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 - Class of 1966

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Q - f:-' fu-v ff NJ' ' fx i"-, I-LIS, 1' '5- fhx rf Q? Y A ' ' , Q I 1 ' N L r-J Q 'Sl 1 1' ' Ja, ,., V u hi' ,- .sql f. ' ,, v , V A ,ul . Y .FL AHL i rl' ' , l f 4. 41 I+ A ,, 1 I ' W 4 on ' ,ANT X' E- N- - ' g' K 24.5 I 3 , V p'. . z 'D' 23' iq lla . 12'-Ll ' - f, r 3, x fs .. :A 4 nv rar.. . ,1. 9 A Am? v ' ' 'G I . H,- 4'-E-sill Arg' A f'l1'c vw mi. if Q am M THE EAGLE 1966 E X f W X-. Why f7 X X X X ,nr I ,, 7 X , X f M fi Mmm JJXL X5 f I L' '- x 1 l ' ffl Jflaxbwx J, K' X V x .' x 3,5 SN ' f J ' 'QQ I 1 I I 1 I A fa , ' 4 1 LJ.-I f at L' 1 W le qi ' x . we 4 Y S DEDICATED IN MEMORY OF MR. H. E. HEFNER We, the Eagle Staff of 1966, proudly dedicate THE EAGLE '66 in memory of Mr. H. E. Hefner, President of the Allen School Board. "Hef", as he was fondly known to all, devoted many years to the service of his com- munity. During the past 11 years he served as a trustee of the Allen School Board, and his time and talents were directed toward making possible the fine education the youth of Allen now receives. He showed us by his own example that devotion to duty, interest, cooperation, and hard work, are indispensable to the growth and success of a school system. By dedicating this annual to his memory, wetake this means of expressing our apprecia- tion for one who gave so unselfisbly of his time and efforts to the advancement of the Allen Schools. Our personal loss is shared by the students of Allen Schools, the School Board, the com- munity, and the friends of Mr. H. E. Hefner. ALLEN EAGLE STAFF 1 if W ...i , N4 ir. .ag 5 ,K i I 'X L 3 ,, , L Y 1 S fffn--f ,, -,,.,..-4 , 3, . X ., , .Qs . . qi . I 4451 ' mm? 3 w KH. xx, 211111111 mon? N X K ax Q1 1 an ,,.ff .,, , fi, if ,f .,....., M, n K ' 'F ' K K ' fA3""' 5' 'W .,. , - SJ M -' ' ' x Q' "' AV' Y , , 5,faQ,,.Q... ii VN mf-If .MMM ff. ,wwf .WSH ,L ,. ,, ,,, M, , MWQMGKQ in kk M. QW WMM wg.-4-11 M 'f-W2 W W .,- ,wh ' ' M.,?.f,., 12,5 WA M Mavis WMM' Y"N"Mf 4 A "V Y '4 f- Q - . .- lA.4L,.jf.:.f-- ,Wa . wmnw ,W .,xL,.,.,.,,.,M .., ,.,,, ,., ,,,,,.,.., ., .M a,.,.f....1,,mf MzA'!Amw wwf? m,+,f..,sf ,mf ,.cw.s.v.nJ.-M ,-JN ww .4 .ff 4.. My-S Maw, K ,f w if .,,,J,.Lg,?g..,,x. Aw- A mf-.ww M,,..M,,,, W P, .W A .. wif ff? ,,Q,,,g,x f ,,f3x..QfE' K WM., ,.,+,.,?,, A New W.. ....-J, ,A:..,1,i.:,f.,Q ,M ,gn ....,:j, ,N M ,M J,...ALwV,.11.,gw-.vw ,,,w.., IWW, ,,.,,,-94.4 .,. .ag .,.7,,gg5, ,.,,,..,.g',,,,.Za.JT...,,M, Xe ' abr... ,,,,,i,M1,,, gf..Q,-,.'.,f.f..5...,, ,f-,1.f..,,-,M ...f.4,,,.., M 14... ,.g,.,. ny I Wai .,,,.,.,.., . AQ ,e,Q.,.,f,,NK.:Q3.:5,:.,..,wz,,.i fs. ,,.,.m.,c.,.Qw,. ,-,M ja-ij: A.A.wj9i,,,,.i.-,-, ..,,imz.,.,f,.,.,,-.f :,,5,fmW2,f,1m4,-q fvM1.,r.,.,,. A., ixmwf M,,.,.Jm vi ' ' - . fx k -3 9. . A . P , ,f fy AMAA. M4 MM... ,JAM if MQ, .f.f.N.hff,a.-im! fm, wm.,fx.q,-mi , M., ' 1 ', qw 4,w.-mv .Ny W. we if ,Van Myne, A.,,...,,.4,.- W,.W ,.,5,45,w ,.WNm W., Q,..i,.M.M ,mn M, ,...M,3.., ,,,,,,,, QL, ,.,,,..4,,..a.." WA .ff .MLW ,,Q,..v 9,9 ,wg ',gf,L,44A,,, ,. MM., ,4,g..,,f. dw-mx .mwwu Aw Mag.. .W may .ww Mi, w,n,jJ.M.,p ,,.f,..., .,,,,.,wwgAml .,f,asC..,f , 54 gn, M.. -qw W Q',,Q,,..,.1,,1 J ,g,,,,..., V.-My 4-.vw .ww A WM... ,, 1 1- f f , .- f, ,,4f-T....,..q,..g,W ,L ,JV N tj ' if N y,,,.,w 4.-.-.,.,,,.f.. . A.m.fff.,,,f-.W .M i'1,.-,.,Mx ,-',k.,,,, MAMA 41, ,U .fM,..,,e,. , .,.....Q.,,..i -, .- 2,..,,,' ,L,,, A ,JM n,W,,, ,.4..,. .W 1.,.,..f ,.f.,,, N1 A A, , ,..-.gff- N fi' af' H , .,.,,.,,,Q,,,,k,, -.., ., .46 A f- , kg, 4,0 ,-...Jw 5.f.M..,m. ,Rf .+. N . ,,.-.M N, ,. Q .,,,,,,g .A ,. ,JU - ff11..,.:. A ,,, --,.. ' V np' ,. ,. A.. ..,., . , f. .,,.,,.h,,,,.,, . Q. ,W ,J .. ' 1 1.. .Mfg 14. . 4 . J ...- Wim Md, ,H , 1 M ,M 3, ,aw-1. 5 .W g, -ima . ., ,We ,,,,+-M OUR BOARD OF EDUCATION . . 1965-1966 EXECUTIVE BOARD: H. E, Hefner, President H, Ereckson, Vice-President W. Rutherford, Secretary L, Rountree, Superintendent Mr, H, E, Hefner We are very proud of our hard-working school board members who are so vitally concerned with providing the best education possible for the young people of the Allen School District, ' The Allen Board of Education, with the help of the P. T. A. , has recently completed a concession stand and rest rooms near the football field. Future plans call for a full- time librarian, and the inclusion of a foreign language course in the curriculum. Building plans include a cafetorium for the high school, and the addition of 8 rooms for the Elementary-Junior High School. apr T. H. ERECKSON G. W. RUTHERFORD D. L. ROUNTREE BILLY J. CHAPIN Vice-President Secretary Superintendent ma ... . 'If .-'1 . ' s R rlurct - Dii A A 6 G. W. PORTER I. L. DEMENT DON P. RODENBAUGH DR. ANTHONY VITA SUPERINTENDENTS MESSAGE D. L. ROUNTREE Thank you Annual Staff, faculty members, student-body, and parents for your coopera- tion in this school year. Seniors of "66"--whatever you accomplish in life depends on you. Have a plan so that you may fulfill your aims with ambition and dreams with determination. Be honest and de- cent in your dealings with your fellowman. Remember, you have responsibilities as an indi- vidual so that you may stand straight and tall, at peace with yourself and with God. The past is our servant, giving experiences and wisdom, preparing us so that we may better deal with tomorrow. None of us knows what the future will bring, yet, most of us waste time explain- ing why we have not yet gotten around to doing things that we could put into action by doing them. let's take the present, use it, rejoice in it, live every golden minute, remembering the promise given us in Phillippians 4:13--"l can do all things through Christ which strengtheneth me." LEE ROUNTREE, Superintendent ALLEN PUBLIC SCHOOLS' PRINCIPALS HIGH SCHOOL . . . Max Vaughan ELEMENTARY SCHOOL . . . James L. Griffin if A Cathie Carpenter Secretary County School Nurse: Mrs. Elizabeth Allen County Supervisor: Mr, R, B, Caraway County Superintendent: Mr. L. G. Richardson OUR HIGH SCHOOL FACULTY D. L. ROUNTREE V Superintendent MAX O . VA UGHAN Principal Science MARGIE MARION N. T. S. U. English EUGENE MAPLES M. S. , M.A. History ELLA I O ADAMS B. S. Homemaking LEON PORTER B. S. . M.A. Voc. Agriculture I OYC E GOODMAN B. S. Business Education BOB PAINTER B. S. Math SIX JAMES GRIFFIN, Principal B.S. , M.Ed.g Fifth and Sixth OTHEL PATTERSON B.S.: Fifth and Sixth JOHN P. CAVE B.S., M.A.g Sixth and Seventh BONNIE SPEIGHT B.A., M.E.g Fifth, Sixth, and Seventh QUINCY SPURLIN B. A . g Fourth KAY GREEN B.S.g Fifth and Seventh O R ELEMENTARY FACULTY MARION WEST B.S.: Third Grade THERESA BERNDT B. S. 5 Third Grade tgp' IAN DUNGAN B. S.g Second Grade GLADYS WATSON B. S. , M. E.g Second Grade SYBIL DUNGAN B. S.g First Grade FRANCES NORTON B. S. , M. E. 5 First Grade BUS DRIVERS Bob Painter John Caves COOKS Mrs. Walter Curtis, Mrs. Beamon Morrow, Mrs. Elmer Davidson CUSTODIANS Henry Laird HELPERS I-I. Johnson and L, C. Freeman Doyle Williams ALLEN PARENT-TEACHERS ASSOCIATION President - lst Vice Pres. - 2nd Vice Pres. - 3rd Vice Pres. - 4th Vice Pres. ' Secretary - - - Treasurer - - Reporter - - - Parliamentarian - - Civil Defense Chmn. Hospitality Chmn. - - Meeting Time: Third Monday night of each month at 7:30 p.m. Motto: "Nothing is so contagious as enthusiasm" OFFICERS - - - - - - Mrs. Phil Pringle - - - - - Mrs. Ken Posey - - Mrs. Charley Millhouse - - - Mrs. Frank Dugger - Mrs. Anthony Vita - - Mrs. Clifford Hart - - - Mrs. Charles Fowler - - Mrs. Raymond Cooksey - ---- Mrs. Sam Weaver - - Mr. Max Vaughan - - Mrs. Walter Curtis Mrs. Pringle presides Finance Chairman, President, and Program Chairman confer. Z K l SENIOR OFFICERS KEN ADNEY President LARRY DILL Vice-President GEORGIA RUTHERFORD Secretary SUSAN NICHOLAS Treasurer IANIECE YOUNG Reporter TTIE E, HDR.C1nASS IAC KIE ADAMS Football-2g Baseball-lg Track-2g Basketball-2g FFA-3. KEN ADNEY Basketball-4g Baseball-4g Class Pres. -Seniorg FFA-3, Officer-2g Annual Staff-1. ANNICE ALLEN Transfer student from Doty High School, McKinney, Texas. H. C. BROOKS Football-4, Capt. -lg Track-3g Basketball-4g Baseball-45 Beta Club-4, Pres. -lg Most Handsome- '63g Most Handsome Rep.-'65, CIF 1966 THE LARGEST GRADUATING CLASS IN HISTORY OF A.H.S. . . LARRY DILL Football-25 FFA-2, Pres. -1, Vice Pres. -'65g Class Favorite-'64, LINDA STEVENS Pep Squad-43 Cheerleader-lg Homecoming Queen Nom. -'65g FHA-2g Miss AHS Rep.-'65g Class Fav. -'65. TOMMY EATON Ir. Pres.g Football-4, Capt.-lg FFA-3, Pres. -2g Class Favorite- '64, '65g Best Citizen-'65. ROBERT GANTT Football-4g Basketball-49 Track-lg FFA-3g Beta Club-25 Officer-lg Most Courteous-64. CHARLIE BRYSON Football-4, Capt. -lg Track-2g Baseball-3g Basketball-2g Mr. Touchdown-'65g Soph. Class Presi- dentg Mr. AHS-'62-'65 Rep.: Friendliest- '65 . ALVIN BURNSIDE Football Capt. -'64g Football-35 Basketball-23 FFA-3g Baseball-33 Jr. Most Handsome Rep. MIKE CARROLL Basketball-lg FFA-3g Annual Staff- 1. GARY CHAPIN Football-45 Basketball-4, Capt.- '64g Track-35 Baseball-3g Annual Staff-lg FFA-3. SUSAN NICHOLAS Class Favorite-'63g Basketball-33 Annual Staff-lg Homecoming Queen-Nom.-'63g Pep Squad-39 Beta Club-3g Majorette-lg Class Treasurer-'65g Most Beautiful Nom. -'65 . HUGH HERBOLD Transfer student from Seguin High School, Seguin, Texas. GEORGIA RUTHERFORD Miss AHS Nom. -'63, '64g Miss AHS-'65g Class Favorite-'62g Pep Squad-65 Cheerleader-25 Head-lg Homecoming Queen-'64g Beta Club-45 Class Pres. -'62g Annual Staff-35 FHA-33 Most Beautiful- '65, DANNY MAYFIELD Transfer student from Plano High School, Plano, Texas. fPicture unavailablej BRUCE SLA UGHTER Football-35 Basketball-35 Track-2 Most Handsome Nom. -'62g FFA-3 JOHNNY SMITH Football-2g Football Manager-lg Track-2g Best Personality-'65g An- nual Staff-lg Bus. Manager-1. I. W. EASTHAM FFA-3. IANIECE YOUNG FHA-3, Pres.-lg Beta Club-3g Class Treas. -'64-g Annual Staff-lg Class Reporter-'65g Class Favorite- '64g Basketball-27 Pep Squad-3. SENIORS Wilbur Eddie SENIORS OF 6'66', .I U Sue Casey Burney Squid C alf Sug Butch Tom Flash Suzy Booch Lurch Shiney Motermouth Wilt SENIOR SNAPS .. LOOKING FORWARD TO NEXT YEAR Brenda Brazeal Carhie Carpenter SPONSOR ' MTS- Adams Sarah Gilliland Jon Goodman David Allen Q T Sharon Crosswhite ' Pam Clmdlff in if Phillip Hefner Bruce Hopkins Janeen Lowry Pat McBride Beverly Smith ' Judy Todd ra SQ? R .S , A R 2 fwiii T x 4 4' 45 R ,ff , J' l 1 Charles Johnson George Jones Teresa Mote Sherry Shelgren i Iam es Tucker Clifford Wilson ! SM - REACH HALF-WAY MARK Suzanne Smith Sherry Sweeney Mike Terry Bill Warrick Belinda West Frances Wilson Judy Whisenant SPONSOR - Mrs. Marion Gary Blacketer Shirley Dement Sharon Dunn Paul Eastham Joe Enloe Zane Gibson Sherry Grindele John Hall Bobby Hemby Cathy Ives Carolyn Jones Larry Merrell Christine Nicholas Shirley O'Neal Linda Pritchard Robert Roberts Addie Robinson Sheryl Rountree Rob Rutherford Danny Sego 35 ,QF-Ji, Sfwlps , M32 ' H5 k . I X FRESHME ' ,,...,..M,.,...f4"' ,A .. .WW ,...M,.,.,,,--Aff' M Htl F F 15 1: 5 Q N f 'P' CD VV E R ':i1'fz fqithnrgzfzffe' uf' fin' IW.-ffvrgili'-1S'4 v i Q , K W-?3'1'i l . F I 1' X f M,,i!!',zr,'z ES ' Eff if my Urms, 2 H If E Hifi, f: :. nA1-: Q ff-Q l F RESHMEN ON THEIR WAY-- SPONSOR - Mr. Painter Iohn Cy Hefner Roger Hopkins Harvey I ohnson Patricia McMenamy Doug Monaghan Brenda Painter Mike Pritchard Norma Sexton Kathy Smith David Starr Glenda Sweeney Allen West F- . el dl ggi Q Nfl 5 Bob Acker Beverly Adams Billy Don Allen Cleta Bolin Lynda Brooks Phillip Chapin, Karen Cundiff Donald Drennan Ronald Drennan Jimmy Eaton Jonnie Enloe L. C. Freeman Larry Gilley e M 1-1: A A Q, Q E. .Sm Q ., K- Z, Q .W I W yy .ww pb K, ,,,. , .1 W5 ,W Wg ',i.:N M 5 War L FRESHMAN "SNAPS ELEMENT Gervais Allen Charles Castle Patricia Davidson Napolean Dixon Jimmie Dunn Bobby Jack Flanagan Judy Gibson Charles Hall Karen Holmes Linda Jones Anita J udkins Mike Lowman Doug Mazey Mike McBride Mike Merrell Eddie Merritt f 11wv HG2S?IXE1i12z 'jf- so J, ,, , J- A . If - se.: S17 , wi' . '5f"1'f - , ,- f ws .wsu-2' ::,rsfm: S-1 ffm:-s' , A53 W, s as ix ,VP-1 J s g? ,ff ,K . Mx r ,Jars , ,Af Q 45 - ' ma' J ooll ltoi,,, .,i, J J A kkidd A f , K s-if .S r,oo iiio kg rrlis X1 H EIGHTH GRADE - LOOKS FORWARD TO HIGH SCHOOL DAYS - ..,W. A A .:--173 zifiQ?71'f-riff , , l.... ,. ,rss ., , , r .. S ,W .rl. - S Q A f is I g if -Q. g 5'sa A ' K2 xr I - X1 MX 4 wwf Alan Mote Connie Ottaway Mark Petit Jim Phillips Paula Porter Dan Posey R. C. Ratcliff Clovis E. Roberts Albert Songer Jeannie Smith Kathy E. Smith Ricky Smith Bruce Snoddy Donna Terrell Elanie Thomas Leon Porter, ADVISOR :Www rvkx S :iii SEVENTH GRADE "ALMOST THERE ! " L ai 4 33? he W, i ME. ig at Q: 1 ' 'ET ask Sharon Hemby Melba Hopkins Melody Julian Michael La Grone John Jones Wayne Lowry Peggy McEuen Allan McMenarny Susan Ottaway Chucky Smith Steve Smith Jimmy Songer Steve Starr Margaret Tobaben Mark Warrick Nathan Thomas JN sw ag .5145 3.1 Terry Adney Carla Barnett Glen Bettes Joyce Bridges David Burnside Harold Cassady Ivan Castle Lee Cobb J ettina Davis Karen Day Kennette Day Frankie Enloe Iria Freeman Danny Gantt Kathy Greer John P. Cave, SPONSOR K A ,,,.,,,.,..,r A571 C : ,,rr f J Sa KX fix I .N ,,,., V,.t,. 5 :Reefs ' , : - ,. f?i55!!fk1 X 1 kiwi? '. mfg '31 im if? igfsriis si A QF 3 Bi 1. Few , 'N -N 1 J K maa r- . W ' "tfE,Q.. 1 zz :'ff9' ,H . 3 ytn.. ,J .jg QW, it M 5 h h m S ,S 1 . , 3- ' XJ J sivho fli 1 S is i Q' ., ' " iiii A 1 54 ,as 5 J s w f, k 39 If 'Ev 5, A if E f X vs if tw' wa an Lk y do J Ronald Adams Gary Barnett Sherry Bedell Bobby Bolin La Donna Bruce Linda Clay Chester Clark Jackie Davis Debbie Davidson Shelia Dement SIXTH GRADE - "REACI-IES HALF-WAY MARK" Robert Duffer ' Cathy Elder K "W Tommy Heckson ryray Vickie Flanagan j Y ii iidki R A ti Billy Freeman x , S in digg R, Othel Patterson, SPONSOR Penny Gantt Rosemary Hall Alan Hart Rickie Holmes dm. .... li P, t lx., ' W f 'krr Q Prtf 'rr' .f' f' ' Z. iff fr ff? - V K - -r . , . I. :gait wgxszzt. Y tqgg, h U5 ml n 'W ai. s .pta-W, 5 . ,K . , k 5' 4 n z . . :X .,,,jw .. A A I SS - . .- 1-f sw, , Q 3 qi ,ggi F Q k A l t. Xt f X , r f K sn W.. .FV :- .. ,. M Trl , .fs if , .qt 'f + Ricky Ives Billy Kay Jones Wanda J. Kemble Janna Lowrnan Jerry Mazey Randy Marion I immy McEuen Ronald Miller Io Andra Millhouse Eady Moseley Ed Painter Debra Porter Q' A. tar slit 1 U .gl .. . tst kllll 5 P H t R t V' -'sk , t slR R e kk tya Evelyn Prince Q ' Karen Pritchard Kenneth Roberts W Frank Smith k', 11' I it by RQU-nie Smith M A Thomas Smith C Joseph Thomas di M Joy Weaver . Barbara Williams xl lfi.d' 7 is Johnny West --fi' .,,,r s- f-+5 fi I 5 d'i' 1 , :ft f :ff K A K' H FIFTH GRADE "EAGERLY PROGRESSES" :flu . r Ri W' 5 l 'Vs 'Q ii' T ' at f ' 2: Qgifj H - Randy Barnes Sandra Beddow Frank Billy Monte Bly I erroll Bridges Colette Buck Mike Burling Bobby Day Freceda Day Karen Fewell S1151 L . . . . V W. I K ,. V. , ' T' I - 'ff - ' A K N is . , Q. 1 , fv.b.4 l E.: s, , ,. .. . s at fi if vamp A2 .kk I K . , ' -:- i- gg, as -' 5 ' K J K 3 ' f , io- X E W ia Q1 3 is or - 1 at E - -f--61 fi. 2, K 4 257 .fa - ,ra ' sk- if Q . fx M.. . aff' ' L , ... '- s KW , . it 'Q-:af I A t , 5 af 1, 1 N r , A 'M x was fs s Q Ludonna F1sher Sharon Flanagan Charles Fowler Kathleen Freeman Cheryl Greer Mrs. B. Speight, TEACHER Glenn Hall Melba Harrold Danny Hooper Douglas Hopkins Jimmy I ones Susan Knight Cinda Malone David Martin Betty Merritt Andy Ottaway Dallas Prince Deborah Prince Arlene Rogers Jackie Roberts Billy Robinson Doug Sears Greg Sears Rayford Sexton Paul Snoddy Lorie Spurgin Lynne Starr Cynthia Terrell Janet Thomas Debbie Tucker Marc Vita Pam Warrick Paul Warrick Kathleen West Glenda Williams Kathryn Williams Bonnie Herbold Johnny Hughes Mikel Hulon Kenneth Jones Mary Alice Jones Gary Marion Jaunita Martines Deidra Mazey Linda McMenamy Charley Millhouse Fretta Millhouse Keith Phillips Andrew Ratcliff Gloria Roberts Brenda Robinson Jimmy Todd Rodney Vaughan Debbie West Mrs. Spurlin, TEACHER Kathy Adney Robin Barnes Janet Bates Charlotte Bruce L. W. Buck Pamela Burnside Stephen Chapin Shirley Clay Deborah Douglas Brenda Dunn Debra Ereckson Cintha Fry Terry Gage Micheal Gibson Alan Harper THE INQUISITIVE YEARS" - - - MRS BERNDT's c6THIRD,' Theresa Berndt, TEACHER Steven Acord James Michael Barnett Sanford Bolin Connie Day Karen Dement Jill Enloe Gail Goodman Vicky Johnson Gary Lowman Esther Martinez Billy McEuen Lee Merritt William Murphy Edna Pippins Beth Reaves Lisa Shelgren Sherri Starr Lynn Williams Marion West, TEACHER David Alexander Cindy Bedell Benny Bolin Sherry Dean Richard Dugger Alan Fewell Don Harrod Jan Ives Dennis Iudkins Walter James Kimble Linda Malone Margie Martinez Donna McMakin Joe Moseley Mary A . Pippins S T Lynne A. Pringle 1 Elizabeth Sego tmh'7 5' Edward Earl Sims Terry Terrell Homer Williams MISS WATSON'S Gladys Watson Vickie Bedell Mark Bly Patricia Clay Rhonda Dean Barbara Duffer Cheryl Foster William Freeman Jackie Gage Paula Harper Garland Haskell Mario Hughes Paul Jones Cathy Langley Dianne Martin Juan Martinez Louis Millhouse Jeffery Posey Ray Robertson Lisa Spurgin Jimmy Stevens Mary Steverson Dale Todd Evelyn Williams "LIVELIER BY THE DOZEN" - - - x. MRS. JAN DUNGAN'S COND Y 5 A3 . r -ri if J. iz C6 99 Jan Dungan Rickey Adams Cindy Barrientez Laura Betts Cindy Cooksey Laurana Curtis Pamela Douglas Terry Duncan Carl Dunn Betty Freeman Michael George Mark Hall Paul Hooper Kevin Jones Randall Kyle Carol Lowman Steven Mazey Venicer Roberts Kennieth Robinson Bradley Todd Jana Weaver Lori Worden TOTHTUY Palastina Judy Madison Chock Adams Barrientez Baxter Berndt Billy MRS. DUNGAN'S FIRST GRADE Sibyl Stephen Dungan eeeg ' Burch wt 'IMUF K 0 Janet Burling Gene Clark Nancy Dean Ricky Dunn Ladonna Elkins Donnie Flanagan Christine Fowler Lorraine Gage James Green Gregory Holloway Richard Johnson Zenford Jones Matt Martin Ramon Martinez Leon Miller Charles Ottaway Jill Phillips Rebecca Reaves Vicky Rogers Deborah Smith Jerry Terrell Carolyn Thursby Cynthia West Ronald Whisenant Bob Wilson Wesley Adney Timmy Bedell Steve Barnes Herminia Barrientez George Billy - THIS IS THE LARGEST FIRST GRADE IN ALLEN'S HISTORY - . Frances v M sryr I fs LV" ,XFN . 1 Mark Burket Phyllis Burnside Audie Cassady Billy Clay Robert Dewitt Stevie Dunn Brit Fisher I eff Fry Charolette George Evelyn Harpole Nancy Herbold Dale Holmes Johnnie Jones Jenifer Kouns Brenda McMenamy Mary Ann Murphy Mark Paxton Eddie Pippens Dona Rodenbaugh Barbara Russell Norma Snoddy Donald Thomas Kim Warrick Billy West Betty Williams Norton FIRST MISS NORTON'S i 1 N 53 1'-. x mx T km --""-. - AGNES 1'w'c1r1 CQ i 22, 5 i 2 l E 5 15 .Ns ACT1 ITIES L. Pr --1.331 FT- CLASSROOM MEMORIES Mrs. Adams is always on hand when problems arise. Mr. Painter's Trig, class isn't exactly a breeze. Mr. Vaughan's Chemistry class involves plenty of work. This is one of our favorite class pastimes. Mrs. Goodmar1's Typing class is always conscien- tious. OF 1966 Mrs. Marion listens atten- tively to the discussion in the English room. Mr, Porter's Ag. class pro- vides many practical ex- periences. Mr. Maples' American History class receives the results of a test, E? Mrs. Goodman explains thoroughly the work that the 8th grade is doing, TREASURE CHEST Larry Barbee receives We made a new flag We have bonfires in mem- PED BRYSON MEMORIAL ory of the loser We have pep rallies in the gym We have entertainment at Pep Rallies Nu , , .JW ' X, if . ,z 'xl ' We show enthusiasm We have a few rivals We go to Bi-District The Boys show off new jackets We rerninisce at the Football Banquet OF ACTIVITIES The good ole' Allen Eagles X 1 The Clerical Class takes trips AQ Sea urchins posing in FUD Contest at The Democracy practiced shell Junior Carnival at A. H. 5. Installation of Beta Officers Sth grade SUPPOHS Beta Club Sharon?? ludy'??? Fish 'antics during F, H, A, Tired. . . at the end Initiation of the day CLASSROOM SCENES AT A.E.S. rm Y L. ,A hui... Teachers--- ------- Caught in action! ELEMENTARY ECHOES f X ' 4 4? ' Q We entertain our parents with Christmas Program . . SCIENCE FAIR 1 24 X 4 f L 35 ig if fm M 3 Wm 5 ww WM 5 n w Q 5 ww' Q kwwikb ks + N.. 1 sung A 5 F5512 Begg, Us 4 -N. 2 ELEMENTARY SNAPS WHAT WE DO IN THE COMMUNITY We help with T. B. X- Ray unit, tuberculin skin test, and Polio sugar cubes. NJ' by . i E 'N Q vw y 2 , D X 1 1 V ., .' Ek N RN- . ' . L .K X! EX ,, i 1 U V -452 ,flaky ft L 7""f'lS"'rj ' 1. Q ,sfizfa E if Li . W ' " 'J'-:""1,a V 3 N 11 - ' SX 554 5- 1 I - , ,H ,rm f , N ff " I E' Se g Nt +L ., Nga! ,, E W kt 1 NY ,. NX .fu f 2' 'M ' 'N E ,. if r I N X f fa 5 47 wg 4 '5 W .w'-511543 f eff if E V 5 " ll ,. -A I 5 ' , Q xv ,rw . ,gh E W X -. ,. U A . ,E-,,., Q, W W v I ,N f .5 - 3 4-, . ,.,,. ,,,, r-. R X fx www , My .ff .A nf . X e , a 1 1 ral f' ' LJ.. , ' kf2'f,.1ffwl'1JvK..fT326,, fgyaii- . ' ', , ' ' f aww, , 'jff5'f?, ' T-1 M ' 2 ' I ' if ' w-if H f a ,s 4 N . P ,:X.f .l , ' 1:4 E EEE N E J 1 N kk-,r ,E ,V K w",,-- 2 ' l E HOMECOMING QUEEN 1 J 1965 N CHRISTINE NICHOLAS , 1' E., xx J EN.N ,,f,-ff:-uw-gw,,.M H , ,Z 'f-- ug-. - -'f. HOMECOMING REPRESENTATIVES . . SENIOR CLASS--Linda Stevens JUNIOR CLASS- - Teresa Mote SOPHOMORE CLA SS Christine Nicholas ,' SS "" ...shud R FRESHMAN CLASS Beverly Adams IQ Rr MJ ' f -ill:-' V ... . A 1 . - ,.,. " W A A A 4 31 WWA ,l.. . -rff" 1 V S1'e' , A A f fl A . 3. ssrrrhisfr ' rr f , S ssrrrr ffm , , - ff 5 Q . ,, V 1? -2- '- V, 5 5' .1 A S ,,,, A Pu Q, .V , ,Q V, ff V' HOMEC OMING EVENTS W' A l. S51 ,A mfg, if -, W fry 'Ss 2,5153 -..' I f,-.4 f"gKk..' Av... 'gli f' 'LRE9' 25" gk.: 3 -3. , A S 4 - .. vi' " faat gm, ,, ,I by 'GW , 5 4 SITTING: G. Rutherford, Cundiff, Wilson, Gantt, Brooks. STANDING: R. Rutherford, Goodman, Hefner, Nicholas, Gilliland, O'NeaI, Young, Rountree, Dement. I 6 BETA OFFICERS PRESIDENT: H. C. Brooks VICE-PRESIDENT: Pam Cundiff SECRETARY: Georgia Rutherford TREASURER: Clifford Wilson REPORTER: Robert Gantt XX B 'Womsn P N BETA SNAPS THE BETA CLUB DN SPONSOR: Mrs . Marion The Fashion Show F. H. A. Initiation Day X Sponsor: "Beau" Ella Io Adams Johnny Smith OFFICERS President - Cathie Carpenter lst Vice Pres. - Sheryl Rountree 2nd Vice Pres. - Pat McBride 3rd Vice Pres. - Belinda West 4th Vice Pres. - Pam Cundiff Secretary - Christine Nicholas Allen's Treasurer - Sharon Crosswhite Blue Ribbon Winner Historian - Suzanne Smith '.". ',--' Sgt- '9-t'Af1T1S ' S3173 Gillilalld fsss : . . - . Parlramentarran - Judy Todd ' t"'P J' - . ssls. .... MAKER 3 , ,iff A ,bowt ll, J sox A ATU Uf'm?ii S: i XA ' H 71, ef w fir si'i W 1 - "' E m Ehglm, E NVQ. ysisy A ll P M Xxx' If ff y C O i sri 'fo it ll ov-0' T ajft, Nfw YN FUTURE HOMEMAKERS OF AMERICA Allen Chapter FIRST ROW: Jones, Starr, Pritchard, West, Monaghen, C. Johnson, Terry, Mr, Leon Porter, Sponsor SECOND ROW: H. Johnson, Enloe, Gilley, B, Allen, Blacketer, D. Allen, Roberts, Gibson THIRD ROW: Hemby, R. Hopkins, P. Hefner, Goodman, J. C. Hefner, Dill, Adams Eaton FOURTH ROW: Freeman, Acker, Sego, Tucker, Chapin, Hall, B. Hopkins, Warrick E FAP-.M Op FX D , ts' Army' ICA THE NATIONAL Q' Ag STUDYING VOCATIONAL oRGANlzArloN Fon aovs "swf AGRICULTURE OFFICERS: President - Larry Dill Vice Pres. - Ion Goodman Reporter - Bob Acker Secretary - Phillip Hefner Parliamentarian - Robert Roberts Treasurer - Bruce Hopkins Sentinel- John Hall ' Sponsor: Leon Porter 3, .F 9 1-J y V' ' 1 l," ' - esss Q , H r i,'ii A i???'5fifii, MOST ATHLETIC BRUCE SLA UGHTER SARAH GILLI LAND WHO'S WHO BEST ALL-ROUND H, C, BROOKS SHERYL ROUNTREE xammi' "wif MOST STUDIOUS H. C. BROOKS BRENDA BRAZEAL AT A.H.S. MOST CO-OPERATIVE JANIECE YOUNG TOMMY EATON FRIENDLIEST SHERYL ROUNTREE LA RRY DILL BEST CITIZENS CAT HIE CARPENTER JOHNNY SMITH SALUTATORY AND VALEDICTORY HONORS OF 1965 GO TO . . . VALEDICTORIAN MARION OTTAWAY SALUTATORIAN STEVE CONNATSER 965 l ES- LE LU Shelgren, O'Nea1 Nicholas Todd , Rountree, S. holas ksey, C. Nic O0 -C OI Masc ES: TT MAIORE 0 -'I -Cr' 3 en ca O I-4 O 5 - r-1 E U3 of ascot - Strong , ndi ff, Rutherford, M Cu ERS: Stevens, P. D EA CHEERL Smith Cundiff, Dement, B. Grindele, K. ooks , ROW: BI lst , Ives Painter lin, ote, Bo ny, M CC s, G. Sw TD da ROW: Wilson, A 2nd Ottaway ny, Terrell, CC Porter, Gilliland, S. Sw CS. H1 ol ith, H IT1 nnatser , K. S Co Bra zeal 3rd ROW: Judy Todd, Sheryl Rouutree, Shirley O'Nea1, Susan Nicholas, Sherry Shelgren EAGLETTE SPONSOR Bonme Speight AD MAJ ORETTE CHRISTINE NICHOLAS MASCOT Beverly Cooksey HI CHEERLEADERS 1 HEAD N Georgia Rutherford Sharon t Crosswhite t Linda Stevens Suzanne Smith Pam Cuncliff MASCOT Sally Strong F. Wilson, L. Brooks, S. Grindele, K. Cundiff, S. DCIIISHI, B. Smith, C. Ives FLAGB AND DRUMMERS ATHLETICS MMR. TOUCHDOWNU - 1965 Head Majorette, Christine Nicholas, presents the golden football to Charlie Bryson for the "Mr. Touchdown" award. This award is presented annually by the Eaglettes to a Senior player selected because of outstanding qualities expressed both on and off the field of play. The Annual Staff would like to congratulate Charlie, and the Allen football squad, for leading the Eagles to the,Districr 10-B 1965 Championship. '65 Psa A "CH -B CT 10 I R T IS D S LE G EA A.H.S Hall M erritt Warrick, Johnson, Roberts I Wes en B. All Snoddy, S, iP FIRST ROW: Phill onaghen Gantt, M nes Eaton, Rutherford, Dill, I0 D., Allen SECOND ROW: Wilson, Eastham, Terry go, Hefner, Goodman, Tucker, Se Enloe, Gibson , W: RO THIRD Brooks , Coach Painter Slaughter, Smith, Adams, af o V3 :ws E6 cf 'F' ct. cu .Ci U 3 Q 2 S cv O O S O ad m E D o I-I-4 FOOTBALL '65 CCACHES Eugene Maples Bob Painter FOOTBALL '65 L ,, ,L " E ., L ,,- ' . L LLLLr 1? ff L L -fs. L. ,L L r r 9:3234 W L 'vis EF 'S' Q ' L W 1 ' 2 'Z 3 ' ' , 5 L L 'E ' 4 1 VmV "iff, - E E - H L L , ,L,, ., rr P E f- 3:Mf'N , rL ,- - LL .' L r . L 5, E ff L f LL ' - - ' ' -' ' 'f 'J 1Qi.,:IfSl:'Q'-51.4"fi"''TL' A L5-,meh 'Qfiju iff,-,Z',5y5H,f92gf"',, r " , . N' A 1 mal L L ,L ' L r 'Q , .- .L L 1 ' -4' rf' 1' -,Sf .w'J"k 'mi'-'U' 'N -7' L'ffffs,i5k'? C . 'fLJ'2'3o '+" ' '-'T--'s.v4F'!, 3-ff?--Jixf-"""7-" 'ksfff fwfr ' U' 4 o r E f- 4-Fil? ai rp Q5 Q rr - 1- .5M'2fLfqgf fe- rw . -W' LHW' ' 2' "MQ l EM" ' 4fLw f ,,,, f '5"ff- 'N ' M , E g,LC2mswY'3 ' n v. L x iii' M 'W 'fi 'Qr1Qz'W1"' ' ,, 35 L+ ,JA p: I . 3 ,W 35 6 +-rf" fa DEFENSE ' . E' LINE - Slaughter, Adams, Brooks, Eastham, Smith, Hefner, Johnson BACKS - Chapin, Warrick, Bryson, Roberts CAPTAINS H. C. Brooks Tommy Eaton Charlie Bryson 39 I - L 5 - 2 . BB 1' af' -' A , 'I ' , LINE - Warrrck, K , L, , -A Vi I ,Mfr f-I 4 s q s 'nag L f ' 'sr V x- ny ' X 'LL..,L L... X v Terry, Goodman, , .V M t .L . A ' Q- 1 A ,..' V ' -vp L ,,,L ima? ' L .. A J W ' X L- 21 z T r - ' ""' Adams, Jones, r A ' 1 P444 A' ' E'-+1 "" X' si ' '13 'M' fa P -LQL S 'th L - pk Af 1'I'l1 V. ,rl V L-if--I as fffsymiirg- -M ,f ft,,fw Lr'ff1rfp s,:fw:Lsr,p. Lxi,L:mxLw.ysfiw ,H-'-ff, ,pg-1:4-1 's,.,-?s'f2'Lf.s-W f ,-'- 'rqmmggr ff ' 1 fl.-fe 135, M: , P. mf' raqzsrgw :g2He+?rr:1,s2r,1:Ls.Ws,s:n1wf?:1kf,,,,r:"rsWfi'3v Q ', - W .- f BAC KS - Johnson, - , HL, ,V ,Ly 1 I 5, , , L s, fn,-:,,L,L,f Ls r4'5:wL1:',,,-'Q-42,f 2-v -ui's.L,",L x'fs1f-f2'TAL11-Y 5 AW 1-wi'-'fr Sv - . 56, 11. Wrlson, Rutherford, x iii, , H55 K- 5 W fi! 'Q .Q-1'?,F"ELfi'1r,SE '5k'f'5,. 1 ' :W 'fi 9525 LQ5'jZ'94'f'f5g'3', 5553357 Eaton, Slaughter 'r LLL. ' . f L 51 E "w' L"k K 4 1 7.-- 'L 'gg t-:t'Lw-Qffffffi 353 .- ' 4. X- r f L' r,-r' ,65 SENIOR '65 LETTERMEN IACKIE ADAMS H. C. BROOKS CHARLIE BRYSON Tackle Guard Quarterback GARY CHA PIN LARRY DILL TOMMY EATON Flanker Cornerback Linebacker ROBERT GANTT BRUCE SLAUGHTER JOHNNY SMITH Safety End Guard 65" FOOTBALL HIGHLIGHTS VARSITY BASKETBALL TEAM BACK: WARRICK, GANTT, ADNEY, SLAUGHTER, B, HOPKINS, R, HOPKINS, BROOKS BRYSON FRONT: BURNSIDE, MONAGHEN, COACH MAPLES, CHAPIN STARTING LINEUP BRYSON, BROOKS, CHAPIN, SLAUGHTER, R, HOPKINS 1966 BASKETBALL CAPTAINS BRUCE SLA UGHTER GARY CHAPIN COACH EUGENE MAPLES ACTION SHOTS - - - A.H.S. GIRL'S VARSITY BASKETBALL FRONT: Todd, Coach Vaughan, Gilliland BACK: Cundiff, Crosswhite, O'Neal, Rountree, Nicholas, Carpenter, Smith 1 ,, 7 li 5 e is N ii, f ff STARTING LINEUP Todd, Crosswhite, Gilliland, Rountree, Carpenter, Cundiff CAPTAINS Coach Vaughan Sarah Gilliland Judy Todd Sheryl Rountree IN ACTION JUNIOR-VARSITY BASKETBALL BOY'S COACH - PAINTER BOTTOM: Roberts, Gibson, Eastham, Rutherford, Starr, Snoddy, TOP: Coach Painter, Ioe Enloe, Hefner, Chapin, Smith, T, Enloe GIRL'S COACH - VAUGHAN BOTTOM: Mote, Bolin, Wilson, Brooks, Smith, Sweeney, TOP: Painter, Sweeney, Cundiff, Coach Vaughan, Young, Grindele, Nicholas C OAC H BOB PAINTER J 4 V ,f ! X BASEBALL al ALLEN 1965 DISTRICT 32-B CHAMPS ASS'T. COACH EUGENE MAPLES I 5, ' B 42 .4 " ' Q' I JR. HIGH PEP SQUAD CHEERLEADERS: Hopkins, Holmes, Ottaway, Terrell FRONT: Davidson, McEuen, Bridges, Tobaben, Day, Karen BACK: Day, Davis, Hemby, Greer, Julian, Barnett J R. HIGH BASKETBALL FRONT: McEuen, Julian, Gibson, Barnett, C. Ottaway, Day, Davis, S. Ottaway BACK: Mrs. Green, Jones, Bridges, Hopkins, Porter, Greer, Hemby, Holmes ,sts 5, 1 L V-f JR. HIGH FOOTBALL BOYS FIRST: Phillips, Mote, McBride, Warrick, Smith, Starr, Flanagan, Castle SECOND: Songer, Smith, Cobb, Dickson, Dunn, LaGrone, Roberts, Thomas, Gantt THIRD: Maples, Songer, Merrell, Cassady, Petit, Hall, Jones, Merritt JR. HIGH BASKETBALL BOYS COACH: Mr. Maples FIRST: Phillips, Warrick, Lowman, Starr, Castle, McBride, Smith, Dickson SECOND: Songer, Smith, Cobb, Cassady, Mote, Flanagan, Thomas THIRD: LaGrone, Gantt, Dunn, Songer, Merrell, Merritt, Petit 3 as X N' Winn s,nV , ,win JMEM' THE EAGLE STAFF wishes to thank Dan Blocker of the T.V. program "Bonanza" for selecting our 1965-66 MOST BEAUTIFUL GIRL and MOST HANDSOME BOY of Allen High School Dan 1 " Wov. 15',1f 1965 Joygg ,Go od Lfyy 3 A1l6iQ?0B11OiSCHQ813f A11hhypTexsa' ' Mfg' Dear Joyce: , 6 , 6 ' . W Thanks mo 1uciyE'e'Qe to selggiifhekmooikiggoBifu1 giriiood the most handsome boy inhllon High sbgnbcz. To ,wjfgfgilyq .one thing ghaxgmlggggl ZT' be the znohggqp, 'phat 16-N111 be! of schooZwt5ij4hatever the pressures instead ofofgooming drop-outs. From 6252 standpqi?ii5y 511 Wmml- 6 Tonnn 6 w ' E Senfiriiiglxgr at at 505 4, Craig. I I A -'1. f Qi A nfs Bol' 6 Daw Blocker. MOST BEAUTIFUL SUSAN NICHOLAS -dihe- MUST HANDSOME MISS A.H.S. SHARON CROSSWI-HTF' if if I K MR. A.H.S CHARLIE BRYSON RUNNERS-UP F OR MOST BEAUTIFUL JUNIOR REP, : Sharon Crosswhite SOPHOMORE REP, : Christine Nicholas FRESHMAN REP, : Cleta Bolin MOST HANDSOME JUNIOR REP, g Clifford Wilson SOPHOMORE REP.: Danny Sego FRESHMAN REP. : Phillip Chapin RUNNERS-UP FOR MISS AHS SENIOR REP.: Linda Stevens SOPHOMORE REP,: Christine Nicholas FRESHMAN REP.: crm Bolin MR. AHS JUNIOR REP. : Clifford Wilson SOPHOMORE REP. : Bill Warrick FRESHMAN REP. 1 Doug Monaghan in' Linda Stevens and Tommy Eaton SENIOR SOPHOMORE Frances Wilson and Bill Warrick Pam Cundiff and Phillip Hefner IUNIOR CLASS FAVORITES FRESHMAN Beverly Adams and Doug Monaghen w r SENIORS '65 GRADUATION "THE SKY'S T SENIOR PLAY .L I Donation of the JUNIOR SENIOR BANQUET XF if xi ,Q v 5 . A W, FILM PROJECTOR Seniors .65 Seniors '65 f +1 f ' fo the o'O, Allen High Football Field crowds S' F ,ig viiii O Senior girls receive Basketball "letter" Jackets K fZs'i6eE:?wi,-fzw''swf .1 J .- .- --M,,v-Wffsq- ,pgs Lil-R'i7gz,1ifjrgff ,'."Ef1"f,gf1-J ix: F ' ' W A . N' li X , ' lil, lf,--,,,-f DVERTISERS COMPLIMENTS or ---- ALLEN STATE BANK Member of Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation Phone SA 7-3377 Allen, Texas A J. L. DEMENT BUILDER GOLD MEDALLION HOMES HOLT'S MCBIL SERVICE , ....,,,,, , ,, ,gi ,, O Mobil Phone SA 7-3311 of nts Complime CHRYSLER BOAT CORPORATION A 75074 Plano, T exa s VG. 42 .-4 rd --4 H 4-2 cn 5 'U ci O O Kiwi fs A1b,A 5 E E .R ss E ssssn E THE PLANO DAIRY QUEEN LOUIS AND PEGGY COWART "We Wish You Continued Success" ta in ww ' I 5 1klAT FOR TASTE QA map fog NNW 1410 Ave "K" Plano, Texas Custom Built Home s BV EDGAR L. DEMENT Luxury Living at Its Best 1710 N. Ave. Ph. 995-3277 Plano, Texas GENTRY'S STEAK HOUSE Go to Church on Sunday and Let Gent1'y's Do the Cooking" GENTRY JONES- SA 7-3326 Your Host Allen, Texas I! GENTRY'S BUILDING CENTER Flooring-Formica-Tile-Paint-Carpeting-Linoleum SA 7-3222 Sales and Installation Allen, Texas CONGRAT ULATIONS "EAGLES"! "We Appreciate Your Business" Open 7 Days A Week 7 A.M. to l1P.M. For Your Convenience BILL'S SUPERETTE Owner BILL LaGRONE SA 7-3351 Allen, Texas Hwy. 2170 COMPLIMENTS OF ALLEN PHARMACY Allen Texas Day Phone Night Phone SA 7-3462 SA 7-3685 CROUCH-MOORE FUNERAL HOME Crouch Mutual Aid Association 24-I-Ir. Ambulance Service Oxygen Equipped "SERVING COLLIN COUNTY FOR OVER lOO YEARS" DIXIE LIFE INSURANCE Dial Ll Z-2621 McKinney T exa s Commerclal Re s dential and -r-4 HEATING CENTRAL AIR CCNDITIONING Authorized Dealer C fm fxlai WSE INF is 3 4 0 'I-I 5-1 44 U l1i Ld lil fd 5-4 CD C as U G9 z ol fi ,EM EU :ED BCG ci L. CRAWFORD AND MOSLEY MARKETS . We Specialize in "Horne Killed Beef" -MEMBER- AFFILIATED FOOD STORES Serving You in Lewisville and Allen Phone SA 7 3331 Allen Texa P K . 1 jeff Buy the Best - - Why Settle for Less? FARM BUREAU INSURANCE Auto - Fire - Life - Farm Liability Crop - Hail DOYLE ODOM - Agency Manager JAMES BROOKS - Agent DAN PADGETT - Agent MACK BRYANT - Claims Blue Cross-Blue Shield Hospitalization 117 W. Virginia St. Phone Ll 2-5583 McKinney, Texas G Ph. SA 7-3306 Ph. AD 5-9802 Allen, Texas Dallas, Texas Q neurons ESTMV Farms - Home - Commercial W. E. "PETE" FORD "YOUR HOMETOWN REALTOR" 5 3 Insurance - Real Estate .1 8 - r?E:E?Ii'f: 5 C E-.W Q Office: 104 lst St., Allen, Texas Phone 995-4120 in Plano, Texas f O 1 5 O 1 z Q REALTORS S - -1'f5.:f:.:J ' '. 5 4 wo ESTATE . ,.,...A2 ,R iv. Q - i 1 rw ift MONROE'S APPLIANCE AND T.V N. E, Corner Square Television and Radio Service Phone LI Z-3338 McKinney, Texas MCKINNEY DRIVE -IN THEATRE RIT Z THEATRE McKlNNEY THEATRES, INC. McKinney ROY E. BROCKMAN, Manager Texas Collin County's Own Made in McKinney CABELL'S FINER DAIRY FOCDS Producers, Manufacturers, and Distributors of Finer Dairy Foods V'D"i Phone b t McKinney, LI 2-3321 - Texas Banking ls Easy, Pleasant, Personal, and Dependable 'HE CCQDMU GQ g McKinney, T exa s THE DAIRY QUEEN in McKinney "For That Special Occasion, Come By The DAIRY QUEEN For A Banana Split or Hot Fudge Sundae" W. Highway 24, McKinney Farmersville TEXAS POWER 8: LIGHT CCMPANY Nl '76 S UTRIGP' LQ Serving Business, Farm, Horne, and lndustry With Dependable Electric Service LI 2-2681 McKinney, Texas ,. J A CONGRAT ULATIONS! "Seniors of '66" J. D. GCODMAN, JR. SA 7-3619 Stacy Road SELL--BUY--or FINANCE--NEW or USED CARS--BANK RATES THE FIRST STATE BANK LET US HEL ,im V ::' X X . T 7 fs9"4 T 'Z ,4s,Sf"ef2.f'w?A M f , 2 ca iafi-5' Zam77Zoae1f Fnsco Texas MEMBER OF THE FDIC RODENBAUGH RADIO 8g TV SERVICE FAST 'SERVICE :T Repair s Done Rea sonably Allen DON ROCDVELIQIIEAUGH Phone Texas SA 7-3454 5 - fs :- -I See Us for the Latest in Hair Fashions LYNNES' BEAUTY SALON 903 N. Tennessee Phone LI Z-5242 McKinney, Texas Acnon Pnovsm TONY LAMA ,g H0'ff 1 V jg AND 0' QEAM G A f. TEXAS Boots l g, f'W4P'0NS N. 'k Exclusive at 7 h ANDY'S SHOE MART Shoes and Boots For the Entire Family Phone LI 2-4637 212 E. Louisiana St. McKinney, Texas We Use Only SP Strictly Professional CAPPS' HAIRDRESSERS Products ALMA, BARBARA, JAN, LINDA Specialists in Hair Styling McKinney Plaza Shopping Center Call Ll 2-2585 for Appointments Qwnel., McKinney, Texas MILDRED CAPPS WELL'S BROTHERS FARM STDRE Plano, T exas Specializing in Farm Supplies Seed-Fertilizers Case Farm Machinery Goodyear Tires New Holland Farm Machinery Tex Tan Leather Goods and Riding Equipment G00lL?'vEAR Plano Phones -I-IRES Z Dallas Phone 995-4124 Z AD 5-4246 995-4692 ey 41" TURRENTINE-JACKSCN Funeral Directors Ambulance Service Oxygen Equipped Phone Ll Z-2601 McKinney, Texas i 4 NATHAN WHITE DEPARTMENT STORE Phone 995-4541 Shop with us and we Phone 394-5875 Plano, Texas will both be pleased! Wylie, Texas YOUR TROUBLES vmusu PLANO AUTO ia OKW SUPPLY AND 'sl MACHINE SHOP Complete Line Automotive - Truck - Tractor Parts Bearing Press and Brake Drum Turning Owners GENE WRAY B. B. CARPENTER Free PICK-Up and Dellvery Plano Texas 1414 Ave J Phone 995-7917 DR Sales R PEPPER WAREHOUSE esentative Try A "Friendly Pepper-Upper" "Distinctively Differ ent" McKinney ,- J-Nm. 1 Texas CONGRAT ULATIONS - - SENIORS "66" COMP LIMENTS OF ALLEN CLINIC STAFF Allen Clinic Allen, Texas ALLEN GRAVEL AND SEWER SERVICE JOHN ENLOE Allen, Texas SA 7-3638 We Salute The Graduating Clas s Of 1966 . N,,., ,,6q RAYMON L. Q- ,q::1:1 25221 ::L':": 4':A':::1 f , V E LEO CQQKSEY O4 +"""'0ff '41 112 2 ':':' ls S M ' 4625 Allen, Texas 4 o . 66,,.,......A ,,,,,...,.,4,.. 6 Z X 0 ::f11 ' ,Lg QUVF Bmffb 34 Z:":e -iln iiil J? 4'c"""'w 'FED opeav-Wx ' WARQ Building Contractor and Certified Electric Heating Dealer, Install Ceiling Cable and Gther Types of Electrical Resistance Heating All Work Guaranteed .. !H.,gwM i gtg ddt Ng .. A L J, ,M in 'ga h tIARRINGTON'S PHARMACY Since 1881 Graduate Pharmacist Plano, Texas Phone 995-4588 Bring Your Dates and Parties to A. 81 W. at MCKINNEY PM Good Food - Good Service Go w South Tennessee On South Expressway The Future Is Fortunate . . for having in prospect such excellent citizen leaders as the students of Allen High School. The Plano National Bank is at your service. Let us help you make your mark in life through a sound banking connection. PLANO NATIONAL BANK 1000 West 15th Street Phone 995-7515 Your Home Owned Independent Bank of Personal Service. SNO-WHITE LAUNDRY operated by IRA WILLIAMS McKinney Texas HARRIS HORN FUNERAL HOME Funeral Service Insurance Ambulance Phone LI 2-3351 202 W. Louisiana McKinney, Texas SMITH DRUGS Dial Ll 2-4431 114 No. Tennessee McKinney, Texas Exclusive Eastman Kodak Agency Complete Line of Veterinary Supplies X ,'-,H ll.l!,ll lb , IN 1 gem F -E-.wills gl ff'-34 ig pe fl . rf wi 1 EH 1 r ..e1.HQa'-sfgfleliilii 'V' ZH? 5. w ' - , I I-.. : I 4" H Ma ai fl 5 . -f 7 L 'Fur-ll-13"-we-11 1 1-fu gr lf 1 . i QT Q l"p"lQQE2 -M W gf-H ' Qs s W fl, , H Pt, 575 MSW' ' 5 'T V A V if fl 5-4 ' 'D A 'X X .vi f V L, D+, I - New-gkm , ",, , . , f J. W. THOMPSON VA ' X-Af' qownery I 1 if ,Q Mcliinne 'L 'W N N Texas Y, A ,. 4 T L, nfl' 'ig X"' W. . K. DQ J w T? Km ,U C lnney Dallas DON'S CONOCO SERVICE "HOTTEST BRAND GOING" The gas is different but we're still the same--- Open 7 Days a Week Owners DON AND HELEN TERRELL Allen, Texas COMPLIMENTS OF LYNGE 8: STACY LUMBER COMPANY XQIN G MA rt X .1 'Q ' QQg X25 .Q Q-. Phone SA 7-3371 Allen Te as INTERNATIONAL HARVESTER SALES 81 SERVICE Highway 75 and 34 Highway 289 and 720 McKinney, Texas Frisco, Texas NTERNATIO Phone LI 2--2693 Phone ES 7 2412 INTERNATIONAL T ucks Parts and SG1'V1CG WW' i 2 ' an-'af 1 aa ,, J.. FFTTFFTQQFGTF MQW 5529525365533 - f. 11 ....,,f"-4 SP i THE JIFFY DOG DRIVE INN FOR THE BEST FOOD IN MCKINNEY Fried Chicken - Shrimp - Sandwiches of A11 Kinds Malts and Shakes 1211 N. Tennessee St. McKinney, Texas LI 2-4032 FISCHER-DOYLE FORD SALES .QQFID . 225 F.. Virginia X McKinney, Texas LI 2-3376 lI3 f ' L2CJIl:I:LJI-QhS 2501 Plano Plaza Plano, Texas Ph. 995-4723 COLLIN COUNTY COMMISSION CO. McKinney, T exa s Barn Phone: Llnden 2-2619 SALE EVERY WEDNESDAY Insured and Bonded THE BEST PLACE TO SELL YOUR LIVESTOCK PITTS-KERBY LUMBER CO. Q A Building Materials i t Hardware and Frisco, Texas Paints U' ALAMO ACCEPTANCE CORP. OF MCKINNEY :-, McKinney Plaza Shopping Center W? oans on Signature, Auto, or Furniture McKinney, Texas LI 2-2691 Dallas, Texas TA 7-1266 II4 f McKINNEY OFFICE AND SCHOOL SUPPLY I Royal Typewriters v Adding Machines K Y School Supplies K ! I gg Office Supplies 117 West Louisiana ,f X GOV McKinney LI 2-2422 Store Front Contractors Plate Glas s Window Glas s Auto Gla s s Furniture T ops SPORTSMAN GLASS CO. Sportco Aluminum Windows BILL SPORTSMAN -- Owner Phone: LI 2-3366 916 S. Expressway Night: LI Z-3147 McKinney, Texas 1: i f . X A ai lily I' A 7 Come One! Come All! PAT'S BEAUTY SALON Specializing in Haircuts PAT TERRELL - Owner For Appointment Call SA 7-3373 Texas Y Y L .92 cure mane gtlg g lgdJ T H Ahead! ggi!! at FIRST SAVINGS 8. LOAN McKinney, Texas x lI5 DAN STRONG 315712 'i jiLEf5+3 BUILDER 2- ' CONTRACT OR Box 469 Allen, Texas SA 7-3614 J. W. "BILL" CHRISTIE Pipeline and Welding Contractor Phone ES 7-2400 P,O. Box 386, Frisco, Texas FURNITURE lvoun comnusrs HOME FURNISHINGS smnej 2I0 NORTH TENNESSEE - McKINNEY - Llnden 2-5558' E. I. KENNEDY Cabinets All Kinds Plano, Texas 801 17th St. Ph. 995-3736 II6 REMEMBER! YOUNG OIL COMPANY THE STYLE SHELL DISTRIBUTORS "Service is Our Business" LI 2-4341 North Side Square McKinney Texas McKinney as , 53 Texas Compliments Compliments of of DON DAVIS J. S. "RED" HAND COUNTY JUDGE COUNTY SHERIFF McKinney T exa s Mc Kinney T exa s IF lT'S GOOD FOOD Compliments Yau 'ANTH -E of k f 1 I 5 04 My nun -3 555 N JAMES R. wean CHARCON- 9 COUNTY CLERK GRILL Hwy 24 W. McKinney, Texas McKinney Texas LAWRENCE HESTAND DeVASHER'S CONTINENTAL FASHION CENTER GRAIN CO, Quality Clothes For All Ages Grain---Feed Seed Phone 995-3920 Plano Texas Frisco Texas CURTSlNGER'S DRUG PRCSPER CO-OP GIN "YOUR" DEPENDABLE Q Owned By DRUGGIST Those We Serve ES ifff,i.iEzne ifrfiiizi Frisco Texas Prosper Texas Compliments so ufks AND of WADDLE MRS. DOYLE NELSON Dealer for the Long Green Line of John Deere Equipment Phone Frisco ES 7-2465 Texas TAX ASSESSOR and COLLECTOR Compliments of MR. H. E. HEFNER A-1 EAGLE BoosTER piling? E? D f ll T ll ! LM 53 M w. 1 Ki L 'L in i ll "l'1yf l x V lIfl,n1.i,nI'L!A,, 4, iltlliii If ' i Mg r - H im I ' nggm-Sita-fl QT' ?' Q 'fig Q p R- f' .. .. , McKlNNEY CO-OP GIN ASSOCIATION Owned and Operated By the Farmer J. J. POSTON LI 2-4923 ROY MAYES, F. I. C. District Manager Woodrnen of the World Life Insurance Society 1303 N. Church McKinney, Texas LI 2-5703 ALLEN'S DRUG "The Friendly Drug Store" Prescription Specialists Night 994-3449 Plano, Texas Day 995-4538 PLANO FABRICS Complete Sewing Supply Center Notions, Fabrics, and Accessories 815W. 15th St. Pho. 995-7313 Plano Texas DALE FURNITURE CO. Furniture and Appliances Kelvinator Appliances 301 E. Louisiana McKinney, Texas L1 Z-2195 aaaaiaasata aayyaaaacayaatt tasa Zyaa I I T,9t9tistala, a2a:atyttaZat 5 " 1::3i3f513E3E Q iifi FWS" ' ' NORTH SIDE PHARMACY C. E. GEORGE WINNIFORD WEBB B . Name rand Merchandise We Appreciate Your Business "Saves You More" McKinney LI Z-2606 Texas McKinney Texas Congratulations! Seniors of '66 McKINNEY DRY GOODS COMPANY ALLEN'S WHOLESALE MEATS South Highway 75 McKinney, Texas Ph. LI 2-5169 114 Louisiana Custom Slaughtering and McKinney, Texas Processing for Home Freezing Q Q LI 2-3359 lI9f BQLIN ALLEN BARBER ou. COMPANY SHOP JOHNNIE BURNSIDE MOBIL PRODUCTS MCOEE 8' SON CLEANERS W. PERRY BOLIN, Distributor LI 2-4621 McKinney Specializing in 3 Day Service 1 JUANITA S BEAUTY COX SALON CHEVROLET co. Specializing in Expert Hair Care a Frances Allen, Barbara Burch, Louise Carter, Juanita Dicky qi' QOperatorsj JUANITA DICKY, Owner McKinney Texas McKinney Texas Phone 995-3480 924 15th St. Dallas AD 5-2108 FIELDER LUMBER 8. SUPPLY SHOP Plano, Texas , A - V V QB - X ' L 5 FRANK R. ADAMS, Manager Res. l706 "N" Place Phone 995-4316 Flat Top Specialists Vic, BARBARA, AND DICKY CAMPBELL 1031 l5th St. Plano, Texas 995-3400 McKINNEY DRUG CO. QOn The Cornerj JOHN W. GASTROCK Phone LI Z-5521 McKinney Texas A-1 AUTO PARTS 8. SALES Used Parts Useable Fairview, Texas mi A p arrrr -Q ,Q Phone SA 7-3771 Rt. 2, McKinney Texas I20 n sox's Compliments of Portable Buildings Owner LESLA BOX A. R. MAY Wliiriiiifiiiiiufilifiiiy' Phone LI'2-2213 1422 So. Tenn. St. McKinney Texas CARLSON MCKINNEY LAUNDRY 84 CYCLE CO, CLEANING COMPANY SPORTING GOODS ' A Phone Ll 2-4311 McKinney ,-1 215 E. Louisiana Texas McKinney LI 2-4411 Texas ' Clothing and Shoes for the Entire Family 81 BODY SHOP THE B 8. B STORE 313 N. Wood St. Box 359 Phone LI Z-4391 Good Values Everyday McKinney Texas Ll 2-5221 McKinney, Texas gi Compliments f Q1 DRINK i MR. LEROY G. Coca-Cola and Sprite Gooo Anytime - Anyplace COUNTY SUPERINTENDENT Mcxinney at H ' Texas coLL1N COUNTY scHooLs ALLEN DRY GOODS Gifts and Notions Gifts Over Sl. OO Wrapped Free DRY GOODS Phone SA 7-3381 Allen, Texas Compliments of . . . CARL MARION Commis sioner of Precinct 4 "LOVING CARE" DAY NURSERY Congratulations, Seniors of "66" Allen Texa s ll, CUNDIFF GROCERY Phone SA 7-3356 ALLEN KINDERGARTEN Infants - E Mrs. and Jimmy Allen, Texas Pre-school Starr MRS. S. O. BARNETT, Teacher Drop-in Care 103 S. 3rd SA 7-3359 SA 7-3219 N lm Wit HILLTOP TEXACO Egg, Hmmm, Road Service Wheel Balance I A x Delco Battery Firestone Tires Q Brake Service Polish Mufflers Generators Fl f AMO I Wrecker Service Water Hauling h Owers or Ccaslons Motor Tune Up Specializing In Corsages X. Phone SA 7-3246 SA 7-3333 Allen, Tex. Allen Texas f 1 ,T GR 15 LOUlSE'S 619' 'Usb' E - ' ' 7 " j W LAUNDERLAND 0 G a, 41, Jr ' U 4 3 lil J Phone SA 7-7404 4 1 K l' Allen Texas BRANNON wHlTE's AUTO Foon MART STORE The Home of Greater Values Pho. 995-3460 - 1005 15th St. I-Iome-Owned and Operated by I-IODY SPIES Plano Texas Plano Texas PIZZA DELIGHT Plano Plaza Shopping Center BEST PIZZA IN PLANO Pho. 995-7724 Plano Texas SPARKLE CLEANERS l420 Avenue K Phone 995-3200 Plano T exa s HAMlLTON'S MOBILE SERVICE STATION Pho. 995-4080 AAA RENTALS We Rent 1001 Items Plano Texas Open 7:00 A,M, - 6:00 P.M, 7 Days A Week ' Ph. 995-4020 Plano Texas DOUGHERTY'S KlNG'S OF PHARMACY BAR-B-QUE Serving the Community for Over 35 Years HAMMOND I-IEATI-I, R. PI-I. , Manager Ph. 995-7501 Plano Texas "Just the Best in Texas" Cafeteria Style - Orders To Go Ph. LI Z-7482 N. I-Iwy 75 McKinney Texas Plano, T exa s Phone 995-9879 DUANE'S WAFFLE SHOP Breakfast Z4 Hours Also Charcoal Bro iled Hambur ge r s and Steaks Compliments of PAUL WORDEN JOE LEDBETTER'S SPORTING GOODS Chrysler Boats-Mercury and Evinrude Motors, Guns-Browning, Winchester, Colt Minnows Complete Line of Sporting Goods Phone LI Z-3505 North Highway 75 McKinney YE OLD FASHIONED SWEET SHOPPE AND THE DO-NUT CHEF Featuring Southern Maid Do-nuts Carnation lce Cream and Home-made Cakes McKinney Plaza Phone LI Z-6772 RIDGEVIEW MEMORIAL PARK, INC. A Perpetual Care Cemetery South Highway 75 Phone LI 2-3388 Mc Kinney T exa s McKinney Texas Compliments of the "EAGLE" STAFF Pam Cundiff Judy Todd Shirley Dement Susan Nicholas Janiece Young Jon Goodman Johnny Smith Gary Chapin Sheryl Rountree Sherry Shelgren Shirley O'Neal John Cy Hefner Mike Carroll 124 Compliments of E. B. Young and Family BOOSTERS Mr and Mrs D L Rountree and Sheryl Mr and Mrs Leon Porter Mrs Marion West Mr and Mrs T H Ereckson Gene M. Reed Jr. Mr. and Mrs. Robert Patterson Gladys Watson Mr. and Mrs. James Griffin Mr. and Mrs. Max Vaughan Mr: and Mrs. J. D. Dungan, Sr. Mr. and Mrs. J. D. Dungan, II Mr. and Mrs. Roger R. Adams Mr. and Mrs. Bob Painter Frances Norton Theresa Berndt Mr. and Mrs. Clifford Hart Mr. and Mrs. Bemon Morrow Mr. and Mrs. Frank E. Dugger Bonnie L. Speight J. D. and Joyce Goodman Mr. and Mrs. Eugene Maples N i 2 EAGLE STAFF E ff BUSINESS MANAGER - - - JOHNNY SMITH P y i' EDITOR-IN-CHIEF -------- - - - PAM CUNDIFF sy ASSISTANT TO EDITOR - - IANIECE YOUNG yyy,pi ATTAMMTT STAFF PHOTOGRAPHER - - - -JON GOODMAN I SUBSCRIPTION EDITOR - - - - SHERRY SHELGREN ADVERTISING EDITOR - - - - - - GARY CHAPIN SPECIAL FEATURES EDITOR - - SHERYL ROUNTREE Advf-SOI CLASSES EDITOR ----- - SHIRLEY O'NEAL SENIOR REPRESENTATIVE - - - SUSAN NICHOLAS JUNIOR REPRESENTATIVE - - - - - - JUDY TODD SOPHOMORE REPRESENTATIVE - - - - SHIRLEY DEMENT FRESHMAN REPRESENTATIVE - - - - JOHN CY HEFNER SPORTS EDITOR ------- ----- M IKE CARROLL ADVISOR ---------- - MRS. JOYCE GOODMAN The publication of the 1966 EAGLE has been a pleasure and a challenge to all of us. Our thanks go to everyone who has helped us, for it was through the co-operation of the faculty, students, and those who so generously gave their support through advertisements that this edition of the EAGLE was made possible. We have tried to perpetuate within these pages memories of classmates, teachers, and activities, and all that has been a part of our school life at A H S during the past year. 'E Pam Cundiff, Editor yf Annual Staff '66 A THE THRESHOLD "Whether it be a job, business or technical school, or college facing you, the Qalmostj make-believe world of school is ending for the Class of "66". Life 'as she is lived' lies through the door you will open this year. Good luck--and may you ever take advantage of all your real opportunities". . . Eagle Staff Z rn' 'I 2 l !,,.... s I fl 4 vim r M I l XX ,, 1 ff K6 252' if-' 5 X X TAYLQRW IfdU?LlSI'lfl!'JSi COMPANY K N 7V 9 ,7 gf f QW W Bw 1WW.D1fffE3Lf9W ? 1fmfQ5-QQ WW UAB ,W w f"'f'Q Cb-ff1f WAEQXW ,W M 25626 Wil if f ggi, Magi mg ,Wf,V W M , QWLA R f 9' gffgjjyfiwf giyvym -Z M, bMUL . f Q iisfve Y ypfgmbwwfy ' 63 Aff 32 5303 SEL mag! T2 XXQSNKS5 xo-jfo?,0f153AX21 fl? 3 53 Y 7? Qx 5 3, jg? -9' JM S-ff X fa ,QV 5 fff 'ifasy CJ! 'Q 7 ' SQ' , X 0 Y Q C' f-1 f P' , f , My U5 ie E E QQ? A Q AX- 9 N f ' V , Y .A 2 xo v f-f4f,7y.1:f' fa? Q' .N-SQN cg, T ., -03 V Or 43:-Q x 0433 NNE? CJ 15 1 if Pj! Vziff' J -5-J , gf' f mf ,Lf 555' ? if , md M47 1 'H' 5 if V If M11 iw! JJ" J ff 513 K ffl ff ,fff ' Aj W" ,f 6 ff 7' ff -f gm , ,, 2 a -f" 1' 1,0 ' f Kzffd' agp f' I , I 4 7,1 -'54 ca rd, fi VMQQZ i ?W,fi , ,.q. M If I I " I WW! M ff 5 E qi ' WNlfQlEM L, W fi EM Q Qvwxvg if Pai: Q., gf ff , N Hi3g5swQ 4 f agp 7 M W 5 6 Kg gig Mr lb? ! ,H 6 53.-132323323 K XC? wfwrg K0 w NW 2 HM 74 W xy of f V .1 1 ,- VW ww ff W W M if XV fgff yff CfA?fL0JQ2' 9?Qjx ij A jiftij ff ww Q Jfgim M l5V' f ML V, V7 JLHJL aka, Af! ' I , I " Wdvfsligy ff" ' DXUWAA 4 ' , A! W E,f lQ do L, ff f vw X, M Sk A QS. 'awww Q-Q QQNQQXM fi W 'l 1 'E r , . 1 9 , BEM! 9 ri IVF' XXV Fr L7 if N, f, Vw X WM ff 5' fM,5 1 ff ' lf! 1, f X' f Lb' fy QMMUKJ, f4UJAjW9'la'1' Jpamflwwe wwyfwwfyw Mm. xE7'76L0Zf gym? MW fm A 1 QQWZJM Zwfjigmgffgf YQ ff74f4"'L WM A JQMJVQ X 1 ff aww XQMWEQZALXAAYQLQTZMWQ ww W ff ifljigiiif iii ii fjM ,piW 7wLjWWWwmW? fJWW? fi-f V4 S pac . -.f , J. vy' ' "fin 1 5 5' "U if , , ea in 'S X F Q v 1 -. ' 3 , J - .Q .132 f fx ' rv- 'I . ' "M ,N . A , A 5- I , 'WM " " 'D V V 4 I A fx M hw! f it fi' 'X . N - ,mm MWmW37f 'ff""-M'-'ff 'M 1 M 5' Q' ' 5 'ff' mxfrwf H M" A 'lm ,fl Jmf -frm, Q ,f 'W " W ' M ,,,,,' 15. mm , xc ww, Y ,- hi ' ,Mm , M - , MJ W W., P ,sw avi ' LEM, I - 'bp wwf" ,M ,y Wy , W M4 ' "' "" .R , , , " nfl jim' Q, ' , , -'Ip - .1 , W9 ,Vain-ef 5 , K, , g4 1, iii 5 ' ' . I W 1 g, -1 . ,, ,V is 1 x -A , w Mx .3 V A rg: K - ' M MH. ' fl' J Z 5 ' - .V ,Q ' ' gf fx g V 'W ww ' 1" ' ' U X Y- "7 '25 Y -. ,f Lf-ww Wjw H V' N AWP I ,g . 4 K U, Q-ff, A . A fA . ,,,, ,, , x' 3 A A , V? ' 4? V ' , qygffsvf Z2 . 3-ia? I -gif, If Si ,sf V , V, :J A R af ,, ffl K ,M .s .. ,... . ' fm- -- ,, ' i 'Ines' 1 y 1 I ' v 1 li!! 'Z - ' ns' K, nn.. T sv- f ..- , A A , ,., A ,4..- EMM "fm :A 05- MWTQVQ5, he r .wa-V. X, N, A ' 7 J .Q ,rm 24' mg 3 . '78 lwfflmy. xv' P I V X r . 1 L V, " C" 1 1'-xx f W, f I 3 S A V Q1 1' " 7 S 'sam X - JA' M A ww A 1 I f--ww' 'fy F M E.. kj ' A QM :figs U Q li. 'q 1 . 1-H1 .l I A.-.-.J 4' In 1 '- 5 -...... I . L ,. '1 ,I 1 I 1 A X Q x .z '7 4 Y 1 J . I 1 5 fi if C55 f. Q I5 ' PM Ania- I 1 fl U :J 1 A '. fi ff PX ' X p v . -13,2 I U m .. ff Q 0 5 ,' ' va A ,-,: Af- his Q QQ, '31 ' FA Ca, -- , - 1' S 4 fa ' lf WQ1- Aff . "1 .1f'J .'j9g1.Lfr5 X f 1 5- bf-' 1 3:7 ' 'K Huff 'L 1'1" 1 4 ,fig . "Bi ., ui ':" -Q., .fmf gl diff K' . gg JL . :gi 3 MJ

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