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5 4 lDgL.EEF?G 'x XA X-'I X f". :ofa N O F? T' H .5clf1neQk5v11le. X A W +-x 1 T E H A L L "LT-1' Z! X .-'Z .-I .S ,age ,, fffif? " ' ' f 3 X LOyLJ U-V1 1. 2 A-,,,,f V049 X OQN 5 o .xx X Qlvq 4 .2 . Q I X Q uinswlfa xx my fl, X... Xxx CtQ,L,4,55 lille. X. X' I "X w H . 4 ,X .x I u t'-X X'-.X '1I24. L be r+5 w ax 52 N BE Q G- if ua: " 'Q x' N, ,. LJ D P El F2 - if 5 .YI ZX. .!, . .'X'. X ' hx., , W1 A C. N291 E N :xxx .' - 1 -1 , . ' . - "xl X ' f 1' - ' Cf1ff+2m4n. ' 1 Q , rgogefgyllla V 4' L 4, 'xr i 'V Av E '-.5 . ' , 't k ' ' . . ', I iv . X, ..-Q-' A V vk', . Sl 2 77,5 by V -L A ,WV ,xxx 1 1.x'L.'1V f I 4 , 1 '--. ,. .......... .... "" ""' ' ' -."-'4.--' - ffm I I ' f I X X 'x .-XL. .V X . ,,X - as A. ,YL n 1. ,. , ng. 1140 Qfcrf-f?f+QwfL ., . - .N-, A ,hyrfz NonxunmPvo xNH1Tevu4LL A3 Y K! 4 QRRK N fi QLLENT rogwnnuu DARK 22'4 Qs Cl C E QDEN !.PQRKf I UNION TE t: on Q 0074165 v Ie , 5QVs N COuN1"Y i .X 1 5 X. X f X I f fx .1 I X f , I IEMMHQS 15090 f uppe eeucow 1 I I 11 , ." 4 . Y '. vii, X. 'ig fs, -X 15.5. 5' N 5 E D xx V I -,X , f ..,,lLf 5 -"ZA-f' , 3:21 - N. ,- '.',..- 3 ,,,'-4' . x f" 1 U if ' A N ii 'X'-. 0 0 ' rm X ' - 5 . -.X ' f ,H .xt if .V x 'X--' - .'.' . : -' fr. if N, E 1 I Y , . -f 'Af 1 f' ' 1' ' 1 I Q . -Ii ' -'x ...... " .X - 'x P- '1 1 X p it N4 1:0 E - 1 , . X , - x I 1 , ,,.' I E X 'A L 2 if ' c 4, I I 5 ff' , ' I 2 Y f Nmx, 'X ,I 11' X ff. . nf"-I 5 - .1 all! I-, 2 P x I 4 - u - .xi N Q Xa A . .Xb l eg .g U K l -. fx x, n Fore word Haec ollm memmrsse luvabrl It wlll be pleasant to remember these things hereafter All hc, thmgs mdnvudual and communal curricular and extra currlcular unnque and commonplace whlch occupled us the class of l91il and sur rounded us excited and depressed us during three years at A H S the clubs the vuctorues and theur heroes the lncomprehenssble defeats the bulldmg utself whlch dwmdled IH those three years from a sprawlung unfriendly grant to a tammllar net work of halls and rooms enclrclnng the audltoruum home ot assemblies and study halls all these wlll be pleas ant to remember Let thus book the All Comus, be a tanguble remun der of all these thnngs . 1 . U h T X I ' . I I '. 1 I I. - - -1 the fellow students, known and unknowng the teachersg the classes, I . . . I . . I , , I . - I , Alma Mater All haul our Alma Mater dear Our vouce of prause and glory hear To whom all reverence we bear Of you forgetful well be ne er We shall forever tor you yearn And cherlsh all that we may learn Through future days of lute Mud toy and strufe True may we stand both to you And Canary and Blue Loud wall our prauses ever rung Of days that have passed by Fond memorues of dear old hugh Oh Alma Mater hear our prause To you all honor we do ranse Through future days of lrfe Mad roy and strufe True may we stand, both to you And Canary and Blue Throughout the land of you well sing OHIIIS Il 11111 5ChVxdI1! RGDGFT Clewe-H A1111 QNe1H MQ110x e Hartumq MAdG11HG PaUad111c1 M IQ IV1CCl51iISI+Q ECIX rd Rube 4 I x1dkf111e W1 QI XC Q fl S 2 J fk1f1!f11'-111- I lmff' 11 e f X!-9-Qi-Qllflll-9 61 1 7 I 'L 7 'Q 4 'Xvva i xqfm 1 Edward P91151-s31'111aC11e-11 1511165 VVEHSS N 1 f111s1111'ss D151 7' Xb Q V'Hi1iiIfl KEYLESS , fW RPT'T 15i1g1f4r1 Class Poem Gone Flown rs the tnme tor selfnsh tears For they belong to chnldlsh years Wlth heads roused hugh we face a world Now torn wnth strange :deals and sonled By some who would profane our youth World' we gave ourselves to thee We come eager to work to free Ourselves of Insane hate and care Our arms are strong our talents true Our wnll IS resolute our souls are new Take us world' We ask for nothing of you We chernsh no false hopes of un arned ease Our strength shall be wuelded to bunld a world of peace Florence Glaser But not to your strangle-hold of fear- Dedication It as the good fortune of the class of l94l to have the opportumty to dedlcate nts yearbook to a man wnose Influence IS by no means lumlted to thrs one class but who has left has mark on every Class that has been graduated durung has stay here Dapper ln spate of the countless hoJrs he has spent un the lecture room and the laboratory he has buxlt up not only ID thus school but nn tn colleges where has students go a reputatxon for thoroughness Although only a comparatxv ly sfnall number from eachclass have attempted physucs those who have wull never forget the hours they sp nt an Room 301 or the facts they learn d therenn To the rest of the gleamsng plnce nez has debonalr anr and hns smlle provoking smnle make hum a person nmposslble to overlook Many of the fathers and mothers and uncles and aunts of the stu dents today delnght to tell stor: s about hum and hrs class s A g nera tnon from now embryo sc: ntnsts wnll stlll be hearlng stones all trubutes to the versatulnty and wnsdom ot Mahlon L Frankentleld pedagogue scuentlst phnlosopher t I ' I I . I ' , Q . . ' - , . . I 3 4 ' :L , c . Q . , c . class, Mr. Franlcenfleld is by no means unknown. His white hair and ' 'e ' ' e . e - v , . , , , . -2-.J-'f"""s ,BNA miie Allentown Game Preserve Ten miles north of Allentown lies the latest addition to the city park system the Trexler Lehigh Game Preserve Here for the past thirty years have roam d deer elk and bison in eleven hundred acres of natural surroundings lt was in the year l9ll that the late General Harry C Trexler carried through his authories as Buffalo Bill Pawnee Bill and the naturalist William C Hornaday and had become convmced that buffalo could thrive on eastern grazing land Had not the General recalled buffalo been found in the East in the days of Daniel Boone? So he fenced off a large portion of his farmland in the north part of the county and ordered three buffalo and about fifty deer and elk They arrived in Schnecksville in huge crates looking like a circus procession Schnecks ville meanwhile had declared an unofficial holiday and the entire population turned out to watch the unloadmg and the release of the strange cargo As each crate was opened an animal would emerge and to the astonishment of th people crowded around would fleet out across the hill into the enclosure One not very obliging bull buffalo however set about goring a bystander lt was only the quick thanking of another man who threw a coat over the animals head that saved him One of the other buffalo was almost ready to die when he arrived One day a playful young bull gave him a push and he fell over dead ln the newspaper appeared a glowmg account of how the young bull and the old bull battled for several days and nights for the leadership of the herd how the two butifaloes churned up acres of ground threw clods of dirt as they locked horns kicked and gored one another and how finally the old bull was subdued in death From that time to the present there have been many real battles for leadership on the order of this imaginary one These huge and noble beasts eat reproduce battle for supremacy in the preserve lust as they would in a completely wild state Now in l94l, the herd numbers around twenty animals altogether This is too many for eleven hundred acres so that it as necessary biennially to keep all the animals in a fenced half of the park while the ground in the other half develops a sturdy growth of grazing grass sf, T , A ,. J, V . A A . K ,h y . ,, ,f . . . . . I plan of establishing a herd of bison on his Lehigh County estate. He had consulted such . . , . I . I . . ' I . . . . I . . . . i - . I . I .. . I . . 4 . I . e I I . . . . . . COVERLD BRIDGF Acuoss JORD-TN CRLHC Each winter the herd is put unto winter quarters Before it is let loose on the range in late spring each buffalo deer and elk must undergo an antiseptic dipping This makes him gust a little better off than a wild animal By General Trexlers will this remarkable private preserve becam the property of the City of Allentown in l935 Between I936 and 1939 a government progect set to work to beautify the spot Twelve miles of paved roads were built picmcking places were cleared fences were improved and sections needing reforesting were reforested The entire area of the park lies in the watersh d of the picturesque Jordan Creek The river the meadows the grassy slopes and shaded forests make the Game Preserve a place of unusual natural beauty ln the year l94O more than twenty thousand persons from all The Preserve has had many interesting and unexpected uses lts prrmary purpose is to bea public park Visitors are welcomed and provision as made for pucnucknng parties The quiet and naturalness of the area has attracted scores of rare and beautiful birds egrets herons kingtishers and eagles The place is rich in wild life Then again buftalo from the Trexler Lehigh Preserve have been sent to zoos and other preserves in this section of the country Buffalo meat is by no means the most tender or delicious for most people but there is still some demand for it and the Preserve fills that demand each year Restaurant chains in New York and New Jersey have used Lehigh County buftalo as a special delicacy for the menus The meat is really quite cheap ten cents a pound but you must take the whole buffalo when you buy it ln this way the managementof the Preserve has devised a profitable way of keeping down the numbers of the herd Along with the bequest of the game preserve came an annual endowment that has proved more than adequate to care for the prolect The Comus is happy to present in this, its third series of Allentown puctures, photo graphs taken from various places in the Game Preserve . . I I I . . . . l . , . . . Q , e I . I . . . u U . . . 3 . ' . I I I sections of the nation visited the preserve. lts reputation has spread far and wide. I I . I - . . . . . U I - . I I KN!!-nl, XY. llxruu, Prirrripu 7qCll'iSUI'S xMrsW RICliNRIJSON Pu D Vzcc Prmczpal ELSIEM HEc M M jf! ld I.:-zmn' K. N1ll.l.FR RVNMMW bl. KANF K 4, f- , ,4 4 - ' ' NAME Daniel W Hamm James W Ruchardson Elsle M Heckman LeRoy K Muller BenlammJ Kane MelvulleJ Boyer ThomasJ Brennan Mabel E Mulock Earle H Welnshelmer George W Znmmerman Warren F Acker LeRoy S Allam Edna M Allen Martha Arthur ClarenceJ Ayres Charles C Bachman Mlnnue Bachman John A Baker Lucy Bnttner Mnruam Boyer Evelyn Brong Anna F Buehler Edwun D Clauss Paul Clymer Charles W Dankel Elizabeth Dnetnch Charles W Eusenhard Florence Fogel Dorothy Foster James R Flexer M L Frankentleld Claude A Freed J Warren Fntsch Helen S Gerhard Eugene Grossman Davud R Hacket Charles Hoare Blanche Hallman Mahlon A Hamm Ruchard Hartzell Esther L Heftner Paul F Held Robert Herbeun Mary E Herbert M Rhoda Herr Isabel Jeffrey Charles R Johnson Ruth Knstler Leon B Klungaman Ralph Knauss RusseIlJ Knauss Mabel K Knecht Ray H Kressler Marne Kressley O 112 LI The Faculty SUBJECT Prmclpal Vace Prlnclpal and Boys Advlsor Girls Advisor Assistant Vlce Principal Guidance Counselor Head of Social Science Department Head of Science Department Head of English Department Head of Mathematics Department Head of Commercial Department Music German II English III English Il Mechanical Drafting Plane Geomtry Bookkeepmg I German I Bookkeeping Il and Salesmanshrp Physical Education Dramatrcs Clothing U S Hlstory Physical Education Commercial Arithmetic Typewrltmg II Problems of Democracy Foods Economics Book I II and Typmg I Shop Mathematics Physics Economrcs and Fmance Latm II III V English IV U S Hastory Swimming Cabinet Making Typewrltlngl Il Auto Shop Adv Arithmetic and PI English III IV English II Electric Shop English IV Librarian Retail Selling Machine Shop U S History C Geog and Rapid Cal Auto Shop Physical Education Foods Shop Mathematics English III Geometry Q Q John L. Easenhcrd .... ..1ffffffffu.s. History . l ' '.'.ff:fffI1I:f ' , ,I 630020 NAME Mary E Krlebel John N Leunbach Nevm T Loch A Francls McConaghy Harry R McCullough Robert M Mellman Esta E Metzger Fred H Mlnner Paul Nagle R R Neely Helen Noble Andrew Osmcn Harvey Prescott Edgar Rabenold Herbert Renchard Roger Rentschler Anna l. Schadt Dorothy Schlucher Federlck Schmerker Herbert B Schmoyer Phnlnp Schmoyer John G Schumaker M Allce Schwanmger Joseph M Sewards Ralph W Shlmer Eluzabeth V Suller Albert Snyder Charles Speck Mary J Spence Robert Stautfer Frances D Stelnmuller Robert Stummel Marlon Struthers Dorothy Swope George E Thomas Edgar H Ulmer Ruth Wagner Raymond l. Waller Floyd Weaver T Mahlon Weurbach Herbert H Wentz Ralph V Wetherhold Kenneth T Wlldonger Grace Woodrmg Edward Zlmmerman The Faculty SUBJECT Typing I Shorthand I and Book g I Architectural Draftmg U S History English Il and U S History Plane Geometry Prrntmg Shorthand I U S History and P D Chemistry Algebra ll S Seometry and Trlg Physical Educatron Pattern Making Instrumental Music Commercial Law Com I Arithmetic and PI Geometry Algebra Il r English II Ill Biology and Physrography English II Latin I II and W History Chemistry Latml II W History Electric Shop Typing I Machine Shop Cabinet Making Enghsh II Ill Biology Englrsh III IV Bookkeeping I Englrsh III IV Frenchl ll Bookkeeping II III Cabinet Making Advertising and Salesmanshlp U S History W History English III IV Mechanical Drawing Botany and Biology W Hrstory English III IV Zoology and Biology HUNSICKER BUILDING Albert Brllug Margaret Hlcks Kunkle Aral Hollenbach Ruth Redpath Oswell Selp Blanche Sery Bertha Starner Wellnngton Walters Commercial Arithmetic Bookkeeping I Com I Geog Rapid Cal English II Commercial Arithmetic Com I Geog and Rapid Cal Englrsh II Bookkeeping I 6 0 . . ............. A t Pearl Smithl . .... l. . . :Bookkeeping II and Com'I Law EOITZUS' CD fi'c Q UI R IRENE FAHLER in ESTHER M. FRE y 1 wk. 'OUZU' 1941 Class History On September 6 1938 hundreds of boys and gurls first met as a new sophomore class of Allentown Hugh Qchcol When the 8 O0 bell rang-school started early that year the Class of 4l made uts officual debut Much of theur money they spent the first week buyung elevator passes to keep the senuors happy But many of the boys were workung hard un preparatuon for the tume when they would represent A H S on the gruduron on the court or un the pool That year we gave our support and talents to the unter class play 320 College Avenue lt was a year of learmng to work together as a class Our lunuor year saw us travelung to the New York World s Faur and rught back un tume for Monday s classes These were our first school trups That year famuluar names were appearung un the luneups of the games Some of the leading roles and supporting parts The Haunted Hugh School was a bug success As a class we were un transutuon, we had furned our backs on our sophomore days and experuences looked around and were satusfied for a whule, and finally looked ahead to our coming year as senuors The memory of our senuor year us stull fresh Our football team dustunguushed utself by holdung Bethlehem to a scoreless he ln basketball we went unto the play offs after defeatung Hazleton lt was the year of that long Chrustmas vacation of Galahad Jones, and of the school s first aquacade We ve done a lot of thungs together The Class of 41 wull never agaun root our hugh school team to vuctory or sung the Alma Mater un Monday mornung assemblues We ve worked hard and played hard, and as un baseball uts a case of three strukes and you re out I I , . . . . . . , I . . . - ll ll ' I ' - I u I n . . . , in the inter-class play, "What a Life," were taken by our members. Our own class play, ,. . I., . D I . . . D . I I . . ' I . - ' ' ' ll ll ' I Y . I . . . . . , . . . .. . I 1 ll 0601321356 Poem NOW I AM GROWN :HAT WAS A CHILD Now I am grown that was o child From the cradle of Youth I step unfalterrng Alone I prck my way Through the forest of Hate The sea of Oppressron Before they held my hand When the hurdle was hugh Now I am grown Fund the path olone They tell me when The gurdepost rs blurred And tears bestreok my cheeks When the road that I so bravely trod Ends drstant from my goal But I must hrde my fears For was at not myself who bragged Some day I shall be free Some day so dl The wrnd wall krss my cheek And beckon me to come Then I shall break my bonds In two and let my Compass needle qurver as ut wrll They shall not set my course Spoke I the wrnd shall Be my gurde Since then lye Ieorned The wand IS fickle The road oft camoufloged And I soon cry to them To help me to my feet Just yesterday I was a chrld Mary Mcflagerty , - I I .. . H I I I I I I -I I I , 1 00211 ABRAHAM THELMA IRENE Blockue Commercual Laughing and darucung wherever she goes Knocking down troubles and puckung up beaus Thelma us the dark eyed dark haured beauty of our senuor class A very untellugent gurl she knows her shorthand A happy go lucky and good hearted gurl us thus young lady Have you ever seen her gutterbug? If you havent you surely are mussung some thung She has her ears wude open when you mentuon anythung about some cute fellows We dont blame her Do we all' Natuonal Honor Socuety 4 ACKER CURTlS LENORD Curt Commerucal What s yours us mme but whats mme us my own The world seems duzzy but Curtus can get along anyway He us easy to make fruends wuth so long as people are wullung to make fruends wuth hum but bashful among strangers Get hum wuth a gang he knows, and uts a dufferent story He us about 5 ft 3 un weughs about l22 and has blonde haur Iukes roller skatung swummung and a luttle dancing ACKERMAN DORIS MAE Dorus General In whatever corner she curls She raduates pleasantuuess and gurls And boys congregate there Theres never a dull moment wuth Dorus She s easy to get Commercual He who laughs last us o but dumb Bob us fond of amusements un any form gets along wuth others well and makes fruends easuly He us unterested un flshung, football baseball doesn t luke too much homework, doesnt luke to get up early un the mornung but does luke to argue about polutucs and to root loudly at football games He us always ready to go on a trup Whatever hus plans are we all wush hum luck along wuth and has many fruends, but she keeps thungs goung She loves to crochet to rude a buke to go to the movues, to go to football and basketball games and to cheer for her team Dorus us goung to study nursung at Temple Unuversuty, and she hopes to remaun there as a nurse We wush her the success and the happuness that she always brungs to other people Chorus 3 4 Gym Club 4 Senior Basketball 4 Page Seventeen I .. , .. - . A I - . . . , . . . I . Y .. u. 1 . . . I . . h . W . I . I . l I -.. . .. . O Acumen, uzoseuzr A. A-Boy . I . I . . . . . I 2 . . . , , I . .. . - I . . , I .. . .. S ' X .. X7 . I . 1 x N u . .' u XJ . . . . U , . I . . I . , . f , i , 2 ' , - 0020 ADAMS BETTY DEANE Betz General Words are luke leaves for where they most abound Much fruut of sense beneath IS seldom found She us apparently a quuet gurl but she always has a poke stored away un her memory Her undependent spurut has won many friends She us somewhat studuous looking as she suts un study hall wuth a book on her lap but her mund us really pre occupued wuth perhaps uts musuc for she us unterested un musuc and sang un the chorus un her Senuor year She enloys horseback rudung tennus swummung and baseball ADAMS BETTY L Betts General She us pretty to walk wuth And witty lo talk with And pleasant, too to think on Bettys attractuve personaluty us often hudden behund an aur of reserve A true, loyal kund suncere fruend Betts us always wullung uf able to help everyone lf her mund us set on somethung and sports For quute a long tume she s had hopes of becomung :u nurse un some large hosputal Y W C A 4 Htstorucal Society 4 ADAMS, EDNA MAE Eddue General A devoted friend trued and true Edna us ambitious studuous and hopes some day to enter the ADAMS CATHERINE MAE Kutty Commercual A frrendly smule Makes llfe worthwhile Catherune us a hard worker Her motto us Do your work and do ut rught and youll have no worrues She us quuet and studuous un the classroom and full of fun outsude She us a true friend on whom you can depend at all tumes Kutty lukes to go to football and basketball games She goes about her work happuly and never shurks a task Allentown Hosputal School of Nursung She has made a good record at hugh school and has been a member of the hugh school chorus for two years Cheerful talkatuve and fun Iovung she us here there and everywhere Edna us always un a hurry but shes never on her way to any partucular place and always has tume to stop and cheer you up uf you need ut That truendly dusposutuoru wull be a great advantage to her and to her patuents un the pro fessuon whuch she wull soon enter Page Eughteen , ' - uv I . . , ' - i - u - I . . . . - , . , . . , . , , , . - , , , . I . I . ' she'll work hard to attain it. She enioys skating, dancing, music, . . . ., 5 ' ' I , . . . . . . .. I , . , . u , . I . - . , f . u - . u 00211 ADAMS RONALD B Ronnle Scrence and Engrneermg Work makes one lazy why work? Ronald as o studuous lad who takes much Interest rn has school work He enroys algebra and trrgonometry and has attamed one of the hlghest marks nn trlgonometry un hls class Ronald who s also very fond of dancmg spends much time In learning new steps whlch he rs always anxlous to try out He builds model alrplanes too but hos had some trouble when It comes to Hyung them Ronald expects to go to college and to find work m the Held of scnence ADDA MARY T Mary General Learn laugh, lvve and love Mary IS a vlvaclcus brunette wnth a wmnnng smrle and personalnty that IS overwhelmmgly attractive She holds her many friends however, because of her suncenty Behrnd her bug spark lung brown eyes as a keen sense of humor too although on the serrous snde Mary can also show her wrt Mary swrms and dances of course for shes a good Ilve Amerrcan gurl and she s a 'oy to all who know her and what s more to all who work wrth her ALEX SHIRLEY M Shur General She stepped upon Srcrlran grass A chrld of light a radiant lass Shlrley IS stern rn her determmatrons and wall accomplrsh what she sets out to do Pleasant, cheerful,and dark eyed she IS lrked by everyone Shrrley can be studlous and ns when the splrrt moves her She loves school actrvltres and us an all round good sport Shrrley as one ot the gals you see everywhere and luke to have around Grrl Reserves 3 4 ALBRIGHT MARGARET LOUISE Margie General Good humor IS goodness and wrsdam combined Morgue one of the most fauthful and ardent supporters of football and basketball games, rs also among those present at plays or dances Her purse IS always bulging wlth trckets for school aftarrs Y W C A Sororuty and the several other orgamzahons to which she belongs Yet despute these varled Interests she stall flnds tame to eat to sleep and to do her homework well enough to be on the Honor Roll Next September Morgue hopes to enter Morovran College to take the secretarral course Gul Reserves 2 3 4 German Club 4 Natronal Honor Socrety 4 Page Nineteen , . 1. 11 , . 11 . . . . . . f I i , - 1 1 1 - 1 , . l , . 11 . 11 , , U 1 . , - 1 1 1 . - 1 . 1 1 1 . . 1 . , 1 1 1 1 .. . . . 11 1 , . . . ., , - 1 1 1 f r 1 i f F , . 11 .I11 , . ,, 1 . . . 11 , . 1 . 1 1 1 - fp: 'Arm 60112018 ALEXANDER ALBERT Alex Enguneerung and Scuence You can fudge a mans untellugence by his love of noise Alex us a swell classmate Hus one weakness us that many tumes he wull attempt to answer a questuon before he knows the answer Alex finds hus greatest pleasure un mathematucs If anybody needs a fruend page Albert for hes always good to help anyone f ut us wuthun hus power We wrsh for hum every happuness that lufe can offer ALLSOP THELMA G The General A blush may be pretty and un Thelma ut us Thelma us that popular gurl who loves dancung swummung basketball, hockey and skatung anythung nousy un fact She has a definute personaluty that has made her many truends Durung her years at A H S she has worked at the l9th Street Theatre and at home she works at the raduo After leavung school Thelma untends to go to busuness college and we bet shell pound that typewruter All her truends wush her lots of luck durung her college days ANDERSON DORIS 4 ANDERSON WALTER Andy General If the speaker does not strulze un ten munutes he should stop borung Andy has been goung to school tor cu real purpose He hopes to uoun the Army Aur Corp after he graduates where he wull work tor a commussuon un the army If he doesnt get that, Walter would luke to be a pulot for an aurlune Although tlyung takes up most ot hus thoughts and tume Andy lukes to draw cartoons, and has contrubuted several clever ones to the Canary Thus versatule gentleman also lukes eutterbuggung and swummung Wuth such varued unterests and talents he can Ht unto any one of several places un the world Lunk perfect music unto nobler words Walkung may ture some people but Dorus us a real hukung enthusuast She s pretty busy un school too, as her marks unducate Seeung all the movuesun town us Jo Josdelught and she does see most of them So ut you ever want a treat lust ask her to sung some popular songs for you A sungung stenographer would be an asset to any office Western Unuon ought to take notuce Fancy Jo .lo sungung you a happy burthday message over the phone Page Twenty 0020 ANDRES ELEANOR E Ie College Entrance Foot loose and fancy free lf more people IN the world patterned theIr lIves after the Andres style the world would be a merner place to lIve In Eleanor enloys llfe to Its fullest lImIt Her Interests center around swImmIng gymnastlcs danclng and havIng a grand tIme In general As a matter of fact her relatlves spend theIr tIme Inventlng non escap able gadgets to keep EIlIe home Latest reports say that she IS stIll dashung about unhIndered Dash on EllIe but dont forget your fnends Corus 3 4 Gym Team 3 4 SwImmIng 2 3 4 Ifl Reserves 3 4 VIce PresIdent of GIrl Reserve CouncIl 4 ANDREWS KATHRYN ELIZABETH Kltty General To know her IS to believe her KItty IS small but mighty In words and deeds Although usually quIet on a sublect In whlch she IS Interested she really goes Into A great lover of sports she rarely mIsses a football or basket ball game a movte a chance to skate swummmg or a meal She dIsplays great talent In musuc too KIttys plans are not deflmte but her determInatIon wIll get her whatever she sets out to get ANELLO VIRGINIA Gmny College Entrance So soft so calm yet eloquent GInny wuth shInIng bobbmg brown curls IS a leader In her realm of endless acquamtances Interested IU danclng, In makmg her own clothes In fldlhq and In art her pet mama IS wrItIng dllly poems She s got a wItty dItty for every occasnon Mux these traIts and add a bIt of InItIatIve a dash of COUSCICDIIOUSHOSS and a bIg measure of IntellIgence and you have Gmny GIII Reserves 2 3 4 National Honor SOCle'y 4 Dramatlcs 3 4 ANGSTADT JOHN HENRY Whrstles General ConsIder the tea kettle up to Its neck In hot water and stIll whIstles Husluly buIIt wnth a lolly face Johnny slIdes through the halls wnth the fewest books he can possIbly carry Does Johnny love to study? Occasuonally ThIs accounts for hIs perfect attendance on examInatIon days He IS more Interested In skatmg swImmIng football, baseball and dancIng Page Twenty One 1 Il .1 11 1 . - 1 1 1 - , . . - 1 1 li 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 G 1 1 1 - 1 I 1 . 11 3-ggyl ' V 1 1. . . 1. , . I s actIon. I . 1 1 1 1 - 1 1. . .1 1 .1 11 1 1 - 1 1 1 .1 1 1 1 , - . 1 1 1 f 1 1 1 1 - .1 . .1 1 1. . . . . . 1. 1 1 1 1 1 0020 APPEL LEROY RALPH Appe Commercial Who! s yours IS mme and what s mme IS my own Appel one boy among the few who IS quiet and has very llttle to say finds ut hard to settle hns mmd to his home work He lukes sports of almost any descrnptnon LeRoy has a pleasing personaluty and rs known as a good sport APPLEGATE DORIS J Dee College Preparatory But gemus must be born and never con be taught Personality plus a smlle for everyone an Interest ln all thats socnal, make Dons one of the most popular gurls In our school Studues2-sometumes Her mterest Ines chnefly In dramatncs whuch she expects to study next year when she goes to college See you on Broadway' Girl Reserves 2 3 4 Y W C A Council 3 Canary and Room Representative 2 ARGESON CATHERINE EVELYN Dolly General A flower among flowers Dark hour and bug block eyes characterize Dolly She ns a meloduous gurl wuth a hearty laugh, and youll usually find her drmkmg Coca Colas Dolly loves travellng and would luke to go to Florndo especnally Dolly expects to be a florust and wnth flowers around her she says shell always be happy ARNOLD BETTY M Betty Commercnal Brown eyes with wondrous wntchlng charm To bring us good or to work us harm Betty IS full of beauty fun and merrnment never falling us ln any way and always greetnng us wlth a smlle Her personality as well as her dancing abnllty us known to all of A H S We understand Betty as Interested In secretarnal work Dramotlcs 2 Riding Club 2 3 Page Twenty Two .. .. , .. . . . , . . ,, , . I . . I . . , . .. . .. 1 , , . . , ' 1 , , i - - - - ', 1 Blue Solicitor, 2, 3, Junior Class Play, Senior Class Play, Home , . .. .. f .. ,. . . . . h ' . I . , , . I . U 4 I A - I , . ' I I I I ll , . l, 1 " , , - AUGUSTINE PAULINE P nnv Commercial Farr and Pure Frne and True Good all around Lover of sports Capable and game for 01120 ASPERS BETTY PAULINE Betts Commercial With dreamtul eyes My splrlt lfes Under the walls of Paradise Wuth her cheerful dusposutlon her French accent her black hanr her brown eyes her pleasmg personalnty and her sense of humor and her wtllmgness to help others Betty gets around Her one ambntuon as to go to a school of dress desugmng but our guess IS that she wouldnt do badly at all as someone s secretary French Club 2 4 Y W C A anything athletic Skilled In tennis Possesses personal charm and polse Learns easily and quickly Faces dufficultles calmly Good sense of humor Beautuful and brnght Reluable fruend Sure of herself and her standards Llkes mce places Always smlles Says the klnd thing National Honor Society 4 to get them excels BACHMAN ELEANOR E Eee Bee General Love ts like measles we all must go thru nt Dunng her three years an hugh school Eleanor has made o splendld record un spate of her belng one of the few gurls to elect the subpect of physlcs We hear that she has destgns on a certam freshman at Lehigh Her vlolm playing IS enchanting so IS her smule and the sparkle un her eyes ln September she wnll enter the Nurses College at the Allentown Hosputal where we are sure she wall brmg the patlents good cheer Orchestra 2 3 4 German Club 4 Page Twenty Three BACHMAN CATHERINE MARIE Commercial Always paddle your own canoe Cathy Here s a gurl who s everybody s trlend a gurl everybody Ilkes Theres always a sparkle un her eye especually when she smiles Her marks are usually above average and she really works Catherme lukes basketball and loves skatung at whlch she N. 00211 BARINGOLDZ REBA Tootue Commercial Cupid IS a knavish lad Tootie loves clothes hot dogs and cocoanut custard ple She has time for study as well as for pie and fun She usually has a pleasant smile but if you want to see her serious, lust contradict her Tootue wants to become a high powered sales woman, and then to set up a hame of her own BARTHOLOMEW ARLENE MAE Bart Commercial The roots of education are bitter but the fruit is sweet Among your circle of friends, you may always count on Arlene She enqoys sports to some extent, but likes to play the piano and sung Arlene will be glad when school is over, claiming we have too much homework, but the real reason IS that she wants more time for social engagements She desires ta become a steno grapher BARTHOLOMEW LESLIE CHARLES es General Sincenty is o virtue worth possessing When speaking of true frlends our mlnds turn to Les Wlth Les photography us a mann hobby, and he has taken developed and printed more pictures than wed care to count He is also mterested In music both class: al and popular his favorite tune being Eleanor However, he manages to keep his marks up to par and with a little more effort could be an honor student Plans for the future are indefinite with Les but we know that he is bound for definite success in some definite direction. DeMolay 3 4- Sons of American Legion 2 3 4. BARTHOLOMEW MARIE ELSIE "Rte" Commercial Of all the arts the eyes express The sweetest kind of bashfulness. Marie is a quiet girl but very triendly and you wouIdn't want a better friend. Boys are the least of her worries. She always thinks of business before pleasure. She is sure to be a success in anything she may endeavor to do, Her ambition is to become o typist or o clerk in a store. Page Twenty-Four 0020 BAUDER ANNA CATHERINE Ann Commerical What you do do well lt you dont know Ann then you re an exception She IS a cheerful and a helpful frnend Her best sport ns swummnng wuth the llfe guards at River Front Park Ann someday hopes to be a secretary and work up to the tap We know shell do ut BAUER ANNAMARIE Anne Commercnal Never let It be said that time s a wastm Can lt be? lt surely IS a gurl with blonde hour hazel eyes a wmmng personality and everythmg heart could wish That s Anne Her ambutuon IS to become a stenographer and to become a successful one Of course because of her fine qualntles and person ahty we would luke to see her adopt the old theory that two can Irve as cheaply as one Good luck Anne un whatever you do We are happy that you are one of us BAUER .IUNE CAROL Junue Commercial BAUMGARTNER LOUIS Chutt Sclence and Engmeermg The world s no better If we worry life s no longer ff we hurry See Louns In the halls you know he IS the kmd of fellow who The frlends of my friends are my fnends We wash there were more luke June a fovorlte among her friends and always wlllmg to lend a hand Although .lune IS qulet and spends most of her tame readung she ns Interested nn all sports and an active member of the chorus She ll probably be a steno grapher Chorus 1 2 4 library Club l believes ln taking travel easy Nevertheless when he gets to the place he wanted to reach he buckles down and does tus share of work Louis IS not sure of what he wants to do when he graduates but he wull get somewhere we are sure and when he gets there hell accomplush thmgs Page Twenty Five , . . , . , . . M , . - , , , . , , . Q ' ' ' , , 1 1 1 I 1 ' , , , , - . BEAN BETTY JANE Betts Retail Selllng A flne character IS worth more than great wealth lt opens the door to all hearts Betty IS a good sport and a true frlend Readung swummmg and movle goung are her favonte pastimes As a student of the Retaul Sellmg Course Betty us kept busy but she somehow flnds tame to do her lessons and to do them well Betty expects to take up depantment store work and with the reputatnon she has already made for herself down town she as on the way BEAR DOUGLAS JOHN Moxse Commercnal Wm fnends and Influence people Maxle ns a tall lad graced wuth a never endmg smnle whuch accompames has greetmg of every tnend He as an accompllshed musauan and makes records of orchestras and voaces combmed wuth mussc He IS a football baseball basketball track and swum mmg enthusiast Maxue has not decuded what occupatuon to tollow but the Hrst step on the hughway to success as the abnluty to make fnends and that he has DeMolay Bond 2 00211 BEACHER ROBERT LINCOLN B101 Engmeerlng and Science I may sit down now but the time will come when you will hear me The Brat IS one of the smaller members of our class but dont let hns suze fool you He IS small but mighty as has popularity and abnhty un sports readily shows He also has dusplayed marked musucal talent and loaned the band an enterung hugh school Al though Bobby ss not a bookworm he excels nn all hus studles-gust natural abnloty The Brat us also an authority an snakes un which he takes a great Interest We feel sure that hrs personaluty coupled wlth hns Intelligence and hus many unterests wull carry hum for In has chosen Held of study at Penn State next year Band 2 3 4 National Honor Soclety 3 4 Boy Scouts BEAR CAROLYN JULIA Carolyn Commercial Not that I like study less But that I like fun more Carolyn IS a happy go lucky girl Get her started you can hardly stop her You d never thunk nt by the Innocent look on her face In the picture but she ns really ln for everythmg that means a good tume When at comes to Hlubustermg she has Congress beat Shes all nght though-she ll make a good polutucnan some day Chorus l l Page Twenty Six 1 11 - . . . ,, 1 . ' 1 1 ' 1 1 . - 1 ' 1 - 1 1 ' 1 1 1 i 1 1 J - 11 11 1 11 - . 11 - 1 1 1 1 , . 1 Q, , . 11 1 1 1. - 1 - 11 . . . I 1 . . . 1 . . , 1 . 1 .. . , . , . 11 . .1 1 11 - - . 11 I . 1 - 1 1 1 1 ' - 1 , . y . 1 BECK BETTIE CLAIRE Beckae Home Economacs If you can smale you can forget your troubles Where there s noase and boys there s Beckae Understandang lovable charmang wald shell be some nurse' She as athletacally anclaned and specaolazes an aatterbug dancang Modern mystery storaes anvaraably find thear way to her house Beckae as versatale but havang decaded on traanang an medacane the world of fashaon and food wall have to waat for another BECKER RICHARD STANLEY Beck Commercaal All things rapen wafh age Beck always enloys a good tame Has vavad blushes are a sagn ofa hughly sensatave nature He knows that there as a tame and place for everythang and applaes hamself to has studaes wath a wall Has hobby as bualdang model aarplanes Whale not actave an sports he takes a keen anterest an football and basketball and spends has spare tame roller skatang We wash ham the best of luck and a full measure of success 01120 BECHTEL WINIFRED Wannae General Debate as masculane conversahon rs femanane Those sparklang brown eyes and that cheery Hello belong to Wannae Her personalaty makes her a must wherever there as to be a good tame She as a conscaentaous student always stravang to do her best even when the goang as bumpy Her fraendshap as sought by many for she stands for many :deals one beang loyalty So for Wannae we ask that all she desares be hers and that success follow wherever she goes BECKER DORIS JEAN Soph General Her ways are ways of pleasantness Doras an average Ameracan garl has bag twanklang brown eyes dark haar and smalang laps a pleasang personalaty, a good sense of humor loyalty a respect for knowledge and a delaghtsomeness that makes her a aoy to even passang acquaantances She lakes ace skatang basketball games pang pong target shootang and dress desagnang and daslakes wearang hats or salk stockings Doras hasnt decaded whether she wants to be a dressmaker or a dress desagner What we know as that shell be a delaghtful neaghbor German Club 4 Nalaoraal Honor Society I Page Twenty Seven , , . - , , . , , . . I t , a f . - . , , , , . , , , , , , . , . - a . I . , , 1 - , , ...- a. , . - r , I 0020 BEEHRLE MARlE C Mane Commercnol There s no taking trout with dry breeches Marne ts one of the few gurls who actually knows how to flsh Every summer Marne and her dad go deep sea fishmg at Cape May But dont get the rdea thats all she does She s a whlz on roller skates and she enqoys one of the quneter pastnmes readmg mystery stones attract her most But Marne defimtely does not luke baseball games so dont suggest gomg to see one BEHRINGER PHYll.lS Phu General What matter where I be If I be shll the some Blonde blue eyed and gust plam nlce IS Phyllis A pleasmg personality loyalty to her friends and a good sense of humor are all her specnal traits Phyllus plans to study musuc and perhaps someday we shall see her along side of Tubbett smgnng II Trovotore National Honor Society 4 General Tomorrow may not come my way So Ill do kindness while I may Betty IS kmd good natured and always has some cheerful re mark to help you along She well praise loudly blame softly Betty s true school spurlt shows at football games whlch she seldom masses A brlght smile and a thoughtful heart are two essentuals necessary to the makmg of a good nurse Betty has both along wuth perseverance German 4 BEIDLER RUTH CATHERINE Rufus Commercial Anythmg vs funny as long as lt IS happening to someone else Always ready wlth a smnle Ruth ns a swell compamon and easy to get along with She us gust a lolly pal and has a pleasung person allty Average In her studies one who never worrles Ruth us lust a happy go lucky sort of a person Her chnef sports are swnmmmg and skatmg As a hobby Ruth loves to read and would rather read than sleep Page Twenty Eight I O l .. .l.. BEIDLER, BETTY JEAN "Betty" BEITLER GLORIA ELAINE Glona Commercual Dark brown hair soft grey eyes She s lively lovely and very wise A wunmng smlle a charmmg personality and a love for fun and dancing a'l belong to Glorla She IS a popular mlss bubbling over wuth good spmts but behlnd her gayety there IS an earnest desure to succeed Glono ns regularly seen at school functnons Her willingness to co operate makes her welcome everywhere Dramatlcs l 2 3 BELTZ THOMAS Tommy Industrial Auto Shop Breathes there a man so dead that never to himself hath said That Tommy :sn t successful Tommy has been on the honor roll all year and I5 a mechanic for Gehrmger and Horlacher This proves that he has both the character and the mechomcal mclmatuon necessary to success At the rate Tommy us gomg It looks as If he would succeed at any kmd of mechamcs 00211 BEIL EVELYN ALVERTA va General Blonde modlsh smllmg agreeable no wonder they call her Eve Evelyn ns a gurl everyone ought to know No matter how down un the dumps you feel If you spend a Ilttle tame wuth Eve that feeling will disappear Sports and movles are the two things which Interest her most A'ter she graduates Eve wants to be a typlst The person who wnll employ her wnll be very fortunate and we want to add our sincere wish for her success and happiness BEITLER PATRICIA 0 General Nolhmg ever bolhers me l am lucky fair and free' Pat can be found wherever a friend IS needed She has however one great guft o gnft of gab, whnch often gets her unto trouble Dancsng, skatung and movnes afford her much pleasure She never hurrles but always manages to arrnve at the last mmute It as dunng her more senous moments that Pat studies her chemsstry Page Twenty Nme 11 1. , E 1. - 14 1. 1 1 1 - 1 . 1 . 1 1. . 11 1 1 1 1 1 1 .1 1 1 - 1 1 - 1 . , 1 1 1 1 - .1 11 1 P t 11 - - 1. 1 1 - - 1 1 1 . , . , . 1 1. 1 . .1 , . - 1 BERMAN ELEANOR BEATRICE ' General A fruendluness and loveluness combined Brown haur brown eyes thats Elly who combunes two of the rarest characterustucs sunceruty and an envuable personaluty She us a smart dresser and an ardent supporter of the modern versuyu of dance Beung both socuzully and scholastucally promunent, Elly u one of the finest fruends anyone can have Not certaun of her future Alma Mater we all know El wull be a great asset to any schoo she attends .. BERNHARD LEONTINE ELEANORE Leontune General Happuness us no laughing matter Leontune us that happy go lucky gurl wuth a cheery Hello for everyone Durung her hugh school days she has made a host of fruends Leontune us one of the loyal Canary followers that make the success of football games Leontune may seem shy to a stranger but get to know her and you ll always want to be un her company 01120 BENDER ROBERT ob General A gentleman and a good fellow A rare combination Bob us a grand person to know Although he lukes a lot of fun he us a good student always managung to get through and then some He takes part un sports plays basketball and baseball H us one of the charter members of the newly formed Varsuty A club Bob us always present at school functuons and hus popularuty even after he reaches the bug leagues whuch us hus ambutuon wull be sure to contunue Basketball 2 3 4 Baseball 2 3 4 VarsutyA 4 BERNABUCCI VIOLA MARY Punchy Vuola us o great lover of football, basketball skatung and swummung She us popular wuth both boys and gurls and shunes at lokung and dancung One of her favorute pastumes us readung Al though she us an excellent shorthand student, she has not yet decuded what she would luke to undertake un the future Page Thurty .. .. 1 , B .. . . ,. u . , . e - .. . t. - u I I u .. - .. I , , t , , , f , - .. .. , -lly .. - - - - ,t , , , , . s . - - , . u 1 . u .. . .. . . . 0020 BIEBER CLAIRE ELIZABETH Beeb Commercxal Her hearty laugh and generous soul Has helped her onward to the goal Beeb us a happy go lucky gurl never worrues much about her lesson always gets by Claure lukes to swum and dance and wherever she us there us bound to be laughter She has not planned anythmq deflnute for the future but ut should be happy Chorus 1 Basketball 4 BIGATEL JOHN DANIEL Johnny Scuence and Enguneerung A mnnd to conceuve ablluty to perceuve a heart ot achieve Oh Johnny' How he makes hus puccolo sung wuth 'oy In fact one can easuly ludge hus personaluty by hus puccolo playung H has a brulluant mund full of udeas a pleasung dusposutuon and a smule that us devastating un uts elfects He Interests humself un all sports and us quute adept un basketball tennus baseball and boxung Johnny plans to study chemustry at Notre Dame and we see by the test tubes a formula for success lb BITLER RICHARD J DICK General The Good Humor Man Duck us a meduum suzed fellow who greets everybody wuth a BILGER MARION ELIZABETH Bugler Commercual Silence and thoughtfulness are the keys to success Maruon us a fruend who us o fruend She us always wullung to cooperate seldom declunes to do anythung wuthun her abuluty and uf ever there was a gurl you could loke wuth uts Bugler Maruon us effcuent un all her subuects but us deeply Interested un commercual work and hopes to be someone s stenographer We always tlnd her wuth her lessons prepared uf they arent there s a real reason smule Although full of fun he never neglects hus studues lf you want a handsome and very Iukable fellow lust look for thus fellow wuth the rosy cheeks He us well luked by hus many fruends you never see hum walkung through the halls wuthout one All the gurls gaze after hum-he lukes them and attends most games Has greatest ambutuon us to get unto avuatuon and be a great avuator A Capella 4 Page Thurty One - - I 'PP' T' . V -I Q' .. .. , .. ., . , - . I . 1 - I . , - , 1 , - ' X .. .. I .. - - .- . . ,, f , - I . . . . . . . I . . . . . . . e .. . I . I . . .. I . . . I .I , . D , Band, 2, 3, 4f Orchestra, 2, 3, 4. . u. . .. I . . . . .. I . . . . .. . . - I Y .I o v I I 1 . lx -A X -. X .. . .. , . u. .u . , - 1 . I , . , . 4201120 BITTENBENDER GLORIA VIRGINIA Bubbles Commercral I shall keep on gomg untrl l succeed rn the attempt Gloria ns cn understanding senslble mdlvldLal a trlencl you can depend on no matter what happens After leavmg good old A H S Bubbles mtends to become a telephone operator and make the Bell people proud ot her Few people have so much common sense and good humor BITTNER BETTIE Smules Commerclal There rs not such another Bettue IS tall thln has dark brown hour and ey s that blend with her halr She IS the type that lakes to have fun Luk mo I gurls Smules lets the boys attract her attentnon but It does not mtertere wuth her ambmon to become a stenogropher Gym 2 3 4 Chorus 2 3 4 Dromatlcs 4 BITTNER JEAN R Jeanne General At home wrth sports like a nesting bird Lnght hatred Jeanne ns Interested an all sports but has a very specnal mterest m football Some day she us to be a nurse and ns planmng to attend Temple Nursmg School nn Phnladelphna A H S wishes her the best Basketball I 2 3 4 Hockey 2 Tenms 2 3 4 BITTNER PAUL M Skeeter Commercial I hold my thoughts wrthrn myself speakmg nat Paul IS a qunet unassummg lad whose true character as hldden by a wall of reserve CJIHICUI' to pierce But those who penetrate that wall know a sparkling and fun Iovmg personality Page Thirty Two n .. 1 W .. - - - H 1 , . . . ., , n . ,- 1 .. - H . . . . 6 I 1 1 1 - . . e 1 , 1 1 1 1 i 1 1 1 i 1 - v' 5 lil . I . n - 1. , . ,, . . . . ,, , . 1 1 1 1 1 i 1 i 1 1 1 ' , . , , 1 1 650020 BOKANYI IRENE nky Commercual Outward sunshune unward ,oy Irene us the pet prankster of the school she has a sweet dusposu tuon at tumes lnkys motto us always do your work at the last munute Shes a swell sport luked by all who know her lren s ambutuon us to become a secretary to a handsome boss BORTOLINI GLORIA Bart Commercual Don t cross your bridges behund you Are you lookung for some fun? Well here ut us and plenty of ut for everybody Bart us a gurl who can aduust herself to anyone Perhaps that us why she has such a wude varuety of acquauntances Bart loves sports and she sure does play a swuft game of basketball Her favorute pastume us dress desugnmg whuch she expects to undertake as a career We know she wull be a great success because Bart usually gets what she goes after Gym Team 1 3 4 BORTZ EDWARD Eddue Commercual Ed can be seen at all athletuc contests He us a member of the Varsuty football and basketball teams Ed was transferred from South Whutehall where he starred un sports and has become popular at A H S Hes an all round athlete wuth professuonal leanungs Wuth hus 40 Chevy he us famuluar to countless belles and provudes op posutuon to local beaux un more ways than one South Whutehall may feel bereft but we thank them for the transfer Football 4 Basketball l 2 3 4 Baseball 7 2 3 4 BORTZ MARGARET ELIZABETH Betty Commercual Smule unto me- As I smule unto thee Usually an only chuld spells trouble but not a gurl luke Betty an attractuve five foot sux gray eyed blond who attends school not only because she has to but because she wants to You see Betty plans to go tc Vurgunua to attend Mary Washungton College to become euther a teacher or a stenographer Second only to hamburgers un her atfectuons us Cary Grant who us so ooo hand some Betty says uf she had a hundred dollars rught now she would go shoppung Page Thurty Three , .ul 1. .1 1 - 1 11 , . . i . .. . . . . .. -- 1 lu 'V n an . , . .. .. . 1. 1. 1 1. 1 . - 11 - 1 1 1 1 - .1 . u. 1 "Play up, play up, and play the game." 1 . . - -- - , . i . 1 i , 1 1 1 J 1 1 1 1 - .. u, 1 11 - . .1 . I . . I - I. . I 1 - 1 , - . BOWERS ROBERT W Bob General What Emperor could wish for more Here ns a true fruend, of average heught and a good person 00211 BOWEN HENRY D JR Sum General The more we study the more we realize our Ignorance Although Henry us a bnlluant student he us always ready for tun He s a rare person who can make many fnends and keep them Luke any good student Slum depends upon himself, and as con sequently successful at whatever he attempts He us a lover of all sports on fact he need not take a back seat for anybody or un anythmg Natnonal Honor Society 4 allty It us easy for hum, because he IS a born leader to make and keep fnends Hrs favorlte sports are football basketball baseball huntmg and Eshmg BOYER DONALD sublects them BOYKO MIKE Trnp Industrial Mechanical Drattmg Sleep IS the most wonderful thmg on earth Tnp us a Fme young lad ambltuous to become an expert draftsman He takes great pride In has work and us always up wnth the rest of the class He us wullmg to lend a helpmg hand to has classmates He llkes movnes and spends most of hrs spare tlme there He lakes sleep, too and sees that he gets plenty ot ut Page Thirty Four Don Com merclal Better than gold IS a thmkmg mmd Donald ns a better than average student un the commercial course Hrs specualty ns typnng and he IS a speed merchant on the keyboard He IS very fast on figures too and lnkes mathematucal Don takes an Interest m athletscs even though he has never played anythmg at Allentown Hugh Although Don always notuces the gurls, he as rarely seen wnth K , ., . I I - , ." I 1 , . , . . , , .4 . g - , - . , , . - . - . 0020 ,llggg General A pleasant smrle IS a great asset Jnggs ns that smulmg young man wvth a versatile wut ready to plunge unto almost anythmg When he s not studymg he ns eatmg bananas nn Englnsh class .Ilggs excels In cookmg and can make a lusclous cookle batter Wsth has cheerful dnsposltuon, pleasant smule good common sense hns popularuty ought to contnnue BRADISH JEANNE Jeannie General Falr and pure line and true We hope and hope there are more like you Wutty humorous wuth sparklmg eyes dancmg feet a wmnmg smlle and a sunny dlsposmon no wonder .leannue has a host of frlends She IS a smooth dresser and handles her Plymouth wnth skull and accuracy She IS always rushed but manages to keep her date book m perfect order Wherever her eager and compe tent spnnt leads her, success wall mevutably be there for she can take It even success BRAY VERLETTA E Lettuce Commercual The music fills her throbbing throat Verletta IS so much a friend that her friends somehme interfere wlth her donng homework but when her work as to be handed an she somehow has ut flnushed whuch all goes to show that where there s a wnll theres a way One of her pastimes I5 snnglng Whnle she as un school she I5 a great typnst but out of school she lust loves to eat doughnuts BRENNAN, MARY ns General Of wisdom hath she a goodly store And kindness one can ask no more Slncenty, lntelllgence and fun are a few of the many vurtues fate bestowed upon thus smullng lrlsh lass Her cheerful dusposltnon and pleasing personallty make her a leader among her classmates Insh excels un her studies but finds tnme for fun too Blue eyes brown curls and a dash of lrush wut that s her portrant Good student and conscnentlous worker, she us sure to succeed as a nurse National Honor Society 4 French Club 4 Page Thirty Five , , ' 1 - , , , , , . . . , , . , . l. . F 1 , , .- , h , , f , , I h , . . , . fi 1 - Corr34 Chorusl234 0020 BREWER ELOISE General Of all the arts the gods bestow Beauty and courage both she knows Ell wuth her golden haur shunung blue eyes and wunnung smule has made a host of fruends here at A H S Her fruendshup IS a thung to be cherushed hugh school gurls do not come any finer Wuth her cheerful dusposutuon her fine courage she us bound to make good un anythung she may undertake after she leaves school We hope youll have the happiness you so rughtly deserve Latun Club 3 BREY NORMAN Junuor Retaul Sellung Never worry ut shortens lufe Norman us a carefree fellow always on the go and wullung to help anyone and anybody He us always on time for any 'ob that has to be done un fact hes usually hangung around a half hour ahead of tume Norman us a member of the Retaul Sellung course but does not untend to follow the sellung racket when he leaves school Wushung hum luck p1+f BRINKER JOYCE M oy Commercual Go forth and run life s race us for the brave Joy lakes buke rudung lltterbuggung and lokung studues her fruends and her favorute teachers Joyce excels un wuse crackung about everythung that happens Her greatest wush us to be a accountant Canary and Blue Representative 3, Typmg Club l BROSKY AMELIA Emuly General Slull waters run deep Emuly has made many fruends through her frank but fruendly manner Emuly enloys rudung bath horseback and un on automobile She untends to get a gob un an office and she us sure to be personally acceptable. Page Thirty'Six 00211 BROSS NILA E Nu o Commercial Better late than never She greets you seruously thus gurl wuth brown eyes and brown haur After you know her youll find she can talk curcles around you A swell pal she us too All she needs us a tall dark handsome boy and a fast polka then watch the curcus Her maun obuect un lufe us to be able to type well and to get a good 'ob She llkes dancung pung pong swummung tennus and basketball ots of luck and success Chorus 1 2 3 Girl Reserves 3 4 Basketball l 2 BROSSMAN MARTIN Mart General Life us merely a serues of opportunities for turning failures into successes Quuet, energetuc, a real student Mart us also a real fruend He us proflcuent un hus school work, and a staunch supporter of all hugh school actuvutues He us choracteruzed by a Brutush sense of humor Beluevung that hus later success un lufe wull be determuned by has present educatuon he endeavors to get as much out of ut as possuble Success comes un cans, faulure un can ts Martun can German Club, 3 4 Hustorucal Socuety 3 4 Home Room Repre sentatuve, Canary and Blue Solucutor 3 .lanseen Microscope Chapter, 2 3 4 BROWN JOHN HENRY Hank College Entrance ln Arts A slow walker a fast worker and o folly good fellow Hank us a good pal He has an easy goung dusposutuon, but us besudes a studuous lad wuth an equal amount of murth and can Iuven up any gatherung He us a great sport enthusuast always ready wuth the latest statustlcs As a muslcuan he slides all around on his trombone The world would be a lot better uf we could all be lake Hank he never worrues Heres happuness to you, Hank, as you go on to Muhlenberg and then on to your vocatuon Band 3 4 HustorucalSocuety 3 German Club 4 BROWN PHYll.lS MARY I General Good at a fight but better at a play Godllke rn giving but the devil to pay Phyllus as the most gutted actress un our class, and great cheers ruse as she walks on the stage, for somethung funny can always be expected Phyllus can be found un any school auduence and you cant muss that red haur She plans to tram for nursung at the Jefferson Hospital Gurl Reserves, 3, 4 Dramatucs 2 3 4 Page Thirty Seven I . .. .I .u , -h l , . - , , I ' . . . . W . . , . t I . . I .I U L . , 1 , J ' , , 1 1 1 - , , . , Orotan Debating Society, 3, 4, National Honor Society, , 1 ' ' ' , , : - ' , : I , - , , , . - , 5 . I . . 5 ' f , 1 ' ' ' f f , - , Phl .. , , , . . , ' f ', , , - N 0020 BROWNING BETTY Betty Ltfe begins at 2 40 Lovely to look at and dehghtful to know IS Betty Always ready for a good tume tryung to get as much fun out of lnfe as possuble IS the way she ts known to all her fnends But there IS deep down a serious streak Betty llkes sports and dancung and some day would luke to be a smger Well be lnstemng on Station WJZ Girl Reserves 2 3 4 Dramahcs 2 BRUDER THELMA IRENE Thelmu General The gay the wise the lovable and the grave Thelma ns the kmd of gurl to have for a fruend She ns frank reltable and tactful Her cheerful personality makes everybody feel happy An enthusuastlc parttclpant nn sports she swums well and lust dotes on roller skatmg She knows how to play a loke and how to take one too Thelma IS an mterestmg talker and what ns more rare o good lustener Musuc us her hobby and she plays both the piano and organ She ts the kund who goes In for every thung and does at well Whatever she chooses to do after gradua tnon, we re with her and we know she wnll do tt well, and pleasantly' BUCKLEY JAMESJ tm Engmeermg and Scnence X BRUENINGSEN MADELINE M Maddy Commercual Wt h thy clear, keen loyance Languor cannot be Shadow of annoyance Never came near thee Maddy shows fine talent for drawung and wntmg poetry She enloys dancmg, :ce skatung and walkmg Her pets are both dogs and cats Always full of pep smllmg and cheerful you cannot help Ilkmg her A rollrng stone gathers no mnettes Jnm us one of those fellows who can get along wuthout much worry and wuth stnll less work but he always manages to get by An outstandmg performer on the A H S Swummmg Team he us Dave Hacketts mamstay for new records Hts pastnmes besndes swnmmmg are football basketball and Ice skating Has hobby as stamp collectmg and smce most great men have thus hobby we are predlctmg a great future for Jam He expects to attend Wharton Business School to become a flnanclal tycoon Swimming 2 3 4 Varsity A 4 Page Tharty Etght 0020 BUDNER LOIS A Buddy General But the world has made them sweet filling them with a sunset glow It there as anything Lois dislikes It IS to study One of the happy go lucky carefree gurls, with few worries she thanks laughter is the cure for all human ills Her hobbies are bowling dancing bicycle riding and driving She likes football and as a good booster at the games Her friendly smiles and cheery hello are wel comed by everyone Although she IS usually smiling she can be SCTIOUS BUNK DOROTHEA Dome College Preparatory Despite the serious look in her brown eyes Beneath the surface mischief lies' Dottie s motto for curing oll ills is dance and laugh Between keeping her classmates healthy by her wut and winning medals In competitive swimming, she is kept busy nevertheless Dottie does her work faithfully and has been on the Honor Roll many times Number one on her hut parade IS candy number two is more candy Her hobbies are swimming dancing and sweet swing music Swim on, Dottie and dance your way into success and happiness Dramatlcs 2 German Club 4 Chorus 2 3 4 National Honor Society 4 Swimming 2 3 4 Grl Rsrves 2 3 4 Council of Girl Reserves 3 4 BURIAN WILLIAM Science and Engineering Studies little knows much You cant miss Peb His aquilme countenance usually prolects BURGER EVELYN ve College Preparatory A keen mind is a fortune All play and no work makes Eve o dull gurl is her motto and she abides by it You have probably never met anyone quite so ambitious as Eve Studying has became her hobby and shes proud of it But she has other hobbies dancing reading sewing She will attend Mt Sinai and become a full fledged nurse French Club l National Honor Society it Peb conspicuously above the heads of those about hum Summer tlnds him blanketlng the breadth of a tennis court of which he IS usually the master. Winter tlnds him looking askance at school books but as in tennis he always comes out on top. He has invaded most of the courses at school but is eternally perplexed by a particular problem-how to fit his frame to our school chairs, The future will see Peb a big man in more ways than one. German Club 4- National Honor Society 4. Page Thirty-Nine BUSKARITZ JOSEPHINE Jose Commerclal Lrghl as a feather lh the wrnd Jose IS one gurl who IS always smllmg A cookmg student, she prepares some fine dlshes Photography has been her hobby and she plans to go on with work of that sort Waltzmg takes her spare tume and she IS quite a dancer Wnth so lovely a personoluty the photography busmess should puck up BUTZ WILLIAM Butzy lndustrnal You can 9 fool me I m too ignorant Wllham un school always seerrs to be an a stupor but when he ns around asrplanes or anything pertanmng to mechamcs he us wade awake To hum nothmg us so umportant as avnatnon He us always dreammg of or umntatmg anrplanes Hls marks are lower than they should be but gave hum real work and he wnll be a grand worker Bull tha he always IS a vnctum of lokers and pranksters wlll un thus modern age of avnatlon find hus place And let us remmd you, Bull that vnctums are not necessanly down and out 011211 BURKHART EDWARD Burke Commerclal Silence IS golden A qunet personaluty markedly keen wut, and supenor mtelln gence dustmgunshes Burke Has body IS tall and well proportloned Hrs face IS ammated by sparkling brown eyes Basketball and track compnse hls extra currlcular actnvutues, dancmg and swnmmmg occupy hrs outsude leisure Basketball 2 Track 2 Commercial Club 4 BUTZ ETHEL J Butzle General What IS life wathout a joke Sweet IS the word for Ethel for she loves candy and a certam machnmst who as holdmg all her thoughts at present Butzle spends much of her spare tnme ot the movues mostly at ones featuring Charles Boyer Altho Ethel has no set goal after graduation her one ambltnon has always been a tnp to enchanting Hawau So Ethel says Aloha Page Forty ,. lf 1 ,, . . H I . 1 i 1 I f 1 .1 -- 1 ,, . . - .1 - 1 n - 11 , . 11 - - - - 11 1 1. 1 1 V 1. , . 4 1 1 - 1 1 , . , . CAMPBELL ELIZABETH FRANCES Betty Commerclal There rs nothing so land as kindness And nothing so royal as truth Bettys pleasant personality and ever present smlle wm her many friends A consclentlous worker she IS a top rankmg student Her talklng In class often bnngs the teachers frown but Betty only smlles engaglngly and behaves untll the next time She worrnes a but about her school work but nt always turns out all rnght Although Betty appreciates and loves musuc and has a fine soprano vorce her present ambutuon us to become a good steno grapher A Cappella Choir 2 3 4 Chorus 2 3 4 Natronal Honor Soclely, 4 CARL GEORGE R Carl General Better absent than unprepared Heres to Carl a swell boy wnth a keen sense of humor and one who s never too busy to help a fellow student He us an ardent movne tan and loves dancmg He IS na gemus nt schoolwork but he gets along 00211 CALLISTO GRACE Corky General God made her as he should Not too bad not too good Happy go lucky Grace as everybodys frlend wnth always a ready smlle for anyone who wants to be a friend Youll ind her practlclng her dancmg and donng her lessons nightly She IS gifted wuth a sense of humor Even though you dont see her behmd a heap of books she manages to keep above the average lf you re looksng for Grace lust look for someone shlftung gears In the lows CAMPBELL JANE Janne General Serene amidst the savage waves Serene us the word for Jane You never flnd her ruffled or hurried She loves dancing dogs and drawing Art I5 the career she plans to follow for she excels In palntnng and sketching Wntlng ns also a malor mterest of James It mught be well to keep our eyes on thus young lady because well probably be hearmg a lot of her m the future Page Forty One 1 , . . 1 . . . . I . . t , . , . -4 .. 1 1 . ,, . . , - - 1 1 - 1 , I . 1 1 1 i 1 1 1 i .. . .t 1 . 1 1 - , . 1 , . H 11 . . 1 1 , . 'OIIZU' CASPER JOHN Johnny Industrual Auto Shop Stones have been known to move and trees to speak Johnny us a good fellow when he us sleepung But he wakes up to guve a helpung hand when a neughbor gets stuck In hus leusure tume he does lunoleum block pruntung and us always tryung new thungs to do wuth the cuts What am I goung to do? says Johnny Get a uob at the Mack Motor Works CARROLL MARION Carroll General She us gayer than a chuld Laughter un her eyes runs wuld Carroll hauls from New Jersey When she came to Allentown Hugh she brought all the luveluness of her home town wuth her Whenever anyone feels down hearted ut us Carroll who comes to the rescue Her pleasant dusposutuon us sure to aud her to become a truly great nurse Dramatuc Club 4 Y W C A 4 CERCIELLO VINCENT ANTHONY Cersh Scuence and Enguneerung Quiet often covers thought A more true and dependable fruend one cannot flnd Though quuet when one flrst meets hum Cersh soon changes Hus love us modern musuc he has heard and seen most of the great name bands Hus ambutuon us to becaome a surgeon for whuch he us well suuted because he takes work seruously looks unto a matter thor oughly and has skullful fingers CHERRINGTON ELIZABETH L Betty General Nothung us so dufflcult but that ut may be found by seekung When you meet Betty she seems to be a quuet unassumung gurl but get to know her and youll flnd her tull of uolluty and wut Shes unterested un sports ask to see her sport scrapbook and youll realuze that shes one of the Canarues most ardent f0Dlef Although Betty has many outsude actuvutues and graces the hugh school chorus wuth her first alto she lets nothung unterfere wuth her studues for she us a member of the Notuonal Honor Socuety Her dream us to be seated behund the round desk at our publuc lubrary Chorus 4 Natuonal Honor Socuety 3 4 Office Messenger 4 Page Forty Two 01120 CHOMA JEANETTE M Jenny General Ot' wisdom hath she a goodly store and kindness one can aslr no more On the surface Jenny seems a carefree fun lovmg personaluty She ns that and more Her keen wut and sense of humor are maxed an lust the rught proportnons wnth good common sense and general mtelhgence Hers IS a dual personaluty In her lnghter moments she loves to sung and dance In a more sober mood she as a responsible help to any organuzatnon or class lf her records are any mdncatnon of her abulnty we know she wall do exceedmgly well at somethnng German Club 4 Chorus 3 4 Dramohcs 2 Natronal Honor Society 3 4 Grrl Reserve Council 3 Pres1dentofCoum:ll 4 CHRlSTMAN LEOMIA ALVERTA e General With graceful steps she strides the streets And smrles at all the boys she meets Leomua us a good sport when It comes to supportmg the teams of A H S If there I5 any fun In the classroom you may be sure Lee ns un the mndst of It She has a magnetic personality and ns a wuzard at makmg fnends We are not sure what type of work she wnll follow but we wish her the best of luck In anything she may under take CICHELLO LEWIS Lou lndustrlal Auto Shop CIN LIVlO Industnal Pattern Shop Smcenty IS a virtue few men possess Lwno has many frnends both un and out of school and we are Brmg those tools here careless Ned Don I build up the overhead' Thats what you hear Custoduan Lou, the fellow who keeps tabs on the shop tools and sees that none dssappear, saylng for he us m traumng to be a foreman m a bug garage He as wnllmg to supply any solutuon to a problem provldmg he knows the answer proud he IS graduatmg wnth us ln the pattern shop he acts luke the boss, hes really the Lnttle Caesar ofthe shop Lal s ambmon IS to be a foreman of a bug plant, and we all know he can do It In work Lul ns second to none The whole sensor class washes hum luck Page Forty Three 'OIIZU' CLARK DOROTHY MARGARET Dottie Commercnal I scorn to change my state with kings Maybe Dottie s fondness for Flowers accounts for her sweetness A consistent student Dottue blames typmg for keepnng her off the honor roll After tmkermg nn her garden she llkes to curl up m a chalr wlth a good book When she gets her diploma, Dottue as gomg unto busmess CLAUSER ERNEST M company Track 2 CLEWELL ROBERT Johnny lndustnal Prmt Shop It IS great to be a fool but st1ll greater to be a fool and know 1t Johnny though small, us capable mdustnous and gets ahead an has work, even though he hardly ever studnes at home The most usual place to hnd hum us on a roller skatcng rank Skates and gurls are hrs chuef mterest Baseball bowlmg and pool run a close second He us a top rankung student an prmt shop and both lnked and respected by has fellow students Robert mtends to 'om the army and contunue studyung prmtung there Pr1nters Club Pres1dent Comus 4 Page Forty Four CLARK A GEORGE Clark General l worked for you now It s your turn to work for me George belueves that expenence ns the only way to learn and he mtends to have as many kmds of expenence as possuble He us a quuet good natured fellow George duslukes seeing anybody do a thmg wrong and does not hesltate to make correctlons He d make a good foreman or executuve Erme Commercual Yes It s the French Fry man agam Erme seems a quuet fellow when you do not know hum but he really ns a pleasant and smnlmg gentleman Every tume he laughs you laugh too you lust cant help nt, because his us between a cackle and guggle He has a copyrught on at Erme loves every sport that ever was Invented He specaallzes an track at A H S Has favorlte bands are Glenn Msllers and Jlmmy Dorsey s He also has a weakness for blondes whlch IS nothing new, after all Cast an eye at some of our blondes' Some day Erme hopes to become a presudent of some bug n .- , . 11 . 1 11 , . 1 , . . 1 I . n . n 1 11 A - vv . 1 1 l 11 . 11 , . 1. - 1 - 11 , . 1 ' 1 1 - 11 . 1. . . . . . . , . 1 . . . , , 3, 4. si' j . - ' ,. 1g"'L ' 11 1. ' 1 1. - - - .1 1 - . 1 1 1 1 . ' I, . , . ' 1 1 i 1 A 'OUZU' CLYMER JEAN ADELE Jean Commercial Whether the cup wrth sweet or butter run Many people belreve that Jean rs a perfect angel but we who know her mtvmately are not so sure She studues, she usually knows her lessons her shorthand notes look luke Greek you should hear her read them but she ns always Iaughmg and qokrng too Even when you re un the deepest blues a few minutes m her company wlll get you to smllmg with her Her laugh IS so contaglous ut runns all the order and drsclpllne CO CCA YOLANDA LUCY Commerclol She smiles and shadows depart Hard work and mtellrgence are the pet words of thus person She worries about her marks and yet she IS o flrst class honor student Her favorrte sublects are study hall and gym But gave her swlmmmg and she no longer IS your friend Reason she cant swlm Tall dark and pretty always gay and smullng never talking only studymg thus IS Yolanda National Honor Society 4 COHEN SYDNEY Dramotrcs 2 National Honor Society 4 Sclence and Engmeernng Colonel He from whose lips drvme persuasion falls Homer Sydneys love for debatung ns exceeded only by has love for COLE EUGENE A Genre General Haste makes waste so why hurry If you see a luttle lad bouncmg down the hall nts our good pol Genre whos always ready to help a fruend un need He lrkes to read and hopes to go unto aeronoutlcs someday Ftymg An ardent avratron ethusnast Sydney could wrrte books on the sublect and stlll not cover all the territory he would like to He says that the happiest moment rn his life wlll be when he takes hrs first solo Fllght at the controls of a plane A swell fellow and a good fnend Sydney has carved a nrche for hrmself at Allentown Hugh School gust as he will carve one In avlatlon at some future date Natronal Honor Society Orotan Debating Society 2 3 Historical Society 3 Secretary, 4 German Club 3 Treasurer 4 Vice Presfdent 4 Home Room Representatrve 4 Page Forty Five 11 11 1 1, . . .1 1 , . 1 1 1 , . 1 1 I 1 ' I VI .t . 11 - 1 1 1 1 1 , . , . 1 1. . . . . 11 - 1 tap. I . . I , . I I V F 1 r f 1 1 i 1 i 1 I ' N' 1 f I ' .1 . .1 p , . ll 71 V F' I ' ', , . . . . , :K 1 1 1 - ,f , . COOK TRECIA C Cookie General Where the wmds are wlld and the clouds up piled Rall away from the planes like foam Cookie IS a lutterbug an a bug way Her hobby IS danclng 0020 CONFER RUTH on Commercial There IS a garden In her face Where roses and white lrlles grow Proverbual blonde hour proverbual blue eyes Though dancmg takes up most of her tume lnstemng to recordings runs a close sec o1d and school work a poor thlrd How we love to hear her talk that baby talk that never falls to brmg a laugh and she spends all her spare tnme dolng lust that Not slow dancing understand but real honest to goodness gltterbugglng An active person she llkes people to be a httle crazy and hates snobs Her pet hate IS study her pet love dancmg and eatung but nf you should taste her mothers wonderful cherry ple you wouldnt blame her Trecla loves to travel and hopes to combine business with pleasure by becommg an aur hostess Happy landings Trecua V COOPER DONALD C Holman General My kingdom for a 95 Holman lakes to go flshmg In fact any summer afternoon you can flnd hum along the bank ofthe Lnttle Lehigh or some other trout stream Even If Holman does spend very luttle tame wnth has books, he always knows everythsng there as to know about hus lessons He hopes to enter West Pomt He has learned to get the most out of the least tume spent on lessons Hes always turnung up wnth a cartoon that will end all cartoons It mught be wnse nf he really stopped carncaturmg teachers and turned has talents toward some COPE WILLIS FRETZ Copne Retail Sellang Skrll rs stronger than strength Wlllus IS a lolly fellow always has a bug smlle for everybody He ns ambrtlous and wants to get ahead In the buslness world Everytlme you see hum hens selling somethung He as mostly Interested m football :ce skating and basketball What he wants I5 to be the owner of a store Page Forty Six thmg less dangerous and more profitable National Honor Society 4 I ..C .. , . , . , . , . . , I- ln - tl I , . 1 - ' , ' - ' - , . . . . l X 1 . l -- -' 1- vagfm- ..--wg ML, .. - ., ,g W Q, JL . . . . , . V . .. , . - it , , , . - f 011211 CORINGRATO ETTORE General A true friend with a true heart Ed ns a qulet sort of fellow always greets you with a smlle takes much Interest In his studaes and spends much time workmg on model avrplanes In whlch he takes much prlde He IS sklllful too ot pang pong CORTRIGHT LORRAINE ETTA Corky Retall Selling Lorraine one of the busy members ot the Retanl Sellmg Course as often seen but seldom heard but how she con talk when she talks Lorrame knows that she wants and goes after It She blushes easuly and sees the latest movues Lorrame has a faery temper when she IS aroused but she IS o true friend good student and an excel lent soles person particularly neat rn appearance National Honor Soclety 4 COSTANTINI DORIS MARIE Done Commercual Friendly loyal honest and true Done has a lovable smnle Once you have her for a fnend you can bet It wnll be lastmg Dornes hobby ns roller skatmg Everytume you see her at a rmk you see an expert But here as a secret, she doesn t luke school work even tho she gets along quite well COYLE RAYMOND Ray Industrial Mechamcal Draftmg Ray IS a quret Inttle mdlvndual who us pretty much satlsfued wrth hte as rt IS He mtends to be a draftsman ln has classes he us grven to lookmg out of the wnndows, sometlmes duy dreamnng and some tumes lust looking As a duversuon he chose to be manager of the football team last tall Page Forty Seven I ..Ed.. 'pf l - 1 l ' 1 A V I ' . ' ' I . I Y .. ,. , "As good, but not as quiet as she seems." . I . . I , . I . . I - , . , . f .. - , , . , . . . , . , . .. ,. , 'OUZU' CRAWFORD VERNON Mack General Hus wealth us health and physical ease Mack us our udea of a typucal suave Southerner Comung to our hugh school un hus sopho-nore year he attracted all of us wuth hus delughtful personaluty He has learned to uce skate and us an ardent supporter of our teams Hus dustoste for teduous thungs luke homework and study has brought hum some duffucult moments un hugh school But Mack has hus seruous moods He plans to return to Georgua to take up Sanutary Enguneerung at Georgua Tech CRIER DOROTHY ESTHER Buddy Commercual So faur a cheek so four a smule Would cause a nan to walk a mule Buddys curcle of fruends know her as a grand pal a great lover of sports, especually roller skatung and a pretty good scout at basketball She reads and wrutes poetry and has o humor all her own lf you want to meet a good sport always ready for fun and always ready to take a uoke try Buddy You can deoend on her beung loyal and beung the best of company always Chorus l 2 3 CURTIS, CHARLES H Curt General The proper study of manknnd us man Already showung the old Army spurut Curt us warkung toward West Pount by doung excellent work un school A flne football mon Curt held down a vorsuty left end posutuon the team for two straught years and had also played un hus freshman and sophomore years One of those rare types a man s man and a fruend to the gurls no event socual athletuc or scholastuc would ever be complete wuthout Curt He us also a member of the Varsuty A Club Varsuty Football 3 4 Vorsuty A CROASDALE WILLIAM R u College Entrance Lend all thy ear but few thy vouce The Iuve wure of senuor class rooms, Bull Croasdale us seldom seen wuth troubled countenance un the corrudors of A H S one of hus desures us to keep the worrued happy In a more seruous veun however he us one of the truest, most suncere fruends a fellow could have ever ready to guve euther a hand or good advuce Popular wuth the gurls as well he attends most of the socual events A real boatung enthusuast Bull spends hus summer months on the Chesa peake Bay and can relate many unterestung experuences Page Forty Eught 1. .1 1 , .1 - . . 11 l I r ,, . . , 1 . 1 . . 1 ' 1 . 1 . 1 1 - . , . 1 1 1 - 4 1 11 . 11 , . . . .5 - 1 1 I v , . I . , . 1. 1. ,, . . 1. 1 1 1 - I 1 1 1 1 1 1 f f - 00211 CURTISS CHOLENA MAY College Preparatory A dear luttle blue eyed gurl Wuth a wonderful shlnmg smule Cholena came from Pen Yan N Y un January 1940 but her fruendluness soon made her one of us She may be small un stature but her personaluty makes up for that Her marks are hugh because she works to keep them up When she usnt studyung she relaxes by playung the puano takung puctures or cookung She plans to go to Temple Hosputal and we feel that Temple us lucky to get her DALLA PIAZZA ALICE Com mercual Tus hard ta part when fruends are dear- Perhaps twull costa sugh a tear Versatule frank gay dances luke a dream plays a good game of tennus swums and duves well capable game for anythung athle tuc Al knows all the patter and all the answers Never conceuted A good lustener Loads of fun Easy to look at Just what a boy wants un hus gurl fruend Lukes nuce places says kund thungs A reluable fruend Can take anythung be a sport Serves wuthout thought of reward Unselfush and energetuc Keen untellect Further unforma tuon wull be furnushed on request Commercual Club 4 DANNECKER HOWARD C Spuff General Happy go lucky fan' and free nothung ever bothers me Spuff us a happy go lucky He takes thungs as they come and go He never took the tume to enter un any sports un school but he was always un there cheerung Sputts favorute sports are basketball football and baseball DAL MASO RENO FRANCIS Reno Industrual Never put off tull tomorrow what you can out off tull next week The Rudolf Valentuno of our Alma Mater us now beung posted Thus clever wutty amuable young man has many ambutuons first to travel and see thus great country of ours second to become a navy fluer Hus favorute pasturne us lettung tume pass hus next to watch the gurls pass Swummung and uce skatung also run Reno untends to take a nught school course un aeronautucal enguneerung He devotes most of hus tume to hus favorute hobbues huntung and fishung He may often be found flshmg along a stream durung Sprung Do you catch any we asked Sure he answered Hus plans for the future are becomung a maul clerk Page Forty Nine ' 1 ' 1 , . , AI , , r I 1 ' , . . I - 2 1 , . , ,.., , . , . , DAUBENSPECK ANNA MAE Dauby Beauty and Intelligence are talents to be envied Dauby the smllmg gurl wlth black haur and a twmkle In her eyes us wltty and good humored but at the same tame studaous She ns actnve an sports but the one she prudes herself on rs swummmg Dauby has frnends by the dozens nursmg may be lust the career DAVIS HOWELL JOHN Howne Be slow ID choosing a fnend slower rn changing Nature has spoken to hum He has answered by asking many questuons He lukes hulung and out of door sports In has scuentahc studres he has asked Nature Why? He as an mtellngent companlon and wnll bear watchmg rn the future to see where and how far 00211 DA RE ESTHER Suge General One crowded hour of glonous life ls worth an age without a name Although Esther ns shy she us very socnable among fnends She always gets along because she believes that All wnll be well tomorrow Her favorlte sports are swlmmmg dancing tennls basketball and ace skahng No matter what kund of work Esther rntends to follow we are certam shell get to where she wants to go Clear saulmg Susle' General Good and bad and right and wrong Wave the srlly words away This rs wisdom to be strong This IS virtue to be gay If you want a mnghty flne gurl a good chum an all around good sport get acquamted with Mnlly Her lovable dnsposutlon and loyal fnendslup wln for her the aftectuon of her classmates She us an ardent lover of dancung and swnmmmg but she always flnds tame for her studoes Mllly IS rather talkatuve but never on a hurry just pncfure her un a whlte nurse s cap and apron Page Frfty O I DAVIDSON, Mnonzo "Many" 'OIIZU' DEIBERT JEAN General Jeanue us small but so us a stuck of dynamute Jeanue us a muschuevous gurl un dusguuse and as changeable as the weather You never can tell whats gomg to happen when she starts playung pranks Although she us a good student she d rather lusten to Glenn Mullers Swung Band than settle down to her books Her unterests other than swung are swummung rudung dancung uce skatung and druvung You can always see her druve that Ford shes a cowboy Jeanue untends to contunue her studues un Phuladel phua and we feel any college wull have an unterestung tume keepung up wuth her Dramatucs 2 4 Gurl Reserves 2 3 4 Hockey 2 vd-146-34,7 Elf-11,1 DEITRICH ROBERT E Spondel Enguneerung and Scuence A penny saved us 0 penny earned Robert us an amuable fellow always prepared for any occa suon He us not afraud of work un school or elsewhere Thruft us hus motto, although he has hus share of fun Hus greatest enuoyments are lustenung to swung musuc and eatung frozen malted mulk Spondel enuoys football and basketball and-to a muld degree dancung He wull most assuredly make a success of what we thunk wull be an eventful lufe DeFIORE LUCILLE ANNE QU Home Economucs She takes lufe as ut comes and enuoys ut Here us a brown eyed brunette who lukes sports and movues and studues only when the spurut moves her She may be shy at urst but once you know her she us never too busy to uoun un a uoke Lou hasnt decuded on a vocatuon but shell find out un tume Perhaps ut may be keepung house for some one we dont suspect FIOW Jeanue DEILY ROBERT B0 Commercual Man farms and educates the world but woman educates the man Here us a fellow you cant muss un the halls Seldom does he have hus homework but hes a Iukable chap, and knows more than he advertuses He us unterested un football baseball, basketball uce skatung but maunly photography He delughts un sneakung out of gym class before the bell and has been caught only once Hus chuef ambutuon us to get employment wuth the government un the postal department Page Fufty One .. .- , l. ,, . . . . ,, f' , , 4 I s 1. . .. 1 ,, . . . . . ,, , . 1 . . . . 1 - 1 . . . . 1 1 1 1 1 1 . . . . . . 1 1 1 I 1 1 1 i r - , , A . O . . 1- -1 1 b -1 1, L MM . l . rw. 1 - X . . , , 'Qpyq . , . A,-. I - , 21-1-, 3'-' .1 -1 , . ,, . 11 I . . , . , - . 'C' DeLONG ANNA J Tuny General Small but mughty Thus four foot eleven brunette a verutable bundle of actuvuty may not have been the most studuous pupul un her class but she has studued hard She engages un football basketball baseball and roller skatung her hobbues are cookung sewung fancy work of varuous types and musuc her ambutuon to become a famous accord uonust Best of luck Tuny' Dramatuc Socuety 2 Chorus DENITZ ELEANOR General Voud of all deceptuon she speaks her mund without hesltatnon The typucal school gurl gay cheerful and full of school spurut Els ready smule dusappears only un moments of seruous thought and she has those moments Socually El us popular for she loves dancung and sports Her smule and dusposutuon wull carry her thru lufe happuly French Club 4 Dramatic Club 2 OIIZUS DeLA8AR ROY CHARLES JR Breunugsvulle Commercual It pays to be on trme Although Breunugsvulle us not onthe honor roll hus marks are satusfactory He us good natured, un fact too good natured l the future he expects to work for hus father who us a Chevrolet dealer All you who want good cars or good terms make note DeLONG VIVIAN LORETTA uv General Not so tall maybe short But always the best of sport Maybe you dudnt notuce Vuv un the hall as you went by but she was there She us shy and quuet, and mce to have around Vuv keeps her marks up to average She us a good cook too and can sew nucely She lukes cowboy musuc but doesnt luke dancung very much Shed luke to be a sales gurl Page Fifty Two . , ,, , , . , . , n , l , . , , . . , , . 1 , , t , 1 , - . , . ,Q ,3,4A , V .. .Y Q ' ' . - , . , EI , . , , . , . - , ' If I ' DERR EDWIN S de lndustrual Electrucal Shop A flne man wuth a true udeal us unlque Among the more conservatuve students of the Allentown Hugh School well find Ed studyung and preparung for a brulluant future un electrucuty The folks that know thus young man respect hus fine understandung and reluabuluty DEUTSCH DOROTHY L Dotty General Wuth deep atfectuon and recollectuon I often thunk of the school bells Whose sounds would un my chuldhood Flung round me theur maguc spells A cheerful pleasung dusposutuon accounts for Dottys many fruends In the mudst of a laughung group you wull Hnd her numble wut Dotty also feels a deep responsubuluty for any duty She wullung ly takes her part un anythung work or play Her chosen career luke that of an R N suster us nursung And then she wants to fly a plane She wull grace both sutuatuons wuth skull and charm Swummung 2 3 Gym Club 2 3 German 3 4 011211 DENT MARY Mary Genera Oh Mary kept a heart of love and oh she was gay' She danced a lug she sung a song that took my heart away A conquerung smule a resplendent Hu there and a penetra tung personaluty have won for Mary a place un the hearts of every one She mught easuly have the pen name of Dale Carnegue She works wuth a wull and although her languages unceasungly trup up her tongue Mary manages to come through close to the top Her greatest asset the way she luterally sparkles when she speaks has strangely enough became her one luabuluty Her unrelunquushung spurut us contaguous and Mary has carrued the whole school wuth her as she heartuly cheered many a team to vuctory We are proud of her as a loyal truend as an unspurung cheerleader and as Vuce Presudent of our class Mary us Wellesley bound Basketball 2 3 4 Swummung 2 3 4 Cheerleading 3 4 Vuce Presudent of Senuor Class Inter Class Play 3 lr Class Play 3 Senuor Class Play 4 DETWEILER MARJORIE Mgrgug General If I were a lark and had wungs I then could fly I would go to your arbour where my love doth lue Margue us another happy go lucky gurl Favorute sport undoor skatung She lukes to try out duHerent haur styles too Her unterestsz A certaun star a certaun song a certaun orchestra Her chuef desurea To keep house for some tall dark and handsome young man but ummeduately she plans to work un a five and ten Here s hopung she gets all her wushes Page Fufty Three 1. 11 1 11 , . 1 1 - - - u. - 11 1 1 ' 1 1 , . 1 1 1 1 ' 1 1 1 i 1 1 1 I 1 1 i ' I 1 I - 1 i 'x ' , . lu 11 1 A E tu - - - - 11 1 . . , , 1 uu - 11 1 1 . 11 . . I , - , . . 1 , . , 1 1 1 - - . 1 . u1 11 , . ,, . . . 1 . . . 11 . . .. 1 1 1 - 1 . . , . 1 1 i 1 1 i 1 1 - 63011205 DEVINE RICHARD Dmk Enguneerung and Scuence A cloud a fly a stream and l How happuly the days go by Duck IS a quuet pleasant lukable fellow He us not a bellugerent type of lad he accepts all of hus tasks uncomplaunungly Above average un all hus sublects Duck lukes scuence and nature study best He can usually be found along some small stream fly rod un hand durung trout season Throughout the summer he trues hus luck wuth the less gamey ish A very excellent fishermans polucy he follows-he catches only enough Hsh to satusfy hus appetute When the fish refuse to bute Duck duscards hus rod for hus bathung suut for he us as adept at swummung as at flshung and went out for our swum team durung hus second year DeWALD DAWN MARY Snapper General Sulence rs golden to the eyes of all men Here comes our Snapper a gurl full of pep vum and vugor a great lover of fun sports and excutement When you hear laughter rungung un the our you can lust know ut us Snapper She us a swell pal and us goung to be a sunger Here us a toast to you Lots of hap puness and success un any undertakung especually un sungung Chorus 4 DICKE HARRIET L Duckey College Preparatory She who laughs last should have started sooner Thus blcnde lass was born to be a leader Lufe us not alto gether a sully proposutuon to her although she manages to have plenty of fun and merrument Duckey knows what she wants and she gets ut through per severance and wullungness to work for ut One of the most actuve lunuor members of the Womans Club she us headed straught for a posutuon of leadershup un the town A grand gurl wuth a fine background Duckey wull guve as much to Sara Lawrence College as she gets Truly one of our finest gurls Dromatucs 2 Home Room Representatuve 2 Q u DIEFENDERFER RICHARD Duck Commercual It s a wuse head that has o wuse tongue Duck an energetuc fellow us meduum un stature somewhat slender has blue eyes and wavy haur and us unterested un a varuety of thungs Football basketball swummung and dancung all flgure un hus delughts He has hugh hopes of beung the bug boss un a busuness firm that us the reason he us workung so hard Duck us a real gentle men popular wuth the boys and gurls Page Fifty Four 0 . . . . ' I , . , , i . . . Q . I . . . . , . I ' , N -I - . . . , W . . . W . 1 I .. .u I I I . I . I I , - . I . . I . . . . . Basketball, lg Art Club, 1, Glee Club, 2, Basketball, 2, .. . .- . . , I . . .I . I . . . tts, l ' , 2 ' 1 - l .I . . . . I . . ' 6200211 DIEHL EVA CAROLINE Blondue Commercnal little talk and more work Eva o shy but true and trustworthy fruend keeps at a task untul nt ns done She lnkes movles and bicycle rndmg Eva would like to go to Allentown Business College and later be a typnst an lndustrual an office ANS. DIEHL WANDA Commercnal Sport that wrmkled Care derldes And Laughter haldmg both his sldes Wanda IS a sunny person who lets nothmg bother her Always smulmg she knows lufe at Its best Perhaps her motto IS When somethmg goes wrong grm and bear ut and thats the secret of her happy dlsposltlon and wmnmg personahty' Wanda consclen tnously prepares her lessons but devotes some of her tume to sports She partucularly enloys canoemg and dancmg and admnts that o good partner adds considerably to her enloyment' To thus young stenographer we wlsh the best of luck DILLIARD HENRY NATHANIEL Hank DOJECK MARYANNA L Mmka Commerclal A great glrl for sports Mmka ns a Iuvely gurl ready to puck up new ndeas as they come Mechanlcal Draftmg Everybody loves a fat man If you have ever seen a rather plump Iookmg fellow tearmg around the corner of l7th and Turner Streets at about 7 58 a m It gust might be Hank, who usually slides unto his seat about o mmute before the bell nngs He us to be a draftsman and rates among the hughest un hns class TSquare l 3 and always on the go She has plenty of actuon In tenms enloys dancmg lakes school but not a lot of homework Her one ambutnon as to be a stenographer Page Fifty Five 1 t. - H I I . I 3,5 tt - A I . . . ,, , . : . . . 1. 1 1 I 1 1 lt tt : . ., - I ' I 1 - tt . tv , . I ,, . .t - I . . ,. .. .. , . DOMIT MILDRED ue General Why worry life s too sweet Sue as a vlvaclous gurl full of fun Her sparklmg dark eyes add to her cheery dusposntlon She lnkes to read best sellers and can dance and swnm She wants to be a saleslady and shell make good for she could sell a refurgerator to an Eskumo 0020 DOLL RICHARD NATHAN Dick General Sllence rs golden Ruchard IS one of the most bashful boys of the class He seems to be thmkmg about somethung all the tame Very active IS he during the football season he has many arguments about the games Hls hobbues are stamp collecting and bulldmg model airplanes DORWARD BETTY JEAN Bette Commercnal What concerns me IS what I must do not what people thunk lts not hard at all us the common remark of Bett with er wmmng smnle and honest brown eyes She IS known as a ptterbug to her frnends and thoroughly enloys a good orchestra She lakes to swam sung and try a hand at pmg pong She as a favorite with bcth boys and gurls and us almost always nn a laughmg mood Heres hopung she may always be happy I DREIBELBIES MARGARET L Peggy General Lo this ns she who IS the world s delight Peggy us a gurl with all round abllltles She Ends pleasure nn all types of actmty from basketball to dancung A member of the chorus she loves both classucol and modern muse: A keen observer of people too she evaluates the qualutnes of a person She puctures herself the owner of o small dress shop Peggy plans to study dress makung un New York Basketball 3 Chorus 3 4 Page Fifty Sur , j . , s 4 . , . . , . , , . , . h , . I I ' ' , . . . , . , . , . , . i 1 1 - 0020 DREISBACH ETHEL MAE Shpecky Commercial To know her a little IS to lrke her a lot A bnght smrle a cheery hello spells Shpecky If you want a rousmg good time be sure to take her along She can pep up even a party thats ready to he down and due Not only that she rs one of the best of pals Always ready to try anything once she vvrll go to any amount of trouble for a fruend Her hobby ns roller skating but even though she skates a lot she manages to get her school work done Dramatlcs 2 Glee Club l Canary and Blue Solicitor DREISBACH JEAN LOlS Jeunme Commerceal Happy go lucky sweet and fair She has fnends lust everywhere Jeanme IS that dark eyed dark haired gurl whom nothmg ever worrnes She as o great one for sports, and loves dancmg She ns known for her pleasing personalrty and that everlastnng twinkle rn her eye She plaws to be a stenographer to some bug busuness man General Gentle to others to herself severe Marlon rs of medrum herght cheerful and thnfty She never refuses to lrsten to advice from others She us mdustruous and ambu tuous but a lnttle bashful She enloys readmg and thus as valuable for the college career to whrch she ns lookung forward DRIESBACH LEONARD S rm lndustrlal Mechamcal Draftung Time tide and Slum rush for no man If you have met Slum you can feel assured that you have met about the biggest member of the class of Al Slum loves the cafeterua where he can mdulge un the varuous culmary creations needed to malntaln his Herculean stature In the class room thus lad rs a trump card and hard to beat If he does not succeed rt wnll be through no fault of has own May the luck of a Dutchman be wnth hum Page F1 fly Seven C Q l , .. . ., DRIES, MARION M. "Dimples" .. I. ,. f 0020 DRUCKENMILLER MARTIN Drucky Industnal Mechanical Drattmg Nor learned at court nor versed at wrt But loved by those who know hrm best Drucky may be slow un understandmg a thmg but once he learns a thnng he as luke an elephant he never forgets We are proud to have such a retentnve gemus ln our class school he ns always ready to help un any way and we are sure he wnll do the same when he gets out mlo the wade, wude world DUNSTAN GLADYS l. Anzona Rusty General Weep and you weep alone not with Rusty Rusty a blue eyed gurl walks down the corrudor yodelmg cowboy songs She has two ambltuons to go out West and to be come a typlst A member of the Wa hoo Club she has been the soclal edltor ever smce ut was organlzed Her hobby as horseback rndmg and her favorite horse ts Danny Rusty and her fnend Rocky both play gultars, and do a good 'ob of smgmg and yodelmg together Her favorute expresslon us Why sure' R EBBO PETER CARMEN Pete General A llttle fun now and then, ls relished by th best of men No It s not Tyrone Power lt s Pete Ebbo Pete the best dressed fellow an school with a crazy personalaty, and always In demand We can t exactly say he s a book worm but he manages to get by and thats what counts Maybe Pete wants to be the worlds champnon pang pong player or maybe hell settle for a contract wlth M G M Anyway we wash htm success and loads of nt EBELHAUSER ALDEN Reds General The sportsman who never beats around the bush Alden has many fruends and no rnvals He s one ot those toot ball men He has a bag body and bug heart m the nghl place If Alden plays the game of lute as he has played on the grudnron there IS no doubt but that he wlll be a success anywhere Football Team 2 3 4 Track 3 Page Fifty Elght .. ., , , . f ' I U A - , , 2 - In , , . r. . V. , . I ' I , : , - . ' , . . Y. . , . , 4. - - V, 2 . my ., I.. ,,, g 1 , 1 ,.- . . . . . , . . . , . . . . . ' r . . . , . .. , lr H . , . , , , , f , 4 ' 620020 ' ECKERT MARIE ANN Marne Commercial laughing keeps one ahve Marie genial polly invariably in good humor is ever ready with help whether in sense or in nonsense She has never believed in too much study In fact, she has taken extreme care never to study too much Nevertheless she came through her course with colors fl mg Varsity Basketball l Home Room Representative 4 EDEL DELIA Dee College Preparatory Brains beauty ability charm sincerity There are smiles that make us happy particularly when they come from Dee our lovely blue eyed curly haired gal They re straight from the heart smiles too cause Dee is lust brimming with happiness and good will Shes a busy gal with dramatncs taking up her time and thoughts Dee competently handles those important behind the scenes activities Her curriculum mcludes all the toughles physics chemistry, and a solid class where she bravely competes with the supposedly superior male Girl Reserves 3 Dramatics Stage Manager Plays Junior Inter class Senior Girl Scouts EBERLY, CECELIA "Bebe" General "The smallest effort is not lost," Bebe is one of the tiny but pretty girls in Allentown High. lt amazes people to see so small a girl with such a big lot of pep. Although she is quiet and appears shy, Cecelia makes friends easily, We are willing to bet that if she were eligible she'd have been quarterback and captain of the football team, Success is iust waiting for Cecelia to put out her hand and grab it Dramatlcs 3 Chorus 4 EDDINGER ELEANORE ROSE Elea1ore General Eyes of blue fair small Pleasant smile loved by all lt isnt necessary for the sun to shine when Eleanors smile is turned on You may see her at any social event as well as at the football and basketball games Genuine popular with boys and girls alike always seeking new friends as well as new adventures she is a grand chum Although not among the highest in her studies Page Fifty Nine S 1 ' , 1 , - 4' , . .l . . ., . I . l . I . . . I . Y' - 1 i 1 - gm , , , , , . I . I . . . I ' . . I she is always ready, willing, and able to put forth adequate effort. , , , , , V 1 ' f ' l - . , . , , - . I . . ' , i ' , : , ' , b ' 1 2 V I 0020 EGGE RACHEL MAE Toots Commercnal Yet rs her charm not to herself confined But all who neighbor her partake thereof If you havent yet met thas luttle brown eyed blonde you are mnssung something She IS a frlendly type of person, cheerful come what may Her fnends call her a good sport Toots lakes readmg shorthand and chocolate cake, and among her pet loves are school and sewmg She wants to become a secretary 4 EISENHARD ALICE ROSE Wally Commercual Always happy always gay Alice goes along on her way Altce has a charmmg personallty and o smtle that wms the frnendshnp of her classmates And how that gurl can get around on a basketball Hoor' She was captam of her team In her freshman year and on the team IN her Sophomore Junlor and Senuor years Much of her tlme she spends at football and basketball games She also lakes swlmmmg romantuc and comuc movues and roller skatmg lndustrnal Why can t I be nch Instead of handsome Ken Do IS a small but a maghty fellow He got hls nickname In the shop because of hrs wonderful abnhty to handle a lab whether correctly or incorrectly He llkes to dance to ptterbug and Isnt bad at at He IS always wlllmg to 'om In any fun making and has won the frlendshnp of many an thus way ELIAS MARY Merrne Commercual I slept and dreamed that lnfe was Beauty I woke and found that lrfe was Duty lf you see an automobule whnzzmg by and a pretty brown eyed brunette m ut laughmg and looking too happy for words you can almost be sure It us Meme because rndmg nn autos IS her 'oy But although she as mostly fun and gay company Merrue does have a pet peeve-the alarm clock that wakes her an the mormng Meme s favorite sublect IS shorthand and uf you ve ever seen her marks m shorthand youll belneve tt Page Srxty I O ,r , I ' em-zen, KENNETH 'ken-no ENGLERT JOSEPH ud lndustrual Mechanucal Draftung Luttle play and all work makes a man ruch Bud us a rather quuet fellow un school but he us to be a draftsman some day He helps hus dad durung the summer as a carpenter but lukes to work around cars better After school he carrues papers and hus customers all swear not at hum but by hum 00211 ' ELKO ROSE Raye Commercual Ah me and alackaday Why must schools lose girls luke Raye? Raye has dancung feet laughung eyes a smulung mouth but dont attempt to ask her where the tomboyushness of her lunuor hugh days has gone Her blushes stull come and go as frequently and easuly as ever ERDOS PAULA Paulue College Preparatory I want free lufe and l want fresh air Born un Cuba wee Paulue whos barely Fuve feet hugh has proved the popular theory af havung nune luves by survuvung o tornado a hurrucane an automobule accudent two fires and an operatuan along wuth a great stage appearance behund the A H S footlughts Versotule Paulue plays the puano besudes rudung horseback swummung luke a fish and duvung luke a champ and us plannung to contunue her outdoor actuvutues by teachung Physucal Educatuon For a great gurl we preduct great thungs, and wush her UC National Honor Socuety 4 .lunuor Class Play 3 lnter class Play 3 Senuor Class Play 4 Gurl Reserves 2, 3 4 Dramatucs 4 ERNST GLADYS RUTH ShortY Commercual All l know us what I read un the newspaper ls there anyone un the hugh school who hasnt had the pleasure of meetung thus beautuful happy go lucky sux foot brunette? A versatule gurl us Shorty Shes a wuzard at basketball and plays the bass vuolun superbly and yet says all she wants us a posutuon os secretary or bookeeper Page Sixty One 0020 ETTINGER CHARLES Chuck General He s seldom ever quuet He s always on a spree If the school were full ot Chucks What a good school this would be Chuck made hus lirst appearance un Allentown Hugh un l938 along wuth hus truends un the General group Although he does not take hus school work too seruously he has achueved satusfactory results un all hus studues Chuck dud not play an Important part un athletucs but he never fauled to support all kunds of sports EVANS ROY Roy Enguneerung and Scuence A ship a saul Oh' the sea At least we can easuly flnd hum un the halls All we do us look up Yes and at the socuol and athletuc events of the cuty Roy us unvaruably present Suncere but full of fun he us a general sport enthusuast as well as a good saulor A future admural un our navy Annapolus us hus present untentuon and Roy us doung hus best to achueve ut by stayung tops un hus studues He also Funds tume to hugh brught socks ple and gurls Track 2 4 of 1 refs' FABIAN MARION E IS Commercual Tweet Tweet fall IH Maruan has many many thungs that count-health personaluty fruends a ready tongue and a keen sense of faurness She has learned to acknowledge her fruends gracuously but no one has ever heard her sayung thungs that hurt others The use of the baton has extended her acquauntance not only wuth A H S studerts but wuth a host of resudents un Allentown She us a great lover of sports and dancung Band234 FAHLER MARJORIE M Morgue Commercual A quuet maud so she may seem But pranks and jokes she does esteem Margue a clever gurl wuth a sunny dusposutuon combunes work wuth pleasure and has smules for everyone To all outward appear ances she us a shy and reserved gurl but really fun Iovung and a good sport Although she does not take her work too seruously she gets along very well un school She shows keen unterest un basketball and swummung Some day we hope to see Morgue makung her way un the busuness world Page Suxty Two , ' 2 , f u 1 , . . . A I . . . I . ' ' I I I ' . I , iump a little for the A. H. S. Track Team. Chief weaknesses- , . - , f - ,-A . , . f f - . I . I . I , , - 2 , , , - , . , , . l . . . .. I . r ' ' I l . . . FATZINGER DOROTHY ELIZABETH Dottne Commerclol Her ways are ways of pleasantness Dotty IS lnkoble cheerful unselflsh and an honor lovlng person always ready to help a fnend un trouble She has dark hour and blue eyes and when she smales her eyes are luke stars She Iukes the movles but her real hobby IS stamp collectmg She wants to be a pruvate secretary Girl Reserves l FEDERMAN ALVIN General Seraphs share with thee Knowledge But Art O Man IS thine alone Al IS a real artlst when ut comes to drawmg good enough to have sold some of his work whnch doesnt however keep hum from being an all round good sport Among his other achievements are dancmg and music Wherever you find a Juke Box youll find Al He has a good scholashc record an Hugh School and us also one of the bright hghts at the Klme Baum Art School Al as a promnsmg wnter with o line background and vocabulary and good deep thoughts Tolkmg to AI makes one apprecuate hus wude mtelllgence We know AI wull make hus mark un the world nn whatever field he decldes to enter Klme Baum Art School 2 3 4 011211 FAIRCHILD DELPHINE W 9 Commerclal l am neither mountam nor bird nor stariand I seek loy When you hear a cheery hello you can bet nts Del she of the pleasing personality Her hobbies ore movies and swing bands She plays an actlve port In her homeroom and In the Commercial Club Del wants to be a telephone operator so In case you hear the operator say Drop another nlckle please drop lt' and thunk of Del We of A H S wush her lots of luck Commercial Club 4 Commercial A glrl full of llfe and seriousness too A sweet dlsposrtlon and sunny smfle That makes everyone s life worthwhrle Lee IS talkative enough outside of class but In class she can find no words to express herself Her leusure tame she spends read mg sleepung and eating candy Many an evenmg youll flnd her out galluvanhng around Betty Lee mtends to take beauty culture as a profession Page Snxty Three I O , . "D I" 1 FAUST, BETTY LEE "Lee" 6201120 FEHR ROBERTA Bgbbae Commercaal A sunny dasposrlaon goes a long way toward making friends Well here s Bobbae the gurl wath the cheery laugh She as one af those last manute workers who belaeves an better late than never She lust loves dancang and latterbugglng ace skatang and basketball games After leavang she would lake to become a secretary and typast L A K FEINOUR CLAIRE Claare General The grace of fraendlrness lS the best of all the graces Claare as a bundle of shyness wath a fraendly smale but she has her moments of bubbllng over wath fun and maschaef Her favorate study lust does not exast But Claare does a lattle seraous thankang now and then She asn t hard to get along wath as always ready to make fraends wath everybody but declares she has no plans for Chorus 2 3 4 Garl Reserves 4 FENSTERMACHER EDWARD B Reds General Whenever anythang amportant takes place socaally athletacally or scholastacally there we anvaraably see and hear Reds Fenstermacher As o line all around athlete Bag Reds has traed has hand at most of the sports A H S has to offer Playang a Varsaty end on our maghty grad team thas year he also has played on the basketball and baseball teams A real fellow s fraend hell always be there when we need ham As for the garls he lakes them all and although hes no gambler Reds stall has a certaan weakness for dace FENSTERMAKER JOHN Wally General life begins at 2 45 o clock and ends at 8 30 a clock John spent three years an the Allentown Hagh School as a vasator and answered questaons the teacher could not He has followed the sports program enthusaastacally but has taken part an none Has hagh school educataon wall be followed by a college and malatary career Page Sixty Four , , . a , , , , : '-. r 1 - . - , . . , the future. But she has our good wishes always. , . . i . . . I . r I - - . . , - I a . a - . . ' . , , , . . . ,. . f , s . , . , Football 3 4 Basketball? Baseball2 Varsity A Club 4 6200211 FERRARA HELEN Tootsue Commercual To know her us to love her' Among the students that wull be mussed next year us Tootsue What flrst catches your eye us her dark haur and dark eyes but what makes her luked by the gurls and adored by the boys us her charmung sense of humor her decudedly good looks sunny dusposu tuon and vuvacuous personaluty Theres plenty of real wusdom un that pretty head too Allentown Hugh wushes happuness to Helen Ferrara!-one of uts pruze packages FETHEROLF JEANNE Feather puss College Preparatory love for one fruendshup for all A hearty laugh cu flashmg smule and a cheery call and that us Jeanme wuth the lught blonde haur Feather puss us one grand gurl we wouldnt want her to change one but Her charmung manner her sophustucated aur wull neve be forgotten by her most untumate fruends Her many other acquauntances wull remember Jeannue cheerung our teams to vuctory or as that popular gurl at hugh school dances Never the less she us always up un her studues Jeannue hasnt decuded delinutely whuch school to attend Her buoyant personaluty wull make her successful wherever she goes Cheerleadung l 2 3 4 Basketball 2 Home Room Repre FILLMAN CHARLOTTE Lottue General Laughmg and dancing wherever she goes Knockung down troubles and puckung up beaus Lottues sparklung smule has brughtened many a dull moment FETZER CARL Motz Industrual Machune Shop Carl the well know machunust of A H S bears the name of sure reckum Fetzer He says he hopes to get a uob at least as a druver for the Allen Laundry lf he never gets to be a machunust he has at least the abuluty to become one He has a splendud appearance hus always sluck combed haur make hum stand out among the boys of the shop We all know he wull be a flrst class machunust and although not studuous she manages to get along well unher studues Her unterests are many her duslukes few Her pleasant dusposutuon and pleasung character make her a leader Her skull un handlung a basketball us she says probably due to the abuluty of her coach Lottue untends to go un traunung and we all wush her the best of luck Basketball 1 2 3 4 Volley Ball 2 3 4 Page Suxty Five .. . .1 1 .1 - 1, 1 . I . I . .- . . . . . . . , . , . .1 u. 1 ll I T 1 - ll I . . I I . 1 . . . - 1 . . .I . F . . 1 , . ' 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 - fentativei French Club: Riding Club. 1 , 1 ! , . . , , . . ., .1 1 .. . 1. . . .1 . . I . . . . .. . 11 1 ,, . . f . . . 11 1 . 5 ' ' . . . I .. .. .1 . . . .. . - 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 - 0020 HLLMAN WILHELMINA R Mm General Oh' woman what distraction was meant to mankind when thou wert born? Where Mm IS you may be sure there wnll be no gloom for she IS always full of fun She leans toward dancmg dancers and dances Incldentally she has won money prizes with her spectacular dancmg Some day she hopes to be a dancer? No' One of those good nurses over at St Luke s Hospital Basketball I 2 3 4 Cheerleading l 2 FINA JACQUELINE .lackue Commercnal lt never pays to hurry Jackie IS no belneve In silence A smule us as natural to her as thrift to a Scotchmon Shes always In the mrdst of a talknng and glggllng group Her magnetic personality has won her many true frnends Jackues gomg to be another secretary FINA LOUIS SO General Give hum a nickel Grve hlm a dime But you ll never get Lowe To school on time Loune FINADY CAROLINE ELIZABETH Fmn General Little In stature great m mind Gentle loving exceedingly kmd Carolme as not as bashful as she used to be and theres a Louie IS a congemal fellow wnth a good word and a frlendly smnle for everyone Although he has a grand sense of humor he knows lust when to be serlous He ns quite a runner a star on our track team Sand lot football as another sport he enloys If someone wull provlde conversohon Louue us an mterested lustener We see hum at all school dances for Loule I5 a ladles man What Loule will do only tnme wall tell reason for thus change Although her marks are not soaring she gets along wnth all the rest Carolme hkes to cook Shes always on the lookout for a new recupe She loves to dance and never masses Bob Eberly If she con help t She would luke to be a sales gurl and we wnsh her luck Glrls Glee Club l Page Sixty Sur ,. ... 1 . 11 . . . 11 1 ' - 1 1 V 1 1 1 1 i 1 1 ' tt .H 1 U H . . . '. . . . . , . . . . .. . .. .. - 1 x ,, . . . L , I - tv L , ' 1 - 1 , . . . . . .l . . , . tt. .. 1 1 1 . . . ,, , . 1 - 1 . . it . , . ,. 'OUZII' FINK GLORIA LOUISE Funky Commerclal Her merry way helps to make many occasrons gay Gloria as a dehghtful combmatlon of common sense and wut She IS always gay and carefree Next to eatmg she loves dancmg She IS always darting here and there and everywhere We often wonder what keeps her so busy Classes never become too dull for Glorla she can always flnd an agreeable classmate to chat wnth Glona mtends to become a pnvate secretary Girl Reserves 2 3 4 Gfrl Reserve Councfl 4 FINK JOYCE MAE Joyce General Joyce with friends galore Always hopes to make stall more Joyce IS a charmmg lass slow to anger quick to forgave and always a true friend Her laughter falrly Hows at the slightest hunt of anythang comlc Heres hoping that she wtll always have some thmg to laugh about She flnds a great deal of pleasure In basket ball, volley ball roller skatnng musuc and dancmg and IS especlally fond of dreamy eyes FINK RICHARD Dlck Commercnal Oh' sweet are his words as the honey that falls m the night Duck us a tumld brown haered blue eyed boy who Inkes to see basketball and football games He gets hns best marks In bookkeep :ng and accounting sublects he Ilkes because they deal with numbers Chewmg gum he says helps hum to concentrate' He ns uncertam lust what he wull do after graduatlon but we hope that he wnll flnd some occupatuon that wull gnve hum the opportumty to work wuth numbers to hns hearts content Good luck Duck' Chorus 3 4 Y M C A Home Room Represantatlve 2 3 FIORELLO RACHEL MARY Rach Commercial A swell personality full of vrvacrty a smile that s all her own Rachel has everythmg a keen sense of humor and amiable personallty and the ablllty to mix happily with others dlgnlty or fun according to the people she s wuth Durmg her stay at hugh school she has succeeded In keeping up with her lessons Chorus I 2 Page Sixty Seven 'GIOUZU ' ruscn-:L EDWARD Edd., lndustrlol Pattern Maklng Sometlme we had rather believe a traveller s story than to go to disprove It Lught hatred well buult lakes to travel thats Eddue Fnschl Want to know what a good tume us? Eddue wall tell you ut s travelmg some place Any place Eddue also loves to dance and attends all of them he can He has a lustrous smlle from ear to ear, IS a sporty dresser and never knows a dull moment nscHL MILDRED MIRIAM Peggy Commercual Her smile her humor all unfold A nature good as purest gold Always ready for a good time mostly laughing and belng sllly seldom actually being serious thats Peggy But she IS always wlllung to lend a helpmg hand Her bright smile and pleasing personality have won her many fruends Her hobbues are roller skating and swummmg FISHER JEROME Jerry Commercial Better to be with Good looking Jerry can generally be seen standmg at has locker watchmg the gurls go by He likes the movies particularly Prnscnlla Lane s He attends most football and basketball games and cheers enthusiastically whether we wm or lose He IS studlous but that doesnt keep hum from beung loads of fun Hats off to Jerry Home Room Representative 3 FITZPATRICK JEAN Futz General A generous frrendshlp no cold medvum knows Through the devnous paths of a hugh school educatlon Eltz dork lathe and vlvacnous goes her way calmly Being an artlst however doesnt mterfere wnth her school work whlch IS usually above average Futz also expresses herself tn two qmte robust sports swnmmung and uce skatung plays a but of tenms now and then Page Svxty Eight , I I A-4 v - - , , . 1 .. - , ., . I . . , , - Q , , "Good to look ot- s. I ' ' , . , . . I I I I , , , - , t . 6500211 FLAMISH ELSIE MARGARET General To study one cannot thmk of love but why study? Elsle IS one of the most vuvacnous persons at hugh school She ns the type anyone can get along with for she IS a fun lover She can really apprecnate a good laugh Elsle us also a great fol ower of sports She ns to be a secretary Heres loads of luck to you nn anythmg you undertake FLORES MADELYN G Maddle General Nothing great was ever achieved wrthout enthusrasm Maddle seems quset and unassummg untul you become better acqualnted with her Actually she s an easy gomg person taklng llfe as It comes and she engoys having a good time wrth friends as much as the rest of us do Outslde of school her mam lnterests are muslc danclng and a career In medlcme We hope shell be whatever she serlously wishes to be Chorus French Club FOCHT, ALTHEA M Commercial We love her for a heart that s klnd Thvs dark brown halr green eyes full up to the bnm wnth FLYNN MARIE ELIZABETH Flynme Commercnal Full many a flower IS born to blush unseen And waste :ts sweetness on the desert air It certannly usnt hard to get along wlth Flynme She laughs a lot plays a lot but In spvte of It all she works and studues a lot She s popular and engoys the company of her frlends at anytume probably because she chooses them wrsely When you re feeling blue lust telephone Flynme and shell cheer you up In no tlme at all Even when shes some bug executlves pnvate secretary shell be glad to hear from you WCA muschlef IS AI thea wlth a greeting for all You see her at all our sport and socral school events usually tallung for she has the guft of gab She laughs much dances a lot studles llttle Her populanty as well known and her personahty wall carry her for Allentown Hugh wall mass her when she goes out an the busmess world to become a prnvate secretary Page Sixty Nme , Els , . . . . . , , . - 1 1 1 1 1 - - j . . , V' , l 1 1 1 1 1 1 - 1 - , . Y. . . ., 7, 2. - 1 fx HAI.. . 1. 1 . .. Y 1 1 . . . .. .. . . I I ' 1 1 . , , . , . OUZUS FOCHT BERNADINE CATHERINE Bernue General Her looks were deeply umprlnted un hrs heart Bernue us a quuet gurl who lukes to make dresses un her leusure tume But the other sude of Bernue lukes to share un every actuvuty She especually duslukes people who chew gum and especually lukes the company of handsome football players She wants to be a sales clerk too for whuch she has the abuluty FOGEL LEONA Dreamy Commercual A laugh rs worth a hundred groans m any market Leona us one of those lucky gurls who eats whenever and what ever they want wuthout gaunung extra poundage She never has to duet to keep her sulum Hgure for she gets her exercuse battung pmg pong balls at whuch shes really good ln fact Dreamy belongs to the Flat uron Pung Pong Team whuch battled uts way through thus theur first year un the league Leona wants to be a secretary wants some day to own her own car She hasnt ruuned any fenders yet lf the guudes her lute as carefully as she guudes a car she us certaun to be successful the personaluty and the traunung FRAENKEL FABIAN IRWIN General Business before pleasure except when It rs specual Fubush us the woman hater at least thats what he calls humself FOX JEANNE Jeannue General Pretty brown haur pretty brown eyes Have been the cause of many long sighs Jeanne us always lust rudung around un her blue convertuble car or astrude her chestnut horse Thus young muss does her alma mater proud wuth all her pretty clothes Jeannue us unterested un all sports partucularly un horseback rudung, tennus, swummung and basket ball Jeannue expects to go to a northern college where there are wunter sports Basketball l 2 3 4 Cheerleading l 2 Dramatucs l 2 3 Swummmg 2 Riding Club 2 3 Fubush Quute bashful around the gurls yet un hus heart he loves them all Fabuan has a great deal of busuness abuluty and we are sure he wull be a great busuness man Stuck around a couple years youll be able to borrow a luttle money from hum Hrstoncal Socuety, 2, 3 Page Seventy 011211 FRANK RUTH H Ruthie General Let anger s fire be slow to burn Ruth has a smnle for everybody and IS always ready for pranks of any klnd Ruth has many hobbnes her favonte us readmg She lukes almost all sports as very fond of campmg and ns gomg to be a nurse We consider the patnent that wnll have Ruth to wan upon hum lucky for Ruth lust cant help bemg thoughtful and kmd FRANKENFIELD EDGAR Jeep lndustnal Pnnt Shop There is no king can rule the wmd There rs no fetter for the sea Edgar IS quiet annoymg as he ns at tlmes In class but he ns a wonderful worker especially nn prmt shop Jeep us the champnon candy eater of the gang He s a loyal and fauthful friend however hope that he will be very happy FRANTZ DORIS BETTY Toot Commercial A friend mdeed When one s fn need If you ever need a friend you ought to know Toot this small dark hatred gurl that walks around the halls smllmg She gets along wuth everyone and us wlllmg to help anyone whenever she can Toots hobbnes are dancing swung bands and movies her ambutnon to be a stenographer FREDERlCK JUNIOR Ref-JS Mcchme Shop A good heart rs the best thing m the world Jumor IS the practucal loker an the machine shop and he surely enloys It you should hear hrs hearty laugh He IS wlllmg to work both mslde and outslde of school knowmg lt IS to hus best Interest Reds as you can see from hrs picture has a most cheerful dnsposntnon Page Seventy One , , I rl 1 rs . ,. I .V . . . . . . , , , - ft' A - , , . . I , . . , I . ' l . 1 . - r . and would do anything for anyone. We all shall miss Jeep, and - , 'i 7 I I . I . I . . . . , , : , ,, . . . ,. . . . . . . I J , i . . . . . . I . - I I ' 01120 FREED PAUL FRED JR us College Entrance and Scuence To attaun one s lufe ambutuon us complete success The house lughts dum the curtaun ruses-thats where you find Paul But dont thunk thus us all that occupues hus tume No sur' Actung takes second place meducune steals the lead Paul also lnkes basketball football and dramatucs and yet manages to rate hugh grades He has two duversuons-chemustry and gurls H plans to attend Muhlenberg College and go on to a meducal school Heres to a swell guy who us headed for success Basketball 2 Football 2 3 Dramatucs 2 3 4 FREUND ARTHUR r General I counl life lust a stuff To try the soul s strength on Art belueves that nothung can be done by merely talkung about ut he realuzes that success us accomplushed by actual exertuon and he us not afraud to put forth effort when called upon to do so He has not as yet decuded what he wull do after graduatuon but hus creed of work assures success General Ideas are funny thungs They won t work unless you do How to Wm Fruends and Influence People could have been wrutten by the Duke Whether hus abuluty to make fruends can be attrubuted to hus pleasung personaluty or to hus happy go lucky manner us hard to say Whule hus hobby us makung fruends he us frequently seen carryung on an Aprul evenung a trout rod for he us a trout fisherman When he usnt flshung he s ployung table tennus or football FREY ROBERT WIDMER Bob Enguneerung and Scuence Ah how good ut feels the hand of an old fruend' Unassumung quuet ambutuous Bob rates a scholastic standung and hus records prove that hus seruousness and earnestness un hu school work are worth whule Hus Hugh School courses were chosen wuth regard to entrance requurements for an eruguneerung college Much of hus spare tume us spent at hus chuef hobby model raulroadung ln hus last year he was an enthusuastuc member of the German Club German Club 4 Page Seventy Two 9 I I I U ..B ,. . I . I . . , . . . e I ..A ,., Fuzev, HowARo FRANKLIN "Duke" 0020 FRIEL MARGARET L a General Those that know her know her smrle Pat appears quuet and dngnrlied but she has a deep sense of muschret She has beautlful green eyes and a sweet smnle She always gets to the place where she IS gomg even at she usually IS late Pat 1 mterested I-1 sports she never masses any athletic event at hugh school Pot always manages to have her work finished although she spends so much time dancmg and readlng Pa had FRIES ALVERTA JUNE Smules Commercual The blushrng rose as farr to see Alverta, wnth the soft blue eyes lnght brown halr a brrght smnle and a cheery hello ns shy ond when teased blushes easnly Although she seldom takes books home never hurrnes to classes never carrues more books then necessary and never wornes she gets along and has a host of fnends Her favonte pastnmes are sewmg and Irstenmg to swung bands She knows how to put pleces together, and makes her own attractuve clothes and she d rather lnsten to Horace Herdt s Musncal Kmghts than to settle down to her books She also enloys gomg to Bmgogames, but never wms expects to attend Cornell Nursmg School to be a nurse FRY WILLIAM JAMES u Retail Selllng A smrle a laugh a wanton eye They may come handsomer they may come smarter but they FRITS JULIUS A Fntpe Industrial Machme Shop Music hath charms to soothe the savage beast But I for one am a reptile Fntz IS a person any one can make fnends wuth He IS workung an the machme shop and mtends to contmue with thus trade when he checks out ot school It he keeps hrs mnnd on thus sublect as well as he keeps at on hrs other studnes we ore sure he wall make good Hrs hobby IS draftnng lopenmg and closnng wundowsl and has favorute sport IS anythlng connected wlth water dont come any fruendlrer than Bull He greets everyone with a smnle makes fnends easlly and, what IS more umportant he keeps them A student nn the Retarl Sellmg Course afternoons at the Call Chromcle helptng to and the press free But Bull yearns for the He eyes the Arr Corps longlngly, someday airmen defendung our shores He Irkes swummmg HSLIINQ, parlor games and works nughts at Bmgo to keep hrs weught down he has been workmg keep the news rollmg U S Mllltary Servuce he may be one of the Page Seventy Three , . P 1 1. - 11 , . 1 1 . 3' '- 1 ' ' - 1 . ' ' . f 711. ff" V' .1 1 1. 1 ,, . . . .1 1 1 1 1 - 1 1 1 1 . , . , . 1 1 . . 1 . . 1. . .11 , . 11 - A 11 1 , . , ..B.H.1 11 . 11 1 1 I I l 1 1 1 1 1 EO 1110 FULLMAN JOSEPH oe lndustrlal A rolling stone gathers no moss Joe ns not an athlete, nor a great scholar but gust an ordlnary fellow that everyone lnkes Besldes has school work he us stage electrlcuan for the class plays for he as studymg to be an electrucuan He may even be another Edlson In tnme FUNK CARL Funky lndustnal Machme Shop The world IS his meal Funky IS a happy go lucky person and full of fun He looks FUKAN MARJORIE JEANNE Morgue General What fclry like muslc steals over the sea Entrancmg our senses with charmed melody? Sweetness and slnceruty and a mlschlevous glmt nn her brown eyes charactenze Morgue She us always ready tor a good tome and IS happiest when surrounded by a group of her trlends I0Y0USlY 90909911 In 0 game of pang pong She loves swimming tennus bowling rldlng and golf which mlght be sand to be her favorlte Marlorle s love for her pnano tops all and she plans to contmue her study ot muslc In college this tall German Club 2 3 Riding Club 2 FULTON MAE M Mae Commercual Slow to anger ready to please What greater gltt are there than these Mae a bonny Scotch lassle IS always found tnppmg through the halls laughmg She has many fnends and deserves them all Although she does not take her studues too senously, she has outsude Interests she recenves good marks She ns a great lover of basket ball and swnmmmg and partlcnpates In them whenever she can We all wlsh her luck In the busmess world luke a farmer boy but lust luvmg un the sticks doesnt make a farmer ot hum He would luke to become a lathe cleaner or floor sweeper for the Mack Company he feels that hns three years expernence un Machme Shop qualutles hum for such a 'ob We hope he succeeds' Page Seventy Four 1 I - - .V , . 1 . , 1 . , I 1 1 1 1 1 1 F 1 . tt .- t J tt - .V 1 - 1 1 . tt n , . tt f - 1, 1 1 , . . 1 ' ' , . 1 ' . . D Q11 . . . . ' . . -W" 1 - , I 'OUZU' GACKENBACH RUSSELL E Ga ky Scuence and Enguneerung Farewell good Surs l am leaving for the future Gacky leads a carefree Iufe un school at home everywhere ut seems There us never a sad or a dull moment worry has no attrac tuons for hum Outdoor lufe un the form of campung hukung and the protec uon of wuld lufe furnushes hus greatest enuoyment He aums to enter Penn State next fall and to malor un botany BS 234 13 GEBERT DONALD Geb College Preparatory Look he s wundmg up the watch of hus wut by and by ut wull stnke Although comung a year late to hugh school because he attended Allentown Prep Geb quuckly slupped unto the routune of thus alma mater By nature rather quuet and unassumung all Don needed was a spark of fruendluness to brung out hus smule and hus lukable personaluty Don us found at all the school actuvutues sometumes takung part un them but mostly lendung a strong support If Geb contunues what he has done at Hugh School hus lufe wull be ruch and servuceable to hus fellows .lunuor Class Play 3 GABRIEL MARGARET ANN Morgue Commercual Very actuve very gay Very sweet un every way Quute a uutterbug us thus attrcctuve brunette wuth her sporklung brown eyes and lovely smule that hold so many fruends old and new She has most fun when she s wuth a group She us actuve un sports and an ardent sport fan She always greets her fruends wuth a smule and a cheery hello Heres wushung her success un whatever work she may choose Basketball l 2 GALLUCCI ANGELO Ang General Let me have musvc l seek no more delight Angs greatest unterest us musuc He would rather have that us to lusten to good musuc Ang us a quuet sort of fellow when he us alone but lust the opposute when he us wuth a gang Hes the type that belueves un havung hus work done even uf he does usually dout at the last munute Page Seventy Fuve . H . I I I , . , , - .. - ,. V , - c .u - A ,, s , , . . . I I . . 5 - . , ' , X A, , , - . , . than anything else. When he is depressed he says the best cure Sli ' , 1 if .... I . . mia, . ul vu I I , , , I , - , , . I . I . 1 I , . 0020 GEESEY LILA MAE Moc Commerual Her smtle IS as the lttten West Nlgh-wlule the sun IS gone Here s to Lula' Her dusposltlon IS as lovable as her smlle As an ardent sports fan she has done her full share an cheermg the boys to vnctory lncldentally basketball players are her weakness and dancmg ns her hobby She mtends to make use of her clencal talents by becommg a pruvate secretary GEHO ELEANOR JUNE e Commercnal Smiles for the old Smiles for the young That s how golden friendship IS won Whenever Ele ns around we are sure to have a good tlme Her bright and wunmng personality and her sunny smlle whlch she flashes at all her fnends whsle golng through the halls have won her many friends Ele IS Interested In movies In dancing and tn the puano but she means to become a stenographer The class of l94l washes her success Glee Club l Dramattcs 2 3 Ushenng 3 GEIGER ELMER CURTIS Elmer Commercnal Small but mighty Elmer ns small and looks luke a qunet fellow but dont let that GEHRIS BETTY LOUISE Gery General Her store of household sweetness ls a dear completness Thus vuvacnous brunette wtth the wmsome smole and the lmpetu ous gleam In her eyes ns Betty In person Everyone enloys her fascmatmg and loyal truendlmess her pleasmg personallty and gemal dlsposmon Le Curcle Francaus 4 Hustoncal Soclety 3 fool you When you meet htm he greets you wnth a smulmg face and a fnendly Good mormng Hts schoolwork IS good and he always ranks near the top Although he doesnt make much fuss about gurls no one knows what goes on msnde of that small but mughty mnnd Hts brother In the Army keeps htm busy readmg and wrntmg letters He plans to spend hns future m an office National Honor Soctety 4 Page Seventy Sur I 1 . . . ,, n - I Asif ' W' . 1 I , El tt - , - - - H - I 1 1 tt 1. I . 1 I - 1 1 I 1 ' 1 tt - ft 1 - 1 . .. . .. . . . 1 , . 0020 GEISINGER SALOME ETHEL Lome General Scatterung beauhful thoughts like ge'ns of the beautuful As we go through lufe helps us to make our own characters lovely Thus tall slender gurl a dreamer of dreams and a seeker of wisdom has a keen and ready mund Lome s sunny dusposutuon and cheerful word for everyone her kundness and her loyalty wull always stand by her and wull always be a source of strength to her truends She has an excellent guft of conversation and never shurks a battle un words Although thus gurl us from Center Valley that doesnt keep her away from school actuvutues nor from school She handles the puano quute well enough for her own amusement No matter what road she travles she us bound to find ut a happy one Sunny skues Dramatucs Club 4 GENSENLEITER JOYCE General Art and knowledge brung bread and honor Joyce us an independent type of person She gets a but temper mental now and then but we can excuse that because of the artust un her too Joyce us seriously unterested un art As for sports Jo lukes swummung best along wuth hukung and cyclung Probably one and that us an accomplushment GEORGE BEULAH I Bu 0 General Too much study makes a dull gurl Beulah us a ,olly wutty gurl who wun or lose us always a good sport Bulo us a constant and loyal fruend Nothung ever bothers her and she us always ready to help or comfort others She dresses attractively and has on eye for brught colors Her one ombutuon us to become a nurse Although she could pay more attentuon to her studies we are confident she wulu be a success when she settles down to a thung GERANCHER ELIZABETH Betty Retaul Selling Stull waters run deep Betty un school us a quiet gurl but outsude of school you should see her' She lukes sports of all sorts Why worry? says she It doesnt get you anywhere' Nevertheless she takes genuune interest un her school studies Betty wull get somewhere someday uf she keeps up her good work Page Seventy Seven ' .. .. , , , I , , . , - , , ' u , . , HJC., r . , . of Jo's best points is her ability to keep a conversation going- .. I .. , . I . . I . ,. I I . . . ' ., , . -Q 0 , . . . . I . . . . G . I 0020 GERMANI ANTHONY L Tony General Srlence IS Golden Tony IS qulet modest senous munded determmed but qulck tempered wnth a hour for the Dl'flSfIC. He takes hrs school work Inghtly that ns he doesnt devote too much tame to study He would rather play ball than eat and hopes some day to be In bug league ball Tony spends hrs spare tame drawmg features and deslgns We hope the future has nn stare for hum the fulhllment of all has ambltlons GERY CARL R Wl1"eY lndustrnal Machme Shop To be or not to be Whntey a studuous fellow always makes good grades un fact so good that he ns a member of the Nahonal Honor Socnety Carl us a very fnendly sort too although he spends most of hrs leisure tame workmg at photography He hopes to take up the machmust trade National Honor Society GIBBONS BETTY B Butch Commercval Health and cheerfulness mutually beget each other Almost tive feet two eyes of blue and lught brown hour Betty us a lutterbug on rollerskates a romancer on a dance floor a swell guard ln basketball and the best of fnends wuth everyone Some lucky man wull have her for hrs secretary but o stall luckler man wlll have her for has wufe She has the temper of the lnsh but the dns posutlon of an angel Whatever she does wull be done well Here s washing her the luck of the lnsh GIBISER FRANK Duts General A spmt whose heart stnngs are a lute Here us our band boy Frank played vuolo ond clannet nn the A H S bond and orchestra When other fellows are gust toolmg around Frank IS Instemng to good dance bands Hrs fnendslaugh at hum for bemg so shy among the gurls Frank plans to study musuc Band 2 3 4 OlCh9SffU2 3 4 Page Seventy Eight 11 1. , . ,, . . -- 1 1 ' 1 1 ' 1 , . 1 It . .- , . 1. 11 1 1 1 1 1 , . 11 1, 1 1 1 1 1 1 , . 1 , . I , .. . . - - 1. . -1 11 . .- 1 11 -- A .1 , . 1 1 1 i 1 1 1 01120 GIFT ELEANOR S Glfty General The vactory of success as half won when one gets the habat of work Thas as the kand of garl who does not shark work Her favorate subaects are math and physacs She lakes sports and has a sports mans adea of faar play Eleanor has her head an the clouds Hguratavely speakang for shes always thankang about aarplanes She would lake some phase of aarplane or laboratory technacaan work We hope that fate comes Hyang through wath her long dreamt of aarplane GIFT MELVIN Fats General Hall raan snow and sleet Gaft as always on the street Yes Melvm as a good buddy and a good fraend He as always lolly and carefree and seems as af he dad not have a worry an the world He as also an ardent sport lover attends all the football and basketball games Melvan as also very popular on the dance floor where he as a good dancer We do not know what he wall do after graduatang but we feel sure he wall succeed Choar 2 3 4 Chorus 2 3 4 GILBERT GEORGE a lndustraal Electric Shop Don t fudge a book by Its cover Gal as a quaet antellagent boy, always ready to have fun He as quate a wrestler he thanks so af you see ham throwang other fellows around dont pay any attentaon to ham he as probably only showang them how to do at Most lakely he wall loan has brother an the Army and have Pravate wratten on has door GLANCEY .IEANNE Jeanne General True fraends are lake daamonds precaous rach and rare Belaeve at or not Jeanne never saad an unkand word to anyone or of anyone Her genaal manner and charmang personalaty makes her one of our best laked gurls We cant exactly say shes a book worm but she managed to get by wath her studaes Good luck Jeanne We wash you success and happmess Page Seventy Nane a 1 . . , - ' 1 1 . " 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 - 1 -' - I 1 .1 - - 1 1 1 , . 1 - 1 , . , GI 11 1 . , 11 1 1 1 1 .1 . .1 . . 1. .1 1 ,, . . . . . 11 1 1 1 - 1 . . 1 1 . I , , . . 0020 GLASER FLORENCE Floss General My creed us work to seek for pleasure un the realms of toll, To lay a new path through the unknown way Floss us one of the few who accomplush whatever they set theur munds to She has a keen sense of humor and us charmung and dufferent Brulluant her mterests are many musuc poetry good books and nature Although Florence has a great guft un musuc and us known for her work as an accompanust she has chosen scuence as her real work We are sure that we shall be proud o' her someday and happy to remember that we were a part of her lufe at Allentown Hugh Chorus 2 3 4 Choir 3 4 German Club 4 Naluonal Honor Socuety 4 Class Accompanust 2 GLICKMAN BERNICE SONYA Bunny General Careless and fancy free Bunny s sparkling brown eyes smule at everyone Her merry dusposutuon has won her many fruends durung her three years at Allentown Hugh Her school work doesnt worry her she goes at ut wuth a now or never ottutude She us lnterested un football Her one desure us to be someones secretary GOLDEN MARY Chup Retail Sellung She smiles and the world smiles wuth her Sandy hour dreamy eyes and a pleasant smule are character ustuc of Mary She us always full of pep and ready to help her class mates Mary s pleasung personaluty has gauned for her many fruends both at school and at the stores where she us known Among her favorute pastumes are swummung, dancmg, and movues Although Mary us a busy gurl, she finds tume for school work, and does ut every well as her hugh rotungs undlcate Mary lukes beung a sales gurl, and would luke to be a buyer of sportswear un some umportant department store ,Q GORGODIAN NELSON Corher General Keep on keeping on Here comes the bond' That flash un the Canary unutorm us Corher to hus truends but lust plaun Nelson to hus teachers And flash us gust the name for hum he has more pep and ambutuon than a dozen fellows wuth hus versatuluty wuth percussuon Instruments Actuve un musuc sunce sux years of age Cohrer meruts hus posutuon as student leader ofthe Allentown Hugh School Band Ban l 2 Page Eighty .1 .. 1 I F . . 11 i . . .. I . - .I I 1 - 1 1 1 1 1 1 z '1 1 1 1 i ' 1 J 1 13141 .1 1, 1 .1 11 . I . I . . .1 1. . . . . Gym Club, l, 2, 3, Dramatics, 3. 1 . 1. - - - 1. h .I I ' - . 1 I ' - . 1 , . , . 1 d, 1 1 3- 0020 GOTTLIEB DAVID Dave College Preparatory An honest tale speeds best being plamly told You dont thunk so you soy? Well well seems as If you need some enllghtenmg on the sublect Hear that anywhere and you know nts Dave Tall and youthful but easlly sernaus Dave wnth hns qunck smnle and slow temper us easy to luke and a fast fnend Has mterests he an oratory dramatlcs debatmg, some serrous wntmg and hte In general Capably flllmg the post of secretary of the Orotan Dave IS uncertam concerning his future but we are sure that hns dnve and keen mmd wull see hum to some solucl occompllsh ment GRAINGER MARY MAXWELL College Preparatory Finally education alone can conduct us to that enjoyment whrch IS at once best In quality and mflnfte ln quantity Mary Maxwell Grainger altho quiet and unassuming, IS always thoughtful of the comfort of others and always wnllmg to lend a hand Mary IS fond of ammals and of the great out of doors, especnally hukmg and flshmg We have known her to sat all day on the bank of a strea n without even a catch Neotness us her watch word, both un work and m person, and patnence as her choractenstnc vurtue Her greatest ambutnon us to be c doctor some day Orotan Debating Society 2 3 4 Semor Class 'lay 4 Natuonal Honor Society 4 Comus, 4 GRASLEY LEONTINE JUNE Leon General Know her a little lake her o lot To those who know her, Leon s name brmgs fond memones She s a grand gurl' A more fnendlv person us hard to find She takes on Interest In all sports Here s wnshmg her happmess and success m all she undertakes GRAVER CLAIRE ANTOINETTE Gravy The way to a mon s heart she knows lt A pretty gurl, a smooth dancer a swell pal good on advnce to the lovelorn and a humornst Gravy also loves cookmg Business however wnll be her career To thus little package of pep vlm and vlgor we wlsh success Dramatlcs 2 3 4 Page Eighty One 1- 11 1 ll - - 1, ., . . . 1 - 1 1 ., . . . . . 1 1 1 1 1 - 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 . 5 . 1 ,, . . . . . 1 . . . . . . ,, 1 1 ,, . . 1 - . , . . . , . . . 1 11 l - H 1 1 , . . - 1 1 1 1 Q GREENWALD LEONA ee Commerclal Be smart, and look smart rs lee s advnce Bllthe gay Leona, IS the gurl who loves to study clothlng styles Leona ns true and slncere she enloys swlmmmg skatmg and dancmg Leona ns prompt to do her work and has a good scholastic record at A H S Her ambutnon ns to become a buyer of clothmg GRIDER CHARLES Chubby Commercual To have a frrend IS to be one Charles has a pleasing personallty many friends and no rnvals Chubby was a great sugnal caller for Allentown Hugh He IS small but he sure packs might Besudes he IS on easy fellow to get along wtth and not at all hard to please If he fights has way through lnfe as he fought on the gnduron there ns no doubt that he wall go places We can say he IS an all around clean fellow and that goes not only an sports but In everythmg ootball l 2 4 Varsvty A 4 U2 GREENHALGH DOROTHY M Dotty General Full of grace full of wut Oh we love her every bit An :ntoxucatmg charm and Innocent blue eyes betray Dotty She I5 a capable student of expression and known for her unter pretatnon of the Southern belle But although her dumples see her to all the hugh school actnvntues her apt mnnd sees her In favor of studues Shes eager and earnest but stull uncertam about her future course Dotty IS sweet and well luked by all her fnends, who loan her happily at the basketball games on the dance Hoor, or at the :ce skatmg rank Those who know her admire her smcenty those who dont luke her frlendllness Llfe to her as lust a bowl of cherrles Dramatic: 2 H:storrcalSoclety 3 Glrl Reserves 3 4 GREGG ROBERT Q Genera' A fool and hrs money are some party Here he comes there he goes Bob ns an unforgettable character and personality He has many fnends and us always makung more He lakes to take thmgs apart to see what makes them go Between tlmes he goes In for all konds of sports However the gurls do not seem to bother Bob they re lust a passmg fancy to lm Page Eighty Two ., .. . . , , .,. , , - , - , , . 1 , . W ,1 ,J ,1- , L ,, t.. . 4 I . - I , f .. .. , Bb .. . ,, 1 . . . , - .. . . , , , , - f , . , . . , . , -..,, ,,,, ,- , 'OUZU' GRIES WILLIAM , General Trs better to be brief than tedious Bull us an all around boy noted for hus sportsmanship for he takes an actuve part In all sports particularly baseball He excels In all sublects too although he rarely carrles a book os a book ns a burden He walks nonchalantly around the halls but guve a whustle and he s sure to hear you and come runmng Best of all Bull ns always ready to do hus but He expects to go out unto the cruel world after graduatlon to Rnd lust any 'ob GRIESEMER LUCILLE Lucy General Happy am I from care I m free Lucy as a gray eyed and wltty brunette Her smlle ns flashmg and her personallty dashing and her attitude IS that of devnl may care She never takes anything too seruously except her plans to become a stenographer Lucy sand If she had five hundred dollars to do with as she pleased she d buy lots and lots of new clothes and a tram tlcket to Mlchlgan She dld not however say Its gomg to be a round tnp or a one way tlcket But we do belneve she wlll always keep her cheerful dlsposltlon no matter how bumpy the path may be GRONER LLOYD JAY Legs Engmernng and Sclence A lfttle mfschlef now and then IS found an the wisest men Gaze up on thus tall athletuc studuous lad Lloyd IS a falthful follower of sports at A H S but wuth all hns love of good tnmes he does not neglect has studies among whuch hls favorites are the sclences and mothematncs Although he loves fun Legs strongly oblects to excessuve horseplay and does not hestntate to vent hrs feelmgs nf he finds anyones actlons obnoxnous Lloyd plans to study ot Muhlenberg GROSS WILLIAM HENRY JR Engmeenng and Science Bug Bull You can tell o man s mtellrgence by hrs love of noise Bag Bull ns one of the gay lights of our class wlth a llkmg for football and basketball and he may be found rooting at all these events Bull enloys all sports from checkers on up to football He IS to become erther an army engmeer or an archltect As he travels mto the wade wrde world our good washes go wlth hum Canary and Blue 2 3 4 Camus 4 Page Eighty Three .1 - 11 1 BII .1 - . . ,, ' 1 1 . 1 1 1. . 11 , . . . 1 . 1 1 . . . . . ,, , . . . . . .1 1 .1 1 11 1 . . . . ,. . 11 . . 1 1 . 1 1 - 1 1 1 1 . ,, . . . . . . ,, 1 1 - . . . ., , 15" I fi, ' f 1 1, 1,:V1,s1- 'MW' 1 I 1 1 1 .1 . . 11 1 1 - .1 1 - - - - 11 1 1 1 1 - 1 1 1 I 1 ' Track 3 4 National Honor Society 4 601120 GROSSMAN MARGARET Mqrgue General Lufe wuthout laughter us a dreary blank Morgue although belated un her arnval at hugh school because of the fact that she attended the Hunsucker has caught up wuth the rest wuth no dufficulty She us a laughung gurl, easy to get along wuth us a lover of fun a swell pal loves sports especually basketball and us a rught good uutterbug Shes unterested un becomung o de sugner and untends to go to New York to study after graduatuon GROSSMAN SAM Brother Sam General And Hus Lust for lute was Aroused Sam can cause great confusuon so dont try to figure out what type of a fellow he us He may speak sumply one munute, and then delve unto profound expressuon the next A wonderful example of hum was a poem he wrote Song of Madness whuch as the name umplues was madness un utself chaotuc, without consustency but wuth each repeated reodung revealung new thoughts, fresh and vugorous He has wrutten five treatuses of economuc theme whuch shows hus untense unterest un polutucal scuence A love for musuc and for modern luterature keeps hum occupued much of the tume He declares when mentuonung the classucal musuc or o mastery un wrutung, I am cascaded to the heughts of ecstacy , and there us sunceruty un thus love GRUBE VIOLET DAISY Dolly Commercual All who jay would wm Must share ut Happuness was born a twun Add to the pucture a smule a laugh, a uoke, a lovely dusposutuon and a pleasung personaluty Dolly doesnt take her school work too seruously but seruously enough to assure success un the busuness world GRUBER JEAN MARClA Jeanue Commercual The laborer us worthy of hus huue Struttung down the street chewung candy gum and an apple at the same time goes Jeanne Be very careful however for her favorute pastime us talkung one would thunk she has been vaccunated wuth o phonograph needle And folks uust follow Jeanne around Perhaps uts the oomph or us ut the gugglez Grl Reserves 2 3 4 Dramatucs l Page Eughty four 0020 professsonal dancer GRUMBEIN GEORGE H Ollue lndustnal Hrs rntellrgence s exceeded only by has good looks lf you see a fellow wnth black halr a wnde smlle and a host of fnends that will be George Hts favorite sport IS huntlng he But has Dear huntlng IS near the Northampton bridge ls he meanlng to settle down and let a wlfe support hum? He doesnt care to exert too much energy but he wnll have no trouble nn flndmg a wnfe cnuasn JUNE s Jmefbug General Those move easiest who have learned to dance June has a smrle for everyone Carefree and happy go lucky her maxlm us Never trouble trouble tall trouble troubles you e mnght pay more attentuon to her school work but she chooses rn stead to loke and kld her way along She IS an enthuslastnc member of the cheerleadmg squad for a church league basketball team June I5 musical dances well teaches dancmg and frequently gnves exhebltaon dances Her greatest ambutuon IS to become a 92 GUTMAN VERONICA R Ronme Household Arts Come and tnp rt as ye go On the lrght fantastic toe Heres Ronme blonde half brown eyes a pleasant personal GUTH MARIE A ee Commerclal Silence vs golden but we re off the gold standard Ree rs talkatlve the lufe of a party be It large or small Her many friends have notnced that she IS allergic to openlng doors Rees favorute pastlmes are blke rrdmg gomg to football games and swlmmmg :ty and a most devastating smlle Her hobbies are many but she us partlal to swmgmg and swaymg to a good orchestra Although she loves a good time she knows her lessons Ronnue wants to be a salesglrl She has a host of friends who wish her luck Page Erghty Fwe , . , , I U .. . ., ,Vg V .rw M72 A l 1 l l , ' , . ' ' 1 is an expert marksmen and nearly always brings home the bacon. . . . .. ,. HIE , . I U UR , , . I I I ' . I I I . , . ll I . l I l I in . I I ' I E ' I , . 0020 ' HAAS EUGENE Scotty ScIence and Engmeenng Drive safely arnve safely Gene could be surnamed .loe Flash for hIs well known style of drIvIng a car He plays around wIth photography not merely as a hobby but o good way to waste money He IS a good student gets along wIth hIs teachers lakes to eat sleep and sleep some more never mIsses a school dance and IS popular wIth the ladIes whom he faIrly sloys wIth hIs charm But he wants some day to 'om the AIr Corps HAAS FREDERICK M Fntz General True knowledge IS to know what IS best worth knowlng and to do what Is best worth domg FrItz IS a good natured fellow wuth a wude varIety of Interests He IS one of the orchestra and also takes specual Interest lh a mncroscope club of whIch he IS a charter member CampIng and Umor leadershup occupy hIs tame durmg the summer He Intends to contInue school and to study for lTledICIn9 Orchestra 2 3 4 .lanseen Mrcroscope Chapter 2 3 4 HABRIAL GORDON E Flash lndustnal PatternmakIng He ll smlle at your play but at heart he s a burlder Flash IS a socIable fellow a faIr type of the sort In the pattern shop Gordon IS mIldly Interested In sports qunte Interested In stamp collectmg and more Interested In buuldmg model ranlroads When he takes tIme oft to play he plays chess HAGERMAN EDITH M Edu: General Emprres drssolve and peoples disappear song passes not away Ednth IS one of the talented members of the class-shes not only on artlst for she speclahzes In onls but she wntes beautrtul luttle poems whIch she Illustrates To these talents add a flanr for dressmakung and a love ot sports and you have Eduth good student and loyal fruend Grrl Scouts l 2 3 4 Chorus 2 3 4 ACapella Chorr 3 4 Natronal Honor Socrety 4 Page Evghty Sur 01120 HAINES LOUISE VERDI Weasel General An ear full of musuc a heart full of song Jolly happy go-Lucky Louuse never masses a laugh but neuther does she ever muss the seruous sude of a questuon Her beautuful red haur us the envy of many She swums and loves dancung es pecually gutter buggung Gym Club 7 HALL JANE E Halsey She s simple-she s sweet She s cule and petule Jane us a quiet, lovable gurl Her fine personaluty and quuck Flashung smule together wuth her laughung blue eyes have won her many fruends Page her un the front row of any socual funcfuon .lame gets around more than the average gurl yet when the end of the ratung peruod rolls around her report card us the envy of many Wherever Halsey goes we all hope she wull be as happy as she has rnade us HANDSCHUE DOROTHY Do General Like the buzzing of an unsecf, Stull urratuonal persistent lmusl luslen luslen luslen Dot us one person who can sut and take un every word you say and not say one lhung She loves ta roller skate and us pretty good loo Salesmanshup us her favorute school course, and she would luke to follow that Hukung takes lots of Dots tume and some day she hopes to travel to far coumtrues but that won t be on foot HANZLICK, HELEN General lnspure buf do nat fry to cruhcuzel Helen us a gurl wuth a sunny dusposutuon and has a cheerful word for everyone She us a loyal fruend, always wullung to help out when you are un need of some homework She lukes to argue she loves hustory Her fruends are afraud that someday she wall become a polulucuan Page Eughly Seven I I Riding Club, 2, 3, Girl Scoufs, l, 2, 3, 4, le Circle Francais, 4, I .. 'H 0020 HARDY WILTON A Hardy Engineering and Science Fat paunches have lean pates and dainty bats Make nch the nbs but bankmpt quite the wits Wilton s a rather rotund fellow who we suspect would rather yoke and pun than study Surprisingly he s something of a dictator All men have tendencies toward tyranny Nevertheless hes maintained a fairly high scholastic record was an active member of two clubs experimented an his own laboratory and studied chemustry and physics has pet likes After college he wouldnt mind being a professor and a research worker In Nuclear Physncs Oratans 2 3 4 German Club 4 National Honor Society 4 HARRIER RICHARD CHARLES General The one invincible thing as a good book Neither malice nor stupidity can crush it Although Jo has the General Course and has taken all the subgects of the Science and Engineering Course he IS more Interested in aesthetics A Perslans dream is easily made Tis but dark eyes and lemonade but me l prefer a good book to the lemon ade says Jo Besides presiding over the German club and attend 9 cal society he delights in poetry and philosophy His future hopes he in a professorshlp In literature and the studlous rest of every Sabbatlcal year National Honor Society 4 German Club 4 Jo l HARTMAN MILDRED Lottie General A loving heart is the beginning of all knowledge Believe It or not Lottie would rather study than do anything else HARTMAN ETHEL Ethel General Good at work better at play Willing to chat with the boys all day The better you know Ethel the more you like her with her frankness and sincerity While her favorite songs change weekly her friends never change ln school Ethel thinks seriously of her studies but outside of school her thoughts wander to coming social events She IS an enthusiastic supporter of the football and basket ball games She hasnt quite decided what college to attend but she has great plans Girl Reserves 3 4 But when she as not In her serious mood you can count on her for a good tame Lottie plans to go Into nursmg and with her con screntlousness klndllness and intelligence she ns certain to be a good nurse Page Eighty Eight 1 l 1. 1. , . . . 1 1 . , - - 1 1 I I . 1 1 1 : 1 i ' ' 1 - 1 ,, . . . . . I 1 . . . . . ,1 1 . . . . I . . . 1 ' . , . ,, . . . - in meetings of the National Honor Society as well as an astronomi- , . 1 ' ' 1 i 1 - .5 P A . 1 4 a .1 1 1 gn . I . - 1 1 1 1 - 1 .1 - - - - .1 1 1 . . . . . l . - 1 1 C0020 su bstntute nn sclence of all knnds HARTZELL ROBERT Cherf lndustnal Mechamcal Draftmg We are glad for hrs fnendshrp Cherf ns a swell fel ow and always has a few comncal remarks on hand to sprung on hls classmates Bob IS a fairly good dancer but at s hard to get hum on a dance floor because he IS so extremely bashful One of the Cherf s greatest mterests us hls current romance HARWICK GLORIA J studuos HASSLER HOWARD Hop Industrial Prlnt Shop Roses are Red Vrolets are Blue Boy' Oh Boy' Are we glad to see you Hap ns a splendod fellow and a most wullmg worker but hns mmd as forever wandermg to bowling He loves to travel too his one ambltlon ns to see the wonders of the world He hopes to become u professional pnnter when he leaves school and we know he has the makings A H S Printers Club I Page Erghty Nme HARTUNG MARLOWE u Scnence and Engmeermg He would pore by the hour o er a weed or a flower Or the slugs that come crawling out after a shower Marlowe IS one of those qunet Intellectual f llows who If he doesnt know the correct answer for something can glve a good Marlowe dnfts through the halls luke all the others of A H S but there as a dlfference between hum and the others He IS one of the very few that at least looks as though he knows the score Seriously though he us studlous gettmg good marks un all sublects Marlowe us the organezer and presudent of the Janseen Chapter of the Amencan Socnety of Amateur Mlcroscopnsts the flrst chapter to be founded m Ameruca and as very much Interested Band 2 3 .lanseen Microscope Chapter 2 3 4 Jackie General A pair of lrghf shoes IS not all that rs wanted for dancmg Typncal American gurl would be on apt appellatlon for Gloria Actlve she tends toward the artlstuc for she IS a movne and record fan wuth a flanr for dancmg mostly tap Gloria collects photographs of movne celebrutues she has over a hundred dnfferent plctures she got directly from Hollywood Among the men Ray Mulland ns her favonte but she Ends selecting a favorite actress dlfficult Glona prefers to be a spectator rather than a partncupant In sports Her ambltlon IS to be a dress designer for the Hollywood l HB d., , - ,. . . . 5 . . . . ., , , , , , f 2 ' 1 , f - I , . , We all believe he will become a successful draftsman. l .. . .. , . - , , . 5 . - , I , .. ,. . . , . . I . - 1 1 . . . ,. 00211 HAUSMAN JEANETTE ELIZABETH Peanuts General If srlence were golden she d be m rags Peanuts can always find somethmg to guggle about and to talk about Her attractnveness and her abulsty to make others laugh makes her popular In her sparklmg eyes mlschsef us always brewmg If she would ever take her books seriously she mught go far Her knack of msplrmg happiness should help her IH whatever she does Trck234 HECK ARLAN JOHN Hecky General A penny saved IS a penny spent later Heck spends most of hns spare tame at photography huntmg or target practlce He also owns an old Ford whuch many of the Allentown Hugh School students have seen gomg to and from school Hts mltuatsve and has habut of happuness wnll gave Hecky a prosperous future Page Ninety HAUSER MARY JANE Mary Jane College Entrance Genume like a diamond sparkling too' Mary Jane s way of facmg the problems that confront her to be carefree and happy go lucky Unsophlstlcated lovable cheerful gay Mary Jane lust wont let anyone feel blue when shes around She IS also a capable student and we feel sure she wull excel m whatever she may choose to follow Girl Reserves 2 3 4 'X F3 HAWK WILLARD J Hawkle Commercial lf he s late for a date don t fret The checker game :sn t over yet Sux feet one and all of ut blonde haur blue eyes a Hash and thats Hawkue Easy to get along wuth always wlth a bug hello and a cautlous smile for all the gurls and a grm and a hu for the boys hes tops Hes not at the head of has class but he wlll get by He hopes some day to be an executive In some bug hrm and hns zlp and has mlllnon dollar personality well help He llkes prachcally every sport and thus year he hopes to make up for his mlury last year by breakmg the pole vault record Wullard IS also an expert hunter and fisherman Best of luck to hum 1 ,, . . . . ,, , . . . . IS ' ' ' I I . . f . . - 1 f , , 4 .. t. , .. . . - ,, , . ' I .. ... , . .. t . I - . .. I I 1 I - . I , , . . , - I . 1 l 0 , f 1 - .. .. , .4 . ,. , . 1 . f I 1900211 HEIM RITA JEAN Jeannle General Smlllng llps spclrklnng eyes Blg at heart but small ln slze A brown eyed glrl wlth a dellghtful personallty .lean IS always on the go for she llkes to see all the games, and she knows her stuff on the dance floor She has an extraordlnary sense of humor HEINTZELMAN LEROY Moe Machlne Shop Great Joys are ln the OHIDQ Leroy IS a qulet, cheerful fellow who llkes to do whatever he can for hls frlends and assoclotes He IS good ln hls schoolwork and that QIVGS hlm a good standlng wlth hls teachers and classmates When ln a good humor and he usually IS he llkes to play a few lakes on hls frlends Moe stands 6 ft 2 lnches ln hls stocklng feet not bad for a llttle boy HEFFNER CHARLES F Jr Sleepy Flne Arts The world owes me a lrvlng A grand fellow wlth a cheerful dlsposltlon Sleepy flnds humor ln everythlng and anythlng Among hls many sports hls favorltes cre fenclng swlmmlng and archery and even then he finds tlme to devote to drawlng Charles clalms he IS golng to be a bachelor He also says belleve lt or not tnat he IS golng to be a State Trooper Just plcture hlm ln a wlde brlmwled hat and a troopers unltorm curlslng around ln a whlte car So beware when you re drlvlng llmlt your speed or youll have a tall state trooper on your troll HEIN ROSANNA Rosle Retall Selllng Nore knew her but to love her Nor named her but to pralse We ve all seen Rosle worklng happlly ln our larger department stores She wlll succeed ln her work because besldes perseverance and enthuslasm Rosle has a magnetlc personallty Although extra ordlnary ln so many ways she vs llne the rest of us ln Ilklng good movles and donclng To a very human Rosle we wlsh o world of happlness Page Nlnety One , -, - . . I . . I I . , , I . . I , , ,, .. . . , f . ' , and knows all the answers. ,C , .. - , , . , l . , - , . I .I . . . , OIIZU HEISER HAROLD Srmlgy lndustrual Pattern Maker A word to the wuser eventually they all learn Harold us one of the chuef wood butchers un the pattern shop He craves adventure and us always tryung somethung new to get ut Harold us a good fellow and a swell sport He engages un many sports but dctes on huntung and fishung When ut comes to females although he s a but bashful he prefers blondes because they seem more unterestung Harold us goung to Erue Pennsylvanua to work ct pattern makung When uts a chouce between school work and huntung or flshung he goes flshung HEIST BETTY MAE Infant General l don t know where l m goung but I ll get there Thats Betty small mughty blonde hour blue eyes wuth a smule that always wuns yoJr heart She us very talkatuve and us always uokung Thus young lady us very popular and dan ung us her uoy Betty plans to become a regustered nurse After that ns tellung Gurl Reserves 3 4 HELLER FLORENCE E on General To love us to be loved Jon us full of fun and can take onythung that comes her way But she never neglects her studues no matter what turns up Al though she us a great fan for basketball football swummung and dancung she also has some dramatuc abuluty havung acted un plays un and outsude of school Her greatest ambutucn us to become a nurse Chorus 3 4 Dramatucs 3 HELLERICH CHARLOTTE lOUlSE Charlotte General Success follows hard work Charlotte a gurl of meduum heught lught brown haur and green ush gray eyes us always hurryung through the halls Her love of sports makes her an ardent booster of all hugh school athletuc actuvutues She us a studuous loss her favorute subuects beung scuences and German Asude from school work her unterest us musuc Al though she us undecuded as to her career her flrst chouce us nursung Heres luck to her' Naluonal Honor Socuety 4 Page Nunety Two 1 .u . ,, , . 1 - 1 - - uu 1 . . -1 . . . . - 1 1 , . .1 11 1 1u 1 1 - 1 11 , . u . . . . 1 1 1 1 1 . , .. 1 1 - l , . J uu - 11 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 i 1 - 1 u. 11 1 1 ' , . 1 1 . , . - , . 1 , . HENRY EUGENE A Hughue Hughle us a tall brown haured lad who can always be found at the Jordan Park swummung un the summer When asked what he would do uf he had five hundred dollars he saud he d take a trup to Flonda where he could swum all year round Hughue expects to contunue hus trade of cabmet makung after he graduates Hes quute at ease wuth the gurls and seeung that he has live susters at home and two brothers he has a chance to study theur techmque rather closely HERB BETTY JANE 01120 HENDRICKS VIOLET , General Brnght and wullmg cheery and gay That s our Vuolet all the day Vuolet us a smulung gurl wuth llght hour dark brown eyes and a host of fruends Everyone lakes Vualet A laugh luke o babblung brook marks her too Vuolet has many habbues movues readung and sports and she goes to all the footaall and basketball games She us goung to be a nurse so when someone smulungly takes your temperature you can lust hope ut wull be Luly HENRY W DONALD General What he hut us hustory what he muss d us mystery Donald a studuous chap lukes to have hus school work flnushed but he has a pleasing personaluty and IS always on the lookout for fun Hts favorute sports are baseball and basketball h favorite hobbies hurtmg trappung and flshmg He plans to go to Lehugh to become an engmeer Dramctucs 2 Shorty Commercual Just four feet eleven A little chunk of Heaven Just ask Betty what she would luke to be most of all Ten to one shell answer Fuve feet She can be quuet at tumes but un a crowd yo.: cant help hearung her hearty guggle Betty has a pleasung personaluty topped off by a dumple that unvutes many a second glance Her studues are quute easy for her even though she does spend most of her tume on a dance floor Betty wouldnt mund beung an offuce worker but her greatest ambutuon us to sung wuth an orchestra whuch she has already done on occasuon Page Nmety Three t Lly u. . .. f 1 Q , . ,, , . t 7 ' f I 1 . , H, , . I - , . . . . , . ,, . . . . . 3 . ,, , - . . I , t . 5 us , A , I - , . I u u. . .. . ... .. - . A - , , - f , , . u 01120 HERING PAUL IS General To God thy country and thy friend be true Paul as a good all round fellow An average student he works earnestly always to make good grades Hus present anterest IS m avuatuon and some day we shall probably see hum workung In one of our leadmg alrports or aorplane factories Among tus hobbles are baseball swummmg golf tenms photography and tlnkerlng around at home Paul doesnt seem mterested In women yet' But we re sure the day wull come when he wnll admlre them gust as much as all the rest of us do Orchestra l 2 3 HERMAN BETTE Rusty College Entrance Personality IS to a women What perfume IS to a flower Bette vtvacnous and charming vs a general favorite She devotes tume to her studnes but not to the excluslon of sports and socnal hfe She has a sungle desnre-to become a duetlcuan Lacklng a real dog she dellghts In her collectuon of small glass dogs She when not occupied with swummmg or salllng she wnll be found at target practuce Ask Bette any favor she wnll not let you down French Club 4 HERSH EUDORA FLORA Dode General Quiet reflects wlsdom not weakness Meltung brown eyes, curly black hanr and a pleasing personal :ty combme wuth lust the rlght amount of antellugence to make Dode an Ideal chum and student Dade IS the sort of a gurl a tea her lukes to have In class for she us always wullmg to do her share and more Her perslstance and wnlllngness will go a long way un easmg her over the ups and downs of the future Le Crrcle Francais 4 HERTZOG BETTY Betsy General I should like to ruse and go Betzy as a vwaclous llttle gurl whose many fruends lake her glowmg personallty Betsy loves dancmg and swummmg and IS an all around good sport Although small her abuhty to meet difficult and trymg sutuatnons more than makes up for her lack of stature Betsy mtends to enter a Nurses Trammg School and we all know her unfaulmg determnnatson wnll stand by her Page Nmety Four I ..F.h.. , , - , . I I I I I . , , , - l 1 I . . . I. . I , , . . . . spends much of her summer vacation at a lakeside cottage, and , . : ' . , . , , . I . . , . . . - I I " 0020 Hess ALTHEA shorty General The secret to success is a smile The far away look quickly passes from Althea s day dream ung blue eyes as she watches some new vuctum stroll down the hall a new conquest But both boys and gurls alike are victim, of Althea s striking personality Tuny featured dressed in blue, Althea mught have been a daunty old fashioned china figure but we fear she would soon ture of sitting on a shelf for Althea us a tnoroughly modern gurl made to thrive un tne thick of socual actuvitues And she numbers bicycle rudung among social activities Do you want to see the latest style couffurez Take a look at Shorty Hess N! HETZER IRENE Renle General One thorn of experience is worth a whole wilderness of warning lrene us one of those quuet little gurls who has endeared herself to her classmates with her shy smile She is a conscientious worker and her dependability in a crisis will be a great advantage in her chosen nursing Chorus 2 3 HICHAR HELEN ELAINE E ue Commercial Ot' all the arts the eyes express The sweetest kind us bashfulness Despite the fact that Ellie appears to be quuet un school she IS altogether different un the social world Her charming personality and fine sense of humor have won her many friends. Ellie loves dancing and can she iitterbug! Her chief ambition is to be an orchestra leader. She likes sports sings well and handles the clarinet adeptly. In anything she plans to do we wish her luck. HILBERT DOROTHY LOUISE 'Lottie' General "let me live, move, and have my being" Dottie is a pleasant and friendly girl, iust wonderful to get along with. During her spare time she loves to embroider and to read novels. Between times Dottie swims, playstennis, and rides a bike. What Dottie asks of the world is iust the privilege of living, moving, and having a pleasant being, among pleasant people doing pleasant things. Page Ninety-Five 00211 HILBERT MARCELLA L Mgrgy General She always rmles but never hurrues She knows her mund and never worrues One of the smallest gurls walkung through the halls at A H S us Marcy A cheery hello and a brught smule you re always sure ot from Marcy Good work and a good tume us her slogan and she us always among those present when there s o downrught uolly tume to be had Football and basketball she lukes Morcys pet peeve us to hear a member of the opposute sex soy women arent equal to men and should not be treated as equals un the world of busuness and polutucs College and sungung wuth a popular orchestra we both Hgure un her untentuons Dramatic Club 4 Senuor Class Play 4 HILDEBEIDEL RlCHARD Duck lndustrual Auto Shop A luttle nonsense now and then ls relished by the best of men A mechanuc thus man us already hus experuence wuth auto mobules us well known un shop Duck has o sunny dusposutuon and on encourogung smule for everyone When there us cu dance he us sure to be there May your stock un trade pay hugh duvudends HILL GLORIA Glorua Commercual Cold hand warm heart Youll love her from the start Glorua one of Allentown Hughs cheerful gurls, has always o sparkle un her eye and a sweet smule for everyone Because of her fine personaluty she has many fruends Sports are her favorute pastume oh lust any of them, basketball football, swummung hukung or doncung Glorua us unterested un ottice work HILLER LESTER RUSSELL l-es Commercual Good humor and generosuty carry wuth the popular heart all the world over Les plays four and square wuth everyone He lukes sports and although he doesnt star un any ot them he can hold hus own agounst most of the other boys He us careful not to over study or over work but we know that he wull be the rught person un the ught place when he gets o real uob to work Page Nunety Sux 0020 HILLIARD DOROTHY .l Dotty Commercnal She s happv go lucky and full of life And IS mischievous more than U blt Theres never a dull moment when this mlschlevous sparkling blue eyed blonde IS around Her frlendly good natured manner has won many many frlends for her Her ambltuon IS to be a pro fessuonal dancer ln short Dotty ns the perfect pncture of health vnm vigor and personality plus' HIMMELBERGER MARGARET Peg General Peggy as the SCIf1'lllClll1g type that sparkles wuth wut and good humor carrylng wnth her always a touch of fnendlmes Wath her shmnng brown eyes and brown haur she as good to look at and will be an ornament to any office General She IS qulet and very nice Mary has a quiet charm all her own She likes to sung but us around the house Tenms ns her hobby Thus Canadian born mlss IS a great lover of books especially mystery tales and she would luke to be a lubraruan We wash her success and happiness use HIRST FRANCES EVELYN Franny Commercial Suppress me rf you can' I am a merry lest' Fran a good student and a ceaseless worker ns always poly She likes tall men however but she d be content wrth a sux footer Frances says llttle but when she does her words are worth lustenmg to Page Ninety Seven I O HIMMELBERGER, MARY GEORGINE "Blondie" Ui ' .H . . I . . -I . . , HOEHLE CLARENCE F Schtunk Enguneerung and Scuence He smules engagungly at all the world Clarence never seen wuthout a smule and never heard wuthout 00211 HOCHSTRASSER FLORENCE MAE o General Who never defers and never demands But smullng takes the world un her hands Flos blonde hour and blue eyes are natural addutuons to her already lovable personaluty Her versatuluty us almost amazung You cant name anythung from the hardest chemustry problem to the latest dance step that she doesnt enuoy doung or that she doesnt do well There us Iuttle doubt that Florence wull be the kund of a nurse that us always un demand Gurl Reserves l 2 3 4 Gurl Scouts 1 2 3 4 German Club 4 a uoke, orugunal at that us none too studuous but he manages to get hus work done somehow Startung hus basketball career on the J V team un hus Sophomore year he finushed on the Varsuty center un hus Junuor year and guard un hus Senuor year Hus favorute pastume us eatung and he really makes a busuness of thus hobby After graduatuon Clarence hopes to enroll at East Stroudsburg Teachers College for Physucal Educatuon We are sure he wull do well at that and we wush hum the best of luck Basketball 2 3 4 HOLDEN ROBERT W unk General Where there us trouble he ll be found A muschuevous fellow who although he us always un trouble us HOFFMAN RICHARD Duck General If he wrll he wull You may depend on ut If he wont he wont And that s that Your gaze now rests on a fellow regarded as a member of the Sunshune Aggregate who us always paged euther among the basket ball equupment for he us a senuor basketball manager-or at some outdoor park tryung to umprove hus duversufled talents at one thung or another Hus dynamuc personaluty best manufests utself when he us cheerleadung When he yells Go the whole team goes Luked by the boys adored by the gurls everyone wushes Duck luck and a happy landung Gym Team 2 Cheerleader 4 Basketbal lManager 3 4 luked by everybody He has cookung un school so when he graduates and looks for a gurl she d better watch her step' He ll know whether she can cook or not Hes o kund of genuus about machunery too Page hum un some bug umportant machune shop flve years from now In sports he plays football basketball base ball and lukes uce skatung and track Altogether hes one of the fellows you muss a lot when he usnt around Page Nmety Eught 1. .. , Fl 1 1 . . 1 1 1 1 1 1 i 1 1 1 1 1 1 - .1 1. 4 1 - 1 1. 1 - 11 1 1 1 1 , . . , , .V X , - Wise- A .' ' 1 I 1 , . 1 1 1 - l 11 . .1 1 ,, . . 1 1 1 1 1 11 I . . . 11 .1 . , . 1 1 1 i 1 i 1 1 - 1. - .1 , . F 11 . 1 11 1 1 . . 1 - 1 1 ' 1 . . . 1 1 1 - 1 . . . 0020 HOLENBACH HAROLD Holly Industrial Let every man be master of his time Holly us a qulet boy does hls school work and stlll flnds time for play He as studylng to become a draftsman Photogrcphy occupnes a great part of hls tlme but he stlll finds tume for baseball and achieved great promlnence In school as a fine basketball manager HOLLENTHONER RUTH ELIZABETHA Ruthne General Never warned laughs at fate Always there and never late Ruthue does not worry abcut what she calls mere tnhes Tall slender wnth bug brown eyes black haur and a falr complexlon you cant mass her It ever an ne d of help-see Ruth she wnll never let you down She IS all for a pal and a pal for all Her favonte pastlrnes are swlmmmg reading basketball dancmg roller skarlng and smgmg Ruth as sympathetuc and t tumes serlous Her pet expressuons are Hiya there Oh and Boy :ts a p T Square Club l Basketball Manager, 2 HOLTZMAN HELEN Babs Commerclal Then out she bursts with words of chatter and gives her version of the matter Well heres what you ve been waltmg for Babs wnth l'e tlashmg brown eyes stealmg a glance at everyone Babs IS gut luke a top She s here one mlnute there the n xt but she s tops She wrutes poetry although nts not to be classed with Shake speares She lukes wmter sports very much She IS a follower of the church basketball games Babs ambrtxon as to be an accountant and here are our best washes HORN MARION ANNA Blondue Commercual Sometimes quiet sometimes gay We all love her erther way Marlon us a blonde has a pleasnng smlle as a true fruend a good sport and a lolly person to have around Although fond ot outdoor sports she spends some other tume In the movles or at home reading Chummy wnth everyone she makes friends easlly does not complam about commg to school-for that there IS a reason When she graduates she hopes to be a typust or a salesgurl Whether she types or sells we all wlsh her luck Basketball 2 HfstorrcalSoclety 3 Page Nmety Nrne .. .1 1 .. . . .1 1 1 1 1 ' 1 1 .. . .. 1 1. - 1 I I I ' , . . Q h . . - , 1 1 1 1 ' 1 - 1 U 1 . . .1 . .1 .1 .. .. - 1 1 1 .. . 1- pm . ' 1 ,ez ll ll 1 K, 1 - 1. . 1 .. .1 .. . - 1 ' 1 1 , . s . 1 . I . . , .. , 1 . .. . . , - 1 . . . . .. . 1 . .. . .1 1 ,, . . . 1 1 . .1 , 1 1 , . 1 1 1 , . , . 1 i 1 - 00111 HUBBS EMILIE A Blondue Household Arts Then up she steps wuth words and chatter And tells you all about thus matter Thus delughtful classmate although a stranger un our tawn has attracted and captuvated many fruends here To descrube her would be useless, perfect seems the rught word Emulue although small un stature wull never be overlooked-her constant chatter takes core of that Takung her studues very lughtly she belueves un never doung to day what she can do to morrow Thus lovely muss guve us the umpresslon that she wull probably make some man an udeal wufe Girl Reserves 3 A HUBER HELEN VIRGINIA JWWY Cammercual You ll have to go pretty far for a better personality Heres a cute luttle red head wuth plenty of wut and brauns Although Junnys but of humor keeps all her fruends happy she can be seruous, too, and un these seruous moments, we tlnd her ambstuous studuous, and wullung to try anythung Of course Junnys pleasung personaluty adds to her charm, and wull certaunly help her to become a secretary, or a housekeeper no matter whuch HUDSON JEANNE RUTH Jeannue College Preparatory Wude awake full of fun and always on the go expresses bruefly what thus gurl us Wuth her blonde haur and blue eyes she creates a dusturbance un hearts wherever she goes Versatule she fits unto any crowd Actuve-she has made her mark un each of the many orgaunzatuons to whuch she belongs We are sure that whatever she attempts, she wull do ut wuth the same unturung Interest and untellugence that has been her custom here and h r truendlun ss wull earn for her agaun as many fruends as she has now Sacuety 3 4 HUNSICKER KENNETH Kenny lndustrual Too much study weakens the braun Most ot the tume you wull End Kenny whustlung at hus work, but 99 910472, of the tume he wull lust be whustlung He enuoys nothung better than suttung under a shady tree and sleepung When Kenny us awake and not eatung he s sleepung lf there us any pos suble way to get around work youll tlnd Kenny takung that short cut Hus one ambutuonz To marry a ruch woman and then figure out a way to collect alumony It he doesnt succeed un thus he wull change hus name to a number, and luve off the state My father pays taxes I mught as well beneht by ut Page One Hundred 1. . .. , . 1 . .1 1 1 ' . . .. I 1 , . ' .M 1 1 1 ll t ' ll , . . . . . . . . 1 . . . . . 1 . I . 1 , . 1 "A friend is a rare book, ot which but one copy is made." D I I I - 1 . . A D . . A , ., .. , . . I 1 1 V 1 .1 - 11 . I . I 1 . . . - 1 - 1 I . Hustorlcal Society 3 Gvrl Reserves 3 4 Natuonal Honor 011211 HUNSICKER LaVERNE CHARLOTTE Shorty Commercual Anythung that makes a nouse I8 satusfactory to a crowd If you see a short blonde brown eyed gurl movung about un a daze thats LaVerne She always has a wude smule and a fruendly word for everyone LaVeme us one of those happy go-lucky people you hear so much about but hardly every see Her ambu tuons are modest however she wull be an A l stenographer She us an actuve gurl unterested un all types of sports and dancung Gurl Reserves 3 4 HURDELL ANN Annue Hurdle General Clear the road I delught In speed Wherever there s excutement or muschuef Annue us un the mudst of ut Hurdle laughs at anythung no matter how funny or how seruous the preducament She really can be senous though when she puts her mund to ut Someday we wull probably be readung the synducated column of the great reporter Ann Hurdell un some of the bugger newspapers No matter whuch way she travels down lufe s road we all know she wull make good French Club 2 Rudung Club 1 2 3 HUSHKEK WILLIAM Wullue lndustrual A rolling stone gathers no moss Wulluam the basketball star needs no untroductuon because he has played on one of Allentown Hugh School s greatest basketball teams In fact he s one of the fellows who made the team great and took ut unto the dustruct playoff When he runs out on a bas ketball floor the game us won He us really a good mechanuc but e spends a good deal of hus tume sungung to hus classmates Thats how he got hus name the Sungung Mechanic Basketball 3 4 HUTTIE JOSEPH A oe Commercual Much study us a wearuness to the Hesh Joe us an example of an overworked senuor He us u very luon among the ladues and has a mama for hustory Joe usnt ambutuous all he wants to be us presudent of the Unuted States He promuses uf he us elected to abolush compulsory educatuon , I I - . . . , . ' 1 , ' - - , . , ,- , 1 f . , - , . , ' I f i " , , , - , ,. , I . . I . . I V , u n u n a 1 ' I a - u 1 ,- l ..J .. , . ,, . . ,, , . 5 . . . . Page One Hundred and One 01120 INGLESE LOUIS Geno Engmeerung and Scuence l am a great friend lo public amusement: they keep people from vrce Geno as a well mannered and pleasant sort of fellow one of the best of fnends Hts pleasmg personaluty and hls abllutyta make fnends wall be valuable to hum always You may catch htm wnth one of hls vvvld blushes a sure slgn of a hnghly sensntlve nature but that doesnt stop hum He lukes track baseball and basketball and hopes to can tmue all of these at Lehngh where he plans to prepare for a career m engmeermg We wush to a fine sport and a great guy endurmg success Track 2 3 4 IOBST ANNA Twm General Silence rs golden Anna belaeves In the old saymg httle gurls should be seen and not heard She has a friendly dlsposmon and a smule that makes you look twlce Annas face and her ways blend wlth those of her twln and her vouce blends lust as perfectly Anna s one great ambutuon as to own a squeeze box puano accordvon to you of her very own May we hope her ambutuon will be fullfnlled Chorus 3 IOBST ESTHER Twm General Be merry today for who knows What may happen tomorrow Esthers always laughmg and loklng when the teacher Isnt lookang Altogether Esthers more talkatnve than her twm She us always wnllmg and ready to help those who need st Her mam nnterest as playmg the accordnon She IS also Interested I0 swammmg and basketball Watch out fellows' Esthers played many lokes on the teacher with that twm of hers and she may try nt on you too Chorus 3 ISENMAN VERONICA Y Ronme General Have I not here a subslltule for flowers Ranme us the pretty little blonde who as only three years out of the coal reguons Although she IS a quiet sort she has a wonderful personallty and hnds her greatest 'oy In trymg to please people Veronuca attends and enloys as many of the school affairs as she can posslbly get to Her favornte pastume us Bmgo, although she us not always lucky I .. . . I ' 1 , , . I I I ' - , , , 1 - , .1 - - .. . . . I .,. . ., . . .. . n . v . , .1 - ll H - . 4 , . .. .. .. . . , . , .. 1 ,, . , . X ' . . . , . , . I . . - A . . 4 O - 5 , . .. - .. - f Page One Hundred and Two C0020 JACOBY DONALD Jake Sclence and Engmneenng It doesn t worry me any That fellow walkmg through the halls wnth that sleepy look ns Jake But everyone that knows hum knows that he s a swell frlend and far from sleepy Glrls dont Interest hmm but radlo IS right down hls alley Joke plans to take up radlo as a professaon Hes also mterested m school octuvmes and sports He can always be counted on to be a loyal friend We re all pullmg for you fellow Trck234 JACOBY JEAN Jake Home Economncs Tuesday s child IS full of grace Jean IS an amlable gurl and a valuable fnend She has brown hour blue eyes and ns five foot four Her favorite sport and one m whlch she excels IS Ice skatmg Jake also engoys blcycllng and swnmmnng and ns an ardent supporter of the football team She makes almost all her clothes and even desngns some of them ln JACOBY RUTH I Ruthne General Lrfe has lovelmess to sell Small and slender with a delightful sense of humor Ruth one of those people who love to eat and she gets away with It Her twmklmg toes have cam d her from great success In dance revues to even greater popularity on the ballroom floor Her ex cellence In her studies coupled with a chormmg persanalety make us sure she wull be a most successful pnvate secretary We wash her the utmost nn happmess and success National Honor Socrety 4 Girl Reserves 4 JAMES CHARLES T Chuck General Don t worry rt shortens hfe Chuck IS a well bullt excellent athlete who would guve up eatmg far hls beloved track He Ends a great deal of lnterest and pleasure rn the collecting of dance records He can udentafy any popular dance band by lust hearmg a sample of theur musuc Chuck was a fellow who had the brams to do hls homework no doubt but who wants to bother wsth homework when there are so many mterestmg thmgs to do? Chuck plans to be an enguneer Trclc234 .. .. , ., . ., . 1 1 - s s - 1 I - , . , . U f 1 f - , .. . . . .. ., I . . . I , . , . I . : . fact, sewing is Jean's favorite pastime. , . ., . . ., , . . I is . . .a . I , , ' ' , : ' I - , . .. . - . .. , . , Al 4 I . . . . .. . U I I I - Page One Hundred and Three 0020 everythmg she does 470 ilu! A JANENKO BERNADINE Bernya General The highest degree of earthly happ ness IS qulet Bernya, though very quuet us usually ready for a good tame Usually nn the mudst of a group domg most of the laughing she us wllllng to take part In any prank Bernya has her studues flnlshed on tlme although she often puts them off untul the last munute JAMES LOIS Metzne General Worry? Do not make me laugh How would l pose for a photograph? Mntzne wnll always be remembered as beang one of the best and most graceful creatures that ever cut a figure eight on the frozen surface of Umon Terrace pond She as not only a good skater she performs qulte well In the water and an the stlrrups Cheerful and octave Mntzue has lots of personaluty and hosts of frnends We re sure that thus energetnc Mass wull have success an Bernadme ns hoplng to become an alrlme hostess is JARRETT QUENTIN THEODORE General A ,ob worth doing IS worth domg well A great guy with many possrbulntles He wall never leave a JARRETT FREDERICK S Jughead lndustrlal Mechomcal Draftlng The pen IS mlghtler than the sword But It must have Iflk Fred means IS to become a draftsman In the field of avuatuon He also plans to fly as o sudelme Although hns marks ore not the best he ns makmg good Hts chnef loves are eatmg and sleepmg He IS an amnable fellow and wull share everythmg he has with a fruend Football Manager 2 3 TSquare Club 2 Duke 'ob half done because o rob worth domg as worth domg well Everyone agrees that he IS a swell fellow Thus curly headed lad has the knocx of combmmg excellent school work wnh othletnc achuevement of a hugh rank In football basketball and swlmmmg He IS out to wln, but IS a good loser All agree that thus clean cut fellow uses hns mmd Swimming 3 4 Page One Hundred and Four .t . . 1. 1 1 1 , . 1 ..- .X " l" '4 ' . Q l - 7 . l. - -. "L, . 'A 'Hi 1 1. - , - - 11 I - X 1 , . , . Q .1 . . . Q 1 , - - ll so ' ' . ' ' .fi - - 1 . . . V I I I 1 Q ' . "4 1 1 1 2 - , - 1 .. - - - - 1, , . . .. . . 1 1 - 1 1 - 01120 f' JARRETT ROSCOE Q JR os General In sulence there us safety I m half dead Roscoe us a lad of many unterests Besudes gurls he us unterested un the Y M C A and us an actuve member of the Allentown Hugh School Gym Team Ros plans to contunue hus educatuon at college he us however undecuded to whuch one he wull go but Ros wull make good un whatever he chooses be muse of hus pleasung personaluty Gym Team 2 3 4 JENNE ANNA MARY Jenne Commercual Courage and tauthfulness promuse success Anna us a kund hearted good natured gurl who can get along wuth almost anybody She has a pleosung smule and personaluty whuch has endeared her to her classmates Anna us an average and dancung Anna has followed the commercual course through hugh school and her ambutuon us to become a bookkeeper or an accountant JOHNSON DOROTHY VIOLA Dottue General O youth with blossoms laden JOHNSON HELEN A Shorty Commercual l wull strive wuth things umpossuble Yea get the better of them Short and lovel Helen has brown haur a four complexuon and Dottue us a quuet gurl but full of fun wuth a crowd Faur blue eyed blonde she us seruous when undertakung a problem e hardly ever musses a football or basketball game or musuc or doncung or Glen Mullers Orchestra Dottue can help herself she doesnt depend on others to do thungs for her Y an our that makes her o favorute She us always wullung to take a muschuevous part un any actuvuty Helen was a great hut un the Senuor Class Play In uce skatung basketball and dancung she us a brught star On the sude Helen does her share of uutterbuggung A good typust and stenographer she us an average pupul un other studues Helen us bound to make a charmung as well as a reluable stenogra pher Dramatucs 4 Page One Hundred and Fuve I O ' Q , 1 1 - ' 1 . f .1 - - x - , . . . 4 - . , H , ., . "R student and delights in helping others. She is fond of roller-skating - , , ' ' ' . Sh I , I . D I 'OUZU' JONES BETTY Beny Commercnal Laugh? Yes Smile? Yes Crouch? Never Bettys pleasmg way of domg and saymg thmgs makes her popular and easy to get along wuth When you re w th her the e s never a dull moment Her wunnmg dnsposutaon ns enhanced by a warm and wmnmg smule Betty seldom sees the unhappy side of a sututatlon she always flnds the braght side Betty has the very practucal fad of mventmg new dress styles and mtends to be a fashuon desngner A Capella Choir l JONES JAMES M Jummy General True friendship IS luke true china Rich costly and rare Jnmmy that flashy baseball catcher us really a very qulet and modest fellow wnth many friends He enloys sknng and basket ball almost as well as baseball and ns an octuve member of the Varslty A Club Jnmmy IS Interested nn scuence and carnes out numerous experlments Jummy hasnt any plans for the future but he hopes to spend has lufe playmg and coachmg baseball We know that he wull succeed Varslty Baseball 2 3 4 Varsfly A Club 4 JONES DAVID M Dave General Proud to be an honest man Trl his dying day cheery smnle and a warm Hn there from hum Dave was actlve on the A H S Gym Team from the first day he entered hugh school He us an admnrer of good swung music and loves to mvent has own ,utter bug steps Someday as we look unto the honzon and see a plane dartmg among the clouds It probably wall be Dave for hns ambntlon ns to be a pulot Down on the ground he hopes to be a good banker followmg hns fathers footsteps Ken JONES KENNETH E Engmeermg and Scuence l ve taken my fun where I ve found It The Henry Aldruch of Allentown Hugh thats Kenny Jones As unpredlctable as the weather hell try anythung once from ransung muce to wntmg poetry lremember Sprung and I Hope? l Good for a laugh anyt m Kenny has nevertheless contrubuted more than mlrth to A H S besades becommg the wolrd s most bllthe contor tvomst on the cheer eadmg squad he has had several of hns luterary elforts published an tne Canary and Blue Kenny hasnt thought much about hns future yet but whatever It may have m stare for hum he wlll get a laugh out of lt Cheerleadmg 4 Dramatic: Club 2 .lanseen Microscope Chapter 4 . . 1 , 1 . . . . 1 ' ' , , , , . , , . I I . I . . ' I , , , z , - , . ., Dave is well liked, and one can always expect a big, broad, . , 1 .. . .. . ' . , . I . . I . - , , . W . . . l l , . . I I o I- 1 1 I . 1 . Y -, . . .7 - . . . . I . . , , . ' f 2 ' , i ' , . Page One Hundred and Su AHSGymTeam34 ' 6200211 ' JONES WESLEY O Wet Commerclal Now good digestion walt on appetite Senous munded Wes usually has hrs mmd on some school or church affaor Desplte has seruousness Wes manages to enloy Iufe He pays lrttle attention to gurls-clanmmg that they cost too much Walknng as has favorlte exerclse and when you walk wnth hum be prepared to do some fast steppvn JOSEPH ABRAHAM ALLAN Abe Commercual To know htm a little rs to luke htm a lot Abe as a wntty funny person always grmnung laughing or makmg a wuse crack He also has hrs serrous moments He ns popular among hrs fellow students Abe us an average student and wants to become a certufled publnc accountant He loves sports all kmds on land or sea but has favorutes are baseball and tenms Heres washing you lots of success Commercral Club Secretary JOYCE ALICE A A ne College Preparatory We are the musrc makers And we are the dreamer: of dreams Here as one of the scholars of the class of 41 Alnce never school events Muslc she loves she herself I5 an accompllshed plamst Lnterature she loves she ns an accomplushed reader lncudentally she s one gurl who admlts she once Inked fanry tales They wnll luke Allve at college nn the fall Class Play 3 Inter Class Play 3 Dramatfcs 4 Class Vrce Presrdent 3 German Club 4 Latm Club Secretary 4 Matfonal Honor Society Vsce President 4 Grrl Reserves 7 3 4 JURETUS JOHN J Johnny Industrnal Machme Shop On Johnny should be a label Ready Wflhng and Able Johnny ns an amateur machmnst much unterested In hrs work He as fnendly and easy to get along wlth after one gets accustomed to hls actions He IS also Interested un the gurls and few can pass hum wvthout hearung hus shnll whlstle of greetmg He us a hard worker when hrs work us Interesting and when he feels In the mood For sports Johnny chooses basketball and can hold hls own m any game . , . , , , . . I I . . , . . ' . I I . , I . . , I A stints her lessons, but she always finds time to attend the important . . I I . . - , 1 . , : - , 1 ' , f ' - - , 1 , i , 1 f , A , : , -, , - , . , . , . , - f , . Page One Hundred and Seven 0020 KAHN JAMES H lm Sclence and Engmeerung Don t know where I m gomg but I ll get there Jlm as a handsome chap who lrkes everyone, and It seems every one Inkes hum He ns full of pep and when you are wnth hum you are sure to have loads of fun He vs Interested un athletucs and attends all football and basketball games Jxm takes an actuve part un sports too for he has been on the tenms team snnce has sophomore year and he plays a swell game Heres wlshmg success to Jlm un all he undertakes KAHN MURRAY Mur Science and Enguneermg The maklng of friends I5 the best ll1dlCG'lOll of success Murray ns an mdustrlous studlous ambttlous young man and a g eat rooter for A H S Murray spends most of hrs tame after sc too working In a confectlonery store and any extra time at has hobby of photography Murray hopes to enter college and became a dental surgeon KAINZ ALBERT Tennis Team? 3 4 Canary 2 3 Success IS the reward of contmued effort Assy As a boy has greatest ambltlon was that he mlght some day KALADY, HELEN ANN Kalady General Never worry It shortens your life Of course you know Helen, everybody does Shes a swell become sports edltor for some bug metropolntan newspaper H spends part of has leisure tame at the Y M C A, enloymg recrea tuon wlth the rest of hrs companlons He IS most actlve m baseball and basketball ln fact he spends most of the summer vacatnon playnng baseball as a member of the Allentown Cnty Hardball League person to know and has a great personallty As tar as studymg goes she does very lnttle and carnes as few books as posslble If she Isnt late for class she gets there lust before the bell rmgs Regard less at all her slap hoppuness, everyone who knows her us naturally her trlend She s a Candnd Camera Hend and can always be found un a darkroom, developmg puctures ot course Shes good competutlon nn any pmg pong game and also plays basketball and tennls Her one ambmon vs to someday tty m the Natrona! Arr Races and perhaps wan the Bendnx Speed Trophy Hockey 2 3 Canary and Blue Humor Staff 3 4 Basketball 2 3 4 HlstoncalSoc:ety, 4 Gym Club 2 Y W C A 3 4 Page One Hundred and Erght fd' -vp- V , nn vr , . J .1 . 1 . 1 1, , . - 1 1 2 , . 1 1 1 1 1 - .. .. , I r ,, . . . . . . ,, A 1 1 , , - Q . , . . . . . A 1 11 1. 1 1. . . .1 1 . e .. .1 11 1 . 1. , . , . . , . . . 1 . , . 1 1 2 1 1 1 1 H 1 1 1 1 1 .1 - - A .1 1 4 'OUZU' KAPLAN MARTIN Kappy Engmeermg and ScIence To the man who knows what he wants belongs the loy ol lIvIng Kappy I5 a member of the hard workmg engmeermg crowd Although he does not take part IH many extra currIcuIar actIvItIes he IS by no means shy and rehrlng BeIng one of the youngest members of the SenIor Class has been no handIcap to Kappy who IS always above par In has studues He hopes to prepare for medIcIne after graduatnon National Honor SOCle'y 4 KAROL RENEE Reen General One does not know cannot know the best that IS In one Reen IS a very surprIsIng person The more you know her the KAMYNISKE HELEN I I Commercual laughter In her eyes freckles on her nose Happiness follows wherever she goes She IS not very tall but when you are near her she fills you wnth glee Flfl doesnt belreve In bemg blue that IS why she IS always so happy and so much fun Although Flfl IS not a bookworm she manages quIte well and IS ready to help when called upon Lets hope her laughter follows her throughout the years KAROL ALEXANDER J Oukc lndustrlal In the shop he IS as busy as a bee In the classroom he works Indeflmtely hIm In has lane of work He IS no bookworm and he Isnt stupId but he compares favorably wIth any student here In the shop he IS as Interested as In the classroom whlch IS not usual In shop boys A pleasmg personalIty InItIatIve and a keen workmg bram wIll assure OIka a 'ob anytnme Basketball Manager 2 Football Manager, 3 more you realIze the wealth of her personalIty To a casual ac quamtance she seems quuet and demure Then suddenly she sprlnkles some of her wIt about and drops In o measure of phlloso phy Then you realIze what a charmlng and broad munded person she IS Reen plays the vIolIn and has become Interested In the modern dance But lhIS represents only a part of her Interest In the world Reen would IIke to study psychology It seems she has a natural aptItude for It Orchestra 3 4 French Club 4 Chorus 3 Natlonal Honor Soclety 4 Page One Hundred and N X , "F'f"' H I I I I I I - : - , I - . . .. 1 , . . I 1 l .. . .. , . , Oika is a rather quiet fellow, but not many of us come up to - , , I . . , . , : - , ,, A - . . H . .. U I . 7 . , , 2 , i , f ' ' I 4 I, . I i KEELEY KATHLEEN E Kay General Laugh and the world laughs with you Cry and you spoil your make up Sparkling blue eyes dark halr and a sunny smile thats Kay 0020 KASYCH HELEN Helene General Happy go lucky fair and free Nothing ever bothers me Helen as the kmd of a fruend to have Her keen sense of humor draws many people to her To strangers she appears senous quuet and shy but wnth her fnends she us muschlevuous gay and happy She IS kept busy with her studues She loves o dnve a car but her chlef Interest us un avnatuon She hasnt decnded whlch college she wlll attend She ns one of the best dressed gurls at school and a smcere gay entertammg fruend She us an ardent sports fan and a smooth dancer When Kay usnt drlvmg a red Ford shes studying Her charm and keen humor keep her an demand wherever she goes Kay nsnt sure where shell contmue her educatlon but we re sure that shell make the grade Dramatrcs 2 3 Cheerleading 2 3 Swimming Team 2 French Club 3 KEENE CHARLES lndustrnal Electrnc Shop Next to Edison the greatest Look everybody' the class of 4l comes through wath another Engmeerlng and Science The world belongs to the enthuslast who keeps cool Jack the last of the Keenan boys ns one of those splendud athletes un hugh school who us well up nn hns studles He has tned hard and prachsed long to be an excellent swimmer has been on the swnmmlng team every year m hugh school An Intelligent and fine loolung fellow capable of loyal frlendshup Keenan us an out standmg member of our class He expects to enter Lehngh Unaversnty next year to take up engmeermg We know he will succeed nn whatever he tnes Home Room Representative 4 Swfmmmg Team 2 3 4 Varsrty A 4 Keeme consplcvous first and presents Charley Keene the Blue Rlbboner of the Electnc Shop He demonstrates what Eduson once sand Gemus ns 99 0 perspnratlon and IQC mspuratnon only Charley uses ICZ7 perspsratuon and of1,1111p11.1o.on As soon as he steps out mto thus bag world the wheels of our Nataonal Defense Program wnll move much faster No one can apprecnote the courage he has used to pass through all twelve grades m twelve years The class of 41 wull pount wsth prlde to the name of Charley because he never had to take more than three exams at one tume Page One Hundred and T et! .1 1. 1 .1 . - I 1 - .. 1 . I U 1 1 1 . . . , . , . 1 , . .1 1 i , 1. 1 . , .I I I 1 1 . , .. . . . , . . , . . . I . 1 '1 1 1 ' 1 1 J ' ' 1 i KEENAN, JOHN "Jack" .1 - .1 1 1 1 - . I . .I . - '1 z ' ' 1 1 1 f , . l . .. 1 .1 - .. , . 1. .1 . , . 1 1 - 1 ,, . . . . 1. . . ., '7 1 1 . .. .. 1 01120 KEIPER JOHN Yunka General Science when well digested IS nothing but good sense and reascn John as a qunet chap wsth a cheerful smlle He lukes school an general and lakes to study science He mdulges un football baseball and basketball and devotes much tlme to lt after school In the summer Yunka ns a member of a softball team Bunldnng gas powered aurplanes IS has hobby KEISER EDWARD Kelser lndustrual Kenser IS the sort of lovable chap that makes fnends easuly He ns always ready for a good goke and always happy Wuthout studynng he trles to get as much out of school as he can KEISER GRACE E Gyqqe General Joy makes us gaddy dizzy Carefree alert lucky courageous all thus spells Grace She says she drnves a car but we doubt It she says she mtends to become a nurse and we beheve ut If laughter good humor 'oy and mlschlef bnng happmess and success then Grace wall be bcth happy and successful Wlth her personaluty we re sure she wull have good luck always l.e Cercle Francais 4 KELLER CATHERINE ELIZABETH Kltten Commercial like the wafers of the mighty deep Never quiet unless asleep Catherine as a brown hatred brown eyed gurl always ln a hurry When she passes all you feel as a breeze No one knows where she IS goung but we have our udeas She has many friends because of her own fnendlmess She IS fond of football games where she cheers untll she can barely talk Her movle star us Nelson Eddy She has seen every movle he as nn Page One Hundred and Eleven V l .. ,. x 1 v Y . . D . . I I g -L44 ' - t egg, I "Amusement is the happiness of those who will not think." . . ' . . .. - H , . ., , . .. , . , 1 , : ' . 1 ' 1 ' I I ' I I . I I , . I h I . .t .. Q - I - U . . . I . I . . , . , . - , 0020 KELLNER FREDERICK MILTON Fritz General Do well the duty that lies before you Say do you know thus Fritz? Well, if you don t we d like to tell you he s a fine fellow He is one of the busiest and most industrious fellows un school Never a dull or unoccupied moment in has day Hts many actlvltles and diversions include being an ardent sports fan he knows as much about big league baseball as anybody being a good muslclan skating and swimming being an honor student debating and looking at blondes He us probably best known as an accorduomst and hopes to make musuc his malor Happy tunes' KELLY DOROTHY CLAIRE Kelly General My tongue IS the pen of a writer Five foot two eyes of blue sounds rather mvmng doesnt ntl Well, Kelly has both She makes a hit with everybody and is one of the most popular gurls in the class She loves all sports great ambitions the current one is nursing Canary and Blue Solicitor 2 3 4 Home Room Representative 2 3 4 German Club 4 Chorus 2 3 Choir 3, 4 National Honor Society 4 KEMMERER HELEN M Goldie Commercial Her ways are ways of pleasantness Should you meet a pretty red head smiling and surprlslngly slow to anger call her Helen No matter haw disappointing thmgs seem to be she keeps sunny Her hair tmges those cute deep blushes ln spite of her Hne scholastic record she finds time to be a violinist In our school orchestra Orchestra l 3 4 KEMMERER MARY L Shorty Household Arts True friendship IS like true china Rich costly and rare Mary is another precious small package and always ready tor a good time Where there is a lot of laughter and talking that as practically senseless ninety nine chances out of a hundred, its Mary Her favorite expression is Gosh She has fun but is not rude she laughs but never insults Mary has no dehmte plans but she will arrive at some good resolution ' U 1 v' - l L 1 ' 1 1 1 2 5 . I . ' . , . 1 1 1 1 .1 , . .1 . - I I . . . I . and is a great supporter of A. H. S. activities. Kelly has several . . I . . ' ' ' 1 1 1 i ' 1 1 1 1 , - , . I I .. . . , . I ' . 1 I - 1 1 1 1 1 1 A . I Page One Hundred and Twelve 'OUIU' KERN E FREDERICK Brvtt General Honesty m school IS the pathway to success As a boy has chief mterest was to share what he had with others Now hns chuefmterests are baseball football and basketball In the company of hns frlends he loves to talk about baseball Has chnef ambmon as to get unto organuzed baseball whlch he learned by playmg sandlot ball wuth hrs fruends KERN ERNA Erna Commercual Merry friendly loyal true Cheery smiles and dimples too' Of course you know Erna who ns always wearung a grn and unforgettable dimples Behmd that cheery smlle though IS a good mlnd Erna gets hugh grades She IS competent mtelllgent and really a good all round gurl KERN KARL R Deacon Engnneermg and Science The :deal of courtesy wrt and charm Belueve It or not Karl has never spoken out of tum about any body He as one of the best lsked boys un the Senior Class because of hss gemal manner Has achlevmg suutable grades In school work does not hmder his soc al llfe Instead hes always at the head of the crowd Inst as we know he wnll be throughout lufe Congratulations Karl we re proud of you KERN LUCILLE KATHRYN l-WY General She rs a gallant creature and complete m mmd and feature Lucy IS a llttle but of a wlnnmg brunette with a smcere person allty Small as she IS she IS very much able to take care of herself She llkes to swnm dance uce skate and IS BDNIUSIGSTIC about all sports Lucllle plans to be a a nurse or somethmg and her varied abllltles make us belueve she wall be a success In any vocation she chooses Dramatlcs 3 Page One Hundred and Thirteen 00211 KICHLINE ROBERT HARVEY Butch General If a lattle knowledge as a dangerous thang none ot us as safe Butch as one of those fellows who can do practacally everythmg faarly well He as not an exceptaonal student, but no teacher of has has ever had to say that he was not cooperatave He as musacally anclaned an fact, he as a member of the A Capella Choar and an addataon he plays the trumpet the organ and the paano Has other actavataes are tennas, pang pong and ace skatang Has plans are to enter Muhlenberg next term and take the A B course A Capella Choir 4 KIESS WARREN H Kaessae General listen to much speak only what as tamely Kaessae, alert, determaned and good humored as a champaon both an the classroom and on the athletac field He Hnds specaal delaght an solvang problems or formulas the more dafflcult, the better Warrens anterests after school are davaded between a barn yard and a watchmakers bench A small workshop of has own and a habat of tallang the soal durang part of has summer vacataon, have gaven Warren consaderable valuable experaence an both fields An ardent bachelor he has a non agressaon pact wath the faar sex, at least temporaraly He laved safely thru the past leap year KINDRED DORIS LORRAINE Doras Commercaal A brow the harbor of faar thought And hair of flaxen hue A ready and able worker Doras usually succeeds an whatever KINDIG JOYCE oy Commercaal Judge by the questions asked not by the answers gaven Joyce as the garl who as a good student quaet an school but out of school talks a male a manute To have a true fraend as to have Joyce She as an actave member an clubs and wallang to help carry out plans You ll see her readang books an her spare tame pastang souvenars an her scrap book, or cheerang at football or basketball games Her hobbaes are dancang and readang Cadenzo Club 3 4 Commercaal Club 4 she attempts to do You never hear her grumble or complaan she can always Gnd somethang good an everythang Loyal and pleasant there as no doubt that Doras wall be an excellent secretary but she as also aar manded lf she takes up flyang she wall surely succeed because she as alert accurate and adept She wall laterally go for Nataonal Honor Socaety I .. a. i 4 . . I . . . I . , . - , . , . . . . I I . . . . . 5 . U . . . . . ' , I F . . . but this humble scribbler wonders how he will fare three years hence. , . . . I . . I A . . . I . , , f ' , - I . . . 1 I . . ' I . . . . I . , , . - Page One Hundred and Fourteen 01120 KISS ELSIE E ue General Much have I travelled in the realms of gold Ellie was president of the Girl Reserves in her sophomore year and is still an active member She dotes on tales of adventure and her biggest desire is to travel around the world Easy to get along with Ellie wants to be a telephone operator Put our number on your list Ellie and telephone 2 1941 Girl Reserves 2 3 4 KISTLER JOSEPH JCOP Commercial Beware beware there s wltchery a brewing lts hard to tell whether Jeep us better known for his arguing his freckles or his loud shirts He is an all round sportsman baseball basketball football stamp collecting roller skating ice skating sknng swimming model bulldlng ping pong and reading Joe is working hard nn school and expects to do some kind of office work KLECKNER ELAINE MAE s Commercial No fidget and no reformer lust A calm observer of ought and must Conscuentnousness and persistence have placed Sis in the upper stratum of scholastic personalities These qualities along with a genuine interest in people have won Sis a host of friends who Find her a trusty confidante shes never too busy to hear your story and to say the exactly right word Her agile fingers do credit to the keyboard. Sis hopes to work in a large office. National Honor Society 4. KLECKNER EVELYN C. "Evie' College Preparatory Cheerful company shortens the miles. When Evie is around you can always look forward to a good laugh. She stands five-foot three and a-half with eyes and hair both brown. Her favorite sport is swimming and her next support- ing the football team. Evie studies faithfully and gets good marks. Chorus 2 3 4- Girl Reserves 2 3. Page One Hundred and Fifteen EOIIZLI KLECKNER ROBERT B Bob Commercual Music hath charms Bob us a cheerful fellow greets everyone wuth cu smule us unterested un sports and musuc and untends to have an orchestra of hus own some day Although he doesnt play un hugh school games he has a keen unterest un all sports Bob has been cu cornetust un the Hugh School bond all through hus school career nd23 KLEGARTH JULIUS Industruol Skyward saul skyward Oh shup rn thy flught Juluus spare tume actuvuty us buuldung model aurplanes and he has a collectuon of more than twenty of them He us unterested un avuatuon ond has been awarded many honors for makung models of machunery Juluus enloys travelung and after he us graduated from hugh school he untends to loun the Marunes or to take a cuvul servuce exam unatuon for cuvul enguneerung KLEIN JEANNE ELIZABETH Jeannue College Preparatory You d have known her by the merrument that sparlrled un her eye Jeannue us well known for her hearty laughter and smules both of whuch udentufy her at school events and un the halls and class rooms Have a good tume whule you re young says she and dont thunk that she us not Iuvung up to that However Jeannue spends many long hours perfectung notebooks when she could be otherwuse en loyung herself Swummung uce skatung and tennus are the sports whuch she enloys most Jeanme would luke to become a se retary KLEPPINGER MARGARET LOUISE Peggy General Wuth atfectuon beaming an one eye and calculatuon shunung In the other Peggy has lust the rught personaluty and abuluty for an aur hostess She has a pleasant dusposutuon and us always ready to lend o helpung hand un tume of need and shell have lots of chance to use both Peggy expects to attend Skudmore College and they re sure to luke each other Here s good luck' Dramatucs Swummung 2 3 4 .u .- , . . I . . I . , . Ba , , , 4. , , , , . , I . I - . 1 l - . - . I .. . . , ., . I ' I I . , . . I . l . . ,, . . . . - , . - . - . I I ' l I I I ' Page One Hundred and Sixteen National Honor Socuety 4 Treasurer 4 Curl Reserves 2 3 4 KLINE CHARLOTTE CYNTHIA Shossne Commercaal Pretty as U picture bright as mercury Shossue ns that pretty petote chnc httle gal who looks luke a 01120 KLEPPINGER WM R Klepp General Never do today what you can do tomorrow Klepp ns one of those easy gomg happy go lucky fellows who stnll gets a reasonable amount of work done He has sharp enough eyes and wuts to become a basketball manager Klepp wull prob ably go far and have much nn worldly possessuons but we know he wnll keep has feet on the ground Basketball Manger 3 4 sophomore but IS really a sensor She loves to dance and to gutter bug Her one complamt ns that she never has anythmg to wear but you should see that wardrobe' In splte of a mama for chewmg gum she ss an A student and always has her homework done even though lt as a hurry up last mmute affolr When you get to know her youl have the best little friend ever Heres wlshlng her health wealth and happnness Girl Reserves l 2 3 4 Commercial Club 4 KLINE GEORGE George Scuence and Engmeerung Who thinks too much talks too httle George IS one of those lads whom you see a lot but donthear Kl.lNE DOROTHY MAE Dotfy Commercial Dark eyes a shy glance beware beware' Personaluty plus us the key to Dotty s frsendshlps She ns always golly and full of fun As soon as she dlscovers somethmg new she must tell ut to whoever may be around Her most recent accom pllshment us learmng to drlve a car Gul Reserves 4 much of He IS studlous and seems to get through hus classes easuly He tells us he would rather play has sax and clannet than dance anytime Besndes followmg the top notch swung bands hls favonte hobbies are football basketball, and baseball After graduatung he plans to goto a technical school where he wall take up engmeer 1ng and we all know he wull make good there Band23 Page One Hundred and Seventeen 1 11 .- , . . 11 11 1 1 1 - ' -. ,-2. 1 . 1 . p 'g we 1 , 1 ,nfffwv ,, . 1. , ' Z . . 11 1 . 11 , , 1 1 1 1 - ' - 1 1 1 1. - - 1 . . 1 1 - 1 I 1 1 I 1 - 1 I I 11 11 1 , .1 .1 1 ' 1 - . . 1 . 1 . ' 1 , . 1 1. 1. 1 ,, . - .1 , . . 1 . - , , . , . 1 1 - 00211 KLINE HENRY B General Let them call ut muschuef when tus prospered twull be vurtue Henry usnt the usual sort of a fellow consequently he us hard to understand To understand hum however us to apprecuate hus keen wut hus fine sense of humor and hus heartfelt sunceruty T possess hus fruendshup us to possess great wealth for he can always be relued upon un tume of need HBs ambutuon us to become a mul luonaure by becomung a promunent lawyer or a powerful manu facturer KLOTZ DONALD JEAN Don General Success beguns wufh a fellow s wull Dons glowung personaluty and remarkable talent at playung the puano have won hum a host of fruends especually wuth the four sex Don has the general course and has frequently attauned the honor roll Hus unterests center around golf and tennus, wuth a par tucular regard for dancung Don untends to study meducune German Club 4 Junuor Class Play Senuor Class Play Natuonal Honor Socuety A KLOTZ LINNIE MAY lf you want a thung well done do ut yourself Lunnue Heres a pleasantly quuet gurl whose muld manner covers a KNAUSS BETTY Betts General A good fruend us hard to fund here s one Bett may seem to be a quuet shy type of gurl but anyone delughtful personaluty She works steaduly and well, but us uust as fond of play as of work Her hobbues are puano and readung lt us certaun that she wull be a credut to her fruends and to her school Y closely acquainted wlth her wull Hnd her to be fun lovung and unde pendent Always ready to lend a sympathetuc ear Betty makes many a bundung fruendshup Cookung and musuc keep her dancung from kutchen to musuc room Betty would luke to travel to see foreugn lands Haul and Farewell Betts' Chorus 3 4 Page One Hundred and Eughteen 0020 KNERR DORIS ANNA Dgrry Commercucul The virtues are not poured unto us they are natural seek and you will fund them neglect and you wull lose them Dorus us a happy go lucky gurl who lukes outdoor sports skuung and uce skatung Luke many others she takes an occasuonal flop but that even professuonals can expect Dorry us also a great lover of dancung KNERR WILBUR C Wullue lndustrual Good thungs come un good bug packages Wulbur Knerr haulung from the quamt luttle tawn of Lanark one of the buggest fellows un the electrucal shop only tups the scales about 250 pounds maybe a luttle more or less Y 9 he us othletuc and musucal In hus sophomore year he ventured out for football but soon abandoned ut However he stull stacks to su-ugung and what would the Allentown Hugh Chorus be wuthout hum? Y W C A Gurl Reserves 3 4 Q- KOCH GRACE EARLINE Grocue Commercial If I can keep one heart from breaking I shall not have luved un vaun Gracue wuth her flashing happy gay dusposutuon could have many fruends but she would rather have a few fast and true than many mere acquauntances Gracue Iukes to dance but she can not and she does not luke to swum but she us a wonderful companuon for any other sport No matter what Grace starts we know she wull funlsh It KOEHLER ROBERT MILTON Bobby Commercual Every man us what he makes himself Bobby us one of those happy go lucky guys good natured and good mannered Bobby us not an honor student but he always manages to get by somehow He us a great booster of sports and us at all the games Hus great ambutuon us to work un an office or to 'oun the Army Whuchever he does we wush hum luck Page One Hundred and Nineteen , .. . . , 5 I I I - - . . I .. . l ' I . , . ,g I , , . , . . ..,. ,. . I .. . . l is Wilbur is a fine oun man and an excellent student. Besides, .,.-,.,, , .. I . . . , . . , . . . , . . . ' l I I - . , , - . , - - I - 1 ' I I 0020 KOHLER BETTY M Betty General Come and tnp lt as you go On the lrghf fanfashc foe Betty IS a great lover of swung musuc whuch IS the reason why she as seen at so many dances either glndmg nn the arms of her partner or gust standmg at the band stand tappmg her feet to the cant stand stall thythm of the orchestra Dont be afrand to ap proach Betty on any subgect for shes well read KOHR VIRGINIA D Gmny General Gmny supphes the car for the fun The gang supplies the gas to make It run Little Gmny wnth the lnght brown hair bug blue eyes wonderful personallty us well known throughout the school There us never a dull moment when Gmny IS around and she has lust as many fruends In Bethlehem Every mormng about enght twenty fnve she comes swervmg around Seventeenth and Turner Streets In her black sedan takmg along the policeman and whatever else happens to be ln her way Gmny may operate her own beauty salon she may loln the Voluntary Ambulance Corps m Brutam for the excltement but wherever Gmny wmds up shes bound to d somethmg with all her heart Dramatlcs 2 Y W C A 4 KONDRAVY PAUL Pauly General The boy who wakes up and funds himself famous hasn t been asleep Paul IS a quiet sort of fellow an school but he has made many fnends among students and teachers Luke all boys he engoys football basketball baseball all the sports Hls hobby lust now ns bulldmg model aurplanes his desire IS to be a salesman We predict hell sell hns stuff because he sure does know his stuff KONETZKA LARRAINE Romney Commercnal Here IS a spmt deep and crystal clear Although Romney doesnt often say much we all know that when she does talk she ns ssncere She offers her friends a fnend shlp that IS true and understandmg It IS not often that one finds her unhappy Weekends roller skatlng Ice skatlng and reading week days being a secretary -thats what Rainey wants. Page One Hundred and Twenty 00211 KORTVELY ELIZABETH MARY Betty CommercIal Personahty and a smrle can sway the world Elozabeth IS lIked and respected by all who know her for she has proved herself a happy and loyal fnend She regards study as an evIl but a necessary evIl She may not lead the honor roll but she knows what shes domg when It comes to shorthand and typewnhng For an all round good sport she IS our first nomma hon She lIkes swImmIng and plays a good game of basketball as forward ElIzabeth lnkes dancmg skatmg and goIng to the movles KOVACS CHARLES Charlue General He stops to pause upon the street To smIl at every damsel sweet Chorhe I5 an average student a lIkQbl6 chap whose maIn love IS football swummmg and baseball He has a great sense of humor and you hardly see hIm WIll'lOUl a smIle HIs other hobbIes Include travelIng and gurls for whom he shows much admIratIon Charles came to us late to flmsh In a good hugh school He expects bnds hIm farewell and th best of luck KRAMER JOHN jggk General An ounce of mirth IS worth a pound of sorrow Here he IS Jack the boy who loves to roam about the corndors KOZELNICKY JOHN B Johnny General GIVE me an open road and the call of the wIld Johnny IS a dark vutal fellow who seems qulet but can be anythIng the occasuon calls for ln spIte of hls happy go lucky aIr he has a lot of Intelllgence and I5 really consclentlous about hIs work He lIkes the wIde open spaces and hunts annually HIs Interest Includes automobules and sports Just a regular all round fellow you re proud to call frIend He may go to college unless the lure of the open road changes hIs plans and Hurt wIth all the pretty gurls Jacks burmng Interest IS all out door sports HIs chIef advantage IS a bnght and Iovual humor whIch keeps htm from all worry .lack never stops talkmg except to eat HIs chatter IS well known In these parts The school that gets Jack wIll have a fine fellow Dramatrcs 2 SWIMMIHQ Team Manager 2 3 O O his life work to be connected with some phase of sports, and A. H. S. Page One Hundred and Twenty-One KRATZER ESTHER JUNE Esse General Lo this us she that was the world s delught Do you know your mathematucsz Well then take the unknown quontuty x plus any kund of delucuous chocolates plus Cedar Beach or Mealeys Sxatung Runk and duvude by a certaun Wenz Memorual heart throb and you tlnd your unknown x us gust Esse And dont soy you ve never seen her Shes at every hugh school game Her wullungness to help, and her sheer delught un beung aluye all make KRAUSS PAULENE M JEAN Polly Commercual Happy go lucky Brught eyed and spunky A swush of skurts o soft tread and here laughung blue eyed blonde haured Polly comes runnurug A very line gurl she does taurly well un school, has brauns when she wants to use them but us more Interested un skatung and dancung Polly us an udeal companuon 0020 KRAMER STANLEY H Stan Scuence and Enguneerung And grasps the skurts of happy chance Now we come to Stanley Kramer Allentown Hughs guft to Muhlenberg where he wull study for hus Bachelor of Scuence degree Stan us u tall slum fellow whose four good humor us overhowung Gllung hus fnends wuth contunuous cheer He wull be long remembered by hus classmates A pung pong enthusuast an amateur chemust a drummer Stan has the qualutues necessary to become a success un the Great Adventure Lute KRAUSE RICHARD H Duck lndustruol The shop sheuk usn t so meek Duck s goung to be a machunust, but now un class he us a crooner, he us always euther sungung or hummung He s fruendly and wullung to share whatever he has He lukes to go to dances and loves to work when the work us unterestung Duck doesnt talk about gurls, but he rates hugh wuth them, and when you come down to brass tacks many a tume you see hum at a dance wuth some gurl or gurls He wants to own a car and to do a lot of travelung Page One Hundred and Twenty Two , I - .. ., u , . u , - ' l u I u 1 , , . - , u , .. . . . . , Esse a known quantity. .. . .u , . I I . . . , . . , . . . - , u K, , . .. ' ' I . ' I I ' I ' I . . l , t t 0020 KRESSLEY GEORGE JOHN Jntterbug Scuence and Engeneermg l see and appreciate better thmgs I follow worse A personahty which emnts an our of nntlmate frlendlmess and cheerfulness, blendung harmonnously wnth physlcal aspect average proportions gray green eyes and llght brown hour dlshnctly marks our protagonist Dancing and swlmmmg constitute hus outside actnvltles when tame permits His flour for a musucal career us balanced by has ombltnon to enter college In the scuentnflc course but only tvme wull tell which lt IS to be Band 2 3 4 Orchestra 4 KROPP MILTON Lucky Industrlal Better late than never Milton IS an industrious young man easy to get along with easy to luke Lucky displays has Varsity A receuved for bemg o football manager He expects to go to lehngh Urwerssty and to be a full fledged electrical engmeer Perhaps however he wnll become a sample electrncnan and follow the trade he as now trauned or Football Manager 3 4 Varsnty A Club 4 KRUPKA WALTER Krup General After the plane starts rollmg Ill turn to my mlrages which are perfectly outlined against the horizon Walter us a swell fellow well liked by all hls friends He lukes swnmmmg un fact has been a member of the swnmmmg team for three consecutive years Walter loves to rude horse back, to travel to dance and to have lots of fun but someday he hopes to enter West Pomt Mllltary Academy as a flymg cadet KUCIRKA JOHN Johnny Industrial Cabinet Makmg You can t get ln Dutch with airplanes but with women look out' Johnny ns the kund of a fellow who makes a clambake out of anythlng, even gomg to school He s one of the best wood butchers we have and spends has unoccupued tame fallowmg up oeronautlcs Hes a great guy to get along wuth, and usnt nearly so quset or bashful as he looks, gurls Page One Hundred and Twenty-Three 62011211 KUHNS BURTON THOMAS Shorty Commercial Somethrng well done IS better than well sand Shorty walks through the halls carrylng as few books as possuble so he wont straen hlmselt He as always happy and lolly elther an a group or alone He ns fond of baseball football basketball and rldmg around on hrs bicycle KUHNSMAN DONALD L Don General Sun treader hte and lrght be thme forever Don IS a tall s lm debonalr young fellow He as a keen quuck mmded student what the teachers call quuck on the up take Always busy If Don IS not worklng on has paper route he s at home euther studymg or readlng for Don reads a lot of the very best books He says he plays baseball basketball and the trumpet Dons a fellow that flmshes everythung he starts and llkes to do everythung well Thus makes hum a man lukely to succeed The school congratulates hum and IS proud of has kmd KUNKLE RACHEL MAE Rae Commercual A day of toll an hour for sports But for a fnend lrfe s all too short Rachel ns one of the shortest sensors nn A H S But dont thunk that her size stunts her knowledge Rachel has an lntelllgent mmd and uses It all the tame Although Rae has been makung a certaen grocery store a more cheerful place that IS not her greatest ambutlon She hopes to become a stenographer m some Important o'fnce some day KURTZ ELSIE ROSE Ach Commercual Some eat to live but she lives to eat Ach ns a lnvely and happy go lucky person when shes not un a daze She loves to eat Her favonte dlsh as first all kunds of food second food and thnrd more food Luke all commercual students she expects to be a pnvate secretary Some of her tume as devoted to study and the rest of her tume to pleasure Page One Hundred and Twenty Four , AA ' I ' vv - t . , , I - .. - - . .. , . . ,. . . . i I ' I ' I - .. . H , - . t 1 1 . , , . , ., . . . l National Honor Society, 4. , 1 , . . . . . ' . , A "7 l T I .. .. , . I I . . . I . P I I I . l I I . . KUSHINICK ANNA Annle General I wandered lonely as a cloud That floats on high o er hill and dale Anme as a qunet lukable gurl wuth lught hair and gray eyes 0010 KURTZ MILTON Mn t General Only the happy are truly great Malt has dnstmguvshed hlmself wxth hls happy go lucky dlsposu tuon whrch we are sure has much to do with has popularuty He IS a cheerful chap and a flne sport Hus favorite pashmes are football basketball and the opposlte sex We cannot prophesy Malt s future but whatever ut ns we wnsh hum success and happiness Cofr234 rather shy and domestucally mclmed but a grand compamon Anme lukes badminton tenms knnttung and sewmg and some day hopes to travel to remote corners of the world She has a love of solltude and we all wnsh her luck In her roam mg trlps to remote corners of the earth Anme enloys classical music and has some vague Ideas about mtenor decorating-she says shes stubborn and very proud whlch she thinks very lrntatlng Historical Society 3 LAGOSKY KSENIA Kay Commercial Sllence IS golden Ksenla IS the most studnous person well ever see always worrymg about her studies and anxnous to be an honor student which she usually IS In the class room she always pays attention nothlng can dustract her She has a charmmg personaluty and can talk easily with anyone who comes along Her hobbies are reading and sewung It wont be long before we see Ksenla a prlvate secretary Grrls Glee Club I Student Council I Girl Reserves 3 4 Commerclal Club 4 LAHR MARY ELIZABETH Mary General Thou speakest wiser than thou art aware of Mary has the cheerful dlsposltnon that makes for popularity She PUHICIPDICS m all kinds of sports IS studlous and will make a good nurse Luck to her us the wlsh of everyone who knows her Girl Reserves 2 3 4 Chorus 4 German Club 4 Page One Hundred and Twenty Five , , I .. .I.. .. .. f . - . all , . , , . h', . , . ' . .. . , . ., f . . . I . . Q I I ' , I . . .. . at times, but we never found it out. , , . , . . . . I , , - 1 ' , 2 ', i ' , , f , . l 1 Y I , I I I ' f , , f 1 1 1 - '- 4'. .'l ' 5 N ..- 'OIIZU' LAMBERT RALPH H Ham Industrial Machine Shop Study' Why? Ralph I5 an atfable perso1 He hopes some day to land a bug lob as a machlmst Ham s hobby IS model rallroadmg and hes quute an expert He can 'oust and also dance LAMBERT NORMA ELIZABETH Lambert Household Arts Make two grins grow where before th ra was only o grouch Although she takes her work less senoasly than others Norma hkes school Her ambntson to beczm a dressmaker IS born of her love for sewmg She ns invaluable too m keepmg her neughbors from benng too wholly downcast LAUDENSLAGER RICHARD F Pee Wee Engmeerung and Sclence l never thmk of the future ll comes soon enough Pee Wee us mterested un mathematlcs and scnences H n mterested un alm st every kmd of sport but he seems to luke basket ball and :ce skatung best For hobbles Indoors he hkes pmg pong and readlng magazines and books He has played the bass horn un the hugh school band for three years and was also on the band basketball team After he flmshes hugh school he mtends to go to Penn State where he wlll take up englneermg Bn234 LAURENT LORRAINE BLANCPE Lee Commercial She has a way about her how shall l say Demure yet blfth yet gay Pretty brown eyes and a sunny dlsposltlon dlstlngulsh Lee Her kindness and her sympathetic ways make her a true and welcome fnend She plays a good game of badmmton and engoys swnmmmg and golf Her hobby as collectmg records from Bobby Byrnes to Beethoven When not out on dates she studues her short hand for she would be a stenographer Girl Reserves 4 Page One Hundred and Twenty S11 , .. . 5 . . .. S . , - , , , ,f j X i , . - , , . Q 7 . Q S ,lf : I . , - , Gd, , , . , . , , . Q ,. , -, - . , . I ' , . , . 620010 LEAR ROBERT .l Bob General All mankind loves a lover Handsome gnnnmg Bob Cahforma s guft to A. H S IS one of our most popular athletes ln harness on the gndlron for two years Bob proved hlmself a thoroughbred Reallzmg the nmportance of study Bob applies hnmself with a wull to hls school work and hls keen mathematical mmd wall make hum an excellent enguneer Football 3 4 Varsity A 4 LEDERMAN BEATRICE ROSE Bebe Commercnal Out of breath to no purpose and very busy about nothing Full of vlm and vlgor ever on the go always ready to boost anythmg that needs boasting and to do any one a favor who needs a favor done that IS Bebe Dnd you ever see so many freckles? If there were a freckle contest Bebe would lo e It would take a lefetnme to count them LEIBENSPERGER HARRY A JR Jumor Commercnal Never hurried, never warned never dangerously concerned Good humored and serious, but not senous enough to take hus LFBENSPERGER BETTY GERTRUDE lelby Commercial Pleasant company shortens the mrles Betty has light haw and brown eyes and always a smule for you She us well lmed by all who know her She enloys the movues swimming dancmg and readmg mterestlng books Her chief ombutuon ns to become a telephone operator and we hope to hear her pleasant hello for a long tlme to come school work to heart too much, Harry intends to graduate from A H S , but he usn't goung to be an honor student Thus lad hopes to be an ace newspaper man when he leaves school, and according to mdlcahons he us goung to be a great success He lakes all work except school work, and does odd 'obs after school, mcludmg the runnmg of hrs newspaper and magazune stand Harry IS not hard to get along wath, and we believe he wull be a success an the work he chooses O O gil ' I .. .. . . . . . . . V l I 1 . I' - l - - 1 Q . I I I . 1 . . s . Y . . . I Page One Hundred and Twenty-Seven 011211 LEISER MARIAN C Morgan General A friend to have and to hold Not so very tall but oh so very quuet Maruon guven a luttle tume usually comes through wuth flyung colors Her enthusuasm for sports runs sky hugh basketball partucularly Even though scholostuc bouquets arent thrown her way she manages to float through lufe wuth nonchalance her untentuon beung to have fun The busuness world wull claum her unless fate unter venes Best of luck anywhere LENHART FREDERICK C Frutz lndustrual Cabunet Makung futher a good fob or o gurl wuth cash Frutz has a double ambutuon He us undecuded whether to work un a furnuture factor or to marr a gurl wuth money All spcrts course whuch he lukes so well LENTZ BAIRD ud Commercual Go forth wuth musuc un your heart Baurd us a good notured fellow wuth many fruends He looks ahead to the tume when great orchestras wull play hus arrangements of popular tunes for he wushes to become an arranger of musuc Lots of luck and may we otten hear your arrangements ofthe newest songs Swummurug 2 Chour 2 3 4 Chorus 2 3 LeVAN CLYDE ud lndustrual The world knows luttle of our great men Bud us the quuetest and most studuaus fellow un hugh schoal Be cause of thus vurtue he us popular wuth hus teachers and fellow students Bud has the art of lust gettung around and maluung new fruends especually among the gurls Wuth the knowledge ot all thus we wush Bud the greatest happuress and success Page One Hundred and Twenty Eught I - .. . .. .. - ,. I D I . I . . , . -. , . . . . , I . . , ' - . , . , . .. - - - . .. , . . . Y Y . . . I movies, and girls take up his time when he is not workung at hus I ..B .. '1 . .. 4 - . .. I . ' , ' ' , i '. , , 1 , , u I I UB ., .. - -v , , . . I I I . 6201120 LeVAN DANIEL Danny Commercial A smrle doesn t cost a thing but means a lot Here s a man for you Danny s the fellow you see going through the hall with an ever ready word of greeting for everycne he me et Danny has two ambitions one is to be a radio announcer and the other a reporter for some great newspaper We re all pulling for you Danny and we know whatever field you enter, you re sure to be tops Swimming 2 4 LEVINE SOLOMON SGW' Science and Engxneerung Nature has given the opportunity of happiness to all knew they but how to use tt Solomon Levme is that fat chubby tall fellow usually found in the center of the loudest laughter for he has a flne sense of humor Sol is active in the Historical Society at Allentown High School and regrets that lack of time keeps him from other activities After school Sol learns about salesmanship at his fathers shoe store Sol as helpful to anybody who needs his and to master has school work He is a happy go lucky fellow apparently not caring much for anything but when he concentrates things happen He one day hopes to be an engmeer Sol is taking the Science and En gmeerlng course and plans to go to Lehigh University Historical Society 3 4 Home Room President 2 National Honor Society 4 LEVY SHIRLEY Shirl College Preparatory Cunaslty is a valuable trait No new interest that Shurl devotes her time to ever surprises her friends for they are completely aware of her limitless abilities Although she is a dabbler in the arts music, dancing drawing ard acting she manages to crowd time into her waking hours to go on hikes and collect rocks to read some books, and somehow get to school with at least part of her homework done To spice It all Shirl has a keen wit and a depth of senous thought To Shirl s varied interests her alertness to the world her cunosnty about things nn general she adds tolerance of other people and respect for their opinions a grand combination French Club 4 lPresidentI Class Play 3 Dramatic Club 2 3 National Honor Society 4 LEWIS SARAH MARY Sally Commercial Merry friendly loyal true This queer old world needs more like you You always find Sally smiling and laughing makmg her dolly rounds in A. H S giving everyone a big Hi there' Yet with all her light-heartedness she never forgets her studies. Shes a great sport enthusiast and seldom misses an A. H. S. contest. The lass hopes to become a stenographer and we hope she will but the heart and the mind dont always run in the same track. Smooth sailing and shiploads of luck! Commercial Club- Basketball 1 2- Home Room Representative 4- Canary and Blue Solicitor 3. Page One Hundred and Twenty Nine 'Olllll' LICHTENWALNER ARNOLD Arnue lndustrual When he rude: to fame ut wull be un a Graham Arnold Luchtenwalner a garage boarder leaves only by the bosss order or when ut us tume to sleep or eat He us a comucal fellow and any uoke we tell hum he repeats at the garage on Eughth Street Arnue a self named auto mechanuc wull take on any work he can luck Luchty lust naturally lukes cars especually Grahams whuch he calls nufty LICHTENWALNER MAE B Mae General Dark brown haur pretty brown eyes Have been the cause of many long long sughs Mae seems quuet and dugnutled but those who know her find her happy go lucky and ready for a good tume Her captuvatung looks and pleasung personaluty have made her popular When you dont see Mae around for a few days you can very well guess that she us at her favorute hude away Blue Heron Lake Mae expects to be a fashuon desugner and she ll be one of the best German Club 3 Gurl Reserves 3 4 lndustrual LIEBL PAUL Doc LIEBERMAN GEORGE George Scuence and Enguneerung Teach errung man to spurn the rage of gaun Though very poor may stull be very blest He lukes musuc dancung pretty gurls and hes goung to be a neuro surgeon that s George un a nutshell lf he has tume he d luke to see the world before he s thurty A lanky easy goung blonde George has all the attnbutes of success untellugence personaluty and fruends He plans to study at Perkuomen Prep Hes bound to get ahead Electncal Shop There x no future un ut Paul us a splendud fellow to get along wuttu and a pretty good electrucuan He expects to become foreman of the P P L L s trouble shooters because he lukes hugh voltages Our Electruc Shop unstructor told us all electrucuans must be a luttle screwloose and he s rught last week Paul lut a match to see whether he had tumed out hus bed lamp before gomg to bed Doc us helpung the natuorual defense program by rausung homung pugeons camouflaged wuth red whute and blue trupes on theur wungs for udentuficatuon Thus hobby and photography have a bug place an hus days Q I I . A . I - . I . - f , I ' .. .. " ' i u 1 i ' , , . .. . . I Teach him, that states of native strength possessed, . . I . I . I . . - v . . Q . ' . . ' I - . I : . . ' . I . . . . ' . . I . . I . I . I 5 . . Page One Hundred and Thirty 620020 LIEDNER EARL Sonny lndustrual Machune Shop When you lose one End another Heres a cute lookung quuet bashful sort of fellow wuth a wonderful personoluty He us not bashful wuth the lndustrual boys but when ut comes to the gurls Earl us lust sunk Sonny us one of the good machunusts of the Semor class and hopes to cantunue tus trade un the business world He says he us goung to devote most of hus tume to hus work and to some one gurl LILLY MELBA ARLINE Me Commercual Art shall be the classuc of the Years lf you are un need ofa fruend gust get to know Melbo She has a pleasung personoluty and gets along well wuth her fruends She has a lovely smule whuch helps her along wth her art Yes Melba wants to be an ortust All those of A H S hope she wull do what she wants Good luck Melbo LINDENMUTH FRANKLIN JOHN Lundy LINDENMUTH HELEN Lundy Commercual l am a feather for each wmd that blows Helen us tall four haured appears to be very seruous but really us happy go lucky never worrues about homework but always manages to pass her subuects Accountung comes to her luke maguc Her sunny aur and wunnung smule wull help her to get a posutuon Retail Sellung Sometumes windy but always fruendly Lundy clear un thought word and deed can always be looked to for companuonshup Always un the halls he has books un one hand and the other hand un has pocket He us always wullung to make new fruends and never forgets the many fnends he already has The busuness world wull find hum ready wullung and capable of work Hus chuef unterest us to get knowledge wuth musuc a constant ac companument Page One Hundred and Thurty One .1 1- 1 v I ' 1 . . . N 1 I I - 1 , . , , .1 .. , I ,, . 1. . . , ll . 11 1 .1 . . . 1, , , 1 1 1 1 , . 1 1 - l . w 1- . 11 1 .1 . .1 1 ' 1 1 ' ' 1 1 ' LISICKY ANTON nz Ind Jstnal Dld you ever see a dream wallungf Luz IS o calm young fellow wuth a serlous face o fine specimen of braun and braun He knows all the gurls and lust hates to leave school with all these pretty sophs runnmg around When Anton graduates he wlll show the mdustnol world how I l s done He IS a fine mecham and dlSlll1CllVe photographer Anton says that when he gets out of school he us going to devote hns tume to cars cameras and a but of flurtmg LITZENBERGER, CARSON Lutzy Commercial Trouble may come and trouble may go let It go Lutzy popular sports fan IS seen at all basketball and football games He strlkes at trouble and laughs has wornes away lltzy IS teased for has tall stones of game and flshmg expenences Good odvnce IS Lltzys very longest sunt 0020 LIPKO WlLLIAM Smiley Industnol Hvgh heaven the footstaol of has feet he makes A lover mdeed IS thas luttle boy Smlles who never knows a gloomy moment Wllham us o true follower of the school flag A llttle rowdy sometimes Wlllnam IS nevertheless an excellent pattern maker and expects to have has own shop We wush hum the best of luck LITZENBERGER BLAIR I 1 Industrial Pnntmg Loves to live and Lfves to love Blanr I5 another one of that never ending lme of prmters He s always thmkmg of something smart Whenever theres a corrml tuon In the hall you re sure to find lltzue argumg He hlkes and camps and ns a Hrst class camper at that Heres wushung Lutzle all the luck ln the world A H S Prmters Club l Page One Hundred and Thirty Two 1 , , e .. . .V ' 1 Q. K .. ' . .1 I f 1 .. . .. I l. ,, . . .. I . . . .,.. . , . . 1 1 ... .. I Lt t. - - vv - . . . . , . . . , . . . . . . . 1 . - . . . . . , 1 . . . . . . , , l l ... .- ., - H , . 4 I . . . . . ' C0020 ' LOBACH MILDRED Mackey Commerclal Let all thy converse be smcere Mlckey IS an mterestmg person who cannot take anythmg senously Danclng takes up mast of her tume although she IS domestuc enough to sew and kmt She IS a loyal A H S supporter too Her ambltlon IS to be an expert accountant Wnth her wmnung smlle and attractlve personality surely there are great thlngs m store for her G1rl Reserves 3 LOESCH WARREN ALFRED College Entrance an Arts S1lence as the gratrtude of true affechon Here IS a qulet sort of a boy who frequently slts keepmg hls thoughts to hlmself and then agaun he laughs as loud and long as the rest He as a firm bellever ln hard study but not an over exertnon and he s always ready to do hls share of any 'ob He s an optarmstnc chap always Iookmg for the best but not lgnormg duscouragements whuch sometlmes get hum down Hls tramlng an two of the musncal organlzatnons of the school will be of asslstance to hum m the mmlstry he s chosen to enter Chorus 2 3 4 A Cappella Cho1r 2 3 4 l.at1n Club 4 LITZENBERGER STANLEY Lltzy Industrial A wasecracker rs seldom well behaved Stanley brnght Iught 1n the electnc shop has talent to become a very good electrncnan but hns torgetfulness often gets hum an trouble He ns good at making wnsecracks at the wrong tame Hrs weldmg us coming along fine Someday he may be able to weld a broken alumunum paperhanger LOCH LUTHER D Luke Sclence and Engmeermg Science well dagested IS nothing but good sense and reason Luke s fnendshlps are based on the very fundamentals of un derstandmg and smcernty He has gained a host of fnends thrcugh hns congemallty and hus dynamnc personaluty Besndes playmg the clarmet and tenor sax and runnmg hls pnvate chemlcal lab Luke us also Interested ln bowlmg pool pang pong readung dancmg and outdoor sports Lucky as a good student headed for chemucal enguneenng at Lehugh where we know he wnll strlve for new helghts In chemistry and feel that he wall flnd a httmg place In the World of Tomorrow Band l 2 3 4 Natlonal Honor Society 4 Loeschue Page One Hundred and Thirty Three 11. 11 1 11 - - 11 1 1 I . 1 11 - 11 1 . 1 . . .. , 1 , . 11 11 , . 114 - - - 11 1 1 . 1 . . 1 1 1 1 ' 1 1 1 . 1 1 1 11 1 1 i 1 - 11 .11 1 11. . . . 11 1 1 . - , 1 . . 1 ... 1 1 .1 1 111i 111i 1- LORlNG BETTE C Chncken General I m quite small I ll grant you all Bul I don I care my beau IS tall Chncken ns a grand sport nn and out of school Luke all blondes she ns nenther too brught nor too stupud lust average Danclng ns her hobby and she can be seen at almost every dance cuttang a mlghty flne rug Bette mtends to be a nurse but from other mdnca tnons and the medal she always wears we feel nursmg as only a fancy LUNDA DONALD L Lunda College Preparatory A good laugh IS sunshine lh a house No one gets a bugger luck out of a poke than Donald does Classroom qokes are his specnalty Underneath has qunck wut however one finds a very level headed person lf Donald s amuable dlsposmon werent so effectlve hns love for argument would get hum mto trouble He IS havmg a hard tame Hgurmg out lust what lund of a future he wants but consndermg hns latent possnbulmes hell get along 0020 LONG STANLEY Nutsy lndustrlal Pnnter Eventually they all learn Stanley us a bashful boy when gurls are around but among the fellows he takes has own port most effectively Nutsy speclaluzes nn huntnng and Fnshmg He us a good sportsman Stanley IS talung up pnntmg and gettmg along fine In a few years hell be one of our Ieadmg pnnters at some local concern which he wall probably own When he has reached thus pomt he plans to go on a vacation wnere Push and game are plentaful lndustrual Machme Shop love IS a pleasmg but a vanous cllme Johnny IS a pretty swell fellow although he has a bad hablt of taking the other fellows gurls out Its has good looks and has personalnty that enable hum to do thus ln hls own estnmahon he IS a swell dancer but he s the only one who thmks so Some day he hopes to secure a 'ob m the Bethlehem Steel Co probably to take Eugene Graces lob Page One Hundred and Thnrty Four 0 I y I l ' - LUCIK, JOHN, JR. "Johnny--The Flying Malkmmv' 0200211 LUNDA DOROTHY ANN Dotty General Fvery artlsl dips hrs brush ln hls own soul and paints his ow1 nature into his pictures Conscuentnous and smcere m her schoolwork Dorothy as never the less full of fun and pep Her chief charactenstlc ns her adeptness at malapropnsms whlch sometimes are very amusing To strangers she may appear to be reserved and aloof but to her mtnmate fnends she ns open hearted and lovable Dorothy shows talent un the Held of art and hopes to make commercnal art her career Natlonal Honor Society 4 MacCONNELl. JACK Mac General My pockets hold nothing Jack a smulmg lad of seventeen ns extremely compamonuble and always lovnal a he man In every respect even uf he does call at her house more frequently than he goes to the Lnttle Palestra Macs keen wut and personaluty enable hum to wm the esteem of all hus fruends Although at present the pngle of wampum In has packets enchants hum hls future lmgles wuth promised happmess Dramatfcs 2 Gym Team 3 4 MAHLER JANE DORIS Jlnny General When your studies pile too deep Close your books and go to sleep Jane seems happy go lucky and carefree but she manages to stay home all exammatnon week Jane enloys dancmg swimming Ice skating, a thrllllng football game, and sewing Tell her that her dress IS pretty and she wll mvarlably answer Thank you, I made ut She excels ln piano playnng, and hopes some day to have a studlo other own German Club 4 MALLES LEWIS Louie General Men llke hum make the world go round Never studying too hard or too luttle Lowe made has studles a pleasure He played nn almost every sport, Including golf and :ce skating an whlch he excels lnterested ln avlatlan slnce a child Loule mtends to study aeronautical enganeenng at college Wrestling 4 Page One Hundred and Thirty Flve A Cappella Cholr 4 Chorus, 2 3 4 Y W C A 2 3 4 61011211 MALONE SAMUEL A Sammy lndustrual Cabunet Makung Those who know hum never forget hum Samuel us a tall dark haured lad wuth sparklung brown eyes and pearly teeth Samuel us called the good humor man un shop He never has a dull moment un the shop neuther do hus teachers He Iukes to keep up wuth all the sports and to meet new fruends See hum any day druvung hus statuon wagon on the back roads and Ioadung ut down wuth gurls MANUSKY CONSTANCE Conme Comm ercual A sweet gurl wuth sweet ways Constance Manusky of Hazleton us a very quuet and attractive student wuth blonde hour brown eyes and a pleasung smule Even though she has luttle Interest un sports she bowls occasuonally Foot ball and dancung are munor unterests mavles especually comedues and romances are her mauor unterest Shell be a stenographer or a clerk un a leadung department store MARCIN JOHN Mertz lndustrual Machune Shop MARCKS JAMES Abe lnduitrual Somethung learned us somethung earned Abe us un the Cabunet Shop of Allentown Hugh School Instead Get me machinery I m ready to use ut And whule I walt I ll get education Thus dark haured dark eyed young man spends hus spare tume readung detectuve storues or playung basketball He lukes all the other sports too Mertz prefers happy go lucky people to the more quuet ones but he lukes them all He wants to be a mochunsst but at he got the chance he d go to college first of usung a mallet a chusel or other cobunet shop tools he would rather ploy baseball basketball or football or more football Just recently he starred on hus ne gh :orhood team at end posutuon Page One Hundred and Thurty Sux su u , . lu . - un . -1 uu . I . 1 ul . ut 1 u - - ru 1 1 1 1 - 1 - ' I 1 . . u , . 1 tu - v 1 . . , . ,u , . . I . I . . . ' 1 . u u. uu 1 u - - 1 uv 1 1 1 1 1 - 620020 MAREK HELEN Dracula General For hs the mvnd that makes the body rlch Helen ns among the group who engoys theur school work and constantly seeks after new knowledge Science rates first as the most lnterestmg of all sublects says Helen She llkes to play the plana and during her spare time collects stamps Lufe us grand says Helen too grand ever to weaken National Honor Society 4 MARINE JEAN C Jeanarme General She has burlt her hopes upon rock A luttle mass who really knows her way around Jeanarme ns a versatile dancer Her ballet as as good as her gltterbuggmg As for her acrobatlc prowess hes captam of the gurls gym team too and proves outstanding an the gym exhubltlons Jeananne Isnt flckle anymore S1es small whuch IS slughtly amaznng con sldermg that shes ready wullmg and able to eat three times more than the usual three meals a day Jeanannes laugh IS contaguous and shes loads of fun She wants to be a dancer Her many fnends are looklng forward to seemg her as one of the Rockettes or Gae Foster Gnrls Gym Team l 2 3 4 MARONE ANDREW R Andy General Worry? let lt run away live a life and live fl gay Andy us a happy go lucky fellow takes thmgs as they came MARISS MARY T Mar Commerclal Tvs the mmd that makes the body nch If you ever meet Mary the first umpressnon youll get wnll be that she IS a happy gurl who wants to make friends and to keep them She can tell stones and lakes wlthout belng as many of us are sarcostlc Happmess IS the keynote of her personality and no matter what happens you can always be sure ofa ready and wullmg fnend As she IS always honest Mary makes at a pomt to keep her promlses For a steady athletuc and honest friend look up Mary Although he Isnt tops In hls schoolwork he ns a fine fellow and manages to get along wnth every one Andy s hobby ns music He plays th accordnn and the pnano and he can sung too Sports also Interest hum Football basketball and ace skating are no task to hum When he leaves hugh schocl he plans to go to Vnrgnma Mllltary lnshtute where he hopes to learn to serve has country Chorus 2 3 4 ACappella Chofr 3 4 Stage Manager 3 4 , , .. - 1 1 4 1 . ll- 1 , . .. .. .. , . - , . , . .. - .. I . . . . . I I . . . . T . A I 1 ' . I . 1 1 , , - .HL . , . U.. - - ,. . . . . . I 8 .... I , - I . ' . I . . . - I I , - , . . . . . ,, 1 I 1 1 I 1 I . f S . . I . I ' ' I I - - 1 , . , , , i ', , : , , - Page One Hundred and Thirty-Seven Chorus 2 3 4 ACappella Choir 2 3 4 Hlsforlcalsocuely 0020 MARQUARDT JEAN BARBARA Marky General The music rn lhus maiden s vouce Thrulls owes and del ghls you Be sure you know how to pronounce Jeans last name before sayung ut for muspronuncuatuon of ut us one of her maun annoyonces Thus tall attractuve gurl hopes to become a school teacher, a pro fessuon un whuch she undoubtedly wull succeed As a member of the a Cappella Chour she stars as the contralto soloust Her chouce mom ents of leusure are spent playung the organ whuch she prefers to the puano Here s good luck and success to a swell gurl 3 4 German Club 4 MARTH GEORGE Sparky lnduslrual Electruc Shop We shall muss hum when he leaves buf we shall never forget hum George us the spark of the Electruc Shop Hus spark wull glow brught after he leaves the shop and seeks a 'ob as on electrucuan He us a good sport and always the shock of the crowd But he knows when to put hus mund on hus work JS. u I MARTZ WILLIAM JOSEPH u Commercuol He was a man take hum for all m all I shall nof look upon hus luke agaun Bull us reserved good natured always smulung and leads hus MARTUCCI VIOLET MARY Tools Commercual Bruel let me be Tools us a laughung gay spuruted lass wuth more than her share of good looks chormung personaluty and a good natured dus posutuon A great lover of sports a swell rugcutter and o Y W Gurl Reserve are lust a few of her varued actuvutues We know shell succeed un clerucal work Gurl Reserves 3 4 class un good humor He us courteous to everyone thus, and hus chormung personaluty and naturally cheerful dusposutuon have earned hum many good fruends He has o way wuth the gurls and con often be seen tolkung to them He s bound for the Army or the Navy Page One Hundred and Thirty Eught . , . I ,, , , f V . , . , . . . , . , , , f , , , z ' , , 1 , - .. U . ' . 1 ,, . . . ,. M , . . ,gay 12 , , .. . H . . , - I I - . ' . , , . .C.A. . . . , , . , . - L. , "B'll . , . . I I .. l 4 - : V , 0020 MASCALI PALMINA Palm Commerclol We may llve without art we may llve without books But where rs a man who can lnre wrthout cooks Whether you know Palm or not you are sure to luke her for she always has a smnle for everyone Palm us a wonderful cook and makes delncnous spaghettu whuch ns her favonte dnsh Of course you d know Palm hopes to be a duetutuan Home Room Representatave 3 Canary and Blue Sohcltor 3 MASTERS MARY JANE Puzzy Home Economucs She ll look or wnte or talk you all to death Mary Jane ns probably the smallest person nn the sensor class but she ns for from bemg the most machve At football and basket ball games you can hear her cheenng above all the rest Dress delsgnmg bemg her asm perhaps some day well all be wearmg dresses designed by Masters Girl Reserves 3 4 Dramatfcs l MAZUREK FRANK Frank Industrial Archltectural Drafting We wvll mrss hum when he goes Frank who has taken the Archltectural Draftmg course has many friends both In and out of the shop When he starts pushing that T square and angle nothmg an the world can stop hum Frank thanks he ns runnmg the T square Club but he as only a member He knows when to fool and when to work When he ventures out unto the world hell earn hns share of luck and happuness MCANALLY FRANCES ELINOR Eleanor College Preparatory ls not lrfe too short for us to bore ourselves? Eleanor IS first of all our fruend then she us our class hlstonan We luke to laugh wnth Eleanor for she can provoke laughter She s pretty much attracted to the word corny But she has more than laughs and the word corny she has a perceptuve mmd She can see what true values nn people are and she knows what loyalty means Eleanor Isnt sure about her future but we can count on nts bemg unusual French Club 4 Chorus 2 3 4 Chofr 4 H1storncalSoclety 3 National Honor Socrety 4. Page One Hundred and Thirty Nine MCCLAFFERTY MARY ELIZABETH Mac College Preparatory Oh for a seat un some grassy nook Just hud wuth trees and sparklung wuth a brook' Constantly Mary us turnung out manguflcent storues poems 011211 McCABE CATHERINE Cog-hy Commercual lt us un learnung musuc that many youthful hearts learn to love Personaluty plus wut what would be more perfect? We have here an lrush nuss who us proud of her natuonaluty, but spends most of her tume ployung French horn un the band ond when sho usnt domg that-she us talkung Her musucal obuluty together wuth her spunk her love of lufe and her lrush wut wull prove unvaluable to her always May she Iuve as long os she lukes and have what she lukes as long as she luvesl Band 2 3 4 Orchestra features untervuews all wrutten wuth a masterly touch a beauty of language an artu tuc flmsh Her unusual talents have been utuluzed for the Canary and Blue the class room and the many organuzatuans to wuuch she belongs But thus versatule young muss does not luve a lufe of solltary conflnemewt pushung a pencul her wunnung personaluty gets her o merry welcome un any group A splendud swummer she us also actuve un other sports Mary plans to study uourrolusm and hopes to become a luterory agent Canary and Blue 2 3 4 Comus 4 Chorus 2 Hustoncal Socuety 3 Dramatucs 3 French Club 4 Natuonal Honor Sccuety 4 Swummng 3 4, Canary Salucutor 4 MCELLROY LUCILLE Mae Commercuol Do not worry always s'nule There s some good un every mule Blonde brown eyed Moe us the gurl wuth the wude smule and gay lught personaluty An all round gurl she loves all types of sports Mae has among her hobbues a quute large ond unterestung stamp collectuon Shell be a good stenographer for she hos a good scholastuc record at Hugh and has one motto Never worry NcEl.LROY MAHLON Mac Enguneerung and Scuence He who works reaps a lastung reward Moc has become one of the end members of the crowd Hus hobby of worlung on automobules should be an asset to hum un has future work for he us plannung to study cuvul enguneenng ot Lehugh We feel that Mac wuth hus level head and flne obuluty will make good there 1 1 . 1 1 . ' ' - . 1 1 I I I 1 . 1 1 1 1 : 12- I 1. 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 , 5 . 1 1 - 1 - 1 1 1 1 i 1 i 1 i 1 i 1 2 1 1 1 i 4 1 1 1 - 5- ' .1 .1 1 1 1 it ll ' 1 - 1 . . . 11 35 . . - . ,A 1 1 - 1 ' 1 I - 1 . . .. .- - 1 1 - .1 1. - 1 - 1 1 Page Ono Hundred and Forty 01120 ' McGEE CATHERINE J Katue College Preparatory Our ambutuon our content lues un sumple thungs Catherune Jane one of the quueter gurls can nevertheless be come the center of any group wuth her quuck wut A conscuentuous student Catherune devotes her free hours to back stage actuvutues and has been chaurman of the propertues commnttee of three hugh school plays Katue wull matruculate at Penn State to malor un Home Economucs Lots cf luck Katue' Girl Reserves 3 4 Chairman ot' Propertues of .lumor Inter class and Semor Class Plays 3 McGEE HUGH E Hughle General Don t put off tull tomorrow what ya.: can do today Hughue us one of those happy go lucky fellows who never carrues books home but absorbs ut all somehow for he always seems to get through Hugh us a good fnend and sport We are quute sure he wull succeed because he can work hard uf he cares to Hus brother us now a student at Lehugh and Hughue expects to uoun hum there McGEE LAWRENCE Mac lndustrual Why do today what can be done tomorrow? Mac us a carefree who doesnt belueve un overwork yet although he tells everyone he dreads work he really puts hus nose to the grundstone when he gets at ut Talkung us has hobby but we really beheve ut should be hus professuon Hus wavy black haur IS symboluc he us a heartbreaker Lawrence we belueve wull go far provuded he doesnt mux too much pleasure wuth too luttle busuness and remembers that there us a tume and a place for everythung McGlNI.EY JOHN S Zeke General A lrttle nonsense now and then us re'ushed by the wisest men Wuthout a doubt Zeke us one of the most popular senuors at Allentown Hugh School Every class becomes more pleasant when he us present thanks to hus good humor and hus poor uokes He us one of the reasons why Allentown Hugh has a good swun band For some tume John has been keenly unterested un popular musuc and hus secret ambutuon us to make a luvurg playung wuth a bug orchestra Allentown Hugh wull sulfer a loss next June when ut loses Zeke he us a flne fellow and a good sport Football l 2 3 4 Track 3 4 Orchestra 3 4 Varsuty A Club 4 .1 . .1 , . ,, .. . . . . 1. 1 1 - 1 f ' I . . .. I . , . ' 1 1 i ' ' ' i - , . 1. . .. , . 11 . . , .1 . I . I 1 . 1 1. .. 1 .1 1, - . .... u. ' I 1 - 1 a I l a . . - s 1 1. 11 , . .1 - 1 . . . 1. 1 . I . , 8 . , . . .I 2 ' - - ' 1. 1. 1 1 1 1 z 1 1 2 1 1 1 , . Page One Hundred and Forty One 6011211 MCGINLEY MICHAEL Mmkey lndustrlal Auto Shop Live to learn Leam to Love love to l.lve Mickey IS another of those rather sllent students Hts school work IS not exceptional but It is always thorough He believes In timshlng and handing his assignments In on time Mackey goes In for sports in a bug way Football basketball and baseball He ns a great hunter too and a fisherman You treat hum well he vull treat you better He ns not much at tallung or makmg speeches or going to parties but he is we all agree an all round good fellow McKEEVER DONALD F Mac General If height were money he would be a poor man Macs friends are proud of his amiable disposition and wholesome smcenty In the classroom he us one of the silent group but hes active enough out of doors Besides outdoor sports and bicycling Hls red halr and short stature get hum much nbbmg but all In fun Mac hopes to be a chemlst after going to a suitable college German Club 4 McKNIGHT REBECCA Becky College Preparatory And where I come from nobody knows Thus IS the little spnte an your classes who quietly nses and NNW always gnves the right answer lust as If everyone knew It Beckys one of those blessed souls who succeeds In resembling a tlmld person but who has lived an amaznng life of adventure and hair rousing experiences Get her to tell you how lt feels to sit on the side of a fallen elephant un the heart of Africa and have a tribe of Africans do a traditional war dance around you Having been born and having luved most of her llfe In Afnca shes as familiar with Egyptian mummnes dusky Arabs and African lions as you are with Mr Zlmmermans aquarium amoebas Naturally shes fond of our tame American mountain lions and gnzzlles And the more she can be out doors among the flora and fauna the happier she us Gym Club 4 National Honor Society 4 McNALLY FRANCIS M Muck Ccm-nercnal Short ln stature long m fnendshnp Francis McNally IS a quiet person and a mce fellow to get along wlth He as a good student In all of his work and a loyal supporter of all hugh school 0dlVIfICS Although he did not go out for sports at school he IS a Hue baseball player Histom:alSocaety 3 4 Page One Hundred and Forty Two , H ' - rv , , . I - - 1 . . . . . I I - 1 1 - l , ' . . - . I I I I - . ll rr L I - - , , . . . D . . I M . . . 1 . , , X sketching, and philately, Mac enioys chemistry, ping pong, reading, , . .. .. , .. .. 1 I . I I - ,X Q 1 i ' ' , - , . , . . - , , . 'OUZU' MELBER FREDERICK Fred Commercual Everything ns funny as long as lt IS happening to somebody else Fred ns an all around good fellow nn school and out Everyone lukes hum because of has personallty and wltty remarks He as an ardent rooter at football and basketball games He llkes football baseball and swammmg As a hoblcy and part time 'ob Fred plays and works at photography He hopes to loln the Army and do photography We wnsh hum all the success un the world MENGEL PHYLLIS I Commercial This young lady though silent and sweet Has a sense of humor that cannot be beat Phyllns hopes to become a stenographer or a secretary to some bug basmess man She claims she us a man hater but we have reason to doubt her word When Phyllis leaves our Alma Mater she plans to contmue her secretanal studies at some hngher nn stvtutlon MESSER NEVA S Neva lt s never too late to try Neva usually has a smile for everyone Her delightful person alrty makes her most popular She has a speclal Iukmg for dancmg and dates but she ns right there too when at comes to football basketball and swummmg As to what she I5 to follow when she graduates no one knows least of all Neva METZGER ANNA E Anne General She found herself happrest m communicating happmess to others We always meet Annes chatter no matter where we turn Perhaps you ve seen a tall blonde with brown eyes rushmg through the halls always an a hurry If you have that s Anne for she as sure to catch everyone s eye She ns always wullmg to stop long enough to lend a helping hand however Anne plays the accordlon be tween rushes Always pleasant always cheerful always ready for fun of course Anne has friends by the dozen She loves Ice skatlng and swtmmmg and us an athlete an every sense of the word She plans to become a nurse and we re sure she wull be a credut to the professuon Page One Hundred and Forty Three . . I . . I , . - 1 - , , Pnl , ,. y . ' . . . I I . .. .. General . , , . . , - , . . I - I . . , - . , 1 - ' ' - f , I ' ' 00211 METZGER WESLEY A Mqfgy General Care adds a nail to your coffm Matey has always thought care was an unnecessary hardshlp Thus has mfluenced has decnsaons nn school os well as m other places However It has not hampered his advance an any way Matey has no speclal plans for the future although the sea and racing hold thrllls all theur own for tum Chorus 2 Track 4 METZLER CARLTON W Carlton General 'The open Eelds and gurglmg streams ye: there he shall find peace Here IS a tall reserved lnlcable fellow The open country or a secluded stream IS has udea of Paradise for hunting and flshmg make hum tingle wlth excitement and pleasure Carlton IS the he manmsh type unassummg and simple un actuons Some Ime m telephone work ns what Carlton wants General Trot your mile and wear a smile And help the chap that s down Dora IS a brown halred brown eyed lass brlmful of pep wnth a cheery hello for everybody She I5 fond of music especially piano If ever you meet o gurl wondering how she wlll ever manage to play as well as Paderewslu youll know It us Dora She I5 also fond of reading of argulng and of mnschnef As far as we can determme Dora hopes to be a super super tele phone operator lf you want o pal who us cheerful and helpful dont forget Dodo She IS a friend worthwhlle MICEK CHARLES Charlue lndustnal Always keep the nose up Charlnes one ambmon from boyhood has been to become o pulot He IS a good sport and can make friends with almost anyone He loves to go to the anrport and watch the planes come an and go out He never ns ambutxous during school hours but after school hours he gust daesnt know when to stop worlung Well Charlle heres hoplng you become not lust a flyer but a great pnlot G G MEYERSBURG, DORA "Dada" Page One Hundred and Forty Four C0020 MICHENER ELIZABETH Betty General There she stands with helpmg hands Although Betty hos only recently become a student In our school her quuet yet commandung nature has already won for her a place m the hearts of an ever mcreasnng curcle of fruends She takes a keen mterest ln her school work Betty has all the qualmes necessary In a good nurse there IS lnttle doubt that she wull succeed an her chosen professnon Chorus 4 MICHENER NAOMI RUTH Spuds Commercial And some ran north and some ran south Crying The day rs ours' Here us one of l94l s buggest glggles Everyone knows Spuds because she as full of fun Her pleasant smules brmg her a host of fruends Thus happy go lucky gurl hopes to be somebodys steno some day If you have not been acquamted wlth Spuds you ve massed a lot of fun MILLER ARLENE LORRAINE Honey Commercial I hve the hfe I love A cheerful personaluty a sparklmg sense ot humor a generous dusposutuon and you have Arlene She us indeed a true fruend and a good sport Just what Arlene expects to do we do not kncw but whatever she may tackle shell master lt MILLER DAVlD DGVY lndustrual A fnend fn need I5 a frrend Indeed Davy llkes abunet maknng but that ns where It stops all other studles are lust a pastime At play or work Davy never forgets to eat Besides llvlng eotmg IS the next most Important cctlvlty In hns program C I .1 o Girl Reserves, l, 2, 3, 4i Y. W. C. A., 1, 2, 3, 4. Page One Hundred and Forty Five 0020 ' MILLER, ELIZABETH "Betty" General "Here is a spirit deep and crystal-clear " 'Silence is golden' is Betty's motto and even though she is quret she rs one gurl out of many who knows how to crack up She offers each and all a frrendsh-p that us true and smcere Bettys arm rs to become a nurse and a good one No matter what success Betty attauns we all know that shell deserve It MILLER ELIZABETH MARY Drmples General Bring her ogam O Western Wmd Dlmples IS a pleasmg mnxture of smnles and seriousness temper ed wrth plenty of common sense She leans toward the classac un muslc, and operettas nn preference to opera Swmg rs all rsght untll It gets to the pmpm 'uve and hep tee hootue stage then Its taboo Asked had she heard the natural rhythm of the Negro spnrutual ln Kay Kysers Hep Tee Hootae, she corrected cannibal rhythm, not negro lmagme watch doctor Kay Keyser and all the ntterbugs prancmg out a death dance Dlmples has a fondness for Navy umtorms Untll hrs draft year IS up she mtends to be a telephone operator So thus rs one nu yen four one callmg Betty Muller MILLER FRANKLIN JOSEPH u General Huntmg? Watt tlll I get my traps' Bud as a quuet fellow but he can make and keep fnends MILLER EVELYN HELEN we Commercnal Heard melodtes are sweet but those unheard are sweeter Evne ns beyond all measure, the cream of the crop Thus sparklung brown eyed lassre wuth the dark brown hanr takes a serlous attntude toward her studues and her pleasures When she says a thmg you know she means It In her spare tame she holds nothmg better than readmg a good book or takmg In a good movre Several years from now you wrll probably tlnd her trottmg down some sprc and span corridor of a promment hospntal not so far away Even though she has a commercaal course, thats of value ln trammg Commercial Club 4 very easily He enloys huntmg and tlshlng nn tact anything out of doors He also finds tume for sports chuefly baseball and basket ball In tact rn South Whutehall he was basketball manager and on the baseball team the two years he attended school there I hrs studnes he has been about average bemg exempt from some exams and havmg to take others but after all the men who have done thmgs rn thus world have been the average men South Whitehall Basketball Managerl 2 Baseball l 2 Class Play, 2 Page One Hundred and Forty Sax x MILLER GERALDINE CAROLYN Gerry Commercual Chatter chatter all the whrle A twmklmg eye and a bfg big smile Flve feet one and a half Inches of wut fun and good humor this half of the Muller twlns Gerry has an ever lncreasmg circle of truends who trust and admure her She IS mterested an dancung skatung and basketball She has exceptlonal obuluty un commerclal sublects and arms to be a pnvate secretary Girl Reserves l 2 3 4 Gym Club l Commercial Club 4 Homercom Representatuve 2 3 MILLER JEANETTE Nettle Commercnal For she s a folly good fellow Dark haur and dark eyes generally stunmng Nettle loves smglng to the strumming of her guitar She IS full of fun the llfe of any party swlmmmg skatlng or Indoor Grrl Reserves 7 2 " 4 0020 MILLER FRED D Fratz General A man must have his fun Fntz us always looking for a laugh Has motto IS Laugh and be happy He us a great talker when alone Hrs chief Interests are art basketball football and baseball Whenever sketches of football players he an the hall you can bet that Fntz was around Frutz expects to become a commerclol ortust MILLER JEAN PRISCILLA Jeanne You ll never see her rn a crowd Because she rs so small But lust stop for a little while And you Il hear her above all Jeanne IS that llttle ray of sunshine who brightens and stlrs up any group Such a small gurl could be a sophomore but shes a sensor no less Not to be outdone nn sports she excels m swummung Although not always on her feet she does a good lab at ace skatmg As a lumpmg ptterbug she dances clrcles around the best Better yet her name ns always among the leaders of the honor roll Commercral Club 4 Gnrllfeserves 1 2 3 4 Page One Hundred and Forty Seven .. - 1. , . . . . . . ,, - 1 .1 . . . . 1 1 1 - , , 1 1 . . . . . 11 , . f 1 . 1 , . , . 1 1 1 1 i 1 1 1 i 1 1 - 'ui' . W, 111, .. . .1 .. 'vw I 13" . w Commercnal .1 1 . 1 1. - 1 - 1 . , . , f 1 - . , . 1 1 1 1 1 1 - 1 f Z? F 1 1 .1 1 . 1. 1 1 - 1 1 1 1 - , , ,.,. . 0021! MILLER MAE Mae Commercsal A llttle learmng rs a dangerous lhmg Drank deep or taste not the Prenan sprmg Mae us to be seen at all the basketball and football games Her one ambmon us to be a telephone operator and anyone who knows Mae knows she wnll make good Of her hobbres she enloys dancmg most then swlmmmg, Ice skating and tennis MILLER MARILYNN JOANNE us Commercnal l with you and you wrth me Mrles are short with company Marnlynn luke her suster us full of fun and us admured by all her frlends Her hobbies are dancmg swimming and skating, I all of whnch she excels Sus has hugh aspuratnons she wants to be some lawyer s prlvate secretary We wash her all the good fortune Girl Reserves l 2 3 4 Commercial Club 4 Gym Club l MILLER ROBERT Bob General A merry heart doeth good lnlre medfcme Bob can always be heard laughing above the rest always has a poke or wuse remark ready for any occasion and nncudentally has lokes are not aged He ns a qulet honest worker always plug gmg away at somethlng Hus hobby IS monkeymg around wuth chemucals B S A Order of Demalay MILLER MORTON Mort General l COl1SIdel' 'lille an IIUHIBDSC OCEOII Mort may seem qunet, but he has always managed to make many frlends and he does get around He wnll be a success un whatever work he chooses for he has abulnty and plenty of nt Mort has proved pure gold nn scholashc work Wuth has splendld personalnty he us sure to go places fast although hell never be the type to rush things Page One Hundred and Forty Erght , . I I ' I ns... , , . I . . I. I . . . - . I . . .n y Q . 4 I and happiness in the world. ' , , 1 , i ' , 1 , - , , . , . . . , , . . I . . ' I I ' . . ., 'OIIZU' MILLER THOMAS SAMUEL General Keen alert a thinker with many a chuckle a' life Tom is full of life and full of smiles Willingness ond ability are traits well worth having and he has them Tom likes all sports especially ping pong Ambition? To get along in lufe and still have time for hobbies and sports He takes his fun in large doses but he does not neglect his school work We are definitely sure of his success and send hum out into the world with best wishes for health and ha ppuness Natrona' Honor Society 4 German Club A Basketball Usher 4 MILLHOUSE ALTHEA D Thea Commercial Triton his trumpet shrill before them blew For goodly triumph and great ycllymenl Althea IS better known by her large circle of friends as Giggles for she us always laughing without knowing what she is laughing about Althea mlght become a beautlclan but as thmgs look at present she may get Interested in household affairs instead Happiness anywhere Thea MILLER, SHIRLEY ELIZABETH "Milly" Commercial "Laugh and the world laughs with you." Although Shirley has missed a great deal of school, she has kept her studies up to the standard. She is a quiet sort of person in school, but not out. Her greatest difhculty is getting out of bed in the morning. She shows keen interest in her school work, but keener in dancing. She always knows her lessons, but they don't interfere with her many social engagements. Tom MILLER WILLIAM u Industrial Machine Shop Bill is one of the happy go lucky industrial boys and a fair example of the machine shop crowd Football basketball hunting fishing and trapping he says are all his favorite recreation For a hobby he collects and makes his own artificial flies for fishing He doesn t find it hard to make friends anywhere for he is a sociable and affable fellow V Page One Hundred and Forty Nrne .. ., , V I i. - 1 - H 1 1 1 A 1 , . 1 - 1 - 1 1 - 1 I 1 1 1 - .. - I, , Bll , - 1 1 1 1 1 1 . 1 , . I 1 1 - 1 , . . 3 . .,p,,.41, ' , 1 1 - ,., - I ff 12' .sz y :Aff - ,101 f Q'-If .' 00211 MIMLITSCH ARLENE DOROTHY Mum Commerclol Her face hath wonderful foscrnohon m lt Mum as sweet snappy and direct She as o double feature rolled up unto one small pockoge Admlssuon charges to the Mnmlltsch Envuronment us one broad smule whuch wall be returned two fold lt :sn t hard to get along with Mlm because she can fas crnate you wrth luttle eiort She as wnllmg to do anything for you and expects nothnng an return To look ot her you would never thunk that eatmg was her hobby Her other favorite sports ore swnmmmg skahng and hlkmg Girl Reserves 3 4 MINNER VERONICA ELIZABETH Ronnue General Smnles and the world smales with her Those donng green gray eyes that deep dumple that wncked look thats Ronnne You never see her wuthout a smnle and you never see her alone She ns always surrounded wlth o group of her fnends The boys like her they lump at her command The you should 'she s o swell gurl and a dear friend eeClubl YWCA l MINNICH CLAIRE CORRINE Reds Commerclol Good ot work good at ploy Wlllmg to laugh the whole long day Clalre ns one of those Tuhan houred losses you wont as o fnend She hos o lovely personallty full of wholesome fun Natural ly she hos a happy go lucky dlsposltlon and does not take her work too seruously but yet she always manages to rank close to the top when the honor roll us mode publlc Reds loves nothmg more than to dance She mamtoms her beoutuful figure by swlmmmg an the summer and skotmg m the wmter Her many frnends wlsh her the best of luck and o llfe full of lay Commercial Club 4 MINNICH JOYCE MARY oy Commercial The whole day long She goes smllmg along Yes thats Joyce olwoys happy never o worry' She con ploy the plana as well as she con handle the typewnter and aspures to be o stenographer lf you get to know Joy you re bound to luke her Glee Club T Commercial Club 4 Girl Reserves 3 4 Page One Hundred and Fllty I . .. . . ' I . I , . I . .. . I .. . .. . I . I . 7 . . I . . I K . 1 . i . . girls adore her happy-go-lucky attitude. If you don't know her Gl , f , . . ., , 2. . V ll It z' I .. I In . . . I 1 D I - - .. . l ..J .. , 1 , - I . , J ' , : ' , , - 63011211 MIRTH EDNA Commercnal cy111cl1.1b1YwcA 4 MIRTH ROBERT FRANK Bo General He shall bnng them to blrss That now are hale th bonme Th1s Mlrth we may not miss For this same god IS sunny Bob wnth has ever ready hand and fnendly smule makes and keeps fnends easlly No use gurls hes stlll true to only one and thats hls mother He does fairly well an his studles but IS most alert after 2 40 p m Bob has been a staunch leader on the foot ball team a game fnghter ln all the games He plans to enter Massanutten Mlhtary Academy next fall and wlll be a fine cadet And hand ome In has umform' We wlsh hum a fine career Football 2 3 4 Track 3 4 MISHKIN ALVIN IRVING General I always get on better when Bemmne us really a very wltty lad lawyer some day and promlses to be dont bother hum Wherever theres an argues humself unto fame Chorus 1 H1stoncalSocrety 2 3 MITCHELL GLADYS L. GladYS Commercnal And she and I the banquet scene completing Wrth dreamy wards and very pleasant eatmg When Gladys Isnt domg homework shes usually eating pretzels are her favonte food and she always has one an er pocket to mbble on Her pet hate IS washing dlshes although she doesnt mund drymg them She has mlschlevous brown eyes perfect harmony wlth her halr Her mam ambltlon as to be a secre tary and here s one career gurl who IS sure to succeed Page One Hundred and Fifty One Farr and pure fme and true Edna ns a brlght eyed lassae wnth dark brown hanr A true fnend she us always ready to help others Edna keeps up with her scholastvc studaes and IS sure to be a flne and capable secretary for someone She dehghts nn dancing :ce skatmg and tennis Her gay carefree manner helps to make her pleasmg and popular Bemmue argue alone who hopes to become a a good one If the gurls argument there you are sure to flnd Alvm lrvmg Mushknn We wush hum success and hope he , , . 1. 1 Ed , 11 - ' 11 , . 1 . 1 . , - , . , , . . . ., . 11 11 , b ,, . , . . ,, 1 1 . . . 1 . - 1 1 1 1 . . . . . . - 1 , . , . S - 1 I 1 1 I I I ' 1 11 1 11 1 11 I 11 1 1 1 1 - 1 ' 1 - 1 I f I I ' .1 11 1 11 ' . - 11 . 1 . 1 - . ' 1 I 1 , ll . 1 1 . . 8 In 1 . . I . 5. 1 , A A 0020 MOHR BETTY MARRE Butch Commercual She that hath fruends shows herself fruendly Betty us a good sport and a flne gurl wuth a bug heart a bug smule a lot of fruends and a bug guft of gab Her one ambutuon us to become a truck druver and loads of us are ready to go along wuth her She loves sports of all kunds and books and movues and fruends and trucks Y W C A 2 Hustorucal Socuety 2 Scoopung Snooper 2 MOHRY EARLE J Red Commercual Be the labor great or small Do ut well or not at all Always gay and always happy there us seldom a dull mom ent un Earles lufe He attends all the football and basketball games takes a great unterest un swummung tennus uce skatung and photography and has played the puano for a number of years Of late he has turned to popular melodues and orchestra work A good student Red lukes shorthand and typewrutung and us especually fond of accountung lt us accountung that he plans to work at and perhaps become a C P A Commercual Club 4 MONTOMGERY ELVA Ettue General Luke a wave mudst the deep Then nlnnung foamuly up the beach Eftue us a gurl who us so quuet un school that people forget that she us there but on the outsude Luttle Muss Montomgery turns unto Wuld EHue the sweetest Iuttle pack at dynamute east of the Pacuhc She us the best frvend any gurl or fellow could have MOU. MYLES Mutch Mechanucal Draftung To know hum a luttle us to luke hum a lot Myles us a quuet sort of fellow He casts an uncertaun eye on the weaker sex but we thunk the years wull change that look Myles loves swummung and delughts un any actuvuty that uses up hus surplus energy lt us well to keep Myles un mund for some of these days you ore goung to hear of hum as a Master Draftsman Page One Hundred and Fufty Two MORGENSTERN CHARLES Chuck lndustrual Draftung Thungs turn up for the man who dugs Chuck one of the tallest boys of the senuor class us a clever 0020 MOOSE PAULINE V Moosey General O happy world thought Pelleas all meseems are happy I the happuest ot' them all Hosts of fruends are attracted by Moosey s magnetuc smule and sunny desposutuon 'he us studuous when the occasuon requures It but she would rather swung to the musuc of Jummy Dorsey or Glenn Muller ln spute of beung fun Iovung she us seruous un her one ambutuon to become a devoted housewufe HustorucalSocuety 3 Gurl Reserves 3 4 droftsman who devused the patent un the art of openmg and closung the wmdows He had many opportunutues to land a lab un droftung but because hus muddle name us weatherstnp he prefers out door sports baseball hus fovorute football and any others that requnre MORRIS RICHARD P Duck General So luve untul thy lufe doth end That all wull stnve to call thee fnend Through the long halls of Allentown Hugh you have probably seen o seruous lookung long fellow gazung down upon the rest of the crowd But don t let your flrst umpressuon deceuve you That wull be Duck who us really humorous and happy go lucky well luked by all hus acquountances Toll lught and pleasure lovung he can be seruous when necessary Duck enloys playung many sports and attends all the sport events He us ombutuous has abuluty and a wmnung personaluty He plans to go to college No one enuoys cu good tume more than Duck Morrus does so heres to an omuoble fellow on the road to success and already far along the road to popularuty Page One Hundred and Fufty MORRIS CHESTER Chet Commercual Small but mughty Chester us popular wuth all the fellows and gurls of A H S He us unterested un all sports un ond out of school us a lolly and cheerful fellow and o fine fruend to have After graduatuon he expects to get a uob as bookkeeper l Three , . . I s V I ur , . - , . . . 1 I . I I - v , L ' I . , , . , . I 1 , A . . ' . the utmost brown ond brain. l u , , . , . . . . . . I . 1 I I . - , , , - . - 1 . . , 00211 MORRISON ELSIE V Wumpy Retaul Sellung Luke cu sweet Dutch Doll us she Just as cute as she can be Elsue demure blonde as o loyal fruend She has done some splendud work un school and un the stores Although she can be quuet how she can talk once she gets started Cookung and musuc are her hobbues although her course prevented her specualuzung un euther study At school at work at home no matter what task she has to do she does ut wuth a smule and a song MOSER FREDERICK Frutz Scuence and Enguneerung Hear all see all thunk much but say luttle A very reserved lad Frutz us unterested un everythung the hugh school has to alter He succeeds best of all un Math He us however actuve un sports and here stars un football Frutz untends to malor un chemustry at college and then apply for a posutuon wuth the government He hopes also to uncrease hus skull as a pung pong player at whuch he us now very adept A Cappella Chour l MOSSER BARBARA D Bobby College Entrance A straught lune us the shortest dustance between two dates At the dances the fellows all want to meet that attractuve gurl wuth curly brown haur and laughung blue eyes When they get to know her they flnd Bobby a sympathetuc understandung person who excels un both sports and studues She wouldnt muss a hugh school football or basketball game shes a good swummer a comung uce skater and a great lover of horses un fact an excellent ruder Bobby wull go to Cornell next year to take up veterunary work she calls ut horse doctorung Cornells lookung for lovely gurls so good lu k Bobby' MOSSER WILLIAM u General What s to do' I m here to do ut' Well buult for and much unterested un sports Bull moves along through Iafe s ways wuth an undulgent smule tor the world Bulls motto seems to be Take everythung standung up and wuth a smule He us well above average un math and enuoys the subuect ummensely In hus spare tume Bull plays wuth has church basketball team whuch us a member ofthe Church Basketball League Bull s heart us un the sky and ut the opportunuty offers he means to go from college unto the Aur Corps Page One Hundred and Fufty Four CO 1110 MOYER JEAN LOUISE Jeanne Comrnercnal Never do tomorrow what you can do today Jean as a fnendly gurl In her studles she ns up to par, receuves good grades as the reward of real effort as well lnked by her many fnends and ns contlnually makmg new frnends She IS unter ested an basketball and In collecting foresgn dolls Jean wants to be a pnvate secretary MOYER SIDNEY 1 Scnence and Engmeenng Wrth graceful steps he strides the street And smlles at all the maidens sweet Sod needs luttle mtroductnon You couldnt help knowmg hum Hus cheerful countenance reflects has carefree, happy existence He always says, Take life easy don t let at throw you He does not claum to be excessnvely brllluant only mtellngent Sud lukes to dance, engoys watchnng football and basketball games, and no matter whom he us wlth, always seems to have a good tlme Hns magnetlsm reduces the fems to a state ot ablect admlratnon Sud has the stuff that spells success We expect hns name an America s Who s Who Swlmmmg, l, 2 MUELLER ANNA LOU QU College Entrance In Arts I can fly or l can run Anna Lou spotted an electruc clock ln an early mneteenth cen tury movae No anachromsm can get by her An extraordanaruly acute sense ot the nduculous makes her tlne company lou ns a good Instener an excellent trant an woman She IS an enthusnastlc reader and ludge of books Swummmg and tenms are her tavonte sports Lou IS modest and honest to the core and unconsclously so Perhaps the most engagmg thmg about her ns the delnght wuth whnch she accepts every mvntatuan lt us a heartenemg thmg to the prospectlve hostess to hear a smcere Id love to Instead of I suppose I can Hrstorlcal Society 3 MURPHY, JOSEPH Murph Science and Engineering Murphy a highly slulled model airplane bunlder us much ad mured by hls fnends not only for has work and mterest un aero nautlcs, but also because he IS a chap who keeps has mlnd on hus own busmess Murph takes part In sports when he has tlme and us nn general a regular fellow He mtends to enlist un the Navy and work hus way unto the Amr Corps, where we are sure he wnll fly hugh Natfanal Honor Society, 4 latin Club 4 German Club 3 Page One Hundred and Fltty Flve , , I ' . , . l , ..s.d.. .1 V . I U 1 r s H - f . , . . . L "But now my task is smoothly doneg I .U ' ll o s H v . - - , . ' ' l ll I Il - I I I , 5 ' , . .. .. I , . . I . 4 . ' . . I . 0020 MUSHKE JEAN MAE Jeanne Commercaal They dream of Jeanne wath the light brown haar lf you want to find o maghty fine garl a good chum an all around good sport get acquaanted wath Jean Her gay sympathetac nature has won her a wade carcle of fraends She as a lover of danc ang and lalaes to see and hear the most popular orchestras Some day she antends to be o secretary fn-ak MUSSELMAN REUEL ud General All play made ham thas way lf you re lookang for Bud you wall always Gnd ham at a game or reporting sports at a broadcastang statvon for there he reports school news As a student Bud does all the work that as necessary and gets along well Commercaal Tas the artacle not the saze that determanes value Here stands the last of the Musselmans For the last ten years there has been a Musselman an the A H S Band to add pep and maschaet at all band functaons Although you cant see ham there he as behand the bag bass horn and whenever a aoke as beang played all eyes turn toward Mussy but youll always find ham a swell guy Band l 2 3 4 Orchestra 2 4 Boys Chorus l MUSSELMAN WINIFRED Wannae Commercaal The garl worth whale as the garl wath a smile When everythmg goes dead wrong We all know Wmnae as the garl wath the sparkling smale and twanlalang eyes Wherever you see a hen sessaon an progress youll Rnd her an the center Although she as studyang for secretano work her mann ambataon as desagnang If ever her dreams are realaz ed Schaaporella watch out' l Page One Hundred and Fatty Sax Q . ' ..B .. MUSSELMAN, WILMER E. "Mussy" ,. W . . 1 . I - . 601120 NABHAN FREDERICK N Freddue General What strength cannot do man s wut hath olten effected Fred s uolly good nature has won hum a hugh place un the hearts of hus fellow students Hus wonderful sense of humor and magnetuc personaluty set hum apart from the crowd whuch unvaruably gathers around hum at the dances and other socual functuons he attencs Thus socual abuluty combuned wuth an excellent character wull enable hum to attaun wude recognutuon un meducune NAGLE IRENE Renee Commercual Be prepared be prepared Thats the way to be Small and quuet us thus gurl wuth the seruous gray eyes and pleasung personaluty Always ready and wullung to do her share whatever the task may be Irene us a good fruend Shes the gurl un the hall carryung all those books Seruously we admure her and wush for her a brught future and much success MUTH RICHARD Duck Archutectual Draftung Get em young and treat em rough Ruchard wuth hus faur and baby face wuth hus wavy blonde haur and hus chucken bow tue comes down the street wuth o cheerful smule Duck us never worrued about hus work He always munds has own busuness and wull go far un archutecture Whenever he hears hot swung musuc he starts to gutter Duck always makes a bug hut wuth the gurls for when he flashes that personaluty smule he lust slays em NAGEL ANN LOUISE Tullue General Beung myself no stranger to sufferung I have Learned to relueve the sufferung of others Tullue somewhat of a zephyr but not too swuft to saya lolly Hello' has one of the grandest dusposutuons and personalutues ofa hugh school student You may better know her as an out door gurl partuculorly fond of swummung Because of her fine record so far we know Tullue wull do well whatever she trues Page One Hundred and Fufty Seven I . 1 .I , 1 1 1 , ' ' 1 , 1 ' I, 1 1 11 - 11 , . 11 1 . 11 , . . . . . . 1 1 1 11 . . 11 1 11 . . , . ,, 1 1 -1 . - , ' 1 u 1 11 11 1 11 1 1 11 . 1 . . 1 . , . - 1 1 01120 NAGLE ROBERT AUDREY Spuke Engmeermg and Scnence Let the grrls alone and you ll prosper On the surface, Bob us a happy go lucky person wnth a pleas ant smlle but to the fnends who know hum well he us a serlous munded young man wuth hugh Ideals and pruncuples An excellent swtmmer he goes ln for all kmds of sports Bob s most notable qualuty IS has ablluty to manage and to save, hell make some lucky gurl a good provlder He wants to further his educatlon by an engmeermg course at college a year or so after he graduates Meantnme, he plans to help hrs father un the contracting business We wnsh Bob unllmlted success and happmess NEFF JEROME Y Jerry General Humor IS one element of genius Jerry ns a tnendly good natured fellow, who takes thmgs as they come but trues hard to get what he wants He does well un hrs studles, but has mam asset as a marvelous sense of humor Hes an all round boy who goes m for all sports In tact, he IS o rabld fan Jerry us set to go to college next year to take up busmess When he graduates we all expect hum to become a Ieadmg local merchant NEISER ELAINE ROBERTA Elame Commerclol Sometrmes quiet sometimes gay But we all love her either way Fnve feet sux Inches brown eyes smule of an angel, and a pleasnng personality answers to the name Elame Whenever you hear a Hn here and a Ha there In the halls of A H S Elame IS commg along Elame as our greatest gum chewer lf you ever see or hear her wlthout gum, let us know And she s qulck tempered Elame IS usually among the gayest crowds ot social atfalrs, and at games a wonderful enthusnast always loyal to the Canarues, she ns always at all football games, cheenng and rootmg Grrl Reserves 1 2 3 4 Grrls Basketball 3 NEWHARD, JOYCE o General How lovely common thmgs must seem to you Who have such lovely eyes to see them through Although Joy doesnt say much we know she does a lot of thmkmg She always sees the tunny slde of thmgs and honesty ns her muddle name Joy engoys skatung more than any other sport but spends most of her leusure tame readmg Her plans for the future are uncertam but we v ash h r success In whatever she under takes Page One Hundred and Frfty Eight 11 . 11 1 11 - 1 11 W . I 1 . . . , 1 . . . . .. , 11 11 , . 11 - - 11 . . . . 1 . I I 1 ,, . . . 1 . 11 ' 1 1 1 11 . 11 11 - 11- 1 . . . ., . 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 i 1 - 111 Y11 11 - 1 1 - 1 ' 1' - ' . , . ... 'OIIZU' NEYHART EUGENE Gene General I d rather be small and shune Than be bug and cast cu shadow Gene s mann desxre us sleepung goes to school pruncupally for somethung to do Although he s slow gettung to classes he s always flrst to leave Nature buult hum small and made hum a swung en thusuast After hugh school Gene wants to attend a mulutary academy Gene never worrues about to morrow untul uts past and never about the past whule there s a tomorrow NEWHARD WILLIAM Bu y lndustrual We have often wondered what causes a clock to stop Bully us a quuet fellow around a group ot boys but around gurls he us an uproar He ns learnung to be on electrucuan and hopes some day to be able to turn on the lught swutches of has own home Bull wants to be a fur trapper up north He also ns unterested un lishung and tells wonderful storues to the class Bull us on expert at answerung questuons un three words I dont know That s why he has that mtellugent look on hus face 3 NICKISHER RUDOLPH Rudy lndustrual Yo ho yo ho for o seanuan s lufe' Rudy us a lukeable chap who says he has no pet hates not even gurls He s handy wuth tools see the kutchen chaurs tables and voruous other artucles he makes Altho Rudy usnt the lazy type he loves to sleep and gets teased ot home about thus One of hus hobbues us collectung stamps Dont guve up the shup wull be a common expressuon where Rudy s goung for he untends to enlust un the navy specualuzung un electrucal enguneerung ,Z NONNEMACHER JEAN RUTH Nonne Commercual Good at work better at ploy Wullung to laugh wuth the gang all day Nonnes fruends know her as a good sport a dependable person and a laughung companuon She us an actuve supporter of A H S actuvutues and us a great help to the cheerleaders at the games Jean s ambutuon us to be a secretary or a telephone operator We all loun un wushung her happuness Gurl Reserves Basketball l 2 Page One Hundred and Fufty Nune ... ,. , II 1. .1 1 - 1 , . 4- I .1 1 .. . . . . .1 .. 1 ..1 . . . .. . Q., ,, 1 . .. 1 . , - 1 . , - x . ... 1 - 1 1. .1 1 .1 1111 - I v I ' 1 ' F I . . .. - - - .1 1. .... . . . . . . 1 , . . ,qu 7 1 4 'I I' , 4 5 'J 7' , 1,1 -I v ,f" 1 ', ' ll II i 1 ,Sc .1 , 1 .. . .1 . . 1 , . . .. , 1 .. . 1 11- . 4201120 oaenoossnsrz cmmesu Jud... and ob., lndustrsal Machlne Shop Of earthly goods the best IS a good wife Brave bug Obne ns a champ at shop beats the dlckens out of Smuttne and the shop Hts 'ob IS to work wuth steel and the place wall probably be wnth the Bethlehem Steel Has future depends on a couple of mmor thlngs a wife and a 'ob O KEEFE JOSEPH oe Engmeenng and Scnence A ready wut and frank replies topped off by laughing lrrsh eyes Heres to our president lnsh Joe He IS our typlcal man of actlon go getter and lwe wnre Both on the basketball court and In student llfe he has showed humself the true sportsman For hum the future can only be brnght we vnsuon for hum a successful career as an engmeer Student athlete and frlend he ns admured and respected by all We wash hum well and that goes for all of us students and faculty Junior Class President 3 Home Room Representatwe 3 National Honor Society 4 Varsrty A Club 4 Senior Class President 4 Vartsty Basketball Team 2 3 4 OLEYNIK HELEN DOROTHY Charm General I am not of that feather to shake off My friend when he most needs me Many hobbues keep thus gregaruous young lady contmually on the go ln her clubs she constantly meets new fnends a pleasure of whuch she never tures Helen dances skates rldes and swings a mean tennls racquet but would readlly pass all these up to travel The Held of surgery has attracted Helen She wants to be a braun surgeon OMRON SALLAM Sam Engnneenng and Scnence The good have no need for an advocate Sallam Omron Sam to us has after three fruntful years at Allentown Hugh set has course for Lehugh Umversnty and chemucol engmeermg Sam has also expressed a desure to be a dnplamat m mternatsonal affaurs Although no honor student Sam has been a consnstently good pupul whnch assures us that no matter what work he undertakes he wnll do at Page One Hundred and Snxty 6200211 O NEILL ANN Mickey General Wrts are of earthly substance Here as an untorgettable personality a rare kind of gurl with a sparkling wut and a distaste for artlflciallty a type of girl who sets up Idols in the field of literature and music and reveres them zealously And woe to the person who criticizes or attacks Shelley Byron Tchalkowsky' Ann hopes to study political science at college Ann is appealmgly human and is sure to strike a feeling of deep and admurmg sympathy in the hearts of all who know her Poetry and short stones are an outlet for the strlkmgly clever wit of Ann O Neill OPLINGER ERVIN ELWOOD GUHIVOY Commercial If you want a thing well done do It yourself Gulluver us a friend long to be remembered ll you think you see a skyscraper walking down the street that is Ervm A quiet sort of chap he always has his work completed and always gets good marks He IS always busy but never too busy to help a friend lf you want to get him angry lust mention the twins to hum Hls hobbies are photography and model airplane building He is an P deavor Union of Lehigh County Some business concern s accounting department certainly will make progress with hum as manager Commercial Club Treasurer 4 National Honor Society 4 Hrstoncal Society 4 Dramatic Club 4 Canary 4 Camus 4 OPLINGER JAY Opplg General ln friendship l early was taught to believe Jay us not one of those boys who IS quiet shy bashful and easily disturbed He is foreverlaughlng friendly loklng and always ready for a good time He doesnt spend his nights lying awake worrying about things he believes one can sleep trouble off as he sleeps headaches ol? Nothing bothers Jay and Jay bothers nothmg which is the secret of has hast of friends With his peculiar and highly commendable personality Jay will hit the top when he starts to climb OSWALD ROBERT Ossue Industrial Auto Shop Haste makes waste-Don t rush me Ossne when coaxed along, holds the record of being the shop s finest and swnftest mechamc The cars that he repairs do a lifehme last and never break down even in a rough blast He is always laboring over his math thats why his hair us turning fast His hobbies are chicken brooding and experimenting at lust anything O I I . . . , f - - Kar I . . 1 active church worker, resident of the High School Christian En- ' , i ' ' , ' , . . . I I . . l . . , . I. . I . . i . . . , . . . I , a 1 . . I u n v . Page One Hundred and Sixty-One 0020 OTT BRUCE College Entrance nn Science and Engineering s square without being angular S honest without belng mean s upright without being punctlllous Bruce is gifted with a winning personality that has helped hum to acquire many friends bath in school and out We have heard that one of his weaknesses ns trugonometry Zoolagy,has trumpet and his pony are his main mterests However, as a senior Bruce has turned some of has attention toward dramatics and made his first hut on the Hugh School stage in the Sen or Class play Bruce intends to become a veterinarian We wish hum all the luck In the world OTT IRIS MARIE Jutterbug Commercial A good face IS the best letter of recommendation Ins as a small, sweet cheerful, nufty blonde, who thinks Bethlehem fellows the oomph of the earth Iris IS the flower of her name She loves football, and is a very sporty sport Her romance books, and travels So come on all you tall dark and handsome ones, Iris loves you all Dramotlcs2 Y W C A 3 Chorus 2 Band 3 Dramatlcs 4 OWENS JOYCE Jessie General Of all things l love nature best and, nexf to nature art Joyce who is interested in everybody and everythmg plans OWENS LOIS E ous General Stull waters run deep and clear and sweet Lois ns a quiet reserved reliable gurl a true friend and a general favorite Swimming and bicycle riding are the two sports she loves Lois intends to be a governess but we thunk shell not stop at that to become a commercial artist Being athletccally mclmed, Joyce loves dancing skating, swimming and cyclmg Her chief hobby is collecting pictures of unusual automobiles When she s in business shell find plenty to draw in all these activities Girl Reserves, I 4 Page One Hundred and Sixty Two I C "He' ' ' . He' ' ' . He. . . . .. , f , 1 ' , - hobbies ore: boy-catching, gold-digging, dancing, swimming, dime I .. - .I 01120 Girl Reserves 4 PALLADINO MADAUNE Polly College Preparatory One golden day l Il break my bonds And close my books and wander tree Meet Madame the Edutor' Madalune us one of the very few who succeed at all they attempt A tureless worker edutorshup of thus years Canary has taken up some of her tume but she has had enough left to wrute the A H S Notes un the Mornung Call and to do numberless servuces for the many clubs to whuch she belongs Madalune us besudes one of those dual personolutues whom everyone admires and envues at times seruous Intent on work t other tumes a wutty sparklung componuon German Club 3 4 National Honor Society 3 4 Historical Society 3 President 4 Canary and Blue 2 3 Edutor 4 Comus 4 A H S Notes 4 Happy Iandungs' PAUL ELSIE ANNA E General Her cares upon her rest lightly For she us lrvely young and spnghtly Elsue us a charmung gurl gay and pretty her dumpled cheeks and meltung brown eyes ore only part of her brught herutoge She lukes to sung and all the people who have heard her love her golden vouce In addutuon to her wullungness to help others she can always be depended to pep thungs up Chorus 2 3 4 A Capella Chour 3 4 National Honor Society 4 X 1 1. : 1 , . 1 1. . .1 . . I . . . . .. 1. . 1 . . I . . I. ic 1 1 f Q U 1 1 I ' I 1 1 1 i 1 1 f 1 i f . . . , . 1 1. - 1 1 ' ..'.. 11 - , . I W . . 1 1 1 1 1 '1 1 i ' , . Page One Hundred and Sixty-Three OYER HELEN Reds laugh and the class laughs with you Study you study alone Helen s a good sport and a true dependable fruend Even though shadows do cross her lufe her sunny dusposutuon brungs her through She us an ardent devotee of Allentown Hugh football and basketball To those that may not know Helen she may seem seruous but her fruends know her to be carefree and happy She expects to be a secretary PARKS LUCILLE BARBARA ex True ease In wrutung comes from art not chance What a personalutyl Tall sux teet wuth stull some to go brught blue eyes and charmung smule these wull carry her for ex plays a guutar sungs and yodels Shes lookung for a cowboy who can rude sung and yodel too ore there such? Tex also rudes skates and plays basketball Her fancy skatung fascunates the crowds Tex expects to be an avuatrux and the avuators wull luke that 'OUZLI' PAUL THELMA Freckles Commercml Early to bed early to rIse Makes you healthy anyhow Freckles IS the gIrl youll generally find In a crowd tellIng cute lokes A pleasIng personalIty has won her many frIends and wall help her through lIte She IS o good fnend and a swell sport and we wash her luck In the years to come PAYLOR CATHERINE Katue General One IS nearer God s heart In a garden Than anywhere else on earth lt you ever need any lesson on howto engoy beIng alIve see Kahe She can have a good tIm domg mast anythmg Includmg her school work Often however she forgets shes IN the classroom nevertheless she s a dIIIgent student Few thIngs Interest her more than basketball and the natural scvences and she goes Into these wholeheartedly KatIes preparung for a few years study In the botamcal garden at Cedar Crest and heres hopmg shell be another Burbank or DarwIn or at least o Wetherhold or a Zummer H105 PAUL JAMES C Curly General A true tnend staunch and Iolly Curly doesnt have worrIes he has lust ready smIles lf hIs homework Isnt prepared the nlght before he wIll do It In study hall provuded he gets around to It N vertheless he always manages to get good grades He IS Interested In sports readung and drIvIng a cor They wIll all be valuable ot Lehlgh DramatIcs 4 Notlonal Honor Society 4 PAULES MARGUERITE HAWK Smules General A smIle of hers was lIke on oct of grace Thus gurl wIth the sunny dIsposItIon always smIlIng hoppIly even on the Sophs IS Morguente Paules Her ready smIle s tamIlIor to all Jolly and fnendly only a few boys meet her ap proval but she lIkes blonde blue eyed young men Smules has been o class usher The class of 41 wushes her happIness Page One Hundred and Slxty Four I. .I , . .. . . ,, , . I . . , . . , ' I I 1 I 1 - I 1 . . . . . - I .. . .. I ,, . . .. f 1 , . I . , - I I - I . . g. 'pt-E I .. Jig .. . . . ,A 1 . . i . . . . . . , - 4 1 i , . I . . I . . . . . . . I I . 011211 PERKIN JACK DAVID Perky General With knowledge absolute Subject to no drspute There are few words to descrube thas mgemous young scholar Always prompt and up to date on hrs school work always fnendty always socnolly mclmed has Ime IS gust as smooth as has danclng And oh the gurls luke hum' One coJld tnlx and tolx about thus dashmg young Romeo but space forbnd We re gomg to be watchmg for has name In lumellghts Debatmg Team l PERMA ERMA nsh General lyke the water of the mighty deep Never qulet unless asleep lnsh us one of the most talkatnve persons who can talk from mormng tull mght and never seem to tvre Nothmg as too much for lrlsh to do for her fnends She always sees the bright slde of everythung and the best sn everybody Irush ns well rounded un sports We dont know yet what she expects to do but we bet she knows PETERS DONALD BERNARD Pete Play and the world plays with you Although Pete us not very fond of school he manages to keep wntlun the required grade He us fond of sports and as one of the promment members of the Gym Team When the Gym Team lsnt proctucmg after school he can be found on the Jefferson play ground playmg basketball He lukes hnkmg ace skatmg sknng swummmg and archery Pete IS bashful when you first meet hum but with the fellows who know hum ask them Gym Team l 2 3 PETERS IRA l. Ike Commerclal He wakes up bnght and early and reaches for hls gun Ike always has a smlle IS always good natured and always ready for a good tame He IS not too studlous sttll he manages to keep has grades moderately hugh not too low lke lakes the outdoors and all outdoor sports and fills hus tame wnth huntmg flshmg swnm mmg and campmg Whatever he chooses to do It wall be out of doors he hopes We wlsh hum the best of luck . , .. . . .I , I , , , I I . . . V , , . . . . 1 o . , s. ..I- ,. , , . . , , , Fine Arts , ty . . . . . - , V g . . I i ' I ' I H I I ' . I , . AT4 V , , , , . ,, . . .. I . - f . . I . . I I I ' . 1 , . . Page One Hundred and Sixty-Fwe 011211 PETERS RUTH Ruth General lf you be what l thmk yo: some sweet dream Although we hate to see Ruth leave we are proud that she was one of the old gang at A H S Ruth could always be counted on when she was needed most She unvanably had a fnendly sm: e and a pleasant word for everyone an fact she made fnends wuth everyone Ruth IS an all round gurl excellent an her studnes actnve nn all school actuvltues She IS planning to attend Skudmore College and we know she wall be as welcome there as she has been here atA H S Basketball 4 .lumor Class Play Inter Class Play Charrman of .lunlor Prom Committee Natfonal Honor Society 4 PHILIPS ANTHONY J Tony Commercial When happiness happens to happen your way l hope It happens and happens to stay When you hear that sharp nolse youll know nts name us Tony Tony that happy lovlal lad always smllmg always talkmg always actung lf you dont watch htm closely hell umpersonate you -speaking or on paper Tonys an ardent fight fan nourushes a hope that hell be a fighter humself boy and how' He can handle anythmg with a cool attltude even the pen and pencil at whnch he rates an A for he hopes to become o designer Best of luck old boy Who knows what the future holds for you PICKARTZ RUTH A Blondce General And ,oy the love of all Fnve foot two and attractuve Blondne as loads of fun and always PHlLLlPS GERALD B Fea General Lineup fmest of his herd Flea us the lnttle man who wasnt there What he lacks an suze he makes up for an actnvnty A member of the Gym Team he guves a splendud account of humself ln every exhlbltuon He expects to go to one of the great American Umversutles to study some thmg He has that wmnmg personallty and capacuty for work need ed for success Gym Team 3 4 Basketball Manager 3 smnlmg She ns qunck at wnsecracks and a quick temaer ns be commg to her A pleasmg personalnty wms her tnends Ruth loves Ice skating but her real ambutnon as to be a beautncnan After a few years as a beauhcnan she probably will make some man very happy She never takes thmgs seriously Her motto as fun and more fun her greatest desire black hanr -3 N ., .. ., . ' 'we I I . . I . I I I I . 4 I V . . . I I I . , . Class President, 1, 2, Art, 1, 2, 35 Art Club, l. , . I 'X . I . I . . l . 7 . . Page One Hundred and Sixty Stx 0020 PITUCH JOHN Nanny General He who IS tickled at has own lokes laughs whenever he pleases Gave John a band wath an accordaon drums and a harmonaca and he s content to stamp has feet an tame way anto the naght John loves musac of a modern style Excellent at pangpong John has won many a tryang game He also lakes sports and photography Nanny wall be has monaker he says when hes an ace palot an the Army Aar Corps PLEVA MICHAEL GEORGE JR Mackey Commercaal I don t like to dance and I ll never learn Handsome Mackey as a good fraend wath a line braan he lust doesn t use In some studaes he as studaous an others he lust doesn t want to study Mackey lakes baseball football basketball bowlang and swammang In wanter he gets has gang out for a game of baseball no matter how cold at as POH KENNETH GEORGE Kenny Machane Shop lt s sure to be wrecked af I m dom t There was never a more lolly fellow an the hagh school Kenneth walks around wathout a worry an the world Poh loves dancang swammang and talkang to the gurls When Kenny hears swang musac he feels lake grabban up a partner and hep cattan around the room Kenny as a good machanast and hopes to carry on an thattrade Swlmmmg 3 4 POOLE JACQUELINE Jackae Commercaal Oh so anexpresslble as gay Brown eyed, brown haared Jackae as one of our best pals because of her everlastang fun and gaaety She walks through the halls Hangang greetangs to everyone She lakes dancang roller skatang and swammang She has no hobby unless at as wratang to far away lands She lakes the movaes, her favorate actor as Mackey Rooney Jackae s laughter her fun loving attatude make her an entertaanang companaon Chorus l Dramatacs 7 , . . . ' I . - , I I ll 1. ll I u .. N , , 1 , - , . ' I I I I I .'. Z' 4" A' wr, In 1 'nf . ,JJ In , - . ..i'.. 4 . I . . . . . . . ... .. a - .. .. , f - I ,, . . .a , . . . . . a - . I .. . . .. I . , i ' ,- Page One Hundred and Sixty-Seven 00211 PRECHTEL VERNA MAE Pretzel Commerclol The gayest heart that ever beat Verna small blond hatred blue eyed has the rare qualuty of malnng fnends easlly and keepmg them She doesnt belueve nn hard work Verna ns mast contented at 2 40 when sh places both her school books and her thoughts an her locker and makes a mad rush for the mam door Swlmmmg skating basketball and movles are her favonte pastlmes She as magonng nn shorthand and type vvrmng and some day means to become a secretary We wush her success Girl Reserves 2 PREMECZ IRENE T Penny Commerclal Consrder what you do not what people thmk Mnx a cheerful personaluty wnth a sparklmg sense of humor add a generous dusposutnon and you have Penny Her fondness for pretzels us outdone only by her love for dancmg We never see Penny In a mod rush to class or burdemng herself wuth books yet she always manages to do well Call nt natural abulnty A H S washes her much successs IU stenography Commercial Club 4 Y W C A l 2 3 4 Commerclal Cheerful company shortens the miles Pearls hfe at school has been lust one dehghtful expernence after another for she belneves that varnety as the splce of llfe Whule to most of Pearl s classmates she seems qulet her frlends Gnd her full of pep and wut Her delight ns an dancmg to swung bands She always engoys havmg a good tame but she s stall able to flnd enough time to keep up un her studues PRlTZ WARREN Warren General Hall' Hall' to the aerial mall As rt speeds through the vast blue dame Warren came to A H S from Bethlehem our fnendly nval and m hns short stay has endeared humself to many fnends He I5 an avnotuon enthusnast who eats and sleeps and dreams avnatuon Dont be surpnsed some day If you hop a plane and Warren us pnlotnng Good luck Warren and smooth sallmg Page One Hundred and Sixty Eight 0 . ' " Q . . f Pnsnco, PEARL --Pearl" 'OIIZU' PURNER WILLIAM B ah lndustnal Mechonlcal Draftmg When night hath set her sllver lamp on h1gh then IS the hme for study One of our droftsmen and undoubtedly one of the best Blah looks forward to the future wath real hope sugmficant of h1s usual honest confidence an hrmself which mdeed has carned hum successfully through countless tough spots Somewhat shy nn the classroom he IS the lnve wure of the draftmg shop, and o holy terror wnth a group of boys Keep your sense of humor and your good sportsmanshup always Blah and youll be happy so wnll everybody else K manshlp QUlNN JOHN C Jock Engmeernng and Science A penc1l m my hand a desk an open book before me and then l can sleep Besldes beung very good company Jack xs a good fellow to have around for he always has a clever remark to bnghten up an occasnon Besldes sleepmg an P D and Study Hall he llkes to fish and play golf He ss fond of swummmg football and basketball or what happens to be un season and attends most of the school actnvutnes Hrs present plans wall lead to college then to Low School Basketball 2 Swlmmmg 2 3 Page One Hundred and S1xty Nme PURNElL CLARENCE Mechamc lndustnal Auto Shop Small In srze big fn heart Clarence as a speed demon, ndmg to and from school nn on exceptionally short tame on has bucycle Speedy nn has homework too and regular All has fnends try to copy has homework QUINN BETTY JANE Betts General How happy IS she born and taught Whose armor IS her happy thought A pleasung manner and a sunny dlsposutnan charactenze Betts playmate student, and sports fan When Betts ns about everybody IS lolly, and everythmg ns kept movmg Betts us a great talker and can keep up a conversatuon wlthout stoppmg even whale shes hewmg gum Betts ns always wnllung to help everyone IS a great dancer especially lntterbug movne fan huker and sales person and loves a dlp on a hot summer day Betts IS Interested un sales 1 , . 1 - 1 a , I 1 . . 11 1 1 1 I . 1 1 .g.-rj Y, 1 .1 11 1 l 1 ,, . , 1 5 . 1 5 R ' ' , 1 - 1 - 1 . . . . . 1 3 1 x C . , . ,, . .. . . . x x 1 1 1 3. - -1 11 11 , . 11 - - 1 1 1 11 1 1 . . . . 1 ' . 1 1 1 f " I . . 1 1 I 1 1 - EDU211 QUINN l.ORRAlNE Qumnle Commercial True friendship is like o rare lewel lt you re looking for a true friend look for Lorraine and her radiant smile She believes playing comes before study Pep and enthusiasm she brings to all the football and basketball games and help to the cheering section She is a true loyal friend She excels in shorthand and typing although her ambition is to be an actress Chorus 4 Dramatic: 4 Girl Reserves 3 4 RABENOLD ARLENE Dimples Commercial Midst ,oy or sorrow Fate shall work her will Arlene is the charming girl with the blond hair and dimples She is considerate of her duties enloys pokes, and te 's them well She s at her best on roller skates and collects the stickers given by the various nnks Arlene is good in her studies and wants to become a stenogropher Commercial Club 4 Girl Reserves 3 4 RABENOLD EDWIN H Buckley General Early to bed early to rise Makes a man healthy, anyway Here hails a lad from the great metropolis of Trexlertown but how he hates to get up in the morning' Buck is interested in sports but he calls It all baseball He always has a broad smile and a cheerful Howdy to greet you Hefrequentlyspeaksofbecommg a forester- with a sideline the harmonica. He is seeking admission to a well known harmonica band. Buck is also a good whistler. Well a forester can use all those things. RABENOLD RUTH KATHRYN "Ruthie" Commercial "Business before pleasure except it is special. Ruthie is a happy-go-lucky girl who always goes about the halls with a smile. She is fond of roller skating, horseback riding and bicycle riding. Ruthie does not believe in worry but takes everything, even struggle and strife, calmly. Ruthie iust loves movies, picnics, canoeing, travel and the activities of the school. Typing and accounting are her specialties. Page One Hundred and Seventy 'OUZII' RADER FAYE General A noble woman nobly planned To nlease to comfort and command Faye s mam unterest us 4 H work She has been awarded first pruze for her cooknes, muiuns, and her recupe file In her spare tame she knuts sweaters for the Red Cross, cooks and sews roller skates and dances Faye us unterested un dramatucs, and she especuol ly lukes to read plays Penn State us Fayes destunatuon, to contunue her 4 H course RADER ISABEL KATHRYN lzzue Commercual Stull waters run deep Isobel us a quuet gurl ond a hard worker No servure to a fruend us too much trouble A secretary must be quuet and efhcuent and Izzue has her feet firmly on the first rung of that ladder But ut usnt all work and no play for lzzue She swums she reads she engoys luvung Gurl Reserves 1 2 3 4 RAHN ELIZABETH Betty General Gather the crumbs of happuness And they wull make you a loaf of contentment Remember that chuckle and grun? These are the outstandung charact-rustucs of a gurl we oll know and admure for whoever saw Betty and forgot her? When the goung was tough she d grun and bear ut when ut was easy she d cheerfully guve a helpmg hand to others She us a typucal hugh school gurl Interested un athletucs and musuc and we re sure she wull be o success un the professuon of nursung Band 2 3 4 Orchestra 2 RANCK JOYCE l.lLLlAN o Commercual lrush eyes and a smile that wuns Joy us one gurl who s sure to go places She has been secretary of her sophomore uunuor and senuor class She us the type men dream about Her lauqhung or talkung often gets her unto trouble She very seldom gets seruous although she us quute capable of doung so You wull always have a swell tume when you re wuth Joyce Her favorute pastume us dancung, but she lukes all sports After graduatuon she hopes to become a pruvate secretary Class Secretary 1 2 3 4 Gym Club 1 Y W C A Basket ball l 2 Dramatucs l Canary and Blue Solicitor 2 Home Room Representatuve I 2 3 Page One Hundred and Seventy One , .. , , I I ' . . . u , , -f I , . , , . , . ,fri I' ...u 2, . JY , . . ffrfi fi-v--J ' fri fi fi 60020 RAPOPORT LEONARD Rap General The world belongs to the enthusiast who keeps cool Rap as a congenlal fellow and IS known for has frank manner When Rap takes hns place In the classroom whether the lesson has been prepared or not he ns always ready to duscuss the more mtrncate relatuons between the vnewpomt of the teacher and his own for he usually disagrees He IS an ommvorous reader and a fluent speaker Rap ns always ready to dascuss sports especially basketball We wush hem the best of luck In all hls undertakings RASTOCKY ANNA Anne Commercual Oft drd the sharp tang of her skate Music on the clear Ice make Oft the turnmg af the page Did her flying thoughts engage Anne as petute and dark wnth a charmmg personalaty Ice skotmg and reading flgure about 50 50 an her program Shorthand vs the sublect she lakes most no wonder she excels un ut REESE RICHARD LLEWELLYN Rnchne General Hrs wornes are many his troubles few Rnchue an amuable likable fellow mth always a ready smile us interested IN farmmg and as o sndelme goes In for an easy chaur and a good book He studies hard and us headed stranght for SUCCBSS RAUB JOHN K Johnny Commercual Opportumty knocks often for those who see lt Thus ns one fellow who doesnt need an alarm clock He can always be depended upon to be on time whether nts at school or on a date wnth the gurl fnend He us a member ofthe H Leh 8- Co basketball team and may often be seen at the Y M C A. playmg pmg pong l Has hobbues are all the sports whnch come the year round but has favonte IS basketball Page One Hundred and Seventy Two it L " n n I Q . . QI- .. ' .. .ri , .- , ,f 1 . 1 . - 1 I ' . . , .. - - - t. , . 5 . t .. .. , . .. - - ., . . . . .. 1 , . . . . , I , . 4 nn ' ' ' In , . I , 0020 REICHARD ARLENE Ame Commercnul A feastmg presence full of light Arlene s sweetness and pleasant ways bnghten up the darkest corner She I5 a good student and her perseverance alone wnll wm any game She lnkes good books and good movues REICHARD BETTY M Betty College Preparatory Wtth perseverance one surmaunts all difficulties Betty may be a shy bashful gurl but we shall always remember that pleasant smule and cheerful dlsposmon of hers Although she ns conscuenhous and perseverung she nevertheless finds tume for many CCtIVIflQS Smgmg and readmg are Betty s tavonte pastumes Her ambttlon IS to be a teacher and we hope to see her wash come true and find her some day m our grade schools ACappella Choir 4 Chorus 2 3 4 HlstorlcalSoc1ety 3 4 Girl Scouts 3 4 National Honor Society 4 Dramatlcs 4 Glee Club l REICHELDERFER ANNABELLE MAE Blondue Commercual A stitch m time saves nme Blondue ns a very mce student and guves her all to the school REICHELDERFER DORIS FREY Dvds Commerclal Success IS the reward of conttnued effort If you ever see a llttle gurl strugglung home from school with at basketball and football games Her ambutnon us to become a stenographer she us very proflcuent at thas work already Just hand her a typewrlter a pen pad and start ductatmg your letter Blondue wull have nt ready before you can say Jack Robmson Everybody knows Blondoe by her pleasant smnle and blonde haur many books thats Dons Alert qulck thmkmg full of fun and kmd Dons as the best fnend anybody could want She takes her school work serlously and IS usually worrled about somethmg yet the results are nothing to worry about We wlsh her success good luck and hapnness un the busmess world National Honor Soctety 3 4 Page One Hundred and Seventy Three ,r , , . X , , 17 It , . , , , ri :fri fri fri 1- , . , I ' I ' I I I , . 00211 REINBOLD BETTY LOUISE Betty Commercial Talk and be happy Betty ns a happy klnd and generous gurl She spends most of her tlme playmg pang pong and can really bat the ebony and vvory Bettys studnes are the least of her worrues She plans to become a stenographer and she wont be lust another steno grapher elther REILLY PATRICIA ANN a Commerclal Plenty of fnends has she but not a friend to spare Pat us the :deal fnend to have, always happy and dependable Her studnes she wall not neglect for anything Pat has to her crednt twelve stranght years of not mussmg a day of school She takes a great Interest ln sports nt you look you wall be sure to see her at every basketball and football game Her best loved hobby as collectung anythmg concernung dogs and horses Her ambltron ns to become a nurse Grrl Reserves 2 3 4 General To be a good friend rs one of the noblest and most dlfflcult undertakings Carolyns lnvely loyous companlonshrp as welcomed every where Her overwhelmmg pep and grand humor made her one of our flrst rate cheerleaders she puts her heart unto every yell Carolyn has her senous moments, too, but find them' She lakes to dance and swum and enloys all sports A hngher educatlon rs m store for her when she leaves A H S Cheerleader 3 4 Girl Reserves 2 3 4 Dramatlcs 2 Hlstoncal Socrety, 3 4 REITERMAN WILLIAM I Engmeenng and Scuence The spmt rs wlllfng but the flesh IS weak Bull ns a happy go lucky lad wuth has senous moods He alternates these two moods m hrs studues pursumg them now wuth vngor now wrthout vngor Bull plans to become a salesman and doesnt plan to enter college because he thmks no school us sunted tor thus work Bull s favorute sport ns table tenms whuch he has been ploymg for a number of years but washes he would be good Bull as popular at school partues and on the street one may always find hum witty and smtlang Hns pleas ng volce and straaghtforward manner are sure to bnng ham success and hoppmess Page One Hundred and Seve nty Four Q I , UP V. 6 , , . h .' , 97, REINHARDT, MARY CAROLYN "Carolyn" I "B'll" 'Olllll' REMMEL JEAN Jean General Heart on her lips and soul within her eyes Soft as her clime and sunny as her skies Tall brown eyed brunette Jean came to A H S from New York un the rnuddle of her sophomore year She us glad she came Allentown does not have New Yorks crowded apartments and ut does provude faculutues for swummung and dancing my favorute undulgences she says Although she us interested un salesmonshup here un school Jean wull be glad to graduate and to begun work wuth the Bell Telephone Company RENNINGER ALTHEA Rennue General Ye gods the same thing every day' Much can be saud about Althea She us a good sport and lots of fun Rennue thunks uts a great world and the best subuects are those whuch requure the least preparotuon Swung us her favorute musuc especuolly swung played by trumpets un Woody Hermans orchestra Althea us always up front rootung for the Canaries wuth all shes got RESSLER MARTHA Texas Belle General She s lust a happy rovun cowgirl Llttle Texas Belle the cowgirl of Allentown Hugh us the one REPPERT JAMES DONALD um College Entrance un Arts James Reppert came to Allentown Hugh School from Raub where he attended classes for eught consecutuve years He took part un the graduatuon play and was an actuve member of the art club At hugh schoo' Jum us mauorung un languages and has a soft spot sn hus heart for subuects luke hustory geography and luterature Jem us a member of both the Latun and German clubs here whuch he wull make hus molors at Muhlenberg College you hear drawlung a Howdy pardner to her best fruends She s a whuz at that lungo when she gets started And she sungs and yodels and plays a Spanush guutar Maybe you ve heard her over WCBA WSAN She does faurly well un Zoology and English always wuth that exasperatungly cool drowlung way she has We all know she learned ut from o blonde booted cowboy un a ten gallon hat now rudung un Uncle Sams Cavalry and who us sumply ummune to the wules of other females And we re all wautung for her to accept a dare to wear hugh heeled boots and o ten gallon hat to school before graduatuon AA V I , I . . ,u . , . . . . , J "Thou wert my guide, philosopher, and friend." - .. ' .. - I V . I . l I ' I Page One Hundred and Seventy Five RICHARDS ROBERT P Rachy lndustraal To be or not to be a draftsman Rachy as a quaet fellow does good work an school and also lakes to play pool and to read comac books and magazanes He has set has heart on becomang a drattsman 0021! RHODA .IUUA ETHEL Julae Ette General Music exalts lafe Julaa Ethel wath a sunny dasposataon and pleasang personalaty comes along wath studaes but devotes most of her tame and energy to her one great love musac Julaa Ethel as already an accomplashed classacal paanast and a student harpast She wall began vocal lessons after her graduataon from hugh school We wash her all the success passable an her career os musacaan RICHUTE NEIL Ace General Who talks lattle and thanks much Thas curly headed lad as Neal Rachute who plays a Spanash guatar wath those good old Bro Mar Hawaaonette He as a man of few words and much thought and those are the dastanguashang marks of any good pharmacast RICKERT DOROTHEA JUNE Dot General Ah the gracious tyranny of her fingertips Dot although o bat shy always manages to have a crowd of people around her In her spare tame she plays the paano and we must admat she can get sweet musac from those avoraes Her fraend shap as loyal and sancere She as an enthusaastac tan at football and basketball games .. . .. , . .. A . ,. . I . . .. . . I I , . , . .. . .. , . .. .. I 1 , 'lewis' -153 va, Uzgfsdfft fa., .. .. , . . . 'iff at - - at . . - .. 5. . 'I I . . . . .. .. I ,, . . . .. , . I . I - I Page One Hundred and Seventy Sax CEO 1120 RICKERT WILLIAM B I General Happy go lucky fair and free, Nothmg ever bothers me Bull us one student who works hard He makes frlends with everyone even the gurls, and hls fruendlmess makes ut umpossnble for anyone to hold a grudge against hum Among has hobbnes are stamp collectnng and art Bull has attended the Klme Baum Art School for three years where he soeclalszes un portrauts After he graduates from hugh school he plans to go to college Trad' 2 3 RILEY CAROLYN MAY Tmy General Rather be small and shlne, than be great and cast a shadow A fond lover of good tlmes Carolyn never permvts studnes to tnterfere with them Her pastrme IS swlmmlng and when she has earned lots of money shes gonng to Iuve m Palm Beach Tmy plans to study beauty culture, and to open a shop of her own Make us pretty Tmy' RISHKO ELIZABETH Betty Commercual A jewel of a pal Eluzabeth ns not as bashful as she seems underneath her quuet expressnons she IS a real fnend She loves to get Into a comfortable chaur at home readmg halr curlmg mysterues and she loves movnes of adventure Betty plans to be a stenographer RITTER ALICE Aluce Commercual Time out for Oh Henry Aluce a qulet unobtrusive Mass never has much to say, but when she does say somethlng you can be sure Its worth hearlng To prove shes not qulet In school alone when shes at home she spends her spare tnme sewmg and readmg She has made clothes but she Inkes best to embronder When shes readmg she usually chooses poetry and especlally lnkes Whnttaer She perfers quaet people dnsllkes no specual study but loves short hand and typmg Luke all good luttle commercual gurls she too hopes to be a pnvate secretary no less Page One Hundred and Seventy Seven , . Bll ' A I , I s ' , . , , t A . .' . , . , . ff I IYJ , F , . . , I I Y . . , , . , , . 01120 RITTER BETTY JANE Gunger General ln class she keeps her tongue awogglng And always keeps the hours from draggung lf you dont know Ginger, then all you need to look for us o tall muschuevous brught eyed gurl wuth eyes twunklmg and tongue un motuon and red haur Gunger us good at drawung and wrutung poetry ln her leusure tume she dances swums bowls and plays basketball If you see a nurse around a few years from now look at the haur and the eyes for they wull never be tamed we hope and maybe It wull be Betty for she s a goung to be a nurse Gurls Basketball Team 4 RITTER LOIS IRENE Lowue Commercial When your studues pile too deep Close your books and sleep Thus charmung Muss with o lovely dusposutuon and a pleasung personaluty, has auburn haur Lous throughout dear old hugh school days has made and kept many fruends She us the center of unterest humor An average student un schoolwork Lowue us far from being o book worm Her hobbies are basketball dancung and druvung Heres all the luck to Lous, for cu beautuful career RITTER WILLIAM J Commercual I don t get ut Bull a very seruous munded fellow consuders everythung un thus world of umportance He us set on achuevung whatever he sets out to do whuch by the way, us to become a bookkeeper or a typust Hus classmates find that when they are un doubt about anythung Bull can straughten them out Hus mam sport us fishung and hus chuef delught, to see scholastuc football and basketball games He seldom undulges un any of these sports Bull also has an occasional urge to become a uutterbug ROBERTS CHARLES L, JR Charlue General Only be thou strong and very courageous Charlue us a boy that anybody would be proud to have as o truend He may be small but you would be surprused at the strength of thus luttle dynamo Charlue us a member of the wrestlung team He us good un school work and next year expects to become a fresh man at Muhlenberg College We all wush hum the best of luck with twinkling gray eyes, pleasing smile, and a natural sense of Page One Hundred and Seventy-Eught 00211 RODALE SHlRl.EY Sharle College Preparatory Palateness smooths wrankles Good sportsmanshap sanceraty a keen mand all these mark Sharley Beang laked and respected by ones fraends beang a con stant partacapant an communaty affaars havang abalaty to work and lave well wath others all these are qualataes are traats that Sharley hos to a hagh degree If anyone wants to find Sharley on a Saturday afternoon she as canterang on her ebony black horse on the Lehagh Parkway bradle path She also enaoys dancang playang popular musac swammang and tennas Sharley wall study lournalasm at Penn State Hastoracal Socaety Secretary 3 Vace Presadent 4 French Club 4 Nataonal Honor Socaety 4 Home Room Representatave 3 RODENBACH GEORGE MONROE Georgae Commercaal Hard work never kalled anybody Georgae comes from the great m tropolas of Chapmans Every mornang braght and early George gets up and goes seven males to A H S He as laked by everyone even by the garls Quaet an class out of class hes dafterent Has school work as always tops so as has farm work Has spare tame he spends readang and lastenang to radao programs Every afternoon at 5 p m he mounts has bacycle and delavers papers Has ambataon as to become a bookkeeper and we are sure that he wall be a good one Commercaal Club 4 ROGERS KENNETH Corky General Such men as he make the world go round To those of you who read thas Kenny as only one other person an the class of 41 but to us who know ham he as lakable ambataous and the prade of has fellow students After three years an A H S wath thas gentleman of sparat and fun the class has unanamously decaded to gave ham a vote of thanks for has anfluence on has class mates Whatever he does we are sure has assocaates wall always lake havang ham around They ll lake has quack mand has Instant understandang has sparat and has courtesy Gym Club 2 3 4 ROGERS RUTH JANE Chatterbox General A smile as an asset good work as an aad Just look at Ruth who has both to parade Ruth as one of those people you read about but seldom see Shes full of Iafe and energy and has a merry heart that faarly bubbles over She loves to laugh but she has her seraous moments too and shes very sancere She has many fraends not a few of them boys because shes fun to be wath and as a good sport Ruth plays the paano swams skates eather on wheels or blades and lakes basketball Shes fond of chaldren and would lake to teach kandergarten an her own home Her future maght hold lust anythang home career or what have you but a home has strong drawang powers Chorus 2 3 4 German Club 3 4 a a ' , ' ' , ' : . , - f 1 - 1 .1 I u r 1. ' ' ' , f J ' - ' , i ,ff ,g , f I i ' , . , . . g . . . ' - 1 - 4 . . a a - a - , , . I . ,, ,, . . . .. a I a a I . . . if . , , . , , , a ,, . . I . . a. , . , I. n I I . I a a , . , , f . I I I - A I r 1 r i I I ' Page One Hundred and Seventy Nane fe- 00211 ROMBERGER JOYCE C Rum Boogie College Preparatory Come with me it s sure to be fun There is never a dull moment when Joyce is around Her spontaneous wit ignites the whole group Whenever a merry crowd gets together youll hear a shout a giggle, and there in the middle you ll find our Joyce Her serious moments although few and far between show her good common sense She has those undefinable qualities which assure success and popularity le Circle Francois 2 Cheerleading 2 3 Dramatlcs 2 720 College Avenue Henry Aldrich Swimming ROMIG FRANCES E Frances Commercial Sometimes quiet, sometimes gay But we love her either way Frances is a mischievous but with twinkling hazel eyes and smooth dark brown hair a funlovmg gurl who can always see the humorous side of a situation no matter how serious it looks to other people Although she is lolly she takes her studies seriously, and comes through with flying colors She claims she doesnt like any one subiect, maybe that is why she does well in all of them With her sunny smile she is sure to succeed Commercial Club Vice President ROMIG JEAN Romeo College Preparatory Common sense is a good thing but it :sn t so common Jean,a talI,attractive, chestnut haired lass,ns one of the most animated members of the class Without her our ramy days would be dreary, for her infectious smile and contagious laugh charm us all Jean may be long and loud, but she is far from lazy Her extreme adaptability to science will no doubt make her an excel lent laboratory technician Nevertheless, while Jean has a keen interest in studies she finds time for athle ics and dances She is at every social function, shuffling through the latest dance steps or entertaining with her own interpretation of the latest tunes National Honor Society, 4 Girl Reserves 2 3 4 Y W C A Council 2 3 Swimming 2 3 RONCOLATO GERALD J. "Jock ' Commercial ' There is music where there are ears to listen." Jack, a small lad with brown eyes and black hair doesn'tIoaf much, he is always on the go. He is ready to greet his friends with a smile and if they are in trouble, is ready to lend a helping hand. His favorite sports are baseball basketball and football. He likes music and his favorite orchestra is Artie Shaw. Page One Hundred and Eighty ROTH BERNARD Tallung comes by nature silence through wisdom Belueve at or not he was born wathout any hour on his head but todays he ns any barbers dehght Despute the fact that he never hands In a neat homework paper he stlll I5 a good student Wlllmg to undertake anythmg he never stops tull he has flmshed Hls hobbues are chess and checkers and he tells us confldentnally that he was xnstructed In the latter by Hopper even lf nt was only by his book Hes sure to make hns mark In thus world Latin Club 4 ROTH PAUL HENRY Rothy Our oplmons are usually other persons remarks Whale llbrarnes are open you wall probably Gnd hum o very active member He dreams sleeps and practvcally eats books He likes all sports most of all skung When food IS mentloned you will flnd hum there before the word IS spoken Next to sports he spends most of has Iensure tame sleepmg Has ambutuon IS to be a news analyst 00211 ROSS JOSEPH LEWIS oe Engmeenng and Scuence Foot feather d Mercury appear d sublime Joe ns one of those fellows who takes school serlously Has studles seldom requure burnmg the mldnlght oul but he has been known to stay up quvte late pondenng a compllcated algebra or tng problem Every sport ns has favonte He plays hard and clean m every game Hls frlends number ln the hundreds and Hx Joe rmgs through the halls Joe expects to attend an engmeer mg school Joes flymg teet have ned hum to many wuns n track meets In bnef v e feel sure that m years to come well be proud to say There goes Jae Ross He and I went to school together Trclr234 Berme ROTH JOHN M Johnme Commercnal The labor we delight In physics pam A chap rarely known to frown Johnme No matter what the problem he always sees a golly side He doesnt care much for dancmg but ns a great movie fan Hls hobby us collectmg postage stamps A good sport lsked by all his fruends he stall doesnt care much for study but we are sure that he wnll leave Allentown Hugh along wuth the rest of us Page One Hundred and Eighty One K . .. . . - ., I A . . . . , ' I iq U . .. . . -5 . v - ' . V - 1 . ' 1 I I x I 4 ' I ll H I - - U 1 1 f - f .. . H 1 , ,, . , . ,- , . 1 1 l - , . . , . , . I 1 . . . . . , . l .. . .. , . H - - - . .. . . . 1 . I ' ' . . . . . ' I 1 4 l .. Y, I .. . . 1 .1 . , , . I - 1 , . 00211 ROTH WAYNE Roddy lndustrual Electrucal Shop lt s better to be unconscuous than dead ln shop Roddy got many demeruts for has unquenchable longung to roam around and see what everybody us doung By one look at Roddy we can see that he us an annual that us he combs hus haur annually wuth great celebratuon at home and school In shop collectuons have been taken to hum a comb but uf we would have got hum a comb he would have refused to use ut so why waste the money ROTHAAR MIRIAM JEAN Mums General She lukes whate er she looks on and her looks go everywhere Mums a natuve of the Harrusburg reguon hasnt luved un thus cuty very long but she has certaunly acquured a large and wade varuety of fruends and acquauntances She has the art of takung a pleasant unutuatuve and at tumes us quute frank Mums lukes people who are lots of fun and she herself us full of ut She drums on the puana as a sort of hobby lukes poetry the emotuonal kund and has even trued wrutung some herself She does a great deal of readung shes read everythung from nursery rhymes to Emersons essays Recently she has gone un for dancung un a bug way Her favorute sports are swummung and uce skatung Here are the makungs of a good uournalust or a good home economust ROTHROCK MARTHA V Marty Commercual The fruendshup that makes the least nouse as very often most useful Seruous and quuet thats the first umpressuon of Marty but after knowung her one Ends she can talk as well and as fast as the next person Her fruendshup us valued by all who know her for she us always ready to help when she us needed Her hobbues are dancung and playmg the puano Marty untends to be a secretary ROWE ETHEL Essel General Euther be small and shme or great and cast a shadow A happy go lucky smulung gurl us Ethel wuth a grand personaluty and lots of fruends She never takes anythung too seruously so we rarely see her unhappy Ethel loves to dance lukes all kunds of sports but when she us teased she blushes To an all round gurl we wush the best of luck Glee Club 1 Gurl Reserves 2 3 . .. ..l .I Q I . . . I V. . I . . . ' . . . . 1 . . I . .. 1 . h . . I - I , u - , , i ' , , - Page One Hundred and Eighty'Two CO 0211 RUCH ARLENE MAE Rocky Montana Commercual Roclry Montana the Sweetheart of the Saddle Lulres the work of herdung her cattle Rocky Montana guutarust us a gurl of pleasung personaluty She stands 5 feet 4 unches has chestnut haur hazel eyes and tups the scales at ll6 She loves to yodel and to play cowboy songs enloys horseback rudung and roller skatung She us presudent of the Wa hoo Club whuch she organuzed If you want a gurl of pleasung personaluty good taste lovung sports and outdoor actuvutues here us your gurl She has a longung to go out West wuth some of her gurl fruends She us of course an admurer of Gene Autry Roy Rogers an untumate friend of Smulung Ray and hus Curcle .Is and lukes to :mutate theur yodelung RUCH ELIZABETH JEAN S getty Commercual Sulence us not always tact and It us tact that us golden not sulence A wunnung personaluty a charmung smule Betty us a delughtful fruend She us gay and wutty when ut us tume to be gay and wutty seruous when ut us tume to be seruous Ask her uf she us ready for a us ambutuous and co operatuve wullung to help any fruend She us usual y euther curled up uru a chaur readung a good book or tacklung her homework You should see the number of books she takes home Betty hopes to become someone s secretary Commercual Club 4 RUHE EDWARD L Eddue General A poet should always be hungry or have a lost love Eddue us a versatile student wuth formulas on the tup of hus tongue and tunes on the tup of hus fingers Hus musucal abuluty us exceptuonal A Hne student wuth exceptuonal good sense and un usual general unformatuon he also has hus say un most of the school clubs Eddues mtellugent mund hus persuasuve manner and hus capacuty for loyal fruendshup have made hum a favorute wuth teachers and pupuls aluke Orotan Debatung Socuety 2 3 4 Presudent Natuonal Honor Society le Cercle Francaus Hustorucal Socuety 4 Canary and Blue 4 Home Room Representatuve 2 4 Camus 4 Page One Hundred and Emuty RUHE D ROBERT o General A great man us he who does not lose hus child s heart Bob us one of the boys who keeps the school aluve He us always full of fun always ready to guve everyone a good tume He lukes most sports although he does not play un any at school Bob wull always be remembered by hus classmates Three , , , I . . I . . . . U I 1 , - . . . . ' I . , . - , , , , l u , , . . . . , . . , . . ' 1 test. "No," the answer, but ask her what she made, "90." Betty - . ' .. . . . ' . , . I . ..B bn , . ul Q ul ' , . , . . a V u . ' . . . u - f , ' ' 1 , , , ' 1 ' - A , 1 , 1 f , r - RUMBERGER GlORlA Gaggles Commercaal Practace makes perfect A sunny braght eyed mass called Gaggles Iavens the group wherever she as Her energy creeps anto her actavataes and gets a maxamum accomplashed wath a manamum effort And an unusually encouragang cheer at a football or basketball game almost always proves to be the contrabutaon of Gaggles for shes there faarly burstang wath school sparat Basketball 3 4 Chorus 2 4 in RUTZEL JANE E Janey General Gave me a road a car a cake Grve me good fraends to keep and make Janey has a smale for everyone She s cheerful and fun lovang lakes to sleep to drave to eat chocolate cake and cokes Her pet hate as school Janey takes her tame as never an a hurry says ats better late than never She lakes to make fraends and shares thear aoys and sorrows Someday she hopes to be a secretary 011211 RUHF LOIS MARILYN Louae Commercual Those of us who know her best Know she cuts up wrth the rest Loas Louae Gabby call her what you wall has a sunny dasposataon and as a welcome addataon to any group She enaoys musac and dancang, and boosts all the school sports She as not deflnate an her plans but at as probable that she wall be a secretary Loas as always bubblang over wath vam and wallangness to learn We are sure she wall be a lave ware somewhere Y W C A 3 4 Bank Cashaer 2 4 RUMBLE MARJORIE HELEN Marge General lt s nace to be natural If one rs naturally nrce Marge the pal and fnend of everyone as happy go lucky and full of fun Shes always tellang funny aokes and always ready to laugh at a new one Marge doesnt spend her tame worryang about studaes anymore but she does everythang that has to be done May you lave as long as you lake, and have all you lake as long as you lave Whatever comes youll always have the love of your fnends German Club 4 Page One Hundred and Eaghty Four .1 - aa 1 1 1 17' 1 , . . . . ., , 5 , , . .. . aa 1 1. . aa . . . a - 1 , 1 1 I 1 1 - , g . LK , 1 aa 1 - I I . . , . . . 1 . . , . . a . 1 ml 1 - , -gf- , . lt - - 1 1 ' 1 1 1 1 1 - 1 1 .1 . . ' 1 a OUZIJ SAGASITY WILLIAM e lndustrla Pnnt Shop Good better best never let rt rest Till the good rs better and the better ts the best Wnlluam us one of the best printers an the semor class He puts a great deal of effort and tume an thus trade and llkes to try new ways to better hus prmtung Bull us popular with the gurls because he has a gemal dnsposutlon Thus gay fellow plays football and basket ball and also takes a great mterest m bowlmg He mtends to make prmtmg has work and we wush hum the best of luck Prmters Club Secretary Football Manager 2 3 SANDERS JOHN W Jack General Acts pass into habtts We become what we do Jack ns kmd cheerful generous easy to get acquamted wuth and extra easy to get along wuth Whats more Jack us always wnllmg to lend a helpmg hand to whoever mlght need lt Hts hobby ns readmg preferably books of adventure Who knows? He may become an author of adventure stones some day No home should be wlthout hum and certamly no class room should be wlthout has charactenstlc laugh unmustakable and always lust a mmute after the occasvon But no matter what with has guft of makmg fnends and has wullmgness to be of servuce Jack wall get to where he wants to go Bn 234 SANDT FREDERICK Dutch General Wonder what I Il do next? Dutch os a quuet conservatuve member of the A H S basketball team He IS always there when needed by hls fnends and often has proved a mamstay at crntlcal moments Hts wmmng smile and pleasmg personallty have won ham many fruends onthe basketball floor and un the school Upon leavmg school In June Dutch hopes to go to a college where he hopes to contmue has fine work m sports Football 2 3 Basketball 2 3 4 Varsity A Club 4 SANZZYK HELEN LUCILLE Wenny General Free and proud and glad as they who foyously acclaim life Helen IS a happy go lucky gurl easy to get along wsth qunc to make frlends and serious at tlmes especnally at muslc She as usually IN a laughurg mood for she has a Hne sense of humor But try to argue wt h her' Helens mccrable hablt ns commg to school wuth homewcrk not fimshed I I Page One Hundred and Eighty Five 'OUZII' SCHAFFER ARTHUR MYRON Commercnal He who hesitates rs lost Art a happy golucky fellow takes Ilfe as ut comes httle preparatuon He usually has hns homework although at always well done He as an admurer of football and baseball SCHAEFFER H NED Mlke General l am the captain of my soul Hes short m body and brains but long an feet He has black haur brown eyes and thats what takes the gurls eyes He dnves a Ford whuch us hns brothers and thlnks he owns the world lf you see hum coming down the street climb the nearest tree Ar with osn t with baseball rn the lead He ns the first one at the table and the last one to leave wnth plenty of food stored away Although he has no specual plans he ns sure to be a success m any occupatnon Good luck Art SCHAFFER EUGENE oe General A lrttle maschlef now and then IS found m the wisest man Tall lanky and shy Joe causes luttle trouble In the class rooms for he never has much to say As a swimmer Joe has won hrs varsity A which makes hum a member of the Varsity A Club Joe wants to become a mnddle But nf he does not go to the Naval Academy he hopes to go to Notre Dome a unlversuty he has always admured Dont ever argue with ham about Notre Dames football team you lust cant wm Joe hopes to gam some more poundage so that he can play football for the fnghtm ns Wherever Joe goes to school they Il be glad Swlmmmg Team 2 3 4 Varsity A Club 4 SCHANTZ MARILYN l Lynn College Preparatory The mfldest manners and the gentlest heart Marnlyn s wntty personalnty and mlschuevous nature wull always make fnends for her She ns mterested an all school socnal and sports actmtues at whuch she as an enthusuastnc fan Sh nntends to go to school but why and where she doesnt know No matter what Marnlyn s statnon us to be she wull be a success m her own way Grrl Reserves 2 3 4 Basketball 2 3 , . . 1 I 1 1 . . . , . , . l I .. 'H I U I I . . . . , - , , . , . I ..J .. , , v 1 , , ' ' : . , , . .. . ... . I ... I.h. . - A . .. .. , , , , i , - l , . , . . I .. . ' . I . . . . . 2. . , . , . I 1 1 f i 1 1 r Page One Hundred and Eighty Srx 'uw SCHAUP MARJORIE CATHERINE Margue Commercual lt' ut s a date for a skate she won t be late Morgue us a lolly person always sunny always smulung but she can be seruous when the occosuon demands Her favorute pas tumes are roller skatung at Mealey s dancung to the raduo, and sung ung when she s un a happy mood That smule and twunkle un her eye takes her places Margue has many fruends She enloys cuddlung up un a comfortable chaur readung a good book and nubblung on somethung good to eat Who doesn t? SCHElRER ALBERT lndustrual When he leaves ut s luke losung a Al s a musucuan at heart you bet And he plays the sax and clarunet When he flashes hus old smule It s the slyest one un style When he departs from A H S We all wush hum a bug success, When you meet a guy wuth a happy smule That s Al our best fruend and pal Page mulluon dollars 0112118 J scnmrz MARY euuaern scheme General Tus the song ye smg and the smule ye wear That makes the sunshine everywhere Whenever you see a group of laughung students uts a safe guess that Mary us the cause of theur murth Mary us known and loved throughout the school for her humor, and for her sweet dusposutuon Marys pastumes are swummung eatung and sungung and she has a really lovely vouce She manages to get by wuth good grades too Chorus l 2 4 German Club 4 SCHEETZ KARL WILLIAM JAMES Dutch Commercial Musuc us un all growing things Karl a sporty fellow us easy to get along wuth Hus maun ambutuon us to be a poluceman but he wull settle for the Navy Hus most enloyed sport us baseball, and next to that comes flshung He belueves un havung fun at the wrong tumes but he also has hus seruous moments He trues hus best always and we thunk he wull remaun that way throughout lufe Just see hum for unformatuon about any gurl from here to Hollywood Al One Hundred and Eighty Seven . ,wp :- of I , , - , . , . , , . , , , . I , f . . , .. ., , , , , . - , . ' 1 , . , u . . . . . ., , . , . 0020 SCHEIRER DORIS Dame Commercual She looks like an angel and acts rt too But you never can tell what thus angel wfll do ln her qunet way Dome commands the admuratnon of all who know her Besudes, those bog brown eyes are sure to get you She has a smnle for everyone and o blush for some In her studles Dans as average an dancung or skatmg she as expert sure to follow SCHEIRER ROBERT u lndustnal Machme Shop A fnend ln need IS a frrend Indeed Hes llttle but oh my hns brams' They are out of proportnon to his slze If you ever saw Kld cut a rug you would say exactly as we have sand Boy' what a latter bug But bessdes bemg a shck stepper Robert steps rlght along un his school work He I5 always wlllmg too to guve a helpung hand to has classmates We know by hrs character and ambutuon that he wnll be a bug success Wherever her eager ond competent spmt leads others are SCHELL MARIAN Marlon Commerclal For you as wamng a great big smrle Take a lovable sunny dlsposutlon, a crop of auburn halr a sense of humor, a merry smnle an extra portnon of loyalty and what have you? One of the truest and most understandlng of frnends Maruan Shes a great enthusiast about sports but her school work gets A number one attentlon Manan us an excellent typnst and mtends to be more than lust an ornament un somebody s oltlce SCHERBA KATHRYN MAE Koss Commercual Map me no maps slr my head as a map of the whole world Kass spends her spare tome bowlmg and especually lnkes to go out wuth a crowd on a blowmg party Thats what she takes what she doesnt luke as Commerclal Law Her bnggest ambmon as to travel all over the country m o trauler some day and then shell be content to settle down to bemg a stenographer By the way boys shes a good cook C C v I ..K.d,. Page One Hundred and Eighty Eight Commercial Club Grrls Basketball Team 601120 SCHLEGEL CARL Carl Science and Engineering What sweet delight a quaet life affords Carl is a friendly boy whose laughing countenance and good nature make him popular Camping and sports are his chief de light the former includes most of the outdoor activities the latter consists mainly of basketball To model airplane building he devotes energy money and time time which he thinks is well spent Although his hobby may interfere with his studies he still obtains hugh marks Carl s favorite sublect is mathematics but his natural tact is the thing that will help him in his aspiration to be in the foreign service College directly after high school then his dreams will undoubtedly be fulfilled SCHMIDT VICTOR R JR Vic Science and Engineering A slow walker a fast worker and a folly good fellow Vic is one of the most popular boys in the school un that he is an honor student an excellent conversatlonalist and takes part in many extra curncular activities Vic has a keen sense of humor and a personality that makes him friends He will probably be a businessman and if the number of his friends in school is any indica tion of the friends he will have in business Vic will have a successful business National Honor Society President Latin Club 4 .lunlar Class Treasurer Semor Class Treasurer SCHMOYER DONALD W Don General In action faithful m honor clear On first approach Don may seem a bit timid but as you become acquamted with him you find he as a pretty good sport Never defeated he always sees the bright side He has a good sense of humor and sticks to his books so he will understand his business when he leaves school Mention sports to him and you have a new friend for he is a great sports addict National Honor Society 4 SCHMOYER MARK WESLEY Easy' General Why worry? Cares will come but cares will go. Marks shy modest manner departs when you become ac- quainted with him- he then reveals himself as a iolly good fellow. He is an ardent follower of football and basketball and o master of the comet. He enioys Glen Millers Orchestra- let no one argue against it. We all wish him luck in his commercial career. Page One Hundred and Eighty Nine 'OIIZIJQ SCHMOYER, MERVIN T, "Merf" Industrial Ca binet Maker "lf only he could find a girl." Merf is a brilliant man in the Cabinet Shop. He loves football games, is an ardent rooter for A. H. S., and is an expert chess player. In fact, he won the championship at the Raub Junior High School. Merf likes the girls, but runs when they seem to like him. SCHNITZER ROSALIND BERNICE oz College Preparatory She went her way quietly but wherever she stood It was upon solid earth Cheerful intelligent and lust too too blase is our black haured dark eyed Roz Her witty remarks and charming smile supplement her moments of profound thought Roz is entering the University of Michigan this fall and plans to take the medical course We know that it is going to be a tough grind but with her scholastic ability and her many excellent qualities she is sure to be D Schmtzer seven years from now Historical Society 3 4 SCHOEDLER MARGUERITE Mockne General Be not glad but when thou hast done well Although a but shy Marguerite makes friends easily because of her happy and cheerful disposition She is studlous and knows her English art and social studies Besides dabblmg in her favorite oil painting for she has been an the Kline Baum art school six years Marguerite plays the piano well and is an ardent phulutelist Her combination of cheerfulness intelligence and loyalty makes Mar guerlte a companion worth having SCHOEMAKER DONALD GEORGE Shooey Industrial Thou can st not rob me ot' a happy day Lehighton s gift to A H S Shooey is a devotee of speed and subgect as algebra but he wont let it get him down Don intends to be a pattern maker and there ll be no unknown quantities in his patterns 'lqug , 'N17 X XQX Page One Hundred and Ninety I ..R .. , . I I b I ' I I l I I , . . . . . I . . .. . . . L , 1 - I .. . .. I . . . . I ' . . . . . . . 1 ' l , I ' I ' f iitterbugging. He'd be a happier boy if there were no such ,if ' I 'X . ' 'iii 'I ', .if-1111. ,174 f,-'fly 3 ES:i5?EQ 4, If-Q, - :Suze , .. . L? 6200211 SCHOENBERGER ELLSWORTH D Alex lndustnal Machene Shop Call me Alex and be my frrend Alex does wonderful work nn classes when he IS watched by has teachers He as a flne fellow can make frlends wvth almost any body and busses hnmself with photography stamp collecting and PH19 Pong 911155 SCHOFF IVAN Schoffe General There IS no art to End the mmd s construction rn the face There are not many boys who have lvan s wmsome and wltty dlsposltuon but he has other qualltles and many others equally fine Although he s not an honor student he does manage to get by Hls motto us lf at flrst l dont succeed lll try and try again No matter what lvan plans to do we wvsh hum great success and we know hell stay with a 'ob untul he flnnshes lt S A R Fraternity SCHOLL PERMA Perm General Nature made her as she should Not too bad and not loo good Perma us a quiet gurl at times but can be very talkative uf the occasuon calls for It Whenever someone us blue Perm cheers them up wuth a smnle and an approprlate yoke Perms ambutlon ns to become a nurse sometvme In the future Although thus occupatuon calls for some hard tasks we are sure she wull succeed because there lsnl anythung that Perm has not got accomplished If she really tried She engoys helpmg people to the road of health and happmess Basketball 4 SCHOLL RICHARD L Duck Commercial The best way to loaf rs to practrse Duck as a fellow who never wornes about the future He loves good swung muslc and hopes to become a famous muslcuan The only tnme Duck us m a hurry IS commg home and then he fanrly rushes to eat Thats hns hobby Has favorite sport us football Regardles of what he chooses for his Infe work we re wnshmg hum always plenty to eat Good luck to a swell guy Page One Hundred and Nmety One 1 . . , - 1 1 1 I ,,.,,.,1 1 Q, 1,.4 ,L .h .-. AY. Us ' . 1. 1 Q 1 2,91 . 1111s, , . 1 1 1 . 1 - . . .. 1 1 .11 1 1 - 1 1 1 . . . . . 11 11 1 1 - 1 1 . . . , . , . 11. .1 , . 11 - - 11 . . . , , l , P 1 . . . . . . 1 . . . , , 0020 SCHREINER JOSEPH Funkue lndustrual Electruc Shop He whose all conscrous eyes the world behold Funkue a Grade A electrucuan studues hard He Iukes Sopho mores so much that at lunch tume he forgets to eat talks to the pretty gurls unstead The whole curcle us easy He lukes the gurls because they luke hum they luke hum because he lukes them And uncudentally because hes so o o o o urresustuble wuth that wavy black haur SCHULER PAUL B Buttercup General Beware beware There s wltchery a brewung Heres a chappue ready for fun un fact he can locate ut wherever ut beckons Handsome as well as alert and untellugent Buttercup us one of our bug shots Paul s ambutuon us euther to be a general un the army or to personufy a comuc strup SCHULER PAUL F Schuler General lt us better to keep one s mouth shut and be thought a fool then to open ut and remove all doubt Schuler who never seems to have a dull moment un hus lufe us a tall boy wuth black wavy haur Not too loud he has a wonderful sense of humor and shows ut Interested un hus school work he thuruks school us an easy problem Outsude of school he plays a swell game of basketball and football and us unterested un baseball and boxung Another hobby us musuc whuch he loves un has schoolwork He doesnt hope to be presudent but hell always be a regular fellow Chorus 2 3 A Cappella Chour 3 Stage Manager 2 3 A SCHWAB JAMES .lummy College Preparatory Tomorrow tomorrow and tomorrow Jummy us one of the most popular boys un the school The boys the gurls the teachers everyone un tact has an equally hugh regard for hum The broad Schwab smule and cheerful personaluty have become an unstututuon un hugh school .lummy us a member of many clubs and organuzatuons and us an actor of no mean abuluty Wuth an excellent hugh school record behund hum .tummy may look bac: on the past wuth satusfactuon and to the future wuth assurance Natuonal Honor Socuety l.a Cercle Francaus Senuor Class Play 3 Page One Hundred and Nmety Two 1 ul . uu 1 r ' ' 1 . . . u . . . . . . . . I .-A A. u, uu .. , . H u . . .u , . . , . . . 1 1 - 1 1 . , . . . . . ur vu , . .1 - u - u 1 1 1 . , - 1 - u 1 . , . uu u . uu u 1 1 1 I 1 I 1 1 1 - u u. . ur ' 1 1. 1, , . - 1 1 1 1 1 . . . . . , 1 I i , . 620020 SCHWAB LUELLA M ue Commerclal Eat sleep and be merry today For tomorrow never comes Lue as humorous and has three arms eat when the food IS free sleep when you should work and act dumb when mtelllgence IS needed She supplles us wuth all the laughs we want and surpruses us when she knows her work Even though she sleeps an classes she ns able to get good marks Lue luces dancmg, bucycle rudmg, tenn s and hukmg but eatmg sleepmg and laughing are her favonte actuvmes Her one dlslvke as swummmg she does not luke gettmg her face wet SCHWARTZ JANE College Preparatory A lover of books but a reader of man No cynic and no charlatan Where theres a wlll, theres a way Thats the way lt IS wnth Jane Unobtruslvely and wnth llttle effort she accomplishes the tasks before her Her appreclatlon of what IS worthwhile and what ns not largely governs her actuons Reading I5 Janes lone de we lt would take a room no smaller than Carnegxe Hall to hold all she has read Her sense of humor falls her only when she ns asked to sung alone Swummmg has been her chouce of sports smce her first bath From A H S she ns gomg to Smnth After that she wnll be a wnter teacher, artlst cntnc lntenor decorator or coutuner The problem ns to choose Girl Reserves 2 3 4 Natmnal Honor Society 4 Canary and Blue Staff 4 l.atm Club 4 Home Rao'n Presldeet 4 Comus Editor 4 SEAMAN, MARGARET L Bunnue General Put on your gloves put on your gloves' Bunme llkes school and work and summer vacations and play SCHWENGER HARVEY Wenger Industrial To know one well rs to have conquered one well Harvey us not really a tnmud soul he ns a delughtful person to know He s goung unto electncal work Harvey mslsts on good sports manshnp and practices vt That us one reason he has acqurred so many friends along with dancmg and tenms Thus usually lolly brunette us also an ardent boxmg fan and that only partly explams why we call her a knock out She us gomg to be a telephone operator Page One Hundred and Ninety Three U2 SEDO RA SUSAN Slme General A peach a pal a folly sort But better st1ll an all round sport Here ns a mce brown eyed gurl pleasant and dear to many frnends An attractuve smlle a pleasmg personallty but especially ongmahty nets Susan a host of friends She ns pleasant mannered and good natured Susan loves tenms swnmmmg hlkung and smgung-or as ut humming She s an mterestmg and nnterested person a good compannon SEEBOLD WARREN Sonny General A great mon rs made up of qualities that both meet and make great occasrons Warren IS a well known fellow around Allentown Hugh H studies hard for what he gets and gets falrly good marks He IS Interested In all of the sports and takes part In many out of school GCYIVITIBS He as often seen at the school dances and can shake a leg with the best of them Has one ambutnon ns to become an olfncer an the U S Navy SELIA AVAN ELL E General SEIBERT VIRGINIA IRENE GERTRUDE Texas Shorty Commerclol Those lnsh eyes are smrlrng all the tlme Texas Shorty ns so called because she IS flve feet two, and weughs 105 pounds There as an lrnsh smlle and a but of a gleam ln her eye Gene Autry Charles Starrett cowboy songs and bookkeeping m Texas or Montana-she dreams of them all Meantlme she skates wheels or blades dances and collects psctures of fnends and cowboy groups Avle Follow my heart my dancmg feet' Dance cs blrthe as my heart ccn beat Avue IS the real shrurnp of the class four feet ten and wenghs exactly l00 Thoughtful a Iattle bashful pleasant but o llttle warned about her work thats Avanell She always smgs whsle she washes dashes and that tells you a lat Her favorite Iune IS Gee arn I mad She takes her work seriously but her career IS not serious she wants to be an entertomer Page One Hundred and Nmety Four .AA 1. . M- .. . .. at ' .yrs 1 1 ' . 1. ' 1 ' 1 1 , . 1 1 1 .. .- 1 1. - - - - .1 . Q , . I . . - 1 .A 1. 1 .l - -- - 11 - 1 I 1 1 .. . H , . , . 1 - 1 1 1 1 . . , . . . . . n - 1 u . . . D - 1 1 . - L. 620020 SEISLOVE DOROTHY ANNE Dottue Anne Commercual Smule and the world smiles wutlu you Dottue Anne has blazed a traul of fun and smules and good hard work across A H S for the past three years For one so small ut seems umpossuble that she could guve so much to others but she does optumusm and uovualuty A good student Dottue Anne has belueved un enuoyung a lufe to the full A tom boy If there ever was one she dances skates and plays basketball She deserves the SElTZ IRENE RONIO General True lruends are lulre duamonds precuous but rare Renue us a tall slender red haured gurl and a true fruend You can always flnd Renue un the mndst of a group of fruends because they enuay her lovable lovual character Although not one of the brughtest students at school Renae succeeds by doung her very best As yet Renue has not chosen a vocatuon but whatever field she enters we are sure she wull achueve success Gurl Reserves l SEIP EVELYN ROSE Mudge Commercual Refreshung as cu mornung breeze Mudge us an all round adm rable cheerful gurl We find her cheerurug enthusuastlcally at football and basketball games Wuth a pleasant outlook on lufe Mudge attends her tasks wuth nary a groan and dutufully and dauly comes her books home Small but mughty Mudge has rughtfully earned her place un our hearts SEISLOVE FRANCES C Commercual Slow to anger ready to please What greater gufts are there than these Frances us o charmmg gurl shy modest and quuet blushung readuly A gurl of few words she us but whatever she says us heavuly weughted wuth thought nts not mere pratter Dance musuc captuvates her and usually there are many wullmg partners at a dance for she us an expert Frances would luke to t avel to where she sees nature at uts grandest Theres no need to wush Frances good luck shes destuned to make good Page One Hundred and Nunety Fuve bf , - I I ' , , . , , . c O' u , . . . . , , 4 - . , , - best. 1 , . .. , , , u u I - , I . . , . , . 2 - , , . I I - I ' , - ' , , . , , , . 'OIIZIJ' SELL FLORENCE MAE Selly General To have fnends IS to be one Brunette dark eyed slmply swell IS Florence For good taste SELL BETTY L Betz General Delicious morsel' And she cooks' Bettys tavonte pastume IS talkmg and loughmg, but oh' can she bake' To make a study of household arts us her chief desure but beauty culture also runs If you ever want something good to eat or uf you want yourselves made beauhful page Betty she reugns supreme Her charmlng personality and constant sense of humor make her a must on everyone s lest Florence plans to be a nurse and who knows perhaps we shall have another Florence Nightingale We wash Selly all the success m the world un her chosen CUYQQI' Chorus 4 Hrstoncal Society 3 4 Girl Reserves 3 4 SENGER LOUISE A Lou General Senous shmmg sparklmg eyes Dazzle the dumb weaken the wise How those eyes talk' So senous and smcere when they are SENG CLARK R Sengy lndustnal Mechamcal Draftung Clark ss a tlne young man who keeps scrapbooks and records of team standmgs In football basketball and baseball ln draftmg one of Clarks chnef handucaps I5 spullnng mk on has almost finished drawmgs In temng so bright and sporklmg when they are eager to tell and so pleading and uncertain when some mlschuevous act us dns covered The lule of the party Lou IS stlll highly mtellngent but she never lets her study mterfere with her good tlmes especually wuth dances For a fraend a really true fnend thus gurl as the one you should page Louise would like an excntmg lob after graduation from college preferably newspaper reportmg Heres luck to a swell gurl and an all round good sport Nataonal Honor Socrety 4 Page One Hundred and Ninety Six .. .. , . .. . , ,. - I , I - .. .. 1 .. . . ,. , I - . . , . 1 i . . I 1 I i I 1 r - ' , . .. .. , . "lf it isn't drafting, it'x girls." . . I . . I .. ,. , . .. . . - - 1 I , , . .5 . I . . I l . I . . . . . I , - . I - . , . , - . , . ' 1300211 ' SENSENBACK FRANK DENNIS Franlue Commercnal A sunny temper galds the edge of llfe s blaclrest clouds Frank IS a mce young fellow un hablts actions and usually an speech He ns always attentave to le sons and to gurls Sometlmes however he strays from the paths of peace and his teachers must set hum down a notch or two Neatly dressed and attractlve Frankne does the tasks asslgned to hum gladly and cheerfully Frank does we repeat have a great admuratlon for the gurls N matter where he IS between classes at school you wall see hum wnth some rather good loolung gurl SERFASS WARREN CALVIN Butch Industnal Joan the Marmes and see the world Warren us a good natured fellow always fruendly He enloys makmg articles out of wood because he likes to work around the wood Much 'oy as Butch gets from warlung wuth tools and around machlnery un the shop at school he lakes even more to go huntmg Flshung and swlmmmg He nntends to loan the Marmes SHAFER KENNETH ERROL Kenny Retaal Selling Get the best at pays Kenny as good a fruend as any man would want has always been a rather lovlal good natured helpful fellow In has sophomore year he attended Hunsucker and an hus lunlor and sensor years he was m the Retall Sellmg Course and a super salesman A lover of all sports he IS always ready for fun It would take too much space to enumerate all the good pomts that thus future cltlzen possesses SHEARER JOANNA MAE Jo Commercnal l breathed a song mto the avr It fell to earth I knew not where And the song from begmmng to end I found again In the heart of this friend A pleasmg personallty a sunny dlsposltuon characterize Joanna true friend and wllllng student She IS gentle lovmg and exceedlngly lund Joanna may be llttle In stature but not un mund She IS fond of shorthand and typmg Her hobbnes are readmg and movles Page One Hundred and Nmety Seven 011211 SHEFTEL MILTON S Mn General Up' a man s a man today Anyone who has Mults abnlety to make and keep fnends IS to be envued Hts gennal personalsty and hearty laugh make hum a favonte among hls classmates Mllt IS to b depended upon and us both sympathetlc and falthful to has fne1d In has spare tum he blows away at hrs trumpet Malt plans to enter Temple May the years bnng happnness and success to a real boy and a real frnend Orotan Debating 2 3 4 SHELLY GEORGE ROBERT Bob College Entrance m Enguneermg and Sclence Suffer me to catch a flsh Although Bob does not actively engage an sports an hugh school he as an ardent follower of A H S teams Hls favonte subject ns physucs hns hobbues huntung fishing athletacs bowllng and swmg muslc although huntmg and fishing lead the lust He can gave and take a lake and has won many friends dunng has three years at hugh school After a year of prep school he plans to take up electrlcal englneermg at an engmeenng college SHIFFERT ROBERT EDWARD ob Science and Engmeernng Such men as he make the world ga round Bob I5 a real fellow who wnll share anythmg wlth you and help SHERER THOMAS 2nd Tom Science and Engmeenng He was straight you could trust him Thomas Sherer IS a fnendly chap usually seen chattmg wlth one of hls schoolmates nn the halls He believes that hfe should not be taken too seruously and yet not too easily He IS always ready to help anyone If he can He llkes outdoor llfe and outdoor sports although he also takes an mterest an all sports Tom IS plannmg on gomg to some engmeenng school We wnsh Tom luck and know he wall keep hls good trauts of character Orchestra 2 3 4 you an any possible way He plays football baseball and basket ball A great admirer of the fanr sex he as often nn thenr company Bob also loves to argue he wnll argue about any subgect under the sun lf Bob were to like studymg as much as he lakes pleasure he would be an honor student We have learned to respect hls opmnons and to apprecnate has counsel I l .. .'.. I . I . . . I . I . I . I . , . I - 1 I f . . I . . , "B ' . I . . . 5 . . Page One Hundred and Ninety Eaght 'OUZU' SHOLLENBERGER JUNE CLEO Shelly Commerclal A friend m need IS a fnend Indeed Wnh a smnle for everyone June wall go a Her olm as busmess She has a yen for doncung party In general shes a swell person to know put more and more people on her lest of fnends Girl Reserves SHIMER DOROTHY MARIE Dottue General A constant fnend rs rare and hard to find Dottlez Every one Iukes Dottle She ns easy to get along wlth shes always happy loves pleasure especially doncmg and yet does not neglect her studles Dottle as goung to be a secretary and we wash her all the success an the world We all know she cant fall an any work she undertakes Dramatic: 4 long way In life and us the llfe of and as walling to SHORT J CURTIS CW, Sclence and Enguneermg No profit grows where IS no pleasure ta en Curtns ns a very likable young chap one does not need to know hum well before learmng that He belleves un havmg a good tnme and makes any gathermg Iught and happy He as well known throughout the sportmg world and although he partncnpates un the usual sports he excels m tenms and table tenms Whnle he IS no honor tadent he us no slouch In school and has never had fears about getting through The class of 41 IS proud to have Curtns ln the ranks and we prednct has success SHORT RICHARD H lnlun oe Fine Art All men are created equal Duck ns mterested an art and expects to take nt up as hrs Infe work Has hobbles are hnkmg campmg swlmmmg and other outdoor sports Duck as an all round fellow wlth a cheerful outlook on lnfe We wa h hum great success In whatever he attempts to do and we ve a sneaknng nctuon that ut wnll have somethlng to do wlth Induans Page One Hundred and Ninety Nme 0020 SIGLIN WILLIAM Snggy lndustnal Electrnc Shop An empty barrel makes the most noise Saglm on out tandmg electrnclon wull undoubtedly be able to wnre a lamp by the hme he as old enough to vote electrncal work he gets a bug klck out of 220 volts Saglm at the present holds the champnonshnp nn the Fuse Blowers Club of the Unlted States of Amenca SILBERMAN EARL J to wnte songs l SKRIP NICHOLAS Nuck Science and Engmeerung Honest confession IS good for the soul Nlck IS always In a hurry but never gets anywhere Hls amb: tlon ss to become a mulntory engmeer We thunk Nuck belueves snlence us golden because hes qunet and soft spoken Page Two Hundred SIEGFRIED RAYMOND Wmkler lndustnal Electnc Shop A finer fellow never strode the streets of Ivanhoe Raymond ns that fine young sux footer curly headed flat footed knock kneed pngeon toed from the Electruc Shop One day Wmkler decided he was good In electrlclty so he wured hns fathers home and beheve nt or not nt stall works ln shop he IS an mdustruous fellow but he lakes to burn up shop equlpment whuch frequently puts hum on the black lust Because of these mlsfortunes Wankler must make up on hus own tlme what he lost on the black Inst He really as m hot water most of the hme Snlver General The world s no better lf we hurry Earl as not very ambitious nn his school work but us more enthusl astlc about the outdoors He has many friends and IS well llked He llkes huntmg and Hshung These are Important to hum for he wants to become a wrlter on sports some day Besudes he wants I .. . .. I I ' 11 ' 1 ' I D I - IT ' I . . . ' . . I , - . l . . . I l , . .I S . .. I . He has many good points, too many to mention. His hobby is . 2 . . A . I I . , . . l l , . . .. . . I . .- . . . b . . I I l I , , - 0020 SMITH CONSTANCE Conme College Preparatory To do easaly what others find dlfnlltllf IS talent Conme we can really call talented talented nn the fullest sense of the word Her melllfluous alto forms an mtegral part of the chonr She plays the plana wrth understandmg and techmcal abuluty, and these two can be applued to anythmg she attempts Her schoolmates know her for excellence nn the classroom No descnptuon of Conme would be complete WlfhOUfll'1ClUdII1g her sense of humor her frnendln ness and her sportsmanshlp Conmes friends hoped she would chocse musnc for a career but she wants to be a socnal worker Such a chance us typlcal of Conme National Honor Society 4 A Cappella Choir 2 3 4 Chorus 2 3 4 French Club 4 SMlTH IRENE Reme General He that speaks sows and he that holds hrs peace gath rs Renue IS a happy golucky gurl always finds somethmg to laugh about when she as passmg to her classes She lakes to dancmg IS a great lover of Hazleton dont say anythmg against Hazleton when Renae IS around and IS sure to make a success of her lnfe when she leaves school Grrl Reserves 3 4 Chorus 2 3 4 SMITH BETTY JANE Janey Commercial Lrlre the waters of th mighty deep Never quiet unless asleep Betty ns one grand gurl' And she belueves that lrfe as made for havmg a good tume She ns overloyed on the dance floor, dancmg ns her delught Although Betty us fond of pleasure she consuders her studles first see her fine ratmg an commercnal work May she have all the success she deserves Commercial Club Yx SMITH DOROTHY JUNE Dome Commercnal A true friend IS a rare gift Dottte, a small blonde wxth a sunny dlsposutlon, pleasmg per sonallty and laughmg eyes wms many fnends, and she IS true and loyal to them all She belleves In damg everythmg slowly but thoroughly Her excellent schoolwork assures her a stenagraphers posutnon and Dottne as never one to refuse an mvutatton to a good tame l Page Two Hundred and One . Q, - , - , f . . , I . , . , . ,: ,,,: , ,,f 1- s , h 5 . ,, . on , -. .- I . go , 00211 SMITH JEAN G of General Fate s a fiddler lufe s a dance Doc has been shapung her whole lufe toward beung a surgucal nurse She us unterested un the thungs all young people are but not when they untertere wuth her career Asked why she chose thus career she saud The challenge to skull and precu uo-u that presents utself un the everlastung race between lute and death us excatung to m Doc untends to be a structly professuonal person but what uf SMITH JOSEPH A Shamokun Enguneermg and Scuence For every happy :mule the world Whurls on uts way wuth less care We hope that Joe wull contunue through Iufe wuth hus congenual smule and the constant pluggung he has shown throughout hus three years at Allentown Hugh School Joes sportsmanshup and fruendlu ness have made hum many fruends whuch unclude a certaun pretty Sophomore Shamokun wull long be remembered by those who worked and played on the gruduron where he proved humself a leadung athlete One of the coaches recently saud Joe Smuth us not only a fellow to luke but we coaches all depend on hum After hugh school he untends to go to Mulutary Academy and then to College Football 2 3 4 Track, 2 4 Varsuty A Club 4 some handsome unterne comes along? Jean wull get her traunung at the Allentown Hosputal SMITH KENNETH ALBERT Bunchue Industrual Mechanucal Drattung Eat drunk and be merry today For tomorrow you may due Bunchue us small un stature and dark un complexuon but that us not altogether hus fault Hus chuef unterests are roller skatung uce skatung swummung and playung baseball Hes always anxuous and wullung to try a1ythung once It us hus ambutuon to be an expert draftsman some day We wush hum luck No one knows what the future holds un store for anyone but Bunchue wull be ready T Square Club l 3 SMITH MAJORIE E Mudge Commercual When there s musuc boys or fun There comes Mudge on the run Mudge usnt very bug but shes always full ot fun usually strut tung through th halls gossupung wuth fruends As a rovung reporter she would be excellent She has one bug weakness when she laughs too much you re sure to see bug tears rollung down her cheeks She asks Why study? lll stay up the nught before the exam and study She s always the lute of the party Page Two Hundred and Two 00211 SMITH MARY E Mm, College Preparatory And that smrle like sunshfne darts Into many a sunless heart Mary as one of those rare people who are utterly unselflsh always wnllmg to help any one out of trouble Energetic and persevermg she gets along especnally well ln chemnstry In actuvutnes outsnde school she prefers readmg swummmg and plano As for a future career she consnders nursmg un the most favorable Inght SMITH MURIEL Mully Commerclal A violet by a mossy stone Half hidden from the eye' Mully s efflcnent work has already proved that thus blue eyed unnocent faced gurl ns ready to be a clerk an some large store There she can put her klndly convmcmg manner to good use Mully wants to become a housewnfe after she has got some experience and traunmg un servmg the publlc Chorus 3 4 Girl Reserves 3 4 National Honor Society 4 SMITH RAYMOND MORRIS Nuppne General I may be wrong but l always wm Wnth a pleasant hello to everybody Raymond has made many fnends He proves a real friend too helpmg ev ryone He likes to argue always on the opposite slde of the question Nupple IS neuther the best nor the worst but he ns m the upper half of hus class He plans to go to Muhlenberg SMITH RICH ARD Duck General When the angels made Dick I bet they didnt da anything else that day but les slt around and feel good Duck I5 a great favorite and has a swell personalaty He en goys football basketball skahng and golf which seems to attract hum most of all He lukes swung muslc and thmks Glenn Muller as tops Page Two Hundred and Three 0021! SMITH ROBERT W Smmy General He who seelreth trouble never mlsseth :I Smntty ns the type of a fellow we luke to have m hugh school He never studves more than he must but he practlcally always has has work He does many favors for has fnends and ns a good sport although he us shy among strangers Has hobby us huntmg and he as rather good at It After graduatuon he mtends to go to college and later 'om the army and become a Flymg Cadet Hts pack of fnends w1sh hum a happy and successful future In this fleld SMITH SHIRLEY SmattY Commercnal Follow my heart my dancing feet' Dance as blfthe as my heart can beat Smitty arruves at school every mornmg lust In tume for the bell She us the last to get nn class and the first out but she s never late fcr a laugh or a loke or a good tume and prefers to take IldGI1CIf1g She us equally ready to swlm to play basketball or to be a secretary Grrl Reserves A SNYDER JEAN ANNA Spnke General A cheerful companion IS worth more than flne gold Wandenng through the hall one hears someone yellmg a lnd ustnal Pnntmg Knowledge can be found m every dfctronary so why seek lt? Thus well bullt young mans chlef deslre IS to graduate from hugh school and flnd more prmtmg to do He as a member of the Allentown Hugh School Pnnters Club He IS also adept tn football basketball and baseball Prmters Club 4 loud Hello and you can be sure nts Spnke A fnend to everyone Splke has many ln return Spukes basketball playing I5 unexcelled at A H S In fact we may go so far as to say tts the best at A H S She fares well nn all other sports too Jean us an excellent dancer and the mmute she hears musnc Jean IS an her glory She hopes to take gymnashcs ct Stroudsburg so we hc pe to see her and and hear of her agaun at old A H S Basketball 2 3 4 Valley Ball 2 3 4 Hockey 2 Gym Club l Swimming 2 Page Two Hundred and Four .1 . 11 , . - 11 . - 11 , . 1 1 ' 1 ' 1 1 11 - , . . 11 . . 1 1 . . I . . - 1 1 ' 1 - . ' 1 SMITH, WARREN "Schmidt" 11 . . . A 11 1 . . 1 . . . . . 1 . . - 1 , . - 1 11 . .1 1 11 - - 11 . ' . 11 11 .1 . . 1 1 1 . . . 1 . . .1 . . . , . . . ' , . ' 1 1 - 1 1 1 1 I 1 1 1 i 1 I 1 i 1 - 1 01120 SNYDER JOYCE oy General Our thought and our conduct rs our own Joyce IS studlous but she IS also a mixture of light humor wut and gayety She takes a speclal delnght In actmg and an learnung new songs Although she has the general course she plans to attend a busmess college to become a typnst TeeAGee Gul Reserves 3 4 Dramatrcs 3 4 frm-KJ.c,L, 9 ,e,e1tlL-xl SNYDER MARY Mary College Preparatory To percefve things fn the germ IS mtelhgence Mary IS one of the super line gurls that we know She as really a great pal thats why she has so many fruends Mary Ilkes to have a good tame when she s out but she also lakes to do her school work Her favornte sports are swnmmung basketball and football She has no speclal hobby and hasnt exactly declded what she wlll do after graduation But ut makes no difference whatever she attempts Mary wull always do Chorus 2 3 4 Choir 4 l.e Circle Francais 4 National Honor Society 4 r I SOLT RUTH I Ruth Household Arts She moves among us with quiet grace Ruth as a quuet luttle gurl qulet untll you are acquaented Her SNYDER RUTH Tmy Commercial Small ID body large m mmd The world would welcome all thrs kmd Tmy us one of the smallest members of her class but thus does not bother her for ut ns easy for her to slap through the crowd gomg from one class to another Tmy as always cheerful and help ful Her favornte pastimes are readlng dancmg and theatre gomg Tmy wants to be a secretary and we hope she wlll have no trouble flndmg a 'ab Gvrl Reserves 4 favonte pastlme us readmg She sees all sports but plays only an basketball Ruth s hobby IS sewmg Although one has never seen Ruth m a mad rush to get to class or burdened with books she al ways manages to g t by To a loyal booster of A H S we wnsh all the luck ln the world Page Two Hundred and Frve , J I I I - , , . . l ' ' f I I I f ' l l lrl , Q 1 , E lu . l I . , . , , . , - 2 , . , , , i , 2 , : , . ! ' ' - ' . I- I . . . i I Sf, , , , I . , - . f , . I , . , . , . . , I I T - . - . . . ., SOMMONS KATHRYN Pranks and fakes she does esteem lf you ever see a gurl wuth a long face you can be sure ut usnt Kay Kay never worrues She says Why worry ut wull only make you groy A smule carrues one a long way so keep smulung Kay and we hope ut carrues you a long and a happy way SPANG ALFRED JR Enguneermg and Scuence When you must choose twuxt work and play Do the work some other day Happy go lucky Al does as Iuttle work as possuble Hus dustunguushung feature us has glub tongue whuch gets hum both un and out of trouble Hus prude and 'oy us o 1929 open our flat turesome Ford on whuch he druves to school It causes much comment but Al IS proud ot hus Ford and he must be admured for hus tenactty Al plans to go to an avuatuon school to become a Navy pulot Al though he says he does not luke gurls we see hum druvung gurls around un hus large lumousune The best us none too good for thus fine boy Football 3 4 Track 2 3 4 'OUZU' SOMACH LAWRENCE Larry General Where he shall be yea there shall be hus camera lorry IS quuet good notured always wullung to do you a favor and never expects anythung un return The great passuon un hus lufe us photography all phases Stamps also unterest hum greatly ln latter years Larry expects to use photography for advertusung purposes un hus fathers clothung busuness Esther Lehugh Unuversuty or Penn State wall be glad of Larrys regustratuon next year Photography Club Kay SPALDING RICHARD WILLIAM Duck Scuence and Enguneerung Success beguns with one s wrll Duck us luke the well known brook ever babblung un school or out He us ready wuth a quup whenever you see hum un the halls He has always ranked hugh un all of hus classes and commands the respect and admuratuon of teachers and students aluke He us an enthusuastuc supporter of all our hugh school sports and many of you have seen hum at football games stttung on the bench and doung hus chores as a manager We expect hum to go far on hus chosen road un lufe Football Manager 3 4 German Club 4 Natuonal Honor Socuety 4 Al Page Two Hundred and Sux 1. .1 1 uf . 11 . , , . 1 1 1 1 1 1 . ' 1 . . 1 ..... . . 1 . . 'rx 1 11 . 11 1 . 1 . uu - - - - 1 1 11 . . . .. 1 - 1 1 1 7 . , A' - uu . 11 A , , - 1. - - 1 1 1. 1 ' 'W I ' 1 A 1 auf 1- ' ' , . ' . . F 3'al?ff'Y?5 - , L-.!..,,, ' I . fhvffifli ' if '. 1 1 I 1 f , . 1 1 - 1. - 1 11 11 . . . 1 , . 1 1 1 1 f 1 1 r ' 620020 ' SPRAGUE RUTH E Chlglue College Preparatory Whot rs good rs never too abundant Ruth makes fnends easlly and has the unusual quality of bemg able to keep them She does well In all her studles and shll has tume for all forms of sports football and basketball particularly She has no particular hobby but enloys dancing above all thmgs She ns to attend a nurses college Garl Reserves 3 4 Chorus 2 3 4 . SPURRIER WILLIAM T Mouse General Too much study dulls the bram Mouse as llked by all who come an contact with hum He does not go out with gurls but hes a swell guy nevertheless He lnkes pau music plays the clannet and hopes to get In a bug band maybe Artie Shaws We wlsh hum lots of luck and hope he succeeds un all he attempts Track Team Manager 2 3 4 STAHLER KERMIT Kermue Scnence and Engmeermg Lrfe s treasures he m actlon Kermne ns a hkable person he llkes to have fun and craves for game He says hns mam hobbies are model bulldung and playing has electnc Hawauan guitar ln addltlon to thus he likes to skate and sk: Kermle does well m hrs studles and expects to go to college after he IS graduated to contmue the study of engmeenng Lets wnsh hum a prosperous and frultful future STAMM GEORGIA MARGARET Ja General lf we could see ourselves As other see us .lo IS a 5 foot 5 Inch brown eyed brunette llkes dancmg especially ptterbuggmg and always has a stuck of gum In her mouth and a smule on her face Her pleasmg personallty has won her many friends She lakes swlmmrng boatmg and anythmg that doesnt requlre a lot of bram work She expects to settle down and be a comptometer operator We wnsh her all the luck m the world Chorus l 2 l .. . . .. , I . . I . , . , . - . ' ' 1 1 i , , , 4 , . I . s I I . I T ' I , , , f f - , . . . I . 4 excitement. He is also a great sport fan, and plays almost any ,is V-IHA' U I , . , ,. I .. - I . . , - . .. t , , - Page Two Hundred and Seven 0020 STEFANY WALLACE C Wally General On my honor I will do my best Wally us land of a newcomer to Allentown havmg moved here at the begmnung of hls sophomore year from Coplay Although not here as long as some of us Wally has had plenty of tame to wm not only many fnends by has wut and personalaty but the respect of the school for dependable WI dom and performance Whule he has not yet decnded what he would luke to do after he leaves A H S Wally has somewhat of a m chamcal mind and thlnks he would luke to be connected wnth a rallroad STELLAR WILLIAM JOSEPH Wuvae Commerclal lt ignorance rs bliss what IS education? Gemal Wuvne IS known throughout the school for has smulmg countenance and happy dlsposltlon Hts athletnc achnevements are celebrated and hns record IS a great satlsfactuon to all followers of the A H S basketoall team of whnch he was captam Wuth graduatlon m June Wlvue can say he has reached the end wuth hundreds of friends cheerung htm STEPHENS FRED JONATHAN JUNIOR Fntz Commercnal Goes places alone Fntz comes from South Whutehall Hugh School He was small m hns Sophomore year but shot up like a Jack nn the box In hus Junuor year He nsnt an athlete but llkes to watch a good contest He ns shy and tnes to look mconspucuous You may hear ham laugh heartnly m a theater which us has favorite pastime He IS quate a poker too and often shouts In class when somethmg funny happens Hns fovonte expresslon as Do you have an extra clgarette? Manager of Allentown s Football Team 3 4 STETTNER ANNA Bubbles College Preparatory Well tamed silence hath more eloquence than speech Anna s bug brown eyes are the key to her personality they reveal her mtellngence Anna lakes good books and good musec but shes far from a s cnal dude It seems as though Anna wall be a prnvate secretary but no one not even Anna wall vouch for that Annas fnendshup ns to be valued for she us one of the most of smcere people Natronal Honor Socvety 4 French Club 3 4 Page Two Hundred and Erght O O , . 's . . . ., 2 ' ' Varsity "A" Club, 4, Basketball, 2, 3, 4, Baseball, 3, 4. . . , . . . . l . . . i 6303120 STEVENSON GLADYS Stevge General Oh make us happy and you make us good Stevue ns a happy go lucky gurl always on the go whether domg thmgs or not When passing to your classes lf you ve heard loud talkmg that was Stevle She IS fond of dancmg Ice skatung swnmmnng and tenms She also plays basketball Ol course we all wush thus care free gurl all the uck nn the world o-.43 STICHER ETHEL VIRGINIA Ethel Commerclal Tnm and neat And mrghty sweet Here s a half pmt who lives up to her reputation and then some for Its mlghty hard not to thunk the world of Ethel Hers IS a serene smlle that fits nght In wuth her unhurned walk and her tnm appear ance This young Mass believes ln takmg her time yet shes the a letter Ethel and head It To you good luck' Commercfal Club 4 Gym Club 1 STIRK FLORENCE T Flossle Commercual Determmatlon reaps its rewards Quiet and unassummg Flossle plods along at her own slow 5 easy gomg pace but she stlcks to her work and never lets you 7... down Pleasant socuable five feet four shell grow to be a steno grapher or what? What eer at be we wnsh her luck STOECKEL FRIEDA C Blondne Commercial I would rather srt on a pumpkin and have lt all to myself than to be crowded on a velvet cushion Last year Fneda came back to Allentown after havmg spent the last four and one half years an Long Beach Callforma She wants to be a stenographer or a speed typlst You never see Fneda wnthout that smlle whuch has In nt the Callfornua sunshune wuthout the rauny season and a great bug greetnng Hu ya We often wonder how Hollywood could muss a natural blonde ssrene luke Blondne nght at their front doorstep Page Two Hundred and Nme , , . - . ' I . I . . . . I . . . I . , . . I . I ' . U . . . I , . .... . , essence of promptness4we often wonder how she does it! "Take I I., .' .. I ' , 2 , - , . . . I . ' V I I . . . I I I ' , . , . .. . - - f , . . , . 00211 Ban 34 STOUDT DOROTHY RUTH Dot Commercual Smale and the world smiles wuth you A swush of lught brown haur a glance from soft blue eyes a shy but reassurung smule, and a luthe luttle figure spells Dot Thus happy ga lucky sport lover even the many brothers and susters get on her nerves, can never be spotted at all hugh school games lf you ever find Dot lookung for an unvutatuon to lunch lust mentuon that you re havung Lumburger cheese and shes sunk at the mere thought of ut She lust wont come And ut you happen to hear the sound of woodpecker dont be alarmed ut us probably Dot practus ung on the typewruter happuness - STROBEL BARBARA JANE Barbs College Preparatory An unnocent maud wuth soft brown eyes As wutty and popular as she us wise Whenever we see a genuune smole more than lukely well find Barbara behund ut Barbars sweet her very real consuderatuon for others makes her one ol the most personable gurls un hugh school A good athlete and one of our best cheerleaders, she Funds tume for credutable school work and for many other thungs Next year away at school, Barbs wull probably contunue captuvatung others by her charm Cheerleadung 3 4 Dramahcs 3 French Club 3 Girls Basketball 4 Page Two Hundred and Ten , .,. .. . , . d,,. .... . 2 : -. . I , . , . , .. , . u. ., u , - , . . ,,f ,f ,: ,. STOKE HENRY W Jr u Enguneerung and Scuence I see the rught and I approve ut too Condemn the wrong and yet the wrong pursue December l938 saw Allentown welcome a new resudent un the form of a faur haured lad wuth a pleasung personaluty and the name of Wulluam Stoke Sunce hus arruval un Allentown, Bull has capably guven a merculess beatung to the same vuctum at every Canary football game he attended whuch us only natural sunce he us a very able drummer un our school band Bull mught be called an old southern gentleman He was born un Vurgunua but come to the Keystone State very early un lute Hus Englneerung and Scuence course wull help Bull an seamanshup uf he louns the Navy as he hopes to do He s also unterested un chemus try and when hus work us done, hus next unterest us sleepung STRAIN MILDRED Mullue Her eyes are as sparklung as her personaluly Mullue us another petute quuet gurl whose eyes sparkle wuth laughter She has done well un all her studues and un swummung dancung and golfung Blue us her passuan and we must admut ut us becomung to her ln her chosen career satusfied customers wull be one of her maun accomplushments Here us wushung her luck and 0020 STROHECKER EDWIN C Eddle General Guve hum a book and he s content Eddue us a quuet person wuth strangers but a regular fellow wuth fruends He us a good student and whenever a fruend asks hum for aud he guves ut wullungly Although he may take Iufe a but seruously sametumes he us always ready for fun He can duscuss books and motuon puctures wuth you for hours at a tume Incudentally hus hobby us readung the best sellers He also us unterested un musuc There are many walks of Iufe that he d luke to pursue but whatever hus chouce may be we are certaun he wull do luus work well SULLIVAN JOAN JOUR General Play up' Play up' And play the game' Joan us a pleasant all round gurl always on a dance floor un her leusure tume uutterbuggung When anythung goes wrong for Joan she doesnt show the lrush un her She us an enthusuastuc rooter at all football and basketball games and lakes uce skatung and swummung SULZER DOROTHY M 0 College Preparatory Luft as you Climb Besudes beung a truend Dot us a pleasant gurl She has a keen sense of humor and us full of fun but she knows when to be seruous Dot came to Allentown Hugh School to make a record for herself and to become a teacher She spends most of her tume studyung so that she wull be well prepared Her favorute pastumes are swummung movues but she especuolly loves dancung SUSSMAN FAITH Fauth General We are the musuc makers We are the drecumers of dreams Fauth us an unusual combunotuon of retucence and determunatuon She us almost solely engrossed un musuc Her pursuut of musuc uncludes readung buograpluues of musucuans lustenung to and followung the scores of symphonues and playung the puano She us headed for a musucal career and here us where her determunotuon comes un To be occupued un one thung and not be one suded us a fine accom plushment and Fauth us o really hne person Chorus 2 3 4 French Club 4 .lournalusm 3 Page Two Hundred and Eleven .. - -1 , . 1. - - 1 1. , . 1 1 . , . ' 1 1 1 . tu 11 1 11 11 ' 1 1 . . . . . I . tu .1 1 . D t 11 - - 11 , . K , , . 1 - 1 1 1 ' ut . .1 1 11 - ' 1 .. 1 , . , . , . 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 ' h 1 .X , SWEENEY KATHRYN MARIE Commercial All good things come An little packages Kathryn rs well known as Toddy or Shortstop or whatever comes to the boys mmds Her one ambmon ns to sung but oh my her volce IS golng down and down Her usual hang out IS the Sweet Shop Once she wanted to be a teacher, but her temper us red hot even though her hour IS brown were not sure about that resolve SZUKICS FRANCIS Ffflnkle Industnal Better late than neve Franccs us always ready to cheer up any one who as below par He enloys a good poke but feels theres a tume and place for everything He us very serious about hrs draftmg Hes serlous about hrs smgmg too and occupues no small place un the school chonr lncldentally gurls, he loves the women whnch you can see by the way he wears has ears But seriously he us one of the Fnest young men un the class 0112113 ' SUSSMAN FREDA LESYLIE Chubby General At srght of thee my gloomy soul IS cheered One, two three luck Freda expects to be a socnal worker but all who know her feel certaun she would much prefer dancung Its really surpnsung that a gurl with so much pep should take to correspondence as a hobby But see her collection of letters Toddy SYPHERD DOROTHY M Dotty College Preparatory Effectuve In speech and even more elfectuve In Ink Dorothy commands attentuon for her lournallshc ablllty Calm, gentle an word and manner she spreads tranqulllty wherever she goes Bemg the smcerest of fnends Dorothys compamonshlp us valued and her closest fnends have unearthed a rare sense of humor A persevermg worker and a fine student her chlef ambrtlons are to further her educatuon un the lournalushc held and to have ovlotlon as a hobby wnth enough tume out to dune and dance Historical Society, latin Club, 3 4 Dramatlcs 3 lrl Reserves 4 Page Two Hundred and Twelve .. .. , .. . t. . 1 . - , ,f '. . , X 41 V . ' X ' . f. . . A T ui I 1 f .1 vw Q " I ,, . . . .. , . .. . .I - , 1 I , . . if r Q I N 1 Il .. ., . I ' ' "Be great in act as you have been in thought." f I . . . . . . . 1 . . I . . . . ' a ' ' ' - ' , f ', fc' sr T I ' vi' , ., rt, , , , . 1 ,vi 'h ' . 1 ' ' 0020 TACKACK MICHAEL Mldgry lndustnal Auto Shop He IS a good mechanic that alone can make a machme get to perfecllon Muke has the natural abllsty to repalr automobnles He IS a short stocky chap wrth a good dlsposntnon and always has a bag smnle for everyone He IS one of those fellows who lust wont be both red by gurls. Muchael really llkes hls studies and ns mlghty good In some of them The boys of the mdustnal classes wash hum luck TAMIOZZO LETITIA us Retail Sellmg Dreams books are each a world and books we know Are a substantial world both pure and good Letma as chammg vlvacuous attractuve and shy She ns amuable and has a ready smlle for anyone who wants to be frlends Fnend lnness humor and wut are only a few of Letltna s vxrtues Greatest perhaps IS her friendship Musuc and poetry keep Letutnas Iensure hours occupned She loves to read and when she s at home youll flnd her burned deep In some book Letma s ambuhon us to become a good salesperson but she ns very umpulsuve who knows what the future has an store for her? Happmess we hope TATASCIORE JOSEPH WILLIAM Fadne General Let me play the fool Wrth mrrth and laughter let the old wrinkles come Joe IS full of pep and vum always crackmg lokes always pleasant He s the spark plug ln the Canary rootmg section at all A H S games Joe gets along faurly well In his classes but he d sooner be out drlvmg through the country takmg llfe easy Theres plenty of llfe In the class room when Fadle starts rattling off those home made words Serlously nothing warrues hum but his Englush class how to get a llne on the latest lake and one long hour of Ioafong bowlmg and mventlng strange languages and cheers whlch he releases surreptltnously an class rooms and raucously at games these thmgs occupy has lelsure tume TEXTER MYRTLE 0 General If you would be loved be lovable Ike makes you sat up and notlce She loves all sports and danc :ng ns a sport Her bubbling personality takes even faslure wuth a grm and takes success modestly Ike IS prepared to face the future wuthout fear Ban 134 'L I Page Two Hundred and Thirteen , . , Th .. I I 1 , . , . , , . , , .. l ' I , , , . I ..,k.. , . 1 I - , . d,,,. THOMAS VIRGINIA M Tommy 011211 THOMAS ROBERT FRANK Bob Commercual Never push off tull tomorrow what you can push ot? lull next week Bob us lust the average school boy who takes thungs as they come along wuthout a murmur Basketball and baseball occupy much of hus spare tlme Nothung great was ever achueved wuthout enthusuasm A vuvacuous gurl us Vurgunua wuth hardly a worry however she us always sympathetuc and helpful to others her flne personaluty wunnung many new fruends Tommy us fond of basketball and foot ball and loves dancung but she never forgets her school work She wull Fund success un thus world because she gets what she goes after A swell gurl and a good sport un every way Vurgunua us a gurl we re glad to have known Gurl Reserves 2 3 4 Y W C A Councul 2 THOMPSON ALICE MAY Aggte Commercual Never put off untul tomorrow What you can put off tull next week Just a lolly pal wuth a smule for everyone Aluce has a pleasung personaluty and a keen sense of humor She us fun to know wuth her sunny dusposutuon and her ever ready uokes She us an average student un her studues and us always wullung to guve a helpung hand Her favorute sports are hukung and boatung and she stays up almost every nught burnung the mudnught oul because she loves to read THOMPSON WILLIAM FRANK u Scuence and Enguneerung It us much better to want a teacher than to want cu desure to learn Bull always cheerful us one of our most studuous senuors He us excellent un hus studues and hus name appears frequently on the honor roll But he never allows hus abuluty to go to hus head One does not know Bull long wuthout duscoverung that certaun somethung whuch makes hum a lastung fruend and a sportsmon un every sense of the word The class of 41 hopes he vvull get to Lehugh as he plans and wushes hum the best of luck Natuonal Honor Society Junuor Class Play Page Two Hundred and Fourteen 0010 TOMASCHIK ANN Hunch Commercaal Don t let anyone get ahead of you Quaet' Here she comes and you can see and hear her come' She lets no one get ahead of her In Anns heart she as gentle and ready to gave o helpang hand She doesnt go out much but enloys lastenang to the radao Just gave her Sammy Kaye and see her go She too sangs whale she does the dashes And she lakes to crochet It all augurs well for somebodys domestac happaness some day TOOLAN MARY Bubbles General Whot af skies be wan and chall The most charmang thang about Bubbles as her naturalness She as typacal of thas crop of graduates Iakang dancang skotang and of course aavang Bubbles belaeves a woman s place as the home and backs up her belaef by gettang engaged She lakes to experament wath haar styles and would probably be a haardresser af homemakang werent her first love Her pet hate? Snobs She can anquare about Mrs Mullagans rheumatasm wath as much sympathy as of Mr Von Swag gers gout If Bubbles as a sample of today s youth we need have no fear of tomorrow TOWLE NANCY Nan General True fraends are lake diamonds precaous and rare Wath a ready smale for everyone Nan wans many fraends and plays an amporlant part an the laves of all who know her She as always on the spot when you need her Wath a sunny dasposataon and a twankle an her eye nothang seems to phase her as she takes each new problem an her strade Nan has already proved what the expert cook can do and now she plans to strengthen her career by talung the daetetacs course at Penn State We expect much from her an the future and we can depend on her not to let us down Dramatacs 2 Badmmton 2 TROXELL, JEAN Jean General Why worry about tomorrow Today aan t over yet Ever sance her chaldhood days Jean has been thankang seraously of becomang a nurse We know she wall succeed through her own ettort and wall, af the favored one does not change her course to culanary dutaes We wash you the best of luck and happaness Page Two Hundred and Fifteen , . , off. , , - , f . , . - , , ,, . . . . V. , . , . , , , , . , , . ,X . " I 1 , - .. , . , H . , 'OUZU-'f UHLER DALE Redi Industrial He likes the world Busy os a bee is love wire Dale one of the best electricians in his class He takes school work seriously and next an Ime are girls among whom he shines A good sport and a true friend is Dale whos hobbies are dancing swimming, and football We hope that someday his dream of being a great electrician comes true UBEROATH JUANITA MAE Nita General Always she has plucked a thistle and planted a flower where she thought that a flower would grow Nita as a natural girl Although not dashing she as one of those who will enter the future determined to earn her success She loves sports especially dancing She has a few close friends and many others who would be proud to be among her friends VALENTEEN JACQUELINE Jackie College Entrance Whose humor as gay as the fire fly s light Few of us really know the serious Jacqueline but hardly any with a riotous sense of humor Shes always ready to laugh at your lokes and lust as quick ot coming back with one of her own Delightful as Jackie is know her serious side at her funniest its really an experience to VARGO FRANK G Sonny College Entrance When your will is ready your feet are lrght Calm precise, steady and dependable are traits by which Frank is distinguished Although he is quiet an class he is not back ward when hes out with the crowd A loyal sport fan and an ardent follower of extra curricula activities Frank is a prominent senior Sonnys an active member of the Historical Society and National Honor Society and the class predicts o brilliant future for hum Historical Society 3, 4 National Honor Society 3 4 l Page Two Hundred and Sixteen , ., - I . - , , ,, . .V . . . . I .. . I 1 - I I , . I . . ' , . 1 .. . , . ., , - . . . I of us missed meeting up with Jackie, that pleasant, busy little person 1 , . ,, . . . .. , . I . I I . . . , - . . - , I . ' ' ' I i ' ' , , - 0020 Vogel Norvun Ad mural lndustrual Electnc Shop Here comes the Navy Admural us that handsome young electrucuan from the hugh school shop who wants to uoun the Naval Aur Corps as a pulot He wull ruse hugh un the world uf hus ambutuons are realuzed He us startung out early because he lukes to buuld model aurplanes and hus model really fly He also plays football whenever he gets the chance for thus us the sport he lukes best VOLINSKY JOHN Hunky Commercual Honest l m not lazy l m lust dreaming Hunky us a chap whose pass word us Happuness the word Gloom us not un hus vocabulary He says Hello to everyone he knows and hashes them a smule whuch makes the wearuest person happy for the moment Hunky us known to most of the schools athletes because he us one of the unstututuons Hnest sport followers Hunky us a marvelous dancer but thus us only known to hus closest fruends Hus bashfulness alone keeps hum from many dance floors To be a song wruter says he when you ask hum what he wull be WAGNER ANNA N Anne Do the thmgs rught and get your reward Brown eyed brown haured Anne us one of our quuet gurls that us un school Her favorute sport us bowlung and we hear she us quute good at ut She walks through the halls flungung her smule and her Hello everywhere a habvt that wull ease many a moment when she us a secretary Gym Club 2 WAIDELICH RICHARD LONG Scrunch Scuence and Engmeerung Fortune seldom unterferes wuth the wuse man for hus highest unterests are always durected by reason Scrunch us a practucal person He attacks hus dultucultues wuth cold mathematucal reasonung Hus mental ledger contauns only assets Scrunch also plays a swell game of chess and wuelds a vncuous pung pong paddle He us conservatuve and thoughtful at school but at home he terroruzes the neughborhood wuth threatemng repercussuons from hus chemucal lab He hopes to spend the near future at Lehugh Unuversuty Scrunch looks forward confldently to the future hopung to da some real servuce un the field of chemustry Class Play Commuttee 3 4 latin Club 4 National Honor Society 4 . . . . I . 3 - . , 1 , - - . . I ' , . . . . . . . , . . . ., , . .. .. , . Commercial .. - - ,. I I - . . , , Y I ' I ll ll I 1 - , , , , .. . . . I . . . , . - . . , . ' f 1 f ' , J ' , . Page Two Hundred and Seventeen 01120 WALCK A Captain General Why worry about tomorrow today aun t over yet Lee us a real fruend He s the kund of fellow too who supports every athletuc actuvuty of A H S to the umpteenth degree He us very unterested un the defense of the U S A and hopes to be o saulor Uncle Sam needs hum to cook for the Navy lf you ever see Alfred Spangs Ford youll flnd Lee pushung ut Lee us a quuet untellugent fellow well luked by everyone and adored by the gurls WALLANDER MARJORIE JEAN Morgue Commercual The burd doth not betray the secret sprungs whence note on note her musuc sweetly pours Margues colorotura soprano vauce has added much to the A Cappella Chour and Chorus, of whuch she has been a member for three years Next to sungung Morgue would luke to be a secretary She us an expert typust and stenographer, and ronks hugh un other subleds Not only us she an ardent football and basketball fan but she enloys dancung and swummung A Cappella Chour 2 3 4 Chorus 2 3 4 Notuonal Honor Socuety, 4 Home Room Representatuve 2 4 WALLER JEANNE Frutz You cannot touch a chord un me that wull not answer you un musuc Frutzs musuc keeps her busy nevertheless she always finds tume to call a cheery greetung to her pals As for sports Frutz IS unterested un swummung, youll also find her un the cheerung sectuon at the football and basketball games Her notable characterustuc us her sense of humor, she always has an orugunal lake on the tup of her tongue and what a lake' She wall probably find her greatest satusfactuon and servuce un the musucol world Best of luck Frutz, wherever you go' wALurscH MARGARET Peggy Commercual It s nuce to be natural If one us naturally nuce Vuvacuous us the word for Peggy who has many unterests and stull does excellent work Collectung autographs us Peggy s hobby and she has sugnatures of many promunent orchestra leaders and sungers Peggys favorute summer resort us Mountoun Lake un New Jersey where she spends her vacatuons Although she has always Iuved un Allentown Peggy Iukes to trovel to Puttsburgh Her fruends apprecuate her cheerfulness and courtesy Commercial Club 4 Y W C A 4 Gym Club I , . , . - 1 1 . Q . . .I . .. . 1. 1 1 - 1 . 1 . - 1 . ' u '1 1 1 i 1 1 1 1 ' 1 1 1 - 1 ' College Preparatory 2 - 1 A . Q . . . . , . , 1 1 1 1 . , . I I - 1 u D - 1 17 - . ' 1 1 - - - 41 1 1 - Page Two Hundred and fighteen A Cappella Choir 2 3 4 Chorus, 2 3 4 French Club 4 Natuonal Honor Socuety 4 Badmmton 4 WALP MARGARET ANNA Peggne Household Art The way to a man s heart rs through has stomach Peggle us a student of the household arts and nf you thunk she cant cook you have another guess commg Lake all good cooks Peggue has a bug heart shell ladle you out wonderful food wuth one hand and wonderful cheer and advuce wuth the other She sews too She IS one of the gurls who helped make those 30 Red Cross dresses She sounds luke a valuable fruend and she IS a valuabl frlend WALTERS LUCILLE SALLY Lucy General In those eyes of blue shmes a light of fnendshrp true Soft blue eyes brown halr and the mcest pour of dnmples that you ever saw dastmguushed Lucnlle who s falrly qulet ID classes but talkatuve given a chance She loves hsknng muslc pmg pong and Hagh School games Thats vanety enough for anyone 0020 WALLITSCH ROBERT W Bobby Commercual The only lewel which wtll not decay IS knowledge Bobby as a devul may care sort of fellow who lakes plenty of fun Even though he gets mto difficulty wxth has fnends and hus teachers frequently he has no enemles Bobby has personahty You are nmmeduately drawn to hum by hos frank and lovnal dlsposu tnon He as quute a student and recenves good marks Bob IS mtendnng to lam the Army Aur Corps after graduatnon where hell be busy earmng stnpes and maknng fnends WALPER JEAN C Jeanne Household Arts Smiles make the world happy By worrying you grow old Jean smiles every tume you talk to her She always worrnes about her homework and lessons when she does not understand them Her hobbies are caolung sewing and Iustemng to radio programs j The sports she lakes best are football basketball and ace hockey When you ask Jean to do somethmg she trues with all her mught to do at Page Two Hundred and Nineteen , . , . . , , , - . 1 , . , . - , ': ' . -7 1, z, ' If :eg W .. .. , . . . , . , , - . . . . - 1 A :sh : 1 . .. .-.. . , ,. , . , , , . I I - . . 01120 WARD CAROLYN M Nook College Preparatory Pataence as sweet but who has patlence? Carolyn a good natured and lolly pal has attracted many fruends and deserves them all She ns an ardent booster of school CRCIYS as fond of swlmmmg and ace skating and IS smart ID her studnes Grand preparatnon for Nursmg all three qualutnes WARMKESSEL LOUlSE A Weezue Commerclal A gfrl with a poslhve genius for friendship Every mmute of the day Weezles ready smve greets her fnends galore she never lets a fnend down Her hugh marks prove that she ns a studnous and a hard worker Her deep alto vouce wnth nts unusual volume has won her place nn the A Cappella Choar and the Chorus Weezles other Interests are dancmg basketball movues and collecting movle stars puctures Chorus 2 3 4 Choir 3 4 General He s llvely and gay Hell chase sorrow away You re sure to know this chap for all the school knows and likes um Hell greet you wrth a bug smule and af you have any troubles you can count on Bull to solve them Hls greatest mterest IS swummmg u he can also dance and talk Man' How he can talk But he as a keen nnterest an Medical Sclence too and thats genume Hed be a great doctor W ATSON STANLEY P Stan General What will you have? A plcture an Airplane A grand worker? Stan can lurmsh them all Stan may be recogmzed by hns ever present smule Attentuve and qulet he ns most admured for has rualfty ol reserve Model aurplane bulldnng and candud camera photography consume most of hus tnme Dr Watson as he as called by some of has teachers mtends to attend Lehugh after whlch he hopes to combme photography and chemnstry and to apply for a posutaon wnth the Eastman Kodak Company or some other bug orgamzatuon needmg mdustnal chemusts I G WARMKESSEL, WILLARD H., Jr. "Bill" h. ' V a Q ,- , . b f L , , ' h . I . . . I , . l l Page Two Hundred and Twenty Vlce Presldent 2 Swummmg Team 3 ' 6201120 ' WEAVER GLADYS FLORENCE Gladdy Commerclal Here rs the place where lovlmess keeps house If you hear Gladdy murmunng too much homework dont mrsunderstond Shes slmply thmklng about that club she goes to every day In the week She loves swung musnc and danclng but desplte her natural love of fun she us persustent enough to do well m salesmanshup and stenography too WEAVER HELEN Llmeport General A laugh rs worth a hundred groans In any market Helen halls from Lnmeport To tell the truth Lnmeport should be employed cs offncual Blues Dnspeller Her attrtude toward life IS especnally mterestmg She hasnt a worry and hasnt a care She gust takes lufe as at comes Helens mann ambltnon as to become a hairdresser Go to It Girl Reserves 3 4 Chorus 3 4 Dramatlcs 4 WEAVER JOYCE VOLORA Tmy Commercnal Purl one lrmt two Small attractwe Joyce roaming the halls wnth a cheery hello and o pleasant smule for everyone Tmys favonte pastime s kmttung and shes really swell at nt When she usnt kmttmg shes playmg the puano Wherever she IS shes the kmd of person you turn to look at agam Joyce says the nlcest boys come from out of town but we re not so sure Her one expressed ambutuon IS to be come a good secretary WEBSTER WILLIAM C u Engineering and Scuence Now or Never Bud formerly a shy lower classman has turned out to be a promlnent sensor He has a bug heart for all has fnends You never End hum wnthout a smile or a cheerful word The honor of bemg president of the first Varslty A Club was bestowed upon Bud because of his ablllty sportsmonshtp and leadershlp on and off the football Held Hrs lumuted spare tame he shares wath the cheerleaders Bud means to study medlcme and later to be a surgeon Whether he follows thus or another professuon we are certain he wull be o leader as he ns here Football 3 4 President ofthe Varsity A Club 4 Page Two Hundred and Twenty One 1 - 1. 1. . 1 1 . 1 . . . - 1 1 1.1 1. 1 .1 - - 1. - 1 . . . . . 1 1 . .. . . . 1 1 I 1 r F 1 - f . 1 1- , . ' I . . . . i 1 . - - . 1 . ' 1 4 1 .. . 1 . - .18 d.. ' , . 11 11 1 1 . . . 1. 11 - 1 1 1 - 1 , . -, . - .1 11 . 1 1 2 1 - .A 'OUZI1' WEIANT J HAROLD Pretzels Commercial Keep your face towards the sunslune Those who know Harold are lucky for he is one of the best friends one cf n have He is one of the loyal supporters of the school A familiar sight however is his green Plymouth with its loud horns He plans to work in his fathers bakery WEICKER BLAIR JOSEPH oe Commercial If you never get to bed You ll never get to sleep He lakes football and baseball because he can play them well and because they are the most strenuous and most popular of sports He has two pastimes which take up his leisure time reading western stones, and going to the movies He likes the movies be cause it doesnt cost so much Hes ambition is to be a good electric welder and get a 'ob in the Philadelphia Navy Yard WEIDA RUSSELL Russ General WEIDNER RUTH N Rudy General Personality IS greater than wealth A charmmg young girl with a big smile tor everyone and a pleasant dvsposmon Ruth likes cooking but puts all her etfort un her studies Ruth cherishes the ambition to be a nurse We wus her the best of luck A quarter saved rs a quarter more to spend next week but who will not strain a mJscle to achieve nt Although a but easy going Russell ns a good fellow enloymg a great deal of night life and engaging in the somew1at milder sports, tennis and swimming Russell doesnt read much hed rather go to a movie Although hes not particularly brilliant in school, he always manages to get by Page Two Hundred and Twenty Two , . 1 .. . ' I. . . . I ..J .. .. I , - , Al. u vl . - . 1 Here is a lad who will some day be an aeronautical engineer, . I . I . . . . I . . I . , . , I 'I c., . " t' .. . 0020 WEISS IRENE L Wemy General I have always preferred the sunshine and have tried to put other people there If only for an hour or two at a time Dark haured four camplexuoned, happy go lucky that IS lrene Sports especually bowlmg dancmg readung and movues are her tavorute pastnmes She has a clever hobby collectmg gokes She IS known among her many fnends as one to go to confide your troubles to and to get a cheerful but of advuce an return She hasnt any plans yet but whatever she attempts to do s e wall do Chorus 4 We WEISS JAMES EDWIN um General Fellowship rs the twm of fnendshrp Jam IS a two letter man hovmg earned hrs varsnty A In football and nn basketball He was treasurer of the Varsety A Club a new orgamzatnon at Allentown Hugh thus year He excels not only In sports but In school work, being especially Interested Ih mathe matics and scnence He mtends to spend a year at prep school and from there to go to college for trannmg .1 WELLER PAULINE W Polly General WELTY GEORGE Welty lndustrnal Whenever you get lonely and sad .lust look up Welty youll be glad George s ambntuon ns to become head draftsman of some steel corporation He IS a great lover of sports ond plays whenever tnme permuts Has fruendshnp means much to us and we hope he may go out m the world and find exactly the work he wants Ban 12 Trrcky as a fox She s lust a chatterbox Now you wouldnt belneve It uf you were told that thus qunet lnttle gurl could swung a stuck and pound a syncopoted melody out of a bug barrel luke bass drum and rattlmg polnshed cymbals but she has two East Greenvnlle H S letters for proof Oddly enough she seems to prefer qunet and tame entertainment In place of hot musuc Her sparklmg personoluty has brought her many frlends Her hobby ns collectmg souvennrs from places she has vxslted and collectmg l94O penmes She also enloys sewmg readung and sports German Club 4 Upper Milford Band Page Two Hundred and Twenty Three G G h . , ' ' J 5 . X I I ..J. .. Basketball, 2, 3, 4, Football, 2, 3, 4, Varsity "A", 4. Cl, , , 3- WENNER LUCILLE MAE Bugs Commerclal Words are huddled together like vegetable soup Bugs has a charmmg personaluty Her pleasant talk and man OUBUS WELTY VIVIEN LOU ANN Vlv General Thou wer! my ,oyous mind Thou wer! the IFISPIFUTIOII of my song Sparklmg vlvaclous Vlvuen IS an all around person an honor student and yet finds tume for sports and recreatronal dnversuons Among them are dancing skating swlmmlng cyclmg and Ilkmg Among her accomllshments are bemg a poet a musncuan and an artust for that I5 what Vuvuen wants to be Joyous and senous, wnth a dash of scatterbrann, lt seems a prty she never loaned the Debatmg Socuety for no one could resust her arguments lrresnstuble IS her mlddle name French Club 4 National Honor Society 4 Chorus 2 ner makes one feel at ease She smgs, and her alto valce ns a great help to any muslcal group Swlmmmg IS her hobby Two of her ambltlons are to Hy her own plane and to own a ranch And shell go many a male wnth that cheery smlle A Cappella Chair 3 4 Chorus 3 4 Girl Reserves 3 4 Commercial Club 4 WERLEY FREDERICK College Entrance One of the strong sons of light Able and most gloriously bnght All Allentown knows this man From the tame he and hrs pony WENTZ ROY Wentzy General The less we study the less we know the less we show our Ignorance Roy IS an average student In school Hts pet hate I5 making speeches In Engllsh class and hls hobbues are football baseball track basketball and hunting He often wonders why solld geometry was Invented Next fall he hopes to enter some college but as yet he IS undecuded whuch one rt wall be Track 3 4 Football 4 cantered about the West End the world s best sunshme and news dnstnbutung agency to the tame he drove about IH a car whuch he lust got out and llfted baduly out of and over snowdnfts he has been a famullar and beloved figure Redes loves horses, plays football radlates sunshme lends a helpmg hand to young and old allke and above all loves hfe We preduct that he wull do them good luke meducme gust by lookmg tn on hrs patuents oncea day Page Two Hundred and Twenty Four , , , ,, . . , , . - , , , N , J , 1 , ,4- f , . , . ,- , , i , , i , ,f , . , , , , , . , . , - - , f , z , - , , , , I . , , - , , . , , - 00211 Historical Society 3 WERTMAN RICHARD WALLACE Duck General Go on rn' I ll save you from drowning A very Iukable fellow and has a lot of personaluty Made frlends wnth everyone The sports he parhclpated un were wholesome and although He never played scholastnc football he knew the game very well Other sports he enloys are baseball, swnmmmg, :ce skatmg roller skatxng, hukmg WHITTLE MARTHA M as sure to succeed WIEAND FRANCES E Fran General Trrfles make perfection but perfechon IS no tnfle Fran as one of the prettiest and most popular gurls un school With black hair, blue eyes and a pleasing smnle you can understand why Taking part In the school actuvltnes, whether they be sports or social affairs she ns always ready to lend a helpnng hand Next fall Fran IS planmng to attend school down In Dnxne, where we know her Nawthern personalnty will wm her many friends Of course, we all shall mnss you Fran WERLEY MARIE A Maree General Cares will come bul cares will ga Between glggles Mane IS really a serlous gurl She IS always an the mudst of the crowd for her sunny dlsposntnon and gauety us an lrreslstuble magnet Aside from pleasure Marne Ends time to be senous and as as constant and senous In her work as un her play Musuc ns nmportant to Maree She has been playung the accor duon for a number of years Her pleasant dnsposntlon and wmy tongue wall unsure her success In nursmg 'Xu Martle General A smile that will never wear off A cheery smile, a gay hello and there IS Martle wandering laznly down the hall Though she may move slowly on land she goes like a streak of Iughtmng through the water Well lnked by all who know her she has more fruends than a dog has fleas' Martue IS known as an all round gurl, for she loves swlmmmg dancung sports and even readnng a good book now and then So you can bet your boots that m any career she may enter, she Dramalfcs,l Swlmmmg l 2 Page Two Hundred and Twenty Five 11 11 , . , . 1 - 1 , . , . I. . 11 1 ,, . , . .1 , . , . 1 11 . u , . 11 - - 11 1 ' 1 , . ' 1 1 1 - I 1 1 - 1- 11 11 1 A 1 . . . ,, , . , . 1 , . 'Olllll' 1 WIEDER, BETTY JANE "Bur," College Preparatory " fbut still her word is touiours giae." Words can hardly describe the gal we know as Betts. Nice to look at and pleasant to talk to, we see her everyday, ready, willing ond able to do anything one asks her. Of course, on excel- lent student, and what they need in college is girls like Betty. Full of fun and probably playing pranks she shouIdn't, we love to be in Betts company. She makes herself personally re- sponseble for the welfare of her friends Thus accounts for the great popularity she engoys You get the idea? Shes a radiant person WEIDER MARTIN Hank General He has common sense in an uncommon way Have you met the speed demon? That s Hank trying to prepare to drive a fire truck Hes a lover of nature a man of the great outdoors Wherever Hank IS he can find a way to entertain has friends with his particular brand of comedy There are three loves un his life fires liver pudding and pretty gurls Like father like son Hank IS going to be an ace fireman German Club 4 Dramatlcs 2 Historical Society 3 4 Gvrl Reserves 2 3 4 Home Room Representative 2 WILLENBECKER RUTH Willie Commercial Live the life you love and be happy Ruth is a five foot seven unch brown eyed blonde who has a flashing smile and a dashing personality If you dont see Willie eating French fned potatoes then she must be talking to her heart beat between classes Ruth however lets neither appetste nor love mterfere with her studues she has been awarded a pun for speed in typing and excels an shorthand too Ruth will have no trouble Ending a lab Dro matics 4 WILLIAMS RICHARD N Duck ,RSS Scnence and Engineering He who has a thousand friends has not a fnend to spare Life to Duck us nothing more than a complexity of endless chemical formulae He eats sleeps and lives chemistry and does not intend to due until he has behind hum a record of chemical dns covenes that would be a credit to anyone with the name of Williams His unassuming character together with has ready smile has won him a host of friends lf he can make as much of a success out of life as he has out of high sdiool he is certain of continued happiness and prosperity the rest of has days First Aid Corps of American Red Cross 3 4 Page Two Hundred and Twenty Six x 1 . - . . . . 1 i 1 I 1 1 1 i n 1. 1 1. - 1, - 1 . 1 - 1 - 1 : , , . , 1 ' ' 1 ,, . . 11 , . ' - I . . . . . . . - 1 1 i 1 1 - , . Al - ll E1 , . 9: . . . .A -4. 41 . . 11 'lm 1 1 . . ' . ' . ' . , . J . iw . . . . . dd, 1 : . . ' .24 ' I . . . ics-tk H1 y, 1 1 1 1 WIRTH ALFRED Electric Shop Show me the man who considers others flrst lwlll show you a man who rs lumself flrst Al a happy go lucky fellow lukes play better than work He spends most of hts evemngs as pm boy an the local bowlmg alleys Whenever he has spare tume he goes dancnng and especnally Al wants to be an electrlcuan and his cheerful personality as well as has constant consuderatnon of the other fellow will lught the way WITWER ROBERT Zeke Better to wear out Than to rust out Where there us a commotnon Zeke as sure to be found He IS one of the most llkable fellows we know Zeke usually has the blg gest heart of all but when lt comes to football he IS the roughest toughest tackler on the squad He has shown excellent abnluty on the gndsron thus year The honor of secretary of the Vorsuty A Club was guven to hum because of lus ablllty on and off the football Held Zeke s ambntuon as to follow In has fathers footsteps Wuth the class of 41 wull go one of our dearest friends one who always had an ear for our troubles and a word of encouragement for us Football 2 3 4 Secretary of Varsity A Club 4 0020 WILT GERALDINE Gerry Commercual Be plain In dress and sober ln your diet In short my deary lass me' and be quiet If we can t find Geraldine :ce skatmg or roller skatlng we re sure to see her ptterbuggung her way across some dance floor She doesnt wear her heart on her sleeve so we don t know who her hero ns Shes a good sport and a fanthful fnend though a but qunet and reserved wnssen WILLARD wnLuAM 99 lndustnal Mechamcal Drafting Gettmg and spendmg we lay waste our powers Egg ns studyung to be a droftsmen un the Unuted States Navy When he as nat worknng he IS sure to be eatmg He really enloys has work ln the sport lme he llkes roller skatmg football basketball and pmochle Here s wrshmg hum luck and a great deal of success nn hus endeavors T Square Club T 3 Page Two Hundred and Twenty Seven , . . ,, , , . . . . . . . , ' I . I ' ' , nf, ' , 1 ' I J , , ., ,V x, ' 'f",',- -, .Mi im W x ' ' . '. 'x I HAI.. 1. . , 1 ' ' 1 l - . I . I . likes the medium swing music. l l HE .. , I 11 - ' It , . .. - , , , l J I ' 1 l 1. ., I . . I AA vv - . I f - .A ,. , , , I , - 00211 WOLF DORIS LORRAINE Dorus Commercual A luttle of thus a luttle of that Not very thln but not very fat Dorus us unterested un lust about everythung that goes on swummung skatung movues and dancung Dorus has many fruends and can be counted on for fun She has a tendency to worry about her studues but comes out all rught at the end Sh us mauorung un shorthand and typung Although she has no specual plans for the future she would luke to become a clerk un a department store Gurl Reserves 3 4 WOLF EUGENE Wolfue Commercual Ye gods the same thung every day An ardent sports fan Wolfue plays basketball and football for the Garfield Aces He us also hugh scorer for the L S B pun Boys whuch demonstrates hus versatuluty as an athlete Beung dup lomatucally uncluned Wolfue us a Senator un the Garfield Aces Club a branch of the Y M C A He lukes all sports and attends every sure to go to town on some very substantual errand WOLFE HOMER Wolfe lndustrual Late to bed early to ruse makes thus young fellow sleepy and tured Homer us a faur student up to par un all hus school work Hes generally out late but manages to arruve at school on tume A good sport he lukes to lake wuth the boys Hus favorute pastumes are pool and dancung and he thmks hes pretty good at both Homer has hugh udeals and udeas he expects to manage hus own busuness We hope that hus dreams wull come true WOLFE LOUISE E. Lowezue Commercual Pretty enough Wutty enough Peppy enough Just enough Louuse belueves laughter us the cure for all ulls No matter how many troubles she has you can depend on her for a laugh She loves dancung and spends most ot her spare tume gutter buggung but who wouldnt uf they could dance as she can She lukes swummung and bucycle rudung too Lowezue us a hard worker at school and rates hugh un shorthand Curl Reserves l 2 3 4 Commercual Club 4 Page Two Hundred and Twenty Eught .. . .u . . . . . . , . I . ' v e . . . . A V I . . D 4 . I I ' u , . ' . ' . . l , 1 . . . . ' , , A, H. S. game. Wolfie hasn't thought much of the future, but he's , . . I . . . 1 ' ' - .. . .u 1 , . . 1 . . . ' 1 , I , i A I - ' 620020 WOOLEY RAYMOND ay lndustrual Electruc Shop Who wants brams anyway? As a student Ray has let nothung stand un hus way nothung but four subuects And uf he had more subuects we honestly belueve he would have done fanrly well un them Incudentally gurls uf you have udeas un your head about Ray we re sorry to report that here us the Class of 4I s chuef woman hater We belueve from the bottom of our hearts that Ray wull travel far Hus ambutuon us to druve a truck cross country WORONIAK JOHN Easy Pattern Shop The farce of hus own merut makes hrs way Easy us the woman hater of the Pattern Shop Well h adds not exactly a woman hater but I thunk huntung and fishung are unflnutely more unterestung than glamor gurls When Easy usnt whuttlung or cleanung hus guns he takes lust a refreshung Iuttle yaunt to Palmerton and back on hus bake After hes well establushed un the pattern busuness he wants to travel Heres to meetung you on the lle de France or perhaps un Buenos Aures WYTOVICH METRO Speed Industrual Although he adapts humself to hus shop worlr as well as to algebra he us stull worrued about Englush Metro Iukes to dance to popular swung musuc and he s so tall and handsome that he attracts the gurls glances always He hopes to make good un raduo and he wull College Preparatory It us a fruendly heart that has plenty of fruends Wuth her Iaughung green eyes and her unfectuous guggle Pat set out to hugh school one sunny mornung to conquer and conquer she dud For who he be teacher or fellow student could resust that sunny smule? Her ever growung lune of fruends has grown to almost unflnute proportuons Intellugent and sensuble we suffer no qualms for Pat when we hear she untends to go to Duke Unuversuty and study chemustry our only regret us that we do not have a few more years to bask an the warmth of her companuonshup Page Two Hundred and Twenty None 0 e I ..,, .. WYLER, PATRICIA VIRGINIA "Pat" I a 'OUZU' operator Gym Club 2 YARNALL MARVIN Yarney Commercnal When fun IS needed never care Just call Marvm he ll be there Marvm as an average student whose studues do not unterfere wuth hls socual lute He has no partlcular hobby but keeps busy worklng In hns father s store whlch some day mught be has own Whenever you re at a dance lust look for Marvm youll see has suze twelve slldlng along He loves best of all pang pong football and swlmmmg YAINDL MARGARET Marge General Happy go lucky farr and free Nothmg ever bothers me Laughung Marge doesnt take herself too senously Always surrounded by a host of fnends she as the Ilfe of the party Marge has her senous moments and an her quuet moments she us frequently seen wnth her nose un some excutung book After graduotnon thas smnlmg mnss hopes to be a telephone YATES DORIS ELAINE Dome General No mmd rs thoroughly well organized that rs deficient In a sense of humor Wuth laughmg blue eyes and o song an her heart Dorrne never has tlme to worry about school work yet she shmes an all her classes She loves any sport from practlcal lokes to basketball and does them all equally well With Donss rare combunataon of wut and wssdom there us lnttle doubt that she wlll get along Dons has always enloyed smgemg her hour and burnmg her skln wuth chemcnal matenals so she plans to mayor m chemustry at college and eventually to become a techmcuan Gym Club 2 3 4 German Club 4 Natfonal Honor Soclety YEAGER ROBERT Bob Engmeenng and Science Carpe Dlem et Flms Coronat Opus Bob staunchly belsevu that there us a tnme and a place for everything Although he takes study and school qunte senously he engoys fun equally well Through hns many assembly appear ances he has become known as a delberate thmker and forceful speaker Among hls many aesthetlc Interests are music dramatncs and public speaking A tnend to every receptlve heart Bob wall long be remembered as a true fnend and a talented classmate Orotan Debatmg Society 2 3 4 Canary and Blue Business 2 3 4 Latin Club 3 4 Natlonal Honor Society Dramatrcs 3 4 Band 2 Boy Scouts Home Room Representative 4 Camus 4 Page Two Hundred and Thlrty .. .. 1 .1 - ' ' I I - .1 - . . , . 1 , . .1 H 1 U - 1 1 - - -. , . . . . . . . . 1 . 1 - . . 1 . - , , . tl . H 1 ,, . . . . . . .1 1 1 F - 1 1 . .. . . , . 1 1 1 I 1 I 3, 4. lt .- 1 .1 - - - H . : , - 1 1 1 1 I 1 1 1 1 i 1 1 I I 1 1 I 1 I i 1 I 1 ' 0020 YENTSCH PAUL Whoople Industrial Machme Shop He has served the school well Paul IS a swell chap always wears a smnle and does has work well especnally m shop, for he expects to be an expert machlmst Besudes has school work he loves basketball football and Ice skatung Whoopne thmks twelve years of school IS enough for anyone he plans to go durectly Into mdustrnal work after hugh school YOHE JEANNE ELIZABETH Fats Commerclal Laugh and grow fat Fats IS that studuous llttle lass who can hardly walt untll lunch tnme She loves to eat to play basketball and to swnm A cheerful dusposntnon, good humor, and pleasant smule wall get her far m the busmess world Fats IS very popular wnth members of both sexes Jeans two ambmons are to be a pruvate stenographer and to become a success In telephone work Commercial Club 4 G1rl Reserves 4 YORGEY ELAINE MAE Yorgey Retanl Selling So she sat w1th a far away gaze, pausmg m her work There as never a dull moment wuth Elanne You can always depend on her to provude some kmd of entertamment wuth her w1tty remarks Nature provlded her wuth brown halr and eyes, a wmsome smule and a demltasse flgure Although the matter of school does not bother her too much, she comes sallmg through Her pet hates are cross customers and mustaches We all hope to see Elame m one of the leodlng department stores soon L YORGEY LORRAINE Dolly Commerclol lmagmatron IS lhnllnng Lorrame the gurl wlth a bug smnle for everyone has a pleasant personality and plenty of udeas After swummung, her favorlte sports are dancmg and :ce skatmg nn all of whuch she excels Con you plcture Lorrame 1n a panr of overalls snttmg on scaffold, or Iettermg a bus? Well thats her amblhon, and we wush her lots of success as a letterer Page Two Hundred and Th1rty One 11 . 1. 1 11 11 1 1 , . 1 1 1 ' I 11 11 1 11 11 . , , . 1 I 1 - 1 11 11 1 11 - - - 11 1 . , . x L , 1 .1 .1 11 . . . . . 11 . 1 1 ' , . - 1 CO 1120 'Url 1 , YOST CATHALENE LAURA ELIZA Cassy Commercual To wm a fnend you have to be a frnend Cassy ns quuet you ll seldom End her an any mnschnef She chose the commercual course but she doesnt know whether she wants to be a stenographer She averages well un her studues and always goes home from school wnth a book tucked under her arm lf you get hungry for fruut, lust look ln Cassy s lunch or un her locker or on top of her books Cassy lukes to see football and basketball games and engoys Blngo partues YOUNG LOUISE MARGARET Weezne General , M t Haste makes waste So don t rush me Louuse ns a true blue fnend wuth a cheery smnle for everyone Her personalnty lust seems to radaate to her fnends untll they really mlss her when she us not around Lounse has been on the honor roll several tumes ln her spare tame she kmts, and dreams of becom HlstorlculSoc1ety 3 4 NatronalHonorSoc1ety 4 Glrls Gym Club 3 4 Girl Scouts 2 3 4 YOUNG WARREN u General YURICK KATHRYN Kntty Retail Sellmg Quiet and dependable as everybody knows She will make friends wherever she goes When Kathryn smnles her eyes smnle wnth her her cheeks Nature made hum as she should Not too bad and not too good Bud us musncally mclmed he can play almost any mstrument that comes along Hrs personality and character make hum every ones frnend In spnte of certam outsnde dlstrachons Bud gets along fanrly well In school Among hns favonte sports are Ice skating, swummmg and track He has several plans for next year but none of them are defimte A Cappella Choir 7 2 3 Chorus, I, 2 3 dumple and her whole face becomes merry A true fnend Kathryn us always wallmg to lend a helpmg hand to her compamons A member of the Retaul Sellmg course she ns an excellent sales person, and has won many fnends through her pleasmg personahty Kathryn manages to work as a sales gurl attend most school enter tamment and stnll gets very good marks She has a clever hand at verse too We know Kathryn wull accomplush anythmg she under takes, whether work or play Her smceruty assures her a welcome anywhere Page Two Hundred and Thlrty Two f fp ,, Lf, 'I-,.u 1. l ' ll tl . , . . A . . . I , . ' . J - v , H . - , , , . , I It V' . 'If' ing a nurse, a profession in which we are sure she will be successful. ' ' ' , , i ' ' , 1 ' , , J ' , 1 , - , f ,, i . - , , - , .1 1 1 I I ' .. , . I . . I , - , I . . ' I . , . 1 - ' ZATOVICH WILLIAM Zatty Commercual How many vacatuon days do we get yet? Zatty was born un Bethlehem comes from o famuly of seven chuldren us the second youngest and happens to be the only one to get thus far thru school He us fond of sports and wushes that some day he could become a physucol unstructor He hos taken part un sports ever sunce he was c lmle boy Hus favorute sport us football and he has played wuth Raub .lunuor Hugh Allentown Hugh Auburn A C and Jordan A C He also lukes to go huntung flshung and swummung always wuth some fruends he adds Football 3 ZEEMAN STANLEY E Stan General Better to due ten thousand deaths Than wound my honour Toll dark handsome untellugent all descrube Stan He has on envuable scholastuc record and a fine personaluty Thus combunatuon us certaun to lead hum to success un meducune Stan us on excellent sand lot athlete and a volumunous reader In the Boy Scout move ment he has achueved the Eagle award and us a member of the Sea Scouts These actuvutues naturally constutute a heavy draun on hus tume but despute thus he does hus school work thoroughly and manages to attend a large number of socual events Natuonal Honor Socuety 4 Sea Scouts 2 3 4 0020 ZARACHANSKY WILMA Wullue General Its the quuet people who do thungs and go places When some kund faury dropped Wulma un the lap ofthe Allen town Hugh School luttle dud she realuze that she had also dropped her unto theur hearts She us actuve un tennus basketball ond swam mung and wuth the traunung guven by euther a Phuladelphua or New York school she should be a good nurse ZEEK GEORGE George It was refreshung but composed luke the pleasantness of youth tempered wuth the gravuty of age Toll of stature slow to talk George us o quuet sort of person adept at bowlung whuch he follows as a hobby Lukung movues and swung musuc George us not hard to please He also lakes hustorucol movues very much and seldom fauls to see them as soon as they arruve George has not yet decuded on hus course un the future but wuth hus pleasung personaluty he us verylukely to futun anywhere Page Two Hundred and Thurty Three , , ' I I ' 1 , . 1 . , u I , , , . . . . , I . , . , . Y .. .. , lndustrual , , . . ,, A I I , . tl ' ' , . .. ., , . .. - .. , . 1 . - 1 ' ' , 1 i 1 1 I ' Oillll ZEITNER wn.uAM CWI, Industrial Auto Shop In hunting What he hit IS history What he missed is mystery William Zentner is the tall small guy with the straight curly hair known to the shop boys as Curly Whenever Curly fixes a car it stays fixed Curly I5 very much interested in his studies whenever he misses something he makes up for lost time Curly s malor sports are hunting and :ce skating and he IS also fond of the opposite sex The boys of the industrial course wish him a lot of luck ZETTLEMOYER KENNETH LE ROY Hank Commercial There IS mischief IH hu eye He s a flirt Hank is a bashful fellow until you get to know him He is a lover of all sports and has hopes to becoming a physical instructor He is continually teased about his ambition to become a cowboy We wish you all the luck In the world Hank and we know you will succeed In anything you undertake ZIEGELHOFER GEORGE 1.99.9 Never push off tall tomorrow what you can push ot? till next week Ziggie is the more serious kind of student but he loves sports plays football was a hurdler on the track team and bowls He hopes some day to bowl a perfect 300 He wants to take a course in ovlatnon at college The college to get Zlggle will be fortunate for he is the kind of person who does good work ln a car Zuggie can span around corners and miss telegraph poles with Omullng CGSG ZIEGENFUSS RUTH ARLENE Ruthie Commercial To know her is to love her Ruthie es a quiet person until she gets acquainted then oh then Ruthie IS dustmgueshed by shining brown eyes a pleasing smile and a cheery Hello She is an all round good pal always ready to help with problems Ruthie does not mind working if the work ns not too long and tedious but she us always lookmg forward to having good times She loves skating dancung and swimming She intends to become a telephone operator Home Room Banker 3 Page Two Hundred and Thirty Four l u ll , 1 ' i , .. ----- f , - H - , , Engineering and Science I I . , . , . i 1 Il ' ll I A . . . . . .. I . I ' ' I . I . . . . A I , 'OUZII' ZIEGLER HERMAN WARREN Butch Commercial Eat sleep and be merry Butch takes a great pride In his caricatures and would like to getagob asacartoomstone ofthese fine days He likes baseball, football and basketball ZIEGLER, HATTIE MAY "Hattie" General "She hitches her wagon to a Northern Star." Hattie likes many things, and dislikes few. Among her likes she lists playing basketball, swimming, reading novels, and delight- ful people "who are fun." ln fact about the only thing she doesn't like is plane geometry. She is interested in Girl Scouting, and is a lieutenant in her Troop. She wants above all things to visit Nova Scotia, but if she were given 51,000 to do with as she pleased, she'd "go to Nursing College to be a public health nurse." ZIEGLER MARJORIE GERALDINE Margie General Music rs for certain among us more than a pleasure Of course you ve heard of Margie the Chatterbox Those big blue eyes of hers lust naturally attract the boys Margie sings though she plans to go to college to become a secretary Singing secretaries are rare she should be in demand Or why not a Western Union singer? ZIMMERMAN MARIAN Mickey Retail Selling A cheerful temper famed with innocence will make beauty attractive delightful and wit good natured A friend cheerful and lovable is Marian There is never a dull moment when she is around Marian is well known in most of our down town stores and her quips about her store work are the delight of the Retail Selling Class She enloys riding elevators going to movies and carrying out the dares of her classmates Marian s mam ambition is to be a good housewife but meantime she is doing very wel. as a salesglrl, and could do gust as well as o comedienne Page Two Hundred and Thirty Five German Club 4 Chorus 2 3 4 A Cappella Choir 3 4 EO 11211 ZIMMERMAN MARY EMMA Mezzy College Preparatory Constant cheerfulness ns a srgn of wfsdom We present Mezzy a true friend an mtereshng compamon and an all around good sport Her agreeable dlsposutlon and constant laughter brsghten any party A great lover of dancing of reading and of muslc Mezzy attends all the A H S socual functlons She plans to become a nurse and her genual dxsposutnon and bright smnle wlll be an asset to any hospntal Speech 3 4 Dramatlcs 3 Hrstor:calSoc1ety 3 National Honor Society A .L Commercial Snlence IS always safe and IS frequently the smartest thmg we can say Bonzo IS a happy go lucky booster of school achvltues When ut comes to gettmg somethmg done he can do ut If he makes up hls mind Hrs hobbies are swummmg and fishing mostly swlmmmg because he lnkes to keep on the go Bonzo means to be a Hxer We told you he lakes to keep un motuon I plz Slum Ll Mysterlous Iught signals flicker The rumblmg cloud utters A dry raspnng cough, And the Soothing ram Falls caresslngly below lloR1:NcL CLAQI n Page Two Hundred and Thfrty Sur I I 'K ZURAWSKI, BRONISLAW "Bonzo" - 5 l ' l c ' ' ' I Acker Curtts Acker Robert Adams Ronald Alexander Albert Altuf Thomas Anderson Walter Angstadt John Appel Leroy Ball Laverne Barnett H Nelson Bartholomew Leslie Bartholomew Theodore Batarlck Fredruck Baumgartner G Louts Beacher Robert Bear Douglas Becker Ruchard Behler Donald F Belchtel Wull1amJ Beltz Thomas Bender Robert Besz Louts Bngatel John Binder Frank Butler Ruchard Blttner Paul Bogert Wulllam Bowen Henry Bowers Robert Boyer Donald Boyko Mlke Boyle James Brey Norman Brossman Marhn Brown John Buckley James Bullock Stanley R Burton Wulllam Burkhart Edward Butz Wulluam CoHrey James Carl George Casper John Cercnello Vlncent Cernobyl Mnchael Charnegne Samuel Chernega George Cuchello Lewus Cm Llvlo Clark George Clauser Ernest Clewell Robert Cohen Sydney Cole Eugene Cooper Donald Cope Wtllns Cormgrato Ettore Coyle Raymond Crawford Vernon Curhs Charles DalMaso Reno Dannecker Howard Davis Howell Decker Alfred Denly Robert Deutnch Robert Delabar Ray Derr Edwun Devlne Rlchard Dnefenderfer Rnchard 'OIIZUQ 1941 Class Roster Boys Dulluard Henry Doll Rtchard Domonkos Wtlluam Drelsbach Leonard Druckenmuller Martnn Ebbo Peter Ebelhauser Alden Eltner Kenneth Englert Joseph Ettnnger Charles Evans John Evans Roy Evrard Frank Farymak Walter Featherman Paul Federman Alvm Fedorak Walter Feldman Howard Fenstermacher Edward Fenstermaker John Fetzer Carl Fetzer Leo Fma Louus Funk Rvchard Fnschl Edward Fusher Jerome Flanagan Bernard Fraenkel Fabtan Frankenfleld Edgar Frassetto Ferdmand Frederick Junlor Freed Paul Freund Arthur Frey Howard Fntz Jullus Frova Marlo F Fry Wnlllam Fullman Joseph Funk Carl Gackenbach Russell Galluccn Angelo Gardner Elwood Gans Robert Gaydos John Gebert P Donald Gelger Elmer Germans Anthony Gery Carl Gubuser Frank Gnft Melvm Gtlbert George Glass Ellsworth Glose Thomas Goheen Woodrow Gorgodlan Nelson Gottlneb Davnd Graft Rnchard Graner John Gregg Robert Grlder Charles Gnes Wllllam Groner Lloyd Gross Wllllam Grossman Samuel Grube Elwood Grumbem George Gurguck Leonard Haas Eugene Haas Fredernck Habrtal Gordon Hardy Walton Hamer Rnchard Hartung Marlowe Hartzell Robert Hassler Howard Hawk Wlllard Heck Arlan Heffner Charles Hemtzelman Leroy Helser Harold Henry Eugene Henry W Donald Hermg Paul Htldebeudel Ruchard Hull Joseph Hlllegass Merlm Huller Lester Hoanzl Walter Hoehle Clarence Hoffman Richard Holden Robert Hollenbach Harold Hulslger Morris Hunsncker Edward Hunsncker Kenneth Hushkek Wtllllam Huttte Joseph lnglese Louls Jacoby Donald James Charles Janenko George Jarrett Fredertck Jarrett Quentm Jones Davtd Jones James Jones Kenneth Jones Wesley Joseph Abraham Joseph Joseph Juretus John Kahn James Kahn Murray Kaunz Albert Kaplan Martun Karol Alexander Keeler Junlor Keenan John Keene Charles Kelper John Ketser Edward Keller George Kellner Frederlck Kern Carl Kern Fredenck Knchlune Robert Kress Warren Knstler Joseph Kleckner Robert Klegarth Jullus Kleppmger Wnlham Klme George Klme Henry Klotz Donald Knauss Rnchard Knerr Wulbur Koch Robert Koehler Robert Kohl Karl Page Two Hundred and Thirty Seven Kohut Stephen Kondravy Paul Kortvely Wllluam Kozelmcky John Kralnlak John Kramer John Kramer Stanley Kratzer Ernest Krause Rlchard Kressley George Knebel Rlchard Kropp Mnlton Krupka Walter Kuctrka John Kuhns Burton Kuhns Wnlllam Kuhnsman Donald Kurtz Mllton Kuzman Wtlluam Lambert Ralph Laudenslager Rlchard Lear J Robert Leeser Morgan Leubsensperger Harry Lendner Earl Lenhart Fredernck Lentz Banrd LeVan Clyde LeVan Dannel Levme Solomon Llchtenwalner Arnold Lnebl Paul Llndenmuth Frankltn Llpko Wllllam Lltzenberger Blalr Lttzenberger Carson Lntzenberger Stanley Loch Luther Loesch Warren Long Stanley Luclk John Lunda Donald Lyon Joseph MacConnell Jack Malles Louls Malone Samuel Marcm John Marcks James Marone Andrew Martell Rlchard Marth George Martz Wllllam Mazurek Frank McEllroy Mahlon McGee Hugh McGee Lawrence McGmley John McGunley Mtchael McKeever Donald McNally Francus Melber Frederlck Mentzell Harold Metzger Wesley Metzler Carlton Mlcek Charles Maller Davud Muller Franklin Muller Frederuck Muller Morton --- I I I E I I I I 1 1 I 1 I 1 1 1 . 4 I 1 - 1 1 ' 1 1 1 J 1 L 1 I 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 A 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 - I 1 1 I 1 A 1 I ' . 1 1 1 1 . I . I I . I I ' ' I I I I 1 1 1 1 I I I I I 1 . 1 1 1 . , 1 1 I 1 I I ' 1 1 I 1 1 1 1 , , 1 1 1 . 1 1 1 - I I I I I I . I I I F I I I . I I 1 I . 1 1 I J 1 - 1 1 I I 1 . I 1 1 1 1 1 D 1 1 I I I I I I F I I 1 4 . 1 I 1 1 1 1 1 . I . I I I I I I I I . . I , Frey, Robert Jarrett, Roscoe I-ISlCky, Anton 1 . 1 l I q ' , 1 l 1 1 1 I I I A I ' F I I I I I I 1 I l 1 ' I I I I 1 .1 1 1 I I I I I 1 I A 1 1 I 1 . 1 1 .1 I I I 1 I I I F I I I ' , ' .1 1 Q 1 I 1 . . 1 1 I 1 ' ' 1 1 1 . I I I I I 1 A 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 I I I I I . . . I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I F I I I I l I . I I I I 1 I 1 l ' 1 1 I I I I I 1 1 1 I 1 1 I I I I I I I I I I A I I I . I I I I A I I I b I . I 1 l 1 1 ' I I I I I I I Muller Robert Muller Thomas Muller Wrlllam Mnnner Fredernc Mrnnuch LeRoy A Mnrth Robert Mlshkln Alvm Mohry Earle Moll Myles Moore Harry Morgenstern Charles Morrls Chester Morris Ruchard Moser Fredernck Mosser Wulluam Moyer Sndney Munlone Arthur Murphy Joseph Musselman Reuel Musselman Wnlmer Muth Rrchard Nabhan Frederuck Nagle Robert Newhard Wnlllam Neyhart Eugene Nuckn her Rudolph Oberdoester Charles OKeefe Joseph Olenwune Sherwood Olewlne Grant Omron Sallam Opdyke Lelge Oplanger Ervun Oplmger Jay Osborn Abner Oswald Robert Ott Bruce Paul James Perkun Davnd Persnanr John Peters Donald Peters lra Peters Qumtus Peters WarrenJ Ptennmg ClIROTd Phrlrps Anthony Phrllups Gerald Putuch John Pleva Muchael Poh Kenneth 62011208 1941 Class Roster -- Boys Prutz Warren Purnell Clarence Purner Wulluam Qumn John Rabenold Edwm Rabenold John Rapaport Leonard Raub John Reese Ruchard Reuterman Wllluam Reppert James Ruchards Robert Rnchute Nell Ruckert Wrlllam Rutter Wullnam Roberts Charles Rodenbach George Rogers Kenneth Roncolato Gerald Ross Roth Roth Roth Roth Ruhe Ruhe Joseph Bernard John Paul Wayne Edward Robert Schwenger Harvey Seebald F Warren Seng Clark Sensenbach Frank Serfass Warren Shafer Kenneth Sheftel Mllton Shelly George Scherer Ralph Sherer Thomas Shuffert Robert Shoemaker Donald Shollenberger Rnchard Shollenberger Ronald Short J Curtls Short Rrchard Snegtrled Raymond Snglun Wullram Snlberman Earl Summers Wlllram Skrup Nlcholas Skrovanek OttoJ Smuth Arthur Smrth Joseph Smrth Kenneth Smnth Raymond Sagasstz Wllluam Sanders John Sandt Frederuck Schadt Morrus Schaeffer Ned Schaffer Arthur Schaffer Eugene Schantz Rnchard Scheetz Karl Scherrer Albert Scherrer Robert Schlegel Carl Schmudt Vuctor Schmoyer Donald Schmoyer Mark Schmoyer Mervun Schoenberger Ellsworth Schott Ivan Scholl Rrchard Schremer Joseph Schuler Paul B Schuler Paul F Schuler WarrenJ Schwab James Smlth Smuth Smnth Rrchard Robert Warren Somach Lawrence Spaldmg Ruchard Spana Alfred Spurrner Wnlluam Stahler Kermlt Stefany Wallace Stefchak Peter Stellar Wnlluam Stephens Fred Stmner Clarr Stoke Wullram Strohecker Edwrn Szukncs Frank Tackack Mlchael Tatasclore Joseph Thomas Robert Thompson Wrllnam Torlck John Toth Peter Troxell Vmcent Uhler Dale Page Two Hundred and Thrrty fight Vargo Frank Vogel Norvm Vollnsky John Waudellch Rlchard Walck Lee Wallltsch Robert Warmkessel Wrllard Watson Stanley Webster Wnlllam C Werant Harold Weucker Blaur Weuda Russell Wetland Kenneth Weiss James Welty George Wentz Roy Werley Fred Whlspell Raymond Wueder Martm Wrlhnde Ralph Wllluams Leonard E Wrlluams Ruchard Wrllnstenn Wllluam Warth Alfred Wnsser Wrllard Wntwer Robert Wolf Eugene Wolfe Homer Wooley Raymond Woronlak John Wytovuch, Metro Yarnall Marvm Yeager Harvey Yeager Robert Yentsch Paul Young Warren Zaengle Frank Zatovnch Wrlllam Zeek George Zeeman Stanley Zertner Wllllam Zeman Joseph Zettlemoyer Kenneth Zuegelhofer George Znealer Herman Zurawsku Bromslaw H O O - 1 1 , , I I I . I I l 1 l V 1 1 I , ' , 'k D. , , ' ' I ' 1 - 1 1 1 I . I . I 1 I , ' 1 1 1 , 1 1 ' 1 , ' I . I A I I I I I I I I I I V I . I I U I I I I . ' . . I . I . , I I . l I 4 A I l I I I I . - I ' D I I . I I ' I I I . . I I I I . I I J . I I I I . I A I D I I l I U . I . I I I D I I . I I . I I I ' . . I . I I T I L . . r I . Nett, Jerry Roth, Stanley Smith, Curtis Winkler, Henry I I l I . I I I I I A I I I A A .S I I l I A I I ' I l D I . I l I I A I I I I I I I I U I I . I . I I I D I A D I l I ,I I . - I Q I I I U D I I I I F I I I 1 1 1 1 I - I I I I U I I I . I I I I - I l l . , . . I . . V . I I -I I I I A I I I I A A I . ' I I . I I I I I I I I ' I A I I I ' I I I I I I I .. I . I I .. .I . l I I ' I I I I I ' I I ' I ' I I 1 1 1 Abraham Thelma Ackerman DOFIS Adams Betty D Adams Betty L Adams Catherlne Adams Edna Adda Mary Albrlght Margaret Alex Shlrley Allsop Thelma G Anderson DOYIS Anderson June Andres Eleanor Andrews Kathryn Anello Vlfglnld Applegate Dorls Argeson Catherlne Arnold Betty Aspers Betty Augustlne Paullne Bachman Catherlne M Bachman Eleanor Barlngoldz Reba Bartholomew Arlene Bartholomew Marle Bauder Anna Bauer Ann Bauer June Bean Betty Jane Bear Carolyn Bechtel Wlnlfred Beck Betty Becker Dorls Beehrle Marle Behrlnger Phyllls Beldler Betty Bell Evelyn Beltler, Glorla Beltler Patrlcla Bergman Phyllls Berman Eleanor Bernabuccl Vlola Bernhard Leontlne Bleber Clalre Bllger Marlon Blttenbender Glorla Blttner Bettle Blttner Jean Bokonyl Irene Bortollnl Glorla Bartz Margaret Bradlsh Jeanne Bray Verletta Brennan Mary Brewer, Jean Brezack Theresa Brlnker, Joyce Broskey Amella Brass Nlla Brown Phyllls Brownlng Betty Bruder Thelma Bruenlngsen, Madelln Budner Lols Bunk Dorothea Burger Evelyn Burkert Ruth Buskarltz, Josephlne Butz Ethel 0020 1941 Class Roster --- Glrls Calllsto, Grace Campbell Ellzabeth Campbell Jane Carroll Marlon Cherrlngton Betty Choma Jeanette Chrlstman Evelyn Chrlstman leomlo Clark Dorothy Clymer Jean Cocca Vlola Confer Ruth Cook Trecla Cortrlght Lorralne Costantlnl DOYIS Crler Dorothy Curtlss Cholena Dalla Plazza Allce Da Re Esther Daubenspeck Anna Davldson Mlldred DeFlore Lucllle Delbert Jean Delley Jean DeLong Anna DeLong Vlvlan Denltz, Eleanor Dent Mary Detweller Marlorle Deutsch Dorothy DeWald Dawn DICKC Harrlet Dlefenderfer Eva Dlehl Eva Dlehl Wanda Doleck Maryanna Dorward Betty Drelbelbles Margaret Dreslbach Ethel Drelsbach Jean Drles Marlon Dunstan Gladys Eberly Cello A Eckert Marle Eddlnger Eleanore Edel Della Egge Rachel Elsenhard Allce Ellas Mary Elko Rose Erdos, Paula Ernst, Gladys Fablan Marlon Fahler Marlorle Folrchlld Delphlne Fatzlnger Dorothy Faust, Betty Lee Fehr, Roberta Felnour Clalre Ferrara Helen Fetherolf, Jeanne Flllman Charlotte Flllman, Wllhelmlna Flna Jacquellne Flnady Carollne Flnk, Glorla Flnk Joyce Florello Rachel Flschl Mlldred Fltzpatrlck Jean Flamlsch Elsle Flores Madelyn Flynn Marle Focht Althea Focht Bernadlne Fogel Leona Fox Jeanne Frank Ruth Frantz Dorls Frlel Margaret Frles, Alverta Fulran Marlorle Fullas Katherlne B Fulton, Mae Gabrlel Margaret Geesey Llla Geho Eleanor Gehrls Betty Gelslnger Salome Gensenlelter Joyce George Beulah Gerancher Ellzabeth Glbbons Betty Glft Eleanor Glancey Jeanne Glaser Florence Gllckman Bernlce Golden Mary Gralnger Mary Grasley Leontlne Grover Clalre Greenawald Leona Greenhalgh Dorothy Grelsemer Lucllle Grossman Margaret Gruber Jean Gruber June Guth Marle Gutman Veronlca Hagerman Edlth Halnes Loulse Hall Jane Handschue Dorothy Hannls Betty Honzllck Helen Harrlng Vlola Hartman Ethel Hartman Mlldred Harwlck Glorla Hauser Mary Hausman Betty Hausman Jeannette Helm Rlta Heln Rosanna Helst Betty Heller Florence Hellerlch Charlotte Hendrlcks, Vlolet Herb Betty Herman Betty Hersh Eudora Hertzog Betty Hess Althea Hetzer Irene Hlchar Helen Hllbert Dorothy Hllbert Marcella Hlll Glorla Page Two Hundred and Thlrty Nlne Hllllard Dorothy Hlmmelberger Margaret Hlmmelberger Mary Hlrst Frances Hochstrasser Florence Hollenthoner Ruth Holtzman Helen Horn Marlon Hubbs Emllle Huber Vlrglnla Hudson Jeanne HUNSICKCY LaVerne Hurdell Ann lobst Anna lobst Esther lsenman Veronlca Jacobs Dorothy Jacoby Jean Jacoby Ruth James, Lots Janenko Bernadlne Jenne Anno Johnson Dorothy Johnson Helen Jones Betty Joyce Allce Kalady Helen Kamynlskl Helen Karol Renee Kasych Helen Keeley, Kathleen Kelser Grace Keller Catherlne Keller Daune Kelly Dorothy Kemmerer Helen Kemmerer Mary Kern Erna Kern Lucllle Klndlg Joyce Klndred Dorls Klss Elsle Kleckner Elalne Kleckner Evelyn Kleln Jeanne Klepplnger Margaret Kllne Kllne Kllne Klotz Catherlne Charlotte Dorothy Llnnle Knauss Betty Knerr Dorls Koch Grace Kohler Betty Kohr VIYQIDIQ Konetzka Lorralne Kortvely Ellzabeth Kratzer Esther Krauss, Paullne Kunkle Rachel Kurtz, Elsle Kushlnlck Anna Lagosky Ksenla Lahr Mary Lambert Norma Laurent Lorralne Lederman Beatrlce Lelbensperger Betty Lelser Marlon Levy Shlrley O I O I I ' I I I l I A l I I I I ' I I l I I ' I l I Q J I I I I I I I I I I I I I . I I I A I I I l I I . I . I I I . . I ' l I . I . . . I F I F I I I I I l . I I I A I l . I I V I l I ' I I . . . . .I . ' I A F I I I I D J I I I I D I l I I , , . , . I D I F I I l ' . I . l I I I l I I I I I I I I I V I I ' I . I I I l I . I I I I ' A I I I Q I I I I l I F I I I F I ' . I V , - I , , I . A I I I I F I F I l . I I . ' I I I I . I I I I . I . . I . I . I F I A I I I Beidler, Ruth Domit, Mildred Grube, Violet , . I I I I . . . , ' I V . , . . . I I . , I h L I I I I A I . I . I .V . I . I . 1 I I I l ' I I I I . I I I I l I . . I I I . I l I l I I . I I I I I ' I I I F I . I . I I .I . I I I I I .I l I I I I , , , ' I I I I . I l I I I I I . . I I I I . I F . I I I l I . I I T I I I . I I I I I I Q I I ' I I I I - I I I . . e . . . I V I ' ' I I I I A I I I I F . . I I I ' I ' I T . . . I . I I I 1 I I . I . I Lewus Sarah Mary Luchtenwalner Mae Lully Melba Lundenmuth Helen Lobach Muldred Lorung Betty Lunda Dorothy Lusch Betty Mahler Jane Manusky Constance Marek Helen Marune Jean Moruss Mary Marquardt Jean Martuccu Vuolet Mascalu Palmuna Master Mary Jane McAnally F Eleanor McCabe Catherune McClafterty Mary McEllroy Luculle McGee Catherune McKnught Rebecca Mengel Phyllus Messer, Neva Metzger Anna Meyersburg Dora Muchener Dorothy Muchener Naomu Muller Arlene Muller Eluzabeth A Moller Evelyn Muller Geraldune Muller Jean Muller M Jeanette Muller Mae Muller Marulynn Muller Mary E Muller Ruth Muller E Shurley Mullhouse Althea Mumlutsch Arlene Munner Veronnca Munnuch Claure Munnuch Joyce Murth Edna Mutchell Gladys Mohr Betty Montomgery Elva Moose Paulune Morruson Elsue Moser, Jean Mosser Barbara Moyer Jean Moyer Mabel Mueller Anna Muske Jean Musselman Wunufred Nagle Ann Nagle lrene Neuser Elaune O02 1941 Class Roster --- Gurls Newhard Joyce Nonnemacher Jean Olewune Vuvuan Oleynuk Helen ONeull Anna L Ot lrus Owens Joyce Owens Lous Oyer Helen Palladuno Madalune Parks Luculle Paul Elsne Paul Thelma Paules Marguerute Paylor Katherune Perna Erma Peters Glorua Peters Ruth Phulups Dorothy Puckartz Ruth Poole Jacquelune Prechtel Verna Premecz lrene Pretka Pearl Quunn Betty Quunn Lorraune Rabenold Arlene Rabenold Ruth Rader Faye Rader Isabel Rahn Eluzabeth Ranck Joyce Rastocky Anna Reuchard Arlene Reuchard Betty Reuchelderfer Annabelle Renchelderfer Dorus Reully Patrucua Reunbold Betty Reunert Margaret Reunhardt Carolyn Remmel Jean Rennunger Althea Ressler Martha Rhoda Julua Ruckert Dorothea Ruley Carolyn Rushko Eluzabeth Rutter Aluce Rutter Betty J Rutter Betty Rutter Lots Rodale Shurley Rogers Ruth Romberger Joyce Romug Frances Romug Jean Roth Jean Rothaar Muruam Rothrock Martha Rowe Ethel Ruth Arlene Ruch Eluzabeth Ruhf Lous Rumberger Glorua Rumble Maruorue Rutzel Jane Sanczyk Helen Schantz Marulynn Schantz Mary Schaup Maruorue Scheurer Dorus Schell Maruan Scherba Kathryn Schnutzer Rosalund Schoedler, Marguerute Scholl Perma Schwab Luella Schwartz Jane Seaman, Margaret Sedora Susan Seubert Vurgunua Seula Avanell Seup Evelyn Seuslove Dorothy Seuslove Frances Seuslove Leontune Seutz Irene Sell Betty Sell Florence Senger Louuse Shankweuler Burdune Shearer Joanna Shumer Dorothy Shollenberg er June Smuth Smuth Smuth Smuth Smuth Smuth 1 Betty Constance Dorothy lrene Jean Marlorue Smuth Mary Smuth Muruel Smuth Shurley Snyder Jean Snyder Joyce Snyder Mary Snyder Ruth Solt Ruth Sommons Kathryn Sprague Ruth Stamm Georgua Stettner Anna Stevenson Gladys Stucher Ethel Stark Florence Stoeckel Frueda Stout Dorothy Straun Muldred Strobel Barbara Sulluvan Joan Sulzer Dorothy Page Two Hundred and Forty 9 9 O 1 1 1 , ' 1 1 1' , '1 .1'. 1 ' , I I I , I I 1 1 - 1 A. - , N 1 t1' 1 , I I I I... I I I . 1 . 1 1 1 ', I I I .D I I I .I I I 1 1 1 l 1 1 1 1 1 l I I I I I 1 . I I . I I I I 1 'J I I I I I' I I I 1 Hu , 1 1 1 1 I I . I... I . 1 1 1 1 1 1 .1 1 I I . 1 I ' .I . I I I I I ' I I I .I ' 1 E- 1 1 1 1 1 l 1 I I I . .1 1 - 1 .1 J 1 I I I I I.. I I ' I I . I I I I - I' I .I . I I I 'I . 1 1 .1 J 1 I ' I I l I I I I .1 ' .II . I . .. .I I I -I I 1 I I I I I I I .I A I I 1 1 1 1 ll I I I . I 'I I I - I 1 1 1 1 I . I' I I 4 I . I t I I . 1 1 - 1 1 1 1 l- 1 ' 1 ' I ' I .I I I U I l I I . I I I I I .I . I ' I I I . U I ll I I I I I . I I -I. . 1 I I l I I I ' I I I I I Sussman Fauth Sussman Freda Sweeney Kathryn Sypherd Dorothy Tamuozzo Letutua Texter Myrtle Thomas Vurgunua Thompson Aluce Tomaschuk Anna Toolan Mary Jane Towle Nancy Troxell Jean Ueberroth Juanuta Valenteen Jacquelun Wagner, Anna Wallander Maruorue Waller, Jeanne Wallutsch, Margaret Walp Margaret Walper Jean Walters luculle Ward Carolyn Warmkessel Loretta Warmkessel Louuse Weaver, Gladys Weaver Helen Weaver, Joyce Weber, Florence Weudner Ruth Weuss Irene Weller Paulune Welty Vuvuan Wenner Luculle Werley Marue Whuttle Martha Wueand Frances Wueder Betty Wullenbecker Ruth Wult Geraldune Wutt Betty Wolbach Betty B Wolf Dorus Wolfe Louuse Wyler Patrucua Yaundl Margaret Yates, Dons Yohe Jean Yorgey Elaune Yorgey Lorraune Yost Cathalene Young Louuse Yuruck Kathryn Zarachansluy, Wulma Zuegenfus Ruth Zuegler Hattue Zuegler Marlorue Zummerman Marlon Zummerman Mary X re',','i' 'ry - .3-Q. 55,544 Ik. , '- rf If 'riff' rv -3',f "if, .1 X ., 5 , x if ."' , 'af .. u, i 4 , :I E0 LI S Senror Calendar September Gulllble Sophs buy elevator passes and meal tncket There s a great day comrng manyana Off to a great start Audntorlum chandelrers for sale cheap Canary and Blue organuzes Oraton Debatung Society plans for the year All seniors got un tanr free Chuldren s Day October New York feels our rnfluence Class meetmg German Club orgamzed 4 Canary and Blue appears Furst Career Forum Wnlfred Post counsels would be fliers November Senior Class gets new officers Varsrty A Club founded French Club organizes Vnve la France' But nt dndnt Tnme out for O Henry Armlstuce Day Football mugs are perpetuated by artlsts Kuwanns Club Banquet Nolse of Pep Meetung nearly wrecks Palestra Beat Bethlehem Dance Traylor mobbed Ylppee Junuor Prom few Sensors absent wow' December Report Cards Gad zooks' Galahad Jones wows audience' Canary and Blue wuth football heroes puctures Flrst Hunt of Boston trlp Room 105 Pending Xmas Vacatuon glves hope to despaurlng students German Club and French Club have lolnt meetmg lAll qulet on the western frontl Tensnon relieved Vacatuon begms Ya hooooo Sensors stockmgs hung by the f1replace Delt Formal Roth s Costumery gets a break lthose dad burned monkey suuts'l January Hangovers And How Pam and Misery Back to school Stull wrntrng 1940 on homework papers Corn grows on the audltoruum stage as the New York trnp as advertised Lunden street cleanup by Varsity A Mrdyears Nearly all sensors exempt? Sopranos wan by a note In King Rene s Daughter Reports once more Oy Ya Kavon Tch Tch Tame out for O Henry February 1 Sensors on the home stretch 6 Just lmagme' A soph stall gomg down the front' 14 lSaghl2 lSvghl' 17 Propaganda campaugn for Boston trup begms In earnest Room 105 Page Two Hundred and Forty One O O 1- ' ' s. 3- . 5- . . . . 16- ' . 17- ' ' . 18- , . . - . , b 11- ' . 14- ' . 22- ' . 2 - . 31- ' - ' - ' . 1- ' ' . 11- ' . - ' ' . 12- ' . 17-???????????? 21- ' ' . 27- ' ' . 28-Hold Bethlehem to scoreless tie-No school Monday. 29- ' - ' - . 4- - . 5- ' . 6- - ' ' ' . 9- . . . - - 12- . . . . . t 20- .. . - . 21- . . - . . - - Q 25- ' ' ' . 26- - ' - ' . 1- - . 2- ' ' - . 5- . . . . 13- ' ' ' ' ' . 14- . . .. ,. 20- ' - ' . 23- ' ' ' ' . 27- - - - '- - . 29- ' . . 00211 Semor Calendar March Orchads to home room 206 first to report IOO' 1 .lunuor Red Cross Roll Call Professor Corblere of Muhlenberg speaks to French Club 1n French Students get even Wllh teachers at Faculty basketball game Revenge sweet revenge Mughtv Mahanoy mach1ne qu1ckly quelches quagmured qu1ntet lm other words we lostl Sleepung suckness saps strength of Senuors and Sophs Duck Hoffman called to office Apnl A H S mermands perform for females exclusuvely 1n first acquacade League of Natnons exam st1rs seven ambntuous sen1ors College mlnded students undergo Scholastuc Aptutude and Achuevement tests and come home w1th somewhat dampened egos Dlck Hoffman called to office Soph dlscovered descendmg front steps Varsuty A club members forget the1r figures long enough to lndulge 1n food at banquet Playful corrndor frequenters requested to stop d1lly dallymg wuth the swutchboards Pr1nt shop boys mvade Phnladelphua Orotan Debatlng SOCICTY announces regular meetlng llrregular meetlngs are not announcedl Reward offered for return of blue Jantzen bathmg sunt-occupued or unoccup1ed Semor Hop nets a fortune for class? Sub freshman Day at Morav1an May Funal day for Comus payments Lune forms to rnght Sob stones handled last State Scholarshup Exam well attended Sophlstlcated starlng starry eyed, substltutes for sub freshmen lnvaded 1nst1tut1ons of antellugence ln order to 1mb1be unnermost ldlosyncrasues of 1ntell1gence 1nst1tut1ons lCommonly called Sub freshman Day at Berg and Lehlghl Natuonal Honor Soclety Hobby Show puts l1brary out of curculatlon Exh1b1ts ranged from skulls lEdd1e Ruhel through bug unnards lMarlowe Hartungl to costumes blown glass stamps and o1l pa1nt1ngs lDorothy Lundal Sale of Defense Stamps lnaugurated In assembly cafeterla sales dlITlII'ilSh accord 1ngIy that day Color movues taken of Senlors Aud1tor1um overflowlng wlth talent scouts Contracts galore D H c t O lvude supral Mr Allam entertams German Club members at h1s home Mrs Allam s cooknng excellent propaganda for sophs choosnng languages Flrst exam for sensors Much weep1ng walllng and woeful wlshmg Also gnash1ng of teeth and teanng of halr Also great exultat1on on part of those who are exempt Semor farewell Freedom Lvberty Holuday l I .lune Sennors begun to pay socnal calls Questlon Whats the good news about RIDSO2 Answer Toufours Lamour Combuned clubs sponsor Flag Day Program Baccalaureate T1me for va1n regrets and w1stful real1zat1on that thus day unsolders the goodluest fellowshup of whlch thus world holds record The Barrets transformatuon of Henry Aldrlch unto Robert Browmng l7 Commencement FIHIS Concluslon Termmatlon Close ln short the end l Page T o Hundred and Forty Two 0 0 5- ' - - f ' . 7- ' -' . 12- ' . , . 13- . 1 . . . . . I 14- . . . 20- ' . 3-. . . ' ' ' . 4- . . .. . 1 5- G . . . . 8-' . ' l0- ' ' . 15- . .. ,, . . , IF- F s 1 - 1 Q I - 18- . - . . .1 25- . . .. .. . 1 . 2? ' a 1 s 1 i 25- ' . 26- - ' . 1-. -. . - - . 1 5- ' . 8- .. I . 1 -.-. . . . F 1 1 1 1. a ' . - 12- ' ' . . - . . .. 1 13-i 1 ' 1 1 u 1 1 1 I 15-. . I . . ' . 25- . ' ' . , ' ' - n 1- n I no I . 1 1 . . 30- ' . ' ' 30- -' - ' .. 13- . . . 1 15- ' 1 ' ' . 13- 7 ' ' . 15- -. . . . . . .. IP 1 1 Q 1 . 1 l 00211 Last WIll and Testament ill Jlt lumrmlnrrh that we The Class of 4l of Allentown Hugh School In the State of Pennsylvania bemg of sound mmd memory and understanding and conslderlng the uncer talnuty of lufe do hereby make and publush this our last will and testam nt hereby revokmg and maknng voud any and all former wnlls by us at any tume heretofore made Fnrst We bestow upon the commg classes the sedate robe of semoruty and sable cloak of potentnal knowledge whach we have worn ln thus temple of culture Second We glve devlse Ind bequeath to the Canary and Blue another award from Columbia Thurd To the cafetena a supply of longer straws Fourth To the nncomlng sophs the courage to fight the bullymg sensors Fufth To the commg classes all our deternorated books Sixth To the T square Club still greater success In the comlng years Seventh To the Varsuty A Club a medal Enghth To study halls comfortably padded chairs for sleepy students Nmth To on commg sophs more elevator passes and locker permuts Tenth To tnred students escalators for reachnng the fourth floor annex Eleventh To all sophomore and lumor gurls lockers equipped with mlrrors Twelfth To Mr Weaver a large collection of funny books for hus lensure tnme Thnrteenth To chemnstry students gas masks and bomb shelters Fourteenth To the school, a one floor annex Fnfteenth To Mr Wemshenmer an autographed pucture of the Quiz Ksds Snxteenth To any ragman our old gym suuts Seventeenth To the French French verbs Enghteenth To the Brutush more power Nmeteenth To the Army gym exercuses Twentueth To Mr Zummerman electrnc chalrs to revuve day dreammg sensors Twenty farst To Mnss Mulock her :deal school buult for humans Twenty second To the school s lust of honors another champuonshup swam team Twenty thnrd To the class, the advnce of Mr Kressler Dont study tull your haur turns gray lNote double meaning Twenty fourth To the teachers brllllant obedlent cooperative classes Twenty fifth To Mr Wemshelmer an all gurl class lMrs Welnshesmer please notel Twenty saxth To Mr Weunsheumer more candldates for Boston trlps Twenty seventh To Mass Swope more students who know French as we dad nt Twenty eighth To all students classes m one bulldmg Twenty nmth To shop boys lockers for thenr books durzng chow tnme Thlrtleth To a lucky lunlor Joe O Keefe s block and gavel Thlrty first To Mr Zlmmerman sensors with shorthand abllnty Lastly we gave devnse and bequeath to all oncommg classes the memory of the class of 4l wuth the hope that they may always remember and chensh that memory long after we have departed from these halls AND LASTLY We do make constutute and appomt the faculty to be Executor of thus our last wlll and testament qv wif 2 Q May, egg President of Class 41 IN WITNESS WHEREOF we have hereunto subscrlbed our name and afflxed our seal the seventeenth day of June un the year of our Lord one thousand nme hundred and forty one Slgned sealed published and declared by the testator above named as and for thelr last wull and Testament ln the presence of us who have at theur request, subscnbed our names an theur presence, and nn the presence of each other, as wntnesses hereto 'Wes' 06.W..QWW Mes' Y wwf? fegiecaha Page Two Hundred and Forty Three 0 - - n I . . . . X I I I I I ' . . . . . . n I sf I I I I I I : , . : . , . I I . : - , . - It 11 I , . : - , . I , . : , . : . , . : . , . I , . : , . : , . : , . - - - n - 11 ' u I I 1 n . . . . ' n I 4 . . . H , . . ' . . , at - j ' 5 I I I I ' . , ' . , . - : . , . . . v , Z I T i - : I . - : , . . . . . I I : , . - : . , . I I I , . . I 1 I I T I x ' L, ' ' 1 - n I I I ' - I I I I I I X , 'GIOUZU ' Class Prophecy DIARY OF FLOSSY FORTY ONE SUNDAY Woke up lust un tame to catch the famlly bus for church The Reverend Robert Gans gave a most enllghtemng sermon Notlced Attorney Edward Ruhe In a front pew wlth all his little Ruhes and couldnt help admlrnng Kay Keeley s darlng chapeau After church I spoke wuth Edith Hagerman home for the week end from her lllustratung 'ob an Phlladelphla and lvadalune Palladmo who us going places In the world of womens magazunes At Dons Applegate s tea thus afternoon I bumped unto Barbara Mosser anlmal M D she seemed qulte excited over her promotuon ln a New York vetermary hospltal Radio s newest harmony team Lorranne Yorgey and Vnvlan Welty sang MONDAY Recenved an excutung looking envelope postmarked Indra the flrst news lve had from Mussuonary Dorothy Phulnps un rrcnlhs Drove unto town to puck up a darlung Gloria Harwlck creatlcn for Jeanette Choma s luncheon next week Had lunch at Emnlne Hubb sGrllle and hurried to the airport to meet Professor Wilton Hardy lust back from a lecture tour I thought Chlef Pllot Kenneth Poe looked quite the man nn has avuator unuform and Stewardess Peg Kleppmger was easy on the eyes too Tonnght Congo Room patrons swayed to the rhythms of John McGmley s Hepcats and I saw movie scout Sidney Cohen take notes an hls llttle black book when vocalist Jean Marquardt sang TUESDAY At bridge wuth Barbara Strobel Joyce Romberger and Catherine McGee Babs sand she loved bemg a social worker Catherme served a tasty lunch thanks to a shopping lucky gurl Tax: Drlver Bud Webster drove us home WEDNESDAY The mornmg paper carries Representative Robert Yeagers pncture has latest blll havlng reached the U S Senate Thought Ann Hurdell s gossup column partncular ly revealnng today Stopped for gas on my way unto town and Leonard Dreusbach dvd a neat wlndshueld wupmg 'ob Dropped unto Frank Vargos offuce but he was out on new bndge constructlon assngnment There s an engmeer goang places' THURSDAY Made It a polnt to take In Davue Hackett Jr s Aquacade at Cedar Beach Woody Goheen and Marty Whattle do make a flne team Spled Walt Krupka and Jam Buckley lthose handsome llfeguardsl saunternng by how I envled their tans Came back to town vla Muhlenberg where Zeke Wltwer was puttlng has football proteges through thelr paces Bought a paur of evemng slnppers at Sam Grossman Inc FRIDAY To town agaln to pay bulls Kenny Jones grinned from behind has bank tellers window and I couldnt help grnnnung back at seeung vuvacnous Kenny In a cage Paud my electric bull to clerk Manon Schell and nodded to Secretaries Clalre Msnnlch Mary lane Hauser and Sarah Mary Lewus on thelr way to lunch lt was an Ideal afternoon for golf and wlth a pro like Bob Ruhe I couldnt help but Improve my drlve Had my halr done at Ruth Hollenthoners Beauty Shoppe Before droppang off to sleep tomght l heard Radio Commentator John Volmsky announce the namung of George Lieberman as Chaef of the U S Navy Alr Corps and Frederick Melber as hls head photographer Page Two Hundred and Forty Fou . . I Q . . I . . . , 1 - -I I I ' I . .. - . . I , I , : . . I I . 1 . . . 1 . I home economics course at college, and Joyce rushed away early for last minute trousseau , . . : . . . , . I . - , I : , . . I . . . . , . I . . . . I , . ' I - I' EOUZUS Class Prophecy DIARY OF FLOSSY FORTY ONE SAIURDAY Looked an on a meducal conventuon at the Amerlcus where Marlon Carroll renowned chuld psychologist expounded a new theory Mary Brennan chasrman of the convenhon had her hands too full of last mnnute detanls for much conversatuon but she dvd say Dr Martln Kaplan was scheduled for the mam address thus afternoon Had lunch tn the Grllle wnth Hortuculturlst Marlowe Hartung who was enthusuastvc over a new plant he s been developnng Saw Rlchard Laudenslager talknng shop wnth Thomas Sherer at a corner table On the Sky Terrace tomght ut was whuspered about that Jane Schwartzs latest hnstorucal novel has been chosen as Book of the Month Nnce golng Jane Geraldme and Marulyn Muller local secretaries looked provokungly alnke In cherry red chlfton Mary McClaFferty was there too not at all smug over her recently publlshed book of verse which set the crltncs ravnng Businessman Joe Ross remanded me of the reumon of the class of 41 next month l wouldnt mlss rt for a mllllon It well be great seemg the old classmates agaln Tlw Stone Cxvlllll 1 11 A dnrty clay road wmds through a field Covered wnth tiny flowers each luke a piece of broken murror Reflectung a thousand times the deep blue of the sky The yellow path clumbs up a man made mountaln From the hull spreads a malestlc vuew cross crountry But down one slde un a deep abyss A hldeous monster rears has ugly head A man s work of ugly Innes and angles all gray Behind at ruse gray mountams And before It stretch gray plams Covered wuth tlny tracks like wrlthlng worms All so gray I wonder that each knows Where It stops and the next thmg begins And on the stony cliffs Nature sees Its bare gray suttermg rocks and trnes To heal them wnth creepmg grasses But man drrlls fresh holes and breaks Agam the wounds whsle the cliffs roar ln deepest pam and the whole earth shudders FLORFNCE CL-AFR Page Two Hundred and Forty Fave , . . . , , ' 1 I ' 1 r 1 z , , . . . . . . , 1 , . -I yt . . . . , . I I ' - I , 1 . . . . . . W 1 ' 1 1 I t . I 1 I 1 I 1 1 , . ' 00208 ' uromn l3EuSEL um uom XACZ BERDEAN WALK WlLLlAM ADAMS kglwzu-,Zafz5,f 'Tfwwwzuv 1942 Class History The accustomed metamorphosus of a class calls for ut to enter hugh school as meek and tumud Sophomores, expand as Junuors and mature unto leadershup as Senuors But th Class of 42 us far from the usual for un uts .lunuor year ut has already assumed a share of leadershup far above the average accorded to underclassmen The class broke wuth conventuon un uts Sophomore year by electung uts flrst scholar rather than uts first athlete as presudent As a Junuor class ut shunes un extra currucular as well as un scholastuc actuvutues .lunuors form the backbone of the band and most of the clubs at Hugh School Several clubs have selected Junuors as presudents a rare dustunctuon lt has been equally successful un socual events Its Junuor Prom was the buggest th school has seen lts class play The Green Ghost was the most profitable play a Junuor Class has ever sponsored The actors and atheletes of the class need no mentuon Junuors play an ever un creasung role un school publucatuons The Junuor class need not worry about the past or the present lf these stages unducate the future at all ut need not fret about thungs to come for ut need do Iuttle but amplufy the actuvutues whuch ut already domunates The Junuor class extends uts best wushes to the departung upperclassmen and acknow ledges uts many debts to them The world needs all the grace and charm and talent they can guve ut Page Two Hundred and Forty Su K , F2 R 73 vf L s 'SJ 5 , ! . mf ' ' ig ' .2131 gn gifnw Sf f 1 ' I 4 A5 gf 'Li Qrw ,Q 'L I1 bmw Wg? A- ,A if nb, 'N' R: "H - X' 7 If it zz V iz - . ' X V13 1 '.' X .fs gf 'm ' ',f,2.f, Mau' K x 6101120 one Smvelols nv WE z Quoin? vw Jw Ll wwf T PETER KALANDlAK 1943 Class History On September 3 1940 we the class of 43 approached nervously but happnly our home of learnnng for the next three years good old A H S We entered nts malestuc doors and gravely nn a vouce that suggested shyness asked an upper classman nf he would be so kmd as to dnrect me to the annex? or asked Where ns the swummung pool? But we found that after we accustomed ourselves to our new envnronment the lowly Sopho more could mmgle wnth Sensors and make true and happy fruendshups The Sophomore class placed some of nts members on the football, swsmmmg and basketball teams We lomed clubs appeared on the stage un audutoruum contnbuted articles for the Canary and tned an every way to dlstmguush ourselves Then too many Sophomore boys took theur flrst gurl to a dance the .lunaor Prom Led by our presndent quuet but wuse P George Stavrndns Betty Wentz vlce pres: dent June Houseknecht secretary and Peter Kalandnak our treasurer we have co operated to make the class of 43 one of the finest and best classes ever to enter A H S Page Two Hundred and Forty Seven O Q 3' 5 . F ' BE' - NT ' A 'Q,- 'ww ff, L J 1' f'f' 1' Q Juli lol LCH qgxgffwlafgf '75waAz,uw2, Q I l ' I . I ' I I I f f . I 1 ' CGZUHHZMS DAvm Gorman WILLIAM Gkoss .MA-v7'LM4' JANE Sc14WARTZ ,wdvrudd cfllatms Ro BE RT CLEW ELL fJA,o90tza4lMf YEAGER 1.4. Tm Comms STU! The Canary and the Comus Each year the Canary staff takes on a different atmosphere all Its own Thus year at was an atmosphere of quuet efficiency The Canary gets Itself assembled sent to the prmter proof read dnstrlbuted thus year quietly and smoothly under the edltorshlp of Madalme Palladuno whose quiet answer to all questuons us always Yes that us done Wlth Edward Ruhe Jane Schwartz and Wnlluam Dnehl always on hand with edutonals Mary McClafferty Ann O Nelll Jam Lenby Cynthia Lawfer and Wulluam Glase llnspector Chrastmanl always ready wuth a poem or a story Marlowe Hartung Joy Harter Wllluam Brobst and Stanley Ershler smelling out the news Wulluam Kannehan Charles Qumn and Peter Kalanduak looknng after sports Raymond Rex and John Heinz to furnush extra features Robert Gebbert and Angelo Giancarlo to touch at all up with cartoons and puzzles and Robert Clewell to cast a prmter s eye over the whole the editor has always been sure of plenty of well balanced maternal The Scoopung Snoopers thus year dad a better lob than usual unthe matter of coverage under the leadershup of Mr Warren Frutsch They apparently had hude aways In every port of the bulldlng and caught everyone an the candid camera of their observations P ge T o H ndred and fo ty fghl t x B l l B ' X 2 I 2 2 at f ' in Q Y A ' , 8. ,1 , k , - A .. , sqm-, , f 'SET f ' 4 4. ' " 'A , . .1 s 1 'Q '- , . I I ' I I 1 - - It . ,T , . 1 1 I . . . . . . . I I I I 1 I r I I I I I I F 1 - t . I , . a w u I - n CCEOHUQMS Eowmo Feusrenmkzn JAMES Wsnss fn!-7 owuzn uns E R MARY M:CLArfmv 004217 ANN O Nam. THF Cnxurw. Wrxrr When It came to the Comus under the management of Jane Schwartz with her flair for thungs artlstlc and literary and her graclous assumptuon that of course everyone would do hrs assugned part enthusiastically and well the maternal fairly fell unto place Two Varsity A members Edward Fenstermacher and James Weiss were added to the Comus stalf to take care ot the sports record and Davud Gottlieb was added to the regular Canary business staff under the dlrectuon of Robert Yeager and Wnllnam Gross ln fanrness the staff must here acknowledge the valiant and zestful servnce rendered by the lournallsm group, unhonored and unsung They read copy read proof chased up d th sketches un alpha last mmute blographles, supplled mlsslng quotatuons, arrange e betncal order, In short, got the book ready for the printers Quite as umportant was the service rendered by numberless typlsts, who, workmg under the durectuon of Mlss Dletrnch, typed all the copy ready for the prlnters To these and to everyone else durectly and undnrectly responsnble for the preparatuon of maternal, the staff here expresses nts hearty thanks The commuttees workmg on the wall, the prophecy, the calendar, were also of In estnmable service to the staff members Page Two Hundred and Forty Nine O O . L 5 a 1 ,ggi -T t.f,'f.,A "7 , Z- ii ' 'Q e ' . I I . . I , . I I I , . ' I I 01120 DONAL D Jov l'lAP.TER Buoys-T 70104 DEW- Room Gessmr ESM Cafcao-nd' JUNIOR MFMBERS OF Tm- Comus STAFF The school paper, however, IS more than the work of the staff lt owes much of Its value thus year to the following persons, whose contrubuhons helped make the Canary of 1940 41 Kathryn Allenback Frank Bendus Betty Beck Betty Bergenstock Robert Bushnng Kathleen Bunk Betty Campbell Josephme Carter Betty Chernngton Jeanette Choma Elouse Cohen Dorothy Deutsch Jean Doern Donald Donschletz Leonard Drensbach Paula Erdos Mary Jean Grader Robert Gans George Gordm Samuel Grossman John Hahn Clance Hamnlton Rnchard Hamer Joy Harter Edward Haytmanrk Francns Hellman Joanne Hess Joseph Hull Emnlne Hubler Jean Jacoby Kenneth Jones Ahce Joyce Phllllp Klllen Shnrley Levy George Lewns Rebecca McKnught Russel Meyers Dons Murdy LeRoy Newman Robert Osman Cathryn Paylor Joyce Peck Francine Remsmnth Ruth Rogers Anne Roseman Wllllom Sagasutz Manan Schell Vuctor Schmndt Emily Schoch Janet Selslove Samuel Sllberg Page Two Hundred and Flfty Joseph Smith Wallace Steffany Wulllam Stoke Helen Toblock Dorothy Torrence John Tuske Marlone Wallender Vnvmn Welty Theodora Whute Ruth Vmutemght Jeanne Wolfe Donald Wragge Dons Yates Jack Yohe C C . lj 1 .fx my y A X' OCECUDITHZILUSO MADALINE PALLADINO 0 ILL annie 'AM 5,aM""f Cm-rum Lfnwren WnLuAn KANEHANN STANLEY Ensmsn Sfavzdf 724400 ANSEL O G .015 '4NC4g,.o James lsmv Wxgyovn , Cv. xRw FDITOR XX ITH RYN1XINlNf N1FvlHrRs OF Cu. XRY QT xrr Page Two Hundred and Flfly One 020020 The brazen wand tugged at my halr as I Struggled to galn the hull stumbled forward To find the world spreadnng wlde un my gaze N at rows of trees planted with care and patience And smaller rows of green last wlnter s wheat Beyond the dlsorder of some dellcuous wood Dark and deep and full of lvfe s de p meanung Surveyung nt all the settlng sun ID a haze Of reds and yellow sank behind gray masslve clouds This IH sllence but for the rustllng of dry branches by a quiet breeze But whsle I gazed a thought Luke a harper s sudden stroke Broke through the peace And the solutuon was mme' Suddenly I knew l found the answers To the world of whys' And why I had not thought of at before Its smooth outlunes slapped my grasp And I clutched wnldly to catch nt But It was gone gone only the lune Of never endung questnons remamed How long I stood I do not know But when my dream like trance Released my mund the crescent moon Curved a cunnung roquush smule And one lone star dnmpled the cheek Of solltary nught I P11 T c Hunt :lun f Q . V! - C llhll L' I I I , . - , , , J I ' I A I e . f f , . , , And as I wondered at its all simplicity , ui I l I I , I I l"l,ulu xr: ll ,xsrn ug - wx c lr- cl Ifly Two .e -fs 'K' w. W. wwf' " ' ,,,, , f "f"'4 Y' 'Wig ,Q hmm .5 iw fu ,gV9f7e'1LA'Y ,S ,' MV, A, , ,WW 1 if 1 I L 0200211 ,I BIRNEY CRUM Recognized as one of the greatest hugh school coaches nn the United States toda Y J Burney Crum has m hrs fifteen years as head coach of football basketball and baseball at All t H en own ugh School chalked up an envnable record In the sports annals of A H S As fruend advnser and coach of many boys Mr Crum has turned out scores of champnons great athletes and greater gentlemen The class of l94l wushes Coach Crum the best ot I k uc and many more years of successful service at Allentown Hugh School Page Two Hundred and Fifty Three t ,J S l , , ,ll L .,l'?fZ t "1 L' M - ,rg t , ' ' Q' 3 a I ' I I , . . . I I I ' I , . ' 01121113 ' THOMAS ,I BRENNAN WILLIAM Bmauscuu l Auu. K CLYMFR A H S Coaches TOM BRENNAN For twelve years Tom Brennan has molded blocks of granute out of green materual for the A H S Ime Every luneman wull always remember Tom Brennan for hus sportsmanshup and flghtung spurut As a coach fruend and counselor he has no equal A good football team must have a good Iune and for years Tom Brennan has seen to ut that A H S has only the best of forward wals BILL BREISCH No team us complete wuthout a trauner and Bull Breusch supplues thus for the A H S teams Whenever an athlete us hurt Bull us the one to see As a doctor trauner and groundkeeper of the gruduron there us none better PAUL CLYMER ln a decade of servuce at Allentown Hugh Pauley Clymer coach of track and assustant coach of football and basketball has helped to turn out our champuonshup teams lt us hus eagle eye that pucks out the flaws un other teams thereby helpung us to wun Hus coachung wuzardry has long been respected and acknowledged by other hugh school coaches J MILO SEWARDS Thus year two new young assustsunt coaches have been added to the stat? one of whom us Mulo Sewards Durung hus flrst year as a coach at Allentown Hugh Mulo Sewards has won the respect fruendshup and admuratuon of every A H S athlete Mulo us sure to ruse un the coachung world and become a leadung figure un athletucs at hugh school KENNETH WILDONGER Another newcomer to the A H S coachung staff us Kenneth Wuldonger Ken who graduated from Allentown Hugh School some years back and who played foot ball under Burney Crum us schooled un our tradutuon Hus flrst year as coach of the Jay Vee football team proved hughly successful hus team lost only one game Ken Wuldonger us well luked and us sure to be a great success asacoach at Allen Hugh Page Two Hundred and Fifty Four 0 0 0 - 1 1 , . u 1 . 1 - 1 1 1 . 1 1 , . 1 1 1 - 1 1 , . 5 . 'OUZU' MILD SEWARDS KENNETH WILDONGER A.H S Coaches RALPH V WETHERHOLD Mr Wetherhold the man be hund the sports scenes us one of the busuest men at hugh school As faculty manager Ralph Wetherhold has charge of arrangung the sports schedules handlung the finances and worryung about everythung comung out all rught Our hats are off to hum for fl-le fine work he has been doung DAVID HACKET Dave Hacket our lovual swummung un structor us known throughout the country as one of the best of hugh school swummung coaches Hus teams have been the envy of hugh schools all over the state Under Mr Hackets durectuon scores of state and natuonal champuons have been produced Hus pupuls have made names for themselves at many of our leadung colleges and prep schools All thus can be attrubuted to Dave Hackets great knowledge of swummung hus uolly sourut and hus patuence as a coach RUSSELL KNAUSS Mr Knauss known as Tush to every bay at hugh school us coach of the gym team and tennus squad Under hus supervusuon the tennus team has won the league hus gym team un theur annual exhubutuon has long been an es tablushed tradutuon at Allentown Hugh School MISS MIRIAM BOYER If ever hugh school had a good gym team ut has one thus year And credut for the gurls gym team goes to Muss Boyer whose co operatuon and wullungness to work has made the team possuble Muss Boyer has gone farther she has not only organuzed the unter class teams un volley ball but has guven her servuces to the cheerung squad un a way that has added zest and enthusuasm to all the malor sports events MISS HELEN NOBLE To Muss Noble goes the credut of havung buult up an unterest on tennus among the gurls She has also extended the gurls partucupatuon un hockey pung pong and badmunton In fact there us no lumut to the sports to whuch she has untroduced the gurls of the school And they un turn apprecuate Muss Noble s careful attentuon to theur well beung Page Two Hundred and Fufty Fuve RALPH V WETHERHOLD I I . ' . I . I . . I . I . I . . . v . I V I Y ' I .. ., , . championship every year. The form, grace, and precision of , . I I . . . P . . Q . - I . . . 1 u . . . . -. I - I - , . . , . . . ' u ' 601120 ' A. H. S. Coaches DAvm R HACKET RUSSEL Km-.Uss 0 Q kxkxqk MlRlAhi Bowan Haux Noam Page Two Hundred and Fzfly Sfx Q ., -,,, -1, - ff' Tifflf, "1 WW? f .Fi -S ygg iefx QQ' as fri g V, - .4 - ,F-xii?-Ls, N :rl ' - Q 5 '.4.AY'9x 1 jj, 1,2 -gfxaunr-.i -l,,y 8 1, 'iv' an ' 'n .,,' ,JY Q ",., ' Q: If Q I 'pas , fi 4. , 'fykw-if ,--,, , -lvj, .-...X .' wg fn. f 'f gr 'lla ts. -' . 25 ' - l.-.v'.,Q,f' ' I 'ff' - n '. " . ' ' 7:51 -",4'A'i1'iLi 'Q 'G " f i wh 1 fif -f' 2 fu aifm in "'.wf1a x'5i" 4 1 .n' ' . A . I 5 .5 'AIT ' ' ' -1 4 - 'VS It 7 - ' ', '. -', , N A ' .1-.Mff . X- ff 1 f.. ., . -ww' A 'V vw' " 'Q x ,U . si. -. ' - ' 3 9- ' ' 23 -' i f,1'5:ff?w.':'f1- r 1X 1'3"-'5tv' E - -- fa f'wtf'5 - ' ,i 1 -' f 'f if ,airing gift f 1--gfif. 5.4 ' ' T 1 T' '1i'1, 5" , ff. '- wie 1, .f,'g7f:'s- 5-.QI ,j2,1,S, 4 Q V :f A M. is q. wg.. ,L N ag: 41, .-, ,ugly iguk ...,. Eta ...H uh l . W-I ': Mix' A I A , 1 4: .gf Q , h 'Q' xg., ,if-'kr,,: Nl- .4 J l 'V f Jw! ilk Q w.u:N V.. llzqiiks Q' . - M 'V' 4: ka f"g,!':.f...ii? ' Lv: -.,, .rg 4-J, 1 . -, 'r , , V' g ,- kg Vs'-Q" gg ,fini y - .:,,.f, 'i'N'U-Qi qzmfmiy- r, '.n 1 Tw .f' . x 'gf " :rl x' . ' :SH : 3. , , ' 'h . . ' L ,' 5 O H, if ' ' .' Q' 1 :YQ I, ,.-if - .I P, L!-4, i'L', ,g ' '.:v,r -'.,.,,rx . .k Q s lk K is aqui. rnvr Q 'Zi 'W i 'Q '- ich' 'K 'V J: vp 'J' X E Wrji' e X . I' -Qs ' ' . - ff 1 ' Wvfs 1 , ,fm . 'kg , . 'JZ' g ful! - -s ry, Inga, 1 1- 7, I ,Uxw-" - ,4 '- 4 p' Kwiai' . A 'V I - ,l O CGYECCDHUZHBS O f Q E T A H 5 CHFFRLFADERS The cheerleaders the yellblrds the hellcats of A H S Palestras audltorlums and banquet halls rang wnth theur fuery cheers No football game no basketball game went bv without these fugntuves from a lltterbug lomt beung there dolng the Saint Vutus dance Wuth their able leadershnp how could fans help yelllng themselves hoarse Ora Helmbach and Mary Dent dvd a swell gob as captains and really kept the gang un shape We have to hand It to these snappy rah rah lungers To hlgher nnstntutnons of learnnng we send Mary Dent Barbara Strobel Joyce Rom berger Carolune Reunhardt Jeanne Fetherolph Ora Henmbach Duck Hotlfman and Ken Jones Hugh school keeps Bobby Erick to use next year Page T o Hundred and Fifty Seven 1 I I l l 't . r , -fi , I ' ' ' I I ' I I . . . . . , I 1 I ' I I I I I W . 'OUZU' l940 FOOTBALL SQUAD Who's Who of the 1940 Football Squad Bud Webster the brams of the l94O team Bud and has bnlluant kucks were a deter munmg factor un many games Joe Gallrna Hard hlthng hard tackling hard blocking fullback of the A H S team Fred Werley All round backfleld ace can krck run and pass wuth the best of them Al Bauer Veteran guard notable nn both offensuve and defensnve play Jack Ferry Brllllant first strung center classy defenslve backer up Shmes especially on pass defense Joe Shamokm Smith One of Allentown s greatest tackles Puts flre and flght unto has team mates ln the llne Warren McNabb Fleet footed halfback who added razzle dazzle to the Canary attack Bob Numbers Stellar lmeman Hrs defensrve play hughllghted every game of the season Stonewall Jackson Fastest runner on the team alternating at end and halfback Ken Moyer Lanky end had a fancy system of pullmg passes out of the asr .lnm Weuss Dependable reserve ball carrner Could play any posutuon an the backfleld Bob Murth Accurate place kucker A hard chargung lmeman who won All state honorable mentaon Page T o Hundred and Fifty Eight T I . I - . . ' ' ' I I 1 ' '1 , . 1 ' ' Il ' II 1 I ' t- tv - I . , , . W . I . EDU211 Neal Kern A mainstay of the A H S line Played brilliant ball in every game e season Charley Curtis Hard charging end a killer on and oft the field Reds Fenstermacher Bug Red a good offensive and defensive end Frit Eisenhart Dependable reserve for either tackle or guard Sure to see plenty of action next year Chubby Grider An able field general small but a good blocker and tackler Bob Lear On of the hardest charging fellows in th A H S I Played great football at end or guard position Leonard Slim Dreisbach Bug 240 pound tackle a one man line Zeke Witwer Alternated with Ferry at the center posi ion Shone especially in the defense Kermit Scott Small but mighty ball carrier in Allentowns backfield Bill Kuzman Able reserve end A good blocker and tackler next two years Bull Domonkas Big end a good pass receiver and hard tackler 4 John McGinley Classy center A terrific tackler on defense Red Ebelhauser Although not a starter Red always gave all he had Charley Karaman Moxy Karaman never knew the word quit Bucky Wilhelm Hard hitting halfback who was always in there fighting Eddie Bortz The Cetroma Wildcat a flashy new comer to the A H S backf' Ray Whispell One hundred fifty pounds of dynamite 1940 Football Season in Review The year l94O marked one of Allentown High s greatest football seasons Aided by the addition of two new young coaches schooled in the traditions of Allentown High the team went tfrough the season with eigft victories two defeats and one tie The fine school spirit on the part of the students and the additional magic touch of twelve stunning malorettes along with our fine band helped to give an extra touch to every sport and to inspire the teams to victory NESQUEHONING The Allentown High School warriors got off to a fine start by scoring an impressive 20 O victory over a scrappy Nesquehoning eleven in the first night game of the season at Coffield Stadium Jackson McNabb and Gallina showed great promise Page Two Hundred and Fifty Nine 6 U - ' . . . ' . ' ' ' of th . . Z . - . ' - e - ' ' e . . . ine. Fred Snyder-Promising sophomore, sure to see plenty of action at tackle within the . - . I . . l Q V ' - ' ' , - . . . ield. EO LIS SCRANTON TECH A newcomer on Allen Hugh s schedule handed the Canarues theur flrst defeat 6 O A sensatuonal 60 yard run by Wulson of Scranton produced the only touchdown of the game Allentown launched a terruflc aerual attack un the last peruod but to no cuvaul ERlE TECH Another newcomer however from the western part of the state was completely annuhulated by the Canarues 40 6 Long runs for touchdowns rangung from 90 to 25 yards were made by Jackson Webster and McNabb Erue s only touchdown was made after Burney Crum substututed hus Jay Vees TRENTON Scorung two touchdowns early un the flrst half and staunchly protectung theur lead thereafter Allentown scored a l5 6 vuctory over the Red and Whute of Trenton Werley and McNabb were the touchdown twuns for the Canarues whule Ferry secured the only safety of the game by blockung a kuck whuch rolled out of the end zone READING Travelung to Readung for theur fTrst day game the Allentown Canarues were handed theur flrst Bug Fufteen defeat l8 O Mussbach of Readung was a thorn un Allentown s sude all afternoon PHILLIPSBURG Held scoreless un the flrst half by a scrappy Phullupsburg eleven the Canaruesflnally got started when Jackson made a beautuful 28 yard touchdown run A few plays later Jackson agaun scored and wuth Murth makung good both conversuons the final score was I4 O POTTSVILLE Led by Bug Joe Galluna the Allentown team scored two touchdowns and a safety for a l4 O vuctory over Pottsvulle s Maroons Two sustauned marches by the Canarues wuth Galluna doung most of the carryung resulted un the two scores FREELAND ln the last nught game of the season a hughly favored Canary team romped to a 32 O vuctory on a raun soaked Held Every player on Allentown s squad saw actuon savung the Varsuty for the harder games yet to come EASTON ln one of the most excutung games of the season the Allentown Hugh Canarues complete ly outplayed a strong Easton team and came home wuth a 6 O vuctory A pass from Werley to Numbers was good for the only touchdown of the game WILLIAM PENN Travelung to Harrusburg for the second last game of the season the Crum boys won a l3 6 vuctory un cu tuneup for the all umportant Bethlehem clash BETHLEHEM On a snow covered gruduron before l2 OOO thrull maddened spectators an underdog Allentown Hugh team battled to a scoreless deadlock wuth an unbeaten untued Bethlehem team un thus tradutuonal Turkey Day clash The brulluant defensuve play of the A H S lune was a determunung factor un thus moral vuctory for Allentown Hugh Page T o Hu dred and 5 ty ,'. . , . 1 1 1 1" 1 I -u 1 1 ' 1 ' ' 1 ' 1 ,'. 1 1 1 " 1 . .1 . . . - U I , . . . 1 . . . . I I . I w n ux - omu - l940 4l BNSKETBALL SQU xo Who s Who of 1940 41 Cage Squad Frltz Sandt Swuft and speedy forward who IS always In there scrappmg Hrs one hand push shots have netted Allentown many polnts Wlllle Stellar One of the best olfensuve men Allentown has ever had This IS Wlllue s third year on the Varsuty and they wull certainly mlss hum next year Bull Hushkek Bull IS a good set shot artlst He us always In there scrappmg and IS a dependable man for gettnng the ball off the bankung board Moon Haney Moon us one of the best ball handlers on the team Hrs consustent Johnny Gramer Johnny has brought back somethmg to Allentown whnch we have not seen for a long tume That us following up the other fellow s shots by tappmg the ball an Johnny also plays a good floor game and has been a consustent scorer all year Joe O Keefe Joe does not score many polnts but hls guarding makes up for lt ln all the tlght games thus year Joe s guarding was one of the spectacular features Eddie Bortz One of the fastest men on the squad A great floorman who sparks the passmg attack Clarence Hoehle A bug sux footer who ns always ready for actnon A good man for followmg up Bob Bender Bob always played has heart out for the team He excelled at a for ward posntlon Jam Wenss Good defensuve guard Always nn there doung has best Page Two Hundred and Sixty One I - , . -. . - . ' . . . I . scoring kept the Canaries rolling all season. - . I . . . ' EDU211 Ken Moyer Bug sux foot lad who saw most of has actnon at center on the Jay Vees He also saw a lot of actucn on the Varsnty games Pete Sass A man who could always be depended upon when the team needed potnts Bob Freed Bob paced the Junnor Varsnty team un scorung and as a good guard Jack Ferry Jack ns a peach ot a guard Jack plays mostly on the Junnor Varsuty but we expect to see plenty of actnon from hum next year Mnke Chomnk Also played on the Junuor Varsuty team He ns only a sophomore so we shall see plenty of actuon from hum nn the next two years Roger Graver Flashy llttle forward on the Jay Vee team Most llkely he wlll be one of the maunstays of next year steam Dec Dec Dec Dec an an an an an an CN eb e E e e e e e Emmaus Trenton Readmg Wrllnamsport Tamaqua Nesquehonmg Bethlehem Phnllnpsburg Hazleton Wnlluamsport Pottsvrlle Tamaqua Bethlehem Lower Menon Hazleton Reading Pottsvulle Phnllxpsburg Easton Name of Player Robert Peters Joe O Keete Clarence Hoehle Fredernck Sandt Ervm Haney Wulluam Hushlcek Ken Moyer Edward Bortz Wlllnam Stellar Peter Saas John Graner James Wenss Robert Bender Robert Freed Roger Grover Jack Ferry Charles Cohen Home Home Home Home Home Home Away Home Away Away Home Away Home Away Home Away Away Away Home Allentown Opponent No of Games No of Pomts l 40 0 36 9 9 Page Two Hundred and Snxty Two Q 0 O00 .10 28 12 .13 27 28 .17 ' 37 21 .20 " 27 33 J . 3 47 25 J . 7 ' 41 20 J .10 24 22 J .14 " 28 23 J .17 25 31 J .18 " 41 35 J .21 ' 36 29 Jan. 24 Easton Away 37 32 F . 4 37 27 F b. 7 47 19 F b. 11 ' 35 32 F b. 14 29 22 F 11.18 ' 33 41 F 1.1.21 ' 35 28 F b. 25 " 28 49 F b. 28 39 30 CO9 5 15 ' 20 46 11 23 ' 22 1 ' 21 12 " 23 1 12 15 15 42 " 25 15 IO 15 20 10 ' 4 8 4 2 4 11 2 O 3 1 2 ' C0020 ' UNIOR N uzsnv Bxsl-cETBxLl. TFxx1 1940 41 Basketball Season in Review EMMAUS The Canarues opened theur season by trummung Emmaus 28 T2 The Canaries were never headed and the team worked well as a whole wuth no lndlvudual stars TRENTON A lucky one handed shot by Carlton the Trenton center enabled Trenton to nose out Allentown 28 27 an one of the most thrnllunq games ever seen on the Allentown court WILLIAMSPORT A fast breakmg sharpshoohng team from Williamsport handed the Canaries theur second defeat of the season Captaln Wlllle Stellar led the Allentown attack wuth ll pomts NORTHAMPTON Kuds to a 46 to T8 victory Allentown played remarkably well on the defense by not allowing their opponents to score a single field goal In the Hrst quarter TAMAQUA The Canaries playing the mutual game an Eastern Pennsylvama League competltlon completely overwhelmed the Blue Randers of Tamaqua by a 47 25 score Moon Haney substntute forward led the Allentown scormg wuth ten pomts NESQUEHONING ln an Independent game with Coach Crum usmg has substatutes freely Allentown defeated Nesquehonlng 4l 20 Although has team lost Fedock of Nesquehonmg led the scormg wnth eleven pomts Page Two Hundred and Sixty Three bl . ', , , , ln the annual Eye-glass Fund Game Allentown completely out-played the Konkrete ' OUZUS' BETHLEHEM Continuing in their quest for the championship of The Eastern Pennsylvania League Allentown traveled over to Bethlehem and pulled out a thrilling 24 22 victory Moon Haney again led the scoring with eight points PHILLIPSBURG Allentown continuing their fine brand of ball decisively whipped Phnllnpsburg 28 23 on the Allentown court Although his team lost Captain Craig of Phnllupsburg l d the scoring with thirteen points HAZLETON Allentown s hopes for a first half championship were severely lolted when Hazleton defeated them 3l 25 on the Hazleton court Bully Smith took scoring honors with mn points WILLIAMSPORT Allentowns Canaries avenged an early season defeat by displaying a fine brand of ball nn defeating Williamsport 42 35 In a hugh scoring game Fritz Sandt and Bull Hushkek each led the scoring with twelve points POTTSVILLE The Canaries after havmg a bad first half came back and defeated Pottsvllle an a close game 36 29 Captain Willie Stellar led the Allentown scoring with ten points EASTON The Canaries again got of? to a decidedly bad start and were behmd 2l l2 when the first half ended Then Moon Haney was Inserted in the line up and Allentown spurted to wm the game 37 32 Moon Haney and Johnny Gramer led the scoring wlth ten points each TRENTON Allentown having traveled to Trenton was again defeated by a 23 20 score The Canaries could not seem to get going nn the game and Trenton had the lead all the way TAMAQUA Having lost the first half championship to Hazleton the Canaries started gunning for the second half championship by handuly defeating Tamaqua 37 27 Johnny Gramer again playing a superb game led the scoring with ten points BETHLEHEM Allentown displaying a dazzling offense easily whipped a supposedly difficult Bethlehem team by a 47 T9 score Fritz Sandt was hugh scorer with thirteen points LOWER MERION ln a sizzling game at Lower Merton the Canaries pulled ahead in the last quarter to beat Lower Merton 35 32 This was a great victory under Allentown s belt because this was only the second defeat of the season for a great Lower Menon team HAZLETON Avenglng an early season defeat at the hands of Hazleton Allentown gust about finished Hazletons hopes for the second half by defeating them 29 22 Allentown started a but slow with the score l4 i4 at the half but they came back strong with a last period rally which clinched the game READING Reading putting on a terrific last quarter pulled out a Al 33 victory over the Canaries The Canaries had tough luck on their shots all night and could never seem to get going Giles of Reading led the scoring with l7 points Page Two Hundred and Sixty Four 1 1 1 ' . . . . . Q . . , - , . . . - I . . . . . S v - . . ' ' 1 1 1 ' ' , . 1 . . I , . 1 1 1 . . . v . ' I 1 . 1 . ' 1 , . 0020 TRACK TE vu The 1941 Track Season Allentown Hugh track team, coached by Pauley Clymer,ls noted throughout the state for Its tlne athletes The boys who represent A H S on the Cinder track are all champions To be lustly proud of To earn a position on the track team a candidate must place nn the mterclass meet The position is has then until somebody beats hum PFRSONNYL Jack Keenan Roy Evans Carl Stmner Edward Burkhart Joseph Smith Robert Mlrth Ernest Clauser Wtllard Hawk Louis lnglese Warren McNabb Elwood Shollenberger Richard Snow Charles Cohen Vendel Sarmir Paul Price Jack Soler Willard Whispell Charles Reed John Mitchell Neal Kern Alfred Smoluck Edward Mllander Raymond Whispell Stanley Dztedzte Robert Gery Frank Bentler Robert Numbers Russell Strait John Gehringer Joseph Capwell Michael Chomick George Steckel Gene Diefenderfer Robert Uhler Herman Jackson Michael Elchook Robert Klein Fred Snyder Abe Restum Page Two Hundred and Sixty-Five 'OIIZU' l940 4l SWIMMINK' TFAM Resume of 1940 41 Swimming As usual Coach Dave Hacket has turned out another swell swummmg team The relay team consustmg of such brulluant performers as Fegley Shollenberger Poh and Buckley the hair ralsmg speed of Goheen Turner Adams, and Keenan the grace and form of the state dlvmg kung Jackie Solar all combined to keep up the swlmmmg tradltlon of A H S ln the opemng meet of the season the Canary mermen lost to a strong Blaur Academy team by a 40 26 count the year Travelmg to Mercersburg the A H S team took a 48 l8 duckmg from a far more expernenced Mercersburg team ln the flrst league meet of the season the Canarnes outshone a plucky Reading team 36 30 Another vuctory was chalked up when the Canary and Blue paddlers defeated Lancaster 40 26 Led by Jackie Solar who put on a dazzlmg performance an wunnnng the dwmg event the Hacket coached men beat Hershey 46 20 Wmmng only two events the Canary tankmen took a 24 42 duckmg from the York swummers Agam the Canary mermen defeated Readung thas tame to the tune of 44 22 Page Two Hundred and Sfxty Snx I . 1 ' l I I I I I ' I A I I f I I . I . The Trenton paddlers nosed out the Hacket proteges 35-3l in the closest meet of I . . . . I . . h l UZ The Trenton 'mx showed up again and the Canary paddlevs were beaten 19 47 by a powerful Red and Whute team The Canary swummers reglstered a 39 27 victory over the Mountauneers of Hazleton The Allentown Hugh mermen on a two day tour of th South took the first of theur two encounters by defeatung Tome School 52 T4 The Hacket men took a 40 to 26 swampmg from Massanutten Academy Adams however chipped off four tenths of a second from the Allentown HlghlOO yd breaststroke record thereby Iowerung ut to l I4 6 The Allentown swnmmers closed theur regular season wnth a 38 28 vuctory over Hazleton as Goheen Adams Levan and Solar registered first place posutuons Jackue Solar another great dlvmg ace developed by Coach Hacket far outshone other competntucn and walked away wuth the state P I A A crown at State College nsl 1 l walk an a dusty ram each gllstemng drop A lewel a golden note of fairest beauty Who call my name and beckon soft to me Wnth fragule petal fingers gently curved Whusper soft my name and call to me Away away come far away away' Up we soar nn graceful duppung Flight Luke a bard stretchmg to kuss a star And they open for me a door the portal To my chlldnsh fancy my Idle dreams A world of flowmg loy and happmess Of floatmg clouds In lofty sknes muslc Enraptured dlffused In paths of sparklmg color Where Ideals are truths unspoiled by hollow words And empty thoughts of dlslllusuoned men But strange' It does not seem the same to me Has somethung changed or as It l that have? Somethung us lost that thread of understandnng My Innocence has gone and un nts stead The world has given me my share of gruef And sadness to be borne l find my world The key to fantasy as not lost but now No longer do l flnd myself a part Of at l come now as a stranger vusutmg F Loruzwcs QL xsr R Page Two Hundred and Sfxly Se en Q ll ' C00 L' .- Wu 'lfl I see a spray of cherry blooms, all white,l ' - v 00211 l94l BASEBALL Tl AM Review of Baseball Achvmes The A H S baseball squad, coached by Burney Crum has flmshed another brllluant year on the duamond The ampenetrable Infield of Stellar, Haney, Bender, and Moyer the great catchmg of Jlmmy Jones, the dazzling patching of Stokes and Volnnsky, the heavy hnttmg of Bartz and Ruce,all helped to make the year a tremendous success PERSONNEL Donald Stokes Arthur Freund Kenneth Walters Fred Stevens Ken Menchm Arthur Vollnsky John McFadden Apnl I5 lHomel Emmaus Apnl I8 lHomel Readmg Jnmmy Jones Kenneth Moyer Andy Farmals Irwm Haney Eddne Bartz Parker Hastmgs Albert Race SCHEDULE Apnl 22 lAwayl South Whntehcll Apnl 25 lAwayl Bethlehem Apnl 29 lHomel Phnllnpsburg May 2 lAwayI Easton Moy 7 lHomel South Whitehall Wnlluam Stellar Robert Bender Jack Ferry Robert Freed Wnllnam Gower Robert Anderson May 9 lAwayl Readmg May I3 lAwayl Emmaus May lo lHomel Bethlehem May 20 lAwayl Northampton May 23 lHomel Easton May 27 lAwayl Phnllopsburg May 29 lHomel Northampton Page Two Hundred and Sixty Eight f 1 I -.'- ' S i , Q . . . V . , A lx wie!" ' .s fe L. . ' ' F M" ,, ' ' Q - ' '.t A ' '- , ' K me 4 . ' A, ,,1,f, .A A - O I l I . . . , ' I 00211 l94l TENNIS TEAM The 1941 Tennis Season Coached by Russell Tush Knauss the Allentown Hugh tenms team, which entered the Lehigh Valley Lawn Tennls Assoclatuon fifteen years ago has won the champuonshup every year The caliber of the A H S Tennis team has always been hugh and Allentown tennus enthusnasts have every reason to be proud of the team PERSONNEL Jummne Kahn Richard Pldcock Roger Grover William Klink TENNIS SCHEDULE May 2 lAwayl Phillipsburg May 20 lHomel Phillipsburg May 9 lHomel Palmerton May 27 lAwayl Palmerton May I3 lHomel Bethlehem May 29 lAwayl Bethlehem May 16 lAwayl Easton June 3 lHomel Easton Page Two Hundred and Sixty-Nine 'Olllll' Boys Gym Team Thus year the Boys Gym Club had a very short perlod of time to prepare an exhlbl hon but cooperataon between the Boys Gym Club and the Glrls Gym Club resulted un one of the finest nndoor clrcuses that has ever been produced Complncated and lntrlcate work on the parallel bars the horizontal bar and the mats thrnlled everyone The opening number an the exhlbltlon was a free hand drnll presented by the Boys and Glrls Gym Teams The drill was the result of long practrce and hard work Comedy acts by Jones Jarrett and Wood pleased the specators as dud the roller skatlng act by Mlssmer and Tear and the adaguo act by Grftord Buck and Badel Every member of the team took an actlve part In the work The final number was o pyramid act by the boys combuned wrth a flag drlll by the The elected captam ofthe boys team was Fred Batarlck and co captann was Donald Peters All sensors who served two or more years on the Gym Team receuved medalluons from Russell J Tush Knauss an recogmtron of thenr nnterest un the work Seniors Juruors Fred Batanck lCaptounl Francns Buck Dave Jones Donald Peters Quntus Peters Gerald Phullups Kenneth Rogers Roscoe Jarrett Rachard Funk Robert GnHord Sam Schatz Olnver Seubert Alfred Smolnch Theodore Wood Sophomores Davud Backensto Stephen Bctarnck Thomas Mlssmer George Nonnemacher John Wrllrams I . . . . . . I I I ' . , . . I Y I . - . . . I . . I I I . I . . . girls. at U . . . . . . Page Two Hundred and Seventy 'Ofllll' Girls' Gym Team The Girls Gym Club thas year has been most successful lt had a m mbershlp of twenty sux gurls who took a large part nn the annual exhlbltlon Under the capable durectlon of Muss Boyer, the club put on a wonderful performance The gurls put everythnng they had unto makmg the exhlbltlon go over, and there was no grumbling about comlng ln for prac tuce In the acrobatuc acts, drulls, and dances, posse, grace and talent were shown Awards were recenved by the sensors who had been members of the club two or more years The sensors are sorry that they can not be In the exhabltlon next year, because they had so much fun thus year After many weeks of hard work, the members enloyed a sprung plcmc All the sensor members wlsh the best of everything to the gym club In years to come Seniors Glorua Bortohm Jean Marme Bettie Blttner Eleanor Andres Rebecca McKmght Loulse Young Dons Yates Kathryn Fullas Bernice Gllchman Juniors Lounse Smith Betty Senple Vurgmua Gorgoduan Betty Dennus Sophomores Pauline Beltler Geraldme Buss Ellzabeth Belggs Betty Hunsberger Joyce Shanerberger Jamce Denley Bermce Farnschalder Francme Remsmuth Chrushne Nngro Betty Moose Aluce Pry Enleen Ervm Naorm Blum Page Two Hundred and Seventy One en , . -. OUZUS A H S Band The man that hath no mustc tn hrs soul Is flt for treason strotagems and spolls The Allentown Hugh School Band, conslstung besldes the mustctans, of drum malorettes, has added another year of not:-worthy achuevement to tts proud record lt has contrnbuted to both athletlc and cnvuc occasuons and has made Its annual Concert an event to be remem bered The director, Mr Harvey Prescott, has been wlth the band many years and wlll be we hope, for a long tume to come, for he has mad the band what nt as today one of the flnest hugh school bands In the state Clarinet Franklin Marsh Frank Glblser Luther Loch Albert Scherrer Ralph Sherer Robert Dseruff Stanley Eusenhard Francns Guth Donald Horner Julius Korner Jerome Lewls Carl Martun Mary Rutherford Paul Schaeffer Frederlck Schmoyer James Snegfrned Evelyn Snyder Rnchard Wnrth Warren Wertman Harold Held Charles McGee Robert Rawllns Robert Schwoyer Rnchard Smuth Plccolo John Bngolel Fredernck Hacket Saxophone Elizabeth Rahn Paul Yoder Cornet Robert Kleckner George Kressley John Sanders Myrtle Texter LeRoy Eroch Arden Gackenbach Ralph Gambone John Hunter George Ratt Charles Schlener Horn Catherme McCabe George Welty Jean Granelln Gene Nadng Mules Weldner Frank Moyer David Solt Baritone Robert Beecher Trombone John H Brown Thomas Glose Harold Olewme Thomas Smyth Bass Horn Rnchard Laudenslager Wulmer Musselman Charles Hollenbach Robert Romng Drums Wulluam Stoke Charles Edwards Neal Lenby Alfred Yost James Shott Glockensptel Dorothy Leh Student Teacher Nelson Gorgodr an Drum Mayors Betty Musselman Swmgettes Betty Jane Kecker Clalre Gackenbach June Heryog Lucy Mars Geraldine McClafterty Muruel McCafterty Helen Teman Kathryn Yurlck Connue Walters Flag Bearers Elwood Grube Wrlluam Brossman George Lewts Simeon Moats Dawn lifted rosy fingers To pluck the clouds awa And for a moment stood revealed A crtmson rhapsody Then swxfter than an eagle lnexorable as nught More silent than a word unsand Dawn took flnght Dorothy Deutsch Pc ge Two Hunctre t and Scvervty wa O Q U O I - John Brown Angelo Bigatel Marion pubion I Jllll'll Y, : , Ac ' A -T 1 fb ' V1 pf , . ,,, . 1 1' -" . 5 if - V I JRE ., 5 a .vu sl ' P - ,flimsy ' .4 Q. U v ' g 5 ' ' KA U 1 V' 4: 1 g ' ' 9' 'L jghigy., ,nfs . 'A f 'N 1 5 h ' ' ,QA ' 3 Nui Q! -Q, lgb i. st' . V Q . . n 4,593 ,A A-Ae, A A' , , A A", Aw 61' 5 i ' I em . .1 Y- A ' 'sc .af x '49:24"w " Q . . ' 1 , 5 . s Av QQ. v. A ,A 'lf--' r" -fAA':f'f' "K, A Q ' . ' x fo . , 1 A , - ' A 6 ' 'Q . n , gl .A 1 J i 4 ii-4,7 , , gn, , .EM 3 Q .A if . -,gb ,. 0 9 A' ,Q-hgy., Q' 4' 'WV K' SL , A-: - "H ' . - 'u v xg? ' . at .."f A-H. ' Mfg l 5 1 V f , , - S . Q ,a I A, .2 7 . I , 4: 'I' 55:5 ' 2 - In 1'-:1c,.,i W 4... in Q , -. - As9'i,W'A' -A 'Inv' .QV I. Q.. , . 4 6 xl-o 3'-' , F. . 5 ' 1vLvA I . :Af , 252 ffl , Q ." ' N ','L ax" , til' L , 4 xx' ,N '+A ,.,. A A ' 9 A Q , All . ..' E af V . ' ' x ,, Af " I . gg . . r v V ikrgqyrwaumh 7 REM :mix My G 9 VH: - A gg.. h ,514-:Exk V ' "A, 1 A , 'Y Aux L 3, ,X :M J. V i .AQ c,,,g5':X k ' x, W,,,x , 5 64" Y K ' ' f"".4:' Q. L ,ig jig., Wiki. 'A-? 'L .X wqffzi " ":.3.,x K ' f 't " ' M.-wwf. 7 M-'1',' Aw "' - " "' X ..-- F- ' ' ' A -, , , f '..f1gSe5t Y? 5 , . lg-srff' , lima xaaisgimix 'f,,Jiu:7g.,',,"'y M, ,J 1 wr Aff- 'Ai vw- 'rvlf-1"!?1' j X 'W' """' J , A 'YW A ' ir. M' 'M ' ' , A ,g,,fwA+fA'A' fA g,UAA F, 1" AMA x ,, A ,paw in AA " H , I ,-A Bd' rf 51", , V' , ffifj ,A 1 j?Px5Q7+?'? ,gg '. 1 Q 'LAL ,A "WE, ' ' 1' 1 . ., .. , i ,"'5.A,Aq, .4 , ' ' A ., ' ,. ' A ' , -' ' W MT" A Hr.. J V 'mfg An,.g.4"?i"d+f,A " , A , , Y' ' ' af A 1 4- A ,R ,,,,n...,.A . 4f" .7 I X 4, 1. 7' A A A A A N 5 A X., 'A' 'yffij kd' T V ' c. ,,, ,Z-rag ak ' A' A' , QA ug 1 A ' "A U J 1 A g.Q ,nh !u.a, M, .Y ft. Jag? Q ' QA MIP!-,1:f,.s. M, 1 A f ,-Q87 ' V Q , L' . , ', , '-1: My I 5 . A , 1 K . 1 AWQ rfivf, ' A ' ,,g..2w.., . f' ' '-Q, I l fp , Q' r , A Vzxkv 'A ' W fp, s , 5 , M11 AA ' A A'..- " ,. 1 -rp, A Wife A cf"A:"" ' ' 'M V' h ' JI V' ,J 4, , +.'si'M' 75" 'wi' if 6 "2-1 -Qi"T'g.3Q' W 1 'lil' 4' n , , A A " " J , f"'Vf V NV", , M L, 4 ,, A , A '. A yi V 1 V . , .. A. ,,,. Y .M . 4 1 4 in K Kan uf wh, U ' 'A " I Y - 0' A A' fr if 5 'Ji ' f 1 -P yt. A Z1 5 ,ZIKQ :ar,mi,6 'Wi' I A f 9 I 2 yi X, vw T, A . x ,,, Elf 1,A 'A Q, Ai' fn. ' ,U ,A A A. V4 , 1 A v , , ,if I K In 49- M A 4 , V ap, 7 Y. 1A 4, f i f-M ,. A ,, pi' f - mi -Q W .f W , Jn A A ux- A "f K A- " 91 A' in .gin .0-m..w. A fl' 1 3 A, , Q 5 Q.,-' ww A, Q , f .ff y a.1,9"'n0 , f P16 M3563-f:7":'i 011211 A H S Orchestra One of the most lmportant and most apprecuated orgamzatlons un the school IS the orchestra under the durectuon of hard workmg Harvey Prescott Wuth hearty cooperatuon from the members Mr Prescott tranned a splen::lu:l gro.1p of yo.Jng mJsu :ans nn whuch we can readuly prld ourselves Though not so showy as the band, th orch stra has furnnshed the musuc that gave our class plays and assembly programs a professional formal touch To those members graduatung may we wlsh a successful modulatuon unto a career where the chords of Iafe wnll always be harmonious YHNIJNNY Vrolrn lrmc Schreuner Robert Karol Renee Karol Frederuclr Haas Eleanor Bachman Helen Kemm rer Norma Hell Viola Frank Gnbuser Alfred Yost Rose Fuschl Cello Jean Huver Elwood Grube Evelyn Snyder Flute John Blgatel Fredern lr Hackett Clarinet Ruchard Wnrth Paul Schaeffer Saxophone Paul Yoder John Brown Trombone Thomas Glose John Brown Cornet Ralph Gambone George Kressly nl Lzllln l 1 l want a luttle house Wsth green shutters, And pansnes round the gate lwant the birds to buuld Theur nests under the eaves So l can hear thenr SlxA M and Six P M Chatter l want flowers at the wnndows A sunny kltchen wlth A red kettle whistling on the stove l want a fireplace With two Morrus choirs One for me And one for you Mary McClafferty Note I wouldnt mrnd a Cadullac or two an the garage, either Page Two Hundred and Seventy Three 0 0 I I U l' V, . fx. Julius Kcrn-r Thomas Smyth sl ' sluusc Emma Kusucza 0 mu. The Chorus For the tlrst tume un the hustory of our school appeared the Allentown Hugh School Gurls Chorus, under the durectuon of Dr Warren F Acker Begunnung the second week un September of each year, the chorus of two hundred vouces practuces one afternoon a week As the tume for the concert approaches, the chorus rehearses several tumes a week to put on the flnushung touches so that on the evenung of the performance the flnushed product us sung wuth perfectuon The annual concert was held Thursday, January 23 1941, un the Hugh School audu toruum One half of the program consusted of organ selectuons by talented Jeanne Waller and vuolun selectuons by accomplushed Robert Karol The remaunder of a most enuoyable evenung uncluded the presentatuon of Henry Smart s cantata, Kung Rene s Daughter, sung by the group of gurls durected by Dr Acker and accompanued by Florence Glaser Soprano Dorus Ackerman Phyllus Behrunger Georguano Bruttaun Althea Bennett Betty Boyko Mollue Brown Betty Buttner Grace Bader Fay Brazuell June Bauer Evelyn Chrustman Eluzabeth Campbell Justune Clewell Mary Cebenko Janet Choma Sara Cope Maruan Cortrught Mary Desch Lulluan Duetsch Dawn DeWalt Margaret Dreubelbus Jean Duetruch Florence Donavan Euleen Erwune June Eusenhauer Anna Freyman Madelune Flores Betty George Muldred Gross Eduth Hagerman Althea Holben Althea Hess Ruth Huller Florence Heller Betty Knauss June Klase Betty Laub Madelune LaVenua Jane Mahler Dorus Muller Maxune Melberg Joella McCarty June McCurley Betty Jane Messunger Marlorue Nadug .lean Nonnemaker Fern Neutz Lucretua Otto Elsue Paul Anne Popek Ann Pozebanchak Page Two Hundred and Seventy Four . I . . . . . . . . u - u 00211 Qnoms Pr Rsos.xrL Que Lorraune Quinn Betty Quunn Ruth Rogers Beth Rabenold Glorua Rumberger Dorothy Reuchard Constance Relchard Betty Snyder Fauth Sussman May Spanos Mary Smnth Edna Suegfrled Louuse Scherrer Clara Smoluck Eleanor Smuth Ruth Sol: Mary Schantz Aluce Stramltz Evelyn Unangst Marlorue Wallander Betty Jane Wolfe Dorothy Warrlner Jeanne Waller Vuvnan Welty Theodora Whtte Loretta Warmkessel Dorothy Young Lorranne Yorgey Jean Yorgey Marlorue Zuegler Helene Zaboy A to Eleanor Andres Betty Adams Emma Jane Bray Verletta Bray Dorothea Bunk Margaret Becker Leona Breslun Adelaude Bruggs Beatrnce Borta Amta Becker Dons Conrad Betty Cherrnngton June Conley Frances Deutsch Anna DeLong Glorua Dershumer Cecelua Eberly Anna Mae Erney Eleanor Gift Joyce Guth June Gensenleuter Mary Jean Grnder Ruth Garger Arlene Hess Betty Hunsberger Glorna Hoffman Henrletta James Mary Jacoby Betty Jacobs Evelyn Kleckner Carmen Karban Mnldred Kasych I ,ll l' TINLED Helen Llchtenwalner Jean Lawrue Betty Knauer Mary Lahr Eleanor McAnnally Peggy McKsnnon Jean Marquardt Eluzabeth Muchener Elnzabeth J Muller Dall Meutzler Theresa Muchlscher Marlon Nace Betty Reuchard Ruth Remnhard Lucy Ann Roberts Constance Srmth Ruth Seagreaves Jennne Stenft Verna Sell lrene Smnth Dorothy Stoeckel Ruth Sprague Glorla Schmalduenst Florence Sell Janet Sell Daisy Snyder Margaret Spankowu Louise Warmkessel Lucille Wenner Helen Weaver Jean Walter Mary Ward Jean Wolllams A garden IS a lovely thing A place for people s hearts to sm For those who work tus wrllmg so To teach more secrets of thenr God For those who rest wlthm nts shade To linger there tlll they have prayed For those who seek nts quiet peace, Lufe's worrles and temptatlons cease Thnnk ofthe 'oy that It can brung A garden as a lovely thmg' Dorothy Deutsch Page Two Hundred and Seventy Five tch C 9 I . Joyce Troxell Marion Flickinger Mary Snyder l 4 1 f L az J l - . l d I O CECUNTHZIIJISO A Cappella Chour The A Cappella Chour agaun under the durectuon of Dr Warren F Acker has com pleted a year full of engagements and fun Besudes the annual concerts the chour sang for Governor James at the Chamber of Commerce meetung and at the Boy Scout Jamboree wuth Kate Smuth as a guest There was also the concert on May 8 and the broadcast un New York Every year the chour alumnu come back to Dr Acker to tell hum how they would luke to be stull un the chour There are tumes when the chour us un an uproar because of some un tumely remark by the boys or some expressuon on Dr Ackers face There was Maruorue Zuegler usually suezed by the guggles un the muddle of a duet or Andrew Marone laughung a luttle too loud at the rehearsals or Jummy Duckert the last one un the rush to rehearsals Besudes havung a good tume there was much hard work preparung to make each concert a good one Every chour member looks wuth gratutude on the fine musucal traunung We could scarcely conclude the account of the chorus and the chour wuthout notung here at the end of Dr Acker s twenty five years of servuce to the hugh school some of the hughlughts of those years Dr Acker came un the sprung of l9l6 to Allentown Hugh School where he has ever sunce proved a real fruend not only to hus musuc students and the members of the chour and chorus but to all hus assocuates He was engaged at first gust to organuze a chorus to sung at the deducatuon of the Allentown Hugh School ln the fall of that year hus dutues really began He conducted a chorus and orchestra untul l933 when Mr Harvey Prescott was engaged to conduct the orchestra and band Dr Acker had started the band un T925 and conducted ut the first four years of uts exustence untul Mr Alburtus Meyers durector of the Allentown Band became uts conductor Hus first assustant was Mrs Carrue Seup who afterwards taught at the Raub .lunuor Hugh School Later assustaruts were Mr F Anthony Vuagguano now durector of musuc at Page T o Hund ed and Se enty S l I I ' ' I ' , , , . he received under the expert management of a director and friend, Dr. Acker. 1 ' ' l I 1 ' I , . ' I . , . u - , ' I . . . , W f V ' ll 00111 the Commerce Hugh School un Sprungfleld Massachusetts and Mr John Weunsheumer now band and orchestra leader at the Raub Junuor Hugh School Every year the A H S chorus has guven some choral work usually accompanued by the school orchestra or sometumes only wuth puano and organ accompanument The hugh spot of these performances, says Dr Acker was the presentatuon of the opera, Martha assusted by four solousts from the Metropolutan Opera two ot them graduates of A H S Louuse Lerch soprano Dorothea Flexer, contralto Armand Lokatyan tenor and Luon Rothuer bass The followung year the same quartet of solousts wuth the chorus sang Verdus Requuem un Latun When Dr Acker was relueved of the durectuon of the orchestra he organuzed the A Cappella Chour whuch has brought honor not only to the school but to the cuty un an annual broadcast over a natuonal chaun of statuons On Dr Acker s desk are congratulatory letters from all parts of the Unuted States Among the students who have gone out unto the musuc world durung the twenty five years Dr Acker has been at Allentown Hugh School are besudes Louuse Lerch and Dorothea Flexer Vera Weukel soprano, Lulluan Morchetto contralto Wellungton Ezekual bass Matulda Ferru soprano Barbara Ellen Bastuan soprano Anna Louuse Frutsch soprano Ann Seagreaves contralto Martha Schantz Rambo soprano and Lcu Rue Schock, mezzo soprano Of the unstrumentalusts there are Donald Voorhees vuolunust and conductor Ralph Kemmerer puanust Arthur Sussman, French horn Vurgunua Wurth puanust Mrs Muruam Keech, puanust, and Warren Benfer of the Munneapolus Symphony Orchestra As head of the musuc department, Dr Acker says At tlrst, the musuc course was mostly apprecuatuon and was compulsory only for domestuc scuence students whule others could elect ut Soon there was a demand for classes un puano, vouce and theory Durung the years the course has changed frequently, untul now there us a flexuble and cultural course, all electuve The subuects unclude sught sungung musuc hustory ear traunung, puano, vouce apprecuatuon harmony and current events un musuc Graduates of the musuc course each year rate hugh un the musuc departments of the colleges and unuversutues to whuch they go One of the chuef features at one tume was the group sungung un assembly peruods When the school wasnt too large the students could be seated un vouc parts Among theur finest and happuest recollectuons many graduates say us that old group sungung un the audutoruum It us a good twenty five year achuevement thus work of Dr Ackers un the musuc department of the Hugh School lst Soprano Jeanne Waller Betty Snyder Evelyn Chrustman Maruorue Zuegler Elsue Paul Phyllus Behrunger Maruorue Wallender Marlorue Nadug Georguana Bruttaun 2nd Soprano Althea Holben Jane Mahler Justune Clewell Althea Bennett Mary Cebenko Eduth Hagerman Eluzabeth Campbell Joyce Kuhns MEMBERS lst Alto Luculle Wenner Frances Deutsch Verna Sell Verletta Bray Dorus Conrad Mary Snyder Jean Marquardt Helen Luchtenwalner 2nd Alto Constance Smuth Louuse Warmkessel Emma Jane Bray Constance Smuth Eleanor Guft Betty Reuchard Florence Glaser Ruth Seagreaves Eleanor McAnnaIIy Janet Sell lst Tenor George Guanellu Harold Mentzell Jerome Janosku Robert Shubert Gustav Hadl Ruchard Gutekunst Frank Szukucs Multon Kurtz Keuth Kunly 2nd Tenor Robert Reunhart Peter Kalanduak Rodney Gramm Angelo Guancarlc Earl Gaugler Warren Loesch Robert Butz Harry Shaak Page Two Hundred and Seventy Seven lst Bass Ruchard Butler Charles Hulls Andrew Marone Edward Brown Ruchard Kruebel Frederuck Kellner Warren Young Robert Fox 2nd Bass Warren Rex Lester Gaumer Wallace Budd Robert Kuchlune James Duckert Lloyd Hawk Baurd Lentz Kenneth Dulz Paul Schuler 1 1 ' 1 . . . , . . . . H . , . 11 uu - - 1 1 , . . .: 1 f f 1 F 1 ' 1 .1 . . . 11 1 1 . . . 1 - 1 I 1 ' 1 I 1 f 1 1 1 i 1 1 1 1 1 1 . . I J I J I 1 I - . .1 . - 1 1 . , . - ' 1 I ' 1 1 1 ' H . . . . . . 1 . . . ua V . I 1 ' . . uu . . . u . . OOUZII' National Honor Society The National Honor Society, under the able sponsorship of Mr Allam, is,as its name implies, a group composed of those members of the Senior class thought worthy by their teachers of membership in the society After Vic Schmidt calls the society to order and the interminable roll call of ninety sex members is taken, the meeting every other Wednesday after school, gets under way with committee reports and suggestions for new activities Eddie Ruhe with his committee corelatmg extra curricular activities, Sidney Cohen, later Richard Harrier, and the Hobby Show, Madalme Palladmo renovatmg assembly programs, Stanley Zeeman reportmg discussions of the homework situation with Mr Richardson, Luther Loch and his search for a larger room for the meetings, Robert Yeager s Information Please program for assembly, and last but not least, Mr Allam reportmg the triumphant progress of the clinic which vol unteer student teachers of the society sponsor for any students desiring help About four o clock somebody makes a motion to adlourn,and with persuasion some one bers as they stroll along through the deserted halls and out the doors OFFICERS Robert Beacher Thomas Beltz Louis Berg Henry Bower Martin Brossman William Burian Sidney Cohen Donald Cooper Robert Frey Robert Gans Elmer Gieger Carl Gery David Gottleub Lloyd Groner Wilton Hardy Richard Harrier Martin Kaplan Frederick Kellner Donald Klotz Richard Knebbel President Victor Schmidt Vice President Alice Joyce Donald Kuhnsman Ralph Lambert Earl Leidner Solomon Levine Luther Loch Earl Mohry Thomas Miller Joseph O Keele Erwin Oplunger James Paul Kermit Rogers Joseph Ross Edward Ruhe Donald Schmoyer Victor Schmidt James Schwab Richard Spalding William Thompson Frank Vargo Richard Waidelnch Robert Yeager Stanley Zeeman Thelma Abraham Margaret Albright Virginia Anello Pauline Augustine Dons Becker Phyllis Behringer Mary Brennan Evelyn Burger Dorothea Bunk Betty Campbell Betty Cherrmgton Jeanette Choma Evelyn Chrnstman Jean Clymer Yolanda Cocca Lorraine Cartwright Paula Erdos Secretary Jane Schwartz Treasurer Jeanne Klein Florence Glaser Edith Hagerman Charlotte Hellench Jeanne Hudson Ruth Jacoby Alice Joyce Renee Karol Dons Kindred Elaine Kleckner Jeanne Klein Shirley Levy Dorothy Lunda Helen Marek Eleanor McAnaIly Mary McClatTerty Rebecca McKnight Elizabeth Miller Anna Lou Mueller MadalmePaIlad1no Elsie Paul Page Two Hundrrd and Seventy Eight Ruth Peters Dons Reichelderter Betty Renchard Sharley Rodale Jean Romig Jane Schwartz Louise Senger Constance Smith Mary Smith Mary Snyder Anna Stettner Margorie Wallander Jeanne Waller Vivian Welty Dons Yates Louise Young Mary Zimmerman I I else is found to second it. This does not end the discussion carried on by departing mem- ff-Q ' jing . gg cvf WW ,,,4f 1- 1 -3- f -4-1-. 5. Af' ,A ' " -V my I ' 'ip' J' U 1 fl , , . Vg ' 1' M if ' 0 " ":-mm in., Y N :M TQ awk, ...W , , QNJ:+'g.,,,lA.. ,. 4, - MJ-W ,, ' 41 i A ' A A k .. L- ' ' ,y M ' Q ' , .fw . '3-' ' ' 4-f - M .. , ' ' -f . tv, .- 'N' K f ,, M ,T - ., wk-W ' 405 -W',',g, :A , Z, -an 9'-V -ix 41 V Y, ' - 'vp'-.,,, af.. ' f ' , A I P' m.4f 5" ug ' I fi ,Na x 'W 'f L ,-14 Aff' f ,X ' -' 6 , ,, ,'-.. 3 'Nuff' - , 'V 1 ' 5, 3 ' ,H "" ' 1 ,,,--iz.-WE - "' , A ,1 M, . 4-W J-, A,., , K., Y HM was . 1-Q, wp. 'HM 1 X' ' . J Ir ' ,, K 0 V ,, , ' -my , 0 . A I g ,ar wk' QQWQQ, s ?t f V 0 3 if QR- vi 1I""l., M " A W Q. V MAA OIIZIIS Orotan Debatmg Society Orgamzed wuth the untentuon of furthermg the conception of loguc, fostervng the cause of debating, and promohng good fellowshnp the Orotan Debahng Society ns a most vutal part of Allentown Hugh School extra currucular achvutnes Under the capable supervnsuon of Mr Waller, who, by the way, rarely gets a chance to speak because of Wulton Hardy s ponderous explanations the club has had many mterestlng duscussuons on various sublects After the meetmg has been called to order by Eddie Ruhe, and Dave Gottlleb has trned to prove the pen mughtuer than the sword Sndney Cohen and Martm Brossman have a heated talk on dufterent sublects Ludo lacocca and Bull Kanehann then Interrupt to an nounce the next school event for whnch they have tlckets to sell, whsle Jum Lenby and Bob Yeager are off In a corner By thus tume Mr Waller tells Al Jenknns, Jack Tuberty, George Gordm Frank Golden, and John Hemz that a beet us not a flower and the meetmg adlourns OFFICERS President Edward Ruhe Treasurer Sidney Cohen Vrce President Wllton Hardy Publicity Wllllam Kanehann Secretary Davud Gottlneb Sponsor Raymond Waller Martm Brossman Sudney Cohen Frank Golden George Gordm Davnd Gottheb Wulton Hardy John Hemz Ludo lacocca Al Jenkms Wllluam Kanehann James Leuby Edward Ruhe Jack Tuberty Robert Yeager Page Two Hundred and Seventy Nme l I - 1 , . I 1 . 'OUZIIQ Latm Club Gallia est 0mnlS dIvIsa In tres partes Quo usque tandem abutere, CatIlIna, patentla nostraz Arma vlrumque cano Caesar, CIcero, and Vlfgll, three Immortal flgures of hlstory whose works have so Influenced certaln CanarIes In the Allentown HIgh School that the LatIn Club, under the sponsorshIp of Mr Frutsch and Mr Schmoyer, has taken a promunent place among the clubs of the school The club meets bI monthly, when educatuonal and entertaInIng programs are carrIed out, whuch Include the readIng of a l.atIn newspaper Acta DIurna lf these Cananes have anythmg to say about It, the grandeur that was Rome shall never dIe ' I . -I Q . . ' . . , 'I . II - - - FIRST SEMESTER OFFICERS SECOND SEMESTER Page Two Hundred and Eighty WIllIam Kanehann Donald Brobst Mane Katz Franklm Marsh Semrrs Cholena Curtas Robert Gans AIIce Joyce Warren Loesch Anna Lou Mueller James Reppert Bernard Roth Vuctor Schmedt Jane Schwartz Dorothy Sypherd Jacquelme Valenteen RIchard Waudelnch Robert Yeager PresIdent VIce Presrdent Secretary Treasurer Jumors Donald Brobst Robert Buckwalter Melvm DIeter ClarIce Homulton MIldred HenrIe LIdo lacocca Wlllldm Kanehann Mane Katz James Lenby Franklm Marsh John McKeever Floyd Moschmn LorraIne Nuppert Joyce Peck Beth Rabenold Ann Rosenau Mary WeIdenhammer Robert Yeager Jane Schwartz WIIlI Alece Joyce am Kanehann Sophomore: PhyllIs Bauer Gertrude Baush Betty Boettger Joyce Bonstem Joyce Bogert ElsIe Chondor JImmy Downs Mary Jane Grader June Houseknecht Betty Knouer Jean lawrle Andrew Rakochy Russel Ruhf Ruth SmIth Ruth Whltemght Carolyn ShankweIler Elanne Spencer 'Olllll' In German Club The magnificent old Germany of the Gemutllchkelt has always occupied a hugh place In the history of the arts and sciences The German Club has made the culture of this old Germany its field of mvestugatuon To accomplush this task the club was divided unto four groups which concentrated on the fields of science, music, literature, and history The club members were required to have an average of eighty five, and, tn addition a genuine unterest and willingness to work They will always be grateful for the able and generous assistance of their sponsor, Mr Leroy Allam Christmas time brought the hnghltght of our programs for the year The usual festivities were doubly enloyed when a gount celebration of the French and German Clubs was held The result of the work this year IS abundant learning and unforgettable enloyment dnscusslons, the Hat notes of the bass section that tried to sung soprano will always rung lfl OUT COTS OFFICERS President Richard Harrier Secretary Dons Becker Vice President Ssdney Cohen Treasurer Donald Klotz Sponsor Mr Allam Margaret Albright Eleanor Bachman Dons Becker Betty Bendler Martm Brossman Dorthea Bunk Wnlluam Bunan Jeanette Choma Elouse Cohen Sydney Cohen Dorothy Deutsch Ruth Dnefenderfer Jack Elsele Jean Fltzpatnck Alice Joyce Daune Keller Dorothy Kelly Donald Klotz Mary lahr Jane Mahler Jean Marquardt Donald McKeever Thomas Muller Modalme Palladmo Faye Rader James Reppert Ruth Rogers Margorle Rumble Robert Frey Sylvia Garfunkel Florence Glaser MGTIOTIQ Haaf Claruce Hamilton Walton Hardy Rnchard Horner Florence Hochstrasser Morns Hulslzer Mary Schantz Richard Spalding Rubte Swavely Jack Sweeney Loretta Warmkessel Pauline Weller Betty Wneder Dons Yates Margorle Znegler We shall always remember our frantic attempts to halt Sidney Cohen's twenty minute Page Two Hundred and Eighty-One 00211 vw Le Cercle Francais Those who address the French Club un French never know how much the audience has understood, for a more polute group can hardly be found They have lnstened to, and partuclpated In programs on French hlstory, muslc, and art A lomt Christmas program of French and German Clubs was program chanrman Edward Ruhe s braunchuld, and a hnghly acceptable one, too A chorus whnch sang French Chrnstmas Carols un four parts was even rustled up for the occasuon Mlss Swope succeeded nn gettmg Dr Corbuere, of Muhlenberg, to address the Club So there was a real Frenchman, speaking about the llfe of La Fon tame, and In French Edward Ruhe, Mass Swope, and Shlrley Levy are contlnually pondering over anythnng from changmg meetmg rooms because the band drowns out the speakers to the problem of how to transport a huge portfoluo of French Art Perhaps the greatest feat of these three was gettmg most of the members together at one spot, at one time, to have thus pncture taken Ol-I-ILLRS Presldent Shlrley Levy Secretary Jean Waller Vrce President Constance Smnh Treasurer Mary Schantz Sponsor Mnss Swope Betty Adams Betty Aspers Florence Balze Mary Bautsch Evelyn Berger Mary Bunnan Mary Anne Clauser Pat Crawford Ruth Dautslw Eleanor Denutz Margorne Flohr Madelyn Flores Robert Gans Betty Gehrns Jane Hale Bette Herman Eudora Hersh Renee Karol Grace Keuser Rnchard Kruebal Dons Kutz Shnrley Levy Loss Ludeman Rose Malenousky Eleanor McAnally Mary McClafTerty Harold Mentzell Marne Mertz Jean Muller Helen Moore Betty Moyer Lorrame Nuppert Jean Nonnemacher Joyce Peck Geraldlne Pellettuerl Sh rley Rodale Page Two Hundred and Eighty Two Anne Rosenau Edward Ruhe Mary Schantz James Schwab Constance Smlth Mary Snyder Anna Stettner Fanth Sussman Jeanne Waller Vlvnan Welty Dorothy Wnlmer O O ' r 1' V - 'OITZU' Commercral Club The Commercual Club was formed for the purpose of promotmg interest and research an the study and development of all sublects pertammg to modern busmess The asm of the club us to become acquannted and to co operate with busmess men un the communlty, and to help them at any tame by supplynng them wlth students who are capable In commerclal pursults Admnssnon to the club requires an average ot 85 per cent In the Commercial Course The orgamzatlon meets once a month at the homes of the club members Because of the unturmg eftorts of Mr Edgar Rabenold, the faculty advuser, the club has been unusually successful an all nts undertakmgs Onxcans President Marlon Schell Secretary Abraham Joseph Vtce President Frances Romlg Treasurer Ervm Oplmger Faculty Adwser Mr Edgar Rabenold Ftrst Row Charlotte Klme Jean Muller Delphme Faurchuld Lucllle Wenner Evelyn Muller Second Row Louise Wolfe Abraham Joseph Frances Romng Marlon Schell Ervm Oplmger Ksema Lagosky Thnrd Row Edgar Rabenold Ellzabeth Ruch Sarah Mary Lewns Clarr Mmnnch Joyce Kmdlg lrene Premecz Betty Rembow Arlene Rabenold Fourth Row Jean Yohe Ethel Stlcher Manlynn Muller Joyce Mmmch Geraldme Muller Alnce Dalla Pnazza Frfth Row Edward Burkhart Earle Mohvv George Rodenbach o ' Pauline AU9U5'lne Margaret Wallitsch Page Two Hundred and Eighty-Three OIIZU Hrstorrcal Socrety Under the able dlrectlon of Mr Boyer, the Hustorlcal Socaety of Allentown Hugh School, whuch was organuzed by the class of 36, has already progressed far, and promrses to have a bright future It ns great fun to know about the foundnng of Allentown and to vnsut nts scemc spots, many of whnch have been recorded on color fulm by Mr Boyer Normally ordmary hnstorucal facts become hnghly fascmatnng through the sem: monthly meetmgs of thus club These meetmgs unclude many mterestmg hours devoted to trampmg the nearby hull sudes, VISllIl'1Q hnstorlcal spots, and lustenmg to Informal duscussuons by members of the faculty and student bodnes Included an theur Inst of prolects as a puctorual scrapbook of the history of Allentown, a collectnon of essays on Hnstorucal Allentown,' a radlo program, and an program OFFICFRS. President Madalme Palladmo Secretary Sydney Cohen Vrce President Shlrley Rodale Treasruer Rosalmd Schnutzer Rose Ahzek Elonse Cohen Sndney Cohen Ruth Dlefenderfer Stanley Ershler Sylvua Garfunkel Marne Gehnnger George Gordon .Ir Juhus Halaksc Clance Hamnlton Mmam Homet Al Jenluns Helen Kalady Wnlham Kanehann Solomon levme Alvan Mlshlun Betty Mohr Betty Morgan Ann Lou Mueller Maraon Nyce Ann O Neill Madalnne Palladl DO Andrew Rakaehy Betty Reuchard Shnrley Rodale Ann Rosenau Edward Ruhe Rosallnd Schnltzer Constance Snelhng Frank Vargo Dorothy Wnlmer John Wllllams Louise Young Page Two Hundred and Erghty Four auditorium , s 4 h K . 'E 2 X , . Z . A' P I . . ' -rf . ,cu l O O . . , . . .. . . . . . . , . 'OUZU' Printers Club Under the able supervusuon of Mr Robert A Mellman, the Prunter s Club has helped the members acquure a greater knowledge of the pruntung undustry and has heughtened Interest un the trade of pruntung The club thus year vusuted varuous pruntung establushments the hugh spot beung a trup to Washungton D C where ut toured the Government Pruntung offices The meetungs are more than gust a meetung where someone makes a remark and then someone else orates The members learn to do thungs whuch are not uncluded un theur regular class work For unstance, at one meetung they rebound the covers of Sunday School books thereby gettung actual experuence un repaur bundang Thus organuzatuon wull turn out better prunters It wull, un years to come, buuld up a bugger membershup and servuce, and wull solve successfully the many problems presented to ut Ol-I-ILLRS Presudent Robert Clewell Secretary Wulluam Sagasutl Treasurer Clyde le Van Frederuck Bataruck Robert Clewell Edgar Frankenfleld Howard Hassler Edward Keuser Blaur Lutzenberger Clyde l.eVan Stanley Long Wulluam Sagasutz Warren Smuth Frank Zaengle Page Two Hundred and Erghly Fuve u l . . . u I ' I ' I 'OUZU' i T Square Club The purpose of the T Square Club IS to promote Interest nn the sublect of archltec tural and mechanncal draftlng deslgn and general school actnvutues Meetungs are held the second Tuesday of each month at whuch tnme members duscuss developments rn mechanical and archrtectural flelds Once a year a meeting IS held at the Y M C A Several prominent executives of local lndustry as well as former members serve as speakers After the meetvng of an educa tronal as well as an entertamung nature, refreshments are served ln the Sprung a plcnlc us held at whlch time a baseball game between the architectural and mechamcal groups IS played After the game there IS plenty to eat for all Although the club was Inactive for a year, It has been reorganized, and,through the cooperatnon of sponsors, offlcers, and members, ut has enloyed a successful year Ol-l-ICI-RS Vice President E Fenstermacher Treasurer F Columbo Lennboch and Mr Ayres Presndent LDrensbach Secretary R Muth Sponsors Mr Seniors Mrke Boyko Raymond Coyle Henry Dnlluard Leonard Drelsbach Martm Druckenmuller Robert Hartzell Walter Hoanzl Juluus Klegarth Frank Mazurek Myles Moll Ruchard Muth William Purner Robert Richards Clark Seng Ronald Shollenberger Kenneth Smoth Frank Szukncs Wrlluam Wusser .lunrors Richard Benner John Berta Russel Bnever Page Two Hundred an Francns Columbo Earl Fenstermacher Richard Haskey Kenneth Hell Charles Kahler Wulllam Kinney Robert Krasley Clarence Rosenberger Leroy Serbert Frank Torok CJ Eighty Sur Sophomores Francus Banotn Alfred Dalcm Mules Van Daren Charles Fo'lweuler James Hackman Delbert Jacoby Robert Mentzell John Moore Albert Neuman Leroy Sregfroed Alfred Walters ll If 'OUZU' Varsuty A Club The Varsuty A club of Allentown Hugh School us composed of forty of the outstandung athletes un the school who have earned a varsuty letter un hughschool sports The Varsuty A club was suggested by one of the hugh sctuool coaches, J Mulo Sewards, who receuved valuable assustance from Mr Benlamun Kane, boys advtser Thus organuzatuon has done much un reducung the number of delunquencues at the hugh school, as well as keepung the school spurut un the student body hugh The Varsuty A club wull lose some of uts members upon graduatuon, but thus wull not stop the organuzatuon from growung to even greater heughts un the year to come Much of thus could not have been done uf ut were not for that young, actuve, genual coach, Mr Sewards The school compluments hum and the club for theur fine work OFFucr RS Presudent Bud Webster Secretary Bob Wutwer Vuce Presudent Bob Murth Treasurer James Weuss Sponsors Mr Kane and Mr Sewards Neal Kern Football Track Bull Adams Swummung Robert Bender Basketvall Baseball Eddue Bortz Football Basketball Baseball Jum Buckely Swummung Charles Curtus Football Wulluam Demonkas Football Baseball Leonard Dreusbach Football Fred Eusenhard Football Track Paul Fegley Swummung Edward Fenstermacher Football Jack Ferry Football Basketball Baseball Joe Galluna Football Woody Goheen Swummung Charles Gruder Football Davud Hackett Swummung Moon Haney Basketball Baseball Bull Hushkeck Basketball Herman Jackson Football Track Davud Jones Baseball Charles Karaman Football Baseball Jack Keenan Swummung Bull Kuszman Football Bob Lear Football John McGunley Football Warren McKnabb Football Track Bob Murth Football Track Ken Moyer Football Basketball Bob Numbers Football Basketball T Joe O Keefe Basketball Kenny Poe Swummung Frutz Sandt Basketball Eugene Schaeffer Swummung Joe Smuth Football Track Bull Stellar Basketball Jack Soler Swummung Robert Turner Bud Webster James Weuss Fred Werley Ray Whuspell Zeke Wutwer Page Two Hundred and Eughty Seven Swummung Football Football Basketball Football Football Football ' If ll . ,. ,, . . . ' ll ll ' . - l . . . . . , . . .. ut . . . . . . . , I Albert Bauer -Football ' ' Y , Y I I 2 t YY ' YY I . T T I V2 I b YY I I TV I YP' I I 1 ' T 4 vi I V I YY ' . I Y I Y lr I ' YY rack 'OUZU' Gurl Reserves Gurl Reserves, a sub duvusuon of the Y W C A helps to create a better fruendshup and understandung among the young people through fellowshup and servuce The councul consusts of two representatuves from each club un the Gurl Reserve department who meet once a month to duscuss plans for the betterment of theur unduvudual clubs Thus year us an especually umportant one for the Gurl Reserves, for ut us the suxtueth annuversary of theur organuzatuon Every communuty un the Unuted States wull partucupate un the celebratuon of thus annuversary Gurl Reserves us as actuve as ut us umportant lts socual functuons consusted thus year of Sophomore Rally, and the umportant celebratuon of the Suxtueth Annuversary There us a summer and wunter conference yearly Thus year the Gurl Reserves held theur wunter Conference at Scranton, Pa , and representatuves from Allentown who were sent there, came back wuth more new udeas for the contunual success of the Gurl Reserves Credut for the success of the Allentown Gurl Reserves belongs to Muss Moruon L Gruder, the Gurl Reserve Secretary Ouhuuchuxs Presudent Jeanette Choma Cor Secretary Florence Hochstrasser Vuce Presudent Eleanor Andreas Recordung Secretary Stella Boyko Vurgunuo Anello Grace Bader Rauune Bretz Molly Brown Dorthea Bunk Glorua Funk Mary Jean Gruder Patncua Hand June Hahn Treasurer Margaret Becker Mary Jane Hauser Aluce Joyce Alverta Kern Betty Knauer Margaret Krause Irene Kucurkcu Joyce Meeker Naomu Muchuner Mary Jane Pfromm Page Two Hundred ana' Eighty Eught Irene Premucz Patrucua Ruley Betty Santee Margaret Toth Grace Wehr Luculle Wenner louuse Wolf U Horse-Shoe Hop, World Fellowship Scavenger Hunt, Cruise Party, Setting Up Conference, 1 1 " 1, M v rr 4? -f. fab 'vu' . - 4 K " 'W f., .1 I 47 " ' f'X,"'2h4. 1 4 .. -1 w, W, ,. uv- ffw , "vw, L ,Ma V, V , J ff A VLBIV- X 4 , pu. ,. 545 V, , ,754 ar 3-' of G W - f ' " 'vel-' '91 6 s uf , , . , W Q f :ff I W Q A .,,,.,: WA . .,,., idx: W, . M 33 vf ,mu VM-V Mlrflff "ol ' ' T" V , , ,S If . VV EJQQVTQYY ,Ln A, , aff' ' , 1 '.I-- r . , I ir M, 'Q ' ri' V H-'M ,fy f' Stew ' z ?y"im ' fin , has We , W' 53. f ,Y ,., - ' 3 .Q . 31 , . 74' 4, A, :T 4 '.',,JVQ, lf 'V "-nr m ' ,' . 4, , ,. " 1 ' 4' V . 1 1 ,Q f' 'Liu F- ,-- 8,2 pf' ., V , . 1, Q . , , ,. Y 'gg' - .1 , , V ' rug HD' qt. V K- .H , V YQ., . .. Q fin' ' ,1 1 'Z'-51,4 'Eg 4, M '- vw' 1 S+. 133 f ju , ,1 W ,Lf -, I Y .. , , , . , A mf, Q 'pf ' 'aff U 4 " V ' J., 'rig , , , 4, I, 1, "' .fn , 15' gig: ,f Y , I .v ,,,f . ,4 , V, K ,267 In f 5x42 0,3 45, J' , ,f. ,. ,, : Wy A . 4.1, ml r - X , ga as .g .,, 4, va I m,xfQ,.,,g Z Al W3 1, 4 A .L . I -1-.W AL ., m, , 4 gag!" , A I f ' '- f nz ., y , " - R, '34, . A ' ,f,,,,lAy' 21' 41, 1 ' ' QSkXe"U"f ' L , , 1 . , A -4 ' ' . 5 x V y , w, A ., . -N - - 4 ,f . mf -b 1 - 5 V., 1 , . mf Q -xii., , ,, 'V I 1 , , -,- 4 '. ' I ,ll ff 1-biagfv f A 'tif , ' ' -- ' , ,' ' if f 'fm' . 1 'f .ff MW lf""-fav' ,ffl Y , QM inf' Jfffvaff'-fi -Sw v :-'L HIZUS How to Write a Familiar Essay There are only two things to remember in writing a familiar essay One is to choose a sublect that has probably nev r been used before the other is to allow your brain to indulge in the wildest fancies Ordinary fancies will not do The bugbear of every familiar essayist is commonplaceness For example you might choose a sublect like Eating Crackers in Bed What this sublect lacks in startling novelty it makes up in the rich trains of thought it can set in motion You may reflect that crackers are better with salt than without should never be stale are made better by co'npany A than company B and if used daily may prevent softening of t'1e gums These being somewhat common place must all be discarded Instead you might point out that crackers taste really good only when eaten with camels milk under a bonyan tree that they are lmmeasurably improved when eaten with old English marmalade that comes in a crock that crackers are mentioned no less than five times in the Canterbury Tales and that the manna of Exodus once thought to be crackers was really a kind of alga lf crackers remind you of shooting stars dont fail to mention at and dont bother tellmg why unless you feel particularly urged to do so Explicutness is such an insult to your readers lf you can arrange it slip in a moral someplace where it will not be noticed Then your essay can be taught in English classes and stall not be too larrlng on your more educated public Mythological allusions anecdotes of the theater or childhood reverses where unskllfully used are often in themselves a guarantee of your lasting fame as an essaylst They tend to show what a ready acess you have to remote parts of your mind Above all however your one aim must be to make yourself unpredictable Spend time on your more not throw it out Instead enlarge on it soliloquize philosophize Even readers who dont care for the essay will excuse it as whimsy Ah' whimsy there is the quality that you must constantly seek And it will come so easily if you follow some of the other hints l have given And one thing more be cynical atheistucal satirical paradoxical in every last essay you write or else be sentimental espansive nostalgic and pollyanna ish choose your mask and then wear it A word of caution if you choose to write in the former style you choose the hard road for then you must use conscious thought and effort as well as subtlety and intelligence in every essay you write At the same time your work will stand no greater a chance of success To demonstrate my idea l have chosen a short and admirable essay by that dean of essayists Hal Mallet entitled On Walking Upside Down on the Ceiling ln the margins l have been at some pams to point out the various devices Mr Mallet employs On Walking Upside Down on the Ceiling Ordinarily we are not inclined to envy flies They spend an exceptionally short life in the most distasteful ways Continually This ittle dlgression obliged, as they are to dodge fly swatters fly stickers, and demonS,m,es,he Qu,h:,,S phoebe fly catchers lthis admirable bird likes to nest under bfefldth Of ""2"eS'S bridges and in barns his cry sounds like dear me dear me one phoebe was found to have eaten fourteen hundred flies in a dayl they attain a closer communion with death than most humans ever dream of No sooner are they born than they face death Page Two Hundred and Eighty Nine I C O . Q l . . "' I I - , f I I ' , , . . I . I D I . - , . V , . . . I I , . . . . . , . . I l , . . I . . I I . . I , . ' I , . . i . obscure points. lf some bit of reminiscence strikes you as especially ineffective, you must . . I . , . . I . . ' , . . , T A l I I E . I I I I . I . . i . I . , . ' -. : . : Q ' ' , I Q I , . I r I r ' ' I . . . . 1 I ' I ' ' . . . . .. ., l ' 1 ' T I Note the teelmg of e pansuveness that the wrnter con eys A good Bnblncol allusuon lends a certam strength to the work A charmmg but ot sature Here agam the author shows hrs untellectual breadth mterest an scuence Note the teelmg of nostal gua provoked b hrs beautntul passage Thus last sentence as truly the master stroke l as moral lard frankly out In all :ts bareness wvthout pretense of belongmg I nts peculiar posvtuon at can not possubly be of annoy ance to anyone who arms to unterpret the work Lastly nt can be complete v dusregarded T s the way all morals should 00211 Flies for all th nr IUSIQDIGCGDCC enloy far rlcher and more varned lnves than humans do They can do at least three things that humans cant They can walk on the ceullng they can hatch eggs and they can due wuthout batting an eyelash Thus last attrubute us especnally worth enlargmg on and some day when I am well relaxed after a good meal I shall undoubtedly take It up and wrute another essay on ut Flues we mnght say represent the seeds of gram IN the parable that fell on stony ground For all thenr richness of ex perlence they probably know less than twuce as much as men do about lute and death No sooner are flnes born than they see death yet theur munds have no Interest In these Important matters So too only the Fly as able to see the world as nt really ns right snde up as he clmgs to the loose wall paper on the cenlmg Only bemg a luver for the moment he pays more attention to the pntcher of mulk on the table below than to more serious sublects of world upheaval Besides thus has vnsnon IS so bad that he would need one hundred and fifty sux paurs of spectacles to correct It and has understandung would stlll be unattected When l was a boy l used to be endlessly fascinated by the woman an the vaudevnlle show who walked and lumped rope upslde down In fact for a whsle my first ambntnon was to be a bug game hunter and my second was to be a ceulung walker Seemg the world upsude down mught be a worthwhule experience but It seems to me more llkely that nt would cause only a half turn un my optlc nerve And a penny saved us a penny earned Edward Ruhe flll x l Last mght the moon Peeped out behmd a snlver cloud And trnmmed the trees wnth tunsel And the road wnth moon dust lt would have been So lovely Had our glarmg headlights Not tried to compete with the moon You must have thought so too You turned them off Mary McClafferty Page Two Hundred and Nrnety I s' I ' I , . . . . . I . X- I . v . ' A. l .I . I .'. I ' - I , . ' - . ' I . . .,. - - .. . I - - - I I . - I ' - Y'- . . . - I , . . ",c . . . - '.n 'I' . hiis be. ll' V'- It lil I I EDU211 Empty Halls The halls emptled of theur teemmg lnfe are bathed In soft yellow lsght but near the wundows the golden glare of late afternoon as reflected on the shunmg floor mottled wnth the footprints of countless vamshed feet Somewhere an the dnstance the chour rehearses Otherwlse there IS silence Deserted the long corrndors hold me with the whispering spnrnts of years and l am reluctant to go Ghostly greetings lmger an my ears and the shadow shrouded statues beckon to me ID the fellowshnp of solltude The lockers lmmg the walls repose for a few hours th rr doors freed fro'n th eternal bangung Rows of vacant seats stare through locked doors One us open Someone steps bruskly out and posses me scatterlng the snlence Jane Schwartz bln: Lull llllf The moon us stealmg through the sky Past each slumbermg star he goes So sulently he passes by He must be walknng on has toes Past noddung stars on beds of blue Ann O Neill lll I mm' Delucate llttle omoeba of whute Hndmg from the drmker s sight Over the precnpuce down the gullet Movmg qulckly like a mullet Hlde and seek among the feed Makes the man shaky kneed Up the stomach down the lnver A gram of salt becomes has fllvver Marlowe Harlung llzqlz ll :mls mul lttlflw The storm wand whlnes and A smgle whute sheet Flaps ln a lonely back yard Whule the gargoyle of the sky Looks down wuth blue halr streamung Past the clouds The swlnglng street llght Points at a hudung garbage basket Wnth a cold whlte lught Stark black chimneys Luke than fingers Clutch at the sullen blue sky Ann O Neill Page T o Hundred and N nely One C 0 s . x ' I He will glide till day is new. To I l llll 4 W- . Q OCCIEUIIITZTUSQ Eo Tempore Cum Whale the class of 41 has here recorded Its own class lute the carefree lute of youth ut has by no means been unaware ofthe portentous events happenmg ln the world As a matter of record we prlnt here the changes that have taken place during our hugh school yea rs 19381941 March 12 1938 Octoberl 1938 March 14 1939 March 22 1939 Sept 1 28 1939 Aprll 9 1940 Aprnl 9 1940 May 10 1940 May 10 1940 May 10 1940 June 5 1940 March 30 1941 Apr: 8 1941 Aprll 28 1941 Austrla taken unto the Reuch Sudetenland annexed Czechoslovakua annexed Memel annexed Poland engulfed D ramark occupied Norway nnvaded Netherlands invaded Belgnum Conquered Luxembourg conquered France conquered Bulgarna absorbed unto the Reach Yugoslavia conquered Greeks surrender lhfllrflzs Duatons llttle lnvmng boxes Old as thus world upon nts axus Makes damp salt turn dry Allows sugar to run free on the ple Scrapes the teeth of tartar clean ln hot furnaces seals the seam Cuts corrosion from tableware Pollshes down the llvnngroom starr All very luvely at one tlme Thousands then could be placed on a dame Lnvely un mousture of many types Water bracknsh fresh or salty Contanned a specue all nts own When mousture leaves they turn to stone Thear mucroscopuc sulrcon shells hard and round Make special brncks lught and sound Round rectangular or oval Refrocts lught lust luke an opal Collected for study by experts great By slnppmg nntestunes from tadpoles that ate These dlatons ot box luke shape Marlowe Hartung Pc ge T H dred and N ely I , 1 , , , ' - I . 5 . , c. I , , , , I .I I . i , f I Stealing moisture every minute of the hour. I 1 I I 1 , - , . . I . i , , 1 wo un rn -Two - N ' f, ', Av fz ,. , , 1 f 1 gg. fe At 4? 'I wiffai ' Z l Our Adverhsers The Staff of the Comus wIshes to call the attentIon of the faculty and the members ofthe class of l94l and theIr tamI I s to the tollowmg lust of Allentown busIness men lt stands to reason that the men who advertIse In the Cornus are not only Interested bJt actwely Interested In the school and In the young people who are graduated from the school The sIngle actIve return that we can make for fhlS Interest IS to tornIlIarIze ourselves wIth these names and to patronIze our odvertusers who are In lhlS case also our fnends whenever the occasuon arIses Albert Drug Co Allentown Bethlehem Gas Co Allentown BusIness College Allentown Danry Co Amencus Hotel Berthold StudIos Bethlehem BUSINESS College C A Dorney Furnnture Co Farr s Freeman DaIry Freeman P A F W Woolworth Co Gangewere 8. Co Heumbach BakIng Co Herf Jones Co HunsIcker 81 Co Kemmerer Paper Co Koch Bros Kuhns 8- ShankweIler Leh 81 Co H Lehlgh Valley Paper Co Mannmg Armstrong Co MISYS Bochman LItho Co New York Floral Co Sanders Remhordt Co Supplee Ice Cream Co The Only Wetherhold 8. Metzger WInt Harvey F Wltwer Jones Co Young M S 8. Co Zollmger Harned CO Pnq Two HI nd ed and Nn ty Th er- I . .Ve . I I . . I, , , . Calvin Studios , . . ., . , . , . . . 'P I f IP ' I' 'QFM-QQ, s zmmzs to sum ez N I 'N 1 lun Wt ll mpx 4 r up.: ll 1tI'll I l 41 l Url 0 Xl Ldafu ALLENTOWN 7 7 Sl 1r! 0f1S ,QI Imp fo , 107' Page Two Hundrbd and Nmeiy Fo UI Lehigh Valley's Leading Sports Shop Golf Tenms Baseball Sw1m Su1ts Sports Wear F1sh1ng Tackle W1twer Jones Co 913 Ham1lton Street o I I PHONE 2-2780 OPEN EVENINGS Herf Jones Company an Iact e ee cISt CLASS RINGS CLASS PINS SORORITY PINS CLUB PINS COMMENCEMENT INVITATIONS Sa ples Fu n shed o Req est IIISINIT XD IPIIIX Off cal Je eler Io ALLENTOWN HIGH SCHOOL IlH'1rl'lwl':lI4-1I M u uring J w I rs on ctione s I I II:lfIv'Il1I1I:l a 1I I IV :pwvlis m r i n u f II. WIN 'IiII'I'. lDI."I'I I "I' NIXXX 'lil ' SFRICIZI IIIlI..- I1 , .- i i w r FINISH HIGH SCHOOL Allentown Bus1ness College 9 Id 2flIXNIlI FOXSIRIII l I J I X D 4 N HM lx J I lm INF C OIIIDIIFHQYIIS of Allentown Dan'-y Company I elephonc Xllentown 121 Q Pnqv Two Hundrr-d ond Nmr-ty Svvvn 'I'llliX COMIC T0 0 .XM Xllpl'-lx.-If liwxeuu W N-Il-ml 20LiT 9' A, f QQ" .X 411 -'f WMI of In-w-I lfr1i1,j.i11gfM4- I'r1wt1:1- oftllf- l'fl1IIrf' f 1-mmlxnih PHI liFl'1F S1--w-tznriul, 5ll'IlIlL1I'JlIlIlf'. li l-IIIUNN. .Ml 'ilIlf'Q'fl .Xu-4 lllllllll. cltrlllfllvlt' .Xw mutiny 4l'bSlUN.' IIXY XXI? NIGHT Xl41IrIiItN'l'l41X'IlI DF XIEIIJIQHY lfQl'll'XllfX"l' 'l'IXf'l'1I.l.lfY'l' FU l'l,'l'Y 4114 IXI, U"l'IYl'l'lICF XYI UXSK '1'l'l5Xl.l. IVRICIC PI,.Xl1liNlIiN'l'SIQRYICIIC l'lxr'1'll1-11? Frluml Spirit :xml Plvzuzllll ,Ull1uNpln'r'4- l"l1rtln'r lnfUl'ln1:atiollm1 ll.-1,111--I 151355 ljllwlll' llfill ', 117 I ' 1 1 A. v " 1 1 I llamilton l- lgm Cjruen Iongmes NN ittn luer I P A FREEMAN ll HH PR 911 lllmilton St Xllentown P1 l M S Young 8: Co lx ' I1 N lll i Il lrdw ire Sporting Goods I Allentown, P1 1, ll Albert Drug Co 1 1 l K X ssiulns md Hospital Supplies 1 xx 'N Sth Strut Xllnnumn n I s BERTHOLD STUDIOS PUR l R Xll Pll0l0f,RXl'lll RS 'Bb lllmilton Street Xllentown P1 Page Two H nd ed and Nnely Egl-I Su - ww- I,1'lll2lllllN l,l'lbllllllll4'NN .X -manrl will-li willi ll1'lN'll4l2lllll'N4'I'Yll'l'lllNlll'4" lll'0lllllllll'NN S1-l ulnelir- -ll'XYl'll'f' ul' fallillllf' 2 ' .' .. ,- , 1. I In I .X nimli-rin girl ix tllt' xxlin 1'iIlI ln 1- l- u . , mp HH H I im-1-l ilu- will :nl llu- ilmil' :mil vuim- in will: zu l.lll'l'1Hll. 1.34, ,im XY-'ll l'1'Jlll.X' mi-- llu- l'1ll.l'l1'l'l2l ' . Y l.l'll'Il1l'lllllN an in-ll 2INlll1'1'l mix. fl I 1 2 ' ' lun ln-1-in gm-gli-.l :mil -yplium-ll lrlll. lip' lim-limi-. we-1-Yi-li 'vmlm-li-ml ill WI :ll - 1- l' mule llu-xv lllUl'Nt'lN ln-1 lt! ilurlu-Nl juxl ln-l'urv ilu- pa vin. W-'ll lik- lu lillll' lim' :nanny :1'lI'lN l,m1i4- lslllil glvl- Hll :l gfllllm ul' aux. 1-ng.-'-'L - ' - Q ' .- V - .lan-qm-liiw Y:lll'llll't'llI XVII- Af l ju-l tmik il quiz. 31 D- ,, h , , 'Pu' .luyl-1-5115-:lm-i-: lsillixli? -lil1'lIlll'lllll'1 X1 . l'wI'1'lll'lIi VUN l'l.lNll'1X'l'.' ill" U f l ' I I WETHERHOLD 8: METZGER I XNIOI S SIIUI S XND SC II NTIIIL IAIFTING 1l9IIXNIIIT0NSI'RII'I XIIINTOXXN PX KIILII IIIIUTIIILIIS New York Floral Co Xllentown s I endmg I lothner Xlen 5 and X oung 'Nlen C I OTIIINC, III I I RNISIIINC S Calvm Stud1o PORI RAVI VND CONINII RC I XI I entre Squfare X I I orner Kemmerer Paper Company SCIIOUI Sl PPI IIS Ita Sh IGI IIXNIII TUX ST XI LINTOWN PX PgT Had AN: ,xII1'llI1lYI 'S I"zlllIII.X' Slim- 5IOI'4' uf .. , .. fl' .',,:.' '.', . 1 Ilnlllplilzne-:IIN uf Y Q . 1 - w . ' I .N 4 2 A CO5 . " ' . 's 1 d IXPIIIIIIIIIIPIIISKPI' . n . I. . I . . . 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