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 - Class of 1968

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. s 3 3 ., s 'C M . ' as , P ff.. g f 'if .Wx A . 5 1 9 A8115 Q. -1 SC . v 4 XE an if sf . . . f W . WV ' 1 4-. Q. 1 3. 'WP Q , . A3 ' af f Q el' . f 6 x lfi ufifii -1 fi. M, . W' K 9 ' VF gf -.,' .X G K. E gl get .. ,. we .. gf , 3 -,. K5 . ri '11 Q k ' ff-f:if'.QA??:.1 WH If . .. 4 - ,. -w Q1?ifQEafi??T.f six- S f L, , A QQ. . . . R . aa nf j . . -fgiv ...Y',5 95' 4 1 5. . 3 gif, fu 1 , Y . H .- in S X m. y N VQ... R N. KF gx s Q 5 - x fx ' 19 Q -9 " :gig-E Q Q, 3' ga' w ' , I sf -1'-53' A 1 Q " . fig gi ' ' . X, a ' X 1 Q 2, yi- x - Q g , -A 5 - Q. Q- Q k . -1 "i4'3iM., . ,. .jg . ""' 1 Q "" . H . gg Ya K lmi i--lg... . ' S I -Q.. , 1 ' -. . ,L -- f.-Q . . 1' ' X 'Neg www . . . - Ki. 5 33. W , XSNAFB ' ' I A 45 - j , Nm im ws. X ' A Wa . f wffeife .. WR, A .V K K HSA,-3 . ,ex 3: g . ' . . 5' X gh X ,, K K . .jk 5 Rn.. . .. V ' Q, Q. . E . 4 x .N gt., t -ww . 1. .M A My ax .K xxx 7 -,A n x S I .fikk 5. gr , 5 . ff , Y A Q ff-if95',5j?.. ff XA 'K s if Ah 5 Y N ii ,. S. X ' f. K X . K -A . x X f Ng ff ' Q w A ew A S. M ENV 5 ,3f,5.sfi, Xifwm x .,"'K - .5 X . A f ' X' mu ...Ti 5 -gm v -' -M . ,Q s K Q .. , W 1 L A ww M ,. V S K X X 1-wg mn- E' K in L by 1 4 6 jwvsaunw FQ www in 'S si 55, 'v Rig-I +- xx MQ lf The Seniors of Allen Jay High School, High Point, North Carolina, present Volume 28 of the Aln-Ja-Hi. Tom Rees and Barbara Draughn, Editorsg Keith Carter and Eppie Snider, Business Managers 1968 ALN -JA - HI Introduction fm, A A A Synopsis ,jj W - Facullgyj3QlLi :Vg?gZl:n1inistIati0h Homefzoifiiiig PATHWAYS Junior-Seniiirii --'n Mr. and A111525-Hi and Runners-up Honor Sfudents Fall Festivg Students-Gciliernment ,ls . A . :aw OIg8I'l1Z.gf1Q3lS Servicezgf Footbgig 1q--:1 'AALA ll Trackf' Golf r Basebzlil K Cheerleardetiu Classes W Elementary Primary Advertisements 3 A thought A book A guide Remembrance Of friends Of places A purpose Ain-Ja-Hi 1968 Pathway to Appreciation Think . . . Of a busy schedule Of a friendly smile Of a cheery hello Of a helping hand Of qualities rarely found And always remembered A friend who understands A sincere concern for students And for their future All this and more . . . To Mrs. Sue Harris, Guidance Counselor A small portion Of our gratitude 5 A special place A special time A very special someone Memories of never forgotten events The Solitude of one The company of two Warm thoughts A gentle day A feeling of Satisfaction And Sheer contentment July mf -v An idea A goal A beginning Conflicts The urge to quit The willingness to go on An accomplishment Self-satisfaction A rewarding experience e S. W R? 8 1 7 ., Y' . . R 'fc 5,,a fi X' A -if M1 wx I .x g e .- ,ff Qff Active, alive The happenings High-strung spirit A winning know-how 5-xg , Af . NSN Q x is Xin - Y . X f rig Vg .5 Xxx , 1 igxh ,Y NA 5-.. ,lfwxxw . X K 9 . Effort Cooperation Living each moment With each moment bringing The threshold of another C f" 24 I ev Practice, practice, parctice Constantly striving for perfection A dream Success, failure, But always trying again The Lights to Guiding, teaching And sometimes learning themselves Opening minds to reality Always caring . . . Usually for the ungrateful But most ofall . . . Just being friends 12 Our Pathways Superintendent and School Board 1 Mr. E. P. Pearce Superintendent of Guilford County Schools y 3. 2 4 --' L,,e ' ' I wake., -,f. ff , Z Z., ., , Mr. Francis B. Auman 5. Mr. F. N. Kennedy Mr. David Draughn 6. Mr. H. C. McPherson, Secretary Mr. E. B. Crowson, Chairman 14 Principal and Office Staff . . . successful coordinator of a thousand activities . . . keeping order in spite of everything, blazing a trail for growing students to follow Mr. A. Doyle Early Principal XXX, Mrs. Kathleen White Secretary L to 1: Mrs. Eva Garner, Attendance Secretaryg Mrs. Martha Modlin, Teacher Aidg Mrs. Margaret Zimmerman, Home-School Coordinator 15 Q' K We ,:,': i Library and Guidance Organized for pleasure and learning books that teach a time for making decisions a Way of life 1. 2. V isis 1. Mrs. Sue W. Harris, A.B., M.Ed. Guidance 2. Miss Sandra Kay Yow, B.S. High School Librarian Math and Science 1 -, 'fr , SJ: , 9 y Vyvllziyi ,V , 7 .N I xr A I s Q M 'A H FQ .' ' . 3, W., 4- f'i.?e', f " -, v an inch here, a degree there, examples, solutions, experiments an original solution for a confusing problem but most often, just bewilderment 2 draw 3 Mr. James R. Donald, B.S. Science Mrs. Mildred B. Hussey, B.S. Ninth, Physics Mr. William T. Guy, B.S., M.Ed Biology, Physical lidueation 17 a friendly "Bonjour", a Way of communication, commas, periods, question marks, a misspelled word, a cry for help, answered by a patient hand l. Mrs. Anne B. Hill, B.A. English 2. Miss Norma G. Whitehead, A.B. English, French 3. Miss Bonnie R. Jackson, B.A. History, English 4. Mr. Ardenal Haney, B.S., M. Ed. English I 2 3 4 1 X S . 1 18 N-v.,, . .ss ' 1 4 R I 5 I N 9 , ,xv I 'Q A Q , W f , fa W X . 4, y, my ' , I W. ,, W 'E , 4 ,V 4 4 . I 4 I wumwfs W. r E. Business Education machines that purr books that show the way learning, knowing, teaching hard work for a purpose the ecstasy of accomplishment ---vu--. NAL .M Mi 1. 2. 3. POSTING ADJUSTING CLOSING ENYRIES TO 'IME Wi' JounNAL ,uuusnsa mmm Mrs. Hallie G. Myers, B.S., M. Ed. Coordinator Business and Office Occupations Mrs. Barbara C. Cooper, B.S. Business Education Miss Judy A. Jobe, B.S. Business Education VOSYDM Quia 1' 1 4 My s ..... Pathways to People gathering Lively entertainment Fun, games, singing Starry-eyed girls Events to remember 22 Achievement J , 72l:,"dM::'.Fl-ff 4 ', . . .- ,- .-ww .1 543.1 , .5 Ei. al Was, .1-.' ' ' - ,YN Q':'-. y ."u.,.-,vfg ', Y ., 1 vu . Q.. x, 3' 11153 ' 23 K. W H - , S, A ..N. A 'Mx .Ls . nf ww ww na W 1 -fr -'Wifi as-mv ' z is ggi 1968 Homecoming Queen Night falls Friends gather The game begins Half-time arrives The homecoming court Barbara Draughn, queen Jaybirds win 33-12 fm? Homecoming Queen, Barbara Draughng escort, Tim Huffman. L to r: Junior attendant, Margaret Rees, Junior escort, Don Hendricks,Senior attendant, Debbie Shelton, Senior escort, Keith Carter. 1 . k X' , Agrz W, Wx, L.. 4"""f! Court 1968 L to r: Sophomore escort, Tim Mortong Sophomore attendant, Joan Garnerg Freshman attendant, Linda Stoutg Freshman escort, Rodney Shipwash. ei 5 Y S Q Q rms S ,Si s E X X K Ms-if A Night of Action The Homecoming Game Followed by The Homecoming Dance Slow music Soft lights Decorated gym The perfect end To a Perfcot day T . ,,-' K A , A f,.,,,A,1.m'f-,,t ..,,, M,M..,,, 43,933 Q Queen crowned by Lucille Melton, Senior class representative. "Stairway to the Stars" Ji, 2 -Q Faculty and students enjoyed a delicious meal and lively entertainment prior to the prom. S- ,un vin X : ,Qt Q11 -snr-I l 29, Remembrances of The Ball Room at the Sheraton Hotel A dignified banquet Sparkling entertainment Mr. and Miss ALN-JA-HI 1968 gc' ,f-"yy" Ability to sell A goal to win A devotion to a cause Miss Aln-J a-Hi, Bonnie Moran Mr. Aln-J a-Hi, John Ellington 'ff 1? ,,-A" Y' 'M i Wy f ,A nf g 2 Q , gi M W 'BWI E " H' -af 0 if K' , 5 ig ffff A 4 ,, e' 'W ' 11 if iw- ly ff b 'nw ,, 9 , msg, 2 ww I L ,, win ww: 1.161115 mg: f A X' M ' ? i'QQy4g f,,f'ff f i f-Z xr., 2' , , if '13v,. ,,,,1! , .. ' ' Ji , fp hx ., ,,,,, V..-V 75' Q Q tl ,, ' if Y, af fi , 'aj' Y? and Randy Johnsong and Clark Coltrane, third Honor Students Leadership Musical ability Versatile aptitude A goal to perfect Scholastic achievement ' ' Academic achievement Valedictorian, TOM REES Salutatorian, MARTA SMITH Citizenship Loyalty Sincerity Best Citizen, BARBARA DRAUGHN A week at Girls' and Boys' State L to r: JOHN ELLINGTON, BARBARA DRAUGHN, EPPIE SNIDER, TOM REBS. Patriotism plus honor DAR Representative, EPPIE SNIDER L to R: Margaret Rees Warren Jones Cindy Haney, Chief Ann Deaton Marshals 1968 1 34 L to R: Curt Kiscr Adonna Lanier Skip McLa1nb An honor worth having . . . Hard work leads to service, and High marks lead to recognition A salute to those Juniors, Becky Yarbrough MARSHALS 1968 Marshals 1968 ww-i :wmv iw-f High School King and Queen, Henry Hill and Deana Stout. High School King and Queen runners-up, Pat White, not pictured, Roger Teer. High School Baby, Cathy Spencer and runner- up, Kimberley Ferree, not pictured. Elementary Queen, Sherrie Surrett Elementary King, Jerry Landrcth. W 4 -l i, ,Q ,,.-L I , ,, W ,, , 94.5 ' ' V 6: ffiif ,E2,f357'fZf2ffi3,fE 24 I r e icii ,Ti ff J 5' ' ei V Z Fall Festival of 1967 4 5 Annual P.T.A. Project . , f Q X 3. f E 42, K ,S E sr E N x C El Elementary King runner-up, Donald Bowick. Elementary Queen runner-up, Sandra Ramson. Elementary Baby, Jamie Byrd. Elementary Baby runner-up, Cindy Ellington Primary King and Queen, Clevie Johnson and Tamara Younts. Primary Baby, Angela Bowick. Primary Baby runner-up, Cynthia Bartlett. Primary King and Queen runners-up, Daniel Cecil and Carol Clark. 3 4 5 q W, V Q nr A K ' M3 I i,,,,' Q 3 ,.a. B - j 6 7 g 37 Pathways to Cooperation Inductions, initiations Projects But above all Lasting fellowship 38 Ambition Yxx 5 Student Council Works David Hedgecock President Mr. Ardenal Haney Advisor fw Brenda Gilliland Secretary Debbie Shelton Vice-President 40 for School Unity A purpose: For the betterment of the school and the students To gain or to lose To look to the future Socials and activities gp. A' L to r: Lucille Melton, Senior Representative, Curt Kiser, Junior Representative, Gary Meredith, Sophomore Representative, Elaine Thomas, Freshman Representative. M,',,,,.,.- Q Rum.-,N .. First row, l to ri Mike Tugglc, Eppie Snider, Becky Yarborough, Margaret Rees, Debbie Lawson, Amy Hicks, Deborah Yarborough, Brenda Blair, Barbara Rees, Jo Ann Moran, Susan Mitchell. Second row, 1 to r: Johnny Smith, Mike Coltrane, Gene Redding, Jeff Brewer, John Ellington, Sue Redding, Barbara Draughn, Kay Steelman, Cindy Haney, .loan Garner, Debbie Vuncannon, Lorna Chambers, Clark Coltrane. Third row, 1 to r: Ricky Zachary, Gary Thayer, Mike Garner, Steve Barnes, Chris Morton, Chris Farlowe, Doug Lassiter, Warren Jones, Skipper McLamb, Tim Morton, David Harb, Tom Ratledge. Youth Council Unites Area Schools Promotes better understanding Helps the school and the students Activities and socials The Student Council worked dil- igently to earn the beautification award presented by the Youth Council. Mr. A. D. Early makes the presentation on behalf of the Youth Council to David Hedgecock, President of the Student Council. First row, 1 to r: David Harb, Janice Helms, Kaye Steelman Darryl Causey, Eppie Snider. Second row, l to r: Marta Smith Tom Rees. 42 F.B.L.A. Trains Future Business Leaders Aggressive business leadership Confidence Improvement of business Preparing today for tomorrow Interest and understanding First row, l to r: Cathy lfarabee, Jane Borland, Cynthia Blackwell, Jeff Bundy, Debbie Smith, Vicki Adcock, Roger Skeen, David Ronnie Meredith, l-imma Ferree, Susan Yarborough, Sue Routh, Trotter. Third row, l to r: Michael Potter, Brenda Carter, Ronald Bonnie Cox, Carolyn Jones, Donna Bundy, Deborah Phillips. Johnson, Deborah Bundy, Talmadge Dunbar, Dillard Cox, Jeff Second row, l to r: Wayne Welborn, Earnestine Barnes, Debbie Brewer, Odell Hudspeth, Becky Ferguson, Claudia McKinney, Mann, Paula Davis, Tom Ratledge, Tony McNeil, Bill Coltrane, Charlotte Dunbar. s e L to r: Janice Mashburn, Reporterg Vickie McSwain, Treasurerg 'T l Debbie Hinkle, Historian, Brenda Gilliland, Secretaryg . , Rbr Hk,V' -P 'd tgS Rdd', Mrs. Barbara Cooper Miss Judy Jobe Advisors Ptisiiggt uc S we WSI en ue 6 mg VN s X .Y gm J X 43 N.F.L. Competes Successfully Promotes interest Encourages fellowship of spirit Represents achievement Opens door to opportunity and success. Promotes interest of interscholastic debate Oratory Public Speaking First row, l to r: Debbie Voncannon, Janet Kestler, Jean Ross. Second row, l to r: Marilyn Lloyd, Cindy Haney, David Hedgecock. Third row, l to r: Emily Snider, Susan Sparks, David Harb. Fourth row, l to r: Mike Garner, Gene Redding. L to r: Doug Lassiter, Inter-Club Council Representativeg Eppie Snider, Presidentg Tom Rees, Vice- Presidentg Mrs. Mildred Hussey, National Forensic League Advisorg Warren Jones, Treasurerg Curt Kiser. Secretary. 44 First row, 1 to r: Adonna Lanier, Kaye Steelman, Becky Yarborough, Margaret Rees, Cindy Haney, Ann Deaton, Eppie Snider, Marta Smith. Second row, l to r: Curt Kiser, David Harb, Skipper McLamb, Larry Bodenheimer, Warren Jones, Tom Rees, John Ellington. Betasliost Convenhon 7 if Leadership Service Hard work Determination Reward for achievement High ideals dent, Keith Carter. L to r: Advisor, Miss Norma Whitehead Treasurer, David Hedgecockg Secretary Barbara Draughng Vice-President, Brenda Blair Presi ui'- 1 Initiation is fun For some people Civinettes Struggle Through First Year Services to the school, Helping the community to grow, Making goodies for football players, Attending college football games, These are a part of the first year. L to r: Becky Yarborough, President, Margaret Rees, Historian, Brenda Blair, Vice-President, Debbie Lawson, Reporterg Debbie Shelton, Treasurer, Cindy Haney, Secretary, Barbara Draughn, Chaplain, Marta Smith, Sergeant-at-arms, Brenda Gilliland, Project Chairmang Mrs. Anne Hill, Advisor. Civinettes initiate new members. First row, l to r: Kaye Steelman, Bonnie Cox, Janice Mashburn, Adonna Lanier, Debbie Yarborough, Debbie Vuncannon, Lorna Chambers, Debbie Hinkle. Second row, l to r: Vickie Ellington, Cynthia Blackwell, Paula Kiser, Jean Thomas, Lucille Melton, Daneal Widner, Helen Flowe. Third row, l to r: Cathy Farabee, Marilyn Lloyd, Ann Deaton, Janice Wright, Judy Davis, Donna Lambeth, Charlotte Dunbar, Becky Ferguson, Linda Weaver, Susan Sparks, Sandra Palmer, Amy Hicks, Pat White, Beverly Snider. Jr. Civitans Initiate Eleven Wi' 7: QL' V.-.,1.,w 7 ' 'i' A, - fi 51-3- .,ff,1, if 'wzaefffzt 'Pf:""m. 'uw f ' N M. A. .L mf, ,,,,?, , wwf-1' ,, Y 4 'MG . fzfa "M fWi'Qf'W"5-'f:s.z"" 9i'i.lff"a.'f"if2.ff ml' A "tiifl3"riLitrw..'... W' f Lk L to ri Barry Snider, Tommy Ratledge, Billy Horn, Keith Carter, Chris lfarlowe, Danny Nunn, David Hedgecock, Johnny Smith, David Dinglcr, Skip McLamb, Keith Smith, Ralph Modlin, Steve Armcntrout, Chris Staley, Larry Davidson, Curt Kiser, Phil "Civitan boys bob for tomatoes at initiation" Whitesell. Kneeling: Gary Meredith, Donald Snider, Roger Jackson, Doug Lassiter, Joe Ridge, Larry Cowan, Tommy McRae, Ricky Zachary. L to r: Clark Coltrane, President, John Ellington, Secretary- Treasurer, Randy Johnson, Vice-President, Jerry Stout, Sergeant- at-armsg Tom Rees, Chaplaing Mr. Bill Guy, Advisor. Building good citizenship, Training youth in good fellowship, Helping the community and school with their achievements. F.T.A. Aids Teachers First row, 1 to r: Emily Snider, Libby Hudspeth, Brenda Tucker, Bel1,Janice Luck Lynn Dildme Randy Johnson Third row lto r Vickie Skeen, Karen Brower. Second row, l to r: Debbie Yar- Janice Cox Lynn Bodenheimer Barbara Draughn Ann Deaton borough, Marta Smith, Lucille Melton, Brenda Skeen, Becky Ricky Zachary Randall Chandler Tommy Ratledge Teaching is . . . Counseling and guiding Imparting knowledge Giving sympathetic understanding Challenging and Inspiring as - First row, I to r: Tony Yarborough, Treasurerg Adonna Lanier, Secretaryg Debbie Lawson, Presidentg Becky Yarborough, Vice-Presidentg Amy Hicks, Re- porter. Second row, l to r: Miss Bonnie Jackson, Mrs. Sue Harris, Advisors. E' r 'WS' F.H.A. Prepares Young Homemakers Promotes a growing appreciation ofjoys and satisfaction of homemaking, Good home life, Promotes international good will, To encourage democracy in home and community life, To further interests in home economics. Future Homemakers of America Advisor, Mrs. Ruth Causey. First row, l to r: Kaye Deaton, Vice-President, Barbara Rees, Treasurer, Brenda Skeen, De- votional Chairmang Susan Chil- ton, Historiang Debbie Vun- cannon, Reporter and Council Representative. Second row, l to r: Susan Sparks, President: Janet Kestler, Pianist, Pat White, Parlimentariang Karen Brower, Secretary, lean Ross, Song Leader. First row, l to r: Emily Snider, Vickie Skeen, Linda Hudspeth, Candy Smith, Brenda Smith, Cathy Morrow, Deana Stout, Lynn Dildine. Second row, 1 to r: Clara Cox, Toni Yarborough, Brenda Tucker, Karen Grayson, Rita Dunbar, Joan Garner, Marsha Brower, Rhonda Hunt, Libby Hudspeth, Rhonda Hunt. Third row, 1 to r: Margaret Parrish, Vickie Johnson, Linda Stout, Becky Bell, Libby Carter, Janice Fraizcr, Jane Carter, Susan Mitchell, Sandra Shelar, Jo Ann Moran. Fourth row, l to r: Janice Luck, Suzanne Bundy, Susan Sechrest, Susan Hoffncr, Marilyn McClay, Barbara Coltrane, Linda Proctor, Debbie McGee, Carolyn Walker, Joy Bell. Monogram Club Promotes Sportsmanship nAVl5'f'r,1i First row, 1 to r: Miss Kay Yow, Advisor, To stimulate interest in programs, To promote recreational participation and accomplishment, To contribute to the ideals of health Monogram Club members partici- pate in fund raising projects. Jerry Stout, President, Randy Johnson, Vice-President, Debbie Shelton, Secre- tary, Mr. Tommy Younts, Advisor, Clark Coltrane, Reporter, Ricky Zachary, Treasurer. M s 2 -W First row, l to r: Brenda Gilliland, Lorna Chambers, John Ellington, Randle Chandler, Gary Meredith, Helen Flowe, Donna Bundy, Vickie Ellington, Larry Davidson, Tommy McRae, Jimmy Shackle- ford, Kay Steelman, Janet Kestler. Second row, l to r: Becky Yarbrough, Margaret Rees, Jean Thomas, Donald Snider, Ronald Johnson, Steve Barnes, Curt Kiser, Larry Cowan, Johnny Smith, Roger Skeen, Chris Farlowe, Barbara Draughn, Sue Redding, Cindy Haney. Third row, l to r: Jeff Brewer, Danny Nunn, Billy Horne, Gary Thayer, Winston Moody, Dean Taylor, Joe Ridge, Ronnie Prevatte, Skip McLamb, Debbie Lawson, Keith Carter, Tom Rees. Library Club Provides Valuable Aid interested in their school and library, learning the way of doing, helping the school, student body, and faculty, learning more about the position of books. HOUGHTX TO I l 3 First row, 1 to r: Sue Routh, Presi dentg Deborah Phillips, Reporter Linda Byrd, Reporter. Second row 1 to r: Miss Kay Yow, Advisor Debbie Lawson, Vice-Presidentg Bar bara Coltrane, Secretary, Tim Mor- ton, Treasurer. u , - l First row, l to r: Linda Hudspeth, Toni Yarbrough, Brenda Tucker, Bonnie Cox, Janice Cox. Second row,l to r: Lucille Melton, Lynn Peters, Roy Meredith, Chris Mor- ton. Third row, l to r: Clifford Ashburn, Phillip Quesenberry, Keith Smith. f,,5,,M A L Y-Teens Serve the Community First row, l to r: Susan Sparks, Daneal Widner, Marsha Brower, Maria Hughes, Vickie Skeen, Kathy Morrow, Debbie Vuncannon, Second row,l to rz Susan Chilton, Jane Carter, Becky Bell, Cynthia McSwain, Shannon Skeen, Linda Stout, Brenda Skeen, Deana To grow as a person To grow in friendship with people of all races Religion, Nationalities To grow in the knowledge and love of God. Carter, First row, 1 to r: Patterson, Burton, Campbell, Boone, Moran,Vestal, Modlin, Smith. Second row, l to r: Haney, Johnson, James, Kersey, Mitchell, Gray, Rinehardt, Whittington, Adams. Third row, l to r: Hill, McDowell, Peoples, Parrish, Flowe, Byers, 52 Stout, Joan Garner, Teresa Marsh, Karen Brower. Third row, l to r: Susan Mitchell, Barbara Rees, Margaret Parrish, Nettie McNabb, Fonda Tuttle, Rebecca Huffman, Linda Proctor, Marilyn McClay, Janet Kestler, Cindy Mickey. L to r: Linda Proctor, Freshman President, Maria Hughes, Sophmore President, Sandy Mitchell, Eighth Grade President, Doreen Chambers, Seventh Grade President. Sheland, Brown, Vuncannon, Ramsom. Fourth row, l to r: Younts, Farabee, Rees, Ellington, Horne, Tysinger, Aikins, Embler, Wilson, Adcock, Fifth row, l to r: Chambers, Phillips, Barnes, Oliver, Luck, Vuncannon, Asburn, Swift, Grant, Johnson, Pegram, Tally. Hi-Y Meets for Recreation we Q.. First row, l to r: Jerry Stout, Randy Johnson. Second row, l to r: l to r: Tommy Ratledge, Jimmy Shackleford, David Hedgecock Curt Kiser, Roger Skcen, Larry Cowan. Third row, l to r: Phil Billy Horne. Whitesell, Skip McLamb, Jeff Brewer, Johnny Smith. Fourth row, High School Y.M.C.A. Friendship Adventure Recreations Inspiration Standards of Christian Character. L to r: Mr. Lewis Hill, Advisor, Doug Lassiter, Secretary-Treasurerg Ricky Zachary, Presidentg Terry Byers, Vice-Presidentg John Ellington, Chaplaing Clark Coltrane, Inter-Club-Council Representative. 53 Senior Glee Club Mingled voices Programs to prepare Solos to perfect Practice, practice Always improving Expressing themselves through song First row, lto r: Lorna Chambers, Secre- tary, Jean Thomas, Reporter, Linda Stout, Treasurer, Deana Stout, Reporter, Mr. Bill Marlowe, Director, Second row, l to r: Marta Smith, Pianist, Curt Kiser, Secretary, Amy Hicks, Vice-President, Warren Jones, Pianist, Carolyn Jones, Librarian, Jerry Stout, President, Debbie Smith, Librarian, David Hicks, Treasurer. First row, l to r: Dale Morgan, Bruce Sechrest, Ronnie Prevatte, Jeff Younts, Danny Pegram, Judy Taylor, Debbie Vuncannon, Deborah Yarborough, Lynn Bodenheimer, Emma Ferree. Second row, l to r: Johnny Davis, Cornell Dennis, Doug Cecil, Eddie Moss, Mike Garner, Tim Morton, Donna Bundy, Vickie Ellington, Becky Bell, Janet Kestler, Kaye Deaton, Candy Smith. Back row, 1 to r: Dillard Cox, Odell Hudspeth, Steve Barnes, Gene Routh, Dean Taylor, Gary Hill, Linda Proctor, Judy Davis, Elaine Thomas, Rhonda Hunt, Margaret ParriSh. Marching Band and Majorettes halftime shows to perform routines to learn parades to participate in Band Days to attend Front to back: First row, l to r: Smith, Jones, Auman, McNabb Lloyd, Mann, Carter. Second row, l to r: Shackelford, Brown, Huffman, Thompson, Robertson, Hill. Third row, 1 to r: Huffman Hudson, Royals, Adams, Johnson, Shipwash. Fourth row, l to r Warren, Farlowe, Brown, Johnson, Honeycutt, Smith, Vuncannon, Tuttle. Fifth row, 1 to r: Younts, Harb, Hutchens, Cruthis, Hooks Saunders. Sixth row, l to r: Modlin, Parish, Thompson, Tuttle Cowan, Oldam. Seventh row, l to r: Thompson, Cable, Cox, Daniels Dezern, Sink. Eighth row, 1 to ri Auman, Younts, Grant, Lambeth Madden, Staley, Briles. Sandra Palmer Margaret Parrish Susan Sparks Janice Helms Marta Smith 55 l Concert Band Concerts to perform Outside programs for the community Programs for the students and faculty L to r: Leon Auman, President, Carolyn Jones, Librariang Marilyn Lloyd, Treasurer, David Harb, Secretary, Janice Helms, Reporterg Marta Smith, Vice-President. Mr. T. W. Marlowe, Director. David Harb, Drum Major First row, 1 to rt Margaret Parrish, Nancy Grant, Sandra Palmer, Staley, Carson Hill, Ricky Robertson, Rodney Shipwash, Randy David Harb. Second row, l to ri Debbie Honeycutt, Cathy Cable, Dczern, Craig Oldham, Keith Johnson, Craig Saunders, Sandra Gary Royals, Mark Thompson, Cathy Hutchens, Nettie McNabb, Voncannon. Fourth row, l to r: Debbie Smith, Kathy Adams, Becky Huffman. Third row, l to r: Keith Carter, Mike Tuttle, Chris Susan Sparks, Mike Daniels, Larry Hooks, Larry Cowan. 56 Dance Band ""' 5 il ,X 1, s Q f as S S F' First row, l to r: Gary John- son, Ronnie Brown, Leon Auman, Tom Rees, Randy Harb, Buddie Parrish, Warren Jones. Second row, l to ri Randy Dezern, Carson Hill, Ricky Robertson, Rodney Shipwash, Chris Staley, Mike Tuttle, Keith Carter. Third row, l to r: Larry Cowan Mike Briles Kenneth Thompson, Jeff Younts, Mark Thompson, Donald Cruthis, Tim Hu ffman. .sa PM My . K .N "Q" First row, l to r: Debbie Madden, Ronnie Brown, Marta Smith, Jimmy Shaekleford, Sammy Hudson, Kenneth Thompson, Jeff Donna Lambeth, Janice Cox, Fonda Tuttle. Second row, l to r: Younts, Mark Thompson, Donald Cruthis, Dale Brown, Tim Randy Harb, Buddy Parrish, Gary Johnson, Marilyn Lloyd, Joe Huffman. Fourth row, l to r: Mike Sink, Mike Briles. Mann, Leon Auman, Janice Helms. Third row, l to r: Warren Jones, 57 ALN-JA-HI Staff Struggles hard work, organizing the materials, typing the materials, proofreading and typing it again Mrs. Hallie Myers, Advisor L to r: Barbara Draughn, Editor, Tom Rees, Editor. L to r: Linda Byrd, Donna Bundy, Typistsg David Hedgecock, L to r: Eppiei Snider, Business Manager, Keith Carter, Business Photographer Knot picturedj. Manager. 58 to Meet Deadline . . . Q-.NN-.K i L to r: Helen Flowe, Club Editor, Vickie Ellington, Club Editor, John Ellington, Feature Editor, Brenda Blair, lfeature Editor. L to r: Ricky Zachary, Sport Editorg Debbie Lawson, Sport Editor, Clark Coltrane, Sport Editor. First roW,l to r: Jane Borland, Primary Editorg Sue Routli, Primary Editor, Ann Hill, Elementary Editor. Second row, l to r: Sue Redding, Primary Editorg Brenda Carter, Elementary Editorg Tim Huffman, Elementary Editor. fx -YU' ,ai Lto r: Tommy McRae, Circulation Managerg Lucille Melton, Circulation Manager. l i Striving for the Best Yearbook Yet hard Work, organizing the pictures, typing it up, making mistakes K, M., I First row, l to rx Brenda Gilliland, Junior Class Editor, Marta Smith, Senior Class Editor. Second row, l to r: Bonnie Moran, Junior Class Editor, Janice Helms, Senior Class Editor. Third row, l to r: Randy Johnson, Junior Class Editor, Clifford Ashburn, Senior Class Editor. L to r: Roy Meredith, Darryl Causey, Ralph Modlin, Tom Rees, Photographers. Pye Seated: L to r: Vickie Gill, Freshman Editor, Susan Yarborough, Freshman Class Editor. Standing: Dean Taylor, Freshman Class Editor, Rebecca Hucks, Sophomore Class Editor, Danny Nunn, Sophonore Class Editorg Talmadge Dunbar, Sophomore Class Editor. Science Club Promotes Science Fair r,a K A " '4'A Ws"W ' "WT'A7fl -Q . , N V W' ye learn the use of equipment, assist teachers in the classrooms, I hard work, fun and parties YW L to r: Clark Coltrane, Sergeant-at-Arms, Chris Farlowe, ICC Rep- resentativeg Chris Staley, Secretary-Treasurer, Mr. Donald, Advisorg Larry Bodenheimer, Vice-President, John Ellington, President. N, xxx! tl Q an -:sex First row, l to ri Roger Potter, Steve Lassiter, Mike Tuggle, Johnson, Tommy Ratledge, Mickey Mull. Third row, l to r: David Danny Pegram, Dale Macon, Roy Meredith. Second row, l to r: Joe Hedgecock, Darryl Causey, Ricky Zachary, Jeff Brewer, Phillip Lassiter, Michael Potter, Jimmy Shackleford, Bill Coltrane, David Quesenberry, David Dingler. 61 Hi-Lights Staff Displays Unprecedented newspaper work responsibilities knowledge and experience in journalism production enjoyed by the students L to r: Janice Helms, Assistant Editor, David Harb, Editor. Fistfi Keith Carter City Editor were Sims Mrs. Barbara Cooper, Advisor. J X 'fu Seated, Lanier, Proofreader. Second row, l to r: Steelman, Proof- reader, Ross, Club Editor, Adams, Art Editor, L to r: Rees, Business Manager, Bundy, Circulation Manager, Ashburn, Circulation. Manager. Excellence Typist, First row: Ann Hill. Second row, l to ri Claudia McKinney Jewel Nelson. Third row, l to r: Jane Borland, Sue Routh. ? E YOU! SKOQYMMW mr EAM! KWWW L to r: Pat White, News Editorg Phil Whitsell, Sports Editor. L to r: Sue Redding and Keith Carter, Feature Editors. wx 75? First row, 1 to r: Debbie Bundy, Glenda Mills, Brenda Gilliland. Second row, 1 to r: Larry Cowan, Susan Yarborough, Becky Bell, Marsha BfOWg1',DgbbiC Mann, Third row, 1 to rj Warren Jones, Rebecca l-lucks, Lynn Peters, Karen Brower, Margaret Parrish. 63 Service is . . . A lunch each day, A ride to school And homc again Tidy classrooms And other things Too often unnoticed And taken for granted 64 Pathways to Assistance hot meals, a friendly smile Cafeteria Personnel and Custodians a clean and neat school, ,i.m.r,w ee L. f-m.w..:.ez ,frm all contribute to better our school's atmosphere . W . Q 2. . Q "e ll iz ri' rwll A lll,,el,ll llllr I , W1 Mrs. Ruby Clifton Cafeteria Manager rr 5. . i AK 2 Q ., A ' . rl gf'-',,ll'5lf f . ' 4, ' 'f - if if -ff" f"2:.,. ,w,fQ ' 2 'zz' , of 6 ,W ffjgg , 1, ' , we ' 2c-- -i f t ., .' L 31.1. -.H ' 1 H , y 7 . A '7 4 31 5. 3 L to r: Mrs. Georgie Pope, Mrs. Esther Spencer, Mrs. Donnie Harris, Mrs. Elizabeth Counsler, Mrs. Myrtle Boyles, and Mrs. Lena Kearns. A 4 M Mrs. Shelly Welborn . A Z Q 3, 1 1 ' L to r: Mr. Gail Miller, Mr. Frank Myers, Mr. Bill Gibson, Mr. David Blankenbecker Custodians. 66 y -4 . W f 5 ffijw X 'J l wig f A, I 'lf 1 wi X'-,milf 1 ,,,, , W V! ,twig 1, 1 iii ZW .i nj'M.1",,4,,, 'L or Bus Drivers and Guidance Assistants a big orange bus, laughing children, absentee slips, all a part of everyday happening L to r: Jeff Bundy, Vice-President, Gene Routh, Secretary- Treasurcrg Bruce Sechrest, President, Mike Tuttle, Reporter. pmwswmwwlksszs mswwwwi.. ,KM K is First row, 1 to r: Sue Routh, Roy Meredith, Don Hendricks, Jeff Echols, Philip Quesenberry, Debbie Smith, David Hicks, Rebecca Brewer, Chris Staley, Jean Thomas. Second row, l to r: Gary Hucks, and Ernestine Barns. i. First row, l to r: Kaye Dcaton, Joanne Moran, Lorna Chambers. Second row, l to r: Glenda Mills, Fonda Tuttle, Pat White, Tim Huff- man, and Debbie Shelton, Guidance Assistants. 67 Pathways to Forcver struggling, Improving through practice Striving for thc second breath, Games for thc fit, Cheers for thc successful . . . And the unsuccessful . . . On the road to competition 68 "'f 4 'i' y n 1 .Q - K. iv -- - 34 L ,A t- f' 411. ' , ' .-,-1, i A Competition X - w'4gnx,, 3 ' 'ku An '8..N"E"AA."lf-'-ff , s 1, . - ,A J., . . , . .4 ' f . - , 'Nl'4'ff22,4! if 11.4 .', -. . ' '-'H--H' ,,. an -J V . - 1 P. f ' x 1 , .Ax -. 1 .ivfak .-1923:-'-' , lv'- K ,. , . C. J N 2 . in -, 4 5, Q' y v y . . 'K The Football Team Finishes 7-2-1 Season The 1967 Allen Jay football campaign was, as usual, very success- ful! Coach Younts and Coach Wallace led the flying Jaybirds to a 7-2-1 season. The team scored over 30 points six times during the season. The squad consisted of 10 seniors, 8juniors, 5 sopho- mores, and 4 freshmen. Jaybird mentors Mr. Ronnie Wallace and Mr. Tommy Younts ponder over the problem of another team out to get the Jaybirds. First row, l to r: Johnny Smith, Ronnie Prevatte, Steve Barnes, Gary Meredith, Jerry Whitfield, Randle Chandler, Winston Moody, Randy Johnson, Mike Coltrane, Donald Snider. Always ready with equipment when needed was manager Billy Horn. There was fine team spirit on this year'S team. Each member of the team contributed his share in the team effort that is so character- istic of Allen Jay football teams. Coaches Mr. Younts and Mr. Wallace should be commended for the time and effort they gave to make the season a success. 1 Second row, 1 to r: Ricky Zachary, Skipper McLamb, Keith Smith, Gene Redding, Mike Johnson, Jeff Brewer, Chris Farlow, Joe Ridge, Tom Rees. 'Q Asif' C0-Captain Jerry Stout repeated as all-conference halfback. Third row, 1 to r: Jerry Stout, Tommy McRae, Danny Nunn, Curtis Freeman, Gary Thayer, David Dingler, John Ellington, Clark Coltrane. Co-Captain Randy Johnson was honorable mention all-conference haltback. Fired-up team ready for another half of Jaybird action. .4fe,y4' Senior tackle Tommy McRae gets Senior guard Clark Coltrane shows Senior tackle Rick Zachary blocked ready for action. his form in becoming all- his way to all-conference tackle. conference guard, Senior quarterback John Ellington Senior end Danny Nunn was tough Senior end Tom Recs goes high to Sophomore fullback Gary Merc- is set to throw the bomb. with the ball in his hands. make a spectacular grab. dith romped and stomped to all- conference recognition. 72 Junior guard Johnny Smith was tough in the center of that line. , , I , 3 ff V X :S 9 X , 7 70' f , ' 4 . ,W .a gggizfiwff x V k . ,A 'if Y . ' H f.--lm, . ,a ff J f f . 1. 95 0 Q - My ,flak-5,i,."t 4 J g ,Q Q ie ,, 51. ' -. .- ' f ' il ! " .+. - ' 'fi -e -'iezg.Jf ' .- ' 2 If A me 'MW mf . 45,,-Q 1+ '53 " ,i f - , 7' . .345 1 'P ,vs 'Q :ra f if ucv'-4 W. .4577 ,, in 1 . , "'5:ff '7T 1"f-9, A' " x 5 Junior quarterback Skip MeLamb demonstrates his throwing ability. Senior guard Ronnie Prevatte braces himself against the pass rush. Junior center Joe Ridge was even meaner than this at times. X Senior tackle Randle Chandler gets ready to mash an opponent. Junior center Chris Farlow prepares to center the ball. 73 Ten Seniors Pace the J-Birds Tom McRae clears the way for Gary Meredith. Junior guard Jeff Brewer was al- ways ready for action. Fourteen Meet the Challenge . . . "Our team is G-R-E-A-Ta'-So goes the cheer, andso goes hard work and determination, the lassies came out on top with the season of the Allen Jay lassies. The year began slow for Allen Jay's girls. However, through "You,re not getting this ball!" a tie for first place in the conference. Miss Kay Yow, Allen Jay'S very successful coach led the team to another Winning season. Co-captain Barbara Drauglm COITI' Co-captain Debbie Lawson was this billed ball hillldllllg and good ShOOt- yeafg leading febgundef, ing. 74 A Quitter Never Wins, and A cooperative spirit, Long practices, Determination plus skill, Crippled Jaybirds, Progressing with time, Yet flying high for success. Barbara Draughn holds the ball out of the reach of an aggressive opponent. 76 Vickie Ellington showed a great deal of hustle and determination throughout the season. Guard Helen Flowe usually got the tough defensive assignments, Guard Jean Thomas begins the fast break with a pin-point pass. r 9 i Rover Ann Deaton aims for two. Forward Donna Bundy lays it up for two. Betty Carroll used her outstanding ability, both on offense and defense. 77 i A Winner Never Quits Two All-Conference One Honorable Mention Five graduate Forward Debbie Bundy watches the flight of the ball towards the basket. A.J. s Short but Fiery Cagers . . . was composed of four seniors, six juniors, one sophomore, and one freshman. Coach Bill Guy checks his line-up in preparation for the Jaybirds next opponent. The Jaybird cagers scrapped hard on the court this year. The team Billy Horn took care of the managing chores for this yeafs club. .... Q 3.92177-1':wt 77737: 77.-7 . 77A7'fw:gg:Sif7.,g17.Sfi. 7 7 17, 7,-72I-yew?Q51-37f2'g737.. 77572 E.-,N7.Li7i7T5r9H'-':71 ,717 " . 11 77-i1g:ls:?1 777.. -7 77 1 ', 7.5 7-53115--7Q7':7 , ' 7 71 7 .7j'7T'7:..iz7fY:: if-f7.!"7 -' E7Tl55iiT?3l7'i'V5' Si717f",.71' lT'1Fi1Fi1:iNFs3lsi7?3W'Y'wiQW'iZ2i7:7 M,7777..77fW77773,.77u,.,7r7777,7,.7,sr,7,:i3,,,771. .77.777777777717777777-777 ..., 777---ei-77e277m777777277.W7-f 57 Sew. 7777724777 17 7177 7 977577777571 73757751777-gs--. sf'17-77777777777-77.777 77577777 517 751"2ww .y77.7ff7771777f7777 717,17 371723222777-ff::'L777 721177772 ew-121 77 we 'W' Me' SM 1v7'W' 7 97 32735 W . 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Second row, L to R: John Ellington, Jerry Stout, Clark Coltrane, Gary Johnson, Gary Thayer, Danny Nunn, Doug Lassiter. Does anyone happen to know the name of the blonde sitting in the third row of the balcony? . . . Prove Themselves on the Hard work, Ability and hustle, Good team spirit, Willingness to sacrifice, A few Suicides, The end of the season. Skip McLamb demonstrates that magnetic attraction of his. Senior forward Clark Coltrane goes high on the boards to tally two! Senior center Danny Nunn was an All- Conference honorable mention selection. 80 Hardwood Senior forward Jerry Stout agrees that two is better than one. Senior guard John Ellington shows the fine shooting form that won him a spot on the All-Conference team. Junior guard Skip MeLamb shoots his patented jumper. Freshman Gary Thayer goes high to cap- ture a rebound. Spirit is the Key. Seven who return, One A11-Conference, One Honorable Mention, A good J.V. team, Four who graduate, Wait until next year! bww What is it that everybody is looking at? 81 J.V. Football and Little League First row, l to r: Mike Thompson, Kim Jarrett, Ronnie McBride, Dean Sechrest. Third row, l to r: BillyH0me, Gary Hill, Carson Darryl Causey, Stephen Hillard, Joel Lockhart, Ricky Stevenson. Hill, Larry Hooks, Keith Osborne, Steve Aementrout, Donald Second row,l to r: Steve Burton, Henry Stevenson, Allen Robbins, Cruthis, Rodney Shipwash, Coach Lewis Hill, inset. Ralph Modlin, Mark Thompson, Dickie Nunn, Norman Kennedy, First row, 1 to r: Mike Skeen, Mikey Kiser, Ricky Lawson, Mike heimer,Jerry Landreth, Danny Phillips, Jack Reynolds. Third row, Wright, Keith Dillion, David Thompson, Mike Brown. Second row, l to r: Glenn Jacobs, Mike Daniels, Allan Yarborough, Allan l to r: David Farlow, Eddie Garrett, Randy Ferree, David Boden- Borland, Charlie Mills, Gregg Jarrett, Rocky Greer. 82 Junior Varsity Basketball First row, 1 to r: Debbie Madden, Barbara Rees, Sandra Shelar. Debbie Bames, Sue Bundy, Debbie Ellington, Linda Stout, Coach Second row, l to r: Connie Gray, Brenda Skeen, Rhonda Hunt, Pat Chinn. First row,lto r: Mark Thompson and Mike Sink, managers. Second Morton, Larry Hooks, Johnny Davis, Rodney Shipwash, Butch row, l to r: Mike Coltrane, Sonny Gill, Cornell Dennis, Tim Moran, Ricky Robertson, Jerry Whitfield, Coach Lewis Hill. 83 Track - The Desire to Excel Track is a sport in which much individual effort is necessary. In order to possess a winning team, each participant must take it upon himself to practice regularly. Allen Jay's track teams always have much school spirit and determination. First row, l to r: Nettie McNabb, Lynn Dildine, Janice Cox, Becky Bell, Marsha Brower, Shannon Skeen, Susan Sparks. Second row, l to r: Candy Smith, Carolyn Walker, Sandra Shelar, Jo Ann Moran, Brenda Skeen, Linda Stout, Kay Deaton, Barbara Rees. Third row, l to r: Maria Hughes, Barbara TWO Allen JW lassies get ready Draughn, Debbie Lawson, Judy Davis, Ann Deaton, Linda Proctor, Deana Stout, Miss Kay Yow, fm the gun' Coach, inset. Donald Snider and Ronnie Johnson race for the finish. First row, 1 to r: Phil Whitesell, Doug Lassiter, Randy Johnson, Gary Meredith, Donald Snider. Second row, 1 to r: Danny Nunn, Ronald Johnson, Darryl Causey, David Hedgecock, John Ellington, Steve Barnes, Mr. Bill Guy, Coach, inset. 84 Golf Team Compiles "Good" Record First row, l to r: Jerry Southern, Jimmy Shackleford, Mike Tuggle. Second row, l to r: Barry Snyder, Jerry Hutchens, Tim Huffman, Keith Carter, Coach Tom Younts, inset. Volleyball Team ,, .. if ies- Q ,- Ky 7 . First roW,l to r: Joy Bell, Diane Ledford, Janice Luck, Sandra Shelar, Lynn Dildinc, Candy Smith, Libby Hedgepcth. Second row, l to r: Clara Cox, Debbie McGee, Janice Cox, limma Fcrree, Mariea Hughes, Marsha Brower, Nettie McNabb, Charlotte Dunbar. Third row, l to ri Brenda Skeen, Barbara Rees, Sue Bundy, Mary Foster, Elaine Thomas, Linda Stout, Becky Huffman, Becky Bell, Coach Kay Yow, insct. 85 l 5 ,I Shack watches the flight of the ball down the fairway. i i Barbara Rees returns the serve. Baseball 1968 . . . The 1968 baseball team, under the leadership of Mr. Hill, their new coach, worked hard this year. Good sportsmanship and skill helped the J aybirds along. Managing the baseball team, Billy Horne was quite dependable. Coach Lewis Hill looks over his lineup for the game. First row, l to r: Gary Meredith, Winston Moody, Dale Allen, Keith Carter, Ricky Zachary, Jerry Stout, Clark Coltrane, Roger Curtis Kiser, Larry Cowan, Randy Johnson, Chris Morton, Randle Skeen, Ronnie Prevatte, John Ellington. Chandler. Second row, l to r: Larry Davidson, Johnny Smith, 86 The Spring Sport Last year's leading hitter, Randy Johnson, was selected as team captain this year. i, ? ,v The runner is out and there are big grins all around. MN YV I, 'AFX 5 fx , F 98 , ' . " I .' 'f riaf, - f ,rar . ' ' ' M " , ,, A 'J J ,H ,ff W V .V ,pa fi. ' ' , W, 'F , V 7 az- ., ' me i 1 "Kg ' Wg,.- Lf F , V. V5 .. V W X N i e,,V.i.f, LM .vw . M M, K' " Y t V Q- r L.. 87 Everyone lines up for a cut at the ball. The boys are playing basehit, one of their favorite games. These are the boys that led the Jaybird team in 1968. Most of the boys had played two or three years before this year. Spirit was great and hopes were high as the boys began the season. Rightfielder Ricky Zachary carries a big stick for the Jaybirds. in . re., , . WM. -Q , 4.55 -. V - . sg f, 2 M V. was . 'A' K gi nf A r f' ' . fx 4 jk-ML ' if 4- Q1 in fu 'K P .gf W5 r J it it ts sy-t rl Q 1 ..., M , .' . . if5'xf4Af5f5'?"ff , v f . . x , - .i f S N , - A ... r. . .ti .A ,, Pitcher Gary Meredith eyes the plate while in the wind-up. Shortstop Jerry Stout is capable with both glove and bat. Centerfielder John Ellinton takes a cut at the ball. 88 'f "e. ,,,-.6ixUf"q' ' """4WGs..., MXN Q . M it-lfiff .. '- '.fN1 -mem... Third baseman Clark Coltrane is set to rifle one across the diamond. Catcher Ronnie Prevatte gets set to hold the runner on first. Hustle, Desire, Determination Catcher Winston Moody eyes the mound in preparation for the pitch, First baseman Keith Carter was a hard swinger at the plate. 3 4? M ' ' I , , -4 . A ' ,h,, WW, 7 A Q97 ' L V- A p ' A ,K W- " w ma, W ' 5- A, V ,,w,Mv- V 4 at A uf ,y , - , M , r ,L Mm ew t f?M'f t eww . ff ,f - 'M A . e, ' V 1,n.i ' , , 5 ,,,, ., , t me , ,, W V MW' V V M WM L? Mr, H , W xx V, - Everyone tries to stay loose before the ball game. --me is Pitcher Larry Davidson could always Second baseman Roger Skeen Demon- be counted on foragood performance. strates the stance that made him a feared hitter. 89 At h I eti c s Whafg up Coaches! Actually I never seriously considered ballet. What was that? 1 don,t know! Something fast! Q l 90 a S E Q i in Review Q xx Ns Tm X xx Wait a minute! Two is company and three is a crowd. is Well, there's at least one volunteer! 91 ould someone point me toward the first green? Always there with the cheers were these Jaybird lassies. Their hard work and loyalty always managed to glow through the darkness of an occasional upset of the Jaybirds. We, the student body, hope that next years group will be as great as this year's. Chief Cheerleader, Senior, Debbie Shelton Co-Chief, Senior, Sue Redding Junior, Margaret Rees 2 'E f' J Z3 , mm 5 J: :M 2 J! fix if i Q i , Qzfiggimgif MH 14 t :Wm H a Milam , if 5, ' X Q m H Senior, Brenda Gilliand 92 Junior, Cindy Haney Sophomore, Janet Kestler Enthusiasm is Sparked by Cheerleaders L to r: Lorna Chambers, Becky Yarbrough, Janet Kestler, Sue Redding, Debbie Shelton Cheerleader Advisor, Mrs. Mildred Hussey Cindy Haney, Margaret Rees, Brenda Gilliand, Kay Steelman. V f 324523, 'V ,V gxjj y , s. amy? Junior, Kay Sleelman Junior, Becky Yarbrough Junior, Lorna Chambers 93 Pathways to Study, Hard work, Concentration Real effort These ale the progressing minds Of the channel to enlightenment 94 Fellowship Seniors-The Class of 1968 Ambitious and dignified Seniors Striving for improvement in our . . . Everyday lives Making preparations for the future SENIOR CLASS OFFICERS First row: Barbara Draughn, Presidentg Debbie Shelton, Vice- Keith Carter, Presidentg Randy Johnson, Vice-President, Jerry Presidentg Sue Redding, Seeretaryg Vickie McSwain, Treasurerg Stout, Seeretaryg Tommy McRae, Treasurerg David Hedgeeoek Eppie Snider, Reporterg Brenda Blair, Representative. Second row: Reporterg Tommy Ratledge, Representative. fr YQ, ,, , , , y N , , , f,fF kufukuyr, my ,X Aw nf ti V , ,I af, , Q I , I , I W W! " , ' ' 6 4, QW , , f '. ' - J , , A , H frwuffgf ,I t -Q W I My V K W an A A W-, .A I w , 4 aff M. if 4 96 Vickie Adcock Cliff Ashburn Leon Auman Earnestine Barnes 1-S L.. Cynthia Blackwell Brenda Blair 97 1968: A Year of. . . VICKIE ADCOCK F.B.L.A., 3,4g C.0.0., 4 CLIFF ASHBURN Senior Editor, Aln-Ja- Hi Staff, 4, Circulation Manager, Hi- Lites Staff, 4, Superlative, 4, Audio- Visual Club, 2, Library Club, 4, J.V. Football, 2 LEON AUMAN Band, 1,2,3,4, President, Dance Band, l,2,3,4,Super1ative, 4gJ.V. Football, 2, Golf Team, 3,4 EARNESTINE BARNES Bus Driver, 3 Sub. Driver, 4, F.B.L.A., 3,4, Track, 2, Basketball Manager 2,3, J.V. Basketball, 1,2,F.H.A.,1,2,C.0.0., 4 CYNTHIA BLACKWELL F.B.L.A., 4, Y-Teens, l,2,C.0.0., 4, F.H.A., lg Junior Civinettes, 3,4 BRENDA BLAIR Feature Editor, Aln- Ja-Hi Staff, 4, Student Council, 3,43 Junior-Senior Banquet Toastmistress, 3, Band, 1, Secretary-Treasurer, 2, Vice- President, 33 Home Economics Award, 2, Superlative, 4, Majorette 2,3, Marshal, 3, Beta Club, 3, Vice-President, 4, Miss Aln-Ja-Hi Third Runner-up, 4, Class Presi- dent, l,3, Class Secretary, 2, Y-Teens, 1, Reporter, 2, President, Youth Council, 3, Junior Civinettes, Vice-President, 4, F.H.A., l, Reporter, 2, Treasurer, All County Band, 2 x Class Decisions . . . Jane Borland Billy Bundy With cute smiles and big dimples, MARK OLPIHANT a.nd CINDY DRIGGERS won the hearts of the Seniors and became the 1968 Mascots. 98 WW? 1 ff 4, fa , ,W 4 W , 1 Z 'V 4 if az? ,f Q 4 e it Z x , f G I A ,f Ai Aw 5 , i ' ...... ' , .,.., 2--"QA . . as llll it . ,Ad Donna Bundy Jeff Bundy JANE BORLAND Primary Editor, .Ain- Ja-Hi Staff, 4g Superlative, 4, F.B.L.A., 3,4g Representative 4g Class Vice- President, 2g Y-Teens, 2g Interclub Coun- cil Representative, 4 BILLY BUNDY Circulation Manager, Hi- Lites Staff, 4, Student Council, lg Audio- Visual Club, 2,3g Home Room Represen- tative 1 DONNA BUNDY F.B.L.A., 3,4g Track, 1,2,3,4g Varsity Basketball, 2,3,4g Glee Club, l,2,4g Librarian, 2, Monogram Club, 3,4g F.T.A., 2 JEFF BUNDY Bus Driver, 3,4g F.B.L.A., 4 Outstanding Performance . . . LINDA BYRD Aln-Ja-Hi Staff, Typist, 4, Hi-Lites Staff, Typist, 4, Salesman ship Award, 3, F.B.L.A., 3, Library Club, Reporter, 4, Class Secretary, 3, Y-Teens, 2 BRENDA CARTER Aln-Ja-I-li Staff, Ele- mentary Class Editor, 4, Hi-Lites Staff, Proof Reader, 2, F.B.L.A., 3,4, Y-Teens, 1, J.V. Basketball, l,2, F.H.A., l KEITH CARTER Aln-Ja-Hi Staff, Busi- ness 8a Advertising Manager, 4, Hi-Lites Staff, Feature Editor, 4, Banquet Com- mittee, 3, Band, l,2,3,4, Dance Band, l,2,3,4, All-County Band, 2,3,4, Super- lative, 4, Homecoming Escort, 3,4, Mar- shal, 3, Junior Civitan Club, 3,4, Varsity Linda Byrd Basketball, 3, J.V. Basketball, 2, Base- ball, 2,3, Golf Team, 3,4, Beta Club, 3, President, 4, City Editor, 4, Monogram Club, 2,3,4, History Award, 3, Class President, l,4, Class Vice-President, 2 RANDLE CHANDLER Track, 1, Base- ball, 3, Glee Club, 4, Monogram Club, 3, 4, Varsity Football, 3,4, J.V. Football, 1,2 With their initiative, drive, and great second effort which makes them invaluable to our teams, is it any wonder that DEBBIE LAWSON and JERRY STOUT are noted for being MOST ATHLETIC of our senior class. 'RSP Q K . L .sag . t g dXI.." Brenda Carter Keith Carter Randle Chandler 99 Living a Full Life . . . CLARK COLTRANE Aln-Ja-Hi Staff, Sports Editor, 4g Student Council, House 8.2 Grounds Committee, 3,4g Junior 84 Senior Banquet Toastmaster, 3, Banquet Committee, 3, Superlative, 4g Homecom- ing Escort, 2, Junior Civitan Club, 3, President, 4g Hi-Y Club, 3,4, Varsity Basketball, 3,45 Baseball, l,2,3,4g Science 50559 Childress Club, Sergeant-at-Arms, 4g Monogram Club, 1,2,3, Reporter, 4, Varsity Foot- ball, 3,4g J.V. Football, lg Mr. Aln-Ja-Hi Second Runner-up, 4g Class President, 3g Interclub Council Representative, 4 DILLARD COX Track, 2,34 C.0.0., 4, PAULA DAVIS F.B.L.A., 4g C.0.0., 4 Possessing all the qualities which our senior class think are admirable in a well-rounded student has enabled BARBARA DRAUGHN and RANDY JOHNSON to be chosen BEST-ALL-ROUND. t iires R Clark Coltrane Dillard Cox MN . f: w y s ii' " Www f s? ftfififiilf' ' lf Paula Davis as AW Barbara Draughn Talrnadge Dunbar Being 0ne's Self . . . ls The Winsome manners of VICKIE MCSWAIN and CLIFF ASHBURN entitles them to the honor of being called MOST COURTEOUS of our senior class. BARBARA DRAUGHN Editor, Aln-Ja- Hi, 4g Student Council, 1,2,3,4, Girls' State Representative, 3, Banquet Com- mittee, 3, Magazine Champ, Salesman- ship Award, 3, Superlative, 4, Homecom- ing Attendant, 2, Queen, 4, Marshal, 3., Track, 2,3,4, Varsity Basketball, l,2, co- captain, 3,4, All-Conference Basketball, 3, Beta Club, 3, Secretary, 4, Monogram Club, 1,2, Secretary, 3,4, Miss Aln-Ja-Hi, John Ellington Vickie Ellington 101 Second Runner-up, 4, Class President, 2, 4, Class Vice-President, 1, Y-Teens, l,2, President, 1, Interelub Council Represen- tative, 3, l".T.A., Secretary, 3,4,-F.H.A., 1,2, Parliamentarian, 1, Secretary, 2, Junior Civinettes, Chaplain, 4, Youth Council, 3 TALMADGE DUNBAR Aln-Ja-Hi, Soph- omore Class-Editor, 4, F.B.L.A. Club, 4, Class Secretary-Treasurer, 1 A JOHN IQLLINGTON Aln-Ja-Hi Staff, Fea- ture Editor, 4, Student Council, Class Representative, 1, Program Committee, 4, Boyis State Representative, 3, Ad Champ, 4, Homecoming Escort, 11 Sales- manship Award, 4: Marshal, 3, Junior Civitan Club, 3, Secretary-Treasurer, 4, Track, 3,4, Hi-Y Club, 2,3,4, Chaplain, 4, Varsity Basketball, 2,3,4, Baseball, 1,2,3, 4, Beta Club, 3,43 Audip-Visual Club, 2, 3, Monogram Club, 1,2,3,4, Varsity Foot- ball, 2,3,4, J.V. Football, 1, Mr. Aln-Ja- Hi, 4, Class Vice-President, 3 VICKIE ELLINGTON Aln-Ja-Hi Staff, Club Editor, 4, Salesmanship Award, 3, F.B.L.A., 3,Traek, l,2,3, Varsity Basket- ball, 2,3,4, J.V. Basketball 1, Monogram Club, 2,3,4, Y-Teens, 1,2, F.l-l.A., l,2, Junior Civinettes, 4 ........-qv- Accepting Responsibility . . . Cathy Farabee Helen Flowe 5 j K 1, K 1 is t- 4 ' L N , x W -A. ie Because they have shown themselves to be responsible and also capable of tackling many situations, LUCILLE MELTON and TOMMY McRAE were elected MOST DEPENDABLE. 102 Syble Galloway Vicki Gill CATHY FARABEE Junior Civinettes, 3, 43 F.H.A., 1,2g F.B.L.A., 3,4g Glee Club, 15 Y-Teens, 1,2, C.0.0., 4 HELEN FLOWE Aln-Ja-I-Ii Staff, Club Editor, 4, Substitute Bus Driver, 3, Track, 1,2,3,4g Varsity Basketball, 3,4g J.V. Basketball, 1,2g Monogram Club, 3, 4, F.H.A., 1,2g Y-Teens, 1 SYBLE GALLOWAY Bus Driver, 3g F.B.L.A., 4, C.0.0., 4 VICKI GlLL Freshman Class Editor, Aln- Ja-Hi Staff, 4g F.T.A., 2g F.l-l.A., 1 Resourcefulness BRENDA GILLILAND Aln-Ja-Hi Staff, Junio ship Treas r Class Editor, 4, Student Council, Secretary-Treasurer, 4, Banquet l,2,3, Committee, 3, Cheerleader, 4, Salesman- Award, 3, Ii.B.L.A., 3, Secretary- urer, 4, Librarian, 1,2,3, Monogram Club, 4, Library Club, 1,2,3, Class Treasurer, -Teens, 1,2, Junior Civinettes, 4, J.V. Basketball, 1, C.0.0., 4, F.H.A., 1 4 K 2, Y BEC 3, G. Yout 1,De tary , DAV 4, Miss Aln-Ja-Hi, First Runner-up, I GOINS High Point Central, l,2, A.A., 1,2, J.C.L., 1, Y-Teens, 1,2,3, h Volunteer, 2, General Office Staff, an's Office Staff, 1, Student Secre- 3, C.0.0., 4 I D HEDGECOCK Aln-Ja-Hi Staff, Photographic Staff, 4, Hi-Lites Staff, 2, Student Council, 1,3, President, 4, Super- lative, 4, Homecoming Escort, 4, Marshal, 3, Junior Civitan Club, 3,4g Glee Club, 1, Beta Club, 3, Treasurer, 4, Audio- Visual Club, 2, Secretary-Treasurer, 3,4, N.F.L., 3,4, Class Representative, 2, Class Reporter, 4 JANICE HELMS Aln-Ja-Hi Staff, Senior Class Editor, 4, Hi-Lites Staff, Assistant Editor, 4, Band, 1,2,3, Reporter, 4, Majorettc, 3, F.B.L.A., 3, F.H.A., l,2, All County Band, l,2,3,4, All State Band, 3, Y-Teens, 1 Brenda Gilliland l Becki Goins Acclaimed for their outstanding abilities to lead their classmates, EPPIE SNIDER and KEITH CARTER have proven themselves worthy ofthe title BEST LEADERS of the Class of '68, David Hedgecock 103 hu., .41 Janice Helms Success . . . DAVID HICKS I-Ii4Lites Staff, 3, Bus Driver, 2,3,4g Track, 25 Hi-Y Club, 35 Glce Club, 3,4, Treasurer, 4, W.O.W. Award, 35 Monogram Club, 3, Mr. Aln- .Ia-I-Ii Third Runner-up, 4 ANN HILL Aln-Ja-Ili Staff, Elementary Class Editor, 45 Hi-Lites Staff, Typist, 4, Guidance Office Assistance, 3 REBECCA HUCKS Aln-Ja-Hi Staff, Ele- mentary Class Editor, 4, Hi-Lites Staff, Reporter and Art Committee, 1,2,3,4g Student Council, Class Representative, I5 Banquet Committee, Invitation Commit- tee, 35Bus Driver, 3g Substitute Driver, 45 Superlative, 45 F.B.L.A., Project Com- mittee, 3, Vice-President, 4, Librarian, 2,35 Library Club, 2,35 F.I-I.A., l,2g C.0.0., 4 ODIZLL I-IUDSPETH If.B.L.A., 4, Glec Club, 4 As they have proven throughout their high school careers, SUE REDDING and TOM REES are MOST LIKELY TO SUCCEED in any career they choose. Ann Hill Rebeca Hucks in Odell Hudspeth The Senior Play . . . Use of their imaginations to produce elever and witty creations and ideas are obvious traits of MOST ORIGINAL Rl BLCCA HUCKS and TONY MQNEILL. TIM HUFFMAN Aln-Ja-Hi Staff, Elemen- tary Editor, 43 Band, l,2,3,43 Danee Driver, 33 Guidance Assistance, 43 Golf Team, 3,4Q Homecoming liseort, 4 ROGICR JACKSON Aln-Ja-Hi Staff, Ju- nior liditor, 43 Junior Civitan Club, 4, J.V. lfootball, 1 RANDY JOHNSON Aln-Ja-Hi Staff, Ju- nior liditor, 43 Student Council, 2,3, Pro- gram Committee: Banquet Committee 43 Superlative, 4, Salesmanship Award, 33 Junior Civitan Club, 2,3, Viee-President 43 Traek, l,2,3: Hi-Y Club, 2,3,4g Base- ball, 2,3, Captain, 43 Glce Club, 13 Mono- gram Club, 2,3. Vice-President, 43 Var- sity lfootball, 2,3, Captain, 4g J.V. Ifoot- ball, l: Mr., lfirst Runner-up a a 43 Class Viee-President, 4, Class Reporter 2 RONALD JOIINSON If,B.L.A., 43Traek l,2,3,43 Hi-Y Club, 3g Glee Club, 33 Monogram. Club, 2,3,43 Varsity lfoot- ball, 3: J.V. Ifootball, 2 1 1 wr Band, 3,43 All County Band, 3,43 Bus Wit and Wisdom . . . 44 Debbie Lawson Lucille Melton .aw-qgghv The blessings of a qulck smile and an abundant sense of humor were two of the chief reasons for the senior class voting JANE BORLAND and TOM RATLEDGE, DEBBIE LAWSON Aln-Ja-Hi Staff, Sport Editor, 4, Student Council, 2,3,4, Banquet Committee, 3, Superlative, 4, Homecoming Attendant, 3, Track, 1,2,3, 4, All-Conference Basketball, 3, Librarian, 1,4, Monogram Club, 1,2,3,4, Library Club, 1,4,ViCe-President, F.T.A., 3, Vice- President, 4, President, Junior Civinet- tes, Reporter, 4, F.H,A., 1, Student Council Representative, 3, Y-Teens, 1 LUCILLE MELTON Aln-Ja-l-li Staff, Cir 106 Bonnie Moran Claudia McKinney culation Manager, 4, Student Council, 2, Bullentin Board Committee, 4, Senior Representative, Banquet Committee, 3, Magazine Champ, 3, Superlative, 4, Li- brarian, 2,3,4, Library Club, Secretary, 2,3,4, Class Secretary, 3, Y-Teens, 1,2, F.T.A., 4, Junior Civinettes, 4 BONNIE MORAN Aln-Ja-Hi Staff, Junior Class Editor, 4, Banquet Committee, 3, Bus Driver, 3, Superlative, 4, Homecom- ing Attendant, 1, Track, 1, Librarian, 1, 2,3, Class Representative, 1, Y-Teens, 1, J.V. Basketball, 1 CLAUDIA McKlNNEY Salesmanship Award, 3, F.H.A., 1,2, Hi-Lites Staff, Typist, 4, F.B.L.A., 3,4, Glee Club, 1, Class Secretary-Treasurer, 1, Y-Teens, 1,2 Enthusiastic Support . . . TONY MCNILILL, F.B.L.A., 4, VarSity Basketball, 3g Baseball, l,2g Monogram Club, 2,3,4: Class Secretary-Treasurer, l TOMMY MQRAE Ain-Ja-Hi Staff, Cir- culation Manager, 4, Superlative, 4g .lu- nior Civitan Club, 2,3,4, Sergeant-at-Arms, 3g Track, l,2,3g Monogram Club, 2,3,4g Varsity Football, 2,3,4g J.V. Football, lg Class Secretary-Treasurer, 23 Class Trea- surer, 4 VICKIE MCSWAIN Superlative, 4g F.B.L.A., 3,4g Historian, 3, Treasurer, 4g Class Treasurer, 1,43 F.H.A., lg C.0.0., 45 Y-Teens, Treasurer, 1 Tony McNeill To support our teams with cheers and enthusiasm is the main goal of MOST SCHOOL- SPIRITED, DEBBIE SHELTON and RICK ZACHARY. Tommy McRae Vickie McSwain Dewitt Nelson 107 Vivacious Charm . . . JEWEL NELSON Hi-Lites Staff, 4, Ban- quet Committee, 3, Salesmanship Award, 3, F.B.L.A., 3, Y-Teens, 2 DANNY NUNN Aln-Ja-Hi Staff, Sopho- more Class Editor, 4, Student Council, Class Representative, lg Junior Civitan Club, 3,4g Varsity Basketball, 3,4, Mono- gram Club, 2,3,4, J.V. Football, lg Class Representative, lg Track, 3 RONNIE PREVATE Baseball, 2,33 Glee Club, 2,3,4g Monogram Club, 2,3,4g Var- sity Football, 4, J.V. Football, l TOM RATLEDGE Student Council, 3,4, Jewel Nelson Danny Nunn Band, l,2g Dance Band, 1,23 Superlative, 4, Junior Civitan Club, 4, F.B.L.A., 4, Hi-Y Club, Chaplain, 3,4g Student Council Representative, 3,4g Science Club, 2,3,4g Class Representative, 45 Golf, 3,4 Being well-known among their classmates seems to present a problem to MOST POPULAR, BONNIE MORAN and CLARK COLTRANE. Ronnie Prevatte Tommy Ratledge Akssuhi Sue Redding P -fs. P Tom Rees Effort . . . it Marked aehievments in the broad sphere of scholarship has compelled our selection of BRENDA BLAIR and DAVID HEDGECOCK as MOST STUDIOUS of our class. SUE REDDING Aln-Ja-Hi Staff, 4, Pri- mary Editor, Hi-Lites Staff, Feature Iiditor, 4, Student Council, l,2,3g Ad Champ, 4, Magazine Champ, 3, Banquet Committee, 33 Cheerleader, 3, Co-Chief, Randy Rodden Sue Routh 109 43 Bus Driver, 2,33 Superlative, 43 Sales- manship, 3,41 I7.B.L.A., 3, President, 4: Track, l,2g Monogram Club, 3,43 Class Secretary, 4: Y-Teens, lg J.V. Basketball, l,2g F.H.A., l, Vice-President, 21C.0.0., 4 TOM RIZILS Editor, Aln-Ja-Hi Staff, 4, Chief Photographer, 2,3,4g Student Coun- cil, l,2, Homeroom Representative, 31 Boys' State Representative, 3, Magazine Champ, 31 Band, l,2,3,41 Dance Band, l,2,3,4g Superlative, 4, Chief Marshal, 3, Junior Civitan Club, 2, Secretary, 3, Chaplain, 4, Beta Club, 3, District Presi- dent, 4g Debating, 3,41 Audio-Visual Club, 3, N.F.L., 3, Vice-President, 4g W.O.W. Award, 4, Monogram Club, 3,4g J.V. Football, l,2g Varsity Football, 3,43 Class President, lg Class Vice-President, 23 Youth Council Representative, Com- mittee Chairman, 4 RANDY RODDLN Class President, l SUE ROUTH Aln-Ja-Hi Staff, Primary Class Editor, 4, Hi-Lites Staff, Typist, 4, Salesmanship Award, 3, I-'.B.L.A., 3,43 Librarian, 3,43 Library Club, 3,4g Presi- dent, 4g F.H.A.,l Expression . . . Debbie Shelton Marta Smith Combining their musical talents with their ability to co-operate with their classmates has enabled MARTA SMITH and LEON AUMAN to earn the title MOST TALENTED. DEBBIE SHELTON Student Council, 2, Class Representative, 3, Vice-President, 4, Banquet Committee, 3, Cheerleader, 2,3, Head, 4, Superlative, 4, Homecoming Attendant, 4, Monogram Club, 2,3, Secre- tary, 4, Class Vice-President, 3,4, Y- Teens, I, Interclub Council Representa- tive, 2, Guidance Assistant, 2,3,4, Junior Civinettes, 4 MARTA SMITH Aln-.Ia-Hi Staff, Senior Editor, 4, Social Committee, Student Council, 1,2,3, Band, 1,2, President, 3, Vice-President, 4, Superlative, 4, Majorette, 1,2,3, Head, 4, Marshal, 3, Glee Club, Pianist, 4, Beta Club, 3,4, N.F.L., 2, Class Reporter, l,2, Y-Teens, I, .Iunior Civinettes, Sergeant-at-Arms, 4, Youth Council, Committee Chairman, 2,3,4, F.H.A., President, 1, Song Leader, 2, F.T.A., 4, All County Band, 1,2,3,4 EPPIE SNIDER Aln-.Ia-Hi Staff, Business and Advertising Manager, 4, Student Council, 2,3,4, Girls' State Representa- tive, 3, Banquet Committee, 3, D.A.R., 4, Superlative, 4, Marshal, 3, Glee Club, Treasurer, 1, Beta Club, 3,4, Debating 110 Eppie Snider J erry.Stout Team, 3,4, Librarian, 3, N.F.L., Reporter, 2,3, President, 4, Library Club, 3, Class Reporter, 3,4, F.H.A., Program Chair- man, 1,2, Youth Council Committee Chairman, 4 JERRY STOUT Student Council, House 8a Grounds Committee, Interclub Council, 1,2,3, Superlative, 4, Junior Civitan Club, 2,3, Sergeant-at-Arms, 4, Hi-Y Club, 3,4, Varsity Basketball, 3,4, Baseball, l,2,4, Glee Club, 2,3, President, 4, Monogram Club, 2,3, President, 4, Varsity Football, 2,3, Captain 4, J.V. Football, l, Class Representative, 1, Class Secretary- Treasurer, 3, Class Treasurer, 4, Class Reporter, 2, All-Conference Football, 3,4 . . . And the End of the Beginning DEAN TAYLOR Aln-Ja-Hi Staff, 'Fresh- man Editor, 43 Track, 3,43 Hi-Y, 3,43 Glee Club, 43 Monogram Club, 3,4 WAYNE WHLBORN F.B.L.A., 43C.O.O., 4 SUSAN YARBOROUGH Aln-Ja-Hi, 4, Typistg Hi-Lites Staff, Fashion Editor, 2, Typist, 3, High School Club Editor, 43 Banquet Committee, 33 Library Club, Reporter, 33 Y-Teens, 13 F.lI.A., 1,23 F.B.L.A., Project Committee, 3, Project, Chairman, 43 Librarian, 3 RICKY ZACHARY Aln-Ja-Hi Staff, Sports Editor, 43 Student Council, 1,2,3, 43 Banquet Committee, 33 Superlative, 43 Junior Civitan Club, 23 Treasurer, 3,43 Hi-Y 3,4, Presidentg Baseball, 1,2,3,4, Audio-Visual Club, 43 Monogram Club, 2,3,Treasurer,43J.V. Football, 1,23 Class President, 13 lnterclub Council Represen- tative, 3 Dean Taylor SUE REDDING and JOHN ELLINGTON Ad Champs Wayne Welborn Susan Yarborough Ricky Zachary 111 Juniors - The Class of 1969 . . . JUNIOR CLASS OFFICERS Seated, l to r: Skip MeLamb, Secretary, Lorna Chambers, Vice- Presidentg Becky Yarborough, President, Debbie Yarborough, Room Representativeg and Janice Mashburn, Secretary. Standing, l to r: Johnny Smith, President, Doug Lassiter, Reporter, Amy i'Jol1y, jolly Juniors" The thrill of a first prom Pride in a new classring Hieksg Treasurer, Pat White, Reporter, Phil Whitesell, Vice- Presidentg Chris Staley, Treasurer, and Gene Redding, Room Representative. Dale Allen M Z I n e Steve Armentrout Larry Bodenheimer Sales . . . an '21 'W' A ' Lynn BOdClll1C1ITlGI 1 Mfw Debbie Bundy 2 iw , JeffBreWer i , r v 'P I WM Si sf Terry Byers Betty Carroll aulmw Danny Carter V, 'B Lorna Chambers Billy Coltrane Mike Corn W 5 1, Larry Cowan Bonnie Cox Gene Cox "K-ff 113 -'Q Larry Davidson David Dingler Chris Farlow Jerry Gray Drew Haney Judy Davis David Duke Becky Ferguson Sammy Halsey David Harb Ann Deaton Charlotte Dunbar Emma Ferree Cindy Haney Don Hendricks Class Rings, at last! . . . Amy Hicks Debbie Hinkle 1 14 Tests H Galore Debbie Mann Janice Mashburn iyq: 1- V WH Gary McCloud Social Ronnie Meredith n I u n Roy Meredith Miekey Mull Skip McLamb Sandra Palmer Ronald Perry Debbie Phillips Phillip Qucsenberry Gene Redding Ray Ridgeway Bruce Sechrest Mike Potter Margaret Rees Joe Ridge Gone Routh Don Shelor X 'We' YN.. ...Y 116 41 WWW mms- ! I an a W W 2 Roger Skeen Beverly Snider Chris Staley David Trotter Pat White Debbie Smith Barry Snyder Kay Steelman Mike Tuttle Phil Whitesell Johnny Smith Jerry Southard Jean Thomas Linda Weaver Janice Wright "My Country . . . " . . .and Our Nation's History W 117 Sophomores - The Class of 1970 . . . Promotion up the ladder Of their high school career Frustrations of studying Algebra II and Biology SOPHOMORE CLASS OFFICERS First row, l to r: Susan Sparks, President, Ralph Modlin, President, Second row, l to r: Carol Beane, Treasurer, Darryl Causey, Keith Smith, Vice-President, Brenda George, Vice-Presidentg Jimmy Reporterg Michael Garner, Representative, Glenda Mills, Reporterg Shackelford, Secretary-Treasurer, Daneal Widener, Secretary. Steve Barnes, Representative, Joan Garner, Representative. 118 if' ww.. uf if Charles Childress Barbara Coltrane Janice Cox Donald Cruthis "New members received a ba- nana flavored welcome by the Junior Civitansf' Fun Imtlatlons Kathy Adams Stephen Barnes Carol Beane Marsha Brower Steve Burton Brenda Calloway Teresa Cansler Terry Cansler Jackie Carico Libby Carter Blair Candle Darryl Causey 'Nr' -er'-gp tw'-1 Larry Doss Gary Echols Elmer Farlow Dean Fergerson Doris Ferree Joan Garner Michael Garner Brenda George Robert Gill Patricia Hardwick "Showing progress through standardized tests," Larry Hooks Sammy Hudson X3 Carol Hardy Barry Helsabeck Norma Hicks Gary Hill Henry Hill Susan Hoffner fs s s is it sso 4 sss X me Biology Offers Opportunities for Research as rxgager me ' fie- o si 1 R -ff-43 , Q Viii: s WWW? K Es WV. -fa N .An tr ..- we X cnt VM-Q Rebecca Huffman Mariea Hughes Shari Humphreys Rhonda Hunt Kim Jarrett Debbie Johnson ' M - "Exploring the Microscopic World" umm 'RN iff? if x gr x 5 QQ l ,rl . E px ' .P eu t a W ..r.r K i Randy Johnson Steven Kennedy Janet Kestler Alvis Lee Dale Macon Teresa Marsh Gary Meredith Cindy Mickey Glenda Mills Ralph Modlin Young Students with Growing Minds . . . aff mu- . 5 Winston Moody Kathy Morrow Chris Morton Tim Morton Debra Myers James MeBr1de 4 J ,,.,i M , if i io J J J 1 s x NN. 5 I fi 3 ' ' . . v, Q 4 if Xi J Hlngenuity makes clothing class come alive" Marilyn McC1ay Nettie McNabb Cynthia McSwain Eddie Osborne Keith Osborne Jimmy Overman Jane Pegram Lynn Peters Stephen Plummer Carol Quesenberry EQ? Kay Reynolds Jean Ross Susan Seehrest Jimmy Shaekleford Shannon Skeen Brenda Smith Keith Smith Donald Snider Virginia Snow Susan Sparks x XM 'R QW" eg , L' 'ffwjg Q, QL. .ii 5 . , . ii i X Xi ls S5 x Mi' 5? Sophomore boys gain valuable experience as a part of the J.V. basketball team. Judy Taylor Fonda Tuttle Glenda Tyndall Debbie Vuneannon Daneal Widener Kathy Wright 123 r'-Q i q Freshman - The Class of 1971 . . . l Green, but eager to learn Being the "little kids" Anxious to be upperclassmen First Row, 1 to r: Barbara Rees, Jim Freeman, President. Second Brower, Treasurerg Randall Myers, Room Representative. Fifth Row: Deana Stout, Robert Pipkin, Vice President. Third Row: Row: Brenda Skeen, Room Representative, Linda Proctor, Home Kaye Deaton, Ricky Stevenson, Secretary. Fourth Row: Karen Room Representative. Sixth Row: Linda Stout, Reporter. E es if l Q . kg .2 K , X riyt X 2 ' , r mm many ... Q :L . S 'Q ii 'iii , ,X 124 . em.: LhA x lm in R1 .za Q,- e .. . 9 Kenneth Atkins Becky Bell Joy Bell Mike Briles Karen Brower Dale Brown Suzanne Bundy Jane Carter Doug Cecil Susan Chilton Adjusting to High School Curriculum Tony Cline Mike Cochrane Mike Coltrane Della Comer Clara Cox Johnny Davis Kaye Deaton Cornell Dennis Jerry Dennis Randy Dezern Lynn Dildine Rita Dunbar Awakening to Responsibility U . A K b -gif 11 iz, Q .STL ,E we , 7: A 4 eve , Q is L S' . re, Freshmen entering the 2 fi M , ., Q-Ii'5: 5:EQ:5: X A 5 asixlf i S s-f E' il PPE-:fIs'e':g,: ff . n. n J ' 5 12+ ' John Eller Mary Foster Janice Frazier Jim Freeman X E G, , ff 4 ' ' .5 Terry Gray G my 'I Qui? Karen Grayson doors of a new exciting year. Kenneth Gulledge James Gunter Goldie Hammonds Libby Hedgepeth Carson Hill Timothy Hudgins David Hudspeth Linda Hudspeth New Faces, New Ideas - A New Life . . . ale 1 - as , Sw 3 X QQ X M e ,e QQWQ L Sf' Teresa Hundley Ronda Hunt Mickey Hutchins Gregg Jarrett Vickie Johnson Deran Kearns Melissa Kennedy Steve Lassiter Cecil Ledford Diane Ledford Roy Lindass Janice Luck Joe Mann Susan Mitchell Roger Moore Butch Moran .lo Ann Moran Dale Morgan Eddie Moss Randall Myers Debra McGee Dickie Nunn Buddie Parrish Margaret Parrish Danny Pegram Jerry Phillips Robert Pipkin Roger Potter Linda Proctor Tony Reece Barbara Rees Craig Rich Allen Robbins Ricky Robertson Sandra Shelar Rodney Shipwash Henry Shoun Brenda Skeen Vickie Skeen Candy Smith ' 128 onflict, Confrontationg a Freshman Year rl Emlly Snlder Ricky Stevenson Deana Stout Linda Stout Garry Thayer We-nv Ns- Elaine Thomas ww, Brenda Tucker Mike Tuggle Carolyn Walker Jerry Whitfield Toni Yarbrough Jeff Younts Young people Waiting to walk the corridors Of high school, High hopes for success, Dreaming dreams ofthe future 130 Pathways Towards a Meaning A R kin' .aww , W K ,, .. F Elementary Faculty Mr. Linwood A. Harris, 8th grade, Mr. H. Lewis Hill, 8th grade, Mrs. Betty H. Moebes, 8th grade, Mr. Ronald A. Wallace, 8th grade. Mrs. Louise C. Easter, 7th grade, Mr. James E. Hayes, 7th grade, Mrs. Rachel E. York, 7th grade, Mrs. Delores P. Johnson, 6th grade. Miss Janie R. Lee, 6th grade, Mrs. Linda B. Moody, 6th grade, Mrs. Minnie H. Robertson, 6th grade, Mrs. Rubye G. Bissette, 5th grade. Mrs. Sara R. Blake, 5th grade, Mrs. Juanita S. Early, 5th grade, Mrs. Kay N. Nichols, 5th grade, Mrs. Nancy I. Crissman, 4th grade. Elementary Students enjoy their study in the library with Miss Garmon. . --H135 g vw ,AM-wc ..'iW:::vfQQJ.. sz .l .516 4? 1 4 we V wi W 'waf??'Ww ff J l32 Mrs. Rebecca A. Cox, 4th grade, Miss Vcra Mae Ferrcc, 4th grade. Mrs. Rebecca W. Turnage, 4th grade, Miss Patricia J. Chinn, Special Edu- cation. Mrs. Frances W. Mabe, Public School Music, Miss Helen M. Garmon, Li- brarian. Junior Glee Club and Training Band First Row, 1 to r: Mrs. Frances Mabe, Director, Kathy Stanley, Vickie Whittington, Diane Johnson, Frankie James, Joyce Mast, Joann Hazelwood, Pamela Horn, Debbie McDowell, Kathy Patter- son, Jean Parrish, Susan Byars, Connie Gray, Debbie Rector, Diane HardWick,Doreen Chambers, Debra Phillips, Sharon Stiles, Melaine Oliver, Pam McKinnon, Debra Coltrane, Jo Ellen Hucks, Donree Kearns, Vickie Peeble. Second Row: Patricia Griffin, Sandra Vuncannon, Nancy Grant, Debbie Madden, Jean Creasey, Christy Dunbar, Vickie Robertson, Debbie Ellington, Sandra Mitchell, Rebecca Boone, Debra Kersey, Kay Kersey, Penny Smith, Jill Wright, Carol Moss, Patricia Seay, Diane Stanely, Linda Melton, Wanda Carroll, Pamela Swift, Susan Haney. Third Row: Wanda Beeson, Sherry Vestal, Rebecca Rees, Karen Carter, Debbie Moran, Edna Joe Adcock, Robin Farabee, Susan Farlow, Betsy Modlin, Cynthia Nelson, Shirley Luck, Jody Tysinger, Sandra Ashburn, Debbie Barnes, Pam Talley, Cynthia Embler, Joanna Younts, Karen Pegram, Terri Duncan, Sandra Ransom, Deborah Langston. Fourth Row: Dean Sechrest, David Bodenheimer, Randy Trotter, Gary Royals, James Warren, Glenn Jacobs, Mike Thompson, Donald Jackson, Melvin Cecil, Joanne Adams, Joyce Johnson, Danny Smith, Jerry Landreth, Danny Phillips, Alan Yarborough, Edward Hudspeth, Craig Saunders, Mr. T.W. Marlowe, Director. First Row, l to r: Karen Carter, Debbie Moran, Betsy Modlin, Joanne Younts, Renee Osborne, Pam Tuttle, Christy Dunbar, Connie Wilson, Susan Farlowe. Second Row: Keith Goodwin, Calvin Barker, Eddie Jo Adcock, Kathy Patterson, Debbie Mc- Dowell, Becky Rees, Teressa Landreth, Melissa Caudle, Susan Smith, Pam Sheets, Ellen Gibson. Third Row: Kevin Johnson, Rocky Greer, Brian Cruthis, George Robins, Peggy Tucker, Melvin Aunian, Larry Dailey, David Farlowe, Ricky Madden, Mike Walden, Gail Lassiter, Mary Ann Grant, Pam Tuttle, Kathy Ivey. Fourth Row: Tabb Hall, Lee McDowell, James Warren, Ricky Ingram, David Smith, Kenny Thompson, Rhonda Brown, Jan Pegram, Kim Dezern, Debbie Lee, Mark Smith, Lisa Boyles, Kathy Robertson, Rebecca McNeil. Fifth Row: Charles Shelor, Montey Cox, David Thompson, Ted Cansler. Days Filled with Varied Experiences The elementary classes have varied curriculums and experiences which involve picture taking, physical education, math, and science. iii ,aw ZX 134 ,, ,L f LLL -'sm F - ' s ' L L? lr- S ' as .L L -Us L 'YY- P W I .L Q LL - L, 1 F- 5- Lars: L. s - f P - 1-: .Y 2 f ,L L 4 L A x s f 1 L 4. A L gc Q., is L L. , ' s 5 F ,, A +-, , F s ' e L5 1. S NL i ,L G K L "K me K 1 ' L k "" L ' :le L ' ' fc fL Liz: ea L if uw - , ..kL A it J L 1 2 ' - ,. L ' s 'AVL L .. K- f e . 'L -z: , . L ' L. L , fue A ' L K.., aff - s. - . . L -ft -L -, e- I L - f Q K V4 5 ' , K . K LL "rs.LL'L L-r N. 33522, .L'::.z '- ., - L L L. ff- L as A - 0 .. ' - ?""-4' -it llllivisf Ja -L k ez., A : of '-View its XL? Xe IL Y' L LLL? A . L. at ,LL L . L 1 K :L Ls ' si: P L -, f. ir L at - 1" - 'fe' is My L' r' , 'Y' gr - " 1 swjgtl, '55-PPE 'ig::.,..,,L,- 'Wx 5 :L L f 'T i le ' ' K X LL: A y - L Q si L' S ff 4 We ' L rf . 'Y .L or - L ' ' r L .H LL 1' r ees. Lf 475' so r f L e x 4' s .' ' ' L -- .isa '- ' ee - . ' ' - 0-ffiietileif? f " L V, Lgrq. L. f L , A Q z- ' ' LL . I gf. I igf , , . LL y , 4 vs' 1, e L ' L L L , , . H .,W. , '- L'-.. Q L 1 .-'. - K C - tvs- T Q' 'gg -vf s L 3' . 'K 357 ., t - I Y, 4.1 ,. x x'-v L F15 -- 1 ' is Q -f' sa- - ' 1 s " , M 5 ' lift SSF,-qrgf,ass:jy,L':':L:esg,,r,xx' 1 S . K K .,-k' L X 1 in ' L - " i .'-' 7 :"i:':'Sb'P.w"4e' 1 ' TELVLL: sQs'v5L'iL fi' it? - - sf-K '- -L is as ia LL L-as cg L " L L., WL s L 4 - Q K h -1, s it P LL W es 2 L L f. - :SZi4E2Se5ii'LLefggi2ax1iy,2fa1Q'iErie2 H R . N L. h .L sr, ,ii - ,Q as L L, 'L ,--L - . . A 1 L L - ' L V L ' :te . 1 gl 1 L 'L i. T L' F' LL-- ' f i ? ' " " ' - L L M . " 'ig Lk,,' 1 " - L - -- .- - ies- ',,- ,ga f.g.:,L-f-2z?ee'e5 L .-JZ : 1-'i -. ,,r K , your k", i 'L .zmssfgl , ,E N L',, 1 L' -, , , ,, , K. L . , , L,,,LLLL,L . L. LLLLL, L LLLL . L L H - . we-v L LLLLL Y 5'-r X 331, L z L X I Q' L as '- ,,. E L-, L , L ,L,MQS.QLg,,L,L L ' ' Q f E 'gh t h G ra d e lfirst row: Tommie Adams, Larry Anderson, Sandra Ashbum, Edward Baker, Debbie Barnes, Wanda Bcason, Roger Blankenship, David Bodenheimer, Allen Borland,Graig Brewer. Ronnie Brown, Nancy Burton, Sammy Byers. Second row: Cathy Cable, Denise Carroll, Wanda Carroll, James Cashatt, Melvin Cecil, Janette Chandler, Michael Cline, Debra Coltrane, Betty Creasey, Mike Daniels, Wayne East, Linda Eaton, Debbie Ellington. Third row : Cynthia lfmbler. Joe l-arabee. Laura l-oley, William Galloway, Lawrence Gill. Kathy Gilliland, Robert Goins. Nancy Grant, Barbara Gray, Connie Gray, Pat Griffin, John Halsey, Marcy Haney, Fourth row: Randy Harb, Jerry Harrelson, Joann Hazelwood, Barry Hill, Jerry Hill, Stephen Hilliard, Ronnie Holder, Debra Honeycutt, Connie Hooker, Pamela Home, Jo l-Illen Hucks. Clarence Huffman, Jerry Humphrey. l-'ifth row: Cathy Hutchens, Donald Jackson, Glenn Jacobs, l-'rankie James, Diane Johnson, Gary Johnson, Joyce Johnson, Wesley Johnson, Donree Kearns, Charles Kennedy, Norman Kennedy, 135 Vemon Kennedy, Lirda Kersey. Sixth row: Ray Kersey, David Killian, Jeny Landreth, Debbie Langston, Joel Lockhart, Shirley Luck, Timmy Mabe, Deborah Madden, Debra Marsh, Donna Marsh, Patsy Marshall, Roger Marshall, Joyce Mast. Seventh row: Linda Melton, Calvin Mills, Sandra Mitchell, Debbie Mull, Bobby McCall, Pam McKinnon, Sammy McMahan, Steven Oldham, Melony Oliver. Eighth row: Melaine Pegram, Charles Pendergraph, Douglas Pcrryman, Danny Phillips, Debra Proctor, Sandra Ramson, Deborah Rector, Susan Rinehardt, Gary Royals. Ninth row: Edward Samuel, Darrell Saunders, Brenda Seay, Patricia Seay, Clifford Sechrest, Donnie Simmons, Mike Sink, Danny Smith, Penny Smith. Tenth row: Shirley Smith, Gregory Spencer, Diane Stanley, Katherine Stanley, Pam Swift, Pam Talley, James Thompson, Kenneth Thompson, Mike Thompson. Eleventh row: Ronnie Trexler, Jody Tysinger, Randy Trotter, Lester Upton, Sandra Vuncannon, Ronnie Watkins, Vickie Whittington, Allen Yarborough. Seventh Grade First row: Edna Adcock, Gwendolyn Aikens, Gary Anderson, Melvin-Auman, Robert Barker, Debbie Bams, Randy Baugus, Edith Boone, Terry Breeden, Debbie Brown, Rankin Brown, Cynthia Bmmmett, Viola Brummett. Second row: Susan Byers, Beverly Campbell, Ted Cansler, David Carter, Michael Carter, Karen Carter, Julia Chandler, Doreen Chambers, Charles Cox. Third rowi Tony Dennis, Christy Dunbar, Terri Duncan, Sharon Farabee, Susan Farlow, Donna Flowe, Larry Frazier, David Freeman, Edward Garrett. Fourth row: Dean Goodwin, Susan Haney, Diane Hardiwick, Audrey Hayes, Charles Hazelton, Ricky Hedrick, Connie Hill, Kenneth Hinkle, Charles Hudspeth. Fifth row: Larry Humpherys, William Hutson, Ricky Ingram, Barbara Jacobs, Shelia Johnson, Stanley Johnson, Larry Jones, Deborah Kersey, Bonnie Key. Sixth row: Robbie Kiser, Teresa Knight, Dennis Lack, Patricia Ledford, Aleda Lee, Lequita Lee, Evelyn Lindaas, Tony Mann, Stephen Martin. Seventh row: Debbie McDowell, Deborah Moran, Betsy Modlin, Carol Moss, Cynthia Nelson, Alan Palmer, Norma Parks, Jean Pamsh, Kathy Patterson. Eighth row. Vickie Peebles, Johnny Peters, Debra Phillips, Wanda Phillips, Ricky Proctor, Penny Reece, Rebecca Rees, Jack Reynolds, Thomas Robertson. Ninth row: Victoria Robertson, Sherry Shehan, David Smith, Henry Stevenson, Sharon Stiles, David Thompson, Marshall Thompson. Tenth row: Ernest Upton, Cynthia Vestal, Randall Vestal, Betty Vuncannon, Willard Wagoner, James Waven, Betty Watkins. Eleventh row: Edward Willard, Connie Wilson, Paula Wright, Susan Yates, Roy Yarborough, Joanna Younts. . ..Lr A . Q Q " s ,',, . .,.. , telle , , . '- 1 ..i " '- 'L f --ef . f ": lf fi' ""ls. . fi-si. P i 'ir' ' F- Q ' -' -- ' L 1' i mg' .. 43'-gt it to ' .... 1 M ww .t t k , .,x . 1 ,,.,. , 55 . R, K Q . .5 Ky A ka? Qm h w b ' fl K 'ls E at taiet P ,. ..... .A "'i' R -E ... . ,..,,,..,.,,.,,. . Q r , . - .,f. my K K E E P mi., ,,..., Q Q ffnii 'iik gl' 5 if - Y . ' ' Lg -'-',- ":t:: 'J . -i-i ., , P . 'l'k ' L ili f J J Q, ,- f'- I i . D , ' f ,aa KLVL A N ,,.. 3 ','- V LLLL 5' A QQQQ gi . yhhi I . . 5 " S - I ' 'K ,, M . 2 tatl. I- . - - T ,. 4 i"s i'-li- 5 , if : -.. Q5 ef '.',:- iffkin '- , i .. .. , t ,.,- nl V xi -lsr ,, r We we " zseaa t s R' I ' 'V ...., , .... . , . . 1 . if Q qw? YK x v x, t new-,, - J E . l T - 4 . . E+ .gergf 1 is ,,k' w Q is 1 K, Ei K K. gk ..,: .f,. . . - 5 i emi . - K VX k r . S t V.., . bbqknx 3 N , 'X , ssiii: J P ' sm. .gif . ' ..,, i S - is 'lf td ,V,, , X J ...F er. ..-, X f . . f. .::- . : KDE' at . , E 1 , ', . L ' "': ' " . . VZ . . EAU A A . 43.2 1 Q., . I .rmzigisk ,.. ,,-, I 5.55 - .. K My K .... 6 if wr ls rf, 2221! neg' at . iff? iiii - A f F eelt S a E i 4. -1, e J Q . F '.. 1 !,b??Q,,, f " T , X Q -- t A " ' te' Y ' -:-- .-:.. 5 --'-f-e: S vs .fee s...f, -'ss ' . kfffi' -.',: ,- P 2, , Plli R . S . it 4 R "' S f . ,,'Q pe ..,- . nv VN ,X t L ie , 136 W 1 : faqs ,Q V mqx ", Q : . .'i. f J 4 J. .-:' N. 1 Y - - t - t .... I' - f R t . -ts t 1 , ' ' ' - ' - I x x 3, M, K j I ' f f IQ? " '-, ' ,l i i S .Q ii Ch' 'f1" .t f i :5" W L 3 ll if f J i n .ra 'i , , E i in Km ',:, -':: ' . ' 1 -Q n ia ff "" t "' ' 5' 'ii ' . Q- Ll. " e a t -fest. s , M A Y . in V -,gf-K -M E " .- f S- X gxr 1,364 ,Args we--f K -ski, A 4 , ' 1 L in ss' ex W g g , - R . ,, . s Ei' e Qfb- -0- s t 1 F g S is ts' me fb- she . has P' 1 ' ii 1. ' W I C .1 :L K . . 1 2 " ii- it I ' :? J R R' W 0 to C P P R ""s ,J r, . 31 ' Q . ' ' is X C' r ,qqzuuuuq ki Rig ' ' ki Q.. .'f,'i . -v A K ii' 1 ,- vi Q55 ii I f 3 ' ,. . , 1 ' J Ai t Q- -X "-.. at it J, . -1,- --e . - " . - ,, Q " . sg. X---.f fa, , M' , Q :.. igg . blqb g S . S ,P S ,ie Q ie: 1 ., " vel: E x.. KL st., Q 1. U ,,,- I ,I Z A : ' s 23 . in e " 1 I J-.3957 e es Qflw M Q ,p .e .r t. .th . X 'X WB' ' Sbdh First row: Billy Adams, David Aiken, Keith Auman, Mary Barker, Deborah Bartlett, Terry Beeson, David Bodenheimer, Gary Boone, Lisa Boyles, Danny Branch, Randall Brewer, Garry Brown, Rhonda Brown. Second row: Ada Brummett, Linda Brummett, Donna Buck, Marty Burton, Harold Calloway. Connie Cansler, Melissa Caudle, Robert Cecil, Faye Childress, Jamie Cloud, Cynthia Coltrane, Jimmy Coltrane, Debra Cox. Third row: Douglas Cox, Monroe Cox, Monty Cox, Brian Cruthis, Larry Dailey, Karen Dennis, Kim Dezem, Sharon Driggers, Charles Duckett, Teresa Duke, Tommy Eller, David Farlow, Cynthia Ferguson. Fourth row: Janice Ferguson, Shirley Ferrell, Patsy Foley, Danny Foster, Freddy Franklin, Teresa Freeman, Jan Garner, Teresa George, Ellen Gibson, Frank Gill, Michael Goins, Mary Grant, Melvin Green. Fifth row: Lloyd Griffin, Gary Guffey, Tab Hall, Danny Hankins, Allice Hardiwick, Catherine Harris, Michael Hazelton, Elaine Hedgcpeth, Susan Hedrick, Linda Hilliard, Kathy Hinkle, Terry Hobbs, Vickie Hughes. Sixth row: Charles Hunt, Neil Hunt, Donna Ingram, Kathy Ivey, Joey James, Grade Kevin Johnson, Rita Kennedy, Clinton Kersey, Teresa Landreth, Clyde Lanier, Connie Lassiter, Deborah Lee, Paul Leonard. Seventh row: Robert Lowder, Willy Lowder, Rickie Madden, Edward Marsh, Patsy Miller, Ray Mitchell, Susan Morgan, Howard McDowell, Ruby McDowell, Teresa McDowell, Rebecca McNeil, Brenda Osbome, Renee Osbome. Eighth row: Jeff Over-man, John 0'Shields, Nona Parks, Jan Pegram, Kathleen Packett, Connie Prevatte, Rhonda Ransom, Derek Reavis, Ruth Reynolds, Paula Rich, George Robbins. Ninth row: Terri Rogers, Kathy Robertson, Patricia Robertson, Joe Shehan, Mike Shipiwash, Stephen Skeen, Pamela Sheets, Charles Shelar, Debrah Smith, Mark Smith, Susan Smith. Tenth row: Dail Stanley, Jim Stanley, Cheryl Stout, Tim Suits, Peggy Tucker, Pamela Tuttle, Pamela Tuttle, Sherri Tuttle, Michael Waldon, Thomas Walker, Virginia Wall. Eleventh row: Kathy Walton, Archie Watkins, Janice Welch, Barbara White, Debra Whitfield, Tim Wiley, Danny Wilson, Edwin Wright. Fifth Grade First row: Rita Auman, Keith Baker, Karen Bartlett, Tammy Baugus, Blackwell, Terry Blackwell, David Blankenship, Cheryl Bowman, Brown, Kim Bundy, Raymond Carico. Second row: Mike Carroll, Cecil, Karen Clark, Candace Coltrane, Gregg Coltrane, Susan Coltrane, Craven, David Dildine, Keith Dillion, Kay Dunbar, Donna Dunlap. anice Fisher Pattie Boggs Diane Boyd Dyson, Carolyn East, Danny East, Dennis Edmonds, Randy Ferree, J Fletcher, Doris Floyd, Shelby Foley, Ricky Gammons, Keith Gibson, Rose Goins Goodwin. Fourth row: Teresa Grcar, Wayne Grubb, Mike Gulledge, Joe Haney, , Teresa , Debra Cause Michael Co Third row: Susan y, Lou x, Tina Randy , Chuek , Kathy Hardison, Barry Harkcy, Karen Hayes, Annette Hazelwood, Randy Hazelwood, Hilliard, Jimmy Hinson, Wanda Holder, Jimmy Hoover. Fifth row: Chris Ingram, Jacobs, Regina James, Debra Johnson, Gail Johnson, Len Johnson, Ricky Ke Ronnie Key, Jeff Kirkman, Michael Kiser, Tony Land, Donnie Langston, Teressa L Lagray Teresa Debra nnedy , assite r. Sixth row: Ricky Lawson, Roger Lockhart, Jeffery Mabe, Toni Madden, Drucilla Marlowe, Randy Martin, Dana Marotta, Janet Marshall, Mary Marshall, Vickie Moran Freddie Morgan. Seventh row: John Morgan, Sherrie Morton, Sue Myers, Barry McCall, Deborah McCall, Winfred McDowell, Tanya McLamb, Glenda McMahan, Ricky MeMahan, Wilma McMahan, Annette Nance. Eighth row: Reva Oldham, Patricia O'Shields, Dennis Palmer, David Pegram, Ronnie Perry, Kim Phillips, Nathan Poore, David Potts, Drema Reavis, Wanda Reddick, Cathy Rees. Ninth row: Terri Ridge, Jan Rinehardt, Rhonda Robbins, Ruth Ann Robertson, Abigail Samuel, Dwayne Saunders, Kay Sheharn, Debra Shelar, Tommy Shelar. Tenth row: Tony Sheperd, Mike Skeen, Terry Sloane, Ronald Smith, Gary Snow, Barry Spencer, Karen Stanley, Gwyn Suits, Sherri Surrett. Eleventh row: Craig Thomas, Yvonne Vestal, Joel Warren, Karen Weaver, Merle Welborn, Bonnie Wilson, Ginger Workman, Diane Wright, Jerry Younts. qgiq t ,.,,,, t. H - , lg 2 ,. 4- . t . "W f I SM: it" V ? . Y, -f . .A '- t - ,' D- ian K - -Q ' A E " 1 B- X15 ' . X - .. Q 'i" 5' I ' . '- 5 , iwig 'M' :fe f 1239 wk ,. ,x .,.,,. . , . . ., , f , '-'L' t- :" 'f Q ' frt . , N 'ir - 'rf . ' , , t ,N stss 1 t ,Q , e - -, .. tea .,. . - ' . " . , , .,.- s gk 1, .5 - . .K -.kek bl M M iff. f 1 . Q X .,. , R , N 4 Ei i has ' X ' :":i it ,.,. , F t .R . X . Q 6 N ,l,stff,g:, -t We VX W K I All-, K, X VSQNQA a -, , 5 V ., it . .. Q4 "iii , K -Mi . Q F Q nf K ,- 3 - f, I :- fr. 'h w 1: Q Q , . 1 ' " 5 ' S e at Rf ,,.. si -1 G X S S sk 'afar 3 ,ss'fiff Sfs., f rase C ff K f "" 5 ,. J f-i ' " ' 5 ' - ' R 1 X ' X , 2 1-'EA-g ' A '. as ,. . ' 6 . 3 Mk 5 fixgxfial - f 1 ' f 2-gif 22252293- , ,, : . -f ii 5 -1 K QS- i -.i.' '23 fs ., 4. . F .. 3 .. xaffiiii ge t Q1, i s X 5' C L 'Q ' -l s . Rilwtrirliiiii ' ' t 1 i ' if 'fi ' K ' ::. A ' A L e- ' , , .' 3 I ,I . - 'i 7 -Q ' "if I .g ' ,Q g ,S N , i H, Y? ,Q , . A ig, . ' a- .W i i':.i . , I ' i" ,S ' B Q '- ' 'is' . ' . --,, t t K . '-,' :" t R X '- '- ' e ' A . ezz: 3 . 1 swf .. , 1 -f if. . as-A .f , 'S 1 fa au' as R a of 1 LLL J t, , ' r J 3-133. 312- ' 1- V M '-' j - G- t--' - , , .-f,-.f: :ters ' Q . , sst' - L Irse ' , H. ,, , X I ,,,, K . 1- c F J Q F srrr at ' '-::. alsi 5 5 , I " r J ' - :Qs ' " ' cse, c ii r a a , Q . ,fir ,. , , , b , , , f . .,fse ,,: 51, N H ' 'Y :Pig x , ' ' .. as '- a g S I ---1- -- e x gg . - M x ' iiii t L ' t at ' - , , - S r--f:f -1 ssh . , , ltr. , If 1 has L.. t A 138 . P . mi1L ,, B 'J r .trs f a s S 1 f' ., ':+.. I - 1 . 15 1 A K ,int el N SX N -it pf K- nd A M K si . ki . , :" K E.- 'f . . is X X kklkkl MW 2 x 'K . y , E 'aw J . , ge. .-' J fe . . 1 se f :" - ' -:S 3' '- -Q we ' Q 1 B asf A . ,, D P :,,L: I .,.. ,..' : , . Y , , fi '." VA K Si' , B ui if K My L f m 'L" 1. , 1 . r , J .", , .. J Y E., , eg L, 1 . buf . ' iii? '- f J w r ' - . . Efrir Q" - S 2 ' . Q . 'J S' . 9 f - "" hx ' "q 1 Q V B' " ' 1- A x ' . . .5 D J . JB J J 1 me f J f .a. , Q K ,.,, .. g J k E ' f x .. P J A ,.3iL..-o4Xx..i B' ' M' 'V wi' B: .f1.. lm " ' I .. E N ' B k 3 5 Q J 'F - .. ':::g f- . ."' . .,.' "',. i F ' Q -- ... gt? . f .f - . K - -. :Q -,,, .. s, 3 ' ., ' .egg el. . f ii '- qugq an - ' . J, .Q .J .. - -e ..'Q 2 - c , - , Q ' li ' , : Q 'wg' f-7' . J -" c ., , J , fa--. J r R - 'helix . ,Q - .QW . ,, , ' . i. e 'fi es, f .:+e, .. x::'k, -i K.-. 1 i s I . g f e .,'i--ggi? ., ,- , R i v ' Q' Q . Y - we t N-,": K - 'Q Qin :Q t , up S , SWE, kr.. ,B Mak Q , gf. i zf' ' ' . if ' , LL,,L , '.-, f m- KQL- , Q ' S 1 J f J r if J if? ':T Lb" " LPL' LLi -. t. . . r . 1 : Q : ' ,.,. .".. : ' . 1 ' '. .1 !xfL ,x f,. ,F . . 5, V. X zkh K ij? A ' 'q': if '."' " g t -4 ' 1 . Q . ii cg., A 3 Qi fy' . f . 1 Q -.-.,, iji fik isii f' Q N , --EJ' ' P B . . ,.e.e ' J . , L I .., Q X . E E g g g gr. . rig I I - r J, J Q. 1:.ssrii?ffe.,- J f be r LAM Q . 'if i . . f V B Fourth Grade First row: Phyllis Anderson, Karen Angel, Marsha Apple, Teresa Baker, Ora Baker, Mark Blair, Toby Blake, Mark Bodenheimer, Melba Bodenheimer, David Bowick, Donald Sandra Jones, Roger Kennedy, David Key, Barry Knight, Barry Ledford, Terry Lightfoot, Janet Lockamy. Seventh row: Janice Lowder, Joey Luck, Tina Marsh, Debbie Martin, Bowiek, Mike Bowman, Christy Boyles, Second row: Brenda Breeden, Mike Brown, Sandra Buck, Kenny Bundy, Brenda Bunn, Vance Call, Scottie Carmichael, Allen Cansler, David Cecil, liddie Cecil, Mark Charleville, Madine Childress, Lynn Corn. Third row: Angela Cox, Craig Cox, Marcus Cox, Michael Crissman, Sue Crouse, Floyd Dawkins, Penny Dawkins, Oliver Dennis Ill, Donna Dildine, John David Draughn, Charles Driggers, Linda Dunbar, Tony Durham. Fourth row: Bill Eaton, Bradley Edwards, Boyd Ellis, Ann Faircloth, Mike Ferree, Ronnie Fields, Chris Foster, Franklin Foy, Aissa Freeman, Karen Graves, Cheri Gray, Billy Grubb, Gayle Hankins. Fifth row: Jerry Harb, Brenda Harrelson, Susan Hedgepeth, Tim Heilig, Beth Hill, Mike Hill, Vickie Hill, Mike Hine, Kathy Holland, Vickie Holland, Rita Hudspeth, Bruce Huffman, Richard Jacobs. Sixth row: Eddie Johnson, Mike Johnson, Ray Johnson, Ricky Johnson, Sandra Johnson, Keith Jones, Sue Martin, Pat Mason, Mary Mast, Kirby, Matthews, Tammie McDowell, Marty Md'herson, Pam Mitchell, Cathy Moore, Gary Moore. Eighth row: Carol Mullis, Sherry O'Hara, Brenda Oliver, Ronnie Oliver, Dennis Osbome, Steve Pardue, Teresa Pardue, Cheryl Perryman, Kenny Phillips, Perry Phillips, Renee Poem, Rebecca Powell, Sandra Reddick. Ninth row: Jimmy Reece, Michael Reynolds, Cheryl Ridge, Cynthia Robertson, Debbie Robson, Kathy Roland, Joseph Rotilio, Maryanna Sechrest, Vicki Sellers, Linda Sink, Sandra Smith, Rhonda Smith, Roger Smith. Tenth row: Tony Sparks, Joey Stanley, Penny Stanley, Sara Jane Tate, Kimberly Thomas, Alan Thompson, Pam Todd, Barry Trotter, Ruby Tumer, Susan Vestal, Danna Washam, Jimmy Watkins, Shirley Watkins. Eleventh row: Dean Welch, Karen West, Ellen Wheat, Terry Williard, Theresa Wilson, Danny Winfree, Robin Yarborough, Jesse Yates, Pam Younger, Rhonda Younis. 139 Pathways The beginning . . . New faces, New friends . . . Teachers to adore New ways of learning . . .The very first step down An ever-broadening Pathway to the future ALLEN JAY Primary T ' School Towards a Beginning Principal and Gffice Staff Mr. Howard Cross, Principal, A.B., M. lid. as Mrs. Margaret Zimmerman,Home-School Co-ordinatorg Mrs. Ramona Caudle, Teacher Aid 142 MKWN w 1 Mrs. Dorothy Robbins, Secretary Mrs. Frances Mabe, Music Mrs. Marjorie Younts, lst and 2nd Grade Mrs. Beulah Andrews, 2nd Grade Mrs. Shirley F arlow, 2nd Grade Mrs. Rosalie Lyon, 2nd Grade Mrs. Carleen Seifert, 2nd Grade Mrs. Bobby Foy, 3rd Grade Miss Margaret Garland, 3rd Grade Miss Juanita Johnson, 3rd Grade Miss Carolyn Liles, 3rd Grade Mrs. Mary Lois Robert- son, 3rd Grade Miss Joan Carroll, Li- brarian Faculty Miss Jeanette Elder, lst Grade Mrs. Linda Meadows, lst Grade Mrs. Lota Parrish, 1st Grade Mrs. Elizabeth Pirtle, lst Grade Miss Joan Schaefer, lst Grade Service Staff L to R: Mrs. Frances Bryson, Mrs Ruth Dobbins, Mrs. Bertha Pace, Mrs Jesse Younts. 1 3 ' , f I s f H. lf,- . 1 . . f wifrrw. ' Mrs. Mable Hodgin, Cafeteria Manager Mrs. Luola Nelson Mr. Victor Black Eager, Enthusiastic, Growing in Knowledge Anxiously waiting for the well prepared food. Games to mcet thc challenge of a physically Ht World. i w K 'Q is Seeing the world through books. Response to a teacher's question. 144 Third Grade First row: Lorie Adcock, Terry Aikens, Richard Allred, Andy Anderson, Derick Apple Joanna Atkinson, Kyle Auman, Bobby Baker, Kim Barnes, Randy Bartlett, Renee Bartlett, Terri Blackburn, Tommy Boone. Second row: Gary Brower, Douglas Bryan, Richard Bundy, Michael Burchette, Billy Cain, Wayne Canham, Donald Chapman, Gregory Cody, Alita Coggins, Timothy Coggins, Jimmy Cooke, Douglas Cox, Karen Cox. Third row: Sarah Cox, Timmy Craven, Jimmy Crissman, Carol Cruthis, Lynn Dailey, Debbie Dcaton, Tammie Dennis, Carol Ann Dillon, Mark Dillon, Gregory Dowdy, Teresa Dunlap,Tammy East, Gary Edwards. Fourth row: Larry Edwards, Dino Fausnett, Teresa Ferguson, Keith Flynt, Lynn Foley, Paula Foster, lfclicia Galloway, Anita Gardner, Joy Garner, Gary Gibson, Melonie Giles, Donna Gilmore, Pamela Grayson. Fifth row: Cregg Greer, Donna Greer, Shirley Griffin, Mark Haney, Tony Hankins, Danny Harrison, Sharon Hawks, Terry Hawks, Gary Hazelwood, Tammy Hill, Tammy Hilliard, Kirk Hines, Sandra Hoover. Sixth row: Jimmy Hughes, Martha Jacobs, Cynthia Jennings, Darlene Johnson, Patty Kennedy, Melinda Kersey, Joe Kestler, Jimmy Key, Debbie King, Jeff Leach, Martie Lee, Ricky Lee, Deborah Leonard. Seventh row: Terri Loving, Joel Mabe, Jeff Millikan, Karen Mills, Richard Mitchell, Mike Morgan, Linda Morgan, Tammy Moss, Brenda Mullins, Bobby McKinnon, Mike McMahan, Stevie McSwain, Craig O'Hara. Eighth row: Richard Osborne, Wayne Outlaw, Sue Parrish, Brad Patterson, Sherry Phillips, Cynthia Pope, Dennis Potts, Cindy Prevatte, Lori Price, Kathy Reece, Mark Robbins, Pam Robbins, Randall Robbins. Ninth row: Karen Robertson, Darla Robinette, Eddie Rogers, Timmy Rudd, Bart Sawyer, Ricky Sawyer, Timothy Sechrest, Tanya Sheets, Ronnie Shelor,John Skeen, James Sloan, Cheryl Solomon, Thomas Spaugh. Tenth row: Cynthia Stanley, Kim Talley, Lance Taylor, Diane Taylor, Beth Thomas, Tammy Thomas, Randy Threadgill, Scott Tomaso, Joyce Trotter, Troy Tucker, Bobby Turner, Terri Tuttle, Jeff Wall. Eleventh row: Gaye Warren, Rachel Welch, Lynda Wiley, Sherry Whittington, Susan Willyard, Mike Wilson, Ronnie Wilson, Sheryl Wood, Ricky Wright, Peggy Yarbrough, Keith Yarborough, Timothy Yarborough, Tamara Younts, Marla Zachary. Second Grade First row: Jerry Anderson, Kay Auman, Timothy Auman, Danny Baker, Donna Barger, Randy Barnes, Tammie Brock, Cindy Brower, David Brown, Ronnie Brown, Karen Bryan, Freda Call, Nancy Cansler. Second row: Sherry Carter, DeAnn Cathcart, Tammy Chapman, Sarah Childress, Carol Clark, Mark Cody, Mike Cody, Jeff Coggins, Chavigny Coltrane, Keith Coltrane, Denise Com, Timothy Cox, David Crouse. Third row: Jeffrey Cruthis, Larry Cruthis, Craig Dennis, Bobby Dillard, Sandra Doss, Crystal Driggers, Donna Durhan, Eugene Ellis, Judy Faircloth, Billy Flynt, Wayne Foley, Tany Freemon, Pamela Galloway. Fourth row: Becky Graves, Mitzi Haith, Ronald Hardison, Billie Sue Hilliard, Phelecia Hinson, Michael Horne, David Housand, Buck Hunt, Mark Hutchens, Joe lngrarn, Carl Jacobs, Mark Jarrett, Ricky Johnson. Fifth row: Timothy Johnson, Allen Kennedy, Hazel Key, Tina Kiser, Joanne Landreth, Debra Landrum, Lisa Lassiter, Jeff Madden, Doreen Marlowe, Bonnie Mayes, Sandra Mayes, Terry Mears, Michael Meredith. Sixth row: Doris Moran, Donald Morgan, Lisa Morrison, Timmy Motley, Teresa Mullins, Cindy Myers, Teresa McDaniel, Darlene McDowell, Danny McMahan, Kerry McMahan, Jack Outlaw, Lisa Overeash, Anita Overman. Seventh row: Debra Palmer, Perry Pardue, Mark Potts, Margaret Pridgen, Jerry Powers, Tammy Proctor, Michael Rans0m,Tina Reddick, Beth Redding, Billy Roark, Gaye Roberts, Karen Rodden, Mark Simmons. Eighth row: Robin Slaydon, Carol Smith, David Smith, June Smith, Larry Smith, Timothy Smith, Randy Snider, Randy Snyder, Amber Staley. Ninth row: Timmy Stevenson, Rita Stiles, Elizabeth Surmons, Cheryl Tate, Wendy Thomas, David Thompson, Linda Thrcadgill, Sherry Tucker, Terri Tucker. Tenth row: Joel Tuggle, Eddie Turner, Craig Tuttle, Danny Wagner, Ricky Watkins, Sherry Watson, Mike Welch. Eleventh row: Jerry Wheat, Elizabeth White, Sharon Williamson. Timothy Willard, Ronnie Wilson, David Witt. 146 l First Grade First row: Vicki Aikens, Arnold Allred, Teresa Atkins, Lane Atkinson, Eric Baker, Lynn Barefoot, Ann Barnes, Perry Bartlett, Jeff Bartlett, Keith Blair, Sherri Blaekbum, Danny Blakeley, Terry Bodcnheimer. Second row: Tony Branch, Steve Broome, Carolyn Brown, Kay Brown, Kimberly Burchette, Dayid Canham, Larry Cashatt, Chris Catheart, Gloria Causey, Roger Causey, Danny Cecil, Myra Cecil, Jimmy Chapman. Third row: Lee Charleville, David Cody, Cheryl Collins, Kenny Cooper, Kenneth Coltrane, Kimberly Coltrane, Tony Cox, Cheryl Cross, Martha Dawkins, John Deaton, Randy Dilliard, Vicki Driggers, Timmy Edwards. Fourth row: Mark Eller, Beth Ellington, Sharon Faircloth, Michelle lfausnett, Blaine Foy, Jewel Foy, Ronnie Freeman, Patricia Galloway, Lec George, Pamela George, Patricia Giles, Lanna Gilmore, Darlene Glidwell. Fifth row: Mike Gragg, Tommy Grant, Trey Gray, Becky Guffey, Ronald Hamilton, Kim Hawks, Olis Hawks, Timmy Hawks, Renee Hazelton, Janet Hill, Sharon Hoover, Linda Hutchens, Teresa James. Sixth row: Tony Jennings, Angela Johnson,Cleve Johnson, Roger Johnson, Mark King, Barry Kirkman, Dennis Langston, Kathy Lawson, Sherry Lawson, Larry Leonard, Lynne Leonard, Caroline Lewallen, Wendy Lindaas. Seventh row: Liz Linton, Roy Lowder, Sheila Mann, Susan Marshall, David Mason, Tony Mayes, Timmy Mills, Travis Morton, Billy Mosley, Denise McGuire, Bobby McMa.han, Richard McMahan, Philip Nance. Eighth row: Randy Norman, Timmy Oliver, Mary Outlaw, Lynn Owens, Nat O'Shields, Robin Penny, Danny Phillips, Henry Pickard, Randy Poore, Debbie Powers, Lynn Redding, Sherry Robbins, Gregory Roland. Ninth row: Karen Rudd, Susan Runyon, Lee Rush, Brian Sawyer, Gary Sawyer, Philip Scruggs, Eddie Smith, James Smith, Janet Smith, Jeffrey Smith, Judy Smith, Kim Smith, Tommy Smith. Tenth row: Lynn Southern, Danny Stanley, Maurice Stanley, Danny Suits, John Surrett, Terri Thomas, Connie Thompson, Wayne Thompson, Curtis Tilley, David Tuttle, Billy Vest. Eleventh row: Barry Vick, Jay Vick, Donald Wagner, Debra Ward, Tim Washam, Todd Weatherman, Tommy Weatherman, Steven Williamson, Deanna Witcher, Cindy Witt, Debra Wood. Support of local business Long hours Loyal effort . . . Best sales campaign . . . Appreciation Pathways -v""'d 148 to Goodwill AMERICAN AUTO PARTS 2506 South Moin High Point, North Corolino AUTO ELECTRIC SERVICE CO. Generators-Stdrters-AIternotors Speedometers-AII Ldwn Mower Engines II6 Hc1miIton Street High Point, N. C. ARCHDALE BARBER SHOP 3047 South Mdin High Point, N. C. BARKER'S GULF SERVICE 500 South Main Phone 885-46I0 ARCHDALE CLEANERS Mrs. Jesse Dusenbury Archdole, N. C. BEAUTY NOOK 34I If2 South Moin High Point, N. C. Phone 883-0626 ARCHDALE HARDWARE CO. Hordwore, Points Household Goods 3520 South Moin Phone 43I-481 I BECO, INC. 2I24 Surrett Drive High Point, N. C. ARCHDALE MATTRESS CO. "WhoIesc1Ie to the Public" Phones Shop 43I-28I5 Res. 43I-I338 BEESON'S HARDWARE "High Point's Sporting Goods Heodquc1rters" ARCHDALE PRINTING co., INC. 3031 V2 soufh Main High Point, N. C. BENSON'S FOOD PRODUCTS Route 4 High Point, N. C. Phone 43I-3778 ARCHDALE SODA SHOP 33I3 South Main Archdcile, N. C. BIG MOOSE CURB MARKET AND SNACK BAR 427 South Wrenn High Point, N. C. BI LL' S CASH WHOLESALE SpeciaIties-Notions- Cigars CLARY' S BEAUTY SALON 904 Lindsay Street High Point, North Carolina BOWMAN OIL CO. I00 North Hamilton Street Kerosene-Fuel Oil-Gas Home Delivery Day-Night Phone 882-84II Compliments of CURRY UPHOLSTERING CO. INC Rt. 742 Box I32-A Trinity, North Carolina Phone 43I-3345 BRILEY FURNITURE CO. 25I0-I4 S. Main St. High Point, North Carolina DIANE RESTAURANT 2I00 North Main Street High Point, North Carolina Phone: 882-02I3 BROWN'S SHOE SHOP 208 East Washington Street Phone 883-93I3 Compliments of Walter Dills DILLS' CONSTRUCTION BUSTER COX USED CARS Buster Cox, Owner 8. Frank Causey, Mgr. High Point, North Carolina THE DOG HOUSE Hotdogs 8. Hamburgers 660 North Main St. 888-6953 THE CAROUSEL BEAUTY SALON 206 Hayden Place High Point, North Carolina Phone 882-8453 42? Q? ' Y., 4 DOLPHIN GIFT SHOP Gatewood Avenue High Point, North Carolina Gitts-Imports-Accessories MARY CARTER PAINT AND HARDWARE I3I2 S. Main Street High Point, N. C. 882-89I5 THE EAGLE HOUSE 302 North Main Street Phone-885-5593 CASEY'S TACKLE SHOP Fishing Bait :SQ Supplies Phone 43I-38I2 Compliments of A FRI EN D FAIRFIELD GROCERY Atlantic Gas 8. Oil Groceries HARRIS MUSIC CO. Hammond Organ Dealer 2432 English Street High Point, North Carolina Compliments of DR. LEONARD FARLOW HAYWOOD 8. RAN KIN GENERAL INSURANCE 656 North Main Street High Point, N. C. JAKE FROELICH VENEERS, INC. Fine cabinet woods and Imported Plywood 344 N. Wrenn Street Tel 883-4134 HI LL ELECTRONICS Route 4, Box 2I7 High Point, North Carolina Phone: 43I-2678 GARDNER HEATING I703 Franklin Avenue High Point, N. C. Tel 882-3435 HINSON'S TEXACO 22IO N. Main Street High Point, N. C. IL GILBRETH UPHOLSTERING CO . Manufacturers of upholstered Furniture Re-Upholstering of A11 Types of Furniture Phone: 431-2812 Route 4, Box 271 C. C. Gilbreth, Owner-High Point, N. C. HOLIDAY INN OF HIGH POINT, West Green 8. 85 High Point, North Carolina GRANT HOSIERY MILL I204 Dill Street High Point, N. C. HUNTER SUPPLY Distributor of Service Station Supplies Phone: 43I-2048 520 Fairfield Road GRAY' S JEWELRY Diamonds-Watches-Clocks Guaranteed Watch Repairing Archdale, N.C. Phone: 43I-23I3 INGRAM VENDING SERVICE, INC. High Point, North Carolina Compliments of JIMMY' S GREENOAKS RESTAU RAN T JACK'S BEAUTY SHOP II8 West Broad Street High Point, North Carolina "Styling Is Our Specialty' Compliments of DR. KEITH Phone 882-28I0 MODEL BARBER SHOP 325 North Wrenn Street High Point, N. C, KIDDIE KEEPER 90I East Green Street High Point, North Carolina Compliments of MYERS GROCERY KENNETH L. MYERS KING ELECTRIC REPAIR GfGdin9'BC'SemenfS DU8 725 1X2 W. Grimes Sf. Jackson Pond Road Route 4 Phone: 888-6511 Phone: 883-7771 481-1598 High Point, N. C. LOCK AND KEY SERVICE 330 S. Wrenn St. High Point, North Carolina Compliments of " RAG SDA LE" MAC' S GRI LL Phone: 882-0426 2309 South Main St. High Point, North Carolina Sandwiches 8. Cold Drinks Compliments NASH JEWELRY 8. LOAN CO. 127 N. Main St. MACON MACHINE CO ., INC. Mfg. of Rotary and Paddie Type Hosiery Dyeing Machines 2008 N. Centennial High Point Compliments Jack Sykes PEELE 88 SYKES BUILDERS MAMA'S DOG HOUSE 3I0 Randolph St. Thomasville, N.C. Phone: 476-7836 CHARLES E. PICKARD SOUTHLAND LIFE INSURANCE COMPANY I50 Church Street High Point, N.C. MELTON'S GARAGE Rt. 4, Box 249 High Point, N. C. Phone: 43I-4I66 PHILLIPS-FOSCUE Surrett Drive High Point, N. C. RED HOUSE FURNITURE 408 East Washington St. Phone: 882-9416 PAUL SMITH'S HOME STUDIO 1242 S. Main St. Phone 885-2639 High Point, North Carolina Home Phone 431-1367 Compliments of REX BARBER SHOP SPENCER 8. PARLIER BROTHERS TV-Appliances 2515 S. Main Street Phone 882-4822 or 884-8340 A Cletus, Gene 8. Jerry RICHARDSON'S DEPARTMENT STORE 133 South Main Street High Point, N. C. TRINITY USED AUTO PARTS Phone 431-3029 High Point, N .C C.C. Williams - A.B. Darr P.O. Box 94-Route I-Trinity, N.C. ROSE RADIO SALES 81 SERVICE Motorola Radios 8. Television Johnson's Outboard Motors 438-N. Main Street High Point, N.C Compliments of TUTTLE'S BODY SHOP ROYALS INSURANCE AGENCY H. Clay Royals Res. 431-3882 Phone: 431-1914 S 431-2212 Auto-Life-Fire Highway 62 Archdale, N. C. Compliments of Bryce Beck UNIVERSAL PHOTOGRAPHY, INC. SAMPLE SHOE STORE "Shoes for the entire FamiIy" 119 NORTH MAIN STREET High Point, North Carolina 27260 WADE'S AUTO TRIM SHOP Convertible Tops, Seats 2516 South Main Phone 883-6721 SHEPPARD'S HARDWARE P.O. Box 244 High Point, N. C. WADE'S FRAMEWORKS Living Room Furniture Frames Route 4, High Point SIMPSON HEATING AND SERVICE CO 2512 Friends Avenue . Compnmemis of HIGH POINT, NORTH CAROLINA TeIephone 887-7431 GAI L AND DARRYL Begin Your Exciting Career in Beauty Culture CII ARTI STI C BEAUTY COLLEGE T32 If2 W. Commerce Ave. If High Point, N C Compliments ot AL BOLING'S STEAK HOUSE Phone: 882-64I5 , ,i AUTO OIL COMPANY Compliments of Five Points-Greensboro Road Phone 885-28I6 933 So. Main St.-Phone 885-2650 High Point, N. C. BOYLES FURNITURE SALES AYLOR'S ESSO SERVICE Atlas Produ cts-Wash-Pol i sh Lubri cation-Wheel Balancing ATLANTIC BROWER OIL COMPANY Road Service-Phone 883-OOI5 701 Fairfield Road Ward 8. W. Green Streets High Point, N' C. Point, N .Cu Compliments of Factory Personnel BASSETT FURNITURE INDUSTRIES BURCHFIELD'S SERVICE 2900 South Main High Point North Carolina GEORGE CLEIVIENTS REALTY 303, Sw, Mm S, CRI ssrvif-IN Foon at SERVICE High Point, North Carolina Phone 431-3568 TELEPHONE 43I'II3I 1201 E. Fairfield Road , W in MM Gasoline, Kerosene, 8. Fuel Oil GULF COURTESY CARDS HONORED CLOVERLEAF SUPERIVIARKET CROSSROAD CURB IVIARKET 2020 S. Main St. P.L. Lawson, Jr.,Owner High Point, North Carolina Corner of Unity and Blair Street WHERE QUALITY FOODS Thomasville, N. C. AND LOWEST PRICES POSSIBLE ARE ALWAYS AVAILABLE PHONE: 476-4I5O DIAMOND QUALITY AUTOIVIOBILES COLUNIB IA FOOD MARKET I7OI North Main Street 2II2 South Main Street High Point' N' C' High Point, North Carolina ENGLISH NIOTOR COIVIPANY, INC. Total Transportation P.O. Box 468 2OI E. Washington Drive High Point, N. C. High Point, N. C. 156 ENGLISH ROAD FABRIC CENTER 2l08 English Road High Point, North Carolina Phone: 88-29624 Discount to Students and Teachers FARMER S BARBECUE 908 South Main Street High Point, North Carolina across From Southern Motors" ENGLISH STREET SANDWICH SHOP 801 English R888 Phone: 882-8410 D. R. Goins FARNILAND KI NDERGARTEN 2600 South Main Street High Point, North Carolina F Sf B TRUCK LINE INC. 708 W. Fairfield Road High Point, North Carolina Phone: 431-52I3 Fred Murrow, President Diamonds Watches Gifts for All Occasions FRIEDIVIAN'S .IEWELERS I45 South Main Street High Point, N. C. Allen Jay School Jewelry FAIRFIELD GOLF CLUB Route 4, Box 272 Phone: 43l-29I3 G0-FORTH EXTERNI I NATORS "Termite 8. Pest control of all Kinds" I000 South Main Street High Point, North Carolina GRIFFITH UPHOLSTERING CGMPANY DINK HI LL SEPTIC TANK Rou e 4 Livlncgngiiciugigiiiire High Point, IXI-orth Carolina High Point, North Carolina Phone: 43I-4978 HALO BEAUTY SALON 203 Hayden Place High Point, N. C. Phone: 88-28210 ,- In ..e ,Q sh .W-1.3f,i.',' , ' E -jg , , QV- 'l , .'I5i.:,g,n,I..Ni Footing Drainage KENNETH R. HILL, CONTRACTOR Water and Sewer Lines, Tanks Buried Small Basements, Sandrock or Gravel Phone 43I-4373 Route 4, Box 2I5 High Point, N.C. H IGH POI NT QUICK LUNCH IO8 East Washington Street High Point, North Carolina HOBBY CENTER DRIVING RANGE 27II S. Main St. HIGHLAND COTTON NI ILLS 236 Mill Street High Point, North Carolina C . DeVVITT HOLTON FURNITURE CO 8I7 South Main Street "Quality Furniture and Carpets Your Dodge Dealer since I926I HORACE G. ILDERTON, INC. Dodge 8. Dodge Truck 7OI-O9 S. Main St. High Point, North Carolina MITCHELL SEPTIC TANK SERVICE Septic Tanks Installed Cleaning 8. Ditch Digging Phone 43I-44I2 - 43I-37IO 708 E. Fairfield Rd. G. WESLEY JOHNSON Grading and Bulldozing Fish Pond and Road Building T202 East Fairfield Road High Point, North Carolina Phone: 431-3428 NIOLE CONSTRUCTION CONIPANY "If you want a hole - call MoIe" 204 Pineywood Road Thomasville, North Carolina Ernest Maley-Phone 475-I053 LOWE'S PHARIVIACY, INC. 3220 South Main High Point, North Carolina Compliments of the IVIORAN FANII LY NIALPASS REALTY Rockspring Rd. High Point, North Carolina "SeIIing Quality Homes to High Pointers" PAUL B. NIYERS Bulldozing-Grading Fish Pond 8. Road Building Sandrock 8g Crushed Stone Hauling Liberty Road Route 4 Phone 43I-3454 High Point, N .C. L. W. IVICLAIVIB REALTY PRUDENTIAL INSURANCE COMPANY OF AMERICA Phone 882-9718 Willicrm L. Block, Jr. L. W. McLomb I26 N. Main St. High Point, N.C. 2000 Eost Green Drive High Point, North Corolino Phone 888-5072 PARKS SIGN CONIPANY AND SHERWOOD ARCHERY CENTER 3223 South Main Street High Point, North Corolino Don Porks Owner va mgn RAC 'N' CUE CLUB INC. ,2ff'2M?' .N H PI EDNIONT ELECTRIC .I.C. REYNOLDS BUILDERS, INC 205 Pine Street V -vw 6I4 North Main Stre t -f so H' h P ' t, N.C. 27260 High POW' Norm CC"0'I"C' 1" 'L Ig Phase 883-0252 ig ibuaiidermng gg PLAZA BARBER SHOP Fairfield PIozo High Point, North Carolina RICK'S GROCERY gr GRILL Intersection Hwy-62 81 6I0 High Point, N. C. Phone: 43I-4388 Compliments of ROYAL-O-APPAREL, INC. 24II Schirra PIace High Point, North Carolina Zingo Gas SMITH 8: SHORE SERVICE STATION III2 Jimmy Smith, Mgr. 3OI E. FairfieId Rd. High Point, North Carolina Phone: 431-5211 ROSE FURNITURE CO. , INC 2,4 S, Um S., SOUTHSIDE PRODUCE IIIIARIQET Phone 882-687i Carpet-Draperies-Furniture-Appliance Free Parking I IKEQE IO3 E. Fairfield Road High Point, North Carolina C0mPIefe CIGOHIHQ SOUTHERN IVIOTORS and L0U"d'Y Semce "Your IMPERIAL, CHRYSLER, PLYMourH S VALIAISIT D I " SAR-II N' S ec er T670 English Street Phone: 885-2IOI 9OI South Main High Point, North Carolina SHORE DRY CLEANING CO., INC. 5OI English Road High Point, North Carolina CONGRATULATIONS GRADUATES STANDARD BARBER SHOP I534 EngIish Rood High Poinf, Norfh Corolino I g High Poini' Asheboro W . TRIANGLE H05 I ERY 'VH LL Smc1r'r Fashions For Men and Boys Ladies Sporfsweor College Village High Point, North Carolina Shopping Cenfer High Point, N. C. SUPERB SERVICE STATION NO. I TRINITY GRILL Owner, Chorles Skeen "Fine Food" Corner Wesr Green ond Triniry Avenue Across from Trinity School I 162 WRIGHT COTTON BATTING COMPANY For Furniture 84 Bedding WISP O'CURL BEAUTY SHOP 116 Hall Street Dial 431-4411 "It Costs So Little To Look Your Best" Polly EIIiott, Owner 8. Operator WOMAN'S WORLD 120 West Commerce Street High Point, North Carolina Tel 882-0727 ASHEBORO ROAD SERVICE STATION 2229 South Main "Chateau de Ia voIeuse" Manufacturers of Quality Elastic Thread 1 I P.o. BOX 441 N553 'L High Point, North Carolina """m1":""' if-aff' Brinwood Restaurant English Road Coca-Cola Bottling Company Delicious loroiled Crisp, golden 1 hamburgers french fries S 18 i5 C C 2204 s. Mm High Poinf, Norfh Carolina fi ,W xx Phone 883-0323 61:9 2 0624! 1 A HAMauncsns ' Home of fha Worlds Crcaiegi -:J I-lamburgerli' Thick smoofh Tell your shakes Friends abou? 2Oc Burger Chef! Across from Blair Park, S. Main Srreei High Poinf, North Carolina I-l2C'l'l0 C E .. ' EAW-' X X p-' W5 Electronic Accountin MQRTUARY , 9 D sRoA AT CHESTNUT OFISEVEE JF Riverton, N . J. Atlonto, Georgia MORE THAN ,oo CARS Dayton, Ohio Memphis, Tenn . . n L N High Point, N. C. flllemied 1 I V Wi?" 151 comm --,arg 8 - 8 fb -8- ee "Ulf ' ' ' Diafisis-5045 ' 'Q' fff 1 Dobbins Electric Co. 512 W. Green Dr. High Point Commercial, lndustriol ond Residential Wiring "We specialized in electric heat" Ellington's Florist cmd Greenhouses "Flowers For Every Occasion" P.O. Box 1897 2418 S. Moin St. Phone 88 8-4032 88 2-6217 165 Factors, Inc. Financing and Credit Protection Services for lndustry if ek ic 7? 304 South Main Street, Drawer i350 High Point, North Carolina Telephone C9195 883-7l5-4 Furniture City Gulf "Complete Car Service 2111 South Main St. Phone 882-39l3 farmers dairy "Where Every Customer Is Important" J- - qt' 3 , - 92: 6!!,:????'f - I mu? - General Paper Co. 409 Prospect St. J. R. Graham 81 Son, Inc. General Contractor Phone 882-8167 P.O. Box 1767 X6 nsuzwf a- 2 5 A C 1' .-. 5 5 -Q' 4 rviwff 628 Greensboro Road High Point, North Carolina 27260 Guil Rand Realty 3116 South Main St. 431-4211 ' 4 FOR HEALTH W' M4231 , - ... ,,,,.1 -1 la wn' .,.,.-.. 5 - 33135 - 491 Mi. onion 501 a D U y WW 1119 Meet your friends at Guildford Dairy Bar 619 National Highway Thomasville, North Carolina Hendrix Batting Company Surrett Drive Phone 431-1181 High Point Concrete Products 714 E. Fairfield Rd. High Point, North Carolina Hur1ey's Grocery 4401 South Main Street High Point, North Carolina 2406 North Main Fairfield Plaza 'Craftsmen In The Art of Fine Cleaning Hour Glass Cleaners Indian Head Hosiery Box 1910 West Point Avenue High Point, North Carolina The Jewel Box "That perfect girl deserves the Perfect gift, a Perfect ,Love Diamond." : ,, , .. . . .L ,y,,,Z,.,,, ., gigs? Q, ZW , X -:- -: l n sv MAIL! ' S S 0 Pi-ions: W ii Gu Gin :ll s, I-ymvna. . mags-, Nw- c-ml.-1 M M amflfttb ng mx aww, my. - rm.: ua aan llmfgmu J 5' R mann 'ln mmxmn 1-an - mo- In-1 I-nm - mu- El' Q 0 in-u-Luna--:ml-n-u-on-ummm. .,,........l.....m.......... a f .-..- : ,,- t: ,:. V 1:1 '. I-fzr' 212115416223-"::3sf1::.:.1 2114 South Main Street High Point, North Carolina London House 44l N. Wrenn St. High Point, North Carolina "Where service is created, not imitated." L S if Mann's Dependable Drug Store H6 Fairfield Plaza Shopping Center Phone: 431-H49 Z! '41 Mobil Chemical Company Chemical Coatings Division T647 English Road High Point, North Carolina MANUFACTURERS OF. . . Wood Finishes Coil and Appliance Coatings Flat Sheet Finishes Metal Coatings Packaging Finishes Automotive Finishes Resins Wood Grain Cylinders Oscar's Fine Foods 3l9 South Wrenn Street High Point, North Carolina "For The Best ln Town" Manager, Ervin Ellington Compliments of Neill Pontiac PUNTIAC.. 902 North Main Street High Point, North Carolina Oscar's Gulf Corner of Park and Green Streets High Point, North Carolina Aubrey W. Rich Construction 4l9 Springwood Road Asheboro, North Carolina Phone: 625-6531 Pointer Electric Wholesale, Inc. Electrical Materials Wholesale 6lO W. Green Drive P.O. Box 385 - High Point if Pepsi Cola Bottling Co. of Greensboro N. C. Epsrooza Purcell Supply Company Plumbing-Heating Air Conditioning-Electrical 725 W. Green Drive High Point, N.C. 27260 Carrier Rose's Bob E' Ridge of High Point Plumbing and Heating open Friday Nights til 10:00 Other Nights til 9:00 Inc. 920 West Green Drive F' t then ta u Phone 882-0521 1, 1g1Q171j1hL.liLl,Jr After hours 431-2851 ,P X , - 19 S . Q .:,, V 1 I j . L, Shamrock Van Lines Scott Garten Buick, Inc. "Serving The Furniture lndustry" Phone 883-1411-12' 919 Fairfield Road 819 North Main St. High Point, North Carolina 27262 Phone: 882-0196 172 Congratulations l 968 Graduates and Congratulations Helen Flowe and Tim Huffman Phone 883 1016 Phon 882 4 "Cefeef Dey" Students Southern Bell Telephone 8. Telegraph Co G reenslooro, N orth Carolina S Sir Pizza -H2 T238 Montlieu High Point, North Carolina Phone 885-4095 ACTION REALTY COMPANY 2926 South Mcain Sfreei' H h P N h C I nc: Ph 431 4615 BORDEN'S MILK AND ICE CREAM COMPANY 1900 North Main Sfreef Q H hP ,Nor'rhCo I h i f ALLEN JAY SCHOOL BUS DRIVERS "ROAD RUNNERS OF 67-68" :', .' W'1?4VM """ f ,fff if, 4' 5397 175, !?,QWz'-'fl' V J' '5if'1z'f2f 7VL,:gsW?L,5: 'PNK Giga I ,Ee 'Q' ff' "" ' , ' ' ' , ' ' ' -V - f, , wmwwfffrww :wzesfrsflemr V we zgwfwsvzmwx-5 .wwwlggxaig m6MfW"3,vM gw9mErgfg52f?m?3,?ff,1ffZ fz,mf,g,yw5W' 1, ,-fikiamfwfwefWgvawfmf-wevismfmfl-mm , . ., 'E V' 5 ' f ' ' ' 'f'f2,f7f17 smfffv 1 , ' f A i JACK CARTWRIGHT, INC. l N 319 EAST GRIMES Phone: 883-6723 Owner: John Cartwright High Point, Norfh Carolina 175 Compllmen s of ARCHDALE-TRINITY CHAPTER ORDER 0F DeMOLAY J Bud "TkyHd ARTHUR'S PHARMACY "A Good Drug S'rore" S M ST. fNexf To O d Sp r'rs Inc., Phon 883 7955 Hi h P N h C I no R. D. FOWLER MOTOR LINE "Personalized Transportation Service" 7 I M 5 waitin . I We - A 152 - iq ttf,2'f.'jffi-sljwii, Z- .7 ' V 1 TOWING Phone 88-24611 Anytime: Anywhere I 'G HARB'S GARAGE "General Auto 8. Body Repair" F. J. Harb North Main High Point, N. C 177 HERITAGE "A iiving Trodirion in furniture Telephone 431-1412 308 Greenock Drive, High Point, North Cclrolino "Superior Qualify ond Service In Living Room Furniture" HERMAN BROWER COMPANY, INC. Monufclcfurers of Furnifure Fromes 178 "The closest thing to home." McDONALD'S HAMBURGERS i9Oi North Main Street High Point, North Carolina O-N-E S STORES "Every Day Dollar Day" Big Big Discount Prices So. Main St. E. Washington St. Salem St. High Point High Point Thomasville Open 9 'Til 9 Open 9 'Til 5 Open 9 'Til 5 6 Days per Week Fri. 9 'Til 9 Fri. 9 'Til 9 179 1 THE PILOT .N-5. I4 v Dx Q ' "A good company 'ro be insured in- and a good company To work For." WZ!! ZWW FURNITURELAND U.S.A. "CAREERS UNLIMITED" In The heart of The greafesf concenfrafion of furniture producfion in The world. Among courses available for high school sfudenfs and graduates are Those offered by: GUILFORD TECHNICAL INSTITUTE - Jamesfown, N. C. NORTH CAROLINA STATE UNIVERSITY AT RALEIGH A four-year course in Eurnifure Manufacfuring and Managemenf leading To a B.S, Degree. UNIVERSITY OF NORTH CAROLINA AT GREENSBORO - HOME ECONOMICS SCHOOL A four-year course in design leading 'ro a degree. Your inquiry will be Forwarded. -Wrife-FURNITURELAND, U. S. A., P. O. Box 828, High Poinf, N. C. 180 SECHREST FUNERAL HOME 130i Easf Lexingfon Avenue Lasf rifes yield fender and abiding memories Phone 882-2555 when directed with experienced good fasfe. And a final Tribute arranged by SECHREST is complete in all defails, yef within every family's means. ED SMITH SEPTIC TANK SERVICE "Service wifh o Smile" 1 I A .Q'ii' NB' 181 SMITH AND SHORE OIL COMPANY SMITH L SHORE SERVICE STATED 304I Soufh Mclin Sfreef H I1 P N I1 C I SOUTHERN OIL COMPANY OF NORTH CAROLINA 182 WEST FAIRFIELD SUPERETTE 7I2 Wesf Fairfield Road High Point, North Carolina I' Ei WHITE FRAMES, INC. 225 E. Fairfield Road High Point, North Carolina 183 J. B. WHITE CONSTRUCTION COMPANY 913 F h A H h P Fl h C I Ph 883 4327 883 2513 C3 I C TIP TOP BAKERIES C3reensboro Road Bread Coke T lPwTOB LESTER'S JEWELERS 131 S. Main 885-2251 1 N35 Miifi 'EB' Compliments of Varner Electric, Inc West Green Auto 2205 W. Green Drive High Point, North Carolina 'lllen' Den f 49 Ill ll ' 'F L I, T 5 ' G IIIVG Janet O 5 WNIFRRADIO AM-I23O on your dial-IOOO wotts FM-99.5 on your diol-IO, OOO wotts Where the most people listen the most" AoB.C. NETWORK VOGUE CLEANERS 75I North Main High Point, North Corolino WHITE HOUSE BAR-B'QUE 23I2 South Moin Street High Point, North Cclrolino WILLIAMS FLOWERS 8f GI FTS "Quality Flowers plus Personal Attention" Phone: 43I-2I2I 4OI8 South Main Street High Point, North Corolino BRAY ELECTRIC CO. Commercial, Industrial 8. Residential Electrical Construction i95 S. 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Comstock 8 Billy Mr. 8 Mrs. Robert Cooper Betty Craven Mrs. Nancy Crissman Dale S Marta Debbie S Larry Mr. S Mrs. David Draughn Debbie Ellington Emma Ferree Miss Carolyn Garner Mr. S Mrs. Fletcher Garner Mr. 8 Mrs. Grady Garner Mr. S Mrs. Robert Garner Mr. S Mrs. Linwood Harris Mr. james Hayes Mrs. Annie Hicks julie B. Hollings Jerry 8 Sue Miss Judy jobe W.C. Kersey, Building Contractor Miss Sue Lassiter Mr. P. L. Lawson, Sr. Donna Macon Melvin "Man" Meredith S Prevatte Carpentry Mr. SMrs. L. E. Modlin Mrs. john G. Moebes Mrs. Hallie Myers Mr. 8Mrs. S. H. McSwain Mr. S Mrs. Hoyt Nichols Billy Nix Mr. S Mrs. john Perry Mr. S Mrs. B. B. Redding 8Beth Bruce Sechrest Rev. 8 Mrs. W.I. Sessoms, Melody 8Bethany W. W. Shackelford Mr. SMrs. Harold A. Talley Mrs. Lola D. Tate Rev. S Mrs. C. F. Tedder Mr. GMrs. C. A. Thomas Frank G Jean Thomas Mr. 8 Mrs. L. J. Trexler S Ronnie Mary Wagner Mr. SMrs. GeneiWeaver Mr. 8 Mrs. Raymond White Mr. and Mrs. Hoy Yarborough 192

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