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Ex ucsmsk W Q Y ws I1 I Q 5 :: P ,L , 1 -.i-.......-'-' gi? l l . .1 fi, - Qinmus btaff Fd1Ior1a1 Board nncttc Bun fVlanag1m, Lzdzfor Robut Alban Bruce bdum 111 XV1lmer Crpssm 111 Pcalurcs MlltOIl Donm can Mxtthuw I xclx I1 Dornbdch Pfxulmc Smgnr ack Taylor Qports 1 mer Crcs man Carloons Leo II mmcrl llll mT Schdcffcr Busmcss IN1nmtu Bury Bruce B num nn Robut Xlbm XV1lmLr C11-wsnm N21 v - ", Q ' K' ' ' A ' ' xl . H Z 1 WMI S ' ' 'il XV"z1 'z - -' 1 vb V' 1 an Jack Taylor XV1ll1z1n1T. Schzxcffcr Jforemorh Cr xclu mon puts a dlffercnt llght on school llfc Vi Int cl bun mum School routmc thugiftu lxcomcs mme: s muon mdmlng o our xou x o 1 ltx nwu our ll 1 sa ms to cipturc Ovcrx precious moment so that not om m xy lxcr csgapc lm H . ' -'-K f' -' :1 t- 1-' yy I IA' so -In j f 5' tl, not t lx- lhgl lu' IZ ff 'X '. In tl'.SC1OINl'5. thc- :ta ff I as trim-rl MR GEORGE W ZIMMERMAN Dehxcatnon of 1938 t km thls opportumtx to piv homigc to r Cuorgc W 7lIT1f'IliHTlil'l whoa mthcry mtclcst xuxcom S sg LITINILI1 sucns sums t xr J 1 m I mls ture us orts -nc mam mc L c Q cup IIHIJICSSIOFI on our xrts mn lt 1 to show how dup n fTOLtl0I'l nfl IC put we cc IS otuer C 'N-as Je Orc us nc ct th t un dcclu tc to 1 tmxsl sua of the Couus The claws z- ' H' as 1 ky M1 7 j- '. Q - Q, ' s-fa fl" "xi . ami flicncllinc-ss I max. ' kuiclc-cl 'O n -"ll rt 1 1- tx '- hc' flrst clays ut ,AXIIQ-nlown I ligh School. As he-acl of the C'omm4-rciul D4-I 1- r 1- mm, I ' -1 -.r.Q 1-ff m 1. lsy ya ml -ri- h -lp! mzlx 1- l -fr il in ' ' -.'.XA hee z d ' 's .' ' ' U ex 0 " zz 'H -y fl-l,z.' I lL.5r.'l'f'-.'l'1z'-f'l, za '- - "af - lim lf' ' - ' . ". gllllii ,mater XII h ul our 'Xlmr Mata r r cdr Qur XOICC of prusg incl glorx h To whom rll rucrcnu we hm rr Cl xou forgctlul wr ll hc nn nr Q h rll former for xou xr nn c chcrl lr ill trrt uc nu 1 lhrough futurc dns of hlc lVl1cl jox incl strllc Ancl C mxrx xncl Blur Throughout rhr lxncl of you me ll mug Loucl wrll our prusu mu rlng Of d rys th rt h uc pdssul hx Fond memories of dear old lhgh 011 Alma Mater hear our prusc To xou dll honor we do rua: Through future cl nys of llfc lVl1cljOx md strlln True may we Qtdncl loth to you And Cunirv and BluL Douonax N Knorr 2 2' x z ' 2 1-f . f E-."i j V' cur. Yi'-sz 'Hr Q' bf-z'. Anl z la '-I zu' lr-zrn. . k . , gym. ' ,- ' A h -'z Q ' -3 rliruc may wc stand, hoth to you ia z ja -. f 2 , f 1. v' i.K- xx' 1 v ,. I V z 2 z 'f 'Z J n -3 , Q , , ,' 4D1l1e1 of Iiiuulxs XS ' XII XI N D Xllf XISIC IyXCILIl,'I'Y CI.. OI" H38 IEIOCR. ' IIVS l',XI,I7,I' DNR XVIII. I'ROI'IlI',C'Y t'II.X.1SlI5 UI" 'SW .XXI III I1I.IKQ M INS XI'lII.lfl'IC S .I C'I.I'I3S E1.s1E M HECKMAN JAMES W. RICHARDSON, Vice-Principal COMUS 6 OFFICE Foncs Top EstherM Frey IreneA RUISZ Center -Olxve S Wennshelmer Bollom LeRoy K Mlller Harvey A Lockwood CCDMUS Tap Warren F Acker LeRoyS Allam EdnaM Allen Cenler MarthaC Arthur Clarence Ayres CharlesC Bachman Bailom M1nn1eC Bachman johnA Baker GertrudeM Benner 4 1 im.. ,S 1,1 .1 , r N , Top Albert L Bllllg Lucy E Bxttner Charles G Bower Center Melvlllej Boyer Mxrlam L Boyer Thomasj Brennan Bottom Anna F Buehler Edwm D Clauss Paul K Clymer K T fx ,K 4' +---ex f"'1 - 4 -4 .fi Z' 'O O . D' N . 1. CB . tn U N D K' w um "E , E. r N U' O . rf I D' E" Q ..f'b Q. FY 2. . O E' , r 0 , V nm T 9? 1 -2 IT1 0 , CT' W '1 LL. M, V. , - , .- ni Center john L Elsenhard amesR Flexer FlorenceM Fogel Bottom M L Frankenfield ClaudeA Freed J Warren Fntsch .l ian Top -Helen S. Gerhard: David R. Haclcetg Blanche E. Hallman Center 4Mahlon A. Hamm: Richard W. Hartzellg Esther L. Heffner Bollom4Paul F. Helclg Robert C. Herbeing Mary E, Herbert COIN il ES Top M Rhoda Herr Margaret M Hlcks Atal M Hcllenlzach Cenler Isabel S jeffrex Charles R olmson Benjamm Kane Bollom Nelson E Kern Ruth M Kxstlcr leon B Klxngaman C OlX f1Uk Top Ralph R Knauss Russellj Knauss Mabel K Knecht Cenler RayH Kressler Marxe P Kressley john N Lembach Bottom Nev1nT Loch HarryR McCullough RobertA Mellman C OM I 5 Top Esther E. Metzgerg Fred H. Nlinnerg Mabel E. Mulock Cenlcr Paul A, Nagleg Robert R. Neely: Helen Mary Noble Bollom Andrew J. Osmun' Harvey F. Prescott' Maurice H. Purcell CGM IS Tap E.dgarA Rabenold Ruth Redpath RogerAM Rentschler Cenler Alverna L Roncolato Anna L Schadt Dorothy C Schlxcher Bottom Fred G Schmerker Herbert B Schmoyer Phlhp F Schmoyer COMU9 ice. A SUE QE Top John G Schumalcer lVl Allce Schwanmger Oswellj Selp Cenler Blanche E Sery Ralph W Shxmer Elxzabeth K Snller Bollom Pearl W Smxth Bertha Mae Starner Robert L Stauffer I, L. I . X .l 1 U31 2 ,f 'F I' xx'l'l, V N-X4 4,3 ' - E V E . -3.. ig.. Q64 Ex' 'I E 4x. "flJx LOMUS MM Top Frances D Stemmuller Robert W Stlmmel Marlon Struthers Cenler Dorothy S Swope George E Thomas Edgar H Ulmer Bollom Ruth B Wagner Floyd H Weaver EarleH Welnshelmer CC INN S jffff Top T Mahlon Welrbach Herbertw Wentz RalphV Wetherhold Bottom Grace Woodrxng Edward W Znmmerman Georgew Zimmerman Helen K Cmlth COMUS if-BI Ernest Qsblep When the h ll 'ay xssue of the Canary went to press this year lt carried an article to lVlr Ernest Ashley to whom the staff paid trlbute for his fine work as Parks Commxssloner of Allentown And before that Issue was off the press the school was shocked to hear the sad news of Mr Ashley s sudden death We now agam pay trxbute to Mr Ashley not only as a member of our school board and commlssloner of our parks but as a true frlend of Allentown and Allentown people become known to all the town for hrs honesty falrness genxahty and good sense After hrs electron to the school board he became known for hrs fine sense of what was Ht and rlght and essentxal to the welfare of young people Then a llttle whxle ago people m Allentown made hlm Parks Commxssxoner Suddenly they saw new beauty spots wherever they drove ln or about the clty Not places of beauty plastered wxth slgns and advertlsements but beauty unspoiled enhanced by havlng all dlsordered and dlshgurmg growth of weeds and scrub removed made allurmg by paths and cleared vlstas along streams and under trees Mr Ashley not only developed places where people mxght enjoy coolness and beauty he provlded spots where chlldren might romp and run wxthout danger from motor trafflc Small wonder that people loved hlm They loved hlm for hls thoughtfulness they loved hxm for hrs great heart So It was wxth much sadness that the school sald lts last farewell to thus man among men who not only made his own monument rn natural beauty xn and about Allentown but also wxthout knowing xt built himself a place ln the hearts of all Allentomans Page Twenty four W' is c t 5 3 i Y. Before his election to the school board twelve years ago, Ashley had CGM U S john F Weaver Pics lane T Bottenheld Vice Pres FlorenccA Nlcffa Sccy Edwin E. WISSCT Treas ibnsturp Glass nt 1938 These three years have passed wlth such raplcllty that lt seems only yesterday that we were green sophomores However from the very clay of our orgamza tlon we belleve that we have made a contrlbutlon to the school May It be To athletlcs 38 has contrlbuted many noble warrlors We also feel much prlde concerning our so ral actxvltles Dances and other soclals lIlClUdlIlg our newly Introduced HG'Cl1Cf Swing were made successful only by the co operatlon and the common support of the entire student bocly for which we are very rateful The years have lncleed been three memorable milestones In the history of all the members of the class of 38 8 We leave our Alma Mater wlth a feelmg of regret and sadness The class of 38 will eventually smk lnto the general past of the school the glory of our lxttle successes will facle but we ourselves shall always find constant satlsfactxon ln the recollectlon that what we have done we have trled to do well And xt ns wlth deep respect and affectlon that we blcl farewell to the school we shall always love Page Tuenly ff f' . Af' saicl that we never undertook any enterprise which was not a success. . L , ' - . K ' A - vc Xin ifrlemux mm I Pl Il JI I I l X Klll fam 711 cnlu wx Ill! Yi' -.Nl Il Hun l'Il Cllllll- HU Ur ,mr-s 'liRl'Xl.l re Clflliirl HHH lynn tlu c XOI 111 r1l1im:'u0xx' the-liglxi Ufill7IlIU211'li1X In In rt rl tlfwu-rl thrrn Ilu'y1ix'c.:' uluwirm mv In mvcx I1 1px ml fm -ww' k' ng. 2 , '. -, ABELF GRACE ALTHFA GRACIE General Llltle ln sialurc bul nol ln mlml Centle lovlng exccedlngly md Here IS an ldeal mlss whose pleaslng personallty has won her scores of frlends ln her three years at Allentown Hlgh School Cracle rarely mlsses any of the hlgh school functlons especlally the dances As for StUdlCS she belleves that subject lS best whlch requlres the least preparatlon Wonder lf she ll remember that when she s a teacher and our best wlshes go wlth her' Dramalrc Club 2 4 Hlslorlcalsoclelq 2 3 Clrl Reserves 2 ADAMS ,IANF IDA Sus Commerclal A babbllng brook I5 never sllll ane3 Oh sure-we all know ane She s the one that s usually ln the mldst of a group dolng most of the t8lklhg and laughlng and always wllllng to take part ln any prank But really she can be serlous lf she wants to Jane I5 an ardent football fan and qulte an accomplished muslclan Her futureflet lt take ltS own course May It be a happy one Band I 2 3 ACKER CLIFFORD CLIFF Commerclal Klnd words are llle muslc of llle world Good natured Acker always has a klnd word for every body He always speaks wlth a cheery tone and keeps hls worrles to hlmself Cllff IS a melodlous chap hasn t mlssed a hlgh school dance ln the last three years A all football and basketball games Cllff IS up front rootlng for the Canarles wlth all he s got ADAMS CHARLES G CHARLIE Cnollu seaulon Know lllyseU Here IS an enterprlslng young electrlclan who hopes to step out somewhere ln the vast field of electrlclty H enjoys Joklng danclng and automoblle Yldlng He does hls work promptly neatly accurately and SIFIVCS for perfectlon through hard work and appllcatlon Charlle keeps hls grades ln the nlnetles and consequently has never taken an exam We all wlsh Charlle the best of luck and we feel sure that he wlll make good ln hls chosen career lf he contlnues ln the same splrlt of responslblllty and appllcatlon that have been evldent throughout hls school days Page Twenly .seven u -- f 4- . . -- . . . . . . . . - . , . I .. .- . . , . . v . . . H I 1 , , k . ' . . , ' - ,il . ' D . . . t 1 . , - 'H .Tx I 3 4 - , . r l v 1 I, nn , :J . f . - 1' rxwwxq. . .xgylsfl U U n .. . v- ll v. . . . . e l . - . 3 , . . Y, ff 1 ' iff . ' , y ll U , J l. . . . -- J J ' . . n n , - ALBEE ROBERT EMERSON Boa Science and Engxneerxng Great men nd then' thoughts ln dreams But poets tn thc hearts o men A gentleman ln all respects IS Bob He wrxtes and acts well whenever necessary The strangest part of thls IS that he needs no msplratxon to turn out the best of work Ttll Bob something IS needed for the Canary and you ll have xt ln less tlme than you can take to tell hxm and nt IS always quality superior Thls qualltv brought hum to the edxtorxal board of the Canary and Blue Yet with all his ablllty he IS a quxet unassummg fellow but whenever he finds msplratlon move over Men of Fame ALLSOP DOROTHY IRENE Dor-na Tal atwe with frrcnds Dot jolly happy go lucky llkes to dance swim and go to the movies She takes an mterest ln all sports but only as an observer A cheery Hello or H1 ah for every one rs her usual greeting She honestly llkes office work of all klnds and that s the best assurance ln the world that she wxll be a really good business woman COMUS ADAMS JOHN M ol-IN Engmeermg and Sclence Do unto others as you would have them do unto you John IS one of those fellows Wlth a sen e of humor that makes hlm an Ideal companion One of the more mtelll gent pupils of the school his teachers can always depend on hlm to do neat and accurate work He has always been athletlcally mcllned and has been on the track team his three years ln hugh school Moreover he IS much mterested ln baseball and horseback riding ohn plans to attend Lehigh Umverslty to take the ClVll engmeerlng course ALBRIGHT ELIZABETH HELEN Barra General Tis somethzng to be willing to commend But my best prarse I3 that I am her fnend Bette 18 one of those girls who float about the halls f A H 9 with a smlle and a greeting for every one She s full of fun and yet she can be serlous Bette IS qulte a movie fan and can forecast all the best shows ln town Her one great ambltlon IS to be a nurse C1rlRescrves I 2 3 4 German Club I 2 Page Twenty erght 713 HJ n , . . 4. n ' s ' L . - , . ., , . 1 .. .. , ..- . . . . f . . . .- 0 . . . , . .... . , . , . . . . . I . . - .. ., ,. . v . ANDREWS WARREN FRANKLIN ANDY Commercial I can laugh I can wreslle I Il lmesl your money all wzlh equal ease If you hear a ccmmotlon m the hall that s Ancy for he IS blessed wlth a jovial nature which he uses to enter tam us m season and out of season ln hxs ,lunlor year W rren left the Hunslcker Building and lmmedlately became a member of the A H S gym team Warren w1ll probably be one of our bug business men some day and we wxsh hum all the luck In the world Gym Team 2 APOLENIS CHARLES ja APPLE Engineering and Science An apple a day keeps Doclor Gloom away We all know Charlle Apolems the bands gnft to the ladies Apple IS one of those drummer boys who IS mdns pensable to the cheer leaders at all athletic contests for without his well known clatter, the cheers would be qulte Hat Charlle s quxte a wow at solxcl, algebra, and trng, too Band, 3, 4 CCDMUS ALMEIDA ALBERT A Pu! uour azllz in llre Lord Bu! eep your powder dry You can always flnd Al tallung to his school friends or down ln the swxmmxng pool trying to learn to swim Although you would never know It he really does study sometimes Al plans to go to college to do some more swlmmmg and studying And he IS so modest he wouldn t even record here what all the world knows he s on the All American Swxm Team which puts him and Allentown Pennsylvania on the world map agam Swunmmg Team 2 3 4 All Amerzcan 1937 .Wx '24, Lx Jkt ANTHONY ALBERT STEPHEN STEVE Commercial Tall oaks from lrllle acorns grow A little grant What this fellow lacks ln height and bulk he makes up ln an oversupply of energy and ambx tlon Too small to take part lh any of the major sports he nevertheless 18 an ardent fan and IS always loyal to the school teams A good student and a fine frxend always ready to share another s troubles what more would one wxsh to find Lots of luck to Steve Page Twenty mne g , . "AL" l U , f' ' : T k we - A s - a - A L A X 7 A V -L .. - ' . .Y A CCDMUS ARBOGAST WALTER WALLY General He lakes cvcrylhmg m hrs slrzde domg many df cull llungs wzlh grcal ease ln hxs sophomore year Wally made a name for hlmself by taklng the part of David m the Davld Copperfield play He gets good marks and he lakes hrs fun Wally as partial to dancmg ln fact lS an expert dancer Wally made a record ln attendance at school never havmg mxssed a day for eleven years 1 fl!-if L ,Lf ' 1, ARNER NORMA TOMMY Commercial Hers IS a spzrzl deep and crystal clear Here IS another commerclal lass Norma I9 the test sport ever a friend Indeed when some poor mdlvldual IS suffering from overwork and cannot get her lessons finished She always comes to school with her work p epare"l and with a cheerful glee mg for every one Her pleasing personality will Insure her a rosy future and her gc o 1 rature many firm and true friends Bas elball 2 lnlerclass Play 2 ARNOLD FRANCES E FRAN General Pcrszslcnce and smccrrlu are qualrlrcs lhal spell good orlunc A bright smile a cheery hello spells Fran If you want a rousxng good time be sure to take her along She can pep up even a party that s ready to lledown and dle Not only that she lS one of the best pals any one could have Always ready to try anythxng once she wlll go to any amount of trouble to do anything for a frxend We re sure the little children she xnten:ls to teach wlll love her ARVAY HELEN R HELEN Commercnal A keen mrnd lS aforlunc Helen I5 an athletnc gurl very peppy and ready to enter unto all sort of fun She has made many friends durmg her school years whom she will retain ln later lxfe She IS intelligent She has no need to fear unemployment Page Thlrly V ll Z a . Q s I ." Im ft . : , L, , f' 9 ,M , 1 .r V7 Q t f A .rv C S BACHMAN RUTH M Ruvus Commercnal lnlcllzgence and courlesy always comluned A generous heart a wmsome smlle a hearty laugh enhance a charmlng face Ruth throughout dear old hlgh davs has made and kept many friends She has been an honor student an:l s one of those peopl who seem to absorb learnlng right frcm the alr How we unfor tunates envy admire her When qxestxoned as to her real ambltlon she disclosed that she was mcllnecl toward typing All of us can vouch for her ability Her fingers verltably glance off the keys leaving a neat accurate paper BAILER RUTH MARJCRIF Pu. General Pran s and-jo es she does csleem Ruth IS tall and clngmfied ln bearmg but her eyes are usually laughing She lS aloof with those she doesnt know but others End her a good lrxend Ruth studles well and IS rarely caught napping She enjoys dancmg and excels ln swimming and tennls She intends to become a nurse lt has always been her ambltlon BACHMAN DONALD N Dow Engmeermg and Sc1ence Le! ll1e gzrls alone and you Il prosper Don IS a shy fellow whose ll"lVeStlgatl0I'l9 ln the mysteries of phvslcs have already made a place m the annals of the school Outslcle of school Don IS a good swimmer and builder of radlos His ambltlon IS to become a ham His hobbles are puzzles and mystery stories With either electrical or chemical engmeermg as his course he expects to enter Lehxgh thls fall Football Cage Manager BAER ANNA MARIE ANN General She smflcd on me Oh' then I saw her eye was bruzlrl A well of life a sprlng of l1gl1t Ann believes that laughter IS the cure for all llls which may explam her wmsome ways and pleasing personality Ann has wlt as her host of frxends can testify Little Ann loves pleasure too but she l-Keeps xt m lts place she never neglects her studxes She IS a fine sport no matter how bashfrl and tlmld she may seem ln class We don t like the ldea of not seeing Ann every day but perhaps we ll meet asain on the Road to Happlness for that s the road Ann will travel Page Tlurly one . - ., .- v . r. . v H , . . . . . . . ,. ., 4 v A . .. H , . .. . . U , , , - , , v - 1 1. , . , y U -1 . , f . . . -- , . , , - - f . - . . . . ' y . . v 1 L . , . , . , . , . COMUS BALLIET HARRIS General A ever sau die' Here xs a lad who ns well lxked by all hrs frxends who always has a cheery word 1D the hall lS falr m hls studies btt can t seem to stop foclmg When the call for foot ball practice comes he IS out on the held He hopes to be alil to work his way through college and take up physl al educatlon We all wxsh hxm llcl H w1ll be m s ed by all who knew hum Football I 7 3 4 BARRINGTON RUSSELL MEI VILLE Russ General Wzth graceful steps he strides the streets And smzles at all the mazdens sweet There struts down the hall a tall handsome chap named Russ who seems to have no worry m the world except to have a gcozl time He seems to llke the corrldors better than the classrooms but he can t be blamed for that Russ expects to be a forest supervxsor and plans to enter Penn State ln the fall Lots of luck Russ Chorus 2 3 4 A Cappella 3 4 PEBBLES BAKER HARRIET SYKE5 Pretty enough Wrtty enough Peppy enough ust enough If you see a brown halrecl brown eyed smllmg zlrl comlng through the hall you ll recognize Pebs Her love of fun makes her welcome anywhere Pebbles appreclatxon of muslc and sports lS a perfect combmatlon and you ll find her at all the football and basketball games They ll probably see her at Nloravxan next year What ever she does her sunny smnle wxll see her through Chorus 2 3 4 Bas etball 3 4 Cerman Club 4 Y W 2 xx Hoasre BARBER WARREN DICK General Steel that loses :ts temper 15 worthless so are men Warren bclreves nn bemg seen more than belng heard He IS sedate unassuming but serious ln hls Interest so gxrls l:eware of hxs lnterest Out of school he devotes hrs time to his studle hxkmg and the piano Hrs plans for the future are stlll unknown but we wxsh hlm success Page Tlurty two . .. , . J " 5. . , I y , . CA., ,3,4. - ,X , - -- .. t.ll , . . , . 3 P . ',l. 2 .5 , , .. - Q V S, , . ' 1 , . , . . , 7 D . , . , -,vi ,,' . . C S BARTO JCHN VINCENT cHN Commercial Am I rl ne when things are lop y and as ew To know some one has good oldfashzoned azlh in yon 3' ohn is an ambitious and studious fellow He does not grasp problems easily but he never elves up until he does He doesn t keep putting things off but does them as quickly as he can ohn s clothes are simple and plain the typical sort a business man should wear He is gay and friendly always mixing in with the crowd When john graduates he expects to travel and our good wishes go with him BAUER JEAN ADELE EANNIE General A good sense o humor 13 far bcller lhan none ll ma cs others happy and crcalcs packs o fun eannie is the laughing girl with the beautiful rel gcli curls She IS straightforward and a trL.e friend to her friends Her ultimate ambition is to become a nurse but thread will no longer be any necessity where she goes she will keep her patients in stitches Jeannie we wi h you lots of luck and all the su ccess possitle' Chorus 2 3 4 Cerrran Club 3 4 Cul Rescues 2 4 BARTHOLOMEW ROBERT H BART General H hy work today u,hen you can wark lomorrowi Well here we have a person whose idlosyncracles at times make him a hardly understandable personage however he seems to pull through them with flying colors One of his chief assets is his ability to remain cool calm and collected at the most trying time His chief interests are bowling and debating which take up a great portion of his time If Bart ever gets down to real serious work he will make a success of anything he undertakes BATMAN ROBERT VICTOR Boa There s no art lo fnd lhe mind s conslruclron rn lhe ace Bob is a studlous sort of fellow the kind every one likes to meet always ready to greet you and cheer you wherever vou are When a person is looking for a com lination of Herctles and Robert Tay lor he can find it in Bob Bob expects to be a surveyor and we wish him all the luck and happiness in the world Page Thlrlg, lhrce A n 1 . f . . .- '. D g 'J , 2 . . I l Engineering and Science .. - . . . . f l O U f ' - .. k ' f - J . . - I h . . . .I ,, I i COMUS BAUER MARGARET K Peo General The ideal of courtesy wil grace and charm A Hash of wit the glint of blonde hair and Peg s here Have you ever heard her talk3 Well really her philosophy xs annoying for one so small But her size doesn t worry her one blt She s got more fight and fire than a lot of taller people Although she hasn t decided on her future work we know her personality will make her welcome everywhere Girl Reserves 2 3' 4 BAUER MARIE LOUISE MAZIE General Commercial Late lo bed laie lo rzse Keeps Mazze from getting wise A laugh or a giggle that s Mazie s high sign She can assure you a good time She is small at times quiet and likes to study but she prefers to put it off until the last minute Football and basketball and her own social actlvxtles keep her busy She does a little knitting and reading Mazie expects to become somebodys typxst and there IS madness in her methods We wish her the best luck ln the world YWCA 34 BAUER RICHARD K Dick lndustrlal Auto Shop Hail Ye Oracle of Learning Dick IS an average student an ardent sport fan and a fisherman He tells us of the blg ones that get away l school Dick gets along with every one even the teachers. He is fitting himself to be an auto mechanic. BAUMAN BRUCE 'Bnucs General Bruce is just one of those fellows. A good all-round sport willing to try his hand at anything and always on the job. He is known by almost every Soph Junior and-oh yeswsenior in high school. The Canary would certainly miss this happy heart for his work means a lot to the staff. Bruce adds seasoning to the Canary pepper pot. Whatever happens to him wherever he goes we know Bruce will be a success because he has the knack of making friends. Page Thirty-four CCD US BECHTEL GERTRUDE A General Her eyes are so een that she loo s not only through a mlll stone but clean through thc mmd Allentown Hugh wxll mlss the sincere frlenzllmess and scholastlc endeavors of this brown halred glrl who has so completely won the hearts of all her classmates wlth her wmnmg smlle and pleasmg personality For her charm 18 not to be equalled her popularlty not to be dlmmed and her humor not to be surpassed These three charac terlstlcs are Indeed the marks of a lovely lady BEISEL RALPH BERTRAM BABE General Happiness I3 hrs or others to share A good fellow at all tlmes lh his own and peculiar way Babe s gay personalxty and strlkmg appearance attract some very pretty gurls He IS very sociable and gets along with every one at school He IS learmng how to be a chef and he says that he IS gomg to work at the Waldorf Astoria He also wants to be a salesman but this IS hrs second choice He has a gift of gab and he should make a very good salesman BAUMAN OLIVE AGNES OLLIE General Chewing gum My mgdom for some gum Qu1et5 Until you know her' Ollie has made many fnends durmg her three years at Allentown Hlgh Her chlef mterest lles ln sports and she IS ln her glory watchlng a football or basketball game Dancing IS quxte a thrlll to her swlmmmg IS another We don t know where Olive IS gomg or what she wxll do but we wish her the best of luck and happlness YWCA 234Chorus34 GERTIE BEERS HAROLD DANIEL DEACON Serenely full the eplcure would say Fate cannot harm me I have dmed today You wlll usually Fmd Deacon Beers walking through the hall lookmg as lf he clldn t have much sleep the night before Hls feet seem to be the greatest of h1s worrles except for a teeny blonde Harold ns qulte a chemlstry student and we hope that he will be one of the world s up and coming chemists During the next four years he will be taklng an engmeermg course at Lehigh University Varsxty Football Page Thirty Hue .. .. . .. . , .. . . . . ' , . , . . . . . - -, . , i . . . .. .. , . .. k k . , . L. , .. ,. . Engineering or Scxence , , . .. . , . - I , ll Il V ' . ' . '07, , . . . , COMUS BENNECOFF MAE ELIZABETH SKEETER Commerclal Conslanl cheer ulness IS a sign of wzsdom Every one has at least one dlstmctlon but Mae has three cheerfulness smxles and slncerlty As soon as Mae entered these portals her cheery dlsposltlon was recognized Her hobbles are drawing and tennis but she IS axmmg for a career as a commercial Illustrator Her splendld talent ln drawing wxll achieve this for her If you are not feelmg qulte up to par and want some one to cheer you page Mae BENNER DOROTHY QARA Dooo General 1 s rm lhe sur aces and brush them wzth a gay wzng Dorothy of the blue eyes ns a conlirmezl bookworm but she ns rarely serxous m fact she takes everythmg hghtly qhe likes to study although she usually puts things off untxl the last minute She mt nds to go to Kutztown State Teachers College to prepare to be a hbrarxan BENNER PATTERSON DlX PAT General To slrrve to see lo nd and no! lo yxeld Pat IS mdustrxous capable of bemg a good leader and qualifies as a true and worthy frlend An ardent sport fan Pat attends all the sports ln school and cheers all the teams lusllly Hls good volce earnezl hlm hls place m the A Cappella Choir but durmg holxdays he explores the mountaxns for anythmg new and mterestmg A professor of hlstory at some coll ge doing journalxshc work on the sxde lS what IS wrxtten on his hat band May you see all your desires realized A Cappella Chou' 4 Spanish Club BFNNETT MARGARET MARY PEC. General A blush IS more f cclue lhcn a smile As she gaxly passes through the halls Peg will probably be discussing her favorite topic food Her fondness for eating comes second to her fondness for dark haired men Flans for the future are not yet completed but with all Peg s qualltles she shonld become a perfect secretary Page Thlrly sux V .. k. f g . . .. .. k' f . COMUS BENTZ EDWARD K EDU155 General I you Itch or something Scralch or rl Although Eddle does not actlvely engage m sports ln hlgh school he IS an ardent follower of the A H S teams As a fnend Eddle IS tops has cheerfulness makes you forget your troubles For a hobby he turns to animal collectmg and at present he has qulte a few speclmens After graduation he expects to enter Muhlenberg College where he plans to study ITledlCll'le BENTZ PIERCE WESTON Buren Commercial It s a wzse head that has a wrse tongue Butch xs a llkable chap always wlllmg to glve a helplng hand especxally to the glrls Hxs soul I8 filled wlth rhythm he takes a musical slant toward everythmg An excellent student wxth a wmnlng personallty he masters accountmg as he has mastered tennls We are sure he will be a great CPA Commercial Club Preszdenl Tenms Team 2 3 BERKOWIT7 MELVIN BERKY General Smcenly IS a uzrlue few men possess Berlcy I5 a conscientious boy ln hls study and loves all sports, especially basketball He IS a smcere friend to all of his acqualntances Hls love for dogs IS evident ln hls daily walk with hxs own dog He mtends to enter Penn State College BERDELLE FLORENA CECELIA RENE Her ways are ways of pleasanlness Rene sometimes called the Burdelle Knd IS a red head both m appearance and temperament She IS always smlllng and there ns a contmual sparkle ID her eyes Nor IS she behmd m her studles for she always has her requlred work done on tlme We thunk housekeepmg wxll get her first attentlon Page Thzrly seven .. ,. . . .. f , f , f H! ' . z . j, . , , ' :A at . 4 fm, I 1- .1 w1?3i-'jllfvte ' v . , . : . : ' . . . l .. ,, . .. ,, l I ' I , . . -. CCDMUS BERIVIAN MILTON LOUIS MASHE One reason wlry co ed scl1ools are mtercstzng to girls Mashe xs our lxttle Esquire boy who makes the gurls hearts flutter as he passes by wlth hls curly locks He IS not only one of the best dressers ln the school he excels ln basketball Although he plays Varsxty he stlll manages to stay well above m hrs studles Mashe IS quiet and studlous ln school but he s a terror after 2 40 He expects to enter the busmess world as a C P A Good luck Mashe and may your later years be as successful as your three here at A H S V Basketball 2 Varsity Basketball 3 4 Natxonal Honor Soczety 4 BERNHARD MILDRED JOYCE Mu. Commerclal Better than gold IS a tlnnklng mmd Mlldred IS rather qulet and reserved but she can be full of mlschlef You can fully appreclate her only by learnmg to know her She loves swlmmmg and her danc mg ns something to be proud of Her favorite pastlme IS freehand drawing and she Ilkes to read a good book now and then She IS ambltlous to be a success ln the busmess world Good luck to you Nlnldred Gym Club 2 3 4 Basketball 4 BERKY LENORE D PETE General Heart on ller lzps and soul wztlun her eyes So t as her cllme and sunny as her s les Every one knows Lenore as a Jolly good frxend and a good sport with a personalxty that attracts every one and eyes that one can t reslst Pete s plans for further educatxon are not qulte definlte but we know that wherever she attends college she will be one of nts most popular students Here s wxshmg Lenore good fortune' Sczcnce Club 2 3 German Club 3 4 Dramatzc Club l 2 Hrstorzcal Society 3 Gxrl Reserves l 2 3 4 Chorus 3 4 BERNHARD FREDERICK CLARK Fan-z General Huntzng he lov d but love he laughed to scorn Fntz is the official mlmlc of High School He IS one of our best dressed students and always has a broad smile or a frlendly word He s a great sport fan and 18 always at the games volcmg his praise of dear old Alma Mater When he lsn t busy doing hls school work he IS casting rmgs from dlmes or quarters and he already has an mterestlng collectxon He means to become a top notch dental techmcxan Good luck Fritz you can make us false teeth sometime Page Tlurty ezglrt U H , . U . .. , . f . k.,. , . . Y - f , ,.. I., v-, fr, -1 nsyl, I,- w U ,- v U . . .n . . . ., v , - f .. , , .. - 1 , , ,. H H f U . , n , . . . . n . . . ., . . . . n - N .. - I y v 1. -. n U . .. .U . . , - v . , , nur: .- CMJS BERTA GEORGE Yunx Gzve me an open road and space lo szng George s mam objectnve xn llfe IS to become an expert architectural draftsman George s favorxte place t spend a Sunday afternoon IS ln Llttle Lehigh Parkway The wade open spaces seem to affect hum xn some way He starts slngmg the moment he enters the park and 18 stlll smgnng when he leaves nt Swlmmmg IS Yurk s favorite sport and his favorlte hobby IS readmg Major Hoople ln the funny papers Yurk played football two consecu tlve years Everybody llkes hum for his cheerful dl8p0Sl tlon and his character BIGATEL ELVIRA AGNES VEER5 Commercial A courageous mend rs a lreasure Elvxra IS a blonde ltallan glrl wlth a friendly smxle and a charming personallty She keeps her opmlons and Ideas to herself not volcmg them xn public She IS an all round gurl her favorite hobbies muslc and sports She enjoys good literature and Shakespeare IS one of her favontes Her greatest desxre ns to be a bookkeeper Baskelball 4 BILKA ROSE HENRIETTA CHINK Can she dance can she slrul Slrul she doesn I do anylhmg but' Rose IS one of the most popular of our glrls She IS an ardent dancer and IS rarelyabsent from theregular Nlealey s Wednesday nlghts She ns always happy giggles much dances a lot but always studxes too Perhaps one reason for her popularity IS her abxlxty to be sweetly serlous or captlvatlng and cheerful at exactly the right moment She takes everything as lt comes and handles every sltuatnon with grace What else could you expect of such a cheerful person ' L X BITTFNBENDFR MAE HANNAH MAF Commercial You Il hear her above all Mae has always been known as a fun loving happy go lucky gal always on the go gettmg new fnends and new Ideas She doesn t let serious matters worry her Her favorlte sports are skatxng and swlmmlng She trxes any thang under the sun m a swlmmmg pool which gives her the name of being the daring lass she I8 Mae s ambmon IS to be a designer Cul Reserves I 2 3 Suummmg 3 Gym 4 Page Thrrly nme 1 1 . l . , . , 0 , . , .. f. . .. . ,. , .. , , , . . - I . , . . S frm ', 5 . . . COMUS BVITERMAN DAVID S BITT General When llme I5 lo be wasled 1 Il waste It IF slncerlty IS a vlrtue Bltt mlght posslbly be called a Salnt for slncerlty has marked all hls endeavors durmg hls hlgh school career When there lS a rush for the lunch room or to the next class you can see the streak and up from behlnd comes Bltt As far as women are concerned Bltt ISD t He s a woman bater ln the fullest sense of the word and some A future journallst lf there ever was one' BLANK HERBERT I-rsv General I m a Dreamer Arcn t we all-5 ltsy IS llked by every one He 15 always Joklng and people laugh at what he says He llkes all athletlc sports but feels he lS not good enough for any of the teams He does hls best ln school Splflt for he went out for basket hall usher and was made captaln Slnce then hls slogan 1S Call me Cap He IS one of the orlglnal members of the famous Slxteenth Street Gang Football usher Caplazn of the Bas ctball Ushers 4 BODMAN CHARLOTTE MARY PETE Flne Arts Her lvory hands on lhe lvory keys Slrayed ln afitfulfanlasy Sometlmes talks much and says nothlng but more tlmes Prlnt Shop Frlendly loyal honesl lrue George IS an easy person to get along wlth He llkes to be ln a gang where there lS plenty of fun brewlng H always argues on lnposslble thlngs He hopes some day to become an engraver ln a publlshlng house He llkCS tennls and baseball and studles thoroughly We wlsh hlm plenty of luck talks llttle and says much Charlotte laughs her way through llfe wlth the most amuslng glggle She has a sunny dlsposltlon and also stands ln the upper half of her class that means she lS a good student She IS so lnter ested ln muslc that she wlll make a flne muslc teacher Charlotte has many frlends rates hugh ln the OPIDIOH of her teachers and IS loyal to her Alma Mater We of the student body wlsh her great success ln her beloved muslc Clr1Reserves 2 3 4 Usher 2 3 4 Planlsl I Glee Club I Page Forly ,' ' k , . BOARDMAN. GEORGE OLIVER "BoARDY" 'V A . . - . I . ' e BOOKER MARGARET RUTH Pzccv General The grace o friendliness IS lhe best of all lhe graces Peggy a glrl of radlant personalxty has many vlrtues and few vlces She I3 a comblnatlon hard to beat A frlend ln need 18 a friend Indeed when she turns to Tommy on the spot Peggy expects to go to Buffalo Unlverslty May good fortune favor her future undertakings Bon voya ge Peg BOYER DONALD DAVID Dow General To belzeve rn the hcrozc makes heroes Don seems to be a happy go lucky fellow but under neath the surface he xs serlously mclxned and he has the pluck to get what he wants He rs one of the jollnest fel lows ln the school and an ardent sports fan CQMUS BOND ARLAN F Bun General Care rec and happy lhzs rs ll1e besl way lo describe Bud Arlan IS one of our cheerful boys a dark haxred good lookmg young fellow grvmg you an extra cheerful smlle An ardent radlo fan he has no tlme for soclal functlons but all the time m the world for baseball and basketball Durmg the summer he spends his time on a ball dlamond ln the crest of wmter he attends basketball games Being a good chum Bud has made many frlends durmg his stay at A H S Always makmg good m his studies enables hum to display good marks on his report card Bud expects to become a teacher Success IS bound to come his way BOWERS EARLENE LEANY Commercial As me no quesllons and I II lell you no b Earlene IS a quxet unassuming gurl full of llfe and fun Always absorbed 1n the thmg at hand she sets a fine example for others As a student she IS one of the best keen and attentlve and learns quickly Her favorite sport she tells us IS hlkmg her ambltxon to be a successful beauty culturnst But whatever comes her way shell greet with a triumphant smlle Page Forty one .. ., , . , . D - I - , . . . . . .. f . . . .. , . , I7 I , . .. .. . .. . . .. k fi s. , . , . . , . . , : , . CCDMUS BRADER ALLEN CHARLES Pu-r'rY Sclence and Engmeermg He hall: a hear! as sound as a bell and hrs tongue rs lhe clapper or what lus hear! lllmks hrs langue spea s Versatxllty strlkes the keynote of hls character ovlal and qulck he has a sense of humor Allen wlll argue with you about anythmg slnce he has been connected with the Orotans His loud splashmg xn the swlmmmg pool 18 evldence of hls dlvmg ablllty He IS known as Putty to a certam few Good luck Allen Orolan Ddbdflflg Socrely Swimming Team H1 Y BRAY RICHARD E DICK Engmeerlng and Scxence Wzllioul senllmenl lhcre would be no avor ln lx e Duck IS a congenxal fellow always ready to take part ID good clean sport A happy go lucky fellow ln hls spare time he IS a consclentxous worker and a good student 1n hrs serlous moments He IS a serious mmded fellow and never forgets his manners He has been a member of theA Cappella Choir for three years and lS proud of hrs q artette BRESLIN ANN C ANN General So azr a chee so azr a smxle Would cause a man to walk a mile Here IS the girl who cannot help belng a success some day There IS never a dull moment when Ann IS around Her personallty wall make twlce as many friends ln the future as ln the past Her favorlte sports are football and dancing ln fact she has been to almost every school dance She has chosen haxr dressmg as her lxne of work after graduation G1rIReserves 2 3 4 BRESLIN CHARLES Imsn General If I say I will l wzll You may depend ont lrlsh IS small but oh my IS he mighty' Irlsh s strong determination alone wlll carry hlm far Once he sets out to do a thmg he does It Nor does he ever complain he just takes thmgs as they come and keeps his thoughts to himself lrush shows variety In sports and always helps the rest cheer A H S on to vlctory And we are cheering hlm to what3 To anythlng We are just cheermg hlm Page Forly two if . . ' . k lu .. . . fl . u., A Cappella Chair, 2, 3, 45 Chorus, 2, 3, 4. .. f . k' f . . I H BROWN DOROTHY CHARLTON D01- General I ta e the world for my pleasure ground Dorothy llght hearted carefree and fun lovmg halls BREY JOSEPH o Clad trll the dancing stops And the lrll of the musxc ends If lt s the smoothest dancer on the floor rf hes the sleekest man ln the game lf he s the lad wlth the Jaggest suits lt s oe who has so large a store of Jokes he keeps his classmates m an uproar and hrs teachers ln a frenzy This year oe I8 the captaln of the basketball squad and a captain to be proud of He expects to enter Wharton School of Busmess thxs fall Luck to you ln the busmess world Basketball 2 3 4 from Center Valley Whenever you hear loud peals of laughter you are sure Dot 15 there She lS well hked and respected by those who know her Although Dot doesn t belxeve ln hard work she manages to get her homework rn on tlme Among her favorlte pastimes are cookmg dancmg and the movies She likes most sports and IS occasionally on hand to see A H S on to victory Her chlef ambition IS to become a secretary BROWN RUTH E General A lrglzl heart lwes long Sophlstlcated3 Reserved? Guess again' Although an BROWN HUGH EDWARD BART College Entrance Be elaborate do not hurry Bart I5 known never to hurry but don t be mlstaken he xs always on the go xn hrs own dellberate way He IS full of wlt and always has an answer or wlsecrack a quxck man Indeed' He goes ln for all sports but to no great degree ThlS man expects to go to Muhlenberg and maybe later to Dxckmson where he mtends to study law He wants to have law offices ln New jersey and to be a successful cnmlnal lawyer Good luck to you Bart May you be successful ln every case you plead personal or legal Bnowunz excellent student Browme IS a grand sport and a swell friend She 18 seldom xn a hurry but has plenty of pep when It comes to dancing and arguing She xs ready wlllxng and able to outwlt any one who will provlde the opposition for an argument Her wllllngness to try any thing once and her sympathy for any one ln trouble have galned her many frrends She wxll be a valuable asset to Wilson College next year Nath Pleda 2 3 Pres1dent4 C1r1Rcservea 2 3 4 German Club 4 Page Forty three . J E . ., .I ' . J . . ' , . , .. k ,, v . ' v I ' . I l u ' ' , , - . , Q . , . 1 - . . . , , . . . W , , . . . . - . . . . . COMUS BROWN WILLIAM VICTOR B1-zowNlE Commercial I f herght were money he would be a poor man Brownie has a pleaslng way that IS all hrs own He has a great many friends ln and about the Hugh School As a Certlhed Publlc Accountant this young lad of sxxteen should go a long way Good Luck Brownle Track Team 2 BRUDER ARLENE MARCUERITE ARLENE Retail Sellmg Faxlhful lo every lrusi Every day at the end of the thrrd perxod Arlene hustles for the trolley that takes her down town where she arms to please her customers and she does' Arlene seems very qulet on first acquaintance but after chummlng around wxth her one finds her full of fun She always has her work done and she IS always wlllmg to lend a hand to some unfortunate The future wlll probably see Arlene a sales glrl xn one of our local department stores BUCKWALTER WARREN EDGAR Bucxcv Engmeermg and Sclence Crea! lalenl has always a lztlle madness mrxed up wrth ll BUCHERT JEAN LILLIAN ,IEANIE One good friend I3 wnrlh len enemies Brown eyes and brown halr wlth two llttle ribbon bows these mark Jean She IS loved by every one that knows her and can act the clown nf the party IS ln need of one Her highest ambltlon IS to do well whatever work the commerclal course requires She is a great lover of foot ball and basketball too and can Indulge m a game herself now and then Bucky wlth an Interest ln sports and soclal affalrs has a natural gay splrlt that can plerce any gloomy situation I-Irs frlends are many as a result of this very admlrable quahty The world needs more men llke Bucky Page Forty four I K2 .. ,. . .. . .. , . , . .. ,, . . , , , . . . Commercial .. . . . .. , . , .. ,. 1 . . . . CCDMUS BUEHLER KARL A CAB Mechanlcal Draftmg lndustrxal They are never alone lhal are accompanied wzlh noble lhouglzls Here 18 a young man from the Drafting department who llkes his work He xs a swell fellow and likes to attend all hngh school affaxrs Karl s special outside Inter ests are swxmmmg and danclng ust like all other fellows he likes the glrls and ln his spare time I5 usually seen with them Well Karl here 15 luck to whatever you may try ln your future years BURY NANETTE JEAN Nm: Commercial Farr anal pure fne and Irue We oflen wonder 1 f lhere s more lzlfe you Who s that persistent lass that keeps worrylng the Canary and Blue staff untxl they finally hand their materxal ln and on txme3 Nan s met wlth some tough luck but she always comes up smlllng and darlng the world to lxck her Nan IS made up of that mcomparakle formula cheerful personallty generous chsposxtxon and sparlflmg sense of humor and wxth that she can t be beat She s the one person we know that can be an exceutlve wxthout Tsquare Club 2 3 4 looking like one So go get em Nan' Clubbe 2 Cheerleadzng 2 Dramalzc Club 2 Canary and Blue 2 3 4 Edzlor 4 Camus 4 BUTZ ALBERT DEREUBEN Bu-rzm Com merclal Bu! xt rs necessary lhal I do my duly Butzle ns a happy go lucky fellow Hls pastimes are BUSTFR JAMES E JIM JIMMY Why do people buy things they dont need wzth money lhey don I have lo zmpress people they :lon l I1 e3 Jlmmv as he xs called IS a likable chap wlth a pleasing personality He blushes conslderably when he IS con fronted by the falr sex He has a good sense of humor and knows when to use lt He plays the guitar qulte well but has to be coaxed to play lt ln the three years he has been here he has made a host of frxends Harmomca Band l eating sleepmg and playnng tennls He IS always ready for a good joke and always has one ln turn He seldom studies hard yet manages to get through somehow Some clay he expects to be a great traveler We wlsh hxm lots of luck no matter where hrs wanderlust takes hlm Page Forty fue .. .. , . . .. . . .- . . . J , . - , , - I 1- .. H . . .. . , , . - . ,. . . , - - . . ' v . ' , - , . , , . , . . , - . . . , . . , 5 . . , . . , . . .. H.. ,, - . . , .. . , . . . . 1. - . , . . . , . .. ., .. . . -v . . - , . , . , . X CCDMUS CAM ERA BETTY LOUISE General 1 she won I she won I tha! s lhc end o rl It ns no task to find nlce thxngs to say about Betty The difficult thang rs knowing when to stop euloglzlng her She xs most capable IS agreeable to almost anything good company and 15 ready to meet any one more than half way There rs one especially admxrable trant about her lf she has something on her mmd she ll let one know There s no beating around the bush Betty wlll make one grand roommate when she goes away to school Swzmmmg 2 3 4 Dramclrcs 2 3 4 CARDWELL FOSTER RICHARDS Fos General A mos! polenl grave and reverend semor One can never tell what s gomg on behind that calm look on hls face Fos ns qulet until one knows hum well then he finds out what a good pal he can he Fos has many friends ln and out of school and as llked for his courteous manner hrs loyalty and his dry humor which does not show Itself often but when It does I5 unexpected and delightful Fosters ambxtnon IS to be a lawyer Here s wlshmg hum success and happmess BUXTON DONALD E DONALD Science and Engineering Wisdom rs lhe prrnczpal tfung lhere ore gel wisdom and wrlh all thy geltmg get underslandzng Donald has not been lh Allentown very long but ln the short txme that we have known hmm we have all grown to llke hlm Perhaps we should add that the gurls have got to llke hmm exceptionally well Donald s one dlversron 15 playing the plano After he has flnlshed helpmg hrs par son dad run the church there are strings drawmg hlm to Muhlenberg and Albright At any rate he ll have no scholastxc worries when lt comes to studyxng BLTTY CANDIA WILLIAM Blu. Industrial Prlntmg To the lune of the lwzrlmg press He works and wor s and boy wha! a mess' Who IS this coming toward me a great prlnter or a second Cassonova3 It IS both It IS Bull Candla Bull s last name seems to be a tongue twlster because we have heard of teachers callmg hlm Candy Canda Canadla and Canada Bull IS takmg the prmtmg course and although he IS only an average student ln other subjects he IS a wonder ln prmtlng Hxs desire he says IS to become a prlnter We know Bull has what lt takes Page Forty sux 11 11 . , . u . . . . . ' . . 1 1 - . . . 11 1 1 . 1 . 1 11 - 11 1 11 f 1 1 1 f . 11 1 1 - , , IS . A 1 , . f 1 1 1 1 1 1 - 11 11 1 1 as . . k 11 , . 1 Q . . . . . 1 1 1 1 1 - f 1 1 11 -1 1 11 , 11 , . 1 - . - 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 . , . . . , . . . . COMUS CASTELINE WESLEY V Was Engmeermg and Scxence A smile hides many aulls Wes IS one of those glfted fellows who can slt m algebra class with an alr of Innocent attention and let the world go by He IS also proficient we hear ln dancmg the Blg Apple and ln acqulrmg black eyes from playing nce hockey Hls own brand of none too subtle wut has endeared hlm to teachers and classmates alike Few people know lt but he can act and that with complete abandon A Cappella Chan' Chorus Boys Glcc Club CERULLI MARK Nm: Fine Arts I lhoughl silence was golden Yes snr this ns the lad who has soloed a twelve ton tractor taken mstructlon m flying and served four years as an apprentice mechanic at the local alrport Through the manager James Chrlstman he got hxs start nn aviation When not at work on airplanes he was out on the field where he learned to operate tractors mowers and scrapers He has also had lnstructlon m Hyxng and so far he ns domg a good job A H S may well be proud of Nunn who promlses to be one of the finest axrplane and tractor mechanics ever to wleld a left hand monkey wrench on a rxght hand nut CARMITCHEL MERLE LORRAINE MERLEY General Commerclal She IS fashioned ll e an April shower Of storm and sudden sunshme Everybody knows Merle wlth her brown hair and eyes and catchy laugh But when she IS serious shes qulte SCTIOUS when she s gay she s very gay laughmg and Jokmg She IS qulte a talker and volces her own opmlon posltlvely She lxkes swlmmmg and roller skatmg ln all slncenty we wnsh her unlimited success Glee Club I I CENSALE ANGELINE ANN Commercial A bil of laughter bright Ann IS a happy go lucky lndlvldual with a big smile profound dimples and devlllsh blue eyes She never worrles about homework but always manages to pass her subjects without examlnatxon She loves books and chocolate marshmallow sundaes Her sunny alr and wlnnmg smile will get her a posltxon as stenographer m the busmess worlcl Page Forty seven . , - . . . , . .' X K , . .. . . f .. . . 2 .l n f . , , , - . . . COM S CHIAPARAS SPIRO GREEK General I G HIGH CICCCILCS UIC ONCE shame on hlffl I twzce shame on me Although Greek makes a bug hlt wlth the gurls he does not bother them much' As a student3 We ll he IS a good athlete and lxkes all klnds of sports and no one would want a better friend He s a swell guv with a swell sense of humor He hasn t decided what school he ll go to but he expects to study scxence CHRISTMAN GLADYS MIRIAM Daw Commercial Cheerful company slwrlens lhc mzlcs Gladys although he appears qulet IS full of llfe and fun Her wmnmg smlle and ability to joke wlll very matenally help her lh whatever held she may choose lf you ever notlced a gurl commg to school wxth her haxr combed a different way each day you know lt ns she for her artful fingers love to create new hair styles She 18 attentive and learns qulckly Whatever comes ln her path we wlsh her luck I CHAMPAGNE LORRAINE LOUISE. RAINY Commercial Why :sn I ezcry one happy 11 e me-7 lsn t this exactly lxlce Lorrame5 If laughter could be gxven m doses she certamly would have her share She has a rare rsonallty comlzmed wlth cheerfulness l her le sure amy mclclges ln sports especlally swimming and dancmg m vnhx h she IS qulte prohclent She enjoys eatmg too and smgxng popular tunes Although Rainy ns talung up the Commercxal Course she would like to become a Commercnal De lgner a career whrch her rare qualxtxes and artxstlc ablhty Ht her CHRIQT MARjORlE ELSIE DoLr.Y General Starry eyes dzmpled smzles Beauty grace and wil wrthm Vxvacxous petrte wxtty ln Marjorle s ambition IS to grow up Her dlmples and her smxles never fall to attract the opposite sex so why grow up3 Her personalltv works wonders on the handsome men who go by the hall The class of 38 wishes her happmess Page Forlu crght A .af Q - f ., I 44 . . ,duh I' , '. I.... COMUS CLAY AUGUST GILBERT Gus General He started to hum As he tackled the lhmg That couldn t be done And drd rt This boy 18 always full of fun and likes to tease The boys call hlm Preacher and the glrls call hum Gussy He has a palr of gold rlmmed glasses and when he wears them every one says Hello preacher Not too bnght ln hrs classes he does get along as well as most of the ordinary boys do No matter what goes on he always finds time to be happy and escort his glrls to and from school every day Dancing Cla s 4 COLE ,IEANNE MARGARET same General The lzfe of an artzst rs one o thought rather than actzons Even though eanne IS small she has accompllshed much ln the field of art for already many of her pamtmgs appear here and there throughout the town Though she I8 all wrapped up ln paxntnng leanne devotes a great deal of time to tootmg her Hute She rates hugh ln her studies and has a pleasing personality which accounts for her large host of friends We are sure Jeanne wlll malte a name for herse'f Grrl Reserves 4 Orchestra I 2 3 4 Spanish C'ub 4 CLAUSER FRED Swn:-ry General Very quret when a stranger Noisy when a rzend This I5 one fellow who doesn t need an alarm clock He can always be depended upon to be on time whether It s school or a date with the glrl frxend He IS a lover of sports and will always have something to say about a recent sport One thxng 1n llfe he wlll always have and that s a good ole shoe sole for he IS serlously thlnlung of going mto the shoe repair business He has listened to the call of the wlld too But the llfe of a forester 15 a lone one Either way Freddle we wish you good luck CLEARWATER RUTH ELLEN CLEARY Fme Arts A golden vozce a sunny smxle Here s a sweet alto volce that could come only from a heart that IS happy and unpreyudxced Wrth the addltlon of a lovely face and a wmmng personality she xs hooked for great success Some day when we are lingering around the stage door for her autograph we shall fund the same happy brown eyed girl for Ruth s kmd of splrxt never res A Cappella 2 3 Chorus I 2 3 Drama rcs I cpanrsh Clu I Page Forty nrne L 1 f a 'il , A sparkling eyeg and many a lvileln Cr .. ' D Inj rn A .. . . . f . A 1 -2 6yf"' lf' C0 S CONRAD LORRAINE. Z Com-ua General Oh to llave notlnng to do but eat sleep and s ate A hugh school affair wouldn t be complete wltlout the sunny smlle of thus typ1calAmerlcan gal As far as studies are concerned well they just don t bother Connle She takes them m her strnde She 18 a llve wxre full of pep never quiet for a moment She has a heavy love for skat mg and we don t mean maybe She IS the Sonja Henle of the roller rlnk Keep on smnlmg Connle Keep on making friends Keep on doing well what comes to your hand to do Keep on being representatxve of the all round American girl CRESSMAN WILMER H CAEsAR Science and Engineering On the stage lie was natural simple a ectzng Twas only when he was o he was actmg Ah' and now Cressman Luke Cable strong and force ful like Taylor an answer to anv malden s prayer An actor cheerleader and wrlter all rolled into one His XWDVOYICC lndoor sport IS stealing other fellows gurls Next to thus dancing lceskatmg tenms and Scout work he s an Eagle Scout take up most of his txme Some day ln the not so dlstant future we expect to see this lad ranked with the best of them Cheerleader 3 4 Preszdent Natzonal Honor Soczety 4 Orotan Debatlng Society 3 4 Dramatlcs 2 3 4 Editorial Board Canary and Blue 4 Cornus Staf 4 CONNOR JCHN S OHN General Men s thoughts are much according to then mclznatrons A comparatxve newcomer ohn has however let A H S students know he s here A qulet reserved fellow he says little but does much ohn S may be slow ln getting started but try to stop hmm when he gets going Swlmmmg IS about his only dlverslon but he s domg right well Any day now we expect to hear of hrs swlmmlng the English Channel on hls back and ln s lte of his rather shy nature he ll be bound to have severa glrls waltmg for hlm on the opposite bank Secretary of Orolan Delratmg Society Swzmmmg Team COTAN IS LEWIS THOMAS Louuz College Entrance ln Arts He s tall he s tan and he s terrr c This boy s real nickname IS Loule but we know hmm better as Clcero because of hls vast knowledge of Latln ject not to mention three summer school courses He now know lessabout Caesar Clcero Vlrgll and all the rest than he dad slx years ago But aslde from this Louie IS really an mtelllgent boy and has made many frlends dur mg his four years ln hugh school Louie intends to enter the journallsm field at the Unlverslty of Mlssourl next fall and we feel confident he ll make a fme newspaper man Dramatzcs l Football Manager l Home Room Rcpre sentatxve I 2 Le Cercle Francais 2 Page Fifty l I ...I .. ' - . - J - . ' , I .. . ' . , . He has just successfully completed six years of this subl U, . ' . : U' . ,f I . ' . I. I , . ' l COM S l.. SHQRTY General Thy modesty s a candle lo thy mzle Another of those care free lads wxth a lxkable dnsposn tlon Shorty comes to concluslons very quxckly H thinks much and says llttle Martxn IS small but makes up for that ln other ways We don t know what he IS golng to do but when he makes up hxs mmd he ll Jump rlght up and do It CUNN I NGHAM ROBERT lndustrlal cElCCtflC Shopj The elcdrzc shop rs shac mg My sludres are killing So lel me oal on the currenl Cunny IS a tall blond good natured fellow wxth a smile He IS always ready with a helping hand and a good fellow to have around Hrs favorlte sport 18 basket ball Hls hobby IS drxvlng and repairing automobiles He I8 liable to severe shocks at times and just loves to hold a llve wlre He deserves all the luck life can offer CRILLEY RUTH ELEANOR Rurms Commercial She holds her lrllle lhoughls rn srghl Though gay lhey run and leap Ruthie with lrlsh blue eyes and natural curl appears qunet and dignified but beneath the surface IS a strong sense of mlschlef She IS a good sport as well as an xndus tnous student and likes dancmg Ice skatmg and tennis Her frlends consider her a true frlend and that s the best thmg that can be sand of any one ln the long run Girl Reserves l 2 3 4 CROUTHAMEL MILTON Mlm Commercial Szlence rs a vzrluc few men possess Although lVl1lt ns shy and modest when fun and frlvolxty are wanted he can be counted on to furmsh them H gets along without much worry because to hum life IS a song He lS tops when It comes to dancmg and few dances go by without his presence He IS preparmg for accountancy and we may expect some excellent results Commercial Club 4 CUNNY Page Frfly one .4 v. u . , . . H - . . . , , . - I n . . 4. -, ., . -t . . ,, . ' - . . . , , an n . .4 . . . . , . C , , . , . rr n n 4- . . k. , 1 ' . f f CO DADDIO, MARIE 1-MARIEII General "Let me have music, and seek no other delight." Marie is that dark-haired, lively, active girl. who loves to dance. Her ambition has enabled her to overcome many obstacles. She is hoping to become a typist some day, and the ambition she has already displayed, will secure for her a good position. Her many friends delight in her pleasing personality and enjoy her company. The class of 38 wishes her happiness and success in everything DALESANDRO ,ICI-IN ANTHONY CASANOVA TONY Industrial Anything that is considered beautzful IS not a contest Ladies and those who call themselves gentlemen meet Casanova Tony the wlzard of the Cabinet Shop The boy your mother wished she had and the boy crazy girl w uld love to marry I-Ie IS classed as a good Joker by his school mates and a good sport by his teachers I-Ie loves all sports but football is his favorite that she undertakes. DANKEL JOYCE CATHERINE SARAH Joyce Monday s cluld IS fazr o face A flash through the halls oyce' She is a lover of all DAL SANTO EDMOND Dm. General His very foot has muszc rn rt As he comes up the stairs Dal is one of the more popular members of our class one of those unusual fellows who takes all his work with a smlle but does it well He is a happy go lucky fellow and quite talented in muslc Always ready wlth some wxtty remark he nevertheless takes a back seat when girls are present Dal intends to become a certified public accountant We re sure he ll succeed Here s luck Band I 2 3 4 Orchestra I 2 4 sports and although she is not a partlclpator she always can be seen as a spe tator straining her vocal chords when a score is made She is never seen carrying text books home but IS always up to par when report card day comes along I-Ier favorite pastime is eating and she goes ln for it in a big way Her mam ambition is to be a good nurse and we are sure shell make good ln whatever she under takes More power to you Joyce' Hzstorzcal Society Page Fifty Iwo lf! ...ELI . . , , . , - , . , . .. .. . . , , - - , . General - . , . , D ' . Jwivx. I , . if' , 1 5 4 , , . J J V, Lp CQMUS DASHER BERNARD BERNIE Fine Arts Music He ralses hls hand The world breaks mlo muslc We doubt lf there IS any one ln the school who IS better known than Bernle for he IS one of our fine saxophone and clarinet players Bernie though a young fellow IS well on the road to success for he already has a fine orchestra He lntends to go to a muslc school to pollsh off a bit of real syncopatlon Some day he hopes to lead hls own blg tlme band We hope sometlme we Wlll be clanclng to his IHUSIC DECH JANE GRAY General Shure lls lhe songs ye slng An the smlles ye wear Tha! s a ma m lhe sunshlne everywhere The glrl with the mllllon dollar smlle Jane seldom worrles about anythlng except chemistry and has loads of frlends Her cheery Hello and friendly smlle I8 a part of good old A H S She loves music and has a fine VOICE she wlll be a well known singer some day Her favorite subject 18 English ln fact she d like to be a jour nallst Lucky glrl to have two talents Chorus 3 4 A Cappella Cholr 4 Cerman Club 4 DANNIBALE FRED ,I P FINN Auto Shop Why do l play foollJall9 Flnn IS the llfe of the gang for wherever he IS around conversation never dlCS because he always has the correct answers or at least funny ones Flnn played football and would llke to contlnue to play and he wlll for he s the type coaches want He can run fast and besides he s a broken field runner Finn IS also a fine mechanic he IS studying machinery ln the auto shop and we know he wlll be successful ln thlS llne of work Football 2 3 4 Baskellzall 2 DAVIS MARY ANN MARY ANN General Happlness IS a zllvlne gl l ll I3 the besl o human possesslons Among all the hlgh school students It would be difficult Mary Ann s Her even temper contradicts her auburn halr She has a llklng for dramatlcs and outdoor sports and has an active SOCIHI llfe but the fact that she IS an honor student proves that she does not forget her studies She even enjoys her sclence and math her ambltlon IS to assist Mr Welnshelmer some day Natlonal Honor Soclely 3 4 Dramallcs 3 4 French Club 4 Glrl Reserves 2 3 4 ANFY Page F l fly three . 4 . , ll . . Q 1 nf is "4 f to find any one with a disposition as supremely happy as lr ' . I ' ...I A .. CQMUS DEIFER HENRIETTA GERTRUDE PAT General ll s the twinkle ln her eye That ma es one stop as she goes by Doesn t Pat look senous ln thls picture' In the corrldor DE CHRISTOPHER FRANK A PAESANO Pattern Shop Late to bed late to rzsc Keeps Frank from gettmg wzse l-lo hum am l sleepy5 that s Frank s usual greetmg He s the black flash all the women stare at He 18 a lover of outdoor sports especially Swllnmlhg and cyclmg He says that he has no steady but we know there rs a blonde He may be small but he s mighty We who know hlm wlsh hxm the best of luck Swzmmmg 2 3 her melodxous laugh lS often heard peahng out her dellght at some trifle or other She IS mterested 1n swimming and sometxmes we wonder why but she also lnkes football basketball and next to that danclng Pat wlll be remem bered for her pleasant smlle We wxsh her the best of happmess always C1rlReserves 2 3 DENT JESSIE. E JESS General Wzthout good company all clamtzcs Lose then' true rclzsh Althou h ess doesn t make friends ulckl those who DEI LY THELMA THELMA General Those that tlunk must govern those that toll Not boxsterous nor nolsy but qulet and calm IS the atmosphere that surrounds Thelma No one ever needs to tell her where her place IS for she I8 always there Red halr and two blg brown eyes contribute much to Thelma s personality Her only Interests m sports are basketball and football Some day we may see her ln a white um form glvmg finger waves marcels and manlcures s J Q y know her well hold her as one of their dearest friends Once you get to know jess you ll find her a wonderful per son and a sporting pal She xs always ready for a good time and everywhere she goes she has lt She studies? gcertamly that s how she gets those good marks She lntends to go to college and we know she will be llked there just as much as she IS at A H S Le Ccrcle Francazs 4 Hrstorzcal Society 4 Page Fifty four . .- H ll , . A .. . . . . . H .. .. . . - - , , . I . , . , . . . - U ,. . .. . . . k ., , . . . . . . . , . - 4 K al t f LJ X .. .- , .. , . f. , . . . - . . , - .. U , . ll 1 1 1 l . . 2. . . . , ' . , - , , . , . I , . . . . , . - DESCH CATHERINE M Krrrv General Are you always as lalkalrve as llns? Thxs charmmg lovable glrl wlth the contagious smlle beggars descrlptlon Her talkmg durlng class often brmgs the teacher s frown but Kltty only smiles engaglngly and behaves untll the next time We wonder who IS her latest Interest ln hugh school3 She favors danclng and xce skatmg She has a host of friends who wlsh her luck Ctrl Reserves 2 Dramalrcs 3 DESHLFR HOPE JOHN General There rs a krml of con essron rn your looks which your mozleslles have not cra l enough lo color joe IS the lad with the C0l"lfllCtlhg Ideas as to a career Between has desire to vocallze with an orchestra and his ambxtlon t become a bug league baseball player Joe I5 havmg a I of difficulty decxdmg He I8 the type of lad however who believes ln letting nature take its course Regardless of the course he pursues we all hope that some day we shall be llstemng to oe on the radio or watch mg ham perform ln a ball park Baseball 3 4 COMUS DERR ANNA FLORENCE FLOSSIE General Commercial On land In waler on wheels she rcs Friends may come and frlencls may go but we shall always remember Anna Blond haired a broad smxle for every one a wlllmg worker a lover of swrmmmg and hlcycle ndlng Flossle rs also a good typlst We beheve that she will undertake that kind of work and we wlsh her success and happlness ln lt Clee Club I DESCH KATHRYN CLADYS Kxrrv Commercial Krlly rs small but so 13 a strc of dynamrle Kltty s glowlng personality and charmmg dlsposxtxon have won her many close friends She may be one of the smallest members of the class but she has also the mtelll gence and bnllxance to get her far ln lxfe She has not yet deCld8d what professlon she wlshes to follow but we re with her one hundred per cent Page Fzfly five ' . : ' . . I I ...IOEN ' A f . . . O . ' . I . b.t . . . l , u ' . - - . . .I - v - . iv ' 1 1 Q 'Q ,iii 1 " I CO US DIEFENDERFER FERNE SUSIE Retall Sellmg True friends I1 e these are hard lo nd Feme a swell glrl of medlum height with blue eyes and blonde halr IS seldom seen wlthout a smlle Ferne IS by no means a man hater she loves danclng and IS an all round good sport Although Ferne IS not our most studlous senior her work IS always well done She expects to sell thxngs to the waltmg world DIEFENDFRFER NAOMI R Dnzrv Commercxal Cares wzll come but cares wzll go When you hear a cheery Hnya you can bet that lt IS our friend Dlefy She has a qulet but cheery dlsposltlon and IS contented with somethmg to eat and a great deal of sleep She 1 a good sport and easy to get along with We wlsh her luck DONIN MILTON N Mu.roN General I may not be a erzlrc but I know what 1 11 e If you want to hear a vuola played well or to see the grades of an intelligent man loolc up Milton Besldes attending A H S Milton has attended two other schools Bethlehem Hugh for whlch he stxll has a great llklhg and lllcable fellow not afrald of work he has a yen for punnmg and using blg words and some day he hopes to play vlola ln a great symphony orchestra We ll be seemg you ln the Philharmonic Mllton Orchestra 2 3 4 Canary and Blue 4 Spanzsh Club 3 4 DORNBACH EVELYN MARIAN Fvnz College Entrance ln Arts Whal she wzlls lo do or say Seems wisest drscreelesl besl Every school morning the 7 45 car picks up at Third and Hamllton Streets a quxet demure smllmg blonde who belxes her appearance by bemg a powerful llttle dynamo wlth surprxslng abllltles as her school record shows Serious of mmd retxrmg ln nature ever wlllxng to and a trlo of rlches she lS never wlthout Evelyn IS the qulet resourceful Calvin Coolldge of the class of l938 Hauling from the Swxtzerland of America she developed her climb mg potenualmes very early We have but I0 walt and see what her destiny wxll be Nalxonal Honor Socrely Canary and Blue Le Cercle Francals H1slor1calSoc1ely Page Fxfly sux the Alhambra, lcalifornia, High School. A pleasant, COMUS DRAVETZ GOLDIE. T Commerclal All sfarr m love and war Here IS Coldle one of the not a care ln the world gurls of A H S But believe me she s from Mlssourl Ycu have to prove everythlng to her She sees every angle of every subject And lf you hear some one laughlng and talking you can almost bet that lt lS she probably tellmg one of her famous jokes or glvmg some one a demonstra tlon of her unusual way of truckm Goldxe has her dear heart set on a brunette We all wlsh her luck ln that and al o loads of success as a secretary hucks she ll be GrllReserves I 2 Horkey 2 3 skellvall I 2 3 Gym Cl 2 3 4 Commercral Clulr DREISBACH SARAH LOUISE SARAH Commercial To see her rs lo love her And love bul her orever Let us tell you that It IS dxfhcult to say just what Sarah Louise I8 most noted for We could mention her blonde halr or her ablllty ln makmg acquaintances lh study hall or her proficiency ln the art of trlppmg a light fantastic toe Or we could tell you that for the past year she has been employed ln the office of the Lehxgh Candy Company where after graduation she hopes to have a permanent DRAKE MARC' ERY DEE Mfxncrs General For her eyes lhey caughl llle sea s green llue I n her warm brown locks lhey put rls wave Margery IS the salt and pepper of our senlor class She IS always domg something to add flavor to the ordlnary routme of school days She arranges partles with the greatest of ease She prompts plays perfectly She has a lot of spunk and up and go at em m her and we are sure her dauntless splrnt and her ablllty ln deslgnmg whlch she intends to study wxll carry her far Watch your styles change Whoever IS lucky enough to wm her hand can be assured of a llfe peppered wxth the sparkle of laughter and salted wlth a gift of humor Dramalzcs I 2 3 Rrdmg Club 3 Spanish Club 3 Swzmmxng Team I Gounuz DRF ISBACH CHARLOTTE M CHARLOTTE Commercial Happy go lucky sweel and azr sl1e has friends jus! everywhere Charlotte may be small ln stature but her dxsposltlon stands her hxgh wlth all who know her Happy g od natured and serxous at tlmes xs this able little girl She IS Interested ln sports a good student a good companion and IS always asking questxons She wlll make a reality of anything she undertakes even of the dream of seeing Europe Well happmess the world over Charlotte Chorus 4 posltlon We all wxsh her every possible success nn any N venture Page Fifty seven . 1 . . - ll l Il. . ..- - - -.. . ' . 4 , . . , . , . , -- - . . . . , . . U . wig 'l IN I 1. . ' , ,Av m igefqnaweek! tt ' rss-,W' 77 K t :,.,' ' ,4. ll Y .. .. . , . .. - - , v f.' . ., . . , - , . Y . , , . f .. ' I . E r CGMUS DUNTON BETTY LIZZIE Commerclal A devoled girl loving and lrue Llzzxe IS a good student who smlles all her troubles away and ln thls way wlns many frlends We know she will make good as a secretary and we wlsh her a lot of SUCCCSS DREY GRACE C Gmxcn: Commercxal No bxller speech rom her rs heard She gels whatever she deslres We all heard about Grace ln our umor year when she won the Personahty Contest ln the Home Hyglene and Care of the Suck Club She really has a lovely person alxty of course has many frlends Grace 18 a bright gurl and she shows It Her arms are always full of books as she walks through the halls ,,.. is Tv' EBERT RENE JOYCE REENEE General Yes I dont now Here 18 our Sonja Henle of the roller rmk Rene Ebert She has fanr haxr and dark brown eyes and a personality remlmscent of the real Sonja She I5 interested ln all sports and IS always among those present at all football and basketball games We thmk she will follow elther buslness or the nursing profession If she chooses nursmg we feel that before long a new name will be added to the roster of alr llne hostesses ECK JEAN GLORIA jafwm Commercial Laughler ln her eyes rec les on her nose Happmess follows wherever she goes Jeanne IS the kmd of gurl everybody hkes a person that does her work well and takes thmgs easy Her happy smile and pleasant attltude make her frlendly with every one Her favorite sports are swxmmlng basketball and football We who know her know she will be a success as a telephone operator Page Fxfty ugh! . 1 J ' . i ' ' ,rj , Q ' .. . . .U awp' , 'k xj . ' D A '. . .- .. .. Q .. t . nf k U , H C MUS ECKERT EARL EDGAR Ecxv lndustrlal Early lo bed and early lo rlse makes Ecky handsome healthy and lazy Ecky lS a Hugh de ho mlracle man He can really do wonders ln cablnet maklng when he gets the urge to move about by hlmself but you wonder what lt IS that he makes Outslde of school hls favorlte pastlme IS l08flhg whlch also goes for Saturdays Sundays and other holl days He also plays the Squeeze Box when hls mother makes hlm whlch he does falrly well after four years of ractlse The best and onl art of school he llkes IS EDICK JENNIE ELMIRA Commercial Woodman cu! lllal lree Spare no! a smgle bougll l carved a name upon ll Bu! I love anolller now The class of 38 deems ltself fortunate to have ennle on the llst She IS full of fun but wlth It all she doesn t forget her studles We all know her as a slncere frlend a good student and a person of cheery dlsposltlon ennle s mam deslre 18 to become a prlvate secretary and to own a good looklng lemon colored roadster We ll wave you as you go by ECK WARREN E ECKIE General Lelsure 13 llle reward o labor Warren qulet and reserved ln school IS a grand chap always to be counted upon to be true to hls ldeals He IS one of those exceedlngly good natured hard worklng fellows who IS seldom seen studylng but he does for he gets through hls subyects wlth flylng colors We see before hlm a succes ful future Band 4 EDELMAN DAVID L DAvlE Appearance l3 an awful llar Dave IS one fellow ln school who has the glft of gab He has talked hlmself our of many a scrape and lnto more Nevertheless all hls pals llke hlm After hugh school Dave IS determmed to become a super shoe salesman although he would make a better lawyer Here s wlshlng hlm good luck E l Page Flfly nme .. . . f l.. P . U y P . . from ll.35 to l2.04, lunch to you. , ..J N.. , ' . ' . . J l - ' - l . ' to COMUS EITNER DONALD Pack General Whal should a man do but be merry Peck 18 the boy you mlght hear smgmg a song ln the halls or anywhere else around the school He loves swmg muslc and never falls to attend the annual school dances He hkes the wxnter months more than any other time of the year because they brlng his favorite sports basketball and Ice skating You can count on hum for a good basket ball game anytime and he s sure to be found down at Umon Terrace skatmg pond the other times ln has spare tlme he IS at home building model alrplanes or radios He also likes bright colors watch those striped socks he wears ELLIOTT ELIZABETH JANE Berry General Smzlmg she lives and calls ll e a pleasure On first meeting Betty you may find her shy and reserved but you wlll fund that she xs a grand glrl Wat and humor combined wlth brains and beauty form a treasure this school for the three years she has formed many frlendshxps among both boys and gurls Ctrl Reserves 4 ELLWOOD KATHRYN MARY lmsn Commercxal She IS always happy Kathryn IS an extremely good natured gurl and loads of fun Every one enjoys her company for she leaves a warm sort of feelxng m one s heart Her chlef dellght IS dancing She IS taklng the Commercial Course and expects to dance her way mto the business world EMMERICH ESTELLA KELLY Commercial Nature made her no! loo bad and no! loo good Estella IS that frxendly glrl wxth a smile for every one Her personality and character make her a true friend She IS active ln all sports and gives every team her full support She mtends some day to enter the busxness world Good luck Estella' Gym Team 2 3 4 Commercial Club 4 Nalzonal Honor Socxely 4 Page Surly .. .. promise for her future. Although she has not been in l l ENGLER GEORGE W GEORGE Lelsure lS the reward o labor George IS a llkable fellow always cheerful and full of pep The thlng that WOTTICS hlm the least 18 homework Whether you are rlght or wrong he champlons your cause Good luck George May the road you travel be the .. .. .. . . it v I k .. - - .. .. .. .. . . . - , , 1 . I . . , . . , , . . . .. ., .v 1 1. ., . H . .. , . , . ' 1 N . If x .. ., ! . . . . . I U 1 ' ERDMAN JEAN FAY Enola College Entrance ln Arts ll s llle llllle lllmgs ln ll e lllal counls Erdle IS llttle and wlse but a terror for her slze a small falr malden jolly and gay Always has a smlle or a cherry Hl ya get her started laughlng and nothlng can stop her She IS a real pal a true frlend Sincere and consclentlous jean works hard and accompllshes happlly whatever she attempts She loves slnglng dancing and eatlng sundaes As long as we remember A H S we shall remember her lnfectlous smlle and genlal manner It I8 seldom that any gurl IS so companlonable so charmlng so sedate and yet so studlous Urslnus College welcomes Chorus 2 3 4 Sclence Club 2 Clrl Reserves 2 3 Cer CCD lUS ENGLEMAN BE'I'I'E GRACE Snonrv Commerclal Keys are my speclally Keys lo slrlke Keys lo play Keys lo unloc your hear! Short dynamlte IS what they call her Her hello and goozlbye can be heard from one end of the corridor to the other and around the farthest corners She has a sunny dlsposltlon IS happy all the tlme and IS the star Plahlst of the orchestra She hopes some day to get a job as a stenographer and we thmk she I8 well on her way She IS lnterested ln all the school 8CtlVltleS and takes part ln many of them Orchestra 2 3 4 National Honor Soczely 4 Commerclal Club 4 Dramatzcs 2 3 4 Humor COHlflbUl0Y 2 3 4 Inler class Play 3 ERB RAY RED Nlechanlcal Draftlng I yam wha! l yam and lllal s all I yam Ray IS always happy whlstllng or slnglng when he IS not busy He studles llttle but knows much He belleves the only man worth whlle 15 the one who can smlle so he smlles He worrles not nor does he care He 18 a loyal sapporter of the school and blcls falr to be successful ln whatever he undertakes Page Slxly one CGMUS ERICH PAULI NE Polly She s noi afraul o anything She ma es hersel al home Although she s only knee hlgh to a grasshopper Polly IS bubbling over w1th contagious sparklmg personality She s going to be a good housekeeper because she took up cooking She trles not to blush whlle she IS serving teach ers and trles to remember always to stlr a white sauce ERVIN MARIA ANTOINETTE Tom General She lwes lo laugh and ma e mzrlh Tom IS one of our best loved classmates she has no trouble at all ln making friends The fellows like her too because she IS such a good sport French ns her favorite study and dancing her favorlte hobby lf lt may be called that Tom IS plannmg to be a halrdresser fact she IS dolng pretty well already and to thunk she hasn t lost her head yet Dramatzcs 2 4 French Club 4 ESTERLY STANLEY EDWARD ZEKE Ram sunshme snow or sleel Ze e rs always on the slreel ESTERLY PAUL ALBERT Doc Commerclal As for lhe consequences He doesn I gmc a hoo! Although Paul usually wears a solemn face underneath xs a wmsome and cheerful cllsposltlon He does not take an actxve part ln school aCtlVltleS but he IS a true booster of good movement Paul loves to crack jokes IS full of humor and wut He expects to be an accountant Allen town Hlgh gives hxm best wlshes for a successful future Ban mg Cashzer 2 3 4 Tennzs 2 TSquare Club 2 Chorus 2 Zeke 18 a generous hall and well met fellow who always has the price to go along and help xn the fun Zeke ns planmng to be a busmess man and hell be the energetlc kmd always wllllng to play his part ln any good thing Zeke has a fine sense of humor too and cracks many a Joke As we conclude our semor year we know that here ns another of these enjoyable frnendshnps graduation will Qntergere with except that Zeke once a friend IS always a rlen Page Sxxly lwo l l .. .. . .. . . f . . k f .. , . ' y , . , . . , . . I - . , . . ' ' ' ' g in . I I I. I ' f ' fw ,- I ' f , ' l ...LA.x-94 ' x ' ,j.,,4.f'.,L- xx XX.. , .. . . . , lf' ' . , . Q '. : - , : , . .... , .. . . I k , .. 7 ' 1 l - - - I . . I I . . , . . . EVRARD MARY DREAMER General Always put of loday that whzch can be done nexl week Who s that trucker coming down the halll Yeah man' That s Mary happy go lucky and yet studlous enough to hecome a colleze graduate Her one delight rs dancing Those who really know Mary know there I8 more attrac tlon at the P P 8: L than just paymg the electric bulls Luck follow her so say we all FAHRI NGER LLOYD ALBERT LLOYD General He who laughs lasts Things may come and things may go but little does Lloyd care He IS about fave feet mne weighs about l45 pounds has a falr complexion and a personallty that makes every one want to know hum Lloyd s mam lead ln school was playmg nn the band He hopes to have and direct hrs own band So long as we llve we will remember this fellow Band 2 3 4 CCDMUS FTIEN ROBERT Boasv General He who laughs las! lasls Bobby IS a Jolly red headed fellow very well known about the school for hrs pranks and humor He llkes hunting and there lsn t a sport m Lehigh County he doesn t know so we aren t surprlsed that Bob s ambition IS to study Forestry at Penn State He ought to be happy there for there are a lot of mountains to climb and bears wxthm easy reach We wnsh hum all the success and good fortune xn the world FABER DONALD CHARLES DoN A good camera never la es a good pxclure Meet Don the beau of the electric shop the llttle man who plays the bxg bass Hddle ln the orchestra He IS a swell fellow to associate with and one can have a good time with hlm Donald mixes well with the fellows but he has one great fault Donald of all people xs gurl shy He plays nn the band he dnves a Plymouth about town but alas there I5 never a gurl m the front seat beside hum We hope that ID later life he wlll dlscover has mxstake Band Orchestra I Page Srxty fhree Industrial QElectric Shopj .. k . ',. ,U-1.042 COMUS FALCIONI FANNIE LILLIAN FANNY Home Economics A merry hear! goes all lhe day Although Lllllan IS her true name she xs a package marked Fanny Fanny lS one of the merrlest nn our class and a pal to all of us but an avowed enemy to cares and worrxes She IS generous enough to hand out her papers to us grateful ones who do not prepare our lessons She lS also enthusiastic about sports Fanny s pet dlverslon however I8 trlppmg the light fastastlc Her sterling characterlstxcs and happy dlsposxtlon may well brlng her a full measure of success ln the very near future Adleu dear llttle ltallan gurl Senior Class Play FAUST CREIGHTON CHARLES Bucs General Buns IS a lad o good mlenl He dfind Garcza 1 ever sent Creighton I8 the lad wlth the magmficent collection of nicknames He answers to Bugs Handsome Muscles Tarzan Brother and Do Faustus Doc IS always seen wnth a cheerful smile spreading ecstacy among his class mates Although he does not prefer gurls he goes to all the dances but this IS the only tlme we could find Crelgh ton wlth glrls Serxously he does not know what the lnslde ofa textbook really looks like although his scholastic attamments have been bv no means obscure Crelghton does not belleve ln trlvlal and hasty declslons Band 2 3 4 Orcheslra 3 4 Baseball 4 FAVOTTO NORMA ANTIONETTE FLUFF Commercial All lhal we see or seem ls but a dream wlllun a dream An ambitious sort of person IS Fltff with many of the qualltles necessary to the perfect stenographer She has accuracy courtesy and a sense of humor Fluff has the knack of maklng frlends too and all these qualities glve her a head start ln her spare txme Norma engages ln varxous actlvltles Sewmg heads the llst She IS good at making dresses And believe lt or not durmg these three years she has not mlssed a single day FEDOK STELLA B STELLA Commercial Oh the songs you smg' And the smlles you wcarf Wherever leadership or a helping hand ns needed you ll End Stella whose habit IS never to say no when asked to V do a favor People may not thmk quiet mannered Stella CT llkes a gay tnme but take a peek at her when at a game' Although you hear very llttle talking from her we will hear of her when the final grades come out Keep up your good salesmanshlp leadershlp and your courageous way of helping others Page Szxly four . , - . . . . , . . . , , , , . , . .f ,, f . . c . , . 1 , 1 I . .. . , , . , . , , . .' I , . . . FELLER WILLIAM WILLIE Engineering and Science I may not be handsome but I swear I have a distinguished loo Yes that s Bull coming down the hall Any one would COMUS FEINOUR JANE M ANE General Though we have Iwo eyes we are supplied with but one langue ane whose wit and smile are always ready to Hash the answer to any teacher s prayer She goes places and does things outside of school but she doesn t let extra curricular activities interfere with her school work She is one of the school s great actresses and her roles are the character roles that will long be remembered At Mora Vlah she expects to major ln English and dramatlcs Afterwards she hopes to teach dramatlcs Girl Reserves I 2 3 4 French Club Preszdenl 4 Dramalics 3 umor Class Play 3 Senior Class Play 4 recognize those long legs of his Bill is a flash in mathe matics and hopes to get to Lehigh to study engineering He can t play yet but he s got his eye on a hot trumpet Bill is a likable fellow bashful among strangers but lively with his friends He has a mania for punmng and takes S S you B111 may we see you m a laboratory FELLMAN BURNIS HARVEY FEMININE Commercial Deep m lhoughl reserved in speech A cheerful personality an excellent character and an ever ready hit of wisdom marks Fellman His school record is satisfactory even though there are times when hurry and worry seem to jeopardize his grades While he 18 noted for good work m all his studies bookkeeping stands top in his Junior year he won the Wetherhold and Metzger bookkeeping award Next year he will come back to high school for a post graduate course and then FETTERMAN DORIS IILLIAN Doms General The rule of my life is lo ma e business a pleasure and pleasure a business Doris the klnd of pal evervbody longs for but seldom finds believes in going through llfe with a smile and in lettmg difficulties straighten themselves out She always has time for play yet never shlrks her work loves all sorts of sports and entertainments and lndulges m them freely She takes great interest in Girl Reserves activities and is popular among its members With her spirit and ambi tlon we predict success In her designing career Grl Reserves I 2 3 4 German Club 3 4 Page Sixty five Commercial Club 4 will go to Wharton College ' . ...I .. J I . . v is A . if ' , J ' . - a o 1 ' kr! deli ht' in outdoin his friends in this field. here's to ' , . COMUS FETZER MARIANNE MARIANNE General Eyes of blue and halr of gold Lzps tha! much o laughter hold Marlanne needs no lntroductlon We all know her as a girl wlth a pleasmg personalxty and a sense of humor She IS admlred by every one has many friends ln and out of hugh school Variety IS the spxce of llfe to her but she IS partlal to Colgate and Dartmouth This popular sub deb has not yet made her plans for the future but we all wlsh her happmess FINIZZI DORA LILY Tmc Commercial A blzlhe hear! maketh a cheerful vrsage Dora IS a grand gal prettv affectionate and a real frxend To know her IS to like her She IS wxlllng to please and able to stand any amount of teasmg She rs a good student studles every night and asks only a pos: txon as stenographer saleslady or telephone operator It IS easy to lI'n8gll'1C Dora ln any posltxon She will go far she can adapt herself to surroundlngs so admirably Allentown Hugh School will always remember her as one of lts best all round sports FETZER ,IEANNETTE ELIZABETH General To a dear lall girl with a wonder ul smile Tall and graceful o has made many friends ln hugh school by her frlendly dlsposxtlon and charming smile She has proved a true friend to many who trust her and confide ln her She IS studlous but when her work IS done she IS always ready for pleasure ,Io spends her lelsure readlng sketchmg and wrxtmg She IS undeclded between Journalism and nursmg but we wlsh her success and happmess Chorus 2 German Club 2 3 C1rlRcserLes l 2 3 4 General The only way lo have a rrend rs lo be one Any thmg spoken by Edna you may be sure will be worth while for no words does this level headed glrl waste She always comes along with an armful of books and a mlnd full of well anythmg Frank xnterestlng companion able she makes the best and truest friend ever ln chem lstry she s a marvel at valences and test tube destruction ln swlmmlng her favorxte sport she stretches a wicked arm and splashes through to victory Nalronal Honor Socrely Page Szxly szx . "Jo" . J . .. ' . ' 1 X4 . . ' . . f , .rv FEYRER, EDNA MAE "Envoy" My CQMUS FISHER ARLENE GRACE DARLENE General Irish Frsh ca e or Darlene us! a name or swecl Arlene Who has ever seen Arlene when she wasn t smllmg talkmg or releasmg her famous gxggle'9 Although she delights m fun she never shxrks her school work Her frxendly ways have won her a host of friends among both boys and gurls Arlene plans to go to Temple and become a dental hygxenlst Here s wlshlng her success and lots of patience and of patients Czrl Reserves 2 3 4 German Club 4 FISHER JEANNE EANIE General How beaulzful rs a dar eye ln woman jean Fxsher IS that lxttle dark eyed bunch of lwellness and lovelmess that used to be a cheer leader untll she got catapulted out of a car But thanks to a merclful Provl dence she I8 stlll with us as lovely and lively as ever with the same dark eyes smllmg happily at every one uv 'U' FLAMISH FRANK FRANKIE General More tzrre or recreahon Frankie gets along ln s hool fairly well although he would rather be out doors enjoymg life He I8 a qulet person wlth strangers but a regular fellow wlth frxends Frankle s favorxte place IS ordan Park where he takes an actlve part ln the sports Hrs hobbies are all the sports whxch come the year round Track Team 3 4 Sen1arHr Y 2 3' 4 FLFMINC EDWARD A NED Engineering and Qcxence Hrlch your wagon lo lhe band Ned IS a lover of swung muslc and m the band he plays a bass horn He manages to find hxs way through his studies and around the fair sex He IS really a frxendly and likable fellow who makes friends easily and keeps them Band 2 3 4 Orchestra 2 3 4 Page Szxly seven CCDMUS FOGEL CARL FUDGE General The way lo be nollnng zs lo clo nollnng A prlze of nothlng would be logical for Carl Carl IS the Caboose of his tram at school but llke the caboose he never falls to get there However we couldn t do without hum On time ready and wlllmg are perfect tralts and he has them Those who know hlm llke hum because he IS always Stfllilllg off shmmg buts of orxgmal w1t and because best of all he lS a true frlend FRANKENFIELD ISABEL ELEANOR lzznz Commercial The gzrl worih wlule rs llzc gzfl wzlh a smrlc When everyllung goes dead wrong lsabel 18 the best frxend one could possibly have Her pleasing personality ready smxle and ready co operation are but a few of her admlrable tralts She gets along well ln the classroom on the dance floor and ln the gym She ns a lively songstress wxth a sharp ear for the tunes of today She clalms her hobbies are shorthand and dancing Isabel expects to become a stenographer upon graduatlon Glee Club I Gym Club 4 FLUESO HARRY HARRY General Lzttle sazd IS soonesl mended Harry never has much to say However he has been an ambltxous student throughout his school years l addltlon to thus he was a member of the High School Band He expects to enter Lehigh Umverslty where he intends to study busmess Band 2 3 Commercial Farr and pure fne and lrnc Thelma IS a quxet person who thinks a lot but says llttle She hopes to become a stenographer and we are sure she will succeed m anythmg she may attempt to do for she xs studxous and actxve ln all her classes She has many friends and IS making more every day Hrkmg Club Valley Ball Page Srxty czght . . ' I . . Q . I t n l FOSTER, THELMA MAE "Tmx1E" ww CCD US FREDERICK EVELYN MAE Evra Commerc ral Crue me a boo a rrcnd I can lrusl A Irttle grrl wrth blue eyes excellent student very quret one does not hear a peep out of her untrl she rs called on to recrte Evre rs takrng shorthand and typrng as her subjects and her future looks very promrsrng from the srdelrnes Some boss wrll be fortunate to get her She has a swell personalrty and stands back of the school rn all rts actrvrtres We wrsh her many happy and pros perous experiences Commerczal Club 4 FREY MARGARET EDNA Retarl Sellrng A dauglller o lhe gods dwmely lall And mos! drvrnely arf Peggy rs a tall farr harred grrl who can be very serious when that mood comes along but untrl that trme she rs actively rndulgrng rn one or another of her mrschrevous pranks For some trme now Peggy s marn ambrtron has been to become a model Watch for her on your maga zrne covers' Dramalrcs 2 FRANKLIN WILLIAM F Brr.r. General May our enmrlres be wrzllen rn sand andour rremlshrps rn marble Bull rs not an rmposrng sort of a lad-one mrght even go as far as to say that he rs a lrttle bashful But hrs frrends all recognrze and apprecrate hrs sterlrng qualrtres hrs genumeness of character hrs honesty and hrs absolute dependabrlrty Brll lrkes skrrng and rce skatrng and swrmmrng He mtends to go mto busrness and we feel that hrs character and hrs proved srncerrty wrll brrng hrm success Foollzall Manager 3 4 FREED CLI FFURD TUTTER General The moon gal ln my eyes Step asrde ladres and gentlemen rt s Tutter Freed champron swrmmer loyal Eagle Scout and successor to Romeo Although hrs favorrte pastrme rs argurng he has a smrle for every one Tutter wrll no doubt be successful rn anythrng from coachrng a swrmmrng team to sellrng the Salurzlay Evening Pos! Swzmmrng Team 2 3 4 PEGGY Page Srxly nme I . . . . . . k f. ,. . . . . . . ,. . . , . . , . 1- .. f . . .. f... O . ' r . . .. CCDMUS WMX5 FREY PAUL BUTCH ustrlal Slncerzly IS a vzrlue ew possess Butch wxth a personal character whlch needs llttle or no comments or crltlcxsm IS very senslble and has a good standing among hls friends And he IS so kmd that he has many friends Butch IS a comlcal person who has twxce trled to succeed ln a sport called football He 15 a terrific crash with the gurls because of his blonde hair and IS a falr student although he has been qulte a problem to hls teachers FRIES MARJCRIE LOUISE MARGY Commercial She may be slow rn slarlzng bu! when she slarls Every one knows Margy for her unreserved soclabnllty she s never too busy to call a cheery hello or to chat with her many frlends We ve never seen Margv m a mad always manages to get there Although she attends all soclal functlons she fmds time for her studles She has not told us the secret of her future but we all Joxn ln wish mg her happmess FRITCH GEORGE Fnrrcn General Too much sludy weakens the brazn Here s one boy who can really truck on down when he hears good swung music Never a dull moment when he s around Frxtch will lxven up any get to gether George saw Amerlca first two years ago when he and a com pamon hltch hiked out to the West Coast We wlsh hmm as much success when he returns next fall to California where he plans to remam We ll mlss his wlttxclsms and hxs fun but most of all we ll miss George hlmself FRITZ MARY ERNESTINE Homzv Commercial To have afrzend rs lo be one Honey I8 a gurl wnth a wxnnmg personalnty and a sweet smile Her hobby xs readlng western novels Watch out Honey' Her arm IS to be a secretary and a real one Her many frlends wlsh her success ln whatever venture she undertakes Who knows she might even become a nurse lf not a secretary to some bug busmess man Page Seventy I , , . ,. 5 ' ' X3- . I .. .. ln ' , , . ,K . . MW l , .. ,, . .. . , vu : , I rush to classes, or over-burdened with books. yet she , . I - .. ., . ,, . .. L . . . - 1 t , - . 1 .V ' ' , . l Y , , .. ., . . . , . . . CCDMUS FRYE ROBERT J Bos Retaxl Selling When you musl choose lwzxl work and play Do lhe work some olher day Bob IS very popular ln our A H S and I8 known quxte well by all the falrer sex He IS full of ambltlon and always on the go In fact has motto seems to be Last to class and early to leave ln splte of all hls effervesc ence hls smxle and behaviour brxghtens many persons when worry has them down He IS always lmltatmg Bing Crosby or Clyde McCoy Hls crazy antics lh the halls make some people thmk he s crazy but It s just that he IS happy or perhaps he has just seen his best gxrl lf he IS out m the world what he IS ln hlgh school his frlends C-AFFNEY JOHN P JACK Commercial When your sludzes prle loo deep C lose your book and go lo sleep Thus coalcracker from Hazleton IS the smile of the senlor class He IS noted for has flashy shirts and tles but most of all for has great grm He IS interested ln swung bands dancxng basketball and football He may be seen with has friends at Mealey s Castle Garden or Grover son busy nights He I8 going to college to study journalism We all wish hxm good luck We shall miss has bright smxle FRY ROBERT HENRY FRY General A comrade blzlhe and full of glee who dares io laugh oul loud and ree Fry IS a carefree student who works or plays as he sees fit He takes equal lnterest lh sports and ln fooling Although his marks are falr he could do better lf he wanted t Hns lxfe usually starts at two forty and he ns always waxtmg for the next holxday He IS jolly and no class room should be without hmm FURLER JEANETTE J EAN Commercial A nend IS a rare book of whlch but one copy rs made eanette IS lxked by all of us She IS fond of sports especially tenms and lce skatmg She IS happy go lucky and the best companion ever but don t let her fool you Her seeming quiet IS frlled wxth mxschlef Her leisure I8 given over to tenms and Ice skatmg Jean s a1m IS to become a dependable pnvate secretary and we ll mdorse her papers as a dependable person ln anything she has to Page Sr.-Lenly one t J f 0-. I . ' . . - 1 4' - will be legion. ' do. A GARDNER THEODORE Fss L .l i ' , , , ' lg , 5 . . . ., , , . w ...I A .. A man wzllioul cares on I1 c s lhorouglifaresf' ess has never believed in too much study, for fear of overdomg it ln fact he took extreme care that such would not be the case Nevertheless, Jess came through his course with his colors high A secret ambition of his is to hasten the day when he w ll be able to realize the thrill of his first shave ess is a sp eedy miler on the track team and some day expects to fill the gap left by Glen Cunning- GARMAN HUGH JAMES Bun He who works faith fully will succeed Bud is a good all round student and swell to get along with He is a quiet sort of a lad but IS always ready willing and able to lend a helping hand to any one in a tough spot Hugh loves the great Natlonal Pastime baseball He hopes some day to become a great player and to reach the Major Leagues We wish him the best CGM JS GAISSERT JANICE JANICE General Commercial A good sport wins twice as many rrends as a bad sporl anxce is our basketball player from Roosevelt and Central and she plays it rough Walking doesn t appeal to ,Iamce especially when there are so many other ways to reach one s destination You can always find her in a large crowd trying her big sister act Try to tell your opinion of a subject and she will tell you hers We all ike anice because she is jolly anice wants to be a saleswoman ln her own shoppe some day and we are wishing her prosperity Varsrly Bas clball I Y W C A I 2 3 GARFINKEL MARTHA MARTY General Dance and the world seems dearer A cheerful laugh and greeting or a shout Marty' A tireless talker full of pranks and mischief alwavs ready to Hash forth at the slightest opportunity When it comes to dancing there isn t a better partner than Marty But you ll find dancing isn t her only accomplishment she s quite a good athlete too Marty hasn t made definite plans as to her future but she s sure to be a success Hockey 2 Basketball I 2 3 Page Seventy lwg COMUS GAUM ER ARDIS VERLETTA DoL1.v General Wrth quzps and crac s and charming wzles A pal a true frlend a good sport all wrapped up mto one Dolly IS a glrl with an strong sense of humor too Wlth a challenge and a twinkle in her eye she exchanges wlsecrack for wlsecrack Dolly 13 fond of swimming and diving She expects to be a designer and we hope fate will design for her a happy pattern of living Curl Reserves 2 3 4 Gym Club I 2 3 CAUMER RUTH LUCY MAE is General A alher is a lrcasurc a brolhcr a com or! bul a frzend rs both Ruth has a keen sense of humor and a pleasant dlSp0Sl tion lf you want a good laugh just look her up Here s a tap for the fellows If ever you want something better than fudge go to Ruth She IS rather good at cooking Ruth goes ln for all the sports football basketball and swimming She hopes to be a typist Crrl Reserves I GAUMER, ADELE E. F. "Dn.r.v" College Entrance in Engineering and Science 'Ambilion halh no resl." Adele is one of the out-of-town students who rises early every morning so that she can greet us with her ready smile at eight thirty Her greatest hobby seems to be her studies and she is planning eight more years of study to add an M D to her name ln a few years when we go walking down Hamilton Street we hope to see her shingle Adele Gaumer lVl D Good luck Adele Chorus 2 H1slor1ca1Soczely 3 German Club 2 3 4 GAUM ER LEWIS LAROCHE Lew Commerclal A Izllle mzschre now and lhen I s cherished by the wrsesl men Lew is a bug fellow with even bigger ideas His many friends all agree that he IS a grand fellow He IS a mem ber of the band and a hard working student After graduation he intends to go to business college Hrs mam ambition is to become a Certified Public Accountant We straight Band 2 3 '50 M? Page Sevenly three l ,L 4. 4 ' ' A f u ll wish him success. May he be able to keep the -books t Us .. Y g 1 ff V, Y an f . v, H f I . V i V COMUS GEHMAN JEAN E. EANIE College Entrance ln Arts A sunny nature gxlds lhc edge o ll e s dar es! cloud Wltty humorous wlth sparklmg eyes dancmg feet a wlnmng smlle and a sunny dlSp0Sltl0n no wonder loyal ,lean has a host of friends She IS refreshing and welcome as a cool mountain stream to the weary traveler Jeanne ns one of those demure llttle glrls who comes upon one unexpectedly and leaves one wlth half of next week s allowance ln other words she IS always sellmg tickets In spite of her apparent energy she loves to stay ln bed on cold mornmgs Jeanne has smlled her way mto the hearts of her classmates and will smlle her way mto the hearts of her pupils Dramalzc Club 4 Sczence Club 2 German Club 4 Hxslorxcal Socxely 3 4 Curl Reserves 2 3 GEHRINGER MAE E Commerclal My own thoughts are my companions Cmnamon Top IS a bnlhant haired lass who came to us from Whitehall Hrgh but already she has carved a niche for herself here She likes sports readmg and drumming on the plano Her mam worrv IS her studies but some day she hopes to wrmkle her falr brow over some one s books and worry about deblts and credlts Belleve It or not a bookkeeper Wlulelwall Dramalrc Club I 2 3 Red Cross Club 3 Gzrls Chorus I 3 GEARY ARLENE MAE GEARY Commerclal A merry heart doelll good ll e medzcme To those of us who know her Geary IS a name that will always bring fond memories She ranks hrgh ln her scholastic work but this I8 not because she does nothing but stuck her nose ln a book She has a keen sense of humor and a pleasant dlsposltlon Whenever you see a hllarlous group of gurls Geary I8 the center of attractxon She makes friends readily and keeps them by her loyalty We wlsh her both success and happmess Commercial Club 4 Nalzonal Honor Soczely 3 4 GEHRINGER RICHARD FRANK DICK Become an Idol of lhe world No! an Idle ln lhe world The fellow you see ln this picture lsn t the President of the Umted States or the world s heavy weight boxer No slr he IS just another local boy who IS gomg to make good We at Hugh School knew hum as Duck a qulet sort of fellow never was a hound for publlclty But Duck likes to argue and never never can you change hls opmlon But he s a mce fellow to go with not qulck tempered nor xmpohte Of course lf he thxnks he has to fight he ll do so and lf he gets the short end of the rope he won t argue about It Duck s a great sport fan and you can bet your boots hell always be ln there glvlng his best whether his team IS wm nmg or losmg CINNAMON Tor- Page Seventy four H H . .. .. U . . , . 4, . , l . . I 'r 1 1 I I 1 ,V y. , . , , f f ,- , I xr, HJ .. , . .. . f .f. k ,, . . , . , . . . I , . , . . 0 . ' . ' . u ' r 1 - , f 1 '.'. , -:Y .. .. . .. . . H . . . . . . . , - , . , . . . - . . .. . , . . 1 ' 1 . I , , , . . . , . .. ,. , . .. . ,. . - . . ' . I . . , 4 . . . J , J . . . . . COMUS CEHRIS NORMAN RICHARD SHINY General Youll: comes bu! once Shiny IS a whlz at magxc tricks and hus secret mtentlon ns to hold large audiences spellbound by feats of wonder maglc ln sports he IS a flash at bowlmg and some day hopes to hlt that coveted 300 mark Shmy IS not worried about leaving school for his father has a Job all ready for llTl GERNERD MARGARET ELLFN General How lovely common llungs seem lo lovely eyes There IS not enough room here to summanze Peg s per sonallty She ns at once collegiate and qulet shy and bold wltty and serious distant and affectionate lt I8 her admirable dlscrlmmatlon at usmg each tralt that has made her so popular She IS lnterested ln everything and every one Wherever her eager and competent splrlt leads her success will mevxtably be there for she can take It even SUCCESS Sl-Wlnlsll Club 4 Rulm Club 4 Nall! Pleda 4 Swim mmg Team 2 Chorus 2 g GEHRIS DONALD THOMAS Wmnv Industrial Electrical Anylhmg that makes a noise 13 salzs aclory to a crowd Ladies and gentlemen meet Windy one of the world s future electnclans But don t thunk that electrlcxty I8 hxs only interest for he frequently rs seen ID the gym at dancing classes However he msn t a bad fellow and we wish hlm the best of luck GEMMEL JOHN H Acx Fme Arts Muslc The man worlll wlule ls the man who can smzle When everyllnng goes dead wrong ack s wut and humor brxghten the world wherever he goes and he goes to all the social affairs An excellent musxclan he coaxes his clarmet and tenor saxo hone Faxrly qulet when he s asleep you ve no trouble ndmg hum when he s awake Good natured and j0Vl8l he always prepares hls lessons after a fashion and always adds Interest to a classroom Jack mtends to continue hls musxc posslbly at N Y U After that llsten to hum swung out wlth hls clannet And may all hls years be harmomes linked each to each m one melodlous stram Band 2 3 4 SludenlLeade1 Orchestra 3 4 Pac Page Seventy foe 1 11 11 1 14 . . . -v 1 1 1 . . . . . 1 1 11 11 1 11 11 1 - 1 1 Y' ' nhl 11 , . 11 . Q . 11 -I 1 . . , . , . . . 1 1 , 1 . 1 . . - 1 1 , . . . . , . ... . . . 11 , . 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 - 11 11 1 . -1 , 11 . . , . 1 1 , - f 1 . . . 11 - 1. , 1 1 f 1 f I I ' 1 I 1 . COMUS GILBERT JOHN CHARLES JOHNNY General A sunny dzsposzlzon goes a long way toward ma :ng rzends Behold the ofhclal laugher of the Semor Class A joke IS not really a Joke unless ohn IS there to laugh ohn ns one of the many grand troopers at A H S Whatever your arm IS lh lxfe ohn here s success to you always YMCA4 GESCHEL WILLIAM Bus. General The less study the lreller Introducmg Bull a backward fellow among strangers but not qulte so backward among friends In school he represents the modern boy qulet and fun loving but out slde hxs shell bursts and hrs true nature comes to the sur face Bull IS an all round athlete He IS quxte an accom pllshed player ln both basketball and baseball and does very well ln almost every sport Although not an extra ordmary student he trles hls best Here s wlshmg hlm loads of success Baseball 3 4 Basketball 3 4 Senior H1 Y 2 3 4 Crea! men live long Carl wrll noi perzsli Carl IS a young man with a pleasing personalxty many friends and no rlvals He also has great promlse ln the matter of opera Slnglng Carl you probably know was captain of our football team and one of the greatest tackles Allentown Hugh ever had He was noted for his hard charging and defenslve work He has a bug body and a bug heart quite ln the right place If Carl fights through life as he fought on the grldlron there IS no doubt about nt that he w1lI go places GLASS THOMAS ANDREW RICHARD DICK Electnc Shop He cl umlcrla c lo prove by orce o argumenl a man s no mon ey Duck IS one of the few who are as they appear He lsn t what you call two faced and he doesn t like any one who IS He wlll go out of hrs way to prove anything he says so don t call hxm a llar He IS a strong supporter of coun try sports with hunting Hshmg and skatmg rankmg favorites Page Seventy szx Foollzall l 2 3 4 Traclr l f . . , . .I - .I J . . . . . 'J l , I , 7 CIVLER, CARL DOUBLE "CARL" -. . I . . 'H " ' If f f . ' k COLDSCHMIDT EDWARD BUTCH Hrs wealth xs lleallh and per ecl ease A person wlth a mlschlevous character Edward 18 the type that makes llfe enjoyable A good sport and always wulllng to try anythmg once Butch IS an asset to any gathering Backward ln unfamlllar surroundlngs that only serves to arouse the mterest of the gurls He dehghts ln German poetry and fiction Sknng swlmmlng foot ball and roammg around the country side wxthout a des tmatxon are his hobbles CORMAN GRACE HARRIET Grmcnz General Beauly and mlellzgence are lalcnls lo be envied The glrl who has perhaps the finest cut features we have ever known I8 an average student and devotes most of her time to muslc and art She also attends football and basketball games She ns a member of the A Cappella Choir and the chorus Grace would like to be a dress designer but whatever she plans to undertake we wash her the best of luck A Cappella Chozr 4 Chorus 4 CCDMUS GOEPPEL BARBARA RAE Buss Con' mercxal Personalrlu rs to a woman Whal perfume rs lo aflouer Of course we all know Barbara She has a persnnallty all her own always full of fun and fond of sports We have never seen Barbara ln a mad rush to get to class or burdemng herself with books yet she always manages to get there As to her future who knows3 Chorus 2 3 GORDIN CERTRUDE ,IACQUEI INE Conmr College Entrance m Arts I love lranquzl solrlude and such socrely As IS qurel wzse and good Stud1ous3 Maybe' FflVOl0U83 A little' What word then descrlbes Gertrude3 Even her frlends cannot fund that word Gnve Gertrude a good argument and she will be your friend for life A typical bookworm with hugh ambxtlons thls aspxrmg gurl desires to become a lawyer and a rlch one at that Gertrude goes m for the cultural slde of thmgs opera concerts lectures and dxme movies A gal that mlght go places lf she makes up her mlnd to do so Na1hPleda 3 4 Le CerclcFranca1s 4 Page Seventy seven u U ' .I . . ' . Q u , . I ., , . -r '- , 1- . . f U 1 - , 1 - f n . . - ' y . an n ,, . . . . . . n , v - , . . . , , . . - . - , y v - I - - n v 1 1 ' -. H 1 1- . , . -. . . v . ' . . , , . w GRAVER RAY RUSSELL REDS He who lauglls lasl IS a aol or walllng so long Ray IS a good scout and loves to loaf Although he IS not well known ln athletlcs or ln clubs he greatly enjoys sports and IS a great A H S booster at home and away We re sure Ray will make good ln whatever he undertakes GROELLER VIOLA ROSE OLA To now ller a llllle IS lo ll e her a lol A cheery smlle good humor and V10l8 numbers her frlends by the score Most of her tlme IS occupied ln sports Her muslcal Hello IS a welcome greetlng her frlendshlp a thlng to be prlzed She 15 just a swell person She wlll succeed no matter how rough the golng may be CGM S GRANTZ WILLARD CHUCK Commerclal Oh granl me a fish so large lllal I In lelllng of ll afterward wlll not need lo llc Although Chuck IS at tlmes shy and backward when a blt of fun comes along he IS always ready to Joln lh and have a whale of a tlme Chuck IS qulte an athlete plays baseball football and basketball equally well He I8 a great admlrer of Chuck Kleln s and that IS how he got hls nlckname Chuck played guard on the football team for two years and ln hls last year speclallzed ln klcklng extra points Hls favonte hobbles are huntlng and HSl'llhg Grantz wlll be a blg business eXeCUtlVC some day Foolball I 2 3 GRIESEMER RICHARD A DICK College Entrance ln Arts We are all born wllll lwo eyes and one langue lllal we should fhlfl lwlce before ue spea once Dlck IS a qulet unassumlng sort of fellow and a good student But he wlshes those Romans CICCYO and Vlfgll would come out of hldlng and fight llke men Dlck IS a flash ln every sport perhaps excelllng ln swlmmlng He has a slcllled hand for bulldlng model aeroplanes and de llghts ID worklng wlth Flne dellcate thmgs Duck has hlgh hopes of success ln the field of aVl8tl0n an lndustry whlch needs more men llke hlm Class Swlmmlng 2 Chorus 4 Page Seventy Clglll .k . , k 'ln ' ' ,g ,g ,4. CCDMUS mr' GROVE ANNA VAUX IS General us! gel acquamlcd and you II be amazed uxet as she may look Sus IS an ardent supporter of football games and can always be found on the sldelmes cheermg the team on to vlctory Because of her happy nature she has a host of friends Anna s ambltlon IS to be an office worker but office worker or no ofhce worker Anna here s to your happmess GURCICK MARCELLA E CELLA Commercxal Lrfe wzllzoul laughler rs a dreary blan At every game whom do you see3 Marcella She xs Interested ln all sports especxally football She IS lnked by every one because of her frlendlmess and IS always glad to help any one ln need Marcella lllces to read till all hours never tires of reading She IS a pleasant gurl wxth a keen sense of humor So here s happy years ahead Marcella ln the commercnal field GROSS MARJORIE MAE NIARGIE General Il 18 lzelfer to be small and slune Than large and casl a shadow Although Marjorie may appear qulet she IS a good sport and underneath her quxet IS fun and jovlalxty She laughs at obstacles then meets them and comes through smllmg Marjorie hopes to enter some busmess college after graduatlng General Behold a gzrl who 13 always glad Dad you hear a merry laugh3 Yes lts Betty the impersonation of all light joyous thmgs Her easy per sonallty and quick bright smxle have delighted many frlends She has been known to study but when educa tlon interferes wnth pleasure come again some other day educatnon And lt does come agaln dont forget The world needs more of her sort because the world needs sunshine l Page Seuenly nme ,, Us ,, Q ' n - ' I . .M y,,, K X j j GRUVER, 13L1zABETH JOSEPHINE "BETTY" C S I-IAAF HOMER I-I HAAF General A horse a horse my mgdom or a horse' Haaf a likable young chap who enjoys swimming fishing and horseback riding IS not one of the highest students in school subjects but his pleasure and hobby is raising animals in which he takes great pride Haaf fits into any crowd His favorite topic of course is sports He is known by many of his school mates at sight he can t be mistaken because he always wears a grey sweat jersey He can take and give a joke We are sure he will make a success in the agriculture field which he intends to enter German Club 3 4 HAAS DOROTHY Do-r-rr E General Curlylocks Curlyloc s lllou cans! be mme A better friend than Dottie cannot be found Whenever or wherever you see Dot she will have a cheery Hello for every one Dot is a happy go lucky lass fond of dancing an all round good sport who never lets her lesson interfere styles Maybe some day she will be a famous beautician Whatever you choose to do after leaving us Dot we wish you loads of success HAAS EVELYN MARIE Evy Commercial Hitch your wagon to a slar The girl with a smile lS Evelyn But you couldn t stop at cheerfulness in describing her you have to use such adjectives as smart attractive up to the mmute with all her information She 15 popular too and has a never ending circle of friends lntercs ed in extra curricular work she still ranks high in the honor group Every one knows about her high marks in commercial work She IS well worth knowmg and is one girl who will go far ln any thing she chooses lt is easy to picture her in a down town office HAAS RUTH B RUTHIE General Man s love IS of man s 11 e a flung aparl Tis woman s whole exrslence She s from the suburbs Ruth For four years through fair weather or foul she has come she has seen and now it s over She has always been a good student and a good pal Higher education3 Perhaps When you ask her be Kenney about it Whatever her future we wish her good luck Page Erghly Commercial Club 4 Nalzonal Honor Society 4 X .. I v f ... . . - , - Q , - I ia . X . Kgs X ' N? Xl I .. .. X ll , k , 1 'Il with her fun. She is a great one for trying different hair- 1 1 l COMU3 HACKER WlLLlAM Blu. General Sleep llrou arl a genlle flung Bull has a good word for everybody You ll know hum by his wlnmng smlle and cheerful hello Hrs chuef pastxme m school IS to see how close he can come to 8 30 wlthout belng late Bxll thinks he IS lncllned for business and so do we He mtends to go to Penn State and we wlsh hlm the best of luck there and everywhere Swzmmrng 2 3 HACKMAN RICHARD Drcx General Easy ln mee but hard lo gel From a llttle settlement Trcxlertawn comes this promlsmg mathematlclan Duck doent talk or laugh very much xs a serlous lad with an ambltlon to get ahead Skatmg hockey hlkmg and dancmg Ell up most of hrs pastlme but swlmmxng tops hrs hst Dlck IS what one would call a snappy dresser with a mystlfylng alr Here s a toast to Dick for heaps of success and happiness HAMMOND ROBERT ARRISON Lacs Do nol laugh al me 1 car 1 am nol rn my perfect mmcl Prwately most of us thmk he s crazy and publicly most of us say he s crazy But maybe this IS a spark of genius burnmg Thxs mlnor skyscraper IS a chemlst and physlcxst Hrs laboratory at home causes much terrcr for who knows who will be blown up next Many of us are daxly thankful for his brllhance for what would our homework papers be luke without hrs help3 He s fond of pamtlnz but ll s sand that the artlst and sclentlst don t max so maybe It would be better that we dldn t mentlon the art Hrs real desire IS to become a hobo Nalxonal Honor Soczely 3 4 HANNIS ALBERT AL General Only lhe happy are lhe lruly greal Al has dlstmgulshed hlmself with hrs happy dlsposltnon and broad smlle which we are sure has much to do with his populanty You probably know hum he S such a cheerful chap a good student and a fine sport We can not prophesy Al s future but whatever It ns we wxsh hxm the best of luck and the greatest of happmess Home Room Preardenl 2 4 Page Ezghty one , , , . . , . . , .. , .. - I n . . 5. : ' ' . . . . . . . .. ., . Science and En ineerin S . . ,. . W . . , I n A X I, I .. ., , U H . . - ' ' CO US HARLEY ELMA MAE EFFIE MAE General Prelly enough W rlly enough Peppy enough usl enough Fflle Mae IS one of the shlmmermg heights of I938 a good sport and a true friend She dances well smgs well and tunes young men s heart strmgs quite as well Ask her about her collectlon of embarrassing moments After she fmlshes promenadmg Allentown Hugh halls she expects to do the halls somewhere else either as a Journalist or a pl'lVate SeC!'Ct8I'y HARPER JEAN LOUISE JEANIE General A brzghl dlsposzlron and a sunny smzlef jeanle s cxrcles of frlends know her as a good sport and a dependable person There 18 enjoyment ln sports for her she never mxsses a football or basketball game She has smiled her way mto the hearts of her classmates and plans to smlle her way mto the hearts of her patients You see she lntends to become a nurse Girl Reserves 2 3 4 HARTZELL MARYLU MARYLU General On on on slrwmg and aclung and learning We ride we ride' lndustrlal Drafting Ea! sleep and be merry my heallh rule Donald lxkes to invent such thmgs as ballets and rockets that go around corners He IS a qunet mconsplcuous per son ln class but with the women he IS a hero He takes an actlve part ln many sports lDCll1dlI'lg lee skatlng Tsquare I 2 3 MaryLu ns that happy go lucky carefree glrl you see here and there around the halls Study I8 the least of her worries but always gets by and pretty credltably at that When you see a group of laughing students there you see lVlaryLu All the luck and happiness that life can bring lVlaryLu MaryLu' Page Fzghly :wg L J -,, HARRIER, DONALD R. Doc CO US HASSLFR LENA WINIFRED Commerclal Frlendshzp conslsls ln being a mend no! ln havmg a frzeml Lena IS most quxet and unassumlng yet ln her quiet way she commands the admlratxon of all who know her Under her shy exterxor rs a hvely wxt and a keen Sense Of humor She IS always ready and able to help a frxend and for this reason she has countless frlends She 15 an earnest serious worker and as a result of dllxgent study she ranks hugh ln scholastxc achlevement We expect to be seelng Lena ln a busy downtown office some day efflclent secretary We know whatever she does she will do lt well and we wlsh her all the luck and happlness that she has proved she deserves HAUSMAN RAYMOND COREY RAY General Crea! men are rlyzng Ifeel src Everybody likes Ray a good naturecl chap He s a trifle restless but hxs bright cheery nature puts hum ln the llmellght Ray IS a target for the fair sex but he has proved himself mvulnerable so far He xs actively mter ested ln all sports and well versed ln many other subjects Hrs contagxous laugh and bright wlt are a bug asset to the school Ray ns gomg to Dartmouth to study yournallsm and A H S will mxss hlm greatly If he s only a shadow of his Present promise he will be a grand success HASKEY DOROTHY MARY ELIZABETH Dor Commercial Sometimes she s happy Somelrmes she s blue Her dzsposzlzon depends on you Red means stop But there s no stoppmg this red head once she gets started The sparks fly occasionally but this IS easxly remedled just offer Dot a peanut bolster Studies and recreatlon are her mam Interests wlth recrea tlon ln the lead She s a good sport easy to get along with fond of danclng movles and lf you want the words of a song old or new she knows them Dot IS proflclent at getting herself lnto Jams by saymg the wron thmg but nevertheless intends to be a secretary S e says her future w1ll take care of ltself L1 N HAUSMAN ALMA RUTH ALMA General L1 e lhe wafers of the mzghly deep Never qulel unless asleep Alma can supply a good laugh when one ls needed Talkmg lS her greatest achievement although she finds some txme for rldmg playing basketball and knlttmg She IS an actlve supporter of A H S actlvltles and IS a great help to the cheer leaders at the football and basket ball games Aslde from her merry chatter she has stxll left a senous slde Girl Reserves 4 Rzdzng Club 4 Page Erghly lhree V ll II . , . , f - . y - - . . , . ll . . 1 .. ., - . f . . . . P, . . . , an . . . 1 ' l Y .. .. . li , , . , . . . . . . , - , l 1 - . . ' ' ' - - ' . ' . ' 1 . - . ' 1 HEEPS KERMIT HIPS Dynamrle comes m small packages Kermlt looks forward to bemg a forester He finds great pleasure m open spaces At tlmes he IS qulet and thoughtful but on the whole he IS qunte Jolly Hlps xs well known lh the office and It IS known that he has trlecl to beat the txme record ln hugh school He could not get enough knowledge 1n three years o he stayed for Fave Hls one weakness IS gurls and he thinks we should have more young girls teachlng school When Hxps has consumed enough knowledge for a few days he takes off from school and goes gallvantlng about town He was a member of the I937 Varsxty football team HEFFNER JOHN W JACK General There s a great day comzng ack IS one of the boys here at hugh school wlth a heart as bug as a house He will do anythmg for you jack however would rather listen to a Jazz band than to study He does llke to work around automobiles and would llke to go to Lehigh to take up englneerlng But thus IS a hard road to cllmb without a lot of study so here s lots of luck along the road to engineering fame CCDMUS HAYTMAN EK ALOYS j Engmeermg and Science Wezsmuller move over Al one of our best mermen attracts much attention wxth hxs red curly halr He has been a member of the famous swlmmmg team for three years Luke most athletxcally mcllned young men he has a tendency to be mdlfferent to homework Because Al IS a qulet sort of fellow you mlght thunk he s bashful but he has a ready smlle for every one ladxes and all He shows so much promise of becoming an expert swlmmer that we are pre dxctmg great things for hlm Good luck Aloys Swzmmmg Team 2 3 4 HEEPS NAOMI HEEPSIE Commercial Lxllle crcalure full o wzl A good sport with a pleasing personallty and sparkllng wlt thxs IS Heepsle Although she s a mute smaller than the rest of us we don t mlnd She s just another buslness mmded lass She ll be a success we re sure but whether lt s nn busmess nobody knows Anyhow we wxsh her luck Page Ezghly four UA '- , . L u . H , . Y 1 , . , . . - . . , . , . . , . . , 1 - w 1. H 1 . rr . . U , . , , S . . U H y w 4. -v , U . f . ,- . . . . . . . . . , . . , . . ' . . , . . , . , . . - .4 '- , . 4- y . H . . . , . . . , . COMUS HEJSLER GLADYS E Commerclal A nend to every one Schnooky 18 llked by all her frlends for she herself lS so true a frlend she would never refuse any one a favor Although she seems qulet to most people she IS really jolly She loves pleasure but she keeps lt xn nts place and does not therefore forget her study Schnooky 18 rather small but It xsn t slze that determmes value Shortys chlef lnterests are readmg wrltmg stones and articles and studymg people It 15 her hope to be a stenographer some ay' HELLERS FRED FRITZ General We are all born wzth lwo eyes and one moulh so tha! we may look twice be ore we spea once Twelve school years have made Fred an accomplished spxt ball artist but this does not hinder his school work He never goes home burdened with books but his marks are proof of hugh scholarshxp He likes every one and everythlng too much to specxallze ln one field but now he has turned his thoughts toward chemistry When he lsn t out cheering for A H S he as experimenting with has own chemicals The chemical world needs workers luke Fritz HFINLY ALDINE DORIS DEANIE General A wzse old owl lwecl m an oa The more he saw lhe less he spa e The less he spo e lhe more he heard Allfolks should be like lhat old brrd Aldme IS falrly quiet nn the class room She plays the plano and reads Although Aldme s marks are hugh she loves nothing better than to watch the hugh school athletes brmg home the bacon for Allentown She IS one of those rare people who has the art of bemg a true friend She hopes to go to college and be a teacher German Club Scmqooxv HELLER ROBERT W Bos Com merclal A lrllle humor now and then ls ound m the wzscsl o men Always gay and always happy there 18 seldom a dull moment nn Bob s lnfe He just loves to knd every one especlally the g1rls Sports IS Bob s greatest enthusiasm he attends most of the football and basketball games Bob also takes a great Interest ln has studies and I8 a good student After graduating from school he IS planning to become a business man His pleasing personality assures hlm success Commerczal Club Page Frghly fue rl -. A ' 1 ' ki k v .. .. ' .'f'. ,,- -N l, ln M . U COMUS HENDRICKS KENNETH KEN General Haste ma es wasle He haslens slowly Probably everybody ln the class elther knows hlm per HELMAN HAROLD Bun Commercxal To be or not lo be 13 lhe problem Bud IS dependable honest and kmd He IS fond of sports and outdoor llfe likes football basketball hunting and fishing Hls ambltlon I3 to become a falthful office worker Bud I8 an attentive pupll Let s hope the future will be brlght for hlm sonally or at least knows hxm at slght Ken IS the fellow who always seems to be ln a hurry to get to class late Aeronautxcs commands Ken s interest and he intends to follow lt as hls llfe work Happy landlngs Ken' HENSINGER JEAN ,IEANNIE Retail Sellmg HENRICK DONALD ARTHUR Ducxs uxelness reflects wzszlom not weakness Ducks ns a handsome fellow a true friend and a hard worker He IS interested ln all kmds of sports and popular among the girls Ducks I5 lookmg forward to success ln the busmess world We all of us love her And should you as why Perhaps rt s because She s so qulel and shy Jean IS a friendly good natured girl with falr halr and blue eyes and a stock of common sense which not only got her 1n the retail selling group but also made her ellgxble for the school honor roll She 18 very conscious of her blush but she has a keen mterest ln sports especially lh football and basketball Her smile and rare personalxty wms friends for her wherever she goes Her plans are not very defimte but her determmatxon wxll get her whatever she sets out to get Page Ezghly szx .. .. . .. . ., , . , ' , . U . l , . , . . 1 4 ' I .. .. , .. lc . .. , . . , . . . . .. .. . General Q - - . . . .. . .. 'Y - , . .. I - . . . , , . HERBEIN ROBERT S HERB Why worry about lomorrow3 Once you meet Herb you ve met a frlend for he will meet any one halfway and do even more than hrs part He ns a happy go lucky fellow but he can really buckle down to a ,ob when It I8 necessary Hls congenial nature has made for hum frlends who wall long remember hum when he I8 studymg at Muhlenberg HERNANDEZ CHARLOTTE ADELE CHAR An mnoccnl mard wrlh sofl brown eyes As wzlly and popular as she rs wrse MIK a cheerful personality with a sparklmg sense of humor add a generous dxsposltnon and we have our Char Her motto xs Eat drunk and be merry tomorrow we may dlet During Char s stay at hlgh school she has suc ceeded ln keeping up her lessons and at the same tame has had a wonderful time Her arm IS to be a prxvate secre tary for some bug magnate Best of luck Char CO US HFNSINGER MARTHA SALLY Hzmurz General She lhal has spzcc enough may season as she lr es Martha this qulet yet mtrlgumg glrl wms all hearts Although she always seems to be busy she stlll has tlme for basketball swlmmlng and other sports Nurslng 15 her chlef delight and we are certam she has the proper qualltles for that professlon Ctrl Reserves 2 HERBER WARREN CHARLES HERBY Commercial An mslrumenl offrzendshzp rs a smzle Herby ns a poker faced sort of a fellow genlal ln hxs own qualnt way Hes qulet but rather sociable and ponders long before decxdmg anything Although Herb looks like the type that constitute the clergy he intends to become a typlst and perhaps attend college His pleasmg dlalect and sincere manner make hmm dear to us all and we wlsh hxm lots of luck Chorus 2 Home Room Treasurer 4 Page Er ghiu seven ,, H 4 f an . Ik " - 1 ' . - - - f , . 4. H an ,- f 4- . . . . . n ' f - v - , . v . , , v - H .- . . n , . CQMUS HILLENBRAND LOUIS J Hll.l.Y Englneerlng and Sclence Readlng maketh a full man and so does eallng LOUIS IS one of the gay llghts ln our class He puts on no alrs and deserves the respect we all have for hlm Louls chlef asset IS hls smlle you just can t help llklhg hlm once you know hlm He says hls mam hobbles are readlng and eatlng but the food doesn t seem to affect any change ln hls stature He s studying to be a chemlst and he certalnly ought to succeed HI RST RALPH RALPH General A guard stands wdlCl1 on a wise man s tonrae Ralph may not be overwhelmlngly ambltlous ln hls class work but he IS a falthful attendant at soclal and athletlc functlons Hls pet hobby IS huntlng He IS not only a good marksman at bagglng game but he has a good eye for the gals as every one may know He means to follow ln hls father s footsteps and be a salesman of elec trlcal appllances HI'I'l'E.Ll MARGARET J Pac. I luke the laugllter that opens the ,IPS and the lleart Peg has all the pep and school splrlt that belongs to a grod cheerleader We ve seen thls at all the football and laslcetball games where we ve followed her ln school yells she attends our other school actlvltles too where she creates a cheery atmosphere among her assoclates Peg IS fond of outdoor sports partlcularly ICC skatlng Yet wlth all her outslde lnterests she has managed to be an honor student To thls all round glrl our head cheer leader who has always rooted for us we return Three cheers for Peg' Cheerleader 3 4 National Honor Soclety 3 4 French Club 4 Clrl Reserves 3 4 Basketball I 3 HIXSON ARLENE CHARLOTTE Lam la Commerclal On her chee an autumn jtusll Deeply rlpened to a blush Lenle IS as happy as the day I8 long and a wonderful frlend true understandlng and slncere Her favorlte sports are blcycle rldlng and good basketball games Her pet subject IS typlng and she s the type to type perfectly Page El gllty 81 nhl .. .. . . . . , . , . . . . . .. . , ,. . . , . ..... General .. . . .. , . , . . . v ' - , , . , - .. .. . . J . . . . . . , . . . - .. .. , . . . , . - . . . , , . - 54 CCM S HOCH KATHLEEN ELINORE KAY General 0 bug girls and lxllle grrls And all the girls l now The lzllle gurl s lhe dearesl girl Kathleen will probably be remembered by all of us as the girl who arrives in class just on time But she IS never late for any of the games On the whole Kathleen IS good natured happy go lucky popular with boys as well as with girls Her vlvacity and cleverness are sure to carry her through any situation Kay I8 planning to be a dress designer In future years the girls will be golng to her for their fashions HOCH MARIAN M Hoi-:EY General uxc on her eel quzc with her brain quick rn her ngers she ll dance she ll plan shell coo for you Ever see a little whiz running down Hamilton Street3 If you look closely and quickly you ll see its Hokey I spite of her bashfulness she has won many friends She 18 a great lover of sports and is a marvel in basketball to do this she expects to go to Cedar Crest College Bas elball I 3 4 Spanish Club Dramalzc HOECHT OTTO ju Ors General lt is myself I porlrau Otto I8 that fair haired German importation we see HOCH ROBERT Boa Industrial Cablnetmakmg Merry friendly loyal lrue This queer old world needs more like you Although you never hear of Bob lh the sporting world yet he is Allentown s No I sport fan What he can t tell you about basketball is not worth knowing He may also be rated No l ln the activities of the DeMolay Here s wishing Bob lots of good luck in whatever he attempts after graduation DeMolay flashing through the halls wlth a broad smile for every one He may well be called the ofhcial traveler of Allen Hugh he has actually been in almost every country ln Europe ln spite of his being serious in his studies he is often seen at dances He means to be an expert radio technician and believe you us he will be an expert expert Good luck Otto We ll salute you ln the front rank of Radio Engineers A Cappella Choir 4 Page Ezghly nme .. f . . ' . . ..Q.k nj' .k'. . . ' She is going to be a teacher in Domestic Science. ln order lt . . . . CGMUS HOEHLE DOROTHY A General I wzll be wzse Andjusl and ree and mzld 1 rn me lzcs Such power lf you want to meet a good sport one always ready for fun and ever ready to take a Joke try Dot Pleasant and lnterestlng to all who know her she IS also studlous and ambltlous and often manages to get her name on the honor roll She xs always wlllmg to help any one no wonder everybody lxkes her and consequently she likes everybody You can depend on her belng loyal and bemg the best of company always She loves to read to swlm and to go to the movles Here s good luck and success whatever she attempts G1rIReserves 2 3 4 HOFFMAN KENNETH KEN Commerclal A warm happy smzle wrll go a long way to keep one happy lhroughoul lhe day Ken one of the taller members of the class IS a happy go lucky type of fellow who says whatever comes to hlm as a joke Times are never dull when Ken IS around for he always manages to squeeze a good tlme out of the dullest moment We can hardly call hlm studlous but hxs lntentlons are good and he IS Indeed concerned about his classwork We don t know what Ken s ambitions are when he leaves the portals of A H S but we can be sure that he will make the world a but happier and better wher ever he goes HOFHL HERBERT GEORGE HERB General When beller men are made Cenler Valley ma es them Herb IS one of these better men He ranks hrgh xs a member of the National Honor Society and takes part ln many sports doing well ln all of them Herb was Hugh School No l one half mller He also had the honor of running the anchor leg for Hugh School m the Penn Relays ln hxs Junior year and probably will do so again ln has senior year All who know hxm like his frlendshlp There IS no need of wlshmg hum success he wxll make hrs own future bright Trac 2 3 4 Nalzonal Honor Soczely 3 4 D01- HOFFMAN CHESTER CHE-r Science and Engmeermg Ease and quzckness wr! and zmagmalron serve lo hp all his words wzlh lrghl Chet a red haired gray eyed cheerful chap belongs to that category of people that you can t help llkmg He IS an honor student well liked by hls teachers and enter taxnlng to the class Hrs ambltlon xs to go to Lehlgh and study chemlcal engmeerlng He swmgs a clever pen too and mlght easlly stop m hls drawmgs of brndges and towers to do a character sketch ln words Page Nmely V o an It ., .. k ., , . . . . . . , , . . ,f, ,f ., , , . . , . . . . . , . , . . , , n ' I ' l v , - . , . .. 7 9 ' ' - . HOPKINS HELEN LOUISE General Perszslenl people begxn lherr success where others end ln arlure lf you are lookmg for a frlend and a good sport w advlse you to stop rlght here Hoppy IS not only a good athlete but also a good student Helen has a pleasant chsposxtlon nothmg can greatly disturb her School teachmg seems to have fascxnated and Interested her We feel sure that she wxll find happmess along this road and we wlsh her a llfe of Joy Czrl Reserves 4 Class Bas elball 2 3 4 lloc ey 2 HORLACHER JOHN LUTHER Burcu General Every man rs wha! he makes hrmsel Butch 18 llke the average hugh school boy rather qulet but this quality has brought hmm many pleasant friends He likes fun just as any one else does Although he IS small he I8 one fine fellow always ready to help you Butch has not clecxded on hrs profession yet but his type IS sure to succeed ln whatever he does MUS HOLBEN ROBERT GEORGE Boa College Entrance ln Arts Musxc halh :ls charms but me-well l I I Bob IS the bass sololst and virtuoso of the A Cappella Cholr and Chorus When he reaches the deep notes the chandeller ln the audxtorlum shakes and people slttmg m the balcony are almost thrown from thelr seats by the vxbratlon However there have been no casualties He IS also a member of the hugh school brain trust for he has an abundance of grey matter We wlsh hum much success Chozr 2 3 4 Chorus 2 3 4 Nalxonal Honor Soclely 4 Glee Club 2 3 4 HOPPY HORAN ALICE GRACE General A pleasmg personalzly rs a valuable lhmg Allce has a smlle for every one Her delightful person allty makes her most popular Alice IS nght there when lt comes to outdoor sports tennis blcyclmg lce skatmg She also has a spec1al llkmg for dancmg As to what she IS to follow when she graduates no one knows but here s W18l'llIlg her all the luck ln the world Swzmmmg 2 Page Nmely one Y .. . . ' -Uv- '. , . : , . , : ' ' . I I- f . A - . ' - , e 1 I A - ., ' , : k . . . : k . . . , HAL., 81 ' . 'X 'I In 1' '4 Q . fin! COMUS HORN ALTHEA HELEN Twm Commercxal Twelve school years have gone lhrough space And here remams a pleasanl face This cheerful helpful dependable glrl has won her way mto all hearts Her lessons are never neglected she has never taken an examlnatlon m her twelve years She plays the marlmba and pxano Her closest companion IS her Identical twm slster She expects to be a stenographer some day So go ahead Althea follow that path to suc cess and hold that smile' HORN DOROTHEA EDITH Dor Commercial A song on her lzps Dot IS an ldentlcal twm who has many friends and always a pleasant smlle for every one She enjoys a good txme but never neglects her work She IS fond of musxc and sings xn a trlo wlth her slsters and plays the marlmba and plano Dot wants to be a stenographer and we know she ll be a capable one Chorus 2 3 4 A Cappella Chorr 3 4 Chorus 2 3 4 A Cappella Chozr 3 4 Chorus 2 3 4 A Cappella Chou' 3 4 Nallonal Honor HORN LOUISE MAE TINY Commerclal A zlevoledfrlend lrled and lrue Louxses two older sisters are twlns and she IS often called the third twm Her frlendly and cheerful per m muslc and enjoys smglng and playing the marlmba Louise IS a good student and will be a fine stenographer We wlsh her success and happmess Soczely 3 4 HOTFENSTEI N EMMA MARGARET COPPER Commerclal Sludzes lzllle knows much' Coppers sparkling blue eyes and red hair belle her shyness She doesn t exactly spend her tlme worrying about her studies but she always has her work done Emma llkes all kinds of sports especxally football and Easiball She expects to be a typlst some day We wish er uc Page Nmely lwo .. .. . .. . . - 1 ' V Y - y T n '. . . : . .. . ,, . . . . . . I P V 1. I U I ' . .. . . ,, , . sonality has won her a host of friends. She is interested , . . . . 1 ' . . 1 ' v - - .I :mul .. . ,--.,.,'..: ' ..'1' 1? .., gfl. , , - .v,l.4L- . ll . 1 l' , . . . . CCDMUS HOWARD LILLIAN E n. General On wzlh lhe dance leljoy be unconjfncd When you see a Slfllllhg pretty girl strolling through the halls xt s llkely to be L1l Happy go lucky she IS a good sport and a good dancer though she IS small L11 IS a good student her marks are always above average I 1 wants to be a private secretary Here s luck to y L1 HOWE DONALD CLINTON Dow Engmeermg and Science There s no art lo find lhe mmd s conslruclzon m the ace Although Don does much more thmkmg than talking Engllsh class IS occaslonally the target for some of has Impromptu alleged humor As a member of the A H S swlmmmg team Donald ducks hrs scholastlc tendencxes nn the pool regularly ln an attempt to add the prefix mer to his self designated tltle of man He has succeeded other thmgs he may even succeed ln thls But hell take even succe s nn his strlde nonchalantly Swzmmung 2 3 4 HUBER ANNA G ANNE General The hearly laugh and generous soul Has helped her onward lo her goal Anne the lrl with the heart lau h boards the trolle HOWER RUTH CHRISTINE Rurus Commercial A shy lzllle gzrl with a shy lzlile smzle Ruth xs one of the happy gxrls at our dear old Hugh She has an advantage over most gurls because belxeve It or not that becommg wave IS as natural as the pretty teeth she Hashes as she smiles Ruth s hard study will be rewarded wnth a posltlon ln an ofhce and the office will be rewarded w1th Ruth s cheerful smile Girl Reserves 3 4 S Y g Y car every mormng at Center Valley She IS small I8 a good sport and always ready for fun She IS studlous too for she belxeves ln havmg her homework done on tame Among her chlef hobbies are reading going to movxes and gettmg out of doors She ns fond of Hawanan musxc and hopes some time to vxslt Hawau Anne expects to take a course lh one of the local beauty academies Page Nincly-three CO US HUIVINIEI.. LORRAINE ELEANOR LORRAINE Commerclal The way lo ma e a frzend IS lo be afrzend If you hear a jolly laugh that s Lorrame Thus swell girl has many frlends loves muslc plays the piano and IS a member of the school chorus and the church choir She likes roller skating and basketball attends all the games always does her homework and can be depended upon to do whatever she IS asked to do and then some Some day we are sure well see Lorrame cllckmg the keys for some generous employer Chorus Clrl Reserves 2 HUNSICKER ELIZABETH ALICE Lnzzua Commercial Talking comes by nalure silence by wzsdom Once you meet Elizabeth her ablllty to see the amusing sxde of thlngs will leave a lasting lmpresslon You can turn to her for entertamment as well as for sound advlce I-Ier favorite pastimes are swlmmlng reading and tenms but she enjoys many other things because they Interest her many friends We feel sure she has the desirable qualltles which are essentlal to become a good secretary Best wlshes Elizabeth' HUBER HARVEY H MIKE Commerclal L1 c IS loo shorl lo be careless Mike a modest member of the class of I938 IS outstand mg ln sports and IS a good student He can often be found ln the halls however laughing at some joke pulled by hxs gang of cromes Hls greatest weakness IS being late for school but that can be overlooked He expects to enter the held of Journallsm In time Here s wxshmg hxm plenty of luck Football 2 3 4 Trac 2 3 4 Industrxal A good worker a hard worker and a jolly good elluw Here xs a happy go lucky electrlclan Eddle takes an mterest un electrlclty and knows hls amperes and volts He has no speclal hobby outslde electrlcal work but hls favorlte pastlme 15 loafing although he manages to make hxs grades Has mam ambltxon 15 to become an expert electnclan He chose the mdustrlal course and the cholce IS electrxc shop We wish hum great success ln hls chosen career Page Nznety four . , . : k. . , . HUNSICKER, EDWIN l'EDDIE', COMUS IACOCCA VICTOR FRANCIS Arts Whence rs lhy learnmg Halh thy lorl 0 er boo s consumed lhe mulnzghl ozl? Vlctor a student of the first water has varied mterests from Vrrgxl to swlmmmg He has ablllty ln sports and aptitude ln studies this IS coupled wxth an amlabllxty that s hard to resist He I8 ambltnous and hopes to make a place for himself m the medical world ISREALL PEGGYLLEE Pac Fine Arts She may nal have convenllonalrly Bu! she has ample personalrly Sparkle efferv scence llght gaxety dellghtfulness Th se are what make Peggy s charm There ns so much enthusiasm ln her that you can t hold lt down and you wouldn t want to because lt IS refreshing Peggy loves to be unconventional that s probably her artlstxc temperament Noone would wlsh to take thesecharacter xstxcs away from Peggy because they are Peg and that s what gives her umph Swzmmmg 2 3 4 French Club 4 HUNSICKER MARC-UERITE F Manoa General Smcerzly rs a vzrlue whrch ew persons possess Marge IS a brunette with a pleasing smlle She xs a true frlend a good sport and a jolly person to have around Although fond of outdoor sports she spends some of her time ln the movies or at home reading She always puts her work before her fun or play Chummy with every one she makes friends very easlly She does not complain very much about commg to school for that there as a reason When she graduates she hopes to be a typlst or a dress designer Whether she prmts figures or dresses figures she ll turn out exactly the right type Vic INFANTI DOMINICK DoN General There are many rare alnlzlzes whzch forlune never brings lo Irghl but they eventually shme lhrough Dommlck wlth hls genial dlsposxtxon and sympathetxc nature readily wlns many fnends A talkative Hery tempered person he seems like a regular fellow He takes great Interest ln all school actlvxtxes and particularly nn music and dramatxcs Hls talent for the stage has been marked and he shows promise of becoming a prominent figure ln the Terpslchorean art We wish hlm success Chorus 2 3 4 Dramalzcs 2 3 Page Nmely fue -I U , -. -4 . . . . . f H - - - - - n - , . 4. -1 1 4. . . J . - k . . . 1, r - , v , . . . . u n . 4. . . . . . . . -n , . r f - Q ' r . - v - , , , n v 1 ' v 1- H f an . . f . -f Q . . . - - . r - e . f , . . f . - - u - 4- ,- - 1 . I , . COM S JOHNSON ROBERT W Boa General ln llle evenmg llle ullc man b8glf'lS lo wor Bob IS not very actlve ln school HIS maln lnterests are Hshlng and huntlng and whenever you hear an argument over the relatlve flghtlng abllltles of a bass or a trout you may be sure Bob wlll be ln the thlck of It He lntends to pursue a course of study ln the Zoologlcal Sclences at elther Auburn or Penn State and we wlsh hlm the best of luck ln hls chosen professlon DelVlolay JONES MARGARET ETFA Pscov Home Economlcs Love to one frlendslllp lo ew and goodwzll to all Peg may be a qulet looklng glrl but looks are often decelvlng Wlthout a doubt she IS s..lre to be the loudest and merrlest one ln the group Mlss Knecht wlll vouch for that ln splte of all thls Peg IS a true frlend and gets along falrly well ln her work She IS a good cook and seamstress and a good catch for any trucklng fellow We re sure her future holds success for her JARRETT JOHN H JARRETT Englneerlng and SCICDCC Frlendly lo all llosllle lo none arrett IS a line student a hard working scholar one of the promlslng students of the school Although he does not partlclpate ln any scholastlc competltlons he 18 an ardent supporter one of the many who root our teams to vlctory As to hls future work he has not determlned but we wlsh hlm the best of luck ln whatever he does NUfI0l1Gl Honor SOClCly 4 I dare do all that may become a man Tony 18 the lad you mlght have seen outslde ln cold weather wearlng qualnt ear mulls and smoklng a reeklng plpe He IS a very qulet fellow but well known and llked by hls classmates Tony spent most of hls tlme after school playmg hls euphonlum at band rehearsal Although thls took most of hls tlme he usually found tlme for hls school work and other outslde actlvltles We have a lot of conlldence ln Tony and feel that he 18 fated to be suc cessful and we are wlshlng hlm the best of luck Bandl234 Page Nmcly slx l JONES, JOHN J. "TONY" JOSEPH LOUIS DANIEL Lounr -1 ' 'N jx' ' L 2 CJ C It .X if 3 X , L ., 'L c , i v D Us ., . ' . ' ' Where the loudest part of the game is, Lauief Even though l'e IS small Louie still participates in Q splrts not as an athlete but as a manager. ln basket- ' S' ball he was a mascot he al o took care of the water wagon. W Watch Louie after he graduates he IS the smallest senior ln hugh school and can get into places bigger fellows can't L? . . J k- Football Manager 3 4 B15 etball Mascot 3 4 Trac KABA EDWARD Home Don t worry rt shortens your life Here s a happy go lucky fellow with a good sense of humor He doesn t worry about his marks until the reports Come however he usuallv manages to pass barely making the margnn He takes the Retanl Sellmg Course and expects to be a crack salesman for some hug depart W 5 JONIS SYLVIA L YL Commercial And then she danced The Shag Truckln Suzl why that s right p Sylvlas alley If you want to know the newest dance step go to her guaranteed She can make a row boat do the Bug Apple But please oh please don t thnnk that that IS all that occupies her mind Her grades are usually ln the nmety bracket She makes frlencls easllv and loves sports Sylvna plans to be a secretary Best of luck to you' Cxrl Reserves 2 3 4 l JUCHNIK SOFHII WANDA SOPH Commercial Always talkmg always gay Soph rs happy every day Sophs twlnklmg eyes laughter and readiness to do things have won her a host of frxends She lS a persxstent follower of sports Soph among her other accompllsh ments rates hxgh scholastlcally Her favorite subject IS Shakespearlan literature whlch often causes her to break out ln spasms of Hamlet Soph has mtentlons of ownmg a hat and dress shop Here s hopmg that some clay we may have the pleasure of vlsntmg your Flfth Avenue Shop Basketball 4 Pam' Ninety seven COMUS KAUFFMAN PAUL E COFFFF General The man lhal loves and laughs must do well Here we come to cheerful Paul one of the honor stu dents who nevertheless has a sunny dlsposltxon a wm nmg smlle unmanageable hair blg brown eyes and rosy cheeks that capture the eyes of all the slsters Aslde from hls studies he finds time for music ln which he IS truly accomplished He may also be ldentlfled as the man who plays the baritone horn ln the ueen Clty Gospel Four and slngs ln the A Cappella Choxr We wlsh Paul success happiness and a world full of tuneful melodies Band I Chorus I 2 3 Chow 3 4 YATZ RUTH WEIR Kzxrzua College Entrance ln Arts Ye are sae grave nae doubt ye re wzse Those of you who do not know Ruth wlll probably thunk her a rather serlous gurl but those of us who know her well will find her to be as carefree and happy as any one else though one may have to pierce the outer composure to find her She IS an all round honor student but hnds tnme to slng ln the Chorus where she IS a Flrst rate soprano ln whatever servlce she may undertake-we wash her suc CCSS Chorus I 2 3 4 Nalzonal Honor Society 4 KASCHE MARCUERITF C THE Courvress LYNNE F me Arts xn Music She rs whal she I5 not Thus rather cryptic statement IS explamable to any one who really knows Lynne She IS ln the band at foot ball or basketball games she IS right on the job tootmg that French horn She also plays trumpet plano alto sax and a but of vlolln She s going to become a muslc supervisor with wrxtlng as a slde lme She wishes first to meet some one of the opposite sex answermg thxs descrlp tion fair tawny halr sparkling blue eyes height slx feet blonde and handsome second to travel around the world She hates routlne and conventlonalltles and longs to be as free as the wlnd Band I 2 3 4 Fmc Arls Muslc I 2 3 4 Orchcslra I 2 4 Chorus 2 Fmc Arls Chorus I Glee Club I vig.--" KAY SILVIA SYLVIA Sylvza smzlcd and all the world was gay Whenever this tall dark haired glrl ns around every one ns happy Her presence ln the hall brlngs a chorus of hello s from all sldes Sylvia has a wide variety of unter ests She likes to swlm to rxde horseback to sketch and to read all the good books but best of all loves to dance She expects to go to college next year but as yet hasn t declded whlch college It will be Quick alert gracious soclally lncllned Sylvia will be a welcome addition to any college Page Nmcly ezghl l .. -, , . . . .. . . -. Q L-1 ' . , - v I ' ' . . , . - - L , . ' , - . . - I . v - v I . - . , , , , ,' v . , f - , v . . , . . - , , - .. H f . . -- -. H v . ' if 1 v I A - , a - , , . r . . . . 1 . . - , .. H . .. . . ., - , . , ., - , . . , . . . .. n 5 I .. . . H , . . . - , I ' . . . . . , . , . . - A . 4.1 T' KEIM ROBERT Pao Those who sludy calher then' nes! Pro has proved that homework IS not necessary by not takmg any books home thxs year and barely mlsslng the honor roll Greatly interested ID huntmg and hshmg Kelm knows many rare stone of these sports ln school his jokes and wltty remarks are welcomed at dull moments When Pro buys shoes he gets his money s worth size I ll 2 Kexm halls from Fast Allentown and IS glad he graduates this year so he can have more time to work sleep and employ his leisure tlme KELLER NORMAN ALAN Science and F Keen alerl a lhm cr wzlh many a chuc le al lx c Another promlslng young man with a good future ahead He enjoys has subjects m general and has taken up the Science and Englneenng Course He expects to contlnue ln the engineering field especially ln electrical englneermg ngmeermg CCDMUS KEI NAN ROBFRT Boa Englneermg and Scxence A smzle covers many faults There ore I shall remam smrlzng Bob has recently become a member of the A Cappella Chou after arduous hours of secret practice At least he thought the practlce was secret but we are Informed they caused untold agony to hls friends and neighbors Be lt as lt may Bob sfrlendly manner and happy go lucky attitude make up for hrs voice A Cappella Chozr KELLAR HELEN MATHIL DA Km Com merclal Dark han' and dark eyes Have made bold men ns lhcrr lives lntroduclng Kld the gurl with a dashing smlle a giggle a most fanr and just gurls who ever hut Allentown Hugh Her keen sense of humor distinguishes this dark eyed brunette She ms a whlzz at typmg and at swlmmmg and ranks well m her studies Some day this man s woman will be remmdmg some bug busmcss man to send his wife Howers on anmversarles Whatever she does she ll type her way or swlm her way to success and happlr-ess Chorus l Presrdenlo Chorus 2 Reps He has moved about quite a lot having attended school nn F, uakertown and Union City lndlana He stlll doesn t know why his nickname IS Reds although he does not mlnd the name Here s Vtlblllflg hum good luck and success Page Nmeiy nrne J " e y . . ., - f .. J, . bit of chatter, -and a. yen for college men. She is one of the . : ' f . - . 'A . . I A . ' . . . .. ' ,s ' KERN JUNE RAE BILLIE General Wzth graceful steps she trlps the streets And smlles at all the boys she meets unes llfe at school has been just one affalr after an other for she seems to belleve that varlety IS the splce of llfe Bllll6 adapts herself to strangers and IS gay and carefree among her frlends A llkable glrl she loves to have a good tlme We suppose her dlary IS about the slze of a telephone dlrectory olly and V1CaCl0US she lS Wllllng to argue any tlme on almost any subject Her merry laughter IS at tlmes shadowed by a serlous mood Can t you just plcture her ln a whlte cap and apron cheerlng up slck people? Heres success to her ln her work ln the future KINCAID RUTH ELIZABETH Rurme General Thy modesty s a candle to thy ment Meet a good companlon a sympathetlc frlend and a good conversatlonallst Ruth IS lnterested ln the arts of domestlc sclence and ln the near future may be known as the chlef dletltlan ln some large lnstltutlon where the appeaslng of sucha varlety of appetltes may glve fu ll vent to her cullnary sklll Church HCtlVltlCS also command Ruth s lnterest When Ruthle lS around there IS never a dull moment She IS mdeed the llfe of the party CQMUS KEMMERER A PAUL DRACULA College Entrance IH Arts The greatest pleasure I now I5 to do a good actlon by stealth and have lt ound out by accldent Step rlght up and have a look See the Hlgh School s only woman hater He walks' He talks' Hes almost human' But to the fellows Dracula IS a real frlend for he has the unusual hablt of carrylng never less than flve dollars wlth hlm If thls CaPlt8llSt wanted to llve the rest of hls llfe wlthout worklng all he would have to do would be to charge lnterest on all hls loans And lf he d collect hls loans he d make Andy Mellon look llke a peanut vendor But just watch our miracle man sall through college and work hlmself lnto some executlve posltlon German Club 4 KIDD PAUL JOHN CAPTAIN College Entrance ln Arts I new lt was I or many do call me aol If you don t hear anythlng and laugh anyway you can be sure Captaln IS around Up to thls tlme Cap has regarded women as somethlng to be tolerated but thlngs are changing Very serlously Paul has a razor sharp lnterest and IS qulck on repartee He has a profound lnterest ln athletlcs and partlcularly shlnes as he fllts over those clnders Wlth all the hllarlty and fun ln hlm Cap should be successful when he starts dlstrlbutlng the gospel to the heathen lnterclass Track German Club Senlor Home Room Representative 4 Page One Hundred .. 1 k . ' U. f . .. ' . J - g , l . T- Y. C. A., 2, 35 Chorus, l. EOM U CS KISTLER ANNA MAF ANN Commercxal A true frzendshlp IS as wzse as ll 15 lender Ann IS happy go lucky and popular As she walks down the hall she smlles to nght and left to all her many friends Appearmg qulet and calm she can get pretty nolsy when she s cheenng a team on to vxctory xn basketball or foot ball Ann IS studymg to be a shorthand wizard and the world needs them Gzrl Reserves 2 3 KLEI NTOP FRANCES ELANOR FRAN Fme Arts Her skrllfulffngers make bcauly or eye and ear Fran IS a fine llttle artist both at smglng and pamtnng She s a cheerful person wxth great mlschlevous eyes and a happy smlle You may be surprised to Gnd that she takes her studies serxously She has decided to study art and we hope that fate will design for her a life pattern of happn ness and color Chorus 2 3 4 A Cappella Chou' 3 4 Page One Hundicd One KISTHART HARRISON EUGENE Smoxx Study slrwmg never wavermg This ns one of the bnght young men of the lndustrlal Department a patternmaker of great abxhty Harrison 18 always wxllmg to help a fellow classmate He IS hard to beat ln h1s studies and ranks near the head of most of has classes In hxs shop he IS never caught loafing A steady and wllllng worker always anxious to learn some thmg new he s the sort of young man that goes forward today and we wlsh hum the best of luck KISTLFR ELLSWORTH E MUT1' Cabinet Making Fllsworth IS one of those fellows who has the knack of making friends wherever he gces Although he IS seldom serious he always manages to keep has marks above pass mg Klstler can always be found with a crowd of fellows who love to play Jokes He IS a cabmet maker with the ablllty to do the work but he spends a lot of time watchmg the gurls go by Best of luck to you Ellsworth f , -- - f f . 1 U '- , A -1 . . . . . . -1 v . - n 1 - -4 . U v f .. H f -4 . If .f I - . - v 1 I . , Q . A J f' ' nil Y KLINE DAVID W DAVE Friendly lo all lwslzle lo none Dave is a happy industrious senior who has a wide variety of interests He IS popular with every one espe cially with the girls His favorite pastimes are swimming and football Wlth a smlle like his Dave will prove lrre sistlble to some fair lass More power to you Dave KLINGLER EMMA ANTOINETTA UDY College Entrance in Arts Music is a necessrly of everyday lzfe To casual acquaintances Emma x a reserved and dig nihed senior To those of us who know her intimately she IS a very pleasant and entertaining companion who has made a host of friends through her three years at high school Her hobby is muslc and her perseverance and keen interest in her chosen work are sure to make a place for her in the musical world German Club 4 Hzslorxcal Socrely 3 4 CCDMUS KLEPPINC-ER PAUL KLEP General A slrazghl lzne rs the shorlesl clzslance lrclween lwo pomls Klep is one of those seniors who is alwavs trying to play a trick on some one and he usually succeeds He is another one of those fellows with an air cooled brain He expects to be an aeronautical engineer and is going to college to study for that purpose We all think he is going to succeed KLI NGAMAN MILDRED ANITA Miclcsv General How does slze do it-7 Great success with little struggle has been Mildred s those less fortunate along with her cheerful and winning disposition has brought Mildred many friends However her sense of humor lsn t so keen she can t always see what s so funny about it Aside from the regular routine of school she has always been a very ardent follower of football and basketball She herself IS an excellent scout We shall always remember her as a person who stands up for her rights G1rIRescrves I 2 German Club 4 Nalzanal Honor Soczely 3 4 Basketball I 4 Page One Hundred Two . f ' l 3 ff , 1,0 . I, . s , . .. ., , .. . , . . . .. . . I . . , - .. ., . .U .. . ., ' accomplishment in her studies. Her sincerity in helping G i -4 , D I Nx - . . , X i . . - . s k ' - V . I '.. ir' A .V - . c, .. ., . .l ll . 1 4 ' 7' Y ' .9 - - - . 1 COMUS KLOIBFR EDWARD W Commerclal Lrllle bul greal Eddle xs a llkable chap full of fun and energy Hls pet expression l don t get lt IS a misfit because Eddle does get anything he goes after The Llttle Napoleon of the class IS plannmg to enter the business world If his work after graduatlon compares ln any way wxth that of hrs school days Eddxe IS bound to succeed Gym Team 3 Commercial Club 4 Nalxonal Honor KNAUSS KATHRYN MAY Kn-rv Commercxal Her spzrzl buzlds an empire Kathryn IS the Ideal sort of frxend admired by many of her assoclates because of her cheerful dxsposltlon and will lngness to axd others She has a wxde variety of mterests art basketball swlmmmg and dancing but her two mam ambltlons are to hold a responsible posmon as secretary ln a large flrm and to become well known as an artnst Good luck to you Kathryn' Baskelball 4 KLINK EDWARD WALTER Emma General A ready wr! and ran replxes Spot lnght please' He enters' Applause' Those who saw Eddle on the stage will never forget the natural way he dld hls part But he IS also that blur you ve seen flashmg around the tenms courts Hls sxx feet stature IS a great advantage for his serve He ns as fast ln tenms as he I8 slow m getting to classes He has a great many friends and makes a hablt of meeting at least one person a day He has many hobbies the mann one being photog raphy We wish hum success ln the variety of thmgs he may undertake Tennis 2 3 4 Enola KNARR MARC-ARPT H G Psccv Commercial A steady graczous soul llwat slunes From eyes serene and clear Peggy s a fine glrl to meet so happy and gay IS she so wxllnng to help all who are ln distress Go to Margaret for information She IS an honor student Margaret llkes swlmmlng dancing and basketball Margaret s one great ambltxon IS to become some one s permanent secre taryk and she ll be just that nf she keeps up her splendid wor Baskellrall 4 Page One Hundred Three 1 AY- 1 .. .. un . f k . .In . I I I ' Society, 4. 1 1 ' f X ' ' N x - ,-, Q. f J-- We . COMUS KOBROVSKY ANITA BERNICE Nr-rA General Nolhmg endures bu! personal QHGIIIICS To a but of lofty personalnty add a heaped portion of good looks mlx well and then add just a delightful chuckle Result a lovely concoction we ve named Nxta Luke her? We do She always enjoys havmg a good time but she s stlll able to find time enough to keep well up ln her studies Nita IS sure to come through with colors flymg wherever she goes Honor 4 KOCH LESTER Less General Where he fixed hrs heart he set hrs hand to do the thrng she wrlled Words fall when we want to describe Lester' Every body who knows hlm Ends hlm a comrade who never falls He IS engaged ln commercial Horlculture He excels lh art whlle his hobbxes are dancmg and skatmg He was decided to become a commercxal artlst and we hope that fate will design for hlm a lxfe pattern of happmess and color Le Cercle Francars 4 Senior Class Play Nalxonal KOCHER WILLIAM F Commerclal Wrth hrs srlenl are The marble index o a mmd forever V oyagmg through strange seas of Thought alone Wllllam has gone along ln hls school llfe credited with KOCHER WILBUR ALLEN BUDDY General Why hurry 3 We couldn t xmaglne Buddy hurrying or being without a wlsecrack Cares and worries are far far away from hlm Jokmgly replies A man He likes all sports but gurls are hrs pet cllversxon He usually has his home work bat we re stlll wondering who the generous person IS who surrenders his papers to hmm Better than anything else he knows the art of makmg the cookies disappear durmg the fourth period FEE bemg one of the most quiet of boys But deep down m his mmd he IS thmkmg seriously At a football basketball or any other kmd of a game he IS however one of the nolslest and most actlve He is an all round sportsman He wants to be a banker but he may just take to a posltlon ln one of Mack Brothers plants wlth the rest of the rela tlves He has adopted the expression Quiet please which probably grows out of his own characteristic qulet when asked what he aspires to be-when he grows older,.he l .. . . . 1 f Y g . f Page One Hundred Four COMUS KOHLER KERMIT C KERMIE lndustrlal Ta e xl easy when you re young and last longer when you re 0 Presentmg a lad who craves fun and excitement If anything excntmg I5 about to happen Kermne IS there Here rs also a great sport fan and he plays almost anythm ln addltlon to being an athlete Kermle does well ln his studxes Seruor H1 Y 2 3 4 Prml Shop Foreman 2 5' 4 KOSMAN JANE -IANIE General Beneath lhe sur ace mrschze has Here she comes You ll know her by her smile Janne I8 a dispenser of good cheer and a large vocabulary Have a dlctlonary handy when you talk with her Fave syllable words are her favorites She would like to become a nurse She ll be a good one too cheerful and popular Janne IS studlous and lakes French She I3 easy to get along wxth and a good fnend Here s hoping she ll go smnllng through A e Le Cercle Francau KOENIG JEAN CHRISTINE cams Commerclal A regular gurl Here s a girl who does not need an Introduction Her pleasmg personality and her good sportsmanship have already Introduced her to the whole school She ns a constant booster of all 8CtlVltleS IS active ln all social affairs and slts hlghnnour hearts Wewlsh eamesuccess lh anything she does KORN ELIZABETH MAY Kolmy General Here s an adepl m the ar! of kzddmg This IS Korny a Jolly fun lovmg gxrl with a reddish tmt ln her haxr Gay as she seems she IS really a serious person when It comes to school work and rates rather hugh ln scholastic ablllty We feel sure that Korny s fondness of animals would make her an excellent veterinarian Page One Hundred F we W , I ..J .. . . ' . . . . I ' - J . ' 1 .. k . . i , 141' g 1 dl f v of I l" rf . ' Q MUS KOPLIN KENNETH PERSHING Dulce General C106 every man thy ear but few lhy UOICB Duke lS a serlous mlrlded fellow well lllced by hls frlends He appears rather stucllous although has teach ers are rather doubtful He IS slx feet tall welghs one hundred forty and Slhglb age nlneteen Has hls eye open for a forestry Job ln the wlde open spaces Here s hoplng he succeeds KOZELN ILKY CLGA SUSAN OLUE College Fntrance ln Arts Wor apace' apace' apacef apacc' Honest labor bears a happy face Ollle has a smlle for every one She IS lndustrlous cheerful and fun lovmg a good student majorlng ln Eng llsh and hlstory whleh she hopes some day to teach ln hlgh school She has the determlnatlon to succeed and to overcome all handlcaps Cllle IS fond of all sports espe clally football and baseball Although she came from Ohlo at the beglnnlng of her senlor year she has already made many frlends We feel that we are lucky to know er ASX KRAMER ETHEL E Toor Commerclal A prelly glrl cnlranczng smlle Toot IS by no means one of our qulet glrl she IS too full of llfe for that Nor IS she a man hater her greatest dellght IS danclng She lntends to be a prlvate secretary Wlth Hylng hands and danclng feet Here s our bet that she ll be a good one KRAMER ,IFAN D .IFAN General Ivory hands on lvory cys Move lo flfUIfGHlGS1C3 When you see constantly glowlng red cheeks and a beautlful smlle that s Jean a Jean who wlll play you all the newest of songs Her favorlte sports are swlmmlng and ICC skatlng She plans to go to Kutztown State Teachers College to become a teacher ln the grade schools Wlth Jean to lead them her puplls wlll be fortunate Swlnllnlng, 3 Glrl Reserves I 2 Page One Hundred Six KRATZER EDWARD Enom General I wzsdom s ways you wzsely see Fwe lhmgs observe wrlh care 0 whom you spea lo whom you spea And why and when and where Edward IS a person who IS liked by every one easy to C MUS KRAMER MARVALENE. BLONDIE General She smiles and the beholder s hearl wrll rrse Personahty plus a gxrl wlth brown eyes blonde halr and a pleasing dlsposltlon She smlles when all the world IS sad and that helps those who are sad There are rumors that she expects to be a nurse The hospital will have to bulld a new wmg to accommodate the patlents who will clamor to be under the care of this lovely gurl with such wmnmg ways get acquainted and always lh a happy jovial mood H has a keen Interest ln school 8CtlVltleS especlally ln basket ball and football Edward has been a good student throughout has whole course He has decided to follow ln his father s footsteps and adopt Insurance as has work We wlsh hlm the best of luck and a full measure of success KRAUSE STERLING MARTIN Srsm. General Lrllle lhou knowesl lhal thou has! no! lned Sterl IS the kmd of a fellow every one likes He I8 tall Commercnal Her smzle leaves a glow behind lhal Ilghlens up lhe hear! From behmd her mask of good behavior a splrlt of mls chief constantly and delightfully breaks through Knd IS the center of fun and frollc She wears a palr of danclng feet and ns so interested ln sports that she IS herself a good sport Some day she intends to become a prlvate secre tary wxth days full of work and play May she have a happy heart always blond haired and well bullt He ns a good swimmer and also hkes football What goes on ln the outside world does not bother Sterl he IS contented to let the things go on without lnterfermg If you want to know anything about the army though ask Sterl he will tell you Sterl has hugh hopes of gettxng Into the United States lntelllgence Service Page One Hundred Seven .. f U. v. '. kv f k. ' H k. KRAUSE., MONA K. "Km" COM U KREITZ NORMAN A Noam Commercial ll s good lo be merry and wrse Norman IS not a fellow who takes part ln school sports plavs and other actlvltles but he IS always there to support all the domgs ln school He IS Interested ln athletlcs and takes part ln them whenever possible Norm mtends to be an accountant and lf he can keep his books he IS sure to make good KRESCE HULDA E HULDIE Commercial She has frlendsjusl everywhere Huldxe has a personallty all her own Her sunny dns posltlon wms her frlends of both sexes ln her studxes Huldle IS an average puprl ln her pleasures she IS an expert A marvelous dancer she never lacks a partner Here s wlshlng her lots of luck ln anything she undertakes KRESSLFY CATHERIN E ROSA CA-r-rv College Entrance ln Arts 0 call rl by some Ireller name For rzendslup sounds loo cold Catty carries home a stack of books She won t let anythmg not even a handsome young man interfere wlth her homework But still water runs deep A good natured glrl she always manages to get herself mto Jams by saying the wrong thlng at the wrong tlme Catherine loves to eat and can she cook' And slngl And dance' And play the piano' Although she IS usually smlllng and full of fun she IS sometlmes melancholy and blue Per haps she rs practxcmg a bedside manner when she ll be feellng the pulse of some grateful patlent Bandl234 KRUECER JOSEPH Archltectural Draftmg Opporlumly knocks bu! once oe the happy go lucky fellow of the draftmg depart ment IS always on the job even though he lands up some where ln the middle Willingness and ablllty are traits well worth having and he has them Those who know joe agree that he IS capable of orlgmal wlt and they agree on his friendliness Hrs knowledge of art IS a hobby with hum Who knows but that some day we mlght see some work of art pxoneered by Kruegeri Well happy traveling Joe happy traveling TSquare Club 2 3 Page One Hundred Ergfzt - - -1 .. .. .. . . ., ga . , . . ' . I V. ,r K . I ' f l f' I , . .. . . ,, . . : . . , . ' , w .. .. - . . . I . . .. . . V . P A Q . . . - . , . . . - i .. ,, 1 , JOE .. . ,, J . - - ' - Y I - , . . . . ' 1 , - KUHNS LEONA EM MA KUHNSIE Commerclal The cover o a lzoo 15 decelvlng Leona looks very qulet and harmless but her appearance IS decelvlng she can glggle and laugh as long as any one She IS Ilked by every one her frlencls are not Ilmlted Leona llkes football and basketball games also the players She IS fond of mathematlcs of dancing of all sorts of sports She I8 majorlng ln typewrltlng for she expects to be one of the best of typlsts KULP ALTHEA ELIZABETH KULPY Com merclal Suppress me l you can' l am a merry jlsl' Kulpy IS a pleasant happy go Iucky chatterbox Her Ilfe however IS not one round of gayety and frlvollty as you mlght thlnk for she I5 really very studlous and has her SCYIOUS moments Her host of frlends I8 the result of her loyalty and comradeshlp Althea IS fond of accountlng and wlII make a name for herself ln that field She IS sure to be as successful ln the buslness world as she has been at AHS Natlonal Honor Soclcly 4 Commerclal Club 4 Clrl Reserves 2 3 4 COMUS KUHN5 DOROTHY I1 Dor Commerclal Smlle and the world smlles wlllz you Dot IS a tall gurl Wllh greenlsh gray eyes a brlsk walk and classy clothes She IS a great Iover of sports espe clally swlmmlng and danclng Dot once swam Ilke a rock but she s now a mermald She trles ICC skatlng now and then too and IS a graceful Hopper She reads and wrltes qulte a blt and has a humor all her own Her temper IS qulck yet what a frlend she IS when you need her on the spur of the moment KULIK WILLIAM BILL General A llllle nonsense now and lllen IS relzslled by the best o men Modest and retlrlng IS Blll even though the Iadles glve hlm so much attentlon He IS an ldeal athlete and was salllng to glory on the glrdlron ln hls Junlor year when a SCIIOUS accldent put an end to hls football explolts but he can stlII whlz past the best of us on the lce Blll expects to study dentlstry at Muhlenberg and Temple Foollrall I 2 3 Wreslllng I Page One Hundred Nlne ll ,- , . -1 . . . H I . . , - , . I 1 - -I .- I I- f k . . . -. - y . , . I - . . - , , 'J .1 'H 1 .1 " .. K 'I - u nr l n . . . , . f -, , - I y I . . I . - 1. H n H . .. - - t - v ' - - - I - v CCD US LACKFY HILDA L CIGGLES General A bl! shy bu! charming nevertheless A pal a true friend a good sport all wrapped ln one' A big hearty smile and a ready friendly retort IS in store for every one Hilda knows She cannot decide just what she would like to do but we re sure that success will smile upon her LARASH HAROLD JOSIAH Hzmoto Commercial Study makelh a man o nowledgc Harold is a young handsome chap whose abilities have placed him among the scholastlcally inclined students He I8 one of our serious minded fellows always with a book bag under his arm His versatility is manifest in another accomplishment singing His ambition is of the right sort he wants to make good in business We know he will do lt May all his dreams come true A Cappella Choir 4 Chorus 4 Commercial Club Page One Hundred Ten KURTH GABRIEL DOROTHEA MARIA GABBIE She who laughs las! should have slarlcd sooner Gabriel is liked by all of her classmates and teachers for her smcere and generous ways She has taken a liking to dramatics and to horses She shows exceptional talent for dramatics and we are sure from the observations we have made that she has a true liking for it She gets high grades in all her studies but gets along exceptionally well in German We are sure every one wishes Gabriel much success in life and in dramatics Dramalics 3 4 Spanish Club 4 Ruling Club 4 LANDIS ARTHUR FRANKLIN Km r. -- l 4 Landis is six feet tall and proud of it He likes every thing but school, but especially likes sports even though L I he has never taken part in any sports ln High School Once , ' in a while he gets an idea to stay in at night and do his school work, but that lasts for only two or three nights - . ' then he forgets about lt again In the evening one can A usually find him prowling about the streets of Coopersburg " fk COM S LAUB EVELYN M EVELYN General Beauly and sporlsmanshrp ma e learmng easy Evelyn may look quret but get to know her better and you ll find she s generous good naturecl a fine sport and an equally frne student Brown harr and brg brown eyes make her easy to look at She lrkes football and swrmmrng Evelyn expects to enter Kutztown State Teachers College rn order to become a teacher LAUB GEORGE D LAUBY Machine Shop 1 f we must par! let us par! logellrer Lauby rs a nrce chap wrth a flarr for the mechanical Though hrs algebra may lack rn qualrty hrs model trams and mechanrcal contrrvances have beauty and detarl Hrs knowledge of mechanrcs will probably come rn useful rn hrs chosen work he ll probably save some one s neck by a mechanrcal appliance Whatever you do we are wrshrng that you wrll get rt done better than you ever expected LAUDENSLAGER ROBERT H R Boa General The score! of lrapprness rs somclhmg lo do Bobs ambrtron rs to be an avrator but hes takrng He who lravels alone travels llre faslesl Born on a farm rn Lrmeport Bobble rs of lrrsh and Dutch descent He lrkes farm work because of the wrde open spaces Bobbre doesn t lrke school work but rs nevertheless studrous He plays baseball for pastrme and hopes to become a professronal baseball player Baseball 2 zoology and bookkeeprng to see the busrness end of anrmals He rs an assocrate of many frrendly fellows Hrs favorrte sports are skrrng and track hrs hobby rs aeroplane burldrng He would be an excellent trumpeter but he rs too busy for that because he also trres to follow hrs father s occupatron at trmes Let s wrsh hrm a prosperous and frurtful future .. . k . LAUB, ROBERT HENRY BOBBIE Page One Hundred Eleven CCDMUS LEES VIRGINIA MAY GINNY Commerclal A devoled glrl lflcd and lrue Gmny IS an all round good sport Whenever you see her she IS generally truckln for she IS very fond of danclng She also lndulges ln swlmmlng and a great many other sports Although Glnny IS always Jolly and ready for a good tlme she ranks hugh ln her studles and wlll be a great success ln the buslness world Glrl Reserves 2 3 4 LEH DAVID G DAVE Sclence and Englneerlng He comes he smlles he conquers A happy go lucky frlendly youth unscarred by the usual petty worrles he IS always the same good old Dave wlth very fine tralts Dave IS not above a Klng part ln an OCCBSIODBI prank nor IS he too busy to help a frlend Attractlve ln appearance and brllllant lh class Dave has not declded whether he wants to be presldent or just vlce presldent but we II all vote for hlm anyway LEE VIRGINIA DORA GINNY General For your fne frank ladyhood look o race Dcllcate bards would have penned your pralse Clnny s black eyes dlmples and Wlhnlng smlle mlght fool you lht0 forgettlng that she IS also qulet and studlous at the proper tlmes She loves German and she has sklpped up the steps of the honor roll many tlmes What ever her cholce of vocatlon we feel sure she wlll be tops Clrl Reserves 2 3 4 Commerclal To slrangcrs shy To rlends oh my' Whlle to most of Ruth s classmates she seems qulet to her frlends she IS full of pep and humor Wlth a smlle for every one She s fond of basketball and skatlng and 18 an all round sport herself We never see Ruth taklng many books home but somehow she manages to S811 through She doesn t worry the future may take care of ltself Page One Hundred Twelve .K 1 f ' a li ll, x. I LEESER, RUTH VIOLA "RUBY" KM f . ' ' On CCDMUS LENKER JEAN r-:AN General There rs more heroism rn sel denzal than rn deeds o arms ean IS somewhat shy but klnd and generous He who hesltates IS lost applies somewhat to ean but she has overcome that tendency lh the last year She IS an ardent supporter of the football team For a glrl who does not like boys she spends a lot of her tlme seeing Ronald Colman m plctures Jean can tell you all the leading candy shops ln town and what candles they sell At her house every llttle table has some candy of its own ean asplres to be a C S nurse and she has the right character for lt Hzstorrcal Club LEVAN JOYCE CLAIRE ov Commerclal A pleasanl smrle loved by all Sparkling eyes dancmg feet a wmnmg smile just a five foot lump of lovelmess IS oyce Durmg her stay at hugh school Joyce has succeeded ln keeping up wlth her lessons and at the same tlme havmg a wonderful time oyce hasn t decided what she s gomg to do next year but we predict a great future for her She greets the unknown wxth a cheer Girl Reserves 2 3 4 Commcrc rl Club 4 LFVAN ROBERT GEORGE BUDDY I laugh al lhe world and lhe world laughs al me Bud IS a quxet serlous fellow when let alone but not when he lS wxth his pals Amblllous dependable reliable he always manages to keep on the right slde of the fence ln hrs studies He often came to the rescue of his fellow team mates ln the past grnd season Next year he IS leaving our falr cnty but we hope that It will not be permanently Although he does not know what he wxll contrlbute to the world we need not fear for his hnal achievement Lots of luck Bud Football 2 3 4 LEWIS ARLENF HONEY Commer nal A quzel maid so she may seem Bu! pran s and jo cs she does esteem Although Arlene has massed a great deal of school she has brought her studnes up to the standard Now we can breathe easier' Arlene lS quite frank lh her oplnlons and 18 usually on the opposnte slde of any question When her minds made up lt s a hundred to one shell come through wxth flying colors Accountmg basketball base ball and crochetmg on the side are a few of her interests May your faith ln your elr be your guide to success Page One Hundred Th rlecn . "J " .. . . . f- . . f . E J .g . .. .' J .- . U "J " J I 1 . , . A I I If ' 'ff ' ' COMUS LICHTENSTEIN CSCAR Commcrcral He s as busy as a bee Bu! slrllffnds plenty o lrme lhal sfree Curly headed Os rs a really studrous lad and always ready to lend a helprng hand Hrs good nature honesty and courtesy are the envy of all who know hrm Desprte hrs work helprng hrs Dad before and after school he finds trme to study and makes remarkable grades He rs a real athlete but hrs work prevents hrs takrng part rn schcol LEWIS EVELYN FRANCES Evv General Lel me have musrc and 1 see no more delrghl Blond blue eyed Evy wrth the cheerful drsposrtron rs always readrng when she lsn t talkrng She has a lrkrng for sports and rs a farthful supporter of the football and basket ball teams Evy rntends to study musrc Crrl Reserves 2 3 4 athletics Oscar has hrs heart set on becomrng a C P A so here s to you may Temple help to hrrng you success' Commer ral Club LIEB HARRIET HELEN Sl-IORTY General For she s ajolly good fellow Who rs that lrttle happy go lucky brown eyed lass com LICHTX ARLAN Am rs General Conszder llre lea kellle up lo rls nec rn hal wafer and slrll rl lLhISllCS Arlre rs full of lrfe and full of smrles He rs serrous rn hrs studres but he rs also mrschrevous and though you may not belreve rt sort of fond of the grrls We wrsh hrm success as a prlot for we hear that IS what he rs to be after he leaves school rng along the corrrdor talkrng almost rncessantly3 That s our Harrret Yes Harrret rs fond of talking She s the Laughrng Grrl of the Senror Class determrned to be every bodys frrend and succeeclrng Harrret asprres to be an arr hostess and that s rn a spot where a fellow needs a frrend Fly hrgh wrde and handsome Shorty and come back agarn to us' Page One Hundred Four 'een .. .. . , . , . i - no ., , s . ' . . , . . . . -HW' l c' . f .. ., , . . k . . . . , , - . - . , . , C S LILLY RUTH E Run-ly Commerclal A glfl of gladness Ruth I5 a lovable person and of course popular She I5 fun Iovlng and a good sport A pleasant smlle and cheery greetlng IS ready for every one Classes accordlng to her are sometlmes very monotonous but that s because she IS day dreamlng or sleepy the day after the nlght before Curl Reserves 2 3 4 LINK MELVIN LA MAR LINKIE General There l5 nonsense ln the best of men Llnkle we thlnk would much rather have a good tlme than open a school book Hls favorlte perlod IS study perlod hls favorlte pastlme Iettlng tlme pass Hls marks do however look good on hls report card He enjoys and partlclpates ln all klnds of sports and llkes to swlng and sway to a swell orclle tra I-Ie IS gOlng to buslness college Here s to hls typewrlter and fountaln pen wel but accompllshmg ll s the gypsy ln mc Marty was born ln New York Clty and Ilved there for ten years later moved to Phlladelphla to Marlon Ohlo and finally to .Allentown and llkes Allentown best of all Has been here for two years and has establlshed hlmself as one of our PYIZC students He IS a qulet QCYIOUS fellow except when ln a crowd of frlends Hopes to be a mathematlcs teacher and may enter N Y U ln the fall Here s luck Marty LONG HARRY W LONGIE Auto Shop If you wan! a lfmg uell done do It yourseU Longle IS qulte a fellow once you Iearn to know hlm He llkes to go huntlng and flshlng and we thlnk he would study a lot harder lf these were taught ln school He also says he would enjoy school much more lf mathematlcal subjects weren t taught He IS Iearnlng to be an auto mechanlc and some day mlght flx your car so lt wlll run IOO per cent or maybe not at al' Page One Hundred F1 fleen LOBEL, MARTIN D. "MANY" LOING JAMES WILLIAM Comm Wzt now and then struc smartly shows a spar A wholesome concoctnon providence provlded m thus lad whom we claim as comrade To one full measure of health unfalhng of mtelllgence apt of spmt noble and of will unyleldmg has been added a llke measure heaped with smcerxty of purpose thoroughness of appllcatxon strength of convnctlon and alertness of consclence Then lt was all seasoned well with a dash each of keen wlt good humor honest affection klndly dlsposltnon and just a punch of temper And these mgredxents became so happlly mixed that they formed a youth wholly comely courteous man nerly unselhsh loyal and true And that s the sort of p rson who now ventures mto the busmess world Orchestra I 2 3 4 LOWE JAY HARRY BIUNIL Englneerlng and Science You may prove anything by gures A better friend than junle does not exlst Although he IS rather heavy he makes up for lt m a bug way with hrs vlm vgor and vltallty He lnkes all sports especlally football He IS also a great tennis player Has pet expres slon IS Pardon me whlle l break a leg He plays a hot clarmet and hxs favorite pastxmes are dancing and day dreamlng When unle graduates he hopes to enter Lehigh Bas elball I 2 Tennzs I 3 CCDMUS LONG HESTER E TINY Commercxal Not that I like study less But that 1 like fun more Tlny IS a fun lovmg lnttle lady as small as her mek name Hester loves to dance llkes to swlm and go to parties and thinks there lS no place so glamorous as New York Tiny IS a very popular gurl makes many friends and xntends to become a good ofhce worker JIMMY LONGENECKER HELEN LOUISE FLUFF General Helen of Troy was great they say All the Helens seem made that way Helen ns a gurl every one IS glad to know a grand sport and a true friend Fond of sports she IS at all the football and basketball games and at all the swlmmmg and track meets When Helen lsn t busy with sports or soclal obllgatlons she finds enjoyment m a good book Her pleasant dxsposltlon and radiant smlle are part of her charm Swzmmmg Team 1 Tennis 2 Page One Hundred Szxteen 4 " ' . . k , k." 1 .. . fi . . ' I J . It . . : ' , . - 3 LUTZ ARTHUR JAMES ART Print Shop Prmlers everywhere will welcome Ar! For men like lum are far apart Art IS one of the snlent group but always ready to glve a helping hand He studles hard when he deems nt neces sary He hopes some day to work ln a newspaper plant He llkes to listen to Jokes Goes ln for tennis and prlntmg ln a bug way Luck to you Art LYNN MADFLINE E Commercial Lrve a 11 e ana' lrvc rl gay A small bundle of Joy IS thus vlvaclous red headed and qulte versatile young lady When It comes to class work she plays the part of a shy malden entering a llon s den but she can also act the part of the llon himself when It comes to having a llvely time Her delight ns ln dancxng ln gallant young knights swung bands and she will move heaven and earth for any one who offers her hot dogs and onlons Mat s future IS still a question but whether It be ln the business world or ln a cottage with ruffled curtams she IS bound to be smnlnng and happy C1rlRescrves 2 3 4 CCD US LUDWIG MILDRED CATHERINE Mn.Lnz Commerclal Mrllze rs ullo jazz jo es and un Mlllle IS an all round good sport full of fun with never a dull moment ln her crowded life She IS a great favorlte among her classmates This popular gurl goes to all the school dances for dancing ns her favorite pastime Al though she looks quite serious underneath lt all IS a brll llant smlle and a mlschlevous nature We all wlsh her a grand success m the business world Girl Reserves 2 3 4 Alpha Bela Tau Soronly LUTZ WINIFRED ADA WINNIE General Follow my hear! my zlancmg eel' Ever see a glrl tappmg out a speclalty number ln a floor show about town3 Most llkely lt was Wmnle going to town Besides being her hobby dancmg IS her pet toplc of conversation so beware lest you get caught If she lsn t dancing you can probably End her burnmg up the road on her bicycle or dlvmg into a swlmmlng pool She IS a fun lovmg gxrl and a good worker Let s hope she climbs all the rungs on the ladder of success Baskellrall 2 3 MATS Page One Hundred Sev nlecn , Dance as blilhe as my hear! can lzeal. , ' ,Ki ' ' f 0 ' , ' - ' . c- MAHLON LAURA MACFALL Lol.l.v General Not loo serious no! loo gayf laura IS a slncere fun lovlng glrl and makes frlends readlly The longer you know Laura the better you llke her She dellghts ln sports of all types and IS an enthu Sl8StlC fan at all sports actlvltles One of her most envlable tralts IS her qulet determlnatlon and her power to get ahead ln whatever she undertakes MALETSKY ROBERT W BOB Auto Shop Tlun first lhdfl acl Bob Maletsky IS an ldeal student and he follows up all the school actlvltles Hls worse enemy IS danclng ln splte of that Bob 15 often seen standlng ln the halls waltlng forlsome fellows because he llkes hls fun The secret 15 that he goes steady Hls hobby l8 collectlng guns and he enjoys huntlng Huntlng and auto shop Bob says make a very good comblnatlon COMUS MACK WARREN RICHARD MACK An underlalqer I wlll lle So when you alle remember me Warren IS one of the qulet and refined fellows of school Besldes belng very good company he IS an lnterestlng fellow to talk wlth Although Warren loves to sleep ln P D he also flnds great pleasure ln huntlng Hshlhg and cycllng ln whlch he spends the greater part of hls lelsure tlme He does not rlde the ordlnary type of blke but sports a raclng blke Warren alms to break varlous records and so far has some to hls credlt After school he hopes to go to college to prepare to be an undertaker MAIER HELMUT DEUTSCH He 15 well paul lhal IS well 511118 ed Thls lad thlnks people should thlnk less and talk more Deutsch IS lnterested ln all sports although he does not take an actlve part ln all of them not because he doesn t want to but because he can t He 15 an ace wlth the glrls although he doesn t thlnk so Hls work ln the Print Shop IS excellent and we expect he wlll some day become a Hrst class prlnter Good luck and more power to you Page One Hundred Flgllleen l -1 A Industrial-Print Shop U A .. . . . . F I fl A X u . k ' 'lv - COMUS MANLEY WARRFN GEORGE BABF General 1 delzghl ln fllmg the air wzlh lhe sweelesl melody Babe one of the most falthful members of the band hasn t mxssed a football or basketball game In three years Has gemal dlsposltlon and engagmg smrle have made hum one of the most popular of the A H S muslclans When not occupied wlth musical or school work Babe may be found playmg basketball football or baseball Hrs sleepy vacant stare durmg classes does not always suggest day dreammg for he xs capable of deep thought and though not a brllllant student always manages to get through MANN AUDREY A LADY General She wzll laugh on Englzsh rhyme And she wzll be nown on allen shores Although she IS usually ln mlschlef and always full of fun we sometxmes find Lady ln a melancholy mood She ns nnterested lh music pxano dancnng smgmg stamp col lectlng poetrv and story wrxtmg She loves to bury her self ln the pages of an mterestmg book She has a yen for dark eyed boys wxth cars but we understand that she carrles on correspondence m lreland and Australla so maybe she ll revert to type and go abroad some day Chorus I 3 4 Dramalzc Club 3 Band 2 3 4 Orchcslra 4 MARKOWITZ NICHOLAS NICK General I you have a good lemper eep rl I you have a bad lemper don I lose zl Who s the fellow that has adorned our school for three MANN RAY ALLEN NIANNIE General Ray IS a quxet unexcntable fellow who nevertheless has a good sense of humor Hxs report card shows that he IS generally above average ln those subjects ln whxch he takes an mterest He llkes sports yes but generally would rather read a good book than take part ln any form of out door exercise Hts frxends agree that has favorite food IS ple and that no ple can lnve lonz with Ray around We feel that Ray ns able to supply the necessary msplratlon and perspxratlon to become a success years who has overpowering football ablllty but cannot play and lf you ask hum why answers Oh my truck knee which xs quite true3 Yes youve guessed xt s Nlck Nick ns above the average ln his classroom studies and ln prlvate life always has the answers Hls mam ambition IS to become a lawyer and lf he finds thus lm possible we will probably fund hum successfully engaged ln the business world of tomorrow Page One flundred Nznelucyg .. .1 1 1 1 I 1 - .. . . V "The door lo success is labeled 'Push'." ,f ' . . . . ,g ' . I 1 1 sf: 12315, w ' . 'I ' I ' ' ' ' COMUS MASTERS GEORGE WALTER Commercial Wh worr y y Today am I over ye! Puggy IS quxet unassummg and cheerful of dlsposltlon He I8 nevertheless always on the job when there I5 any fun and can be counted on to furnish hls share He shows a great Interest ln hshmg and swlmmmg We do not know Puggy s ambltlons but we feel confldent that he wlll be successful and happy MAURY DOR I S LUCI LLE General The mxldesl manners and the genllesl hear! Would you like to meet one of the most likable gurls that ever promenaded the corridors of A H S 3 Well here she IS The Important thlrd of her family named Dons We speak truth when we say Dons IS popular an excellent student and always wxllmg to help others Wnth these qualltles she will be a grand success ln any thlng she does Dramallcs 3 4 Hzsloncal Soczely 4 Grr1Reserve.s 3 4 MARSH IMOGENE MILDRED SWEETIE General There s no wisdom 11 e ran ness At home Imogene IS called Sweetie otherwxse she has no particular mckname Imogene came from New Jersey only last year She has a few speclal fnends most of whom llve ln New jersey She 18 rather quiet and usually does not care for parties and gay times but would rather take walks through the Helds and woods or slt down and draw Her one alm lh llfe IS to palnt the sunset Puccv MATTHEWS JEAN CLARE. EAN General A pleasanl personality a heart and a smzle lar ln the class and lnked and respected by every one She enjoys all sports especially football and basketball and IS always ready to cheer the teams on She probably cheered m her hugh chaxr she has had nme brothers and sisters ln hugh school She also takes an actlve part ln other school actlvltles look at her clubs' We venture to predict that she wxll be as valuable ln every held as she has been ln school Good luck jean! Nalzonal Honor Soclcly 4 Canary and Blue Slaf 4 Le Cerclc Francazs 4 Hzslorzcal Socxety 3 Presldenl 4 Dorus Page One Hundred Twenly L . ..,. k f k I ' ...I ,, jean has a quiet sort of strength, is a good friend, popu- CCDMUS MCCORMICK MARGARET A Pac General Bluslung IS vzrtue s color True rzends I1 e these are hard to find Friends may come and frlends may go but there are few friends Ilke Peg Her sweet dxsposxtlon and wmnmg ways won her many admirers Peggy excels ln Ice skating swlmmmg bridge dancing horseback rldlng and ln her studles as well She gets a kxck out of football and basket ball and ns to be seen at all the games She has many fme qualltles which should make her go far some day Le Cercle Francazs 4 Science Club 2 Hzstorzcal Soczety 3 Dramatlc Club 3 Home Room President 4 Hoc ey United States Navy MCDFRMOTT MABEL M Mlrzl Commercial No beauty zs lx e the beauty o the mmd A pleasing personallty and a cheery and wllllng dlsposl tlon constitute Mltzl s character She ns popular among the gurls as well as the boys and takes great delight ln helping Cupxd Not only a soclallte but brllllant m her studles as well she wrxtes poetry as easily as she laughs Mltzx would like to contmue her literary work and we know she would be a success Some day we ll be saying We knew her when She IS one of the most brllllant and lovable glrls of our graduatmg class Dramatic Club f a nk , .lv f ' . Q ' ' ' ' . ,' k f 2, 3, 4g Tennis, 3, 4: Riding Club, 4. Page One Hundred Twenty one MCCARTHY MAE A Mamv Success IS llre reward of contmued e ort Mae IS tall and dark haired pretty well satxsfied with her own company and during school hours she travels alone Her mmd IS occupied with her studxes When you want help go to Mae She xs always glad to give It She always has her homework and always had hugh grades Mae delights In football games After her homework IS done she I8 just as natural as any other gurl We know Mae wlll be a delightful and pleasant stenographer We wish her success good luck and happmess MCCURLFY WILLIAM R Raos He sets hrs heart on the goal not on the prlze Reds IS a Ixkable fellow He IS full of fun at parties and dances That auburn hair and hrs pleasmg personality make hum a promment member of the class Hls best sport I5 basketball wxth dancing running a close second His greatest ambltlon IS to become a mldshxpman ln the COMUS MCELLROY ROBERT S MAC Commerclal Some llllnk we go lo school for fun and rollc And so do I and so do I No one needs to introduce Mac Most of us know all about hlm He never falls to get a response from his friends and always co operates with them He I8 al lion among the ladies He IS preparing to enter the business world and we all wish hlm success MCFADDEN JAMES F MAC Ceneral Late lo bed and early to nse Keeps Mac from gelllng wise Mac IS an easy going Irishman who feels that Ilfe cloesn t begin until 2 40 Although he works after school he always manages to complete his homework He IS a lover of sports football Hrst Mac hopes to become an account ant jay Vee Football I McGEE VIRGINIA ELLEN GINNIE Commercial Always busy as a bee she IS a good sport and a lot of fun She IS charmlng and liked by every one She hopes to become an accountant or stenographer Here s wishing you luck Clnnle Girl Reserves MCKEEVER GLADYS IRENE MICK! College Entrance ln Arts A name lllal s Scolcll a smile lllal s lrzcky A slorc of knowledge fha! lS M lckz Ninety slx here ninety eight there-lt s really amazing how one can make such good marks and still have such a grand tlme ln life And she does have a grand tlme Some of you who don t know her well may think her reserved but her friends know differently To them she IS one of the most dependable friends they know Cornell will be MlCkl s next stop and there I8 no telling where shell go from there Clrl Reserves 2 3 4 Nall! Pleda 3 4 Nallonal Honor Society 3 4 Chorus 3 .. . U f . v J Although Ginnie is studious and quiet in the classroom, -' . . . : ' . . : ' Page One Hundred Twenly lwo MELLNER MAX B Maxis Engineering and Science And slzll llrey gazed and slzll the wonder grew That one small head could carry all he new If you should walk past the mathematics classroom before class only to find the door chocked wxth mlllmg seniors you may be sure that somewhere at the bottom IS Max our mformatxon bureau For not only are has answers right but he I8 wlllmg to share them with less brllllant classmates However such a mountam of mfor matuon IS deceptively small This IS even more evldent when he wraps himself about has bug cello But for all his slze or lack of xt he 18 determined to carry on hxs work as lnformatlon bureau at Lehigh and beyond Orclleslra 2 3 4 MERKLF ANNE ANNE General I love lzfc Anne I8 truly a versatile gxrl An honor student she IS an enthuslastlc member of Allentown s younger horsey set and IS a proficient rlder Congeniality smcerlty and generosity have brought Anne popularity and many friends She I5 an ardent lover of sports and attends all the socxal functions of the school For the next few years she plans to attend Connectncut College Hxslorzcal Society 2 Science Club 2 Le Cercle Fran cars 4 Nalzonal Honor Socrely 3 4 CO US McLE.AN VIRGINIA B um! Commerclal L1 e lxke a dome o manu colored glass Slams llle wlule radiance o elermly There IS the smlle you never miss Judy IS fond of all sports partxcularly swlmmmg and basketball She can not really be called exceptionally studlous but she man ages to make the grade rather easily Her delight IS m pounding the typewriter when she lsn t qlllglhg or talklng She IS preparmg for a secretarxalposltlon and would like to go to Wheaton College There they will like her as much as we do A Cappella Choir 4 MEREDITI-I THOMAS R Tom General A man may hold all sorls o posls I he Il only hold his langue After attending Union Bridge Maryland schools for slx and a half years Tom came to us ln the mlddle of his junior year At Union Brxdge he was active ln dramatlcs here however he was one of the orlgmal members of the Boys Rldmg Club Tom expects to attend Muhlenberg for two years then to go to Parks Arr College to take up axrlme dxspatchmg which he wlll make hls llfe s work Riding Club 4 Page One Hundred Twenty three " f ' f .- , , k .. ' fn f ' . CQMUS MERRIN REBECCA E BECKY General Her ways are ways of plcasanlncss Take a lxttle honey and add a dash of gmger Combxne wlth lt studlousness an even temper and a keen love of fun flavor with a paxr of dxmples and a keen sense of humor and you have what makes up Rebecca Besxdes all this Rebecca has a flne appreciation of musxc and can make the whxte and ebony keep swing and sway Rebecca expects to enter the teachmg fleld We thunk her future pupils wxll be lucky MICOTT GEORGE .I RED lndustrlal Mechan1calDraftmg A pencrl ln my hand a des and an open boo be are me and I can sleep Red one of the noxslest supporters of the ll'ldUSll"lal group has become qulte a Fred Astalre so he says' Besldes belng actlve ln school actlvxtxes he has become expert on the pmg pong table and he hopes some day to play against the champs An active member of the T Square Club he ns also greatly Interested ln model aeronautlcs at whlch hobby he has won many prizes and at present holds a man And George lf vou ever get stuck on that long straxght road you can always Hy your way through T Square Club Flymg Kcyslonc Arrplanc Club H1slor1calSoc1cly 4 MILLER ALICE ELLEN ALICIA General They can who llun llley can Allces pleasmg personallty makes her attractive to MILKOVICS GEORGE Grzonca General Success IS the reu ard o conlznuezl e or! George IS a lnkable chap and an easy fellow to get along with He IS not only a good fellow but a good student who declares zoology IS hxs favorlte subject George IS always wllllng to help tho e who are ln need Hls present plans will lead to college there to major nn science We wxsh hxm the best of luck every one ln the class She IS one of the souls ln the world who has the glft of flndmg Joy everywhere and of taklng xt wherever they go Her untlrmg efforts to get ahead are admxred by every one who comes ln contact wlth her Her claxm to fame lS her eagerness to get ahead Here s hopxng all the success wxll come to her ln whatever she attempts after graduatlng Ptlge 0110 flufldftd Tulcnly our 5 ll I 1 , k' '. k f , national record. Red hopes to become a top-notch drafts- .. . , f . H .,. MUS MILLER BARBARA JFAN Buss General There s rn you all that we lrellcve of Heauen Amazrng brzghtness purzty and truth Barbara s qulet manner covers a personallty of grace charm and smcerlty Babs would luke to be a laboratory technnclan and has admirable qualltles for It We shall always remember Barbara as a true frlend and a delightful com panxon French Club 4 MILLER EUGENE CHARLES GENE General The mystery thats hrs-a mrschzevous hal mad serenrly that laughs at fame or lzemg won so easy That black haired fellow whom you see wallcmg so jauntlly through the halls IS Gene Muller Hrs smxle and hrs Wlflnlng personality keep us from gloom and hxs black wavy halr and fine features make hlm the pride of the fa r sex Gene IS an average student has a good sense of humor IS generous and intends to be an avnator May you Fly hugh Gene and light easy -as 11" '-ff MILLER FLORENCE CARRIE FLOSSIE General I strove wzth none for none was worth my slrzfe Nature I loved and next to nature art MILLFR EVELYN BFRENICE Evy Commercial A merry heart maketh a cheer ul countenance Evy IS one of those carefree girls floating around bobbing up and down on the sea of school and social actxvntles Vlvaclty a dash of daring sparkling wut and a genume Illceness for cleaning house These mark Evelyn She hopes some day to make the keys fly but If she doesn t watch out she ll be makmg the dust fly Instead Glee Club Secfetary Dramatzcs 3 Hlstorzcal Society 3 Chorus 2 3 Girl Reserves l 2 3 4 A dash of humor an ever present smile and an all round pleasxng personality all these have helped Flossle galn a hrm place In the hearts of those around her Many Iaurels have been won by her for her splendid work ln the art department and she hopes to keep on developing her ablhty after she graduates Success rs sure to come to one with such definite talent 5' F a 1 ' u f- ,' 1 f . sl f .77 Page One Hundred 7 wenly five C S MILLER HAROLD SCOTT HAL Science and Engmeerlng Simple and strong and large a type o plan Crea! Nalure ofers when Cad buzlds a man Here s a fellow known to all of our musncally mcllned students He s a swell pxano player wlth a dxstmctxve style all his own He conducts hrs own swing band which xs famous m these parts ln addltnon to these musical achievements he IS a very good student havmg attained a place on the honor roll a few tlmes at Hxgh Hrs mam ambltlon IS to become a econd Benny Goodman or Tommy Dorsey-only better Chorus 2 MILLFR JOSEPH ALLEN L1 e like a dome o many coloured glass Slams llle wlnle radiance o elernzly One of the more ambitious boys of our class who always has a lxttle extra time for you IS the famous Hsherman oe oe knows just enough about almost everything to llven up any conversation that begms to lag He ns fnendly and an optlmxst of the hlghest class who when thmgs become dark looks mto the future and wears the same old smile Fond of sports actlve ln class actlvllles depend able-once he has determined to do somethmg he will do nt no matter how long nt takes MILLER FREDERICK Faso General He who laughs las! Fred ns one of the qmet type However where there IS any fun golng on Fred IS there His favorite sports are sw1mm1ng and pmg pong ln the future he expects to be a radlo announcer or a movle operator Lots of luck to you and your future DeMolayl23YMCA General My idea of an agreeable person IS a person who agrees wzlll m Don t thxnk that because ,lame s name IS Miller that she IS as usual as her name Not by any means for she 18 totally unusual her humor whxch by the way IS very English makes her an amusing companion She I5 not however frxvolous on the contrary she IS one of those unusual gurls a conservatxve who IS content to be seen and seldom heard Besides these assets a sweet dxsposxtxon can also be chalked up to anne s credit She hopes to go to college and lf she does we know her mdxvxdual charm w1ll stand out as lt has ln A H S E Page One Hundred Twenty szx sl 1 I . 4 f ,v . . . i MILLER, JANE ELLEN "JANE" e." - , "jo " 6. ff' . fn - vw , . f . ' J . . . . X COMUS MILLER MAE IRI NF Hors Retall Selllng ll IS beller to be small and shme Than large and casl a shadow Mae IS the brown eyed glrl wlth mlschlef ln her eyes She loves to glggle Her deslre for excltement and actlvlty has made her popular among her frlends Every one knows that Hon llkes to have her own frlenzls and that she usually gets It We know that she wlll be successful ln whatever she undertakes and weare all looklng forward to the day when she wlll grow up We ll be a llttle sorry too when she does We llke her as she I8 MILLER MARGARET ELISA DlMPl.lzs Commerclal A sunny dlsposzlzon Peg always has a smlle or two and IS a wonderful frlend one who d go through thlck and thln to demonstrate her loyalty Even though Peg IS sllent and sweet she has a sense of humor She loves pleasure but keeps It ln ltS place and does not neglect her studles for Peg IS al member of the Natlonal Honor SOClety and the Commerclal Club Her ambltlon 18 to be a PYIVHIC stenographer Here s wlshlng you lots of luck Commcrczal Club Nalronal Honor Soclely MILLER ZFLDA RUTH ZELDY General When Zeldy s around your day wlll be cheery Zeldys sunny manner toward everybody brings her loads of frlends Her personallty makes as permanent an lmpresslon as her permanent waves She takes a keen lnterest ln school IS slncere and conslders no task IS too great to do for a frlend So heres wlshlng you luck Zeldy just keep smlllng and you ll be sure to get what you want G1 rl Reserves MINET DOLORES VIOLA POLLY General She 13 sweet as she zsfalr For Polly there IS a laugh ln everythlng She never worrles Let the next one worry says she Although a llttle qulet sometlmes she s always ready to have fun especlally ln danclng Her ambltlon IS to become a halr dresser Here s wlshlng her much success Page One Hundred Twcnly seven COMUS MITFL JOHN JOHN General He who rs srlenl llun s much John 15 a quiet student and a fine fellow to have as a friend Although he doesn t partlclpate ln school sports he llkes to play as well as to watch them He IS undecided about the future but you can be sure that ln whatever field he partlcnpates he will contribute something We wlsh hlm the best of luck MOCLOCK HFLEN Moxev Commerclal She looks lr e an angel and acts :I loo Bu! you never could fell what this angel wrll do That s Nlolcey blonde halr a smxle and a twinkle ln her shmmg green eyes Her course of study lndrcates that she s to be somebody s stenog but her secret ambxtxon IS to have a chlc llttle dress shop all of her own Her captn vatmg personality makes her popular wherever she goes Mokey loves her Alma Mater and dancmg It s hard to tell whlch she loves best MOESSN F R MARY ELIZABETH BETTY Commercxal She Il look or wrrle or lal you all lo death To dlscover Betty all you need to do IS llsten for an endless variety of talk and there she IS that gurl with a wonderful gift of gab Her cheerful dlsposltlon too has won her many friends She xs an ardent lover of all sports with swlmmnng toppmg the lxst She loves llfe and mtends to travel and see the snghts of the world Her ambxtlon ln the business world IS to be a comptometrxst and she IS bound to become a great buslness woman Girls Gym Club 2 ? 4 Basketball 4 MOFFA FLORENCE AUDREY Ilossua Commerclal Here s lo the hear! that IS lrue Thus IS true of Florence-the secretary of the Senior Class As you get to know Florence more you like her more She has plenty of personality a good character a pleasant dlsposxtlon and a sense of humor whxch qulte a lot of people lack She ranks hrgh ln her school work and IS BCtlVe ln the various school actlvltles Her chlef ambltlon IS to become a good stenographer Here s to you Flossxe-good luck' Honor Socxely 4 Commerczalclub 4 G1rlReservcs 2 3 4 .. . . i . k Page One Hundred Twenly cxghl COMUS MOLZHAN RICHARD E MUSTANG General And the lhoughls of youlh are long long lhoughls Whenever you want some one to help you ln any subject just look up Rlchard Mustang IS always Wllllng to spend some of hls knowledge on any one not as well versed ln a subject as he You wlll recall hum as a qulet fellow always daydreammg ln his classes or study hall but thus does not mean he IS not thmkmg but hls thoughts are probably far away Rlchard IS bashful and would rather be alone than wlth a crowd A nature lover and sports man he xs often ln the fields or along a stream Swrmmmg 2 3 4 Girl Scouts Chorus MORGENSTERN MELBA Rum' General A perfect shmmg mar is she For school room fun andjollxly Melba luke a ray of sunshine IS always wxtty and gay She has a habit of rollmg her eyes whenever she speaks and that certain way of glgglmg Swlmmmg and roller skatlng are her favorite sports and tall dark and hand some chaps her favorite companions We are Sure thai her pleasant and posltnvr her posntlvely pleasant ways wall get her where she wants to go Page One Hundred Twenzy nmc MOLL ELDA ALTHEA Rufus Ea! drxn and be merry Reds always has a pleasant smlle for every one You usually can find her always wlth Etta and Martha at her locker and you ll recognize Reds by her chatter and her charmmg glggle She enjoys sports and the movies Whatever she does we wlsh her well MORGAN ELI NORE. RAE NEL1. Words phrases ashzons pass away Bu! lrulh and nalure lxue lhrough all Nells mfectlous laugh can be heard waftlng through the halls and class rooms any tlme of the day Despite her mane moments however she has her serious ones and during these has accomplnshed much ln the field of muslc Nell intends to be a nurse and knowing her as we do we re sure she ll be a second Florence Nightingale 20' 'ks CGM IS MORTIMER CHARLES EDGAR CHUCK Englneerlng and Sclence Blonde handsome een lle slrldes the slreels Belng a consclentlous fellow Chuck gets along well ln hls studles but studles don t prevent hlm from enjoylng the galety of hls hlgh school llfe for he IS lnterested ln muslc IS a follower of school dramatlcs and enjoys danc lng He wlll be remembered by hls classmates as a jolly companlon never 8ll0Wlhg a dull moment to happen We offer hlm our encouragement ln whatever held he chooses A Cappella Clwzr 4 Chorus 3 4 Canary Humorslaf 4 MOSER CHARLES CHARLIE Englneerlng and SCICDCC Wor work always wor bu! never gzvc up pleasure Charles who has many frlends lS not the bolsterous type of fellow he IS a qulet sort of boy He IS studlous especlally ln Algebra Although Charles has played the plano for a number of years and IS stlll taklng lessons hls ambltlon lS not to be a famous muslclan but to be a pro fessor of Mathematlcs Although Algebra hls favorlte subject clalms much of hls tlme he takes an actlve part ln sports too MOSKOW ITZ RUTH RUTHIE Commerclal A sunny nature gzlds llle edge o ll e s clouds Ruthle IS sweetness personlfled But wlth lt all she IS not demure You can always count on Ruth for frankness and an honest oplnlon Thls attractlve blue eyed blonde flnds zest ln dally llvlng but not ID shorthand Although she devotes herself to the less serlous slde of llfe we often find her argulng about polltlcs and the lnjustlces of soclety We re throwmg a horseshoe over our left shoulder for her MOUNTZ LOIS EDNA o General A ace wllll gladness overspread .Sofl smllcs by human lndness bred Not too blg not too small attractlve roamlng3 It s probably Lo She always has a good word for every one and her frlendly manner has made many frlends for her She IS Interested ln athletlcs of all klnds but prefers to see them rather than to take part lh them Lo expects to contlnue her educatlon ln some hlgher lnstltutlon so that some day she ll be able to teach readln rltln and rlth metlc Good luck always Page One Hundred Tlllrly L .. k' Y kv . .. . f T. ' . "L " .. f . ' I . CQMUS MOYER FRANKLIN WILLIAM FRANKIE Pattern Makmg Trme and the hour run through the roughest day Frankie a wood butcher of the pattern shop ns repeatedly doing hls work twlce I-Ie s a Jolly and studlous fellow always trymg to flgure out hls Jobs alone and only occa slonally makmg a mlstake He stands with his fellow classmates ln the front of the school fllrtmg with the most beautiful gxrls Because of his carrying all his books home from school every night some of his mates have called hxm Studlous Frank In other words he IS a hne fellow full of good spmt and we wlsh hlm plenty of luck MOYER JEAN LOUISE EANIE General Sport that wrm led Care dernles And Laughter holdmg both her szdes Found Only one student out of three thousand who doesn t know of Jeanie Oh well he s a soph For jean ns a top notcher ln the social Ilst and can lead anythmg from cheers to dances and parties She makes us wish we could stay at A I'-I S at least two more years Jeanne expects to go ln for home economics and we all wxsh her ha ppxness Chorus I 2 Dramutzcs l 2 Cheerleading I 4 MOYER CHARLO'I'I'F ELIZABETH SHARLEY I wzll dance my way across the world and l wzll ma e a picture o all the places I see Charlotte IS the gurl you can t forget known for her sunny smile and dancmg feet Danclng comes natural to Sharley and she I8 always ready and wllllng to teach some one a new step She also rates hugh honors ln art for she IS an all round artist O11 pamtmg 18 her speclalty Whichever road to fame she may choose be It pamtmg or dancing we know she wlII be successful For besrdes never forgetting to smile Sharley never forgets to be consclen txous ln whatever she undertakes Swlmmxng 2 General Good at wor better at play Wrllzng to laugh wzth the Gang all day Florence IS another falr representative from Center Valley She has a pleasing dlsposltxon and therefore many frlends a smile ready for everv one and a blush for some She ns a fine booster for Allentown Hugh She spends her lexsure readmg playing the piano and hxkmg wlth her friends nn the country Florence expects to study at one of our local beauty academies We are sure she w1II put a flmshlng touch on anythlng she does Page One Hundred Thirty one . f . MOYER, FLORENCE M. "Fr.oPsY" 1 Al I ' ' ' 1 I , "J " MOYER RUTH O A RUTHIE General A generous soul IS sunshlnc Io lhc mmd Ruth IS well loved and IS very good company She lS also very generous Although she regards her studles serlouslv she regards her fun more serlously Her ambl tlon IS to become a gym teacher Her puplls can proflt by her keen sense of humor and her good sportsmanshlp We wlsh you luck as a future gym teacher Ruthle MUSSELMAN CLAYTON H M ussv College Entrance ln Arts lmaglnaflon I3 bu! lhe alr o the mind Thls tall husky student of dear old A H S can be recognlzed by hls ready smlle and cheery greetlng as he saunters past ln the hall Although hls currlculum IS full and he gets good marks too Mussy found tlme to take part very ably lh several plays glVCh by our class Hls mam ambltlon IS to become a good law wrangler and we feel sure he wlll succeed Dramahcs 2 3 COMUS MOYER KATHRYN Suorrrv Commerclal FlfSf ln the hear! of every :hum Small attractive roamlng the halls Shorty doesnt spend much tlme worrylng about her studles though she does manage to get along Who has ever seen Shorty when she wasn t smlllng talklng or glggllng3 She IS as carefree as the day IS long and a wonderful frlend true understandlng slncere good natured She leaves a warm sort of feellng ln one s heart Never ln a hurry she lS easlly dlstlngulshable ln a group by her graceful slow gllde MUNSCH KENNETH WARREN HEN General A Iron among the ladzes IS a ear ul lfung Now here s a fellow who has a smlle for every one except hls teachers He IS one of the most llked puplls ln Hlgh School especlally by the glrls Hls technlque Wlth the glrls 18 one of the best lnventetl because It takes care of hls bashfulness Hen IS absolutely carefree hls studles glVeS hlm llttle to thlnk about He seems greatly lnterested ln Wfltlhg and hls ambltlon 18 to become a newspaper reporter Some persons agree he has the ablllty and spunk to become one He IS an ardent follower of all sports and llkes to play hls share of games Page One Hundred 'llurly lwa 'ci' A .. .. spanish Club, 4. A 5 .. . , . f f . , ,,vsYs, so 7 ! :fx NACE ARTHUR ELMER lndustrxal A quxller never wlns and a wmner never qulls Arthur IS only of medlum height but he I8 a well built boy He has hopes whlch are hxgh and honorable deslre to do something for the world m the field of radlo He IS also an ardent televlslon fan with lnltl8tlVe of a hugh degree When hls turn comes to provide fun he ns all there but ln the course of his entertamment he xs always thmkmg of the other fellow s rights and pnvlleges Arthur rates hngh among hls frxends IS one of the brightest boys ln the electrlc shop and wlll be remembered long after others have been forgotten We wlsh hlm the best of luck ln that great and mighty fleld of radio and televlsxon NEFF KERMIT L KERMIT Sllence is golden If silence were golden Chesty could retxre for llfe But you can t mlss hlm ln the hallway because of his helght As far as romances are concerned Cupld has not struck hum yet but let thxs be a warning to all single glrls Chesty IS not slow He IS a member of the Green ackets A C and may often be seen at the club playing pool ping pong cards practxcmg lh the gym or playing first strung center for the Green Jacket unlors basketball club COMUS MUSSELMAN PAULINE GRACE Poucv General A sound mlnd ln a sound body Paulme has many many things that count ln life health personality friends a ready tongue and a worklng sense of fairness She has never mlssed a day of school she has learned to acknowledge her mistakes graclously her friends are legion and as for talkmg she talks a lot but no one ever heard her saymg thlngs that hurt others Her cornet and French horn playmg extends her field of acquamtances As a nurse secretary or wife Paullne wxll take her place m the front row May happmess be with you always Polly' PROFESSOR NAGLE DOROTHY MAE Do'r'rlr-: Commercial True friends are I1 e dzamonds precious and rare Dottie tall slum walks the halls and you say l know her she s very mce But you don t know half of Dottle s character untll you need her help as an friend Then you will End her to be slncere loyal and wlllmg to help She loves laughter and merrlment and does her best to create t Dottie IS gomg to be a secretary and we wish her all the success that her good natured dlsposltlon deserves Page One Hundred Tlnrly lhrec '1' Y .. .. . .. . . U . , . . . I C : g . - - . , g . - .f. .. -. w , u .... U . . Q H . . . , . . . . , I I I X59 ' H -, a gs' . tx' .. . . . . .- k - - - - .- . , . . f . - .. , . . . . - , I . , 4. .. , . .. . . -. H . - , , , . . J 7 ' y ' ' - . r CQMUS NEUMEYER ROBERT E NEWMY College Entrance ln Arts So blow thy gentle winds Newmy lS the httle Caesar of the debating soclety He can spout more two but words ln less trme than can any one else we know lt rs alleged that he dlgs his yokes out of the dark cold earth but posslbly we are mlslnformed He rs also an actor and will confess lf procldecl that hrs profile resembles that of ohn Barrymore Perhaps we may see hlm playmg opposite Shxrley Temple some day Orotan Debatmg Society Preszdent graduatlon l General A cup must be bztter that a srmle wzll not sweeten Here s a glrl who needs no lntroductron We all know Betty Noble Meet her and she always has a laugh or joke ready She mtends first to go to school some more and then to become famous ln medlclne Smgmg IS her one clellght and studying her pet antlpathy but she man ages to make the grade Betty goes to all socxal functions dances plays and games She IS a good frlend a ready helper and a real personality Narh Pleda 2 3 4 German Club 4 Basketball I Hockey 2 3 4 Chorus I 2 3 A Cappella 3 Tenms 3 4 Riding Club 4 NOBLE, MARY ELIZABETH "BETTY" Page One Hundred Thirty four NEUWEILER. BETTY BETTY ' Blue eyed andfalr You d better beware Wlthout a doubt Betty IS the cream of the 38 crop She IS a conversatlonahst extraordinaire and her ready wrt IS known far and wxde Although books and wrltlng take up much of her tlme she can be found shmmg brightly at every social function Betty I8 not certain of her future Alma Mater as yet but we know that wherever Betty goes she wall succeed as well as she has lh hxgh school NIESS HARRY REDS lndustrlal Pnnt Shop Presentmg another of the Pnnt Shop boys who gets along wxthout much worry and with stlll less work Hrs favorite pastlme IS pocket billiards and he hopes some day to become a good shot Reds follows up the happenings ln the sporting world with extreme interest He may seem shy of glrls but don t let hlm fool you Neat I8 the word for hrs shop work whlch he hopes to continue after COM U S NONNENIACHER RICHARD CHARLES NONNE Commercial Words are lhe vorce of the heart A Jolly good natured fellow Nonne works hard and registers remarkable achlevements He has kept has name on the honor roll through hrs three years Next year he will take a post graduate course ln preparation for college Some day he will very likely be a leader ln the business world Nonne intends to study busmess admmlstratnon and hnally to major lh accountlng at Lehngh University to O BRIEN EDWARD EDDIE Auto Shop A closed moulh and open ears ma e a wrse mmd Eddle xs a good mechanic and has many new Ideas m thls kind of work Eddie IS fine to get along wxth and has no hard feelings toward any one Even though he has trled to make vacuum wmdshxeld wlpers for hrs glasses many tlmes and each time they have proven a failure sleeping And lf has name IS lh the paper ln later years for dolng anythlng lt will be a big treat be a Certified Publlc Accountant Gym Team 3 Commercral Club 4 OCHS JANE. ANIE General A smrle lhat bubbles from a hear! Tha! loves :ls ellow men ODDY DOROTHY E D01--rv Com merclal Through lrfe she goes wrlh her head held hrgh Dotty arrives at school every morning just m time for There can never be a dull moment when anne IS around She IS the little spark plug that xgmtes the entlre group by her mfectlous laughter and wltty remarks Her lovable personalxty has lent warmth to many of our school plays and has steadxly worked xts way into the hearts of her classmates ane plans to take a secretarial course and we are sure her happy face would set her office aglow the bell She as the last to get ln class and the Flrst out But don t get us wrong Dotty IS a swell gurl She likes her school work but likes Benny Goodman s Swmg Band better Her favorite hobbies are swlmmmg dancmg and drxvmg Although she IS taking a secretarial course she wants to be a mannequxn When you model your first sable coat thunk of us gals Dotty Page One Hundred Thnly fue 711721 L I ' N 1 l ' ' 'A -' "1 fm, - ' ,ss , EW, . - . . u l he stlll tries. Eddie's important pastimes are eating and . . . . J f ' . ' D . --3' . .. ,, - . :I ' CCDMUS O DONNELL RITA MARGARET Commercual She s a popular gurl rom every angle Thus young lady has a smule for you uf you wull Just stand un lune Ruta us always ready for a good tume and prefers to take ut dancung She us also a good worker and a won derful fruend She us one of the fauthful senuors who belueves that an extra cheer at a football game wull help her school wun We know that wuth Ruta there goes unto the world a great deal of sunshme Swummung 2 3 4 Basketball 3 4 OSMUN MARY MARY General Conlmual cheerfulness us a sugn of wusdom Mary s the gurl we always see un our class plays wuth a fine performance Sometumes her roles make her appear severe and prum but she really us fun lovung fruendly and good natured She us a promunent member of the Chorus and of the Hustorucal Socuety Though not partucularly unterested un sports she always supports the games The best thung we can say about her us we luke her Chorus Dramalucs I 2 3 Hrslorucal Socrely junior Class Play Semor Class Play ODENHEIMER JULIA ELEANORA unv Commercual Le! chance what wull I trusl thee to the death One of the truest fruends we know Judy sympathuzes wuth and helps every one un need Although ut us evudent that she wull be a great success un the busuness world her real ambutuon us to be an evangelustuc puanust Because of her hugh standung even now she us a salaruecl office worker ulua has the courage to be dufferent to stand up for her beluefs and not always to follow the crowd un the lune of least resustance Whatever she plans to do she wull do ut wuth honesty and zeal Chorus 3 A Cappella Chorr 4 Commercual Club 4 Naluanal Honor Socuely 4 IRISH OLEWINE CLAYTON Iccv General Fulljally knzghl he seemed and faur dzd sut Clayton us a good natured fellow who lukes to please all hus teachers and us luked by both teachers and classmates He does all the sports especually swummung and swlms a lot un the vacatuon season Look hum up wuth hus pals the fish Iggy us popular wuth the neughborhood fellows and gurls especually the gurls who are fond of hum Iggy has taken the general course and wants after graduatuon to get a job un the bakery Here s to a good baker Page One Hundred Thurty sux ..J ., . , . S ' . . . J . as . . rw, '--1-::-11--: , : . : . : vb --qs' . . -':.' , . ' ll IP . .. . ,f ., . . - v n I u u - , , . , . . , . , . l . n - I O , . I f . v I I : . COMUS PALLADINO JENNIE. POLLY Retall Selllng The Joy lllat you give lo olllers ls llle joy lllal comes bac lo you ennle one of our retall selllng students IS a qulet but very pleasant glrl who always greets you wlth a smlle She I8 ambltlous and belleves that only study and hard work wlll get her anywhere and she IIVCS up to her bellef She takes great lnterest ln movles and school actlvltles Klhd to her frlends she seems to get along wlth everybody Jennle IS endeavorlng to sell her personallty to the buslness world and wherever she goes we know success and happl PARKS HARRY BENJAMIN Jn COLORADO Commerclal All 1 know IS what I read ln llle papers Colorado IS a true frlend lf ever there was one He was born ln the West and has a yearnlng for Wlde open spaces and for out door llfe horseback rldlng and target shootlng theatre where he IS employed as doorman Hls greatest ambltlon I8 to become a lumber Jack ln some north western state N0thlhg pleases hlm better than a brlght colored plald shlrt We hope Colorado wlll get exactly ness wlll go wlth her what he wants PAULE5 RUTH MARTHA RUTH Commerclal ll KS no! ln her power lo llale Ruth another commerclal student I8 llked The way PARM ET SOLOMON L Sclence and Englneerlng A greal man I8 always small ln some slalel Solomon 18 just plaln Solly to hlS many frlends He IS llkable and good natured would do anythlng you wlsh hlm to do Every one knows hlm for hls excellent bass flddle slapplng ln our Jazz orchestra He wants to become a member of some great dance band and to show the rest of the country what bass fiddle slapplng really 18 and he 18 just the guy who can do lt' Gym Team she punlshes a typewrlter and transcrlbes shorthand 18 no one s buslness but her teachers and her own She llkes C00klhg too and we belleve she wlll be a rare good cook All ln all Ruth IS falthful and a true frlend We wlsh her the best of luck Page One Hundred Thlrly SCLCII ifsaiigvn V A 1 His courtesy is derived from his home and from the local l is I1 l l COMUS PEACOCK WILLIAM D Blu. Commerclal All work and no play makes a Standing on the threshold of our dear school IS a young man who has gone through that lnstltutlon seekmg the knowledge that ln later years will mean much to hxm He IS a true friend and a real pal There are no llmxts to hrs energy whenever some one wants a favor done Bull enjoys dancing smgmg and lce skatmg but stlll has time for hls school work as hxs records wlll show Brll s ambl tlons are directed along the stenographxc llne lh whxch attainment we know he wlll not fall PERL MAN JACK LEONARD JAKE General The bes! way to loa zs to practice ack IS one of those fellows who never studies and never worrles He IS a home lovmg young man but It msn t his own home that he loves He takes a specxal mterest the weaker sex and especxally ln danclng Here s to jack' May he llve as long as he likes and have all that he llkes as long as he lives Football 3 4 Baseball 3 4 PATTEN CHARLES A CHARLIE Englneerlng and Science Mrghly ln stature mlghly rn mmd If the movies ever run out of Tarzans Charlie could take the place of any two He IS the tallest boy ln school but his stature only serves to brlng out the might of every thmg he does Even larger than hrs braln IS hxs great heart Charlie hopes to go to Lehlgh and some day we hope to see immense bulldmgs and spacious bridges de sxgned by that master mmd of mathematlcs PENITSCH LEONARD PENNICK Yes quxet but you always know I m here Leonard lS liked by every one He IS quxet but not qulet enough to make hxm backward Lehigh IS the goal of thls ambitious lad although Pennlck likes hard work he stlll has time for fun and frlendshxps He should graduate from Lehigh four years from now a popular honor student We hope he finds a posltxon m his future llfe which will bring success and happiness to hlm Page One Hundred Tlurly cxglll 11 11 , . 11 . . . . , ,. 1 . 1 , 1 ' 1 ' 1 11 11 1 . 1 as 1.1 ck '11 ' . . , . . ' . . . . . . 1 . 1 - ' 1 11 11 1 11 1 1 11 1 1 . - 1 1 1 1 11 -v 1 1 .1 f 1 . 11 . . . , . ' - - 1 . , In . . - 1 , . . 1 1 1 1' 1 1 - PETERMAN DOROTHY LOUISE Ps-nz Commerclal Never trouble trouble trll trouble troubles you Dorothy IS an engaglng young person with a broad smlle She llkes going to the movies vxsntlng her frxends and readmg mystery stones Her favorite sport IS swlm mmg She wishes that she could sung contralto xnstead of soprano and has a secret ambltlon to be a cancatunst She thinks lt s a great old world She can out talk any of her friends wlth a sudden stream of words that IS qulte unexpected Otherwise she s rather qulet PETERS DORICE LOVINE Domes General Let me go where er I will I hear a sky born musrc strll Dorlce has the magnetic power of making fnends Her three years In hxgh school have not been wasted as her report cards show Although she enjoys tennis swlmmmg and :ce skating her favorite hobby IS music a held ln which she has a great deal of talent When she goes to college however she expects to specialize In dramatlcs Chorus 3 A Cappella Chozr 3 4 Dramatlcs 3 4 MUS PESTE MARY LORETTA MARY Commercial A een sense o humor ma es others happy and creates packs o un A dark eyed girl wxth a quxck giggle and a cheerful ecpressxon Mary has made herself popular everywhere She enjoys and takes part ln roller skating and swlmmmg and always makes a hlt at the swlmmlng pool with her fancy dxvxng She s studylng to be a secretary but maybe she ll become a great dlver instead We re thlnklng the latter would sult better Best luck anyway to a swell gal Gzrl Reserves I 2 3 Swrmmmg 3 Gym Team 4 PETERS ALICE I PETE General A radzant smrle rs always hers Thls auburn halred damsel IS always busy doing some thing even though lt lsn t always homework In the summer xt s swlmmlng ln the winter lts skating and skung and of course theres always dancing As a friend she s tops loyal and true Next year she intends to settle down to hard work when she enters traxnlng Alnce wlll strlve IU the future to mend hearts not break them A Cappella Chozr Page One Hundred Thrrty nme . "k f k ff " , . - . . . ...I ,I .- ' w , . . , . , . . ,... . ., . . , . ,2. l -4 -, W , . .I ,,i -.. l CDMUS PEZOLDT DAVID JOI-IN TWIN Commerclal A laugh 15 worth a hundred groans No matter where you go Wherever you see Davxd he s wearmg a bxg smxle I-Ins greatest ambltlon IS to be able to buy anythmg he wants He has a pet Inkmg for fooball and basketball and IS one of our greatest rooters at A I-I S It there IS a palr of twms that look more alxke than Davld and hrs brother we d luke to see them' You have to look IWICC to find out which IS whlch No matter what Twin undertakes after graduatlon we wish hmm the best of luck PFROMM ELIZABETH BET-rv General Vzvaczous and energelzc Betty 19 small but she never lets that stop her We find m her a pleasmg personality and a wlllmgness to do her share m everythmg A loyal member of the Clrl Reserves she enjoys all sorts of sports After graduatlon she mtends to enter college to take a secretarxal course Curl Reserves PETTIT VIRGINIA EMMA JANE Gmme General uzetly llmxdly but wllh sweet purpose ulness she moves along her way GIIIDIC a blonde wlth hazel eyes two dlmples and a few freckles IS a true frlend and a good sport She may appear qulet but shes always ready for a good tlme Those same wlnnlng smiles and dimples have won her many frlends Her lelsure tlme she spends ln the movies or at home kmttmg To her homework she rs falthful but how she hates to make speeches Some day she hopes to be a typlst Wnth her sparkling eyes her sweet smlle argl her dzmples her bug Hello should be welcomed ln any o ce PEZOLDT DOUGLAS ,I Douc Commerclal Do not put of itll lomorrow what you can do loday Doug IS one of those cheerful red headed twms that Iolter slowly about the halls WhlCh IS wh1ch3 Well anyway thxs IS Doug! Wherever one finds Doug he IS chattmg heartlly with hls frlends Our sunny haired frxend has been known to study but not too much We wlsh hlm happlness Page One Hundred Forly .. .. . , .. . . . . . . ,. I Y . . , . . , . . . . . 4 ' ' '3 .1 . 'I.!- l ' I I l I .. ,. . , ,, . , , . .. ., , . .. . .1 , - . , , . I I . .. . . . ,, . . PI ETROBON VINCENT Pe-re Commerclal Wea ln rdleness bul slrong ln acllon Pete IS true to hls frlends and Wlll do anythlng for them He has a happy dlsposltlon and IS great on jokes He IS stlll proud of hls sophomore record when he attalned the honor roll for the SIX ratlng periods After he lS graduated he expects to become a bookkeeper PLUSCH RUTH B PLUsCllllz General Be gay and you wlll never lac rlends Ruth one of the more popular members of our class has everythlng a keen sense of humor an amlable personallty and the ab I ty to m x happlly wlth others She can be dlgn E'-cl or overfl w ng wlth fun accordlng to the people shes wlth Come what may we re sure of one thlng whatever comes her wa she ll tackle Wlth a smlle and do y her very best Clrls Swlmmlng Team I CGMUS PHILLIPS THELMA THELMA General A blue eyed miss wllh a wlnnlng way That I8 symbollc of Thelma She has the art of maklng others forget thelr woes Speaklng of art she seems to combine all arts Aslde from drawlng she has a flne muslcal knowledge Our days together at hlgh school have been merry long to be remembered days After leavlng Allentown Hlgh School she expects to take a flne arts course at Syracuse Unlverslty PLARR EDNA BARBARA Pac General Llllle I am llllle I be Bu! I am tall enough or me SIZE She has Ilght brown halr and hazel eyes and llkes to have a good tlme Her favorlte pastlmes are reading and palntlng She IS an lndustrlous student as well as a good sport and IS becomlng qulte an expert ln cooklng I fact Edna IS one of the very nlcest gurls ln our class Dramallcs 2 3 I Page Une Hundred Forly one Peg is only flve feet, but her ambitions tower over her 3 ' . . . . . . . n I A COMUS PRACHER AGNES MARCELLA Ponce Commerclal A llcarly laugh and generous soul POVALAC ROSE Rosua Commercial Success rs the reward of conlmued e orl Ro e IS one of those serlous mmcled gurls who dreams of the tlme when she will slt ln an ofhce as a secretary She puts most of her time m studying but can also enjoy a good yoke She enjoys dancmg and muslc Here s hopmg she ll make the grade' Commerczal Club Picture a tall glrl wlth a smlle a hearty laugh and you see Agnes walkmg through the halls greetlng everybody who comes her way She IS one of our most ardent admlrers of basketball and football players Shes smcere frlenfl an excellent scholar and optxmlstxc as to the future Here are best wxshes for success and happmess Commerclal Club 4 PRFTE FLORENCE MARION Fr.oss1 E Commercial A rlend rn need ls afrlend Indeed Who IS Flossle3 She may look like the typlcal hlgh PRENZLAU BETTY VIRGINIA BET-rv Commerclal I she won I she won l and lhal s llte end o rl Brown eyed attractive neat IS our frlend Betty As she passes through the corridors her many friends welcome her cheery Hello She thinks study IS a waste of energy but she gets through just the same An ardent fan of basketball and football she plays her favorltes and spe cially watches mdlvldual plays May she rxde straight lnto the land of Success and Happmess school glrl but underneath that average descrnptlon you find she IS unusually friendly with every one and every one llkes her She ns an all round sport and lxkes almost any kind of actxvlty In spxte of her outside interests Flossxe finds txme to prepare her lessons As fnend to friend we say good luck Basketball 3 4 Page One Hundred Forty lwo I I - . l ' . I a Q L! "ls she will, she will, you may depend upon if, f , . f '- W , V I COM S QUINN MARC-ARFT MARY Qumms College Entrance lh Arts A leasmg pleasxng lrzsh lass Here IS the gurl known and liked by every one who shines brightly ln soclal BHHIYS and whose company we all love Shesversatlle too smger dancer swimmer and winter sports fan umnne ns plannmg to enter the fxeld of science perhaps at Duke Unlverslty Heres to your aspirations mme' Le Cercle Francazs 4 Sclence Club 2 3 Nlllh Pleda 2 3 4 C1rlReservcs 2 3 Hzslorlcalsoclely 3 Chorus 3 4 A Cappella Clrozr 3 4 RABENOLD EVELYN M Burrow Commerclal Live love and learn Button IS another of the happy carefree glrls of A H S She IS a great sports fan but her greatest interest lxes ln basketball Button lsn t fond of studylng that I8 not too fond She hopes to be a private secretary Here s luck to you Button Commerclal Haste ma es wasle Don l rush me DlCk xs one of the quletest fellows ln hngh school He takes part ln very few outside actlvltles because his studles are enough to take care of but his quxet cheerful manner has won hum many frxends Rabbn IS interested ln athletics and follows the school teams m all lts games and meets After graduating he plans to attend business college and then to get a posxtlon as a stenographer RABENOLD RUTH RUTHIL General ll s smiles lhal eep llwe lwearl alive Ruthle ns the sort of person we all wlsh we could be She has a most pleasant personalxty and a most devastating smlle Her frlendshxp IS the real thing and she can always be trusted to bnghten any social gathering She really does take her studies seriously but not half so seriously as she takes her fun And small wonder because where Ruthie goes goes the crowd She will be a secretary to a bug business man xn some large concern some day Spanzsll Club 4 Curl Reserves 2 3 4 . - " Qu. 1 I A RABENOLD, RICHARD s. RABB1 , , .. k .W , Page One llumlrezl Forly-llirec CCDMUS RADER LEROY ROBERT FIDGE Retall Selling If there rs anythmg lo be saxd I ll say ll Here he IB oe College of Allentown Hugh School Fudge knows all sees all and reads all for he spends most of hls spare time reading He studies hard especlally ln Englxsh And sometimes he IS found with his pals palntmg the town red a Rader specialty He expects to enter the RAUB ELLA M ELLIE Commerclal Music ln all lhe world ln the o ce rn the home Ella has a truly magnetic personalxty and IS liked by all who know her She IS a good sport too and attends all the football and basketball games ust now Ella s heart fantasy IS a dashing basketball player Ella has many hobbles post cards sailors plano torture She hopes the near future to become a stenographer she apparently lxkes to play any kmd of keys nautlcal field Good luck Sailor' Commercial Club I REABOLD RUSSEL E Russ General The more you study the more you now The more you now the less you sludy The less you sludy lhe less you now So why sludy? Field and Stream covers Russ outslde Interests com READ MARCIA ELIZABETH MARSH Commerclal A wzllmg heart a helpxng hand pletely He s one fellow who can really pull a trigger with accuracy Although he has never got the much sought deer we know he ll bag one some day Russ has been with us only four years and plans to leave us again when he goes West with a school chum next fall He may have appeared quiet and reserved but we who know hxm well know hes different Russ IS lots of fun and will be missed when he goes to California Every mornmg except when she misses xt this brunette boards a trolley at Coopersburg Very seldom do you see Marsh without a smile Genuine a true friend we shall never forget her Her favorite pastlmes are swlmmmg and dancmg she excels ln both Marsh plans to be a stenographer and a good one Here s wlshmg her success' Page One Hundred Foriy four , , . . J - . . I ' , , . , . , ji , . . J . ' - . ' . ' . in : . . - k , k , ,: . k : ,. . v - ' , . . . . '. . . . 5 ' A ll . . . QI M. . . ' I I . I Q . :- 'Q ,- .1- P CGM U 3 REED BETTY MAE Snooxs Retall Selllng You Il never see her ln a crowd Because she rs so small Betty seems like a qulet gxrl but those who know her claim that she once out talked an elght day clock because its tlck sounded llke the Clarion Call of an argument which she never avolds Using thus talking ablllty she mtends to contxnue m the held of selling and to graduate as the world s smallest salesglrl a paltry 4 l I She has already received the degree of R L receiver of letters Besides letter recexvmg she excels at dancing and swlm ming REESER MIRIAM ELINORE MIM Commercial You never can lell Who! angels wlll do Oh look' Whos that drnvmg down the street3 Mlm enjoys nothmg better than pllmg a gang unto the car and trallmg A H S teams ll over the place Her hobbles are numerous but she ns partl l to swmgxng and swaying to a good orchestra Although she loves a good tlme her studies and lessons are never neglected Her blonde vwacxousness hldes an understanding nature and she IS always ready to help a frxend out Nllrlam IS mterested ln deslgnlng but intends to land somewhere lh the business world she doesn t know just where or why Here s hoping she may desngn a happy lxfe REBER JAMES CLARK :M General Good al wor bcller al plau Wrlllng lo cha! wxth lhc boys all day lim mtends to enter some college and then enter the field of business but IS not certain whnch held He ns intensely mterested ln athletics and we doubt whether he has mlssed a basketball or football game ln his hugh school career When he gets mto the business world we know he will succeed Bas elball 2 3 4 REED PEARL G FRENCHY Commercial She arrived brealhless wide eyed charming and lale To be short ns an as et no matter how small but to be late seems to be French s greatest joy She IS a busy lass no matter what we say Her column ln the Allenloun Morning Call keeps her busy gathering all the news and gossip ln A H S To be a journalxst IS her great ambl tlon Here s wlshlng her luck and happiness ' ,zz Q French Club 2 3 4 C' Page One Hundred l'orly jvc .-J H .r k - A- . . v v k . , . . .. f. r 4. . . , - . , - ' ' I ll . ., . . - rr U , . .- . . . '- . ' . - ' e -1 . v - . . , . . . , ' A , - . - .. .- 1 . .. - - . E . , E . C S REICHENBACH BRUCE D C BRUCE Retail Sellmg I use my head when I buy a hal Here lS a boy who lS so fond of mechamcs that he can waste one whole afternoon ln Zollmger s basement Besx"es lxkmg mechanics Bruce s favorlte pastime easing the gurls Bruce 18 a handsome chap stands 5' 9' and has dark halr and brown eyes He expects to follow the field of sellmg so It s a good thmg he has a way Wld hlm Here s lots of sales Bruce ol boy' REICHELDERFER RUTH FREY Run-1 General Somelrmes she s earnesl Sometzmes she s gay You may thlnk Ruth does very little talking but she s just the opposite When Ruth goes out she s the llfe of any party She llkes to go places and do thmgs Her favorite sport IS rldxng a bicycle ln which she 18 most expernenced She also lnkes swnmmmg football and basketball We wish her happlness Grrl Reserves I 2 REICHENBACH MARJORIE ANNE MARGIE General A heller friend one does no! as Happy go lucky Margle I8 always wlllmg to share a laugh She believes ln doing homework but she also loves to knlt So far as sports are concerned she attends most of the football and basketball games Margie glves a lot of thought to relieving the suck and of course means to become a nurse Hosts of Margle s acquaintances wlsh her the success and the happiness whlch she so rlchly deserves What Margie sets out to do she does completely REI FF JEAN DOROTHEA Mrcx College Entrance ln Arts Tha! she was like a lorch so brlghl Tha! every man may lake :ls lzghl And ye! xl never shines lhe less Full of fun and ready to go ean s sunny smlle has won her many friends ean loves swlmmlng and tennis and IS a typical out ol door glrl A good student too for she rates tops Jean wants to become a Journalist and hopes to enter Temple ln the fall Czrl Reserves 2 3 4 Nazh Pleda 2 The Cluhbe 2 Usher 3 G L . . . . I , . . is t ' ' . ' . ', . 'J . ' . ' , U I - .l y . Page One Hundred Forty slx CO US REI NBOLD HAROLD EDWARD HARRY Electrlc Shop One not salzsfied wzlh the atlempt bu! wzlh the deed Harry has a very actlve program and 18 also trymg hxs REINHART MARY LOUISE MARY Commercial Bound hands and eel will no! eep her rom dancing Mary Loulse IS another happy carefree glrl An all round sport she greets everybody wlth a pleasant smxle and a cheerful word She 18 an excellent dancer too and always lends her presence at the social functions Whether her flymg fingers play the typewrlter or wxeld household xmplements may she always have dancing feet and a dancmg heart hand at amateur stunts One of his chlef stunts IS to take truck plctures from all angles He also IS a very good hand as an amateur radlotrxclan He has a charmmg person alxty and IS an xnterestlng character He hates being delayed and IS always prompt m action As a frxend there IS none closer at a zero hour REINERT HAROLD HIRST RFINERT Commercial A lrllle work a l1'lle play To esp us going and sc good day Harold can make a speech at any time wlthout the least REINBOLD JOYCE LORRAINE Snonrv Commercial It s the songs ye smg and lhe smile ye wear oyce IS a small creature wlth sleepy blue eyes but with a mmd that IS alert She IS not usually very talkatxve but she can talk plenty when she wants to Her favorite pastxmes are swnmmmg dancmg and movies oyce hopes to go mto the great bug buslness world as a stenog rapher but of nervousness or self consciousness He IS always wlllmg to discuss any current questnon and I8 always well Informed Hls chxef dlscussxon I4 cyclmg for he IS one of the fmest ln his class Harold s out door exercxse also includes lce skating football basketball and most of the prominent sports Page One Hundred Forty N SBLCYI " f ' k f ' A ' . . , . . D, ' . . J k '. g COMUS REINHARD BETTY BETSY General 0 all the arts the eyes express The sweelesl :nd I3 bashfulness Here s to a sweet blue eyed gurl charming and dear to her many friends Betsy I8 popular for when her mouth turns up ln that dazzling smile and her bright eyes twinkle who could resist hex-3 She always knows her lessons but does not let them mterfere wlth her many soclal affairs As she travels through mto the wlde wide world our good wishes go wlth her REINHARD DOROTHY MAY Dor General Music develops the personalzly A pleasant greeting a wmmng smlle an encouragmg word 18 what one alwey gets from Dot She shows keen Interest ln her schoolwork although she has a greater mterest m dancmg Her love for music partlcularly smgxng IS well known No matter where she goes or what she does she has a good time Dot ns always Just herself but lt s such a nice self we wouldn t v. ant her to be dxfferent Chorus 2 3 A Cappella Clwozr 3 4 Clrl Reserves 3 4 Dramahc Club 3 Historical Socxely 4 REINSMITH MARTIN CLAIR MARTY REINY Commercial ll rs m my aulllorzly lo command llle keys ln case you do not know lt Martz IS a wlzard at the REINSMITH JOHN A JOHNNY General I dclzghl to fill the azr w1ll1 sweelesl melody ohn IS a qulet sort of fellow who takes thlngs as they come and trles to come out ahead of them He gets along well m hrs school work and IS well liked by hrs fellow students for he IS always ready for a good Joke ohnny would like to play ln an orchestra or better still to have one of his own Go to It ohnny Orchestra 2 3 4 pxano playmg xt by ear and touch He shows Interest m typewrltlng and shorthand and IS glven to expressmg many orlgmal Ideas and beliefs He gets along wlth every one has a lot of friends and constantly makes new ones He has taken leadership courses which will be of great ald lh the future lg . I , , ' ff 1 J . . . . .- ' . l ' : J ' . ' . J . Page One Hundred Forly-elghl CCD S REISCH, LUCILLE M. "Lu" Commercial "Of wisdom lmlh she a goodly store U And kindness, one can ask no more. When Lu came to High School she was bashful but after a couple of months she lost all her bashfulness She enjoys school and all the work that goes wxth It but that doesn t keep her from other joys She IS Interested ln basketball and very seldom a week goes by that Lu doesn t go to a dance Next year she lntends to become a halr dresser and she has all the qualltxes that should make her successful Lu s an ambltxous person and you can t keep her down RESNICK SHIRLEY SHIRLEY Commercial From every blush that zndles ln llly cheeks Ten thousand lzllle loves and graces sprzng To revel zn the roses When she leaves us and goes into the world we hope xt will recelve her as warmly as we cherished her Shirley s vlvld and radlatxng personallty coupled wxth her ever ready helping hand leaves a mark m our hearts No eulogy could express freely her hne traxts May thus charming gurl always be as happy as she has made us Au revon' Commercxal Club 'W RHOADES EVELYN M Mousls Commercial She smiles and llie lrellolder s llearl wzll rlse Mousxe IS one of the smallest gurls ln the school She IS RESSLER ROBERT R HoPPrrY General I have taken a world o thzngs lo be my provmce If you see somebody falling up the stairs you ll know that s Bob or lf you hear a stentorlan roar reverberatlng through the halls durxng the sixth perlod agam you ll know that s Bob gettlng a klck out of physics Bob IS so he says a chemlst and physlclst but on the slde he develops and prmts pictures you know an amateur photographer Bob as anmlng to be a research chemist and here s hoping that he doesn t get caught lh a test tube A Cappella Clwxr 3 blessed with clear blue eyes a lovely complexion and a popularity that ns the envy of all Her love of dancmg gets her to all the soclals ln and out of school Evelyn IS a devoted fan ln football and basketball More often than not you can hear her cheers when every one else IS quiet and never once does she attend a game alone Either one of her male attendants IS along or one of her gurl friend s escorts caters to her She alone can tell how she does lt Perhaps It I8 thus lrresnstxbxllty that will make her a success as a secretary Page One Hundred Forlu mnc C0 US RICHARDS ALTHEA BETTY Rlcl-lv Commerclal Laugh and llle world laughs wlll: you Much can be sald about Althea ablonde blue eyed mlss of five feet flve She has a sunny smlle and a dlsposltlon that wlll always be remembered She IS a person that stlcks to a thlng untll lt IS done no matter how long lt takes Whenever any one needs any help Althea IS ready to glve It She IS a glrl of great ambltlon RICHARDS ROBERT CHARLES Bonav General Full of llle mzl o human lndness Bob IS a chap who easlly makes a frlend and a true frlend lndeed He IS a qulet sort of boy ln school but whenever there IS fun to be had he IS usually around Bob IS on the Varslty basketball team and plays on the base ball team Hls one ambltlon IS to be a blg league baseball player Who knows some day you mlght eat Bob Rlch irdsl lnitead of Babe Ruth s candy bar Here s Wlshlng lm uc Bas ellmll 2 3 4 Baseball 3 4 RICHARDSON PHILIP PHIL College Entrance ln Arts A nlce boy I musl say make It a sure bet that It belongs to Phll just another ole soak ln our Hlt Parade Germ cultures get a good deal of Phll s 8EeCtl0n wlth hls eye glued to the mlcroscope for Phll takes an lnterest ln the llttle thlngs of llfe Phll excels ln gettlng stuck ln the mud ln Hndlng umque places to park hls gum and ln danclng Belng a sclentlst muslclan debater scholar phllosopher and general clowner arounder Phll shouldn t even need our best WlShCS for a howllng success ln llfe Nalzonal Honor Soclely 2 Orolan Deballng Soclely 3 lnlerclass Play 3 Represenlallve 2 3 4 RIEDEL CHARLOTTE N CHALLY General Wllll her eyes ln nods of lauglller A cheerful personallty a sense of humor a fine dlSpOSl tlon our Chally Chally IS one of the best known and llked of the senlor glrls because she knows how to glVB as well as take Hlgh school won t seem the same wlthout her and her swlmmlng and danclng When Chally graduates she plans to be a nurse We all know she wlll be good at lt lt . . . : , , . If you hear a laugh that reminds you of Andy Devine, Page One Hundred Fifty COM S RIEDY GLADYS ELEANOR Tusav Commerclal Szlence never rergns where thou art Gladys IS a cheerful llttle soul when she lsn t worrymg about something She studies qunte a but and makes good marks Her favorlte sport 18 swlmmlng and her pet dlverslon vlsltlng the nelghbors She loves to wrlte poetry and her chums enjoy readmg her poems One of the frlendlxest gxrls ln school wlth a ready smlle and wm nmg ways She can talk a blue streak when she gets started much to her teachers dxsmay We all wlsh her a long llfe and we are sure lt will be a merry one RIEDY LUCILLE A Lucn.x,E Commerclal Enough o words You have your own Farewell Lucille IS another of the girls who dances her way through llfe and lnto the hearts of her frxends A lxttle tlme for study but more tlme for play Lucxlle announces ust another little stenographer she IS untll the Rnght Boy comes along We all wlsh her plenty of happmess on her journey through the years Canary and Blue Sla 2 English and SCICDCC What goes up must come down we hope Bob IS a qulet good looklng lad He likes football and basketball Smce he has good common sense and ood Judgment we may wager that he will succeed ln anytiung he takes up Because hls mlnd IS usually wandering around m the axr he 13 plannmg for a career ln avlatlon Besxdes this he has a love for the water It just seems that Bob lsn t adapted to land at all Swunmmg Team 3 Y M C A Cra YLeader RITTER RICHARD S Dxcx Commercial For courlesy wzns women all as well as valor may Dick IS of a rare typwhe has extraordinary musical talent has been a member of the Allentown Hxgh School Chorus and A Cappella Choir for three years plays the organ m audxtorxum and also plays the accordion and piano Dick has a hne personality has many friends many of whom are women He ns a walknng dlctxonary and will use fifty dollar words when he wants to nmpress you wlth has xngemous ideas He wants to be a great orgamst some day Chorus 2 3 4 Acappella Choir 2 3 4 Page One Hundred Frfly one 1 g i E. . .. f l U t J '. . , . ' . U . . Q1 , RIEDY, ROBERT HARVEY "Boa" COMU9 RITTER VIOLET 5 f ROBINSON MARY MARY College Entrance Ih Arts Kzndness lS vzrlue zlsclf Gentle m method resolute rn actzon Deeds not words Mary IS a good natured helpful frxend Her energy seems mexhaustlble for she IS a member of many clubs and spends much tlme singing and playmg the plano She does not know what vocation she will follow but we believe that her lntellectual and social assets will help her Look at her array of actlvltles German Club 4 Hzstorzcal Socrety 4 Rzdzng Club 4 ROHRBACH VIRGINIA LEAS Gmmz General Have patience gentle julzal If you have ever seen a llttle gurl comlng mto school about fifteen mmutes late every day you know lt s Gmnne Gmnxe s attractxveness and charmlng personallty have won the admiration of her many friends She IS fond of basketball and IS an all round sport She has planned to take up Home Economlcs next year Spanish 4 Commercial Late to bed late lo rzse Keeps V1 from getting wrse V1 takes lxfe easy and talks freely but always does her work She enjoys swlmmlng football and basketball Her greatest difficulty IS m getting out of bed ln the morn mg Her ambltlon ln Ilfe just another typxst ROEHLER HORST A Hoassv Machine Shop Man IS judged by hrs character not hrs appearance Horsey xs the comedian of the machine shop and believes that business and pleasure do mlx Although he Ilkes to fool and tease others he takes hls shop work seriously Friendly to all that know hum he gets along with any one After be IS graduated he hopes to get a Job ln some machme shop and earn hxs own llvmg Page One Hundred Fifty lwo L , il - , Chorus, 2, 35 A Cappella Choir, 3. 45 Science Club, 25 COMUS ROSE -IOYCE General Music song dance and sweel service These wzll l glue to the world You never know when oyce w ll bubble forth wzth a brllllant ldea or suggestion She has proved a leader both ln school and ln outside actlvltles Not only does she rank hugh among the members of her class and the musxcally mcllned she I8 a popular member of all soclal groups oyce s bag ambltlon IS to become a nurse and her shmmg personality and enthusiasm should make her a good one Nalxonal Honor Socrely A Cappella Choir 4 Chorus 4 German Club 4 Curl Reserves ROTH FORREST W H FORRY Commercial Never pul of tall tomorrow what you can do today Forry 18 a swell fellow easy to get along with so qulet and studlous lh his classes that many a time you wouldn t know he was present lf you dad not see hum slttmg ln front of you Hls hobby IS music and he shows Il by his enthu slasm ln the band He takes turns playmg the bass drum and the snare drum You should see hlm at the games when the band plays drumming away helping the cheer leaders keeping the school splrlt running hugh with his drumming Forry s one swell guy Band 3 4 ROONEY MARGARET ANNIE General ll s llie lrzsll rn me Annie the gxrl wlth that mexhaustlble lrnsh wrt and charm the glrl with those unmistakable mischievous laughing blue O Erln eyes' Margaret has not declded where she wxll park that wlt and charm but whatever and wherever It IS It s sure to be where she wants to go When she needs more power she turns on a but of temper As a friend there IS none better nor I8 there anywhere a more lxkable glrl Rosa ROTH CHARLOTTE MAE Pmasn General I l res! I rusl a great lover of sports Whoever saw Presh when she wasn t smlllng talkxng or g1gglmg3 Despite her bemg a good student she occupies a front seat at all social func txons and athletic 8CtlVltlCS She likes nothing better than truckm on down to the music of a good orchestra Presh expects to become a gym teacher Dmmalxcs 2 qpamslz Club 4 Tennis 3 4 Riding Club Page One Hundred F :fly three . . . . J 5 ' J g '.. . 1 1 . I . . A. ,,' ' ,l,2,3,4. " " fs cf, fl . ln spite of all her jollity, Charlotte is a good student and 4. I I 5 F I I i I I CCDMUS ROTH LUCY MAE Luce Commerclal A cheery ihouglll a smlle or lwo If you should hear a sudden glggle lt s probably Lucy s for she lS a happy go lucky and carefree wlth a Hashmg smlle a ready wlt and a studlous dlsposltlon She has many hobbles but the one she enjoys most lS muslc She IS also an ardent lover of sports and attends all the soclal functlons of the school She expects to enter the buslness world and her many frlends wlsh her success ROTH RAYMOND WILSON RAYMIE lndustrlal A man wlth a will never lakes a splll Raymond IS a klnd hearted chap and IS lntent on belng a grease monkey lf condltlons permlt He IS falrly good ln hls studles He talks seldom but when he does he says somethlng He seldom gets ln trouble and stands ln pretty well wlth hls teachers especlally the auto shop ROTH JUNE PEARL DOLLY General A good worker and a jolly good fellow une IS one of our most loyal supporters not only ln sports but ln everythlng A H S sponsors She IB llked by all her frlends and teachers for she has a way Wlth her She seems qulet ln school but outslde she IS gay and full of fun She does good work ln her work and means to be a typlst Here s wlshlng her lots of luck ROTH NADINE DEANIE Commerclal Benealh the sur ace mlSChlC Iles Although Deahle seems to be very qulet she just needs to be wlth a bunch of glrls and you hear her glggle and chatter She IS good ln her studles and always wllllng to help another along Nadlne attends lots of school HEHIIS and IS always ready for somethlng new If her weakness for the army doesn t prevent she looks forward to llvlng ln jersey and belng a stenographer Page One Hundred Flfty four 11 11 1 11 . 11 , . , . . l . . , . 1 . , . . 11 11 1 11 . 11 , . . . , , 1 1 1 1 ' , . , . 11 11 1 11 f . . 11 1 - 1 1 . 1 1 11 11 1 11 . . . 11 ' 1 , . . 1 , - 1 1 1 RUTH MARION CHRISTINE SKEETES Commercial To ma e each place more beautiful for havmg lwed m rl Marlon IS the athletxc type She IS fond of swlmmmg lce skatmg hlkmg and every outdoor sport She wlll tell you frankly her pet love IS not school but ln spnte of this she keeps up wlth her lessons as a matter of prmclple Her ambxtlon IS to be an lnterlor decorator Well Marlon when we need our homes remodeled we ll call on you SAEC ER DOROTHY MAR I E Dor Retail Selling Bubbles of lauglxler Dot IS one of those likable lassles who just can t refram from talking She IS always bubbling over wlth the joy of llvmg and It IS thus partly at least that has made her so popular with all of us She has many pastimes but her favonte IS dancing Dot IS a lover of sports rarely misses a football or basketball game but I5 one of the students who brings books home and uses them too Her ambn tlon as to be the owner of a specialty shop some day YWCA 234 RUMSEY EMMA JANE M Commercial A comrade Izlrlhe and full of glee A spontaneous laugh a qulck How of words and Em of course We never see her hurrylng but she alwayg manages to keep up wlth her studies Her dxverslons are eatmg and talking Her genial personallty and keen sense of humor have won a host of frlends Em s ambl txon IS to be a stenographer 'ww- RYAN MARY ANNE MARY Commercial L1 e ll1e waler o llle mrglrly deep never quzel Where there s fun you are sure to find Mary ln the midst of lt Her favorlte study IS not But Mary does a lnttle serious thlnklng now and then She has a pleasing per sonalxty IS always making new friends but declares she has no plans for the future But she has our good wishes for the future always Page One Hundred Frfly five . ll . " , , b . v ' . I1 k 1 - . - . xx . . -.'9'k I --g .. 3 L" l " .-. ,,, , .. .k I . . ., , . l l Q . . . . f - ' COMU SAEGER PAULINE E BILLIE General Slender grace wordly wzse Wzlh a lrttle lrzcksy mlschze Shzmng from her bonny eyes A but of a frown a but of a smlle a plnch of a glowlng Hame and lots of wnll to do along wxth a flalr for handlmg words so tortuous to semors with commandmg ablllty and you have Blllle She also has showed school Interest by membershlp ln the German Club and the Hnstorlcal Soclety and has been a valued member of the Canary staff Blue 4 SAMPSON MARY JANE General MARY A frzemllzness and lovelzness combmezl Ah' Here comes Mary the type that men dream about but seldom get Her brlght smxle and cheerful Hello for every one are the characteristics that make her so well llked around the school She has a good soprano voice with whlch she hopes to crash opera If she doesn t succeed m thls she has a reserve modeling whxch as any one who has seen her wlll testify she can t fall ln l enther case she should become famous A Cappella Cholr 3 Chorus 2 3 Gzrls Baskelball Team Senior Teaml 4 Dramatxcs 3 4 Spanish Club 4 German Club 3 4 Hzstorrcal Soczety 3 4 Canary and SANTEE ALTI-IEA MARIE General Laughing and dancmg wherever she goes Knoc mg down troubles and plc mg up beaus ThlS pretty gurl glggles almost contlnuously Her Arts There s no art lo nd the man s construclxon rn the ace Abe IS our great statxstnclan and one obllgmg fellow He IS a good student always wlllmg to help others m thelr work Abe takes an active part ln the A Cappella Choir 1n fact he xs a fine tenor Hls chlef pastlmes are basket ball and letter wrltmg m which he excels Abe plans to enter Lehlgh after graduation HIS future IS bound to be brlght and prosperous Glee Club 3 4 Chorus 2 3 4 Spanish Club 4 A Cappella Chozr 3 4 Football Usher 4 ALTHEA favorite sports are swlmmmg and tennxs As for her hobbles dancing slmply sweeps her off her feet Has she any fears3 Well just mentlon chemistry and behold the outcome However her charming personality IS a great asset to her hopes of becomxng a nurse and w1th Althea as our angel of mercy none of us wlll mlnd bemg ull Curl Reserves 2 3 4 .l . . ' . . ffm C . ::' .""': . 'A' SAMUELS, ABRAM UABEU ku n ka , .II Page One Hundred Fifly srx CCDMUS SAYLOR VIOLET SAYLOR General Deep brown eyes Lrghl soft hazr And a complexzon Oh so azr Vxolet IS a bundle of shyness wlth a frlendly smlle but don t Iet her shyness fool you she has her moments of bubbling over with fun and mxschlef She Ilkes musxc swlmmmg and readmg but muslc IS her chief dlverslon She plays both the pxano and the plano accordxon but she has tame to study and pulls hugh grades She seems to luke that too Her vaultlng ambltlon ns to have a beauty parlor of her own Spanish Club SCHAEFFER WILLIAM TOBIAS Blu. Fine Arts The way lo be nollung I5 lo do nolhmg' Bull usually the source of class room commotlons must be admired for has carefree attltude both ln and out of classes This adventurous cut up excels ln cartoonmg and general illustrating A great future Ines before hum He hopes to make Alaska has home for several months He also mtends to own a fine clog team along with a cabm In the pines We all feel sure he wall do what he sets out to do and our wishes go wlth hlm Canary Carloonzsl 3 4 Band 2 3 SAUL VIRGINIA K mmf Commerclal The only way ou! IS to go lhrough May lomorrow open lhe way or you Heres to mny that vnvacnous Ixttle person who goes rushing helter skelter through the halls mny I5 always ln a hurry with no vxslble reason When It comes to sports she ranks ace hugh swlmmlng being her speclalty Sedate senior doesnt describe mny lt should b changed to jolly senior The twmkle nn her eye and her qunck flaring temper come and go at a moment s notxce making her both an mterestxng and an enjoyable com panlon jxnny upon graduatlon will be quallfled as a stenographer Crrls Swzmmzng Team 2 3 4 Caplam 3 SCHAEFFER WILLIAM HFNRY Blu. Englneermg and Science 1 came 1 learned and I benejfled Bull can get along with anv one and hls personality has attracted many friends He IS one of the fellows who served our school fanthfully for three years as a member of the band He likes hard work and spends many an entire evenmg workxng on algebra Hls favonte pastime ns worknng around dental equipment smce he wants to follow ln his father s footsteps as a dentist Wyth such ambitions and characterxstlcs he should make hls mark some day Band 2 3 4 Orcheslra 3 4 Page One Hundred Prfly .sum ...I .. , . , J, .. , . .. . ,. . . J. e . E .. ., . . .. . . . . . Q . ' I . . , , - .. ,. . . , . . . . , . , - COMUS SCHAFFER RICHARD GEORGE Drcrc General Lrve or loday or lomorrow never comes Drck rs a bashful fellow who blushes when he speaks of the grrls He rs studyrng to be a bookkeeper and hopes to end up rn a large corporatron ln a few years wrth tlme out to swrm rn summer and skate ln wlnter Dramalrc Club 4 SCHAPPELL KENNETH KEN General No man could have slayed lrrm llrcn as lre stormed llrrouglr llre gales Nay none but gods and the lrglrt o lrrs eyes amed lr e ajfre Kenneth enjoys hrs currrcular actrvrtres rmmensely even though he may farl to make rt apparent After he leaves hrgh school he rntends to take a course rn tele vrsron where we wrsh hrm success He rs a lrkatle fellow especrally the narve damsels of hrs acquarntance lrke hrm but hrs eyes never travel rn therr drrectron Says he Females are not rn my lrne All I ask of the world rs fame and glory Band 2 SC HATZ STANLEY STAN Engrneerrng and Scrence l llunk lrrm so because I tlrrnk lrrm so Stan although usually quret occasronally puts hrm wrts and keen mrnd to good use and provokes us all to laughter No hrckory strcks are needed to make hrm obey H srzes up a srtuatron rmmedratelv and then places hrmself rn harmony wrth hrs surror nd ngs Stan s abrlrty t apprecrate all types of thrngs rs reflected rn hrs favorrte pastrmes whrch range from orl parntrng to gym work the A H S gym team berng the mam outlet for thrs rnterest Gym Team 2 3 4 Traclr Team 3 4 SCHELLENBERGER NEVIN EUGENE Rams Commercral Co orllr lo mee! the shadowy uture wrllmul ear and wrllr a manly hear! The tall red headed fellow rs Interested rn musrc and rntends to make rt hrs lrfe work Hrs greatest ambrtron rs to play hrs first prano concert with some great orchestra Now we do not wonder why he was so successful rn per suadrng the puprls of hrs salesmanshrp class that classrcal musrc rs better all the way round than Jazz Nevm rs rnterested rn sports especrally rn rce skatrng and tennrs We all wrsh hrm the best of luck and great success rn hrs musrcal career Page One Hundred Frjly erglrl COM S SCHI FFER MARGARET L Psccv General Her eyes are wells of mzschre Who IS that coming by with black haxr twmklmg eyes SCHEIRER FRANCFS A FANNY Commercial Somelzmes quzet somelxmes gay We all love her ezlher way Picture a dreary day with the prospect of several tough tests One thlng that will be sure to cheer you IS Fan s ready smile She IS ambltlous and co operative wlllxng to help any frlend a good sport and a swell addltlon to any crowd She enjoys swxmmmg and spends her summer at the pool and a ready sm1le3 Peggy our future Journalist Peggy 18 not so keen on studyxng but you should see her when there I8 a good orchestra around' Her sparklxng eyes that seem to flxrt also seem to be an mvltatlon to go places and do great things Though Peg may appear to be frlvolous and gay without a care xn the world she IS really a good student SCHLENKER VIRGINIA M J Gmrus Commercxal Where llrere s muszc boys and un There comes Crnme on lhe run This gurl needs no lntroductxon Her pleasmg per SCHIEF ROBERT Bos General Sleep and llre world sleeps wrllw you Bob IS a happy go lucky fellow whose favorlte pastlmes are huntlng and flshmg He ns always ready for a good joke and usually has a new one ln turn He would make a good lawyer he likes to argue He seldom studies hard yet he manages to get through somehow After gradua tlon he expects to go mto forestry We wxsh hum lots of luck and hope that some day he may find happiness ln the wlde open space sonallty and musical hello have already Introduced her to the whole school A good sport always ready to flash a smile upon any of her many frxends Clnnle All per sons have their silly moments once ln a while but her sllly moments are every day occurrences Her mam desxre IS to be elther a beauty culturlst or a stenographer No matter which she chooses we wish her success and happn ness Page One Hundred Fljly I f'HI1C .. or , . . I U . . . . . . -. . I .. ,. , . H . .fn . . . . , . . , , 4. ,I , U . H ' I - , , . . . . , - S. 4 -. ., . . . .. . , . I . . . -. . , . COMUS SCHLICHFR CARL JAMES Sc:-zucr-xv General Who are you lhal only wanled a boo lo jam you ln your nonsense3 Schlxchy I8 alwavs on hand when any one IS ln need H has a fine personahty and overflows with ambltxon Hls arm IS to be a sports commentator He has a fine sense of humor a broad general knowledge and a keen sense of apprecnatlon for good thlngs Success to you Schlnchy! SCHMEYER NORMA CONSTANCE. Noam General A regular gurl why say more9 Norma IS a serious mmr:'ed lntelllgent gurl but she IS also a good sport one sees her at all of the football games and most of the other athletxc contests We know she ll be successful ln her ambmon nursmg for her natural love for those ln need IS one of her finest qualxtles SCHMOYER RICHARD Drcx Commerclal He may be slow m slartmg bu! when he slarlsf Dxck 18 a person who believes m the old adage Sllence xs golden but once started he can be the llfe of the party He enjoys s rts especially football and baseball 18 a member of t e track team IS famous ln the dashes and for a hobby turns to prlntmg Much of his spare tlme he spends ln a prlnt shop He IS lookmg forward to a career as an accountant Track 2 3 Boy Scouts SCHMOYER VERNON MILTON Ou.Y Machine Shop Always worked always wrll Keeps very qurel very sllll Olly can hold down any posltlon ln a machme shop He 18 a wlllmg worker and trles to get the most out of his work He IS typically quiet and enjoys the pleasures of home Olly gets good marks ln turn for good work ln his academlc studles as well as m shop He follows up sports very closely never mlsses a basketball or football game One of his hobbies I8 ln working around flowers or plants Page Ore Hundred Srxly 1- H - . U . . . , H , . . , . . 4. H , .. . .. ' . . - . v . sc be - ,e ,,,...., L .1 -. . . -. . . .. , . . . . . .. . . - .. . , . E0 l l - f . . . , 1 - H H . .. . - . . . .. . . , . , , . CGM ll 5 SCHNEE JUNE MARGARET Toors Commerclal A lllllng rlpplmg brook of laughler une can laugh but her speclalty IS glggllhg She llkes SCHNECK ERNEST C ScllNECKEr Commerclal Farthful Io eueru lrusl Gentle loyal md andjusl Schneckee IS a mlld fellow qulet when alone but not wlth the gang He has attended ten or more schools ln the clty and country He IS stlll proud of hls sophomore record when he was on the honor roll for slx ratlng perlocls lgle expects to become a bookkeeper for some large local rm to have fun but she also llkes to study She IS a loyal booster of all school actlvltles and a good frlend lf ever there was one She wants to become some one s stenog rapher We wlsh her a fortunate posltlon and good luck E' SCHOLL DOROTHY Dor Flne Arts MUSIC Her wary hands on lhc lvory eys Slrayezl ln aflful anlasy Not much of a talker but my how she blows' The SCHOEDLER MARWOOD CLEM ENT POOKY General Where there s smo e There s afre engme Pook I9 a great athlete an outstandlng star on the Varslty basketball team ln hls Junlor and senlor years OUtSldC of school he lndulges ln all klnd of sncrts Pook crack He IS known by hls trademark a broad smlle for every one especlally for the glrls who always glVe Pook the second look Hls ambltlon IS to become a forest ranger for he llkes the outdoors so he wlll study forestry at Penn State trumpet we mean Dot loves the flne arts of muslc and IS a valuable addltlon to any orchestra Her sklll ln sharps and flats IS rlvalled only by her able work lh her studles When the corrldors of her dear old Alma Mater echo the footsteps of her successors Dot wlll be walklng the corrldors of success True she may be blowlng a tfumpet Playing a pl8nO or slmply baklng ples Wlth her we send our best wlshes We shall never forget the dark sparkllng eyes and the yovlal dlsposltlon that has captured and will keep her multltude of frlends Chorus 2 3 Fine Arls Wuslc 2 3 4 Page One llundrcd Surly as V7 0716 ' , ki i . .n r I V has a great sense of humorzh always pulling a joke or a wise- i v . f . CCDMUS SCI-IUBERT KATHRYN RUTH Kn--rv Commercial Full of grace full of wr! Every one knows Kltty as a true pal and a real sport Krtty has lent her sweet voxce to the A Cappella Choir She IS reserved but behmd that reserve there lurks jolllty and love for fun that breaks out now and then We hope Kltty s future may be as brlght and sunny as her smlle Homeroom Represenlalrne 2 Chorus 3 A Cappella Chorr 3 4 SCHULTE. MARTIN PEPPER General Szlence lhal spoke the eloquence o ye Martxn lS a model alrplane enthusiast and spends most of hrs spare time bulldmg and Hylng hrs models It IS not uncommon to see him wlth hrs friends flylng their models rn the llttle Palestra Many txmes he neglects hrs studies whlle he burns the mndnxght oll to finish an entry for a contest Although he IS absorbed m hrs hobby he enjoys sports and rs frequently seen at local athletlc games SCHROPE. RUTH HONORA SOAPY General The way lo a man s heart lS through his slomach If you are looking forafrlend aleader agood student a public speaker or a good cook just call Soapy She lS a real athlete especially mterested ln basketball and archery and as good a sport as one can find anywhere Even though her halr IS auburn her calm cool manner and pleasant dlsposltlon draw friends to her like a magnet Ruth s hobby 18 the study of foods for she I8 to be a dxetrtran Dramalrcs I 2 Chorus 3 Basketball and Trac I SCHULER CLAIRE GLADYS Sunsv Commercxal A shy glance Boys beware beware Clalres chief occupation IS chattering and laughing You re sure to find her at all the basketball football and swrmmlng meets Her frlends all thmk of her as a good sport and they are right If you want to have fun and vou need one more glrl give her a rmg Shell Come Here s wxshmg her success Page 0116 Hundred Srxly two . . , . . . . . 9 .v l 1. . -- " . . ' . . . - 9 , J, .. -' y . . . . , . . COMUS SCHWARZ VINCENT VINCE lndustrlal Cablnet Maklng He does no! worry nellller does he lhlfl Vlncent IS one of the flner class of wood butchers who adorns that sectlon of the Hlgh School Bulldlng called the Cablnet Shop He IS one of those souls that are slow to start but once started can work fast and hard Vlnce IS also a protege of Coach Hackett s water soaked swlmmers He manages to hold down the Flfty yard dash and IS lead off man on the relay team When the golng 13 tough he works hard but when not pressed you may expect a good allbl or excuse to get out of dolng anythlng except day dream HIS favorlte pastlmes are eatlng and swlmmlng Swlmmlng I 2 3 SEAGREAVES ANNA MAE LITTLE ANN General Le! nal the man be lYl.15l8dfhUf hall: no muslc ln hls soul Llttle Ann a studlous person stands lh the upper half of the class Although studlous she can also be happy go lucky Ann IS an accompllshed contralto and plays cello plano and organ She always has a beamlng smlle for every one Ann has many frlends and IS loyal to her Alma Mater She IS the tallest glrl of our senlor class exactly slx feet tall We wlsh her much success ln the muslcal career she IS plannlng A Cappella CITOIY 3 4 Chorus 2 3 SEBRING EDWARD SCHMEYER Esso Flne Arts ln Drawlng T,lIS dzlly 13 a slrlng o lies Bul how the deuce dnl Gubblns 71363 Esso has lately taken an lnterest ln horses and pretty SEDLOCK JOSEPH P os Commerclal Wllal passlon cannot Muslc ralse and quell? oe s a fellow wlth a contlnual smlle and a contlnua teachers Hls favorlte subject I3 Art not for Art s sake hls second Advertlslng hls pet hobby Seelng Amerlca Flrst hls favorlte dlverslon golng to the school HHBXTS wlth Her Even femlnlne hearts down ln DIXIC fluttered when he went clown a few years ago SCYIOU lv he wlll study art and archltecture here and abroad There 18 a certaln manslon ln Vlrglnla he wants to remodel for reasons of hls own May he have what he wants always' Boys Ruling Club 4 Slamp Club I twlnkle ln hls eyes He IS a good orator havlng won the opportunlty one year of enterlng a state contest He IS also taklng shorthand and typlng and looks llke a promls lng man for a buslness career But he plays the accordlon too so we don t know just what he Wlll do Hls sparkllng perwnallty ought to land joe a job wlthln a very short tlme after graduatlon Page One Hundred Slxly lllrec .l .. l 4. . . ku - ' ' . Y v I U ' ,, H . 1. . . . -- . . - . v . . . v l 1 1' I v I , ' s .-.-.t.. 4. U U . . . . f . . . . -, . . . . , . - . . l . , . . G . . - I , . - . . I . , . - .lj ., . . U . , . .. J . . . . . . - . ' - - . . . CO US SEEBALD HENRY ALBERT HANK General Great ejects come o lndustry and perseverance Hank whom most of us on the Allentown Hlgh campus know IS a qulet and reserved student He llkes frlends and IS easy to get along with He partlcularly llkes to dance and goes a dancing qulte often A hard worklng student he IS never seen wlthout the next day s homework finlshed He 18 not seen very often with glrls much as he llkes to talk and dance wlth them He s bound for the Army to be an Osslfer slr SEIP ELEANOR BLIEM ELLY General Worry9 Le! ll run away Lue a ll e and lwe ll gay Elly full of ambltlon and always eager to do new thlngs IS as happy go lucky as the day lS long She has no worrles she takes llfe as It comes True slncere and understandlne Elly IS one of the Flnest frlends any one could have Whether lt be tennls swlmmlng brldge hockev danclng rldlng or :ce skatlng Elly llkes any of them Elly s artlstlc ablllty has polnted a career for her ln Commerclal Art and we all know her skull wlll brlng her SUCCESS Tennis 3 4 Hoc ey 2 3 4 Spanlsll Club 4 Canary and Blue Slaf 3 HameroomReprcsenlal1ve 2 Sczcnce Club Z Rldlng Club 4 SELL RALPH LEWIS HUSSLER Commerclal Tlley say women and music sllould never be dalcd Ralph IS a good all round frlend wlth always a cheery greetxng Ralph takes great lnterest ln photography swlmmlng and ICC skating He can also play almost all of the sports pretty well He does not over study but ln oral work he can bluff hls way through splendlclly SELL GEORGE WILLIAM Sauna Engllsh and Sclence Sporl lllal wrln led Care dCf1dC3 And Lauglller lloldmg bolll llls sules George IS a great lover of fun and an ardent follower of sports If by chance Hlgh School loses a game lt IS S8ld that Sellle IS affected more by the defeat than the team and all the rest of the spectators put together The next few mlnutes hours and days yes even weeks wlll Find hlm moplng about the had breaks the team had and how we really should have won But all llke hlm for lt or rather ln splte of lt He IS always actlve ln classes too and we llke hlm for thls although once ln a whlle he has days off Page One Hundred Slxly four 1- n f U w H r v - - , - I . . . , Q . , 4- - - n l r - l U y 1 rl . . .. . ,- - . - -. - r v - l , , ,- v l ' , , , . .. . v r l r , l l y - . 1 lr n - ll . . v . . . rl r v r r v f l - . n v -r n I ll . ,, ' - , . . - , CQMUS SELL ROBERT Bos General He hceds the call of the wrld Bob rs the embodrment of mrschref and goodness rndo lence and rndustry temperament and concrlratron Hrs chref pastrmes are sleeprng huntrng fishrng and shootrng crows He rs now a soda Jerker rn a corner drug store Hrs asprratron rs to be a very specral krnd of pharmacrst May hrs hrgh hopes be realrzed SEMANOFF LEON Sem College Entrance rn Arts Up lad when the journey s over There Il be lzme enough to sleep The one prodrgy of our theatrrcal group of 38 was drs covered when Semr was persuaded to portray the role f Tony rn Wrngs o the Mornrng Semr the brown harred brown eyed congenral fellow was well fitted for t me task wrth hrs ratmg as an honor student hrs love of hrs fellow students and hrs ambrtron to be erther a teacher or a lawyer Muhlenberg College rs hrs goal and one step toward the realrzatron of hrs ambrtrons SENSINGER HANNAH LOUISE Suzv General From lhy presence rarns a shower of good cheer Of course most of us know thrs young lady for her SENSENBACH ALFRED DAVID Bun General Hrs lhoughls have a hrgh arm lhough lherr swellrng be rn the vale of a humble heart Alfred brown eyed fellow rs mterested rn fine thrngs He enjoys musrc art lrterature and dramatrcs But there are more srdes to hrm than these Although he rs quret he rs always rn for fun and never falls to make frrends He hopes to enter college to go farther wrth some of hrs rnterests A Cappella Chorr 4 Chorus 4 Canary Humor Sla 4 brrght personalrty and her contrnuous chatterrng durrng class hours She rs farrly mterested rn her studres but more mterested rn the opposrte sex We hope that she wrll be a success rn her future undertakrng whrch may be nursrng Dramalrc Club A Cappella Chorr Chorus 3 . ' o . f U . , '- . . ' . : . J H- - : 'Q . - Page One Hundred Sixlyfr' e COMUS SHAAK PAUL WILLIAM General Gcnzus IS one per cent mspzratzon and nmety mne per cent Persplralzon Blll IS a tall handsome young man wlth well kept halr and carefully pollshed shoes walklng through the halls wlth soldlerly P0188 Your Hrst guess IS as good as your last lt s Blll A master at the art of gum chewlng he IS seldom seen wlthout a plece ln hls mouth Hls next hobby IS sports wlth studles playlng a close second Basketball at the Y M C A finally fllls hls schedule Blll l5 always Wllllng to be a consultant for a struggling classmate We hope to see Penn State turn hlm out a sclentlst wlthm the next few years to become a famous bacterlologlst SHERER RAYMOND JAMES RAY Opportunlty knoc s o ten or those who see t Ray IS one of the very lndustrlous students who IS mter ested both ln hls studles and ln basketball ln zoology especlally he has made hugh grades After graduatlon he expects to study elther forestry or radlo announclng Ray has made many frlends here and we are sure he wlll at taln SUCCESS SEWELL CALVIN E CAL General I hold the world but as the world A stage where every man must play a part And mme the clown Oh' Oh' There s that man agaln Wonder what he s goln to do now? That s what one hears whenever thls lad wlth the brown eyes and curly hair appeared ln fact Cal has the reputatlon of maklng a clrcus clown act look llke a funeral march But wlth hls Irlsh grlt and his love for clownlng this fellow attracts many frlends Whatever game Cal takes up ln the future just watch C a l v l n BILL SHAFER MILDRED S Mlcl-cv Commerclal Always jolly always gay lmplsh IS the word that best describes Micky Slxty lnches of mlrth and mlschlef No one can reslst her con taglous smlle That wlth her many good qualltles IS the reason for her many frlends Swlmmlng danclng hlklng lce and roller skating besldes wrltlng poetry Full up her lelsure tlme She has a llklng for tall dark lads Here IS hopmg that when her shlp comes xn It wlll be wlth all she wlshes for Page One Hundred Szxty SIX 11 11 , . u . 1 1 , 11 .1 1 - 1 . 1 11 1 - 1 , . 1 u 11 1 u . . . . . . . . . 11 1 1 ' 1 - 1 , . , . 1. 11 41 . 11 . 7 ' . 1 , - 1 1 1 1 1 . , . -m.,l.. A .1 11 1 r- . , ,, k f 1- CQMUS r -'IJ A ""' SHERR PAUL CLINTON Moose Fine Arts Music There s no nose 11 e the Moose nows Paul3 Oh sure you know the Moose for there s only one Moose at school and Boy are we thankful' But Paul can entertaln any one any tlme and makes a good Job of lt Without Paul what would school bel' Paul plays more bassoon than any one who ever entered the doors of the hugh school not to mentnon hls clarinet and tenor sax' Paul has the makings of a fine muslcxan and IS headed for a great future Band 2 3 4 Orcheslra 2 3 4 SHI REMAN KATHRYN ANNA Kn-rv General When you re perplexed you cannol fnd A beller frzend one hal so md Our Kltty IS a flne glrl wlth a personality and a philosophy of cheer all her own Her capaclty for smcere frlendshxp IS one of her chief attractlons Kxtty s favorlte hobby 18 playmg tennls She IS also an ardent supporter of all school actlvltxes Besldes these she really does enjoy eatmg Kitty takes her schooling quite seriously as she ns planning to enter college after graduation and then to teach a class all her own Cxrl Reserves 2 3 4 SIEGEL JACQUELINE Acme Commercnal She lhal has sprce enough may .season as she Izkes Have ou seen that dlla ldated reen Ford racm SHOOK RUTH GRACE Snooxv Fme Arts Muslc Heaven was crowded wzlh songbxrds So ou! of lhe nowhere they senl you To smg Ruth IS a tall poised young lady wlth the voxce of a lark and an ardent desire to be a prxma donna Those marks on her report card are evidence of her Intelligence and the fact that she xs ln the A Cappella Choir proves her do re mx ablhty Defmltely not mtereste:l ln the opposlte sex she prefers a career Some day we poor unfortunates without the abxhty to produce such glorious melodles wlll turn on the radlo and lxsten to the lovely voxce of Ruth C- Shook Czrls Clee Club I Chorus 2 3 A Cappella Chozr 3 4 Czrl Reserves 2 4 Y P g g around town3 Well the pert young mlss at the wheel IS Jackxe Not only ns ackle an expert at drlvlng she s an expert at makmg friends and keeping them Upon graduatxon she expects to grace the campus of West Chester Heres Issuing a warning to all young men m that vlcmlty L rw - l or we s .. . .k k . v f k. . . "J " . . . h . 'J I . . ' I S n Page One Hundred Sixly-sewn CCDMUS SIEGER JOSEPH oe General The shortest and surest way to llve wzth honor rn the world rs to be rn realrty what we appear to be Here s a lad that s every ounce a swell guy Not only does he rate ace lugh as an all round fellow but he 18 also the man that knows all the answers lt s been said that Joe is quite the ladies man but he doesn t admit that point Raising merry Cain is oe s favorite pastime yet when the serious moments come he s right in there Whatever oe has made up his mlnd to do on leaving school will be done right Lots of luck oe and lots to do' SIEGFRIED MORRIS Suacv Commercial United we pass Drvzded we flunk Slegy can always be seen loitering in the halls between classes When you speak to him he answers with some witty remark Morris doesn t worry about school work Why should he3 He expects to be a hotel manager or a waiter at a hotel some day and we wish him luck Football I 2 3 SILFIES KENNETH MAHLON KENNY General Live whrle you llve for you Il be dead a long tzme A fine good natured boy courteous and pollte to stu dents as well as teachers no wonder he gets along well with teachers and is so popular among the students Kenny is an enthusiastic sports follower and cheers for A H S at all the major sport contests He I8 interested in the government and would like to become a government employee SINBERC HERBERT SOLOMAN HERB Engineering and Science The taller he is the higher he will climb. Herbert is that irrespressible mathematician whose favorite slogan is Take it easy. Herb doesn t practice what he preaches however for he may be found studiously seated at his desk solving algebra problems and dispensing information to bewildered classmates. But don t get the idea that he is a book worm' on the contrary he is usually out having a good time. Herb is an excellent athlete whose secret ambition is to become a big league ball player. Let s hope he can solve life s protlems as well as he solves his problems in algebra. Football, 3g Basketball V., 3g Baseball, 2, 3, 4. Page One Hundred Sixty-eight CGM S SKRILICZ HELEN BRIGHT EYES General A smzle for all a welcome glad Ajovzal coaxmg way she has Husky laughter twxnklmg eyes and good nature Helen has them all What s more she always has a pleasant word for every one and she s always wlllmg to do a favor She actually creates a feehng you are domg her a favor by letting her help you It IS such as she who keep the world moving towards better nobler things Helen IS certaln to travel happily all the roads she goes SMITH ALGER SCHMIT General ln aclzon arlh ul and rn honor clean Alger ns small ln stature but large ln mmd and he uses hrs mind see hls school record Hrs splrlt and ablllty to get down to serious work brings hum honors Dark curly halr and a pleasing personalxty mark this popular cheer leader of three years He not only leads us ln cheers but he leads ln debatmg Alger has not decided where he s golng to school but wherever he goes we can depend on Cheerleader 2 3 4 Orolans 2 3 4 SMITH GENERVA MARY HoN Com merclal SMITH IRENE ISABEL REENEY General A pleasmg countenance IS a szlenl recommendalron Quxet serene and sweet lrene IS well worth knowmg Good al wor beller al play Wzllmg to laugh wrlh the gang all day The only way to have a friend 18 to be one And Hon ns a true friend She always has a broad smlle or a rlpplmg glggle She IS a good sport and has plenty of school spmt One sees her at most of the basketball or football games She loves dancing and movies Her ready smlle and wlllxng co operatlon wxll make her a pleasmg stenog rapher Here s wlshmg you the best of luck She takes xnterest nn all actlvltxes and ln this way wxdens her knowledge ln all fields of enjoyment Her greatest asset IS her dlsposltlon fnendly and helpful This advan tage we feel sure will help her ln her work for she goes into trammg as a nurse Success and happiness are ln your path lrene Page One Hundred Szxly mne ' 5 ' .. . f . f ' . G.. him to uphold the standards of our good old Alma Mater. A- S 1 Q k, 1 , ll CCDMUS SMITH KATHERINE ROSE ANN Kr-r-rv Commercial azz dance sports war dogs I love em all Jet black haxr and eyes and most lndlvxdual character rstxcs dlstlngulsh Kitty Kitty studles all week but spends her week ends dancmg to the tunes of a Jazz orchestra She rs a booster of all school actxvltles espe cially basketball and football She can play the plano too Ask her to play for you sometxme Klttys mam ambxtlon IS to own a dog farm SMITH PAUL H PAULIE Commercial Do unlo others as you would have others do unlo you This red headed lad wlth blue eyes stands about sux feet Paul IS better known as Honey among hrs relatives and Paulle or Schmltty among his fnends Hrs parents and all thexr frnends say Paulxe IS a good boy at home We know he IS an honest and dependable lad as well He has really only one fault he attends the theatres too much and does not go out of doors enough SMITH JEANNETTE LUCILLE JEANIE Commerclal A rzend ln need ls a rxend Indeed A pal a true frlend a good sport all ln one A hearty smile a ready friendly retort she has every one eanle IS fond of sports and attends all football and basketball games cheering her team to vlctory Her favorite pastimes are slngmg dancing and movles came expects to become an expert typxst YWCA 23 SMITH LOUISE Do1.r.v Commerclal Come on where I m gozng ll s sure lo be fun Vlvaclous sport Iovmg Dolly of the sparklmg eye and wrt IS a famrllar sight lh the corridors of Hugh There rs no school actlvlty that doesn t fund her m front cheermg and glvlng her whole hearted support Stately d1gnlfied3 Never Rather a fun Iovmg typlcal American gurl bubblmg over with llfe and Joy She s a Ilttle uncertam yet of the future as most of us are but we re sure whatever she attempts she II accomplish Page One Hundred Scvenlq .. ., , .. . . . . . , . . . - ,I . . . ., , . , .. . .. J . . , ft. , - v - . . . g ' . . . . , . I .. U . ,, . . . ., ' . , . . - . , . . T l 1 . , . .H . . . . . . COM U SMITH THOMAS G Tom Sclence and Englneermg Wzl IS lhe spzce of Izfe Tom IS a happy go lucky young fellow hallxng from Coopersburg One just has to hear a hearty laugh and one knows that lt s Tom He s always happy full of fun and a grand pal He can be serious though when lt comes to studyxng Hls chosen vocatxon IS architecture whlch he plans to study at the Umverslty of Pennsylvania We are all wlth you Tom SMITHAM MURIEL MARY MURIEL A rzencl nal or a day But afrrend always Muriel IS the klnd of a gurl every one admlres a glrl whose smiles and cheerful expresslon whose all round sportsmanship love of dances and tennrs and support of all A H S aCtlVltleS are representatlve of the comblna tlon that make the true hugh school splrlt May happmess attend all your days Chorus 2 3 4 Hzslorrral Club 4 Czrl Reserves 2 3 4 SMOTHERS PAUL TARZAN lndustrlal Electrrc Leave not one slone upon anolher A lover of athletics Paul has entered all fields of athletlcs except swlmmmg and baseball Hls fine dlsposltlon makes hxm the llfe of any crowd After bemg out for football a few weeks he was dlsabled to such an extent that he could no longer play the game but he stayed out for basketball whlch shows hrs grxt and flght One of the hxghest pupils rn the Electrxc Shop he wlthholds no information from his frlends Trustworthy loyal good looking he IS a representatxve of the generatlon to whlch he belongs An ardent fan of radio he may be found experlmentmg with all sorts of equipment Baskelball I 2 3 SNELLING WILLIAM A INKY College Entrance xn Sclence and Engmeerlng Harder shall purpose be hear! the bolder Courage grow lhe keener lnky IS a hard workmg spectacled person whose hobbies are photography and mk manufacturing ln whatever Held lnky works he knows his stuff and what s more he can find the words to make you know what It I8 all about too He enjoys taking candxd shots of people especlally teachers He plans to go to college for a Business Admlnns tration Course and he has the advantage of a practncal slant on business even before he goes Canary and Blue 2 3 " f ' : f U . Tennis, 3.5 Hockey 2, 35 Y. W. Cl 4. l I l l 4 Page One Hundred Sevenly one COMUS SNYDER ELIZABETH K BETTY General We love you for a hear! that s md And for the knowledge m your mmd Though not an Aristotle or a Socrates Betty has made herself as much llke them as possxble Her llfe IS centered about work the begmnlng the clxmax and the conclusion are Important to her only as perxods ln her work Betty has a strlklng beauty although It doesn t seem to concern her m the least Indeed she plans to become a cog ln the wheel of the nursmg world We all hope that she will be our nurse lf we get sick Nalronal Honor Soclely 4 SNYDER WILLIAM G Pattern Shop Un :led we pass Dzvrded we flank Bull can always be relied upon for a qulck and wltty retort Hls jovial smlle will Instantly w1n a place ln your heart and drlve dull care away He 1S one of those water soaked paddlers known as the Allentown Hlgh School Swxmmmg Team During hxs three years of storms and pleasures ln this school he has been able repeatedly to cut ,hrs fingers and not the wood ln the Pattern Shop Swrmmmg 3 4 SNYDER DOROTHY MAE Do-r General Be sure lo call me lf you need help Dot s clrcle of frlends know her as a grand pal She can always be recogmzed by her happy go lucky dlsposl tlon her cheery laugh or her jokes She likes to have fun but also has sympathy for those who need It She does not mlnd domg favors for others but when she wants some thxng done she hesitates to ask Dot 18 just her natural self She does not care much for sports but prefers danc mg We know she ll make good SNYDER JAMES JEFFERSON :M General What greater gl ls are lhere than lhese 1m IS a tall hlgh mmdecl young man wlth hugh Ideals He has a pleasing cheerful personality IS studlous socla ble and by no means hard to get along with He has made many friends not only among students but also among teachers lm IS the kmd who wlll make a success of llfe when out of school He I5 Interested ln the scxences and has studied biology chemistry and zoology To lm we wish all the luck ln the world BILL Page One Hundred Seventy Iwo l .. .. I ' ...I .. "Slow lo anger, ready lo please, U C MUS SORARUF LOUIS PETER jumon General The sporlsman who never bcals around lhe bush I..ou1s believes that It ns better to be rlcher ln frlends than ln money Hrs enduring personality and everlasting smlle have made hmm many friends both lh and out of school He Ilkes canoeing swlmmmg football baseball and dancmg but intends to enter the medxcal professlon STEIFEL MARIE Rus General Ajeclxon warm andfallh smcere And soft humamly are here Good natured and sweet tempered Marie IS none of your overbearing mlsses Rather shy too until you know her But once you have won her frxendshlp she can t do enough to help vou She xs a member of the Nlofahut Club of the Y W C A Mane not only always helps along a school cause she gets her frxends to help too Courtesy IS one of her vlrtues and good manners her hablt That explains the smcerlty of our God speed Mofalrul Club 4 Glee Club I A Cappella Choir 4 Chorus 4 STEINMETZ CHRISTINE ELMEDA Tmrmr. Commerclal A reliable frzend Chrlstme I8 one of the best natured gurls lh our senior STEINMETZ CHARLES A CHARGING CHARLIE General One who never turned lus bac but marched breast orward Charglng Charlie rs mdeed one of the most popular fellows m hugh school All who know hlm personally like him and those unfortunates who do not know hlm per sonally admlre hmm He made a splendid record on both the football and track team The school wlII long remem ber those touchdowns that brought victory to Allentown Hugh School The future w1II no doubt see hlm coachmg champlonshlp teams class Although she appears qulet we are sure she 15 truly human Ask the people that know her best She I8 also a good sport and can be counted on to help ln anything :orth while The best wlshes of the class of 38 go with er To know her is to like her, and that means a great deal: Page One Hundred Scvcnly lhree COMUS STETZLER RUTH EMMA General A good laugh 15 sunshme ln a house Call on Stltzey lf you are looking for a frlend a good student a muslcxan or a swell sport It IS not hard to ldentlfy her She has always a mule and a comlc remark A vlolmlst 1n the orchestra Ruth funds real enjoyment ln muslc Her hxgh standmg her pleasant personahty and ber perseverance all assure her success ln the Held of nursing She goes to the Phlladelphla General Hospltal and we wxsh her success and bappmess Orchestra 2 3 4 G1rIResenes 2 Home Room Treasurer 3' 4 National Honor Soczety 4 STONEBACK ERWIN WHITEY General Some pralse at morning what they blame at mght And always think the last oplmon rzght A member of the younger set of Coopersburg Whltey IS a happy joking youth Hls notlon of happmess ns to have lots of fun He rs falr featured wlth blonde haxr and blue eyes and an ever present Hush He llkes to go huntmg but ln season enjoys the major sports football and xce skatmg An xndustrlous youth he wlll we thmk go far lh the busmess world STERMER DOROTHY RUTH Do'r'rY Commercial Her ways are ways of pleasantness And all her paths are peace Dotty s ways are pleasant and her paths are peace for Dotty xs a lnttle gurl wlth a sweet dlsposltxon and a twln klmg smile for every one She 18 quxet but this does not say that she has no friends for Indeed Dotty has more than many frxends We usually find her name on the honor llst She loves muslc and IS to be a stenographer so heres wxshmg you lots of luck Dotty Commerclal Club 4 National Honor Society 4 Chorus 4 STITZEY STEVERSON MARY ELLEN MARY Though her face keeps a serious look Her heart lS a mrscluef book Remember her3 The girl who ran through the halls durmg the third and fourth perlods smllmg to every one Mary has vlsnons of an R N attached to her name ln the near future Wrth her go the heartlest wishes of A H 5 classmates We feel that her friendly smile and kmdly personality wlll be a great asset ln nurslng Page One Hundred Seventy four rr rv I II ' II I I , - - I I . . I I I , . I I I I I 1 II II I II I . . II I I I - . S . I - I I I - I I I I I I I I I I I - u II I II . I I I . II II II I II . . I . - , I ' . . ' . . . ' . ' . v I I STRAUCH DOROTHY D01- General Silence rs golden This seems to be Dot s rule everywhere but on the football field where her enthusiasm seems to get the best of her She s a grand gurl and a more frlendly person IS hard to fmd Her best subject IS mathematlcs and her favorite sports are lce skatmg and swlmmmg Although Dot llkes only certam sports she IS Wllllng to go wlth the gang and so as they choose Wrth all these tralts of good ness and kmdness Dotty wlll make rapld progress along the road of Happiness and Success Dramalzc Club 3 Clee Club I STROHECKER RUTH ESTELLA Rurma Commercial A lullle nonsense now and llren Ruth cheerful pleasant a good sport always appears happy Wherever she goes she has a Joke or story to tell Ruth doesn t appear to be studxous but she always has falrly good marks m her subjects She IS a member of the Hugh School Chorus CCDMUS STRANG MAE MAE General Tall In slalure qurc ln mzml We can always see Mae struttlng through the halls talking as she goes Nothmg ever worrles her Nlae IS qulte studxous although she IS very seldom at home She rs actlve ln many orgamzatlons and popular wherever she goes She wxll try any sport that comes her way Mae cannot quite make up her mmd what to do after leavmg A H 5 G1rlRcserves 2 3 4 STROCK DOROTHY DOTTY Silence rs a gif! Dotty IS a quxet loyal gurl who would do a favor for you at any cost Even though she IS qulet most of the txme her delightful personalxty overshadows this She has lnltlatlve and perseverance two factors essentlal to success We all know she will reach the height of her ambition somewhere m the field of science Page One Hundred Sevcnly flue 4. 11 1 rr . 1 k . . 11 1 . 1 1 1 1 - U 11 1 1- . . 11 - 1 1 , . . . - . 1 . 1 1 1 1 1 1 - -1 11 1 11 . . . 11 1 1 1 , . -1 11 1 11 . 11 , . 1 1 1 1 1 . 1 QOMUS STROHL LORRAINE MAE RAINY Household Arts She has a wau wllh her how shall I say Demure yel blzlhe yel gay Lorrame may look qulet and demure but we ve always suspected she has a lot of thoughts she IS not CXPICSSIHZ She s a jolly sport full of fun and she ll need to be both when she lS a Home Economlcs teacher Dame Fortune may predlct a bungalow for two where she may practlce rather than preach her glven art Happlness to you' SUCK BETTY ANN Bama General Ii s mce lo be nalural I one s naturally nzcc Thls falr malden halls from the South West Vlfglhla to be exact but ln the three brlef vears she has been ln A H S she has made many frlends She s the glrl wlth sparkllnz eyes brown halr and a contaglous smlle who has a swell dlsposltlon and 15 always ready for fun Her favorlte pastlme IS day dreaming She carrles wlth her the affectlons and good wlll of her class SWARTZ FERNE M IS Commerclal They couldn I ma e them all the same If so how dreary llfe would be Some day we hope to see Ferne cheerfully worklng her SWARTZ ANNIE ANNE Commerclal A sunny nalure gzlds lhe edge o ll c s dar es! cloud We often wonder what causes that dreamy look lh Anne s eyes One look at Anne s report card IS enough to show that she has a portlon of that vaultlng ambltlon that selzes all of us once ln a whlle She lntends to become a lady ln whlte nurse to you ln order that she may go about servlng humanlty Although a blt stubborn at tlmes and lncllned to llStCh to no one Anne IS a swell gal and we all wlsh her success ln her llfe s undertaklngs Three cheers for the nurse to be way to success ln the buslness world She has a sense of humor that IS always comlng to the rescue ln embarrasslng moments and she IS able to make frlends easlly Her love of falr play ln sports school work and ln frlendshlp and an ever llstemng ear that patlently hears your troubles through have shown her sometlmes to be very serlous and sometlmes very aggravatlng It IS the mlschlevous smlle we usually see and that IS what we expect to find when we look ln on Ferne at her prlvate secretary s desk S1 f . . ' s I .. . f ,f , k 'U ' D ..S ,. .. . ku H ' Page One Hundred Seventy szx COIXIS SWARTZ RALPH BURTON Co1'roN General l you cannol spea well o any one say nothmg Here we have a friendly all round lad with a heap of personality Hrs achievements on the athletic Held and his Interest and success ln his studles have made hlm one of our popular boys not to mention what that blonde hair has done to femlnlne hearts Cotton IS golng to college to learn to be a teacher All we can say IS he wnll be a welcome addltlon to any faculty and a great hut with students Lots of luck Cotton Football 2 3 4 Baseball 3 SWEENEY VERONICA A Vomfua Commerclal A lrue nend zs a rzend orevcr Vonme a small and charmmg person wants to be a haxr dresser She has some skull and a lot of practxce and wants to enroll lh a Fine Arts school after she grad uates from Allentown Hugh She can also smg and enter tam her friends every now and then wxth a song If once Veronica has made up her mind to do a thmg she will let nothmg get ln her way She takes more than good wlshes she takes the slncere affection of her classmates and teachers with her when she leaves hxgh school Scxence and Engineering A wmnmg smile and a hear! o gold Carson IS a likable chap wlth a wlnnlng smlle and a jovial dlSp0SltlOn He has made many friends by hls wllllngne s to help his classmates when they are ln dlffl culty While nn school he has always taken a keen interest ln his studies and for thus reason IS generally an honor student He likes hnntxng and fishing and during the early sprung and late autumn one IS likely to End hlm along some stream or mountalns To hlm we wlsh our best of luck and hope that all his efforts will be crowned with success SWOYER REINETTF ARDIS ANGU. Householl Arts Dar eyes dar half a my glance oh beware' Angel friendly little gurl gl: es through the halls wlth a greeting for everybody Shes llvely and loves to step out to the tune of Cab Calloway s H1 de Ho Shes a Home Economxcs student and we thmk shes thmkmg for she often sxts ln class gazing wxstfully out of the wmdow He ll be a lucky fellow Y , V LA .. f k f ' . . . . J . 2. , 4. .. f . , f . f h. SWOYER, CARSON "CARSON" .. . . . f '.. .. k v k , ' , I , . , , ,I . Page One Hundred Scvcnly .semen COMUS SZEP ELSIE. CHRISTINE Etss General A ready smile wins all Witty and peppv IS Else and she IS found at all the social functions Her charming personality cannot be gamsald and she is of great interest to our alumni Studies however occupy much of her time and that is one reason why she is to be depended on always SZILAGYI LOUIS Lou Commercial Ta e me out to the ball game Where Lou last attended school he found his greatest Joy in baseball He likes all sports and takes part in all of them Fnterlng hugh school he went out for two major sports The mstructlon he received under a very Hne coach roused in him a desire to be a major league baseball plaver He is courageous and a swell fellow to get along with He goes to school for fun for the benefit derived from It and for sports Baseball 2 3 4 Football 2 3 V Manager 3 TAYLOR JOHN JOSEPH JACK General East 13 East and West IS West But never the twain shall meet' ack fHello oell Taylor is one of the friendliest and TATASCIORE MARY MARY Commercial The gift of gal: as a wonder ul lrerzlage If you talk to yourself with a lot of books that s not Mary But she has some times been known to study Why study asks 'Vlary if it is going to interfere with pleasure She believes that laughter combined with school work is the cure for many ills Mary enJoys being in the midst of noise She is a good sport and a likable companion We wish her luck ln the business world most likable fellows within the walls of A H S He IS well known for his witty and pleasant remarks ack is one of the most ardent supporters of sports and-oh boy' what a hunter' Talk to ,lack about England and you have him' His one big ambition is to work his way by boat to distant lands so good luck and may the gods bring you good fortune on land and sea' Canary and Blue 4 Spanish Club 4 Page One Hundred Seventy erght .If you ever see a little girl struggling home from school J . - J - . . i i i . COMUS THOMPSON LOIS KATHRYN ToMMY General W ony? Le! rl run away Luc al c and live ll gau Behold this lassle wxth her blg brown eyes One must know her well to understand her When you First look at her you might be under the Impression that she IS a quiet little mald That s the most mistaken thought you ever had' Lois doesn t spend her time worrylng about her studies but she does everything that has to Ee done She has not decided what she wxll do next year but she will make everybody happy we know that THOMPSON RHEA RHEA General I am nol lhe first and shall nol be the lasl There IS no one who likes fun better than thas young ladv although she does not neglect her studies and duties whlle enjoying nt She hopes to be a teacher and we feel sure that her personality and ablllty will make her a gg success Chorus 7 x X TINSLEY KENNETH MARTIN KENNY Commercxal Smile and the world smzles with you Kenny ns small m stature but mlghty ln word He takes an lnterest ID all sports and enjoys them much more lf he can take part ID them His many frxencls find hxm hard to convmce and always ready for an argument However he l5 easy to get along wxth and IS always good for a laugh He takes little lnterest ln other school aCtlVltleS A fellow like hum wlll go a long way by hlmself wlthout help from any one else TITLOW LESTER EDWIN as General Szlence 13 always sa e and rs requenlly the smarlesl flung we can say Les I8 the sort of chap you would all like to know When he sees you he usually has a cheery smile He takes hns studies seriously but always has time to crack a Joke or laugh at some one else s Hrs favonte sports are swnmmmg and Ice skating but his chxef Interest ns an automobiles He has a growing ambxtlon to be a theatre manager l Page Une Hundred Secenly nme 1' . . .' - .l . ' k . Z T . Ly .f H . C S TROXELL AGNES MAE General She s on llie lrol from morn lull n1gl1t and busy as a bee Contrary3 No not much Wm an argument from her3 lmposslble Dolly sxmply thrwes on bemg late and takes a home study course on Correct Methods of Detaxn mg People but don t get her wrong Cne look at her provocative smlle and the dxmple m her chm has you completely bewltched No matter how angry you are wlth her you come back for more lf only to see her make p Dolly ns a patrol leader ln her Glrl Scout troop Her favorlte pastimes are dancmg playmg the plano and readmg When she becomes an angel of mercy her patxents won t want to leave the world National Honor Soczelv 4 H BUSTER lndustrxal Never do loday what you can do lomorrow Buster IS an electrical mmded young fellow He does well ln hrs studies but dlsllkes to carry books H mtends to go to Lehigh to study Electrical Engmeermg Socially he IS a Hne fellow wlth a pleasmg personality xs wltty Calmost nxtwltty at tlmesj and likes football basket ball and baseball He has patience and a tenaclty that wlll help hlm succeed ln anythmg he undertakes Here s to hls success TREXLER JUNE P JUNIE Commerclal Some praise al mornzng wha! llley blame al mglll And always tlunk the last opmron rlghl une IS a small piece of humanity with a hearty laugh You may not see her but you are sure to hear her when somethlng amusmg happens She hopes to become an expert stenographer and we are sure she will be kept ln the First posltlon she gets une wants to travel but she doesnt have any dehmte countrles ln mmd just says she wants to go places Do1.1.v TROXELL FRANKLIN F RANK General Tons o rxends and a laugh wzlll every pound Frank IS always cheerful and smllmg and always has a good word for every one Hls chief occupatlon just now IS truckm on down to as many dances as hls pocketbook will allow Full of fun Frank never seems worrled or burdened by cares and troubles He takes hls fun lh large doses but he does not neglect his school work We know Frank s mtentnon IS to get to the top and we re on the side lines cheering' Page One Hundred Eighty .. .. , . . . . . J . .. ,. .. .. . .. . , . . H , . . , . - , , . , . . u . . . . - . - . .. . .. .. . .. . . ,. , . . . . . . , . . . , , , . H H - . e ' 7 , : , - C0 US TUFTON ROBERT HARRY Turrv General The srde lrnes man watch lhe srdelmes but don I grue lhcm your heart Here rs the bad boy of Study Hall Bob rs easy to get along wrth and always has a smrle for every one espe crally the grrls You can usually see hrm at all the school actrvrtres Out of school he partrcrpates rn all sports basketball berng hrs favorrle sport However sometrmes he finds trme to study He rs popr.lar wrth the grrls but says he never goes out wrth any After all rs sard and done we wrsh Tuffy all the luck rn the world TYLER LOUISE ANITA Wcrazuz Commercral If she will she wrll I she won I she won l No matter when or where you need a frrend rf Weezre can help you out she wrll Besrdes berng a swell frrend and pal she rs also a lover of sports especrally of rce skatrng and swrmmrng and anytrme a good orchestra rs heard you can be sure that she wrll be truckrn on down We are sure that whatever freld thrs Calrfornra marden enters the smcere wrshes of the class go wrth her Machrne Shop He s no fazlure Sandy rs one of those happy go lucky machrnrsts all machrnrsts are jolly fellows He laughs to keep healthy Sandy rs a great lover of out door sports specrally swrm mmg Probably some day he ll be another Werssmuller ln hrs lersure trme he vrsrts hrs grrl frrends and hrs swrm mrng mates Here s hoprng he may swrm over the waves of success and happrness Swrmmmg 2 3 VARRICHIO FRANCIS FATCH FRANCIS Shorl and rugged and very fazlh ul Varrrchro IS the man who never says dre Whether on the football held or rn hrs classes rt s a Eght to the flnrsh H has a wonderful personalrty and rs always ready wrth a good yoke If he strcks to hrs struggles the way he strcks to hrs work on the grrdrron and rn school there rs no doubt rn our mrnds that he wrll always end up on top of the prle Foolball I 2 3 4 Track I 2 Page Cnc Hundred Frghly one f 1 1 ' . ..- 1 VALEK, RUDY F. "SANDY" CO S VOGEL WILLIAM P Blu. Auto Shop Roofs o a slrong free run deep Bull IS a sort of person who llkes to be alone he does not mxx wxth groups When social sports or dances are bemg enjoyed by others Bull prefers to stay at home and work on an automoblle or occupy hxmself by makmg different Interesting gadgets Bull lsn t such a bad sort of a fellow when once known for the simple reason that he doesn t get angry very easily If you ever pass a garage with a slgn ln front Bull s Garage stop ln and have your car either fixed or wrecked He can do either WAIDELICH JOHN A JOHNNY Engmeermg and Sclence Women are fic le ohnny IS a fellow that always has a Joke or wltty saying on hand to refresh his frlends Slightly shy especially when gxrls are around he does not attend too many social functlons I-Ie llkes to have a good txme and a good laugh but also takes hxs school work seriously This prospective marme engineer xs mterested ln sports and can be seen at every basketball game he s the manager too Bas elball Manager 3 4 WALTON F VIRGINIA General As lhc brxghl sun glorr cs lhc s les So rs her ace lllumrncd by her eyes Vlrglnla the poised the sophlstlcated the gracious s WALBERT ARLINE MARY WALLIE Commercial She lalks and tal s And lzkes lhe boys Wallle IS quiet and SCIIOUS but she can be qulte the opposlte lf need be A pleasing personality a good sense of humor these have attracted many friends She loves sports but only as a spectator I-Ier chxef pastimes are danclng and swlmmmg Wallxe IS a studlous and con sclentxous worker always managmg to get along well ln class I-Ier mam ambltlon IS to become a good stenog rapher GINNY furthermore of a lovely character There IS a keen ln telllgence behmd those blue eyes and we are sure that Katherine C-lbbs wlll have a fine student nn Vlfglnla She IS an ardent A H S rooter and shmes at all social func tlons There IS no doubt 1n our minds that Vxrgxma will succeed French Club 4 Dramalrcs Club 2 3 JUFIIOY Class Play Hockey 3 4 Page One Hundred Frghtr .. J, .. ,E k . . , . " . kr. .. . f k. ' . f . . Y X N4 CO U3 , WARD DC ROTHY GRACE D01 Commerclal Noi lall no! short No! lhrn nol al A Ixttle of lhls And a good deal o that A pleasmg dIsposItIon a wInnIng smIle and an encour aglng wor:l one always gets from Dot She 15 fond of all sports e peclally basketball and ICE skatlng She stucIes hard and llkes stenography and typlng She wIll be a stenographer some day We wIsh hcr lots of and success Orchcslra 3 WARFIELD ARLENE ELIZABETH Lama Commerclal Nalure made her as she should Nol loo bad and nol loo good Thls cheerful brlght faced glrl IS always smIlIng no matter how much hard luck he has She 18 a very dear fnend to all who know her a sports fan a faIthful attendant at the games and a good worker In the Commerclal Course In whIch she Includes advertIsIng We expect that some day we shall see Arlene a natIonally known advertlser x ,lfx 'J W 1 WARD DOROTHY D Dor CommercIal An earnesl wor er wrlh a quzel .smIle Alert qUlCk thmkmg full of fun and kInd that s our descnptmn of Dot She s the best frIend anybody could want She takes her school work serxously and IS usually worrled about somethmg yet the results are nothlng to worry about Although she has a good standmg In all her subjects and does seem qunet those who really know her can vouch for her keen sense of humor and her hearty laugh Nalxonal Honor Soclely 4 WARDMAN WINNIFRED MAE WINNIE Commerclal General A laugh zs worlh a hundred groans rn any markel Whenever thIs blonde blue eyed glrl IS around you are In for a laugh She 18 never wlthout a smIle and 15 always gettmg Into mIsch1ef Her ambItIon IS to be a blues slnger and can she swIng It' WInnIe ISD t very bIg and she Isn t very small but when It comes to slngmg she beats all She took up the buslness course Intendmg to be a secretary but we feel sure some day she ll l:e smgmg on the Hlt Parade Page One Hundred Erghlu three L f .l fy lll1'- fl! A f --ff Q .,. uf nv . f ' ff J l - Ap qv g ' I .- ' .. I U 5 . .' . . . . . . ll W7 ' " ' . ' . TQ t - ' . . , CQMUS WEAVER LEWIS WILBUR LOUIE Commerclal Hello Tall dark and bcautl ull Loule IS a flne clean cut boy fond of swlmmlng and danclng and not even wlshlng to be the brlghtest ln hls class work LOUIS doesn t belleve ln the old saylng Early to bed early to YISC makes a man healthy wealthy and WISE He IS a genlus ln salesmanshlp that probably accounts for hls deslre to become a great salesman We all wlsh hlm loads of success here at Hlgh School Play WEAVER ROLAND FLETCHER General REDS You will hardly know who I am or what I mean Bul I shall be good health Io you nevertheless Reds IS a llkable chap whom many can call frlend Full of llfe and pep lt IS only natural that he should support all of the A H S aCtlVltlC8 Hls lnterest lh llfe other than that unlversal the falr sex Iles ln the fleld of chemlstry and he lntends to master the art of the mortar and pestle pharmacy We are deflnltely sure of hls suc cess and send hlm out mto the world Wlth best WlShCS for health happlness and prosperlty Football Manager 2 Page One Hundred Eighty WEAVER BETTY Bla-rs General I4 e love you or a hear! lhal 13 md And or lhc bcauly o your mmcl Bets IS a cheerful glrl When she laughs her frlends laugh wlth her and to have her around IS a pleasure Her ambltlon IS to become a gym teacher and we thlnk she Wlll be a good one She loves to swlm and dlVe Betty s frlendllness we re sure wlll always smooth Llfe s pathway WEAVER JOHN ACK Englneerlng and SCICDCC He served wllh glory and admlred success jack has the unusual honor of havlng been presldent of the class ln hls sophomore junlor and senlor years He has glven whole hearted support to all hls school actlvltles He IS an all round good fellow It would be dlfflcult to End any one ln school who IS more admlred ln all respects than ack HIS buslness lead should help hlm to be as successful ln hls 8CtlVe work ln the town as he has been Canary and Blue 3 Class Presldenl 2 3 4 junior Class four L L .. , A f f f . ' .J .. J -. I I . ' ' ' 1 l CO US WEBB HAROLD WEBBY Engmeermg and Sclence To be or nal lo be That s what he wanls lo be Webby IS a popular fellow wlth nerve enough to try anything Bemg a sportsman he IS always out of school the Hrst day of huntmg season He IS a happy go lucky type of person who never seems to get angry However he has his serious moments as hls report card shows WEIDENHAMMER CARL HARRY KELLY lndustrlal A brake ln lime saves nme Carl IS a serious minded boy both qulet and thoughtful He IS gomg to be a Mechanical Draftsman but the way he has to work on that old Durant qualifies hxm for a garage mechanic mstead Whenever you want consola tlon Carl IS just the boy to go to Hrs kind words and smile brxng happiness to you Carl IS a likable fellow bound to be somethlng m this grand and glorxous world T Square Club A peach a pal a Jolly sort lust a jolly pal Mlm has a cheerful personallty and a splendid sense of humor No matter what she may undertake and we belleve It IS nursing we are sure she will be successful WEINDEL ROBERT WILLIAM Bon General Never fel them know wha! you arc lfun mg When you see a dark handsome chap loahng throug the halls you know xt s Bob but don t let his serious aloof manner fool you Hes really only lookxng for a good time A smooth dresser and dancer he IS of course popular with the gurls He ns a proficient athlete though he never went out for hugh school sports ln has school work he IS about average he could do better lf he would The class of l938 wishes Bob all the success ln the world Page One Hundred Erghty fue WEIDNER, MIRIAM ALTHEA "MIM" I W . " I " 'T . , - . . . h 1 ' Z ' Q D C S WEISBACH CHARLES GEORGE CHARLIE Commerclal Repulallon los! comes not agaln Another one of those brlght commerclals lndustrlous studlous and ambltlous are the words to describe Charlle We never End hlm sleeplng when the protlem IS explalnecl nor IS he ever sorry for some knowledge he has galned He enyoys Hshlng and after that studylng and after that he llkes a glrl s company slngular or plural He IS a good frlend cheerful loyal and easy to get along wltl but a stubborn and determlnecl fellow A sterllng sllver char acter untarnlshed and not the least blt rusty he has the good reputatlon that IS hls mam object ln llfe Commcrclal Club 4 WEISEL DORIS L SISTER General Out of the counlry come our Iles! people Slster IS a frlend to every one and sure IS the center of a crowd ln the hall She has l'IllSSed the early mornlng car from Coopersburg so often we have lost count but she always turns up sooner or later mostly later She excels ln swlmmlng and danclng and you can always hear her clleerlng at the football games She plans to attend Swlmmlng 3 WENCK MARY CATHERINE CATTY General She looks like an angel But you never can tell Here IS a glrl known and llked by every one She shlnes WELTY FREDERICK W FRITZ Pattern Maklng Oll' Lzberly How sweet you are Frltz a well known chap to all hls classmates and teachers talks much and never takes anythlng too seriously In the pattern maklng shop he IS always wllllng to help some one else any one but hlmself He has several hobbles but the best IS huntlng He spends most of hls tlme wlth a gun Ffltl hopes to become the greatest pattern maker ever known brlghtly at soclal affalrs and we all love her company Mary Catherlne has been our school accompanlst for three years In addltlon to her good school work and her muslc she finds plenty of tlme for sports She IS not altogether certaln what career she wlll follow but we know she wlll make good Chorus 3 4 FYCHCII Club 4 Swlmmmg Team 2 Home Room Reprcsenlalzve 4 Accompamsl 2 3 4 1 ,, , , jefferson, where she will study to be a nurse. Page One Hundred Eighty-slx COMUS WENDLING PAUL MILTON PAUL General I am lhc caplam o my soul In the classroom Paul IS qulet but out of school he IS a dlflerent type of person Hxs favorite subject IS German and seldom does he mlss a basketball or football game at home or away We do not know what Paul expects to do but we know he will get to where he sets out to go We wlsh hum all the luck WENNER RUTH I FLASH Commercial Wxlh her lrllle feel she Il happzly hop You re sure lo fnd Flash al some candy shop Ruth IS a small slender girl with brown halr and twmkhng blue eyes She has won many friends through her keen sense of humor She 15 lnked by every one and always enjoys herself no matter where she may be Besides this she IS smcere and mdustrlous ln her school work She llkes dancmg and takes part lh many soclal events both ln and out of school She IS so ambxtrous that the future will hold a great deal for her WENRICK GERALDINE J JERRY General If she won l she won I and lllal s the end o rl errys frlendly smlle her rare knack of acqulnng frlends her gnft of bemg an lnterestmg talker all are to be envled Although pleasure IS Included In her da1ly schedule she doesnt forget about school work Her qulet and sweet dlsposntxon leads her many frlends to believe she will make a good nurse She plans to enter the Norwelglan School of Nursing ln Brooklyn next Sep tember WERT CLAYTON S Mm College Entrance ln Arts Clayton s one of the band members who speclallzes on the shp horn ftrombone to you, He hkes whxte sweaters and hrs mop of dark curls m the envy of those unfortunate males who are blessed with straight halr lt ns xnterestmg that the only two Werts nn Hugh School both intend to enter the mmlstry Clayton missed two months of his senlor year because of Illness but made up all the work ln a comparatively short time A fellow like this should make a name for himself .. . f "lf she will, she willp you can depend on il: Page One Hundred Eiglzly seven CCDMUS WERT GERALD P jr-:RRY Arts Red harr spells a temper I wonder 1 f It s true Become a friend of jerry s Hell make you doubt zt too MlnlStCY s sons are usually said to end up ln a bad way but here 18 one who won t He s a rare combmatlon of good fellow and scholar with a liberal sprmklmg of the rest of us Hxs pxano playing IS hot but hrs puns are not Stxll he has senous moments and has a yearning erther to follow m hls father s footsteps or to become a great psychologist WERTMAN RUTH NAOMA Boors A mere slip o a marden but what a personality' She xs rather small but she has the personalxty and wrt to make up for lt She IS llked by all her frxends for her sweet and friendly dlsposxtlon Her suppressed laughter IS always a source of amusement Ruth ranks ln the superlor group of her class because of her exceptional ablllty We are sure that some day she will make a name for herself y 3 4 Ctrl Reserves 2 3 Home Room Representative 3 WETHERHOLD CLEMENT MILES jumoa Commercial I you have a good temper keep zt unlor IS a brl ht oun man wlth lent of ood Ideas WESSI ER RUTH M FRENCHY Commercial Brown eyes wzth a wondrous wxtchzng charm To look at this brown eyed lassle one would never know mlschlef was lurking near One of her deslres IS to voyage across the ocean to France the land of her forefathers She also wants to be some one s stenographer We hope that wherever she may go success and happiness may attend her S Y g P Y g We never see unlor m a bad mood He expects to be somebody s accountant ln the near future -Iumor S mter est IS aroused when a basketball or football game lS golng When he does go to these games you can hear hxm above all the rest Whatever he may do after he leaves school we wlsh hum lots of luck Arts Club I Class Presrdent I VzcePrcs1dent I Page One Hundred Frghty ezght National Honor Sociel , 45 Commercial Club, 45 Chorus, " f a ll! . I . - . , . on. , ' ' WHITE HELEN WHITEY General An mnocenl maid wzlll real brown eyes As popular and willy as she rs wzse All students who know Whltey luke her sense of humor and her deep sense of responslblllty Her favorite sports are hockey basketball and horseback rldmg ln splte of these various mterests her studies are always prepared After she leaves hugh school she lntends to study to be a foreign cor respondent WIESNER KENNETH J KENNY Commercial Farllwful lo every lrusl Gentle loyal krnd andjusl Kenny IS a stamp nut You can see stamps wrltten all over hxm ln fact you could almost sponge has back and paste hlm on a letter Ask hum anything about stamps and he can tell you the answer Kenny thmks that short hand and tamps don t mxx but he gets along with very good marks just the same Hxs ambltlon IS to be a pnvate secretary m some concern large or small C MUS WETHERHOLD ELIZABETH RAPP Barry General Women s lal should be luminous but no! volummaus That demure blue eyed blond one sees at all the school functions whether lt be basketball or football games plays or dances IS Betty The charm of her personality lmgers on after she has gone She likes to tease-one hardly knows her when she 18 not teasmg and she never falls to have some brxlllant retort or pun Betty ranks hugh m her studies and IS always wllllng to lend a helping hand She plans to attend college and to teach Nall! Pleda 2 3 4 German Club 3 4 G1rlResernes l 3 WIELAND HARRI ET I HARRY General Brown han' blue eyes Cause many srglrs We all know her and love Harriet She has an extra ordmary sense of humor and can be found ln laughing groups everywhere Harrxet IS what one may call outdoor glrl She llkes all sports but excels ln tennis Her one ambltlon IS to become a physical education teacher In short Harriet I8 an all round glrl Nallonal Honor Soczely 3 4 Home Room Represenlalxvc Page One Hundred Ergbly fllllc 'sv 69' - . I , 2, ,4. ' ' ' ' ' ' ' ' ' Hockey, 2, 3,' Riding Club. 4. . .. l ' ' - an S 1 . ' . A . - COMUS WILHELM JUNE ELIZABETH junev General To see her was lo love her Love but her and love orever une IS a small senlor wlth dark brown halr brown sparkllng eyes who never mlsses any school functlons especlally dances She IS one glrl ln whom a frlend can conhde and she always manages to cheer those who are sad une IS a regular glrl and well balanced Every one llkes to have her around Though she lsn t on the top prong ln studles she hovers very near It She expects to have a buslness career and we know she Wlll succeed A mllllon good wlshes une German Club 3 4 Sclence Club 2 3 HlSl0YlCGl Soczely 3 Clrl Reserves l 2 3 4 WILMER LEONORE ELIZABETH Leo General You have a rumble wr! I llunk lwas made of Alalanla s heels Whlle Leonore IS lncllned to be qulet and serious among strangers she makes excellent use of her Irlsh wlt among her frlends She I8 genulne to the nth degree and one always knows that what she tells you IS the truth What thls country needs I8 more people Ilke Leonore She can cook now but she expects to study for a degree ln Domestlc Sclence at Drexel French Club 4 Glrl Reserves l 2 3 4 WILCOX ELEANOR ROGERS ELLY General Bu! now my las I5 smoolhly done I can fly or l can run Our Eleanor IS the blond halred lass wlth the hearty laugh and wltty tongue but wlth all her fun she I8 a good student She 18 a great lover of sports and I8 especlally fond of that popular lndoor sport danclng We predlct a brllllant future for her followlng her graduatlon from Con verse College French Club 4 Na1hPleda 3 4 Clrl Reserves 2 3 4 WILLIAMS HOWARD M Howm' Englneerlng and Science To now hlm a Illlle IS lo ll e hlm a lol Who s the man who seems to do so much of nothlng3 But don t hold that agalnst hlm for he proves to be qulte a buslness man In fact lt was Howdy who played so blg a part ln maklng our junlor Prom a great success Howdy attends all soclal alfalrs and IS one of the Invlnclble Three He takes part ln all sports both ln and out of school In order to crash buslness more effectively Howdy plans to enter Lehlgh ln the fall Page One Hundred N lncly . .. k. . .. , . , . . , . . .. . . f ,, , . J . , . . .J , . , . , . ,J- , ,,.. . , . sk . .. .k. ., , . , . . . . . . .. . ., . . , ,I ll... COMUS WILSON RAYMOND STEBBINS oc Engmeermg and Science Non Campos Menlzs Thus IS the lad we all envy for he has the record of not havmg remained ln one class more than three years His puns are terrxble his speeches sleep producmg hls drlvlng nightmarish his dancing wooden and hxs sense of humor moth eaten Aside from these virtues his llfe I8 just a bowl of cherries WISSER ALLEN NATHANIEL SLEEPY Electric Shop Courage and arlh ulness promzse success Here s a person who regards llfe as a mere nothing not knowing or caring what danger may lle behmd his experx ments or Ideas He has an active lmagmatlon ln fact so active that sometimes he himself does not know what he IS thmklng or talking about But he IS a fine person to get along with and IS wlllmg to glve help nn time of need Football 3 4 Baseball 3 WISSER EDWIN ELMER EDDIE College Entrance ln Arts There 13 no need o compliments among rxends A personality that reflects vlrtue-that s Eddie He IS a friend and knows how to make friends Although an amateur photographer and an ardent stamp collector Ed surpasses all wlth his A I treasurmg There aren t many other fellows who have a better sense of humor or a finer school splrlt To hxm there IS only one school that s the good old A H S Eddle s plans followmg graduatlon are to go to ccllege and hnally to engage m teaching You can bet your pretty penny that he ll go far In making a name for himself National Honor Soczely 3 4 Class Treasurer 4 German Club 4 A Cappella Choir 3 4 Chorus 3 4 Boys Glee Club 3 4 Treasurero llle Class 2 3 4 WOLF Jo!-:ANNA Commercial A keen sense of humor rs lzeller lllan none A more likable gurl than Johanna IS hard to find Her constant chatter and cheery dnsposltlon have won her scores of friends She has a posntlve talent for playing the vlolln and smglng Even though she spends some time nn study Johanna s spare time IS used wisely May success make a golden tapestry of all her days Orcheslra 2 Commercial Club 4 ' H . . UD U .l U-,OU I ' I l I 'I . l I3agc.0ne.HundredN1nely one COMUS WOLFE DANIEL G Bun Mechanlcal Draftlng To do or nal to do that IS the question Bud IS one swell fellow although he has hls moments Wherever you hear a sports argument at school Bud IS there not only seen but heard' Durlng the summer months one usually finds hlm at jordan Park swlmmlng He IS slow to get lnto aCtl0D ln school work but what he starts he flnlshed Bud wants to go to the Bethlehem Steel Trade School to study draftlng TSquare 2 3 4 Dramatlcs 3 Football 4 WOLFE ELEANORE CLARISSA Commerclal To a dear tall glrl with a wonder ul smile And a sweet drsposltzon that makes llfc wortll wlule Ellle tall dark cheerful IS always ready to lend a helplng hand to the less fortunate Although she may seem qulet ln school she IS always bubbllng over outslde of school Her favorlte pastlmes are Slnglng danclng sew lng and swlmmlng Ellle expects to be a stenographer and her hlgh marks and wlnnlng personallty wlll make her most acceptable Chorus 3 Commercial Club 4 G1rlRescrves 2 3 4 WRIGHT BERNADINE WINIFRED Beams Commercial General A true rzend I1 e a cllamoml precmus and rare Bernaclme IS one of our most popular students One WOODRING DORAS BERTHA Woomf Commerclal l may be late but I Il be there on tlme Mlx a sparkllng sense of humor a generous dlsposltlon add a cheerful personallty and you have Woody Desplte the fact that she s seldom on tlme for anythlng she s the klnd of a glrl one IS always glad to walt for Then too we llke to llsten to her excuses whlch are always cllfferent and always orlglnal Let s hope when she becomes a teacher she ll remember the tlfl' es she gave excuses too Ends It very easy to be frlendly with Bernle She llkes to sew and dance but finds sports more enjoyable Her second home IS a basketball court or a football grldlron A rabld rooter thls young mlss thrlves on excltement Although soclal functlons lnterest her she Wlll always have the true sportsmanshlp and lt wlll carry her through llfe s long journey We feel sure she wlll be successful as a bool-:keeper for some large flrm Gym Club l Ctrl Reserves I 2 Basketball 4 Danclng 4 .. ., - , . , ,' ' , : , . . .. . . f . , . , , . . , Home Room Representative, 2, 4. .. ,, .. . . ,, - . . . , . l .. ,. . Page One Hundred Ninety two COMUS WUCHTER ETHEL WUCHY General She smzled or llze sa e o smrlmg And lauglwedfor no reason bu! un A gay smlle a cheery greetmg and a nonchalant alr search this wlde world over there stlll remams only one Ethel But although Wuchy I5 full of fun and Jolllty she has a serlous and sympathetic nature She has always managed to be studxous enough to get her name on the honor roll and to get mto the front row to cheer the sports men The arts of eating and talkmg play an lmportant part ln Wuchy s lxfe too Some day she ll be a dramatic director ln a hugh school To this end Ethel expects to enter Moravxan WUNDER GRETCHEN W GRETCHEN College Entrance ln Arts l pray lllee then rude me as one who lanes Ins fellowmen Gretchen IS a charmmg gxrl wlth loads of pep When ever a confldante IS needed we go to Gretchen She has that faculty of forming frxendshlps easlly She has a dramatic twlst too Gretchen has made much of the most ca efree days of her lxfe and ln years to come she can page back tlae leaves of time and look upon a book full of pleasing memorxes She IS preparing for a l1n gulstxc career lorrcalSoc1ely 2 G1rlRcscrves 2 3 Clwrus 3 4 CGIIIOJ Class Play Dramalrcs 2 Crrl Reserves I 2 3 4 Gzrl Scouls I 2 3 4 Hzslorzcal Soclely 3 4 Dramatzc Club I 2 3 4 YAINDL ERNFST YANKEE BOY lndustrlal fPrlnt Shop, l love lo lrve l lwe lo love YATES ALTHEA ELI NOR General Smrle3 She musl Althea 18 one of those people who don t know what Well here we have another fellow who keeps the mirror busmess gomg m town He breaks a couple a month and he doesn t break them by dropping them elther Ernest could be called a breaker because he frequently breaks the hearts of those Ten Pretty Girls he has on his social reg ister He s rather amxable and qulet ln school Yankee Boy ns known for his staunch frlendshxp and his honesty ln all hls dealings His ambltlon IS to join the navy marry the captam s daughter and see the world Prml Shop 2 3 4 ALTHEA frowns are Besides having an extraordinary abxllty for talking she IS interested ln athletics and dancing We expect her to succeed In her chosen professxon of com merclal teaching Swrmmmg 2 Gym Team I 3 4 German Club 4 Crrl Reserves I Page One Hundred N mely three f . 1 , Naih Pleda, 3, 4: French Club, 45 Scfence Club, 2: His- CCD L YEAGER DOROTHY MARION Do'r Commercial The course o lrue love never dnl run smooth Contrary to the accepted rule Dorothy IS not a dizzy hlonde but a gurl who loves humor and a good book Mr Rabenold dxd his best to put bookkeepxng unto her head and stlll has standxng bets with her that she never pays She stall owes hum a chocolate lce cream soda from her Junxor year but she ducks around the corner whenever she e s hum comxng All Jokmg aslde she will be a vcry very gaod secretary ln some bxg cxty YOCCO GLORIA VIOLA DIMPLL s Retail Selling True r1ena's I1 e this are hard lo fnd Clorla IS a top notch student ln retail sellmg She ns fond of danclng and makes herself at home ln a crowd or at a party Her ambxtlon IS to open a shop of her own and the trammg she has recexved here together with her good sense and friendly dlsposltlon shotlj bring her success YODER RUTH E. RUTHIE Commerclal And lzke a magnet she drew them on Ruth xs the type of glrl you cannot help lxkmg She IS always smxlmg and has a personalxty whlch wlll carry her successftlly through lxfe She IS fond of typmg and as a result of her good work IS already working out at Muhlen berg College Her ambltlon IS to go on with such work after graduating She takes an mterest too ID muslc and has played the marlmba w1th the hugh school band for two years Best of luck ln everythmg you undertake Ruthie Band 3 4 Nalronal Honor Soclely 4 YORGEY WILLARD B Yokggy Mechanical Draftmg Flourzsh In speech but excel rn acluon Yorgey IS a quxet sort of fellow m school but out of school that quietness disappears He casts an uncertam eye upon the weaker sex but we think he will soon change that look Yorgey IS a lover of sports especially of swnm mmg and delights ln any actlvlty which uses up his sur plus energy lt 18 well to keep Yorgey ln mmd for we thunk he wlll become a draftsman m some well known firm l-:eris wxshmg you all the luck ln the world on your upward c xm Page One Hundred Ninely four CO US YOST BERNICE M BERNIE General Then ou! she bursls in words of challer And gives her version of the mailer Every one who knows Bernice knows her as the swell sport that she rs always m the mldst of fun and ready for more Bernice IS a great supporter of schocl actlvmes and lxkes to play basketball and swlm She hopes to le a nurse some day YCST WINIFRED DOROTHY WINNIE General She s simple she s sueel She s small she s pelile They say blondes are dumb but Wlnnle msn t She w ll go out of her way to help a friend ln spxte of her good marks he has time for skating swxmm ng fcotball and basketball games to say nothmg of danclng Wmnxe ntends to take up Journalism aftcr she graduates from hugh school The best of luck to you Wmrl Swzmmmg 2 3 C1rlFesenes 4 YC UNG E ESTELLE ESTELLE General She has a way wzlh her Demure 5e'lzl1lhe ye! gay Estelle IS a sweet girl who finds too many Interests m lute to become too serxous a student Her favorite diver slons are swlmmlng skatmg and watchmg football games She IS also fond of dancing and llkes her partners tall and handsome Estelle prefers drawing pictures of movle queens to wrltmg up chemistry experxments and mtends to study some lme of art at college ZELLERS MARCUERITE ELIZABETH Pac. General Vord of all deceplmn she spca s her mmd wdhoul hesxlallon It xs no wonder thus brown eyed gurl gets around Her frankness and good nature wm her many friends She has many interests among which are handicraft home economics and athletics Peg intends to become a dletltlan and we are planning to keep an eye on her 1 . U .QA V Page One Hundred Ninely jfv CGM S ZELLN ER MADELYN GRACE MADDY Commercial Flrsl rn the heart 0 every chum Maddy IS not as bashful as she seems underneath her sober expressions there s a not of fun She 18 a pleasing person who thmks lt s a great llfe lf you don t weaken Her chlef dlverslons are smgmg and dancmg Although she finds tlme for pleasures she never sklrks her school work Her ambxtxon IS to be a stenographer and here S hopmg she gets there before the crowd Basketball 3 4 Zl EGLER GLADYS LOUISA GLADY Commercial The frzemlslup lhal mc es the least nozsc ls oftentzmcs the mos! use ul lf you want to find a good chum a good sport and a mighty fine Qlrl get acquainted with Gladys Although she IS a small lady she I5 so blg hearted and frxendly that one IS charmed with her personality Her hobby IS reading give her a book and she forgets everythmg else make her mar.: as a stenographer Success be wxth you Glady ZIMMERMAN LA RAE ALICE Zrmmv Commerclal Her lime 15 her own or Isnt xl? She s a carefree happy go lucky person one mmute ZIEGLER WAYNE CALVIN ZEKE lndustrlal CElectrlc Shop, Here s a boy who nous lus stu Zeke IS the bashful boy who never mls es a dancxng class but we wonder lf he goes really to learn to dance or to see the gxrls If you ever see anybody drlvmg a Durant lt s Zeke Hls favorlte hobbxes are campmg hlkmg and domg mechamcal work and Zeke IS always ready to do you a favor here and one mmute there and you will Gnd her an ardent supporter of the basketball and football teams Her favorite pastimes are eatmg and dimclng yet her work always seems to get done She IS a wxz at typlng and xs planmng to make lt known ln the future A H S wlshes her luck C1rlRcserves 2 3 4 Dramalzcs 4 , f ',. A . f . Clady takes her studies seriously, and is trying hard to , . Page One Hundred Ninely slx COMUS ZORN MARIE MHZ, Commercial The making offrzcnds rs lbe best rndrcalzon o success ust a mmute please tnll we mtroduce you to this attractlve mlss No matter where she goes she IS never alone And wherever she IS you can be assured that you won t be lonely She ns a good sport and wlllmg to tackle any problem that IS set before her Her hobbies are varxecl gdancnng swlmmlng and smgxng She IS an ardent supporter of the football team always ready to cheer the boys on no matter how tough the rnval team IS Health wealth and happmess to Nlltzx always flee Club I Carman Club 3 4 Gym Club 3 4 The resuhent The presldent of the class of 38 has a record on whxch any hugh schoo student mlght well look with prlde Four years ago when the great group of nmth graders m the Central ,Iumor Hrgh Schocl m the thrrd year of thelr llfe together ln that school looked about for a leader they had no question they elected john Weaver as themr presldent When they left that school and came to hugh school mto the larger group from all the Jumor schools once agam xt was john Weaver they selected to be thexr leader It was m that year that the entnre class learned to like and trust hrs relxablllty and hrs fnendllness As a representative he combined good sense and busmess abxllty wlth the heart and the bearmg of a gentle man Those are the qualntnes that explam why the next year and the next lt was agam John Weaver who was made president lt 18 seldom that any one student can look back over a four year perlod of lmdershm What the class remembers of that perlod rs that whatever KOPLIN MAE ELIZABETH DOLLY General Good nalure ana' good sense are usually companions Dolly xs blond and blue eyed and likes all sports espe cially roller skatlng swlmmmg and tennis Although she ns Interested rn art as a professlon she takes the general course She IS usually good natured and easy to get along wxth She lnkes to read mystery and detectlve stones and to go on long hrkes We re with you Nlae' Page One Hundred Nmclq semen n H v -- . . . . . . f H - v - v . - . . - . v - ' - f 1 o I - 1 - , . - - - - . f r . - .. v. H . .. ' ' - q'.1 . i - 'A ' .g V Acker Clifford D Adams Charles G Adams John M Albee Robert E Almeida Albert A Amey Hershell Amxcl M1chaelM Andrews Warren F Angstadt Wllllam E Anthony Albert Apolenls J Charles Arbogast Paul F Arbogast Walter G Bachman Donald N Backensto Ray A Balllet Harrls F Ball et Paul R Barber Warren R Barrington Russell M Bartholomew Robert H Barto ohnV Batman Robert V Bauer Richard K Bauman Bruce Beers Harold D Belsel Ralph B Benner Patterson D Bentz Edward K Bentz Pierce W Berkowltz Melvin I Berman Milton Bernhard Frederick C Berta Georgej Bltterman Davxd S Blank Herbert Boltz PaulT Bond Arlan F Boyer Donald D Brader Allen C Bray Richard E Breslm Charles Brey osephR Brxnker Robert G Brlttaln Richard Brown Hugh E Brown Wllllam V Buckwalter Warren Buehler Karl A Bullock Stanley R Buster ames E Butz Albert N Buxton Donald E Cafouras Lucas E Candxa Wllllam Cardwell Foster R Castelme Wesley V Cerulll Mark Chemello Forrest W Chemello Roy W Chlaparas Spiro Clare Alfred E Clauser Frederxck I Clay August G Connor ohnS Cotanls LewlsT Cressman Ralph Cressman Wllmer H COMUS Qillass Buster 1938 Boys' Crone Martm L Crouthamel Milton H Cunnmgham Robert Dalesandro Anthonyj Dal Santo Edmond Danenhower David Daniel M1chaelS Danner Richard O Danmbale Fred Dasher Bernard B DeChr1stopher Frank A Deshler Hopej Dlbbell Robert A Dlefenderfer Wlllxam M Donm Mllton N Donovan Harry Dunton Edward C Fastman Arthur Eck Warren E Eckert Earl E Edelman David L Extner Donald E Emmerich Wllllam Fngler GeorgeW Erb Ray Esterly Paul E Esterly Stanley E Etlen Robert Faber Donald C Fahrmger Lloyd A Faust Crelghton C Faust George L Felnour Richard Feller Wllllam Fellman Burnns Fmkel Stanley Flscher Sherrod M Flamlsh Frank Fleming Edward A Flueso HarryW Fogel Carl C Franklnn William Frassetto ohn Freed Clxffordj Freed Edw1nC -I Frey Paul C Frleband Morrls S Frltch George Fry Robert H Frye Robert Gable Carson S Gaffney ohnP Gardner Theodore C Garman Hugh ,I Gaumer Lewis L Gehrlnger Rxchard F Gehrls Donald T Gehns Norman R Gemmel Iohn H Geschel Wllllam Gilbert john C Glvler Carl W Glass Rlchard Goldschmldt EdwardA Goodhng lohn R Grantz Willard L Graver Ray R Grlesemer Rlchard A Grlm Rlchardj Grzenczyk Vlctor Gutekunst Raymond Haaf Homer H Hacker Wllllam H Hackman Richard S Hammerl Leo W Hammond Robert A Hannls Albert C Harrier Donald R Hausman Ray C Haytmanek Aloys Heeps Kermlt B Heffner john W Heller Fred C Heller Robert VK Helman Harold Hendrlcks Kenneth Henrlck Donald A Herbem Robert S Herber Warren C Hercek joseph A Hillenbrand Loulsj I Hlmmelberger Franklin Hurst C Ralph Hoch Robert R Hoecht Otto Hoehl Herbert G Hoffman Chester A Hoffman Kenneth A Holben Robert G Horlacher Lutherj Howe Donald C Hunslcker Edwin Iacocca Vlctor F lnfantl Domlnlck acobsen ,IamesA arrett john H johnson Robert W ones ohn Joseph Louis D Kaba Fdward F Kauffman Paul E Keenan Robert E Kelm Robert W Keller Norman A Kemmerer Paul A Kemp Fredernckj Kerln john F Kudd Paul I Kxsthart Harrlson E Klstler Ellsworth F Kleppxnger Paul G Klme Davnd W Kllnk Edward W Klolber Edward W Knerr Harry W Koch Lester S Kocher Wilbur Kocher Wxllnam F Kocher Wxlllam L Kohler Kermlt C Koltal oseph Koplln Kenneth P Page One Hundred Nmely ezglrl Kramer Earl F Kratzer Edward Krause Sterling M Kreltz Norman A Krueger joseph Kulp Walter S Landls Arthur F Landis Walter K Larash Harold Larkm Robert ,I Laub George D Laub Robert H Laudenslager Robert Leh Davld G Lelbenguth Sterling K LeVan Robert G Levene Myron Lichtenstein Oscar Lxchty Arlan Link Melvln L Lobel Martm D Long Harry W Long jamesW Long Richard Lowe jav H Lutz Arthur Mack Warren MacNeal osephl.. Maier Helmut L Malotsky Robert W Manley Warren G Mann Ray A Markowitz Nicholas Masters George W Maury Nevln T McFllroy Robert S McFadden amesF Mollner Max B Mentzer Raymond E Meredith Thomas R Metzger Harrison A Metzger Theodore Mlcott George Mules john B Mllkovxcs George Muller Eugene C Mlller Freierlck C Miller Harold S Muller Joseph A Mlttl John R Molzhan Richard E Mortimer Charle E Moser Charles F Moyer Franklin W Muffley Robert T Munsch Kenneth W Musselman Clayton H Nace Arthur E Neff Kermit F Neumeyer Robert E Nless Harry A Nonnemacher Rich d C O Brlen Edward F Olewlne Clayton C Padus Leon R Parks Harry B jr V, , . A ,, - . J- ,' . 5 ,' . V A ,' . . .Ii A , U' ' , . , . Q, J. f , A ." .' " , "' P. ,' f f . . Boardman, George O. Fensterrhaker, C. T. Huber, Harvey McCurley, William R. , .,jr. Q , ' ,I ' P. - , . , F. ,D , . , ' , I ,J . .J J F. J .J . , . J 1 'E 3 J gi , ' . I ,' . ', IFA. ' . ' .U ' Parmet Solomon Patten Charles A Peacock Wllllam Pellzzom osephA Penltsch Leonard F Perlman ackL Peters Leon M Peters Richard C Pezoldt David Pezol t Douglas Pfexfrer ullus Pletrobon Vincent Rabenold Rlchard S Rabyk Mlchael Rac cr LeRoy R Rassler Carl A Reabold Russell Reber James C Relchenbach Bruce Relnbold Harold F Remert Harold H Remsmnth ohnA Relnsmlth Martln C Ressler Robert R Rlchards Robert C Richardson ,I Phlllp Rxeben George I Rutter Gerald T Rutter Richard S Roberts Henry C Roehler Horst A Roth ForrestW H Roth Raymond W Sabo ohn Salasz Harry Abele Grace Adams ane Albrlght Fdna Albrlght Elizabeth Allsop Dorothy Arner Marjorle Arner Norma Arnold Frances Arvay Helen Bachman Ruth Baer Anna Marne Baller Ruth Baker Harrlet Bartholomew Mlrxam Bauer ean Bauer Margaret Bauer Mane Bauman Clive Bechtel Certrude Bennecoff Mae Benner Dorothy Bennett Peg Berdelle Florena Berky Lenore Bernhard Mildred Blgatel Elvira Bllka Rose Blttenbender Mae Bodman Charlotte Booker Margaret CQMU S Salber Rudolph Samuels Abram Schaeffer Wxlllam H Schaeffer Wllllam T Schaffer Richard G Schappell Kenneth D Schatz Stanleyj Schell Ellwood F Schellenberger NevlnE Schnavone Carmme L Schlef Robert W Schlegel Howard R Schlegel John R Schllcher Carl Schmoyer Richard L Schmoyer Vernon M Schneck Ernest C Schoecler Marwood Schulte Martm Schtltz Paul Schultz Richard A Schuman Warren W Schwartz Kenneth P Schwarz Vmcent E. Scott Elwood F Sebring Edward Sedlock Joseph Sell George W Sell Ralphl Sell Robert T Semanoff Leon Sensenbach Alfred D Sewell Calvin E Shaak Paul W Shelly Robert F Shempren Roy Sherer Raymond Sherman Sam Sherr Paul C Shoemaker Robert F Sleger joseph P Slegfrled Morrls A Sllfxes Kenneth Smberg Herbert Smith Alger Smith Herbert Smlth Paul H Smith Thomas G Smnth Wnlham Smothers Pau Snelling Wnlllam A Snyder ames Snyder William Soraruf Louis P Stemberger jack R Stemmetz CharlesA Steltz Arthur W Stoneback Erwm Swartley Charles G Swartz Ralph B Swoyer Carson E Szllagyl Louis Kenneth M Le ter E Gilbert W Hurst M Edwln Charles W Franklin Charles H Tlnsley Tntlow Trexler Trexler Trmkle Troxell Troxell Trump Glass Buster 1938 gurls Bottenfleld jane Bowers Earlene Bre lm Ann Brown Dorothy Brown Ruth Bruder Arlene Buchert ean Bury Nanette Camera Betty Carmltchel Merle Censale Angeline Champagne Lorraine Christ Marjorle Chrlstman Gladys Clearwater Ruth Cole eanne Conrad Lorraine Crxlley Ruth Daddlo Marie Dankel oyce Davis Mary Ann Dech jane Delfer Hennetta Dellw Thelma Dent essle Derr Anna Desch Catherine Desch Kathryn Dnefenderfer Ferne Dxefenderfer Naomi Dornbach Evelyn Drake Margery Dravetz Goldxe Drelsbach Charlotte Drelsbach Sarah Drey Grace Dunton Betty Ebert Rene Eck Jean Ednck jennle Ellxott Dorothy Flllott Elizabeth Ellwood Kathryn Emmerxch Estella Engleman Betty Frdman ean Erich Pauline Ervin Marla Evrard Mary Falclonx Fanny Favotto Norma Fedok Stella Fennour ,lane Felegy Olena Fetterman Doris Fetzer eannette Fetzer Marnanne Feyrer Edna Flnlzzl Dora Fisher Arlene Pdgc one flundrcd Nrncly nine I' Tufton Robert H Uhl Raymond W Valek Rudolph W Varrlchlo Francis Van Horn Marlon Vogel Wllllam P Wagner George F Wagner john Wandellch John A Walhtsch Walter Waschltsch oseph Weaver ohn F Weaver Lewis W Weaver Roland F Webb Harold A Wexdenhammer Carl H Wemdel Robert W Welsbach Charles G Welty Frederick W Wendlmg Paul M Wert Clayton S Wert Gerald P Wetherhold Clement M Wlesner Kennethj Wllllams Howard M Wilson Raymond S Wmkelman Morris Wnsser Edwm E. Wolfe Dan1elG Yamdl Ernest S Yeakel Harrison B Yorgey Willard Young Russell R Zxegler Wayne Zoll Robert W Fxsher leanne Foster Thelma Frankenheld lsabel Frederick Evelyn Frey Margaret Frxes Marjorie Fritz Mary Furler Jeanette Gaxssert amce Garhnkel Martha Gaumer Adele Gaumer Ardls Gaumer Ruth Geary Arlene Gehman ean Gehrmger Mae Gernerd Margaret Goeppel Barbara Gordln Gertrude Gorman Grace Groeller Viola Gross Marjorie Grow Anna Gruver Fllzabeth Gurglck Marcella Haas Dorothy Haas Evelyn Haas Ruth Harley Elma Harper jean X1 L- ,' . ', , ' J. , ' f , . . . A , . . ..,lr. ', JJ I , t . t . t . . sy' .' jI ' .J . U J. - . . t , . .J I . , 'F ' ' ', Q JI ' I " J.T. I . .Q . U V. v . ',Jv J. . I ' , . Q f ,J '. '. , ' D. ' I .' , ..., S. Q , Rledy,'Robe1t Hf Seebald: Henry A. Taylor. 'Jack J. Wgssef, Allerr N. .'J ' f .' I ' JI ' '. Cf .31 .J ' - ' J 1' I '.J ' . ' I " " , 'I I I . ' 'J . .J ' Z ' I f ,J . U . .J . ., .JA . 'f U QJ ' '. 1 Troxell Agnes Hartzell Mary Haslcey Dorothy Hassler Lena Hausman Alma Heeps Naomi Heinly Aldine Heisler Gladys Hensmger ean Hensinger Martha Hernandez Charlotte Hlttell Margaret Hixson Arlene Hoch Kathleen Hoch Marian Hoehle Dorothy Hopkins Helen Horn Althea Horn Dorothea Horn Louise Hottenstem Emma Howard Lillian Hower Ruth Huber Anna Hummel Lorraine Hunslclcer Elizabeth Hunslcker Marguerite lsreall Peggy Jacoby Shirley ones Margaret Jones Sylvia Juchnlk Sophia Kasche Margaret Katz Ruth Kaye Klepshatz Edith Kellar Helen Kemmer Kathryn Kern une Kincaid Ruth King Wanda Klstler Anna Klelntop Frances Kllngaman Mildred Kllngler Emma Knarr Margaret Knauss Kathryn Kobrovsky Anita Koenig ean Koplin Mae Korn Elizabeth Kosman Jane Kozelnxcky Olga Kramer Ethel Kramer ean Kramer Marvalene Krause Mona Kresge Hulda Kressley Catharine Kuemmel Etta Kuhns Doroth Kuhns Leona Kulp Althea Kurth Gabriel Laslcey Hilda Lamm Viola Laub Evelyn Lee Virginia Lees Virginia Leeser Ruth Lenlcer ean LeVan Joyce CGM S Levine Rose Lewis Arlene Lewis Evelyn Lewis ean Lieb Harriet Lilly Ruth Long Hester Longneclcer Helen Ludwig Mildred Lutz Winifred Lynn Madeline Mahlon Laura Mann Audrey Markowitz Dorothy Marsh Imogene Matthews ean Maury Doris McCafferty Marguerite McCarthy Mae McCormick Peggy McDermott Mabel McGee Vlrginia McKeever Gladys McLean Virginia Mead Betty Mealey Doris Merkle Anne Merlcle Doris Merrln Miller Miller Miller Miller Miller Miller Miller Mmet Rebecca Alice Barbara Evelyn Florence Mae Margaret Zelda Dolores Mink Alma Mlssura Emily Moclock Helen Moessner Mary Moffa Florence Moll Elda Morgan Elmore Morgenstern Melba Moskowitz Ruth Mountz Lois Moyer Moyer Moyer Moyer Moyer Mussel Charlotte Florence ean Kathryn Ruth man Pauline Nagle Dorothy Neuweiler Betty Noble Mary Ochs Jane Odenhelmer ulia Oddy Dorothea ODonnell Rita Osmun Mary Palladmo ennie Paules Ruth Peste Mary Peterman Dorothy Peters Alice Peters Dorice Pettit Virginia Pfromm Betty Phillips Thelma Plarr Edna Plusch Ruth Povalac Rose Prachar Agnes Prenzlau Betty Prete Florence Quinn Margaret Rabenold Evelyn Rabenold Ruth Raub Ella Read Marcia Reed Betty Reed Pearl Reeser Miriam Reichelderfer Ruth Relchenbach Marjorie Reiff Jean Remart Mary Rembold oyceL Rembold oyce M Reinhard Betty Reinhard Doroth Rexsch M Lucllle Reltz Ruth Resnick Shirley Rhoades Evelyn Richards Althea Riedel Charlotte Riedy Gladys Riedy Iucllle Ritter Ethel Ritter Violet Robinson Mary Rooney Margaret Rose oyce Roth Charlotte Roth June Roth Lucy Roth Nadine Rumsey Emma Ruth Marlon Ryan Mary Saeger Dorothy Saeger Paullne Sampson Mary Santee Althea Saul Virginia Saylor Violet Schaffer Miriam Scherrer Frances Schiffer Margaret Schlenlcer Virginia Schmeyer Norma Schmoyer Ruth Schnee une Scholl Dorothy Schrope Ruth Schubert Kathryn Schuler Claire Seagreaves Anna Sexp Eleanor Senslnger Hannah Shafer Mildred Shlreman Kathryn Shook Ruth Siegel Jacqueline Skrllecz Helen Smith Geneva Smith Gertrude Smith Irene Page Two Hundred Smith Jeannette Smith Katherine Smith Louise Smmtham Muriel Snyder Dorothy Snyder Elizabeth Sperllng Marian Stexfel Marie Stemmetz Christine Sterner Doroth Stetzler Ruth Steverson Mary Strang N Mae Strauch Dorothy Strock Dorothy Strohecker Ruth Strohl Lorraine Suck Betty Swartz Annie Swartz Fern Sweeney Veronica Swoyer Reinette Szep Elsie Tatasciore Mary Thompson Lois Thompson Rhea Trexler une Tyler Louise Walbert Arlene Walton Virginia Ward Dorothy D Ward Dorothy G Warfield Arlene Weaver Betty Weaver Esther Weidner Miriam Weisel Dons Wenck Mary Wenner Ruth Wenrick Geraldine Wertman Ruth Wessier Ruth Wetherhold Ehzabe Whlte Helen Wieland Harriet Wilcox Eleanor Wilhelm une Wilmer Leonore Wilt Marjorle Wolf Johanna Wolfe Eleanore Woodring Doras Wright Bernadme Wuchter Ethel Wunder Gretchen Yates Althea Yeager Doroth Yocco Gloria Yoder Ruth Yost Bernice Yost Wxnifred Young Estelle Zellers Marguerite Zellner Madelyn Ziegler Gladys Zimmerman LaRae Zorn Marie th Q -J , ,- ' f ' i . . ' . .Jn j , ' ' , u , 5 . i .J - v ' W . Y . i V .J - .. T- , . Kay,'Sylvia U Miller: Jane Rohrbachl, Virginia Wardinan, Winifred . Q . .J . 1 ,J j . . j . . ' .J' . . , D y . y I . A , . ,J ,. - 1 - CQNIU Sarbuul Qlalenhar SEPTEMBER Six thousand feet with but a smgle end the front steps at Hlgh School Three thousand souls wxth but a smgle thought Little one what next-X One Soph found ln the boller room looking for 412 Annex A Capella Choir holds hrst rehearsal Usual call for boys sent out by Dr Acker Usual number of boys send answers to Dr Acker ophomores still trvlng to End entrance to second floor Annex This joke will always be good untxl that passage IS built Final casualty llst prlnted Five Sophs lost ln the rush of September 7 What to do with the dew on the benches on Founder s Day Football starts wxth a bang as A H S defeats Blythe Township 6 0 P S It was a hlsserl Children s Dav at the Falr All A H S students turn out School work begins IH earnest Sophs learn the Alma Mater Special sessions held for Seniors OCTOBER Only eight more months of school If you don t want to work get oooouuutttl Nlr WX emshexmer s Trtg class plans mass exodus Mr Hackett looks over old and new materlal for the swlmmmg team lVlr Hackett still looking over swimming team Natlonal Honor Society holds hrst meetmg Voted out the then popular Bug Apple lntelll gencla Glrls Cym Team gets under way with mcreasmg posslhllxty of doing blg things Clrls Rldlng Club IS organized Nl tto Helgh ho Sllver Canary on press l elleve lt or not Hlstorlcal Society Vl9ltS Trout Hall Hackett hnds one swxmmlng team Students are overwhelmed hy unexpected holiday School closed at l I 30 Reber forced to leave Chemlstry lab for the hrst time this year School clocks have been on vacation for several days Russ corrects his watch All IS well 'Vlarks are put on report cards for the hrst ttme Or sho xl l Hallowe en he mentloned mstead3 NOVEMBER Heap plentv htdes tanned ugh' Commercial Club IS organized and ofhcers elected Paul Esterly hlssed out of Advertlstng School work heglns m earnest What agalnl Dancmg class convenes for the hrst tlme Fver see a Soph truck J Pep meeting ln Little Palestra Fans enthusiastic for Bethlehem game Canarles literally wlpe up South Bethlehem wlth their rlvals lVlost noise on Hamxlton Street smce the Armlstlce was signed Another holiday thanks to the football team unlor Prom at Nlealey s Une Soph ventured to take part ln the Big Apple That s courage ICIMBFR A H S mermen partxclpate ln the swim meet ln our own pool Llherty Hugh representatlve turns over cup ln acknowledgment of our football victory Armed guard placed around trophy case Senior Class play lflmgs 0 lhc 'llornmg thrills a huge audience Decldedly for A H S intellectuals School closed for the rest of the ye xr Y cah' Swell Christmas What dnd you get' ANUARY 3 With lusclous memorles of a Chrlstmas dinner and a had taste from New Year s ldve t e students ret xrned to A H S with about I U00 resolutions 4 About I 000 New Year s resolutions falthfulls broken 5 Bauman returns from New Year vacation Oh yeah' Page 'luo Hundred One T "W Q 1 1 . EL 7 - . , h . A . .-vw AL S A A 8 5 ' ' g ' '. 92 ' . IO . . II as . . I4 S I ' D' ' g - . ' ' ' 'S iQ. . : .' . ' I6 as ' 4 ' . is ' . .. ', -. .- ' . Zl- ' ' , '. . .. . 27 ' A . 3I A . ' ' ' . I ' . 3 I , ..,. ' 4s . A A ' . 6 .t , . . - . . ,- 7 S. 1.1 F . . S.. As... .L .y .-tl as ' ' " ' A . 0 ' - 5 . I0 h 34 I . I5 ' ' . ' . I6 3 j . 23 ' . . . . 24 I . . A ' 26 ' - f. 27 ' . ' . 31 . V - ' . , if ' ' y . 3 V ' , 4 ' ' . . 8 . .. D I8 ' . f, g '1 22 ' ' . , " "1 247- ' A ' . - ' ' . 29 ' , 1 ' . 261 ' . f ' A . ' . D-ra , 9 I ' V , " f A 3 g ' A ' V , .. 23 . 2. ' . 25 ., f ' V , 1 J L QM U S ANUARY 6 Every one enjoys sample O Henry bars Certain prominent people ate two meals Fnd of fxrst semester Time marches on' 28 Pencils are pushed furlously over mld year exam papers New York P D students landed and had the sltuatlon well ln hand School work beglns ln earnest EBRUARY Members of the dancing class sponsored a tea dance ln the gurls gym Prlce was ten cents a couple per square Inch l..1ne of SCDIOTS outside the ofhce Deadline for COMUS cuts Moose Sherr hands ln COMUS cut Hatchet Swlng held at Mealey s Capacity crowd honors Harold Beers l ramstorm Day IS dedlcated to the memory of the Father of our country We re lucky on this slde of the Big Pond l ate frowns Allentown loses to Hazleton IH the basketball play off ln the Penn Palestra MARCH March comes ln luke a lamb March beglns to look like a recuperatmg Brltlsh Llon unlor Class play Don I Ever Crow Up attalns a niche ID the Hall of Fame I2 Four Canary representatlves attend Columbla Scholastic Press Convention at New York For details see Nan Bury Basketball banquet IS held at Hotel Traylor The Wearzn o lhe Green was revlved but to the new tune of The Camels Are Swinging Ask the jitter bugs Spring fever epxdemlc huts A H S No fatalltles reported APRIL School closed for a week Faster vacatlon School work begins ln earnest QUIET' V Colossal gym exhlbltlon sponsored by SCDIOYG lmmy Reber evacuated Chemlstry lab Watch the blrdle was the battle cry Candid Camera Day MAY Scholarshlp exam IS held C-ood luck' A Cappella Choir broadcasts over W Z Natlonwlde call sent by Doctor Acker for male voxces Stull Waltlflg for the alr ralds The Show Boat Minstrel a delightful change from the usual lnter class play Bauman natural er a natural School work begms Nuff sand l xempted Senlors handed m books wlth nary a regret JUNI' 3 6 7 8 Exams School work beglns IH earnest Senlor Farewell Our fmal flmg went over big P D trlp New York prepared for mvasxon Baccalaureate service SCDIOTS finally get serlous with sudc en reallzatlon that thls I9 the beglnnlng of the end of thelr school days together Commencement play Another one slated for Broadway Commencement wlth weeping and walllng and gna hmg of tccth Boston Trip Dear Mom Havlng a swell txme Send more cash jun v l Scmor Banque! with caterers food n stuff' FINALLY Here we are Lrllle Wan what nou,3 Page Two Hundred Two A1 AAA1 - f L J 2lAf- . ' A. A 24- - A A A- . 28-W . . . A A A . 31-f A A . F I4 I . . . , I , I5 ' ' ' A . ' . I6 A . 2l A A. A t ' , . A: A. . 28 A. A ' . A A. .A 25 f A ' . - - ' , ' . . I' A A , 3 ij . ' , V . . . 4 M H- f D K t . . . . I I4 s A ' A . I7 - H ' A A A , , A . . 'A' I, . Zl A A AA A A . . . AA ,. l 'Time-worn gags claim many innocent victims. S . - A . 20 KA A . ' .. Zl A AA A .. 25 .IA A . 29 .. . . . , h 6 - A A . . I0 as ' A " ' ' . I2 7 A A . A - .. . I3 a A A ' Aa 1 27--2 A A A g . 3' ' ' .' 4 ' . . ' :N I0 . . A . A A . zo ' A . ZI A A, sA ,. , Z2 A. A' : A A . . MUS Glass wall Wuth due wutnesses we as members of the late but hardly lamented class of l938 of Allentown Hugh School of confirmed mental soundness and un a mellow mood do wuth gentle admonutuons for theur safe keepung bequeath to the followung on thus twenty second day of une I938 wuth the fond hope that they wull apprecuate and do good wuth them the followung utems To the cafeterua an unexhaustuble supply of peanut butter cups to supply all of the gurls on duet 0 the wastebaskets we heartily guve our test papers may they never turn up again' all stout people the abuluty to reach the fourth floor annex and stull retaun conscuousness o the class of 40 all second and thurd hand chewung gum found under desks and chairs o the class of 4l the use of the elevator for transportatuon between classes o the faculty a hope for another class as untellectual as we' o future zoology classes a new set of frogs to work on o study hall teachers students wuth soft peaceful slumbrous sleepung sounds play announcers a bug sugn on the stage showung where the curtaun parts o oe Hammerl Leo Hammerl s artlstuc abuluty o the chemustry lab all the foul odors that have guven us so many a headache o any one who wants ut the pruvulege of breakung one dush un the cafeterua a day no more and no less o Mr Weunsheumer a memorandum book wuth a place deducated for addresses o Mr Allam a water cooler o any one who wants to scare Frankenstein Phul Richardson s truck eye edutors of the Canary our unabuluty to keep out of trouble o lVluss Noble a dancing class that s got rhythm un uts feet o MISS Knecht all burnt buscuuts and lumpy whute sauce o Muss Boyer the gurls gym suuts the soles of the sneakers as good as new but the seats t e bloomers badly worn o Mr Flexer the woolen knuttung needles he promused hus advanced aruthmetuc class o the Canary a new era un poetry o the class of 40 all the rules and regulations of the school whuch we have not cracked 0 any three small gurls lVlary Sampson s heught 0 lVlr Prescott s good judgment Ruth Yoder s musucal abuluty to do wuth what he pleases 0 all future poets Bob Albee s abuluty to fund a word to rhyme wuth love o Bob ordan Robert Neumeyer s dead aum for the waste basket un caf Robert Behler Marcia Muller s love of food 0 ames Ambandos Bruce Bauman s Fught complex o Arlene Kundt Alfred Sensenbach s bug blue eyes o Charles Rothleln Wulmer Cressman s bashful attutude towards lufe o future gym clubs one famuly suze bottle of rubbing alcohol o Sophomores all our audutoruum peruods so that they may be coached u the gentle art of earnung when and how to laugh o Mary Ann Ochs Betty Camera s well rounded personaluty o the furnace the excess use of the word stunnung by Senuor gurls' o future staffs Nluss Mulock s kmdly advuce o Mr Frutsch a new army of Scoopung Snoopers who wull get theur work un on tume o Swede Hendrucson ane Bottenfleld s quuet dlgnuty Cunny Gullespue Gretchen Wunder s abuluty to dance etc o anybody who wants ut Jack Gemmel s modesty o members of the unuor class who have actung abuluty we guve Muss Smuth To future classes the undescrubalsle somethung we attauned at hugh other than educatuon the somethung whuch has left us better equupped to be fine cutuzens of our communuty And now after relunquushung our pruvuleges personalutues and many uncudentals to the members of the classes clumbung up to senuor sophustucatuon we un sound mlncl and happy heart flourush our sugnature un token of good luck and apprecuatuon of the help we have receuved from the Hugh School and from the teachers who have guven us so generously of theur help and advuce THE CLASS OF 38 Page Two Hundred Three L, ., . . . a T v . . i .. To ' .. . . . l T ', '- ' '. T ', ' . T , ' . T , . T . A . . ' . To , ' ' ' ' . Tj , ' " T '. , ' ' . T . . . To ' . 5, ' " . T A , ' ' ' . T . ' .. .i 0 ofh . T g, ' . T ', ' ' . T .v , . . T , ' 'A ' . T ,I , ' ' ' . To , ' ' ' . Tj , ' . T ' , ' ' . T ,, .... I T , '-' ' . T , ' ' ' 'n l ' . T , ' - '. T , ' ' ' '. T ' ,j ' ' To' ' 4, ' " , . T ', ' . COMUS Qlilass prophesy Carl Fogel fifteen mmutes out of Manhattan brought our plane to a smooth landlng at the Allentown alrport Blddlng a reluctant farewell to the a1r hostess Ruth Rabenold I stepped out mto the cool clean alr of une l958 where by sheer good luck and some management I was to cover the reunion of the class of l938 at dear old A I-I S my best news asslgnment yet l chanced mto the mam ofhce of the Allentown Mornxng Call to find Mlke Huber burled beneath the copy of the evenmg edltxon Cnladly acceptmg my ofler to accompany me to the reunion we drove up Hamilton Street How s the old gang M1ke3 I asked hum Well I lost track of quxte a few but here at Twelfth Street ns a branch of La Szep s excluslve mlllmery shop and there lS the erstwhile Marjorie Drake now a promment leader of the Socxal Set Just entermg the store A long sleek car passed us In the rear seat sat Wxllxam Peacock promment banker and Flnancler of New York back for the reunxon Hearmg the roar of an alrplane overhead I looked up to see an aerlal advertlsement Bernle Dasher s Swmg Band Featuring Bruce Mlley at the Drums Appearing at the New Castle Mlke tells me the new ballroom was desxgned by Damel Wolfe a famous architect By the way have you seen the new ed1t1on of Robert Albee s CPICB I asked No Mxke replxed but I have a few new photos by Jack Gemmel of Franky De Crlstopher Cycle Champ of Amenca taken durlng a cloudburst last week I see the Allentown Pollce Force hasn t thmned out wlth Fred Kemp on duty I sald There are the ofhces of Dr Vxctor Iacocoa noted surgeon and dnd you know he s employmg As we rounded the corner of Seventeenth Street the nmposmg business house of Pxerce Bentz was seen and Mxke saxd has assistant Ralph Sell was domg a swell Job Drlvmg mto the subterranean ramp of the new hugh school second floor annex never com pleteclj we met jane Bottenfield Just returned from an archeologxcal expedxtlon ln Egypt Entermg the mam office of the school which had recently been deslgned by Nanette Bury we were met by genial john Weaver the new prlnclpal I-lxs able assxstants we knew to be Florence Moffa Margaret Mlller Mildred Ludwlg and Donald I-Iowe who was graduated from Lehigh with honors and was actmg as dxrector of the boys Weaver asked lf we stxll followed up U S C ln football and of course we dnd with football coach Carl Clvler putting out great teams and Al Almleda having left Wlesmuller S swlmmlng records ln the spray coaching swlmmlng xn the same school As I glanced about the mann hallway I saw Paul Wendllng now a botanlst plcklng buds from a century plant wlth ack Gaffney a snooping newsman coverlng the experiment Make told me that B1llSnellmg had now reached his ambltnon ln the mk lndustry by producing sxx delxcxous flavors of hls product Hearmg a volce behmd me I turned and recognlzedV1ncent Schwartz nowa sales manager for a large beer concern trymg to Interest James Buster score wrlter for Paramount ln his product Look there Mlke suddenly sand and down the hall Louis Sarufl and hls secretarles Louise Tyler Mary Louise Remert and Lucnlle Rledy came a trucking Louls was stxll trylng to sell hrs tractor Page Two Hundred Four . , , ,I , , . . , . , . , . . , . , . ,linny Saul and Fern Swartz as his assistants?" , . , . . . V llw ,f ln a far corner of the audxtorlum l saw Bucldv l eVan salesman for ladles hosiery and Cath leen Hoch dress designer havlng a llttle talk Walking over to John Weaver l asked lf he knew where any of the absentee alumni were He handed me a large sheet of paper Russel Barrlngton and Harry Parks m the forestry service Pat Benner foreign correspondent for the Unlted fress Roland Weaver a successful pharm lClSt oseph PCllZ0hnl takmg Mr Welnshlrner s place had a slnnlarnty of speech anything to with ll, Hugh Caumer newly elected eny fire chxef Rrehard Nennernather and Ed Kimber eeruned pnhhe accountants Melba Morgenstern tearhxng Sonja Henxe to roller skate Albert Harnrns and I red Heller earerers at the Waldorf Asrorna frled eggs then speeral ames Snyder and Wllll8m C Shaefler dentlsts stlll trying to hnd a paxnle s method of pullmg teeth aren t we all3 Ruth Plusch takmg over Miss Noble s place ln a new gym Carolyne Kasche a famous novelxst Ruth Kincaid chxef dletxtlan ln a large Manhattan Hotel Norma Schmoyer and lrene Smxth regxstered nurses dolng well Frooa o heavy hrnor wlth rho New York Yankees ooo Mrnlo wrorror of rho profooororrol ooorr golf championship Forest Clemello ooo William Brown orrroorog clerks for urrrtoa Arr L .ooo Lerov Ra er oorlrog over de worl 1 oo ooororo of rr merchant shlp Ral Jh qwartz mal mo tl o reccrd oo head llne moo for A H s Hope Deschler Don ll Boyer ancl anses Reber alsle seamen ln the newly reasurred Swiss Na l rancls Varrlchlo w r cn at Alcatrxz good Joh No ack Heffner desxgnlng rocket shlps for Pan American Alfwdyb always a l'ramstr rm vrl cle s concerned I leanor Slep commerclal artxst extr xordmarw Bruce Bauman play mg polxtlcs popular frontl Bull Shaffer and leo Hammerl runnmg feature length motion plcture cartoons Agnes Troxell teaching l' ngllsh and so lt went on and on and then the alarm clock rang Turning, off the spoxler of dreams l realized l had been dreaming but some people lxelzcvc and so do l that dreams come true Pagc Iwo llumlrctl I :tc .4--, -NK 'T I 4' 1 C 3 7: i X, r A .V . " L. . ' . ' 7 ., do V ' 1 Bon Bon Praetorius and William Boandl, professional basketball players. vy. 7 ' " ' ' A a f' ' ' 2 ' ? 1 , ' 'X ' , , 1 ', ' ,',, . ,,v,,, 4.'.: ,V heh . CCDMUS Robert Fnedmar Pres Celeste Perxlla Vice Pres Carolyn Blttner Sec y Harry Cawley Trcas BISYUPP Glass of 1939 Wlth congratulatxons to the class of 38 and wxth hugh hopes for thenr future the class of 39 buds the Semors farewell The two years that we have spent together here wxll lmger as gel 'en memories and not the least of those memorles IS our pleasant relation-fh1p wlth the Semor class As for us although we were strangers to each other as we assembled from the various Jumor schools ln our sophomore year we soon got welded together mto a falrly settled group That first year of course was not so eventful as our jumor but perhaps xt was as well we had the chance to lay a solid foundatlon for the real work of these later years we got hold of our stud IBS we settled down to a fairly steady pace and thls year were ready to include some gala events xn our program The junior Prom was one of the greatest dances ln hlgh school hxstory The release of gay balloons at the last dance was a spectacle long to he rememt ered The class play was a great success Our record ln athletics was credltahle We were proud too to contribute half the amount for a memorial tablet for the late Wendel Bolltz captain of the State Champlonshlp swxmmmg team And now we have before us one more year ln school We shall treasure and carry with LS many friendships of our junior year We shall we hope carry with us a certain advance xn ablllty and concentratlon and understandlng The Allentown Hugh School has had a proud name always It IS our belxef and hope that we shall malntam that name lh our accomplishment and In our acceptance of our responslbnlltxes ln the buslness of lwmg Page Two Hundred Szx , . , ' . . - Q v - f .-. . . f . . . - v v , c . , . , . , 1 f n , . . . . , v ' . - . , - - COMUS Carl Knowles Pres Anna Koch Vice Pres Anna Fetterman Sec y Albert lacocca Treas Epusturp Elass of 1940 ln September there gathered outslde the Allentown Hxgh School about l400 lgno ant nervous pupils just sophs It was our first year and we were at the mercy of the junxo s and the seniors who were as usual more than anxious to learned that the elevators were not for the pupils that the swlmmmg pool was not on the fourth floor and that there was no second floor passage to the annex But we were not lgnorant ln all thmgs for two members of our class were on the Varsity football team one on the Varsity basketball squad and many on the junior Varslty We have found many true fnends ln the Semor Class and to these com panlons and to the rest of the class leavmg the school this year we wlsh the best of success and hope that thelr dearest wlshes may be fulfilled Page T100 Hundred Seven direct us always by the longest routes possible, to our destination. But we soon CCDMUS X Colvlus STAFF AND SENIOR MEMBERS OF CANARY AND BLUE STAFF Top Wxlmer H Cressman Bruce N Bauman John -I Taylor Center Paulme E. Saeger Jean C Matthews Nanette ,I Bury fManag1ng Edlt0TJ E.velynlVl Dornbach Bollom W1ll1amT Qchaeffer Robert E Albee Leo W Hammerl COMU S Qllomus anh Qllanarp btatf This year for th First txrme m Canary hnstory the paper was managed by an Editorial Board Instead of by an Edltor ln Chief The Board was composed of Robert Albee Bruce Bauman Nanette Bsry and Wllm r Cressman who worked together harmomously to turn out the Canary Bob Albc cast a wlse and judlclous eye over the copy that came In and lh general stepped ln and wrote the last mlnute timely article just ln tlme to catch the press ln fact he was the sage of the paper H also wrote dellghtful blts of verse This was the compliment he received on the traln to the Columbia Scholastic Press Association Convention Don t let this comment mlslead you mto bellevlng Bob IS one of these long haired poets He s really a grand boy and I00 per cent loyal to the staff and his work The tall red cheeked boy who walks around with a look of perpetual wonder on his face IS Bruce Bauman Let htm get a smell of an inaugural ceremony a play any occasion that glves an excuse for an mtervxew and he IS rlght after lt He even trailed Mr Welnshelmer to lVluhlen berg to hear hum speak and wrote lt up nn great shape Belt sand he partlcularly likes the occasions that occur durmg school hours Nanette Bury the one experienced hand from the Canary of 37 was the C Man the Nlountle the Escape Me Never of the staff Dellghtful charming actlve she has a way Wld her that makes everybody glad and eager to do his work At the last mlnute lt was always Nanette who stepped m and put the fimshmg touch to the plannmg and later to the asseml:l1ng of the Canary The sports e:l1tor Wxlmer Cressman had his hands full covering football basketball swlmmmg baseball tennis and the many many other hugh school sports And lf you thmk that s an easy job step mto hls boots for two weeks or even for a day One mlght thmk to see Wllmer gomg about looking so care free and lrresponslble that he lsn t working so very hard but as a matter of fact he s the fellow that steps ln to the desk alnly and hands over pages and pages of Colvlus copy wnth a Here s the football resume schedule scores Who s Who and all that you know and IS off again And we look over his typed pages all ready for pnntlng as IS and know that they have meant hours and hours of work Wilmer s llke that Pauline Saeger another senlor member of the Canary and Colvlus staff ns always able depend able and persxstent Her story ought to lxght the way for the hundred and more sophomores who get discouraged when their work gets crowded out of pages already overcrowded l her sophomore and junlor years Pauline never stopped handing ln material whether there was roombfor lt or not And her senior year found her suddenly on the staff one of its most valuable mem ers lVlxlton Donln well known for his scholastic record at hugh school served on both the Canary and the CoMUs staff Hts job on the Canary was largely hterary He was always ready with all hls assignments always had an Idea for a story and when the COMUS staff found itself crowded suddenly DOHID proved himself a ready hand at wrltmg the last mlnute maternal coaches cheer leaders m fact anythlng that was needed all ready to sllp straight from the tlp of his pencll mto prmt ack Taylor apparently nonchalant nevertheless takes hold of a thing and does lt He s like Walter Scott a thousand horse go troopmg through hns bram And those bram pnctures come troopmg out on paper we are told Behind the scenes stands Evelyn Dornbach a grand student with a bram full of Ideas She IS ready to do serious articles fanclful fanfare about the xdlosyncrasles of clothes anythlng She s the sort of substantial support every paper needs Capable Jean Matthews with her frank clever boyish manner represents the very best kmd of school splrlt She steps into any breach gracefully without belng coaxed asks no publlclty yet gets more affection and respect and admiration than she realizes You see that twxnkle nn the eye of l..eo Hammerl lt means that back nn the recesses of hxs braln he has a cartoon sprouting Leo IS the fellow who almost never comes down to the Canary office but who never falls to leave a laugh on the desk for the staff The school hates to let hum go not just because of has clever cartoons but because they will mxss his sparklmgand enjoyable personality Then there s Bull Schaeffer Because there s another William Schaeffer we call hum Bull and he s a cartoonlst of the fxrst rank too just looks on and thinks and pushes a pencil around on the paper and there you are clone to the llfe like It or not There are names that make history and Schaeffer and Hammerl are names that have made cartoon history Page fwo Hundred Ame f 1 . C ' A . . 2 , . . , A .. . . .. . . . c . - . . v , , ' - - - - - U f .. ' ' 1 ' v v n , , - - ' n r . - .. . . -f , . D . . - f , - . f , ,, . . . .. . . - , . . , . . . ' Y. AX Q2 fi t FA Wk, Q 1 .- JUNIOR MEMBERS OF CANARY AND BLUE STAFF Top Philip Bolller Vlrgmla Prlce Richard Shoemaker Ccnler Betty Hess Paulme Fmk Donna Hughes Bottom Walter Berkov Robert Slegfrlecl Vmcent DCNIHO COMUS Gllomus anh Cdlanarp btaff But don t you ever believe that all the Canary veterans are stepping off this year There s a junlor llne up that has the chance at bemg the nucleus of next year s staff There s Berkov look at hlm wxth a mlnd that turns and turns and grlnds out something fas clnatlng at every turn ln hrs sophomore year contrlbutlng llterary maternal so good he was finally listed on the staff ln his junlor year a behind the scenes operator never fallmg to produce the unusual stones on call he s a good bet for I939 And Phlllp Bolller with a new brand of lngenulty and style IS marching right along from his place on the literary staff to prominence ln other ways Show Phil a ten word news Item about Spam and hls bram goes off on a tangent and endows that item wlth llfe and Incident and action Show hlm a headline about Chlna and off he goes to Chma and the Canary prlnts China Ama cs or Austria goes German and thcre s his Vienna Interlude hot off the brain that has the power to see the human story Lehlnd the bare word Take a look at DeN1no pounding out sports on the typewriter He s another proof that lt pays to stlck around the shop lf you want a job All hls sophomore year he wrote up sports even when older staff members were already covering all the stones he covered and his were crowded out Stull coverlng sports ID his junlor year whether other reporters were covering them or not and finally dolng them so well they began to be prlnted then getting special asslgnments of hls own then on the staff and wcll look at the last few numbers Poetry just runs out of Pauline l-lnk s hngertlps Schoolroom Sketches accepted at flrst slght crowded out for months Christmas poetry accepted at sight but the hollday Canary had gone next year It has rhythm lt has student interest nt s the kmd of poetry the school likes from Hunslcker comes Betty Hess news notes features just the rlght touch always Old Main School will welcome leer and the Canary will be glad to have her at last under the same roof always on call Exchanges mean a lot of work and I939 provided that rarest of all rare Ends Donna Hughes who e middle name IS Not Afraid of Work Always ready exchanges always read comments always decided upon envelopes always addressed lust of a hundred exchanges always properly checked and flnally the Canary desk thoroughly housecleaned Donna IS the person no paper should be wnthout What shall one say of those two bllthe splrlts and co workers Slegfrled and Shoemaker those fellows whose enthusiastic Ideas had a lot to do with settmg the I939 Canary ln motion who wrote most profusely and with great versatxllty before the swmg of the year caught them ln plays and songs etc Even yet they appear at about sxx week intervals by two s to Elld that the Canary has gone to press Tlme will tell And hnally theres priceless Vlrglnla Price with her I think wed better Include thus Hadn t we better give thls a write upu and her news artlcle feature article or more valuable still her constant readiness to do whatever IS to be done Behind the array of names and pictures stands a crowd of candidates already more than usually active and able already enthusiastic and capable Among them are several names that could even now he mentloned for contrnbutlons that are acceptable accepted and ln some cases printed Yes youth lb always comlng on Page Two llundrtd l lcten 'N If 1 L. on the press very early, and those poems are being held for next year. But watch for her verse T ff A ,if A Y . ,,,l gk .gi eg ,X 5 ,I BIRNEY CRUM A school ln ts athletics and 1ts sportsman h1p reflects the spmt of nts ccaches And the Allentown Hugh School ns fortunate 1n nts whole lme up of coaches all splendid tramers and gentlemen every one beglnnlng with Mr Burney Crum and golrg right through the whole llne Mr Crum ln hls twelve years here has become well known as a moulcler of championship teams Thus year he gulded the football team through a successful season and led the basketball team to a second half champlonshxp The baseball team too ln the hands of thls master coach IS sure to come through An artlst at golf as well as at coachmg Mr Crum thanks both to hls perslstence and to hrs amazing modesty rn the face of unusual success and constant victory wxll go far ln the athletrc world Page Two Hundred Twelve 1 S ' - f , v - I . . , , ' . . - - . Y ' , - , - - - , CQMUS DAVID R HACKETT THOMAS .l BF-ENNAN Q Sv Gfnacbes DAVID R HACKETT Here s to the best swlmmmg coach nn the state Mr Hackett IS the man who has been turnmg out champions ever smce he took over hrs dutles SIX years ago lVlr Hacketts mermen have won so many trophnes that we ll elther have to slow up or to bulld some new trophy cases lt didn t take Allentown long to recognize the wonderful abxlxty of thus coach and It IS a sure bet that the town wlll not let hum get away THOMAS J BRENNAN You ll have to look far and wide for a better l1ne coach than Tom Brennan Those fine pomts on blocklng and tackling that he has taught town What s more Mr Brennan IS every lnch a gentleman A boy just can t play under Mr Brennan without knowmg his stuff and without learning to be a gentleman 1: nf 4: PAUL CLYMFR Small but mlghtv mlght easxlv be applied to the coach of track and lay Vee football and basketball Wrrh us smce I932 Nlr Clxmer has been turning out record breakers smce the nrst day You ll never hear hmm brag for he too belxeves lh an honest appraisal of all his maternal Six years aren t enough Pauley Make xt another sxx Page Two Hundred Tlnrlean PAUL K CLYMER l . . . V G at af -r the boys have helped to win many algame for Allen- CQMUS Russsu. K KNAUS5 MIRIAM BOYER WILLIAM BREISCH Q 39 Sv Qloacbes RussELL KNAUSS Here he IS the mlghty atom ' When Mr Knauss lsn t teaching has gym classes how toget the most out of calxsthemcs he IS puttxng hls gym team through lts paces Of course when spring comes and a young man s fancles turn to thoughts of tennis Tush xs right there seemg that the gentlemen of the cat gut put plenty behind the serve Although hes serxous about has work Mr Knauss finds plenty of time to Joke wnth the boys of the gym classes and the teams More power to you Tush MIRIAM BOYER If ever Hugh School had a good gurls gym team lt has xt now and the pralse should go to Mxss Boyer who IS responslble for the gurls fine performances Of course Miss Boyer IS too energetic to be content wxth one thnng She also takes care of intra mural basketball teaches gym classes and helps wlth swnmmmg Well be seemg more of this lady sf ar if BILL BREISCH Watch out Soph or well throw you mto a cage wlth Bull Brexsch IS a famnlar cry but the Sophs have nothing to worry about for Bnll IS a peach of a fellow Doctor trainer and general handy man Bull has been keepxng Allentown Hugh School athletes nn condltxon for a number of years Wrth the Epsom salts and medlclne knt as his coat of arms Bxll carrles on Page Two Hundred Fourteen o o 0 - 4- - -. , . - f . . , ' 1 f - . - - - - , . , . ak Sk ak . , . . . . , . . . . , . . . . . . 1- - ' 1 f . . . . .. - . f . 1 - - u ' ' n RALPH V WE1-Ham-lo CCL H15 I , Q Sv Qllnarbes RALPH V WETHERHOLD Here is one of our unsung heroes Few people realize the tremendous amount of work done by Mr Wetherhold in drawing up the schedules for our major sports and arranging our rela tions with other schools ln his quiet unassuming way Mr Wetherhold has been guiding the athletic destmles of our school for a good many years and has much to do with maintaining the fine relationships we have established with other schools of the state as -r -of MELVILLE J BOYER Here is one of the busiest men Science department Mr Boyer is faculty manager of swimming and the minor sports and has charge of the cheerleaders This veritable bundle of brains and activity has to his credit the organization of Allen town s hrst swimming team ln I924 he has been faculty manager of swimming ever since Mr Boyer is indeed the wonderful combination of industry genius and personality Page Two Hundred Fijleen f Q O in-school. Not content with heading the Social LD MELVILLE BOYER CGMUS Gbeerleahers Look agam' Youll never see these nlne Canaries as qulet as thls plcture would lncllcate Whether you ve seen every football and basketball game thls season or whether you ve mlssed them all you ve seen these yell bxrds ln actlon They re everywhere On the grldlron they keep us whlpped to a fanatxcal frenzy and on the basketball floor they re out there whoopmg lt up every tlme they get a chance Even the banquets do not escape them Wlth Alger Smlth as captaln these enthuslastlc wearers of the Canary ancl Blue have been falthful to us all year Thelr duty has carried them from the heat of lncllan summer to the dead cold of anuary and February but they ve never complained Peg Hlttell Alger Smlth and Wilmer Cressman are gomg along to lead us ln college but Hlgh School you re lucky too for Anne Green and Robert Bass who by the way are not on the plcture Robert Olerwlne Elsle Herr Mary Lou Steckel and jane Hendrlckson are staymg here another year Look at them closely m thls plcture so that youll know them when you see them next year Page Two Hundred Szxleen I . , . . . . . , . , . , . . . , 1 ' - - 1 1 , . . . 1 1 . J , 1 1 1 . . o 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 ' 1 , . . . . , LCD 4Ut 1937 :football Season m Behnem The I937 football season although not as successful perhaps as some in past years lacked none of the color and glamor which makes football the nation s major fall sport The Canaries came through five contests with flying colors the Canary and Blue was lowered to half mast by reason of two ties and in three other contests opponents colors topped the Canary However any season that is climaxed by a victory over our most honored rival Bethlehem may be termed successful Unlike many opening games of previous seasons the start of l937 was no breather for the Crum coached Canaries Blythe Township a team with a 23 game winning streak fought on even terms with Allentown for three sweltenng periods A spectacular pass play Kline to Cerulll to Stemmetz netted the only score of the afternoon and a victory for A H S by six points The second game found the home team a much improved squad as they ran rough shod over an Overbrook High School team by a 3l to 0 score Stemmetz who was to become the season s star player began shining at this early stage by scoring the first thirteen points of the game The day was plenty warm for football but the Canary clad crew was hot ln more ways than one The next team to be downed on the home grldlron was a strong Coaldale High eleven The going was tough as Allentown gained a first period advantage only to lose it by the end of the first half The game featured everything football has to offer including blocked kicks fumble intercepted passes and some straight football As the last period opened the Canaries battered the Coaldale line to score the winning touchdown and gain a I3 I2 victory Playing its fourth home game in as many weeks an undefeated Canary team crashed head long into the undefeated Red Knights of Reading The Canary and Blue scored first on a pass ln the secord period Reading also scored on a pass ln the third With the score tied both teams battled desperately to score again Three times the Canaries thust deep into Reading territory but as the game ended Allentown had to be content with a 7 7 stalemate Traveling to Phllllpsburg N ,I for the first away game of the year the Canaries were handed their first defeat of the season by the Garnet and Grey of P Burg High The Canary and Blue forward wall which had received such favorable comment on its work ln previous games was woefully weak so was its pass defense The game was all Phxlllpsburg as the Garnet tribe rolled up I4 points to Allentown s 0 Taking the road again the Canary and Blue played a 0 0 deadlock with the Pottsvllle High Nlaroons on a field that was better fitted for water polo than for football Both teams waded back and forth over the soaked gridiron for four periods neither team galnmg much of an advan tage If Hrst downs are any sort of comparison Allentown was a shade better tallymg eight to seven for the Maroons For the third time ln three weeks the battle scarred Canaries hit the road this time to meet john Harris of Harrisburg Allentown Hugh s annual Jinx The game was crammed with thrills but it was a heartbreaker for the Allentown fans Although the Canaries played superior foot ball they lacked the necessary scoring punch so essential to victory The oracles held good and John Harris won out 7 6 Back home on Coffield Stadium after three weeks the Canaries still seemed unable to dodge the losing streak that had shadowed them for a month The Red Rovers of Easton High for three periods outclassed the Canary and Blue eleven the heavier Easton line smashing the Canary forward wall Although the score 7 Z would indicate a close game it does not show how superior Easton was both on offense and defense ln the sea of mud that had once been Cofheld Stadium the Canaries met the Orange and Black Tigers of Yvnlllam Penn m the final home game of the season For the first time since September they showed real class and power The Canary and Blue steamrollered the Tigers gaming twelve first down limiting William Penn to one Even though the score I3 I2 does not indicate the Canaries superiority It dld put them back in the win column after six weeks To close the I937 season the Canaries invaded Taylor Stadium to battle the ancient and honored rival Bethlehem High School A colorful crowd of 20000 saw the Canary and Blue line tear to shreds the Red and Blue forward wall in what was easily the best game of the l937 campaign Statistics tell the story better than words A H S thirteen Hrst downs and 290 yards from scrimmage Bethlehem three first downs and 83 yards through the line The final score Allentown I2 Bethlehem 6 makes one forget a mediocre season and remember only the swell game played by the Canary and Blue on Thanksgiving Day I937 Page Two Hundred Sevenlggn 1 1 , - 1 - 1 , . . - - f ' - - ' , - - , , . . . . - Q - .. . ' , . 1 Q - v . -- f - - ' - - - v - 1 f - -f - n 1 , . , . , . I - - . , ' f - - . . - - , , v - . ' v u , . . - . S. - . ' v , . y i - . n -1 QC XXI 1 E5 CHARLES SrF1NMr:Tz RICHARD BRITTMN DAVID SHARPE ROBFRT LEVAN HARVEY HUBER CARL GIVLER Page Two Hundred Ezghleen LU HS Ax V5 QIEQSY MAIR 4-o P, R ICHARD SCHAFFFR Roar RT FRIFDMAN FRANCIS VARRICHIO Page Two Hundred Nmeleen QOMUS wha s who uf the 1937 Jfunthall Srquah C' Awarded llzc gold football as well as the varsrly lellcr Anthony Annecchlarlco 39 Q B The quarterback of the ay Vees Plays Varsity now and then Should have a real year m l938 39 Ray Backensto 38 guard The Coach calls hlm the Academic Guard Plays a hard game m the lme 'Harris Ballxet 38 halfback An exam ple of what swell materlal the ,lay Vee s pro duce A good ball carrler ann a left handed passer 4' Harold Beers 38 tackle The Joker of the outfit a real asset to any team They call hlm the mad tackle but he knows hls football Walter Boandl 39 end Plays a good game at the end posltlon Throw the passes ln hrs dlrectlon and he ll get them 4' Rlchard Brlttaln 38 fullback Has plenty of drxve and was one of the best full backs ln years Declared mel glble near the end of the season because of age Tony Cerulll 39 halfback One of the better backfxeld men Another lefthanded passer wlth plenty of drlve Watch hlm shme nn l938 'k Fred Dannlble 38 halfback Another conslstent reserve who broke mto the llme light near the end of the season Drd a good Job of lt too Earl DeLong 39 guard A small scrappy player wlth a bright future Robert Frxedman 39 tackle Class PTCSI dent Fellows on the squad call hum Gxve me time Frledman The best klcker on the squad Was changed into a backfleld man near the end of the season Also played end and drd It well lohn Gallnano 39 center Can t see very well but stops the opposxtxon when he does see lt Dad a swell Job m backmg up the lme at Carl Clvler 38 tackle Captain of the squad and you can be sure he dnd hls share of arguing the close decxslons Plays a whale of a game ln hls posltlon "'W1llardGrantz 38 guard The Emaus of the I937 squad Hls specialty IS kxcklng that all xmportant extra point "' Kermxt Heeps 38 halfback The gal lopmg halfback The Captain says Ted IS so bowlegged that nf he stood still he would roll over 'K Harvey Huber 38 quarterback lVl1ke handled the job of calllng the rlght play at the right time and dad xt well A small but mighty held general Robert Kline 40 halfback A blt light to be an efficient back but he shows that old fighting splrlt C-ood reserve materlal " Robert LeVan 38 guard Small for the lme but makes up for hls size lh Gght Plays to wln but loses with a stuff chln The Le Vans are good esse Maur 38 end The prlze end of I937 Get those passes near hlm and he IS sure to get them Great on defense too 3' Norman Meyers 29 the red headed end He comes through 1n the tough spots as all red heads do Richard Peters 38 halfback A good plungxng back Edward Plff 40 qu rterback The Sopho more who made good ln hls first year Alter nates wlth Huber at callmg the signals and does It well Maynard Relnbold 39 halfback A smooth half Though not a regular he dnd show that he IS good stuff One of our better reserve players 3" Rlchard Schafer 38 center Holds down the plvot posltlon and never falls to get the ball away even under dlfhcultles Davxd Sharpe 39 end The roaming end Has one blg year ahead of hlm And whnle on the subject of what he has note the handsome features Robert Smith 40 tackle Another Soph to make the grade Substltutes for Fried man m the lme and does a good Job Kenneth Snyder 30 fullback A good ball carrler Also carrles good looks "'CharlesSte1nmetz 38 fullback Charg of speed A consistent ground gamer and the backbone of the I937 Canaries Henry Stout 39 end Another good re serve end who should have started ln Varsity football sooner "' Ralph 'Swartz 38 halfback The blonde demon on as well as off the grxdlron 'k Francxs Varrlchlo 38 guard co captain of the team The man who always has a busy day xn the lme He gets his man Don t call hlm Dutch jack Werley 39 end Another small boy with real class where pass recelvmg was con cerned "' Raymond Wllson 38 halfback One of the reserves who always stands ready to go Every blt as lmpo tant to any team as the star "W1ll1am Frankln 38 Last but never least the forgotten man of football as far as the fans are concerned But he s always there and lwavs on the Job the student manager of the l937 Canaries Not to be forgotten are the Athletic Coun cal the Junior managers the ushers the ground keepers the scrubs the tramers and all persons concerned ln making the I937 football season at A H S a successful one one that wlll long lmger ln our memories Page Two Hundred Twenty 1 . . . ,R . . . - ' l I , . 1 lu J I ' 1 ' ll , T ' I II I ' ' ' - I 1 - . ' ' - ' .' . a . - 0 ' I U . A ' - . 1 1 . I Q V I , . . . : ' , , . U I 1 1 ' . . , ' 1 y 1 . . - , Y ' I . . 1 . . .. . . . U v . . : - 1 . , . . . ' U ' ' " ' . , - , , V ' . , ' , mg Charhe IS no mere name, he packs plenty A ' ' V - -t - - ' ' - 1 - . ,. . . . . . , , I - v - I . I ' A , , . - , I . -n " ' ' ' ' ' 1 1 1 g ' . - - , . 1 - ' ' A ' It II . 1 . 1 I. 1 I . ll In 1 I ' 1 1 -V . ' ' ' , - ' ' I l . T - - 1 - - ' ' . 1 V I . r 'H , . . . - v a g - K 1 p 1 1 ' I v ' . , - , ' ' I ' I ' 3 1 , . - . . . , CCD S VARSITY TEAM 1937 38 Basketball beasnn nn iiemetn The I937 38 basketball season although It did not produce any state championship at A H S was a success so far as the figures are concerned The squad played a total of 22 games wmnlng I9 of them by pxlmg up 777 pomts to the opponents 573 This means an average game score of 35 pomts not bad basketball ln any man s language The Canaries went through the regular League season which for the first time was split mto two parts with only one defeat making a playoff game wlth Hazleton necessary to decide the league championship In lndependent com p tltxon the Canary and Blue was defeated only once by Trenton The season got underway at the Little Palestra when the Canaries took on South Whltehall ln an independent game and came through easily 39 to 27 At half tlme A H S has a I9 I3 advantage after three quarters 36 I6 In the final period numerous substitutions were made by the Crum coached boys and the Trojans rallied but not nearly enough to make any difference TI'-e Canaries began actlvltles lh the East Penn Scholastic League by defeating Mahanoy Clty by a 23 I6 score The visitors using a puzzllng zone defen e were never ahead once The advantage By half time the score had Increased to I7 6 and at the end of three periods after a Maroon rally the sccre stood at I9 I3 In another independent game the Canaries meetmg a strong Lehigh Valley League team Catasauqua Hugh pulled out a 3I 28 victory The first half was a real scrap A H S gaming a one point advantage I5 I4 With but five mmutes to play Catasauqua drove to the Iead but a Canary rally cut short the Brown and White s wmnmg chances For the first away game the Canaries traveled to Trenton N I and Iost to Trenton Hugh when a Iast second field goal gave the Jersey team a 25 23 victory The game was mp and tuck from start to finish when the teams tied at 9 all In the first period at half time the Canaries led I6 I5 A slzzllng third penod gave Trenton a 20 I9 lead Back ln league competition the Canaries completely outclassed the Red Rovers of Easton Hugh 38 27 On the rebound from the Trenton defeat A H S started with a rush plllng up a 6 0 advantage The first half favored the Canaries 20 to I6 As numerous substitutions were made ln the Canary Imeup the Rovers rallied but thxs was soon cut short and the Canaries went on to vlctory Page Two Hundred Twenly one puzzle was solved bv the Canaries. 'The Canary and Blue started fast, gaining an 8-2 first-period COMUS The Canaries in a specially booked charity game easily defeated Northampton High, the defending District XI champions, 30 to I8. lt was Allentown, not Northampton, that flashed the championship form though the Orange and Black was the first to score After that Allen- town took a 4 3 lead at the quarter and I I 8 at the half Going into the second half the Canaries applied the pressure built up a comfortable 22 II third quarter lead and coasted in Then the Canaries traveled to Bethlehem High and after weathering a stormy third period came through 36 to 26 After a slow start the Canary and Blue led at halftime I6 to I3 Going into the third period Bethlehem rallied to tie the score at 20 all Here Allentown went to town dropping in three successive field goals and a foul and holding the Red and Blue to one goal The Canaries played superior ball Playing their fourth East Penn League game the Canaries easily defeated the Blue Raiders of Tamaqua High 43 to 26 Allentown starting fast gained a 6 0 advantage which was soon cut down to I0 6 A H S increased this to I9 I2 but again the Raiders crept within striking distance 2I I7 by the half Here the Canary Varslty took matters mto their own hands scoring I I points to Tamaqua s I as the three quarter marker gave them a comfortable 32 I7 lead JUNIOR VARSITY TEAM ln an independent game the Canaries met their New jersey rival Phillipsburg Hugh sending sink the Hrst field goal of the evening Allentown viewing the situation saw the work to be done afid got down to it took an I I S advantage at the first period and by the third had piled up a 25 I5 ead Away from the little Palestra the Canaries met a strong Hazleton High team whose zone defense worked so well on the small court that Allentown was beaten 43 to 2l The Canaries were the first to score but this advantage was soon wiped out as the Hazleton offen e and defense clicked to perfection At the quarter 6 3 at the half I7 8 and at the third period 26 I4 all Hazleton This dropped the Canaries to second place To end the First half league schedule the Canaries took on a scrappy Pottsville High team coming through 44 33 A H S found the range early and hammered away with such success that the Hrst period gave the Canaries a I6 3 advantage the half 26 I0 A second string Canary team increased its lead to 33 I7 at the three quarter mark Pottsvllle staged a desperate rally going into the last period but the return of the Varsity killed their hopes And that meant second place in the first half league race to the Canaries first place to Hazle ton lqollowing this the Canaries entertained the Main Liners of Overbrook High who though they had a swell passing attack but were throughly beaten by the Canaries 42 I7 Once the Page Two Hundred Twenty two , X them to the showers, 32-20. The jersey team was in the lead for only a few moments, when they . . ' 7 - ' E COYXII visitors zone defense was solved Allentown had things pretty much their way rolling up a I6 2 First period advantage stretching this to 24 4 by the end of the half Although the Main Liners fared a little better in the second half the lead of the Canaries was too great a handicap to over come The Canaries traveling west to meet Reading High of the Central League had a hard time of it before they succeeded in nosmg out the home team 40 39 After a hugh scoring First period the Canaries led I8 I2 still holding the lead at 26 I9 by the half This was cut to 29 23 by the end of the third period Both teams battled desperately right down to the hnal gun To open their second half league schedule the Canaries went to Nlahanoy City and after a sizzling last period came through 32 to 25 ln the opening period Allentown was held to a 6 to 5 lead but increased this to I5 I0 by the end of the half The IVIaroons opened up in the second half and by the end of the third quarter had tied the score at I8 all At this pomt the Canaries flashed that added power and spurted on to victory For the second time in a week the Canaries met the Red Raiders of Reading this time showing their superiority 55 24 Starting a bit slow the Canaries had a I4 7 lead by the quarter They were in a class by themselves as they ran the first half score to 34 I4 and at the end of the third period had a very safe 47 I9 lead ln an East Penn tilt the team going to Easton had things their own way defeating the Red Rovers 40 to 23 It was the Canaries night as they Jumped into a I5 7 first period lead increasing this to I7 9 at the half and in the last period to a 26 I7 advantage To avenge an early season defeat the local team entertained Trenton High and did their aveng mg to the tune of 4I 32 As though to repeat Trenton jumped into a 6 2 lead The Canaries soon assumed championship form to take the first period lead I2 8 and retain it to the half I8 I0 By the end of the third period the score still favored Allentown 29 to I8 Coach Crum used fourteen men during the game To stay in the thick of the second half league hght the boys displaying real class ran wild start and led at the ouarter I4 I0 as the half ended A H S still retained the lead 25 I7 The Canary and Blue really got hot in the third period scormg thriteen points while they held the Liberty boys to no score Playing at Tamaqua the Canaries pointing for Hazleton defeated the Blue Raiders 37 28 Not wasting any time Allentown took a I4 3 first period advantage running this up to 22 I5 by the end of the half Tamaqua threantened for a time in the third period but was soon put down by a Canary spurt On the night of February I8 two undefeated teams battling for second half League honors crashed headlong before a top capacity crowd in the Little Palestra Hazleton the first half champ and top favorite and the A H S players who were determined to turn the tables did just that to the tune of a big 32 I3 victory The Canaries starting fast took a 5 0 lead and were never headed they played their best game of the season The First quarter was all ours 9 4 the half I5 7 the third 23 I I lncidentally this was the only defeat Hazleton suffered all season and they went on to become State Champions To complete the League schedule the Canaries going to Pottsville ran into an unexpected storm before they pulled out a close I7 to I6 victory For thirty one minutes and forty seconds of the thirty second minute Pottsville giving everything It had stayed out in front the first quarter 5 I the half I I 8 the third quarter I3 I0 With but twenty seconds to go Boandl sank two foul goals for the trying and winning point in a game that had made nervous wrecks of the Allentown fans This game left the Allentown slate clean for the second half and gave them the second half League championship This made a play off necessary with Hazleton who had won the first half title It was a noisy and colorful crowd that nearly filled the Penn Palestra in Philadelphia to see Hazleton come through 4I 35 No doubt about it the game was the best any one had seen all season and it was a case of superior stamina winning since both teams handled the ball equally well The Canaries led only once ln the early part of the game 3 2 From then on it was I3 6 at the quarter 2I I5 at the half 34 25 by the end of the third period all Hazleton And that put an end to basketball activities at Allentown High for the I937 38 season except for the basketball banquet at the Hotel Traylor They were not State Champs but they were the stuff champs are made of The entire school congratulates not only the players and coaches but every one who helped to make this basketball season one of the best ever Page Two Hundred Twenly three . I - 1 1 -g I , to defeat the neighboring rival Bethlehem, 47-to-26. The Canalries took the offensive from the C O1 1-1151 2!12!1lhn'1s who of the 1937-38 Gage Squah C' Awarded the gold baskelballj 'k1V1111on Berman, '38, guard. Hand1e'1 that basketball 1'1ce a veteran Though Small he was outstandmv on the defense and beSl es totaled 137 pomts for the season Most accurate from the foul l1ne oe Brey 38 forward and guard Cap tam of the squad and tops 1n scorlng Wlth 159 polnts for the season H15 conslstent scorlng kept the Cananes ro111ng Walter Roan 1 39 center A good ball han ler Totaled 114 pomts for the year And who can forget h1s foul shootlng at Pottsv111e the shootlng that spelled VIC tory Harry Cawley 39 forward Though he d1dn 1 sec much SPYVICC he showed plenty of Gght Donald Dl0tTlCh 40 forward Pr1mar11y a jay Vee man he dld get ln some Varsxty competltlon and showed real form 'Edwm Freed 38 guard Not a scorlng man averaglng about one polnt a game he played a swell floor game both on offense and defense A real mspxratlon 1n more than one game Robert Frledman 39 forward and guard Not content Wlth football Buck also goes ln for basketball He may be b1g but he s not ow Donald 1Vl111er, '39, forward. Has not attracted much attention yet but has the stuff that makes a good basketball player "' Donali Prae'or1us 38 forward Called H1gh Scormg Pratte by the boys Totaled 156 pomts only three behxnd Brey Good on 1nd1v1dual offense and can push them 1n w1th elther hand Rlchard Rahn 40 guard and center Up from last year s Raub un1or H1gh champ1on sh1p squad froke 1nto Vars1ty play although a reg1lar 1n the ay Vee club lames Reber 38 forward The boys call h1m Two m1nute four four Reber but don t let that gwe you the wrong 1mpress1on He s a good 11tt1e ball plaver 3' Robert R1chards 38 forward Bob played a good game Was one of the better reserves upon whlch every team depends "'1V1arwood S hoe ler 38 forward and guard The most conslstent player on the squad H1s total of 111 pomts was spread over the ent1re season Played a steady brand of ball that really counts 'K Henry Wleder 38 center Rlght there gettmg the tap when there IS one He starred on the one hand push shots from the foul clrcle ohnW1eder 38 student manager Lllce all managers seldom glven any p11b11c1ty he IS always on the Job D1d all the scorlng for the season ohn handled the score book PERSONAL BASKETBALL RECORDS 1,1 11 T11 1 11 1111111 HU wh 11 1111 1111111111 N111 11 7 1 1111 X111 ' 11111 11111 1r 1 T1 s S 1111111 1 11111 R 11 1 11 rt 1 111 N li 111 111111 1,1111 1 R 1111 fl R111 1r1 111rrx 1 1XlllX BASKETBALL TEAM RECORDS 11'l11X1X1N 1 T1 1 111111 X 1 11111111 11111111 1X 11111 11 I 111111, 111 1 1 1 r1 R 11111p 11 1 R 1111 1, 1 ll 11 MSX 1111111 1 1 1 1 1 1 H 4 11 11,111 111 Page Two Hundred Twenlu four X111NT11XX 1 1 1 11 1 0 X 1 1 1 1 S1 1 11111 1 1 1 1111111s 1 .A l .J ' ' . I F, J U ' . 1 . . . . 1 - 1 . . I . . :kg 1 I . ' . . , . . C 3 1 7 - - 1 ' , ' 7 , . ' in ' . ' . . 'J ' . ' . . - ' ' -11: 1 1'1-r- 1-711-111 1511111 111 ,, I1'- I'- - 171-111 1-'11111 1.1111 11-14 s1111111S 11.1111S 11 z11S ' ' S 11-1S S1111111: 12.1111s G11111' ' s .l"1' 111'l'3' . P41 -ll 112 .15 If Ri '12 2 111 17 111 X 4 10 13111111111 1'1a11-1111i11S. 75 11 117 lj l.' R11 - fri1-111111111. . 111 I1 -I 1 'J N111 111 111-11114111 70 H 4'l .W 1.47 D1 11111.1i111-r. , . 15 S 1 l .1 XYL1 -' 11111111111 71 .CH '111 .1-1 114 .1:11111-S 1-1 - . .... ll 6 I 1 .3 X11 ' 11'1l1'1. 711 .ii 47 17 111 D11 1 '- 'i'11 .... .1 .Z 1 0 1 1 1- j " -111-r ,..,.. -16 ll II1 X -111 1 1 '111 . S .... 6 1 1 0 2 lftl " 1511-1-11 .,.., 524 7 11 X .111 2 j 'Z ' ...... -1 3 0 1 1 1 ' , 11121 11111, 1'1-1- 1-'11-111 1911111 1111 11111 1'1-1'- l-"1-111 11' 1111 'I'1'1111 e1111111S G 1115 11111115 111' 1' ' S S111111g G z11S 111111S 111 ' I 91111111 N '1i11-111111 . . . ... 8 111 7 111 27 X 17 5 10 39 31111 A' 1'11y .....,,. . .. 15 S 11 I3 lb ll 7 9 211 25 C'111z1S11111l11:1 .. . .,,.. .. , .. 'J 10 8 IS 28 ll 12 7 13 Sl Tr- 1.1 ,......... . .. ll 10 5 1.3 25 12 U S ll 23 771721811111 .. ,...........,.... .. 12 13 1 ll 27 ll 15 7 14 37 N1 ' 11111111 11 ......, . ........ 1.4 S X ll 18 1.2 ll 8 111 30 if 111-11111-111-111 ,,... ... ., . .... I-I U X 111 26 12 I4 X 15 36 :1"1'11111'11111:1 . . ., . 11 'J H 1.1 21 ll 11-1 7 1.1 43 1'11il111'S WN. 11 ... .... 111 11 H 15 20 ll ll 10 17 32 71 11112 -11111 , , ... . .. . . Ill IX 7 lf 45 111 7 7 11 21 1'1111S 'i111- . .. , ... .. ..,. 1.1 15 .4 7 33 11 17 10 111 44 111'-111111111 .,,. .. X I1 S 9 I7 0 17 X 14 42 1-11' 1 ,.....,, ..,... . .. 7 111 7 ll 39 X 16 X ll -fl PF X111z11111y1'i1j .. ..... . . X X 'I Ill 25 10 15 Z 9 52 1-2 '11'.. .,......, ..... . . ll 'I 11 111 24 0 25 'J li 55 If 1711511111 ,,,.,,... ..,.. . . 'P 7 U 111 23 X 111 X 14 411 'l'1'1-11111111N.41.1 . . .,..,... ., 111 7 111 .21 312 10 14 1.5 ll 41 '11 111-11111-111-111 ..., . ........... .. Il 0 H 1.1 21 ll 18 ll 17 47 T1111111111111, . .. ... . ...., ..... ' F 1.2 -1 11 28 W lf 5 'P 37 '1' 111 1- 1111 .....,.,,..,.,..,..... 1.1 -1 5 12 13 IU ll X 15 52 4-1'11 3 'i111- ....., ,, ,.... . ..... ll I1 4 U lb 9 4 9 13 17 111' - 11 11 1113--111'1'1 ....,..,....,. ll IX S 7 41 7 14 7 ll 35 V f AJ gn -1- 117 7.11 575 :sv 3 .1 171 .11- 777 " wa- -121 11-5 COMUS l Z1 Remain of the 1937 38 Swtmmmmg Season This season marlung the first season of swlmmlng as a major sport at A H S may be rated as the most remarkable yet enjoyed by Canary mermen Though ln scholastnc and prep school dual meets the team won only two and lost four meets lt was the championship meets that brought more national recognltlon to Allentown Hugh than dxd any other sport The Canaries entered a serles of champlonshlp meets wlnnmg four of the five they entered Starting on February 5 the Canarxes with a total of 34 pomts won the Lehlgh lnterscholastlc Champlonshlps over Haverford Prep and a field of fourteen hlgh and prep schools representmg some of the best schoolbov swimmers ln the East On February 26 the Canary and Blue won for the fourth successive time the P l A A DlSfflCt XI Champlonshlp by massmg 76 pomts completely outclassmg all other competltlon A week later they continued their champlonshxp stride by takmg the P l A A Eastern Reemnal tltle wxth a total of 58' 2 pomts Although York Hugh was favored to wln the Canarles had llttle trouble ln repeating their superlonty ln the Eastern Reglonals for the fourth stralght time ln the State Champlonshlps at State College on March IZ the Canarles were beaten and Erie Strong Vmcent became the unofficial State Champlon the P l A A no longer awards a team champlonshxp And so Allentown Hugh became the first last and only wmner of a State Swimming Champxonshlp It was on March I9 however that the Canarles swlmmlng strength was brought to the atten tion of the entire nation as they scored a total of 22 pomts to wln the National Interstate Cham plonshlp meet at the Penn A C Here A H S triumphed not only over Erle Strong Vmcent and over Trenton Hugh a team that had for the past five years been classed as National Cham plon and a heavy favornte to wm but also over a large field of really good swlmmers from all the nelghborxng states Through these championship meets Canary mermen won 7 gold 23 silver and ll bronze medals 41 ln all Schedule for the season A H S Mercersburg A H S Elmer Meyer Wnlkes Barre 22 A H S Scranton Cent A H S 3 Trenton N 42 A H S Blair Academy A H S 2I0 Opponents First place-A H S Lehigh Umverslty lnterscholastlc Champlonshlps First place-A H S P l A A Dxstrxct XlChampuonsh1ps First place-A H S 58' 2 P l A A Eastern Regionals lndlvldual Champlonshxps A H S P l A A State Championships First place A H S 22 Nat1onalChamplonshxps lnterstate Meet, Total 227'f2 Page Two Hundred Twenly five . . . ........ 22 .... 53 . . . ..,. 53 . A. H. S. .,,..... 34 Trenton, N. 4l ' - -4 . . . ,....... 47 28 . . . ,... ,,., 3 Y , V . .. ..,...., 2l ' U45 . .. .,...,, . ...,.,25l ' . . . ,,.. .,....,...., 3 4 ' ' ' ' ' ' ' . . . ,.,,.. ...,....,.. 7 6 . . . . ' ' ' ' ' . l . .- . .,.,...,......... X . . . . ' . ' Y . . 37 . . . . ' ' - . . . ....,......,..... ' ' ' f lndlvldual scores Albert Almeida Vlncent Schwartz Te l Cernert W llxam Snyder Clxfford Freed Aloys Haytmanelc Rodney Young ohn Connor Claude Kleckner 2 7 3 3 lohn Nlarushak Rxchard Cope Ted Taylor Robert Fergu on Marvxn Nathan Donald Howe oseph PCIIZZOHI Richard Nlolzan Rlchard Schultz 2 In the l93S publx atxon of the Intercollcglaie Swzmmmg Cuzde edited by Edward T Kennedy three Allentown Hxgh swlmmers were awarded places on the lnterscholastnc All Amerlcan Team for thelr conslstently good performances durmg the past season They were Albert Almeida Fifth ln 220 yard free style Vernon Relss thlrd nn 100 yard back stroke and the late Wendell Bolntz honorable mentlon ln the 50 yard free style class This publlcatlon al o recognized the National lnterscholastlc Hugh School record ln the 400 yard relay for a 20 vard course set by Wendell Bolltz Al Almeida Vernon Relss and Aloys Haytmanek ln the Blanr Prep pool january l937 Thxs ns the second natlonal record held by a Canary and Blue team Another hnghllght of the season was the sendmz of Albert Almexda State Champion 220 man for the past two years and Ted Gernert State Champlon and Natlonal lnterscholastlc DlVlng Champion and the A H S Coach David R Hackett to the Nat1onalA A U Champlonshlps meet at Ohio State Here the swlmmers met the best amateur swlmmmg talent ln the country and IH splte of the1r youth made a remarkable showmg that brought favorable comments from the natlon s best swxmmmg coaches l Page Two Hundred Twcnly szx ' ........ ,.........., 7 0 , .................... I4 ' . ....,..,.,.....,,.. 57V ' ,.,...,.,.,.......... l2V ' ......,,,.,,..44.,, 48V s ............,....,. 9 ' ......... .. .... .... 4 O2 ' ......,,.......... 6 Startford Alex ......,.4.,.,..,...., 262 3 Paul Haytmanek ........,.......,,. 3 sl ,.., ..........,.,....., I 52 ' ,.........,......... .. LCLNS RECORDS EQUALLED OR BROKEN 50 yard free style school record Equalled 24 8 Richard Frederick I 25 36 Agalnst Scranton Central 24 8 Vincent Schwartz 2 26 38 at P I A A Dlstrlct Championships 270 yard free style school record 75 foot pool Former record 2 246 Albert Almeida 3 6 37 P I A A Eastern Regionals 2 22 I Albert Almeida 3 IZ 38 P l A A State Championships 220 yard frce style A H S pool record Formcr record 2 25 2 Albert Almeida 2 I I 37 Agalnst Elmer Mevers Wilkes Barre 2 23 8 Albert Almeida 2 '3 38 Agamst Trenton N 220 yard free style 60 foot pool records Former record 2 246 Vernon Reiss I IB 36 At Blalr Academy 2 22 3 Albert Almenda l 22 38 At Blalr Academy who 5 who Zlmong the Qlanarp jlilermm Stratford Alex 39 50 yard free style and relay Developed more rapldly than any other member of the team He S an lmpor tant lmk m the relay Albert Almexda 38 220 yard free style He gets his real msplratlon by llstemng to vlolln solos he la s the vnolm hnmself too B and dashes Captaln of the squad P y sldes breaking three records ln his mam event he led the team sconng wnth 70 State Champion m his llne ohn Connor 38 Backstroke ln medley This was Johns First and last year on the squad but he showed marked abllxty and delivered consistently Rnchard Cope 40 Relay Although Duck s first year on the squad he was another lm portant lmk ln the relay team Robert Ferguson 39 I00 yard backstroke One would be safe lf one termed hlm the most nonchalant member of the team Though he takes everything that comes along lightly he really goes to town ln the stretch Clifford Freed 38 I00 yard breast stroke and medley He may be small but he has plenty of power nn that butterfly stroke Per haps lt s the brunette that keeps htm travel mg Ted Gernert 38 Fancy dlvlng His bug feat was defeating the interscholastic dlvlng champion at Blaxr During the season this State Champion diver won nlne of the eleven dlvmg events ln whnch he was entered and that against real competltxon Aloys Haytmanek 38 I00 yard free style and relay A blonde demon ln the water when a certam blonde IS nn the stands Paul Haytmanek 39 I00 yard breast Stroke The midget marvel of the squad Donald Howe 38 220 yard free style The quletest and most studlous member of a nolsy crowd Claude Kleckner 39 I00 yard back stroke Though kept out of the water now and then by a smus mfectlon Claude was right ln there flghtxng when he had the chance ohn Marushak 40 220 yard free style He s been trallmg Al all year and has the makings of a State Champlon ln the 220 Richard Molzan 38 220 yard free style Another hrst year man who shows promise of a good sprint man Saw occasional service ln the relay Joseph PCIIZZOHI 38 50 yard free and medley Richard Schultz 38 Served as general utlllty man on the squad Vincent Schwartz 38 50 yard free style and relay The fastest dash man on the team and placed second m scormg wnth 57lf2 points The wmner of slx medals lt lS rumored that he wants to be a farmer on dry land My my' Wnllnam Snyder 38 I00 yard free and relay Chief medal wmner wnth a total of seven A charter member of the Tall Story Club wnth a story about tornadoes ln Reading Ted Taylor 39 I00 yard breast stroke A tall lanky fellow who accordmg to certam sources IS not mcllned toward work Rodney Young 39 FanCydlVll'lg Aclose second to C-ernert all year Rodney IS our nommee for State Champlon honors next year He dislikes half gamers with half twists Richard Kmard 39 Manager Richard ns that small person half smothered wxth towels and robes found wherever the swxm mmg team gathers whether nt be at meets at practice or at banquets Page fwo Hundred fufcnly scucn ,xi , Y In N l' , I t by : I - . , N I . . h . , c , I I I ' ,I . j. v J - il - . Marvin Nathanl, '40: 50:yard free style. C UMU5 The 1938 Trask beasnn The track season at A H S got underway on Muhlenberg Flelcl when the three classes met ln the annual trlangular class meet The JUDIOIS led by Buck Frleclman who took four Hrst places won wlth a total of 79 pomts ln second place came the seniors with 65V2 and last the sophomores wlth 34'f2 pomts The first meet of the year for the Canary trackmen was a trlangular meet with South Whlte hall and Emaus Wlth Bob Fneclman wmnmg three firsts and Charles Stelnmetz wmnmg two A H S took top honors wlth a total of 73 pomts as compared with 27If2 for South Whitehall and 20 for Emaus Second on the Inst of Canary vlctxms was Phllllpsburg CN ,I D Hugh ln thus meet as ln the earller one Frledman and Stemmetz le:l the Canarles to a 59 to 40 vlctory Friedman set a new dxscus record of l28' IO" ln the next two meets however the Canary and Blue clxd not fare so well They lost to Bethlehem by a 6l I X3 to 46 2X3 score and to Pottsvxlle 67 to 4I although ln both meets Frxed man contmued to ralse hls mark ln the dxscus throw now to I3l' IO' 2" THE SCHEDULE lnterclass Meet South Whxtehall 2 Phllllpsburg 3 Penn Relays 3 Bethlehem Apr Apr Apr Apr May Sl- vous I IIIIIL lim ul Jump 100 x irrls nu 1 1 Inn X1 In-. I Illllllllil D Il Santo L I Inn N I lun I Yllllxllll lllf n I H0 X IH s ull K lirnul jlllllll Imurclln s 4 In Irlm s Sn mmm IL 100 and P20 x mls I ulus jcmpll Xian x5,Lr lmr 11 rl Ilm lr In Ilu Ji vous Bldg XI1 xandtr l70I1urdI1 s Home Home Home Away Away May I0 May I4 May I7 May 25 May 28 THE COMPLETE SQUAD I arl lilglu 440 xarfls Iur I4 nmll II LII up shot ru IX Alu r lin nn rn R ph I rumllnp, R 1 x rt I ru Ilnl ln Dmu In r Donald lilKlIlIl Jn Ruth I Q ralcl Stlllw xgnn Donald VV111 mr I hx lun XVI rlu Ru sull Laub H Ilf null :Is Nd L I 440 x m s xlf n 201 IIIITIII4 s ll Ill' nnlt 440x11r1Is 'Y x ms Inm ns XIana1,Lr Potlsvxlle lohn Harns Reading Easton P I A A Meet Home Away Away Home Away S01 mmm qs xlifllll K Iur l pl! ll Il In I ollvul X Alu r 'Nlms r I flu ml l'1ff Rn I1 ml R Ilan l ru ln m ian C umrgc 5Y1XlIlI' XX xltcr IX 1lI K Loran Ds In Donald 'Nqstr n uglvt li u ul jlllllll 1 1 I I L 1 Jnnu l0l rnnl 220 x I fl-. ll :If n ve 220 x mls 'Il III 11,1 r 'Xla1m1.,1 r . 84 .,....... .,,. - ' ,,...,...,.....,.. . I9- ' . ,.... .,.... - , ' , ............ , . , . 6- ' ....... . . .,..... - ' ....,..........,., . . 04 ,.,.,. . ......., - ...,...... ,.,,..... , , :.' I I " ' ' .... ..,.,...... , ' f Q ' . :li JI - lil 3 .---.'........... ' IVLI ' 11 .. i' jul g.' 1 V. . 1 ' '1' ..,...........,,, I mils' 'I 1 ...., 1 ' '2 ' ' 1 ,...... ..,. 1 ' - tal Pu -r ........... NIV" ' s l'If2l'I ' 514 i3I1,. .,.......,. Q1 I ,' al 'R -' 1 ......,,., P: - f'11l jul 5 ' "le-r ........, r 1 ' YIIIR 4 1 ' ..,.......... I 'I' cl ' ' - 1 ..,... . XX'iIli1xn1 llirlmr.. .......,.. Disvus I ' I - - I ,.... ..,.,. I 1 nls- s.j1uu-lill.sI1rt put Yi ' . 1 ' ........,.. ..l nilm- ll1ur ' 'y In-r.. ,100 1 ml ..- ,'1 lp Car ' ll1111s ....... ...... , '1 I: C '1 ' ......, ..... I 'ul - '1 lllt l'1 ivlll ...... 1 ' , ' ' ' ............ ll1 lilv " 1 1 ... lli 'I ' 1, jaws-lin li " ' .. .'1 3 5' ........, ,,,,,, I " 5 -- 1 I' , l1 -'grg , Q- ,... , ......... . 1'- 1" - .1' .,....... 1 '- 2- 1-Q 3 - ...,. ,...., 1 nil- Y v n ' A I - ...,. .... , " J '1 - " ............,. ,'1 5 'A - 'fy - -j.....-0j1 ls, Il" 3- H ..,.,......... . 1 1" Page Two Hundred Twenty-eight ,. . 'N L COMU The 1938 Easshall Swenson ln the Sprmg a voung man s fancy lightly turns to thoughts of baseball and that was the case at Allentown Hugh The Falr Grounds diamond the scene of all home engagements re sounded to the crack of horsehlde on hickory as Coach Crum sent a large lust of candldates through practxce drllls Soon practice gave way to the real thing but the Canary and Blue nme lf one may judge by early season results xs not domg anything spectacular To date the Canary swatters have won three games and lost five Coach Crum ns continually changmg the battmg order but here I8 how It usually llnes up Ralph Schwartz Third base Willard C-rantz Left field Pitcher Don Praetorlus Center held Mxchael Shatsky Second base Walter Kulp First base William Emmerlck Pitcher Edwin Freed Catcher Louis Szylagl Pitcher Robert Richards Shortstop Tony Cerulll Pitcher Donald Muller Right field Howard Kuhns Pitcher The remainder of the squad conslsts of Apr Mllton Berman Hugh Brown Hope Deshler Richard Felnour ClVlgr Robert Laub Marwood Schoealer Herbert Smberg Raymond Wilson Edward lones Warren Sell fNlgr D ames Reber Phxlllpshurg Easton Catasauqua Prep School South Whntehall Reading May 2 Northampton Bethlehem SCHEDULE AHS pp May I0 june 3 Anthony Calllano Donald Hausman QM I Peter Hlaulco Robert Kline Nathan Nlelslen QM H Samuel Anderson A H S Opp Catasauqua Easton Northampton Reading Phnlllpaburg Bethlehem Emaua Emaus Page Two Hundred Twenty nme AA A . I J .l9ff " .... 3 2 A 22- ............ 2 5 l3f .........,... 26s .....,,.. 8 3 I7- ,,..,, , 27A ,..,,, Z 6 207- ' ,......... .. 28'-- ' ...5 3 24- " 29a ' .....,,,.... O I0 27- .....,... . 'A .,...,. 0 3 3l-f .,......,.,. . r . ....,..., I 5 - ...,....... .. COMUS 111511: 1938 Glienms Season The Canary netmen opened thelr defense of the Lehlgh Valley Scholastic Tennis League Champlonshlp which they won last year by playing a 3 3 deadlock with the Easton team on the Oakmont courts the scene of all home matches The rlval teams broke even ln the four smgles matches and also ln the doubles matches Schantz and Klmk won their smgles matches then teamed up to wln the doubles encounter ln the second and third matches the Allentown Hugh team made a clean sweep of the singles and doubles engagements to wm over Bethlehem Hugh 6 to 0 and Pottsvllle 6 0 Tle scores of this season run parallel to the record of last year and this year s team has a very good chance to repeat the champlonshlp performances of l937 PERSONNEL Edward Klmk ack Schantz Pnerce Bentz Martln Dlefenderfer May May May May May May 20 May 24 Easton Bethlehem Easton Bethlehem Reading Pottsvllle Reading Bruce Mayer SCHEDULE "' Not yet pla ed when CoMus was prmted Y Page Two Hundred Thzrly w ,I 'Y 4-A K L, i. 1 A V, . t , V :M V . ' J . . S pp 34 .............................,.,..,. 64 ,.........,,...,,.,.,....,,..... May ll-Pottsville .....,.............,,......,..... l3A ............. ..........,.......,.... I7- ...,...............,..,.......,. l8- ' D .............................,..... COMUL Maps Gym Team The Boys Gym Club is the athletic team with the shorte t periozl of activity their sole public appearance being the annual Gym Fxhibition in connection with the Girls Gym team But what an exhibition' Their distant cousins in the coconut trees have nothing on these modern Tarzans of the horizontal bar the mats and the parallel bars An added feature of the exhibition was the feats of Charles Hixon captain of the A H S Gym team of I936 now at Stroudsburg Teachers College Interesting work by the boys included high horizontal bar work matwork and tuml ling and two electric clubs The effect of two blue lights whirling around in the darkened gym was Qreat The thing that brought clown the house was the comedy work of Schatz Swartley and Ruch The Apache dance by the Bergenstocks was another feature paying out rich dividends in laughter All in all the Gym Exhibition of l938 topped all the earlier exhibitions with every member of both teams doing his share and doing it well Seniors on the squad were for the First time awarded charms in recognition of their interest and work on the team MEMBERS Seniors juniors Sophomorcs Stanley Schatz CCapl D Ralph Richards Donald McLean ohn Connor Russell Schatz james Carey Forrest Leh Franklin Bergenstock Carl Simpson lohn Miles lay Ruch ames Keys Solomon Parmet Robert Buss Charles Swartley james Lynch Chester Bischof Richard Thomas Page Two Hundred Tlurly one 9 parallel bar work. Especially remarkable was Stanley' Schatz, who 'really went to town swinging J . . . A . J C S The Girls bpm Clliluh The Gnrls Gym Club under the supervlsron of Mlss Boyer mace great aovances this year The Club serves as an actlvlty for these girls Interested ID gymnastics dancing and acrobatlc work At the end of the year each Scmor gurl who has been a member of the Club for two or more years ns presented wxth an award Since thus actlvlty has been given a permanent place m the program for glrls at Allentown Hugh School every glrl xn xt xs keen to make xt the best actxvxty and they have all been workmg long and hard to perfect thelr sklll Not all of the stunts taught are dnsplayed at the annual exhlbltlon that IS held m connection wlth the Boys Gym Club This year one of the features m the exhlbxtlon was a flag drill at the end of whlch the word Allentown was spelled by Semaphore Code signals The enthusxasm dlsplayed by the members proves the organization worthwhxle and the team will move on to greater achievement as the club becomes more establlshed Semors Mildred Bernhard Goldie Dravltz Estelle Emmerxch lsabel Frankenheld Mary Moessner Althea Yates Marxe Zorn MEMBERS unzors Anna Conway Mlrlam Knauss Ruth Schaffer Gladys Schuler Betty Sharesly Gloria Tronmger Lucxlle Warmkessel Mildred Young Sophomares Lorraine Bergenstock Lucille Blgley Kathenne Fullas Ruth Males Rxta McCauley Vlrglnla Miller Elizabeth Miller Fern Mrssmer Maram Mumbauer Josephine Nlgro Norme Numbers Lenore Peters Arla Queman Ruth Schaffer Constance Schanerburger Annabelle Seagreaves Elsle Zleger Page Two Hundred Tfurly Iwo ' ! -v -' - 1 v -Y , , - . - . , v , , . LCJMUS when anh .Hum Many of you who h vc had no olzler brothers and sxsters or who have come from some other clty may not have any ldea of the changes whxch have come about ln our hugh school l have found xt mterestmg to compare school as l find xt wlth school as some of my brothers and sisters knew xt We have so large a school that we can have audltorlum periods only once a week lmagme what xt must have been llke to have audltorxum every day lt used to be that way ust thmk all the classes would meet together and they dldn t fill the audltorlum Every one used to enjoy the programs especially when they dnd nothmg but smg They sang old songs and new songs and every one sang' Often there would be debates whlch were both mterestmg and lively Now we have home room representatwes to attend to the business of the class but m the old days the whole class had open meetmgs ln thelr auditorium periods What a commotion there would be lf an attempt were made to have an open meeting of an entlre class now' lt might be like the bug conference of the llttle busmess men at the White House At one tlme says one of my famxly there was no such thmg as an audltorlum period or a study hall That was when students came to school only half tlme half the school xn the mornmg for four classes from enght to twelve the other half from twelve to four Thus was necessitated by crowded condltlons We are thankful we do not have school like that now The classes could not get together at all lxttle general school Splflt could be worked up Some thmgs sound mlghty attractive We wonder why they were dropped Every class used to present a splendld operetta or oratorlo ulte often dlstlnguxshed soloists Louise Lerch Dorothea Flexer Alma Peterson Maybelle Marstou Lewls james Armand Tokatyan Leon Rathner Remold Werrenrath Frederxc Baer were brought here Among the productions were Olive! lo Calvary Holy Crly Song of Thanksgzvmg CYUCI xzon Marlha Slabal 'Vlaler Rose Malden Tulzp Tzme These performances were most delightful Perhaps It will be posslble to begm agam to g1ve such concerts Now our Canary and Bfuc a monthly magazine IS prmted solely by Allentown Hxgh students ln the old days the magazme was prmted by a local prmtmg establishment and It was full of adver tlsmg matter At one txme a weekly newspaper was established but xt took a great deal of work on the part of the students who dxd not have much time to prepare It This lasted for only a short time and then there was a return to the monthly magazine New tlmes new songs and cheers Yes we have dropped many of the old songs and cheers for new ones Some of these old songs and cheers perhaps are worthy revlvlng And then there was a Booster Club which hel along the school splnt They distributed tags before the Bethlehem and Easton games with such slogans as Beat Bethlehem or Smash Easton The Easton game was usually a booster game because Easton was our oldest rlval It IS amusmg to look over some old football schedules We used to play Norrlstown Nluhlen burg Frosh Lafayette Frosh Lehigh Frosh and the Bethlehem game was ln the middle of the season One year we played Wilkes Barre on Thanksglvmg Day ln basketball wed meet teams from Slatmgton or Catasauqua and were hkely to be defeated lt seems funny now when we consider those games as just tune up games Before the jack Cofheld Stadium was erected ln I929 the football games were played on the old Amicus field at Tenth and Washington Streets Practice was held at ordan Park but lt wasn t fixed up as lt IS today The players had to put on their uniforms at home and then walk down to practxce Perhaps some of you do not know why Jack Cofheld Stadxum I8 so called practlce just before the openmg of the l928 football season ack Cofheld was fatally hurt m a practnce game The stadlum had not yet been dedlcated so lt was decxded to dedicate lt to lm It IS Interesting to know that this very field when the hugh school was buxlt was just a vacant lot and that during the war vears that lot was dlvlded xnto what was called the Vlctory Gardens Each student had hxs own plot to tend This lasted for several years lmaglne how much land would be needed now to give to each of more than three thousand students a garden And basketball too traveled hither and yon Before the Raub was bullt ln l924 all the basketball games had to be played m the old gym Can you lmaglne what a txme we d have now lf we had to play our games there3 When the Llttle Palestra was bullt It was the general oplnlon that ll would never be filled Now every one s trylng to hgure a plan for enlarging It These are just some of the many changes which have been brought about lh our hugh school Some of the actlvxtles they used to have may have been a llttle better than those we have now and some of the thmgs we have now may be better than those they used to have but l believe that every one of us can be proud to say that he or she ns a member of the class of 38 Throughout It has been Mr Hamm who has helped to make the Improvements that have establlshed a better and better school We take this opportunity to thank him for hrs excellent work as prlnclpal of Allentown Hugh JEAN MA1THEWS Page Two Hundred Tl-urly lhrce W1 K , , n f L .l 'l A' ." ..,- if'-.i . Z ' A ,I .., '. D ' ' .At . . . . h.. ,un , CQOIXIUS Q Z9 9 Barth The Allentown High School band favorably known throughout the state as well as to Allentown has had a successful season and the school is justly proud of thls organization For the benefit of those that do not know the number of musicians in the band there are seventy two including a drum major two flag bearers a student leader and a most excellent director Mr Harvey Prescott The school as well as the townspeople have seen the band in their bright uniforms on many occasions at football and ba ketball games as well as in civic parades and annual concerts and oh yes at banquets The high school band is one of the few bands in the eastern part of our state to play while drilling and does a very fine job too And speaking of drilling that band goes in for it in a big way Even during Fair Week when the rest of the school IS on vacation the band IS still going through its paces No vacation for them not with a very important football season in the offmg lts performances must be perfect And the hard work the boys do is mild compared to the fun they have while doing it and after In the band is a bunch of humorlsts First off there s that playboy of the Lehigh Valley Paul Sherr a bassoon player who goes along with the horn All his friends call him Bing He wants to be a crooner and then there s that serious mmded fellow who upholds the school spirit by carrying the school colors Harold Fabian The old man of the outfit is Creighton Faust It s the pipe folks that s all And next theres ohn ones a baritone player One of the ones boys All his friends call him Wimpy Snowshoes Mlley an up and coming drummer Heiny Dal Santo peerless flautist flute player to you ake Gemmel our own Benny Goodman and his only rival Swmgaroo Peters Tommy Dorsey s headache all made band history band for some time and we hope will be for a long time to come Mr Prescott has made the band what it is today one of the fine high school bands in the state And that has not always been easy There s been many a hard time with new bands to organize old experienced members graduating and all But year after year Mr Prescott turns out a splendid band and perhaps only the members and other band leaders can appreciate all the work and effort that lies behmd that proud accomplishment The personnel of the band follows Horn ohn Abshur Donald Faber Pauline Musselman Charles Kline Margaret Kasche Carl Kressler Angelo Sorrentino Harlan Fulmer Cornel Richard Weidner Alfred Oberecker Theodore Knerr Kenneth Santee Robert Metzger Karlton Kichline Lewis Caumer Robert Kleckner Donald Frantz Howard Faust Warren Eck Trombone Creighton Faust Theodore Kelechava ames Yoder Clayton Wert Carl Holben Earl R Peters Baritone uentin Mehrkam john Mc uilken john ones Tuba Edward Fleming Lloyd Fahnnger Fred Smartschan Bass Drum Bruce Mlley Cymbal Donald Moyer Snare Drum Charles Apolenis Forrest Roth Clarence Frack Tympanx Edward Briggs Bells Ruth Yoder Flule Edmond Dal Santo Charles Hackett Clarmel joseph Zoppi james Da Re ack Cemmel Rodney Shaffer oseph Oberecker Edward Glasser Warren Manley Charlotte Sneg fried Catherine Kressley Marlon Van Horn Richard Reichard Robert Hartman Richard Peifly john Edwards Bruce Zanders Joseph Lulf Raymond Fahringer Carl A Erich Ruth Schaeffer Edgar Brensmger Dorothy Schwoyer Florence Hart Carl Haas Robert DeLong Bassoon Paul Sherr Henry Hochstrasser Saxophone William H Schaeffer Harry Clauser joseph Walker Peter Lagosky Flag Bearer Robert Nickum Harold Fabian Drum Major Clifford Miley Page Two Hundred Thrrly five -1 N I - V' K S . . . I : ,I , 1 ' ' ' : ' And the director, Mr. Harvey Prescott, a great director, has been with the IJ '. ' . .U . ' .LQ ' . Q . J. . . . f . , V . ' r i ' J. . . yn l r' VI, ' lg I ' S. z 21 19 sv Qfbrcbestra lhe Alle ntown Hrgh Sghool Lrclxwtr x unce thx very 1 xp xl ll. dxrulxon of Mr Hxrvey F rcs coll has xclvanu .l conslr c ral lx thl war We rc xll proud ol xhe orchestra and t e lo xors go lu :ts lf. xc 1 r The orehestra plaxs lor all th' Lla 5 plays and other programs ln thc dUClt0I'll.IH lt has lroadcaalxrl ovrr WCHA viral ture llllb ea on Rlght now the mu lelan are frxetxelng at top speel for lhflr Lonurt to l e gxvxn xn Max lhay rc rloxm, flnr werk and wm prxx 1. rom ll thur llStlX1l rs Thxs xexr lNlr lrresxotl has Ofgdlilllfl a l ra-as and a blrlng quartu xnd a wooowmd qumtel and he has vxrmus otha r xnvrun xnl xl Ll xs K5 Um er hub Loanh ng we know lhmy wxll le great IIlllSllldl'IS SUIIN. cl ly We the glass of 55 do xppreuxtc. the orehe-.tra xncl lVlr l reaeotl Cello lxarl Cjmsxnszrr N xx Vlcllnzr Clrxu laml cr! Buss Donxlr labor lrecl Smart schan ohn 'Wil-clus f'1ul4. Fdrnonrl ll xl Santo 1 xnne Cole Clurmcl ,lack Ccmmel Warren Wlanley Rlplxxrel Renmharl Bun Clarmcl Rohcrt lxelong Bassoon Paul Shcrr Henrv llom kslraussmr Saxophone Wxllxam Sc xacflcr l rlward C la-.ser leter Lagosl-cy Corral lilLl'lZlI'..l Wcxjrxer Allrel Oberechcr Irombom. Flheodorc Kelecheva lubu lNed llemlng lumpum Bruce Nlmlm Drum Clarence Vrxck PIUHO Betiv Fngleman Norlert Stern lflOlll1 o-mph Ohereclur Beatrice Hrelnlg Wxlter Kulp brace flerman amei Long ohn lif,lhSl"I1lll'l Ruth Stvlllcr l-lxrold VL xllztrl h4ll,llOllS Snxeloll Donxld lVloxer Nfl xrgaret Lxms H rman Draueh Dorolhw Ward Anne ones f1u1.lo floasv Charles Hoover oyce Petera ldna Drehl X lrgxnxa Helmhaeh l mlu Mxlton IDOHIH XX xllxam Lloyd Rodney Shaffer Bruce Landers Horns Paulxne 'Wuswlman 'Vlargaret Kische Angelo Sorrentlno I luv llumfrul llurlzg n 3 ri O O , 0 N - : '5 'X ' z lr : 'z zz ' ' ' ' . . K ' :- h ' N E I 'f' .'-I ' , -V ls F' ' . 'Q ' l ' R lf ' , ' N I i E ' - .1 1. . g A, . . . , ,. . . . . K , , .. . . ' , V' ' , . 3' et " ,. slr, 'Vs . ' 3 - ' 5 : .A ' ' A 3 7' ' ' H 2 " A kv h , " ' A . i,S'l' az ' V, i , A J . , . ,,. , . L . . . . ' V , i , v ' ,' ' Y ' - J 1 A 3 ' A .' 1' 1 'z:5:'. l' ' "'- Q K '- : ' 3 k ' , .. . . L , 1 . L . . The personnel of the orrlxeslra follows: i 'r' ,r,.lz . ' 1, lz': .' i . z l ', ' ' - . ' . , " z ' 7 ' 1 . 1 ' 2 f . K. V f , 1 I L ' p ' , . ' e , ' H . k , u . - 4 . ' . 2 . V - ' - - ,I , I ' . , , lv. , 'Q . . - ' , , V V . , . . , , . . , 1 4 . , 1. , f 1 , . . s 4 ., - , , . . . , , I . x I V . - 4 I . - r , C , l . Irlgl' V- ' ' 'Q ' U 1 0 COM S Zi Qliappella Glbunr The influence of muslc IS becomlng more wldespread every day lt lS an Influence which soothes rel eves recreates and elevates It llfts one from the commonplace and dulness of llfe into a realm of peace and beauty The A Cappella Cholr has done much ln thus dlrectlon One of the most actlve organizations of the school lt was started late ln I933 by xts director Dr Warren F Acker who lost no time ln unltmg the mexperlenced volces into harmony The choir now has a hrgh ranking among the musical organlzatlons of the state and the members feel lt a great honor and prlvllege to belong The group of slxty members loves the work and thelr steady effort proves lt They have had the prnvxlege of slngmg for various organlzatxons of the clty and surrounding terrxtory and over W Z on the alr Dr Acker deserves the pralse and congratulations he so constantly gets for under hls cllrectlon the cholr has become a dlstmguxshed organlzatlon It lS hard for an outsider to appreciate the time and energy the choir members and the director devote to rehearsing But although they spend much time and do a lot of hard work to supply the best muslc possible and to glve people pleasure they have a lot of fun domg lt The cholr gave lt8 own concert on May 5 ln the audltorlum of the Hugh School and made lts last appearance at the graduation exerclses This ye xr the A Cappella has had the honor of Introducing to the publxc The Deer s Cry a song Wfltl en by a former graduate Richard Neubert of Allentown Hugh and dedicated to the cholr and Dr Acker It IS with regret that the choir sees this year s seniors thlrty four ln all go out from the school It I8 fortunate that there are always other smgers eagerly waltmg to take their places but It wlll be long before we forget the happy presence of the members of the class of 38 The personnel of the cholr follows Sopranos Betty Chrlstman Dorothy Cleaver Glorla Fma Margaret umn Dorothea Horn Florence Hottel Grace Gorman can Cosgrove Dorothy Shankweller Mary Robinson Kathryn Schubert Ruth Shook Althea Horn oyce Gilbert Wanda Carllnl Joyce Rose and La Rue Schock Altos Betty C-eatmg Ruth Clearwater Dorothy Koller Arlme Klndt Louise Horn Anna Seagreaves Jane Dech Vlrglnla McLean Mary Fllcklnger ulxa Oclenhelmer Frances Klem top Hazel Richards Helen Berger Ednth Albrlght Dorxce Peters lrene Huyter Rosalie Moran Tenors Wesley Castelxne Charles Shoemaker Alfred Sensenbach Abraham Samuels Richard Ritter Richard Bray Richard Cernerd Donald Larrlmer Charles Roth Wllllam Knauss Louls Soraruf Russell Barrington Richard Clauser Charles Mortimer Patterson Benner Robert Keenan Philip Carla Basses Harold Larash Otto Hoeckt Robert Swoyer Hlrst Trexler Robert Holben Elmer Parsons Robert Ressler Wllllam Undercuffler Paul Kauffman Gerard Coster Edwin Wlsser Phllllp Bolller Emerson Sell Merrltt Schmoyer Marshall Mlller and Howard Egolf Page Two Hundred Thlrly clghl . . . . , . , . . . . . . I ' v - . - . , , Q . , . .J . . . . , .J , , - . . , . . . . . .J . - - .... , . - ,.... MEMBERS CCDMU5 aaatwnal ilaunor bounty Thus year of l93B marks the tenth anniversary of the National Honor Society whose purpose to create an enthusiasm for scholarshxp to stxmulate a desxre to render service to promote leadership and to develop character xn the students of the Allentown Hugh School day Wednesday and Thursday from 2 45 to 3 I5 the Clmlc xs open to students deslrmg and m the varlous subjects It IS the first time ln the hlstory of the Allentown Hxgh School that such a project has been trled and xt has proved quite successful OFFICERS Preszdent Wnlmer Cressman Secrelary Florence Moffa Vice Preszdenl Phlllp Richardson Treasurer Edwnn Wnsser Adulscrs Mr Allam Mr Thomas Mr Rentschaler M1ssHeckman Mr Richardson Mae Benecoff Milton Berman Elvira Bugatel jane Bottenfield Angeline Censale eanne Cole Mary Ann Davis Evelyn Dornbach Betty Engleman Doris Fetterman Edna Feyrer Arlene Gear Jean Gehman Evelyn Haas Robert Hammond Lena Hassler Margaret Hnttle Herbert Hoehl Robert Holben Louise Horn Anna Huber Victor lacocca john ,Iarret Ruth Katz Mildred Klnngaman Edward Klolber Anita Kobrovsky Elizabeth Korn Althea Kulp Harold Larash jean Matthews Gladys McKeever Ann Merkle George Mllkovxcs Page Two Hundred Tlurly mne Margaret Miller ,Iuha Odenhexmer ennle Palladxno Rose Povalac Agnes Prachar Shirley Resnick oyce Rose Dorothy Saeger Ruth Schrope Sam Sherman Elizabeth Snyder Dorothy Stermer Ruth Stetzler Agnes Troxell Dorothy Ward Ruth Wertman Ruth Yoder 'v L. FY- " ' Q' --------..-, . nh- 1 f A I ' 1, l l is, H U ' A ' , I I t l' The Society has this year launched a project known as-the Clinic. Three days a week, Tues- J ' . . . . J y Robert Bartholomew Robert Mayberry CCD US QBrntan Behatmg Qurnztp Wnth the stern resolution of last year s club ever ln mmd the members of the Orotan Debating Soclety got down to business other than wranglmg over the nutrltxve value of ham sandwiches Desplte the fact that the debating club at Allentown Hugh School has not had the advantage of Varsity debating ln the lnterscholastrc Debating League slnce the dissolution of the Ursmus League three years ago the Orotans are keepmg up the mterest m debating as an extra currlcular actlvxty It IS exp cted that the larger hugh schools of Eastern Central Pennsylvania wlll before long have completed another orgamzatlon to take the place of the old Ursmus League When that happens, the Orotans wlll agaln they hope play an important part m the Varslty squad as they drd when Allentown carried off the honors of the League clurmg the three golden years of :ts membership before Urslnus dxsbanded the project as too expensive and too burdensome for the college to malntam OFFICERS President Robert Neumeyer Treasurer Allen Brader Vzce Preszdenl Wxlmer Cressman V ure Preszdenl Phillip Rxchardson Secrelary john Connor Publzczly Agenl Alger Smlth MEMBERS Allen Brader Iohn Connor Robert Conrad Wilmer Cressman Henry Fetterman Allen Hoffman Robert lhrxe Carl Knowles Wllllam McGee Robert Neumeyer Robert Rhoda Phllllp Rlchardson Wllllam Roth Alger Smith Robert Snyder Rlchard Wescoe Page Two Hundred Forty 1 v . . , . . . - v - 1 S . . . . . . . - r A 1 , CQMUQ jaauh Rleha 7JBehatmg Qomtp The meetings of this club are conducted at the homes of the members every two weeks with Mlss Schlicher as referee Membership m the club 18 determined by annual try outs in which the candidates present the cleverest and most persuasive arguments they can master By a vote of the members they are accepted or rejected In the early part of the school term a representative group of this organization consisting of groups from various schools ln Eastern Pennsylvania in Liberty High School Bethlehem At this meeting many debate topics were suggested and discussed and one of these was finally chosen as the topic of the year for the debating league In spite of the fact that they do not participate in interscholastic competition on a platform before an audience the Nalh Pleda members are keeping alive the forensic spirit ln the High School OFFICERS Presufenl Ruth Brown Secretary Gertrude Goodm Vice Pre.-s1denlwCretchen Wunder Treasurer Margaret Quinn Publrczlyfclladys McKeever MEMBERS Peggy Ceonaval Mary jean Walter Helen Hurdell Betty Wetherhold Nell Hutchinson Eleanor Wilcox Betty Noble Phyllis Wunder Julia Roberts Page Two Hundred Forty one 1 , , the president, the secretary, and the faculty adviser attended a joint meeting of similar forensic LUMUb Ciba german Qllluh Der Deutsche, jugeml Verem strlves to provxde an opportunlty for the study of modern Germany and its language The club IS open to all German students who attaln a mark of 85 per cent or above ln the study of German Its thlrty three members assemble for bl monthly meetlngs under the capable supervlslon of thelr advlser Mr Allam The most Important meetlng of the year xs at Christmas txme when carols are sung and poems stones ancl jokes are read ln German Sometimes the programs consxst of dxscusslons under the guidance of Mr Allam of current happemngs ln Germany whlle at others lectures on G rman customs and school llfe have been given by a member of the club who has recently come over from Germany An lnnovatlon thls year was the German spelllng bee which promises to become a permanent feature A successful year marked by the ready co operation and untxrlng efforts of the adviser ofhcers and members of the club comes to an end ln l938 Betty Albright Harriet Baker jean Bauer Lenore Berlcy Ruth Brown Jane Dech ean Erdman Arllne Fischer Doris Fetterman Jeannette Fetzer OFFICERS Preszdent Betty Wetherhold Secrclary June Wllhelm V :ce Presldenl Lenore Berky Treasurer Emma Kllngler Advlser Leroy S Allam MEMBERS ean Gehman Adele Gaumer Pearl Gelslnger Edith Hexlbram Aldine Hemly Emma Kllngler Margaret Lams Betty Noble oyce Rose Mary Robinson Edwin Wlsser ulla Roberts Paulme Saeger ane Ochs Joseph Miller june Wilhelm Althea Yates Nllldred Kllngaman Nlarle Zorn Betty Wetherhold Anna Stepko Page Two Hundred Forly two 1 a '1 . ' J Jf , J . J. v .. . . J D LQIN Vs .ob L, 09 'Ile Qllercle Jfranraus The purpose of Le Cercle Francazs commonly known as the French Club is to create a strong bond of fellowship between the junior and SCHIOI' French students who are sufficiently conversant of the world impress one wlth the fact that mankind is one vast brotherhood How can an American understand the Frenchman unless he speaks his language sings his songs and knows his customs3 A great deal of such knowledge IS acquired in Le Cercle Francais OFFICERS President ane Fexnour Sccrelary Mary Catherine Wenck Vice Presrdenl Gretchen Wunder Treasurer Jessie Dent Adviser Miss Dorothy Swope MEMBERS Edith Adams ane Kosman Betty L Camera ean Matthews Wanda Carlml Peggy McCormick Mary Ann Davis Anne Merkle Jessie Dent Barbara Miller Evelyn Dornbach Betty Neuweiler Maria Ervin Margaret Inn Jane Feinour Virginia Walton Margaret Hittell Mary Catherine Wenck Dorothy Hogan Eleanor Wilcox Peggy Lee lsreall Leonore Wilmer Anita Kabrovsky Gretchen Wunder Page Two Hundred Farlq three K1 i l X I K . 1 K-- ,r .2 ' Q f 1 f -I-X 1 with the French language to have absorbed the French spirit. The constantly narrowing borders , -J . i n . ' J - J CUM lb The TE Square Ciluh The purpose of the T Square Club IS to promote mterest ln the subject of drafting and deslgn and all Hxgh School actlvltles Meetings are held the second Tuesday of each month at which time the members dlSCUSS topncs on the present developments m archltectural and mechanical draftmg Once each year a speclal meeting IS held at the Y M C A Several representatives from the lndustrnal fields of draftmg are guest speakers Former members of the club return for thls occa slon and tell of their experiences lh lndustry slnce thelr graduatlon An annual plcmc IS held at the close of each school year featurmg a good hot baseball game and plenty of eats Wnth the hearty co operatlon of ofhcers and members the club has had another successful year OFFICERS Prcsulenl Damel Wolfe Secretary Ralph Cressman Vzce Presxdcnl Rodney Young Asst Treas Carl Blgley Facully Advzsers N Lembach and C Ayres MEMBERS George Berta Karl Buehler Ralph Cressman Donald Harrler joseph Krueger Rxchard Long George MICOII Ellwood Schell Carl Weldenhammer Daniel Wolfe Harrison Yeakel Richard Bechtel Carl Blgley Robert Blew Clarence Hallman Stuart Lutz jack Nonnemaker Kenneth Uhler john Vanek Stanley Yeakel Rodney Young George Allen Howard Arner Mules Kramer Thomas Saks Wxllnam Slmmers Lamont Steedle Ralph Wernett Page Two Hundred Forly four 'w L. Li li-. I W 'M K Q 5 H . ,,,,.,. l , C C S l I' l R - 4. . ' ' COM U S 01113: Qllnmmerual Qlluh The Commercial Club was created to develop a more xnspmng Interest rn the study and pro gress of all matters pertaunmg to mooern busmess The greatest arm of the club IS to get acquaxnted wxth the surroundmg business concerns and to supply them wlth capable students ln the held of commercial work The club IS composed of commerclal students of the senior class who have attaxned an average of 85 per cent or above ln each subject The meetmgs are held once a month at the homes of the respective members work of 1ts officers and the co operatlon of nts members OFFICERS President Pierce Bentz Secrelary Althea Kulp V :ce Presxdenl ,Iulla Odenhelmer Treasurer Edward Klolber Faculty Adviser Edgar A Rabenolcl Goldie Dravltz Estella Emmerxch Bette Engleman Evelyn Frederick Arlene Geary Evelyn Haas Althea Kulp Joyce LeVan Margaret Muller Florence Moffa Julia Odenhelmer Rose Povalac Agnes Prachar MEMBERS Shirley Resnlk Dorothy Stermer Ruth Wertman ohanna Wolf Eleanore Wolfe Plerce Bentz Milton Crouthamel Burnxs Fellman Robert Heller Edward Klolber Harold Larash Oscar Lxchtenstem Rxchard Nonnemacher Charles Wexsbach Page Two Hundred Forly fue l The club has been successful in all of its undertakings during the year, thanks to the good ' J Q MUS The Zlalsturltal bounty The Hlstorlcal Society was orgamzed by the class of 36 to further an mterest 1n the hxstory of Allentown and nts vxcmlty and to learn about hxstorlcal events whxch are not always brought out ln ordlnary school books Every one en-loyecl vxsltlng the varlous places of hlstorlcal mterest ln and around Allentown putting on plays at the meetings seemg movlng pictures hearing stones and especlally dnd they enyoy that Chrxstmas party Any one who attended the meetings found that history IS anythlng but dull The club does not try to produce hxstoruans It does try to promote a general mterest ln hlstory Many of those who once thought lnstory unmterestxng now find It fascmatmg Every one feels proud that although the soclety started the year wlth only three members nts membership has Increased to mclude the followlng persons OFFICERS Preszdcnl ean Matthews Sec Treas Ethel Wuchter Vice Preszdenf Marjorle Wrlt Facully Advxser Mr Boyer MEMBERS john Adams Rose Levm Frances Arnold jean Matthews jessxe Dent Dons Maury Wnlllam Dlefenderfer Thomas Meredith Evelyn Dornbach Rebecca Merm jean Erdman Kathryn Moore Glorxa Fma Mary Osmun Betty Ceatmg Betty Reinhard jean Gehman julia Roberts loyce Gilbert Mary Roblnson Richard Crlesemer Pauline Saeger Pete Holland Edward Sebring Emma Klmgler Murxel Smxtham Jean Lenke Marjorle Walt Ethel Wuchter Page Two Hundred Forty six '51 A x , L l il . s 4 I- .i CQ H 5 Earl ikeserhes Bug oaks from httle acorns grow In llke manner the Young Women s Chrlstran Assocla hon of Allentown grew from an orgamzatlon housed ln one room to an mstxtutlon housed ln a fine new home at l208 Hamilton Street The entire thlrd floor of this building IS given over to just one of the many dxvxslons of the Y W the Glrl Reserves The membership program IS usually a recognxtlon ceremony a solemn ritual m whxch new members are formally admitted to the club Sometimes thus ceremony also serves as a worship program but more often the chairman of the worshlp committee appomts gurls to read the Bxble to lead nn prayer and to dlrect the smglng Poems or stones with an msplrlng theme are some times substituted for the Buble reading For socral occasions partxes dances suppers and taffy pulls are arranged by the soclal com made by members during club penods ln addltlon to the xndlvldual club projects other affairs are planned and executed co operatnvelv by all the clubs of the senior hugh school The Hrst of theseaftalrs for this season attended by all the ofhcers of the sophomore junxor and scnlor clubs was the Settxng up Conference September I7 l937 at the home of Mr George K Mosser ln Trexlertown At this annual conference new ldeas and suggestlons are outlmed to the gurls to be taken back and used m their clubs and plans for monthly actxvltles are presented As the club reviews the many actxvltles of the Glrl Reserves for thxs school year It feels that the purposes have been well served and that through well planned and wxsely directed social programs the gurls comprlsmg thls group have been greatly benefited OFFICERS Presrdenl Gladys McKeever Recording Secrelary Joyce Rose Vice Presldenl Ethel Wuchter Corresponding Secretary Mary Ann Davis Treasurer Dorls Fetterman Alberta Hany Mltzn Hmkle Joyce Gllbert jean Rae Sharxdan Betty Egge Mary Hartzell Dons Fetterman MEMBERS Dorothy Stettler Gladys jones Maude Felnour lrene Teman Dorothy Humenak can Harvey Marguerite Holland Charlotte Boclman oyce Rose Ethel Wuchter Gladys McKeever Mary Ann Davxs ean Rexff Page Two Hundred Forlq seven mittees. Money is raised for the club treasurieslby teas, raflles, benefxts, and sales of good things . J . ' J COMUS ELMER F MILLER In the passlng of Elmer F Mlller for almost twenty years a teacher m the Hlgh School Allentown has lost one of 1ts most dlstmgulshed educators Student teacher admmlstrator Mr Mlller s llfe had ranged the whole gamut of professlonal experl ence And to the further enrlchment of hls academic career he brought a wealth of experience from the varied world beyond the pale of books Born and reared amld the natural compulslons of a rural llfe remlnlscent of the pxoneer omethxng of the austerlty and forth rlghtness of hlS early' tralnxng lflgfallled ltself xnto hls character, glVlHg hlm a physlcal stabxllty and a mental clarlty reserved for a glfted few He knew no fear ln llfe and had no fear of death Hrs spmt ln faclng hfe and ln facmg death may well serve as an example to all who were fortunate enough to know hlm Page Two Hundred Forly ezghl f v v 1 - 1 1 1 ' . , . . - C - , .. 1:1 101910101 1: 1 11- 1:s1o11:1-21-11 1 :1 11 1 11:1 1111014-10101 14: QBur Qlhhertisers The staff of the COMUS wishes to call the attention of the faculty and the members of the class of l938 and their families to the following list of Allentown business men. It stands to reason that the men who advertise in the COMUS are not only interested, but actively interested, in the school and in the young people who are graduated from the school. The single active return that we can make for this interest is to familiarize ourselves with these names, and to patronize our advertisers, who are in this case also our friends, whenever the occasion arises. Read this list twice! Allentown Business College Allentown Dairy Co., Inc. Allentown-Bethlehem Gas Co. Allen Laundry Allentown National Bank Arbogast 61 Bastian Bachman. Donald C. Berlcemeyer-Keck Co. Berthold Studios Burkholder, J. S. C, A. Dorney Furniture Co. Calvin Studio Dutch Grille Farr Bros Co Faust Bc Landes Freeman s Dairy Freeman P A Grainger Anna Heimbach Baking Co Herff ones Co Hunsicker Co Kay jewelry Co. Kemmerer Paper Co. Koch Bros. Kuhns 61 Shankweiler Lehigh Valley Transportation Co. Manning-Armstrong Shoe Store lVlealey's Auditorium Merchants National Bank Ritz Barbecue Roth, C. E. Royal Typewriter Co. Sanders-Reinhardt Co., Inc. Snelling Bros Supplee Ice Cream Co The Only Cleaners Trexler Lumber Co Wenz Co Inc Wetherhold 'Sc Metzger Wint Harvey F Witwer ones Co Zolllnger Harned Co LEHIGH VALLEY S LEADING SPORTS SHOP Exclzzsue Locvl Agents For A G SPALD1NC. 6: BROS A J REACH OUTFITTERS TO LEADING SCHOOL TEAMS SEE Us FOR TENNIS AND BATHING EQUIPMENT WITWER JO ES CO OPEN Evnrvixcs PHONE 2 2780 VISIT OUR NEW STORE Page Two Hundred Forly nine ,J . ' 'f-J f . . ' f . .. aco. S Ly, J' F Compliments of the Clflss of 1938 I I lllllf w n Q w C n 14.1.1 1 14 1.,1:1.f-14.01.-101 77 If IIQQJ Xf- MXL, af- ,-Q1 X -FT f xt f'fTTf' ,,1,I.,.JAq:,:.,?I. Sf 1 4 ff I 1 ,IT I X X l IS fr'IfI"'Ir-Ixnr in M I- 14 3 I Q I I 'I VT A ?""' is ,JA R44 I f W1 IFWII Llarl .I WZ I7 I W I is f ! W If I I III II if II IIITIII 'lk II I T I2 I If Q 43. rf'-r'1v iff: I.. J Mu' 'Q 'I nu 'lK711'f6-f i.. -.15 IE BMI' mwg FINE AN NUALS LIKE BEAUTIFUL MEMORIALS ARE THE RESULT OF THE CO ORDINATION OF SKILL CRAFTSMAN SHIP AND EFFORT SANDERS REINI-IARDT CCDIVIPANY Inc 28190673 GYIJ YIQVGVBYS of dz? oo! -QWYIWGIS 7'I'I LINDEN STREET ALLENTOWN, PA Page Two Hundred Fzfty one 1 TH'AT TQ- Q YT Lf jf? 7 ' fd -Y 'gf E -'ia ,I Ill'V'5l,,Ii!?-lg --J' flrirv- I 'N--T-A nfl' H F- E' . ami Qlsgf ,ML wi ' ' ':L+ if - L: -fi-.,I--I .- .- -I --f EQQ ig: T if 1742 "" "' ' -ZZ ,I , ki Ji :ik X173 -I.,w-...- -' -Eff' I aff Wefffw' I F "ff, X , 1 f , -X II IIVIQ I 3 J ,f I ff pf ffII 'fix Z7 fi in 5:1 f I , ii f I ,f I4 -fig", ',jI 5 Efcfiiii: gf- nigh : ig ifiylfp 4 ff? C ' J - ffl X QW 'ff' '71 -I, 5 I li . HQ? cIs,QgX-1FI . E 1 ' ,O it 141952 I ff! I 4 - - . I I I I 1 '.If-II'I.- -, f -Im QQ 15 H ,,1.,:.:,'g, 4 I 1 , If .i 'f g I gif ,nl ,Ai-H ..- T :H -553.7 -f- 1 I III I, I A I , 6 f- -I-- II -I-- pm W . X 715 -I I 7.r, , YIM . API JY I.--, .II I I. 'mu , -I .II ,-If ,IIMUIIIM-I I, II L"24IIIiIIIIf"'I",.-III ""' ' ""' ' 'I I 7 W -I '- I I If'i"H-'-'Ii .f1wllIII"'I-If IIS" WI' I ,Is 2 fl :Of x I5'I4"' AEI' I- I' ' ws!! gi 0 ' 9 Ac, I1 II-:F I , 2 I I I I IPII 'law V WWII? III. If ' I-I N QIIIII If -'.N 55- 1' gl In ' If ' ,fag ' ":T4I"I3e-1 14- " I- fvu 5 lj' r' 'Ii I .I I 'I' 'IDI-'J -' I I A. .I 5 Tifffii ' ffm' I I I, 43- II If J, ' -J ' A j fwvjgglg- IEW! X 'LI IFIIII .IB nf I. " W -'H II .-I.-' 'MII I 71 I- II 1.1, 'L i yg" , .1:'5 I ' I Q I ,- jI!. 5,5 X, ff ,f u I I, PI I IM I IIE I' .IIIQISI If? f II"If ij , I .rf V : - LI I VII I.' . IAII . I -f a: 4 'if I J gp N? 42' I 'IIA , J ' rwrxull ff-in ei l"!""LTH"'m'!- I :EX7-mIL.f'I' VIIPQIL K IE If I ' ' 'I ,I ,, .. . L',,.-.. ,, I-' In III. , f 1 I I' I If I f I , I QL. . I- II II III' '?I'IR.' f IIIIIIIIIIIWI' I Ip If' 'fy ,-I'I'II1'fff f"f ' 'I -If '- I I.frffL1I ISIY I I 9 '12 'I VII .WI ,- ' " X I- -L-, I I I ' Im,IIIIIk,.j'I ,Il.'WI,.,gNIIgg1-1' 1 X gp .fit I - ff' ri' 'T Fr f""+ -. I 'II "3'.' t " I" -?I..'.,t1"'5 I- 1491- 'II ITT IIMC I 71 .' ,-'Lf-PI, I' . Hg III DL ,, '?.,,,'II5 .. I 2f3,I 'I " 'T- A II. ' ,f,, ' 'II I' IIE gif X22 E-'Q' ,f,5, 'IIII' It W I IX I I' H' LS' I5 XUMN I , ia -J ' Ugg? ' U E :L AI. . Y...:.-XI ,A':x:yI,I'.,QmX!II.j L55 3. Ig 4 LU -, 7 Q, - X ,gf ,L T i, , IIQMI. T ? lm! Jgixf tg-1 5- 'pill 1LE?g9i:1i-y.1,.,,.n,.1 5T-,2,vlN,I!fAL,': 'il-5'i,s,'f'I1fr.ji5.5N"L6j,I If 7 ?f,:5-5, I 445 r 'M.Q,..QII.I ...7l- X65 - "I Iii' ' ze IIFILIIP- , , 6- "z .I.. TWC" 5: 5 E' II, 'T ,J-Q' ' A P L , Q.. I "L"J3? Q j. ' 3- '-,f 511- I L.4J,1fEI f" :f - llif ' -- -"T 'I , I F 'Q T .f M 2111. "xr MGE? In T H-:W jg --A 'CLK gig.,-gm -IIE, , F .11 PE? 1.-F' A - - , Ljiiwvg-Iifg, '51 ' -A ' -L -Eli F5125-,-ff iff? :ii , ?.1g1fe- f if A ffl, IQIIQQ I-HQL Q' -l'Q",1T. '- ,f-W" ' ' ' - gl ll' , + 'IT 5 , ,I-.- I - -.L 2,7 W - '-gl f- lflif--55.-" I I " ff'-1 - I1 L? I .- - I . ' 1 11.1, 1- nie tai 1 E sioioivilvi "T"-1 I" --ri-Eboiqioioi ioioloinioioguioioivioioin FINISH HIGH SCHOOL THEN COME TO THE Allentown Business College AN APPROVED BUSINESS SCHOOL Main Building and Ofnces 920 HAMILTON STREET ohn W ObcrIy Presldent A Successful College Enjoying COURSES Secretarlal Stenographlc Buslness Tralmng Accountmg A. B. C. ANNEX OFFICE TRAINING DIVISION the Prestlge 927 HAMILTON STREET of the I ntlre Commumty SESSIONS Day and Nlght Open all year Modern Text Books IVIocIern Fqulpment Lxcellent Faculty Free Placement Service SOLIIII Actlvltlcs Ind Bdsketb Ill CoLIEc.E SPIRIT COLLEGE ATMOSPHERE Furlhcr In ormafzon on Request IST 869 PHO1NL479U INC 897 P gc lw Hu dcdl fly Iwo J - ' I N 7 . . . . ,. Z , , , Z 1' . I ' . I Dillibllbihi ilPi0illl4'i4PlIliZ.iT-iii?lliilllllllll.-l Ii il'ill3ilPi' 'i9 u o n r 'Ii - :.....:-11:11,-.:1-Cf.-1:-:azi:f'1-E-:zz-,:..:n:.-:.,: -: - .-..-.g Compllments ofthe Class of 1939 at -Utne'-1.1 U U U U 15 lilflll U :r 11 U U U ' U U U U ! U U U ll U U U . , IU U1 U U U U U Il U U U U U U U ! U U U IU :..-.-..-.::.,:0:,:.,:U:U:2::: 2 2 zu- :,: -U::..U 'a 1c Tu: llumrcz "i y- :rec Q -my-v :Quang-.-po:.4pmpu-no-.4 1.01.1 10:0-wx 10:4 -M-M ID'vI01vrfv4lv0I0:01010:-H Herff Jones Company INCORPORATED MANUFACTURING JEWELERS AND STATIONERS PHILADELPHIA AND INDIANAPOLIS CLASS RINGS CLASS PINS SORORITY PINS CLUB PINS COMIVIENCEMENT INVITATIONS SAMPLES FURNISHED ON REQUEST C B WINGERT l530 CHESTNUT STREET M PHIL DELPHIA PA 0 czal jcwcIcrsf ALLENTOWN HIGH SCHOOL Pgl I dd! Dist. anager A , . ,HI ' or Qcnavzenqm-xoasoznzoznxozozoiewl-:zzzfliozqzz-as-::wr14:-1:-::::oEc.::.::.:::::-rioioxen' a c ' 'wo Iun rc Iiflyifour 10:4--4 1 Compliments of the Class of 1940 P I Ilddl Q l -n il . I! Il ' ll ll ll H gg U 4 ll 5 u n ll f il H 0 1 ' !! 5 S' u H 2 vic-.5 141101011-piqvioioia 1-:::: v:o14:1:-1:1:.z-o2L-ez-::::io1o1oioio1n1o1oi41-.1o1- Established 1855 ALLENTOWN NATIONAL BANK ALLENTOWN, PA. Member Federal Reserve Deposzt Insurance Corporallon M0lhCf dear what dlCI they COMPI IMFNTS OF teach you on your first day at schooI3 Tommy Not much I have to go back tomorrow Mannlng Armstrong Brlghl Soplr What Iclnd of gum keeps movxng around all the t1me3 Brzghler Senior Wrlgley s What S worse than belng old and bent3 gemg young and broke 809 HAMILTON ST ALLENTOWN PA COIVIPLIIVIENTS OF TREXLER LUMBER CO I UIVIBER COAL WOODWORK AND PAINTS DIAL 6251 Pge Twolludedfflysx '. 3 1 Y 4 4 1 1. . . .- ik FK FF . . - - if if ,If f , . . 'Y Y . '4 9 f - ..., 1:1-.::.1:iuz::i:i::.::i:ixzoiczzxiniz1ziniczzpzaxzztai:si:i2iu11:ir:o1oioi4 a n r Vi - i 1o1o1u1o14vio1oievioZo:4 1014914 1101014 ,je-sioiu'10?'1l'i0i0i4'i"i0i"i0i0i' Bruce: Are you fond of indoor sports? Helen: Yes, providing they go home early. as ae wk A Cedar Rapids dry cleaning estab- lishment has for its slogan, "Out. damned spot!" Culture is a fine thing. as an Ik Modern Girl: A vision in the even- ing, and a sight in the morning. .,, , Y The Royal Portable Typewriter now . if- -L..-' , ...J . with Touch Control. Wg' gt' Teachers a n d Stu- dents are extremely enthusiastic a b o u t 7 xl K it N Nr ------ J ill' this new feature. Prices are from 342.50 to 556450. See them at the ROYAL TYPEWRITER AGENCY FRANK HABERLE Oficc Equipment IZ9 N. Sixth St. Phone 2-0833 Allentown, Pa. SUPPLEE ICE CREAM PHONE 3 9567 HUNSICKER CGMPANY WHOLESALE RALPH BRADER P fJ Cigars Tobacco Candy Etc lvleals and Prices Dzslrzbulors o to Please You Schrajff s and Mznler s CGHJICS 928 Hamilton St Allentown P I7 N SYVENTH ST ALIENTOWN PA P gc Iwo H nd edlfflq .seve , ro. . W Y , . , , , , , , 8. . a ., . , . lsilfil Jllliilillfiilil ilillliililiblul YQlIlfIi2i3lIll a 'W u r ik- v1o1o1o1n14-- --'- 1-101 -A - -----A-- 110101 nzogqivioiqg. -.fe21-1n1c1,.1..- 1 cn-v2.3--..1c.1.1 icing - - - - KEEPING CUSTOMERS is possible only by keeping faith with them . . .YOU can depend on us... ZOIIIHQCI' Harned C0 K O C H BROTHERS COIVIPLIIVIENTS OF Allentown s Leadlng Clothlers FRIEND IVIEN s AND YOUNG IVIFN s CLOTHING AND Pm! How do you keep from get img stxff IH the jo1nts3 FURNISHINGS Hal pm! Stay out of the Jo1ntsI Senlor classes are NOT becomlng more scared and cowardly y ly M Dnd you ever hear of a Hatchet Swing before l9383 CENTRE SQUARI' N I CORNER from teacher when he arrived before 8 30 one day thls year lg7wl1dd1-flqh O 1 . , . . A . ' wk as wk enerp asxzlng e s ye ren:-Q ak Bk ak . h ' ' th .1 I I I: I I ' established b Universi en - Y .. throughout the country. ' " Ik if ik i E Jimmy Reber rated a hand shake 'll Qlfllfq ZH l C 1I :YCll3l'lfli1lQlllll 4Zi'UQl3Y-1l,Ylff',0i.lll:iill-i i 'zz c ' o un re "i --cig l CONSTANTLY SUPERIOR Freeman s Homogenlzed Vltamln D Mllk THIRTEENTH AND GREEN STREETS DIAI 9666 :..l.l..uL.1LlLJ.l 11, y, Ax v AT YOUR SERNICI1 Lehlgh Valley Transportatlon Company Pl o r 3 3323 ALLLNTOWN PA KAY JEWELRY Co 706 HAMIT TON ST A E TOW Q H dqualc rFmosMac Wlh Eg uo u C d Ch g Ac ount Ps T llddl pi i:'l:i::i4y :l qgl0gglg lvjlnidlll2lIUl'2l1illPiIl:lb1 ll0Q1DQl , Q I O . VA l ' ' I ' , X kaln .... . ...... ,. ' H lk! - -' - - '73 L ' ' ' . ,, 4. LL N N, PA. TRAVEL BY BUS , 1 , ca r rsfo a u - ff ac cs Y Hamilton l in B l va . Benrus Paul Breq ette -'Fairfax T Q 1 NL - 4 . We or lally 5 , . lnvite Your ar e C II Q :r:i:v1:::l:::pqziuizzzzzi-:icnioiczznge 11:1u:4v2:zo14,1o1:fw:.:-::.1-niezioiaizzz Q U C L00 un rc 'lifly-nine iuioiq -1 1u1u3o1o14ui4n14n1o1o:s1ev1ojo11v1cr14n:cp1oiol1o1o14s1ojoif COIVIPLIIVIENTS OF ALLENTOWN DAIRY COMPANY TELEPHONEYY ALLENTOWN 72 I8 C E ROTH N l0th St Tuxedos Coslr. mes Caps Gowns MG1dCH Auntie Cromg down that dark street I saw a man ran' Lzlilc Bobbrc Dld you catch hlm aunt1e3 Oh how I Plea e m m there s a man at the oor Its a matter of Ilfe and death he says Tell hlm we re msured already Mary FAUST 85 LANDES JEWELERS 728 HAMILTON STREFT ALLENTOWN PA ewelcrs For Over Fr fy Years SneII1ng Brothers Ink IS A HIGH GRADE INK FOR HIGH SCHOOL PUPILS This means for YOU SNELLING BROTHERS IIO S I3TH T ALLENTOWN P Pgc7woH lcd51q --g1- - . - , 206 '- - . ' ' ,If Pk Pk NN .. , . , 5 y . d . ' ' , LI A I . ,, ' -' f ' I . ' 7 U j f . S . ' , A. 0 ZlL' Ql lilll..lIl1:l.Sl2 ZlZ3i1 ill lillifilfllil iliilili liiilillil 0 I unrr fix. fioioininiogq nio14r1u1u:4s1uo1o:n1 910103 WE HAVE THE FACILITIES AND THE DESIRE TO SERVE YOU THE MERCHANTS NATIONAL BANK ALLENTOWN, PENNSYLVANIA COMPLIMENTS OF STATIONERY CARDS GIFTS 933'f2 HAMILTON STREET ALLENTOWN PA Mother WIIIIam why don t you put your hand In front of your mouth when you yawn9 William Schae cr I but myself the Iast tlme I dld that Teacher BIIIy dcscrlbe 'I nlchc In 1 church Bzlty An Itch IH a church IS the same as any other one only you shouldn t scratch It Zgertbulh Stuhius Portrait Photographers 836 HAMILTON ST ALLENTOWN P DISTINCTIVE SERVICE In DRY CLEANING THE NLY CLEANERS INC ALLENTOWN PA DIAL 6I8I MRS j S BURKHOLDER ROBERT L U BURKHOI DI-R J S BURKHOLDER FUNERAL HOME Estab1Ishcdl895 l60I HAMILTON STREET P gc fwo Hundred Szxly o e ' ' ., , A. . . , - . Sk Pk Pk C -. v 1 ' c I - , . - - . W o 0 n:o1o1o1o1o1n1o:o1f::::::-:zza-zzzrxogez vq:::po:-s3c:::::u2:::::w:::1111v10i0I4 D r ' - n vioioianioioicvioioinvioioioioioioioioiavicnioiavioioi Have You Tried-- I-IEIMBACH'S NEW BREAD Rolls, Buns and Cakes All-Ways-Best Be sure to see Our wonderful showmg of new styles SUMMER SPORT SHOES Przccd at 2 T05 They re the tops ln style ln value BETTER SHOES BY FARR Lady Am l too late for the gar l3age3 Garbage Man Oh no lady Jump rlght ln' Dentist Well Sandy you are a stranger' What have you come for a hll1ng3 Sandy fCOme to pay a three year old bxlll Nae mon worse than that' It s an extractlon Cash and Carry Department HARVEY F. WINT WHOLESALE DEALER CICARS, TOBACCO AND CON FECTIONERY H05 HAMILTON ST., ALLENTOWN, PA. WENZ COMPANY lnc i Archrtccts and Mam acturers Mcmorrats and Mausoteums Buy from a Hrm with experlence 89 years contlnuous Operation Dlstlnctlve deslgns Low Overhead Guaranteed work at mlnlmum PYICCS l928 HAMILTON ST ALIENTOWN P COMPLIMENTS OF ALLEN LAUNDRY TWELFTH AND ALLEN STRFETS Page Two ll df it gl lylwo . , . in . ef .95 .oo ' ' . . . .L 1 ' - .T !! i ii ., . , A. U l i !! " ' !! ' . ll - HF wk Sk . , I ' ' ' Q U ' . . L !! . - - ll - H U v:o1oi1v:oiu1.v1o1o1er2oioiu1o1oi-vio2i:i:1:i.:::.tu: :z ics: izzzz lzzicln un c . 'xy - vioioiuioioiosibioiaa 1:11 :ei-11oi::rciA ioc:::1:io1o1o:o:o1oio1o14V--1-ci 1-1 11 :crimp at-.1 BEST WISHES TO THE CLASS OF l938 MEALEY'S AUDITORIUIVI I-A5 ALLENTOWN PENNSYLVANIA ARBOGAST 8: BASTIAN CO U S GOVERNMENT INSPECTED IVIEATS ESTABLISHMENT NO 289 ALLENTOWN PENNSYLVANIA FOR BETTER PHOTOGRAPHS The Qlalhm Stuhm FORMERLY WINT STUDIO 617 LINDEN STREET PHONE 2 l3I0 ot tn Goupad ot Wddng Pgf ddSlyt , . . L. f V P r rait and Dis I ctive r S n Commercial P r raiture e I s llZlZvl:l:i4-lilll lil.lill-D Ii'I 4Zl15Q1PlIi1.llZ,fEliQ4llI 4Vi:PiClY7i0, a c ' wo Hun rc ix - hrcc Q vioioiuioioiujoioioiuioi-vioioiq -iaiuinioiuz vioiuioioioioxcvioioowoicnia Q WETHERHOLD 8: METZGER Alleniownfs Family Shoe Store o f Famous Shoes and Scientific Filiing 7l9 HAMILTON STREET ------ - ALLENTOWN, PA. Said the flea to the elephant after they had walked over a small bridge: "Boy, we sure did shake that thing!" COMPLIMENTS OF The Rltl Barbecue Q It used to be father who gave the bride away Now lt s Walter Wm che Page Caesar We now h'1ve the Visit the New Duce as the greatest Selzer of them R113 a IVIO T IMPOR T FOR TI COMPLIMENTS OF C A DORNEY FURNITURE CO S UDENT R C Abu TE A Smart Watch HAMILTON ELGIN CRUEN A dependable tlmeplece Wlth guar anteed selvlce at P A FREEMAN JEWELER 9l I Hamilton St Allentown 6l2 HAMILTON ST ALLENTOWN P NS MOST BE 4:0 Alf mmm HOME DONALD C BACHMAN l03Z WALNUT STREET Pg lw I1nddSl PIC :lf Bk ' 1 113' ' ' PF Pl! Ik Q nf' u I S TAN 'IE l T O R A ii up . . I . . . Y !! - - ll ' ' H - !! ' ' I U ., ', A. . I I 'N' , ! II 9 Q- I .. xy z, L I Y ' l I ' i ' - T E 'iii E Ei - l lrrslIassllaasllmllassl ! T T T T I S ALLENTOWN . . PENNSYLVANIA . llll I- ' llll llll r-rr llll ' :ssl I :sa L A ll Q,:..:u:1,..e:1:J:-,:e:U-.,:.,:..::::::-,:..-.-.:. 1- --.-4.1 Q..-1.-..-..-. -..-..-.T--I-0-.5 U C T 0 u rc ix y-four 101- ::i:i::2ci::1e:i:,:-: 1-zz: 1 z.:i:i:r:: 10101014 1 nzuioioininiuiniui Behlnd the Lady of I elsure AN ALL GAS KITCHEN You have time on your hands for things which add to your pleasure when you replace your old kill-time kitchen with an all-gas leisure kitchen. lVloclern gas appliances free you from kitchen clruclgeryfancl save you money too. Truly all-gas is the moclern way to enjoy life ALLENTOWN BETI-ILEHEM CAS COMPANY Kuhns 8: Shankweller t S th gl, e bmw s lls at hes a clagua e h uh t got Man s Store u J 1 a 7TH 6: HAMILTON STS go e b ALLE TOWN P y 110 KEMMERER PAPER COMPANY WHOLESALE School Supplies, Etc 355 357 HAMILTON STREET ALLENTOWN PA Pg1llddSl U I .1 - fl ,Y If Y, li Y, l Y ' Wha i e differenc een a jeweler and a prison arcl? Ajeweler e w c , n rd watches cells. Th bk Sk bk . Lorl, chile, w en y ain' an eclucatlon, y h es' go to use yo br ms. :ef as wk Silence is ld n, ut sometimes it N - A' is e w. . - 9 -llIl2l.1lTIiCl -QQ: 4IlfIl.Ill'lQlil0jl'llllClll .fl i l Illliibvi' ll2illlllQ4ll u c "wo un re ix y-fue This year book was printed in Allentown by the Press of Berkemeser Keck o 1133 1139 Wxple St Allentown Penni Przntzrzg or livery Ypzzrpoye P IIIIIS 7 u - u u u n - C . ' L ' 2 . V , C 0 C . - f 1 0 0 o 1-an cn 10101014-10.501-s..:-fzrupl-1 101- 5 A.

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