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 - Class of 1965

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'40- il Wah! ,X .f 41' . 4 . -1 , 'I 5 4 JA' 1 7' 1 , R v .- Q3 9 U. ' , , 1 . 5 1 1 1 5 I 1 1 4 , l 1 1 i THE '65 EAGLE ,fi-T 'in ix f-SQ f F xx ,. ff E f' E J W EAGLE STAFF "-m.....-4' Editor-in-Chief - ---- Nell Bolin Advertising Editor - - - Georgia Rutherford Assistant Editor - - - - Marion Ottaway Special Features Editor - - - Janice Rogers Business Manager - - - - - Irene Ruyle Junior Representative ---- H. C. Brooks Sports Editor - - - - - Steve Connatser Sophomore Representative - - Pam Cundiff Staff Photographer - ' " Jon Goodman Freshman Representative - - Sheryl Rountree Subscription Editor - - - Ken Adney Advisor ------- Mrs. Joyce Goodman The Eagle Staff of 1965 presents to you our composite of memories for the past school year. We sincerely hope the '65 Eagle will prove to be a "prize" among your treasures of days gone by. Our warmest thanks and fondest wishes go to the many supporters and boosters of the Eagle who helped to make it a success. Nell Bolin Editor-in-Chief THE EAGLE '65 Allen High School Allen, Texas DEDICATED T0 OUR SUPERINTENDENT . 7'1i ,f 1 iii Q 1325 ii SSW QW: it er ' , Aft 4 Hi , -Nl X 'K ,Mi K T111 X MR. D. L. ROUNTREE We, the Eagle Staff, are proud to dedicate this 1965 Eagle to our beloved superintendent, Mr. D. I.. Rountree, who has contributed so much of his time and energy to the Allen School System. For elevcn years, he has proven to be a fine administrator and a friend to all. With this dedication, wc extend our sincere thanks and appreciation for the help and guidance he has given us, for the interest he has shown in our young people, and for his per- sonal dcdication to the improvement of our schools. His loving guidance will always be a part of our school memories. Q 14 6 at 'Wi ADMINISTRATION OUR SUPERINTENDENT D. L. ROUNTREE :P H ' I? 7 'W V. rf 'Z Q tg gg 2 lf if sf , it 1? " -- . ,E 5, f - 1 , ,Q f 5 if T 1 I ' .t 5 , L gf Q e ' 5 5 ,Auf sth . My thanks to the Annual Staff, School Board, Faculty, Parents, and Student Body for the fine co-operation this school year. To the Senior's of "65" l challenge youto be your best! The worst disappoint- ment you can experience inlife is disappointment in yourself. Tomorrow, you alone will make the essential decisions that are a part of life. Those decisions are based upon the foundation of training you have received during your years here in AHS, Be faithful to God, to your country, and to the things you undertake to do. Set your goals high and play the game of life according to God's rule, and tomorrow, may your yesterday's dreams come true. We appreciate the untiring efforts of this fine school board to make Allen Public Schools the finest schools in Texas! PRES. H. E. HEFNER OUR BOARD OF EDUCATION G. W. Rutherford, Secretaryg B. I. Chaping J. L. Dementg H. E. Hefner Presidentg G. W. Porterg V. F. Holt, Vice-President: D. L. Rountreeg T. H. Ereckson. R. B. CARAWAY County Supervisor L. G. RICHARDSON County Superintendent L ALLEN SCHOOL PRINCI PA LS IA MES L. GRIFFIN Elementary MAX O. VAUGHAN High School BOB PAINT ER B. S. Math ELLA JO ADAMS B. S. Homemaking LEON PORTER B. S. , M. A. Voc. Agriculture OUR HIGH SCHOOL FACULTY D. L. ROUNTREE Superintendent B. S. . M. S. Social Studies MAX O. VAUGI-IAN Principal B. S. , M. E. Science O JOYCE GOODMAN Business Education MARGIE MARION N. T. S. U. English BONNIE SPEIGHT B. A. , M. E. 5 Fourth Grade JOHN P. CAVE B. S. , M. S. g Seventh Grade QUINCY SPURLIN B. A. 5 Fourth Grade JAMES GRIFFIN, Principal I B. S. . M. Ed. g Eighth Grade OTHEL PATTERSON B. S. g Sixth Grade EUGENE MA PLES M. S. , M. A. g Fifth Grade OUR ELEMENTARY FACULTY IAN DUNGAN B. S. 5 Second Grade FRANCES NORTON B. S. , M. E. g First Grade SYBIL DUNGAN B. S. g First Grade MARION WEST B. S. Q Third Grade GLADYS WATSON B. S. , M. E. 9 Second Grade OUR COOKS OUR CUSTODIANS . . . Mrs. Beamon Morrow Mrs. Elmer Davidson Mrs. Walter Curtis Mr. O. W. Davidson Mr. Doyle Williams . . . OUR BUS DRIVERS Mr. Bob Painter Mr. John P. Caves 1 J l W pf ,swiss .fr ff? sf A ' 1 kr.. A Sw.. N Y 1 K Y wigs! .Q .. ,- LARRY BARBEE Football - 4, Captain - lg Track - 3g Baseball - 23 FFA - 3, V. Pres. 1 Beta Club - 2, Sec. - lg Freshman, Ir. , Most Handsome, Class Mr. AHS Soph. , Ir. , Seniorg Best Citizen - 63-64g Best All-Round - 64-655 Class Pres. - Freshman, Seniorg FHA Beau - 65. 65 'FU' ff' SENIOR CLASS OF 1965 NELL BOLIN Eaglettes - 63 Majorette - 3, Head - lg Homecom- ing Nominee - Soph. 5 FHA - 49 Class Favorite - Fresh. , Seniorg Basket- ball - 35 Happiest - 62g Best All-Round - 633 Most Co-Operative - 643 An- nual - 4g Editor - lg Beta Club - 4g Officer - 1. SENIOR OFFICERS LA RRY BARBEE President MIKE BEGGS Vice-President IRENE RUYLE Secretary SUE CROSSWHITE Treasurer MIKEL BEGGS Football - 4g Track - 45 Basketball - 23 Baseball- 2g Fresh. Class Fav. g Ir. Most Handsomeg Most Handsome - 62-635 Most Co-Operative - 65g FFA- 3, Officer - 1. RICHARD CARROLL Football - 4, Capt. - lg Mr. Touchdown - 64, Track - 45 Basketball - 3, Capt. - l5 Most Athletic - 655 Sr. Class Favoriteg FFA - 3, Sentinel- 1. RONALD COX Football - 45 Basketball - 35 Baseball - 25 FFA - 3. SUE CROSSWHIT E Eaglettes - 4, Pres, - 25 Cheerleader - 2, Head - 645 Basketball - 4, Capt. lg Fresh, Soph. Presidentg Senior Treasurer5 Jr. -Sr. Miss AHS Nominee, Best Personality - 63-645 Most Co-Operative - 655 Most Athletic - 655 FHA - 4, Treasurer - 65. M C STEVE CONNAT SER Football - 35 Track - 35 Basketball - 25 FFA - 35 Officer - 15 Baseball - lg Beta Club - 35 Pres. - lg Vice President - 15 FHA Beau - 635 Senior Most Handsomeg Annual Staff - lg Most Studious 64-65. SCOTTY DAY Football - 45 Baseball - 25 Basketball - 25 Jr. Var: Track - 45 Dist. - 25 FFA - 3: Ir- Favoriteg Sophomore Class Fav. JUDY GRAVES Eaglettes - 35 Cheerleader 25 Basketball - 25 Ir. Most Beautiful5 Beta Club - 25 FHA - 4, Officer - 2. DON A HEN DERSON Eaglettes - 45 Drummer - 15 Majorette - 25 FHA - 45 Basketball - 45 Beta Club - 35 Reporter - 15 Senior Most Beautiful. IRENE RUYLE Eaglettes - 35 Drummer - 25 Sr. Homecoming Nom- inee5 Sr. Class Secretary Basketball - 45 Capt. - 1 Beta Club - 35 FHA - 25 Annual Staff - 25 Bus. Manager - 1. REBECCA MOORE Nominee Miss AHA - 625 Junior Most Beautiful5Jr. Homecoming Nominee5 Eaglettes - 25 Cheerleader 15 Soph. Vice Pres. 5 Bas- ketball - 15 FHA - 35 Sec. to Mr. Griffin. IANICE ROGERS Eaglettes - 25 Drummer - lg Best All-Round - 64- 655 Most Studious - 63- 645 Basketball - 25 Teen Fashion Boardg Annual Staff - 15 Beta Club - 25 Vice Pres. - 15 FHA - 25 Secretary - 15 Maid of Cotton. MARION OTTA WAY Eaglettes - 45 Drummer - 15 Majorette - 35 Fresh- man, Junior Vice-Presi- dentg Most Studious - 64- 655 FHA - 25 Secretary - 15 Annual Staff - 25 Asst. Editor - 15 Basketball - 2 Beta Club - 3. MR. BOB PAINTER Class Sponsor E, 4 BARBEE DOLL HOSS LOVEA BLE LA URIE SEA -GULL GEERY PENNY - PINC HER CRUISER SKOOTY BRUCE DI MOT OR-MOUT H MO SA M RUGLE "BULLDOG " Sponsor I r Qi N? X9 x JUNIORS Jackie A dams Ken A dney H. C. Brooks Charlie Bryson Alvin Burnside Mike Carroll Gary Chapin Larry Dill I. W. Eastham Tommy Eaton Robert Gantt George I ones Linda Knight Susan Nicholas Georgia Rutherford Bruce Slaughter Johnny Smith Lin da Stevens JHIIICCG Y Oungd ENJOY BEING M . G rs OO man UPPERCLASSMEN Sponsor I Ion SOPHOMORES "ON THEIR WAY-" Lynne Connatser Pam Cundiff Goodman Sarah Gilliland Danny Hart Brenda Brazeal Cathie Carpenter Sharon Crosswhite Phillip Hefner Bruce Hopkins Charles Johnson Ruth Knight Janeen Lowery Pat McBride ' Addie Lee P, i5Ag1,' Robinson 4, V Sherry ' '- -335 "," Shelgren t 1 "fffr 3 ---.. U : Beverly i ,L A Smith I Todd James Tucker Clifford Wilson T eresa Mote Kenneth Preston Fay Wood Mrs. A darns Sponsor L I rx. ff' . ' "J 2 '- - is - '9 if V V . ,g fr, K , ..s,- -:fir g 2"M' Q59 J , S sk N am ,f , fi Sd s. ED FRESHMEN NFRISKY FISH" Gary Blacketer y Shirley Dement if Donald Drennon 15 , Q I r if X gl Ronald Drennon Sharon Dunn Paul Eastham Joe Enloe L. C. Freeman Zane Gibson Andrew Goodman Sherr Grindele C X. Y A John Hall Bobby Hemby Cathy Ives Sandra Johnson Carolyn I ones Nelda Knight Larry Merrell Christine Nicholas Shirley O'Neal V Linda Pritchard an , in, Robert Roberts N 72 Sheryl Rountree 'Xi N Bob Rutherford A Danny Sego f Nl FLM 7 Suzanne Smith C! Bill Warrick Belinda West Judy Whisenant Frances Wilson Mrs. Marion - Sponsor v.Y?XxX'Q ENIORS 'v 1 A ,J 1 I 1 , W A N SOPHOMORE SNAPS FRESHMAN SNAPS F' W 4. N - ' V , . ' H "-.4 J '4-'.Q,zv1...5-.A . . EIGHTH GRADE "TWIXT - AND - BETWEEN" :ini 'E , 'Wf-H375 P tx ig, Jimmy Eaton Patricia Mc Menamy Sponsor - Mr. Griffin Robert Acker Cleta Bolin Lynda Brooks -gb., Jonnie Enloe Phillip Meads s Q- il k Beverly Adams Phillip Chapin Karen Cundiff r. L, M r 1, N iv- 5? 'iii Iryr A ff' .xy , ?:isIi'z:, : ' , agar I X Wk E sg John Cy Hefner Roger Hopkins Robert Oxford Brenda Painter S.. zs .,,, f:1.i '- -... ,Mpeg -. Mike Pritchard Norma Sexton David Starr Allen West asa, if , ,. if , v W 5, t ,,.X Q 5 45? 2 Q I N Q if LL gy' W Connie Ottaway Mark Pettit Paula Porter Dan Posey Ricky Smith Bruce Snoddy Albert Songer Donna T errell Anita Iudkins it A Douglas Mazey A if 1 Mike McBride r t ax , W .QQ 5 A X . SEVENTH GRADE "LUCKY SEVEN" Mr. Cave - Sponsor Mike Merrell Eddie Merritt Alan Mote EQ KW W3 'izt ,.,, QL fi David Burnside Charles Castle Patricia Davidson Jimmie Dunn Bobby Flanagan Iudy Gibson Karen Holmes Rebecca Johnson --uf , ,Q - . , as ,1- ' .A ' . 5 4 r r SIXTH Terry Adney Carla Barnett Glen Betts Joyce Bridges Harold Cassady lvan Castle Lee Cobb Jettina Davis Karen Day Frankie Enloe Danny Gantt Kathy Greer Sharon Hemby Melba Hopkins Shirley Huggins mf. S - ,1'-tiiil S' 11' Q V v ,. eili ? nst ylso W ' W y We ' - r 1-'Ti .fxi trims -, 'f'7 4 . Tw - H -v.7- '- ,, 2 -Q ' ' .,,' 1 f s,i'- A . 7 . ga M is 5 5 Q ' S Xyil -5 ie" , i,. 5 uigvgvq K .i,,,t, 5 P . ., Q g :ee , , Q o y Vykg r l 2 . -' ,, 5 ' 1,21 ,, 1 f' - ' rlilllilfr ' H ' S i,tt 7 ' 132. it i A D f 1 r if 'liiifa A A r t't in ' ' ,,, r ' ' L, , Q 1 i 3 ',-' ' Y . o,,o if , y 2, ' zf , K K I I 'F f "7-I s-',f" ' H55 i " 3 GRADE ,ei S PON SOR . Mrs. Patterson ' wel , lbs,-1 f,.-, rr. 5 - at , ar rg rf? Db cu F11 'PU F' A 2 'Jr I-4 er 'Tl O FU CD U 4 as z G U1 Z U1 z "3 asffgf if J a w:f'-,rf - .,,.', m 1 f- N .14-'rfj' , M -I v-'x g I 'WA 2 ft' Ns Qi , ii rs hr. t. .. A . . V 5 "ae gi S f .NX 1 , ,.. . .,,t,-,, E ,,,.1,,. ,. Z vgwfsi, ' mg . . ,Pf:9'1':' ' VVE7 .T iii' -' "ff V ' """"5 L .. . -"5f"1' A U . V - ff ' f Mesh: , 553 -Nriglig v . QA I I we ' " ' fs A lglif-55" ., sf"i52E' F W 96255 35 ::- 35 45. -.--- .37 lm- r .V .: :, -- -4. .5. : .fn -hx 4. at V, Q A waf'fs:e.1h:s r te.21:11fi1z mm' I :I X35 " ' '- :,rez,if5a2,IJ5 "Ez: EV ' , :., V. i 1- ,gp 7 1-r ,f -- 3 ,r f - gre--1 K ' A 9 ., 'C L . ,k,VVk -:ki ,TL ..,,.. 5 55, '- .: v 4s1,.9a,.,gg r wi? X XY 835235 rl- 6 S 4- 'v1i?:f,rffl,i'1 we . EE ,Rt fm f at 1 " -' Y i L 'V Q - J " - iid, In I -K , KV ifv,Ag ,,iL,. K W ' f- L' ' I ' 1 ' I 33 'xii-- f.:,11 1 ii I7 k k f b ,r 7,312 VL Q gg Q, K sg S L., sth' 2 51.4-W 7, p,:4,,4i' Darlene Hull Roger Hull Melody Julian Michael' La Grone Wayne Lowery Peggy McEuen Alan McMenamy Connie Meads Susan Ottaway Deborah Oxford Charles Smith Jimmy Songer Jimmy Starr Margaret Tobaben Iimmy Walker Mark Warrick FIFTH GRADE svonsou: "STILL GROWING " Mr. Maples R ' E Ronald Adams 1 ,r if Q- '- Sherry Bedell ,VQXVJ L 1 .A H Q3 Bobby Bohn 5 ,, 5 - t ,'1f5Jf-jigwgif K1h J ' Ladonna Bruce XX .i-, g JL 5' 'g7- iffiiggfii Chester Clark Debbie Davidson Jackie Davis Shelia Dement Vickie Flanagan Penny Gantt Alan Hart Rickie Holmes Ricky Ives Eady Moseley Ed Painter Debra Porter Evelyn Prince Karen Pritchard Marsha Dill Robert Duffer Cathy Elder Tommy Ereckson Randy Marion Jerry Mazey Jimmy McEuen Ronald Miller Jo Andra Millhouse Ronnie Smith 5 Thomas,Smith 'C Judy Walker Joy Weaver i Johnny West Franl Sharon Flannagan Cheryle Greer Danny Hooper Cinda Malone David Martin Nancy Nicholson Deborah Prince Gregory Sears Rayford Sexton Paul Snoddy Lori Spurgin Lynn Starr Cynthia Terrell Paul Warrick Kathleen West FOURTH GRADE Teacher Mrs. Bonnie Speight Teacher: Mrs. Quincy Spurlin "TAKES A STEP HIGHER -" Cynthia Crouch Bobby Day Ludonna Fisher Charles Fowler Douglas Hopkins Rosemarie Jordan Susan Knight Betty Merritt Andy Ottaway Dallas Prince Arlene Rogers Douglas Sears Debbie Tucker Marc Vita Pamila Warrick 5 rsri fi il J .' , x - -f ing ,,'. -,, 3 , :'CX s P, IS. A - , Z , , . I wks u A ' Q, 1 A ' 6 'wa , AFV, G- ' . ., J ly V 95 tiara J ,,,. S Y' icy.. 'rw : ' v . -4, X ' , Q17 if Ls-1 f',. K , R- . , W f., J ' - 3,51 ,f " 355513 'H I lls " 1 43f?i'i,..g ,,j 5 , 1 f ,J , , y ,Aww t , , K 'iw N322 J .. 'Cs .alia X it IAA fx Q - ' ssly lts J ' if T ' J if -. . if K 5 24 . 'Q ' 1 Q, H -4. Ag , ,Al ik. X THIRD GRADE Teacher: Mrs. Marion West "BIGGER AND BETTER!" Kathy Adney Charoltte Bruce L. W. Buck Pamela Bumsi de Stephen Chapin Janeen Connatser Deborah Douglas Debra Ereckson Cindy Fry Terry G age Micheal Gibson Camille Gunnels Alan Harper Bonnie Herbold Mikel Hulon Steve Johnson Kenneth Jones Louis Knight Gary Marion Esther Martinez Juanita Martinez Deidra Mazey Linda McMenamy Charley Millhouse Fretta Millhouse Jimmy Todd Rodney Vaughan Tina Wade Janice Walker Debbie West David Alexander Cindy Bedell Sanford Bolin Karen Dement Richard Dugger Jill Enloe Jackie Gage Micheal Garner Vicky Johnson Dennis Iudkins Johnny Martinez Margie Martinez Mike Merritt William Murphy Lynne Pringle Betsy Sego Sherri Starr Terry Terrell James Walker Teacher: Mrs. Ian Dungan "ALWAYS REA DY FOR A NEW CHALLENGE" Teacher: Miss Gladys Watson Steven Acord Benny Bolin Sherry Dean Alan Fewell Richard Gamer Gail Goodman Susan Gunnels J an Ives Randall Kyle Linda Malone Steven Mazey Billy Don McEuen Donna McMakin Joe Moseley Arthur Nicholson Elizabeth Reaves Kim Sears Lisa Shplgren Shelia Wade Rickey Adams Cindy Barrientez Laura Betts Pobla Cox Laurana Curtis Terry Duncan Barbara Earnhart Cheryl Foster Luis Garcia Carolyn Garner Paul Hooper Donald Littrell Tass Meads Jeffery Posey Lisa Spurgin Dale Todd Jana Weaver t Billy West Teacher: Mrs. Sibyl Dungan "TOWARD NEW HORIZONSH Teacher: Miss Frances Norton ! 1 iv, 5 ri K .57 .A K . -sr a iv si , 4 3 : s s lf I 6 4 may Xb of Palastina Barrientez Vicki Bedell Chock Billy Mark Bly Cindy Cooksey Rhonda Dean Pamela Douglas Barbara Duffer Ricky Dunn Michael George Paula Harper Garland Haskell Kevin Jones Cathy Langley Dianne Martin Ramon Martinez Louis Millhouse Ray Robertson Bradley Todd Arthur Wright ......,..,,,,. -- qv' s J, . 3 . R NAPSHOTS , 1 4 1' , ,nw . 'g 'S I 1 4 Ask? , ..,.. 4.. 'Q . figf. .W f. A c ,Jr .11 :YQ ' ' L A - lf f . ' . N 4 ,, . ,r .. .if ,. A ' 2 f . , A' fy w M. t 'X pn, x -A 2 in m.M,!g6.I4 V, H' .v 5" S P 355' 5, 1 k ,'-wr!" f ff, , I ,' "f sf" gs' ,. ' . ,fn ' 31. 8'2" '.s'5,T'fIf-' m"7'1-E gff.'?"3 L Alf H F'-"j'a',, , .' fr H ", ' "f" .. f- 'wry '. , i ,. L, ff-N K 6 , 6,453 , 'iq' , fb -gl f. Q -' wg ' I K' ' 'I ' ' ' ' ji. 3 . Vgzwiq, .w .. Aagff, . EQ", ' A , , 1, A .. J . ., VJ ., A -vw' . -A I ' ff f ff H ,L . 'V 1 wf ,, f . ' .' ,wf', f ' 4' Q' . ff A f fn ,.,,f , V- - f 5 Z +. ,.,. ' . AR' f gf -V If ' K - J ' .H , f. -U-ff' 1, I ' -y g my ,, , . ,. 4. . r , , . , H - . .T 1 '1 3 -g"PH,' ' . 1 ' X4 ,3 ,,f ff, S 4: ., U + v , 'Q' fl A 2 , 5, ' f . , 4 . af ' S f , W' 'fa' 4. ' . A . ,eff 5.53 ,ggwuy . ,ML 6 X 'vaiykw , t .wif '3 f Q Q zwgs ' A -li, , ,,-3: L. 'iw' A f, , .gg if w 1 1 . :.N?3:5?i: I , I. ..- ' A-is ,,q,fjff . g ' ff N U. . ,A ,V 1. 1' ,.1L .H Law.- za HOMECOMING QUEEN 1964 Georgia Rutherford TQAVV -sl . W' ' ' 1xfu gf3 Q , 5. o Ad . Y-I W' . , T, , , ' 1 x , ' Hsieh-'f.:Q"f.s' if 'W L ' Qizgs,-1,.f,1 -, K, wiv- HW-.4 L X 5 - , xx x' K M, an A,,-Q A w. ' A ' 4LWVxW M W 4:.'i X ? 4? aku X . , K 1 12451-if'x' I 'z , 3151 'wx v" " ,gi 1553! .J , .-g., - fr-4 , ,- X mL.f,,., 1 . ,V .. :Ravi ' Q fps., -ff ,V ,'rw1',X. It . ,wld g., - ' wf . H NOMINEES AWAIT ANXIOUSLY THE ANNOUNCEMENT OF 1964 QUEEN Georgia smiles happily after being an- Sr. Rep. g Irene Ruyle nounced the 1964 Queen Soph. Rep. g Lynne Connatser Fresh. Rep. g Cathy Ives ' Queeng Georgia Rutherford WELCOME EXES" THEME FOR CAR DECORATIONS SENIOR: Irene Ruyle JUNIOR: SOPHOMORE: Lynne Connatser FRESHMAN Cathy Ives may g, - 0 K VW . WS .rg My r . . . Head Majorette, Nell Bolin, presents the "Mr. Touchdown" award to Richard Carroll, November 6, 1964. "Mr. Touchdown" of A. H. S. is elected each year by the members of the pep squad. He is always a Senior player and selected because of his out- standing qualities expressed both on and off the field of play. The Eagle staff would like to congratulate Richard Carroll for having received the 1964 "Mr. Touchdown" award. MOST ATHLETIC Richard Carroll Sue Crosswhite MOST CO-OPERATIVE Sue Crosswhite Mikel Beggs BEST ALL-ROUN D Janice Rogers Larry Barbee WHO'S WHO MOST STUDIOUS Steve Connatser Marion Ottaway AT A.H.S. BEST CITIZENS Tommy Eaton Pam Cundiff BE ST PERSONA LITY Johnny Smith Sh aron Crosswhite 55:5 1 1 1 FRIEN DLIEST Sheryl Rountree Charlie Bryson MOST COURTEOUS Robert Gantt Cathie Carpenter A.H.S. BETA CLUB SITTING: Henderson, Barbee, Connatser, Rogers, Cundiff. MIDDLE ROW: Goodman - Sponsor, Bolin, Ruyle. Rutherford, Ottaway, Rountree O Neal Dement, Nicholas, Gilliland, Connatser, Graves. LAST ROW: Young, Brooks, Gantt. Wilson, Hefner, Goodman, Rutherford. FALL-SEMESTER HONOR ROLL POWDER - PUFF FOOTBALL GAME Q90 average or abovej Nell Bolin Marion Ottaway Steve Connatser Dona Henderson Janice Rogers Irene Ruyle Becky Moore H. C. Brooks Georgia Rutherford Susan Nicholas Susan Nicholas Ken Adney Robert Gantt Larry Dill Jon Goodman Lynn Connatser James Tucker Rob Rutherford Shirley Dement Shirley O'Neal Shery1,Rountree BET A OFFICERS PRESIDENT: Steve Connatser VICE-PRESIDENT: J anice Rogers SECRETARY: Larry Barbee TREASURER: Pam Cundiff REPORTER: Dona Henderson Ai FUTURE HOMEMAKERS OF AMERICA Mother-Daughter Banquet 5 as , Mlil ALLEN CHAPTER Sponsor: Ella Io Adams .Beau .. -W "mm Larry Barbee she QA as y 1,2 IJ N 5 ..- ' B U 2 Info eww J' -W N, Nfw YN X' y Q1- s if Clifford M "-11" ,, J Wilson siifri is . Sm E OFFICERS President 4 E' Lynn Connatser lst Vice Pres. Cathie Carpenter 2nd Vice Pres. Pat McBride 3rd Vice Pres. Judy Todd 4th Vice Pres. Judy Graves Secretary Sharon Crosswhite Treasurer Sue Crosswhite Q V s is fs 1595? A 'T-f . if . ' slew gi is I Asn.. sassy . . .-A. J- :AWN Parliamentarian Christine Nicholas Mrs. Adarns presenting the Historian Junior Degrees. Georgia Rutherford Sgt. -at-Arms - Pam Cundiff . . x SJ FIRST ROW: Hemby, Merrill, Rutherford, Blacketer, Johnson, Gibson, Eaton, Wilson, Chapin. SECOND ROW: Roberts, Enloe, Smith, J. Goodman, Hefner, P. Eastham, Jones, Hart, Mr Porter. THIRD ROW: Gantt, Burnside, Warrick, Dill, Sego, Hall, Preston, Adams, A. Goodman Bryson President Tommy Eaton Vice President Clifford Wilson Secretary Ken Adney Treasurer Jon Goodman 1 'i p.T1Q A X ' V, Sl 'fb if lv Qieagfo Reporter Rob Rutherford Parliamentarian Bill Warrick Sentinel Zane Gibson Sophs FOURTH ROW: Freeman, J. Eastham, Tucker, Carroll, Hopkins, Slaughter, Brooks, Adney . lil. ,f ' . . . - . ,,1 X Field Trip F.F.A. A LLEN CHA PTER De-Horning Trip Sponsor Leon Porter 1 + 64:5 In 1964-65 EAGLETTES FRONT: Nicholas, C., Rountree, Henderson. Bolin, N. , Ottaway, Todd. KNEELING: Cundiff, P., Graves, Crosswhite, G., Crosswhite, S. , Rutherford. STANDING: Wilson, Dement, Smith, B., McBride, Johnson, B., O'Nei1, Dunn, Smith, S. , Robinson, Ives, Johnson, S., Painter, Porter, Brooks, Cundiff, K. , Mott, Nicholas, Whisenant, Bolin, C. , Brazeal, Holmes Davidson, Stevens, Ruyle, Rogers, Connatser. ' L 72 M M ascot ' V DONNA fir: RODENBA UGH Sponsor: MRS. BONNIE SPEIGHT NELL BOLIN Head Majorette 'itil' NIAJORETTES Judy Todd, Marion Ottaway, Dona Henderson, Sheryl Rountree, Christine Nicholas. r.......,.,,,..,, V DRUMMERS AND FLAGBEARERS STANDING: Frances Wilson Beverly Smith Lynne Connatser SITTING: Pat McBride Irene Ruyle Janice Rogers Shirley Dement CHEERLEADERS Mascot: Kim Warrick Pam Cundiff Judy Graves Sharon Crosswhite Hd.- Sue Crosswhite Georgia Rutherford OUR DAY AT A.H.S. BEGINS A day at A. H. S. begins with a bustle of activity. After the arrival of the students, they go to their various homerooms. They participate during this first thirty minute- period in a number of things - studying, class meetings, club meetings, and general chatting. . . . PROGRESSES . . . The bell rings and the hall fills with people. Another bell rings and we are in our individual rooms: Typing., Ag- riculture, Homemaking, Math, History and Chemistry. In these rooms, we in- crease our skills, further our knowledge and test our abilities. , . -3 .fn r , W ,.., ij 7 12,1 -f 1 s l 4- Ym'A l i ' 5' 'il A i -V oily 'ego 2 ,. ' I ..g. If! I -- . . 1 12' 'ffl ww 1. ff A up , :mV..,,. , N f W K ,W -- M z:+.11f'V 1. . i ' ,Idle , ,L . . . PROGRESSES Still another bell sounds and the rush is on! It's lunch time. When we are back again into our class- rooms of Shorthand, Eng- lish, Bookkeeping, and Study Hall. The afternoon classes are occasionally in- terrupted by a Pep Rally. . . . AND ENDS. Finally, the hall emp- ties and the flag comes down. Our studies are ended, but not our school day. We only leave the building to go to the extra- curricular activities: home,- coming, banquets, bonfires and parties. WHAT WE D0 ELEMENTARY The First Grade smiles for Miss Norton before another busy afternoon begins. Mrs. Dungan's First Grade participates in annual Christmas program. Mrs. Dungan's Second Grade Homeroom. Miss Watson's Second Grade Homeroom Mrs. West's Homeroom. hard at Mathematics. Mrs. Speight lectures to her Fourth Graders +I AT ALLEN SCHOOL Mrs. Spurlir1's Fourth Grade prepares for a day of studies Mr. Griffin's Sixth Grade studies Fifth Graders participate in Physical Fitness Program. - The Girl Scouts give the Flag Presentation. Mr. Griffin's Homeroom WE HAVE PEP RA LLIES FIRST PRIZE WINNER AT THE SCIENCE FAIR. A k i. A PROJECTS AT A.E.S. ,. Christmas Programs WE PARTICIPATE IN Talent Shows Football Scrimmages Parties RELAX DURING LUNCH ALLEN P.T.A. Pres.: Mrs. Perry Moseley Treasurer: Mrs. Charles Fowler lst Vice: Mrs. Ken Posey Reporter: Mrs. Billy Gunnels 2nd Vice: Mrs. Ken Jones Parliamentarian: Louise Nicholson 3rd Vice: Mrs. Charlie Millhouse Civil Def. Chairman: Leon Porter 4th Vice: Mrs. Phil Pringle Hospitality: Mrs. Walter Curtis Secretary: Mrs. Clifford Hart Meeting Time: 3rd Monday Night Motto: "Nothing is so contagious of the month, 7:80 as enthusiasm. " Mrs. Millhouse taking PTA dues! Fe110WShiP after meeting ' Mr. Rountree chats with Pres. Moseley Dr. Vita - Guest Speaker Secretary Hart reads the minutes kr I 1964-65 EAGLES FRONT: Hernby, Rutherford, Blacketer, Merrill, Burnside, Chapin, G. , Gibson, Sego. SECOND ROW: Hefner, I., Jones, Eaton, Tucker, Goodman, Hefner, P., Eastham, Adams, Chapin, P THIRD ROW: Hopkins, Hall, Slaughter, Smith, Connatser, Gantt, Dill, Brooks, Roberts, Maples. FOURTH ROW: Vaughan, Beggs, Warrick, Barbee, Day, Cox, Bryson, Carroll, Painter. iQ 1964 CAPTAINS -F Q9 I Q fan X COACHES Eugene Maples, Max Vaugha 4 +L? 55 Q7 9 fre W r 4, A Richard Carroll, Alvin Burnside, Larry Barbee n, Bob Painter STARTING LINE-UPS w e Aram ll aswell DSW Ili? 522 lm MMT- ,M ir H, ,... W v - fa, g 4.1. I . I J - vw vi Q Vi? fig: - - if" ' .f vez,-H wxfegfz, Q ' H I 1. X" . ., f' Af ,-Nfl, A .,,.. ., '-1 -zv-bY:-'2- - fa r , 'f W .1 - , . M M M wwf W1-fw K 'A I , -3' T r 'MK-W-rw-, f' V"' "A ' 1 2 v - . 'B 5 ' ' gh ' 4 I ' V W " - '11 H 3' K S , 4' ir? 1. ' .. I r Q ' f B ., few" A - f ' L ' 1 . .,,. WN ' - ' ' f' ,1 . -, X " 'V'-" J 1 ' G- W k , ,H .gg MM' 'tj -5 7,5 A " -. iff' ,- . " ,, ' , ' ' W' fl. .' , ' f: if W m, ' 'N , ,, ,, -- I, S, , WN- W ,z,,,,Q.,,Q,:,?'4'mf+ , ,. ., ww , 5 ,, M, imseu, , M . . , '45,,y 1 ,5, !.ivweeQ "5'X"'5rpf:W,,3, 1 -W9 1 W1 if B Sm . ' 55:12. B V K' QQ 2' ' A19 :.:,f.H ,fy OFFENSE LINE: Barbee, Adams, Smith, Cox, Brooks, Hefner, Slaughter BACKS: Burnside, Bryson, Warrick, Carroll DEFENSE LINE: Carroll, Beggs, Tucker, Day, Adams, Barbee BACKS: Dill, Connatser, Eaton, Gantt, Burnside ,,, M F5 X K -zu Lx ' . V ,K V, Eyfij . 'f g i ,V 5, E I Richard Carroll Captain Steve Connatser SENIOR PLAYERS I 964 "EAGLES" 41-, , bE I 4 Cf A Larry Barbee Captain a w- CEEE A .wr if ' Y "f'3'EFl?1 A "Q .. : . 51 ' A 7, MQ ' , W ' at C+ ' - . -A ,, Mike Beggs EAGLES! Scotty Day Ronald Cox 64 FOOTBALL BOY'S VARSITY BASKETBALL FIRST ROW: Adney, Chapin, Wilson, Burnside, Bryson. SECONDAROW: Brooks. Slaughter, Gantt, Cox. Carroll. STARTING LINEUP Adney Slaughter Chapin Carroll Brooks CAPTAINS RICHARD CARROLL Coach GENE MA PLES GARY CHA PIN ON CAMERA! -.-...- I ,,,,..-url' GIRLS' VARSITY BASKETBALL Cundiff, Ruyle, Rogers, Crosswhite. G. . Todd, Crosswhite, Rountree. Henderson, Wilson Nicholas, Carpenter, Smith STARTING LINE-UP Cundiff, Ruyle, Rountree, Crosswhite, G.. Crosswhite, S., Todd W 1 'V , sri.. ffm ,M ,A R52 i f f ix "ig5?'K'3Y5 ' Qwisyk GX Q 5' A flkvf' g' V .5752 173555-5 M QM Q V i x -, ,ww,zEfgSwaif 4 . IRENE RUYLE COACH VAUGHAN , SUE CROSSWHITE Caught in action . . . ,- JUNIOR-VARSITY BASKETBALL BOYS - COACH PAINTER BOTTOM: Smith, Tucker, Hopkins. Day, Beggs, Connatser, Carroll, Adams. TOP: Goodman, Hefner, Gibson, Painter, Eastham, Warrick, Rutherford, Sego. GIRLS - COACH VAUGHAN Nicholas, West, Mote, O'Nea1, Dement, Dunn, Grindele, Young, Gilliland 1964 BASEBALL DISTRICT C0-CHAMPS . .... v -i " FRONT: Burnside, Bryson, Holt, Barbee, Wilson, Adney, BACK: Brooks, Beggs, Marion, Apple, Carroll, Curtis, Masters, Nelson, Cox, Hefner. G BI-DISTRICT ame Bob Painter - COACH EAGLES VS. WOLFE CITY PLAY - OFF GAME BONHAM . V 'J C U , -- , ms.. f' 1' JR. HIGH PEP SQUAD CHEERLEADERS: Ottaway, S., Holmes, Painter, Brooks, FRONT: Barnett, Day, Davis, Ottaway C., Tobabin, Oxford, Meads BACK: Julian, Hemby, McEuen, Bridges. Porter, Greer, Hopkins. Mrs. Speight - Sponsor JR. HIGH BASKETBALL GIRLS FRONT: Holmes, Bolin, Painter, Brooks, Johnson BACK Porter. Ottaway C., Gibson, Sexton. I an ff JJ I JR.-HIGH FOOTBALL SQUAD aa., V, i Y IQ. - -nm - Ni ws! QE, ip! ,ae vi, law SITTING: Snoddy, Songer, Smith, Starr D.. Starr S., Flanagan, Mazey, Warrick. KNEEL ING: Gantt, LaGrone, Cobb, Meads, Dunn, Eaton, Pettit, Hefner, Castle. STAND- ING: West, Enloe. Chapin, Hopkins, Enloe, Merritt, Cassidy, Coach Maples. JR. HIGH BASKETBALL FRONT: Hopkins, Hefner, Starr D. , McBride, Snoddy, Merritt. BACK: Chapin, Meads, Dunn, Smith, Enloe, West. ,wa , POPULAR WTF DI SC IOCKEYS "CHARLIE" AND "HARRIGAN" CLASS NOMINEES SELECT A D ffl MOST BEAUTIFUL GIRL D and , g V L,, g 3-3 Jfi , MOST HANDSOME BOY aggiig g k ' :?5T'k 'B 3 A Ig gk Atkag ,,,, nav yn :,5. IQ. gijggn? ig: "I' ' I H A SX. Q, - I A X I V,-.:l Q iss 5 X 1 5 1,I. THE EAGLE STAFF - wishes to express its ap- preaciation to IRVING HAR- RIGAN and CHARLIE BROWN for selecting the 1964-65 Favorites. We feel that all of the nominees are "winners" and we know the judges had a difficult time deciding on just one girl and one boy for the honors. KLIF KABL Sl WVSL KTSA W NUS KILT XTRA L An FROM KLIF RADIO IN DALLAS THE STATIONS Dallas n Francisco ' Bullaln I I Sill Alllmlio Chicago Mnuslnn ura- ""' as gales Nell Polin Allen High School P l ox3 Allen, Texas Dear Pel1........ Many thanks for asking us to select your Faauty and Yost Pandsome boy....we were quite flattered. It was tough for us to settle on one boy and one girl... but since the idea was bo make a decision....that's what we dood. Congratulations not only to Georgia Rutherford and Steve Connatser...but also to the other contestan.- Regards..... Jlie Brown Ming: Irving narrigan WCW MOST BEAUTIFUL GEORGIA RUT HERFORD iff' v,3,5mf55yff553ww5gwyx1f Www-5 kv 5.1..,,. ,. I wb ' L' 3:5 . X . 'Af' - 373 23593361 swf 1 WMQ :IEA M 9 if ig iw XX,qi,A.X,Aw,?wx i,Li5g,,,,S ax ,gf ffgwwgkgi 522 gf-sw-mfg-294-LWL' ' ,ng, l,Lw,l , 2 M 5 H., F my QW If yz we 'Q Eg, , , 411, ,. .,.,., ,Num f,,.,.f. -x .. : :N ,f-:,.,-14. ., ui' 2 ' ' - , ' K .,,v. ,siii-1 ' f 5zQ1ff'xP'eW:f55Mf ,yr 5 i5si452iEaiE5JPY?i955. ',:w,:msi:QfLi1Q' x , ,, :Qu .f.W 4 1..,:1mM gsxp. , .,,,.X.,.. ,,.,k,... V. N., in 1 , , Q,VL ww N 'fwszf we 7-: :I Q fgmwlgwli W ,, M W ,.,. M, rm Tw ,M MOST HANDSOME STEVE CONNAT SER ,W K 5. 'W ' L 4 M 95 5 4' in Ai NNM. ff M ' ' "', ,rfw fg-,g. ,, .w ,,ff 31? I f ---M ,... 1-,nf , ' 5 2 ...vw J ' jk 1. ky. Z 5 . T x5EV3:3::iF9IlF 4 pw .fe1'-W Mmm . "1 ., 4-xi Aw' ,Q1iQ2?vgwm, " V -wagfygm fx far 2' I 'ff' mQa56l5.iek2wsiW,iW"' Y A AM A 7 5 gf ,- :, ' JV' . S 'W fig' 'A YW' W fi-Nad V . M H :fi ' V I A A ,, 'Z' QM? 'I f ,Rh I V5 QL. 1 7 sk.-1 12? T155 -s , W Aw.-.. m Q42 ,, . Xa x My gf QL .t ,L f, . gp' Wm L fm 3 B? J ,, :QM '7-' I Q -Q -- 2 get 1 ax W! ff " , 'Ev w i N, ,X , MR. A.H.S. LARRY BARBEE . . . THE "EAGLE" SALUTES THE MOST BEAUTIFUL AND MOST HANDSOME Senior: Donna Io Henderson Junior: Alvin Burnside Sophomore: Sharon Crosswhite Sophomore: Jon Goodman Freshman: Shirley Dement Freshman: Rob Rutherford X5 RUNNERS-UP FOR . . . MISS A.H.S. AND MR. A.H.S. Sophomore: Judy Todd Sophomore: Clifford Wils Freshman: Cathey Ives Freshman: Bill Warrick CLASS FAVORITES SENIOR: Nell and Richard JUNIOR: Ianiece and Larry Bolin Carroll Young Dill SOPHOMORE: Pam and James FRESHMAN: Christine and Danny Cundiff Tucker Nicholas Sego SENIORS OF 1964 SALUTATORIAN sfmon PLAY Gawefner UNIOR-SENIOR BANQUET SENIOR TRIP w 0 1 A I "l' I- -Q 15- x- fl ll gms: new mass A ' ' . . J ff ' '-'g . 53 N ,- W s ' ,Q is SA7 BILL'S SUPERETTE "We appreciate your business" BILL LaGRONE, Owner 3351 Open 7 Days a Week Allen, Texas HOLT'S MOBIL SERVICE , .. , ' , e H e 1 .ww .--.aww ,:m,:1: g m p l-J wig slit: Mg f- Q21 Ugfgggg-qw rfwrgif, ' K .Q , 'Q LA fzsw"i2fm1 ,, v4??lE1425f?1f,fsaw+fif'1:liflgi-'.,faif',, - A H 1 - he 5 , K if' saw-331,.:,12,,w4.szgU eg.. ' X A' 1-E? 5'1'f7f+i'Lf " K 3 ,pg 335' ' ' L ,Q ,. -5 Z . w.,:v, . P wg ,z ff", K Ser 5, Mahi! 1 Allen I Texas Phone SA 7-3311 41 Ph. SA 7-3306 Allen, Texas Ph. AD 5-9802 Dallas, Texas Farms - Home - Commercial O I I I i 5 7 f' S ie W. E. PETE FORD sim Q, RECRIQFS 3 3 nsnuons 3 1 5 - fiiikf'-'5' 5 C fsmf 4 551,52 Insurance - Real Estate Office: 104 lst St., Allen, Texas Phone 995-4120 Plano, Texas Insurance of All Kinds COMP LIMENTS OF CRAWFORD 81 MOSELEY MARKETS Allen, Texas Lewisville, Texas Member of Affiliated Food Stores , HILL-TCP TExAco TEXACO f Road - Pickup - Delivery - Service Polish and Wax - Wheel Balancing Allen, Texas SA 7-3333 ALLEN STATE BANK sf' Buy the Best - Why Settle for Less? FARM BUREAU INSURANCE Auto - Fire - Life - Farm Liability Crop - Hail DOYLE ODOM - Special Agent 117 W. Virginia St. Phone Ll 2-5583 McKinney, Texas V il CROUCH-MOORE FUNERAL HOME CROUCI-I MUTUAL AID ASSOCIATION Z4-I-Ir. Ambulance Service Oxygen Equipped DIXIE LIFE INSURANCE Dial LI Z-2621 McKinn ey T exa s LONE STAR BQAT co. The Future ls Fortunate . . for having in prospect such excellent citizen leaders as the students of Allen High School. The Plano National Bank is at your service. Let us help you make your mark in life through a sound banking connection PLANO NATIONAL BANK lOOO West 15th Street Phone 995-7515 Your Home Owned Independent Bank of Personal Service. N DON'S SHELL sERylcE ll ' ' S1 SA Open 7 Days 3, Week Allen, Texas GENTRY'S STEAK HOUSE "Go to Church on Sunday and Let Gentry' s do the Cooki g SA 7-3326 Allen, T GENTRY T. JONES 8. SON CONSTRUCTION CO. SA 7-3269 F. H. A. - G. I. - Conventional Loa All T GENTRY'S BUILDING CENTER Flooring - Formica - Tile - Paint - Carpeting - Linoleum SA 7-3222 Allen, Texas PLANO DAIRY QUEEN LOUIS AND PEGGY COWART "We Wish You Continued Success" Plano Texas .L JIMMY'S AUTOMOTIVE Automatic Transmission - Brake Work 329 N. Greenville General Automotive Repair Phone Richardson, Texas AD l-4171 SMlTH'S GRAIN CC. "Trade With Your Local Merchant" Allen SA 7-3324 - SA 7-3325 - SA 7-3378 Texas Collin County's Own Made in McKinney CABELL'S FINER DAIRY FOODS Producers, Manufacturers, and Distributors of Finer Dairy Foods fi McKinney' T exas 5.5 - - S- We use only SP Strictly Professional Products CAPP'S HAIRDRESSERS Specialists in Hair Styling McKinney Plaza Shopping Center Call LI 2-2.585 for Appointments McKinney S Texas WELL'S BROTHERS FARM STORE Plano , T exa s Specializing in Farm Supplies Seed - Fertilizers Case Farm Machinery Goodyear Tires 12 W Plano Phones Dallas Phone 995-4124 AD 5-4246 995-4692 DR. PEPPER WAREHCUSE J. D. SMITH, Sales Representative A ,Inky "You Like lt - It Likes You" Tasty Dr. Pepper McKinney Texas FIRST STATE BANK LET US HELP 1 ' X 75" 5 F N Q ' 'Z 4999 'Z ,,f:+5-Qez fi I , " ,,,:' . -Fifi? ci 5---Efif. Q Q Zan Wtwey Fr1sco Texas Member of the FDIC , Q Sa L2 :H Q , 'f KT 1Wu mx T NWI ,T ' 2 Www in -1,..I. hui , ,. -lv' 5 ' ' , JT . 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Let Me "Seniors of '65" Finance Your J D Stacy New Car ' ' ' Road Bank Rates New and Used Cars New an SA 7-3619 NATHAN WHITE DEPARTMENT STORE Phone 995-4541 Shop With Us and Phone EX 4-5875 Plano, Texas We Will Both Be Pleased! Wylie, Texas QQ aa V A, Y , MA i A A ANDERSON BUTANE 8. PROPANE GAS COMPANY McKinney Dallas Ph. LI Z-3371 Ph-. AD 1-1698 n mm. K M V 2 THE DAIRY QUEEN "For That Special Occasion, Come by the DAIRY QUEEN For a Banana Split or I-Iot Fudge Sundae. " W. Highway 24, MCKINNEY FARMERSVILLE MONROE'S APPLIANCE AND T.V. N. E. Corner Square Phone LI 2 3338 TELEVISION AND RADIO SERVICE McKinney, .Texas J. f A-1 -,MM Banking Is Easy, Pleasant, Personal, and Dependable sallam sagging McKinney, Texas HARRINGTON'S PHARMACY Since 1881 Graduate Pharmacist Plano, Texas We Deliver Phone 995-4588 TURRENTINE-JAC KSON Funeral Directors Ambulance Service Oxygen Equipped Phone LI Z-2601 McKinney Texas A. 2IWX?eS13C2i2tiKNev On South Expressway WQQQ Good Food - Good Service i FISHER-DOYLE FORD SALES FDVRD 225 E. Virginia McKinney, Texas LI Z-3376 INTERNATIONAL HARVESTER SALES 81 SERVICE Highway 289 and 720 Highway 75 ana 34 Frisco, Texas M Kinney, T exa s c Phone ES 7 2412 PLIOHG LI 2-2693 nvznmmou AL HAR ESTER International Trucks, Parts and Service TEXAS POWER 8: LIGHT ww Ave BETTERX Q6 xy S -X UTRIGP' Serving Business, Fa rm, Home, and lndustry With Dependable Electric Service Plano T exa s Ph. 995-3310 NF... Sinha SMITH DRUG COMPANY Dial LI 2-4431 114 No. Tennessee McKinney, Texas Exclusive Eastman Kodak Agency Complete Line of Veterinary Supplies HARRIS-HORN FUNERAL HOME Funeral Service Insurance Ambulance Ll 2-3351 202 W. Louisiana McKinney, Texas A ,vig 11 BOB DAVIS THRIFTEE FOOD STORE 813 l5th St. Plano, Texas DOUG 8. CHAD FARM SERVICE . V," 3 X ,,..' H 'isis EE 2 Q W 995-4655 Plano, Texas ALLEN BEAUTY SALON MARIE LINDSLEY - Owner "A More Beautiful You" "Hair Cutting a Specialty" Allen Texas MCKINNEY co-oP GIN ASSOCIATION Owned and Operated by the Farmer 9 VL 2 L2 l if E? , W N lxmmm , Mgr., J. J.'POSTON Ll 2-4923- CHAPIN FLORIST xx . "' 'QI JE ' - H is ' . -gt 1 X I . I -mi' f p nk Flowers for All Occasions Specializing in Corsages Home Business SA 7-3246 SA 7-3246 Allen Texas ALLEN EAGLE BOOSTERS Northside Pharmacy CLIFFORD HART BEAMAN MORROW P. O. 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Highway 7 5 Phone McKinney LI 2-4621 McKinney LI 2-4475 Texas CANNADAY AND CARLSON WADDI-E CYCLE CO. yv SPORTING GOODS Dealer for the Long Green Line of John Deere Equipment Ph. Ll 2-4311 McKinney Phone ES 7-2465 Frisco 215 E. Louisiana Texa TRIANGLE LUMBER AND FRBCZIN HARDWARE co., lNc. C9'9P Box 244 Phone ES 7-2985 cu UE Frisco, Texas F isco Te CURTSINGER'S DRUG 99- our p D Q Q 'DEPENDABLE up DRUGGIST Frisco T JOE LEDBETTER'S SPORTING GOODS Lone Star Boats - Mercury and Evinrude Motors, Guns-Browning, Winchester, Colt, Others Complete Line of Sporting Good Phone Ll 2-3505 North Highway 75 McKinney . ALLEN'S DRUG STORE Compliments of A Plano, Texas O DIE fi O . Prescription X Specialists 9 A , 11 e - Friendly Day 99 5-4538 Drug Store" Night 994-3449 ALLEN DRY GOODS Gifts Notions See Our Fine Selection Of Dry Goods Phone SA 7-3381 P 81 M FURNITURE CO. Your Satisfaction Is Our Go 1 205 E. Virginia McKinney, Texas LI 2-4122 RIDGE VIEW MEMORIAL PARK A Perpetual Care Cernete 220 E. Louisi McKinney, Texas DALE FURNITURE CO Furniture and Appliances Kelvinator Appliance 301 E. Louisi McKinney, Texa LI 2-3388 LI 2-2195 W. D. ANGEL'S Compliments of AND PAUL WQRDEN SERVICE STATION Highway 5 A11en Texa McKINNEY CAIN'S AUTO PAINT DRY GOODS COMPANY 8E BODY SHOP V mf? 1 pf 313 N. Wood Street - Box 359 Phone LI 2-4391 I McKinney Te McKinney T Remember! Compliments 1 ' THE of , ...... 13 1 STYLE 'B' SHOP JAMES R. WEBB ' LI Z-4341 North Side Square COUNTY CLERK McKinney Texas Compliments of WHOLESALE MEATS South Highway 75 HREDH McKinney, Texas J' S' Custom Slaughtering and COUNTY SHERIFF Processing for Home Freezing LI Z-3359 MclKINNEY LAUNDRY s. CLEANING Ccmplimems COMPANY of 335 E Louisiana V DON DAVIS Q of , McKinney ' L jp' Texas COUNTY JUDGE LI 2-4411 Compliments of MRS. DOYLE NELSON TAX ASSESSOR AND COLLECTOR Compliments of MR. LEROY RICHARDSON COUNTY SUPERINTENDENT COLLIN COUNTY SCHOOLS Be Sure to Shop at MCKINNEY THRIF-TEE GROCERY "Your Friendly Store" McKinney Texas A. WEATHERFORD 8. SON fi vw? al 0, 1 a ,, 'Q f- . Wf it V '. XA 'XX X 5 - -x .. RW N fi ' ' '11 f e-r f ' - At -4 w ig i n- w ,5 7 V f X X R li K", Swv JEWELERS Plano T exas COX CHEVROLET CO. I J 1,5 I A-V 2-3:23 13.1 'IL'-La- ,Y--. fi 2 of -L A McKinney T exas MCCANDLESS CLEANERS Qlwagfcleaning "Give us a try- Thanks" 204 So. Tenn. St. DE VASHER'S FASHION CENTER QUALITY Clothes for All Ages Phone 995-3920 McKinney, Texas Plano Texas MIL'-ER,S DRESS SHOP JUANITIA'S EEAUTY SALON OUR POLICY g Intelligent, Courteous Service C That Ends Only With a Satisfied Customer Phone 995-3640 1022 15th Street Plano Texas Specializing in Expert Hair Care McKinney T exas l an Y0ui'e mone Ahead! X! SAVINGS 8. LOAN McKinney, Texas FIRST X af TOWN A ND ,COUNTRY MART THE EAGLES MR. AND MRS. ELMER DAVIS MR. AND MRS MR. AND MRS MR. AND MRS MR. AND MRS MR. AND MRS. 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Suggestions in the Allen High School - Eagle Yearbook (Allen, TX) collection:

Allen High School - Eagle Yearbook (Allen, TX) online yearbook collection, 1953 Edition, Page 1


Allen High School - Eagle Yearbook (Allen, TX) online yearbook collection, 1954 Edition, Page 1


Allen High School - Eagle Yearbook (Allen, TX) online yearbook collection, 1966 Edition, Page 1


Allen High School - Eagle Yearbook (Allen, TX) online yearbook collection, 1967 Edition, Page 1


Allen High School - Eagle Yearbook (Allen, TX) online yearbook collection, 1969 Edition, Page 1


Allen High School - Eagle Yearbook (Allen, TX) online yearbook collection, 1965 Edition, Page 87

1965, pg 87

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