 0 Q is lf: .41 "-. X if dl ff is parationpreparationpreparatiowteparati , -4- V4-nl n .i - 5 . L N I 1 , i , E- nur' X MF 5... ww ,rv All 1 N m 49.51. ,.. A gacuity he Mrs. Betty H. Mebes, sm Grade ' , J 1 Mr. Linwood A. Harris, sth Grade W d i ' Mr. Ronald A. Wallace, 8th Grade ' Mrs. Frances Mabe, Public School Music Mr. James E. Hayes, 7th Grade Mrs. Louise C. Easter, 7th Grade Mrs. Rachel E. York, 7th Grade Mr. Roger N. Schecter, 7th Grade uniorHigHjuniorHigiijuniorflighjunior H Mrs. Janie R. Brown, 6th Grade Miss Margaret Garland, 6th Grade Mrs. Minnie H. Robertson, 6th Grade Mrs. Lula Mae E. Williams, 6th Grade Mrs. Rubye G. Bissitte, 5th Grade Mrs. Barbara S. Lowder, 5th Grade Miss Shirley Ann West, 5th Grade Miss Patricia G. Hall, Sth Grade Mrs. Juanita S. Early, 5th Grade Mrs. Nancy I. Crissman, 4th Grade Miss Vera Mae Ferree, 4th Grade Miss Patricia J. Chinn, Special Education L mentatygiemenfarygiemeniarygiemenia L A, J . , y .,A-- ,C V AIVV I, y f M P 'ull Nb VVV AI' pg, , I -fel W if t , M J 3 fl ' "5" K Q t E"A ,eve i P-J Q? X5 kg-I it -Q ,. f at J .,fk: 9 V, " pp ,AA,h Agi. , i , P n sntll LQ , C ,fl H 'rw I Q llfilty J C, :AZ i X . W I- r ' ,' I .a ' :VI 0 We 2 :.:, , , , pl ,sei A V J x L-A 1 ,,,, x K L W Sightfl Qracle Edna Adcock, Gary Anderson, Melvin Auman, Jeff Barker, Debbie Barnes, Randy Baugus, Becky Boone, Terry Breeden, Debbie Brown, Rankin Brown, Cynthia Brummett, Viola Brummet, Susan Byars, Ted Cans1er,lBever1y Campbell, David Carter, Karen Carter, Rocky Carter, Doreen Chambers, Julia Chandler, Charles Cox, Tony Dennis,Christy Dunbar, Terri Duncan,IRobin Farabee, Susan Farlow, Donna Flowe, David Freeman, Eddie Garret, Keith Good- win, Lloyd Griffin, Steve Halsey, Susan Haney, Audrey Hayes, Ricky Hedrick, Connie Hill, Edward Hudspeth, Larry Humphreys, William Hutson, Ricky Ingram, Barbara Jacobs, Sheila Johnson, Stanley Johnson, Larry Jones, Deborah Kersey, Bonnie Key, Robby Kiser, Teresa Knight, Aleda Lee, Lequita Lee,Il:lve1yn Lindass, Dennis Luck, Tony Mann, Steve Martin, Mary McAnis, Debbie McDowell, Tommy McMickle, Betsy Modlin, IDebbie Moran, Carol Moss, Cynthia Nelson, Alan Palmer, Nomla Parks, Jean Parrish, Kathy Patterson, Vickie Peebles,IJohnny Peters, Debbie Phillips, Wanda Phillips, Ricky Proctor, Becky Rees, Jack Reynolds, Vicky Robertson, Thomas Robertson,lSherry Shehan, David Smith, Sharon Stiles, Kenny Thompson, Mark Thompson, Ernie Upton, Cynthia Vestal, Betty Vuncannon, lWilla.rd D. Wagoner, James Warren, Eddie Willard, Connie Wilson, Paula Wright, Joanna Younts. Seventh fade Billy Adams, Keith Auman, Debbie Bartlett, Terry Beeson, David Bodenheimer, Gary Boone, Lisa Boyles, Danny Branch, Garry Brown, Rhonda Brown, Linda Brummett, Danneal Burdette, Marty Burton, Connie Cans1er,IMelissa Caudle, Robert Cecil, Cynthia Coltrane, Jimmy Colt.rane, Debbie Cox, Douglas Cox, Monroe Cox, Monty Cox, Keith Cruthis, Joyce Cummings, Larry Dailey, Karen Dennis, Kim Dezern, Sharon Driggers,ITeresa Duke, David Farlow, Cynthia Ferguson, Janice Ferguson, Shirley Ferrell, Patsy Foley, Danny Foster, Larry Frazier, Jan Garner, Ellen Gibson, Michael Goins, Mary Grant, Melvin Greer, Gary Guffey,l Alice Hardwick, Dena Hardwick, Diane Hardwick, Cathy Harris, Michael Hazelton, Randy Hazelton, Elaine Hedgepeth, Sue Hedrick, Ronnie Hill, Linda Hilliard, Kathy Hinkle, Phil Hunt, Neil Hunt, Vickie Hughes,IDonna Ingram, Kathy Ivey, Joey James, Tommy Jarvis, Kevin Johnson, Jackie Johnson, Rita Kennedy, ny., if Q , Betty Knutson, Teresa Landreth, Clyde Lanier, Connie Lassiter, Deborah Lee, Paul Leonard, Lynn Lowder,ICynthia Madden, Rickie Madden, Danny Mankins, Keith Marsh, Ruby McDowell, Lee McDowell, Teresa McDowell, Patricia McMickle, Rebecca McNeill, Patsy Miller, Ray Mitchell, Brenda Osborne,ISabrina Osborne, Jeff Overman, Cheryl Owens, Mike Owens, Kathy Packett, Nona Parks, Jan Pegram, Connie Prevatte, Rhonda Ransom, Derek Reavis, Paula Rich, Kathy Robertson,IPat Robertson, George Robbins, Terri Rogers, Pam Sheets, Mike Shehan, Charles Shelar, Stephen Skeen, Deborah Smith, Mark Smith, Susan Smith, Dail Stanley, lim Stanley,lCheryl Stout, Timothy Suits, Keith Taylor, Peggy Tucker, Pam Tuttle, Pamela Tuttle, Sherri Tuttle, Randy Vestal, Tommy Walker, Kathy Walton, IVi.rginia Wall, Janice Welch, Debra Whitfield, Thomas Wiley, Susan Yates. I as if aaa we 'br , If YL I 'M ' ,Q Eittle feague Qootball And lj-Deens tan 1 x inn . if W iw-. A' 4 ' ,if Q V . , Q It . First row, left to right: Mike Skeen, Keith Dillion, Kim Suits, Mike Kiser, Randy Ferree, Ricky Lawson, Tommy Eller. Second row: xx t . ,. , be I ggi is Greg Coltrane, Ricky Madden, Steve Skeen, Marty Burton, Rocky Greer, Kenny Bundy, Roger Lockhart. Inset: W. L. Smith, Coach. First row, left to right: Rhonda Brown, Linda Brummett, Sherri Tuttle, Pam Sheets, Patsy Miller, Debbie Whitfield, Janice Welch, Connie Prevatt, Deborah Smith, Cheryl Stout. Jan Pegram, Cindy Madden, Vickie Hughes, Karen Dennis, Pat Robertson, Paula Rich, Sue Hedrick. Second row: Jill Wright, Patty McMickle, Teresa Duke, Kathy Harris, Melissa Caudle, Cathy Ivey, Elaine Hedgepeth, Cheryl Owens, Kathy Robertson, Lisa Boyles, Renee Osborne, Brenda Osborne, Debbie Bartlett, Teresa Landreth, Debbie Lee, Barbara White. Third row: Eddie Adcock, Sherry Vestal, Becky Boone, Christy Dunbar, Jean Parrish, Susan Byers, nr ? sf. .fi af ,,'. " 5 ai. iii., ff WPS? gg, , 2. I . ,w J Janice Ferguson, Evelyn Lindass, Audrey Hayes, Debbie Brown, Barbara Jacobs, Rebecca McNeil, Susan Smith, Linda Hilliard, Virginia Wall, Connie Hill, Rhonda Ransom, Sharon Driggers, Cindy Coltrane. Fourth row: Betsy Modlin, Becky Rees, Terri Duncan, Joanna Younts, Sharon Farabee, Vickie Robertson, Connie Wilson, Debbie Barnes, Debbie McDowell, Kathy Packett, Kathy Patterson, Rita Kennedy, Karen Carter, Debbie Moran, Susan Haney, Doreen Chambers, Debbie Phillips. Inset: Miss Margaret Garland, Advisor. . a f , A.. V' 3 5: rmigtf 5 y , ,A A V ifzg ,M , 1 . A, A A .AAA V I .. A -' 'tif' "'A A, ' , Q i AA ' ie - ef A "-- ' A A tt ,,,A , A , T Q t A ,A A A , ,, A' la S ' A A A A , Q A ew -A v'-' . , A A A K -Ai ' A ,A ,..-, , V 'A ,. A ,, A ' A, P A ' A A ' ', A ' A A 'ff " " 'A ' --" Fifi, A ' A A' A' i K w tf A,'5A , H I 'e ,AA-lag . I f HV , g k :AA a V- V A A A V A AA. A :VMI Y, i . " ' A. ' X ' . ""' ' ' 't ' ' A ' MA , m .fifff R ' " I -fr , A 5 'f 2 J' V IESQWFEQ5fllsigiggiiipiiifNZWW'-ef L,f'S'fTH. 5 Q' AA"' gif! ' -I A Al A- M L "Av I Aa- 'A W V ' Q em 324132 A " A 'A " -" -' ' -'-' g ' QV'A ' 4" A A ' ' A A ' A ' A r A ' A A' 1 ' A "" ' " A " 'A A A Jig: 7" A' f"k "'tmx1'I 13 A J ffy11AA" " 'lv Aresg,e '-',' I eg, 'W AN .. Aga .. . .. AfA,w,,AAaA.AfA ,,f5a,g1,,.AA A ,ey ,,eiagWA.AAwrzf ,,5,,,Aeq A H"'L I ' ' 'A A '- A . A A , A -3. "h' 1 ,5 52 A ' , , , 4 .... A ! ,, ,, ' .. . i' t?A'57A53? . 1? AEflEAf' , . I 55? , , 'ifffff 57,2 g,f'g'f7' , -Ti Jef' 7 ' "yu Str lieiihf' A , A ' , ,"A A' , 1 , ' ' ' 'A S' A A- A " , A A .. ' if W '-- 5 -3. 3 Av I , A, ff 7' fi? .ff .2 .- Afivfeif af!A'L"i A ' ' AA A: 'A "" ' A. " -Az. A ' A 'A 1' A A ' AA A, A -' ' ' AA ' A A A' ' , a A ' A "AA 5 I lghfzg, Q 1131 7 V I .I 134, ,V -. 5 M I . WV rr Aa, , ,,,AAl, ,, ,, ,il ,j ,5,hA,, , 'A,L,,a f..,A A WA A- W-A A, MA , A 4, , ', we A L, A ,, A " Z " 'V A' i 2 2 1 ' "2f,,',AAAf:2-A'!:f2A,aa:A'A gi? gp aerial A- , ,.,,, , . A ' A . A A, AA ,, ,A , . , ' A A - 1 , ,aa M I A, 75, I F A l .,! ., Q. , , , lv Af'fA'AA""AAA'A " f' ea, -3 A A, A' 'A ' A A' a . L 1- A . :wr , ' " '- A,., E ' 'A A A ff . 2 1, A '14 A ' "" ' ' A' ' .a,A " ,A '41 ' I Z A ,' A ' ' A 'fa , 'AAA AAA ' , ,, rr I 3 A . WA, . A Vi t,,l,,, :V ikjg, JW I , .,.,.AA.,AAa,Q, ,. up AAAI, A1 Q' A- M M i , ' .,.L fir Q , 1,Z ,AA Q ,gAA,1A, ,' A . ,A Aw - ,AM A, 2 3'A?AAA, . A A AA , ,Wife H , Sixth Robin Adams, Rita Auman, Keith Baker, Karen Bartlett, Tammy Baugus, Patricia Beggs, Teresa Blackwell, Cheryl Bowman, Diane Boyd, Steven Bradley, Randy Brewer, Susan Brown, Donna Buck, Kim Bundy,IRaymond Carico, Mike Carroll, Debra Causey, Lou Cecil, Candy Coltrane, Gregg Coltrane, Karen Coltrane, Susan Coltrane, Mike Cox, Ronald Craven, Tina Craven, Benny Cummings, David Dildine, Keith Dillion,lCindy Dixon, Kay Dunbar, Donna Dunlap, Randy Dyson, Carolyn East, Danny East, Dennis Edmonds, Thomas Elder, Randy Ferree, Janice Fisher, Doris Floyd, Shelby Foley, Teresa Freeman, Ricky Gammons,l Frank Gill, Rose Goins, Kathy Goodwin, Teresa Greer, Harold Grubb, Mike Gulledge, Diane Hallgarth, Joe Haney, Doris Hardison, Barry Harkey, Karen Hayes, Roger Hill, Teresa Hilliard, Jimmy Hinson Jr.,ITerry Hobbs, Wanda Holder, Jimmy Hoover, Chris Ingram, Debra Jacobs, Regina James, Gale Johnson, Len Johnson, Ricky Kennedy, Ronnie Key, Jeff Kirkman, Michael Qracle Kiser, Donnie Langston, Teresa Lassiter,IRicky Lawson, Roger Lockhart, Willy Lowder, Jeffrey Mabe, Toni Madden, Dana Marotta, Janet Marshall, Mary Marshall, Randy Martin, Barry McCall, Debra McCall, Ruby McDowell, Winfred McDowell, Tanya McLamb,IFrederick Morgan, Johnny Morgan, Vickie Moran, Sue Myers, Annette Nance, Reva Oldham, John O,Shie1ds, Patricia O'Shields, Dennis Palmer, David Pegram, Ronald Perry, Gary Phillips, Kim Phillips, David Potts,IDrema Reavis, Wanda Reddick, Mary Rees, Ruth Reynolds, Terri Ridge, Jan Rinehardt, Ruth Robertson, Rhonda Robbins, Carolyn Samuel, Dwayne Saunders, Kay Shehan, Debra Shelar,lTommy Shelar, Tony Shepard, Mike Skeen, Ronald Smith, Gary Snow, Barry Spencer, Karen Stanley, Marsha Suits, Sherri Surrett, Craig Thomas,IYvonne Vestal, Michael Waldon, Karen Weaver, Merle Welborn, Bonnie Wilson, Ginger Workman, Gloria Wright, Jerry Younts. Hiftfi Qracle Phyllis Anderson, Karen Angel, Teresa Baker, Molly Barker, Mark Blair, Toby Blake, David Blakenship, Mark Bodenheimer, Melba Bodenheimer, David Bowick, Donald Bowick, Christy Boyles, Brenda Breeden, Michael Brown,IDarrell Buck, Sandra Buck, Kenny Bundy, Sandy Burdette, Vance Call, Allen Cansler, Scottie Carmichael, David Cecil, Eddie Cecil, Mark Charleville, Faye Childress, Nadine Childress, Pamela Coltrane, Lynn Com,lAnge1a Cox, Craig Cox, Marcus Cox, Michael Crissman, Sue Ann Crouse, Floyd Dawkins, Penny Dawkins, Oliver Dennis III, Donna Dildine, John David Draughn, Charles Driggers, Kirnerly Driggers, Linda Dunbar, Bill Eaton,IEugene Edwards, Boyd Ellis, Ann Faircloth, Michael Ferree, Ronnie Fields, Frankie Foy, Aissa Freeman, Karen Graves, Billy Grubb, Gail Hankins, Jay Harb, Susan Hudgepeth, Timothy Heilig, Vickie Hill, IWanda Hill, Mike Hine, Kathy Holland, Vickie Holland, Rita Hudspeth, Bruce Huffman, Larry Hunt, Ricky Jacobs, David Jarvis, Alice Johnson, Mike Johnson, Ray Johnson, Ricky Johnson, Sandra Johnson, IKeith Jones, Sandra Jones, Cathy Jordan, Roger Kennedy, David Key, Michael King, Barry Knight, Barry Ledford, Terry Lightfoot, Janet Lackamy, Joey Luck, Gary Madden, Richard Marion, Tina Marsh,l Debbie Martin, Sue Martin, Patricia Mason, Kerby Matthews, Tammy McDowell, Debbie McMickle, Marty McPherson, Pam Mitchell, Cathy Moore, Sherrie Mortan, Brenda Oliver, Ronnie Oliver, Dennis Osbome, Steve Pardue, I Teresa Pardue, Kim Pearson, Charles Phillips, Perry Phillips, Rebecca Powell, Sandra Reddick, Michael Reynolds, Cheryl Ridge, Cindy Robertson, Debbie Robson, Cathy Roland, Joseph Rotilio, Maryanna Sechrist, Vickie Sellers,ITanya Sheets, Linda Sink, Rhonda Smith, Sondra Smith, Michael Southerns, Tony Sparks, Joey Stanley, Penny Stanley, Sarah Tate, Kim Thomas, Terri Threatt, Pam Todd, Barry Trotter, Ruby Tumer,I Susan Vestal, Joel Warren, Donna Washam, Dean Welch, Karen West, Ellen Wheat, Terry Willard, Teresa Wilson, Robin Yarborough, Pamela Younger, Rhonda Younts. J J J V JJ V J ggi be r,,, I J V J A JJ H J J ,JI ,t" V- J . J V t 53" ' H "t J A J 'Q M 'EJ' 'iii' 'i M1 ' 'vi ' lk" 1' J-A F ?"Z "' F J if 1- ,,,,' J '-1: .J r,,, 1 J, , x " J, L V K if J.: ' T J lnsl JJ ' I a T 's ' - J JJ, 'J ,rle --f- 1 - . ev - J 1: 1 - 1, ' 51, J J ' J J "' J ' -JJ iw g, M J J- il Y rf" ' 'J J 'if .5 J . T :fiw J fJ 1 ly 'S J ,','f" fggzgz tgu ' 5- fiE'ffiVT J .- gr i f ' ' 'J J 2 V 1 J J' I J 1 ,J JJ f J I V 1, I ' ' Jw f Jff ' ' - f X J - 1 . ' . .J I ' 1 ' Y 'vw f 4 M l f , J' A V ..,, J 3 ,,J, , 'fwyfv , J a r . 'JQJJQQJ J. . . J K ,k,' ' " 'J ' I J- 7',,',',f Si i I A '77 ":' A 5 J 7:75 ' "ff' ff-17' J' J 'I f 4, ' f ,J J, 5: i' I K' ,gk :," EV ' I J fr J I b ,VV, I V . ",, -- J -', f J J - 7 W, .J J J, A - 'fl JJ EJ J J l J few? L ,J ,J ,L J JJ er- , " ' f ' ' J ' JJ , ZW' " ' . ' JJ , 2 , V ' A H ' I - bg, H ' - Y K' 7 Eeiglfif "',' 1 1 " "W ' 4' t J J, JJ A alee as Jycey ,,,,,, t -' J JJ J J ' ' J, V' f In mazg I H I JJ JJ VV if J - .,.., J W, 'V gel" V' Q s f' f my J . X wJ as iff' J i-- I V A. " J, .4--P J., T J 'V "1 A ' ' I 1 A i' 1 g A J V J d ig J - ,I S: ' , f ri J J, jr- J ig , , J 'M Wk X53-"1 ig?-g J- srjf' A xi-JJ! J J I ixffrfgf . 'L J a ,JJJF" ef J J' ' ' D J1J"'4i'- Ji' '-" 3' iii" tr: H I ' I IJV Lv ,,,,V 12 J ky I ,V I - J J My V ,"a ,,r.-t 2 J as ga if 5' 'QQJVJ H uf J ' ' at ' ' J 1' ' V ttte J I ae s J 'K WJ - J ff J. - ht' J. " , - ' J view, vl" ., 3:4545 'Kg 5,13 192 1' ., 597, H r" 'ar J--ww J J r F- Tl 9 ' J .I 'J 2 IJJ J' 7 E - . , , 1 JJ J ' qwfg S' J i ' '," J - J j 'f,, J ' J , 1 ' J- .J f -Q 7, 'gil :-- J 5 "" 3 :'i9l7"' JJ .V 'J "" J I gf' i" J J J 17 J ' his 5" ' M3 " 1" ' J Q , J , J g JJ J W J J: , K ' J Q- ' ki J v ' ' ' . 4' ' ' W"' " ' 1 ' 1 J ,JJ it K J 1 tsll , J J I r Q' J "'J,f+ -f W, Y hip Q' af, :J ff ' " J:J Q ,Ja agfg f -"J H J, A I J f""'f W7 "tT"'J7i ' Iwi? ' TW ' We J I ' ' J J X : Ei J' - ' .:' If ' .9-ff' J 'i i i ' f fri ' A '-i't'iW" M' J JJJQ I I . J I ,Jiri-5'- LJ'? Ji7 "H J J J 2 JJ J ttlJ' ."-r fe I 'f ' a v ail 'X ' ' ' ik' ii- "i' 'I " "','r - . J " "ii ' r" I ff 'J ' ' JQJJ W' ' I J H J ' gf J l "' ' J J JJ J J ' " QJ J 'J ' J JJ'J 5 , J- is J r 1' 1 'J as "' 1 GJ r ' J '-'Tri rv' ef w f' 1 ' 'JJJ ' I J' K K Fm 7 . gfmagifa . "IW ,f HZJJZ' A J J J ' nsll J ' V "'l 'f 'f JJi'1 l i" ' J J J ' 'Wifi 'J ' 'J 6 f J a J I ,VW L H VLKJVV 5 Q, 2 Q51 i SSN J J, 5 I ..J. 1 J ,J It Q -J J lv ? V J A A V ,J ,J 5 J ' ' A! Jg, A ' I - fry T ' , J J..J J V K 5' ag W 'JV J ' ' f ' It 1 all A Al fa 2 J ' 1' wx-" -'f' J ' '44"' Y 'ew - Q ' J' ' J JKJ ' V ' ??"m"'w,-J "iJ ' G' A 1' J y L P7 V . ' 7 J "ii ia J' J 'I EH u jtglm K J JJ , V wi VJ J V g V A J V M f 'J ,JJJ . ' "" I In ff ' Z -- 2 ' J J 5, -' 'J J W ea z EJ I wtf' JJ 2 r J f-' J if I J J J JJ ' I X Z an VJ JF, l JJ M, J, VJ ,J. --.wg J J J, if A' ,J J f I el . 1.951 'vL,J sa, J -xg .3 J, W 'J-7J A ' T -t -of JJ K. JJ 7 .lJ f jg 4511 3' - ji WV, J , u J J KN T' J - 'A Ji J ""'J f Q . J, .F , J J M ia, 4'-4 wx L it JJJJ, J KW J AJ , A J ,J JJ- 2 1 -J- , . Ja W. W Hourth Qrade Lorie Adcock, Richard Allred, Andy Anderson, Joanna Atkinson, Kyle Auman, Bobbie Baker, Eddie Baker, Kim Barnes, Randy Bartlett, Renee Bartlett, Teresa Blackburn, Tommy Boone, Gary Brower, Ada Brummett.IDoug Bryan,Richard Bundy, Billy Cain, David Cartrette, Gregory Cody, Alita Coggins, Timothy Coggins, Jimmy Cooke, Karen Cox, James Cox, Sarah Cox, Timothy Craven, Jimmy Crissman, Coral Cruthis,lLynn Daily, Debbie Deaton, Tammy Dennis, Carol Dillion, Thomas Dillion, Greg Dowdy, Teresa Dunlap, Tammy East, Brenda Edge, Clayton Edmond, Gary Edwards, Larry Edwards, Teresa Ferguson, Lynn Foby,I Chris Foster, Paula Foster, Ricky Gallimore, Felecia Galloway, Anita Gardner, Fonda Garland, Joy Garner, Melone Giles, Donna Gilmore, Pamela Grayson, Donna Greer, Gregg Greer, Shirley Griffin, Mark Haney,ITony Hankins, Brenda Harrelson, Danny Harrison, Sharon Hawks, Tammy Hilliard, Steven Hines, Sandra Hoover, Betty Jo Huffman, Jimmy Hughes, Cindy Jennings, Carolyn Jolly, Jerry Jolly, Patty Kennedy, Joe Kest1er,IJimmy Key, Debbie King, Debbie King, Jeff Leach Deborah Leonard, Terri Loving, Janice Lowder, Joel Mabe, Charles Millikan, Bobby McKinnon, Karen Mills, Rita Miller, Richard Mitchell, Linda Morgan,lMichae1 Morgan, Gary Moore, Tammy Moss, Samuel McSwain, Richard Osborne, Wayne Outlaw, Sue Parrish, Glenn Patterson, Karen Patterson, Sherry Phillips, Wilson Phillips, Cynthia Pope, Dennis Potts, Cindy Prevatte,ILori Price, Michael Reavis, Mark Robbins, Pamela Robbins, Randall Robbins, Karen Robertson, William Rogers, Timmy Rudd, Bart Sawyer, Frederick Sawyer, Timothy Sechrest, Ronald Shelor, Tanya Sheets, John Skeen,IJames Sloane, Roger Smith, Shelia Sneed, Cheryl Solomon, Thomas Spaugh, Kim Talley, Cheryl Taylor, Lance- Taylor, Bev Thomas, Tammy Thomas, Randy Tlrreadgill, Joyce Trotter, Raymond Turner, Teresa Tuttle,IWa1ter Vaughn, Jeffery Wall, Archie Walkins, Rachal Welch, Sherry Whittington, Lynda Wiley, Susan Willyaxd, Danny Wilson, Marsha Wilson, Ronnie Wilson, Ricky Wright, Timothy Yarborough, Tammy Younts, Marla Zachary. 5 A uw ir , -1 wmwmawimmn 1-..-ug.-1 r.,,,w, sa Graining Band And Qunior Chorus 1 First Row, Left to Right: Rhonda Robbins, Dennis Palmer, Teresa Greer, Melissa Caudle, Renee Osborne, Abbie Samuel, Mary Marshall, Rita Auman. Second Row, Left to Right: Larry Daily, David Farlow, Ricky Madden, Jerry Younts, Teresa Lassiter, Debbie Lee, J an Pegram, Legray Hardison, Teresa Landreth, Susan Smith. Third Row, Left to Right: Lee McDowell, George Robbins, ,,, . E l I Merle Welbome, Keith Auman, Keith Cruthis, Steve Skeen, Chris Ingram, Kathy Ivey, Cathy Robertson, Rebecca McNeill, Lisa Boyles. Fourth Row, Left to Right: Monty Cox, Jimmy Hoover, Kevan Johnson, Ronnie Perry, Wayne Grubb, Dewayne Saunders, Jimmy Hinson, Fred Morgan, Jeff Mabe, Sherrie Surrett, David Pegram, Mike Waldon. 2 2 ifrrs I 2 I r irst Row, Left to Right: Cynthia Madden, Vickie Hughes, Karen ennis, Pamela Tuttle, Alice Hardiwiek, Paula Rich, Teresa cDowel1, Joey James, Gary Guffey, Randall Brewer, Marty urton,,.Joe Shehan, Terry Beeson, Larry Frazier, Debra Whittield, usan Hedrick, Kim Dezern, Patricia Robertson, Gail Lassiter, athy Hinkle, Lisa Boyles, Jan Pegram, Linda Hilliard, Rene sborne, Kathy Robertson, Rhonda Brown, Shirly Ferrell, eborah Bartlett, Debra Cox, Patsy Miller, Cheryl Stout. Second ow, Left to Right: Deborah Lee, Virginia Wall, Dianne ardwick, Connie Prevatte, Janice Welch, Peggy Tucker, Mary rant, Brian Cruthis, David Farlow, Tommy Jarvis, Tim Wiley, anny Foster, Derek Reavis, Michael Hazelton, Edward Marsh, ay Mitchell, Keith Auman, Mark Smith, Alan Palmer, Michael arter, Larry Jones, Stephen Martin, Ricky Hediick, Ricky roctor, Mike Robertson, Viola Brummett, Kathy McAmis, Vickie eebles, Evelyn Lindaas. Third Row, Left to Right: Sherry Tuttle, eresa Landreth, Danneal Burdette, Debbie Smith, Linda rummett, Janice Ferguson, Cindy Coltrane, Rebecca McNeil, Llen Gibson, Frankie Hedgepeth, Teresa Duke, Brenda Osborne, Cheryl Owens, Rhonda Ransom, Susan Smith, Melissa Candle, Kathy Ivey, Kathy Packett, Donna Ingram, Jean Parrish, Susan Byers, Sharon Stiles, Sherry Shehan, Betty Vuncannon, Terri Duncan, Victoria Robertson, Deborah Kersey, Barbara Jacobs. Fourth Row, Left to Right: Jan Garner, Ruby McDowell, Rita Kennedy, Pamela Tuttle, Catherine Harris, Kathy Walton, Paul Leonard, Danny Hankins, Monroe Cox, Jeff Overman, Randy Vestal, Charles Shelar, Tommy Walker, Phil Hunt, Randy Hazelton, Jimmy Coltrane, Mike Owens, Melvin Greer, Robert Lowder, Larry Dailey, James Warren, James Goodwin, Bonnie Key, Debra Barnes, Christy Dunbar, Debbie McDowell, Shelia Johnson, Julia Chandler. Fifth Row, Left to Right: Edna Adcock, Susan Farlow, Karen Carter, Deborah Moran, Betsy Modlin, Becky Boone, Doreen Chambers, Debra Phillips, Connie Wilson, Mark Thompson, Tony Mann, Kenny Thompson, Tony Dennis, David Smith, Rebecca Rees, Joanna Younts, Kathy Patterson, Cynthia Nelson, Teresa Knight, Susan Haney, Robin Farabee, Paula Wright, Carol Moss, Cynthia Brummett, Donna Flowe, Debbie Brown, Sherry Vestal, Wanda Phillips, Mrs. Mabe. 1 Primaryptimaryprimaryprimaryprimari 1. v v 1 I 1 4 . 1 n f fi A 5' 4 " , 1 n " " x 1 X- Q 'v , . ' 4 '., . w 1 1 I Administration Mrs. Dorothy Robbins, Secretary A-xnxx, Mrs. Frances Mabe, Public School Music Teacher Mr. Ralph Nelson, Principal, Allen Jay Primary School Mrs, Margaret Zimmerman, Home-School Co-Ordinator, Mrs. Yow, Teacher Aid """' Z is rf f . ...u K X... FIRST GRADE TEACHERS Mrs. Linda Meadows Mrs. Joan Gray Mrs. Lota Parrish Mrs. Elizabeth Pirtle Mrs. Jeanette Whiteley SECOND GRADE TEACHERS Mrs. Beulah Andrews Mrs. Shirley Farlow Mrs. Rosalie Lyon Mrs. Carleen Seifert Mrs. Marjorie Younts THIRD AND FOURTH GRADE TEACHERS Mrs. Bobby Foy Mrs. Juanita Johnson Miss Carolyn Liles Mrs. Mary Lois Robertson Mrs. Sarah Ingram Haculty Ami Staff Cafeteria Manager, Mrs. Luola Nelson, Mr. Richard Ingram, Mrs. Glenn Hodgin Maintenance Maintenance Supervisor fift- Cafeteria Staff, Left to Right: Mrs. Jesse Younts, Mrs. Ruth Dobbins, Miss Jewel Nelson, Mrs. Virginia Hudson. 143 X 3 W ' 1i :., XX irxl gs XX rN I ,fy,iVF at H 1 r - r: 5hird Qrade Jerry Anderson, Kay Auman, Timmy Auman, Danny Baker, Donna Barger, Randy Barnes, Tammie Brock, Cindy Brower, David Brown, Ronnie Brown, Karen Bryan, Mike Burchette, Freda Call, Nancy Cansler,IRicky Carico, Sherry Carter, Jerry Cartrette, DeAnn Cathcart, Sarah Childress, Jeff Coggins, Chavigny Coltrane, Keith Coltrane, Denise Corn, Timothy Cox, David Crouse, Jeff Cruthis, Larry Cruthis, Craig Dennis,IBobby Dillard, Mike Dixon, Sandra Doss, Crystal Driggers, Judy Faircloth, Debbie Flannery, Wayne Foley, Tony Freeman, Billy Ray Fritts, Pam Galloway, Bobby Garner, Teresa Gcroge, Becky Jo Graves, Tony Gray,IMitzi Haith, Ronald Hardison, Terry Hawks, Billie Sue Hilliard, Phelecia Hinson, Jerry Horne, Michael Horne, David Housand, Buck Hunt, Mark Hutchens, Joe Ingram, Carl Jacobs, Mark Jarrett, Ricky Johnson,lLila Jordon, Allen Kennedy, Hazel Key, Tina Kiser, Joanne Landreth, Debra Landrum, Lisa Lassiter, Martie Lee, Ricky Lee, Jeff Madden, Bonnie Mayes, Sandra Mayes, Teresa McDaniel, Darlene McDowel1,lConnie McHenry, Danny McMahan Kerry McMahan, David McMickle, Terry Mears, Mike Meredith Walt Metts, Donald Morgan, Lisa Morrison, Cindy Myers, lac Outlaw, Lisa Overcash, Anita Overman, Debra Palmer, IPerr Pardue, Brenda Peters, Neal Phillips, Margaret Pridgen, Tamm Proctor, Tina Reddick, Beth Redding, Billy Roark, Gaye Roberts Karen Rodden, Mark Simmons, Robin Slaydon, Carol Smith David Smith,lJune Smith, Larry Smith, Timmy Smith, Rand Snider, Randy Snyder, Greg Southard, Amber Staley, Boy Stanley, Cindy Stanley, Timmy Stevenson, Rita Stiles, Donn Stutts, Beth Surmons, Cherryl Tate,IKathy Taylor, IMar Thompson, Lynda Threadgill, Gregory Threatt, Sherri Tucker Terri Tucker, Joel Tuggle, Craig Tuttle, Danny Wagner, Gay Warren, Ricky Watkins, Sherry Watson,IMike Welch, Jerry Wheat Elizabeth White, David Whitt, Eddie Williams, Sharon Williamson Tim Williard, Ronnie Wilson, Keith Yarbrough. Secon Teresa Atkin, Lane Atkinson, Eric Backer, Ann Barnes, Lynn Barefoot, Jeffrey Bartlett, Perry Bartlett, Randy Bean, Phillip Best, Sherri Blackburn, Keith Blair, Danny Blakely, Terry Bodenheimer, Tony Branch, ISteve Broome, Carolyn Brown, Kay Brown, Kim Burchette, Mike Burdette, Jeanette Cannon, Michael Carico, Henrietta Cartrette, Larry Cashatt, Roger Causey, Chris Cathcart, Danny Cecil, Myra Cecil, Lee Charlesville,lDavid Cody, Kenny Coltrane, Kimberly Coltrane, Kenny Cooper, Tony Cox, Debra Cumby, Martha Dawkins, John Deaton, Randy Dillard, Pamela Edge, Timmy Edwards, Mark Eller, Beth Ellington, Eugene El.lis,lSharon Faircloth, John Flannery, Blain Foy, Jewel Foy, Ronnie Freeman, Patricia Galloway, Kathy Garner, Lee George, Pamela George, Patricia Giles, Lanna Gilmore, Darlene Glidewell, Mike Gragg, Tommy Grant,IBccky Guffey, Kim Hawks, Timmy Hawks, Jeffrey Hayden, Renee Hazelton, Kathy Hill, Barbara Honcycutt, Sharon Hoover, Della Horn, Tammy Hunt, Lindy Hutchens, Teresa James, James Jarvis, Tony Jennings,IAngela f 42.1 'ff 2. if X' 3, 1 K 'x " 7 rriils. i" Qrade Johnson, Cleve Johnson, Roger Johnson, Willie Jolly, Mark King, Barry Kirkman, Dennis Langston, Kathy Lawson, Sherry Lawson, Lynne Leonard, Terry Leonard, Caroline Lewallen, Tommy LeMaste'rs, Liz Linton,IRoy Lowder, Wendy Lindaas, Sheila Mann, Annette Manring, David Mason, Tony Mayes, Denise McGuire, Timmy Mills, Doris Moran, Phil Nance, Randy Norman, Dale Ogles, Timmy Oliver, Nat O'Shields, lBrent Patterson, Robin Penny, Darren Perry, Tommy Pickard, Mark Potts, Debbie Powers, Jerry Powers, Michael Ransom, Sherry Robbins, Gregory Roland, Karen Rudd, Brian Sawyer, Gary Sawyer, Tammy Schultz,IWarren Schultz, Phillip Scruggs, Eddie Smith, James Smith, Janet Smith, Judy Smith, Kim Smith, Lynn Southard, Deborah Spivey, Danny Stanley, Maurice Stanley, Danny Suits, Johnny Surrett, Terri Thomas,IConnie Thompson, Curtis Tilley, David Tuttle, Billy Vest, Barry Vick, Jay Vick, Donald Wagner, Debora Ward, Tim Washam, Todd Weatherman, Tommy Weatherman, Steven Williamson, Deanna Witcher, Timothy Witcher, Cindy Witt. 4 Wg 4 Xl' :ir ia1gg,.L. ' G., fi , , t i 12' .4542 Hirst Qrade Angela Adams, Jenny Adams, Sheila Aikens, Cathy Allen, Arnold Allred, Cindy Andrews, Debra Barnes, Sherry Baugus, Ricky Beasley, Donny Blakeley, Tonya Brock, Donald Brower, Jancie Browning, Larry Bundy,IRonnie Bundy, Shari Bundy, Kathy Bunn, Gloria Causey, Laura Causey, Tony Causey, Jeffrey Cox, John Cox, Phillip Cratrette, Mark Crissman, Terry Crouse, Lee Cumby, Kenny Cummings, Britt Dillon, IKenny Driggers, Vicki Driggers, Lynn Edwards, Rocky Edwards, Donald Etird, Pamela Elkin, Jeff Ellis, Jon Farlow, Michelle Fausnett, Mickey Fender, Peggy Ferree, Teresa Flowe, Earl Foley, Tommy Fritts,lGary Gallimore, Vaughn Galloway, Kay Garner, Tanya Gilmore, Duaine Gljdewell, Randy Grubb, Ronnie Hamilton, Deron Haney, Mark Hankins, Janice Harris, Toni Hayes, Robin Hinkle, Herman Hoffner, Freddie Holden, IJoey Hoover, Dean Ingram, Eric Johnson, Johnia Rae Johnson, Kathy Johnson, Rodney Johnson, Nancy Jones, Vann Jones, Eddie Jordan, Audrey Key, David Kidd, Pam King, Darryl Knight, Penny Kirkland,lRicky Kivett, Renee Lamb, Darlene Langston, Molly Lemasters, Terry Lemaster, Denise Lomax, Mike Lowder, Kirk Manring, Susan Marshall, Daphene Mills, Ray MeAmis, Sandra McAmis, Kellie McDowell, Loretta Mckeehan,lSue McKinnon, Richard McMahan, Scott Nifong, Scott Norman, Marsha Oakley, Jeffrey Oliphant, Mary Outlaw, Carla Overcash, Deborah Owens, Lynn Owens, Jane Palmer, Tamara Penny, Jennifer Phillips, Jimmy Phillips, Jerry Pickard,lTerry Pickard, Gary Pierce, Wendy Pope, Debbie Potter, Scott Powers, Gary Proctor, Lynn Redding, Sharon Redding, Ann Rich, Misty Ridge, Johnny Robbins, Jackie Roland, Steve Sawyer, David Scism, Fran Scruggs,lMark Sechrest, Dale Shelar, Gail Shelar, Daniel Smith, Jeffrey Smith, Tommy Smith, Tammy Soloman, Allen Sparks, Rebecca Stanley, Sheila Stewart, Jerri Leigh Stiles, Debra Stutts, Eddie Taylor, Tammy Teer, Linda Todd,lSherri Truesdale, Minnie Turner, Toni Varner, Woodie Vest, Sanford Vuncannon, Pamela Ward, Sheila Weavil, Darlene Welch, Susan White, Dina Willard, Terry Williams, Dale Wilson, Faith Wilson, Tammy Wilson, Denah Yarborough. ! l l Primary Students Hearn gogeiher Exploring the wonders of the universe through books. Children displaying their artistic talents. Eager, enthusiastic children at play. R 57 'li. Iii i 5 Children enjoying the wonders of music ations? atronsP atronSPatronsP atronsP air? Q Q'-I-gf.'g., i 1 I 1. A -s-0 ,- IV I A ALLEN JAY BEAUTY SHOP Route 4 High Point, North Carolina Phone - 431-5139 BAILEYRS FLOWERS 81 SHRUBS 1905 E. Green Dr. Phone: 882-1421 AMOS LUNCII uGood food - Moderate Prices" 408 E. Russel St. High Point, N.C. BEAUTY NOOK 341 1f2 South Main High Point, N. C. Phone 883-0626 ARCHDALE CLEANERS Mrs. Jesse Dusenbury Arehdale, N.C. BEESON'S HARDWARE "High Point's Sporting Goods Headquart CIS ARCHDALE HARDWARE CO. Hardware, Paints Household Goods BLOSSOM SHOP 'iFlowers For All Occasions" 2500 North Main Street High Point, North Carolina 27260 3520 South Main Phone 1-41.811 131101162 A H E MA E Y RC DAL .TTR SS COMPAN BOBBY-LYNN HOSIERY FINISHERS, IN 224 Trlndale Road , 100 West Point Ave. Archdale. N. C. Ph 883 6022 M. Kimrey Phone - 431-2815 one ' ARCHDALE PRINTING CO., INC. 3031 IX2 South Main High Point. N. C. BRANSON HOLLAND Landscaping Service Sandrock or Gravel Phone: 431-1654 ARCHDALE PURE OIL 3500 S. Main 431 - 5310 BRILEY FURNITURE CO. 2510-14 S. Main St. High Point, North Carolina ASHEBORO ROAD SERVICE STATION 2229 South Main Compliments of 888-7266 BROWN BROTHERS NLASONERY ' W ' Ph h BUSTER cox USED CARS P0mElKilE3't2WgdgB12TUig:?grap S Buster Cox, Owner SL Frank Causey, Mgr. Photo a h b Florence High Point, North Carolina 5 Hilhiregi Pi -Z8-84908 FAIRFIELD GROCERY Compliments of CAROLINA CONTAINER Old Fashioned Courteous Service Atlantic Gas and Oil Groceries Compliments of V. P. CARRICK PRODUCTS, INC Compliments of DR. LEONARD FARLOW CASEY'S TACKLE SHOP Fishing Bait 81 Supplies FCX phone 431-3812 Feed, Seed and Fertilizer GILBRETH UPHOLSTERING CO. DILLON AUTO PARTS? INC' Manufacturers of Upholstered Furniture P'O' BOX 996 Re-Upholstering of All Types of Furniture Greensboro, N' C' Phone: 431-2812-Route 4, Box 271 Phone 8852851 C. C. Gilbreth, Owner-High Point, N.C. THE DOG HOUSE Compliments of Hotdogs 81 Hamburgers 660 North Main St. 888-6953 GILMER, MYRIAM and JANE DRIVE-IN SHOE REPAIR Factory Recall Shoes Shoe Repairs GLENOLA FRAME WORKS, INC. 200 S. Elm St. Phone 883-0312 THE EAGLE HOUSE GRANT HOSIERY MILL 302 North Main Street 1204 Dill Street Phone-885-5593 High Point, N.C. HARRIS MUSIC CO. Hammond Organ Dealer 2432 English Street High Point, North Carolina S. H. KRESS 81 COMPANY 141 South Main Street Phone 882 - 6311 High Point, North Carolina HAYWOOD 81 RANKIN GENERAL INSURANCE 656 North Main Street High Point, N. C. LEWIS SUPPLY COMPANY, INCORPORATED 1709 North Main Street Telephone 883 - 1423 High Point, North Carolina 27262 HORSESHOE CLUB Woody Thomas, President Fletcher Dunlap, Vice-President LYN - MAR CAMERA SHOP Photographic supplies 215 South Elm Street High Point, North Carolina KEARNS AND WHITE GARAGE General Repair Short St. - Phone 22253 Thomasville, N. C. MARSHALL FINISHING COMPANY Finishing and Refining Route 4, Box 265 High Point, North Carolina Phone 431-3971 KEPLEY'S RARBEQUE 1 304 N. Main uSerVing the finest barbeque in the High Point areai' High Point, North Carolina Compliments of MARTHA, BRENDA, LINDA, and CAROL KIDDIE KEEPER 901 East Green Street High Point, North Carolina MARY CARTER PAINT 81 HARDWARE STORE Phone 882-8915 "All Grades of Inside-Outside Paintsa' 1312 South Main Street High Point, North Carolina John Sr Edna Burger, Proprietors KIDDIE - KORNER "Teen Haven Balconyw 169 South Main Street High Point, North Carolina MELTON,S GARAGE Rt. 4, Box 249 High Point, N. C. Phone: 431-4166 KOONTS REALTY, INCORPORATED - REALTORS Com hments Odell H. Johnson, Exec. Vice-Pres. NASH JEWELRY 81 LOAN C0 132 Church Street 127 N Main St ' High Point, North Carolina ' ' NATIONAL UPHOLSTERY Surrett Drive High Point, North Carolina SEARS, ROEBUCK 81 COMPANY 101 South Wrenn Street High Point, North Carolina '4Congratulations Seniorsw phone 885-4051 PHILLIPSFOSCUE SHACKELFORDS GROCERY Surrett Drive Route 4 High Point, N, C, High Point, North Carolina Phone 431-2615 U CQQiZum'Z1lQal11iZf,?fiA SHEETS GROCERY S1 HARDWARE 431-2202Res1dent1al . Commercial . Church431'3695 Route 44 RANDOLZPIHI ILASRISI COMPANY High Point, North Carolina High PEint,uNoai'thI-grolina A Phone RED HOUSE FURNITURE 408 East Washington St. Phonei 882-9416 SMART SOX INCORPORATED Used Motors-Shafting-Pulleys Dye House 81 Hosiery Machinery Phone 883-9010 509 East Green Street High Point, North Carolina Compliments of SNOW STUDIO 81 CAMERA SHOP 207 North Main POIHIZ, North CHl'0IIl'13 Phone 882-6718 ROSE RADIO SALES 81 SERVICE CHARLES E. PICKARD Motorola Radios 81 Television SOUTHLAND LIFE Johnsonis Outboard Motors INSURANCE COMPANY 438 N. Main Street High Point, N. C. 150 Church Street High Point, N.C. SOUTHLAND SUPPLY COMPANY, INCORPORATED RICHARDSON? DEPARTMENT STORE Miuwofk - lfjefial-S ' Paints 133 South Main Street High Point, N. C. 711 Greensboro Road High Point, North Carolina Phone- 888-9920 SAMPLE SHOE STORE uShoes for the entire Familym 119 North Main Street High Point, North Carolina 27260 SPENCER 81 PARLIER BROTHERS TV-Appliances 2515 S. Main Street Phone 882-4822 or 884-8340 Cletus, Gene Sr Jerry 723 South Main Street Phone 888-4974 High Point, N .C. WATSON SUPERETTE 1528 South Main High Point, North Carolina Phone 885-2205 or 889-1345 TEEN-AGE REPUBLICAN CLUB David Harb-President Compliments of L.F. WHITElS TEXACO 3224 S. Main St. Ext. High Point, North Carolina TRACY ,S BARBECUE 1011 East Green Drive High Point, Nbrth Carolina Phone 882-9613 FRANK WHITE'S GROCERY 1026 E. Fairfield Road High Point, North Carolina Phone 431-3715 TRADITIONAL REALTY, INCORPORATED 134 West Lexington Avenue High Point, North Carolina Phone 882-2506 WILSON MACHINE COMPANY 501 Garrison Avenue High Point, North Carolina Phone 883-1289 TRINITY USED AUTO PARTS Phone 431-3029 High Point, N.C. C.C. Williams - A.B. Darr P.O. Box 94-Route 1-Trinity, N.C. Compliments of WRIGHT,S CLOTHING STORE Downtown High Point, North Carolina UNDERWOOD ALIGNMENT 1131 Sherman Road High Point, North Carolina Lloyd Underwood Phone 882-9724 UNIVERSAL PHOTOGRAPHY, INCORPORATED 2711 South Main Street High Point, North Carolina Paul Arthur, J r. Weddings . Photo Finishing . Portraits SULLIVAN'S PHOTO SERVICE Business Phone 882-1913 Home Phone 431-5234 511 S. Main St. 2711Janice St. High Point, N. C. High Point, N. C. Real Estate Photos . On-The-Spot-Photography WARREN'S RADIO 81 TV SERVICE INCORPORATED 412 North Wrenn Street High Point, North Carolina 27260 Phone 885-2911 Compliments of the ALLEN JAY STUDENT COUNCIL BEAUTIA-BOUTIQUE Corner of Fairfield Rd. 81 Hwy. 62 4-31-64-11 AMSCO Decorative Fabrics by American Supply Co. of N. C., lnc. 308-310 W. Broad Ave. G. Dewey Smith High Point, N. C. 27260 President Phone 883-7121 BECO, INC. 2124 Surrett Drive High Point, N. C. ANDERSON'S REXALL DRUG STORE, INC.. 1550 English Road High Point, North Carolina Phone 882-2323 Compliments of BENSON'S FOOD PRODUCTS AYLOR'S ESSO SERVICE Atlas Products-Wash-Polish Lubrication-Wheel Balancing Road Service-Phone 883-0015 Ward 81 W. Green Streets High Point, N. C. BROWER OIL COMPANY 701 Fairfield Road High Point, N. C. 431-3329 BUCKARO0 STEAK RANCH 1711 N. Main st. High Point, N. C. Phone 882-4615 CLOVERLEAF SUPERMARKET 2020 S. Main St. High Point, North Carolina WHERE QUALITY FOODS AND LOWEST PRICES POSSIBLE ARE ALWAYS AVAILABLE BURCHFIE LD'S SERVICE 2900 South Main High Point North Carolina COLUMBIA FOOD MARKET, INC 2112 S. Main St. Worldis Finest Meats Compliments of CAROLINA FOAM AND PAPER, INC. CRISSMAN FOOD 81 SERVICE Phone 431-3568 1201 E. Fairfield Road Gasoline, Kerosene, 82 Fuel Oil GULF COURTESY CARDS HONORED GEORGE CLEMENTS REALTY 3031 South Main St. High Point, North Carolina Telephone 431 -1 131 CROSSROAD CURB MARKET P. L. Lawson, Jr., Owner Corner of Unity and Blair Street Thomasville, N. C. Phone: 476-4150 DIAMOND QUALITY AUTOMOBILES Melvin Foster, Owner 1701 North Main Street High Point, North Carolina F 8a B TRUCK LINE INC. E. College Drive High Point, North Carolina Phone: 883-0210 Fred Murrow, President DIN K HILL SEPTIC TANK Route 4 High Point, North Carolina Phone: 431-4978 FARMERS BARBECUE 908 South Main Street High Point, North Carolina "Across from Southern Motors" ED ,S AUTO SALES 3037 South Main High Point, N. C. FARMLAND KINDERGARTEN 2600 South Main Street High Point, North Carolina ENGLISH ROAD FABRIC CENTER 2108 English Road High Point, North Carolina Phone: 882-9624 Discount to Students and Teachers GENERAL FINANCE COMPANY Aircraft Automobile Loans Robert Foster, Manager 131 North Hamilton St. High Point, N.C. Telephone 88-24169 Archdale, HIGH POINT LANES GILL'S 2100 North Main Downtown Southgate High Point, North Carolina Hlgh Point Thomasville "Bowling Is For The Entire F amily' GRAY'S JEWELRY Diamonds-Watches-Clocks Guaranteed Watch Repairing N. C. Phone: 413 1-2313 HIGH POINT QUICK LUNCH 108 East Washington Street High Point, North Carolina HIGHLAND MOTORS, INC. Telephone 882-01 I6 OLDS - CADILLAC HILL ELECTRONICS Color TV Sales 81 Services Route 4, Box 217 High Point, North Carolina Phone: 431-2678 HIGH POINT CANVAS SHOP, 335 Burton Street High Point, N. C. Furniture Pads, Truck Covers, Canvas Goods Phone: 883-7911 HOBBY CENTER DRIVING RANGE C. DeWITT HOLTON FURNITURE CO. 817 South Main Street 'gQua.lity Furniture and Carpetsn G. WESLEY JOHNSON Grading and Bulldozing Fish Pond and Road Building 1202 East Fairfield Road High Point, North Carolina Phone: 431-3428 Your Dodge Dealer since 1926! HORACE G. ILDERTON, INC. Dodge 81 Dodge Truck 701-09 S. Main St. High Point, North Carolina Compliments of JONES ESSO SERVICEN TER INDUSTRIAL FINANCE 323 South Main KENNETH R. HILL, CONTRACTOR Water and Sewer Lines, Tanks Buried Small Basements, Sandrock or Gravel . . . Phone 431-4373 High Pomt' North Carolma Route 4, Box 215 High Point, N. C In Memorium Compliments of of MARVIN INGRAIVI ROGER KIRCHOFER By a AMERICAN LEGION POST 206 Friend O W. E. LINTHICUM 81 SON, INC. Certified Ready-Mixed Concrete and Concrete Finishing Telephone 882-3384 PAUL B. MYERS Bulldozing-Grading Fish Pond 81 Road Building Sandrock 81 Crushed Stone Hauling X 1831 406 Tomlinson St. LibCftY Road Route 4' High Point, North Carolina Phone 431-3454 High Point, N. C LOWE'S PHARMACY, INC. 3220 South Main High Point, North Carolina NORTH STATE TELEPHONE I04 Hayden Place High Point, North Carolina MICKEY PRINTING CO. 2352 English Road High Point, N. C. 27261 'ieiephone 882-4621 OLD DOMINION FREIGHT LINE No. "5,' P.O. Box 1189 High Point, North Carolina "Our Service Earns Your Confidencew MITCHELL OIL Your Friendly Esso Heating Friends Fralley Mitchell Fuel Oils ---' Kerosene 705 Garrison Ave. Phone 888-6086 High Point, N. C. PIEDMONT AUTO FINANCE 335 South Main High Point, North Carolina PUTT-PUTT GOLF COURSE North Main Street High Point, North Carolina ROL-A-RINK 2441 North Main Street High Point Phone 882-6512 J.C. REYNOLDS BUILDERS, INC. .li FLC v 614 North Main sheet Y YN' 57 High Point, N. C. 27260 1 E 'X Phone 883-0252 ilu-liHI..iiiErS ' 127 South Main Street High Point, North Carolina RlCK'S GROCERY 81 GRILL Intersection Hwy-62 81 610 High Point, N. C. Phone: 431-4388 ROSE FURNITURE CO., INC. 214 S. Elm St. Phone 882-6871 Carpet-DraperiesFurniture-Appliances Free Parking RODDEN FURNITURE STORE 2301 S. Main Street I X .f V :Hui-1 Compliments of ROYAL-O-APPAREL, INC. 2411 Schirra Place High Point, North Carolina Complete Cleaning Zingo Gas and Laundry Service SMITH AND SHORE SARTIN'S Service Station 2 1670 English Street Phone: 885-2101 Corner of East Fairfield 81 Brentwood High Point, North Carolina Phone 431-5211 SHORE DRY CLEANING CO., INC. 501 English Road High Point, North Carolina SOUTHERN MOTOR CO. 901 S. Main st. High Point, N. C. Phone: 883-7111 SLOOP AUTO SERVICE 804 West Broad Avenue High Point, North 'Carolina Phone 883-1944 SOUTHERN WELDING and MACHINES COMPANY, INC. Day or Night Phone 883-1981 Structual Steel Erectors Crane Work and Rigging Service Route 4 Box 93 Cox Avenue PAUL SlVIITH'S HOME STUDIO 1242 S. Main St. Phone 885-2639 High Point, North Carolina Home Phone 431-1367 STANDARD BARBER SHOP 1534 English Road High Point, North Carolina QUALITY USED MOTORS TOBIAS Top Deal Motors High Point 242 North Hamilton Street Asheboro High Point, North Carolina SUPERB SERVICE STATION NO. 1 TRINITY GRILL Owner, Charles Skeen Corner West Green and Trinity Avenue "Fine Food" Across from Trinity School Compliments T Z 8'iifl:22i'fIi? of mm, SWAIN UNITED CREDIT-CORPORATION MANUFACTURING 210 E. Washington Drive 882-1417 High Point, N. C. 882-1418 "Personal Loansi' TEX-ELASTIC CORPORATION Manufacturers of Quality Elastic Thread P.0. Box 441 High Point, North Carolina VICK PAINT AND WALLPAPER CO High Point, North Carolina Phone: 882-8425 Paint-Wallpaper-Art Supplies Sanders-Polishers Featuring Valspar Paint VOGUE CLEANERS 751 North Main High Point, North Carolina WILLIAMS FLOWERS 81 GIFTS 'cQuality Flowers plus Personal Attentionw Phone: 431-2121 4018 South Main Street High Point, North Carolina WAYSIDE INTERIORS, INC. W M F R RADIO AM-1230 on your dial-1000 watts FM-99.5 on your dial-10,000 watts nwhere the most people listen the most A.B.C. Network 65135 Dacron Cotton Slacks fy 1 Iln Iron Permanent ln Press by RAND ' B In IREM - ft A K. A - o .N 44 AHV1 'lf' P 'T ' K 2 . Y ffi' 54 , A lv . . K 1114! ,, ,f ir .AEM 4 If . ., E ' 'W' , 5 fy, V , , x Wff' ,jf f . W1 A ' if , wa nw if 4. , Viv if . . i, f 2 Q1-dl ,pp , , A .lj " 1 NOIYBII Wblln ilbllt '- , Q , 15554 mmm- Pnly. V5 5: nm, sag, comm f y 4 " Cvfidrll. Om!! ln Ivy C Uldllionlll wllh cuff! .5 - um ln nu mumm- - . blnd Hu! wllll no cullx. . 1 Colon: lvy,Bllll, ' A 1' lllcll. Lllh! Blul, BIA - ' ' v gun?. SKU!!! GYM!! - Q x - Ind Iivl. '. 'i Ivy um um-2942. L' H0 bil! villli .un - ana. B 81 C ASSOCIATES First Union National Bank Bldg. CONGRATULATIONS SENIORS High Point, North Carolina Robert J. Brown, President Insurance Real llStHtC Bow Stafford Agency "On the Squarew Jamestown, N. C. Phone: 454--1 12 1 things gg With BROAD AT CHESTNUT I4 OFF-STREET PARKING MORE THAN loo CARS Wlezlliefl " Q' ' mfunnfn Q -Tr' , ' . 1 gf Qj sails WM Q in M W' ' if-f:'5Df11f 885-5045 Dobbins Electric Co. M better Coco-Colo Bottling Company 512 W. Green Dr. High Point Commercial, Industrial and Residential Wiring "We specialized in electric licatw 165 Ellington's Florist oncl Greenhouses "Flowers for Every Occasion" Fowler Motor Lines 2702 Westchester Drive High Point, North Carolina Phone: 885-5027 P.O. Box 1897 2418 S. Main St. Phone 888-4032 882-6217 Griffin Upholstering , 9736 Financing and Credit Protection Services for Industry 'X' '39 -39 'X' 304 South Main Street, Drawer 1350 -High Point, North Carolina Telephone Q919j883-7154 Company Manufacturers of Living Room Furniture High Point, North Carolina Frieclman's Jewelers 145 South Main Street High Point, N. C. 27260 General Paper Co 409 Prospect St. Furniture City Gulf Hendrix "Complete Car Servieev B n 9 C O m p G n Y 21 11 South Main St. Surrett Drive Phone 882-3913 Phone 431-1181 167 High Point Bank HENRY J. YORK General lnsurance 1916 South Main Street High Point, NOI'tl1 CaI'0lll13 Point, North Carolina Member Federal Deposit Insurance Corporat Phone 882-2615 or 885-2988 High Point Concrete Products 714 E. Fairfield Rd. High Point, North Carolina Hour Glass Cleaners Three Convenient Locations Hurley's Grocery 4401 South Main Street High Point, North Carolina Congratulations 1969 Graduates Jarrett's Rest Home 119 Columbus Avenue Archdale, N. C. 43 The Jewel Box "That perfect girl deserves the Perfect gift, a Perfect Love Diamondfl XX ' it A, X X 4 'M ' ' 1 onozn Y MAIL! ' ' Q71 0 PHONE! W Q 'l' ' U 'li' '12 mimi Gift :uv s, r.,y.n..,w. V nausea, Nm c.,.,v,... Um Ulflfttb Wrappmg Nm. Damn, Mgr. - Pm. an mm llllypnyup ll N0 CHARGE lmuuiaflaal bum, mm :mm - mum mu if-um . mmm ll' Indian Head Hosiery Box 1910 West Point Avenue High Point, North Carolina luis-Annu-kulun-:anim-1-m-rum An nn... .Yam .1 M.. .v.... Joe Billing's Auto Sales Lot No. 1 327 South Main Street Lot No. 2 24-79 English Road Lot No. 3 2308 Kivett Drive High Point, North Carolina Kennedy Oil Co. 1203 Courtesy Road High Point, N. C. M bil' Gasolines Heating Oils Nba Motor Oils KEN DA ll M0l0R 0IlS Motgr Oils and Greases London House 441 N. Wrenn St. High Point, North Carolina "Where service is created, M E not imitatedf, Service Station 2114 South Main Street High Point, North Carolina Glenn McKinney 81 Kenneth Moody Q zu 0 191122 , -1-.1-.:.:.::' M Q rs h K 'tc h e n S . : i j j i ' ":A:': 1 Ze' 1 5 ., 1 ZIA f ' . , Kitchen Remodeling By Kitchen Experts , J ':1"'f111:11f ' 1 Everything from Ceiling to Floor o oi oeoilo ooooo tnn Visit Or 0-111 Our Sh0Wr00m at , Southgate Shopping Center wan to Wall cam-it ee e eene eee i ZTZQQ oooe gi oo Whirlpool Appliances .,.l. L V .1,. jfs Master Kleen "America's Finest Dry Cleaning Service Dollar Days Every Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday 171 J Micl-State Tractor 84 Equipment Company, Inc. 2005 S. Fayetteville St, Ashehoro, N. C. Mitchell Septic Tank Service Septic Tanks Installed Cleaning 81 Ditch Digging Phone 431-4412 - 431-3710 708 E. Fairfield Rd. Milford Byerly's Supplies 3808 N. Main City Merchandise at Country Prices M bil' Mobil Chemical Company Chemical Coatings Division 1647 English Road Manufactlirers of... Wood Finishes Flat Sheet Finishes Packaging Finishes Automotive Finishes Resins Wood Grain Cylinders Industrial Metal Coatings Compliments of Neill Pontiac 902 North Main Street High Point, North Carolina Osccir's Gulf Service 700 East Green Drive High Point, N. C. 27260 Phone 885-2183 Phone 888-6421 59 , . Q. Teachers- Oscor's Fine Foods 319 South Wrenn Street High Point, North Carolina i'For The Best In Town" Manager, Emma Ferree P ss 5 e students Earn top salaries in summer and part-time iobs all year around. tTel. numberl I VSN . , Call . V f ' X r -. Positions available at all trmes. Work full or part trme durmg summer months, Earn extra money in part-time robs during the school year. Interesting and varied assignments in administrative, sales, and professional fields. Utilize your training . . . or get away from rt all with a refreshing change of scenery and work. Good salaries. Fringe benefits. National company. Call now for an appointment with one of our skilled employment counsellors. mgploymernaggrrgy fees. par ime aw Q Ik . - i x V, 1 Plaza Barber Shop Fairfield Plaza High Point, North Carolina ROSES then to School ,gmt X M g-:-2 Scott Garten Buick, Inc Phone 883-1411-12 819 North Main St. High Point, North Carolina 27262 Compliments of First Union National Bank High Point and Archdale Phone 883-1016 Phone 882-44-00 Turpin Electric Co. Lighting Fixture Show Room 1ndustrial-Commercial-Residential Wiring 1616 English Road High Point, North Carolina Clyde L. Turpin, President White House Bar-B-Que 2312 South Main Street High Point, North Carolina ACTION REALTY COMPANY High Point, North Carolina Phone: 431-4615 iff BORDEN'S MILK AND ICE CREAM COMPANY 1900 North Main Street H gh P N h C I M j X . X I X 3 ' fi W!X joe Bland 'ufurkfayi' Hodges ARTHUR'S PHARMACY "A Good Drug Store-,I 124-8 S. Main St. Phone 883-7955 QNcxt to Outdoor Sports Incj High Point, North Carolina ATLANTIC SAVINGS 8. LOAN ASSOCIATION Specialists in Savings 81 Home Loans Since 1924 620 North Main Street High Point, North Carolina 27262 177 Beautiful Furniture CREATIONS, INCORPORATED P.0. Box 1762 Phone 888-6734 123 Ablerston Road High Point, N. C. 27261 Manufactures of French 81 Italian Provincial Living Room Furniture Business Phone Business Phone High Point 454-2113 Greensboro CY9-4937 DILLON AUTO PARTS, INCORPORATED Located Midway Between Greensboro and High Point on 29-70A We buy wrecked and burned cars Free tcletype service S. Worth Dillon, Manager Mailing Address Residence Phone P.0. Box 996 Greensboro CY9-4239 Greensboro, N. C. 178 ,N Xyllffy I-139: X xs lies wb 40 W- VT' 1 4'Z11iW,Z2 NW vm 4 JEWELERS Present rules permrl' you to select your own ring with a choice of Now serving Allen ,I ay Ragsdale Tfllllty High Point Central T Wingate Andrews Ledford Sem: precious stones Diamond fop With the finest School Ring available' Detail unsurpassed White or yellow gold E'1CfUf+ed 'mhal' Our program sanctioned by Retail Jewelers of America Your ring could cost you nothing ALL of 'these extras ai' comverrrlve Pmcssl See us for detalls 6 WEEK DELIVERY E null N T, ,!,' ' ' I xlaxx fi, by l . ,., R516 -. 7 , . . , . . , 'fr 1 rp - -- ' ' ll' 1'I:wy,3gQ5:l: EQ H . W T ffffsl- L-: - - ' ' rl? E 0 - I' ,C MS!! 'fi f' I . . . . I if , W gan- , W 0 . f gasp' wwf ' i l 0 ' -LM, ,Il ' ' ' . 45 . . ,1 ' - wx 1 . l2ll'I,', xvllfff 1 Q ac - - as . 1 ' ' , 2 1 ' N i I P , ' ll! A lt' ll ' ' x I x-"""Q .., 'CCAREERS UNLIMITEDW In the heart of the greatest concentration of furniture production in the world. Among courses available for high school students and graduates are those offered by: GUILFORD TECHNICAL INSTITUTE - Jamestown, N. C. NORTH CAROLINA STATE UNIVERSITY AT RALEIGH A four-year course in Furniture Manufacturing and Management leading to a B.S. Degree. UNIVERSITY OF NORTH CAROLINA AT GREENSBORO - HOME ECONOMICS SCHOOL A four-year course in design leading to a degree. Your inquiry will be forwarded. -Write-FURNITURELAND, U. s. A., P. o. Box 828, High Point, N. C. 179 H.C. McPHERSON L-4 HE PILOT 0 . - ' X 1.3 :nf A X 3 ,V I' dm . I, ' T 'GA good company to he insured in- and a good company to work for. 5' 180 4? N: NYM, WN SIN Q4 M, 45 r 44: xl io:-iv wc og- 53' Hp 1454 4 4454 .1 ' te f ix..121111E12225'-51115-1:1-r:5:3:5.+5-'E-'rE1f2f "--1-2:"f3Egf1fr 5.f.E.Q.f.1.:,-.-.-.5355123-:3.,::::::::g:-:-' ' . Q., M., .. . . . S:7ct?:5:5:f:5:1:7'?'1fizii-:-2:-:-.'.-n :i5:5:ir12:52ifF5151322525515t2:IE1:P.2:2:1:1: 9 -.-.-.-.-:-:-:-:-:-:4.-.-.-.'.-.-.-:-:':-Q:-:-:M-1:!:Q-:-:-:':-:-:-:-:-:-:-:':-:4:':-.-.-.7:+.'.-. . .-::-.-:c:q.::::,.:.:.-..2.-.yr,.-az-:E-:-:g:::::::::-z 4.1: ,.:-:-:-: 4:-:l -:iris . :WQ'Nff"1.'l'l'if':9:'tL'..'.3....:-:- :-1' -:-:4:-:- 1:1132 :ff -. '4-N. 'g:v.-:--.:.:.g.:.1.:.:.:4.:.g -:- Q:-:-:-1 q.:.5.:.g.f.:.3 Q ar:-1-:4:':-.:.:.:,5.:.:,g. . gn..-g.x.:.g - ,..-:-:-:-Sg.:.5.:.2.-.:.:.:.1., 5-:-:-:ce 1c-:-:-:-:-:-.-.-.-.:.1.:,5.5.:.,. ,A - N ----X .w..: :-r:-:f.-.-.-.g.-:-.-.-4.5.5 .g.g-:-:-: - ,.,,5.1.g.g.1-g.:-:-:-.-.-.-4.3.54 ,j:273.,-.5." ' ' '1'1:5:1:-:-:- 53:52:15: :fi3:Z:1:g11'-:-t-I'I-i'f:2:1:-'-A-:-.'.-.4 .4:T:,:-QQ' - : -' f:-'f-:3 5: iiilziiiii' -i2iififIi2Z::.3 'iii vb ,-. 3.1. 14 2 - . 5 :h.5:-:- crzf'-1-:Art-.-. 55" .Cz :Qi 23, 2:2 "5 " 'zfzfjgigfgiffi E222 52:2 ffiiififfigg- 22' rg. 5 2223 ' i12:i:5:f:f:2:f: Qi: 1325 '3I"i2'2" 11E5"" 'N ' gg., .15,,.4:-:5f1i1i,,,:fIE1:....-.-.' Efiifiiliiiiiiiii 2213 , :-:-:gi -":-.':'I:v '- .-.:Z'fg2g.gI" f',:,":g.g.,gi" ,- --kk4:5212-:-:1:3:g:g:g:g:g:gZgtg: ' r5:1:gpgag:5:1:5.,.,.3:3:g.5.,..:.5,g:':-" 5 1? '-255215:-.f5i3i7:5:5:7iZ55:25:223392.-' g.g:'g:g','51- 2251Ef3i5:5:f5'5:f5f:Qg:2:2:E:Es2:2IE:E12151555ii?55553:5:iz1:111:1:3:fx2:212:fzizftfri-E1i1f1fi:1:1:2 j .55 -.1 I.-:iz-' '-:':-:-ze ,.-'-::::: .- -1-:f :g:::g:g::::: '-:1: 5. g,g.g:g:::g:gg ' '5:-::::-:545:q:5'g:g3.' f A ' ' - - - - - - - ' - ' - Z' r-zlhzgtgf -:- ' Z-'yfiiff-A 1I-I-Z:232:5523511515:-:-:lzgzgigig ' 'A' """ , , 'P , :1 v.4:+:-'-- ?" ' me 1 -' H :2:Z--- 1. :X Q A ' N -'f cg- . ,291 ' 42- .-: . - .-:-zz: ' fs- i f .- .': .. -Q ' ' 1, -' h. 1 :,.x'- ...g 4.15: -,-'- 1: '4-2:::f?33fz.., 4:2 is .a . , k. j '-2:1 1.-.51--fkisri-9 .. 2-irfzizfrirsiirlvzir H N-5 , 1, .Q-gi , ' - : W. .N -. - -:-:-.-:-:g:g,7.:.:,.-.1. - s J'-5. -f ' "- 25524:-:-. 7:1:y2:2:-:-:4q:-"'4:g:'-- S" :-"aj-5,.,i'4 l' 53'-"W .- "'-- :'.1:1:-: . - "' -:1:4:1:1:1:- K N -3' 1' Real Estate Sales Oll 'Nag vig, ' , 3' Y' .f.':-:-:- wh' 0 K -2 Williririra .3 :iv Cl'if1ti?:" DON SE TLIFF Homes etliff EDDIE OAKLEY Highly qualified to render the type service DON SETLIFF, INC. must give to maintain the high standard of ethical business practices. BOB E. RIDGE Plumbing Zi Heating Co., Inc. Air Conditioning Commercial, Industrial, Residential lnstallations 920 West Green Dr. High Point, N. C. Phono: 882-0521 License l976 181 SIR PIZZA 4111 SNELLING AND SNELLING tional Bank High "W Pl P lv SECHREST FUNERAL HOME 1301 East Lexington Avenue Last rites yield tender and abiding memories Phone 882-2555 or when directed with experienced good taste. 885-2145 And a final tribute arranged hy SECHREST is complete in all details, yet within every family's means. I X... R E D SUPERC D O T A MARKET O Iv no P R I C E S 302 Trindale Road HIGH POINT, N. C. 27263 183 WAGNER TIRE SERVICE Tire Experts Since 1919 Uniroyal Tiger Paws Michelin Tires Kecapping 101 Gatewood Avenue High Point, N. C WEST GREEN AUTO 2205 W. Green Drive High Point, North Carolina 184 WHITE FRAMES, INC 225 E. Fairfield Road High Point, North Carolina CARTERTOWN Hudson Wagon Train 1968 "Dennis Family Gospel Singers" 185 mEI2rC3I1 u +0 p a rl s Pnkdfoifeat lwvffdkiyfla STEAK HDUSE D' eww AIB rng FIN gl FEATHER ERVSCE if ALL9iii"' 187 WW BRAY ELECTRIC C0 Commercial and Industrial Electrical Construction 195 S. Centennial St. High Point, North Carolina sl-FM' is dd? Yi C BRAY -f-- co ERCIAL, . ff: Af rg WWWQ Q-lik 188 We fm Kiltie W suns n on rr 3 ef -5, r we ' "" i - A A ,. .2 . 1 A - .ze-b . . ,1 ""A . i giiiiiiiigivnli fit: ,'., 5:, -A M i V ' 1 -If . ' 9' - ' Z . l '-'Pe , -- 5 -Q 'ffl' V . :lm ' Q'-Lngwfiif-if Q A . ,Z T 1: :fini E ' P it ' 11, FA xl ,I V ..,. .. - M rx " XX V il ---..- . I . L - 7 as .y It 'F' U V' -"' 5 fe - t we 3 When you work up a SUIIIIIICI'-SlZ4'5d Ru RG - ' thirst, go Burger Chef for a frosty -'..,. WN C refresher . . . a GIANT Orange Drink " 3 lemonade or Coca Cola from Burger Chef. A Hee-eely Big coolczr-offer for lx """ """ "4"' . x only 20 6 ix if i30k6fk - awff ' HAMIURGERS I .ff-w , .. Wiiifllurv A . -- Home of the Worldls Ure Millions served with Pride " Nationwide" 1912 S. Main Street Franchised nationwide by Burger Chef Systems, indian atest l8'l Hamburger' apolis 189 Wagner Woodcraft Inc. "Fine Furniture and Carvingsw 41627 South Main Street High Point, N. C. Word Foods, Inc. Bread Coke T lP+TOl? JACK CARTWRIGHT, INC Chestnut Street Ext. High Point, N. C. Phone: 885-6077 190 HARB'S GARAGE TOWING PHONE 88-24611 anytime anywhere HARB'S GARAGE "General Auto Sl Body Repair "Free Estimates" F. J. HARB North Main High Point, N. C. 191 UPPORTUNITV? BURZINGTON ofreks Pzeurv or IT UNITS OF EBul-Iington Industries Inc EXECUTIVE OFFICES: GREEN An Equal Opp KENCO PEJFR0LEUNHVIARKET ER'S2 INCORPORATION MASTER CRAFT FRAME CO., INC 203-A Greenoak Drive High Point, North Carolina 27263 Telephone No. 431-4511 Area Code 919 Manufacturers of Furniture Frames for Upholsterers H. Drew Haney, President 194 O U1 GN 51.44.52 !!4Q!5b MV F Q M 6 I1 - X-ff frf "Clothing Emporium" -Nik, -,Mx x 195 'ww M NEW HCME OF ONE-S-STORE 196 ED SMITH SEPTIC TANK SERVICE Repair Pumping Instalation Phone: 431-1812 Qofficej Hlgh Polnt N C 431-4726 Qresj Servlce Wlth A Smlle ff, ' W - 4, M- 12,4 197 SMITH AND SHORE OIL COMPANY 3041 South Main Street Hlgh Polnt North Carolma smifhii Shore Servicfe Sh: 198 Jerry Andrews Joy Bell Bill, Alan, Dennis and Debbie Bobby and Carolyn Mr. and Mrs. A. R. Bundy, Jr. Mr. and Mrs. Bryant Causey Barbara Coltrane Janice Elaine Cox Mr. and Mrs. Dell Creasy Mrs. Nancy Crissman Curtis and Jean Paul A. Dalton and son Belle and Homer P. Davis George Davis Mr. and Mrs. Robert G. Davis Delphine and Donald Junior and Doris Dennis Miss Mildred Dills g'Ding Dongl' BOOSTER ADS Judy and Grayson Mr. and Mrs. Bobby Knight and family Mr. and Mrs. Derwood Landreth Linda and Terry Richard Leonard Mr. Bently Locklear Odell and Ozell Marsh Teresa Marsh a.nd Tony Cestino Mr. and Mrs. Roy Marsh Mike and Rhonda Mr. and Mrs. T. T. Mitchell Mr. and Mrs. L. E. Modlin Mr. and Mrs. Robert Morton Mr. and Mrs. Cliffard Motley Mr. and Mrs. Paul Myers Randy and Nettie Mr. and Mrs. W. R. Myrick, Sr. Marilyn McClay Mrs. Ruth McRae Debbie Ellington Mr. and Mrs. Howard L. Oakley Mr. and Mrs. Earl Faircloth Lane Oldham Rev. and Mrs. Elwood Faircloth Mr. and Mrs. Walter Palmer Dr. and Mrs. David O. Farlow Buddy Parrish Mr. and Mrs. Matthew Ferguson Mike Ferrell Mr. and Mrs. Huel Frohman Gale and David Michael Garner Gary and Kaye Sonny Gill Randy Harb and Jerry Harb Junior Hedrick and family Mr. and Mrs. Jack Hensley and J ackita Gary Hill Jo Ellen Hucks Tommy and Janice Hughes Jimmy Hunsucker Iva and Alb Mr. and Mrs. Bill Jarrett and James Mrs. Allie Jones Mr. and Mrs. Roger Johnson Lib Reddick Mr. and Mrs. C. W. Redding Mr. and Mrs. Wendell Ridge and Toni Jeannie Ross Shannon Skeen Keith Smith Mr. and Mrs. Paul Stewart Sue and Candy Mr. and Mrs. Lee Thomas and family Mr. ar1d Mrs. Woodrow Thomas, Sr. W. E. Thompson and family Mr. and Mrs. E. B. Weavil Mr. and Mrs. Tony Ray West Mr. and Mrs. Charles White Carol Whitesell Mr. and Mrs. James Whitesell Charlie and Audry Williams Mr. James G. Williams, Jr. and family Mr. and Mrs. Zeno Wright Senior Statistics ROGER DALE ALLEN Baseball 2,3,4, All-Conference 3, Monogram Club 3,4. STEPHEN MICHAEL ARMENTROUT Aln-Ja-Hi Staff 4, Sophomore Editor, J .V. Football 3, Junior Civi- tan 3,4, F.B.L.A. 4, Baseball 3, Manager 4. TONY SHERMAN BARKER Varsity Football 2, J .V. Football 1, Track 1, Varsity Basketball 1, Band 2, Bus Driver 3,4. LARRY DALE BODENHEIMER J.V. Football l, Library Club 4, Beta Club 3,4, Librarian 4, Audio-Visual Club 2, Science Club 3,4, Vice-President 3, President 4, Aln-Ja-Hi Staff 4, Advertising Manager, Superlative 4. DEBORAH LYNN BODENHEIMER Hi-Lites Staff 3,4, Art Editor, Feature Editor, Banquet Committee 3, Glee Club 1,2,3,4, Class Reporter 4, F.T.A. 3, Salesmanship Award 3. JEFFREY CLARK BREWER Student Council 3, F.B.L.A. 3, Hi-Y Club 2, Glee Club 2,W.O.W. Award 2, Monogram Club 2. DEBORAH JO BUNDY Aln-Ja-Hi Staff 4, Elementary Editor, Hi-Lites Staff 2,3, Sports Editor 3, F.B.L.A. 3,4, Track 1,2,3, Varsity Basketball 2,3,4, J.V. Basketball 1, Softball Team l,2, Y-Teens l,2, President 1, F.H.A. l, F.T.A. 2, Monogram Club 4. TERRY LEE BYERS Band l,2, F.B.L.A. 4, Track 3,4, Hi-Y Club 3,4, Monogram Club 3,4, Aln-Ja-Hi Staff 4, Sophomore Editor. Lorna Chambers was chosen to represent Allen Jay in the Central Carolina Conference Tournament Queen Contest, JOANNE PERRY CARICO Beta Club 3,4, Science Club 1,2,3, Dramatics Club l,2, Newspaper Staff l,2, F.B.L.A. 4, C.0.0. 4. BETTY JEAN CARROLL Varsity Basketball 2,3,4, Y-Teens l, F.H.A. 1, J.V. Basketball 1, Monogram Club 4. JAMES DANIEL CARTER J .V. Football 3, Aln-Ja-Hi Staff 4, Art Editor. LORNA FRANCES CHAMBERS Student Council 2,3,4, Banquet Committee 3, Cheerleader 3,4, Homecoming Attendant 2,4, Civinettes 3,4, Glee Club l,2, Secre- tary 3, Class Vice-President 3, Class Secretary 1, Class Treasurer 2, Salesmanship Award 3, F.H.A. 1, President, J aybird Swingers 3,4, Guidance Assistant 3, Office Assistant 1, C.0.0. 4, Monogram Club 3,4, Aln-Ja-Hi Staff 4, Senior Class Editor, F.B.L.A. 4, Superlative 4. WILLIAM EUGENE COLTRANE Ah1-Ja-Hi Sta.ff,0Circulation Manager, Hi-Lites Staff 4, Circulation Manager, F.B.L.A. 3,4, Library Club 4, Glee Club l,2, Librarian 4, Audio-Visual l,2, Science Club 3,4. MICHAEL LEE CORN Bus Driver 3,4, J.V. Basketball 2, Audio-Visual 2,3. LARRY GRAYSON COWAN Aha-Ja-Hi Staff 4, Sports Editor, Hi-Lites Staff 3,4, Sports Editor 4, Student Council 1, Homeroom Representative, Band l,2,3,4, Dance Band l,2,3,4, J.V. Football 1, Junior Civitan l,2, Hi-Y Club 2, Varsity Basketball 2, Baseball 4, Glee Club 1, Class Representa- tive 2, Class Secretary l, Monogram Club 3. BONNIE SUE COX Aln-Ja-Hi Staff 4, Club Editor3 Cheerleader 43 Salesmanship Award 33 Civinettes 3,43 F.B.L.A. 3,43 Track 1,23 Library Club 33 Y-Teens 13 Librarian 33 Monogram Club 43 F.H.A. l,2. VADEN EUGENE COX Ahi-Ja-Hi Staff 4, Junior Class Editor3 J.V. Football 23 F.B.L.A. 43 C.0.0. 4. LARRY LAYTON DAVIDSON Aln-Ja-Hi Staff 4, Freshman Class Editor3 J .V. Football 23 Band 13 Homecoming Escort 43 Junior Civitan 3,4, Hi-Y Club 43 Mr. Aln-Ja-Hi 3rd Runner-Up 43 Baseball l,2,3,43 All-Conference 33 Baseball Co-Captain 43 Class Treasurer 1,43 J.V. Basketball 1,23 Monogram Club l,2,3,43 Superlative 4. JUDY GRAY DAVIS Ahi-Ja-Hi Staff 4, Elementary Class Editor3 Hi-Lites Staff 13 Proof- readerg Civinettes 3,43 Track 1,2333 Softball Team 1,23 J.V. Bas- ketball 2,33 Glee Club 1,3. THERESA ANN DEATON Aln-Ja-Hi Staff 4, Sports Editor3 Student Council 43 Superlative 43 Homeroom Representative 43 Salesmanship Award 33 Marshal 33 Track 23 J.V. Basketball 13 Varsity Basketball 2,3,43 Glee Club 13 Beta Club 3,4. DAVID LEE DINGLER Varsity Football 33 J .V. Football 13 Junior Civitan 3,43 Sergeant- of-Arms 43 Hi-Y Club 43 Chaplain 43 Audio-Visual 2,3,4. CHARLOTTE PAGE DUNBAR Salesmanship Award 33 C.0.0. 43 F.B.L.A. 3,43 Treasurer 43 Var- Gene Wonders at the beauty of math. sity Basketball 23 Class Secretary 'Z 3 Y-Ieens 1,23 Inter-Club Coun- cil Representative 43 Civinettes 43 Inter-Club Council Rep- resentative 43 F.T.A. 1,2. Cindy discovers she's sweet. CHRISTOPHER JAMES FARLOW Student Council 33 Banquet Committee 33 Band 1,2,3,4Q Dance Band 1,2,3,4Q Varsity Football 2,3,43 Junior Civitian 2,3,43 Treas- urer 43 J .V. Football 13 Track3 Inter-Club Council Representative 33 Audio-Visual 3. BECKY ANN FERGUSON F.B.L.A. 3,43 President 43 Aln-Ja-Hi Staff 4, Primary Editor3 Glee Club 1,23 Class Treasurer 23 Y-Teens 13 Sergeant-of-Arms 13 C.0.0. 43 Pep Club 23 Civinettes 3,43 Chaplain 43 F.H.A. l,2. EMMA JOHANNA FERREE Hi-Lites Staff 4, Reporter3 Salesmanship Award 33 F.B.L.A. 33 Track l,2,33 Glee Club 3,43 Y-Teens l,2. CYNTHIA ANN HANEY Aln-Ja-Hi Staff 4, Feature Editor3 Student Council l,2,3,4, Fresh- man Representative l, Vice-President 43 Girl's State Rep- resentative 43 Banquet Committee 33 Cheerleader 2,3,4, Co-Chief 43 Homecoming Queen 4g Salesmanship Award 33 Marshal 3, Chief 33 Glee Club 1, Treasurer 13 Beta Club 3,4, Treasurer 43 N.F.L. 1,2,3,4, Treasurer 2, Vice-President 43 Monogram Club 2,3,43 Miss Ahi-Ja-Hi 3rd Runner-up 43 F.H.A. 1,2, Treasurer 23 Class Pres- ident 23 Class Reporter l, Civinettes 3,4, Secretary 3, Vice- President 43 Superlative 4. HARRY DREW HANEY Aln-Ja-Hi Staff 4, Advertising Manager3 Hi-Lites Staff 4, Cir- culation Manager3 Band 1,2. DAVID LANE HARB Aln-Ja-Hi Staff 4, Business Manager, Hi-Lites Staff 2,3,4, News Editor 2, Editor-in-Chief 3,4, Student Council 2,3,4, Inter-Club Council Representative 3, Banquet Committee 3, Magazine Champ 3, Band l,2,3,4, Treasurer 2, Secretary 3, Vice-President 4, Dance Band 2, Drum Major 2,3,4, Junior Civitan 4, Track 3,4, Beta Club 3,4, Debating 3, N.F.L. 1,2,3,4, Reporter 2, Inter-Club Council Representative 3, Secretary 4, Youth Council 3,4, Vice-Chairman 4, All-County Band l,2,3,4, French Club 4, President 4, Bowling League l,2,3,4, Superlative 4, History Award 3, Youth-Arc 4, Sec- retary 4. DONALD JAY HENDRICKS Bus Driver 3,4, Glee Club l, N.F.L. 4. AMY PATRICE HICKS Beta'Club 4, Student Council l,3, Homeroom Representative 1, Superlative 4, Salesmanship Award 3, Glee Club 1,2,3,4, Vice- President 3, Secretary-Treasurer 4, Class President 4, Class Vice- President 2, Class Treasurer 3, Y-Teens l, F.H.A. l,2, F.T.A. 3,4, Secretary 4, Civinettes 3,4. DEBORAH LYNN HINKLE Aln-Ja-Hi Staff 4, Freshman.C1ass Editor, Civinettes 3,4, F.B.L.A. 3,4, Historian 3, Secretary 4. BILLY HORNE, JR. Junior Civitan 4, Hi-Y Club 3,4, Basketball Manager l,2,3,4, Baseball Manager 1,2,3,4, Atheletics Manager 1,2,3,4, Monogram Club 3,4, J .V. Football 2, Track 4, Superlative 4. LINDA WEAVER HOWARD F.B.L.A. 4, Glee Club l,2, Y-Teens l,2, C.0.0. 4, F.H.A. l,2, Debbie Hinkle, who is a participant in the Cooperative Office Occupations Program, is shown at work with her employer, Mr. Roy White. The annual homecoming dance provided a good time for all. JERRY DEAN HUTCHENS J.V. Basketball 2, S.C.C. 3,4, Monogram Club 3,4, J.V. Football l, Golf Team 2,3 ,4, Hi-Y Club 4. J ANICE WRIGHT HUGHES F.H.A. l,2, Parliamentarian, Cheerleader l,2, Denton High School, Civinettes 3,4, Sergeant-of-Arms 4, Library Club 2. X SHARON DELPHINE JARRETT F.H.A. l,2, F.B.L.A. 4, C.0.0. 4. DAVID LEE JOHNSON Librarian 4, Audio-Visual 2, Science Club 3,4, Secretary-treasurer 4, Library Club 4, Patliamentarian 4. GARY THOMAS JOHNSON Aln-Ja-Hi Staff 4, Circulation Manager, Varsity Basketball 3, Li- brarian 4, Library Club 4, Secretary, J.V. Basketball 2, C.0.0. 4. MIKE JOHNSON ' Student Council 2, Track 3, Hi-Y Club 2,3,4, Librarian 4, Mono- gram Club 3,4, Varsity Football 3,4, Library Club 4, Vice- President 4. CAROLYN ELIZABETH JONES Aln-Ja-Hi Staff 4, Elementary Editor, Hi-Lites Staff 4, Assistant Editor, Band 3,4, Librarian 3, F.B.L.A. 3,4, Pep Club 2, Sales- manship Award 3, Glee Club l,2,3. WARRREN ALLAN JONES Hi-Lites Staff 3, Reporter, Student Council l,2, Banquet Com- mittee 3, Band 1,2,3,4, Dance Band l,2,3,4, F.T.A. l,2, Marshal 3, Glee Club l,2,3,4, Vice-President 2, President 4, Beta Club 3,4, North Central District President 4, Debating 3,4, N.F.L. 1,2,3,4,l Reporter 2, President 4, Treasurer 3, W.O.W. Award 3, F.T.A. l,2,' Superlative 4. CURTIS LEE KISER Aln-Ja-Hi Staff 4, Feature Editor5 Student Council 3,45 Junior Class Representative 3, Inter-Club Council Representative 45 N.F.L. 2,3,45 Treasurer 35 Debating 2,3,45 Beta Club 3,45 Marshal 35 Glee Club 1,2,3,4, Secretary 3, Vice-President 45 Baseball 2,45 Varsity Basketball 3,45 Hi-Y Club 3,4, Treasurer 45 J.V. Basketball 25 Youth Council 45 Junior Civitan 3,4, Secretary 45 Class Pres- ident 15 Monogram Club 3,45 Homecoming Escort 2,4, PAULA JEAN KISER F.B.L.A. 3,4, Vice-President 45 Glee Club 15 Y-Teens 15 Civinettes 3,45 Reporter 45 C.0.0. 4. DONNA ELISA LAMBETH Band 1,2,3,4, Band Reporter 45 F.H.A. 1,25 Civinettes 3,45 Girls Softball 15 French Club 45 Salesmanship Award 3. JANIE ADONNA LANIER Aln-Ja-Hi Staff 45 Circulation Manager5 Hi-Lites Staff 3, Copy Editor5 Banquet Committee 35 Library Club 25 Y-Teens 15 F.T.A. 3,4, Secretary 3, President 45 Civinettes 3,45 F.H.A. l,25Guidance Assistant 1,45 Marshal 35 Beta Club 3,4, Secretary 45 Librarian 25 Salesmanship Award 35 Superlative 4. JOHN DOUGLAS LASSITER Student Council 1,35 Banquet Committee 35 Varsity Basketball 3,45 Glee Club 15 N.F.L. 2,3,4, Treasurer 35 Class Representative 15 Class Reporter 25 J.V. Basketball 35 Junior Civitan 2,3,4, Vice- President 45 Track 35 Hi-Y Club 2,3,4, Secretary 3, Treasurer 45 Class Secretary 3. JOSEPH CORBITT LASSITER Ferndale Junior High5 Student Council 15 High Point Central5 Basketball Manage'F2TSTudent Council Represemativc 25 Athletics " Manager 25 Science Club 2,3,45 Class Representative 25 Class Trea- surer 25 Salesmanship Award 35 Inter-Club Council Representative 45 F.B.L.A. 4. 1 l "I made what on that test?" "Hey, Blue! Hey, White! You look so good tonight!" MARILYNN DIANE LLOYD Student Council 2, Sophomore Representative: Girlls State Rep- resentative 45 N.F.L. 2,3,45 Band 152,35 Treasurer 3. DEBORAH KAY MANN Hi-Lites Staff 2,3, Reporter5 F.B.L.A. 3,45 Varsity Basketball 25 Glee Club 35 Y-Teens 1,2,3. JANICE KAY MASHBURN Aln-Ja-Hi Staff 4, Business Manager5 Salesmanship Award 35 F.B.L.A. 3,45 Reporter 45 F.H.A. 1,25 Historian 25 C.0.0. 45 Su- perlative 45 Library Club 25 Class Secretary 3,45 Y-Teens 15 Civinettes 3,45 Secretary 4. RONALD EDWARD MEREDITH F.B.L.A. 35 Aln-Ja-Hi Staff 4. ROY DALE MEREDITH Librarian 2,35 Audio-Visual Club 25 J.V. Football 25 Library Club 2,35 Bus Driver 3,45 W.O.W, Award 2. DEBORAH KAY MITCHELL Ahi-Ja-Hi Staff 45 Hi-Lites Staff 4, Business Manager5 Student Council 25 Track 15 Glee Club 15 Library Club 15 Class Vice- President 45 Y-Teens 1,25 F.T.A. 45 Treasurer 45 F.H.A. 1,25 Civinettes 2,45 Red Cross .Youth Volunteer 25 J.V. Basketball 15 Pep Club 2,35 lntermural Basketball Team 35 Banquet Committee 35 Sigma Anchor 35 French Club 3, Gainesville High School 35 Superlative 45 Beta Club 4. MICKEY LEE MULL Ahi-Ja-Hi Staff 45 AudicrVisua1 25 Science Club 3,45 Vice-President 4. LOFTIN WILSON MCLAMB Aln-Ja-Hi Staff 4, Club Editor, Student Council l,2,3,4, Chaplain 3, Boy's State Representative 3, Marshall 3, Ir. Civitan 2,3,4, Pres- ident 4, Hi-Y Club 2,3,4, President 4, Varsity Basketball 2,3,4, Baseball 4, Beta Club 3,4, President 4, Monogram Club 3,4, Var- sity Football 2,3,4, Captain 4, J.V. Football 1, Class Rep- resentative 4, Class Vice-President 1,2, Class Secretary-Treasurer 3, Banquet Committee 3, Superlative 4. SANDRA DIANE PALMER Banquet Committee 3, Ahi-Ja-Hi Staff 4, Advertising, Varsity Bas- ketball l,2, Monogram Club l,2, Class President l, Y-Teens 1, Civinettes 3,43 F.H.A. 1, Band 1,2,3,4g Mzjorette 3,4, Hom- ecoming Attendant 1, Salesmanship Award 3, Superlative 4. DEBORAH ANN PHILLIPS Aln-Ja-Hi Staff 4, Senior Class Editor, Hi-Lites Staff 4, News Edi- tor, F.B.L.A. 3,4, Glee Club 1,2, Library Club 3,4, President 4, Inter-Club Council Representative 3, C.0.0. 4, Salesmanship Award 3. MICHAEL EUGENE POTTER F.B.L.A. 3,4, Audio-Visual Club 3. PHILLIP QUESENBERRY Aln-Ja-Hi Staff 4, Senior Class Editor, Photographer, Bus Driver 3,4, F.B.L.A. 4, Librarian 3,4, Audio-Visual Club 2,3, Library Club 3,4, Hi-Lites Staff Photographer 4. The Senior-studded drum section provides a swinging beat. Sandra flashes a smile at Joe during the halftime ceremonies. EUGENE THOMAS REDDING Aln-Ja-Hi Staff 4, Sports Editor, Student Council 3,4, Senior Rep- resentative 4, J r. Civitan Club 4, City Editor 4, N.F.L. 2,3,4, Sec- retary 4, Monogram Club 3,4, Varsity Football 3,4, Mr. Aln-Ja-Hi 2nd Runner Up 4, Class Representative 2,3, Class President 4, Banquet Committee 3, Hi-Y Club 4, Vice-President 4, Superlative 4. MARGARET ELIZABETH REES Aln-Ja-Hi Staff 4, Business Manager, Hi-Lites Staff Circulation Manager 3, Student Council 1,3,4, Banquet Committee 3, Ad Champ 4, Band l, D.A.R. Award 4, Cheerleader 2,3,4, Home- coming Attendant 3, Salesmanship Award 3, Civinettes 3,4, His- torian 3, President 4, Miss Aln-Ja-Hi 4, J.V. Basketball 1, Library Club 2, Beta Club 3,4, Inter-Club Council 4, Librarian 2, F.T.A. 4, F.H.A. l,2, Parliamentarian l, Monogram Club 2,3,4, Reporter 4, Marshal 3, Superlative 4. JOSEPH RAY RIDGE Bus Driver 1,2, Varsity Football 1,2,3, Junior Civitan 2,3,4, Hi-Y Club 1,2, All Conference Football 3, Monogram Club 2,3,4. ROGER GENE ROUTH Bus Driver l,2,3,4, Science Club, Glee Club 2,3, One Year Service Award, W.O.W. Award. ROGER ELBERT SKEEN Band l,2, Dance Band 1,2, J.V. Football 1, F.B.L.A. 3, Hi-Y Club 3,43 Baseball 1,2,3,4, Glee Club 4, All Conference Baseball 3, Monogram Club 1,2,3,4. JOHN EDWIN SMITH Student Council 3,4, President 45 Banquet Toastmaster 35 Banquet Committee 35 Varsity Football 253,45 co-captain 45 Junior Civitan i2,3,45 Hi-Y Club 2,3,45 Baseball l,2,3,45 Monogram Club 2,3,45 'Superlative 45 Class President 2,3. BEVERLY LYNN SNIDER F.B.L.A. 45 Varsity Basketball 25 Glee Club 1,35 Y-Teens 1,25 N.F.L. 1,2,35C.O.O. 4. BARRY CLAUDE SNYDER Banquet Committee 35 Band 1,2,45 Dance Band l,2,45 Hom- ecoming Escort 15 Jr. Civitan 2,3545 Golf Team 2,3,45 Monogram Club 3,45 Superlative 4. JERRY CLEAVELAND SOUTHARD Band 1,25 Dance Band 1,25 F.B.L.A. 45 Hi-Y Club 3,45 Audio- Visual Club 35 Golf Team 35 Monogram Club 35 Ahr-Ja-Hi Staff 45 Junior Editor5 C.0.0. 4. CHRIS PHILLIP STALEY Student Council 1,25 Representative 25 Jr. Civitan 3,45 Band l,2,3,45 Bus Driver 3,45 Audio Visual Club 2,3,45 W.O.W. Award 3,45 Class Reporter 45 Class Representative 25 J.V. Football 15 Science Club 4. KAY DEAN STEELMAN Aln-Ja-Hi Staff 4, Editor5 Hi-Lites Staff 3, Proofreaderg Student Council l,2,3,4, Secretary-Treasurer 45 Banquet Committee 35 Magazine Champ 35 Cheerleader l,2,3,4, Chief 45 Salesmanship Award 35 Library Club 2, Treasurer 25 Beta Club 35 Y-Teens l, Librarian 25 Youth Council 1,25 F.H.A. 1,25 Civinettes 3,45 Su- QSIHV21? M210gi2m91bi12,14- Gene sets a pick as Skip starts his drive during the annual Blue- White game. The cheerleaders and the girls' varsity team give themselves fifteen rahs after a successful effort. JEAN CAROLYN THOMAS Student Council 25 Homeroom Representative 25 Miss Aln-Ja-Hi Third Runner-up 45 Track l5 Banquet Committee 35 Varsity Bas- ketball 2,3,45 J.V. Basketball 15 Glee Club 3,45 F.H.A. l,2, Pres- ident 25 Bus Drivers Club 3,45 W.O.W. Award 3,45 Monogram Club 2,3,45 Y-Teens 1,25 Superlative 4. JAMES MICHAEL TUTTLE Band l,2,3,45 Bus Driver 3,45 Superlative 4. PATRICA ANN WHITE Ain-Ja-Hi Staff 4, Circulation Managerg Hi-Lites Staff 3,4, News Editor5 Banquet Committee 35 Salesmanship Award 35 Pep Club 1, Ledford High5 Class Treasurer 45 Class Reporter 35 Y-Teens 45 Civinettes 2,3,45 F.H.A. 1,2,3, Parliamentarian 35 Guidance As- sistant 35 Youth Council 4. PHILLIP WAYNE WHITESELL Aln-Ja-Hi Staff Editor 45 Hi-Lites Staff 3, Sports Editor5 Student Council 1, Homeroom Representativeg Band 1,25 Band Officer 25 J r. Civitan 3,45 Track 35 Hi-Y Club 3,45 Monogram Club 45 Varsity Basketball 3,45 Mr. Ah1-J a-Hi lst Runner-up 45 Class Vice-- President 3,45 Class Secretary-Treasurer 1,25 J .V. Basketball 1,25 Supcrlative 4. . .... in ,rr kfiiii.: Look to this day! For it is life, the very life of life. In its brief course lie all the varieties and realities of your existence: The bliss of growthg The glory of actiong The splendor of beauty, For yesterday is already a dream, and tomorrow is only a vision, But today, well lived, makes every yesterday a dream of happiness, and every tomorrow a vision of hope From the Sanskrit Acknowledgements To recognize all those who have devoted time and efforts to the production of this yearbook would be impossible. However, we would like to express gratitude especially to the following: Mrs. Hallie Myers, Jimmy Shackleford, Ralph Modlin, Phil Quesenberry, and the entire Aln-Ja-Hi Staff of 1969, and to those who helped fmance this years production, our Advertisers. Kay Steelman, Phil Whitesell-Editors 206 "A great man is what he is, because he was what he was. Worthy but unrecognized accomplishments, Twenty-one years of loyalty and devotion, Students, his main concern. Building for the tomorrows, but Never forgetting the yesterdays The Class of 1969 expresses l sincere gratitude to our principal, 'MR. A. DOYLE EARLY for his dedication, leadership and deep interest in ALLEN JAY SCHOOL. L ya 9n Appreciation l 1 2 5 5 2 2 5 0 Winston-Salem HUNTER PUBLISHING COMPANY 0 North Carolina ED GOLDSTON, SILER CITY, N. C. A, 'K 'lQ: -2- " ' " VAV .AVQAVVV V V, V V 72 4 ff 2 JY-W-aLVi: '3? ' 4-was-' V - ,- -. f- -15' " 1 4 ' "WNY-J' 3 - V" ' ENV ' -ww VV, 1' ' - . ' 1 1 M' V1,- -' 'fi fff -bf -QV .'-?'7fA'-Ya 4- ' V ' ', -f-if ' Qs. " ?WWv72I-'-,'.Vvg -W. ' f . V 1 ,f-zV' VVV.f'z' " Q- - -gf V V- 'yglv-V-1vrV. -'fa--V V ' 5 , A -. V. ,Ji-, A ' ff?'Y't'9"?. 7 Ap- , V 4 -ULAQVQ.-'f .- . . . AA - 5 ' -' . V- V-,A . f- - ' ' :-- A QV- . 14 ,A,"V:1,. V. V-.-QV. V -'j4,r,, 4 V, A . 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Suggestions in the Allen Jay High School - Aln Ja Hi Yearbook (High Point, NC) collection:

Allen Jay High School - Aln Ja Hi Yearbook (High Point, NC) online yearbook collection, 1960 Edition, Page 1


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