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Text from Pages 1 - 392 of the 1948 volume:

, I.-Aw,-.-' fs g+Le'.:'e,:e'--T" ' f - u ... ,gn-A-' 4" AU -F' , I ,,. 5 , ,, g'::'.-i':'I'f' -lang --'w with its-H -xv .fur 1-MJ -uv 1 - "A , ' ' Y-1,-:Q rr: , 3 1, ' 1f:v1unlnnuL:::lsuu:"" Q Nu qu' 5 ' Q, 5' :fra - , V., f" J' 5 vig-4i13'1Q1,i '. - ff gzw, V-j5mggHL -HY' "vw f 'za' " " l-'A " Ig -.5257 'Dam - '15 HHH 1 4- I. , LQ. -.15 'f P. .' r - in Q2 'fnfigr 43Q'? '- if ,t - -Q 'TJ 1 I , ' 0 .. 1.. . ....-.. .:... -. it f - -" A Q. , -1 - 1: MQ . .- -'w u f',J, , ,W G.. 4, . X . Hi. :Fit ,il b V .4 pw ,. M.. f.,5-1, .5, H ,.:,w.1. G' K. L w Q 1. .,,.. ,..f. - -. '15 Rf -.t.L,.V 5 Q V. E, -.W 3 - 4..,. ,, I I . 1 v A 3, - , 1 . :Z ' W n , 1 . 5' ,g-at , , ., - -, q .,. , FI' .4r .s - X -Q, V, ,rg 1 V-f+.'1Vi"': ' f-J'-' 'VQ5-' K" fvff dl 2-4114323 -,,,.,z'E5'.IE:-I " -' ' 14 ' V. .1- ,,., I I, A Inv ,fry ' .4 76 , a L ' . I' I ' 4 A ,V- I . . ---.'.-V4-' K' W 51, . , I '-fsgnfsfg. 3,',.,i"' V- ' +1 - , -3.1 ut' I-,jg 0 I . ,L ,VA , L- VN .1 1,7-Jw---V 'PLL Q5-ff i'r , I """ 4 , . '. lv, Q .1 VF' ' I. III,,f,I5j . I "1 " G , 'sin ' ,gm- I II -"Sw If I 2 ,Ip V :QW I A A . 1 we wg'gVfVI. ',g'.m. I if LMP , akffgr-gmt? W fi? , 1 Ff . . om' ... - P I. .IIUL V ..,. I .V ,V mf, . Q-, ,PI .,,. ,.,f,,-: - ' ,q,,-- I ', I, J 5 1- ',,,p-gV,.25"V1 5'-1 -giiiai' Y- if '- , kg: r-'a4,4gQg,-1'IvI.?I,I ' .I-h' ,1' 'JH I. A4 , r ' 1 .K , QV: 9.1 . - I I., f X' , I. X . ., 1 -'z ' VJ' ' ' lc , fv..sV:.p1-J. 1' 'VL - . 1 ,, M V, ,I ,I,IgI II.rfgff:III,1II,I,IIIII II ,, f 1 I ex' ',w'r-.zz ,,Q-F-53. r . x Q t, .. ' ' 1 Q,:2"-- Q4 " ' 1 'VV- A..-,:g'w:w,f7i,-4:15415 1 jp' .'-ff-at.43-l:.'1i,w. , .V V ." ?.5'7,j:m g I-,Qi-iI.I.' -I ' 4' "Jw "?'-T52-iif-f 'P . 1 1 I I II I ,I 'QIIII7-E5 II I . .II.. 25..1'1"f'?f-I i I ' I' QAM" milf" Y Q I. ' ' It I .3 uw., 5,15 1 ' ..f.- ', n 'E T"f:1V: IU, ' ' V v 0195.-1.' Uv' - ' g,, :.,I"'1 55, I - I ,B jfeII'v,-I I Vf AQ 'NV f W. II 4 " 3: if-gif , 1- . ' I , ' 2' '1 g ,. , - ' '- N" '- ' , .EE-f'I'f'II ' ggi- " ' V' PI -'.gf2L-wr V V ' ., w,-2 ' ,. ,, ,, I I II V jg "Sip '1 J 'Vai' 'fix JV- "' ' ' 1,191 Ipy-23, f 3 -V .- , .,-. . - V. , -f ' V. 1-L.-:Ai ,, , - 4':u1'.g ,r ' MVN .V , ,v, -::"'C'iI'7Qf4s'+f'-s'x ',rG"" 2 "ig " ' J? V. .V . - -3,31,3,IgQ:?IIII'gwI: - I , V' V - I !.,flgIEg5,y.-,, .II ' -f,.'-'ff W V11 ' 1 f 4 33,15 I, - z..-,Q .. ,M 4, , V 41 -JY' TJ?-E Sw" ' L l:,',,.'j- ' ' ' ff ' V A f ffl,-5' 'f 1 , , -1 .J- '. rm 'rw 'v ' f' V , ,. -in . ' - '11-.-:"- . In., .If.I .I I I .I"jJff71:- " ' -IV L," Y ' , ., J.. , I,, ,III.II.I Ix.II,x. LI I It I . J,'g,c jII,Ip- ' ' ,. - EL,a'.:,EI1ffj'7'kj'-gf I I : -' J " 61-J . V. f1'f3qk7. ' " 3:f, Vr':..r f, - mf-:,:-','i,f:'f55','-,Mgr '. ' 1 , H 'N-,?'V'f'F7fV:39Z'.f" Biff ' V ,.'al":P.13',k'S? .4-"MV, .,, ..II.V.-..1 ,I,,. I -4 ",",,. ,rw If .2afyEz,g:-gm - '- J 'Trib V45 ?f"57'i'i" ' .Y : ,,,ug5,vf-2:1w'r-,fyg-1:9123-'a.V ' p ", V '5vfL,,.W . - A "7':?fg13Q-ffrfi V'i"75" " ' . fatnw' ffhzau ig' 'QT .girfllf-I"'11v,,T.ffj1 A -4' .V . ,Q 1qiIa1?,52gy2g.5,Vfg.I3g' ' ,, "r1VE':P'!r2'qgC3gq+"g,!'vp11 - .. V- 'hi , 'tI1,..+ :3 Q1v4,aILjIfI:I:I:-I, ,I V 1' IL .I-I, :..f'f1.gI ,mp , I -,I ' -1. wr' 4f.nQ-s5I I ji V ' ' :Q - ,:gIg5I,2fIfTaf.3uI I .f - , -V-,QV 'V Af V-:er.wf35Q' .: V '.f'f":,f' " ."' ,- --'E 4. -IV.-pf-rf - V4 V , . " '-"v',ff..,'f1, " ' 1 . IQ I II, -IIIVIg,sI.I .. " ,ff A.5I,',mf. , . -,-'V ',,f.V - - V' I I.q.I II-.wif Iggy. A V' V, 4,-' 1.74. , , , ,--4-QP V ' IW ,1 gr' rI.I 1 ' -"I, I nf.. It ' -4' " ' f'f'?,.,,L: .,-.hw I-.V V .. ,rg ..Il.'-A :,V. if-A-" .Ing 4' I' ' nLLr53gf1,f.fjjf'-.fqf . V-:uri 'V - , 531.35 'J'y'.I?':j -if -3' -- - - V: '1 . iIII,3jI 9 ,I-,,.-..' If ' 1f'fY,a:'w.,".,TZ'ff1-. V -ff ,, , ,IIIIIAI II I .I I ,J 'J'l'l'Q?'E2VVV .?Q':"i."' " ' - ' V' V '1', 3,11 -I "QI -' 1 TI 'Q-'QL'-g':Ix 5.91323 - - -V ,In- 1. 5 IfI ,Ig ,- I . ,. wp,-,-4:fVVf ,- . III . Ia., I, I ,, .U-I-III 4 'ff --1 1 ,I v 1 'x K -3,51 VM V . 1 I x ,- .g-V, ldi uhm. x.,.hn1admJ'!m.L M'- NH! 5? If A -f 1 E wx., 1' A 7' -Ulm-295, mia-1 .N fiefmfv 70 X9 5 fzzifisieaf by 5'5fVf0K 511455 WM-W My 524 , HLL EN 7'0WlV, PENNA. FOREWORD .. In the Cofnus for the Class of 1948 we have sincerely endeavored to capture the hzlghlzlghty of our senior year at Allentown Hzlgh Sehoolg to perpetuate the frzendshzps fnade at our Alma Materg and to ereate a treasure eh est of memories which in rerninzlveenee may he a youree of heart- warming delight. CONTENTS.. -Af Dedication -Af In Memoriam ir Administration 1' Faculty ak Seniors ir Features -k Sports 'lr Activities ir Acknowledgments if Advertisements 11 1. DEDICATIO . . . yvlll' KIXIIXA' 111' 10419 1'1'.VfJ1'1ff-IIN-X' 1f1'1f1'1'11f1'.v ff11' IIOIIIIIA' io fflt' f0f't'IlXlft' f11'111f of 0111' lZ'lI4.Qfl..Y!l 1f1'p111'f1111'111', Miss llclcn flL'l'l11lI'll, f1'f111.v1' 11f1111'111 11111f flf'l1fifl01f.V1lf,,V.V llffwf, !lI'l'0 II l1'111f1'f1'1111 111 .'lff1'11f11c1'11 ll1'gf1 S1'f11111f, ':1'f1111'1' ,vf11' f111x 1f1,f'011'1f f11'1' flifz' fo 1111 l.11f1'1'jD1'1'f11f1'01I Qf ffll' litllffl-.N'!l 1'l11.x1v1'11v. U11 11111115' 111'1411.v1'1111x XI11' 11115 1'01111.v1'f1'1f 115 f1'1'fl1 f7I'I'.Y0lIll! p1'0l1!1'1111v. Sf11'f111,v 11f':c'11y,v 1fI',Yf7fllj'1'lf 1111 1'11fl111.v1'11.vf1'1' 1'111'1'1'1',vf I-II f'f'1'l'y pf111,f1' Qf,v1'f11111f 111'l1'f'1'fx'. YVIOXI' -701111 f111f'1' f1111f fflt' g11111ffo1'1'11111' fo p1'111'11 by l1111' 1'11.vf1'111'f1'011 11111f Illff'l.f'l' TC'l.ff 11ffc'11yx 1'1'1111'111- !11'1' .1l1',vy U1'1'l1111'1l IIA' fl ':1'1',v1', .v,x'111p11ff11'f1'1'11111f 11111f1'11vf11111f1'11lQ f1'111'f11'1', 1'1'111fy I0 11111k1, 11115' .v111'1'1f11'1'-f111' ff11' 111l1'1'1'Ni.v gf f11'1' ffrlhw' 11111f lQI'l'f.Y. HH' MEMORIAM EUGENE ROSENBERG "A good man if the best friend, and therefore .voonext to be choxen, longer to be rezainedg and never to be parted with." PEARL LESAVOY Faft af the rolling feafonf bring The hour of fate to we lozfe, Each pearl that leaoe: the broken string 15 .vet in Friendfhiff crown abooe. AJ narrower growf the earthly chain, The circle widenf in the .rkyg Thefe are our treaxure: that remain, But thofe are Jtarx that beam on high. EMORIAM MR. HERBERT SCHMOYER Paxxrd on bl'yO71d our mortal 'UI'Il.O7I. Bn! 71070 Ihr thought 1.5 robbra' of gloom lfvffhl-II Ihr Farhrrfr many 'l7lf17I.fI.071J', Sli!! dfC'l'Ul.Hg in mzolhfr room. Tha om' fvhoff going Irfl uf lowly ly ,s'cn!1'1zg llfl-ghff zzudrnznzfd of yorf, fluff, guidrd on by 1,0055 lnzfoldfng. 11115 gow 14p.rm1'r.r and Jhlat the door. MW L K1 COUNSELORS CHARLES H. NEHF 'ff r Minus P. KRESSLEY fACo Mmmm L, 1g0YER B M- HORST The Faculty Clifford S. Bartholomew, Principal Charles H. Nehf, Adminirtratioe Afrirtant to Principal Merril H. Alexander, Building Trade: LeRoy S. Allam, Head of Foreign Language Edna M. Allen, Englifh III, IV Mrs. Martha G. Arthur, Englifh II, III John A. Baker, U. S. Hitt., Prob. of Dem. Henry A. Bankhard, Electric Shop Joyce E. Beary, Speech, Dramaticf, W. Hitt. Charles S. Berberian, Building Trade: Albert L. Billig, Gen. Illath. I Lucy E. Bittner, Bookkeeping I Ivan Bixler, Printing Shop Homer Bortz, Art Melville Boyer, Head of Social Studie: Miriam L. Boyer, Counfelor of Girl.r Thomas Brennan, Chemiftry A Lewis Brill, Auto Shop Robert E. Brong, Algebra II, Pl. Geometry Anna F. Buehler, Clothing Ralph Camp, Wood Shop Edwin D. Clauss, U. S. Hiftory Paul K. Clymer, Phys. Ed., Health J. Birney Crum, Coach of Athleticx Charles W. Dankel, Gen. lllath. 1, Algebra I Mrs. Lois Derrickson, Manager of Cafeteria Paul H. Desch, Cabinet Making Elizabeth I. Dietrich, Typewriting I I Solon Fegely, Biology B James R. Flexer, Shop Math. I, II, III Florence Fogle, F oodx Elizabeth M., Frankenlield, Clothing Claude A. Freed, Economicf, Bur. Org. J. Warren Fritsch, German I, Latin III, IV John R. Garner, Machine Shop Eleanor R. Geisinger, Economicf, Shorthand II Helen S. Gerhard, Head of English Department Benjamin Greene, Phyr. Ed., Health Ray Gutekunst, Rel. Drawing David R. Hacket, Swimming Mahlon A. Hamm, Auto Shop Richard W. Hartzell, Gen. Math. II, R. Arith. Paul F. Held, Englirh II Robert C. Herbein, Electric Shop Mary Herbert, English III, IV M. Rhoda Herr, Librarian P. Russell Hiller, Machine Shop Jeanne Hoffman, Clothing Jacob M. Horst, Englifh III, Senior Clay: Counselor Benjamin Kane, Shop lllath. Elizabeth V. Kennedy, Typewriting I Ruth M. Kistler, U. S. Hift., Prob. of Dem. Leon B. Klingaman, Economic Geography, Com- mercial Law Lawrence Klotz, Buy. Eff. Carl Knauss, Chemiftry B, Phyficf A Ralph R. Knauss, Auto Shop Russell J. Knauss, Biology A, Ind. Biology, funior Clay: Counselor Marie P. Kressley, Eng. II, III, Senior Clair Counxelor Mrs. Margaret Kunkle, Typewriting I, II Robert C. Laudenslager, Machine Shop John N. Leinbach, Architectural Drafting Elizabeth W. Littlehales, Foodx The Faculty Nevin T. Loch, Econ. Hist.,' U. S. Hist. Mrs. Blanche W. Lucas, Portraiture Frances W. McConnell, U. S. History W. Watson McMinn, Mech. Drafting Henry C. Messinger, Ind. Chemistry, Biology B Albertus L. Meyers, Instrumental Music Charles R. Michael, Ind. Chem.,' Biology B Edward Miller, Driving LeRoy K. Miller, Counselor of Boys Fred H. Minner, U. S. History Ruth A. Mooney, Phys. Ed. May R. Morgan, English III, IV james P. Musselman, Art Robert R. Neely, Math. A,' Trig.,' S. Ceom.,' Algebra II Richard Neubert, Music Dorothy Parnell, Typewriting I,' Shorthand I Ruth Philips, Typing I Edgar A. Rabenold, Head of Commercial De- partment Carl A. Rassler, English II, III Herbert H. Reichard, Physics A Roger M. Rentschler, Algebra II, III,' Trig. Elmer H. Roedel, Biology B Dorothy C. Schlicher, English II, III Fred G. Schmerker, Physics B,- Ind. Physics, Chem. B Philip F. Schmoyer, World History, Latin II Thomas M. B. Schrader, Related Drawing M. Alice Schwaninger, Latin II, III Perry Scott, W. History Oswell J. Seip, Plane Geometry joseph M. Sewards, Prob. of Dem.: U. S. Hist.,- E. Hist. Morton Sher, English II Ralph W. Shimer, Electric Shop, Head Teacher Janet S. Shoemaker, Phys. Ed.,' Health Winfred M. Slemmer, Radio Helen M. Smith, Phys. Ed.,' Healthy Sophomore Class Counselor Pearl W. Smith, Bookkeeping I, II Mary Spence, Eng. III, IV,' junior Class Counselor Robert L. StauH'er, Chemistry Ag Chemistry B Frances D. Steinmuller, English III, IV Charles P. Stephenson, Carpentry Robert W. Stimmel, Distributive Education Marion Struthers, English III, IV Dorothy S. Swope, Spanish I, French I, II Warren R. Taylor, Electric Welding George E. Thomas, Bookkeeping I, II Phyllis E. Utt, Food Service Raymond L. Waller, Spanish Ilg Sophomore Class Counselor Wellington W. Walters, Ojice Machines Floyd H. Weaver, World Historyg Econ. Hist. Earle H. Weinsheimer, Head of Mathematics Department Ralph V. Wetherhold, Biology A,' Biology B Paul R. Wieand, Crafts Kenneth Wildonger, Phys. Ed.,' Health Donald E. Wilkinson, lllachine Shop, Head Teacher Mrs. Ruth Wint, English II, Illg Latin I Grace Woodring, English III, IV Edward W. Zimmerman, Biology A, Head of Science Department MALVIN BANK MA XINE MILLER is Yi J T MAX 'SCHULT2 soma wsmsfsm' sunvon Nesmenm ' 4 EDITH RODGERS Editorin Chief qgs X W , J -A 1, L5 is Q' BETTY BURNET JANET BlERY JACQUELINE NOSER E M., 7? R -. . P ROBERT BOHLEN GE RALDINE ZIMHERMAN A 1, j. PEGGY KNECHT WILLMM TAIT JACK CLARK ANNETTE KISFLER CHARL "' 2 Q 4 f if W .:g - V .VAQ mf K K 8 , 5112!-:I I V K as fa' I Ti , 9pvru.:nnw,.,,Rh qswsw-f1'f"" -.M 111 V, ' qfff::?:ZII111" ""' 1' vw-.,,,4 ' , .N my ,. ffxpwjlfibg sQw,..t..,,x if mmm-.., " 1-.Mk H., M: 1 Q . . M, I . in . iv v',"f,4..1,,..v- . D? 'vial . :.:: 2 f3:: : : :'. I' I A"'6va4. A .. X lm ' W . ,. -:ls:z5555553lrzfzwrg: :EEE 5? 2552: ' l r l he -- ' ' ' N t A .' ,V Wie-. " A r r Q: al s2:e2:f:1Pfffff1f1ff'2'f -"" ,,..Qe,1.,.iw-"""W ' Q i ll- , V A V- HM: 'A In , ' l y ikszg - X . 4' -A,-zv..-...-:::, Iv", -..- . . :fi W Sl" t is ' ' nf . ' '- 153: "v. - I 4 , .w ily ' - l - " V ,U- :ff V V ,fir ls. .w Q qkNm"""M..., .."f,,,av-16""""46,M9 ' Q , ,W I XANN l A e' lr ..... ' a far : ,n.l -f ' A , 4 f .M e'-g,.....,ffw,,s- X ' ' dfnl -- lvlwm. ff 'N' 1 , i W e trnrt 1 r Alma Mater a t 3 k ,f' 1w.,,. ,,,n M ' 4- ww as ' , I ? f ' Mm ' iff- l- "W .rl ' 1. Q-,,.,,wn.-A """-.vyi "Wu ?v1-1'4'?"""N Lv . 'W " y . 'W A All hail, our Alma Mater dear, A fefzf-2?Jf7fQ ,,4" T fl F . F. ,,,-if -at-m,,L,:j? Q . -Mx - ' -"""" . . '.'1"'1-MJ" - ' M ? 1 Q H e ' -'gr Cur voice of pralse and glory hear, J, 4 15? ' To whom all reverence we bear, ay A l f- , 5 vi. Q-if ' F 'f- "AA -'-' ' ' 5 l ,- ' 'A l' Of ou fo etful we'll be ne'er f l1'f f94 i'M 'l I -'ll ,wavy e s a orever or you yearn, , 1 I. , r ll . y . ff - w ,, ,Va-,. And chensh all that we may learn 'Fai l fx r I 'y xr X' 55215: 5:r:1:::::5:f:I-I2""' ,H-V , I ,,,, , - ' K' .. 4 F " ' ., H4 if F99 M4 "" ff' r . . ' - ,. A - 4 H ' " ....,..Q Through future days of lrfeg - "' u 52. 'Mxd Joy and strxfe gfffl"',,,,i,,,,,,'Q1,'f' N . Q . ' x, gl "'-W-v-ww. I, 4. All, atm .www fgw, . I r--fwawmg 0,21 True may we stand both to you M I .," Q f"-'- ' 1:35 hw' -A f 5 And Canary and Blue. m..,,A. A . 'bw ,, -2. QMS .- I a ,iw ., l-'N rw" "fx E . A X' M .v A..-f " 1' S 'lxl lt A U I 'A U is y f l u rl. , A jf N V P A H """ " '-" W' 4 l l -' at 'fl ,ga l I -.mem . 1 5 mm? '3-Vw wl W- W . Q we F r Q - ' "AY" fm ' Y M ,Q lm , 'H' A rf ' APE? 'lo , ' ff? V W - wr. m"3fffK'f'?f',.LL'W"F"m.f l - ' ,W ,, Mr ,-" , ., - - qw-at . ua, W M- " 'W 'ix . ' A KW I ' Q2 ' .' 4 4' 'CE ' 1' ' 'wa-'Aw ' , 3 ,v ' JK ' ' q' of r . ' a or r -..e ..,. a :Qfl,g,,,,,Q,Qz,.- "MF MW ,ryy, in . ,i in ' K no " " Wim ry is ' 5 .wwe-M--u-w"" I " ' nl 1' -M.wl"""""'7' -' ' -. , Y. ,,., ,,. .- - - . pw11vu6l"lA4'f'0Nw'WdvK , W' , L . , f -,mf . 2 - .Yr , , ' Lal 4.'iS,z:,a..i:ifiEflME'MEv,l7ai.FanQA.l'? n . 41.1 -zrmlhli x - -QQ I 1 I ,,. , nl Q, Mi me -in gr.- 'Q , +1 ,. -D- .Ii W1 JZ 1 15 .gd I N . .W 'L 31 X95 Nb are Class of 194 WALTER SCHMIDT LETIZIA BIGATEL RICHARD WEBER DORIS GACKENBACH Prarirlrnt ,......... ..... R ici-:ARD WEBER I"1'rr-Preridenl ..... ..... l aETIZIA BIGATEL Snrffary ...... .... D ORIS GACKENBACH Trfaxurfr. . , , , .WAl.TFiR Scuivuirr Once again a class is leaving its Alma Mater to journey down the pathways oflife. Having play- ed a prominent part i the history of the school, this page reserved for it may well be filled with honorable accomplis . Allentown High s 'eo in our e as come to b n - 4 e school to beat." This reputation has been a ined th gh t - accomplis en of it st nts, dramatists, musi- cians, and athletes. Our dramatic stars, Joan - ine .. d Edward CG , will ng a remembered for their portrayal of Judy Foster an Og ringl , when asj iors e pre nte ' Data With fudy. Our senior class play, Date Ba' s e ally ntertaining ' 'th ildre Be' nd Wesley Sell playing leading roles. The com -r ement perfo ance, Pride ' d ' ' i saw Lois Eisenhard and James Rex in the spotli t ot to u - f0rg tten are the dent direct X and committee workers, who were always ava' ,n to assist ith s ge proper ' . Athletically, t f st promine figu s have b n W ter De and alter Schmidt. Dex, who has never miss o . - . - . u , ast - I t st ent to ct as " incip for a Day." Richard Webe Wesley Sell, and John H rd . e well i own a the m ical prodigies of the class. Weber, versa ' - . - ' ' t, al 1 4 ves s stud t dire r of u e band and Canary Cavaliers. Wesley, W o recent y rece ed t ' ' iwan vocal ard, a o spec lizes in instrumental music. Heard was the recipient of t s ho r in the trum tal Hel g he i lso assistant student director ofthe band. The social phase of scho ' as b , eans -K ct . H - J . or Prom was one of the greatest hits ofthe year, and ' . promise - ' ' . er social success. As we say farewell to our Alma Mater, we realize that our three years at Allentown High School have had a significant effect upon us. We sense a feeling of responsibility for undertaking more serious problems in the life ahead. May we always discharge these responsibilities creditably! Uv ' l -A ABRAIIAM, BETTY MAE Betty DlS'I'RIBU'l'IVIi IiDl'CA'I'l0N Betty is a dark-haired girl with pretty green eyes and a great hig smile. She is an average student very fond of sports and dancing. Her main am- bition is to become a professional singer. obtained by determination and initiative. we know lVlari0n's future dreams ABRAHAM, ISAAC e vocA'rloN.Al. Isaac is an all-round fellow who likes school, especially on holidays. He enjoys history class because he likes to discuss our daily problems of democracy. Ike is fond of sports and participates in many games at the local Y.M.C.A. He receives good grades in his academic work. Electricity is his favorite subject. ABRAHAM, MARION Marion commiskcmi. just look at her, and what do you see? A mighty fine friend, a good chum, and an all-round girl. Marion is an ardent lover of music, dancing, and the stage. Her lovable disposition and loyal friendship win for her the affection of everyone. Knowing that happiness and success can only be and ambitions will be fulfilled. ABRAIIAM, SIIIRLEY Shirl comm racial. Dark hair, intelligent eyes, witty and cheerful describe Shirl. She is a good student with a keen mind and the capacity for work, but when her work is finished she is always ready for pleasure and sports. Her favorite recreational pastimes are going to the movies and dancing to the music of Harry james. Her one ambition in life is to become an erlicient secretary and to get ahead in the world. 17 Commercial Club 43 Red Cross 3 4 H ' I Aft 2 wb ADAMS, MARIE L. Marie COMMERCIAL "Trust not the man who hath no music in his soul." Well, if that's the case we know whom we can trust to be a real friend. Marie is the cheerful little song bird who sings the National Anthem at all our football games. She always has a smile and a friendly "hello" to everyone she meets. With her sparkling personality and voice, we hope that Marie will some day be a well known opera singer. A Cappella Choir 2, 3, 4g Majoretres 2, 3. ALBENZI, CARL Chan VOCATIONAL Looking for a pal? Well, here he is. Carl is a happy sort of fellow and can get along with almost anyone. In sports he especially likes football and basketball and spends as much time as he possibly can at them. Among other things Chan loves to sit for hours and listen to records. He also is fond of dancing. After graduation he plans to join the navy and spend a few years seeing the world. Football 3, 4g Varsity A 4. ALBERTSON, EDWARD M. Al VOCATIONA 1. Al is an outstanding athlete in football. He is one ofthe powerful guards in the Allentown High line. He is interested in anything pertaining to electricity and is hoping for a scholarship to continue his education. Al likes to go to dances and have a good time. In his room Al is the fellow who helps persuade the others to back worthwhile activities sponsored by the school or other organizations. He is an above average studentg more power to him. Football 2, 3, 4, Key Club Z, Varsity A 3, 4. ALBRIGHT, EDWIN JOHN JR. Eddie GENERAL Eddie is very artistically inclined, especially in the branch of handi- crafts. He has taken art and craft arts while in high school. He is also musically inclined and has started a collection of classical records, and enjoys singing in a choir or chorus. In the future, Eddie would like to do some workin the field of art, or the field of pharmacy. A Cappella Choir 45 Chorus 2, 3. 18 1' fe j IQ Q. X , ALLWINE, EDWARD S. Ned GENERAL lfyou should happen to be crossing the street and see a jeep with white wheels coming-run for the curb! It's probably Ned, if you can discern him from the entanglement inside. Ned is known to his friends more especially, however. for his kind-hearted, happy-go-lucky nature. His main interest in life is aviation, and he intends to become a commercial pilot after he is graduated. ALTHOUSE, RICHARD C. Dick GENERAL Dick is a happy-go-lucky, good-natured fellow who can hold his own at any time or with any one. He is always ready to date a certain young miss but whether he or she pays the check makes little difference to either. Dick hopes to enlist in the Air Corps upon graduation. We know that men like Dick will keep America free. Football 35 Boxing 3, 4. AMEY, DOLORES Dolly coLi.ecE PREPARATORY A girl of many talents, Dolly has the zeal and ability to carry a full schedule of academic subjects as well as several extra-curricular activities. Dancing is her favorite diversion, but music is her passion, and few of her classmates can boast of such musical ability. After obtaining her degree from State College. she hopes to win success as a music teacher. National Honor Society 45 Pan American League 4s Secretary ofstudent Council 4. ANDERSON, THOMAS Andy COLLEGE PREPARATURY Andy certainly has a well-rounded schedule of activities to prove his versatility. He enjoys sports, his favorite being football, but he also participates in social activities. Cheerfulness, perseverance, and a desire to succeed are qualifications for which we admire him. His schoolwork is above average, and if he doesn't like a subject he works just as hard at it as he does at his favorites. His ambitions in life are to become a doctor and psychiatrist. Engineers' Club 3, Math Club 2g National Honor Society 45 Track 2, 4. 19 ANDREAS, HOWARD JR. Jeep VOCATIONAL We find Jeep a good-hearted, clean-cut student, who is liked all the better because no one can accuse him oftalking too much. He takes things as they come, all with a smile. He is a true friend that is honest and reliable. He strives in every way to be a gentleman, and he is. Jeep is liked by all his friends who all wish him the best of luck. Boxing. Wrestling 4. ARNDT, DOROTHY Tippy GENERAL This miss likes school and no wonder, she gets along with everyone. In art class she makes signs, posters, etc. Besides school work she is active in sports and on dates she can usually be seen at dances. Her ambition is to become a professional ice skater. "Practice makes perfect" is her motto, and in the winter months you will find her practicing for her career. Sewing Club lg Chorus 25 Aquacade 1, 2, 3. ARNDT, ROBERT Bob COLLEGE PREPARATORY To those who have had the pleasure of knowing him, Bob is a real pal. A brain at almost anything, Bob specializes in science. Not just an average student, he usually ranks among the best when the marks are finally tabu- lated. His keen sense of humor and ability to go along with a joke keep him in good standing with fellow classmates. When he leaves AHS he plans to go to Lehigh, where he is bound to make good. Hi-Y 3, National Honor Society 4g Senior Math Review 4. ATIYEH, LINDA Lin COMMERCIAL This petite miss with a sweet smile takes interest in her school work which accounts for her high marks. Although Lin enjoys participating in sports, she would rather dance to her many favorite bands. Linda intends to continue in the business world as a secretary after graduation. She deserves happiness and success in life, for Linda is one of the few girls who has charm, personality, initiative, intelligence, and most important- inner beauty. 20 AUMAN, PATRICIA KATHLEEN Patti GENERAL Most sincere, honest, and very candid in everything she says and does, Mirth and laughter, pearly teeth, and glossy fair hair. 'liwinkling grey green eyes, dark silky lashes, any movie star could envy. Oh how she swings and sways through the halls and on the dance floors. Personality you say? I say personality plus. Historical Society 4. fc -is ff, f-1 . M., . BAATZ, PAUL T. Spats VOCATIONA I, l'aul is a very jovial, carefree sort of fellow, the kind you like to call your pal. Well-mannered and respected by his friends and acquaintances, his main interests are radio and the National Guard. Paul's future plans A call for a small, profitable business of his own. ii BACHMAN, DORIS M. Shorty comm Eacru. Shorty is a girl who makes friends easily. Tiny, dark, lovable, she is very active in sports at AHS. While she does not attend to her school work so eagerly as she engages in her sports, she is bound to obtain a good secretarial position after graduation. Gym Club 25 Junior Red Cross 2, 3, Swimming Club 2, 4g Tumbling Club 4: Dancing Club 45 Leaders Club 4, Girl Reserves 2, 35 Aquacade 2, 45 Bowling 3. BACHMAN, GWENALDINE MAE Gwenie GENERAL A tall striking blond-that's Gwenieg her attractiveness catches the eye ofall. Gwenie participates in all sports, as well as in cheering Allentown High School sports. Among her interests are swimming and dancing. Swimming Club 45 Girls Tumbling Club 4. 21 J BACKENSTO, LaRUE EVELYN Rudy G E N ERAL LaRue, a quiet girl, generally spends much of her time in reading, but she finds time for roller skating, her favorite sport. She is enrolled at the Allentown Hospital School of Nursing for the class that starts in September of 1948. German Club 4g Home Nursing Club 4. BADER, ELIZABETH R Betty COMMERCIAL Whose voice is always heard resounding through the corridors? Why Betty's, ofcourse! She is famous for her rapid-fire talk. Betty is a real friend, a lively companion, a good student, and a lover of all sports. She hopes to become a commercial artist. Basketball 2, 4, Dance Club 4g Gym Club 2: Leaders Club 3, 4, Softball 2, 3, Volleyball 2, 3, Y-Teens 2, 3, 4. BAILEY, DORIS Smaley G E N ERA L A bundle of fun, wrapped up in laughter, tied with a smile, and tightly sealed by two mirthful, blue eyes,-that's a surprise package labeled Doris, that comes in a small box of five feet by one hundred and Eve pounds, She substitutes roller skates for school books, and a certain somebody occupies all her spare time, which is probably the reason for her undecided future. BALLIET, SAM J. Sammy Boy vocAT1oNAL Sam is of medium height and build. He is a very active participant in all sports, although his favorites are basketball and bowling. He is a member ofthe body building club at Allentown High School and at the Y.lVl.C.A. A student in the print shop, he hopes to make a successful career out of printing when he is graduated. Body Builders 4. 22 BANK, MALVIN E. Mal comme PREPARATORY Tall, lanky Mal says little, thinks much, then sits back to smile at the passing parade. One of the mental giants behind the press, he is proud of his press-box seat from which he reports all athletic events for the Canary. Mal has definite ideas on all subjects and does not hesitate to express them when the occasion arises. He has not definitely made up his mind as to the future, but give him a newspaper to read in bed, steak three times a day. and he'll make his own future. National Honor Society 45 Canary 3, 45 Comus 4, Chess Club 2. BAR, SALAMAE Sally GENERAL Sally, a cute little package of smiles, fun and laughter is the peanut of the gang. As she takes everything with a grain of salt she laughs off the teasing this brings her. She adores flowers and plans to make horticulture her career, better not raise any tall plants though, Sally. The Philadelphia climate appeals to her, we wonder why. Historical Society 2, 3, 4. BARANCHOK, HELEN 'Helen coMM ERCIAL Although Helen appears to be the quiet reserved type, she can make quite a lot of noise when she wants to. She is a friend and companion to all who know her. Everyone agrees 'that she can do any work assigned her . because of her capability and willingness to get ahead. She has a fine hobby of collecting foreign stamps and postal cards. Helen is undecided as to her future work. BARINGER, WILLIAM M. Bill cotuscs PREPARATOXY ' Bill is one of our school's solid citizens. His interest in sports, of which his favorite is swimming, rounds out his many activities. He has a sharp sense of humor which he puts into use at every advantageous moment. Considering his scholastic ability and magnetic personality, Bill should be a great success in the medical profession which he has chosen for his life's occupation. Camera Club 44 Engineers' Club 35 Mathematics Club 2, 3, 4, National Honor Society 45 Orotan Debating Society 2, 3, 4, Physical Science Club 4. 23 . BARONE, ANNA M. Ann coM M ERCIA L Ann's friendly smile, shining brown eyes, quick temper, and love for line clothes are her distinguishing characteristics. She is a sports en- thusiast, and her voice is sure to be heard in any cheering section. Her favorite sport is swimming. Some day Ann's picture may adorn the pages of a fashion magazine, for she hopes to become a model. Aquacade 35 Gym Club 29 Softball 2g Swim Club 3g Y-Teens 3. BARTHOLOMEW, LORRAINE M. COMMERCIAL To people meeting Lorraine for the first time, she appears to be the quiet, secluded type of person, but after knowing her for a reasonable length of time, one begins to realize that she is entirely different. Lorraine enjoys all sports, including football, baseball, skating and dancing. BARTHOLOMEW, MARGARET R. Peggy coMM E RCIAL Margaret is a quiet, but very friendly girl. A better friend cannot be found anywhere. She is a conscientious student, always striving to do her best. Her ambition is to become a typist. Commercial Club 4. BARTHOLOMEW, WALTER D. Spider vocATro NA L Spider is a popular fellow of many ideals. He likes sportsg especially baseball, football, and skating. His hobby is figure skating. His hope is to enlist in the US Navy in preparation for his future career. 24 BARTYNSKI, STANLEY Butch VOCATIONA I. To picture Butch is not very hard. Though he may seem quiet at times, he is always ready to voice his opinion. No matter how hard you try to keep him away from any football game ofAHS, he will still show up at the last minute to see the victory. In his spare time he studies guns and tries to improve his marksmanship. His main sport is boxing, which he does very well. When you find time to be with Butch, there's never a dull moment, for his wit and humor never has an end. Here's luck to you Butch for whatever you do in the future. Boxing 3, 4. BAST, WORLEY GEORGE Wooly VOCATIONA L Worley hopes to become a clraftsman. He is reserved and has very good manners. His work and lessons are done to the best of his ability. You will also find him willing to help others in studies and sports. Worley is a good looking boy, dcvoterl to one individual. Junior Red Cross 45 Tumbling Team 4. BASTIAN, LINFORD S. Jakie COMMERCIAL Jakie is a quiet sort of fellow in school, but out of school he is just the opposite. He knows that there is a time and place for everything, espe- cially for his school activities. He takes great interest in sports with ice hockey being his favorite. He intends to be a bookkeeper in his father's of'tice after graduation. Boys' Swimming Club 4. BATORI, ANNA Ann GENERAL A swish of brown hair, a glance from soft brown eyes, a shy but reassur- ing smile, and a lithe tall figure spells Ann. She is the type men dream about. Her laughing or talking often gets her into trouble. Ann loves drawing, sports, and dancing which might be said to be her favorite pastime. Sewing Club 2. 25 BATZ, LUCILLE Lucy COMM E RCIAL Once you get Lucy to laugh you have a hard time to quiet her down. With her twinkling hazel eyes and long curled lashes, Lucy has a smile which will always require a second look. Dancing and roller skating are her favorite pastimes. Her main ambition is to become a beautician. Dramatics Club 2. BAXTER, THOMAS I T0m GE N E RAL Where Tom is, there's fun and laughter, as he is by no means a quiet, reserved fellow. He enjoys winter sports and dancing. His acting ability was shown in the current CLT play, "Joan of Lorraine." Tom is very shy and afraid of women-or so it is said. He plans to become an insurance salesman. Football 2, 3, Key Club 25 Student Council 2. 43 Track 2, 3. BECHTEL, LUCY ANN Lucy G E N E RA L Herels our nomination for the spaghetti-eating champ of the Class of '4-8. Yes, Lucy really likes spaghetti-and football, basketball, and music. She has light brown hair and flirtatious dark brown eyes, but her heart is for one male only. Her ambition is to be a hairdresser, and we all know she'll make a good one. Senior Y-Teens 4. BECK, MADELIN E Mal GENERAL "All good things come in small packages" is a saying that holds true to form with Mal. Although she doesn't have much height, she has plenty of pleasing personality. She is interested in sewing and someday hopes to make something that is fit to wear. She slways has either gum or words in her mouth. For a good time with a swell pal, Mal is your gal. Y-Teens 4. 26 I BEIDLER, GERALD L. Jerry GENERAL Whenever you mention Jerry Beidler, you think of bowling. In years to come he hopes to see bowling one of the major sports at Allentown High School. The game, new to AHS is in its second year, but Jerry is pulling hard for its success in the future. He is also an average student who likes school very much except for his studies. After graduation he expects to join the navy. Bowling 3, 4. BEIL, JEAN M. Jeanie Comeau Piu:rAkAToRY You'll look far to find a better friend than Jean. She considers thoughts of the past and dreams of the future her own personal business, not her friends'. She would much rather talk about tennis. Cedar Beach, swim- ming, or a new book she has read. jean is going to Cedar Crest and plans to be a teacher. Some day she may come back to AHS as a member of the faculty. Chorus 3g Historical Society 2, 3, 43 Library Club 2, 3, 45 National Honor Society 4g Senior Math Review Club 4. BEIL, MILDRED Millie GEN EMI. Now here's a dish that's full of pep, she must be, or else how would she have gotten the leading role in "Date Bait." Eyes like sapphires, hair like gold, face like an angel, and personality plus. She loves to dance and read books. Millie intends to be a Bell Telphone operator. M-m-m, some number. Fashion Show 3, French Club 3, -lf, Student Council 25 Swim Club 4. BEITEL, JOSEPH V. Joe COMMERCIAL Joe is always willing to do anything that is asked of him. His marks are above average in typing, shorthand, and English. Typing is his favorite subject. He is interested in photography, he also likes music, movies, and plays. joe plays many popular songs on his piano. When he graudates from school, he plans to be a court stenographer. It won't be an easy task, but his determintaion will help him win, junior Red Cross 2, 3. 27 BEITLER, DOROTHY Dottie COMMERCIAL I Dottie is a cute brunette with a beautiful smile. When you get to know her, you will find she has a pleasing personality. She is very active in outdoor sports such as hunting, fishing, and softball. Besides belonging to teams at school, she belongs to several city league teams. BELLOS, MARTHA Martha COMMERCIAL Despite the serious look in her eyes, beneath the surface, mischief lies. Determined to make many friends, always active, there is never a dull moment when she is around. Dreamer in every Way, her escapades lend adventure to her surroundings. t Commercial Club 4, Student Council 2, 45 Class Treasurer 2, 3. BENDER, WILLIAM E. Bill COLLEGE PREPARATORY Bill, a lanky, likeable fellow, is a great one for jokes old and new. He cloesn't like to hustle books too well, but nevertheless holds his own in studies. As for sports, he's ready for a rough game of basketball or football at anytime. Bill is an air-minded chap and plans to take aeronautics in college. Aeronautics Club 45 Physical Science Club 45 Senior Mathematics Club 4, Sophomore Mathematics Club 4g Track Team 2, 3. BENKINNEY, BRUCE ALLEN Ben G E N ERAL Ben is a well mannered person. If you ever get talking to him about hunting or hshing, you will Find that he knows almost everything on those subjects, He collects old and new guns as a pastime. After graduation he intends to become a baker, with a view to opening up his own shop. 28 BENNER, VIRGINIA ANN Ginny COLLEGE PREPARATORY Despite the fact that Ginny has ignored her red hair, her changeable personality betrays her. Basically, she's rather serious, but to anyone who knows her well, her sense of humor is prominent. Although her studies occupy most of her free time, she still attends school events, dabbles in art, and enjoys sports. Looking hack on her admirable scholastic record, her future as a laboratory technician should be successful. Aquacade 39 Historical Society 2, 35 Latin Club 25 Microscopy Club 35 National Honor Society 45 Senior Math Review 43 Swimming Club 33 Y-Teens 3. BENNICAS, CARLTON JOSEPH Wic VOCATIONAL Wic is a boy who is always happy and full of fun. He is an average student with fair knowledge. Wic is interested in sports, especially basket- ball which he plays in the church league. In anything Carlton undertakes we are sure he will be a great success. BERG, EUGENE Boogie c E N ERA L Boogie is the type of person who doesn't take life too seriously, but give him a tough math problem, and he's a second Einstein. He has a weakness for loud ties, swing music, and swimming. Eugene is undecided about his future, but we're sure he'll have a bright one. BERGENSTOCK, FAYE Bergie comm Encm L Faye should be described as "a friend to everyone," for she likes people, and most of them like her as well. She loves to danceg in fact, sometimes she would rather dance than eat. Although not brilliant, she gets along well in her studies. She has hopes of becoming a secretary to a lawyer. 29 251556 BERGHOLD, GERALD J. Gerry COLLEGE PREPARATORY Gerry, the capable editor-in-chief of the Canary, has done an excellent job Besides having a Hair for writing, he finds time for chemistry experi- ments and reading. A serious, quiet person, he accomplishes much without much fanfare. A good student, Gerry likes the better things of life. He hopes to attend college and major in chemistry. With his fine scholastic record and persuasive nature, Gerry will attain any goal he sets for himself. Canary 2, 3, 45 Chess Club 23 Editor, Blue Book 35 Junior Math Club 35 National Honor Society 4g Orotan Debating Society 3, 4, Physical Science Club 4. BERKLITE, DOROTHY Dot COM M E RCIAL Dot is tops in her crowd as a real fresh air fiend who hates to see a countryside or sunset go to waste. It takes a rugged climate to keep her from enjoying her Sunday hike. Dot's tried everything including fishing. horseback riding and even flying, but she has yet to kill a moose to mount in her hall for a clothes tree. BERMAN, ROBERTA Bobbie COMM ERCIAL Bobbie is an impersonation of the light, joyous things of life. She is good-natured, cheerful, kind-hearted, and very much in demand by mem- bers of' both sexes. Bobbie's fun-loving disposition and her grim deter- mination are factors which will help make her a success and assure her a position on the path of unmistakable happiness. Commercial Club 4, Sewing Club. BERNHARD, ROBERT F. Bob VOCATIONAL Bob is a nice, attractive and popular boy. He is a great admirer of football and basketball. A leader in his shop, he has held position of fore- man for all three years. He was also one of the first to go out on the co- operative plan. As a leader and citizen he should go far after graduating. 30 BIANCHINI, BRUNO N. Brun VOCATIONAI. Here is a boy who has many friends and is easy to associate with. A neat dresser, he is always joking and clowning. Brun participates in sports, billiards, bowling, and dancing. His liking for popular music keeps him constantly busy with records After graduating he intends eventually to become a successful architect. Junior Red Cross 4g Student Council 4g Sports Club 2. BIEBER, JOAN C. GENERAL Joan is always in a rushg usually she reaches her destination in timeg sometimes a bit late. Joan has an explanation for this: Nurses are always on the run and she is practicing now for her future career! Among her favorite pastimes are reading and swimming. She persists in the latter be- cause she knows its refreshing relaxation to a nurse and its value in physio- therapy. We hope that -lean will eventually be able to paddle and also to find satisfaction in her well-chosen career of nursing. French Club 45 Home Nursing 49 Swim Club 4. BIERY, JANET Janet COLLEGE PRE PARATORY janet is the girl with the contagious personality. She really has what it takes to bring out the best in everyone. Her vigorous interest in the Y-Teen group has marked het as an outstanding member of both the Y.W.C.A. and the Rond-Y-Voo Club. Even with these outside activities, she has not neglected her studies-or the baseball scores, her interest in sports being as keen as her sense of humor. Thus, with such a genuine interest in people, and pep to kindle it, Janet will inevitably come out on top. Historical Society 39 junior Republic Staff 25 Microscopy Club 45 Senior Math Review 45 Student Council 35 Y-Teens 3, 4. BIGATEL, LETIZIA Tish COMMERCIAL Tish has a pleasant attitude and quick smile for all her many friends. She is a serious student having been secretary of the National Honor Society and president of Student Council's executive committee. You will End her a faithful attendant at all the games and dances. Tish's integrity and loyalty will make her business career in the future a successful and en- joyable one. Bluebook Committee 35 Canary 33 Commercial Club 4, Student Council 3, 45 National Honor Society 4. 31 5:39556 J. BILLMAN, CHARLES J. Charlie VOCATIONAL Charlie is quiet when alone. but not when he is with a gang. He is usually thinking of some impossible invention or how to get out of home- work. He is very fond of dogs. His plans for the future are indefinite. but he probably will Find a way to success. BINGHAM, ROBERT Bob GENERAL Among the many seniors this year is Bob Bingham. a shy, retiring fellow with manifold hidden talents. Bob was star breast stroke swimmer on the AHS aquatic team for two years. His plans for the future are indefinite. but he is seriously considering entering the Navy after gradua- tion. Swimming 2, 3, Varsity A 2, 3. 4. BINKLEY, RITA GENERAL If you hear a bright, cheery voice coming over your telephone in the future, we're sure it will be Rita at the switch board, for she expects to be a telephone operator. She is an honest, faithful, spirited girl who is unafraid to stand her ground in any difficulty that may arise. Rita is very busy, but always has time to enjoy painting, in which she is talented. A Cappella Choir 45 Chorus 3. BITTNER, ROBERT H. Skinny VOCATIONAL Skinny is a happy-go-lucky fellow, who never worries about the future. He seldom seems to have too much homework, yet his grades are never among the poorest. Although a bit shy among strangers, he is a good sport and does many favors for his friends. Bob doesn't seem interested in women, but the day will come when he will make the fatal mistake. 32 BLAISDELL, THEODORE C. Ted COLLEGE PREPARATORY To say that Ted is an average American boy is a compliment to the youth of America. His willingness to work combined with his ability is an excellent formula for getting ahead. Many a slightly shaken up. but appreciative person, has ridden in Ted's 1929 Ford. A good guy to know, Ted is bound to have success in college and in later life. BLUM, FREDERICK E. COLLEGE PREPARATORY This young fellow stunned the world with his appearance on the earth eighteen years ago and it has never quite recovered. He has a jovial dis- position and is always ready for fun. He does not have exceptionally high marks in his subjects, but he rates high as an all-round good fellow. He is interested in football and boxing. Jet Model Club 43 Life Science 2, 3, 4. BLACK, BETTY JANE B. J. COLLEGE PREPARATORY Betty is a sweet and well-mannered girl. Although she may seem mild, she has shown strong determination when it was necessary. She is serious about her school work and is an inveterate worrier about it and anything else that needs worrying about. She plans to enter Cedar Crest next school term, and although undecided about her future, she will major in the Liberal Arts Course. Historical Society 45 Latin Club 2, 35 Pan American League 4. BLANCHARD, JOHN A. Shorty COLLEGE PREPARATORY Shorty, who is a six-foot four-inch stripling trying to outgrow every- thing in sight, has many and varied interests in sports, camping, music, and the youth activities of his church. Although not farm-born, he has always had a liking for the country and hopes to specialize in agriculture at Penn State. His jokes indicate that he will be a success at "corn" raising! A Cappella Choir 45 Key Club 3, 45 Track 2, 3, 4. 33 BOBAL, KATHRYN TERESA Kitten G E N E RA L A short, dark-haired girl with dark brown eyes is Kitten. She may seem quiet at first sight, but she makes friends very easily and holds them. Her school work is good, even though she is not always serious about it. Kitten enjoys good books, as well as fun. BODEY, RICHARD ALLEN Dick COLLEGE PREPARATORY Dick is a very likeable and congenial fellow, deeply interested and active in church work, in fact he holds oflices in several church organizations. His interests also include athletics, for he enjoys basketball, baseball, and skiing. This year Dick is playing church league basketball with Grace Evangelical Congregational Church. After graduation he plans to enter Muhlenberg College. Upon completing his work there, Dick intends to enroll at Princeton Theological Seminary, where he will prepare to be either a minister, evangelist, or theologian. Band 2, 3, 45 Comus Staff 45 German Club 3, 4, Historical Society 4, Key Club 3, Latin Club 2, 3, 4g National Honor Society 4, 210 Club 4. BOEHRER, DONALD J. Ferdinand VOCATIONAL Donald, a fairly tall boy, is of medium build. He has blue eyes, and always wears a smile. Donald has participated in all sorts ofsports. He is a student in the Allentown High School print shop and expects to carry on with his trade as a printer after he leaves high school. BOGERT, LEWIS E. Louie vocAT1oNAL Educated feet go places. Lou with his quiet and modest character is vitally interested in his career as an acrobat. His success with the Tumbl- ing Nemos proves that he can achieve his goal.- 34 -4' '1 'Q fda X .. BOHLEN, ROBERT E. Bob GENERAL Bob is one of the many budding comedians who kept us in stitches while at AHS. He bubbles over with personality and always has a ready smile for every pretty girl he sees. His favorite pastime is dancing and playing anything from Beethoven to boogie on the eighty-eight. Comus Staff 4g Historical Society 33 junior Red Cross 4g Key Club 3, 4. excellent swimmer. she gets there. r , , BOSCH, DORIS Doris COMMERCIAL Doris is a good friend and a congenial companion. She always has a cheery hello and a big smile for all her friends. She is not guilty of over- study, but she does well in her school work. Doris is continually rushing around but always finds time to attend school activities. Her present ambition is to be a stenographer. Commercial Club 45 Gym Club 2. 35 BOLLINGER, EARL H. Whitie comms PRrPAttA1oRv You may think that Whitie is just an average fellow but in school work he has earned good grades and has a sense of responsibility in his work His social life consists mainly of dancing and skating and in sports he is a good shot and a dependable man on any basketball court He is also an BONATIS, EVELYN Evie col,r.EoE PREPARMORY Evelyn has been a sincere and quiet girl throughout high school Quiet? Yes, until the dismissal bell rings. When asked what she likes to do best outside of school hours, she astonishingly replies that she likes to read during her leisure time. After she is graduated from high school, Evelyn plans to enter college. We know she will reflect credit to high school when BOWER, CHARLES B. Charlie coMM ERc1A L Charlie is a quiet, modest fellow with a pleasing personality. He does not play scholastic football, but he enjoys this sport as well as others very much. Charlie is not an honor student, but he tries to get along with his studies and teachers. After graduation, he would like to work as a typist and bookkeeper, and later work his way up to be an accountant. BOYER, RICHARD J. Dick G E NERAL Dick's the lad with the handsome smile, Who stops in the hall and chats awhileg Then rushes off to physics class, To study matter, weight, and mass, But drawing is his greatest thrill, He never seems to get his lillg The same applies to sports and swing. He can bat a ball as well as singg Success is just an unlocked gate, Success will be his happy fate. BOYER, ROBERT E. Bob comm ERCIAL No one has met a more likeable companion than Bob. He is loyal to his friends and to his Alma Mater. Bob is a happy-go-lucky fellow, popular with both boys and girls. He is a sports fan and especially likes football and basketball. His remarkable talent at playing the accordion has given pleasure to a host of friends. Bob plans to continue his studies. Chess Club 2. BOYKAS, ANDREW Butch vocA'r1oNAL Mother Nature's gift to the Y.W.C.A., Butch is a good-natured, happy- go-lucky young man. His main interest at present is the world of music. He hopes to follow through with his music and become an accomplished trombone player. Good luck to you in whatever you attempt. 36 BRAKER, RUTH Ruthie coMM E RCIAL Have you ever heard the saying, "Tiny hut sweet?" Well, that's Ruthie. Some people refer to her as being quiet. She is, in her own kind of way. I might add that whenever there is fun, you're bound to find Ruthie. She is fond of dancing and swimming, and can be seen at every football game. Ruthie plans to enter the business world in the future. Gym Club 2g Bowling Team 2. BRANTLEY, SAMUEL C. Sam GENERAL Sam is a conscientious, willing student who puts all his efforts and cheerfulness into school work and activities. He is a willing listener to your problems and also a serious advisor. His kindness and generosity have won him many friends. May life's road be a straight and sunny one, and success follow him wherever he goes. Boxing 2, 35 Varsity A 2, 3, 4. BRANTLEY, SAUL Boss VOCATIONAL Here is a fellow with plenty of fun. You can always find a smile on his face, especially when girls are around. His favorite pastime is telling his classmates stories and jokes which they enjoy very much. Though he is only an average student, his radiant personality makes him notable. He plans to become a cabinet-maker and some day to build a shop of his own. Library Club 45 Junior Red Cross 3, 4, Student Council 2, 3, 4. BRAY, VERNE A. Worm COLLEGE PREPARATORY Verne is a boy who is easy to get along with although he is very quiet. He does his work and tries hard to do what he is supposed to do. He likes all kinds of sports. He hopes to graduate from AHS with a good record and after that enter textile school. Swimming 2, 3g Swimming Club 3. 37 sires BREISCH, JANICE E. Jan COMMERCIAL Jan is a small, brown-eyed, light-hearted girl. Although she is usually laughing, she also excels in her studies. Jan is just an ordinary girl who participates in all types of sports and loves dancing. She is very vivacious and willing to co-operate with anyone at all times. Due to the fact that she is very good in all commercial subjects she will surely succeed in her ambition to become a stenographer. BRENNEMAN, ROBERT P. Birney COLLEGE PRE PARATORY Although to some teachers Birney is an enigma, they admit he is really a superior student. Indeed, everyone who knows Birney, respects him for his high ideals, friendliness, and sincerity. His school life is an active one, for besides spending suHicient time on his studies, he also participates in sports, of which his favorite is football. After completing a course in forestry at Penn State, he hopes to enter the United States Forest Service. Football 2, 3. 43 Key Club 43 National Honor Society 45 Senior Math Review Club 4. i BROWN, LESTER L., JR. Les VOCATIONAL "Good things come in small packages" is a saying which applies to Les. He is always willing to lend a helping hand to anyone. Les likes all sports, especially basketball. As a student in the print shop, we are sure Les will be a good printer when he sets out on his career. BROWN, RACHEL SUSANNA Susie COLLEGE PREPARATORY Few people here at AHS have missed knowing Susie becaues of her extremely good nature and marvelous gift of humor. If Susie is having fun, it's a sure thing everyone around her is having fun too. Susie likes many ordinary things: swimming, movies, and other forms of entertain- ment. She is guilty of one eccentricity, however. She loves vinegar! Susie plans to go to college. Her first choice is Cornell. Aquacade 25 junior Math Club 35 Swimming Club 2. I 38 BROWN, RUDOLPH H., JR. Rudy GENERAL Upon entering the Corner Shop, one will find Rudy trying hard to look busy. But he always has time to stop and chat with his many friends. Rare are the days when Rudy does not have a pleasant smile for everyone. His favorite pastime is talking on the telephone to a certain someone. BRUDER, STANLEY N. Haircut vocAT1oNAi. Stan is a swell fellow in school and out. He enjoys history class, in which he can give his point of view. Stan likes good clean fun. He likes sports, and supports all school activities. Stanley is in the electric shop, and for a special course has taken radio, in which he is quite efficient. We all wish Stan the best of luck in anything he may undertake. BRUNNER, ELLA GENERAL Ella is full of fun and always raring to gog above all, she is anxious to do things well. Her ambition is to take part in sports and to see a good baseball game. Her face is beaming with a smile and she has a cheery greeting for everyone. Y-Teens 4. BUCKLEY, ROBIN D. Bob COLLEGE PREPARMORY Bob is a carefree sort of fellow who has always done commendable work in the classroom. Come down to the swimming pool when the team is practicing, that's when Bob can be seen at his best. Next to swimming is his love for dogs. Bob's hobby is raising and training Chesapeake Bay Retrit-vers. After graduation from AHS, Bob plans to enter Penn State and become a veterinarian. French Club 33 Swimming 2, 3, 4. 39 Qrbtb BUFFO, ANTHONY JAMES Buff COLLEGE PREPARATORY Buff is a happy-go-lucky chap, taking all of life's bumps with a jest. Although his intelligence is above average, he puts everything off until the last moment, however, he gets around to do it eventually. He has plans to become a dentist, but he says he probably will join the Navy. BUNDRA, JOSEPH STEPHEN Joe COLLEGE PREPARATORY Joe, another of our happy-go-lucky fellows, loves sports, in fact he seldom misses a contest. Next to studying, Joe likes his freedom ofspeech, and, Brother, can he talk? Besides talking, he daydreams and builds model planes. Hope he dreams up something big in the field of aviation. Latin Club 3, 4, National Honor Society, Senior Math Review Club 4. BURGER, DOLORES A. Dolly coivi M E Rom L Dolly who is vigorous and full of pep, is one of AHS snappy, high stepping majorettes. Blue eyes and brown hair are some of her personal characteristics. As far as her personality goes, it's tops, with a winning smile for everyone. She is an excellent dancer but afraid of water. Best of luck to you Dolly for whatever lies in front of you. Majorettes 3, 4. BURKE, PATRICIA Pat G EN ERAL Pat's cheerful personality reflects her Irish heritage and has won for her many friends. An ardent sports fan, Pat is interested in football and basketball, and is a loyal follower of the Canaries. Designing, art work, swimming, and dancing are her favorite pastimes. Historical Society 3. 40 BURNET, ELIZABETH JANE Bette COMMERCIAL Pretty blue eyes, a cheerful smile, light brown hair, and a pleasant personality-a combination which makes Bette well liked by all who know her. There' are times though that Bette has her moods, like most girls, making her hard to understand. Bette is an excellent student and what- ever she does after graduation will prove successful as she is dependable, hardworking, and trustworthy. Commercial Club 43 Comus Staff 4, Gym Club 25 Swimming Club 25 Tumbling Club 4. 1 . CALPEY, LOUIS R. ' Lou GENERAL ' A friendly sociable chap, that's Lou. His good looks and social achieve- ments have made him a popular senior at AHS. He devotes much of his time to the Y.M.C.A., taking a very active part in youth leadership work. Upon graduation, he expects to enter the armed services. Then after dis- charge from the service, he wants to take up Y.M.C.A. work, and become a Boys Work Secretary. A Cappella Choir 2, 3, Aeronautics Treasurer 4, Microscopy Club 4, Life Saving Club 4, Gray-Y Club Leader 2, 3, 4, Hi-Y 3, President 45 Rond-Y-Voo Club 3, Secretary 45 Swimming Team 2, 3, 45 Track Team 3, 45 Varsity A 4. CAMERON, ELIZABETH Betty coMM ERCIA L Betty did not always attend AHS, but came to us in her junior year from Parkersburg High in West Virginia The lirst thing that one notices about her is her red hair. Betty's favorite crooner is Bing Crosby. Some day Betty would like to travel, but she will probably enter the business world upon completion of high school. Historical Society 43 Pan-American League 45 Class Play Committee 3, 4. CAMODY, CONRAD Nick COLLEGE PRBPARATORY i Happy-go-lucky best describes Nick. Fellows class him as an all-round good chap, but we have suspicions that he has difficulties with his girl. Our handsome classmate is as much at home on a dance Hoor as on the football field, for these are his favorite diversions from school. Nick has dehnite plans for the future, for he plans to attend Penn State after graduation. 4 Football 2. 3, 45 Spanish Club 2, 35 Varsity A 45 Wrestling 2. 41 ' CANOUSE, JOSEPH P. Joe COLLEGE PREPARATORY When strolling down the streets of Allentown, Joe doesn't appear very different from the other fellows. But when he is in the swimming pool, he has a chance to display his talents. Better than an average student, ,loe's personality and wit should take him a long way in this world. Swimming Club 2, 3, 45 Varsity A 4. CARLS, LINA L. M. Lena COLLEGE PREPARATORY As happy as the day is long, Lina is a Wonderful friend, understanding and sincere. She is a genuine student, too, meeting willingly and efliciently, whatever demands are made upon her. Lina loves her church and serves it as assistant organist. Incidentally, she is also an accomplished pianist, Lina's ambition is to enter the teaching profession. Lucky are those pupils who will have her as a teacher! Chorus 2, 3, French Club 3, 4, Historical Society 43 Junior Red Cross 43 Latin Club 3, 45 National Honor Society 4. CARMITCHEL, JOHN D. Johnny vocAT10NAL Johnny isn't one of the brain-storms of AHS, but he has the kind of personality that makes him well liked by everyone. He is a happy-go- lucky fellow and so small you might even overlook him in a crowd. His favorite sport is basketball. johnny is sure to make a capable mechanic. Choir 2. CARTY, BARBARA J . Barb COLLEGE PREPARATORY Pretty, gay, friendly, generous-that's Barb, the tall gal with dark curly hair, and a sprinkling of freckles. Among her interests are swimming, dancing, and an extra special interest at Lehigh. Barb's great ability, her marked talent, and her nonchalant manner indicate that her future will be a very successful one, both at West Chester, where she plans to further her education, and in the teaching profession. Aquacade 2, 3, 4, Spanish Clinic 35 Pan-American League 45 Micro- scopy Club 4, Swim Club 2, 3. 42' CASSIUM, ALBERT Al COLLEG E PiusPARA'i'oiw Al is really some hunk of mang he has all of the physical assets necessary to star on the playing field. One of the greatest natural athletes ever to attend AHS, Al has been successful in every sporting venture. He is an important cog on the football and basketball teams, and also excelled in every track event in which he participated. Albert hopes to obtain an athletic scholarship and spend four years in college. Basketball 2, 3, 4, Football 2, 3, 45 Student Council 3, Track 3, 45 Varsity A 2, 3, 4. CEASE, SHIRLEY LEE Shirl GENERAL St. l.uke's gain is Allentown High's loss. Bert Meyers' favorite flute player will turn her band uniform in for that of a nurse. The band room will be a lonely room indeed without her laughter and smiling eyes. Shirl has not confined her activities to music. She has been an indispensible member ofthe aquacade and has been active in dramatics. You can always find her near the band at any dance. Aquacade 2, 3, 45 Band 2, 3, 45 Orchestra 2, 3, 4. CHAPLIN, Doius Chappie COMM ERCIAL Chappie came to high school, a little sophomore in 1945. With her came the pleasing personality we have all come to know during the last three years. She is active in sports, both during and after school. Although she wants to work in an ollice after graduation, she hasn't decided exactly what type of work she will do. Girls Gym Club 25 Leaders Club 3, 45 Swimming Club 23 Tumbling Club 4. CHAPMAN, MARY Mary COLLEGE PREPARATORY If A-plus marks were given on the basis of honesty, sincerity, cheerful- ness, and earnest endeavor, Mary would probably be our valedictorian. Where Mary Finds time for all her extra-curricular activities will always be a mystery, but she has an enviable school record anyway. Her year as president of the Lehigh County High School Christian Endeavor Union has brought Mary many friends throughout the state. "Trusting in the l,ord Jesus Christ for strength" has been Mary's motto and will continue to serve her well as she prepares for a life of service for Christ and the Church. Historical Society 4, Pan-American League 4. 43 CHOMIK, STEVE G. GENERAL An infectious grin and easy going manner combined with just enough sound common sense, make up Steve-who holds a place in the hearts of all who know him. He is one of our most ardent supporters of all athletics and, although his future is vague, a marine's uniform or a mechanical engineer's desk looks equally inviting to him. Life Saving Club 4. CHRISTMAN, DONALD D. Don VOCATIONAL Black curly hair, brown eyes, sharp clothes and neat appearance, are what usually make up the kind of man the girls go for. Donald has it. An average student in Allentown High, his highest mark is in shop math be- cause that is what he likes best. His other marks are about what can be expected from a boy. Donald is undecided about his future. CHRISTMAN, FRANK Frankie VOCATIONAL Frank is a good natured, happy-go-lucky fellow. He is always willing to help out in anything you want him to. He follows all the sports, and plays football, which is his favorite. He expects to enlist in the Navy after he graduates. When he comes out, he hopes to become a toolmaker, and also keep up his musical activities. Band 3, 4, Student Council 2, 4. CHRISTMAN, RICHARD EDWARD Reds COMMERCIAL The vivid color of his hair determines the origin of his nickname. Reds played in the backlield for Harrison-Morton's football team, but was switched to an end position at AHS. Reds was a dependable end and a member of the varsity for two years. He should have no trouble getting a public accountant position. Chess Club 25 Football 2, 3, 45 Varsity A 3, 4. 44 CHRISTMAN, ROBERT C. Bob D. Moose vocA'1'1oNAL Moose is a great lover of sports of all kinds but his pet game is football. He also likes school, work, driving good old Henry, a dilapidated jalopy. Bob is six foot three inches of good solid friendship. He works at the Lehigh Fruit Market. junior Red Cross 4. CIIRZANOWSKI, MARY E. Smith GENERAL See that girl with the mischievous brown eyes and sparkling smile? That's Mary, who came to us in her sophomore year from Elizabeth. New Jersey. Her teachers and classmates agree that her last name should be Smith, for it would be much easier to pronounce. Her favorite pastimes are tennis, ice-skating and swimming. After graduation Mary plans to study the advertising art. and hopes to do a great deal of traveling while carrying on her art career. French Club 3. CLADER, VIOLA Yoli com M is Rcm 1, Viola is a girl who possesses a pleasing personality, and a smile straight from the heart. She is the kind of friend that everyone seeks, but seldom finds. Her interests include basketball, swimming, horseback riding, and tennis. Viola has an intense love of music, as testified by her record with the AHS musical orgnaizations. After graduation, Viola hopes to become a stenographer. Concert Band 43 Girls Gym Club 2, Band 2, 3, 45 Orchestra 4. CLARK, JOHN R. Jack coL1,EoE PREPARATORY This boy likes to draw. He was an active member of the Canary staffg in fact, his many cartoons helped to enliven this popular publication very much. His high marks made him a member ofthe National Honor Society and he was voted into the Key Club. Upon graduation, Jack intends to go to Princeton University to prepare for journalism. Newspaper 2, 3, 4, National Honor Society 4, Math. Review 45 Key Club 45 210 Club 4. 45 CLEAVER, FORREST J. Forry on N ERA1, Forrest. whose chief ambition is to be a marine, is a serious-minded young man who strives to succeed in anything he undertakes. He loves sports, especially football and swimming, and spends most of his spare time participating in them. We feel sure that a bright future awaits Forrest in the Marine Corps. Bowling 4. CLYM ER, MARILYN R. Reds COLLEGE PR EPARATORY Vivacious, loquacious, Marilyn is always bubbling over with enthusiasm. She is an ardent follower of sports, especially football players, Did she get her nickname from two bottles of P?--hm! We'll never forget her giving the girls of the Apparatus Club heart failure because she always let go of the bars. lVlarilyn's future lies in the Physical Education field. Aquacade 25 Cheerleading 2, 3, 45 German Club 2g Girls Leader Club 45 Girls Swim Club 2, 3g Girls Tumbling Clubg National Honor Society 4. COMP, RICHARD C. Casey VOCATIONAI. Casey is so nicknamed because of his keen interest and study of railway engineering. We hope he will go places in engine service. Average in school subjects, easy going, with a sense of humor for breaking the monotony, Casey is bashful with girls, fairly interested in sports. and well-mannered at all times. CONRAD, HENRY B. Buck VOCATIONAL Buck who is interested in sports, sees all the AHS games of football and basketball. He works after school and Saturday at the Center Square meat market. He hopes to continue to work in the shop and become a meat cutter. He likes work in the machine shop but only wants to be a practical machinist as a hobby. 46 WE Q1 CONRAD, HOPE L. Honey commeacmt Hope is a combination of delightful personality and keen brains. Good- natured and fun-loving, she has a sparkling sense of humor. Hope con- siders no favor too much to do for a friend. She delights in sports of all types and is an enthusiastic fan. Her most enviable traits are her quiet determination and her power to get ahead in whatever she undertakes. Commercial Club 4g Girls Gym Club 2g Leader Club 33 National Honor Society 4. CONRAD, JOHN N. Johnny cotmsos PREPAMTORY Brightly colored shirts, flashy socks, loafers, and good looks--that's john. His charms as a dancer are too well known to need more than pass- ing mention. He is quiet both in the class room and out of it, but that is no reason for believing he knows little, for he is a line student. John's main interests are basketball, swimming, hunting, fishing, and camping. Chess Club 4. COOM BE, ROBERT GLENN Bud VOCATIONAL Bud is a friendly sociable fellow who will always be liked by those who know him. He is a passable crooner, and his favorite sport is basketball. Bud has musical talent that should provide his listeners with hours of pleasure. Band 23 Baseball 3. COPE, EDMUND L. Copey col.l.soH Piuzmnaronv Copey's lively sense of humor, together with his frankness and sincerity, make him a classmate we shall never forget. He is a good worker in school and when not concentrating on his classroom work, he is enthusiastically participating in some sport. After completing the mining engineering course at Lehigh, Copey hopes to see quite a bit of the world while carrying on his career. Engineers Club 43 Math Club 2, 33 National Honor Society 43 Senior Math Review Club 4. 47 , COPE, LOIS GENERAL Lois, one ofthe most popular girls at AHS, has made a reputation for herself in her studies as well as in her extra-curricular activities. Her beautiful soprano voice and her artistry at the piano have delighted us on many occasions. After graduation. she will continue to study music, first at West Chester and then at Juilliard. We believe that in the not too distant future she will realize her ambition of becoming a concert singer. A Cappella Choir 2. 3, 4, Chorus 2, 3g Swing Band 33 Swim Club 2, 3. 4. CORNFELD, LEWIS Louie GENERAL livery man has two educations-that which is given to him, and the other which he gives to himself. Lewis is now ready for the latter. With that radiant smile and fast stride, he is eager to find out what it's all about, and seek for himself a lot of knowledge and experience, not found in textbooks. COSTA, SAMUEL G. Sam GENERAL Sam enjoys everything and everybody. He claims he is a misogynist, but We know him better than to believe that. He is a member of the Aero- nautics Club. to which he has made many contributions. Sam is interested in basketball, baseball, and other sports. In addition to this, he is also interested in his studies and as a result earns good marks. COSTELLO, DOLORES O. Dolly COMMERCIAL Dolores, our snappy majorette, will make a snappy secretary. Brown eyes and honey-colored hair are just a few of her personal assets. Dolly's dancing and social activities are quite numerous. Ice-skating, swimming, and other sports are favorites. Dolly plans to be a secretary. Commercial Club 43 Gym Club 25 Majorettes 3, 4. 48 CRESSMAN, DONALD E. Don GENERAL Don is a rare individual who excels in the class room and on the playing field. At present he is studying electronics and hopes to enter the field of radio and television. Don is a lover of Hne arts. Painting and drawing are his favorite pastimes. He is an active member of our newly organized Vocanovas. Choir 2, 3, 4. CROCKETT, VIRGINIA B. Ginny COMMERCIAL Ginny has as sunny a disposition as the state from which she comes. That is, of course, Virginia. Her ability to put people at ease is due to her sparkling personality. Ginny always has a cheery hello for a friend. She can be seen at almost all the football and basketball games. CROSSLEY, LA RAE E. Shorty coMMeRcrAL Tiny but mighty is this young lady. She is a likeable companion, cheer- ful, and has an abundance of fun. Her future aims and desires remain a secret, but she will unquestionably choose some constructive, worthwhile vocation, Dance Club 43 Gym Club 2. CROWNOVER, HOMER J. Junie VOCATIONAL Homer has brown eyes and black curly hair. Homer, or -Iunie as he is known by his family and friends. is taking the auto shop course and expects to become an auto mechanic. Hunting of all kinds is one of his main interests. Football and basketball are two of his favorite sports. 49 DALMAS, DINO L. COLLEGE PREPARATOKY Dino is a quiet, congenial, and industrious fellow whose school work is decidedly above average. Hunting and golfing are his favorite outdoor sports. He and his twin brother Gilindo are very fine golfers. The less said about his success in hunting the better! Dino hopes to major in mechanical engineering at Penn State. His initiative should make him a successful citizen and a noted engineer. Camera Club 23 Engineers Club 4. DALMAS, GILINDO L. Lint vocA'r1oNAi, Gilindo is a quiet, industrious fellow who takes a lot of interest in his machine shop work. Although Lint doesn't spend very much time on homework, his marks are pretty good anyhow. Lint goes for sports in a big way. ln the summer he plays a great deal of golf with his brother, and in fall and winter, hunting and basketball take up his spare time. Lint also takes a deep interest in football and can tell you the rating of college teams in a flash. Upon graduation from high school Lint plans to become an expert machinist. "" wi' I y s DANIELS, JAMES H. Jim as GENERAL "I E..:i-P, " IQ? jeieifiig' ,. A ' K 1 ,'L' .if . . . . . .. The word that best describes Jim is imperturbable, for he remains un- i " '.i, "-i i"g A ruffled no matter what happens. He is quite expert at playing his clarinet A 3 and sax. Jim handles a job in a band or orchestra fairly well and expects to N - continue his study of music. He also enjoys hunting and fishing, but if fr- prefers working on old cars. He hopes to become an auto mechanic. fv-33-. ' .V Band 2, 3, 4g Canary Cavaliers 45 Choir 3. 4. -R. ..:,, Ji' 1 gg-fx f V, DANIELS, JOSEPHINE J. Jo COMMERCIAL So you want to know who the girl is with the bewitching smile and long brown hair? That's Joe, the girl with a bit of talent in almost every field. At football games she's out for a good time, and those with her are rarely disappointed. Dancing is her favorite pastime. Jo with her wit and cheerfulness is ready to cope with the business World. Dance Club 25 Y-Teens 4. 50 DANKEL, IRWIN I.. COMM Hear a long drawn-out "HeIlo?" you see but Irvl Irv is interested in says. Among his favorite activities and dancing. l-lis ambition is to be DANKEL, MARIANNE COMMERCIAL Here is a lass that possesses what FIIOSI girls would like to have, both intelligence and attractiveness. Marianne is known to all her friends as having a magnetic personality, sweet smile, and is always ready to listen to 21 joke or two. Her favorite pastimes are dancing, talking, and listening to records. As a secretary she will gain the best of luck and happiness. Dance Club 23 Home Room President 2. DANKEI., MARJORIE DARE, ELMER Bunk vocATxoNAl. Iilmer, a real pal and companion to his multitudinous array of friends, is a person who finds time for many extra-curricular activities, and still manages to be a superior student. He enjoys weight lifting, wrestling, and hand balancing. Elmer expects to enter college after graduation to study in architecture. 51 Irv ERCIA I. You turn around, and whom should almost everything except girls-so he are roller-skating, swimming, tennis, a concert pianist. Chess Club 2, Class Play 35 Interclass Play 2, 33 Soph Math Club 2. Margie COMMERCIAL Everyone recognizes Margie as a swell friend. Her company always adds a touch of liveliness to the environment. Although Margie does not indulge in her school work very earnestly, she always attains marks which show that she is capable of becoming a good secretary. Aquacade 3, 45 Chess Club 23 Commercial Club 4. J DASKALOS, CHARLES Charlie GENERAL Charlie is all wrapped up in football. His interception of a Perkiomen Prep pass helped to score one of the most thrilling victories in the history of the sport at AHS. Besides athletics, Charlie likes dramatics. His am- bition in life is to have a stage career. He has no difliculty because his free and easy manner promotes friendship immediately. Charlie is looking forward to going to college. We are quite sure he will succeed. Boxing 2, Chorus 2, 3g Football 2, 3, 4, Varsity A 3, 4. DAVIS, BARBARA ANN Babs COLLEGE PRE PARATORY Babs is excellent company for she is a cheerful lass who enjoys a good time and readily adapts herself to all situations. Her pet pastimes are diving, bridge games, and Lehigh house parties. Babs plans to study dental hygiene at the University of Pennsylvania. Her courtesy, honesty, and splendid sense of humor will make her a valuable asset in any dentist's oflice. Aquacade, 2, 3, 4, Junior Math Club, Secretary 3, Microscopy Club 43 Pan-American League 4, Student Council 2, Swim Club 2, 3, 4. DAVIS, DOROTHY D. Dottie COLLEGE PREPARATORY Dottie has red hair, freckles, a ready smile. She is better than average at her studies, in spite ofthe fact that her various activities outside of school take up much of her time. She is very active in Christian Young People's work. She attends most ofthe football and basketball games and roots lustily for AHS. Dorothy likes social work and traveling and hopes to do both when she becomes a missionary. Historical Society 4, Pan American League 4, DAVIS, MARY L. Mary commrncmr Mary is a smiling, happy-go-lucky girl, who has a smile for everyone. She has an interest for roller-skating and dancing, as well as school books. Mary does well in the commercial course and plans to make secretarial work her vocation. 52 DAVIS, MAYNARD P. B. Jack C0l.l.EUE PREPARATORY jack, who resembles the young Abe Lincoln with his lanky frame and dark, stoic face, plays a trombone and sings baritone. His sense of rhythm prevents him from being a square at dances or in a swimming pool. 1ack's favorite sport is sandlot football which he says is rougher than Varsity. We sometimes wonder why Jack, who is rather lethargic. to say the least, in his studies, hopes to study law one of the toughest courses at the Uni- versity of Pennsylvania. A Cappella Choir 45 Band 3, 4. DECAL, JOSEPHINE Jo commekcmi, joe's unending chatter can be heard at all times. This fun loving girl can be found having a swell time at dances and sports of all kinds. Under- neath this spirit of fun, we find that jo has her serious moments. She would be classified as a good student, always conscientious in her school work. The future holds an abundant supply of happiness for joe in her chosen field as a secretray. Commercial Club 43 Gym Club 2. DEFIORE, ANNA A. Ann GENERAL Two merry brown eyes, a sweet smile and a pleasing personality has Ann. A lover ofsports she has real school spirit, goes to football games at home and away, and is herself interested in gymnastics. It takes Ann some time to get acquainted. but her friendship lasts. . Apparatus Club 45 Swimming Club 4. l DE JONG, NANCY Nan COMMERCIAL "Nancy with the laughing face." Anyone who knows Nancy can tell you she fits that description. She has a lively spirit and that enviable capacity to enjoy whatever she does. There's never a dull moment when Nan is around. Horse back riding and ice-skating are her favorite pastimes. but she enjoys all other sports. Nan isn't sure of her future, but how can she be anything but successful? Commercial Club 45 Junior Red Cross 2. 53 952589 J' DE MARCHI, GLORIA Gloria coivimnkcmr, Black hair, brown eyes, and a smile with mischief tucked in every cornerAthat's Gloria. Gl0's an athlete in every sense of the word. As proof she was on practically all the girls' intramural teams. Despite her extra-curricular activities, Gloria keeps her marks up to a good standard. Although Glorials future lies in the business world, after working hours we will probably find her coaching a team in a gymnasium somewhere. Choir 3, Gym Club 2, 3, 4, Leaders Club 3, 4, Junior Red Cross 2 DENHARD, FAHLENE K. Faye GENERAL Pretty, popular, peppy, and proper-what a wealth of attributes des- cribing Faye, a tiny gal in stature but mighty big in character. Besides being one of our favorite cheerleaders, she never neglects her other duties and interests. Ohio Institute of Medical Assistants, which she plans to attend, will be glad to have a girl who possesses such line qualities. Aquacade 2, Cheerleading 2, 3, 4, Swimming Club 2g Latin Club 2: Microscopic Club 4 DENNIS, HOWARD H. Denny Dimwit commcacmr Denny can make friends with anyone and will do anything for his friends. He enjoys a good game of football and basketball, whether he is playing or just watching. His main interests are reading, hearing music of all kinds, skating, and dancing. A Cappella Choir 4. DERHAMMER, RODNEY Sheepy GE N ERAL Rodney is a student who has many friends, and is always making more. He is quiet in school, and does his work to the best of his ability. He is a great sports fan and does not miss many school games. His favorite sports are ping-pong, football. and baseball. Some day he hopes to become a big league ball player. S4 DE RONER, RICHARD EDWIN D. R. COLLEGE PRE PA RATORY Running true to form, like all good football players, D. R. does not wear out his books by studying them. Nevertheless, just give him a subject that he likes and he will go all out for it. Although D. R.'s car is an important means of transportation for his companions, don't get the idea that it is the main source of his friends. It isn't. You can compare D. R. to an inactive volcano. Although he apparently has no drive at the present, some day, like the volcano, he will explode and then he will meet success in the field of his endeavor. Football 2, 3, 49 Varsity A 4. DEUTSCH, ROBERT J. Deacon VOCATIONAI, Deacon is a regular fellow at AHS. who attends dances, but doesn't dance very much. He is a tall fellow with brown hair and blue eyes. His favorite sports are basketball and golf. He has great pride in his shop work and his friends are confident that whatever he attempts, he will be successful. DEVINE, LOUISE A. Lou comm ERCIAL Lou is an average student with a dynamic personality. She is always willing to listen to your troubles or help you with your studies. She is a pleasant friend-a girl to have around all the time. Her favorite pastime is dancing. Lou also finds time to attend all school sports. Gym Club 25 Aquacade 2. DE WALT, DAVID A. Davie vocATioNAL Davie is one of our six footers, fully as capable as he appears. Able to handle almost any problem that may arise. he never gives a snap decision but thinks things over carefully. He likes going to dances and has a keen interest in his set of drums which he plays very well. Upon graduation he expects to enter Penn State College to study technical instruction. 55 DE WALT, MELBA LOUISE COLLEGE PnsPAaAToaY Have you seen a yellow streak Hash past you in the halls when the band parades? Don't be alarmed, for it's only Melba whizzing past. Regardless of uniform Melba is most enthusiastic at football and basketball games. Her voilin is also well-known in the AHS Orchestra. She is a better than average student qualifying for the honor roll various times. Orchestra 2 3. 4g Band 3. 4. DE WITT, CURTIS P. Curt VOCATIONAL What a list ofinterests Curt has-fishing, hunting, bowling, ice-skating, baseball, trapping, and swimming! Certainly life is never dull for him. His school work, too, is not neglected and his job on the Co-op is done satisfactorily. With these interests and skills Curt surely has a bright and successful future. DE WITT, ETHEL IRENE GENERAL Although Ethel isn't a talkative girl, she certainly is an active one. At present her interest lies at Jefferson Memorial Hospital, which she intends to enter as a prospective Florence Nightingale. She also claims to be a dog's best friend-her Boston Bull will testify to this. But if you need a genuine friend, Ethel is the person to see. Historical Society 39 Latin Club 25 Microscopy Club 4, Y-Teens 2, 3, 4. DEX, WALTER Walt COLLEGE PREPARATORY Walter is the most popular athlete at AHS. He excels in football, basketball, and track. An example to his teammates, Walt combines brain with brawn. for he scintillates in the classroom as well as on the playing field. Dex has the unique distinction of being the only man to be president of both the Varsity A and National Honor Society. At the conclusion of the gridiron season he was signally honored by being chosen to receive the outstanding football player award. Engineers Club 43 Football 2, 3. 45 Junior Math Club 35 National Honor Society 49 Senior Math Review 45 Track 2, 3, 45 Varsity A 2, 3, 4. 56 DEYSIIER, ROBERT C. announcer. Body Builders 3. DIEFENDERFER, BARBARA J. Bobbie coriiacaia i'aai'Aa.-x'l'oaY Here is our class baby-young in years. rich in experience. Bobbie's favorite pastimes include attending football games, roller-skating. ice-slcat- ing, letter writing, and piano playing. Nlusic in all forms is her hobby. Happy-go-lucky Barbara studies when necessary and always manages to achieve high marks. After graduating, she hopes to work in an office and eventually to become Allentown's best housewife. A Cappella Choir 44 Chorus 2. 34 Girls' Gym Club 2: Historical Society 39 National Honor Society 45 Sophomore Math Club Zg Spanish Club 3. DIEIIL, DORIS B. Junior Red Cross 3, 4. DIEHL, HELEN S. Red CoLI.Et:a PREPARA'l'oRY With a glimpse at Red we note all sorts of talent combined with beauty and personality, and peppered with unparalleled sweetness and faithful- ness. She has an uncanny knack for doing every thing she tries well, win- ning each game she plays. liasy to please, never complaining, Red makes a perfect friend. Aquacade 2, 3, 4, German Club 45 Gym Club 2. 57 GENERAL GENERAL along with. Her ambition is to become a beautician and have a shop of her own. She is very fond of dancing and roller-skating. Bob One may search long to find a more arlable companion or truer friend than Bob. He may well be characterized by his favorite parting phrase- "I'll be seeing you." Bob follows up the happenings in the sporting world with extreme interest and harbors a secret longing to become a sports N ickie Nickie, a very popular girl, with a pleasing personality is easy to get Ti .. ...J A DIEHL, MARGARET ANN Peggy G E NERAI, Pep, thy name is Peg. This girl will never get wrinkles or gray hair from a superabundance of worry. She has been kept busy modeling for local clothing stores and serving as a member of Hess Brothers High School Fashion Board. After being graduated from high school, Peg expects to enter Moore Institute for the study of commercial art. DIETRICH, JOAN PATRICIA COLLEGE PREPARATORY One might describe Joan as being a tall brunette with a charming smile. As one watches Ioan walking down the halls, she seems to know more boys than girls, although she claims to have no preference. She enjoys tennis, dancing, but of all activities she prefers swimming. Joan plans to enter Cedar Crest College. where she will major in Medical Technology. Swim Club 45 210 Club 4. DIETRICH, RALPH HOPE Diety vocA'rIoNAL Ralph is a good-natured lad always ready to help those in need. He's not too ambitious in his studies, though he manages to get through. He is the type of fellow who you would probably see tinkering about a car rather than squandering time on street corners. Diety has planned to spend his future in a career of automotive engineering. l DOBEN, WILLIAM Bill COLLEGE PREPARATORY Bill is a thoughtful and reserved boy who appreciates a good joke, even if it is at his own expense. He loves music-modern, swing, and classical, and considers Al Jolson the greatest living musician. Softball is his favorite sport and stamp collecting his favorite hobby. Although at present he spends much of his time building model airplanes Bill plans to become Il radio or electronic engineer after graduating from the University of Pennsylvania. National Honor Society 45 Senior Math Review Club 4. 58 DONAT, CURTIS Curt VOCATIONAL Curt did a satisfactory job in both shop and studies. He knows his stuff and, if called on to do a job, can be depended upon. His hobby is swimming. but he also likes to go hunting. Curt is a good-natured fellow, ready to help anyone at anytime. After graduation he exepcts to be a toolmaker or dental technician. DONMOYER, JAMES Jim COLLEGE PR li PARATORY Not just a pupil but a student, jim is very much interested in radio announcing. He plans to enter Michigan State College after graduation. His voice, which is supposed to get him on the radio, will probably land him at Ebbetts Field selling peanuts. jim is the kind of fellow who never says die. His jovial humor and wit add to his personality. Altogether, he is a sport and all-round good fellow. National Honor Society 45 Senior Math Review 43 Basketball 2, 3. 45 Varsity A 4. DORWARD, JEAN S. Jean COI,l.l-Ili E PRE PARATORY We sometimes wonder when Jean expresses a particularly old-fashioned idea, whether this girl with the shiny black hair and mischievous brown eyes first saw light on june 3, l930 B. C. Jean ceases to talk only when she is sick. Singing and embroidery are her favorite hobbies. Most know her as a cashier in the cafeteria, as a solosit in the Christmas program, or as a student in Mr. Allam's second period German class. She hopes to go to Rider College and become a stenograph operator. A Cappella Choir 2, 3, 45 Sophomore Math Club 2. DOUGHERTY, DONALD Doc GENERAL Doc is a graduate of Raub Junior High School. He is interested in all sports, hut his main interest is in football. He does not intend to go to college as yet, but maybe in the future. His secret desire is to enlist in the Marines, and advance to a promising position. Football 2, 3, 49 Spanish Club 25 Varsity A 4. 59 H If ' A y DREHER, FRANCES P. G E NERAL Something about Frances makes you like her the moment you see her: it's hard to explain, perhaps it's her smile or the twinkle in her eyes, but it,s there-always. Those who do not know her have missed a lot. Her chief interests are sewing, dancing, and swimming. A shop in which she will specialize in bridal outfits, is her ambition. Dance Club 23 Swim Club 4. DRIES, WILLIAM D. Bill c EN ERAL Bill thrives on music. He has been tooting his bassoon since he was in seventh grade. His favorite numbers are "Peg O' My Heart" and "Sym- phonie Italiennef' He expects to major in music in college. Keep your eyes on him-he'll go places! Band 2, 3, 45 Concert Orchestra 2, 3, 4, Choir 4. DUDDING, BENNETH CATHERINE COMM ERCIAL Benneth is a willing helper with a quiet manner. Much of her time is spent reading. She is a sports fan when it comes to football, and she can usually be heard as well as seen in the cheering section. Her ambition is to be a secretary. DURN, LA RUE Ike COLLEGE PREPARATORY LaRue, who came to us from Easton High School at the beginning of his senior year, is a quiet fellow who takes his school work seriously and maintains marks well above average. Ike's chief sport interests include swimming, bowling, and baseball. He played on the varsity baseball squad at Nazareth and at Easton High School. He is also an experienced hunter and fisherman. Girls are of little importance in his young life. After graduation, Ike hopes to study forestry at Penn State. 60 DURNIN, MARCELYN D. Marcy or:NlekA1, 'l'his miss is not so demure as she looks: she is happy. jovial, and chock- full of fun. One look at Nlarcy's dark-lashed, smoke-gray eyes leaves no douht as to her nationality. Her Irish temper, however, shows up only in a dt-hate. She has managed to earn good grades although she d0esn't allow studies to interfere with her social activities. Marcy possesses the necessary skill. patience, and ahility to assure het success in her chosen career of dental hygiene. Historical Society 2, 3: -luniot Red Cross 3: l.atin Cluh 2: National Honor Society 4: Pan-American League 4. EAGLE, JACK GENERAL When the moon is up, and the sun is down, Jack's not carousing 'round the town. He stays at home. and with hrush in hand, Paints pretty pictures that look just grand. And all day long he's at it, too, Trying to please hoth me and you. Some day our Jack may famous he, But I'm not worried-you wait and see, jack won't forget old Allentown High And the friends he has made in years gone hy. ECKERT, ANNE L. Annie CUl.I,EGI-I PREPARATORY Anne is a hrunette with hlue eyes and a sunny disposition. Her greatest amhition is to become a good chemistry student. She likes all sports and displays her own ability at cheerleading, basketball, and ice-skating. Anne plans to go to college after graduation from AHS. Apparatus Cluh 4: 'liumhling Cluh 4: Cheerleading 2, 3, 4g Leaders fluh 3, 4: Swim Cluh 2g 210 Club 4. EDELMAN, RUTH II. COLLEGE PREPARATORY Talkative Ruth is a live wire who permits never a dull moment when she is present. She loves all sports and always wants Brooklyn to win the World Series and Navy to heat Army. Algebra and chemistry are her favorite suhjects hut she also maintains honor standing in her other subjects. Ruth plans to work a year at her present joh before entering nursing college at the University of Pennsylvania. Historical Society 2, 3: l.atin Cluh 2: Sophomore Math Club: National Honor Society 4. 61 are reading and travel. EHRICH, DORIS J. Gillie DISTRIBUTIVE EDUCATION People who are around Gillie are always sure to Find lots of noise and fun. She is a lover of sports and is always willing to participate in any of the school's dances. Gillie's main ambition is to be a successful housewife. Gym Club 2. EICHELBAUM, MONA EISENHARD, LOIS ELMA COLLEGE PREPARAToRY Although Lois' time for study has been rationed because of her varied activities, she has always been a model student in the upper bracket of her class. All through her school years she has had the respect and admiration of her classmates and her teachers. I,ois will always be remembered for her dramatic portrayals in various high school productions. She also dis- tinguished herself on the stage as an accomplished harpist, both at school and in numerous recitals. Her untiring ambitions are concentrated in the medical and teaching field. Canary Stall 2, 3, 45 Latin Club 3, 43 National Honor Society 4. 62 EHRET, ELAINE MAE Elaine DISTRIBUTIVE EDUCATION COLLEGE PREPARATORY Everyone who meets her takes to her immediately because of her priority on wit. Mona plans to enter college. Elaine is a beauteous, brown-haired lass, whose entrancing blue eyes and pleasant smile have won a host of friends for her. Her work has been more than satisfactory ever since she started school. Elaine likes all kinds of sports. She cheers loudest for the handsomest players. Elaine's diversions 0 Short, sweet, and terrific-that's Mo all over. Her sense of humor carries her through all situations, whether embarrassing or serious. No brilliant scholar, Mo goes in for the three B's-books, boys, and basketball. EISENHARD, NATALIE Nat G EN ERA l. Keen eyes, alertness, and generosity without end! That's Nat. Happi- ness is the keynote of her personality, and no matter what happens. you can always count on her friendship. When it comes to sports, dancing is tops with her. It's certain whatever road in life Nat follows, none will lead her to a dead end. German Club 45 Historical Society 3. ELY, PHYLLIS M. GENERAL Never a dull moment with Phyllis, a gay laughing girl, who likes to work in the library anal to play the piano. She plans to do her father's bookkeeping after she is graduated Choir 2, 3: German Club 45 Library Club 3, 4. EMERY, MARJORIE A. Margie COMMERCIAL This is a girl whom you can recognize hy her chattering mouth which is sometimes an asset to her. Margie is a person with a humorous person- ality. Her favorite pastime is reading. She takes an interest in all kinds of sports. Though she is witty she has her serious moments. All her friends are rooting for her to make a success of her future life. Bowling 3, Commercial Club 45 Dance Club 45 Swim Club 39 Hockey 3. EMMET, JULIANNA Julie coMMERclAl. A lwit of chatter, a giggle, and a new beaufthat's Julie. She doesn't exactly spend her time studying, but you'll always End her with her work well done. She is always full of fung she enjoys classical music. Julie is looking forward to a position as private secretary. 63 ENTERLINE. JOAN Judy COLLEGE PREPARATORY To know Joan casually is to admire her for the things she does and saysg to know her intimately is to treasure her true wholehearted friendship. This pert brunette will always be remembered as Judy, the teen-ager she portrayed so well in the junior Class Play. As to what she intends to follow when she is graduated. no one knowsg but the road she travels is sure ro be the road to success. Career Club 45 Chorus 2, 3: Dance Club 45 Dramatics 2, 3, 43 German Club 3, 4: Historical Society 3,41 Leaders Club 3, 45 Sophomore Math Club. ERBE, DORIS LORETTA Dolly COMMERCIAL To most of Dolly's classmates she seems quiet and shy, but to her friends she is full of pep and humor. She is a majorette in the Allentown Legion Drum and Bugle Corps. Her other interests include singing, swimming, dancing, and roller-skating. In the near future Doris intends to become a stenographer in a local business establishment. A Cappella Choir 4. EVERETT, DANIEL G. Dan Dan is one of the top notch lads in the senior class. A champion of sophisticated rhythm, Danny is as skillful at the piano keyboard as he is on the dance floor. He plans to attend Nlercersburg Academy in preparation for an extensive course in business and finance at the University of Penn- sylvania. EVRARD, THOMAS ODNELL Tim COLLEGE PREPARATORY Tim loves life and wants to live it his own way. He also thinks life is easy and hopes it stays that way. Evrard enjoys a good workout. He has been a football and track enthusiast for several years. He is an athlete who takes his sports seriously in an effort to beat the next man. Tim is an ex- cellent competitorg he values the advice of his personal friends. Senior Math Reviewg Football 2, 3, 45 Track 3, 4. 64 FACER, DOLORES A. M. Lorrie GENERAL "A friend in need is a friend indeed." Yes, it's happy-go-lucky Lorrie. She's here to greet you with a smile whenever you're passing by. A special attraction in l.orrie's life is swimming, although she enjoys other classes too. When it comes to dancing, she's tops again. Home Nursing 4. ' " 1 0 1 FACKLER, WILLIAM Willy GENERAL Down the hall comes the patter of small feet. Upon further investiga- tion their owner is found to be six feet two inches tall. Bill's two main pastimes are taking apart his Czech motorcycle, then trying to get it together again. He plays basketball for the Church League. After gradua- tion, Bill plans to enter some type ofsales work. FAIRCHILD, HOWARD M. JR. Junior coL1.EcE mzsranwronv If you see a young man strolling through the corridors of AHS without a care in the world, it's junior. He is an average student who receives average grades. He's a fellow who never refuses to give a helping hand. Because of his keen interest in athletics, he can usually be found partici- pating in sports. After graduation he plans to study aeronautical engi- neering at the University of Michigan. A Cappella Choir 2, 3, 49 Football 3, Chorus 2, 3. FARRELL, WILLIAM F. Willie VOCATIONAL Willie is a regular fellow who likes to dance and ice-skate. His favorite sports are football and basketball. He is a member of the cabinet making shop and takes great pride in his work. His friends are confident that he will be very successful. 65 we FAUST, BETTY M. Bet COMM ERCIAL Betty's tastes lead to the epicurean so she has high hopes of becoming a manager of a restaurant after graduation. She likes school and is active in many of the school activities. Her congeniality and intellectuality are known by many, as she is always willing to lend a helping hand. Betty's qualifications are bound to lead her to success and happiness. Commercial Club 45 Historical Society 3g Life Science Club 2, 3, 4g Philatelic Club 4. FEDOK, GEORGE Feedie vocAT1oNAL Feedie is one ofthe most amusing boys at AHS. All who know him like him. He possesses traits of kindness, friendliness, and sportsmanship. His athletic career has been a conspicuous one. It was his superb passing and shooting that helped to defeat Bethlehem before the State Champion- ship playoffs. George is quite clever in putting across comedy acts. He is a natural comedian. Basketball 2, 3, 45 Baseball 3, 49 Varsity A 3, 4. FENDRICK, FRANK THOMAS The Kid COLLEGE PREPARATORY Frank's a chap who will help you if he can. Most ofthe time, however, he can just about help himself. Most likely you have seen him driving around AHS in a maroon '35 Chevy. The Kid, like any other fellow, likes sports, especially the Brooklyn Dodgers and the Notre Dame Irish. He hopes to be a barber and follow in his father's foot steps. FENSTERMACHER, GERALD K. Jerry vocA'rroNAL Jerry is a machine shop boy who always receives fair marks in his major study. His two favorite pastimes are hunting and motorcycle riding. Gerald hopes to earn a livelihood by practising the trade he has learned at AHS. 66 FENSTER M ACHER, ROBERT Bob VOCATIONA L Bob has had two successful years of welding in school. He is very popular with his boss in his co-op job. His favorite sports are hunting and baseball. In the future he plans to go into business for himself. Baseball 2, 33 Boxing 2. FENSTERMACHER, JOHN T. Fenstey VOCATIONA L When you walk through the hall and happen to see a tall, curly-headed young lad with a smile on his face, it's john-a boy with great ambition. Fenstey is a very handy man at welding. Subsequent to his school life his ambition is to join the Navy. FENSTERMAKER, JEAN G. COMMERCIAL jean's ambition is to become a good secretary. All through her school days her favorite subject has been lunch. She has a sense of humor and is always willing to help others. She enjoys a fast football and basketball game. Her other favorite pastimes are going to the movies and reading good books. After graduating. Jean would like to do some traveling around the United States. Commercial Club 4. FENSTERMAKER, JOEL F. Bupty VOCATIONAL He is a quiet but good-natured guy who has many opportunities in life. With his ability and ingenious personality he will make good in any type of industrial career. Bupty is very much interested in others, and what- ever he may do, the happiness and enjoyment he has will make him a big success in life. 67 ,,., . Y-sri i. . ,. . FESKANIN, DOLORES Dee Dee, as natured and fun-loving girl. Spends all of her spare time dancing and in the movies. Dee is short, with blonde hair and pretty blue eyes. She is tops in personality and popular with the fellows. She's always on the go and never a dull moment when out with her. We all hope Dee will "Climb the Stairway to the Stars" and find that "Stardust.,' Dance Club 25 Y-Teens 43 Student Council 3g Junior Prom Committee 3. FINGER, Paul is everyone. Krupa has ball games in years to Student Council 4. FERRELL, RUTH Ruthie G E NE RAL Ruthie's happy disposition'and captivating personality have made a hit with all her friends. Her favorite pastimes are dancing and letter writing. Everybody knows she has a yen for modeling and we all wish her the best of luck and happiness in the years to come. Gym Club 23 Home Nursing 4. COMMERCIAI. known to most of us, looks quiet and shy, but is really a good- FILLMAN, RENEE co1.LEc.e PRsPARAToRY Renee's twinkling eyes flash mischievously at a passing athlete, but in the next instant they are serious enough to hear a friend's problem. That genial smile, so neatly hiding a sincere thought, reflects her well-deserved title, "sophisticated clown." As secretary and conference representative of the Y-Teen Club, she frequently resorts to bashing in a head to get activities moving. Renee is far from the most studious gal at school, for studies too often give way to a favorite radio mystery. Historical Society 34 Press Club 25 Sewing Club 2, Y-Teens 2, 3, 4. PAUL Krupa VOCATIONAL the kind of a guy all the girls dream about, and is a friend to Paul got his nickname becuase of the way he plays the drums. nothing on Paul. You can find him at all football and basket- His attitude in school and shop show that he will be a success come. 68 FISCHL, ALFRED W. Freddie vocariomit Freddie is a tall blond-haired fellow who greets everyone with a smile. He makes friends quickly and is liked by all his classmates. Freddie says girls do not bother him. We wonder! He loves sports and is a member of the Tenth Ward basketball squad. - FISHER, JAMES Jim GENERAL jim is a great sports lover who attends all the Allentown High games. His skill at basketball awarded him a position on a team in the City Church League. The Morning Call, where he is employed, takes up most of his spare time. jim hopes to become one of Uncle Sam's fighting sailors upon graduation. FLOOD, MARGARET HELEN Floody GENERAL The girl with the long brown hair, big brown eyes and that very cap- tivating smile is Floody. Where there's fun you'll find Floody, always out to seek more excitement. She is fond of sports, especially swimming and dancing. Aquacade 3, 45 Swimming Club 3, 4. FLORES, RALPH MARSHALL Sonny VOCATIDNAL Here is a fellow who is known by all his friends at school as Tuba and hy some of his relatives as Sonny. He likes roller-skating and swimming. He also likes sports although he never has taken an active part at school. Ralph is successful in his school work although he is just about getting through. Band 2, 3, 4. 69 3253: I FOEDISCH, ELLEN L COMMERUAL In the two years Ellen has been living in Allentown, she certainly has hit the markg not only in her school work, but in making friends. Promi- nent in activities, L is vice-president of the Historical Society and on the Junior Red Cross Council. Though her marks do not hit the honor roll every time, they are very good. L likes all commercial subjects and has chosen secretarial work as her future. She plans to go to New York to further her education. Historical Society 43 Junior Red Cross 4. FOLLWEILER, RICHARD J. Dick vocA'r1oNAL Dick is the type of fellow whose chief interests are sports. He is a little shy with the girls but helll get over that. His personality makes him easy to get along with. Dick has made many friends at high school and is liked by all. He has made a name for himselfin basketball for the Boys Club. FORCHIONE, DOLORES Dolly GENERAL Dolly. winsome, brown-eyed, and cute is known to many at Allentown High School. Her personality plus makes her an outstanding person in all that she does. She likes dancing, bowling. swimming, and roller-skating, and she is an ardent fan at our football games. Her plans for the future are indefinite. Historical Society 35 Home Nursing 45 Needlework 25 Swimming Club 4. FORTNEY, JUNE GE NERAL Now here's a little miss-five feet two, Her hair is blonde, her eyes are blue, Pleasant and cheerful as anyone can see. What is her name?-June Fortney. Aquacade 25 Student Council 3. 70 FOUTRAKIS, ANGIE G. Ang COMMERCIAL When we speak of Angie we usually speak of good marks and wonderful school work, Angie makes friends easily and has many. Her ambition is to be a bookkeeper and we all know that with her initiative and tleter- mination she will make the grade. Along with reading, Angie is a whiz at dancing and attending the movies regularly. Commercial Club 43 National Honor Society 4. FRACK, EDGAR succeed. FRACK, LEONARD L. FRANK, JEANNE G. Jeannie COMMERCIAI. jeanne is interested in almost everything-dancing, ice-skating, football, basketball, and wrestling matches. A little girl with big ideas, Jeanne is popular among her friends and can be counted on for a good time. Her pleasing personality will help her through life. May she have all the suc- cess she deserves. Bowling 2, 3, 4g Volleyball 3, 45 Commercial Club 4. 71 VOCATIONAL VOCATIONA L v l 5. 1 Frackie Frackie is the kind of boy who would rather go hunting and fishing than sit in a classroom and study. He is very popular with his friends in school and has a personality which everyone likes. So the best of luck to you, Frackie, for we all know that whatever you attempt to do you will always Len Here is a boy very hard to understand. l,en is modest, shy, and has many bright ideas for the future, even though he rates among the average individuals in class work. His favorite sports are basketball and baseball. He will certainly take advantage of his many opportunities. 'Y 6. , i ,un 'rl 4 1 4 4 -A FRANK, RICHARD R. Dick vocA'r1oNAL Dick is an all-round good fellow. He likes sports, especially basketball. He plays guard for the Twelfth Ward A. C. in the club league. Dick is a bright student and likes to go to dances or on dates with girls. He is willing to do anything for a friend. Dick has brown, well-groomed hair, a dark complexion, and smiling dark brown eyes that go with a big smile. FRANKENFIELD, DONALD E. Frankie COLLEGE PREPARATORY Frankie is as versatile as the Weather, for his subjects range from auto- mobiles to Zoroastrianism. As for school work, he can take it or leave it. However by a combination of perseverance and general knowledge, he gets along very well. Evidence of his scholarship is the fact that he submitted one of the best papers in the Pennsylvania Week contest. He was among the fifteen winners in the state. Engineers Club 45 Historical Society 45 Interclass Play 33 Mathematics Club 2, 3, 45 Orotans 3, 4, Senior Class Play 43 Track 2, 3. FRANKENFIELD, GEORGE B. Bub COLLEGE PIQEPARATORY George must be known to be appreciated, he doesn't noise abroad his accomplishments. He considers himself an amateur boxer, although he has won few lights. His hobby deals with art and its models. After graduation, he plans to go to Muhlenberg for his pre-med training and then to the University of Pennsylvania for a medical course. Math Review Club 45 National Honor Society 4. FRANKENFIELD, WILLIAM Bill, Whitey, Lightning GENERAL Bill who comes to us from the Raub Junior High School got his nick- name Lightning while delivering his papers. He is a fine, quiet boy, who is rather shy of girls. Although he does not take part in many activities, he is enthusiastic about table tennis. Bill expects to be a florist upon graduation. In the future many of you will be wearing corsages designed by Bill. 72 FRANTZ, MOULTON L. C. JR. Moultie coueua PiuaPAim'roRY Moultie is good-natured, friendly, very likeable. His hobbies are stamp collecting, photography and driving his dad's black Studebaker. He is also very much interested in wrestling, and last year he participated in the P.I.A.A. Championship meet. After graduation Moultie expects to go to college. Body Builders Club 3, Photography Club 25 Track 3, 45 Varsity A 3, 45 Wrestling Club 3, 4. FRANTZ, RAYMOND Ray vocA1'loNAi. Ray is a pleasant, likeable fellow who can find time to talk to anyone. Ray likes sports, and attends all football and basketball games. His favorite sport is baseball. Ray is always dressed in keeping with the latest style. He is very good in his studies and his shop marks show that some day he will be a capable radio technician. FREDERICK, ELEANOR Shorty coM M E ucmi. A giggle and a wrinkled up nose are typical of lfleanor. She is a dark- eyecl girl with a laugh that is catching. lileanor has many outside interests but she manages to do a good job in her school work. She intends to be a singer and she is destined to come out on top of the musical world. Chorus 2, 35 A Cappella Choir 4. FREED, ARLENE Reenie comm E RCIAL Reenie is packed full of fun and always ready for a good laugh. With her pleasing personality and friendly hello she has made many friends. Reenie enjoys dancing, swimming, and football. She not only enjoys these social activities, but likes to type, which is her favorite school subject. Reading is her favorite pastime. Her marks are average and after gradua- tion she intends being a typist. 73 H J FRENZ, THERESA Terry coMM ERCIAL Terry is backward among strangers, but gay and carefree among friends. She enjoys both classical and popular music and is also interested in sports. Her weaknesses are candy, ice cream, and red heads. Her ambition is to be a telephone operator. A Cappella Choir 4. FREY, RALPH E. JR. Curly vocAT1oNAL Here is a fellow that everybody knows and likes. There is always a lot of fun when he is around. He likes to go to dances, and knows all the pretty girls too. Curly specializes in radio and, when he is graduated from high school, he hopes to have his own radio shop. FREY, WILLIAM Bugsy GEN ERAL lf, when passing a certain corner in the West End, you think you hear Harry James, you're right, for it's Bill, playing his trumpet accompanied by one of Mr. James, records. Besides that, he is an important member of the National Guard Band. His main ambition with the Guards is to drive a jeep. Meanwhile, he is using his dad's car as a substitute. Bill's plans for the future are still uncertain. FREYMAN, GEORGE J. George VOCATIONAL George is one for whom everybody has a cheery "Hi ya!" He is liked by all for his straight forward actions and speech, his unalterable cheerful- ness, and his all-round good fellowship. Now his main interests are his motor scooter, basketball, and swimming. 74 FREYMAN, SHIRLEY MAY Muscles GENERAL Shirley, our smiling organist with ber good spirits, is one of the shining lights at AHS. Although she does not enjoy dancing, she always looks forward to all athletic activities. To some of her friends she is known as Muscles, because of her outstanding athletic abilities. Anyone who has Shirley's ability to make and keep friends is to be envied. A Cappella Choir 3, 45 Chorus 2, 3. FRILK, EDWARD D. Ned COLLEGE PREPAxA'ronY Ned Frick is a quiet and resourceful student. Outside of distributing his diverse talents over high school, he doesn't do much work. Ned fre- quents the National Honor Society and the Key Club, haunts the Math Review Club, and literally directs the Historical Society and Engineers' Club. Ned plans to go to college and to major in engineering. Hat's off to a really swell fellow! Latin Club 2, Student Council 2, 3, 4, Historical Society 2, 3, 4g Key Club 3, 49 National Honor Society 4g Engineers Club 45 Physical Science Club 43 Senior Math Review. FRIDERICI, VALERIE B. Val COLLEGE PREPARATORY Val has both brains and beauty. Blonde hair, placid blue eyes, and a friendly smile accentuate her unique personality. She faces problems and disappointments with an unusual, calmness and sincerity. Our popular Val, an able athlete, spends many happy hours in her Girl Scout work. Val hopes to attend Penn State, where she will study psychology. Diving Club 25 junior Play Committee 35 National Honor Society 4s Senior Class Play 4, Sophomore Math Club 29 Student Council 3. FRIED, J EANETTE J. Sporty COMMERCIAL How can we do justice to Jeanette's high sense of humor and ready wit? You've probably seen Jeanette in our high school band making a lot of noise with her glockenspiel. She is fond of many sports and participates in many. She is always seen at every dance. Although she doesn't rack her brains, she manages to get her work in on time. A pretty secretary this young miss plans to be. Band 3, 4, Historical Society 3 75 sis f Ny FRIES, SHIRLEY Shirl comm Eacm L Shirley has a very pleasing personality, and is always seen with a smile for everyone. Shirley combines her work with pleasure, although she is interested in her school work and takes it very seriously. She is interested in dancing, skating, and bowling, and is active in all of them. Shirley would like to become a bookkeeper after graduation. FRITZINGER, CHARLES R. Charlie GENERAL If you should see an exceptionally good looking male walking along the main street of Fogelsville-that's Charlie. His main goal in life is to take over his dad's plumbing and heating establishment. His participation in extra-curricular activities as representative of his classmates mark him as a man to be relied upon. A Cappella Choir 2, 3, Junior Red Cross 4, National Honor Society 45 Wrestling 3. FRUMER, HERSHEL Hersh cotreoxz PREPARATORY Abettecl by his ready grin and cheerful disposition, Hersh has won many friends through his charm and personality. He never worries too much about his studies, but he has, nevertheless, earned average marks. Herslfs interests are centered about sports and aeronautical engineering. Success is sure to await him at the completion of his studies and his ability should take him a long way along the road to a successful life. Engineefs Club 3, 4. FRYE, ANNE LOUISE Anne COLLEGE PREPARATORY Anne's a cute little package ofsmiles and happiness, but at times, when she becomes angry, fire flashes in her blue eyes. She's no genius, but she's sure to get along for she has persistence, initiative, and a real sense of re- sponsibility. Anne, destined to be a telephone operator, will probably in the future be called "Bell's belle." German Club 35 Historical Society, Sophomore Math Club 3. 76 FTIGSAR, THERESA K. Terry comm Enom L Terry is well liked by all who know ber because of her warm sincerity and friendliness. Her pleasant smile and sparkling eyes please everyone. She takes great interest in her school studies and enjoys fun at all times. You'll find Terry at the football games and dances. She is interested in singing and dramarics. Chorus 2, 3, Dance Club 4, Home Economics 2g Student Council 3, 4. Career Club 43 Historical Society 35 Library Club 2, Pan-American fx FUCIIS, FLORENCE Flossie col.l.Et:E PRtePARA't'oRY To those of us who know her, the name Flossie will always bring fond memories. She's small in stature, but her mental activity and her marks don't run parallel with her size. Her enthusiasm for work or play is always catching. Flossie's aspiration is to become a nurse. She has many qualities which should make her a good one. German Club 3, 45 Latin Club 2, 49 National Honor Society 4: Sopho- more Math Club 2. FUKAN, MARILYN ELIZABETH G t-:N HRM. Who's this coming down the hall with a pile of books in her arm? Of course it's Marilyn, on her way to her favorite class, chemistry. lVlarilyn's a friendly girl who likes everyone and is liked by all. Her favorite pastimes are reading and music. Her main interest lies in the field of business. League 4. FULFORD, BROOKE D. COLLEGE PREPARMORY One swell fellow is Brooke, devoting himself industtiously alike to his studies and his extra-curricular activities. In his spare time he performs experiments in his home chemistry laboratory. The sixty-four dollar ques- tion is, "How has he survived so long?" If manners make a man, Brooke need have no worriesg if brains and persistence achieve renown, Brooke may some day be as famous as Benjamin Franklin or Thomas Edison. Latin Club 3, 43 Key Club 45 Senior lVlath Review 43 National Honor Society 45 Historical Society 3. 77 FULLIN, GINO Gig VOCATIONAL Gino is well liked and respected by his fellow classmates. His joking helps make many friends for him. In his studies he always was above average. He spends most of his time on dancing and sports, in which bowling is his favorite. When he graduates he plans to do architectural drafting and go into business for himself. GACKENBACH, DORIS Dodo comm ERCIAL Doris Gackenbach, better known as Dodo, is the vivacious little brunette who can be seen rushing around the candy counter in one of our larger downtown stores every night after school and Saturdays. Dodo's trademark is her never failing smile, which should be a great asset when she leaves the halls of AHS to enter the business world. Home Economics 25 Commercial Club 45 National Honor Society 4. GACKENBACH, PAUL A. Gacky vocATIONAL Paul, or Gacky as he is called by his friends, has taken the printing course and expects to become a printer. Making airplanes, building racers and houses are his hobbies. Basketball is his favorite sport. GALLAGHER, WILLIAM J. Bill COLLEGE PREPARATORY A given task, insignificant or seemingly insurmountable, will become merely another step on Bill's stairway to success. Persistence and appli- cation are but two of the attributes, which are certain to make his dreams of an engineering career come true. The college which wins Bill as a student will have obtained a scholar, leader, and sociable fellow. Band 2, 3, 43 Engineers Club 3, 45 Key Club 4g National Honor Society 45 Physical Science Club 45 Senior Math Review 4. 78 GAMLIN, ROBERT C. Grem VOCATIONAL Grem is full of fun and always has an answer or wisecrack for any question. His only hobbies are an educated appetite and driving a blue Nash. He is fond of popular music, likes play better than work, and loves sleep. Grem is always popular with those that know him. Like most young boys today, he is not sure of his future plans. GANGAWER, DONALD Don GENERAL This boy with the broad shoulders and strong body, is an athlete and a mighty nice chap. In an argument he is excitable, but usually knows what he is talking about. Don was a member of the wrestling squad last year, but this year he is one of the finest tumblers at AHS. I Wrestling 3, Tumbling 4. GARDNER, WILLIAM A. Bill cotuaos Pnsruuironv No one who knows Bill has ever caught him oil' "Gard" "ner" will they at any time. By wrestling Bill has developed brawn to coincide with his brain. A musician as well as an athlete, Bill could play well The Victory March as encore to his successful scholastic career. There are not many who can look back to their high school careers with more pride. Band 2, 3, 43 Wrestling 2, 3, 45 Varsity A 2, 3, 43 Senior Math Review 43 Physical Science Club 4, Engineers Club 4. GARLAND, PATRICIA MAE Pat GE NERAL Pat is the cutest trick you ever saw. She shows poise and ability while she leads the majorettes, but her friends know her to be very unassuming. Her sense of humor radiates to all who are around her as do her intelligence and good sportsmanship. In addition to her broad Held of interests in activities here at AHS, she manages to Rnd time for her interest at Muhlen- berg. She is planning to enter Cedar Crest next fall. Latin Club 25 Math Club 2, 35 Majorettes 2, 3, 4. 79 GEARY, JUNE JANET COMMERCIAL The girl with the black hair, those big brown eyes, and that very captivating smile is June. Wherever she is, there is laughter and excite- ment because she loves excitement. Her plans are rather uncertain, but having an amiable personality she'll make good in whatever she tries. GEHMAN, JAMES Jimmie INDUSTRIAL Jimmie is a conscientious, unassuming member of the class with a smooth black haircomb. He is often the smallest in the group, frequently receiving odd jobs in which a short fellow comes in handy. Jimmie is very fond of outdoor sports, especially hunting and fishing. Ice-skating occupies his leisure time in winter. He dislikes homework but can apply himself successfully. His chief ambition is to become a radiotrician. We wish Jimmie lots of luck in attaining his ambition. Body Builders Club 4 A Cappella Choir 2. GEHMAN, NORMAN W. Chimpo VOCATIONAL Norm's main interest lies in his drums. He hopes to continue and some day join a name band. Some of his other interests are sports and auto- mobiles. Norm has many friends and always will have. He likes to have a lot of fun and during a conversation he would rather listen than do the talking. Norm is honest and trustworthy and is sure to be a success in life. Band 2, 3, 45 Swing Band 4. GEHMAN, WARREN ROGER Rog COLLEGE PREPARATORY Roger goes through life at an andante movement in both speech and action. He isnlt too studious except for German which he takes seriously. His favorite outdoor sports are fishing, target shooting, and hiking. He also enjoys reading when he has his own choice of material. Rog is fond of animals and expects to become a veterinarian after graduation from Penn State. Junior Red Cross 2. 80 GEHRIS, GEORGE P. George VOCATIONA l. George is a pal of everyone. You can find him at almost any dance or at the movies looking horrified as a man gets killed on the screen. He is interested in basketball. He plays at the Armory, where he is a member of the National Guard. His main ambition in the future is to he a brick laver. GEISINGER, NORMA JANIS Norma IllS'l'RlBU'I'lVE EIJUCATION We wish there were more like Norma. She is a favorite among her friends because of her willingness to lend a helpful hand. Whenever you attend school activities, you are sure to see Norma with the cutest fellow. Her favorite pastimes are bowling, ice-skating, and traveling. Norma hasn't any particular career in mind, but we know whatever she does she will do well. GEITZENAUER, WILLIAM A. Geitz GENERAL Geitz transferred to AHS in his senior year. He is a fine boy with good scholastic standing and a firm believer of fair play. His main objective in life is to be either a chemist or a physician. If he reaches this goal, he will have attained one of the highest professions that this world has to offer. Chess Club 4. GERIIARD, JOAN Joanie COMMERCIAL joanie is very sociable. She is taking her commercial subjects very seriously and hopes to become a private secretary. She likes football and hasketballg enjoys ice-skating, and considers Perry Como tops. Because of her pleasing personality, Joan will succeed in whatever she decides to do in the future. 81 ff GERMANI, MARIE ANTOINETTE COMMERCIAL To all that don't know her Marie is a quiet girl, and to those that do she is a true friend. Marie has everythingg a keen sense of humor, an amiable personality, vivacity, and a smile that's all her own. She has a lovely voice and plans to take up singing after graduation. Chorus 2, 35 A Cappella Choir 3, 4. GETTER, JOYCE M. COMMERCIAL Joyce, a clever girl with a grand sense of humor, is liked by all who know her. She combines her work with pleasure, although she takes her schoolwork seriously. She spends her leisure moments reading, swimming, and dancing. After graduation Joyce would like to become a bookkeeper. GILLY, ROSE MARIE Rosie COMM ERCIAL Rosie's ever fresh witticisms which are without parallel make her the spark plug of the coke crowd. Don't ever sell Rosie short scholastically. When not in school, she may be found in local sports arenas cheering for our football and basketball teams. Rosie, not unlike many other girls. loves to swim or to play basketball. After graduation, Rosie plans to become a secretary. GINKINGER, LUTHER Gink COLLEGE PREPARATORY Gink is an inhabitant of Homeroom 301, He is a good-natured fellow who studies hard. He likes all sports, but he confines his efforts to wrestling. Gink made the varsity team for three years, winning the district champion- ship twice and advancing to semi-finals in the Pennsylvania championship matches. After high school he plans to study architecture. National Honor Society 45 Varsity A 3, 4, Engineers Club 4g Physical Science Club 45 Hi-Y Club 2, 3, 4. 82 GINTIIER, JEANETTE MAE Slim nisrniuurivu HnUcA'rioN -leanette is a willowy, auburn-haired girl whose eyes simply dance at the suggestion of roller-skating. She can sing just about every popular song on the market. With a little touch of temper and stubbornness ,lan is still easy to get along witli. Jeanette hopes to become a saleswoman in an exclusive record sbop. GIVLER, DALE L. G. P p COLL lil? E PR l-I PA RATURY Dale is a friendly fellow who, although he has many moods, holds no grudge nor ill feelings. Dehnitely interested in sports, be especially likes to play baseball and basketball. His greatest ambition in life is to become a research chemist, and he intends to enter Nlulilenherg College after graduation. Dale has gained a wide circle of friends here at AHS. Senior Math Club 4. GLOSE, WINIFRED H. Winnie COLL EG I-1 PRE PARATORY Winnie is that human dynamo who is responsible for those confusing blue streaks from 410A to 118. ln the Canary room the gay humor of Winnie's social life gives way to brisk efficiency, for as the news editor she rushes the front page for the deadline. With her emotional expressive' ness, Winnie transforms paper-and-ink roles into live characters. She is herself a vital character, elfervescent, affectionate. and a precious friend. Canary Stall' 3, 45 French Club 35 Interclass Play 34 Library Club 23 Microscopy Club 3g National Honor Society 45 Senior Class Playg Sopho- -, - . more Math Club. GLOWATSKY, PAULINE K. Polly COMMERCIAL Carefree and full of fun, Polly is never too busy to say hello to all her friends. She worries about her school work, for she usually forgets to do ber assignments. She is popular among both boys and girls. Polly is active in all sports. Her ambition is to become a typist. Dance Club 4. 83 Qibfb GOEPPEL, MILDRED Sis GENERAL Mildred is an unusual young lady because, as a homebound student, she will be graduated without ever having entered the lofty halls of AHS. Sis has developed many hobbies. Her collection of horses in statuary, paintings, and books resulted from an interest in horseback riding. Her soap carvings and clay work are on a high artistic plane. Milly also does commendable work in crayon. Sis is definitely going to take her place in this world. Her ability, courage, and cheerfulness will guarantee success in whatever endeavors she chooses to pursue. GOEPPEL, WARREN c ia N E RA L Tall and thin, Warren is usually quiet and reserved. His hobbies are movies, collecting movie stars photographs and autographs, reading western and mystery books, and traveling. After graduation, he plans to take the examination for the position of railway mail clerk. GOLDSTEIN, J ULES Caesar cousois Pius PARA1-onv Jules is a friendly, talkative fellow, who usually is on hand to make any party lively. He is primarily interested in music. Among his musical accomplishments is his ability to play both the piano and trumpet. Next to playing the piano and trumpet Jules likes physics class. He plans to continue his studies in the field of science. Engineers Club 4. GORR, KERM IT C. Itch VOCATIONAL Kermy is a good-natured chap with a pleasant disposition. His interests are varied. Baseball and singing on the choir are his pastimes. He also has a job after school. Gorr's record in school is satisfactory, his future promises to be as good. 84 GRAAF, RICHARD Dick VOCATIONAL Dick is a good-natured, happy-go-lucky fellow. Whenever you need anything, Dick is right there to help you. He goes for all kinds of sports: football. basketball, and baseball. His favorite is baseball. Dick hopes to be a first class machinist after he graduates. GRAHAM, JOYCE Joyce COI.l.EGl-I PREPARATORY Joyce is a girl whose poised and mature attitude toward life and her surroundings have taught her to take things in her stride. She is the fortunate possessor of a sweet and charming lyric soprano voice. Books are her hobby and have given her a rich imagination and love of adventure, which she hopes to utilize some day in writing. Her priceless sense of humor has won her a host of friends. Canary Staff 2, 3, Comus Starl' 49 Historical Society 45 Latin Club 4, National Honor Society 4. GRAMMES, LUCILLE S. Lucy COLLEG E PRl'1l'ARA'1'0RY A gay, charming girl, Lucy is always ready for activity. She has a fine contralto voice, which has carried her far in the A Cappella Choir. As special assignments reporter on the Canary staff, she did a very good job. Lucy plans to matriculate at Bucknell University to study journalism. She then hopes to make a career of newspaper writing. A Cappella Choir 4, Canary Staff 4, Chorus 35 Historical Society 3, Le Cercle Francais 3g National Honor Society 4. GREASER, MARY LOUISE Honey c E N ERAL See that beautiful blonde, walking in a haze of happiness? That's Mary. Her dreamy green eyes reflect the brilliance of stage lights, for she has a passionate desire to become a singer. However, her mind operates on a reality basis. Therefore she expects to study and eventually become New York's top interior decorator. Spanish Clinic 2: Pan-American League 2g Choir 4. 85 351539 GREASON, ROBERT B. Bob G EN ERAL Instead of being born thirty years too soon, Bob was born thirty years too late. No city life for him. He is never happier than when he's camping or on some canoe trip with his buddies. A forest ranger-that's his am- bition. Wrestling 2. GREENAWALT, GEORGE L. B. Beaver VOCATIONAL Beaver an average student, likes sports, although he never takes an active paft in school. He is fond of swimming, dancing, and wood carving. George is proud to be a member of our National Guards. Football 25 Math Club 2, Track 2 3 4 Tumbling Club 4 Varsity A 4 GRIFFIN, DANIEL J. Dan COLLEGE PREPARATORY Dan's a tall fellow who can appreciate a tall story any time. Not only that but he also can tell a few in a highly humorous vein. Danny's efforts at school have reaped for him neither a valedictory nor a dunce cap, but rather an enjoyable median. From the German we get the verb, "ergriffen," meaning to seize. Have no doubts that Dan will seize to good advantage any opportunities offered him at Lehigh, or later in life as an engineer. Engineers Club 3, 4, Historical Society 3. GROMAN CHARLES K Chalky vocAT1oNA1. Chalky is a good looking fellow with a very pleasant personality. He likes sports alot, basketball and football being his favorites. Chalky easily makes good both in studies and shop. Upon graduation he plans to go into salesmanship, although he will probably be successful at whatever he does. 86 GRUBER, DAWN S. Sunset coMMERcxA1. Dawn is a shy girl with a pleasant personality. She is lots of fun when you know her. She likes entertainment but takes her studies seriously. Her hobby is reading the latest novels. She is fond of sports and can be seen at almost any football or basketball game. Dawn's ambition is to be a good stenographer but a better housewife. QUARRY, THOMAS A. Tommy u1s'rx1uuTtv1e epucniou Tommy is a regular sort of fellow who gets along with everyone. He enjoys a good workout by wrestling and weight lifting. Tom's ambition is to become proprietor of his own store. GUINTHER, ROMA JUNE GENERAL Roma is a shy, quiet girl liked by all who know her well. Roma enjoys listening ro music, especially popular music. You can always find her in the first row at any football or basketball game. She does not know what she will do when she leaves school, but to be a typist is her main interest right now. Historical Society 25 Library 3, 4. GURGILK, WILLIAM F. Bill vocA'rloNA1. Bill is a fellow of fun and frolic. When times come to do business he can be very sincere. His grades are comparatively good. William certainly knows his business in cabinet shop and can really produce fine furniture with a selected finish. At home he is always doing cabinetmaking or radio work. He lives basketball, baseball and football in that order. After graduation he plans to join the U. S. Navy. 87 31589 J GURSKEY, JUNE G. Sunny COMMERCIAL Pleasant and persevering are just a few ofthe adjectives that refer to Sunny. She is a sport in anything she undertakes. Her interests lie in music and sports in which she is quite active. Scholastically, she ranks high. Sunny enjoys doing anything that will be a benefit to others. She intends to be a secretary. Concert Orchestra 2, 3, 43 National Honor Society 4. GUTEKUNST, JOAN H. Joan COLLEGE PREPARATORY Ifit's information you want about the American stage, this prospective Sara Bernhardt can give it. Her inspiration comes solely from a staunch following of the Wildes-Cornel and Oscar. Joan may have known what she was doing by taking French, but only the future will prove if she can live up to the meaning of her last name. French Club -2, 35 Historical Society 35 Y-Teens 3, 4. cUTH,JoANNE Jo GENERAL joe, with her beautiful brown eyes and turned up nose may appear quiet and shy, but her brain really makes a big clatter where studies are concerned. Dancing and movies keep her busy outside of school. As for a serious future, typist is her goal. junior Red Cross 45 Math Club 2. HAAS, RUTH ELIZABETH GENERAL Ruth is a blue-eyed. dark-haired chatterbox. She has a commendable wit and humor, and incidentally is one of the best friends one can have. She is engaged and is busy making plans for her June wedding. Charlie is a lucky fellow, and we all join in wishing him and Ruth the best of happiness. Girl Reserves 25 Y-Teens 35 Swim Club 4. 88 HAHN, GERALDINE 0. Gerry GENERAL Don't he misled by that soulful look from a pair of soft, brown eyes. This mischievous, brown-haired lass creeps into your heart mysteriously. Studies? Well, we'd rather not say too much about them, but she is an avid dancer and possesses an unusual amount of wit. We hope that Gerry will always dance her way through life-carefree, light-hearted, and gay. Truly, she is a modern Pollyanna. HAHN, JERRY C. .lerry VOCATIONAL A gun in one hand, a fishing rod in the other, and the keys to a green convertible Olds in his picket-that best describes Jerry. Wherever his car is seen speeding down the highway you can be sure it's heading either for a hunting trip in the mountains or a fishing trip along some stream. Besides hunting and fishing, jerry enjoys puttering around cars. After graduation he hopes to open a garage of his own. HALDEMAN, GLORIA J. Daisy COMMERCIA 1. . Daisy has a pleasing and friendly smile for all her friends. She is fond of sports and eating. She indulges in the latter quite frequently. She is usually found in the midst of trouhle or at the bottom of a lot of fun. Regardless of her choice of occupations, she is sure to malte good. Swim Club 3, 4. HANDWERK, GRACE I. Giggles COMMERCIAL She is always full of pep and can be found fighting for her school colors. Outdoor sports are her favorites, but she is always found at the top bands. Grace is tops among the girls and a favorite among the boys, and always has a good word for everyone. She is uncertain as to what she will do after graduation. S9 HANNA, CAROL LOUISE COLLEGE PREPARAToRY Always friendly and cheerful, Carol is well liked by her friends. She likes singing, dancing, and reading. Conscientious about her school work, her name is seldom missing from the honor roll. You can often pick Carol out from any crowd by looking for a pair of green glasses behind which she usually hides. She is going to Cedar Crest. where she will take Home Economics. A Cappella Choir 2, 3, 4g Career Club 4g Chorus 2, 3 45 Historical Society 43 Latin Club 25 Le Cercle Francais 33 National Honor Society 43 Swim Club 3. HARTLIEB, KENNETH Kenny COLLEGE PREPARATORY Kenny is the jiviest tooter that ever tooted a licorice stick in the Allen- town High School band. But music is not his only interest. He also enjoys almost any sport. Kenny plans to attend college at Bucknell University to take up hotel management. Band 2, 3, 4. HARTMAN, DOLORES M. Dolly coMM ERCIAL Dolly is a girl with personality plus. She's friendly and gay and always ready for a laugh. Fun-loving, she can be found at almost any dance. Sportsminded, her favorite intramural is volleyball. She was a member of the championship volleyball team in her senior year. Y-Teens 4. HARTMAN, DONALD E. Moe VOCATIONAL Donald is a very bashful boy. He likes to do things for other people. He likes sports especially baseball, football, and basketball. Girls are a minor problem of his, although he likes them. Donald intends to own his own repair shop after he is graduated. 90 HARTMAN, MARY L. COMMERCIAL Through the three years Mary has been with us at Allentown High School she has surely made herself known as an outstanding student. Her winning smile and understanding nature please all who know her. Mary has hopes of being a bookkeeper. With all her good qualities she should prove to be a successful one. Swim Club 4. HARTMAN, RICHARD C. Dick VOCATIONAL Dick is a very earnest and sincere fellow, who is also very comical at times. One can't help but become attached to him, for he has a most fascinating personality. He is above average as a student, and usually accomplishes whatever he attempts, for he is a persevering person. HARTMAN, RONALD E. Rocky COLLEGE PREPARATORY Rocky hopes to become a school teacher. He probably wants to get revenge for the suffering he has endured. To be honest, Ronald is an ac- complished pianist. He expects to go to Kutztown State Teachers' College to specialize in botany. National Honor Society 45 Key Club 4g Life Science Club 43 Micro- scopy Club 4g Chess Club 2. HARTZELL, BARBARA JANE Bobby coLi.EoE Pniaimitrronv Brown-haired, likeable, good-natured Bobby is a favorite with both her teachers and her classmates. Constantly engaged in a variety of activities. she gives equally of her time and energy to whatever may be necessary to be done. She says high school has passed all too quickly for her. Bobby's plans for the future are not too definite. Career Club 45 Physical Science Club, 210 Club 4. 91 32556 ,Y .fy HARTZELL, EMILY Emily Dlsriusurivs EDUCATION Emily, a quiet and shy girl, is liked by her many friends. Her sincere loyalty is treasured by those who confide in her. Underneath this shy surface we find a fun-loving girl. Emily is fond of popular records, the radio, and good movies. Her pleasant personality and willingness to assist others will undoubtedly win her success in years to come. HASSLER, ROBERT GERALD Bob v0cA'r1oNAL This well groomed senior of medium height has a good sense of humor though sometimes he may appear a little too serious. His friends find him easy to talk to and usually his conversation is of sports and girls. You'll find Bob ar most of the dances and athletic events of the school. He is planning to be a cabinet maker in the future. HATFIELD, JOHN G. Jack COLLEGE PREPARATORY Here's a fellow who is an average student at AHS. When necessary, he works hard on his studies, although he prefers to do one hundred and one other things. Whenever Jack isn't tinkering with a car or planning a trans- continental trip, he will probably be watching football and basketball games. He is a member of the Engineers Club and expects to take up engineering at Lehigh University next year. Engineers Club 45 Math Review Club 4. HAUSM AN, HERBERT Herbie v ocA T10 NAL Herbie, who is willing to help anybody, anytime, is a happy, good- natured fellow. His favorite sports are hunting and trapping, but he also likes to go swimming. When Herbie graduates, he expects to continue his studies by getting a job in a machine shop. 92 HEARD, JOHN Jack is an amiable lad who can be found rooting on his oboe from the GENERAL HAUSMAN, MARJORIE ANN Margie GENERAL Brown hair. brown eyes, and vivacityfthat's Margie, whose attractive personality is sometimes hidden behind an air of reserve. Being both socially and scholastically prominent, Margie is one ofthe finest friends anyone could have. Her interests range from the arts to sports and she plans to follow Art as a career. Spanish Clinic 3, National Honor Society 45 Pan-American League 4. J ack marching band to the concert hall. Though reticent, at parties he can be found with loads of pep and, at times, he can become the life of the party. llesides being well read, he eagerly participates in sports. Orchestra 2, 3, 4. HECKMAN, MARTHA ANN COLLEGE PRHPARATORY We present to you Martha, Allentown l'ligh's threat to Doctor I. Q. HECKMAN, JEAN LILLIE Jeannie ci-:NERAL Jean is quiet until you know her. but then there is never a dull moment. Her pleasant personality, sincerity, and loyalty are proven hy her many friends. Football, basketball, movies, housework, and a pair of love birds are her pet diversions. A friend worth having, a girl worth knowing, jean deserves the best that the future can give her. In almost any class, no matter what the question may be, Martha has the answer. When she is dragged away from her books, we find that she has an interest in classical music, a yen for knitting, and a secret passion for spaghetti. Her plans for the future include college and a career in psy- chology. German Club 3, Historical Society 3, 4, junior Class Play 35 Latin Club 2, 3, 4, Sophomore Math Club 25 Senior Math Review 45 National Honor Society 4, Student Council 2, 3, 4, Executive Council 2, 35 210 Club 4. 93 HECKMAN, WILLIS HARRY Bill GENERAL I-Ierels a chap who really appreciates attending AHS because he is a former Bethlehemite. Athletically he is rather ambitious, thriving on such sports as football, basketball, and baseball. He can also strike a good score at bowling. Bill manages to maintain passing grades in all subjects and even shines sometimes in algebra. After graduation, Bill plans to join the Navy because he wants to see the world. Art Club 2. HEFFERMAN, LILLIAN L. Lil COLLEGE PREPARATORY "Whatl A girl engineer? You're kidding!" Although she has heard this often, Lil is still planning to study engineering, and is seldom seen without her slide rule Some of her friends. however, believe she'd do better as a comedian, for her Irish wit keeps them in stitches. Among her many other activities, Lil has seriously considered is taking up flying. Swim Club 45 Aquacade 3. 4g Engineers Club 43 Physical Science Club 45 junior Red Cross 45 Senior Math Review 4 HEFFNER, DOLORES Dolores com M E Rcm L Dolores exemplifies the average high school girl. She has a multitude of friends who enjoy her sunny disposition. She has the gift of dramatizing the humorous aspects of any situation and is always the center of attraction at a gathering. Promising signs for a future career are evident in her commercial work, for her greatest ambition is to be a typist. Her good sound judgment and her diligence will carry her along way into the business world. HEIL, JOYCE M. shorty COLLEGE PREPARATORY Shorty is exactly what that name implies-a cute little girl. Her charming manner and pleasing personality have won many friends for her. Whenever there is work to be done, Joyce can be counted on to pitch in and make the project a success. Although she spends some ofher time dancing, swimming, and talking, she holds a noteworthy scholastic record. This versatile girl will some day make a good nurse. Chorus 35 Girls Tumbling Club 43 National Honor Society 45 Sopho- more Math Club 2. 94 HEIMBACH, BLAIR GENERAL Blair possesses a cheerful and talkative personality. Art comes natural to him, and rating high among his other interests are ice-skating and dancing. Intelligence and skill will take him to the heights of an artistic career. Cheerleading 4g Diving 45 National Honor Society 4g Tumbling 4. HEIMBACH, KENNETH I. Kenny VOCATIONAL Kenny is an exuberant fellow who joined the cheerleaders because he loves to yell and make a noise. He is also willing to take his part in almost any kind of sports and is fond of social activities. Kenny is a very capable tumbler. His antics have lent spirit to many of our athletic games. Cheerleader 3, 4. HEINTZELMAN, CLIFFORD R. Bunk VOCATIONAL A master-mind, a swell sport, and a sincere friend, Cliff is one who de- serves the best. He is a lover ofthe out-of-doors and enjoys playing sports. He is determined to help anyone, in any way, if possible Cliff's future looks bright from every viewpoint. HELD, JEANNE B. Jeanie co1.LEcE PREPARATORY A girl comes rushing down the corridor with a smile. This is Jeanie on her way to class. Full of vitality, she has little time for day-dreaming. Although she studies hard, she has time for sports, particularly ice-skating, swimming, skiing, and tennis. Jeanie expects to become an elementary school teacher and with her charming personality, sincere understanding and love of children, she will be successful. 95 TX ly. ii5'Q " HELD, ROBERT J. Heldy VOCATIONAL Tall, dark, and handsome Held has a lot of talent in sports and studies. He should go places in basketball, since he occupied a permanent berth on the Jay Vees previously. He is a swell fellow, and very easy to get along with. He is a credit to his class, to his family, and to his school. Basketball 2, 3, 4g Football 3, 4. HELFFRICH, PETER J. Pete COLLEGE PREPARATORY Pete is a rather quiet sort of fellow, but when he does open his mouth you can be sure he has something important and sensible to say. His chief interests are debating and driving, in both of which he excels. After graduation Pete hopes to go to Muhlenberg College, and then to Harvard to prepare for a career in economics. Orotan Debating Society 2, 3, 45 Key Club 4. HELFRICH, CHARLES Curt G E N E RA L Charles, a good companion at all times, is able to keep up a conversa- tion which shows his interest in people. During the conversation, Charles often comes out with some rather witty remarks. His pet peeve is the agony of study hall, so he usually ends up in the book room. Charles plays football during his spare time, but prefers baseball and wrestling. After being graduated from AHS, he hopes to be among the employees ofthe Mack Corporation. Baseball 3, 45 Wrestling 2, 4. HELLER, HARRY E. Woody vocA'r1oNAL Woody is the kind of guy who gets along with everyone and has a lot of friends. His chief interests are auto racing and his crowd. You can find him any evening at "CliH"s Place," drinking a milk shake or coke. Upon graduation, Woody hopes to specialize in mechanics. Home Room Representative 4. 96 HELLER, JEAN E. Jean COMMERCIAL If you see a small brunette walking down the hall it is sure to be Jean. She likes dancing and sports. jean is a friend to many and enjoys good times. Although she is not the best student, she manages to get by. After graduation she would like to be a telephone operator. IIELLER, PHILIP S. Flip lfyou should ever see a rall fellow with clouds in his hair and a far-a-way look in his eyes, don't be surprisedg its only Flip. Flip has a profound interest in aviation. When not occupied in building and flying model air- planes. he's winging his way over the clouds in a Piper Cub. Flip has his student pilot license and is at present president ofthe Skyblazer Model l'lane Club. Gas lVlodel Club 2, 3: Aeronautics Club 23 Physical Science Club 35 lfngineers Club 3. HELMAN, MARY LOU Lou C0l.I.EGli PREPARATORY Blue-eyed l,ou may seem like a quiet girl, but she can be great fun and a gay companion at football games, plays, and movies. She is an ardent ifnot violent sports fan and participates in baseball, basketball, and volley- ball with great enthusiasm. l.ou is an average student and if chemistry tloesn't get the best of her, she plans to enlist as a Navy nurse after gradu- ation. IIENSINGER, NANCY C. Natl COMMERCIAL "Never put off until tomorrow what you can do today" sums up our Nan. Achievement in swimming, basketball, and a good scholastic stand- ing have been her desire. Fortunately, she has succeeded in all. Nan is also a lover of nature and good books. She spends many hours reading and walking. After graduation she wants to become a secretary. National Honor Society 4. 97 HERSCH, BARBARA ANN Barb coivnvi 12 RCIA L Whimsical Barb is a good gal for belly-laughs, she can turn dirges into novelty numbers with ease. Barb's fields of interest show a well-balanced variety. Her popularity is a result of her beauty, her charm, her sparkling wit. Her pertness and vitality make her everyone's favorite. Chorus 2, 3. HERSH, MARGARET A. Peg GENERAL Brown eyes and an infectious smile, identify Peg. She is known for her piano playing and her love of football, basketball, dancing and swing music. Letter writing and collecting records are her hobbies. Active in out-of- school associations, Peg puts most of her boundless energy to good use. Although her future plans are indefinite, she is sure to succeed in the field of her choice. Sophomore Math Club 25 Historical Society 2, Chorus 3, National Honor Society 4. l HIGH, EUGENE Gene DISTRIBUTIVE EDUCATION Gene is a follower of and participant in many sports. He admires sleek, streamlined automobiles and hopes to become a sales manager for an auto concern. With his drive and energy Gene should go places in the auto- motive world. l HILBERT, GLORIA JEAN comm ERCIAL Gloria is an average high school girl and takes her studies seriously. She enjoys all kinds ofsports, especially football, basketball, and volleyball, and is seen at many ofthe AHS games. Her ambition is to become a secretary. She has all the qualities that make for success. 98 ' IIILBERT, JUNE GHNHRAI. june, a tall slender girl, who passes you in the hall with a friendly smile. is a good student who takes her work seriously. june enjoys all sports, hut is particularly fond of hasehall. Reading and dancing are her favorite hohhies. She likes to travel and some day hopes to make a trip around the world. National Honor Society 4. 35-f ur! I. i IIILDER, FREDERICK A. Fred CUl.l.l-IGH I'Rl-Il'ARfk'lk0RY Quiet. serious, the noisiest thing ahout l"red is his car. An admirahle student, he nevertheless devotes much time to his prime interest, the Key Cluh. lle held oflices in local cluh, and was the treasurer of Pennsylvania District Key Cluhs. Casual acquaintances and close friends alike will rememher Fred for his willingness to help at all times. Adept in mathe- matics. his future plans include hopes of attending an engineering college next fall. We know that Fred will quietly forge ahead, as he did in AHS. Key Cluh 2, 3, 4: Sophomore Marh Cluh 25 National Honor Society 43 Swimming 2, 3. IIILT, MYRA M. Vicky COMMERCIAL Vicky has heen ahle to comhine a pleasing personality and friendliness to the greatest advantage. To know her is to like her. Her favorite out- side activities include skating, dancing, and all types of sports. Her am- bition is to enter the business world. IIIMMLER, EDNA Eddie COI.l.liGE PRIiPARATORY Petite and sweet, that's lfddie. She has heen very active in howling. Her love for clothes should help in fulfilling her desire to major in fashions. lfddie is a friend anyone can he proud of. Sophomore Math Cluh 2. 99 HIMMLER, WILLIAM Bill VOCATIONAL Bill is a good-natured fellow, always friendly. He never studies more than he must, but usually has his work. He is a great lover of basketball, baseball, and football, and plays when ever time permits. His friendliness means much to us and we hope he may go out in the world and find exactly what he wants. HIRSCH, REBA Reba coivuvi ERCIAL Reba is an all-round girl. Her helpful and charming way make her a very pleasant companion and a very true friend. She has a smile for all and usually sees the best, even in the worst things. Her studious attitude will get her far in whatever field she chooses, which will likely be commercial work. Commercial Club 4. HODGSON, DAVID R. Davy COLLEGE PREPARATORY Studious, quiet, Dave has had a fine scholastic record all through high school. I-Ie was a member ofthe baseball team, and he also participated in basketball and football in city leagues. Outside of school, however, hunting and fishing are closest to Dave's heart. After finishing high school, Dave plans to go to college. Baseball 3, 45 National Honor Society 4. HOFFERT, JAMES C. Jimmy GENERAL Jimmy is not a brilliant scholar, but a young man with ideas as Well as ideals. He is not too active in school affairs, but tries to keep up an average social life. Although he isn,t quite sure of what he is going to do upon graduation, we know he will make a great success of his life. All who know him and all who meet him in the future, will have a cherished friend for life. Aeronautics 25 Math Club 2. 100 HOFFERT, JOANNE N. Jo COMMERCIAL A zest for living, originality, and a dreamy expression combine to form Joanne. But like icing, her personality is topped by her entirely feminine abilities. Though she is not intellectual, she is smart enough to have better than mediocre marks. Joanne will come smiling through whatever destiny has in store for her. Y-Teens 3. HOFFMAN, JANET M. Bright Eyes COMMERCIAL Smiling, laughing, and giving everyone a big hello, Janet makes her daily rounds of AHS. Fancy stepping must be her nature, for she makes a terrific majorette, and has the latest swing steps at the tips of her toes. Why janet is interested in being a mortician is a puzzle to everyone. Majorettes 3, 4. l we r l HOFFMAN, KENNETH R. Kenny GENERAL Kenneth is a not too serious lad who always manages to slide through school without visible effort. He loves to travel and hopes to go on trips after graduation. His main sports are softball and basketball on inde- pendent teams. Whatever he decides to do later he should make good. Chess Club 25 Math Club 2, 3. HOFFMAN, MARIE A. Honey coMM racial. Marie is a sweet-tempered, congenial girl with a pleasing personality. Seemingly on the quiet side, she is always ready to take a joke and see the bright side of things. A good student, she takes her work seriously and does her best at all times. In the future she will make many new friends and, is certain to be an efficient secretary. 101 f HOLLEN, GENE 13. GEN ERAL This tall, lean, lanky, fellow, who came to AHS via Chicago, was born in Massillon, Ohio, home of the famous Massillon Tigers football team. Perhaps it is but natural that Gene's favorite recreation is football. He also likes to swim, dive, and play basketball. After graduation, he hopes to return to his home state, where he plans to study commercial art at the University of Cincinnati. HOOKS, MARY L. Mary coLi.r:c:E PREPARATORY In her junior year from Forty-Fort, Pennsylvania, came Mary to enliven us with her mirth and chatter. Her warm smile and bright blue eyes make her personality as refreshing as a spring breeze. She enjoys camping, swimming and hiking and is an all-round good sport. In preparation for her chosen career, Mary intends to study baby nursing at Coit Memorial Hospital and hopes that some day her dreams of returning to Forty-Fort will come true. Historical Society 4. HORLACHER, MARILYN H. Lyn GENERAL Marilyn is the vivacious girl who wanders through the good old halls of AHS with canvas, brushes, and models on her mind. If her successes continue she will be an artist of acclaim. Marilyn plans to attend Moore Institute to continue her art studies. With her amiability, sparkling per- sonality, and ability, Marilyn should have no trouble in making her place in the world. French Club 3, Historical Society 3, 4, Library Club 2, Swim Club 2. HORN, JACQUELYN D. Jacquie COMMERCIAL Jacquie is quiet, studious and lots of fun in and out of school. She has many friends and is always willing to help them. She likes dancing, a good movie, and football games. After graduation she'll make an efficient secretary. Wherever Jacquie goes, she will have many friends and gain success. 102 HOWELLS, JOYCE B. GENERAL Here is a girl with lots of pep and good school spirit, always ready to lend a helping hand to others. She is one of AHS's expert divers and an excellent swimmer. If you ever come close to drowning, just yell for help, and in no time Joyce will be there to rescue you Joyce ho es to enter - P college to study to be a swimming instructor. Aquacade 2, 3, 4g Diving Club 2, 3, 45 German Club 45 Swim Club 2, 3, 4. HUBER, DOLORES Dee GENERAL Dee is a tlarlt-haired lass with sparkling dark eyes and a cheery smile. Always ready for a good time, her favorite sports are dancing andbowling She is a quiet sort but can always be depended upon in time of need. Swim Clu b 4. IIUBLER, DOUGLAS G. Doug GE NERAL If you see a blue streak pass you, do not be alarmedg it is only Doug in his Chevrolet, which is usually filled with a gang of fellows. Doug plans to go to college through the NROTC, where he will try to make good as a Deisel engineer. Junior Red Cross 2. HUNSBERGER, ELAINE Lainie GENERAL Elaine is a happy-go-lucky girl who loves sports. She is one of the faithful cheerleaders always ready to back up our teams. Dancing and knitting are her favorite pastimes. You can find her, practically every Saturday night, at the Y.M.C.A. participating in the many activities offered. After graduation she expects to attend West Chester State Teachers College to become a teacher of physical education. Cheerleading 2, 3, 43 German Club 35 Y-Teens 4. I 103 HUNSBERGER, HERBERT Herby COLLEGE PREPARATORY Herby is one of our more carefree lads. Nothing ever seems to worry him much, or if it does, he never makes much fuss about it. He has a sense of humor which so far has helped him out of most of his difficult situations, Wherever life leads him after graduation, his friends wish him the best of luck. HUNSICKER, BETTY Betty comm li RCIAL Betty ia a cheerful girl who always has a friendly word for everyone. She does take her studies seriously, but would much rather be joking or having fun. She spends much of her time dancing, ice-skating, and reading. Her favorite pastime is driving a car. HUNSICKER, JEAN L. Jeannie ' COMMERCIAL Jeannie with her light brown hair could have easily been the subject for Stephen Foster's famous song. Her captivating personality and her friendliness win her many friends. Fun follows her at a football game, a dance, or any social event she attends. We don't know what Jeannie's ambitions are as yet. Student Council 2. HUNSICKER, JOAN S. Joan COMMERCIAL joan is the kind of a friend everyone would like to have. She is jovial, fun-loving, dependable, and has a certain charming manner. Joan works diligently and receives good marks in all her subjects. Her favorite sport is dancing, and you will also find her at many school activities. ,loan has not made definite plans for her future. 104 HUNSICKER, LOIS Louie comm ERCIAI. A friend of everyone. That's Loisl She is one of Al-lS's peppy cheer- leaders. She is an active member in many of the school's athletic organi- zations. l.ois' ambition is to procure a secretarial position. With such a pleasing personality as hers, we are sure she will have no trouble in attain- ing her goal. Cheerleading 2, 3, 45 Gym Club 25 Swim Club 25 Tumbling Club 45 Senior Class Play Committee 4. HUNSILKER, MARILYN M. Marilyn COMMERCIAL Marilyn is a quiet girl with a pleasing personality. She takes a great interest in sports, especially ice-skating and hiking. She is an average student. In a few years she plans to be a secretary. HUSHKEK, EDWARD A. Eddie GENERAL Ed, is a very likeable chap. full of spunk and personality. He is well known for his friendly and cheerful manner. Ed will always be remembered for his humorous mimicking. That blonde hair and six foot frame of his were seen often on the gridiron and basketball court. Ed plans to enter the service, then go into business with his brothers. Basketball 2, 3, 45 Football 2, 3, 45 Student Council 45 Varsity A 3, 4. HUTTIE, ALBERT D Al VOCATIONAL Through the long halls of Allentown High you have probably seen a serious-looking fellow, gazing down upon the rest of the crowcl. But don't let your first impression deceive you. That will be Al, who is really humor- ous and happy-go-lucky. Tall and pleasure-loving, he can be serious when necessary. Al is an amiable fellow on the road to success and already far along the road to popularity. 105 JACOBY, JEAN MIRIAM Pokey COMMERCIAL "Be ready on time" is an old familiar saying of all of Pokey's friends. Pokey's extra-curricular interests include dramatics, writing poetry, and sports. Her ambition is to become an efficient secretary. JACOBY, SHIRLEY ANN Shirl COLLEGE PREPARATORY Big brown eyes set in a smiling face are what greet you upon meeting Shirl. She believes that no moment should be spent idly, for she is busy from morning till night working on scholastic or social affairs. Without her no dance would be complete, nor would the honor roll be complete without her name. Shirley is happiest when helping othersg a quality which should help her to become a successful teacher in physical education. Math Club 2, 3, 4g Aquacade 25 Diving Club 25 Swim Club 2, 35 Latin Club 23 Tumbling Club 45 National Honor Society 4. JAMES, DAVID J. Dave ' UENERAL Dave has a Franz Hall's smile. His constantly changing expressions are the despair ofthe portrait students for whom he has frequently posed. Dave loves horses and rides like a jockey. He also skates and dances well. He plans to enter Pratt Art Institute next fall to concentrate on his artistic talent in the study of fashion designing. J AM ES, EMANUEL J amesy GENERAL Ever since James arrived at Allentown High School, his foremost am- bition has been to be a graduate of AHS. He is undecided as to his career, although he has leanings toward the restaurant business. Swimming 4. 106 J ENKINS, DALE A. Monk VOCATIONA L Monk is a quiet, well-mannered husky boy with a good, clean sense of humor. He believes that one should not overwork the things he loves, and Monk has always loved his school work too much to overwork it. He is very fond of girls with red hair. A brilliant future is in store for Monk. JENKINS, LA RUE Millie GENERAL Millie is a friend worth having. She is the fortunate possessor of a sunny disposition, and is heartily recommended as a remedy for the blues. La Rue is fond of swimming, football games, music, and baking cakes. But with all these qualifications, Millie's ambition is to become a nurse. Aquacade 2, 35 French Club 3, 45 Leaders Club 3, 45 Home Nursing 3: Student Council 4g Y.P.C.U. 4. JONES, HOWARD W. Jonesy GENERAL Jonesy has a grand sense of humor and an overwhelming enthusiasm that are seldom surpassed. He is an amiable fellow and always has a smile for everyone. His interests lie chiefly in the Navy and in forestry. although he has not as yet fully decided on his future. Swimming 2, 33 Microscopy Club 4. KACMARCIK, PAUL Curly VOCATIONA L Paul is a tall handsome guy with a Ene personality. He got his nick- name when he was in first grade, because he always got GI haircuts. He is bashful when with a group. His main interests are football, bowling, and girls. He is a good sport even though he gets a little hot-headed. Bowling 4. 107 ff f KAHLER, DOLORES M. Toni coivnvi ERCIAL Dolores is a fun-loving girl who is always looking for excitement. Her many friends enjoy her company and find her very companionable. She is popular with the stronger sex, probably because of those green eyes. Her ambition is to follow the secretarial line. After graduation she plans to spend much of her time traveling in California. Student Council 4. KAINZ, EDWIN S. Eddie vocATIoNAL Edwin is a good fellow in school and out. He is a fine conversationalist and likes to argue with his history teacher. He enjoys sports and believes in fair play. Eddie receives good grades in his academic studies. He makes everyone laugh with his humorous remarks, but seriously we know he will be successful in the future. KALE, JEAN Jeannie commsncnu. A little inside information about Jeannie Kale emphasizes her de- pendability. Her favorite study is bookkeeping, in which she hopes to major after leaving high school. Her leisure moments are devoted to good books, dancing, cooking, and other interests every high school girl enjoys. Jeannie's ambitious nature will bring her great success in the future. Commercial Club 4. KANE, DONALD W. Killer GENERAL Don is looking forward to enlisting in the United States Navy as a radio technician, but he will be satisfied just to be an ordinary seaman. He is an average student, but sometimes, like most boys lets his love of fun and adventure take over. Don's favorite pastimes are basketball and music. Band 2, 3, 4. 108 KAUFFMAN, JOAN LOUISE Joanle G EN Emi. Joan is a perfect example of the good things that come in small pack- ages. Her hobby is listening to records by Monroe and Sinatra. She is interested in all sports, and you will find her cheering for her Alma Mater at most of the games. Career Club 45 Historical Society 3: l.ibrary Club 2g Junior Red Cross 3g Pan-American League 4. KEEN, DOROTHY Dottie COMMERCIAL Dottie, through her three years at AHS, has made many friends by her pleasing personality. She can usually be found somewhere in the halls with a group of people around her. Dottie chose the commercial course and has made quite a success of it. Dot is quite an athlete having partici- pated in basketball. bowling and softball. Gym Club 2. KEHNEL, CHARLES F. Charlie GENERAL Charlie is an alumnus of Raub, and it was there that he began to show his ability as a football player. He also showed this ability through high school and performed many feats for AHS on the gridiron. Although be is very reserved and quiet, Charlie is always ready for a good time. Some day he expects to tackle the poultry raising business, Football 2, 3, 45 Track 3: Varsity A. . KELLAR, ROBERT W. Bobby VOCATIONAI. Bobby is a tall, curly-haired lad who flashes an engaging grin. While popular with both sexes, he claims he is definitely not interested in girls as yet. His electrical shop classes hold his attention but the rest of the school rather bores him. Some day Bobby wants to go places in the electrical industry, but first he would like to serve a hitch in the army. 109 KELLER, DOLORES Dolly comm ERCIAL Always present when mischiefis in the air, Dolly never hesitates to have a good time. Exceedingly capable of doing good secretarial work, Dolly forgets her mischievous nature until her school work is completed. Some- what of an optimist, Dolly never lets a serious problem get her down. Her hobbies are dancing, swimming, and ice-skating. The light of her life is an ambition to become a stenographer. Swim Club 4. KELLER, RUTH Ruthie COMMERCIAL Ruthie tackles a difficult job with vigor and a smile and always manages to complete it to everyone's satisfaction. She takes her school work seriously, but finds time to have fun with her many friends. Ruth is one of the Candle Sisters routine in which her acting ability is put forth with enthusiasm. Ruthie is a good conversationalist as well as a good listener. This rare trait wins her loads of friends. Aquacade 3, 4, Chess Club 2g Commercial Club 45 National Honor Society 4. KEM MERER, BEATRICE L. Beatty G E N E RAL Beatty is what is called an all-round athlete, participating in most gym clubs in high school and city teams. Whether spectator or player, baseball, football, and basketball are her favorites. She is always one to make fun with her jokes and cheery smiles. Some day Beatty hopes to take care of patients at the Allentown Hospital, KENNEDY, EDWARD F. Eddie COLLEGE PREPARATORY Eddie is not known too well about Allentown High School as he is the type of fellow who keeps his opinions to himself even when a teacher calls on him. Although he isn't the best of students, he ranks high as a gentle- man. The students who made friends with Eddie will be sure of having one true friend long after their days at Allentown High have passed. 110 Gym Club 25 Leaders Club 3, 45 Tumbling Club 4 KEPPEL, JOHN ts E N E RA L John Keppel is the lad's name, And in our memory he will remain. He goes in mostly for every sport, V His favorite sport is the game of baseball. I-le's well-mannered, handsome, and tall His friends always consider him a chum, He's one who goes in for good clean fun. He's not conceited or the like, He has a personality like General Ike. KERN, LARRY J. Kernie VOCATIONAI. To sec Kern in the hall, one would be inclined to think that he is an unsociahle person. He is the quiet type except to those who know him. Larry is planning to be an architectural draftsman and his friends feel con- fident that he will succeed. Swimming 23 Baseball 2. X KERSHNER, KENNETH C. Kenny comics PREPARATQRY This is Kenny's big year. Upon graduation he will be in a position to go into partnership with his fatherg and, thus, he will be able to devote more time to salesmanship. Kenny has always been quite active in school. His services to the Kershner business have been a great asset. Sophomore Math Club 23 Senior Math Club 4. KERSHNER, LIONEL COLLEGE PREPARATORY Lionel is a happy-go-lucky fellow whose interests lie in extra-curricular activities, particularly in the Order of De Molay. To prepare himself for his chosen career in agriculture, Lionel hopes to study scientific farming at Penn State. Perhaps some day he will own a model farm. I 111 1' KERSON, ALLAN M. Irish VOCATIONAL Allan is a cabinet maker, a good student and a worker at the Allen Organ Company under the co-op plan. Allan likes baseball as his favorite sport, and the team he likes best is the New York Yankees. In the future Allan hopes to enter the cabinet making business. KERTZ, EDAWARDINE Eddiedine GENERAL Mix a cheerful disposition, a sparkling sense of humor, a generous personality in one very attractive girl and you have Eddiedine. Eddiedine is often found near a band or juke box. Her favorite diversions are dancing, swimming, ice -skating and football. She is happy-go-lucky, full of laughs and hasn't an enemy in the world. KESACK, DENNIS Bull G E N E RA L Bull is a carefree young fellow who never worries about anything. He is a quiet sort of boy in school, but a cut-up elsewhere. His main ambition is to be a proprietor ofa small cafe. Bull is a heavyweight, but on the dance floor he jives around like a featherweight. KEYS, AUDREY Dolly DISTRIBUTIVE EDUCATION Dolly is a happy-go-lucky girl who Finds life full of fun and laughter- Her sense of humor has won for her the admiration of many friends. Audrey has little difficulty in maintaining high grades. Of her many interests, she enjoys dancing most. 112 3 If' ff . NS, . l iii , KIESS, ELAINE A. Ellie GENERAL lfllie. a serious, music-loving student is well worth meeting and knowing. Her special cravings are Zane Grey books, knitting, sentimental movies, school, and travel. Besides playing the French horn in the school band, she also plays the piano. It is said that she and her sister get along quite well together. Band 2. 3, 4: Orchestra 2, 3, 4. KILLO, STEVE Bill GENERAL The happy-go-lucky fellow we hear so frequently singing or whistling is Bill. He is one fellow who doesn't seem to have a care in the world. Steve has tried out for several sports. He seems to prefer working out with weights at the Body Builders meetings. With his line Steve should become a terrillic salesman. KINDT, ANDREW Andy DIs'rR1Bu'rivis EDUCATION Andy is a happy-go-lucky and carefree character. He is a lover of sports, especially baseball. Some of his favorite pastimes are observing or listening to athletic games. Some day Andy hopes to have a business of his own. KING, CLAUDE A. Punchy V VOCATIONAI. Did you ever see someone walking down the hall singing as he went by, giving everyone a smiling Hello? 'l'hat's Punchy. A swell guy to get along with, he really seems to enjoy his schooldays. Although he has the voca- tional course. he would like to become a crooner. Boxing Club 3, 4: Boxing Team 3, 4: Track lg Body Builders 39 Wrestl- ing Manager 4. 113 KING, LOIS MILDRED Lois G E N ERAL Everyone who knows Lois finds her good humor one of her best points. Shouting for all her worth at the football and bsaketball games is part of her makeup. For pep and jolliness she can't be beat. Lois' favorite sport is swimming. She will always be able to smile her way through life. junior Red Cross 4g Swim Club 2, 3, 4. KISSINGER, CHARLES E. Ted VOCATIONAL Ted is a Witty chap who is very much concerned with making his future secure. Humorous and witty, he can also put in a good day's work. Charley has a temporary job at Reichard'sg his favorite sports are boxing and horse racing. Those who know Ted feel that he will make his mark in the world. KISTLER, ANNETTE JANE Janie COLLEGE PREPARATORY A gift of gab and a heart of gold-that's Janie. Honey-blonde, blue- eyed, and vivacious, Annette is one of the prettiest and most popular persons at AHS. Listed among her varied activities are bridge, swimming, and politics. We all love Annette for her refreshing sense of humor and will always remember her for the sweet and sincere girl that she is. Annette plans to take up interior decorating in college. Aquacade 2, 43 Career Club 49 Latin Club 25 Math Club 2, 3, 4g Micro- scopy Club 35 Swim Club 2. KISTLER, ELEANOR CATHERINE Eleanor COMMERCIAL Eleanor may be small in stature, but her disposition rates her high with all who know her. Happy, good-natured, and serious at times is this girl. Eleanor's hobbies are embroidery work and playing the piano for her own amusement. She is planning to go to college where she will surely succeed in her work. Chorus 4. 114 W KISTLER, JO ANN E. DISTRIBUTIVIS EDUCATION jo can make friends easily. but her social life does not interfere with her work. A devotee of music and dancing, she can talk your leg off on either subject. jo always has a pleasant greeting for all her friends. Student Council 2: Junior Committee 3. Q if ff. iii KISTLER, MARY L. COLL HG li I-'Rli PARATORY Mary is a very quiet and serious girl always concerned about her home- work. She is a worthy and sincere friend, and if you ask for assistance, she is always ready and willing to give it. Mary spends a good deal of time in church work and in charitable endeavors. Her ambition is to study home economics at Cedar Crest. Chorus 4g Comus 4, Historical Society 2, 34 Sophomore Math Club 23 National Honor Society 4g Pan-American League 4. KLASE, DOROTHY M. Dot COMMERCIAL Dot is alert, quick thinking, full of fun, and kind. Sl1e's the best friend anybody could want. Her favorite subject in school is office machines, and her favorite avocation is teaching religion to children. Dot is planning to enter a religious mission school. Chorus 3. KLASE, MELVIN L. Mel vocA1'ioNAt. Mel is a slightly serious person who gets along well with his fellow pupils. His favorite subject is printing and he is now working on the co-op plan. One of Mel's favorite pastimes is dancing, but he is also interested in baseball and football. He has been an usher at the AHS football games for the past three years. Although he doesn't say so, Mel likes the girls in this school of ours, and gets along with them rather well. Chorus 2, 3. l 115 S KLECKNER, FRANCIS S. Doc COLLEGE PRsPARA'roRY An ardent rooter for AHS and an enthusiast in all sports, Francis has been a basketball manager for three years. He entered high school from Raub and plans to spend his college years at Dartmouth. Francis enjoys his friends and likes a good time. He is a better than average student and is most cooperative in furthering the interest of his Alma Mater. Basketball 2, 3, 4g Senior Math Review 4g Engineers Club 45 Key Club 4. KLEPPINGER, ROBERT Klep G E N H RA L Here is a swell guy to have around at any time. Bob's easy to get along withg always ready with a winning smile and a helping hand, His main interests are in the Navy, but sports of any kind run a close second. KLINE, ARNOLD Arnie G E N ERA L Clever wit and a keen sense of humor help make Arnie the swell person he is. He hasn't a care in the world besides attaining the highest goal pos- sible. Initiative has made him a leader in many activities, thus proving he is successful socially as well as scholastically. With this as a foundation he is sure to succeed. Chess 25 Jet Model Racing 4. KLINE, NANCY JANE Nan COMMERCIAL Nan believes in the old saying, "Laugh and the world laughs with you." The fact that she is constantly talking about a certain fellow indicates one of her hidden ambitions. Nan takes an active interest in sports, especially skating. with dancing a close second. To become a good typist is her goal. Dance Club 45 Swim Club 43 Tumbling Club 45 Y-Teens 3, 4. 116 l"eople always recognize Dick by his broad smile andsthe twinkle of his bright blue eyes. His likeable personality appeals to all, for he takes an active interest in all sorts of sports and school work. Among his many hobbies. the most important are camping, photography and riHery. Be- cause of his interest in the out-of-doors, he might well take up agriculture at Penn State. jerry is a fellow who is popular with the girls and is well liked hy his KNAPPENBERGER, RICHARD L. Dick QHNERAI. KNAUSS, B. JEROME Jerry GENERAL KNAPP, CHARLES H., JR. Reds COLLEGE PREPARATORY Reds, an actor and mathematics wizard, hopes to become a fullback, but he needs about a hundred-fifty pounds more weight. He explains his diminutiveness by the proverb, "Fine goods always come in small pack- ages." Charles expects to go to Muhlenberg, where he will take up higher branches of mathematics. Chess Club 2. 34 National Honor Society 4, Physical Science Club 45 Student Council 2. KNAUSS, BERNICE Bernie COMMPIRCIAI, Who is this brown-eyed and brown-haired lass with a sunny smile and a pleasing personality. Bernie hails from Bethlehem, but we all forgive her. Bowling is her idea ofa good time. Bernie was a model in our fashion shows, and although she intends to be a private secretary, she'd be keen competition for any model. Gym Club 23 Girl Reserves 3, 43 Swim Club 4. friends. He is a great sports enthusiast and participates in wrestling and weight lifting at Allentown High School. Although he has had experience in several trades, his plans for the future are indefinite. If conditions per- mit, he will enroll at Muhlenberg. A Cappella Choir 2, 35 Junior Math Club 45 Boxing 25 Body Builders 45 'fumbling 4: Wrestling 2. 117 KNAUSS, RUTH M. Ruth COMMERCIAL Wherever there's fun and laughter you can be sure to find Ruth. She is a good sport and liked by everyone who knows her. She is a member of the school swimming club and enjoys all types of sports. Ruth is well known to both boys and girls and is dependable, energetic and a good leader. Upon graduation she intends to enter Barbizon School of Modeling in New York. Intelligence, neatness, and attractiveness are bound to make her a success. Swim Club 4. KNECHT, PEGGY A. COLLEGE PREPARATORY Peggy is full of pep, always ready to try something new. At all the football and basketball games she yells her lungs out for our team. But what would poor Peggy do if she couldn't eat ten times or more a day! Peggy is one of our most ambitious girls and hopes to enter Smith College in the fall. Canary 4: Chorus 4, Comus 4: German Club 35 Historical Society 34 Latin Club 2, Sophomore Math Club 2: National Honor Society 4. KNECHT, RUTH N. Shorty cs i-5 N li RA 1. Allentown High's favorite daughter is this capable little blonde who has participated in almost every activity sponsored for the last three years. In addition she cuts a mean rug, adores Alan Ladd and hopes to enter into either a musical or dramatic career after graduating. Orchestra 2, 3, 4, Dramatics 2. 3, 45 Vocanovas 4. KNERR, JEANNETTE H. Nette COMMERCIAL A real sport and friend, Nette's personality and athletic ability have made her the girl she is. Nette is a steady student, and although typing may prove her undoing, we feel her determined spirit will more than enable her to master this. Nette is vague about her future, but she will put her commercial studies to use. Aquacacle 25 Dance Club 45 Fashion Show 3, 4. IIS KNOBLACII, MARY GENERAL Mary may seem like a quiet girl to some people but ask one of her best friends about that. She is known among her friends for her funny jokes and her jolly laugh. She loves to go swimming, dancing, roller-skating, and to the football games. She plans to work at the Bell Telephone Company. KNOPF, JOHN JAY C0l.l,EGl'I PRE PARA l ORY john's most outstanding characteristic is his earncstness Although his circle of friends is not exceptionally wide because he has not lived in Allentown long, those who know him respect his honor and sincerity. John is a better-than-average student. His favorite extra-curricular activity is the band, in which he plays the sax. Looking to the future, john intends studying business administration at Lehigh. Band 3, 4. KOBROVSKY, MARILYN COLLEGE PREPARATORY Marilyn is an easy-going, generous girl who, despite her seemingly care- free attitude, knows exactly what she wants. Her merry, mischief-making eyes conceal the fact that she regards her schoolwork seriously. but her success in classes can be testified by the fact that she was elected to the National Honor Society. In the future one may see Marilyn teaching a class of kindergarten children. KOCHENASH, OLGA coMM E RCI,-x L Olga is known to her many friends as a girl with a cheerful disposition and intellect. Although she thinks seriously about most subjects, her quick wit and ability to make the most of a humorous situation have won for her a wide circle of friends. She has many outside interests, her favorite being dancing. Olga's future goal is to become a competent secretary. National Honor Society 43 Commercial Club 45 Student Council 4. 119 Career Club 49 Comus Staff 4-g Historical Society 2 3 National Honor Society 4g Pan-American League 3g Youth Council for American Unity 4 KOEHLER, DOLORES ANNE Dolly COLLEGE PREPARATORY Dolly possesses that most desirable quality of making and keeping friends. However, she has seen to it that she has not fallen into the all work and no play routine. Scholastically, Dolly has never been a weak sister, and after graduation she plans to attend college to become an algebra teacher. Sewing Club 2. KOEHLER, TRUMAN COLLEGE PREPARATORY 'liruman is the fellow many of you have seen speeding up Turner Street on his motorbike, the logical answer to the high price of used cars. His main interests in high school have been mathematics and scienceg he has been president of the mathematics clubs for three consecutive years. Next year Truman plans to enter Muhlenberg College where he will major in mathematics. Physical Science Club 4: National Honor Society 43 Sophomore Math Club 2g Junior Math Club 3, Senior Math Club 4. KOHLER, EDITH I. Edith COMMERCIAL Edith is happy-go-lucky, full of fun, and always looking for a good time Wherever a crowd is gathered there she is with her funny laugh. Her favorite pastime is dancing, movies, and sports. Edith is a good student. This should warrant her success in the future. KOHLER, ERMA M. Erma COMMERCIAL Erma is a studious girl with a keen mind, fine character, and a good sense of humor. Her participation in school and church activities shows that she likes to work with people. Erma has a yen for dancing and enjoys a football or basketball game more than any other sport. Her perseverance and ability to adapt herself prove that she will be a successful stenographer. Commercial Club 4. 120 KOREN, IRENE CAROL COMMERCIAL Mix a cheerful personality with a splendid sense of humor, add a generous disposition and you have Reny. She appears to be quiet but don't let first impressions fool you. While excelling in active sports, her favorite pastimes are swimming and dancing. As for her future she is uncertain. Swim Club 4. KOTZM ANN, VALERIA R. Kitzel coivnvi Encmi. It is no task to find nice things to say about Kitzel. Intelligent, un- assuming, and fun-loving, she plans to be a secretary, although a musical career is her deep and dark desire. She is an all-round sport and is always ready for a good time, especially when it involves ice-skating. Kitzel's sincerity assures her a lifetime of friends, her perseverance, a hne career in music. Commercial Club 4g Orchestra 2, 3, 43 National Honor Society 4. KOURY, LAUREEN NORA Laureen COMMERCIAL Nora is a quiet girl in school, but when she is out she can he lots of fun. Nora is not a studious girl, but her determination to pass gets her average marks in all subjects. Her favorite pastimes are swimming, dancing, and listening to classical music. Nora has a yen for traveling and meeting new people: and hopes that some day she will he able to fulfill this desire. To he a secretary is her aim. Swim Club 4g Dance Club 4. KRASNANSKY, SARAH M . Seraphina COMMERCIAL Sarah is just five feet four inches with intelligence that earns her good marks in school, and a sense of humor that wins her many friends. She-'s a whiz at knitting and is always at ease with a good hook. However, she finds time to enjoy sports: especially swimming, football, and baseball. Sarah is well liked by all her friends, and is bound to be a successful secre- tary in the business world. Dance Cluh 4. 121 KRATZER, PEARL Pearl com M E Rem L Pearl is just another cheerful girl roaming around high school. She spends most of her leisure time in blue jeans, trying to sell her father's merchandise. Basketball and football keep her contented. Her ambition is to become a stenographer. KRATZER, ROBERT WALTER Bob VOCATIONAL Bob is one of the quiet members of our class. He has a pleasing per- sonality. Ifasked to do a task or do a favor for a friend he is glad to oblige. His hobbies are collecting phonograph records and tinkering around his bicycle. Dancing and roller-skating are his favorite social activities. At AHS Bob was a fairly good student. In his senior year he changed his course to brick-laying for he thinks there is opportunity in it for the future. KRAUSS, EMILY K. Emily COMMERCIAL Ifmily is a happy-go-lucky girl but very quiet in school. She may not seem quite as talkative as other girls around AHS, but she is a swell girl with a fine personality. Although Emily doesn't believe in homework, she always manages to get it done. Majoring the commercial course, she intends to become a good stenographer. KRESGE, GLORIA M Reds COMMERCIAL Talkative, blended with a pleasant disposition are this young Iassie's traits. Reds is the likeable type, the kind of girl you can depend on to be a friend. She doesn't seem satisfied unless she is occupied or doing some- thing worthwhile. Among her hobbies are reading, swimming, and listen- ing to her radio. Since hair styling is her chief pastime, she has chosen beauty culture for her career. Home Nursing Club 4. 122 KRESGE, THELMA M. Thel COMMERCIAL 'l'hel's many friends find her loads of fun. they know that she can dance anytime and for any length of time. Her scholastic record isn't neglected either: her marks are always above average. A nice thing about her knowledge is that she is willing to share it with others. Her good sound judgment and diligence will carry her a long way into the business world. Commercial Club 4: Dance Club 4: Student Council 3. KUDLA, WILLIAM Smiley voC.A1'1oNAl, Bill loves to talk without saying anything, but in spite of that he has plenty of friends. Leave it to Smiley to add a laugh for the crowd. He spends most ofhis time bowling and is a member ofthe AHS Mixed Bowling League. Any bright summer day you can find him at one of the parks playing baseball. Baseball 3, 4. KULP, KATHRYN Tommy COLL EG Ii PR I-1I'ARA'I'ORY Here is a girl with a heart of gold and a charming personality. We will all remember her for her line companionship and irrepressible wit. We will also remember seeing her at the Allentown Free Library carrying on her duties as a page. She plans to enter college this fall to major in business and languages. Career Club 45 Historical Society 3g Library Club 25 Pan-American League 4. KUNKLE, JO ANN Reds COMMERCIAL She's got twinkling eyes, a song in her heart. rhythm in her feet, red in her hair. a contagious smile, and a pert nose. Reds' talking during class often brings the teacher's frown. liven though she is mischievious she studies diligently and never falters in school work. Reds is an ardent lover of dancing and all sports. Some day Reds hopes to be a dependable stenographer. Dance Club -I. 123 P7 A 5 KUNKLE, MARGARET D. Maggie COMMERCIAL Versatility is the keynote to lVlaggie's character. She will be remem- bered by her associates for an individual personality and sound judgment. She is known to intimates as a spirited and fun-loving companiong her presence diffuses charm and cheer. lVlaggie's main interest is the study of foods and she hopes to become a dietician. r .- .J KUSS, AUGUST CHARLES III Chick COLLEGE PREPARATORY ls there anyone who doesnlt know Chick? His corporal form may be seen lounging through the halls of AHS or playing football. Ever see him mad? Not likely, for it's his invariably good humor that makes him a class favorite, Charles takes the first step on his way to an eventful future when he enters Dartmouth next fall. Football 2g Sophomore Math Club 2. KUTZ, EDWIN Ed GENERAL Ed's friendly smile and cheerful disposition have made him a favorite among his classmates. Although he is always ready for a good time, he has a serious side too. He dances well and has a fine tenor voice. We feel sure a bright future awaits Ed in the singing career he is planning. Choir 4. KUTZ, RICHARD Dick COLLEGE PREPARATORY Dick is one of those swell all-round guys who has a personality which enables him to make friends with anyone. He loves all sports, but centers most of his time on his beautiful blue motor scooter. He studies vigorously and is afraid of nothing. After graduation from high school, Dick plans to enter Lehigh University to prepare for a career in mechanical engineering. Engineers Club 45 Senior Math Review 4. 124 KUTZLER, NEVIN C. Peppy VOC.-YIIIINKI Nevin is a boy with a good personality. He dresses smartly and is always willing to go out for a good time. lle likes to go to dances because his main interest is girls. Nevin believes in variety. We wish him the best of luck and a good future in his electrical experience. KUZMA, EVA J. Evie COMMERCIAL lfvie possesses the quality of doing the right things at the right times. She is always willing to help anybody. no matter what the trouble may be. Confront her with any hard problem or put her in a predicament, and she is bound to find a solution. Het most outstanding feature is knowing how to enjoy life. Home Nursing Club -lg Needlecraft Club 2. LAKE, .IOSEPH THOMAS Joe iNpus'rluAi. Une of the happiest fellows to he graduated this year will he joe. He will be happy because he feels he is graduating with a bunch of top notch fellows. Usually a quiet fellow, his favorite sport is football. After gradu- tion his first step will be the army, then back into civilian life as an honor- able draftsman. LAKIS, CLEO Cleo COVIMFRCIAI. One of those little members of tbe class Cleo is often seen and often heard. She enjoys many activities such as dancing and going to the movies. Cleo studies with an attitude that dot-sn't leave very much room for any serious thoughts. Her one ambition at present is to become 21 private stenographer to a business executive. l'ommereial Club 4, Dance Club 4, 125 1 LAMM, DOLORES M. Dalo COMMERCIAI. Among the quiet students at AHS is Dalo. She likes sports, and attends all the games, both football and basketball. She is a friend of all and has a smile and jolly hello for everyone. LANDIS, BARBARA E. Barbs coMM ERCIAL Barbs is a cheerful, happy-go-lucky girl always looking for something to laugh at. lVluch of her time is spent in the movies. You will usually see her at the football games cheering with all her might. After graduation Barbs wishes to become a typist. LANDIS, RICHARD C. Moose vocAT1oNAL Moose is five feet ten inches in height, a fair looking young man. He has a good morning greeting for all each clay. Although he is not a studious boy, he likes to do his schoolwork well. Moose would like to be a printer or a school teacher. No matter which he chooses, he is sure to be a success. junior Red Cross 25 Body Builders Club 3. LANZILLO, MARIO A. Mat G E N ERAL Mat is not as quiet as he seemsg he likes brunettes and dancing. Even though he has never played any sports at AHS, he plays football and basketball rather well, As for the future Mat's ideas are leaning towards being an officer in the U. S. Navy. 126 LAUBACH, BERNICE J. Kenny coMMERc1Al, Black hair, sparkling black eyes and a peppy personality make up our Kenny. An ardent sports fan, you can find her at all football and basket- ball games. She is a lover of music, movies, and long walks. Whatever the future may hold, Kenny will face it with a smile Chorus 2. 3 LAUBACH, JOYCE L. COLLEGE PREPARATORY lfyou take a good look at Joyce-'s picture, you can see a glint of mischief behind that smile of hers. A loyal booster of AHS, she is also very deeply interested in all her studies. The same interest and perseverance, which she has revealed at AHS will help her complete her training and bring her recognition as one of Allentown's finest nurses. German Club: National Honor Societyg Senior lVlath Club. LAUBACH, PHYLLIS Phyl coMMERc1Ai. Phyllis, better known as Phyl, always has a friendly smile and a hearty greeting for everyone. Her greatest ambition is to become a hit singer with an orchestra. She can be seen at all the football and basketball games rooting for the home team. She is an enthusiastic member of the Girls Dance Club and has a hand in all school activities. Chorus 59 Dance Club 4. LAUDENSLAGER, NANCY L. Claudy GENERAL Tall, slim and attractive-that's our Nan. She is known to all for her versatility, but most prominent is her creative ability in art. Nan's diversions are swimming, dancing, and bridge. Nan is planning to further her study of art at Moore Institute. Aquacade 2, Career Club 45 German Club 45 Swim Club 2. 127 s "l LEDERMAN, LILLIAN Lil COMMERCIAL If all could look through Lil as they look through glass, and read what lies imbedded in the soul, brain. and heart, they would Find intricate mechanisms that keep her alive. The serious side makes her look studious, the mischief embodied in her attracts her to all: the expressions ofjoy and gratitude make her smile a joy to the world. LEH, .IACOUELIN Jackie GENERAL If you have ever seen a person with twinkling eyes and a sparkling smile for everyone walking around the school you can be sure it's Jackie. She's a swell friend, has a wonderful personality and a dynamic sense of humor. jackie has made loads of friends who will always remember with a great deal of pleasure. LEHN, BARBARA J. Babs COLLEGE PREPARATORY Don't be deceived by Barbara's innocent look, for there is mischief galore behind it. Being an excellent leader and fond of good times, Barbara is always welcome. She is an excellent student and has very stable ideas in politics and economics. Barbara plans to attend college, and we know her ambition and sweet disposition will make her an asset to any school. Press Club 2: Aquacade 21 Canary Staff 3: Mathematics Club 3: Career Club 4g Pan-American League 49 Historical Society 4. LEHR, BETTY COMMERCIAI. If you've ever heard a merry little giggle that made you want to follow suit. the chances are good that you have heard Betty. She is a cute little chick with blonde hair and a pair of deep blue eyes, always smilingiand full of fun. Whatever she plans will be certain to be accomplished well. 128 LEHR, JANE L. Janie G EN re RA I. A flashing smile, a hearty laugh, and a cheery greeting-that's Janie. She is a thoroughly dependable person at all times. At football games Janie is an ardent rooterg her favorite sports, however, are ice-skating and bowling. Nursing is her chosen profession. and Janie's pleasing personality, earnestness, and sincerity should help her become a competent nurse. Canary 3, 4. LEIBENGUTH, LOIS Sodie GENERAL l.ois came to us from Palmerton in her junior year where she was a member of the Glee Club and Chorus for two years. Her favorite subject is mathematics and she enjoys her hour in swimming class. Her plans are to work for the Western Electric Company after the summer vacation. LEIBENSPERGER, LEROY Punky VOCATIONAI, Punlcy is a happy-go-lucky fellow, and whenever there's food you'll find him. He is interested in all sports, but his favorites are swimming, football and hunting. Anyone that isn't deaf knows that his greatest am- bition is to enlist in the Navy. No matter what he does he is likely to succeed because of his cheerful manners. Diving Club 45 Boxing Club 2, 33 Wrestling Club 3. IEILHLITER, FLORENCE J Flossie col.1.eGE mutt-ARATORY Flossie spends her spare time swimming, reading, and studying physics which is her biggest worry at school. She has engaged in numerous extra- curricular activities because of her boundless energy. Florence intends to go to Penn State College where she will take the liberal arts course. Aquacade 2g Comus 45 Swim Club 25 Historical Society 34 junior Math Club 39 Pan-American League 4. 129 LEICHLITER, WARREN S. VOCATIONAL Here is a tall, well-known fellow who is usually rather quiet but is ready to voice his opinion on almost any subject. He has no particularly remark- able talents except his ability to help people with car trouble. His favorite pastimes are hunting, swimming, and football. Warren hopes to join the Army Air Corps and travel particularly in Alaska. LESHKO, DOLORES ANNE Dee GE NERA L Hollywood and Vine has nothing on this beauteous lass. Her auburn hair and green eyes offset a charming smile which is unparalleled. She says Muhlenberg is her favorite college. Dee also answers to another nickname, Ted for obvious reasons. Aspiring to be a good housewife, Dee will un- doubtedly attain her objective. Student Council 3g Swim Club 4. LESSEL, KARL J. GE N ERA L One of our outdoor lovers of hunting and fishing, Karl has proven his skill in these sports. He is a willing participant in all sports, and has many hobbies which include collecting stamps and coins, building models and making friends from among strangers. Historical Society 2, 3g Philatelic Club 43 Body Builders 43 Swim Club 3. LE VAN, ROBERT H. Bob coLLEcE PREPARATORY Tall, dark, handsome, and a swell fellow, Bob will be long remembered by his friends. He is active in all sports, starring in both basketball and track. However, no matter how important the part in life he plays, he still remembers his true friends. Bob is a determined fellowg he works hard to accomplish his desires. He has hopes of attending King's Point Naval Academy and then making a career of the Navy. Mathematics Club 25 Varsity A 3, 45 Basketball 2, 3, 45 Track 3, 4. 130 LICK, VERNA F. Verna COM M ERCIA 1. Skating and sports top the list of Verna's pastimes. She is a great friend and an honest-to-goodness pal. If it has to do with fun, Verna is the center of it all. She loves music and dancing, too. Verna hopes to be a capable housewife. J shows much talent. Tumbling Club 4. I LINDENMUTH, EDITH M. Edie COLL EG E PR I-I PARATORY At football and baskethall games who is a more faithful and lusty rooter than the little clarinet rooter, third from the right in the last row of our marching hand? With the same enthusiasm which she uses to accomplish tasks at AHS, Edie will sky-rocket her way through life. Historical Society 23 Band 2, 3, 4. 131 LIEBIG, PATRICIA Patty co1.t.i-:me Pitt- Pfxmioitv I atty takes part not only in scholastic activities but in social activities as well. She always has something, chetrv to tell htr friends Pattvs favorite sports include swimming, ice skating dancing, tennis volleyball and football. After graduation Patty inttntls to attend West Chester German Club 4: Junior Math Club3 latin Club3 Swim Club 3 LILLY, VIRGINIA Ginny on N t RAL This is Ginny, the bashful girl with the dreamy eyes who gives much of her time to setting up trays at the Allentown Hospital She attends most 6. ofthe AHS football and basketball games although her favorite sport is roller-skating. The subject that appeals to her most is art in which she sta, LINDENMUTH, ROBERT B. Jake COMMERCIAI. In Bob there are qualities which are sure to lead him to success, for whatever he undertakes to do he is sure to finish. In scouting he attained the rank of Star Scout. Always generous with smiles and friendly ad- ministrations, Bob is known throughout the school as one with a hearty hello for every one. His biggest ambition is to be a big businessman with an oflice force composed of all his former classmates. LINGENFELSER, FRED Linky COLLEGE PREPARATORY Fred, a likeable fellow with a real sense of humor, enjoys outdoor sports, especially swimming and hiking. His avocation is raising tropical fish and Persian cats, which he often sells for a nice profit. He is now working part time in hopes of raising money to buy a motor scooter. His main interest is to enter a college where he can major in forestry or animal husbandry. LONG, BARBARA O. Bobbie G EN ERAL Beautiful, golden-haired Bobbie is a thrill to behold. Her greatest passion is music. She lives it and studies it. All her spare time is spent with the arts. Her play time includes skating, swimming, and dancing. Surely the gods will help this fair maiden achieve her secret desires. A Cappella Choir 35 Chorus 2. LONG, FREDERICK M. Fritz COLLEGE PREPARATORY Fritz is one of those quiet. easygoing boys whose scholastic record is one of which to be proud. He was winner of the American Legion Award at Raub Junior High School and more than once has proved his worthiness of that award. Fred enjoys all sports, but excels in wrestling, basketball, and baseball. After graduation he hopes to enter the naval service and eventually become a commissioned oflicer. Fritz is a credit to our class and to our school. Football Manager 2, 3, 43 Math Club 2, 3, 45 National Honor Society 45 Track 2, 3, 45 Varsity A 43 Wrestling 2, 3, 4. 132 LOVE, ESTHER MAE Lover COMMERCIAL Esther is the kind of girl whom you get to like at once. She is as care- free as a lark and doesn't believe in taking things too seriously. She is fond of dancing, and we can readily see why. Her nimble feet can perform miracles to music. She plans to become an ofhce worker and should succeed because of her wonderful disposition and efficient work. LUDWIG, JOAN Blondie GENERAL This tall, fair-haired lass is determined to become a nurse-an attractive one at that with her twinkling eyes, ready smile, and willingness to work. Blondie has a yearning for walks and takes many of them in all kinds of weather. She also enjoys reading good books and helping the librarian in her sparc time. Home Nursing 3g Library Club 4. LU KOW, EDWIN C. Eddie vocA'l'Io NAL Eddie, the handsome guy with friendly smile, is very popular. He takes part in all sports and has a great interest in football. He is also active in hunting and fishing. Eddie's plans for the future are unknown. He surely will be something worthwhile. LUSCH, ETHEL Hattie G E N ERA L The girl with the dazed expression, who greets you with a sleepy smile as she silently slips into her place at eight thirty-six each morning, is none other than Ethel Lusch-better known as Hattle. Upon leaving the portals ofAHS she once again becomes her bubbling, natural self. Ethel has a host of friends. They all think she is terrific. 133 LUTTE, LORRAINE L. Luddy G E NERAL Lorraine is a perky majorette and an all-round friendly girl. Her constant smile and chatter makes her the typical girl of AHS. She says what she thinks and has the courage of her convictions. Active in all sports, especially swimming, we know Lorraine won't fall on her zoom to the top. Leaders Club 3, 45 Tumbling Club 4. LUTZ, CHARLES E. JR. Lutzie GENERAL Charlie Lutz or Lutzie as he is called by his classmates is a personality at AHS, who, although very small of stature, is very well known for his feats on Coach Dick Landis' wrestling team and for his great gift of gab. Lutzie, who is more or less comically inclined, also has his serious moments. He is very interested in the Merchant Marine and would like to become a sailor. Many of his friends think he would make a better salesman than sailor. Boxing 4, Varsity A 3, 4, Wrestling 2, 3, 4. MAC FADYEN, GILBERT JR. Gil Gil is a good and loyal friend. His favorite pastime is reading or study- ing about airplanes. To dance and to have plenty good food around make life worth living to Gil. He plans to go to college and major in aeronautics, as this will aid him in the future in preparation for a military career. Track 2, 3, 4. MAIATICO, ARTHUR Artie GENERAL Nature took light from the sun and laughter from the brooks, From the lark she took a song, and from his parents-looks. A little good and a little bad, but typically a boyl Sometimes gay and sometimes sad, yet to friends still a joy. His future is a mystery, but Mother Nature knows, His lilting voice and winning ways, will conquer all his woesl 134 MAICKS, NANCY Nan commekcmr Nan takes great interest in her school work, and has many splendid personal qualities. She is always ready for a good time, and those who know her appreciate her loyalty and sincerity. Intelligence, neatness, and attractiveness are characteristics which help her to do any work that may come her way. Nan loves her sports, especially ice-skating. She expects to become a bookkeeper when she finishes school. MALITSCH, PATRICIA Pat G is NERAL Pat is one of those friends who comes in handy at all times. She is serious, if necessary, but most of us know her as the happy-go-lucky girl she generally is. She gets loads of fun in dancing. Her light hair, fair complexion and blue eyes are definitely another asset to her charming personality. Wherever she goes, whomever she meets, whatever she does. Pat always makes a hit. MALONE, ARLENE Arlene COLLEGE PREPARATORY Arlene is the quiet type-until you've known her for just a little whileg then you may be sure that you have a loyal friend. Her words of criticism of others are few, and she will seldom refuse to do a favor for anyone. Her favorite pastimes are sailing, swimming, and ice-skating. Her pet peeves are physics tests and mastery of the art of parking a car. Historical Society' 33 National Honor Society 4. MAMMELE, ALBERT Albie VOCATIONAL Alhie is usually a quiet, studious fellow. If you get to know him well, these impressions may change. Since Albie has a motorcycle of his own, he makes riding both a hobby and a habit. No other sports influence his life. Albie has no definite plans for the future. 135 .ff MANEVAL, BEVERLEY MAE Bev GENERAL When we think of Beverley Mae, we always think of dances and parties. An attractive girl and a good conversationalist, she is very popular with her classmates. A good student when she applies herself. Beverley Mae's best work is in Spanish, arts and crafts. Career Club 45 Historical Club 3, Library Club 25 Junior Red Cross 3. MANN, STANLEY Stan COLLEGE PREPARATORY Stan is an amiable person with whom it is easy to get along. He enjoys sports, especially hunting and basketball. Although he can study when the occasion demands, he would rather it didn't demand. His future de- pends on the opportunities that knock on his door, but he dreams often of entering the Held of science. Senior Math Review 4. MANNING, MONIS J. COLLEGE PREPARATORY Mention chemistry, and you'll always End Monis an eager listener. An amateur chemist for several years, he plans to continue his studies at college with the ultimate goal of an A. M. in science. His hobbies include swim- ming and mathematics. He has also been an ardent weightlifter for several years. Monis plans to extend his work into the research Field of organic chemistry and he hopes, as do his classmates, that he will succeed in his chosen Field of endeavor. Junior Math Club 3g Senior Math Club 4, National Honor Society 4: 1 Physical Science Club 4, 210 Club 4. MARCIN, ANNA Ann COMMERCIAL Ann, the girl that's always either singing, dancing, or reading is a wil- lowy blonde. Her main ambition is to become a bookkeeper, at which she will succeed. Whenever you go to a dance you will see Ann there, or at the movies, which is another of her pastimes. Dancing Club 2. 136 MARCKS, JOYCE Marcksie comm skcmr Here is a blue-eyed blonde with lots of cheer. She always has a smile for everyone near. Her one extra-special sport is roller-skating. We are all wondering why she enjoys it so much. Her one ambition is to be a private secretary. Her one pet subject is typing. Chorus 2, 3g National Honor Society 4. MARCKS, MARTHA MARY Martie G E N li RA 1. Martha's main interest in life is her music. She has a rich, deep con- tralto voice which thrills all those who hear it and which has won her quite a few honors in singing competitions. She belongs to the A Cappella Choir. All who know Martha well find her a quiet and sincere friend and a good companion. A Cappella Choir 2, 3, 4. MARKERT, JUNE M. Giggles COMMERCIAL If you like a blonde with dark brown eyes, you're bound to like june. She is carefree and a good companion to have around. Dancing is her weakness, but a close runner up is singing and tall men, Her favorite motto is, "He who laughs last is a fool for waiting so long." She plans to be a secretary. MARKOWITZ, MICHAEL Pancho G EN ERA1. Mike is just a typical fun-loving high school fellow. Although his mind is not entirely on his studies, he can hold his own in any subject. In sports, baseball is tops with himg football holds high honors too. If it were possible to sum Mike up in only three words, those words would be one swell guy. Baseball 3, 4. l37 I MARSH, CHARLES W. Lefty COLLEGE PREPARATORY The crack of a bat, a bounding ball to the infield, a throw to first, the runner,s out!! Once again the receiver is the ever alert Lefty. Yes, his main interest is baseball, although basketball runs a close second. Behind his shy smile is a clever sense of humor. He takes sincere interest in his studies. Can you picture Lefty as a schoolteacher? Baseball 4, Senior Math Review 4. MARTIN, JOHN MICHAEL Mike VOCATIONAL Mike is one of the few Allentown High School boys with blonde hair and blue eyes. In his class records he is not one of the highest but he does better than the average student. Girls and pin ball machines are two of his main interests. He is also fond of furniture making. Mike plans on opening a little shop of his own, in which he will certainly be a great success. Chorus 2. MARTRICH, DOLORES Doll COMM ERCIAL Doll is a pert blonde with light blue eyes and a pleasant smile. Al- though she enjoys all sports, swimming and dancing are her favorites. She is known as a girl with a sense of humor and a pleasant personality. Dolores wishes to be a professional dancer, she is bound to succeed. MARTUCCI, LOUIS J. JR. Brown Eyes VOCATIONAL Did you ever hear the shuflle of feet and the whistling of one of your favorite hit tunes? Glance up and you will see a small husky fellow with big brown eyes, light brown hair and a smile for everyone. That is Louie. He is a sharp dresser and neat in appearance. Louie plans to be one of our future flyers. Boxing 2, 3, 4, Wrestling 2, 3, 4. 138 MARTZ, RICHARD JAMES Dick VOCATI ONAI. The world seems dizzy. but Dick can get along anyway. He makes friends easily so long as others are friendly too: but he is bashful among strangers. Get him in a crowd he knows and it's a different story. Dick likes roller-skating, swimming, and driving automobiles. MARVIN, JOAN Joanie COMMERCIAL One word would describe joanAversatile. Besides being what is com- monly called a brain, she is one of our snappiest majorettes. A marvelous conversationalist as well as a sympathetic listener, -Ioan is far from a fair-weather friend. Her prime interest in life is to become a wonderful wife and mother. Commercial Club 4g Dance Club 4: Majorettes 3. 4: National Honor Society 4. MATIS, JOYCE A. COLIIIQGE PR I-2 I'ARA'l'ORY Joyce is the type you seldom meet, lsler personality's hard to beat. Fair skin, brown hair, eyes of grey, l,ots of fun--she is that way. linglisli is her subject, basketball her sport, Music and rcadingvshe likes every sort. Now for the future. her goal to reach Is the college at Kutztown, Then English she'll teach. Chorus 3, Historical Society 2, 3, 4g Library Club 45 National Honor Society 4. MATTERN, MAMIE Boots DIS'I'RI BUTI V E Ii DUCATION As a salesclerk Boots could sell anything from a tack to a Super- lfortress. She just naturally attracts people, especially the opposite sex. Some day soon we hope to see her name in lights, for Boots is accomplished in many fields of the dance. 139 we MATTHEWS, RICHARD Dick COLLEGE PREPARATORY Wherever he is, whatever he is doing, Dick is always full of fun. He is musically inclined and has played the clarinet in the high school band for three years, Dick likes school and is better than average in his marks. An ardent basketball player, Dick is always ready for a game. He is well liked by his many friends, for he is always a good sport. Band 2, 3, 4. MAXSIM, DANIEL DONALD Max VOCATIONAL Dan is one of those fellows who can always be depended on to be the life of the party. With this fellow behind the wheel of a car, you can never be sure whether you'll get there in one piece or not. He's very much inter- ested in boxing and hunting. His records both in studies and shop prove that he will be successful in whatever he tries. MAYSICK, FAY ANN Fay G E NERAL Fay is an idealistic and conscientious girl whose great desire is to be a good nurse. When Fay undertakes a task, she always tries hard to do her very best. Her first thought is always of others. Her favorite subjects are French and chemistry. Those who know her will always remember her as a genuine and sincere friend. Chorus 29 French Club 3, 45 junior Red Cross 2, 4. MCAULIFFE, ETHEL Sis DISTRIBUTIVE EDUCATION Ethel is a pleasant all-round girl. She has won a host of friends because of her cheerful personality and attractive smile. Although she has her lighter moments, whatever she has in store for the future, she will be a great success. Junior Red Cross 3, 4. 140 . 1,1 Q. MCCLAFFERTY, JOHN LEO Mac 2 1 voCATIoNAl. ' Mac is a happy fellow who will go out ofhis way to play a practical joke on somebody. He is interested in all sports especially swimming and ice- skating. He is a student of average calibre. His aim is to be a carpenter. l Diving Club 4. 'WE MCCORMICK, NORMA J. Norm COLLEGE PREPARATORY Norm was very cute when she was small, And hasn't changed since she's grown tall. Her high school classes she does adore, At two-fifty she's first out the door. When Norm goes home from school at night, The first thing she does is sit down and write. To her best and favorite beau, Who everyone knows is Joe. A dental hygienist she wants to be, But this we are all waiting to see. liand 2, 3. 4, German Club, Historical Society 4, Swim Club 4. v MCGEE, EDWARD H. Ed COLLEGE PR E PARATORY Ed is one reason why school dramatics have been a success. His ability to portray anyone has made him the thorn in the side for many teachers. His class record is an enviable one. Although he is active in extra-curricular activities, he manages to remain in the honor groups. His ambition is to become a corporation lawyer. Chess Club 33 Dramatics 2, 3, 4g Engineers Club 3, 45 Historical Society 3, 4g Life Science Club 35 Junior Math Club 33 Senior Math Club 4, National Honor Society 43 Physical Science Club 3, 45 Swimming 2, 210 Club 4. gf. MCGEE, ROBERT T. Reds VOCATIONAI. Reds is carefree and doesn't believe in over workg yet he always seems to get through. Reds is sometimes called heartbrealcer. He denies this emphatically. Walking in the halls of AHS is his favorite pastime. Reds hopes to own a garage of his own one of these days. 141 931556 MCGUIRE, BETTY JANE Betz G E NERAL Betz is a swell girl, with dark brown hair and laughing brown eyes. Although she gets average grades, she believes too much study weakens the mind. She's very sociable and always willing to do what the gang does. Her favorite winter sport is football, and she puts up a grand argument if anyone denies that we have a good team. Among her pleasures are popular music and dancing. Y-Teens 4. MCGUIRE, JOAN J oanie G E N ERAL A cheerful laugh, a heart of gold, loyalty, and a kind word for everyone all have a place in Ioanie's character. She's fond of being out of doors or in the play room, listening to her many records and knitting, Her worst fault is being late. She loves excitement and surprises. Her plans for the future are connected with the Pennsylvania Power and Light Company. MCHUGH, JOHN M. Cueball VOCATIONAL John is tall and good looking. He is quiet, at least in class studies. He has many good friends by whom he is known as Cueball. His favorite sports are basketball and football. John's father is an engineer on the Central Railroad and John hopes to follow in his footsteps. MCKELVEY, BERNARD Butch GE NERAL Butch is one of the most likeable personalities around AHS. He had the commercial cooking course, but a little misunderstanding made him change to general. Berny's favorite hobby is baking, so he may spend his life in search of a completely new recipe. 142 MCNABB, DONALD F. Mac coi.Lr:oi-3 Plu:i'ARA'i'oRY Good-natured, carefree lVlac is one of the best dressed and immaculate fellows at AHS. He is a great extemporaneous speaker, and has mastered the fine art of conversation, coupling a sharp wit with an abundant down- to-earth common sense. Mac is indeed fortunate to have these innate quali- ties, because he isn't by nature too ambitious. He expects to take up radio announcing at 'femple University, and his strong, clear voice, and keen alert mind ought to bring him fame. i MECKSTROTH, EDWIN A. Ned GENERAL Here you have it. Son of a doctor who makes as many calls on his friends as his father does on patients. Ned gets a real kick out of life, especially in the field of sports. He likes to work and takes quite a bit of pride in raising beautiful roses in his yard. He is characterized by his friends through a hearty laugh, much talking, and waving of his hands. Ned is known around the Tenth Ward as one of the Andrew Sisters. Choir 4. MEITZLER, JACK R. Jackie VOCATIONAL Jack is an all-round fellow. He likes sports, especially football and basketball. He is a medium-sized boy, and good looking. His brown hair is always well groomed. Fond of dancing, he likes to go out on a double date. Jack always helps a friend in need. MELINCIIOK, MARY Mecca Com M ERCIAL Mary is a pleasant, likeable companion, unpretentious in manner. This quiet, cheerful, attractive, dark-haired lass has fond hope of becoming a secretary. Active and ambitious, she favors knitting, dancing, swimming and listening to good music for her moments of pleasure. Her ever-present charm and naturalness linger wherever she goes. Sewing Club 3, Y-Teen Club 4. , 143 W MELLMAN, ROBERT Mell G ENERAL Mell is a cheerful, likeable fellow, interested in all sports. Although he enjoys football and basketball, his interests are centered mainly on the baseball diamond. He likes school best for its holidays. Bob will always discuss with you what foods appeal to the palate. After graduation Mell would like to try minor league baseball. Baseball 2, 3, 43 Baseball Club 4. l MENSINGER, JERRY L. Butch G E NE RAL Butch is a happy-go-lucky fellow. An average boy, he pushes home- work, one of his biggest gripes, into the background. He likes sports, football and basketball best. Jerry is interested in art, drawing being one of his hobbies. MERKEL, KERMIT L. Merk COLLEGE PREPARATORY Merk has a personality that is hard to beat. Although he is athletically inclined, he prefers basketball to all other sports. In his schoolwork, he is never one to find excuses to get out of something. In the past his marks have been good, and he made the honor roll several times. His aim in life is to enter some branch of engineering. Senior Math Review 4. MERTZ, DALE H. COLLEGE PREPARATORY Dale is an earnest, modest boy who tries to put as many hours into his school work as he can. He also likes to participate in sports particularly in basketball and football. After finishing high school, he plans to enter Penn State where he will major in forestry. Senior Math Review 45 Wrestling 3. 144 MEST, JOHN Johnny COLLEGE PREPARATORY An ardent sportsman, John enjoys hunting and hshing, He is a good swimmer, a proficient pianist, and his ice-skating is terrific. When there is snow on the ground you can usually find him plummeting down the side of some mountain on a pair ofskis. John plans to take a pre-med course next year and then go on to medical school. Key Club 45 Track Team 3, 43 Tumbling Club 45 Wrestling 2. METZLER, DORINNE E. Renie com M E Rem L She has a high scholastic standing and her name can usually be found in the honor roll. She takes an active interest in singing, dancing, music, and various sports. In the future she desires to become a stenographer and should be an asset to the business worlcl. .--L MEYER, HERBERT Herb vocA'rroNAL Herb is the kind of fellow you must know to understand. He is the happy-go-lucky type, worrying little about the future, and believing one should live his life as it comes. He is not one of those brilliant fellows and tloes not believe in overwork, but manages to get by in his studies. Herb is also interested in sports: baseball, basketball, and football are his favorites. MIERS, JOHN A. I Jack COLLEGE PR E PA RATORY Jack is one of the quiet boys of our class, but just start a conversation rolling about mechanics or about anything with a motor and wheels, and you will get more than a few words from him. During the winter Jack follows the AHS sports schedule faithfully. During the summer, if he isn't tinkering with his motorcycle, he swims or plays golf. It would seem that jack's future lies in the mechanical field. Engineers Club 4, Physical Science Club 4. 145 MILLARD, GEORGE One's first impression of Pepper is that of a big, jolly, red-haired Irish- man. A jovial disposition, an air of honesty, a sense of faithfulness, all combined have made him the well-liked fellow he is today. But he's not always the happy-go-lucky type, for with determination and seriousness in mind his dreams focus on a business career. Boxing Club 3, 4, Chess Club 2. l MILLER, DONNA MARIE Wide awake, full of fun, and always on the go, expresses briefly this girl. Her blonde hair and green eyes create a disturbance in hearts where- ever she goes. Versatile, she fits into any crowd. Active, she has made her mark in each of the many organizations to which she belongs. What- ever she attempts, she will do with the same untiring interest and intelli- gence. Junior Red Corss 2, 3, 45 Secretary Junior Red Cross 25 Dramatics 4, Career Club 4, COMMERUAL COMMERUAL M ILL, MARGARET Miggs G E N E RA L Miggs is a true friend to many who trust and confide in her. She is lots of fun and a swell pal. Her special hobby is dancing, she could jitterbug all day. Whatever her ambition is she should achieve it. Student Council 2. Pepper MILLER, DAVE Dave GENERAL Dave was one of our aquatic stars for two seasons. He utilized this knowledge to good advantage by acting as life guard at River Front during the summer. Dave's course is envied by every senior-four successive study halls. At present Davey is an important cog in the excellent swim club at the Y.lVl.C.A., where he works out daily Swimming 3, 4, Varsity A 3, 4. Shorty 146 1 c N I QQ MILLER, GERALD Jerry GENERAL Slide, jerry, slide! To jam on his tram is his one love. Duc to his interest in music, he has little time on his hands, but he isn't misbehaving in the class room. Time after time he has proven his ability as a musician, and if he continues at his present pace, he'll soon be the talk ofthe town. Band 2. 3, 45 Orchestra 3, 45 Swing Band 3, 4. MILLER, GLADYS Tootsie Dls'rRiBu'l'ivie i-:DUCATION Gladys' sparkling personality and winning ways have gained for her a host of friends. Dancing and majoretting are her favorite pastimes. Gladys has not planned her future as yet, hut whatever she decides upon we are sure she will he a success. Student Council 2. MILLER, J EAN Jeanne DISTRIBUTIVE EDUCATION Il' you want to meet a good sport, one who is always ready for fun try Jeanne. She never seems concerned about her studies, but her lessons are always prepared. Jeanne has many friends. She is pleasant and always eager to try new things. She likes baseball, basketball, swimming and dancing. Jeanne is a sales girl and plans to make selling her career. MILLER JOHN Johnny COLLEGE PREPARATORY john is the type of person who can make himself feel at home in almost any kind ofsport. His favorite is baseball, with basketball running a close second. john, who is well liked by all of his classmates, hopes in some way to take his love for sports and convert it into a profitable career. Senior Math Review 4. 147 .ir MILLER, LILLIAN MAE Lil msrnmurlve EDUCATION Lil is a good-natured, kind-hearted, and likeable girl. She has many friends and is always willing to help everyone. Lil is full of ambition and pep. To expend some of this excess energy she cheers loudly at all our athletic contests. An excellent sales clerk, Lil intends to continue this work after graduation. MILLER, MAXINE E. Mackie COLLEGE PREPARATORY To a genial disposition and a cheery smile, add a dash of impetuosity anmf you have Mackie. An all-round girl, at AHS she's well known for her enthusiastic participation in all social events and in sports, particularly baseball, basketball, and volley ball. Mackie plans to major in journalism at Penn State. Perhaps ten years from now she'll be on the staff of some famous newspaper! Canary 4, Comus 4g Leaders Club 43 Pan-American League 3, Swim Club 2. 3 MILLER, NEVIN JAMES JR. Jimmy VOCATIONAL Nevin is a likeable young fellow with reddish brown hair. He works at a soda fountain after school, and in his spare time has taken dancing lessons which accounts for his being considered a very fine dancer. He is active in various organizations especially as a member of the Municipal Opera Company where he has participated in a number of performances. He is a very conscientous young fellow and is certain to succeed in his future endeavors. Student Council 2, Junior Red Cross 1. MILLER, RICHARD O. Dick coL1.EcE PREPARATORY Dick Miller, a likeable chap with a good sense of humor, is intelligent, honest, and dependable. Dick's favorite pastime is the theatre. As property man for AHS plays he's kept quite busy. Dick's ambition is to become an architect. Perhaps some day Allentown will boast of a theatre design by Miller that may rival the P. P. and L. in architectural elegance. Drama 2. 3. 148 MILLER, ROBERT Bob GENERAL Bob is a happy-go-lucky chap who takes school work with a smile. Like many other students he takes an interest in sports. His favorite sports are basketball and football. He attends most of the AHS games. Whatever he does in the future will bring him success. MILLER, ROY Football 2, 3, 49 Varsity A 3, 4. MINICH, CLYDE R. Rusty VOCATIONAL Clyde is a tall lanky fellow who has no trouble making friends. He enjoys roller-skating, ice-skating and good music. When he likes some- thing he works hard, and when he works hard he likes it. This quality should guarantee him a very bright future. 149 COLLEGE PREPARA FORY Owing to the limited space it is impossible to list all the fine qualities of this quiet and elusive young man. With a slight regard for the truth h may tell you about his progress with a pair of figure skates or with a B B gun. Roy's one ambition is to be a member of the 1952 Olympic Skating Team. He is quite fond of building model railroads Rov is going to col lege where he hopes to prepare for a successful career in dentistry MILLHOUSE, DONALD Porky COLLEGE Pkirakmokv That handsome pudgy fellow we have observed strutting through the halls this past season is Porky. During the football season one could often see him running the yardlines or doing extra laps because of some xrregu larity to practice. Donald, a popular fellow has no particular plans for the future. He certainly would be an asset to any collegiate football team 31331 MINNER, JOAN LOUISE Minnie GENERAL Minnie is a blond-haired girl with green eyes. She is kind and con- siderate to everyone she knows and meets. Minnie enjoys all sports. especially roller-skating and swimming. She plans to be a nurseg she'll make a good one. MINUTOLO, EMMA D. M.E. GENERAL A hearty laugh, constant chatter. and a love of fun-these spell Emma. She is a typical outdoor girl, and when it comes to sports, she is right there with the crowd. Lucky will be the patient in a certain hospital when this little brunette takes his pulse Girls Gym Club 2. MITCHELL, RICHARD C. Mitch COLLEGE PREPARATORY Mitch is a six foot one inch blonde who can be distinguished by his crew haircut. He moves quietly about his business. When he talks, all have respect for his opinions. Since entering AHS in the second semester of his sophomore year. Dick has played football. and he has shown interest in nearly all student body activities. Mitch likes just about all of his subjects, but, oh, that trigl Football 2, 3, 4g Hi-Y Club 3, 4g Student Council 3, 45 Track 2, 3, 49 Varsity A 4. MOHREY, LUCILLE GENERAL Although an average student in AHS, Lucille has become quite promi- nent in the ice-skating world. in and away from Allentown. She may be moody at times, but she really has a pleasant personality as those who know her best can testify. To see Lucille skate is truly to observe poetry in motion. Cheerleading 3, 45 Girls Gym Club 2. 150 MOHRY, DONALD Z. Red G E N ERA L Red, one of our many musicians, has played the trumpet in the band all through his high school career. If you couldn't find Red any other place in the school, he'd be sure to be in the band room. Red has also played swing music for several years and always enjoys hearing a good swing band. He hopes to continue music as a profession and to become a celebrity in the musical world. . Band 2, 3, 49 Swing Band 3, 4. MOLL, KENNETH Kenney GENERAL Kenney is a quiet and very sincere person. He is willing to help when ever needed and is dependable. His greatest ambition is to join the ad- vertising staff of Food Fair Inc. He will be missed in the cafeteria where he has cashiered faithfully for the past three years. He will be a success for he has had a good start. Historical Society 3, Red Cross 2. MOLO, HARRY Blondie GENERAL Wherever tbere's fun or a good time happening you'll always find Harry. He is a prodigy of Harrison Morton, who enjoys making other people happy. Harry is much interested in sports. He intends to carry his study of ceramics and manuscript-lettering with him after he is graduated. Body Builders 3, 4, Diving Club 35 Football Manager 3, 4. MORGAN, J. BRUCE GENERAL Known best for his merry whistle and pleasant ways, Bruce is an all- round good fellow who adapts himself to any company and radiates sun- shine on the most dismal day. He can generally be found at the Y.M.C A. Although he has not decided upon any definite career, he should glide through the future as easily and well as he has through the past. Hi-Y 45 Key Club 4. 15l MORRESSEY, FRANCES D. Fran DISTRIBUTIVE EDUCATION Fran is a carefree and happy-go-lucky person. When there is a gossip corner, she is right there for the latest newsz nevertheless she always manages to do satisfactory work. She plans to devote her talents to hairdressing. MORROW, ROBERT E. Bob VOCATIONAL Bob's first interests are swimming, basketball, and tennis. He is very easy to get along with but prefers the company of men. In school he is popular with teachers and classmates. After graduation Bob intends to join the Navy. Swimming 2, 3. MOSER, JACQUELINE I Jackie comm ERCIAL Full of fun and energy, Jackie is one of those people who fits into any crowd. She has a pleasing personality, easily seen by the many friends she has. As far as scholastic records are concerned. Jackie ranks high. She has many interests, the most popular one being cheerleading with sports running a close second. Her main ambition is to become a private secre- tarv. Cheerleading 2, 3, 45 Girls Gym Club 2g Leaders Club 3, 4g Comus 45 National Honor Society 4. MOSES, ELINOR G E N E RA 1. Elinor's friendly disposition has won her many friends. She is a brunette, with natural wavy hair. Elinor is an ardent music lover and plays in the AHS band. She takes life and music very seriously. Her chosen pro- fession is music. Chorus 3g Band 3 4. 152 MOYER, LORRAINE M. Tuddy commieitcifu. A smile on her face, but not much to say. is a complete description of Tuddy. Her favorite sports are basketball and baseball, but when it comes to motor scooter riding, that tops everything. Tinting pictures is one of Tuddy's greatest achievements. She is looking forward to the day when she will become a private secretary Commercial Club 4. MOYER, NOLL R. Butch GENERAL Behold Butch! This six foot handsome blonde needs no introduction. Besides being a member of the Comus stall and the make-up committee for class plays, Butch will long he remembered for his portrayal of the dig- nified father in an assembly performance. It is rumored that under a certain supervisor he will soon master the "Chop Stick Symphony." After graduation. Noel will major in hotel management at Penn State. Lomus 4 Dramatics 2 3 4 Historical Society 4. MOYER, RAYMOND CHARLES Snake col,l.iaue PnevAit.u'o11Y Spending most of his spare time in the fields and woods, Ray is an ardent camper, hiker. and all-round woodsman. Of his many hobbies, the two he enjoys most are studying snakes and playing harmonicas. He is a friendly, sociable fellow, but very rarely does he attend dances, plays, sports, or movies. preferring an eight or ten mile hike through the fields. He hopes eventually to make reptiles the main object of reseiach in his life work. Life Science 4. MOYER, RICHARD F. Dick VOCATI ONAI. Dick's record has been consistently satisfactory during twelve years at school. His hobbies are sand lot football, model plane building and flying. His desire to take things apart to see what makes them click shows a fine curiosity that will be an asset in the architectural drafting career he hopes to attain. 153 J MOVSOVICH, JEROME Jerry COLLEGE PREPARATORY Shorter classes and longer lunch periods would be Jerry's idea of a better AHS. Otherwise school is strictly OK. Some of his interest lies in the Sigma Alpha Rho fraternity and in playing chess. However, he spends most of his leisure time in a photo darkroom and he hopes to take up photography after being graduated from college. Camera Club 45 Chess Club 45 Engineers Club 45 210 Club 4. MUELLER, GEORGE MCNEES COLLEGE PREPARATORY In these three years at high school George has risen from a slightly befuddled sophomore to a seasoned senior who can look forward to reaching the top of any profession he may decide to enter. His unusually sharp and questioning mind has enabled him to acquire high grades with little effort. But it is by his friendliness, absolute fairness, and gentle wit that we will remember him. Engineers Club 4g National Honor Society 45 Orotan Debating Society 2, 3, 43 Senior Math Review 4, Student Council 2, 35 210 Club 4. MUFFLEY, NED E. Mull' GENERAL Ned is a sociable young man with everyone. Although he has his serious moments, he likes fun. His favorite pastimes are basketball, base- ball, and music. Even though he is not a star in his studies, he always manages to pass. After graduation Ned would like to follow a career of music. Band 2, 3, 4. MULLEN, ELEAN OR V. Butch G is N E RAL Vivacious. blue-eyed, Butch is one of those people who try anything once. Always game and fun-loving, Butch is a loyal rooter for AHS at all the football and basketball games. She's an ardent volleyball fan also. Strictly a one-man girl, Butch is an ideal friend, ready for any adventure. Her sparkling personality and gaiety endear her to all. 154 Don is a very friendly fellow who loves to mingle with the girls. In school he is not a brain but his marks have been passable. He is very active in sports as he played baseball for the Mayfair A. A. in the city league and plays basketball for the Twelfth Ward A. C. in the club league. ln the future he hopes to he a professional baseball player. Baseball Cluh 4. Renee is a girl liked by everyone. When you need a friend you will find Rt-nee's courtesy most pleasing. In the classroom she is quietg one wouldn't know she is present. Outside, she really goes to town. Renee likes dancing. ice-skating, and football games. Her ambition is to become a secretary, and judging from her qualities, she should be a success. Camera Cluh 2, Chorus 25 Dance Club 45 junior Red Cross 4. M ULLIN, DONALD CARLOS Killer voc.-x'rloNAl. MYERS, IRENE 0. Renee COMMERCIAL MUNSCH, BETTY Bettie GEN ERAL Did you hear a loud funny laugh while walking down the hall: if you have heard it you will know it belongs to Betty who is always ready to greet you with a cheery good morning to start your day ofl right. Reading and dancing are her favorite sports. MUSSELMAN, JEAN MARILYN Jeannie GENERAL A small brunette with a cackling laugh is an excellent description of Jeannie. One ofblean's accomplishments is her splendid ability in elocution. She has entertained many audiences with various readings. Besides being a good student Jean is interested in all school activities. What she will do after graduation is indefinite. Home Nursing 43 Pan-American League 4. 155 A NAGLE, ESTHER J. Essy COMMERCIAL A dimpled face and a hearty laugh-that's Esther. She is one of those Candle Sisters who live up to their standards of"full of fun and fancy-free." Besides being a good student, she is also a good friend. Her favorite pastime is dancing. Some day Esther hopes to become a secretary. Aquacade 3. 4, Chess Club 25 Commercial Club 43 Dance Club 4. NEEDLEMAN, STANTON A. Stan COLLEGE PREPARATORY Stan is one of those people who loves to talk, and he spends much of his spare time doing it. He spends many weekends traveling ro various cities because he claims, "It broadens one." When in town, he divides his leisure between social and athletic activities. Stan's plans after graduation are indefinite, but it is reasonably certain that he will be successful in any- thing he undertakes. Tumbling Club 4. NEIMAN, JUNE Chick COMMERCIAL Chick is a blue-eyed, blonde hombshell. When she looks most clemure, she is planning the most mischief. A real sports enthusiast, Chick likes nothing better than to see her Alma Mater trounce the opposing team. Her persistance and magnetic personality always will win friends. Commercial Club 4, Home Economics 35 National Honor Society 4. NEITZ, J ACQUELINE Jackie coivi M E Rcm L Jackie, a girl who has personality plus, has many friends. This dark- haired, brown-eyed girl is often found browsing about the Allentown Free Library. where she is employed. Jackie is not a genius but can do her studies well. Her hobby is reading, which she does often. Jackie's am- bition is to become a stenographer. Library Club 3. l56 NETZNIK, KENNETH Ken GENERAL Scholastically Ken specializes with conspicuous success in the field of art. With the fellows, he stars as a practical joltester and is always ready to do some crazy stunt. His future career is undecided. but having seen samples of his art, it is predicted that in a few years he'll be giving Varga competition. Football 2: Senior Math Review 4, Tumbling Club 4: Wrestling 2. NEWIIARD, GRETCHEN CUI.l,lilSl5 l'REl'ARA'I'ORY Did you ever see long, curly eyelashes, a peaches-and-cream com- plexion. and an angelic face? Ifnot, just take a look at our Gretchen. She is an ardent participant in sports and believes in the slogan "A sport for every girl and every girl a sport." Gretchen's enthusiasm affects everyone who comes in contact with her, and she should continue to use this en- thusiasm to bring happiness to others. Spanish Clinic 3: Choir 3, 4: Junior Math Club: Career Club 2. 45 'liumbling Club 4: Apparatus Club 4g Aquacade 2, 3g Physical Science Club 3: Historical Science 4: Young People's Council for American Unity 3. NEWHARD, PATRICIA ANN Patsy col.l.ieor: l'RliPARA'l'0RY Because of ber genial nature, Patsy has many friends here at AHS. She loves sports and people in general, and she is sure to be seen at all the football and basketball games. Patsy likes to spend her free time by going to movie or playing cards with her friends. She plans to attend college after graduation. Aquacade 2: Career Club 4: -lunior Historical Society 4: Junior Math Club 3: l.atin Club 29 210 Club 4. NIKLES, DOLORES Nicky GENIQRA 1. Golden blonde hair and green eyes describe Nicky best. She is well known for her winning smile and swell personality. Nicky is one of the pretty cheer leaders at AHS and is athletically inclined. Her favorite sport is basketball. She participates in many school activities. Nicky is usually busy solving other people's problems. She intends to go to college and study to be a physical education instructor. Cheerleading 2, 3, 4, Student Council 2, 3, 4: Tumbling 3, 4: Leaders Club 3, 43 Y-Teens 4g Gym Club 2. 157 NOSAL, JEAN Jeannie courzcie PaEPAuA'1'oiw Jeanne with her light brown hair could have easily been the subject for Stephen Foster's famous song. She is cheerful and has a pleasant smile. During the summer she is sure to be swimming. but in winter spends much free time dancing. Jeanne plans to enter college where she will major in psychology with a view to becoming a social worker. Dance Club 4g Historical Society 43 Junior Red Cross 4. NOTHSTEIN, J EANETTE Gee Gee COMMERCIAL Jeanette is a happy-go-lucky girl who is well liked by her classmates. Although she does not belong to any clubs, Jeanette takes a great interest in her school work. She always finds time for a show or dance. Jeanette loves to sew, and she makes many of her own clothes. Typing is her favorite subject, and she plans to become a competent typist. NUSS, MARJORIE Margie COLLEGE PREPARATORY Since Margie believes that worry and grief should be atom-bombed from this world, we're never surprised to find her the source of any burst of laughter that detonates in our AHS halls. Her social progam is crowded, but she somehow finds time to acquire excellent scholastic marks for her report card. After graduation from business college, she intends to engage in secretarial work. Aquacade 45 German Club 2, 35 Junior Math Club 3: Physical Science Club Zq Junior Red Cross 45 Senior Math Club 45 Swim Club 45 Tumbling Club 4, NYCE, EDWARD E Whitey VOCATIONAL Whitey always faithfully attends to his schoolwork whether he is really interested or not. He works for Brown's Hayrides and has great interest in horses. Ed says he likes drafting and would like to get a job in this field. Whitey is liked because he is the kind of fellow you would want for a friend. He is honest and has good manners. He is a nice guy even if his name is Nvce. 158 OBERLY, RICHARD J. Thumb VOCATIONAI. Dick is a lover of both sports and music. His hobby is making jewelry. In school he has had fairly good grades, except in conduct. He intends to serve a hitch in one of the services and will probably be a printer. OBERSON, JUDITH J. Judy COLLEGE PR E PARATORY Who is Judy? Why, she's the tall, slender, vivacious girl you see whizzing through the halls eager to reach her classes. And she has good reason to hurry, for she is an excellent student satisfied with nothing but the best. Her favorite pastime is playing the piano. Judy expects to be a social worker, and with her many capabilities she will be a very good one. Pan-American League 4. O'BOYLE, JAY F. Boyler VOCATIONAI. If you see a well dressed chap, tall, dark, and handsome. he won't need an introduction. It's jay. His hobby, which is radio, will probably be his life work. His fidelity to one person or job may never be questioned. ,lay's favorite sport is ice-skating and he is pretty good at it too. After gradua- tion he intends to join the Navy. 0 BRIEN PATRICIA M Pat, Patsy COMMERCIAL We would like to dedicate all the Irish songs we know to Patsy, for Patsy fits all of them so well. Blue eyes, self-generated smile, pug nose, and a wee bit of Irish temper. Patsy is at home in a swimming pool doing perfect strokes as well as in a kitchen whipping up some delicious cakes. Aquacade 3, 43 Student Council 2, 35 Swim Club 3, 4. 159 OGRYDZIAK, GLORIA Smith COMMERCIAL Because of her lively sense of humor, Gloria has won many friends and is well liked by her fellow classmates. Going to basketball games and learning to drive her brother's car are her favorite pastimes. Her main ambition is to become a telephone operator. O'NEILL, MARIE Sall coi.1.EcE PREPARATORY Y Sally, a vivacious, fast-talking Irish miss, came to us from Westfield, New Jersey in her junior year. She is well known to us for her boundless energy. love of life, and sparkling brown eyes. Cedar Crest is the college of her choice, and she has selected teaching as her career. Aquacade 3, 45 Swim Club 35 Historical Society 4g Senior Math Re- view 4. V. ,E 7 it I , . , ' is . ONUSHCO, MICHAEL Mike VOCATIONA I. Mike is quite an active young man who is very attentive. I-le will always do a favor for his school chums and fellow workers. He likes all sports but is especially interested in basketball and football. Mikels favorite subject is physics. His marks in all his subjects are above average, especially for the amount of studying he does. Mike is interested in electronics. ORTELLI, JOHN A. Johnny VOCATIONAL Johnny has the auto shop course and is working as a mechanic. His favorite sport is fishing. His main interest is working around automobiles, especially his Model A Ford. John hopes to be an expert auto mechanic some day. 160 OSIPOW, JANICE Janny COLLEGE PRl'IPARA'l'0RY janice is one of the most capable as well as one of the most ambitious members of our class. Although she takes her work seriously, she always has time to join her many friends in any fun they may be planning. Her main battle in life is ro curb her quick temper, so she says. To win her admiration just show her a new rhumba step. She plans to enter Cedar Crest next fall. Canary 4: Comus 4: l.atin Club 3: National Honor Society 4: Pan- American League 3: Senior Math Review 4: 210 Club 4. OTT, BETTY O. Betty COI.l.liGl-I PREPARATORY Betty likes sports of all kinds, including playing cards. She prefers her pastime "country style" and spends a great part of her leisure time on a farm in Pleasant Valley, where she leads a typical farmerette's life. After graduation, Betty expects to enter the University of Rochester's school of nursing. Chess Club 2: German Club 3. 4: National Honor Society 4: Physical Science Club 4. OTT, RONALD Skip GENERAL Skip is a fellow who likes to go to work, but, somehow, never works. He is not an honor student, but does his best to get passing marks. His favorite pastimes are football, swimming, and photography. He intends to further his career in photography upon graduation. Life Science 45 Physical Science 45 Senior Math Club 4. OTTO, LOUISA ARLENE Arlie COLLEGE PREPARATORY This lovely girl with her crowning glory of spun gold is admired by all of us. As a student she has much to her credit, for few and far between are the times when she is unprepared. Her interests include swimming, skiing, ice-skating and a certain Muhlenberg chap. l.ouisa is especially interested in lfnglish and aspires to be a writer after she is graduated from Cedar Crest College. Spanish Clinic 2. 161 PARKER, RICHARD J. COLLEGE PREPARA'rouY P stands for persistence, procrastination, personality, and playfulness. When Rich determines to do something, he puts everything into it and is usua-lly successful. However, when he lacks interest in a job he must do, he needs dynamiting to get underway. With that grin and those twinkling eyes, he's easy to take. Rich is a master at promoting ideas both useful and humorous, and it takes a mind as keen as his to tell the difference! Band 2, 3, 4g Canary Cavaliers 3, 43 Orchestra 2, 3, 4. PASOUARIELLO, JULIUS S. Jug COLLEGE PREPARATORY Jug is a happy-go-lucky fellow who has something to say to everybody he meets. He is always ready for a good joke and keeps sharp while driving his flashy car. He is a fairly good student, once he gets his mind down to work. Jug has no immediate plans for the future. Engineers Club 45 Life Science Club 4, Physical Science Club 45 Senior Math Review 4. PASSALIS, AN T0 INETTE Toni G E N E RA L Wherever Toni is you are sure to find a gang surrounding her. Toni is known as the life of the party and is always smiling and happy. She is always willing to give you a helping hand if possible. Toni is very fond of arts and crafts. She also likes dramatics and has played parts in many school plays. Look out, Hollywood, here comes an AHS star. Comus 4, Dance Club 4. PEACHY, INGER M. Imp COLLEGE PREPARATORY To know Inger casually is to admire her for the things she does and says, to know her intimately is to treasure her true, whole-hearted friend- ship. Inger is adept at almost everything, Whether it be cheerleading at football games, dancing, or working a difficult trig problem. At Wellesley College, soon to be her Alma Mater, she plans to take up the liberal arts course. Aquacade 2, Apparatus Club 4, Tumbling Club 4g Cheerleading 2, 3, 45 National Honor Society 43 210 Club 4, Student Council 2. 162 11 I so Q X . . PERINOTTI, JAMES Jimmy COMMERCIAL jim, a person known for his friendly manner, has obtained a host of friends throughout his high school career. lim devotes much of his time to sports, such as hand-ball, basketball, and swimming, in which he is con- stantly striving to improve. Upon graduation Jim intends to enter some well known business college to expand his education in the bookkeeping Field. PERROTTO, JANET Jan COLLEGE PREPARATORY Brown-eyed, curly-haired jan has a marvelous sense of humor and a special knack of getting along with people. Nothing is lacking in her schoolwork. for she always gets high grades. Her special interests are swimming, dancing. trying to drive the family car, and writing letters. jan is interested in being a medical secretary and to prepare for this career plans to attend Ohio Institute. Aquacade 24 Canary 3g German Club 3, -lg junior Red Cross 2, Latin Club 3, 4, Tumbling Club 4. PFEIFFER, ANNA MAY Piif comma PREPARATORY Pill' possesses qualities of a music teacher: patience, musical ability, and the desire to teach. She will enter West Chester to study music. Anyone passing her house will be sure to see Pifl' practicing her piano lesson. Anna is well-liked. for behind her serious look are many tricks which are evident when you get to know her. Glee Club 2, Y-Teens 35 Dramatics 35 Chorus 35 A Cappella Choir 4. PFLUM, HENRY CARLTON Hank COLLEGE PREPARATORY A native of Buffalo, New York, who put in his appearance during eighth grade, Hank has readily made himself at home in our community and has won many friends. An active mind and keen sense of humor are only two of the characteristics which make Hank an interesting companion. Hank has done well in his school work, for he is an honor student, but he will be especially remembered by his classmates for his honesty, kindliness, and friendly manner. Key Club 2, National Honor Society 4, Orotan Debating Society 2, 3, 4g Senior Math Review 45 210 Club 4. 163 PICKERING, ROLAND EUGENE GENERAL Roland, a likeable chap with a pleasing personality, has no trouble with his school Workg he achieves good grades. His greatest pleasure is driving a car. A lover of good music, he plans to attend music school. Band 25 Orchestra 2. PITTEN, M. JEAN COLLEGE PREPARATORY Jeannie takes her school work as well as her career seriously. She is hoping to become a physical education instructor and plans to enter East Stroudsburg State Teachers College to prepare for her career. At AHS Jeannie is active in all sports and excels in all of them. Apparatus Club 45 Dancing Club 4g Gym Club 23 Student Council 45 Leaders Club 3, 43 National Honor Society 43 Tumbling Club 4. A 143 PHIFER, ELIZABETH JANE Betty COLLEGE PREPARATORY Betty is always ready for a good time. She can laugh at something until the tears come, and she can tell a joke in a way that is sure to make anyone laugh. She takes part in many plays both in and out of school, getting as much kick out of playing the part of a maid as that of a heroine. If Betty were unable to work, she would probably drop over for lack of something to do. Aquacade 2g Junior Math Club 35 Historical Society 3s Dramatics 3. PIETROBON, JEWEL Bijou GENERAL Jewel holds her own in most classrooms, is warm-hearted and full of fun. Her outstanding attribute is her artistic ability and, since she is determined at all costs, to attend art college, she will undoubtedly be among the best in her chosen profession. Timmie 164 PoLscER, LORETTA Taffy COLLEGE PREPARATORY What do hangs and dimples denote? A mischievous sprite, per' sonality plus-in brief, Taffy. But why that sticky nickname for a girl who's first of all an all-round athlete? Ask Loretta. After graduating from West Chester, she plans to become a physical education teacher. Some kids are going to be in for lively daily-dozens when Taffy takes charge of their gym class. Aquacade 3, 45 Dramatics 3, Gym Club 2g Swim Club 3, Y-Teens 3. POPE, BETTY IRENB. Betz com M l-IRCIAI. Betty, because of her natural gaiety and lively sense of humor, has won many life long friends and is well liked by her fellow classmates. Her favorite hobbies are collecting miniature banks, playing basketball, and swimming. After graduation Betz wants to become a beautician and try to give us less fortunate gals curly locks like hers. Camera Club 2. POPEK, TARAS A. Terry GENERAL Terry, an average student, has a very friendly, pleasant disposition and is popular among his classmates because of his humor. Terry has expecta- tions of becoming a prominent business man and perhaps also a radio news commentator. Because of his earnestness, he will succeed. POVALAL, LOUISE JUNE ANN Reds COMMERCIAL If you see a girl around school with an undecided color of hair, it will probably be Reds. She claims it's strawberry blonde. Reds is at home on any dance Hoor, she also helps the sopranos in a chorus. Although not too bright in school, Reds manages to get by. Dancing Club 25 Home Nursing Club 3. 165 PRICE, ELVIN R. Whitey VOCATIONAL A good student and an ardent sports fan illustrates, Elvin Price. He has a very good sense of humor, although he is quiet most of the time. He likes baseball, football, and swimming. Whitey has displayed his diving skill at AHS. He has no plans for the future although he hopes to be an automotive repair man. QUALLEY, CHARLES A COLLEGE PREPARATORY Iowa had him, Ohio had him, and now Pennsylvania has him. AHS will always remember Charley not only because of his parts in plays, but also because of his murals which hang in our halls. A cheerful disposition and witty remarks make him fun to have around. When he is graduated, Charley expects to enter a college of liberal arts. A Cappella Choir 3, 45 Dramatics 3, 45 Historical Society 23 Junior Red Cross 3, 4, Vocanovas 4. OUINN, ALAN Al VOCATIONAL Alan is a fellow with a good sense of humor and almost always has a smile on his face. He does not receive very high marks in his studies, but he is persistent in his work. This will be a great advantage to him in future years. Al is the outdoor type and loves hunting and fishing. At present his main interest is carpentry, but he is undecided about the future. RABENOLD, CATHERINE Kitty G E N E RA L Our Kitty is a quiet little Miss. But that doesn't mean she's insig- nificant at AHS. Indeed, she has won many friends with her sweet smile and friendly nature. She likes sports, dancing, and French fries. Kitty is studying earnestly in order to become a stenographer when she graduates. Y-Teens 4. 166 y RABENOLD, RAYMOND F. Ray GENERAL Raymond, the fellow that specializes in Hitler haircuts, likes the wide open spaces. Give him a gun during hunting season, or fishing rod and a big lunch, and he is happy. He likes all kinds of outdoor sports. He is now in the Naval Reserve and intends to make the Navy his career. RABERT, RUTH E. Sis coMMERciA1. Ruth is a swell girl who likes to have a lot of fun. Her hobby is col- lecting miniature horses. She has been a participant in many horse shows and her ambition is to become a trainer and rider in the three and five gaited divisions. Aquacade 2, 4, Swim Club 2, 3. RABUCK, BRUCE GENERAL Who is this tall, smiling good-natured lad, with personality plus? It's Bruce Rabuck. At roller-skating parties you'll find Bruce participating with carefree enjoyment. In a more serious vein, he likes good music, either canned or natural. He is an all-round, clean-cut lad, well-liked by all. Historical Society 2, 3, 4. RADIO, TERRY Radd i VOCATIONAL Terry is a model of what the well-dressed young man should wear. He has had satisfactory marks in all his twelve years at school and tried to be at the head of his class. Baseball is his favorite sport. At present, he is disillusioned about women, but will probably get over it. His plans for the future include service in the armed forces as a preliminary to a career. 167 RADIS, JEAN Radir cozviivieucmi. When you first meet jean, you think she is a very quiet girl, but, after you know her a while you find out she is as fun loving as the next person. Jean has the ambition of becoming a bookkeeper and file clerk after she is graduated. Although she keeps up on her subjects and tries never to fall behind, she has much time left over to enjoy herself. Library Club 2. RAPH, LORRAINE D. Lorraine corvnvi ERCIAL l,orraine's activities in school are those of the average student. She is very enthusiastic about the AHS sports and attends as many of the Allen- town football and basketball games as she possibly can. l.orraine's inter- ests in ber school work are serious enough to keep her busy during her evenings after school. Her marks in the commercial course prove that she will become an outstanding stenographer. RASCH, HENRY R. Hank voc,-x'r1oNA1. Henry is a very bashful boy who likes to do things for other people. He is especially fond of baseball, football, basketball, and hunting. Hank intends to own his own little auto repair shop after he is graduated. RAU, DORIS GE NERAL Doris is a girl who studies industriously, no matter what task is set before her. In the opinion of her teachers, as well as her friends, she is honest. and dependable. Knowing her well, you find that she is striving to become a nurse at one of Philadelpbia's hospitals. Career Club 2g German Club 45 Latin Club 2. 168 RAU, MARILYN Marilyn c:i:Ni:a.u. Humming tunes. ice cream cones, football games on crisp cool evenings are one phase of Marilyn. She can be as serious and level-beaded as a judge when necessary. ln addition to this. Marilyn is a rabid football and basketball fan. Her favorite pastimes are sewing and going to the movies. Marilyn has no definite plans for the future. RAYMIS, DONALD P. Whitey rzHNi-ZRAI. Although happy when dressed in old clothes and seeing what makes autos tick. this six foot hlonde is quick to second any suggestion of eating. Not in the least shy. Don has a sharp temper and a mania for arguing. His pet interest lies in letters postmarked Chicago, and his favorite peeve is laboring over math problems. Prospectively, Whitey is seriously con- sidering a machinists school. Boxing 2: Choir 2g Microscopy 4. REESE, CHARLES R. Charlie vocA'l'loNAi. Charlie is the outdoor type of fellow. He has many interests but his favorites are sports and dancing. He is also willing to learn anything he can in electricity. He'd rather spend money on his Ford than on women. Reese is hoping to go to college. Football 45 Varsity A 4. REESER, EDWARD F. Ed COLLEGE PRE PARATORY lid is a quiet, unassuming boy to those who know him casually. but to his friends he is a grand guy with a generous nature. His favorite pastimes are playing basketball, football, and chess with his friends. As his plans for the future, he sees so many interesting things that might be profitable, that he can't decide which way to go. Chess Club 2. 3. 4. 169 REHRIG, LOIS Lou COMMERCIAL Lois is cheerful, well-liked, and intelligent. She rates high with her classmates and friends. She enjoys all kinds of sports but movies are her favorite pastime. Lois loves to write and her ambition is to be a journalist. Camera Club 25 Junior Red Cross. REIDY, CARL E. Whitey VOCATIONAL Whitey is a swell all-round fellow and is well liked by all who know him. He doesn't believe in doing too much homework but has always had satis- factory marks. In sports he chooses football first with boxing and hshing second and third respectively. Upon graduation he plans to join the Navy. REINBOLD, LAURA A. Laura COMMERCIAL Laura is short but mighty sweet. She does well in her studies and still Ends time to do a great deal of embroidering. She has had the commercial course for three yearsg nevertheless, she intends taking up housekeeping after graduation. Camera Club 2. REINHARD, RAYMOND Junior G EN Emu. Ray isn't an ordinary boy he has qualities that other boys don't have. His chief ambition is to become a mechanic. With his courage he is sure to make a name for himself. Gas Model 45 Life Saving Club 4. l, 170 Y . l REINSMITH, JAY G. Jay vocA'rioNAL Jay is a likeable fellow and makes friends very easily. His favorite I . pastime is playing basketball or baseball and he is also fond of fishing. Although his grades are not excellent, he is a hard worker. His main ambition is to become a paint demonstrator. REIS, EDWARD F. Ed COLLEGE PREPARATORY Quiet, studious, and industrious, Ed has won top honors in scholastic work at AHS. He cleverly combines work and play. for he concentrates much better on his studies when he is listening to some of his huge col- lection of popular records. He loves dancing. but probably his favorite pastime is driving around in his Plymouth. After graduation Ed plans to study television and electronics at the Massachusetts Institute of Tech- nology. Student Council 25 Camera Clubg National Honor Society 4. A REISS, STERLING Pete GENERAL Pete is a tall good-looking lad who helps to manage our book room. An ardent sports booster, he can be relied upon to cheer our athletic teams to victory in every contest. His intentions are to go into the laundry business with his dad. An energetic fellow like Pete is bound to do himself proud in all of his undertakings. REITZ, MERLE H. Lightning VOCATIONAL Lightning is an all-round swell guy. He is a happy-go-lucky fellow, and although he doesn't study too much, his marks are satisfactory. He is now employed at the Town Appliance Store under the co-op plan and hopes to make it a permanent job. 171 r ffl REMALY, ANNA E. Ann GENERAL Ann is a small, shy, quiet girl but a sincere friend. An average student, she has won her way through school with study, smiles, and friendships. Football and basketball games would not be complete without Ann. Not having any particular hobby, she is ready and willing to share whatever fun others may suggest. Junior Red Cross 4, Y-Teens 4. REMMEL, GLORIA LOUISE Gloria COMMERCIA L Here is a girl full of fun, and she is liked by everyone. The slogan, "A friend in need, is a friend indeedf' must have been written for her as her creed. An honest, sincere, and upright gal, that is Gloria my best pal. She has brown hair, brown eyes, and a smiling face. RENFRO, RICHARD M. Dick COLLEGE PREPARATORY Here is a boy who is able to find humor and enjoyment in the little things of life. The spirit of a born comic hides behind Dick's apparently serious exterior. He imitates several characters, ranging from the local Dutchy to a Limey or hombre from south ofthe border. Dick aspires to military engineering and hopes to enter Lehigh University. Engineers Club 49 Senior Math Review 4g Wrestling 45 Track 4-. RENNINGER, LEAH Lee GENERAL If the careful planning of a nursing career assures success, Lee will cer- tainly achieve her goal. I-ler qualities of perserverance, initiative, and gentleness, together with the ability to see a lighter and more humorous point of view, will make her an ideal nurse. Conscious ofthe fact that this goal requires courage and strength, she is prepared to meet the seriousness of the profession she has undertaken. Career Club 25 German Club 45 Latin Club 2. 172 1 J l 'Q Q X . RENNINGER, NORTON Satch GENERAL ln the event that a passerby should detect the doleful bleating of a tenor sax in the vicinity of Franklin and Liberty, he can he reasonably certain to be near the Renninger residence. An active member of the instrumental groups ar AHS. Satch also manages to perform for several civic organizations. Satch has one consuming ambitionfto play the sax for a name band. REPPERT, LAMONT T. Rep GENERAL Rep is a fellow that everyone can get along with. His main interests are cabinet making. drafting, and the construction of different model buildings. In his spare time he plays football and basketball. Rep's main ambition is to become a draftsman. Some day you may live in a home that he designed. REULAND, ELAINE Robbie com M E Rcm L Elaine is the sociable type and likes to make new friends. She has an agreeable personality and many ideas which she always likes to carry through. She is very humorous and jokes with everyone. Her interests include dancing, basketball, and playing the clarinet in the marching band. Band 2, 3, 4. -C. . REX, JAMES Rex commmtcmi. Whenever you hear a big commotion around room 218, you can expect to End Rex. Interested in the stage, he can never seem to get enough ofthe atmosphere. Rex hopes some day to he a comedian on Broadway, and judging from his vital interest and his conscientious effort in all his high school activities, it appears as though he'll get there in short order. National Honor Society 43 lnterclass Play 2: Senior Class Play 4. 173 RICH, VIRGINIA Ginny COLLEGE Pixar-Aiurouv Behold the Georgia belle! Ginny came to AHS in her junior year, and since then has made scores of friends. Her favorite pastimes are swim- ming and talking, especially at night. Ginny intends to go to Syracuse University, where she will major in Spanish. Judging from the excellent work she has done, Ginny will be a success in Whatever field she enters. Aquacade 3, 45 Career Club 45 Pan-American League 4: Historical Society 45 Senior Math Review 45 National Honor Society 4. RICHARDS, GEORGE Buddy VOCATIONAL The gang calls him Buddy. His favorite sports are hunting, fishing, trapping, and horseback riding. Buddy also likes to go for long walks in the country on a Sunday afternoon and take pictures. After graduation he plans to work at his trade as an electrician and to live out in the country. RICKMERS, DIANE M. GE NERAL Diane captivates all by her laughing way and her most outstanding feature, her golden hair. Diane possess the rare trait of applying herself under all circumstances, therefore we know she will be successful at Ohio Institute, which she is planning to attend. Aquacade 25 German Club 4, Microscopy Club 4, Swim Club 2, 3. RIEDY, EMILY Shorty GENERAL In Emily one finds a happy-go-lucky girl, a true and sincere friend. From morning till night she is buzzing with duties that must be performed, but she always finds time for a little fun. Sl1orty's favorite interests are ice-skating, music, arts, and studies. Her determination and pleasing personality will surely bring her success. Home Nursing 4, 174 RIEMER, MARY F. Mitzi COMMERCIAL Mitzi is a girl who hails from Connecticut. Although it is her first year in our school, she has made many friends. She appears quiet at first sight, hut proves lively and gay upon further acquaintance. As for her future, she would like to be a typist. A Cappella Choir 4. RISSE, HERBERT Doc cr: N E ML Doc is a big husky blonde and one of our Naval Reserve Corpsmeng a sailor lad to he. He has already gone on a two-week cruise to Puerto Rico. He came hack with many sea tales and some decided opinions ahour the Navy and foreign ports. RITTER, AUDREY JEAN Audrey GENERAL Audrey's friends know her as a good sport, a dependahle person, and a witty companion. She is a great sport enthusiast and seldom misses an AHS contest. Audrey is fond of dancing, especially jitterbugging. She also is a good skater and swimmer, and an ardent movie fan. Her amhition is to he an air stewardess Y-Teens 4. RITTER, JAMES P. Jimmy VOCATIONAI. Jimmy has made a multitude of friends with his happy-go-lucky manner and his jovial wisecracks. He is always willing to share with his friends whatever he has. He is planning to be an electrical engineer. 175 RITTER, LOUISE COLLEGE PREPARATORY The persons who are lucky enough to have Louise as their friend w ll know what a calm, intelligent, and efficient individual she is. Although she maintains excellent marks in all her subjects, she still finds time to participate in many organizations in school as well as in the church of which she is a member. With these qualities Louise will be a success in the nursing profession. Aquacade 3, Chorus 2g Library Club 2, 3. 45 National Honor Society 4. RITTER, ROBERT Bobby GENERAL Bobby is the type of person who is interested in the outdoors. He is very much attracted by hunting and strangely enough. generally gets sick on the first days of both small and big game hunting. After Bob is gradu- ated, he expects to be either a taxidermist or a tree surgeon. RITTER, ROBERT EVANS Bobbie G E N ERAL Give this lad a palette and a paint brush and he'll put the world on canvas. Bobbie's artistic bent has been a subject of several interests throughout high school. He was the first to contribute a painting to our art library. He was the first to stage a one-man exhibition. We hope he'll continue to be a "first" in all of his endeavors. His hobby which has become a business is raising cavies in partnership with his brothers. ROBERTSON, BETTY Boops G E N E RA L Betty, who is always full of pep. participates in many extra-curricular activities, but the one which takes up most of her time and energy is leading the cheerleaders at AHS. Some of her valuable assets are her cheery smile, her attractive appearance and her knack of making friends easily. Betty plans to attend Cedar Crest. Cheerleaders 3, 4g Latin Club 23 Leaders Club 45 Spanish 35 junior Math Club 3. 176 ROBERTSON, GEORGE A. Horsey vocA'rioNAi. George is a six footer who weighs 175 pounds. He does not care too much for studies but does shop work with all his heart. He likes outdoor sports best, especially swimming and ice-skating. George hopes to be a top notch mechanic. His desire is to own a Ford automobile. Aeronautics 3. ROBERTSON, JAMES M. Big Jim VOCATIONAI. jim is liked by his classmates because of his jokes. ln his spare time he works as king of the pin boys in a local bowling alley. Swimming is his favorite sport but he also enjoys playing football and basketball. The first day of hunting season he is never in school but rather out shooting himself a dinner. ROBINSON, GEORGE E. counos PREPARATORY George's genial personality and his keen sense of humor, together with his willingness to do his work well make him one of our outstanding seniors. Not only does he work in school but also after school, for he hopes to go to college and become a brain. One can be sure to find George backing the Canaries at most sports events. National Honor Society 4. RODENBACK, JANET MILLER Jan GENERAL Jan, a girl with a winning smile and dynamic personality is a friend to all. She has many interests in the line of sports, but her favorites are ice- skating and swimming. Her main interest in life is becoming a nurse, a profession for which she is well fitted. 177 RODERICK, LOIS E. Lois coLr.scE PREPARATORY Here's a little miss who always has an excess of pep. Lois also possesses a great gift of gab. which she frequently uses to extract herself from trying predicaments. Her many hobbies include dancing, reading, swimming. We hope Duke University will be prepared to handle this bundle of mischief and fun and also to bring out the real ability that she possesses. Aquacade 3, 45 Majorettes 25 Swim Club 3, 4, Y-Teens 4. RODGERS, EDITH JEAN E. Jean COLLEGE PREPARATORY This vivacious member of our class possesses a rare virtue-sincerity. Besides being editor ofthe Comus, she is an excellent student and never allows pleasure to keep her from studies. An enthusiastic supporter of dramatics and an accomplished pianist and organist, she manages to instruct a select few pupils in music. After being graduated, Jean will enter the University of Pennsylvania Nursing School, where she hopes to obtain her Bachelor of Science Degree. Career Club 4, Chorus 33 Comus 4, Dramatics 2, 3, 43 Historical Society 45 Pan-American League 45 National Honor Society 4. RODGERS, MYRTIE T. Myrtie coMM ERCIA1. Mischievous. talkative, to know Myrtie is to like her. She is usually the life of a party, always telling jokes, and laughing heartily. Her leisure moments are taken by dancing, swimming, bowling, and learning to drive a car. She plans to be a secretary, but her real ambition is to become a successful homemaker. ROEDER, LOUISE M. Lu Lu COMMERCIAL A true friend is a cherished one and to have Louise on your list is to have acquired a treasure. She takes an active part and interest in all school eventsg never forgets above all that she wants to be a good student. Dancing is her favorite pastime. She also bowls quite well and is active in church organizations. Dance Club 43 Play Committee 3, 4. 178 Ki el X .. ' ROEDER, RUSSEL W. Russ VOCATIONA I. Russ is studying radio and electronics and hopes to go far in these sub- jects. He sometimes gets his wires crossed and causes confusion. Russ has a hobby he likes to call music. He plays the gold bass horn in the AHS band. concert band, and orchestra. Russ' friends think he is pretty good at baseball, his favorite sport. He is a swell fellow and is willing to help in time of need. Hand 2, 3, 4QfJI'Cl1CSU'1l 4. Aquacade 3, 45 German Club 4 engineering at l.ehigh University. Physical Science Club. ROMIG, PHYLLIS Phyl COMMERCIAL l'hyl's love of fun and enjoyment make her the likeable person she is. Her happy-go-lucky attitude has attained her many true friendships that are destined to last. Hager to voice her opinion, Phyl is a good talker on all subjects. All I'l1yl's school work is done in earnest. and despite her usual busy schedule. she's always ready to help with all school affairs. Acting, being a special ambition in l'hyl's life, she is using her talent to further her love for the stage. Aquacade 3, 43 Commercial Club 4: Dance Club 4g Divers Club 45 Junior Class Play 35 Student Council 49 Swim Club 3, 4. 179 ROGERS, LUCILLE KAY s GliNl'RAl Sis is a girl with light brown hair Whenever vou can t hnd Sis just go to a swimming pool and she'll be there Her keen interests are boating and swimming: her favorite dish spaghetti and her favorite subject problems of democracy. As soon as Sis is through high school she expects to move to Florida where she will attend the Universitv of Miami ROMIG, EDWARD R. Ned COI.l,l-IGE PRHAKATORY Fortunately Ned is one of those fellows blessed with sure footing and balance. since he spends his spare time building and rebuilding aerials for his short wave radio station. In fact he would rather tinker with radio than eat or sleep. Another hobby is driving and owning his own car is one of his future desires. He intends to prepare lor a career in electrical ROMPILLA, DOROTHY Dot comm 1-incur. Dot is a happy-go-lucky sort of person who is admired by all her friends. She is a participant in all the leading sports in school and out of school. At present she is playing for a city league in basketball. Dot has a wonderful personality and her winning smile aids her in making and keep- ing friends. She is looking forward to becoming a typist. ROSE, GLORIA A. COLLEGE PREPARATORY Gloria's ready wit makes her a pleasant companion on any and all occasions. She is fond of munching carrots.. This diet is good for eyesight, but no claim has been made that it is good for the development of brain power. However, there is a striking resemblance between the color of this diet and her beautiful top. Running through her mind at present are thoughts of entering a school of beauty culture. National Honor Society 4. ROSE, PATRICIA ANN Pat COLLEGE PREPARATORY Those who know Pat casually admire her for her happy-go-lucky atti- tude and keen sense of humor, but those who know her intimately realize her true worth and sincerity. Her many friends are amazed at her ver- satility, for besides being active socially she manages to have a fine schol- astic record. Pat's favorite pastimes are swimming, dancing, and playing bridge. College is her serious consideration at the moment, for she plans to further her education at Duke University. Aquacade 23 Career Club 4g Historical Society 4, Microscopy Club 33 Spanish Club 35 210 Club 4. ROSSER, GERALDINE Gerry GE N ERAL Gerry is an aspiring, young artist, who is a product of room 321. One who realizes why only a beautiful picture can be formed from harmoniously blended colors will understand her character. Determination gives strengthg patience and understanding makes the work appealing, and a sharp sense of humor adds gaiety. If good judgment and a cheerful outlook mean anything, Gerry will certainly go far. 180 ROTH, ADELE Adele coMM E RCIA L A:attitude towards her work. D:domestic qualities she possesses around the home. E:energetic at work, or play. l. :likeable for her sense of humor E:elTicient in all she does. Historical Society 33 Pan-American League 3. ROTH, HELEN A. Butch COLLEGE PREPARATORY Dreamy eyes, a delightful sense of humor and sincere friendliness make Helen a popular lass. You never see her in a mad rush to get to class, or hurdening herself with books, yet she is ready and able in her studies. Her cheerful spirit and love of service will make Helen a good nurse, as the patients at the Allentown Hospital will soon discover. Girls Gym Club 2. ROTH, JAMES V. Jim GENERAL jim, a tall, blue-eyed fellow is popular with girls and boys in and out of class. During his twelve years of schooling. Jim has maintained a good scholastic record. He is quiet and shy, but still waters run deep In the near future he expects to take Civil Service exams. Camera Club 2. ROTH, JOANNE L. Jo COLLEGE PREPARATORY Jo, an all-round sport, possesses humorous traits as well as serious ones. A booster at the basketball and football games, Jo also has a certain interest in the swimming team. Her chief goals in school are getting good marks and having het homework. Since Joanne plans to be a nurse, we hope she doesn't continue talking with her hands so much, or her future patients will have trouble in knowing what she is trying to say. National Honor Society 4, Physical Science Club 4. 181 ,f ROTH, JOEL ROBERT Joe VOCATIONAL Joe is a happy-go-lucky boy, small in size, but not in ideas. He always does what he sets out to do. His favorite sports are basketball, football, and dancing. During basketball season he is always at the Allentown Boys Club, where he has been a member for six years, he has played on the basketball team for four years. ROTH, MARIANNE Mannie comm is Rem 1, Cute, blue-eyed Mannie is everyone's friend. We all know her to be a sweet, modest girl and an A-1 student, with a beaming personality. She is keen on sports and loves them all. Mannie has a craving for spaghetti and a definite weakness for feathers in any shape or form. She is destined to be successful in the Held she enters. National Honor Society 4. ROTH, SHIRLEY M. Shirl coMMERc1AL The saying "All good things come in small packages," doesn't always hold true, for Shirl isn't exactly small. Shirley, with her brown hair and green eyes and good sportsmanship, makes her fun to be around. She makes sure her school work is finished before she thinks of play. Her favorite sports are basketball and dancing. ROTHENBERGER, RAYMOND R. Rothie VOCATIONA L Rothie is a pal of everybody, he is small in height, but great in heart. He can always be depended upon for a helping hand and a friendly smile. He is studious, active in all things, and loves all sportsg basketball is his favorite. In schoolwork he is above the average student and has achieved high marks. His wish is to become a contractor. 182 RUCH, MARILYN D. Moving in a steady pace. you will always find Lynn going about her COMMERCIAL ' I ti QQ ROTHROCK, CARL Curly GENERAL This five foot nine inch hunk of man is as o ular outside of school as P P he is in school. Curlv is a lover of all s morts and takes mart in them with . l l interest and enthusiasm. His favorite pastime is listening to music and playing his clarinet. After graduation he wants to enlist in the Navy. Band 2, 34 Orchestra 3, 4. Lynn duties whether it bein school or at home. With marks about average, she tries hard and is eager to improve. Among her hobbies are sports, dancing, and music at which much of her leisure time is spent. She hopes to become a stenographer and she will succeed because of her efficient training and pleasing disposition. 'T' .sb ". uf. SACCANI, DONALD V. Don is a well-mannered boy with a good clean sense of humor. His jokes brightened many a dull day. He never studies too hard, but always does what is required. He is a swell fellow and a still better friend. Don's interests are sports such as football and basketball. VOCATIONAI, RUEGGEBERG, OTTO A. Ill Buster VOCATIUNA l. Otto has learned a lot in this three years in the cabinet making class. An active member of Boy Scout Troop No. 14, Otto is interested in model airplanes and has built several successful ones. He is a charter member of The Allentown Skyblazers. Buster is ambitious and good-natured, and should succeed in his life work. Gas Nlodel Club 3, 4. Don 183 sw, SACKS, LORRAINE SAMPLE, LOUIS Louie GENERAL If you're acquainted with Louie, you have met five feet, eleven inches of pleasing personality. Flashing smile, shining black hair, and sparkling green eyes can only spell success no matter what Louis attempts. Camera Club 2, Swimming 4. SANCHEZ, ANTHONY c. Tony VOCATIONAL Tony is a very likeable person, even though he is very quiet. But then you can't judge a book by its cover. He likes to dress sharp, as you can tell by his peg pants and flashy shirts. Tony likes to go to dances but would rather watch others go gliding by. He hopes in the future to own and operate his own gas station. excellent Navy man. National Honor Society 4. 184 GENERAL . Lorraine seems to be one of our more serious girls or perhaps that ex pression is only assumed to hide her day dreaming She however has an excellent sense of humor, plays the cornet and enjoys reading, although she has too little time for reading she says She is very active in the Salvation Army and intends to continue her work in that organization after gradua tion. She deserves to End happiness in this worthwhile field of work SAN DERLIN, WILLIAM Sandy GENERAL One of the most quiet students at AHS is Sandy Sanderlin He pays attention in class as shown by his high grades Sandy s favorite subject is physics. He follows instructions without comment Sandy should be an SANDT. DOLORES D. Tuddie COMMERCIAL Meet Dolores, whose genial personality wins her new friends and endears her to all who know her. Dolores impresses everyone with her quiet self- reliance, assurance. and conviction that comes from knowing what is happening. She is not immune to her personal responsibilities: sensible, she is an interesting conversationalist. All of these assets will make her a success in the business world. Lommtrcial Club 4 National Honor Society 4. SANTEE, DOLORES M. Dodie commiekcmt. Dodie is the kind of a person who will laugh at any joke just to be sociable. Her pleasing personality, twinkling brown eyes, and voice are a few of the assets which aid her in making friends and keeping them. Dodie's favorite pastime is dancing. Underneath the gaiety we know as Dodie, there is a hidden seriousness which harbors the desire to become a stenographer to some prominent business man. SAUL, RICHARD S. Dick coi.1,m:i-3 vksmksrosv Pleasant and easy-going, Dick has been able to make many friendships in school. Somehow girls seem to have a special attraction for him. Al- though Dick does well in his school work, he says there is too much home- work. After graduation, he plans to enter the Navy. Student Council 4. SAYLOR, JOHN E. Jack VOCATIONAI. jack is an average student and holds an interesting conversation. He indulges in various sports: football, basketball, swimming, and wrestling. His fancies are music, dancing. His marks are average for the time spent on his schoolwork. He plans to enlist in the service after graduation. Wrestling 2g Junior Red Cross 3. 185 .af SAYLOR, WILLIAM Bill VOCATIONAL Bill is a clean-cut, likeable fellow whose appearance is always neat. He hasn't a worry in the world 'except a report card. Bill is well known at Peg's Luncheonette and by the girls at school. He is active in basketball and his ambition is to be a welder. SAYRE, RONALD Ronnie v ocAT1 0 NA L Ronnie is a model airplane builder. He is a member ofthe Allentown Skyblazers, gas model airplane club. On Sunday afternoons he flies his planes at Convair Field. Employed by the Allentown School District, he helped construct the chairs and tables for the Junior High School cafeterias. He is an active member of Scout Troop 14 of Allentown. Band 2, 3, 4g Gas Model Club 3, 4. SCHADLER, ELEANOR Ellie DISTRIBUTIVE EDUCATION Ellie is everybody's friend, a quiet girl whom everybody likes. She likes all sports and is greatly interested in her work at the Call-Chronicle. Ellie will probably be a great newspaper woman some day. SCHADLER, RUTH Star COMM ERCIAL Ruth is a happy-go-lucky sort of person who is admired by all. She is best known for her participation in sports. Name any of the major sports, and you will usually End Star's name right on top of the list. Star is known for her clean sportsmanship, whether on a basketball court or just her association with her friends. She has no definite plans for the future. Leaders Club 35 Intramurals 3, 4. 186 SCHAEFFER, DORIS CLAIRE COLLEGE PREPARATURY Doris may be somewhat quiet, but she's always pleasant. Her chief interests are music and art, but she also finds time for books and sports. Doris fervently hopes to become a missionary after attending Wheaton College. National Honor Society 4. SCHAFFER, DOLORES R. Dolly GENERAL 'llhis petite blonde has many friends at AHS. However, she has a particular passion for red hair and freckles. Perhaps that is the reason she attends so many football games. Despite the fact that Dolores loves French fries and cheeseburgers, she works oil the excess caloric intake by dancing. Dolly plans to be a typist after graduation. Y-Teens 4. SCHAFFER, FRED G. Peanut VOCATIUNAI. Fred is small but very active. 'l'o ride in the car is his hobby. His hangout is at the Hunsicker Gas Station. the loahng place of most of his pals. His favorite sport is basketball which he is ready to play any time. any place. SCHAFFER, NORMAN L. Beaver vocAT1oNA1. Beaver, who is a headstrong but happy-go-lucky fellow, has chosen the vocational course during his stay at AHS. His hobby is hunting. He is a member of the wrestling and boxing teams, the Body Builders and Varsity A clubs. Body Builders 3, 43 Varsity A 3, 4. 187 at SCHATTNER, VALREY Joan COMM ERCIAL Valrey, who is known by her friends as Joan, has won many of her friends through her gaiety, and sense of humor. Although she cannot be considered a bookworm, she manages to get in her work, and can be rated as an average girl. Joan is not sure of her life's ambition. SCHAUP, BETTY COMMERCIAL Betty has a bright big smile across her face and a merry greeting at all times. Her pleasing personality has won her many friends. Betty wants to be a secretary after she graduates. Her marks are average or better. She is interested in all kinds of sports and is a very good dancer. Dance Club 2, 45 Chorus 2. SCHAUP, JEANETTE A. GENERAL Jeanette is known to all her friends for her pleasing personality and readiness to do anything the others suggest doing. Her favorite sports are dancing, bowling, and swimming. She is a very enthusiastic fan at our games. Jeanette came to us from Emmaus High in her junior year. Her plans for the future are to make her one and only happy. Student Council 3. SCHEETZ, WILLIAM Tum VUCATIONAL Tum is a right kind of person who can always cheer you up no matter how bad the occasion. He is a friend to all and will never refuse to lend a helping hand. His favorite sport is basketball, and his ambition is to be a better electrician than his dad. Band 2, 3, 188 SCHEIRER, PATRICIA Pat corusos PREPARATORY "With graceful steps she strides the streets And smiles at all the boys she meets." But, in comparison, did you ever see Pat in a parade exhausted from the terrific weight ofthe gun she carries acting as color guard? This is quite a different young lady from the one who gracefully brings sweet tones from her violin in the Concert Orchestra. Orchestra 2, 3, 45 Band 3. 4. SCI-IEIRER, RICHARD D. Dick coLLEGE Pruarsknonv Dick is the sort of fellow whose thoughts are seldom of a serious nature. Somewhat reserved, he chooses to admire the fair sex from a distance. Stamp collecting and reading are his hobbies. The knowledge he has gained in these pursuits will certainly be an asset in whatever occupation he may choose. SCHENKEL, ROBERT C. Bob os N E RAL Bob is a jovial chap, about five foot eleven. His favorite sports are swimming and basketball, but he tries them all. An average student in most subjects, he experiments with low and high marks. No doubt we will be going to him as our favorite beautician or barber. jet Model Club 3. SCHERER, LUCY JANE Lou comm E Rcmi. This pretty, chic brunette is an honest-to-goodness ninety-three pound bundle of sweetness who carries herself with a polished grace. Lou is a title holder-having established the record of going to football games for three years and never having seen a single tackle! But she'll tell you who was with whom, and what who wore! She has the capability and initiative to become a wonderful secretary. Commercial Club 49 Y-Teens 3. 189 fy SCHIFFERT, FREDERICK J. JR. Junior vocAT1oNAL Fred is an average student, an all-round fellow, and a good guy to have around when you're in trouble. He is studying to be a printer and we know he has it in him to be a good one. Fred likes all sports, especially football. Upon graduation he intends to keep working at the Eagle Printing Co. SCHINDELHEIM, PHYLLIS Phyl comm ERCIA 1. Phyl has always had many hobbies. Amateur photography especially fascinates her. She is fond ofdancing and sports, and can often be found in a swimming pool, at a dance pavilion, or on the field playing ball. In general, Phyl is some girl and quite an eyeful. Her ambition is to be a psychiatric technician. Camera Cluh 2, Historical Society 4, Junior Red Cross 4. SCHLEGEL, DOROTHY A. Dot COMMERCIAL Mix a cheerful disposition, a sparkling sense of humor, and a generous personality, and you have Dot. She is a good student and an industrious worker. She always has a cheery hello for everyone she meets. Seemingly quiet, Dot is really the life of the party and lots of fun. A student in the commercial course, she should make a good stenographer. Commercial Club 45 National Honor Society 45 Student Council 3. SCHLEGEL, RUTH E. Ruthie COMMERCIAL Ruth is a tall, willowy blonde with very cute dimples. Her interests lie along musical lines, and she enjoys singing greatly. Sports interest her, too, especially baseball and swimming. At first glance Ruth seems some- what quiet, but she has a lovely personality, which you will discover easily enough in a conversation with her. Chorus 3. 190 SCHLICHTER, RICHARD S. Dick G E N ERA 1. Dick is the sort of fellow whose thoughts are seldom of a serious nature. He is quite an authority on recorded music, especially those biscuits that have become collectors' items. Naturally then, his hobby is collecting old jazz records. He thinks girls are all right in their place, but to put them in their place is a fellow's biggest problem. Bob's plans for the future are unsettled. Physical Science Club 4. SCHLOSSBERG, ROBERT Slosh GENERAL Robert, known to his friends as Slosh, is a fellow worth being acquainted with. His ability to dance and his neat way of dressing make him popular at any dance or social activity. Always enthusiastic and willing to partici- pate, he has won the admiration and respect of his companions. Slosh is interested in aeronautical designing and hopes to be a success in that field. Aeronautics 2, 3, 4, Track 2. SCHMIDT, WALTER Walt G E N Emu. Walter is well known and well liked by everyone. Besides being treasurer ofthe senior class, and secretary ofthe Varsity A Club, he is one of Allentown High School's most popular athletes. Any college he enters will welcome him for his outstanding ability in sports. His ambition is to be a coach. SCHNURMAN, RICHARD Dick vocATioNAL Slow but sure, that's Dick. Ofa serious turn, he manages passing grades in his school work. Out of school interests center upon sports, basketball being the favorite. The future is sure to hold success for Dick in whatever career he pursues. 191 Varsity A 3, 4g Football 2, 3, 4g Basketball 2 3 4 SCHOCK, JEWEL ELAINE coi.I.ieoa PiuaPAitAToRY Jewel is quiet and unassuming. Her school work has caused her many worries, but in her spare moments she enjoys fun and friends. She is a staunch booster of athletics, always occupying her seat at a game. After Jewel leaves school, she plans to attend Kutztown State Teachers College and become a librarian. Latin Club 3. SCHOLL, CARL GENERAL Since he was knee-high to a grasshopper, Carl has had a deep interest in sports. He can always be seen at basketball or football games with his gang or girl. His favorite pastime is listening to Buddy Clark records or playing the piano. He may enlist in the Navy after graduation. SCHRAY, VERONA GRACE Verrie COMMERCIAL Verona is a quiet, good-natured, and studious girl who wishes to become a commercial artist or a secretary. She loves to draw and really has talent. Next to art she enjoys sports and taking in a good movie. She has many friends and is always ready to join the fun. Commercial Club 45 National Honor Society 4. SCHREITER, DORIS GENERAL Doris is a great lover of horses and she is interested in football and skiing. Her favorite pastime is participating in, or seeing a horseshow. After graduation, she plans to attend Penn State for two years and after that become an air hostess for T.W.A. German Club 43 Historical Society 45 Latin Club 2. 192 SGIIULER, MARGARET M. E. Margie GHNIQRAI. ln our opinion Margie well represents America's perfect teen ager. This is shown in the way she exerts herselliin perfecting a dive. or in making new friends. or getting a certain gleam in her eye whenever something exciting happens. Margie will probably blossom into an All-American mother. Aquacade 3. 4: Diving Club 4: Gym Club 2: Tumbling Club 4: Junior Red Cross 3: Swim Club 3, 4: Y-Teens 3. SCIIULER, VIRGINIA L. Ginny COMMERCIAL Ginny has a hearty laugh, a Hashing smile, a cheery call: she is gay, friendly. lively and popular. Her sense of humor has gained her a host of friends. Ginny takes things as they come, without worry and manages to get things done on time. She likes all kinds of sports, and takes part in them whenever possible. Her favorite pastime is dancing the polka. SCIIULTZ, MAX Max GENERAL liveryone knows Max--quiet, sincere, and proud. Max tends to make you believe that he's going to be a bachelor but his cold, sober attitude towards girls doesn't deceive us: buried beneath his somewhat haughty man- ner lies a warm heart. Max eludes most social affairs. He plans attending Northwestern University and the graduate school ol' journalism at Columbia. To be a writer is lVIax's chief ambition, and he will work hard to achieve his goal. Body Builder's Club 4: Comus 4: Discussion Group 4: Football 2, 3, 4: l,e Circle Francais 3: Microscopy Club 4: Senior Math Review 4: Spanish Clinic 3: Student Council 3: Student Director, junior Class Play 3. SCIIUSTER, I,II.I,IAN Lil GENERAL Where the talking is loudest and the laughing is gayest, one can always tind You will usually lind her at the Y.M.C.A. where she takes part in the many social affairs. Her vivid personality brings her many friends and few enemies. Although will not graduate with honors, she will manage to get along in the world. Y-'lieens 2. 193 eww W .eg 'swf '-We 'X dub..." UHF? - .fghtd SCHWARTZ, FRED H. Lefty VOCATIONAI. Lefty is one of the more popular fellows at AHS. All who know him will agree that he possesses qualities of kindness. friendliness and genuine sincerity. l,efty is one of those snappy players who has helped spur our teams on to victory in both football and basketball. His scholastic standing is that of the average student. Next to sports. l-efty's favorite pastime is dancing. Baseball 3: Basketball 2, 3. 43 Football 2, 3, 4g Student Council 3, 45 Varsity A 3. 4. SCHWARTZ, MARLENE Marsi coruetsis PRisPARA'roRY Un March 29, at the end of the day, Nlarsi was born, now you'll hear her mom say, "Oli, why did I get such a giggly child? The stork should have thought not to bring one so wild." She's a member of the champ volley ball team. When she serves or scores, she's on the beam. Eating is her favorite delightg Sl1e'd like to eat all day and snack all night. Surgery is her life's main ambitione Will she turn pale at her first incision? Germang Leaders Clubg Y-Teens. SCHWOYER, O. KARL Bud vocAT1o NA 1. Bud is a quiet, good-natured person whose hobbies are football, swim- ming. and deep sea fishing. Of course. eating is a favorite pastime. His school record is adequate and he plans to include some time in the Navy in his future. Body Builders 4. SECHLER, MARVIN Butch COLLEGE PREPARATORY Marvin will be one of many students to be graduated from the Allentown High School this year. Although he doesnlt participate in any sports, he enjoys watching them. To all his friends he resembles an avalanche in the respect that an avalanche may start slowlyg but when it begins, every- thing goes with it. Marvin has many exciting ideas about his future. A Cappella Choir 2. 194 and make it a career. SEEM, J AYNE GENERAL If you see a girl, with a big smile in the library Hfth period, you can be sure it's Jayne. Her keen interests are swimming, dancing, and driving a car. After graduation Jayne intends to become a nurse. Her patients will certainly like her. junior Red Cross 45 Library Club 4. engineer. SEIP, WILLIAM E. Bill co1.1.EGE PREPARATORY Bill's ability expresses itself in almost every phase of school life. A fair swimmer with a good scholastic record, Bill still finds time to take part in school functions. His friends are all enlightened by Bill's quick wit. He plans to study biology in college, and with his combination of athletics, intelligence, personality and humor, we know that if he places studies before swimming, Bill definitely has a great future in store for him. Key Club 45 Microscopy Club 43 National Honor Society 4, Swim- ming 2, 3, 4, 195 SEEM, JACK D. Jack VOCATIONAL jack is a tall, handsome boy, a but bashful until you get to know him l-le gets along fairly well in his studies but likes his industrial course a lot better. jack likes sports, especially fishing He plans to continue welding SEIP, CHARLES sappy GENFRAL Charles is a very shy fellow who doesn t take life too seriously Base ball is his favorite sport, and during the summer months his friends can l-ind him playing baseball at Fountain Park almost every day Charles expects to work on the railroad after graduation and later become an SELL, RUTH M. Ruthie is the kind of girl who can laugh when there is an occasion and be serious when she must be. She likes sports, basketball and football being her favorites. As yet she has no definite plans after graduation. SELL, G. WESLEY Everyone knows the musical knowledge Wesley possesses. He intends to enter West Chester State Teachers College to prepare himself for a career in teaching. He has a likeable personality and is lots of fun. George is a good student until he starts dreaming about the mansion he hopes to OWU. Choir 2. 3, 4: Chorus 2, 35 Vocanovas 45 Cheerleader 2g Dramatics 45 junior Red Cross 3, COMMERCIAL GENERAL SELIG, NANNETTE Nan COMMERCIAL One of the silent partners of the senior class is Nannette. She is serious but has a pleasing friendliness that has won her many friends. Her hobbies include reading and sewing, but her one interest is taken up by music. She intends to be a singer and belongs to many musical organizations including the A Cappella Choir. A Cappella Choir 2, 3, 4. Ruthie SEMMEL, ELWOOD COLLEGE PREPARATORY It's hardly possible that there is anyone in AHS who does not know our Student Council President! Although Elwood is quite studious, he is better known for his sparkling personality. His campaign for the Student Council presidency will long be rememberedg perhaps he will have occasion to launch another for a state or national ofhcel We expect to see him riding to success on his motor scooter in the near future. Cavaliers 3, 45 Band 2, 3, 43 Student Council 4. 196 SENG, DALE A. Bl-IYCII vocA'rioNAL "A friend in need is a friend in deed." Dale is that type of fellow. Although Dale is quiet he has great perseverance. He may become a little impatient at times, but always finishes the job with efliciency. His favorite pastimes are eating and playing the baritone horn which he has been doing for six years. Band 2, 3, 4. become a private secretary. Club 23 Intramural Sports 3, 4. be a success. SESKO, PAUL A. Pauley VOCATIONAL Pauley is a person with whom anyone can make friends. He is an average student who lives for today and does not worry about tomorrow. His successful employment at the Town Appliance Store during his senior year aroused his interest in refrigeration and air-conditioning. He means to make these his occupation and he certainly should be successful. 197 SENSINGER, DORIS N. Doris COMMERCIAL A hearty laugh, constant chatter love of fun all this is Dons rolled into one. These gifts are the reason for her unusual popularity Being fond of sports, dancing, and good times in general she is sure to attend all social gatherings. After she graduates from AHS her one ambition is to Aquacade 3, Commercial Club 4 Dancing Club 4, Swim Club 3 Music SERFASS, WILLIAM B COMMERCIAL Bill is good-natured and has a very pleasant personality Although he gets high marks, he will do no more work than necessary He is really a swell fellow and is liked by all his classmates When Bill leaves school he would like to be an accountant and from his scholastic standing he should SHANKWEILER, BRUCE E. G E N E RA L Bruce is that quiet, good-natured fellow whose diversihed interests included football, the A Cappella Choir, and the school dances. Guns are his hobby, and he devotes much time to caring for his collection. Bruce plans to make the Army his career. A Cappella Choir 2, 3, 45 Football 2, 3, 4. SHANKWEILER, CHARLES Chollie vocA'rioNA L Chollie isn't the noisiest character attending our high school but he is far from being quiet. His scholastic grades are good and he is sincere and serious most of the time, although frequently he has his light moments. Between all his Jeans and ,loans his heart beats for one alone. He has no definite plans for the future. SHANKWEILER, DONALD C. Don vocA'rr0NA L Don, an average student, is an all-round fellow whom one is proud to know. His pleasing personality and friendly smile have won him many friends. He is a human dynamo in his favorite sports, baseball, football and basketball. Don is very good-natured and is always ready for fun. After graduation he plans to enter the Navy for a few years. SHEETZ, RICHARD Dick COLLEGE PRE PARATORY Dick is a witty and humorous person who doesn't worry about the future, but is willing to take it as it comes. He is well-liked and makes friends easily. The things he rates first are eating, sleeping, and putting his time in at Reichard's. His favorite sports are basketball and hunting. although he participates in many others. Life Saving Club 43 Microscopy Club 4. 198 SHELLING, JOHN F. Jack VOCATIONAI. ' jack is a tall, handsome, brown-eyed lad who is not at all hard to get along with. He has many friends who would do anything for him. .lack has no special hobbies but likes sports of all kinds. He has played basket- ball during his senior year and we are sure he did his best. Once he has started to work he keeps at it to the finish so be is sure to advance through the years unmarred by hardships. SHERER, DOLORES F. Dolly COLLEKEE l'RliPARA'I'0RY Deep, dark, tantalizing eyes has Dolly, who breezes jovially through the corridors. She has loads of fun and enjoys attending many of the social events of AHS. Although Dolly's marks are above average, she believes that the subject is the best which needs the least preparation. She has enrolled at East Stroudsburg where she is planning to take a course in physical education. German Club 35 National Honor Society 4g Aquacade 2, 3, 43 Canary 3, 43 Historical Society 3g Girls Swim Club 2, 3. SHERRY, DOUGLAS K. Doug VOCATIONAL Big smile, jovial disposition, and retl hair complemented by a shiny green convertible-that's Doug. Chief ambition is to build houses better and faster, and halt the cry of housing shortage. Chief avocation is raising horses, Princie, a golden stallion, is the current folly. Feels education is important, but cannot resist the call of the great outdoors whether it may be Held and stream or baseball diamond. His sincerity and willingness will carry him to any goal he may choose. SHOCK, DOUGLAS Doug GENERAL Beneath any rough scrimmage-football, baseball, or otherwise!-Doug will surely be found, contributing to the excitement vocally and physically. Although he is an enthusiastic member of the baseball club, he is also a member ofthe National Honor Society, which proves be has brains as well as brawn. Destined for engineering, his initiative and perseverance will make him a winner. Baseball Club 4, Engineers Club 2, National Honor Society 4. 199 SHOVER, JOANNE Shorty G E N ERA L Do you need money? Well, then ask Shorty-that is ifit's under fifty cents. Shorty has a good sense ofhumor and is a good sport. Her favorite pastimes are roller-skating and dancing. She would like to become a switchboard operator at the Bell Telephone Company. I-lat's off to Shorty and may all her wishes come true. Chorus 2, 3. SIEGFRIED, LaMAE LaMae GENERAL Twinkling eyes, long brown hair, and a petite figure all add up to LaMae. This likeable girl will study nursing at Temple University Hospital. She enjoys dancing every much and boys like her. She is interested in dramatics and took part in the junior class play at Fountain Hill High. There l,alVlae was junior class secretary and belonged to the dramatic and Y-Teen clubs. SIES, NANCY M. Shortstuff GENERAL Hus du Nancy geshena? You have to be quick to do that. Want a poem written? Need a dancing lesson? Like to employ a vocalist or comedian? Nancy's the answer. Whether she adopts a musical, dramatic or journalistic career, we can only remark. "Where there's life, there's Nancy." Chorus 2, 3. 4: Choir 3, 4g Canary 2, 3, 43 Blue Book Committee 3: Sport Club 2g Dramatics 2, 3, 4. SIGHELE LORETTA COMMERCIAL l,oretta's most amazing quality is her dark brown eyes which express all the curiosity ofa three-year old. This curiosity has followed Loretta in her studies and is a contributing factor for her high grades. Loretta is an amiable and sincere person: this accounts for ber many friends. An ex- cellent swimmer, she exhausts herself in perfecting a swimming routine. With her glib tongue and independent nature. Loretta is prepared to tackle the world. Aquacade 3. 4g Dance Club 4, Diving Club 4: National Honor Society 45 Swim Club 3, 4. 200 'vii' N" in -f SIMON, STEPHEN Steve ez ie N E RA i. Steve- is a person whose personality can not be beat. With those corny and amusing jokes, who woulel try? 'lihe field of refrigeration is appealing to him, and he also has the quality required for a business manager. Ifany employer wishes to find him. he can go to the nearest fishing pond or stream, where Steve will he found indulging in his favorite sport. our to elo. SIVAR, ANDREW Bud GENERAI. Anyone who knows Anely can tell you that he rates high in personality and understanding. Nearly always you will receive a smile and a cheerful greeting from him. Many of Bud's friends know him to he the best ol company almost any time. Bud's scientifically minded, and musically incline-el. and can be often found engaged in outdoor activity. 201 SILBERG, JANET Janet col,i,iee:ie Piu- PARA roiev -lan may be small but her elynamie personalitv more than compensates for her lack of size. When she's in the mood everv ounce ol her is pure fun She is fond of all sports: her interest in basketball goes bevond school for she plays on an independent team. lan s aim is to be a first class medical technician and accordingly slie's heaeling for college next lall ationa onor Soeiety 4, lan-American league 3 4 SITTLER, BETTY I.. Betty cemmrieeiti A very quiet girl until you know her When you lieeoine liei lriend, it is a friendship well earned. She likes all sports, but lier idea ol a good time is to see all the latest movies. Her chief ambition in life is to he a tvpist She will succeed, because of her determination to elo what she has set 955529 SLEM M ER, EDWARD Eddie COLLEGE PREPARATORY Eddie came to us from Newton, New Jersey, at the end of his sophomore year. He is sincere, modest, a good student, and known by all of his friends to be a really swell all-round fellow. Next to his school work and map making, sports are his major interests. Eddie emulated his famous dad by his excellent drop kicking on the AHS football team. Ed has a terrific arm on the pitching mound too. After graduation he plans to attend the National Geographic Cartographing School in Washington, D. C. His sincerity and capacity for hard work are sure to bring him SUCCESS. SLONAKER, FRANCIS Fritz vocAr1oNAL Fritz's prowess on the football gridiron, plus his attractive physique and pleasant personality makes him one ofthe popular figures of the school. Although he has been quite successful in his shop course, he will probably accept a college scholarship leading to an engineering position. Football 2, 3, 45 Boxing 2, 3, 4. SLOTA, EUGENE Genie G E N E M L Study is Genie's watchword, fun and laughter his password. When work is there, he's not, but give him a practical joke and he immediately responds. Making friends is an everyday occurrence to Genie. Swimming, basketball, and ice-skating are his favorite sports. Gene has no definite plans for the future. Latin Club 2g Cheerleader 2. Baseball Club 43 Baseball 3, 45 Football 4 SMILEK, STEPHEN Steve coueca PnsPAnAroRv Steve Smilek, the boy with a genuine smile, is a person of excellent character. He is a good student who meets every condition squarely and confronts situations honestly as they arise. He likes nature and especially the out-of-doors. He is an ardent follower of athletic events at AHS. Since Steve is adept at almost anything, his future looks very promising, for who could refuse that winning smile? Body Building 43 National Honor Society 45 Senior Math Review 4. 202 SMINKEY, ROBERT Bob UENEKAI. Bob is one of those guys who always has a cheerful word for anyone he meets. His main interests are hunting, fishing, bowling, and driving a car. He also likes dancing, for he usually attends the Allentown High School social gatherings. He also attends the football and basketball games regularly. Bob says that when he is graduated he intends to take it easy for a few years before he settles down to a job. SMITH, ADELMA M. Blondie COLLEGE PREPARATORY Adelma is the kind of girl who is fun to have around. She is attractive not only in appearance, as is evidenced by her naturally blonde hair, but also in her pleasing personality. Although she doesn't study too much, Adelma always comes through with high marks. She excels in dramatics, and surely none of us can forget her talents in art. Her books and her locker are full of her latest masterpieces. French Club 3, 4g Historical Society 4, Interclass Play 25 Junior Class Play 3, junior Math Club 35 National Honor Society 4. SMITH, BETTY JANE Betz comm sacml. Betz has taken the commercial course, but in the last few years she has decided not to regard this too seriously because her real interest is singing. Her favorite sports are baseball, horse back riding, and swimming. In the near future one can look for Betty on stage, for that's where she is heading. SMITH, DALE KANE Schmitty COLLEGE PREPARATORY Living part ofthe year in a rural area which is ideal for hunting, fishing, and trapping, Dale is very enthusiastic over these sports. He also is interested in swimming, and for three years he has been a member of the swimming team. Being the possessor of a pleasing personality, Dale is well-liked by his classmates. He plans to go to college to study business administration. Diving 3, 4, Key Club 2, 3, 4, Life Saving Club 45 Swim Club 2, 3, 4, Varsity A 4. 203 'fifilxm ?,?ilg5yw ' J H m 'A' A H SMITH, LAUREN CE L. Larry COMMERCIAL Larry is an average student who will greet you with a pleasing smile. He likes music, both classical and popularg reading, especially mysteries, and movies. Photography is his hobby. Larry spends his spare time by reading books of photography or taking pictures. He plans to enter the business world. SMITH, MALININO L. R. Dolly GENERAL Malinino, better known to her friends and family as Dolly, is a very ambitious and understanding girl. Seldom does she get angry which is the answer to her pleasing personality. She's an up and coming seamstress, due to the fact that sewing is her hobby. Dolly also has rhythm. She loves to sing and dance, and is very fond of milk shakes. Dolly is majoring in sewing and ceramics. Y-Teens 4. SMYTH, ALICIA M. Alice corner PREPAaA'rouY Be it Smyth or be it Smith there are thousands of them in the world. Though the name may be common, Alicia certainly is not. She studies just as any other high school girl, but music is her real love. What other Smyth is such a talented singer and pianist? Social activites and painting occupy a good deal of Alicia's leisure time. Alicia plans to prepare for a career in music after high school. French Club 45 Historical Society 45 210 Club 43 Choir 3. SMYTH, JOYCE KAY Jo GENERAL Joyce is an average girl with a pleasing personality. She is good- natured and makes and keeps friends easily. Her favorite pastimes are buying new clothes and dancing to the music of Vaughn Monroe and his orchestra. Her plans for the future are somewhat indefinite. Home Nursing 4. 204 SNELLING, CHARLES DARWIN C0l.l.EGli PREPARATORY Perhaps there is something in a name, for it seems at times that the spirit ofthe great scientist has blessed his namesake. Charles and his slide rule are familiar figures around AHS. His exceptional ability to influence people makes him an eloquent debater. and his dramatic talent has helped put many of our school plays across with a bang. Will he try to make old Harvard a livlier place before he sets out to achieve international fame as an engineer? Dramatics 2, 3, 4: Historical Society 2. 3. 4: Urotan Debating Society 2. 3. 4: lfngineers Club 4: Physical Science Club 43 Senior Math Club 4. SNYDER, BETTY A. commrzkcmi, A sincere and honest friend with a matchless humor that makes you like her all the more. Hazel eyes and a husky laugh even up the score. Betty likes to collect scrap books and takes an active interest in all high school and college sports. She would like very much to be a capable stenographer. junior Red Cross 3, 4. SNYDER, BETTY J. COLL EG E PR li PARATORY Betty is a girl whom we all admire for her personality, tact, intelligence and initiative. In her leisure time she plays the piano and loves to sing. After graduation from high school, Betty intends to enter the school of nursing at the University of Pennsylvania and then to become another Florence Nightingale. A Cappella Choir 2, 3, 4g Aquacade 3, 4: National Honor Society 43 junior Red Cross 39 Student Council 2, 45 Swim Club 2, 3, 4. SNYDER, CAROLYN M. Blondie COMMERCIAL lllondie is the type of girl that can make friends with anyone: therefore, she is well-liked by all her classmates. She likes school very much, although her favorite subject is study. As far as sports go, she likes football best of all. ln the future she hopes to be a secretary. 205 SNYDER, DAVID PAUL, JR. Dave VOCATIONAL . One may search long to find a truer friend than Dave. He is a quiet individual and prefers to listen rather than talk. Dave is also quite an ambitious character, he has worked at H. Leh 8: Co. on a part time basis, for the past three years. He is interested in all athletic functions. and actively participates in basketball and baseball. Surely a fellow of his caliber will be able to take his place in a tangled world and succeed in his chosen vocation. Baseball Club 4. SNYDER, DORIS E. Tootie COMMERCIAL Here is a girl that should be on everyone's friendship list. She is the type of girl that is always helpful, kind, and loving. Dancing is her favorite pastime, although swimming. bowling, and the movies keep her occupied too. She is both vivacious and affectionate. Doris plans a career in the business world. SN YDER, HARRY ALLEN Sonny VOCATIONAL Here we have one of the little six footers and foremost wood destroyers of the industrial department. Harry plays a sweet trumpet in addition to being a very smooth dancer. This handsome fellow's sunny smile has Won him a host of friends, and we are sure, "those that know him, know his smile, and find the knowing quite worth while." SNYDER, JAMES Jimmy G E N ERA L James Snyder is known to most of his fellow students as Jimmy. He is a very ardent sports fan of AHS and can be seen at all the sports events. When it comes to math class his mind is blank. He enjoys singing, and for the past two years has had much experience in floor shows. After graduation he expects to make his stand in show business. 206 SNYDER MARILYN JOYCE Lynn COMMI- RCIAI. l'cllows will remember her pint sin: girls will remember with envy, her natural curly hair looking prettv the period after swimming. Everyone remembers her spunk and determination in an argument. Lynn is always in a hurry but confident that she. can transfer some of her speed of foot to her hngcrtips Flhus her ambition in the secretarial world will be Career Club 4 Chorus 2, 3 Historical Society 4. SNYDER, RICHARD F Horse vocm iomi. Dick is tall with light complexion, blonde hair and blue eyes. His school work is average and the subjects which interest him most are related drawing and physics He likes to see and play all sports. He is well- mannercd and none to shy with girls His main interest is aviation and he intends to pursue his career in the Naval Air Corps. He is now an active SN YDER, KENNETH Kenny GENERAL Kenny has a natural sense of humor and is always ready for a laugh. Interested in all sports, he spends most of his spare time in such activities, and is an ardent rooter of AHS teams, especially the majorettes. SNYDER, NEIL ROLAND Nelly co1.1.Ecs PREPARATORY Neil is one of those boys who is smart enough to know that if he wants to get ahead it is necessary to work. In addition to this, he likes to study. Neil has versatility, for he is a member of the football and track teams. Although Neil likes girls, he is one of the few boys who seems to be too busy to date them. Football 2, 3, 4g National Honor Society 43 Track 2, 3. 207 SNYDER, RICHARD M. Dick GE NERAL Having achieved success in various phases of athletics, Dick intends to become a physical education teacher or coach. Even though he sometimes appears not to be studiously inclined, he endeavors to attain a good average on his report. Much of his leisure time is centered around the activities of the Y.M.C.A. However, Dick gets his muscles from pushing around his 1933 Dodge. After graduation he hopes to attend Springfield College, Massachusetts. Cross 2, Track 3, 4. SOKOL, GEORGE Buddy VOCATIONAL Buddy, an average fellow, tall in stature, has brown eyes and brown hair, which turns red during the summer months. Buddy, the all-round fellow in the shop, has his eye set on a future as a printer. He also is an athlete, he loves to participate in football, basketball, and baseball. Buddy also likes to golf and dance. Football 49 Baseball 2, 3, 4. SOLOMON, LEWIS A. G. Louie VOCATIONAL Louie is a nice guy if you know him Well enough. He likes to fix auto- mobiles. He is always willing to have fun and go out for a good time. After graduation, but before he settles down to work, he intends to take a Boys Tumbling Club 45 Chess Club 4 H1 Y Club 2 3 4 umor Red trip to California. I SOPHY, GEORGE R. Sambo GENERAL George is a person who is a lot of fun. Ifyou hear a loud noise you can guess George is around the corner. He is known as the life ofa party. There is never a dull moment when he's around. He is like Happy of the Seven Dwarfs, always laughing. George intends to be a real estate agent. Let him sell you your home in the future. Cheerleader 25 Comus 45 Junior Red Cross 4, Latin Club 2. 208 SOUTH, DUDLEY Dud comics PuEPAitA'i'ouY If you want a blue eyed and likeable fellow. just look for Dud. He is never in a hurry, for he is a firm believer in the old saying that every thing comes to him who waits. The only times that he is found rushing are at breakfast and bedtime. Dud enjoys dancing and attends at all ofthe AHS social and sports activities. Chess Club 43 l,atin Club 3. 6 SPAAR, CARLOTTA Pinky DISTRIBUTIVE EDUCATION Petite Pinky a cute. light-haired girl, quiet but friendly to all. She turns her head with pride at the name of Al. As a sales clerk she wins her customers with a friendly smile and a pleasing personality. Whatever field she may choose she will be a great success. SPADT, MARION W. Spottie COMMERCIAL lf Spottie is your friend, you have a real friend. To one not familiar with her, she seems quiet, but those of us who know her intimately find ber a pleasant and even mischievous companion. Spottie enjoys movies, dancing, and all sports activities. As a bowler she is tops. Sophomore Math Club 2. SPECHT, CAROL K. G E N E RAL When you first meet Carol, she appears quiet and reserved, but her attractiveness and gentle winning ways have won her many life-long friends during her high school days. Among Carol's many pastimes are reading, 1 dancing, and of course swimming. Very seldom does she look down- hearted, she always has a smile ready for everyone. Latin Club 25 Swim Club 49 Y-Teens 4. 209 ssh SPENCE, HORACE S. Horsey . vocAT1oNAL Stevie is a guy who doesn't worry unless he must, then it's never about school. Stevie is well liked by all his friends and is easy to get along with. Sometimes he would rather roller-skate than eat. He is also crazy about football. Horsey would like to become a patternmaker. SPETH, DELWYN G. Spady VOCATIONAL Spady is a short, good looking, and happy-go-lucky fellow. He is always ready for a good time. He doesn't have any special hobby although he cares a lot about sports, especially hunting. He is fair in his studies and exceptionally good in his industrial course, welding. SPIRONELLO, RITA Rita COMMERCIAL Rita's dry sense of humor and witty remarks bring her many friends. She is known by all to be shy, but underneath that shyness we lind an abundance of fun and liveliness. Her spare time activities include skating, attending school games, and listening to good music. Seriousness in her studies, honesty, and abilityin stenography will profit the business world in the future. STAHL, DONALD Don COLLEGE PREPARATORY Don takes part in numerous extra-curricular activities at school and also has many diversified interests. A good mathematics student, he claims that algebra is his favorite subject. Intelligent and studious, he intends to take engineering at Eastern Nazarene College in Boston. A Cappella Choir 2, 3, 4, Chorus 2, 35 Engineers Club, Junior Math Club 3, Senior Math Club 4. 210 STEELE, AUDREY E. Audrey COMMERCIAL Audrey is a fine girl who likes to laugh and have fun. She is always willing to do something for a friend and is easy to get along with. She is a lover of all sports, but swimming is first on the list. Her ambition is to become a hookkeeper. Chorus 2. 33 Aquacade 35 Swim Club 3. STEIILY, MADELIN Madelin com M E Rom L Don't be deceived hy lVladelin's innocent lookg really there's mischief behind it. She has a very pleasant personality and a friendly smile for everyone. After school she is jolly. She enjoys dancing, skating, and movies. Madelin has not definitely decided what career she will follow. STEIN, WILLIAM F. Bill GENERAL Bill is the happy-go-lucky type, always ready for fun 'and excitement. By this quality he has created a large circle of friends, After graduation Bill hopes to join the Navy. Historical Society 2, 35 Jet Model Club 35 Life Science Club 3. STEINER, MARIE Marie GENERAL Be cheerful, he kind. be helpful. This is Marie's keynote to life. Marie has alot ofinitiarive, perseverance, and ambition. Whenever you hear the expression, "Oh, Brother!" rest assured Marie is within hearing distance. Three periods each day Marie delves ardently into the art of music. Marie will make a line career of music someday. A Cappella Choir 2, 3, 4g Chorus 2, 3, 4: National Honor Society 4. 211 J' H J A 5 STEINMETZ, MARILYN J. COLLEGE PREPARATORY If you know Marilyn. the chances are you've found that she's not the quiet person she appears to be. Her main weakness is a love of clothing. and we're all wondering how she'll ever become reconciled to wearing the plain white garb of a nurse. But you can bet that as she hands the surgeon his shears, pliers or pocket knife, she will include a smile free of charge. German Club 3g Historical Society 3, 4. STENGEL, DOLORES Del COMM ERCIAL Brains, beauty, and personality are the three essentials embodied in our Del. She is a vivacious bundle of fun whose glowing personality has won her many friends. Being an ardent sports fan, she spends much time swim- ming and dancing. We all know that Del is no hookworm but she manages to rank in the bracket of above average. Del's one ambition is to become a reliable secretary in the business world. Aquacade 3g Dance Club 4. STETTLER, GLORIA ALICE Gas GENERAL Gloria is a honey-haired girl, who has big brown eyes, and a very cheer- ful disposition. Behind those twinkling eyes, she hides a keen and alert mind. Her main ambition is to be a singer. She is a lover of all sports and participates in all that come along. A Cappella Choir 2, 3, 4. STEWART, DOLORES Dolores coivi M E RC IA L Dolores has brown eyes, light hair, and a pleasing smile for everyone. She likes swimming, ice-skating, sewing, and knitting. Dancing tops the list of her favorite pastimes. We all hope her ambition to be a good stenog- rapher is realized and that she will continue to bring happiness to all who know her. Library Club 2, 3, 45 Junior Red Cross 2. 212 STIEFF, JOHN M. VOCATIONAI. johnny is a very sociable fellow, easy to get along with and likes to associate with people. One of his favorite interests is sports, especially baseball. He is fond of travelling. One of his pet peeves is showoffs. The thing he longs for most is for Candyland to reopen. He is a sharp dresser and keeps up with the latest styles. STINNER, ROBERT JAMES Bob COLLEGE PREPARATORY Bob came to us two years ago. An honor student, Bob has distinguished himself very creditably in AHS. He was also active in city-sponsored basketball leagues, captaining his team to fifth place in the Club League. Bob plans to enter Lehigh in September to major in engineering. Engineers Club 4g Junior Math Club 3a Physical Science Club 45 Senior Math Review 4. STOFFLETT, JOYCE J0 COMMERCIAL Joyce is both a fun-loving and a serious-minded girl. She enjoys dancing and also has an appreciative ear for good music. One of her hobbies is collecting records. joyce is one of our best students, being a member of the National Honor Society. With her initiative, perseverance, and ability to do whatever is given to her, she will surely have a bright and successful future. National Honor Society 4. STONEHILL, ALICE L. COLLEGE PREPARATORY Alice's classmates are glad that she decided to spend her senior year at AHS. She likes all sports, particularly ice-skating, but her hobby is dancing. She dotes on dried apricots, Spanish, and Paul Whiteman. Her pet peeve is people who are always criticizing others. Alice is greatly interested in Purdue. Career Club 43 Historical Society 4, Pan-American League 4. 213 STORROW, GEORGE WILLIAM Bill vocA'1'1oNAL Bill is like all other teen-agers: gregarious, affable but slightly nefarious at times. Unlike most young men, Bill is quite fond of classical musicg he has been known to attend some ofthe concerts at the Lyric. However, he enjoys all types of sports, particularly swimming. Bill's main interest lies in radio. It is his most fervent hope that he may some day continue his study of radio under the tutelage of the United States Navy. STRAUSS, JOHN LEROY Johnny VOCATIONAL Johnny has been fairly successful in schoolwork. His interest in sports is chiefly that ofa spectator. He likes roller-skating and ice-skating. He has already mastered the technique of cabinet-making and has a bright future before him. STREET, J EAN Jeanie G E N ERA L Jean is a tall girl with dark hair and brown eyes. She is perpetually in a hurry, but always Hnds time for her friends. She is a lover of the out-of- doors and devotes much of her time to horse-back riding. She hopes in future years you may hear over the loudspeaker in the University of Penn- sylvania Hospital the words, "Calling Dr. Street." STRINGER, WILLIAM J. J. Bill VOCATIONAL jovial, active, pleasing, thatls Bill. Bill is a pal of everyone. He is quick in making friends and loves all sports. A member of the National Guards, he plays for their basketball team. 214 STROBLE, ROSEMARIE Rosie G E N E RA 1. Rosie is a great lover of books, other pastime recreations are baseball, bowling, and football. Her hobbies are collecting postcards and war souvenirs. After graduation, she hopes to ride the airways with Trans World Airlines. Happy Landing, Rosie. German Club 43 Historical Society 4, Latin Club 2. STROHECKER, CARL J. Schpundy VOCATIONA L Carl is a likeable chap. He is a fine athlete in basketball, baseball and football. Carl is working on two trades at the same time, auto mechanic and machinist. At night you will find Carl riding up and down Hamilton Street in his Packard. STROHL, WILLIAM H. Bill COLLEGE PREPARATORY Bill is a courteous, cheerful AHS student whose favorite sports are baseball, basketball, and football. He has maintained a good scholastic standing in spite of his extra-curricular activities in music, which in addi- tion to winning him distinction as one of our best trumpet players, have earned him a music scholarship to Valley Forge Military Academy. How- ever, Bill has changed his plans and has enrolled in the pre-theological course at Moravian College. Band 2, 3, 4. SUPER, ALAN Alan com.:-:cis PREPAKATORY Philadelphia's loss was Allentown's gain back in 1937 when Alan came to town. His high school days have found him busy, and always ready to help a friend in need. Truly AHS has been lucky in having this Superman around and will be sorry to see him go. Alan intends to major in public speaking, and dramatics at Kutztown where he will prepare to become a teacher. A Cappella Choir 2, 3, 4. 215 SURMAN, EDWARD T. Buddy COLLEGE PREPARA'roRY Buddy is no average lad: he's forever doing things that seem crazy to others. By extreme exertion, his brain comes across some quick as a Hash ideas. His father claims helll have to send Buddy through ten more high schools to learn what he should know now. Buddy originally intended to become a mining engineer, but since he changes his mind as fast as a woman, what he will eventually be is unpredictable. SUSSMAN, DOROTHY Dot G E NE RAL Introducing quiet, unassuring Dot with her passion for dancing and picking melodies out of the black and white. She is a real find when it comes to being a willing worker and a congenial good sport. Luck! She doesn't need any. Her initiative insures nothing less than a very successful future. Life Science Club 43 Majorcrte Tumbler 2, 3. SUTER, DONALD ENGENE Don COLLEGE PREPARATORY Donald is a regular fellow. During the annual concerts ofthe AHS orchestra, Don is in a state of ecstacy. Although Don spends much time on musical preparation, he finds time and enjoyment in pursuing thc mysteries of photography. A diploma from the Allentown Business College is his goal after graduation from high school. Swimming 25 Band 2, 3, 45 Orchestra 2, 3, 4. SVABY, JOHN Johnny Disriusurive EDUCATION Johnny is not easy to understand, but his friends will vouch for his loyalty and sincerity. Johnny's Ford is the envy of many high school boys. Every time he parks it Johnny must check to see whether all the parts are still intact. The jalopy comes in handy during the hunting and fishing seasons when he takes off for a bit of sport. 216 SWANSON, JANET LOUISE Jan G is N ERA I. .lan is the perfect example of good things that come in small packages, for this tiny, brown-eyed girl is liked by all her many friends. She enjoys swimming and baseball, but dancing tops her list of activities. She plans to study nursing at the Sacred Heart Hospital where her dependability will aid her greatly. We are sure she will make her patients very happy. Dance Club 4. SWAVELY, IVA MILDRED A Ivy GENERAI. Iva is gentle, genial. and always ready to lend a hand. Although un- known to a great many of us, she is an interested participant in school activities. After being graduated, Iva hopes to enter nurse's training. One feels inclined to envy any patient who comes out of ether to find himself holding the hand of Iva Swavely, R. N. German Club 3g Historical Society 3, 49 Student Council 4. SWEENEY, EUGENE FRANCIS VINCENT Gene GENERAL Gene is our poor man's Frank Sinatra. He is a good-looking. amiable type sporting homestyle curly black hair. 'lio complete his guise he croons amorously and is a crack boxer. He is frank and candid, telling people what he thinks with no holds barred, surprisingly, however, some of these little remarks groove their way into the subject's heart and result in friendliness. SWOYER, KENNETH G. Maxie VOCATIONA 1. Nlaxie is a good sport and a real friend. He spends all of his evenings roller-skating. He can be proud of his attainments in both classroom and work. He plans to have his permanent job at Wemmer Auto Radiator, where he is now employed through the co-op plan. 217 f r J Q ,f JJ' SZENCZAK, RALPH G E NE RAL Cheerful, polite, and dependable, these are the traits by which Ralph is distinguished. Some of his favorite pastimes are photography, pool, and swimming. After school is finished, Ralph hopes to join the Navy. TAIT, WILLIAM Bill GENERAL Bill is a popular boy who can always be relied on for several witty remarks during class. Aside from his sense of humor, he has many other desirable traits. Scholastically, he receives marks above the averageg athletically, he is known for his prowess in basketball and baseball. Bill's most notable extra-curricular activity is his sports announcing of football and basketball games. This interest Bill intends to follow as his career. Baseball Club 45 Chess Club 2, 3, 4s Football Manager 23 Public Address 3, 45 Sophomore Math Clubg Baseball 3, 4. TATASCIORE, DONALD Taty vocAT1oNAL Donald is a hard working, easy-going fellow with a good sense of humor. He is very Well liked and is said to have splendid manners and concern for older people. He likes plenty of girls but despises conceited ones. Don also has a good many boy friends. TEMAN, JULIUS D. J T GENERAL J T is a quiet and serious young man. He is a great lover of music. His favorite kind of music is the polka, and he can shake a mean leg to that wild rhythm on the dance Hoor. J T expects to be a mortician or a reporter. 218 THEIS, NATHALIE F. Natty UENERAI. Nathalie must constantly rush to make her next class. She loves people and this can well be testified by the many friends she has accumulated since she moved here from Clairton. Being an average teen ager, Natty likes dancing, movies, sports, and peanut suntlaes. For the future she has no definite plans. Historical Society 4g Latin Club 2. THOMAS, CLAIRE Tommy GENERAL A rag, a bone, and a hank of hair, Beautiful and witty, that's our Claire. A singer or artist she'll some day he, As famous as Venus, just wait and see. And we'll be able, proudly then To say, "Just think, I knew hcr when Choir 2. 3, 4. THOMAS, JAMES J. Jim COLLEGE PREPARATORY .lim is one of those easy-going likeable fellows, takes school in his stride. His favorite pastimes are cars and Stoudt's. He enjoys camping in with his three hest friends l,arry, John, and Bupty. liven though he works in his father's diner, he aspires to become a veterinarian. Chess Club 45 Wrestling Club 2, 3, 45 Football 2. THOM AS, ROWENA BETTE Tommy Tommy, as most of us know her, is quiet when you First get to know her, but she has mischievous traits. She has brown hair and pretty brown eyes. 'liommy has a personality that is tops and has a smile for everyone. She enjoys dancing, skating, and definitely loves to eat. Her ambition is to be a lmeautician. Student Council 3, 4. 219 THOMPSON, JAMES Jim VOCATIONAL Jim is an all-round fellow. He is popular with the boys as well as the girls. His favorite sports are swimming and billiards. His ambitions in life are to travel and to gain friends. He likes AHS because he has had many a good time here. Well, Jim, we all wish you luck. Wrestling 1. TOIGO, EUGENE S. Jeep COLLEGE PREPARATORY Here is a small fellow who makes a big noise. In the Canary Cavaliers he is the tenor sax ride mang he is also well known as a clarinetist in the Allentown Marine Band. Although Jeep's sax comes hrst in his affections, the girls run a close second. Jeep intends to study architecture at Syracuse or Rensselaer and dreams of designing a rival to the RCA building. Band 2, 3, 45 Microscopy Club 33 Orchestra 3, 45 Swing Band 3, 4. TOMASCHIK, JOHN D. Johnny vocA'r1oNAL johnny is well liked in and out of school. He is fair in his studies but really knows his business in the shop. He likes to play basketball and other sports. In his leisure time at home he is usually occupied with some out-of-this world ideas. He intends to join the Navy and see the world. TOSE, HELENE COLLEGE PREPARATORY Helene, a native Philadelphian, is one of our conscientious and am- bitious students. She has made many friends here at AHS. Helene can while away the time day-dreaming, but she can concentrate, too, when there's studying to be done. Her pet hobby, record collecting, she pursues very ardently. After graduation, Helene expects to specialize in psychology at Syracuse University. National Honor Society 43 Pan-American League 3, 4. 220 TOTH, HELEN P. Toddie commnxciu. Helen is a happy-go-lucky sort of person with a pleasant smile and large hazy, blue eyes. Nothing is too much for her to do when asked in a cour- teous way. Although she is interested in basketball, football and dancing, she also takes her studies quite seriously. Her main ambition in life is to become a beautician. National Honor Society 4. TRANSUE, DOLORES E. Doll GENERAL This little girl with springs in her feet derives pleasure from any task that is put before her-even studies. ln fact her enthusiasm is contagious. She makes friends easily, is fond of sewing and swimming, and reads exten- sively. She has not decided what her main ambition in life is to he. TRAVIS, DORIS Dolly couizos PREPARATORY Dolly is an average high school student, always ready to help her friends from whom she also appreciates help. She is continuously bragging about Texas and her kid brother. Dolly plans to make her career that of singing, either in Tennessee or Texas. TRINKL, MARY A. GENERAL Everyone who meets Mary is charmed by her fun-loving nature. One of her chief diversions is the F. M. Ateurs Clubg however, her real loves are horseback riding and basketball in which she excels. Ask her about the future, and she will only smile. F. M. Ateurs 4. 221 TROOP, JANE Janie coivnvi ERCIAL Brown hair, green eyes, and a pleasant personality describe Janie, a home-bound member of our class. To some she seems to be a quiet girl, but we know better. She can usually be found reading, knitting, or playing cards. She is, indeed, a good friend to all who know her. TROXELL, PAUL Paul G EN E RAL If you've been around, you probably know Paul. He is a good natured fellow, an average student. His favorite sports are hunting, fishing, and girls. As for his future, time alone will tell. Aeronatics Club 4. TRUMBAUER, JOAN DORIS Joanie comm E Rem L Joan, an all-round girl, is a good friend and a good sport. She enjoys dancing and can be seen at all the Y-Teen affairs. Her favorite sport is basketball, with swimming a close second. Joanie's ambition is to become a typist. Chorus 2, 3. TRUMP, DONALD K. Trumpy GENERAL Donald is an all-round good fellow, friendly and jolly, and has a kind word for everyone he meets. He likes all sports events, but is especially interested in basketball. Having taken lessons for several years, he is able to handle the trombone quite well. After his graduation he intends to be- come an orchestra leader. Perhaps we will soon be dancing to the music of his orchestra. Band 2, 3, 4, Choir 4, Chorus 2, 3, Orchestra 4. 222 TSCHOPP, ELWOOD R. Woody COLLEGE PREPARATORY liveryone knowing Woody will agree this five foot eleven, curly haired fellow is indeed a true friend. His wit'ty remarks have helped to make school more tolerable. He plans to enter Lehigh University to study mechanical engineering. As we hid fond farewell to a fine student and classmate, Woody will prohahly utter a final, "Oh, my aching hack!" Senior Math Review 4. TURK, FRANCIS Frank COLLEGE PRE PARATORY Frank, an easy-going fellow with a smooth personality, hasn't made definite plans for the future. He has taken the college preparatory course for three years in AHS and has done well in his studies. l"rank's extra- curricular activities include haskethall and the other popular sports. Band 29 National Honor Society 4. TURMENEN, J. ELYSE GENERAL lilyse is gentle, genial, and always ready to lend a hand. Her dislike for participation in sports is readily erased hy her fondness for dancing. She talks only on being required to do so-unless one should chance to hit on the right suhject. Give her a hot dog, a good mystery, and a comfortable lounging chair, and Elyse is content. French Club 3. TURNER, DOLORES Kitten G i:NisRAL Her smiling face, her sparkling eyes, Remind you of the summer skiesg Her love for dogs, her kindness sought Hers is a friendship that can't he bought. She'll reach her goal, and thrive for fame, Because there's a blessing in her name. 223 sites if graduation. l,ibr:iry Club 2, 3, 4. VAN EMBURG, JOAN M. Joan COMMERCIAL Here is an ideal miss whose pleasing personality has won her scores of friends in her three years at AHS. Her friendship is the real thing, and she can always be trusted to brighten any social gathering. Joan enjoys swim- ming, dancing, and football games. Joan likes office work and some day she will make a fine business woman. Canary 2. 3, 4. business! VOLHEYE, JOAN B. Joanie G E N E RA I. Joanie, a quiet reserved girl, has a magnetic personality. She enjoys dancing, swimming, music, and good times. She is very likely to succeed as a commercial artist which is her main ambition. After graduation she plans to attend Moore Institute. Historical Society 3, 4. 224 VAN BILLIARD, EMILIE A. Mimi coMMERc1Ai That tiny, smiling girl at the desk in the library is Mimi, a lovable girl, who will do anything for a friend. As president of the library Club she is very active in stimulating the interest of the students in what their library has to offer. Ice-skating and dogs are but two of her many interests Mimi will undoubtedly employ her commercial training wisely after VAN LOON, KENNETH Curly COLLEGE PREPARAroRv Wavy-haired, romantically profiled Ken is a fellow distinguished around AHS for his exceptional popularity with the fair sex to whom he devotes most of his time. Unfortunately his extra curricular activity receives no report card recognition! He also enjoys small game hunting when he can spare the time. His third love is his Job as shoe salesman which he expects to make a full time occupation. Curly s store is bound to do a rushing WALBERT, FREDERICK C. Fearless vocA'ri0NA1. Here is a swell fellow, a fellow who really makes things click when you are out for fun. Normally he is a sleepy-headed character until it comes time to argue, tell jokes, or roller-skate. Fred's ability in mechanical drafting should make his life successful if he will only stop-talking himself into trouble. Junior Red Cross 4. WALCK, JACOUELINE LOUISE Jackie GENERAL jackic's sense of humor has captured the hearts of many. Her light hrown hair and peaceful blue eyes conceal her fiery temper. She is very adept at playing the piano and is always the life of the party. It's quite definite that the summer of 1948 will find jackie a competent housewife. Home Nursing 3, 45 Student Council 4. i QAQIQQQ WALLANDER, ELAINE Gabby DISTRIBUTIVE EDUCATION As a salesgirl, Elaine is terrific. She can sell a customer anything with her line. Whenever you have a problem go see Elaineg you will hear her troubles, and make you forget yours. WALSH, CHARLES Whitey GENERAL Whitey is the happy-go-lucky fellow from Fourth Street. Whitey is a man who does things for everyone but for himself. Anytime you want him, he is over at the Campus. He likes to watch football instead of playing it. 225 Qgibiib if WEAVER CLAIRE M. Maggie COMMERUAL A Love-Game is Claire's secret ambition and we don't mean heart- strings, we mean tennis. Although, she is just a beginner, her main desire is to learn to play tennis well. Maggie also likes to dance and prefers the fast jive number to the slow sentimental ones. As a student, Maggie applies herself to the best of her ability. Her favorite subject is shorthand, and through it she intends to find her place as a secretary in the business world. WEAVER, JOHN A. Mouse comm Eacmt John's bashful air belies his true self. He is a good listener but also can add much of value to a conversation. His recreational interests include skating and howling and he has participated in the Mixed Bowling League. We hope to see his interest and ability grow to become an accountant. A Cappella Choir 4. WEBER, RICHARD H. Dick COLLEGE PREPARATORY Here is our class president! Dick's fine personality, his pleasant greet- ings to everyone and his readiness to do anything around AHS, are all factors that can be attributed to his popularity. Many people wonder how Dick finds time to study, for he plays the piano and the trumpet and is also the student leader of the Allentown High School Band. Although many think he should follow the musical field, his ambition is to become a surgeon. Basketball 2, 3, Band 2, 3, 45 Canary Cavaliers 2, 3, 43 Orchestra 2, 3, 43 National Honor Society 4. WEBER, ROBERT L. Bob co1.1.EcE PREPARATORY Robert, another red headed Weber, was born in Chicago and spent his pre-school years in New York City. His mother's people were true South- erners. His father's folks, however, were true Pennsylvania Dutchmen, a language which Robert understands but speaks only haltingly. His hobbies are magic, working with plastics, all kinds of science, astronomy, chemistry, physics, and especially ornithology. We have all enjoyed Robert's act with the white doves which he trained to do circus stunts. 226 WEBSTER, ROBERT M. Yens vocA1'ioNA1. Yens seems a quiet and hashful fellow. Although he does not let school work interfere with pleasure, he manages to get his work in at the proper time. His main subject of conversation is scouting. in which he is quite active. His favorite sports include ice-skating, swimming, hasehall, fishing and many others. His hohhy is preparing unusual food. Yens may become a Eno chef. WEIBEL, MARJORIE Margie GENERAL Here is a girl anyone would be proud to call a friend. She is sincere and loyal, and although rather quiet, she is full of fun and has a wonderful sense of humor. Margie participates in almost every sport, but likes swimming best of all. She hopes to enter the field of commercial art. specializing in fashion designing. WEIDNER, GEORGE Muscles VOCATIONAL George is a square shooter. He likes weight lifting so his friends call him Muscles. He is fond of dancing and has been known to go dancing seven nights ofa week. George will always help a fellow in need of help. He is a whiz at mathematics and does well in all his other subjects. He likes radio and has taken an individual course. WEINER, CARL G. Chef G E N ERA i. Carl is an ambitious young fellow who dislikes being cooped up. He likes nothing better than to shoulder a gun and go hunting or take a fishing rod in hand and go fishing. He also enjoys swimming, skating, camping, trapping, and dancing. Carl intends to go to college and study forestry, and later to go into the government forest service. Aeronautics 4g Football 29 Gas Model Club 4, Jet Model Club 4. 227 WEINSTEIN, EDITH Edie COLLEGE PREPARATORY When pretty, blue-eyed Edith Weinstein steps up to the commencement platform of AHS next June, she will have completed a four year term which establishes her solidly as one of the students most likely to succeed. A fanatic movie-goer, unpredictable, Cornell-bound Edith declared in an interview last week that she prefers Gershwin to Strauss, maj-jong to bridge, and that she plans to become an interpreter. Latin Club 3g National Honor Society 4g Pan-American League 2, 3g Senior Math Review 45 210 Club 4. WEIRBACH, LORRAINE Lorraine coivnvnzncmi. The sequel to Lorraine's write-up will most likely be found in "Who's Who." This gal's easy conversational manner will some day label her a top pen pal. Perhaps that's what makes her friendships click, or maybe it's because she is enthusiastic, interested, loyal, and understanding. We are sure that her neatness and punctuality will make her services as a stenog- rapher valuable to her employer. WEITZ, LOIS FAY COMMERCIAL Lois has dark brown hair, smooth complexion and green eyes. She is far from being shy, but has a pleasing personality. If you ever discover her arguing, watch out, you are sure to become involved. She enjoys dancing and is sure to be the center of attraction at football games. lfshe continues to be so pleasant, her success in life is inevitable. WELDNER, MARIAN E. G E N ERA L Everyone classes Marian as the girl with the Pepsodent smile. She has an A-1 personality and has a good sense of humor. She has many am- bitions but never carries many of them out. In spite of this she is a good friend to have. Basketball 23 Bowling 23 Volleyball 2, 35 Y-Teens 4. 228 WELLER, GEORGE E. Southpaw vocA'rioNAi. Southpaw is a quiet, attentive student who always does his best with school work. His career in high school has been enjoyable and his class- mates appreciate him. He indulges in sports only enough to keep physically ht but what he really enjoys is baking cakes. WELLER, MARJ ORIE, H. Margie comm Eucui. Margie is a friend in need and a friend indeed. She is quiet, has hazel eyes and brown hair. Her main interests are skating and dancing. Her ambition is to be a good housewife. The class of1948 wishes her the best of luck in whatever she undertakes in the future. WENRICH, BETTY LOU P. Betty COMMERCIAL A friendly smile and a modest attitude toward things have won Betty many friends. She likes football and basketball while swimming and bicycle riding undoubtedly stand first on her list. Betty is uncertain about her plans for the future, but she hopes to become a telephone operator. WERLEY, CARLTON Cart COLLEGE PREPARATORY A good fellow when he is asleep, Carlton wakes up to give a hand to his friends. He bowls for the AHS Mixed Bowling League, in which he is one of the team captains. If you want to see Carlton, you need only to go to any race track and you will find him there. He hopes to follow automobile racing after completing school. 229 French Club 35 Secretary 45 Historical Society 45 National Honor WERST, BETTE J. Bette is blessed with lovely red hair, the envy of us all. Look a little closer, however, and you will also find a heart of gold. She is quiet and unassuming. As a stenographer, I know Bette will prove herself, contrary to her name, the best. COMMERCIAL if WERNER, DOLORES ESTELLA Dolly G E N ERAL She is gentle, she is shy, But there's mischief in her eye. Be not deceived by her calm and placid pose- What lies within no mortal knows. She is a friend who will ne'er betray, One whom you can trust day after day. WERT, JEAN L. Jeannie COLLEGE PREPARATORY When Aladdin rubbed his magic lamp a genie appeared. Think of all the fun Aladdin could have had if Jeannie Wert had come at his call! She would have taken him bowling, fed him chocolate candy, and played boogie Woogie for him on the piano. Although Aladdin hasn't come into .leanls life as yet, he may turn up as one of her First pupils, for Jean plans to prepare for teaching at Keystone State Teachers College. Society 45 Student Council 3. WERT, WILLIAM E. Willy GENERAL When in doubt as to Willy's whereabouts, try the band room. Due to his interest in music, Willie can almost always be found playing his hot trumpet in a local dance band, or arguing with some contemporary musician as to who has the best band. After graduation, Willie will no doubt con- tinue to exploit the music Held. Band 2, 3, 45 Swing Band 3, 4. 230 A WERTMAN, JERRY John GE N E RAL A friend that's with you rain or shine, And with you till the end, Ifit's help you want at any time, A hand he'll always lend. WESCOE, BETTY JEANNE Shorty commskcmi. Betty is a small girl with dark hair and brown eyes. Her interests are varied from baby sitting to shorthand. Some lucky boss is going to get a break when Betty graduates, as she is a most careful and conscientious worker and will make the perfect secretary. We don't know how long she will stay in the business world, but with her smile and personality, it won't be long until she leaves the office for a kitchen. Commercial Club 4. WEST, Tl-IELMA MARILYN Thel COLLEGE PREPARATORY Study hall is unknown to this brilliant teen, although one would not think so to speak to her. An all-round good sport, she loves swimming, tennis, and playing bridge at Cedar Beach. Thel is going to attend Moravian College and plans to be a hen medic. Career Club 45 Historical Society 4, Junior Red Cross 33 Library Club 45 National Honor Society 45 Physical Science Club 43 Spanish Clinic 3. WETHERHOLD, DORIS EDNA Dot ' COMMERCIAL We rarely see this brunette in a mad rush to get to a class or burdening herself with too many books, yet Doris manages to do well in her studies. Her outside interests are dancing and swimming, she is an enthusiastic follower of AHS sport activities. Doris' plans include an oflice job, but her amiability and personality will enable her to succeed in any venture. Commercial Club 4, National Honor Society 4. 231 ess WETZEL, FRANKLIN F. COLLEGE PREPARATORY Franklin has a limitless amount of energy, although he did not use it entirely for his school work. Always on the go, he tool: an active part in all types of outdoor activities. Hiking, camping, hunting, and fishing are his chief interests. He is still undecided about his future, but his many interests and excess energy should lead him to success! WHEELER JOHN R Jack COLLEGE PREPARATORY Jack is not so studious as his wise owl look proclaims him. But those horn-rimmed glasses can deceive one. A happy-go-lucky fellow, .he seldom sees the inside of a book. He has, however, his rare serious moments and will probably have them more often at Union College where he hopes to study for the ministry. Perhaps at our twentieth reunion the Reverend John Wheeler will pronounce the benedictionl A Cappella Choir 45 Band 2, 3, 4. WHITEHOUSE, ESTHER Hon DISTRIBUTIVE EDUCATION Whenever there is a conversation about men, Hon is always in the middle of it. Her favorite is a cute, blonde senior. As a salesgirl, Hon knows all the tricks of the trade. Here's hoping she has loads of happiness and success in the future. WIEAND, MYRLE R. Mert COLLEGE PREPARATORY Mert is one of the most popular girls at AHS. Surely you have seen her twirling'her baton as she struts down the field in her Canary uniform. Her favorite pastimes are basketball, dancing, and bridge. Myrle plans to study dental hygiene at the University of Pennsylvania. Her scholastic ability, as Well as her unbounded energy and vitality, will fate her as an A-1 personality all through life. Majorettes 3, 4g National Honor Society 4. 232 WIEAND, RALEIGH C. 903 VOCATIONAL Raleigh is small in stature, but husky. He likes all sports, but only as a spectator. He's mechanically inclined, and does well in his school studies. Very kind and generous, he'd give you his shirt off his hack. He makes friends easily, both male and female. Wieand works in a dental laboratory by the co-op plan. He hopes to make a career of this work. WIEAND, ROGER J. Roger VOCATIONA 1. Roger means to become a machinist at a big shop some day. Although his marks are not the best, he is making good. His chief activities are eating and sleeping. He is an amiable fellow and will share anything he has with one of his friends. WIEDER, DONALD Lefty VOCATIONAL Though Lefty isn't classed with the studious persons, he does enjoy tormenting certain teachers. He is not certain that he will continue as a printer. His favorite sport is hunting, and once on that subject it is hard to get him away from it. WIESNER, MARY H. Mitzi coMMsucrAL To the passerby Mary is a quiet girl who never says much. We who know her hetter, however, know that she says little, but thinks much. Recently she has taken up bowling and finds it a lively pastime. Mary is studying the commercial course, and some day she hopes to be a stenog- rapher. I Career Club 4. 233 WILD, GLENN Head VOCATIONAL Wherever you see a gang of fellows having a good time, you're sure to see Glenn. He is a good student and is outstanding in architectural draft- ing. He's not a ladies man, but he never refuses a date with a beautiful girl. All his schoolmates wish him good luck in the future. Student Council, Junior Red Cross. WILFINGER, FRANCES M. Fran G E N ERAL Fran, one of our truly versatile classmates, is best known to us as the pianist for our assembly programs. Fran is also an exceptionally good student, although she won't admit it. Furthermore, believing that one should develop the body as well as the mind, she engages in many sports. Fran expects to continue studying music after graduation. Perhaps some day we'll be hearing her in Carnegie Hall! Aquacade 2, 3, 4g Choir 43 Chorus 35 National Honor Society 4. WILLIAMS, DAVID J. Willy GE N ERAL Dave is gaining recognition as an artist and a musician, and he has his own small orchestra that is steadily becoming popular. Reading and writing about things out ofthe ordinary are his pastimes. His painting and music will certainly bring him success. Band 2, 3, 4, Orchestra 4. WILLIAMS, SHIRLEY Shirl COLLEGE PREPARATORY Energetic, gay, unsophisticated, Shirley with her sparkling smile and dancing brown eyes captivates all hearts. We shall long remember her interpretation of Betty Hutton songs. To Shirl the best parts of the school day are the swimming class period, the lunch period, and the conclusion of the seventh period. The love of her life is Paul, the worry of her life is chemistry, and the ambition of her life is to be an archeologist! Aquacade 3, 45 German Club 45 Historical Society 45 Swim Club 3. 234 WIND, CAROL E. Lee cs Ii N mm 1. Carol has a smile and a personality that can win anyone's friendship. When it comes to football and basketball and other sports, Lee is right there cheering for her team. Give her a comfortable chair and phonograph recordings by Chopin, Listz, and Rachmaninov and Lee is content. To become a pilot has been her desire since grade school. l'lere's hoping she Hies high and lands safely! Chorus 3. WIRTII, LOIS Lo COMMERCIAL Lois is a girl with personality plus. Everyone who knows her will agree that she is the life of every party and the riot ofevery crowd. Lo also has a serious side. Although she is not the most studious girl, she ranks high in all her school work. Her main ambition is to become a secretary. Dance Club 4. WIRTII, WILLIANI P. Willie VOCATIONAI. lleholdl Gaze upon one of the most funloving and good natured mem- bers of this year's graduating class. Willie's good natured kindness makes him popular. You'll find this lively, well-built senior at nearly all athletic events for he is a great supporter of our teams. Although he has a great weakness for women, a still greater weakness is boxing. With Willie's perseverance we all know he can be a success. Boxing 3, 4. WISNER, RICHARD DAVID Dave GENERAL This boy with the coal black hair and the cheery smile for everybody is Dave. Wherever there is fun and adventure, he is there to help make it possible. He enjoys many sports, especially swimming, football, and basketball. 235 WOLBACH, LOUISE A. Lefty COMMERCIAL Louise has a pleasing personality and does not find it difficult to make friends. She is an all-round girl who participates in many different forms ofsports. A member of the Commerical Club, she also obtains good marks on her report. She is looking forward to becoming a secretary. Commercial Club 4. WOLF, DONALD F Wolf VOCATIONA L Donald is a tall, good looking lad who is usually quiet. When he is out with the gang, he always mixes well and makes friends easily. In school he does his best and is one of the few boys who takes books home. He likes sports of all kinds and has been on the track team all through high school. WOLF, DONALD G. Don COLLEGE PREPARATORY Coming from Haverford High School in the beginning of our sophomore year, Don immediately entered into many school activities. His active participation in track and wrestling, however, clidn't prevent him from maintaining high ratings in all studies. Sometimes his optimistic spirit led his friends to call him a happy-go-lucky person. The students, and teachers as well, feel that Don has been well worth knowing, for he is a thoroughly line chap. Football 2, 3, 4, French Club 25 National Honor Society 4g Student Council 3, 45 Track 2, 3, 4, Wrestling 3, 4g Varsity A 3, 4. WOLF, WILLIAM R Bill GE NE RAL Bill fulfills all the fine traits of the Comus write up, so let us branch off to his many interests, chief of which is worthwhile music. In his younger and more athletic days, he was a zealous sportsman. He is irritated by fools and fakers, and lets this be known quickly. He is equipped with facile hands, which enable him to play the piano well. A Cappella Choir 2, 3, 49 Chorus 2, 3, 45 Wrestling 2. 236 WOLFORD, JANET M. Jan co1.l,iaoE PREPARATORY Expressive brown eyes, an up-tilted nose, brown hair with golden glints, and a wide smile characterize Jan, who hails from Fogelsville. Her many interests include camping, swimming, dancing, and ice-skating. She intends to study dental hygiene at Temple or the University of Pennsyl- vania. With a strong determination in her heart, Jan will have no difliculty in accomplishing her goal. junior Class Play Committee 3: -lunior Red Cross 4. W00l.l',VluR, CLORIA MAE Wooly C0l.l.EGE PREPARATURY Wooly has a keen sense of responsibility and studies hard. She is especially fond of dancing. Specializing in tap, ballet, acrobatic, and character dancing, she has appeared in three Municipal Opera Company productions. Dancing is merely an avocation because Wooly intends to become a nurse at the University of Pennsylvania. The same helpful friendly attitude that accounts for het popularity at AHS will make her a popular and successful nurse. Press Club 2. YEAGER, LOIS A. COLLEGE Pusimkaronv Lois is one of those few girls who combine brains with beauty. She has personality plus and is popular with both classmates and teachers. She likes dancing and sports, but her high marks prove that she does not neglect her homework. Lois plans to enter training at Lankenau Hospital. Her brains and her spirit of willing service guarantee her a successful nursing career. German Club 3g Historical Society 45 Junior Class Play 33 National Honor Society 4g Y-Teens 3. YLAKEL, JOHN A. Johnny COLLEGE PREPARATORY Johnny is a quiet fellow whose main scholastic interest is studying his French and Spanish assignments. After graduating from AHS he plans to enter some school of agriculture, preferably Penn State. Perhaps his enthusiasm in French and Spanish could mean that he intends to establish his business in some foreign country? French Club 33 National Honor Society 4. 237 stew, fi V 't me-1 we -' it .,,g,g, , .52 YEHL, ROBERT W. Bobby vocA1'1oNAL Bobby is an all-round good fellow, and makes friends easily. He is a happy-go-lucky person and, although he doesn't study too much, his marks are always satisfactory. When it comes to sports Bob is active in baseball, football, basketball. He hopes to be an electrician. ll s ,SEN be 5 if New 2. ' i its csv? ii l K 1551 tw . .i sei 5 1 , , 1. . . . . sieve - JS- -. if-.ft - --,,S-42.1 . jj if Q ' .ffl f H we? " 1. i ' .Q ' A 3 . .. Q : i,,.1 : ' fp Sii-'ELK f eff: gn -visfffis -' . -fair-Q Qfwiqgi:-zvif-I ' 11 .,.. 1 Lf: if N ' We 555 --or --. .. , -, watts - ' at - 'iv W, .wx .M 2 Fei K ...Nl 7 13:- f:,j, .-Q3 g 'S - YERK, JOHN W. Bill VOCATIONAL Bill is known as a happy-go-lucky fellow among his many friends. His personality has won him many friends at high school. Bill's favorite sport is basketball, but he also takes part in others. He plans to go to trade school after graduation and then become a cabinet maker. YODER, ROBERT K. Bob VOCATIONAL Bob is live feet eight inches of slow motion. In spite of his deliberate- ness he usually gets things accomplished. Although he spends most of his time at his after school job at the Pure Ice and Coal Company, he still finds enough time to attend most of the high school athletic events. Cab- inet making is his choice of curriculum, but he also likes to tinker with electrical and mechanical things. YONAK, JOSEPH Blackbird G E N E RA L Joe was given this unusual nickname, Blackbird, when as a small boy he fell off a trestle looking for blackbird nests. His favorite sports are basketball and baseball. He is now playing basketball for the Allentown High School varsity team. After school is over, Joe is headed for the service. Basketball 2, 3, 4. 238 YOST, JEANNE E. COLLEGE PRlil'ARA'l'0RY Curtain! llehold our Jeanne. who has a repertoire of facial expressions to faseinate. horrify, amuse, wheedle, or command. She excels in dancing, her favorite pastime. She is an ardent rooter at all school games. Jeanne's one amhition is to be a nurse. as much good for her patients as any medicine. ZAWILLA, JANE LOUISE just look around the halls for a small dark-haired girl with a small pug nose and it's sure to be Gypsy. jane is a jolly character who always wel- comes a good joke. She is a good sport and is well liked hy all who know her. ller ambition is dancing. Her cheery smile and ready service will do YOUNG, ROBERT Bob vocA'r1oNA1. Bob is a young man who likes to have fun. He is well dressed at all times. A six footer with light brown hair, he is an all-round fellow who likes his sports. His ambitions in life are to travel and to hunt. Bob has had an unusual opportunity to travel in house trailers through states near and far. YUTZ, RICHARD W. Dick COLLEGE PRE PARATORY ls your radio on the blink? -lust call up Dick-if he can't Fix it, he'll fix 'it so no one else can. He likes to tinker with anything mechanical. and is a budding radio technician. Dick's dry sense of humor wins him many friends. He plans to enter Lehigh University next year to study electrical engineering. Maybe he's a second Edison in the makingl Engineers Club 3, 45 Junior Red Cross 33 National Honor Society 49 Physical Science Club 45 Senior Math Club 4. Gypsy COMMERCIAL 239 ,v 4 I ZAZO, FRANK T. COLLEGE PREPARATORY How can anyone help liking Frank? He can qualify as a smooth dancer, intelligent conversationalist, and an attentive listener as readily as he can as a boxer or a swimmer. He expects to go college and become either a swimming or boxing coach. Boxing Club 3, 45 Boxing 4: Swim Club 3, 45 Swimming 3, 4g Chess Club 2. ZDROFKOFF, STEVE COLLEGE PREPARATORY This fellow is somewhat reserved. Get him interested though. and he generally makes himself heard. He's an avid readerg indeed, he seems always to be reading. This inclination plus many erudite observations on his own part have shown Steve to possess a particular aptness for matters literary. His hobby, electronics, has led him to the designing and building of novel pocket radios and high-frequency transmitting and receiving apparatus. Steve would like to study electronics at Lehigh. Chess Club 35 National Honor Society 45 Physical Science Club 4. ZEGALIA, JOHN B. COLLEGE PREPARATORY john is a happy-go-lucky fellow who always has a smile and a cheery greeting for everyone. Like most high school boys John has as his favorite sports football, swimming, and wrestling. After graduating from AHS John plans to attend Muhlenberg College to prepare for a university course in dentistry. ZEKY, WILLIAM F. Zeke vocArroNAL Zeke is an all-round fellow with a good sense of humor. He has always attained satisfactory marks in all his subjects. Bill likes all sports espe- cially baseball, basketball, and swimming. He has no definite plans for the future although he intends to follow the automotive trade. 240 ZETTLEM OYER, RICHARD Dick COMM ERCIAL Dick is the type of fellow with whom anybody can get along. He is an average student with the ability to play a trombone and charm his audi- ences. His ambition is to join the Navy and see the world. We hope his future turns out to be all he expects. Band 2, 3, 45 Orchestra 3, 43 Swing Band 3. ZIEGENFUSS, GEORGE A. Ziggy VOCATIONAL George is a quiet sort of boy with a good sense of humor at the right time. He is a conscientious and artistic worker at all times. George is a sports enthusiast, participating in local sports outside of school. He likes football, basketball, and baseball. George intends to be an automotive parts man in a local garage. ZIEGLER, ANNA M. Anna COMMERCIAL Anna, who is an out-of-town student, comes to us from Fogelsville. She has brown hair and eyes, and is very fond of radio programs and good books. Her generous disposition and willingness to help anyone in need has won her many friends. Anna is uncertain about her plans for the future. Whatever her plans will be, I'm sure they will prove a success. ZIEGLER, GLENN Glenn co1.L sos PREPARATORY Glenn is a swell fellow who always has a good word for everyone. Be- cause he is an industrious and sincere student, his work is always above average. Guns of all types are his hobby. It is no surprise to us that he is a good marksman and an authority on the use of firearms. Glenn hopes to take up engineering at Lehigh and then go into the aeronautical field. Engineers Club 45 Senior Math Review 45 210 Club 4. 241 H .fi A ZIMMERMAN, CHARLES Chili GE NERAL Chili is a happy-go-lucky fellow, be is sometimes called the study hall kid. Although Charlie plans to be a mortician, be is a great distance from being a deadpan. Upon graduation, be plans to enter Eckles School of Mortuary Science in Philadelphia. Body Builders 3, 4g Life Savingg Wrestling 2, 3, 4. ZIMMERMAN, GERALDINE L. Gerry COMMERCIAL Say fellows and girls, would you like to meet a swell girl? Well here she is-Gerry Zimmerman. Gerry has brown hair, brown eyes and is very attractive. She has a pleasing personality and an attitude of friendship toward all. Gerry's favorite subject is men whose company she enjoys thoroughly. Her favorite pastime is dancing. She also supports the athletic teams of AHS. Career Club 45 Comus 43 Fashion Show 35 President of Home Room 45 Student Council 2. ZOTTER, EDWIN Whites VOCATIONAL This intelligent character is a right guy. He keeps his mouth shut most of the time and always enjoys a good corny joke of his own. Ed indulges in all sports, but hunting predominates. To pursue this sport, he goes to great extremes. His life ambition is to become a good electrician. ZWEIFEL DOLORES LAURA Molly coMM E RCIAL Although Dolores is quiet at Hrst, you'll soon find out she can talk as much as the rest. She has a pleasant smile and a good word for everyone she meets. Her favorite hobbies are football, basketball and dancing. You will see her at every football and basketball game, for she is a staunch supporter of AHS. Her future is still undecided. 242 ZWICKL, JOSEPH Joe vocATioN.x 1. Joe is a redheaded six-footer who is liked by everybody. He had an outstanding record in his school work and in his shop. He is well dressed at all times and is popular with his classmates, His ambition is to start his own welding shop in the future. GRADUATION DAY A patchwork quilt of Life we sewg Today will be bright gold, For graduation is a goal We reach in triumph bold! To have Life's quilt a work of art We'll welcome each new day With color-bright or drab-to work A masterpiece, we prayl Red letter days, to stitch with joy, Some blue, set in with tears, The silver ones for sorrow deep That comes down through the years. But when we view in retrospect Our work, so nearly done, Today's bright gold will touch our hearts- Untarnished, perfect one! -jovciz GRAHAM. 243 Abraham Isaac Albenzi, Carl J., J Albertson Edward M Albright, Edwin J., -I Allwine Edward S Anderson Thomas H Arndt Robert V Baatz Paul T Balliet Samuel Bank Malvin E Baringer, William M Bartynski, Stanley E Bast Worlev G Bastian Linford S Baxter Thomas E Beidler Gerald l Beitel, Joseph V Bender William E Bennicas, Carlton J Benn Kinnev Bruce A Berg, Eugene P. Berghold, Gerald Bernhard Robert F. Bianchini Bruno N. Billman, Charles J. Bingham, Robert E. Bittner Robert H. Blaisdell C. Theodore Blanchard, John A. Blum Frederick E. Bodey, Richard A. Boehrer, Donald J. Bogert, Lewis E. Bohlen, Robert E. Bollinger, Earl H. Bower, Charles B Boyer, Richard Boyer, I - - - ' Boykas, v Brantle Samuel Brantle Saul Bray, V e A. Brenne ' Cassium Albert Chomlk Stephen Christman Donald D Chrlstman Frankl Christman Richard E Christman Robert C Clark john R Cleaver Forrest Comp Richar Conrad Henr Conrad Jame Conrad ohn Cope Fdmun Cornfeld Lewis D Costa Samuel G Cressman Don E Crownover H e Dalmas Dalmas C o P Daniels es H Dankel in L. DaRe mer A. Davi aynard P. . . Howard L. D ammer Rodn . I oner Richar . utsch Robert eWalt David DeWitt Curtis P. Dex Walter . Deysher Robert C. Dietrich Ralph H. Doben ' ' ' Donat, rtis . Don er, James Dou rty, Donald T. Dr' William D. I kenmiller, Russel N. L r , ' ue R. Eagle, k Everett aniel G. ' - homas O. Fisher James C Flores Marshall Ralph Follweiler Richard Frack Edgarl Frack Leonard L Frank Richard R Frankenlield Donald E Frankenfield George B Jr 1ll1am rantz o n L C Frantz Ray nd F Frev Paul Frey Freyma zeorge Prlc E r D Friedman rry P Frltzmger K rles F rumer Har M Fulford Broo ullm Gino t kenbach Pau . . G gher William G 'n Robert C. Gan er F. Donald Gard William A. Gehma . ames Gehman orman W. . Roger Gehris George P. Geitzenauer William . Ginkinger Luther H. r. Givler Dale L. G. oldstem, ules ' Gorr, Kermit C. Graaf, Richard R. Greason, Robert B. Greenawalt, Geor e L. . GriHin, Daniel Groman, Charl K. Grossman, A. I id Gruver, Charle . Guarry, Thom Heimbach Kenneth I. Heintzelman Clifford R Held Robert J HElffflCh Peter Helfrich Charles W. Heller Harry E Heller Phillip S Henritzy Stanley H. High Eugene D Hilder Frederick A. Himmler William Hodgson David R Hoffman Kenneth R. Hollen Gene E Hontz Solon E Hubler Douglas C Hunsberger Herbert Hushkek Edward A. Huttie Albert D James David J ames Emanuel P. Jenkins Dale A. Jones David T. jones Howard W. Kacmarcik Paul C. Kainz Edwin S. Kane Donald W. ehnel Charles F. ellar Robert W. ' nedy Edward F. . el, John K Larry . Ker er, Kenneth C. Kersh r, Lionel F. Kerson ' llen M. Kesack, nnis Killo, W1 Kimble, Robert Kindt, Andrew King, Claude A. Kissin er Charl E. GRADUATING CLASS OF 1948 x i s i 9 7- i 9 l'. i , q i 9 i , . I 9 - i v i J ' r. , I .. N , . 1' , 9 . , I - Z I I ,9 , - , - , ' - - A - A ' ' L. ' , . . , J- Jr- , . , . . ., Jr. ' , ' 9 f , - . , e . ' , l i ' v J - , 1 9 A ' Bafflwlomews Walter D' Coombe, Rob G. Frey, Ralph . jr. Hoffert, James C. - , . , 0- 9 , , - , ' J. , . , ' , . ' ' k, Q - d . , . 9 - , . . I , - . , 1. , 1- , 1 . r i ' , - R. , , i . . Di . I , f - , ' . . , 1' Cl . ' , ' r' ' 3 V ' , J. , 3 1 , B a , , , De , - , 3 D ' , - ' , J 9 s , J , 1 A ' , , .l ' , 9 1 Jr D e J Brey, Earl ' . Brown, Lester L. Brown, Rudolph H. Bruder, Stanley N. Buckley, Robin D. Buffo, Anthony J. Bundra, Joseph S. Burkhart, John Calpey, Louis R. Camody, Conrad S. Canouse, Joseph P. Carmitchel, John D. Fackler, William C. Fairchild, Howard M. Jr. Farrell, William F. Fedok, George Fendrick, Frank T. Fenstermacher, Gerald K. Fenstermacher, john T. Fenstermacher, Robert R. Fenstermaker, Joel F. Fetherolf, Carl Finger, Paul E. Fischl, Alfred W. Gurgick, William ' . Hahn, Jerry C. Hartlieb, Kenneth B. Hartman, Donald E. Hartman, Richard C. Hartman, Ronald E. Hassler, Robert J. Hatheld, John G. Hausman, Herbert F. Heard, John M. Heckman, Willis H. Jr. Heimbach, Blair J. 244 . , , Kleckner, Francis S. Kleppinger, Robert W. Kline, Arnold Knapp, Charles H. Jr. Knappenberger, Richard L Knauss, Jerome B. Knopf, John J. Koehler, Truman L. Kratzer, Robert W. Kudla, William G. Kuss, August C. III Kutz, Edwin L. Kutz Richard E Kutzler Nevin C Lake, Joe T Landis Richard C Lanzillo Mario A Liebensperger, Leroy A Leichleiter Warren S Lessel, Karl J LeVan Robert H Lindenmuth Robert B Lingenfelser, Fred Long, Frederick M Lukow Edwin C Lutz, Charles E. Jr MacFayden, Gilbert L. Jr Maiatico Arthur R Mammele Albert Mann Donald F Mann, Stanley A Manning, Monis J Markowitz Michael Marsh Charles W. Martin, Michael J. Martucci, Louis J. Jr. Martz, Richard J. Matthews Richard G. Maxsim Daniel D. McCain Donald S. McClalTerty, John L. McGee Edward H. McGee Robert T. McHugh, John M. McKelvey, Bernar McNabb Donald Meckstroth Ed A. Meitzler, Jack Mellman, Ro A. Mensinger, J y L. Molo Harry Mongilutz Jack Morris Morgan Bruce Morrow Robert E Movsovich Jerome W Moyer Noel R Moyer Ravmond C Moyer Richard M Mueller George M Muliley Mullin D ald C Needlema Stanton Netzmk neth W Nuss La O Boyle Ja Onushco ae Orte li J A 0 Ro d E Par lchard J Pas riello Julius Pe otti James L. P m Henry C. kering Rolan opelt Taras A rice Elvin R Qualley C . Quinn Alan D. Rabenold Raymond F. Jr. Rabuclt Bruce P. Radi R . , Henry R. R is, Donald P. se, Charles R. eser, Edward F. . L ' henbach, William W. - 1 Carl E. Rei t, Wallace E. Rei rd, Raymond R. Rei ith, Jay G. ' ' .dward F. Robertson James W Robinson George E Roeder RussellW r Romig Edward R Roth James V Roth Joel R Rothenberger Raymond R Rothrock Carl G Rueggeberg Otto A accam onald V Sample wis Sanchez nthony C Sanderh William C ard S Sav John E Sayre nald S Schaffer red Schaffer rman L Scheetz ram Scherrer Rl rd D Schenkel Ro tC Schiffert Fre lt S. r. chlichter Ric d S. hlossberg Rob idt Wa ter urman W. Ri - , Douglas L. Carl S. . Max Schwartz Fred H. Schwoyer Karl O. Seaman Richard T. Sechler Marvin Jr. Seip Charles Seip William u Sell, G. Wesley Semmel, Elwood x Seng, Dale A Serfass, Wil - . . Sesko, Paul . Shankweile Shankweile Shankweile lruce E. harles O. Snelling Charles D. Snyder Snyder Snyder Snyder Snvder Snyder Snyder Snyder David P., Jr. Harry A. ames W. Kenneth J. Neil R Richard F. Richard M. William D. Sokol George Solomon Lewis A. G Sophy George R. South Dudley B. Spence Horace S. Speth Delwyn G. Stahl R Donald Stem William F. Stieff John M Stmner Robert J. Storrovs George W. Strauss John L Stringer William J. Strohecker Carl J. Strohl William H. Super Alan I. Surman Edward T. Suter Donald E. Svaby John M. Sweeney Eugene F. Swoyer Kenneth G. Szewezalt Ralph Tait William F. Tatasciore Donald L Teman ulius homas James J. ompson, James K. 'I o, Eugene S. To schik, John D. Tro l, Paul R. l'l.l I I . 1 . Tschopp, ' ' d R. Turk, Franci N' Van Loon, 4 neth GRADUATING CLASS OF 1948 - . . ' , . , J 1 . ', l ,Q A . . 1 Y . ' Q A . . . i 1 . obefly, Rich C. sms waniani P. ' , .. l., r . , 0 . . tt, . . ' , . ' J. I . , y I K Y ,I K , 1 . ' s rd ,, 1 , , 5 ,Ji 1 3 1 L . Jr L T I K Mer ' - ' it . Mer I a e H. Mes ohn S. Mey Herbert W. Mie John A. Mill ' Miller, David L. Miller, Gerald F. Miller, John D. Miller, Nevin Jr. Miller, Richard O. Miller, Robert H. Miller, Roy C. Millhouse, Donald J. Minich, Clyde R. Mitchell, Richard C. Mohry, Donald Z. I Moll, Kenneth F. ' elss, Sterling H. Reitz, Merle H. Renfro, Richard M. Renninger, Norton F. Reppert, LaMont T. Rex, James Richards, George A. Risse, Herbert G. Ritter, James P. Ritter, Robert E. Jr. Ritter, Robert W. Robertson, George A. Sheetz, Richar . Shelling, Jack F. . Sherry, Douglas K. Sinon, Stephen W. Sivar, Andrew V. Slemmer, Edward R. Slonalter, Francis E. Slota, Eugene Smilek, Stephen W. Sminkey, Robert C. Smith, Dale K. Smith, Lawrence L. 245 " s , ar es T. Weaver, John A. Weber, Richard H. Weber, Richard J. Weber, Robert L. Weidner, George E. Weiner, Carl J. Weller, George E. Werley, Carlton M. Wert, William E. Wertman, Gerald F. Wetzel, Franklin F. VVheeler, John R Wieand, Raleigh C XVieand, Roger I VVieder Donald R Wild Glenn V Williams, David J Wippel. Robert F Wirth William P Wisner David R Wolf Donald I' Wolf Donald C Wolf William R Yeakel, John A Yehl, Robert W Yerk, John W Yoder Robert K Yonak, Joseph Young, Robert T Yutz, Richard W Zazo, Frank 'l Zdrofkofl' Steve Zegalia, John B Zeky, William F Zettlemoyer, Richard P Ziegenfuss, George A Ziegler, Glenn B. Zimmerman Charles H. Zotter Edwin R. Zwickl, Joseph L. Abraham, Betty M. Abraham Marion Abraham. Shirley M. Adams Marie I.. Amey, Dolores l. Arndr, Dorothy J. Atiyeh Linda Auman Patricia K. Bachman Doris M. Bachman, Gwenaldin . Backensto, LaRue, 1 Bader, Elizabeth R Bailey, Doris R. Bar, Salamae Baranchok, Hel Barone, Anna P Barthol rraine M. Barthol ew, Margaret R. Batori, na F. Batz, L ille H. Bechtel ucy A. Beck, deline A. Beil, Je Braker Ruth E Breisch an1ceF Brown Susanna Brunner Flla Burger Dolores A Burke Patricia A Burnet Fhzabeth ane Cameron M Flizaberh Cars Iinal M Cartv Barbara J Cease Shirlev I ee Chaplin Dor Chapman M Lhrzanowski arv l' Clader Viola Clvmer Mari n Cope l ois Fl Costello Dolores Crockett Virgrni Crossley IaRa Daniels ose Dankel Ma ne Dankel M rieA Davis Ba raA Davis D tbVD Davis DeCal sephine D. DeFi Anna . . de o Nancy L. D chi Gloria P. D ard Fahlene D ne Louise A. alt Me a L Witt Ethel I. iefenderfer B - - - iehl Doris B. Diehl Helen Susan Diehl Margaret Ann Dietrich Joan Patricia Dorward ean S. Dreher Frances I . Duddin Durni ' arce yn . Ec - , Anne L. Ed an, Ruth H. E , Elaine Mae F ch, Doris Jean ' m, Mona Eisenh , Lois Elma Eisenh , Natalie Jean Ely, P lis Mae Emery, arjorie A. Emmet ulianna D. Joan C. Frederick Eleanor M Freed Arlene Louise Freyman Shirley M Fridirici Valerie B Fried eanette ean Fries Shirley A Frve Anne Louise Fticsar Theresa K Fuchs Florence Fukan Marilvn Doris I Garland P icia Mae Geary Jun Geisinger rma ames Cer ard R Germ Getter vceM GI y R M Gmther nette Mae Glose W1 red H Glowatskv aulrneK Coeppel M red Graham Joy L Grammes lu e S reaser Mary uise ressler Dolore uber Dawn S. 'nther Roma key une G. G unst Joan . Gut oanne W. Hahn raldine Halde Cloria - Crace I. . . , ol Louise Hartman Dolores M. Hartman Mary L. Hartzell Barbara ane Hartzell Emily Hausman Marjorie A. ' ' Ann " ernan, . ' . Heffner, Dolores r Heil, Joyce M. Held, Jeanne B. Heller, Jean E. Helman, Mary Lou Hensinger, Na Hersch, Barba A. Hersh, Margar A. Hilbert, Gloria Hilbert, June I Hilt, Myra M. Himmler, Edn Jacoby Jean M Jacoby Shirley Ann Jenkins LaRue M Kahler Dolores Mae Kale Jean F Kauffman oanl Keen Dorothv S Keller Dolores F Keller Ruth I Kemmerer Beatrice L. Kertz Edwardme R. Keys Audrevl Kress Elaine A King lois M Kistler Annette ane Kistler JoAnn F Kistler Mary L Klase Dorothv M Kline Nancy Jane Knauss Bern1ceI Knauss Ruth M Knecht Margaret A. D Knecht Ruth Knerr Jeanette H Knoblach Mary F Kobrovsky Marilyn Kochenash Olga Koehler Dolores . Kohler Edith I. Kohler Erma M. Koren Irene C. Kotzmann Valeria R. Koury Nora Krasnanslzy Sarah M. Kratzer Pearl E. Krauss Emily K. Kresge Gloria . resge Thelma M. ulp Kathryn N. nkle oanne ' kle argaret D. a, Eva . Lak Cleo Lam Dolores M. Landi arbara E. Lauba Bernice Laubac o ce L. Laubach, I . Laudenslager, cy L. Lederman, Lilli Leh, Jacquelin I Lehn, Barbara Lehr Be L GRADUATING CLASS OF 1948 .' .' . j,J', J' . ', f 1, lf . ,' MQ ', ' s 7' H- .A ' T y . 1 le' v ' 1 C5I1r2id,lfl0P - I h -' ie Kistler,Eleanor . .- jnf .' ' i -a ' "'1i' I. ' 'y ' .ae i , ' y ' Y , r , ' I A ' , ' A , N -I 7u s.T, H , e Y 9 r ', lb , , ' Q ' I ' , I M '. fl 'J ', - :lr . ' J I lla k Beil, Mildred S. Beitler, Dorothy M. Bellos, Martha Benner, Virginia A. Bergenstock, Faye V. Berklite, Dorothy E. Berman, Roberta Bieber, Joan C. Biery, Janet R. Bigatel, Letizia R. Binkley, Rita C. Black, Betty-Jane Bobal, Kathryn T. Bonatis, Evelyn A. Bosch, Doris J. Erbe, Doris L. Facet, Dolores A. M. Faust, Betty M. Fenstermaker, Jean G. Ferrell, Ruth L. Feskanin, Dolores Fillman, Renee Elizabeth Flood, Margaret H. Foedisch, Ellen Marie Forchione. Doloes C. Fortney, June Foutrakis, Angie G. Frank, Jeanne G. Franz, Theresa Hirsch, Maude Rebecca L. Ildlog-err, Jolanne o man, anet ae Hoffman, Marie Adele Hooks, Mary L. Horlacher, Marilyn H. Horn, Jacquelyn D. Howells, Joyce B. Huber, Dolores J. Hunsberger, Elaine M. Hunsicker, Betty A. Hunsicker, Jean L. Hunsicker, Joan S. Hunsicker, .ois Mae Hunsicker, Marilyn M. Leibenguth, Lois J. Leichliter, Florence J. Leshko, Dolores Anne Lick, Verna F. Liebig, Patricia A. Lilly, Virginia M. Lindenmuth, Edith M. Long, Barbara O. Love, Esther May Ludwig, Joan A. Lusch, Ethel Lutte, Lorraine L. Maicks, Nancy J. Malitsch, Patricia I. Malone, Arlene R Maneval, Beverley Mae F Marcin Anna Marcks, Joyce G Marclcs Martha M Marltert, June M Martrich Doloresl Marvin, Joan Matis, Joyce A Mattern Mamie Mavsiclt Fav A McAuliffe Ethel Mae McCormick, Norma J McGuire, Betty J McGuire, Joan D Melincholt, Mary Metzler Dorinne E Mill, Margaret Miller Claire Louise Miller Donna Miller Gladys Evelyn Miller Jean Dolores Miller Iillian M. Miller Maxine Ellen Minner, Joan L. Minutolo Emma D. Mohrey, Lucille L. Morrissey, Frances D. Moser, Jacqueline I. Moses Elinor C. Moyer, Lorraine . Mullen Eleanore W. Munsch, Betty M. Mysselman, Jean M. Muers Irene O. Nagle, Esther Neiman, June ? Neitz, Jacque - Lois Newhard, G chen S. New ricia A. Niltl Dolores Nos ean J. Not in, Jeanette G Nuss ar'orie L. Peachey Inger M Perrotto Janet C Pfeiffer Anna May Phifer ElxzabethJ Pietrobon JewelJ Pltten M Jean Polscer Loretta l' Pope Bettyl Povalac I oulse June A Rabenold atherine E Rabert R Elaine Radis Jea ll Rau Dons Rau Marilyn Rehrig Iois Reinhold ra A Remaley na E Remmel ona Louise Rennm Leah C Reula Elaine Rich irgima A. Ric ers Diane M. ' Emily C. ' mer Mary F. tter Audrey itter Iouise ' Robertson E' Rodenbach Roderick lois E. Rodgers Edith Jean E. Rodgers Myrtie T. Roeder Iouise M. Rogers Lucille Kay Ro illa, Dorothy R , Gloria A. ' e, Patricia A. sser, Geraldine D. ' ' dele Rot elen A. Rot oanne L. Rot arianne J. Rot hirley M. Schattner ValreyJ Schaup BettyJ Schaup Jeannette A Scherrer Patricia A Scherer Lucy Schmdelheim Phvllis Schlegel Dorothy A Schlegel Ruth E Schock Jewel I' rona Q Schreite orxs L Schuler argaret M Schuler rginia L Schuster illian c Marlene Seem avne L Selig nnette I e R Sensinge ons N Sherer D res F Shover oa e L Siegfried La e M Stes Nancy ighele lorett . 'lberg Janet ler, Betty L. h Adelma M. Betty J. Malinino L. -- ' licia M. myt oyce K. Snyder Betty A. Snyder Betty Snyder Carolyn M. Snyder Doris E. Spaar, Carlott . Spadt, Marion Specht, Carol K. Spironella, Rita J. Steele, Audr Stehly, Ma n . Steiner, Ma L. Steinmetz, rilyn J Stengel, Dol s R. Tews Hope V Theis Nathalie F. Thomas Claire E. Thomas Rowena B. Tose Helene D Toth Helen P Transue Dolores E. Travis Dor1sJ Tnnkl Mary A Troop Jane Trumbauer Joan D. Turmenen J Elise Turner Dolores J. Van Billiard Emilie A. Van Emburg Joan M. Voleye Joan B Walck Jacqueline L. Wallander Elaine M. Weaver Claire M. Welbel Marjorie C. Weinstein Edith Weirbach Lorraine R. Weitz Lois Fay Weldner Marion E. Weller Marjorie H. Wenrich Betty Lou P. Werner Dolores E. Werst Bette . Wert Jean I.. Wescoe Betty J. West Thelma M. Wetherhold Doris E. hitehouse Esther A. ieand, Myrle R. sner, Mary H. nger, Frances M. Wi ms, Shirley M. Win Carol E. Wirth ' A Wolbac , o e A. Wolford, Jan M. Woolever, GI 'a M. GRADUATING CLASS OF 1948 . iT. 'I ' .Y . A A t. l Raph,,Lor V. I S h 3 , 1 i l F' , ' i I sn,, M. A ' i 1 ' , , U -:J ' - 9 i R , i f' , ' 94' ' , I V, ' , v .I M ,f 7 1 i Ro , , J , X Oberson, Judith Joan O'Brien, Patricia M. Ogrydzialt, Gloria L. O'NeilI, Marie F. Osipow, Janice Ott, Betty O. Otto, Louisa Arlene Passalis, Antoinette P . arilyn D. Saclts, Lorraine I. Sandt, Dolores D. Santee, Dolores M. Schadler, Eleanor R. Schadler, Ruth N. Schaeffer, Doris C. Schaffer, Dolores R. Stettler, Gl Stewart, Dolores M. Stofliet, Joyce E. Stonehill, Alice L. Street, Jean I.. Stroble, Rosemarie T Sussman, Dorothy D. Swanson, Janet L. Swavely, Iva M. Yost, Jean E. Zawilla, Jane L. Zeller, Gloria J. Ziegler, Anna M. Zimmerman, Geraldine Zweifel, Dolores I.. f af- ,fy C.i 1 .1 V' ,F- ,. J it .7 . . 'N IE ' '14 4 A 'iii ll, uU!7fr' ,..i YB .al f 13222 'L '7v 3 9415 i I Y -i--41 'X yr lv, llfibj CALENDAR SEPTEMBER First day of school-notice the joyous seniors. Mr. Roedel discovers his all male home room. Dr. Acker sorely missed by many students. Lois Roderick and Dick Althouse begin quarreling. School closes for Fair vacation. jug Pasquariello gets lost in the Bug House-alone! jean Musselman visits fortune teller. Jean resolves never to attend Fair again. jim Bright reported asking directions to the eleva- tor. These Sophs! Mr. Freed-the man with a class on every floor. Seniors turn in most Canary subscriptions. OCTOBER Dick Weber offers his opinion of long skirts. Senior girls begin shortening skirts again. Mr. David R. I-lacket kindly informs your editor that he wishes to see his name in the Comm. Ken Hartleib discovers there are two words ending in yze. Betty Phifer comes to school on time. Walt S. and Eddie H. look for jobs. Walt and Eddie date West End girls. Seniors choose "Dau Bait" as class play. Reports due. Sam Costa eats dinner in a standing position. Donald Frankenlield wins Pennsylvania Week con- tCSt. Marjorie Hausman appears with straight hair. Mr. Hacket push you in the pool, Marge? NOVEMBER Will someone please remind the Seniors that l'lallowe,en is over? Upset stomach cured free-ask Kenny Netznik for a ride in his Ford. Mr. Reichard's Fifth period physics class has its own Digger O'Dell. Isn't Eddie's impersonation simply wonderful, Arlene? Lois Roderick sets hair in Trig class. Anne Eckert knittin' for her kitten-Bill W. jean Pitten leaves German class minus a shoe. The majorettes adopt "Feudin,' Fussin', and A- Fightin' " as their new theme song. Ed Reeser brings a pencil to English class. Seniors begin having Camus photos taken. Allen- town photographers renew insurance policies. Lionel Kershner thinks Pilgrim? Progrerr describes his three years at AHS. Thanksgiving holidays begin. Mr. Crum enjoys his turkey. junior Prom. Bob Smink tries to date Matt Gillespie's soloist. We come to school greeted by the Semmel Booster Band. 248 CALENDAR DECEMBER Tim Evrard desires a female English instructor. Intelli ence not necessary. Valerie lgridirici reads a book in the movies. "Date Bait" presented to a rolicking audience. Shirley Cease and Charles Qualley are still re- hearsing that closing scene. Wesley Sell arrives in P. D. class slightly breathless. Having trouble with that sax, Wes? A certain senior girl proclaims her theme song to be "The First Noel." Holly Hop. So much holly and no mistletoe. Mr. Reichard receives an early Christmas gift-a baby girl. Schools close for Christmas holidays. Gil Mac- Fadyen begins cramming for a trig exam. JANUARY Lois and Dick make a New Year's resolution. School reopens. Leap year-fellows beware! Gil MacFadyen flunks Trig exam. Mr. Stauffer comes to school with Lydia Gray- cleansing tissues. Following his music instructor's advice, Richard Masters trades his voice for a motor scooter. From a survey of senior biographies, Mr. Sher con- cludes that 90 per cent of seniors are: quiet until you get to know themg seldom take home a book but still manage to passg make their audience drop dead with every joke. The Duke gets a student teacher. Renee Fillman causes a sensation by wearing boots to all her classes. Peg Diehl invents hair styles during assembly program. P. D. receives warning card. Comm photos due. Mr. Nehf wears dark glasses. Once again-reports due. Elwood Semmel does not appear on stage in assembly. Joanne Roth decides to take another course in trig. Mrs. Weinsheimer please note. Mr. Bartholomew bows out to Principal for A Day-Walter Dex. FEBRUARY Does our physical mathematician see anything in his crystal ball concerning valentines? Steve Kilo loses shoe in swimming class. Ginny Rich and Myrtie Rodgers take a sudden interest in P. D. class. Could it be the student teacher? 249 .fa y Qnp ' ik' ...,, K 2 0-' jf J CALENDAR Miss Schlicher threatens to make homeroom take notes on the bulletin. Cupid's Whirl. Marilyn Horlacher finally obtains that lock of red hair for her shadow box. Fred Hilder admits that his dad writes all his English themes. Miss G. to Frank Zazo: "I know I can't compete with what I see in the halls." Frank Fendrick thinks Southern Methodist is a church. The Duke makes his annual call for Valentines. Friday the 13th. One day without snow, and already Mr. Sher has spring fever. Our favorite English instructor tells us to limit Eheme titles to a Heck of dust on the eyelash of a ea. Chick Kuss defines electricity as "juice." Gloria Wollever states she only comes to school to pass the time between vacations. Who is Mr. X? Mr. Hartzell uses whip and chair to train sixth period lions. Did someone mention senior privileges? 26. "Two Mad Nights". Wesley Sell comes to church with a cane. MARCH Mr. Weinsheimer wears matching coat and trousers and a quiet tie. Charles Snelling begins collecting dates forHarvard. In Mr. Rabenold's latest fantastic tale, Noel Moyer saved him from the clutches of a hardened criminal. Could Blair Heimbach's favorite expression, like mad, refer to his study of algebra? Fashion show-several senior fellows recently changed their opinion of the new look. 11, 12. "The Greateft Show on Earthv is hailed a success. ' During the present coal shortage the Weinsheimer family is keeping warm by burning trig logs. Norma Geissinger breaks a mirror in the cafeteria. The Comm editor becomes a mere shadow from chasing around looking for the faculty sponsor. 19, 20. All State Orchestra-students develop sud- den musical interest and Visit auditorium during all study halls. Mr. Sher's birthday, no school-or could it be the Easter holidays? Back to school. 250 f X I ,f 'f N ff ' 1 X ' .n":v"! f f ' i I I I N , fXiCf1 S19 P15 J M i C1 Q. 6 CALENDAR 1. 2. 3. S. 6. 8. 9. 12. 15, 20. 21. 28. 26- 3. 4. 5 6. APRIL Bob Weber explains the more intricate parts of Einstein's Theory of Relativity in English class. April fool. Everyone is very tired after a March of 31 days. We enjoy our introduction to spring fever, the Spring Swing. The Camus staff discovers an unidentified boy on the National Honor Society picture. Mr. Sewards receives two goose eggs. AHS Review: Hn Past is a great success. Pride and Przjudice chosen as Commencement play. Anthony Buffo confesses to Miss Kistler that he does nothing in solid geometry. 16. The Varsity A Club presents Conglomfration. Jeanette Schaup gives Tim Evrard a razor. Tim appears in school minus his fifth period shadow. We all enjoy the Science Fair and Hobby Show. 29. We take a South Ameriran Cruixz with the girl's aquacade supplying the entertainment. MAY Term papers due. Many students absent from English class. Missing-Miss Kistler's practice teacher. Will someone please return the missing copy of the U. N. magazine? National Honor Society members serve as guides for Raub, Central, and Harrison Morton students touring AHS. 7. Local police de artment sets up a missing persons bureau in AIES oHice. 13. All Sports Banquet. 18 Walter Dex announces he has never missed a day of school. 21. Seniors discard dignity and celebrate Senior Day. 22. Seniors take a trip up the Hudson. 25-28. Senior exams. 28 Senior Farewell. 13 14 15 J UNE . Baccalaureate services. . Graduation play presented to an appreciative audience. . Commencement exercises held in beautiful City Park. 251 Last Will and Testament We, the graduating class of Allentown High School, being of questionable mental stability, and having spent twelve capricious years in attaining our readin', writin', and 'rithmetic, do hereby bequeath, to our successors these negligible and inconsiderable items: To any tired student-an escalator from the Campus to his homeroom. To any sharpy-Alan Super's box of multi-colored bow ties. To any willing junior-Maynard Davis' English warning cards. To Miss Steinmuller-an extra period to Hx attendance records. To some towsled sophomore-Noel Moyer's curly hair. To Miss Beary-more Kleenex and cold cream for opening night. To Mr. Hartzell-a nice, quiet sixth period study hall. To any deserving junior-Edith Weinsteinls and Louise Ritter's 99 in chemistry. To an underclassman like Ed McGee-the math problems on page 256. To Mr. Wieand-a larger arts and crafts room. To any sun worshipper-Betty Phifer's synthetic sunburn. To any bewildered sophomore--the fourth lloor, main building, as his own private classroom. Q To Miss Gerhard-the ever ready help and advice of the fourth period football experts. To Mr. Allan-a memorandum book for after school appointments. To all tall juniors-lockers with only top shelves. To future seniors-continued hope for a separate line for teachers in the cafeteria. To Mr. Chips Bartholomew-we leave fond memories of a gentleman, scholar, and hale fellow well-met. To any excitable redhead-the easy going disposition of Gloria Rose. To aspiring figure skaters-Lucille Mohrey's grace and skill. To the next Principal for a Daywan autographed picture of VValter Dex seated in the principal's swivel chair. To Mr. Rentschler'---A public address system for reading the bulletin. To budding thespians-Lois Eisenhard's secret for a smash hit performance. To Mr. Morty Sher-all the headaches and heartaches of assembling next year's Comuf. Miss Schlicherfa pencil sharpener. 1949's majorettes-pads for the corns, callouses, bunions, and falling arches of their aching feet. To the cafeteria-a special container of Airwick for Friday's fish days. Mr. Boyer-a cabinet to keep the records made on his wire-recorder. the cheerleaders-an automatic heating blanket and ten gallons of Sloan's liniment. To Mr. Weinsheimer-a handy notebook to jot down spontaneous witticisms for posterity. the swing band leader-Dick Weber's solid jive style and musical genius. Mr. Meyers-A new baton and a carton of vitamin pills. the Class of 1950-the spirit of the student council presidential campaign. the Class of 1949-the responsibility of upholding the honor and fair name of our glorious Alma Mater. To To To To To To To To IN WITNESS WHEREOF, We the Class of 1948, have to this, our last will and testament, subscribed our names this Hfteenth day of June, nineteen hundred and forty-eight. MAXINE MILLER JANICE OSIPOW EDITH RODGERS 252 Class Prophecy The French teacher was reading, ". . .ponctuel-portiere. . ." pocketa-pocketa. Wizard Mitty gritted his teeth, then, mystically peering through the haze, which enveloped his crystal ball, he observed the Class of 1948 in the future: Al Cassium of the Cassium Brothers Demolishing Corporation was at work razing Bethlehem High School. The fish in the Atlantic had a big treat when Admiral Walter Dex leaned over the rail of his ship. A tremendous crowd gathered for autographs as actress Joan Enterline, who had just finished a two-week run at the Shimersville Open Air Theatre, led the Easter Day promenade. The crowd's attention was switched to a Salvation Army parade led by Pat Garland, joan Marvin, and Myrle Wieand. Marching in the band were Willy Wert, Reds Weber, and Hotlips Parker. Little Toigo was pushing the bass drum wagon. The parade was momentarily held up as Police Chief Keysack removed an obstinate cyclist, William Sanderlin, from the middle of the street. Porky Millhouse, a hotshot candy butcher, was hustling "California assorted chocolates-a prize of value in each and every package." Congressman Elwood Semmel drove behind the parade tossing music note- books to prospective voters. At the completion of the parade, Salvadore Dali invited all art lovers to his home to enjoy some of Robert Ritter's masterpieces. Charles Zimmerman, dressed conservatively in blacks, shouted, "Drop dead l" Stirring from his trance, Mitty dissipated the cloud about his globe and saw a train headed for New York. In the Pullman, Marilyn Horlacher was scouring the brass work. jean Pitten and Marilyn Clymer were on their way to try-out as pitchers for the New York Giants. Gene Sweeney and Art Miatico, the singing waiters, were performing in the dining-car. Mitty then toured various schools throughout the country, in his crystal ball. At Quincey Normal, he saw Inger Peachey conducting classes in polishing apples. At the Goodale Home for chronic nail-biters, Betty Robertson's cheerleaders were begging their team to rip 'em up, tear 'em up. At Lucille Mohrey's School for Skaters, the fair principal was demonstrating to her proteges the art of bisecting an equilateral triangle on ice. On the Harvard campus, Henry Piium and George Mueller were receiving honors from the dean. They were promoted to head janitors. Mitty, much to his joyous amazement, saw that Roland Pickering finally made gh? giiade-he was elected captain of the football team of the Katherine Gibbs t c oo . At AHS, McClafferty finally reached the senior year. Dolores Leshko was working out in the gym for "Body-Building Maidens." Charles Snelling was quoted as saying that he would move to Russia, if Wallace was elected. H Annette Kistler developed an allergy that prevented her from being near owers. just as events in the crystal ball became obscure, the wizard detected Harry Molo, Esquire, lecturing to a Parent-Teachers' Association meeting at Allentown High School. "Mitty, Mitty," called the indignant teacher, "conjugate the verb 'avoir'." "Au revoir. . .Curses-flunked again." 253 Jumrn M. DALEY RALPH KAMPER Do1.oREs FENSTERMAKER P ' ' ent ......, .,................,... R ALPH KAMPER widen! .... .......,... ..,....... . H DALEY ' A y ..... ....,,., .... ' . . 'ENs'r AKER Tre fer ..... ...... ..... ...,..,.. J o P H S DER Two years ha ' o ck pass 1 since - ent ed the porta . ofA entown High School as bewil r soph more It re ired ut little ti ' befo - various in- dividuals in o ' ss mad brilli t achie ent 'n diverse chool . tivities. With I ' pride we p nt to he splendi tten ance . ur Ju ior Prom at Castle I r - a . ' - J mior c as play, Dear ' , n Wh h Na cy Kutz and Charles engel co-starred. Our eH'o s in journalism and ath tics a - also worthy of comme e. . I ugh , ese GI -. - rs that we 1 pe t set goals that will test the mettle of all f ure 1 asses. Now at the thre four ' year, e a . to . . me the responsi- bility that each class - - rry. To . ' - - . pirations will necessi- tate the Whole-hearted cooperation of every one of us. 254 JOSEPH SNYDER if in Yang My 4 ff X'- Aw- X732- W X I 9411 J 5 f V ,o 3 X 05 Sri if -2 - , if 25 f i qi f nmvpfem X H xc. CW MBV' RA LPH P AUX. of-h"'4W: nl. BIRN EY CRUM WE THE RHOLD 6 ifh - Q BENJAMIN j. GREENE THOMAS BRENNAN I r DAVID R. HACKET RICHARD R. LANDIS KENNI-:TII WII.ImoNc:I-:R Mll,fH Sgqvvmuyg CHEERLEADERS Captain. . . ..... ,... B ETTY ROBERTSON Sponfor. ..... Miss JANET SHOEMAKER Our cheerleaders have carried on the tradition of whooping it up at all our athletic contests in excellent style. Their efforts in coaxing and cajoling the student body to cheer like mad often gave inspiration to our teams when the going was roughest. Their caper-cutting often attracted as much interest as the game itself. When enthusiasm or school spirit began to lag, this enthusiastic group provided the stimulus that it takes to make our school a Winner. The group lent color and atmosphere to all of our favorite sport activities and pep rallies. Firrt row: A. Eckert, K. Heimbach, B. Heimbach, B. Robertson, H. Mack, D. Nickles, L. Morey. Second row: L. Hunsickcr F. Denhard, M. Clymer, J. McHugh, J. Moser, I. Peachey, E. Hunsbcrger. 258 ril rfrre: R. DeRoner. C. Kehncl, R. Christman. N. Snyder. R. Delfsch. D. Nlillhouse, -I. Snyder, NV. Schmidt. il. Bright, I' iwarw, I., Ritter. IC. 'lllu-rtson, I'. Stravino. I.. Ilcclcman. C. Daslcalos. Srrmirl rrmx' lf. Scliwartz. D. lfinli. C. Reese, D. Ritttr li Solcol, If. R:ulclil'l'e.' I". lNlcCIalferty, W Sliollenvberger, R. Ylood, T.. Kropp, D. Wolf, VV: Dex, l'i.'Slemmer, D. Dougherty. L, at-nn. Him! rm'f': S, iwnrilt-, R. Stettler. I. NM-mla-ll, li. Sliankweiler, R. Nlitehell. I. Spang. I. Zack. C C amoclv, ii. I-I0 Q I I Yoiisctm, 'lf livrard, K. Krause. R. I renamen. Cnnifrn fhy: I". Alotta, A. Cassinin, VN. Chestnut, ll. CIymer.i.I. Conwai I lfmery. VI. If:-rclilio, I". Gabriel. ll. flierula, K. Ilelcl, R. Held, VV. Ilouser. lf. llushlcelc, S. Kline. R. Krause. tl. la-Van, R. lVIillLr R Rgila-nolil. li. Rau, IVI. Rice, R. Roberts. D. Schneclc. I". Schwartz, J. Sceboltl, lf. Slonaker. R.Walrer, -I. Wambold, R.Warnnr FOOTBALL TEAM Allentown High faced perhaps the toughest schedule ever arranged for an AHS team during the I9-I7 football season. Barred from playing any P.l.A.A. teams for a period of one year, the schedule was composed of tough prep school teams and outstanding Philadelphia high school elevens. At the conclusion of the season the Canaries showed the commendable record of seven victories and four defeats. Allentown High opened the I9-I7 season with a 2Sf6 victory over Dobbins Tech. High of Phila- delphia. VValter Dex scored twice to lead the Canaries to their seventeenth consecutive victory. Southern High of l'hiladelphia put up a terrilic battle before becoming the Canaries eighteenth consecutive victim. After Allentown came from behind in the linal period with a touchdown, lfddie Slennner drop-kicked the extra point that gave AHS a 13-12 victory. Lawson Heclcman accounted for both Allentown touchdowns. Schwartz, Heclcman, Daslcolas, Gentile, Hushkek, and Horn all scored touchdowns as the Canaries easily overcame lien Franklin 39-0. It was the Canaries nineteenth consecutive victory and third of the season. llullis Prep School of Silver Springs, Maryland ended Allentown's winning streak with a 743 victory. The capacity crowd that witnessed the game saw the outweighed, outmanned Canaries put up a determined struggle. The only score of the game came on a 26-yard pass play. Once again AIIS resumed its winning ways with a 16--0 victory over Charlotte Hall Military Academy. The score does not indicate the superiority of the Canaries who pushed their opponents all over the field. Keith Krause blocked two Charlotte plll1l'S to aid the Canary cause. Allentown High absorbed one of its worst bearings in many years when Roman Catholic of I'hiladelphia defeated the Canaries Z6-7. After dominating play throughout the lirst half AHS collapsed during the remainder of the contest as the Philadelphians scored with ease. l,ecl by gigantic lfrnie Parks, the Golden Danes of Romford Prep handed Allentown High its second consecutive setback by an I8-73 score. liddie Slemmer's second Held goal of the season accounted for Allentown's three points. Dt-Vitr l'rep of VVashington, D. C. became Allentown High's fifth victim when they bowed to the Canaries 25 IZ. The score was tied 6 f-6 at halftime but a 60-yard run on a pass interception by Charlie Kehuel gave AHS the lead. One foot proved the difference between a tie and a defeat as West Philadelphia defeated the Canaries I3 6. Walter Dex, who scored Allentown's only touchdown kept AHS in the game with his passing and running but a last minute touchdown drive fell one foot short of a touchdown. The Canaries put on their most dazzling performance of the season in overcoming Perkiomen Prep. Charles Daskolas' 65-yard touchdown, on an intercepted pass, provided the sensational climax that concluded the season in a blaze of glory. 'WJ if 'A s --N n Q 7a P4 4 A I 1 unq- -nn-.-.. 0- ... ...,. ci- .inna.u.- lwnnmn in .4-.......-,Ag --. ..., 'KT' r"u I an f I. Q- vii W M vt 5 v.: u"'W'i'q4gg Q if 2 k' ' 'W " K ' " M . ,Q , " Q ,,?g55f 4, K l f ' . 'zglxaiwh f b. 1 N ,. wwwwm . 5 J M , gm' ff" I 'M ' .Sk ' 1 . X. f Liz. W J v ,: , 7' '31 S, Lrg "t , f if 5 Q --fi, .A ' i.332i'gsQ1' " M 1 '3 Kg" Q ra it mf 2 A W ' JJ ' iw 4 ' if 5 ' vhs' HEMI til Y ' q. ' ' -A wgwiwn Q rn 4 1 X j g',7j, 2553, - A ' v M s rf' 5 ' y ' -fl R 1, E gh. , I K I., gg, . 5, v .K A x' I. 4? t K t , X g K . . I ' , b ' . ,Y ' 1 zu . A5 J Y - ru I I Q . V. i , 'V - 9 2.63 .A 1 SN . , A I3 C X A V Y V, . I, . , I, - V -7 a I v A H -,-- Q ,. 4' S 'f 5 . 4 f up ' ' f . 'I r L a Q ov is .Q 1- , i 1 W Q - I ,J A - I X , J, b fy. ,AJ ,. f . ...L-M Qr ,- , fp' N , y - f . . ,fl fp '- f- x - ' - s f '. T ff N. N f T 1 ' . " 5 7. hifi. 4' . Q Q it 'J B U W .wh DA N' a Q mei,- , ' 5' J - Q W" f U as - ' X ,, Q ' 1 ' ' A X g 7 L ' 4 4 X K . K K 4 xx ' 5 4 I I J Q ft a Q Y x say? . j I W .gl K w . 1+ 4, f yr. dx fx K 1 if . 1 ,f A f 1, 5 v ' 5 I ' - 4' -X' "' if ' 'E' , i A . y X :.M.m.,., ggqakwl Q - ' 5 M ' f ' , , , K h .wmwlmiln awqlm-1 iid n 'sunny xg! 4 'I K ul. V . H fe . . 4 . M b 'I .45 ' S. W Q 'r Il , fx'-fm , ri .....,m., Am , .,.L '7'lf ' 3 ,. ,.,.,, . 1 , f W ,, 115 f gl' .v,,g3.Ag' L 2 g f M K, A V A , - Eff-Mx - V -I? A ' . ' 75 I xl- - ' I ,,,.,,,N ' X J' , ,,-L. ' ,,, K ,www 3 2,1 V ' , , ' "" as 'A,, ,. Ig 251- , :,, - , - . is ,V :,V .gr 'fn EVRARD MITCHELL 1,-.. i f in-4 it K 'J -LW. f ' . ,. ff :.fY,15'? QW if H -ffm . 5 xy ,5- fgffyg, ' f"Q"W"'f f , 741 1 1 . I yf- f 1, ,f.., ,,, ' ' S ,. X, W. . ., .. ..:. . ,. .,.:. , ALBENZI ,ww HX 'ieffg CHRXSTMAN CASS! U M REAR: STETTLER, Kaop M f il TANosNe:YoNsErrq,l-lscnw ' KNEELING: SHOLLENBERGI osx S1 A ,,,. K' 14' if 6 3 " X ,W . , , X :M 45 ,, P .24 -xx . , W f , Q Q U ww W -- BRIGHT Sl-IWARTZ SLEMMER sql' nouemsarv SNYDER REESE A' :l v DE RONER RAU ' X 'E QONER A f ig, E j CAMODY 1ITCHELL,SOKOL, FINK Mn'-A-PlOUSE ' LHWARTZ FScHwAn1z, WENDEL X-A M SHAN KWEI LE R DASKAIOS Mcfll AFFERTY SOKGL F r 1 ow J bhellmg, G. Fedok, K. Kline, R. Sweeney, R. l,evan, J. Yonalc, ll. Emery. Seronri row: W. Schmidt, R. Held A Cassium X Pizzalotto, J. Flexer, R. Focht, R. Schwoyer, F. Schwartz. Camera fhy: C. Handwerk, E. I-lushlcek, C. Marsh. VARSITY BASKETBALL TEAM Allentown High School's Canaries finished out their regular basketball schedule for 1947418 in successful fashion, winning 17 games and losing three. This record contains a 14 game winning streak, broken by Brown Prep in a game played in the Little Palestra. Walter Schmidt, Canary forward and senior, put in a terrific scoring pace in the second half season to win individual high scoring honors with 103 field goals and 30 fouls in 20 games for 236 points. Speedy George Fedok, Canary guard, climbed into second position during the second half drive to accumulate 62 from the lield and -12 on the foul stripe for a 166 point total. Fred Schwartz, lirst-half season scoring leader, took third place honors with 66 field goals and 28 fouls for 160 points. Center Al Cassium totaled 152 points on 56 from the Held and -1,0 on the foul line for forth slot, and Bobby Levan fifth on S0 field goals and 30 foul goals for 130. All five mentioned above were starters for Coach Birney Crum's Canaries and as seniors played their last season of basketball at Allentown High School. There- fore their loss will be a big blow to next year's Canary squad, but with much good material coming up from the Allentown reserves and the junior high schools, Canary coaches will be able to develop another outstanding team. 264 Walter Schmidt .... George Fedok .,.. Fred Schwartz. . . Albert Cassium. . . Robert I,evan. . Kenneth Kline ..... Richard Focht ..... Robert Held ..... john Emery ..... Ronald Sweeney. .. Robert Schwoyer. . . -Izunes Flexer ..... -loseph Yonalc .... .lack Shelling .,.... . Charles Marsh ..... Vince Pizzalatto ,,.,. Charles Hzindwerk ..... Iidward Hushkek .... INDIVIDUAL SCORING w ll Fl, FG Toi. . 20 30 236 , 20 42 166 . 20 28 160 . 20 -I-II I52 . 20 30 I30 . I8 6 SS . I8 8 76 . 17 8 52 . I I I 25 . I0 3 I5 . 13 2 12 . 5 I 5 , 6 I 3 . 7 I 3 . 5 I 3 . 6 II 2 . I II 2 . 2 II II JAY VEE BASKETBALL TEAM r.rl rofw: IU. Ritter. 'lf Class, R. Rnbenolil. El. Iimciy, Ii. Gabriel. I,. Whitman. R. Swccncy, W. Recd. Srrzn r 4 ancis. C. Hanilwt-rk, D. Fuller, R. lluisel. R. Christmun. C. Irnnralanqe. D. Slammer. RQ iisij 21-5 wif i if My LEVAN SCHMIDT SCHWAR1 0 HX X Xv FEDOK HELD CASSRH4 f 'X X K 5 MM ' ' ' K ' A fi Q1 YQ 1 f 5 N . , w 5 .Q 5 1 3 f f I X , B 1 1 14,21-, ffl. ,nv-.. ab I xfsl . Q! rf iff. Er' 1 5 Q, .g W1 WM ,S' Mg w- ,. . Q s .w 4 X 6 lg lpk fx 'V t pf, ? s 4: 4 J, X Nfl A ,Af N .J in 1 W, M' hw 2 L,M"' , , V "' Y ff 5 5, WJ - . fi' ,fl s ,,.--A fir' as 1' W" ,-Q .4-.1 ww-J""r 5 4' ...o4"'l 'ww' r"'V"'1" BOXING TEAM After winning the opening match of the season, Allentown High School's boxing team met defeat in their three remaining bouts. Charles Lutz, boxing in the 105 lb. class was AHS's outstanding boxer being undefeated in four bouts. Frank Alotta, 155 lbs. won three victories and Captain Charles Hippert, 140 lbs. was victorious twice. Two of the boxing team's matches were in the South where they met Fairfax High School at Virginia and Charlotte Hall Military Academy at Maryland. BOXING RESULTS AHS ...,. ... GV! Fairfax High School ..,.,,...,... 45 AHS .... .. . 4VZ Charlotte Hall Military Academy.. SVZ AHS ..... . , . LM Fairfax High School .i.....,..,.. SM AHS ..... ... 3M Charlotte Hall Military Academy.. GW Fin! row: H. Russoli, F. Vvalk, Greiner, E. Sweeney, C. Lutz. Second row: Coach Landis, F. Zazo, S. Bartynslci, C Reese, C. Hipperr. R. Althouse, Coach Vllilclonger. Camera Jhy: F. Alattic, C. Bauer, Briglel, B. Clymer, C. Daslcalos R. Delfsch, bl. Giglio, R. Lesscl, C. Mallimaci, R. Miller, R. Rickey, N. Schaeffer. 270 . ,. I? iv, vi ,Q ,N ,Q f1'r,rlrn1:'.' l". VValclc, C. laitz. C. Zimmerman. M. Frantz. VV. Gardner. ll. Russoli. fegolia. .Sffom1rv:4'.' Coach K. lvil- ilonger. l.. Uinlcingger, lf. l.ong1, A. Dougbertv. D. lVolf, ff. Hipperr. U. Helfrich. Camfra .vfl4v.' S. llartlett. R. lieniollf. C Helfrich, li. Clymer, C. l'lerrer. C. llipperr, D. Holben, l.. Kersbner, K. Knausss, l'. l.evan. K. Long, D. Oberdoesrer, R Paules, ll. Phillipp. N, Reirz. R. Renfro, R. Richey, D. Rosser, N. Schaellier, R. Shock, R. Nvalters. ,l.xv1ll1'll!0lLl. R.W'endel VV. VVendel, D. Wolf. WRESTLING TEAM Allentown High School's wrestling team finished the season with a commend- able record of two victories and three defeats. Meeting high class opposition the Canary grapplers continually found themselves up against older and more ex- perienced opponents. Co-captain Luther Ginkinger of the 120 lb. class was undefeated in four matches, three of them were won by pins. Norman Schaeffer, heavyweight, also won four matches, three of them by pins, but was defeated once. lf AHS had not been suspended from the P.l.A.A. these two could have gone far in state com- petition. Other members of the team who contributed two victores were: Fred Walck, William Gardner, co-Captain Fred Long, and Charles Zimmerman. WRIiS'l'l,lNG RliSUl,'l'S AHS ..... . . 22 l'erlciomen Prep ................. ll AHS .,... . . 15 Valley Forge lVlilitary Academy. .. Zl AllS ...,. , . Zl l'erkiomen Prep ................. 12 AHS ...,. .. I3 xyyOllllI1g Seminary B .... .. . 25 AHS ..... . . I2 VVyoming Seminary I3 .... .. . 25 271 Sitting: R. Leggett, R. Dayton, R. Barette, R. Nowland, S. Gammage, R. Stauffer, D. MacBean, D. Nolfa, G. Brady. Standing: P. Hummel, G. Bentz, Pychinka, R. Seyler. P. Newman, G. Leach, C. Hersh, C. Rohrbach, Mr. D. Hacker, VV. Seip fCaMainJ. N. Ott, Kern. F. Zazo, R. Buckley, D. Smith. Camera xhy: Canouse, Detweiler, R. Hatfield, K. Huston. R. cFadden. P. Neumann, G. Schuler, E. Stoneback, D. Sweeney. SWIMMING TEAM The Canary mermen, always a strong factor in swimming in Pennsylvania schoolboy ranks, had to forego competition in the P.I.A.A. and step into stronger competition among prep schools. As a consequence they lost live meets and won but two. However, the team produced many standout performances and broke several school records. Coach Dave Hacket can well envision a revival of Allentown Highdswimmers fame in another year, for he will lose only four men from this year's squa . Leading scorer on the team was the sensational sophomore Charlie Hersh, who scored 40M points. He toppled the old 200 yard free style record of 2:27.3 held by Dick Mertz when he registered 2123.2 in the first meet of the season. Hersh's mark was broken later by Jack Kern at 2 :22.9. Kern tallied ISM points. Senior members were Bill Seip, backstroker with 21M points, Robin Buckley, breaststroker, NM, Frank Zazo, freestyler IM, and backstroker Dale Smith 1. Other point makers on the large list of underclassmen are juniors: Carl Rohr- bach, freestyle, 20 5f12 points, Paul Hummel, diving 135 Bob McFadden, freestyle 13, Norman Ott, freestyle 4, Sophomores: Phil Newman SM, George Bentz 4:15 and Robert Saylor, who swam the breast and backstroke, Wentz IM. 272 BASEBALL TEAM Facing an abbreviated schedule, this year's baseball team had little oppor- tunity to show its wares. ln the opening game ofthe season the Canaries came from behind to score a surprise ll-7 victory over the Wvonling Seminary team on the Wyoming home field. ln their second game, however, Allentown was defeated by Perkiomen Prep 84. Most of the team was made up of underclassmen and coaches Sewards and Wildonger are building for future campaigns. Despite the handicap of inclement weather. the squad worked hard to prepare for their opponents. Returning from the 1947 team are: George Fedok, john Keppel, Charles Marsh, Robert Mellman, Edward Slemmer, and George Solcol. Previous to the start ofthe season coach Sewards conducted an interclass tournament. The victorious seniors defeated the juniors and sophomores by scores of 34 and 2-l. BASEBALL SCHEDULE April I9 ..., ...., lf Vyoming Seminary ...,....,.. ,.... A way May 5 ..... ..... l 'erlciomcn Prep ..,.. ..... H ome May I4 ..... .,... B rown Prep ...... ..... H ome Nlay 19 ..... ..,.. l 'erkiomen Prep .... ..... . Away Firrt row: Harper, R. Focht, G. Horn, R. DeEsch, Barrall, Schuler, R. Klep inger, G. Stroh, T. Glass. Second row R. blernmer, J. Keppel, lu. Slemmer, C. Marsh, R. Mellman, G. Sokol, G. Fedok, Markowitz, E. Stewart, N. Wendlingi Thzrd row: R. Kocher, W. 'l air, j. behold, R. Warner, F. Stu mak, G. lVliller, D. Hodgson, C. Knerr. F. Chestnut, A. Singley D. Howells. Fourth row: Coach J. Blanlcowitch, Coach J. Sewards. 273 TRACK TEAM Working out on Muhlenberg Field, Jack Coffield Stadium, or in the Little Palestra, the AHS track team spent a great deal of time rounding into shape for the two scheduled meets. John Blanchard, Louis Calpey, Walter Dex, Robert Levan, Robert Greason, and Don Wolfe are among those who are veterans of the 1947 campaign. ln the annual Interclass Meet conducted prior to the start ofthe season, the seniors were victorious with 63 points, the sophomores finished second with 34 points, the juniors Finished third with 24 points. TRACK SCHEDULE May 14 ..... .... P erkiomen Prep ,...... ..... .... H 0 me May 22 ..... ..... W yoming Seminary ...... .,.. H ome Fin! row: G. McFayden, M. Frantz, R. Bohlen, D. Wolfe, L. Calpey, R. Greason, I. Mest, R. Snyder, Miers, J. Blanchard, R. Renfro. Second row: W. Hall, R. Kamper, B. Fein, D. D'Imperio, R. Mengel, T. Kropp, A. Bachman, R. Freedman, G. Anderson, R. Huter, F. Long. Third row: R. Levan, B. Clymer, Wambel, R. Davis, K. Klein, G. Siegfried , D. Mu- hall, R. Wetzel, W. Dex, D. Peters, T. Anderson. Fourth row: B. Yocum, C. Kohl, B. Mordaunt, R. Rabenold, R. Stauffer, K. Long, R. Egge, E. Weaver, R. Cobi, Steinner, Zack. Fifth row: Coach P. Clymer, W. Callisto, W. Reed, W. Houser, C. Peters, C. Trantalange, A. Tuttle, J. Philips, L. Casper, P. Scott. it ,X ,V , . 274 CNT !yg,SN'!'05,.4. yt!! T05 V an .QQ 1103 Fzirl rmv: R. l'iilcock, W. l.t-rch, 'lf Gillespie. Second row: D. Matthews, H. St-shack, D. Sweeney, R. Knauss TENNIS TEAM liecause of inclement weather and a short schedule, the tennis squad has not seen very much action. Using the Oakmont Tennis Club as a home court, they have gained much through participation in their favorite sport. Wielding a tennis racquet in the outdoors is one ofthe most beneficial sports for the individual. It I10t only provides the competitive interest for the player while in school, but it also contains tremendous carry-over value which allows him to enjoy physical recreation for many years in the future. TICNNIS SCHIQDULIC April 21 . . , . .l't-rlciomen Prep ....,..,. .... . Away April 24. . . ...., Wyoming Seminary ..... .... A way May l .... . . ,Wyoming Seminary. .. . . . .Home May I2 .... . . .Pcrlciomen Prep ..... ,.., H ome 275 THE AQUACADE The eighth annual aquacade, entitled "South American Crain," was the most elaborate water ballet of the entire series produced by Coach Dave Hacket. The production was a first in the use of fluorescent and luminescent lighting effects by black lights which truly developed the exotic atmosphere of South America. More than 100 girls participated in the rippling-to-rhythm, synchronized swimming program which was presented for five consecutive days before thrill-packed audi- ences fortunate to hold reserved seat tickets in the Little Palestra pool. A feature of the show was the baton twirling of Jackie Schoenberger, the first in our school's history to combine majorette and swimming talents. Prior to her baton routine Jackie gave an acrobatic dance. Instrumental numbers featured the school's outstanding soprano, Lois Copeg accordianist, Alice Snyderg and marimba soloist, Dolores Fenstermaker. Ann Rhoda acted as captain on the cruise with Lois Cope and Frances Wil- finger as her first and second mates. Helen Diehl was captain of the aquacade and Shirley Cease served as her assistant. Student directors were Barbara Carty, Barbara Davis, Helen Diehl, Betty Snyder, Shirley Williams, Catherine McIn- tyre, and Sally Neuweiler. Nancy Reinhard and Patricia Scheirer managed the amplification, Barbara Dickert and Kathryn Mack were student custodians. Drawing considerable attention because of its blending with the theme ofthe program was the art work done by the art students under the direction of James Musselman. The walls of the Palestra were appropriately decorated in a tropical motif, an artistic setting that formed the back drop for the intricate designs that our mermaids swam. Other departments that helped to make the show a success were dramatics, Miss Joyce Beary and Miss Rhoda Herr, music, Mr. Richard 276 Neubert and Mr. Albertus Meyers, vocational, Mr. Ralph Shimer, Mr. Charles Stephenson, and Mr. Warren Taylor. The program ofthe show was as follows: 1 . All Aboard, entire cast 9. Caribbean Nights 2. Sea Nymph Fashion Parade 10. Las Muchachas Dolphoines 3. Atlantic Warblers 11. Olds Sea Slats 4. Three Bells, All is Well 12. Spanish Silhouettes 5. Sea Gulls on Maneuvers 13. Captains Revue 6. Orange Bowl Aqua Belles 14. Under South American Skies 7. Four Bells, by the Candle Sisters 15. Eight Knots and Stormy Weather 8. Gulf Stream Crossing 16. Homeward Bound, Buenos Noches SENIORS D. Arnclt, J. Beil, B. Carry, S. Cease, I.. Cope, M. Dankel, B. Davis, M. Dewalt, H. Diehl. M. Flood, R. Keller, B. Knauss, R Knecht, D. l.eshko, lf. Nagle, lf. Minutolo, 1.. Rogers, P. Romig, P. Scheirer, M. Schuler, B. Snyder, T. West, F. Wilfinger, S Williams. JUNIORS B. Albertson, C. Albright, l.. Barr, D. Bergen, M. Bollman, M. Brown, L. Demsey, A. Dileo, M. Dvorshak, B. Gangewere klGrow, D. Fenstermaker, li. Koch, N. Kutz, E. Laross, F. Lembach, M. Lichtenwalner, S. Li uma, G. Logan, D. Martin, C clntire, M. Mclieever, I. Monek, M. McGuire, N. Philips, B. Schnell, Schoenberger, M. Scliaeffer, Stedman, B. Stocker F. Sweeney, C. Wctherhold, N. Williams, A. Wise, B. Young. SOPHOMORES H. Anderson, M. Anderson, E. Angstaclt, D. Bisbing, N. Brong, M. Brown, B. Dicker, J. Dietrich, F. Doll, M. Ernest, M. Jacks S. Kemmerer, K. Mack, Mixsell, R. Monk. S. Neuweiler, V. Pietrobon, N. Reinhard, F. Roth, M. Schearer, G. Semmel, E. Schaffer G. Sharp, N. Sies. P. Smith, A. Snyders, J. Uhl, J. Van Doren, N. Walker. M. Barnek, li. Covely, D. Dombroski, J. Eberwein, S. Fink, D. Gessncr, G. Fischer, J. Harwick, P. Mallatkatt, P. Passalis, J Pfeiffer, V. Yannicelli, N. Rabenold, J. Rehrig, M. Shupp, J. Skolinsky, A. Tust, M. Weibel. 277 9 y 2 CLASS OF 1948 DRAMATICS The dramatic activities of the Class of '48 have been wide in scope and superior in quality. We have done more than our share in raising the standards of AHS activities, not just by acting, but through the cooperation of the class as a whole. There are many achievements to our credit without which it would have been impossible to offer such successful productions. Probably first in importance is the students' eagerness to participate in the various dramatic ventures. Our zeal was certainly shown in the splendid representation of our first production, the interclass play Love Your Neighbor, in March of 1946. Although we were just a little bit green in the ways of AHS, we still managed to fill over one-third of the cast. This spirit has con- tinued through our three years at AHS. Second in importance was greater variety in the type of drama produced. Third in importance was our two and three night stands, the Class of 1948 was probably the first in the history of Allentown High to introduce repeated performances on consecutive evenings. Fourth, better scenery, improved electrical effects, diversified programs and outstanding publicity. The third and fourth goals might never have been reached without Lois Eisenhard's per- suasive efforts exercised on the powers that be, or the persistance and skill of Alan Super and Charles Qualley in buying, mixing, spreading, and voicing their opinions of light green water paint. The efforts of Charles Snelling and Elwood Semmel in publicizing the productions some- times led one to think the dramatic crowd were in constant rehearsal for The Huckrterr. As for the programs, the class program committee could never have achieved the success it did without the cooperation of Mr. James Musselman of the art department, Mr. Ivan Bixler of the printing department, and Mr. Shimer from the electric department. Of course, it would hardly have been possible to have a successful play if the actors had not done such fine jobs. The Class of '48 has set an outstanding precedent in their relation with the school custodians, who in close harmony with the committee, formed for each production a hub about which the actors could move. Maybe through the years there have been big wheels and little wheels and every now and then a feeling of disagreement, but the main wheel has always been one of co- operation. FASHION SHOW One ofthe most glamorous events of the year was the annual fashion show. The show, in its fourth year of presentation, was appropriately named "The Story of Fashion." Through the cooperation of Mr. Robert Stimmel of the Distributive Education Department and some of the local merchants it was possible for the girls of AHS to get a preview of the new spring styles. The show was presented to the parents and friends on March 9 and to the girls on March 10 during assembly period. A very pleasant surprise was in store for some of the models. Just before the evening show several photographers from Lzlfe' took pictures for their magazine. The styles shown featured one of the most important assets to a girl's wardrobe this spring- the "new look." From gorgeous gowns to pretty pedal-pushers, it was evident that the trend toward softer, more feminine lines is becoming exceedingly popular with girls and women every- where. Sportswear shown consisted of bathing suits, slacks, shorts, and skirts and blouses. Coats and suits accentuated the ballerina skirt with its flowing lines. Pretty print dresses and the highlight of the show, the evening gowns, were also modeled by the girls. The gowns were of pastel shades, and some featured off-the-shoulder, tight-fitting bodices. Music was furnished by the Canary Cavaliers and Betty Abraham, soloist. Mr. Stimmel was assisted by Miss Lucy Bittner and Miss Eleanor Geisinger and personnel from the stores that furnished the apparel. Narrators for the different events were Doris Ehrich, Elaine Wal- lander, Ethel McAuliffe, and Lillian Miller. 278 ,T 1 O 1' " w "1 fm l H ..f'?-3.5 XX XX, 1 I 0 GD 1 A ea 3 I fl MARCHING BAND G!orl'en.tpielf.' D. Fhert, D. Fenstermaker. Freed, C. Mengel. C. Reichard, P. Trumbauer. Tronzbonff: R. Abron. F. Bakis R. Bodey, R. Butz, M. Davis, Metzger, G, Miller. R. Nagle, C. Ritter, R. Ruty, D. Snyder, D. Trump, J. Weaver, Wheeler B. Williams. Barilomm' R. Flores, D. Seng, D. Sittler, C. Snyder. Harm: Bartholomew, R. Barto, H. Fritz. E. Kiess, M. Kiess F. Moses. Ba,r:.r: F. Christman, R. Roeder. R. Roth, R. Snyder. D. Suter, G. Zellner. Cornerf: S. Albright, Armbuster, G Breinig, A. Brunner, C. Danner, B. Fein, W. Gardner. F. Haas, Harlan, D. Hendricks, D. Kane, S. Karess. P. Kropp, E. Mansell R. Marcks, R. Mengel, D Mohry, R. Mohry, N. Muffley, D. Oplinger, A. Rader, G. Rader, F. Ritter, W. Ryan, R. Sayer, H Schadler, G. Scholl, D. Schrader, D. Stephens, F. Snyder, W. Strohl, R. Weber, W. Wenner, W. Wert. SdXdPhO7LfJ'.' W. Bower J. Daniels, V. Frey, -I. Knopp. R. Masters, R. Parker. N. Renninger, F. Semmel, A. Smith, Snyder, E. Toigo, T. Yeager. Oboex. R. Gilly, Heard. Clarinrzir: F. Chomicky, H. Frummer, K. Hartlieb, Hendricks, H. Henning, Jacoby, R. Kimble, M. King G. Kramer. F. Lindenmuth, R. Mathews, N. McCormick, E. Reuland, M. Ritter, D. Smith, C. Toigo, N. Troccola. Flute,r-Picfolof. S. Cease, J. Dalius. N. Weitknecht. Drum.r: C. Be-ntz, V. Clader, D. Davis, R. Flliott, L. Fink, N. Genman, W. Gallagher, A Helfrich, G. Hilt, T. Kern, F. Moyer, W. Peltz, R. Ream, Rothenberger, D. Shankweiler, D. Williams. R. Williams. Batman. W. Dries, Kuti. Color Guardf: M. DeWalt, P. Scheirer, E. Schreiter, D. Stah . THE BAND AND MAJCRETTES Sfudenl Dim-lor ......... ..... R icumtn XV!-IBER Student Direrfor. . . . . .............. JOHN HEARD This year our school has seen its marching band develop into a magniiicent organization. Under the expert guidance of Mr. Meyers the band has performed intricate drills which were never before conceived. Spectators will recall the colorful performance at the Thanksgiving Day game when the band formed a church while the octette sang an appropriate selection. The spectacular display on the night of the Roman Catholic game, when the "Bells of St. Mary" was sung and played cannot go unmentioned. Then too, our Concert Band has been a great success. During the Christmas holidays it took part in a concert at Harrisburg. The majority of students fail to appreciate just what makes these achievements possible. To the energy, skill, and enthusiasm of Mr. Meyers, who spent long hours in march and drill rehearsals for the part of each member, we may attribute the success of this splendid musical group. 280 CONCERT ORCHESTRA The concert orchestra, under the direction of Mr. Albertus L. Meyers, is an outstanding organization in our high school. It not only delights audiences during auditorium periods, but other extra-curricular activities. It features both classical and popular music. ln recent years individual members have won honors for their Alma Mater by participating in the Eastern District and All-State Orchestras. The group has also proved itself worthy, by winning top honors at the annual Kutztown Music Festival. In March, the orchestra, together with the band, presents an annual Spring Concert for the enjoyment of the public. They, truly, proved themselves an asset to the school. Ffrxl fiolin: M. DeWalt. V. Kotzman, C. Mengel, S. Salitslcy, P. Scheirer, D. Suter. Sfconrl Violin: l.. Barr, Bachman. S liatori. li. Chomickv, Gurskcv, D. Holben, B. Roth. D. Southard, M. Zimmerman. Viola: R. Knecht. Reitnauer. C:llo.'M K1-iss, R. Ruch. Btuf: H. Roger. P. Miller. Obnr: R. Gilly, ul. Heard. Ba.f.foon: W. Dries, bl. Kuti. Flute: S. Cease. N. Weit- knccht. Clarinet: R. Kimble. R. Parker. N. Renninger. lf. Toigo. Trurriffts D. Hendricks, A. Rader, G. Rader, R. Weber. Tram hour: G. Miller, D. Trump, R. Zettlemoyer. Horn: Al. Bartholomew, li. eiss. Piano: J. Case. Tympany: R. Elliott, lfxtra-G Hilt. Drum: SnareeV. Cladcr, Bass-D. Williams. Xylophonz: D. Fenstermaker. 281 Firft row: L. Robens, C. Thomas, A. Hawk, N. Phillips, E. Frederick, E. Koch, N. Selig, L. Cope, M. Fronheiser, M. Yocum, C. Hanna, Zeigler, R. Binkley, N. Seis, L. Andreas, M. Adams, C. Cunningham, T. Frenz, D. Erbe, M. E. Adams. Second row: M. Miron, G. Mastroianni, Kellner, R. Elliot, E. Bieber, Hoke, M. Davis, W. Sell, F. Wilfinger, A. Super, Mitchell, C. Qualley, H. Dennis, Daniels, W. Calisto, D. Cressman. Third row: D. Davies, M. Riemer, B. Wetterau, B. Diefenderfer, M. Bechtel, L. Ronco, G. Stettler, E. Laross, Dorward, M. Germani, M. Weinsheimer, M. Steiner, L. Grammes, N. Kutz, B. Snyder, B. Bechtel, E. Schleicher, B. Reidy, F. Ochs, S. Freyman, M. Marcks. Fourth row: Mr. R. Neubert, H. Fairchild, B. Williams, E. Mecksroth, J. Wheller, R. Nagle, E. Albright, J. Weaver, D. Mest, D. Stahl, I. Blanchard, B. Shankweiler, D. Trump, D. Bausch, E. Schreiter, E. Kutz, L. Danner, W. Wolf, R. Koch. Camera thy: W. Dries, G. Newhard, A. Pfeiffer, D. Wolfe. A CAPPELLA CHOIR Prerident. ......... ........... K 2. WI-:SLEY SELL Librarian ........................ GRETCHEN NEWHARD l"icf-Prexirleril ..... . . . .BARBARA DIEFIQNDERFER Gown Curtodian: .... BETTY SNYDER, EDWARD SCHREITER Serretary, .............. ..,...... . SHIRLEY FREYIVIAN Director ....... .............. M R. RICHARD NEUBER'F A busy schedule of events in the school and community were enjoyed by the eighty members of the A Cappella Choir under the new direction of Richard Neubert. Concerts marking the Christ- mas Season and Music Week featured the choir which made its initial debut in December in a specially prepared sacred program. The round of activities for the year, arranged chronologically shows quite an extensive effort on the part of our choristers. In DECEMBER: Three assembly appearances marking the Christmas Season, Concert, Good Shepherd Home, Concert, Hess Brothers Department Store, Bell Telephone Party, Americus Hotel, Radio Broadcast, WSAN, Capital Bakers program. In JANUARY: Annual Concert, High School Auditorium. In FEBRUARY: Two assembly programs Central Junior High School, Concert, Conference of Christians and Jews, Masonic Temple. In MARCH: Assembly Concert for the students, Raub Junior High School Concert. In APRIL: Harrison Morton Junior High School Concert. ' In MAY: Annual Music Week observance, American Pageant. In enlarging the choir from sixty to eighty voices it was necessary to procure twenty new gowns which were paid for from concert receipts. Plans are made for an additional mixed chorus in the high school next year. This will function on a five day per week basis. A trip to the music center of the world, New York City, provided an enjoyable finale for our 1947-48 A Cappella Choir members. 282 VOCANOVAS 'lihe Vocanovas is a new group that was organized to sing lighter styles of music for social functions, foothall games, assembly programs, and various community affairs. Some of the outstanding events in which the group participated were during the hall'-time hand maneuvers which featured music of the "Bells of St. lVlary's," and its singing of sacred music appropriate for the Thanksgiving Day game. The Vocanovas also appeared hefore such organizations as the Lions, Cosmopolitan. lndustrial, Rotary, and Kiwanis Clubs. f,il rmr: l,. Cope, l,. Ronco, S. l"i'cynian, R. Kun-clit. Sfmml wsu: C. Quallcy, W. Sell, ll. Sliankwcilcr. D. Must, . licssinan. Fin! row: El. Seip, S. l.iPuma. R. Rarnberger. R. Bit-her, M. Wirth. J. Barnes. B. Gang:-were, G. Long, L. Reichenhach Leona Heydt. F. Roth, M. Newhard. Serond row: pl. Canova. li. Kistler, nl. Shover. L. Heft. L. Schmoyer, bl. Fritch. J Hauser, il. Gurskey, gl. Cruse, S. Miller. L. Clader, A. Harte. Third row: Mr. R. Neuhert, nl. Grow, R. Sinberg, K. Albright li. Schleicher. B. Bechtel. N. Saylor, B. Roth. C. Donshietz, S. Batori, M. Weinsheimer. Fourth row: M. Zimmerman, H Sterner, M. Kistler. H. Musselman, D. Slough, L. Knecht, li. Stewart, R. Stutz, C. Miller. M. Dudick. Camera thy: E Bennett, F. Bogh, Bright, D. Geisler, P. Knecht, C. Leons, B. Miller, R. Seigfried, M. Smith, N. Williams. GIRLS' CHORUS l're.fidfnf ..... ..... .............. S H IRLEY BA'roRi Trfafurer. .... Doaornv SLOUGH Secretary. . . .............LOISCLADER Librarian .... ..,,...... B ARBARA ANN Rom Spomor .................................... MR. RICHARD G. NEUBERT The Allentown High School Girls Chorus under the direction of Richard G. Neubert was organized to provide an opportunity for girls not in the A Cappella Choir to participate in a group musical activity. Beginning in September the chorus of sixty voices practised weekly one day after school and Friday third period. Next year, however, the chorus will be treated as an elective with girls and boys voices, and rehearsals will be held during school time. The January concert given in the High School auditorium included musical numbers by the various vocal groups. The chorus presented in its portion ofthe program: "By the Bend ofthe River," "When Love Is Kindf' "The Alphabet," "My Johann," and "Johnny Schmol-ter," a Pennsylvania German song. In their final concert the Girls' Chorus was merged with the A Cappella Choir in the presentation of "Song of America," by H. Alexander Matthews. 284 CANARY CAVALIERS Our high flying Canary Cavaliers have acquired the polish of a professional organization that will long be remembered for scintillating performances in audi- torium programs, during basketball games, and at social affairs. Ready to give out at the drop of a hat, these lads have really created a liesta spirit in the cafeteria prior to holidays, school elections, or pep meetings. Versatile performers, the Cavaliers featured a repertoire of both sweet and hot numbers that appealed to the most critical. In the near future we shall probably spot these lads in the play for pay league. Firrt row: R. Weber, E. Toigo, F. Semmel, R. Parker. J. Daniels, N. Renninger. Second row: D. Mohrey, W. Wert, A. Brunner N. Gehmon, D. Snyder, Miller, M. Hakis. 285 Firfl row: Bar, B. I,ehn, G. Newhard, N. Thies. M. Frnst, V. Rich, M. Steinmetz, I. Swavely, linterline, M. Horlachtr I Carls, C. Corbiere, Frick, C. Brooks. Second raw: P. Nevvhard, lf. Rodgers, C. Hanna, D. Davis, l.. Yeager, B. C rtvtling, A Smith, T. West, A. Smyth, M. Heckman, C. Bortz, A. Sussmaier, D. Fenstermacher. Third row: M. Chapman, R Sierfriul l Schindelheim, S. Brown, A. Stonehill, P. Rose, IC. Bonitas, J. Beil, B. Cameron, Wert, Graham, R. Krazter, B. Bechtel Fourlh row: W. Stein, D. Franlcenfield, li. McGee, C. Deutsch, N. Moyer, R. Bodey, B. Raybuclc, IC. Frick, C. Millhouse. Camrra71hy P. Auman, B. Black, If. Foedish, M. Hooks, I-lowels, Maris, Nosal, M. O,Neill, Volheye, Brokenshire Mitrs R Strohle, D. Schreirer, R. David, G. Lintlenmuth, D. Davis, B. Camp, A. Gchman, Mickley, Rapee, G. Newhartl I M1clces S. Miller. HISTORICAL SOCIETY OFFICERS Preridnzf ....... ..,.....,..... .... E 1 uwARD I-'Rick l'ice-Prefidenf ,... ....,.. I' :LLEN FOEDISH Serretary ........ ....., M ARTHA HECKMAN Treafurer ..... ......,.. I' IDWARD MCG:-iii Sporzfor. ..,.. Miss RUTH M. KIS'l'l.ER The Historical Society, a member ofthe Pennsylvania Federation of Junior Historians, meets bi-monthly with the purpose of stimulating interest in local history and local historical sites. During the current year their activities were centered about discussions and held trips to places of interest. Several repre- sentatives Were sent to the junior Historical Conference held at East Stroudsburg State Teachers College in january. A great deal of their achievement may be attributed to the enthusiasm of their energetic sponsor, Miss Kistler. 286 Y-TEENS 0l"l"lCl'1RS l'rr,f1'd1-nl . , . . . . .,.., ..,... A lfxuiai' liuam' Sfrrfmry .... . , . .RIENIQIC l'lILl.MAN 7'rfa,ri1rfr ...,....., , . ,Snixuev S'i'ockisk Pmyrzmr Cllfllifillllll . , . .......,. l":'I'llIil. lJlilNl'I"l' l'ul1li'rz'1y Clmirnmn. . . .,.,., l"i,oiusNcr7 xvl'Cl1'l'liR Spmimr .,... . .... Mus. -lmuwia l'lUlfFMAN The Y-Teens are seventy amhitious girls who have organized in order to develop a spirit of cooperation :md fellowship among high school students that have common interests. Their program, designed to improve society hy a Christian way of life, stresses inter-racial understanding, problems of social signilicance, and family relationships. Un variousoccasions they have participated in puhlic projects which encourage artistic and creative work. The girls spiced their activities with socials that have proved quite en-ioyahle. ll1'f,ff7l7'lL'.' ll. Wuchter, N. Sanders. C Beitler. S. Toolan. P, Peters, S. Stocker. Mrs. El. Hoffman. l,. Trentelange. G. Sell. J. Fatzinger lf. l,i-mliaelc. Nl. Beck, l.. l'lell'rich, N. Weiss. Srroml mee: D. Henry, P. l,amhert, 'lf Karapelou, l,. Fisher. l.. Roderick. D. lfeslcania C. lialienolll, fl. Rt-inaley, tl. lftlelstein. l'. Wuchter. N. Klein. D. Hartman, l,. Schuster, lf. l'lunslserger. Thin! rurv: Nl. lfrnst D. Niclcles, .l. Scliaflier. .l, llalienolll. lf. llruner. fl, Ritter. .l. lliery, M. Wveldner. ll. lVlcGuire, D. Schallier. Nl. lYentz. l.. llion ltowski. Fnurllz mtv: D. llentler. M. lllreichler. l.. llechtel, ll, llontx, R. lflexer. l.. Howath, ll. lVlzlggar. C. Specht. lf. llluchter Camera .i-Irv: li. Baller. li, Dt-Witt. li. lfillnizun, G. llutekunst, D. l.eiser, J. Cruise. D. lfliert. l.. Hixon. D. Wolley. ,l. Daniel, M Smit li, lVIf Nlellinchock. M -2 A . .. f ,vmnmfxuum Firff row: W. Doben. S. Smile-lc, G. Robinson, C. Qualley. W. Serfass, W. Gallagher, C. Knapp. bl. Bundra, G. Frankenlieltl. M Manning. F. Hiltler, B. Heimhach, F. Reis, l.. Ginkinger, R. Botley. W. Dex, F., Domnoyer. Serum! row: W. St-ip, A Malone, Y. Benner. A. Foutralcis, V. Fritlerici. F. Fuchs, D. Schlegel. l.. Carls. Marvin. l.. Yeager, A. Smith, l. Peachey. R Keller, -I. Gurslcey, B. Diefenderfer, Y. Schray. M. Kobrovsky, J. l.auhach, O. Kochenash, H. Tose, l.. liigatel. -I. Heil. C. Hanna Mr. l.. Allain. Third row: C. Fritzinger, D. Wolf, R. Edelman, H. Toth. D. Amey, B. Ott. D. Wetherholtl, -I. Usipow. Maris D. Sanclt. V. Rich, M. Roth, B. Snyder. S. vlacohy, gl. Wert. Pitten, J. Silherg, M. Clymer, Moser. V. Kozman, F. Wilfinger H. Conrad, T Anderson, D. Schoch. Fourfli row: M. Snyder. M. Wieantl, l.. Sighele, M. Heckman, M. Kistler, M. Hensinger. l. Fisenharcl, bl. Stofllet. l.. Grammes, Hilbert, bl. Marcks. Beil, gl. Graham, M. Steiner, T. West, l.. Ritter. G. Rose. M. Hersh F. Weinstein. Roth. D. Scherer, M. Durnin, R. Hartman. Fzfllz row: R. Arndt, F. Furk, T. Koehler. R. Weber. S. Zdrofkoff, G Mueller, T. Blaisdell, -I. Clark. B. Fulford, H. Pflum, R. Yutz. M. Bank. F. McGee. D. Hodgson, F. Cope, lf. Friclc. VV. Barringer bl: Rex, W. Santlerlin. Camera fhy: D. Atiyeh, R. Brenna-man. l.. Cope. D. Gackenhach, VV. Glose. M. Hausman, M Knecht K lxulp. B. l.ehn, J. l.ehr. C. Marsh, nl. Perrotto. lf. Rodgers. l' Rose, D. Schaeffer, P. Scheirer. M. Sc-chler. D. Whitehouse. T NATIONAL HONOR SOCIETY OFFICERS Prefidmf ...,..... ....,........ .......... W . ALTER Dax I"ff6'Pf?I1'llF71l ..... ..... X lamziuia Fiunuuci Serrelary ,......, ..... l .i:'riziA BIGATEI. Treafurer .... . . . ...... FRED l.oNt: The National Honor Society Was established to create scholastic enthusiasm, to promote leadership, and to develop charcater in the students of Allentown High School. The occasion of its twenty-first anniversary was celebrated by a hobby show at which any student might exhibit his favorite interests. In an endeavor to improve the appearance of our Alma Mater the Society engaged in a clean-up campaign with noticeable results. Generous contributions were made to charitable causes. The Clinic was established for the benefit of students with low grades. In accordance with this program members of the Society voluntarily tutored their less gifted classmates. A marked improvement in the grades of their charges has been a gratifying compensation for the time and eH'ort expanded in this project. Throughout the term various members have utilized study periods by acting as messengers, or receptionists in the main office. Service was rendered to sophomores on that grand, glorious, puzzling hrst day at AHS, when the upperclassmen were devilishly bent on directing the sophs to the class- rooms on the fourth Hoor. The National Honor Society with its high standards has been a model for our school, indeed. 288 STUDENT COUNCIL Ol-'FICICRS l'rf:idrnr ....,. ............... ..... I' I Lwoon Si-:MMisl. l"ire-l'rer1'fIr11l .... ..,. l 'mov HEIMHACH Srrrfmry .,....... ....,..,........ D ol.oREs AMEY Srrgmnl-al-.lrmx. . ......,...,....,., RICHARD SAUI. Sponmr ...... ..., M R. Cl.iFi'oRn S. B.-ut'l'uoi.oMw' The Student Council, sponsored by our principal, Mr. Bartholomew, takes a how. The year 1948 has been a year of over-whelming success for this group. A memory ofthe valiant campaign for Student Council president and their Christmas dance, the Holly Hop, will always linger in the minds of those who attended the affair. Composed of a representative from each homeroom, the purpose ofthe student governing body is to promote school activities, to improve school relations, and to enhance our Alma Mater wherever possible. This representative group should continue to flourish, for it truly offers an opportunity for students to cooperate and participate in the management of our school. Firxt row: E. Smige, D. Fenstermacher, J. Nosal, T. Fticsar, A. Trexler, R. Monlo, M. Stager, N. Kutz, B. Snyder, M. Zeky, R Thomas, B. Melst, I.. jenkins, D. Ebert, M. Heckman, E. Weider, A. Carfagno, E. Gangewer. Second row: Mr. C. Bartholomew R. Brophy, l.. Martucci, D. Oh:-rdoester, C. Haggerty, D. Hosage, V. Bachman, lfmcry, R. Kamper, I.. Peters, T. Yeager, R Bahlen, li. lfrick, P. Neumann, T. Donmoyer, lirown, li. Semmel. Third row: S. Kcndrich, S. Batori, B. Roth, P. Romig, J Haus, R. Wicesner, Kutchera, M. l.agoslcy. D. Amey, D. Groflf. D. Slough, Smith, I. Swavely, ul. Walck, Pitten, M. Bellos l'. Hcimhach, D. Kahler. Fnurlh row: R. Sharp, P. Saul. W. Frank, N. Miller, T. Baxter, D. Wolfe, R. Roberts. lf. Hushkek, F Christman, W. Poster, R. Wcrltheiser, A. Bachman, D. Nester, F. Schwartz, C. Ringer. Weaver, R. Van Horn. Camera Jhv. V. liellucci, C. Bentz, A. Berlin, B. Bianchiunc, R. Delfsch. D. lfisenhard, T. Giearry, T. Hackman, R. Heintzclman, Kern, O Koche.-nash, R. Mitchell, D. Nicklcs, M. Olewine, li. Palmer, J. Roth, G. Schwcpfinger, G. Stroh, T. Yarema. Er'x1'YaliI1lI1l'1zas1L.-Q-hd-aaa ., .,.. .. .. . f . .awww -. - 1 VARSITY A CLUB OFFICERS Prerizlent ...... ,..,........... ........ W A LTER Diax I'ice-Pnaridevzf .... .... C HARLES DASKAI.0S Semfrary .....,. .,.,, W ALTER Sci-nv1m'r Trearurer ..... . . . . . ........ RICHARD MITCHELL In the eighth year of its existence Allentown High School's Varsity A Club has blossomed into one of our most important organizations. Functioning for the good ofthe school, the purpose of the club is to stress good sportsmanship, high standards, and better citizenship. Under the able leadership of Milo Sewards, the club was always at the disposal of the school when help was needed. During the school year the members ushered, sold booster feathers for the Thanksgiving Day game, held dances, and produced the annual Varsity A show. In order to be eligible for membership a boy must have earned his varsity letter in any sport. This year the club hopes to raise enough money to present all the graduating members with sweaters. First row: C. Lutz, L. Ginkinger, W. Gardner, H. Russoli, F. Slonaker, M. Frantz, R. Pidcock, R. McFadden, J. Canouse. Sammi row: Mr. M. Sewards, S. Gentile, R. Levan, R. Delfsch, C. Albenzi, C. Daslralos. Third row: W. Dex, Kepple. C. Kehnel, D. Dougherty, Al. Spang, F. McClaFFerty, G. Fedok, S. Brantley, A. DeRoner. Fourth row: C. Reese, C. Camody, R. Christman, N. Snyder, R. Mitchell, B. Shankweiler, A. Cassium, K. Knauss, F. Schwartz, T. Evrarcl. Camera J'h:V.' Bright, F. Dunmoyer, G. Fedok, P. Frey, L. Heckman, F. Hushkek, J. Millhouse, L. Ritter, C. Rohrbach, N. Schaeffer, W. Schmidt, Snyder, G. Sokol, P. Stravino, F. Walck. 290 K EY C LU B 0l"l"ll'liRS l'rri1'Jrnf. .., .,........ .... l RREIJ llII.llIiR l'il'f-l'rf'i1'flrr:f ...,, ..,, K IikX1l'I' KN.xL'ss Srrwlnry-7'm1.illrfr .... ..., l ,lll'IS K'xl.l'lfY Spfimffr ,, .. .. ., MR. C-nu. j. KN,xL'ss The Key Club. little brother of the Allentown Kiwanis Club, has among its members many outstanding students who :ire ezipzible of upholding the highest ideals :ind of our Alma lVl:iter. This year it presented an spotlight to the school, aided in the distribution of Coniniunity Chest Inziterizil to Lehigh County schools, helped to secure members for rhe Sen Scout and Air Scout troops of the Kiwanis Club, raised funds for sehool projects by selling 21 novel household gadget. and supported the sehool's eleain-up czunpziign. The Club sent several representatives to the Convention ol' PCI1l1SylV1ll1lll District Key Clubs, whe e Fred Hilder. presi- dent, was elected trezisurer in the state organization. Fl'f.ilrf1'?0.' R. l"ret-man, P. Neuman. K. Knauss. lVlr. C. Knauss. F. Hilder. l.. Calpey, G. Anderson. Sfrrmd msc: R. Pidcoc ' ' ' ' ' " ' flnlt l' Htlfiith 'l ll. lloszige, R. lxaunpi-r, W. l,ereh. R. ll:lrtni:in, R. Qlynier. hl. Mest, C. RL'lCl11ll'Cl. lfimf mtv: bl. 1 . ' ' ' . lllziisdell, R. llohlen. lf. l"rielt. W. Seip. R. Snyder. Fnz4r!11rnfv.' D. l'lVk'l'l'lf, D. Smith, D. llorney. vl. lgl1lI1L'l1I!l'll. li. llullloid if Km-elir. I. Wi-ilvr, 'lf Kropp. Camrm .vfivs l. .-Xnderson, R. lirenneinzin. R. Clewell. R. l"ll'1ll!ClS, W. Gaillaglier, l". Kleckner ,l. Moyer, lil. ll1lllll3S.xY.Z2lI'fI11ilI1. A V 201 Fin! row: B. Held. A. Eckert, xl. Moser, M. Clymer, R. Stutzman, F. l-leckman, lf. Chomick, L. Lutte. Sammi row: Miss R. Mooney, lf. Weider, D. Stein, B. Robertson, G. DeMarchi, li. Willistein, N. Wallace, I. Daskalos, Miss Shoemaker. Third raw: N. Givler, D. Bender. A. DeLeo, lfnterline, D. Nickles, B. Bader, M. McGuire, C. Mclntire. l.. jenkins, Miss H. Smith. Fourrh row: D. Chaplin, M. Morgan, M. Lehr, M. Bollman. M. Miller. M. Schwartz, M. Martia. Pitten. Camera fhy: D. Bachman. B. Kraynak, D. Remaley, A. Romiti, P. Snyder. GIRLS' LEADERS CLUB Pnzridfnt ...,, ..... G LURIA DI-ZMARCHI Sefrefary ..... ..............,,.....,......,........,,,... B ETTY ROBERTSON Treayurzr, ....................,..,,....,..........,..,. ETHYI. WILLISTHIN Sponrorf ...,... Missi-:s HPfl.FN M. Srvlrrn, JANET S. Si-roEMAKER, RUTH A. MOONEY The purpose of the Girls' Leaders Club is to create enthusiasm for superior achievement in the held of physical education, to stimulate interest in the athletic events, contests, and projects sponsored by this department, and to establish models of good sportsmanship and leadership. To become a member one must have ac uired 300 oints throu h curricular q P g activities in the hled of sports, a passing average in all subjects, and a keen interest and understandin of all ma'or athletics. g J The highlight of their season was a colossal circus sponsored in conjunction with the physical education department. "The Greatest Show on Earth" had a company of 600 performers, majorettes, beautiful girls, fancy costumes, clowns, and freaks. The circus, introduced by a gigantic parade, offered a variety. of acts: The . 7 . Tumbling Princess' Military Review, Dance of Death, an extraordinary spectacle performed with lighted clubs, Royal Hawaiians, Slapstick by the clowns, Blue Danube Waltz, a raceful exhibition executed in evenin attire, and S orts Tableau, g g P demonstrating activities on the assorted gym apparatus. Our sponsors have done a splendid job in providing a source of pleasure and satisfaction for the participants, in exhibiting what is being done in the girls' physical education department at AHS, and in convincing the public at large that physical education is now a vital part of public educational work. 292 GIRLS' TUMBLING CLUB The Girls' Tumbling Club meets in their gym on Wednesdays and Fridays. lt consists of a group of girls who are willing to risk breaking a few bones in order to master acrobatics. The tumblers go through quite a series of stunts several times li day. These include: forward roll, backward roll, headstand, handstand Hip-flops, cartwheels, and continuous rolls. The club is sponsored by the three physical edu- cation teachersfMiss Shoemaker, Miss Mooney, and Miss Smith-who have done wonders in expanding the girls intramural athletic program. Fin! row an mal: bl. Schaffer, J. llaclrman. Sffond row on 111111: lf, Berreth. l-leil. Third row on mat: N. Reinhard. D Srchley. Fnurlh row: l'. Snyder, j. Held. l,., B. Kemmerer, M. Mclfadden, D. Fehl, G. Newhard, l.. Lurtc. S. Hock main. D. Nickles, D. Mayer. N. Blankowitch. Camera .rhyf G. lfffting. R. King. G. l.eickel, D. Leiser, D. Rader. D. Remalx gl. Shurillza. t I' ,sr .- y fn' -'il . "z, K a w rn. 293 Q, Fin! row, on appararur: D. Stehley, R. Srutzman. Smnding, left to righl: D. Ft-lil. D. Nickles. Back row: J. Smith, A. Savacool M. Thomas. l.. Amey. P. Gehringer, M. Nuss, Perrotto, Polcorny, J. Bothwell, Pitten, G. DeMarchi, M. Schuler, G. New- hard, Jacoby. li. lflunsicker, N. Wallace, F. Heckman, M. Clymer, A. Eckert, D. Chaplin, A. DeFiore, G. Bachman. Camera .rlzy G. Leicker, E. Willistein. APPARATUS CLUB The Apparatus Club was organized and is now sponsored by the girls' gym teachers, Miss Mooney, Miss Shoemaker, and Miss Smith, who are doing all in their power to bring girls sports to the foreground again as they Were many years ago. The girls in the club perform on the mats, the horse, the spring board and the parallel bars. Despite the complaints that are heard every Wednesday and Friday when the club meets, the girls really enjoy themslves. The club exhibited its proficiency in an exhibition held on March 10, 11, and 12. The purpose ofthe exhibition was to display to the people of Allentown what the girls at AHS can accomplish in the held of physical education. 294 DANCE CLUB The Dance Club organized by the three gym teachers, Misses Smith, Mooney, and Shoemaker. meets during the third period every Monday. The purpose of the club is to have the girls become more familiar with the waltz, square dance, tap routines and folk dances. The enthusiastic members will do a great deal to enhance the girls gym exhibition on March 10, ll, and 12. This is one of the many new clubs initiated for girls this year. lr should begin something bigger and better in the line of sports for girls at AHS. fVlarii' .'xtllllIlS. l,ucillv .-Miluy. Doris liachnian. lflizzilwrli liadcr. lflainc Ba-rreth. Gloria lluscr, Mary Chalupa, l.aRac Crossley. Marjoru- lzincry. Pauline Glowatsky. -lean Gravur, Nancy Haines. ltlizabetli Hn-l'lnm-r. -lcancttv lxnerr. Nora Koury, Sarah lxras- nansky. I ht-Ima lxrcsgi-, -Ioannv lxunklc, Phyllis l.aubach. Gloria l,1-ickvl. Dorothea Long, -loan Marvin. lrcnc Myers. ltsthcr Nagle, Iili-anor Palmer. .'Xl1f0llll'Ift' Vassalis. -It-an Rugh. Louise Rot-der, Phyllis Romig, lit-try Schaup Marlene Schwartz. Doris Scnsinger Iillvn Sht-rinznn. l,or1-tra Sigln-lc, lfrancis Sink, Ut-lpliinc Str-hly, Dolores Sn-ngel. .lam-r Swanson. ,ludy Tron-sc. l.ois Wirth. Mary blunt- Wirth, Marilyn W'olh-. A 1 'gr Mahi. MIXED BOWLING LEAGUE Sponfor ...., ...... . . ..... GERALD Brexnuak Early in the school term some AHS students who enjoy bowling got together to form a mixed bowling league. Having appointed Gerald Beidler as student sponsor to arrange schedules and keep scores, the league was then divided into four teams that met every Monday afternoon at the Wal Ten bowling alleys. After their Intra-League Tournament the bowlers whose scores range any- where from 92 to 160 will hold an "end-of-the-season" banquet. Fimf row: R. Schoedler, J. Frack. M. Spadt, P. Thomas, M. Sensinger, A. Frye. Second row: C. Nlclnrire. M. McGuire M. Wiesner, l.. Roeder, D. VVeed, D. Sherer, M. Bollman. Third row: R. Schoedler, Frack, M. Spadr, P. Thomas, M Sensinger, A. Frye. 296 SENIOR M ATHEMATICS CLUB Olfl"lC'IiRS l''flrril ....... ,.,......., , 'llRl'M.'XN Kolaiiiliu I'1'rf'-I'rf.rz'fIfnl ,.,. ..... i l'XNIi'l' l'i5iuto'r'ro Sfrrfmry ....,. ..........,.......,.,..,....,.,... N ll'XR.IURIli Nrss Trfafurrr ,,.. . . ,..,,.....4,.,.......,.. , ,Sulklizv .-NNN J.-xconr,f,. . ...Nlie l'i' H, xvIilNSHIiI'KlICR, MR. Roisriiu' R.Ni-:i21,Y 'lihe Senior Math Cluh, which is jointly sponsored hy Messrs. Weinsheimer and Neely, aflsords its meinhers an opportunity to glimpse at the diverse hranches of mathematics to he found at college. lts nienihers enjoyed thoroughly lectures presented hy professors on the faculties of nearhy institutions of higher learning, 'liheir agenda also included research in those aspects of niatheniatics which usually cannot he presented in the conventional high school course. 'nl mtv: S. Iaeohv, I. l'n-rrorto -X. Kistlt-r. Nl. Nuss, xl. l,ziuhach. Sf'rmn1'rn-:t': N1 r. lf. XYl'll1Sl1t'll11K'I'.Ili. Koehler D fi . , Q Mr. R. Neely. Tlzirtfm-:1'.' D. l"raiilu-nlield. K. Kershncr. R. Utt, lf, hlcilee. Nl. lVl:inning. U 24 i' . if I M' Yugi I. . liii-It 'ZW 49' af: W qi 297 Fin! row: R. Karal, D. Fensrermacher. Mr. R. Rentschler, B. Creveling, D. Alligranzi. lf. Chomickv. Second row: 'I' Wt-ndel. C. Licini. R. Klemow, A. Dil.eo, A. Rhocla, Burns, K. Wolbach, S. Bramles. Third row: C.'Corbicre, A. Kock, S. Albright, l,. Christ. J. Brokenshire. G. Breisch, C. Brooks. Fourth row: E. Weider, E. Ettinger, F. Windt, B. Knauss, A. Leitner, G. Stroh, N. Ott. Camera Jhy: B. Gold. JUNIOR MATHEMATICS CLUB OFFICERS Prmitlfnl ....... ....,....,...... .,.. C S Rfxcs Hkxlscn l'irz-Prwiflerzf ..... ........., N ORMAN Orr Secrriary ........ ......,.. . AN'I'OINET'l'H DiLEo Trfafurrr ....,. .....,......,...... C ARI. I.1c1NE Sponwr ....,............................. MR. Room M. R1eN'rscHl.1eR The aim ofthe Junior Mathematics Club is to promote the study of Mathe- matics beyond the classroom. The club met on the lirst and third Friday ofthe month in Room 205. A program committee arranged interesting and instructive programs, which included several talks concerning various phases of mathematics by members of the faculty, as Well as Interesting talks by members ofthe club. Among the topics discussed were short cuts in mathematics, cube root, repeat- ing decimals, magic squares, mathematical puzzles, fun with hgures, mathematics in physics, fallacies, and explanations concerning the use ofthe slide rule. 298 SOPHOMORE MATHEMATICS CLUB Ol"l"IL'liRS llrfmlrizl 4....,..,. . ......, . , . , .l,If'I'liR R.-Xl'I' Firxl l'1l'f-1'rrv1'i1fnl. . . .,.. lN1.woia lVliNsm' Snwml life-l'ri ',1' idrnl , . . . .DoRo'rin' STIEIN Swrrrlnry . . . . , . ,lg'XRl!.XR.-X Nowicui 1'ft'I1.YllfI'V' .,, ,, . ,, ,-'HHN l'or,l.iNs Spnfimr ..., .. Mu. Roni-:k'r li. linouis 'llhis group of aspiring mathematicians sponsored hy Mr. lfrong, is composed of sophomores who wish to ohtain a hroacler scope of experience with mathematics. Their plans for the year centered ahout in lectures hy several guest speakers who spoke upon such topics as the use of the slide rule, short cuts in mathematics. and the history 0l'lHllI'l1CI1l2lflCS. Reports were occasionally given hy memhers them- selves who also have planned a social and Weenie roast for rho spring. nl mt D. Snell, D. Stein, M. hlinslcy, li. Nowicki, S. Minsky. 'lf Roth. Smurf! mrvg M r. lirong, W. Wcnner. l'. R ipp Q o i s, lm D. l'zirz. pw qw SL- ii ff " T7 3 ills oxivl 1 f SPSS' Fir!! race: C. Knapp. B. Orr. B. Harrzell, L. Heffernan, T. VW-st, nl. Roth, J. Burns, R. Vlleber. Sfffnzd row: W. Gallagher, K. Knzxuss, A. Sivar. G. Bergliolcl. M, Manning. R. Sclilicliter, VV. Gardner. R. Miller. Mr. H. Reichard. Third mtv: S. fdrolikolli. Pasquariello. lf. Romig, R. Stinner. Koehler, VV. Bender. lf. Surman, L. Ginkinger. Fourlh row: VV. Baringrer, li. McGee. R. Yutz, R. Ott, P. Heller, C. Snelling, Miers, E. Frick. Camera Jlzy: E. Desch, D. Everett, D. lVlcCain. PHYSICAL SCIENCE CLUB OFFICI'IRS 19m-z'f!m1z ..,..... ..............., .... W i I.l.l.-XM GA1.i,Ac:Hi:R 1,f6E'1,7'f.V1illIl'IIf ..,.. ..... S 'ri-ivia ZIJROFKUFF Sfrrfzary ,...,... ...., B ARBARA HAR'i'z+:i.i. Trearurer .... ......... l .UTHER GlNKINliI4IR Spmzfor ..,......... ..... ............. M iz . HEaBi:R'r REICHARD At meetings of the Physical Science Club there are presented talks and demon- strations on such varied and interesting subjects as astronomy, electroplating, auto-dynamics, natural philosophy, radio, model airplanes and miniature rail- roading. The club is presenting an assembly program and a Science Fair, both of which can exhibit to the student body the worthwhile projects and talents ofthe club members. The group will make a trip to Franklin Institute in Philadelphia and will represent Allentown at the Second Annual Lehigh Valley Science Congress. This organization is aHiliated with the Science Clubs of American and the Pennsylvania Academy of Science. It is, indeed, one of the most educational and entertaining of our school's extra-curricular activities. 300 ENGINEERS CLUB Ol-'I"lt'liRS l'rrii'flfn1 , . . ,,.,..,. Nico lfiucic l'1'ff-l'mi'ilfri1 . .... W-uirrk Dux Srrrrlnry . .. , ,. . ,.l,u.i.lAN llari-'VRNAN Trmiurrr ., . ,,.. ., ,..l,L"I'HIiR GlNxiNt:Hit Spfinmrx Mit. Roiufiu' R. Niariit. Mx. Hifiuirut RICICHARIJ The Engineers Cluh is open to all students who are interested in engineering. 'lihe members have made several interesting held trips. These included a tour of New York, the S. S. America. and the engineering Departnient ofthe Pennsylvania Power and Light Company. An aetivity of great valine to these prospective engi- neers was the slide rule study which had heen conducted by the sponsors for several weeks. Other plans ol' the organization include graph studies, a held trip through Westerii Electric Company. supplementary lilnis, and additional enlightening speeches and projects. l W h I Goldstein, H. iliruinmer. U. l.ucinni. R. Ingles. -I. Miers, -I. Kutl, VV. Dex. IiIl1lfflIffl'fC'.' R. Stinncr. lf. lillsci D NLILH' R. Yutz, l'. lleller. D. flrillirh. C. Snelling. ll. Mueller. C!17Il1'TlI.i'!Ij'.' -l. Hatfield. R. Ott. "' if I l rf! mw: lf. Meth-e, lf. Cope, F. Kluckner. l.. l'lefl'ernan. lf. Friclc, lf. Weidner. G. Ziegler. Sfrmzd meth' N ll Ruc nrt lendell. I. l'asqu:irii-llo. VY. Gardner. l.. Ginkinger. D. Dalmas, Nl. lVloscovich. Mr. R. Neely. Tliird mc R Ran 0 'VI m I liffl mtv: D. Alligranli. lVl. Roth, F. Denhard. B. Davis. D. lfrancella. Sfmrzrfr01t'.' D. liittner. S. Brancles. VV. Collins . Ht-rtzog, S. .-Xrmbruster. Nl. Schultz. lVlr. H. Messinger. Tlllifzll mtv: lf. DeVVitt. nl. Burns. l.. Christ, B. Carry, D. Rick- ers. il. Hiery. Fnurlfz rn-cc: S. -Iacohy. R. Scheerz. l.. Keiper. D. Raymis. R, Hartman. l.. Calpey, VV. Seip. Camfra .rl1y. l . Cleliringer, ll. Gold. M. Gombt-rt. MICROSCOPY CLUB Olfl-'ICIQRS 1'fe.fz'tlr1zf ........ . . ,.... , . ,. . . ..IoHN Axmnkusrru l'z't'f-1're.t1'tlrv1l ....., ............ I ,okHNia SMITH Srfrfnzry- Trnmirfr .... ..,. .,... D I ANA Al.1.Hc:RANz1 Spmmfr. ., ...... .. .,.. Mu. HENRY C. MiessiNur:it The Microscopy Club, organized by Mr. Edward Zimmerman, has been spon- sored this year by Mr. Henry Messinger. The club has two main purposes. First, to stimulate interest in the microscope and its revelations. Second, to add to the collection of permanent mounts to be used by the biology department. Its con- tribution to the departments scientilic material saved the school much money and provided excellent experience for the neophyte scientists. 302 LIFE SCIENCE CLUB UIfl"ICIiRS l'n ',1' iilrnl ,4,.,.. .......,,,. ..,....,. l 3 I..-HR lN'loYifit l'irr-l'rr,i iilrnl .... .... lN Min' :X NN lVl iassw Ii it Sf-rn-fury . . . . ..., S.x1'NnRA C. llISHUlflf Spmimr. .. ,,,. Dx. Al,llliR'I' liuiu: This clulu under the direction of Dr. Albert liillig is a memher of the -lunior Academy of Science. There are two classes of memluersg full membership is re- stricted to juniors and seniors, while sophomores are associate memhers. lVlemlmcrs of this cluh. participated in the VW-stingliouse Science Talent Search and have held interesting discussions concerning the mental and physical reactions to particular stimuli and the effects of alcohol upon heredity. tiff! mul: D. Sussman. Nl. Mm-ssnt-r. l'. Woods. gl. Bayer, M. lilosu, S. liisholli. ll. Faust. Srmml msc: M. Scott, W. Stein l l'asquariello, if Ht-intzclnian. lf. lilum, li. Nlovcr. Dr. xl. liillig. Y'l11Ari1ror4'.' l. Rt-insmitli. R. llartman. R. Ott. D. Duncv R M F . oyer. ul. liurns. ,amrm thy: 'lf :Xnderson.'Nl. Bastian, .-X. Sivar. l'. Snyder. C -1 A Q- 303 ,t gf.. .12 E- Q-H if Fin-1 ,mln M. lit-il, l.. Baucler, A. Smith. D. Francella, l.. ,lt-nkins. Sammi mac: l.. Carls. C. Brooks. F. Maysiclc, C. Cor hicre. lf. Gottshall, D. Vlleetl. 7'l1z'nlruw.- bl. WK-rt. R. Klemow, bl. Bielwr. A. Smyth. F. Bonatis. A. Koch. Camera .thy R. Kaul. LE CERCLE FRANCAIS OFl"lClfRS 1'rf.ridfr1r ...... ....,..... ...,,..,... A A IIRLMA SMITH l'z'rf-1'rr.rI'flrIIf .... .... L '.-x'I'H I-:RINI-1 CoRIIIIaRi: Sn-rrfary ....., ,......... Q IEAN WHRT 7'7'fll.V1A.7'FT, ..... CHIiIs'I'INE Bkooxs Sponwr, .,.. lVlIss IDOROTHY Swovia The purpose of this club is to further interest in the French language, customs, and way of life. As one of their activities they collected fifty-five pounds of food and sent it to the starving people of France. For each holiday, the members put on special programs portraying the celebration as it might take place in France. Mem- hers studied the lives of prominent Frenchmen and have made a scrapbook of facts and pictures relating to present day France. 30-I GERMAN CLUB Ul"l"Il'laRS f'rr-zvflrfll III' r-l'rr'11'ilf'f1l Sn rrlurv Tru: I lU'1'7' .Ylmri tor Noiuix NIc'l'oiuixck NI XILI I-Ni-' Sruw urrn Ili-I VN Du-ui Ifl URI-'NCI-' Ifl cus . NIR. Iiliov 'XII ui 'Iihc' cIL'l'l1l2lI1 l'Iuh consistrd entirely of senior girls. Their prime ohjcctivc wus to :ici uirc more knowlcd vt' :ihout the Us-rinzln Izui rua rc, :uid wovle, H1ll'l'IClIIllI'IY I P- F- L I I I . I It umm to Iitmi ituin md musit to mziintziin an continucd interest in I vnnsyI- VVlI'I1 H' "' " "1 "Z Q xl vzuiin Clcrmzms :uid thcir zictivitics. customs. :md lmlwirs. 'I'hc G4-rnizui fluh mm-t cvs-rx' two tzuinmc-nt prograinis. During rhv progr spt-Iling hm-s wt-rv hcIcI, Iiolksongs vs'n-rn' sponsor. IIa-rr A-Xllzuii. All of the cluh we-cks. llIfl'l'l1ZlfII1g with husincss :md cntcr :im mee-tings, sc-vcr:iI spcsikcrs we-rc cnjoyc-LI, sung, :md discussion groups we-rc lcd hy our mcmhers enjoyed thcir zlssocizition with rln- vluh. lr is with l'l'gl'L'f that thu' sax' Auf' XYIt'CIL'I'SCI1L'llI .. - ' f- . ', fchig. Smonl mtv: -I. Howells. D. Sc R Nm it :-' . . . uss, I.. IIZIt'Ifit'I1SIO.D. Ricluncis. I Rmnningtr I I1 lzril mf NI N I I'.IlIK'I'III1l'. If. Ifuchs. XII: I., Xllzum. 7'l11'rrlrn-:c'.' NI. Ifist-nhzml. D. Ram. If lily. KI. I,l'l'l'0lIU. N. I,IllliIll1S i ffirmra iliv: II, Ilnfhl, II, Ilnrrmill. I, I,:uuh:u'Ii. N. Mrk ormirk. II. Ott, I.. Rogt-rs. NI. hcliwzirrn. 5. Willizuns. 9? III? F1-7.flTOZL'.' B. Davis, Marcherta, T. Musselman, Quinn, T. Benner, M. Durnin, Silberg, M. Wick, M. Shafer. Sfrond row: N. Perkin, T. Andres. A. Wise. M. Fukan. G. Goldstein. A. Rhoda, B. l,ehri, Oberson, Kauffman, H. Tose. Third row: B. Fetherolf, D. Wald, Fisher. M. Hausman, Nl. McGuire, M. Well, E. Rodgers, Koehler, Blair, D. Amey. C. Brooks. Fourfh row: Mr. R. Waller. B. Carty, G. Neikam, B. Black, V. Rich, B. Young, M. Kistler, A. Koch, M. Chap- man, D. Davis, J. Roth. Fifth row: C. Nlclntire, A. Stonehill, R. Reese, G. Breisch, F. Liechliter, F. Sussman, N. Franken- field, Brokcnshire, K. Kulp. Camera Jhy: Betty Cameron. STUDENT PAN AMERICAN LEAGUE OFFICERS President ........ ......,..... ........ D c Jtoiugs AMEY I'irf-Prffidfnf .,... .,.. Q FATHERINE MCIN'l'lRP2 Secretary ........ ..... M ARGARET MCGUIRE Trfafurfr. . . ........... BARBARA CARTY Spomor .... MR. RAYMOND I.. WALLER The Pan American League is an organization formed to foster friendly re- lations between the United States and her neighbors to the south. In addition to the information about the Pan American countries which Mr. Waller, its sponsor, is able to give them from his store oflirst-hand experience, the members learn about the geography, economics, social activities, history, and problems of their people by correspondence. The club meets on the second and fourth Monday of each month in Room 219. 306 L ATI N C LU B oifificicias ljffilillfllf . .. .. ,,.,. lllUlUKli l'll'I.I'lDRli I'In'-l'rf:u'ilrrif . .,., ll iciolx Siwxi 'ru .S'rrrrlury ..., , 'losizi-u lliiwnlz x Trra.fi1rf'r , .... RICII.-XRD lion!-'Y Spaai,-'nr .,.. . Mk. W.-xiuu-iN l"iu'i'scu 'lihe Latin Cluh, one ofthe oldest organizations at AHS undertakes new projects each year. This term the juniors presented Il play which drew a parallel hetween the Roman patriots Cicero and Caesar and their counterparts in American history, VVashington and Lincoln. Coincidental situations in the creation and preservation of their states were stressed. Another interesting activity was the construction of "fasces," symlsol of Roman power. lfveryone enjoyed copying one of L'icero's letters on wax "tahuli" and the cluh was proud ol' the fact that their translation of the Freedom Pledge appeared in the lVlarch issue of "Rm llf'.rtz1f," a Latin newspaper to which it suh- serihes. 'lihe singing of Latin hymns. working of crossword puzzles, and the pre- sentation ol' reports on ancient life round out a thoroughly interesting program which is ofgreat henelit to all concerned. Fin! raw: Gehringer, Daley, Stedman, M. Heclcman, VVint, H. Stauth, F. Fuchs. Sfrnnd row: G. Rader. D. Golub .l. Geroulo, V. lit-mier, l,. lfisenhard, Gutekunst, P. Thomas, l.. Carls, lVlr. W. Fritsch. Thin! I'Ofl'.' S. .-Xlhright. bl. Bundra ll. lfulliord. G. llreisch, R. liodey. il. Graham. Camera ,rlzyx A. Harte. no 3 307 Firxl row: gl. Kauffman. V. Rich, Miss M. Boyer, Koehler, M. Yocum, P. Newhard. Second row: Hoflstetter, A. Dil,eo, C. Brooks. A. Kistler, K. Kulp, B. Kline, M. Snyder. Third row: Fisher, M. Kobrovslcy, M. Weinsheimer, T. West, E. Rodgers, lintcrline, B. Lehn. Fourth row: G. Zimmerman. Brokenshire, A. Koch, S. Brown, M. Fukan, M. Weidner. Camera flzy: C. Hanna, B. Hartzell, L. Jenkins, N. Laudenslager, B. Maneval, D. Miller, G. Newhard, l.. Reisinger, P. Rose, A.-Sronehill,Lli. Willisrein. CAREER CLUB 0l"FlClfRS Chairman .... ............ ..... J 0 AN ENTERLINE Co-Chairnzan. ,............. PAT ROSE Srrrflary- Trezuurfr ..,........ JANET KOEHLI-ZR Spmzmr ..... , .... Miss MIRIAM S. BOY!-:R The Career Club started by Miss Heckman has been capably taken over by ivliss Miriam Boyer. The purpose ofthe club is to study the opportunities open to women in various helds of work. Included in the study was an interesting dis- cussion on the types of personality needed in various careers. Programs were highlighted through talks by women who were prominent in their occupations and professions. 308 JUNIOR RED CROSS COUNCIL The Junior Red Cross organization endeavors to encourage the school children of America to take an interest in the children of other communities and countries. At Allentown High School Roll Call and Friendship projects are carried out each year. Meetings are held twice a monthg one for all Junior Red Cross homeroom representatives, the other for the elected council which consists of three boys and three girls from each class. Because of the 10095 response to Roll Call, all students at AHS are memhers ofJunior Red Cross, and every homeroom has a representative who participates directly in all of its humanitarian activities. I"ir,rl row: N. lilankowitch. M. Duclick. R. Hariegal. D. Kratzer, Miss M. Struthers, l.. Carls, D. Fisher. Serum! rote: J Brotzman, R. Wendell, C. Fritzinger, G. Adams, V. Frey. R. Weher, W. Bast. l.. Hixson. Third row: ll. Schell, B. Moyer l.. Sipko, l.. Heffernan, I. Meyers, l.. King. I. Nlonek. P. Schindelheim, li. Barber. Fourlh fate: R. Werkheiser, R. Hohlen F. Christman, B. Christman, If. Schultz. G. Sophy. F. Walhert. Camzm thy: Nl. Ahraham. R. Bent-col'l', R. Berger. B Bernhard. 0. Brinker. W. Collins, C. Deutsch, D. Diehl, J. Egolf. B. Fetherolf, R. Fink, lf. Foetlish. J. Guth. R. Heintzelman l,. Helfrich. R. Heller, D. Kopenhaver, F. Maysiclc, If. lVlcCaliH'e. D. Miller. G. Nliller, K. lVloll. D. Nonnemaker. J. Nosal D. Ohertloesrer. J.0'Brien, J.0stack. C. Qualley, R. Rahenold. A. Remaley. D. Roherts. li. Roth. B. l.. Roth, J. Roth. R Rorhenherger. P. Saylor, C. Schmidt. A. Schutt, J. Seem, B. Snyder, R. Snyder, J. Spengler. N. Stutz, l'. Thomas. N. Weiss J. Wollbrtl, 'lf Yarema. i l 309 Fzrft row: G. Berghold, W. Lerch, Mr. R. Waller, P. Helfrich, D. Frankenlield. Second row: Grossman, W. Baringer, G. Mueller, H Pflum, C. Snelling, T. Anderson. ORCTAN DEBATING SOCIETY l'refz'df'r1l ...... ..... K luoknu lVlUliIrI.IiR l'z'tu-!'rv,t1'i!mf .... , . .l'i5'rtu Hnirrlucu Sf-frfmry ...,.. .... ,...... l I wmv I'i-'um Trrafurfr ..., ...,....... ' l'HoMAs ANDERSON Spfmmr .... .,,. M R. RAYMoNo I.. WALLER The Orotan Debating Society of the Allentown High School is an organization that had its beginnings in an era when debating was given public support, when forensic ability was recognized as an achievement equal to or even surpassing athletic prowess. lts value as a moulding factor for leadership, responsible citizenship, and even the hrst stages of statesmanship has been evi- denced in the number of former members who have attained prominence in public life. Although formal inter-scholastic debate schedules have not been followed during the past decade, informal meetings at the homes of members have cultivated a knowledge of current problems, fostered a tolerant give-and-take in free discussions, and afforded a knowledge of procedures in public discussion, such as, the open forum, round table discussions, town meetings, and formal debate. During the Christmas Holidays the club sponsored a house dance in recognition of the fact that the social graces should also play a part in the educational growth of youth. Plans for the remainder ofthe year include participation in the Oratorical Contest sponsored by the Lions Club, three panel discussions, a round table discussion, and four formal debates. It is believed that so varied a program is of real value to the participating members in afford- ing a constant stimulus to become informed about current social, economic, and political problems. 310 AERONAUTICS CLUB V . . , , . . . . llic- ,'XK'l'UI1IlllflL'S Q lulw consists ul students who :irc ilitcwsrwl in any plizisr ol ziviziriun. 'lllu-ir 1-xcclll-nr program invluclccl cliscussions olili1mlcl'l1 zivizirion proli- lc-ms, H-cciir clvvclnpim-nt in plzilws, clc-inonsrrzitimi of gas moclcls, :incl talks :ilnout .Xir Summits. Un om- occzisiml tlic group wzisprivilcgccl TOl'Il'2ll'Zlll'CI'lll'K'OllQllVlll2ll1 :Xvizirimm l':irrrml lay Llnptziin Cllnsv. Sliortly Tl1Cl'C2il'fCl' they mziclc ai Hclcl trip to !XllL'l1l'0XYlllS SllI'lNJl'f. XY1-:irln-r, flying, lmvigzirimi. insrrunu-ms, :incl flu- Vliiglir limrlicrs' contribu- tion In ziviziticm xwn' sulwjccrs for lively cliscussimi I'l1l'Ullgl10llf tlw yczir. mm' S.K'175lLl. lf.Smi1l1.l'. XXX-xiii-l'. ll. Srlin-irvl'. XY. D1-ppl-11. Mr. ILN1-1-ly. Nriffriilnf:1'.' ll. Sn-clili-r. llllvsuvii. D. Nlrxzi l U ll H4-mlri. R, Hi-lilusslvi-ru. l . ,limi-ll, Nl. ilzilvlr, ll. lla-ru. Czlnirm ,iliyg l,. Culpa-y, l . Mi-rfli-i'. 1'- It Q Q "'L'!' C1 " xr' Silting: D. Heimbach, R. Sayre, S. Ritter, D. Fisher. O. Reuggeberg. Standing: lVlr. R. Neely, H. Sechler, C. Weiner, D. Berg J. Buesgen, R. Seyler, P. Heller. Camera Jhy: D. Fluck, A. Heintzelman, D. Reilf, R. Reinhard, W. Steyert. GAS MODEL CLUB 0lfl'lCl'IRS 1're,vidfnl ,...... ............. ..... l ' HILLIP HEI.LER l'ice-1're,vidn11 .,,. ....,. R oNAr.o SAYRH Serrffary .,..... ...... S 'I'ANI.EY Rirrait Trearurer ........ HERBERT Si-3cH1.1eR Sponwr. .... Mk. Roisrzm' R. NEELY The Gas Model Club, consists of fifteen boys whose hobby is the construction and operation of model power airplanes. The purpose ofthe club is to give the boys an opportunity to discuss such subjects as the building and maintainence of the planes, the different kinds of fabrics or engines, and types of glue. The members cooperate in the construction of their planes. When weather permits, the boys bring their aircraft to school and Hy them on the football field. Each member owns at least one power plane. They are working to have high caliber planes that will excel into competition against other aeronautical clubs outside the school. 312 R II CAMERA CLUB 'llhis uliiquitous group ol' hoys was solely responsihle for ezipturing the high spots ol' the yezir's most interesting activities. The ereznn of their extensive erop ol' pictures has heen zisseinhled to nizilie the double page layouts in our l,'on1u,v. xlpproziehing the eziliher of proliessionzil eznnerznnen, lVlr. llrong's proteges have tilim-tl the eulturzil, eduezitionzil. soeizil, :ind :ithletie events that went to nizilae this ll yezir to he reezilled with pleasure. ln order to mroeess their own lilin, these lads eonstrueted their own dnrlc rooni. l Ilt-re they s mend lunch hours, third veriods, and every s ure nioinent :it their liohlwl . l l . l . 'llhis lmeehive of :ietivity hozists of all the u w-to-dzite zimzirzitus essentizil to the . l l l re sroduetion of our sehool's iietures. Wlhatever ex venses were incurred have heen l l l paiid for hy selling reprints to students. Thus the orgzinizzition has heen eonip- letely sell'-sullieient. An interesting sidelight of the group was the prepzirzition of :1 serup hook, 21 pictorial history of the school. Every picture taken was Filed with its negative for future relierenee, The Senior Class will always he indebted to its photographers through whose efliorts their golden sehool days will live forever. yi! riifzx' W, Selmoyer. Lf Szineln-A, K. lleller. ll. l'iegi-ly. li. lN'lzittoon. XV. llziringer. R. lvlllllfl. Sfrmnl rufe: Nlr. lx lilo i, ik. V. Ritter, R. Doll. ll, 5f1llIl'lA1'l'.-l. Nlovsovieli. A 11 so 'C' vs T V1 :ful Ji. HOME NURSING CLUB OFFICERS Prefideni ,....... ..,..,...... .... , I ACQUELINE WALCK 1"irf-Pm-idmf ..... .....,..... J ovcs SMITH Sfmffary-Trrafurfr ...,. DoLoR1as Foncr-11oNr: Spmzmr. . . ..... Miss FLORENCE FOGLE The Home Nursing Club has been organized for girls who Wish to gain helpful information in homemaking. Since most of the members intend to become house- wives someday, the things they learn at their meetings will be of much value to them later. Mrs. Bennis, a nurse, has given the girls training in care ofthe sick and the rearing of children. The members also learned the proper making of beds and general hints useful to good housekeeping. Fin! row: Mrs. R. Bt-nnis. J. Smyth, l.. Helfrich. J. Musselman. lf. Reitly. B. lfachman. Miss Fogle. Second row: M. Bear L. Backenstoe. F. Kuzma, B. Gangcwere. G. Kresge, D. Forchione, D. Facer. Third row: Walck, S. Drumheller, R Ferrell, D. Groff, J. Bieber, B. Miller. 314 CHESS CLUB OFFICERS I're.ridr111 ,...... ,...,....... . . .linivfum Rxiesizi. l'1'u-I'rr.riden1 .... . . .JERRY Movsovicn Sfrrzmry ....., .,...... M mule Dfxvis Treafuffr ,,.. .,,...... P Avi. HEISEK Spfmfor .... ...Miss MARY J. Svizncia This organization, now in its fifth year, is one of our outstanding recreation groups. The members enjoy a sense of competition which is ever present at their games. Beginners, too, are given an opportunity to win laurels for themselves. Tournaments are now being held to determine the school champion. This person will compete with other champions throughout Pennsylvania in ll state junior chess tournament. Several alumni of the club have gone on to win state honors in chess tourneys. Fin! row: D Fritzingvr, M. Davis. Miss M. Spence. li. Reeser, nl. Druisbacli. Sefoml row: l.. Wittmnn. D. South, P. Heiser, J. Movsovich. Third row: lhomas. bl. Conrad, R. Snyder, Weller, C. Kohl. Camfra why: W. Geitzenuucr, W. Weber, S. Weiss. If-M6421 T' W A 3 :f':'i?gI,i.a!T "4 -. xi '- Q if .1 wa' .Q 'W 1 ' .f -'w-.,, .L,, 315 r I 1 I I titner. Il. lfr-in. D. Dorney. M. Bank. C. Knecht. B. Kern, gl. Grossman. SfL'0?1Il7'0'Il'.' bl. Osipow, P. 'llrum lil I C Io 1 I .Grammes. VV. Glose. I.. lfisenhard, H. l.ilIy. D. Sherer. H. Stephens. McHugh, I. VV. Zartman. Third 1 VI I I C lit-rghold. C. Ruderr. Faurilz row: D. Golub, Van limhurg, N. Sies, Miss F. McConnell, A. Berlin I thi I Diltx G. Dreher. Camrra Jhy: A. Harte. CANARY STAFF The Canary, under the guidance of Miss Frances McConnell, faculty advisor, and Gerald Bergholtl, this year's editor in chief, is well on its way to becoming a Medalist Award winner. Even though the Canary is only in its second year of pub- lication, it recently copped second prize at the Columbia Scholastic Press Associa- tion Convention. Credit for our school paper's status is largely due to the work of its page editors: Winifred Glose and loan Van Emburg, newsg Lois Eisenhard, editorials, Malvin Bank, sportsg hlane Lehr, features, and I. Williain Zartman, copy editor. As in any newspaper, the backbone of the Canary is its staff of twenty-live reporters who cover their assigned school beats, after which they turn the material over to their respective page editors. The page editors consult with Miss McConnell and the editor in chief to plan the page layout or "dummy," After the articles are typed by Miss Margaret Kunkle's classes, the dummy is sent to the school print shop where Mr. Ivan Hixler directs a splendid job of printing the paper. Given ll few more years, the Canary is almost sure to gain its dual dream of a Medalist Award and the fullest backing by the school body. 316 CANARY ED1TORIAL STAFF Upon the shoulders of the editorial board rests the burden of our Canary. It is these seven leaders of the press club who draw up the rough copy of the issues, and, planning, assigning, writing, reading, and proofing, shape the material into a perfect example of journalism. It is they who are the driving and guiding force which leads and directs the mass of reporters. They are always on the job, working steadily, often overtime to keep the school enlightened and satished. There is the sports editor, who makes it possible for even those who cannot attend the contests to appreciate them: and the news editor, who sees to it that every event in the school is reported. In charge of the inside pages are the feature editor, compiling examples of school literary talentg and the editorial editor, presenting viewpoints on important issues. Behind all sits the copy editor, chief proofreader, corrector, reviser, the man who determines the paper's style, and over all stands the editor-in- chief, overseer, the one who is blamed for the mistakes and praised for the achieve- ments. A compact cooperative editorial board leads to greater achievements. Firft row: Lehr, Van limburg, M. Bank, G Berghold, I.. Eisenhard, W. Close, W. Zartman 317 ffl rfffzx' I. liarncs. I, Ludwig, P, lily. D. Stewart. lf. Yanliilliard. QI. lieil. ill. Vlfst. ll. Dickert. Svfflllltf row: D, Frm' I lfpolli. Miss R. Herr, C. SlI1lllliXK't'lll'l'. lf. Ritter. S. Brantley. D. Snyder. I. Sen-ln. C. lVlillhousc. I, Maris, C. llaudot, I Lliusti li lr ' 1 . 'uinthcix Cnmrm ffiy: l , Gt-liringer, G. fflfrien, i i LIBRARY CLUB 0lfFIl'l'fRS Pri ',x' ffffrzr ,.. ..,,.....,,. ..., I 'iVllI,IIf Y-xN l5lI,I,IARIJ Srfrfmry .... ........,.. , IIC.-NN lglill. Y'nfn.vurrr, , . ..,A.,, DilI.IlliliS S'l'liW."4.R'I' Spmixor, . , .,M1ss M. Rnoim Hiaiut It' you want to study in a wleasin environment, the lihrary, with its new . , l g . windows to shed light on the subject, is the place for you. And ifyou Want help on a tough prohlem, just ask those cheerful lihrarians. students of AHS. These girls and hoys are gaining experience in library work hy working in the lihrary during their study periods. Besides reading shelves, stamping and cataloging hooks, Hlin cards. and masterin the Dewey Decimal system, the memhers are res nonsihle g g . . l lor those attractive dis Hlay cases outside the hhrarv. The art de wartment has i , . i assisted in arranging many ol the displays. Por Book VVeek, the Library Cluh put on a pageant written hy one of the memhers, .Ierry O,l3rien. VVith all these activities. the cluh has found it necessary to meet weekly this year instead of semi- nionthly. This organization under the sponsorship of Miss M. Rhoda Herr. has hecome one of the most nowular cluhs in the school. l l 318 l'rf'-1'iff'r1! . f iff'-l'rw1ilrnl Sffrrla rtv 1'Vl'11lIH'I'f, . Spun mr . S11jn'rf'1'wr COMMERCIAL CLUB illlu- L'mnim-rciul Cluls consists of forty of our cunnncrcizil stucln-nts xxliu i t lnglu-sr in cmnim-ruizil SlllTjl'CTS. Ulfl"lk'I'R9 . Hum lxiwclli-'Nxsu , .l,IfI'IfIX lll1?Xl'I-'I ,. lx'lKRIllRlIi Dxwxifl, . . ,, ,... ,Rim lXl'l,IlfR A1155l':I.l4XNIlRfll1ISlNKJl4R .. Mit. l'llN5XR R-ini-:Nm ii 'l'ht- purpusi- ul' tlu- cliilm is to :ncquuint tlwsc- nivmlwrs with various luusin olrlwccs in our coimnunity Ivy visiting tlicm during lvusincss liours and ulmstix tlifli-l't'l1t mc-tlimls of conclucting lwusim-ss. 'lilw girls get pmcticzil lcnoxx ug: lausincss by sc'cui'ing julms for lIlvI'K'I' scliool :mtl Szlturclzly hours. 'lilw clulx :iicls tlic sclmol :mtl vonimunity lui' pc-rl'oi'iiiiiig mltl jolws ul lflXL to k'0lllI1lt'l'Cl1ll sulwjccts sucli :is typing, liling, talking clictziticm. Activitics ziri- not ull work, linwcvcr. 'lllic girls Cllllllllff Clll'Ft'I'CI1f sou il g iti 4-rings, too. The most liiglily zinticipzitccl plzm is tlu- trip up the lludsim xxlm - w sponsnrvtl by thc- L'mi1mcl'c1:1l Q lulw .mnuzillx nl rmr: Mr. F.. Rzllu-noltl. li. Xlwscm-, Il. lfrzmk. Al. FL'l1Sft'I'll12lL'l11'l', Y.Sclir:iy, nl. lfoutrnkis. I. Ncim x N1 lim ' ' l . ', -rv, l,, Nvln-rt-i'. l.. ll1g:1tm'l.ll. lgnkis. Miss Ii.1h-isingtr, Srim1Jrnfz': l . Romiu, lf. Koi-lilcr. -I. K ilt ni in. M. llzmlu-l, ll. l"2llISf. D. Svnsiiiuvr. D. Wvtln-rlmlil. D. Costa-llo. li. llirscli. T1lliftl7Il1'!',' D. St-lilt-g lX0fllI 1 N ilrblumg. M. llxirtlmlmm-w, Nl. livllns. U. Krwlii-lizisli 'll lflvsigc. lf. K4-llur. l,. xYiIlllY2lk'l1. l,. Moycr, l Dil ll F1 num IX llirzilizim, ll. llurnvr. D, tigit-kt-nlmi-Ii. l,. Nznulr, ll. Sz: 319 I ,.:. LH. ,K ky k", Q 5. Sage? I Q P Q as xWV 1' mum M W 35' 5 W ' Qvbgkixk :. 3 'K If , , fri ,. V kg S 223001251 1 ,.u-- :- W , 1 4 'l Wag f x..! ' 0 fx f .. . -an 'W-if 'ue M , . .W .. 2 , an A wwe, y:wwA. in wir- LW ,, , ' . S' A -5 V . , . Q , WM? v ,Ka A fm-i,,2! W ,Q ,,,- 3' ff .f'Q3? gffiw 'gk 'E' 'P ff -'mf ' 'X' Qvj- Q ff-" ' ,a l .. 5 , A in Y 'fa' 55-A ' 1 ' as Q. ' - '- X iii ' 4- Q I 1 rf' . ' W 'Vw am I 1 Q? wg -al 1 f ,W k ,015 T4 iq gk ,ZY h 4 L ' 1 .Qs , ., ,, v 1.1" f .sf . 4 ,Q f ' , :Wi in I ov. '-1 wx- '. I 1 , -2 sg, 3- -15 " , " 255 1 i xfyizi-Si ' ' AN ' 'W ' - pr in 'X"'?'n' Q in 'R I' u H r f a ' 'ty A' .. L m W A 11 H ,Qu I s , ' L' 1 i o., .,, . Q A ' if A N . -t an 1" D. 'QQI Y N I A fl Q A WUFK'lllf Www 1 P+ wb W nw. - f ,429?'Pi?,bm vii. :e7 - .- A r U H . ..,, gwy ,ff 39 ""R 1 75.- gf., M , 'Es my -. .W W , ,f,fg, sa N-ww xX C? 'Kir- 4, 1 . 1, , '1' Ja J, ff I: ,. eff' 5 E 3 X i 4 i E 4 s r. I , M f at .QFA wl- u -... fn- ,.. Jr .3 .1 V.. ...,, 1 , 'L ,, A' - . .. V: I" . N . f fi54' 5"f1 "" f f w M I i if, . fm. 4 'NLE , , Gd f . . Wi Le ,gd . if -is . -f I 53 ,nu ,E ji .ESX 3:1 N Q, ,zw ,...x -1 S rf . n f' 3 ,Ziyi N . 3 Q 5 fix 'I L1 I f , V .4-.,ws3,. 'N WL -,Nw-1.mwf:.: 4 A if ,i 4 . 1 ,, x ,, X , .I 1 iq, ' L 1? Xu Wm . ,Iv gy- 3 v 1 ,Rs 3,1 ' Q 0 . X QQ Qi, E , 3 Er- ga- E ew V l ,I !'- . fr , 5 - ,C af W +L -4 at x' r Qv, s 1' 'gh ,'.,.. Anya, X Y vm l it in N01 1 'fav igggp a .K -4'5" C Av .LE- I' V I Sl . . Mins: .1 r 1 gig! " 9 'lgwga 1 Lv vi f Anim 1 s..m...g- P? -ff' -L' 3 XM! X., Q w ef 8- er is .W X 'IW 4 gg -'f Y H i .4- I-2 ""', ffl , k , lx I I : ' 'ff 5 ' ' I4 , i ,.k K - .J A, AA W: wifi J f 1, xggwwi' 1 U fxf gi W fx ma sv- NSSP nf . ,- --LX: 1 l -Y ' 2' :Q- A X was Hwi WYE 359, ygwffk X V55 ffiwxgu. ,FQ do im M Egg g Q Al, 5514 WS Q. .,.,,fw?-. . ,X Q ?fE5fQi iw ' zwawwg. rw ffia 1 -"Y 4 , Q' N '9 wwf? 3,1 J fy, , - in , ' F vf!f',.'r"-A Q K ,uf ,sf tl xr. . Avi, f .J if HU f 1..x' W-. E, 'n k ,w, 3 ' 1 3 ' . I A . wb, -f , w i4'3 i.5'. ..,.,,-ff 'f 5 Nw. xv, ' fs ,.. cf f K 5 4 3' v Wm, A . f , 4 f , K if fi. 6: ' 5 ' - . 1 5, , A .M ' f': -f af Q1 . lf? L ,I gi.. -.Q X ', . Q pgcilf f ii' 7 M -.f ,fc v W t, fe 51 f W P 1 , B F if 5 Qi , , A ' , if K1 W v YY A v lrfzf , M eg? X 1 . .Q if , at 1, m,.:swmiJi1' 1. '- 241531 v wg, ' mx f mg.,.,1 5 X. wx, 1 ' I ' ff ' 1 1 M 5 , 4 O "ff..p-ig: 1133! if, V A mf 1 5 wifi? k ' x,p X Q .li 'L Q: E Q! I ' Sli ,pg A --- 0 3' A ,,,,. . .-.-.. www., A ,..g4A---4: ,,,, . . vm? 1-.zLf.f'fm ' 7,. 'i hm K K ffQQ5i'Jg?iiff' ' V v K b ss, will fa, f ...www .LL V G Y 5 Fifi 4 , A . U, .fy ,453 . V , V K ' if visa , Q ,W in , . 'L 5- fail 31: 755 af ' ..0!'ri'f'mI!'w'!ff ' 1.4 an v 4 1 ! n 7 'J Q, 1 y v xxx gy ii X E ? W--wmk K'L- V1 agx 'ire , ' f M is N an Q '5Y5.'i?:'-20? STREET CLD' ' ,xxx 5-1.5 -55" -ANN Nm W wNwxWQN."""'4-s,.,N-N A KxWMM'x"N-Q. N, -sk V1 I 'L www Q-...SW ls"-ws. ,NNN W.- -Wi- -Q I ii -- fff- A - -- x X ' wr A V 4 4 + x 3 gill 2 X ,S ' lk mr 2 A wgwg mx NY QA Q ik -Q , Ji up , 'ESS' li , ., X X J 1 A Y ,vn+ vi ACKNOWLEDGMENTS The editor, staff, and faculty adviser, in composing this year's Comu: have spent every effort to make our annual one to which the Class of 1948, and the student body in general, can point to with pride. Throughout the book the reader will detect innovations that depart somewhat from the traditionally formal style characteristic of the yearbook found in practically every Allentown home. We have utilized material and ideas from previous publications and have supplemented this material with original ideas of our own. We have consulted printers, engravers and publishers for suggestions to make this the best possible vehicle for telling the story of Allentown High School' and for recalling the pleasurable years of our youth. The success of our effort lies not in our power to judge but rather in the manner with which the book will be received by its readers. We wish to acknowledge sincerely the splendid cooperation and assistance received from our art instructors Mrs. Blanche Lucas, Mr. Homer Bortz, Mr. James Musselman, and these art students: David Williams, Virginia Lilly, jewel Pietrobon, Adelma Smith, Peggy Diehl, Margaret Hausman, Doris Leiser, Marilyn Horlacher, Geraldine Rosser. Our gratitude is also extended to Mr. Robert Brong and his photography staff for their invaluable service rendered in recording school activities with their cameras. We are particularly grateful to Miss Elizabeth Dietrich who has been a model of patience in dealing with the copious drafts of material that had to be typed. At the same time the staff and every member of the senior class takes this opportunity to thank Miss Helen Gerhard for her inspiration and encouragement, Mr. Clifford Bartholomew for his generous compliance with numerous requests, Mrs. Earl Weinsheimer for her tireless efforts expended in checking and double checking numerous details concomitant with such an undertaking, Mr. Garrett Miers and Mr. Charles Reinhardt for their practical advice and suggestions in the preparation of the Comur dummy. 341 SONNET ON LIFE Is this, my life, a shell of emptiness In search of some retreat from this delusion? A dim, weak shadow lost in dire confusion And darkness, which foretells of nothingness? Have all my goals been classed as idle dreams, Which, transient, 'scape my eager, pleading grasp? And in whose mirth are mocking at my task To conquer all my vain and worldly schemes? But through my dark despair there comes a light To lead my faltering step, my groping hand, And take me to some clear, celestial height Where I might stop and thinkfand thus I stand And see that Work, alone, can vanquish night, And bring about the hopes and dreams I've planned. -VIRGINIA BENNER, '48 .af A THOUGHT Through ice and snow all winter long I Watched the leaf buds swell, The warm sun came and made them burst In springtime's magic spell. Today I saw a green leaf fall, I gave the tree a glance- How long it's preparation therem I-Iow short it's time to dance! -JOYCE GRAHAM, '48. 342 xi 1 , Van :fi-"3"'5i' . ' 7? '1 '23 53 35 -ul Q Q , ig I Q5 --sl I V1 ,, if 5' 'A - f 1 rw f? ,?f- y7'!t"!'Af J if "M ' xx A l' X 0 2 ' wr f 4:11 WL --' - .-.-'fi ,. If ,f Q 4 gg :iris W7 W5 27 L 9 v '?3f'fQ 'IW 15 . . .",yf,,n: iii, , z 5 ijqfl.. XG x 'IM XX X f, f X ' ' vt . . W 1 r ' 5 1 L T H A N K Y O U . . . The administration, faculty, and student body of Allentown High School take this opportunity to express our appreciation to the subscribers of our advertising section. We sincerely encourage all of our friends and well-wishers to deal with these firms which have advertised in our Comm. Adams Albert Drug Co. Allen Laundry A-B Gas Co. Allentown Business College Allentown Dairy American Dry Cleaners Appel Jewelers Auerbach's Bell-Clark Sz Co. Berthold Studio Bohlen, Gross 81 Moyer Brey 81 McCarthy Brown 81 Fulford Brown Laundry Burke's Cut-Rate Store Call-Chronicle Calvin Studio Centre Square Market Charles Store Cotton Shop Dahl Motors Daniels DeLynn Studio Dietrich Motor Co. DobnoH"s Dorney, C. A. Dundee Clothing Eastern Light Co. Egypt Bakery Fabian Theatres Farr's Freeman, P. A. Freeman's Dairy Freihofer's Gilberts Grand Silver Heimbach's Bakery Herfl:-Jones Co. Hess Bros. Studio Holben Printing Home Restaurant Hudson-Allentown Joyce Art School Kay Jewelry Co. Kemmerer Paper Co. Kershner, Ken Keystone Furniture Co. Kobrovsky Sz Sons Koch Bros. Kramer's Music House Kresge, S. S. Co. Kuhns Sz Shankweiler Leh, H. 81 Co. Lehigh Valley Dairy L. V. Paper House Leon Furniture Co. MacLellan, Alden Manning-Armstrong Master jewelers Memory House Merritt Lumber Co. Miers-Bachman Litho. Co. Miller, Nat Minich, Clyde R. Morrow's Nut House National Cash Reg. Co. New York Floral Otto-Ladies Wear Phila. Dairy Products 344 Popek's Reeves-Parvin Co. Ritz Barbecue Roth-Costumes Roth-Flowers Samson's Sanders-Reinhardt Schlicher, Geo. P. 81 Son Schoen Furniture Schreiter 8: Sons Snyder's Somach's Sports Center Styletex Clothes Superior Restaurant Supplee-Wills Jones Sweetland Thornton Jewelry Co. Titlow's Music Store Traylor Hotel Trexler Lumber Co. Trinkle's Hotel U. S. Air Force Vogt's Jewelry p Vogue Shoppe West End Pharmacy Wetherhold 81 Metzger Witwer-Jones Co. WKAP Radio Station Woodling Studio Woolworth, F. W. Y. M. C. A. Young, M. S. Zollinger-Harned Co. LEHIGH VALLI-EY'S LEADING SPORTS SHCP + Golf 1 Tennis if Baseball ff Swim Suits ff Sportswear ff Fishing Tackle N. W 1tWer-Jones Co. 923 HAMILTON STREET PHONE 2-Q780 Egypt Star Bakery ROLLS, SPECIALTY BREADS, CAKES, PIES 608 N. FRON S HX 8 lf QUALITS IS OTR IxPX INUTP l 1 l . C'mnpliments of FRANK A. DvCHliIST0l'IIEli lefqnn swam. Stylists in MUUICRN l'IIO'l'0GRAl'IlY WEDDINGS - PORTRAITS - COMMERCIAL 'I'lIEATRICAl,S WE FULLUNY 'PHE BRIDE For Appointlnent Fall 8-0526 625 II.-xM1L'roN S'r1u-11-:'1' ALLENTOVVN. P.-x 1Almvc Appcl Jowolvr. Incnj 347 Sgfffpf 4 Miki? M024 Wx AA om xv ery xoeet W xo iace the uokooww of to- W ' gxaouatee it X X e You me out NX out Xemoxog at th to 'oe iN 7 Q X Q X Q S you Xeaoets e ,X x ,X 'iutm' . 4' 7 I xuovtovl . o ag S town HXQO '5cXWooX coyoe Xo2CoXe asset as you XJXXX 'oem KXXBKX no va ' Xt x . og, If baked a dfoixtg . ' Qoapx Chet . ' espoo, as xo 'Q I I ! tace txms Y ff' ' ff' wxtoess to your fxtoe 51 out 'iotove . . . your coxomuoxty 'A totuve . . .goof country? iotute- f ff If ! . Q I The f ' S '96 push ions 639 HAM I LTON STREET 343 RIC IN YOI'Ii I"I"I'I'llIC" For Ilomv I"lll'llISIlIIl,1.fS at SCIISIIDIC' Prices Visit the XY0IlIlg.f0l' S0t's I"uvo1'ile I'Illl'llItIll'9 Store 2+ S. SIXTH S'I'. fllppusitv tho Allontmvn Bus 'I'vr1ninaI5 I'hom- 2-4733 O BEDROOMS O LIVING ROOMS O f'OMl'I,I'l'l'E IIUMIC FIIIINISIIINGS O AI'I'I,IANCI'IS O C'0NYENIl'IN'I' C'IiI+1DI'I' TERMS l 549 Your roo'uoz'z'on Plzotogroplzs lake 011 zidditiollzil Cll2lI'Ill when tllt'y,l't' made by ou1'exp01'tpl10tog1'z1pl1crs . . Let us help you make graduatimn am unforget- zlble occzlsioll. NO APPOINTMENT NECESSARY PORTRAIT STUDIO A THIRD FLOOR 3:0 P. A. F reeman, Inc. lil'XiIS'I'I'lliED J ICWELERS and . C'l'Ill'l'1l+'1ED GICMOLOGIST 'ik' Class Ringx of Quality if AMICRICAN GEM SOCIETY il? 911 Ilamilton Street Allentown, Pa 351 JN' If X C0 GllA'l'llLA'l'l0 S! You,ve made the grade . . . and to keep making the grade from now on you,ll need all the help a smart appearance gives you. Let us help you help your- self right up the ladder of success. Here's luck! H. Leh 810 og .... ALLENTOWN IT REALLY P AYS T0 SHOP AT LEH'S 352 I as W Amiouncing . . . Oni' newly C'0llSll'llf't01l Ill0ilt'I'll Fur Storage Vault with its 18.000 coat eapavity plus enlarged facilities that lielp us give Fine Quality f'l4-aning ancl Serviee sf? You are invited to visit and inspect our establish- ment. Our "Magie" lilectrie Eye Dom' will welcome you American Dry Cleaners l7tll and Allen Streets l'i4:'rr:R llnuus, Prop. 353 C0ngmiulatz'om.' . . . AND BEST OF LUCK IN ALL YOU MAY DO ik' I W00dling's Studio PORTRAIT AND COMMERCIAL PHOTOGRAPHY ik Phone 3-7127 Q4 S. Eighth Street Allentown, Penna 354 Good l1llt'k to All Grzuluutes from . . . NAT MILLER Manufacturer of Infant's and Childretfs Wear 124 North Lumber Street Allentown, Pa 355 You are now faced with the most important de- cision of your life A Qlbuusing a Qllarezr Before you make your final choice, it would pay you to look into the Wonderful opportunities that are before you in the Ukiniteh States Qrmp and Tlhlnitzh btates Qtr jfutre Qllentutnn Qrmp XC Qtr jfurnz Beufuiting berhire Post Office - Room Q16 ALLENTOWVN, PA. 356 C. L. lima. R. L. CLARK BlElLlL ClLAlRK dz CO. WIRRI1iiiHEfHiiiCBiiiE of Radios - Television - Refrigerators and Electrical Appliances for "A Better Way of Livingf' if? To the Class of '48 CONGRATULATIONS md BEST VVISHES 357 Foon for Thought . . A. H. S. Graduates receive one of the finest public school educations in the World and more A. H. S. Graduates read and advertise in the Call- Chronicle Newspapers than any other media. Call -Chronicle Newspapers, Inc. as 1""7i THI4L MORNING CALL ee eeee e-e-.eelCYICNINCl CHRUNICIJC 5 8 ee -ees -aef - feiSUNDAY I 'ALL-CHRUN If 'LE YOUllS . . . for a brighter, better ALLENTUWN it M E R R I T T 9 S BUILDING HlCADQIfAli'l'lCRS 927 Hamilton Street Allentown l 'ompliments o f .... 1 Philadelphia Dairy Products Co., Inc. M A N L' FACT URHRS OF DOLLY MADISON and ARISTOCRAT ICE CREAM il? 2nd lk Gurdon Streets Phone 7253 J ak Laundry if Dry Cleaning 1- Leather Cleaning 2rAllIllEN IMIUNIDIRW CERTIFIED AND SCOTCH DRY CLEANING 1009s SAFE STORAGE SERVICE NYll6lll6'l' It is El LANE Hope Cliest . . . or ,X Complete Houseful of Furniture Iz"s . . LECN' GREATER VALUES "ON THE SQUARE" 16-I8 North Seventh Street Note: lVc Specialize ln Furnishing Homes for Young Couples 360 BEST WISI I ICS Kay Jewelry Company ii? 706 Hamilton Street , Geo . P. Son l'RlN'l'l'IRS Q BOOKBINDERS O 1'UBl,lSHEliS 'ir 94-7f5l Vllew Street Allentown, Pa ' 7 l 7 .161 l C t tl Slpcrlol' .... FREEMAN'S HQMOGIQNIZIZD VITAMIN D MILK If? I Tl t tl nd Green St Dial 9666 SUPPLEE ICB CREAM Compliments of .... ALLENTOWN DAIRY CUMPANY il? Phone-Allentown 72218 I 'rmaplzfmefnls 0 f .... Hudson Allentown, Inc. DISTRIBUTORS or H U D S U N Sales - Service - Parts iQ e M Q N X3 Q6 Nurtli Fifth Street Allentown, Pa. l'sed Fur Lot - Ivllitlll Boulevard K Irving Street .ati aBU : f7'X.. a famous .veal 0IlldCllS of savzngy Saves you FOR EVERY . . . money JUNIOR and MISS! j For more than twenty-seven years, xxx? , . , . . bOIIl1lCllS has been the favorite f 4. hllOpplIlg center lOl the SIHANII and Env.. - thrifty. l"2lSllIOIl-I'lg'llt for every Occasion . . . friendly and helpful advice from competent sales people . . . at savings that make every slmpping trip a real pleasure. FIVE FAMOUS FASHION STORES IN IALLENTONVN, BETHLEHEM, EASTON - 1 9 4 8 - BUICK and CADILLAC I'I,AC'IC ORDERS NOW Paint and ltletal IYOrk A I'On1plete Shop Geared tO Service All Blake Cars OFFICIAL INSPECTION STATION No. 3653 Highest Prices Paid for Late Model Used Carseflll Makes PHONE 7195 ik DIETRICH MOTOR CAR CO. SH-Q Linden Street Allentown, Pa. 504 vo you tried . . . H E I M BAC H ' S NEW BRICAD if? ROLLS, l3l'NS AND CAKES . . . Always Best M., 1 .,.. Q. 1 . ,. ,,,,. .... I .... . .,., ...Z ,A .. ,,.. -.-S., .-V.-,.-4.44.,.:.3:::,555::.::5:::f::Q,wt . A f ,Q ."". ff ' ' ' ' P P ' 319' ' ' n ' ' ' nn ' ' e'i22f5li'? Bomnnfjnoss f,MoYEnA , as s 2 Hy 'DutHh'ersIoMen6 Boys' AA. 1 Q 7Zl Hamilton St. Allentown A 2325. V A A bm: 4,., A I Q A 'WMEPF we A A AA AA AAAAAAAA AA ' A .lAA .5 ' lf on "l ' 5"11'l'1'f" -I nnnfifafmn:f-smzs:sssnQxwefr-'T wielwh AAL N Nlurx A AA.. , QA VM .!- A.hA ,A Aj A AAALA 4' 4' aff" - --li ' 1 ' lf ,vm TE S FUUN f'1'PPEHHf7f7fE!5l7UH Hlfifflfiif! SKS In the Home Economics Building of the Allentown High School, as well as in 60,000 homes in this area, students and homemakers have appreciated the instant heat of gas at all times. Gas offers positive con- trol and the exact degree of heat for every cooking need. Our constant aim is to render better service to everyone who uses gas, so that the ultimate in efficient operation of appliances can always he enjoyed. You can look to gas to lead the parade with the latest developments in home service units . . . Gas Ranges, Gas Refrigerators, Automatic Water Heaters. Home Heating, and year 'round Air Conditioning. ik' ALLENTOWN-BETHLEHEM 6L5 COMPANY n1+:PsNnAB11.1TY . . DODGE PLYMOUTH DODGE Job-Rated TP.UCKs il? Alden MacLel!an, Inc. DISTRIBUTORS 718 North Seventh Street Fifth Avenue SL Broad St Allentown, Pa. Bethlehem, Pa. 366 There is No Sulmstitute for the Lifting Power of I'IflllC'2ltl0ll FINISH IIIGII SCHOOL FIRST Tlwen Colne to the Allentown Business College QQO Hamilton Street JmlN W. Omcnmx President 3--I-790 Est l8I I An Approved Business School APPBL-JEWELER 307 LEHIGH VALLEY Irrezdieztea' VITAMIN D MILK . tastes better . . it is better for you! tl? Lehigh Valley Cooperative Farmers ALLENTOWN, PENNSYLVANIA H erf-Johey Co., Inc. lllanufacturing Jewelers and Stationers Philadelphia and Indianapolis if? CLASS RINGS CLASS PINS SORORITY PINS CLUB PINS COMMEMCEMENT INVITATIONS C. B. WINGERT, District Manager MEDFORD LAKES, NEW JERSEY Oficial Jeweler for ALLENTOWN HIGH SCHOOL Samples Furnished on Request 368 NEXT T0 HER WEDDING DAY G r ad zz a iz 0 n is the biggest event, in every g'irl's life! Anticipating the clernanrl for racliantly bright young fashions for graduation night, as well as other exciting activities centering around graduation, DobnoH"s are ready with an unusually large collection ol' brilliant formals. Their buclgct-niincletl prices will make clad happy, too. i 615-617 Hamilton Street, Compliments of . . . RO D-Y-VOO CLUB Y. M. C. A. wiv 369 Compliments of .... ALLENTOWNS FOREMOST APPAREL SHOP E! : V 'E' '. i ' --.. E. S Q '.-' . .lf : Q 4- I : L ' .' I u :A 709 HAMILTON STREET "Your clothes will be brighter when Dry Cleaned by Sehreitern 4415 Q Al.. LITTLE e Sew Kar' Us , 124- North Sixth Street Allentown, Penne. HONDED LUSTR DRY CLEANING Keeping customers is possible only by keeping faith with them. You can depend on us. 'ik Zollinger-Harned Company KEN KERSHNER Diamonds - Yvatehes Birth Stone Rings Phone 3-7194- 620 North Sixteenth Street Allentown, Pa 370 Compll m ents of .... IDJLQJIIUUEILE il? Reeves, Parvin 81 Company Wholesale Grocers Since 1828 KNIGHTHOOD K MORNING GLORY FOODS l'l'RE FOOD FRODIVCTS Supplied to Rlf:'rA1L GROVERS, Ho'rr:Ls AND INSTITUTIONS 202 Ilzunilton Street. Flmlu- 4--5138 Allvntown,l Pu Compliments of .... W K A P YOUR MUSIC' AND NEWS STATION vi? . 1580 On Your Dial Allentowvfs Most Beautiful M enls Shop rex' i mccamihq 950 Hzunilt mrll Strveli NA'I'lON.-XLIA' FAMOUS f'LO'I'lIES - I'.-XUIQARIJ AND J.-KRMAN SHOES - LEE HATS FULL LINE OF DISTINI"l'lVE IIABERDASHERY 371 KEMMERER PAPER COM PANY Wholesale SCHOOL SUPPLIES, ETC. il? 355e35'7 Hamilton Street Allentown, Pa. CHARLES C. VOGT A. H. S. ,I7 if? JEWELRY - DIANIONDS 826 Hamilton Street Allentown, Pa. L. Kobrovsky 81 Sons il? 311 Liberty Street Allentown, Pa. Flowers for ALL Occasions Roth 'J Flowers Corsages Our Specialty Phtlllt' 3-7298 Qlst SL Tilghman Streets Allentown, Penna 372 Complimentx of. . Hotel Tmylor ik KUCI-1 IBIQOTHEIQS Authentic Style Headquarters for M en's and Young M en's C'I.0'l'IllNG INTIKNISIIINGS SPC lli'l'SXYl'fA li CENTRE SQUARF N. E. CQRNIQR You Are Cordially Invited to YIICNY Ol'li NEW HOME Keystone Furniture Co. "The Most For Your Money . . . In Furniture" 832 IIAMILTUN S'rm:r:'l' Al,l.x41N'r0wN, PA. Compliments of .... Berthold Studios Portrait Photographers 842 IIAMILTON STRH1-:T ALLENTOWN, PA. 373 Compliments of the .... S aperior Restaurant Sf? 824 HAMILTON STREET Brown 81 F ulford INSURANCE Established 1897 813 HAMILTON STR1-:ET ALLENTONVN, PA. Congratulations Class of 1948 Compliments of .... C. A. Dorney Furniture Company is S. S. Kresge Company 5 - 10 - Q50 Store "The Friendly Storeu il? 809 Hamilton Str t Allentown, Pa. 374 I w i - "Pennsyl1vam'a Dutch Cooking at its Best" THE HOME RESTAURANT M. WV. VVOOD, PROP. fllllxll Daily 5 :30 A. NI. to 8:30 P. lw. Sundays ll A. M. to 8 P. BI. I7 S. Seventh Street Allentown. l'a. C. E. Roth ASI I IUNABLE ENIINIYI Ui DVFNX' l'l0l'lI1ill Cl0tllCS and Vostumes Made to Rleasure Si? Clothing MANNING - ARMSTRONG 807' Ilumiltou Street. 1ENTH 85 TURNER mls' Y v l - Mh,Htlm.n' lla. A1.1,r,NTou N, 1 ENNA. Plltllll' 2-9452 Your Credit is Good at THORNTON'S DIAMONDS - AYATCIIES - JEYYELRY Cash or Credit 73+ Ilillfllltllll Street Allentown, Pa 375 mfflerlnf M1+lN'S M WOMM Lf ffqfr XM CHILDRENS gzgaggiiftfkwhwqgf FITTED 719 flAM!lf0N.fZ.AllFlVf0WN,PA. Compliments of .... Compliments of .... Fabian Wilmer 85 Vincent Allentown Theatres Lumber Company Xe cioLoN1AL ey Srxlfrz l:1.xL'1'o Lehigh Valley Paper House PAPER lNlERCHANTS Fine Printing Papers, Wrappings, Specialties and Twine if 32. N. Jordan Street Allentown, Pa 376 f'UIIllIlI.H1l'IlfS of . . . STYLETEX IH S. Svvvlllll Slrvvl CLOTHES .Xllcnlowm l'z1. I 'nam plimvnls The National Cash Register Company 72.3 Llxm-:N S'I'Iil-II-l'I' .xI.l,I'1N'I'UXYN. l',x. 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'FENTII Srnmzr Phone 5172 ALLENTONVN, PA. 79 Television - Pianos Refrigerators All Famous Makes ik GILBERT'S 4-9 N. 10 St. Phone 2-6573 AUERBACH'S Jewelers . - . Opticians Si? 637 Hamilton Street Compliments of RITZ BARBECUE il? Compliments of . . . TITLOW'S MUSIC HOUSE 946 Hamilton Street Allentown, Pa. Telephone 2- 1722 QOPEN EVENINGSD THE SPORTS CENTER F on AL1, SPORTS EQUIPMENT 'ik 936 Hamilton Street Compliments of NEW YORK FLORAL CO. ik' Compliments of the . . . F. W. WOOLWORTH COMPANY 'ik Compliments of . . . CALVIN STUDIO Portrait and Commercial Photography ik Phone 2-1310 617 Linden St. Allentown, Pa Sweetland Confectionery Home Made Candies CP Ice Cream if 959 Hamilton Street Allentown, Pa. Phone 3-9847 For Fresh Roasted Nuts Today. Go t M O R R O W ' S 93722 Hamilton Street if Korn KurlseAlways Fresh COTTON SHOP il? 818 Hamilton Street Allentown, Pa. Good Lack from . . . P O P E K ' S Household Appliances tif 192 Tilghman Street Phone 3-3516 MASTER J EWELERS iff 614 Hamilton Street Allentown, Pa. Phone 2-5959 CENTER SQUARE MARKET Fruits and Meats FRANK A. BRADLEY Phone 3-54-92 Memory House Photo Shop 39 North Ninth Street Allentown, Pa. if Kodak Cameras - Photo Finishing Photographic Supplies Best Wishes from . . . S A M S 0 N "Radio Cr' Appliance Center" il? IRVIN SLOM -I-07 North Seventh Street Allentown, Pa. O M,l Compliments of the . . . New and Used Equipment CHARLES STORE S N Y D E R S 'if 836 Hamilton Street Photographic Supplies Commercial SL Industrial Photography 1022 Hamilton Street Allentown, Pa. Phone 3-8875 "THE DOORWAY TO FINE MUSIC FOR 60 YEARS" Lester Steinway, PIANOS Magnavox Capehart RCA Victor.. RADIOS Television Solovox Records Musical Instruments E Sheet Music 544 HAMILTON ST. ALLENTOWN Kuhns 81 Shankweiler THE lNIAN,S STORE Seventh Sz Hamilton Streets Allentown, Pa. Compliments of . . . J O E B U R K E Cut Rate Drug Store Compliments of . . . HELFFRICH 8: COMPANY, INC. I noestments it ie 383 Hamilton Street RUTH E. HELFFRICH, PRES. The 1948 "C0mus,' printed by the Mz'er5- Baclzmcm itl10gmpl1z'ng Co. C09 LITHOGRAPHERS and PRINTERS West and Elm St reets Allentown, Penna Phones: 3-5204 3-5205 S3 CC E was a master because he took infinite Pains. We are his earnest clisciplesf, N4- rl C 1 js :.,. 'ii-11131 .- .4- ,Q TiiQf4.QT,,X ' 144 V ' .1-4 3,2 'gd' . li W 1' :r if -A Xa., .3--, 1,1-J' rv?-1,-f-14. ' f 2 1Q'fis2mx,5: '- .' ' - ,vs um - -fnff.2.,gz- -nf .mf-' ' W . V43 1.. in -, . f ff: .I . ., . Z 1- ,3Qi . 5 4 ,,,5,,.. V ,yt . QL, , --, ,.' '-1 l' gi' ,QL 9 W "' 5- ' rg ' ,' ,Vw-" :x1,,.,f. .T , , . A ,A , . A ' .:f , ,f,9.,,,,n..4p--:,.-,,-. ,., , ' , W, - .,fff.qp,gQ-.pau,g..-.-,.,-..., . .. , . ,M .,1,Y..,-- -., lp, .lx- ' V: .' 1 ' -" 'Jar 4 'ig gm., 4 - " J --' ay- M' ni,-.3 :iv 1 V we-4 . A ,! '11 -wa fwfr- A-4-iff? I fsfiftglgiijfnf ,Qrfkg f 'kvzugi . 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