Allen Jay High School - Aln Ja Hi Yearbook (High Point, NC)

 - Class of 1962

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SXPNNJ QXXLQQLAXO C257 wumww of W , wfgiwwff WNW? F GAQS eu My . wr' Jffvbwfhn iw' Vipmhyfbd QWWIQQIWQ 35325.-yi, sg, ogif' 3.415 WT 4 Q xx V fa' J .vu.Qi"'5- ' " 'V ""1F- ,- , , - L. . . f V V2.1-V 1, il? f ' M". -.'L,4,:'- , V' 1 0 V 69 , E XN' ll ff Sf" 9 9 I V N UMXVVVW ' W' g,,m 3B M N5 Gp by D1 Dklb , . li P S QW, q W ilbw NXXUSL QM DQXW V" 2'V'A 'QW-Y , g- QW wil: 4 NL ' Q JW QnG my ,fx Sf NQ,p0 i V XQ,XAbYL X. I l 'UQ W L WW Q X Ov WW V1 VAQJQ sxpdfxqu , 'i- ' A7 Q5 . I .L . if . Yx ' f l V V V V 551 , L'.ifQ1'- :pf 3" 9 1, L" , 5' ,L A Y ' ' l f . . Y -1 -V .gi V. ,. -ff, EVM, , K-w,Vj5m.,,g,V1V x ' 'g +1.gV3f:r-23'-4 P' - 1 . A , ' ' .J-"Wg, ff .': I: E, ,S -V . . V , ,V, 'Ar ,J f , , 5. -, ' ' ' ' 1 , . ,. :VV T .VVV V V. I X V, A 7? I ws" 5 Qi ' -' -nfff 2,12 2 'ml V.,-VNV: V Li VV3.5.,VV4m V,.'5V,.x?kV'.,4,f.V,VAriz, K Vf.-3' '- .L .igfx 5 1 H12 . .fy 'y:'?j.'. X - AYP? . f.',g,..-1 g f . 1, ,. 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Busl -'bids anage ' ,- j RANDY SPENCER J ' I Q ,Z I WP qbfnfi ,M M, MF P341 f Ev QW N is fb P K vigilw 'ii . Q 52 1 2 .num ,M a M ws .. ! if U 1 Www' sr' 'if YQ? K ww 3 And we 5egan U. K. I.. fhvy . v - f -I ' A .',.+m, ' ' Z V 4543 ,aw jf ,TH ,gg 41-73: H 93 2143 mf., ,, ,N ' ffuawikwf-" ' ' , 1 y"'?- ,, L' . -2 I ,f -... www A A ,gk W, M, , .L fa ,LEW-w1 1 , , N . .um 'fr' ' ws. S-in A., .f - ,fm-ww I., ..-V ff If A I Q .fr '1 ,,gg3,-,f ,g Iv ' ,A ,ykwki vg, I TNAw5ai45gwa A l?4,f R5XfE+ T,:vWw ,- W I 4 sf 'Q I 2' W to dream . Contents ADMINISTRATION. . . . . SEN IORS ............ JUNIORS ......... SOPHOMORES .... FRESHNIEN ..... ELEMENTARY .... FEATURES ...... ACTIVITIES .... ATHLETICS ........ SERVICE............ ADVERTISEMENTS. . . . . 11 1 7 35 41 49 58 67 81 ....101 ....125 129 H H U 3 F 2 E Q 5 X K 5 kmspgiexgh ,,.Q5g,b, U-,, ' 1, gl.. Q ,, X 41 Q ,ru .A . lf, ' Ti'-f'A"kT ,, ff' f 1 ,L 4' ,. Juv gl '- W H Q., Vgfirffx KM. ,. ,,, -f fiiiiin'i?'if" xr' X. ff ,4 113:-gifs f o mafH classes ,M,,A -y 355111 ,ms il Y J" Q ' 3 six 'rut 'Q gs L . ' , . s .QV S in Ani'-.TLT and social studies ,Hi y f USES 1 1 k x K fn JF' - 'N' Ae, 1 A Rgiw' ,, ' 5' -fl' X W .V F 2' Q exercise and pgysical s edueahon ,,. false ou volees ln our rnusie classes attend tHe industrial scfiool master t H e w O n J e I' S O l ' ? Ai" Qggaeg 5 M m li' , 'YL' ' means ,, 5 Q 1 Q nc e u is W I as E 6 A ' - f A fl ii -f Y- ' "" Q 'li' -1 ' . 15 . I, as lr , ,Miii'lfg.gv,i, . '1 lf'-ii7?H,, L -,. L , fi nag -,., , is V f,," W4 1 1" -f - "" V I ff 'g:ig1,g.,i1i3mr, -Mimi-1g,M,1' ,,,L K ,, ,L I A ' ' F ., np 1+ improve our grammar and learn to speag grencfi . E , K 'ZR 5 . QQ Aiyr M iffQgr,w ' f 1' 5' 7,-a-'-give . X "N xx xxx A -if-If:.I?'i"5v22f".Jf' V H: 3? ..?"ifl:sizS55'3is wiilii4f2fi5LE1JI1f":S?' We I - , W7 :jf an 1, f k'iifyv,1, 4 x ,fPfgvf?f2ls1k.'v .H f nf - . S, fs, .:-,, , - - ., Hmefff-2 f 1 wiki . f fesegsgm, .. - man. 'TWH prepare or career as well as Home life . alilvfil ....-,.-as I 1 K ,M--, H5 Q 5 ,Q 2 is 1952! 5 we 4 W E 2 ME Here is Miss Smith during one of her many lectures in science. She also enjoys brousing around in one of the cit:y's many shops after a hard day's work. Qn Appreciation We, the Seniors of Allen jay High S choo 1, gratefully dedicate this, our 19 6 2 ALN-JA-HI, to you, MISS DORIS SMITH. Your outstanding teaching ability combined with your determined and devoted efforts in the field of science have made the Allen jay science department the out- standing one it is. You have created inus a keen interest in the field of science and have been instrtunental inf guiding us through our high school yearsg years in which we saw many of our fondest dreams be- come our most cherished realities. Please ac c e pt this dedication as an open, sincere statement of our sentiments for you. We pray that you will be the inspiration to others that you have been to us. s m " frf' ms- Y ,YUET , , , Q ,J ,... W W J. h ..., -.Xl f, . , is 4 K 3' K 2 S K 4 L 1 4 11 .11 4- x -y 3 Zz I , , ,Q N, ., , , . , , . , ., M M., H XM, l N WL HMV, ,WVWW ,WM V " ,ff xv ,fs-few!fweevf-wfimiwefggfsw gg,,, ,.a:5,f:, - if ,w.:.,,: , -U: nf, -, .p-:fu - iw f wzmlailf uw fw WA M- , 'mf ff wfye"'L4S2'i 1sJf'2wlMi2'?f ,AA f,wW25Ri',a15Sgg4ggig5+sfLf-9?gs5s2i.,4Mfe'Ww?Y Aw fiegbf Wfizw 9f2ff:f?a?E'3ams:sfyKgfggss?2t, ,wSiss3A?iLaw?'9?-i"i1M 'fav WY EVN , f 2'-: ' LE' :-2f,sewym, -g A gigfm, 2,ig,,M'f5f A: A ,g,3f2a2f,,,,3,'bw ,,f,f,g:g, dggmi'3,y,',5,: ff2'g5 L s?i , Agwifffiidez,1s2ffI,31fwzii5'22fs?i2zgi24'fWklKg5g:ag,fQ,,g5ggf4wa511'w., IZ5fegfg.w,gg'Yii-aiwisiis,gg1fgxw,43Xgv2iv:Z,4ge2Qign53q1,pwae,g:Qng,,'Qg58'm2i:fswgvi :Q 4545 f W gw,,gw,m?QgE QM,g,QgMfgfL91ggagg4gQmaM5f Q3,??EM,f,gQ2Xw,,gwiggg ,-Aamwfgfwxfz2:e'qgw,ie1Mt'HwyMSQQSwr1fMsmmf,Ww':sff??i24iL M52,rfwfiwwwzgm-Wwwsagevgs Ssimgpmfe5,,w32R5ggaw,1kL A S A AiQ?J?,55g?WA?MQ2w3Ii,ikfkwigxgiigwgmggsgg, iy1Vw,w.gg1,? 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Qzgyfa a 3: . f ' ,,.. gew, sf,wingH4wjkf 2 ,viwfw .Q 552,:w',l,gAtf1vi1Egg,f,:qw Q, 'W 241 iwiyx,Jszf5ffi5'xQ,,V1, gffjgzr'Q'i.g5',,:f:QMlf .,,, K, . , ., filf , A ,. ng I H . -G: gwgif Vivrix fffffl' IFS? r?'iifff' i f . xi Q 1 H455 '1fY7'5ii4f5 ' 7 f -i' .. z fwfli f'ff-'ms-wrlqfgfj 5: , , A ,, 'Atl' iisslifbiifwifi 'f ' ' 7 ff.. wf'Zi'f.5'?Mf'15i5q H - H ' Q, N I ff , Wm 5312 , L, ,,,,. , ,.L., L, 1 1 -W ,,k,L , A , ,, ,K . ,,,. A 1 t H L E 2 2? Q Superintendent MR. E. P. PEARCE, JR. Scnool Board Superintendent of Guilford County Schools. UI' Left to right: Mr. E. B. Crowsong Mr. R. Claude Coltraneg Mr. M. R. Ingram, Chairrnang Mr. J. M. Thomas, Secre- taryg Mr. L. J. Summey. Headers fi' W""r Principal To one who has gone far beyond the call of duty in providing leadership and understanding for the students at Allen Jay, it is hard to find words to express our deep grati- tude. Mr. Early, the Senior class extends to you the heart- felt thanks for the great roll that youhave played ,in shaping our future. The pictures to the left show that the life of a principal is a busy one both during and after school. 13 Slementary Principal MRS. C. S. KELLER Primary School Building Principal A.B. , M. Ed. MRS. KATHLEEN WHITE Secretary MRS. DOROTHY ROBBINS Primary School Secretary 3 a c u 1 t y MRS. LALAH PURVIS English, Guidance MR. ARDENAL I-IANEY B. S. , M. Ed. English, General Business 4 MRS. HALLIE MYERS B.S. , M. Ed. Business Education 1 MRS. MARTHA POWELL 't A.B. English, French 2 MRS. RUTH CAUSEY B. S. Home Economics MISS DORIS SMITH 51 . ' B. S. A Science S ..g: MR. JAMES SWIGGETT B. S. Social Studies, Coach Q MR. CARROLL R. POWELL 7' B. S. , M. A. Librarian MR. BILL MARLOWE B. M. Glee Club, Band ,S 15 MR. O. E. MOYE A. B. , M. A. Social Studies MR. PAUL BARNES A. B. General Math, Physical Education, Coach sein S ,. . ,M -4 .H , , Nm W 'W A 'li 2 .-.,afE!'i , 2. sa A dw-,ivy , ...,,,. MRS. MILDRED HUSSEY B. S. Mathematics MR. TOMMY YoUNTs' A. B. Math, Physical Education, Coach 'I in ' , R -...,, 1-. MISS SUE WINN Eighth Grade MRS. LOUISE EASTER Eighth Grade MR. LINWOOD A. HARRIS Eighth Grade MR. W. A. CAMERON Eighth Grade MISS RACHEL LEE EARP Seventh Grade MR. JAMES E. HAYES Seventh Grade MISS CATHERINE COBLE Seventh Grade MISS MARY BAILEY Seventh Grade MISS MINNIE ROBERTSON Sixth Grade MRS. EVELYN R. ALLRED Sixth Grade 1. " MM 'ff 1 Slementary Haculty MRS. BLANCHE E. JARVIS Special Education MRS. MARY ELLEN BOWDEN Sixth Grade MRS. JUANITA S. EARLY Fifth Grade MISS SARAH M. OSBORNE Fifth Grade MRS. RUBYE G. BISSETTE Fifth Grade MRS. MARY ROBERTSON Second Grade MRS. SARAH WHITE Second Grade MISS CAROLYN CHILDRESS Second Grade MRS. MARJORIE YOUNTS First Grade MRS. REBECCA W. PLUMMER First Grade MRS. BEULAH ANDREWS First Grade MRS. MARY JO STROUD First Grade MRS. FRANCES MABE Music MRS. MONA POWELL Elementary Librarian MISS BEULAH MOTON Piano MRS. BETTY GRIFFITH Fifth Grade MRS. NANCY CRISSMAN Fourth Grade MISS JACQUELINE GARNER Fourth Grade MRS. JUANITA SPALDING Fourth Grade MRS. CHARLOTTE DAVIS Third Grade MRS. JUANITA JOHNSON Third Grade MRS. PEARLE OLIVER Third Grade MRS. ROSALIE H. LYON Third Grade MRS. TROY H. KELLER Second Grade MISS JULIA GARNER Second Grade .J , , , ,H ,.,, ,,,,5 X wx- 5 1 me H 'QV i"4'Hl'f . , 5, A Q 556 Senior CUSS c1zfeams Qf fHQfufure W, ,, E SENIOR GIRLS' OFFICERS ' Left to right: judy Kivett, Treasurer, Tommie Ellington, Secretary, Barbara Shelton, Reporterg Cheryl Lassiter, President, Pat Melton, Vice President MRS. LALAI-I PURVIS, Senior Girls' Advisor S - . 1 7 . MR. ARDENAL HANEY, senior Boys' Advisor 6 Tl I O I' Q I I' S O I C Senior Advisors Senior Class Officers SENIOR BOYS' OFFICERS Left to right:Farrell Handy, Secretary, Randy Spencer, Vice President, Ronald Sheppard, Treasurer, Ted Fallenstein, President, Larry Leonard, Reporter. 18 i i i i .ffl MJ ...Q ,W 0 rw... f 5 ' Q.. I "'i?'--if "I-Ii Everybody," Freddy Byrd and Peggy Bowman have warm smiles and friendly hello's for all and t1hat's what makes them MOST POPULAR. JOANNE BELOTE "Good matured, friendly, jolly, and clever, her tongue like a brooklet goes on forever. " Cheerleader 45 F. B. L.A. Club 45 Aln-ja-Hi Staff 4, Monogram C lub 4, Reporter 4. High Point High School: 1, 2, 3, Y-Teens 1, 25 Student Store Clerk 25 Pemican Editorial Staff 35 junior Red Cross 3. N. ,.0-ww, PEGGY BOWMAN "Men may come and men may go, but not if lcau help it. " Beta Club 3,4, Secretary 4, Cheerleader 43 Mono- gram Club 4, F. T. A. Club 33 Highlights Staff 3,45 Aln-ja-l-li Staff43SuperlaLive 4g"MissAln-ja-Hi Runner-Up 43 Crowell-Collier Award 3, Banque t Committee 3. High Point High School: 1,25 Y- Teens 1,2. 19 FAYE ALLRED "To be successful is my goal. " Glee Club 1,Ir.Varsity Basketball 1, Pep Club 15 4-l-I Club 1, 2, Vice President 25 Dance Band 1, 25 Banquet Committee 35 Cheerleader 3, 45 Monogram Club 3, 45 Aln-ja-Hi Staff 43 Crowell-Collier Award 35 Home- coming Queen 4. BILL ASBILL "Idle, slow, and unconcerned, he went to class and sometimes learned. " Glee Club 25 Perfect Attendance 1, 2, 331-li-Y Club 35 Crowell-Collier Award 33 Ad Champ 4. Seniors 1962 is -. MMM ROGER BROWER "Earnest endeavor will receive its own reward. " Band 15 Library Club 15 Junior Eng i ne e rs and Scientist Institute 2. LYNDON BYRUM "All great men are dying, I don't feel well myself." Homecoming Escort 15 Debating Club 35 Reporter 35 Banquet Committee 35 Perfect Attendance 35 High- lights Staff 35 Class Reporter 35 F.B.L.A. Club 35 Crowell-Collier Award 35 Library Club 4, President 45 junior Civitans 4, President 45 Aln-Ia-Hi Staff 45 Superlative 4. Seniors 1962 sg ' " -we A , . aa, ,.s, MARIE BUNDY "When hearts are true, few words will do. " Jr. Varsity B a sk e tb a ll 15 Pep Club 15 Perfect Attendance 1,25 35 C-lee Club 25 Crowell-Collier Award 35 Look 100 Club 35 Banquet Committee 35 Cheerleader 3, 45 Monogram Club 3, 45 F. B. L.A. Club 3,45 Highlights Staff 45 Aln-ja-Hi Staff 45 Superlative 4. FRED BYRD "Its great to be a ladies' man. " Monogram Club 1, 25 3,45 Football 1, 253,45 F.B. L.A. Club 45 Superlative 4. Their s cho l ast i c ability and leadership gained for Ted Fallenstein and Ann Shackelford the title of BEST LEADER. l A L Music in their fingers and rhythm in their toes enabled Pat Melton and Larry N Leonard to receive the title of MOST TALENTED. DENNIS COLE "O.K.teacher, youcan talk now-I'Ve finished." Highlights Staff 3,43 Alu-ja-Hi Staff4g Hi-Y Club 33 F.T.A. Club 45 F.B.L.A. 45 4-H Club 1,25 Superlative 4. fix 'nm R 'sf Www-Q .M gr IRENE COLTRANE "A real, sweet girl, and well liked by all. Library Club 3,4. 21 My I' - .E A e w . 1' , ..,, : nw I -:'f YVWQ, W M, .. -iwvwu. ALVIS CAMPBELL "Men of few words are the best men. " Debating Club 3, 4, Pr e sid en t 3, 43 junior Civitan Club 45 Banquet Committee 35 Perfect Attendance 1,25 Aln-ja-Hi Editor 43 Highlights Staff 3gCrowe1l-Collier Award 35 Histor-yAward 35 Beta Club 3,45 Marshal 35 Superlative 4. RONNIE CHILTON "Never think, it might disturb your mind." F. B. L.A. Club 43 Football 2. Seniors 1962 wf, --:wwf V'r'L ir e Why study too hard? Edna Palmer and Ronnie Younts know the answers and many more because they are MOST STUDIOUS. RICHARD DOBBINS RONNIE EFIRD "Silence accomplishes much that noise cannot." "Do what you can, when you can, if you can. Perfect Attendance 13 Baseball 2, 3, 4. Ir. Varsity Basketball 1, 23 jr. Varsity Football 1 RAEFORD CRANFORD "He's a steam roller in a football uniform. " Football 1,2,3,4,All Conference 43 Baseball 1,2,3,45 Track 43 Hi-Y Club 25 Monogram Club 1, 2, 3,4. ORVILLE DILLS "This football man is all right! He would tackle anything. " Football 1,2,3,All Conference 2,3gBasketball 1,2,3, All Conference 2, 33 Baseball 1, 25 Track 2, 35 Mono- gram Club 1,2,3,4, Vice President 3, President 45 Class Vice President 15 Superlative 4. Seniors 1962 22 x 1 -K Sportsmanship and a great love for basketball, football, and track make Sonja Elks and Orville Dills MOST ATHLETIC in the Senior Class. SONJA ELKS "If lwere an article of clothing, I'd like to be a necktie so I'd have a man to hang around. " Varsity Basketball 1,2,3,4, All Conference 3, Track 1,2,3,45 Softball Team 35Monogram Club 1, 2, 3,45 4-H Club 1, 2, 3,4, Secretary 2, Song Leader 3, Secretary-Treasurer 4, County Winner 2, 3, 4, District Winner 3, He alth Queen 2, 35 F. B. L.A. Club 3,4,Reporter45 F. T.A. Club 1, 2, 3,45 Highlights Staff 4, Banquet Committee 3, PerfectAttendance 15 PepClub 13 F. H.A. Club 2, Superlative 4, Basketball Co-Captain 4. -4911 TOMMIE ELLINGTON "Not too serious, not too gay, but a true blue girl in every way. " Glee Club 3, F. H. A. Club 2, PepClub 15 F. B. L. A. Club 3,-4,1-Iistorian 4,Highlights Staff 43 Banquet Committee 35 Class Secretary 45 F. T.A.Club2, 3, 45 jr. V a r sit y Basketball 15 Crowell-Collier Award 35 Homecoming Attendant 4. ' t s 23 mg,-V. ..,, .,,. , JEANETTE ELDER "Character is the cornerstone of success. " Pep Club 15 jr. Varsity Basketball 1,25 Perfect Attend- ance l,2,3, Class Secretary 2, F. H. A. Club 25 Mono- gram Club 2, 3,45 Class Treasurer 35 Beta Club 3,45 Crowell-Collier Award 35 M a r s h al 35 Cheerleader 2,3,4, Chief 4, F. B. L.A. Club 3, 4, State Vice Presi- dent 45Aln-Ja-Hi Editor 43 Superlative 45 Miss "Aln- Ia-Hi" Runner-Up 4. Seniors 1962 WALTER ETHRIDGE "Nothing is more highly valued than Good Nature. " Football 3,43 Monogram Club 3,45 Track 4. is K in g TED FALLENSTEIN SI-IEILA GRIFFIN "Someday I'll own a fortune. . . " "She's a cute, wee thing. " Class President 153,45 Class Reporter 25 Hi-Y Club Fall Festival Queen 25 Glee Club 2, 35 F. B. L. A. 2, 3517, B, L, A, Club 45 Monogram Club 2, 3, 43 Jr. Club 35 Perfect Attendance 2535 Highlights Staff4. Varsity Basketball 15 Varsity Basketball 253,45 Banquet Committee 35Toastmaster 35jr. Civitan Club 4, Treasurer 45 City Editor 45 Beta Club 3,45 Vice President 45 Marshal 35 Superlative 4. ILA GOUDE "A good laugh is a light in the dark." Glee Club 35 F.T.A. Club 354, Program Com- mittee 45 Highlights Staff 3545 F. B. L. Ae Club 3,45 Library Club 2545112 Varsity Basketball 15 Pep Club 15 Crowell-Collier Award 3. FARRELL HANDY Efficiency, eagerness, and the ability to strive forward helped Linda Hauser and Ronald Sheppard. They are sure to be successful and MOST LIKELY TO SUCCEED in any field. "I'm certain that I am loved by all women. " Pep Club 1, 4-H Club 1,2, 3, President 3, P.B.L.A. ciub 3,4, President 4, F.T.A. Club 45 H1-Y Club 3, Class Secretary 45 Highlights Staff 45 Superlative 4. Seniors 1962 new P M. ? What to wear, and when to wear it? Marie Bundy and Lyndon Byrum know the answer, for they are BEST DRESSED. LYDIA HENDRICKS "Its nice to be natural, if you're naturally nice." Varsity Basketball 2, 3, 45 Beta Club 3,45 Track 1,2,3,45 Marshal 33 jr. Varsity Basketball 1, Aln- ja-I-Ii Staff 4, Monogram Club 2, 3,45 4-H Club 1,25 Glee Club 13 Banquet Committee 35 Crowell- Collier Award 3, Perfect Attendance 1, 2, 3. 'K RONNIE HOOVER "I never let school interfere with my education." 4-H Club 1,2,3. 25 SANDRA HASSELL "Why should the devil have all the fun?" F.l-LA. C lub 1,25 F.B.L.A. Club 3,43 Highlights Staff 4, Pep Club 1, jr. Varsity Basketball 1, 2, Aln- Ia-Hi S t a ff 4, Perfect Attendance 1, 2, 33 Crowell- Collier Award 3. ROGER l-IELMSTETLER "Its better to wear out in mischief than to rust by being to solemn. " Varsity Basketball 2,3,-lg jr. Varsity 15 Monogram Club 2,3,4, Hi-Y Club 2, Class Reporter 13 Class Sec- retary 3, F.B. L.A. Club 4, Homecoming Escort 3, Banquet Committee 3,Aln-ja-Hi Staff 45 Pep Club 1. Seniors 1962 LINDA HOUSER "She's the kind whose nature never changes. " Glee Club 35 Marshal 35 Beta Club 3,45 F.T.A.Club 25 Band 3, Librarian 35 F.B.L.A. Club 35 Super- lative 4. TED JOHNSON "You can judge a man not by the words he speaks, but by the silence he keeps. " Perfect Attendance 2, 33 Alu-ja-Hi Staff 4. Seniors 1962 With their misc hie vo us, witty ways and special gift of small talk, Barbara Shelton and Dennis Cole always have a willing audience, for they are the MGSTMISCHIEVOUS twosome in the Senior Class. CHERYL LASSITER "As a last resort-use common sense. " Class President 2,43 Class Vice President 15 Class JUDY KIVETT "Her eyes how they sparkle- her dimples so merry. " Class Reporter 25 Class Treasurer 45 Glee Club 35 F.T.A. Club 2, 3, 4, Vice President 45 F. B. L.A. Club 3, 45 Library Club 45 Highlights Staff 3,45 Aln-ja-Hi Staff 4, F.H.A. Club 25 4-H Club 15 jr. Varsity Basketball 1, 25 Pep Club 1. 26 Secretary 35 F.T.A. Club 3,45 Treasurer 3, Sec- retary 45 F.B. L.A. Club 3, 45 Bet a Club 3, 45 Treasurer 45 Highlights Staff 3,45Aln-Ia-Hi Staff 45112 Varsity Basketball 1,23 F.H.A. Club 25 Crowell-Collier Award 35Banquet Committee 3, Home Economics Award 25 Pep Club 15 Perfect Attendance 15Ad Champ Rtumer-Up 4, Superla- tive 4. , . Real courtesy is the "rare" jewel that Irene Price and Denton Smith possess to make them the MOST COURTEOUS of the class. LUCILIE LEONARD "Ring on her finger-man on her mind. " Class Treasurer 2, F,H.A. Club 1, 2, Pep Club 1, Monogram Club 3, 4, Treasurer 4, F. B. L. A. Club 3,4,Aln-Ja-Hi Staff 4, Class Reporter 3gBanquet Committee 35 Assistant Editor of Highlights Staff 3, Perfect Attendance 1, 2, 3, jr. Varsity Basket- ball 1, 2, Varsity Basketball 35 Superlative 43 Homecoming Attendant 3. "Not too so GARY LOCKHART ber, not too gay, but in every way. " Bus Driver 3. a good fellow LARRY LEONARD "Big stuff, I calls myself. " Football 1,2,3,4, All Conference 4, Monogram Club 1,2,3,4, Hi-Y Club 2,35 4-H Club 1,2,3, Reporter 3, Band 1, Z, 3,4, President 43 F. T.A. Club 3, F.B. LA. Club 3,4, Parliamentarian 43C1ass Reporter 43 Super- lativc 4, Crowell-Collier Award 33 Dance Band 1, 2, 3,4. Seniors 1962 DEAN MACON "The studious die young, I'm looking forward to a long life. " Football 1, Track 13 Monogram Club 13 4-H Club 1,2,3, F.B.L.A. Club 45 Class President 2, Class Vice President 1,33 Homecoming Escort 25 Hi-Y Club 2. 27 is :QA e-vvwu-sau .9 ...LM ' 7 JEFF MANN "His ways are his own. " Football 45 Baseball 3,45 Perfect Attendance 2. IARRY MCCALL "Athletic, good looking and sweet5 a boy like him is a pleasure to meet." Football 1,2,3,4, Captain 45 jr. Varsity Basketball 15 Varsity Basketball 2,3,45Track 25 Monogram Club 1, 253,45 Perfect Attendance 2,35Bus Driver 3,45 Super- lative 45 Basketball Co-Captain 4. Seniors 1962 wav aff' PAT MELTON "A sweet little bundle of charm. " F.T.A. Club 25354, Officer 35 F.B.L.A. Club 3,45 Officer 45 Class Officer 1545 Glee Club 35 Band 3,45 Officer 3, 45 Homecoming Attendant 25 Aln-ja-Hi Staff 45 Miss "Alu-Ja-Hi" 4. LOUISE MEREDITH "Every woman to her own opinion. " Gle e Club 1, 2, 3,45 F.B. L.A. Club 45 Library Club 2. Charming personality and pleasing appearance gained for Brenda McDaniel and Larry McCall the title of BEST LOOKING. Mar" -f" The stateliness ofCarol Ratledge and Lawrence McCall captured the superlative OST DIGNIFIED. GENE MCNABB LARRY MORGAN "I love to wind my mouth-Ilove to hear it go." "A golden silence is the truest friend. " Band 152, 35 F.B. L.A. Club 35 Bus Driver 3, 45 Baseball 25 jr. Varsity Basketball 15 Class Secre- Jr. Varsity Basketball 1, 2. tary 15 Perfect Attendance 1, 25 3. LAWRENCE MCCALL "His heart is like the door of a safe. There is only one combination. " , E Track 2,35 Football 153, All Conference 35 Monogram un v"""W'5k Club 3,45C1'OWQll-Collier Award 35 jr. Varsity Basket- H. 3 ball 1, 25 Supcrlative 4. BRENDA MCDANIEL "Her heart is oh so big, though very, very, small is she. " I' Track 15 Pep Club 15 Class Officer 25 Banquet Com- p mittee 35 Look 100 Club 35 Crowell-CollierAwarcl 35 Jak ,S K F.T.A. Club 35 Aln-Ia-Hi Staff 45 F.B. L.A.Club 45 'AMX ' YQ ' Superlativc 45 Miss "Aln'ja-Hi" Runner-Up 4. ,aww-tr - Seniors 1962 l Q EDNA PALMER "There are some people who can't help being nice.' Library Club 3,43 F. T.A. Club 45 Highlights Staff 4, Crowell-Collier Award 35 Perfect Attendance 1, 2, 3, Track 4, Superlative 4. IRENE PRICE "Her happy laughter is a joy to hear and her grace and charm make her doubly dear. " Beta Club 3,45 Banquet Committee 3, Library Club 1, Seniors 1962 Cheryl Lassiter and Farrell Handy, who possess an obvious love of life, are blessed with the something "extra" in personality. That is why theywere selected BEST PERSONALITY. ANN SHACKELFORD "Its my life-let me live it. " Pep Club 13 F. H.A. Club 23 Jr. Varsity Basketball CAROL RATLEDGE "Leave silence to the saints, I'm only human. " F. H.A. Club 25 F. T.A. Club 1, 2, 3, 4, Secretary 3, President 43 Crowell-Collier Award 35 Super- lative 4. , 1,23Marshal 3, Class President 1,33 Toastmistress 33 Girls' State Delegate 3517. T.A. Club 3,4, Historian 43 F. B. L. A. Club 3,4, Secretary 45 Beta Club 3, 4, Debating Club 3,4, Reporter 4, Perfect Attendance 33 Aln-ja-Hi Staff45 D. A. R. Award 4. 30 1. s The Senior Class voted Jeanette Elder and Randy Spencer BEST ALL AROUND because of their wide interest in varied activities. RONALD SHEPPARD "If youget to the top, look me up, I'll be there." Hi-Y Club 1, 2, 3, Secretary and Treasurer 2, 33 F.B.L.A. Club 3, Monogram Club 3,45 Perfect Attendance 1,2,35 Class Treasurer 2,45 Class Sec- ' retary 3, jr. Varsity Basketball 1,23 Varsity Basket- ball 3,4g Beta Club 3,-1, President 43 jr. Civitan 3, 45 Marshal 35 Superlative 45Aln-Ia-Hi Staff 4. tm , SUE SKEEN "Generally speaking, she's generally speaking." 4-H Club 1, jr. Varsity Basketball 15 Track 1,23 Dramatics Club 2, Glee Club 4, Highlights Staff 4, Crowell-Collier Award 3. ,tt A . M 1 --' 2 fr ,QQ -:.1 l.H ' . 1 'luu LV.. - KQ i I ,af ' Ln- - ' " 31 BARBARA SHELTON Always smiling, never sad, a little mischievous, but never mad." Pep Club lg F.T.A.Club 2, 35 Historian 35 F.B.L.A. Club 45 Class Treasurer 1, Class Reporter 4, Band 1, 2, 3, 4, Reporter 4, Majorette 1,2,3,4, Dance Band 4, Debating Club 3, 4,Aln-ja-Hi Staff 4gBanquet Com- mittee 3. lr Seniors 1962 DENTON SMITH "The only way to have a friend is to be one." Band 1, Superlative 43 Perfect Attendance 1,2,3, jr. Varsity Basketball 1. EUGENE SPAIN "Why love one when you can love 'em all." Hi-Y Club 2,35 Glee Club 15 2, 3,45 Band 15 F.B. L.A. Club 4. LINDA STUTTS It takes a little dynamite to make a big explosion!" F. H. A. Club 1525 F. B. L. A. Club 35 Pep Club 15 Monogram Club 3,45 jr. Varsity Basketball 1, 25 Var- sity Basketball 3,45 Perfect Attendance 15 Highlights Staff 45 Aln-Ja-Hi Staff 45 Basketball Co-Captain 4. Seniors 1962 CAROL STEVENSON "She preferred to be good rather than seem so." RANDY SPENCER "I-lmmmm! Where did she come from?" F.B.L.A. Club 354, Vice President 45 Projects Committee 35 Hi-Y Club 35 F. T.A. Club 35 Class Officer 45Aln-ja-Hi Staff 45 BanquctCommittee 35 Bus Driver 45 Substitute 35 jr. Civitan Club 45 jr. Varsity Basketball 15 Superlativc 4. Dependable, capable, and outstanding leaders are the inumerable qualities that make Alvis Campbell and Lucille Leonard MOST DEPENDABLE. 'T' Barry McCall and Pamela Tuttle won the hearts ofthe Seniors and were elected MASCOTS. DALE WHITE "To worry little, study less, is my secret of happiness. " M MILDRED THAYER "Silence is golden-but we're off the gold standard." Pep Club lg F.H.A. Club 2, Jr. Varsity Basketball 1, VarsityBasketball 2,3,4,Track 1,2,3,Perfec1:Attend- ance 1, Monogram Club 2,3,4, F. T.A. Club 3,4 Crowell-Collier Award 3. RONNIE YOUNTS "It is the silent who live the longest and learn the most. " Perfect Attendance 2, Crowell-Collier Award 35 Class Vice President 2, jr. Varsity Basketball 2, Chief Marshal 3, Beta Club 3,45 Hi-Y Club 3, Debating Club 3, Aln-Ja-Hi Staff 4, Jr. Civitan Club 4, F.B.L.A. Club 4, Superlative 4. 33 km, fag, GARY TROTTER "Give me a million beautiful girls, but give me one at a time. " Football 1, 2, 3, 4, Co-Captain 4, All Conference 45 jr. Varsity Basketball 39 Track 2, 3,43 Monogram Club 1, 2, 3, 4, Vice President 45 F. B. L. A. Club 4, Banquet Committee 39 Ain-Ja-Hi Staff 4, Band 3. JESSE TYNDALL "As for work, he's not speedy, he's not greedy, but he'll share it with anyone. " Bus Driver 3, 4, Perfect Attendance 3. Seniors 1962 Pep rallies are enjoyed by everyone. Friendly chats are common between classes. The guidance and counseling by Mrs. Purvis is helpful to all Seniors. u ,, E Seniors in clerical practice gain experience in Working in the office. , Studying is also important in your Senior year. Groups of Seniors enjoy agame of ping-pong after school. :snow 1 1 ? 3 2 3 s ,fmt 5 NN, f "Hu: :WM M.- , www 7 W. ..,- , W.m....W,4J.-x- A A HMWW W. LM ,, .W.W,,,v,.u,NW,,W,,MWM W,M-MmwfwW,..W.,m..,.M.n.W,,,-,M,, M, M. . ,, Banquef unior Advisors Mrs. Hallie Myers, junior Girls, MR. O. E. MOYE, junior Boys. Left to right: jane Burton, President, Donna Wheat, Reporterg Linda Kinley, Treasurer, Janice Kennedy, Secretary, Dana McPherson, Vice President. unior Class Officers Left to right: Ronnie Drye, President5Gareth Beshears, Reporter, Mickey Asbill, Secretary, Darrell Briles, Vice President, Ricky Morris, Treasurer. 36 uniors KENNETH CAMPBELL JERRY CECIL JOYCE COLTRANE RUBY CAMPBELL BILLY CLINARD NANCY COWAN MICKEY ASBILL EDITH BARNES JERRY BELL SUSAN BELCTE GARETH BESHEARS DARRELL BRILES LARRY BROCK IRENE BRYSON JERRY BUNDY JANE BURTON 37 ul'-A BETTY CRAVEN SHIRLEY DIGG S NATHAN ROBBINS RONALD DRYE WILLARD ELLINGTON LEO FARABEE DAVID FRENCH MARY FRENCH TERRY GARNER JANE GIBSON 38 uniors Juniors returning from Washington trip. FRANKIE RANDY GREENE HAITHCOCK E if Q 2 5 Class of1963 BARBARA RICKY MORRIS MEDFORD VERNA MCCLAY RANDY MORROW DINA N. J. MCCUISTON MCPHERSON PRUDENCE HALL CAROL HEPLER PATSY HICKS PAUL JOHNSON ROY JOHNSON IANICE KENNEDY LINDA KINLEY DANNY KIRKMAN BARBARA KISER BARBARA MACON 39 "5f'?' i 'umu- I in.. uniorsJ JOE OVERCASH GEORGE OWENS IOSEPHINE RILEY GILBERT SCOTT DARRELL SHIVES JOYCE SIMS CAROL DONNA WHEAT THOMPSON GWENDOLYN L EDDIE WHITE WRIGHT J JOYCE SMITH CLAYTON SPIVEY Y SHARON STROUD JAMES SWANEY 40 11 '11- '9P""'P" f W k in ' I ' , 2 A k ,,,,...N iuuihmw...w 5He f SopHomores Dream ofGfie lU21sHington Grip Sopgomore Advisors Mrs.Mildred Hussey, Sophomore Boys, Mrs.Martha Powell, Sophomore Girls. 4 Left to right: Wanda Howlett, Vice President Brenda Brewer, Secretary, Doris Burton, Re- porter, Von Powell, Treasurer. Sopfromore Class Officers Left to right: Eugene Hanson, Treasurer, Lloyd Hill, Reporter, David Mowery, President, Donald Stone, Secretary, jimmy Brooks, Vice President. 42 Class of 1964 Sophomore girls learn more about homemaking in their second year of Home-Economics. SUZANNE STEVE DAVIS DRAUGI-IN , X VIC KI BARNES FAYE BLAIR BRENDA BREWER JIMMY BROOKS DORIS BURTON SANDY CARMICHAEL PAT CECIL BOBBY CLEARY REBECCA COX DOTTIE CROSS 43 'QW JOHN EASTER SHIRLEY ELLINGTON WAYNE FLOYD SHARON F RAZIER GLENDA FREEMAN JANICE FREEMAN JOYCE GILL DOUGLAS GORDON RANDALL I-IALSEY BUTCH HANSEN 44 SopHomores These Sophomores find reading DONALD I-IELMS RONALD HELMS if S if E f W K E F Si 9 K -l 5 X K Class of 1964 to be a most enjoyable pastime. BRENDA JONES BETTY KINLEY RAYMOND HELPER SHARYN HENDERSON CAROLYN HILL LLOYD HILL JOANNE HILLIARD JERRY HOUSER WANDA HOWLETT LINDA HUCKS SANDRA HUTCHENS EDDIE JACKSON 45 KAY LANCE KEVAN MCCLAY JOYCE MCDOWELL MYRON MAHAFFY JUDY MCMAI-IAN FRED MEREDITH JIMMY MILIKAN BRENDA MORAN TEDDY MORRIS DAVID MOWERY 46 SopHomo1'es BILL NELSON GEORGE PENDERGRAPH HAROLD PROCTOR TIM PARKER VON POWELL BILLY REAGAN Class of 1964 Sophomores find their B io lo g y class a new, fascinating subject. DONALD STONE RAY STONE NANCY REYNOLDS ALTON RILEY SHIRLEY ROUTI-I DONNIE SAFERIGI-IT BRENDA SHEFFIELD LINDA SHEFFIELD MIKE SI-IOAF VIVIAN SNIDER BRENDA SPIVEY LINDA STEWART 47 ROGER STONE NANCY STRADER PI-IILLIP STYRON BARBARA THAYER LARRY THOMAS MICKEY TUTTLE PEGGY TYNDALL I-I. A. VARNER JIMMY WALDEN HELEN WEST 48 Sopgomores Q. S ex Q 1 4 Sophomores learn the fundamentals of math in their first year algebra class. JOYCE WYATT CALVIN YATES IX 'Img 'J' -.uf V.f,..': 2 .,,,. 1 ,VVV.- I kr 11 If e 545 m e n D zr e am of Be i n g U p p e r c 1 a s s m e n flfkI?1f'.'- 1 f T' , - K - ' x , V , ,,., ,1 ,f,.11xS,1W ,,., ,M V. , 1' , 1 , .. , - , , , , 1.-111mg-V. ,. ,. ,,1m,1,-V ,,'g - 1-M V , ,f , V f,gf1w11,1,,,11,1 " 1, .Wrggfyfgggxiasizm-1', ,-ww' 11 w -V ,1 ,kgwi-,1:sx11,ax.1.1 V 1 W, V 11 1- - 1 ,. 1 1 1 wg .I , ,,,-5V,M,,,1,Ag,5m115b11kLm L , , wi-,11 , 41 ,112 , ,L greshman Advisors TH Left to right: Miss Doris Smith, Mr. Paul Barnes, Mrs. Ruth Causey, Mr. Bill Marlowe, Freshman Advisors. ,uf ' ' 11 I We , M ,Ni lnmmxmmig an retary. ff-ee, V et, -v""' First row, left to right: Doreen Beshears, Re- porter, Sarah Pearce, Secretary, Joyce jenkins, Treasurer, Sharon johnson, Reporter. Second row: Ellen Dehart, Vice President, Sharon Stover, President, Diane johnson, Secretary, Violet Hicks, Treasurer. fireshman Class Gfficers First row, left to right, Keith Mann, Reporter, Steven Staley, Vice President, Clarence Hailey, President, Ray Shackleford, T r e a s ur e r. Second row: Dickie Medlin, Vice President, Donald Arnold, President, Barry Zackary, Vice President, Randall Brooks, Sec- EDDIE ALLISON VICKI ANDERSON DONALD ARNOLD CATHRINE BARNES LARRY BARNES SANDRA BAYLIS DOREEN BESHEARS ROGER BLACKWELL RANDALL BROOKS JUDY BROWN S1 3resHmen GARY COLE RANDY COLE GENE COLTRANE STEVE COLTRANE MIC KIE COWAN JENELLE CRAVEN MARY ANN CRAVEN ELLEN DE HART ROBERT DUKE CAROLYN JANICE ETHRIDGE DUNNING DARRELL F REDDIE FARABEE FOLWELL JIMMY FOSTER PAUL DICKENS JUDY DRUMMOND 52 Class of1965 BARBARA IVEY SHARON JACKSON JOYCE JENKINS BARBARA JACKSON HARVEY JARRETT DIANE JOHNSON ILEEN GEIGER CLARENCE I-IALEY MARGARET HALL EDDIE HAZELWOOD PAM HELMS DAVID HILLIARD RUTH ANN HODGE MICHAEL HURLEY JIMMY HUTCHENS ROGER INGRAM 53 SHARON JOHNSON KENNETH JONES MARY JONES PAT JONES PAT KESTLER VINCENT KENNEDY DELORES KNIGHT MARSHALL LASSITER CLARENCE LEONARD LEROY LEONARD S4 gresfimen 5 S "I know the answer, Mr. Haney. " JAMES LOCKHART LINDA LOVE 5 E 5 sf if' S Q S 1 2 ii E 2 .XJ E M E 3, ez 5 3 K, 2 E 2 a 5 S 5 I 2. Tf Class of1965 BRENDA MOODY GERALD MOODY GERALDINE DON MORTON MOODY KATHY BOBBY MYRICK OVERCASI-I GARY MCDOWELL SI-IERRY MCDOWELL DANNY MANN KEITH MANN STANLEY MANN RONNIE MASON DICKIE MEDLIN DONNA MEREDITH LINDA MERED ITH MARGARET MICKEY 55 PAT NELSON SARAH PEARCE CAROLYN PERRY NILA ANN PHILLIPS DALE QUEEN BOB REECE GARY ROBINETTE SYLVIA ROBBINS HILDA ROSS RAY SI-IACKELF ORD 56 gresgmen L STEVE KAREN SHELTON SI-IACKELFORD JUDY STEELMAN BARBARA SHARON STOVER SHEPPARD ROGER STILES Class of 1965 LARRY WILLIARD PEGGY VUNCANNON BARRY ZACKARY. JIMMY WILSON WAYNE VUNCANNON SANDRA SWANEY WAYNE SWAN SON JERRY TREXLER STEVE TUTTLE FONDA TYSINGER CAROL WATSON TOMMY WELCH KENNETH WHEAT BRUCE WHITE PATSY WHITE 57 Sighih Qrade First row, left to right: Marty Adams, james Allen, Bob Anderson, Dolly Andrews, Shirley Andrews, Linda Ashburn, Rosemary Barnes, Robbie Benson,Linda Bishop, Phyllis Bridgeman, Carolyn Brown. Second row: Larry Byers, Betty Calloway, jimmy Calloway, Danny Carmichael, Arnold Carter, Michael Carter, Beverly Chambers, Carol Clinard, David Cochran, Alice Cox, Marie Cox. Third row: Kenneth Crowson, Tommy Crowson, Pam Davis, Barbara Dickens, Mary Dingler, Charles Dixon, Sherry Drummond, Ervin Ellington, jimmy Everhart, Sandra Floyd, Tommy Foster. Fourth row: Ricky Frazier, Linda Sue Gulledge, Roger Halsey, Sara Hendricks, Becky Hepler, Tony Hill, Patsy Hines, Ellen Honeycutt, Harold Hucks, Herman Hucks, Dayle Huffman. Fifth row: Randall Hunsucker, james ,Iennings,Dianne Jester, Herbert johnson, Patsy johnson, Rita Johnson, Maldia Keller, Theda Kennedy, Peggy Kiser, Brenda Lassiter, Larry Lawson. Sixth row: Wanda Loflin, Linda Lomax, David Mabe, Judy Mason, jenny McGee, Candy McLamb, Billy McRae, james Medlin, Barbara Meredith Terry Mitchell, Tomrny Mitchell. Seventh row: Tim Morris, Billy Morrow, Brenda Myers, Dwight Nelson, Larry Nunn, Lane Oldham, Martha Palmer, Cecil Pegram, Faye Peoples, Shelton Price, Larry Proctor. Eighth row: Gail Ratledge, Lynn Reagan, Brenda Reddick, Linda Reddick, Kathy Redding, Rachel Rees, Aubrey Riley, Larry Roach, Curtis Routh, Barry Rush, Tim Shively. Ninth row: Io Simpson, Linda Sims, Ronnie Sisk, jerry Smith, jimmy Smith, Randy Smith, Patricia Southard, Donald Spain, jerry Sprague, Bobby Stanley, jeff Steelman, Frances Stinson. Tenth rowzjudy Stroud, Woody Thomas, Rulene Tucker, Mike Vaden, Rodney Welborn, jimmy White, Larry Widener, Charles Williams, Vickie Williams, Linda Wilson, Ethel Wyatts, Gary Zachary. 1 saew I ' 1 1 7 f l ffawl " 'tml - In Seventh grade First row, left to right: Linda Adams, Doyla Alexander, Helen Ashley, Preston Beasley, Mickey Bodenheimer, jimmy Bowman, Ricky Brewer, Steve Brewer, james Brock, Virginia Broc k, David Bullabough, Mike Bullard. Second row: Donna Bundy, jimmy Biuidy, Libby Byers, Douglas Byrd, judy Carden, Kathy l d C d Carter, Ricky Chatham Alice Chapman, Betty Cleary, Claude Cleary Third row: Wade Clodfelter, Becky Coltrane, Brenda Carmichael, C au ia arter, ju y . , i . Cox, Michael Cox, Randy Cox, Ronnie Cox, Dallas Craven, Francine Cruthis, Douglas Darr, Clara Dills, Tammy Dunbar, Christine Ethridge. Fourth row. . l V G Diane Farlow, Larry Ferguson, Barbara Flowe, Linda Foster, Brenda Frazier, Carolyn Garner, Roger Garner, Harold Garrett, jeanette Garrett, Sharon arrett, Ralph Gibson, Frank Giles. Fifth row: Danny Hall, Trudy Hall, Nicky Hendrix, David Hicks, Colvin Hill, Cynthia Hill, Dennis Honeycutt, Linda Hooks, Beverly Hutchens, Nancy jackson, Carol jester, Dwight johnson. Sixth row: jerry johnson, Cheryl jones, Ronnie justice, Linda Kennedy, jeriita Kestler, Mary Kestler, Carole Leonard, Hilda Leonard, Cydnee Lowe, Diane Mann, Beverly Martin, Steve Martin. Seventh row: Gail McClay, Martha McDaniel, Bobbie M D ll Claudia McKinne Nancy McNabb, Marsha Mears, Robert Medford, Dwight Meredith, Candy Mills, Harry Mislioe, Arthur Moore, Diane Morris, c owe , y, jane Morrow. Eighth row: Gary Morton, Davey Motes, Shirley Myers, Randy Myrick, Sandra Myrick, judy Parker, Sheila Passmore, Mary Peele, joannt Perr man Leonard Phillips jimmy Price, jerry Queen, Anne Redding. Ninth row: Beverly Reece, Randy Rich, Brenda Roach, Rose Rodden, Gene Routh, Y i f Tommy Ruddock, Danny Scott, jerry Seavey, janice Sechrest, john Shelton, Ray Slack, Wayne Smith, Susan Stilley. Tenth row: Eddie Suits, Linda Tedder, jimmy Trotter, Glen Tysinger, Albert Walker, Ruth Walker, Becky Weatherrnan, Dana Weaver, Grayson Weaver, Curtis White, janice White, Carol Whitesell, joel Wilson. wg: , R 1 wi: 1 1 :il 1, ' 4 . , wa at , vi I ' ll - . ,11.,si,, . ,,,,,,h,.,, K Sixth grade First row, left to right: Clifford Ashburn, Diane Atkinson, Leon Auman, Ernestine Barnes, Cynthia Blackwell, Brenda Blair, Larry Bradley, Nancy Brooks, Raymond Brooks, Billy Bundy, jeffrey Bundy. Second row: Steve Byrd, Edward C ampb e ll, Harvey Carden, Billy Carroll, Brenda Carter, Brenda Carter, Keith Carter, Randel Chandler, jesse Childress, Ralph Childress, Michael Clinard. Third row: Carolyn Coltrane, Clark Coltrane, Perry Coltrane, Dillard Cox, jimmy Cox, Richard Cox, Benny Cruthis, Paula Davis, Vickie Dobbins, Barbara Draughn, David Duke. Fourth row: Charlotte Dimbar, Faye East, john Ellington, Vicki Ellington, Faye Faircloth, Cathy Farabee, Steve Farabee, Bruce Fauset, Helen Flowe, Franklin Foster, Ronald Foster. Fifth row: Ruth Garrett, Vickie Gill, Larry Gray, Melvin Griffin, Lester Hackaday, Howard Hall, john Hall, Clay Haynes, Brenda Hazelwood, Bruce Hazelwood, Janice Helms. Sixth row: j. C. Hill, Larry Hill, Rebecca Hucks, Helen Hudspeth, Odell Hudspeth, Billy Huffman, Bobby Huffman, Timothy Huffman, Roger jackson, john Jester, Dillard johnson. Seventh row: Randall johnson, Ronald Johnson, Linda Kennedy, Paula Kiser, Charles Kivett, Debbie Lawson, Gale Martin, Tommy McRae, Saundra Medlin, Lucille Melton, Bonnie Moran. Eighth row: David Morton, DeWitt Nelson, jewel Nelson, Linda Nelson, Danny Nunn, Kathy Oldham, Steve Osborne, Cynthia Passmore, Jimmy Phillips, Ronnie Prevatte, Charles Price, Tommy Ratledge. Ninth row: Sue Reddings, Toni Reece, Tom Rees, jerry Reynolds, joe Ridge, Randy Rodden, Sue Routh, john Schultheiss, Bruce Sechrest, Ceil Shaw, Deborah Shelton, Connie Smith. Tenth row: Marta Smith, Beverly Snider, Eppie Snider, Morris Spencer, jerry Stout, Mike Tuttle, Luther Vaughn, Linda Warren, Wayne Welborn, Susan Yarborough, john Yates, Ricky Zachary. Hifffi Qracie First row, left to right: Roger Beeson, Larry Bodenheimer, Lynn Bodenheimer, Jeff Brewer, Deborah Bundy, Connie Burton, Terry Byers, Brenda Calloway, Kenneth Campbell, Betty Carrol, Lorna Chambers, Carolyn Childress. Second row: Toni Cline, Larry Cook, Mike Corn, Betty Craven, Larry Cowan, Bonnie Cox, Eugene Cox, James Cox, Larry Davidson, Connie Davidson, Ann Deaton, Margaret Dehart. Third row: David Dingler, Elden Driggers, Janice Drye, Lawrence East, Gary Echols, Sam Elliott, Lucy Faircloth, Chris Farlow, Becky Ferguson, Glenn Garrett, Linda Giles, Jerry Gray. Fourth row: Sammy Halsey, Cindy Haney, Drew Haney, David Harb, Donald Hendricks, Ricky Hiatt, Amy Hicks, Linda Hill, Billy Horne, Mike Hunt, Jerry Hutchens, Delphine Jarrett. Fifth row: Sherry Jenkins, David Johnson, Wanda Jolly, Carolyn Jones, Warren Jones, Dannie Justice, Earl Keene, Curtis Kiser, Martha Kivett, Donna Lambeth, William Lambeth, Adonna Lanier. Sixth row: Douglas Lassiter, Marilyn Lloyd, Deborah Mann, Janice Mashburn, Skipper McLamb, Brenda Meredith, Ronnie Meredith, Roy Meredith, Dalen Mills, Roger Minyard, Deborah Mitchell, Tim Morton. Seventh row: Diane Oldham, Shirley Osborne, Sandra Palmer, Deborah Phillips, Bobby Price, Phillip Quesenberry, Gene Redding, Margaret Rees, Ray Ridgeway, Lida Seay, Susan Sechrest, Jimmy Slxackleford. Eighth row: Donnie Shelor, Harold Shively, Forrest Sisk, Roger Skeen, Shannon Skeen, Marie Slack, Deborah Smith, Johnny Smith, Barry Snider, Jerry Southard, Chris Staley, Kay Steelman. Ninth row: Henry Stevenson, Rae Street, Bobby Styron, Jean Thomas, David Trotter, Inez Vaughn, Bobby Vestal, Lester Upton, Bradford Walden, Larry Wal.ker, Tim Warner, Linda Weaver. Tenth row: Linda Weaver, Phil Whitesell, Tony Williams, Deborah Yarborough, Sharon Yarborough, Evelyn Yates, Robert Yates. ff- eva . . 11' www-1,m,', ffw1,sa,1x!u1x , ,, f- f 1 yi' A qi fdourtfi Qracie First row, left to right: Cathy Adams, Stephen Barnes, Carol Beane, Michael Briles, Stevie Burton, Ronnie Campbell, Tony Carden, Blair Caudle, Darryl Causey, Charlie Childress. Second row: Barbara Coltrane, Wilma Coltrane, Earl Cox, Janice Cox, Jennie Cox, Lucy Cox, Donald Cruthis, Cornell Dennis, Kay Dickens, Edward Driggers. Third row: Joan Garner, Rama Lee Garrett, Bobby Gill, David Grubb, Scott Grubb, Barry Helsabeck, Norma Hicks, Gary Hill, Susan Hoffner, Bobby Holder. Fourth row: Larry Hooks, Davie Hudspeth, Becky Huffman, Leon Huffman, Randy Johnson, Sandra Jones, Stephen Kennedy, Janet Kestler, David Lee, Sybil Lee. Fifth row: Steve Lohr, Johnny Long, Joe Mann, Marilyn McClay, Rita MeKen.non, Dianc McMahan, Nettie McNabb, Gary Meredith, Cindy Mickey, Randy Milloway. Fixth row: Glenda Mills, Ralph Modlin, Winston Moody, Roger Moore, Dale Morgan, Kathy Morrow, Chris Morton, Vera Oldham, Keith Osborne, Lynn Peters. Seventh row: Carol Phillips, Stephen Plummer, Lionel Price, Roger Price, Tommy Price, Linda Proctor, Carol Quesenberry, Kay Reynolds, Rachel Robertson, David Sheppard. Eighth row: Larry Sheppard, Helen Slack, Brenda Smith, Keith Smith, Donald Snider, Susan Sparks, Diane Stout, Kathy Swaney, Gail Tedder, La Rue Thompson. Ninth row: Larry Tomlin, Fonda Tuttle, Glenda Tyndall, Judy Vaughn, Debbie Vuncannon, Carolyn Walker, Janie Walker, Teresa White, Daneal Widener, Joe Wise, Barbara Yates. , ., ,Uni ., fin.. .,..a.. -f'- 5Hircl Qracie First row, left to right: Kermeth Atkins, Becky Bell, Joy Bell, Wanda Beeson, Barbara Black, Richard Black, Linda Brooks, Ralph Brooks, Karen Brower, Dale Brown, Eddie Brown, Suzanne Bundy. Second row: Keith Burton, Roger Carmichael, Doug Cecil, Melvin Cecil, Robin Chatham, Roger Childress, Susan Chilton, Mike Cochran, Mike Coltrane, Clara Cox, Kaye Deaton, Jerry Dennis. Third row: Kenneth Dru.m, Rita Dunbar, Wayne East, H. L. Faircloth, Terry Faircloth, Mary Foster, Michael Francis, Faye Frazier, Janice Frazier, Glenn Geiger, Patty Goins, Terry Wayne Gray. Fourth row: Faye Griffin, Kenneth Gulledge, Gary I-Iackaday, Bruce Hall, George Hall, Jennie Hall, Elizabeth Hepler, Carson Hill, Connie Hooker, Timothy Hudgins,- Linda Hudspeth, Clarence Huffman. Fifth row: Kemieth Hunt, Cathy I-lutchens, Joyce Johnson, Vickie Johnson, Wayne Jolly, Carolyn Jones, Rebecca Jones, Janice Keen, Linda King, Diane Leonard, Joel Lockhart, Janice Luck. Sixth row: Barbara Mills, Susan Mitchel, Terry Mooney, Butch Moran, Kathy MeAmis, Bobby McCall, Debbie McGee, Ricky McKinnon, Dickie Nunn, Craig Oldham, Rhonda Oldham, Wanda Oldham. Seventh row: Tommy Osborne, Kathleen Pactett, Sandra Parker, Douglas Perryman, Eddie Phillips,Jerry Phillips,Me1isa Phillips,Melba Price, Debbie Rector,Barbara Rees,Craig Rich,Billy Richardson. Eighth row: Allen Robbins, Betsy Robbins, Cathy Robbins, Ricky Robertson, Danny Roseman, Brenda Seay, Patricia Sesy, Michael Shipwash, Rodney Shipwash, Allan Shively, Donnie Simmons, Brenda Skeen. Ninth row: Patsy Slack, Ricky Slate, Joe Small, Candy Smith, Cheryl Smith, Danny Smith, Gene Smith, Lester Smith, Emily Snider, Terry Stanley, Ricky Stevenson, Ginger Stinson, Johnny Stroud. Tenth row: Norman Suits, Garry Thayer, Elaine Thomas, Mark Thompson, Judy Todd, Ronnie Trexler, Brenda Tucker, Michael Tuggle, Jerry Whitfield, Kathy Wolfe, Terry Wood, Vickie Yates, Jeffy Younts. l ai nr f W l 1 a:fi 'm 7 'ag , W, Ji Second Qrade First row, left to right: Joanne Adams, Ronnie Allen, Larry Anderson, Sandra Ashburn, Edward Baker, Calvin Barker, Mary Barker, Debbie Barnes, Steven Beshears, Eunice Beck, Terry Blackwell, David Bodenheimer, Craig Brewer. Second row: Ronnie Brown, Steve Bundy, Bunnie Burton, Sammy Byers, Cathy Cable, Harold Calloway, Denise Carroll, Wanda Carroll, James Cashatt, Robert Cecil, janett Chandler, Michael Cline, Debra Coltrane. Third row: Diane Coltrane, jimmy Coltrane, Neal Coltrane, Donese Corden, Jean Creasey, Michael Daniels, Tony Dennis, Brenda Dickens, Donald Diggers, Dewey Edwards, Debbie Ellington, joseph Farabee, Sharon Farabee. Fourth row: Freddy Franklin, Larry Frazier, james Garrett, Steve Gilbreth, Billy Goins, Robert Goins, Nancy Grant, Barbara Gray, Allen Griffin, Sarah Griffin, Bill Hackaday, Randy Harb, Steve Halsey. Fifth row: Rhonda Hayden, JoAnn Hazelwood, Frankie Hemric, David Henderson, Barry Hill, Debra Honeycutt, Pamela Horne, Jo Ellen Hucks, Kenneth Hudson, Wanda Hunt, Bill Ingram, Gary Ivey, Donald jackson. Sixth row: Ronnie Jester, Allen Johnson, Gary johnson, Keith Johnson, Ronnie johnson, Mart jones, Bill Keller, Norman Kennedy, Vernon Kennedy, David Killian, Michael Lamb, Jerry Landreth, Mike Leonard.Seventh row: Mike Love, Tonia Lovely, Cindy Lowe, Shirley Luck, Timothy Mabe, Truman Mayes, Linda Melton, Boyd Mills, Charles Mills, Sandra Mitchell, Carolyn McAmis, Ruby McDowell, Kristie McKinnon. Eighth row: Melaine Oliver, Virgil Oldham, Alan Palmer, Norma Parks, Ricky Parlier, Vivian Passmore, Kenneth Pendegraph, Danny Phillips, Billy Price, Donnie Reece, Deborah Richardson, Susan Rinehardt, janet Roseman. Ninth row: Eddie Samuel, Craig Saunders, Michael Sink, Gay Sisk, Penny Smith, Larry Smoot, Gregory Spencer, Synthia Spencer, David Stevenson, Gail Stewart, Jackie Summit, Pamela Talley,Michael Thompson. Tenth row: Kenneth Thompson,Jody Tysinger, Ernie Upton, Sandra Vuncannon, Tommy Walker, Sherry Warnstaff, james Warren, Jean White, Kenneth Wilkerson, Lonnie Wilson, Ronnie Wilson, Debra Wray, jill Wright, Alan Yarborough. Hirst Qracie First row, left to right: Billy Adams, Edna jo Adcock, Garry Anderson, Melvin Auman, jeppy Autrey, Daryl Barnes, Debbie Barnes, Teresa Blackwell, Becky Boone, Chris Boyles, Colin Brooks. Second row: Rankin Brown, jr., Kenny Bundy, jerry Bundy, Frankie Byerly, Beverly Campbell, Debra Campbell, Karen Carter, Rocky Carter, Eddie Cecil, Lou Cecil, Doreen Chambers. Third row: Juanita Chandler, Faye Childress, Nadine Childress, Monroe Cox, Monty Cox, Reid Cox, Teresa Duke, Christy Dunbar, jackie DeHart, Danny East, Ricky Efird. Fourth row: Bernice Faircloth, Susan Farrow, Donna Flowe, Kathy Francis, Mary Ellen Frazier, Eddie Garrett, Linda Garrett, Keith Goodwin, Edgar Griffin, Ronda Hackaday, Susan Haney. Fifth row: Danny Hankins, Audrey Hayes, Randy Hazelwood, Susan Hazelton, Carolyn Hensley, Steven Hensley, Connie Hill, A1 Hines, Edward Hudspeth, Billy Hussey, Debbie Hutchens. Sixth row: Ricky Ingram, Shelia johnson, C.W.jones, Larry Jones, Bamie justice, Ricky Kennedy, Theresa King, Robbie Kiser, Clyde Lanier, Linda Leonard, Roger Lockhart. Seventh row: Larry Long, Sherry Lynch, Dave Maners, Tony Mann, Betsy Modlin, Debbie Moran, Johnny Moss, Cynthia Nelson, Brenda Osborne, Terri Overcash, Rex Owens, Eighth row: Kathy Patterson, Vickie Peebles, Johnny Peters, Kenny Phillips, Wayne Pitts, Connie Prevatte, Mary Price, Rebecca Rees, Mike Robertson, Vickie Robertson, Terry Roseman. Ninth row: Danny Shackelford, Keith Sinquefield, Ava Smith, David Smith, Debbie Smith, Pam Smith, Vickie Thomas, David Thompson, Kenny Thompson, Cynthia Tuggle, Calvin Turberville, Sherry Vestal. Tenth row: Betty Vuncannon, Kenneth Wagner, Danny Warnstafff, Janice Welch, janet White, Debra Whitfield, Ricky Whitt, Michael Wise, Danny Wright, Susan Yates, joanna Younts, Donna Yow. ' V"V ' r4"'i'sii ' 1 ,...i.....l, 4 3' ,fkimii-. 5 5Qs1' A .. QL, in 'Z' 1- , 1 .. -,,..,,2 "' Lffkgff Q' H wom ,pw 5IIha...g. Clfildren take time out for lunch. Elementary Action Snots A View of the new addition to the elementary library. I K ,QF X T3 A ,Q 'wal NAV' S, yu if . L,,.L, -WW .L 1r,, AmW,L,l,, V m,Lf ,, , , ,A .GH e Dr e a m of o 21 e 6 , .,K,.. RONALD SHEPPARD Salutatorian Honor Sfuclenfs RONALD YOUNTS Valedictorian Wmw Qirls' State Representative W ett S ttt ANNSHACKELFORD A delegate to Girls' State must be an outstanding leader, a good citizen, rank high scholastically in her class, render a service to her school, be loy al and trust- worthy. B e st C i t i 5 e n ALVIS CAMPBELL The Civitan Award is the highest citizenship award given to a member of the Senior Class. The award is presented eachyear by the Civitan Club of Greensboro. Merit Scholarship Hinalist RONALD Sl-IEPPARD Ronald's outstanding s c o r e on the Merit Scholarship Test classed him a m ong the high achievers who took the test. ff, ifmi K is M meek it i f, .s 2 is . E my A A. if ig? ik, 5 Y Q, 1 wfj ,X ,, I 1 ,-'aw - me wr. Q' 2 531 - aff f ,. - f 5, ret AW . z - , vt 5,3532 " S JE RRY CECIL Chief CAROL ANN HEPLER JANE BURTON RONN IE DRYE Marsgals A13 , L Q x 4 'l xi gl Q .4 :im fe I I L. i A '3 :S 412 T ff ,, W. 'M T, ,, 1. V, s.5n R ,Q A, ,. , f -, .QL ,pm X W.- . .NULL Zi. A ,As -I Q.: -L if ' 1!1+-""Jcmi-agies , f,s.,,,q:,-5 '?f.'2w,Lw1. f IW: A fr, - irzawii Q-wa "'1?3+'K'?2' pe, ,,.g :J . 'Qu if A Am ,L Q Li.a.:w. g A F m 1.53233 SW :sg- ff f if fl- ,, 'YQQQ c:ff':"ii1T'F -. 'mf V , 'MZ KA, ww , W v ,W ,mai Wim , e qfqw H In 4, A 8 Y f"+"+'?L'f'ii,,1szzweQ jf--0 5m 1. ,fl . W'-f ,f f 5 wt Q 'wpwp K , l T,,fms'g1.fL "Mm-1 , V A ' KW-2 ' 2- . "fm f'4fBa.sf34w,w1,?Q4iMiw-ifqh , 'nf 1- -J-V fx Miss Ain-ga-Hi PATMELTON 72 Attendants JEANETTE ELDER BRENDA MCDANIEL PEGGY BOWMAN 73 unior-Senior Banquet-1961 "Stairway to the Stars" was the theme of the 1961 jtuiior-Senior Banquet held at the Tropicana Supper Club, March 30. 1961. Presiding over the banquet were Ted Fallenstein 7 Toastmasterg and Ann Shackelford, Toastmistress. Dining under the Stars was an exciting event for all the juniors and Seniors, as this picture of the main banquet floor shows. 2-..,,f,fS 11 :nm M, Mfr The members of the school board and their wives joined the juniors and Seniors on this memorable night. A picture of the head table at the banquet. S e ate d at this table are the junior and Senior advisors, Superintendent of Guilford County Schools and his wife, the Principal of Allen jay and his wife, along with the toastmaster and toastmistress. Left to right: Gene Redding, Ele- mentary runner-up, Vera Oldham and Arthur Moore, Elementary Queen and King, ja ne t Kestler, Elementary runner-up. Hall Left to right: Joyce Sims, High School runner-up, Gene Spain and Barbara Ivey, High School King and Que en, not pictured, Kenneth Campbell, High School runner-up. Left to right, Danny Wright and Becky Boone, Primary King and Queen, Pam Smith and Reid Cox, Primary runners-up. N Hestival Left to right: Sandra Nations, High School baby Contest winnerg Michelle White, High School runner- up. Michael Capps, Primary baby con- test Winnerg not pictured, Tammie 'Younts, Primary rtmner-up. Left to right: jerry Harb, Elemen- tary runner-upg D e b b i e Martin, Elementary baby contest winner. E X W 5 3 E 3 3 2 'F'F 'P'F . Homecoming Queen FAYEALLRED 78 K, ,. , to 4. f . . J"'+wBf 2 ig Q , X I " -A ' a at wg, STG-Q 1' fl " . if y A - ii me . 'J 'Sl' ifih. un escorted by Randy Faye Allred, e s c: orte d crowned by dent of the 5 943, 'f ir"'L 4 , estcorte'i3ff15?5Z'1Tf I 53 . .14 ff N m W lk QF' 3 'sr vhw R4 l fi -it :i" "' -K vt .SA V Q ff? .52 ,, JE rw """ -' . 5 1 ZS? if ,.:: f ' 'Q t l .Vi .X gil t 4 Tommie Ellington, 19' Senior Attend- ant, escorted by Orville Dills. fs. Q umm 1 . ff A- ' ii K F 91 fe--1 We A we wwf f my .H s s Fonda Tysing er, Freshman Attendant, e s c o rt Bruce White . Bw" 'mf M Nm -R ,f if - A 1-:S- 'Y fx' ' ' A wE0Y4'ii,4w Q., . 0.97 A V, " f - - f'1s7' Q'P-2' -G .wff'11'-if ax , " i " -. A 'w 3.5 iI::i1:v1Wfi',g s junior Attendant, jane Burton. Senior Attendant, Tommie Ellington. l ...Qnvan-lil g ir me ,M.:z-, A , ' V i at it Q? 1 ggi,QxK . A. 5"9,fJ , +5 1 Homecoming Queen, Faye Allred. Sophomore Attendant, ii., ' 1 -QM ,qw ,E "L-N W, it me Pre 'il Freshman Attendant, Fonda Tysinger. A Our Homecoming game was made perfect by the final score of Allen jay 7, East Davidson 6. lb., fm.2.' ' . ,, ,,,, , g "'-visual A g 'nr' -wma ' - ':5ff45fH2.z "eff, 1 M? f ,Q M ,C K ,LP .L 2 Q fy N fxfN X' 'K N NL X 4 X,xlA'!4'.b X I 1 M NX 'J Qf! Xxx, msx ff X15 X fl American History C First row, left to right: Barbara Macon, Edith Barnes, Susan Belote, Dina McPherson, Carol Hepler, Ruby Campbell, Patsy Hicks, Jane Burton, Janie Gibson, Linda Kinley, Gwen Wright, Barbara Kiser, Prudence Hall, Mary French, Joyce Smith, Joyce Sims, Nancy Cowan, Shirley Diggs. Second row: Terry Garner, Gilbert Scott, Joe Overcash, George Owens, David French, Jerry Bell, Ronnie Drye, Mr. Moye, Mr. Clarence Stringer, Mrs. 5""-r ' 911 Washington, D. C. L,,S.,gfr,,.3,:, ,Vi K . F , .. ,. 5, -z ii , , ll W5 14, - , J LEQ5 :?l'i:L? ' uf: - A . , me Q is Myers, Verna McClay, Irene Bryson, Donna Wheat, Carol Thompson, Joyce Coltrane, Sharon Stroud, Janice V Kennedy, Barbara Medford. Third row: Darrel Briles, Jerry Bundy, Darrell Shives, Gareth Beshears, Randy Haithcock, Randy Morrow, jerry Cecil, Eddie White, Roy Johnson, Larry Brock, Kenneth Campbell, Mickey Asbill, Danny Kirkman, Williard Ellington, Leo Farabee, Nathan Dobbins, Frankie Green. Band The purpose of the band is to instill upon the partici- pants the importance and appreciation of the fine art of music. The band is now composed of 57 talented members. During the school year they participate in half-time shows at football games, concerts, local parades, and the state band contect. The students are most fortunate in having the new bandroom. The facilities have greatly increased the efforts of all concerned towards their goal: THE BEST BAND. MR. BILL MARLOWE Director IARRY LEONARD NANCY COWAN BARBARA MACON VIOLET HICKS BARBARA SHELTON PAT MELTON VICKI BARNES President Vice President Secretary Treasurer Reporter Librarian Librarian BAND IN FORMATION. Hn f,, Majorettes Leftto right: Barbara Macon, Sherry McDowell, Fonda Tysinger, Barbara Shelton, Dianne Johnson, Susan Belote Sharon Johnson, Nancy Cowan, Chief. Drucilla Marlowe, Mascot. Band members are: Vicki Barnes, Susan Belote, Robbie Benson, Linda Bishop, Mike Bullard, Doris Burton, Gary Cole, Nancy C o W a n, Dallas C r a v e n, Ralph Gibson, Clarence Haley, Butch Hansen, Donald Helms, Pam Helms, Ronald Helms, Vio le t Hicks, Dennis Honeycutt, Ellen Honeycutt, Harold Hucks, Mike Hurley, Roger Ingram, Barbara Ivey, Dianne johnson, Sh a ron johnson, Cheryl jones, Kenneth Jones, Pat jones, Larry Leonard, Barbara ,U 5 , M , Macon, Pat Melton, Margaret Mickey, Tommy Mitchell, Don Morton, David Mowery, Kevan McClay, Sherrie McDowell, Nancy McNabb, Dwight Nelson, Larry Nunn, Lane Oldham, Martha Palmer, Cecil Pegram, Brenda Reddick, Linda Reddick, Bob Rees, Alton Riley, Aubrey Riley, jerry Seavy, Barbara Shelton, Mike Shoaf, Steve Shull, Steve Staley, Fonda Tysinger, Mike Vaden, H.A. Varner, Peggy Voncannon, Gwen Wright. L LW ' .A.. ,uv , Dance Band First row, left to right: Butch Hansen, Larry Leonard, Cecil Pegram, Mike Vaden. Second row: Bob Rees, Kevin McClay, David Mowery, Mr. Marlowe, H. A. Varner, Don Morton, Larry Nunn. Seated at piano, Faye Allred. Not pictured, jerry Seavey. Drahnng Band First row, left to right: Marty Smith, Brenda Blair, Gail Martin, Janice Helms, Roger jackson, Keith Carter, Leon Auman. Second row: C onni e Davis, Raye Street, john Smith, Chris Staley, Ray Rideway, Barry Snider, jimmy Shackelford, David Trotter, Marilyn Lloyd, Tim Morton. Third row: Wandajolly, Ronnie Meredith, jimmy Trotter, David johnson, Randy Cox, Larry Davidson, Tim Huffman, Morris Spencer, Warrenjones, Mike Tuttle, Billy Lambeth. Fourth row: Drew Haney, D e b o r ah Mit C h e ll, Tony Williams, Larry Cowan, Mike Hunt, Phil Whitesell, and Mr. Marlowe. --....ngmW.,...,m...,. , .-,,Wm,..,.. ,...:1..,........,m..,.l,.....4 ,Fi fffvxfhf' E4 at if fi Q rf?-if' unior Qlee Club First row, left to right: Candy McLamb, Kathy Carmichel, Janice White, Barbara Flowe, Linda Kennedy, Shirley Andrews, Douglas Darr, John Shelton, Danny Scott, Mike Cox, Dolly Andrews, Nancy McNabb, Linda Hooks,Brenda Cox, Ruth Walker. Second row: Judy Carden,Jane Morrow, Sandy Myrick, Patricia Southard, Jerritta Kestler, Brenda Frazier, Trudy Hall, Jimmy Bowan, Wayne Smith, Harold Hucks, Mike Bullard, Mary Kestler, Rachel Rees, Linda Stinson, Claudia McKinney, Rosemary Barnes. Third row: Diane Farlow, Brenda Roach, Linda Sims, Beverly Reece, Joann Pearman, Linda Ashburn, Francine Cruthis, Wade Clodfelter, Grayson Weaver, Danny Carmichael, Randy Cox, Peggy Kiser, Cynthia Hill, Candy Mills, Carolyn Garner, Linda Adams, Ma rth a McDaniels. Fourth row: Marsha Mears, Sh a ro n G a rre tt, Susan Stilley, Carol VVhitesell, Becky Coltrane, Gail McClay, Beverly Hutchins, Dennis Honeycutt, Claude Cleary, Joel Wilson, Piano 5 First row, left to right: Wanda Beeson, Steven Plummer, Glenda Tyndall, Janet Kestler, Amy Hicks, Eppie Snyder, Deborah Smith, Janice Drye, Donnie Hendricks. Second David Bullabough, Robby Beason, Ronnie Justice, Brenda Reddick, Brenda Lassiter, Sara Hendricks, Sandra Floyd, Betty Calloway, Becky Weatherman, Dana Weaver. Fifth row: Mrs. Mabe, Diane Mann, Cheryl Jones, Judy Stroud, Diane Morris, Carol Jester, Judy Carter, Cecil Pegram, Dallas Craven, L ar ry Nunn, Lane O l dh a m, Mickey Bodenheimer, Randy Honeysucker, Tommy M i t c h ell, Je an e tt e Garret, Lind a Tedder, Shirley Myers, Rita Johnson,Jo Simpson, Phyllis Bridgeman. Sixth row: Donna Sue Bundy, Carolyn Brown, Carol Clinard, Diane Jester, Linda Gulledge, Anne Redding, Preston Beasley, Jimmy Trotter, Rodney Welborne, Tommy Crowson, Tammy Dunbar, Aubrey Riley, Timmy Morris,Wanda Loflin, Pam Davis, Faye Peebles, Linda Lomax, Linda Pill, Linda Reddick, Janice Sechrest, Je nny McGee. Seventh row: Mr. Marlowe, Mary Peele, Doyla Alexandra, B e v e r ly Chambers. iudenfs row: Rebecca Hucks, John Shelton, Beverly Reece, Dana Weaver, Billy McRae, Linda Gulledge, Karen Shelton, Barbara Draughn, Deborah Shelton, Charlotte Dunbar. .M Qlee Club The Senior Glee Club is designed to bring to the pupil a better understanding of the World of music. The stu- dents who participate in the Glee Club find it can be very enjoyable, even though it takes a lot of hard work and days of practice to prepare a song. MR. BILL MARLOWE and MRS. FRANCES MABE Advisors LLOYD HILL JOYCE SIMS VICKI BARNES KAREN SHELTON LARRY THOMAS SARAH PEARCE President Vice President Secretary-Treasurer REPOITCX' Librarian Librarian First row, left to right: Sue Skeen, Brenda Moran, Karen Shelton, Sarah Pearce, Delores Knight, and Betty Craven. Second row: Sharon Stover, Judy Brown, Barbara Sheppard, Sandy I-lutchens, Joyce Sims, Patsy White, and Ienelle Craven. Third row: Pat Kester, Carolyn I-lill, Brendajones, Vicki Barnes, Sylvia Robbins, Louise Meredith, arid Edith Barnes. Fomath row: L l o y d Hi ll, jerry Houser, Stanley Mann, Larry Thomas, and Eugene Spain. First row, left to right: Irene Price, Jeanette Elder, Ann S h a c k e 1 fo r d, Linda Houser, Alvis Campbell, Ronnie lSheppard, Ronnie Younts, Lydia Hendricks, Ted Fallenstein, Peggy Bowman, and Cheryl Lassiter. Stand- RONNIE SI-IEPPARD TED FALLENSTEIN' PEGGY BOWMAN CHERYL IASSITER A L ing: Joyce C o l t r a n e, Carol Thompson, JoAnne Belote, Ronnie Drye, Roy johnson, Jerry Cecil, Verna McClay, jane Burton, and Dina McPherson. RONNIE YOUNTS President Vice President Secretary Treasurer Reporter MRS. MARTHA POWELL Sponsor Beta C1115 THE NATIONAL BETA C LUB is a non-secret, leadership-service organization for high school students. "The purpose of this organization shal'l be the promotion of the ideals of honesty, services and leadership among high school students ofAmerica, to reward meritorious achievement, and to encourage and assist students to continue their education after high school." 89. De6ating Clufi The greatest value of Debating Club membership is the encouragement and incentive it gives one to b e co m e an effective spe ak er and hence a more successful and more influential citizen. It is the primary purpose of the organi- zation to promote the int e r e st of interscholastic debate, oratory and public speaking. MRS. HUSSEY Sponsor ALVIS CAMPBELL JERRY CECIL JANE BURTON DINA MCPHERSON ANN SHACKELFORD President Vice President Secretary Treasurer Reporter Seated, left to right: Joyce Coltrane, Carol Ann Hepler, Brenda Sheffield, Mildred Thayer. Second row: Doris Burton, Verna McClay, Barbara Shelton, Gareth Beshears, Linda Stewart, Sharon Stroud. First row, left to right jerry Bell, Gilbert Scott, Mickie Campbell, Ronnie Sheppard, Raymond Hepler, and I Asbill, Butch Hanson, Darrell Briles, and Ronnie Yotits Darrell Shives. LYNDON BYRUM JERRY CECIL RONNIE DRYE TED FALLENSTEIN GARETH BESHEARS RANDY HAITHCOCK Pres1dent Vice President Secretary Treasurer Chaplain Sergeant at arms unior Civifan The junior Civitan Club is tailored specifically for train- ing youth to lead a fuller life, enriched with service to others and with unselfish le a d e rship. It is a "Service Club for Youth. " The purpose of junior Civitan Club is to cultivate social relations and good fellowship, to co-operate in all kinds of activities, to promote clean living and good sportsmanship, to make service a watchword, and finally to foster the ideals of Senior Clubs and to begin, even as junior Civitans, to be "Bui1ders of Good Citizenship. " 91 S gli? fl LYNDON BYRUM President Eilirary C1115 The Library Club is limited in membership to those students who devote one period each day in assisting in the program of library service. The purpose of the Library Club is to create a greater interest among students in the use of books, to stimu- late reading interests, and to improve library service of the school. Z-Y'lsi553?s?5l1 ' "'5QEiVY'sf3Ll25'E , ifilwmi ' 'bS?95l5S'VifF?:i-' .uggill f '- iiiifllfifgifli , V L, gg rg: CAROL THOMPSON '.-HSE. Y f 9'2" ' - r i+.,,,fk,- g Vice President st t , V'E.,l.,x:, .E,,., i 'E!5.5E1'i'5,i- 1' - . ,Q ' ' ' -115' ':EFf:..Eg:,::: 1' nip V H ' H .. ,V ,I 'za Tiara mf-1 L- .. -. .- , . DINA MCPHLRSON . . Secretary S Treasurer LYEEK5 ' i ' -- A f First row, left to right: Verna McClay, Vivian Snider, Joyce Sims, Joyce Coltrane, and Edna Palmer. Second row: Shirley Routh, lla Goude, Brenda Moran, Rebecca Cox, Judy Kivett, Irene Coltrane, Brenda Brewer, and MR. C. R. POWELL Sponsor Von Powell. Third row: Ronnie Drye, Roger Brower, Jerry Cecil, Gareth Beshears, Randy Haithcock, and Gilbert Scott. A -7, xg-ff-as :f M 3 fi? fx - 9 F M, .f "' 'ww-ff , s '17 ' NJ .y I -lg, , 4-4. First row, left to right: Jeanette Elder, Pat Melton, Sharon Frazier, Von Powell, Brenda Brewer, Sharon Henderson, Ila Goude, Edna Palmer, and Wanda Howlett. Second row: Kay Lance, Doris Burton, Brenda Moran, Janice Freeman, Barbara Thayer, C a rol Ann Hepler, Tommie Ellington, 3. G A. The purpose of this club is to encourage young people to enter the profession of teaching. Films are shown at the monthly meetings which illustrate different ph a s e s of teaching. The club gives the prospective future teacher a chance to learn and 1 2' an mf 'Q it Joyce Coltrane, Barbara Macon, Nancy Cowan, Ronnie Drye.Third row: Willard Ellington, Farrell Handy, Micl-:ie Tuttle, Sharon Stroud, Carol Thompson, Linda Stewart, Mildred Thayer, Janice Kennedy, Lucille Leonard, Sonja Elks, Gilbert Scott, and Dennis Cole. CAROL RATLEDGE President CHERYL LASSITER Secretary DINA MCPHERSON Reporter JUDY KIVETT Vice President JANE BURTON Treasurer ANN SHACKELFORD Historian ,, wi. ,. M , ,M practice the fundamentals of teaching. MR. O. E. MOYE Sponsor W, MW A . -' if ' fi? A KX A L H sistis f S . ORVILLE D1LLs W President V'z'1 GARY TROTTER ' K Vice President E F 'mV:mVhV !VmV: MICKIE. TUTTLE l ' f kV'V:' ffl Secretary f is ee e . , LUCILLE LEONARD K kbk.,,k Treasurer s Q! I K H iffy? VLLV- , ff L 5 JOANNE BELOTE fy ' Reporter L, ' ifalgffgx 5 , ' A kziki. First row, left to right: Ted Fallenstein, Roger Helmstetler, Walter Ethridge, Larry McCall, Larry Leonard, Lawrence McCall, FreddyByrd, Frankie Green. Second row: Mildred Thayer, Lydia Hendricks, Sonja Elks, JimmyBrooks, Larry Thomas, Eddie White, Teddy Morris, Donald Stone, Roger Stone. Third row: Randy Morrow, Lin da S tutts, Dina McPherson, Janice Kennedy, Marie Bundy, Brenda Brewer, Monogram Club The purpose of the Mono gram Club is to promote sportsmanship and to denote the athletes in varsity sports. The membership consists of boys and girls who parti- cipate in Football, Basketball, Baseball, Track, or Cheer- leading. To be eligible to join, one must have earned a letter in one of the varsity sports. F 5 Left to right: Mr. james Swiggett, Mr. Tommy Younts, Mr. Paul Barnes, Advisors. I Carol Thompson, Peggy Bowman, Faye Allred, Jeanette Elder, George Owens. Fourth row: jerry Cecil, Lloyd Hill, Fred Meredith, Gareth Beshears, David Mowery, George Pendegraph, Raeford Cranford, Larry Willard, Randall Brooks, Danny Kirkman, Ricky Morris, joe Overcash, Ronald Sheppard. ifik53f35S3is3Z1Q?Sill-3i5lbiiilLfP?33?2?5E92ei:5iifla95iiLQ?iL?ZS5ZiLa??E?iii3f5'iisSilkEEL9Fl?if?Qike3L?S532QiifL13is559235E325iii5it53QB23ifS2TilS2325-55L55i2iiiYif5:leifits5ifI56iii9?52325?EW7ZSQF37L5L?5Z3Si922365UiEEG55TZiiQi256W3ifli5'I'i5Wi-4?ZL57A2LEEX3'BK7ZL?'Siif35dll313ibiiiikiZ5551?7I:Q5ii52552?ifI53is5f5?'H2i55lL2i?:7'aLl:55?55Q5352:?WiliS55i??:'53755?'75YSE?LTL-Wiffkififikbdifiliri l First row, left to right: Linda Kinley, Betty Craven, Dina McPherson, Joyce Sims, Ila Goude, Judy Kivett, Carol A nn H e lpe r, Shirley Diggs, Patsy Hicks. Second row: Barbara Macon, Mary French, Joyce Smith, Joyce Coltrane, Marie Bundy, Mildred Thayer, Barbara Shelton, Jo Anne Belote, Verna McC1ay, Brenda McDaniel, Cheryl Lassiter, Jane Burton. Third row: Irene Bryson, Sharon Stroud, Donna Wheat, Nancy Cowan, Sandra Hassell, Louise Meredith, 3, B, fl, A. The purpose of the Future Business Leaders of America Club is to: develop aggressive business leadership, Streng- then the confidence of young men and women in themselves and their work, encourage members to improve the home and community, to improve and establish standards for entrance into store and office occupations. MRS. PAUL MYERS and MISS MARY BAILEY Sponsors rv? ,. 'QF 3 ,era Edith Barnes, Jani c e Kennedy, Carol Thompson, Ruby Campbell, Janie Gibson. Fourth row: Darrell Shives, Dean Macon, Randy Morrow, Gary Trotter, Leo Farabee, Willard Ellington, Roy Johnson, Jerry Bundy, Terry Garner. Fifth row: Dennis Cole, Gene Spain, Jerry Bell, David French, Ronnie Chilton, George Owens, Mickey Asbill, Darrell Briles, Frankie Green, Joe Overcash, and Freddy Byrd. FARRELL HANDY ,,,,,,,l 'd J A 1 ' - " Presi cnt A ,N L px la, ti . .mwlsu ly T l , RANDY SPENCER Q N Vice President J ANN SHACKELFORD Secretary LUCILLE LEONARD il' Vgzg ,VJ ,,,,.,, Treasurer soNJA ELKS L RCP'-Vrter - A K - il' A In LARRY LEONARD Parliamentarian A ,Q . Q TOMMIE ELLINGTON Q -X li ,k n Q Historian 5 V K gs 4' ,L ga- , PAT MELTON Historian A' ll ,. JEANETTE ELDER , State Vice President A .fl I A ,,,, K vrkkr K A I ,ak K 4 .4 r gmgg ,- if , ,fi BARBARA THAYER LINDA STEWARTv SHARON STOVER WANDA HOWLETT MICKIE COWAN SARAH PEARCE VON POWELL P1'9Sid9Hf ViC6 PI'9SidC11t SGCFFCHFY Treasurer Reporter Historian Program Chairman MRS. RUTH CAUSEY Sponsor First row, left to right: Brenda Moran, Linda Sheffield, Brenda Sheffield, Je n e l l e Craven, Pat Kestler, Sylvia Robbins, Judy Drummond, Linda Love, and Patsy White. Second row: Karen Shelton, Linda Mere dith, Nancy Reynolds, Donnie Saferight, Joyce Gill, Vivian Snider, Sharon Frazier, Judy Steelman, and SharonJackson. Third The F.H.A. Club consists of high school girls who are studying homemaking. The purposes of the club are to help girls improve their personal appearance, to pro- mote interest in home and community membership, to provide individual and group recreation, and to further interest in home economics. 3, H. A, row:Dottie Cross, Suzanne Draughn, CarolWatson, Doreen Beshears, Linda l-Iucks, Sandra Swaney, Vickie Anderson, Pat Jones, Barbara Jackson, and Joyce McDowell. Fourth row: Pam Helms, Doris Burton, Ellen Del-lart, Susan Belote, Myron Mahaffey, Helen West, Faye Blair, Sherry McDowell, Ruth Ann Hodge, and Donna Meredith. Q E -My MW,-Masai,,,W..W-,,li....,.,, ,,,.,,r WNW ,.,r. ,,,., sf-Y ww. .,-s, V. ,A Left to right: Mr. Ardenal Haney, Advisor, Dina McPherson, Editor, Judy Kivett, Assistant Editor. Seated, left to right: Dennis Cole, Art Editor, Ila Goude, Typist, Tommie Ellington, Press Operator. Standing:Linda Hucks, Edna Palmer, Art Editors, Glenda Fr e e rn a n, Proofreader, Larry Leonard, Boys' Sports Editor, Linda Stutts, Sonja Elks, Cirls' Sport Editors, Farrell Handy, Circulation Manager. Left to right: Sandra H a s s e ll, Typist, Marie lBundy, Feature Editor, Shelia Griffin, Typist, Ra y m o n d Hepler, Sandy Carmichael, Press Operators. Hi-fights Staff The newspaper st a ff consists of high school students who are interested in the different phases of newspaper work. The members of the staff have appointed duties, but they must be ready to fill any position if they are needed. It teaches them to accept respon- sibilities. Through the school newspaper the interested student gains valuable experience in the fields of journalism and produc- tion of a newspaper. Seated, left to right: Carol Thompson, jerry Cecil, Feature Editors, Joyce Coltrane, Club Reporter. Standing: Peggy Bowman, Feature Editor, jane Burton, Carol Ann Hepler, Doris Burton, Proofreaders. Seated, left to right: Sue Skeen, Pri- mary Reporter, Cheryl Ann Lassiter, Linda Sheffield, Elementary Report- ers. Standing: Faye Blair, Linda Stewart, High School Reporters, Ronald Drye, Primary Reporter. TED FALLENSTEIN City Reporter r , ,..,,, f if ,iil is isiely T - 's 'f siia S T . :fir ' Y ' f rf K' ssl ' J 2 f -,u fsyzf ,-gf' ,V 35 - .Fifi 1 ,,,. Ain-QA-Hi Staff Editor JEANETTE ELDER Editor MRS. PAUL MYERS Left to right: Ronnie Younts, JoAnne Belote, Advertising Mana Advisor gersg Peggy Bowman, Lyndon Byrum, Circulation Managers. ,ff I LUCILLE LEONARD, RANDY SPENCER Business Managers Seated, left to right: Barbara Shelton, Sophomore Editor, Cheryl Lassiter, junior Editor, Faye Allred, Senior Editor. Standing: Ila Goude, Elementary Editor, Dennis Cole, Primary Editor, Gary Trotter, Senior Editor, Carol Ratledge, Freshman Editor. N...-ft' ,imap 1 Seated, left to right: Lydia Hendricks, Sports Editor, Brenda McDaniel, Literary Editor,Ann Shackelford, Feature Editor. Standing: Rog er Helmstetler, Sports Editor, Ted johnson, Literary Editor, Ronald Sheppard, Feature Editor. Left to right: Linda Stutts, Sandra Hassell, Tommie Ellington, Pat Melton, Judy Kivett, Marie Bundy, Typists, Sheila Griffin, not pictured. f 2 .ff f f i l S 5 i Accurate records must be kept of all sales. All copy is typed in order to meet the deadline. is c .ff ,..f-ff", Business Manager and Editor-after Files are kept for future reference. a hard day's work. Pictures must be correctly identified. Proofreading the a XXX l Receipts for all s ale s must be typed and mailed. nnual is a long and hard task. x E' Jffl 4 Q ww 3 3oot5aH 1961 Co-captains, left to right: Gary Trotter, Larry McCall Coaches, left to right: Mr. Tommy Younts, Mr. Paul Barnes. 102 .w,.f..v,,- we N..,..W,.,,,,.N...,mm,n..... ...,.,..,.,.,,-.M...m.,.-, Nu-8-I, , W, Front row, left to right: jim my Brooks, Gary Trotter, Freddy Byrd, Larry Leonard, Raeford Cranford, Ricky Morris, Eddie White, Donald Stone, Billy Reagan, Larry McCall, Gareth Be she ars. Second row: Joe Overcash, Teddy Morris, David Mowery, Larry Thomas, Harold Proctor, Roger Stone, je rry Ce cil, Walter Ethridge, Frankie Green, Lloyd Hill, George Pendergraph. Third row: Gerald Moody, Randall Brooks, Roger Ingram, Eddie jackson, James Lockhart, Barry Zackary, Wayne Vuncannon, jeff Mann, Wayne Floyd, Billy Nelson, Larry Willard. Fourth row: Donald Helms, Steve Tuttle, Kenny Wheat, Vincent Kennedy, Marshall Lassiter, Ronald Helms, Tim Parker, jimmy Walden, Gary Robinette, Larry Carter, Ray Stone. Managers, left to right: Ray Shackelford, Keith Mann. . .ilfsr F 1 GARY TROTTER 5Hese led us to victory . TEDDY MORRIS JIMMY BROOKS LARRY LEONARD EDDIE WHITE "Hit 'em again! Harder!" DON STONE FRANKIE GREENE 104 in tHe county anct in our district . . , BILLY REAGAN GARETH BESHEARS JOE OVERCASH RICKY MORRIS FREDDY BYRD LARRY MCCALL Y 3 it ""'. I 105 N '134 RAEF ORD CRANF ORD . fy i sv- ' K 6' ff? V Mdgi' " fggsa 'X 1 1 A 3 V ,Q Q32 Hit' Sm, Blue jaysl Unscramble, Boys! " 'Wait just a minute!" , n Ujaybirds on the move. " f Q.. skyswh "That's real sneaky! " "Right in Step! -nn 107 Qriclciers in the mahing . First row, left to right: Tootie Morton, Bruce Hazelwood, Roger Skeen, Ra ndy johnson, Tommy White, Michael Cox, Sarn Elliot, Larry Cowan. Second row: Cecil Pegram, Dennis I-Ioneycutt, John Ellington, jerry Stout, Wayne Smith, Clark Coltrane, Jimmy Bowman, Ricky Zachery. MARLER ZACHARY Coach Third row: Larry Lawson, Mickey Bodenheirner, Gary Zachary, Jeff Steelman, MartinAdams, Dwight Meredith, Tony Hill, Larry Widener, Wade C lo d felt e r, Coach, Marler Zachary. Our Biffle Eeague Basgetgall , Cut Coacges train us. it in :V MR. PAUL BARNES Girls' Vawrsity W MR. JAMES SWIGGETT Boys' Varsity MR. TOMMY YOUNTS junior Varsity Left to right: Linda Stutts,Barbara Macon, Mickey Tuttle, Lydia Hendricks, Sonja Elks, Wanda Howlett, Janice irls' Baskiefgall Co-Captains, left to right: Sonja Elks, Linda Stutts. Kennedy,Mildred Thayer, Donna Saferightjanie Gibson, Sharon jackson. gorwards LYDIA HENDRIC KS MICKIE TUTTLE MILDRED THAYER SONJA ELKS UAFCIS LINDA STUTTS JAN ICE KENNEDY Md, ,,. . A 5 1 , 5 7 1' . ' V, 4"T. . ', 'QT ,V I " ' i ' ' ' .. ' 'fn ,?',.'- " ?2?S'::f'L?"i:"Q,'-'f1:! : M.-sale gr- I . 'a .12 3 1 "."xf'f: vj:K -E.,-Vai: -. - ff V " V- - K v-'Ya . ze. VV ' T MV. , 1 . . ., 32, w - ,ag1,kgy,,Vf3'a:-Lf' ,airy - P " . r ,ir,, ,. ,-2, Qfjgif 15 . 2 f ,, ffgfbi X i i ,fm xii? , ' ' "Qin if 176' i 1 :ilk '-,a:A1F1?i::95'-.: wfw i Vfrv A fr f MR- H .V -- V V: -fA- -52215. . ' 5-1 7 , ,Q Va- ,eeagr-'Wf4,az. 7 526. mx . - . :e. - V ..H:-42" f: ,V2:-1 - 7 1fvV, , K , ' -Eiwigw iw V ' A V? iw T' V ' A ' L If- 1 ., , .-af ,.V,Vf+,far,mfaf-s5m?42e9.441: 1V ' V ,V ,:.zz f,, 'erik-VV-JV V A-ga ,V A V,,,,-..VV,,f,,,,g,,M,m,. U M-34 1 ' ':.fffili-',i'5fi"ffllV-f51f?Z5'9i5?j5E?'l?-, ,f, affix:-'2??1:r'1 , , , ," 7"f - -Vim-:V 1. ,. l, .ishfifliffq f k fi -43' , V " ,, -V V , - ,IVV . ff A. fag. f ,,-w,fggw,gQ,.w, 4 a,.fwV': g-VW ,mf grew -V,f,:g5ggigr:e .V ,.'.. - wi f y A ', -Vwf,.fz.,, V.1sr1,'fH2'1M'V'.walc . v 6, ,.mV9W2,,f ' V f-wvgf'12-Q.- V: V. V.,5fr, "f' lilwi, aw-w H .L A. ,H Q- f ,V V,f,2f,., fff , ,, ,V -V V-V-V,.,V1f?Q,,,,,V A- -, if mem . ,,.V,g5,,,i5 V,-, pp.. .- -V12-'p V . f VV. f Vs, Y ,,,,,,fq,.5,, - ,fg.V ,K V , fe iisggy, 3-5,,.,, w g? ,-,,,,1, V: ff Vw f. -7 ,L .V,.-,Vi-' H . ,. ' :im 'wVWf?1- f f ,f-ff H 1 , flu. xiii 51.5 V:- 's- , li L V ' Q-,Y -"- ' -'if in , ,Q V Verily -,gap ,gen -Viva N H ,, 2 f mu V-: ,5M,,,jw , Vrfgw RVN. . f , fix? A --Vs , 14522, if-7 ,V ,ff-'Q2a.gr0i:w..-Z -Jawa, VA 4 - we 1 'wa- fr VL K ,aa V , , , X. ziysmq .1 .A,Q ,,,4r,, ,kg,n,,M,,kggasL. ff . , K. VV H , 5, K, . M ,, ,iw 3w5,7,k,,.i1,L.,,,fV I , - l M 4 l left to right: Bruce White, Randall Brooks, Eddie jackson, andy Morrow, Larry Thomas, Larry Willard, Gareth e she ars, Roger I-Ielrnstetler, Ronald Sheppard, Fred Boys' BasEet5all Co-Captains, left to right: Randy Morrow, Ted Fallenstein. Meredith, jerry Cecil, David Mowery, Teddy Morris, Ted F al le ns ti e in. Front-kneeling: Robert D uk e and Ray Shackelford, Managers. Boys' BasEei5aH GARETH BESHEARS RANDY MORROW E ROGER I-IELMSTETLER 1961-1962 TED F-ALLENSTEIN JERRY CECIL RONALD SHEPPARD ' E W C 5.- s.:f .' if ,A 332 ?"f"'2 an K, A , ,. .2 :H f'HQ WL 'X Hula QU. First row, left to right: Sarah Pierce, Brenda Spivey, Dottie Cross, Sharyn Henderson, Linda Meredith, Joyce Gill, Janice Freeman, Kay Lance. Second row: Doreen Beshears, Joyce McDowell, Sandra Swancy, Ile in Geiger, Carol Boys'QU. First row, left to right: George Pendergraph, Steve Sha ck elfo rd, Billy Nelson, James Lockhart, Marshall Lassiter, Ray Shackelford. Second row: Keith Mann, Wayne Bashefhan Watson, Helen West, Micky Cowan, Judy McMahan. Third row: Ellen DeHart, Ruth Ann Hodge, Linda Love, Judy Drummond, Brenda Moody, Sandra Baylis, Patsy White. Basaefgall Vuncannon, Wayne Floyd, Kenneth Jones, Leroy Leonard, Barry Zachary, Kenneth Wheat. il? Qirls' 5raclQ Left to right: Janie Gibson, Donna Saferight, Lydia Hendricks, Sonja Ellis, Janice Kennedy, Mickie Tuttle, Janice Freeman, Kay Lance. MR. TOMMY YOUNTS Track Coach Boys' 5racQ Lefr to right: Ricky Morris, Lloyd Hill, Jimmy Brooks, George Pendegraph, Donald Stone, Gary Trotter, Teddy Morris. E2 23 l , H if BILLY NELSON Outfielder F RAN KIE GREENE Catcher Baseflall JEFF MANN Outfielder FRED MEREDITH Outfielder First row, left to right: Ge orge Pendegraph, Lloyd Hill, Nelson, David Mowery, Billy DAVID MOWERY Pitcher Billy Byrd, GEORGE PENDEG RA PH Outfielder LARRY THOMAS Thlrd base LLOYD HILL Outf ie lder jeff Mann, T e cl dy Morris. Second row: Fred Meredith, Frankie Greene, Larry Thomas, Coach, Jim Swiggett. BILLY BYRD Second base TEDDY MORRIS First base FS VK, aw K , ! 3 in "lUe're rom Allen gay" Left to right: ja nic e Kennedy, Carol Thompson, Peggy je an ette Elder, Chief, Brenda Brewer, Co-Chief, Faye Bowman, Dina McPherson, JoAnne Belote. Top to bottom: Allred, Marie Bundy. 122 FAYE ALLRED Left to right: Mrs. Mildred Hussey, Sponsor: Brenda Brewer, Co-Chiefg Jeanette Elder, Chief. PEGGY BOWMAN DINA MCPHERSON MARIE BUNDY BRENDA BREWER CAROL THOMPSON 550111 Students, Sgouil 2 X E , i S Q, f' 5 E gl ff N K . . W Q i JEAN ET TE ELDER JOAN NE BELOTE JAN ICE KENNEDY 124 .nf '1--J WWA aims, I .e f , - sg. '-x.,.,L.,,u' 5 1 K g is U fgfi!'I:f i??fTif'f' ' 'MTM-M .., 'V - V""A'W'W- , f '- 'WW M- M 4 .,. fwff fr Q , :H 4 Q 'fsgffiif wg-zsiEzf -' .L -,.M,,W ., 575114451 .. . - W J?f:i45'f Lin 1-"W X ' ifzsfgszgegg - 'f1,,ff.-'Q , . A K f-V , 53 V . ' V '7Q5?3f'- - ' LT ' A - ' - iff A .- A ' ,V A A 82121:-:2i1.zi?6gf5siiSL15L5i1!is,AV. - ,J I M ' 7 ' ' 4' V f - 2,L,qgQ:ggwffzgwggf,fgzf:,wwmy ,. , , . H - , - 4 . 2111.Q49zQ?:2fAf?Q1'fig-,'f"gii1fiife,f,,A , " ' ' ' V - -f ' ufgfggiievliva 'ffiff ' f ff .. - ' - f f 'agzbeffgggszgmzswfmzf-im-wfffszfgwzzf 7 K K K - . K mwfiVfgffifyggl1g5,15g555,5gg4q,+4:- A . .f . f f 3? EazfQifgswwfamfgwq,gfff :ni .::zfff-vzwsfwm , V , 5, em. sffiifwgww- -V I - , A Q ' V X H, . K ' A.,M,,.s,,iggY..7,,v2-MrggyVmsmwyuggf f :H , nf-' 2 .,-xp, -1 f X Q In ,lg K f K i1 Nia.. Mr. james Swiggett, Mr. Tommy Younts, Supervising the loading of buses. Left to right: Roy Johnson, Betty Craven, Larry McCall, Randy Spencer, Orville Dills, David French, Gene McNabb, jane Burton, Kenneth jones, Jesse Tyndall. 12 Bus Drivers 6 F-T" ...f--P-"':""' V I MRS. RUBY CLIFTON Manager Left to right: Mrs. Nanni e Ingram, Mrs. Anna Ingram, Mrs. Georgia Pope, Mrs. Hazel Dunbar. Cafeteria Staff Left to right: Mrs. Barbara White, Mrs. Myrtle Boyles, Mrs. Frances Bryson. Left to right: Mrs. Pearl Mann, Mrs. Jessie Younts, Mrs. Ruth Dobbins, Mrs. Mable Etzhridge. 127. 5 X Mr- 8 Mrs. Shelly W'SlbOI'1'1 Mr. David Blankenbecker, Mr. Frank Myers C u s f o cf 1 a n 5 Custodian for primary school: Mr. Richard Ingram. 128 I rv wifi- ' m -IU . fiklxy- - E1QLfs,:m:,A.f . f ., 'f-4:1-1 - 1 'fs-mf" :wmf ,:f- i V-W ., MJ 5 -i f2"v iaszpzifsgaisfifi' fi ,5fL:-QWV, .Wig f f Wfv., .. seffaaiwsksxe,':w+z-11:-:- .zalw f-'- ' - . V , ,L , ff:fm1fQ,1,M,.,1v 1 .- ..,,.. . k k . Liiiiiixsififfzjff,.,1,Wg,yf.5-1,s,..2,.f.sgizi4:ffsz1as - -1 5 z " - e C O Tn I 11 a. m S iigfaggsifigffzpfgwieqfeei '- . g g , ' V , n i' i-- xf xf.,.wm.xM,m.,, W, ,MN .." ,N--W. ,, A , - f f- 11: ,.,,., I I - fg5ffmi1SLw1gf:m,-fs:lswzwm-L-0,mmLwfss,Q,9g,3Zg,1 , V, , .. , s-wwggsugsagggggzis,figgisfszaisxg1xz:1z:sa5sgggyf5s3f,7ggg'g5,g:,1,1., K, I , 15g'g1gAggggg:gg:,,,--, V - - 1 k - ' Vi' 3135 'q?ifi?Tl3fwf?is?ii,E23EAEs:9'55giSz1b3EZi5E?QL1F5gPfs3E5gk, ' i ', " ., ' 1 lTE:5E:g?15i5fg3 gjjjgf , " ' - i 'jggj-fg.jf',' - - . ff f ,if-P52'f22ifs2ffsgs12212,:1- . 1: ff- :epsggfysgsazgszsfvgf5515755gig' , ., . ., 2 P Aiffv' ,sTfmi2ff:?1x2:iii-Szzl2fiJMi?iS?Liif,-- - E25 ' ,A W,-. 72 fSZQE1???iTWi,fL'T37Es fW?f3i9?i??3Ai5lf f I V ' 'IE ki'liELl1iEL9Eff2'ffffb' ' iff f-zz-1ws1:?1:f fgmwff mymy1-,MMI-fsamsfggwxff:'v I-1 I I wr , ww6?m:Xef2iK54,,Q5iQ2?l1'3fZmr2Q5fi:9sifs?5ggs35'rg15-g f fb QF ' k g,1E5?Y:31i:ff 'vffw 1111 15122 1 ,g:1fn:xQ:w22gf' ' .. K556923-V51gg,f2ye?L,gifg,giQ1,1 W ffy gvgqwfifsf ifw, x , Eiiikiiiig-:'l5Ai5iV:z:.EE-IIN: SAIL Li? fig?-T.-ifk-WW-" rgezgmxwrred eewra 'az wr zz :ff :mx z,.. 14- f fL"'m:Q 'Qu ,- mg, we f, 15'fl,fwLfzsiezgszxz-z,' 'H ?ZEfiE'5ls:e,.'J1 '5G3'5'5lvQ?4a51111-szfzkrsfzfi:'?2i'1:?bwse1 ,mis ,Nw . . , A , W, , L, -," arm,-fm--'1 f m:fz,:Qie,ife,:f,aa , f , " ' '- H 'A ' , ' I f, Q iggm iaf -,,:1' ,yfgaisifhmefzazigsfmc uw,1223415522risgefsmiii1'Mfg ul .21 ,,.., , ,,:f:w. , -f f 'V .- N, A BK WORLDS FINEST HAND PAINTED pQRTRAlT5 ARCHDALE MATTRESS CO. On silk canvas from your small photo. P-0- BOX T451 Archdale, PLC- Wrife 'I'.B. Adams Inner-Spring Mattresses Box Springs Route 2, Box 277 Lexington, N.C. Phone 885-5640 NIQIII 887'4537 A 8 F FOOD STORE I20I Fairfield Road Phone 88-53330 ARCHDALE T.V. CENTER Radio and T.V. Service Phone 88 5-5240 High Point, North Carolina ALLEN JAY GROCERY Fresh Meats - Produce - Groceries II06 Fairfield Road ASHEBORO ROAD SERVICE STATION 2229 S. Main Street "The water has been taken out." High Point, North Carolina ARCADE BEAUTY SHOP "Specializes In All Beauty Work" Myrtle Daniel, Owner 329 North Main Street AUMAN MOTOR CO. V.L. Auman - W.W. White 7I0 Fairfield ARCHDALE FURNITURE EXCHANGE 33I3 South Main Street Archdale, North Carolina "We sell the loest but charge the Iess" Phone 88 2-8670 L BARGAIN FURNITURE COMPANY Quality Furniture at Bargain Prices Telephone 9613 I526-28 English St. High Point, North Carolina ARCHDALE BARBER SHOP 3407 South Main Street High Point, North Carolina BEESON HARDWARE CO., INC. Hardware - Sporting Goods High Point, North Carolina ARCHDALE HARDWARE Archdale , North Carolina Phone 2-6500 BEL-AIR DINETTE "Home of Good Foods" I507 English Street High Point Compliments of A FRIE ND BOYLES AUTO PARTS 7II N. Main Street High Point , North Carolina O BOYLES WHOLESALE COMPANY 737 North Main Street High Point, North Carolina Clothing for the entire family CASEY'S TACKLE SHOP Complete Line of Fishing Equipment I05 Fairfield Road Phone 88 3-2385 BRILEY FURNITURE COMPANY Complete Home Furnishings and Appliances Phone 88 8-6455 25I0-I4 South Main Street CEClL'S OFFICE EQUIPMENT CO. 304 South Main Street High Point, North Carolina Phone 88 2-6I2I BROWER -OIL COMPANY, INC. Atlantic Distributor 70I Fairfield Road Phone 88 8-7253 Kerosene Fuel Oils Metered Services-Gasoline 8g Motor Oils T CHILES STUDIO, WEDDING AND GIFT SHOP 825 North Main Street High Point, North Carolina "A Complete Wedding Service BURTNER FURNITURE Household Furnishings 900 East Green Street Phone 88 22770 CLEMMONS FURNITURE CO. 2I4 E. Washington Street Complete Home Furnishings Reasonable Prices - Easy Terms CALHOUN'S DRUGSTORE Russell Stover Candy Telephone 88 2-26II CLINARD MILLING CO. High Point, North Carolina CAROLINA AUTO WRECKING co. ' Owned and Operated by M.C. Pierce .l.W. Brown Located Near Super Highway Phone 88 8-9995 COLUMBIA FOOD MARKET "World's Best Meats" 2112 S. Main Street High Point, North Carolina CAROLINA CLEANERS Expert Cleaning Service High Point, Phone 88 2-43I9 Archdale, Phone 88 6-2589 COOKlE'S PURE OIL STATION Van Cookie Parrish, Manager Complete Car and Truck Service Gas - Lubrication - Wash 1631 S. Main St. High Point, N.C CAROLYN FABRICS, INCORPORATED Furniture and Drapery Fabrics I70I English Street Compliments of MR. AND MRS. H.H. CLODFELTER CROSSROADS GROCERY Fresh Meats - Produce - Groceries Route 5, High Point, North Carolina ENGLISH GULF AND TIRE SERVICE Phone 88 2-1428 Intersection Highways No. 3II 8. 62 Archdale, North Carolina. DAR-LEE FASHIONS "Fashions For Ladies" College Village Shopping Center" High Point, North Carolina FARMLAND KINDERGARTEN 2600 S. Main Street High Point, North Carolina DAVE'S CYCLE CENTER 2506 S. Main Street Telephone 88 8-9037 Sales and Service for Indian Motorcycles and Pioneer Chain Saws FIVE POINTS MOTOR CO. Greensboro Road High Point, North Carolina Phone 88 2-2I76 JOHN C. DAVIS PLUMBING 8 HEATING CO. I9I6 English Street Phone 888-7240 FURNITURE CITY FINANCE, INC. II5 North Main St. - High Point, N.C. Loans SI0.00 to 5250.00 52.00 For Every Customer Referred Phone 88 2-8423 DIXIE AUTO PARTS CO., INC. Wholesale Automotive Parts 8I3 N. Main Street Phone 88 2-942I or 88 2-9422 FURNITURE CITY GULF 2III South Main 24 Hour Service - Wrecker Service Operated by Randall Johnson and L.R. McMahon 5I DOBBINS ELECTRIC COMPANY Electrical Construction 2 West Green Street Telephone 5226 High Point, North Carolina "Specialist in Electrical Heat" Textile Attachments, Parts and Repair G. AND .I. MACHINE SHOP, INC. Phone 2-07I8 P.O. Box 94I High Point, North Carolina ECONOMY SHOE SHOP "We Repair Your Shoes Like New" 3I5 English Street High Point, North Carolina GILBRETH UPHOLSTERING CO. Manufacturers of Upholstered Furniture Re-Upholstering of All Types Furniture Phone 5-5229 or 5-5I29-Route4,Box I95 Phone 83 2-6015 C.C. Gilloreth, Owner-High Point, N.C. MR. AND MRS. GEORGE B. ELDER DILLION AUTO REPAIR General Repairs GILES 8. SAMUEL TURNING CO., INC. Wood Turnings Post Office Box I8I5 Telephone 2-84I3 Giles Street High Point, North Carolina For Ouality Office Supplies: GRIFFITH OFFICE EO.UIPMENT CO. 792 N. Main St. Phone 88 8-4573 High Point, North Carolina OILL'S LADIES SHOP I28 South Main High Point, North Carolina HALO BEAUTY SHOP Open 8-6, Nights by Appointment Sallie Evans - .Ianicy Matthews Ruby Wright I2O If2 College Street High Point, North Carolina V Office Phones Residence Ladies' and ChiIdren's Ready-to-wear 38 23665 Of 8329552 88 22032 . , . HARMON REALTY CO. Lingerie Sr Uniforms XXARMOI' Milton Harmon S . Wfenn Sf. 2605-A English Street Ext. Specializing in Large and Super Sizes I-hgh Pomt, North Carolina GLENOLA FRAME WORKS, INC. Telephone 9-I226 New Street P.O. Box T262 High Point, N.C. "A Satisfied Customer is Our First Consideration" RUSSELL T. HARMON Calendars - Book Matches Novelties Es Printing Call 88 8-6538 GRAGG PAINT COMPANY Telephone 88 2-8259 I337 N. Main St. High Point, N.C. Pratt and Lambert Pee Gee Paints Paints HASSELL OFFICE SUPPLY CO. 462 South Main Street High Point, North Carolina GRAY-ART FLOWER SHOP IO3 E. Lexington Avenue High Point, North Carolina "Let Our Flowers Say It For You" HAUSER'S WEE-WASH-IT 4I3 Prospect Street Laundry - Washed - Dried - Folded Shirts Finished and Dry Cleaning Curb Service "Serving the Physical Needs of America GREENSBORO HEALTH CLUB STUDENTS WELCOME I IO E. Gaston St. Ph. BR 4-2835 Bill Piephoff Ronny Barnes HAZEL'S BEAUTY CENTER I232 Montlieu "Bouffants are our SpeciaIity" GRIFFIN UPHOLSTERING COMPANY Manufacturers of Living Room Furniture High Point, North Carolina HEARNE GROCERY 7OI Park Street T.N. Hearne, Owner HENDRIX FURNITURE STORE I47-I49 South Wrenn Street High Point, North Carolina JERRI-LEE BEAUTY SALON "We Curl Up and Dye For You." 825 172 N. Main Street Telephone 88 8-7220 HENLEY PAPER COMPANY JOHNNY'S GROCERY Fresh Meats - Produce - Groceries 705 Fairfield Road Phone 88 7-6287 HEPLER FRAME SHOP Manufacturers of Furniture Frames Telephone 88 2-8208 Route 4, Jackson Lake Road High Point, North Carolina JOHNSON BROTHER'S GROCERY Route 5, Smith Road Fresh Meats - Produce Phone 88 2-4308 HIGH POINT F.C.X. South Main Street High Point, North Carolina .IONES ESSO SERVICE 706 East Green Street Phone 88 2-32I7 Your Business Appreciated HIGH POINT OUICK LUNCH I08 East Washington Street KANEER'S GULF SERVICE 500 S. Main Street High Point, North Carolina Phone 88 2-3425 HIGH POINT STORE Staple 8 Fancy Groceries Fresh Meats - Produce 400 Mangum Avenue KEARNS KENCO SERVICE 20I0 S. Main Street High Point, North Carolina HORACE G. ILDERTON, INC. 70I -709 South Main Street High Point, North Carolina Dodge - Dodge Dart - Renault - Peugeot Cars and Trucks Compliments of A FRIEND INDUSTRIAL PIPING AND WELDING CO. Route M, High Point, Nc Phone 88 2-4326 H G. Kivett F.W. Frazier KIDDIE-KORNER I69 South Main Street "High Fashions for the High School Crowd" Phone 88 8-7964 4 KINNEY'S KASH 81 KARRY Open 7 days a week Route 2, Trinity, North Carolina MASTER CLEANERS Expert Dry Cleaning for The Entire Family 2205 S.M. St. Phone 88 8-5947 For Pickup and Delivery Service KOONCE FUNERAL HOME, INC. 414 South Main Street High Point, North Carolina Phone 88 8-4533 MELTON'S GARAGE Phone 8-3811 Highway 62, Route 4 High Point, North Carolina KOONTS-McG HEE DRUG CO. 308 S. Main Street High Point, North Carolina MERCURY BARBER SHOP Open All Day Wednesday Closed Saturday 270 S. Wrenn St. High Point, N.C fBiII, Frank, Harvey, and Wadel KOONTS REALTY, INCORPORATED Henry V. Koonts, Realtor Phone 888-4533 244 South Main Street High Point, North Carolina We Supply Musical Instruments to Allen jay and Other Schools MUSIC AND ART CENTER Telephone 88 8-9939 432 North Wrenn Street High Point, North Carolina XXX111ItIl.'fff X e if bv-HIII44 -' Compliments of MR. 8 MRS. SAMUEL A. MOORE, SR .JEWELERS LIBERTY LIFE INSURANCE CO G we LEPEQ188 93559 f NEW SERVICE LAUNDRY ThLf H PQLA gdefff, icif SG P 205 Centennial Avenue P 5115 9f..?BQ5.Bi.1df'Jb YH High Pom, North Carolina 1-1ghP Tm, N. C LOCK 0 KEY SERVICE 330 5, W,e,.,, mee. NORTH STATE TELEPHONE COMPANY High Point, North Carolina n hIO4.I'IOYCIe'1 PIOCG lu Phone Day as 8-4001 of Night as 6-8055 H'9 Pom" NMI' Cm 'nc Compliments of A FRIEND Compliments of MR. AND MRS. H.C. McPHERSON OAKS DRIVE IN 8. POP'S GO CARTS "Place to meet Friends"-High Point Rd. Free dancing Friday and Saturday Night Rock 8. Roll Band OUALITY BEAUTY SHOP "We need your head in our business" Located in Central Savings Bank Building Phone 88 8-4653 ONE HOUR MARTINIZING The Most in Dry Cleaning 247 S. Main Street T530 N. Main Street REID'S BEAUTY SHOP 325 Foust Street High Point, North Carolina Phone 88 8-7079 Mrs. Barbara Reid, Owner ORRELL'S FUNERAL SERVICE 906 North Main Street Phone 88 2-OI23 RELIABLE CLEANERS l02I South Main Street Phone 888-7229 OSCAR'S FINE FOODS 319 S. Wrenn Street High Point, North Carolina Congratulations to our Friends at Allen .lay High School RICHARDSON'S DEPARTMENT STORE PARRISH BROTHERS Building Contractors I06-I08 Lockhart Street Phones 2-7673 8. 2-7873 S. ROBINOWITZ "The Store of Better Values" IIO E. Washington Street PIEDMONT DAIRIES, INC. Lewis M. Carter, Pres. Distributor of Sealtest Milk T825 N. Main St. High Point, N.C Phone 88 8-9958 s. MAIN smear Telephone 88 8-6447 XZCMZDZZI4 FURNITURE STORE HIGH POINT, NORTH CAROLINA PROSPECT GRILL 902 Prospect Street High Point, North Carolina Phone 88 5-3448 The Home of "Gus" Famous Food. PURCELL SUPPLY COMPANY Plumbing, Heating Si Air Conditioning 725 W. Green Street High Point, North Carolina Phone 97398 - 4003 Residence 2-7277 ROYALS INSURANCE AGENCY H.Clay Royals Auto - Fire - Lite Beside Post Office Bldg. Archdale, North Carolina RUBY'S, INC. High Point's Largest Grade of Jewelers Ralph Martin, Manager DENTON SMITH SIGN COMPANY 305 Springfield Road High Point, North Carolina Phone 88-97433 SAMPLE SHOE STORE II9 North Main Street "Shoes For The Entire Family Phone 88 2-8310 Il FRANK SMITHIS RABBITRY 305 Springfield Road Phone 88 9-7433 SAMUEL HYMAN .IEWELER AND GIFT SHOP I36 S. Main Street High Point, North Carolina SNOW STUDIO Si CAMERA SHOP 207 North Main Street High Point, North Carolina Phone 88 2-67l8 Compliments of SCHOOL BOARD THE SOCK SHOP I53 South Wrenn Street C I. 1, F SOUTHLAND LIFE INSURANCE CO. Omp 'men S O Charles E. Pickard SHACKLEFORDS Route 1, Jamestown, N.C. N. Main . - Telephone 88-325.82 High Point, North Carolina Dlsmct Ofglffng Igiglgziolnt' NC' SHEETS RADIO 81 TELEVISION SERVICE SOUTH MAIN CROWN SERVICE l50l English St. High Point, N.C. STATION Day 88 2-8835 Night 88 2-600i Crown Gas Auto Parts Dealer RCA 2-way Radio 700 S. Main St. Phone 888-7273 SHEPPARD MOTOR CO. Auto Parts - Marine Supplies Hardware and Sporting Goods Evinrude Outboard Motors Phone 88 8-6956 SPENCER 8 PARLIER BROS. Sales 8g Service 25l6 S. Main Street Phone 88 2-4822 or 88 4-8340 Cletus, Gene, 8 Jerry SUPERIOR DRY CLEANERS T325 North Main Street High Point, North Carolina C.C. Goodson Phone 88 3-T038 SPRINGFIELD GROCERY Route 4, High Point, N.C.. Phone 88 2-8209 Jr. and Doris Dennis STAR CASTLE DRIVE-IN Jumbo Burger Biggest Burger in Town 3943 TED'S TAVERN 423 Park Street Phone 88 2-3528 High Point, North Carolina Compliments of STAR CLEANERS ADAM THOMASON Accounting Income Tax Service Phone 88 2-9945 STAG BAR AND SPORT SHOP Harold Creasey, Proprietor TUCKER'S DRY CLEANING CO IOI4 East Green Street Dry Cleaning and Dyeing Phone 88 2-63l3 81 88 3-IOOI SUPERB SERVICE STATION NO. Owners: Skeen ancl White Corner of West Green and Trinity Avenue I 'VlC'S BARBECUE IOII East Green Street Phone 88 2-96l3 N 1 THE SWEET SHOPPE BAKERIES High Point's Most Modern Retail Bakeries Two Locations For Your Convenience - 113 N. Main 883-1745 2 - College Village Shopping C t 882 en er -8026 WAGNER TIRE SERVICE Recapping Gatewoocl Avenue Phone 88 3-l7l0 or 88 8-9923 TAYLOR'S SERVICE I3-Ol S. Main High Point, North Carolina WAYSIDE INTERIORS, INC. Home of Fine Furniture On US Highway 29 ancl 70 at Springfield Avenue High Point, North Caroline Fun For The Entire Family TEE-OFF DRIVING RANGE Miniature Golf Bat-A-Boll Phone 88 5-5422 ' S. Main St. Ext. High Point, North Carolina WELCH MOTOR COMPANY II7 South Wrenn "TEX THE CLOWN" l5Ol N. Main Street High Point, North Carolina Phone 3-2803 WILSON JEWELERS For Fine Jewelry 1538 English Street High Point, North Carolina Gifts For all occasions DON'T FORGET! ACME OFFICE MACHINE CO. Sales . Service. Rentals I234 Montlieu Avenue High Point, North Carolina Phone 88 2-9390 Complete Line ot Portables ALLEN JAY HOSIERY MILL Manufacturers of Seamless Hosiery Since T946 Liberty Road High Point, North Carolina Phone 88 9-2218 and 88 2-7330 Compliments of ALB ERTSON AU CTI ON 320 South Wrenn Street High Point, North Carolina Compliments of ANDERSON DRUG STORE No. I T550 English Street No. 2 24OI English Street ALLEN JAY BEAUTY SHOP IOO7 Fairfield Road Phone 88 2-8523 ARTHUR'S PHARMACY Prescriptions T248 South Main Street High Point, North Carolina ALLEN JAY BETA CLUB "Allen Jay's Highest Honor Society" Complete Line Famous Atlas Products AYLOR' S ES SO SERVICE Expert Lubrication - Washing Polishing Wheel Balancing - Road Service Phone 2-2310 2II4 South Main Street High Point, North Carolina BALDWIN-GARRETT COMPANY, INC. Farmall Tractors and McCormick Farm Equipment Service - Parts lOll-lO'l5 South Elm Street Greensboro, North Carolina COLENlAN'S GREENSBORO TOBACCO WAREHOUSE Burlington Road Phone BR 3-3975 R.C. Coleman, Jr. O.L. Coleman 0 Compliments of CAROLINA CONTAINER Compliments of J. W. COLTRANE CAROLINA OFFICE MACHINES 205 East Sycamore Street Greensboro, North Carolina R.C. Allen Authorized Dealer New and Used Typewriters - Adding Machines Sold, Repaired, and Rented Phone BR 4-lOl4 Phone BR 5-6667 CORNELlSON'S FLORIST 4110 North Main Street l Located oft Hwy. 8ll on Kernersville Rd. , Hwy. 66 Business Phone 88 2-OO96 Home Phone 88 2-OO76 Owned and Operated by Mrs. W.D. Cornelison and Euaene Cornelison Compliments of COCA-COLA BOTTLING COlVlPANY We Use RCA Tubes DEALER'S TV SERVICE Phone 2-2282 T38 S. Wrenn Street High Point, North Carolina "We Repair All Makes of Radios 84 Televison" 14 Compiiments of EI.I.ING-I'ON'S FLORI ST 24I8 South Moin DICK CULLER'g Phone as-84032 "FIowers for Every oaasiaw' C. DGWITT HOLTON For The Fashiaas Yaa see in FURNITURE CO' Your Favorite Style Magazine oaamy Furniture as Carpe FASHION 5H0P 120 South Main - High Pains 8I7 South Main Street h C I High Point, Nort oro inc DIP'I'l'EAT DRIVE-IN Home Style Cooking Phone 88 8-7242 712 South Main Street R. D. FOWLER MOTOR LINES Compliments of A FRIEND GILBERT'S "Beautiful Shoes" II8 South Moin I-Iigh Point, North Corolino J. R. GRAHAM AND SON General Confracfors 628 Greensboro Roaal Phone 888-7140 JIIVIIVIIE'S BARBECUE Pork Loins Only 29 and 29-A English Srreef High Poinl, Norlh Carolina Jimmie Talfon, Owner - Air Conclifioneol Best Wishes GRAY'S JEWELRY Archclale, Norfh Carolina G. VVESLEY JOHNSON Igracling ancl bulldozerl Phones 88-9437i I202 Fairfield Rd. 88-20777 HIGH POINT BOILER gf TANK CO., INC. 24II English Sfreef High Point, North Carolina KENNEDY OIL COMPANY I NCOR PORATED Phone as-31027 High Poinf, North Carolina "Crown Pefroleum Produc'rs" HIGH POINT CANVAS SHOP W. L. Snider, Owner Awnings - Furnifure Pads Truck Covers 335 VV. Burton Sfreef Resiclenf 2112 Baltimore Drive High Poinf, Norfh Carolina Phone 88 7-7348 KESTER NIACHINERY CO. Esfablishecl I88O 3I5 Wesf Russell Sfreef High Point, Norfh Carolina Phone 88 8-6908 LAMB'S HEATING COMPANY Gutters - Roofing - Floor Furnaces Hot Air Heat - Air Conditioning 2215 South Main St. ,High Point, N. Phone 88 22011 C. MANN'S DEPENDABLE DRUG STORES High Point, North Carolina Famous for Prescriptions Ashelooro, North Carolina Fmnk Lamb Dependobimy Lexington, N.C. Kanniapolis, N.C. Thomasville,N.C. Burlington, N.C. Owner Plus Sanford, N.C. Reidsville, N.C. VII. H. LAMB Builder of Quality Homes Phone 88-23752 MARIETTA PAINT AND COLOR COMPANY A Division of American-Marietta Co. Manufacturers of Full Line of Furniture, Finishes and Paints High Point, North Carolina Compliments of LOWE'S PHARMACY Archdale, North Carolina MRS. GILBERT E. MARSH Bookkeeping, Accounting, and Tax Services. With Mr. Alfred Ameen and Mr. Don Fowler. 400 Vine Street Phone 88 8-7172 M. AND Y. GARAGE Specializing in Ford and General Motors Products Phone 88 8-9981 1107 East Green Street High Point, North Carolina MITCHELL SEPTIC TANK SERVICE Phones 887-6187 - 882-8651 704 Fairfield Road High Point, North Carolina MYRTIE'S DRESS SHOP II2 S. Main Street High Point, North Carolina PIEDMONT IRON 8: METAL CO. 704 Ward Street High Point, North Carolina Phone 88 8-6480 Gasoline Fuel Oil Kerosene NORTHVVOOO OIL COMPANY 7I6 Eastchester Drive - Phone 888-7960 High Point, North Carolina N.K. Bowman C. A. Handy J.C. Putman Ralph Sechrest Phone 88 29024 Phone 882-O997 .I. C. PUTMAN 8: SON J. Ralph Sechrest, Associate General Contractors Residential - Industrial - Churches Commercial - General Remodeling Phone 88 2-48 I 8 High Point,N.C. .Iamestown,N.C. PEOPLE'S TIRE AND SERVICE STATION, INC. 22OI South Main Phone 88 2-8253 Recapping SUPER MARKET DOT 4 LS- ow 1-O PRICES Archdale, N. C. PEPSI-COLA COMPANY ff.-2.24 I 4 "T 1... E -1 , X RED'S BARBER SHOP 217 Commerce Street, "It Your Hair is Not Becoming, Be Coming to See Us" 144 ROSE FURNITURE CO., INC. 2I4 Willowbrook Street Phone 88 2-687i Carpet - Draperies - Furniture Appliances Free Parking SHORE'S CLEANERS 427 N. Wrenn Street Phone 88 8-6009 Drapes Suede Jackets Pillows Kid Gloves Bedspreads Evening Gowns "Quality Guaranteed" SAM'S WELDING SERVICE 115 N. Hamilton St. High Point, N. C. Call Us On Your Welding Problems fWe1ding Is Our Businessj We Make Pipe Columns 8 Fitch Plates To Order Structural Steel PF Heavy Equipment Welding Portable Equipment Phones: Day 88 2-1110 Night 88 2-1236 A. M. fSamj Pendergrass Owner and Operator ED SMITH SEPTIC TANK CO. Installing - Repairing - Pumping Phone 88 2-2429 Ed Smith Route 3 High Point, North Carolina Complete Cleaning and Laundry Service SARTIN'S I67O English Street Phone 88 8-45OI SOUTHERN WELDING 8: MACHINE CO. Portable Welding Equipment Fabrication, and Erections of Steel Bulldozing, Basement Digging and Grading Phone 88-3I98l or 88 2-I529 High Point, North Carolina THE SCOTTISH BANK 3IOI S. Main St. Archdale, North Carolina Telephone 88 2-9412 Every Banking and Borrowing Service Offered Your Patronage is Most Welcome "Better Banking" Member Federal Deposit Insurance Corp. SOUTHSIDE PRODUCE MARKET 610 01311 Groceries Meats Produce Ice Coal 145 Liberty Road Rou Compliments of R.B. Sutton, Special Agent SOUTHWESTERN LIFE INSURANCE CO Atlantic Division Lite, Accident, Health, and Hospital Insurance. 3II Wright Building High Point, North Carolina Office Tel. 888-65I5 Res. Tel. 885-I232 TRINITY SELF SERVICE FOOD STORE "Your Scotchman's Paradise" Across From Trinity School SUNIIVIEY PLUMBING COMPANY Phone 2-6479 - 2405 Lowe Avenue High Point, North Carolina VICK PAINT gf WALLPAPER COIVIPANY II3-I I5 E. Commerce High Point, North Carolina Phone 88 2-8425 Paint - Wallpaper - Art Supplies Sanders - Polishers Featuring Valspar Paint SWAIN SUPPLY CONIPANY, INC. High Point, North Carolina Henderson, North Carolina Salisbury, North Carolina Rocky Mount, North Carolina V.F. W. GRILL Post 9899 Sandwiches SQ Drinks Archdale, North Carolina PAUL B. NIYERS GRADING COIVIPANY Bulldozing - Grading Fish Pond and Road Building Phone 88 2-59OI High Point, North Carolina te4 WESTERN AUTO 208 N. Main Street High Point, North Carolina Archdale Oil Co. Complete Fuel Oil Service Radio Equipped Trucks Phone 88 2-2220 Archdale, North Carolina Brother's Bar-B-O Pit Cooked Barbecue Luigi Burgers Phone 88 2-8600 2204 Norfh Main EXT. Burchfield's Service Phone 88-25564 Crown Gas and Oil Groceries, Tobacco, Candies. 2900 S . Main 147 Biaiird Furniture Manufacturing Corp High Point, North Carolina Chicken Thief Drive-In "Where Friends Meetp For Fun and a Bite to Eat" Compliments of City Motors Where Quality ESQ Price Meets 718 North Main Owners Telephones William Bell 20420 Si 22205 84 Bill Cox Clover Leaf Super Market 2020 South Main Ext. Open from 7 A.M. to 9 P.M. 148 Dixie Wholesale Distributing Inc Candy - Tobacco - Paper Products Sundries - School Supplies 202 W. Main - Thomasville, N.C. Dulce Refining Corp. 2020 Jarrell Street High Point, North Carolina Solvent Reclaiming Drum Reconditioning H e r i t a g e Design Craftmanship Highland Motors, Inc. Your Cadillac, Oldsmobile Dealer 805 N. Main Street High Point, North Carolina 149 High Point Chemical Mfg. Co. Taylor Sfreef Phone 88 2-6Ol8 High Point,Thomasville cmd Denton Railroad Company Connecfing High Poinr, Thomasville, and Denlon with The Nation. Telephone 88 8-45ll High Poinf, N.C. H urley's Grocery 44Ol Soulh Main Sfreel High Point, Norrh Carolina . Compliments of Laughlin F. F. Hosiery Mills, Inc. Ranclleman, Norlh Carolina 150 if H3315 Hifwfgfii C plgxiv' yvxzikc '. H ' ir iff irlflg 31- H V43 sb hifi: Q 'EQ 'i E155 0 T355 ER SFX 'Qt ii Marsh Furniture Company? Y gi? Hmeh'!3?:iiii3'2?iLS5fmi High? gimrllg ii gjronnc RE SX Q Q .W ii, the drlvc-In with the arches it McDonalds if Congrcifulofions SENIORS From The Men's Den 1920 S. Main Sfreef High Point, Norfh Cclrolino See: Bill C WX t 5 "A Good Company to be insured with- if N A Good Company to work for. " ' - , , E 20 . .Wil QW LQ!-JIHWZQZ 5 4 NE-1 V3 Greensboro, North Carolina 36 A f Q 'n -,fs .1 THE PILOT J. W. Sechrest 8g Son Since i897 Chapel and family rooms seating more than 225, completely air conditioned. Oxygen equipped, air conditioned ambulances and rescue car DAY OR NIGHT DIAL 88 2-2555 Home of the Sechrest Mutual Funeral Association 500 N. Main Street High Point, North Carolina fl ' , i' f ff f , ' . ,, f, 74 ,f, Qu! XQMLCUJQJ V, ,JA rj, A . If ,r . , , I by f Silver lt, os: ry Mills, Inc. y - :fi'r f,1'i ,2ff'i'4ovs'Gtm+ Hafnhfbdyrifregwsa f Q1-fic. V!-eff' ',i1ga,,,,,f1ili,9h!i?emlQftf, M414 cqfolanrq-FNMZZZAZZZZ 5 Zigi ffzgrl 2 f lf, anna, ,gl rrf. flffigdu' p f ' U72 jj ,,Ji,ff,f,! p' ,pf M jf, fafilc. !f!,4jA2wiQ fl M .21 . ' W4 -1 . ll., V A ' 9155 Y I g . K L1 f f ffyff, dxf! Qf-off, !q!C4yQt5if-twftifgperigqgr fawdf 'CJ' if W -V V ..- siffsfbwfv- Fra Sjolu e n o or , , ,Qffrfl fi 2100 s. Main sire-ef , Q25 'tih rffwffify-N' " ' High Point, North Carolinagf y X Y W '61, 4' C "" 5 1 'A ii'-pt-fl 152 THE BORDEN CGMPANY Mcmufocfurers of Fine Dairy Products for over 100 Years" High Poinf, Norfh Carolina Phone 88 8-4553 cmd 88 8-5051 ii D 'k i' g, 1 'A' lib sl, t 5 ,,.u, flgnixgxx 04 t gVLx" 2. 7495 2" t A' I X ,- X5 ff I , . I JZ . V' ,'f,x R J 4 f',Z'7,,A' fgzf ' ff"412f'M!f"'-1' ' 'T ' 'R IV J 5 . 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Box 827, High Point orolino Telephone 88 8-5269 Manufacturers of Quality Upholstered Furniture . t v N- I-4 S. fn 0 Rv W 'ml 0 N ., -,f-. 1 , - , , ., wzgf-1-22251.4-1+ff1-Qeat?f'a-MQ? V eik-,1.v. s,'-,gf,wz,,,..,,3-e-.fe'f . N K? ft ft N iiigfq '-.,, . t:t,.' BU RG E R S n tn t BA 3 Q 'ggi E. -t , - 3 V ,V nbos E. ssssemea AV -Lvl K L OPEN uo3oAM TO nz MIDNIGHT 5322! E R - .- Q- -"W ' ,gif - 'Ql- I SUPER cuns sfnvlc DR'VE"N RESTAUM bkbfns mmm m mrmzfr tttt Qffffffff W W BME T Sl ,,.,gqe,.fK.5-eyfjitf 4, ,,: I -,if ' I . 9 . I ' fr. .ze ..V.- , t f-7' 'ff . 1 375- f?5'i.7.ff 1-v2Q,2ftf'q-, it N ff uf 155 06 v ,. - XQNQY5-1 . fm ' . , ,A7 Helix 5- i. Heil: ur' SO Y W PQ Tie 2 1 J, QC, f x D .X ?EQCfN,i, x. JT Xb, v T' . Y -C: F OO V, j 5 4410 , J' Src xf --C -5 rig fi . Iv ' , J wif MJ-'V Z CH L3-1 QQ J fl . Tp ,ydfc ff,f'fV3 A ,if fr p Qc iegiflipibjg ii C, ACU M If MMV 1 Wray Yi qw CCG a fri f W Qi 531 F I L 4' ,jbff V 'fi Congrofulorions Seniors cfijjzp 'N Deb AG W UWM! S "AF1'er o game or while on cz dofe Q, ' Cf, i3,C fQj,RY' J p Vwx don"r Forget we're open lore" Cir gif F K IJ Q, E kk cj? Y .wi 'S WvfVVv4,l'llTEHOUSE BARBEQUE Sa V ' gf S iff U ' My 1 2409 s. Main sfreef 35 ,V S S J ' For fake our orders phone 88 8-6446 S M if 66: V Curb Service Anytime R A K S fyuf' Fin f'Foods - Friendl Service i f ,1 ,V ,V y J LJ',Lf' 1A by-W Open 7 doys VpU0'! fmt fybg' 7 ci .m . - 12 p. m . lf' ' ov wwe? A , 2i5iJ'bnr'.ippf,L ff, S L W' BV 01' S , Vifx by ZESTO Friendiiesf Drive-In in Town. Norfh Moin of Guilford Owned cmd Operated by J.G. Walsh 156 Y W, , 4. ,, BGOSTER ADS Mr. and Mrs. W. S. Arnold Mr. and Mrs. Jake Asbill Mickey Asbill Mr. and Mrs. Carl Barnes Mr. and Mrs. H. L. Belote Benson's Tenneco ,H Mr. and Mrs. Homer Blackwell Mfr. and Mrs. Troy Blackwell and Family Miss Mary Brower Mr. and Mrs. James W. Bundy Mr. and Mrs. Flavius Carter Mr. and Mrs. Beverly Caudle Mr. and Mrs. Bryant Causey Samuel L. Cashey Center Theater Central Beauty Shop Mr. and Mrs. R. C. Coltrane Mr. and Mrs. Richard P. Coltrane Mr. and Mrs. W. A. Comer Mr. and Mrs. Herbert Cranford Mr. and Mrs. Danielle R. Cruthis Dailey Recapping Harold C. Davis Funeral Service Mr. and Mrs. Winfred Easter East View Grocery Mr. and Mrs. Clark Elder Mr. and Mrs. G. T. Fallenstein Mr. Cliff B. Farlow Mr. and Mrs. Matthew Ferguson Mr.and Mrs. Donald Fivecoat and Son Mr. Linwood A. Harris Mr. and Mrs. G. V. Hassell Ida Hassell Mr. and Mrs. Frank M. Hawks Mr. and Mrs. Jack Hedrick Randall Hicks Mr. and Mrs. W. E. Hicks High Point Laundry Inc. County Line Grocery M8.M Dance Studio Prepare for Your Junior-Senior Dance Now! - I Teen-age 8. Pre-Teen Class. ZOI West High Street High Point, North Carolina Phone 88-28754 Beginning September 8. January Let us make you a good Dancer! Twist Cha-Cha Rock 8. Roll Come in for an appointment 5.5. YOUXNTS, iNcoRPoRArED General Contractors 725 Grimes Street Phone 882-8I49 High Point, North Carolina Compliments of MG JOE, MIKE 8. JANE WISE WILLIAMS FLOWERS 8: GIFTS "Quality Flowers plus Personal Attention" Phone 88 8-5OII 4OI8 South Main Street High Point, North Carolina Bl ff , is T EW Hi Bxuuplf ry y wg x NAL. ri Boo T ER ADS R nt L 2 Household Appliance Company Rev. and MTE? . K we L W Aaron Hucks Mr. and Mrs. e gfiggor Mr. and Mrs. Ralph Huttine err ' Mr. and Mrs. 'G' . Rvws 1? Mr. and Mrs. Edward E. Hussey Mr. and Mrs. H lv R Pedi Richard Ingram XI' Se e t 035' : on Jerry Kearns - Wi ac e ford' 'Q roc Mr. and Mrs. .Sf er M Q4 Mr. 2-- -fs elto B 6 MQEEM s. vs ' ennedy .oi AlXlf K n Il:aw T i tt lv c r' 0,4 1 . -is S eets Y n rs. ull D. Kivett XQ' Rx r, Mrs. Dewey X' . Shelton E f io w - Shoppe x Q l'. fVll'S. Sl'1 I'1, SY. .RQ L, nd sther Fitch s N xx Mr. an Mrs. Joe S een . . Ol rs. . L. Lassiter X: Q J M'ss Doris Smith V r avg 5, J, H, Leo - d N . a o Mrs. Donald Snider kg xl .,a v rs.,,lT.W. Marl X' i Ja k Spencer Grocery . r, . . Mis. Roy gr -r 'Ak 0 x r. an Mr . H. B. Stevenson and Family r l ' rs. J. A. Stevenson . . M Doug sur vi Mr' . and Mrs. P. B. Stinson r. and Mrs. Marvin Stutts Dewey Taylor M5 L. R. Ca hb X r , . ll 5 M a Mrisuylipger cClay a d Fam Q Mr an Mr J e s e v x O o e A 1. . y Mr. and Mrs. C. W. Thayer I-,wrt 1. Rober X , Urr Mr. nd Mrs. Harvey Vuncannon and Girls r. in A-. aul B. rs X G. T. Watson, Painter Ml rv Osborn ' Mr. and Mrs. Gene Weaver PQ,-I4 W5 . 0 Mr. and Mrs. Bud Williard zi. JQ,,.,,gL,,...,Q, ,,.A,4,.Q1g,w ' ' i ' QA! . l..-1-'-. -vw-m-H .9.'-f...-. v-6 evxo-v-J ' ' 0-X, I ' . . AA-Gul 'Q' I C I I . . fvvvvb . V- of-o-l-L, .ILA-'Aw 5 0-,wg J.1,u4,-c.v.s4 Jo.:--11.2, ' ' ,cl Wu Ju-uuu-u,..Q. plovvab 04.1 ,QAD-9.A,1l1,LA,: . 1-l0:Au-.1 . ' ml ' 0-Lu-P'4f'lo .110-ws-el N QMQ Q0-AD. .. ' om-'Vg Q 5.21, ,Q J. .Q-,fm 9 V74 . Autograph qwuf, :Li acevwqqipldkuno 42 .HAMMJ vnu, -I1-vw-gw9.,L.oMJ-pa..Q,q,yM,PAAlq,MJ,.JCL.mj' JLQJQ .1:eY1l,w,,0f-hcQsS2.,Qgi1 -f-A-'-A-"'-Af Mwvwfswwfwwwww QWMJMWWJ. . ,IQ .,9w-wwfwiggdowmwloifmf' . PJ..M,.,q.Mf.p0Lw14HWUNM'a" WW' - ,bu 5,L0Jv'L WWWWJ . ,c,.,A,4,J.L -CJ 15"'. a',,,,i:Q,',,,.MHZ of-M9 -a jp NJ' 'Yswjbbwo 'A,g4,1vvL,yvx,LfU . 159 , JM 337113 kJQj'1OM.Lw4,Q,0cofw.,9J wufC'0!J,0,, 24.00 QQMQLOWQU MAJ Jlmwwf, wil LG ,wwf ow WMV fwfsff 5 pw ,pw wwwjzw wwfmgfgw ffvvfb M0 M www naw MMMW M QW , M ,Q Jngjiiywu Miawgvgjabmplomgi yf!3L aww 0-M103 ali AL Q.0J5QBow4,O.2ci'7fQ Jvwff QAM M15 em fmmi -ZSJMU. GALE i-E5 Q10-QD Q UAJJW .mf QEoJw,qXu.1j-I LUL,1b4b0D Z f BJ MMM. QQWQQWQMLWWNMQMMJMW ffm dmawoh Ula, au,Quf1U'-Q 0 f2QfviCfQf 5Q'lL'j ,, Autograph MMM! jgwc-,H KMJQJLQ W, will LQ N0aA,wJw LL2 ,lou 'D 0 LL, .Q Q., A 'LL W X J O wil wfulx 9 ,O , Loki X270 '.. 3Ox3'u,,,o081.49A,L,.pJQJL,4Ju'L'w-4,- QQWJQQAM. qwwwm ,LOLQMWQQQWMQUUMM JJMHLL Jyulojikf? 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