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Be E E 9- E E N 5 A fi E 5 'E if 4 2 5 E E E . 2 3 E 5 F-1 K E 2 if E 35 :rr s li ee 5 2 2 E 5 'fe E E S 22 E e E 2 if 3 5 3 5 5 EQ EQ 3 . ' ' -3 .1?9L. 4421-7'SN"f..1-'1 mlb..-' f'-'fIT."ff' L"'j'--fir-v ,W V .L 'Y-" " ' ' " '- - HF!-Y -f . ' A- .fr-. -St'2'T79 7-li?-V.-'.51.,lZZ1.f'E'71'71'-.""!'-sv-' 1 --LV? XX c: Wffffff fffli x xx EX- LI B RI X Foreword For three glorious years we have been working together as a class-sharing our ups and downs, slaving over English, trying to fathom algebra. But now our book-learning days are over, our teachers will no longer be able to ease the bumps. We are marching in the front line. This is a friendly book, designed to recall our friends, our teachers, and all the funny things that happened in classrooms. Because of world conditions, there may be some of us who will never again roam these halls. But we shall always be here in spirit, watching other boys and girls coming in, other men and women marching out. Alma Mater All hail our Alma Materydear, Our voice of praise and glory hear, To whom all reverence we bear, Of you forgetful we'll be ne'en We shall forever for you yearn, And cherish all that we may leam Through future days of life, 'Mid ioy and strife, True may we stand, both to you And Canary and Blue. Throughout the land of you we'll sing Loud will our praises ever ring, Of days that have passed by, Fond memories of dear old high. Oh, Alma Mater, hear our praise, To you all honor we do raise! Through future days of life, 'Mid ioy and strife, True may we stand, bofh to you And Canary and Blue. E35 4 Avi DANIEL W. HAMM, Principal Dedication ' Wherever the name of the Allentown High known, it is honored and respected. The school respect to the efforts .of one man-the prlnclpal, Daniel W. For years Mr.I'tamm hasstaod asthebackbone ers and students alike up to high standards The class of '43 honors Itself In honoring Mr. Q deep. satisfaction graduating along with him. With sincere appreciation, the class of '43 dedicates this Camus to their respected leader, Daniel W. Hamm. - W Qomus Staff Editor-in-Qhief lVlary lean Grider flssociate Editors Caryl Ann Grorolin Marvin Sachs Theresa Nilcischer Elizabeth Townley Ruth Whiteniqht Feature l une Brelstorcl Phyllis Kratz Betsy Fenstermaoher Leroy Newman lohn Galoellini Leanna Schaffer Sports Peter Kalanclialq Edward Sohantz George Stavridis Business William F. l-lillegass Roloert Long l-larolol lones Sherman Sass n, Ji. 'luv if 'Y 1 ...- I fl 'a i v 5 ...L...,.q S ! fx A OQAQK xxx tif Q- ' -JM ,g H' s I' fi ,Q 95. Q . ,x I-N 'K Ki' 'lf X . f v -as -sci.. s , if ,a. x ' 6 , . F. ' .4 r . lgortrait C09 The class of l943, the thirtieth to be graduated during the principalship of Daniel W. Hamm, feels that it is fitting and proper to present here both a record and a composite portrait of the man to whom this Comus is affectionately dedicated, the man under whose leadership the school has established, and for thirty years maintained a reputation for sound training and admirable character. Daniel W. Hamm, the son of Mary A. Werner and Beniamin K. Hamm, was born February l3, 1877, in Albany Township, Berks County, Pennsylvania. Four years later the family moved to Allentown, where the boy got his readin', writin', and 'rithmetic in the fifth ward school and in the high school, then in the Wolfe Building at Ninth and Chew Streets. Long hours of study at Muhlenberg College made firm a belief in organization of work and in the discipline of mind and spirit that Mr. Hamm has continued to cherish for himself and has imprinted upon all the educational and administrative leadership with which he has been entrusted. A teacher in the Stevens school in i9Oi, its principal in l904, elected to teach history and political and commercial geography in the high school in l9l0, and made principal in l9l3 this tells the story of his progress. But it doesn't tell the whole story. To see the tall, impeccably groomed, lithe figure take a stairway two steps at a time is to discard all notion of an unbreakable pedagogical dignity. To watch him read, face alight, some fine passage lovingly chosen from a treasured book, is to glimpse his rare appreciation of the beautiful in expression. To see him touch a splendid blossom brought for his appraisal by some faculty gardner is to sense the knowledge and the wonder of the naturalist. To see him at tender ease with his family, his gracious wife and their children, Evelyn and Frederick, both with established homes of their own, and the two grandchildren, Sandra, less than a year old, and Billy, five, is to know him at his happiest. A naturalist, Mr. Hamm is planning to complete his already extensive catalogue of the plant and insect life of Lehigh County, to add to his amazing collection of the mosses of this area, and to go on with his work in microscopic botany. Among his treasured experiences are the summers he spent in Maine and in the Adirondacks,when at the appointment of Gifford Pinchot he helped on the survey of a l25,000-acre tract, made by the United States Bureau of Forestry for the Great Northern Paper Company. And one of his "small personal satisfactions" has been his culture of flowers. Waldheim Sunshine and Wahldeim Glory are two of the several dahlias he has originated. These are listed in current seed catalogues. His interests are many. He is a lover of books, and of beauty in books. The 2500 volumes in his personal library have been chosen both for their wealth of expression and for their exquisite bookcraft. Chief among them are the biographies of the sound men who have led or influenced some definite period in American history. And there are books and books of science, books and books recording in word and picture the work of the naturalists. There are rare copies of the old classics, there are thoughtful books analyzing our own times. But there are few novels, Mr. Hamm is impatient of "books that have no substance." There's a stamp collection, too, that is still going on. He delights in it, works at it, admits to "about forty-odd thousand varieties," but adds that "rarities are not for school teachers." The philatelists who have seen it insist that it is a great collection. His thought, "A teacher must be inter- ested in his subiect and in his students. lf that interest isn't there, he might iust as well not be teaching," has guided his own work as a teacher. With the same deep warmth that has animated his many interests, he has instilled the forces of character in his stu- dents. He has insisted on high standards of scholarship, but his true interest is more than schooling,---it is the foundation of education. "But," commented a man from town who happened along while this record was in the making, "you don't really know Dan Hamm unless you have gone fishing with him." lt seems that many a faculty man, many a man from the town, recalls fishing trips --Ambrose Light, Barnegat Bay, Angle- sea, off Cape May, tuna fishing at Beach Haven, at Lake Rideau in Canada, and fresh water fishing all around this section of the state. "l'll bring you a good picture," said his fisherman crony, and that adds another face to the composite portrait. The Masonic orders of town could add more to the picture. There is no need to review for them the high place Daniel Hamm has attained, or the many honors they have accorded him. To the school then, the most important element of all has been the earnest care and thought he has given to every student who has passed through the halls of high school. True, there may be many who have never been "called to the office" either for advice, admonition, or in conference on school activi- ties, there may be others who, in so large a school, may never have had a personal conversation with their principal, but person- ally known or not, their welfare has been his deepest concern. Those with whom he has had personal association cherish the memory of the deep-voiced teacher who became quietly their friend and counselor. Many faces has the life ofa man. Some see them all. Others see this side, others that. But through any one of them, or all of them, the true man will shine. A1-., . A ,ixmffl ME s .-L 4 ,Jw 'rfhit v., 'rv -51,6 r , V, X, 3. , ' 5. 'A-2"- Q1. j ,HJ"f!"""w. ,Q ... Sri-4, LIP F1 vw .- .gy . R F 1 sn- -I H 'v mg, W wan -zfhw X ' .J-f M q .. ei' , . x., . ...N ,,f51l7L' 1--' Q :riff ,yy agar i,..a.::'g,: r""'f3ff,'.A- utfrk JV .As , Jim ' . I. ,y. 1515 . f Q .. , 4 if ,ay .?f5y,.- ,' YP V '. , ff ' Q-7 , ' A 51' ' 5' ' Ly ? Q' ' 3 '- -J, 4 3, 'lib' Mk' F af, , A Y 'xxx U V . ,Ii N ga, , -'14 I 'i fify., wa' , 4' -,K ,, ,..f"f1 -1 1.1 , I wwf : J,-4. K A I J f 6, v 3, .. .JMX , Q, - v' ,., f , W ,w, . N N i .gi 'I in M7 , V X-Asa! 5 'Ci f N' .41-5. N1 'H' n . b, ,V if 5 VA f. V1.1 . .I ,, N K, , ,,. .. h 5 , Q' W- , ti Q , .' E. if ' 1 Z. -L 4. -f e ,, . .lk . . 1, . .xv 3 . ki in 'K , sm 1- f ,.,. X ,L 4 J " X Hdvisors Ifxmras W. RlFliARDSON, PH. D. Vice-Principal ELSIE Nl. HECKMAN fx . X au -1 .1-, LEROY K. MILLER BENJAMIN J. KANE 1943 CDMUS Allentown High School Faculty NAME Daniel W. Hamm. . . . 1942-1943 susiscr ' . .... Principal James W. Richardson .... .... V ice-Principal 8. Boys Advisor Elsie M. Heckman .... LeRoy K. Miller .... Beniamin Kane .... LeRoy S. Allam .... Melville J. Boyer .... Thomas J. Brennan. . . Mabel E. Mulock ..... Earle H. Weinsheimer Edgar A. Rabenold . . Warren F. Acker .... Edna M. Allen .... Martha Arthur ...... . .... Girls Advisor . . . .Assistant'Vice-Principal . . . . Assistant Boys Advisor . . . . Head of Foreign Language Dept. . . . . Head of Social Science Department . . . .Head of Science Department.. . . . .Head of English Depvarflmenmz-4A'CC, '. . . Head of Mathematics Department . .... Head of Commercial Department . . . .Music . . . .English lll . . . .English ll Clarence J. Ayres ..... .... M echanical Drafting Charles C. Bachman ..... Minnie Bachman ..... John A. Baker ....... Joyce Beary ..... Lucy Bittner ...... Miriam Boyer ....... Anna F. Buehler ..... Edwin D. Clauss ..... Paul Clymer ........ Charles W. Dankel . . Elizabeth Dietrich .... Charles W. Eisenhard John L. Eisenhard .... Paul Fink ........... Florence Fogel .... James R. Flexer. . . Dorothy Foster .... M. L. Frankenfield. . . Claude A. Freed .... J. Warren Fritsch .... Eleanor Geisinger. . . Helmut Golatz ...... Helen S. Gerhard . . . David R. Hacket ..... Charles Haire .... Blanche Hallman .... Mahlon A. Hamm .... Richard Hartzell ..... Esther L. Hettner ..... Paul F. Held ...... Robert Herbein. . . Mary E. Herbert ..... M. Rhoda Herr .... lsabel Jeffrey ....... Charles R. Johnson. . . Ruth Kistler ......... Leon B. Klingaman. . . Russell Knauss ...... Mabel K. Knecht .... Ray H. Kressler. . . Marie Kressley .... . . . .Plane Geometry . .... Bookkeeping ll German l ' . . . .Dramatics ' . . . Bookkeepin il-l , Salesmanship . . . .Physical Education . . . .Clothing . . . .U. S. History . . . .Physical Education . . .... Commercial Arithmetic . . . . Typewriting ll . . . .Prob. of Democracy . .... U. S. History . . . . U. S. History, World History . . . .Cooking . . . .Shop Mathematics . . . .Shorthand l, Commercial Law . . . .Physics . . . . Economics, Finance . . . .Latin ll, lll, lV . .... Shorth'd, Typing I, Book'g ll, Rap. Cal. . . . . German rf A EnglishlV we -- F-f . . . .Swimming . . . .Cabinet Making . . . .Typewriting l and ll . . . .Auto Shop . . . .Advanced Arithemtic . . . .English lll 8. IV . . . .English lll 84 IV . . . .Electric Shop . . . .English lV . . . .Librarian . . . . Retail Selling . .... Machine Shop . .... W. History, U. S. History . .... Com'l Geography, Rapid Cal. . . . .Physical Education . . . . Foods . . . .Shop Mathematics . . . .English lll ' gba-,cv-ijL'i'7l-l V-. '.,n, : 1943 CUMUS Allentown High School Faculty NAME Mary E. Kriebel .... John N. Leinbach ..... .... Nevin T. Loch ....... A. Francis McConaghy. . Harry R. McCullough ..... Robert M. Mellman . . Esta E. Metzger .... Albertus Meyers .... Fred H. Minner ..... Paul Nagle ....... R. R. Neeley ....... Andrew Osmun ..... Edgar Rabenold ...... .... Herbert Reichard ..... .... Roger Rentschler. . . Anna L. Schadt ....... .... Dorothy Schlicher .... Frederick Schmerker ..... .... Herbert B. Schmoyer .... .... Philip Schmoyer ...... .... John G. Schumaker. . M. Alice Schwaninger .... .... Ralph W. Shimer ....... Elizabeth V. Siller .... .... Helen Sloan ....... Pearl Smith ....... Albert Snyder .... Charles Speck .... Mary J. Spence ...... Robert Stauffer .... Frances D. Steinmuller RobertStimmeI........ Marion Struthers ..... Dorothy Swope .... George E. Thomas .... .... Edgar H. Ulmer .... Ruth Wagner .......... Raymond L. Waller ..... .... Wellington Walters. . Flo d Weaver y ....... .... T. Mahlon Wierbach .... .... Ralph V. Wetherhold. . . Kenneth T. Wildonger Grace Woodring ..... . . . . . . Edward Zimmerman ...... Albert Billig .................. Margaret McCormick .... .... Margaret Kunkle ..... Aral Hollenbach .... Ruth Redpath ..... Oswell Seip .... Blanche Sery. . . Bertha Starner .... 1942-1943 SUBJECT Typing I, Shorthand I, Book'g II Architectural Drafting U. S. History English ll, U. S. History, Math. Plane Geometry Printing Shorthand I Instrumental Music U. S. History, P. D. Chemistry Algebra II, S. Geometry, Trig. Pattern Making Commercial Law Com'I. Arith., Plane Geometry Algebra ll F. Drawing English ll and lll Biology, Physiography English II Latin ll, W. History Chemistry Latin II Electric Shop ' Typewriting I Physical Education Bookkeeping Il Machine Shop Cabinet Making English II and III Biology English III and IV Bookkeeping II English n, in andl ff French I and II Bookkeeping ll, Il Cabinet Making Advertising 81 Salesmanship U. S. History, Spanishl Bookkeeping I World History English Il, III and IV Botany, Biology World History English III and IV Zoology, Biology HUNSICKER BUILDING Commercial Arithemtic Bookkeeping I Bookkeeping I Com'I. Geog., Rapid Cal. English II Commercial Arithmetic Com'I. Geog., Rapid Cal. English II 1943 'EDMU""'5 History of the Class of T943 lt's hard for us who now are leaving to say good-by to a truly grand schoole-a school to which we've become fondly attached. But we have had our time, we must move on to make room for another senior class, we must go out in the world and offer our services where they are so greatly needed. While we were here, though, we left our mark-quite an impressive record, in fact. It was on September 6, 1940, that the Allentown High School saw for the first time the boys and girls who were to make up the Class of '43. Traditionally, we were as scared as any other group of sophs, but, actually, we quickly moved into the regular high school life, and soon we found ourselves an important part of the organizations and activities. By pushing the upperclassmen for places on the athletic teams and even beating them to parts in the Inter-class play and positions on the staff of the Canary and Blue, we established a reputation as a hustling class, with George Stavridis president. Our iunior year saw us continuing our progress, staging one successful event after another. The Junior Prom was said to have been one of the largest ever held, the Junior Class Play, Growing Pains, saw a capacity house heartily enioy a rollicking comedy and the athletic teams were experiencing changes in their lineups as juniors battled for and won starting positions. Again we held our own in competition with the other classes, capturing parts in the Inter-class play, Ever Since Eve, and attaining prominence in other school activities. The organization of the new Air Raid Precaution system saw iuniors given responsible posts. Later we showed our unity by collecting class dues, the first Junior Class to do so for many years. This was under the presidency of George Gebert. When we returned as seniors, we came with the manifest realization that we were a part of a nation at war. A great many changes in our school life were to be noted, but with our customary spirit of cooperation, we did our utmost to adiust ourselves to the new conditions. As usual, we staged a class play, another fine performance, entitled Every Family Has One. Then there was that sensational Turkey Day battle against Bethlehem, with the tying touchdown scored in the last three seconds of play. Yes, and we experienced oher thrilling moments-at basketball games, in the classroom, and faced with more serious momentse-work to be done, decisions to be made, and we enioyed a few lighter moments-a bit of fun, a bit of laughter. We learned from each moment, from all of them, and found the sum to be A. H. S. Although our senior year was more or less broken up by the demands of war- bythe draft and by rationing, we have struggled through until we now stand at the thres- hold of our future. But a greater struggle still confronts us, we are determined to be victorious in it. While at A. H. S. we have made friendships, conquered hardships, gained nvaluable experience-factors which may prove decisive in the battle of life. Page Fourteen fx x-1 7 uxiyff, lr-aff, 4 5,5 V ""' ' Q 'asifiiiif 5 ls rf 4 4. 'f W, , . ,. ii Jr' ,,,.. A -Z K1 a , ' V .. , , .A,. X ,T Fr, V55 -SX- - , , .. ,. , X ".,,g, -7 'gf . ,Q . grilweii 5, I Fx ,V .-'.',Lfx,. V -x -4. . A ,, .. .1 4 A -. .J ""' ' Q-Y ' li, . f, MM., fs J YA' fn We his !v,. . Ag. hr , Img? z M, , L. 'Yi ws, abr ,V 1 F. nb Lf,M.,'tx,,x,".1 ', if-,,, .. f.- sm' rw,-A "-.xv yd' 1 'flf',.1., . 5 ,"'r' I fy 'hfrf' Q 01 I -' L, ' X, if .K qui-nv Y-- ,v W I. v x -. 1 x -Q... 3 ,x Bukit, Y, gyff 1 ' J Q . rd- zf, , , if Q1 f, .., 4:11 w 5. 'V 'V -.-1'?": 124' , 'PQ 1, ag ,, ,' K f.,-. L 'Q H. ,. if fr- I ', S f- Wink Q5 '. V .23 . '- . Yi xx? XIh',.f, :fy , 1'x.'f1Irf' ' 1' ' I, mfg! r-HHN, 'i L' 1".f ' "" AA 1 H'-.X W is-T 1'-sf, ' - Ph",- ,,a?e-, -f-c , flip , f ., nl., 8. 'x ' - .. ' W 1 x x tr xi 1-qs.. - ,. ,Rf f V., , 6 "'-F" 'li .-1: ' ,x .KR K ' M. . Wm, ,. Mn i-. , ,' , , f- . , L ,.:, 'qw- X. .X :fq C' E 'WB v. .NW mfg lm 'y 3 Q.. Y h Yw"5m.w5" 'K v S X ge N " X . X 5 Y' Y . - J 3' '--.. L., '1- N A 1943 CUMUS ACKERMAN, JOYCE M. Joyce College Preparatory An investment in knowledge pays the best interest. Curly hair and nice brown eyes describe the "rose among thorns" of the aeronautics class. Although the only girl in the class, she carries ot? most of the honors, and that holds true in all other mathematical subiects. Quiet, but with a ready smile and an under- standing nature, she is a swell pal. Being a whizz in her studies does not keep her from finding time to do some drawing, ice- skating, hiking and "roughing it." Her greatest delights are apri- cot pie and chocolate candy. Joyce is looking forward to a career in mechanical drafting. ADAMS, EDWIN Eddie General Honest men marry soon, wise men not at all. Edwin is interested in printing more than in anything else. ln fact, he prints signs and posters in his spare time. He enioys playing basketball, football, and table tennis. Most of the time he enioys class work, too. He did not engage in sports at school, but he was an usher at football and basketball games. f Cffv-wf'Nf' I J ff fee- German Club 4, National Honor Society 3 4 Aeronautics 4 ADAMS, FRANCES, M. Fran General She's a regular gab about Frances has the best educated appetite in high school, for eating is her hobby. Always ready and eager for a good time, Fran's smile and pleasant disposition have won her many friends. She is an ardent football and basketball fan and rarely misses a game. Fran is looking forward to a career in nursing. Her sym- pathetic nature and her ability to keep her head promise nothing but success and happiness. ADAMS, HELEN Spggk Commercial A fine character is worth more than great wealth, it opens the door to all hearts. Personality is a credit, and Helen gets all the credit. We hardly know she's around, but that applies to the best. She may be reserved and quiet, but she's extremely capable. She is charming and always dependable. Page Fifteen 1943 CDMUS ADAMS, JOYCE Joyce General A liberal mouth with happy corners. Joyce is one of those girls who is always willing to help every- one. She has a cheery disposition and is a true friend. Joyce wants to be an undertaker. Here's hoping she succeeds. Dramatics 2, 3 ALBRIGHT, ROBERT H. Blondie College Preparatory l'm a women hater, but oh you country girls. Bob is a husky, good looking young fellow who intends to make iournalism his life work. He has many friends, but says girls "do not worry him." He is not too studious, but studies, and gets along with his teachers. He doesn't go in much for sports, but is himself a good sport. Always full of fun at a serious moment, Bob's never without a gag. He has a stainless steel constitution, and once he has made up his mind, no twenty-mule team could change it. He's an all around good guy. AlLCNDER, RUSSELL Russ General Love many, trust few, And always paddle your own canoe. In and out of A. H. S., Russ has innumerable friends as a result of his almost constant good humor, merry quips, and ingenious pranks. His indulgence in hunting and fishing does not interfere too much with his scholarship, for his marks are, with few exceptions, quite good. He intends to be a salesman Knot of Fuller Brushesl and we all know his sparkling smile, quick wit, and persistence, will bring him success. AMEY, RUTH MARIE Ruthie Commercial She who laughs last-doesn't get the joke. Ruth, one of the silent partners of the senior class, is popular among both her classmates and teachers. She is rather reserved, but those who know her intimately flnd her sincere and loyal. Her favorite pastimes are skating, cycling, and reading good books. Some day we hope to see Ruth happily working her way to success in the business world. Page Sixteen 1943 CUMUS ANGSTADT, A. RICHARD Dick Commercial Foot-loose and fancy free. Dick is a quiet sort nf fellow, never guilty of over study. Among his talents are mechanics and electricity. His favorite sport is ice-skating. He plans to enlist in the Air Corps. ANTHONY, CAROL B. Tony Commercial Life is just a bowl of cherries- Relax and enjoy it. Carol is the brainstorm of the commercial department. She came to us last year from Lehighton. Arguing seems to be her specialty-trying to convince someone he is wrong, even though he's right. After school you can Find her behind the counter in her parents' store, the Lehigh Sweet Shop, making sundaes or playing the iuke box. She takes particular interest in typing and shorthand, in fact, she enioys life immensely, especially dancing and movies. ln her pipe dreams she cherishes the hope thot she may be the President's private secretary some day! AFGAR, ELIZABETH L. Betty General Her mind is like a sundial, it records only pleasantness. Betty is the blue-eyed lass who is quite serious at times, but more often is just a happy-go-lucky girl. Betty's pleasing approach has made her a favorite among her school acquaintances. Her main obiective is to go far in the career of nursing, and with her determination we know that she will do iust that. ARTWOHL, SADIE Sid Retail Seeling Thou hast no faults, or l no faults can spyf Thou art all beauty, or all blindness l. Sadie is a girl with whom one likes to be friends. Her ability to make friends so easily accounts for her long list af them. A sense of humor plus a pleasant smile also helps. She greatly enioys hiking and movies. Page Seventeen 5 Domus ASTON, BETTY JANE Betts Commercial Can't? Come on, l'll help you. Betty, who has a pleasing personality and a charming dis- position, in spite of the fact that she takes her studying seriously, is always ready to ioin in the fun. She is always eager to help anyone whenever she can. BACHMAN, HENRY Henny General My shining ship through unknown seas Shall sail through many a day. Henny is a sociable young man with everyone but women. He is not too brilliant, but gets along with the help of others. He expects to ioin the Marines after graduation. Some of his favorite sports are football, basketball, and baseball. BACKENSTO, DAVID E. Dave College Preparatory A smile for every boy and two for every girl. Dave is a resourceful fellow who can dish out the corn along with the best of them. He loves to dance, and indulges in all sports, his favorite being football. He also is an ardent fan of basketball. Like his brother, he wanted to play high school football, but he couldn't get his parents' permission. Dave's hopes are centered on the Navy Air Corps. DeMolay, Gym Team 2, 4f Aeronautics 4 BAEHLER, THEODORE Ted General Will l go along? Yes! Where? Almost every student knows Ted's swell personality. ln fact, thinking more of his friends than his studies has been his greatest trouble. Ted is a clean-cut, all-round American youth. He was included in almost all of the social affairs and is a zealous follower of all athletic events. Wherever Ted goes from school he will have many friends, and a man with many friends is a wealthy man. Page Eighteen 1943 CDMU5 BALL, WILLARD E. Willie General When I feel like exercising, I just lie down until the feeling goes away. Blue-eyed friendly Willie attended a typical one-room country school for eight years before he entered our Allentown schools. He is a great rooter for football, baseball, swimming, and ice- skating. He also likes dancing and music. Because Willie thinks time spent in reading books is time wasted, and refrains from readin as much as possible, he and his English teacher don't always see eye-to-eye. His reaction to o ioke is an "l don't get it" sort of smile. Willie is a devoted church worker. We wish him success in his career in illustrating, and we hope some-day hefmay BALLIET, JEAN M. Jeanne General True wit is nature to advantage dressed. Personality plusl There's a friendly greeting tucked away in .leanne's smile, and an air of cheer pervading her manner, she's a companionable maiden. Her sincerity shows in her letters to Airlie, an Australian pen-friend to whom she has proved true-blue. Jeanne's greatest ambition is to become a nurse. rival John Whitcomb in popularity. BANOTAI, FRANCIS L. Frank Mechanical Drafting Look smart, and be seen in smart places. Frank is a happy-go-lucky guy who usually has a good time wherever he goes. He'Il even laugh at your corny iokes iust to make you feel good. Frank is a good student, though, and is willing to cooperate with both students and teachers. He spends his time shooting pool, dancing, bowling, or at the Y. M. C. A., where he has been a member for six years. He is to be an airplane de- signer, and we wish him the best of lucky he deserves it. T Square Club 2 BARRALL, RUTH ELIZABETH Tootie Commercial What does she have that gets you? To most people Tootie seems rather reserved, but those of us who know her intimately find her a sincere, pleasant, even a mis- chievous, companion. A typical school girl, she is gay, cheerful, full of school spirit, with a yen for dancing and ice-skating, but she does not like cold weather too much. Her good looks and ready humor will help her to get along. Page Nineteen 1943 CDMU5 BARTELS, WILLIAM Bill College Preparatory The world is full of sweet-williams. In history there are many great Williams, such as William the Conqueror and William Shakespeare. Now another great William steps into view, William Milton Bartels, Esq. Always with a smile, he has a ioke to tell whenever he is greeted by one of his many friends. Bill is a lover of dogs, and some day hopes to own a kennel of Irish setters. BARTHOLOMEW, THOMAS LINCOLN Germ Pattern Shop The woman hater of the pattern shop. An excellent pattern maker is Germ, at home, at school, and at work. He starts school at 8 a. m. in the pattern shop, at 2:45 he goes to work doing the same thing. Evenings he is usually busy at home making patterns or tinkering with power tools. He is a hard worker, finishing a iob he understands and enioys. But all work and no play makes Germ a dull boy, so his spare time he spends in hunting and fishing. Some day Germ will be a great pattern maker in a big industrial plant. BARTHOLOMEW, WALTER Walt College Preparatory It is better to keep one's mouth shut and be a fool, Than to open it and remove all doubt. While Walt's chief interest is photography, he has also more than his share of musical ability and plays the saxophone and clarinet. A good sportsman, he enioys fishing, hiking, and archery. Although he has many interests, he still has time for school work. It is not surprising that Walt plans to enter college to study electrical engineering. BAUDER, CAROL JUNE Carol College Preparatory Believe one who has tried it. Carol's unobtrusive personality always puts one at ease. Although she does well in school work, she manages to find time to cheer at all our games. Her present ambition is to go to college and then to ioin the WAACS. Drawing is of second importance. Next to serving her country, she wants to become an interior decorator. Red Cross Representative 2, 3, Girl Reserves 1, 2 Page Twenty 1943 General CDMUS BAUDER, MAURINE L. Renie General Sweet as the primrose peeps beneath the thorn. Renie is quietly attractive. A keen friend and companion, she has made many friends at school. Renie is fond of tennis, and de- lights in exploring the great outdoors. Dotty Laugh and the world laughs with you, Cry, and you spoil your make-up. The flrst two things you notice about Dotty are her pretty blue eyes and her red-gold hair. Add a charming smile and a winning personality and you'Il know why she has so many friends. She swims like a fish and rides a horse like the Lone Ranger. She also likes tennis and dancing. Dotty hosn't decided whether she'll go to school or work after graduation, but we wish her luck whereve r she does. BAUER, PHYLLIS JEAN Phil Wisdom is an open fountain whose waters are not to be sealed up, but kept running for the benefit of all. Phil is the kind of girl you'd like to meet. She's friendly and full of fun. A member of the National Honor Society, she spends some time every week selling United States Defense Stamps. Basketball, swimming, dancing are her most loved pastimes. There is never a school dance that Phil doesn't attend. She is above average in her studies, always an honor student. Stay as you are, Phil! Latin Club 2, German Club 3, Dramatics Club 3, National Honor Society 4, Y. W. C. A. Girls Reserve 3, 4 BAUMGARTNER, FERN Bumpy Commercial l'll work, if it gets me places. Although Fern would agree with the affirmative speaker in a debate about abolishing homework. She is an average student. She means either to be a stenographer or to work in a defense factory. But whatever position she gets, her employer will indeed be fortunate. Page Twenty-one 1856 L11 BAUSH, GERTRUDE LOUISE Baushy General When your studies pile too deep, Close your books and go to sleep. Gertrude, a brown-haired lass with a pleasant smile, haunts the library. Conspicuous for her frankness in thought and word and her eagerness to try anything once, she has even ventured to satirize certain members of the faculty. Her many extra-curricular activities have won her many friends. Next year we shall find her at Ursinus, where she hopes to become an accomplished librarian. Latin Club 2, Historical Society 3, 4, Girl Reserves 2, 3, 4, German Club 4 BAXTER, JOANNE Jo Commercial Never expect the unexpected and You will never be disappointed. Jo is a gem from Cleveland, Ohio, and we are proud to have her with us. She is better than average in her school work, and her social life never lags. She loves to dance, and is an all around good sport. Page Twenty-two BAUS, WARREN KROUSE, JR. Warren Mechanical Drafting A man with a will never takes a spill. Warren is a likable chap, and not only a good fellow to get along with, but a good student. He is always willing to help. His pastimes are radio, airplane, and model railroad construction, and in hunting season, he's out looking for game. He takes his shop work seriously, and hopes to make a future of it. BAUSMAN, JAMES W. Jim College Preparatory This world we're a-living in, is mighty hard to beat, For you get ci thorn with every rose- But ain't the roses sweet! Jim, one of those tall boys in our class, appears quiet and easy going. Once you get to known him, however, you learn that he has plenty to talk and laugh about. When he is not busy with his books, you will Find him behind the soda fountain ready to serve you one of his "super sundaes," or if you're in that certain mood he's able to mix you a good stiff Bromo. Upon graduation, Jim plans to enter Lehigh University to study aeronautical engineering. 1943 CUMUS BECHTEL, RUTH D. Becky Retail Selling Blushing is a neon sign reading honesty, purity and beauty. Becky is a gay, intelligent girl interested in ice-skating, tennis, dancing, and Lehigh students. Quoting French and Latin passages and engaging in quizzes are among her hobbies. Her winning personality and charm make her tops on the popularity list. A pleasant friendly smile is her answer to a puzzling situation. Becky intends to study iournalism after graduation. She is well on her way to success in this Held of work. BECHTEL THOMAS EDWARD Butch Commercial Silence may do good and can do little harm. Butch, as he is known to the basketball-loving crowd with whom he travels, seems quiet and reserved to the casual observer. He is enthusiastic in basketball, football, and baseball, but is never guilty of overstudy. Among his pleasures is woodworking. BECK, MARLIN Marly General Nothing is achieved before it be thoroughly attempted. Everybody knows Marlin and his yellow coach, for he is rarely seen without it. Marlin's hobbies number many, outstanding of which are photography and the collecting of United States stamps. ln his cellar he has rigged a developing and printing establishment of which any amateur photographer would be proud. He also played football in his iunior year on the Junior Varsity football squad. After graduation, he expects to ioin the Marines. Good luck, Marlin. BECKER, ELEANOR LUCILLE Elly Commercial Big of heart, but small in size. Elly may be small in stature, but she has a big heart. She is attractive, has a vivid, sparkling personality, brown hair, green eyes, and a cheery smile. ElIy's ambition is to become a steno- grapher. With her intelligence and other personal assets, there is no doubt that she will be a success. Gym Club l Page Twenty-three 1943 CUMUS BEDELL, BARBARA E. Bobbie College Preparatory Happiness is not a station you arrive at, but a manner of traveling. To have a pleasing personality, one must have a sense of humor, and to have a sense of humor one must have a generous disposition. To have them all in one, one must have our Bobbie. lt is her fine sense of comradeship and her charming manner that has won her many many friends. Although Bobbie attends all the social affairs and is constantly kept busy entertaining, she manages to keep high in her studies. She intends to be a nurse, and we know her patients will improve rapidly under Bobbie's care. BEER, HELEN E. Evangeline General As we are now living in an eternity, the time to be happy is today. Helen has a swell personality and an intelligent mind. She is far from being the proveribial minister's daughter, for she is always full of pep and fun. Whatever she undertakes, she will accomplish. Here's hoping she will keep her genial disposition, too. Dramatic Club Acquacade 2, 3, 4, French Club 3 Basketball 2 3 Dramatics 3, Junior Class Play Committee General BEIDLER, BERNICE M. Bernie Commercial Self-trust is the first secret of success. Bernice, one of those auburn haired lasses with sparkling blue eyes, is generally happy except when doing homework. Give her a book, and she will hibernate. Bernie's favorite sports are swimming, bicycling and eating. Polly A smile of hers is like an act of grace. Brown hair, hazel eyes, and a winning smile-that's Polly. She is active, peppy, and rarin' to go. One of her beliefs is that too much study weakens the mind, but we never see her fall down on the iob. She enioys a good game of football or basketballf win or lose. But when it comes to cutting a rug, most of us iust sit back and watch her shine. Gym Club l, 2, 3 Page Twenty-four A 34. a 1943 4 CUMUS BENDUS, FRANK Ben Auto Shop Reads little, knows all. Here we have another fellow who keeps the mirror business gy gf. going in townp he breaks mirrors by dropping them. Ben could V " Q , be called a breaker, because he also frequently breaks the hearts . of those ten pretty girls that he has on his social register. Ben is A liked by all because he's amiable and quiet in school, and a fellow ,"' "1 a person can call a real friend. Ben is now an auto mechanic at high school, where he is known for his honesty in all his dealings. 1,1 V His ambition is to ioin the Army, marry the General's daughter, 1' and see the world in a P-38. BERGENSTOCK, IDA l.. Bergie Commercial I should think your tongue had broken its chain. Bergie is a popular, intelligent girl who speaks well before a group, and can hold her own in any argument. She has no trouble making friends, but if you wont to become on extra special friend, iust tell her of a book you have enioyed. Bergie spends many an hour in reading. She is fond of swimming, bicycle riding, dancing, and playing the piano. When the war ends, Ida will be happy, her heart actually belongs to the Navy. BERGER, JOYCE EVELYN Joyce Commercial Let your life be like a snowflake, Leave a mark, but not a stain. For instructions on how to enioy living, see Joyce. She has fun doing everything she does, even school work. She's flve feet flve and has blonde hair and blue eyes. Her pleasing per- sonality has won her many friends. Joyce enioys swimming, skating, and dancing. lt is her ambition to be a secretary. We know she will be a good one, and hope she will succeed in everything she undertakes. Commercial Club 45 National Honor Society 4 BERNHARD, L. RALPH Brub Print Shop He started to sing as he tackled the thing That couIdn't be done, but he did it. This boy makes friends with everybody and enemies with nobody. He keeps himself busy with his hobbies, airplane building and dancing, with his favorite sports, football and swimming and with his out-of-school work. We know this boy will become a star in the printing industry, because he does well anything he puts his mind to. Good luck, Brubl Page Twenty-five 1943 CUMUS BERTA, ANDREW T. Birdie Auto Shop Sleep, thou art a gentle thing. Tall, blonde, and handsome, that's Birdie in a nutshell. When he gets that gleam in his eye, you know Birdie has another ioke, and that makes him a hit with everyone. His seriousness is only apparent in shop where he is being broken in as a grease monkey. Basketball and wolfing occupy Birdie's evenings. A brilliant lad in his own right, Birdie expects to ioin the Air Corps, which makes him a sure winner. BIEBER, WALLACE Wally Commercial Some men grow mad by studying much. Wally is an average student, and is generally quiet in school. He is always looking for short cuts through study hall or cafeteria. He lives for the present. Wally is a Call-Chronicle carrier, and has sold thousands of war bonds in the drive. He is an ardent sportsman, and loves horses. BlERET, JAMES F. Doc College Preparatory Science and Engineering Creditors have better memories than debtors. Doc likes machinery. He is a nosey kind of a fellow-takes things apart to see what makes them tick and puts them back together again in good shape. Doc is the proud possessor of a model A Ford, and did he shine it up! Besides tinkering with machinery, he likes to sing. Sort of a dependable, likable fellow, he gets along all right with his school work. Doc can take a ioke, and delights in telling stories about his father's youth. He intends to be a mechanical engineer, and is getting good experience now. At Lehigh he will become a master of physics. Historical Society 4, Senior Mathematical Club 4 BINDER, ERNA Ernie Retail Selling I find earth not grey but rosy, Heaven not grim but fair of hue. A Titian blonde with a smile that speaks for itself. Fond of green--shy and gentle in manner, Ernie is the kind of friend you dream of having. Her friendship, like Rogers' silver, wears well She enioys roller-skating and hiking, especially in autumn. Page Twenty-six 1943 CUMUS BITLER, PHYLLIS ELAINE Phil College Preparatory Choose what you love, and love your choice. Phyllis is a cherished friend to many people. lf she is your friend, you can always depend on her to help you. Phil's hobbies are dancing, and anything in the line of sports. She is a faithful follower of football and basketball games. We wish her great happiness, she is always bringing it to others. She'll be a grand I'lUfS8. BLASCHAK, STEPHEN Steve General Intelligence is half the story. Steve is an all-round person who can associate with members of the machine shop or with music lovers of Bach with equal delight. Whenever you see him walking through the halls and he doesn't say "hello," you can bet he's dreaming of the Air Corps. He even goes so for as to say he'd rather be in the Air Corps than in the U. S. O. Along with being a pianist, he discusses technical subiects. Steve expects to be an aeronautical engineer. Girl Reserves 2, 3, Vice'Pres., Gym Club l BLEILER DONALD Cotton General For youth it is the season Of restlessness and strife Here's a guy whose hobbies are hunting, fishing, camping, or anything he can do outdoors. He seems to enioy everything he does, and likes to finish what he starts. He, like the moiority of the fellows, is eager to get his diploma so he can start serving his country. Donald should make a good soldier and be an asset to his company. Cotton has many friends, and is always forming new friendships. BLOCK, LlLLlAN E Lolly Commercial Intelligence, wit, and beauty combined. Lolly will be remembered for her lovable personality, sweet- ness, modesty, and true dignity. She has smiled her way into all hearts and is a spirited and fun-loving companion. Beauty and brains combine in this good student with social success. Lolly has many admirerswshe is both dynamic and delightful, her presence diffuses charm and cheer. Lillian is both shrewd and receptive of suggestions, and an independent and far-sighted worker- all factors that will make her a raving success. National Honor Society, Dramatics, Canary and Blue Repre- :entative Page Twenty-seven I. L... 1943 Love all, ship everyone seeks. typing. BOBAL, VIRGINIA MARY Ginny General lf life is but a song Let us sing the rest of our life. Light hearted, carefree, and fun loving, Ginny never takes her studies seriously, but always makes the grade. She has black hair, brown eyes, and a pleasant smile. She is extremely interested in Muhlenberg, dancing, swing music, and the profession of nursing. CUMUS BOARDMAN, CHESTER Chess General trust a few, do wrong to none, Within the walls of A. H. S., there is a fellow whose friend- His favorite subiects are salesmanship and BOCHOW, SHIRLEY Chub General Her very frowns are fairer far Than smiles of other maidens A giggle, a bit of chatter, a dashing smile'-and there's Shir- ley. There's never a dull moment in any of Shirley's classes. Her keen wit, and incidentally, her clear questions, brighten and clarify the entire atmosphere of any class room she is in. College awaits Shirley. Her dream is to go on an archaeological expedition. Meantime, her handwriting goes literally to all the corners of the globe. She addresses the envelopes to all the A. H. S. service men. Girl Reserves 3, 4, Historical Society 3, 45 Journalism 3, 4 BODMAN, GERALDINE BERNICE Gerry College Preparatory Fun and laughter cure all ills. Gerry is a quiet girl who loves basketball and swimming. All who have ever been her teammates can testify that she is a swell sport. Her smile is rather shy and serious, but her eyes are always laughing. Her friends value her friendship highly, for it is real and lasting. She takes her lessons seriously, and does well in her studies. We sincerely hope that all her best dreams will come true. Girl Reserves 2, 3, Gym Club Page Twenty-eight 1943 BOGERT, JOYCE T. College Preparatory Sing me a song, oh sing! A song of ships, and sailor men. Joyce is an honor student with more than iust book-knowledge. She adds a rare sense of humor and sparkling personality. Always prattling, Joyce admits she talks to herself when there is no victim around. But no one ever complains, for her conversations sparkles with wit, and we never tire of hearing her. Joyce has all the qualities of a good nurse, and has an eye cast in that direction, but the other eye is focused on a certain young seaman whose ring she wears. Clear sailing. latin Club 2, German Club 4, National Honor Society 4 BONSTEIN, JOYCE LORRAINE College Preparatory Good humor is one of the best articles of dress one can wear in society. As the seniors pass by in review, Bunny is one of those that stands aut. She is that small bundle of energy whose cheerleading has helped our boys on to victory. Despite the fact that her extra- curricular activities are many, she manages to stay in the upper third of her class. Her irish temper and pleasing personality that have won her many friends will surely win the favor of her patients in her career of nursing. Latin Club 2, German Club, 4, Secretary, Junior Prom Com- mittee, Cheerleading 2, 3, 4 CUMUS BOETTGER, BETTY JEAN Blondie General When you ask her a question, it's like taking your finger our of a hole in a dike. Betty is a gay fun-loving girl whose blonde hair and blue-gray eyes set her apart from the rest of the crowd like a light shining in a blackout. Dancing, particularly with a special partner, is her hobby. And can she iitterburg! Despite her extra-curricular activities, Blondie somehow manages to be a good student. Her ambition is to become a teacher in the grade schools, because she is fond of children. We wish you luck Betty. Gym Club if Latin Club 2, German Club 4f Girl Reserves 2 Hon BOGERT, MAE Kid General A She is gayer than a child, Laughter in her eyes runs wild. Mae is a short, blue-eyed blonde, who lets nothing bother her She says "Life is too short to take time out to worry." She is the type with whom anyone can get along. Her favorite sports are roller skating, swimming, and cycling, in which she is tops. She never studies too hard, but always iust enough to be iust about average. She doesn't wear her heart on her sleeve, so we don't know who her hero is. after thatw-no telling. She intends to become a nurse some dayp Bunny Page Twenty-nine O 1943 CUMUS BORNEMAN, ELIZABETH Betty General Why study if one cannot think of anything but love? Here is one girl who will soon be seen in a white uniform. Betty always has a ioke to tell youfa new one right off the griddle. Her parents brought her up to be a teacher, but that is too quiet. She means to be a nurse or an air line hostess, Here's hoping she may take pulses in the Allentown Hospital. A Cappella Choir 1 BOWER, KENNETH Kenny Commercial Oh, but to have nothing to do but eat, sleep, and rest. Kenny, iust a happy-go-lucky fellow, has never any troubles of his own, except for getting to school on time. He does not like to do anything that requires much effort, but he will rouse himself for a good skating party. Kenny works in his Dad's butcher shop after school, although he doesn't intend to keep that up, he is searching for something more exciting. Kenny does fairly well in school, but says he is no brain-storm. He is iust a regular guy, full of fun, with a personality to attract and hold his friends. BOYER, JOYCE MARY l General Personality is more than wealth. ,Y l BOWERS, GLORlA A. Penny General Truly does she far exceed Other girls of other days. A generous disposition, a cheerful personality, and a hearty laugh make friends for Penny, who is always ready to help her friends. Her favorite diversions are swing bands, roller skating, dancing, movies, and sports. Her one interest now is her school work. Her sincerity and cheerful attitude make her a good companion. Jo Whenever we see sparkling eyes and a genuine smile, we will probably see Joyce. Her pleasing personality and hearty laugh make her a favorite. Joyce spends o great deal of time on the dance floor, or sitting in a corner writing to a tall, dark, and hand- some Marine. She is an A student, and always has her homework, even though she has only a few minutes in which to do it. .loyce would like to be a nurse. Dramatics 3f Basketball 2 Page Thirty 1943 CUMUS BOYER, WILLIAM STANLEY Bill College Preparatory Whatever you do, do wisely, and think of the consequences. Bill is represenative of those unheralded individuals who work hard, quietly, and diligently while others take the limelight. His accomplishments are realized by few, but obscurity does not dull his stellar record at high school. A persevering scholar, Bill has forged for himself a prominent place. His enthusiastic support of A. H. S. athletics bespeaks his school loyalty. Always popular with those who know him, Bill rightfully may be considered one of the class luminaries. In his own quiet way, Bill Boyer has made an enviable name for himself at A. H. S. National Honor Society 4, Junior Class Play 3, lnterclass Play 3, Senior Class Play Committee 4 BRADNEY, JANICE Sis Commercial A little nonsense now and then, ls relished by the wisest men. This dark-haired, dark-eyed maiden has one of the most pleasing personalities in our class. Potato chips, cashew nuts, and cream puffs are on Janice's list of delectables. Sis is quite popular with British sailors. She swims like an American submarine, since she lived near a lake for many years. Good luck, Janice, in whatever you undertake. BRAY, EMILY Em General l know a reasonable woman, Handsome and witty, yet a friend. Em, a slim, lovely brunette, has a penetrating smile and pleas- ing disposition. We flnd that she is interested in skating and dancing. Emily doesn't say much about her future. Who knows-we might find her in a white uniform in one of our prominent hospitals. A Cappella Choir 1, Gym Club 3 , . 5 BRELSFORD, JUNE Brels College Preparatory Her laugh is gayly persistent. A hearty laugh, constant chatter, a love of fun, all this is June. These gifts are the reason for her unbounded popularity. Being fond of sports, dancing, and good times in general, she is to be found at all social functions. June is an officer in so many clubs that she has trouble keeping her notes in order, but despite all this, plus an interest in dramatics, she never has to take an examina- tion. June's ambition is to be a nurse, and we know it to be a profession for which she is gifted. Intercloss play 3, Swimming 3, Le Cercle Francais, Secretary, 4, Comus. Page Thirty-one .1 1943 CUMUS BRENSINGER, DONALD EARL Don General He likes to laugh and to make mirth. Don is a steady, clean-minded fellow with a smile straight from the heart. His sincerity has won him the respect and friendship of all who know him. He was notable in the high school iazz or- chestra, and hopes to continue his music, especially in playing the saxophone and the clarinet. Don is a hard worker and go-getter, and should be successful. To him we extend our best wishes. BRIGGS, ELIZABETH Blondie General Always first in everything. A conquering smile, a cheerful hello, and a marvelous per- sonality have won for Blondie her many friends. She is not an honor student, but is honored for her many sports here at A. H. S. She has cheered many a team to victory. Blondie wants to become an aviatrix. Gym Club l, 2, 3, 4, Cheerleading l, 2, 3, 4, Basketball 3, A Cappella Choir I Band, Orchestra 3, 4 General BRINKER, LUKE J. Sheriff College Preparatory The ornament of a meek and quiet spirit. Luke is one of those country boys-you know rhe type-bashful, quiet, but a swell fellow to get along with. The Sheriff spends most of his time doing homework, but also finds time for swimming and stamp collecting. Luke wants to go to college, but more than that he wants to know all there is to know about the people of the world. His favorite subiect is German. He likes to hear a well- told ioke. Besides, he is friendly and kind to everyone, and usually has a smile for the world. German Club 4 Nip Rather be small and smile Than tall and cast a shadow. Did you ever see a cute, a very cute, little girl come walking through the halls? Nip is a happy-go-lucky person who goes out of her way to make friends. She likes swimming, ice skating, and teaching. May success be with her always. Page Thirty-two 1943 CUMUS BROPHY, GENE E. Brophy College Preparatory Make the most of yourself, for that is all there is of you. Gene Eleanore Brophy can always be counted on to volunteer information when a math problem is being discussed. Besides being fond of reading lnot P. D. but flctionl she likes German. Can't you iust imagine her volunteering to count the number of sheep for sleepless convalescents? She will make a good nurse, for she has tact, patience, and intelligence. Girl Reserves 2, German Club 3, 4, Historical Society 3, 4, National Honor Society 4, Senior Math Club BROSSMAN, WILLIAM FRANCIS Doc General One may live as a conqueror, a king, or a magistrate, but he must die as a man. Doc, with his wavy hair, big brown eyes, and winning smile, has made a host of friends at A. H. S. A ping-pong enthusiast, a drum- mer, a tennis player, a baseball player, and a super-duper basket- ball player, Doc still finds time to get his school work done. He's another who is going into the field of aviation. Good luck, com- mander. Areonautics Club, Baseball Manager 3, 4, Varsity A Club, Band 1, 2, Allentown Model Cadets, Aeronautics 4 BROWN, ANNE RACHEL Annie College Preparatory an 3 u Be slow to fall in friendship, but when Xl X thou art in, continue firm and constant. 5 4 Anne is one of the most likable persons in our class. You'd think she didn't have a care in the world. Although she is always late, she is one of the few people you don't mind waiting for. Her school work is generally done, but "what if it isn't!" She refuses to be hurried or worried. Anne attends practically all the hlgh school dances. She is interested in all sports, but is partial to tennis. Anne is going to be a nurse. Le Cercle Francis 3, 4, Treasurer 4, Basketball 2, 3, Aquacode 2, 4, .lunior Class Play, Student Director, Senior Class Play, Chair- man, lnterclass Play Committee 4, Senior Math Club BROWN, DONALD A. Bownie College Preparatory ln him brain-currents, near and far Converge as in a Leyden iar. As student football manager, Brownie performed his duties most efficiently. He is a modest fellow, but once get acquainted with him, and you'Il forget that. Brownie is full of fun, always has an answer or wisecrack to any question-a quick man indeed. Although Brownie is a steadfast Canary fan, his real business is breeding canaries, and his canaries do all the singing. Don is a regular fellow, and always a good sport, he wins and loses with the same spirit. Best wishes Don, and good luck. Varsity A Club 4, Football Manager 3, 4, Home Room Repre- sentative 2, 3, 4, United States Marine Corps Reserve. Page Thirty-three 1943 CUMUS BROWN, MOLLY JANE Molly General To have a friend is to be one. Molly meets everyone with a smile, she is quite cl studious kid, too-rates high in all her studies, especially German. Molly is a sport in all sports, but excels in swimming. She is also fond of music, and fond of listening to her favorite orchestras, Harry James, she says, is tops. She is to be a nurse, and we know she will be a good one. Y. W. C. A. 2, Chorus l, 2 BROWN, WILLIAM L. Bill Commercial He listens out of the corner of his mind. Bill, a Harrison Morton sports fan, declares sports revive him from his "tiredness of school." Even though he does not do a lot of homework, he manages to slide through. Guessing is his greatest art, for without this art he would be lost. He is to be an accountant. BROWNING, ELIZABETH J. Betty College Preparatory She can be as wise as we And wiser when she wishes . . . A newcomer to Allentown High in her senior year, Betty hails from Mauch Chunk, where she was active in many extra-curricular activities. ln the short time she has been here, she has acquired a host of friends, her iolly personality and friendly smile clear a sunny path for her always. Betty is another of the many girls who plan to take up nursing after graduation. Mauch Chunk High School-Band 2, 3, Press 2, 3, Dramatic Club 2, 3, Hall Patrol 2, 3, Prom Committee 3, Allentown High School-eDramatic Club 4 BRUNNER PAULINE ELlZABETH Polly Commercial Nothing is so dear and precious as time. Her habitual excuse is that she didn't know what time it was. Polly, a pert blue-eyed blonde, is always on the go. What little of her time is left she devotes to correspondence, dancing, or iust nothing in general. A true sport enthusiast, full of school spirit, she attends all football and basketball games. Zeshand zeal with a zephyr, that's Polly. Commercial Club 4, Girl Reserves 3, 4, Dramatics 4, Red Cross Staff 4 Page Thirty-four Y' KI i Ri' Mft C ., ff oqitl HIG tc 6, 'ess BRYSK, STEPHANIA LORETTA Stet'f Commercial What's in a name? Brown hair, green eyes, a cheerful disposition, lots of pep- that's SteH! What's in a name?"-That's what they all ask. Her weakness, boys? No sir, chocolate cake! At any game, rain or shine, she's always one of the loudest rooters. Active in all sports, Steff's a born leader Cross Staff 4 BUCHMAN, CLYDE E. Junior Machine Shop Don't know where I am going, but l'll get there. Happy-go-lucky Junior takes Iife's bumps and knocks as they come, and never complains. He is an ardent sports fan, particularly in football and basketball and-that's right-gunning. His very best pastime is eating, given the chance, he will eat. Dramatics 4, Y. W C A 3 4 Girls Reserve Council 4 Red BUNK, KATHLEEN Kay College Preparatory What balm, what life is in thy ways. Where there's music and dancing, noise and romancing, there you'll flnd few so entrancing as Kay. Dashing through halls, playing in an all-girl band, going on dates, laughing through it all-Kay loves life. She favors medicine from a nurse's point of view, and hopes to go in training in some big hospital. She's sure to be a hit, and to achieve success in whatever she undertakes. That's our prediction. BURKHARDT, KATHRYN LOUISE Burkie Commercial What is life without some fun? Burkie is a delightful friend. Even though her favorite periods are cafeteria and study hall, she manages to make fairly high marks. Burkie is fond of reading. She can be the life of any party, and can always be found at the games cheering for all she's worth. Page Thirty-five Band 1, 3, Chorus 4 Usher 3 German Club 4 Journalism 3 4 1943 CUMU5 BURKHOLDER, JEAN LOUISE Jean , , College Preparatory Her stature? Tall-WI hate a dumpy woman. Jean is a typical 1943 high school girl, one of these new fall models who can dance the whole night through and still have her homework done. So they took a poll and, like Abou ben Adhem, found that dancing and music led all the rest. Money with in- credible speed goes for records, for dresses, and for dances. But .lean can go wild, too, over a football or basketball game. In fact, Jean's iust swell enough to be agreeable about anything the crowd wants to do. Proof? A whole mob of friends can't be wrong. BUSS, GERALDINE LORETTA Gere Retail Selling They are never alone that are accompanied by noble thoughts. A cheerful personality and a bubbling sense of humor in- troduce Gere. She is the leader in all the social activities of her club. She has a great deal of musical talent. The sports she most enioys are skating, bowling, and swimming. Gere takes an immedi- ate interest in her customer, and has therefore been successful in all the stores in which she has worked. She'll probably sell you some- thing whether you need it or not. National Honor Society 3, 4, T. O. M. S. 3, 4 Dramatics 2, German Club 4, Junior Class Play, Girl Reserves l, 2 BUTCH, MARY J. Butch College Preparatory Life is but a span, l'Il every inch enioy. Butch has ideas, determination, and ambition, but she isn't grim about them. She insists you don't have to sit, head in hand, because you have an idea. Although we sometimes think her strangejdeas are the result of too many books, this girl, with her sense of humor and her straight -forward personality, may surprise us. Keenly sensitive to other people's feelings, Mary seldom makes remarks to harm others. An ardent tennis fan, she is always on the courts. Mary plans to become a designer. -. J I 174, Cllr Girl Reserves 2, Basketball 3 ' 'lip-41 l A fi., I MLW BUTZ, MARTHA LOUISE Marty Commercial Laughter in her eyes, freckles on her nose, There is happiness where'er she goes. A sunny smile, laughing brown eyes, and the wild spirit of youth, Marty is a happy-go-lucky girl. A day without some devilish prank is a day of gloom for her friends. She spends a good deal of energy in tennis and ice-skating. In quieter moments she turns to music-classical, please! She admits a decided partiality tor shorthand, yet her marks prove that she ranks high in everything. "Much play and little work keeps Martha happy" is her philosophy. Commercial Club 4, Home Room Representative 3, 4 Page Thirty-six 1943 CUMUS TZ, RJ' JAMES K. Bob College Preparatory rd ulfer me to catch a fish so large that even afterward talking about it, I shall not have to lie. Bob adds fun to any gathering. He has many interests, chiefly he out-of-doors sports, and the collecting of relics. Bob is o prac- tical person, for out in the open he is a master of woodcraft, besides being adept at handling a gun or a bow. Among other things, he is an expert at following trails, even if it is the one made by the leader of the Conga line. Next year Bob hopes to become BUXTON, ROBERT IVAN Bobby College Preparatory Steel that loses its temper is worthless-so are men. Here is one fellow who upsets the proverbial notion about ministers' sons. Although Bob does more thinking than talking, you can usually tell when he is absent from study hall. He likes mathe- matics ond foreign languages, but dislikes home work in anything. He's quite a sports fan, and a sandlot ball player. Bob expects to pursue his studies at Albright College. a full-blooded Indian at Dartmouth College. Chorus 1, 25 A Cappella Choir 2, 3, 45 .lunior Class Play l.atm Club 3 Swimming 3, Mathematics Club 4 General CALLAHAN, CLINTON C. Clint College Preparatory Wisdom is knowing what to do next, Skill is knowing how to do it, Virtue is doing it. Clint carries his good sense of iudgment and fair play into his studies as well as into his outdoor sports. Being a prominent member of the swimming team, he has churned the waters to many A. H. S. victories. He likes almost any sport, especially baseball, hunting, and skiing. Clint makes quick and accurate decisions and has the enviable reputation of telling the truth. His interest lies in engineering, and he plans to go to college, if he doesn't go to work for his Uncle Sam in the meantime. Swimming 3, 4 Julie l am not of that feather to shake off my friend when he most needs me. A ravishing lrish brunette with laughing blue eyes, Julie hails from New Jersey and plans to be a nurse or a beouticion. Her very amusing ability to change her voice has us all bewildered at times. Refined in manner and delightful in speech, she is a ioy to us all. Kline-Baum Art School l, 2, 3, 4f Girl Reserves 2, 3i Y. W. C. A. Page Thirty-seven s N-. 1943 CUMUS CAPKOVIC, ANDREW Cap Industrial Cabinet Making With graceful steps he strides the street And smiles at all the maidens sweet. Cap is a happy-go-lucky sort of person, worrying little about the future. He believes one should live his life as it comes, and not be dreaming of tomorrow. He is a flash among fair maidens, and never hesitates to add a new one to his collection. He is good for a laugh in or out of school, which makes him most welcome in any crowd. Cap is a lover of fun, sports, and dancing. This is the lighter side of Cap, but he can be serious. Some day he hopes to become a carpenter. CASCIANO, CARMELA Millie Commercial Do unto others as you would have them do unto you. Millie came to us via Central and Hunsicker. Millie is cheerful and loving. She is not only good at school work, but is talented in drawing and painting. Like all artists, she is so soft-hearted she would go far out of her way to help a friend in need. CASPER, MARY R. Ray Commercial The way to be happy is to make others happy. Wherever Mary is, you are sure of loads of merriment, for Mary is a witty girl, She's os pretty as a picture, too. Her favorite pastime is dancing. Although she seems to have time for a great deal of other activities, Mary does not neglect her school work. CASS, VIVIAN LOIS Viv College Preparatory I am fevered with the sunset, I am fretful with the bay, For the wander-thirst is on me, And my soul is in Cathay. With strangers Viv is rather quiet, but we find her a pleasant, friendly companion, with a grand disposition. Since she is an ardent sports fan, you will find her at all events. When anyone mentions dancing, she is right there joining in. But most of all, Viv loves to walk in any kind cf weather. As for her future, her good sense will guide her to something substantial. Le Cercle Francais 3, 4 Page Thirty-eight 1943 CUMUS CHARLES, THELMA Shorty Commercial A creature not loo bright or good, For human nature's daily food. Thelma is small, but oh so mighty! She likes dancing and skating and has a special weakness for sailors. Shorty is always chewing gum. She is full at pep and go, and generally has a smile. Such a personality will, no doubt, rate her a secretarial iob. CHOMIK, MIKE Midgie Industrial No so big, not so tall But can he run'-he beats 'em all. Midgie has made many friends through his kindness and his constant desire to help other people. On the basketball court or on the track, Midgie does his best, and his best is good. After school, after a game, or at a track-meet, one can always see Midgie with his best girl. Midgie captained the track team in '41, the only team in the history af A. H. S. to win the Penn Relay medals. He likes dancing a lot, and is quite a iitterbug. To a real sport, we wish good luck. Basketball 2, 3, 4, Track 2, 3: Captain of Track Team 3, Varsity A 3, 4 , , .1 I I I I CHRISTINE, ORRIN E. Commercial Work is the hardest play. Dutch has done fairly well in his schoolwork despite the fact CHRIST, ROBERT Bob College Preparatory Content thyself to be abscurely good. Bob is a small fellow, but his size has nothing to do with his accomplishments. One ot his favorite pastimes is telling the oldest iokes he can find. Bob has two hobbies, sports and model railroad- ing. When not worrying about his scale locomotive, he sits in front of the radio, cheering for the Cardinals. He is going to Lehigh University and then wants to work in the Bethlehem Steel laboratory. Dutch that he is employed after school. His post-graduate expectations include a iob, marriage, and a peaceful life afterwards, if the United States Army doesn't get him first. lt's a big order! Page Thirty-nine 1943 General CUMUS CHRISTMAN, LUCILLE JANE Brown Eyes General Set out to conquer with a cause, and you will succeed. With her pleasant smile Brown Eyes has won many friends, especially among the boys. She can often be found on or near a roller skating rink. Lucille will also, at any time, lay aside home- work to go to a dance. Churchie Her conversation was brief and her desire was to be silent. We wonder whether Arlene is always as quiet as she appears, those who know her say she is not. She likes dancing, sewing, movies, and reading. Arlene somehow or other doesn't believe in doing homework, but nevertheless she has it ready when the teacher calls for it. CLARE, L. PAUL Reds College Preparatory In friendly relations with his moderate opponents. Paul is a friendly, likable, easy-to-get-along-with fellow, who has many friends whom he meets and greets cheerily. He usually has a broad smile, not because he doesn't take life seriously, but because no matter how his troubles turn out, he usually comes out smiling. He is interested in basketball, swimming, tennis, and bicycle riding. In connection with bicycle riding, he is a member of the American Youth Hostel movement. Although he has been connected with newspaper circulation for the past year and a half, he does not intend to make it his life work, for he plans to enter the field of science. CLARK, JOHN T., JR. Jack College Preparatory May good nature and good sense be ever united. Like many tall boys, Jack is quiet and reserved, but he is always eager for a good ioke, even if it is at his own expense. He spends most of his spare time designing and building gas- powered airplanes, and some day hopes to design and build real ones. We all have enioyed knowing him. Aeronautics 4 Page Forty 1943 CUMUS CLARK, PAUL A. Cosmo Commercial Skill is stronger than strength. Paul is a quiet sort of fellow in school, but you should see him with his own group of boys. He is a grand pal. Much of his time he spends at model railroading. He rates in bookkeeping and ac- counting, and likes them because they deal with numbers. Paul hopes that he will find some occupation that will give him the op- portunity to use the knowledge of accounting he has learned in school. COLEMAN, MARJORIE D. Mickey College Preparatory The laughter of girls is, and ever was, among the delightful sounds of earth. A bit of laughter, a bit of spice, and a bit of something extra nice---that's our Mick. She's the gal that's always around when the latest recordings are being played. The minute Gene Krupa starts his drumming, Mickey's hands go into action on the nearest available obiect. Better be sure it's not your head. lf you've ever wondered where Mickey got her long hair, she'lI tell you--"Like Topsy, it iust grew." Mick is college bound, although she's not sure which college it will be. National Honor Society, French Club 4 CONROY, L. EUGENE ' 's ' ,is-rkltfxmg scL.L4il1i General The very dust of whose writings is gold. Gene Tall, with an easy laugh, always on the lookout for a scoop- is Gene. Gene's great ambition is to be a newspaperman. Although he holds down a stitT regular iob, Gene always finds time to attend all the dances and-miraculously--to do his homework. The qualifl- cations of a good newspaperman are honesty, trustworthiness, integrity, curiosity, a keen interest in people, a diversified store of knowledge, the ability to get along well with people, and of course an aptitude for writing. Out of one group of two hundred, he was one of two who passed the U. S. combat correspondent's test. Football 2, 3, Young Men's Temperance Society, Basketball l C T 35' 4 3 VW I I Journalism 1, 3, 4, United States Navy COOK, DOROTHY JUNE Cookie General A mind at peace with all below. Whenever you can't find Cookie at home, look for her at a local rink. But she doesn't shirk her school studies, even though she does not claim to be a brilliant student. Like most girls, Cookie likes to dance, and she cuts a mean rug. Page Forty-one 1943 COPE, ROBERT PAUL Commercial He takes life as it comes and enioys it. Bob is an example of the average high school student. He always makes his grades and is determined that they will be better than the last time. lt might be wise to make a friend of this lad. His love for sports, dancing and music adds to his pleasant personality. His classmates all agree that Bob will go far and do big things. lf you've never seen any of his drawings, you've missed something. CORVINO, JOSEPH lndustrial Architectural Drafting He who thinks little, knows little. He who thinks much, knows much. Joe likes the industrial course because the shop work he likes. His shop is Architectural Drafting, which I he would like to continue after he leaves school. He likes football, basketball, baseball, and skating. Best basketball. CUMUS COOPER ELIZABETH MARIE Betty College Preparatory There she sits, deep in thought-or dreams. . Among the many tall girls at A. H. S. this year, Betty stands high. She plays a good game of basketball, and gets good marks with apparently no effort. Betty is full of fun, and is popular. She would rather ice-skate than do anything else-unless it would be to listen to the music of famous swing bands. Betty has definite ideas about clothes and fashions, and ex- pects to own a dress shop. Knowing Betty, we're sure that she will do exactly that. National Honor Society, Basketball 3, 4, Le Cercle Francais 4 Bob COPE, SARA E. Reds College Preparatory Happiness is a balance between what one is and what one has. You can usually see Reds rushing to get to her class early enough to get her homework finished. She is determined to become a nurse some day, in the hope of becoming a stewardess, for she loves Hying. Her leisure time is filled with skating, swimming, and hiking, she also sings and has done dramatic make-up. We all hope Sara accomplishes the things she wants to do, for she will do them well. Dramatics 1, 2, 3, German Club 3, 4, A Cappella 3, 4, Chorus 2, 3, 4 Mike there a fellow can do ot all, football, and Page Forty-two 1943 CRONE, DAVID C. lndustrial Machine Shop Honesty is the best policy. Now here is Dave, tall, blonde, blue-eyed, with his head in the air. He's interested in three distinct trades, a machinist's, a musician's, and an aviotor's. As o machinist he is a wow, as a musician he is a wonder, and when it comes to aeronautics he is a model-bug. When he graduates he expects to go to an aero- nautical school, but if not, he will go into the Navy to serve his country in one of the above named trades. Band 3, 4, United States Navy. CSANADI, JOSEPH A. Industrial Auto Shop The door to success is labelled "Push." Whether it rains or shines, or how tough the going is, Joe will always meet you with a million dollar smile and a hearty "Hi-ya." Joe is a typical American boy--forgets his books and concentrates on basebcll, football, and basketball, and lexcuse usl wolfing- although Joe says he's a woman hater. His ability in shop shows that the U. S. Army is bound to have a good mechanic--a future soldier. We wish him lots of luck. CUMUS COSGROVE, C. ROBERT Irish General Drive safely, arrive safely. Bob is a tall husky lad who enioys football and basketball games. In fact, he very seldom misses them, but he does not have time to play. He is not too ambitious in his studies, although he manages to "get a general idea." He spends much of his time building model airplanes and reading all he can about airplane motors. His one desire upon leaving school is to become an aviation mechanic for Uncle Sam and later to enter an engineering school. Interclass wrestling 2, Chorus 2, Aeronautics 4 Dave I CRUSH, ARLENE Arlene Commercial Quietness reflects wisdom, not weakness. Arlene is a slender, quite bashful girl, but she can give anyone an argument if he wants one. She is neat, and has a remarkable flair for hne needle work. ln addition to sewing she collects stamps, buys books, and reads many novels. Joe Page Forty-three 1943 0,303 H100 35 x 'll Q V 70on r CUMUS CORDES, LUTHER Luke General Hail, stranger, well met! Luke comes from Mauch Chunk, and we know that means he's good stuff. There's a merry twinkle in his eyes and he was a pretty active fellow in his own town. In the short time he has been here he has made a fine place for himself. Sports enthusiast, baseball his favorite. Retiring, serious about his work. Aspires to aviation. CSONDOR, ELSIE ELlZABETH Elsie College Preparatory A loving heart is the truest wisdom. Whenever, wherever, or however you see Elsie, she is either talking or laughing. Although Elsie's popularity is above average, we find her report card is always tops, in fact, she is a member of the National Honor Society. lf personality and ability are requisites for a successful life, we know nothing will keep Elsie from splendid achievements. German Club, Latin Club 2, Girl Reserves l, 2, 3, 4, National Honor Society I F DALLA PIAZZA, LOUISE Lou Retail Selling I have always said and felt that true enjoyment cannot be described. Lou is a happy-go-lucky girl with a big smile and a fine personality. She loves football, bowling, and dancing. She is always telling corny iokes, but she has her serious moments. She is cheerleader of the T. O. M. S., and whenever you see food, you will see Lou. She will be a successful business woman. T. O. M. S. 4 DALMAS, EMMA Emma College Preparatory Friends and acquaintances are the surest passports to fortune. Emma is a quick-witted and lively person, her charming, stimulating personality has won her many friends. One can general- ly see her scurrying around the halls trying to find out assignments, which she always manages to finish at the last minute. She does good work in all her studies, but also manages to have time for outside activities. Writing poetry is one of her diversions, and a few of her poems have appeared in the Canary and Blue. Girl Reserves 3, 4, German Club 3, 4 Page Forty-four 1943 CDMUS DAL MASO, AMELIA M. Mel Commercial Can't keep that mischief out of her eyes. Mel is a small, peppy girl, who manages to flnd a laugh in everything. She likes to dance, and is an ardent rooter for the basketball and football teams. She never lets her studies take up too much other time, but always manages to get the work in before the deadline. DAL PEZZO, GENO Geno Cabinet Making A beautiful girl'- Small or tail, I love them all. Geno is a cabinet maker, which is short for a wood butcher. Although his hours of work are from eight to eleven-thirty, all he does is to work for about half an hour, then look at the girls walking by the shop windows. Geno loves to ga swimming where there are rafts and diving boards where he can have lots of fun. He also likes hunting, baseball, football, basketball, and rink skating. What is he going to do? "Join the Navy and help Uncle Sam." Good luck, Geno. DANIEL, KATHERINE Katherine Commercial Her face was very fair to see. Hazel eyes and a pleasing personality are this girl's main attraction. She belongs to the happy medium type--able tomix business with pleasure. Her favorite subiect is shorthand, and her marks are proof of her devotion. Hiking, roller-skating, reading, and military correspondence are her activities. She richly deserves the success that is sure to come her way. Commercial Club 4 DANKEL, WILLIAM E. Bill Too much study weakens the brain. Bill is a likable chap who thinks a yegg is something to eat. He is a good student, always doing his homework before classes. His marks run up to 95-especially in conduct. The only time he is quiet is when the teacher asks him a question. Good luck, Bill. Page Forty-five oqxtl HIG4, 1.11 1855 DANNER, MARION C. L. Danny College Preparatory A genius must be barn, and never can be taught, Danny's humor keeps her friends happy. ln her serious moments she is ambitious, studious, and willing to try anything. Danny does not participate in sports, but she is a great sports fan and a great supporter of other A. H. S. activities. Her pastimes are movies and good books. She can sit for hours with an interesting book. Her chief ambition is to be a nurse. Historical Society 3, Latin Club 3, 4 D ANNIBALE, MARIO Gabby Auto Shop Here, sweep these books away! l'll nat scatter my brains today. Gabby is a tall handsome fellow with laughing brown eyes. His circle of friends is all-inclusive. Gabby is full of fun and the life of the party. He loves to tell iokes, and is always eager to hear new ones. Mario likes to go to the movies and to dance. When he graduates he intends to become a good automobile mechanic. Here's wishing this delightful person all the luck in the world. l DAUBENSPECK, ROY W. Dauby Retail Selling Victory, however long and hard the road might be! Dauby is quiet and finds it easy to settle down to do his home- work. He likes sports of every description. Dauby has a pleasing personality and is a good sport, always ready for a good time, and always in the midst of all the fun. DECKER, ELEANOR R. Boots Commercial Friendship at the prow, Pleasure at the helm, And youth in command. Among strangers Eleanor is a quiet lass, but how she chatters among friends. Her love for dancing and swimming is as natural as her constant chatter. lf you play fair and square with her, she will do her utmost to please you. Page Forty-six 0,88 HIC ,nf Z 18561 DECKER, ERWIN L. Reds General Knowledge is the antidote to fear. That red-headed happy-go-lucky fellow we have seen strutting through the halls this past season is Erwin Decker, Reds for short. True, he has not been tops in his school subiects, but that Hery spirit of his hc s carried him to graduation. Reds is quite a sportsmen outside of school, in football, basketball, and baseball. He is Reds. Aeronc-utics 4 DEIBERT, M. EDWARD, JR. Moon Commercial What is life without romance! Here we have a remarkable phenomenon. Moon is bright and studious, but when he walks through the halls you will always see him looking at the girls. He receives good marks, we don't see how, because in classes he is either day-dreaming or sleeping. Moon expects to enlist in the Navy and become a gunner's mate. We all wish him safe sailing. studying aeronautics and intends to enter the Air Corps. Good luck, DELP, RUTH JOYCE Commercial long lives the merry heart. Ruthie haunts any place where there is fun to be had. Her 1 soft giggling keeps her friends smiling and happy. Small as she is, she is quite capable of handling her own affairs. She likes to take part in church activities, and is always chirping a melody of some sort. Home Room Representative 4 DEIBERT, WILLIAM ex College Preparatory Blessed is he who has the gift of making friends, for it is one of God's best gifts. Tex is a sociable person, and his school marks are good enough to admit him to college. Those of us who have known him since he was knee-high to a grasshopper know he has been active in almost everything. In knowing the parts of trucks and autos he could match his wits with any experienced mechanic. He plays the banio, plays baseball, basketball, football, and excels in swimming, fishing, and hunting. A good worker, Tex knows the fundamentals of farm life. He works a large farm of his own, and keeps it in tlrst-class condition. He entered Muhlenberg in February. Ruthie Page Forty-seven 1943 CDMUS DEMETER, ERNEST J. Ernie General He who knows the road can ride at full trot. Ernie was our smart quarterback this year, and when our team was on the march he called the signals. He could also lug the ball for needed yardage. For hard blocking and forward passing, few players could beat him. You seldom hear a lot of noise from Ernie, but his laugh is not to be mistaken. He plans to study physical education in college. DERHAMMER, DONALD WILLIAM Pappy Commercial One of the deep thinkers. Pappy is one of these studious-looking pupils who seldom studies, yet manages to get fair grades. Pappy is always teasing the girls, especially in accounting class. His favorite sports are basketball and baseball. After graduation he hopes to be an accountant. Here's wishing him the best of luck and success. Football 1, 2, 3, 4, Basketball l, 2 3 DETTRA, DAVID J. Hector Commercial Those live best who have the courage to face life. Hector is a good-natured fellow who will help almost anyone. He is a great sports fan and would not, if possible, miss a school game. Generally he is a tease and a iokester. His one ambition is to be a prosperous business man with a small estate in the country, boasting several fine, high-spirited horses. Junior Football Manager DeWALT LORRAINE Lolly Commercial l'm quite small, l'll grant you all, But I don't care, my beau is tall. Lorraine enioys a good time, but occasionally finds a few minutes for studies, which she does very well. She's a great football fan, and likes dancing and good music. Her ambition is to be a secretary. Commercial Club 4, Girl Reserves 3, 4 Page Forty-eight 1943 DIEFENDERFER BERYL ELIZABETH General If you can t tincl her, she's at a movie. CUMUS DIDRA, JUNE PEARL Flash Commercial Never idle a moment, but thrifty, and thoughtful of others. June has a pleasing personality. You look forward to meeting her iust as anxiously as you wait for the month of June. June is more than a friend, she is a real pal. She will do anything she possibly can to help you. She's a gay companion at football games, plays and movies too. It is her purpose to be an accountant. Girl Reserves 1 l Bebs Whenever you re with Beryl you're sure to have fun. Although her favorite pastimes are going to the movies and eating apples, football and basketball games "also run." Beryl intends to go to college, where we're sure her pleasing personality and flne sense of humor will win her many friends. Girl Reserves 4 General DIEFENDERFER, CHARLES FREDERICK Sharpie College Preparatory Glad till the dancing stops And the lilt of the music ends. Privately most of us think he is crazy, and publicly most of us say he's crazy, for he's the fellow with the iaggiest suits, of which they say . . . but maybe this is a spark of genius. He enioys football and basketball. In his school work he is about average, he could do better if he would. Since his mind is not made up on what he will do, we wish him lots of luck and a wise decision. Football Manager 3, 4 A Punkey Happy is he when there is nothing to do. Everyone knows Punkey, or rather Punkey knows everyone. He is best known for his Varsity football the last two years. One usually sees him in his red, canary, and blue crate iammed full of Varsity A pals. His car is really a great help to the gang. He's heard of studying, but claims it shortens one's life. He did some good work in iournalism last year. Punkey plans to ioin one of the armed services. If he plays as hard in that Held as he did on the A. H. S. gridiron, he'lI be an ace fighter. Football 2, 3, 41 Varsity A Club 3, Secretary 4, Track 2, 35 Journalism 3, 4 Page Forty-nine 1943 CDMU5 DIEHL, ALAN c. seni Commercial Honest confession is good for the soul. Here's a boy with patience, ability, and personality, better known as Beni. He enioys school except for the overload of home- work. His motto is "Work hard for success." Baseball, swimming, bicycle riding, and making use of his musical talent, are his hobbies. After graduation he intends to get a typing iob in some store. DIEHL, CHARLES A. Chas Commercial Education is well worth working for. High school is a part of life and should not be carelessly and foolishly spent. Charles goes about the school taking things as they come. He likes school except for the homework. He has a iob for weekends. He expects to be either an air mechanic, which is a growing field, or else an office worker. General One way to keep your friends is not to give them away. DIEHL, JESSIE MARIE Jess Commercial The day is short, the work is much. In the middle of her iunior year, Jes shed one last tear and bid good-bye to Liberty High. She is now one of our steady sup- porters. Jess is a true friend and likes to listen to people's troubles. On a cold winter day she goes ice-skating on a nearby pond. She would like to become a commercial artist. Kathy Brown hair blue eyes, freckles, and a sparkling personality give us Kathy. A true blue friend, fun-loving, carefree, sympathetic and understanding, she loves all outdoor activities. Her favorite indoor pastime is embroidering. Her friends laughingly call her a walking library, because she is so well read. Kathleen plans to devote the next years to preparing for occupational therapy. Page Fifty 1943 CUMUS DOBEN, FRANK Doben General A truly virtuous man is he who prides himself on nothing. Just a good natured guy, Frank gets along well with everyone He is always doing some bit of work, a friend's if not his own, and yet flnds time for a good ioke or some iovial kidding. Aeronautics being his chief interest, he intends to become one of Uncle Sam's war-birds in June, or sooner. National Honor Society 4, Mathematics Club 4, Varsity A Club 3, 4, Football 2, Aeronautics 4 DOERN, JEAN MARIE Jeanie College Preparatory Fairest of the learned, most learned of the fair. "Ohl l'll get there,"- -this is Jeanie's favorite saying about 8:20 a. m., and she always gets there. It is really marvelous that she arrives at school on time. But .lean always does "arrive." A cheery smile and a hellow introduce her. She loves the open-air, music, dancing, and well, lots of nice things! Her policy of "l-lrst things tlrst" explains how she manages to tlnd time to carry her school work well and do more than her share in other activities. Jean rated second in the school in the American Legion Essay Contest. Latin Club 3, Canary and Blue Staff 2, 3, 4, National Honor Society, Le Cercle Francais, 3, 4, Basketball 4, Swimming 4, Senior Class Play Committee DOLL, WILLARD F. DONAHUE, ELAINE GLORIA Susy Commercial Love for one, friendship for all. Here's Elaine, a lovely lrish lassie, with laughing green eyes and a devastating smile. Her good humor spreads ioy wherever she goes. Like most of the Irish, she spends her spare moments dancing and writing letters. But she always manages to have her studies prepared on time, and when there is anything is to be done, Elaine can be depended on to do it. Page Fifty-one Willard General It matters not what you are thought to be, what matters is what you are. Willard is a quiet, kind, studious, plain-spoken, and frank young fellow. His marks are not high, but he does his best. He expects to be drafted at the end of his school term. 1943 CUMUS DONOVAN, FLORENCE V. Floss General Smile and the world smiles with you. Floss is full of fun and always trying to play tricks on some one. Flossie plays basketball with the Bethlehem Armorettes and with the school team. She also plays softball. Canary and Blue Solicitor 2, Volleyball 2, Basketball 3, 4, Girls' Chorus 2, 3, 4, A Cappella Chair 4 DORNEY, ROBERT Bob Print Shop When Bob gets going, the presses start moving. Bob, one of those sincere printers ,is a tall lad with a big smile. When he works, he really gets things done. He likes his work, and takes great interest in it. In shop Bob is the name we hear most often. Whenever the fellows need help, they call for Bob. When he is away from work and school, he likes to go riding or boating or swimming with his friends. A sincere lad like Bob is sure to make good. A. H. S. Printers' Club 4 l l DORSHIMER, GLORIA ERMA Dersh General Knowledge is wealth. Gloria, who has a distinct naturalness and gayety, is a member of the National Honor Society, has been singing with the Girls' Chorus for four years, and this year has become a member of the a capella choir. A skillful ice-skater and swimmer, she has taken part in the girls' aquacade for the last two years. Always willing to be of service to others, a spirit important to a nurse, Gloria will grace the profession. Chorus l, 2, 3, A Capella, Aquacade 3, 4, National Honor Society DORWARD FLORENCE Florence College Preparatory Without music, life would be a mistake. Florence will long be remembered as class pianist. ln iunior and in senior high school, she accompanied the a cappella choir. Although music is her first love, she is interested in all her classes, her name is on the National Honor Society roll. She is also a mes- senger for the office. She plans to develop her musical talent so that she will some day be able to teach music. A Cappella Choir 3, 4, Accompanist 2, 3, 4, Girls Chorus 3, 4, National Honor Society Page Fifty-Iwo 1943 CUMUS DOUGHERTY, ROSALIA Rosie Commercial Her look is balm, her touch is tenderness. Fair young Rosie is forever cheerful, and always has a big smile for everyone. Those who know her say she is agreeable, congenial, and a good sport. Rosalia is a good homemaker, she likes to bake, especially cakes. She also delights in dancing and in bicycle riding. "Hi Keid" is a friendly expression of Rosie's own. Rosalia's ambition is to work in an office. DOWNS, JAMES D. J College Preparatory He climbs high who helps others up. A bustling bit of dynamic energy, that is the phrase that aptly describes Jimmy. J. is the living demonstration of the axiom, a friend in need is a friend indeed. In his spare time Jimmy dabbles in chemistry, much to the discomflture of the rest of the household, for some ofthe odors bear no resemblance to Evening in Paris. He plans to enter the summer session at Lehigh to maior in chemistry. Dramatics 2, Red Cross 3 Latin Club 2 National Honor Society X DRAYTON, ELIZABETH CAROLYN Betty College Preparatory Quietness reflects wisdom, not weakness. One doesn't hear much from Betty, but lust ask her to sing and play the piano, and you have a treat in store for you. She seems to have no great interest in the boisterous good times of many girls, but prefers to study hard, and to practice on the piano for hours at a time. She wants to be a music teacher, and she cannot fail if she keeps on studying as hard as she has studied during these last three years. Basketball 2, Chorus 3, 4 DREHER, RUSSELL L. Whitey Retail Selling He that is ofa merry heart hath a continual feast. Russell is a blue-eyed, fair-haired fellow. But don't let his good looks deceive you, he is an all-'round regular guy. His interests are swimming, nature, flshing, and wolflng. He doesn't want to be listed in Who's Who, but expects to serve our country in the U. S. Navy. Allentown Hi-Y Club Page Fifty-three 1943 College Preparatory Far traveller, great spinner of tales. A sorta crazy guy Spurge, always ready for a ioke, a wise- crack or a tall story A wonderful dreamer, he's usually doing something he shouldn t He s the first one to speak up for you, and there isnt anything he wouldn't do for a friend. Spurge's got his nose in almost everything if there's trouble or noise, look for him. He knows more fellows and girls by their first names than anyone else ln the school Though he's made many trips to the offfce, all the teachers like him He wants most of all to travel, whether he does it in style or works his way around the world. Already, he and his dog, Parks, have footed it to California and back. Canary and Blue 3 4 Journalism 3, 4, Home Room Repre- College Preparatory A good laugh breaks the monotony of study hall. Joe IS always occupied in playing football and basketball, ex- cept when he is building model airplanes. Much of the rest of the time he listens to the records of Harry James and the latest hit tunes Although he did good work in all of his classes during his senior year he was interested particularly in physics. He is known to take long hikes to keep in shape for doing his homework, which he does very conscientiously. Joe intends to become an aviation ,,.,g, c if-U 'AA' I CDMU3 DRIES, HOWARD BLAIR Butch Machine Shop . A penny saved is a penny well earned. Howard is seventeen and has hopes of ioining the U. S. Marine Air Corps He is an average boy who loves to fish, hunt, swim, skate, and work. He does not smoke, nor does he intend to. His marks in school are above average, he has never taken a final examination in high school. Howard is a friendly, sociable boy, and has been foreman of his shop for three consecutive years. He is proud of his school, and thankful for the fine education he has received. Spurge DURN, LA MAR LA MAR Commercial Eventually l'll have to graduate-why not now? La Mar, from Harrison-Morton, has done well in his school work, but has not quite reached the ninety per cent mark. Even though he works after school, he still finds time for building model airplanes and for photography. "There are so many iobs to choose from," says La Mar- Jay Page Fifty-four 1943 . , ,W ,..,.-,.,' CUMUS EGGE, ROBERT Bob Commercial A man of intelligence has no fears. Bob is a man of small stature, but not small intelligence. AI- though Bob is not in the A. H. S. band, he wants to be a second Gene Krupa. Basketball, baseball, and football are his favorite sandlot sports. His ambition is to become a C. P. A. EGGE, RODGER Rodge College Preparatory l take many worlds to be my province. Rodge is an amiable and popular person, with an unusual knack of making friends. His favored sports are swimming and ice- skating, although archery and bowling rate high. He, like most of his friends, enioys dancing, and keeps up with his favorite tunes by maintaining a well-stocked library of recordings. In his spare time he dabbles with photography and chemistry, for he is well acquaint- ed with both. Senior Math Club .s EH RHARDT, FREDERICK Fritz Machine Shop l'll do my part, 'tho I am small, And always see it through. Fritz's willingness to help a fellow student in distress and his cheerful manner have made him popular. He is usually the smallest one in the group, and is given all the odd iobs in which a small fellow comes in handy. He is many times taken to be two or three years younger than he really is. When he is not working he attends the movies. He wishes to become a machinist in one of the great national industries. EH RICH, L. ROGER Rog Industrial Eat to live, don't live fo eat. Rog, iust a plain American boy, likes football, basketball, swimming, and girls. If the party gets dull you'll always flnd that Rog isn't there. He does not take his school work seriously, but he gets along. As a matter of fact, he doesn't take anything seriously -not even girls. He goes in for auto racing in a big way, and after the war expects to take a try at piloting midget auto racers. He says it must be fun rolling over, or losing a wheel, or seeing your car catch on fire. As soon as he graduates he wants to ioin the Navy. Sink a few ships for your Alma Mater, Rog. Football Manager, 3, 4 Page Fifty-five 1943 CUMUS ELCHOOK, MICHAEL Elick General An honest mind and face will never bring disgrace. Michael is a swell and dependable fellow, especially when anyone is ioking. His school work is fair in some subiects, good in others. Elick has been a member of the track team for the past three years, and is an active member of the Varsity A club. Friends he has galore, which promises well for his working days to come. Stamp Agent 4 ERDMAN, CALVIN Cal College Preparatory Clever men are good, but they are not the best. Cal is an industrious fellow, likes to play football, basketball, and baseball, and has other gifts too. He plays the piano very well. We've noticed that he goes in for loud colors, dresses in loud combinations, and has an enormous assortment of ties. He is to be a mechanical engineer. Track Team 2, 3, 4, Varsity A Club 3 4 School Defense ERSHLER, STANLEY R. Bert Engineering and Science Science is nothing more than good sense and sound reason. Stanley is the fellow we shall always remember as loudly expressing his opinion in no uncertain terms. He is one of the weigh- tier members of the class, and admits that this is a result of his desire for food. However, this affection is balanced by a love for sports, of which his favorites are swimming and hiking. ln his spare time he reads, and also takes on active interest in clubs. Stanley plans to go to Lehigh to maior in engineering. National Honor Society, Historical Society, French Club ESLINGER, LLOYD ELLWOOD Lard College Preparatory lf you can't make light of your troubles keep them in the dark. Lard is an average student, an active kind of person who takes part in all types of sport as well as in social activities. He is quiet, but has an enviable personality, and is always willing to help out a friend. Although he likes baseball, basketball, and football very much, he also takes great interest in his cornet. Lard has an unbounding determination to win, that determination will bring him to the point he wants to reach. Football 2, Band 3, 4, Swing Orchestra 4, National Honor Society Page Fi fty-six 1943 CDMUS ETTINGER, LUCILLE M. Lucy College Preparatory The heart's hushed secret in the soft dark eye. Lucy's a gay slip ofa girl, whose twinkling eyes deny her other- wise demure appearance. Although she applies herself to her studies, she enioys dancing, swimming, or a good basketball game, and in her,Junior year claimed the title of girls' ping pong champion at A. H. 5. Girl Reserves if Red Cross Representative 4, Red Cross Council 4 JQMALQQJV 'Mu ETTINGER, ROBERT K. Bob College Preparatory When all other courses fail, I will try work, Not too energetic-that's Bob. His policy is never to take orders. He is not among the luminaries as far as studies are con- cerned, but he always manages to get through. His favorite sports are swimming and skating. and his hobbies are collecting swing records and autographed pictures of bandleaders. Bob hopes to be a iournalist. Historical Society 4g Pennsylvania Reserve Defense Corps 4 l ETTL, ROBERT L. Bob Auto Shop There is always time to learn. If you are walking along the street some day and you hear a noise that sounds as if the world were coming to an end, you'll be sure to see Bob come ripping by on his old motorcycle. Bob's other sports are football, basketball, and swimming, but he always goes back to tinkering around all types of engines. Bob is a happy- go-lucky guy, always going around cracking corny iokes. The other aircraft mechanics in the navy will like him. EZAR, MINERVA Minnie Retail Selling Joys too exquisite to last, And yet more exquisite when past. A happy-go-lucky person with black hair and laughing brown eyes is Minnie. Her hobbies are varied, but she enioys most roller- skating and ice-skating. Her chief ambition is to remain in the retail fleld. National Honor Society 3, 4 Page Fifty-seven 1943 CDMUS FARNSCHLADER, BERNICE Bernie Commercial These golden locks are still more lovely than the golden beams of the orient light. Kind eyes and a commanding smile, together with a pleasing personality, tend to make Bernie a delightful companion. ln a short time she will be in a downtown office busily and competently absorbed in transcribing shorthand notes. Many of her pleasant hours in high school she spent in the gym, where she acquired the art of tumbling. She's always alive and active, and will do any- thing for a friend. FARRELL, JEAN Jeannie General If ignorance is bliss, what is education? .lean is an attractive young girl, full of enthusiasm and pep. lf you ever go to dances you are bound to find Jean there. Jean usually has her homework and tries to be a good student. Although she has varied abilities, we believe her one ambition is to be a housewife. Jean's favorite orchestras are those of Harry James, Charlie Spivak, and the one Glenn Miller. Gym Club 2, 4, Historical Society 4 FATZINGER, RUTH GRACE Ruthie Commercial General She is as steadfast as a star, And yet the maddest maiden. Ruthie is a true and devoted friend. She may have a lot of worries before reports are handed out, but she finds she really didn't have anything to worry about. She works hard and will help anyone she can. lf she walks through the halls ata slow pace- well, that is what day-dreaming gets you. Lene A courageous friend is a treasure. Arlene likes school, although she doesn't like to do homework. She has no plans, iust "takes whatever comes," but she will be ready for anything that comes her way in the commercial world. Page Fifty-eight 1943 CUMUS FAvoTTo, nuoom-I LEWIS Rudy Cabinet Making Here's a shop boy, five foot six, Always up to some old tricks. - Rudy is not one of the most busy boys in the class, but he really is a good cabinet maker, and has made many tables, bookcases, chests, and even doors. In fact, he has orders for tables to keep him working for three years. Rudolph loves to argue. He takes quite an interest in the girls, too. His favorite pastimes are dancing, running, and going to the movies. He is looking forward to being a soldier for Uncle Sam. lots of luck, Rudy. Track Team 3, 4 FEGELY, FRANKLIN JOHN Frank College Preparatory A friend that sticketh closer than a brother. Frank is a good fellow to pal around with, you're sure to have plenty of fun. He will stick by you when you get in trouble, too. Frank likes to go out with the gang and have o good time, but he has his serious moments. Especially does he "hold forth" on the subiect of family problems in P. D., or when he unwillingly takes the role of a P. B. X. operator in a downtown newspaper office. Good luck Frankl Don't get your wires crossed. Football l, 2 FEGLEY, BETTY R. Betty College Preparatory What is life without a smilel Betty's ever-ready smile and hearty laughter makes her wel- come everywhere. She likes sewing and cooking, and gets a great deal of ioy out of making something new. Betty's greatest ambition is to become a home economics teacher, but no matter what she attempts to do, we know she will be successful. FELDMAN, FREDELLE Freddy College Preparatory Ambition is like love, impatient both of delays and rivals. Quiet? You don't know her. Either eating, talking, laughing or sleeping--that's Freddy. Her good taste is evident in every- thing she does, and her happy disposition and enthusiasm will make her successful in anything she undertakes. She has completed an enviable scholastic record, and can look forward with confidence to her college days. French Club 4 Page Fifty-nine 1943 CDMUS FELEGY, JULIA Julie General Better be envied than pitied. Here comes Julia, who claims that life is too short for anyone to be frowning. Julie has a habit of moving her hands in a peculiar way when she gets excited, but to those who know her, it adds to her charm. She has not yet decided on a particular work, but we know she will be successful, for it is as easy for her to buckle down to work as to have a good time. FELLENCER, RUTH CAROLYN Ruth College Preparatory So we look up and find it good. Ruth has o calm and attractive self-possession, though she is vivacious and always ready for a good time. Her week-ends are usually busy affairs. During football and basketball seasons she seldom misses o game. Swimming is her favorite sport, though, she takes a very active part. She has been a member of the Aquacode, and has also been active in other aquatic meets. Ruth is good at skating, dancing, and hiking, and it's always a mystery to her friends that she can do so many things and not let her lessons suffer. National Honor Society 3, 4, Aquacade 2, 3, 4, Basketball 2, 3, 4, Girl Reserves 4, Le Cercle Francais 3, 4 FELLMAN, MARGARET P. Midge Commercial Shyness is a virtue. To a bit of shy personality add a portion of good looks, mix well, and add an occasional chuckle. Result: a delightful concoction we know as Midge. We who begin to get acquainted with her find her true and loyal. Although she is one of the younger seniors, she will go into the business world. Girl Reserves i, 2 FENSTERMACHER ELIZABETH K. Betsy College Preparatory Her faults, her sweetness, are purely human. People like Betsy for her sincerity and her cheerful friendly disposition. The simple life is the life she chooses, with time for her friends and her books, yet she never refuses an opportunity for a whirl in society. She is partial to the out-of-doors, where she can devote herself to swimming and tennis in summer, and to skiing and skating in winter. Energetic, capable, carefree, sincere- that's Betsy. National Honor Society 4, Le Cercle Francais 3, 4, Historical Society 3, 4, Dramatic 3, Office Messenger 4, Comus Page Sixty 1943 FENSTERMAKER, RUTH MAE General Everything is funny as lang at it is happening to somebody else. That dark eyed little miss who thinks everything is such a ioke is Ruthie. Ruthie's chief pastime is going to the movies, but she also likes to go swimming and dancing. Sometime in the near future she hopes to become a hairdresser, and have a little shoppe of her own. FET ZER, FREDA L. General Learning is not for learning's sake: the end of knowledge is action. Freda is an all-'round girl, who loves all sports and is es- pecially interested in football and basketball. You have probably seen and heard her lead cheers in many a game. Her beaming face and laughing eyes have made her a favorite. We wish her luck in anything she may undertake. Cheerleading l, 2, 3, 4, Dramatics 3, H. R. R. 4, Girl Reserves 4 CUMUS FENSTERMAKER, ROBERT Fensty Electric Shop He's dependable, honest and true. Fensty is a flne friend, easy to get along with, and an average student. He is maioring in electricity, and will use it, possibly, in the service of our armed forces. He's usually willing to iust get by, but when he puts his mind down to business, he can accomplish much. He has a pleasing personality, a good character, and friends without number. Fensty is also a sporting fellow, taking up whatever sport is in season--basketball, baseball, football, or ice-skating. Ruthie FETHEROLF, JEAN Feathers Commercial Life goes on forever, like the growing of a mouse. When intelligence was rationed out, Feathers was among the fortunate ones who still had some coupons left. She is a girl with a striking personality, who gets along with her classmates and with her teachers. She dances and plays the piano exceedingly well, and also enioys bicycling and swimming. Strictly speaking, though, she has eyes only for the armed forces of the United States. We all wish Feathers the best of luck in her work as stenographerg she deserves nothing but the best. Fritz Page Sixty-one j ' 1943 CUMU5 FlCHTER, FRANK C. Brother Electric Shop Wherever you find hard work You will always see Frank. Frank is a natural born electrician, the live wire in the electric shop, and he iust loves to get into an argument. A swell fellow, he always has a smile and a pleasant word for every one. Frank has good marks, likes photography, and has quite a collection of photographs. He was one of the master electricians in the United Appeal play, Over Here. Frank wants to be an electrical engineer, so whatever he does, he will at least be a brilliant success. FINK, DONALD Don Retail Selling The laborer is worthy of his reward. Don, in school for only three periods, tries to get the most en- ioyment possible out of them. He has a pleasing disposition, and can take a ioke with the best of them. His favorite sport is football. He enjoys dancingfwould rather dance than eat, until he smells food. Y. M. C. A. FINIZZI, MARGARET LOUISE Maggie Commercial Only a free soul will never grow old! A cheerful personality, a good sense of humor, a generous disposition, all combine in Maggie. From morning till night her head is buzzing with duties that must be performed, but she always finds time for her friends and for a little fun. Ever ready to do a favor, she is a true friend. When we meet her in business we shall always remember her pep and personality. She is the last of the Finizzis, and is well worth remembering. FITZPATRICK, MARY CLAIRE Fitzie College Preparatory Her skillful fingers make beauty for eye and ear. Laughing brown eyes, a coy smile, and a cheery Hello"- that's willowy Mary Claire, one of the proficient artists of the class. When it comes to costume designing, Mary Claire's creations are really tops. Her energies, however, aren't strictly confined to the drawing-board, for Mary Claire loves dancing, and is ardent about athletic events. She plans to study fashion illustration at the Moore Institute of Art in Philadelphia. French Club 3, 4f Dramatics 3, National Honor Society 3, 4, Make-up assistant, Junior Class Play, Varsity A Show Page Sixty-two ,AH Hl Lfllfill lp G00 43 Q D FLANAGAN, PHYLLIS Phil General A courageous friend is a treasure. Here is a girl who is well liked by all her friends, always has a cheery word in the hall, is fair in her studies, but can't seem to stop fooling. She is a pal, a true friend, and a good sport all in one. FLANDORFER, MARGARET ANN Margie Commercial Unto my friends I give my thoughts, unto God my soul. lf you ever have occasion to hunt for Margaret, just look fora good book. You will undoubtedly find her behind it. Her main interest is reading, having a good time is a close second. She has many friends, and always enioys making new ones. National Honor Society FLORES, CARLTON KENNETH Flores College Preparatory In Engineering Time can be made, spent, or lost, But can never be stopped. Carlton is an easy-going person, taking life as it comes, but his strong determination and his sense of humor make him successful in whatever he attempts. His greatest ambition is to attend West Point or to enter into aeronautics. Aside from his serious moments, he takes time out for fun, for designing and constructing model planes, and golfing, dancing and reading. He will make a suc- cess of what we think will be an eventful life. Senior Math Club, Aeronautics 4 FOCHT EDWARD Eddie General To be studious is an accomplishment, not a gift. Eddie is a lad with a great future. He has the ability to learn, that is, in some subiects. He is an unusual student in science, because he is always experimenting with high and low marks. Eddie, bright in some subiects and fair in others, still manages to get through. Some day, time will tell, Eddie may be a gunner on a large naval craft. We all hope that he will get into the armed forces, where he will exterminate a few Japanazis. Football Manager 3 Page Sixty-three 1943 CUMUS FOLLWEILER, CHARLES E. Charlie Mechanical Drafting A stitch in time saves nine. lf a group of fellows is laughing in the drafting room, you know Charlie is telling one of his iokes again. He seems to be a quiet chap sometimes, but can be quite the opposite. Skiing, ice skating, baseball, and football-he likes them all, but his hobbies are model airplane construction and free hand sketching. Some day he hopes to fly, and we think he'll do it. i FOLLWEILER, DOROTHY Dottie Commercial Medium in stature, thorough in mind, Be sure Dot will never lag behind. Here's Dottie, the blue-eyed blonde, with a fine personality and ioyous smile. Dottie is well known for her fine dancing, both plain and iitterbugging, her favorite pastime. Her wit is welcome o all her friends. Dottie has high hopes of being a secretary for a firm some day. FORD, MARY JANE Jeep Commercial This above all:-To thine own self be true. Mary .lane is a friend to everyone. She has a wonderful personality, is neat and attractive in appearance, would rather dance than eat, but-she would never pass up anything to eat. FOX, KENNETH G. Kenny Pattern Shop Time that is lost is never found again. Kenny is one of those likable fellows who finds a iob difficult to start, but once it is started, he sees it through. He is quiet in the classroom, but out with friends he is quite the opposite. His main ambition is to beomce a good pattern maker for a large company. His favorite sports are football and ice skating. ff- . a Page Sixty-four 1943 tl HIC :SQ 61:- CDMUS g Q is 5 ufu FOX, JANE GLORIA Daisy Mae Commercial I am a part of all that I have meti Yet all experience is an arch where thro' Gleams that untravelled world whose margin fades, For ever and for ever when I move. Jane came to A. H. S. in November of her Senior year, from South Whitehall. She loves to play basketball, and also spends a lot of time reading. Jane hopes to be a secretary after she graduates. First Aid Courses FRANCHI, VIOLA Vicky Commercial An investment in knowled e always pays the best interest. Who said that one cannot have good looks and a good brain? Well, here is an exception-Vicky has both. Rarely com- plaining, she puts her heart and soul into any task, and rides right over troubles. She likes basketball, and loves art. She will be some business man's very competent secretary. Basketball I, 2, 3, Play Committees lSouth Whitehall H Sl General FRANCIS, WILLARD FREDERICK Willie College Preparatory This above all-to thine own self be true. An easy-going, happy-go-lucky fellow, Willard is not one to worry over anything. He is an ardent sports fan and participates in mast athletic games. A good student, although sometimes inclined to laziness in matters of school work,Willard has always good marks. Stamp-collecting, and experimenting in his home laboratory, where he has collected a fine set of chemical equipment, are his hobbies, outside of sports and reading. Although inclined to mischief, wherever Willie goes, people will say that he is a swell guy. Paul Friendship s an :nn at the crossroads of life. Paul is a long lean fellow who would rather dance than study. However, he is good-natured, and a swell friend with a winning personality. He is always with the gang, and one can always have a good time with him. Here's to him, wishing him loads of luck. Page Sixty-five 1943 CDMU3 FREDRICK, BETTY F. Fritz Commercial Better short of pence than short of sense. Laughing blue-eyed Betty believes it's foolish to worry. "Laugh away your troubles" is her motto. She is an average student, but doesn't let her studies interfere with her social life Some day soon she will be an efficient stenographer. Betty likes dancing, reading, and "most other enjoyable things." She even plays the piano. Girl Reserves 1, 2, 4 FREDERICK, DONALD Dutch College Preparatory A handful of good life is better than bushels of learning. Admired and universally liked, Dutch needs no introduction. His wide range of abilities makes him the envy of the school. Dutch excels at shortstop on the baseball team, but is equally at home in other sports and in the classroom. Judging by his accom- plishments in the past, we have no doubt that Dutch's star will continue to shine brilliantly. FREED, ROBERT J. Bob College Preparatory In action faithful, in honor clear. Bob is a very fine student, a fellow who is always smiling. His good-hearted, iovial manner is welcomed everywhere. Bob was formerly a member of our basketball team and starred in many contests under Birney Crum, but recently enlisted in the Navy to play in a bigger game with Uncle Sam as his coach. After the war Bob intends to go to college and later to become an othletic coach. With his will to succeed and his understanding of human nature, we are sure he will be FREY, LORETTA C. Rhett General She is one of those people who do nothing so nicely it becomes something. "Tell me your troubles"-that's Rhett. She'Il cheer you when you're sad, and share your ioys when you're happy. Loretta's a happy-go-lucky girl, and a lover of uniforms. She intends to be an army nurse. The class of '43 knows she will be popular. Page Sixty-six valuable. Basketball, .l. V's. if Varsity 2, 3, 4, Varsity A Club 3, 4 1943 General wb" .4 7 Q 00 c 'K Us 0 :- o o - O. a K In 9. 0 5 U.. 9.- 0 a 5 9' CDMUS , . - 1 oqttl HIG1, S Lu 1 I , 5 .A FRIED, ROBERT Bob Commercial Bob is a happy-go-lucky fellow, who takes things as they come, making friends easily. Gazing at the girls while strolling through the halls, carrying the fewest books possible, Bob never misses a trick. Sports rank high in his list of pleasures. He spends his leisure time taking a workout at the Y. M. C. A. Although school is hard, he declares the hardest iob is getting up in the morning. He has been an average student, exempt fom some exams and taking others, but don't forget, it is the average man who makes the world go 'round. Dolly Friendships are fragile things, and require as much care in handling as any other fragile and precious thmg. Dolly is a quite appropriate name for this girl, who is sweet, sincere, and popular. Friends depend upon DoIly's companionship for pleasant hours. She hopes to train for business. FRIDIRICI, CURTIS A. Doc Academic A woman iumps at conslusions where a man limps toward them. Curtis is a husky well built fellow, with brown eyes and brown hair. He comes from Fogelsville, and some of his teachers call him "Fogelsville." When he walks through the corridors he says "hello" to everyone he knows-and to some lgirlsl he doesn't know. Curtis is a great outdoor man, he has gone hunting ever since the law has permitted him to go. And who knows? Some day he might get something. He plays football, baseball, basketball, and likes ice-skating and swimming. Curtis helps his veterinarian father a lot, and might even follow in his tather's footsteps. He hopes to attend Muhlenberg College. Baseball FRITCHMAN, DONALD P. Donnie Cabinet Making A friendly smile is always worth while. When you hear that cheery "What's cookin', doc?" you turn to answer Donnie, a good-natured, sociable, agreeable companion. An ardent follower of sports, he also likes swimming, dancing, ice Ekating, and building model airplanes. His chief interest is aviation, and he hopes to ioin the Air Corps. Happy landing, Donnie. Page Sixty-seven 1943 CUMUS FRITZ, ELEANOR Ely Retail Selling Eleanor with friends galore, ls always making just one more. Although Ely is a quiet girl, she is by no means dull. Some day when you hear a clear, sparkling voice coming over your telephone wire, you'll recognize it. She does not play in many games, but she finds collecting post cards from all parts of the world very interesting. She devotes a tot of her time to church activities. FRITZINGER, MABEI. D. Mqize Commercial A true friend is a precious iewel. Mazie has brown hair and brown eyes. She is always glad to help a friend. She doesn't go in much for social affairs, she would rather sit in a cozy choir and read a good book or go to see a good movie. She would like to be a typist. GABELLINI, JOHN J. Gabby Commercial Devout, yet cheerful, pious, not austere, To others lenient, to himself severe. Gabby is o nice young man and a wonderful friend, a fact proved by the friends he has. That he is of fine character is evident in his retraining from the use of profane language. Gabby's chief interests are few but varied. They include reading modern novels and sketching. An appreciation of music is his treasured possession. This last year at high school finds Gabby engrossed in quite on exciting schedule. National Honor Society, Commercial Club, President, A Cappella Choir, Home Room, President, Camus GACKENBACH, CLAIRE ELAINE Gacky Commercial Quite the lady in every way, Happy and cheerful the live long day. Claire, a vivacious brunette with a ready smile, is one of high schooI's lovely maiorettes. After graduation she intends to be a stenographer. With her ability and personality, Claire is certain to be much sought after. Gym Club 1, Band 2, 3, 4 Page Sixty-eight Z 1856 GALGON, PAUL Gags General Truth shall make men free. Paul is always iolly, always cracking iokes, but he has time for serious matters. Paul makes friends quickly, enioys football and basketball, and likes ta experiment with electrical equipment. GARGER, P. RUTH Smiles General A girl's smile rules the heart. Here's a slender girl with a broad smile, she's always dashing madly through the hall to get to her flrst class, and usually cracking her gum and talking at the same time. She never misses a trick, takes in all the dances, and is always ready for fun. Ruth tlts in anywhere, any time. Her specialties are going to good iive sessions, and playing the piano. She rarely appears serious, but when she does we know it won't be long before her laughter will burst through. Chorus, l, 2, 4, A Cappella Choir 4, Library 2. Page Sixty-nine GACKENBACH, JOYCE ELAINE Gacky Commercial The little joys are the loveliest! And how true it is. Joyce is a small studious girl, always ready to have a good time. She is a great lover of sports-basketball, swimming, football, and baseball, and always cheers the team. Her ambition is to be a stenographer. GAM LIN, MARILYN J. Moonie Commercial True friends are like diamonds- precious and rare. When you see Moonie you see a blonde blue-eyed beauty. She never misses a football game. Moonie's going to be a swell secretary to a big business man some day. wt W' wifi 1943 M-tau!" CUMUS GARRAHAN, LORETTA L. Letty College Preparatory Come and cheer! Youth's the season made for jay! If you can look at Letty's picture without seeing a little mis- chief back of her sparkling lrish eyes, look again! In cheerleading she is the motivating power of the south stand, and she makes a rapid shift into a state of glory whenever school spirit is needed. Letty is usually one of a merry group planning some new dance, for no one is more fond of social affairs than she. She has those indefinable qualities that will assure success and popularity at Connecticut College for Women. We wish the best of luck to the best of chums. Cheerleading 2, 3, 4, Basketball 2, French Club 3, 4, Latin Club 3, Canary and Blue Solicitor 2, 3, 4 GAUGLER, ARLENE Tiny Commercial She is gayer than a child, laughter in her eyes runs wild. Full of fun, wide awake, and always on the go, briefly ex- presses this girl. Arlene is d delightful maiden with an intoxicating charm. She delights in playing basketball, and is fond of many other sports. We believe that Tiny will be a great success in every- thing she undertakes. Basketball 1, 2, 3 GAUGLER, EARL C. can be sure it is Earl. GEBERT, GEORGE ROBERT Bud College Preparatory The man who puts foundations under his air castles. lt's really not necessary to give George an elaborate intro- duction, nearly every one at A. H. S. knows him. Bud did an excel- lent iob when, as president of his class for two successive years, he acted as master of ceremonies on special occasions, or made important announcements. But Bud's activities are not limited to the class presidency. He took an active part in dramatics, turned in fine performances in classrooms, and contributed clever car- toons to the Canary. Best wishes from the Class of '43. Class President 3, 4, Home Room President 2, 3, 4, Dramatics 2, 3, 4, Canary and Blue 2, 3, Air Raid Warden 3, Chief Air Raid Warden, 4, Junior Prom, 3, German Club 4, Red Cross Council 4 Page Seventy Earl Retail Selling What should a man do but be merry? When you see a pleasant smile and a head of red hair, you He has a keen sense of humor, which enter- tains his many friends. He enioys music and swimming. A Cappella Choir l 1943 CDMUS 1 w w GEHMAN, PAULINE KATHERINE Polly Commercial There is nothing so kindly as kindness, And nothing so royal as truth. Pauline can turn from rippling laughter to a mood studious and serious. But she is always full of fun, easy to get along with, and friendly. Sports? Yes. She likes swimming and ice-skating, and finds time for both. Polly is very much interested in school and means to be a stenographer. We all hope Polly's hard study will land her in a grand position. GEIDNER, JANIS B. Janis General Fun loving and cheerful, and ever so wise. Janis, quiet, sincere, and cheerful, is a regular bookworm. Janis intends to go to nurse's college, and in spite of the hard work ahead, we know she will be a successful nurse. GEISSENHAINER, MARCELLA Mars Commercial lf a pretty face is a letter of recommendation, a good heart is a letter of credit. 1 Marcella has often been known as "the girl with the pepsodent smile." Her many admirable and distinctive qualities make one want to say, "l'm glad she's my friend." By determined untiring efforts she accomplishes her purposes. Her ambition is to become an efficient secretary. Dramatic: 3, 4, Girl Scouts 2 GENSENLEITER, JUNE E. Gensie Home Economics She's worth her weight in rubber. Outspoken Gensie is as iolly as the day is long. One of the most loyal rooters, you'll find her, rain or shine, at all of the games. We know she will be the expert dietitian she wants to become, for how she loves foodl Girls' Chorus 2, 3 Page Seventy-one 1943 CUMU5 GEORGE, AMELIA Georgie General Revels, dances, masks and merry hours farerun Fair love. Georgie is really a swell gal with a bright smile and a cheery hello that wins anyone's heart. Those misty dark eyes and dark hair can do great damage. Her favorite pastime is going to the movies. Georgie hasn't decided what to do when she leaves school, but iust keep that beautiful smile, Georgie, and we know you'll find the place that needs your sunshine. le GEORGE, BETTY MAE Butchie General A truer heart never lived. Butchie is a light-hearted girl. Every week she spends her leisure hours at the Rialto, and we are certain that it is not the fea- ture picture alone that attracts her. Butchie's ovocation is music, she has mastered the piano, and is taking vocal lessons, but nursing is her vocation. Her beautiful voice and pleasant personality will help her when she leaves school. Chorus 2, 3, 4, A Cappella Choir 1, 3, 4 GERY, ROBERT M. ob General Comb down his hair. Look, Look! it stands upright, Who knows what thought is under it! Bob is one of those swell guys everyone admires. Although he has his serious moments, he likes fun. His favorite pastimes are sports, dancing, and eating. Even though he is not a star in his studies, he always manages to pass. Bob is in training to be a successor to Walt Disney, and expects to attend the Philadelphia Museum School of Industrial Art. Good luck, Bob! .lay Vee Basketball 2, 3, 4, Track Team 2, 3, 4 GETZ, MARION Marion College Preparatory Read, and you will know. Marion is a quiet girl who has won the admiration of all of us. She likes movies, radio programs, reading, and basketball games. Ask her what she plans to do, and her answer is, "Teach." All our good wishes are with her. National Honor Society Page Seventy-two Z '855 Girl Reserves 3, 4 GIGLER, WILLIAM WALTER Bill General What is done wisely is done well. Bill, a iovial chop, is about flve feet ten. He has no one favorite sport. but tries all of them. An average student in most subiects, he moiors in mathematics. Bill expects to go into the Army. of himself. GILLY, HILDA R. Bright Eyes Commercial Give the best that you have, And the best will come back to you. Bright Eyes is a lovely companion, striking in appearance. Studious, too, Hilda goes about her work with a wide grin, a toss of her smooth black head, and a twinkle in her sparkling block eyes. She likes movies, reading, and music. She plays the electro and sings very well. She wants to become o stenographer and ploy the typewriter. Page Seventy-three GIBISER, ADELE e Talking comes by nature silence by wisdom Adele may seem quiet and boshful but when one really knows her she changes your opinion She is by no means bold, but is a real friend who goes out of her way to do things for people who appreciate it. Adele takes an interest In dancing and bowling, and does not do badly in either She manages to get along quite well in her studies. Adele is plonnmg to become a stenogropher GILBERT, JOHN R. Jock Good humor and generosity carry the cloy with the popular heart all the world over The good things of life are Jocks dish Good food good friends, and good times constitute his formula for real happiness Beneath that gay and carefree manner, however, lies a solid foundation of character which will stand him in good stead when the serious business of life catches up with hum Although still un certain whether business or one of the professions is to claim his latent talent, Jock can be depended upon to give a good account 1943 CUMUS GILMORE, ADELE Adele General She's not very tall, I grant you all, But she doesn't care, her beau is small. Although Adele is always on the go, mostly on dance Haors, she likes to have her work done on time. Her favorite outdoor sport is swimming, her indoor activity is embroidery. She plans to get a defense iob, and in her spare time to go to business college. GINDER, MARK Mark College Preparatory The virtue lies in the struggle, not the cause. Mark is not one to bother with strenuous sports or things of that kind, but he does enioy winter sports. He is a conservative fellow, who has used his abilities to prepare a sound foundation for later work. National Honor Society membership tells the story. Besides this, Mark has his own means of recreation, electricity, he has been known to experiment with generators, motors, or ony- thing electrical, at all hours. GlNGRlCH, HUGO R. Victor General Brains above the eyeline, and backbone all the way down the spinal column, are two guarantees of success. Hugo, who came to us from the A. H. S. of Ashland, Ohio, has spent three years here, and we have found him a pleasant chap to have around. Victor likes to read, particularly books about animal husbandry and farm crops. for he intends to take up farming when he graduates from high school. We all hope Hugo will be able to turn out bumper crops to feed Uncle Sam and our Allies. GLASS BETTY Betz Commerclal Let me be umpire in this doubtful life. Bets is a bit shy, has a friendly smile, but don't let her shyness fool you, for she is full of mischief. Betty is a happy-go-lucky girl. She likes movies and enioys dancing and reading. After her graduation she wishes to go into the business world. Page Seventy-four 1943 CUMUS GOLDSTEIN, HARRIETTE R. Ronnie College Preparatory What one learns with pleasure one never forgets. Harriette has a record of an unusual education. She is a scholar in higher Hebrew learning-the only girl in this vicinity to have graduated from an academy of Hebrew education and culture. Playing the piano, listening to fine music, and searching for knowledge through her miscroscope are her greatest pleasures. Ronnie is liked because of her sophistication, vivacity, and her like- lihood of success. GOLDSTEIN, MARTIN Goldie College Preparatory Enthusiasm is a great hill climber. Martin Goldstein, also affectionately known as Goldie, has the reputation of being a good guy. His inclinations run towards sports and his marks toward luck. As a loyal supporter of his school he is outstripped by no one, he finds time for his studies and has no trouble keeping a good average. Straight-forward and cap- able, Martin will be sure to make a success of his work. Historical Society, German Club GORDIN, GEORGE, JR. College Preparatory The men who make history have not the time to write it. George may or may not make history, but he plans to write it. GORDIN, CARYL ANN Flash College Preparatory Smile and the world smiles with you. A good student, a loyal supporter of all school activities, Flash Gordin is secretary of the Latin Club, a member of the French Club, National Honor Society, and Historical Society. Besides these she enioys basketball, swimming, and dancing, and attends all the football games. Caryl is humorous, serious, and collegiate in her clothes, speech, and actions. We'll probably see Caryl on the Syracuse University campus. Let us add that Caryl is the "second half of a double feature." being the twin sister of George. National Honor Society, Latin Club 3, 4, Basketball 2, Le Cercle Francais 3, 4, Historical Society 4, Red Cross Representative 3, Home Room Representative 4, Camus Gordy V He has always specialized in history and expects to maior in it at college. Besides history he enioys debating and theatricals, having taken part in many school debates and plays. He has also been an officer in the Historical Society. George is interested in sports from a spectator's angle only, but is particularly interested in Red Cross activities. When he isn't dancing, he's reading or going to a concert or lecture. Appreciative of classical music, he does his share of iiving on the side. His interest in girls is purely impersonal, his interest in his marks purely casual. Good luck, Gordy. Orotan Debating Society 2, 3, Secretary 4, Historical Society 2, Vice-President 3, President 4, Le Cercle Francais 4, Senior Class Play, Journalism 3, 4 Page Seventy-five 1943 CUMUS GRAVER, H ELEN Tootie Commercial Yea, get the better of them! Tootie's desire is to be a secretary. Her motto is, "Never do today what you can do tomorrow," but don't let her motto fool you either, she's really an ambitious girl, and here's hoping she gets what she wants. GREGORY, MILDRED E. Millie Commercial The joy that you give lo others, ls the icy that comes back to you. Mildred is of average height, with brown hair and lovely brown eyes. She tries hard, and will make a good stenographer. She is the kind of friend that everyone treasures. GRIDER, MARY JEAN Mary Jean College Preparatory A youth to whom was given So much of earth, so much of Heaven. Mary Jean is one of those unusual people who can have her feet on the ground, her mind on the business of the day, her hands in Y. W. C. A. and Red Cross activities, her eye on the future, and yet be a delightful companion. She wants to be a medical technician. The same keen perception that requires has been evident in her splendid executive management of the Comus that is in your hands. GRIDER, THOMAS ERWIN Tom General His words are cushioned with laughter. About 5' BH of energy, with a genial smile for all, that's Tom. Here is a chap that likes sport, especially baseball. He is fairly good at football, and can really get a crowd to cheer. Tom makes the dullest party seem gay. Although he is no musician, Tom can tell you the words of almost any popular song. ln school he is an average student, but enioys art class best. He wants to be a commercial artist. Cheerleading 1, 2, 3, 4 Page Seventy-six Mary Jean will do whatever life brings happily and well. Girl Reserves 2, 3, 4, Girl Reserve Council 2, Vice-President 3, President 4, Latin Club 2, Secretary 3, President 3, Vice-President National Honor Society 4, Jr. Red Cross Council 3, 4, Chorus 2, 3, Journalism 3, Editor of Camus 4, Morning Call H. S. Editor. i943 CUMUS GRIM, C. DONALD Peter Cabinet Shop An ounce of mirth is worth a pound of nonsense. Donald is sort of shy around new friends, especially girls, but after he gets to know them, that shyness iust melts. His hobbies are woodworking and raising rabbits. At home you will flnd him working with his newly equipped workshop, or feeding and taking care of his rabbits. He hopes to become a first-class cabinet maker. Don enioys dancing and going out Saturdays, but claims that he can afford a date only once o month. GRIM, MARIAN ELIZABETH Blondie General Tall, slender, straight, with all the graces blest. What's all that noise? That's only Blondie enioying herself, talking and chewing gum. She usually tries to keep time with her thoughts, and you should see the meter she produces. Her friends are sure she will get a position that is worthy of her talents. How we shall miss her witty remarks and corny iokes. GROSS, FAYE Faye Commercial So much to do, so little done. Faye is a little mite with a smile that has won her many friends. She worries continually about her work, yet she always seems to have it finished on time. She is comical when she is in o iesting mood, and we hope she can always keep that smile of hers. The world needs smiles like hers. GROSS, JAMES W. Jim College Preparatory Such sweet compulsion doth in music lie. Jim, one of the local spark plugs, is well known to all the high school lovers of iazzp he is the drummer of the school swing bond. He is skilled in this type of music, for he has been drumming since he took his flrst drum off the Christmas tree about nine years ago. He is iust as good at pounding the piano. He is an ardent baseball fan, following faithfully the fortunes of the local team. A good sense of humor and a generous slice of common sense have won him many friends. Jim intends to take a business course at the University of Pennsylvania and later to go into business in this vicinity. That's grand for Allentown, for a town is measured by its business men. Page Seventy-seven 1943 ACDMUS GROSS, MILDRED Milly College Preparatory Persuasive speech, and more persuasive sighs, Silence that speaks, and eloquence of eyes. If you want to meet a good sport, one always ready for fun, try Milly. She never seems to worry about her studies, but her lessons are always prepared. Milly has many friends. She is pleasant and always eager to try new things. Among her pastimes are swimming, dancing, skating, music, and cooking. She is to be a dietitian. GROSSMAN, FAYE Fagel College Preparatory A merry heart doeth good like medicine. Faye has a sweet personality and a iolly sense of humor. She loves people, sa she always has a smile and o kind word for everyone. She has traveled much, has read considerably, and has appeared in several plays. Football is one of her favorite sports, she seldom misses a game. Fagel expects to take the home economics course in college, then later to specialize in dietetics. We know she will succeed, because she has a quality all of us need-when she starts anything she finishes it. Girl Reserves 2, Chorus l, 2, 3, 4 French Club 4 GRUBER, FLOYD Floyd College Preparatory The dog that trots about finds a bone. Floyd is that wind-splitting scooter-rider known to all Allen- town High School. Rain or shine, snow or sleet, he rides his puddle- iumper, as he affectionately calls it, in and out of the highways and byways or anywhere within a hundred-mile radius of Allentown. Naturally, there is usually some one else to risk his neck along with Floyd. His main hobby is addition, the addition of any possible gadgets to his novel conveyance. Floyd is not outspoken by any means, but he does defend his definite opinions stoutly. GRUBER VIRGINIA Ginny Commercial The mildest manners and the gentlest heart. Ginny is tall, with beautiful brown wavy hair, and is as pleasant as she is pretty. Her sparkling personality has won her many friends. Outside of school she particularly enioys roller skating and movies. Her school work is good. She plans to go to college, and later to enlist in the WAVES. Page Seventy-eight .58 HIC ' E 18583 GRUTSKI, DOROTHY Dottie College Preparatory A friend who takes all your conclusions for granted until she finds it necessary to defend them against objections. The rare, the unique, the excellent' -those are words that describe Dottie perfectly. The rare pertains to her friendly person- ality, the unique to her smile, which never fails to cheer, and the excellent to her scholarly work in all her subiects. Her pet phrase during debtaing is, "I obiect." An outdoor girl at heart, she enioys swimming, hiking, camping, and horseback riding. Ride high, Dottie, and you'll clear all the hurdles. , German Club 4, Home Room Representative 2, 3 or in a store. l GUIGNET, PAUL Hand Grenade General Always ready, ever steady-who could ask for mare? Paul started to become a botanist, but his mind suddenly wandered to the sea. Through generations back his ancestors have been horticulturists, but Paul expects to ioin the Naval Air Corps. Paul is also a great lover of sports, and best of these he likes football and ice-skating. PauI's only worries today are his trig homework and girls. Football 3 Page Seventy-nine GRUMBEIN, RALPH Grummy His love of nature surpasses: all That's why he takes to the woods in fall Walk through the woods on a cool autumn day and you re likely to find Ralph scouting around hunting for rabbits and pheasants, or sitting dawn waiting for an unwary squirrel to stick his head out of his nest Hunting is Ralphs favorite sport and even in auto shop you re likely to flnd him hunting for some thing to eat. Ralph likes all kinds of outdoor sports but he also likes to watch and to play basketball Every winter he organizes a basketball team, and hell be proud to tell you that his team practically always wins half the games Ralph IS a good pal and a loyal friend, and you can always have a lot of fun with hum GRUVER, BETTY Betty Persistence and sincerity are qualities that spell good fortune Betty is a quiet, peaceful girl making the best of all her school work. She has many activities outside of school Although Betty may not look mechanical her current interest is in mechanics Betty is looking forward to a quiet and peaceful future In an office 1943 GUNN, THOMAS LESLIE College Preparatory Lots of fun, lots of spunk, He's not even afraid to flunk. Gunnar is a carefree good natured fellow who always says something funny when you least expect it. He goes in for all sports. Although not overly studious, he manages to do average work. Gunnar has gone through Muhlenberg and Lehigh University already, but only on errands. There ore two things he is noted for: first, a dogged determination, second, an inclination to bet on everything if he thinks he has a good chance of winning. He studies hard in aeronautics, because he intends to go into aviation. Aeronautics 4 GUTH, JOYCE Commercial Many love music for music's sake. Joy is gifted with magic fingers for playing the piano, but one finds only the popular pieces in her home. Joyce is the most delightful, loyal, and true friend one can find. Her one ambition is to become a good secretary. She made a start in the English office this year. Chorus 2 CUMUS GULDIN, KATHERINE BASTIAN Kathie College Preparatory Scarce from her lips the word had rushed When deep the conscious maiden blushed. Kathie is quiet and calm, fair and dignified, and so good- natured that she has no hates. She is both conscientious and con- sistent in her studies, and a willing volunteer where there is a hard school or church iob to be done. She is a member of the Y. W.C. A. and the French Club. She's a whizz, too, when it comes to knowing what popular tunes are on the hit parade. Kathie is interested in home-making. French Club 4g Girl Reserves 2, 3, 4 Gunnar I GUTEKUNST, RICHARD RALPH Dick College Entrance in Science and Engineering A winner never quits, a quifter never wins. Dick is the sort of person people like to have around because he's always full of enthusiasm. He is a staunch A. H. S. rooter, and one can always find him cheering the team on, even up in Hazleton or in Williamsport. However, Dick's interests are not limited to sports. He's conscientious about his schoolwork, likes airplanes and music, in fact, everything-except women. Dick has an unusual sense of humor. We wonder what the English professor at Penn State would say next year if Dick signed his name "Drahcir Tsnuketug." But that's Dick. Aeronautics 4 Joy Page Eighty 1943 HACKER, ROLAND Commercial Always in the thick of it. Knute, an ardent philanthropist, earned his nickname because of his dynamic football playing. While school work is not hard for him, he is not among the scholastic leaders. He would rather play football than talk to the girls. His ambition is to become a C. P. A. HALEY, JANET l.. General Here's o bright Iassie full of rm, with winkling eyes and a sunny disposition to boot Und rneath her ' manner is iust as cheerful a gir a you' to find. Alth 1 ' other sports please her too, the I v of 's lif swim ' . She's fun to be with, always willing what - - ,- wants to do, and above all, she's a good li t r. Janet lo 1 draw, and would like to attend art school. hatever her future, e know that it will be happy, because she will make it happy CDMU5 HAA5, FAY E. Ginger Commercial Quiet and dependable. Fay wins friends and keeps them, and is always laughing at someone else's iakes. Fay likes to do all kinds of dancing, but her specialty is the waltz. She loves ginger ale, so you may imagine how she got her nickname. Fay is going to be a secretary to some lawyer or business man. Knute HAHN, JUNE Sandy College Preparatory Sense is our helmet, wit is but the plume. June is one girl in a million, with a cheerful personality and a sense of humor. She has an unlimited supply of iokes, and is never slow to laugh at one she hears. June doesn't miss a football or a basketball game. She especially likes dancing and Chevrolets. The sparkle in her eyes and her dreamy replies are iust symptoms of love. She expects to become a teacher. Jan The girl worth while i :the ith a smile. Swimming, le Cercle Francais Page Ei ghty-one 1943 HANDLON, JOHN College Preparatory Redhead: there be--but this one! Judge is an all-round sportsman, but he is interested particu- larly in football, and is physically adapted for this sport. However, he is like many other high school boys in that he likes to engage in sports only with his own gang instead of playing on a high school team. He is also an ardent hiker and ice-skater. Judge is interested in construction iobs building roads and got some practical knowledge in construction work CUMUS HAMM, MARIE C. Ginny General Somewhere- --but where I cannot guess. Happy-go-lucky Marie enjoys roller-skating and dancing. Her favorite orchestras are Glenn Miller and Harry James. You see her at all the football and basketball games, for these are her favorite sports. After graduation Marie intends to take up dietics. Some day she hopes to be able to live in the South. Y. W. C. A. 2, 3 Judge I I Q highways. He wants to become a civil engineer, and hGS HANEY, DORIS ADELE General Her best companion is a mirror. Doris may seem shy, but when you tune in properly, you will find that she has grand reception and a loud speaker and fre- quently some static. She is not nearly so sleepy as she seems to be, she hears everything. Whatever Shorty chooses to do, she is bound to do well. She uses her smile as her umbrella. HANDWERK, EUGENE J. Jeep College Preparatory Then there's the old sfory offv. Eugene is a firm believer in the lighter side of life, and you can never discuss anything with him without first listening to one of his many stories. His real interest is in model railroading, and build- ing and repairing radios. He is one of the few people who can be doing one thing and thinking and planning another and can get them both done efficiently. His favorite subjects are mathematics and science. We feel that his diligence, together with his natural ability, will enable him to go for in the field of engineering. Shorty Page Eighty-fwo H 658 IG re 'sy L A I856 HANEY, ERWIN H. Moon College Preparatory A quitter never wins, a winner never quits. Wizard of the one hand push shot on the basketball court, Moon is iust another fellow when you meet thim on the street. And he has been able to maintain good marks too. Moon played three years of Varsity basketball and three years of Varsity base- ball, where he got the reputation of being quite a hitter. He led the East Penn Basketball League in scoring in his iunior year. ln addition to these sports he is interested in football, swimming, and fishing. Moon plans to go into the service, then go to college and follow up his athletic career. HARKINS, FRANCIS EDWARD Pat Commercial Self trust is the secret of success. Francis makes friends fast and holds them. He takes the usual amount of interest in his studies, but doesn't enioy an overload of English homework. He is interested in model railroading. Upon graduation Pat intends to get a iob in a business office, unless the Army gets him flrst. J. V. Basketball l Varsity Basketball 2 3 4 Co Captain 3 Captain 4, Baseballl 2 3 Varsity A Club2 3 4 HARRIS, DOROTHY L. Dotty Commercial Impartially their talents scan, .lust education forms the man. A bundle of wit and a friendly personality are the words that describe Dotty. A lover of music, she has become a rather talented pianist under her own instruction. Her favorite sport is swimming, and she greatly enioys the popular iitterbug dance. Dotty never turns down a good time, but still manages to keep up her school work. During her three years at Allentown High she has made a host of friends. Girl Reserves lf National Honor Society, Red Cross Repre- sentative 3 HARRIS, RUTH N. Ruthie Commercial Shame arises from the fear of men, Conscience from the fear of God. Ruthie is a shy girl with a grand personality, and is always helpful. She doesn't take her school work too seriously, but still manages to keep her marks above par. She enioys a good time. Her favorite sport is basketball. Ruthie's one bad habit is sleepiness. There are times she'd rather sleep than eat, but you may be sure that when the occasion requires it she will be wide awake and on the iob. Girl Reserves lf Dramatic Club l, 2 Page Eighty-three 1943 CUMUS HARTE, MARYLOUISE Skizzy General She feels in italics and thinks in capitals. Skizzy came from Savannah, Georgia, in her iunior year. 5he's that busy little chemist who will someday be a great surgeon. Perhaps that's why she likes Latin, or any kind of science, and incidentally, she is planning to go to Temple University. She's always reading the latest books, but she can still find time to go dancing. If you ever need help in your home work, iust ask Skizzy. HARTMAN, LESTER J. Chubby Machine Shop A quiet friend is a loyal friend. Lester is one fellow who must have enioyed his school days here, for at his own request he took an extra year of school life. Dis- appointed in taking the general course for the flrst year, he took his sophomore year over to get the industrial course. This was a decisive step in his life, he knew what he wanted, and was willing to spend an extra year to get it. In machine shop Lester's work has always been done speedily, efficently, neatly and accurately. Swimming 2, Football 4 HARTZELL, CHRISTINE IDA Chris Commercial Speech is effective, but silence gets one places HARWICK, ELEANOR MAE General Each succeeding day is the scholar of that which went before it. Eleanor, a little green-eyed girl, enioys reading good novels. She hopes to have the opportunity to travel some day. An enthusiastic young woman, Chris really has what it takes to become a good secretary. She finds great delight in movies and ice-skating. lt doesn't take much to make Chris glow with laughter, for she is easy to please. We all hope Chris will find life pleasing. Twin Page Eighty-four 1943 HARWICK, LORRAINE RUTH General A hand open as day. Lorraine, Eleanor's twin sister, is always willing to help her friends whenever she can. Like her sister, she is undecided about her future, but we are sure much lies ahead for her. A1491- HARWICK, JEAN E. Jeanie Commercial Be gay, and you will never lack friends. Jeanie is a little girl that keeps you always happy. A true lover of sports, she ranks swimming at the top of the list. In her leisure time Jeanie loves dancing and playing modern music on the piano. She would like to become a secretary. Twin HAUFF, THOMAS Lefty College Preparatory If she breaks my heart, l'Il wring her neck. Lefty is an easy-going fellow, popular with everyone. He can succeed at anything to which he applies himself. He showed this by going out and gaining himself a place as diver on the swimming team. Most people think Lefty's a clown. lf you ask him about it he'll say, "l iust am that way." As for the future, he's decided to let his draft board take care of that. I , l 1 fx if f - .A 'yn It Q ,.. ,'bg'.J' HAUSMAN, WILLIAM FRACK -. N: Science and Engineering Now back to the world, and let Fate do her worst. Bill is a swell fellow. He likes all sports, in fact he spends most of his time on them when out of school. Old time songs appeal to him strongly too, he usually grabs the words to any he can find Bill has found it most interesting to look for distractions in the class- room. He plans to enter the Naval Air Corps. Baseball Manager 3, 4, Cheerleader 2, 3, Aeronautics 4 Page Eighty-five Basketball if Swimming 3 1943 CUMUS HAWK, EDWARD Eddie Commercial Character is the key to success. A typical student, Edward enioys practically every sport. Among them is archery, and he can really hit the target. When it comes to salesmanship he's tops, for his defense stamp sales have totaled so high that even he has lost track of the total. He hopes to be a business executive. Track 3, Commercial Club 4 HAWK, LEE Whitey Commercial Worry? let it run away! Live a life and live it gay. Shy and modest, Lee is fond of escorting girls to classes and of making ice cream sundaes. Whitey is a fellow on whom you can depend. Quite an accomplished ping pong player, he also enioys basetball. HAWK, LLOYD D. Hawk General In fields of air he writes his name, And treads the chambers of the sky, He reads the stars, and grasps the flame That quivers round the throne on high. Hawk is six feet tall, has blonde wavy hair, blue eyes, and a witty tongue. His main interest is aviation, his hobby for ten years. He is also interested in music, collecting records, and attractive brunettes. Hawk hopes to enter the Air Corps, where his brains, good humor, and attractive personality will be great assets. A Cappella Choir 2, 3, 4, Aeronautics 4 HECK, CARL LEWIS Hector College Preparatory He's a Yankee-doodle-dandy, An all American boy. Hector is a iolly good fellow, although sometimes he is a modest boy. Active in sports, he plays on the Clover basketball team, with a cunning and an accurate speed that makes him most valuable. He wants to be a naval flyer and an aeronautical en- gineer. He has fine qualities that will help him succeed. Aeronautics 4, Senior Math Club Pnnn Finhfvmfy 1943 CUMUS HECKENBERGER, GLORIA ANN Glo General When lovely woman wants a favor, All she does is ask a man. Gloria is the little girl with the big smile whom you'Il flnd at all dances and games and even in the Senior Class Play, where she plays the role of the mischievous eleven-year-old. She doesn't like to spend too much time on study, but that little time she apparent- ly spends to good purpose, she seldom has to take exams. Her happy outlook an life makes people like her. The boys endorse that statement. She wants to study dental hygiene at Temple University. HElL, NORMA Normie College Preparatory Let all your things have their place, Let each part of your business have its time. Norma has a cheerful personality. Her good nature and her kind heart rate her high in the opinion of her classmates. A great love of sports makes her an ardent rooter far the school. She always forgets where she places her possessions, but usually flnds them some- where at the last minute. She takes a keen interest in her studies, and particularly in the violin and piano. Her one ambition is to follow in her mother's footsteps and become o teacher. Orchestra 2, 3, 4, German Club 4 Girl Reserves 3, 4, French Club, Senior Class Play HEILMAN, FRANCIS M. G. Hassy Print Shop HELD, BETTY A. Commercial Give the best that you have and The best will come back to you. You can rely on Betty always. A fluffy haired brownette, she is interested in music, and in studies, and in writing to pen pals. May she have plenty of success in cheering up those who need it most. Rules, what are they? As fellows go, Hassy is a good sport, and always courteous. We think of him as one of the chief talkers in the fclassroom. Any- thing he starts, he finishes. Printing occupies half of his school time, he is vice president of the Printers' Club. He doesn'tlquite know what his bread-and-butter-maker will be. Hassy spends his spare time hunting, fishing, or taking pictures. Printers' Club 4 Betts Page Eighty-seven 1943 CUMUS HENNINGER, MILTON CHARLES Milt College Preparatory Life is very short, and very uncertain, Let us spend it as well as we can. This fellow is as much a part of Allentown High School as is the Little Palestra or the auditorium. Even though cold-blooded statistics do not place him among the intellectuals, his abundance of common sense, natural scholastic aptitude, and ready wit assure him a prominent niche among the class leaders. Milt's per- formance in class plays won him great acclaim. Slightly indolent by nature, Milt nevertheless lives up to the old Henninger tradition of aggressive determination and spirited progress. His qualities for leadership are unquestionable. Milt will be a leader, always. .lunior Class Play 3, Senior Class Play 4 HENNINGER, ROBERT Bob General Laugh, for the time is brief, A thread the length of a span. Bob, a short fellow with a big heart and a iolly disposition, does fairly well in school. His greatest worry is chemistry. A Morning Call carrier, Bob delivers papers every morning in his sleep. He has no particular plans for the future, but whatever he decides to do, we know his friendly personality will take him through. Football Manager 3 HENRY, JEAN GERTRUDE Chip General Foot-loose and fancy free. A timid smile, a courteous word-that's Jean. She laughs and reioices in her youth. She is sincere and earnest, and always eager to help where help is needed. Her happy heart and smiling face will get her places. Girl Reserves 3, 4 HERCHOCK, ROSE Roz Retail Selling With thee conversing, I forget all time. Rose is a quiet girl on the surface. She has a habit of blushing becomingly. Her favorite pastimes are dancing and listening to popular name bands. All her undertakings are done well, including her school and her store work. National Honor Society Page Eighty-eight 151391 HERMAN, DOROTHY Dotty Retail Selling Modesty is only another name for self-knowledge. Quiet, kind, and loyal, with dark brown hair and smiling blue eyes, Dotty is a true friend. Her sense of humor is a delight to her friends. Dotty is an ace sales girl, and plans to make selling her career. HERSH, Miriam E. Mlm General Merry, friendly, loyal, true, This queer world needs more like you. Even though she's one of the smailest girls in the class, Mim is also one of the most liked. She loves all the high school sports, and is usually out cheering with the rest of them. Her hobby is movies, and her ambition is to travel. . . Girl Reserves3 4 fl0""' A ' A I .4 ,Lf HERTZOG, JUNE D. Bub Commercial Oh the gladness of her gladness when she 's glad. And the sadness of her sadness when she 's sad. June, with blonde hair, blue eyes and cheerful disposition, hasn't a care in the world. She has friends galore. One of the famous maiorettes, June doesn't like to study, but of course she's keen on sports. A basketball game or a football game wouldn't be complete without this noisemaker. She's the life of the party, always teasing and ioking. She has her serious moments, and in such moments says she's to be a secretary. Band 2, 3, 4 HESS, ARLENE M. C. Dutch General I do like my mind to have a two-way stretch. Whenever there is activity, you will flnd Durch with colors flying. She has other things to do besides worrying about boys, she clerks at Woolworth's store. What does Dutch like? "Dancing most of the evening, and French fries." If you need help, she is right there to pitch in. Some day you will be hearing her voice saying, "Number, please!" Chorus l, 2, 3, 4 Page Eighty-nine 1943 CUMUS HESS, JEAN A. Jeanie Commercial A generous action is its own reward. Jeanie is an ambitious girl, and we all know she will attain the peak she has been working for. She wants to be a good steno- grapher, and to attain a high typing and shorthand speed. She is always ready, willing, and able to advise a friend, and shirks no responsibilities. HESS, JoANNE D. JoAnne General The wildest colts make the finest horses. Swishgthis is JoAnne, who has distinct abilities along certain lines. Her witty conversation and her skill in swinging off truly lyric lines on any given subiect are special gifts. At times, iust before an exam or quiz, JoAnne becomes very studious. High on her list of favorite diversions are dancing, swimming, and collecting records. Full of fun and laughter usually, iust don't happen to be near when her temper gets out of control. JoAnne has only a hazy plan for the future, she prefers it that way. Let come what may, says she, she'll be ready for it. National Honor Society, Junior Class Play, Girl Reserves 1, 2, Journalism 3, 4 HESSINGER, RICHARD W. Dick Electric A man convinced against his will ls of the same opinion still. Dick is the fair-haired lad usually seen on a dance floor cut- ting a rug. Besides dancing, Dick likes radio, ice-skating in winter, swimming in summer, but dancing all the year round. Dick started radio as a hobby in eighth grade, and then took up electrical work in ninth, and he has pursued these two lines of work, taking all that is offered by the public school system. Since he was knee-high to a grasshopper, Dick has wanted to serve a hitch in the United States Navy, and now he'll get his chance. HILDEBRAND, ROBERT RALPH Bob Mechanical Drafting A fellow who hurries gets there first. Bob is always ready to have fun before, during, and after, his work, and he always greets a friend with a smile. He likes to play tricks, and doesn't even mind when they are played on him. He often carries his books around, but gets little out of them, he never does more work than is called for. Bob is sort of shy, and seldom bothers with the girls. The only sports Bob bothers with are baseball and swimming. He is trying to make the grade in drafting, for that is what he wants most to do. Page Ninety United States Navy eu.-1 .3 yes.. . 1.11591 f . HILDER, DAVID L. Dave College Preparatory ll matters not what you are thought to be, but what you are. Dave came to us last year from New Jersey, the land of the mosquito, and has made many friends at Allentown High. His hobby is caring for bees, and it proved very prohtable last year. Because of world conditions, Dave has no definite plans. Whatever he does or wherever he goes, we know he'll make good. HILLEGASS, WILLIAM FRANKLIN Bill College Preparatory Know something about everything, Know everything about something, Then you are educated. When you can't get your algebra, and Mr. Weinsheimer is too busy, you might look up Bill. Aside from girls, his favorite diversion is automobiles, and he knows his cars as well as he knows his algebra. He could probably tell you more about your car than you know about it yourself. We think he ought to take up where Einstein left off, but Bill prefers medicine, or, more particularly, psychiatry. He entered Muhlenberg in February. National Honor Society, President, German Club, Treasurer, Orotan Debating Society, Vice-President, Canary 4, Class Play 3, 4, Inter-class Play, 3 HILLER, RUTH MARIE Ruthie General She takes life and enioys it. Who says silence is golden? This iitterbug doesn't agree. No party is dull if Ruthie is there. Whenever she hears music, it goes to her feet. You can usually flnd Ruth at the Y. W. C. A., where she is active in almost every proiect. Girl Reserves l, 2, 3, 4 HOCHSTRASSER, HILDA Hockie Retail Selling Always happy. When Hockie entered high school she was shy and bashful, now she is a blue-eyed, good-natured girl who laughs at all your iokes. Hockie is a typical iltterbug. She attends all football games, bowls, and reads. At parties, Hockie is one of the best hostesses the T. A. M. S. ever had. She makes friends easily, and is herself a true and lasting friend. Hockie plans to be a business woman. T. A. M. S. 4 Page Ninety-one 1943 HOFFMAN, ALLEN WILLIAM General Earnestness and sport go well together. AIIen's a tall husky lad who is an ardent lover of sports. Besides having been associate director of boys at Camp Dent, he has been active in swimming and basketball at the "Y" 'For a number of years. lt is rumored that Allen's weakness is blondes, although his main concern now is helping to win the war. He is being tutored in finance in the United States Army. Football Manager 2, 3 HOFFSTETTER, CURTIS FRANCIS Mechanical Drafting Ideas are such funny things, they never work unless you do. Curt, easy-speaking and intelligent, is a good conversation- alist, but also a good listener. He does not bore you with one- sided conversations, but will always take your point of view into consideration. Curt does not seek to know very many people, but those he does meet he leaves with a lasting impression of his cour- tesy, his thoughttulness, and his cheerful attitude. CUMUS HODES, JANE Janie General Nothing is really work unless you would rather be doing something else. Janie is that gal you see walking through the halls with mer- curochrome on her knees. We've wondered about this, but we guess there's a penalty for strolling with your head in the clouds. She's really a swell kid, if you catch her in one of her down-to-earth moments. Her pet aversions are homework and zoot suits. Her likes are uniforms and practically all Woody Herman records. Janie wants to be a nurse. Allen HOFFMAN, SYLVIA SALLIE AMANDA Silly General Who is Sylvia? Who is Sylvia? There certainly is no mistaking this particular Sylvia. Witty, with a keen sense of humor, she never lets her gang have a dull moment. With a 'Few good Benny Goodman records, a big dish of chocolate ice cream, and no school books, Sylvia can have a wonderful time. As a nurse, she promises her patients a pretty hilarious time. Girl Reserves 2, 4, Girl Scouts 2, Historical Society 4 Cu rt Page Ninety-two if' rx? 1943 CUMUS HORLACHER, KERMIT KARL Kermit Mechanical Drafting I have often regretted having spoken, but have never regretted having kept silent. Kermit is a quiet studious fellow, who knows his stuff when it comes to drafting, and he is always ready to help with anything that concerns drafting. He is a wizard in mathematics, nobody can deny that. A hard worker, he still flnds time for hunting, building model airplanes, tinkering with model railroads, or attending movies. Kermit hopes to make a future of drafting. Do not be surprised if he is chief draftsman in some high industrial plant soon. HORN, LOUISE Weezer College Preparatory For every happy smile, the world Whirls on its way with less care. louise is an above average student who doesn't worry too much about her assignments, yet always manages to get good marks. Weezer has already some experience in the public library. Far removed from books is louise's enthusiasm for basketball. She is a good pal. le Cercle Francais 4f National Honor Society new .ik HOUSEKNECHT, JUNE EVELYN Juney College Preparatory Happy men shall have many friends. ln this five-foot senior you'lI flnd a pleasing personality, topped with a pleasant smile. Juney is fond of dancing, and is a real booster of all the school dances. She is at every football or basket- ball game, too, discussing the news of the day. Juney is interested in fashions, and it's no secret that she is quite handy with a needle and thread, and plans to do designing. Sophomore and Junior Class, Secretaryf Senior Class, Vice- President, latin Club 2, German Club 4i National Honor Society HUBER, KENNETH What's-it Print Shop People who live in glass houses shouldn't throw bricks. Kenneth is close to six feet tall, and has brown hair and blue eyes. His ready smile often cheers his classmates during the course of the day, while his good nature keeps him in the friendly graces of everyone. He has enioyed his three years at Allentown High School, and will always remember the boys from the industrial course. He likes swimming, basketball, football, and movies with plenty of action. Page Ninety-three 1943 CUMUS HUNSBERGER, BETTY JANE Betty General On her own saddle one rides the safest. Betty is a cheerful all-round girl, who walks leisurely from class to class chatting with her friends. She finds her chief difficulty in German class, where she says she is "not so keen." Of her diver- sions, she especially likes horseback riding, skiing, and ice skating. She wants to enter the armed services after graduation. l HUSHKEK, ANNA MAE Ann General Only rapid motion throws off sparks. Of course you've all met Ann. lf you haven't you're an excep- tion. She is the spark of the senior class, Ann is no believer in silence. Her talking speed is a mile a minute. Her bright response as well as her happy chatter has brightened many a dull moment in the class room. This lassie's laughter rings out at the slightest hint of anything comic. Her ambition is to become a telephone operator. So this is one-niyen-four-three calling Ann Hushkek, to wish her a bright future. Gym Club 2, 3, 4, Historical Society 3 4 Dramatics l IACOCCA, JULIUS F. College Preparatory Dost thou value life? Then guard well thy time, for time's the stuff life's made of. This lad is the epitome of the modern high school boy. His HUVER, JEAN L. Jean College Preparatory And she shall have music wherever she goes. Energetic? Quite, and her height adds, too. Bright? Yes, with sound reasoning behind her every movement. Although an honor student, Jane does not fall behind when it comes to other activities, for she has a seat in the school orchestra and is active in club work. She has a keen ear for music, delights in all musical programs, and plays the cello, piano, and organ beautifully. Her hobbies are collecting miniature dogs and wearing finger nail polish-the darker the better. Press Club 1, Orchestra l, 2, 3, 4, Girl Reserves 2, Historical Society 3, German Club 3, 4, latin Club 4, Dramatics 4 Joe clothes are casual, his speech colorful, his personality magnetic, and his friends many. Although he is no Varsity A man, he is a Varsity A. H. S. man. His scholastic efforts forecast an important place in his world. He believes the future of America lies in its air power, and consequently intends to become an aeronautical engineer. National Honor Society, Junior Prom Committee 3, Junior Red Cross Council 2, 3, War Stamp Salesman 4, Swimming Manager 3, Senior Math Club, United States Marine Corps Reserve Page Ninety-four '855 IOBST, MIRIAM ALICE Mimmy College Preparatory She is like the musician on the lake whose melody is sweeter than she knows. Miriam is interested in music, sports, and arts. She is a rather quiet girl, and that is one of her chief attractions. She plans to be a missionary nurse some day. With her sincerity and her other flne qualities she will make good, we are sure. Basketball 2, Orchestra 3, 4 ISREALL, MARY ANN lzzy General My heart is like a singing bird. A lover of life, witty, intelligent, and energetic, Mary Ann is lots of fun to know. No dull moments when she's around! Because of all the traveling she has clone in the past few years, lzzy is a versatile person. She is willing to undertake anything, and she thinks everything is fun. With her intense enthusiasm, Mary Ann will skyrocket her way through life. al" JAINDL, IRVIN Irvy General He who thinks he can do a thing, can do it. Irvy is one of the quiet fellows who takes everything in and says very little. He tries hard in his studies, and always has his homework finished in time. He keeps most of his thoughts to himself. Whatever his ambition is, we know he will quietly forge ahead, as he does in A. H. S. JAMES, HENRIETTA Jimmie General Let her be sure to let others have their turn to speak. Henrietta loves Glenn MilIer's songs and Harry James' trumpet. Between ourselves, we know why she favors Harry James. She enjoys dancing, roller skating, ice skating, and swimming, and wants to learn horse-back riding. Although Jimmie doesn't have her future planned, like everyone else, she'II Hnd her place. Chorus 2, 3, Girl Reserves 2, 3 Page Ninety-five 1943 JANENKO, MICHAEL FRANK General Silence is the gratitude of true affection, Mike is a silent chap, whose graduation means a future as a marine pilot. Going to the movies and collecting stamps are his hobbies. His favorite studies are bookkeeping and economics. JOHNSON, ANNA MAE Commercial A sympathetic friend is endeared to the heart. Ann is a pleasant girl, who knows what she is capable of doing, and does it. Ann has a large and varied collection of post cards. She is also an enthusiastic movie goer. Her one ambition is to obtain a position with a business firm. Red Cross Staff Assistance Corps CDMUS JANENKO, JEAN M. J. R. General Nothing great was ever achieved without enthusiasm. Here comes that sharpie with those red glasses. One is sure to be greeted with a smile, and must resign oneself to her cheerful chatter. She likes to do many things, but among her favorites are dancing, and ice skating. She likes to iitterbug, and can always be found at a dance with sailors. lf you find a pond frozen, there you'll find J. R., skates, flops and all. Mike JENSEN, ELAINE M. Jennie Commercial I never knew her ioveliness until she smiled at me. Owing to her intelligence and fine personality, Elaine stands high among her schoolmates. Jennie's one passion is sweaters, which adds to her good looks. She's an all-round sport and likes dancing most. Ann Page Nienty-six ll 1943 tif' CUMUS JOHNSON, DORIS ANN Jonnie General Merry, friendly, loyal, true This lopsided world needs girls like you. If you hear a cheerful, "Hey, .lonnie," echoing through the hall, and you see a vivacious young lady with natural blonde hair, violet eyes, and a sparkling smile, you will be seeing Jonnie. Her kind, sympathetic nature has won her a countless host of friends, even including track stars enrolled at Muhlenberg College. She is to take a secretarial course at Cedar Crest. All her friends wish her the best of luck. Dramatics 2 JONES, HAROLD TRAINER Pee-wee College Preparatory Silence is always safe, And is frequently the smartest thing we can say. Pee-wee is o reticent little fellow who could speak volumes if he wanted to, but he prefers instead to maintain a dignified silence. In stature he ranks near the end of the class, but scholastically he's right up at the top. Although he's interested in science and math in general, the language of tubes and condensers is what he under- stands best, for radio is his passion. Harold intends to follow in his brother's footsteps and teach physics, so don't be surprised if you come back to high school in a few years and see Professor Jones as the assistant Mr. Frankenfield has been pleading for. German Club 45 National Honor Society, Senior Math Club, Treasurer, C omus JONES, LUCILLE A. Louie General A flirtive look in her eye. Green-eyed Louie is one of the famous A. H. S. maiorettes. When she isn't maioretting at the football or basketball games, she's just eating, a hot dog in one hand and a candy bar in the other. After graduation, Louie is going to be a nurse. On ordinary days you'll see a little girl in a white uniform strutting down the street with a male on either side. We wish her success and happiness. Band 2, 3, 4 JONES, LUKE Lorenzo General - Come, give us a taste of your quatity. Luke consistently acquires good marks with a minimum of effort. A typical answer man at sports, he hopes some day to be- come a sports announcer of the highest calibre. Page Ninety-seven 1943 CDMU5 JOSEPH, SAMILA Seya College Preparatory Her eyes, black condemning pools, Able to make wise men into fools. Seya has a personality which enables her to adapt herself to any surroundings. Sweet of disposition and kind of heart, Seya has managed to make an enviable number of friends. When she is not doing some valuable service at the Y. W. C. A. she is knitting, or reading long novels, or more probably listening to a good or- chestra and dancing to sweet music. Her sense of humor and her appreciation of nice things will lead her to fame as a buyer of women's clothing. She would like to have a little shop of her own, and we'll all flock to it. Girl Reserve 2, 3, 4, Girl Reserve Council 3, Girl Reserve Adviser 4, Le Cercle Francais 3, 4, Journalism 3, 4 JUCHNIK, FRANK E. Jut Auto Shop The door to success is labeled, "Push," Look up, and behold a lad with two ambitions: to serve his country with his vast knowledge of mechancis, and after military service, to operate a service station. Frank can talk on any subiect, and has surprised many people with his accurate information. Frank's favorite pastimes are horseback riding and ice skating. 1 , KAHLER, JOHN KALAN DIAK, MlCHAEL Mike College Preparatory A man's own manner and character is what most becomes him. A serious student and a friend to all who know him, Mike studies diligently. Not one to covet the spotlight, Mike nevertheless served his school as Canary and Blue solicitor and as football cage boy. Allentown sports events also got his earnest attention. Mathe- matics is Mike's forte, but it was his writing that won him the American Legion Scholarship Award. National Honor Society, A Cappella Choir 3 Page Nienty-eight Johnny General Work, for the night is coming. Johnny is average in his lessons, fond of music, and wants to be a band leader. He likes English class the best, enioys movies and plays, but thinks he hasn't the makings of an actor. 0.59 HIC6, ' f KANTOR, SONYA ANN General Being a daughter is on embarrassing and ticlrlish profession. This girl, slightly plump "on the solid side" with big blue eyes, is Sonya. The reason for Sonny's constant tardiness in classes is that she can never find her books, they may be in any of her ten adopted lockers. Incidentally, if anyone finds a stray text, return it to Sonny-it's hers. And if you want to antagonize her, just mention her pet peeve-French! French! and Frenchl Although Sonny may not be an intellectual, she's up on the latest events and holds her own in her studies. Her two big interests are the Air Corps and dromotics. Her talent lies both in acting and directing. Dramatic: 3, 4, Junior Class Play, Senior Class Play, Student Director, Journalism 3, 4 KARAMAN, CHARLES B. General To be different is to be remarkable. Cams is a fellow with a pleasing disposition and a flne sense of humor. In fact, his sense of humor often helps him get into trouble. Although not a brilliant student, he manages to get by in his studies. He is fond of swimming, dancing, and golf. Cams expects to ioin the hundreds of others in the service of his country. Football 1, 2, 3, 4, Varsity A Club 2, 3, Treasurer 4 s 856 KALANDIAK, PETER Pete General Every mon who can blush, has, methinks, some honesty in him. Pete is a versatile student, a quiet, conservative studious member of the class, and a most enthusiastic sports follower. His love for sports is proved by the fact that he was a sports scribe on the Canary and Blue Staff for three years, and also senior basket- ball manager. Pete's other interests ore iournalism and art, in both of which he excels. Although Pete hasn't decided on his work, don't be surprised some day to hear him as a radio booadcaster, or see his stories or illustrations in big-time periodicals. National Honor Society, Basketball, Manager, 3, 4, A Cappella Choir 2, Canary and Blue 2, 3, 4, Home Room Representative 2, 3, Class Treasurer 2, Varsity A Club 4, Camus Staff, Kline Baum Art School l, 2, 3, 4, Junior Prom Committee 3, Journalism 3, 4 Sonny KANUSKY, FRANCIS W. Franny Machine Shop There's no such thing as impossible. Franny is a mechanical-minded person, always building some- thing new. Although he is a student in machine shop, it seems as though he will not follow mechanics as a career. ln shop he is always doing some kind of odd iob that seems queer and impossible. His hobby is cycling. Even though he doesn't study, he is bright, a swell guy, and always willing to give a helping hand. He's to become an aircraft mechanic. Cams Page Ninety-nine 1943 I General CUMU5 KAROL, ROBERT Bob General He who has music is never lost. When the talents of the world were rationed, Bob, student leader of the orchestra, was fortunate enough to receive a little more than his share. All Allentown has heard of his magic violin. Not only has he great ability in musicphe also has a great gift of gab. His mastery of these two talents has made him a distinguished figure at A. H. S. lf Bob pools his talents, he will be a great success and a credit to his Amla Mater. Band 3, 4, Orchestra l, 2, 3, 4, Student Leader 3, 4 Millie O keep a place apart Within your heart For little dreams to go! A tall, well-dressed girl, with flashing brown eyes and a win- ning smile, Millie enioys good times. She attends most of the social affairs, is in tact one of the best known and most popular girls in A. H. 5. Her pet sports are horseback riding, tennis and diving in swimming class. The gas rationing has "put her car away" so far as school is concerned. Her achievements in fashion design point to a promising career. Someday her classmates will be paging Millie in a Vogue issue. Without doubt she will be welcome in the college she plans to attend. Solicitor l, 2, Gym Club 'lg Chorus 1, 2, Bandl KECKER, BETTY JANE Murf General Bright as the sun her eyes the gazers strike, And, like the sun, they shine on all alike. Here's a senior who has charm and personality. Everyone watches as she steps by, for she is a maiorette. Her friends are many, so are her accomplishments. She enioys all sports, although her favorite is ice-skating. She, too, expects to prepare for nursing. sand 2, 3, 4, Gym Club ujchoif 1, Maiofene KEECH, MlRlAM Mimi College Preparatory Much may be made of a Scotsman if he be caught young. You usually find Mimi laughing, unless she is doing school work, then she is serious, but not for long. Although Mimi has a fairly good scholastic record, hunting, fishing, and swimming come first in her affections. She loves the out-of-doors, and in perfectly Arctic weather, may be found at the nearest skating pond. She is always rushing, afraid she will not be on time, and as a result she is usually too early. Her aversions are homework and being called Miriam. Armed with a double share ot exuberance and a love of dancing, Mimi will probably be on her toes throughout her life. Aquacade 2, 3, 4 Page One Hundred 1943 KEHM, ROY H. E. General Tell that to the marines--the sailors won't believe it. Flash is looking forward to enlisting in the United States Navy as a printer, but he would be satisfied iust to be an ordinary seaman. He likes to ready in fact, he reads a great deal, but he doesn't like to make book reports. CUMUS KEHM, ALLEN C. Kehmey Industrial Cabinet Making Since in laboring and resting, life is divided best, Let others do the laboring and l will do the rest. Allen has been with us for three years, and now we're rid of him, he hopes. He has been a wood butcher for three years, under the supervision of Messrs. Speck and Ulmer. One thing Allen doesn't like is getting out of bed in the middle of the night to go to school. His chief ambition is the Army, United States Coast Artillery. He is a hard worker in shop, but does not cherish the thought of math., English, and P. D. classes. He is an honoriflcabilitudinitatibus woman hater. Flash KELLER, WARREN Charlie Cabinet Making As wise men age, they get wiser. Warren is a brown-haired, brown-eyed student. He is bright in geometry as well as in other subiects, and when others do not have ther homework you see them around CharIie's desk. He is shy, and never ventures out with any girls. He takes a great interest in his shop, for he is a wood butcher. He is liked by all his classmates, and is always ready to be friendly. During the winter, he likes to hear comical and quiz programs on the radio, in summer he likes to play baseball. KEMMERER, ANNA MARIE Ann General The charm of life lies in the thought that we live in the memories of our friends. Ann is an all-'round pal. She has a quick temper, but she cools otf quickly and is sorry, even though she won't admit it. Ann plays basketball well, but also likes to watch the game. Ann loves horses too, so long as they stay their distance, and she can out-run them if they start toward her, After schooldays, Ann would like to be a typist. , X Page One Hundred and One 1943 CUMUS KEMMERER, DOROTHY M. Dot General When she talks it isn't conservationf it's a filibuster. Dot is a happy-go-lucky and talkative girl. lf the conversation is dull, all you need is Dot to carry on. She likes dancing and the movies. Patients will be mighty lucky when they get a nurse like Dot to cheer them up. KEMMERER WALTER EDWIN Sonny College Preparatory Swing it, mister, swing it. Walt, gifted with o humorous personality, is universally liked. He is always glad to help out when needed. His interest in every- thing as a whole is topped oft by his ability as a saxophone player. He plays in many swing bands in the city. But music isn't Walt's only recreation, he also plays baseball, basketball, and football, and plays all of them well. He's good-looking, and often referred to as "God's gift to the girls"-Besides all this he is a good student, and after graduation plans to go into aviation. Football 2 Scouting Program, U. S. Marine Corps Reserve KENLY, CELENO Ceny College Preparatory They who forgive most shall be mast forgiven. Here is the first of a pair-a tall, attractive girl with a vivocious smile and a glad word for everyone. Her ability to adapt herself to any occasion and her keen earnestness have made Ceny very popular with all of us. With her appreciation of music and her exceptional ability in dancing, one can easily see why her pass- word is, "Please play Star Dust." Ceny's open mind and her gener- osity may be considered as her outstanding traits, but it is her charming personality that assures us that she will always be successful. KENLY, LILLIAN Lil College Preparatory Good humor is the best dress for society. Lil is known for her loyalty, her fair-mindedness, and her spark- ling wit. A mysterious little bundle of mischief, she is a delight to her many friends. Although she frequently hides her light under a bushel, she is never far from the maddening crowd. lnterested in doodling or in sketching some profile, she has hopes of becoming an artist. She likes dancing, photography, and a good partner to exchange patter with. Le Cercle Francais 4 Le Cercle Francais 3, 4, Dramatics 3 Page One Hundred and Two 1943 CUMUS KERCHER, HELENE J. Honey General She learned in life to be silent, And to draw her own conclusions. Helene is a girl people enioy knowing. Her deep understand- ing explains her deep friendships. She has tried laboriously. for the past four years, to play a good game of tennis, but has Hnally come to the conclusion that it is a sport only for professionals. She reads Hall Caine with zest. She intends to enter Moravian in the fall, and later to be a commercial photographer. Historical Society 3, 4, Girl Reserves 2 gb Gif M0 u Qvns KERN, ALVERTA M. Shorty College Preparatory Love for one, friendship far all. To most people Shorty seems reserved, but not to her own crowd. Her pleasing personality and good humor are but a few of her characteristics. Her pet saying is almost a habit: "I have so much homework." Her school rating is high, she tops many of her classmates. Shorty spends a great deal of her leisure time on dance floors or in movies, but even more in writing letters to her dream boy, who is now in the Navy. Although she plans on taking up a career, we wonder! National Honor Society, Girl Reserves 2, 3 KERN, CATHRYN M. Kitty Commercial And here's to a bright tomorrow! And here's to a brave today! Kitty is always on hand to give you the latest low-down on the football or basketball games. She likes dancing, skating, swimming, and reading. Kitty worries a lot about school work, otherwise you can always have a good time when she is around. Upon leaving school, Kitty wants to be a secretary. KERN, RAY T. Rip Science and Engineering lf she breaks my heart, l'll break her neck. When the name of Ray Kern is mentioned, one thinks of a big, smiling, good-natured, splendid fellow. Rip is continually going out of his way to do something for his comrades, and is always ready to go along with whatever the gang does. He earned his letter as a member of the football team, and has played with the Varsity for the past two seasons. Rip is not only adept at many forms of sports, he has all the true sportsman's qualities, always believing in playing the game fair. Wishing him the best of luck. Football 1, 2, 3, 4, National Honor Society, Varsity A Club 4, Dramatic: 3 Page One Hundred and Three 1943 KICHLINE, LOIS College Preparatory She has a way about her, how shall l say, Demure, yet blithe, yet gay. Although Lois is usually serious-minded and reserved, her friends CUMUS KEYSER, MELVIN Glip General To make haste is waste, so don't push me. Glip is one of those fellows who doesn't concern himself too much over his studies, although he enioys his work in economics. Glip is fond of popular music, nice girls, and all kinds of sports. He played end on the football team. His most ardent ambition now is to be a naval aviation cadet. He'lI do his full share in the defense of his country. Football 3, 4, Varsity A Club 4 Lois know her as open-hearted and lovable. She maintains a high scholastic record, but still finds time to read fiction, indulge in a few sports, design many of her own clothes, and collect unusual souvenirs. She wants to become a teacher of mathematics or of social studies. Secretary, Girl Reserves 2, German Club 3, 4, Historical Society 3, Treasurer 4, National Honor Society, Senior Math Club KILLEN PHILIP J. Casanova Eat and be merry, For tomorrow we may be rationed. Phil does not believe in over-study but manages to get through. His favorite adventure is eating. Bowling and dancing are also adventures. He is interested in photography, and hopes to help his country with his skill some day. To play in a dance band is his greatest desire. Home Room Representative 2, 3 KlRBY, RUSSELL Joe College Preparatory Come, give us a taste of your quality. Joe's many natatorial accomplishments have won for him an esteemed niche in our hall of fame. Unbeaten in the last two years, he recently became the new state champion in the 100-yard breast- stroke. But Joe is not only a star swimmer, he is a lad of remarkable versatility. His ability expresses itself in almost every phase of school life. Although he doesn't spend too much time studying, he is brilliant enough to maintain a high scholastic record. .loe's personality is virtually irresistible, boys and girls alike are attracted to him. Yes, Joe is truly a man of many parts, anywhere he goes we can promise him a rosy future. Swimming 2, 3, 4, Varsity A Club 3, 4 Page One Hundred and Four 0401 HIc,, 1943 g CDMUS L31 1856 KISTLER, RUSSELL JAMES Russ Auto Shop Better to be a small wheel turning, than a large wheel standing still. Russell is a good natured lad and a hard worker, who rates A-l in his iob. People all like him because he is never too busy to smile or give a pleasant word. Russell has seen tragedy but it didn't discourage him. He iust buckled down and made up his mind that he had to earn his own way, and he's doing iust that. His friends at school call him "Rusty," but his friends at work call him Russ. He prefers Russ because a boy who is always on the move, as he is, is anything but rusty. KLASE, JUNE F. Judy Commercial An ear full of music, a heart full of song. June's ever ready smile and hearty laughter make everyone who knows her admire her. Her hobbies are collecting photographs, playing the piano, and singing. Her aim is to direct a chorus of her own and to teach music. Home Room Representative 3, 4, Chorus 2, 3 KLEMOW, PHOEBE Shorty Phoebe, passessor of a rare personality and a delicious sense KLINE, DORIS Retail Selling Smile your troubles away. A dark-haired pretty girl, with a happy, cheerful disposition is Blondie. Doris spends most of her leisure time dancing. She wants to be a telephone operator. Girl Scouts l, 2, 3, 4 of humor, is happy-go-lucky. Shorty is not particularly fond of school, but loves to cook, loves to take long walks in the rain, or better still, to sit at home on a cold night and read the latest novel. If you've never tastecl any of Phoebe's chocolate cake you don't known what you're missing. Phoebe is bound to become a successful housewife, she knows the way to a man's heart is through his stomach. Blondie Page One Hundred and Five 1943 CUMUS KLINGBORG, RICHARD Dick General Work is something to be tried when all other courses fail. Dick is a happy fellow, full of pep, vim, and vitality- ready to laugh, even if it is only to make the other fellow happy. Since he is a proverbial glutton for sciences and chemistry, he is looking forward to the day when he can become an analytical chemist. Dick can usually be found at any stream or in any woods, for he is an ardent angler and nimrod. Dick is a swell guy and a reliable pal. KNAUER, ELIZABETH M. Bette College Preparatory Heart on her lips, and soul within her eyes, Soft as the clime, and sunny as the skies. lf you are a reader of the Canary and Blue, you know Bette. She is the girl who tells the sophomores how to get their beaux. She always has a lot of fun and still is taps in her classes. Her name frequently appeared on the Honor Roll, in spite of the fact that she rarely misses a dance. Bette's winning smile has turned many a heart at A. H. S. Her favorite pastimes are dancing, ice-skating, tennis, and collecting records. Bette will be a good nurse. National Honor Society, Canary and Blue Staff 4, Girl Reser- ves 2, 3, 4, Council 2, 3, Red Cross Council 2, 3, German Club 4, Latin Club 2, Chorus 2, 3, 4 KNAUSS, ELAlNE Commercial True friendship is like sound health, the value of it is seldom known until it be lost. Dark hair and flashing eyes distinguish Elaine. She's lust an KNAUSS, CECILIA MARIE Cecile Commercial Better be foolish than wise all by yourself. Cecilia, a quiet bit of five-foot-four, whose heart belongs to the army, always proves a lovable friend. "Have a good time while you are young," she says, and don't think she doesn't live up to it. Cecilia likes to skate, dance, and swim. She hopes to obtain a good position in an office. Blackie all-around girl with interests and friends galore. She is particularly interested in bowling and music, and enioys vacationing in the mountains. Elaine always has a smile for everyone. She's to be another stenographer. Girl Reserves 3, 4 Page One Hundred and Six 1.41391 KNECHT, MELBA Mel General Blue-eyed and fair- You'd better beware. Melba, called Mel by her friends, is a typical American girl, a friendly blue-eyed blonde. Fond of sports and dancing, she still finds time for her studies, and has done creditable work, too. One of her accomplishments is cooking. Among her other interests, we find flying and horsback riding. She should flnd a bright future in the business world. KNOLL, KATHRYN Kay General And what is so fair as a sailor boy! Auburn-haired blue-eyed Kay is a little bundle of kindness, eager to help friend or foe. She is an enthusiastic rooter for football basketball, tennis, and swimming. She is one of the few girls who actually likes mathematics. Until the bombing of Pearl Harbor, her one ambition was to be a dietitian in a hospital or a hotel. Now she has decided to use her domestic skill as aid and comfort to a sailor. Swimming Team 2 Y W C A 2 KNUTE, BETTY Sharpie Commercial Love is like measles, we all go through it. Betty is an active girl in everything, including flirting, and is always ready for a good time. She is carefree and happy-go- lucky. When there is a gossip corner, Betty is right there for the latest news. She is active and likes golf. She ranges from three hundred yards, and no inches. KOCH, CURTIS LAMAR Curt General Work well done is well earned. In art Curtis is iust about tops. He expects to work at art. He is a cheerful fellow, makes friends readily, supports his team in both football and basketball, and likes all sports. He never flounders or foils in making friends among the girls. Page One Hundred and Seven 1943 CDMUS KOCH, MADELINE E. Cookie Commercial I would applaud thee to the very echo, That should applaud again. Madeline is a quiet person, and a friend to all. She devotes a great deal of her time to attending the movies, dancing, and studying. She has worked hard to become a good secretary. KOCHER, FREDERICK WILLIAM Fred College Preparatory A good worker, a hard worker, and a jolly good fellow. Fred is an industrious student with a special aptitude for science and mathematics. In the little spare time he has, he makes airplane and railroad models. He has a twinkle in his eye and a kind word for everyone. Of course he plans to study engineering. National Honor Society KOHLER, CHARLES T. Dunny General Whatever day makes man a slave, takes half his worth away. Dunny is seen at all high school football and basketball games. His chief pastimes are horseback riding, dancing, swimming, and playing basketball. His pet treasure is a blue Ford station wagon, in which he gives many a friend a lift. Not planning to prolong his education in college, he has chosen to enter the dry-cleaning profession as his dad's understudy. KONESKY, FLORENCE Floss General She turned on her little music box of tinkling laughter. Floss, good-natured and generous, with brown hair and hazel eyes, has made many friends with her winning smile. An all-'round sport, she is interested in horseback riding and dancing. She hopes to enter Jefferson Nurses' Training School. The best of luck to you, Florence. Girl Reserves Page One Hundred and Eight 1943 KOST, MARIE A. General An all round good pal . . . our girl Marie. No matter where she goes or what she has a good time. She takes her studies seriously, but in spite of this enioys lots of things-tennis, ice-skating, playing. Marie has not quite decided what whatever it may be, we wish her happiness. Dramatic: 2 KRAMLICH, RICHARD G. Science and Engineering Making infinite merriment by harping upon old themes and jokes Veronica makes your dull moments bright. Although he says he doesn't know much, he can give you grand conversation. ln- terested in aviation, after he completes college Richard intends to take a course in an aviation school. industrious lsometimesl, and easy to get along with, rather small in stature but mighty in works, Veronica will be a good aeronautical engineer. Besides being entertaining, he gives performances with magic that are almost equal to a professional's. We predict that he will deceive his audience as well as Weber does. Dramatic Club 2 CDMUS KOST, GERALDINE O. Gerry Commercial Great things thro' greatest hazards are achiev'd, And then they shine. You simply can't help liking Gerry, with her pleasing and quiet manner. She enioys reding, dancing, and almost any kind of sport. She has a fine sense of humor and can quip with the best of them. Gerry takes her school work seriously, and is always trying to improve herself. Her many friends wish her success and happiness. Marie does, Marie always dancing, and piano she wants to do, but KRAMER, LUTHER Luke Cabinet Shop Accuracy is necessary in the world today. Luke is taking up cabinet making. He is not exactly quiet, but can really do work if he iust settles down to business. He is well liked in and outside his shop. He is interested in making articles related to his course. He also has a little yearning for those beautiful girls who walk around here. Luke worries little about the future, but hopes it all turns out to his advantage. He expects to be in the service of his country when the school term is over. Veronica Page One Hundred and Nine 1943 CUMUS KRATZ, PHYLLIS Phil College Preparatory Cultivating friendships is the ABC of success. Known as Phil Alphabet Kratz, because, like the alphabet, she has twenty-six characters: Ability, Beauty, Cheerfulness, Diplomacy, Enthusiasm, Friendliness, Generosity, Humor, Imagination, Justice, Kindliness, Love, Merit, Naturalness, Originality, Patriotism, Quietude, Refinement, Sincerity, Tact, Understanding, Vigor, Will- power, X lunknown quontityl, Youthfulness,and Zest. Etymologically speaking, from Alpha to Omega, you can bet on her as a sure alphabet. National Honor Society, Secretary, Le Cercle Francais 3, 4, Historical Society 3, 4, Basketball 2, Home Room Representative KRATZER, ELEANOR M. Ellie General Make bright our days and light our dreams. Eleanor thoroughly mixes her studies with her pleasure, and as a result attains a perfect harmony in her daily routine. She is quiet, amiable, and completely content with a good book. Yet she is always the person to whom one turns for any help that is needed. She plans to pursue the profession that has interested her from childhood, that of nursing. Her one desire is to give comfort where it is needed. Latin Club 4 2, 3, 4, Office Messenger 4. KRAUSE, PAULINE Punchy General The foolish one seeks happiness in the distance. Yes, she is a roller-skating bug. If you are ever at a roller- skating rink, you'll surely find Punchy with her iokes and her prophecies. Girls can go shooting, and Pauline does. KREINDEL, IRWIN DONALD lrv College Preparatory Carpe diem, quam minimum credula postero. lrv joined our class as a junior, from Paterson, New Jersey. He attended East Side High School there, and was active in the Latin and the Photography clubs. During his sophomore year there he was also basketball manager. Although Irv never misses a good time, he succeeds in maintaining a fine scholastic average. He plans to enter college. Latin Club 3, 4, Junior Red Crass Page One Hundred and Ten 1943 CUMUS KREITZ, ANNA ELIZABETH Anne Commercial She's always good natured, good humor'd and fair. Anne is a happy-go-lucky girl who finds life full of fun ond laughter. Her sense of humor has won for her the admiration of many friends. She has little difficulty in maintaining high grades. Of her many interests, Anne enioys dramatics most. Oh yes, she is President 4 KUCIRKA, IRENE Rinky Commercial Better wear out than rust out. Rinky, the girl with the winning smile, has plenty of brains when she wants to use them, but is more interested in having a good time. You'Il always flnd Rinky a trusty confldante, who knows the exactly right thing to say. Irene expects to be a stenographer. It surely will be o lucky boss who gets her in his office. Girl Reserves l, 2, 3, 4 preparing to be a stenographer. Dramalics 2, 3, 4, Commercial Club 4, Home Room, Vice KULP, GLORIA F. V. Gump General A true friendship is as wise as it is tender. For her smiling face and pleasing personality Gump will be remembered by her classmates. Gump's leisure moments she spends mostly in skating and dancing, or in swimming and basketball. We all feel sure that she will accomplish whatever she undertakes. Girl Reserves 2 l KUNKEL, CHARLOTTE Charlotte Commercial Personality is to a girl what perfume is to a flower. Probably one of the quietest girls in the Allentown High School is Charlotte. She would rather listen than talk, but if and when she talks, she is really a good conversationalist. She usually has an answer for every question. When she is given an assign- ment, it is always done. Dancing and reading both come in for a share of her attention. Page One Hundred and Eleven 1943 General Slow to anger, ready to please. CUMUS KUNTZ, THOMAS Tom Printing's work-then fool. Tom is always on the iob. He enioys his work, and works after school in the shops around town. Tom is willing to help anyone in any problem that may arise in shop. He especially enioys working on the linotype and the Kelly press. Tom enioys going to the movies, and spends the summer months swimming. Although Tom's marks are not the highest in the class, he has been able to keep pace with most of us. Emmy Brown hair hazel eyes and a friendly smilew-all express Emmy. She is a iolly good friend who takes part in many school activities. She enioys dancing, skating, and bowling. A demure personality and notable achievements point to a promising career as a secretary. Home Room Representative 3, Chorus 2, 3, 4 KUTZ, MAE ELEANOR Dolly Commercial To make the world a friendly place One must show a friendly face. Mae's winning smile and cheerful countenance have made her a favorite. She is a good student, and best of all, a true friend. Movies are her favorite pastime, and reading and playing tennis her hobbies. If she has the chance to take a course in nursing, she will not refuse. Here's lots of luck, in whatever field of work she may enter. LAMBERT, VERA JUNE Nuppie Commercial Short in stature, , long in friendship. Vera is a good student, quiet with strangers, talkative with friends. When a friend is in trouble, Vera is there to help. Her hobbies are swimming, going to the movies, reading, and sewing. Her favorite subiect is accounting. Vera hopes to become a chief accountant someday. Page One Hundred and Twelve .gui H100 C 5 ' 5 x: 6 LAMM, ALFRED There You'Il probably see B share of sports, but LANDIS, FRANKLIN STANLEY Frank General . . . and when l can throw a ball as he can . . . Frank, who does not do more than is assigned, has succeeded in many a subiect. Up to his dying day he will be a follower of the great Lou Gehrig. He enioys playing football and basketball. His pet peeve in school is English. LANG, ROBERT S. advanced training in Usher 3, 4 LANSHE, VALENTINE J. Prince Val General Man's chief wisdom is to know his own foolishness. "Well, my friends"-that man is here again, Prince Val. This happy-go-lucky fellow, with his never-ending flow of wit and humor, is the life of every class. Val likes all kinds of sports, but chiefly dancing, golf, and travel. Employed by a member of the class of '26, he is one of Allentown's most patronized soda ierks. Val plans to study law. Luck to him. Basketball I CUMUS Bud Machine Shop is no such thing as impossible. Six-foot-two, eyes of blue, a dazzle of sunshine, and there's Bud. A bit shy in manner, he still has a host of friends. His future? ud with a lathe in one hand and a car in the other, for he intends to be a flrst class machinist. After school each day he performs a task that deals with autos and machines, in which he is a ready and willing worker. In Bud's spare time, you could easily Hnd him fishing, hunting or ice skating. He takes in his hasn't yet mastered the art of dancing- says his "feet's too big." Bob General We can't all be bright, but typing never hurt anybody. Bob is quiet, modest, but sociable. He can feel at home re- gardless of surroundings. Bob would like to be a history teacher, if languages were not necessary. Airplanes are a soft spot with him, and the United States Air Corps is his goal. He is now getting the Pennsylvania Reserve Defense Corps. Page One Hundred and Thirteen 1943 for further training. LAPP, LOUISE M. Louie General She is a phantom of delight When first she gleams upon your sight. Louise, although she studies a great deal, always finds time for pleasure, too. She has never a dull moment, and in her three years here we have come to admire her greatly. She enioys reading, studies very hard, and means to be a second Florence Nightingale. 41 LAUB, BETTY ELLEN Lauby Commercial Up to the clouds the lark has sprung- Still singing as he flies. You will always find Lauby wherever there's fun. She has a pleasing personality, is easy to get along with, and is always willing to help anyone if she can. Although her chief delights are singing and playing the piano, her main ambition is to become a successful secretary, and we wish her unlimited success. Chorus 1, 2, 4, A Cappella Choir 4 CUMUS LA PADULA, CARMINE ROBERT Creamy General The best way to loaf is to practice Once you have met Creamy, you have met a friend His good-natured and easy-going attitude adds life to the class room When a tough problem arises, he has the ability to solve It Creamy is interested in sports, music, and girls, and he keeps up with them all. Upon finishing high school Creamy's planning to enter a school LAUB, ALTHEA LORRAINE Commercial Her smile, her humor all unfold A nature good as purest gold Pleasant and friendly are the words for Al Her red hair does not mean a bad temper. Al takes school work seriously but also takes swimming, dancing, tennis, and badminton seriously Shes another stenographer. Page One Hundred and Fourteen ,gtl HIC 0 'fn L A 1855 LAUBACH, JEAN Jeannie General She talks like a revolving door. Jeannie is a good sport, always ready for a good time, ener- getic both in her chatter and in her basketball games. She's an ardent dancer, too. She can swim and sew, but she can't cook. Never shall we forget the time she missed a week of school after she ate a piece of her own candyl Because she has a flair for clothes and color harmony, she hopes some day to manage her own sports-wear shop. Lots of luck and lots of customers. Basketball 2, 3, 4, Girl Reserves 3, 4 LAUDENSLAGER, DONALD F. Don Commercial Much learning shows how little mortals know. Donald, Fogelsville, is a lean lanky fellow with brown hair and gray eyes. He is always doing some special work for his typing teacher. He's studious, he never had to take an exam, and hopes that he may never have to take any. Outside of school there is no end to his wisecracking. Baseball, football, ice-skating, and the commercial course are all in his daily menu. LAUDENSLAGER, MARY ALICE Mary College Preparatory Trifles are the sum of life., Mary's a great girl, full of wit, and always ready for a good time. Her motto is, "Eat, drink, and be merryp tomorrow we may diet." She has her many friends both in and out of high school. Variety is the spice of her life, though at times she may seem partial. Her interests are sports, dancing, and music. Here's lots of luck, Mary. LAWRlE, JEAN Jeannie College Preparatory She will wield a wise scalpel And heal a wound that lingers: She'll talk the talk of learned men, And touch with skillful fingers. Jean is one of those rare people who loves reading Shakes- speare or listening to classical music. Besides flashing a happy smile from twinkling brown eyes, she iust bubbbles over with song. Summer offers her an opportunity for swimming, hiking, and pion- eering. Women doctors fascinate Jean, she hopes to be Dr. Jean Lawrie someday. The town needs more women surgeons. Girls' Chorus 2, 3, 4, Girl Reserves 2, 3, 4, latin Club 2, 3, 4, A Cappella Choir 3, 4 Page One Hundred and Fifteen .Jug Uuyyflifa if : ia sa x 1943 General CUMUS LEAN, C. GWENDOLYN Gwen General The eyes have one language everywhere. Although Gwen may seem shy at first, she is always ready for a good time. She dislikes Latin, but does like to translate German stories. Her hobby is roller-skating and buying recordings by Kay Kyser. Because of her kind and sympathetic nature, her choice of nursing as a profession is a wise one. Girl Reserves 4 Dot I like work, it fascinates meg I can sit and look at it for hours. When you take a good look at the bond, you see the Glocken- spiel and behind it the radiant countenance of Dot Leh. A crack shot with a .22 rifle, Dot can hold her own against all comers. She's good in any sport she attempts. In riding and basketball she excels. With her infectious giggle and merry blue eyes, she wins many admirers. Some day we'll see Dot as the gym and swimming teacher she expects to be after her graduation from East Stroudsburg State Teachers' College. Band 2, 3, 4, Acquacade 3, 4 LEHR, CATHERINE H. Kitty Commercial When you do dance, I wish you a wave o'th'sea, that you might do nothing but that. Kitty's a true friend. Her sparkling smile and laughing brown eyes, along with her iokes, bring her admirers wherever she goes. Dancing, skating, and swimming are her favorite sports. She likes iive, and is pretty good at iitter-bugging. Kitty's one ambition is to become an expert secretary. Girl Reserves LEIBENGUTH, MARTIN Pep Cabinet Making His friends, they are many: his foes, are there any? On looking up Pep's ancestry, we find that a long time ago one of his ancestors died from overwork. He, fearing this, has been careful to avoid that danger. Pep is interested in flshing, hunting, and swimming. He also delights in dancing. Pep is many girls' ideal-toll, wavy blonde-haired, and good-looking. Beware! lf your hair is brown. this boy goes to town. If you're more than flve-foot-two, this lad will go for you. Page One Hundred and Sixteen M r ...1 oqxtl H160 dll-91 LEIBENSPERGER, BETTY I. Betzy Commercial To argue is my delight. Betty can never laugh at anybody else's iokes-only at her own. She likes swimming and reading mystery stories. She intends to continue her studies in business college, then to do general office work. LEIBENSPERGER, MADLYN Madlyn College Preparatory So much to do, and so little done! Madlyn, popular everywhere, shows a keen interest in sports, goes to every football and basketball game, and is always ready for a good time. She seldom hurries, always waits until the last minute to do anything, yet despite all this, she accomplishes things. Madlyn is one of the favored few who combines having a good time and excelling at her school work. A higher education is in store for her. German Club 4, .lunior Class Play 3 LEIDEL, ALVIN G. Alvin General As restless as a windshield wiper. Alvin, a popular fellow in and out of A. H. S., is always ready to help his friends with their lessons. His favorite subiects are algebra and trigonometry. He likes to play football, basketball, and tennis, but best of all, to swim. He has a big collection of postcards, and is building up a collection from boys in the armed services. His good scholastic record and his wide-awake mind spell forward motion. Home Room Representative 3, U. S. Marine Corps Reserve Page One Hundred and Seventeen LEIBENSPERGER, RICHARD CARL Arky General Small or short, big or tall, Leibensperger outsmarts them all. He is short! He is small! But then what's that they say about good things? Asked what he wants to be, Arky answers, with a broad smile and eyes twinkling, "Member of the Army Air Corps." fi. XJ 1943 CUMUS LEISER, PAUL J. Paul Commercial Hath he not always treasures, always friends? Paul is a financial genius, who brilliantly budgets his trifling earnings to satisfy his gastronomical tendencies as well as to support local theatres. Besides being a swing-record enthusiast, he is a triple-threat table-tennis addict. This rather personable chap dis- plays sportsmanship and goood judgment at home, in school, and on the street. Friendliness, thrift, and humor are the words for this up-and-coming young man. Looking forward to the career of a movie proiectionist, he is even now known as a movie fiend. LENHART, ELIZABETH A. Bette General Eat, drink and be merry, For tomorrow we may diet. Perpetual motion, that's Bette. Although she is known to many, she cultivates the close friendship of her favorite few. Whenever there's fun to be had, Bette will have it. She hopes to become an interior decorator, her ability and personality will help get clients. LENTZ, DOROTHEA A. Dot General Always ready for something new. A little on the short side, a little on the blonde side, a little on the ambitious side,-this and more describes the small person we know as Dot. Her pet peeve is typing, her pet ioy, driving a car. After school each day she slaves at what she calls "office work." In reality the office work is sitting in a swivel chair waving to her friends as they pass by. To be Dot's friend is indeed an honor. .4 ' ,. T l ,HJ I LENTZ, DOROTHY L. Dot General Her friendship is better than gold. Dot takes things as they come, without worry, and manages to get things done on time. ln her leisure time she loves to dance and enioys sports. Her personality and smiles have delighted many, and will be remembered by many of her classmates. Page One Hundred and Eighteen 1943 CDMUS LENTZ, FREDERICK R. Fritz College Preparatory His fancy lost in pleasant dreams. This tall, brown-haired, brown-eyed boy is equally at home on a farm or in the city. He specially loves driving anything from a bicycle to a tractor. A quiet boy, he has not ioined in sports in high school, but he is an ardent sports fan, and also likes dancing and music. Well liked by his friends, he is usually in the thick of everything. He plans to prepare for electrical engineering. Basketball Manager 3 LEONE, EMILY Millie Commercial Her loveliness I never knew until she smiled at me. Millie's great gift is the gift of conversation. Her sparkling smile has helped win her many friends. She never rushes madly to a class, but is an average student when she gets there. She is ap- preciative of a favor and tries to return it. Reading mysteries, dancing, and shorthand rank high among her interests. Red Cross Staff Assistant Corps i LEVINE, IDA Id Commercial Your friend is the one who knows all about you, and still likes you. Ida is a good friend. She is always ready to lend a helping hand, be it with a new dance step or today's accounting problem. ld has her heart set on becoming an A-I bookkeeper. Staff Assistant, Red Cross lsurgical dressingsli Canary and Blue Solicitor 2 Louie No one sees what is before his feet, We all gaze at the stars. Although George is an average high school boy, interested in football, basketball, and baseball, he does not take active part in these sports. However, he has been in the school band for three years, and in his senior year served as librarian of that organiza- tion. George is also credited with organizing the dance band, and his classmates will look back with pleasure to his first concert. Band 2, 3, 4 Page One Hundred and Nineteen 1943 CDMUS LICHTENSTEIN, AARON Lichty General When a musician hath forgotten his note, He makes as tho a crumb stuck in his throat. Strike up the band! Here comes that musically inclined sax player, who delights in putting the lads and lassies "in the groove." Aaron has played with well known bands in the Lehigh Valley, as well as at a summer resort in New York State, which is a good start for a musical career. Some day we hope to hear of him as LICHTENSTEIN, ANNA M. Annie Commercial Do your work with your whole heart and you will succeed, there is so little competition. If you don't know Annie, you are missing a swell friend. She can be serious, but her seriousness doesn't last long. She has dark hair, and her brown eyes always seem to be smiling. Annie likes all sports, but her favorite is bowling. She is interested in Red Cross work, and spends a few hours every week making surgical dressings and working as a staff assistant. Her aim is a top-ranking sax player. Band 4, Orchestra 4, Swing Band 4 to become a secretary. Staff Assistant, Red Cross Surgical Dressings. LLOYD, JEAN General Trip no further, pretty sweeting. Wherever you hear a loud noise or a shout, there you'll find LITZENBERGER, ELEANOR EII General Success and popularity seem always one and the same. Eleanor's success in life will probably outgrow her height. She enioys movies, dancing, and likes to read. Her present intention is to study music and to teach piano. Her 'Friendship is cherished by anyone who knows her. Paper Dolls Jean. She's a lively sort of girl, always doing something unexpected or cracking a ioke. She likes dancing and almost any kind of sport. In short, she is an all around good friend and girl-about-town, with nothing of care or worry. Page One Hundred and Twenty 1.331 LOCHER, FRANCES Frances General If at first you don't succeed, try, try, again. In winter time Frances, a medium sized blonde, indulges in snowball flghts, and loves to go sleigh riding. Everyone likes her for the iolly iokes she plays on her friends. I LONG, E. HERBERT Herb Machine Shop A wise cracker is seldom well behaved. Tall, dark, and handsome, with dork brown eyes and dark hair, that's Herb. He is always ready for a good time, and this accounts for his many friends. His quick wit and inexhaustible supply of iokes and wise cracks make him a favorite in his classroom. ln sports he is tops. He enioys ice-skating, football, and basketball. ln school his work is excellent, he plans to be a first-class machinist and to go to Middletown to take an army machinist's course. Herb, we give you the hand of fellowship. LONG, ROBERT H. Bob Commercial Man should be ever better than he seems. Bob is industrious, and takes his school work seriously. His main concern is to leave behind a good school record, and he is always ready and willing to help other fellows with their work. Swimming, reading, and hiking are his hobbies. Bob is by no means quiet, he loves to talk. He is going to be an accountant or a bookkeeper. The business world will flnd him ready, willing, and able. Commercial Club LONG, RUTH M. Ruthie Commercial Good company along the road cuts the distance. Ruthie's friendship is as valuable as a C card or a sugar stamp. She has proved herself a true friend, one not to be forgotten quickly. Her nimble fingers can produce music simply beyond this world, whether Beethoven or Berlin. She likes to dance and to talk. She'Il be a private secretary, possibly for a minister. We know she will flnd happiness in either case, because she carries happiness along with her everywhere. Organist 2, 3, 4 Page One Hundred and Twenty one 1943 CUMUS LUSH, JOHN Johnny General He who laughs first knows what's going on. Many students never stop to think who makes the colorful school posters, but Johnny's activities in the art department for the past three years have produced many of the most attractive of them. Socially, like most other fellows, he likes to dance, listen to iitterbug or symphony, and have a lot of fun. Johnny is attracted by any sport, from golf to tennis, baseball, and football. Johnny's aptitude and persistence will make him succeed in either art or aviation. LUTZ, ALVERTA Al Commercial They danced by the light of the moon. Al is little but mighty. When she makes up her mind to do something she does it, and does it well. She has lots of friends because she has a pleasing personality. She likes all kinds of sports, and will try anything once. Al helps to keep up the Army morale by correspondence. She wants to become a nurse or a telephone operator. Girl Reserves, Banker 2, 3 A Cappella Choir 3 4 MAHLER, FREDERICK LEWIS College Preparatory The Graces and the Loves make The music of the march of life. When one is introduced to Fritz, he realizes he has met a rare MACE, JOYCE Honey Commercial Elegant as simplicity, and radiant as ecstasy. Upon meeting her one sees a rather shy and quiet person, but once you have become u friend of hers you will discover that Honey can be a lot of fun. When asked her opinion on anything, she gives it, straight from the shoulder, and perhaps not what you want. She started roller skating about a year ago, and has become quite an expert. Fritz friend. His inspiring character and compelling personality make him a distinguished member of his class. But Fritz is a quiet fellow, who lets action rather than words speak for him. He is a fine piano player, and plays in several swing bands besides the one in high school. He is also active in baseball, football, basketball, and ice hockey. He would like to go to college some day to take up chemical engineering. A. H. S. Swing Band Page One Hundred and Twenly-two 1943 CDMUS Q '855 MANTZ, MILDRED P. Millie General Never quiet unless asleep. Millie is forever talking, whenever or wherever you see her. She has many friends and enioys a good ioke. Her favorite sports are swimming and dancing, and once in a while reading a good mystery story. She wants to become a typist, that is, if the army doesn't step in before she succeeds. We all wish her happiness. Girl Reserves 1, 2, 3 MARCY, GEANNE ELIZABETH Geannie College Preparatory Beneath the surface mischief lies. A teasing smile, a little giggle, a bubble of personality, and a dash of genius introduce Geannie! Here, boys and girls, is that fine mixture. Geanne does very well in all her subiects, but says she likes French and zoo best. However, she likes them all and is conscientious in all. Give Geanne a horse with a fast canter, a fine pair of ice skates, or a dance floor with all the trimmings, and she is happy. Among her other accomplishments is music'- you should hear her play the piano! She's headed for certain happiness and success. We wish her luck, and know she'Il flnd it. Chorus 3j A Cappella Choir 3f Le Cercle Francais 3, President 4, Dramatic Club 1, 3i Senior Math Club MARKLEY, DONALD E. Mark College Preparatory Out of breath to no purpose, and very busy about nothing. Donald, a quiet sort of fellow, is interested in all types of sports, and is an ardent follower of A. H. S. teams. As a member of the Orotan Debating Society he is developing his skill in debating. He is planning to go to college to study chemical engineering. Orotan Debating Society 4, Basketball Manager 3, Football Manager 4 MARSH, WILLIAM HARRISON Bill General I like the rustles in the trees that make the sound of birds and bees. Bill, a quiet sort of fellow, is a fair student and spends his time wisely. His greatest hobbies are flshing and hunting, he never misses the opening day of either. Although Bill is small, he is always able to work himself up among the sports leaders, whether it be track, baseball, basketball, or football. Many times BiII's eyes twinkle as he watches the girls go by. Page One Hundred and Twenty-three 1943 CUMU5 MASTER, HOWARD Hop General A worthy competitor in a race for time. Hop is the lad who always bites off more than he can chew, and then chews it! He's not a fellow to learn in a hurry, but he re- tains what he has learned. Hop wants to be an aviator because he wants to keep as for from women as possible. Best wishes, young U. S. A. pilot! Here's hoping you don't meet up with a pretty Aeronautics 4 MATO, CATHERINE VIRGINIA Ginny Commercial Chatter, chatter all the while. Ginny has made many friends with her cheerful manner and her wit. Although she attains high grades, she has no lack of good times. Ginny is maioring in accounting. Commercial Club, Vice-President, Home Room President 4 angel to spoil your resolve. MATTERN, RICHARD A. Dick General General The greatest hero is he who makes his enemy his friend. Consider not what is most agreeable, but what is best. With his talents, Dick should go far. He has always been studi- ous, has olwoys had all of his homework prepared, and has always been ready for class. In sports he shared a liking for basketball, football, and baseball. While not active in clubs, Dick is a real fellow and a good friend. Dick plans to "take life in my stride," and make the most of every opportunity. Ann Ann is a tall black haired, smiling girl, who will always try anything once. She has always been honest, trustworthy, and helpful to her friends, and is ready and willing to make any one's acquain- tance. She enioys singing and playing the piano. Page One Hundred ond Twenty-four 1943 CUMUS MAZUREK, JOSEPH A. Joe Auto Shop Variety is the spice of life. Joe is seventeen, flve foot seven, and has curly hair. He is of Slovenian descent, and has lived in the Sixth Ward all his life, attending the St. John's Slovak Parochial School. Looking for an aggressive and humorous person? Just look up Joe. He loves to ioke, and has a sensitive feeling for horseplay. Joe likes all kinds of sports, but particularly hunting and fishing. McCAFFERTY, GERALDINE G. Flopsy Commercial All that's best of dark and bright Meet in her aspect and her eyes. A charming and pretty young lady, Flopsy is well known for her baton twirling. High stepping and snappy strutting have made her a picturesque figure among the maiorettes. Flopsy is capable and conscientious, and will make a good secretary. Drum Maforette 1, 2, 3, 4 l McCAFFERTY, MURIEL Mert Commercial My fair one, let us swear an eternal friendship. Marching down the field and twirling her baton, Mert attracts many admirers. Her beautiful natural curls and smiling fresh face enhance the picture. A keen sense of humor and a friendly disposi- tion account for her popularity. Mert loves to dance and swim. She plans to work in a business office. Good luck ,Mertl Maiorette l, 2, 3, 4 McCANDLESS, JUSTINE M. Jessie College Preparatory An easy minded soul she is, and always was. Jessie is a fiery Irish lass, with red hair and a sunny smile. Her interests lie in sharp iitterbugging, Indian iewelry, and sports. She is an average student, takes part in many social functions, and is a fluent speaker, as her teachers well know. She wants to be a language teacher. Le Cercle Francais 4, Canary and Blue Solicitor 3 Page One Hundred and Twenty-five 1943 CUMUS MCCLAFFERTY, JUSTINE R. Jessie College Preparatory A teasing pleasing Irish lass. Blithe as o robin, gay as spring, sincerity personified, Jessie is our idea of the American Girl. Her marks show that she's got something north of those pretty blue eyes. Her butterfly breast- stroke commands the admiration of any swimmer. She is an asset to any crowd, too. Jessie is keen about music and literature. She'll Math Club, Secretary i l McCURLEY, JUNE L. Irish Commercial A happy soul, that all the way To Heaven hath a summer's day. June likes to have fun, she either finds it or makes it. She goes out for anything new and different. Who knows? She may soon be following in the footsteps of her father, for she has taken a sudden interest in riding. Eating, character parts in dramatics, piano and voice-she gives attention to all with the excellence she gives to everything. But in her, self-confidence is not conceit, it is enthusiasm. Commercial Club, National Honor Society, Chorus enter nursing if she has her way. Dramatics 3, Swimming 2, 3, 4, German Club 3 4 Senior General McGEE, CHARLES FREDERICK Charlie College Preparatory 'Tis not my talent to conceal my thoughts or carry smile and sunshine in my face when discontent sits heavy at my heart. Solemnity is one term that has never been associated with Charlie. His very presence at A. H. S. has come pretty close to blasting gloom from its foothold. Charlie's a merry lad and a spirited sports follower. Charlie has kept his grades well above the danger level, too. lt is perfectly natural that the femme fatales are attracted to Charlie, as a result, we invariably find this tow- headed lad at every big dance or party. Charlie is known in local B. S. A. circles as one of the district's foremost scouts, he is a tried and true Sea Scout, with no less than the coveted Eagle rank. Band 2, Junior Class Play, Boy Scouts, Senior Math Club, U. S. Marine Corps Reserve Jeanie There is no greater delight than to be conscious of sincerity. You'll remember Jeanie as a good-natured, sensible girl, who is very ambitious, and is learning to be a good housekeeper. Swimming, ice-skating, and bicycling she can do, but nothing pleases her more than romping around in the fields with her two Scotties. Just ask her about her favorite subiect: it is bound to be dogs, for she has had dogs as pets all her life. She'll be a friendly and in- telligent nurse. Page One Hundred and Twenty-six 1943 General CUMU5 McKlNNON, MARGARET ANN Peggy Commercial For she was pleasant, amiable of part. Peggy, amiable, active, and full of fun, enioys sports, especially football and basketball. She is interested in airplanes, and would someday like to learn to fly. Peggy studies faithfully, and intends to become a secretary. Girls' Chorus 2 Mert We re born a restless needy crew- Show me a happier man than you. Mert enioys the outdoors. Although his scholastic standing is only fair, he manages to accomplish whatever he sets out to do. His hobby is photography. We believe that we shall read Mert's name in the paper as one of the distinguished photographers of the day. MELASCO, SOPHIA Sophia Retail Selling The friendship that makes the least noise is often the most useful. Sophia is a tall, sweet, quiet girl. But she is also full of fun and can take a ioke. She's a determined young lady, too. Sophia likes sports, but she is rather o home-type of girl. Lowell in The Courtin has given a good description of girls like Sophia. MELCHER DONALD F Smokey College Preparatory He is a good friend that loves us, admires us, and would aid us in our work. Don is a friendly, talkative fellow, who usually is on hand with a good story or ioke. He is a little shortish, has blonde hair, brown eyes, and a flne capacity for friendliness. Smokey attends all athletic events, but his favorite hangout is the Band Room. He is an average student, but sometimes,I ike most boys, lets his love of fun and adventure take over. It is rumored that next to driving "his" car and swinging out on his trumpet, he enioys physics class. He'd like to be another Harry James. Band 3, 4: Historical Society 4 Page One Hundred and Twenty-seven 1943 CDMUS MEUNCHOK, MICHAEL Mike Machine Shop Every complete fob requires a complete man. Mike is a likable fellow, never seriously bothered about school work, yet manages to get good marks. Sports claim his spare time, and though he excels in basketball, he enioys all sports. He is a machinist, when he starts a iob, he sticks to it. These two facts alone will insure him success in the world. Basketball 3, 4, l MENTZELL, ROBERT Brute Architectural Drafting A good block never falls down. Mentzell's ambition is to be a first class draftsman for some large industrial plant. ln shop he is as ambitious as any one, and is always willing to lend a helping hand. He likes baseball, football, basketball, dancing, and orchestras. Charlie Spivak's band is his favorite. Football l, 3, 4, T Square Club 2 METZLER, JEAN A. Jeanie Commercial l METZLER, NORMAN Retail Selling A smile doesn't cost a thing, but means a lot. A iolly fellow to be with all the time, Norm is a lover of all sports and a real rooter for A. H. S. Whatever work he plans to do after graduation, he will do well. Music hath charms to soothe the savage beast Jeanie is a grand companion, the kind of friend everyone is proud to have. Honest and dependable, she does her best in everything she attempts. Jeanie has no particular hobby-she likes to play the piano, listen to the radio, and attend the movies. Norm l Page One Hundred and Twenty-eight 1943 CDMUS MEYER, JEANNE Jeannie General A true friend is worth ten enemies. Jeannie has loads of friends, all of whom have found her very companionable. She loves basketball, but her favorite 'pastimes are roller-skating and movies. We especially remember her for the daily bag of potato chips she brought to P. D. class. Jeannie is planning to be a nurse or a telephone operator. MEYERS, BETTY Honey Commercial And the talk slid north, and the talk slid south. Betty is not a believer in that saying, "Silence is golden," but in "Talk and be happy." Outside of school she has plenty of activities. Her favorites are dancing and football. A football uniform has a great attraction for Betty. Honey wants to become a newspaper reporter. i General MICHAEL, BESSIE Bess Commercial Whatsoever thy hand findeth to do, do it with thy might. At first glance Bess seems quiet and serious, but a few hours with her disclose that she is always ready for a good time and for excitement. She spends her leisure time reading, roller skating, and going to movies. She is an average student, and does all her work honestly. She will be successful, because she always gets what she goes after. Jerry One thing I know, and that is, that I know nothing. Jerry is a tall brown-haired fellow with eyes to match. Much of his time is taken up with school work, or iust plain work, but his spare time is taken up with the study of aeronautics. His dream is to be a pilot in the Navy Air Corps. On a Sunday afternoon you often find him pedaling his bicycle to places known only to himself and his pals. lf he doesn't go to a dance every week, he is lost for the rest of the week. He has never belonged to any school organiza- tions, for he rushes right from school to work. Jerry is o leader in a Boy Scout Troop. Boy Scouts of America, Aeronautics 4 Page One Hundred and Twenty-nine 1943 CUMUS MIERS, WILLIAM D. Bill College Preparatory A young man of infinite scientific knowledge, whose indefatigable efforts will some day reap a wealthyharvest. Bill has been an active member of the A. H. S. swimming team for two years. He is a lover of modern swing music, and an ardent Harry James tan. For eight years he has been an active model airplane builder, and has done much workin design and construc- tion. Last year he was awarded second place by the Allentown Gas Model Association. He expects to follow aeronautics and eventually to become an aeronautical engineer. Bill is so drawn to mechanics that he has started a fad of making motor bikes. Bill will be a definite factor in the fleld of engineering if he continues in that line. Swimming 3, 4 MIGNOGNO, NANCY S. Nancy Commercial Greatness does not depend on size. Modesty, one of Nancy's qualities, makes her beloved by those who know her. She loves to read, to help in the library, and to make her own clothing. Loyal and true, she will be valuable in any situation. Girl Reserves 3, 4, Library Service, Historical Society 3, 4 MILLER, ALFRED E. Buppy Machine Shop He serves all who dares be true. Yes, this is Alfred Miller, He's known as "Buppy" too, Admits, tall, dark, and handsome, But a friend through and through. And he will be a toolmaker, An aviator machinist mate, So here's good luck, and let's all hope The .laps will meet their fate. MILLER, ARLENE Lenny Commercial Learn a song a day. Name any song, new or old, and Lenny has the uncanny gift to tell you all the words. Since her favorite sport is skating, she may be found every Monday night and about six other nights a week at one of the local rinks. Page One Hundred and Thirty W., - 4,,. ,,, ,. o ' ff- s , .- . I 1943 CUMUS MILLER, DONALD R. Pop College Preparatory I still must obey where I once did adore. There is one thing a person can' depend on when Pop is around, and that is a good time. Just the same, it there is any task to be accomplished, you can look to Pop to do it and 'to do-it well. He plans to enter the Naval Air Service, We know that wherever Pop goes, he will make good. Football 2, Track 2, 3, U. Sz Murine Corps Reserve MILLER, ENOS Ernie College Preparatory Whenever I wish to enioy the quips of a clown, I am not compelled to hunt far, I can laugh at myself. Ernie, carefree, happy-go-lucky, is always ready to laugh at a good ioke. You can always depend on him to pull a good ioke in the middle of a serious lecture. Emie is an all-round sportsman, but plays baseball whenever possible. His hobby is building model airplanes. We can expect great things from him in the tleld of aviation. Mathematical Club 4, Aeronautics 4 MILLER, GRACE ELEANOR Gracie Commercial Liberty to know, to utter, and to argue freely according to our own conscience, is the highest form of liberty. - When you are with Grace, there is never a dull moment, but she is a quite different person when she has a P. D. book. She es- pecially enioys singing and playing the piano. Her ambition is to become a stenographer. Girls Chorus 3, 4, A Cappella Choir 4 MILLER, HARVEY A. Jut Auto Shop Small but mighty. Harvey is a small guy, but he gets along pretty well. He likes shop, and usually knows what he is doing. He knows he wants to be a pilot or an aircraft mechanic in the Navy or the Marines. He likes to go to the movies, reads many books, but spends most of his evenings riding his bike to almost any destination. He thinks school would be okay minus homework, plus the good teachers, plus instruction in aeronautics. He was shop foreman of the auto shop ln his senior year. Page One Hundred and Thirty-one -3 .tk Qrg' 1943 CDMUS College Preparatory Those cool and limpid green eyes. ! MILLER, HENRlETTA H. Hank A hearty laugh, a flashing smile, a cheery call, and there is Hank, the girl who helps to cheer our teams to victory. Not only in cheerleading, but also as an actress, Hank has proved to be tops. Who will ever forget her as Terry Mclntyre in the Junior Class Play? No one can resist that contagious laugh of hers. Henrietta has not decided whether she would like to be a secretary or a florist, but her life will be rich and serviceable to her fellows. Cheerleading 2, 3, 4, Le Cercle Francais 3, 4, Girl Reserves 3, 4, Aquacade 2, 3, 4, Junior Class Play Committee, Junior Class Play, Senior Class Play Committee, Senior Class Play, Basketball 2 MINCHIN, KENNETH Mench Cabinet Making lf thou dost play with him at any game, thou art sure to lose. Mench is a quiet, timid fellow in the classroom, but in the sports field he is a riot. Here at High School he is a three-letter man, . having played football, basketball, and baseball for three years. ln class he is only fair, but that is because he is always thinking of sports, which are never out of season for him. He likes the girls, but is too bashful to admit it. His ambition is to become an athletic coach. Football 2, 3, 4, Basketball 2, 3, 4, Baseball 2, 3, 4, Varsity A Club 3,' 4 MITCHELL, EVELYN J. Mitch Commercial Endurance is the crowning of quality, and patience is all the passion of great hearts. Many of us compliment ourselves on getting high marks in school work. To Evelyn, the question of marks is subordinate to the true test of intelligence, learning the subiect before her. She con- siders the feelings of her friends, too, by lending them a helping hand. She is a fine combination of distinctive qualities. MITKO, LUCY, M. A. Lou General Slow to anger, ready to please, what greater gifts are there than these? A cheery girl with a cheery heart-that suggests Lucy's charm. Sports and movies are Lucy's pastimes. Her ambition? As far as we know it is to become a nurse. With all her patience and endur- ance, she will succeed. German Club 3, Gym Club 3, 4 Page One Hundred and Thirty-two 1943 MITTL, ELSIE, M. of luck. MOATS, SIMEON LEWIS Sim General A lot of fun, some mischief too, Doing what he shouldn't da. Everyone knows, or has at least seen, Sim. He is well-known for his pleasant disposition and friendly attitude. We must admit that he has been in some trouble during his three years' stay, but he always manages to come out all right. Sim wants "to become CUMUS Commercial Beaneath the surface mystery EIsie's talk is choppy, and she regards eye. Most of her life has been a mystery seen a mystery book with such pretty facing? that she has ability in stenography, and we Class Representative 2 Mitzi lies. you with a quizzical still, have you ever Her friends all agree all wish her the best a gentleman first," and after that he isn't sure what he'll do. Tennis Team 2, 3, 4, Voristy A 3, 4, Hi Y 3, Band 2, 3 MOHREY, MARIAN General Barn with the gift of laughter, and a sense that the world is mad! Mim, a smiling, fun-loving girl, makes friends easily, and once MOHR, JEANNE Blondie b General Maidens must be mild and meek, Swift to hear and soft to speak. Jeanne is the kind of friend all seek but seldom flnd. Everyone will remember her friendliness as well as her gentleness. Her in- terests lie mainly in art. and some time in the near future she expects to attend a New York art school. Although she is quiet at times, she has all the qualties of a true friend. Girl Reserves l Mim she is your friend, she is always your friend. Mim loves to go danc- ing and ice-skating, and once in a while goes in for reading. She is waiting patiently for the army to come home. Mim likes to type, and hopes to become a typist, but may "settle down" by that time. Page One Hundred and Thirty-three 1943 General C'-UMUS MOLL, WILLIAM ROBERT Bud Commercial It is better to be faithful than famous. William is a quiet sort of person, says little, but thinks a lot. He is honest, sincere, and dependable. His school record is averageg he takes things as they come. He will probably always be remem- bered for his loyalty to his friends. Baseball 4 Dimples lf you want enemies, excel others, lf friends, let others excel you. You can all see how Dimples got her nickname. When she blushes her dimples are even more visible. She loves dancing to swing music, and reading good books. ln her classes Dimples is always wandering around the room trying to attract someone's attention. When a boy flirts with her she turns red, but usually flirts back. She's an attractive girl-do we have to tell you? She will make good in her work. MONK, DORIS EMMA Dottie Commercial Dare to do right, dare to be truef You do a work no other can do. Doris' sparkling personality and winning ways have attracted a wide circle of friends. She has her quiet studious moments too. Doris is a good sport and always finds time to swim and to go ice- skating, and even likes football. If she thinks she is right on any subiect, she argues until you can no longer oppose her. She is interested in becoming a stenographer. Commercial Club MOOSE, BETTY M. Betts Commercial Magnificent spectacle of human happiness. Betts' pleasantly gay laughter echoes through the halls of A. H. S. constantly. Betts delights in iitterbugging, in all sports, and in telling iokes. Her sunny disposition, which has won her many friends, will surely make for her a golden-pathed future. Gym Club 2, 47 Commercial Club 4 Page One Hundred and Thirty-four l -rv- 1943 CUMUS MORAN, MICHAEL P. Mike General For the love of laughter hinders not the humor of his design. Mike is a long, lanky, likable chap, always good-naturedly bantering with his friends. He can dish it out as take it. As on ardent bowler, his pin average is about 140. 'Favorite orchestras of Mike's are Glenn MiIIer's, Harry James', and Tommy Dorsey's, in fact, he spends some of his time and much of his money on recordings of these bands. He is planning to study avia- tion. MORGENSTERN, ROBERT Morgie Mechanical Drafting They can't flunk me, l'll quit. Don't be afraid of his nickname-it's only from his last name. If he is not talking about girls, he is talking about the Sea Scouts. Asked what his girI's name is, he onwered "Which one?" His chief ambition is to ioin the signal corps in the Navy. He likes to roller-skate, ice-skate, and play football, although he can't do any of them like an expert. In his shop he uses the T square as a gun, the pencil as ammunition, the drawings as Japs and Nazis, and boy, does he mow 'em downl Though often mistaken for a sophomore becuase he is so short, he's no slouch. Size isn't every- thing. MORRISSEY, HELEN D. Helen General Her smile is like the sunrise. Little Helen, a perfect model of peace and quiet in class, turns into a cheerful, happy-go-lucky girl when she's free of school. She delights in listening to Harry James' records while she drinks lemon cakes. Helen plays a bang-up game of tennis. What next? Business college, and then a secretaryship. MOSER, NEDRA Neds College Preparatory Talk not to me, for l'll not speak a word. Neds is o calm and serene girl, however, if a point of argu- ment arises, she will argue to the finish. She takes her studies serious- ly, when difficult problems confront her, she will not give up until she has the right answer. Although she has musical ability. her hobby is reading, especially mystery stories. Neds expects to be- come a teacher, and we are confident that she will be successful. Page One Hundred and Thirty-five 1943 CUMU5 MOSER, RICHARD Dick General Once a friend, always a friend. A native Pennsylvanian, Dick moved to Chicago when he was sixteen where he became a big city slicker. Dick is tall, light, and not handsome. We wish him good luck after graduation, for he is going to help his brother Tom, who is in the Air Corps, clean up those .laps and Germans. He plans to make aviation his career, and here's hoping he makes a light and happy landing. Football l, 2, 3i Track 2, 3, Basketball 2 l MOSER, THELMA DORRINE Dolly General Tribes may come and tribes may go, but culture goes on forever. Thelma is a pleasant all-'round girl. Although a quiet person among strangers, among friends she is gay and full of fun. Reading good books is her specialty. On the subiect of movies she can talk hours at a time. Basketball is her favorite sport. After leaving school, she plans to do office work. MOSKOWITZ, STANLEY T. Stan Engineering and Science Contact! Switch on! Take off! Stan is a sophisticate of rhythm, a master in the art of dancing. He also represents what the well-dressed senior should wear. His ability to make friends with both young and old should prove an asset in later years. He intends to enter the University of Alabama, where he will delve into the vast field of aeronautical engineering. May all his landings be happy landings. MOSSER, CHARLES FRANKLIN Chuck Engineering and Science Under all things that are good for anything there lies a silence that is better. Chuck loves out-of-door sports, and is adept at dropping a lure in a small pool or hitting a pheasant in mid-flight. He is also an active trackman, and plays a good game of basketball. We especially admire his quiet and unassuming manner. He plans to study mechanical engineering. Page One Hundred and Thirty six 1943 CDMUS MOYER, BETTY J. Shorty General l.east with the best, and welcome to my house. Shorty is gay with all her friends, with whom she reads, plays ping pong, sews, skates, and goes to movies. A dietitian, she wants to be employed in some big city hotel and to plan meals for hun- dreds of guests. MOYER, DEAN College Preparatory He looks the world in the face, For he owes not any man. Dean is the kind of boy that takes his homework cheerfully, along with many extra-curricular activities. Although studious, he finds time to play ball or to go skating with the gang. He also enjoys hunting and Hshing, and usually gets his share of game. In fact, he has many interests, for he likes to dabble in science too. Microlcopical Society 3, 4, National Honor Society 4, Band 3 .il MOYER, ELIZABETH L. Betty College Preparatory Tl1ere's an imp of mischief in her dancing eyes. Here we have Betty, a bundle of dynamite, whose pleasant personality and sparkling brown eyes have captivated all of us. Anyone who saw Growing Pains will remember her in the role of Prudence Darling, that vivacious little vamp. At it happens, she has decided to become a secretary, and we all know that whatever school she decides to attend will be just as proud and glad to have her as we have been at A. H. S. l.e Cercle Francais 3, 4, Class Play, 3, 4, Class Play Committee 4, Aquacade 2, 3, Basketball 2, 3, Red Cross Representative 3, 4, Girl Reserves 3, 4 MOYER, FRANK J. Monk General Don't talk about it, but do it. Frank is a good, all-round, cheery fellow, who says little but means much. He takes quite an interest in football and basketball, but after all, it is music that really captivates him, he never misses a chance to hear good music. He has played the French horn in the band and orchestra for three years. He has not yet decided on a vocation, but would like to go to a military academy. Band i, 2, 3, 4, Orchestra i, 2, 3, 4 Page One Hundred and Thirty-seven 1943 CUMUS MOYER, GLADYS IRENE Gladie General A box where sweets compacted lie. Gladie, the girl with the glad smile and gay personality, is always willing to lend a helping hand. Although she is not a stuffy book worm, she does enioy reading. She hopes some day to become a teacher of English. Historical Society 3, 4, Home Room President li Senior Math Club MOYER, ROBERT P. Bob College Preparatory Work is to be tried when all other courses fail. Plenty of good common sense combined with a friendly mon- ner have made Bob's high school career a notable one. Besides his love for hunting, swimming, and fishing, Bob likes photography and model building. Bob has made many friends through his quick- witted comments. When he enters the U. S. Army Air Corps. we are confident he will fly high and land safely. Swimming Team, Manager 3, 4, Varcity A Club General She moves among us in quiet grace. MUHR, FRANK Doc Industrial A good building needs a good foundation. I suppose you have heard of Bugs Bunny? Well, so has Doc, but in a big way, such as calling everyone Doc but himself. lf he wishes, he can be very serious about studies, but Doc never wishes. He is known in the industrial course for his famous iokes and wise- cracks. Doc is a hit with the girls, too, he is often seen in company with them in and out of town. Besides being a veteran bowler, Doc swings the clarinet, and is interested in photography. Jeannie Jeannie is the quiet member of the crowd, who believes in being seen but not heard. She is, however, an enthusiastic rooter for the home team at all the basketball and football games. Her favorite diversions are dancing and swimming. Jeannie hopes to don a nurse's uniform, to mend hearts, not to break them. We all hope her future will be successful and happy. Basketball 1, 2, 4 Page One Hundred and Thirty-eight '355 1 MUNSCH, DOROTHY M. Dolly General One accomplishes more by silence than by speech. Dolly is a quiet person, makes friends easily, and is always cheerful. She has o quiet disposition, but she can talk as well and as fast as the next person when she is enthusiastic about anything. She is a great sports fan, and takes great interest in basketball, and swimming. MURR ANNETTO Pepper Commercial Born with the gift of laughter, and a sense that the world is mad. Anytime you feel gloomy, Pepper will soon get you out of your mood. She has never believed silence is golden. Her wit and her puns have entertained her friends throughout high school. You will see her, an enthusiastic rooter, at all high school activities. We know her charming personality will help her in everything she attempts. MUSSELMAN, VIVIAN RUTH Vivie Commercial Follow my heart, my dancing feet, Dance as blithe as my heart can beat. Vivie, a cheerful, gay, grey-eyed blonde, has a magnetic personality. Dancing, swimming, and tall, black-haired friends take turns in her attention. As a stenographer, Vivian will do iustice to her employer and to his business. Although she does not relish school work, she does it. Cheerleader l, 2, 3 MUTH, BETTE JEAN Muckens College Preparatory She plays not for gain but for sport. Muckens' rosy cheeks and vivacity are proof of her mania for ice-skating, swimming, football, and basketball. Her friends ore monyy everyone likes her ready smile and sunny disposition. She takes quite on interest in dramotics, and although she has had no course in art, often draws for her own enioyment. No one will ever forget her in her role of Essie, the maid, in the Senior Class Play. She has no special plans for the future, but looks very sweet in an apron. Basketball 2, 3, 4i Senior Class Play 4i Le Cercle Francais 3, 4, Swimming 3, 4, Dramatic Club 2 Page One Hundred and Thirty nine i943 CUMUS MUTHARD, ROBERT Bob Pattern Making The trouble is small, the fun is great. Bob is a good sport with a pleasing personality. He's not o grade A student, but can really work when he wants to. Bob would rather roller-skate than eat. Bob is not exactly the happy-go- lucky sort, but he doesn't lose sleep over his troubles. NABHAM, VIOLET ANN Vi College Preparatory On with the dance! Let ioy be unconfined. There are few people in A. H. S. who do not know this dark- haired dark-eyed damsel. A vivacious young lady, with a charming personality, Vi loves dancing and name bands. Vi is also an en- thusiastic supporter of the Girl Reserves, and always adds a bit of color to their functions. She intends to matriculate at some well known secretarial college, and from there to embark upon a career in the business world until some dashing young man interrupts this career with a finer offer. Le Cercle Francais 3, 4, Usher 3, Girl Reserves 2, 3, 4, Girl Reserve Council 3, Corresponding Secretory 4, Gym Club l, Journalism 3, 4 General NADBERAZNY, MARY Metka General She is a phantom of delight when first she gleams upon your sight. Mary takes things as they come. She never worries, but some- how gets work done on time. Her greatest love is dancing, especially iitterbugging to the music ot Glenn Miller. Her personality and bright smile have delighted many. Doll From far, from near Dome Fashion's here! Doris is a newcomer who seems sophisticated. She definitely wants to do things and go places. Tops among her interests is dancing. She has a flair for creating hair styles, and expects to become a designer of clothes. To that end she will attend a New York school of designing next year. Page One Hundred and Forty 1 Q04 HIG4, rt 3 Lili-91 NADIG, DOROTHY J. Dot General Whether in comic sounds or tragic airs She forms her voice, she moves our smiles or tears. Dot's hearty laugh and radiant smile reflect her cheerful, charming personality. Dot has a musical and dramatic bent, she is also interested in church work of a social nature. These interests will help her when she enrolls at Lankenau Hospital to become a DUTSB. NEIL, MADELINE Maddy College Preparatory lt would talk-Lord, how it would talk. Maddy is one of the best all-round girls at Allentown High. Her amiable personality and good sportsmanship make her popular. She plays basketball with her whole heart and soul, not only for the enioyment, but to win. She is also a pinochle fan, and really plays a winning game, if you can keep her from talking long enough to make her concentrate. She is the reason for a iolly lunch period. She intends to teach, but we do not know whom! Basketball 2, 3, 4, Swimming 2, 3, Junior Class Play 3, le Cercle Francais 3, 4, latin Club 3 NEIMAN, ALBERT Chorus 3, 4, Dramatics 3, 4, Canary and Blue Solicitor 77' .rs-zJ Al NEITZ, FERN Commercial We cannot so act as to please all the world. Handling the marimba to the point of creating an art, taking Mechanical Drafting With our tongue we will prevail. Al is a lover of sports, especially baseball. He doesn't like to study generally, but likes to study mathematics. He is fair in all his subiects, but is pretty good in shop moth. His ambition is to become an aviation cadet in the U. S. Army air forces. Neitzy part in extra curricular activities, and enioying dancing and swim- ming, these make Fern's life quite varied. She is near the top of her class because of her keen intellectual power. Her interests and intel- Iigence make her an enioyable, happy-go-lucky, yet serious, earnest companion. Chorus 2, Commercial Club 4, Honor Society 4, Girl Reserves 2 Page One Hundred and Forty-one 1943 'CUMUS NEUBAUER, ALFRED Beetsy General Take care of your education, and your education will take care of you, Alfred's friendly smile and cheerful disposition makes every one like him. He likes all kinds of sports, and is fond of travel with friends. He would like to ioin the Navy. Even now he is serving his country-Ahe's one of those Call-Chronicle paper carriers who are selling defense bonds and stamps. NEWMAN, LEROY Roy College Preparatory A pleasant personality, a heart, and a smile. Roy is one of those fellows who has never heard the words "dull moment." He can boast a host of friends. Roy is a follower of all student athletics, has a dynamic personality with a fiery temper, both of which go to make up a lively character. Leroy attains average grades, and loves to indulge in longwinded soapbox oratory. He hopes to attend Lehigh University. Historical Society 3 4 French Club 4, Band 4, Comus NICHOL, JUNE E. .lune General Brown eyes with wondrous witching charm. Personality, plus a cluster of glossy dark hair and sparkling brown eyes, gives us June. Strange that an Irish lass should like red. June has a real gift for dancing. The first note of a popular dance band record sets her rhythmic soul and feet in motion. Roller skating, swimming, and active sports come in for a share of her attention. When she's away from a dance floor or skating rink, she's enthusiastically studying office work. Nikki Quiet reflects wisdom, not weakness. Nikki is admired by many, but she treasures close friendship with only a favored few. Reserved among strangers, Nikki has an unusual sense of wit when she's with friends. A lover of books and music, she nevertheless finds less sophisticated things, such as merry-go-rounds and double features, a lot of fun. As for the future, we suggest you ask Nikki about that. latin Club 3, 4, Historical Society 3, 4 Page One Hundred and Forty-two 1943 NIKISCHER, THERESA MARGARET Commercial A thing of beauty is a ioy forever: Its laveliness increases, lt will never pass into nothingness. Here is a rare combination of brains and beauty. Sparkling blue eyes and a merry disposition distinguish Theresa. Her win- ning smile and personality captivate everyone. She is a conscienti- ous student with a good scholastic record. Tess loves music and is a talented violinist. Woe to the person who criticizes Strauss' waltzes. A sincere friend, an earnest worker, and a delight to everyone around, Theresa deserves good luck. National Honor Society 4, Commercial Club 4, Chorus 2, Home Room Representative 4, Comus NORTHSTEIN, ERWIN Cabinet Making Happy-go-lucky. Erwin is a carefree fellow, always on the go, but he never stays in one place long. He is a lover of sports "where there is a lot of activity," and takes part eagerly in baseball, football, swim- ming, and ice-skating. He is popular with the girls, but iust as popu- lar with the boys, and is always making new friends. He should go far in' the future, although the present conflict has altered his plans. He intends to enlist in the Marines at the end of the school term. CUMUS NIGRO, CHRISTINE Chris General The great pleasure in life is doing what people say you cannot do. Chris has talent in making and working cross-word puzzles. She is undecided as to future plans, but we know she will succeed in her life work. Gym Club 2, 4 Tess NONNEMACHER, GEORGE E. Whitey College Preparatory Little chips light great fires. Wherever this little fellow is you can be sure there is plenty of vim and vitality. Whitey is a sure-footed guy, who believes he should act flrst ,then begin to think. He really has confidence in himself, although he never shows it. He takes great pride in dis- playing his technique in horseback riding, you can always find him riding any Sunday afternoon. No matter what or where a school is, there should always be at least one person like Whitey to fill the days with mirth and friendship. There is something about him that we all respect and like. Gym Team l, 2, 3, 4, Football l, 2, 3 Ervie Page One Hundred and Forty-three 1943 CUMUS NUMBERS, ROBERT Bob College Preparatory I live the life I love. Everyone knows Bob, both on account of his achievements as captain of the football team and also on account of his cheerful personality. Last year he was named All State End, and this year All State Center. Here's lots of luck to a great football player, and to a really grand fellow. Footballl, 2, 3, 4, Basketball 2, Track 2, 3, Varsity A 2, 3, President 4 NUSS, HARRY CHARLES EDWIN Henery College Preparatory lf you must choose between work and play, do the work some other day. Harry is an example ofthe average school boy. He gets along well with everyone, including the teachers. His marks are good, but he could improve them. His best subiect is mathematics, in which he gets along well. At times the devil makes a iokester out of him. He is not one who loves night-lite, but he does enioy stepping out occasionally. Among Harry's hobbies are archery, ping-pong, and rifle shooting, which he would like to make his life work. U. S. Marine Corps Reserve OBERLY, THELMA R. OCHS, ROBERT EMANUEL Bob Science and Engineering And bears his blushing honors thick upon him! Bob is a man of varied accomplishments. His hobby is photo- graphy, but in addition to this he hunts, plays basketball, plays tennis, skis, and keeps his school marks up. His accomplishments in the classroom have made him a member of the National Honor Society. After graduation Bob intends to study aeronatuical en- gineering. National Honor Society, Tennis 3, 4 Reds General Friendship is like a garden that grows in beauty year by year. Although many may not believe it, Thelma can be serious at times. She is admired because of her friendliness and sincerity. She enioys club work, and has been active in the Y. W. C. A. One would have to search far to find a more loyal friend than Reds. Girl Reserves 2, 3, 4, Club Adviser, Sophomore Girl Reserves 4, Recording Secretary of Council-4 Page One Hundred and Forty-four 1943 CUMUS OLIVIERI, BRUNO Bruno Commercial Good nature and good sense shall ever join. Bruno is a happy-go-lucky fellow, quite talented in music. Taking studies in his stride, he never seems to have many worries. He expects to attend a conservatory of music, and to make music his profession. OMRON, ELIZABETH Lizzie Commercial The reward of a thing well done is to have done il. A real sport, a helpful friend, and a big smile are the traits that make Lizzie well-liked. She is intelligent and ambitious, and has a real desire to get ahead. Driving a car is her real delight, but she also likes to read books and to take part in sports. Commercial Clubf National Honor Society O'NElL, DOROTHEA K. lrish Commercial Happiness is the only good. lrish takes a keen interest in her school work, but is also active in social affairs. An Allentown football or basketball game wouldn't have all its trimmings without lrish, nor would a school dance be com- plete without her. She has personality plus, and has that sparkling lrish look that everyone adores. O NEILL, EDWARD CARL Eddy College Preparatory Hang sorrow! care will kill a cat, And therefore let's be merry. Eddy's infectious good-humor is ever lurking for an opportunity to bubble out into a wide grin and a whoop of glee. Though Eddy by no means shuns the musical classics, he is most fond of modern dance music. He knows everything worth knowing about popular dance orchestras and their leaders. He would like to have been a drummer in o dance orchestra. He fairly dances to the iazz rhythms he continually hears on the radio and the phonograph records. Boy's Glee Club 1, Home Room Representative for Junior Red Cross 3 Page One Hundred and Forty-five ,943 CDMUS OREM, GRACE Gracie Commercial I have fought a good fight, I have finished the course, I have kept the faith. Grace is one of the highest ranking girls in the commercial course. But it's not all work and no play for Grace. She enioys the movies, roller-skating, and high school sports of all kinds. Grace expects to be a white collar girl, and we wish her all the success in the world. National Honor Society 4 OSWALD, FERELD Buster College Preparatory Beauty is only skin deep. Buster says that a person should never overwork the thing that he loves, he loves school work too much to over-work it. ln the company of Bill Deibert and Bob Moyer, he makes more noise than is made in the whole High School stadium during a football game. Buster plans to be a chemist, but meantime is enlisting in the Navy. He is interested in all kinds of sports, but too modest to come out for High School sports. He has been a good worker, and that's what counts. Junior Red Cross Council 3, 4, Commercial Club 4, Junior and OSWALT, Wll.LlAM Bill Commercial Sincerity is the keynote to success. Behold the treasurer of the A. H. S. Senior Class. One of life's willing workers, with winning ways, Bill will work his head off for anything he's interested in. That kind of fellow comes in handy. He is tireless in his eftorts in heading the Junior Red Cross Council, and is high in scholastic rating. Bill shows a great talent in writing, we would not be surprised to find him a popular author some time. At the opening exercises in auditorium, while the rest sing soprano, he sings bass. Senior Class Treasurer OTT, .IEANETTE P. Jenny Commercial Good humor is the clear blue sky of the soul, highly favorably to the discoveries and progress of genius. Jeanette, being a girl of many moods, is interesting to know, and is a lot of fun. Swimming and ice-skating are iust a few of the sports she likes. Jeanette plans to be a secretary, and a good one she will make. Swimming 2, Basketball 2, 4 Page One Hundred and Forty-six 1943 FALLADINO, RITA LORETTA Commercial I pity bashful girls. Polly is spoiled and determined. If she says no it is no, and nothing nor nobody can change her mind. She has a warm feeling towards her friends, and a great liking for sports. PEIFER, BEVERLY JEAN General AH! 5' 6048 5 I is 5 '355 CUMUS PALANICA, JOHN Panny Machine Shop A pencil in my hand, a desk, and an open book before me, and I can sleep. When the room is quiet, you know that Panny is either absent or sleeping, for awake he is the life ofthe class. His broad shoulders and big smile make him a hit with the girls, who to him are "master- pieces of art." Besides shop and girls, he takes his studies lightly, but still attains the grade. Following his completion of high school, Panny intends to ioin the fighting forces on the high seas. l'lere's wishing a good man luck. Polly PATTERSON, GLORIA MAE Pat Commercial Change your pleasures, but never change your friends. Look out for this brown-eyed girl, a delightful person with a winning smile, always bubbling with enthusiasm and bursting with energy. Gloria is keenly interested in ice-skating, and in listening to Jimmy Dorsey. She collects records and eats olives with equal zest. She plans to be a public accountant and to ioin the WAVES. Bev She's a cute little thing With a turned-up nose. Beverly's ringing laughter announces her arrival. She always has o good time. Neatly drssed, smiling, and friendly, she is always welcome. Beverly likes dancing and swimming, in fact, she enioys everything she takes part in. Beverly is not especially talented in any of the arts, but means to be an efficient sales-girl, and that is in itself an art. Page One Hundred and Forty-seven 1943 CUMUS PERIN, ESTHER MARY Les General Eat, drink, and be merry, for tomorrow we die. According to Webster, Esther means a star of good fortune. She is the life of any party and the centre of its iollity, Les is a moior cutup, and her clowning always wins an audience. But beneath all her iokes and laughter, a sincere personality makes her a true friend. Les's ioy is writing poems and stories and sending them to prominent magazine publishers who always reiect them. She also loves to sit and gab on the phone. She plans to get down to work next year, when she hopes to go to Black Mountain College in the hills of North Carolina, and there study either law or iournalism. Girl Reserves 2, 3, 4, Girl Scouts l, 2, 3, 4, Y. W. C. A., Adviser 4, Dramatics 4, Canary and Blue 4: Journalism 3, 4, inter- i class Play PETER, DONALD G. Pete College Preparatory An idle man does not know what it is to enjoy rest, for he has not earned it. Pete is a lad who never seems to be in a hurry, but he always manages to get there. Although he isn't an ardent beliver in hard study, he seems to move steadily along. Once let him see a mistake, he never makes that mistake again. His favorite diversions are bas- ketball, ping pong, and ice-skating. Pete intends to earn his liveli- hood as c mortician. German Club College Preparatory Sl PETER, GLORIA Pete When a friend asks, there is no tomorrow. Pete is a staunch individualist with an eye to business, but she always calls time out for play. Her keen interest in sports covers both summer and winter activities, ranging from swimming to ice hockey. Pete thrives on science, and has a good mind for it, because she is never satisfied until she knows the whys and the wherefores of an experiment. As a nurse Gloria ought to be "in the groove." Swimming 2, 4, German Club 4 PETERS, ALTHEA LAURA Pete Commercial Made up of wisdom and of fun, Medley of all thot's foolish, all that's dear. Pete is iust bubbling over with laughter. Besides having a keen sense of humor, she uses her clever mind to good advantage. Pete has a beaming personality, and is a helpful friend. She likes sewing, reading, cooking, and skating. Always busy, Pete neverthe- less finds time for her friends when a good time is planned. She hopes to be an efficient secretary some day. Page One Hundred and Forty-eight 1943 CUMUS PETERS, ARTHUR Art, Pete College Preparatory I dare do all that becomes a man, Who dares do more is none. This serious-minded young man has established a fine record as a student. He has an enioyable sense of humor too, and there is never a dull moment when he is around. Art is interested in prac- tically all sports, tinkers around with radio, plays the trumpet, and collects anything. He likes swing music, chemistry, speech-making, a good argument, and horror movies. In regard to the future, Art says he cannot predict anything, but we think it will most likely be law or iournalism. National Honor Society 4, Mathematic Club 4 PETERS, DOROTHY B. Dolly Retail Selling A good sense of humor is a saving grace. Dolly is a whiz on skates, and a whiz in personality. Her bright disposition attracts many friends, young and old, girls and boys. She has a wonderful sense of humor, is full of fun, and has a ready laugh. Dolly is a girl you would want along for fun and as a friend Her favorite song is "Jim". General i PETERS, WILBUR WILLIAM Pete Auto Shop What goes up must come down. Pete is a normal industrious boy of sixteen years, with grey eyes and brown hair. As a baseball fan, Pete is tops, he knows the rule book from front to back, and will argue with the best of them. A good hiker, he likes to ga up into the mountains for a long period of time and iust walk around. As a football player, Pete plays the backtield, but fails to make any yardage. As for girls, Pete is all for them. But he "likes a variety instead of a steady." ln school Pete is always in any argument, usually about airplanes, for his ambition is to be on airplane pilot. Flip Welcome evermore to gals and men is the self-helping man, For him all doors are flying wide. Here's our bit on Walter: bright boys are a scarcity, a bright boy and good athlete is a real find. In this select group one must include Walter. Besides being a conscientious student, this blonde- haired chap has been a great southpaw twirler on the baseball team for three seasons, and played Jay Vee football in his Junior year. In the classroom, Walter is strictly a serious and studious pupil who wants to go places, outside the classroom he is a good- natured individual with a great sense of humor. Good luck, Flip. National Honor Society, Canary and Blue 4, Camus 4, Baseball 2, 3, 4, Football 3, Varsity A Club 4, Mathematics Club 4, Aero- nautics 4, Journalism 3, 4 Page One Hundred and Forty-nine 1943 CUMUS PFINGSTL, EVELYN Evie Commercial Eats to live and lives to dance. The noise in the hall can usually be traced to Evelyn. She is heard and recognized if not seen. Her smile disappears only in moments of deep thought. She is a typical school girl, gay, young, cheerful, and full of school spirit. Wherever there is an orhcestra, there you can find Evie. PHILIPS VIRGINIA CATHERINE Ginny Commercial Not a friend for a day, But a friend always. Ginny is a very enthusiastic fan in athletics. She is rarely seen idling away her time, and is always ready to help others. She is quiet, but when she smiles one sees how friendly she can be. POHL, ELEANOR El Commercial Don't put off 'till tomorrow what can be done today. El is a happy-go-lucky girl, always ready to help someone. She takes life as it comes and never worries about what the morrow brings. El is also a good sport fan, and attends all home games, rooting for the team. Her pleasures include dancing and swimming. We wish her success. POLZER, ELSIE E. Elsie Commercial Remember well and bear in mind, True friends like this are hard to find. Elsie's delightful personality makes her easy to get along with. She is full of fun, a sincere friend, and a good student. You never see Elsie in a mad rush to get to class, or burdening herself with books yet she is ready and able for any work. She loves popular music and sports, and her dancing makes her popular on the dance floor. Page One Hundred and Fifty 1943 POZEBANCHUK, EUGENE General Learning by study must be won, 'Twas ne'er entail'd from son to son. Eugene's scholastic record is enviable, and it's the result of his COMUS POPEK, ANNE Pup General Little bodies have great souls. Anne is not mighty in stature, but she has won many friends with her heartening smile and pleasing disposition. She has a yen for making puns, and not very good ones at that. She is an en- thusiastic basketball and tennis fan. Although Anne doesn't brag about her voice, she sings well. Her spirit and service will make her a good nurse, as Hahnemann Hospital will find out. Girl Reserves 2, 3, 4, Chorus 2, 3, 4, Y. W. C. A. 2, 3, 4 Buzz eagerness and ability to learn. Although he likes to read current magazines, books, and aviation news, Buzz also likes to ploy all the games, from golf to basketball. Eugene hopes to enter the fleld of aeronautics. National Honor Society 4, Aeronautics 4 P RO DAY, MARY PUDLEINER, THERESA CATHERINE Speedy General A maiden Bound to be sweet and gentle, True and faithful. Brown hair, brown eyes, and o delightful personality, along with Speedy's sincere friendliness and good scholarship, have made this girl popular. You never see Speedy in a mad rush to get to class, or burdening herself with books, yet she is ready and able in her studies. She is o lover of sports and enioys dancing. Speedy's great ioy is tickling the keys of a typewriter. M Commercial Why aren't they all contented like me? Everyone knows Mary as a iolly pal and a good sport. She believes in studying, but not too much. Mary intends to become a stenogropher, but for how long is not for us to say. We are sure she will be successful in anything she undertakes. Page One Hundred and Fifty-one 1943 RABENOLD, CHARLES F. College Preparatory A man who gazes on the stars is proverbially at the mercy of the puddles in the road. The combination ofa cheery Hello, laughing eyes, and a warm- ing smile is Charlie's key to success. lnclined toward practical things, his interests include aeronatuics, swimming, hunting, and once in a while dancing to Bud Rader's Stardust. Charlie's popularity may be attributed to his keen mind, his grand sense of humor, and the little blue coupe, which we are sure he doesn't need to get where he wants to go. Aeronautics 4 RAINES, BRUCE Commercial Whatever's worth doing is worth doing well. Here is the King of the Kids, Bruce Raines. Wherever you find a group of children playing any kind of game, you can usually find Bruce. His ingenious mind is always working over-time on master inventions, remember his steam-heated shoes for winter? If he isn't drafted, he expects to go into a machine shop in this city as an apprentice. CUMUS QUINN, ELIZABETH ANNE Quinnie College Preparatory Smiles are the food of love. Everyone has at least one distinction, but Quinnie has three, intelligence, cheerfulness, and sincerity. She's seen at most of the school dances, yet she has never neglected her schoolwork. She has always been an honor student. Quinnie is interested in singing, and is an ardent football and basketball fan. Betty intends to study science in college. Chorus 2, 3, A Capella Choir 3j National Honor Society 4, Le Cercle Francois 4 I I f ,f , , ,Q wf..,,, a.,f'f'-1-' 5 I Charlie RABER, ALAN D. Raber College Preparatory You'd never guess what's going on inside him. Alan has always been studious, sincere, and shy. When he rationed his time, studying, photography, and fishing got most of it. There were only moments for heIlo's left for les femmes. Some are still wondering what thoughts he hides behind his blushes. That's no fish story! A. D. always darn regularly trotted out with the gridironites. For being so conscientious and hard working as senior manager of football, he well deserves his A. Alan's ambition is to be a chemical engineer. lf temporarily he has to forget it, he prefers the Navy to the Army. Good luck, Raberl Football Manager 2, 3, 4, Varsity A Club 4, H. R. 2 Flash Page One Hundred and Fifty-two 'x 'Q-X 1943 RANCK, EVELYN General In framing an artist, art hath thus decreed To make some good, but others to exceed. Lynn is iust an average American girl, but intellectually she is above the average. Her frequent smile is one reason why she is so popular with all her friends. ln her spare time she enioys skating, popular music, and motion pictures. Her patience, her pleasing disposition, and her talent in art will help her win distinction in teaching kindergarten after a course at Kutztown Teachers' College. RASSLER, JUNE General It is the glory and good of art, That art remains the one way possible Of speaking truth, to mouths like mine at least. Since June is only five feet tall, quite naturally her nickname is Shorty. Dancing, swimming, roller-skating, and bowling are her favorite sports. She may be called a female Dr. Jekyl and, Mr. Hyde, for she has two personalities, one is quiet, the other not. Sewing is Shorty's hobby. June hopes to make commercial art her life work. Loads of luck, Shorty. CUMUS RAKOCHY, ANDREW Andy College Preparatory lt matters not how long we live, but how. Andy's that rare individual who loves to make his own world different from that of the rest of the crowd. He thinks he's a bit too serious at times, and tries hard to overcome it, but his friends like him that way. He's a bit tall, and not so bad as far as looks go. There are loads of things he'd rather do than study, but he manages to squeeze in many extra-curriculars. Andy has a peculiar liking for languages, and intends to specialize in them. Historical Club 2, Latin Club 2 Lynn RAPPOLD, HENRY Henry Mechanical Drafting Speech is effective, but silence gets one places. Henry is a quiet, likable chap who gets above average marks in his subiects. His chief desire is to be a good draftsman. To pass the time he likes a game of ping pong. He is interested in photography, and likes football. He gets along well with his fellow students, and can laugh at a ioke as well as anyone. Shorty Page One Hundred and Fifty-three 1943 CUMUS RAUB, ANDREW J. Bumper Cabinet Making Close your book and go to sleep. Bumper is a good-natured fellow, always friendly. He enioys making articles out of wood because he likes to work around wood. But much ioy as Bumper gets from working with tools and around machinery, he sometimes likes to go fishing. He intends to ioin the Navy to "fish the seven seas." Bumper finds it hard to settle his mind to his homework l l RAWLINS, ROBERT DANIEL Bob College Preparatory The hollow oak our palace is, Our heritage the sea. Bob, one of the high ranking members of the senior class, believes in doing things quickly, quietly, and efficiently. He has been a member of the band for three years, during which time he has become an accomplished musician. He has always had a yearning for the sea, which is a fine start on his education in the United States Naval Academy. The midshipmen will welcome a person of Bob's calibre, and the Navy is waiting for men who can command, and still can enioy life. Band 2, 3, 4, National Honor Society 4, Senior Math Club REICHARD, CONSTANCE S. General I delight to fill the air With the sweetest melody. Connie is a chatterbox, that's why she enioys being with crowds REESE, EDWARD ANGUS Buck College Preparatory Knowledge can be found in every dictionary, so why seek it. Buck's friendliness quickly attracts people, once you have met him, you know you have met a true friend. Buck's activities, which are many, include sports, music, and social altairs, and he excels in them all. He is a member of the Varsity football team, a senior life-saver, a brilliant ice-skater, a top ranking trumpeter and bugler, and a general all-round good fellow. Here's wishing a swell fellow the success he deserves. Football 2, 3, 4, Varsity A Club 4, Canary and Blue Solicitor 4, Scouting Connie of people. She is interested in music, and one of the best things she does is playing the piano. Connie enioys horseback-riding and swimming, tooe-and oh yes, roller-skating! She can do almost any sport she tries without much effort. She likes to play practical iokes, doesn't even mind if they are tried on her. Connie has her serious moments, tho, and one of the things she is most serious about is her music. Some day she hopes to teach music. Chrous l, 2, 3, 4, A Cappella Choir 4, Dramatics 3 Page One Hundred and Fifty-four 1943 REICHENBACH, GLENN RICHARD Commercial Adventure is not outside a man, but within. Glenn is well known and well liked around the school. He is a good friend and a good companion, interested in almost every kind of sport, especially football. He likes almost all the subiects he has, he has a little grudge against accounting. Glenn hopes to get a iob in an office after graduation, and after his army service. REINHARD, CHRISTINE General Personality, the stat? of life. Chris looks like the witty lrishman, but her Dutch temper gives her away. She enioys pulling boners in class. When there is serious studying to be done, she tries hard. Chris' favorite sports are horse- back-riding and hiking. Her favorite subiect is bookkeeping. She plans to take up comptometry. Dramatics l, 3 CUMUS REICHARD, DOROTHY Dotty General We are the music makersf And we are the dreamers of dreams. Introducing Dorothy--Dotty to the elect. This versatile girl has a good scholastic record. Dotty loves nothing better than listening to soft music over the radio. She is an ardent football and basketball fan. She has a keen sense of humor and is a sincere friend. Basketball 2, 3, 4, Chorus 2, 3f Girl Reserve Council REICHL, ERNA Oinq Commercial A gentle tongue is a tree of life. Erna's laughter is always welcome in any group, she believes "Laugh, and the world laughs with you, weep, and you weep alone." During her leisure moments she enioys the movies and popular music. She is fond of football, and always rooting for the team. During the summer months she swims. Chris Page One Hundred and Fifty-five +4 ' JV .- 1943 he , f 'C' W X 1 ' 'X CUMUS REINHART, ROBERT GRANT Bobby Commercial l love a hand that meets my own with a grasp that carries some sensation. Bob is not only full of life, but he loves life. He has made many a girl's heart beat double time. He is a good A. H. S. rooter, and appears at all athletic games. He is pretty good on the dance Hoor, too, and active in ice-skating, roller-skating, swimming, and riding. Bob especially loves horses. His ambition is to be an accountant. REINHARD, RUTH M. Ruth College Preparatory Quiet, unassuming, a friend to everyone. Ruth is a sincere, pleasant, and loyal friend. She usually has no trouble with her school work. but if she does hit a snag she works until she has it conquered. However, her homework doesn't keep her from attending all football and basketball games, where she is one of the strongest rooters. She spends her free time working at the public library, and one is not surprised to find that she wants A Cappella Choir 2, 3, 4, Commercial Club 4 +o-:l.a.-6-lrv4.,K.,uI!v to be a librarian. Chorus 2, National Honor Society, Le Cercle Francais 4 REINSMITH, FRANClNE L. Home Economics The face of an angel, But a devil in her eyes. Fran is the girl you're looking for. She has everything-a REINOEHL, RUTH Ruthie General Those who bring sunshine into the life of others cannot keep if from themselves. Ruth lives up to her name: she has all the characteristics of the 'Famous Old Testament Ruth-loyalty, sincerity, and devotion. We would rate her piano playing with four stars. Dancing and keeping up with the popular bands are her pet diversions. Girl Reserves 2, 3, 4, Girl Reserve Council, Treasurer 4, German Club 4, Gym Club 1 Fra n sense of humor, an amiable personality, the ability to mingle with others, and oh, how she can talk! With her you simply can't get a word in edgewise. Besides, she's iust a hep-cat at heart! She likes all boys, especially sailors. Fran likes sewing and does well in it. Fran hasn't quite made up her mind what she would like to do, but we are guessing. Girls Gymn Club 2, 3, 4, Co-Captain Page One Hundred and Fifty-six 1943 REITZ BETTY REMALEY, JOYCE ADELE Shorty Commercial So soft, so calm, yet eloquent Still tells of days in goodness spent. A flne friend, a good sport, and an intelligent person is Joyce. Good iudgment and a keen sense of responsibility make her a valuable person. Driving, swimming, dancing, and sports interest her. CDMU5 Betz Retail Selling Rare as is true love, true friendship is rarer. Betty is a friendly girl, with dark vivacious eyes that are smiling and happy. Her quiet friendliness is helping her to be a good salesperson. She means to be a buyer in a department store. We wish her the best of luck. Commercial Club National Honor Society General REMMEL, MARION P. Marion Commercial Take a good look at Marion. She is the kind of a friend to have. Helping others is one of Marion's fascinating traits. Having a good time is what she enioys most of all. Basketball and football games are her meat. She is at every game, cheering her team on to victory. If Marion keeps that cheery smile and boundless en- thusiasm, she is sure to succeed in the secretary's position she hopes to obtain. Louie How vain is learning unless intelligence goes with it. Lois is an all-round girl. She likes to see good movies, read best sellers, and to draw. She isn't often caught without a sketch pad of some sort, and is frequently caught sketching an it in classes. She likes to hear a good band like Harry James' orchestra play fast swing music, and sometimes likes to dance to it. We are sure her art will be seen either as an illustrator or as a home maker. French Club 2, 35 Historical Society 3, Kline Baum Art School l, 2, 3, 4 Page One Hundred and Fifty-seven 1943 CUMUS RIBECKY, EUGENE P. Yanes Commercial Thoughtfulness makes friendships, and thoughtfulness keeps them. A good sport and a popular fellow, this Yanes. His favorite sport is football, although he is an ardent fan for basketball, swimming, and attends all games. He is shy and good-natured, with a fine sense of humor. His maior worry is his homework, his other worries are, he says, few. All honor to Yanes. l RICE, RAYMOND HENRY Ray Commercial The man that hath no music in himself is fit for treasons, stratagems, and spoils. Ray is a quiet and ambitious person who hails from Hanover Avenue. Outside of school he is quite a football fan, and in school he does his shore of cheering. Ray is interested in music-sings tenor in the A Cappella Choir and in churches. He is interested in his studies. ' Commercial Club, A Cappella Choir RICHARDS, JEAN LOUISE Richie General She who hunts for flowers will find flowers, and she who loves weeds will find weeds. Richie is the kind ot a friend any girl loves. She is quiet and shy, but has a cheerful smile for everyone. Richie likes to swim and dance and see a good football game. Her hobby isn't school, for that is work to her. Richie likes typing. The best of luck to her in any field. RICHARDS, WILLIAM E. Richie Electric Shop A live wire isn't short-circuited. There comes a time for every young man to go out in this world and make a living. Richie, who takes with him the manners of a gentleman, is honest, trustworthy, and full of fun. He isn't shy and he doesn't like the girls. Now Richie is also a sports fan, he likes football, and ah! the fish stories he can tell! He has already had experience on two railroads as a towerman and a ticket agent. In school he has studied electricity. If he can stay awake long enough to be a railroad employee, he ought to be good enough to enter the Signal Corps. We'Il always wish him the very best of luck. Page One Hundred and Fifty-eight 1943 CUMUS RICKEL, BERNICE Peeps College Preparatory A fine character is worth more than great wealth, It opens the door to all hearts. If you want a best friend, look for a person of Peeps' caliber, for she is loyal and can be trusted. Peeps is conscientious. She has established an enviable scholastic record. Peeps has an unusual hobby--va lively interest in watching people when they don't know they're being watched. Peeps intends to go to Penn State to maior in the chemistry of textiles. National Honor Society 3, 4, Historical Society 3, 4, French Club 4 RIDLEY, CORINNE Corry College Preparatory Eyes too expressive to be blue, Too lovely to be gray. Tall, blue-eyed, blonde-haired Corrinne is the kind of girl you can't forget. She's a sweetheart to all her pals, come sunshine or stormy weather. Loves to ride, swim, skate, and "walk the longest way home." Would like to fly high and become on aviatrix some day. She will get up in the world and go far. 1 RISSE, ELEANOR D. Georgia College Preparatory A lady who makes it easy for a man to be a gentleman. Georgia's a girl with a million-dollar smile and a captivating noturalness that is the delight of all her friends. Full of energy and life, she has withal o stick-to-itiveness that completes any under- taking. Dancing, riding, ice-skating, swimming and footballf- she likes them all. Although not a bookworm, Georgia is studious. With her level head, calm nerves, and steady hands she will make a successful surgical nurse at the Sacred Heart Hospital in Allentown where she means to go into training immediately after her high school graduation. Historical Society 3, 4, Pan American Society 3, Treasurer, Dramatics 7, 2, Girl Scouts, Bugler, Asst. Jr. Leader, Journalism 3, 4 RITTER, PATRICIA ANN Patty College Preparatory Behold the midnight of her hair, Patty, always quick at repartee, is the kind of a girl everyone likes as a friend. Although no subiect offers her much difficulty, her highest achievements have been in mathematics and German. She is an ardent fan at both football and basketball games, never misses a good movie, and is always present where ice-skating is to be found. Her greatest delight is dancing. Pat hopes someday to teach in a kindergarten. German Club 4 fl. in Page One Hundred and Fifty-nine M Lf , u fff?fi, 1943 CUMUS ROBBINS, DORIS A. Peanut Commercial Friendship is that golden chain that binds two friends together. Doris is sometimes serious, sometimes happy-go-lucky. To her, school is something that shouldn't be taken too seriously. Outside of school she is a iolly companion. She likes animals, and enioys ice-skating, swimming, football games, and movies. Doris is always willing to help others. The class of 43 wishes her a bright and happy future. ROBERTS, BETTY J. Bets General A smile contagious as a yawn. A shy, hazel-eyed, blonde-haired girl, Bets also has a winsome smile. Her interests center around sports and defense workers. She is fond of German class because she "enioys the talks given by the teacher." She is going to be a super-salesgirl. Best of luck, Bets. Girl Reserves l, 2, 3, 4, A Cappella Choir 1 ROBINSON, THELMA Robby Household Arts let me have music, and I seek no more delight. Happy-go-lucky and gay, Robby dotes on friends. Whenever you see a group of laughing girls in the hall, you are certain to find Robby, happily one of them. Her great ambition is to become a singer, meantime, she would like to own a sandwich shop. Here's luck to Allentown's Marion Anderson. ROMIG, BRUCE RAY Bruce College Preparatory Well done is better than well said. Bruce has earned the respect of both his teachers and his classmates. His genial personality, as well as his lanky build, make him stand out above the crowd. His election as president of the German Club attests his popularity. He is known for his ability to get work done and get it done correctly. Serious-minded, he takes all of his studies to heart, but he also has a sense of humor and knows when to use it. His fine accomplishments in his three years at high school promise a brilliant future. President of German Club 4, National Honor Society 3, 4, Red Cross Council 4 Page One Hundred and Sixty oqxtl HIG4, H99 9.Ll-EN7- ' s wi" ze 700 E. 2 1943 L A ROSE, PHYLLIS devote to art. ROSS, DOROTHY Dottie College Preparatory Personality is to a girl what perfume is to a flower. "See you at Dottie's house." That is a frequent phrase in the halls of A. H. S. After school you always find the gang at Dottie's, the tall, attractive girl who never misses dances, football games or social outings. She gives you a friendly smile, a pat on the back, and then asks you for your algebra. It appears that she has a weakness for tall brave air cadets. Dramatics 3 ' f ROSS, JEANNE LOUISE missionary work in Sou running smoothly. Historical Society. ROTH, CURTIS C. Curt General He wears his thoughts on his tongue. Curtis is an all-round good fellow who looks after his own affairs, and lets others iron out their own. His love for sports has made him a regular electric fan. Curt usually spends most of his time in summer at swimming pools. He keeps his school work up to par, works after school and on school holidays, and still has many leisure hours for local and county church activities. He has his eye on the Marines, but would also enioy a commercial art iob. CUMUS Phyl College Preparatory personality, full of rascality, And a charm that's all her own. Phyl is a iolly, companionable girl. A lover of books and music, she still Hnds time for the less sophisticated things, and thor- oughly enioys them. She likes all sports, but prefers dancing to anything else. Although she would like to be a private secretary and prepare for it at Moravian, she hopes to have leisure time to Home Room Representative 2, Red Cross Representative 2, Home Room President 3, Canary and Blue Solicitor 4, Girl Reserves 2 f Shorty Commercial Her best companions are innocence and health. Jeanne is that extremely tall girl whose smile attracts general attention. She enioys reading, and finds pleasure in taking sermons in shorthand. She plans to go to school and travel, and then to do th America. She is ambitious. interested in class activities, and always willing to do her share to keep things Page One Hundred and Sixty-one 1943 General CUMUS Ron-1, RUTH Ruthie General A smile is sunshine on the gloomiest days. Ruth, a quiet and conscientious girl, enioys reading novels during her spare time. Her motto is, "Don't give up the ship." One look at her shows she is an understanding and sympathetic person. Terry A babbling brook never runs still. Terry is a good sport, always willing to help when she is needed. Terry has a lot of friends, and knows how to keep them. She is always iolly and ready for fun. Everyone she sees she greets cheerily. She is going ,she says, to be a professional ice skater. RUHF, Russeu. CHARLES Sonny College Preparatory Ideas are queer things, they won't work unless you do. The average person, on seeing Sonny for the first time, would not associate him with big things. Nevertheless, Sonny packs plenty of dynamite in his small frame. His interests lie mainly in the domain of sports. As football and basketball manager, Sonny gets the inside dope on our athletic teams. Sonny also finds time to devote to his studies, as testified by his membership in the National Honor Society. He hopes to enter West Point. His livewire person- ality has attracted to him innumerable friends. National Honor Society 3, 4, Home Room Representative 2, 3, Latin Club 2, German Club 4, Basketball Manager 3, Football Manager 4, Red Cross Council 3, Mathematics Club 4 RUHMEL DOROTHY Dolly Commercial O how much more doth beauty beauteous seem, By that sweet ornament which truth doth give. Here's a little girl who is always worrying about her studies. She has big gray eyes and dark brown curly hair. Dolly's lovely personality is a delight to teachers and classmates. She likes to go to the movies, to play basketball, and wants to be a private stenographer. Commercial Club, Red Cross Staff Assistance Corp Page One Hundred and Sixty-two .301 HIC1, 5 -fa 1943 fi 5 CUMUS I f 856 SACHS, MARVIN L. Marv College Preparatory The force of his own merit makes his way. A. H. 5. remembers Marvin best as a scholar in every sense of the word. His aptitude for hard work, his desire to excel, and his naturally keen mind have helped him to rank among the highest in his class. He has been prominent in many extra curricular activities. ln the athletic affairs of the school, and for that matter, in all other sports. He has always taken more than a passing interest in every- thing. Marv is a gentleman and a good sport. These outstanding qualities, together with his versatility, have guided him through a successful high school career, and we feel they will lead him to further success in college and in life. Historical Society 3, 4, Le Cervle Francais 3, 4, National Honor Societyf Senior Mathematics Club 4, Comus Staff SALASH, STELLA Stell Retail Selling When work is done, 'tis time for fun. A cheerful temper ioined with innocence, will make beauty attractive, knowledge delightful, and wit good-natured. Stell's dark brown hair and sparkling eyes add to her good looks and cheerfulness. She is a versatile girl, likes dancing and sewing. You may be sure she finishes everything that she undertakes, in school and at the store, in the very best style. SAMUELS, ELAINE M. Elaine Commercial Silence is worth something. Elaine is a friendly girl with a smile for all. Her naturally curly hair has made her the envy of many of the girls. She is quiet, studious, and companionable. She reads a lot, and listens to radio programs. Elaine intends to enter the business world as a steno- grapher, and wants to spend her vacations traveling. SANTEE, ELIZABETH Bette Retail Selling The grass stoops not, she treads on it so light. Bette, tall, brown-eyed and brown-haired, believes in going through life with a smile and letting difficulties straighten of their own accord. Bette can learn the most intricate dancing step in a short time. Besides dancing and her other hobbies, she spends some leisure time considering the Air Corps. Although Bette loves pleasure, she always Hnds time for more serious things. Page One Hundred and Sixty three 1943 CDMU5 SASS, SHERMAN G. Sherm College Preparatory Inter silvas academic quaerere verun. To search for truth in academic groves. With a definite plan for the future, Sherman is headed for success. The best promise of this is his high ranking scholarship. Sherm takes an active interest in all high school activities, and has been a valuable member of many organizations. His keen sense of humor is always evident, and crops out at every opportunity. Reading, music, and eating, along with debates and discussions, supply the sources of his diversions. With knowledge, wit, and extraordinary ability, Sherm is sure to achieve the recognition to 3, 4, Comus SAUL, DONALD B. Sauly General Not a know-all, but a know-something. Tall blonde Donald is serious about his school work, but can always find time to laugh heartily at a ioke. His studies come first, although Donald spends much time at his favorite diversion, writing stories. Sauly likes to watch and to take part in many sports, but is at his best in swimming. A studious and diligent worker, Donald hopes to become a writer of fiction. National Honor Society 4, Swimming 2, 3 which he aspires in the field of law. Band 4, Dramatics 2, National Honor Society 4 Latin Club SCHAFFER, DONALD R. Iggie General An ounce of loyalty is worth a pound of cleverness. lggie is a likable young fellow, always seeing the bright side of things. There never is a dull moment when he is around. He doesn't care too much for school, but is a great lover of sports. We wish him great success. SCHAFFER, LEANNA MAY Lee College Preparatory A witty woman is a treasure, a witty beauty is a power. Leanna, tall, with dork eyes, is a girl we all are happy to know. One of her finest accomplishments is playing the piano. Although she enioys only popular music, Lee dances, listens to rec- ords, and eats. In tact, her most frequent words are, "l'm hungry." With her keen mind, Leanna makes high grades in all her studies. Her witty remarks are a source of laughter to her classmates. National Honor Society 4, German Club 4 Page One Hundred and Sixty-four 1943 CUMUS SCHAFFER, MARTHA R. Patches General The reward of a thing well done is to have done it. It is no surprise to one who knows Martha to find that she is popular. Her friendship is one of gaiety, teasing, and sincere understanding of those who seek her comfort. Playing the accordion and reading novels, particularly those in the medical field, are her favorite pastimes. She is not too busy to devote much of her time to Senior Scouts, an organization in which she has made steady advancement, and to many charitable and civic proiects. Martha's dream is to become a "Woman in White." We're all convinced that her dreams will come true, and know that she will flnd the some satisfaction and ioy which she shares now with her co panions Happy service, Marthal Historical Society 3, 4, W SCHANTZ, EDWARD THOMAS Ned College Preparatory Weak men wait for opportunities, strong men make them. Whaml A screaming serve whistles over the net, and Ned walks of'T the court, having added another victory to his long string of tennis wins. The A he wears is proof of his athletic ability. Ned is a real student too, ranks near the top of the scholastic ladder, thanks to his natural ability and a thorough method of study. He strikes a happy medium between work ond play. The German Club and the National Honor Society are both proud to claim him. Ned also appreciates fun and girls. Ned's good humor and manners, along with his will to work, point to a brilliant future. National Honor Society 3, 4, German Club 4, Tennis Team 2, 3, 4, Varsity A Club 4, Assistant Air Raid Warden 3, 4, Publicity Committee Junior Class Play, Comus Staff SCHATZ, SAMUEL, JR. Sam College Preparatory l forget to worry, forget to criticize, forget to frown, forget to fear. Sam is a pecuilar individual, sometimes he is morbid, and sometimes, or should we say most of the time, he is light-heorted. With Sam a man's word is as good as gold, for he believes that if you trust a man, sooner or later he will come to trust you. Although Sam cannot play any instrument, he loves good music, whether it be modem swing or his preferred classics. Sam is ocacsionolly criticized for forgetting something, but let's not condemn him too horshly, because he is a little absent-minded. l A , f . L' I SCHEFFY, JANE E. Reds General There was never a saint with red hair. Paging blue eyes, a mop of red hair, and o freckled face- onswers to name Jane E. Responds to praise with a rosy glow. Reds plans to take up hairdressing and open o beauty parlor. She will never have to go out of business for lack of patronage. A Cappella Choir i Gym Team l, 2, 3, 4 Page One Hundred and Sixty-five 1943 CUMUS SCHEIRER, LOUISE CHRISTINE Lou College Preparatory The heights by great men reached and kept, Were not attained by sudden flight, But they, while their companions slept, Were toiling upward in the night. Louise is a good sport and a fine student, with a high respect for good workmanship. In the fall she plans to fulfill her childhood desire, she will enter a nurse's training school. Nurses of all sorts are in great demand, and the kind Louise will be is going to prove movies. SCHIAVONE, ALEXANDER G. Alex Machine Shop A little knowledge now and then Is relished by the best of men. Alex, filled with life and enthusiasm, is marked by his cheerful disposition and capacity for work. You'll always find him a swell guy, ready to lend a helpful hand. He's a bright boy, although he takes only his math book home, he manages to get good marks in all of his subiects. He takes an interest in his shop work, and gets the most out of it. In shop, one usually sees others asking him for ideas and advice. He'll be a machinist or a toolmaker. invaluable. Lou spends her spare time reading books and seeing German Club 3, 4, Historical Society 3 4 Girls Chorus 2 Girl Reserves 3, 4, Treasurer of Triple .l. Club SCHLEGEL, BETTY Bets Commercial SCHLEGEL, NANNETTE E. Commercial Humor is the harmony of the heart. Nan's carefree and debonair manner is characteristic of her personality. Her interest in sports leads her to the conclusion thot she wants to be a physical instructor. Aquacade 2, 4, Basketball 2, 4 She came, she learned, she conquered. An average student is pretty Bets, Almost always studying her texts. She's popular among her mates Enioys being asked on skating dates. Shy, blue eyes, and long blonde hair, You'll find her talking here and there. Success we wish in future days. May God bless her in many ways. Chorus 1, Dramatics 2, 4 Nan Page One Hundred and Sixty-six 1943 CDMUS SCHLEIFER, BEATRICE ELLA Beattie General A merry heart doeth good like medicine. Black-haired blue-eyed Beattie has a winning smile, pleasant ways, and many friends. When she is not singing in the chorus or studying P. D., she is at home drumming on the piano, and we must say she can get sweet music from those ivories. Smart, capable, and efficient, she will make some company a good typist. Lots of luck, Beattie. Chorus 3, 4 SCHLOSSER, JANE FREEMAN Janie College Preparatory Such a blue inner light from her eyelids outbroke, You looked at her silence and fancied she spoke. Janie is a leader in school as well as in social life. At the some time, she manages to excel in her school work. Although her activities center around dancing, going to movies, a lively game of basket-ball, or iust one more swim around the pool, she never misses o football or basketball game, and is usually along with the gang, despite her many extra-curricular activities. Aquacade 2, 3, 4, Basketball 2, 3, 4, Red Cross Representative and Council 4, Girl Reserve Council 3, 4, Le Cercle Francais, National Honor Society SCHLOSSER, LUTHER MARTIN Reds Print Shop He is well paid that is well satisfied. Reds can take a good ioke. He is iust an average boy who, depending on how he feels, can work. ln school he is no quiz kid, but he knows his stuff when it comes to printing. Reds spends his time bowling, Hshing, or taking hikes. He can tell you many a point pertaining to bowling. He expects to make a future as a sailor, with a iob as cook or printer. :tw-'rt' OAL SCHMIDT, ARTHUR T. Art College Preparatory The successful people are the ones who can think up things to keep the rest of the people busy. Here we have genial Art Schmidt. Equally skilled behind rod, gun, or pencil, Art has proved himself a leader of the class. This summer-time farmer has shown his interest in sports, both as player and as spectator. An answer for any question or solution for any problem is forthcoming when Schmidt is near. Yes indeed, this Schmidt who quotes "To err is human, to love divine" is quite a man. If his past is any indication of his future, his success is assured. German Club 4, Junior Class Play 3, National Honor Society 4, Senior Class Play Committee 4, Publicity Committee 4, Senior Math Club, Treasurer Page One Hundred and Sixty-seven A e-, 1943 CUMUS SCHMOYER, HOMER Spundy Retail Selling How much you want to loan? A fellow who likes to go to work but never works, Spundy also likes to have fun, and to fool around with the gang. Spundy is not a very brilliant boy in school, but he gets along. He likes football, basketball, dancing, and sometimes likes to sit at home and play checkers or cards. Spundy is always going out to see dilferent places. but he never gets there. He wishes to ioin the Marines or Navy. Then he will see things. Senior HiY 4 SCHMOYER, JERRY Popeye General The way to a man's heart is through his stomach. Jerry is a swell guy. We have often tried to analyze his popularity. ls it because he plays football, or because girls know he can cook? Remember his sauer-kraut dinner? Jerry played guard in the forward wall of the great teams of '41 and '42, and handled everything that came his way. His chief ambition is to play college football, and anything Jerry sets out to do he will do. vafsify A club 3, 4, Football 1, 2, 3, 4 SCHOCK, RETA MAY lzzie Retail Selling A thing of beauty is a joy forever. Light-hearted, ioking, fun-loving, Reta hasn't a core in the world. Her friendly smile and wit bring her many admirers. Once you're a friend of Reta's you'll always be her friend. She is an ardent lover of sports and dancing. Her expert cracking of gum is familiar to all. Reta is to be a telephone operator. President of T. O. M. S. SCHROTH, DAWN l.. Downie Commercial Who mixes wisdom with pleasure and reason with mirth. To casual on-lookers, Dawn is rather reserved, but those of us who know her intimately find her a sincere, pleasant, and mischievous companion. Her favorite sports are tennis and swimming. She also enioys reading and listening to Tschaikovsky. She is interested in stenography and typewriting, and is looking forward to becoming a secretary. Girl Reserves, Dromatics 3, Canary and Blue Solicitor 2, 3 Page One Hundred and Sixty-eight 1943 CUMUS SCHWARTZ, GLADYS JUNE Daisy June Cammercial To tease or not to tease, that is the question. Gladys is a grand gal and a real friend, always willing to give a helping hand. She is able to stand any amount of teasing. She is full of fun and fond of sports. We have never seen her in a mad rush to get to class, or stocked with books, or ever worried. Gladys wants to be a a machine mechanic. SEAGREAVES, RUTH N. Rvssie General l.ove's the music which makes her gay. Russie is a striking, tall, dark-haired girl, always singing, in fact she intends to be a concert singer. Oil painting fascinates her in the little spare time she has, which is very little, for she has not missed an A Cappella Choir rehearsal for three years. She rambles charmingly over a piano keyboard. In Junior High she was an alto in the Carollers. We wish her well. A Cappella Chair 2, 3, 4, Chorus 2, 3, 4, Dramatics 4, Carollers l, Glee Club l, Choral Speaking l. SEAMAN, EVELYN LORETTA Ev Commercial But could ye see what no eyes can see, The inward beauty of her lively spirit. Evelyn loves dancing and frequents places where iitterbugging is the fashion. Evelyn is a little shy, but lots of fun when you get to know her. Her winning smile and flne personality will serve her well -when she is a stenographer. Chorus 3, 4, Red Cross Staff Assistant, Girl Reserves 2, 3 SECHLER, MORRIS G. Morris Retail Selling What Morris admires is a tank full of gas, Four usable tires and a girl that has class. A toll fellow, a little lean, Morris hails from near Trexlertown. He gets along well in his studies, but is constantly complaining about how much homework he has to do, he has three subiects a day and gets assignments to do in two. Morris enioys playing pranks in the stockroom, where he works in the afternoon, but the fellows take it in fun, and he may be glad, otherwise he would be walking around with a black eye or a broken arm. Morris wants to be a store manager. National Honor Society 4 Page One Hundred and Sixty-nine 1943 CUMUS SEDLOCK, MARGARET E. Margie Commercial Full of grace, full of wit- Oh we love her every bit. Here we have Margie, delightful, gay, bashful, friendly. Although she loves a good time, she sticks to a bit of work until it is done. She likes to read, and occasionally to see a football or basketball game. Although she takes everything else as it comes, her school studies are a serious matter to her. We know the world will receive her as warmly as we have cherished her. Girl Reserves 2, 3 SEISLOVE, JANET MARIE Jan Commercial Her very frowns are fairer far Than smiles of other maidens are. Although Jan is tiny, you can't miss her sparkling brown eyes, dark hair, and adorable turned-up nose. Whether it's football, basketball, or swimming, .lan always cheers her Alma Mater. She has won the admiration of her class. Commercial Club 4, Girl Reserves 3, 4, Red Cross 4, National Honor Society 4, Basketball l, 2 SELL, GLADYS M. SELL, JANET BERNICE Sellie Commercial Music begins in the heart. .lanet's sweet and commanding smile has won her many friends. She has naturally wavy hair, big brown eyes, and a beautiful alto voice. She is iust as good in typing as she is in singing, her fingers fairly fly over the keyboard. Janet enioys basketball too. Besides this, Janet is a true friend. And always she is lots of fun. A Cappella Choir 2, 3, 4, Chorus 2, 3, 4, Selly Commercial Friends and acquaintances are the surest passports to fortune. Although Selly is a quiet and studious girl, never wasting a minute of school time, she takes time out for her friends. She wants to be a stenographer, and she will be a good one. L Page One Hundred and Seventy 1943 CDMU5 SELL, PAUL RAYMOND Science and Engineering "A dog is a source of untold satisfaction," says Paul. Paul is flrst a friend. He is also a huntsman and a genuine lover of dogs. The animals themselves must recognize in him a genius for understanding them. His iudgment about dogs is as far superior to the usual fancier's as a gifted author's sketch of a matron in an opera box is superior to the society columnist's description of her. Rusty was Paul's favorite hunting dog, and someday Paul hopes to have o breeding farm in loving memory of this intelligent, faithful dog. He plans to get his degree as a doctor of veterinary medicine. Senior Math Club SETZER, LILLIAN ALICE Lil Household Arts Who says the greatest cooks are men? Skating is Lil's greatest ioy, she can usually be found gliding along the rink, perfectly content. Although eating is also a favor- ite pastime, Lil is slim and delicate. She's full of dynamite and deter- mination, too, seemingly quiet, she has a flery temper. With her determination Lil will go far, and will be a good and efficient house- wife. General SHAAK, HARRY Harree Print Shop A friend in need is a friend indeed. Give Harry a Mack truck to drive and hot dogs to eat, and he'll go rolling through life happily. Despite his interest in auto- mobiles and trucks, he has chosen to study printing during his three years in high school. Harry takes a keen interest in model railroads. Although rather shy with the girls, Harry's smile and his good nature are well known among his classmates. Choir 2, 3, 4, United States Marines Winnie Only the happy at heart look happy. Brown hair, brown eyes, a pleasing personality, and a keen sense of humor mark Winnie, who always enioys a good ioke. In her sophomore year, Winnie went to Whitehall High, where she has a host of friends. She worries about her school work for no reason at all. No matter what she is doing, she will always greet you with a cheery smile and a big hello, and always will go iitterbugging, any time of day. Page One Hundred and Seventy-one 1943 CUMUS SHANABERGER, JOYCE BECK Shaney College Preparatory A friend in need is a friend indeed. A gay gal with a warm smile and a heart to match is Shaney. She extends a helping hand to all her friends. She'll even worry about your next test for you, if you ask her to. She is interested in all sports, and besides faithfully following the football games, has shown great skill in playing basketball and in swimming. -She's co-captain of the Gym Club, please notice. Gym Club 1, 2, 3, 4, Co-Captain, Girl Reserves 2, Basketball i, 2 o SHANER, PAULINE SABINA X w 'X ' A dshoffy , 1 General 1 1- " And if l should lose, let me stand by the road And cheer as the winners go by. Here is a two-by-four lass who is a companion par excellence. Shorty is one-third gay school girl, one-third promising poet, and one-third iust delightful contradiction. Some day, perhaps not too far off, we shall nod and proudly agree, "We're glad we knew her when . . ." Canary and Blue Solicitor 2 SHANKWEILER, CAROLYN Shanky College Preparatory It is better to be little than nothing 'ov ,cf - X' 9 Y' u 9.5 .P f P '7 9 v 0 0' General Who is that little girl whom one sees everywhere the one who attends all the football and basketball games and every social activity? That's Shanky. She is always with the crowd, making certain that everyone is on time, that no one has forgotten anything. that nothing goes wrong. Although she is always ready for a good time, and is rarely found studying, her name always gets on the honor list. CaroIyn's pastime is designing homes for all her friends, so you would expect her to be an architect, but she wants to teach kindergarten, "so that my associates will be smaller than I am." Latin Club 2, Swimming 3, le Cercle Francais 4, National Honor Society Ray Memory? What is memory? Hand me a camera. Ray is a member of the Morse code class, and is doing very well in it. Ray is extremely interested in photography, has many pictures, is a member of various photo clubs, and is well known in photographic circles. He plans to become a Hollywood photo- grapher. Although not to interested in routine studies, he has a rather iolly time at school. Ray has other outlooks besides photo- graphy. There's that one girl, Yes! Ray has a soft place in his heart. Ray is a good track man, a fast runner hard to beat. Page One Hundred and Seventy-two 1943 CUMUS SHARSHON, DOROTHY E. Elaine General At the game's end we shall see who gains.. Never a minute to spare has Elaine. She has mastered the piano and enioys playing immensely. Her favorite sport is basket- ball, and she attends every game if she possibly can. After school hours, when she isn't ushering at a local theatre, she finds time to read some recent novel. Elaine expects to continue her studies at 1 SHELLY, JEAN Shelly College Preparatory Back of the iob the Dreamer Who's making the dream come true. Jean seems reserved, but she is really a sincere and loyal friend. Although she is interested in all kinds of activities, she is usually a spectator, an ardent rooter who cheers loudly at the football games. Her interests point to science and chemistry, and her side-line is playing the piano. She intends to become a medical technologist, and is Cedar Crest bound. French Club 3, 4f Girl Reserves 4, Basketball 2 Cedar Crest College. Z. Zawfsb' MMU SHERR, ROBERT M. Boopsie College Preparatory A friend may well be reckoned as the masterpiece of nature. Bob is a well-liked talkative fellow who is never afraid of work- well, almost never. His specialty is fun, for he's always spiriting his friends into good humor. He is iust a little over average in most of his studies, and so far has managed to pass with good marks. Boopsie expects ta enlist in the U. S. Navy, and soon the whole nation should be even prouder of its Navy. We all feel sure that Bob will keep 'em flying. Canary and Blue Solicitor 2 SHIVE MARION ELAINE Shivey College Preparatory Too often and mischievously taken. Life is iust a merry-go-round for Shivey. Everything to do, everwhere to go, lots of time to do it in, why hurry? Mischievous is Marion's second name. We've never known her to be serious. Maybe we don't know her! Her pet love is chewing gum. But gum is to be rationed. Difficulty? Only in getting to school and getting her mind down to business. School is a must. Girl Reserve 2, 3, 4 Page One Hundred and Seventy-three 1943 l General CUMUS SIBLEY, MARY LOUISE Merrie Commercial Merrily, merrily, shall l live now. Here is a girl who is loyal to her classmates. She is also a reson why men prefer blondes. Mary rates fairly high in her school work, and definitely high in social life. lf you see a crowd of students in the hall, Mary is out there telling a ioke, for Mary enioys every minute of school. Ellen Who doesnt lock the locker right? Who squeezed the books all in so tight? Who always called out, "Well, good-night !" Why, iust who you'd think-Ellen! Who leans oe'r the railing when you are below, With that ever cheerful, "Hey there, hello!" Who in gym class can't touch her toe? Why, iust who you'd think-Ellen! Who has umph to the nth degree? Who has homework, "all but the last three?" Who'd never tell you how clever is she? Why iust who you think4EIIen Home Room Representative 2, National Honor Society 4, Dramatics 3, 4 i T 1 SILBERG, SAMUEL J. Sam College Preparatory l'll shape myself a way to higher things. Sam's scholarship and versatility have made him an enviable student. By earnest pursuit of his studies he has attained a high scholastic record. ln contrast to his scholarly behavior in school is the way he spends his leisure time, between painting and iitterbugging. He pursues cultural, social, and athletic events with equal zeal, finding tennis courts, dance floors, and discussion groups all enioyable. His positive talent for friendship makes him popular. In a medical career all Sam's qualities promise reliable service to others, and that, to a doctor, spells success. National Honor Society, Muhlenberg College in February SILBERMAN, THEODORE Ted Commercial The world knows little of its great men. Ted, like any other ordinary fellow, isn't very fond of school- work, but likes to have a good time. He expects to be the boss of a business organization some day, with nothing to do but give orders. Although Ted appears lazy, he usually comes through with all his work done. Page One Hundred and Seventy-four 1943 CUMUS SINBERG, DAVID Skip College Preparatory Live while you can, for you will be dead a long time. To know Skip is to know not alone a grand scholar, but a regular fellow. He is earnest, energetic, well-mannered, anyone would be proud to call him friend. Some of Skip's favorite pas- times are music, dancing, and sports. His good humor and friendly wise-cracks make him a hit with both girls and boys. Skip is planning on entering college. Good luck to an all-round fellow. .l. V. Basketball 2, National Honor Society 3, 4 SINGER, RUTH D. Ruthie General A quiet maid so she may seem But pranks and jokes she does esteem. Just an all-round outdoor girl, tall, fair-haired Ruth attends every game and enjoys raising her voice in glorifying A. H. 5. Among her activities are hiking, tennis, and ice skating. Her favorite indoor sport is basketball, and she plays quite a game. Her more serious interest lies in books, she has a collection to be proud of. Although her report card shows no favorite subiect, she is fond of school. First Aid l, Volleyball l, Basketball l, 2, 3, 4 SMELOFF, EDWARD A. College Preparatory Do unto others as they do unto you, only do it first. Eddie is a blonde lanky fellow with on easy goin come SLOTA, MILDRED Millie Retail Selling True wit is nature to advantage dressed, What oft was thought, but ne'er so well expressed. Millie is a iolly little girl with hazel-eyes and a sparkling smile. You will usually find Millie at a dance surrounded by admirers. Her quick wit and pleasing personality help her to win many friends. Her smile sells the merchandise to her customers. Millie is to be a telephone operator. Vice President of T. O. M. S. 4, Girl Reserves l, 2 Eddie - gl . what-may attitude. He usually sings or whistles to himself, much to the annoyance of chemistry teachers. His interests lie in math and medicine, but they sometimes wander to popular songs and even to girls. lf you happen to pass his home any day after school you can hear him relaxing with a few hot numbers on his silver trumpet. Although capable of being serious, he is more often found in o humorous frame of mind. Considering all his qualities, one can see that Eddie ought to make out all right. National Honor Society 4, German Club 4, Class Play 3, 4 Page One Hundred and Seventy-five 1943 CUMUS SMITH, DOROTHY A. Dot General Why do today what I can put off till tomorrow! According to Dot, life is a bore. Everything is too much for her. Easy-going is her motto, and how she sticks to it. Wit is Dot's delight. The only thing to do is to laugh and be merry. Heaven gave her mischievous eyes to smile with, and how she uses them! A natural with studies, they're never too hard for her. They iust "come easy." Maybe that's the reason for her easy-going per- sona lity. SMITH, DOROTHY CATHERINE Dotty Commercial Notes, sir, notes. What would you have me say? Dotty's dark hair and sparkling eyes are all you need to pep up your spirits. With a ready wit and a clever mind, she wants to become a competent secretary. Dotty's favorite pastimes are movies, skating, and swimming. SMITH, ELEANOR Cooky General General Art is the voice of the mind and hand. Cooky is always hopping along, happy as can be. She's always laughing or ioking, but watch out for that other mood that sneaks up on her. Eleanor's the kind of girl who would rather go to a basketball game than on a hayride. Moore Institute is her destination, and perhaps someday she'll be our American Schiaparelli. A lover of art, she paints even if it is herself, and plays the piano, "strictly swing." Cooky is, oddly enough, a grease monkey and mechanic. Chorus 'l, 2, Dramatics 3, Y. W. C. A. 4 Evelyn A sentimentallst is one who sees an absurd value in everything and doesn't know the market price of a single thing. Evelyn is a real friend. Through a sense of humor and a pleasing personality she easily keeps her many friends. Evelyn does not care for books and dancing, but finds enioyment in her hobbies. She is never happier than when puttering around in the kitchen with some eatable concoctions, or sewing, or bowling, or horse-back riding, or seeing the latest moving picture. Page One Hundred and Seventy-six 1943 to the movies. SMITH, RICHARD T. Dick Engineering and Science Only deeds give strength to life, only moderation gives it charm. An amiable fellow like Richard is bound to have many friends. A fan, liking every sport, he particularly likes ice hockey. Music and reading share honors as favorites. ln addition to this, he is a member of the band and the orchestra. He is known as a card- shark among his friends, in fact, he plays a pretty good game of chess, too. He means to be a patent attorney, for he predicts that inventions will come thick and fast after the war. Band I, 2, 3, 4, Orchestra I, 3, National Honor Society 4 Girl Reserves 2, 3 SMOLICK, CLARA MAY Brown Eyes Retail Selling Dance tight, for my heart it lies under your feet, love. Not many persons are like Clara. Her unusual combination of blonde hair and brown eyes is a distinction of her own. She is active, and spends a lot of her time in one seasonable sport or another. lf you ever want to find Clara, iust look in on any skating rink or ballroom. Clara is chief entertainer for the T. O. M. S. Girl Reserves I, 2, 3, 4, Chorus 2, Basketball 2, Aquacade 2, T. O. M. S. 4 Page One Hundred and Seventy CDMU5 SMITH, GERALDINE F. Gerry General Come an, laugh, it's loads of fun Gerry can find something to laugh at nn the smallest happening She loves to eat, and can do almost anything she wants to, once she starts-when she starts. Her favorite pastimes are skating and going SMITH, RUTH E. Ruthie General He that hath knowledge spareth his words Introducing Ruthie, rushing to and fro with piles of books and a pleasantly absent-minded smile. Any of her many acquaintances will agree that she has an unusually attractive personality for she is a tlne friend and a good sport. Ruth is a studlous girl, but along with studying she flnds ample time for Christian Endeavor work as well as for reading and music. In spite of her many activities, Ruth has found time to plan for her nursing career - S9Yet'l 1943 CUMUS SMOYER, RALPH M. Bunky Science and Engineering May we live to learn well, and learn to live well. Ralph is another one of these fellows it would pay you to know. When he is not doing homework he is sure to be playing ping-pong or baseball or football, or swimming. His hobby is stamp collecting. He is interested in scientific subiects, and expects to study industrial engineering ot Lehigh. SMYTH THOMAS T Smitty College Preparatory And here is a young man of excellent pith, Fate tried to conceal him by naming him Smyth. Crack! There goes that cue-ball again, it never fails. Smitty always hits hard luck no matter where he is or what he's doing. He's always trying to figure how to get those much-needed seven experiments for physics. During his spare time he does a little dancing, loves to live in the mountains during the summer, and to stay in bed during the cold winter mornings. Smitty has played in the band and orchestra for three years. He hopes to become a physician like his father. He's one of the "February Freshman Kids," and is pulling down some good marks in college. Orchestra l, 2, 3, 4, Band l, 2, 3, 4, German Club 4, Holy Cross College, February SNOW, ROBERT Rev. College Preparatory in Engineering and Science A man, good sir, of worth. Bob is a quiet, studious fellow who has made a good impres- sion on all his teachers. He doesn't have much to say, but when he talks he says something. Bob is an active Eagle Scout. A member of the track team, and always ready for a good game of football or basketball, Bob is an all round athlete. For a loyal friend who will never let you down, Bob gets our vote. SNYDER, DAISY Diz College Preparatory Everything is as you take it. Diz is like any other high school senior, doing studies, trying to make as many friends as possible, and trying to attend all the after-school activities. She is especially active in the Girl Reserves, but likes basketball, football, or reading a book iust as well. She has always wanted to be a nurse, although she still has not decided what she will do after she is through high school. Girl Reserves l, 2, 3, Council 3, Basketball l, 2, Chorus l, 2 National Honor Society, Track 2, 3 4 Aeronautics 4 Page One Hundred and Seventy-eight 1943 N Football l, 3 SNYDER, FREDERICK Snarlo General He looks the whole world in the face, For he owes not any man. Huskily built, natured fellows in years, Fred is one Fred is one of the iolliest and most good- the school. In harness on the gridiron for three of the most capable aggressive tackles that has ever fought for Canary and Blue. Snarlo struts along the halls with the smallest number of books he can possibly arrange to carry, but all the same, he keeps on plugging at his studies. Fred has high hopes of going to college, where he intends to make a name for himself in football. Varsity Football 2, 3, 4, Varsity A Club 3, 4, Track 2, 3, 4 Senior Hi-Y 3, 4 snvollz, ROLAND w. Boops Electric Shop Slow and not so sure. Snyder is known in the small but efficient senior electric shop for his iovial carefree attitude toward life and school. Here is one of those brilliant fellows who likes school, but never has his homework on time. Whenever anything untoward happens in school, Snyder is bound to be there. He likes hunting and fishing. lf he'd put as much time into his school work as he puts into hunting and fishing, he would be an honor student and then some. After graduation he hopes to enlist in the Navy. Well, Uncle Sam's gain is our loss. CUMUS SNYDER, DONALD R. Snapper Cabinet Making Empty barrels make the most noise Don is one of "wood-butchers" from the industrial course He is liked for his generosity and personality and is always the life of the gang. Snapper is one of those fellow who always looks at the girls twice, and then tries to make a date He likes to go dancing, but he also manages to do a little bowling He does not believe in home work, he floats through his classes and manages to come out with iust a passing grade Some of his hobbies are bowling, football, baseball, and aviation, but aviation comes flrst Since he was a child he has built airplanes and has always wanted to become a pilot in the U. S. Army Air Corps SNYDER, LaMAR C. Monk Retail Selling Worry makes you skinny Here's a fellow who never likes to get to work when he doesn t like the iob. He likes to go out with a group and sometimes with a girl, but doesn't like to go with the some glrl all the time He likes football, basketball, ice skating, baseball and dancing thinks his three years in Allentown High School were the best of 'school life, and hopes to work in a chain store Page One Hundred and Seventy-nine 1943 CDMU5 SNYDER, THOMAS J. Tommy College Preparatory Nothing can be more useful to a man than a determination not to be hurried. Tommy is a happy-go-lucky fellow, a grand pal to everyone. Fond of music, girls, and dancing, he nevertheless devotes some of his time to study. He knows when to be serious, and still to have a lot of fun. Tommy hopes to enter Lehigh University and graduate a civil engineer. We shall probably see him building bridges for Uncle Sam soon. SNYDER, WILLIAM Schnee Pattern Shop Where there's trouble, there's Willie. Schnee is an ardent pattern maker, and is liked by all the fellows in his shop. He participates in many sports such as basket- ball, swimming, hunting, fishing, bowling and tennis. He also goes roller and ice skating, and spends a great many of his nights danc- ing. Trouble seems to be Schnee's middle name, because no matter what he does, it is always, he says, "something wrong." ln June he is looking forward to going to the Navy to take up his trade there. We are sure he will succeed, and wish him good luck. SOLT, DAVID CHARLES Solt College Preparatory Wisdom giveth life to them that have it. Don't let that picture scare you, he really is o member of our class, you know. This is the chap who always carried several books home from school, whether he studied or not. David has the combined qualities of a mathematician and a scientist. ln addition to this, he has been a member of the band for three years, and has actually learned how to carry a French horn. He's a swell guy. Band l, 2, 3, 4, National Honor Society 4, Senior Math Club, War Stamp Salesman 4 SOMMERS, HILDA Dimples Retail Selling A taste for books is the pleasure and glory of my life. To casual onlookers Hilda is rather reserved, but her intimate friends find her a sincere companion. Quite studious, having a sin- cere interest in retail business, she rattles a good line of sales talk. Although she is boy-shy, she is never shy in club activities. Her chances for business are many, she is a capable treasurer of the T. O. M. S. By stick-to-itiveness and hard work she will succeed. National Honor Society 4, T. O. M. S. 3, 4 Page One Hundred and Eighty 1943 CDMUS SPAIDE, DOROTHY l. Dottie Retail Selling There is nothing that is meritorious but virtue and friendship: and indeed friendship is only a part of virtue. Dottie is a tall, slim, brown-haired girl, with eyes that have a smile for everyone she meets. Her dimples reveal a good sense of humorg but though she is full of fun, she believes in being serious too. She eniays most sports, but they don't interfere with her school work. She is a worthy and sincere friend, and we all wish her ioy. we +4 if-fxff. SPANOS, MAE Mae General A merry heart goes all the day, Your sad tires in a mile. Kind-hearted happy-go-lucky Mae is fun to be with, she can take a ioke, as well as give one. She shines in advanced artimetic. She's a flash in the swimming pool. Mae's collection of movie star pictures grows larger and larger, she is an enthusiastic fan. Her specialty is a truly deluxe sundae. She wants to go to a Beauty Culture College. SPEER, WILLIAM JOHN National Honor Society 3, 4 Commercial The greatest mistake you can make in life is to be continually fearing you will make one. Bill is a short but interesting fellow, popular among his class- mates. He is cheerful, and makes friends with anybody. His hobbies are stamp collecting and drawing. He takes great interest in foot- ball and baseball. We wish him success and happiness. Susie SPENCER, ELAINE MAE General A gentle woman, nobly planned To warm, to comfort, and command. There's nothing like a smile to make things right. That's where Susie comes in. Her sincere manner and her fine comradeship have won her many friends. Her interest lies in household duties, although dancing takes up most of her time. Nothing can hold Susie back. We wish her the best of luck. Gym Club li Latin Club 2, Dramatics 2, Girl Reserves 2 Page One Hundred and Eighty-one ,xml Hlc ' JA 1855 SPISSZAK, WILLIAM R. Fats Commercial Small chips start big fires. Fats probably got his nickname because he was a corpulent baby, but he has long since outgrown the heavy stage. He is an active Life Scout in Troop 30, and although he is a commercial student, he takes an active interest in photography, chemistry, and machinery. STAHL, JAMES E. Jim General If you don't succeed at first, give it up. Quiet Jim has a keen sense of humor, and at times has set a record in scholarship. Interested in sports, he enioys nothing better than a good game of basketball or football. He has not yet set his mind on what he is going to do, but the Army is a safe bet. STAIR, FLORENCE IOLA Flossie Commercial A light heart lives long. Flassie, an ambitious and cheerful lassie from Mountainville, when she isn't at home doing advertising, is at the Empire doing fancy stepping. For Flossie's hobby is dancing. She is also versed in housework, but plans to be a stenographer. STAMM, IRENE Renee General Cares may come, but cares will go. Renee's fine personality and flashing smile have won her a host of friends. A lover of fun and gaiety, Renee nevertheless has her serious moments. A big-name orchestra would be incomplete without her dancing feet. She is an ardent lover of sports, and will make a grand WAAC. Page One Hundred and Eighty two 1943 CUMUS STAVRIDIS, P. GEORGE P. G. College Preparatory I will strive with things impossible, Yea, get the better of them. A modest quiet self-made pen-man, George was president of his sophomore class, received "beautiful" marks through at least 2Vg years of his high school career, lhe relaxed the other tive months,l belongs to the Canary Staff, and could be spotted at all football games by his atrocious ensemble-white sweat shirt and purple felt hat. He's the man who tells all in the Morning Call every couple weeks. French Club 3, 45 Red Cross Council, Vice President 45 Class President 2i National Honor Society 45 Morning Call News 45 Canary and Blue45 Camus, Morning Call Reporter for High School5 Journalism 3, 45 U. S. Marine Corps Reserve STECKEL, GEORGE Scheftel General Being nimble footed, he hath out-run us. Scheftel is the average student. Although he is usually a great ioker, he is unusually bashful around girls. On the other hand, he has a heart for sports and willingly takes the bumps. His favorites are football and track. Like most boys today, George is not sure of his plans, but whatever he does we know he will do well. Varsity A Club 3, 45 Track 2, 3, 45 Football 2, 3, 4 STEIDEL, HAROLD W. Harry Electric Shop I may not be a critic, but l know what I like. Although Harry seems shy and quiet, there is seldom a dull moment in his life. He iust loves to tease everyone he knows. When a bit of fun comes along, he is always ready to ioin in and have a whale of o time. Harry is quite a swimmer, would rather swim than eat, and oh how he loves to eat.! During the summer months one can find him on life guard duty at the Jordan Park. He has the knack of making friends wherever he goes. His main ambition is to become an expert electrician. He is looking forward to ioining the armed forces of Uncle Sam. Here's luck. Swimming Team 2, 3, 45 Varsity A Club 3, 4 STELTZ, ALBERTA D. Bert Commercial lf it's possible, she'll do it. Bert, whose personality has won her many friends, never seems to run short of things to talk about. She is a good student, who gets along well with everyone. Bert does not like to do homework,but she is never caught without it. After graduation she plans to become a secretary. Red Cross Representative 35 Home Room Representative 3 Page One Hundred and Eighty-three 1943 CDMU5 STELTZ, FORREST E. Forrie lndustrial Drafting Work today and rest tomorrow. Forrie is a person of pleasing personality, not very easily angered. He has always a pleasant word for those about him. As a member of the mechanical drafting class, his interest lies mainly in machine drawing, in which he would like to find a position after finishing school. Besides being a good draftsman, Forrie is an ardent dancing fan. He goes to all of the school dances and many more. Although he says he's not the most handsome fellow in school, he rates well with the girls STERNER, JOYCE IRENE Bo-Bo General A light heart lives long. Joyce is a kind-hearted girl who intends to ioin the WAACS after graduation, if conditions permit. She seems quiet in school, but outside she is gay and full of fun. She is a tom-boy at any football game. Bo-Bo is the kind of friend one likes to have. l General STIEFF, JENNIE Steedie General Singing is the highest expression in music. Jennie is one of the busiest girls at A. H. S. always ready for a good ioke. She enioys singing, and wants to be a music teacher. Steedie always has a candy bar in her mouth or in her purse. The gum shortage is really affecting her more than anything else, she iust can't seem to go without gum. Glee Club lg Carollers lf Choral Speaking lf A Cappella Choir 3, 4, Chorus 2, 3, 4, Dramatics 2 Dottie To be, or not to be . . . what? Dotty is familiar to all her classmates because she has so frequently sung in auditorium. Her main interests lie in music and swimming. She was contralto soloist for the A Cappella Choir in her iunior and senior years. She also has been in the Aquacade. Dottie gets great enioyment from dancing and skating too, and bids fair to succeed in whatever she undertakes. Girl's Swimming Team 2, 3, 4, A Cappella Choir 3, 4 Page One Hundred and Eighty-four 1943 CUMUS STOKE, FRANK W. Frank W. College Preparatory Here, Queen, take a card. Frank W. is an inconspicuous prestidigitator, no less, in other words he is an ardent amateur magician. His favorite recreation is twiddling coins. He'd rather twiddle coins than look at a pretty face any time, he says. Chinese magic is his passion, in fact, any- thing Chinese is his passion. Anywhere he goes, whatever he STOUDT, JEAN MIRIAM Jeanie Commercial A winner never quits. Jean is quite a studious girl, actually enioys doing her homework When she is graduated she hopes to get a iob as a stenographer or a typist. Her hobbies are drawing, reading, cooking, and baking, according to the hour of the day and the day of the week. Her favorite sport is swimming, and she occasionally goes bowling. does, so long as it's magic, he'II be in the front rank. STRAUCH, GLORIA M. Commercial There is always more time, why hurry! Gloria, who seems to see only the amusing side of life, enioys reading, eating, and going to the movies. She takes life with a grin, but is serious and ambitious when there is work to be done. STRAMETZ, ALICE Stra mee General Chatter, chatter all the while. To know Alice casually is to admire her for the things she does and says, to know her intimately is to treasure her whole-hearted friendship. She enioys horse-back riding, but her greatest love is music, in which she intends to major at Westchester College, where she will motriculate in the fall. Carollers l, Choral Speaking l, Glee Club 7, A Cappella Choir 3, 4, Chorus 2, 3, 4, French Club 4, German 4 Struachy 'Jays Page One Hundred and Eighty-five 688 HI 1856 to ci is STRAUSS, JEAN A. Jeanne Commercial Who is it can read a woman? She may walk through the halls solemnly but her heart is full of laughter and surprises. Besides studying and pounding the keys of a typewriter, Jeanne has an interest in music, dancing, and the movies. Here's a toast to her success-may it be as wonderful in life as it was at dear old A. H. S. STRICKMAN, SAMUEL Sammy Commercial It matters not how strait the gate, l am the master of my fate. Once Sammy gets down to do work he tries to do it the best way he knows. He is easy to get along with, and cherishes a good friend. He likes to travel and to read. He hopes to own a large fruit store some day. We'll all be looking forward to buying choice fruit in his shop. SVABY MINNIE Minnie STROHL, VIOLET Hummy Commercial A good friend is better than a relative. Violet is as good as her name, sweet and fragant, but her temper sometimes gets the best of her. But Violet is iolly, and mingles with boys and girls very easily. Above all else, she likes popular dance bands, her favorite being Glenn Miller. She works hard in her studies, and hopes to become a successful secretary. Girl Reserves l, 2 Commercial Stately and tall, she moves through the halls. Minnie is a happy-go-lucky carefree girl with few worries. Chewing gum is her favorite pastime. Although she doesn't take part in sports, she enioys all of them. From the way she performs her scholastic duties, we know she will be a good business woman. Page One Hundred and Eighty six L41 1855 SWAUGER, IRENE V. Corky General I have no cure for boredom because I have never suffered from it. Studious lrene would be on the honor roll practically every month were it not for algebra, her pet aversion. Her favorite pastime is reading, don't ever ask her a question when she is readingg you will not get an answer until she knows how the story ends. Morever, she goes in for physical activities, too, and enioys an occasional concert. Irene hopes to be a nurse. SWEENEY, JOHN Jack Retail Selling When he leaves, it's like losing a million dollars. Jack, a happy-go-lucky fellow, likes play better than work, He spends many of his evenings dancing. Whenever he has spare time he does his studies, but doesn't let that interfere with his pleasure. .lack wants to be a merchant. His cheerful personality and his constant consideration ot the other fellow will light the way. Hi-Y 4 SWEENEY, PHYLLIS GENICE Phyl General If you must talk, say something sensible. Phyl is a cheerful, carefree girl who likes to have a lot of fun all of the time. You can always tell where Phyl is by that laugh of hers. If you can't see her, you are bound to hear her. Here's hop- ing she knows the difference between a debit and credit by this time! All ioking aside, she is a swell gal, and you will always have a good time wherever she is. Home Room Representative 3 SWEENY, LENOIR M. Lynn General Variety is the spice of life. A five foot bundle of dynamite and a temper to match des- cribes little Lynn to a T. Since this little miss hails from Brooklyn, her favorite pastime, sport, and hobby are those famous Beloved Bums. Because of this, Lynn is known as Brooklyn. Her determination gets Lynn what she sets out to get. Her gay personality, her love of fun, and her teasing, make her popular. Lynn loves dancing and a good time, and can really cut a rug Brooklyn style, which is something many of us cannot do. Lynn openly admits two things- love of nursing and of the Army Air Corps. Page One Hundred and Eighty seven ,ew--' 1943 CUMUS SZABO, IRENE M. Toots Commercial She rode upon a cloud, and did fly, yea, she did fly upon the wings of the wind. A smile and a cheery laugh heralds lrene. She dreams of some day piloting her own plane. Playing the ukelele is her pet pastime, and her hobbies are ice skating and dancing. Her work in school is good, and when she makes up her mind to do a thing she does it. lrene has many friends, and can be counted on for fun. Who knows? Someday when she is a great success, we may look back and say- TAGLIOLI, LENORA L. Lee Commercial Time for work,4yet take Much holiday for art's and friendship's sake, This little bit of girl may be found day after day running around the halls with a stack of books. Lee is also an ardent sports fan. Nary a football game was played without this young damsel sitting in the stands yelling her pretty little head off. Lee plans to become a typist. "I knew her when . . ." TAIT, DOROTHY, O Dolly Commercial l am the master of my fate, l am the captain of my soul. Dolly is a good-notured, kind-hearted, and likable girl. She has many friends, and is ever willing to help one. Dolly is full of ambition and pep. To let out some of this extra energy she spends her leisure time dancing and swimming. Aquacade 2, 3, Junior Red Cross Staff Assistant TALLMADGE, ALICE Alice College Preparatory Soft words win hard hearts. Ready for fun, Alice has entered into many high school activities, and has also, during these three years, made countless friends because of her charm and her sincerity. She takes plenty of teasing about her slowness, but it's all in fun, and Alice doesn't mind. Above all, she is a good sport! Soon she will be heading for college, where she will surely be a credit to Allentown High School and a ioy to the college. Happy days ahead for you, Alice! Basketball 2, 3, 4, Home Room Representative 3, Canary and Blue Representative 3, Le Cercle Francais 3, 4, Latin Club 3, Swimming 3, 4 Page One Hundred and Eighty-eight 1943 CUMUS TAPLEY, BETTY LaVERGNE Wacko General A straight line is the shortest distance between two dates. Wacko hails from Illinois and is still breezy in A. H. S. She likes dancing, swimming, and horse-back riding. Wacko intends to be a laboratory technician. Every one at A. H. S. thinks that she is bound to be a Dromatics l, 2 TAYLOR, ROBERT BRUCE Dec College Preparatory in Engineering and Science Fate makes relatives, but choice makes friends. There's something about Bob that makes you like him the moment you see him, maybe it's the smile on his face or the light in his eyes. lt's hard to explain, but it's there-always. Bob's popular, extremely so, both with the boys and with the girls. He's also active in athletics and church work, and is a good and indus- trious, student. ln short, he's one swell fellow. Those of you who don't know him have missed a lot. Football 7, 2, Basketball 1, 2, Track 3, 4, Aeronautics 4, U. S. Army Air Corps i SUCCBSS. TEMAN, HELEN General Around and around I go. Where l stop l'll never know. Of all the blondes at Allentown High here is one that dominates TAYLOR, ROBERT E. Chick College Preparatory One cannot always be a hero, but one can always be a man! Tall, dark, quiet, and industrious, Chick is well worth knowing. He expects to maior in chemistry. The fact that he hasn't blown up his home laboratory, up to this time, warrants his future safety. Photography and scouting are his chief interests. He is one of the few seniors taking the course in aeronautics. Swimming 2, 3, Track 2, 3, 4, Aeronautics 4 Helen the picture. Since Helen is not the worrying sort, she does not take her studies too seriously, she finds plenty of time for social pleasures and for sports. Helen is another one of those high-stepping maiorettes, and takes a deep interest in music, the kind that makes one feel like marching as well as the kind that makes one feel like dancing. Nothing definite has been planned for the future, she prefers to "let come what may." Band 2, 3, 4, Gym Club 1 Page One Hundred and Eighty-nine 1943 CUMUS TOMAN, FRANK Gabby Electric Shop Don't know where he's going, but he'll get there. Frank has a personality that rates recognition from teachers as well as students. He makes friends with everyone. Sports are a chief interest to Frank, with swimming first honor, football the runner- up, and dancing, boxing, baseball tying for third. Gabby is an important link in the electric shops. He plans to advance himself in this field, and we wish him the best of luck. TOMASCHIK, DOROTHY MARIE Dottie Commercial A smile of hers is like an act of grace. Dottie's friendly smile indicates that she is easy to get along with. She loves to dance, is a good iitterbug, and is partial to Harry James' orchestra. Besides dancing she likes traveling, and all sports, especially basketball. TOOLEN, JEANNE E. Blondie Commercial When Irish eyes are smiling Jeanne is a cute little girl with golden tresses, flashing green eyes, and a fascinating smile. Her easy-going ways are captivating and her friendship a thing to be treasured. On a dance floor she's terrific. At a football game, if you hear a root for A. H. S. that almost shakes the grandstand, you'll know Jeanne and her associates are at the game. As we gaze into the crystal ball, we see diamonds and orange blossoms for Jeanne, and a happy future. TORRENCE, ROBERT ELWOOD Chubby Auto Shop A thinking mind is better than gold. Chubby is a good-natured bay and a hard worker. His school marks are not exceptional, but he tries hard. ln his shop he knows much. Although Chubby is always busy, he always has time for a smile. We know Chubby will be an expert mechanic. Page One Hundred and Ninety 1943 CUMU5 TOTH, HAROLD FRANCIS Flash Commercial Always to be true and honest to all your friends. Flash is a true and honest friend, but most of the time he's talking and having a lot of fun. He expects to go to the United States Marines or Navy Air Corps. He has tried to enlist, but was stopped by his parents, who wisely want him to finish school. Flash is active in baseball, football, and basketball, and means to go to work for Uncle Sam after he leaves school. TOTH, MARGARET HELEN Molly General The poetry of the foot is like dancing on air. As among iewels there is always c pearl, A. H. S. has iust that in Molly. Her energy is never exhausted. She will try anything once, even study. Her studies are up to par, but it is F. D. that drives her to aspirins. Dancing, especially a good polka, rates high in Molly's esteem Basketball l, 2 , ,. 'Aff rt' , ,4 "li,-5 L. TOTH, MARGARET J. Maggie Commercial Her bright smile haunts me still. Every library has its pocket editions, and A. H. S. has its pocket edition, Maggie. Her coy and irresistible smile is well known, and her laughter echoes in our memories. Maggie's slogan is, "What has got to be done has got to be done." She loves to go dancing and ice skating. On hearing her play the piano, we are convinced that Maggie is master of the ivories. Girl Reserves 2, 3, 4, Red Cross Staff Assistance 4 L TOWNLEY, ELIZABETH ANN Betsie College Preparatory She is the lady of our delight. Elizabeth is our English sparrow, touched but unruffled by bombs and blitz. She is a grand girl, lovely of manner and precise of speech. An excellent student, she aspires to be an M. D. For relaxation, Betsie adds stamps to her already extensive collec- tion, and is active both on the staff of the Canary and Blue and in the Y. W. C. A. Betsie is inclined to stubborness, and has the English sense of humor, but is cherished by her friends. Betsie wrote the winning essay in the school for the American Legion Scholarship Contest. Fredonia High School, Dramatic Club 2, Library Club, Secre' tary, 2, Girl Scouts 2 A. H. S. Math Club, Vice-President, National Honor Society 4, Canary and Blue 3, 4, Camus, Journalism 3, 4, Girl Reserves 2, 3, Adviser 4 Page One Hundred and Ninety-one 1943 TRINKLE, HELEN J. General Early to bed, early to rise Makes you heallhywanyhow. Helen seems shy, but is really full of fun and entertaining. She CUMU5 TRAINER, ALLEN Al General Live while you conf you will be dead a long time. Whenever you see a boy whose long blonde hair is hanging in his eyes, you may be sure it is Al. Al is a railroad fan, and may often may be seen poring over railroad literature in his spare time. Helene is very fond of basketball, swimming, and skating. Her one desire is to get into social service work. She has an interesting collection of pictures of movie stars, which indicates another interest. We wish her a happy future. TROXELL, ANNA MAY Wendy Commercial Small, but mighty. Wendy is a vivacious person. She is always on the go, and never has time to be dull. ln fact, it is hard to find her serious. Her favorite sport is roller skating. And once in a great while she finds time for dancing. Next year she'II be a freshman at Rider College. TROXELL, JOYCE JANE Joyce College Preparatory Though this be madness yet there's method in it. Joyce is the Troxell family's last but not least gift to A. H. S. She is an active member of the Girl's Chorus and the French Club, and has been a pillar of support for the cafeteria. During the past summer her desire to be a Commando was so overpowering that she ioined the Girl Scouts. ln fact, she ioined the only senior troop in the city. She is going to be a nurse at the Half Hospital. French Club, Girl Chorus, Girl Scouts, Basketball Page One Hundred and Ninety-two 1943 NHIG 5' 'M CDM LH 1 U J 1 5 5 L5 BA 'fl 1 in ff TROXELI., MARCELLA Molly General Persistent people begin their success where others end in failure. Molly's main interest lies in any kind of work, so long as it isn't connected with school. When talking seriously to her she'll come out with "O, K. What's the ioke?" MoIly's at home in the gym class. She likes basketball and baseball. She's a regular fan at the football games, but sometimes we wonder if it's the game or the players she's interested in. Her best subiect is English, which will help her in business college. When you feel like iumping off a bridge, a few words with Molly will change your notion. TUBERTY, JOHN Jack Science and Engineering A wise questioning is the halfway toward knowledge. Jack's insatiable thirst for knowledge, as well as his profound hunger for good books, is well known. He especially likes bio- graphies, for he believes that much may be gleaned from the lives of great men. Although he has been a member of the Orotan Debating Society for three years and is now their president, he does not con- fine his debating to the club sessions, he frequently becomes en- tangled in controversies in the class room, little caring who his opponent may be. When the world horizon once more becomes clear, Jack hopes to prepare for a professional career. Orotan Debating Society 2, 3, President 4i National Honor Society, De Malay 2, 3, Master Councillor 4 General UEBERROTH, PEGGY ANNE Peggy General Sing away sorrow, cast away care. Peggy is that cheerful girl you see dashing through the halls between classes, always yelling "Hi-you." Many people know her by her constant question, "What do we have for homework?" Peg is certain she wants to be a business woman. Whatever business she enters will be indeed fortunate to get her services. Gerry What can one expect of a day that begins with getting up in the morning? Gerry numbers her friends by the score. Though her time seems equally divided between sports and social obligations, she manages to squeeze in time for her school work too. She also likes swimming and dancing. Getting up in the morning is her bug-a-boo. When she's a Marine nurse, she'll hop up in a hurry to the reveille. Gym Club if German Club 4, Y. W. C. A. 45 Girl Reserves 4 Page One Hundred and Ninety-three fl? 1943 UNGER, JOYCE General Fire in each eye and papers in her hand, She raves, recites, and maddens round the land. Eyes of blue, and brown of hair, Extraordinary girl, with talents rare, Clever Hngers fashion designs, Paint portraits and scenes divine. She loves to talk, she loves to act, A girl of dignity, poise, and tact. Joyce hopes to use her ability A radio dramatist she would be. Whatever she does, she'Il give it her best, So here's to Joyce-good luck and success. CDMU5 UHLIG, BRIGITTE ROSEMARIE Gitti College Preparatory Give me the courage to say resolutely "l don't know," and then to go out unashamed to discover the right answer. Foreign correspondent and poet besides---a queer combina- tion--but that's Gitti's ambition in the arduous field of writing. She has moved steadily toward those ends with special courses at Northwestern University, and she likes to follow her poetic inspira- tion. This explains her interest in world events, in people, and in their thinking. She came to Allentown as a Middle-western iunior to finish her high school education as an Eastern senior. Clayton High School, St. Louis, Missouri, National Honor Society 3, 4, Naewspaper, Yearbook Staff 3, 4, Journalsim 4, Scribblers 2, 3, 4, Spanish Club 3, Latin Club 2, 3, Girls Athletic Association 2, 3, Northwestern U. Inst. of Journalism 3 A. H. S. Canary and Blue, Feature Editor 4, Journalism 4 Joy URFFER, JUNE A. Urffie College Preparatory The most completely lost of all days ls that on which one has not laughed. June has a sweet and carefree personality, that is what people like, and so do wel Besides sports June enioys reading novels and going to well-acted movies. June plans to go to college to study dramatics. You can usually hear this small brown-eyed girl before you see her, for she is continually laughing. Her even temper and her pleasing personality are sure to bring her happiness. Dramatics l, 3, 4 VAN DOREN, MILES Sharp Mechanical Drafting He who treasures what is most dear to him will long be cherished. Miles is a carefree guy, always ready to have a good time, especially at dancing. He is easy to get along with, and there are very few in the industrial course who do not know him. Besides playing his trumpet, which may soon have us "Swinging and Swaying Van Doren's Way" he seems to find time for girls, who somehow or other always have him blushing. All in all, Miles is a good pal, a friend to be trusted, and a great guy to get along with. Page One Hundred and Ninety four 1943 CUMUS VATSULA, PAULINE Polly General A still small voice, a true tempered soul. Meet Pauline Vatsula, or Polly, if you learn to know her well. For you are scarcely aware of her presence unless at some time you have stood in need of her help. Polly finds enioyment in swim- Iuck to Polly. min9 and dancing. Her ambition is to become a nurse. VERDEGEM, BETTIE ELEANOR Bettie College Preparatory She is sweet, tall, and slender. Bettie is slender, a dreamer of dreams, and has a keen and ready mind. With her sparkling eyes, Bettie is always looking for excitement. She loves to dance and enioys all sports, but her main sport is eating, and what an appetite! Throughout school Bettie has gained a personality-plus rating with all her friends. Bettie is hoping to enter the business world. Latin Club 3, 4 VITALOS, EDWARD Sticks Auto Shop Do not fear: there is glory enough for alll Eddie is a good friend. Some of his favorite sports are hunting, fishing, skating, trapping, and swimming. Eddie is tall, lanky, and handsome. They always call him Sticks because he is about 6' 4" and played basketball for the the St. John's C. C. C. He gets up an hour or so early to go hunting in the flelds with his dog Sal, and rarely comes home without game in the pouch. He is rather amiable and quiet in school, but when his temper is aroused, it is time to soothe him and to heal his wounds. VOGEL, ROBERT H Bob College Preparatory Better to suffer and to die than lose one shade of my character. Robert is a fellow with a pleasing personality and a grand smile. He is both serious-minded and congenial. He tries to do the best he can, no matter what it is. He does not believe in laughing at others' mistakes or embarrassing them. Robert believes in having a good time at the proper places. His diversions are ice- skating and photography. He also has a flne voice and more than ordinary acting ability. Robert wants to be a doctor, and his en- thusiasm will make him a good one. We wish him the best of luck. Page One Hundred and Ninety-five 698 HIG nr 1.41391 WACKERNAGEL, DONALD Wacky General He looks the whole world in the face, For he owes not any man. Wacky has nothing on Shakespeare as tar as solid humor is concerned. Whenever you find a big cheery smile you are sure to find Wacky behind it. If everyone were bright, he would be bright too. Wacky plans to enlist in the Army Air Corps after graduation, and if anyone ever hits the top, the honors are bound to come his way. WAGNER, BERNICE L. Bernie General When she enters a room, it is as if the sun suddenly shone. Whenever you are in a grouchy mood a sure cure is Bernie. Her friendliness and good humor have made and kept many friends. She is generous, and has a sunny disposition, and always has a cheerful word for everyone. Her favorite sports are skating and swimming. Next year she intends to settle down and work. Girl Reserves WAGNER, BETTY JANE Bones General The tender wood-pigeon's cooing cry Has made me say ta myself with a sigh, How nice you would eat with a steak in a pie! lf you hear a hearty laugh, Bones is around. Bones, with her rare sense of humor and boundless energy, loves football, fishing, and baseball. Even though the Dodgers have lost, she fails to realize it, and is still voting for them. But her great specialty and ioy is eating. By the way, better luck to the Dodgers next year! Girl Scouts l, 12, 3, 4 W'ALCK, PHYLLIS Lee 5 College Preparatory Compel me not to toe the mark. Phyllis is a fine friend and an ideal chum. She has a good sense of humor, which accounts for her usually being in a good mood. She will need this pleasant mood, for she plans to be a teacher. Phyllis enioys popular music, likes to read, swim, eat and go to the movies, to say nothing of attending all the football and basketball games. She's always ready for a good time, even during school hours. Page One Hundred and Ninety six 1943 CUMUS WALKER, J. THOMAS Tom College Preparatory Thinking is one of the hardest iobs, Even if there is no competition. Tom is one of those fortunate lads whose versatility in every activity he undertakes is well-known and admired. The call of fleld and stream are irresistible to Tom's hearty nature. Many an afternoon we may flnd him wandering through the woods with a gun or patiently sitting by a creek waiting for trout to bite. Never- theless, despite his ruggedness, Tom is a gentleman. Many a fair heart has skipped a beat as Tom ambled by, his dark curly hair brushed neatly and his teeth gleaming in a broad smile. Though hardly a bookworm, Tom manages to pass in his studies. WALTERS, ALFRED Bucky Mechanical Drafting Its not the whistle that makes the locomotive go, it is the silent steam. Alfred is a nice chap with a pleasing personality and a good sense of humor. His hobby is model airplane construction. lf there are any arguments about military principle, Alfred is in on them. usually coming out ahead. Bucky's one ambition is to ioin the U. S. Marines, of whom he is always talking. AI has a membership at the Y. M. C. A., which he treasures highly. Alfred's vocational course in the Allentown High School has trained him to become a drafts- man. All he needs now is experience. U. S. Marine Corps Reserve WALTERS, CONSTANCE F. Connie College Preparatory Happiness consists in activity. Here's a girl who shines bright in social altairs, and whose company we all love. Connie is that versatile maiorette who marches before and leads the band at all the football and basketball games. For the past two years she has been in charge of those eleven other popular Swingettes who add color to the band. Connie has many othe interests, too, dancing being not the least of these. She intends t ing home economics, probably at Pennsylvania State College. Maiorette 2, 3, 4, Girl Reserves 1 M 1 WALTERS, GRACE B. Crazy Gracie Commercial Few hearts like hers, with virtue warm 'd. Grace has a pleasing personality. She likes sports and takes active part in quite a few. Although Grace is not studiaus, she gets along fairly well. She means to open a nursery for the care of busy wamen's children. Already she has found a lot of pleasure and profit in taking care of the neighbor's children. Orchestra li Girl Scouts I, 2, 3, 4 Page One Hundred and Ninety-seven 1943 WARE, W. JOSEPH College Preparatory The unspoken word never does harm. A city air raid warden, Joe has taken a great deal of re- sponsibility on his shoulders for a lad of seventeen. He is also an up-and-coming aviator and a member of the newly organized aeronautics class. ln his spare time he collects clippings of World War ll and postal cards. Joe has a full schedule, but manages to get everything done well. German Club 4, Mathematics Club 4, Canary and Blue Solicitor 3, 4, City Air Raid Warden 3, 4, Aeronautics 4 WEAVER, JOYCE ELAINE Commercial Sincerity is a virtue worth possessing. Joyce is a quiet studious girl. With all the studying she does, she still finds time for many other activities. Her favorite pastime is skating. Her ambition is to become a secretary, and may success be with her. Home Room Representative 2, Commercial Club 4, National Honor Society 4, Red Cross Council, Secretary 4 0,301 H100 CUMUS 5 SE 1 5 L A WARD, MARY T. Irish Commercial A silent tongue and a true heart. Mary is one of those quiet girls, with laughing Irish eyes, quick to light up at the sight of any of her many friends. A true high school rooter, Mary attends all functions. Her chief ioy is dramatics. Mary is not the most studious person, but she passes without trouble. Her hobby is needle-point. With Mary to help Uncle Sam win, the government will surely prosper. Chorus 2, Dramatics 4, Girl Reserves l, 2, 3, 4 Joe WAVREK, JOYCE R. Jo General She dances, she glances, she smiles upon you. .lo has won for herself a host of friends, to whom she gives the impression of being very quiet. Jo likes all kinds of sports, but likes typing best. Basketball 2 .loy Page One Hundred and Ninety-eight 1943 CUMUS WEBER, EDWIN W. Eddie General Such men as these make the world go around. Eddie is a happy-go-lucky fellow who never carries books home, but absorbs it all somehow, for he always seems to get through. Eddie also likes to argue: he will argue about any subiect under the sun. His ambition is to ioin the air corps as an aircraft mechanic. Band 2, 3, 4 WEBER, WANDA JUNE Wanda General Personality is to a woman what perfume is to a flower. Wanda came from Hagerstown, Maryland, in her senior year, and is already a loyal A. H. S. citizen. She is a true friend and companion, and makes friends easily. She is fond of dancing, loves all types of music, and enioys both watching and participating in all sports. WEHR, GRACE M. ff 1,.,Cf.,, 2.4! Blondie Commercial How rare is a friend like this, a friend to trust. All who really know this blue-eyed blonde know her to be a true and faithful friend. She's one girl in whom you can confide, and she always manages to cheer you in your sadder moments. A lover of all sports and an ardent football fan, Blondie is never- theless preparing for a career in the business world as a secretary, WEIDER, DOROTHY MARIE Dot General If l'm doing it, it's sure to be a wreck. Tramping along the road of life, one flnds Dot, with her spark- ling smile and winning personality. Dorothy spends most of her time on the skating rink, or sitting in a dark corner of some movie. Fond of all sports, she says swimming tops them all. Page One Hundred and Ninety-nine stenographer or typist. Girl Reserves l, 2, 3, 4 1943 WEIDNER, JOYCE ESTHER Commercial Few hearts like hers, with virtue warm'd. Joy, who always impresses one as being quiet, has a pleasing personality. Although .Ioy is not studious, she gets along fairly well in her studies. She enioys all kinds of sports, although she takes no active part in them. Joy has made no plans for the future, but is very much interested in bookkeeping. Girl Scouts 1, 2, 3, 4 WEIL, MARJORIE E. General A little garden square and walled, A sun-swept space which the good God made. To some Mary appears quiet, but when she's with her own crowd she fits in perfectly. Mary loves to be out in the woods taking pictures. She has a great yen for flowers and for gardening Being Irish, Mary can also cook a mean pot of Irish stew. But her main interest is still out of doors. CDMU5 WEIDMAN, ROBERT Whitey General They say best men are molded out of quiet ways. Quiet, reserved, and shygbut there's a way about Whitey. Where there's a will there's a way, and along with that will, we have Whitey with his smile and his humor. He is an enthusiastic fan for football, basketball, baseball, and ping-pong. He is like many a modern young fellow-friendly, earnest, and sincere. lf personality and school work are any indication ofa future, Whitey is headed for success somewhere. Track 4 Joy WEIL, ALLEN Al General O how I hate to get up in the morning! Wait! Here comes Al, a fun-loving carefree youth. He has swing in his blood, and whenever a big name band is in town, you will find Al right down in front. His iovial disposition makes him a regular fellow among his friends. Al is an average student, a supporter of school activities, and tries to do his best in school, but outside of school he sheds his cares. To become a topnotch drum- mer in the world of swing is Al's ambition. With all his intiative, he will undoubtedly be iust that. Good luck! Dimples Page Two Hundred 1943 WEISS, SHIRLEY H. General She knows no exercise but laughing. Shere's infectious laugh and darling dimples are an ornament CUMUS WEINSHEIMER, PEARL LOUISE Pearl Commercial Still water runs deep. Here is another little commercial lassie, quiet and shy when it most becomes her, but in the company of iolly friends, mirth itself. In her school work Pearl is tops, as her report card shows. Some day she will reap the reward of those marks. Shere to any crowd, but only her intimate friends know of her sympathetic understanding. Besides, she can talk about anything, from the political stiuation to a description of the Congo. Although Shirley has been at A. H. S. for three years, she still gets lost when she looks for the elevator in the annex, drops her books in the two-fifty rush, and comes out of the cafeteria with two desserts. We wonder what she's dreaming of. Y .7 WENNER, WILLIAM ROBERT College Preparatory He who will not reason, is a bigolg He who cannot, is a fool, and he who will not, is a slave. As one of the two amateur operators of radio stations at WEITKNECHT, JANET Jan College Preparatory Humor and wit She has both lo spare. Janet is a friendly cheerful person with a firm determination. She is consistent in her beliefs, and accomplishes whatever she sets out to do. Interested in all sports, she specializes in swimming, and takes an active part in the high school aquacades. Jan's interest in dramatics has led to several important roles in class plays. She is quick in repartee and has a keen sense of humor. Janet plans to be o librarian, naturally, for she has a passion for reading. French Clubf Swimming 3, 4, Junior Class Play, Senior Class Play, lntercloss Play 3, Girl Reserves 4 Buck Allentown High School, Bucky has been the proud owner of amateur Radio W3lVL for the last two years. Since the war and the limiting of activities, his station has been in the emergency radio service network. Bucky is a member of the American Radio Relay League, the Short Wave League, and the Allentown Mike and Key Club. His immediate desire is to copy forty words a minute on the type- writer for the U. S. Navy. Bucky's week isn't complete unless he goes to at least one dance. His favorite music is symphony for listening, and Boogie-Woogie for dancing. Page Two Hundred and One 1943 CUMU5 WENTZ, BETTE L. Bette Lou Commercial And feel that l am happier than l know. Bette is an all-round girl, happy-go-lucky, friendly. Her cap- ability as a leader is proved by the offices she has held at A. H. S. Bette's greatest thrills are swimming, dancing, vacationing in the mountains, and going to Stroudsburg. She is planning to continue her work in the stenographic field, having already mode a success- ful start. WENTZ, PAUL l. Pauly General Unpredictable as a humming bird. Pauly is generally quiet, but so is dynamite when it's not lit. His greatest interest is sports, above all hunting and fishing, into which he puts his whole heart. Although he is not particularly studi- ous, he succeeds in attaining average grades. Paul expects to become a machinist and do his share in turning out materials for Uncle Sam. Vice-President of Class 1, 2, 3, President of Student Council l Class Secretary 4, Girl Reserves l, 2, 3, 4 Commercial Club 4 Latin Club 3, 4, Varsity A Club 4, German Club 4, Basketball WERT, NEWELL JOHN Newell College Preparatory Nunc animis opus Here is a rare combination of a good fellow and a scholar. His favorite studies are languages, but his main interest is basketball. Up to this time Newell has regarded women as something to be tolerated, but times are changing. Newell has some serious moments, and in these he has high ambitions toward a liberal arts education in college, four years of which he is eagerly awaiting. Manager 3, 4 WERTMAN, RICHARD Wertie Electric Shop He's not too short, and not too tall lust an average guy-that's all. Outstanding in his studies and popular with his friends, Wertie is liked by all. Although an earnest worker, he is interested in football and basketball. He also likes hunting, but he misses practically everything he shoots at. His hobbies are whittling and making things with his hands, and he has made some nice pieces of handicraft. Wertie plans to be a bachelor, but iust until the right girl comes along, and he hopes it won't take her long. Page Two Hundred and Two 1943 CUMUS WESSNER, SHIRLEY Squirrly General She's a one-way thinker-her way. Although Shirley isn't Irish, one would almost think so from the witty remarks she makes. Her pet pastime is dancing, her pet worry, how to keep the members quiet at club meetings. Especially interested in art, she has made several posters for school ativities. Shirley hopes to enter Kutztown State Teachers college to continue her study of art. WESTERMAN, LORRAINE ANN Billie General Laugh and be merry, remember, better the world with a songf" With a pleasing personality and genuine friendliness, Lorraine hos become popular among the girls and boys of high school. She likes all sports and school activities. Lorraine has hopes she will work in an office. Dramatics 2, 3 WETHERHOLD, MARJORIE LOUISE Marge Commercial Work fascinotes me. I can sit and look at it for hours. Marge is a true friend. She sees your good and bad points and likes you as you are. She has a bit of trouble getting to school on time, but who knows, it could be the fault of the trolley. Some day after the war she will have a permanent position with a handsome Marine, but until then she will be content to be a steno- grapher. WETZEL, BETTY Irish Commercial Loyalty is worth more than money. Betty is o friend of everyone, because she never ceases to do favors for someone else. She has blue eyes and blonde hair to enhance a pleasing personality. Betty is going to be a very good typist. Girl Reserves I, 2, 3, 4 Page Two Hundred and Three 1943 WHITEKNIGHT, ETHEL MAY Effie May General Haste makes waste. Don't rush me. Blue-eyed, light haired, and as sweet as they come, Ethel is the ioy of her friends. She enioys humor, and still can be earnest. 1 1. ' 1' f 1 fx, 7.7! Ill -f... .,, walks. WHITNER, GEORGE Zeke College Preparatory Give them the cold steel, bays! Zeke is the smashing fullback of the Canary eleven. Everyone will remember George for his brilliant football, his witty remarks, and his attraction for the fair sex. Zeke has many times helped tote the pigskin to the double line stripe of the opponent's goal. His scholastic as well as his athletic standing may well be recognized. George doesn't know his next move, but we predict he will smash the enemy's defenses, wherever he goes. Football l, 2, 3, 4, Varsity A Club 4 CUMUS WHITE, THEODORA Thea General She lives every moment as if it were a crisis Theodora has a pleasing personality and a delightful sense of humor. She is full of vitality and energy Thea takes a real in terest in all school activities, whether they be dances or tennis and swimming. She likes to eat and to be in crowds Her one fault is her ardent likes and dislikes. Theodora intends to tram as a labora tary technician, and with her intelligence she ought to be good Historical Society 4 WHITENIGHT, RUTH l. Ruth College Preparatory l come, Reioicing in Beauty Exulting in Life Ruth is independent of thought and expression and frank of opinion. She thinks well in discussions, and sticks to her point until positively proved in error. With a perceptive and agile mind she has the soul of a philosopher. An active sense of humor and good sportsmanship redeem her reserve. Ambitious she goes after what she wants, and usually gets it. Ruth loves music, literature and long Canary and Blue 3, Editor 4, Latin Club 2 3 Historical Society 3, 4, Vice-President, Girl Scouts, Comus, Journalism 3 4 Page Two Hundred and Four 1943 CDMUS WIELAND, RICHARD S. Dick College Preparatory In quietness and confidence shall be your strength. Quiet and serious, yes! Studious and willing to learn, yes. However, what is probably more important, Dick has a wonderful sense of humor. lt's a toss-up whether tennis or gardening is Dick's favorite pastime, if he isn't wielding a racket he's caring for flowers or shrubs. For tennis, refer to his record on the tennis team for the last two years. Basketball and football games would never get by without him. If being on energetic student, a helpful friend, and a good sport spells success, Dick should have it and lots to spare. WILLETTE, CATHERINE M. May Commercial Absence of occupation is not rest, A mind quite vacant is a mind distressed. At lost! The great moment has arrived. Catherine will be graduated, perhaps not with honors, but with a reputation for a cheerful disposition and a winning personality. Everyone looked to May to keep them happy before a test, and in the end they were consoling her about her mark. Catherine's main interest, outside of her studies, is skating. She's a whiz on the wheels. All her classmates wish her the best of luck. Varsity A Club, Tennis 3, 4 .,. . Q, ,ir-fy WILLIAMS, DAVID H., JR. Dave ,,. , General 425' qvgjifi His studies were pursued and pursued. if if A flash of teeth, a iovial hello, there's Dove, getting by. He "gets by," as he puts it, with his academic subiects too, but he would rather be in the gymnasium playing basketball or on the athletic fleld playing football. Captain of the Raub football team, he has since played for A. H. S. lf the Army doesn't get him, he expects to enter East Stroudsburg Teachers College to specialize in physical education. He'll make a grand football coach. Football 1, 2, 3, 4, Basketball,1, 2, Red Cross Council 2, 3 WILLIAMS, JEAN Windy General Friends I have made whom envy must commend. Windy-the name is very Htting, because if you want to speak you must flrst try to quiet her. Although she is ready for a good laugh at any time, she tries hard at her studies. She hasn't any particular hobbies, but she will try a hand at anything once. Chorus 2, Basketball 2, Girl Reserves 3, 4 Page Two Hundred and Five lQ43 CDMUS WILLIAMS, JOYCE Jinx General Talking helps some people to think, like writing a message with clear ink. Jinx may be her nickname, but her smiling personality brings her good luck. She hasn't taken her studies seriously, although she pulls through smiling. Her dancing brings her popularity with both boys and girls. Jinx spends her leisure time horseback riding and playing tennis. Her chief ambition is to become a fashion designer. WILLIAMS, LEAH FRANCES Leah College Preparatory Count no hours but sunny hours. Leah is a vivacious lass, and although she is the last to enter the doors of A. H. S. in the morning and the first to leave at two- forty-five, she has kept up a fairly good record in her school work. She has not definitely decided what school she will attend or what career she will follow, but she's bound to succed in whatever she attempts. Le Cercle Francais 3, 4, Basketball 2, 3, Aquacade 3, 4, Junior Prom Committee 3, Junior Class Play 3, Red Cross Repre- sentative 3 Basketball, Dramatics 4 WITCZAK, LEO R. Chuck College Preparatory Never miss an opportunity to make others happy, Even if you have to let them alone to do it. Chuck is a boy of average caliber, who can grasp the humorous as well as the serious side of a conversation. He is an ambitious boy, he has worked before and after school for a number of years. Chuck enioys all types of athletics, both as a spectator and as a participant. One must learn to know Chuck to appreciate all his good qualities. Football 3 WOLF, JEANNE H. Jeanne College Preparatory ln framing an artist, art hath decreed, To make some good, but others to exceed. Now we come to Jeanne, a quiet girl who thinks twice before she talks, and that is seldom. But Jeanne needs no words, she expresses herself on canvass. She doesn't tell her middle name to anyone, but it could very well stand for high ideals. Swimming and dancing are among Jeanne's diversions, and she never tires of swinging at a shuttle-cock. Jeanne's idea of a perfect week-end is to pack up her iodphurs and spend the days "roughing it" at the Wolf cottage with a few girl friends. She intends to study at the Academy of Fine Arts in Philadelphia. Kline-Baum Art School l, 2, 3, 4, French Club 3, 4, Red Cross Council 3, Home Room Rep. 2, 4, Canary and Blue Rep.4 Page Two Hundred and Six 1943 CUMUS WOLF, JOSEPH .loe Commercial Why worry? Cares will come, but cares will go. Joe is a likable young chap. One does not need to know him long before learning that. He believes in having a good time, and makes any gathering light and happy. He is well-known in the social world, and although he does not take part in the usual sports, he excels in basketball. He is no honor student, but he is no slouch in school either, never needs to worry about getting through. WOLF, PHYLl.lS EDITH Phill Commercial Tramp, tramp, tramp. The girls are marching! And Phill will be a good marcher. She is always ready to help others. She likes best to play basketball and to read. She played the part of Grandma in the senior play. Phill would like to ioin the WAACS, and we'd like to march along beside her. Senior Play 4 ,Xu A WOLFORD, WILLIAM H. i College Preparatory Rightly served! Bill, tall, blue-eyed, with light brown hair, hails from Fogelsville. Many pupils think his nickname should be Sleepy, for his looks and actions suggest complete rest. When one passes through the cor- ridors and looks into the chemistry lecture room, he can see Bill sleeping there. His hobby, model airplane building, is flne prepara- tion for his work in the Army Air Corps. He particularly likes football, basketball, baseball, ice-skating. Swimming "also runs." When the war is over, Bill plans to go to Ursinus College. 1943 wishes him the best of luck. For, oh world, what a head that man has when when he is awake! WOOD GERALDINE MAY Gerry Commercial If at first she doesn't succeed, she'll try, try again. Laughing, lovable, fun-loving Gerry takes great pride in her three brothers who are in the armed services, one in the Army, one in the Navy, and one in the Marines. But her heart belongs to the Navy. Her hobbies are writing letters, swimming, skating, and going to football and basketball games. She definitely does not like to dance. After the war she plans to become a telephone opera- tot. Home Room Representative 3 Page Two Hundred and Seven 4 I-P 1943 CDMUS WOOLLEY, KENNETH RAY Ken General l also love the work of man, and the crowd of busy workers scan. Ken is one of those conservative types in the classroom when he feels tired. He likes all sports, but dotes on hunting and fishing. Although his marks in general are average, he ranks high among YAREMA, WALTER Iggie Machine Shop A fob well begun is half done. Iggie is known for his ability in his work. He is iust as able at fishing in the spring and summer, and target practicing in the fall and winter, with skating and dancing thrown in iust any time. Iggie is short, active, and shy among strangers. He is going to live a happy and useful life as a tool maker. his class in senior science. YEAGER, ALYCE VERNE Allie College Preparatory Every artist clips his brush in his own soul, and paints his own nature into his pictures. If it is true that one's works reflect the artist's personality, we could easily read the personality of Alyce in her pictures with their soft, subdued colors and well-organized design, painted with an almost tender perfection. They suggest a modest yet confident personality, a fine, delicate instinct for the beautiful, and a meticul- ous exactness, which explains her skill in solving algebra problems. What her pictures do not reveal is her ability as a pianist, and her love for dances, people, and fun. Le Cercle Francais 3, 4, Kline-Baum Art School l, 2, 3, 4 YEAGER, JEAN LUCll.LE Jeannie Commercial A good friend, so costly, rich, and rare. Jean has a sparkling personality that has won her scores of friends. Although she doesn't care much for sports, she is a great rooter. You should know Jean if you want to have a good time. Sometimes serious, she's mostly full of fun and laughter. Bookkeeping Machine, Red Cross Staff Assistant Page Two Hundred and Eight Bcsexll Xhfiusxx Q f' 1943 CDMUS YEAGER, JOHN H., JR. Jock College Preparatory Then sounded the voice of the trumpet, With syllabled fire, troubling their line. Here is a chap with lots of ability, and prospects for a flne future as a musician. ln the summer of '42 .lack played with an orchestra at a summer resort in the Catskill mountains. He also plays with several bands about town, and plays solo trumpet in our high school swing band. Jack is the kind of a fellow you like to have around, he has a pleasant smile and a cheerful word for everyone he meets, and has won many a friend. His pastimes are dancing, sports, and playing a hot trumpet. He means to enter the U. S. Merchant Marine Academy. Here's the best of luck, Jack. YEAKEL, BETTY JEAN Betty General And like a passing thought, she fled in light away. Betty is a typical high school girl. Happy-go-lucky and care- free, she seems to flnd it easy to overcome obstacles. Lovable and lovely to look at, Betty plans to be a dress designer or a com- mercial artist. Her artistic talent, added to her pleasing personality, will help her to build a valuable clientele. Kline-Baum Art School 1, 2, 3, 45 Girl Reserves 2, 3, Y. W. C.A. 2, 3 YEAKEL, KENNETH HAROLD Kenny General l YOCCO, EVELYN LUCILLE ' Evie General A laugh with every pound Kenneth is the life of the gang. When he is around, conversa- tion never dies. He is a strong believer in "eat, sleep, and be merry." He can usually be found at all the games, admiring the beautiful ladies. life, like a dome of many colored glass, Stains the white radiance of eternity. Evie is a quiet and reserved girl apparently, but do not let that fool you. When you once get her to laugh you have a hard time trying to quiet her down. To some of her friends, who are many, Evie is known as Giggle. Evie takes her school work seriously, and keeps at it until it is done. Chorus 3 Page Two Hundred and Nine 1943 YOST, CARSON E. Commercial l'd walk a million miles for one of his smiles. A boy well-known and liked by his fellow classmates is Carson Yost. After school he loves to dance, of course with the right girl. Here's wishing you luck, Chubby. CUMUS YODER, BETTY JANE B. J. College Preparatory Here, sweep those books away, l will not crush my brains today. B. J. is one of the many Betties in our class, but, like the adver- tisement, there's a difference with a distinction. B. J. believes lessons should give precedence to things of more importance. She is very fond of gym, and proves the fact by having the teacher's time clock to take the roll call. Although she hasn't any special hobbies, be- lieve it or not, this girl likes to study about bugs and woolly cater- pillars. B. J. expects to go on wih her education, and may go into that field. Chubby YOUNG, WILLIAM RAYMOND Moon Print Shop A rolling stone gathers no moss. Moon is a humorous and a swell guy, but he doesn't believe in rough play and wise-cracks. His ambition is to become a first class printer in some large plant. He can tell you more about printing than any ten guys, and never as much as wink an eye. He thinks of the present and never of the future, which he says never comes. He loves his dancing and iitterbug style, and Woody Herman's band. Football l l YOUNGCORT, FLORENCE M. Flossie . General Her voice stamped its foot just a little. Flossie is constantly knitting, but she finds time for her home- work. Flossie does not try to compete with Michael Angelo, she prefers a more glamorous and exciting life than that of the dreamy artist-she wants to be an interior decorator. She should be good, her charm and popularity add luster to any situation. Y. W. C. A., Art Clubl Page Two Hundred and Ten .xml HIC 0 to '359' YUHR, JEAN Rosie Commercial Sincerity is her virtue With her bright smile and her happy laugh, Rosie's a cheering gal to have around. Commercial studies keep her more than busy, but she's never too busy to give time to loyal and devoted friends. With a flair for art, she mischievously decorates her belongings with iounty figures, much like herself. Her bubbling personality, ambition, and reliability should insure the success we wish her- and that's a lot! E YURCOVIC, MARGARET IRENE Margie Commercial A daughter of the gods, divinely tall, And most divinely fair. Here is a miss whose pleasing personality has won her scores of friends. With strangers Margie is quiet and shy, with her friends, mischievous and gay. Margie is a good student, and really works at her studies. She is interested in becoming a private steno- grapher, but give her a marimba and she can go to town. Girls Reserves 3, Red Cross Staff Assistant Corps. YURICK, JOSEPH Joe Retail Selling I use my own mind, and take good advice from others. .loe is always willing to be friendly with whomever he meets. There is a time and place for everything, is his motto. He is depend- able and ambitious, and set in his mind. YURICK, KATHRYN Kitten Commercial A lovely being, scarcely formed or moulded, A rose with all its sweetest leaves yet folded. Kathryn really needs no introduction. You've seen her strutting around the High School. She enioys dancing, and is one of the high stepping maiorettes. Her brain works iust as fast as the baton she spins so skillfully. Kathryn can make anyone happy. She's everybody's friend, and one of the few gifted with beauty and brains. Band 2, 3, 4 Page Two Hundred and Eleven 1943 CUMUS ZABOY, HELENE Speedy Commercial Sensitive, swift to resent, but as swift in atoning for error. A remarkable sense of humor and a magnetic smile distinguish Speedy. This pretty girl enioys singing, dancing, and painting, and is an ardent rooter at basketball and football games. Being artistically inclined, Speedy's success in photography is assured. Commercial Club 4, Girl Reserves 3, 4, Chorus 2, Red Cross Staff 4, Dramatics 4 s' '1 Kfifff ZAWEDIUK, ANNA Ann Retail Selling - A cheerful companion is worth more than fine gold. A happy, lovable girl, always willing to help out, is Little Ann. Dancing and swimming are her usual ways of spending her leisure time. Her ambition is to be a telephone operator or a salesperson in a large department store. Girl Reserves, T. O. M. S. ZIEGLER, RICHARD Zeke General A wolf doth grin before he barketh. Zeke is full of fun, and loves always to be in the thick of an argument. He says he's shy, and his frequent blushes substantiate his assertion. Much as he enioys baseball and football, he likes archery better. Zeke does not care for school too much, but when he's away from school for any length of time he "misses it." His favorite subiect is algebra, and his favorite companion his dog, Jiggs. Zeke likes the United States Novygsays Navy blue is his favorite color. Here's luck in your life on the ocean wave. ZILLIG, CHESTER Chet College Preparatory He is a fine, a safe and discreet man. Chester moves quietly about his business, in a friendly fashion, not saying too much, but when he talks people listen. He gets around too, but there's no boasting about it. Prod a little, you'Il find he has visited several of the big camps, wherever his father has happened to be. Coax a little, he'Il tell you how his mother visiting at the camp, went in and baked a chocolate cake for some of the soldiers, or about his father's letters from North Africa. A pretty knowledgeable fellow is Chester, but he'Il wait for you to ask before he tells. Chet worked with the Signal Corps in New York last summer, and knows some of the Intelligence service from the inside, but again he knows howto hold his tongue. An intelligent, delightfully companionable and discreet person, Chester can be trusted by his friends and by his country. Page Two hundred and Twelve 1943 ZIMMERMAN, JOHN RICHARD College Preparatory Vixi et quem dederat cursum fortuna peregi. I have lived and have finished the course which fortune assigned me. This bright boy says he likes to sleep, But his recitations make teachers weep lwith ioyl. Of all the guys that you may meet, Here's one whose work iust can't be beat. A horse-back rider he tries to be, And reading-"lt's an art," says he. And he's to be an engineer, He'Il be a grand one, never fear. U. S. Marine Corps Reserve CUMUS ZIMMERMAN, ALLEN A. Al General Quiet? Under water. AI, at his tender age, possesses the rare ability to give Hnancial advice. His favorite way of spending leisure hours is working in his radio laboratory or reading the Hnancial reports in the morning papers. He expects to take up flnance at Muhlenberg, and to com- plete his education at Lehigh. Don't be surprised if you find him on Wall Street some day. Itchy ELI, CALVIN Eli Pattern Shop Diligence is the root of success. Eli, a member of the pattern shop, is a likeable fellow. He is about flve feet five, dark haired and dark-eyed, and has a host of friends, especially girls. In Eli's spare time he will amuse himself by hunting and fishing, though sometimes he turns to roller skating. ln shop, if Eli isn't singing or humming, he will probably be telling you tales of his hunting and fishing experiences. S X X IN MEMORIAM ARLENE C. CRUSH December 28, l924 May 5, 1943 "Standing in a Shining Peace Forever Happy and Forever Young" Page Two Hundred and Thirteen ,v E- ,Z .fi Xs L X xx x X 1943 CUMUS 0ur Fellow Graduates The Comus, speaking not only for the class of 1943, but for the school and the adminis- tration, here pays tribute to the teachers who are this year retiring from their active work as members of the faculty. The long and constant respect that the Allentown High School has enioyed and maintained among the schools of Pennsylvania is due to the capable and devoted service of its teachers. To the men and women who are stepping out this year the school wishes a long and happy period of opportunity to enioy both the leisure and the chance for perhaps a more varied activity than time has heretofore allowed them. lt is with affectionate and respectful appreciation of the quality and the spirit of their efforts on behalf of the thousands of young people in Allentown that the school, and this class, here pays them tribute, and it is a pleasant thing to know that as we go about the town, we shall still be meeting and greeting these friends of our school days. Daniel W. Hamm Charles C. Bachman Nelson A. Butz Blanche E. Hallman Harry R. McCullough Charles A. Speck Page Two Hundred and Fourteen ww 1".m.' X 1.-w vw- "1 sl'-, 9,-Q x..-.V ,K fl" -' 5 Fm. 31's , A -,,, Y 4. S ,, Q Mk , 15-ni' 7. yy , .-. . ,J- x 51- . 'J' - k in-lix 4 ,gg 'v .,- x 'n : X' HU "'-'WF' Pl:-A ful . 5 v v' Ji' -W 4, ,filfi 1 f X via. 'Ng x ' uw. yi. V W, af. -stag- 491W ' r Y if 1' A Lf' 7 . ' 'J W ,V jg! I . , , ,,, H, 4' 5... U li . new ,--q x A Y 2 5 b 3 E NUF' Adams, Edwin G. Albright, Robert H. Allender, Russell P. Amici, Charles R. J. Angstadt, Richard A. Arnold, Robert R. Bachman, Henry P. Backensto, David E. Baehler, Theodore R. Ball, Willard E. Banotai, Francis L. Bartels, William M. Bartholomew, Thomas L. Bartholomew, Walter J. Baus, Warren K. Bausman, James W. Bechtel, Robert L. Bechtel, Thomas E. Beck, Marlin E. Bendus, Frank Ben Kinney, Leon C. Berger, Carlton L. Bernhard, Ralph L. Berta, Andrew T. Bieber, Wallace J. Bieret, James F. Bleiler, Donald N. Bower, Kenneth W. Boyer, William S. Brensinger, Donald E. Brinker, Luke J. Brossman, William F. Brown, Donald A. Brown, William L. Buchman, Clyde E. Butz, Robert J. K. Buxton, Robert I. Callahan, Clinton C. Calnan, Thomas J. Cannon, Frank P. Capkovic, Andrew M. Chomik, Michael Christ, Robert B. Christine, Orrin E. Clare, Paul L. Clark, John T. Jr. Clark, Paul A. Clauss, Robert E. Conroy, Eugene L. Cape, Robert P. Cordus, Luther C. Corvino, Joseph M. Cosgrove, Robert C. Crone, David C. Csanadi, Joseph A. Dal Pezzo, Geno Dankel, William E., Jr. D'Anniable, Mario J. Daubenspeck, Roy W. J. Decker, Erwin L. Deibert, Edward M. Delbert, William F. Demeter, Ernest J. Derhammer, Donald W. Dettra, David J. Diefenderfer, Gene R. Diehl, Allan C. Diehl, Charles A. Dietrich, David E. rr' "F 1943 CUMUS 1943 Class Roster--- Boys Doben, Frank Doll, Willard F. Dorney, Robert C. Downs, James D. Dreher, Russell L. Dries, Howard B. Dunbar, Spurgeon D. Durn, Lamar C. Egan, Joseph M. Egge, Robert P. Egge, Rodger, S. Ehrhardt, Frederick P. Ehrich, Roger L. Elchook, Michael Eli, Calvin Erdman, Calvin M. Erich, Robert H. Ershler, Stanley R. Eslinger, Lloyd E. Ettinger, Robert K. Ettl, Robert L. Favotto, Rudolph L. A. Fegely, Franklin J. Fenstermaker, Robert E. Fichter, Frank C. Fink, Donald W. Flores, Carlton K. Focht, Edward A. Follweiler, Charles E. Fox, Kenneth G. Francis, Willard F. Franklin, Richard B. Frantz, Luther P. Frederick, Donald R. Fridirici, Curtis A. Fried, Robert D. Fritchman, Donald P. Gabellini, John J. Galgon, Paul P. Garis, Jack W. Gaugler, Earl C. Gebert, George R. Gery, Bruce M. Gery, Robert M. Gigler, William W. Gilbert, John R. Ginder, Mark E. Gingrich, Hugo R. Goebel, Claude R. Goldenberg, Jerome Goldstein, Martin Gordin, George Gower, William F. Grider, Thomas E. Grim, Donald C. Gross, James W. Gruber, Floyd E. Grumbein, Ralph F. Guignet, Paul D. Gunn, Thomas L. Gutekunst, Richard R. Hacker, Roland C. Handlon, John V. Handwerk, Eugene J. Haney, Erwin Hargesheimer, George R. Harkins, Francis Hautf, Thomas Hausman, William F. Hawk, Edward Hawk, Lee N. Hawk, Lloyd D. Heck, Carl L. Heilman, Francis M. G. Henninger, Milton C. Henninger, Robert T. Hessinger, Richard W. Hilbert, Edward E. Hildebrand, Robert R. Hilder, David L. Hillegass, William S. Hoffman, Allen W. Hoffman, Richard C. Hoffstetter, Curtis F. Hollenbach, Charles R. Holtzman, Edward H. Harlacher, Karl L. Harlacher, Kermit C. Huber, Kenneth E. Hutter, Gerald R. Iacocca, Julie F. Jackson, Herman H. Jaindl, Irvin Janenko, Michael F. Jones, Harold T. Jones, Luke D. Juchnik, Frank E. Kahler, John D. Kalandiak, Michael Kalandiak, Peter Kanusky, Francis W. Karaman, Charles Karol, Robert I. Kehm, Allen C. Kehm, Roy H. E. Keller, Warren H. Kemmerer, Walter E. Kern, Ray T. Keyser, Melvin L. Killen, Philip J. Kirby, Russell B Kistler, Russell J. Klegarth, Louis S. Klein, Joseph Klein, Robert H. Klingborg, Richard J. Koch, Curtis L. Kocher, Frederick W. Kohler, Charles T. Kramer, Luther O. Kramlich, Richard G. Kreindel, Irwin D. Kuntz, Thomas T. Lamm, Alfred C. Landis, Franklin S. Lang, Robert S. Lanshe, Valentine J. LaPadula, Carmine R. Laudenslager, Donald F. Lederer, Remberd R. Leibenguth, Martin L. Leibensperger, Richard C. Leidel, Alvin A. Leiser, Paul J. Lentz, Frederick R. Lewis, George G. Lichtenstein, Aaron Long, Herbert E. Paae Two Hundred MA Fm... Long, Robert H. Lush, John Lynn, Warren R. Mahler, Frederick L. Markley, Donald E. Markowitz, Mike Marsh, William H. Master, Howard H. Mattern, Richard A. Mazurek, Joseph A. McCall E. William McGee, Charles F. Meitzler, Merrill H. Melcher, Donald F. Melinchok, Michael Mentzell, Robert L. Mertz, John T. Messinger, Harold L. Metzger, George W. Metzler, Norman A. Michael, Leo F. Michener, J. Maurice, Jr. Miers, William D. Miller, Alfred E. Miller, Donald M. Miller, Donald R. Miller, Enos D. Miller, Harvey A. Minchin, R. Kenneth Moats, Simeon L. Moerkirk, George E. Moll, William R. Moran, Michael T. Morgenstern, Robert O. Moskowitz, Stanley L. Moser, Richard H. Mosser, Charles F. Moyer, Dean L. Moyer, Frank J. Moyer, Robert P. Muhr, Frank R. Muthard, Robert E. Neiman, Albert M. Neubauer, Alfred J. Newman, Leroy Nonnemacher, George E Nothstein, Erwin l. Numbers, Robert W. Nuss, Harry C. E. Ochs, Robert E. O'DonneIl, Jack R. Olivieri, Bruno L. O'NeiI, Edward C. Orth, Frederick E. Oswald, Fereld E. Oswalt, William W. Palanica, John Peter, Donald G. Peters, Z. Arthur Peters, Wilbur W., Jr. Petrisky, Walter Povalac, Frank W. Pozobanchuk, Eugene Procak, Stephen J. Rabenold, Charles F. Raber, Alan D. Raines, Bruce A. Ra kochy, Andrew Rappold, Henry W. Raub, Andrew J. Rawlins, Robert D. Reese, Edward A. Reichenbach, Glenn R. Reinhart, Robert G. Ribecky, Eugene P. Rice, Raymond H. Richards, William E. Ring, Franklin Romig, Bruce R. Roth, Curtis C. Ruhf, Russell C. Sachs, Marvin L. Sass, Sherman G. Saul, Donald B. Schaffer, Donald R. Schatz, Samuel G. Schantz, Edward T. Schiavone, Alexander G. Schlegel, Richard L. Schlossor, Luther M. Schmidt, Arthur T. Schmoyer, Homer L. Schmoyer, Jerry A. Schwartz, Charles W. 1.11 1855 1943 Class Roster--- Boys Sechler, Morris G. Sell, Paul R. Shankweiler, Raymond G. Shanton, Elwood W. Sherr, Robert M. Siegfried, LeRoy M. Silberg, Samuel J. Silberman, Theodore Slider, Gordon R. Smelolf, Edward A. Smith, Richard T. Smoyer, Ralph M. Smyth, Thomas L. Snow, Robert W. Snyder, Donald R. Snyder, Thomas M. Snyder, William C. Solt, David C. Speer, William J. Spisszak, William R. Stahl, James E. Stavridis, P. George Steidel, Harold W. Stieska, Edward R. G. Stoke, Frank W. Strickman, Samuel Strohl, Marvin C. Sweeney, John J. Taus, John C. Taylor, Robert B. Taylor, Robert E. Texter, Ralph H. Toman, Frank Torrence, Robert E. Toth, Harold E. Trainer, Allen C. Trexler, Jack K. Tuberty, Jack F. VanDoren, Miles C. Vitalos, Edward L. Vogel, Robert H. VonSteuben, Fred R. Wackernagel, Donald C. Walker, J. Thomas Walters, Alfred H. D. Ware, Joseph W. Watt, William J. Weber, Edwin K. Paae Two Hundred and Sixteen Weidman, Robert K. Weidner, Earl R. Weil, Allen l. Wenner, William R. Wentz, Paul l. Wert, Newell, J. Wertman, Richard C Whitner, George A. Wieland, Richard S. Williams, David H. Williams, John D. Witczak, Leo R. Wolf, Joseph F. Wolford, William H. Woolley, Kenneth R. Yarema, Walter Yeager, John H. Yost, Carson E. Young, William R. Yurick, Joseph Ziegler, Richard S. Zillig, Chester Zimmerman, Allen S. Zimmerman, John R. Ackerman, Joyce M. Adams, Frances Adams, Helen E. Adams, Joyce E. Amey, Ruth M. Anthony, Carol B. Apgar, Elizabeth L. P. Artwohl, Sadie R. Aston, Betty J. Balliet, Jean M. Barrall, Ruth E. Bauder, Carol Bauder, Maurine L. Bauer, Dorothy E. Bauer, Phyllis J. Baumgartner, Fern O. Bausch, Gertrude L. Baxter Joanne Bechtel, Ruth D. Becker, Eleanor L. Bedell, Barbra E. Beer, Helen E. Beidler, Bernice M. Beitler, Pauline D. Bergenstock, lda L. Berger, Joyce E. Binder, Erna C. Bitler, Phyllis E. Block, Lillian E. Bobal, Virginia M. Bochow, Shirley C. Bodman, Geraldine Boettger, Betty J. Bogert, Joyce T. Bagert, Mae D. Bonstein, Joyce L. Borneman, Elizabeth M. Bowers, Gloria A. Boyer, Joyce M. Bradney, Janice M. Bray, Emily D. Braziell, Fay E. Brelstord, June E. Briggs, Elizabeth Brittenburg, Althea J. Brophy, Gene E. Brown, Anne R. Brown, Molly J. Browning, Elizabeth Jane Brunner, Pauline E. Brzyski, Stephania Bunk, Kathleen M. Burkhardt, Kathryn L. Burkholder, Jean L. Buss, Geraldine L. Butch, Mary J. Butz, Martha L. Carroll, Julia E. Casciano, Carmelo M. Casper, Mary R. Cass, Vivian L. Charles, Thelma E. Christman, Lucille J. Church, Arlene M. Cole, Annabelle K. Coleman, Mariorie D. Comp Elinor E. Cook, Dorothy J. Cooper, Elizabeth M. 'I tU'UG G " JJ- 1856 Ro 943 Class Cope, Sara E. Crush, Arlene C. Csondor, Elsie E. Dalla Piazza, Louise Dalmas, Emma C. Dal Maso, Amelia M. Daniel, Katharine H. M. Danner, Marion C. L. Decker, Eleanor R. Delp, Ruth J. DeWalt, Lorraine E. L. Didra, June P. Diefenderter, Beryl E. Diehl, Jessie Marie Diehl, Kathleen R. Doern, Jean Marie Donahue, Elaine G. Donovan, Florence V. Dorshimer, Gloria E. Dorward, Florence Anna Dougherty, Rosalia G. Drayton, Elizabeth C. Ettinger, Lucille M. Ezar, Minerva B. Farnschlader, Bernice M. Farrell, Jean M. Fatzinger, Ruth G. Faustner, Arlene H. Fegley, Betty R. Feldman, Fredelle Felegy, Julia Fellencer, Ruth C. Fellman, Margaret P. Fetherolf, Jean E. Fenstermacher, Betsy K. Fenstermaker, Ruth M. Fetzer, Freda L. Finizzi, Margaret L. Fitzpatrick, Mary C. Flanagan, Phyllis C. Flandorfor, Margaret A. Follweiler, Dorothy A. Ford, Mary Jane G. Fox, Gloria Jane Franchi, Viola M. Frederick, Betty F. Frey, Loretta C. Friedman, Adele L. Fritz, Eleanor L. Fritzinger, Mabel D Gackenbach, Claire E. Gackenbach, Joyce E. Gamble, Jacqueline E. Gamlin, Marilyn J. Garger, Ruth P. Garrahan, Loretta L. Gaugler, Arlene C. Gehman, Pauline K. Geidner, Janis B. Geissenhainer, Marcella R. Gensenleiter, June E. George, Amelia George, Betty Mae Gesott, Jean Getz, Marion L. Gibiser, Adele Gilly, Hilda Gilmore, Adele Glass, Betty ster --- Girls Goldstein, Harriette R. Gordin, Caryl Anne Graver, Helen l. Green, Phyllis R. Gregory, Mildred E. Grider, Mary Jean Grim, Marian E. Gross, Faye Gross, Mildred C. Grossman, Faye M. Gruber, Virginia C. Grutski, Dorothy M. Gruver, Betty J. Guldin, Katherine B. Guth, Joyce Vivian Haas, Fay E. Hahn, June E. Haley, Janet L. Hallowell, June E. Hamm, Marie C. Haney, Doris A. Harris, Dorothy L. Harris, Ruth N. Harte, Mary Louise Hartzell, Christine l. Harwick, Eleanor Harwick, Jean E. Harwick, Lorraine R. Hassler, Florence E. Heckenberger, Gloria A. Heil, Norma E. Held, Betty A. Henry, Jean G. Herchock, Rose A. Herman, Dorothy Hersh, Miriam E. Hertzog, June D. Hess, Arlene M. C. Hess, Jean A. Hess, JoAnne D. Hiller, Ruth Marie Hochstrasser, Hilda W. Hades, Jane Holtman, Sylvia S. A. Horn, Louise C. Houseknecht, June E. Hunsberger, Betty J. Hushkek, Anna M. Huver, Jean L. lobst, Miriam A. lsreal, Mary Ann James, Henrietta Janenko, Jean M. Jensen, Elaine M. Johnson, Anna Mae Johnson, Doris Ann Jones, Lucille A. Joseph, Samila Kantor, Sonya A. Kasych, Mildred J. Kecker, Betty Jane Keech, Miriam L. Kemmerer, Anna M. Kemmerer, Dorothy M. A. Kenly, Celeno C. Kenly, Lillian M. Kercher, Helene J. Kern, Alverta M. Kern, Cathryn Kichline, Lois P. Klase, June Fern Klemow, Phoebe A. Kline, Doris E. Knauer, Bette M. Knauss, Cecelia M. Knauss, Elaine L. Knecht, Melba W. Knoll, Kathryn E. l. Knute, Betty R. Koch, Lillian E. Koch, Madeline E. Konesky, Florence J. Kortvely, Margaret A. Kost, Geraldine O. Kost, Marie A. Kratz, Phyllis Kratzer, Eleanor M. Krause, Margaret B. Krause, Pauline D. Kreitz, Anna E. Kucirka, lrene Kulp, Gloria F. V. Kunkel. Charlotte M. Kusicza, Emma C. Kutz, Mae E. Lahr, Mollie S. Lambert, Vera J. Lapp, Louise M. Laub, Althea L. Laub, Betty E. Laubach, Jean C. Laudenslager, Mary A. Lawrie, Jean Lean, C. Gwendelyn Leh, Dorothy J. Lehr, Catherine H. Leibensperger, Betty l. Leibensperger, Madlyn A. Lenhart, Betty A. Lentz, Dorothea A. Lentz, Dorothy L. Leone, Emily Julia Levine, lda Lichtenstein, Anna M. Litzenberger, Eleanor E. Lloyd, Jean T. Locher, Frances J. Long, Ruth M. Lutz, Alverta M. Mace, Joyce M. Mantz, Mildred P. Marcy, Geanne E. Mato, C. Virginia Matz, Anna M. 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Yurick, Kathryn Zaboy, Helene Zawediuk, Anna M 321, , ' 'I 1 ,I Q K, 3. i I 9 :i,,Q,5., r ,S .-.VH 13, " .4 if vf f fo -2 . we .W-A4 N 9 4? -s 7, ' lui: 5: 1:1 X X ,,3A,., .. Fliwv- .,. ,-0 Jr. , S--. ,- N ,nf 4 , 5' A1 1.-1. 1 , 'rr' J f. . ,W ,. a -I -5rYfrA':"' E53 3, 1. 3-Tis, . m 5'- r YF f b If X 1 , , , . 1 , H 'JCL x A-N, 'gif ',,..h-gm ' Y v.-.uv , V. xx gui sf. 1 QR, 1 X. J 1? Jr? .- - .gx 34- 84 .af-fn 12: . 's Awe L .M ff, '51, if, -F I r 9' 1 '6-4 +A T 'I Q Y j1w5m.112xfmQw 4: 'N . 4-P32 zQ., g-N. . I., we, '.zC'. ,4 ., ,. f,fw , ,' -,-N"3"'.' .1 .' .Q - . .. fl, Q A- 'S -- - Lf , ,, 'S-a 'QL s" A-iff" '5 ' V' -+7 - ' "' , I .f 15, ' - , 'mf .,f,. 431 i--.v .Y ' Q" 'L5f"f,-2'b7L.f? 1 fi- '+ JW? 7, q3Tjfg'f'igA53 -'vjvuiiffx ' ' r" ' " ve: .'f.',i'lf' 4 134515. ' x 2 ,A .ru ug. is-Am: : 'ii .AY Y , p ... fu: "- ex. 5 'Ti V , .f ,. ,,, Q' 'TY 1 3 X , -,QA ' 'X Env' ' 5931 :QQ Vi. , . ., xfre' -63- 'I rf. 4 if 'qwfa gg? ,JI-A Q- .6 I ,., 514 1., .Q X X -, ,f .. Q .P fi' '95 v-sw 'fi'-1 7' 1 E:-v -xv Juv: 1' ,f..-V me ffm ' t 1 x 4 1 1 I N s SQ. .XJ 3 'Q X Q X Q 5 'Q fn: -0 ' Q -N, . XS, fr? ' ,, g, 'N' er 1 it M V nk .""1.. ' , .6 g,"i'5fQ A , I ' 'Q N Sffaqnnf' A ' -wk X"Wg 3 . . Q KL . xnxx, . x ' ' b ' X P f - - , b 11 K I m L 14 i 21 ' ' 'Pak " QE? v J .RQ Y W5 e-T 'tsl Y 3, Ji? gl My :wr iff U. '94 3 CUMUS Senior Calendar September 8. School begins. Ah, sweet misery. 9. Getting anxious for Christmas vacation. 10. Caryl Ann Gordin begins to tell Mr. Zimmerman how to use a microscope. 1 1. Our first football game-we beat West Hazleton. 24-25. Off for the Fair -peanuts, candy, popcorn, hot dogs l8cl. 26. Charlie Karaman doesn't feel well. lt must have been something he ate. 29. Retail Selling students go to their respective stores for the first time. They all make good. October 9. Mildred Gross changes her last name to Grass in Zoo class. 12. Columbus discovers America. Again? 17. Phyllis Bauer begins to worry about the chemistry homework she never does. 20. First appearance of the Canary and Blue. Don't grab. 25. Nothing happens. 29. "Deviled crabs, fried chicken, milk shakes, and ice cream sundaes appear in the cafeteria, with waitresses to serve them." "Where were they? I didn't see any." November 1 1. Armistice Day. Off again. 13. The swing band hits the ceiling in auditorium. On again. 28. Pep Meeting. Hold on to that Palestra roof. Off again. 28. Beat-Bethlehem Hop. Was that place iammed! 29. Junior Prom. All out. 30. Hangovers. All in. December 1. Mario D'Annibale gets five dollars for his birthday. 2. Mario D'Annibale is broke. 1 1. Great Alumni basketball game opened season. Bill Hushkek stars. 14. We write those flattering Comus personality sketches. Miss Mulock and Miss Gerhard, reading them, begin a search for the angels therein described. 15. We defeat Emmaus. 17. Senior Play, Every Family Has One. Remember Betty Moyer, running around the stage in those loud paiamas? 24. Senior stockings hanging by the chimney, waiting for Santa. 25. Senior stockings full of coal. 28. Christmas Formal. Didn't we look simply terrific? 29-30. Parties, dances, and more parties. Yes, we did. 31. New Year's Eve. January 1. The morning after the night before. 2. We begin to get back into condition after the holidays. 4. Miss Jeffrey comes down with the measles. My, my, Miss Jeffrey! 8. Our Basketball team plays Bethlehem. 'Nuff said. 15. The Dir-Tee Soap program makes its appearance on the high school stage. 18. Mid year exams. 19-20. Exams, exams, exams. Everyone's so mean to us. 22. "When we get hold of those teachers-1" 25. Boys leave for the Navy. Cheer up, girls. The Marine Reserve Corps is still here. 27. Varsity A Alumni banquet at the Elks. 28. Elks' cupboard bare. Page Two Hundred and Nineteen 1943 CDMUS Senior Calendar February 1. Food prices rise to six cents in the cafeteria. Save your pennies, kiddies. 2. Certain English teachers read love poems to classes. My, my, Miss Gerhard! 3. Seniors still in a fog. I4. Valentine DayfWhat, no valentines, Mr. Weinsheimer? 15. Deadline for Comus pictures. ' 16. Comus pictures begin to come in. 22. Cherry Tree Hero gives us a holiday. 24, 25, 26. We take off while teachers take on rationing of canned goods. March 3. Mr. C. Eisenhard tells Carlton Berger, "You really have brains." 4. C. B. still doesn't believe C. E. 12. Ruth Bechtel's answer to a retail selling question-f"Gee, no one ever told me." 17. Joe laccoca becomes president of the Eureka Hot Dog Company. 18. lnterclass Play. You could hardly tell the Sophs from the Seniors. lSophs actually are growingl 23. Spring fever catches us early this year. Bob Clauss falls asleep in study hall. April 1. No school. Off for rationing homework. April Fool! 2. Some Seniors still at home. Late April fools. 14. Varsity A Show. lBevy of beautiesl 15. Varsity A Show. lGlamour girlsl . Varsity A. Show. lMonotonous, isn't it?1 . The Easter Bunny visits good little Seniors. 16 25 26. Good little Seniors have big bad tummy-aches. May 1. Ah, love is so sweet in the srping, tra, la. 2. Seniors begin to study what they should have started to study last September. That's an awful lot of territory to cover. 12. Spurgeon Dunbar, for the last time, makes the mistake of trying to find a fourth floor class in the main building-fiust for old times' sake. 19. The best tunes of all move to Carnegie Hall. Say, how did that get in here? 31. Memorial Day. The last official vacation for the Seniors. lLoud tearsl. June 4. Senior exams begin. Here we go again, boys. 7, 8, 9. Seniors still slaving like mad. And all they'll get is a diploma. 21. Commencement Play. Marvelous performance. 22. Mother, Dad, and all the relatives turn out to see us. Well, after all, we only graduate from high school once, and we certainly put in a lot of years doing it. 23. Starting today, we're on our own feet. No gas. Page Two Hundred and Twenty 1943 CUMUS Last Will and Testament BB it remembered that we, the alleged senior students of i943 of Allentown High School, in the County of Lehigh, State of Pennsylvania, being of sound mind lstrictly our own opinionl, memory, and having a complete understanding of human nature, do hereby declare this to be our last will and testament, hereby revoking all former wills by us at any time heretofore made. We will, devise, and bequeath in the following order: To all students and teachers, the explanation of E. B. S. T. C. Vitamin pills to sophomores who begin their Commando training next year. Ruth Whitenight's perseverance to Gini Davis. To next year's dramatic class, the continuation of the Tragic Life of Sallie Plushpaddle. To Larry Gift, Eddie Reese's title of Casanova Laureate. Bud Gebert's wordiness to the next senior president. To Room 105, another group of boys with money to spend for War Stamps. To all study hall teachers, another Florence Donovan. To our boys at Guadalcanal, Artie Schmidt's rat-catching technique. To Arlene Yeager, Eleanor Jacob's gym suit. To Mr. Rabenold, Martha Butz's dictionary. To commercial iuniors, June McCurley's typing skill. Mr. Weinshimer's farewell speech to The Road of Life. To the girls' gym classes, Sloane's Liniment. To anyone in need of a clothes brush, Moon Haney's crew haircut. To any band looking for castinet players, the knuckle cracking of Franklin Fegley and Richard Klingborg. To the F. B. l., Julius lacocca's business letter ordering a zoot suit. To those who get their heat by tapping on radiators, Jimmy Gross's drumming. To any four struggling iuniors, Bill Hillegass' brain. To the iuke box at the Ritz, nickels from heaven. To P. D. students, a shorter Town Meeting of the Air. To the new Aeronautics course, William Brossman. To Janice Bortz, Betty Wagner's blonde hair. To Helene Zaboy, Loretta Frey's V-mail. To kid sister Nan, Freda Fetzer's cheerleading. To Mr. Wildonger, more such girls in study hall. To Marvin Sachs, a riveting iob at Vultee. To Betty Becker, Connie Walters' yellow uniform. To Miss Swope, a second perfect French student. Page Two Hundred and Twenty-one 1943 CUMU5 Last Will and Testament To Russ Strait, Dickie Schmidt's agility. To Miss Gerhard, a swimming pool. To two lovesick iuniors, Alice.and,Al3Veri1ard. To Peggy Grimm, Theresa Nikischer's penchant for sailors. To the Hunsicker Building, a rocket to the Allentown High School. To Veronica Lake, Loretta Garrahan's hair. To Mrs. Sloane, Esther Perin's gym technique. To the cafeteria cashiers, more pennies. To .lohn Gabellini, the National Honor Society clinic. To seniors in study hall, more fire-crackers. To Harold Jones, Wheaties. To Betsy Fenstermacher, an 8:35 bell. To all ruthlessly separated loved ones, a re-arrangement of seats in study hall. To all class plays, an overwhelming audience. To the Stempf Museum of Antiques, the bench in the office. To anyone who wants them, one hundred twenty-three office call blanks at the end of each rating period. To ninety per cent of the iuniors, lockers exactly like Lucille Ettinger's. To Mr. Weinsheimer, a class that doesn't need to be told, "l mean it" and "Let's get that." We will, devise, and bequeath to all undergraduate classes, the memory of the somnambulating senior class of 1943, with the admonition that they cherish this memory forever. ln witness thereof, we have hereunto ascribed our name and seal on this twenty-sixth day of March in the Year of our Lord nineteen hundred and forty-three. Senior Class I Page Two Hundred and Twenty-two NAME .lane Schlosser Bob Rawlins Bill Oswalt Rita Schock Jack Tuberty Betty Cooper Eddy Reese Tommy Lieberman June Brelsford Esther Perin Bob Taylor Henrietta Miller Eddie Smeloff Mildred Slota LaMar Snyder Budd Hollenbach Louise Dalla Piazza Carlton Berger Gene Buss Robert Sherr Millie Kasych Caroline Shankweiler Donald Fink Minerva Ezar Newell Wert Theresa Nikischer Dick Schmidt Betty Moyer Dick Grim Bill Hillegass equi Hlgo Z '355 Class Prophecy DESIRES TO BE Interior decorator Census taker Veterinarian Telephone operator Senator Owner of an exclusive dress shop Pilot Playboy Nurse Owner of a dairy farm Warden at Alcatraz Florist Surgeon Department store buyer Soldier Piano player Retail Selling teacher State Trooper Dancer in movies Prize fighter Undertaker A little bit taller Admiral Production manager Bachelor Stenographer Movie hero Stewardess Civil engineer Psychiatrist DESTINED TO BE Taxi driver Somnambulist Dog catcher Top-notch bowler The guy that spreads the peanut butter between the crackers in a peanut-butter cracker factory A riveter The model for "Smiling Jack" Chemistry professor Reporter Sales manager of a large beer concern Arrow-collar man Girl Scout director Biggest cut-up of T963 Mrs. Snipplesneed of the cus- tomer-is-always-right clan Sailor lnsurance salesman Pedestrian Lieut. in the nose-guard Waitress Body-guard Nurse The same as she is A gob with hopes City sanitation supervisor Proud father of nine kids Navy wife Truck gardener Dietitian Excavation watcher Barber Page Two Hundred and Twenty-three NAME Betty Laub Phyllis Kratz June McCurly Jean Laubach Elaine Sharshon Sherman Sass Althea Peters Virginia Mato James Bausman Val Lanche Bill Hepburn Dick Moser Vivian Cass Bob Ochs Betty Quinn Harold Jones Jane Hodes Geanne Marcy Andy Rakochy Allan Raber Jack Yeager Stanley Ershler Bruce Romig Charles Rabenold Bill Miers Margaret Flandorfer 1943 CUMUS Class Prophecy DESIRES TO BE Singer Wife Foreign correspondent F. B. l. girl Medical technician An "lnformation Please" expert Nurse Secretary Game warden Sultan French interpreter Stalin Psychologist Baseball Czar Supervisor of nurses Chemistry Doctor French teacher Social-scientist Chemical engineer Benny Goodman Pinball King Brain surgeon Country gentleman Good humor man President DESTINED TO BE Alpine yodler Just that Stenographer Traffic cop Guinea pig The man behind the co an information booth Oomph girl Married to the boss Soda ierker ' Happy monogamist Soap box orator Democrat French teacher Brooklyn bat-boy Doctor's wife Explosion lever pusher Tree-surgeon French teacher Politician "The Mad Scientist" Calliope operator Band leader Tree pruner Tea taster Good humor man Bank teller Page Two Hundred and Twenty-four unter H 0.58 I0 ,nf L A Gf .Qifferemf may The alarm clock sounded, and down the hall A light went on, and Mother's call Reminded us 'twas time for school, So hurry up, no time to fool. Reluctantly we left our beds, Where tired, dreamy, sleepy heads Had rested'--and dressed slowly now, Had to dress before hot chow. With Mother's coaxing we left at last And grabbed our books-Anot walking fast To get the usual trolley car. We groaned and moaned--it wasn't far. We went to classfwe had our lunch, Sat with the gang, all in a bunch, And talked about the latest swing And other unimportant things, And back to classereluctantly, But cheeriofvto a quarter to three. But today it was a different day, Tho the sun was shining, things seemed gray, We left the paper on the chair And didn't bother, iust didn't care. Today was differentfyesrfa different day ln every manner and sort of way. We walked the steps of A. H. S., But now more slowlyffand I guess f We never noticed much before The columns and the great main door, Continued on next page Page Two Hundred and Twenty-five 1943 CUMUS But today we paused and iust took stock, And gazed above at the old school clock. The same things there as years before, But somehow differentfand the doorff We pushed it open and went to class While old familiar faces passed, And students with their Comus came, Asking us to sign our name. We went to assembly, to our old seat And rose intently on the first beat, And there it wasfwe wished to cheer To hear our Alma Mater dear. Today was differentfthe words meant more Than they had ever meant before, And tho we tried in vain to cheer, Our voices melted-a trickling tear Betrayed the love we held so near For our school song and what it held dear. Today was different-our last day, To roam the halls our time away. No more assembly, no more lunch, No more gathering in a bunch ln the old familiar halls, Answering other classmates' calls. The time was ours, we could delay, Because today was a different day. And as we roam the halls of life, There's something we will all confess,- We'll never forget the memories We shared at A. H. S. Kathleen Bunk Page Two Hundred and Twenty-six Q i '41 Vw, I, ff, ,,.1 I, Elf! 1. f" :C-M W -az 1a-' " D . I 1 4 5, Y Q, Q 1 Z E I w 1 3 V 6, ff 4 ii Q, g. v s 31 I, , tai 'ww . 'V," Q I ,", AVA4 1 . lw,,?,nv , Q U, ,,, 1' S S x .-'ww Hgmf . vrzwa .J . ., ,..,.,,,.,1,,g59m,,?fp,.-g,,,.q..,.Nn,?fry!? V1,5 ,, , , l , A, ,,R A ,A ,, , - . ., -w, ,MH f- Wlffi - ' M A n A 45 " . - J .W qy,'rf,x 1 5- wi K 4 167, M I i, , 'T-1' J , 3, ., , , ?s 111: .fg.,:i':i3?Y- ' 343 fy- W V ? 1 T- . . Qi' f ' X Nix: 'ad' ' . ' .M 1 -,hw 2,33 5, 4, .Q f. , A ev , 1. . ,M , MM v,. 'pl , .M rw. W' W .JK A I . Q ff ,M- x A . V My . Aizk ft I 1 E '4 fm, .4, 1 x 4 f ' Q 1? .,.,n,, . h ywmg, 1,,w3,.V, 1 , ,,,,.,,,..,,,, , ...,.,,, , -5... . .. my VV Q , W . , .., .f f9"NHIG"is- 1943 E 2-.CDMUS History of the Class of 1944 The Class of 1944 came to A. H. S. on September 1941, with a splendid reputation. They immediately placed some of their members on the athletic teams, in the interclass play, and on the rosters of various clubs. The Class of '44 lost little time in getting started. As iuniors they were active in all phases of school life. They represented their class in nearly every club and team, and they made a fine showing in the War Bond, Red Cross, and United Appeal Campaigns. After the thrilling Bethlehem football game, they along with seniors and sophomores turned their attention toward the presentation of their first dance, The Junior Prom. Held on Thanksgiving Day instead of the day after as had always been the custom, the Prom was a decided hit. and the Junior Class reioiced in a sensational success and realized a good profit. After the Christmas holidays, the Class produced a play, One Mad Night, unique because of its varied characterization of the inmates of a mad house. That play was another success for the Class of 1944. As Juniors, the class was affected by the changes in school routine brought about by the war. Because the Army requested that high school boys who would enter the armed forces at the end of the school year be given a more intensive physical education program, iunior boys gave up their two weekly periods of gymnasium to the older fellows. Some iuniors are already in the service, more are preparing to go. The iunior class is proud of them. The Allentown High School, will, we hope have reason to be proud of its class of 1944. Paae Twn Hundred and Twnntv.n-um ,943 CDMUS History of the Class of 1945 There is an old Chinese proverb that says, "Hunger is cured by food, ignorance by study." The wartime dawn of September 8, 1942 found some thousand sophomores trudg- ing up the stairways of our High School to satisfy that second hunger, and lunch-time found them rushing down again to satisfy the first hunger. A goodly number lost no time in making apparent their status as sophomores as, in their innocent ignorance, they struggled through iammed cafeteria lines, precariously balancing a tray upon one hand and a newly acquired pile of books on the other. Nevertheless, this first class to enter the Allen- town High School during World War ll was not all thumbs, as they soon proved. lt wasn't long before sophomores were found to be holding important positions on the A. H. S. football, basketball, and swimming teams. When the clubs and societies of the school began functioning, sophomores were eager to ioin. As the year went on, they dis- played additional talents, appearing on the stage in the auditorium and contributing to the Canary and Blue. Upperclassmen found the sophs to be iust another class. There was nothing very spec- tacular or even amusing about them, except that "they get smaller every year." Con- sequently, it was with a great deal of surprise, yes, and ioy, that the '45'ers noticed that only a few cries of "silly sophomores" were aimed at them. Sophomores, along with the iuniors, gave up their precious two periods of physical education each week to the seniors. The price rise in the cafeteria hits sophomores particularly hard, for they have a considerably longer time to eat in the cafeteria. However, all sophomores are bending every effort to see to it that the cause of this rise in prices is eliminated long before their graduation. D-- Tun. Hum-Invl and Twnntv.ninlst L .. 1943 CUMU5 Canary and Blue Staff RUTH WHlTENlGHTf-Editor. Although she has a vigorous obiective style, Ruth prefers to create beauty for the sheer beauty of expression. Her work is smooth and finished, with a professional touch. She feels that writing is a purely personal matter, dictated only by mood and ability. A bit reserved, she can nevertheless win friends and influence people. ELIZABETH TOWNLEY -Associate Editor. Betsy, she of the charming manner and mischievous green eyes, is a precise grammarian and a dependable worker. Elizabeth was trained in English schools up to her high school days. Her work has an assured quality, styled simply but surely. She is a thorough scholar, and persistent in her efforts. GEORGE STAVRIDIS - An up-and-coming lad who knows all, sees all, and hears all. Dynamic and dapper, George is one boy who knows what he wants and how to get it. He may stumble occasionally, but his recovery is always witty and fast. Even though he is enlisted in the Marine Corps Reserve, he will still be one grand newspaper man. BETTE KNAUER f-The feminine half of the "Do's and Don'ts for Dates" team. Quiet and correct, she is the very picture of the right thing to do. She is an accomplished musician and a good student. WILLIAM HILLEGASSffThe absentee member of the staff, William entered Muhlen- berg College at the beginning of the second semester, and has been doing his share of "Do's and Dont's" from the campus. At High School he was the typical bright-eyed young-man-about-school, and he is iust as much on the beam at college. After all, a student of his caliber is the answer to a teacher's prayer. ESTHER PERIN Y Energetic Esther, precocious Perin. She turns out stories in the modern manner, poems which reflect a maturity not perceptible on the surface, and she writes exchanges with iust the right touch. She can work, if she wants to, but you must make her want to f- and that's her whole story. JEANNE MARIE DOERN -f-Vivacious Jeanne is one of the props of the literary depart- ment. Her work has that quirk of originality that makes even the most apathetic reader sit up. Active and social, in touch with student opinion, Jeanne always has ready an up- to-the-minute suggestion. She is withal a thinker, with definite, although sometimes im- pulsive, opinions. SPURGEON DUNBAR ' That dreamy look and rather hesitant manner really means that in reality Suprge is out on the road with his dog, thumbin' his way to somewhere, forgetful of drab common-places. The wanderlust is in his eyes. His poems have a dreamy quality, his stories have plots. In them he isn't a boy who might be called dreamy but one who lives in a world that is very real. BRIGITTE UHLIG Competent, wholesome, an American school girl down to the last hair of her curly head, Brigitte is thoroughly versed in all phases of writing from news to sonnets. She attended the Institute at Northwestern, under the Medill School of Journalism, and was associate editor of the "Clamo" publication of the Clayton High School, Clayton, Missouri, from which she came this year. PETER KALANDIAK-Conscientious, hard-working able Pete is one of the valuable men at High School and on the Canary. His sports style is snappy, his zest and diligence is characteristic of all his work. Pete has a "terrific eye for color"-was one of the artists who decorated the War Scrap Book-and a nimble wit, both necessary to creative art. WALTER PETRISKEY-Another thorough sports writer, whose straight news style is strictly straight, with a definite precision. A typical regular fellow, Walter is usually quiet and a trifle taciturn, but it is always Walter who sees the thing to do that the other fellows miss. AMONG THE UNDERCLASSMEN ROBERT FREDERICK and JAMES FRANCIS are two out-of-doorsmen who have had extensive hunting, fishing, and camping experience. James writes occasional verse, while Robert sticks to factual writing, both have enlightened and entertained the school. Page Two Hundred and Twenty-nine IQQXNHIGQXP QA 1855 THE CANARY AND BLUE STAFF MARY PATRICIA KING-Dramatic, with a certain verve, and 0 Celtic sense of beauty, good at feature writing and handling "different" ideas. When Pat moved to Reading with her family in early Spring, the Canary lost a valuable member of the staff. HORACE MCCREADY-Another budding young man about school, likes what he likes, "and his likes go everywhere." Keen, observant, willing and enthusiastic, he handles straight news well, and usually does an interesting feature angle besides. Page Two Hundred and Thirty f9"lllHlc'9o'- .5 R ' fi Q '943 Q D CUMUS L A THE CANARY AND BLUE STAFF JUDY RUHE Rather scholarly, Judy is best at either news or definite assignments. Well-read, she has a rich general background, and shows promise of action. When she comes into more active contribution, the school will know her better. RICHARD SNELLING f Dick has done several unusual pieces of work. He still needs a bit of polishing, with an emphasis on things which require imagination and creative ability rather than a straight obiective approach. Page Two Hundred and Thirty-one 1943 CUMU5 Comus Staff "Merry" Mary Jean GriderfEditor-in-Chief of the Comus and a real leader in many other activities, Mary Jean is an active and indispensable part of the Class of '43. She writes high school news for the Morning Call, and that tells you something. "Jiving" June Brelsfordff-June has really worked hard on such an essential part of the year book as the Class Calendar. Much credit is due to June on her transcribed diary on page 219. "Busy" Betsy Fenstermacher--lFeaturesl When you see Betsy achieve a far-away look in her eyes, and start to chew on the end of her pencil, then you know she is about to come forth with a brainstorm. Most of Betsy's brainstorms are things that are sure to be lots of fun, but when she directs her thoughts in the channels of Comus material, it cannot be denied that Betsy's drive is really hitting home. "Gabby" John GabelliniflFeaturesi An unusual sense of color and consistency makes Gabby a valuable man to have around for artistic arrangement of pictures and material. Caryl Ann "Flash" Gordin'--lAssociatel Always willing to help out, Caryl is one who can be depended on. She may need a little backing to get started, but when Caryl decides she will do something, she really lives up to her nick-name. Flash! and another burdensome iob is done successfully. "Brainy" Bill Hillegass--lBusinessl Whenever a deal comes up involving the ladies, Bill is the man who owns the kid gloves to handle it. Manners are not all Bill is interested in, however, his scholastic record and his leadership among the fellows, as well as his fair record among the college men at Muhlenberg, prove that. "Pee-Wee" Harold JonesflBusinessi Contributes the steadying influence to the live- wire business department. Quiet, and with an uncommon amount of common sense, Pee- Wee keeps all business transactions on good old terra firma. "Plugging" Pete Kalandiakff-flSportsi The hustler of the staff and always on the go. Whether it's an inter-class play, a year book or a scrap-book, Pete's right in there pitching. "Flying" Phyllis Kratzffllieaturesi The whizz of the features department. Phil puts a certain touch to everything she does, and when she and Betsy Fenstermacher get their heads together-watch out! "Bobby" Robert Long -fflBusinessi Quiet and pleasingly unassuming, Bobby goes about his work in a systematic manner that spells efficiency. "Lippy" Leroy Newman flFeaturesi Quick on the trigger and raring to go -that's the Lip Newman. With a shrewd business sense and a smooth-flowing line, a better man for this department is simply not to be had. "Timid" Theresa Nikischer-flAssociatei Theresa is one of those girls who believes in the rule, "Silence is golden." She follows this adage steadfastly, too, except when an original idea is needed. When that time comes, Theresa knows iust where to find the pennies from heaven. She has been a vital part of the Comus staff. "Marvelous" Marvin Sachs-lAssociatei ln his writing, living, and work, Marv is perfection itself. A quick sense of humor offsets any overly sober leanings he may have. "Sharpey" Sherman SassflBusinessi Sharp and brim full of ideas for the obtaining of the financial backing so vital to the publication of a year book, Sherman fits into the business angles of the publication as if he were born to them. "Lively" Leanna Schaffer-llfeaturesi Leanna is one of the associate feature editors and a good one at that. She has the happy faculty of being able to dash off a poem or an article behind any large book in any class, and at the same time to remain on the best of terms with her teachers and schoolmates. Page Two Hundred and Thirty-two fS5'NHlc"m 1943 CUMU-S L A THE Colvlus STAFF "Natural" Ned Schantz-fiSportsl Ned's a natural all right, and whether it's smashing across the deciding acesgand he's smashed across plenty-or getting in that physics experiment, Ned's the lad to do it. George Stavridis-"'P. G."-lSportsl One of the most important writing posts on the Canary and Comus staffs was held by this small but mighty dark-haired Greek. As soon as "P. G." began writing for the Morning Call, the staff knew that they had a corker of o writer. Page Two Hundred and Thirty-three rw WG, L A l THE Comus STAFF "British" Betsy Townley-lAssociatel Betsy has been one of us for three yea rs, but since her firstappearance among the crowd she has been steadily gaining friends and admirers. Her colleagues on the Comus Staff appreciate her ability and versatility, and the phrase is echoed by all, "lf something needs doing, Betsy's the one who can do it." "Ruddy" Ruth Whitenight-lAssociatel ln addition to her many duties as editor of the Canary and Blue, Ruth has contributed much time to the Comus. Everyone likes to read Ruth's philosophy. Her mind is something to be dreamed of by the rest of us. Page Two Hundred and Thirty-four WW . 'WX ' X V A-Q' '. '? 25'-5-3 , --'f' 7'4" irfv w 'L' 7? -X -ff.-Xw 'V ' '-XF". I 'J-:sg X5 ?., f , 555' AQHA, K ,, Q51 4. -,X 'Ei' +34 Keg.-95 .X Xl .- ,K .. ,uK.NV M-X'-U, R' .N-,Qi , ,X-KAI. 'Hr X.-cr K' ' . uf -1. ., 1 22'-Y' f?"4",.f ff -f' 5. Vw, ' 'Q ,X-:.,K.f- ., A uv 1 '- X' ' ' Xiw , .X . f A' , .- ,. - 5 XX F' Q3 ' ' g--Ng-X',X',-'-, ,,X,K- Xi- ,3T?'f3:,.m:5 A., f V. Q :MX XX- .X ri X TT. X- '14, X , rw'-5 R . -7' f X' Q. .v, . , ,.KKK, KK.KnK,EkK , ,KK K gK K' -K 1 . Km 1 1.,r,2'K'f X ASK X X' Q w X 1 . 1 .1 . 1. IK KKK 1 -41, .5 Qt' " '5 J ' 1' , ..' ,- K s 3 ,af K,K,K K ,, K- K. M it vw! Q in ' V E 1 U M ,X Q, 1 V , , 41 ,. L r. K'-X 44 xt -X N, W. 'Kp wr X, X Q sft - - X S? -X 'X fx. 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'4' " : fr- ' ' ws K Mlm' ji, , af 9-f' ' ,U r ' ' ki-bf 4 -is, Tv. . Xv 20" --f 1 0'1" , ,-,.4--...Q-'uw' W9 Q -1 fe 3 ' 5 n xx E R , , 'Wh I ...,,,., , WF, M Q , A 3 N, U." V if ' , ix H N 1 1 1 H, 3 a I .. , Q . E .xx X 2 A f "' -5 "4 Q D w ' ' ..,.. ' - , , -x, 1 1 ,by ' ,V Z. .f - . N ' . A,....T.I W A f ,pf ' pi . ' T . 4,54 M K.,A : t 55- Q , 5 G1 'T 5 -Ext. -.. - F . '. .1 --M my fzfvl . in 12' g Q 4 'N 1 L'.Q,-,,, 1 I ' i 7"i:n, 1 1 - '-' ..,,, Q , 5 A 5 1 - A-Y., , ,' 1 3 F , - V QR- . V", W ms' 5 .h 'X' vi' X A nv., . -a , X "Y 521 5, E - - ,...,W gs J, : Q' X 5 5' gf -,VY l L ' f ' ' F ga f .d iva ii f V X h f-,-232-35.-:,K A x, , ., , ,, .,., .L if V ,y . K X I i ' .. ' ,, Qi 'A R . ' . - W ix 'f ' N if X if Q55 Q5 ,, ujggfgpfz ,v J. 4: , M , U M, ,lm . W qw, .yr .,, ,W .1 ,f Q-f -, iz. E'1-,si , ,. , , QM, ,f-:. If ,A rx Vw -,-- ,, .V 1 1943 CDMUS J. BIRNEY CRUM Throughout the state, A. H. S. basketball, football, and baseball teams are known for their aggressive heads-up ball playing. Behind the boys out there on the field is one man who has spent long tedious hours instilling in them not only the fundamentals of the game, but the competitive spirit vital to all great teams. The man behind the A. H. S. teams is J. Birney Crum, the youthful mentor of baseball, basketball, and football. To local sports fans he is best known as the man who gave Allentown its first state championship basketball quintet, and as the coach who brought home a Big Fifteen Con- ference title two years ago. Maythe coming years see even more championships and more honors come to J. Birney Crum and his hard-driving clean-hitting teams. Page Two Hundred and Thirty-five f9"NHlc"m 1943 CUMUS L A RALPH V. WETHERHOLD ' ln addition to his teaching duties, Mr. Wetherhold serves as the backbone of A. H. S. athletics. As faculty manager, he has charge of arranging all sports schedules, and through his contact with coaches and teams all over the state, he has no difficulty in arranging the finest possible schedules. For his fine work during the past year, Mr. Wetherhold was elected as president of the Big Fifteen and president of the Eastern Pennsylvania Scholastic Swimming League. Page Two Hundred and Thirty-six 1943 CUMUS TOM BRENNAN A. H. S. Coaches TOM BRENNAN 'For years A. H. S. teams have been known for their impregnable lines on the defense and for their hard charging forward walls on the offense. Tom Brennan is the man responsible for the molding of the blocks of granite that A. H. S. teams have for a line. A good football team must have a good line, and Mr. Brennan sees to it that A. H. S. teams have a forward wall second to none. PAUL CLYMER When a smooth working opponent comes to town with a series of plays that seem as if they must work but never quite do, one can look to Pauley Clymer as the man who knew about these plays for weeks in advance. lt is Pauley's eagle-eye scouting that turns the trick every time. ln a decade of service both as track coach, and as assistant basketball coach, Paul Clymer has served A. H. S. with a know- ledge and coaching wizardry all his own. KENNETH WILDONGER -An A. H. S. graduate who made good in a big way at college and came back to guide his alma mater on a victorious trail, Kenneth Wildonger has been coach of A. H. S. Jay Vee squads, both basketball and football. PAUL CLYMER KENNETH WILDONGER Page Two Hundred and Thirty-seven 1943 CDMUS DAVID HACKET J. MILO SEWARDS RUSSEL KNAUSS A. H. S. Coaches DAVID HACKETH-Dave Hacket, known and respected as an authority on all aquatics, is the man behind the hard-churning A. H. S. mermen. An expert life-saving instructor as well, Dave is the big reason why A. H. S. swim teams hold the titles and prestige that they do. 'RUSSEL KNAUSS--Russel "Tush" Knauss, coach of the A. H. S. netmen and contortionists, is one of the better coaches of tennis in eastern Pennsylvania. Last year the tennis-sers went through an undefeated campaign, crushing all valley opponents by decisive margins, thanks to the superior training of Tush Knauss. JOSEPH "MlLO" SEWARDS--'A former Canary and Blue athlete, who excelled in football, basketball, and baseball under Birney Crum, became assistant coach at Allentown High in i940 along with Ken Wildonger. Joe is now a Chief Petty Officer at the Sampson Naval Training Station, New York. He is serving his country with the same drive and determination that he showed at Allentown High. Page Two Hundred and Thirty-eight ,gs yi H160 .9 1943 gg CUMU5 ROBERT GEHRINGER HELEN NOBLE SLOAN A. H. S. Coaches ROBERT GEHRINGER- -Mr. Gehringer, who assisted Coach Crum in football and served as a physical education instructor, was a football and track star at Allentown High. Bob is at Norfolk Naval Training Station serving as a Chief Petty Officer. He entered the Navy in December of last year. HELEN NOBLE SLOAN-Mrs. Sloan, one of the most charming and active teachers at high school, is the sponsor of many extracurricular sports for girls. She organizes the ping- pong and tennis tournaments, and in these past few months she has been drilling girls for the Physical Fitness exhibition. Mrs- Sloan is a true source of inspiration and a real guidance to all her pupils. MIRIAM BOYER-'Slim and full of pep, Miss Boyer is the capable sponsor of the Girls' Gym Club and the Girls' intra- mural basketball teams. Besides coaching the Gym Club for its various exhibitions, she too has done a wonderful iob in patiently drilling hundreds of girls for the Physical Fitness exhibition. Popular and fun-loving, Miss Boyer is respected and admired by all her pupils as a true friend and a real adviser. Page Two Hundred and Thirty-nine MIRIAM Bovl-:R 1943 CDMUS .g mondfr, Qylzere is god? 000 And when the battle is won, And the conquerors have said What may be done By whom And when, We'll think of all who died And why they died. Then we will know that- Victor or loserfnone will win, For then all will be gone- All hate, All love, And life must start anew To build up all that's lost. And when again life's built anew And all is as it should be, Who knows, but that there'll be more wars, More hate, More death, And then again all will be gone. What price for life? My mind reels. I think of all these things. l wonder, Where is God?- Creator of mankind- Father of iustice. Where is he to let such things come to pass, That man should kill man? And though I wish it were the fault of God, l know it is the fault of man, Of man who cannot help but by his greed To steal And kill, For man is man, And such must always be. Esther Perin Page Two Hundred and Forty 1 'iw , ' Pa,-637 1. vi, 'z Q, knbjsu W X-.-, 1-.Q . Q bf H um 4 .Sm ,353 1 Qgfsw , 1 .' .wav-X Y . V . 'Ham K. -.Zn-3 1 f Usa, uw- ' 'V 3.'. I NP f w mf 5 Mn ,.' , 'dfexrrl 'n f. 'xl W' X , 12 ,V lg, 1. .' . M:-, , ,'L'E'fj'i Ejvgw .nz 59:7 . f X, 35.,,?ff,. -ax.- '-va .-- x 2441-R ' .- , WJ f' 'W . ., - , v,-.-Zqacwie, A , ,, '- ,.,, w,,,. -3,4 v, 1 , 5 'T " I- z", A?+?H5f" ' ' ',,f.f1i f"wr- r . Vx- .,. g 61:4 '1 r' Q xc'??,1 pg :X FTA' 1 'Q 1, ,.f.'. I . , '-Z1 gf A Z v .. nt: 2 .Lp .ui 7 ,, .Q 1' X w '51 if f 5 .ix ' - .g, . A, . V ." psf. f:,fe'i?'-xgfzq I :phi-52 ' 1' 'A 'feta 1 ' QS- '-Pi? .2 Hr fs 'RJ 1' +554 S . ' Leg . A ' , 45 'Su x , . fffg . S? W 4 '9 S5555 X X x MX. X Xu xLx.. Q Q- x .-. Xxx . X 'N . M-sis K - X. 'Ew- x N X WN. S X K NN x img! R -M V M, mf , .win A fr ,943 CDMUS Cheerleaders Here they are, all nine of them! In other words, these are "Victory Barkers," not barking for victory in Casablanca, not barking forvictory in the Aleutians, not barking for victory in the Solomons, but, bark- ing for victory for A. H. S. Seniors all, they are going away, maybe some to the Army, some to the Navy, some to the Marines, some to higher places of learning, some to war production, and, who knows, maybe some to the kitchen. But wherever they go, we know that just as their magnetism spurred the crowds on the football field and the basketball floor to cheer the Canary and Blue on to victory, so their cheers will ring loud and clear until the whole world is cheering for a victory won. Yes, they've kept 'em cheering, they've kept 'em singing, they've always had the situation well in hand. JOYCE BONSTEIN ELIZABETH BRIGGS FREDA FETZER GERALD HUTTER HENRIETTA MILLER ROBERT MAIKES LORETTA GARRAHAN ROBERT ERICH THOMAS GRIDER Page Two Hundred and Forty-one 1943 CDMU5- Wl1o's Who in Football BOB NUMBERS, center-Captain and a member of the all-state football squad. Bob held up the center of the Allentown line throughout the season. FRITZ SNYDER, tackle-Another Canary who earned a berth on the all-state team. Fritz struck fear into the hearts of opposing backfield men with his charging tactics and determination. CHARLIE KARAMAN, guard'--A charging guard who generally camps in the oppon- ents' backfield. DlCK ANDERSON, fullback'-A consistent ground gainer and the Canary mainstay in the kicking department. LEO CRAMPSEY, end-A pass-snatcher of the glue-fingered variety, and a good man on defense. ERNIE DEMETER, quarterback--A smart general on the gridiron, who blocks with amazing effciency. JERRY SCHMOYER, guard-Not a flashy performer, but Jerry had the knack of being in the right spot at the right time. GENE DIEFENDERFER, halfbackwOpposing tacklers have considered using motor- cyclqor chasing Ge ep they can't catch him any other way. R S M . -- i , ha fback-A big bruising back who simply butted his way through opposing lines. Russ throws an accurate pass. PETE SUKEENA, tackle-All season his side of the line was a closed door to enemy runners. RAY HOLZ, endAA bulwark on the defense, and always a threat when the Canaries took to the air. JOHN BARANCHOK, halfback-Outran enemy tacklers all year and gave safety men the chills. GEORGE WHITNER, fullbackfSplit open opposing lines and gained valuable ground all season. KEN MlNCHlN, fullbackkSparkled on the defense, where he was consistently inter- cepting passes. BILLY KLlNE, quarterback-A triple threat man who led the team in great fashion. WALT ZIEGER, halfback-Specialized in place kicking, and aided the Allentown cause all season. George Steckel, Dick Keen, Dave Williams, Harry Hartman, Wes Farmer, Franz Fischl, Henry Gearhart, Bob Harr, and Bob Hamilton all did a great iob of substituting in the backfield. Bob Bossons, Bennicuff, Harry Fullas, Ray Kern, Mel McNabb, Tom Richardson, Mel Keyser, Kressler, Macknis, Shafer, Reese, Zaro, and Woodring were capable replacements for the line. Page Two Hundred and Forty-two 1943 CUMUS 1942 Football Season WEST HAZLETON Showing great deception and power, Allentown's flashy grid aggregation rolled over WestHazleton High School by a 31 to O victory in the first tilt of the year. Allentown tallies were garnered by Crampsey, Anderson, and Farmer, the latter galloping 35 yards to score. NORTHAMPTON Brilliant ground and aerial play enabled the Canaries to crush the Northampton Koncrete Kids by a decisive 30-O score. Second and third stringers played most of the game. Pay dirt territory was crossed by Anderson, Crampsey, Baranchok, Fullas, and Farmer. ST. CLAIR Allentown made it three straight with a l9-0 victory over a strong and highly rated St. Clair eleven. The power of the Allentown forward wall proved too much for the elusive and lateraling opponent. The speed and drive of the Allentown backs highlighted this game. HAZLETON The only defeat of the season was handed to Allentown by a never-say-die Hazle- ton squad. Pushed all over the field by the powerful Canaries, Hazleton finally won by means of a 57-yard pass from Degatis to Paternaster. The Canaries outplayed Hazleton from the start, but could never cross the double line. Page Two Hundred and Forty-three 1943 CDMUS 1942 Football Season READING Rebounding from their Hazleton defeat, the Canaries bowled over with surprising swiftness a far-from-weak Reading High School team. Russ Strait was the big gun for the Allentonians, scoring 18 of the 35 points registered by the Canaries. Demeter and Baranchok scored the other two touchdowns. Walt Zieger highlighted the tussle by kicking five straight placements. PHILLIPSBURG Allentown and Phillipsburg battled to a scoreless draw on a muddy, rainsoaked gridiron. Neither team could get on the march, and the game, as a whole, consisted of a kicking duel between Dick Anderson and Dragotta of P-burg. ln the last few seconds of play, Walt Zieger attempted an Allentown field goal from the 20-yard line, but with no success. POTTSVILLE Allentown's power was at its best as the Canaries overwhelmed Pottsville by a 26-0 triumph. Anderson, Steckel, and Hartman accounted for the team's touchdowns, and Pete Sukeena tallied a safety when he blocked a Pottsville punt and recovered it in the end zone. STRONG VINCENT lEriel Combining fancy passing and deceptive running plays, Allentown romped to a 20-0 victory over Erie Strong Vincent. Dick Keen sparkled as he intercepted an Erie pass and galloped 64 yards to score. Anderson and Holz each tallied a touchdown, and Walt Zieger kicked a placement. EASTON Plunging Dick Anderson and speedy John Baranchok propelled the Canaries to a 13-6 victory over Easton. Playing an aggressive game, the Canaries scored once in the second period with Anderson lugging the ball, and then again in the last period with John Baranchok turning the trick. SCRANTON A strong, previously undefeated Scranton eleven succumbed to the charging Canaries by a 20-0 score. Crampsey, Whitner, and Diefenderfer helped the Allentown cause by scoring 6-pointers, and Walt Zieger converted two placement kicks. BETHLEHEM lt looked black indeed for the Allentown cause when Bethlehem's Bill Krasnai crossed the Canary goal-line and then converted with iust three minutes of the game gone. But with four seconds of playing time remaining, Russ Strait chucked a bullet pass to Leo Crampsey,waiting in the end zone, to put the score at 7 to 6. Walt Zieger then entered the game and cool as ice, booted the ball between the uprights for the most important point. Final score, Bethlehem-7, Allentown-7. Page Two Hundred and Forty-four 1943 CUMUS Who's Who in Basketball MOON HANEY Captain and the deadliest sharp shooter on the squad. He is un- canny with his one-hand push shots and his lackadaisical set shots. BOB FREED Left for the Navy in mid-season. A sterling defenseive player and a real offensive threat. MIKE CHOMIK Small, fast, and mighty. Specializes in a fast break and is a talented scorer. CARLETON BERGER-H Tall, aggressive center. A good scorer around the basket with his left hand hook shots. GEORGE KRAINIAK ff--A tall hustling iunior who is expected to cause plenty of trouble next season. George is a good set shot and a tap up artist. MIKE MELlNCHOKvfHas an unorthodox set shot, but it is an effective weapon. Mike is a great pivot scorer. DICK SCHMIDT--+ One of the smoothest and smartest ball handlers on the team. He is skillful in dribbling through the enemy's defense for lay-up shots. BILL GOWERAfBill is a valuable man for breaking up close ball games with his long, looping, accurate set shots. BILL KLINE-Bill moved up from the iunior varsity in late-season and proved to be a great scoring star. DICK FRANKLIN-A great defensive ball hawk and a real scoring threat with a left hand push shot. HENRY GERHARD f-e- Another upcoming basketball performer who directs offensive operations with his sharp ball handling. KEN MINCHIN-fLanky, fast and aggressive ball player, Ken scores points from various angles. Page Two Hundred and Forty-five ,943 CDMU5 Review of 1942-43 Basketball Season That confidence, that determination, that fighting spirit which has dominated Allentown High basketball teams for years and years was lacking this season, and as a result, the court campaign may be termed a fairly good one as compared to other seasons. Year in and year out, Allentown fans eagerly anticipated playoff games, and the Canaries won league and district titles and even a State Championship in 1935. Allentown teams were always in the thick of the battle for honors, but this season was different, and here's hoping it will be better next year. The team engaged in 24 contests, won l9 games and lost 5 games. Our team won the city championship over Central Catholic by taking two out of three games. ALUMNI Willie Stellar, Willie Piff, Arpod Milkovics, Earl Nattress, Bill Hushkek, Ken Moyer and Joe O'Keefe put their talents together to defeat Allentown in the curtain raiser, 53 to 49. Bill Hushkek led the scoring with 25 points for the Alumni. EMMAUS Allentown High checked in with its first victory of the season as they turned back Cliff Hartman's Emmaus five by a 60 to 22 count. The Green and Gold zone defense failed to stop the onrushing Canary offense which was paced by Moon Haney, who scored l7 points. PHILLIPSBURG A tall, rangy P-burg quintet battled tooth and nail with the Canaries for three periods, but Allentown finally stepped up their tempo of play and won out in the fourth frame with a scoring splurge which sank the Garnet, 46 to 30. SOUTH WHITEHALL Coach Crum's crew made it three in a row as they swamped the Troians from South Whitehall, 56 to 24. The Canaries functioned smoothly throughout and continually piled up a larger advantage as the periods rolled on. Krainiak paced the Allentown attack with ll points. Page Two Hundred and Forty-six 1943 CUMU5 Review of 1942-43 Basketball Season BETH LEHEM Two flowering East Penn League basketball rivals provided action aplenty in the opening league contest. After four periods of torrid ball playing, Joe Preletz's Red and Blue Hurricane conquered the Canaries 38 to 32. Al Saemmer tallied 14 points to lead the Liberty Boys. PALMERTON Tuning up for the Hazleton contest, Allentown spurted in the last stanza after a nip and tuck battle with Palmerton's Blue Bombers to win a 44 to 34 decision. Haney and Krainiak registered 12 and 10 points to lead the Canary attack. HAZLETON Allentown flashed one of its best defensive games of the season as they played heads-up basketball and turned the tables on Hughie McGeehan's Mountainers, 29 to 28, in a thrilling tussle before 2,500 fans. The two teams reverted to a great defensive battle to hold back each others scoring machines. TAMAQUA Tamaqua almost pulled oneof the league's maior surprises when they led Allentown for three periods, but the Canaries turned one their scoring eyes to emerge finally with a well deserved 58 to 50 victory. R. Jones paced both teams with 15 markers. POTTSVILLE Traveling up to Pottsville, Allentown's downtrodden Canaries bumped into a fast breaking Pottsville quintet and fell before the Maroons by a 39 to 32 count. Pottsville simply outran and outplayed the Canaries, who were behind the greater portion of the fray. EASTON ln a fast-moving, exciting contest, Easton's Red Rovers piled up an early advantage and then stopped cold an Allentown rally in the waning moments to topple the home forces, 31 to 35, thereby handing the Canaries their fourth league loss this second half. PHILLIPSBURG The Garnet and Gray cagemen handed Allentown their third consecutive defeat as they played steady, deliberate ball to win in the Lafayette College gym, 44 to 41. The game was nip and tuck throughout, but Phillipsburg out-scored the Canaries, 10 to 7 in the final stanza to win the battle. PALMERTON Playing an independent post season contest for the benefit of the American Legion, Allentown was forced into an extra period to defeat Palmerton's Blue Bombers 48 to 47, and broke their three game losing streak. Moon Haney's foul conversion with 8 seconds remaining enabled the Canaries to triumph. READING Reading's Red Knights fell for the second time before the Canaries by the score of 45 to 33. The game was close for three periods as Allentown led not more than three points at the end of the quarters. The Canaries displayed their best attack in recent games in turning back Reading decisively. CENTRAL CATHOLIC Central Catholic visited Allentown in the opening of the best two-out-of-three series and lost the initial contest which was nip and tuck for three periods, but Allentown turned loose once again in the fourth frame to win a 38 to 33 decision. Page Two Hundred and Forty-seven 1943 CDMU5 Review of 1942-43 Basketball Season CENTRAL CATHOLIC Allentown's Canaries lowered the curtain on their 1942-43 basketball season with a glorious 40 to 31 victory over Leo Crowe's Vikings at Rockne Hall and thereby won the city basketball championship. Allentown employed a successful zone defense which had the Vikings stumped, and they were unable to solve it till late in the game. The Canaries meanwhile handled the ball smoothly and worked plays consistently. George Krainiak tallied 16 points to lead Allentown. POTTSVILLE Last season's title holders trailed Allentown for three periods and almost pulled a victory from defeat as they rallied in the fourth frame to throw a score into the Canary five, but Haney's basket clinched the game, 39 to 36 for Allentown's third East Penn league triumph. EASTON ln a fast moving battle marked by good teamwork and accurate shooting, Allentown held the lead throughout the heated encounter to defeat Easton's Red Rovers, 59 to 46, thereby finishing in second place in the East Penn loop race. READING Two quick baskets by Berger and Melinchok in the last 40 seconds of the game broke a 30 to 30 deadlock and gave Allentown a brilliant 34 to 30 decision over the Red Knights in a thrill-packed contest in the Palestra. Berger, with 11 points, led the home team assualt. BETHLEHEM Determined to win the second half title, the Canaries' hopes were cracked wide open when Bethlehem invaded the Palestra and registered a close 33 to 32 thriller, Allentown's inaccuracy from the foul line proved to be fatal in their drive for league su- premacy. Gasdaska chucked in 18 points for the winners. HAZLETON Hazleton handed Allentown its second setback within a week as they played a fast moving ball game marked by great defensive play, to win 36 to 22. The Canaries played ragged ball, inaccurate shooting and sloppy passing virtually lost them second half honors. Al DeGatis took scoring honors with 14 points. LOWER MERION Bill Anderson's undefeated Ardmore Aces and state champions poured it on from the beginning, and out played the Canaries from start to finish to gain an easy 45 to 31 triumph. The fast passing and the beautifully set plays of the Lower Merion five proved to be superior in the contest. TAMAQUA Starting slow, but gradually quickening their pace, Allentown conquered the Blue Raiders 44 to 24, to break a three game losing streak. The win was the first in the second half of the season. 1942-43 BASKETBALL SEASON SCHEDULE Allentown 49 Home Alumni i"AlIentown Home Bethlehem 33 Allentown 60 Home Emmaus fAIIentown Away Hazleton 36 Allentown 46 Home Phillipsburg Allentown Away lower Merion 45 Allentown 56 Home South Whitehall y'Allentown Home Tamaqua 24 'kAllentown 32 Away Bethlehem i"AIlentown Away Pottsville 32 Allentown 29 Home Palmerton "'Allentown Home Easton 37 'fAllentown 44 Home Hazleton Allentown Away Phillipsburg 44 i'Allentown 58 Away Tamaqua Allentown Away Reading 33 'Allentown 39 Home Pottsville Allentown Home Central Catholic 33 'Allentown 59 Away Easton Allentown Away Central Catholic 31 Allentown 34 Home Reading 4 'l'-League Games 739 Page Two Hundred and Forty-eight 1943 CDMUS Track Season With the loss of such key men as Mike Chomik, George Steckel, Herman Jackson, Jack Soler and Stan Dziedzie, Coach Paul Clymer was in doubt as to his chances for a successful track season for l943. But in pre-season performances, a fine flock of iuniors and sophomores came up and along with the seniors, bolstered the team a great deal. Back from last year ore Russ Strait, Gene Diefenderfer, Mike Elchook, and Bob Kline. Coach Clymer expects these veterans to carry the burden this year. At this writing, the team has engaged in two meets and has won twice. The Canary trackmen defeated Emmaus 54Vz to 465 and Phillipsburg 57 to 5l. The Allentown relay team of Mike Elchook, Gene diefenderfer, Willie Flamish, and Bob Klein, entered the Penn Relays and placed sixth. 1943 TRACK SCHEDULE April l3 Inter Class Meet Home April 29 Bethlehem Home April 20 Phillipsburg Away May 4 Emmaus Home April 24 Penn Relays Away May l l Reading Home PERSONNEL Dashmen Weights Mike Elchook Russ Strait Gene Diefenderfer Hufdles Ralph Walters Rudolph Favotto Jack Moser Richard Holveck Wesley Farmer John McNally Leonard Glazier Charles Edwards Richard Franklin James Brown Distance Jumps Robert Kline John Yeager William Flamish John Mertz Robert SHOW Jack Mqggr Robert Gery Paul Harrich Page Two Hundred and Forty-nine John Waelchli John Baranchok Donald Miller' pil-EN7' 1943 CUMUS 'P- I 3 larva 1942-43 Swimming Season Because of transportation difficulties, it was necessary for Coach Dave Hackett to cut down the number of swimming events to almost half of what they have been in previous years. The Allentown mermen engaged in five meets, winning two and losing three. Blair, Mercerburg and Coatesville were able to sink the Canaries while Reading fell twice to Allentown. BLAIR Making its seasonal debut, Allentown's swimmers were turned back by a Blair Academy team by a close 34 to 32 count. Allentown won five first place positions to Blair's three, but the Academy won out when they placed men in the second and third slots. COATESVILLE Allentown lost their second straight dual meet when a superior Coatesville High aggregation defeated the Canaries to score. READING The Canary mermen won their first victory of the season as they easily defeated the Red Knights of Reading. Joe Kirby and Bernie Wilgruber highlighted the meet with brilliant perfcrmances. MERCERSBURG Mercersburg Academy proved to be more than a match for Allentown as they cop- ped six first places, five seconds and one third to humble Coach Hackett's swimmers, 53 to 'l3. Bill Schmidt, formerly of York, easily defeated Joe Kirby and established a new pool record for the lOO yard breaststroke. Joe Kirby established a new Allentown school record as he churned the distance in one minute, ten and three tenth seconds. READING Joe Kirby, Allen Smith, and Bernard Wilgruber sparkled in their respective events as Allentown closed the season with a 37 to 29 victory over Reading at Reading. Cor- pousis, Reading star, captured the 40 yard free style and the lOO yard free style. Page Two Hundred and Fifty l 1943 CDMUS l942-43 Swimming Season PERSONNEL Seniors Juniors Sophomore.: John Wagner Richard Taylor Bernard Wilgruber Joe Kirby Don Allenboch L d M'll Harold Sfeidel Roderic Buller eonar i er Bill Schatz Clinlon Callahan Larry Gifl Bill Engler John Merlz William Hepburn Tom Hauff Allen Smith Robert Moyer, Se n. Mgr. P- GfR' .-f .Lf U' ' A E j. J, 45 in if -W z vi- 9 vi' f 3 BA ,f 'gy , . , fm 1 RQ 'fm W . , " WM' x A xi ff win' 1 , Wir . 'N 11-.X 5 Q ik izv. 7312" -"Ev Hx? ,, -r L,4cf:12r1gafg 3 - - A15 ' , , 1 ""' -f15"'-'4..l.,v,f. LLL ,wah-. K . -- 5. - .. ' 1 ' 1 'Ar NJ -' '-'lf ' . . .fr ,- ' QWEIMGQQ J' :fl ,. -i 5-3m.:42?mzAs'. ' w Ric,-Paul . -- .' 'Q-in lmmzrsxfff ,ef J, 4. -, ,, -gk L tf,Y..f.,5SiL f I wfh lv Tr I U' Hfwm T-l-lE'Dl :Nc-rs Yom P4-lows. wi-una won! IN THE. BA-ra-Room! . 1 f J - Gnamni K im N ,J A, L' x v zhx up-L3.5g:, ' -"'- 'W Rza-sara r ' 1: oA,.1 '...,.L1-L--V5- X iii +l5fg'G'3fU' ku 'mls 4-XE'-ONE. '3'Qoi'i?-rs w-I'1"e.P.lN- -,-D youik eva. w+xEN You WANTA 'D-RlNK pq- .A F-'ouNTAlNQ Page Two Hundred and Fifly-one 1943 CDMUS 1943 Baseballers "Schwopey" SCHWAB--this diminutive center-fielder is a speedy ball-hawk and a timely hitter. "Dutch" FREDERICKSY-flashy shortstop who handles himself like a veteran. "Dick" WELTYglanky first baseman whose fielding and hitting adds a great deal of power and punch to the game. "Bill" GOWER-hard hitting second baseman who is a great pivot man on double plays. "Bill" KLlNEffleet-footed left fielder whose fielding can be termed in one word- "poise." "Harry" HARTMAN -takes care of the "hot corner." Harry is definitely an asset to the team. He filled the third base gap after "Moon" Haney was ineligible. "Nose" BERGER--Big right fielder who always hollers to Toot Wildonger to see whether he is playing deep enough. He is ci portsider. "Walt" PETRISKEY--ace south paw and veteran hurler. "Flip" has a good drop, a sliding curve ball and a good change of pace. "Al" NEWMAN-did a grand iob in taking over the backstopping duties which was vacated by Dick Anderson. "Lefty" SMITH-another southpaw with a slow curve and a nice slow ball. "Eddie" MARTIN-a tall lean right-hander who is a relief hurler. "Russ" ALLENDER-small but powerful second baseman. Note: The fact that the Comus has gone to press early this year prevents a review of the l943 baseball season. Following is the schedule. 1943 BASEBALL SCHEDULE April 13 Central Catholic Home May 7 Reading Away April 16 Reading Home May l l Central Catholic Away April 20 Central Catholic Away May I4 Bethlehem Home April 23 Bethlehem Away May l8 Phillipsburg Away April 30 Easton Away May 21 Easton Home May 5 Central Catholic Home May 25 Phillipsburg Home Page Two Hundred and Fifty-two 1943 CUMUS Girls' Gym Club The Girls' Gym Club, with a membership of thirty, under the direction of Miss Boyer, has had a most successful year. In spite of the fact that no exhibition could be put on this year, the girls have practiced twice a week, without grumbling. They contributed no small part to the Physical Fitness Program, June 2, 1943, and gave a most enlightening and entertaining exhibition for the Business and Professional Women's Club. Seven senior girls were awarded medals for their skillful gymnastic work, and in spite of not having enioyed the usual exhibition, are urging other girls to ioin, for the benefit and the pleasure they will derive from the experience and training. Seniors Elizabeth Briggs Bernice Farnschlader Betty Hunsberger Lucy Mitko Betty Moose Christine Nigro Co-Captains Francene Reinsmith Joyce Schanaberger Juniors Virginia Conway Margaret Grim Betty Harper Eleanor Heimbach Betty Hofelich Ann Lowright Peggy McKnight Dorothy Moyer Thelma Nace Claire Noll Marcella Purner Patricia Stickle Ruth Schweitzer Mary Wasser Eleanor Weaver Frances Wertman Page Two Hundred and Fifty-three Sophomores Annabelle leiby Matilda Mitko Phyllis Nagle Edith Seigel Jeanette Stocker Esther Wilhide 1943 Mus ffm .Bfue Elforizou Across the blue horizon, ln a vale of silver and gold, We see the heightening mountains Amidst the clouds unfold. The rivers wind and intercross Among the brooks and streams, All these natural glories, Are like mystifying dreams. The trees in all their beauty stand Against the colored sky, Their branches reaching outward, Their trunks outstretched so high. And high above, the fading sun Gives way to a full moon, And twinkling stars, maiestically, Proclaim that night is soon. Kathleen Bunk C09 .gfys Over Wow Life can be dull, Life can be plain, Life can be iolly, and yet full of pain, Life can be hopeless and cruel and undone, But unless you're a student, Life isn't much fun. Folks can be happy, and folks can be sad, Men can be lonely, yet make women glad. You can be young, and you can be free, But unless your a student, you're something to see. You may have seen people, both young and quite old, You may have experienced the heat and the cold, O yes, your quite lucky, but you're not perfect, lad, Unless you have taken the chance that you had. The chance to know all that is offered to you, The great chance to conquer, the new things to do. lt's all over now, yes, but don't you feel sad, Because you refused the best chance that you had. Ruth Bechtel Page Two Hundred and Fifty-four ,xv ff'8tn ill Af 1 Q X .fiff L, H n -Q i .4 3 , , . .f 1 L v Y fx , WWE. , A ,JT 4 if . 5 L Q, r , Q . 1 2 . f ,gil HIC A J' f L J- Allentown High School Band The Allentown High School Band has enioyed another successful year of pageantry under the lights of the Jack Cofllield Stadium. Although the band has been prevented from attending out of town games this year, it has been recognized as one of the best high school bands in Eastern Pennsylvania. Besides entertaining the crowds at basketball games, the band had the opportunity to take part in the celebration of Armistice Day as well as to help in the Community Chest Drive. Under the capable supervision of Alburtis L. Meyers, the band has presented a high-lighted schedule of concerts. The Drum and Bugle Corps has been an addition this year, and it has added both beauty and attraction to the scene. We are all acquainted with the twelve Maiorettes whose snappy drills have caught many an eye in the audience. They have also made an attractive and colorful appearance in all the parades and drills, under the leadership of Connie Walters. The two tumblers have done their big bit to make the drills more entertaining, in fact, we are very proud of our band and all its members. OFFICERS President-Connie Walters Vice-President-Donald Wieand Secretary-4Dorothy Leh Oboes Chester Heinle COFHGYS G. Edward Reichard Charles Daniels LeRoy Newman James Biern Edward Wetherhold Richard Detweiler T b L, Gildner Robert Karol Yvonne Moyer Mdfie Dielidrd EZ? VT,'::rrer ?3r:g:,:gdD?3g51CorPs Maiorerres Hun, Elaine Schulthers klpryd gsunger Roberr Bergensrock Ed Mon Connie Warrsrs Mary Jane Reed Bass Clarinets Hmrufd so MOH' k Bryan Bray Edward Sgueber Kughryn Yu,-ink Donald Wodring Jack Schuler Kgngerh gliizyoc J-'h0mU5 5Ch0ff0I' Jerry Mulnick Muriel McCafferty Bassoon Saxophone: eonafd Miller Edward RUCI1 Helen Temun James Poulos Myles Werley 2:82:11 mjfsser 3NLllic:cm lion Steuben Ricrhaga: Trump :une lgertzog k C, - r Theodore Ono R rr. . . 0 Y' UP 0 o n cw etty ane ec er Righrgrz sscnree Richard Heller Rgblgrmillgrs Glockenspiel Calvin Reis Geraldine McCafferty Georg, Sims, Aaron Lichtenstein Horns Dorothy Leh Donald Harmony Lucille Jones Richard smith Don Brensinger Frank Moyer Kqthryn Lgh Eaul Moatz Claire Gackenbach Reber, Rawlins Luanna Rudegedir Berry Reeder, Drums erry Duckett Betty Becker Henry Diehl Tubas Richard Bergman Jack Becker Harold A' Bon! guru' Tfrfr: Burton Swazze George Lewis Thomas Sassaman Walter Stein Color Guards sono' omas Richard Fogel Alton Romig David Solt Calvin Christman Robert Karol Tumblers Edwin Weber Carl Doll Baritone: Robert Behar Richard Holz Ann Lowright Burton Kuhns Paul Moatz Donald Wieand Daniel Kall Albert Rotherham Ginger Conway Page Two Hundred and Fifty-five 1943 CUMUS Chorus This year, as the curtain was raised, a chorus of l25 girls complete with soloist and piano accompanist held an audience spellbound by the expert rendition of Nevin's Land of Heart's Desire. Guest soloist, Alfred Barto, is an alumnus of A. H. S., and one of our own seniors, Florence Dorward, played the piano. The Girls' Chorus has become famous for its beautiful annual concerts, climaxing many months of rigid training and strenuous rehearsals. Dr. Warren F. Acker, sponsor of the chorus, seems to have a bubbling amount of zest, energy, and patience. Gowns or short dresses was the chief debate among the girls. And I don't think we shall ever forget that "iazz session" while waiting for the photographer. We shall always recall the chorus concert of January 2lst, l943, as cessful and unforgettable. Mary Braucher Darlene Becker Ruth Bancroft Dorothy Backenstoe Sara Best Dorothy Barstow Ardella Becker Sara Cope Rhoda Cope Frances Dodd Florence Donovan Elizabeth Drayton Renia Eckert Virginia Egizio Betty Jane Fisher Ethel Fiddler Betty Frantz Elaine Fulmer Gladys Fisher SOPRANO Elizabeth Fogel Eleanor Gaumer Betty George Mldred Gross Goria Heckman Grace Hopkins Laurel Hurley Mary Ellen Jones Virginia Jones Marion Keiper Marilyn Kinney Edith Kline Geraldine Koch Emma Kusicza Audrey l.aMorte Betty Laub Gloria Mates Katherine Medwatz Page Two Hundred and Fifty-six Violetta Meyers Joyce Minich Dorothy Moyer Doris Netznik Thelma Nace Claire Noll Annette Peters Ann Popek Constance Reicharcl Jeanne Robinson Evelyn Seaman June Shafer Gloria Schott Beatrice Schliefer Dorothy Snyder Geraldine Snyder Alice Strametz Annette Vogel Ethel Woolley highly suc- 1943 Jeannette Banzhoff Jeda Becker Margaret Bollier Kathleen Bunk Lillian Calpey Gladys Chessbrough Jane Cohen Harriet Daskalas Gloria Dershimer Virginia Dilley Elaine Dougherty Ruth Edgar Jean Ann Edwards Helen Fetzer Annamoe Franges Lucille Frey Ruth Garger June Gabel Joyce Geho Vera Glaser Chorus ALTO Helen Grover June Greenawalt Edna Hahn Arlene Hess Fern Hess Serena lobst Frances Kaslovsky Anne Kistler Jean Lawrie Helen Leons Arlene Mack Phyllis Mest Viola Meyers Evelyn Miller Grace Miller Marian Nace Dorothy Nadig Ruth Neitz Josephine Petrocci ZW Soface JZ,-. , --7' fl 'r '. 11-H. ,. ,A..q. . , .,. , , -vw "'2f7i11H-im' " CUMUS Clara Petrovich Anita Posselt Mary Jane Roberts Thelma Robinson Carolyn Ruth Carolyn Saunders June Scheirer Margaret Schiffert Janet Schelgel Ruth Seagreaves Janet Sell Ruth Sine Dorothy Smith Harriet Steiner Jennie Stietf Dorothy Stoechel Caroline Sunday Lois Tinsley Shirley Watson Betty Ziegler On a late spring afternoon A-tramping thru the fields I go: To end my day l climb a hill, And gaze upon God's earth below. And as upon God's earth l gaze, A thrill of beauty fills my soul, Then-lending reverence to the scene, l hear a church bell softly toll. High above, the sun is setting, Slowly sinking in the west. Naught but earth and sky about me, This is the place to dream and rest. As daylight dorkens into night, l say a prayer of thanks and praise To One above I know will guide Me safely thru life's tangled ways. Pauline Shaner Page Two Hundred and Fifty-seven Orchids to Dr. Acker for his excellent coaching both as director and friend. 196 'Gam 1943 BONUS 1. 1 The A Cappella Choir lt's 2:45 p. m.Ythe bell rings, and everyone makes a wild dash to his or her locker. That is,-everyone except the members of that group known as the A cappella choir. These students, with music under arm, trudge happily to room 222 where the enchanting strains of Swing Low, Sweet Chariot or some other composition soon my be heard. The Allentown High School A cappella choir is probably the leading choral organiza- tion in the Lehigh Valley--and has given concerts for the United Appeal, Kiwanis Club, Trinity Memorial Lutheran Church, Mountainville, and Salem Reformed Church in this city. They sang over the radio, and during National Music Week appeared in the A. H. S, auditorium. Although rehearsals were strenuous, they were a lot of fun. lt seemed too bad that the choir lacked tenors this year. SOPRANO Ruth Bancroft Darlene Becker Sara Cope Florence Donovan Florence Dorward Renia Eckert Betty George Betty Laub Violette Meyers Doris Netznik Annette Peters Constance Reichard Dorothy Snyder Alice Strametz Ethel Woolley ALTO Fred ericka Anderton Jeanette Banzhoff Jeda Becker Jean Ann Edwards Annamoe Franges Eleanor Gaummer Ruth Garger Helen Leons Jean Laione Viola Meyers Joyce Minnich Grace Miller Clard Petrovich Anita Posselt Ruth Seagreaves Janet Sell Dorothy Steckel Jennie Stieff Betty Ziegier Page Two Hundred and Fifty-eight 1943 CDMUS The A Cappella Choir TENORS Richard Kutz Beniamin Stahl Raymon Rice Robert Steinmetz Rodney Ressler John Gabellini Robert Butz William Remmel Richard Lewis BASS John Seissinger Richard Furchner Joseph Kellner Charles Schmid Horace McCready Gerald Beil Robert Mercle Lloyd Hawk Donald Seyler Harold Bootz Floyd Schmoyer Robert Fatzinger Harold Messinger Richard Grim John Lush Herbert Sernerd Earl Lichtenwalner C09 TZDZEIIZAZI' Remember the day you entered school? The kids were unfriendly-sort of cool. And then remember the friendship you had With little Johnny, and another lad? Remember the cramming you had to do ln order to pass an exam or two? Remember those hours in Study Hall When you never looked at a book at all? Remember the report cards, good and bad? Remember the hours explaining to Dad? Well, all that's over, you may say, But you'll want it back again some day. Three solid years of life and fun- Three short years that seemed like one. And now as each month looks toward June We know these days have passed too soon. William Oswalt Page Two Hundred and Fifty-nine 1943 aww.. ca-Pam!-sw ' ggmiss qumn-l at ' R Hg.-J X US?.... '43 "C ,a bbw .CM ,JQ E. Ho-f-gdqs' ' ' . Y Eff: x F" - ' Lv -,, 'Qing w,35:ggLA,m,g. A . X., g, J Q. W 'A f'1' if 'K C mf, Q : f' .xr A, x X L' fl' N I ' Wx I ' x I I X f X U 1 , i A, 235' K .,wXJgT,. 41,35 r if .R . v ,.,,M,3. .V r :J f"""""""6 M., lHEfGDONE, TELL- Sofas THAT 'THE 'Baca-fn sw- s BRE. FvR"uP-'f'vRA2vf5 A F XFYNELLR f 1 ff., 1..p,1 .b - ' '-frm. ' . U ' -5 J 0 -- it f . ' , . ,,,,,f 'l '. 5159, ' 3352 ' u""' -L Qi 'I .21-Q wx ?' P' 'T' it i 'v+us"xs A :mNsu..4s1 sua STEALS voua vswa. 'MEN V09 wmv 'ro PAY FaR A 'CMARYQ A ff, .f ,. . mmm. W, ggi fl,-M. fm' AT. NS X. 45,11 Widbfsi, ' , Msg, 'ba I ' "-fu ' N,-V R all -,., 3 A SLIYPVEM 51-IDES BOOKS CPN yqua wp q'us.'r WA-KEN Youg Ruse. 'Ts .SALQTE 'THEJSLAQ-f CUMUS A ca3s,mu..xN .-:QE . ff A me a r m 4' W'-i f I-Q - 'I A 2 - fa. KVA up A r TW THEWATCHEM PU1-1-5'K'1-ha .v1c3zouNp Sa D QAN GET NCFTNNE- my Nag E A G-'R.vE.r'1x.wN --1 .-Q Q ' K 0, ..., 4 ey R? 1 Qcniixu :Lk M kxuxxkl J, ' L 7' 'X A L ' 2 ' - x 1' -va-J' Q, f 11 JP' x -"' 2 , ' bfi 1 ' 7 . " -. "' 1? Q I 'y' .of J! fu. 1. ' 9 'JI-:N 12-'Z 3. , .vig ,V V. K .X , 5 - " - ' fiziiliesfvrrss .. N ' .WNV 2.4 +5 - ' ' . 4 ,, A h 'Im' Ami, hw m-65,- 1' 4, 4. ..' ' ,Ay .- 7,,,r, . . - 'rue swf s'rz-:ms vom axwss. BLANK msn- wm-: You New wg A G1R2Nxx.xN ' Q V . -F A f' fawwl ' 1 ,, , ,. .W 419,55 ' 'QQ' . . 4 45. ,ggiiz Ng:-..X. f o- , Ni ,.-fm-gd 'B 1H?i4Xv.g xliw' U 'D I uf? , F254 4- 'YI' 1. " 4 HH- " ' H" 1 RL '71 , 94:51, ,E I jilfvz, ft ' 'wk MF ww QT, u I . 1 wg, y 4 2 132'-Ji: " Y ij '3'145.yj'f 555 . . '- '- ,,v.,.y4g .4 , ,- . THE Gmmw w ifihvvv QNTO THE ANNW nam MEN A couiPL.A of wwe -vaxivimxsefkilg Page Two Hundred and Sixfy ' 3'-:TM "YJ"L3"4". ' ' T"vs.". 'T' 'Wig Q ' 1""- 'E "' 1. 31' ' 'Wi ff W 1 ' " ' 4"3'4 , J.. -e ,.,. , .h , , ,, , x , my , .Lg , f, , , g. ,I .,. ,, . - AJ' 4, 2. .x ,L Y . H X K., 5. W", 3' ' ' 5 k,2Q,7gr ,' Wil: ,ned it 'I Q V -44'4'.'f' 'f 1 ' ly.-5 4, ' 'Qi-'Tx gi? ' Sli I "ru 5 W 4. R. i 11- ' . , . '- - .v 'Hy ,rfygg .4 'gn " 3-' A si L Q,.,,, f ,'f':K.w ?f,:""' ' ' zgkiv fa' ,.,u 7, ki Q, pk? vi' 135, ww- ,-,. , N51 N '-. 19' ...g ' f ,, 1' ...1ijw".' X ,Y .5 fifiw, , 'Nh , 'L A Win, 'V .. '.'-M V 3 "5 ru' "ki: V . A ., N, V -,. REG!--Q: 1 -N1 - gif-1'?ifp?f .f V ' . Ad 31' :. s I W ra J-qs, , A-N 1 ,Hmm V mm- N, Ky, - ,ppl K.. ,, ,. v -.--V4f+'AN Wm., K . 25171 ' f'i":r f V. ,L ,M :- ' uffjfv -'Q ,, 'ie' 1 1 . x xii, 'f 3-1,1 - ' .j'13"1"'f'3:4L 5 1. 5 , Q, . ugly -W 4' KW .Q J Pg. .2,1'53.' f 4.1: . 3 .v , N., 518592. 4.-qv 4' :fig - A .0 ,f . ra' 1 N '13, ,- x wg- f 'QV -1 1.1 fwfr 14-,f . P x . . 1 .53 -x . pax W ,,. - I K ,pq .0 .JJ -Q . j ws 00. W A 3 .10 E 'Mu ' 1 C Y Tc 9.8! r .' W ' 4 ,. in 5' 1 2: '-X .5 I Q 'yk' l?fis"' v 1 'v's:w"f, K '1- ssnar 'wh' 'fs'-" 7. lf' f wi ff, X, .. ,Q-'-F . s . , L , J 'I BD f, . 4 . - It x L: If . 1' '. Tx '-"if: ' ,f fx I ' L '75 ,LL su. as u Q W I Q .' w-" ' . is N I. .' ?"':I" ...A D. . O 1 1 4 , I ,J 0 x 'A 'x I L , s-r li9glf3E.g3, viz uf-.sort 4' ' n .4 ' ' , - -ay' X' Q 5 5 5 570-'?5-A X '-'W . If . . S- E ' E A I 1 'L I . u 9 ":"..-fx " . 5- :aging 4 gl 3 ' O' A xc, . Q ' 'C 59' , ,L 4,5 . -A. - r 7 I ' Q ' A i x H x 1 5 n S .Q my ',k I N -Q L t A , . N X x f!Jf??f?,3f5?3 K 1943 CDMUS Latin Club The members of the Latin Club, more than half of whom are also members of the Junior Classical League, sponsored by the American Classical League, "covenant to hand on the torch of classical civilization in the modern world. They believe an acquaintance with the civilization of Greece and Rome will help them understand and appraise this world of today, which is indebted to ancient civilization in its government, laws, literature, languages, and arts." Moreover, appreciation of the beautiful, and nobility of expression are not only deeply comforting, but stabilizing in a period of unrest. And so, with J. Warren Fritsch and Phillip Schmoyer as co-sponsors of the club, it is apparent to the membership that the Roman is no longer Roamin', Latin isn't latent. OFFICERS FIRST TERM SECOND TERM Elaine Nickum President Gloria Burkhardt Beryl Senderowitz Vice-President Newell Wert Caryl Gordin Secretary Elaine Nickum Joseph Haftl Treasurer Joseph Haftl MEMBERS Marion Danner Caryl Gordin Eleanor Kratzer Jean Laurie Sherman Sass Bettie Verdegern Mary Jean Grider Elaine Nickum Newell Wert JUNIORS SOPHOMORES Mary Alexander Mary Louise Hart Margaret Bollier Arthur Haimowicz Betty Andreas Mary Jane Heckman Frances Carpenter Charles Kachel Richard Aulenbach Jeanette Banzhoft Ann Baumgarten Marietta Bartz Gloria Burkhardt Mary Jane Burkholder Anita Coleman Joseph Haftl Jean Huver Jack Kistler Arson Rabhold Ammon Roth Eleanor Ruhf Carolyn Ruth Beryl Senderowitz Dorothy Smith Helen Csordor Audrey Diehl Jean Frankenfield Lucille Frey Elaine Fulmer Page Two Hundred and Sixty-one Irene Koller Peggy lyte Forrest Schaeffer Franklin Sherman John Tallmadge Betty Willette f9ixNHIc"w 1943 53 Q3 CDMUS The German Club The German Club is made up of all students having German and having attained an average of at least eighty-five percent in this subject. The prime obiective of the German Club is to learn more about the language, customs,and people of Germany, than one learns in the class room. The highlight of the events in which the German Club participated this year was the ioint Christmas meeting held with the French Club. This was one of the few occasions where the French and German languages were spoken under peaceful circumstances in our modern world. Poems and stories about Christmas and the Christmas seasons and cele- brations were read in both languages, translations of the story or poem followed the reading. Various members of both clubs told of the customs of the Christmas Season, carols were sung by both clubs, and all who attended seemed to enioy the entire program, The German Club met every two weeks, alternating with business and entertainment programs. During the program meetings, poems and stories were read in German: folksongs were sung, and from time to time Mr. Allam, the sponsor, presented riddles and questions. The club also continued its research program dealing with German and Pennsylvania German folklore. Everyone was told to be on the look-out for German calendars, almanacs, and pictures. "Before you throw it away, bring it to Mr. Allam", was the watchword. All of the club members enioyed their association with the club and were proud to be members. OFFICERS President!-Bruce Romig Vice-President4George Gebert Secretary4Joyce Bonstein Treasurer-William Hillegass QFirst Halfj Treasurer-Arthur Schmidt QSecond Halfj MEMBERS Joyce Ackerman Sara Cope Jean Huver Anita Posselt Edward Smelotf Gertrude Baush Elsie Csondor Harold Jones Ruth Rem Richard Snelling Betty Boettger Emma Dalmas Lois Kichline Patricia Ritter Dorothy Smith Joyce Bogert George Gebert Bette Knauer Bruce Romig Thomas Smyth Joyce Bonstein Dorothy Grutski Gwendolyn Lean Russell Ruht Alice Strametz Luke Brinker Mary Jane Heckman Madilyn Leibensperger Leanna Schaeffer Geraldine Uhl Gene Brophy Norma Heil Justine McClafferty Edward Schantz Phyllis Walck Frances Broschak Fern Hess Ruth Oberholtzer Louise Scheirer Joseph Ware Kathleen Bunk William Hillegass Gloria Peter Arthur Schmidt Newell Wert Jean Burkholder June Houseknecht Donald Peter Samuel Silberg Donald Wieland Robert Buxton Page Two Hundred and Sixty -two -. -A1 1943 CUMUS Le Cercle Francais A group of boys and girls, eager to know more about France and her people, gather twice a month for Le Cercle Francais. Strains of La Marseillaise bring thoughts of French social customs, folk songs, operas, and memories of meetings conducted in French by the president, Geanne Marcy. The French-German Christmas program is an old tradition, a strange combination in these war days. Mademoiselle Swope, of the Frech Department, is the sponsor of Le Cercle Francais, and has done much to give inspiration to those who are eager to be fluent French speakers. Those who graduate this year say aurevoir to pleasing and interesting programs of 1942-43. OFFICERS President-Geanne Marcy Secretary-June Brelsford Vice-President-Phyllis Kratz Treasurer-Anne Brown MEMBERS Marie Alexander Betty Andreas June Brelsforcl Anne Brown Vivian Cass Gladys Chessbrough Mariorie Coleman Betty Cooper Ethellu Cressman Jean Doern Russel Everett Fredelle Feldman Ruth Fellencer Betsy Fenstermacher Mary C. Fitzpatrick Loretta Garrahan Daryl Gardin George Gardin Mildred Gross Katherine Guldin Janet Haley Gloria Heckenberger Louise Horn Samila Joseph Celeno Kenley Lillian Kenley Jean Kohler Phyllis Kratz Ellen J. Laudenslager Geanne Marcy Justine McCandless Henrietta Miller Peggy McKnight Betty Moyer Bettie Muth Violet Nabhan Madeline Neil LeRoy Neuman Clare E. Petrovich Betty Quinn June E. Raab Ruth Reinhard Lois Ressler Marilyn Richardson Corinne Ridley Page Two Hundred and Sixty-three Marvin Sacks Mary Lou Schlechter Jane Schlosser Carolyn Shankweiler Jean Shelly Alice E. Strametz George Stavridis, Alice Tallmadge Joyce Troxell Janet Weitknecht Leah Williams Jeanne Wolf Alyce Yeager 1943 CUMUS Senior Mathematics Club Just before the close of the first term, the Math Club was revived in A. H. S. but with a different framework this time. There is a separate club for each class, each with its own officers and meetings. The Senior Math Club has Mr. Neely as sponsor, and Mr. Weinsheimer as an interested participant and often the lecturer. The development of a further interest in mathematics is the prime aim of the organization. Those topics which the clsss time does not allow to be discussed during class are often the bases of discussion at the meetings. The members of the club have shown that they would like to know the why and how of various formulae theories, instead of iust using them to solve problems. Practical application is invariably the root of many controversial subiects. These mathe- matical open forums, held every two weeks, have broadened the mathematical knowledge of every member. lt is the sincere hope of the club that those that come after will continue where we leave off. ' OFFICERS President4CharIes Rabenold Secretary4Just!ne McClafferty Vice-President4EIizabeth Townley Treasurer!Harold Jones MEMBERS Joyce Ackerman Julius lacocca Walter Petrisky x Gene Brophy Mary Ann lsreal Eugene Pozebanchuk Donald Brown Anne Brown James Bieret Robert Buxton Erwin Decker Frank Doben James Downs Roger Egge Stanley Ershler Carlton Flores George Gebert Jean Huver Harold Jones Celeno Kenly Lois Kichline Joseph Kline Donald Markley Justine McClaHerty Charles McGee Enos Miller Gladys Moyer Robert Moyer Harry Nuss Arthur Peters Page Two Hundred and Sixty-four Charles Rabenold Robert Rawline Russell Ruhf Marvin Sachs Sherman Sass Arthur Schmidt Thomas Snyder David Solt Elizabeth Townley Joseph Ware Brigitte Ulig John Yeager 1943 CUMUS Junior Mathematics Club This club was organized on January l4, l'-743, through the untiring eFForts of Mr. Hartzell and Mr. Rentschler. Any pupil who is interested in mathematics can become a member of this organization. The chief purpose of this organization is to further the knowledge of the members and to stimulate their interest in advanced mathematics. The regular meetings are held on the first and third Wednesdays of each month. Programs are arranged by the members and faculty advisers to carry out the purpose of the organization. OFFICERS President---Paul Weis Treasurer4Richard Lamson Vice-President -Sara Jane Best Faculty Advisor-Mr. Richard W. Hartzell Secretary 4Zean M. Frankenfield Faculty AdvisorfMr. Roger M. Rentschler MEMBERS First Row Third Row Betty McCain William Brown Ruth Christman Mary King Donald waeqnd Jw' Ffvnkefmeld rmh Row Edward Rabenold Richard Heller Second Row Mr Roger Rentschler Frances Broschak Julia Meyersburg Ruth Eisenhart Mary Jane Heckman Fern Hess Mary Alexander Sara Jane Best Mr Richard Hartzell Carolyn Ruth Elinor Ruhf Peggy McKnight Violet Premecz Lois Tinsley Gloria Moyer Claire Noll Fourth Row Nona Merkel Judy Ruhe Gloria Burkhardt Phyllis Ensrud Dorothy Moyer Page Two Hundred and Sixty-five Robert Berg Melvin Josephs Richard Aulenbach Paul Weis George Woodring Richard Lamson Missing from the picture are Jean Appel Richard Bean Joseph Greenberg Law Kivlen Louis Kreig Richard Snelling 1943 CDMU5 Sophomore Mathematics Club This past year saw the development, at A. H. S., of a mathematics club for sopho- mores only. ln the latter part of the first semester, a nucleus of eleven members met with Mr. Reichard and Mr. Dankel and organized. Presently, thirty-three budding mathema- ticians were attending program meetings and learning something above the first year algebra and plane geometry that they were studying in class. As might be expected in these times, the topic of universal interest was mathematics as applied to aviation, and accordingly, Mr. Earle H. Weinsheimer, who is teaching the elements of aeronautics at A. H. S., was invited to deliver a lecture on the subiect. He did so, most interestingly. The second outside speaker for the year was Mr. R. R. Neely, one of the respected instructors in mathematics at A. H. S. and in the Pennsylvania State College and Muhlen- berg College extension courses. Mr. Neely's topic was the integration of the various branches of mathematics. His lecture on May 5 was highly instructive and was delivered in a most absorbing way. What would be a club without an outing or two? The farewell picnic was a last gesture of comradeship among the members as members of the sophomore mathematics club, who will leave the club next year to ioin the iunior club. The sophomore club is in- tended to be permanent, however. During the meeting of April 7, a constitution was ap- proved which will be the organization basis for future sophomores. OFFICERS President-f-Franklin Sherman Vice-President-Arthur Haimowicz Secretary-Jean Moyer Sponsors-Herbert H. Reichard and Charles W. Dankel Front Row Robert Steinmetz Third Row Ruth Parry Sally Brown Harold Butz Forrest Fister Ardella Becker Franklin Sherman Clarence Shoch Shirley Garfinkel Edward Ettinger Robert Fedora Janet Schlegel Anna Reinert Fourth Row Lucille Fry John Tallmadge Forrest Schaeffer, Jr. Frances Carpenter Beatrice Nussbaum Shirley Crandall Fifth Row Members not on David Lahr Sylvia Weinstein Anne Kistler Renia Eckert Charles Schmid Picture Second Row Jean Moyer Margaret Bollier Helen Fetzer Richard Grim Arlene Mack Mr H. E. Reichard Arthur Haimowicz Dorothy Janenko Phyllis Mest Richard Lewis Faith Wilson Mr. Charles Dankel Page Two Hundred and Sixty-six FY f -.r , 'l:,g,f, .f 14 x 1 W, Lzffifift S-'th . 4 ' P M ff- ,- M. 3- fc ' 1'if?'? .M Zig-fl. ,. Mx . Y 'n 'AL' Q s.. .Y A WA 1' 1? ' .f F,-. A-t"f" 1-.., wx L w w j f I r r W I 'O'x'.f :gulf sie' Q 'an 4 an 2 Q5 UA M Q J' 1 Q x . 11 P ,ii f n ,Q x 1 lg-gig' 5 ii ia.- i A Q4 PM ,. , f Y' mgfh 5- f iq C . A .., I a 4 I I 1 'wi ' ' Li X ' f rv 'nl ff Q vb 3 I D' if -Q 1 A ' K 3 'fs 6 14" A. ., ' X fr 1,473 1 X ',5l azgg 'iv x I 4 .:f'f.fg Ra ug Treasurer-Marvin Sachs 1943 CDMUS The National Honor Society . The beginning of every school term brings to the high school a newly organized National Honor Society, one with new officers and new duties, but retaining the principles of the past and the constant desire to be of service. In these times of peril the group has done more for the school than in the past. Con- ducting a clinic to help others and supplying messengers for the office were routine dutiesg selling Defense Saving Stamps and acting as interpreters during the rationing registration and doing many other special tasks as the need would arise have given further evidence of their willingness to serve. The National Honor Society is constantly proving its worth to its school. OFFICERS Presidentfwilliam Hillegass list Semesterl President4Fronk Doben Q2nd Semester, Vice-President'-Mary Jean Grider Secretary-Phyllis Kratz GIRLS Joyce Ackerman Elizabeth Amron Phyllis Bauer Joyce Berger Lillian Block Joyce Bogert Gene E. Brophy Mariorie Coleman Betty Cooper Elsie Csondor Jean Doern Florence Dorword Ruth Fellencer Betsy Fenstermacher Mary Fitzpatrick Margaret Flandofer Marion Getz Caryl Ann Gordin Phyllis Green Dorothy Harris Jo Anne Hess June Houseknecht Louise Horn Julie lacocca Lois Kichline Alverta Kern Bette Knauer Phyllis Kratz .lune McCurley Fern Neitz Theresa Nikischer Groce Oram Betty Quinn Joyce Remaley Bernice Rickel Ruth Reinhard Leanna Schaffer Janet Seislove Ellen Siegel Jane Schlosser Carolyn Shankweiler Elizabeth Townley Joyce Weaver BOYS William Boyer Frank Doben James Downs Carl Eichenberger Lloyd Eslinger Stanley Ershler Mark Ginder John Gabelline William Hillegas Harold Jones Michael Kalandiak Peter Kalondiak Frederick Kocher George Moerlsick Dean Moyer Robert Ochs Arthur Peters Walter Petrisky Eugene Pozenbanchuk Robert Rawlins Bruce Romig Russel Ruhf Page Two Hundred and Sixty-seven Marvin Sachs Sherman Sass Donald B. Saul Edward Schantz Arthur Schmidt Samuel Silberg David Sinberg Richard Smith Edward Smeloff Robert Snow David Solt George Stavridis Jack Tuberty 0,98 HIG6, I . - L A Orotan Debating Society Organized with the intention of furthering the comprehension of logic, providing experience in debating, and encouraging general good fellowship, the Orotan Debating Society is an important organization of the high school. Mr. Waller, the very able sponsor, helps the group to organize its program. The meeting is officially called to order by Jack Tuberty, president, and the minutes are read by Richard Snelling with an occasional effort at wit. Of course Sam Missimer, as treasurer, reminds the members of dues to be paid. The sophomores Y-Gomer Reese, John Wilcox and Larry Milstead engage in arguments of their own since they know it is futile to argue with iuniors and seniors. The iuniors H 'Sam Missimer, Vincent Peters, Richard Snelling, and Edwin Pickard-not realizing the futility of arguing with such seniors as Jack Tuberty, Bill Hillegas, and Don Markley, try to do the impossible, that is, to convince a senior that he is wrong. With words exhausted, the meeting is adjourned. OFFICERS PresidentfJack Tuberty Vice-President-William Hillegass Secretary-Richard Snelling Treasurer-Samuel Missimer MEMBERS Frank Golden Melvin Josephs John Loch Donald Markley Lawrence Milstea d Vincent Peters George Pickard Gomer Reese Donald Wieand John Wilcox Page Two Hundred and Sixty-eight 1943 CDMUS Historical Society Increasingly important in these days of war, when homes are being up-rooted and the past forgotten in the maze of today, is the Historical Society, whose function it is to preserve in the minds of the students the heritage of their native ground. This year the Society has completed the color film, "Historic Allentown," which is a permanent record of the spots of local historical significance. lt has added to its library books of great value, which would not otherwise be available to the members, and it has presented both its film and its library to the school. The Society is a charter member of the Pennsylvania Federation of Junior Historians, which was organized last year in Harrisburg, and in several capacities has become active in the Federation. The Allentown Chapter chose the name for the New State publication, the Junior Historian and played a prominent part in the meeting of the Federation which took place April 30. The Allentown High School Historical Society was organized in 1935 by its sponsor, Melville J. Boyer, head of the Social Studies Department. OFFICERS President 'Ruth Whitenight Secretary-ATheodorea White Vice-President r 'Betty Hunsberger Treasurer' -Lois Kichline MEMBERS Mary Alexander Betty Andreas Gertrude Baush Elizabeth Bieret James Bieret Shirley Bochow Gene Brophy Gloria Burkhart Marian Danner Sheldon Davis Ruth Eisenhart Stanley Ershler Robert Ettinger Betsy Fenstermacher Bernice Farnschlader Shirley Garfinkle Leonard Glazier Martin Goldstein Caryl Ann Gordin George Gordin Mary Jane Heckm Sylvia Hoffman Betty Hunsberger Helene Kersher Lois Kichline Phyllis Kratz Donald Melcher Mancy Mignogno Gladys Moyer Leroy Newman Ch Page Two Hundred and Sixty-nine Elaine Nickum Gloria Peters Rosemarie Raub Lois Ressler Bernice Rickel Eleanor Risse Jeanne Ross Marvin Sacks Sherman Sass Martha Schaffer Louise Scheirer Samuel Silberg Dorothy Smith Theodora White Ruth Whitenight 1943 CUMUS Commercial Club The Commercial Club is composed of Senior Commercial students who have attained an average of 85 per cent in every subiect. Socials are held once a month at the homes of the members, and business meetings are held every two weeks at school. The purpose of the club is to create an interest in business problems and to prepare the student for a business career. Through this club the school and the businessmen are more closely united. An annual alumni banquet and dance is held, whereby former and present day mem- bers are able to discuss the present business situations. Through the faithfulness of the otticers and the cooperation of the members, the club has had another successful year. OFFICERS President-John Gaballini Vice-Presidentk-Virginia Moto Secretaryflune McCurley TreasureriHelene Zaboy MEMBERS First Row Virginia Moto Helene Zaboy Mr Edgar Rabenold .lohn Gabellini June McCurley Pauline Brunner Second Row Janet Seislove Joyce Weaver Fern Neitz Katherine Daniel Martha Butz Joyce Berger Doris Monk Lorraine Dewalt Page Two Hundred and Seventy Third Row Theresa Nikischer William Oswalt Raymond Rice Edward Hawk Robert Long Robert Reinhart Anna Kreitz ,9,gNHIg,yw ,943 c g CUMUS L A Girl Reserves During the first World War, work with younger girls and children was placed in a new department known as Girl Reserves. They wanted to create a better understanding among young people through fellowship and service. Today, in the second World War, the Girl Reserves continue their important and suc- cessful work. The girls like variety and have included in their program collecting keys for the scrap drive, establishing a baby clinic, and making scrapbooks for soldiers. Mid-winter and summer conferences keep the girls in touch with other cities. At con- ferences they compare notes on club activities and learn to mix with strange groups. Under the capable guidance of Marian L. Grider, the Girl Reserves will remain girls in reserve. COUNCIL President f Mary Jean Grider Recording Secretary--Thelma Oberly Vice-President' "Jane Schlosser Treasurer-Ruth Reinohl Correspondence Secretary-Violet Nabhan Doris Altemos Randy Anderson Phyllis Bitler Edwina Brobst Althea Brown Steffie Bryski Janet Graff Ruth Hiller Grace Hopkins Arline Neubauer Mary Catherine O'DonnelI Rose Marie Onupko Arline Rabenold Dorothy Reichard Joy Schreiner Jean Sherry Daisy Snyder Frances Weider Betty Welty Marjorie Wetherhold Page Two Hundred and Seventy-one 0,88 H100 L A Red Cross Council The purpose of the Allentown High School Junior Red Cross Council is to uphold the standards of the American Junior Red Cross and to contribute all possible service. The Council is elected from representatives of each homeroom. lt consists of twenty- three members: six sophomores, six iuniors, six seniors, one representative of the National Honor Society, one representative of the Varsity A Club, and the presidents of each class, This year the Junior Red Cross formed Standard First Aid Classes, collected games, playing cards, and books for the service men as well as knitted sweaters and squares for afghans. ln addition to this, a group of commercial girls were prepared as Staff Assistants, to aid the school nurse or to help at the Red Cross Chapter House. The council, which was organized under the guidance of Miss Struthers last year' served as a pattern for similar groups organized this year in all schools of the county- These councils exchange ideas through contributions to the Lehigh County Junior Red Cross Bulletin. The second Allentown High Junior Red Cross Fair, which was held in March, proved to be such a success that it will serve as a pattern for more events to be held in school. The proceeds of this fair were turned over to the Red Cross. OFFICERS Vice-President4George Stravidis Faculty AdvisormMiss Struthers SecretaryYJoyce Weaver Chairmanfwilliam Oswalt MEMBERS First Row Joyce Weaver George Stravidis Miss Struthers .lack Kinter Jane Schlosser Second Row Janice Bortz Mary Jean Grider Carolyn Howell Jennamae Block Lucille Ettinger Margaret Love Page Two Hundred and Seventy-two Third Row George Metzger George Gebert Bruce Romig Melvyn Josephs William Oswalt 0,101 H160 A. A '355 The Student Pan-American League Senores y Senoritas: The Student Pan American League was organized in the Allentown High School in l942 and already has an active membership of 21 students all interested in improving the relationship between South American countries and the United States. This is being accomplished by corresponding with various school pupils in the South American countries. The exchange of scrap books made by South American pupils and members of our club will also help to promote a better understanding. ln the club itself, time is devoted to making the scrap book previously mentioned, discussing the interesting facts of these countries by means of a roll call of South American countries, showing slides, and listening to speakers, selected because of their connection with Latin American countries. We consider this one of the most democratic organizations in the school because it is run by and for the members. The meetings although conducted informally, are orderly and all the material set down by the Program Committee to be covered during the course of the meeting is accomplished. The meetings are not all work, there is play as well, in that there is singing of Latin American songs in Spanish and the playing of Spanish games. We believe that the obiects of the League,which is a national organization,are being fulfilled. The success of which in no small part is due to Mr. Waller, the Club's Sponsor. OFFICERS President -' Robert Behar Vice-President' Melvin Josephs Secretary Anita Coleman Treasurer Patricia Stickle Corresponding Secretary Judy Ruhe MEMBERS Madeline Curran Phyllis Ensrud Katherine Kesack Jean Thompson Doris Bank Virginia Davis Margaret Grim Nona Merkle Dorothy Wetherhold Robert Berg Ruth Eisenhart Russel Everett Julia Meyersburg Francis Wertman Gloria Burkhart iNot on picturel Jean Hersh Chrisanthe Stavridis Page Two Hundred and Seventy-three MEMBERS 1943 CUMUS Varsity "A" Club The Varsity "A" Club, now in its third year, continues to make a name for itself. The Varsity "A" Club consists of boys who have earned a letter in any sport in the Allentown High School. The club will long be remembered for its fine work. ln 1943 the club sold War Saving Stamps to the pupils of the high school, and carried on a highly successful scrap drive. The organization is rapidly becoming one of the most valuable clubs of the school. This year the club presented another hilarious comedy, sponsored by B. S. Kane, Kenneth Wildonger, and the club officers. OFFICERS PresidentfBob Numbers SecretaryfGene Diefender Vice-President-Erwin Haney Treasurer-Charles Karaman Richard Anderson John Baronchak ' Robert Bossons Donald Brown Mike Chomik Robert Clauss Charles Cohen Leo Crampsey Ernest Demeter Gene Dietenderfer Frank Doben Francis Egan Mike Elchook Charles Epstein Robert Erich Wesley Farmer Francis Fischl Donald Fredericks Robert F eed Harry Fullas Henry Gerhard William Gower Robert Hamilton Erwin Haney Robert Harr Harold Hartman Raymond Holz Charles Karaman Richard Keen Raymond Kern Melvin Keyser Russel Kirby Robert Klein William Kline Frederick Long Leonard Macknis Melvin McNabb Kenneth Minchin Simeon Moats Robert Numbers Page Two Hundred and Seventy-four Walter Petrisky Allan Raber Edward Reese Thomas Richardson Edward Schatz Richard Schmidt Jerry Schmoyer Allan Shafer Allan Smith Frederick Snyder George Steckel Harold Steidel Russell Strait Peter Sukeena .lohn Wagner Richard Weiland George Whitman David Williams Joseph Zarro Walter Zeiger ,,.., -vvqg ui X,-. wg ov' 4 I 'I' W 1 Y 1 if ix U 1-31 xy H. il 7 1 M I 'X LA ' Qiiifasiiggwk " ff' ' fn:-'A :yew-,f. x , ,- 7, 1 A 1 A 0, ,K 2,1 ? .fr .Mg 1943 W A swzmuxu 2, W 'A' sip. , N ' "fi Q9 -f' - f:"f,'f IH :4ix'i:rV-r:54L?lM2I,'1f H gk. A. 1- it "'. J i l ! Vw 'iff-.JN 3.1! V b ful, q "' X wa "r'+iE SPREE. STRLS YOUR GL-ASSEAS, lfkmm vow mcmeirg A car gm 1,43 swf , 5 ' ' is 1 w we- : , , Lil F T' is 91? -V1 f' " Jef-'54 iQ:iL5i3f ' ', .4 L ": l:'?"5-' , 1. . ,M--,,,,4:4f 0 1 ,. 1 .R 4 ' ff' .g -155,- , A nf f A ,ffl-, . - if - fl, swf '- Q Jmgfy- , H' - ff ' 5,14 ,,-v X A32 ? ,.,,. ,W li te-f ' ' wr.Hi54T3, 4,+,g-Sgfgviaf' Q I 'vs-va. nam xs x-memrg p fS'T"..1D?1H 'TEA 'T-5 'PD L-'?'Nif.Q,!i3.., 'fl E. v N UE R 'vmzxvi 'vazffmq-v-31 C225 5x1"'I51'J.'T' T-+b"a'T' "t'++a3y' gurl! A G'REW1L.iN ff Un A '7t.-Y. K' ' ' 'Q 'T ra .-fi, I4 .. vwf-" 43" n 1 ' fp.. 7' fdpik, g Jafgtptvg , jf ,Q 1, xg fgf' N r gif ug fy' QR54' if M Q .,,,A,,. ., ,. 4? ' ' ' f4'7.:"-3 a fi , , . xii mv: 6 BoNA-p, OP A DE- PHQT BRWSH GWEMLIN? C U M U s A G-'fktmuw . 1-T55 Us V:v.i11'f'- .ey T21 ' s N' 5244.517 'R- f i Ji-'bfifffkg' if-ini' ' Y 32555 .CH S"'e1'g,f1 :I.'LQ-in 'f 5f.,,vaavgr1- "- " 1 ae . . 1.-Ll. . 444+-gaklf' . THE. SNMP Saws ow:- vom Psucu. Lego ma MAKES Yau 'F-HINKITBRQKE1 Fx Gr-REMLA N ' 2 - ' 'f . gdafm' www . LOSE..S Ygup, 959,45- Pok ve-ul A 5-Raman ' "' ' M , 'YF' "" X. ff' 1' ' .2 fffff ,A . " .,-f f U. .fix-2--f 9. 1: --4,--U.: - ff -' in - an H' '- . J v . . I . , f n,.x-amd M' mdemwzv T4-as swxckue. Goes ON MUUTY WHEN -mu Rm, wa A cuss REC.xTAT1ovN 1, Page Two Hundred and Sevenfy-five 1943 CDMU5 Us Belles of '43 fWith apologies to Mr. Edgar Allan Poel Hear the l943 belles, Pretty bellesl What a world of youth and ioy their chattering foretells! How they chatter, chatter, chatter, ' From morn and noon to night! While the profs, that oversprinkle All the halls, seem to twinkle With professional delight. There are Brelsford, Tallmadge, Neil, They can talk until you keel, From Phyl Bitler, our debater, Caryl Gordin talking wells, From the belles, belles, belles, belles, Belles, belles, belles- From the babbling and the gabbling of the belles. Hear the lilting, laughing belles, Brazen bellesl What a world of sport and fun their liquid note fortellsl Through the drowsy study hall Hear Ross's laughing call! Hear the running, rippling notes All out of tune. Hear from all the gay young throats Wavering sound like the air-raid sirens on which the pupils dote. Hear the Ioons! When from Corinne Ridley swells A peal of fun for other belles, Singing Laurie, How she tells Of the spirit that impels The chaffing and the laughing Of the belles, belles, belles, belles, Belles, belles, belies-- Of the lilting and the lilting laugh of bellesl Hear the grave and solemn belles, Studious belles! What learning and what wisdom their thoughtful toiling tells! Day and night, at home and school How they study rule on rule. For the world they're no concern, All they do is learn, learn, learn, Night and day. Then there's Whitenight, Brophy, Reinhard, Kichline, Drayton, Getz and Brown, They're brainy belles, their shining light the brightest in the town. Continued on page 278 Page Two Hundred and Seventy-six !,T.fv""' 56414454 "' 'W ?LQ""' ,ggi 'Z' if- ,.ull""" " 1 . mf F i ,V qi X 4' 1. W s fs X I . al 1943 CUMUS Che Belles of '43 Except for Knecht, Garrahan, Wentz, The "will's" and "can's" and "do's" and never "cant's", Who with resolute endeavor Struggle on and upward ever. Now add to these the students Marcy, Grider-f Oh, the belles, belles, belles! What a tale their working tells Of honest ioy! Like the hum of busy bee Hear their song of industry, A song of pure content without alloy. From the sound one fully knows, By the murmur Soft nowffnow firmer, How their interest ebbs and flows, From their faces one can tell, By the lightening And the brightening Of their eyes, they love it wellfe This deep desire for knowledge which none shall ever quell Of the belles, Of the belles, belles, belles, belles, Belles, belles, belies' Oh the yearning for great learning of the belles! Hear the music of the belles, Dancing belles! What a world of iargon iive their iitterbugging spells! ln the wee hours of the night Hear the laugh of youth's delight! Hear the merry sounds of ioy, See the glances, shy and coy From the fair. Oh there's Miller, Moyer, Muth, Wessner, Walters, Wagner, "Jake", Sparkling eyes, lovely lips, waving hair, what tempting What delights of youth they're sipping, See them swooping, drooping, dipping, As o'er glazed floors they are slipping. Hear admiring folks declare, "There's Lucille and "L'retta Frey." Oh! the belles, belles, belles! The crowd their fame 'foretells One by one. "Ueberroth, Quinn, Bedell, and Mittl, Phyllis Bauer-my, she is little! Page Two Hundred and Seventy-eight bait! Continued on page 280 I j jx 'Q QQ!! ff if " ,943 CDMU3 Che Qellef of '43 See that slender Rickel girl, Ruth Garger, what a whirl!" What flash from eyes, what flirt of curl, All the tricks and traits of pretty girls that be. See the lovely forms of grace! Eyes so happy! Steps so snappy! Or the drowsy droops of le'sure As the waltz draws on with pleasure What delight! What is in these pretty belles Which draws the spirit or impels Approving sight? ls't the babbling and the gabbling? ls't the chaffing and the laughing? ls't the studying and the tolling? ls't the swooping and the drooping? 'Tis a happy combination Found in girls of every nation More or less. Which is really more, the dancer, Student, talker, laughter?-Answer? You must guess! More or less. For the belles, belles, belles, belles, Belles, belles, belles Keep you guessing day and night, And you're never sure you're right About the belles, belles, belles, Belles, belles, belles, belles, The non-classi-fiable Laughing "criable" Undeniable Belles! Betsy Fenstermacher Phyllis Kratz Page Two Hundred and Eighty ef Qi 'hz 4 ' 'Q Q V Q, , ww Wi, Q0 f ,XL .X Q x Q X X -mg S-X . 5 sf-'fx 1 x X5 Q. i X A K. Q N. ww X M.. M h .M Q XX x. SNK . if x - ixgifg.. W xx A NSXN A x - A xg, L A .Wxw In N K . ffkmgqax' - x ii .xx ,fggggieimxixm X , Our Advertisers The Staff of the Comus wishes to call the attention of the faculty and the members ofthe class of 1943 and their families to the following list of Allentown business men. It stands to reason that the men who advertise in the Comus are not only interested, but actively interested, in the school and in the young people who are graduated from the school. The single active return that we can make for this interest is to familiarize ourselves with these names and to patronize our advertisers, who are in this case also our friends, whenever the occasion arises. Albert Drug Co. Allentown Bethlehem Gas Co. Allentown Business College Allentown Dairy Co. Auerbach's Berthold Studios C. A. Dorney Furniture Co. Calvin Studios Farr's Freeman Dairy Freeman, P. A. F. W. Woolworth Co. George Guth 8. Bro. Heimbach Baking Co. Herf-Jones Co. Kemmerer Paper Co. Koch Bros. Kuhns 8t Shankweiler Leh 81 Co., H. Lehigh Valley Paper Co. Manning-Armstrong Co. Miers-Bachman Litho. Co. New York Floral Co. Sanders-Reinhardt Co. Supplee Ice Cream Co. Wetherhold 81 Metzger Wint, Harvey F. Witwer-Jones Co. Young 8m Co., M. S. Zollinger-Harned Co. Page Two Hundred and Eighty-one Lehigh Valley's Leading Sports Shop Golf Tennis Baseball Swim Suits Sports Wear Fishing Tackle Witwer-J ones Co. 913 Hamilton Street PHONE Z 2780 OPEN EVENINGS il. libel!! ' - - '4-1 .3-4:g:g:g:g:5y:3 :-:-:-:':-:-:-:-:f. 4-.g.g.g.3.g:g:5:g. 3:-:-:.:.:.:.g.g.g. 5g.g.::1:5qq:g, :::g:g:f:g:3:::5: g:g:g:5:3:5:5:51 g::g5:g:::g:5: E:E:E:f:2:f:2:f:2g " .2.',2.r:,Q . , '3'5:1:2 f:fff:f.f:frf:Q52i5 :jj Eflilflfjj, ll' Q..' i " .tt ? 'N fx 1 Vl.. V q f'F"" o,: Q im 'lu B- 1 0 J ff i' .- flf5i:5gffif1QifiE ' 8 11- 1 f' 3, X I f,f...fUf,f.I,Q,QQ li Ns fb 1- ce' - f - 'N f' , B Y f ..,.. , 0 B. x ,f .5:5E5E5E55525E5E5EfEQ .X + ' 4 N Q M ll' .,., . Q ,L :.3,:Vz American Youth Will 5 sooo Back These Brave Heroes! Bonds Buy 1+ Bombs and Bullets! 3:3:1 23 EIEEIEIWJIEIEIETZ ,..:::.,,. -2-:':-,-:ez-:-L44 PgT Hdd dfghyih if I Wim fps T' I Q "Famous" Shoes 5 Z WETHERHOLD 81 METZGER The Store of Famous Shoes ' 1 7l9 Hamilton St., Allentown, Pa. Compliments of New York Floral Co. 000 IIAVE YOU TRIED HEIMBACH'S NEW BREAD ROLLS, BUNS AND CAKES ALL-WAYS BEST "It's raining cats and dogs out- side. "Yep, I just stepped into a poodle" IVIay I hold your Palm Olive? Not on your Life Bouy Teacherflnake I351 from 29M and whatys the difference? Class Dunce--e-Yeah, that's what I say, who cares anyhow? Joe--You all know what the inside of a corpuscle is like. Zoo Teacher4IVIost of us do, but you had better explain for the benefit of those that have never been inside one. Can you dig me up a girl for the Senior Farewell? Sure, but why not take alive one? Established 1843 M. S. YOUNG Sl CO. 100 Years of Service HARDWARE - INDUSTRIAL SUPPLIES IRON AND STEEL ALLENTOWN, PA. Page Two Hun dred and Efghfy-four KUHNS and SHANKWEILER THE lVlAN'S STORE ALLENTOWN, PA. YOUNG MEN'S SMARTLY STYLED CLOTHING AND HABERDASHERY COMPLIMENTS OF Allentown Dairy Company TelephonefAllentown 72 I 8 Pg r H d d dsgmyr Kemmerer Paper Company Wholesale SCHOOL SUPPLIES, Etc. 335-357 HAMILTON ST. ALLENTOWN, PA. u B E T T E R S H O E S H "Beginner's lucknfa school sophomore with an idea. If all the high school boys who f slept in class were placed end to end? they would be much more comfortable He made a nickel go so far the S I N C E 1 8 6 2 buffalo got sore feet. QONSTANTLY SUPERIOR Freeman's H o m o g e n i z e d Vitamin D Milk C00 THIRTEENTH AND GREEN STREETS DIAL 9666 Page Two Hundred and Eighty-six The ALLENTOWN BUSINESS COLLEGE 920 HAMILTON STREET Now offers brand new up-to-the-minute VICTORY BUSINESS COURSES--a wartime program of short courses offering major subjects onIy, eliminating "for the duration" subjects now considered non-essential to the war effort, plus VITALITY FOR VICTORY--a physical fitness program of reguIar classes, several hours each week, in the Y. W. C. A. gymnasium, under expert supervision: plus SPECIAL WARTIME SUMMER SCHOOL CBUSINESS COURSESDnthe shortest short courses ever offered in the field of commercial education Ieading to quick profitable employment in government, business, and industry. Call, write, or phone 4790 for additional information CONSERVE for VICTORY LET OUR HOME SERVICE DE- PARTMENT SHOW YOU THE WAY TO GET BETTERBAND LONGER --H SERVICE FROM YOUR HOUSEHOLD EQUIPMENT -Ar Allentown-Bethlehem Gas Co. Page Two Hundred and Eighty-seven P. A. FREEMAN, INC. Registered jewelers American Gem Society Class Rings of Quality C00 9II HAMILTON ST. ALLENTOWN, Pa. "Opportunity"-H A second hand Compliments car. You can always hear it knocking Then there is the co-ed that is so dumb that she brings her cosmetics for a make-up exam. of the F. W. WOOLWORTH CO. "High school english department" -Chamber of commas. Chemistry teacher-What is I-INO3? Student-I knew it but, eh, eh, -I have it on the tip of my tongue. Teacher-Then you better spit it out. It's nitric acid. Compliments of C. A. Dorney She-Have you enough money Furniture Company to tip the waiter? He-Tip him? I have enough to upset him? Keeping customers is possible only by keeping faith with them. YOU can depend on us. Q01 ZOLLINGER - HARNED COMPANY Page Two Hundred and Eighty-eight K 0 C ll lill0TlIEllS C09 AIlentown's Leading Clothier C-09 Men's and Young IVIen's CLOTHING and FURNISHINGS ashionable eminine ootwear Manning-Armstrong 807 Hamilton Street Allentown, Pa. . . . emphasizing the style trend estab- lished by University men throughout the Country. Centre Square N. E. Corner Compliments of GEO. J. GUTH 8: BRO 832 Hamilton St. Luggage and Leather Goods STJPPLEE Page Two Hundred and Ei ghly-nine ,IEWELERS if OPTICIANS Since I 892 A U E R B A C H ' S 637 HAMILTON STREET ALLENTOWN, PENNSYLVANIA Compliments of CALVIN STUDIO 6l7 LINDEN STREET PORTRAIT AND COMMERCIAL Phone 2-1310 Albert Drug Co. Physicians and Hospital Supplies 31 N. 8th Street Allentown, Pa. Cash and Carry Deparlment 002 HARVEY F. WINT Wholesale Dealer Cigars 1 Tobacco : Confectionery 009 H05 Hamilton Sc., Allentown, Pa. Zeke-I'm only gonna have four kids. Abner-Why not five? Zekefl jest read in the almanac that every fifth child born in this world is a Chinaman. "Monkey Business"-discussion on evolution. COMPLIMENTS OF BERTHOLD STUDIOS PORTRAIT PHOTOGRAPHERS 836 Hamilton Street Allentown, Pa. Page Two Hundred and Ninefy Herf-J ones Company Incorporated Manufacturing Jewelers and Stationers Philadelphia and Indianapolis CLASS RINGS CLASS PINS SORORITY PINS CLUB PINS COMMENCEMENT INV ITATIONS Samples Furnished on Request C. B. WINGERT, DISTRICT MANAGER 1530 CHESTNUT STREET PHILADELPHIA Official Jeweler for ALLENTOWN HIGH SCHOOL 7 P T ddd A LEHIGH VALLEY PAPER HOUSE PAPER MERCHANTS Fine Printing Papers, Wrappings, Specialties and Twines 32 N. JURDAN STREET ALLENTOWN, PA. A efaezmcum Wdfdfdr B F 4-fcifpg' 'fit TG f' xiflp . I, 1 I s 1 ,L . ,. -'e:-iz:,Lg- i , ,,.w,La1'- X 'if5ff?35Q?z- 31" ' 7 ds ' ,-1 ' fi' .ni " -s-. R 'R ' jf"--?f:.--' QW as - .my5,':- nf! .3 M55---M,.. -- " nz' gray ' . 5, :Mes M. 'PHEC-lN'KLlN6- BLGTS 'TERM PPNIERS Sg- E... WC' 'V' .. TH w:fxc.cEP"i'ELD A GGREMLIN H. 'y X' " j gkff ' .,-mf i' lxQ.,,J 'ar M e e F W5,4, ,,,N,a.Q:3Qt:,,. J 15 ? " "i' Hai?-5522? I -me MAC-flew-1 mar.:-.s Pansies C.oM'PASSE.S , PAPERS ,'BQoKs,e.1'c.., D1sAPPE.AR 1 There was something about him she liked, but he spent it. What's the outstanding contri- bution of chemistry? Diner-The soup is cold. Bring me some that's hot. Waiter-What do you want me to do? Burn my thumb? Ouch, I bumped my crazy bone. Blondes. Well, just part your hair on the other side, and it will never sho P. D. teacher-"Qapital" is the Were you copying his paper? money You lend, germs It back 15 No, sir I was only looking to see labor if he had mine right. Page Two Hundred and Ninefy-Two E was a master because he took infinite Pains. We are his earnest disciples? Pgr Had dN'fylh ride 0' Gm zfsmcuzs Z f P allows us io produce a limited number of School Annuals each year. Each and every year-book produced in our plani receives personal aiieniion and supervision. Wriie now, regarding your l944 year book. CO9 gjrirzfers of glue Selma! and Golfeqe Gfmzuafs Miers-Bachman Lithographing Co. LITHOGRAPHERS and PRINTERS Allentown, Pennsylvania 3 ti' - .' r nmJs on fo GQ U M ff! Mimlq , My ' f ,4 ' ,,. I' - vl 5' I' 7 E . I . ,7 1 if Q ' Pl 4 72:41 17 - ' Z1?f 1' I 1 , -R K' 1 . x . 5 .- . 1 ,. i : I -1 2 Y, , 3 . -F. . H I , .F , ,- 1 .B

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