Allen County Childrens Home - ACCH Highlights (Lima, OH)

 - Class of 1941

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Allen County Childrens Home - ACCH Highlights (Lima, OH) online yearbook collection, 1941 Edition, Page 67 of 86
Page 67 of 86

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Page 67 text:

E ,A X .f , E , e 'lofi if I L "il '. E f 40 'X HQ? - 6 it 'Q n ew Lf: 5'Nf!f"3 ll Y, , X 3: 1 Z '3 Q Z Q fi 3255 as S S ff Se s X e 5 f Z 9:1 Z y xxx 3 X C5 Z, 1, 52 7 Q xx xi N 3 xy Q 2 X X ix Z 1 , If E ii . -f Ig? X2Z?5a 5 ilk 'X keel NNQ5 5, . Z 1577, 3 iff, "X-:ann T 'S 'l zfggg 1 5 ' 2 X f if, one -.-T, 5 1 cn '- C3 E , :I .. , ff E 7 -.3 L V S Q 1 L . . Q. 3 ' S Q9 EES EEF IIIIIQIUIINIQIIU lllilmll L lllilllliqllllilllilllilllllillllillllltnllllllllll Ill I Qi? -' ff? sas ' 555 1 S 735 5 -S , X XXXL e S L ,LL Yhhv ,gain-2 Z A-J SEC? : E E 3 , ,J . 5 -vvfxi fltlil 4? A- V Y 5.1 .Pg i Y Ai fit 'lg' 1 0 'f of , f O 2 , 0 Q y O O ' E J a I K 0 9 U5 - E A M Ll F f l X .. ' Q A O O 2 K Q 1 s :HZ 0 rw. k : X cl' I 'gi L fur O L E''WIN'NNHIN'fllmlvllIllH4IIN'rvltfmlwIlllmmlvvnlllnmrluHmnmnununm u rmhmv n um murlHmlIanmIIuI1mmII4rnInmmmummmum-1vlumnnnmnrIrvu11mmvv4rum:mummmu-ummmrwlmumnnmv NH L S ILLY GIRL THAT' s Q STOMACH 5 A little girl was looking out of the Lady on trolley car,not wishing to pass I n 1 Ewindow when a snow plow came by. The little ,girl shouted and said,UOh,Mother,come see the bank poked the driver in the stomach and said,WIs that the Bank?H Qthe trolley car with 8 mustache. Driver: No that is m stomach. Q Dick Siebold, 4A -2-la-M-rf-",.-I:-n-K-5-me-za +5-nf,-X-ku-u-n+xJH-1-'L-x-x+u-'fa-iz Q a44444ww+a+ue4++4aa+444+44a++44++4444 WHO WERE THE FIRST PEOPLE 1 TELEGRAM TO A FRIEND, One day the teaoher sdid to her class, Q Washout on line, CgH't comg, Uwho were the first people to come to 5 REPLY ' this world?H ' Come anyway. Borrow a shirt. M 5 Albert Hall.5B. 1 ,I Johnny: Teacheryovhere is the rest of you? Teacher: Why,Johnny, I am all here Johnny: Well,my aunt told me you were two faced. Diana Ferrier,5B. 4' Aiii?Pf'vPYu4'3 ?3E?xi'3?kiii ' Aii+?d Children:Pioneers. Teacher:No, they wore feathers. Children: Turkeys. i++4aa4+wkmH eeeeeH Heeam4+4a+441 THE RUG AND THE FLOOR What did the rug say to the floor? Answer: I've got you covered. wwww+w+s++a4+ae+k41++w+a4++u+4n+aa E

Page 66 text:

EBQETQQ BEE!! li-Q M y hobby is sports like beseTellEbesf ketbill,and track. It is great fun and it gives plenty of exercise and helps to Luke muscles. Floyd Ferrieryei. -Tcda-I3-'A'-7'r56i-11-R-TS9.'-X-Yu-f'H St-F61-ii iiiwi.-A -Lvl'-'.?L5l-X-ii-X' COLLECTING QQQQQS My hobby is Collecting b'ig:S. I everyone should have a hobby. Dick Siebofi,,A. :1-5.-'!.-'!l-l-Yr-K-".-c4.H3'.-6Z-d..-6?3'rE4s-?--ri-Bk :TS-li-I 55.6. -2- '- , Sr. . 51-71- My hobby is sewing. I like it very much. It will help me when I go and have to make a living. I think my hobby is a very nice S WIM ING. my hobby is swimming. It is a grch' sport. I think that every boy and girl should learn to swim. It is a very heef ful sport.One should never go in the Wu too deep if you do not know how to swim Marvin Luegring,5L e44we444++4aa4++sss+4ssa+e4sa44e ELSE BAL PU hobov is playing baseball. I like to run around the bases and to play out in the center field. Sometimes I like oc catch for ry side. When the batter bats a fly striight up I like to run out and one for I can make about all the things thereatch lt' That makes the batter out' I gre to be made' I hope that I can Continue also like to bat. Donald Clark,5A. with it. I like it very much. . Vera King.6B. x+s++s+++4++sessmeeeeeeesseease . RIDING My hobby is riding a horse. I think it is the best sport in the world. A horse is sure nice to have around because when you haven't enything to do you have your nice horse to ride. I think riding a horse is lots of fun and I hope more of you become interested in my hobby. Betty Warnick,6B. 'EJAHA-'4r?.-Y:-Y:i'cy.r51-li-"ni-R-536 554,694-5:4-K-1-JA-X.Jk2A4'k-5666 A IRPLQHEWQ IW hobby is making airplanes. I like to make airplanes all of the time because they are fun. LeRoy Snellenbergor,4A. -X1-ii-":'4-'A- ii-'ir-X-kiwi-'.3-K Alibi:-'.c-ii-Ibis-LQ-2 He' 1-IL QTQQUQ COLLECTING c Z3 hobby is collecting stamps. I e till well and I collect stamps together. We hffe stamps from United States, Germany,Hungary, and from all prrts of the world. I think it is fun to collect stamps. I like to find where they go in the book. Every part of the stamp must be there for it to be good. I like to collect them from all the world. Lawrence Stippdch,6A. 'E'yA'yA"lft"A"X',K'f:'ff:if?Jpf"f?'A'yrt'X"12'yHJft42'yK'A1t71"et"X'Yrt"?:C'yK'k"x" 'X-It QQT WORK My hobby is nrt work. Art is a great hobby. Art is not hard to do. It is a nice hobby to have. Joseph Bnker,4A. 44+sis44444afsssisassswswsssesassi STAMP HOBBY I an saving stamps. I have a good many of them now. I like stamp collecting for a hobby. Daiana Ferrier,5B. 444iikkk4i+4iiiiikiiiiiiikidiiiiii PICTURE COLLECTING M y hobby is collecting pictures of peo- ple. I have three pictures now and mn going to get ore by and by. Naomi White,6A. -fri-"rf: i-"4-2 'A-K-LG-li'-'A-'IG isusssseaissewexaaeeasssaeeseess SEORTS PICTURES My hobby is collecting sports pic- tures, I like m hobby. I have two books of sports pictures collected. Joh Rhonemus.5A. as4++ses4ss+s+waas+ee+sss++aussi HOOLYWOOD STARS My hobby is collecting pictures of the Hollywood Stars. I have two books of them. Mildred Petty,6A. 4+4seamssessssseaassssesssawsses AIRPLANES lW'hobby is making airplanes. It is very much fun making them. When a model is dine sometimes it will fly. Elmer Zinn,6A. i9 k3Jd+?rk9k7vE'Hk'Hi-HvH.'44k44 QE!-li Floyd Ferrier----Basketball L wrence 'o', Stippich--Fishing Norman Doud-----Badges Rhcmas Bice------SPOriS Naomi White-----Stunts Mildred Petty----Skating Marvin Leugring-'-'SP0Tt5 Billy Coleman-----Swimming George Bonne----Basketball John Rhonemus --Colleciing Elmer Zinn-O----Swimming Lloyd Justice ----Writing stories Marcita Stippich---Singing Vera King-------Stunting Bob Beam-------Racing Charles Brown----Basketball Joe Baker--- ----Art Helen Murray----Sewing , LeRoy Snellenberger-Airplane modeling Nelda Ramsey----Sewing Allen Murray- -----Art Albert Hall------Writing Dick Siebold-----Collecting badges Jimmy Fagan-- Diana Ferrier ----'Trapping ----Dancing Donald Clark-----BaS0bal1 Clinton Clark - --M--Drawing .

Page 68 text:

QQ M-X ARITH TIC Boy: Dnd,will you do'm arithmetic? D ed: That wouldn't be right. T Boy: Well, you could at least try. In Lloyd Justice,5A. - ' l-i'lmLl-X-ki-kki-k26i-X6i-K-X'Jkl4?X4?X-vY-3c3PA4i4k-K4d9kl-' ' U A HANDKERCHIEF 'Ht' Dorothy Mae gave Mr.Brown a hmadkerchief y for his birthday. , Miss Ruby: Dorothy Mae, whatwdid Mr.Brcwn. say when you gave him the handkerchief? D orothy Mae: He said,'Thenk you very much.U QQT Q2 TEE BOOK '. Doris: Mildred, do you know how to get L this problem. ' Mildred: Sure,multiply. Doris: No, get it out of the book., Mildred Petty,6A. U . V Mini, ZERO Joe:Rhtn did you get in arithmetic? .Jim: I got the lowest grade in our room. Joe: What weslthet? Jim: Zero. , Helen Muuray34A. Miss Rubyzwhy did you give him e h adkerchief ,,,,,,nhng Doroth Mae: Wh , to blow his nose-ah,. of course.. T Diane Ferrier,5BI' --.L A MUSI C L it ' N Uncleswell Thomas,if youlcen ask me ee7 question I can't answer,I will give you e quarter. f Tom: You,are on? Whyre does music go after it is played? Nelda Ramsey, 4A. . 1 FORGOT TQ WISH Mate: What's the matter? Q Chicken: I broke m wish bone and forgot, to wish., Norman Doud, SA. ' 'l'x5'r4X'f'!'i'i':'ii'x-i'32i'i'fX'6'i? ' ' V lFA'.-X"X3'2'E"V4'l' Y Fmsn T ' A woman hired e man to spade her garden. The man was leaning on his spade. After a while e U.P.A. officer came along and gave him e check. ' John Rhonemus.5A iik?rPxFrkkkPHrP? 34+'d+kHv SHOWOFFS Boys who show off in front of their gels May be tricked by some of their pals. Bob Beam.6B 4444441 ' ' WILL HAVE TQ G0 BACK f Two men were Jumping from an airplane an one man had forgotten his parachute. He sind to the other man,'I will just have to get out and go be ck after it.' F loyd Ferrier,6A. +44aeesaf+4f+s4+eeesseafsaaaewwwwws LOST ROLLER SKATES. 1 Tom:Are you still looking for-your loatt roller skates? 4 D ick: No, my brother found them. Ton: Then what are you looking for? D ick: My brother. Dick Siebold,4A. 'ki-Yr!5-'k-'.c-'.:-1HE-'.c-klu-'4-'4'rLQ-'4-'.f'L4-?-i-.2-".e-.E-Va-Fe-"ff-i'n-'.f-E-'A-+I-3 BETTE R Q22 Nelda? Betty, girls like you should not . have bows. Bettyzftalking to Dick Sieboldl Boys like you should not have tongues. Nelda Ramsey, 4A GETTING Q2 V , Tom: Mother,do you know what is the hnrdG est thing before breakfast? " Mother: No, what is it?'ii '- ' Toms Getting out of bed. . Albert Hal1,5B.r- , GOES AROUND , Briggstwho goes around all day in e car and has his pockects full of money. ' Higgs: A millionaire I suppose: - Briggs: No, n street car conductor. Bob Beem,6B v V Nsseseses , GEORGE BOONE- If a monkey had a pet donkey and the don- key wented to go across the river and there wnsn't any bridge,how would he get ecross2 Answer: The donkey would hold on the mon- key's tail end the monkey would hold on to a branch and swing the donkey across the river. George Boone,5A. M sas44saxes44nsesaxeeeseussessssasus RUNNING g ,. Corrine:.Who was tlking? ',, Darline: No I'n not talking. M l0Hth 13 just running. Helen lurray.4A. .senses QQQQQING STILL I ss Rubey: Naomi, go u stnirs and see if the clock is running. , Naomizl goes up strirs and comes back again, Yea, miss Rubey, it ig running but it is standing still. Helen Murray,4A. .,+g,4eef- ,gf +4s+ewwHeaHwms5as L STAND QN THEMQTQQ. John: Oh, I'm sorry for standing on ydur feet. . Jim: That's all right, I often stand on f.' them too. . Dick Siebold,4A. +44i+ss4+44444e444f ' keine!! I'M A BUSINESS-QQN Travelerff-to-railway ticket Clerk, I Want to buy n ticket. Clerk: Where to? Traveler: Oh, en place. I'm G business men George Boone,5A. IF, i l 31 5 u,X,n,,5.yr.x.yr.g.g.5q,-5-g-g-Y' ,,-k-ji-' ",,-5-39,4-Li-X-if-" ' ,Q-.4-X-it-"

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