Allen County Childrens Home - ACCH Highlights (Lima, OH)

 - Class of 1941

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Allen County Childrens Home - ACCH Highlights (Lima, OH) online yearbook collection, 1941 Edition, Page 76 of 86
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Page 76 text:

HOW NE MADE OUR COVERED WAGON For our covered wagon we got a cigar hox,medium size, and tore off t e lid. Then ve cut three pieces of strong wire fourteen inches long. A tiny loop was nude on each end and the wires fastened on by tucks th- rough the loops and the wires bent across the top. The three wires make the fr ue.?c make the curved wires stay in piece arotQ-: wire is tied a cross them with a short stein When that is done cut a piece of white cloth fourteen inches wide and about five inches longer than the box. Turn one side of the cloth under and hem it. Stretch the cloth over the wires and tack it along the other side of the bo . Pull the loose ends of the string in the hems to make the ends of the wagon tops look round with a round hole in it. Pull the strings together and fasten down with a thumb tack. The boys down in the shop turned the wheels round and gave them to us. We painted them brown and fastened them to the cigar boxes with small nails. Dick Siebold +4was4as4assssswsssssssssssssesuss HOW THE PIONEERS LIVED In the pioneer days they didinot live as we do today. They did not have brick houses shoes,stockings,stores,and many other things. They lived in log houses. Our pioneer book is very interesting. It shows how to make cradles covered wagons, and a log cabin. Albert Hall,5B 4441444444ssssssssaaessessassassas HOW THE PTONEERS DRESSED When the pioneers lived long ago,t1oy did not dess like we do today. They had lznj homespun dresses to wear. Would you like to have me tell you how we made our pioneer people. We made five people,the nother,father,girl,the boy,and baby sister Sue. We made them out of card- board. We colored the fathers suit brown and the mother's dress gray. Harry's suit was black and Hope's dress blue. Sister Sue's dress was white. We had a nice time making the children. Diana Ferrier. 5B. 'Yv'r'4-I-I-"rk'n4'n4'x'4J:':':'4-'4-'4'x'.r9A-ynJ.?'X-'i-'4'.b?4-'.cJ.?JA'X-ik QQR CIRCUS QQ! Tuesday the thirteenth of May we went to the circus. First we got dressed up. Then we went down and stood in line.wa.iting for the bus. Mr.Brown told us when to go out to the bus. We got on the bus and were on our way. When we arrived at the circus we stood outside awhile. A man annou ced about a lady who could swallow a sword. We started into the big tent. On our way we saw some animals We saw tigers,lions,nnd elephants. There were wild horses. We went in and took our seats We had to wait a long time. While we were waiting a men annou ced there wer' twenty five cameras to be given away,a. silk hose and other things. When he sn: this everyone started buying candy. A announced that a woman would sing. Aftc the song the parade started. There were ladies on elephants,horses,and a lot of pretty the parade. Next name tie dancers. Then there were some traper g'yerformers. The clowns were up there vi then. One of the clowns was hanging head doin and the other one took the broom an dusted off his pants.A nan walked up the wire and slid back down again. Then came so e more trapeze performers. The man we dressed in yellow. There were a number o men and women performers.on the trapeze. A girl had to swing blindfolded. There were some statues and they werepretty. A man said to stay for the wild vest show for 154. The cowboys were out there dressed in their suits. Naomi White. 4sssssssssisssssssssxssssassess lst clown: Hey, I can't see. 2d clown : Why can't you see? lst clown: Because I have my eyes shut. 444441 THE FUNNIEST THING AT THE CIRCUS A clown came up to kiss Nrs.Koons at the circus. He had a funny hat on and was dessed in funny clothes.. He had paint all over his face. Ha,Ha,Hn,Ha, Floyd Ferrier,6A. asasass+sassssssssssssssssxasss CIRCUS DAYS Circus day is so much fun. I love a circus, So does everyone. There were some seals That tried to catch n That was so much fu , But that wnsn't all. There was a trapeze woman, She wns,Oh,so sweet She was so much fun to watch, She would hang up by her feet. And then there was a bull tamer Dressed up super fine. And then there came some elephants That marched in a line. Last but best came the parade, They all walked around To finish up the fu On the circus ground. Lloyd Justice,5A. ssasssnwsssxwssnussssfxafsxasisa ball

Page 75 text:

!Sl3EL.ll15'E The airplanes fly so high . Efiiiibii QQHNIQ . 1 5,57 lock like birds up in the Sky. Onee upon u .ine there were to littig reed fury Come gliding dawn boys. They were named Jerry and Jack. U lhev hardly make e sound. And when the pilot steps out was the c-?cst. to the toads to ily.Jack who was B very day he would go t hunt for food for the fn. younger would elm-ys gi The people gather all about. Tom gl T 4 L , , igikai 00 .he rlver to f1Sh. one day HS JQCk'li NATUPE STUDY fishing a little man came to him and sid HFlzase mdy I have a fish to fill m eng stomach. I haven't eaten for four days.' Jack said,HThen you must be very hungey, and he pulled a fish from his basket. The old man thanked him and hurried off. When Jack crme home he heard his mothei saying,nJack, I nm very proud of you, to give an old man uhnt you wanted yourselfv, Jack said,NBut how did you know?W She only smiled and left the room. Jack never did find out the the old man was only Jerry. Lloyd Justiee,5A. seeseeeeeisieaaeeeeessseesseeeek EASTER 2!f.,3,UQIT BASKETS Little creatures please come here. I won't hurt nor pull your ear. I am studying Nature Study ' And the teacher teaches me Just to love and care for thee. Little spider please come here I won't come too near. Lloyd Justice,5A saeeaeaaissseeaaeseaaaeesses FOOLISH BIRD There is s foolish little bird Or rather silly is the word. He builds his nest right in the trough It seems his brain's no bigger than a moth When it rains he will get wet ix And have to leavegwhat do you bet? Norman D oud,6A. 4a44aeasesaeeseee++e+eeesea+4 THE BIRD S The birds are busy like the bees Making their nests up in the trees. The mother bird helps with the work The father his duty never will shirk, Then the baby birds are big S' boys and girls in our room made E aster Sunday. We made l55. First we drew them on thick white pnper,then made their feces. We painted some of their coats blue red,green, yellow, and purple. Then we out- lined them in gold paint. We painted the eyes and nose pink.. We then pasted them to gether and made a basket to put the cnndy in. We also piinted buttons on the coats. Ve put the boxes and took them to the officn rabbits to be used on the dining room table: Away for fishworms they will dig. Tom Bice,6A eeaaaeaeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeesee AMERICAN RED CROSS DOG Gnce upon a time there was a little boy. All the boy could do to make a living was Selling cans.. He was on his way one day and heard n cry. It sounded like a pup. He went in the direction the cry came from. Sure enough you could tell that this pup was hun- gry. So he fed it what he had. The boy and the pup began to like each other. Vhen the pup grew up and the boy grew up, the boy joined the army. Everyone laughed at the boy and his dog. One day the boy wus shot. the Bog saw his master lying on the ground and pulled him to the hospital. He ran in - and tugged at the nurse. She followed out and found the soldier. She took him in and cared for him.. When the men got well the nurse told him the story. Just then the dog c came ru ning in. Then the master saw him he said,NYou saved my lifen. UI shall call you AM ERICAN RED CROSS.N The dog seemed to like the name for he lisked his meters hand. Lloyd Justice,5A. i4iii4ii444HHHHH5HHi4Ni4ii++i4+4i444f This little boy was very poor. He had no home Thomas Bice,6A. aeeseseeesseeewweeeeweseeeeese JUNIOR GIRLS COTTAGE Over at our cottage we have lots of duties. We get up and get ready for ' breakfast. The bell rings and we go ovei and ent. W en we come back we have lots oi work to do. After we get our work done we get ready for school. After the school dui we take the little girls out side to play Later we bring them in and get them read? for supper. After supper they play until bedtime. Then we all go to bed. Nadmi White,6A. wasssaeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeweeeeeeeee MX DUTY glfly, duty is taking care of the babies but it is lots of fu . But just the same taking care of babies is work too. Mrs. Bickel is nice to me if I don't know hor to do things. She makes all the dresses the babies. She loves the same. There is anothe try to do our 'ork .A',' well. wash the babies. Every and sunsuits for all of them just girl to help. We I feed dress,end thing must be kept very clean all the time I like ny duty very much. Betty Wnrniek. ,, , X , .. .1 , A yt., .. 'X-,r'kX"l3'finlf5Lff-LXfei'!'f52-n21k"hXiS515SX4a71-4,

Page 77 text:

,.- Q.. n.., -. " " ., Wf1.1gq'i'2', I 'fm THE BASKETBALL TEAM '- i.' 'Q ' 41+' 'mf ff-Y H jf f' . DEB EU! We Ed? fine '1Ef,1'2EL'5s11 X,A. x .' 'WQQ5WzZZQf0,,,,g Our gym PGN-Od evff their this year. We played f 5 Y'i' ifk-1 XX"' ft 'A" FN-day P9I'mit5 the i every school in Fort 5 9' ,,,ff,,yb tO Play basket bell vfqyne twice but Adams. ii:ffl.Q "'. ,,,f-' X MQ? the girls to go on T Our first game was f"2.?I 'X stfge and do SW-fits 's with Harrison Hill. we! f H ' dance. We have lots T- lost to them. We won. tiigf -' ' -'f fun in OUT Sym C1395 In--'M' , over Jefferson School Q. , 4 4-2 ' "rs Naomi me tr by a Score of 54 to Zgfftjwxx 5 gg ueeaaeeeeeeeeeeeeeee We beat James smart 'yfl+si"0x x our GW PERIOD 21 to 19. We lost 'i-,Q ---f In our eym P91505 Wf. Harmar in the T0ur-5iiQAv ,,5 """ have much fun. We play all nament by a Score Oiewx lf1,f:5XxXx""1 kinds of games, When it fair 25 to le. Everyone liked N"---...awe so into 12155 sf2113ii11jgvhf'11f' the way we played and we ,If-31" 0 .j fly P 'HY VQ GY 9' ' ff 913 tried to show good sportsmrnship X' 15,15 brlghtlsun' whether ve won or lost. , ' '-1,,, 5 lfmbf F'-Y W9 P 33' George Boone, 5A. A 1 xQ'ifL5 ix ji,-,,,.m ball Outside' we ha' H-'.-zss:-H-'.-x-:e:-x-:se4-a:-xe4e'.w4+:e.'sr.-re l ' , I ws' "1' "WL , H baseball 12621111.2- 5 VPQRTS WAFTE R SCHOO-Llgffdn , uv Q basket bell team, After school some of Q, x is 3 trplik team' the boys play free forfgiff --N.f' X FOOD HS gym all. They try to get gifg .ff--llifixxx C!f! Ahg- l twice a week on Tu: the bail. The one , LRV s-- - , days md Fridays- who gets it tries n Z C, O2 3 I tlginkhesofts to get tackled. If Fikifhfw. xg? 1 - uw gi- WOT W 1 G 35 UPU to be tackled he throws X .X 5 5PQI"f'5m9-nshlp ln ever? the ball out. Then we try ' gf 13311115 We do' ' to get the ball. h Llggdjlftlce-ig' I I 2:1 I: 5 5.45 'Yc'51"5'VA9?"fC'3t'5'v'X'3 X-'fr' fl" KJQQXJAQ K John Rhonemus,5A iiMiM4ifi44iiiiikkiikiihiiiiiiiiii 5 GOOD CITIZEN A good citizen is careful of books. H good citizen enjoys the privileges of t,e public library in his community. He takes good care of books which he borrows and reads. He never turns down corners of pages or draws Pictures in books. He never tears pages out of books. He will never play on other people property. A good citizen never tenses animals. A good citizen never plays other peoples bicykles or takes other peo- ples automobiles. We should never touch any thing that doesn't belong to them. If child ren do things they should not do the should expect to be punished! Tom Bice Lloyd Justice Heexff'.es-z+aeHz-xe,exe'.-vfx-rssaew:+4y.+yfkaeA-xe.e-.afu FLOWERS Q22 SHOWERS I see the leaves Then all at once Down come the showers And up come the flowers. ' ' Norman Doud , 611 . ii-i"kl'K-li-K-'k-'kii-Ye-Ye-Y:-it-Sikh i'a-V4-53 iP.i-lixii-12-I 5?:"A-li-'BHHQ' 144-li-' . JILL I BASEBALL Baseball is now being played by most people. Every Sunday the Junior boys play the Senior boys. They beet us the first game by a score of I4 to 9. and we won ove them in the second game 7 to l. All the other games we played with them,they beat us. We play for the pleasure and fun of th game. We had a new ball the last game we played and were beaten. George Boone,5A. 4s4esss4essesesssessssessseesess HOW SPORTS HELP TO MAKE US HEALTH! I think sports are the best thing there 'is for pleasure. You can play baseball or football or most anything for sport.Sports have a lot to do with keeping you healthy. They keep you out doors in the fresh air. The play m kes you tired so you want plent of sleep at night. The main thing about sports is the pleasure and enjoyment. Marvin Leugring. seeswasssssssssssssssssessssssesses TRAINING TO BE AN ATHLETE Athletic organizations commonly hire a trainer or coach, es well as a physical director to help the athletes.get into con dition and to give them special training for the games in which the team is going to play. John Rhonemus.

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