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 - Class of 1941

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Page 70 text:

CNICKEBMUESS F loyd Ferrier------Smokey Lewrence Stippich-----Skippey E lmer Zinn--------Buddy Mildred Petty illie Naomi White--------Noney Tom Bice---------Jeffrie5 Norman Doud--f--'---Normie Betty Warnick-------Betsy John Rhonemus panky Billy Coleman-------Willie Marcitta Stippich------I zabele George Boone--------Jabey --Dale Leroy Snellenberger---- Lloyd Justic Roy Helen Murray iggs Diana Ferrier------4-DinaN Vera King---------Satie Nelda Ramsey--------Minnie Richard Siebold------Dick D onald Clark-------Clarkbar Clinton Clark-------Junior By aomi White,6A Mildred Petty,6A2 iaseeeeasseeseeeeeeeeeseeeeseaeas g TEE ANTS last fall when the wind blew so hard, a nut which it had buried some time bee fore end was taking it to its nest for lunch. E lmer Zinn,6A. e444we4seeeeeseesseeweeseeeeeesee Mr.and Mrs. ROBIN BUILD 5 NEST. One dny when I was working I happenf to look out of the window and saw a big fat robin. Guess what he was doing. He wrs building a nest in our bushes. He tc about twentyfive trips to get straw and mud. He then flew to the reinpdpes and out into the woods for more mud. All thi- 'he put together in his nest. Then he flee to the ball diamond. There he and his ma lunched together on s nice,big, fat,juic worm they found. - After lunch they both brought mud. He missed they nest the first trip and had E' hunt quite a while before he found it. He dumped the mud and patted it down nicelys Away he went after more straw and mud.It was dinner time now and the nest was fini: ished. Mr.and Mrs. Robin now rent to plqy around while the nest dried. They were happy and they sang their songs. They returned again. The nest was dry now and Mrs Robin sat on the nest for a Norman Doud end I went out doors and saw thstlong time. First there was one little blue the ants were digging down deeper into the ground for the winter. When they came out the wind blew so cold and hard that they were carried away. A fter a hile they did egg. The second day there were two,then three end finally four. The mother and father took turns sitting on the nest. I hope some of these days soon there will not come out nt all. We put leaves over theirbe some baby robins. George Boone,5A. home and that helped them all winter. Lawrence Stippick,6A. 44awaeeeeaeeeeeeauweeseeaeeseeeeei NATURE STUDY Nature study is very interesting. We are studying about birds. I think out teacher really teaches us someting about nature. The other day we found a meadow lark's nest in the field and again we found a robin's nest in the bushes. We watched it finish building its neat. It kept going out and coming in with more sticks and mud. After a while it finished it a nd sat in it for a long time. Now there are four bhme eggs. In a tree two birds have built their nest in the very top. One is n robin and the other is a Wren. We see that to them. George -'ki'c-'iki42':L'.-kJrkkE-X-kJH?yxi-'k-PHr5-'i4.-i4kiJii'i-Yv?n -X- 5 GRAY SQUIRREL no harm comes Boone.6A. One morning as I lhoked out of the win- dow I sew a gray squirrel out on the lawn very busy digging. I wondered why it was digging. After n while it sat up and look- ed n round as if to see if anyone was coming. Then it put something in its mouth and started running toward a tree. It went up and disappeared in a hole. I thought it had fcontinued next columnt -X-K'l9k'X-?rX-'k-X-'i'X-1'1K-'.rN4.2-ZS4.i-liJi-7.-X-,'i-3'.-5.-Y.".P' -k'5-l- THQ MEADOW LARK There is e meadow lark that built its nest out in the field. We have fun watch- ing it. The meadow lark is a very interest ing bird. Almost every night after school I go out to watch it. One of the reasons that it builds its nest on the grou d is that it is almost the color of the grou d and the grass and is very hard to see. If a mead- The meadow lark has five eggs. ow lark is sitting on her nest and you walk close to it, it will not fly away from the nest unless you walk right into it. It will stay to protect its eggs. The song of the meadow lark is clear,melod- ious,and its whistle is one of the first to be heard in the spring. When a meadow l lark goes up into the sir it looks like an airplane. It sings while it is flying and seems to be flying to Heaven with its pretty song. Lloyd Justice 5A , o aJ ' ' ' " .s-li-I-X-K-I-7r"k

Page 69 text:

'1 1 gflllllllllmullll lllllllllfl luunmmwlmlllmlllmll Mlm! mlm lllmlllmlllfullllllfllllllllllIUUIIIIIIUHINIIIilllllllllllllilllllfl.'IIIlilffillyllIHHHIIIIIIllfllllllIIJllllIIIIIUUIlllllmullmllmlllmfillmlmllllmllHllllfflllllIll!vlllll . , E X' i 2 ,' 'x 'T Vi ' it 1' 'Y' ' V 'fl 5-' I 5 ,I is 7 4 vlllxxx X X 1 1 AX NX. . 53 1 .f?f,jllc"' ' Fl 1 1 ' . , g .,,,.,Av.'-.-e-v- - : , 1-- : as f' 'L bg 1 tl u V 1 A' I ' , --7,-. i 1 f- ,,,.....-144, ...,,,, 5 N As CN, l 5 l Rx 5 1 Eggin' s git -fall 51"-f7?f"" ' I ' ,,fD S 1 l ,f" gkibfsehx ,ff jiieny - NN"""' 1 I x E V 1 --" L' TJ.-an 'T IJ! l 'x f'iA, :::,.s.. M -P "1,"j N iii-sgell if 'EW K E O 1, W 1 2 elf-1 ff-3222 "N"N' ' ' :'L 5 -.,,,,...-2 A 'U F :J ,iv ff' 'E'-ir" , Ylfb 1 1 .li i ff' 1 122225777 ""'41. 'J1? 1 QQ ff f'.,...,h--ffflslffh E Mx l M... , , by " E E 2 'z tg? ssl' Y -l A l L XV? Q . i -..T fiQi,,sf' 1 'i 1 fcpllba fig -ss? Site ' 7- SM s sees 5 - si 5 5 f.,gs'., Q, ,5, -we 'NXEXN 7 flf I 'J X f 1 1 . . Z H- 1 ' " ' -f blow J NX f-'fs ? 1mmmmmmmmmwmmmwmmmmmmmmmmn 1 ,, , j,, V Nj w'J J " iawls 5 UUUIIIHIINNIMIIIIIHIIIW lllllllllllllllllllmlllllill HH HIIIIIHIIIYI llllillll llll111,11111111 - A fi . A IHIIIUIHUIIYIIIHIIHI!INNINIIIIIUUIIIIUHIIIIIlll'7IHIIHIHHIHIH?fHlIN1lHIlIlllUYT NA TURB I am so glad when spring comes and sum- HAEQEE ner is here because we can see all the nice Last fall We vent out into the Woods flowers and pretty leaves on the trees. We and gethered 10nV0S and Studied about the pm see the birds and hozlr their pretty trees- We 110014 Pencil end PUPCT md 1'f1'fl'fe down the names of the insects or nnytklfi 1 A h.hnn.nmeeesseeeeeeef that we sew. We then made a book to kee' 2 NLTURE 3TUpy CLASS the leaves in. It was e lot of fun gciho I THere are twenty one boys in our nature out for nature Study' atudy Class, We are plgnning to Q out into We studied about snakes and about the the woods one of these Mondmlys and learn thodiffeffnt kinds of birds mild their homes' nays of the bride, We will She them mHkiUg thsodlsnd habits- Th0?Qi ?1C?,QA- their nests ind their rmys of living. Wo 54444kQifiiaiilikwfkwikwikiifkii Fmre also going to look at the 1 ild flowers E , , ind the trees fnd leern Q little about them. WE had H nice time thls Year Studylng 1 1- ' ' 1 nature. We went out in the woods and drew 1 .nhA..s1A-h.A.K.fmwwwTwN+wsshhz+es a picture of a tree. I hope that we will ' NATURE ' l get to do it again. It is lots of fun to Lawrence Stippich,Flqyd Ferrier,Goorge have nature. Daiana Ferrier,5B. BOOne,JOhn RhOnemuS,Bill COlCman,LeROy, xanaxhasxxsnuzxrixmxsuissiiaiwsiii ,Richard Harris, Buddy Terr nce, Jim We nick, iGene Faust, Allen Murray, Lee Stillwell, ,Lloyd Justice, Tom Bice, Tom Stutz. 1 songs. Naomi Vh1te,6A. I M -I ta .f v vr v- -4 uv Uv y 1 Marvin Luogr1ng,5n. 1 ,,,,,,,HQ,,,,,,w,,H,UHo,V -,o llhwf K We ""f"f' 1 X

Page 71 text:

,.,.. 'Q' li I Y I I uni an n" E"-'1 "W 1-I-f51"iif-' -'MW-W'15i"'1'7'Wmw:7ET':iti:I 'Vmw-'.f1i'fW'-!- Qi"-"F '531'4'm1"f'.''''21VSVXx'f'.'EW1sx' In E' V :V W Jl.-I'g. I:1- 2,04 Wg" lui- H-j,-,-V. -V5 ,l'!,',1Irl ' 'il ' U ',', N: iff., v,-' i :',1',f42U--4-N, -:I 'Writ' AL. 1,-.,Am..,xll , .E:-: f W .kzilhii-limp ' 'I '. 'ut'-'Y' -v- ,"1i.3i"n' - "' 'nl' -V . L T ' n. -1- , 1 1 -' - -1 A' V -'X-M-Nw l 1 nmlwlt l S l"r ll 'l 'E ' ' I It H K .AA' I , iii... . L 5-5 'Q i ft "' 1 KJ-9-' L -"'NL Q x '- ' 4 I 2 4 iw , T.-1 A fi f ,. g. , LQ' f' 'Z' - ' t E.5e..,12+E . ,.- M '1 ---e Er-gsjejgg We-L ff-.5 N -I--...Q-. iitajlggg A7' Ae- L ,- . Eff' "" ,f X I 3 ' M.-,- Peg! yt: ' ' " ff' I A ' X ' L l"f' 5 5"1"i'7f"i 'i ff C'-,. ' ' ff 11- egg -Q .Qi I ,et fix-I-rl, -V-----6.1. '-,,. W-sv.---L ' if .3-........1,,"1""" f - .-.LW -:.'.:""i'Y Z-11+ 1 f 65 ff Q I, o t H' o so ."o ... to g yn 1 - X' get .tif 73, Q15 ,' ',j.'A. 'gg ...,e,'12" - Rf.. Mimflf' I1 .g uma -anvil" Vfgetfk' GIRL SCOUTS x When we talk about GIRL SCOUTS it should mean something to us, to say that we are a member of n troop. We know that the girl scouts are a very interesting group. The girl scouts out here are trfined to be of help in case of any accident. We also can help sick people. I think for myself that being a girl scout is a very nice thing. In the sum er we go to camp ani learn to do many things. We make fires and :ook out of doors. Mrs,Peeling is our scout teacher S he is very mice to us. Vern King,6B. 444+aweaae44++++4sa+sa4++eause E iQQI felli- Frida y we ere having a scout party. Our girl scout friends are coming to it. We are going to have some fun. Thursday we are having a scout meeting. We will then be finishing our Easter baskets. The baskets are very pretty. Naomi Ehite,6A. withikaeseweesass4+++e+4e+4++4 QQ3 SCOUT TRUOP We are working on our E ester baskets at scout meetings end are having fun doing it.They are all turning out to lbok nice. We are going to have n party. Our girl .c-un scout friends are coming. I think it is a nice thing to e Q scout. We learn much about first aid and other things. Diana Ferrier,5B 1'-X'-5R".64-?n1-' "X-ad?-K-" " "4-'R-524.1-li-iv-li-' IS-A-A-E-11-13-?.Hi-3'rrl?X-" . ,- W M gm. scours The girl scouts are having the most fun in Scouting. We are making totem- poles,sqveres for quilts, end scout belts. Some of the blocks have names, 3nimqls,birEs, and pictures Ye levrn songs and poems. We have meet- ings every Thursday evening. Our troop is 524. Our scout louder is Mrs.Peeling. We got two pins from Wolf end Desseuer. Ye also get P scout flig fnd fnother of red,white.,ma blue with the scout emblem in the middle. fe have something else to do when ve get our totem poles,quilts,ae? other things finished. We will have to get ready for the Easter party. We hope to have n nice Zine. We are learning fire aid to help in ease anyone should get SIU' We are learning to make different kinds of bdndnges. We all hope that every other girl scout has n nice time at the party. Doris Ann Arnold.6B. s+sair kawesiasaeiiwwwii VERY POLITE Mother: Johnny, you were very polite not to throw your orange peeling on the floor. There did you put it. -,1v.Johnny: I put it in the pocket of the man next to me. Tom Bice, 65. 15-H-5-X-39-39443-, ' " V A-Y:-X-k-i-' is-x-" V A-X-X-R'

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