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 - Class of 1958

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ff1 K Qg3iy , WM iw NSQW A , "1'A I WX' QQ , ' q lk in wii iw Q Q 5 Y if 4 Zf.A , X A S N5 Q , 4 H faq, QQ? V , E1 Wig Qf22 -252, 39 S X 1wviY GQY 1 N W XF? N ix 'f Ng? Q - KW QQNV V Q' 775 N b, Q, S61 env Mfiw M NX wg W W ,WE 3359? WSJ sQ1,wwWwQ3 Q0 Q5 Qi i1lQ v u if V' W, U . M ' W0 7,35 W X5 Wg? 255 1 L. L ff ,V r Q bl f fel , I., f.f , c XL! A, zlfl' An 1 I -+L Lf, W f we ,, fx 5 C, fx' x X Xsa MSN . fy Q N 'B 'T' ' 2 xq X -K 'wo X h - . 3 F' ry P B KA K' 'Y -. X " f ry., ' U Y fx YXKA X Na 'N X' ' P FN 'X F ,v ,Q X K. ,kv ' 'xi :X F ix FX 53 , f . K3 TN V A P+ 2 FN X' fl VX M X, Qi ,. G Emu "'-. X -. ' - m xx xxhv A Q, rar. fn 5, ' ,Q.ik ,X " L , C.-. -,SS-ix, rs fl fi-.BQ . E 5 N 5 'ik 5-. 5,2 F, ff' 'SXB ,N , 52 -. X'--,A K ix Q , QR X T . fx. C ' iz, XC l ,v K in 'N X. ffw F, EQ W SN X X' i X fx gi E . , N1 xx N X cb.. Q YL Q 1 T" gx' fx X, M 1? Q' 2, , w Fx A 5 lx, 5, 'Xi af . , Q N 5 Q K ,V . V: K Ik f Q .N 9 5 N-X xx' "xg Q r-. 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A I V I, L I 1" 7 I' ffy v A , yr ,' f' ' f, M7 ' ' ,M ' A ' fa 'fl Ll V ji U ,YL l Q ,VI jf, 'mf ' qv f V - of f ' ' 377 3' , ' ' 4 L C XJ J. rub L X7 NVD VNV 7'f79"'ZA"'?f7 77 'XCYRY 24' 7 '7'4x NVN7' QV" FC f V f , ' , ff -XE! ' Jw' J . V W V iv f XY ' M ff wi' ' Q F ' .. . N 9 A V J J A A y Qx PN, 3 A 611 W2 f C1i",31fr-11 P lfgzff ?w"'i4 xf f .. X 'N V R ,hx I , ,, + 9 7 fb' N . ' V R, W ' X N N !,?l'Q' 'P 7? D f X ,2'j1 2p 2 pf H72 ff. '-' 1- nf q Nw' X L, . , ' ' A A N ik. 0, M CD 5 I J . N Q Q' 2737 P WV 19 TA QVXP '7f:'7f, Q? XXV fx fx N, ' 7 f,7f3"2'7'y ' I 1. MN Q91 X f w W L4 7 Q , r 4:2 IX 4 5 A ' g 1: X X ,J w TJ 15-AL if ,V?7.q JJ 7, fi, fg v X5 f I , J J , f 7 1 f 1 ,f I If ll' ff! '14 - W' if ff 5 'lf .f 'Q Qt, P I 'L' I fig' 662 fag, 6 71 M, F' I ,. V ' .. Qg ' I ' fe. U i ci .5 P, . J! Jima, 4f,L6,Q,l,K?,.s ?,Z .2 'gy V, If Us V .fjf M W1 gy 1 A if ,,yf,y,Z,3n 3 ig? , "M 'M " . ' 4 ' ll' .g.- gv,fgf2:i5'7' - Cf. V J +., I gp-'Q N f ,, ' if X rbi, if 5L4,L'Z lrl, u kiklbr, fl up Mt . ,J , .E J ef fl iff!! W mf K Z4 ' A 6 I, , , il ,Q 1 if I ,. ' wi s , v ' fv'1.m-if Lfxflfax f A P , ,V ff , , ,f QF, ' 5 get 'X X ,A, f ,J rw-1 2 k 'lql V! H 'A ,fll ' THE ALN JA HI , if + 4 XP l t Qwf gglpvcf t qtgw Q-J lf V! "AMD 4 fad WQVMB Ml lj 13 Qjiasf fr Lffl' UMM" M' If 'f J It , 1 fzifi. ,fl fxlfij ,lf I MQ AW k fff ff' 5 V 'P' Mlff AM ,mf s ,f,M,'i -gif' - 1 ,,a1"W .QM l J 'Nl W x ,Mi l Jfffflylj ' Q x lcvfwil X V01 px fb V Jbfyj K ' W N Ji kpjgjjv' Y 4 l lm " Q lv f' 1 l 'V ,lf 0 lu 7' 4 wwf rf -,J ' Q ,ia Agflyw. lf Y?" -W 6' sl to K WF .'tl,lX we fl 1? JQ 'dinf Presented by The Closs of 1958A 91,7 gijtx Allen Joy Hugh School fb . . . K' ffffrmy Hugh Polnt, North Coroltno ' 90 L. G. Cushion, Editor Ronolcl Howlett, Associote Editor A lxhfj f , " 1 ,. n 4 ,' 5 :Ma ,--f 9 , WN 5 . " 'N N I 1 QV 9' N yy X99 J A WJ cf 'HX ,X Vg 1 , EXW Q k!i'Q'j,"L1aLfbJ a MPL' XM Vx, WJ JJ KX? L ' a X i X, f A QU M V W W? BW! U1 Q M6 , X 1 1 f n .rj K J W, X .- 2 U .XJ o x X 1 V V 1 ,x, Z I 1 W N 'If A l i M , v , 'wx ' X , H , X K1 K. ca portrait of Allen Jgy Within these pages, W9 QQWGV JAY HIGH SCHOOL 41 5 CONTENTS SCHGLASTIC Administration ....... . . . .8 Faculty ..... .... I O Classes .......... . . . .Ii ACTIVITIES Organizations. . . . . . 56 Publications ..... . . .72 ATHLETICS FootbaII .... . . . . . . .76 Basketball. . . . . .82 Baseball .... .... I 93 Track .......... . . . 95 FEATURES Queens ........ . . .IOO Senior Superlatives. .... T07 Marshals ........... ..... I O6 Junior-Senior Banquet. . . . . . . T05 SERVICE Bus Drivers ............. . . H112 P. T. A. and Band Boosters ......... H4 Cafeteria Personnel and Custodians. . .IT3 Advertisements .... ........ . . .II6 l t t e for Allen Jay School, coupled with his con- lt is to a man whose untiring efforts to insure a successfu u ur tinued loyalty to, and understanding of its needs, that we the seniors dedicate our annual. May this dedication of the 1958 Aln-Ja-Hi express to our principal, MRS, A., DOYLE EARLY, some measure d' service which he has rendered. of our appreciation for the outstan ing ag Q .N C. MR. A. D, EARLY, Principal Wake Forest College--B.S. University of N.C.--M.A. MRS., C. S, KELLER, Primary Schooi Principal High Point College--A.B. Woman's Coiiege of U.N.C.--M. Ed. ADMIN! RATION ll Mm- MRS. KATHLEEN WHITE MRS. DOROTHY ROBBINS Secretary Primary School Secretary ALLEN JAYASCHOOL BOARD Left to Right: Mr. R. C. Coltrane, Mr. J. M. Thomas, Secretary, Mr. M. R. Ingram, Chairman, Mr. Hoy Yurborough, ond Mr. L. J. Summey. .h+,,, HIGH SCHOOL FACULTY ,,-.uw-1' K Q . 'fpif .4191 . ,num .452 I wifi was X .nw Y- ii, MRS. LALAH PURVIS A.B. English MR. ARDENAL HANEY B.S., M. Ed. English MISS HALLIE GILBRETH B.S., M.Ed. Business Education MR. OLIVER MOYE A.B., M.A. Social Studies MRS. MILDRED HUSSEY B.S. Mathematics MISS DOROTHY DIXON A.B. English-French MISS DORIS SMITH B.S. Science MRS. RUTH CAUSEY B.S. Home Economics MR. TOMMY YOUNTS A.B. Math-PhysicaI Education MR. JAMES SWIGGETT B.S. Social Studies-Coach MR. THEODORE PERKINS B.S.L.S., M.Ed. Librarian MR. BILL MARLOWE B.M. GIee Club-Band RONALD HOWLETT cmd PEGGY GREENE Class Presidents SENIOR OFFICERS 'wil' RICHARD HALL, MATTIE ANN ROUTH Vice Presidents JERRY DANIELS, JUDY BYRD Re porfers 'RJ MRS. LALAH PURVIS MR. ARDENAL HANEY Class Sponsors ANN BRITT, L. G. CASHION Secretaries LAVONNE BESHEARS, RAYMOND JESTER Trecsurers I HERE'S TO THE CLASS THAT NONE CAN SURPASS, WE'LL NEVER BE OUTDONE. With theirinstructor, Miss Doris Smith, the Chemistry students learn how chemicals are mixed together. -45 Z 2 2 ,. si. English IV, Completing our 4th year of English was hard but fun under the teaching of Mrs. Lalah Purvis. Miss Hallie Gilbreth, Com- mercial Teacher tu ught the proper use ofthe telephone by using the Tele-Trainer in Secretarial Office Practice. f' - M3413 ANN BRITT "Truth and virtue are the best wealth F.H.A. Club i5 4-H Club i5 F.B.L.A. Club 3,45 Class Officer 45 High Lights Staff 35City Editor 45 Aln-Ja-Hi Staff 45 Banquet Committee 35 Jamestown High School i,2. I' JU DY BR OWER "A merry heart that laughs at care.' Class Reporter 25 Perfect Attendance 25 Marshal 35 Beta Club 3, Treasurer 45 Crowell-Collier Salesmanship Award 35 F.B.L.A. Club 45 High Lights Staff 45 City Editor 4. LAVONNE BESHEARS "She has a kindly manner, a modest grace, a friendly way, and a pretty face. " BetaClub 3,45Class Treasurer 3,45 Aln-Ja-Hi Staff 45 Crowell- Collier Salesmanship Award 35 4-H Club i5 Glee Club i5 Dra- matics Club 25 Perfect Attendance i5 Homecoming Queen 4. DARRELL BLAIR "His ways are his own." Class Secretary 25 High Lights Staff 35 Hi-Y Club 25 Reporter 3, Secretary 45 Banquet Committee 35 Aln-Ja-Hi Staff 45 Crowell- Collier Salesmanship Award 35 Perfect Attendance i,2. MVN JUDY BYRD "Asmile for all, a greeting glad, a lovable iolly way she had." C lass Reporter 45 4-H Club i5 Glee Club i,2,45 F.H.A. Club i,2,35 F.B.L.A. Club 3, Reporter 45 F.T.A. Club Secretary 45 Crowell-Collier Salesmanship Award 35 Banquet Committee 3. L. G. CASHiON "Don't look at me Miss Gilbreth." Class Treasurer i,25 Class President 35 Class Secretary 45 Hi-Y Club Vice President 3,45 F.B. L.A. Club 3, Treasurer 45Editor, Aln-Ja-Hi 45 Toastmaster, Junior-Senior Banquet 35 Banquet Committee 35 Homecoming Escort 3,45. Crowell-Collier Sales- manship Award 35 Football 25 High Lights Staff 45 Dramatics Club PEGGY CHAMBERS "To any class, of any kind she'd be anacquistion, she's amiable to everyone--it's her disposition." Glee Club i5FalI Festival Queen l5F.B.L.A.Club 3, Historian 45 F.T.A. Club 3, Reporter 45 Banquet Committee 35 Home- coming Attendant 35Crowell-Collier Salesmanship Award 35 High K Lights Staff 45 Aln-Ja-Hi Staff 4. GLORIA COX 2 . ., V.. . .. :wa U, .-f:f::fz1,'seigsf2152ri V V W' i"" Wifmsiiz :Q 1:3211 risinwcgfr 1158? -'t"4Q5if:, 5-'tri-'ifftTF5W7T"m , -- -5 i1.Zi'f'efja :,,. 1,f5?f4s,141,swf3af' -'tilf,'2flWL!f2ts-'fs2..2,. M iff. 115,21 M 552 is ef"a3'ls:.:'-:. iiiiigmffw, fs2'f.2af4ezfsSz42i.ff 1,5 vs' , : t tf. 2 iw. " w ' ',1112.?az'fQ'?f Ya- 53518 E " 5 fgiffiffff 'r 1- :ITT -- ff -- 2: W1 ., J 5 fiiliii if Q 9 it . 'rf f , , --1 Eificeifl i 'mi' fl- ' a5,lfjWgitQff. .gygesfitgi It , ff b'u?lUl42" f V 'V ztzirszfl ' f " 3 'L Wifi: ' fi" ie. , w Wig, ,L 9f'i157i?ffL',f A ff' ,gif f, 55.-92.95527 mi' "lt is better not to be, than to be unhappy." ' Glee Club 45 F.B.L.A. Club 45 Crowell-Collier Salesmanship Award 3. as rttss 5 RUTH CRANFORD "Nothing is more highly valued than a good nature." Glee Club T54-H Club i,2,3,454-H Health Queen54-HAwards5 F.H.A. Club 1,25 Crowell-Collier Sa lesmanship Award 35 F.B.L.A. Club 4. JERRY DANIELS "There's a good time coming." Bus Driver l,2,3,45Class Reporter i,2,3,45 Letterman l,2,3,45 Ban q uet Committee 35 Crowell-Collier Salesmanship Award 35 F.B.L.A. Club Vice President 45Aln-Ja-Hi Staff 45 High Lights 'taff' 3,45 Perfect At te n da n c e 1,25 Monogram Club 3,45 Ad Champ 45 All County Football 4. DARLENE DEATON "A good heart is better than all the heads in the world." Beta Club 45 F.B. L.A. Club 45 DAR Award 45 Perfect Attend- ance l,3. FRANCES DU LA "A ring on the finger is worth two on the phone." 4-H Club l5 Glee Club l,2,45 F.H.A. Club i,2,35 F.B.L.A. Club 3,45 Banquet Committee 3. JERRY FOLWE LL "If life had a second edition, how would I correct the proofs?" Glee Club 35 Hi-Y Club 45 Bus Driver 3,45 Perfect Attendance i,2. TOMMY GADDY "He profits most who serves best. Hi-Y Club 2,3,45 Marshal 35 Bus Driver 3,45 Aln-Ja-Hi Staff 45 Hi-Y Treasurer 35 Crowell-Collier Salesmanship Award 3. vnu. uw ,msgs -if. 'Wi' , 4 .4 . tst ,L BETTY SUE EDWARDS i "Seldom serious, often gay, a grand sport in every way. " Basketball 2,3545 Track l,2,3,45 Softball 1,25 F.H.A. Club l, 25 Banquet Committee 35 Crowell-Collier Salesmanship Award 35 Vice President 35 Perfect Attendance l,2,3. DONALD ELDER "Conceit is one's brightest star." Hi-Y Club 35F.B. L.A.Club 35 Perfect Attendance i,2,35 Ban- quet Committee 35Class Treasurer 35 Aln-Ja-Hi Staff 45 Marshal 35 Crowell-Collier Salesmanship Award 35 Baseball 25 4-H Club l5 Letterman 3,45 Monogram Club 4. ANlTA GOUDE "Modest and sweet to all she meets." F.B.L.A. Club 35 Glee Club 45 Crowell-Collier Salesmanship Award 3. PEGGY GREENE "Good humor is the clear blue sky of the soul." Class Secretary I5 Class President 3,45 Beta Club 3, President 45 F . B. L.A. Club 45 Girls' State 35Toastmistress, Junior- Senior Banquet 35 Banquet Committee 35 Aln-Ja-Hi Staff 45 High Lights ...Suv RlCHARD HALL "Do what you can, when you can, if you can." Class Vice President l,45 Class President 25 Hi-Y Club 3,45 F.B.L.A. Club 3,45 Monogram Club 3,45 Aln-Ja-Hi Staff 45 High Lights Staff 45 Banquet Committee 35 Perfect Attendance l5 Chief Marshal 35 Debating Club Reporter 45 Letterman l,2, 3,4. PATSY HANDY "Steadfast and true, sincere and kind, she's a true friend and they are hard to find." Basketball 2, 3, 45 Track 2,3,45 Softball 1,25 F.H.A. Club 25 F.B.L.A. Club 45 Perfect Attendance i,2,35 Banquet Committee 35 Crowell-Collier Salesmanship Award 3. Staff 45 F.H.A. Club l5 Marshal 3. KATHERINE HICKS' "A little girl with a great big heart, she's always sure to do her part." Basketball l,2,3,45 F.H.A. Club T5 Banquet Committee 35 Soft- ball l,25 Track l,2,35 Aln-Ja-Hi Staff 4. KENNETH HlLL "Whatever you do, do it with all your might. " Bus Driver 3,45 4-H Club 3,4, Vice President 45 4-H Club County Winner 35 Hi-Y Club 45 High Lights Staff 35 Aln-Ja-Hi Staff 4. RONALD HOWLETT "Knowledge is power5 power is success." Class President l,45Class Vice President 35 Marshal 35 Associate Editor, Aln-Ja-Hi Staff 45 Banquet Committee 35 Boys' State Delegate 35 Glee Club l,25 Homecoming Escort 45 Track l,25 Hi-Y Club Vice President 2, President 3,45 F.B.L.A. Club 3, President 45 Beta Club 3,4, Vice President 35 Debating Club Vice President 3, President 4. ROBERT HUCKS "Give me a million beautiful girls, but give me one at a time." Glee Club 4. RAYMOND JESTER "Here's to the pilot that weathered the storm." Football l,2,3,45 Track l,25 Hi-Y Club 2,3,45 F.B.L.A. Club 3,45 Monogram Club 3,45 Class Treasurer 45 Class Secretary 3. DARRELL JOHNSON "His very foot has music in it." Band l,2,35 G-lee Club 3,45 Dramatics Club 45 Crowell-Collier Salesmanship Award 35 Hi-Y Club 45 Library Club 45 4-H Club l. RONNIE HILLIARD "What is a man if he is not a mystery High Lights Staff 35 Aln-Ja-Hi Staff 45F.B.L.A Club 4 HI Y Club 45 Banquet Committee 3. BESSIE HOPKINS "A cheerful heart, a cheerful smile, a charm of friendship all the while." Glee Club 15 Crowell-Collier Salesmanship Award 3 F B L A Club 45 Beta Club 4. LINDA INGRAM "ln her quiet and modest way, her work is done without delay Beta Club 3,45 F.B.L.A. Club 45 Marshal 35 Home Economics Award 25 Perfect Attendance 25 Crowell-Collier Salesmanship Award 3. ROBERT JACKSON "Silence is the answer of a wiseman ROBERT JOHNSON "Wine, women, and song are fatal-he gave up singing." Hi-Y Club 3,45 Basketball i,2,3, Co-Captain 45 Monogram Club President 3,4. TOMMY JOHNSON "He's a steam roller in a football uniform." F ootba ll i,2, Second-Team-All-County 3, Co-Captain, All Guil-Rand Conference 45 Basketball l,2,3,45 Baseball l,2,3, 4, All-County 35 Track 3,45 Class Officer 25 Hi-Y Club 2,3, Chaplain 45 Monogram Club 3,45 Vice President 35 Bus Driver3. KENNETH LAWSON "Bless the man who first invented sleep." Football 2,35 Hi-Y Club 2,3,45 Dramatics Club 25 Monogram Club 3,45 Library Club 45 Banquet Committee 35Crowell-Collier Salesmanship Award 3. BETTY MACON "An intellect of highest worth, a heart of purest gold." Rockingham High School i5 High Point High School 2,35 Glee Club l,35 F.H.A. Club i5 Council Representative. T5 TABClub Secreff-IVY 25 Beta Club 3,4, Secretary 45 F.B.L.A.Club 45 Homecoming Attendant 4. 'T' ANN MORGAN "Of all the ioys that I recall, being in love is the best of all." Glee Club 45 Debating Club 2,3. NANCY MORGAN "Her quietness does not make her less important." Dramatics 25 Basketball T5 Glee Club 2,4. and all." ANNIE LAURIE McCUlSTON "There was something very real and individual about her." Basketball 25 Track i,2,35 Banquet Committee 35 Crowell-- Collier Salesmanship Award 35 Aln-Ja-Hi Staff 45 F.H.A. Club I5 F.B. L.A. Club 3,45 Perfect Attendance I5 Cheerleader 2,3, 4. RICHARD OLIPHANT "Ability is a person's wealth." Crowell-Collier Salesmanship Award 35 Bus Driver 3,45 Aln-Ja- Hi Staff 45 Perfect Attendance 35 Hi-Y Club 4. BAR BARA RIC H "Although she's short and rather small, she rates hugh with one Glee Club 45 F. B. L.A. Club 45 Homecoming Attendant 2. MATTIE ANN ROUTH "Faithful, loyal and kind, a better friend you'll never find." F.H.A. Club 25 Perfect Attendance i,2,35 Banquet Committee 35 Crowell-Collier Salesmanship Award 35 Marshal 35 Hi Staff 45 Class Vice President 4. PATSY ROYAL "She's a cute, wee thing." 4-H Club I5F.H.A. Club I,2,3,45F.B.L.A. Club 3, Secretary 45 Beta Club 45 Basketball 2,3,45 Letterman 45 Head Maiorette I,2,3,45 Band Reporter 3, Vice President 45 F.T.A. Club 3, County President 45 Class Treasurer 25 Banquet Committee 35 Crowell-Collier Salesmanship Award 3. CHARLES SCHULTHEISS "I can resist anything but temptation." Hi-Y Club 2,3. "Ah! What an excuse for a man!" High Lights Staff 45 F.B.L.A. Club 45 Banquet Committee 35 Library Club I. LARRY SECHREST may "His helmet shall now make a hive forthe bees.' Football I,2,3,4, Co-Captain 45 Baseball I,3,45 Monogram C lub 3,45 Hi-Y Club 2,35 Bus Driver 2,3,45 All-County Hon- orable Mention 3. DAVID SHEFFIELD "Good health and good sense are two of Iife's greatest blessings. " Hi-Y Club 2, Chaplain 3, Treasurer 45 F.B.L.A. Club 45 Bas- ketball 2,3,45 Baseball I,2,3, Captain 45 Monogram Club Sec- '73' ski retary 3,45 Aln-.Ia-Hi Staff 45 High Lights Staff 45 Glee Club 35 Crowell-Collier Salesmanship Award 35 Bus Driver 3,45 Letter- man I,2,3,4. GEORGE SLAYDON "Something between a hindrance and a help." Hi-YClub 2, Secretary 3,45Crowell-Collier Salesmanship Award 35 Track I,2,4. a brooklet goes on forever. " Basketball 2,3,45Co-Captain4, All-County 35 Track 3,45 Soft- f ball 25 Band President 45 Librarian 45 Maiorette I,2,3,45 Glee Club'President45 F.B.L.A. Club45 High Lights Staff 45 Crowell- Collier Salesmanship Award 35 F.H.A. Club I5 Class Officer25 4-H Club I. , YVONNE WILLIARD "Never too careless, nor too sad, never too studious, always ' glad." HomecomingAttendant I5 F.H.A. Club I5 Class Officer 35 Bas- ketball I,2,3,45 F.B.L.A. Club 45 4-H Club I5 Banquet Com- mittee 35CroweII-Collier Salesmanship Award 35 Aln-Ja-Hi Staff 4. HOY YARBOROUGH "Hard to know but so well worth knowing." Hi-Y Club 3,45 Bus Driver 2,3,45 Glee Club I,2,3, Secretary 45Crowell-Collier SaIesmanshipAward 35 High Lights Staff 3,45 Aln-Ja-Hi Staff 4. 5 E 3 EDWIN SECHREST ' 3 if ii as 1 E i GEORGE SUITS at ,Q "I came, I saw, and I eventually conquered." is ALDEAN TOLBERT i "Good-natured and generous, jolly and clever, her tongue like Q JERRY YORK "Better to get up late and be wide awake than to get up early and be asleep all clay. " HI-Y Club 35 F.B.L.A. Club 45 Basketball 2,35 Band l,2g Hi Lighfs Staff 4. MASCCTS , ,X , ROBIN BLACKWELDER and MICHAEL DANIELS VALEDICTORIAN 353' 't:':"'rx9' SALUTATORIAN RONALD HOWLETT RICHARD HALL A4 .. -I, ,gf ,. A .ww- qfys., A D. A. R. AWARD DARLENE DEATON CLASS HISTORY When you look ataportrait you immediately think of its history, so it is only fitting that we stop for a moment here to tell the history of the class of 1958, which has done its best to improve and paint the portrait of Allen Jay even brighter. In the early part of September 1954, seventy-three energetic, confused, and excited Freshmen launched what was to be the most happy and interesting times of their lives--their high school careers. Not knowing exactly what we were doing, we somehow managed to arrange our schedule and meet our classes. The class was under the supervision of Mrs. Ruth Causey and Mr. O. E. Moye. Those chosen to lead us through our first rocky year of high school were:Ronald Howlett and Jean Ann Mitchell as Presidents,Richard Hall, Vice President, Robert Smith and Peggy Greene, Secretaries, L. G. Cashion and Doris Bundy, Treasurers, and Jerry Daniels and Joyce Spencer, Reporters. With our Freshman year behind us, we returned in the fall of T955 as full-fledged members of the school. Ahl how good the name "Sophomore" sounded. We were placed under the leadership of Mrs. Mildred Hussey and Miss Hulda Chilton. Our new officers were: Richard Hall and Jean Ann Mitchell as Presidents, Tommy Johnson and Aldean Tolbert, Vice Presidents, Darrell Blair and Barbara Varner, Secretaries, L. G. Cashion and Patsy Royal, Treasurers, and Jerry Daniels and Judy Brower, Reporters. We returned the next year as ioyous Juniors, ready for the great events which we knew were in store for us. With the gui dance of Miss Hallie Gilbreth and Mr. O. E. Moye, we got down to business by electing a new slate of officers, who were L. G. Cashion and Peggy Greene as Presidents, Ronald Howlett and Betty Sue Edwards, Vice Presidents, Ray Jester and Yvonne Willard, Secretaries, Donald Elder and Lavonne Beshears, Treasurers, and Jerry Daniels and Linda Ridge, Reporters. In the latter part of September, we left on what was to be one of the most memorable events of our lives-- the Washington Trip. With Miss Gilbreth and Mr. Moye serving as chaperons, we experienced an event which will live forever in the memories of all of us. In January we placed the orders for our class rings. Although it seemed a life-time, the day finally arrived in April when Mr. Early called us into the auditorium and gave usour rings. This made us feel like genuine upper- classmen. We now faced the planning of the Junior-Senior Banquet which was held at the Starmount Forest Country Club in Greensboro, North Carolina, the theme of this all important event was, "Garden of Friendship," with L. G. Cashion and Peggy Greene serving as toastmaster and toastmistress. The people chosen for Marshalswere Richard Hall, Chief, Peggy Greene, Tommy Gaddy, Judy Brower, Donald Elder, Mattie Ann Routh, Ronald Howlett, and Linda lngram. The seniors of T957 graduated. lt was hard to realize that in only the short three months of vacation, we would be ready to return to school as dignified seniors. The vacation seemed as though it were only a day and we were back for our final fling at school. The Senior Class was divided for the first time in the history of the school, with Mrs. Lalah Purvis advising the girls and Mr. Ardenal Haney, the boys. We began the year by electing our final slate of officers, which were: Presidents, Ronald Howlett and Peggy Greene,Vice Presidents, Richard Hall and Mattie Ann Routh, Secretaries, L. G.Cashion and Ann Britt, Treasurers, Ray Jester and Lavonne Beshears, Reporters, Jerry Daniels and Judy Byrd. The main proiects of the year were the presentation of the Senior Play and the production of the Annual. Darlene Deaton was chosen for the DAR Award. With the presentation of diplomas, our history at Allen Jay will be finished, and we will step forward to take what life holds in store for us. Words of appreciation for the supreme and helpful guidance and encouragement of the faculty cannot be ex- pressed. We can only say, truly and sincerely, that we appreciate all that they have done to prepare us for the life ahead. RICHARD H. HALL Zia 'N it BABY PICTURES 1. Lavonne Beshears 2. Darrell Blair 3. Ann Britt 4. Judy Brower 5. Judy Byrd 6. L. G. Cashion 7. Gloria Cox 8. Ruth Cranford 9. Jerry Daniels 10. Frances Dula 11. Betty Sue Edwards 12. Donald Elder 13. Jerry Folwell 14. Anita Goude 15. Peggy Greene 16. Richard Hall 17. Patsy Handy 18. Kat Hicks 19. Kenneth Hill 20. Ronnie Hilliard 21. Bessie Hopkins 22. Ronald Howlett 23. Robert Jackson 24. Raymond Jester 25. Robert Johnson 26. Kenneth Lawson 27. Betty Macon 28. Nancy Morgan 29. Annie Laurie McC uiston 30. Richard Oliphant 31. Barbara Rich 32. Mattie Ann Routh 33. Patsy Royal 34. Larry Sechrest 35. David Sheffield 36. George Suits 37. Aldean Tolbert 38. Hoy Yarborough 39. Jerry York. ...M-W-Wwmm ,...-,...MM,,,..,X.,- NM.. LINDA SHEPPARD and KENNETH CRAVEN Class Presidents Q T' KATHLEEN WALL, RANDY COCHRANE Vice Presidents JUNIOR OFFICERS ELDA ROBERTSON, JIMMY MARTIN Reporters BRENDA MOWERY, JOE SKEEN MISS HALLIE GILBRETH Treosurers MR. O. E. MOYE Class Sponsors PEGGY LEONARD, CARL ROUTH Secretaries Juniors fake Typing I in preparation for busi- ness work or for their own personal use. www YLQLSTH we f: ss n ,...q-rm Juniors in American History enioyfheir discussion periods with Mr. Moye. The trip to Washington makes This class even more enjoyable. Ju niors who plan to enter Col lege lake French lln preparation for College en trance. 4""'l'-A JERRY ANDREWS REBECCA BEANE PHYLLIS BISHOP DOROTHY BREWER MILLIE BRYAN RONNIE BUNDY ANDREW CARTER DAVID CHILTON KENNETH CRAVEN GLENDA DRYE BUDDY FREEMAN DOROTHY GAMMONS BILLY HICKS ALLEN HILL JUDY HOWLETT GLENN JOHNSON PATRICIA JOHNSON BEAUFORD KENNEDY CAROL LAWSON PEGGY LEONARD JIMMY MARTIN BARBARA MASHBURN BRENDA MOWERY SHIRLEY OLIPHANT ODELL PACE JERRY PALMER ANN PHARR PATRICIA POWELL ANN RATLEDGE CLYDE ROBERTSON A -aww-si Ev pus-an "N" 1055 ,,.....-vm" ...- ,rwm ELDA ROBERTSON CARL ROUTH JUDY SAWYER LINDA SHEPPARD GARY SHORE JOE SKEEN LINDA SPAUGH ROBERT STONE JOHN WAYNE THOMAS KAT WALL LEVINIA WHITE S iits w A ':'. I if - 1'. f ',1. fri' 'Zi gk fists. g f ,. lifjs Lf if f ,J , ,H 3 ft -II i ,N 5? WASHINGTON TRIP - T957 4' sweety, F? we-ng Front Row, Seated, Left to Right: Jimmy Martin, Kenneth Craven, David Chilton, Allen Hill, Carl Routh, Jerry Andrews, Andrew Carter, Odell Pace, Billy Hicks, Clyde Robertson, Buddy Freeman, Randy Cochrane. Second Row, Seated: Pat Powell, Phyllis Bishop, Ann Ratledge, Peggy Leonard, Rebecca Beane, Levinia White, Judy Howlett, Linda Spaugh. Standing: Third Row: Ronnie Bundy, Joe Skeen, John Wayne Thomas, Kathleen Wall, Elda Robertson, Dot Brewer, Brenda Mowery,Mr. Clarence Stringer, Miss Hallie Gilbreth, Mr. O. E. Moye, Shirley Oliphant, Pat Johnson, Linda Sheppard, Barbara Mashburn, Glenda Drye, Glenn Johnson, Jerry Palmer. ' ,fyllfl 'X new 1 i WASHINGTON TRIP - 1957 ,Q W rig. W- WMWW by --fn Lf.-, .-4, . H Www L, J, ill my QQ f gf da ' 9 'ff V, V:?3i?fi glAY8fqQQAJ ' M "' 'O I A U' ,I 4 DOROTHY JACKSON cmd WAYNE BUNDY Class Presidents rig if I SOPHOMORE OFFICERS 5 In we ff' ANN RIDGE, KELLY CARTER Vice Presidents J' J' ,....,.3 MARY ANN CRAVEN, KENNETH MOOD Secretory-Treosurers MRS. MILDRED HUSSEY MISS DOROTHY DIXON Class Spongorg FAYE MCCUISTON Social Chairman elf: JEANETTE FOSTER, JESSE LEWALLEN I I wtggmf I W? . Reporters --ii 7' 1 f I J ne year of math but stilla little rusty, st one more year and we won't be quite dusty. Explaining work on the board is a routine job in this math class. SOPHOIVIORE ACTIVITIES Q I Sophomores work hard to learn J the correct use of grammar. 'fy IQ- They prepare, they cook, and still have time to eat. As Mrs. Ruth Causey, instructor, looks on, the girls enioy eat- ing the meal that they pre- pared, as well as using their table manners. 'Vw YD'- 'Un 'Nvi- ,ir 'W BILLY ARNOLD LINDA BARNES JOHNNY BLACKWELL JERRY BOYLES WAYNE BREWER LARRY BROOKBANK LARRY BUNDY REBA BUNDY TOMMY BUNDY WAYNE BUNDY EDDIE CARTER FERN CARTER KELLY CARTER WALLACE CATES X BILLY COLTRANE I I BOBBY CRAYEN I MARY ANN CRAVENI RICHARD CROSS ' GAYLE CROWSON MACK DEATON BONNIE DeHART WAYNE DENNIS FRANCES DOBBINS VERNA RUTH DOBBIN PAMELA ECHOLS DAVID EDDINS DIANNE ELDER JEANETTE FOSTER BARBARA FRANKLIN JOE GADDY ROBERT GREGG JUDY GRAY WESLEY HANKINS DENNIS HILL JOE HOOVER MYRTLE HOPKINS CHARLES HOWARD DIANA HUTCHENS DOT JACKSON BARBARA JOHNSON MICHAEL JOHNSON RONALD JOHNSON SUSIE JOHNSON ROGER KIVETT EDWIN LAWSON JESSE LEWALLEN ARNOLD LOFLIN LINDA LOHR JANIE MABE KENNETH MOODY NANCY MORGAN FAYE MCCUISTON CAROL NUNN BRENDA PIERCE ,n-4015 FIV fy 4 M.. 4, 'hui' .1- -all' 'vm A- E ,I I 70 'iz E.AJ 'M' 'PT TES" .. ,ii if Wada- 1 an M .v- 'V WS., I ,Q ffm f .- ' . wr vi, 110' gg? , , V L, A , f SHERMAN POPE BRANSON REDDING ANN RIDGE BRENDA SHACKLEFORE JAMES SHELTON BETTY JO SILVEY ANN SIMPSON VOY SKEEN PATTY SLAYDON EVA MAE SMITH LIBBY SMITH PATRICIA SMITH I VANCE SMITH ELIZABETH THAYER BRENDA TUCKER I MERRILL TLITTLE DOUGLAS VAUGHN EUGENE WALL MARTHA WALLACE LINDA WARD 1 LOUISE WHITE VIRGINIA WHITE ' JAMES WHITESELL J. W. WILSON WILBUR WINSLOW I l '23 AM .r- lQ KENNETH TRODGEN and JOYCE MASHBURN Class Presidents I .- 'z' "" S' E . - 25 ,fs :wr I f 4 fl I3 MM V 32 ., I gt MT- ' "" 'fiiiiffv frws, I' X ssss V 1 -,,,,qw-vwiigi A , , AA rsst "H-..,.. .... I pfaw. 1 A k , I si .V" I A N '- TT is-lf" S4 233 I ,ws-sb 5 I F V, , I CHARLES ADAMS, BRENDA BULLA Vice Presidents STEVE BURCHFIELD, BURMA HANDY Reporters ",' , IAN. In I E I T Q? b K V ., , I I E 4 ,,. Q I Sq A - r MISS DORIS SMITH MRS. RUTH CAUSEY Advisors , L FRESHMAN OFFICERS JUDY FOSTER, LARRY BOYLES Secretaries MARGARET LOMAX, DANNY OVERCASI' Treusurers I I I ,:,2,5,.?swaw t ,wwf ' I Wm t axes.. P- sf Vlastering the fundamentals of math is the oroblem this math class is solving. Mrs. virldred Hussey hands toa student a problem to solve . All Freshman boysenioy their first period class of Physical Education. FRESHMAN ACTIVLTIES 4 tm... Future Homemakers is the titlethese busy girls are work- ing toward. With the help of their instructor, Mrs. Ruth Causey, they are working ha rd to broaden their skills of homemaking. CHARLES ADAMS LARRY ANDERSON BILLY ANDREWS BOBBY BEESON NANCY BEESON JOAN BESHEARS LARRY BOYLES DICKIE BRIDGEMAN DARRELL BRITT MARY BROWER MARVIN BROWN WAYNE BROWN FREDA BRYSON BRENDA BULLA STEVE BURCHFIELD STARLET CARTER RONNIE CHILTON ROGER COBLE DALLAS COX LOUISE COX LEONARD CRANFORD DORCUS CRUTHIS DIANE DRUMMOND JERRY DUNLAP PORTIA EDWARDS JUDY ELLINGTON LONNIE FERRELL KENNETH FERRELL MARY ELLEN FIELDS JUDY FOSTER JOANNA FRAZIER BECKY FRAZIER CHARLES GATES REBECCA GILES GARY HAITHCOCK BURMA HANDY DOUGLAS HARDING MARY HENDRICKS NANCY HILL SIDNEY HILL KAYE HILTON JIMMY HODGE JUDY HOOKER GLENDA HOPKINS JOE HOWLETT NANCY IJAMES BILLY JACKSON JERRY JACKSON JOSEPHINE JACOBS BILL JARRETT DAVID ALLEN JOHNSON SANDRA KENNEDY ROGER LAX RICHARD LEONARD BRENDA LEWALLEN MARGARET LOMAX LINDO LUTHER JOYCE MASHBURN BRENDA MAULDIN LAWRENCE McCALL WILLIAM MCWHIRTER CAROL MEREDITH NANCY MEREDITH DORIS MOON ANN MORRIS KENNETH MYERS JERRY ODELL DANNY OVERCASH SAMMY OWENS MARTHA PEARCE A-mf ""'0lI' R 'iii - I j?1'1,V LARRY POOLE WILLIAM QUEEN WENDELL RIDGE WAYNE ROACH CHRISTINE ROUTH JANE ROYAL GAYLE RUSS MARY SAFERIGHT GLENN SHACKLEFORD JERRY SHACKLEFORD ROBERT SHELTON BETSY SHEPPARD WAYNE SKEEN BRENDA SNIDER LINDA STAFFORD BECKY STEELMAN RAYMOND STONE BILLY TALBERT PHILLIP TAYLOR AMOS THREADGILL KENNETH TROGDEN BRENDA VARNER JANICE VONCANNON BRENDA WALDEN JUDY WALKER JUDY WALL GINGER WATSON JOAN WELBORN HARTWELL WHITE JERRY YARBOROUGH PATSY YATES BRAN NON YOU NG ELEMENTARY FACULTY St fe Sqe, I Q , Sgwii? We .I i' I f-iii. 'Il S WR, Q RQESLREAS , :Qffmz - , L S I R R 1 I wgkt' 6' S 1555 ...S A A 'Hur - ,jf gg, 'aw 7 ,R il MR. PAUL BARNES Coach Eighth Grade MRS. MARTHA HART Eighth Grade MISS BETTY JEAN BARR Eighth Grade MISS MARY ANN SIDE Seventh and Eighth Gra MRS. ELSIE TAYLOR Seventh Grade MR. TOM PAYNE Seventh Grade MRS. WAUNELLE TERF Seventh Grade Typing MRS. NORMA TYNEI Sixth Grade MRS. BLANCHE JARV Sixth Grade MRS. MARY BOWDEP Sixth Grade MRS. JUANITA EARL Fifth Grade MISS SARAH OSBORT Fifth Grade MRS. RUTH SCOTT Fourth Grade MRS. RUBY BISSETT Fourth Grade MRS. CORA BRILES Fourth Grade MRS. BESSIE THIGPE Fourth Grade MRS. LULA LEWIS! Fourth Grade MRS. JUANITA JOHN Third and Fourth Gra MRS. BILLIE OWEN Third Grade MRS. ROSALEE LYO Third Grade MRS. MARJORIE YOU Third Grade MRS. LEILA VORISI Second Grade L MISS CAROLEE CAUD Second Grade I MRS. C. S. KELLER Primary Principal Second Grade MISS ROSEMARY BAR!" Second Grade MRS. GERTRUDE MCLL First Grade MRS. NANCY CRISSM First Grade MRS. MARY ROBERTSC First Grade MISS MARY FEENEY First Grade I A o o Vqzlg E : ...M MRS. FRANCES MAE 1 itt Q Music 7 eiit A "i A 5 MRS. MARGARET GLADS i,. , fe d ii - Librarian gf ,. .: 3 , 2 5 MRS. LOUISE BARRIE Special Education IN MEMORY OF A CLASSMATE 4692? E 1 E X E ' ,M GENE EDWARDS February 17, 1943-September 26, 1957. "TQ We m PWQGVTS we IQQVQ behirwd is mm To dief E Campbell E WY 1 .ff RP' B I Q ,l f v M - TL A A 'sg '!7.'.kij k'V- ,W Qkrify E'i.fa.L 1- 6211! 5 N2 SA A fl Sf? I ,, Y ' A J' 7 JMLQQEY ' A LJ' J, 'MIS ' I I SI? ffefifififszie .N- EIGHTH GRADE FAYE ALLRED MARY ANDERSON BILLY ASBILL MARY BLAKELY JUDY BRITT LARRY BROCK ROGER BROWER BILL BRYAN JIMMY BRYAN MACK BUCHANNAN MARIE BUNDY FREDDIE BYRD LYNDON BYRUM ALVIS CAMPBELL HAROLD CLODFELTER IRENE COLTRANE JERRY COLTRANE DENNIS COLE WESLEYCOX WILLIS COX RAEFORD CRANEORD ROGER CRAVEN GENE DeHART ORVILLE DILLS JUDY DOBBINS RICHARD DOBBINS JAMES DUNLAP RONNY EFIRD JEANETTE ELDER SONJA ELKS TOMMIE ELLINGTON WALTER ETHERIDGE TED FALLENSTEIN MICHAEL FARABEE DAVID FRENCH CHARLES GARRETT FRANK GIBSON NORA GIBSON ILA JEAN GOUDE SHEILA GRIFFIN FARRELL HANDY SANDRA HASSELL LINDA HAUSER JOHNNY HAWKS ROGER HELMSTETLER LYDIA HENDRICKS LEON HILL FAYE HOFFNER RONNIE HOOVER REECE JESSUP REX JESSUP , TED JOHNSON MAEFOL JUMP DELON KINCAID JUDY KIVETT CHERYL LASSITER LARRY LEONARD LUCILLE LEONARD LINDA LEWALLEN GARY LOCK HART LUTITIA LUTHER CAROL MACON DEAN MACON JEFFERY MANN RONNY MANN PAT MELTON LOUISE MEREDITH REVA MOODY LARRY MORGAN HAL MOSLEY LARRY MCCALL BRENDA MCDANIELS BECKY MCGEE EUGENE McNABB EDNA PALMER CAROL RATLEDGE ROLAND RICH LARRY ROBBINS ANN SHACKLEFORD BARBARA SHELTON RONNIE SHEPPARD SUE SKEEN MIKE SLAYDON DENTON SMITH NEAL SMITH EUGENE SPAIN RANDY SPENCER CAROL STEVENSON LINDA STUTTS PHILLIP STYRON JAMES SYKES MILDRED THAYER BETTY THREADGILL GARY TROTTER BETTY T-UCICER RONNIE TUCKER JESSE TYNDALL SUE WELCH PHYLLIS WHISNANT RONNIE YOUNTS SEVENTH GRADE MICKEY ASBILL EDITH BARNES KATHRYN BARNES RHONDA BARNES LARRY BEESON GARETH BESHEARS MARIE BLAKELY BEVERLY BROOK BANK JIMMY BROOKS BILLY BROWN TRENE BRYSON JERRY BUNDY JANE BURTON JACKSON LEE BYRD JTMMv BYRD THOMAS DEE BYRD KENNETH CAMPBELL RUBY CAMPBELL JERRY CECIL PATSY CLODFELTER DAVID COLE BRENDA COLTRANE JOYCE COLTRANE NANCY COWAN BOBBY COX CLINTON COX JOHNNY CRAVEN JIMMY DAVIS LAWSON DEATON SHIRLEY DIGGS NATHAN DOBBINS MICHAEL DRAKE RONNIE DRYE BUTCH EAST WILLIARD ELLINGTON LEO FARABEE MARY FRENCH Y TERRY GARNER JANIE GIBSON MARLENE GODWIN FRANKIE GREENE RANDY HAITHCOCK FREDDIE HALL RAY DELL HANKINS CAROL HEPLER PATSY HICKS BETTY HILL CHARLES HOLLAND EDDIE JACKSON JOHNNY JACOBS HARVEY JARRETT BOYD JOHNSON PAUL JOHNSON ROY JOHNSON VERONICA JONES JANICE KENNEDY THELMA KEY LINDA KINLEY DANNY KIRKMAN ROGER LAMB PATRICIA LAMBETH GLENDA LEWALLEN TOMMY LYNCH BARBARA MACON BARBARA MEDEORD RICHARD MORRIS RANDY MORROW VERNA MCCLAY N. J. MCCUISTON DINA MCPHERSON CLARENCE Mc'-NHIRTER JOE OVERCASH CARLTON PRIDGEN JO ANN PUCKETT DWIGHT RICH JOSEPHINE RILEY GILBERT SCOTT BOBBY SHEPPARD DWIGHT SMITH JOYCE SMITH JERRY SNIDER DAVID STANFIELD NANCY STRADER ROGER STONE VIRGIE STONE LARRY THOMAS CAROL THOMPSON CALVIN WARD EARL WARD DONNA WHEAT EDDIE WHITE LINDA WHITT GENE WHISNANT ROGER WILSON DAVID WINSLOW GWEN WRIGHT JO ANN YARBOROUGH CALVIN YATES .L .- . ,.fL.2wA Em: L Tmfff 5 L L, . A gg JL-, ' 1 . :A ng mi Stiff 4 -s Jaffa f ' 'T W, f,f,'1w'f"9 T ff ,L - .A my , r T A , If is-Jaw , . .wif jrwbqj ,-ai : K? ff' 'V A Thief! T 2 fd A I 3 "' if 1 5 V ' L '7"' we qi. . J ya, A ., fi .J ef 'Y -5 I! in 3. A. Lg' ,UQ 5 E.B' E 5' fi 'Q g I' U 542 551115 I l TT JJJJ f , ' Cf T 4- A 2+ ,, LS I: Lhifilm uh! Sikyffiwf 1L L,'e85v Lf Af, Sf, f Asif 'S .5 , 'W 'wr ,gg if ,R ATI?" if I -V pl Q It ff' . ,L 35,13 M at Aj M , ,P I V . in 'J :V 'ug f' Ts JST-'W AFRO fy WAI' .Aff V V 'AI A: ,,,. f-G-Q: 2- 2' I ' I fs, A . ,Lf f L , I 55: 'z 'f"' ig ' E:x-2 , E v ' ig A J, ,af 3 .- S3 J Jfaph' " mkixiab ' E' 2 .E" A. TW ' , H 'H I Q " ,S P1 Snag EO ELTJ WW-,L TJTT J 4-Af?g,U REEF' SLA I E'-. L',L, I f T' 5 T 5, aw, . I H I 'R'T A A N' -2-' ,J 1 Af J , 2 Q f EW n "' W V2 I I 'Y T f. " ' " J, " A 153, x 5335 ., , if A vi-j I .' K gh! I 6 :V f J' , V l .M g,fxX 2 HR I 5322 9 I 1 Rf K igfmwz , ,Q H I isf ' RF A-I. I, MD.. W1 A 'X 5 f -". Lf ., 7 fl. I Finn my e x-vf Alf I QI fn N ima Qs SIXTH GRADE ROGER BLACKWELL FAYE BLAIR BRENDA BREWER JUDY BRYANT DORIS BURTON SANDY CARMICHAEL LARRY CARTER JEANETTE CARTER PATSY CECIL REBECCA COX DOTTY CROSS LAYMAN CRUTHIS BERTHA DAVIS JOYCE DENNIS PAUL DICKENS SUZANNE DRAUGHN ROBERT DUKE SHIRLEY ELLINGTON JANICE ETHERIDGE FREDDIE FARABEE WAYNE FLOYD SHARON FRAZIER JANICE FREEMAN DOUGLAS GORDON RANDELL HALSEY BUTCH HANSON DONALD HELMS RONALD HELMS RAYMOND HEPLER BILLY HILL CAROLYN HILL JOANN HILLIARD PATSY HINES JERRY HAUSER WANDA HOWLETT LINDA HUCKS JANET HUFFMAN JACKIE HUTCHINS SANDRA HUTCHINS SHARON JACKSON BRENDA JONES KENNETH JONES LEE JONES MARY JONES WAYNE JONES BETTY KINLEY KAY LANCE BILLY MACON MYRON MAHAFFEY STANLEY MANN RONNIE MASON JANIE MAULDIN DICKIE MEDLIN FRED MEREDITH JIMMY MILIKAN BILLY Jos MINOR GERALDINE MOODY JAMES MOORE BRENDA MORAN BOBBY MORGAN TEDDY MORRIS LARRY MOSLEY DAVID MOWERY KEVIN McCLAY JOYCE McDOWELL JUDY McMAHAN JEWEL MCWHIRTER BILLY NELSON FAYE PEEBLES SHARON PEELE GEORGE PENDERGRAPH VON POWELL DALE QUEEN JUDY QUEEN BILLY REAGAN JERI ANN REAVES NANCY REYNOLDS ALTON RILEY DANNY ROGERS SHIRLEY ROUTH DONNIE SAFERIGHT BRENDA SHEFFIELD LINDA SHEFFIELD MIKE SHOAF EDDIESHORE CLAYTON SMITH VIVIAN SNIDER BUTCH STALLINGS JUDY STEELMAN DONALD STONE RAY STONE BARBARA THAYER JETTY TUTTLE MICKIE TUTTLE PEG GY TYNDALL H. A. VARNER PEGGY VUNCANNON JIMMY WALDEN RICHARD WARD CHUCK WILLIAMS TERRY YOUNG . FIFTH GRADE VICKIE ANDERSON ROLAND ANDREWS DONALD ARNOLD RANDALL ASHBURN LARRY BARNES GLENDA SUE BECK J. C. BEESON SHERRY BEESON SYLVIA BEESON .WILMA JO BELL DOREEN BESHEARS PHILLIP BLACK ALICE BROOKS RANDALL BROOKS BRENDA BROOKBANK MONTINE BRYAN BRENDA BRYSON JIMMY BUNDY BILLY BURCHFIELD GMY COLE LARRY COLE GENE COLTRANE STEVE COLTRANE RANDALL CATHRAN MICKEY COWAN JENELLE CRAVEN MARY ANN CRAVEN DAVID DEATON ELLEN DeHART BARBARA DICKENS JUDY DRUMMOND CHARLES EASTER JIMMY EVERHART LARRY EERGUSON DARRELL EOLWELL BETTY GARRETT RALPH GIBSON CHARLES GOINS CLARENCE HALEY ROGER HALSEY PAMELA HELMS VIOLET HICKS PEGGY HILL DAVID HILLIARD RUTH ANN HODGE MICHAEL HOOKER HERMAN HUCKS PAULINE HUEEMAN MICHAEL HURLEY JIMMY HLJTCHINS ROGER INGRAM BARBARA JACKSON DIANA JESTER DIANE JOHNSON SHARON JOHNSON CAROL JONES PAT JONES PATRICIA KESTLER PATRICIA KEY DAVID KINLEY WAYNE KINLEY DELORES KNIGHT MARSHALL LASSITER CLARENCE LEONARD LEROY LEONARD JAMES LOCKHART WANDA LOFLIN LINDA LOVE DARRELL MACON DANNY MANN KEITH MANN ROBERT MEDEORD JAMES MEDLIN DETTE MELTON BARBARA MEREDITH DONNA MEREDITH LINDA MEREDITH MARGARET MICKEY JERRY MOBLEY BRENDA MOODY GERALD MOODY JIMMY MORRIS BILLY MORROW DONALD MORTON GARY MORTON BOBBY MYRICK JENNY McGEE SARAH PEARCE CAROLYN PERRY NILA PHILLIPS TICE PHILLIPS JERRY QUEEN JAMES REAVES SYLVIA ROBBINS HILDA ROSS C. W, ROUTH BARRY RUSH STEPHEN SHIJLL RAY SHACKLEEORD STEVE SHACKLEFORD KAREN SHELTON BARBARA SHEPPARD JIMMY SMITH DONALD SPAIN STEVEN STALEY JUDY STANEIELD SHARON STOVER JERRY TREXLER STEVE TUTTLE FONDA TYSINGER WAYNE VUNCANNON GAIL WARD JIMMY WARD CAROL WATSON RODNEY WELBORN ROGER WELCH KENNETH WHEAT BRUCE WHITE .JIMMY WHITE LARRY WILLIARD VICKIE WILLIAMS JIMMY WILSON CAROLYN WITCHER BURNICE WRIGHT BARRY ZACHARY 6? 5. " WIS: 15 -"V, ?'A A E- ' M! F 'Eu . fil.. ,, IC! , iw I , A P 2 , is ' , R . ' f , if A vi Pi ' I I, 'I', 6 2 'ET, , .,,E., Q 1, -A --f .,,X, W1 A ,,I.Qfg 3 Q " K j 'H - -A ' WF ,VL V 'RJ 5 - A - .R , A MAF Id I I I A I 'N U' - , I-I R ., K 3 A , . ,- gl , V , V A K V AL L K, I.. 1 ,J .. - J W , 'Q .. W, 2 E , -. ,, if ' .L ,f ,A " I SWS 7 . , ' Y 'J Bi IIaiil'iS.gmX A . f A as 1f'i-"B 'f' Aff' ,,,, K H, z . . Q PW f' M F3 NL! A Ia I " ' 1 N I' 5 in M ff f A 5 T M' S' n F' S' ,v 'S' "Mix 5, 1 A . 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I g I, H I 1 FOURTH GRADE MARTIN ADAMS JOY ALLRED SHIRLEY ANDREWS DOLLY ANDREWS ROSEMARY BARNES ROBBY BENSON LINDA BISHOP STEVE BREWER PHYLLIS BRIDGEMAN VIRGINIA BROCK SANDY IROOKBANK CAROLYN BROWN ROGER BRYANT DONNA SUE BLINDY LARRY BYERS ARNOLD CARTER DANNY CARMICHAEL BEVERLY CHAMBERS CAROL CLINARD DAVID COCHRANE RANDY COLLINS CHARLES CORRIDORI ALICE COX MARIE COX RANDY COX TOMMY CROWSON GARY DAVIS MARY DINGLER CHARLES DIXON SHERRY DRUMMOND TIMMY DUNBAR SANDRA FLOYD RICKIE FRAZIER HAROLD GARRETT JEANETTE GARRETT BRUCE GARNER ROGER GARNER FRANK GILES LINDA SUE GULLEDGE DEWEY HAZELWOOD SARAH HENDRICKS BECKY HEPLER REBECCA HIGHFILL TONY HILL TERESA HESLIN HAROLD HUCKS DALE HUFFMAN RANDALL HUNSUCKER BOBBY JENKINS EDDIE JOHNSON HERBERT JOHNSON RITA KAY JOHNSON EDWIN JONES MALDIA KELLER LINDA KENNEDY THEDA KENNEDY LOUISE KINCAID PRISCILLA KINLEY REBECCA LAMB SUSAN LAMBETH RONNIE LANIER BRENDA LASSITER LARRY LAWSON LYNNA LEWALLEN BUDDY LEWIS DAVID MABE JUDY MACEMORE JERRY MITCHELL DAVID MORTEN BRUCE MOSELY BOBBIE McDOWELL CANDY McI.AMB NANCY Mc NABB BILLY McRAE DWIGHT NELSON LARRY NUNN LANE OLDHAM MARTHA PALMER CECIL PEGRAM FAYE PUCKETT GAIL RATLEDGE LYNN REAGAN BRENDA REDDICK LINDA REDDICK KATHY REDDING JOYCE RICH AUBREY RILEY BRENDA ROACH LARRY ROACH ROSE RODDEN GENE ROUTH EVA ANN RUSSELL JO SIMPSON RONNY SISK JERRY SMITH RANDY SMITH PATRICIA SOUTHARD VICKY STALEY BOBBY STANLEY JUDY STROUD LINDA rzriosn. woonv THOMAS snmev THOMPSON MARY THKEADGILL Mme TILLEY RULINE mem GLENN TYSINGER ALBERT WALKER ANN WARD Jos WARD LARRY WIDE NER GARDIA WRIGHT JOHN YATES GARY ZACHARY THI RD GRADE LINDA ADAMS JERRY ALLEN DOYLE ALEXANDER MICKEY BODENHEIMER RICKY BREWER HAROLD BRIGGS DALE BRITT JAMES BROCK JOAN BROOKS MIKE BULLARD LIBBY BYERS DOUGLAS BYRD KATHY CARMICHAEL BRENDA CARTER JUDY CARTER RALPH CHILDERS WADE CLODFELTER BOBBY COLE BARRY COLLINS BECKY COLTRANE PERRY COLTRANE BRENDA COX JIMMY COX MICHAEL COX RONNIE COX DALLAS CRAVEN PEGGY CRAVEN FRANCENE CRUTHIS CLARA DILLS VICKIE DOBBINS JUDY DRAKE DAVID DUKE LINDA EADS CHRISTINE ETHERIDGE DIANE FARLOW BARBARA FLOWE STEVE FORREST CATHY FOSTER BRENDA FRAZIER CAROLYN GARNER PHILLIP GARNER RUTH GARRETT SHARON GARRETT CAROLYN GOODIN BRENDA GRAY LARRY GRAY WORTH GRAY TOMMY HALL CLAY HAYNES DAVID HICKS RHONDA HIGHFILL CALVIN HILL SHIRLEY HILL BEVERLY HUTCHINS NANCY JACKSON CAROL JESTER CHERYL JONES RONNIE JUSTICE LINDA KENNEDY WANDA KENNEDY JERITTA KESTLER MARY KESTLER JAMES KEY PATSY KINCAID CHARLES KIVETT ROGER LACKEY RICHARD LASSITER CAROL LEONARD DIANE MANN BEVERLY MARTIN BARBARA MAULDIN MARSHA MEARS DWIGHT MEREDITH ROY MILLER CANDAEE MILLS ARTHUR MOORE DIANE MORRIS JANE MORROW RANDY MYRICK SANDRA MYRICK GAIL McCLAY MARTHA McDANIEL CLAUDIA McKINNEY PAULETTE MCWHIRTER SHEILA PASSMORE JOANNE PERRYMAN KENNETH PHILLIPS JIMMY PHILLIPS LEONARD PHILLIPS CATHY QUESENBERRY ANNE REDDING BEVERLY REECE DOROTHY RICH RANDY RICH JOE RIDGE JACK ROGERS DANNY SCOTT JANICE SECHREST LINDA SEXTON JOHN SHELTON REBECCA SOUTHERN SUSAN STILLEY JERRY STOUT EDDIE SUITS DWIGHT TEER JIMMY TROTTER ANNE VORIS RUTH WALKER RICKY WARD LINDA WARREN BECKY WEATHERMAN DANA WEAVER JANICE WHITE CAROL WHITESELL JOAN WILCOX JOEL WILSON DOROTHY WRIGHT SUSAN YARBOROUGH ,I . KSK A I I I A QA f ,...f , .Q MK 3 '- L- 3 A I. V A ,, - K I Q ,Y is ATAT , - W II,I A , - I I I LITA f A , , ,--A' S5 1 A Tar ,fwf , 'L Q fha"-rd' + 'L-I ' I , f - I ' x 'm . KK 2..- .. W , "ff J, I, A A MKKj'X In R- A S" I .. ... I YK,Kf' I I I I iq, M I KK lr., KK? I, lf K K M. K K .E KKKQKKFX A ,ig I A ii .1 , A K QR I gg J. , , S. 'S' ,wi -Af ww W- A-'T A I, 370. K K I .jf K W 'Q' 14 K 5 , .,,, , K , ,. ,TK , thx!! 5 K HK ., M , MK K Ky , " If K. ' A 9 "iffy K 5 is A. In Q. , 7' A ' ' QI' M K S ' 4 K-KKK Q K , K , K , ww ff, K ...QIO7 K ii KKKKK J X 5 x .AN.3.' ' J x f I yi X' I 'M I I I Y R '34 SQ I ip., Q. RI'jf"'9' T' ' M? I F- ' J Q W ii I if A S, as A I I ,A ,I ' A I, A Sf I ' w. ' '3 "T N, 9 5 mg' 'VN 1 X D- 4 ' ,Sw ' - -44, I , A ' ' -:ix , A ., V - in M Vs' lr ' f 7 - ATL' IIJS ' III A I A 1 W , .. fm Sw Q, If aa I .f X 2. I I A vs g -' I "I" ' I-A ' cw I Q.: f., -f ,,,K .J '48, MS ..-KT Q . , K 74, gh .Q IK W K X 1, 'A A I Il T151 Qsjf V. L' WR .. 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C. HILL LARRY HILL REBECCA HUCKS BILLY HUFFMAN ROGER JACKSON DELPHINE JARRETT RANDALL JOHNSON RONALD JOHNSON JACKIE JONES DANNY JUSTICE EARLAND KEENE LARRY KEY LARRY KINCAID JERRY LAMBERT BILLY LAMBETH DEBBIE LAWSON RANDALL MACON GAYLE MARTIN FIELDON MARTON SAUNDRA MEDLIN LUCILLE MELTON EDDIE MILLER KEITH MOBLEY BONNIE MORGAN BILL MCLEAN TOMMY McRAE VICKIE MCSWAIN DEWITT NELSON CYNTHIA PASSMORE RONNIE PREVATTE TOMMY RATLEDGE JACQUE REAVES SUE REDDING JERRY REYNOLDS JIMMY RICHARDSON RANDY RODDEN SUE ROUTH CEIL SHAW WAYNE SHAW DEBORAH SHELTON LARRY SHEPPARD DOUGLAS SIMMONS CONNIE SMITH MARTA SMITH BEVERLY SNIDER MORRIS SPENCER HENRY STEVENSON BOBBY STYRON SIDNEY THOMPSON DAVID TROTTER MIKE TUTTLE WAYNE WELBORNE TONY WILLIAMS SHARON YARBOROUGH CHARLES YATES ROBERT YATES RICKIE ZACHARY FIRST GRADE ERVIN AVANT ANNETTE BELL LINDA BLACK LYNN BODENHEIMER LARRY BODENHEIMER JEFF BREWER SANDRA BROOKBANK RALPH BROOKS RAYMOND BROOKS CONNIE BURTON TERRY BYERS BETTY CARROLL ALBERT CARDWELL FAT CAYTON LORNA CHAMBERS CAROLYN SUE CHILDRESS ROGER DALE CHILDRESS MITCHELL COCKERHAM GAIL COLTRANE BRENDA COTHRAN MIKE CORN LARRY COWAN BONNIE COX JANICE COX LUCY COX LARRY DAVIDSON CONNIE DAVIS THERASA DEATON CORNELL DENNIS LINDA DENNIS KAY DICKINSON GARY DOBBINS JUNIOR DRIGGERS JANICE DRYE NANCY EADS GARY ECHOLS FAYE FAIRCLOTH CHRIS FARLOW BRUCE FAUSET BECKY FERGUSON RAMELEE GARRETT RONNIE GENTRY LINDA GILES ELVA JOYCE GRIFFIN DAVID GRUBB MICKIE WAYNE HALL SHARRON HALTOM CYNTHIA HANEY DAVID HARB ELIZABETH HART AMY HICKS NORMA HICKS KATHRYN HILL LEON HUFFMAN JERRY HUTCHENS DAVID JOHNSON CAROLYN JONES REBECCA JONES SANDRA JONES MARTHA KIVETT REBECCA LACKEY DONNA LAMBETH DOUGLAS LASSITER DAVIE LINVILLE MARALYN LLOYD KAY LOFLIN SHARON LOHR MARTHA MACON DEBORAH MANN JANICE MASHBURN BRENDA MEREDITH ROY MEREDITH RONNIE MEREDITH GARY MILLIKEN DALEN MILLS DEBORAH MITCHELL ROGER MOORE TIMOTHY MORTON LOFTIN MCLAMB JIMMY OVERMAN SANDRA PALMER EDDIE PHILLIPS VIRGLE PUCKETT PHILLIF QUESENBERRY RAY RIDGEWAY DIANE RODGERS LIDA SEAY JIMMY SHACKLEFORD DONNIE SHELOR DAVID SHEPPARD FORREST SISK ROGER SKEEN DEBBIE SMITH JOHNNY SMITH BARRY SNYDER JERRY SOUTHARD CHRIS STALEY TOMMY STANFIELD KAY STEELMAN JEAN THOMAS ERVIN THOMPSON GALE THOMPSON LA RUE THOMPSON JUDY FAYE TUCKER SYDNEY VORIS BRADFORD WALDEN PHIL WHITESELL DEBORAH YARBOROUGH EVELYN YATES 0 Q X. 1 f. 'al Qs 'I I T44 j if? If-Q, f ' P5 egg, , iv, , V I - .V , , I SF Q -www ,I "' 'f - T I' A 1 , M J ' I ' ,ji 'Z I !""4'4' E7 ' in . ,I , ' I ,N a f , in T3 2:9 5' ug? 'W Q Im N 5 swift N I M S K" ' 4 A f E 'S' Tl M 'Ig 9 1 I . I A Q f 1. , I . 3 3- X J. 5 f Ne yi: S' ' ' ' r D 'I ,Q f 5 g I In 4 A P, - , X 'Q jj 4- Vg, ,L , L1 - , V -Y" ' ' , 'T ,, W ' f I I " 'R 4 I , " M -A 1 -I . 2 ' , I X ,K fm, I 3' In - ,ze S is ,N 3+ 'Q v , U I A Q-, 5. 1 V. J X- W -1 ,,- 1 .W y , ,W E? f '-.vp 4- Q I, ml , 1 y 3 6-F, J- ,fe ' f A I Q , 1 ",' K ,I 7 -- - --F - .. L. 3' ' A ' I. I, ,gg + C5 Af M YM I 2 f I V fi? ,. V' ga, F Q , If X , gg ' I " 4 ' if I W fsfeapai .W-N 21-if ' f I if 9 , In if 1" V' ' af " W rg, fi f v ,, 4 .L 4 ' "' ' 4 f I QS ' 3' 4 , 7 .4 ' is 4 "V Y Ax ' - V A' - , E .'.,,4. ' 1 I A 'Semi I ' ,-aa? 5. A I 5 ff' I I A- T ' I R' 'S ' .."- Q. . , I , ff - 1 W A 1, I S,,C qi Y A V Y- dia ' 5 ., lb 1 'fri 'Q X .in q -I ,A -M3 S W , -O W - -., gk gi ,Q 'is -L K V .JWH N. , A . .,,f In f -TT: , , R Qian. , T - M I Q. . f ' - " I.. Vg ,,,,,,- -ff K .i -L ,. Alf' - -1 If ,Y 'M A V ' ' f ' S' . . y if 'W A , fm Q N MIX K fm, Y HI!" I f.. Y, " I., ifsfvf f' 'S .wwf H - . ,,, , .xiii ia. . I, fw' ' X N 1 7 1- f J U - Ta ,.., X if"'r, A ,E I ' 1, ' - 5 , ' T is 4 his 3. A A 4 2 it fm- I ' ' 1 I' 'E' f ' Y' ' T' . . .V O T ' ' ' J ,,., - R I it AW, xi mi A I ffm I Iisfffwf J-,SI I , "-,yifys A va W ,f RWE- 3, 4 my -. - ,V ,, L SCI S I I I I SCIIC C A -' ,... ,Af 'ft' Q A N QF, J' V ,'k, 9 2 I , .,.,V feb T1 if E - I 1 A I - , af A4 4 nm --FI 4 . .L , A ' Q . -- N' -- I-, f ""' ' 'F' F ' 5 3" 'f-'W H , v ' , V- ' 1ff?V,l5 ' 1 1, Q 935' ff-?! .:,.g:1iM ii . ' x ' ,,.' 1. , iff! , 35 f H?-Q 5 1 - A Y, I I Q I ' I ,f f ai .mfr gud 'V S., .r4"" Current events are very interesting to the fourth-grade students in Mrs. Briles'cluss 'A' wmv Allen Jay School is well equipped for the language development program by the use of the tachistascope, the audiometer, the telebinocular, tape recorder, and the sound amplification system with the speech thera- pist,Miss Barrier in charge. I 1 QW' 'f ,::gqgmlm4f ,.f',-' l CRW 4 Head Mclorene PAT POWELL MABE l in . 1 - 5 L . x . a ii- 33 gi fad? 7'qg,,' mi " f Q R in MW www R 4 ff' g , U f -i i ,, ALLEN JAY I-no First Row, Left to Right: Charles Adams, Ginger Watson, Barbara Macon, Pati Clodfelter, Patsy Royal, Larry Leonard, Dean Macon. Second Row: Roger Brewe Nancy Cowen, Eugene McNabb, Eugene Spam, David Mowery, Ronald Helms, Gwe Wright, Kevan McClay, Mickey Asbill, Harvey Jarrett, Denton Smith, H. 1 Varner. Third Row: Randy Ha ithcoc k, Pat Lambeth, Janie Medlin, Patsy Hine , , . 1 l Twin? mm? Band Director Li Lili.. QHOOL BAND ?Standin9: Donald Helms, Eddie Shore, Phillip Taylor, 'Jackie Hutchins, Butch Hanson, Gary Haithcock, Mike Shoaf, Jerry Jackson,iMr. T. W. Marlowe, David Cole, Pat Powell. Not Pictured: Billy Talbert, Gary Trotter, Orville Dills, Micheal ' Farabee. HUTCHINS FOSTER TRAINING BAND y First Row, Left to Right: Shirley Ellington, Patsy Hicks, Carol Watson, Pamela Helms, Jerry Snider, Nancy Strader, Dickie Medlin. Second Row: Barbara Shelton, Kathy Barnes, Sherry Beeson, Phillip Whisnant, Steve Shackletord, Clarence Haley, Director: Mr. T. W. Marlowe, Gary Cole, Michael Hooker, Randall Coltrane, Robert Duke. Not Pictured: James Medlin, Ralph Gibson, Billy Burchfield. 'ff BAND oFFlcERs Nancy Cowan, Treasurer, Patsy Royal, Vice President, Al dean Tolbert, President and Librarian, Pat Powell, Secretary, Charles Adams, Recorder. SENIOR GLEE CLUB I First Row, Left to Right:GIenda Hopkins, Viriginia White, Martha Wallace, Gloria Cox, Mary Ann Craven, Freda Bryson, Pat Powell, Ann Morgan, Barbara Rich, Nancy Morgan. Second Row: Bennie DeHart, Burma Handy, Anita Goude, Judy Gray, Martha Pearce, Levinia White, Louise White, Myrtle Hopkins, Kay McMahan, Fern Carter, Phyllis Bishop. Third Row: Judy Byrd, Verna Ruth Dobbins, Carol Nunn, Frances Dula,Kaye Hilton, Linda Lohr, Elizabeth Thayer, Barbara Johnson, Brenda Pierce, Ann Simpson, Aldean Tolbert. Fourth Row: Carl Routh, Robert Huclcs, Michael Johnson, Clyde Robertson, Howard, Darrell Johnson, Robert Stone, Hoy Yarborough, Billy Andrews, Lindo Luther. Charles Q q - I ",' 7 Q1 OFFICERS Left to Right: Judy Gray, Librarian,Charl es Howard, Reporter, Hoy Yarborough, g Treasurer, AI dean Tolbert, President, Darrell Johnson, Vi ce President, Martha Wallace, Secretary 25: DIRECTORS fi MR. BILL MARLOWE MRS. FRANCES MABE Accompanist A V ,V V ii A . . -5 iff ' J F , ,, .. if'5?'L-4 gr if IB: GLEE CLUB if 5 E W' J. 41 5 2 I Liga , I it I BQ. JUNIOR GLEE CLUB First Row, Left to Right: Rhonda Barnes, Joyce Smith, David Stanfield, Lawson Deaton, Irene Bryson, David French, Ted Fallenstein, Eugene McNabb, Darlene Stone, Dennis Cole, Josephine Riley, Patsy Hicks. Second Row: Gilbert Scott, Ricky Morris, N. J. McCuiston, Ferrell Handy, Katherine Barnes, Linda Kinley, Dina McPherson, Jane Burton, Tommy Ellington, Nora Gibson, Linda Lewallen, Nancy Cowan. Third Row: Jo Ann Yarborough, Gwendolyn Wright, Patricia Wright, Barbara Macon, Joyce Coltrane, Janice Kennedy, Pat Melton, Verna McClay, Louise Meredith, lla Goude, Carol Thompson, Carol Stevenson, Faye Allred. Fourth Row: Linda Hauser, Lydia Hendricks, Linda Whitt, Randy Haithcock, Ronnie Drye, Larry Leonard, Larry Thompson, Dean Macon, Garrieth Beshears, Phillip Whisnant, Eugene Spaine, Roger Brower. PIANO STUDENTS First Row, Miss Beulah Moton, Teacher. Left to Right: Candy McLamb, Phyllis Bridgeman, Rebecca Lamb, Rose Rodden, Judy Stanfield, Herman Hucks, Randy Smith, Billy McRae, Brenda Macon. Second Row: Mary Grace Dingler, Delores Knight, Ruby Campbell, Betty Kinley, Patricia Jones, Dette Melton, Vickie Williams, Carol Watson. ThirdRow:Ted Fallenstein, Brenda Jones, Pat Melton, Verna McClay, Mary Hendricks, Ginger Watson, Brenda Mauldin, Martha Wallace, Peggy Tynsdale, Linda Hucks. MONGGRAM CLUB Left to right are Raymond Jester, Wesley Hankins, Jesse Lewallen, Richard Hall, Donald Elder, Wilbur Winslow, John Wayne Thomas, Jimmy Martin, Joe Skeen, James Shelton, J. W. Wilson, Jerry Daniels, Voy Skeen, Randy Cochrane,Kenneth Lawson. Center row are Kenneth Moody, Richard Cross, and Larry Sechrest. Officers The Monogram officers are as follows: Kenneth Craven, Treasurer, Tommy Johnson, Vice President, Robert Johnson, President, David Sheffield, Secretary, and Mr. James Swiggett, Sponsor. The purpose of the Allen Jay High School Monogram Club is to promote sportsmanship and interest in all forms of athletics. The Monogram Club is the honor club of those athletes who have participated in the various sports and have earned the Allen Jay High "A. " They are those boys who are outstanding in abil- ity and sportsmanship. DRAMATICS CLUB First Row, Left to Right: Pat Johnson, Sec- retary, David Eddins, President, Edwin Lawson, Vice President. Second Row Kenneth Moody, Treasurer, and Phyllis Bishop, Reporter. The students in the Dramatics Club learn to apply make-up to a fellow actor. lid First Row, Left to Right: Richard Cross, Dorothy Gammons, Phyllis Bishop, David Eddins, Pat Johnson, Susie Johnson, and Mrs. Lalah Purvis. Second Row: Sherman Pope, Wilbur Winslow, Darrell Johnson, James Shelton, Branson Redding, Voy Skeen, and Kelly Carter. Third Row: Joe Gaddy, Jerry Boyles, Bobby Craven, Billy Coltrane, Kenneth Moody, Edwin Lawson, and Wesley Hankins. B 4 gy. DEBATING CLUB Learning to win a debate by facts and opin- ion is the aim of the Debating Club. Ex- perience in speaking is accomplished from this Club. Left to Right: Richard Hall, Reporter, Ronald Howlett, President, Martha Wallace, Sec- retary, Wayne Bundy, Vice President. -4-ef Mrs. Mildred Hussey, Advisor, Charles Howard and David Eddins discuss a debate topic. glffifwf' A.. ',,,,--"' Practicing their debates are: Left to Right: Edwin Lawson, Kelly Carter, Kat Wall, and Ann Ratledge. Left to Right: Judy Gray, Vice President,Ann Simpson, Reporter: Darrell J oh n so n , President, Brenda Shackle- ford, Treasurer, Carol Lawson, Secretary, Mr. Perkins, Advisor. Lett to Right: Judy Gray, Linda Lohr, Linda Barnes, Ann Simpson, Ann Pharr, Darrell Johnson, Kenneth Lawson, Carol Lawson, Brenda Sh ackl eford . LIBRARY CLUB OFFICERS Membership in the high school library club is open to all high school students who are interested in promoting the work of the li- brary. Members assist in the circulation of books and publicity. They are responsible for decorating the library's bulletin boards. .AA ,,,, ,.,,,...-evv' An English Class looks at a display of books recommended for a report- FUTURE BUSINESS LEADERS OF AMERICA OFFICERS The F . B . L.A . Club is designed to encourage strong, aggressive, business l e a d e rs h i p among students enrol led in business subiects . Left to Right: Jerry Daniels, Vice President, Judy Byrd, Reporter, Miss Hallie Gilbreth, Sponsor, Ronald Howlett, President, Patsy Royal, Secretary, Peggy Chambers, Historian, L. G. Cashion, Treasurer. First Row, Left to Right: Ann Britt, Frances Dula, Yvonne Willard, Gloria Cox, Rebecca Beane. Second Row: Judy Brower, Peggy Greene David Sheffield, Ray Jester. Third Row: Richard Hall, Edwin Sechrest. irst Row, Left to Right: Pat Powell, Glenda Drye, Betty Macon, Kenneth Craven, Bessie Hopkins, Ann Ratledge, VG lton, Mashburn, and Barbara Rich. Second Row: Judy Howlett, Annie Laurie McCUiston, Jerry York, David Ronnie Hilliard, Tommy Johnson, Clyde Robertson, Buddy Freeman, Aldean Tolbert. Third Row: Linda Elda Robertson, Dot Brewer, Peggy Leonard, Ann Pharr, Ruth Cranford, Linda Ingram, Anita Goude, Patsy Handy, Darlene Deaton. FUTURE TEACHERS Q 'W OF AMERICA The purpose of this club is to give prospective future teachers a chance to learn and practice the fundamental arts of teaching. Officers, Standing Left to Right: Peggy Chambers, Re porter, Betty Silvey, Historian, Martha Wallace, Treas- urer. Seated: Judy Byrd, Secretary, Linda Spaugh, Presi dent, Brenda Mowery, Vice President, and Mr. O. E Moye, Advisor. f "" -'fffitf-.r',f-yqg' 'Eg n' 'L -- 422236152 M. as . ,,,....M 5 3' is ,wg .viy 1 A fy yass T t 7 """-i'fw51fxgil."! , . , . W ' t f - '.-'. f . . 1 I Aiiylifff' s'f5,,-m:a-.---- . -. ' 'M I W' P ' , , T 'M I W T... W, Q "" f'ft"'M' H r --am., q. W ' f, sf f K, , , ' mweawx- Jus- gW MMML15 Ki x A-wtf i5H2l1Aiuagg,w,f.:esmim The Allen Jay F.T.A. Club washost to theCountyF.T.A. Clubs on November ll. Left to Right: Peggy Chambers, Patty Slaydon,Verna Dobbins, Judy Gray, Brenda Mowery, Kat Wall, Linda Spaugh, Patsy Royal, County F.T.A. President presiding, Ann Pharr, Libby Smith,Judy Byrd, Betty Silvey,Fern Carter, and Martha Wallace. The F.T.A. group listens as Linda Spaugh practices what she has learned about teaching. FUTURE HOMEMAKERS CDF AMERICA Officers, First Row, Left to Right: Peggy Leonard, Treas- urer, Kat Wall, President, Brenda Mowery, Vice Presi- dent, Dot Brewer, Parliamentarian. Second Row: Martha Wallace, Song Leader, Dot Jackson, Reporter, Patty Slaydon, Secretary, Elda Robertson, Historian, and Mrs. l Ruth Causey, Advisor. ' Some members at work in the kitchen area of the Home Ec. lab. Left to Right are: Carol Lawson, Ann Ridge, Diana V ,W Hutchins, Verna Ruth Dobbins J il Levinia White, Louise White. 3 ,, fill ' 3 is-iiipfm F ,J Seated, Left to Right:Patsy Royal, Brenda Pierce, Virginia White, Myrtle Hopkins, and Jeanette Foster. Second Row: Reba Bundy, Linda Sheppard, Susie Johnson, Dianne Elder, Frances Dobbins, Faye McCuiston, Elizabeth Thayer, Barbara Johnson, Barbara Mashburn, Pat Smith, Carol Nunn, and Brenda Shackleford. OFFICERS Seated, Left to Right: David Sheffield, Treasurer, Ronald Howlett, President, L. G. Cashion,Vice President, Kenneth Craven, Reporter. Standing:Darrell Blair, Sec- retary, Tommy Johnson, Chaplain, Mr.Moye, Sponsor. Left to Right: Ronnie Hilliard, Jerry Folwell, Richard Oliphant, Kenneth Lawson, Darrell Johnson. HI-Y CLUB The purpose of this organization is to create, maintain, and exte nd throughout the school and community high standards of Christian character. Any young man ofthe three upper classes in high school who subscribes to the stated purpose of this club is eligible to membership. . Left to Right: Ray Jester, Wayne Brewer, Wayne Bundy, David Chilton, Tommy Bundy, Hoy Yarborough, George Slaydon, Robert Johnson, Tommy Gaddy, Donald Elder. Standing: Richard Hall, Tommy Johnson, Kenneth Hill ,sg BETA CLUB The purpose of the Beta Club is to recognize the qualities of leadership, scholarship, service, and character in high school studentsand to help them develop these qualities. If the Beta Club presents to capable students a definite challenge to be the best possible person in every situation, then and only then, has it fulfilled its purpose and at- tained its goal. All i First Row, Left to Right: Betty Macon, Secretary, Barbara Mashburn, Vice President, Linda Sheppard, Re porter. Second Row: Peggy Greene, President, Judy Brower, Treasurer, Miss Dorothy Dixon, Advisor. New Members entertained. 1. ' is :Wes ' r wnsazge, F- fswvzwmssw-: fr, foflff 'I -iii?-Ati, - Wiiiiasr - w,--ifPffs'9e:fsa4:s1. , ,1.g1.Si- 'fel 'L , ' ii ' is qs? 355 ffsfs1s2rJ'f"' T ' I W , 'f:fffi4Q51f15sf2az?e fr 1, aw-szf-'4fQ5+a,e?,,-ft: 1-fggsgiirf, L, tjfistfstfi-Eg-,V - '-ws.aeesfsa.szuzlss,:rti,,s:iasz.s1rf2nsws,,,sf gym: "w225.eX,, 'ww iss. .st , mfs, f'P:fis,f,-:,.,-sw, ,H-A 1, A ,, ,, is ,,.,,.,. M M, f - , gg, ' 4 Induction of new members. A-H CLUB The 4-H Club is a national organization which is super- vised and directed by the farm agent and home demonstra- tion agent in each county. lt is for boys and girls who like farm life and want to be a part of rural America. Through the 4-H Club, boys can learn successful trade in farmi ng, and the girls can learn helpful ideas on good homemaking. , , s Seated, Left to Right: Linda Shep pard, President, Mrs Causey, Sponsor, Lind Spaugh, Songleader, Barbar Mashburn, Secretary-Treas urer. Standing:Clyde Robert- son, Reporter, Kenneth Hill, Vice President County Blue Ribbon Winners: Seated, Left to Right: Joe Gaddy, Forage Crop De- monstration,Mary Fields, Canning, Home Beautifica- tion, Kenneth Hill, Tractor Maintenance, Arnold Lofhn, Home Beautification, Tractor Maintenance, Linda Sheppard, Home Improvement, Commu- unity Relations, Clothing. Ns Seated Left to Right: Sue Skeen, Joyce Mashburn, Elda Robertson, Ruth Cranford, working on project. SENIOR PLAY CAST Ann Britt, a city girl, pursuing David Sheffield, a country boy. An ex-fighter, Richard Hall, has the urge to fight Tommy Johnson. Peggy Greene and Judy Brower encourage them. Above l5 llie COST Of "Junior Prom," given March 28, 1958. First Row, Left to Right: Patsy Royal, Gloria Cox, Larry Sechrest, Judy Brower, Ann Britt. Second Row: Jerry Daniels, Richard Hall, Peggy Greene, Aldean Tolbert, Tommy Johnson, Robert Johnson, David Sheffield. ..m:'n,,. 'TT' ,av""""' in m.., off A so X K L. G. CASHION Editor Seated ANN BRITT, DONALD ELDER Advertising Managers Standing ALN-J A-HI STAFF The T958 Aln-Ja-Hi Staff has truly burned the "mid-night oiI," working until 3:30 A.M. on the layout, staying after school, utilizing every study hall in order to meet the deadline, selling ads, and more ads, checking and rechecking names and p i ctu res, writing and rewriting copy--all of this in order to present you with a better yearbook. We hope you will enjoy our Portrait. MISS HALLIE GILBRETH Advisor ANNIE LAURIE MCCUISTON, TOMMY GADDY KATHERINE HICKS, JERRY DANIELS Circulation Managers 1 ,: , ' an I-3,0 Sports Editors I I I I I RI '-...J .0-N, WW lk N... X A' 1, ...W RONALD HOWLETT PEGGY GREENE, DAVID SHEFFIEI D Associate Editor Business MUVIGQSVS RICHARD OLIPHANT DARRELL BLAIR KENNETH HILL Senior Editor Junior Editor Sophomore Editor MATTIE ANN ROUTH, RONNIE HILLIARD 'lg . I-' .' X l ring. X 'Til ix , ' K l M M gill! f -nuff" air 'jeff Art Editors LAVONNE BESHEARS, RICHARD HALL Literary Editors 1' A F HOY YARBOROUGH Freshman Editor PEGGY CHAMBERS Elementary Editor YVONNE WILLIARD Primary Editor ,,..,....q-----' 1, E3 s 'f .mummy -c-gr fa Mi' RICHARD HALL, PEGGY LEONARD Editors HIGH LIGHTS STAFF JUDY BROWER, ANN BRITT City Editors 1 I S Wea va fr S . VL 1 " I WJ ,...s. 'if is MISS HALLIE GILBRETH Left to Right: PEGGY GREENE, Elementary Editor, JERRY Advisor DANIELS, High school Editor, EDWIN SECHREST, Club Editor 1 ' I , I I ...,, t I I H i " 'vs ii WU -v 5 S my , : , M. Q 3 11:1 L - A 5 it f J if I zf I 'I'Ii I 'E fi" ii -,Ii 2 f E K EEEE EEEE X . .,: Vfikgigggga K -Ll, il - A E I 5 4' ' ' H YE,. V ' . 7 -2 W, 'E i ,.., ., I ' ' 1 iii IX Left to Right: DAVID S H E F F I E L D, ALDEAN TOLBERT, Sports Editors, PEGGY CHAMBERS, Feature Editor KENNETH CRAVEN Business Managers L. G. CASHION Circulation Manager A W- W ,Q A, 4... . X .' ' Qzgzrflef' ,,gRim.,, ,rw .g if T958 EDITION OF THE ALLEN JAY JAY BIRDS First Row, Left to Right: Beauford Kennedy, Voy Slceen, Larry Sechrest, Jesse Lewallen, Richard Cross, Lawrence McCall Randy Cochrane, Wesley Hankins, Kenneth Craven. Second Row: Richard Hall, James Shelton, Jerry Odell, Tommy Johnson Ronnie Bundy, Jimmy Martin, Jerry Palmer, Wilbur Winslow, Jerry Daniels. FOOTBALL . T957 SCHEDULE AND sc:oREs Allen Ramsuer O Allen Gibsonville I2 Allen Trinity I2 Allen Pleasant Garden 0 Allen Glenn 7 Allen Sumner 7 V Allen Summerfield O MANAGERS AHS" Jamesfown 6 Allen Guilford I9 Left to Right: Kenneth Moody, Freddie Byrd, Allen Liberf 20 Richard Dobbins. y FW' VL. f P' 'I lil 73 I Q ':""f I I , ,", 1221? A , .A "'l 'f" 1 x I f y I ,if .I f 2 , .,,. I 7 1 ., ,,,. were -H wili w - eiwRwL2H:,i. 1 ' , L I A W... ,,g,: Af,-,: 3 A Wiz , ie' i f f ji' 7 ' - i,,.-,' 3 ,,-,. "" ' - W ."i' ' - -I , i l in I ,,.- ,5 r'-1 A 'lrl iissl f sles eiile B COACH ES Mr. Tommy Younts, Mr. Paul Barnes. C O- CAPTAI N S Larry Sechrest, Tommy Johnson OFFENSIVE TEAM Left to Right: End, Jerry Odell, Tackle, Jerryjf' Daniels, Guard, Kenneth Craven, Center, Jesse Lewal l en, Guard, Richard Hall, Tackle, Larry Sechresr, End, Beauford Kennedy, BackField-Half- back, Richard Cross, Fullback, Tommy Johnson, Quarterback, Voy Skeen, Halfback Wesley Hankins. DEFENSIVE TEAM Left fo Right: End, James Shelton,Tackle, Jerry Daniels, Guard, Richard Hall, Guard, Wilbur Winslow, Tackle, Larry Sechresf, End, Tommy Johnson, Backfield-Linebacker, KenneThCraven, Halfback, Richard Cross, Halfback, Voy Skeen, Halfbac k, Wesley Hankins, Linebacker, Jerry I Odell . xif? ,sn - . ' 1 sw I S , wmv . I I I I if by X at W, av X A -lr' .f Y H I kink , ...Mfg ,HQ ' f W 'rf .lf 1 I ' 'L YP R if, 1- ,E I ,rr I 1 , as 5 S Y A x Q1 ,- M N ,Q HM 'W-"IR 3- J I - V"' 'I an W7 ' ' W v 1 mr gg ,bi Q W. 'WW .Sn ,. I f I .X M, 1 ii uf M Y W ,t an W fha N in , X. I, W-' bl 5, f we f M L Q J 5, Q gf: 'M mum 4. ' I- I -'X K, JMR vga "' I . f LI- Affus-tyiwg, 0 I A I , . N .,,f,,f,.,,,vy.,, VOY SKEEN RICHARD HALL LARRY SECHRES1 RAYMOND JESTER Quarterback Guard Tackle Guard 1n .,.,gg, .L r I SM? X Y avg? ,,,. WAY TO GO! BEAUFORD KENNEDY JERRY ODELL End End KENNETH CRAVEN WII-BUR WINS'-OW JIMMY MARTIN JESSE LEWALLEN Guard GUGVCI Center Center f A I e N I,xfHF"' 1 g 1 if I ,,, ' E" ,, . 4, A I 'fi .' ' 5 ,im . ,wr ,yn ,, X Z 'v , 1 I A 3 sk 5 an QL Ry u 1 'X L J r ,-Q51 E 'X 4 R .tin I fy f V',."Qi? f 1 ' ff -- J-,fry TOMMY JOHNSON Fullback Vg Y Mr., RANDY COC HRANE Halfback TOUCHDOWN! WESLEY HANKINS Halfback I , 1 1 me My A ,LR ffm . ,. RONNIE BUNDY Guard JERRY DANIELS Tackle , X A? K , ,I 1 f. 'ii f.:-v L , ' ,Aw-f P' !f"1' if ,ff If A f r I , I i 5 X , , .4 5 A :Shine A RIC HARD CROSS HaIfbacI4 JERRY PALMER End . Mm 5 AJ- , sk Q N , I f' 2 I ,,f,,-Vg . 5, A ' X f1Lf i:,,. fi- 5 , ,, yi I , ,gen , A , I ,g , N 4 IA 4 ,X-... Vgkyr . 1 H , , H M N 'Z " 'J :IIT 4- 'li I' ' M L. EC -M45 . X. W 4 WZ Lwv , A ,-I ,i ,-g g. a n X, J f ' -Q Q II 'II I I f -' 7 I I 4 H ' :L 'Q V K 4 is I CCCAA I , f f k I A- I - EYYA 1 I ,fm ., Y - A. V -f Mx , fl' "if I ' 5 4- 3- Y mf... !,3Qwf,9L 7. 14 J . W. WILSON Quarterback 2 Lr I f 5? . ey A x I A '1 5-4 J A pm. hx I' ,, I j I T A , , 'jr .QA Q-ELL -ix- . --flap JAMES SHELTON Halfback LAWRE NCE MCC ALL Guard ' wr' I 'fm rx' ' , A . - +R" .4 if mr sq. ' J .4 wa ,,lM,,,:4. ,, .M ,L 1.-V fi'm f-- -' OUR BOYS IN ACTION GOOD CATCH! TOUC HDOWN BOUND ! CAUGHT 'EMII FIRST DOWN! GOT 'ENN W 'f.s!4...! "HALF TIME" ia HOLDING EM OUT! I 4' V .-' f ' A , y A ,.gf,ii-w " Wegfjfi ' v+s,54gs NO GAIN! OOPS! MISSED IT A Mi N 1 I W Q2 I, f .If . . - Y I . Iii ' 'gh - If If 'Sf' '1:'fsi!f'fi I . Q21 max Q ' M 4 " W ' 'W 'IQ ' ' ' ' 1 QL? - --- ar., wwf 1 P- '- ' I H' - ,LV y f GOOD KICK! 'lf 3 ' 5' f' in Ja "f"Qf' '::f,-H251 if 7 :+V .T ,543 I 42, I W I ,, H 23 . . - ,s, 5 1,45 1 H if ' ' M. M ,X .ww ' in A , . AM , ,i w 5 -- ' H1 A v I , Q ff' ' .M 5" .,. -- ff - ff QM. ,V A - SU -f . ' ff 'Q' f Q ,V I! H 5, I I " ' . A ., f a .L , - . wg, ' 'Q STOPPED 'EM !' , MTW' . T ' , ,, ,A ?5.i-W..,:xf' Q.. f-.L xy, . -.Hg 2- EYEIV-via LITTLE LEAGU E FOOTBALL -J' First Row, Left to Right: Bruce White, Barry Zachary, Farrell Handy, Billy Ragan, Eddie White, Randy Spencer, Eddie Jackson, Leon Hill, Ricky Morris, Billy Morrow. Second Row:Jetty Tuttle, Ronald Helms, Jimmy Brooks, Gary Trotter, Dean Macon Ricky Jackson, Ronnie Mann, Donald Stone, Donald Helms. FIRST STRING AND COACH ,, ,Q , ,- , M .f A-F, of W, 1 a, . Q, H. in 'Y Z f fi 2 0 a ' nfl' . , in-S .,- Eg' 'far First Row, Left to Right:Ronnie Mann, Jimmy Brooks, Donald Stone, Eddie White, Billy Rogan, Leon Hill, Dean Macon. Second Row: Gary Trotter, Ricky Jackson, Randy Spencer, Farrell Handy. Coaches: Marler Zachary, Randall Johnson. JAYBIRDS IN ACTION BASKETBALL . . . I958 BOYS' COLAPTAINS MANAGERS COACH AMES SWIGGETT RICHARD CROSS, ROBERT JOHNSON JIMMY WHITESELL, KENNETH MO BOBBY JOHNSON RICHARD CROSS Center Guard Allen .lay 68 Allen Jay 49 A Allen .lay 46 Allen Jay 68 Allen Joy 88 Allen .lay 6l Allen .lay 69 JIMMY MARTIN VOY SKEEN DONALD ELDER Forward Guard Guard l957-'5 Sumner 40 Summerfield 41 Thomasville 37 Alamonce 28 Trinity 59 Jamestown 44 Sumner 49 iESULTS Allen Allen Allen Allen Allen Allen Allen Ja Jay Jay Jay Jay Jay Jay DAVID SHEFHELD SHERMAN POPE Forward Forward Thomasville 51 Jamestown 61 Colfax 42 , Gibsonville 30 Guilford 76 McLeansvilIe 41 Monticello 40 JOHN WAYNE THOMAS TOMMY JOHNSON JCE SKEEN Forward Forward Cenfer BOYS' VARSITY BASKET Firsf Row, Left to Righf:Tommy Second Row: J. W. Wilson, Johnson, Joe Skeen, Bobby Richard Cross, Donald Elder, Johnson, Jimmy Martin, Dovid John Wayne Thomas, V Sheffield. Skeen lg-f BALL Vx gf CO-CAPTAINS ALDEAN TOLBERT, KAT HICKS i TWO POINTS! GIRLS' BASKETBALL . 1958 GIRLS' BASKETBALL TEAM WWI First Row, Left to Rigbt: Patsy Royal, Be-Hy Sue Edwards, Peggy Leonard, Katherine Hicks, Patsy Handy, Yvonne Williard, Ann Ridge, Diane Elder, Joyce Masbburn. Second Row: Brenda Mowery, Dot Brewer, Betty Jo Silvey, Frances Dobbins, Nancy Morgan, Aldean Tolbert, Sandra Kennedy, Mary Hendricks, Reba Bundy, Linda Sheppard. KAT HICKS Guard BETTY SUE EDWARDS Guard Allen Allen Allen Ml! W5 F' Haig. -W WJ f ' , I u , iistli-5ilWlJE?f"ir f z xf2 fi''L.'f!s55f1J5l"f" Q 555fl'91?'Wil?fi Q 7f75,15T?Vi 'V 'L 1, ' Q 'y I W gk., f 'gsxg , ffji: A ,T f g Av,, I , 1' y . fgigg T . , I ,-:V ,uw , T , - -V V, ,f A .' M, K . . -. in ,. , ,ww . -L w Siqfi ssaz-,M - - ' leggflm lgi-I-,,w,, ,1 E 7 .fa . 55:31,-Ayp-f-1, , 1 f, - f '-H45 ' gf . ' - A I , fA1r N5Ti' 55 . . ' 5 'v ?11"- E' T ' . . ig, K-f' ' ek : ff , Sv , Jay Jay Jay ALDEAN TOLBERT Forward T957-'58 Allen Allen Allen Allen PEGGY LEONARD Guard Jay Jay Jay Joy Thomasville 47 Jamestown 54 Colfax 4 Gibsonville 43 Guilford 47l McLeonsville 59 Monticello 43 PATSY HAN DY Guard YVON NE WILLARD Forward 1 7 9,5 '..., f if f Y I "M" M, BRENDA MOWERY Forward Allen Jay 67 Sumner Allen Jay 48 Summerfield Allen Jay 53 Thomasville Allen Jay 75 Alamance Allen Jay 97 Trinify Allen Jay 48 Jamestown Allen Jay 67 Sumner LINDA SHEPPARD Forward Q Wie 4523 f '24 ANN RIDGE Guard PATSY ROYAL Guard .mei NANCY MORGAN Guard rg E 5 l 4 if .' 53 , r igii- .5-' , - W . v ziff 2 - ii ,ffy 11,l A.,- DOT BREWER Forward HEAVY AS .IAYBIRDS KEPT SLATES CLEAN I H of vi 1-www A 11.221, while :Ellen lmgfs Iizdmwi Prwxskis 112, 1519 fight. .Qileen .iaxfs S N A F C J 2 1 I mmm wok a paiv of mins cavity 1519 9z'Qwonz1:1g' suyiadsiaazefi !KIcE,Hans- R mile xquadsk The .Iaf:k:i:'d sagem are sul: umicicaied on the seasons, lwving www.: lg fiimwzxght gansssb , ' t??wm M -vm MMF, I z gif , -' ,: I 'Z ' Miers M Boasifwf effect GC 5 J V " .. 1-,:v1,, e.i Allen 1 P B O 1 sg PYS AND GIRLS E 4 E Aflen Jay's Cugers Rack 2 V' :ctories vmks an EY im going in take n mimfie in 1 MM .mit Lhr rampng- Iiifh Sams! bafkm Swigget Secre Labeis 'Balance S Birds' Succes 4 By BOB HOFFMAN Q -. 'M most af Une Jay- gets plenty of Enterprise Spurts Writer MQQFGI5 and 1351 if Ltllmzs ia plenty ni rar 179431 Of Wham a lot of hustle, ex-Miami de and a bunch of basket s in have a bmkcibslli 7 , V WWE!! ask Allen Jay's Jim Swiggctt, now in his son at the helm of the cage trams, has pam-d :hah mvulsl make sm? c 'W 4 Sivan wiih vrwy, D1 C 10 0 ahora spa , , QL5'w,4E"sQbs 6 4 'Q 03, GQ n, his mam ,ay have captured I while dropping omg around 10 points HOW Di lcam To Cm HE Tulbcxt rx a eragmg a ow: 'ii 3-mme pm' game for 13 Hmmm x if xx semen The 1 wht anfurrznf thin. maui at xx vm SQL www xvmn mm :swam as ax X um h1'C KAI Q0 hi' Q swung PM 01 f mmf Q: 9 r M, 11. fog XC? 5 all AW it GIRLS, JUNIOR VARSITY BASKETBALL First Row, Left to Right: Janice Voncannon, Betsy Sheppard, Ginger Watson, Rebecca Giles, Doris Moon, M ary Ellen Fields Second Row:f Faye McCuiston, Starlet Carter, Margaret Lomax, Kaye Hilton,CJrlCl Ann Morris- is Y rf' 5 , K K wx ,,,t.lV, - e e if ogy, fi i , . L S A li 'EE T255 ws ,?f?TT"-W" -i s," as vyy, . iff?-sy z -iffy "7'lz-QW. f srl" we ' imfis L-lwfwe , thfwfsf y , BOYS' JUNIOR VARSITY BASKETBALL Left to Right: Danny Overcash, J. W. Wilson, Wilbur Winslow, Joe Howlett, Sherman Pope, James Shelton Voy Slceen, Steve Burchfield, and Edwin Lawson. , Randy Cochrane SCHEDULE March 27 Summerfield April i Allen Jay April 8 Colfax April I0 Allen Jay April i5 Guilford April I7 Allen Jay April 22 Monticello April 24 Allen Jay rApril 29 Pleasant Garden May l Allen Jay - .. ...fa ...I958 at Allen Jay at Alamance at Allen Jay al Gibsonville Vw at Allen Jay at McLeansville at Allen Jay at Nathaniel Greene at Allen Jay at Sfokesdale My A L 'uv ,I ,N fr S -"Pin m COACH and CO-CAPTAIN JIM SWIGGETT DAVID SHEFFIELD BASEBALL TEAM Left To Righf:Randy Cochrane, David Sheffield, Tommy Johnson, Joe Skeen, Jimmy Martin, John Wayne Thomas, Voy Skeen, Larry Sechresf, and Richard Cross. Manager: Jimmy Whifesell. , I, , 1 I W"'-sci? - TOMMY JOHNSON First Base , .. f Q. g s 3. F, . 'f 'K s I Ilixlif O O I JOE SKEEN Right Field I1 Xi STARTING m! A LINEUP i. Mg U . 5.-C .3 J , 5 we ' DAVID SHEFFIELD Second Bose ' Qf . , ' RANDY COC HRANE Catcher CEC pw! ,ff X R LARRY SECHREST Pitcher 16.-4 goal Qf R ffzg I VOY SKEEN Center Field ' UHFQRK to , ,If ew I 1' R iw, I Q.: JIMMY MARTIN K ,IITTATT' 'I Third Bose .A If it I I C R145 fig It of ,N ,f F' - Dong I 3 Ex RICHARD CROSS N' Short Stop A It , I V x'M:"35 I , f' x 1 ' li X, I V KL Kl,4L ykgrrt V T I 5 E 'Issue JOHN WAYNE THOM Left Field BOYS' TRACK , 'ff' W r I A TOMMY YOUNTS A Coach +523 E f A J Q 9 ,W .nr 35 , A ' 3 yd 9' 3 40- , ,aa fr f- fl 'fra P- N6 1 W ' 'J J' ,..A' W A Fw- s ,legal I Q .Q A , 7?H,l '.- Q A, -ffl,-6f'5'9?lf4i , 7'5'?wf!4's'",-7. ., K, if , - JY 1 'Q Q f1,l.g5Qif13fs'wQ , Imzfwg- 5 - . y -W , .M,,,'f-v .p,f - A x , . s- s,..' 1 X 'Q '- W f,,,-,V Ns' Ta 4 V 1 1:-Lrsszfalws -I:-NZ lax ' V K V, if K ,ag 'J J , ,'. gi 'gif fn, t George Sloydon, Tommy Johnson, James Shelton, 1 ,'e:' J , as i i q . . W 4 r if ond Voy Skeen. j , , ' - .K ' l.,. M gn! A : Q 1' 1 1 - fi l m -: L , 5 .., . , ., fy V .up-'f' ,4 X .swift ' .' :iii -S" 2 " . i f 'Sw ahi l i M., ' Y ' 'ff -E"Zf'n ' V if -' 4 ' ' so . sf' 'fig Wilbur Winslow, Robert Johnson, and Joe Skeen. 2 -i-,--H George Sloydon, Wilbqr.,Winslow, Joe Skeen, Robert Johnson, Tommy Johnson, Jornes Shelton, and Voy Skeen. GIRLS' TRACK ' .W Left to Right g . e t Aldean Tolbert Annie Laurie McCuiston A frglgg. Q' mtl' Left to Right: Brenda Mowery, Peggy Leonard, Annie Laurie McCuiston, Aldean Toibert, Kat Hicks, Betty Sue Edwards. ,gt at Left to Right Left to Right Betty Sue Edwards Peggy Leonard Brenda Mowery Kat Hicks WE' Left to Right Patsy Handy Brenda Shackleford CHEERLEADERS X. The Cheerleaders of Aln-Ja-Hi have supported the teams by their enthusiastic efforts and have kept the school spirithigh by their leadership and cooperation. The symbolic cheer V-I-C-T-O-R-Y will long be remembered by the 1957- 58 teams and their cheerleaders. MRS., MILDRED HUSSEY Advisor Left to Right: Patty Slaydon, Gayle Crowson, Brenda Mauldin, Linda Spaugh, Billy Morrow, Brenda Mowery, Annie Laurie McCuiston,"Phyllis Bishop, Barbara Mashburn, and center, Kathleen Wall, Chief. 4 1 Q. gggfyzk QQ sv N35 46 f WW ,Q 323141 naw U i H f 'S' 5 W ,Q My , Wf- ' .2 .rg 7 A.f- . 4 t -, . lm, Q, A'LJ A 3 ,ff H1 W Wg! .Hi H O M E C O M I N G 1957 LAVONNE BESHEARS Queen E gt tt , 1-' LAVONNE BESHEARS and RONALD HOWLETT BETTY MACON and L.!G. CASHION Queen and Escort Senior Attendant Escort Vw 1 W ELDA ROBERTSON escorted by Clyde Robertson FAYE MCCUISTON escorted by Tommy Bundy l Junior Attendant Sophomore Attendant Q ff' lapis rf' BRENDA BULLA escorted by Billy Jackson PATSY GARNER escorted by Aubrey Whitt Freshman Attendant Homecoming Queen of I956-57 ING SNAPS T r M5 'L ,L fi ' an Wezkx .,,. W Q ,R ,. ' 'tiff A . 1 o I N mud IIIIIQZSQFI I I If pf I I 11, ,,. I fin I , I M ,f ,L 2 ,ki gi I ' ' . I ,fx K1 A 214- I 4 K L 'K it It Lkf- 3 . I, 4 1 V 4x 2 I LL ' I5 S A IJ I' " ' Lf' 1 If ' .fm M'-f'-XX I K Wg l , ,- 1 1 ,W . I 'gy '- , 1 Q V. fy, Q K A . 2:f2,T IV f " K 41" . """ It . f 'mf f-f ' .W L gm . 1 1 . , , ff I 'wg I ITIL?-21. f I E Li -UN 4L I j km-,Ji . I X 'nw 14 .f ., X . """ ' " . ' m',:2-Nu' - ' . ' V "di -lg. 13 ' if-3, ' eg. , F , I , .A A , W" ' ' ' xxx .. . 1 I , R' f Y 'A il tItiIii2S22al'71 ' - ' 'f' W I! H f"wfsfg,:.iff-v,.fn v f- I ., " " f - - - , ,V mv, ,. ELEMENTARY DIVISION HIGH SCHOOL DIVISION d L f R' ht M r aret Lomax frunner upj Aldean I-eff to Right: BiIIy Morrow and IIa Jean Goude frunners Seate,ettoxg : ag , Tolbert Iwinnerl. Standing: KeIIy Carter frunner upl, UPI, Mflfie Bundy Gnd Gene Spain Iwinnersl. HALLOWEEN FESTIVAL PRIMARY DIVISION Left to Right: Diane Carter and Jerry AIIen Iwinnersj, Penny Gail Cranford frunner upj. 9 , f U, PRIMARY SCHOOL KING Johnny Smith, Winner ,. .1-'gk 2 2 V, Ke? , ' sl, Hug-1, ,fi 5215, ffyz- ,,., - fx I 5fPf,g2-'f?::-i,' givvgfg S7 - 'Z gif! ETS, 5' Q ,ff fl? 3 S, y H ' A- QS i v1qf'f, f'V5f:W ,-f5"1J - - " w , . J- 'IS , f f '+ V ',f',': :,s:.'5E T :I '1rs?'f23" ' mf-.W ,,, . . ,Q - -f . if f Q gr if fi S gg g - wwi A ' .fl - ,L I yn-x.xg I 41" A +V 5 A ' - iw ,. fn,-'M ' .wfifgfyx - .P ,Hf2,1.Qq 2: 'F -'fi k-'k ,1 .ff,,,,s, - if ,, F' L ' ' P L 'I , V , ' ' L A I v . fx , , FQ , ' ' Q.. ' 7 - ,. Qugffwfi F ZQQEFZ1 21 . R321 EM, , g ym N K W ' k ff. - 3 f , ik-, --ffA- wiv.: v 5515",QM:w,ww-.,i -N 75 VL A , K , Wk M . W ,, I V.mWWA In .mw,5.,,,..,,,,,Q., -' JK 14 L, -- fy.:-, ap ,gy fx . wf' li ..w'i'Ge' f V -'f-' 5 5 g,, - ' - X ,,,. W yyyy M - 'ii4j,4212 7i51w isksgvf- -F' , I " 'M-1 Ma V' " ' A ' Lwfm iw A - VI J i gk-ws ' ,' A , --, Q ,, L A,,,A. , V W W , isa if f ,h ,, HJR n n, . aniww f gi f 1 55 ' ii , V . -fffs, ' 1' W'-A. I V ,f 5ea"' N gk L' 'L We 1-,1wf"?ff?, , iff" 4355 .--.-N, K my 7 ki? ,. R --A . ? Q K My 2 'K1fz?fsg"?fsEE,g 5 avg , - A fig if L' I - , fl.- ,,,, , ,,.. In Jig! ffliglg,QQsgf,QQ,45Mg,g,gLQ,Qg55,.fj-K:fvffriglfgwzf5swgf3gszmvzzszzrszss,f eff:-1 Q ,.,Qm , qs .1nw,5zS7fig,g -W ,Y g,sKgvgJ5gg,g gjm. ,wg ,,. " b-ff, ,...,,. . Y A , zffsfflfyfflsig. -, .- f f A Iii, siS?lfif' ' ' 3 . Q, 5: JUNIOR-SENIOR BANQUET Q fu, xx, Toastmaster, L. G. Cash I on, and Toastmisfress, Peggy Greene, presiding at the Junior-Senior Ba nq ue? at the Starmount Forest CounfryClul::, Greensboro, N . C . , April 26, 1957. .Xi :V ff I WY ., gig 3.1 M. LINDA SHEPPARD, Chiefg BARBARA MASHBURN BREN DA M OWER EONARD MARSHALS '-1lw"iN" KENNHH CRAVEN SAWYER JUDY ' REBECCA BEANE, GLENDA DRYE fins I. Q' ' 5 'fi W I ' ip, ul' K, 5 EQ' 5. sf. ff' fi?fff2sYQiu A ff. 2 :ww 'w , ""--4-.....,4,,. an-.,:' , . :5L, E A M ,f ,f"'i:Q'-' M V -P ws , L. 5 , A 2. is In " ' Y fy 1, ,Q Q any A , fnZ. gsm ll MW'-imma-N R :gas-5 GEORGE SLAYDON, ALDEAN TOLBERT PEGGY CHAMBERS, RONALD HOWLETT "Most Friendly" "Most Likely To Succeed" SENIOR SUPERLATIVES Y yr. . K- 4 I-A - ll U5-'W ' f MJ? YVONNE WILLIARD, DAVID SHEFFIELD TOMMY JOHNSON, KAT HICKS "Best Personality" "Beg Afhlefey' ,G ., ,l,:w,ff'wS"5 'W 1 - 'z 'f?E:3?'l 'S 'N .lk L. G- CASHION, PEGGY GREENE BOBBY JACKSON, DARLENE DEATON " Best Leaders" "Most Sfudious" SENIOR SUPERLATIVES Y? ' We ,L . . - -A:' f BETTY MACQN, RICHARD OUPHANT "Most Dignifiecln ROBERT JOHNSON, PATSY ROYAL "Most Popular" af' 1 J! ig. -.,,,, 252 JUDY BYRD, KENNETH LAWSON ANNIE LAURIE MCCUISTON, DONALD ELDER "Most Cour'reous" "Best All Around" SENIOR SUPERLATIVES L ai J 1 ' if I Q5 il.. .5-j za gi V -f 1 9 . IIA yi ' I 5 I tg? l E NEAA l AAAA A AAAAA if ' I: 'I fffv I JERRY DANIELS, LAVONNE BESHEARS "Best Looking" FRANCES DULA, EDWIN SECHREST "Best Dressed" JUDY BROWER, RICHARD HALL "Most Miscl'1levous" LINDA INGRAM, HOY YARBOROUGH "Most Dependable" SENIOR SUPERLATIVES .,....-.10----e ,,.,...------- 2,,,...- Q-""" ,....--4' .,,,....-- ,,.,.--ve' ,.,.-v""' ...fa-" MATTIE ANN ROUTH, RONNIE HILLIARD "Most Original" BARBARA RICH, DARRELL JOHNSON "Most Talented" - ,ww vi' ,f , r AM A' 1 JERRY DANIELS and EDWIN SECHREST Ad Champs BUS DRIVERS DAVID SHEFFIELD "f1fI'I 3 'Bm HOY YARBOROUGH JERRY FOLWELL KENNETH HILL CLYDE ROBERTSON RICHARD OLIPHANT v I67 ' , I . Y I I I, 5-IK NSIQM, Q, .I R ' gflwag Qyyifw F21 Bgiizfw mf , , ' f YQ I JERRY DANIELS TOMMY GADDY CAFETERIA PERSONNEL AND CUSTODIANS .- 3, at yd -, . , ig, I C7 R MQ j MRS. RUBY CLIFTON Left to Right: Mrs. Iola Robbins, Mrs. Bessie Blair, Mrs. Edna Meechum, Manager Mrs. Bertha Pace, Mrs. Anna Ingram, Mrs. Mae Stover, Mrs. Della Blair. Y I Mi .MJD Left to Right: Mrs. Emory Kearns, Mrs. Ruth Dobbins, Mrs. Ruth McKinney, Mrs. Jessie Younts, Primary Cafeteria Personnel. fm MR. RICHARD INGRAM MR. and MRS. SHELLEY WELBORN MR. DAVID BLANKENBECKER and Primary School Custodian MR. EMORY KEARNS P. T. A. OFFICERS 5 if' 1 J' Left to Right: Treasurer, Mr. E. B. Crowsong Second Vice President, Mr. W. H. Howlett, President, Mr. Pete Kennedy, First Vice President, Mr. Colon Hurley, Secretory, Mrs. Luio Lewis. BAND BOOSTERS Left to Right: Mrs. Jewel Watson, Secretary-Treasurer, Mr. B. W. Hcithcock, President, Mr. J. W. Shore, Vice President. we , is , V L A : ::7 1 , , ' W . 'fa V' gg ,f J Netiwing new is leit but rncdiestici rnemefy ' iongieiicvw YEARBOOK STAFF SNAPSHOTS N4 Y .K j , vi' I ii , uv!! , 5 'V A, , 114 i f . ' - ' ' W vf V. m - " - '-. fs-fax, 2. q.1',',. , f' 'N fy-W-. V ' 'ffm 552111 , . Q i 9 5 Q fu- i , ' at i ' v xjfw A , f ' A . -. liz-3, ,L s F Za' :N u ' 55. P 1, ww - N . tw ' ' " tt ' M - A ,L gs ' , - ww if K, f 'X -J' ' 'Q' 'L ff ,, ,api ff ef, ,W . 40' Whol do you advise? Work - Work - Workl vf COPY 'O be Wfmen one fYPed 990 l '11 and We ate and talked about the yearbook 999'f'- layout. - - -nn lu , T 'K " x i ,x f Business manager and advertising manager 1959 Edhcrwqgfrs 'U our Business Manager 'elcx' that his class will top them all. uv va Ahl One more drop and then back to work. The task is completed at 3:30 A.M. N1 xx ,aw K Sleep, sweet sle epl xxx 'If' BOGSTER ADS I 4 1 I MR. AND MRS. I.K. PURYIS MISS HALLIE GILBRETH - PIEDMONT INSURANCE AND REALTY CO I MR. AND MRS. HAROLD CREASY FREEZER LOCKER, INC. A FRIEND I LEE J. YOUNG, JUSTICE OF PEACE . MR. AND MRS. B. vv. CAUSEY MELELLANS STORES MR. AND MRS. JAMES R. SWIGGETT BYRUM CLEANERS S LAUNDRY ' PFC. AND MRS. EARL TYNER MR. ARDENAL HANEY : MRS. DONALD BOWDEN MRS. MARGARET GIJADSTONE MRS. CORALEE BRILES ,, MR. AND MRS. A. D. EARLY MRS. RUTH SCOTT I MR. AND MRS. EDWARD E. HUSSEY MRS. S. O. FEERLES I MR. AND MRS. DONALD LOMAx 5 MR. AND MRS. C. G. POWELL I MR. AND MRS. G. E. KINNEY A FRIEND I 'ITHE THREE STABS" I MR. AND MRS. J. M. MORGAN 1 II l 1 I Y :x:xFI2iDEE?a:E.:KXi2iE?-Txx:Tl ' Wholesale and Retail Groceries Feeds and Seeds ,I 118-120 North Wrenn Street if Phone 9776 I K. Compliments of JOE SHORE SERVICE STATION South Main Ext. ' Phone 5-5522 'I 'I 'I 0 'I G N 'I 0 'I ::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::i if EuRY's Auto REPAIR II 229 Dorothy Street Compliments of ' 'I It 0 'I I 'I 'I ft Repairs on all Makes and Models IZISOBEL :ARBER SHOP , I All Work Guaranteed on Wrenn Street I -::::v.::::::::::::::::::::: - -:: 4,-:::::::::::::::::::::::ffrfrv :J I ::x:'::::::::::::::::::x:::: ::::x5::::::::::::::::::x""A'TTT II LAMB HEATING COMPANY ARCADE BEAUTY SHOP jf fi "Your authorized H. C. Little Dealer" "Specializes in all Beauty Work" 'I jf 2215 South Main Street Myrtle Daniels, Owner I: If Phone 2-2011 201 N. Main Street :E "-,,x,,.,,,:::,,,::::,:,:,::::: ::::x:::::xf::::::::: xxq ll' FURNITURE CITY GULF Compliments of 1: Q: 211 south Main JAMES E. BEESON I :E 24 Hour Service Wrecker Service LEON V. ARI-EDGE If Operated by TOBY G. WARD E'-.'if1'tC"1'! !fz'1f1S9r1 Q-.513-. MSMQHQQ ,,,3E2!i'?.B:,iQ'i'2iL,:,- I if:::55I73ET5'3'7559350551593195'1 "2UIQ'Il1Q'ISfLLE'5E,QLI'rXQ 'SQQQQQQW I I :'fCl:?' Ronils Operated by Mrs. Mary Oakley IE U O' Ire' I 6 4, I Archdale, North Carolina Trinityftgorfh Carolina 5: , ,xo,Eb2Q2,fi1Z.PLZfi25iQQL,,- mx:J.-:::::xmx::::::::fa' ELWOOD GROCERY gf Western Meats, Fresh Produce, " Groceries Compliments of I Phone 7-4259 A FRIEND gi Archdale, North Carolina 3 AAAAA M AAAA if L ::f::ff::-:::::::-x:-fffff--x - A: if: ---'- :H -"' .I Compllmenfs of Compliments of I' 1: ARC HDALE MATTRESS COMPANY A FRIEND , if -I 'I ..... ..... , ,,,,,,,,, ,::::.-.A.-f.-::::.-:fx:::--:- - --:- - - - I :T ,,v, .,.. EI Compliments of 1: STYLE-CRAFT SAMPLE COMPANY B 8. W UPHOLSTERING, INC. Manufacturers of Upholstered Furniture 701 Ward Street Phone 6517 High Point, North Carolina It 'I It 'I 'I 'I 'I 'I 'I 3 F:::::::::::::::::::::::.-.-: -::::.r, 'I I l -::----x-x---------------------I t---------:-:--:-::::::f::::f:ff:C:-T MORWS TERQg,5uf-ALQT CONTROL ' PAUL'S MANUFACTURING CO. if 'l Com l te Servi --Free lns ecti n ll Wholesale only i' :I P e cf P O It 317 Oak Street Phone 8-8266 I :I N. C. Sl'Gl'e LIC6l'lSe NO. 147 High point., North Carolina I SOUTH MAIN CROWN SERVICE I :I 'I ll 700 South Main Street Compttments ot: I High Pom' Nggtgtcafolina 5 LIBERTY SUPER MARKET t one I: I -::::::::,.- -:-::::::::::::: ff fffit ' BAKERTOWN GROCERY 1 'I Gas-Groceries-Fresh Meats I I 1: "Our Business is Pleasing You" C0mPl'menl5 of ' 1: Baker Road Phone 8-6518 t A FRIEND I 1' High Point, North Carolina tt lf I :::::"av:CCCCCCCCCCCCCCCCCCCCCC 'f::::::::C:LA:::::::::::::::::::::-'I It I Compliments of 1: JOHNSON BROTHERS GROCERY i' Route 5, Smith Road I l 'I . TRI BEE LABEL COMPANY 1 High Point, North Carolina I tI Phone 2-4308 ,t 555555555555755555:5555::: :Q L, A:::::::::j:::::::::::::::- J :::::::::::::: ffff-JP t-::---:--ff:::::x -' fe:-fffffff I If CAROLINA CLEANERS COmPllmel'1TS Of 1' Expert Cleaning Service I .t lj High Point, North Carolina fl wx:A:A:::AAAAAAAAAAAAAA.-:::::::3 "-::::::-:::--:----------------M-4' 1. SOUTHLAND BEDDING I Compliments Of Ii jf Manufacturing-Box Springs-Mattresses if THOMPSON.-ART HUR PAVING CO-I lt lj Wholesale to the Public It H'9l'1 Pomlf North CUVOIWC I 'i32l5 South Main Ext.-Archdale, N. C il IIIOMPEUN QI Owned by Howard Johnson I, ' A AAAA I L.:,:::::::::::::,:::::::::::::::::L L- :::::::::::: --A- - ----- J ':x:::::::::::::::::xi''xx' Fx'A:x::: Ax'A::::: :x:xxx'l Compliments of AM lO7O H FM 95-5 I4ERN'S TENT AND AWNINO 'I W PE I :E 2227 South Main Stteet 1000 Watts Clear Channel ' lj Phone 2-1313 Phone 3466 I txt- Atmmxmm--: ----x--------------- I: lt t I " Compliments of Compliments of t KAY C HEMICAL COMPANY HILLTOP GROCERY ' 1 1 I 'I 'I L-A ----- -- - -::::::::::- ::: 'I 'I 'I ,B f "A A "" A ""' I Compliments of QE FOWLER-WALKER FURNITURE REPAIR 'I Trinity, North Carolina 'I 'I 'I I-,:-- --A--------A---------A---A - - HUNTER COAL 8. OIL COMPANY High Point, North Carolina Coal-Oil-Furnace Installation Phone 2-3366 ' I BARGAIN FURNITURE COMPANY "Quality Furniture at Bargain Prices" 'I 'I 'I TAYLOR SERVICE T301 South Main Street High Point, North Carolina Phone 696I I-- - :::::::::::::::::- .-::: ' Compliments of t CAROLINA BARBER SHOP I1 IO5 West Washington Street 'I Compliments of DIXIE SODA SHOP 8I3 North Main Street Phone 2-47IO 2-f--:f ff -' fr:-:efsr-'-':: -'rv' -'cf ::::' 'I 'I DIXIE SUPPLY 8. SALES CO., INC. 'I Upholstery and Draper Fabrics and Supplies Compliments of CYPRUS RESTAURANT T09 W. Washington Street High Point, North Carolina 214 N. Main St. Phone 7073 HI LLIARD 8. SON JEWELERS Serving High Point Since T907 Repairing of the Better Kind I I DICK CULLER'S M---A------A-----ssxese- :el 1 " ' OTDELLS GRILL Fine Food-Friendly Service ' All Varities of Sandwiches ' Plate Lunches hw A,-QRFII,R'FP9.PI1'-f"I'i'T?Q?' .,A,,A I LL- ........- A.-A--- ---- : : ::.-:::::::: I HIGH POINT LAUNDRY, INC. 228 North Wrenn Street Phone 2-3325 ' ' 's HERRXRB 'IQIoto'R Efoivirkiiiv II Auto Parts-Indian Motorcycles QUALITY BEAUTY S HOP " "We need your head in our business" IOO V2 N. Main Street Phone 4653 II Hardware and Sporting Goods If Evinrude Outboard Motors It Phone 6252A AA!-AA A QT:'A:'A:'-::::'A::::::: "'7""" ' QE DAR-LEE, mc. 1: Fashions For Ladies If 825 N. Main St. Phone 2-4225 :I High Point, North Carolina MUSIC AND ART CENTER Everything For the Musician 432 North Wrenn Street v--ev-11 Compliments of T. Ro GREENE BARBER SHOP A 8. F FOOD STORE 1201 Fairfield Road Phone 8-8191 ,,:,,,,,,,,:,,:,,:,,,,.-,,.-:,:,,,..,1i I GRIFFIN GULF 500 South Main Street High Point, North Carolina In Memory of BILLY RAY BYRD e::: -::::::::::::::.-::::: ::.-- SNOW STUDIO 8. CAMERA SHOP Portrait, Commercial 81 Aerial Photos 206 North Main Street High Point, North Carolina REID'S BEAUTY SHOP 325 Foust Street High Point, North Carolina ZACK'S GROCERY Fresh Meats-Produce Groceries 705 Fairfield Road Phone 7-6287 Phone 7079 CAROLINA TOOL COMPANY Distributors Cornwell Quality Tools 811 N. Main St. Phone 5989 I'1'1LiS1H19l.LQQIEA -S3Qf999- EQQLRWQQE Compliments of ALLEN JAY GROCERY Q: .... Compliments of A FRIEND A I ::::::::::::::::::::::- :- ,I Compliments of ELLINGTON'S GRI LL Compliments of PARK-IN-ESSO 200 English Street Compliments of JACOB'S MEN SHOP Compliments of STONE 120 1f2 South Main Phone 6-6462 PROCTOR'S GROCERY Junction of 610 and 62 Home of Fine Foods Compliments of WELBORN TIRE SERVICE SAMPLE SHOE STORE 119 North Main Street High Point, North Carolina Shoes for The Entire Family ANN'S BEAUTY SHOP 512 Cross Street Phone 6-6298 High Point, North Carolina I Ii: ::::: ::::::::::::::::::::::- -Y vvvv.-....-. ..v....v...., - nl, 'I RING HARRIS PHARMACY Prescriptions a Specialty 122 North Main Street High Point, North Carolina A FRIEND REX BARBER SHOP 310 South Main Street High Point, North Carolina Star Brand Shoes Adam Hats Lee Riders S. ROBINOWITZ 110 East Washington Street T'wmE2E1L1if22E?ZS?'Tm EDNA'S BEAUTY SHOP 310 Hayworth Avenue High Point, North Carolina ,,::,,,Eh22e,fii,QQZ::,,,L 6 LESTER'S JEWE LERS out I mw- xx S bx,...,,,c-2 JEWELERS ::::::::.-::::::: ::::::::::.-::.-y HIGH POINT F., C. X. South Main Street High Point, North Carolina Compliments of RU BY'S JEWE LERS, INC. 159 S. Main Street EE High Point, North Carolina lu-YYQf9bf-25 ...A Q If'."1'3'10IS ..,A !?W?I'Y -----A----A-------A-::.-:v :g Compliments of C 8. S SAND COMPANY High Point, North Carolina Phone 7-6810 EE sour:-:EASTERN Moroa, INC CHARLES STORE "AIways First Quality" If Lincoln Mercury I' 1601 S. Main Street Phone 6969 1, WILLIARD'S GROCERY QQ Route 4 Phone 6-3638 I' High Point, North Carolina DIXIE SHOE SERVICE 211 N. Wrenn Street High Point, North Carolina Leather Craft Purses -----U-----A------------,,,,QI Compliments of CITY SHOE SHOP BURTNER FURNITURE COMPANY Household Furnishings 900 East Green Street RODDEN FURNITURE STORE Phone 6447 South Main St. Ext. High Point, North Carolina 11 COMMERCE STREET BARBER SHOP 119 East Commerce J. E. Reid, Owner WARREN'S RADIO 8. TV SERVICE 609 S. Main St. Phone 5911 High Point, North Carolina 4, -------- ------ : ::::::::::::::::: :::::,- .-::::::::- :: ....... - ...... -1 "Do unto others as you wouId have them do unto you." A FRIEND HILLIARD MOTOR COMPANY Expert Body Repairs-Painting 3503-B South Main St. Ext. HEPLER FRAME SHOP Manufacturers of Furniture Frames TeIephone 6-8195 Route 4, High Point, N.C. Phone 6-2784 High Point, North CaroIina SAMUEL HYMAN JEWELRY GIFT SHOP 136 S. Main Street Phone 5239 AAHQh?QWLbhHhSQHUmAA KIDDIE KORNER 169 South Main Street "High Fashions for the High School Crowd." DELUXE DINETTE 114 W. RusseII Street High Point, North Carolina Phone 8987 RED'S BARBER SHOP 217 Commerce Street "If your hair is not Becoming, Becoming to see us" CECIL'S OFFICE EQUIPMENT CO. 304 South Main Street High Point, North Carolina Phone 2-6121 -----v--------------- ---fp PHIPPS BEAUTY SHOP 428 Friddie Street High Point Phone 6-2420 wif? f ?lMEEVFiDNEiri1Ef:x HEATING, INC. 1915 English Street Phone 3241 A A A A A'i'9bA I'?L'1f1A NQWFAQQSQIJ 99A A A -.-::::::.-.-::.-::::.-.-::::::::::::::e, BEESON HARDWARE Hardware-Sporting Goods High Point, North Carolina JIMMIE'S BARBECUE Pork Loi ns OnIy 29 and 29-A English Street Phone 7140 Jimmie TaIton, Owner xx x xx :xl Vx: :xxxxxxx ' T ' Compliments of L it ComEEh:l2TJE5fARE ARC HDA WI LSON JEWE LERS 1, E Archdale, North Carolina 1 1 -,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,- J -,,,.,,:,,,,,,,,,,,:,,,,,,,-x- NASH JEWELRY 8. LOAN CO. 127 North Main Street High Point, North Carolina 1 "Nash Saves You Cash" ji A-------A-------::::::::::- ::J Compliments of ARC HDALE T. V. CENTER 11 Radio and T. V. Service ff Phone 5-5240 ,F .,.A. A - -A---A- A A - --+--- A -:::::::::: 4' SHACKLEFORD'S MEN'S WEAR 140 North Main High Point, N0rth Carolina 1, Custom Tailoring-Nunn Bush Shoes E1 e::: ----- .,-.... ----v---- MASTER CLEANERS Expert Cleaning ,, 24 Hour Service If Requested if Dial 5947 2205 S. Main Street TUCKERS GROCERY Q: ji JOHN W. FARLOWE, JR. 1: Bookkeeping-Tax Service-Insurance Rout?-Hgh Point Nor,fhPgZ'::ni213514 31 201 N . Main Street Room 202 ' il il High Point, N.C. Phone 5403 lg 1, -:::: -.-.:::::::::::::::::::::, 4,-:::::::::::::::::::::::::::::-f: ::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::- f::::::::f:::::::E ::::::::::::'-:'-' CAROLINA UPHOLSTERY CO. 1+ BRILEY FURNITURE COMPANY 201 South Hamilton Street High Point, North Carolina Manufacturers of High Quality -,MAF.UfDLf9f9M,,A,,,u, '1 I: Complete Home Furnishings and Appliances 2510-14 South Main Street Compliments of DR. NAT WALKER 5- 1 Compliments of 1: ALDERMAN PHOTO COMPANY " 320 North Hamilton Street 1 High Point, North Carolina ,:::::,::::::::::: l L :::::::::::::::::::::::::::: -:::,,x:,,:,,,, ,, -,,,,,,,,,,,,.,:,,,,.- Com liments of Compliments of 1 Ip ORRELLFUNERAL Home , 1 KEPLI S BAR B QUE Phone 6465 , P one 3021 High Point, North Carolina xx 'xxxxxx Q, x""cQnQf.ii'nQQSfQ1-Qf' Compliments of ' HIATT TIRE COMPANY Q: SUPERIOR DRY CLEANERS 1325 North Main Street In High Point, North Carolina Q Phone 3038 ,..,M.,,EbQQs,.QiQQ,,,,,,x,,, I' " ':::::::::::::':::::::x::' x: MI if BRovvN's SHOE SERVICE FIVE POINTS MOTOR COMPANY Quick and Prompt Auto Repairing Greensboro Road Phone 2-2176 It ..... -- ..... ....A....... - --A----- I: Since 1924 Phone 4313 I Complete Shoe Service QE 208 E. Washington Street If:5T22lTHQxx::xx::::::::'A5QQi'LQ:"I If BRANSON HOLLAND jr Phone 3-3526 1: Driveways-Sandrock-GraveI 'I SPRINGFIELD GROCERY Route 4, High Point, North Carolina Phone 8-4863 J. C. Cox, Owner I 47- - - - ---------AA+ ---- : :::::: A:: 5'mxxXfEsi:Ei5:EEXDi?336137777 I 1505 English Street If Specialize in All Beauty Work ' Phone 4398 Ruth Oliphant JARRET STATIONERY COMPANY Our 57th Year L :::::::::::::::::::::- I BEL-AIRE DINETTE Home of Good Foods 1507 English Street High Point, North Carolina WARNER'S TRANSFER 81 STORAGE 135 W. High St.-Day-Phone 4037 Night Phone 2-2930 High Point, North Carolina :::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::J r- ,v.... ..--- - v ..vv-- ---v - -- ff CLARK'S ART WOODCARVING co. . 1411 Tryon Street ' Phone 6910 Bill Mullins, Manager Compliments of LOWE'S PHARMACY Archdale, North Carolina I ? ...A.-------AAA --::::::::::::::-- GRIFFIN UPHOLSTERY I Manufacturers of Living Room Furniture High Point, North Carolina Compliments of HORTON FURNITURE COMPANY L :::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::J :::::::::::::::::::::::::::::4 KIRKMAN'S GROCERY 305 Fairfield Road 1: Groceries-Fresh Meats-Produce 1: Phone 6-2503 I g::::::::::::::::::::::::f:::::::' ARTIE'S FLOWER SHOP ,, Arrangements-Corsages :. Funeral Design :E Dau-I soso smith Road 'I U I In In U 0 TOWN'S END FURNITURE EXC HANGE And Auction Rooms Antiques-Novelties E ss.As 524 ff?X'15Ff'fi.'-QWP?f E,sss , TURNER UPHOLSTERY COMPANY 2400 English Street High Point, North Carolina 0 , 1 4 r 4 i E. E. YOUNTS, INC. ii1iiHEEiE'RES:5FKiiENTliV:HTEHT ll il SCHOOL BUS DRIVERS If :E David Sheffield, Hoy Yarborough, 51 U If Jerry Folwell, Kenneth Hill, Jerry ll General Building Contractors if Dan l e ls' Clfde Roberlfonl Tomml' llCommercial Industrial Residentaljv ll Gqddy' R'cl'G"d Ollpllcnl' " ll 4: lu 1 ll 'lf lllA!lIllIll lllllllltl uh H ' , an -1? -S H H-H. if my ll 1 ,V.:,: :-.-,:::::,,:::,, l L ::::::::::::::::-'::f:f J F- fxffxf' , 4+ I li ll If CLOVERLEAF SU PER MARKET l Compliments of l' I' 'r 1, li "Finest Quality at Lowest Prices" ' 1: HIGH POINT FACE VENEER 1' ll l l S , 2020 South Main Street ' ' 1, High Point, North Carolina ll l, -:::: ll':: ':::f::::::::f::::f::::::-'::::-E :xxxx:::xx"::::x:::::'i ix:::x:::'xx::::x:::x:x' xl l' BOYLES WHOLESALE " I' l QE Distributors 5: SHOAF HOME DECORATORS ' l l High Point, North Carolina 'r U I1 Au to Accessorl es-General Merc hand: se 'r Dra peries-Fabrics-Rods E ., Phone 7-6421 5, l H 4 -,:::::::::::::: ::,:A U i l ll:::::::::::::-:::::::::v'::::v':-A:-Afvl Lr- l 4, r ? 1 Compliments of Compliments of i MARSH ARMFIELD LIBRARY C LU B , r L ---- L A::::::::::::: v Axxx' Ai 4 ::xx::x:::'-:' I l , KRESS I Compliments of if 1 For All School Supplies ,Q S. H. KRESS S. COMPANY 'l -,,xxx,,,,,,,,,,.,,,,,,..,,,.., 'r if Compliments ot ll WRIGHT'S CLOTHING STORE ll T26 North Main , High Point, North Carolina HIGH POINT QUICK LUNCH In T08 East Washington Street l r l - l ::.-.-::.-:.-:: :::.- :::.- .-:::::.-:v 1 Compliments of I, MR. AND MRS. SAM MOORE 1: I1 Route 4 Box 37-B 1: l l 4 1 J, -,::,::- :::,::::: ,::,J I 'I 4 C:':::::" "::':::" ::::,C':' VCC" "':::: :CCL :C '-:::q1 ' 3C ft ' PIEDIVIONT ELECTRIC 1- , 1' Compliments of ' REPAIR CO. , INC. ROBB 4 Established 1936 , , I: PLUMBING 8: HEATING CO. Ig 205 Pine Street ' ' ' High Point, North Corolino , . . . 4 Telephone 3225-3226 5: High Point, North Carolina llvvv555:ffiffififffffififffii A755 kv-355353535555 333555555573 JI fr:3:-:::::f--:fx:::::::::::f:-T: 1 if--ff: I HIGH POINT CANVAS SHOP ff W. L. Snider, Owner I If Awnings-Furniture Pads-Truck Covers It Bar-B-Q-Steaks and Country Ham if 334 vv. Burton sf.-eef-Phone 4306 Phone 8-6335 . , Res. 2112 Baltimore Drive I Phone 7-7348 1 High Point, North Carolina .1 High Point, North Carolina 1 1 ARCHDALE-ou co. , I: BOREN CLAY PRODUCTS CO. 5, Kerosene-Gas-Fuel Oil I ' Phone Greensboro BR 4-6353 Archdcle, North Carolina t II Pleasant Garden, North Carolina I Phone 2-2220 1' 'L J: A:::,.f:- 4, v 1 Compliments of I Compliments of I COCA COLA BOTFLING CO. . REDWINE HARDWARE ,:::::::.- .- ::::: ::::::: .-::::.-:Q 'I In 1 I I I 1 '1 'I 1 I 'I Ir I1 '1 I HEDGECOCK LUNIBER CO. Beniamin Moore Paint Curtis Woodwork Johns-Mansville Products 1 1213 Ward Street Phone -2'-4101 L ,.... Test Drive A New Ford At ENGLISH MOTOR COMPANY, INC. 201 East Washington Street High Point, North Carolina I wxmm:m' xmmmx: wx , ::::::::::'A::::::::::::::' A A A ' Complete Cleaning and Laundry Service 1, N'S Compliments of jg 1670 English Street Phone 4501 A I mm Z I :::::::::::::::: A ET ::::::::::::::: :::::4':::::f:::::::::ff: A-Afffff Complimenfs Of ROSE FURNITURE CO. , INC. 214-216 Willowbrook Street 1 5...-f x Complete Home Furnishings Free Parking Air Conditioned 1 xx' 1mm::E mifflfslli'-I5fl2T1I'fEA5:::::: Agent , Southland Life Insurance Company 1 ELLINGTON S FLORIST ,50 Church wee, We Give S 81 H Green Stamps A-HI9lIAE?I'1I' North Carolina I South Main Street Extension Com Hmems of 11 High Point, North Carolina L' G. 8m Il?-'OFFER' INC.: 1 'I '1 '1 L:,,- -,,,, fyx 0 ,- Vx go ,ffl F RKROWEK L A ,lNC. ,C a,:,,,:,,:, ,C 3 :c:,:..,4,x, WMQ1 ' 41 II li 1 P 1 'I I I c 1' f fbi? tlantl Dist ' utor I omp 'ments O :is , E, I I WHITEHOUSE BARBECUE :I , A r ield Road 1, ' I I P 6 7253 , if g 2312 south Main sneer II P e Fuel OH II I High Point, North Carolina vi etered Service 1+ Phone 64-46 :I Gasoline and Motor Oils " ii' l 2 A--:ee--::::::::::::::::::- c ::::::::::: I'::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::: 'Tl f' ':::::::::::::::::::::'-'-:::: I T- V- SALES 3' SERVWE' 'NP 35 I PIERCE INSURANCE AGENCY I 735 N. Main ' gf .1 Hospital, Group Insurance, Fire, R C A Victor 31 Dumont Automobile and Life Insurance It Color T.V. now on Display I Service by Factory Trained Men 1: 118 1f2 West Washington Street 1. EI High Point, North Carolina I Phone 2-4191 :I :I :' :::::x:::::::::x:::::P' ' x' ' 'I Vx' SNIDER PRINTING CO, 8: I ' ' . KENNED O L . . CRACE FLOWER SHOP - Y ' C0 ' 'NC EE Complete printing Service and I High Point, North Carolina " High Points Leading Florist Phone 3027 il Phone 3242 Phone 4085 If If 510 N. Wrenn Street 11 I "Crown Petroleum Products" I Corner Wrenn 8. Howell 1: :I ::::::::::::::::::e::xx :ees C-:ee ::::::::::::::::::f.--:e Ax-.A fr :::::-jf 1T::::::::::: ------- -'ff - ---- - - - - - A I I I ED SMITH SEPTIC TANK Co. I HAUSER'S WEE WASH-IT I + ' 413 Prospect Street Installing-Repairing-Pumping I 1+ Complete Laundry Service ,L if Phone 2-2429 . Rugs and Furniture Cleaned II EI Ed Smith Ranch Drive :I iI :E High Point, North Carolina L,,,,,, ,,,,i 1L,,,,,-:,,,,,c,,:,,,,,,,,,,,v I 'I ' Compliments of I I J. 8: H SIGN CO. I RAY'S TIRE SERVICE II For All Sign Needs :L Recaps New Tires A I . -I 2906 South Main Street I H2 S Hom' Ton Street Phone 2-2629 I I 1 .-.-::::::::::::::, 4, :::::::::::::: , f:::::::::::: -I r -fffffffffffff-ffffffi 1 Compliments of GRIFFITH GLENN T. WILSON , OFFICE EQUIPMENT OO. D V QQZNSCGM 1 O I 792 North Main Street :I Represenlallves of 1 High Point, North Cdrolinfr b LIFE INSURANCE COMPANY I ' ' OF V1 RG I NIA "Royal Typewriters" Phone 2-4368 , I' 904 N. Main Street ::::::::::::::::, L :::::::::::::::::::::: ' 1 I I I I Z 4 Dam 3 'gan , Compliments of I General Contractors I if I I ILINOALE DAIRY CORPORATION I Box E 1905 QI Q: I -4, I 'I 131 W. Lexington Avenue High Point, North Carolina IC I High Point' North Carolina :f5:::::J::::::JJJJ555:35 4525! z': 555:55:5555555:3!3:f55 -:id T JIJJJJJJJJJJJJ-756555553 JI:-'1 9: fffiffiiiffifffff- -'Y 1' GILBERT E. MARSH I I Tax Consultant Nu, I I 4oO Vine Street ' lffhfffilglflfmi High Point, North Carolina ,f if I: mfmi :I Call 7172 for Appointment 1: :I ""II'!f """'m I L,,,,,,,,,,,e,,,,,,e,,,,,ee,,e :eww 'Lxee ,,,,,,e1l,,,, AYLOR'S ESSO SERVICE Expert Lube Washing Polishing Wheel Baiancing Road Service Phone 2-2310 2114 South Main High Point, North Carolina MERCURY BARBER SHOP 268 S. Wrenn l High Point, North Carolina "lt Pays to Look Weil" Wade-Frank-Harvey I, -f----v- A --.. ..f.... Compliments of M m Of "' e my QUALITY SHOE STORE J. B. TURNER 137 South Main Street LYN-MAR CAMERA SHOP l JONES E550 SERVICE 706 E. Green Street Cameras. Eilms Photo Supplies Telephone 2-3217 Kodak Finishing Fast Service I' Complete one Stop Service xx.-, E,,,, Compliments of WHAT -A- BURGER til WHAT -A- BURGER 42 'r li 'r ' JOE H. SMITH Smith and Greenwood Veneers High Point, North Carolina 1 ll li 4+ 1 L ::: 'f:,4-::::Q::::: MITCHELL SEPTIC TANK SERVICE Phone 7-6187 8-8765 704 Fairfield Road High Point, North Carolina Compliments of AMOS HOSIERY, INC. Established 1916 COLUMBIA FOOD MARKET "World's Best Meats" 2112 S. Main Street High Point, North Carolina TURPI N ELECTRIC CO. 1600 English Street High Point, North Carolina For All Your Electrical Needs Phone 3016 C. DGWITT HOLTON 817 South Main Street "Quality Furniture and Carpets Phone 3791 HURLEY'S GROCERY Staple Groceries and Meats Phone 3-5619 Highway 31 1 ALLEN JAY BEAUTY SHOP 1007 Fairfield Road Phone 8-8291 MITCHELL'S OIL COMPANY 706 East Green Street For Dependability See MITC HELL'S OIL COMPANY 1 1 1 I HILL 8: ENGLISH TIRE CO. Recapping and Vulcanizing DI P-N-EAT DRIVE-IN Home Style Cooking I Corner of Highway 3ll 8 62 at English Gulf 712 South Main Street P. O. Box 288 Phone 2-T428 Phone 7242 1I A:::::::::::::::::::::: DAIRY NIAID GRILL Best Wishes . . FountaIn ServIce I I Sandwiches I GRAY s JEWELRY French Fries , Archdale, North Carolina Ice Cream and Shakes 1 Curb Service or Counter 1 1, -::::::::::::::::::::::::: I CAROLINA AUTO GLASS CO. IE Door Regulators and Glass Channels 'I Q Phone 6002 ' T08 V2 S. Hamilton Street High Point, North Carolina PAUL B. MYERS Bulldozing-Grading Fish Pond and Road Building Jackson Pond Road Rou Phone 8-8547 High Point, North Carolina te4 Lu- -----AAA---A--AA-A--- U- I fr ---- -1 Compliments of HIGH POINT CHEMICAL NIEG. I COMPANY, INC. Compliments of WESTERN AUTO ASSOCIATE STORE Corner Main 8E English L::::: -vc-- PEOPLE'S TIRE SERVICE Kelly-Springfield Tires Customized Recapping 221O S. Main Street BEAUTY NOOK 341 1X2 S. Main Street High.Point, North Carolina Phone 4393 Dot Walker-Owner ARTHUR'S PHARMACY Prescriptions 1248 South Main Street High Point, North Carolina GENERAL FINANCE CO. Auto Loans 131 N. Hamilton Street Phone 2-9169 SOUTHERN WELDING AND NIACHINE SHOP Portable Welding Equipment Fabrications and Erections of Steel Bulldozing, Basement Digging, and Grading Phone 3981 or 6-8295 High Point, North Carolina Compliments of SILVER KNIT HOSIERY IVIILLS, INC. High Point, North Carolina --J Compliments of ALBERTSON AUCTION 320 South Wrenn Street High Point, North Carolina ---Ai Compliments ot GENERAL STEEL, INC. 1417 Tryon Street "Get an Education in Thrift" by Shopping BELK-BECK CGMPANY ALLEN JAY BETA CLUB "AIlen Jay's Highest Honor Society" MARSH FURNITURE COMPANY Manufacturers of Fine Furniture Since T906 Mangum Avenue High Point, North Carolina W. E. LINTHICUM 81 SON 406 Tomlinson Street High Point, North Carolina Phone 3242 and 5922 SOUTHERN MOTORS, INC. 2100 S. Main Street Phone 2-3375 High Point, North Carolina "Smartest of The Smart Cars" I ----+A-- ,,,,,,, J, 'iQieIiIEoi'ilit'Rtii'o DENTON RAILROAD' COMPANY Connecting High Point, Thomosvi e, on With The Nation "Nothing but Service to Sell" Telephone 4511 High Point, North Carolina HUNTER 84 COMPANY OF NORTH CAROLINA, INC. 1502 South Main Street High Point, North Ccirolinc CLINARD MILLING COMPANY, INC "CompIete Milling Service" High Point, North Carolina 'I In Ir n ' JIMMY MITCHELL, INC. I Veneers h High Point, North Carolina , :WA:::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::: J. W. SECHREST 81 SON Since 1897 5 2 Oxygen Equipped Ambulances CompIeteIy Air-Conditioned Day or Night Phone 2-2555 The Home ofthe Sechrest MutuaI Funeral Association, Inc , 500 N. Main Street 1 High Point, North Carolina if :::::::::::::-::::--::::::::::::::::::- ta CUMBY MORTUARY I FuneraI Home and Chapel Phone 5045 If High Point, North Carolina .Q EE ANVIL BRAND 15 -.. : INC. 1 Angllnlllgnnl.---A,-AAAAA----A--A Where Friends Meetp for fun cmd cz bite to ect CHICKEN THIEF DRIVE IN 8K STAR-LITE SKATING RINK AII Kinds of Sandwiches A Night of Entertainment Plate Lunches Sodas --f-vvv- PILOT LIFE INSURANCE is-.v fl, J L4 7' ' Q ruwr Mouuwn Noam amoumx THE PILOT I 'I ,L I, AUX 1 Q xl -, wr. xi, ji I . M V ,VC ,MW " , , ,I Milf. Il Jw A Q I 1,11 I IDM" L X K . J ,5L.f:.,,,1. 7 Q I 'mf' 'I . 5,11 77g -. QI ' if - f , L EE Y 'ik ' " '- A , .za LM 14 , If "' f .six -11 AV" ' Q I 'E ' H' 5 w-1 ' ,- K -V --W V-W we-Y 'H "' ' , Www f ,fi MM W W4 ? L I I use x ie QQ i res on 1 ii TH W Q is fl 6 Gp 9 A ungkax f ' 'I wif? W MIJW 5 "WW ' Q I 1 v..-..., :::::::::::.-:::::::::r9 L 'r N After the game or while on cm dc11'e,,5aon'T forget we're open late! :l ARCH DALE SODA SHOP f , :QQ W W if fs 4' ' fd fff w If ' M f' 1: Q, X f fi :E ! f ' n E ,, 1 !, Q ' . F U ' Qkxvf-ff My I 4, 'r fr WF 'r J . 1, r N i N31 Hgh y311 Ow D g clBllB wer vi: J -.- .-:.p:::: f.-:::.,:.-::: :: : ,::.-v :rf .,-,::, 5 N 1 4 RCL-A-RINK SKATING ARENA i 'I 'I 'I 'I Largest in the Carolinas I 1E N. Main Ext. 2, Phone 2-6512 :I 'I 'I 'I 'I 'I 'I 'I 'I 'I 'I 'I 'I 'I 'I 'I 'I 'I 'I 'I 'I 'I 'I 'I 'I 'I 'I 'I 'I 'I 'I 'I 'I 'I 'I Group 8. Private Lessons We Cater to Parties ' Open Monday - Saturday 7:30 - 10:00 P.M. Matinee: Satun day 2:30 - 4:30 P.M. Wednesday 4:00 - 6:00 P.M Saturday Morning 9:00 - 12:00 for Children under 12 years old , Ladies Breakfast Club Tuesday Morning 10:00 - 12:00 A. M. CLOSED ON SUNDAY 12 O AW' X 'QQ 'NI M' X X I X 5' SN MMR' itit WV A A A X, X XPP' lu 'T lr 1 1 M Q Ml T 1 T1 Mr f 1 NiQEgMEJEfF5iC'6i::::f QHCCHW''-"H"-""""""' W ' AW RW? EZ? Auctioneers if ft KOONCE FUNERAL HOME 't 1 jf M22 per Hwy. 29 8. 70 W. ll l Ambulance Service lb lf n 165 High Point, N. C. il 1 Phone 4545 if QU! 5l:::3::,-:::::: ::::::- :: '::::::::::::::::::"::::::":::l'5 It MAc's GRILL .g EI Sandwiches and Drinks of All Kinds if ll CROSS ROADS GRQCERY tt 2369 5. Main Street .I tt RFrt-esh5Meats-PrEduEeI5C?r1oceItIiez 4: High Point, North Carolina If OU e lg om ' ' It llA::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::-' 4L'::ffff::::: :::f:::::::::::::' ll fl fl Congratulations to our Friends at if ' Compliments of T jf Allen Jay High School ' Q: A FRIEND ,, .1 RlCHARDSON'S DEPARTMENT Q-R E lv ig .' STORE " R U R l::::::xx::x:xx:x::xxxgt Ex,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,xcxx . 'T B 81 W UPHOLSTERING INC. ll if ' EX lg Manufacturers of Upholstered il il REGEN1 CHINA SUPP LY CEO' if 'T - F . 1' It Food Service-Suppllesand Equipment 1' lw gil 2355 Umllure ct 'l 1' 1807 English Street l A 'T o , 17 War Street If .I ' Q at hRQiDIf,'E'9rt+1 SQf9!i'1q EEEE. 1 Lx, -,,,,El1'Z'lifffl,,,, ,J N R :F :::::::::x::::x:::E'-:L'CENA-:'"""'::x::xx' Axxrf RN T3 l Q it THE BORDEN COMPANY , ,Q F 'EN 4 " . . - ,tj I its TR EER T T ' Q5 ' A 1 ' ll C Olly W EW 'HQ' T'fAff:ff7J2'fl W W Ab :EIL ' T77 7014, 3 fs 1 xy 'q si' Jiittfi ogy 1, , 1 QI Cp Manufacturers of Fine Dairy Products For 100 Years High Point, North Carolina Xxx, sexi 'T lr 'T lu ln ln 'T K xcyzfdfd. f-f zvffcf Q66 flip f ,wif 520 f1f1f'41Zf4?W Q gb U v K ' U , -J X .1 L. Lf, ,-'TJ Lfbfmzff ' E7 ' X N KVM geo! QAM" be i G s fr Cf 7 'AVI E57 'l 1 Il J fp i R QQT V Q5 A Compliments of S nl lx R Vw FURNITURE CITY R :: Y KJ ln , l f R R T 1: f x J l W T MOTEL AND RESTAURANN Q sg 1 X ll . ' . I' . J I 1: xl Yi Intersection of Highways 29-70 and 311 4 E Q0 E if V - 1' - l ll! 1. High Point, North Carolina ' I IQTQE Q I 5 Q Il ' A. , 4, 1 15 3: 5 ,O 4L::::v ::::vi::::::5:: :E T gf:::x::'A:x::'Ax::::::::x''" ":x"":":" 'Tix' win? 1 'l 5 Q T,' i,f, -. A " .s ll A ': f' R if' ' RR It 1 55 ei 'i i i T yrrrr ,ii si eeee e eesse ' t s i i C t s, ss as eees it if ' .T R T :E R' W is ' . R it J g ,' f 51 it s ss s R f 1 iT. s i s ss :I 1: 3 ,, Q J is T 'i :i T 4, 5, A 5 Lg , W A f V In ' OUR PORTRAIT IN 1948 1 ., We were in the second grade. , fl First Row: Darrell Blair, Judy Byrd, L. G. Cashion, Gloria Cox, Betty Sue ll 1: Edwards, Donald Elder, Jerry Folwell, Tommy Gaddy, Peggy Greene, Richard M 11 Hall. Second Row: Katherine Hicks, Ronnie Hilliard, Bessie Hopkins, Robert Ig ft Hucks, Linda Ingram, Raymond Jester, Darrell Johnson, Robert Johnson, Tommy T, ji Johnson, Kenneth Lawson. Third Row: Betty Macon, Ann Morgan, Nancy 1: IQ Morgan, Richard Ol iphant, Barbara Rich, Mattie Ann Routh, Patsy Royal, ,, H ..A... , ..,A -,,Efi'rfi'1 .S35.'1'i93tg,'?f3.Yif',Qbsifi9HI, Hex X'1'PPf9E'9lJ: ,,..,...... if ,L ,. Q. S S. K. i i ll I is l 'n l .Z - S , ,J I L ,fly ,f 4 . - fi ff 2 . 4 if f -- I Lg- Q -MW I Aj N MJEEQ' 12ZLELew5xv cljyf ' .4 4, 1 Q ' ' ,ff 4 I ,z.-wi Q -S L My W aww-UIQ ,M-1X9 1 fd ' ii ' ff ' "' Q 5 ff 1 L . li . Q14 1' ' , 0 ' . 5 jgfad Sc. f 1: 4 -H ' .Ji-'MJ M 4 +I ' - .QQ ' - .-,fifl 'L , ' -ffl ' m , +1 W jf Mjqvbwgy, J QQ . if . 1: SA' , ' .fSfVU'Q'f74LJu- - L WJ lf --M-1-4--4-A--f . fi HELP s E LAST MILE 54,-WJ' C 334.1 4 i ' ' O jk!-J' ' 1 ,M SAY T ANK YOU! of I Q?W,,.,...b :g 44,6 4 if . . .XQiV1u,NN,,,c:f.fJ J H 1 2' l ii E lp I, if Mr. and Mrs. T. R. Greene Mr. and Mrs. W. A. Macon " Mr. and Mrs. L. V. Ingram Mr. and Mrs. N. J. McCuiston I lv V Mr, and Mrs, J, L, C,-U1-his Mr. and Mrs. B. R. Daniels 1: A M nd Mrs. H. W. Yarborough, Sr. MF- Gnd Mrs- G- F- Williams " q or ' 35 51 , Mr. and Mrs. L. H. Rich Mr- and Mrs- Ken Royals Q -,L ' 'eg Mr. and Mrs. L. S. Cox Mr- Gnd Mrs- W- R- Hill ,Y If Mr. and Mrs. J. C. Tolberr MY- and MVS- Ed Suifs ii Mr. and Mrs. Lloyd Brower, Jr. MV- Gnd Mrs- O- C- JOLWISOH s is Mr. and Mrs., W. E. Hicks MV- and Mrs- E- F- Hall 1, i ,E jf . Mr. and Mrs. H. M. Williard Mr- and Mrs- J- D- 5eCl1reS-l 5 N' Mr. and Mrs. H. E. Hopkins MV- and Mrs- R- S- HUCRS 1, 3 oi' gil 'E Mr. and Mrs. B. B. Cranford MV- and MVS- l-- G- Cushion, Sf- jf 5 , dir' ff Mr. and Mrs. Howard Howler? MV- Gnd Mrs- B- K- Edwards 2 1 Mr. and Mrs. G. B. Sheffield MF- Gnd Mrs- R- F- Handy ju T 2 f il Mr. and Mrs. R. T. Chambers MV- and Mrs- F- R- Byrd- ST- If 3 vi Mr, and M,-S, H, J, Mcbe Mr. and lglllrs. H. M. Sechresf '.f Mr. and Mrs. D. B. Dearon Mr- an MVS- 5- M- Bfiif f .57 EL Mr. and.Mrs. A. Dixon Mr. and Mrs. J. B. Oliphant ' A 34" ? Mr. and Mrs. F. G. Beshears MV- Und MVS- E- T- Lawson If ' Mr. and Mrs. H. W., Jester MV- and MVS- W- C- Jackson il Mr. and Mrs. K. L. Rou'rl1 Mr' and Mrs' G' D- 5lGYd0l'l L Mr. and Mrs. A. W. Blair L Mr' and Mrs' W' B' Gaddi' , 4 4 if Q .: SL r 4 -0 fi f f il , L A Cl 1' 4, Xie fUL-!f0EiLWi. ."Z75,AfLVq,'aQ J X CMQQG7 VS-bm L d-bk M L 4: G I S A , . V, -QP. S. S .L-.Lg ff-W v::::f: -:::::::: :::::- -::::- -:::,L J4,,-S Q7 'L as S H A . l AUTOGRAPHS Mffw QM fm - bbyiiigjjygkyjjggkgyp E My A A-Sb cg, A55 ,K Eid? if 336 ,V D 95 ADX eff? Qgfgjqvs 35 X22 QWWMK F0 M2632 WWX5 G Wifi gm Hoi ,Aifwwicqf K ' bgwgxivmvk W 'ufiifw 55? wwwf T7 JW WT Vg' Q Jw find . AWA L f fl GA. I I - C JA Q1 RQJJ v1.uLAL ? ' x.. xg 1-'W-25 """""" f AUTOGRAPJ-IS fM,.M4f - 1gAL4Z ,, V K., -1-,,......--t.. Cjmwgkmdy , Li -JCJCMSJCA ,Lk,.m,0Q9D M 'WNWOQJ NQWP5 QQ .QQWJ llwil fwlfP5QJ -Agfcvfwf ftgwxj gm0Jvgj0mQ' LJQL'-nxj JUG 3,057 4yww abaLpQQAM4mb,3wmw5QfW41slLLQ1QdL I Qwmxgfgzffbt' Qfkwf YDNUQJO f,QLQfVZUlE!Z4J I-wif 1 wWU3fLi4xg12dLfAQ0 zjdQd,MM?g,lQdy1j QLQJ C ,MK , 3343? vfrvxftg CfQLQ,QJZ0wn7xQ-d CQANOQ QQWM W c4l ue 'lbU-C- A Arlcfea- I 1 V D 'X N X56 ' f' ' X ' " - K " I 1 X comm Q xg! , I 3aalNmANAAvENue ,. C ' ' .L 7 wlNsroN-sum N.c. . J Q X Vw Q' Oyfki-fi.: by ,mjw QQ MAmdQQ W QW' V 0 amz, JL. may MC" ' nf ' - , L . GJAIWV wwf ' ' W ,wdjwwlijffww fly, KZ, W RQ W ggi fzigffzf W KM WW' ,651 E452 21:33 WV fall fy Q25-iii Q jf? Xfiafvvcjfvvb 5535? LL Q wgwaef ygwmugywd gig Qgxiiwfw M ,Qi 1141- W7 -L7'f,Z4Mf4f1-4127 in , in-1 Wi, X77 KXQ,,L,f,gI -ZA! . ' ' X RMA, Jqaijif JL vcfwvu W Q W? Ci? QJMMM, mM,fwWJwawyfAMAmn7Mf CL JLLCLJQ ga!! CLAMCQ Qi Vd,uOLALi lic , M jf M517 7 f

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