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 - Class of 1959

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byijggfm 0 mqfw M W xo yn .vue CL l,f542JQL A 4. , .ifliafkf ,f QQ W WLM, .br Jf2W7W ,Ac 7 M -113' A X9 LQ'-bfi 56 5 'ff , , f Q1 0:58. Q '75 4 R JIW 5? W ff 59? l d if r A ig I , is 0 x L 1 .xo W ok 0 55 M la? Vcc'-,ie ,Q al . V 4- I j 501 Q, ,W , f? L 'rf 52' 3 + AP QQ' ll 50 oilfigl i Q W S' S' ddgw 1 419 I vp 0, gi? Q5 ,5 W' fe' it 1 1 fo, f I ! 0 fl 9 1 N l fly 5 sf ' Nga' f 'v f .1 5 1 30 l X?-be Ko 'J i it Q W . J bi jj 1 49 Y' X Q, I ' i :X ' W J JY' -I J . J Mifi94 30 f QD M 5550 mf- Q4 QN Qisib JMJJJM mai ef 355552 il? XEQER ,ffjf if Af QCD Qi' ff iffaf wggggis ij M164 E552 ,W QgM'f!,Z94!W5' 5 TM Q W' Q 2xal1f?L,,M3i fi? XML 5459470 WWW fff-ew aj? Jwfaf was QQWQMNMWW UM Wfbw EMQMN EQSXSNDQ ' QNX mam Sy my 3-dfffV,57' . WW j?'f4f5Z:QVy?z'f WWMVW fo g WW 'ff V OM W Ylg,fWf5LQ WWMWW WM . my 5 Q JP Wag, MW jfyljxgggip ,WNTWCQQXWMSBD PW ywwfwwsn ' qv' wxvbfisgfg 'NV i5 '9 Q V5 .WE 992- i W NN '1 2,93 W WWW L HE W ff? 'g agln-ga-gfi fable of eorituento ADMIN IST RAT ION Administration. . . . . . . Facu1ty......... CLASSES Senior..... ... J'unior......... Sophomore. . . . . .RL . Freshman.... ..... Elementary. . . . , . , , ACTIVITIES Organizationsu.. ............. .... Publications. . . . . . . FEATURES junior--Senior Banquet. . . . Homecoming. . . . . . . . . . KENNETH CRAVEN .... LINDA SI-IEPPARD. . . PEGGY LEONARD ....... ALLEN HILL ............. . . MISS HALLIE GILBRETH. . . . . ' F f M . E A , 5 I w t riff? ii ............Editor . . . Associate Editor . . . .Business Manager . . . .Business Manager . ......... .Advisor Q. I I , Q, . AN , C . . . . . . x xx I Fall Festival ....... . . . . . . Q , 1 M Marshals ...... . . ..... . . . . 5 - I ' X Senior Superlatives .... . . . . L E 5. V N 'N ATHLETICS iw 5 S Q 5 X .U M W 'I Cheerleaders. . . . . . . . ' k W Football ....... . . . . .92 g Q 3 x S 7 X Basketball. .. .. . . , ' ' A I Baseball. . . . . . .110 X 1 Track .... .... 1 12 Q . I' 3 ' A I J SERVICE Xi W 3 . Q j Q L Bus Drivers ...... . .... . ..... . . . . . 116 ' 353 XSS S Cafeteria Staff and Custodians. . . .... 1 17 D f P.T.A. and Band Boosters.... ....118 Q S l XB ' xg 2 ADVERTISEMENTS Q AdChamps.... . .. .. .... Sz fha Staff of 1959 ,f I ff - ,,, J , . ui 4 A ' ' 4 I . -, .lang ,I ff, f . L, ., - , J K , , ', V , I a I - ffk 1' .H Q, P - A y 1 ' t 'H ' I' 1 A ' I ' 'lx IK: ,.,., t preoen 0 0 x , I. -w. 1 3 N' f , i J , F? X x I ' E , 1 54 I N 1 xi W XY: xv: X X 5 1 , I . .. l QLLRG ' Page if I 1 X V I I f at N Q X x . ye s ,L yi' i N X1 04 l le n ga g L K ' .5 X. v ' M X A 1, .. , J Sl i It Sc b o q ' Q, j 1 1 'V - Q if J 1 , F V 4 A . C5 N FOREWORD 'S 2 EJ J It is only fitting that each one of us should have a re c ord of all that happened during our years at Allen jay. . . classes . . . dates. . . dances. . .b asketb a 11, football and baseball games. . . gossip sessions. . . and outings. Into each students' life have come the se fading moments . . . fleeting friendships. . .experiences that may almost be forgotten, only to be brought b a ck by some word. . .some picture . M a y we never completely fo r g e t these precious moments. For this purpose, then. . .to bring back, in moments of remembering, our high school days. . .the fun we had. . .the joy of being young . . . of having friends. . . of be in g fre e, we, the Aln-Ja-I-Ii S ta ff, present THE BIG RECORD. r W W 'lf A , NK!! XM t . M 1X 101 V Bwcll Jwjfvfi SWK A W' Gill xg I Why M x 4 'F b h Ji A N O O AGM- 1201 gcurlaeld Qoad, Page 4 l 'dd i , 9 u.. 5 , ir jx-1 f 'J '..x 1 Q! xxx Q, 3 gfigk cpoint, cnorth earolina sf . e dedicate . . . As the cutting of our Big Record is being completed, and we approach the end of these guided years of work, we face the unknown way before us and sense the c all of dedication to those things that are noble, 'ust and true We wish to pay tribute to one who has worked so faithfully to instill in us the principles of J a - good sportsmanship, and who has given many hours of hard work and unlim ite d service to the support of athletics. His high ideals of character, and his captivating spirit are implantedin the lives of everyone with whom he has worked. He is one who is admired and respected by the entire student bodyg a coach that any athlete would play his he art out for. In recognition of your high standards and outstanding service, we, the class of '59, proudly dedicate this edition of the Aln-ja-Hi to you. . . MR. JAMES SWIGGETT Page 6 r tion MR, M. R. INGRAM Chairman of Allen jay School Board C4 r dminiotratiol l MR. E. D. IDOL Superintendent of Guilford County S chools N 1 I 1 MR, R, c, COLTRANE MR, J. M, THoMAs MR. I-IOY YARBOROUGH MR. L. J. SUMMEY Se cretary MR. A. D. EARLY Principal Wake Forest College --B.S, University of N. C . --M,A, P S-- ' ' 1 x A Av b 5. i ' dig: X sr-Q cvs' , A ', ' ri R S S MRS, c. S. KELLER '-'X ,i 'V' ' 4 A L. Primary School Principal L ' ' ', High Point College-A.B. Q oil ,Q g g Womans College of U.N.c. -M. Ed. . W ,. K , -fir, ,1 5 X' X4 Xi,-QMS iff' 1 -A y , XX X i .p i l l s is ,Pg Q P' Q H W -- - ':-'f -v.- ' . ::-,, 1 liz i MRS, KATHLEEN WHITE MRS, DOROTHY ROBBINS Secretary Primary School Secretary -QUP Page 9 MRS , RUTH CAUSEY B.S. Home Economics MR, ARDENAL I-IANEY B.S., M. Ed. English-General Business MISS DORIS SMITH f B.S. J Aj S ciencg HMA , ,A IL, W Z wg , RS. ML,E,RED Mathe matics MISS DOROTHY A .B . English-French MISS HALLIE GILBRETH B.S., M. Ed. Business Education . LJ DIXON K, ,,., , HAJJAJ' l n, E, .- - bf ' . C 2 'Li Q I! 1 -1,q',JL4!V,l iw! pf! off-52 fit ' ,, M 1 I ,.f7j..1.,,'?4,x, J j'6 A J '7 't! 4 L44 Af-Q'-'pil' L4 V ' ' f T f' ' '48 g U wJ m,,W i ,.,,,,,gf.Lg,l1f ckool' aculty '1A,dJ ,fl 4 ,?4 iL'-42 4242 71:14-J-f41i fi Low r,.,u,.f,f.' fm. .ww f MR. o. EQ MOYE A.B. , M.A. Social Studies MRS. IALAH PURVIS A .B. English MR. TOMMY YOUNTS A .B. Math-Physical Education ' Social Studies MR. JAMES SWIGGETT B.S. Social Studies-Coach MISS MARY JEANNE BROWN B . S . Librarian MR. BILL MARLOWE B . M . Gle e Club -Band -a.. g an 97 Rm BK' Y' elementary aeulty Q9 ,, Q, , , f-af me MRS. JUANITA EARLY Fifth Grade, A.B. MRS. MINNIIE ROBERTSON sixth Grade, A.B., M.A, MRS, BLANCHE JARVIS Sixth Grade, A.B. MRS, NORMA TYNER Sixth Grade, A.B. MRS, MARY BOWDEN Sixth Grade, A.B. MISS RACHEL EARP Seventh Grade, A.B. MR. AUBREY FLYNT Seventh Grade, A.B. MR, JAMES HAYES Seventh Grade, A.B. MRS, WAUNELLE TERRY Seventh Grade, A.B. MISS BETTY JEAN BARKER Eighth Grade, A.B. TW lure' Qglk 1 . ,, a 1 . a he J-'Q if In f , . s 6- - MRS. MARY LOIS ROBERTSON First Grade, A.B. MISS DIXIE HEDGEPETH First Grade, A.B. MRS, JULIA GUSLER First Grade, A.B. MISS JACQUELINF. TAYLOR First Grade, A.B. MRS, TROY KELLER Second Grade, A.B., M.E. MISS CAROLEE CAUDLE Second Grade, A.B. MISS ROSEMARY BARKER Second Grade, A.B., MISS NELLIE JONES Second Grade, A.B. MRS. BILLIIE OWENS Third Grade, A.B. MRS, ROSALIE LYON Third Grade, A.B. MRS. JUANITA JOHNSON Third and Fourth Grades, A.B. MRS. LEILA VORIS Third Grade, A.B. MRS. CORA BRILES Fourth Grade, A.B. MRS. LULA LEWIS Fo1.u'th Grade, A.B. MISS JACQUELJNE GARNER Fourth Grade, A.B. MR, CLAUDE CAMPBELL Fifth Grade, A.B. MRS. RUBYE BISSETTE Fifth Grade, A.B. MISS SARAH OSBORNE Fifth Grade, A.B. X , 1 ,K MR, PAUL BARNES Eighth Grade, A.B. MRS, MARTHA HART Eighth Grade, A.B. MRS . ROSALIF. PRUETTE Elementary Library, B.5., M.E. MRS. FRANCES MABE Public School Music, A.B. MISS BEULAH MOTON Piano, A.B. 0 ' if A R' g I we ri at fe I we J Q-Q 'W ' A ,L fi W Q. We N J M lm llle to My h,,,,n,,,,.MW1na1 P-.I 'QQ' Members of the faculty relax before the ir weekly meeting. Selling ice cre a m is only one of the many extra responsi bilities of our faculty members. 'W'- ' 4-,re was-of I Q 'I- V. QQ., ff, u 1 ' I F43 l rl -2. c 1' '.' ,0 Q: 1' X' n 0 cfs . X., ' . a 4 5, , ,, , K! r f . w a ' ,A 1 ,,,,,g- fww.w14wwm.a-Q-,xg ,, wdM,,,,w W, ..,,,, . .M MLW . lu A -.-f Q -. -JVLRQS J - ' fy 2 www EW Q W , , SN ws-My , .. mm Q- 'f'1,, ,Q-2.3, Q, Q MM-...K w 555325, 45 'H i' h fl- -H -Q' ru My H M Y' P I ws W ,ggyffmi NX Milk Q Q 4 x ,M wiimxg 1 '1 sw 4 ,L 'wa 'iii win. 4 W , fi? L wg ,syn v D ora 3 Q21 .sy VN., -' ' V r' .J Q fa3:ffq2g,1 -, T 515 jk ,zr ,ff L: 5 1 ,,,...a,v ,ah-5 M-Q---J First Row, Le ft Pre sident, Pegg Page 14 ,........4---f,.,,,.....m-f .- HN N ,,,.J ,,..........-.---ff Wa,...o,,..,-N '11-'I ,,,3.......-- X .Wow L2 ,A ,..NMw-at fr ,R ,..-..1,,,....... to Rig ht: Kenneth Craven, President, Brenda Mowery, Vice- y Leonard, Secretary. Second Row: jimmy Martin, Treasurer, joe Skeen, Reporter, Linda Sheppard, Reporter. MRS. LAIAH PURVIS Advisor , .m, N.t,.,f - .,,....-.4..,-... ' ,-...M-f l,...Q.... ' 4 gd ,X V' ' ,1 '1fA f ' Fifi' A S 'QFPXYF , ,,,, K ,V W i..,,,. , enior 614100 Hicero enioro ARLENE ANDREWS When hearts are true, few words will do F.T.A. Club 45 Glee Club 2, 35 Dramatics Club 25 Ban- quet Committee 3. JERRY ANDREWS Men are not measured by inches lT.A.Cmb4544iCmb35AdChamp45FootbaH Manager 15 Baseball Manager 15 Basketball Manager 15 Substitute Bus Driver 3, 45 Superlative 4. REBECCA BEANE It's better to love one little boy lots, than to love lots of little boys little Class Treasurer 25 Beta Club 3,45 Dramatics Club 25 F.B.L.A. Club 35 Aln-ja-Hi Staff 45 Marshal 35 Banquet Committee 35 Superlative 45 Salesmanship Award 3. PHYLLIS BISHOP Nothing is more highly valued than a good nature F.B.L.A. Club 45 4-H Club 2,35 F.T.Ai. Club 45 Soft- ball 15 Majorette 1, 25 LV. Basketball 15 Pep Club 45 Monogram Club 45 Senior Play Cast 45 Banquet Commit- tee 35 Superlative 45 Cheerleader 3, Co-Chief 4. DOT BREWER A merry heart maketh a cheerful girl F.H.A. Club 1, 2,4, Parliamentarian 35 Pe p Club 45 F.B.L.A. Club 3,45 Salesmanship Aw ar d 35 Majorette l, 2, 35 Banquet Committee 35 Halloween Queen 25 Home- coming Attendant45 J.V. Basketball 1, 25 VarsityBaslcet- ball 3 . MILLIE BRYAN A woman should be seen not heard Aln-ja-Hi Staff 45 Beta Club 3, 45 LV. Basketball 1,2. RONNIE BUNDY Idle, slow, and uriconcerned, he went to class and sometimes learned Monogram Club, Treasurer 45 Hi-Y Club 45 Dramatics Club 45 Football 1, 2, 3,45 Superlative 45 F.B.L.A. Club 4. ANDREW CARTER Quiet and shy, a real sweet guy 1959 may-7 Kb Page 15 df' 'Tu Page 16 iso + ALLEN HILL Why take life seriously? You'll never get out alive Hi-Y Club, Secretary 4, LV. Basketball 1, P e p Club 4, F.B.L.A. Club 4, Aln-ja-Hi Staff4, High Lights Staff 4, Banquet Committee 3, Class Reporter 2, Superlative 4. JUDY HOWLETT Quietness can be deceiving Beta Club 3, Vice-President4, Dramatics Club, Secretary 2, F.H.A. Club 2, F.B.l..A. Club 3,4, Marshal 3, Aln- ja-Hi Staff4, Banquet Committee 3, Salesmanship Award 3, Perfect Attendance 1, Superlative 4. - PATRICIA JOHNSON Do as you would be done by, is the surest method of pleasing 4-H Club 1, 2, Band 1, 2, Glee Club 1, Drarnatics Club 3 CAROL LAWSON Leave silence to saints, l'm only human Senior Play Cast 4, Library Club 3, Superlative 4, Aln-ja- Hi Staff 4, F.B.L.A. Club 4, F.H.A. Club 2,3,4, Class S ocial Chairman 2, Glee Club 2,4, Dramatics Club 2, LV. Basketball 1, Pe rfe ct Attendance 1, Salesmanship Award 3, B an quet Committee 3, Betty Crocker Home- making Award 4. enioro DAVID CHILTON Look out-he has mischief in his eyes Hi-Y Club 2, 3, 4, F.B.L.A. Club 3, Treasurer 4, Pep Club, Treasurer 4, F.T .A. Club 4, Perfect Attendance 1, 2, 3, Al.n-ja-Hi Staff 4, High Lights Staff 4, Banquet Committee 3, Salesn-ianshipAward 3, Ad Champ Runner- up 4, Superlativc 4. KENNETH CRAVEN Whatever is worth doing at all, is worth doing well Class Vice -President 1, Class President 2, 3, 4, I-Ii-Y Club, Treasurer 3, President 4, F.B.L.A. Club 3,4, Monogram Club 2, Treasurer 3, President 4, Football 1, 2, 3, Co- Captain 4, All Guil-Rand Conference 4, Banquet Com- mittee 3,junior-Senior Banquet Toastmaster 3, Boys' State Delegate 3, j.V. Basketball 1,,2, Baseball 3, High Lights S t a ff 3, 4, E dit o r-in-Chief Al.n-ja-Hi 4, Salesmanship Award 3, Perfect Attendance 2, 3, Bc t a Club 3, Super- lative 4, Marshal 3, Senior Play Cast 4, American Legion School Award 3 . BUDDY FREEMAN Happy the man who enjoys life Hi-Y Club 2, Salesmanship Award 3, Pep Club 4, Super- lative 4, Banquet Committee 3, j.V. Baske tb all 1, 2, F.B.L.A. Club 3, Reporter 4, Perfect Attendance 2. BILLY HICKS A good friend to have enioro PEGGY LEONARD This is a girl who's hard to beat, ni ce and jolly and always sweet F.H.A. Club 1, Reporter 2, Treasurer 3, County Devo- tional Chairman 4, F.B.L.A. Club 3, President 4, Beta Club 3, 4, Monogram Club 4, Pep Club 4, Banquet Com- mittee 3, Salesmanship Award 3, Homecoming Attendant 1, J.V. Basketball 1, Varsity Basketball 2, 3, Captain 4, Aln-ja-Hi Staff 4, High Lights Staff 3,4, Track Team 1, 2, 3, 4, Superlative 4, Pe rfe ct Attendance 1, 2, 3, Class Secretary 1, 3, 4, Class Vice-President 2, Marshal 3 . JHnnrrtm4RTiN I love to wind my mouth up-I love to hear it go Football 3,4, Guil-Rand Conference 4, Basketball 3,4, j.V. Basketball 1, 2, Baseball 2, 3, 4, Tr a ck 3, 4, Class Reporter 3, Class Treasurer 4, Monogram Club 2, 3, Sec- retary4, Hi-Y Club 2, Vice-President4,Dramatics Club, President 4, Superlative 4, Aln-ja-1-li Staff 4. BARBARA MAS1 IBURN Her heart is oh so vcry big, though very, very, small is she Class Treasurer 1, l7.lI.i-X, Club 1, 2, 3, Se cre tary -1, F.B.l..1X. Club 3, Vice-President fl, 4-ll C lub 4, Re- porter 2, S c crc tary 3, Beta Club 4, Vice -President 3, Monogram Club 1, Pep Club L, Chcerlcatler 3,4, City Editor -L, Salcsmanship .Xward 3, Banquet Connnittec 3, Superlatlvc 4, Aln-la-lli St a if -l, j.V. Basketball 1, 2, Marshal 3. BIUZNDA MOWERY The active person is the happy person F.H.A. Club 1, 2, President 3, Vice-President-1, Count, F,H.A. President 3, l7.T.A. Club 2, Vice-President 3, Secretary 4, County Treasurer Ll, F.B.L.A. Club 4, Beta Club 3, President 4, Monogram Club 4, Pep Club 4, -1 -ll Club 1, iligh Lights Staff 4,Aln-ja-I-li Staff -L, Salesman- ship Award 3, Banquet Committee 3, llist ory Award 3, Track Trophy 2, Perfect Attendance 1, 2, 3, Cheerleader 3,4, Superlative 4, Basketball 2, 3,-1, Track 2, 3, JL, Class President 1, Class Treasurer 3, Class Vice-President FL, Marshal 3, Glee Club 1. ,W in 'IE' LI!! -49 SHIRLEY OLIPHANT She's quiet but you know she's there ODELL PACE Q High erected thoughts seated in a heart of courtesy 4-.sw SalesmanshipAward 3, Pep Club 4, Superlative 4, F.T.A. Club 4, Banquet Committee 3. JERRY PALMER 1'd rather make history than study it Superlative 4, Football 1, Monogram Club 2, Library Club 1. ANNE PI-LARR Why waste time in worry, when there's so much fun in the world Tar Heel High School 1, 2, 4-H Club 1, Vice-President 2, Basketball 1, 2, Chee rle ader 2, Class Reporter 2, F.B.I..A. Club 3, Historian 4, F.T.A. Club 3, President 4, F.H,A. Club 4, Pep Club 4, Banquet Committee 3, Salesmanship Award 3, Aln-ja-Hi Staff 4, M on o g r a m Club 4, Superlative 4, Homecoming Queen 4. Page 17 Page 18 CARL ROUTH Don't do today what you can do tomorrow Glee Club 35 Banquet Committee 35 Class Secretary 35 Dramatics Club45 F.T.A. Club 45 PepClub 45 Bus Driver 45 Superlative 45 Alu-ja-Hi Staff 45 Debating Club 4. JUDY SAWYER Modest and sweet to all she meets Fair Grove High School 1, 25 F.B.L.A. Club45 Beta Club 3, Secretary 3,45 Marshal35 Superlative 45 Salesmanship Award 35 Aln-ja-Hi Staff 45 Banquet Committee 3. LINDA SHEPPARD Smart, dependable, and full of vim Class Reporter 1, 45 Class President 35 Chie f Marshal 35 American Legion School Award 35 W O W American History Award 35 D A R Award 45 Toastmistress, junior- Senior Banquet 35 A s s o c i at e Editor, Algn-Ia-Hi 45 4-H Club, Reporter 1, President 253, Secretary-Treasurer 4, County Winne r five times5 Beta Club 4, Re porte 1' 35 F.T.A. C lub 3, Vice -President 45 F.B.L.A. Club 3, 45 F.H.A. Club 1, 3,4, Historian 25 Pep Club 45 LV. Bas- ketball 15 VarsityBasketball 2, 3, Co-Captain 45 Softball 15 Monogram Club 45 Superlative 45 Perfect Attendance 1, 25 Library Club 1. GARY SHORE Men of few words are the best men Superlative 4. enioro PAT POWELL Of all the joys thatl recall, being in love is best of all Majorette 1, 2, 35 4-H Club 2, 35 LV. Basketball 15 F.B.L.A. Club 35 Superlative 45 Banquet Committee 35 Pep Club, President 45 Aln-ja-Hi S t a if 45 Library Club 45 SalesmanshipAward 35 Band 1, Vice-President 35 Glee Club 3, Vice -President 4. ANN RATLEDGE Always a smile to make life worth while F.H.A. Club 2, 3, Historian 45 F.T.A. C lub 3, 45 Dra- matics Club 2, Reporter 25 Debating C lub 35 F.B.L.A. Club 35 Beta Club 3, 45 Senior Play Cast 45 Superlative 45 Aln-ja-Hi Staff 45 LV. Basketball 15 Cheerle ader 25 Banquet Committee 3. u CLYDE ROBERTSON A good l1eart's worth goldl' Superlativc 45 Bus Driver 4, Safe Driving Award 3, Dra- matics Club 2, Treasurer 25 4-H Club, llc porter 3,45 F.B. L..X. Club 35 Cleo Club 3,45 Banquet Committee 35 Salesmansliip Aw ard 35 Halloween King 25 Senior Play Cast -1. ELDX ROBERTSON Ever loyal, ever true, to the Laslr sho has to do Glee Club 1, F.H.A. Club 1, 2, llistorizrn 3, President 45PCr1CCl.fXUc11Cl2L11Cc 15 4-H Club 2, 35 l7.B.L.A. Club 3, Secretary 45llOH1GCOITll11g Attendant 35 Banquet Com- mittce 35 Sxilesnianship Award 35 Beta Club 3, Treasurer -15 Aln-In-lli Staff -15 Senior Play Cast -15 Superlative 45 Class Reporter 2, 3. bmah f mi . ,,,fjab5rQ enioro JOE SKEEN Unlike others, he is himself Football 1, 2, Co-Captain 4, All Guil-Rand Conference 4, Basketball 3, Co-Captain 4, LV. Basketball 2, Base- ball1,2, 3, 4, Track 1, 2, 3, 4, Class President 1, Class Vice-President 2, Class Treasurer 3, Class Re portc r 4, Monogram Club 2, 3, Vice-President4, Hi-Y Club, Treas- urer 4, Clee Club 4, Dramatics Club, President 2, Senior Play Cast 4, Superlative 4, Aln-ja-Hi Staff 4. LINDA SPAUGH Kind and Sweet, as nice as her you seldom meet Class Vice-President 1, F.H.A. Club 1, S e cre tary 2, Homecoming A ttc ndant 2, LV. Basketball 2, F.T.A. Club 2, President 3, Reporter4, 4-H Club 2, Song Leader 3, Vice-President 4, C ounty Demonstration Winner 3, Beta Club 3, Re porte r 4, Basketball Queen 3, Banquet Committee 3, Cheerleader 3, Chief4, Pep Club 4, Monogram Club4, Aln-ja-Hi Staff 4, Senior Play Cast 4, Superlativc 4, Glee Club 1. ROBERT STONE His jovial manner and Winsome smile are always re- flected in his eyes Glee Club 2, 3, President 4, Senior Play Cast 4, Pep Club 4, Hi-Y Club l, Superlative 4, 4-H Club 3, High Point High School 1. JOHN WAYNE THOMAS The studious die young, I'm looking forward to a long life Hi-Y Club 2, 3, Monogram Club 3, 4, Baseball 1, 2, 3, 4, Basketball 1, 2, 3, 4, Pep Club, Reporter4, Perfect Attend- an ce 2, Salesmanship Award 3, Banquet Committee 3, Aln-ja-Hi Staff 4, Superlative 4, Escort for Homecoming Queen 4. 1575? A , , .,,.,, wav' 'Rl sf gal 33 igh ibivi' M J-an wvfw ieiii CLASS MASCOTS Sherri Lynn Shehan Michael Elks LEVTNIA WHITE Why should the devil have all the fun? F.B.L.A. Club 4, F.H.A. Club 2, 3, Glee Club 2, 3, 4, Dramatics Club 2, Banquet Committee 3, Superlzitive 4, 4-H Club 1, Salesmanship Award 3, Senior Play Cast 4. Page 19 2? , an 55 M. ww if K asxwzsuxyqfvh Q! elaoo gfiotory This record, which was four years in the making, consists of four nine -month recording sessions. The first, or Freshman Session, began in September, 1955, with sixty-sixwide.eyed, eager members present to begin the new phase of life called High School. Under the careful guidance of Mrs. Ruth Causey and Mr.. Harold Brown, we soon became adjusted to our new role. The officers elected were: Presidents, Brenda Mow e ry and joe Skeen, Vice -Presidents, Linda Spaugh and Kenneth Craven, Secretaries, Peggy Leonard and Randy Cochrane, Treasurers, Barbara Mashburn and jay Hoover, and Reporters, Linda Sheppard and Danny Lightfoot. One of the many activities in which we participated that year was Homecoming. Peggy Leonard was chosen as Freshman Attendant to the Queen. Fifty-three members returned to the Sophomore Session in September, 1956, having gained more confidence through a year's experience. Officers were elected as follows: Presidents, Kathleen Wall andKenneth Craven, Vice-Presidents, Peggy Leonard and joe Skeen, Secretaries, Linda Spaugh and Frank Hawks, T re asure rs, Rebecca Beane and Danny Lightfoot, Reporters, Elda Robertson and Allen Hill, and Social Chairman, Carol Lewis. Linda Spaugh was elected as Homecoming Attendant. Having completed our first two years of High School and a c ce pting the encouragement given us by our Sophomore advisors, Miss Dorothy Dixon and Mrs. Mildred Hussey, we were looking forward with great enthusiasm to our junior Session. In September, 1957, forty-one members returnedto the long-awaitedjunior Session, which was under the direction of Miss Hallie Gilbreth and Mr. O. E. Moye. The election returns showed:Presidents, Linda Sheppard and Kenneth Craven, Vice -Presidents, Kathleen Wall, and Randy Cochrane, Secretaries, Peggy Leonard and Carl Routh, Treasurers, Brenda Mowery and joe Skeen, Reporters, Elda Robertson andjimmy Martin. ' The first important event of this Recording Session was the American I-listory Class trip to Washington, D. C. We left on September 26, and spent four days touring such historical sights as the Capitol Building, Supreme Court Building, Lincoln Memorial and various monuments. After the excitement of the Washington trip subsided, we began the magazine campaign to finance the junior-Senior Banquet. The boys proved to be better salesmen, with Buddy Freeman taking top honors. The marshals, chosen on the basis of their scholastic average, were: Linda Sheppard, Chief, judy Howlett, Rebecca Beane, Brenda Mowery, Peggy Leonard, Barbara Mashburn, Judy Sawyer, and Kenneth Craven. The junior Attendant at Homecoming was Elda Robertson. With the coming of spring, all minds were filled with thoughts of the junior-Senior Banquet. Various committees were appointed and each one began work. After many hours of preparation the banquet was given very successfully on April 25, at the Thomasville Woman's Club. Rendezvous with the Stars was the theme. The Toastmaster andToastnnistress were Kenneth Craven and Linda Sheppard. The last important event of the Session, occurring on June 4, was the arrival of class rings, which we re proudly di s- played by us soon-to-be -Seniors. We returned for our fourth and final Session in September, 1958, realizing that we w ould be faced with some of the most important decisions of our life. Mrs. Lalah Purvis accompanied us during this Session. There were thirty-seven members ready to cutthe last side ofthe Big Record. The officers who were electedto guide us through this important Session were: President, Kenneth Craven, Vice -President, Brenda Mowery, S e cre t ary, Pe g gy Leonard, Treasurer, jimmy Martin, and Reporters, Linda Sheppard and joe Skeen. As we consider the Record we have made, we realize that the success of each S e ss i on was determined largely by a faithful, hardworking group, who deserves much recognition. With this thought in mind, we wish to express our sin- cere appreciation to each person-principal, teacher, parent, and friend-who has helped us make our Big Record a hit. ' Page 21 LINDA SI-IEPPARD Valedictorian D A R Representative enior onoro BARBARA MASI-IBURN Salutatorian ' MW yfelmwmm Q Q Q - 1 l l K i l UnlOl'0 5 Q f. 5 'Q I l 4 ' qw 'L V . , wig, '1 ' i'fSff5Qs?s V1 2'f'Xiz,A ,- . Kiwi? :il 21.3 - M 1,,f1f,, ng Xmgwm Left to Right: Dot jackson and Wayne Bundy, Presidentsg F aye McCuiston and jesse Lewallen, Vice -Presidents. Standing: Gayle Crowson and Edwin Lawson, S e c r e t a r i e sg Ann Ridge a n d Tommy Bundy, Treasurersg Shirley Tuttle and Kelly Carter, Reporters. Page 24 MR. O. E. MOYE and MISS HALLIE GILBRETH Advisors unior laoo icero unioro A' LLY ARNOLD DA BARNES HN NY LACKWELL RRY BOYLES AYNE BREWER BA BUNDY MMY BUNDY YNE BUNDY LLY CARTER ALLACE CATES LL COLTRANE DBBY CRAVEN RY ANN RAVEN CHARD CROSS YLE CROWSON ' CK DEATON NCES DOBBINS RNA RUTH OBBINS MELA ECHOLS VID EDDINS LANNE ELDER NN ETTE OSTER BBY FOY RBARA RANKLIN E GADDY unior JUDY CRAY WES LEY HAN DENNIS HILL WILMA HILL JOE HOOVER MYRTLE HOP OW CHARLES H DOROTHY JACKSON BARBARA JOHNSON MICHAEL JOHNSON RONALD JOHN T ROGER KIV'E JESSE LEWAL LINDA LOHR JANIE MABE EVA MAE MI KENNETH MOO NANCY MOR FAYE MCCUISTOIN CAROL NUNN HELEN OWENS EDWIN LAWS LEN ARNOLD LOF V 5 unioro BRENDA PIERCE EHERNIAN POPE AICHAEL POTTER SRANSON REDDING XNN RIDGE BRENDA SHACKELFORD 'AMES SI-ELTON XNNE SIMPSON JOY SKEEN PATTY SLAYDON .IBBY SMIT H I AN CE SMIT H .LIZABETH TI-LAYER HI RLEY TUTT LE DOUGLAS VAUGHN JLARTHA WALLACE .INDA WARD .OUISE WHITE IIRGINIA WHITE IMMY WHITESELL . W. WILSON 'VILBUR WINSLOW will First Row, Left to Right: Mack Deaton Douglas Vaughn jesse Lewallen Roger Kivett Michael johnson Arnold Loflin Charles Howard jimmy Whitesell Billy Arnold johnny Blackwell jerry Boyles A Edwin Lawson David Eddins Sherman Pope Second Row: Judy Gray Brenda Shackelford Jeannette Foster Virginia White Ann Ridge Louise White Dot jackson Verna Ruth Dobbins Mary Ann Craven Linda. Ward Paniela Echols Franqes Dobbins rr' N E 'SP Patty Slaydon Dianne Elder Libby Smith Gayle Crowson Faye McCuiston ' Reba Bundy Linda Lohr Carol Nunn Third Row: Michael Potter J. W. Wilson Kenneth Moody Wesley Hankins Voy Skeen Bill Coltrane Richard Cross Myrtle Hopkins Barbara johnson Mr. O. E. Moye Miss Hallie Gilbreth Mr. Clarence Stringer Elizabeth Thayer Brenda Pierce Wayne Bundy Tom my Bundy Wayne Brewer Ronald johnson Wilbur Winslow Branson Redding james Shelton K K X K 3 2 i As Mrs. Purvis observes their te chni que s, members of the junior Class test their sales ability before beginning the annual project of selling rn a g az in e s to finance t he junior-Senior Banquet. Typing is a new e xpe rie n ce for juniors. Under the careful supervision of Miss G i lb r e t h and Mrs. H ar g r o ve, student teacher, they gain a knowledge of basic typing skills. K X.. f v,.. www-f..,,... emu , wh-M., if I 4 L X f A -'mf www:.wt,wie31.M Q 'K 2W?Ns' ? 1f,' , f . ' k Q ?ggvFiffi51 '2 -,Qrgx15555,,gg:g5xgj,,QZglgEffg?i Lf 2,fa5x3zs11g.4U'g-Kai', A 1. ff 4 Aww Qfm,hfeg:1:sf, 5,5 X 1, 1, -L 1 1 ' , I ,, S- fr?7xkH,'4ifL yK?k k ' . 5' fl , Mei ,,y,,fy :Lu . V, ,S W L. , .M W: .M x, . :A fx, m f 7,3 'vafg,L'i1,,:'2f. , ' f I 5 5 ,, ,fy , fs YW? ,W iii 2 A X' gi Y 'C L 'Z' ' ,z M, .ef ,,w,A-LIJJQEEAA W I O 5 1 j 'Emp f :?A'5 HzLi9i3.5,1. 'MJ -' f. W 'X 555- ,:. L1 w,,m.,.vw V 1 M X fav ,WW ,'gg,-gggiri,-fl, 2 559551 '- L35-Sg.3iWi3u5fEE!2xBamE1ami25 Qiiisffiilmgiini -n . u ophomomno First Row, Left to Right: Margaret Lomax, President, jane Royal, Secretary- Treasurerg Charles Adams, Pre s ident. Second Row: Portia Edwards, Vice- President, Joanna Frazier, Reporter, Kenneth T ro g de n, Secretary-Treasurer. Page 32 Third Row: Roger Coble, Vice-President, jerry Odell, Reporter. MRS. MILDRED I-IUSSEY and MISS DOROTHY DIXON Advisors Sophomor elude Qnice ro Sophomoreo CHARLES ADAMS LARRY ANDERSON BILLY ANDREWS LARRY BOYLES DIXIE BRADY RICHARD BRIDGEMAN MARY BROWER BRENDA BULLA STEVE BURCHFIELD EDDIE CARTER STARLET CARTER ROGER COBLE CHARLES COX LEONARD CRANFORD HENRY DOBBINS DIANNE DRUMMOND PORTIA EDWARDS JUDY ELLINGTON LONNIE FERRELL KENNETH FERRELL MARY ELLEN FIELDS JUDY FOSTER JOANNA FRAZIER CHARLES GATES REBECCA GILES ROBERT GRAGG 'QQ' 22 4: 5 , . I i .j 1A I :SI Q L ff- s. 1 A-gg. 1 A- fum. L. A L, 'QT Gm. s X, , ,SR i f j 3? 'Q 1' AI N fn .0 4 ' L fl. 6? is N? E- C ZA . Z , G. 'fdiz V1 ' 44- 5 41,- -rxv, ,'2,3k 'B-MW W A IN if 'mf vw' 5- ,gf 'f'-ff I MH my If gf if 62, 4 giiskif? , fl Q ' Qs QS 5.:,,,., fx - LJFQQ H -:,V., 'N-C.. . A ,A ' Q, In 'Qi Ex, Sopluomoreo GARY HAITHCOCK BURMA HANDY FRANK I-IAWKS MARY HENDRICKS BARBARA HILL NANCY HILL SIDNEY HILL KAYE HILTON JIMMY HODGE LOUISE HOOKER GLENDA HOPKINS JOE HOWLETT BILLY JACKSON SANDRA KENNEDY MARGARET LOMAX JOYCE MASI-IBURN LINDA MAYBERRY CAROL MEREDITH NANCY MEREDITH DORIS MOON ANN MORRIS JERRY ODELL DANNY OVERCASI-I SAMMY OWENS MARTHA PEA RCE LARRY POOLE Sophomoreo ROGER PROCTOR EUGENE PYATT WAYNE ROACH CHRISTINE ROUTH JANE ROYAL MARY SAFERIGI-IT GLENN SHACKELFORD JERRY SHACKELFORD ROBERT SI-IELTON BETSY SI-IEPPARD BRENDA SNIDER BECKY STEELMAN RAYMOND STONE BRENDA VARNER KENNETH TROGDEN Q JANICE VONCANNON M BRENDA WALDEN JUDY WALKER JUDY WALL EUGENE WALL GINGER WATSON JoAN WELBORN EMMETT WHITE JERRY YARBOROUGH ,fr W.. IL 1:13 ag-dw YT? ww - if sf' 191 Wplnvq, 'Q'-1 A BRANNON YOUNG A 1 l iz Sophomores findbiology anew, fascinating subject. Theymake notebooks, disse ct insects and frog s, and learn to use the microscope . Now this is the motor, girls, says Mr. O. E. Moye, in- structor in the Driver's Training c ours e. Sophomores in this class study the fundamentals of safe driving and then put their knowledge into practice in the dual-control training car. 4 '12 4 f4,'r,,,,. ,.,, '44 . W f , .- '-, 4- . - , 4 , v Fre i : 'ii f h,Q lQ -- s I wtf, is SY I a 3 :wk , as r f we f f tif ra R H + .:,, Q ...,. l tittti issars f' . t A s ai giss, Q 1 is M wi sil . ,..' . Z,.! ' E E 1 il i,f'3?sF V I , 5 L,-f ' ' ' K I wh !,. K ,,,,, 2 f g H . ' ,fa -..t....t. ,I was- -3' 'Yam' wi r w as 1, t d0-0 ii Xl! Dun- -Y -W 5 V Q3 MM ' 5 s I K -vw ,1 fe6h M1BK , ,Nfl 1 . ,W - I .' V, N . xf I 1 J, 1 . W I ' A First Row, Left to Right: Tedlfallenstein, Ann Shackelford, Presidents. Second Row: Judy Kivett, Reporter, Doug Hamilton, President, Cheryl Lassiter, Vice- President. Third Row: Dean Macon, Wendell Ridge, Vice-Presidents, Pat Me lton, Secretary. Fourth Row: Roger Helmstetler, Reporter, Orville Dills, Treasurer, Larry Morgan, Secretary, Barbara Shelton, Treasurer. Not Pictured: Lawrence McCall, Se cretary . Page 38 MISS DORIS SMITH, MRS. RUTH CAUSEY MR, ARDENAL HANEY Advisors 5 reohman 61666 Hicero reohmen FAYE ALLRED BILLY ASBILL MARGARET BARNES NANCY BEESON IUDY BRITT ROGER BROWER WAYNE BROWN BILL BRYAN IINIMY BRYAN FREDA BRYSON MACK BUCHANAN MARIE BUNDY FREDDY BYRD LYNDON BYRUM ALVIS CAMPBELL RONNIE CHILTON HAROLD CLODFELTER DENNIS COLE IRENE COLTRANE DALLAS COX LOUISE COX RAEFORD CRANFORD DORCUS CRUTI-HS GENE Del-IART ORVILLE DILLS JUDY DOBBINS RICHARD DOBBLNS JAMES DUNLAP RONNY EFIRD JEANETTE ELDER SONIA ELKS TOMMIE ELLINGTON WALTER ETHRIDGE xi. A L. LN., .16 Y Q. -f- 'tw' KD 76, -15 RY- ' as, 1 A Y L.. r ,.- I, , ,an 'fag feblinien TED FALLENSTEIN MICHAEL FARABEE BECKY FRAZIER NORA GIBSON ILA JEAN GOUDE SI-IEILA GRIFFIN FARRELL I-IANDY SANDRA I-IASSELL ROGER I-IELMSTETLER LYDLA I-IENDRICKS FAYE HOFFNER RONNIE HOOVER LINDA HAUSER JERRY JACKSON WILLIAM JARRETT TED JOHNSON JUDY KIVETT CI-IERYL LASSITER ROGER LAX LARRY LEONARD LUCILLE LEONARD RICHARD LEONARD LINDA LEWALLEN GARY LOCIG-IART LETITIA LUTHER CAROL MACON DEAN MACON JEFFERY NLANN RONNY MANN PATRICIA MELTON LOUISE MEREDITI-I ERNEST MINOR REVA MOODY reoh men LARRY MORGAN LARRY MCCALL LAWRENCE MCCALL BRENDA MCDANIEL REBECCA MCGEE EUGENE MCNABB SANDRA OWENS EDNA PALMER IRENE PRICE BILLY POWERS LOUISE RANDOLPH CAROL RATLEDGE ROLAND RICH LARRY ROBBINS AMICK SAUNDERS ANN SHACKELFQRD Mm BARBARA SHELTON RONALD SHEPPARD SUE SKEEN DENTON SMITH NEAL SMITH RANDY SPENCER LINDA STAFFORD CA ROL ST EVENS ON LINDA STUTTS PHILLIP STYRON MILDRED THAYER AMOS TI-IREADGILL GARY TROTTER BETTY TUCKER JESSIE TYNDALL SUE WELCH PI-IYLLIS WI-IISNANT RONALD YOUNTS 1 Ejii R3 ij 43 nm E' an if .. t , 2 I gg , ,,Q .. 223 Freshman girls in homemaking class study their patterns bc- fore beginning to Sew. They learn to make a sim ple blouse and a dress. 1 - 2 - 3 - 4! 1 - 2 - 3 - 4! Physical Education is the favor- ite class of most Freshman boys. ,f I f 82623353 -8 isa!! , f ff? 2 M? 5 ,v F'- , A 4? , M, .- bv- cz-, -- MA-w-.iz'.-:,L. '.'ssl-' 52. N,,,,.........-.--.. ...... jr' 1 le me ary Q, Q. wx I Q, uf -f-- ,fw.,5q1f1, ., V ff2vLw?? M ,V X .5gQf:,ig7,v1Q2-v11M:,k I 1.5 ev sijywiliffyjgi is WYE X if , f ' I HA1 A M L ,, A , hx 44 'frsfv I. ' ,- . af M5263 ' H1 I f C az., QAIA ISF' , V I 'LXR' 'H wx SG' V nf' A ' 'Sr , S-Qs ,. - A R L I X yi A X X Y 'H -,IJ LA-5 A iff, M A 1, , is CA R ii . E E J S-sew,-,p Ri? '-C w-, .A 41, ,,,-M Ex p . A ma ,R it I E A A, as Wllwf V'! 'V ' A.- 3 i' , AA , W A , I x M A ,, Mx W 1 J 5 if ' M J' . ' J 4 'v O.. R Q'Q :,. A, V fx., e . ,W ,vhv ,, ,S I -21 , 5' ,. , 62 WL WHS' IW an in , K ,A Y A A Em, -A Q. .V ME A 4 1 . 4 I SSIAIEI--,..., -AA H1 - Eg Ri E A ,J in Oy 5 S I , , ,A ...,,.,, AAR, A Luv A f fv,:'wzsff1As'a, I 4. A TW-H L ilk Y I ,AA Ii qv, J ,A 2 , A-3 Y I NE IE ff AA is -ww, Q J I I 'TT' '51 LW 1 - , I .1-i .Q I I .. A 1 'I J I X ' H- RR 'X 'MOST , Q. , 'W' R I 'uw ,JE I Ii vw J, J I 'YH' ,J 5 E. .N HI R I K H w Q J A Q, ,w'v, A4 I L T R :pn-., A +3 I NCSA in Eff I ' E.. , NEW, O2 ,, A A La: Q7 MXDJ 2 1. I ' 'x nf ix: 7 W xi L iv? . Y ' 1 i??5'zLf,- ADW A I .EEE XLT 5 ,M I an A .EA V. ' 4 I in -1-- r V M.. f 1 Aufyf - Vw - -,V K , S FB . ,.., EWTRSH-A wg Nw 525315 -2511: is ,. in 'AE' , A L' Zig, L A, R Ri J . W RJ R -,: ,W,lA A,,.., f, wr- R A L. Tb , ,, lf ,,- V A ,Lf I, Af N A ,JS I 'R-L Tkry +-- A 5-AHL f- s, ,A Ang, A , J-Emfs, ,A If -1' A I W3 it C+ -g .RS , I A,.. Sm T 1.4 54 Y Wg? if.. W .I E Q .. slr Ex i J R I , J ,A -A ww' T -S -I I-E , ' A. S H I I .3 .. S' QA , L A f..,, IA, ,TVA I : ' A A L,-' A X A 'J , X ' - uw an -. , AA , ,X F ,S -Pa. Ji R K A ' ffm 'GE O.. Ai 'lk kkrk A, ,L ,A , 9 AV A A - SQ W J M I I - I ESTATE-mA QQ I ...E In S- 4:- A 154+ F ,I I X 4 S I' . 3, 1 9 A PW K .MA ,N :. R 1. ,SAX if I., Y I W ei ,AA .J 41 W x Y , K A ft P361 J-. Y-.ZR 5- 5 hw-U T -R. A E F AANA ' hw Q. .f 3 :I .X-73 K x ?K',, 4945 xl- 1 A,'?'?Q. WUI QA vw I ..'7-2'-A 3, Q?-J 1 i Qightl grade MICKEY ASBILL EDITH BARNES KATHRYN BARNES RHONDA BARINES LARRY BEESON GARETH BESHEARS DARRELL BRILES IA RRY BROCK BEVERLY BROOIQA1 JAMES BROOKS FRANCES BRYSON JERRY BUNDY JANE BURTON JIMMY BYRD DAVID COLE KENNETH CAMPEEL RUBY CAMPBELL J JERRY CECIL PATSY CLODEELTE BRENDA COLTRA JOYCE COLTRANE NANCY COWAN GARRY Cox LYMAN cox JOHN CRAVEN JIMMY DAVIS SHIRLEY DICCS NATHAN DOEEINS RONNLE DRYE EUTCH EAST WILLLARD ELLINGT+ IEO FARABEE DAVID FRENCH MARY FRENCH TERRY GARNER 1 JANIE GIBSON FRANKIE GREENE RANDY HAITHCOCJ RAY HANKENS CAROL HEPLER PATSY HICKS BETTY HILL LEON HILL CHARLES HOLIAND- BRENDA HUDSON EDDIE JACKSON JOI-EN JACOBS HARVEY JARRETT REECE JESSUP REX JESSUP PAUL JOHNSON ROY JOHNSON JANICE KENNEDY LINDA KINLEY DANNY KIRKMAN T PATRICIA IAIWBETIJ- GIENDA LEWALLENJ THOMAS LYNCH BARBARA MACON VERNA MCCIAY N. J. MCCUISTON EERNADINE MCH-IE BARBARA MEDEO RICKY MORRIS RANDY MORROW GEORGE OWENS JOE OVERCASH HAROLD PROCTOR DWIGHT RICH IOSEPHINE RILEY GILBERT SCOTT BOBBY SHEPPARD MICHAEL SIAYDON DWIGHT SMITH JOYCE SMITH SYLVIA SMITH JERRY SNIDER DAVID STANFIELD ROGER STONE NANCY STRADER SHARON STROUD IARRY THOMAS CAROL THOMPSON FLOYD T RIVETT HARRE1. WARD DONNA WI-IEAT PHILLIP WHISNANT EDDIE WHITE LINDA WHITT DAVID WINSLOW SHIRLEY WORIEY GWENDOLYN WRIG I0 ANN YARBOROU CALVIN YATES 'e ventla prada GER BLACKWELL H1 BLAIR ZNDA BREWER 'RIS BURTON Z BYRD BYRD JDY CARMICI-IAEL NETTE CARTER RRY CARTER TSY CECIL LBY CLEARY NTON COX LECCA COX TTIE CROSS fMON CRUTHIS .THA DAVIS JL DICKENS IANNE DRAUC-HN BERT DUKE RLEY ELLINGTON VICE ETHRIDGE ARLES EVANS ,DDIE FARABEE YNE FLOYD INET!-I FOWLER IRON FRAZIER ,NDA FREEMAN ICE FREEMAN CE GILL ,IGLAS GORDEN ,DDIE HALL NIDALL HALSEY IHUR I-IANSEN JALD I-IELMS JALD HEIMS KMOND I-IEPIEI1 VY HILL ROLYN HILL EE HILL 'YD HILL NNE HILLIARD 'SY HINEs EY HOIISER vm HOWLETT OA Hucxs IDRA IIIITQHENS IRON JACKSON IMY JACOBS NDA JONES INETH JONES JONES 'RY JONES YNE JONES RL JOHNSON TY KINLEY ER LAMB IANCE ON NIAIHAFFEY INLEY MANN JNIE MASON IAN MCCIJXY CE McDOWELL Y MCMA!-IAN D MEREDITI-I VIIE MILLIKAN LALDINE MOODY NDA MORAN BY MORGAN JDY MORRIS J'ID MOWERY .Y NELSON E PEEBLES IRYN PEELE DRGE PENDEIIGRAPH J POWELL IISE PRICE .E QUEEN JY QUEEN .Y REAGAN I REAVES NTCY REYNOLDS 'ON RILEY RY ROBINETTE RLEY ROUTH NINIE SAFERIGHT ,NDA SHEFFIELD IDA SHEFFIELD LE SHOAF DIE SHORE IYTON SMITH 'IAN SNIDER IES SPEARS PY STEELMAN NIALD STONE Y STONE LBARA THAYER TY TUTTLE IIKIE TUTTLE LC-Y TYNDALL A . VARNER SC-Y VUNCANNON MY WALDEN ZHARD WARD UCK WILLIAMS If? I I W' ,IJ J I I H, I Wil-EIN, -+If gm E gf-E-I I I 2 KJ I ' -EI, Sfnfif- NPI- 55.17 '5 ,, fm an-Q px , , ' EX' 3, ' if ei? :IQ J 1 If I Ib JI Q I1-I ag, Q , J I ' 'I a 'Q I X N I g I. In I A S' M K MI kr KL in FEI 'CI 'I' fi T 34 ILI, hindi II? II ' L-Q If -I if 41-I I' ' if II- I I 'LILI g,I QI . I E. I Inn, Vz,. :W I 1 ISI, 5 I ,JI .I Q ' I W I ',2'5Tf 'S ' I I If tg, K I my 'fx I 2 I I . rx 3 5 Lf 11 f 2-I II ' I ,, I , , Sw If 'L . ,I EINIE I I , W? I iw Hz I ' I V IW V fe YIM , ,SSI-, ,IW I I ,,fIO I , ,I I. LIIL K1 'ii L I I I 15 T Iilf' I 'ff' ,JI I III Ik I I II,,. , Lf I I, YQ II Imszgfflsli-wiv, .IIE wi:-,I-,IIg k.,, I- 5, - 3 MII XI I- QI IS ff' Yi EIKIIWEIIMQS ': ki E ' , II A II, f , Ig 3:57 -if I If I, I-I I I, If-A , I W N I I-12-I I,II FI I,I,., J RILEY M' EIL: ,V IE .,-, . gi If Yu Q ZLL as gg, I I I I fl 1, 115' L 56 I I SLO LI II I '51 I JY? 'u - ' --'-II ,ik , ,II I I ,Ia 'TI 7' If? QL ig? JZ.Qi,' :W - , E I I A ,f 5: 'fl I I If ,I-S few -If 9 II QL I I -I IJ, In , I MI ,J II. I I M, ,. Q ,L W I Ia I du I I i I I I If Wil I , 4 LL I I, - I' Exim I EWR I -E' gi, he fg,.,,M , , Qi I 4, I ,MI In -L W III, I A J II W ,, I, -fy , OI I Ig I 'RI ,L A I EI... 2 ,nz QI I M1111 Ak J X ' ,I Y ' fi .T 1 Iii Aizazkiifrf I I I5'2111Q2I1iI liiiiilizui 0 -and I I ,fag f 'f'1f7 IQ? .af . Wigs' -2 1315 A mm M... . 3-' -'E gif :ga f sz ff ...L ,rmiiq . V. ., V' 5 V ff' ff s A I A hiHN,, KY Ll: , ' fre, , uv, 3 2 -K J A by wi .- .L . w if ..,A.. ., X . . A 1. , I 5. W, ixtk fade VICKLE ANDERSON ROLAND ANDREWS DONALD ARNOLD LARRY BA RNE5 GLENDA BECK 1. c. nf.EsoN SYLVIA BEESON DOREEN BESHIEARS PHILLIP BLACK BRENDA BROOKBANK RANDALL BROOKS MONTLNE BRYAN BRENDA ERYSON JIMMY EUNDY BILLY BURCHIIELD GARY COLE LARRY COLE GENE coL1'RANE STEVE CoL'rRANE MICKEY COWAN JENNELLE CRAVEN MARY ANN CRAVEN ELLEN DE HART BARBARA DICKENS JUDY DRUMMOND IDVIMY EVERHART LARRY FERGERSON DARRELL FOLWELL ILEEN GEIGER RALPH GIBSON CHARLES GOINS CLARENCE HALEY ROGER HALSEY PAMELA HELMS VIOIEI' HICKS CYNTHIA HILL PEGGY HILL DAVID HILLLARD RUTH HODGE HIERMAN HUCKS PAUIINE HTJFFMAN MICHAEL HURLEY JIMMY 1-nrrCHENs ROGER INGRILM BARBARA JACKSON DIANE JESTER DYANNF. JOHNSON Dwxcx-rr JOHNSON SHARON JOHNSON PAT JONES PAT KESTLER YVONNE KING DAVID KENIEY WAYTE KINLEY DBIDRES KNIGHT MARSHALL LASSITER CLARENCE LEONARD LEROY LEONARD JAMES LOCKHART WANDA LOFLDI LLNDA LOVE BILLY MACON MARVKN MACON DANNY MANN KEITH MANN sy-LERRY MQDQWELL JENNY McGEE RCEER1' MEDEORD DEETTE MELTON BARBARA MEREDITH DONNA MEREDITH LINDA MEREDITH MARGARET MICKEY BILLY MINOR BRENDA MOODY GERALD MOODY TXM MORRIS BILLY MORROW DONALD MORTON GARY MORTON BOBBY MYRICK KATHY ovERCAsH MARSHA CWENS SARAH PEARCE CAROLYN PERRY ROGER PETTY N1LA PI-IXLLDS TICE PHILLIPS LARRY PROCTER JERRY QUEEN JAMES REAVES SYLVIA ROBBINS HUDA ROSS C. W. 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BETTY CARROLL LORNA CHAMBERS CAROLYN CHILDRESS ROGER CHILDRESS MITCHELL COCKERHANI GAIL COLTRANE MIKE CORN LARRY COWAN BONNHS COX EUGENE cox JANICE cox LUCY cox PENNY CRANIFORD LARRY DAVIDSON CONNHI DAv'1s ANN DEATON CORNELL DENNIS NANCY DRAKE ELDEN LEE DR1oc.ERs JANICE DRYE LAWRENCE EAST GARY ECHOLS NIELLIE EAxRc1m'r cl-mrs EARLOW BRUCE FAUSET BECKY FERGUSON RONALD GENTRY LINDA GILES JERRY GRAY WAYNE GRAY JOYCE GRIFFIN DAVID GRUBB LEROY HACKADAY MIKE HALL SAM1vfY HAISEY SHARRON HALTOM CYNTHIA HANEY DREW HANEY DAVID HARB ELIZABETH HA RT DONALD HENDRICKS AMY HICKS NORNSA HICKS MARLENE HILL HELEN HUDSPETH BOBBY HUFFMAN MICHAEL HUNT JERRY I-IUTCHENS BARBARA JACOBS DELPHINE JARRETT DAVID JOHINS ON WA.NDA JOLLY CAROLYN JONES SANDRA JONES DANNLE JUSTICE MARTHA KIVETT SUSAN LACKEY DONNA IANIBETH ADONNA IANEER DOUGLAS IASSITER DAVIE LINVILLE SHARON LOHR JOHNNY LONG MARILYN LLOYD MARTHA MACON DEBORAH MANN JANICE MASHEURN CAROLYN MATHEWS SKDPPER MOLAMB BRENDA MEREDITH RONALD MEREDITH ROY DALE MEREDITH DALEN MILLS DEBORAH MITCHELL 'rms MORTON STEVE DSEORNE 11MMY OVERMAN SANDRA PALMER DEBBIE PHILLIPS ROGER PRICE TOMMY PRICE PI-HLLIP OUESENBERRY GENE REDDING RAY RIDGEWAY JIMMY SHACKELFORD DONNIE SI-IIELOR DAVDD SHEPPARD FORREST SISK ROGER SKEEN DEBBY SMITH JOHINNY SMITH BARRY SNYDER JERRY SOUTHARD CHRIS STALEY TOMMY STANFIELD KAY DEAN STEELMAN HENRY STEVENSON JEAN THOMAS JUDY TUCKER LESTER UPTON SYDNEY JEAN voms BRADFORD WAIDEN CAROLYN WALKER DLANNE WIPHTAKER JESSIE WHITAKER PHILLEP WI-IITESELL DEBORAH YAREOROUGH EVELYN YATES irot fade CATHY ADAMS STEVE BARNES IAROL BEANIE IATHY BEASLEY CATHRYN BELESON WICHAEL BCST FIINIIMY BRIGGS vI!KE BRIILS OHNNY BROOKS KAIPH BROOKS UDY BROWN VALTER BROWN LTEVIE BURTON EHELBY CARPENTER IIJZABETH CARTER BLAIR CAUDLE, IR, AELVIN CECIL 51-ARLES CHILDRESS M COLTRANE CCA COX IONAID CRUTHIS RENDA DICKENS BY DICKENS WARD DRIGGERS RLD1 FAIRCLOT H AN GARNER OBBY GILL ANDRA GORDON DOUGIAS GRAY 'ERRY GRAY EARY HACKADAY ARRY I-EEISABECK LATHERINE HILL VARRELL HILL GARY HILL TEVE HILLIARD USAN HOFFNER ,ONNIE HOOKER XVAVIE HUDSPETH RLARENCE HUFFMAN ,EON HUI-'FMAN QNDY JOHNSON ONDA IOHINSON ,ONNIE Jo!-:N soN VAYNE JoHNs'roN II.-SZRT Jomss ECCA IONES 'ARREN JONES UTH KENNEDY INET KESTLER UGENE xmm lICKY KINNEY Avm uacxn uNDA LAMB LEWALLEN EVE LOHR Au: MACON DHIN MACON msma rvmmr :mon MARSH RILYN MCCLAY 'rm MCNABB IARY MERED111-1 Yzm-nA mcmrv om Muuaa mxmm mms LBVDA MILLS ALPH Monuw msrow Moomf ocnn Moon LE MORGAN THY MORROW RIS TOPI-EER MORTON H OSBORNE OMAS OSBORNE NCY OWENS EKNDA PERDUE UGLAS PERRYMAN INN PETERS AROL PHILLDPS JDIE PHILLIPS ONEL PRICE ILLIAM PRICE NDA PROCI' OR ROL QUFSENBERRY YE REYNOLDS IG RICH RICHARDSON CHEL ROBERTSON ICHAEL SI-EIPWASH SMITH SMITH NALD SNIDER ICKY STEVENSON T NA STOUT HNNY STROUD RMAN SUITS IL TEDDER IVIN THOMPSON ALE THOMPSON .RUE THOMPSON ARK THONWSON ONALD TREXLER JNDA TUTTLE A TYNDALL RAI-I VUNCANON CCA WALIGR RRY WHITAKER INFAL WIDENER MAY WILLIAMS E WISE EALD WRIGHT 3 . Nw V g fy -,K N A A M 1 f ' 5 H 2 5 FF Q .15 A V- W an g new 5, Mg - , 9 W ,i 1 ' A W A' 542 . ' ' A , A WP f -N f-A I ,X , ix V, I' ..g - - 2 Q' 4' N if I ,I 34 3 lei'-f i' 1 'I' ' 'L+ 75, A f a -A , fp' vm 5--1--Q I 9 V 5 qiiax-dvff ir , Vs, if . . .,L..i 1434- f gas A 5 6 Kali A' K 1 vs' 5 I -QM HG' j li 1 2,57 5 I E Mikiyx kay 1 ' , yi 7 x I A A OIL 'R In Lv? 'if ' ii' ii L' , .Q vt P' ' - 'ik f I i 'Q A 'P 5.5 SL ua' I f I L' ' ,QM 4 I ,I X H Q N I, , ML' 4 5 A , , ' A 3 A L45 ' v I J , 'N , 41? 2 , I ff wr Mfr I , fa? A - -Wir.. .Ln Mm R K. SV IE.. I. , 6 A an -. .,,,,S, A L-L , M- 1 La. ' - . I-I R I , I.. A A 'lm if V 5- - .. . . + ...dv 1 1: .? X. S' 5' yrs? X yr IQ Q - X2 ' 5-if KG!-kt 5' iw 2 'A ZIKXIRQIIXV pagng .fp - W - I Q9 w W vim I 'A .3 A :sv , I If ' , ' I I . . W' . .K A -1 1 ' ' -I 4, - I a - I A I 1 '-nf 1- A A W .- ,gk f W. .. I ' ff I 2 A .fx X355 it 'f Q if, . ' ' W Wx I I I I I gf' -F if -i 4 57 ffl M I ew S lY? i 'f S' 5 7 . V - fi ' a wh :Q . V. 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Elementary students learn to play the tonette under the drrec tron of Mrs Frances Mabe, Publrc School Musrc Teacher The jun1orL1brary Club, a new orgamzatron at Allen jay, was formed under the gurdance of Mr s Rosalre Pruette, Prrmary and Elementary Lrbrarran T hc purposes of the org anrzatron are to learn more about the lrbrary to promote an mterest rn the lrbrary among all students, and to assrst rn checkrng out books and rn makrng bulletrn boards N S T ex , , , Q, AL - f' ., NEI 'xsmN, JANIE MABE Head Majorette First Row, Left to Right: Charles Adams Barbara Macon Pat Lambeth Judy Gray Patsy Clodfelter Linda Lohr Dean Macon Roger Brower Eugene McNabb Second Row: Randy Haithcock Nancy Cowan Patsy Hicks Ronnie Drye Shirley Diggs Ronald Helms Harvey Jarrett Denton Smith H. A . Varner Page 54 wx? r U-tnxhw, JUDY FOSTER ? f SP' af' -ro 'X ,, for ,Q H. NA NCY COWA N MR. BILL Band Director oallen gay , N 'XM-J--11 BARBARA SHELTON fe! ,755 ,R .PAK 7 . iivw ,wfwp nl R i, ,ig f y ,E Q If BARBARA FRANKLIN Yr , , J K 1 BARBARA MACON Third Row, Left to Right: Patsy Hines Shirley Ellington Barbara Shelton Josephine Riley jerry jackson Kevan McClay Mike Shoai David Mowery Gary I-Iaithcock Fourth Row: Mike johnson Mack Buchanan Nancy Strader jerry Snider Gwen Wright Fifth Row: Eddie Shore Mike Potter Butch Hansen Donald Helms Not Pictured: Ernest Minor jim Byrd Page 55 The dance band is acomparatively new organization at Allen jay formed to provide music for various school functions. The 1958 jmiior-Senior Banquet, the Home- coming Sock-hop, andthe Fall Festival are among the events for which this group has performed. fund Qffice ro Left to Right: Barbara Macon, Secretary-Tre asurer5 Nancy Cowan, Vice -Presidentg Janie Mabe, Presidentg Judy Gray, Reporter. ance and First Row, Left to Right: Larry Leonard, Dean Macon, Charles Adams, jerryjackson, Roger Brower, Eugene McNabb, Page 56 Faye Allred. Second Row: Mike Shoaf, David Mowery, Gary Haithcock, Mr. Bill Marlowe, Denton Smith. Seated: Mrs. Frances M ab e, Pianist. Standing, Left to Right: Mr. Bill Marlowe, Director, Robert Stone, Presi- dent, Pat Powell, Vice-President, Phyllis Bishop, Treas- urer, S hi rley Tuttle, Secretary, Becky Steelman, Re- porter. Not Pictured: Lydia Hendricks, Librarian. glee elulv Qlfieero Forty voices, harmoniously blended, told the story of Christmas at the De ce mb e r meeting of the Parent- TeacherAssociation. Everyone agreed that the program, which was also given in assembly, conveyed very im- pressively the true spirit of Christmas. Other activities of the Senior Glee Club includeda Christmas Party and participation in the North Carolina District Choral Contest. enior glee elulf First Row, Left to Right: Judy Wall, Joanna Frazier, Nancy Hill, MaryAn.n Craven, Virginia White, Glenda Hopkins, Martha Pearce, Pat Powell, Christine Routh, Becky Steelman. Second Row: Carol Lawson, Judy Gray, Louise White, Brenda Varner, Freda Bryson, Nora Gibson, Myrtle Hopkins, Faye Allred, Linda Lewallen, Dot Brewer, Phyllis Bishop. Third Row: Levinia White, Louise Meredith, Carol Nunn, Shirley Tuttle, Linda Lohr, Elizabeth Thayer, Alice Mae Thompson, Barbara johnson, Brenda Pierce, Fern Carter S e chre st. Fourth Row: Mary Brower, Judy Ellington, Mike johnson, Charles Howard, joe Skeen, Robert Stone, Clyde Robertson, Bill Andrews, Lydia Hendricks. Page 57 cpiano .Studento We, at Allen jay, feel very fortunate to have Miss Beulah Moton as our piano teacher. She attended Western Maryland College, Peabody Conservatory, and julliard School of Music, and has st u d i e d under s uch eminent musicians as Hans Barth, Leo Podolsky, GuyMaiser, and Dr. Robert Pace. MISS BEULAI-I MOTON Instructor I .mf This class is a new approach to piano instruction. The girls learn to play through the use of 'x keyboard charts with each one taking her mm at the piano. Left to Right: Becky C oltrane, jerita Kestler, Gail McClay, Barbara Dr aug hn, Miss B e ulah Moton. Seated at the piano: Debbie Shelton. First Row, Left to Right: Dolly Andrews, Karen Shelton, Brenda Moran, Judy Stanfield, Delores Knight, Billy McRae, Randy Smith, Linda Lomax, Linda Gulledge, Jimmy Hutchins. Second Row: Rose Rodden, Ruby Campbell, Betty Kinley, Martha Wallace, Verna McClay, Mary Hendricks, Ginger Watson, Page 58 Linda Hucks, Carol Watson, Herman Hucks, Linda Sue Beck. Not Pictured: Tommy McRae and Mary Dingler. unior glee elul: and raining fund The purpose of the training band is to prepare beginning band stu de nt s for a place in the Allen Jay High School Band. The Junior Glee Club is composed of seventh an d eighth , graders who enjoy singing. This ye ar, they sang several carols in the Parent-Teacher Association Christmas pro- gram. . Mrs. Frances Mabe, Pianist, Mr. Bill Marlowe, Director. irst Row, Left to Right: Violet l-licks, Jennell Craven, Sharon Frazier, Judy Mclvlahan, Carol atson, Pamela Helms, Sherrie McDowell, Sharon Johnson, Dianne Johnson, Steve Staley. econd Row: R o s e ni a ry Barnes, Linda Bishop, Wanda Loflin, M a r g are t Mickey, Mickey Cowan, Cecil Pegram, Gary Cole, Ralph Gibson, Phil Black, Steve Br e wer. Third Row: teve Shackleford, Clarence Haley, Billy Birchfie ld, Larry Lawson, Roger Ingram, Buddy ewis, Larry Nunn, Glenn Tysinger. Not Pictured: Roger Bla ckwell, Alton Riley, Douglas Gordon, Tommy Lynch. First Row, left to Right: Wanda Howlett, Sharon Jackson, Sharon Peele, Myron Mahaffy, Joyce McDowell, Betty Kinley, Rebecca Cox, Faye Peebles, Shirley Ellington, Von Powell, Kay Lance, Dottie Cross, Joyce Gill, Mary Jones, Brenda Sheffield, Linda Sheffield. Second Row: Irene Bryson, Linda Kinley, Pauy Cecil, Shirley Routh, Brenda Jones, Judy Steelman, Linda Huclcs, Donnie Saferight, Jane Burton, Patricia Lambeth, Gwendolyn Wright, Jeri Reaves, Brenda Moran, Beverly Brookbank, Peggy Tyndall. Third Row: Janice Freeman, Vivian Snider, Janice Ethridge, Nancy Reynolds, Jeanette Carter, Janice Kennedy, Dina McPherson, Brenda-Hudson, Sharon Stroud, JoAnn Puckett, Ruby Campbell, Nancy Cowan, Joyce Coltrane, Carol T homps on, Barbara Macon. Fourth Row: Katie Garde ne r, Bertha Davis, Linda Whitt, Shirley Worley, JoAnn Hilliard, Mickey Tuttle, VernaMcClay, Suianne Draughn, BarbaraMedford, Joyce Smith, Faye Blair, Sharon Frazier, Judy McMahan, Edith Barnes. Fifth Row: Carolyn Hill, JoAnn Yarborough, Glenda Freeman, Calvin Yates, Dickie Medlin, Kenneth J ones, Douglas Gordon, Gilbert Scott, Michael Shoaf, Paul Dickerson, Tommy Lynch, La.rry Thomas, Dwight Smith, Eddie Shore, Ronnie Drye. Sixth Row: Ronald Helms, David Stanfield, Jerry Hauser, Alton Riley, David Mowery, Lloyd Hill, Butch Hansen, Sandy Carmichael, Donald Helms, Larry Carter, Ronnie Mason, H. A. Vamer. eta elub r ' 1 Q W ,K an - 3 The Beta Club endeavors to encourage each student in high school to be the best possible student and person by recognizing students who have attaine d the very high qualities of leadership, scholarship, service, and charac- ter. To be a member of the Allen jay Chapter, a student must maintain an academic average of 90 and a citizen- ship grade of B throughout his high school years. h ,gi ,,f .. 2 B 1.4- OFFICERS First Row, Left to Right: Judy Howlett, Vice -President, Brenda Mowery, President. Second Row: Miss Dorothy Dixon, Advisor, Elda Robertson, T 1' e as u r e r, Linda Spaugh, Reporter, judy Sawyer, Secretary . VATN, After the induction Service, a reception w as given in the home e c onom i cs department for the seventeen juni ors who were tapped. Left to Right: Peggy Leonard, B arb a 1- a Mashburn, Re b e c c a Beane, Virginia White, Millie Bryan, Myrtle Hopkins, Eli zabe t h Thayer, Ann Ratledge, Miss Dorothy Dixon. A very impressive candle light tapping service was held in assembly to invite eligible students to join the Beta Club. First Row, Left to Right: Rebecca Beane, Millie Bryan, Peggy Leonard, Linda Spaugh, Judy Howlett, Ann Ratledge, Judy Sawyer, Elda Robertson, Brenda Mowery, Linda Sheppard, Barbara Mashburn. Second Row: Wilbur Winslow, Mary Ann Craven, Virginia White, Martha Wallace, Shirley Tuttle, Tommy Bundy, Wayne Brewer, Dot jackson, Judy Gray, Jeannette Foster, Elizabeth Thayer, Wayne Bundy, Kelly Carter, jesse Lewallen, Barbara johnson, Myrtle Hopkins, Charles Howard. Page 60 filsrary elulv The purpose of the Library Club, a service club open to all high school students, is to promote an interest in the library and the techniques of w ork involved. Because it is a service club, all work that is done by the students is voluntary. This club meets once a month to make im- provements in the library. S om e of the club's activities are maintaining reading shelves, making bulletin boards, re -arranging the library, and processing new books. Members of the Library C lub are very important assistants to our libr arian. Left to Right: Kenneth Moody, Mary Hendricks, Janice Voncannon, Reva Moody, Irene Price. 1 'I OFFICERS Seated, Left to Right: Brenda Snider, Pre s i de nt, Margaret Lomax, Secretary. Standing: Christine Routh, Reporter, Miss Mary Jean Brown, Advisor, Mary Arm Craven, T re asure r, Portia Edwards, Vice-President. ...- - I xr: as f Vg.- ax 'ww-. a ,-- Mf First Row, Left to Right: Janice Voncannon, Becky Steelman, Pat Powell, Judy Walker, Betsy She ppar d. Second Row: Betty Tucker, Reva Moody, Mary H dr' ks S dr K ed Ma Brower Irene Price. Third Row: Billy Andrews Kenneth Moody, Frank Hawks, Jerry Palmer, Henry Dobbins. enic,anaenny,ry , , Page 61 OFFICERS First Row, Left to Right: Peggy Leonard, President, Barbara Mashburn, Vice-President,Elda Robertson, Secretary. Second Row: Missl-lallie Gilbreth, Advisor, DavidChilton, Treasurer, Anne Pharr, Historian, Buddy Freeman, Reporter. Q F' .5 3 I-g mmm ff urunz usmzss L :Anus A mum 0 guture Tuoineoo eadero of cvgmerica The Future Business Leaders of America organization seeks to: fly develop competent, aggressive business leadership, f2j cre ate more interest and understanding in the intelligent choice ofa business occupation, QBQ improve and establish standards for entrance into store and office occupations. An annual project of this club is selling jaybird sweaters. The profits are used to send dele gates to the state convention. First Row, Left to Right: Barbara F ranklin, Martha Wallace Janie Mabe. Second Row: jesse Lewallen, Libby Smith, Verna Ruth Dobbins, Allen Hill. First Row, Left to Right: Dot jackson, BrendaMowe1'y, Faye McCu.iston, Carol Lawson, LeviniaWhite, Ann Ridge, Gayle Crowson, DotBreWer, Reba Bundy. Second Row: Linda. Sheppard, Judy Howlett, Brenda Shackleford, Judy Sawyer, Patty Slaydon, Frances Dobbins, Richard Cross. Third Row: Kenneth Craven, Tommy Bundy, Ronnie Bundy, Kelly Carter, Douglas Vaughn, jimmy Whitesell, Wayne Brewer, Wayne Bundy. Page 62 guture eache ro l of cvamerica The Allen jay Chapter ofF uture Teachers of America, org anized in 1954, engages in many educational activitiesg This organization endeavors to encourage young people to develop the qualities of personality and character neces- sary for successful teaching ,I to acquaint the rn w-ith the inspiring story of the public schools, and to provide cur- rent information about opportunities in the various fields of education. Many of the Inembe rs spend two or three of their study halls each week in a primary or elementary classroom observing teaching teclmiques. Such observations are very he lpful to the members in dete rmi ning which grade they will teach after college graduation. Here, some of the members are shown with a reading group in the primary library. OFFICERS Left to Right: Martha Wallace, Historian, Anne Pharr, Pres- ident, Linda She ppard, Vice-Presidentg Mr. O. E. Moye, Advisor, Patty Slaydon, Treasurerg BrendaMowery, Secretaryg Linda Spaugh, Reporter. First Row, Left to Right: Arlene Phillipslkndrews, Libby Smith, Fern C:-1.rterSechrest, Verna RuthDobbins. Second Row: Brenda Snider, jerryAndrews, Gayle Crowson, Ann Ratledge, Pat Powell. Third Row: Wayne Bundy, Douglas Vaughn, jimmy Martin, Odell Pace, David Chilton, Carl Routh. Page 63 Seated, Left to Right: Elda Robertson, President, Brenda Mowery, Vice-President. Standing: Barbara Mashburn, Sec- retary, Ann Ratledge, Historian, Gayle Crowson, Treasurer, Marv R o'M', Song Leader3 Martha Wallace, Reporter, Mrs. Ruth Causey, Advisor. Q-MAXIRS Ol! or 'Z' , 1 33' 3 E Q gi, 2 25 ill 2 az - 2 64,0 I ,930 NEW Bo guture. ome make ro of came rica Future I-lomemakers of America is a national organization, of pupils studying homemaking, formed to offe r oppor- tunities for the further development of pupil initiative in planning and carrying out a ct i vit i e s related to home- making . The expressed purposes of the club are as follows: flj To promote a g rowing appreciation of the joys and satisfactions of homemakingg f2j To emphasize the im- portance of Worthy home membership, Q3j To encourage democracy in home and community life, My Towork for good home and family life for allg Q55 To promote inter- national good will, Q6j To foster the de Velopment of creative leadership in home and community life, UQ To provide Wholesome individual and g r oup recreation, QS, To further interest in home economics. Each year during the 'Yule season Allen jay Future Homemakers of America hold a fellowship supper, which they prepare themselves. Exchanging gifts is always a spe cial feature of this event. Kneeling, Left to Right: Brenda Walden, Carol Lawson, Dixie Brady, Mary Saferight Standing: Elda Robertson, Ann Morris, Starlet Carter, Mrs. Causey, Linda Ward, Mary Ellen Fields. Such a busy group! These Future Homemakers are thoroughlyenjoying their annual supper. Page 64 is lvating elulf The purpose of the debating club is to better train students in the art of public speaking, to encourage the process of deductive reasoning, an d to help in the pr om ot i on of self-assurance . Left to Right: Marthawallace, Vice-President, Mrs. Mildred Hussey, Advisor, Kelly Carter, Reporter,Wayne Bundy, Pres- , ident, David Eddins, Secretary. Q: :LW 5. : E embers of this club spend much Lim e studying information, preparing speeches, and prac- icing them for the debate s. left to Right: Carl Routh, Charle s Howard, Shirley Tuttle, ouglas Vaughn, joe Howlett. 1.1. fun av! First Row, Left to Right: Carl Routh, Martha W alla ce, Shirley Tuttle, Ke lly Carter. Second Row: Wayne Bundy, David Eddins, Charles Howard, joe Howlett, Douglas Vaughn. Page 65 Page 4-gf elulv The purpose of the 4-I-I organization is to give rural boys and girls training in be tte r practices in agriculture and homemaking, in the bro ader phases of community organization, and the finer and more significant thi ng s of life. The Allenjay 4--H Club, with 60 members, participates in m any projects and activities such as ed- ucational fair exhibits, store window exhibits, food sales at dairy shows, and television programs. Left to Right: Mrs. Ruth C aus ey, Advisor, Linda Sheppard, Secretary-Treasurer, Clyde Robertson, Reporter, joe Gaddy, President, joycelvlashburn, Song Leader, Linda Spaugh, Vice- President. Ilwplznfl jim? Us r Jilin! my-W3 lem 31009 L Q my , mwf,d,,g,i,,m .mpgrqaicurmrcie l X-f-. null- uninl sm L Si-1 1. -4 Emi In wg .nl gn? .,m,y.5, 5 lbrieze .K f.f.,F.n. rw, .cn Q... ,gfx Yuki' 'l 1 A favorite slogan of 4-H is Learning by Doing. One way of carrying out this slog an is the demonstration. 4-H 'ers believe st rong ly th at there is no better way to learn, and to teach others. Shown here are Linda Sheppard and Linda Spaugh whowere countywinners in the dairy foods team demonstration contest. ja? ,, ,I 'LAQWA 5 x The Allen jay 4-H Club always takes its share of honors at Guilford County Achievement night. These are the members who placed in the blue award group in 1958. Seated, Left to Right: joe Gaddy, Agriculture, Field Crops, Mary Ellen Fields, Canning, Home Beautification, Health. Standing: Ronnie Hoover, Tractor Maintenance 3 Arnold Loflin, TractorMaintenance, joe Hoover, Entomology, TractorMaintenance, Linda Spaugh, Dairy Foods Demonstration Qteamjg 66 Linda Sheppard, Clothing, Better Grooming, Dairy Foods Demonstration fteamj. r ggi-y elulf The purpose of the Hi-Y Club is to create, maintain, and extend throughout the school and community high standards of Christian c h a r a c t e r, by encouraging clean speech, clean sportsmanship, clean scholarship, and clean living. vlerrzbers of the Hi-Y Club study the club manual. Left to Right: Richard Cross, Kelly Carter, David Chilton, Wayne Brewer, johnny Blackwell, Charles Howard. 93 we First Row, Left to Right: Kenneth Craven, President, Wayne Bundy, Reporter. S e c on d Row: David Eddins, C h a pl a i ng Allen Hill, Secretary, MI. O. E. Moye, Advisor, Third Row: joe Skeen, Treasurer, jimmy Martin, Vice-President. First Row, Left to Right: Joe Hoover, Kenneth Moody, jimmy Whitesell, Richard Cross, Douglas Vaughn. Second Row: David'Chilton, Arnold Loflin, jesse Lewallen, Wayne Brewer, johnny Blackwell, Third Row: Sherman Pope, Roger Kivett, Kelly Carter, Joe Howlett, Ronnie Bundy, Branson Redding, Charles Howard. Page 67 Pag onogram eluls From the Monog ra m Club Code: l believe in victory. Victory is in the heart. It is born in the hard, clean fight. It is the consciousness that I have done my best. Each member of the Allen jay High School M on og r a m Club realizes a personal responsibility for upholding the stand- ards of good sportsmanship among the student body. Some of the projects of thi s club are purchasing letters and stars for members and awarding trophies to the most valuable and m o s t improved f o o t b a ll a n cl basketball players. These players are chosen by the club. First Row, Left to Right: Mr. james Swiggett, Advisor, Kenneth Craven, President, Voy Skeen, Reporter. Second Row: jimmy Martin, Secretary, Ronnie Bundy, Tre asurer, joe Skeen, Vice- ' President. By unanimous decision, the Monogram Club voted to accept eligible girls as members. Fir Row, Left to Right: Linda Sheppard, Anne Pharr, Betsy S he ppar d, Sandra Kennedy, Mar Hendricks, Joyce Mashburn. Second Row: Phyllis Bishop, F e rn Carter Sechrest, Barb ar Mashburn, Linda Spaugh, Brenda Mowery, Gayle Crowson, Peggy Leonard, Patty Slaydon. First Row, Left to Right: Voy Skeen, joe Skeen, jimmy Martin, Kenneth Craven, Jimi-ny Whitesell, john W ay ne Thomas, Richard Cross, Kenneth Moody, Wilbur Winslow, Wesley Hankins. Second Row: Orville Dills, Freddy Byrd, Larry Leonard, I. W. Wilson, jerry jackson, Sammy Owens, Gary Trotter, Ronnie Bundy, Frank Hawks. Third Row: Roger Kivett, He nry Dobbins, james Shelton, Dean Macon, Doug la s Vaughn, Raeford Cranford, jesse Lewallen, Billy e 68 jackson, Danny Overcash, jerry Odell. Qpep eluls The Pep Club was re-organized this year under the guid- ance of Mrs. Mildred Hussey, Mr. Aubrey Flynt, and the cheerleaders. The main purpose of the Pep Club is to provide a good cheering section for ball games, encourage school spirit, and promote good sportsmanship. One of the more important projects of the group was sponsoring a sock-hop after the h o m e c o m i n g football ganue. The members of the club have been faithful and helped to boost the teams on to victory. It is everyone's hope that the Pep Club will grow in the years to come. BQ 'f Pep Club Members yell encouragement to the football team. Kneeling, Leftto Right: PatPowe1l, President, joannaFrazier, Vice-President, Standing: Mr. Aubrey Flynt, Advisor, David Chilton, T re as ure rg john Wayne Thomas, Reporterg Mrs. Mildred Hussey, Advisor, Mary Brower, Secretary. ' 12 Come on - n - n - blue! Come on - n - n - white Come on - n - n - Allen jay! Fight, Team, Fight! !i Page 69 ramatico eluls The purpose of our Dramatics Club is to study basic speech experiences and to put the s e experiences into practice. The C lub studies the development of drama, writes and produces short plays, and practices character make-up. Seated, Left to Right: M ary Ann Craven, Treasurer, Brenda Snider, Secretary. Standing: Pamela Echols, Vice -President, jimmy Martin, President, Portia Edwards, Reporter. xr- ? ' is 5 Xl Members of this club le a rn the art of applying character make-up and the use of basic stage props. Left to Right: Portia Edwards, Eva Mae SmithMil1s, Mary Ann Craven, jimmy Martin, Margaret Lomax, jerry Andrews. First Row, Left to Right: Mary Ann Craven, Jerry Andrews, Brenda Snider, P am e l a Echols, Eva Mae Smith Mills, Dot Brewer, Carl Routh. Second Row: Portia Edwards, Billy Andrews, Margaret Lomax, jimmy Martin, Ronnie Bundy, Frank Hawks, Henry Dobbins, Anne Pharr. Page 70 enior Tlay After reading s e v e r al plays the S e n i o r Class voted to present The Inner Willy, a three-act comedy by Bettye Knapp. This is a story about a boy who had been pro- tected all his life by three old maid atmts. Tryouts were held in December and a cast was chos en. Others who wanted to have a part in the play volunteered to be prompters, to w ork on publicity, and to help with make-up. The pl ay was g ive n very successfully in the spring of 1959. Four, very valuable to the presentation of the Senior Play, were those who served as promp- ters, and those who helped with publicity. Left to Right: Judy Howlett, John Wayne Thomas, jerry Andrews, Arlene Andrews. EP' MRS , LALAH PURVIS Director lk 515723 9 JR? :lag lil? , A Bw, U fix 1 ' M: First Row, Left to Right: Linda Spaugh, Carol Lawson, Ann Rutledge, Levinia White, Dot Brewer. Second Row: Elda Robertson, Brenda Mowery, Kenneth Craven. Third Row: Robert Stone, ,loc Skeen, Clyde Robertson. Not Pictured: Phyllis Bishop. Page 7I KENNETH CRAVEN Editor QR A ssh... rsh.,-E Left to Right: Barbara Mashburn, Senior Editorg Linda Spaugh, jun i o r Editorg jimmy Martin, Sophomore Editorg Pat Powell, Freshman Editor. MISS HALLIE GILBRETH Advisor Q-gln-gcv it We sincerely hope this book will r e c all n things to many minds. We have strived to ni the 1959 Aln-ja-Hi a record treasured by e who possesses it. If, while thumbing through JOE SKEEN and BRENDA MOWERY Sports Editors Left to Right: judyHowlett, PrimaryEditor3 Ann Ratledge, Club Editorg Elda Robertson, Elemen- tary Editor. ALLEN HILL and PEGGY LEONARD Business Managers .Sfagg s of the book, you smile with many recol- ons of the past year at Allen jay, our striving ot been in Vain. KENNETH CRAVEN Editor LINDA SI-IEPPARD Associate Editor JOHN WAYNE THOMAS and ANNE PHARR Advertising Managers Left to Right: Carol Lawson and Carl Routh, A rt Editorsg Judy Sawyer and Re b e c c a Beane, Literary Editors . LINDA SHEPPARD Associate Editor lfiwfesfiirzms DHARR MILLIE BRYAN and DAVID CHILTON Circulation Managers Left to Right: Ann Ridge, Associate Editor, Pe 9 gy Leonard, Editor. Dot Jackson, F e a t ur e E dit o rg Richard Cross and Faye McCuiston, Sports Editors . Kenneth Craven, ArtEditor5 Gayle Crowson, Elementary Editor, Brenda Mowery, High School Editor, David Chilton, Club Editor. jesse Lewallen, Business Manager-5 Allen Hill and Wayne Bundy, Circulation Managers. Page 74 MISS HALLIE GILBRETH Advisor f?fff, ? Q .. , W. . . ws, !?li V:V w 'ffm . , ,.,, .M 7,', We ' 7fQ5Q?,i?i?f in it :,: fig , g ,a.,4g:,, ' --..:51q55e,5,g?H:f ,z 'Q 5 S 5 IZ X , , pr S, M rr 2 5 'Z , ,X -Q K M 9, r M 3 UK S wrfesg X 6 ,D K ,S il MW, ,wa 2 ww KK if S M NEW use age v ,SEQ Kxbfgw-vf' .S 15 , 5 Q gli 1 -44 R a 6 Mx ,F2595 4 1 5 J V? X QHQHUQQSVHHI g K w ffq- J HW. r f :M x ff, ff 5:3351 ,X MU rf rw. 4 Q1 S XS, 25 QQ i m m -,X rx 7fS3 f: 'r'5 it 'Ea ,, H 1211 ,1 ., 7,7 -, I.. k f, 4 ,i QQ, fryqgxr Sy f rim-,.r,,j w'g,,5 frw,gw,f's4g-3. ',.,.m:, fix f 'Z -S56 is -Q Q ,Q 'ff 4 4 ' ' 1: fu: 'W SX IW Q 4- 1E,LTf:47: VBSQ wifi' FW 4 Msn kd' , A, ,U MJ, ,,::, 5 H S ,X ,, , ,gr Ji ry M f Q qs, 1 v X wifi '- if me S Q sf Q r ,, 1 x QM x ' Q4 2 , 3 fr W ,, 4 rr if is Q , K Q, vw sv- Q- wh w -lu ' nm., 'Q' SHI' g gligh fighto Stagg BARBARA MASHBURN City Editor 'viii Mg, 'qf.w5g.5g,gg5.:4,,.., ,U Wqam fy Minn- IFE' 1 I mf-vw, tx I .:,,,..,,..,,.,,.f,,:-,Q Q- -s if xg 'A I IH., 1- 4 Y fm ' If I , , ..,..., , ,, X ,E ,,. , I iff-e 1-If-ff 2.Mwf-mwliinw f ,, I Kia Hr? ,Q If ' -IV Inf if 25552455 M315 ' ' . Agn, ,,pygg',4e-,n , w4,w:g1vg,ggwf? n I ' , , ,yn gi:-WI. ' 751' IQ. I V55-w pw? Q A AWN. IMXMQWQQE I ' -1 I I I I If I I I I . I I I I I I I I I I 1 I I , : I I I I 1 ii. K . .W e Thomasville Woman's Club was the setting for the 1958 junior-Senior Banquet, Rendezvous With The Stars. unior- enior anquet The juniors spent very much time decorating to carry out the theme. A giant red and silver star marked the entran to the nocturnal wonderland. Metallic stars were suspended from the ceiling and used throughout the room. e ach mantle a scene depicting a moonlit night was spotlighted. Other decorations included matching centerpie and nutcups. O wa.-.,, ,V The Menu included Evening Star Salad QMixed Green Saladj, C e le st i al Filet ffurkeyj, Satellites QGreen Beansj, Potatoes in Moonglow fParsleyPotatoesj, Milky Way Parfait with Lucky Stars fStrawberry Shortcake with Ice Creamy, Moonstones Qlvlintsj, Heavenly Mist flced Teal, and Star Dust fRolls and Buttery. Linda Sheppard, T oastmistress . program included appropriate toasts and responses, a special number, Twilight Time, by Linda Spaugh and Bishop, Rendezvous Gossip by the Men from Outer Space, jimmy Martin and joe Skeeng and group singing. entertainxnent was provided by Billie Paisley, pantoministg T ony Adams, vocalist, and Aubrey Flynt, jr. , After the banquet everyone danced to the music of the Allen jay Blue Notes. Shown are Kenneth Craven, ml 1 z 1 X i E E X W? X, ng 3, fg,rf-mixmiri-mir J . - .V ' . 4 aficswiw 1 5 P A s wx ,R amy, f ' ii 'ri' 4 -ril-5.7w'g!5' f V551 i f 5 L. W L, Y G W ' '-2, J Q f A , I , 5 S ' 2 i t- - , E , 1 , 1 g ' il 5 , 2 ? i 5 5 i A 3 5 1 f f 3 2 S i 5 A 5 l f r v i 3 r P ' T e 2 f 7 1. , 5 1 g V, - . K A if a ,M y, 1 43, i 2, Nigga, 3. .M Page 77 omecoming Queen ANNE PHARR h-faq JOHN WAYNE THOMAS Escort DOROTHY BREWER Senior Attendant JERRY PALMER , Escort 5 5 s I F I Mrs. Lavcnne Beshears Oakley, Queen of 1957, Crowns ANNE PI-IARR Homecoming Queen of 1958. ELIZABETH THAYER Junior Attendant JOE I-IOOVER 4 Escort XX Rl! v 37 JOANNA FRAZIER Sophomore Attendant ROGER COBLE. Escort SANDRA OWENS Freshman Attendant LYNDON BYRUM Escort 0 'fb ab., gall eotival First Row, Left to Right: Reginald Collins, Ele- mentary B a byg Pamela Tuttle, Pr i m ar y Baby Runner-up. Second Row: S h e r ri Lynn Shehan, High S ch o ol B a byg Kathy Moore, Elementary Baby Runner-up. 1 CONNIE JEAN DAVIS Primary Queen CLARK COLT RANE Primary King PATRICIA JONES Elementary Queen CLARENCE HALEY Elementary King gg, f JANIE MABE High School Queen ROBERT GRAGG High School King N13 M 2 M 5 I 1 ,Q 5 Ad Page 8 1 geature napa The King and Queen of the juni or-S e ni orB anque t, A QTOUP Of Sta1 '99leTS- H Peggy Chambers and Donald Elder, dancing under the stars. Aubrey Shrimp Flynt, jr. entertains with a comedy act. Anne Pharr and David Chilton, High School Kin g a Left to Right: Connie Davis, Fall Festival Prima ry Queeng Deborah Queen Runnel-S,up in Fall Festival. Voncannon, Primary Queen Runner-up. Page 82 .f- dfix GA YLE C RCWS ON arohalo WAYNE BREWER WAYNE Chief DoT JACKSON BUNDY KELLY CARTER TOMMY MYRTLE L THAYER ,gy . 5,1 71 iiiflgnl' ' MOST DE PE NDABLE JUDY SAWYER JERRY ANDREWS S BEST ALL AROUND PEGGY LEONARD RONNIE BUNDY enicar MOST ORIGINAL CAROL LAWSON CARL ROUT1-I uperlativeo BEST LEADERS LINDA SHEPPA RD KENNET I-I C RAVEN MOST TALE NTE D PHYLLIS BISHOP ROBERT STONE MOST LIKELY TO SUCCEED BARBARA MASHBURN BUDDY F REEMAN E ? f L! f 7 BEST PERSONALITY PAT POWELL CLYDE ROBERTSON Senior BEST ATHLETES BRENDA MOWERY JOE SKEEN T I 4' MOST MISCHIEVOUS LEVINIA WHITE JIMMY MA RTIN upe rlativeo MOST POPULAR ANNE PHA RR JOHN WAYNE THOMAS MOST COURTEOUS JUDY HOWLETT JERRY PALMER iiiiili 1111111151 li BEST LOOKING LINDA SPAUGH DAVID CHILTON in MOST STUDIOUS REBECCA BEANE ODELL PACE BEST DRESSED ELDA ROBERTSON ALLEN HILL MOST DIGNIFIED ANN RATLEDGE GARY SHORE c.-Glchlefau , ,, ,,,-...,....L eheerlead 8 V6 sp1r1ted group of hard working cheerle aders deserve full recognition for their time and energy that they have devoted to supporting our teams. Center: Linda Spaugh, Chiefg Top Center, Clockwisez Brenda Mowery, Barbara M ashburn Fern Sechrest, Phyllis Bishop, Co-Chief3 Anne Pharr, Betsy Sheppard, Sandra Kennedy Pa Page 90 7 , tty Slaydon, Gayle Crowson. 414 FIGHT! --TEAM--FIGHT! M., L1 .........W-.-, EU! if an - ou make the touchdownsg We m aka the noise ! A Q A , g ee D NTWWW A ' M ee W W , X. ki If Vkybk X .X V W I W K ZJK Vx, ,Mr q ,eP52EggQZg'ii:lf.:5,1TN1aMgL,,ML I , .Me , K K 75. ,g.. ALVA W L, S V :QW lv A Q , , rousing welcome to the visiting team. L..... HO dear old Allen jay is gonna' win. . . fm iv' ft. iv 'WJ g xp MR. PAUL BARNES and MR. TOMMY YOUNTS Coaches KENNETH CRAVEN and JOE SKEEN Co-Captains gootlsall . . . The j'aybirds of 1958, showing more spirit, hustle, and de t e r min a ti on than ever before, completed this season W it h the greatest success displayed by any previous Allenjay team. Being inspired by the completion of a beautiful, lighted stadium, the Jaybirds fought harder and Went on to provide one of the greatest thrills in our Big Record-the winning of the Guil-Rand Con- ference Championship. REX JESSUP Manager ,se Wai 1958 l .-. V , M5 WF . ne? 1 we Aa! i .L A W' ' .y A ' gb T .' Q06 wi sh y yi 1? xr I . Km VE I K ,. J, f .1 . fy .1-H V L- 1 - M.. ' . fa K , ' . vm, I ,L 3 i xy L Q H 6- A , xp, . ,inf I dw rffjs A1 KKK .Arg ?j. A , H .3 ' H1 gl - 4 i The team's in a huddle Allen jay 41 .... Allen jay 13 .... Allen Jay 6 .... Allen jay 55 .... Allen jay 6 .... Allen Jay 3 .... Allen Jay 30 .... Allen jay 2.6 .... Allen jay 6 .... Allen jay 13 .... FOOTBALL SCORES ..................Ramseur . . .Gibsonville . . .Trinity . . .Pleasant Garden . . .Sumner . . . Liberty . . .Summerfield . . . Guilford . . .Jamestown . . . . .Mebane T ouchdown ! O 6 O 6 13 O O O O 21 1 QV we .wr 0 o qc Page 93 KENNETH CRAVEN Quarterback First Row, Le ft to Right: Kenneth Craven, W I-Iankins, Danny Overcash, jimmy Martin, Lewallen, Richard Cross, Orville Dills, Ronnie B' Se cond Row: joe Skeen, Leonard Cranford, Frr Byrd, Larry Anderson, Douglas Vaughn. DANNY OVERCASH RICHARD CROSS Fullback Right Halfback Lmy Owens, Raeford Cranford, Wilbur Winslow, t1Odell. Third Row: Billyjackson, Wayne Roach, ,y Trotter, A rnol d Loflin, Roger Kivett, Larry iard, jerry jackson, Dean Macon, Larry McCall, ORVILLE DILLS Right Tackle v .5- N JOE SKEEN Right End JIMMY MARTIN Right Guard 4 25? 53 E Ei w f -Pi -- iz l 5 QBOBYUBO ' 6 Quail-rand C'?onQereni: e Qkampiono 1958 Through the uprights I f ' Let's go get 'em! Page 98 V V 'Long Yardage ! Watch out, Ref, here Icome! Rack 'em up! A -wmmwwf -in-asf mv Hem- mmfwmwmce.. fittle feague gootlsall First String First Row, Left to Right: Donald Helms, N. J. McCuiston, Randy Morrow, Eddie White, Donald Stone, Eddie jackson, Ricky Morris, Barry Zachary. Second Row: Marler Z achary fCoachj, jimmy Byrd, jimmy Brooks, Teddy Morris, Bill Spencer QAssistant Coachj, Mike Shoaf fManagerj. ws, N :mc cruz 'vi J Hw- wm cw, cxvvf CLUB twin wi nad? 3 fittle feague ootlvall Second String First Row, Left to Right: MartinAdams, Gary Zachary, Bruce White, Ervinlillington, jerry Stout, Larry Lawson, Donald Saunders, George Owens. Second Row: Clarence Haley, H. A. Varner, Billy Morrow, Ronald Helms, Darrell Macon, Randall Brooks, Tommy Crowson, Gerald Moody. Page 100 Qirlo' 'faolzetlvall 1959 The Allen J ay Lassies, a team of little e x pe r i e nc e, have s h ow n much determination and hu s t le during the 1958-59 season. They not only have the ability to play ball, but show outstanding sportsmanship both on and off the court. MR, PAUL BARNES Coach LINDA SI-LEPPARD and PEGGY LEONARD Co-Captains 3 - Row, Left to Right: Linda Sheppard, Brenda Mowery, Peggy Le onard, Rebecca Giles, Mary Ellen Fields. Second Row: Tuttle, Joyce Mashburn, Mary Hendricks, jeannettelloster, Sandra Kennedy, Nancy Morgan, Reba Bundy, Sonja Elks, Ginger Watson. Page 101 irot LINDA SHEPPARD JEANNETTE FOSTER BRENDA MOWERY Forward Forward Forward REBA BUNDY Guard S ' NANCY MORGAN PEGGY LEONARD Guard Guard Page 102 econd REBECCA GILES Guard MARY HENDRICKS SANDRA KENNEDY JOYCE MASI-IBURN FOI'Wa1'd Forward Forward A MARY ELLEN FIELDS Guard I N SONJA ELKS GINGER WATSON SHIRLEY TUTTLE Guard Guard Guard o trang Page l03 5Tl,,,THQ4fi5XiliE Bulldogs, J ybirds ToBai'fle Tonight TliO3lASVll,L?T-Allen Jays .lzxyuirfis imada Hams Gymnal smm he-re lmzight mil: vevsmge on Nu-lr zvlzzrlw, llvavlu Jim Sw'lZ2l0?Z's CllS'1G'?5 dmpprd an eeriivr fame fe the Tlwruvzw, llc l'34x 424:aS by B 53 Sl but iz wok an merflma period fnr :iw 'femrmivs to wrn V33 hw 3 tough asaxsmmeu! for lin- .I ,xy rw x r rls ia invade bile family confines of The meal gym and some CM? ahead of the lmmrf wana buys, but Allffn Jay is ready to lake that uhance. ALLEN JAY'S gals also have blood ln their eyea, after drop ping lim llrst ull 9840 io the Tnomasvxlle lassies, Allan Jafs gals do not harm the powerful xx: o t I n g aflack shown in mme previeus years, but art' skill tough, ureen to sax' Green A game, point 2 rmcn DAXR sn's.u.Y is sul: mm: to find a starting law rm cf za host of Saienied brgs. Ailwbsuw. .a Clunfefrc-nee Up and over ! Swlshl Cl ms had Wini Twin sl score C4357 ' Ln the Hehe' had SG effort for Bean BOYS Yep! There it goes It's a long way. l lllh 711 5333-J -2' 4 5-.gfublfrj-5' ff'-Qs' -. o,,,ffaf,,'D 4245 14, s?:'fSi 4- 'v f 5,.g,g'11fg:'l' ', I, ef n - l 'Fw 4,fmf1:1ff::1lf1, asia-1 . figla , 1'13f ff ' 8. kw.' l if +fQ,55 'f spf,w 'bf 1 L lllll qwfxlfw, if., 1. A xQfgq.15'If.,,w I ,g,,,,A,.q , . , foyo' Taolzetlsall i if R' 1959 MR. JAMES SWIGGETT Coach RICHARD CROSS and JOE SKEEN Co-Captains The jaybirds are proud of the fine re cord which they achieved during the 1958 -59 se ason. Team spirit and good sportsmanship played an important part in establishing this record. Burchfield, Richard Cross . V, Ll. V fn 1 Q-'3Ef'Q,'V ffzklyqi , , 4- ' - W 3 L L ',E!s'3'xf V35 S S L - , wP.,i 'YA 'Iwi kwiiw I ,,kgfVi.y I .tw,.jU.i ,iw K Hwy-?LMf'fff limi, 1 ' Row, Left to Right: jerry Yarborough, Managerg Mr. james Swiggett, C oa chg Kenneth Moody, Manager. Second Row: Skeen, james Shelton, john Wayne Thomas, joe Skeen, Orville Dills, jimmy Martin, Sherman Pope, jerry Odell, Steve Page 105 irot RICHARD CROSS Guard . , S vw swam JOE SIEEN Guard Forward Page 106 jIM.MY MARTIN JOHN WAYNE THOMAS Center Forward AAAA xx JERRY ODELL JAMES SHELTON Guard Forward econd ORVILLE DILLS Center STEVE BURCI-IFIELD SHERMAN POPE Guard Forward Page 107 xx .dowczfr dun wx In FOLLD gzzgvn zen! ing Tigmi nigftwap, N, x .f iii? llll -7 an fum, 1 Road rmmefs bfifnarm time J Page 109 1 S - I H Kwai Qirlo' gunior cvaroity faolzetlsall First Row, Left to Right: Doris Moon, Starlet Carter, Mary Saferight, Helen Owens, Ann Morris, Faye McCuiston, Betsy Sheppard, janice Voncannon. Second Row:Ann Shackelford, Tommie Ellington, Sandra I-lassell, Lucille Leonard, Linda Stutts, Sonja Elks, Sue Skeen, Cheryl Lassiter, Judy Kivett. Third Row: Jeanette Elder, judyBritt, Carol Macon, Sandra Owens, Mr. james Swiggett QCoachj, Mildred Thayer, Marie Bundy, lla Goude, Lydia Hendricks. X J X, foya' gunior cvaroity faolzetlvall First Row, Left to Right: Gary Trotter, Billy jackson, Larry McCall, joe Howlett, Roger Helmstetler, Branson Redding. Second Row: Raymond Stone, Raeford Cranford, Larry M or g an, Wayne Roach, Ronnie S he pp ard, Ted Fallenstein. Third Row: Larry Leonard, Farrell Handy, Eugene McNabb, Mr. TommyYounts QCoachj, Ronnie Efird, Randy Spencer, Amick Saunders, Ronnie Mann. Page '09 W wwf ' , -,,AM .125 in X if, A5 '24 q 2.9, 1959 7, ,.,.,, Mx W.. ...,,, , V., , , 5 V-,- , , yy k KN.. - ' V V ai k eg.. 'fs' -gqgwf' 39' Q . 1 ,,t W 5 I K L I KDMS3 1,3 V ' iii: ve. . ,f. W mf .,.k A ai , V, v.,.1s my A up W ' ,gp 42' 1.455 Q, mf My 22121 4-L-.nv 'lk , ' 1'- ' was 'iv A ' , A. , ... .. . .. in ' 9 my .vii kv Q , . A I ...K .Qi 'fIW,. 1 ,P qw sg Q he JSBEES' A- in . 5- gk Lkfg 5. K W . - W if QW 3 hx 'L . .Z irlo' rack ,V7'x H 2 va- iff-Q K 5 we W-+L- ,, K N My M REBECCA GILI PEGGY LEONARD fw Us nf., s my Q... a M1 x uf. K fi W ...JM M VW? . :,, H' L 5311, r yL, 5 , an . , , t7 Y 4 A 4,,'l In I 9 , - ' ' I gf 'N b 1 wtww. flUM.,, me A , ,ivy 4,13 ff - X xr '- 1 1 : nb ige ' ,, -ypew ij xml 4 Wage gi Qin we .A A f X .3 W K- .V Rl, Aj I, . A 4 gif V V ,, V ' '1,A. l, 4 'fu 5' ' :M ' 1 -M - 7 'L' K-SP1 1 :1 c,-athletic l napa f'H'Ph Q-'L V , ,MK I I L. hit it! Come down, ball. A Salute t o A11en Ja V Leave my ball alone! - Page H4 4 ,, Censored! X 1 v X T T l I I ! i I QQ? 1 - -Ji ., Bill Coltrane First Row, Left to Right: James Shelf on, Frank Hawks, joe Skeen, jimmy Martin. Second Row: Wesley Hankins, Maw Deaton, Voy Skeen, Glenn Shackleford, Kenneth Moody. igk School if Q '67 le mentary N x eafeferia me in i f 4 SMH First Row, Left to Right: Mrs. Mae Stover, Mrs. Bertie Routh, Mrs. Bertha Pace, Mrs. Ruby Clifton QMaiiagerj. Second Row: Mrs. Bessie Blair, Mrs. Edna Mercer, Mrs. Myrtle Boyles, Mrs. Naomi Strader, A4791 is Ziff ,J R M it s MTI. rimary Qafete ria Stan Left to Right: Mrs. Mable Ethridge, Mrs. Ruth Dobbins, Mrs. Ruth McKinny, Mrs. Jessie Younts. euotodiano Le ft to Right: Frank Myers, David Blankenbecker, Shelly W e lb o r n, Mrs. Shelly Welborn, and Richard Ingram. Page and Toootero' Qfficero The purpose of the Band Boosters is to raise money to help finance the many expenses of the Allenjay Band. Selling candy, and having suppers are only a part of the g re at help of the Band Boosters. The student body appreciates this help very much. Le ft to Right: Mrs. Pat Helms, Se cretary- Treasurerg Mr. B. W. Haithcock, Presidentg Mrs. L. G. Potter, Vice-President. ep. Hice ro Seated, Left to Right: Mrs. Waunelle Terry, S e cretaryg Mrs. Vernon Auxnan, Second Vice-President. Standing: Mr Colon Hurley, Presidentg Mr, W. H. Howlett, Vice-President3 Mr. Bickett Crowson, Treasurer. The P.T.A. is a group of parents and teachers who are interested in functions and problems of the school. With the help of the P.T.A., there is a better understanding of each student by parent-teacher relationship. o 1 K I , ,. A , an. an , cvadve ftioe ntb f 1 -Q. 3 NM, , , ! xl Y V 1, i x, lf- n, 'N ff 'v . '- ' 1 1 - ' ' , . vi '- f' . -. . . f 9, wx ,M- ! A XX if M wh X Y af , -, P an ,l -1 MW ., M ww' Je 'P -LEW RADIO DISPATCHED CABS Blue Bird Cab Company Yellow Top Cab Company Phones 504I and 453l High Point, North Carolina SPRINGFIELD GROCERY Phone 2-8209 Route 4, High Point, North Carolina J. C. Cox, Owner SNOW STUDIO AND CAMERA SHOP Portrait, Commercial and Aerial Photos 207 North Main Street High Point, North Carolina Rambler Metropolitan SLOOP AUTO SERVICE Phone 3944 804 West Broad High Point, North Carolina Xxnrnnfy, XS A KooNcE FUNERAL HoME ,R-'dffgf INCORPORATED ,.I Ambulance Service-Phone 4545 Jsweusns Compliments ot BATTERY A 540th FA BN North Carolina Army National Guard Keep Your Guard Up KOONTS REALTY, INCORPORATE D Henry V. Koonts, Realtor 244 South Main Street Phone 4533 High Point, North Carolina DAVIS GULF 500 South Main Street High Point, North Carolina DAR-LEE FASHIONS INCORPORATED Fashions For Ladies Telephone 2-4225 825 North Main Street JARRETT STATIONERY COMPANY Our 58th Year JOHN W. FARLOWE, JR. Bookkeeping - Tax Service - Insurance 20I North Main Street Room 202 Phone 5403 High Point, North Carolina MlTcHELL's olL COMPANY ' 706 East Green Street ARCHDAI-F FOOD STORE ' For Dependobilny Choice Grade Meats - Groceries See Produce - Atlantic Gas and Oil MITCHELUS olL coMPANv I Phone 2-2620 PAIGE'S CROWN SERVICE Road Service - Washing Greasing and Waxing Installing Seat Covers Phone 3730 Broad and Phillips BURTNER FURNITURE COMPANY Household Furnishings 900 East Green Street Page 121 Page 122 Compliments of ARCHDALE HARDWARE Archdale, North Carolina Compliments of YOUNG S INCORPORATED D. W. WILSON, JEWELER Diamonds, Watches, and Silver Watch Master, Watch Repair 1538 English Street High Point, North Carolina TOBIAS SUNNYDALE BEAUTY SALON Operated by Mrs. Mary Oakley Phone 2-4727 Trinity, North Carolina Sew Much For Sew Little THE REMNANT BARN Phone 2-3229 2206 North Main Street High Point, North Carolina w. A. DAVIS MILLING coMPANv AM IO70 WHPE FM 95-5 Royal Crown Flour Davis Corn Meal 1000 Walls Clem' Channel Phone 3466 Compliments of SC HOOL BOARD SOUTHSIDE PRODUCE MARKET Groceries 1 Corner 5311 and 511610 WRIGHT'S CLOTHING STORE 126 North Main High Point, North Carolina RODDEN FURNITURE STORE Phone 6447 South Main Street Extension High Point, North Carolina SID'S AUTO SUPPLY Phones 5047 2-1024 112 South Hamilton Street High Point, North Carolina SHEPPARD MOTOR COMPANY Auto Parts - Indian Motorcycles Hardware and Sporting Goods Evinrude Outboard Motors Phone 6959 WEST END BEAUTY SHOP Phone 4398 1505 English Street Specialize in All Beauty Work Ruth Oliphant DILLION AUTO REPAIR General Repairs Compliments of CITY SHOE SHOP Compliments of ARC HDALE ESSO Phone 2-2420 Compliments of T 8. H BARBECUE ZACK'S GROCERY Fresh Meats-Produce-Groceries Phone 7-6287 705 Fairfield Road AUMAN MOTOR 8g BODY COMPANY 7l0 Fairfield Road High Point, North Carolina MASTER CLEANERS Expert Cleaning 24 Hour Service If Requested Dial 5947 2205 South Main Street Bus. Phone 8-7398 Res. 2-7277 ROYALS INSURANCE AGENCY H. Clay Royals Auto-Fire-Life Beside Post Office Building Archdale, North Carolina Compliments of ARCHDALE T.V. CENTER Radio and T.V. Service Phone 5-5240 High Point, North Carolina M REGAL UPHOLSTERY COMPANY anufacturers of Upholstered Furniture Phone 5I9 605 Julian Avenue Thomasville, North Carolina ARTlE'S FLOWER SHOP Arrangement-Corsages Funeral Design Dial 8080 Smith Road THOMAS BARBER SHOP 347 South Main Street Next toY.M.C.A. Where Friends Meet W.F. Thomas, Proprietor-Blake Silver High Point, North Carolina Compliments of ARROW EXTERMINATORS INCORPORATED II4 T72 West Washington Street High Point, North Carolina Compliments of NORTH STATE TELEPHONE COMPANY I04 College Street High Point, North Carolina NASH JEWELRY 8g LOAN COMPANY I27 North Main Street High Point, North Carolina Nash Saves You Cash A 8g F FOOD STORE Phone 8-8I9I I20I Fairfield Road High Point, North Carolina REX BARBER SHOP 3I0 South Main Street High Point, North Carolina Page 123 PAUL'S MANUFACTURING COMPANY Wholesale Only Route 4 Phone 8-8266 High Point, North Carolina O'DELLS GRILL Fine Food-Friendly Service All Varieties of Sandwiches Plate Lunches O'DeII Draughn, Manager WARREN'S RADIO AND TV SERVICE Phone 59II 609 South Main Street High Point, North Carolina ORRIS TE- ITE 84 PEST CONTROL .fgglgle fFe:7NI:ree Inspection N. . e License No. I47 Phon -I925 High Point, N. C. E. H. SKEEN Agent-Home Security Life Insurance Phone 8-7769 STAR CLEANERS 8 LAUNDRY Pick up and Delivery Service Phone 4974 723 South Main Street High Poinb North Carolina Compliments of NEW SERVICE LAUNDRY 205 Centennial Avenue High Point, North Carolina Compliments of KEARN'S TENT AND AWNING Phone 2-I3I3 2227 South Main Street Page 124 JONES ESSO SERVICE Phone 2-3217 706 East Green Street Your Business Appreciated Compliments of INDUSTRIAL FINANCE COMPANY Compliments of HUGGINS SIGN COMPANY Phone 2-8490 2IO2 North Main Street Compliments of HORACE G. ILDERTON INCORPORATED High Point, North Carolina -I J. D. RIKE ason Floor Coverings Plastic Wall Tile Linoleum-Asphalt and Rubber Tile Micarta and Formica Counter Tops Phone 59I4 I3I8 South Main Street Compliments of ELLINGTON'S GRILL VIVIAN'S BEAUTY SHOPPE Where Quality Counts Phone 2-4889 506 Fairfield Road High Point, North Carolina Compliments of STYLE-CRAFT SAMPLE COMPANY Compliments of DR. NAT WALKER DAIRY MAID GRILL Fountain Service Sandwiches-French Fries Ice Cream And Shakes Curb Service or Counter HAROLD C. DAVIS Funeral Directors KIDDIE KORNER I69 South Main Street 'High Fashions for the High School Crowd Phone 7964 CROSS ROADS GROCERY Fresh Meats - Produce - Groceries Route 5, High Point, N.C. Ladies of High Point and Vicinity Have Been Finding Their Fashion Needs Since I923 at JOHN T. ELLIS 8g COMPANY 7I7 South Main Street CRAVER'S RED DOT SUPERETTE Phone 9622 7I7 Willowbrook Street Compliments of HIGH POINT QUICK LUNCH IO6 East Washington Street HIGH POINT F.C. X. South Main Street High Point, North Carolina FARMLAN D K I NDERGARTE N 2600 South Main High Point, North Carolina GLOBE FURNITURE COMPANY Fine Living Room Furniture For Over 50 Years. High Point, North Carolina ENGLISH GULF SERVICE Phone 2-I428 Corner Highways 3II and 62 Archdale, North Carolina FURNITURE CITY GULF 2I II South Main 24 Hour Service-Wrecker Service Operated by Randall Johnson and L. R. McMahan DIXIE SHOE SERVICE Leather Craft Purses 2II N. Wrenn Street High Point, North Carolina RED'S BARBER SHOP DORIS' FLOWERS AND GREENHOUSE 217 Commerce Street If your hair is not Becoming, Becoming to see us. Flowers for all occasions Phone 2-74I8 Route 4 Mrs. Doris Carter, Manager Page 125 Page 126 Compliments of ALDERMAN PHOTO COMPANY 320 North Hamilton Street High Point, North Carolina Compliments of CAROLINA BARBER SHOP I05 West Washington Street High Point, North Carolina Compliments of BELL RECORD SHOP BOYLES WHOLESALE Distributors Auto Accessories General Merchandise High Point, North Carolina BOW STAFFORDVAGENCY Phone 2-2120 Jamestown, North Carolina BRILEY FURNITURE COMPANY Complete Home Furnishings and Appliances Phone 6455 25I0-I4 South Main Street Compliments ot B 8g W FRAMEWORKS COLONY TABLES, INCORPORATED High Point, North Carolina Vacation with us at Holden Beach Water Front BRILES' APARTMENTS Phone 3-8920 High Point, N.C. or Plaza 4-6I26 Shallotte, N. C CAROLINA CLEANERS Expert Cleaning Service Phone 2-43I9 High Point, North Carolina Compliments of CASARD FURNITURE MANUFACTURING COMPANY COLUMBIA FOOD MARKET WorIcI's Best Meats 2112 South Main Street High Point, North Carolina Compliments of COOKIE'S PURE OIL SERVICE I63I South Main Street High Point, North Carolina Compliments of CENTRAL APPLIANCE Phone 7117 2I5 North Main Street High Point, North Carolina CHICK'S AUTOMATIC TRANSMISSION SERVICE Specializing in all makes and models Automatic Transmissions Phone 9906 High Point, N.C. 2922 South Main Street Extension G.L. ChicIcI' Crotts, Owner CECIL'S OFFICE EQUIPMENT CO. Phone 2-6I2I 304 South Main Street High Point, North Carolina BEESON HARDWARE Hardware-Sporting Goods High Point, North Carolina Compliments of LOWE'S PHARMACY Archdale, North Carolina Compliments of BARBECUE SHACK 1800 Kivett Drive MELTON'S GARAGE Phone 8-3811 Highway 62, Route 4 High Point, North Carolina BEL-AIRE DINETTE Home of Good Foods 1505 English Street High Point, North Carolina MENDENHIL AlE'ION c . Real Estate Auctioneers Phone 7165 Route 5, Super Highway 29-70 West High Point, North Carolina ARCADE BEAUTY SHOP Specializes on all Beauty Work Mrytle Daniels, Owner 329 North Main Street Compliments of MR. AND MRS. HAYDEN RATLEDGE BEDFORD SALES COMPANY Heating-Cooling Phone 2-4815 High Point, North Carolina Compliments of KEPLEY'S BAR-B-QUE Phone 3021 High Point, North Carolina BARGAIN FURNITURE COMPANY Quality Furniture at Bargain Prices I Compliments of RUBY'S JEWELERS, INCORPORATED 159 South Main Street High Point, North Carolina Watches Diamonds Jewelry SOUTH MAIN CROWN SERVICE Phone 7273 700 South Main Street High Point, North Carolina Service for the PeopIe LAMB'S HEATING COMPANY Your Authorized Century DeaIers Phone 2-2011 2215 South Main Street Congratulations to OUI' Ffiends qt . . . , Quick and Prompt Auto Repairing AIIen 'Icy I-IIQII SCIIOOI Greensboro Road Phone 2-2176 RICHARDSON'S DEPARTMENT STORE Page 127 Compliments ot l.lNDALE DAIRY CORPORATION 131 West Lexington Avenue High Point, North Carolina Compliments of A FRIEND ARCHDALE MATTRESS COMPANY Manufacturers of lnnerspring Mattresses Box Spring Airfoam Combinations Olcl P.O. Building P.O. Box 145 Archdale, N. C. Phone: Shop 2-5662 Residence 7-4537 Page 128 JOHNSON BROTHERS GROCERY Route 5, Smith Road Fresh Meats-Produce Phone 2-4308 Joe H. Smith SMITH AND GREENWOOD VENEERS High Point, North Carolina HURLEY' S GROCERY Staple Groceries ancl Meats Highway 311 Phone 3-5619 Compliments of FLEX-O-LATORS INCORPORATED 1417 Progress Street KENNEDY OIL COMPANY INCORPORATED Phone 3027 High Point, North Carolina Crown Petroleum Products ELL1 NGTON' S FLOR1 ST We Give S 84 H Green Stamps South Main Street Extension High Point, North Carolina FEAST-A-BAR Bor-B-Q Steaks ond Country Hom Phone 8-6335 High Point, North Ccnrolino GENERAL FINANCE COMPANY Auto Loons Phone 2-9169 131 North Homilton Street R Compliments of D. FOVVLER MOTOR LINES Compliments ot QUALITY SHOE STORE 137 South Main Street DIP-N-EAT DRIVE IN PIEDMONT ELECTRIC REPAIR CO. , INC. Telephone 3225-3226 Home StyIe Cooking Established 1936 Phone 7242 205 Pine Street 712 South Moin Street High Point, North Carolina SUNSHINE LAUNDRY MITCHELL SEPTIC TANK SERVICE Diol 2-3393 21O'2I2 Pine Sifeef Phones 7-6187 8-8765 704 Fairfield Rocd Monite Moth Proof Dry Cleaning High Poi,-,fl No,-fh Cqrglinq Pg 129 Page 130 Compliments ot SILVER KNIT HOSIERY IVIILLS, INC. High Point, North Carolina PEOPLE'S TIRE SERVICE Kelly-Springfield Tires Customized Recapping 22IO S. Main Street ROSE FURNITURE CO. , INC. 2I4-2I6 Willowbrook Street Complete Home Furnishings Free Parking Air-Conditioned Complete Cleaning and Laundry Service Micah I Phone 45OI I67O English Street SOUTHERN WELDING gr IVIACHINE CO. Portable Welding Equipment Fabrications and Erections of Steel Bulldozing, Basement Digging, and Grading Phone 398i or 6-8295 High Point, North Carolina Compliments of CAROLINA AUTO GLASS 282 East High Street High Point, North Carolina CAROLINA OFFICE MACHINES R.C. Allen Authorized Dealer New and Used .Typewriters Sold, repaired and rented . Adding Machines Phone BR 4-IO4I Phone BR 5-6667 205 East Sycamore Street Greensboro, North Carolina Compliments of CAROLINA CONTAINER WILLIAMS FLOWERS AND GIFTS Phone 5OII 4OI8 South Main Street High Point, North Carolina Compliments of COCA-COLA BOTTLI NG COMPANY C. DEWITT HOLTON Phone 379i 8I7 South Main Street Quality Furniture And Carpets BEAUTY NOOK Phone 4393 34I IX2 South Main Street High Point, North Carolina Dot Walker-Owner BROWER OIL COMPANY, INC., Atlqntic Distributor Kerosene Fuel Gil Metered Service Gasoline and Motor Oils Phone 7253 7OI Fairfield Road JACKSON SIGN COMPANY 2906 South Main Street High Point, North Carolina LYN-MAR CAMERA SHOP 215 Willowbrook Street Cameras, Films, Photo Supplies Kodak Finishing Fast Service Compliments of ALBERTSON AUCTION CO. 320 South Wrenn Street High Point, North Carolina Page 132 HE HAUSER'S WEE-WAS H- IT 413 Prospect Street Washed-Dried-Foided Shirts and Dry Cleaning Compliments of GUILFORD DAIRY Your Hometown Dairy Meet Your Friends At Your Nearby Guilford Dairy Bar BHK A carry' ' A E eww' I For Sole Phone 8-36I9 A.K.C. Chihuahua Pups All coIors-maIe and female 525.00 and up Persian Cats Siamese HELEN LEE MCCORMICK Route 5, Box 27 High Point, North Carolina HIGH POINT CANVAS SHOP W. L. Snider, Owner Awnings-Furniture Pads-Trucks Covers Phone 7-7348 335 W. Burton Street Residence 2I I2 Baltimore Drive High Point, North Carolina I2 DGECOCK LUMBER COMPANY Beniamin Moore Paint Curtis Woodwork Johns-MansviIIe Products I3 Ward Street Phone 2-4IOI Best Wishes GRAY'S JEWELRY Archdale, North Carolina REDWI NE HARDWARE COMPANY 208 North Main Street High Point, North Corolina SALES 8. SERVICE PHONE 2-4489 OTIS PACKAGING SUPPLY COMPANY Post Office Box IO67 High Point, North Carolina Distributors for Container Stapling Machines M.M. Zachery BiII Spencer 705 Fairfield Road Compliments of AMOS HOS IERY INCORPORATED Established I9I6 ARCHDALE OIL COMPANY Kerosene -G as-Fuel Oil Phone 2-2220 Archdale, North Carolina THE ALLEN JAY PAUL B. MEYERS FLEET-RUNNERS Bullclozing-Grading Fish Pond and Road Building Clyde Robertson Jerry Boyles Jesse Lewallen Dennis Hill Phone 8-8547 Bill Coltrane Carl Routh Jackson Road Route 4 James Shelton Joe Gaddy High Point, North Carolina ALLEN JAY BEAUTY SHOP Phone 2-8523 IOO7 Fairfield Road WHITEHOUSE BARBECUE Phone 6446 23I2 South Main Street High Point, North Carolina Open 7 days-7 a.m.-I2 p.m. Curb Service ARTHUR'S PHARMACY Prescriptions I248 South Main Street High Point, North Carolina . ,- 44 ,QSM y ,.w.UyM GJ 4 I Ejf, A . 6 ' .Q :R I 'Jax iff . ROAD TO BETTER LIVING Elennc Power is womng fo help you on fm road :lying Em. I ced, deny. d where you want lr, me amount you wont, at rates among me low ESO In 'he r7C1IIOr1 DUK Ii PIIXN IIUNIIWNX Page 133 Pg 134 ALLEN JAY BETA CLUB AIIen Jay's Highest Honor Society JIMMY MITCHELL, INCORPORATED Veneers High Point, North CaroIina J. W. SECHREST 8K SON The Home of the Sechrest Mutual Funeral Association, Incorporated Since I897 2 Oxygen Equipped Ambulances Completely Air-Conditioned Day or Night Phone 2-2555 500 North Main Street High Point, North Carolina MARSH FURNITURE COMPANY Manufacturers of Fine Furniture Since I906 Mangum Avenue High Point, North Carolina AN VIL BRAND, INC. Compliments of ALMA DESK CO. CLINARD MILLING CCMPANY, INC Complete Milling Service High Point, North Ccirolino Compl imenfs of HAYWORTH RGLL 8: PANEL CC. ge 136 HIGH POINT, THOMASVILLE AND DENTON RAILROAD COMPANY Connecting High Point, Thomasville and Denton With The Nation Nothing but Service to Sell Telephone 45II High Point, North Carolina For Better Seafood- LAKE-BREEZE FISH FRY Groometown Road Phone BRoadway 4-8543 Greensboro, North Carolina HUNTER 81 COMPANY of North Carolina, Incorporated I502 South Main Street High Point, North Carolina KESTER MACHINERY COMPANY Mill and Factory Supplies High Point, North Carolina I L4 I BIG BEAR SUPER MARKETS 5 x qiilfimgifmdiir I Every Day Low Low Prices PILOT LIFE MUS INSURANCE COMPANY A good Company to be insured in- A good Company to work For. VaIuabIe S 8. H Green Stamps W. E. LINTHICUM 8: SON Phone 3242 and 5922 406 Tomlinson Street High Point, North Carolina SOUTHERN MOTORS, INCORPORATED Phone 2-3375 2100 South Main Street High Point, North Carolina Smartest of The Smart Cars P9 9 , I I L THE BORDEN CCMPANYHI P ' 1. as 'i' n I 'I I 'k Fl'eSl'I t Ice Cream Ng 1' '-'fu 7 'P '1- 1 WMM, ' iw V495 5' N W 5 A Sw . of lip ' S RIB ct of Fine Dairy Products for lOl years .W M5-A SINQJMAAFJN High Point, North Carolina vlwibdngur iffy V 5 SI C CKEN THIEF DRIVE-IN J' QI' N Nl' N Where Friends Meetp For fun and a bit to eat I' Good Wholesome recreation for the entire family STAR LITE SKATING RINK HIGH POINT SAVINGS AND TRUST COMPANY High Point, North Carolina Serving the Community for 54 years. Member Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation As a school annual portrays So a savings passbook depicts student life in its building a student's progress in of mind and character, building for material treasures gQ1,?f.:Uff4:, , fi if fi' LZ r ? ff i' ff' 39 - ' f 1 . 1. ,fffid 4- - 'si-L'J '1i fr-' 1414 4.4 I - 4 - 7 Af 7,1-Q ' :D e ffiw-if ff,-QM? ,f 1 , e 42' ' f , fx, !,'f4q71 .5 1.1 ,Aff-,y i , K' 'V if 7 U if' ff 'I' ' g,f:w,,,.zm.,f! 1 fffuilffif I , 1 A Comipiimenis of ' 1694 fa ff! 71.4, 59 fjifli I fi I . I .1 1 ,J fx 4 4 Y' ff! ,?.n,,- ,-1 , X f MM ' HER AN BROAWER COMPANY f , K for 'X' I Manufacturers of Furniture Frames 308 Greenock Drive, High Poinf, Norfh Carolina i a X W F i i i W W EL ir D rg , i i ,QL r f PM ,QQ QW A 1, som SHOP jii' CX ! riif ' X ,,if' ff i , iv QM f X f lfi U J 5 ' 'f 3 1 'W K f-ff fi XD r ee X D W Nfl A i P ge 139 i ll l -I . I 'l' l M e I UU XM 9 Ih l c lnl ,K new I I I f rics, f rrevery purpose, 'rlwan ever before. Il l' l l YJ 3 ,- nl 4 .i I N f -' a g o m a Our nal' on s ded caled lo p og ess I IH r I ric. I I I r r an ncemenl IR n a d his world. And only +l'Irougl1 educalrion Th essa rog es of H1 fuiure be accornpl shed r oi r I . xfiles, endous forward sirides are being made. Revoluiionary f'bers and processes are giving Americans beHer and more alfracfive B gion lndusiries and ils member companies and planls are proud To ' porlani perl of one of Americas mosl essenlial induslries. I l BuRLINoToN I HRowINo coMPANY ' M Hillcrest Plant ' a uni+ of Burliggjcpngg ,NDUSmES.1NC. ' Ng S CUMBY MoRruARY 1 54 3 as if ':as2:5n'Y X xg S eclfing po i O Lc1dyAf'rendonf Il x l'l6i?'?Ul'G : 1lQx 5 . 3X l 3 S Q Page 140 TI I compiamenfsof I ZBSOUIIW Main Sfreef 2020 Sourh Main Sfreef I L ZING SS ig 2 21 ciovizrz LEAF SUPER MARKET l .1 Cd I 7A..!' EQ Q7 gf aff f',' 1 fa If 'J . . L.,nfL15Lf'fffA 7 7 .rf Myjffoj vi! H fjfhwff MR' f nokia, 1 E5 JO , HI! My I MP2 js! +P 0' il M-NW Tabu L A Rf 'LMI NIIIJIS BOOSTER ADS W I ITLARK FLORIST RING HARRIS PHARMACY MURROW-NEAL SHOES McLELLAN'S LACKEY SHELL SERVICE F. W. WOOLWORTH CO. E LITE BAKERY B 8. H MANUFACTURING CO. SHEETS' GROCERY WELCH GROCERY S. ROBINOWITZ MR. AND MRS. E. E. HUSSEY MR. AND MRS. BRYANT CAUSEY MR. BILL MARLOWE WARREN AND JEWEL PARRIS . I RONALD HOWLETT fh,-fi 'T' ROGER PROCTQR ' MR. J. W. LEONARD7u ' S 7 MR. F. 0. WELCH for ff'-'UW MR. HENRY C. MCPHERQQRNA - MR. HENRY A. EOSCLJE ,lj MR. H. Mccov SECHREST f-ywf' GARY HAITHCOCK TQMMY JOHNSON MR. L. H. CREASEY MR. W. R. ELKS R MRS. CORA BRILES A FRIEND MR. Q, E, MQYE MR. ANDMRS. HAROLD MEREDITH I I MR. AND MRS. I, K, PURVIS MR. AND MRS. E. T. LAWSON M555 CARQL CAUDLE MR. AND MRS. W. G. COLE M155 BETTY BARKER MR. AND MRS. G. WHITFIELD JONES M155 DQRQTHY DIXQN MR. AND MRS. J. W. BYRD - M155 HAI-LIE GH-BRETH MR. AND MRS. KENNETH RAY LAWSON RQ MR. ARDENAL HANEY MR. AND MRS. M. E. MASON X MR' TQMMY YQUNT5 MR. AND MRS. KENNETH SAWYER X X MR. JAMES SWIGGET1' MR. AND MRS. P. A. GIBSON , BN M MR. AND MRS. E. B. CROWSON S XA I 766, yi A fzvcc lp A f I ff 3 R NN QL gy-Lk Q X J KUNG T0 DI XSNI U Lg J-gym? N 'Ds I s J xsa- -Wf T r 0' 'u AU Db SA Uligp YM JE E Y Af! J 'W if 5 ' Comp l e ts Ph 239 W . 6 Sjauth a' Stree. y bil: N M! Hi on ro in T HQ, g ,f 1 . 5 - I, ' - W , RGS I 6 T,Jyyifl5Flyxl1fjE Elm M QQMP , PORAT ,ffl EM phone 8037 Phone 2-4191. 2506 South Main Street 74? North MQW High Point, North Carolina RCA VICTOV Gnd Dumont Mail Address: Color TV now on Display Route l, Randleman, North Carolina Service by Factory Trained Men ' :MLN . we rw rl' l ff BOOSTER ADS , 4 - .2 A R 1 x, -X . Q 4 if-X Xml It ' H R457 xv 01 T 6 f U, ' 'R' All Mr. and Mrs. J. B. Oliphant 'J of ,fly Rt J B11 in M ' ,A 2 kt, ' f rs. Bessie Bryan E px ' CX Mr. and Mrs H. C. Johnson ,, RQ- H Mr. and Mrs. A. T. Spaugh T . it Mr. and Mrs. W. H. Howlett -:fi u as . Mr. anckMrs. W. E. Chilton, Jr. ' gi 1' Mr. anHQNh's. C. A. Hill Xxb, -, .1 6 Mr.Nandj1M s J. R. Freeman N fi V U 3 N3 E MQ and G.W. Stone ' X it s 5 .Q ME ndm. E. R. Pace KX ' .,.. 3 D- .sty ,J MWNSBNSP raven U Qi it il Q MTS andxrs L. R. Bundy S Q Xi-C ,xaic X tif? Mr. and Mrs R. H. Carter h ' W g ' f XXX Mr. and Mrs Kalin Sheppard 'if ' L . Mr. and Mrs J. H. Leonard N 'Q st 55 5 Mr. and Mrs Doug Mashburn K CQ 3 J l N -Y es f Si N fig, 3 fig., tw fl' Mr. and Mrs S.Y. Pharr ' xg ,N TN J ' Q R' Mr. and Mrs H. W. Rutledge -- . ang mrs Alixalmer X Q , Q, , 9 fy jg L. ,X r. an rs . . owery wi fog., A Mr. and Mrs C.O. Lewis H Zliqx. ol' Q N-Q Mr. and Mrs. H.M. Sawyer Y Mr. BJ Mr. R Mr. and Mrs and Mrs. and Mrs. C.G. B. H . Robertson ' . QR W.W. Thomas Powell Page 142 MQW oqutograplw- 6 Qfawwiffdyf . ZiZf?gifiQ fQf0f'f2iMJi,if wwWw ' 4105! IWW 040160 MW vw KQMQQND Qgozffwfffyw' V5 WWI! Ha r Swan-J V101 ' i jo-LJJ, I 4?ffuaDwi.,, avi .oo-anti' .223 Ajoajl, 174, Q GLWNK. Jdfiecj' 476 f0,ff.,Q 23, L 4,9-',, pace!!! 2Q2VJCL4L,,, . 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D Qfi 1QJ9f5'.'!f f , 3 X ff gxsmtild X ff 3' jiqbjn f ., XA 2 'I f ,,Q5Q:y A 1 5 fa W Q- Cb M0411 QDAMQQQ 3 -. - B ,Q JZMQ W7 f . 4 LQ in ,f , U , ,.,V , Q? f Y.Al DZ I , , L, A UW ,5 Ov . .A f9Z'MZ 6 f ,4:w.,eJ,f4,ffLj Cgdwecw-AM-f',6f , Q41 VU' ,Cl I - jafwf rf Qcwvf. AcwQ b ,- fwfw Www wfwwqf 1 i ff? MN MWf3f,gQflZ?3,2f Zigi ,A J , ,vvfawvfwf W ,J 1 4f,f,zH..,4f.,' M41 JZ bwiEi3i9g5yQ fgggffiii BD QQW? V Ygyyff ? X f f-6,535 gpm

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