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, Q A ,D JL V? 1 I fr F, LI T i , .fs W v 5,315 PM x ffqia. a ,H ,Q vm a M 5 1 fy N .: I ' if N , -0 151 fl , f"'s I 1 - F 1 5 1 fh X? 4 1 1 'xv 1 kc l ?l sr 11, y E n 5 F' ui 'J l W P ,J-9 an , . . . vll 'R 'Vg 1 7 -- J ,Tv -,, -:Q '34 2" if , . .1 L 5 . 1 ' 1 M E if if I KJ I J ' 'Ji fi ,4 I 3 vi ff' i is Q gf' W1 Q 5 5? E 5 E Ae sl 5 5 ,ef 4 1 H 1 L v , ,U 3 . . .Q , .. fr r' vs :QE r ., F nm -,n - A P , x W ,. : . . . L, v 1 . ,I fx- -- A V S V -..V ,, .WA-,725 xi f A f7 54 V. f xi X , M33 -7 ..........-M--r-"" k xxx X---.........-,,f' xx NK -.,-N - .xx xx gk, .- . ..f""'," . i-M,,,,1'? ,. N -I ,Mf--f" X , , "-W W,,,,,....---f-' ' ' - 1, ....-.-..T I 5 . 1 33' P,,.Z' , p, Y ' ,.. Ant H9051 , 11 -- Y dv , Y A- W AWN. . 2 -- ' 0 ' ' ' H f' fl 4 , , Wdi-ygrgiij-'ffsfff . -Q.. V - Y Agn., .--ff' YV-,.. - ' Q, vids-H-E q -ei. V,-,,,.,.f--- F fm. raw? 23,422.1 me 3 1 , L - .., .:,..:--.. V, 5 . ' V ' , 'v 1 1 ,. 'rm 1 f if 1 ,. ' - q..7,,.4ji,1- '..3,-.., , in 1. , gg , v- - . -I - , .r ' ., ' ' fun" , Bef' .' -, ,, , f,,,g'-' pw' fy.---,ff J, M- s H5 fir. -M . ":, f,1.s:.T-':f,. 1,4143 1-4 Q, .4-1,1 'im na. . ff- VUL' ,wear f 'Q F, 1- fa,wf.:71,f.'f1, ,, A , .' ,V V M--1 wg --W1 - ' W1 --'sw ' Q f . fi I -' wa-:I -' ,MW-.4 - 1 '-if :ff ,ff -' -- rw .2 'afffsrgfifgjifii ?4 ,g ,:'j,w.f,Y-V? f "Af ' .4425 -' H' S J . , 1,4w5-e:f?Tafg-ft'gay -'25 f N Wg, :f V A , V 1 , H. 'ff 'gif' ,-an -1-3 1 -' " ' A , ' V Le: THE 1967 EAGLE .1 X l l . NX E X ff X N f XX 2' X 1' J! X ,X - ,gs 0' NN gl 1412- 5 3-'X W ,TM :S ff' 1 , .3 - if N A X I 1-4 mlm: I, X X , I A I-7 ly fi ul l - Xxkkk nf ll E l ' 1 by ,Eff ,WK ' l'q'l'1l 4 . VV Miz" , V' 'KMX f lal-5405 E. Afygvgfqfll I X - , r ' rv U 116 Presented by . . . The Eagle Staff Allen High School Allen, Texas Foreword At 8:25 each morning another day is begun at Allen Schools. Their corridors echo with chatter about the homecoming, the chemistry test, Macbeth, Santa Claus, or Saturday's date. To a few it is "just a school," but to the majority of students it is the place where they leamed together, shared together, and had fun together. A year at Allen is a composite of activities. It is this spirit of activity which our yearbook has attempted to capture. Eagle Annual Staff 1967, yarns! Editor Table of Contents Foreword Dedication Administration and Faculty Classes Activities Favorites Organizations Athletics Advertisements Dedication Joyce R. Goodman The Annual Staff feels it their honor to dedicate this 1967 Eagle to Mrs. Joyce Goodman. She has worked diligently with the faculty and student body to improve the Allen High School. She has been on the teaching staff at Allen for six years, during which time Mrs. Goodman has taught the business classes. Besides these jobs of teaching, she was the original sponsor of the Beta Club and is now the sponsor of the Annual Staff. We could write on all day with long words and fancy meanings, but it all means, "WE LOVE YA, MRS, G." llen Schools K Board E4 E941 is Y wap Education - C A? :KZ rv x ' .iv 4 W a 3 . 1. I ' TE 1 Qxvlf J J it 1 ' -a E- I ' f + I - 0 in Q I A Cl I 'xhxi 5 ' 14 I We J PRESIDENT: MR, T. H, ERECKSON VICE, PRES,: MR. J. L. DEMENT SECRETARY: MR. G. W. RUTHERFORD MR. DON W. RODENBAUGH DR, A. E, VITA MR. G. W. PORTER MR. D. L. ROUNTREE, MR. BILLY I. CHAPIN SUPERINTENDENT Our warmest thanks and appreciation go to these men who conduct the affairs of our local school district, They work untiringly the entire year to give Allen Schools and the youth of our community every advantage possible in the way of a fine educa- tion. O ur Superintendent D. Lee Rountree SUPERINTENDENTS MESSAGE - I Thanks to all who have helped so faithfully in making another good school year possible. Interest, cooperation, and hard work are indispensable in the growth and success of a school. The future of the school is most encouraging. Plans for additional new buildings are "brewing," growth in our school population is very much in evi- dence, and a continuous upward surge in every phase of the school's program is being promoted. To all students, I would like to express my desire to help you in any way I can. To the Seniors, I extend an invitation to come back and visit us after you have graduated. Good luck, and may the future bring success and happiness to each of you. High School .... MAX O. VAUGHAN County Supervisor: MR, L, R. HUDDLESTON Brenda Painter, Allen Schools' Principals Elementary School. . . . JAMES L, GRIFFIN SECRETARY County Superintendent MR. L. G. RICHARDSON MAX O. VAUGI-IAN Principal B. S. , M. E. Science CHARLENE WALLER B. S. English ur H1 h School Facult LEON PORTER B,S,, MA, Voc. Agriculture ELLA IO ADAMS B, S . Homem aking JAMES GRIFFIN: Principal THERESA BERNDT B.S. ' Third Grade .TAN DUNGAN B. S. 5 Second Grade SYBIL DUNGAN B. S.: First Grade KAY GREEN BLS. 9 Fifth and Seventh JAMES MARION M. Ed, - P. E. and Science FRANCES NORTON B. S. , M. E. 5 First Grade OTHEL PATTERSON B.S. , M,A.: Sixth and Seventh Grades Allen Elementary Faculty MICKEY SHOCK B. S. 9 Reading and Spelling BONNIE L. SPEIGHT B.A., M.E.s English QUINCY SPURLIN B.A.s Fourth Grade GLADYS WATSON B. S, , M, E.s Second Grade MARION WEST B.S.: Third Grade IO ANN WORDEN B. S. 9 Specialized Reading Fi? nhgwny 9 xr if Facult Snaps CLASS OFFICERS PRESIDENT: CLIFFORD WILSON VICE PRES.: JAMES EARL TUCKER SECRETARY: CATHIE CARPENTER TREASURER: SARAH GILLILAISID p. DAVID ALLEN Football - 2: All-District - . '66. 1 i 1 i . ,, 3' awe!! will J BRENDA BRA ZEAL Pep Squad - 3: FHA - 3: Jr. Class Treasurer: Most Studi- ous - '66, CATHIE CARPENTER Beta Club - 2: Most Cour- tious - '65: Best Citizen - '65 8: '66: Homecoming Nominee - '66: FHA - 4: Basketball - 4: Class Officer .. 4. PAM CUNDIFF FHA - 4, Officer - 3: Pep Squad - 5: Cheerleader - 4: Basketball - 4, Capt. - l: Beta Club- 4: Annual staff - 4: Best Citizen - '65: Class Favorite - 2. SHARON CROSSWHITE FHA - 4, Officer - 2: Miss AHS - '66: Most Beautiful - '64s Pep Squad - 5: Best Personality - 65: Cheerlead- er - 4: Homecoming Nominee - '64: Basketball - 4. Seniors 967 . . . First Grade Class . . . A.E.S. . . . 1956 ATALAYA GARRISON Transfer student from Ligon- ier High School, Ligonier, Pennsylvania. SARAH GILLILAND Basketball - 3, Capt. - 25 Beta Club - 45 FHA - 49 Pep Squad - 1: Tallenettes - 1, President - '669 Class Officer - 2s Miss AHS Nominee - '675 Most Atheletic - '65, ' ION GOODMAN FFA - 3, Vice President - '66s Beta Club - 43 Most Handsome Nominee - '655 Football - 3: Track - 1. Annual Staff - 2, PHILLIP HEFNER FFA - 35 Football - 35 Beta Club - 4: Basketball - 2: Track - 1: Class Favorite - '64 85 '665 Annual Staff - 1, BRUCE HOPKINS FFA - 39 Treasurer - '669 Basketball - 3. GEORGE JONES Football - is FFA - 3: Class Favorite - '67. Seniors RUTH KNIGHT FHA - 25 Basketball - 2: Pep Squad - 2. JANEEN LOWRY FHA - 3. PAT MCBRIDE Pep Squad - 35 Drummer - 23 FHA - 45 FHA Area V 2nd Vice President - '66s FHA Second Vice President - 2: Basketball Manager - ls Annual Staff - 1, TERESA MOTE Basketball - 35 FHA - 4: Homecoming Representative - '65s Most Beautiful Repre- sentative - '679 Class Favo- rite - '67s Pep Squad - 3: Tallenettes - l, Sl-IERRY SHELGREN Pep Squad - 45 Drummer 2 FHA - 35 Majorette 1 Class Reporter - '665 Annual Staff 2. BEVERLY SMITH Pep Squad - 4: Drummer 2 Tallenettes - ls FHA 4 Basketball - 2. JUDY TODD Pep Squad - 3: Majorette 2: Basketball - 4 Capt 15 FHA - 45 Miss AHS Nom inee - '65s Annual Staff 2 JAMES EARL TUCKER Football - 4: Track 1 Bas ketball - 25 FFA 3 Class Favorite - '65s Class Presi dent - '663 Mr. AHS Nomr nee - '67s Annual Staff 1 Beta Club - 29 Best Citizen - '67s Mr. Touchdown CLIFF ORD WILSON Football - 45 Basketball - 3, Captain - ls FFA - 23 Class President - 25 Beta Club - 45 Baseball - 39 Track - 15 Most Hand- some Nominee - '66 85 '67s Mr. AHS Nom - inee - '65 85 '66s Best All- Around - '6'7i Most Athletic - '67. Wwlailfm "People Will Say We Are In Love" "They're Coming to Take Me Away" "Walk Don't Run" "Act Naturally" ' Night" 5 . ,,"51..M' nsflfzqfl 5' fr fig u 5 Lou1e ri'- ,sff ,Ill I -fig I ffm 'tflr Louie Pants" "W1sh1n' 8a Hopin "Fancy Pan uxvgni-qi "Single Girl" NO l "Georgie Boy" qno pic.J "Lady Godiva" "T he B eat Goes on" "I Got Hair, Babe" "Row, Row, Row Your Boat" "Snoopy" "lt Ain't Me, "Laugh, Laugh!" Babe!" "Lovesick B1ues" "Wishy-Washy Woman" "I Had Too H l Much to Wllldu Dream Thmg Last CLASS OFFICERS PRESIDENT: ROB RUTHERFORD VICE PRES, : LILBURN GARRISON SECRETARY: SHERYL ROUNTREE TREASURER: SUZANNE SMITH. REPORTER: CATHY IVES CLASS OFFICERS PRESIDENT: DOUG MONAGHEN VICE PRES.: JOHN CY HEFNER SEC, 85 TREAS.: LYNDA BROOKS Bobby Hemby Roger Hopkins Harvey Johnson Patricia McMenamy Doug Monaghen Brenda Painter Mike Pritchard Norma Sexton Kathy Smith David Starr Glenda Sweeny Allen West ophomores Bob Acker Beverly Adams Billy Allen Cleta Bolin Lynda Jo Brooks Phillip Chapin Karen Cuncliff Jimmy Eaton Jonnie Enloe Wanda Grizzle John Cy Hefner Milton Hefner Wm 424' ,Pi CLASS OFFICHIS PRESIDENT: EDDIE MERRITT VICE PRES.: DAN POSEY SECRETARY: MIKE LOWMAN TREASURER: DONNA TERRELL Freshman Class Mike Merrell Eddie Merritt Alan Mote Connie Ottaway Mark Pettit Jim Phillips Paula Porter Dan Posey R. C. Ratcliff Jeannie Smith Kathy Smith Ricky Smith Bruce Snoddy Albert Songer Donna Terrell Mike McBride Gervis Allen Charles Castle Napoleon Dixon Jimmie Dunn Bobby Flanagan Iudy Gibson Charles Hall Kay Haskell l Yvette Heathington Karen Holm es Mike Holmes Linda Jones Anita Judkins Mike Lowman Doug Mazey Q V k V L f ELEMENTARY and JUNIOR HIGH Eighth Grade Jim Renfro Chucky Smith Steve Smith Jimmy Songer Terry Adney Carla Barnett Glenn Betts Jerry Boston Joyce Bridges David Burnside Harold Cassady Ivan Castle Lee Cobb Jettina Davis Karen Day Kenette Day 'Frankie Enloe Marsha Finley Ira Freeman Dan Fulcher Randy Green Kathy Greer Sandra Gregory Sharon Hemby Gary Holm es Melba Hopkins John Jones Melody Julian Mike LaGrone Wayne Lowry Sherry Martin Peggy McEuen Allan McMenamy Susan Ottaway Steve Starr Margaret Tobaben Mark Warrick 'ary West vir. Porter, -srgngor Mr. Marion Eady Moseley Ed Painter Debra Porter Evelyn Prince Karen Pritchard Frank Smith Ronny Smith Thomas Smith Joy Weaver Johnny West Seventh Grade Ronald Adams Gary Barnett Sherry Bedell Bobby Bolin LaDon1'1a Bruce Linda Clay Jackie Davis Shiela Dem ent Robert Duffer Tommy Ereckson Vickie Flanagan Billy Freeman Rose Mary Hall Alan Hart Rickie Holmes Rex Hughes Ricky Ives Billy Jones Janna Lowman Randy Marion Jerry Mazey Jimmy McEuen Ronald Miller JoAndra Millhouse Connie Monk Sixth G d Teacher: e M'ickey Joanne Shock, Reading - Spelling Colette Buck Treceda Day Ludonna Fisher Sharon Glanagan Glenda Gray Cheryle Greer Teresa Gregory Susan Knight Cinda Malone Elizabeth Merritt Nancy Nickolson Deborah Prince Arlene Rogers Vicki Snider Pamela Stratton Cynthia Terrell Deborah Tucker Pamila Warrick Kathleen West Glenda Williams Teacher: Othel C. Patterson, Math Elana Aaron Sandra Beddow Randy Barnes Monte Bly Jerroll Bridges Mike Burling Bobby Day Charles Fowler Bobby Grizzle Glenn Hall Danny Hooper Douglas Hopkins Jimmy Jones David Martin Andy Ottaway Dallas Prince Billy Robinson Rayford Sexton Paul Snoddy Lynn Starr Paul Warrick Marc Vita L. W. Buck Stephen Chapin Terry Gage Michael Gibson Eddie Gray Terry Gray Keith Gregory Alan Harper Johnny Hughes Mikel Hulon Kenneth Jones Lewis Knight Gary Marion Charlie Millhouse Keith Phillips Mrs. B. Speight, Fifth Grade Teacher Andrew Ratcliff Jimmy Todd Rodney Vaughan Kathy Adney Robin Barnes Mrs. Green, Teacher Janet Bates Charlotte Bruce Pamela Burnside Shirley Clay Deborah Douglas Brenda Dunn Debra Ereckson Cynthia Fry Cynthia Green Melba Harrod Bonnie Herbold Mary Alice Jones Deidra Mazey Linda McMenamy Fretta Millhouse Janet Renfro Gloria Roberts Brenda Robinson Tina Wade Debbie West Karen Hughes fno photoj Mike Lee Merritt Sabrina Monk Joe Moseley William Murphy Nicky Nickolson Lynne Pringle Beth Reaves Betsy Sego Lisa Shelgren Dwane Snider Sherri Starr Terry Terrell Shelia Wade Donna Joe West Mrs, Quincy Spurlin Fourth Grade Steven Acord David Alexander Mike Barnett Cindy Bedell Benny Bolin Sanford Bolin Connie Day Karen Dem ent Richard Dugger Jill Enloe Gail Goodman Cynthia Gray Don Harrod Ian Ives Vicky Johnson Dennis Judkins Gary Lowman Linda Malone Billy McEuen Donna McMakin TEACHER: MRS. QUINCY SPURLIN Bradley Barnett Vickie Bedell Jack Cannaclay Cindy Cooksey Barbara Duffer Terry Duncan Carl Dunn Debra Fulcher Jackie Gage Laura Gregory Garland Haskell Paul Hooper Mario Hughes Steven Kyle Cathy Langley Third Grade Steven Mazey Jeanie Miller Louis Millhouse Paula Monk Kennith Robinson Mary Steverson Billy Todd Iana Weaver Mrs. Theresa Berndt Teacher Phillip Aaron Ricky Adams Laura Betts Mark Bly R. C, Campbell Patricia Clay Laurana Curtis Pamela Douglas Michael George Douglas Greggory Mark Hall Paula Harper Kevin Jones Ralph Jones Carol Lowman Mrs MRIIOH West Teacher hm Settle Bradley Todd Lori Worden GuyiFinley fNo Pic .J Dorothy Hearne f No Pic.J Grade Dianne Martin Jeffery Posey Venicer Roberts Ray Robertson Patti Stratton Timmy Bedell Mark Burkett Phyllis Burnside Robert DeWitt Ricky Dunn Loren Ellis Brit Fisher Donnie Flanagan Gregory Holloway Ronnie Hughes Jenifer Kouns Matt Martin Leon Miller Mary Ann Murphy Charles Ottaway Mark Paxton Jill Phillips Becky Reaves Vicky Rogers Barbara Russell Norma Snoddy Kim Warrick Cynthia West Ronald Whisenant Mrs. Jan Dungan Second Grade TEACHER: MRS. JAN DUNGA fa ,PP N Second Grade -01 exif Z Il H Miss Watson TEACHER: GLADYS WATSON Tommy Adams Wesley Adney Steve Barnes Madison Berndt Audie Cassady - Pamela Dixon Ladonna Elkins Christine Fowler Jeffry Fry Lorraine Gage Charolette George Evelyn Harpole Nancy Herbold Dale Holm es Donald Hughes Richard .Johnson Brenda McMenamy Dawnn Oliver Cindy Overby Inez Patton Dona Rodenbaugh Donald Thomas Eric Vita Billy West Eric Wood 'Sandy Bedell Norma Bingham Tammy Bruce Billy Clay Rebecca Crawford Jeffrey Dugger it it Stephen Dunn t Billy Don Eastham h Eva Marie Elkins Brian Fewell Burnis Freeman E Darren Giles Patricia Harpole Keith Howlett Y Randall Johnson Kenneth Langley Edward Lynge Kellie Maffioli t Lisa Mclvlakin Elaine Murphy Donna Purdom Elisabeth Ratcliff Bobby Russell Robert Shaw Denise Snoddy Tony Wall Mark Watts Cole Wilson Mrs. Dungan I 'iii Carolyn Thursby QNo Picj Larry Aaron fNo Picj Tracie Lewis CNG Picj First GfadC TEACHER: MRS. SIBYL DUNGAN Miss Norton First Grade Patricia Aaron Robert Acord Richard Bates Stephen Burch Janet Burling Deanna Campbell Beverly Cooksey Ricky Daniel Daniel Gage Mark Gibson Jim Gray Michelle Gray James Harrod Toni Hedgcoxe Kenneth Holt Helen I-Iortman Kristi Jones Zenford Jones Steve Marion Denise McMenamy William Peavler William Prince Clay Robertson Gary Rodenbaugh Celeste Speight Melinda Snider Jerry Terrell Rosemary Thomason Vicki Vaughan Mary Ann Watson gi TEACHER: FRANCES NORTON We Play - We Work---We Learn Allen Kindergarten FIRST ROW: C, Johnsons R. Vaughn: G. Duncan: M, Paxtons L. Rodenbaugh: B, Seaman: T. Wall SECOND ROW: K, Dufferz L. Settles S. Strongg L,' Smith: J. Erecksons L. Worden: A, Walker THIRD ROW: Mrs, Willie Mae Barnett, Teacher: J. Burchs J. Matthewss S. Whitaker ACTIVITIES Sharon Crosswhite - A smiling example of a faithful cheerleader. , Typing class decorates Mrs. S0 this is tYPing?? Goodman's Christmas tree. Student Life at AH "T ogethernessn 8' Our Roman T orchbearers - Shhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh .... Kathy and Atalaya I won't tell a soul girls - "Friendship" Seen b The Camera Merry Christmas "fun and games" --Our very intellectual Senior class - Hit him again, Mr. Vaughan. Mucho harder -! ! 9 . Steak? Mr. Rountree? George gives the student body an entertaining pep talk - mf ' '7"-' mpnuuwwmvls ntn,n wivwfMf'q.A,,u:ff,w:, -f,,1f, ,,,, J M. 11 1 M i L wwl. ,',, I L ' Click, Click- - -SHIRLEY ! Ex -student - - 1 - Guess what? GUESS WHAT. ectures Where's the White Knight??? l Gir1's Varsity fights for another victory! Yes! We QQ attend classes! Sophomore boys take a between-class break at the good ole water fountain ---- Last home game of the season and the Seniors' big night Mr. Porter and Ag boys demonstrate "de-homing" technique. Mrs. Goodman discusses Tax problems in Bookkeeping class 1967 Classroom Memories Mr. Maples hands out History papers. Mrs. Marion - English - and the 8th Grade boys! ETWEEN CLA SSES - - - Mrs. Waller gets across a point in English to Junior's Mrs. Adams shows slides to Sophomore "Home-Ec" class Mr. Vaughan oversees Senior's Chemistry experiment Typingl class hard at work--as alwa v Mr. Painter gives careful instructions to Sophomore Geometry class Mr. Porter's Ag. III class discovers green thumbs Mrs. Wa1ler's "eager -beaVer" Spanish class Clerical class takes field trip to IBM lst and 2nd grades entertain parents at annual Christmas program ---- What a life ...... Student Life at Allen Elementar Mr. Griffin experiments with the new dry- iiV Vii M copying machine- - - Look! A real study hall! Another Blue Ribbon for Susan lst grade gets T. B. Test from Mob1l A real Christmas Belle Spec1a1 Readmg Class uses headphones Sar1ta's little helpers Mrs. Spurlin's lively 4th Grade - quiet at last! Mrs. Shock takes time out for a picture Mrs. Speight explains mysteries of Grammar Everyone enjoys listening to Mrs. Green Miss Watson's 2nd Grade studies word meanings Elementar Echoes Mrs. Patterson teaches "New" Math I .v Q, Q. Miss Norton is proud of her "First Gradersni Mrs' Dungalfs happy First Grade T'was the night of the Christmas play--Ian Dun- gan and the Second Grade 7th Grade is also tested for T. B. Student Librarians enjoy working in new High School Library ----- Whatis New A in Allen Schools Allen Eagles names on 1966 ALL DISTRICT FOOTBALL TEAM: Johnson: Alleng Roberts: Terry Coaches: Maples and Painter Smiling, talented TALLENETTES and Flag Bearers--- Mrs. Worden s Special Reading Cla Band Director, Mr. Jack Logan and members' of newly organized ALLEN BAND James Marion, new Junior-High School Coach, P. E. Instructor, and Science Teacher Mr, L, R, Huddlegton' Student Eight new self-contained classrooms being constructed at Cqjungelor Elementary School a l in Mrs. Carlina Chandler, ex-student, returns as Practice teacher Mrs. Waller tea-ches SPANISH I class ll 'N Q i I QQ '53 Q I ., Homecoming Queen Representatwes CATHIE CARPENTER - SENIOR SUZANNE SMITH - .TUNIOR CLETA BOLIN - SOPHOMORE DONNA TERRELL - FRESHMEN Wie ?z S i .Q 'QRS' Im.: refvmgc mimi h vp The last look at the 1966 COURT of BEAUTIES The Homecoming Court remains all smiles, even after another winner was announced, Everyone anxiously awaits the announce- ment of the 1966 Allen Homecoming Queen BEST ALL -ROUND Sheryl Rountree--Clifford Wilson Wh 9 BEST CITIZENS 0 S O Cathie Carpenter--James E. Tucker at A.H.S. MOST ATHLETIC Suzanne Smith--Clifford Wilson FRIENDLIEST Karen Cundiff---Doug Monaghan MOST CO-OPERATIVE Shirley Dement--Paul Eastham MOST STUDIOUS Dan Posey--Wanda Grizzle G EORG IA RUT HERE ORD 1966 Valedictorian A .3 ' V, .. ,.. SUSAN NICHOLAS 1966 Salutatorian V Miss A.H.S SHERYL ROUN TREE Mr. A.H.S. SENIORS Teresa More G orge Jones JUNIORS Christine Nich Robert Robe 1966- 1967 Class Favorites FRESHMEN Yvette Heathington Albert Songer 1966- 1967 Class Favorites SOPHOMORE Wanda Grizzle Jimmy Eaton A.H.S All-School Favorite CLIFFORD WILSON Runners-Up . Most Beautiful SENIOR: TERESA MOTE SOPHOMORE: BEVERLY ADAMS FRESHMAN: KAREN HOLMES . . Most Handsome SENIOR: CLIFFORD WILSON SOPHOMORE: ALLEN WEST FRESHMAN: EDDIE MERRITT All School Favorite Runners-U . . . Miss AHS SENIOR: Sarah Gilliland SOPHOMORE: Brenda Painter FRESHMAN: Karen Holmes ...M12 AHS SENIOR: James E. Tucker SOPHOMORE: Doug Monaghan FRESHMAN: Eddie Merritt JUNIOR: FRANCES WILSON SOPHOMORE: DOUG MONAGHEN FRESHMAN: MIKE LOWMAN EIGHTH GRADE: DAVID BURNSIDE 69 DOYLE WILLIAMS Custodians HENRY LA IRD .5 X Cooks Bus Driver Mrs. Elmer Davidson, Mrs. Be Our Gther School Favorites orrow, Mrs. Walter Curtis G. Daulton Pherige Mr. Williams and helper, John Mr. Laird and helper, Harvey Johnson Hall ORGANIZATIONS FHA 21st Birthday Party FHA OFFICERS 1966-1967 President: Sheryl Rountree lst Vice: Sarah Gilliland 2nd Vice: Judy Todd 3rd Vice: Cathie Carpenter 4th Vice: Suzanne Smith Secretary: Christine Nicholas Treasurer: Brenda Painter Historian: Cleta Bolin Sgt, -at-Arms: Sherry Sweeney Parliamentarian: Lynda Brooks Pat McBride: Area 5 - II Vice-Pres. SPONSOR: "BEAU" Ella Jo Adams Doug Monaghen Future Homemakers of America ALLEN CHA PT ER Future Farmers of America A LLEN CHA PTER FFA Class Project County Equipment Donated for FFA Use VICE PRESIDENT SECRETARY - - - TREASURER - - - REPORTER - - - SENTINEL - - - SPONSOR - -V- x fi Ao X S if QIEG L10 -45 .11- ,f ' ' I fl QWPN FN M X IL! 'E'-1 rf' OFFICERS PRESIDENT ---------------- ALLEN WEST - - - - - - - - -EDDIE MERRITT - - HARVEY JOHNSON - - -NAPOLEON DIXON - - - -MIKE LOWMAN - - DOUG MONAGHEN - - - MR. LEON PORTER BAND MEMBERS Adams, Paul Barnett, Carla Bolin, Benny Bolin, Bobby Buck, Colette Buck, L. W. Burling, Mike Day, Karen Dement, Karen Dement, Sheila Flanagan, Vicki Fowler, Charles Goodman, Gail Harper, Alan Hart, Alan Jones, Kenneth Lowman, Gary Lowry, Wayne Marrs. Dana Marrs, Gena Marrs, Peggy McMakin, Donna Mosely, Eady Mosely, Joe Nickolson, Nancy Nickolson, Nicky Ottaway, Andy Ottaway, Susan Painter, Ed Pettit, Mark Posey, Dan Pringle, Lynne Snider, Duane Starr, Lynn Tobaben, Margaret Vita, Mark EDITOR-IN-CHIEF ----- - - PAM CUNDIFF ASSISTANT TO EDITOR - - - ""' IUDY TODD BUSINESS MANAGER ---- - - SHERYL ROUNTREE STAFF PHOTOGRAPI-IER - - - - -JAMES TUCKER SUBSCRIPTION EDITOR - - - - -BRENDA PAINTER ADVERTISING EDITOR ----- - -SHIRLEY DEMENT SPECIAL FEATURES EDITOR - - - - - -SHERRY SI-IELGREN SENIOR REPRESENTATIVE - - - ---- PAT MCBRIDE JUNIOR REPRESENTATIVE - - - - - SHIRLEY O'NEAL SOPHOMORE REPRESENTATIVE - - ----- CLETA BOLIN FRESHMAN REPRESENTATIVE - - - - - CONNIE OTTAWAY SPORTS EDITOR ----------- ---- P HILLIP HEFNER ADVISOR ---- --------------------- J OYCE R. GOODMAN 'The'67 CCEag1e99 Staff UGS 6 11 le he al ealg S, O'N Sweeney: S S. Bolirlg sg C. ok ith: L, Bro 1Tl eeneyg B. S Sw SQ G. QB, Adam S ARER, C, Ive BE FLAG l'11'1g Du BEARER: S. G FLA Moteg Ottawayg T. Painterg C. entg B. 1'l'l , ,Rountreeg S. De illilandg S deleg S. G Grin CAPTAIN: C. Nicholas Tallenette Officers PRESIDENT: SARAH GILLILAND SECRETARY: BRENDA PAINTER TREASURER: SHERYL ROUN TREE CAPTAIN: CHRIS NICHOLAS SPONSOR: Mrs. James Marion DIRECTOR: Mrs. Steve QDeej Goodman Allen Parent-Teacher Association OFFICERS President ---- ------ lst Vice Pres. - - 2nd Vice Pres. - 8rd Vice Pres. - - 4th Vice Pres. - - Secretary - - - Treasurer - - Reporter ----- Parliamentarian - - Civil Defense Chmn. - - - Hospitality Chmn. - - - - -Mrs. Phil Pringle Mrs. Jimmy Phillips - - Mrs. Dan Strong Mrs. G. W. Harper -Mrs. Max Vaughan - Mrs. Mack Curtis - -Mrs. Fred Fisher - -Mrs. F. E. Bedell Mrs. D. D. McBride - Mr. Max Vaughan - Mrs. Ward Paxton Program Chmn. Mrs. Phillips Aa., F MEETING TIME: Third Monday night of each p1.esidem--MrS- pringle month at 7:30 p. m. MOTTO: "Nothing is so contagious as enthusiasm" Coach Painter introduces the Allen Eagle Football Team to the PTA 66 9 CS agl V2 Songer, Black- Merrit, ibson , G gr.: cBride, M W:M es SECOND RO lm aghen, Ho Ofl M PS li Lowman, Phil Rutherford, ote, Dunn, Snoddy, W:M RO T FRON Garri- HCS Jo hite, Petit, B. Allen, W berts R0 xon, Di est , fner, W He aples oach M OW: C R THIRD Mgr, S tafr errill Johnson, M Eastham , Terry, eter, Eaton, Wilson, Warrick, Tucker h, Acker Allen, Smit son, Coach Painter BACK ROW: EUGENE MA PLES BOB PAINTER ' . , C t VHIS1ty Football 66 P C0301-1535 BILL WARLUCK Foot u Off CDSC ball '66 Defense 519 . LINE - Gibson T , erry, Eastham , Blacketer, Son ger, Merrit BACK t, Allen S - Johnson, Wil Ruth son, erford 5 , Warrick Roberts LINE - Allen, Terry Tucker, Eaton, Jones, Warrick BAC KS - Wilson , Monaghen, Dunn, Johnson, R oberts CLIFFORD WILSON Fullback DA VID ALLEN End Senior Lettermen '66 0 '8N""i ""' 'M JAMES TUCKER Tackle GEORGE JONES Tackle H r. Touchdown" Tallenette Captain, Christine Nicholas, presents a beautiful blue and silver trophey to a very surprised James Tucker. This aw ard was presented by the Tallenette Drill Team to the Senior player whom they felt typified the qualities of good-sportsman- ship, athletic ability, and team and school spirit. Congratulations! James. JAMES EARL TUCKER CHRISTINE and "MR, TOUCHDOWNH 1966 Football Snapshots BACK ROW: Coach Maplesg John Cy Hefner: Phillip Chapin: Roger Hopkinsg Paul Eastham FRONT ROW: Clifford Wilson: Mike Terry: David Allen: Zane Gibson: Rob Rutherford .H.S. arsity Basketball '67 CAPTAINS: Clifford Wilson, Rob Rutherford, and Roger Hopkins COACH: Eugene Maples Basketball 967 Starting Line-Up 5- WILSON, HOPKINS, EASTHAM, CHAPIN, RUTHERFORD Just an inch higher, Roger! Now. back I0 dGfS1'1SC! Q I A . 1' 'K' K 4 1 Hope the referee isn't looking! S t Scatter offense! STARTING LINEUP: Pam Cundiff, Sarah Gilliland Sherry Grindele, Sheryl Rountree Sharon Crosswhite, Judy Todd Gir1's Varsity FRONT ROW: Pam Cundiff, Sharon Crosswhite, Judy Todd, Suzanne Smith, Teresa Mote SECOND ROW: Christine Nicholas, Brenda Painter, Shirley O'Nea1, Sherry Grindele, Sarah Gilli land, Sheryl Rountree, Cathie Carpenter ' LAST ROW: Pat McBride, Mgr.9 COACH: Bob Painter A Varsity Captains CAPTAIN: SARAH GILLILAND, PAM CUNDIFF, SHARON CROSSWHITE COACH: BOB PAINTER ' CC Junior-Varsity" Basketball '67 Boys COACH: EUGENE MAPLES BACK ROW: Alan Mote: Otha White: Mike Merrell: Coach Maples: John Enloe: Harvey Johnson: Allen West FRONT ROW: Mike McBride: Jim Phillips: Napoleon Dixon: Rickey Smith: Bruce Snoddy: Doug Monag- hen: David Starr "Junior-Varsityn Girls COACH: Bob Painter FRONT ROW: Judy Gibson: Belinda West: Connie Ottaway: Glenda Sweeney BACK ROW: Frances Wilson: Karen Cundiff: Coach Painter: Paula Porter: Kathy Smith Boys FRONT: S. Starr: T. Smith: R. Adams: R. Ives: R. Barnett: T. Ereckson. CENTER: M. Warrick: R. Smith: I. Castle: F. Smith: B. Bolin: T. Adney. Duffer: G. Smith: C. BACK: C.. Womack: E. Painter: D. Songer: M. LaGrone: D. Gantt: L. Cobb: R. Marion: F. Enloe. COACH: JAMES MARION Junior-High CHEERLEADERS Peggy McEuen Jana Low man Basketba Joyce Bridges Io Andra Millhouse Girls COACH: Bob Painter BACK: Coach Painter Peggy McEuen:Me1ba Hopkinsgloyce Brid- ges: Kathy Greer: Margaret Tobaben: Sharon Hemby: Melody Julian. FRONT: Jettina Davis Sandra Gregory: Gena Marrs:Kenette Day: Karen Day: Susan Otta way: Marsha Finley: Carla Barnett FRONT: Iviazey, Holmes, Barnett, LaGrone, C, Smith, Ereckson, T. Smith, McEwen SECOND: J. West, Hart, Ives, Bolin, Starr, Duffer, R. Smith, THIRD: Adney, Warrick, F, Smith, G. West, Castle, S. Smith LAST: Painter, R. Marion, Cobb, Davis, Fulcher, Songer, Burn W sf, nf . f ' .i:iIf1EsVf, ' K ,, Phillips, G, Marion, L. Starr , Adams, Miller side . ,, , VH ,. 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The awardee is chosen by the coaching staff and the Athletic Director. 1966 Ped Bryson Memorial Award Charlie receives 1966 honor ?ffx 1 1: Mr. and Mrs. Leon Porter Mr. and Mrs D. L. Rountree and Sheryl Miss Gladys Watson . and Mrs . and Mrs . and Mrs Bill LaGrone , Ken Jones Steve Goodman and Derrick ox X T 'Q WWW gf tina tl y Doyle Williams S F s ,I . .lr . X Mr Mr x Mr -1 ' Mr. and Mrs Mr. and Mrs Mr. and Mrs Mrs. George Mr. and Mrs. Kay Green T. H. Ereckson Max Vaughan James L.- Griffin Spurlin Robert Patterson Teresa Berndt Mr. and Mrs. Joe D. Dungan Mr. and Mrs. J. D. Goodman, Ir. I. L. Dement and Family Marion J. West Mrs. Jan Dungan Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs Mr. and Mrs Bob Painter Eugene Maples Robert Waller James Marion J. E. Tucker 1 E 3 3 5 2 E Q z 1 i 2 E 5 3 f 3 5 2 S.,,,..,.,..,w,m M, Qv e em 4w, N e ee NA l A,4 ,Q, ,Q e ,44.v ,W QW 4k 1 e 1- e e is Adverusers ' V "Where liberfy dwells, there is my countryf' . Benjamin Franklin X Phone SA 7-3306 Phone AD 5-9802 Allen, Texas Dallas, Texas uh-Ss O o REALTORS 1: , 1' O z z I -n Isl I A'Tl'1Vl 3 'Q ss::::::.':f, C? -vl Buums Q Esndf' W. E. "PETE" FORD "YOUR I-IOMETOWN REALTOR" 635- ASSOC N 1 Insurance - Real Estate A Office: 104 lst St. , Allen, Texas 4ESTA1g Phone 995-4120 in Plano, Texas 5 f 91'EE1E'x2?5 3 'Q C:::1:::a::: 5 -7 BOARD: Q COMPLIMENTS OF. . . ALLEN PHARMACY All T Day Ph Night Phone SA 7-3462 SA 7-36854 CONGRATULATIONS "EAGLES!" "We Appreciate Your Business" Open 7 Days A Week 7A.M. to 1lP.M. BILL'S SUPERETTE Owner BILL LaGRONE SA 7-3351 Allen, Texas Hwy. 2170 COMPLIMENTS OF . . . J. L. DEMENT AND FAMILY CONGRATULATIONS - - - SENIORS "67" C OMP LIMENTS OF ALLEN CLINIC STAFF All C1 A COMPLIMENTS OF - - - CRAWFORD 8. MOSLEY MARKETS We Spec1alize in "I-lome Killef' Bee ' -MEMBER- , AFFILIATED FOOD STORES Servlng You in Lewisville and Allen Phone SA 7-3331 Allen Texas COMPLIMENTS OF . . . HARPER'S FURNITURE NEW 81 USED G. W. "WAYNE 'Sz MARY" HARPER QOWnersj BUY - SELL - TRADE LOW OVERHEAD LOW PRICES TERMS SA 7 3204 A L. R. BUCK HEATING 81 AIR CONDITIONING R e sidential and Commercial AUTHORIZED DEALER no W T59i' GENERAL ELECTRIC L. R. BUCK SA 7-3218 Owner Box 373 Allen Texas COMIPLIMENTS OF ALLEN STATE BANK MEMBER OF FEDERAL DEPOSIT INSURANCE COMPANY ,e- Phone SA 7-3377 Allen, Texas CROUCH-MOORE FUNERAL HOME CROUCH MUTUAL AID ASSOCIATION Z4-I-Ir. Ambulance Service Oxygen Equipped "SERVING COLLIN COUNTY EOR OVER 100 YEARS" DIXIE LIFE INSURANCE Dial LI 2-2621 601 South Tennessee McKinney, Texas Buy the Best - - Why Settle for Less? FARM BUREAU INSURANCE Auto - Fire - Farm Liability - Life Crop - Hail DOYLE ODOM - Agency Manager JAMES BROOKS - Agent DAN PADGETT - Agent MACK BRYANT - Claims Blue Cross-Blue Shield Hospitalization 117 W. Virginia St. Phone LI Z-5583 McKinney, Texas MURPHY AUTO SERVICE WAYNE MURPHY-OWNER SPECIALIZING IN AUTOMATIC TRANSMISSIONS All Makes Automobile Repairs and Service Tune-Ups ---- Ignition Service Phone LI 2-4142 South Central Expressway McKinney, Texas w f EWEEE BCAT CCRPORATION PERRY CARTER ROY BRUCE Res. Ph. 995-6236-Plano Res. Ph. SA 7-3427-Amen BUSINESS CONTROL AND TAX SERVICE . BOOKKEEPING . BUSINESS CONTROL . INCOME TAX SERVICE . QUARTERLY TAX REPORTS . OFFICE SPACE FOR LEASE FFBR 6-5191 Jupiter Forest Office Bldg. 729 So. Jupiter Rd. - Garland ' a GENTRY'S STEAK HOUSE "Go to Church on Sunday and Let Gentry' s Do the Cooking" - GENTRY JONES - SA 7-3326 Your Host Allen, Texas GENTRY'S BUILDING CENTER SA 7-3222 Sales and Installation Allen, Texas ll if 1 - if ' ' 9 HOLT'S MOBIL SERVICE T Allen Phone SA 7 3311 e as COMP LIMENTS OF LYNGE 8g STACY LUMBER COMPANY COMMUNITY BUILDERS I24 Lt 1.72 f-'figag ,-, L.-,,.. -if.-Serin: A -F'--. -4 asf -2 ff: :Q ,Q ,.-..w.ig,.,-qllv-:fF7fgg:efi--- I' ' -'Emi -'Hurt-E. ' Pho e SA 7 3371 Alle Te as We Salute The Graduating Class of 1967 -,1-:-. F4 1, katie? Oswff R M 0 N L , kg . '1a"1 "'2 4"" 'Rmb COUKSEY 2's:'RS 44,5 -"l XR, , Allen, Texas Building Contractor and Certified Electric Heating Dealer Install Electric Ceiling Cable and Other Types of Electrical Resistance Heating You Can't Beat Box 468 Electric Heat All Work Guaranteed SA 7-3765 HARRIS HORN FUNERAL HOME 'FUNERAL SERVICE INSURANCE V AMBULANCE Phone LI Z-3351 202 W. Louisiana McKinney, Texas RODENBAUGH RADIO 81 T.V. SERVICE FAST SERVICE I Repair s Done Reasonably DON RODE NBA UGI-I Allen Owner Phone Texas SA 7 3454 COMPLIMENTS OF . . . SMITH DRUGS EXCLUSIVE EASTMAN KODAK AGENCY COMPLETE LINE OF VETERINARY SUPPLIES RELIABLE! D1al LI Z 4431 :nur mum: McKinney, Texas PRESCR I PTIONS l'l4 North Tennes see A.8fW. ROCT BEER AT McKINNEY Bring Your Dates and Parties to T0 A' at W' at MCKINNEYL Try Our Fresh, Hot Good Food---Good Service DO-NutSL South Tennessee on South Expressway BILL ALEXANDER'S SHELL STATION Z4 Hour Wrecker Service Lebanon Rd. at Central Exprswy. E . X - f 3 Tires-Batteries-Brake Service-Electronic Wheel Balancing Mufflers-Generators-Tune Ups-Air Cond. Service Phone Nights SA 7-3333 Allen, Texas SA 7-3482 MCKINNEY DRIVE -IN THEATER RIT Z TI-IEA TER MCKINNEY THEATERS, INC. FF ALTON BQYD CONTRACTOR s. BUILDER Ph SA 7 3635 All T MAHANAY INTERNATIONAL, INC. FARM EQUIPMENT McKinney - Frisco Texas Highway 75 and 34 I Highway 289 and 720 McKinney,' Texas Frisco, Texas Phone LI 2-2693 Phone ES 7-2412 INTERNATIONAL HARVESYER INTERNATIONAL FARM EQUIPMENT Trucks, Parts, and Service LYNNES' BEAUTY sALoN HLOVELINESS MADE LOVELIERH See Us for the Latest in I-Iair Fashions 903 No. Tennessee McKinney, Texas Phone LI 2-5242 LYNNES KANADY Owner 9 MONROE'S APPLIANCES - TELEVISION N. E. Cor Sq McKinney Texas COUNTY WIDE SERVICE Frigidaire Motorola Fedders LI Z 3338 TEXAS POWER 84 LIGHT COMPANY ww Ave BETTER x Q5 xy Urmcif SERVING BUSINESS, FARM, I-IOME, and INDUSTRY With DEPENDABLE ELECTRIC SERVICE 995 3310 Plano Texas "STEFFY'S" JIFFY DOG DRIVE INN FOR THE BEST FOOD IN MCKINNEY Fried Chicken Shrimp Sandwiches of A11 Kinds Malts and Shakes 1211 N. Tennessee St. McKinney, Texas Phone LI Z 4032 ALLEN GRAVEL AND SEWER SERVICE JOHN L. ENLOE "YOU'LL LIKE OUR EXPERT SERVICE" ROCK - GRAVEL - SAND - DIRT Phone SA 7-3638 A11en P O Box 133 Texas WELLS BROTHERS FARM STORE Plano, Texas Specializing in Farm Supplies I Seed-Fertilizers 7-'3"j'fl Case Farm Machinery wil. Goodyear Tires if New Holland Farm Machinery Tex Tan Leather Goods and Riding Equipment Plano Phones A Dallas Phone 995-4124 GO0D,5Wl-SAR AD 5 4244 995-4692 f THE FIRST STATE BANK IIIVESTIGATE SAVIIIGS... JE Frisco, Texas MEMBER OF THE FDIC CAPPS' HAIRDRESSE Specialists in Hair Styling We Use Only SP-Strictly Professional Products Call LI 2-2585 for Appointments McKinney Plaza Shopping Center McKinney, Texas MILDRED CAPPS, Owner J. W. THOMPSON QOWnerj McKinney, Texas McKinney Dalla s LI 2-5541 AD 1-1901 CHERRY, MARTHA, BARBARA, MRS. CAPPS, SANDY DON'S CONOCO Gaia YQ! "HOTTEST BRAND GOING" The gas is different but we'1'e still the same-- Open 7 Days a Week Owners DON and HELEN TERRELL Allen, Texas Collin County's Own Made in McKinney CABELL'S FINER DAIRY FOODS PRODUCERS, MANUFACTURERS, AND DISTRIBUTORS OF FINER DAIRY FOODS N.-...f"NN-'Q Phone ' A McKinney, LI Z-5321 Texas 49 6 S' aximum F6 ul . 25 Z lnsu ance O pl For Each r Q, e oliter Q, . PLANO AUTO SUPPLY AND MACHINE SHOP COMPLETE LINE AUTOMOTIVE - TRUCK - 406 TRACTOR PARTS , 4' if A, 3 Bearing Press and Brake Drum Turning ki! P I af Owne r s NH, wx, GENE WRAY B . B . CA RPE NT ER xhMSxgRSS'N -Zi-24, 1 P.:,4..w Free Pick-Up and Delivery Plano, Texas 1414 Ave. .T Phone 995-7917 NSU Banking Is Easy, Pleasant, Personal, and Dependable SI '44, 'HE EQEDMU CQQJ TY app 8 MEMBEQ McKinney, Texas FISCHER-DOYLE FORD SALES Sales Service 225 E. Virginia 'M Phone McKinney, Texas LI 2-3376 in McKinney "For That Special Occasion, Come By The DAIRY QUEEN For a Banana Split or Hot Fudge Sundae" A W. Hwy. 24, McKinney Farmersville N .-'11 waz.:- NATHAN WHITE DEPARTMENT STORE Phone 995-4541 Shop with us Phone 394-5875 Plano, Texas and we will both be pleased! Wylie, Texas The Future Is Fortunate . . for having in prospect such excellent citizen leaders as the students of Allen High School. The Plano National Bank is at your service. Let us help you make your mark in life through a sound banking connection. PLANO NATICNAL BANK 1000 West 15th Street Phone 995-7515 Your Home Owned Independent Bank of Personal Service. TURRENTINE-JACKSON FUNERAL DIRECTORS INSURANCE ASSN. RIDGEVIEW MEMORIAL PARK, INC. Phone LI Z-2601 Ambulance Service Oxygen Equipped McKinney, Texas I SMITH TEXACO AAA EMERGENCY SERVICE Highway 75 at Rowlett Road Allen, Texas "TRUST YOUR CAR TO THE I, , MAN WHO I WEARS THE STAR" 5 ll ' M1 .-1 I ll 4 Road Phone Service SA 7-3355 HARRINGTON'S PHARMACY GRADUATE PHARMACIST Slnce 1881 Phone 995-4588 P1ano, Texas CUST OM BUILT HOMES BY P EDGAR L. DEMENT LUXURY LIVING AT ITS BEST 1710 N. Avenue Phone 995-3277 Plano Texas I ED'S DRIVE IN North Central Expressway McKinney, Texas "Come Out and Try Our Food and Service" i 5 Owner, MAY FRANCIS I Phone LI Z-6272 i CONGRATULATIONS! HSENIORS OF '67" SA 7-3619 ' ' G 7 ' ELL-rBUY--FINANCE--NEW or USED CARS--BANK RATES ON ALL LOANS Allen, Texa s J. W. CARPENTER, SR. TERRACING - TANKS - TREE CLEARING P1'101'16 ' Allen, SA 7-3487 Texas CARVER DODGE INC. 1600 Highway Z4 McKinney, Texas "Horne of the Dodge Charger" Store Front Contractors Plate Glass Auto Glass Window Glass Furniture Tops - SPORTSMAN GLASS C0. Sportco Aluminum Windows BILL SPORTSMAN -- Owner Phone: LI Z-3366 916 S. Expressway Night: LI 2-3147 McKinney, Texas YOUR COMPLETE HOME FURNISHINGS STORE 210 NORTH TENNESSEE I Linden 2-5555 McKinney, T exas y I 5' ' C , , sgasunnnrref Y E. cgL:T :,.va bf ASQ MANN'S gy DRIVE g Q INN GEO. A. COX Z Q 8 CO. 1002 N. Tennessee Ll 2-6541 EST. 1923 REAL ESTATE - INSURANCE Hamburgers Shrimp Basket ShakeS Cokes GEO, A. COX, SR. 802 15th St. Chicken Baskets Plano - 995-3492 Plano, Texas McKinney, Texas Dallas - AD 5-1016 ' one A Youre m 'Y Se,,9l:, Ahead , FIRST SAVINGS 81 LOAN I McKinney , T exa s Me IIMIEY Phone LI Z -4483 McKinney , Texas COME ONE! COME ALL! PITTS-KERBY LUMBER PAT'S BEAUTY COMPANY SALON SPECIALIZING IN I-IAIRCUTS BUILDING MATERIALS HARDWARE PAT TERRELL fa x Owner PAINTS . mx, ,,, stu., 'G' 1 FOR APPOINTMENT CALL SA 7-3373 Frisco, Texas A Phone ES 7-2434 Allen Texas McKINNEY OFFICE AND SCHOOL SUPPLY OFFICE SUPPLIES ' H' Royal Typewriters bpwcsumss Adding Machines ,I School Supplies , Office Supplies ' 117 West Louisiana McKinney , T exa s LI 2-5571 COLLIN COUNTY COMMISSION CO. McKinney, Texas East Hwy. 79924 BARN PHONE: Llnden 12-2619 SALE EVERY WEDNESDAY Insured and Bonded "THE BEST PLACE TO SELL YOUR LIVESTOCK" MCKINNEY CO-OP DAN STRONG GIN AssoclATloN Owned and Operated BUILDER by the Farmer Box 469 I fx LP? L2 Xu f 9 , 2 1- Q If, xr 4' ' 'I : -"' "'A"' N , ff? 1+ , ,f s IM IIHW ' S af, " TfTf'P-rj 1, A CONTRACTOR ff' SA 7-3614 ' ' ' Mgr., J. J. PosToN Allen, Texas LI 2-4923 ALAMO ACCEPTANCE CORP. OF McKINNEY LOANS SIGNATURE AUTO FURNITURE MCKINNEY PLAZA SHOPPING CENTER McKinney, Texas LI 2-2691 DaI1as, Texas TA 7-1266 MCKINNEY DRY GOODS COMPANY MCKINNEY DRUG CO. M? 'K C QOI1 The Cornerj Z' "!fsr -1 ' JOHN W. GASTROCK 2 1.,, !f!'i5 V Phone LI 2-5521 McKinney T exa s McKinney T exa s Phone LI 2-5222 LI 2-5261 120 W. Louisiana KATREAN'S Q CITY CLEANERS BEAUTY SHOP . .W W ,X 4-Way Hair Shaping Q6 ' "TOPS In Dry Cleaning" 315 N. Tennessee 51 5.6, ,V BESSIE McKinney, 3MCK1nney' Texas ' Kg B. Texas Complete Beauty Wi? BRIDGEFARMER Service Compliments of MR. LEROY RICHARDSON COUNTY SUPERINTENDENT COLLIN COUNTY SCHOOLS "It Takes Your Head To Run Our Business" BASEMENT BARBER SHOP LI 2-6742 OSCAR JONES EARL QPETEJ CATE McKinney, Texas LAWRENCE JEWELRY BOI-IN OIL COMPANY j MOBIL 4 PRODUCTS LI 2-6631 Northwest Corner McKinney, of Square Texas 201 N. Kentucky LI 2-2639 McKinney, Texas 'CURTSlNGER'S DRUG CAIN'S AUTO PAINT IIYOURII 8 DEPENDABLE Q DRUGGIST 313 N. Wood St. Box 359 Ph' ES 74403 Phone Ll 2-4391 Frisco Texas McKinney Texas Compliments 81 of Double Stamps on Wednesday "TI-IE BIG FRIENDLY STORE" COUNTY JUDGE Free Delivery LI Z-2742 McKinney Texas 300 E. Davis McKinney, Texas VAUGHAN'S SHAMROCK , F - SERVICE STATICN OXWORTH GALBRAITH JIMMY VAUGI-IAN - Manager LUMBER COMPANY Lumber and Building Corner of Plaza Shopping Material Center at McKinney Phone McKinney, LIZ-29011 LI2-5381 Texas , Remember ! Compliments I ,L Wa, Of F, ....., THE .23 STYLE 'B' J. S. "RED" HAND . SHQP LI 2-4341 COUNTY SI-IERIFF North Side Square McKinney Texas McKinney T exa s BRANNON FOOD MART 1005 15th St. Pho. 995-3460 Plano, Texas BOB DALE FURNITURE CO. Furniture and Appliances Kelvinator Appliances 301 E. Louisiana McKinney, Texas Ll 2-2195 ALLEN'S DRUG STORE Plano, Texas CHESNEY BROS. gbus ntug . D . Prescription 5' Q3 IMPLEMENT co. Specialists S3 4539 63, 5, Quality Farm Equipment 5 41 Frisco, Texas Phone ES 7-2465 1 ' Dallas, Texas Phone AD 1-3864 "The ERNEST CHESNEY Friendly Day 995-4538 Res. Pho. Drug Store" Night 994-3449 Prosper, Texas FI 7-2450 C-IN YOUR FRISCO LUMBER N1 Q COTTON HERE! SD f Q H 1 1 HARDWARE co. M H. C. RITCHEY Free Delivery Courteous Service llll A Frisco, I Texas ES 7-2985 Frisco, Texas BOX'S CONGRATULATIONS! MEMORIAL 'T - Portable Buildings "Seniors of '67" Owner LESLA BOX 11 U From the We Do All Kindsof Cemetery, P at 1 Allen Annual Monument, and Curb Work I Phone LI 2-2213 1 Staff 1422 So. Tenn. St. McKinney ' Texas Good Things Come In Holiday Packages LOUISE'S HOLIDAY g LAUNDERLAND CLEANING a. LAUNDRY , Specials Every Wednesday Q Phone SA 7-9404 7:00 to 6:30-6 Days a Week Allen, Texas Allen, Texas SA 7-3111 I Cornplim ents of CARL MARION Commis sioner of Precinct 4 ALLEN DRY GOODS ' Gifts Notions See Our Fine Selection of Dry Goods' Phone SA 7-3381 g GRQQ A-1 AUTO PARTS a. SALES 9146 2 SPI, Q Q Used Parts Usable IIQ g' ---Jil Alai Fairview Texas f L 7 LALLS to 0 .L I - s-P I U.: Ph. SA 7-3771 Rt. 2, McKinney, Texas CUNDIFF GROCERY Phone SA 7-3356 Allen Texas LOVING CARE DAY NURSERY Congratulations Seniors of '67' Ap ALLEN KINDERGARTEN Infants ' MRS, fagmqfza g and II 'Q' JIMMY MRS. S. o. BARNETT Pre-School M' STARR Teacher Drop-In Care 103 S. 3rd 324 So. 3rd Allen, Tex. SA 7-3359 SA 7-3219 MERLE NORMAN COSMETIC STUDIO MRS. MELBA ROBERTSON Studio 995-6044 1001 15th Place Home 995-4401 Plano, Texas Phone 995-3480 Collect Dallas AD 5-2108 9214 15th Street COLLIN COUNTY LUMBER CO. Plano, Texas FRANK R. ADAMS Phone 995-4316 Res. 1019 Springbrook Dr. PIZZA DELIGHT Plano Plaza Shopping Center BEST PIZZA IN PLANO Pho. 995-7724 Plano Texas BOB DAVIS FOOD STORE Plano, Texas QUALITY MEATS AND PRODUCE WELGIVE S 8: I-1 GREEN STAMPS Clothing and Shoes for Entire Family THE B 81 B STORE Good Values Everyday PLANO BARBER SHOP Vic, BARBARA, DICKIE, JIMMY LI 2-5221 McKinney, Texas V. L. CAMPBELL, Owner Residential - Commercial Licensed Electrician Compliments of E. R. "ZAC" ZACHARY PAUL WORDEN Day and Night Service Electrician Phone CI-I 7-1866 2667'Leta Mae Lane Dallas, Texas 75234 ouAurv msncrmnons: ' "Saves You More" McKinney Texas .IULIA'S Late st in A11 Fashions 204 E. Louisiana St. LI 2-5451 McKinney, Texas CARLSON CYCLE CO. SPORTING GOODS Ph. LI Z-4311 McKinney 215 E. Louisiana Texas I McKINNEY LAUNDRY 8. CLEANING COMPANY 335 E. Louisiana I in I 53 V, " .Q,,.4 Q-, P, XXI! 1 'f ,E 7' A W E, .f 'H ly McKinney I' Texas LI 2 -4411 HAMILTON'S MOBILE SERVICE STATION Pho. 995-4080 S 8 R APPLIANCE SERVICE Curley Starnes and Arleigh Rogers Plano Texas Service A11 Makes of Home Appliances - Phone 100 Leland LI Z-7072 McKinney DRINK Compliments of Drink "Coca-Cola and Sprite ' Good Anywhere - Anytime You Trust It's Quality McKinney , T exa s JAMES R. WEBB COUNTY CLERK JUANITA'S BEAUTY SALON NORTH SIDE Specializing in Expert Hair Care Frances Allen, Barbara Burch, Nancy Kruse, Louise Carter, Juanita Dickey IOperator'sJ .TUANITA DICKEY, Owner McKinney Texas 1510 W. Hwy. 1424 C. E. WINNIFORD - GEORGE WE No. 1 Phone LI 2-2606 NO. 2 Phone LI 2-4481 BB McKinney Texas Jo:-1NN1E's LOG CABIN' "Barbecue worth going miles to get" "Dining Service Catering" II Custom Barbecuing" Four Miles North of McKinney No. Highway '75 Route 1941 Melissa, Texas COME SEE AND EAT WITH US SOON! JOE LEDBETTER'S SPORTING GOODS Lone Star Boats - Mercury and Evinrude Motors, Guns-Browning, Winchester, Colt, Others Complete Line of Sporting Goods Phone LI 2-3505 ROY G. ROBERTS INSURANCE AGENCY 207 N. Kentucky Street QW ' I fi' North Highway 75 McKinney KlNG'S OF BAR-B-QUE "Just the Best in Texas" Cafeteria Style - Orders To Go Hartford 1' Ph. LI 2-7482 N. Hwy 75 McKinney, Texas McKinney Texas 9 IFI1' S GOOD FOO' You YIAIl1'-- is wwf ' M, 'Ili' "zu nal A ' MR. at MRS. T. H. -'lil CHARCOAI- ERECKSON fflllr' TOMMY GRILL H 24 W DEBBIE fi? WY - JOHNNY McKinney, Texas ' W LAWRENCE HESTAND h. l 1 Farewell . . . Senior Class of 1967 ay you have nough: Happiness to keep you sweety Trials to keep you strongp Sorrow to keep you humanp Compassion to keep you warmp Hope to keep you happyp Failure to keep you humblep Success to keep you eagerg Friends to give you comfortp Faith and courage to banish despairf Wealth to meet your needsp Grit to make each day better than the previous one. -fanonymous EIEEIEEEEIEIEE-IEE ANNUALSTAFF '67 Y 51tQWfemEcf,rQlx , J QW f J3i?JZff gif ,-f. up 1' 'lfffib-'fauwf - lj XWWZWZ 0053223 ,ZJJM f-f 'mf WW 5,2 4,04 Z: fsQf5j,5fQfM W 5222329 Wm J wwf 6 H if fd ffm? M IK Q Q4 JG ff gngpwf my QQZM' Wyfgmgf u 40 'va'- -+-x---w ' -fluff-1 --Qa- QQ lf? Lf ,ef J Mc fy: -," .f gl , "l"""""""' V, nQmd - X , 4 '- .' An ' x .-- Eb., X 4 T" ,gf -Nev 1 1 ' ' ' m x -un:-V-f-' V' J---'- 5 if: Rx Q S' 5 'a E 2 f 2 an I F 4 va Y Y Q. . -.u.-................,mW-.....,..H.........,......,,.,mM,2 S v , 1 ig? 'f 0 Q f - ' , I ' X.. fx A' 1 1 ' 1 2 . " PLv ,All 'Q 6 s. I it is 71 'M 'E 7 " 4' i ', . 4 4 ' , , , , f 1 . . , 'A' K 1 ' 1 Vs W 27215-3 ai"-tv-W"' 1' pf 1.-'P' f, 3.2,-,4, 'f . , fa, F - 5.3 1, U,f1f lliif' !u..' K grqf. I?-7' J' , .'.'w '. . I "1-' ,, fm., I mf- . a :Mwg-1 -,,fr2,-N ' 45 if:1"5,',.z??"5":r" .. , .- v j ,F ' yi, 11-may ' ,o n 3, V V U ' yi j Yff' 1 ,AVA Q' ' .. , th .A W N 1 , , , 4' 2-fv? . 'iy1l""." "7 W1 21' ' 'f5.,.:f-' ff pc" z", ' ' M 5, v I ,lfff . a- . : ? "'X'jR x' 3 M' , 'Ii ,V I 'il' '-fx "ni J " t i.gLfi5E.Q?f 4 3 . U ,X 4 vt 1 X X 5 xl ' p 9'-w " 1 I 5 , f 'A' lil A J 1 X 1 8, L W 1 T 1: AA 5 .

Suggestions in the Allen High School - Eagle Yearbook (Allen, TX) collection:

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1967, pg 40

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